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File: 1558690055102.jpg (721.15 KB, 1000x1122, 1558645117793.jpg)

No. 812124

Once again, I have to do everything myself.

In the previous episode, after both Jared and Holly's careers had seemingly been blown to smithereens, Holly hit back with a host of screenshots of her and Jared's text conversations with Heidi, which garnered her the support of every dudebro scrote with a Youtube following, despite all her "receipts" showing Heidi being understandably pissed, Jared being dismissive, and Holly being uwu I'm so sorry I'm human garbage and I don't deserve to live uwu.

Highlights include:
>Heidi being happy that the internet is tearing apart her abusive ex and drinking wine, which don't you know makes her a terrible person?
>Heidi having a boyfriend who she sexted with when their marriage was open, which don't you know means she forfeits every right to be upset with anything in their marriage?
>Holly apologizing to Heidi and buying her stuff, which don't you know should entirely make up for Holly continuing to sleep with her husband after they had agreed to go back to monogamy and trying to get Jared to leave Heidi to be with Holly?
>Nobody understanding the concept of reactive abuse.
>Pewdiepie, Keemstar, KiwiFarms and an army of women-hating popular internet men siding with Holly because Heidi possibly sleeping with another man while in an open marriage and getting angry at her husband's mistress automatically makes her an irredeemable slut.
>Jessicanon going absolutely buckwild with takes such as "we actually don't have any evidence that Holly ever slept with Jared" and "Chai being a trans man means he's automatically lying about being preyed on while underage by a 30 year old man he admired".
>Everyone conveniently forgetting the part where Jared groomed children and solicitated child porn.
>Also Creepshow Art made a video on KT/dropsofviolet and it's hilarious

Previous thread: >>>/snow/808888

Our main actors:

>Jared Knabenbauer/ProJared:


>Heidi O'Ferrall/AtelierHeidi:


>Holly Conrad/Commander Holly:


>Ross O'Donovan/RubberNinja:


The usual suspects:

>Suzy Berhow/Mortemer:


>Arin Hanson/Egoraptor:


>Dan Avidan:


>Game Grumps:


>Normal Boots:


>Minor cow Katie, rejected Arin way back when and regrets it now that he's famous:


Summary of the old milk (cheese?), courtesy of anon:

Suzy "the Goose" Berhow:
>Has a history of scamming fans by buying cheap jewelry from China and the likes and reselling it to fans with an absurd markup as her jewelry line or as one anon put it: "creating a really expensive jewelry line that involved very little effort on her part". Arin has to come to her defense when people find out.
>Previous threads over the years were mostly about Suzy's "thyroid-related" weight gain and absurd styling choices, scamming, and how she's a ~rEaL gAmEr GuRl~
>No one seems to really have complaints about her current styling choices since she lost weight and the skunk stripe and adopted a more natural look (it's much closer to her twin sister Jean's)
>Suzy was a "model" when younger, and will still constantly repost the same pictures from her past over and over again, in case anyone forgot
>There sometimes seemed to be some unspoken tension between Suzy and Holly. Suzy seemed to give off the vibe of being uncomfortable not being the only cool gamer gurl in the GG group, especially when up against a girl that seemed to prefer and respect.
>Seems plausible that she prefers being the female center of attention given the theory that JonTron's swift and dramatic departure from GG was due in part to some beef between Suzy and Jon's girlfriend at the time. IIRC this is still all just speculation. (Jon's too big of a topic, read that one on your own for the full backstory)
>A/N: I would be kind of surprised if she showed any support for Holly at all, but maybe that's just me

Holly "Manic Pixie Nightmare Girl" Conrad (Backstory/Pre-Divorce):
>Holly is a talented cosplayer/craftsman/special effects artist and well respected in the community, even appearing on Syfy's "Heroes of Cosplay"
>Was one of the main focuses of the 2011 Documentary "Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope" (directed by Morgan Spurlock)
>Originally gained notoriety for her Commander Shepard/FemShep cosplay
>Married to Ross O'Donovan, beloved animator and member of the GG Family, from 2012 to 2018
>When it came to Arin/Suzy vs Ross/Holly most people preferred Ross and Holly, because they felt less fake and Holly was famous separate of Ross, not riding her husband's coattails like Suzy.
>Was best buds with Jared's wife Heidi, another talented and respected cosplayer/craftsman
>Apparent tragic backstory = quirky anxiety uwu. I don't really know the whole backstory on this one, not sure if it really matters.
>But was apparently close to ger grandfather and inherited his house(?) in Washington(?) when he passed away which was in theory part of the reason she and Ross amicably split. Jared and Heidi just also happened to live in Washington.
>Other speculated factors included Holly being asexual (lmao), the toxic GG fan-community, "having codependency issues", and wanting to leave LA while Ross wanted to stay
>Publicly their divorce was mutual, amicable, and came as somewhat of a shock….OR WAS IT?
>Basically all this drama is so juicy because Holly "quirky manic pixie dream bird gurl, asexual anxiety, luvs animals so obviously wouldn't hurt anyone uwu" Conrad was the surprise plot twist villain we never saw coming

Heidi of the House O'Ferrall, Hell Hath No Fury, Giver of Zero Fucks, Destroyer of Careers
>I've followed Heidi for years for cosplay stuff, so I can only speak from that perspective but I don't think there's really much else to say about her
>I think some people in the cosplay community found her kind of cocky, but she didn't seem to really rock the boat too much
>She's a much more detail oriented and talented craftsman than your average costhot. Produces tutorials and shows her work in progress pretty in depth (not as common with cosplayers these days, so I think she's appreciated for that)
>IIRC she has a degree in Theatre/Costume Design, so if she's cocky her work quality at least backs it up
>Personally I followed her for a long time for cosplay stuff without ever even knowing who she was married to or who ProJared was. Can't speak for others, though I'm sure it didn't hurt her popularity
>"She had sex with my husband", top 10 anime deaths of all time

Jared "Pigeondick" Knabenbauer
>I've actually never really known or cared about ProJared or NormalBoots before this, I just wanted to call him a Pigeondick.
>Maybe someone more informed can give a backstory, though again I'm not sure if it really matters
>big yikes >>804556

Previous GG Threads:
>Jon vs Dan speculations, are the Suzy nudes real or fake, blah blah blah, old news. Seriously, don't ask to be spoonfed this old dried up milk. Go read about it on your own.
>There is a whole subreddit dedicated to GG Rule 34 where they sexualize the girlfriends/wives as well as the grumps called r/polygrumps. Suzy once long ago tweeted in support of polygrumps, but it seems like an especially toxic corner of their already toxic fanbase. I doubt she would confirm that support today.
>GG sells a merch line called Game Gyaru "based on Arin and Danny, reimagined as female characters inspired by the anime series Dirty Pair, named Arina and Daniella respectively". It's a blatant tracing of the characters from "Dirty Pair" that they did not initially acknowledge.
>GG release body pillows of Dan and Arin. They sell out very quickly. It's gross: >>792883
>Guess what Jon's an even worse blatantly sexist/racist person than we ever could have imagined

Katie (Most recent GG drama unrelated to PigeonGate 2019 ):
>Suzy claims she and Arin have been together since 2002. Arin's mysterious deviantART ex Katie shows up from an apparent cryogenic sleep after 10+ years and throws an insane hissy-fit about how Arin was pursuing HER during that time and she turned HIM down.
>Thinks Suzy poisoned Arin against being BEST FRIEND her despite the fact that she was married, disappeared from the internet, lived across the country, and was definitely leading Arin on for some time. Arin seems to have bought her some gifts in this time.
>Claims any of this is important at all because she was Arin's inspiration for a character "a woman being beaten and raped but wanting Egoraptor to be her knight in shining armor even though she's an ex-assassin"
>Now obsessed with Arin/Suzy/GG, obsessed with the notion that Suzy is somehow copying her every move and personality trait (again, despite the fact that she just now reemerged and Suzy was probably ~13 when all of this started)
>Consensus: Arin was a dumb teenage boy who was probably involved with both of them, the situation makes Suzy look incredibly sane. Also it's been 17 years who gives a shit. (Guess what: Katie does)
>Obviously overshadowed by current milk, but I just feel like we haven't seen the last of Katie. Probably in like 5 years she'll catch up on the current drama and have a real hot take.

No. 812136

She's wearing the Keemstar quote art. Beautiful.

No. 812144

File: 1558694524478.png (496.87 KB, 973x655, 1408985242966.png)

It's hilarious all the incel virgin rage that's coming from kiwi & pewd fans regarding Heidi right after Holly's defense force started claiming Heidi was the one slutttt shaminnnggg her.

Please post more of the salty comments, they all remind me of old adachi memes.

No. 812149

Why is everyone focusing on how "apologetic" and "meek" Holly is instead of her actions? Why is it suddenly okay to fuck someone's husband, as long as you say "uwu I'm sowwy?" afterwards and continue to do it?

No. 812151

sage for repost but:
Is there anything that can be done to aid Heidi? I hate seeing Holly and Jared getting away with their shitty behaviour.

No. 812154


Prooooolly the same reason you can't seem to learn to sage your fucking posts. Stupidity.

No. 812156

You can support her financially by donating to her Twitch or buying from her clothing shop. In the public discourse, I'm not sure. I guess replying to people chastising her with explanations of how reactive abuse works, pointing out that her having a boyfriend when they were open is completely different from Jared fucking Holly after they had ended the open relationship. But most of all, I think it would be good to try and refocus on Jared's soliciting nudes from children rather than the Heidi vs Holly fight that has taken the spotlight.

No. 812164

At least publicly, Heidi and the other victims of Jared has the back up of the Grumps, her friends, Normal Boots and Jared's own brother, so any randos on the internet won't really matter in the long run. At least I hope so.

(Repost because typo from autocorrect)

No. 812184

Because MRA faggots dominate twitter threads when they can shit on a woman and when an ugly one that's up for being unfaithful and has no standards is being vocal you know some fags will sniff around her. She might touch their dick thru the Internet or send noods!

No. 812195

Holly and Jared's D&D game has been on a planned break recently, and they were supposed to return this coming Tuesday (28th May.)
Since the break has been a convenient time/excuse for them to keep quiet, I wonder if someone will break their silence on its future soon.
I wouldn't want to be a moderator in the Twitch chat that's for sure@

No. 812196

One thing I haven't seen people bring up is the fact that the male cosplayer that Heidi was long-distance with, was NOT married. Holly, on the other hand, WAS married.

Another thing is; since Heidi & Holly were best friends at some point in time, it's fair to assume that Heidi at least knows Ross.

When Jared chose Holly, Heidi probably asked both of them if Ross knew about their little 'arrangement' and they most likely answered something to the effect of "Oh don't worry, I'll tell him about it… eventually."
- which was probably a red flag for Heidi, considering the fact that poly relationships rely heavily on communication & consent from all parties involved.

No. 812197

>When Jared chose Holly, Heidi probably asked both of them if Ross knew about their little 'arrangement' and they most likely answered something to the effect of "Oh don't worry, I'll tell him about it… eventually.

See the bottom of the screenshot here >>810188
She didn't give the poly bullshit the ok until they told him, but who knows what was actually said to Ross (or to Heidi about what they said to Ross, for that matter), considering their track record of stonewalling and deceit.

No. 812198

She knows Ross quite well since Heidi and Jared stayed with them right after their house was flooded and before they could finalize their move to Seattle. That's not something you do with people you don't know.

No. 812201

She was told he was fine with it. Holly's friend Jessica was also quite convinced that Ross was fully aware and supportive of it, though she has since deleted that tweet. I'm sure Holly told everyone that Ross approved and she totally wasn't really cheating on him. Who knows what he actually knew and thought.

They certainly knew each other but may not have been in communication about this subject. Both probably trusted their spouse/good friend to not be lying to their face about something like this.

No. 812203

I think that if Ross did agree to it, it was after Holly played a bunch of her mental heath cards to get him to agree

No. 812204

>She didn't give the poly bullshit the ok until they told him, but who knows what was actually said to Ross

>Who knows what he actually knew and thought.

Yeah, seems like that detail will forever remain unclear, knowing that Ross wants to stay out of everything.

No. 812207

File: 1558711015967.png (11.5 KB, 792x110, comment4.png)


>Please post more of the salty comments

-Here's one made on this video:

No. 812208

I think it’s likely holly and Ross we already emotionally separated at that time just waiting for the divorce to be finalized. They may have given each other permission to go on with their lives. But that doesn’t mean he knew exactly what was happening.

No. 812210

Yeah, it seems likely. I mean, it's not really common for people to directly go from "this marriage is perfect and we're great together" to "well I guess let's get divorced". There had to be a span of time when they knew it was over but needed time to figure things out before announcing anything.

No. 812215

Holly and Jared apparently began cheating in February, and Ross and Holly announced their divorce in October, 8 months later. Divorces take 6 months to be finalized, so this is plausible. 2 months for Ross to call it quits, find a lawyer, and get the paperwork done, then six months of waiting for it to be official.

No. 812216

Yeah, you're right, "couples often go through a period of dissatisfaction with their relationship before getting divorced" is a complete conspiracy theory

No. 812217

It is so frustrating seeing people buying Holly's bullshit. I mean I get how you can take her side if you only skimmed through the drama, but it still sucks. Wish Heidi stood up for herself more, but it will probably fall on deaf ears anyway.

No. 812223

File: 1558712466251.png (171.4 KB, 570x508, openmarriage.png)

Funny how none of this 'evidence' comes from Ross himself.

No. 812226

It's a bit of a catch-22 because her defending herself will look desperate and like she's grasping at straws to the very people who take Holly's word against hers. Just living her life and responding directly to accusations by people with "receipts" might be the best course of action right now. If Holly continues on the same track, she'll end up ruining her own credibility anyway, but that won't get the same coverage that her "receipts" did because it doesn't fit the message people like Pewdiepie want to spread, and Keemstar would have to admit he was wrong and he believed Holly because he was pissed that Heidi refused an interview or to do his work for him by making a video.

No. 812227

"What's your evidence?"
"Here's a picture of the evidence not being there I swear it's real bro"

No. 812228

See, total proof that Ross approved of it.
Deleting it like 5 minutes later totally makes it legit lol

No. 812230


…And of course, it's all coming from Holly's ride-or-die friends or her & Jared's White Knights.

No. 812238

File: 1558714216227.png (18.94 KB, 722x258, tool.png)


Can't help but feel like they're taking advantage of Ross & his wishes to stay out of this mess.

>"And if a fan respects Ross' wishes to be left out of it, said fan can't ask him if what Holly's claim is true without looking like a tool."

No. 812239


And it's sad no one in the comment section seems to call out how much noise they're making with very little substance to it. It's all chaff, deliberately so.

I gotta say I'm surprised how vicious and awful Holly is being with the personal attacks, gaslighting and sharing private shit online. I didn't follow her before but I'd watched a lets play or two with her in it, and I'd never have thought she'd behave like this. It's kind of mind-boggling.

No. 812240

Coming from a former fan of Holly's I REALLY didn't see this coming either. Although I did read a bunch of drama involving her and Heroes of Cosplay, so I really shouldn't be surprised that she would act like this.

No. 812242


>And it's sad no one in the comment section seems to call out how much noise they're making with very little substance to it.

…Because Holly was the first one to pull up 'receipts' so by internet 'tea' logic, she automatically 'wins' every argument.

No. 812252

Not to speculate but I would think that stuff like this and what Ross talked about during that VR Chat video kind of explains how the passion died in his and Holly's marriage

No. 812253

I think they're pointing out that Holly is in a win-win with the Ross end of things. It was sarcastic. Unless I'm misreading.

In old GG threads I remember there was people who 1) really loved Holly; 2) thought she was kinda cool; 3) used her an excuse to rail against Suzy by comparisons in case Suzy lurked (that's what I did, despite not knowing much about Holly other than not riding GG's dick like Suze; and 4) Anons who tried to bring drama about Holly and got shut down.

So interesting to see us be completely wrong as a group. Despite us having a reputation of petty, nitpicking bitches we really are capable of realizing how wrong we were. Gotta say I'm grateful for this site because having to deal with an influx of greasy neckbeard Jared/Holly knights would make me nope out of this drama. At least here, we can keep talking about all the other gross receipts of Jared fucking every girl in sight.

No. 812255

I can't believe so many people got manipulated by Holly's ~uwu i'm an anxious and depressed lil bean who just got out hospital..oh and btw this CUNT WHORE HEIDI~ shtick.

Like it's the most obvious shit ever, completely shamelessly manipulative. And she just confirmed in one tweet "yup, nobody was underage" and people believed her pronto.

I hate people.

No. 812257

Pewdiepie defending Jared and Holly makes me start to think that some conspiracy shit is going on behind the scenes with YouTubers
Probably unlikely, but still

No. 812259

Put down the tinfoil, he's just a dick

No. 812260

What's frustrating is that Ross could end MOST of this speculation with just ONE sentence.

…But it's all too understandable that he wants to be left out of it, so many people are at the edge of their seats, looking to collect 'the tea' on a part of his personal life that he is not comfortable reflecting on.

No. 812261

What makes no sense to me is why would he go full white knight for a woman he met twice on a con or something (probably for a short time too).

No. 812264


because he's closed himself off in a little bubble for years now and pretends like he's super into everything and knows everything and has an opinion about everything, especially things that don't concern him

he doesn't even look into the other female youtubers who state that jared was being inappropriate with them, he won't dig deeper into the situation by doing any research or critical thinking, he's just tossing out a superficial theory based on "well holly was nice to me once"

No. 812266

File: 1558718322477.png (117.07 KB, 586x398, tweetaboutross.png)

A bunch of people keep passing this screencap around on Twitter, & saying that Ross 'offered up' Holly to Jared…

No. 812267

What a fucking idiot then. I really hope Jared gets jailed for being a pedo so Pewdiepie gets shat on too.

No. 812268

They really are going all out with this shit

No. 812269

People used to pass this tweet to show how Ross was being friendly with him but Jared broke his trust.

Now suddenly Ross "offered" his wife to another guy to fuck?? Are these people aware how idiotic they sound? What the fuck happened….

No. 812270

File: 1558718531498.png (182.32 KB, 574x490, rossoffer1.png)


…Found it

No. 812271

Jesus christ are these people serious? Please, I need you to tell me they're trolling

No. 812275

Good lord kill me now

No. 812277

This guy fancies himself a journalist and is e-begging for his followers to fund his summer vacation

No. 812279


I know right? Like, GOD FORBID these people were once just friends in their own circle for a time & had -gasp- shared-interests!

No. 812281

He's also some kind of alt-righter, shilling Lauren Southern and Dave Rubin

No. 812283

>girls post proof that Jared solicited nudes from them while they were underage

Nope, they are lying because one of them is now FtM. Jared was manipulated by his evil wife

>long time ago Ross joked with Jared about D&D meaning Dicks & Devastation

Yup this totally means Ross offered up his wife for Jared to fuck.

I understand that Ross wants to stay out of it, but these people (along with Holly) are making him out to be a huge cuck.

No. 812285

it really shows the whiteknight's mindset when they see this exchange as some kind of romantic trade-off/offering. All they were talking about was working but of course since it's a man and woman they clearly want to get together. Pathetic.

No. 812289

File: 1558719234713.png (110.25 KB, 300x300, 1336952556504.png)

Aaaaand this is exactly why Holly tweeting about Ross and claiming she "didn't cheat" while "respecting his privacy" was so fucking slimy.

Everyone is now assuming Ross is a cuck and this will officially ruin his reputation because who wants to be known as the guy who let Pervjared fuck his uwu asexual mentally ill wife. Good job Holly!

No. 812291

My hope is that most people will recognize that the mental gymnastics needed to think this was Ross agreeing to the affair are absolutely bonkers

No. 812293


Unfortunately it seems likely that people are going to try to force answers out of Ross if they haven't tried already…

No. 812297

right? it's insane that it worked when she's clearly self-serving and manipulative lol

but i feel like it's one part they got manipulated by this uwu swamp witch and another part that holly's """"proof""" must mean jared is just an innocent victim to all these people lying for clout so it's okay to be his fan still!!!

No. 812298

This is sad because it shows Ross trusted his wife and friend to keep shit professional but they both took advantage of that trust. He probably deleted the tweet because he regrets ever introducing them because it ruined his marriage.

No. 812299


Fuck anyone who tries to suggest that Ross is at fault in ANY of this.

No. 812301

This is why someone like Poopypie who has a bunch of influence over retards shouldn't say anything

No. 812302

Yeah both Holly and Jared are truly despicable and I hope Jared goes to jail and that Holly's career never recovers

No. 812317

File: 1558721642003.png (12.1 KB, 806x118, comment5.png)

No. 812318

Considering playboy only employs people over 18..this literally is a non issue what someone does in their private time. Scummy to do it IN THAT MANNER…but this is just reaching now.

No. 812321

File: 1558722264862.png (114.13 KB, 597x573, Capture d’écran 2019-05-24 à…)

If like me the image doesn't open and you can't read the small text from the thumbnail

No. 812328

It's a non issue to google someone's sexy pictures. It's not a non issue to impose sexy pictures on coworkers and professional peers.

No. 812336


Her earnings are community property, though.

No. 812342

Gross. It’s one thing to pull these up on Google but to show them off to people like that?

No. 812344

For now, possibly. But I don't know if say, her paypal wallet is considered community property, since it's not in their joint accounts. There's a number of things that won't be community property depending on the location, for example where I live inheritances are the sole property of the person inheriting it and is not shared with the spouse.

No. 812348

File: 1558723895198.png (44.51 KB, 590x478, cuckery.png)


>Everyone is now assuming Ross is a cuck

Yeah, pretty much

No. 812350

heard this and a rumor that he was complaining to his colleagues that pam should be fired from her game industry job for her lewd history. not sure if true true though.

No. 812356

I can't believe people are eating up Holly's bullshit. I was originally reading the KF thread, and the turn on Heidi disgusted me. They absolutely hate her, calling her manipulative, etc. Do these people not have any reading comprehension?

No. 812357

>Respect his privacy!
Same tweet:
>He let his friend fucked his wife!

With respectful fans like this, who needs haters?

No. 812364

I'll bite since Jared deserves zero respect. KEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKE. If true, it's beautiful that his disgusting frog face and peen are horrifying twitter on the daily.

Not to mention how "Hey, my wife would love to participate in your project! It's a passion of hers" suddenly translates to, "You can fuck my wife." What a cesspool.

No. 812369

I hope this is a blessing to forcefully drag Ross in to this. Jessica pretty much started it by speaking for him, then deleted it. Holly joined, in then deleted it.

I think Holly was banking on Ross staying quiet but now her fans have gone wildly rabid and are attacking him which will have to force him to say something. And hopefully it's damning.

Ross did NOT deserve this, any of it. He wanted to be left alone. I hope this blows up in Holly's face.

No. 812370

"A woman is getting angry, that means she's a bitch!"

No. 812376


"She's angry and lashing out because she's in unreasonable circumstances thanks to a fuckheaded partner - what a crazy bitch!"

No. 812384

Unpopular opinion from someone who has had an affair with someone she shouldn’t have - these things happen - the affair is so fucking whatever. Holly and Heidi I hope they get on with their lives without all these clown and snake emojis. It’s actually just Jared that’s the total disgust weed. We’ve all seen his dick and the evidence of soliciting nudes - that’s the issue, not having a nerdy affair

No. 812385

Except you're missing the fact that one of the victims (Chai I think?) showed an email that he sent to Holly telling her about Jared exchanging nudes with minors.

She's in way deeper shit than Heidi, who I personally don't feel as defensive for compared to other anons but, she's definitely done way less bad compared to Holly. Ross and the underage people Jared exchange nudes with are the only victims in this entire situation.

No. 812387

Here's my take on Ross's silence. I think the truth is that he did know about her interest in Jared, and that was the reason for the divorce. But I also think he was super hurt by her falling for another guy, and the only reason he gave into anything poly, if he did at all, is because Holly played the suicide depression card.

In the VR chat video, Ross talks about googling "is my partner abusive" and says, if an article for 14 year old girls lists warning signs you recognize in your grown-up relationship, then you need to understand you're being abused too. And one of the abusive behaviors he mentions more than once is coercing the partner into doing things they object to with threats of suicide if they don't comply.

The reason Ross won't come out with his version of things is he doesn't want to validate Holly by admitting he knew, or approved of her Jared thing in any way. But he's also way too nice to directly confirm to the Internet hate machine that she was abusive and manipulative, and really ruin her. I doubt he'd forgive himself if she really was driven to suicide. And he already dealt with the emotions of all that shit; he's moved on, and he just want to fucking draw cute monster girls and let his mental ex deal with her own bed of poly pigeon shit.

No. 812388

An update on that. A lot of WKs are dismissing Chai's evidence now because he deleted it

No. 812389

File: 1558728695624.png (188.82 KB, 540x498, tumblr_prck80ept61tjcli3_540.p…)

These are sort of funny.

No. 812390

File: 1558728718054.jpg (79.66 KB, 540x427, tumblr_prbh61GKfo1tjcli3_540.j…)

No. 812391

I think that asshole is mocking him. What he basically wants to say is that Ross' privacy shouldn't be respected because he allegedly offered his wife to Jared… Fucking dumbasses…

No. 812392

Fucken of course they are.

I guess we can dismiss Holly's "I did not cheat" tweet with that logic.

No. 812393

But Ross deleted a tweet, and now that's evidence. The logic fails so hard it hurts. One thing that has impressed me about Heidi is as far as I know she hasn't deleted ANYTHING. Even the things people said were over the line, like Holly looking embarrassed in her nudes. Heidi is like, whatever, fuck off, I'll say what I think needs to be said and own it.

No. 812395

Nope, Holly gets a free pass because Great lord Felix "Death to all Jews" Kjellberg said so.

No. 812396

I have no doubts Jared hinted at wanting to open the relationship before Heidi started to suggest and push it because he probably saw Heidi as being too pure to have non-romantic sex with.

No. 812397

Is that the cause of this sudden turn on Heidi? I read Holly's tweets and immediately knew she was in manipulation mode. People do not seem to understand how emotions will fly when your husband and his side hoe are fucking each other. Tf type of response do they expect from her?

No. 812398


She's just a crazy controlling bitch to them.

No. 812399

I agree. I'm pretty sure she only suggested it because she saw Jared lusting over other chicks. The fact that she only had one "relationship" which wasnt even sexual, solidifies that. She used that relationship to deal with the emotional abuse from Jared.

No. 812401

This. Heidi comes off as very firm and confident in this whole mess, whereas Holly is just grasping for straws at this point while trying to prove her innocence. She’s playing the pity card so well it’s making people feel sorry for her and making Heidi “look bad” because your typical nerd following this shit can’t see a confident, angry woman without projecting the “bitch” label onto her. Fuck Holly honestly, her immaturity about this situation is somehow unsurprising. Her and Jared deserve each other.

No. 812402

Besides that, Heidi was pretty open about Jared being the breadwinner in the relationship and that fuels the narc rage because women who are mostly supported by their husbands (despite the fact Heidi has her own hobbies and interest and probably makes sum money with her cosplay stuff) are apparently suppose to be doormats and let their husbands fuck around.

No. 812404


Not to mention, she was willing to take desperate measures to 'save' their failing relationship, which probably lead to her 'allowing' it in the first place.


>Heidi was pretty open about Jared being the breadwinner in the relationship

-Making it easier for them to discredit her as a crafty gold-digger

No. 812405

Tbh even if Ross was okay with the whole thing, what Holly and Jared did was still awful. The fact that they were friends/co-workers and allowed for themselves to develop feelings to the point that Holly would have to ask her husband of many years to open up their marriage is such a douche thing to do. Friends don't go after other friend's spouses, poly or not.

Also, Holly and Jared insisting that Ross and Heidi were open to the idea and then Heidi just randomly got jealous and went crazy is so scummy. Not to be dramatic but it reminds me of when guys aggressively try to pressure girls into sex, and when the girl finally gives in the dude doesn't see what he did wrong and is just like "well she said yes so what's the problem" even though it was coercion. Ross and Heidi might have agreed but it clearly eas only bc they wanted keep their spouses happy and save their marriages, not because they were totally down with cucked.

No. 812406


> "well she said yes so what's the problem"

A LOT of WKs seem to be using that logic; "Nuh-uh! She approved of it first, so she can't complain! No take-backsies!"

No. 812411

Nobody cares that you cheated.

Holly is trying to paint the wife as a crazy bitch to justify the cheating, exposed Jared’s victims to him by going around the victims backs and is a liar, a manipulative self righteous bad person.

No. 812412

Im sus at guys who are vicious towards Heidi and ridiculously kind to Holly. Like they're probably the types to want to be in Jared's position. Be married, but also fuck around. So Heidi calling this whole bs out hurt them personally too. And then add Holly being just a defenseless smol birb "be kind" lady uwu fuels it more.

But now the tides are turning to Ross, I can see him putting out a final statement and then leaving it as that.

No. 812413

idgi, as an outsider to all of these people Holly is the one who comes across as manipulative and deceitful. Heidi just seems kind of obnoxious/holier-than-thou, but too stupid to really fool anybody.

>"I'm here for you Jared" "You guys know me, ignore that literal stranger" "Heidi you're just so pretty it makes me feel scared" "I had to take a break and check myself into a hospital while simultaneously deleting old videos and keeping up with the drama that's making me feel suicidal" "I know none of the people Jared exchanged nudes with on snapchat were underage trust me I checked them all" "It was like a ~bucket of ice water~ I've never felt like this before! my ~asexuality~ makes me unable to differentiate right from wrong!" "look at all this evidence that heidi is really upset what a crazy bitch! we were so scared of her uwu" "look at these private facebook posts! heidi is so evil for being happy that people believe her!" "healing words for me but not for thee" "Ross was totally okay with everything take my word for it he isn't going to comment on the matter anyways also we should respect him and leave him out of it"

It's easy to see KF taking Holly's side though because it plays into the "woman convinces husband to open marriage and regrets it!" trope that incels get off on. They were never empathetic towards Heidi, they were simply putting people into easily categorized boxes, they are autistic after all.

No. 812414

wk's also like to let out that heidis "sidedick" was just a crossplaying woman that was long distance aka essentially just emotional support with some sexting and we all know through the onion threads etc that a manipulative straight man like jared wouldnt see that as a threat/bring jealousy to the dynamic as to him its just his wife roleplaying with another chick while hes dick deep inside holly on a regular basis even during professional hours, grooming teens behind her back and doing a buttload of terrible shit like going out of state, blocking your wife on all social medias before posting a half assed statement saying youre divorcing her.
But no shes a gold digging whore cause Jared was ok with not splitting everything 50/50 finacially as if thats not a manipulative tactic to create power imbalances. Which is proved by peoples attitudes towards his actions simply because she isnt supplying as much money into the relationship, congrats youre a retard who just accepted that men can do whatever they want if theyre the breadwinner cause heidi should just be happy she got to pursue her hobbies.

No. 812415

>No take-backsies!
This is a big one with the Jared WKs. Once a woman agrees to one thing, no matter how reluctantly, she has to accept everything that her partner does afterwards and if she expressed discomfort or tries to establish any boundaries at all she’s controlling and evil. I feel bad for their own partners, if they have any.

No. 812418

It goes like this
>Heidi: What's going on between you and Holly
>Jared: excuses
>Heidi (finally): Listen I know you're with her, what's going on?!?! I'm not stupid! We were supposed to be clear about who we're with.
>Jared: Well I want to see where I'm at with Holly, I mean I love you, but Holly seems to have feelings…
>Holly: Heidi Jared totally has feelings for me!
>Heidi: Well work things out!
>Holly: Okay we're going to work this out tonight!
>Heidi: waits for updates
>Holly: ignores
>Jared: stone walls
>Heidi: texts
>Heidi: texts
>Heidi: angry
>Heidi: anxious
>Heidi: furious
>Holly: uwu I"m sorry! You're so pretty
>Heidi: I feel like fucking you both up for this
>Holly: I totally understand! uwu
>Jared: Look at what Holly said about you Heidi! I stood up for you because I love you
>Holly: omg I'm in the wrong

Divorce - Jared tries to get the upper hand and isolates all his group from access to Heidi. Tries to control narrative. Meanwhile, Holly is super excited she finally won over the prettier girl for validation. Looks like all her hard work is paying off.


Fans rush in to tell Heidi what Jared had been doing.

Holly and Jared cry that their scheme didn't work and disappear out of fear. Find another scheme then come out with their "version" that apparently took a week of mental health professionals to write.

Holly and Jared are half way successful thanks to the gaming community full of virgin neckbeards.

No. 812419


>"Heidi you're just so pretty it makes me feel scared"

Always be wary of people who say shit like this, or an unironic "You're such a good person & I'm a piece of shit!"

No. 812420


I'm also willing to bet that "sidedick" wasn't MARRIED like Holly was.

No. 812422

And Heidi was upfront about who she was with and even tried to include Jared. Who just brushed her off and made her feel awful.
Jared fucked fans even tho Heidi specifically said no fans

No. 812423

The virgin neckbeards seem to have serious trouble differentiating between "mom" and "wife" too on top of just having a keen hate-boner for pretty women. Mom is being so mean and not letting Jared have a uwu girlfriend uwu! Mom is just a crazy bitch! Goddddd, moooommmmm!

No. 812424

File: 1558732196534.jpg (499.29 KB, 1058x1767, Cheaters_handbook.jpg)

I've just leave this here

Holly, use your head. Jared's "my wife is abusive" schtick is the oldest trick in the book aside from "my wife doesn't put out/ satisfy me".

No. 812426

What did you just say about Pewdiepie? Well now, that is a lot of assumptions about someones personal life, who are these infamous yes men that plague pewdiepie? His editors? His fiance? Or his close personal friends? If you mean his fanbase then hes hardly surrounded by anyone in that sense because he is his own person, and as his own person even tells people who consider themselves his fans to not harm people featured in some of his videos, how do you ascertain he has no experience either? Hes lived the same 29 years anyone else has and hes made the best of them, if anything perhaps due to his career he knows a lot more than most, at one point he had hired hundreds of people to make videos with him I think and had to work with many companies doing different things, not to mention he himself has been to university iirc, not sure if he dropped it though
He does not make videos that you can conclude hes educated from? What is your criteria of education, again I agree with you that people can get education formally or informally but what constitutes someone who has and hasn't and why do you think he hasn't? Did you not consider that perhaps his videos are no more than an entertainment persona or do you believe that every actor to play an idiot is also an idiot?
I'm not pretending anything
I'm not trolling either
I just genuinely enjoy dissecting tribal people like you
And generally exploring reasonable thought(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 812428

someone PLEASE make this a copypasta

No. 812431

This is incredible

No. 812433

File: 1558733466398.png (15.92 KB, 580x140, PJsalt.png)

More salt

>"I was with her until she admitted she tricked him into cheating."

No. 812435

What did you just say about Pewdiepie? Well now, that is a lot of assumptions about someones personal life, who are these infamous yes men that plague pewdiepie? His editors? His fiance? Or his close personal friends? If you mean his fanbase then hes hardly surrounded by anyone in that sense because he is his own person, and as his own person even tells people who consider themselves his fans to not harm people featured in some of his videos, how do you ascertain he has no experience either? Hes lived the same 29 years anyone else has and hes made the best of them, if anything perhaps due to his career he knows a lot more than most, at one point he had hired hundreds of people to make videos with him I think and had to work with many companies doing different things, not to mention he himself has been to university iirc, not sure if he dropped it though
He does not make videos that you can conclude hes educated from? What is your criteria of education, again I agree with you that people can get education formally or informally but what constitutes someone who has and hasn't and why do you think he hasn't? Did you not consider that perhaps his videos are no more than an entertainment persona or do you believe that every actor to play an idiot is also an idiot?
I'm not pretending anything
I'm not trolling either
I just genuinely enjoy dissecting tribal people like you
And generally exploring reasonable thought

No. 812436


Also HOW DARE she block people for harassing her???

No. 812437

File: 1558733671582.gif (1.21 MB, 480x270, beautiful.gif)



You can't make this shit up.

No. 812438

File: 1558733675210.png (116.77 KB, 570x374, hmm.png)

No. 812439

How the fuck do you get tricked into cheating

No. 812440

File: 1558733895315.jpg (14.37 KB, 548x339, 1558287086761.jpg)

I love when we get fucking spergs like this to post.

No. 812441

my sides

No. 812442

File: 1558733931209.jpg (121.76 KB, 940x1200, D636SEwXYAUjS1y.jpg)

No. 812443

File: 1558734006204.png (98.68 KB, 1408x243, whatdidyoujustsayaboutpewdiepi…)


No. 812444

File: 1558734030607.jpg (151.3 KB, 741x1200, D636SExWsAESkZZ.jpg)

No. 812446

wow, why are people still defending jared?

No. 812447


>"We've never seriously entertained this idea"

…But guys, it was totally Heidi who encouraged a poly relationship.

No. 812448

I would just love to see heidi drop screenshots of all those texts just to shut these people up, unlikely but the reactions and the milk would be glorious

No. 812450


…On a side note the way Heidi described the attempt at polyamory sounded like she was actually researching it & really taking it seriously, as opposed to Jared who thought "U could put ur dick in anyone? I'm in!"

No. 812453

If only she'd drop Jared's and Holly's texts. I know she's in the middle of a divorce and probably can't and shouldn't but man would I lap that milk up.

No. 812463


Yup, shitty is as shitty does. Funny how the trash continues to show itself as trash in this scenario too.

And it's doubly hilarious that Holly and her lil flying monkeys just. can't. leave. off. Narcissist can't help themselves, they always have to pitch in, run their mouth, and show their own ass.

No. 812466

>I just genuinely enjoy dissecting tribal people like you
>And generally exploring reasonable thought

I'ven't been this close to howling with laughter since that I HAVE THE POWER OF GOD AND ANIME ON MY SIDE vine kid

No. 812467

how about like actually answer any fucking question presented lol
another thing, pdp acts the way he needs to for his audience while trying to stay in the scope of what he likes to do, some of his videos are to appease his fans while others like the book reviews is just content he enjoys its pretty obvious what these videos are and someone even noticed that the book reviews come off as pretty normal, not sure if that was goldplaybutton lad or not but you know :^) not only that your entire argument is outdated as pdp rarely plays games anymore, aside from the random one or two every once in awhile, his content isnt "screaming video game guy" anymore and hasn't been since 2015 i think he can be really obnoxious in all of his content but to sit here and preach about how shitty his content is when you only really have memory of 2012 is pretty dumb and maybe you should """educate""" yourself on whats current(derailing; sperging)

No. 812468

Stop sperging out plz

No. 812475

File: 1558737201344.jpg (47.15 KB, 464x454, 1558286545025.jpg)

>his content isnt "screaming video game guy" anymore and hasn't been since 2015
WOW I totally did not know this! Please educate me more!

No. 812476

Futher PDP derailing will result in lengthy bans. Stay focused on the thread subjects.

No. 812478

File: 1558737877208.gif (794.88 KB, 392x306, goblina bye.gif)

No. 812499


Wow, let ’ s say goodbye to this sperg

No. 812503

It doesn't make him seem like a cuck at all, just that they were probably separated quite a while before the divorce actually happened.

No. 812504


per >>810188, it seems likely that them being separated foe a while wasn ’ t the case

No. 812507

supermega made their theme in animal crossing the projared theme in today's episode. i fucking lost it

No. 812509

It's funny because I was saying things seemed a little too good to be true when this was all starting out.
All the usual incels were suspiciously taking Heidi's side uniformly, until they had even an inkling of an excuse to trash her.
What I don't get is why they'd take the side chick's side in all of this, or at least not without grilling hard for proof. Logically, everything she says should be seen as a pack of lies.
I'm guessing it's a case of "Whatever the man did was probably right", and in this case, the man picked the other girl.

No. 812521

The simplest explanation would be that there's slimy skeletons is his closest as well. Make excuses for others now and it's likely they'll bat for you if your own shit comes out later.

No. 812524


Minor tinfoil but I think it’s a form of projection really

They want any type of girl (side, main, etc) so theyre living through Jared and he chose the side ho

No. 812531

I really believe it was that they thought Jared dumped the hot nerdy wife for the ugly nerdy girlfriend. When they found out Heidi might have had a guy they instantly saw red. It's always high school mentality with them. Once a wild chad comes into the equation they're done.

No. 812532

So basically he's internalized the abuse, and is still giving into it. Even while she tells the whole world he's a cuck.

No. 812564

The only thing that will change the tide of pdp's incel army now is a cold hard fact, like Jared ending up in court. Who knows how that will go. Ross could cut Holly dead if publicly states he never gave permission but I'll bet she pressured him into accepting some aspect of it and now she 's cucking him in front of the whole plant. Why would she care how he feels about it now, they're divorced. It's what abusers do, they get what they want and do a smear job on you even after its ended between you. Heidi should just get on with her life and see what falls out with Jared.

No. 812573

File: 1558754971970.png (92.12 KB, 578x618, argument.png)

(0uter_n0va is one of Heidi's personal friends)

No. 812575

File: 1558755128277.png (67.2 KB, 530x602, Anonaccount.png)


…Of course this 'intellectual' probably doesn't know that the person they're arguing with is one of Heidi's close friends…

No. 812578

I’m honestly surprised no one has brought up the fact that Jared is hiding out in some unknown state, trying to lay low.

No. 812579

>that's emotionally abusive
yet if it was flipped and it was Jared who wanted it to end I bet it wouldn't be

he's not completely retarded; he knows he's got a platoon of autists (and Holly) willing to defend him

No. 812580

File: 1558755471444.png (121.68 KB, 261x193, dont worry he knows.png)

No. 812581

File: 1558755543058.png (34.24 KB, 576x270, Anonaccount1.png)


>"Fyi i started on Team Heidi"

That's nice dear, but I doubt you know Heidi irl like the person you're smugly dismissing as 'just another blind fan'

No. 812582


this person doesn't even know what polygamy is

No. 812587

File: 1558755872862.png (61.91 KB, 572x468, HeidiFriends.png)


Two irl friends of Heidi can confirm that Heidi is telling the truth & were there for her when shit went down.

No. 812609

File: 1558763357332.png (37.64 KB, 574x384, tweets1.png)

No. 812612

surely she has the money to fix that lazy eye

No. 812613


I’m betting on a joint statement from Holly and Jared to drop this weekend

Just to make things even worse

No. 812614

File: 1558764990195.png (25.54 KB, 586x284, thoughts and prayers.png)

ah yes, harassing tweets like
>I am the Lorax and I speak for the trees
>The trees say
>“Don’t fuck married men and lie about it”


>You cheated on Ross

No. 812615

I'd take that bet. Dumb as he might look, if he's at least smart enough to have lawyered up and shut up he's probably also smart enough to continue shutting up.

No. 812630

If your icon is by shadman your points are immediately invalid and anything you say should be replaced by a clown honk

No. 812635

Wait are they now saying JARED is the one who wanted monogamy? What kind of insane troll logic is that?
Jared's the one who
>sent dick pics to all and sundry
>fucked fans despite Heidi explicitly saying "no fans"
>fucked a woman married to another man and continued to do so sneakily after his wife says she's not okay with this and wants to go back to monogamy
If anyone was reveling in non-monogamy it's Jared.

No. 812636

>What kind of insane troll logic is that?

The kind where the men are always victims of the insane, nagging, crazy, unreasonable, irrational feeeeeeemayles. Poor Jared! Poor, poor Jared! No leap of logic is too far in the service of making the narrative exonorate him completely – when none of this shit would have happened if Weasel Boy just kept his dick in his pants.

No. 812646

It’s Olympic-level mental gymnastics. Up is down, black is white, a man who sleeps with other women than his wife does so because he desires monogamy and his wife forced him to do it by asking him to stop.

No. 812662

I like how all these Holly WKs have glossed over the fact the first thing she said about the whole situation was "Heidi's a nobody! You can't trust her. Trust ME."

No. 812675

No. 812676

These people HAVE to be 14 year olds. Please say they're not grown ass adults

No. 812686

wait what the fuck was it confirmed he slept with fans?? this just gets milkier and milkier

No. 812688

File: 1558794793845.png (19.96 KB, 1044x281, wtf.png)

So I barely use reddit or post there, I hadn't posted anything for about a week. But, I did comment to Jessica's post something along the lines of "Hi Jessica, nice whiteknighting!" No name calling, no insults.

Less than an hour later I get a not subreddit warning, but WHOLE Reddit warning for HARASSMENT due to "stalking her". I had never before even interacted with Jessica in any way on any site, just replied to her post as a joke. Reddit admins are truly whiteknighting Holly and are biased.

No. 812690

Oh dear, it gets fuckier. Do you know if anyone else got a warning like yours?

No. 812691

Which subreddit was this?

No. 812692

File: 1558795132240.png (28.46 KB, 740x186, D65_PZHXsAAhsZj.png)

For the people saying we have no evidence he knew Chai's age

No. 812693

Projared reddit.

No. 812694

Probably r/projared since that's where Jessica was whiteknighting, but the warning comes from admin level so it has nothing to do with the mods of r/Projared who are definitely not defending him or Holly

No. 812703


I find it kinda funny how most of the folks suddenly white-knighting for Jared were celebrating when he was first outed because it aligned perfectly with their "ALL 'Male-Feminists' are just creepy degenerates/predators looking for an easy lay" - narrative.

Like, cheating aside, do they REALLY wanna side with a guy who, alleged OR confirmed, sent nudes to minors?

Also, notice how it wasn't until KEEMSTAR & Pewdiepie suggested otherwise when they hopped onto the "Heidi was the REAL abuser all along!" bandwagon, & in the same breath, bitch about 'cancel-culture' & 'blindly taking someone's word for it'.

Like, seriously, not everything is gonna have a James Charles 'twist' from now on…

No. 812712

File: 1558798830751.png (36.2 KB, 572x322, dndsauce.png)

Something to consider…

No. 812716

also worth considering is that the behaviour holly demonizes in heidi (joking to cope, drinking wine) are all things she does herself ie her keemstar "side ho" art and a tweet from before the drama where she's like "i'm playing d&d with red wine!"

because it's only bad behaviour when the wife of her lover does it uwu

No. 812717


don't have the screenshots right now but about 2 threads ago a fan that was talking with him on tumblr met him at a con and he slept with her, after the con he was cold and neutral and she thought she did something wrong, etc, there were screenshots of their conversations that confirm he did indeed meet her and have sex with her

No. 812719

File: 1558799700313.png (46.12 KB, 574x354, heidievidence.png)

Another thing to consider…

No. 812724

File: 1558800461021.png (71.48 KB, 584x576, imphoenixwrightlmao.png)

>"Getting cheated on isn't abuse. Neglecting your partner once you've found another is part of getting cheated on."

Looks like we got a pro here!

No. 812726

File: 1558800555034.png (16.27 KB, 576x116, imphoenixwrightlmao1.png)


…What a badass! /s

No. 812727

File: 1558800842648.png (27.3 KB, 404x314, imphoenixwrightlmao2.png)


Sorry for spamming this 'genius'the headassery is just too great!

>"I was cheated on. I got over it. You're just a pussy."

No. 812728

Objection! That's not Phoenix Wright, it's Apollo Justice. That makes him an expert in domestic abuse you soyboy cuck pussy.

No. 812729

>people like you who throw the word "abuse" around haven't had it rough enough

oh my GOD what fucking realm are these idiots even coming out of, they need to go back. the stupidity is just astounding, really. this just in, being emotionally abused by the person who's supposed to love you and care about you isn't "rough enough"

No. 812730

Oops, forgot to sage but some people need to learn how to shut the fuck up

No. 812731


Oh shit!

…But seriously, gotta love these 'intellectuals' chiming in with little to no knowledge on non-traditional relationships. Shows how sheltered & inexperienced they really are, despite their claims.

No. 812732

I agree. Heidi's private FB should not have been brought into it. that's really fucked up. She kept her IG and twitter public, despite the harassment too , but her FB should have been off limits

No. 812733

>getting cheated on isn't abuse

Ummm. whoa, what an expert. Guess all the people here who have experienced extreme emotional abuse/distress that affects their life and future relationships have no say then.

No. 812734

He's probably one of those morons who honestly thinks abuse can only be physical. Scrot logic everyone.

No. 812735

File: 1558802334057.jpg (156.61 KB, 1017x1200, D7aqbFYW4AEdVsW.jpg)

Another winner, and possibly Holly's biggest white knight…

No. 812736

Honestly she should have blocked Holly right away. Not to blame her at all but it would have kept that space private. I can't get over how Holly criticized her for the way Heidi "publicly" spoke on her facebook when she has been the only one of Heidi's fb friends to put that shit out there.

No. 812737

File: 1558802475035.png (59.11 KB, 568x528, Akshully.png)


>"the fact that even Heidi does not include Ross and mentioned that he disliked her"

No. 812739

File: 1558802952258.png (41.96 KB, 580x312, Akshully1.png)


>"I don't know why you would take her (Heidi) at her word for that and not at else"

…But we're supposed to take Holly's word that she's "ALWAYS been transparent with Ross & never cheated on him"???

No. 812744

I'm actually pretty sure PaganJessica isn't Merizan, since PJ submitted a Reddit post about being trans like a year ago and Merizan is cis (just, y'know, awful and dumb as shit)

No. 812750

Wait, when did Heidi say that Ross disliked her?

No. 812751


>>812197 has the link to the post in the last thread, with the screenshot where Heidi said she felt that Ross disliked her.

No. 812752


>Heidi said she felt that Ross disliked her.

Makes sense considering Holly's been demonizing her for quite a while.
Heidi probably suspected that Holly might've ranted to Ross a bit about Heidi supposedly 'abusing' Jared.

No. 812753

Okay, so the wording there leads me to believe it was Holly and Jared that made her feel like Ross disliked her while they were telling her he was okay with the affair. That's interesting to note.

No. 812754

As much as he wants to be left out of the drama, Ross kinda holds all the cards right now. If he does decide to make a statement, his word is going to count more than anyone else. Incels are eager to side with men and everyone else also agrees Ross is a great dude who was wronged by this situation. I'm sure he has receipts too, so… If he does end up sayign something, his opinion is going to shape consensus imo.

No. 812756

Remember that wk who said a private FB doesn’t count as private if you have a lot of friends on there? Funny how nothing from that totally-not-private-at-all page was leaked until Holly decided to do so on her public twitter. I’m also surprised Heidi didn’t block Holly right away. Probably didn’t expect her to be that trashy, despite everything. Heidi’s biggest sin in this whole situation is being naive as shit.

I bet they told her that he disliked her so she wouldn’t contact him and compare notes about the affair.

No. 812760

File: 1558806732866.jpg (538.3 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190525-134850_Twi…)

KT still going on in her "private diary"

No. 812761

I'd love to see her elaborate on Suzy being her stalker

No. 812763

File: 1558807159199.jpg (314.12 KB, 2176x926, IMG_20190525_135925.jpg)


She's probably going to post this same dumb screenshot from before

No. 812769

Did she really just call someone who found her Twitter a stalker? Like I’ve seen the video and it wasn’t IN DEPTH. They didn’t go that deep

No. 812773

File: 1558808052755.gif (849.47 KB, 498x280, who.gif)

KT: sUzY's My StAlKeR
meanwhile, Suzy:

No. 812783

Well he didn't post a statement but he posted a cat video which I think all of us can appreciate

No. 812784

File: 1558808967018.gif (2.95 MB, 390x293, 1408999912795.gif)

>suzy's my stalker
jfc someone should send her to the loony bin already.

I was scared we'd stop getting crazy tweets from her after she's been discovered outside of here but, lol she's really this crazy omg

No. 812787

I'm a dog person, but this is adorable! All the cute, nerdy, cat girls should snatch him up after the flying rat lady is off sucking ProJared.

No. 812790

File: 1558810325540.png (37.43 KB, 804x444, comments1.png)

No. 812791

No. 812795

File: 1558811112563.jpg (423.55 KB, 749x592, smearcampaign.jpg)

The real smear campaign

No. 812797


god this is not going in the direction I thought it would, overall. And they wonder why women are afraid of speaking up.

Now Jared has two women squabbling over him while he's getting victimized and Holly is treated like a saint

this is not the timeline I want to be in

No. 812799

Are any of these videos even well made and backed by any evidence and sanity or are they exactly how they look and are garbage clickbait commentator trash? I hate how this is turning out and I feel terrible for Heidi.

No. 812800

jared/holly are trying to pull a james charles reverse card, and sadly it seems to be working for some people

No. 812801


Well this suck A LOT but on the other side I was skipping through some very recent videos of "big name" vidya game channels that talked about this situation and they all only mentioned Jared and that he is a cheater and overall disgusting person for the pedo shit he did.

I'm really rooting for Heidi and that Karma will fuck Holly and specially Jared in the ass without any lube.


As long a lot of questions are unanswered, people will ask Ross for a much longer about this situation. I support his choice of being left out of this situation because it is a shit show but I feel he could just end it all with his site because it could damage his reputation on the long run.

No. 812803


> I support his choice of being left out of this situation because it is a shit show but I feel he could just end it all with his site because it could damage his reputation on the long run.

Agreed. Ross could literally end this bullshit with just a brief statement.

…But either way, people aren't going to stop bothering him, which sucks.

No. 812805

I wish heidi had the means for sueing all of these assholes for slander

No. 812807

I saw this the other day. People are taking comments out of context and attempting to smear Heidi with them. They legit have autistic reading abilities.

It makes me wonder if they actually even believe what they're saying.

>Everyone is at fault here, except for Ross

And yet, the one who fucked him over the most, Holly, seems to have escaped the wrath of the sperglords. It's incredible.

No. 812808


They don’t believe anything as they just want a click at the moment which I feel the most depressing part of it

No. 812809

That's kind of the way it goes in drama youtube, the more inflammatory your title and thumbnail the more views you rake in.

No. 812810

Apparently, psychic readers are also getting invested in this. Lmfao.

Just saw an interesting interpretation of the whole situation that I think this thread might find interesting with what we know so far. (Well, I mean that depends if tarot reading is your cup of tea or not.)

What I do like is that this tarot reader doesn't know who anyone is in the situation other than the reading was requested by his Twitch chat which means there's no confirmation bias at all.

Link with Timestamp where the reading actually starts: https://youtu.be/pqojn4rY0OU?t=73

(I'll add in an archived link later in an edit; there's a queue atm.)

No. 812811

Probably shows how effective her soft smol bean Ramona Flowers persona is. It really captivates people and makes them believe she can’t really do anything wrong.

No. 812812

File: 1558813865604.png (64.74 KB, 256x148, yt6.png)

Check out this thumbnail lmao

>"Poly Until Holly?"

Consider this:

-Holly was MARRIED at the time
-Holly's HUSBAND didn't exactly have a say, nor was Heidi able to ask him about it personally
-The moment Heidi had concerns, Holly decided to make it her personal mission to end Jared's marriage.

No. 812813

>Apparently, psychic readers are also getting invested in this. Lmfao.

LOL of course they are!
Psychics and other scammers can smell credulous fuckwits like incels from miles away. It's like a giant neon arrow blinking THESE IDIOTS WILL BELIEVE ANYTHING WHERE GIRL BAD MAN GOOD

No. 812815

I hate a lot of this shit where dudebros and neckbeards get beind retarded guys to defend them

How many of these people actually liked or followed projared before this? Its so retarded just like the vic shit

No. 812817


Eh, I say give the Psychic video a chance, it's rather interesting, especially since he doesn't know much about anyone involved in this situation. I'm only 2 minutes in & it seems pretty spot-on so far…

No. 812819


Agreed. I just thought it was hilarious to see. I honestly thought the video was gonna be severely biased but from what information was interpreted, it seems like it's more or less a fair representation.



All we can do now is just wait until anything new comes up and compare with the video. I personally don't believe in tarot readers but it was a decent view and a fresh breath of air when it comes to perspectives.

No. 812820


Psychics are scammers.

Let's not kid around this, they're peddling snake oil and appealing to idiots. Including you, it seems. If you're convinced by 2 whole mins of sweet talking, please glue your hands to a countertop and never reproduce.

If he "seems" to know shit, that's all it is. Seeming. It can be entertaining, sure, but let's not give these liars credibility, k

No. 812828

>> god this is not going in the direction I thought it would, overall. And they wonder why women are afraid of speaking up.

We speak up just fine. A lot of information was left out initially, now it's a literal shitshow.

The moral is: This should have been a private matter.

No. 812831

>The moral is: This should have been a private matter.

Naw. The moral is, respect consent, don't be a shit partner to your spouse, and if you call it off, don't be an absolute shitheel about it. Maybe try for "no emotional abuse" but that seems to be too high a bar…
… how about "no kiddie diddling" and "no grooming minors"? How's that? Bar could not be any lower.

No. 812833

You are very paranoid if you think anyone who uses tarot etc is rubbing their hands together like "who can I scam today"
Some people try it out, find it works for them, and use it for other situations (like the person in the video is probably doing)
Calm down and quit derailing.(stop)

No. 812834


You first. There is literally nothing real about tarot, horoscopes, aromatheraphy et al. It's all a scam.(stop)

No. 812837

stop derailing

No. 812847

I can't speak for the others, but "angry, incel neckbeard 'nice' guy" is more or less TheQuartering's entire identity - so his take would likely be that Heidi once talked to another boy instead of staying locked in the kitchen so deserves all she's getting and more.

No. 812850

You're right about TheQuartering. He seems like a boring loser irl and is trying to fit in with the cool kids by posting this shit on youtube. He's recently been posting questionable shit that have a "women are stupid, except my wife" vibe.

Twoon is just a guy who likes to drink on camera and scream at it. He posts videos calling out thots on twitch, but when they interact with him, he drops the anger and is like "they just seem confused" etc.

They're all boring and present the same information. They just use different facades.

No. 812861

Keep it private, and let him get away with his behavior, so it can continue? Nah man, wrong play. Knock that shit off so it doesn't keep happening.

No. 812872

File: 1558826454727.png (17.59 KB, 570x166, heidibfs.png)

Everyone keeps saying that Heidi had 'so many boyfriends'…

How come I can only find one person who Heidi considered a boyfriend?

No. 812873

I think Tarot is fun, so I'll bite.

He pulls a card for each of them:

Jared's card - Ego & Pride -pretty confidant that he could get away with what he was doing

Heidi's card - Four of Wands (Reversed) - environment switch, safety & stability threatened

Holly's card - Ten of Pentacles (Reversed) - gained short-term stability & status with the affair, done on-impulse, naive

I'll make it as brief as I can:

-Jared & Heidi's marriage was rushed, there was love, but it died. Jared saw an image-boost in her, Heidi saw stability in him.

-Their marriage was broken from the start.

-This isn't the first time Jared cheated.

As for Holly…
-For some reason, she really thought that he would leave his wife for her.
-It's been going on a while.
-She left an old relationship for this.
-The affair was kept in secret for a good while.
-She lacks self-care
-He had been wooing her for a while
-Seemed like she tried to get out of it at first
-She was completely aware of their marriage issues, which is what lured her in
-Their relationship brought negative attention
-It was also a misuse of power
-Jared was telling Holly that she would be a 'better option', and that he'd rather be with her, she's so much better, etc.
-He promised her success
-He offered to do her business-related favors
-She bought it hook, line & sinker

There are three women involved here; Heidi, Holly, & and another woman.

-This 3rd woman doesn't want to be involved, but people are going to want to pull her in.
-She has been an 'open secret' for a long time (since the beginning of Jared & Heidi's marriage)

He pulls 3 cards for the 3rd woman, together they mean 'vulnerability', 'sexual', & 'superficial'

-Jared's been sending her gifts and/or money
-He also might've tried to 'shut her up' via hush-money
-There were rumors about it, Heidi turned a blind eye to it (either by herself or Jared's manipulation)

Noteable quotes:

"I think it's probably best for everyone involved if this information doesn't get out, but if they do… This ain't over if it leaks…"

"My problem is that this is something that could potentially implicate the wife. She might end up getting sucked into this. There is something that is going to tie her into this and she better be very very careful. Especially with the allegations…"

"You better lawyer up, girl! There's a piece of information that connects you to a lot of stuff. This is like someone having a smoking gun, possibly Jared, I don't know…"

I think Tarot is fun, so I'll bite.

He pulls a card for each of them:

Jared's card - Ego & Pride -pretty confidant that he could get away with what he was doing

Heidi's card - Four of Wands (Reversed) - environment switch, safety & stability threatened

Holly's card - Ten of Pentacles (Reversed) - gained short-term stability & status with the affair, done on-impulse, naive

I'll make it as brief as I can:

-Jared & Heidi's marriage was rushed, there was love, but it died. Jared saw an image-boost in her, Heidi saw stability in him.

-Their marriage was broken from the start.

-This isn't the first time Jared cheated.

As for Holly…
-For some reason, she really thought that he would leave his wife for her.
-It's been going on a while.
-She left an old relationship for this.
-The affair was kept in secret for a good while.
-She lacks self-care
-He had been wooing her for a while
-Seemed like she tried to get out of it at first
-She was completely aware of their marriage issues, which is what lured her in
-Their relationship brought negative attention
-It was also a misuse of power
-Jared was telling Holly that she would be a 'better option', and that he'd rather be with her, she's so much better, etc.
-He promised her success
-He offered to do her business-related favors
-She bought it hook, line & sinker

There are three women involved here; Heidi, Holly, & and another woman.

-This 3rd woman doesn't want to be involved, but people are going to want to pull her in.
-She has been an 'open secret' for a long time (since the beginning of Jared & Heidi's marriage)

He pulls 3 cards for the 3rd woman, together they mean 'vulnerability', 'sexual', & 'superficial'

-Jared's been sending her gifts and/or money
-He also might've tried to 'shut her up' via hush-money
-There were rumors about it, Heidi turned a blind eye to it (either by herself or Jared's manipulation)

Noteable quotes:

"I think it's probably best for everyone involved if this information doesn't get out, but if they do… This ain't over if it leaks…"

"My problem is that this is something that could potentially implicate the wife. She might end up getting sucked into this. There is something that is going to tie her into this and she better be very very careful. Especially with the allegations…"

"You better lawyer-up, girl! There's a piece of information that connects you to a lot of stuff. This is like someone having a smoking gun, possibly Jared, I don't know…"

No. 812876

File: 1558826941035.png (19.71 KB, 574x210, moron1.png)

>"I want to remind you that everyone except @HollyConrad (yet) was caught in their own web of lies."

No. 812877

File: 1558827082674.png (49.97 KB, 584x344, moron2.png)

No. 812878

Jesus christ the retardation of all these people is going to kill me

No. 812879

File: 1558827224123.png (75.69 KB, 476x564, moron3.png)


"Hey guys, guess what? I was a fan of Heidi since 2015, but all I did was ask her a ~simple question~ and she BLOCKED me! uwu"

Nice manipulation there…

No. 812880

>"I'm getting some serious Yandere vibes (from Heidi)."
Fucking weebs can't even get the damn definition of a "yandere" right. If she was crazy obsessed with PeenJared like a yandere, he wouldn't have been in a poly relationship to BEGIN WITH. Or even let Holly and him to be fuck buds (Reminder top: She only let it under the idea that Ross aproved which probably isnt true, Jared lies so who knows if he ever told Ross.)

No. 812882

I feel like I'm going crazy from all the people having the same degree of poor reading comprehension, saying the same incorrect things over and over.
People think once they watch one personality's opinion on the situation they're suddenly an expert.
Someone should show this galaxy brain one of the many times Holly contradicts herself with back to back tweets. Its almost like he hasn't even read her tweets himself. Really makes you think.

No. 812885

File: 1558827901898.png (53.19 KB, 584x510, Akshully2.png)

>"You should ask instead why would Chai brag to Heidi about being famous."

This bitch…

No. 812888

File: 1558829640584.png (49 KB, 584x490, atealein.png)


When Heidi, Chai, or Charlie delete tweets:

"They must have something to hide!"

When Holly deletes tweets:

"Poor Holly had to delete her tweet because the hate-trolls started spamming her!"

No. 812890

File: 1558831015894.png (57.09 KB, 576x510, HeidiTweets2.png)

No. 812892

I tried to compile some of the most damning receipts regarding Jared sleeping with fans from the last couple of threads. Might be helpful to add them to the next OP?
Jared DMs Chai to "apologise" after she contacts Normal Boots about his behavior here >>808481 this paints Holly in a bad light as well because it's very likely she handed Chai's info over to Jared
Snap convo between Jared and a fan who alleges she was groomed by Jared when she was 15 are here >>805202
And finally, conversations where Jared describes a sexual encounter with a fan in explicit detail are here >>807535 , the conversation corroborates the fan's story.
As far as I remember these are the only fans to come forward so far. I know a couple of Heidi's friends also claimed to have swapped nudes and explicit texts with Jared but there weren't any receipts.

No. 812924

File: 1558836804285.png (20 KB, 576x188, striath1.png)

Something else to consider…

>"Using D&D to publically flaunt their affair."

No. 812928

Their DnD show was supposed to resume this coming week. I wonder if it'll be cancelled?

No. 812929

aw man. I used to love this guy, but then it became clear he was really too interested in fame and becoming famous on the internet. it kinda turned me off. sage for off topic

No. 812936


There's a good chance that they'll move on without them.
It could also be possible for them to find replacements, although I doubt they'd do that.

No. 812937

Oh please. D&D has always been a game for degenerates. Gygax himself has had more affairs than beholders have eye stalks.

No. 812949

File: 1558838771001.jpg (37.4 KB, 650x372, poochie.jpg)

No matter what they do they're gonna get bad press for it so they may as well just save themselves further headaches by killing them off.

No. 812951

File: 1558839306488.jpeg (630.6 KB, 1231x1745, 2379D382-6326-4445-919F-5B3C22…)

No. 812952

File: 1558839546423.png (82.25 KB, 580x454, jareddndtweets1.png)


>"Some sort binding did occur, but pretending they are now consensually husband and wife now is inaccurate, and frankly, a bit frustrating."


No. 812953

File: 1558840006386.jpg (79.26 KB, 584x1200, D7D1RG6UwAEQw2o.jpg)

No. 812954

File: 1558840105301.png (82.53 KB, 582x566, dndirltweets1.png)


Seems plausible.

No. 812956

im actually pretty sad this got out to her. Now she'll probably stop posting crazy shit and all our fun is over.

No. 812958

File: 1558841080353.png (36.64 KB, 588x388, dndship1.png)


These tweets are pretty funny.
Lots of people seem to be looking back at the romance between their DnD characters, which appeared to have culminated in early 2018…

No. 812959

File: 1558841494366.jpg (98.86 KB, 624x823, crazypants.JPG)

oh she already did

No. 812960

File: 1558841585254.jpg (66.53 KB, 645x586, crazypants2.JPG)

the responses are funny though. (that last one links to the "HippieGoth" tag on instagram since apparently Suzy typing #gymgoth is a direct copy of KT typing Hippe Goth in her post. girl is legit insane

No. 812961

File: 1558841807654.png (33.77 KB, 578x236, dndship4.png)

No. 812963

File: 1558842013732.png (37.98 KB, 578x296, dndship3.png)

No. 812966

File: 1558842548756.png (50.89 KB, 598x358, dnderail1.png)

I feel like some of these people need to be on a watch-list or something…

No. 812968

I feel so bad for Ross. He just wants to deal with things privately, but fans keep trying to drag him in.

And fuck I get so angry seeing people go, “Holly has uwu anxiety~ we know exactly what she’s like from seeing her online!! Heidi is a mean, scary lady of course Holly did what she did. She doesn’t know any better~~”

Fuck that noise

No. 812970

Good lord this whole drama is the first time I’ve ever felt like fighting people on Twitter. I really hope people are explaining why Holly isn’t a perfect cinnamon roll when shit like this pops up

No. 812971

Good lord this whole drama is the first time I’ve ever felt like fighting people on Twitter. I really hope people are explaining why Holly isn’t a perfect cinnamon roll when shit like this pops up

No. 812972


I feel like Holly & Jared's bootlickers are just gonna keep gish-galloping in the hopes to wear out Heidi & anyone who dares to support her, leading into them receiving a nice big 'block' that they can parade all over their profiles.

No. 812973

I only just realized those texts occurred past 2AM. Yeah, he and Holly had a 3 hour walk, in the dark, before the sun rose.
And while "walking and talking," at god knows where, at 3 and 4 in the morning, he had no thought of "Its late, I should check in with Heidi real quick"
Fucking scummy.

No. 812974

This. This is pure sexism in a world where men cry 'why do women need feminism? they are already equal.'

Poor Heidi. I hope she is keeping it together with good friends because this is horrible to see her being called a liar by these scrots. I hate how "cheating" is written like that, when there is absolute evidence Jared cheated and lies, not Heidi. Gaslighting … there's so much of it. Heidi is a cosplayer, but she has never been a thot. Men are always calling women crazy liars even when the evidence proves otherwise.

No. 812975


Yep. He gave her the ol' silent treatment & didn't respond until he had a nice flood of texts that make his lonely wife look 'crazy' & 'abusive', just to show to his side-piece later for dramatic effect.

No. 812976

File: 1558844484763.png (18.88 KB, 578x144, realeasethetexts.png)

I'm assuming Heidi is sitting on those texts for a good reason (might be needed in court), which would be a good move in the long-run.

No. 812977

This. I really don't wanna shit up my minimal account with internet drama arguments, but they're just so wrong about things. Its so tempting.
A big portion come from Keem, Pewd, or general woman-hating sources like KF, and that was their first exposure to this whole thing. That's why most of them have the same inconsistencies, because that's what they were told was happening.
First impressions can mean a lot. Some of these people could probably be reasoned with, but if I'm right about a majority of them coming from those sources, I doubt many of them will budge.

No. 812978

I feel so horrible for Heidi. You can almost hear the pain in her texts. Jared is actual scum. like, legit trash. Both him and Holly should be cancelled

No. 812981

File: 1558845528218.png (113.7 KB, 592x424, thewalktweets.png)

No. 812992

I've been avoiding reading this thread and the drama because it's so infuriating to see brainlets paint Heidi as a demon and Holly as a saint just because some ugly woman hating faggot said so.

No. 813007

I know this is just referring to the debate but it got me thinking.
There was bound to be an angry mob raging against Heidi, too, although I have no clue if there are even that many. What's important is that she stood up for herself, that there was a lot of feedback in her favor and that she can start building a better and healthier life for herself.
Just like Holly said the internet would never be the same for her anymore (abloo abloo), it's like this for Heidi, too, and that's okay. She's gonna adapt and manage. That's the elasticity of a survivor

No. 813009

I still can’t get over how she posted this as “evidence” against Heidi. Whoever can look at those desperate 4am texts and say “yes, that is a person that was totally ok with what was going on” is clearly extremely emotionally stunted.

No. 813011

File: 1558856785005.jpeg (36.17 KB, 467x473, D7EBLJWVUAEOUKx.jpeg)

the stuff of nightmares

No. 813012

You forgot Charlie, Chai's friend, whose conversations with Jared were also emailed to Normalboots >>804121
Her thread is still up on twitter, too. Reposting the link since more was added since it was last archived. https://twitter.com/swampborzoi/status/1126516324581007360
There's apparently another person's conversations with Jared posted in it and they go by the handle sweaterbat on twitter.

No. 813013

delet this

No. 813014

she doesn't like her husband cheating on her with her supposed "close friend"? what a yandere, she needs to calm down


No. 813015

>implying that jared CLEARLY didn't also want a poly relationship so he could see other people, hes such a victim!

No. 813022


I'm anon you replied to, here's the reddit post and comments of the person who had sex with jared, went to the very first thread where this drama all started and the original post was from reddit (now deleted but archived), with imgur posts, which are now deleted but also saved on here


this is the reddit post where they go into detail about the screenshots


this is the link to the thread comment that started posting screenshots of the imgur files (if the link is failing just search 804361 in the thread to jump to that comment)

apologies for not posting screencaps just didn't want to flood the thread again with reposted content

No. 813023

No. 813024

File: 1558862284615.png (283.31 KB, 993x726, where is the nose.png)

Decided to look at Asagao Academy's VNDB page https://vndb.org/v19304

No. 813025

File: 1558862463754.jpg (38.63 KB, 512x394, f635472a40803e7585536e9e4d3d4d…)

> "Naturally, he is the most attractive person in school and knows it,"
> "Personality: Arrogant, Narcissist, Pretending, Womanizer"

No. 813026

love that the Holly character's personality traits include "low self esteem" , "possessive" and "sensitive" lmao

No. 813027

I love that one is "half orphan" because having a dead parent is so kawaii uwu fuck you holly and fuck you whoever put that in there. I wouldn't wish losing a parent on anyone.

No. 813031

Calm down, asegao academy is/was (dunno if it's still available) a labour of love of two people (one is "miss editor", who of course ended up distancing herself from this mess and lost her job as editor), for the normalboots channel members. Hana was never meant to be a reference to Holly, it was a coincidence that Holly was dying her hair pink in that timeframe and Hana has pink hair bc of course she does, she's a parody/sincere reference to anime protagonists.
Honestly the game was so sweet and funny and sincere that i honestly thought it would have been 100% pure cringe, buy instead came off as very endearing.

And now i await my ban, lol, it's just that i feel bad for the authors who did a dorky game who ended up leaving a bad taste in everyone's mouth first for Jon, and now for Jared, and even for the protagonist because a lot of ppl assume she was a commander holly ref.

No. 813032

AFAIK Holly's mother irl is actually dead, so this part is grounded in reality at least

No. 813034

Yeah she had MS, Holly used that for compassion points the other day

No. 813037

"instead came off as very endearing." yuck you serious??
I think it's sick, esp if it's not supposed to be based on holly? make up your mind

she is using it for compassion points and I think its disgusting, wonder if her mum is spinning in her grave. mine would be.

No. 813039

The GAME came off as endearing. The protagonist has all her traits indipendently from Holly. You can find a dating sim inspired by the personas of real people off putting, i can see where you're coming from.

Holly going "in all of this mess please remember my mom died years ago and im sad about it uwu" is very manipulative, but the Character Hana, which had nothing to do with Holly, is half-orphan is unrelated to that

No. 813040

File: 1558866946949.png (402.29 KB, 2092x584, Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 8.30…)

fair enough, I'll take your word for it as someone who has actually played it, have you revisited it since all the weird shit has gone down or do you think hindsight makes it more nostalgic?

it's super manipulative, seems like it's her main personality trait, she likes to flex her misery to further her uwu agenda.
a lot of people have made comparisons to Holly/Hana and they really do seem to be based off the real people, especially with this confusing disclaimer at the start. they say it's inspired by the personas but completely fictionalized, the line seems to be drawn really blurred from the start.

No. 813043


No. 813045

File: 1558868435108.png (6.83 KB, 623x156, asagao.png)

NTAYRT but someone who also played Asagao. And watched Jared play it. And watched Holly play it.

Its very weird in hindsight. Its not a game I can return to. The similarities between Holly and Hana are mind boggling, and not just how they look. Their names starting with H and being two syllables. Her relationships with others too. I mean, she goes (literally) crazy with infatuation over a bird.
And then you have Mai/Heidi as a comparison, which is less strong but still there. Friend of Hana, long red hair, she ends up with Jared if Hana doesn't pursue him. There's so much shit. (This is just the relevant stuff, not the base fact that a game making adult youtubers into highschoolers to date is kinda creepy, etc.)

But, this screencap from 2016 swears its all coincidence. If you follow even Heidi's timeline, I'm not sure if it lines up. Would the makers of the game be keen enough to see what was going on between her and Jared, possibly before Heidi did?
Or maybe they roughly (and unofficially) based Hana off of whoever was the most otome-protag-like out of the NB and HB friend group. Not because they suspected any romance around, but just because it was easy.

TLDR; I don't know what to make of it. The weirdness is too overwhelming to ignore, but the game is also pretty old so I can't tell how on purpose it is.

No. 813047

I dont think i even finished one route, dating sims are not my cup of tea. I remember i tried going for the brit guy cus that was the hard path, but ended up pursuing the black guy cus of course i did, in the game he's the most level headed, kind and reserved and that's my type to a t ahah. Didnt revisit cus it's such a big yikes.
It's the risk of doing fanart for anything, really, wholesome today and White Nationalist Pedophile tomorrow, only time can tell. Meanwhile you'll have people hunting you down like "you made fanart of Milkshake Duck 10 years ago, didnt you know he was revealed as a racist 5 years ago, explain yourself???????"

No. 813048

Pretty sure the "falling in love with a bird" was a reference to the pigeon dating sim / the joke route cus there's always a joke route in these types of games - remember when GG were accused of being homophobes because people datamined an unused ending that revealed the white pastor was a satanic priest? That was fun.

Any other weirdness or coincidencea are more because, imo, Holly is an utterly ridiculous person to begin with and plays heavily into the stereotypes of a uwu belittled protagonist uwu being very careful not to show her whole personality online. Were any other circumstances i would say kudos to her, noone owes their whole self to the internet, but now she's actively using this persona to destroy the life an reputation of another human being and that's preeeeetty shitty.

Sorry for typos, english not main language, im idiot.

No. 813049

Yeah that Dream Daddy controversy was pretty fucking stupid, glad I mostly kept out of it. It's a fun game if you ignore the fandom.

No. 813050

Ive never played or watched DD, but I've heard about the Satanist path and I don't get the issue with it. Were satanists mad at the misreprestation or something? It just sounds cheesy but fun to me.

No. 813052

I don't even know, something about having a queer character be secretly evil being homophobic? It didn't make a whole lot of sense honestly

No. 813053

People were mad because an ending that anyone with half a braincell could see was a) a joke ending or b) a joke ending reserved for an halloween update ended up with the pastor guy being the villain all along and was considered the one true ending (i think that was part of the rage?).
Of Course this has nothing to do with the fact that the only white and fit character (the pastor) didnt give any good ending canonically (he always ends up with the wife and tries to make it work, i think) and this secret, unused ending revealed he was actually a villain.
Now it's patched in behind a wall of very specific steps and even then when you unlock it you get a message like "this was a joke but we see how this was upsetting, we're so sorry, proceed at your own risk!" Or something like that.

No. 813054

Just yikes on Projared's personality traits…

>Subject of child abuse


No. 813055

This is some of the cutest shit i've ever seen. I truly hope Ross heals and finds someone who will love him for who he is. Cheating and lying can really break and person and make them put up their defenses. it's horrible. Both Holly and jared destroyed so many lives for their little game of DnD Cheating.

No. 813058


Seems he's pretty comitted to not comment on it, but dude's got to feel so vindicated.

No. 813061

File: 1558879252072.jpg (20.49 KB, 299x322, 1466037321301.jpg)


Why did they pick Jared to be the most attractive one wtf lmao

No. 813064

Beats me. But if they wanted a character who Believed they were the hottest, Jared is the one i would have picked as well. If anything, because everyone in game takes it for granted that he's hot and it's a funny joke.
Iirc theres even a scene where Hana bumps into Jared and he spills his photos and most of them are him being with his shirt open cus they're for his exclusive fanclub. This game is so full of retroactively yikes moments i genuinly believe they might be clairvoyant

No. 813065

Fuck me, forgot to sage

No. 813081

File: 1558883269393.png (808.49 KB, 852x469, The_Cast_of_Normal_Boots.PNG.p…)

have you looked at these guys? It's not like there's much better

No. 813083

…This can't be real.
It's so wild seeing all the tells they give off now between this and their D&D characters, and the fact that it lasted for so long. And people still have the audacity to look the other way and blame Heidi for all of this. Fucking embarrassing.

No. 813089

>a labour of love of two people (one is "miss editor", who of course ended up distancing herself from this mess and lost her job as editor)

I distantly remember reading something about this, but has anyone got the T on Miss Editor and the whole situation around her leaving? Seems… interesting.

No. 813096

She posted an open letter on his subreddit

No. 813099

No. 813100

File: 1558885929175.jpg (172.41 KB, 1048x438, misseditor.jpg)

Because imageboard.

I read somewhere that Cheratomo was one of the people defending Jared from Heidi's allegations before the sexting fans stuff came out. That was also before people knew she was Miss Editor, so her tweets didn't get nearly as much attention as PBG. She posted this on reddit later.

No. 813103


looking through the recent megathreads on projared's sub, I'm breathing a sigh of relief because so far the conversations look rational and right (ie. holly and jared both suck but especially jared)

No. 813108

Makes sense that Jared would keep up the narrative of poor mistreated husband with her too (im assuming she an online collaborator, rather than someone they know personally).
Im legit sorry for her, editing for a lets play channel with 2-3 vids a day was a steady gig

No. 813131

Funnily enough, most of Tumblr seems to have sided with Heidi as well.
I've seen quite a few posts from people genuinely disappointed in Holly & they refuse to buy any of her bullshit, despite her 'Mental Health Advocate uwu' status

No. 813136

I mean, it makes a lot of sense, believing the victims and all that. Holly's response has been pretty transparently hypocritical and manipulative. She tried to claim slutshaming but given she was literally sleeping with Heidi's husband that clearly didn't take.

No. 813152

File: 1558893367012.jpg (1.81 MB, 1586x3500, jared walking holly home gentl…)

bit off topic but all these incels being so willfully dense about this really reminds me of the "walk me home gently" meme.

No. 813164

File: 1558895014692.png (23.44 KB, 792x228, CreepShowArt.png)

I love this screencap, because a few people have shown up on CreepShow Art's video about Holly, demanding that she change her view because of Holly's recent bullshit, but it's clear that she ain't falling for it. So that's good.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJrANwMo_VA

No. 813175

It's funny how 4chan/reddit incels side with a manipulative SJW tumblrina, the type that they usually hate, while tumblr can see through Holly's shit and is against her

No. 813182

File: 1558898838015.png (33.16 KB, 578x298, Hbomb2.png)

One thing I notice with cheaters is that they tend to flip-flop between

"He/she enabled me"
"He/she was too restrictive!"

No. 813189

File: 1558900194808.jpg (16.22 KB, 564x454, ZhFJ5UJ.jpg)

not to armchair but this poem comes to mind

No. 813193

this is hysterical

No. 813216

The thing is even if it turns out that Jared’s online spank banks ended up being of age, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s an abuse of power. Sexual relationships with any fan is fucked up.

No. 813221

Pick up your glasses, Anon. Even JonTron is cuter.

No. 813226


Right? I never followed these boot boys but some of them are cute and charismatic. WeaselBoy? Ehhh. I guess someone's gotta like condescending skinnyfat dudes whose appeal begins and ends with their hair?

Based on the pic alone? I'd go with Satchel, Paul, Shane and Nick. Jared? Uhh. More for Holly, let's just say, lol

No. 813238

File: 1558913454899.jpg (100.51 KB, 409x940, aXm8622xjU.jpg)

I agree and to be honest Jared always seemed like the black sheep of the group to me because he wasn't as endearing or charismatic. And often times he came off as either clingy, smug, or try hard. https://youtu.be/9MdE1MVK5OA?t=275 for example.
He reminds me of that one person in hobby circles that you would never be friends with if you weren't into the same niche.

No. 813259

Lmao not a single person in that group is above a 5/10

No. 813262

It's a literal group of beta males

No. 813264

File: 1558918493707.png (49.79 KB, 590x468, restrainingorder.png)

No. 813267

File: 1558918806675.png (42.06 KB, 578x328, public1.png)

No. 813269

jfc. People are insane. Hats off to Heidi. The way she's responding to people is definitely a lot more mature than Holly's grammatical nightmare of tweets.

I feel so bad for her. I wish I could do something

No. 813272

File: 1558919187913.png (52.62 KB, 588x459, muhdca.png)

Some of these people care a bit too much about some DnD podcast…

No. 813276

Heidi has really kept her cool, esp in responses to these idiot scrots. I really commend her for it. How anyone can side with Jared says a ton about their character.

No. 813283

File: 1558920410600.png (18.13 KB, 742x218, wtfcomments1.png)

>"Holly ended up showing the facts and Heidi hasn’t responded."


No. 813284

>She was caught cheating
No she wasn't? not even holly or jared accused her of this
Also I feel a lot of people are ignoring the heidi said that jared cheated BEFORE they opened the relation AND after
People keep blaming it on poly but even before they went poly (and then closed it) jared cheated

No. 813285

Yes, yes, proof that Holly was fucking Jared and Heidi tried be on board and begged for updates while they ignored her. And robbing the D&D WORLD OF JARED AND HOLLY is hardly fucking with a positive and friendly community. No wonder Jared and Holly have the fucking ego they do.

No. 813310


Heidi didn't ruin DCA, but Jared & Holly definitely did!

No. 813312

Okay, thank god I'm not the only person who feels weird about people pushing that narrative because I'm also pretty sure Jared was doing weird stuff before they "opened" it, but what exactly was he doing because I can't for the life of me be sure. Was it with Holly or was it the nude solicitation?

No. 813313

Jared's DnD character confessing his 'love' for Holly's character:


(The original video was recorded December 13, 2017)

No. 813326

File: 1558927874279.png (21.96 KB, 586x170, hollylikes1.png)

Holly liked this tweet

>"Normal people don't threaten to destroy someone "because they're upset"."

"Mental health is important! ~uwu"

>"Normal people don't sip white zinfandel while watching people's lives and careers burn to the ground, with a grin on their face."

Oh she hella salty that she got caught!

>"That's some sick, twisted, scary behaviour and it's NOT okay or normal. Ever."


Also yes, demonize a woman who can finally get a little cozy after leaving a relationship that made her tense every day for the past year or two.
God forbid a woman feels relieved that she can fucking enjoy life again!

Can I get a "Self-care is important! ~uwu"?

No. 813328

>white zinfandel
Imagine being salty that your pedo boyfriend's ex-wife is drinking wine after getting out of a toxic relationship.

No. 813329

File: 1558928337973.png (36.02 KB, 586x270, pewdholly.png)

No. 813330

the zinfandel shit is the funniest thing in the world to me, holly is wild. imagine seeing a grown woman drinking wine and trying to cancel her for it

No. 813331

Of course she’s such a nice person, I mean, what nice person would ever commit to such horrendous acts? UwU nice people don’t wear masks- no one wears masks! Manipulation? Gaslighting? Nah, down with the wicked witch for attacking our beloved UWU MENTAL HEALTH HOLLY!

No. 813334


Also, good job encouraging your school-aged fans to side with PedoJared, Pewds!

"I couldn't see him/her doing anything bad!" is also the kind of shit people say when a local serial killer is discovered.

No. 813337

put it in the youtube field, and learn how sage works

No. 813339

It's almost as if all these people demonizing Heidi for the things she said in a personal, private conversation with her husband have never had a blow up fight where they've said crazy things. its not like she posted publicly on the internet that she wanted to destroy Jared and Holly's poor D&D game. I think everyone is allowed some measure of insanity during a huge PRIVATE argument with their signifigant other.

No. 813340

Holly: Makes a Side Ho - Keemstar poster art therapy uwu I love trees
Also Holly: Wow. I can't believe Heidi is obsessed with the attention. Perez Hilton RTd you? THAT'S what you're all giddy about? Sickening.

No. 813341

Imagine being SO undeniably guilty and in the wrong that your best argument in your favour is… the bitch was drinking wine. lmao

No. 813342

I too like to drink when my life is falling apart.

How dare she. what a monster

No. 813344


…And not just any drink… Zinfandel! The ultimate demon-bitch elixir!

No. 813345

That reminds me, Holly's also beimg extremely hypocritical (surprise surprise) about Heidi drinking wine bc I've seen here actual do that same kind of shit when she used to do her cosplay streams on Twitch.

One particular moment I remember was when she was drinking and she trashed Marvel's choice on Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange. Paraphrasing here but I remember her saying stuff like 'he looks like a weird alien' and whining about the while thing before the movie even came out. Now I know that's not particularly milky or whatever, but Holly's current attitude just reminded me of that and how bitchy and whiny she always was.

No. 813346

tbh it doesn't actually sound like she's criticizing drinking alcohol, just trying to create this image of a smug vindictive bitch sipping her wine and watching the world burn once she ruined the lives of her uwu innocent cheating asshole husband and his nasty birb mistress. It's desperate emotional manipulation with zero substance to it.

No. 813347

File: 1558931571240.png (439.39 KB, 1724x1180, Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 10.01…)

i'm saging because this has been the general development over the last couple days, but if you go to the holly response megathread on r/projared and look at the comments sorted via "new", almost everything is like this. people are either straight up saying "i just feel bad for projared, i will forgive and support him" imagine hating an abused woman's narrative to the point that you'll knowingly cheer on a pedophile… (1/2)

No. 813349

File: 1558931735738.png (150.16 KB, 1720x716, Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 10.01…)

(2/2)… or it's people calling holly out for being trash, and being utterly downvoted/dragged with the negative responses being upvoted tons more. the subreddit's opinion suddenly shifted from "how could this worm looking bastard cheat on a real life elf with a goblin-looking bitch", to "heidi is a supreme cunt and projared+holly must be protected"
the shift in the general support has become palpable. it's actually frustrating me lmao

No. 813353


Kinda figured that too.

Give it up, Holly. Jared manipulated you & you fell for it hook, line, & sinker. He doesn't love you. He used you as a tool to work out his 'frustrations' on.

No. 813354

File: 1558932418016.png (92.87 KB, 1034x490, TinfoilTime.PNG)

saging because it's not really some update but a tinfoil theory. I have to agree with this redditor.

Jared probably never loved either of them, Holly probably thinks defending herself and Jared would give her a happily ever after when in reality he'll leave her like Heidi and screw one of Holly's friends.

No. 813359

File: 1558933887073.png (14.79 KB, 774x148, diath2.png)

Man, looking back on all this shit… it's almost predictable!

Wouldn't be surprised if it was part of his plan to 'peace-out' of the internet & leave Holly to deal with the shitstorm he created as well.

The very angsty sounding voice he makes in that clip is rather cringy too…

No. 813362

Holly is a complete wackjob and so is this woman. It's so obvious. How are people fooled by Holly's bullshit?

No. 813368

File: 1558936431142.png (56.61 KB, 578x480, syrmorsvideo.png)

Something to consider…

No. 813370


I think they thought Heidi would stay silent about it all with Jared’s original statement “all I want is Heidi’s health and happiness” bullshit and later announce their dnd nonsense as canon to their actual lives.

No. 813374


I still remember holly being peeved at how fem Shepard didn’t end up looking like holly in the end

No. 813376

I know im a normie, and i know sexuality comes in all shades, but the fuck… Claiming to be asexual and STILL flirting with anything's moving… If attention is that important to you you clearly have issues that no open marriage or side dick will ever fix

No. 813383

Maybe Holly did, but if Heidi is accurate Holly's also been moved to arm's length. Maybe that's why she's sperging just that little bit harder at Heidi, trying for whatever she can get of Jared's approval now.

No. 813388

It was actually sleeping with underaged fans at cons.

No. 813389

Tinfoil: Jared has privately distanced himself from Holly either at the advice of his lawyer or because he’s tired of her; Holly blames Heidi for this (for everything, really) and that’s why she’s gone into full personal attack mode.

No. 813390

he exchanged nudes with fans that he (ALLEGEDLY) didnt know were underage; the only fan that came forward with her story and slept with him twice at cons was 20-21 at the time, iirc.

still very scummy and i hope there's no "i didnt know they were 16 your honour!" defence lol

No. 813408

I'm sheltering under your tinfoil umbrella anon. It helps explain why Holly's gone so hard clutching at things like zinfandel. If she felt happy and secure about Jared I expect she'd concentrate on herself and her uwu recovery in her statements.

No. 813409

That actually isn't a defence. Writing "18 onlyl!" on his tumblr or snapchat is not sufficient to save him. He failed to do the needed checks, at minimum.

No. 813411

I almost feel bad for Holly, being genuinly in love with a guy who swore loved her back but ended up bailing on her too, and now she has these broken pieces she has to scramble together to make sens eof the whole situation.

Then i remember she threw under the bus two kids who came to her for help regarding having been groomed by jared when they were 16 cus her priority was still WormBoy and my sympathy dries up

No. 813412

I think Jirard is handsome in a bear way so he's my pick

No. 813413

Jesus, did nobody do any research before jumping to conclusions? The "restraining order" is just a standard part of divorce proceedings to prevent either party from fucking with the other's bank, insurance, housing, etc before the divorce is finalized. It would have taken 5 minutes tops to find that out.

No. 813414

>'he looks like a weird alien'
oh, how the turntables

No. 813419

Thankfully, in Washington law ignorance is not a defence for inappropriate conduct with minors. It's the adult's responsibility to verify that the person they're talking to is over the age of 18.

No. 813421

File: 1558949465087.png (122.34 KB, 601x563, Capture d’écran 2019-05-27 à…)

It's weird how many people assume Heidi was financially successful on her own when she was always very open about her cosplay career yielding no income and being completely dependant on Jared's monetary support. I guess people see 10K on youtube, 25K on instagram and 25k on twitter and assume that's enough to make money? But honestly without a patreon, 200k or 300k is the minimum you need to make minimum wage on any platform. People who aren't familiar with this kind of thing have the expectation that being "internet famous" is very lucrative but very few of the people they think are internet famous make anywhere near enough to make it their full-time job.

No. 813422


I am also here to fight for Asagao Academy’s dignity. Fuck you Jared, I loved that VN and you tarnished it. I’ll just have to hope Cara comes out with something new soon

No. 813423

File: 1558949643436.png (92.05 KB, 610x376, Capture d’écran 2019-05-27 à…)

the continuation of this thread, important to note that JARED NEVER TRIED TO LEAVE. He was likely just telling Holly that to keep her on his dick.

No. 813425

Agreed, I’m not surprised people on tumblr would see that Heidi is the victim in all this, and would get that at this point using your mental health as an excuse for fucking someone over is shitty

Also I’ve realized that a big reason why people are against Heidi is because they have no idea about how a poly relationship works. As far as I know, the two most important parts are communication and continual consent from your partner. I’ve heard it’s pretty common for people in poly relationships to go, “hey, I’m thinking of pursuing something with ____, is that okay with you?” Before proceeding, and the partner can decide if it’s okay or not. Jared both broke of those guidelines.

But twitter and YouTube seems to think that If YoU’Re PoLy YoU cAn FuCk EvErYOne!!!

No. 813427

>As far as I know, the two most important parts are communication and continual consent from your partner. I’ve heard it’s pretty common for people in poly relationships to go, “hey, I’m thinking of pursuing something with ____, is that okay with you?”

Yep, continual consent and communication is super important - as is informed consent. You need to have a respect for your partners' boundaries and keep them up to date on what's going on, honestly and completely.

This is what makes what Jared and Holly pulled on Heidi such a scummy move. They stomped boundaries, lied to Heidi, and violated her consent. (One reason that is a massive breach of trust is, for instance, the messy side of bumping uglies with someone beyond emoooshiuns - would you be okay with your partner fucking someone else against your wishes, when you can't be sure they're clean? Or that they're using proper protection thoroughly? Or not lying to you about any of that? Yeaaah.)

No. 813436

That's exactly why i cannot read heidi's text as proof her abuse. You can clearly read a woman trying very hard to please her husband and be accomodating and she receives back like 3-4 hours of complete silence.

No. 813443

Bear Jirard > Bean Jared
Also that one boy kneeling on the left isn't too ugly

No. 813444

OT but I find Paul from Continue? To be very attractive. This photo doesn’t do him justice, he’s third from the left on top.

No. 813455

Yiiiiikes, so freakin awkward. And does Holly dive off camera too?

No. 813463

every time i see anything about dice camera action i get so mad. these two sunk three other career efforts cause they couldn't keep it in their pants, and worse they made their friends cheer it on. nate has completely shut down, cancelled his tours and all his other dnd stuff, and anna prosser and chris had to go through dndlive with forced smiles cause it was their jobs but you could see how down and upset they were. sage for angry ranting.

No. 813465

I've never watched the show, but a have played D&D, so I'm sure they can recover. A good DM can always salvage what fuckwits try their best to ruin.

No. 813471

what? most d&d games aren't publicly performed theatrical events that rely on viewership. this is more like being a community theater director and your leading man and lady get in a public scandal the week before opening night.

No. 813481

Jared and Holly are 100% exploiting people's lack of understanding when it comes to poly relationship mechanics.

No. 813483

I knew it! Jared claiming he was the one who personally helped her with all that, when it was her who took advantage of their joint account to escape the situation.

No. 813487

>Holly: I tried to help (adult man with money and power) leave his aBuSive relationship
>Wife: He never tried to leave or even discussed splitting, while putting all the blame on me to "fix" the relationship

I hope Holly backtracks on her stance after realizing she's been played here.

No. 813501

god I know it's been said a million times but I feel so bad for Heidi. I cannot believe that no one's able to see Holly's hypocrisy and that they're all just believing her at face value, and attacking Heidi. it's really fucked. I bet the smug bitch is sitting at home covered in bird shit and sipping her own glass of white zinfandel.

No. 813510


Yeah, there's quite a bunch of galaxy-brains using the "Polyamory = Open Relationship = They can fuck literally anyone!" All while conveniently ignoring the fact that the 'other' person wasn't MARRIED like Holly was, thus requiring consent from their spouse in order to go forward with the relationship.

…And honestly, it's looking more & more like Jared & Holly just kinda bullshitted Heidi when she asked if Ross consented to their relationship. Makes sense, especially when you consider Heidi was 'under the impression' that Ross didn't like her, & they probably took advantage of that & would answer for him (Ross said before that he subconsciously goes for more controlling personalities in relationships >>808953 )

No. 813527


Unfortunately they'll just hop over to accusing her of being Gold-digger now, if they haven't already…

No. 813530

File: 1558976142765.jpg (46.78 KB, 750x511, D7WAh4uVUAA6lrL.jpg)

I took a look at jared's liked tweets, to see if hes come out of hiding yet, and saw this. What the actual fuck did Jared mean by this? Only a true delusional narcissist could possibly believe this to be meant in his favor.

No. 813540

File: 1558976790765.png (143.2 KB, 828x332, DCAcancelled-h.png)

Holly can say Heidi threatened to ruin DCA all she wants, but in the end, it was Holly & Jared that successfully ruined it.

No. 813544

It's crazymaking, plain and simple. Offers a view into their relationship dynamic, and if you've been a victim of it it's super easy to spot.

I imagine he would regularly drive her to the point of hysterics on purpose and then use the outburst that he engineered to prove to other people that she was abusive. Winding someone up for hours on end and then completely emotionally disengaging once you have an audience is a really effective way to make them look absolutely mental to outsiders. It looks like they become hysterical with barely any provocation whilst you're a calm and rational person. It undermines any legitimate points they have about the relationship because why would you believe someone crying and screaming and threatening?

my ex used to wake me up in the middle of the night and trap me in a room and harass me for hours and hours with accusations of cheating, etc and when I finally snapped and tried to physically push past him, he'd use that as "proof" that I was abusive to manipulate me. As soon as there was an audience he'd go completely deadpan and act as if I'd started acting like that for no reason. If you've never experienced it it's super easy to say,
>oh yeah I'd be the better person I'd never fall for something like that.
But it's akin to saying you could withstand interrogation techniques that border on torture.

honestly it's really fucking upsetting seeing how many people will act as an abusers accomplice because it makes them look ~logical and impartial~

No. 813549

Im sorry you had to deal with such a piece of shit, anon

No. 813566

File: 1558978584108.gif (1.24 MB, 300x169, efe.gif)


The cringe is so real.
Jared looks so wormy…

No. 813587

Anybody else getting Jaclyn Glenn + Social Repose flashbacks?

No. 813608

yes! thank your for pointing it out, I've been thinking about what this reminded me of

No. 813609

I'm sorry about your abuse, anon.

It reminds me of that video Onion took of Sh, where she was bald and crying and begging, but he was cold and distant. It was clear he pushed her to that state (at least somewhat. Sh may not be the most stable girl but it was pretty clearly his fault this time by the way he was subtly antagonizing her.)
He thought everyone would be on his side and go "Wow bitch is crazy" but actually seeing it and hearing her pleas, most people knew otherwise.

Reading texts is less involved than seeing someone in video who was pushed to that point, so it strikes less of a chord with people. They just see a crazy bitch.
I feel so bad for Heidi.

No. 813611


Oh fuck, I remember that video. She was also threatening to ruin his career (sound familiar?)

I remember him 'calmly' talking to the police when they arrived, then just kinda sitting back & letting them deal with her…

No. 813613

EXACTLY what Jared's messages reminded me of. the "guise I'm so calm LOOK AT HOW CRAZY SHE IS!!" schtick is a huge sign of emotional abuse.

No. 813615

tbh the cringe is not because of the aftermath but because of the ACTING prowress of J man. Chew that scenery, mate. om nom nom

No. 813619


…And that angsty voice he puts on for the scene lmao

He's such a 'tormented soul' you guys! How can you not swoon from such a sexy, emotionally intense voice???

No. 813621

i think my pussy just closed up in protest of having witnessed something so unattractive

No. 813622

Jared definitely has the amused, but soulless expression that goes in line with winding up and manipulating someone all day long and then standing back and pointing when that person finally reacts (because unlike them, you have emotions)

No. 813624


…How tf did Holly, a 33-year-old woman, fall for… this?

No. 813629

File: 1558986411833.jpg (618.35 KB, 1010x1500, aviophilia.jpg)


next best thing to the vulture of her dreams?

is.. is being a furry but for birds a thing? (probably)

No. 813633

we should call them beakies

No. 813637


Fuck but her tats look tacky. Hrrrgh.

No. 813638

Thanks anon, it took a long time but I'm ok now. and equipped to see abuse when it's happening to other people.

Thank you.

lol I was actually gonna mention onision in my post but thought it was already a bit long. Glad someone else has made the connection, and you're totally right
>Reading texts is less involved than seeing someone in video who was pushed to that point, so it strikes less of a chord with people. They just see a crazy bitch.
They also don't allow you to see the full timescale it happened over, because you read the texts seconds after one another it just looks like escalation with no provocation over a short period instead of seeing her being ignored for hours between each text. The threats to ruin his business don't read to me like someone spiteful, they read like someone absolutely desperate for any form of communication or acknowledgement, they were 100% empty and he likely knew it.

No. 813640

File: 1558987185680.png (151.52 KB, 716x446, ProjaredBingo.png)

>"special thanks to @atelierheidi for helping me make this!"

Oh god, if only she knew back then…

No. 813642

How do we know they haven't been seeing each other in the midst of this all? I probably missed something, but I’ve seen a lot of this being said and I’ve wondered if that’s true at all?

I wouldn't bet on a secret, thrillationship to survive on even regular circumstances and I’m sure Holly is used to “We can be together soon just you and me” type reality so I could see the end being dragged out by how public it all is. I feel like their relationship could also be more intimate in a “cybersex” role-playing way, and if either of them feel guilt or empathy their real life will lose that sparkle. They both seem happy with escapism.

I feel like Holly’s desperation to continue their “polyamory” was founded on this lack of worth feeling she had next to Ross. In GG world she was “wife” or “mom” but in DCA she was sexy witch~ and I’m sure for the first time she felt validated as an individual. I dont think good of any of them (save for Ross, which seems to be unanimous because at this point he seems like he genuinely wants to move on and if anything i’m worried about his mental health most in this situation because it genuinely comes across that he had:could realistically consider ending his life) but the puzzle pieces are there.

The only person I can’t find a scrap of redemption or excuse for is Jared, despite everyone making their own choices as adults (especially Holly, who I consider the most emotionally manipulative because she hasn’t just done that with J, H, and R-but also the entire internet) he has no “excuse” he was a perverted Narc who was having his cake and eating it too. Gross.

No. 813646


From what I remember, Jared said in >>808879
that he went to some kind of 'Mental Health Retreat'

Heidi said he's currently 'out of state' so I'm assuming both her & Holly are both still in Seattle, WA.

Who knows when Jared will return…

No. 813657

File: 1558990097039.png (77.85 KB, 576x252, SaltyPedoJaredStan1.png)

lmao Stay salty PedoJared fans!

No. 813678

People posting caps of people harrassing Heidi, I hope you're reporting them as well. Whenever I get to the "select bad tweets" section it usually shows they've got their grubby fingers in multiple rule-breaking pies, so the reports might actually work.

No. 813683

>"Heidi lying to profit off her abuse of ProJared"
Excuse me WHAT? Since when did she start getting payed? Yeah she gained followers but Twitter doesn't pay you for such a gain like YouTube does. She's not making videos or gaining customers to a business. She's not like Tati during the whole "James Charles is a preditor" shit.

No. 813688

She said it herself, she had everything to gain by staying with him and relying on his income to pay for her cosplay.

No. 813698


Don't worry, I report each one immediately after taking a snapshot.


Yep. She'd be rolling in dough if she kept quiet, now here we are, & people STILL have the gall to accuse her of being a Gold-Digger & trying to 'profit off her abuse of Jared'.

No. 813700

People think that getting likes, RT's and some twitter followers instantly means you get thousands of dollars.

No. 813703


…Also, Heidi hasn't even uploaded on Youtube since 9 months ago, so Holly's point about Heidi gaining views/followers is pretty moot.

No. 813704

This is the ugliest meme I have ever seen

No. 813711

File: 1558995444922.png (35.93 KB, 510x470, HeidisYTComments1.png)


No. 813721

File: 1558996188913.png (42.97 KB, 582x448, SaviorComplex.png)

No. 813732

Tinfoiling/armchairing a bit here, but I don't see Jared and Holly having a future. He's gonna resent her and blame her for his tanking public image and career death, and she's gonna be shunted to the sidelines and iced to craziness just like Heidi was now that she's not illicit and exciting like she was as a side piece.

No. 813733

File: 1558996649140.png (125.22 KB, 680x337, doubt.png)

Lol, what did she fix about Ross? Are you using a code word for neuter? He's better off now without her.

No. 813739


She might've thought she 'fixed' him somehow, who knows?


>He's gonna resent her and blame her for his tanking public image and career death

Sounds plausible. He seems like the kind of guy that's overly concerned with his public image. Especially when he announced the divorce -
"It is my hope that we both exit this marriage with style and grace."

Oops, lol

No. 813741


Well Jared pretty much has no future career as a YTer as I don’t see him recovering from this like say jontron has

Holly I’m not too sure as people seem to buy into her whole “mental health! Teehee!” persona

No. 813745


NTA, but Holly has a classic saviour complex as a huge part of her self-image. What with the pigeon rescuing and uwu condescending mental health advocacy uwu. It isn't that farfetched she'd think she was somehow ~ healing Jared with her love ~

No. 813746


And 'saving' him from an 'abusive' relationship ~uwu

No. 813759


Actually in the state of Washington the legal age is 16, but since it most likely crossed state boarders it falls under federal jurisdiction so the age would have to be 18 for it to be legal. The fact that none of these fucks didn’t go to the fbi in the first place is truly astounding.

No. 813762

File: 1559000344140.png (81.18 KB, 592x586, HeidisFriend1.png)

I don't think anyone has posted this yet, but here's another one of Heidi's irl friends adding their account on things…

No. 813763

File: 1559000386814.png (71.32 KB, 582x592, HeidisFriend2.png)

No. 813766

File: 1559000512151.png (76.31 KB, 578x562, HeidisFriend3.png)

No. 813769

good post. thanks for sharing it

No. 813776

Pretty sure this was posted when everything was first going down two threads ago

No. 813783

File: 1559003389268.png (68.15 KB, 532x480, JaredsFriends1.png)

>"ProJared’s friends witnessed Heidi’s abuse."

I wonder if Holly was depending on someone like PBG to back her up after she stated this?

Also, Jared's underage victims contacted Normal Boots & presented them with enough evidence to get Jared kicked out, so idk why people keep asking for evidence unless if they actually want fucking child porn to be posted openly on Social Media.

No. 813785

File: 1559003569192.png (47.42 KB, 522x438, armchairpsych1.png)

>"Bipolar schizophrenia"

…I can't even…

No. 813788

Can Holly please stop being dense for two seconds or stop believing whatever lies she's been fed by ProlapsedJared? If any of his friends have witnessed this, you'd think they wouldn't unfollow him and speak up for him but no. They're all gone.

No. 813791

File: 1559004913768.png (17.16 KB, 526x154, NBfiring.png)

Seriously, so many people missed the most important part of this 'scandal'

No. 813797

File: 1559006117823.jpg (49.1 KB, 500x625, 60032762_2225159510903765_7144…)

Found this on Instagram

No. 813800

>my ex used to wake me up in the middle of the night and trap me in a room and harass me for hours and hours with accusations of cheating, etc and when I finally snapped and tried to physically push past him, he'd use that as "proof" that I was abusive to manipulate me. As soon as there was an audience he'd go completely deadpan and act as if I'd started acting like that for no reason. If you've never experienced it it's super easy to say,
>oh yeah I'd be the better person I'd never fall for something like that.
But it's akin to saying you could withstand interrogation techniques that border on torture.

dude, i'm so sorry! And yes, that is grade A tormenting /abusive tactics. Hounding someone in the middle of the night with empty accusations would make them snap, especially corning them. I have no doubt Jared ignored Heidi for long periods of time until she finally lost it. Reading the txts from >>812953
proves to me that she tried really hard to please both Jared and Holly, even though she was emotionally abused.

No. 813808

First off, Jared made EVERYTHING public, but not before blocking his own wife from twitter. Do they keep forgetting that? did they expect Heidi to smile and keep quiet after all those lies were spread? this is such sexist garbage. Heidi did nothing wrong.

No. 813809


>she tried really hard to please both Jared and Holly

…And this is how they repaid her.

No. 813819

>"You were sleeping with someone else."
Oh so you actually don't know anything about the situation? Good thing I can stop reading here.

No. 813822

File: 1559010223415.png (54.41 KB, 804x490, letsgetHeidi.png)

>"we need to make it real, oooo, like a page on twitter dedicated to gathering evidence against heidi, and stuff that will save jared"

This person's creepy af

No. 813823

These niggas out there really trying to make a Savejared hashtag when there is tons of evidence pointing to him being the cheater, manipulator and all out piece of garbage. holyshit, scrots ARE IDIOTS

No. 813825

File: 1559010518810.png (23.31 KB, 782x188, jashua armstrong 1.png)


>" i dont expect anyone to understand, but there's more to the situation than people know, or see."

No. 813827

>"one day, people will see and understand"
Dude sounding like Kojima defending his bad character design over here.
See and understand what, that Jared didn't actually mean to be a pedo?

No. 813832

Jfc people should respond with #pedoenabler or something along those lines. They are supporting one, on top of excusing an abusive cheating narc. What trash.

No. 813838

File: 1559013865452.jpg (13.88 KB, 133x126, 1351014505868.jpg)

>Heidi makes a bunch of claims with literally zero evidence presented
>everyone instantly believes her

>Heidi's friends say that there is more to this than people know, also provide no evidence

>everyone uses this as further proof that Heidi is completely innocent

>Holly makes several claims with actual screenshots of text messages show heidi's ridiculous outbursts

>this whole thing is holly's fault, heidi's behavior is perfectly reasonable!

>holly's friends come out to support her saying that they know more about the story

>WheRe's tHe PRooF?

Sure, perfectly reasonable.

No. 813840

Heidi has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. What are the traits of NPD?

One is ENTITLEMENT, e.g. feeling entitled to HAVE A HOBBY INSTEAD OF A JOB. If you watch her YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsaZoWz5W1g&t=356s
She says "Cosplay in and of itself is not a viable way to make any money… [paraphrasing: some cosplayers have Patreons or sell prints, but I don't because I want my art to be free]… the only way that I'm able to keep doing this is because I am married to a professional YouTuber who is able to pay the bills with his channel. I'm very lucky and privileged to have the support that I have." Do YOU have a normal job? I'm female, btw, with a working husband, and I fucking do. Can you even imagine a world in which you could make hundreds or thousands of dollars with the 20 clicks it takes to make a Patreon, but you CHOSE not to because someone else was paying your bills? Oh, and since society deserves your fucking cosplay "art" to be 100% FREE?!

Heidi NEVER seriously tried to make money until Jared dumped her and Heidi realized that she was gonna need an influx of cash… hence her online store, which opened in December. This is not a coincidence - he dumped her repeatedly, starting in October, and she started fucking scrambling. Now that Jared isn't around to "encourage" her to be financially dependent… watch her shit. Will she woman up and work or will she "EBEG" - each month more pitifully than the last? IMO, she thinks she is above working and I promise you it'll only going to get worse until she finds another mark.

Another NPD characteristic is LYING. Lying about how you bought your own car on the $0 you make, and signing your own lease on $0 salary with 0 references. Lying by omission about how you're in a poly relationship. Lying about who filed the divorce - that shit is public record and it was Jared. Lying about not having a boyfriend the whole time for almost 2 years.

Intense ENVY, like the envy someone with NPD might feel at the FICTIONAL romance between their husband and a mutual friend. Such envy that could compel someone to threaten a business connection with Wizards of the Coast - essentially their own shared livelihood - because they couldn't handle #striath FAN ART. Unfortunately for Heidi, she set her own divorce in motion when she thought it was a good idea for Jared to confess his feelings for Holly. There goes the gravy train. And since she couldn't have it, that vengeful Narc tried to derail the fucker.

This isn't the best forum for this argument, but honestly, what better hobby for a Narcissist, the empty mask, than cosplay. How many hours did she stream editing beguiling photos of herself. Crafting an ever-changing tapestry of bullshit, stepping into the skin of every red-headed character she never actually gave a shit about. Look it up, she only cosplayed characters based on how they looked, not on anything about the characters themselves. She's a true fan of no one and nothing but Heidi.

Long time lurker, I don't know wtf it means to sage. This seemed like the bitchiest place on the internet to bitch.(don't armchair)

No. 813841

File: 1559014415152.png (29.42 KB, 520x242, Karl1.png)

"I told Heidi she was bad right to her face, am I cool guys???"

No. 813845

It’ll be fun when Holly unleashes hell after she finds out Jared doesn’t want her. Cluster B clusterfucks like Holly are so black-or-white, all-or-nothing, that once she turns against him, she will nuke him from orbit with an avalanche of receipts, all while disavowing her own rotten behavior with, “Evil Jared manipulated and coerced me into doing all those things! I was abused! Etc. etc.”

No. 813847


Yeah, right now she may not know it, but she's being a textbook-example of 'the other woman' right now
(e.g. "He was SO unhappy! I had to SAVE him from that evil, controlling, harpy bitch of a wife!!!" )

But alas, cheaters cheat, & he will move on from her to 'the next best thing' & he will most likely do it behind her back too.

No. 813850

If he's as manipulative as Heidi says, he'll know better than to dump Holly yet. He'll have to lick her boots for "saving him" from Heidi for awhile first.

Wouldn't surprise me if he encouraged Holly to speak up and defend herself to redirect attention away from him and his behavior. And it's working. The women get pitted against each other while he just stands aside and pretends he has no accountability for this.

No. 813851


Fuck off Dr.Phil

No. 813852

can you fuck off with your armchairing?
>i don't know wtf it means to sage

jared might just keep her around longer to fight his battles for him. it HAS worked out for him so far, somehow. mostly i think it has to do with holly's dedicated fan base who are so absolutely blind to her venomous screeching that they'll eat up anything she serves. i mean, i'm really not seeing eye to eye with the other anons who think holly is somehow wronged by jared as well. i don't think she was manipulated, she knew exactly what was doing and willingly participated with jared in the destruction of two marriages. now she's willingly participating in this smear campaign. she's giving me the vibe of "i've got nothing to lose anymore", seeing how hard she went.

No. 813853

>everyone instantly believes her
You must be new, Jared's friends and Holly's friends were 100% ready to denounce her.
People were iffy about the situation until Jared's nudes were leaked and it came out that Jared may have solicited nudes from 15-16 year olds.

>Heidi makes a bunch of claims with literally zero evidence presented

You're forgetting that Heidi is going through a divorce and may have to show any proof through court.

If you're going to be here, at least lurk before you post.

No. 813855


Yep. Jared will eventually get bored of her & find himself a new side-piece to reignite a new 'thrilling adventure' with.

No. 813856

it will absolutely kill me (and holly) if it's found that he fled the state to hide out AT a different side piece's place lmfao
jared pls deliver

No. 813858


I mean, I've known & heard about many cheaters who have another 'flame' on the back burner.

Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up changing his identity or something crazy like that…

No. 813859

"Holly, Heidi just made things too hard for us, we can never be together". Holly goes off to reeeee at Heidi on twitter again.

No. 813860


…And Twitter will be like, "Bitch your ass dumped Ross for a damn earthworm, fuck off."

No. 813862


Seriously though why did so many people wanna fuck that Sam the Toucan lookin motherfucker?

No. 813863

that, plus we already know jared is a personification of a womanizer.
it's shitty of me to root for another woman getting cheated on (technically?) but the milk will be unparalleled, holly is going to implode kek

No. 813864


Apparently he's… charismatic?

No. 813866

sorry for samefag, but i forgot to mention that i also really, really hope the clearly-not-holly's friend-anons in this thread carry this possibility back to her and she starts losing her remaining hair

No. 813867


For all we know, he could be chilling with "Ms. Plan-C" right now, securing his spot just in case he decides not to come back to Seattle…

No. 813869

Have we forgotten that Heidi found out that Jared was still sleeping with fans because of the texts between HOLLY AND JARED. Holly knows. She knows he randomly fucks anything and she still thinks she's some savior or something special to him. She's beyond saving and beyond pathetic.

No. 813870


Oh damn, I mean, he might've lied to her about it as well, but holy shit dude.
Gonna be honest, I forgot that Holly isn't the ONLY one.

No. 813871

>>813869 You forgot to mention that when contacted by Jared's victims about his abuse, she outed them to him.

No. 813873

a willing participant. i don't see any victim of manipulation here, just a vile woman with two starkly, horribly different faces.

No. 813875


That's… fucking horrifying.
She just tossed them right over to him. All for him to pull another PR move so she can turn around & say "See? He apologized to them, so no harm done!"

Heidi was starting to 'wake up' to his bullshit, so he needs a replacement, one who's a bit more… diabolical.

No. 813880

So then hypothetically speaking, how would he get rid of her without her turning feral? Pass her off to another uwu abused boy that needs saving in his stead?

No. 813881


…Probably just ghost her like he did with his wife.

No. 813882

Which blew up in his face.

No. 813883

Holly's dug in really deep though, and in reality, SHE's the one with the knowledge of all the fan stuff, including the underage allegations. Not a good look for a comeback.

No. 813884


Yeah, but now that the initial shock is over, who's to say he won't pull it off a second time?

No. 813887

File: 1559023414985.jpeg (245.75 KB, 1242x1313, 8270DFF1-F60B-4D4C-8507-4A3A46…)

He may dump holly sooner than later seeing as she is getting way more negative attention compared to Heidi. I can’t find any negative responses to heidi’s cosplay tweets, while Holly’s bird shit still gets stuff like this

No. 813889

First of, i find hilarious how we're all ignoring Holly's wk over there. I prepared a detailed answer but then, who gives a shit. Kindly fuck off, anon, you're choosing not to comprehend the facts you have no place here. And im one of those who doesnt believe Heidi is an innocent woman scorned, but she is 100% the victim in this mess.

Wait, i thought Ho and J text proved they were sleeping with each other, not that j was sleeping with fans? Oh my god i want more of detailed recollection and receipts like Uno Girl's…….

No. 813892

there's just no point feeding the ban evader I guess

No. 813893

File: 1559025243325.jpg (422.44 KB, 722x706, 075679984289.jpg)

I know it's too soon for another thread pic, but here you go

No. 813894

Sage for theorizing. So, lets say that we take Jared at his word and assume that he has, at the very least, actually been seeing therapists etc. for his issues. Lets say that his continued attendance of these therapy sessions is what makes Holly convinced that she's doing the right thing. In her mind, it'd be worth it to ignore the mistakes and disgusting behavior of his past, if all of this is in service of actually "saving" him from both himself and the supposed abuse of Heidi. Through this, Holly gets to keep the delusion of being a mental health advocate while ignoring her own hypocrisy completely, and Jared gets a relatively safe landing spot in her arms and the arms of her die-hard fans as long as he can keep up the act of trying to be better. Together, they could effectively circumvent any real consequences for their actions by dismissing all the negative behavior as being "in the past" and that "things have changed now", with the only real chance of punishment being the alleged solicitation of nudes from minors.

Remember, it doesn't matter what you did wrong, as long as you never acknowledge it or apologize but simultaneously never let it be discovered publicly again.

No. 813895

File: 1559027382602.png (95.41 KB, 625x759, f90c1fe023c56784e67fd4b0928b80…)

No. 813896

File: 1559027466215.png (363.06 KB, 1200x1254, Screenshot 2019-05-28 at 12.41…)

this bitch can't even keep the years straight

also she's going straight for the "i hate myself so you can't" route jesus christ

No. 813897

What the actual fuck. Is this real?

Holy fuck, it's real. What the actual FUCK is this babbling. Has she lost it???

No. 813898

i'll bet my left kidney she's going to return in a week OR some 'friend' of hers will chime in about her being hospitalized for a sudoku attempt

No. 813899


guess she got tired of the trees

No. 813900

>October of 20(18)
>I had already ended my previous relationship and so had he

uh what

No. 813901


Really have to wonder if she's trying to set up some "uwu I'm having an episode from all the stress look how crazed I am guys" foundation for later

No. 813902

Dead at us getting a mention, fucking kek.

Cows are always comforting themselves by saying we're all hateful and unhappy when we just follow whatever random drama entertains us and makes us feel strongly about something. In this case, we feel strongly against pedos and cheaters but I can't say I'm unhappy about that.

No. 813904


Whoa we got a first mention

We moving up in the world and it’s nice to know there’s a confirm she reads this

No. 813907

Except he's already iced her out, apparently.

No. 813909

>I might even go to Area 51

Leaving one disappointment for another?

No. 813910

What B.S. is this? As someone who has long suffered from self hatred and loathing, she would only be feeling this way if she believed she did something wrong. Which goes against everything she has been saying up to this point

No. 813911

Wasn't one of her claims when she first came back that she had never slept with him at all?

No. 813912

she’s on the prowl for more alien peen

No. 813913

Her Mental Health Monday fans would buy that, and Jared's incel followers will side with him regardless. Everyone else will still be done with them, which I'll take a partial win.

The actual win will be when it turns out the therapy sessions were just him fucking another side ho.

No. 813914

i want it to be clearly obvious that this is the same tactic she used on heidi over here >>809947
>yes you're absolutely right
>yes i was totally in the wrong
>i fully agree with your opinion of me

anon you're killing me here lmfao

No. 813915

is this some weird attempt to suicide bait?

No. 813916

Yeah doesn't seem like Heidi knew about her relationship being ended by then, HMMM……

No. 813917

you are right >>809742
although there is a weak-ish explanation for her saying that as "i meant i hadn't slept with him until the point that his wife explicitly asked me to butt out of their marriage. it was only THEN, realizing that i had her complete and vocal disapproval, that i proceeded to fuck her husband"

No. 813925

Places you can whiteknight me: lolcow, reddit

No. 813927


LOL my thoughts exactly. Holly really, really does not seem to have enough self-awareness to grasp just how transparent she is.

uwu I'm just such a victim in this scenario where I fucked my purported friend's husband behind her back and then lied and lied and lied about it and then blamed her for the whole thing uwu

uwu muh mental health can't take accountability or basic cause-effect reaction uwu

No. 813928

>I'm trash, go ahead and attack me
>btw I'm anxious so if you do attack me you are going after a victim, and also if you attack me you are miserable

The sheer insincerity of it, my god. I was never on her side but her reactions have turned me into a real hater tbh.

No. 813929


Ah, this sort of thing takes me back to high school, like when someone in a friendship did something shitty embarrassing that a 33 year old woman is resorting to dramatic, manipulative 15 year old shit.

Looks like she’s realised that the majority of people aren’t buying her story and the only people on her and Jared’s side are their less intelligent stans and incels.

Instead of pretending to have a mental breakdown

No. 813931

Argh, obviously this posted before I’d finished writing it. Apologies.

No. 813932

you can delete messages within 30 mins of posting

No. 813933

why did she never go when she lived in LA if she always wanted to so badly lmao? i wonder if jared will be joining her

there’s so much to unpack here. “you don’t know me!” but on the first day this all happened “you guys know me!” the “uwu i’m trash i deserve it” guilt trip

i cannot believe people think heidi is some abusive mastermind when we’ve got holly doing this nonsense right out in the open

No. 813935

File: 1559032089224.png (246.51 KB, 1080x1091, Screenshot_20190528-032718(1).…)

What is she trying to say here? What? You don't have to have sex with someone to cheat, retard.

No. 813936

I cant believe shes back to talking about this openly and has not once ever apologized for anything. Its just woe is me I'm a trash human, but no fucking apology or actual acknowledgement of wrongdoing.

Like fuck, you're reading this right now Holly and you pretend you dont know why everyone is sooo mean to you. It's because you're a fucking hypocrite, and the worst kind too, because you love to see yourself as some sorta 'mental health advocate' but at the same time turned away young fans that Jared abused. Fans who used up all their courage to contact you about their abuse, confided in you because you claim to care about their mental health and also gaslighting someone you considered a friend and attempted to emotionally manipulate her just so she wouldn't find out about your shitty affair. Then you try to rationalize it all but saying NO , SHE was the abuser. Because that just makes everything right about your whole fake narrative you've created. It wasnt an affair, I was saving him, I'm still a mental health advocate, I'm still a good person I swear I swear.
It's the worst type of hypocrisy because it's about shit that actually matters. Everything you ever said before is mute now because of your actual actions. You can retweet as many suicide hotline numbers as you want, but until you actually own up to your actions and call out Jared for the pedophiles abusive dickhead that he is, hopefully you can keep that fake persona long enough for you to be able to convince yourself you're actually happy

Sageing cause it adds nothing

No. 813937

>late october of 2019
…Is she saying they've not had sex yet but is planning to in October?

No. 813938

Nice shoutout and all, but what kind of mental health guru goes and actively seeks out gossip sites/anywhere where people are hating on her that she could EASILY avoid. (Other than the obvious sympathy points, trying to direct people to these places to defend her)And then complains about it. Anyone with half a brain will see her going to these sites as her as her own fault.
Why would anyone saturate themselves with that if theyre so uwu fragile.

No. 813939

File: 1559033038489.gif (2.99 MB, 480x270, FCF5A04D-ABC1-4533-89A1-4DEF3D…)


The ”you don't know me” reply is so fucking funny after her ”you guys know me” statement

If Hollyward actually made it anywhere near a therapist maybe they'd diagnose her with shame instead of letting herself be so caught up in her self-dx labels she forgets that the panic she's feeling is because she did a Bad Thing and was left to freefall as Jared went off on a side pussy retreat

>Tell me I'm trash

Nobody needs to tell her shit because she logs off Twitter and comes here, any attention is still attention after all and she needs it now more than ever because the dude her got into this mess peaced tf out!

God I almost prefer the MPDG persona more than the self-flagellation
Wish taking Xanny cured Dumb Bitch Disease, how’s she acting like this in her 30s? Few more years and she’s gonna be ripe for a mid-life crisis and she’s not going to have any dramatics saved for it

No. 813940

Yup, more and more it seems that Miss Mental Health is just craving attention and asspats - maybe she's not getting any from Jared and she needs to feel speshul somehow?

It's kind of compulsive, really. Holly has to know she's not doing herself any favors and is just digging herself deeper. But nope, can't help herself. Narcs gonna narc, I guess.

No. 813941

Samefag, but inb4 she self dx's as OCD or something that makes her compulsively look at gossip sites

No. 813942

It's 16 for sex, but it's still 18 for sexual pictures. Yeah, it's weird, he could have had sex with them and it would have been legal but pictures are still child porn. Plus Chai and Charlie are 16 now, but when it happened at least one of them was 15.

No. 813943

Yeah, this was posted when it first happened but it's good to keep in mind it's not just Heidi's word against Jared's.

No. 813944

File: 1559033632486.jpeg (207.7 KB, 750x588, 350E68A3-EDDA-4890-9328-362859…)

I don’t understand how people here are confused that there are idiots that support Holly… decided to just look at one account that keeps popping up to WK her and … who puts “survivor of child grooming” in their fucking Twitter bio and then go on talking about how you’re into DnD in the same paragraph.

No. 813946

spoken like a true expert who read 10% of the wikipedia articles for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia

No. 813947


Especially hilarious since "bipolar" isn't much of a diagnosis these days and schizophrenics are fucking rare. Not that reality and these fuckwits have much in common to begin with, but…

No. 813948

It wasn't a year, it was about two months ago now, but the point still stands

No. 813949

yes, Hidi wants to benfet herself. The "nudes incident" is not important, who hasn't sent dick pics to minors and asked for nudes back once or twice?

No. 813950

File: 1559034053322.gif (312.58 KB, 500x284, 0B0477FF-05B6-4D47-9554-B32B9B…)

This is the type of shit stalkers say about the people they become obsessed with but don’t like, the words on paper diagnosis for NPD is so broad it could fit almost anyone with active social media.
Most people wouldn’t be able to tell a Narc until the discard
If a doctor can’t diagnose someone with a PD without lengthy assessments maybe you’d consider yourself unqualified instead of going off to cherrypick a person’s behaviour to match it with some shit you read because NPD is the scariest~ thing you can come up with

This too, I wouldn’t be surprised if OCD was the next veil she throws on herself

>I can’t stop checking things to read the negative reviews, that means I’m Oh See Dee right?

People really latch on to the word obsessive in the title of OCD to explain away their fixations

No. 813951

>actual screenshots of text messages show heidi's ridiculous outbursts
Yeah, how dare she get upset when her husband's side ho is trying to get him to divorce his wife and get with her, and her husband is ignoring all her attempts to contact him after hours and hours. Completely ridiculous.

No. 813952


bUt WiMmIn R sO iRrAtIoNaL aNd ShE's S a CrAzY bItCh

That's really all their "arguments" and gaslighting and blame-shifting boils down to. They're desperate to discredit her and make as much noise as possible so that people forget about Jared's kiddie diddling and Holly's complicity in outing his victims to him.

No. 813954

>feeling entitled to HAVE A HOBBY INSTEAD OF A JOB
She has said multiple times that Jared encouraged her to pursue her passions and rely on him financially, and she has said it for at least a couple years before this all broke out
>you could make hundreds or thousands of dollars with the 20 clicks it takes to make a Patreon
You clearly have no idea how hard it is to be successful on Patreon. Sure, you could make good money selling lewds, but Heidi has always been focused on craftsmanship, and has done maybe one or two sexy cosplays total. For a Patreon to contribute to the bills in any significant way, she would have had to completely shift focus, either towards lewds or towards video creation, neither of which were what she was interested in. She did get a few donations and subscriptions on Twitch though. Again, JARED encouraged her to do things the way she did, rather than try to shift focus towards something more lucrative.
>he dumped her repeatedly, starting in October
Jared never tried to leave.
>Lying about how you bought your own car on the $0 you make
They're married. It's her money just as much as it is his.
>Lying about not having a boyfriend the whole time for almost 2 years
There's no evidence of her having any relationship with Jeremy or anyone else outside of the span of time where Jared and her had agreed on being open. She said herself she broke up with him when she realized being poly wasn't right for her, and nothing indicates she was lying about that.
>FICTIONAL romance between their husband and a mutual friend
It was not fictional since they were actually fucking.

No. 813956

But he's not married to Holly, nor technically dating her. She could drum up some sympathy from her WKs if he dumped her, but it wouldn't create a scandal, she was the side piece and she knew it so nobody other than her closest allies would view it as a shitty move on his part. Plus he's a known cheater, what else is new?

No. 813959

If he's truly an abuser, which I completely believe, therapy might actually be making him worse. Lundy Bancroft says so in "Why Does He Do That", therapy in most cases doesn't make abusers less abusive, quite the opposite. The thing you have to understand about that is that abusers have no problems getting in touch with their feelings, in fact they are very much in touch with their feelings. What they lack is the empathy and/or sympathy for the person they inflict their feelings on.

When an abuser "loses it" on their victim, 99% of the time, they are perfectly in control. That's why they'll punch walls to intimidate their victims, but not the victims themselves, or they'll break stuff but never their own stuff. They'll say "I punched the wall but not x, I would never hurt x" and whether they realize it or not, it means they were in control, if they weren't in control that would not have stopped them. They're in control of their emotions, and they choose to express them in ways that actively hurt their victims.

Instead, what they gain in therapy is language and concepts to excuse their abuse and turn it on the victim. They use diagnoses to convince the victim that they're the one blaming their abuser for symptoms of their mental illnesses, things like that. I can't word it as well as Bancroft so I recommend reading his book, the pdf is available online for free and it's a very interesting and enlightening read. He's an expert in the psychology of abusers and he's behind a lot of abuser reeducation programs that show much better results than regular therapy in such cases.

No. 813961

I think Jared was telling her he was trying to leave Heidi to keep Holly riding his dick while he was doing no such thing. It was part of the little narrative he was serving to his friends to make Heidi the abuser and himself the poor poor victim, all while making sure to keep Heidi isolated from his friends so she couldn't poke holes in his story.

No. 813963

She's continuing her streak of saying one thing then contradicting herself immediately. The cognitive dissonance is at absurd levels.

No. 813964

this is incredibly interesting and also reminds me of the discussion sparked (I think) by Daniel Goleman's book on emotional intelligence - some people claim that the rise of such literature is actually a very dangerous phenomenon as it provides sociopaths and manipulators with a tool to control and harm their victims more efficiently. Sorry for being OT

No. 813966

Lol this bitch doesn't realize that Jared's relationship isn't "over" until he files for divorce which apparently didn't happen until Heidi told him she was done watching him stall her.

No. 813977

Np for ot, just remember to sage

No. 813979

It's so typical. Cheating husband tells his mistress that his marriage is loveless and practically over already, except for his wife being a vindictive bitch who won't let him make a clean break. Meanwhile he’s made zero attempt to leave his marriage and tells his wife they’re fine and can work on things. Whenever his wife suspects something he calls her crazy, paranoid and controlling, and he makes sure to discredit and isolate her from his entire social circle so nobody can compare notes and figure out what’s really going on. This is Cheating Husband 101. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were manuals out there somewhere because it’s the exact same pattern every time.

It’s really depressing that this shit not only works well enough to fool countless online strangers into siding with the husband and attacking the wife, but even helps to obfuscate the fact that he was soliciting nudes from underage girls during the whole thing. The initial backlash he got for that is being buried by people buying into his “poor neglected husband was forced to seek love elsewhere” narrative. No wonder men keep using this tactic when it works so well.

No. 813981

She's really freaking out about the talk of Jared abandoning her, huh?

No. 813985

She said in her own tweet they hadn't slept together until February this year???? In the one she calls out Heidi in??? This bitch needs to stop defending Jared.

No. 813986

She better settle in to the idea because the chances that he's with woman "C" right now are very good.

No. 813987

this is what i thought too. especially on seeing her retarded admission of reading lolcow. there's really only two possibilities here, one that she's legit freaked by the jared ship-jumping talk, and two that she's building up to bait hospitalization/even suicide.
either way she's absolutely digging her own grave lol

No. 813988

kek. is jared still out of town? he's definitely coping with another woman in his bed.

No. 813990

Yeah that's the saddest thing. how can Holly not see that she's not the only ho he's slept with outside of Heidi? She's probably not even his best lay, and will definitely leave her for someone else after this is over. If he's cheating on his wife, he's definitely cheating on her.

No. 813993

she's a socially and sexually repressed retard who has the emotional maturity of a 15 year old because she's a late ass bloomer. if jared is the first guy she ever loved and liked fucking (and again, poor ross, fuck), then she's definitely going to be incapable of letting him go. she's going to be the REAL crazy ex here soon.

No. 814006

File: 1559046313653.jpeg (190.11 KB, 1009x811, 5A841E69-B342-4BFE-90DF-AD957B…)

No. 814008

she belongs in area 51 with all the other disgusting aliens

No. 814009

Kek, anytime you see someone claiming to be chronically depressed or anxious "advocating" on social medias, you can be 100% sure they are in fact the most obnoxious shits putting a front and using ~muh mental illness~ to get away with being horrible persons without ever making any effort to be better.

>you can't say anything about meeeee or you're a bully. Nevermind I never took responsability for homewrecking, saying wrong shit about abuse and very publicly failing at being a model for a very fragile community. If you don't support me, I'll suicide bait and It'll be all YOUR fault. Compassion over hate except when I'm slutshaming and dragging over people because YOU KNOW ME (except when you don't).

What a fucking joke. Yeah, sure, go cope in the desert instead of dolling out self serving advice to people who made the mistake of trusting and looking up to you.

No. 814011

Holdover from the Tumblr years. people felt pressured to list EVERYTHING about themselves, even personal shit that was NOT the internet's business, lest they step on someone's toes by having an opinion they hadn't "earned".

Since these kids are still teenagers, it makes perfect sense they're still trapped in that bullshit "list ALL my weaknesses to prove I'm trustworthy" mentality.

No. 814012

Hahaha, Has she lost her mind? She deserves all the shit thrown her way after fucking over Heidi and villainizing her. crazy witch

No. 814013

As Heidi put it: "I swear, babe, I only lie to my wife"

No. 814014

??? This bitch. Even if she wasn't cheating on Ross, she still fucked a married man. So therefor, she knowingly fucked Jared while he was still with Heidi. WOW, these loops she's jumping through

No. 814017

i'm not even that much mad about the cheating, but we KNOW she knew Jared was a pedophile and she fucking threw Jared's victims under the bus to defend him, and now she has the fucking AUDACITY to play the sole victim of a situation she herself caused, and on Twitter dot com of all places. a 33 year old woman pitybaiting with the death of her mother that was years ago, some ugly ass birds and muh mental health uwu, because she got confronted with all the damage and harm she consciously did and continues to do, because even if she was really being pupeteered by PedoJared she could make the conscious choice right now to step back and reevaluate the narrative she's been fed to draw her own conclusions. but she doesn't, because she's as mentally retarded as she looks.

i know you'll read this Holly. i'd tell you to kill yourself because you genuinely are a piece of human garbage, but death would only spare you suffering the consequences of your actions, so i hope you live a long life and that this shit haunts you for decades to come.

No. 814020


MTE exactly. Jared being so stereotypical, I'd bet dollars to donuts he's living it up with sidechick C or a selection of "friends", all the while emptying the joint bank account out of money at a steady rate. Seen it happen more than once and it never ceases to amuse.

No. 814025

File: 1559049346257.jpg (461.86 KB, 1080x1735, 20190528_141506.jpg)

Sure it wasn't Holly.

Also who is this Denica person that's foaming at the mouth towards anyone not licking Holly's ass? Her twitter feed is embarrassing to look at she's so obsessed.

No. 814027


lmao "I'm not doing anything wrong but I wont delete it either uwu only because of the trolls though" sure Jan. Thats why you post multiple times about it.

has she tried NOT using her anxiety as a scape goat?

No. 814028

Holly how about you just don't tweet? I mean, I love the milk your making from being this retarded in your 30s and acting like your in high school but, it seems your the one who is causing all this anxiety.

No. 814029


doesn't her top tweet confirm Heidi's statements that the sexts and stuff were from October onwards?

also didn't Heidi say the split was around February? or at least the beginning of the divorce proceedings? I remember something about February

She had ended her previous relationship as far as sleeping goes, yes, but what about the emotional stuff? So she's saying she had feelings for him for months before actually doing anything? And assuming that Heidi was like, "please don't" during the "feelings era" when she didn't sex him, she STILL decided to go through with it anyway! Like she couldn't just say you know what, this man isn't worth the drama, I'll just back out, while it's still a crush and no harm done

Nah she decided to apparently push through a wife's "abusive" behaviour, she entertained the idea of beign with a guy who is a red flag himself for not doing anything about it, and still slept with him? what the fuck is wrong with you, Holly. Dick is not that rare to find girl, you can get better D with easier ways than this

No. 814033

Literally every time she responds to someone its will pseudo mental health bullshit and avoiding the subject. She refuses to apologise and she used Heidi's mental break down to twist it into fake abusd and justification for adultery. Not to mention summarising Jareds pedo behaviour as just "silly mistakes~". You'd think someone who claims to speak for abuse victims wouldnt do that shit.

How the fuck can people not see how trashy and manipulative this Sid sloth looking cunt is?

No. 814037

Want to point out, I love how Holly will complain about us but, not once has Heidi whined about kiwi or youtube despite the fact she's getting way worse insults thrown at her.

No. 814044

As someone who only found out about these people because of twitter trending it, Holly seems just like the type of faggot that is keeping up with all the commentary on this.

She'll definitely be aware the only people sticking up for her are men she wouldn't fuck and women she wouldn't befriend. Must suck to be mentally ill and an absolute bitch but I'm sure she'll manage!

No. 814045

I'm honestly amazed she's managing to drag her own damn self this good

No. 814046

Can someone explain to me WHY some people are convinced Heidi is bad as well (if not the big baddie) in this situation? The tides turned when Holly barfed out her awful attempt at receipts yet I'm not sure still what about it made people side with her.

No. 814049

Well, Heidi had a boyfriend when they were open, so she's a slut, and she got angry so she's a bitch. If you're a kiwifarms incel or a pewdiepie apologist, that's all you need. Plus Holly was nice to Pewdiepie that one time so she can do no wrong.

No. 814055

I'm probably in the minority here, but I discovered these people only because of the drama and I actually find Holly's mental health streams weirdly relaxing. Not to defend her, on the contrary - I'm feeling kinda, uh, retroactively betrayed by her? I really wish she hadn't turned out to be a garbage person. Am I the only one feeling this way?
I still enjoy watching Rosemary's Baby even though the movie director raped a 13-year old, you know what I mean?
This whole thing fucking sucks.

No. 814056

>She'll definitely be aware the only people sticking up for her are men she wouldn't fuck and women she wouldn't befriend.

Bahahaha. To be fair, I wouldn't want to be the kind of woman she'd befriend, seeing how Holly's treated Heidi throughout this whole thing.

Then again, I'd not like to be her type of man, either - a chinless wonder of a kiddie chaser.

No. 814058

>She'll definitely be aware the only people sticking up for her are men she wouldn't fuck and women she wouldn't befriend.
This is honestly SO fucking hilarious because its obvious that despite her self deprecating "trash witch" facade bullshit she is as vain as can be. So the fact that the only people sticking up for her are the people she would most likely consider actual trash it must be a huge hit to her ego. To add even more hilarity is the fact that all the people she wanted to support her have clearly seen though her act and are openly supporting heidi.

No. 814060

The only people against Heidi at the moment are the diehard Holly cultists that eat up all here uwuw muh mental health shit like it's candy and incel Jared fans that can't see women as people.

No. 814062

I know what you mean, i like having longplays in the bg while i work and both holly (kings quest) and jared (zelda stuff especially) were my jam. This whe thing is a bummer lol

No. 814064

I think maybe that's why so many people still stand by her side, they simply wish she was wholesome for their own benefit.

No. 814065


I used to watch her mental health Monday’s and yes they were really calming and nice, but once I realized she had no idea what the fuck she was talking about, I bounced.

She said cptsd (which she claimed to have in the video) was ptsd caused by unusual circumstances like her HoC experience but it’s actually a more complicated version of PTSD cause by severe long term abuse, ususally child/domestic abuse or prisoners of war. Basically being abused for many years while being unable to escape.

She coulda left that reality show at any time but didn’t. Nice one Hollister.

No. 814066

Yeah, I know what you mean. I didn't stop liking Antz when I found how much of a giant creep Woody Allen was, but I did lose the drive support his future projects. Money is just way too scarce and the alternatives way too varied to spend any of it on assholes. Of all the jobs that they could work they picked the job where being unlikable affects bottom dollar most.

No. 814071

On the other hand, if people like Woody Allen or Roman Polanski can still have careers, Jared and Holly can probably bounce back as well. At least there's hope Jared will get jail time :/

No. 814073

Maybe YOU didn't feel like it was manipulation, because you were the one saying it. You weren't on the receiving end. Jesus. Narcs hate being called out.

No. 814077

>once I realized she had no idea what the fuck she was talking about, I bounced.

any specifics you can remember? i don’t doubt that she was just making stuff up, i just never tuned in to one so idk what went down i just imagined it was her venting on camera.

>unusual circumstances like her HoC experience

what ununsual circumstances came out of her being on a cosplay show? what happened?

No. 814085

Yeeeah, but (to play devil's advocate) she never claimed to be a professional, I definitely remember her advising people to go get a therapist since she's just a random person rambling about mental stuff online.

It's pretty clear to me that these streams were simply intended to be a way to connect with her audience and chat, I wouldn't crucify her for occasional mistakes.

I think that obsessing over such trivialities undermines otherwise deserved criticism of her, we should focus on things that were actively harmful towards other people.

No. 814090

Woah woah woah… Didn't she say that she never slept with Jared earlier???

No. 814091

Maybe she's doesn't consider sleeping the occasional bj and nudes exchange (the latter could just be considered Jared's fun passtime /s)

No. 814092


I do see her stupid army defending that somehow still

>>it was just a bj sometimes! Heidi is being unreasonable!

No. 814093

If you're going to claim you're an advocate, base your entire identity and profit online off things you say about mental health, you better be sure about what you're saying or shut the hell up.
How is this trivial ? How is her telling that Heidi wouldn't have come back if it really was abuse trivial? That's blatantly wrong and damaging to any victim of domestic abuse to say this shit.

The moment you put yourself in this position, yes, you will be scrutinized and held to higher standards, and no, ~oops I said some shit because I was flustered, grabbing at any excuse to justify me sleeping with a married man, and I'm never going to say sorry because I will never be admitting to ANY wrongdoing~ will not do.

No. 814095

I was talking about her streams, not recent tweets (which are admittedly idiotic and contradictory). Just to clarify.

No. 814101

God fucking damn it, I was hoping I could walk away from this & wait until Jared returns, but of course Holly has to come out & open her big fat mouth again! Of-fucking-course!

No. 814103

Because Heidi suggested they have an open relationship so she could be with another man, but as soon as Jared got with another woman she started screeching that he's a cheater and she wants to ruin his life. Oh sorry, I have to fit in the hivemind. Heidi is perfect and innocent!

No. 814105

File: 1559059983482.png (62.9 KB, 720x297, 20190528_121213.png)

No. 814106

nice try mr 4th grade reading comprehension
sure doesnt stop you from sexting a married man though!

No. 814109


The 'other man' wasn't already married at the time, like Holly was.


No. 814110

Yes, Heidi opening the relationship was because she wanted dick. That's been confirmed by a guy who has dick pics flooded on twitter by multiple former fans of his. WTF is wrong with you and this narrative. You might as well suck Jared's dick yours

No. 814111


No. 814113

Maybe you should have tried that earlier

No. 814114

Until it's confirmed by people who don't benefit from painting her as the cheater, I'm gonna need some receipts. Jared's word isn't worth much considering all his other lies. Come back when you're backed up by anything other than a statement from an abuser trying to turn it back on his former victim.

No. 814115

God damn Holly, just say you fell for the "Wife & I are already separated" -line & move on!

No. 814116

We don't know the circumstances in which the open relationship actually began. So you can't use that to make your point.

What we DO know, is that texts have proved Heidi tried to include Jared in her own relationship (of which she had ONE), and Jared was not only unresponsive of that, but had all of his MANY relationships in secret.
Heidi allowed him to mess around a whole lot, so this whole "Once HEEEEE does it she freaks out!!!!" narrative is a load of crap.

We also know that Heidi encouraged Jared, but wanted transparency. When she didn't get it, she ended her own relationship and asked him to do the same.

I don't really understand how this act could be considered villanous. They tried poly, it didn't work. She decided to cut it off. Simple and understandable.

No one is innocent, but it's clear that Heidi is not the one who ruined the open relationship.

No. 814120


>Heidi tried to include Jared in her own relationship (of which she had ONE),

Meanwhile, it's come out before that Jared had slept with fans as well, not just with Holly.

Tinfoiling, but I'm thinking Jared hooking up with Holly was just the shitty icing on an already shitty cake for Heidi, & that's why she put her foot down then.

No. 814121

Many people turned against Heidi once the open marriage issue came up. Even though Jared still technically cheated on her (as he continued his affair after Heidi revoked her consent), the sole fact that the relationship wasn't exclusively monogamous damaged Heidi's reputation as a perfectly faithful, devoted wife. And you could argue that's how she painted herself in her initial tweets.
I get where people are coming from, as I believe that once the marriage opens, the damage is irreparable and omitting this fact isn't a good look.

No. 814123

File: 1559061260999.png (469.47 KB, 1074x2527, Screenshot_20190528.png)

Holly's WK are honestly so shameless. They don't even deny the cheating any more.
>the truth doesn't matter, that's all in the past now.
>You're a goddess Holly, please let me fuck you.

No. 814124


Christ that WK

Second hand embarrassment

No. 814125


This is why I gotta laugh whenever they accuse people of just 'blindly' supporting Heidi, like do they even read this shit?

No. 814127

Since we got first mention, I wonder how many of these wk posts are actually Holly stanning herself.

No. 814130

I wouldn't be surprised if she's been posting along with her friends. I also wouldn't be surprised if she was shitting on Suzy here before the adultery and the pedophilia scandals came out.

No. 814131


>I also wouldn't be surprised if she was shitting on Suzy

…Well, now that she has shown herself to be pretty two-faced…

No. 814134

I wonder if she's aware that previous grump threads anons were pretty supportive and defensive of her and that her own terrible actions caused us to turn. It's so easy to assume we hate her without reason, that we are just "shit talking" and have "no compassion".

I regret ever posting positively about her a few days before all this happen, I can't imagine how her fans feel or those people who follow dca. The fact she can't acknowledge why they'd be mad it her is insane and shows she's the one who lacks fucking compassion.

No. 814144

File: 1559063047897.png (16.95 KB, 580x152, oops1.png)

Who wants to tell them? lmao

No. 814145

File: 1559063052923.jpg (48.75 KB, 513x213, D7DWAgKWsAEEiUM.jpg)

Small tinfoil here but I'm starting to think "a walk" is code for "fucking Holly"

She's so dense and self involved from years of fans rimming her asshole. I honestly think she just assumed that if she dumped random screen shots and flaunted her "unstable mental condition" that everyone would just blindly support her. After all all her fans "know her".

No. 814148

File: 1559063244780.png (154.07 KB, 732x514, HollyPedoJaredstan.png)


lmao at the "#TeamHolly" in their bio, & judging by this post, I'm surprised this tool hasn't added "#TeamProJared" in there too

No. 814149

“Walking” is Jared and Holly’s version of “watching anime”.

No. 814150

I sincerely hope Heidi continues to ignore Holly, even if Holly keeps bringing it up. Just let her continue to incriminate herself.

No. 814152

File: 1559063715188.jpg (171.48 KB, 700x700, area51sign162way_sq-3b0a3ee098…)

Isn't Area 51 still a classified no-go zone? What are the odds she fucks up and gets arrested?

No. 814153

File: 1559063738477.png (21.85 KB, 588x252, oops2.png)

No. 814160

File: 1559064297686.png (20.5 KB, 570x292, Yes1.png)


No. 814161

Seeing how Jared is not in Washington at the moment, the idiot is probably flying/driving/whatever to see her pedo "boyfriend".

No. 814162

File: 1559064372199.jpg (49.77 KB, 728x546, aid8282748-v4-728px-Humanely-E…)

When will this ride end? She's still milking herself. I wonder if this desert thing going is finally her having some sense and shutting up.

No. 814163

There's no way she's actually going. It's just another ploy for attention and a chance to display how quirky she is. For a mental health advocate she's really displaying her ignorance through this whole debacle. If she were really in such a precarious mental state she would check herself into a facility again(I say again but I highly suspect she was lying the last time she said she was checked into one…) instead of threatening her critics with self harm on Twitter.

No. 814164

File: 1559064457756.png (43.87 KB, 588x376, DumbassDenica.png)


How fucking dumb is this Denica person?

No. 814165

>Holly is clearly not being honest
>B-but still birb mom wouldn't lie to hurt anyone!! uwu

No. 814170

Now that i remember, during the JonTron split from GG there was someone gossiping about it on 4chan claiming inside info (and shitting a lot on Suzy).. wonder if that was our Mental Health Advocate lol?

No. 814177


If a man says he & his wife are 'separated' don't just take his word for it.

She KNEW he was still married. She KNEW his wife.

>"You don't go and ask you ex permission to date someone new."

No, but if that 'someone new' is still MARRIED, then maybe you should back the fuck off & find someone else.

No. 814184

File: 1559065390418.png (165.74 KB, 442x544, lmao4.png)

Boi, do I have news for you…

No. 814188

File: 1559065847891.png (124.31 KB, 590x494, IsItTrue.png)

No. 814191


… Ain't it interesting how some of these WKs are brand new and yet have the exact same phrasing as others before them? Funny how they seem to pop up when Holly is supposed to be "in the desert getting away from it all uwu" too.

Heidi doesn't owe anyone shit.

No. 814195


I feel like Heidi could get sued for posting Holly's nudes/lewd texts (Even though Holly pretty much did that to her)

I have a bad feeling that more shit is gonna be made public…

I'm hoping Heidi will try to be the bigger person from now on, but Holly keeps on poking the bear…

No. 814197


I tried to go look for it on twitch but she deleted nearly every past stream she had. So I all have is my recollection

And I don’t know what exactly happened with HoC but I’ve seen her mention that she got PTSD from it more than once.


Just because she doesn’t claim she’s a professional doesn’t mean it’s okay to spread misinformation.

Plus she deleted those streams for a reason, she knew damn well people would go back and scower through them and hiding your past is always sketch.

No. 814201

I wouldn't be surprised if alot of these WK are just trolls trying to push Heidi into posting Holly's newds. There are so many thirsty incels defending her who never followed her before all this.

No. 814208


WKs: "Well where's your PROOF that they were sexting & sharing nudes, Heidi???"

Heidi: (shows proof)

WKs: "WTF How fucking DARE you post other people's nudes/lewd texts WITHOUT their consent!!!1!! Ur literally WORSE than JARED!!1!1!!"

No. 814209


…In other words, It's a trap!

No. 814214


Holly: I didn do NUFFIN where’s the receipts???

Heidi: I got em and I’ll show em

Holly: b-b-but I’m the only one who can share private info without consent when you do it that’s wrong and hurts my feelings remember guyz I have ANXIETY so that absolves me from everything UwU

No. 814216

Once Holly's nudes come out (and i'm sure they will considering Jared has a past of sharing friends nudes unsolicited >>812321
) many of Holly's WK will disappear, as they only really want their wank material. I mean just look at kf its devolved into nothing but men comparing penis sizes…

No. 814218

I mean, if Heidi actually can post the sexts with the time, date, & name(s) then just put a black-box over any photos, would it be possible to do?
…Or would that still get her into trouble?

No. 814222

im pretty sure Holly's comment in her first series of posts where she said something like "Revenge porn is ILLEGAL btw" was a threat towards Heidi warning her not to share those texts between herself and Jared.

Its stupid how people can actually attempt to villainize Heidi for NOT sharing someones intimate texts. Something Holly had no trouble at all doing.

No. 814224

don't feel too bad for anna. apparently she and nate both cheated with eacother (with their respective husband / girlfriend) the only victim in that group is chris

No. 814226

Honestly, Holly's nudes coming out would probably only benefit her at this point. They will get posted mysteriously from someone on here or something, then she can shift focus and cry and cry about them coming out and get all the sympathy from it. She can spin it as SPITEFUL TROLLS parading her and news articles will eat it up as FAMOUS COSPLAYER PRIVATE NEWDS STOLEN, HOW AWFUL IS THE INTERNET?! And she can even claim it was all secretly Heidi that bitch, who else could have when Jared evidently loved sending them to friends and showing them off to brag. Hell I wouldn't be surprised if Holly herself posted them anonymously to try and gain sympathy points that way
At this point, I'm sure Geidi's lawyers have informed her not to do something like that

No. 814228


Holly is so damn transparent with her “THATS ILLEGAL” nonsense.

Absolutely no morals just “hey we didn’t break the law so why y’all mad?” Like just because somethings legal means it’s ethically okay.

No. 814230

No way. I need to see proof of that before I can imagine that this Holly and Jared thing is only the SECOND time this has happened with DCA.
Or maybe Chris Perkins is just THAT good of a DM

No. 814231

she is probably being a mouthpiece for jared since he's definitely lawyered up and she hasnt.

No. 814238

>They will get posted mysteriously from someone on here or something, then she can shift focus and cry and cry about them coming out and get all the sympathy from it.
It's best not to give her ideas anon, since its confirmed she and her friends lurk here.

Doesn't she also live in Oregon were its two party consent? For someone preaching about legality she must really be a moron since Heidi can potentially sue her now.

No. 814239

File: 1559068108250.png (40.27 KB, 570x388, NoNudeLeak.png)


Right, that's probably what's going on at the moment.

At this point Holly's like "BTW I WILL take you to court for leaking my nudes + sexts. (But please do, so I can reclaim my victim-status!)"

No. 814240

File: 1559068227370.png (22.39 KB, 617x212, thewalk.PNG)

"The walk". You know the kind, anon. The kind where you can't answer worried wifes because you're SOOO busy talking about feelings.
We've all had those 4am walks. They leave you sore, sure, but boy, are you glad after being taken. For a walk.

No. 814247

It's pretty humorous. Holly wants so badly to play the victim and it's hard when you're a cheater AND and a homewrecker AND a predator apologist. So she is trying to goad Heidi into doing something illegal so she can get her arrested. That way she can feel vindicated in ruining Heidi's marriage and making her life miserable for a year while she played out her roleplay fantasy with Heidi's legal, public spouse.

Hopefully Heidi doesn't give her the satisfaction.

No. 814249

Hold up, that's a bold claim that I'd like to see substantiated

No. 814254

File: 1559068838155.png (251.08 KB, 586x476, BorkScorpionTargetingMinors.pn…)

This person keeps making the boldest claims…

No. 814260

File: 1559068998978.png (25.81 KB, 582x234, HollyStan3.png)


No. 814261


Holly: I knew and Jared said they were of age and I believe him.

WK: Holly had nothing to do with it.

No. 814262

this user claims to be a CSA survivor, yet shits on the minors involved because "no proof."

The proof is child porn, you troon.

No. 814267


I’d like to show all these ignorant fucks all the people on sexual predator registry who said the minor lied about their age. Ignorance is not a legal defense. It’s his responsibility to absolutely ensure that they’re of age.

No. 814269


Also, Normal Boots dropped Jared after running an investigation that was instigated by the minors who came forth with evidence against him.

Seems like 'BorkScorpion' here missed that little tidbit of information…

No. 814280

>it's gross she slept with a pedo while knowing he was one
Goddam that reach. Holly stans don't know any limitations on the "muh mental illness" speak lol

No. 814315

Was it bc of the investigation, you reckon, or just that the whole scandal sped things up? I can 100% see NB just swiping the whole mess under the rag if things didnt blow up, Jared was one of their main stars after all. That's the vibe i got from Satchel's departure, kind of like he didnt want to be associated with pedo apologists

No. 814316

excuse me WHAT
anon you can't just say that and not post caps or proof of any kind

No. 814319


True, they should have come out about it when it happened.
Regardless, they still dropped him in favor of listening to his victims, so that says something.

No. 814325

File: 1559071297444.png (62.66 KB, 584x478, Thread1.png)


No. 814326

File: 1559071389314.png (76.4 KB, 582x546, Thread2.png)

No. 814333

look up the timeline of when anna and nate left their last partners

No. 814336

File: 1559071733359.png (40.89 KB, 588x322, Thread3.png)

No. 814337

That's really not significant enough

No. 814341

Can you sage screens other people's comments? This isn't from the cow itself.

No. 814342

File: 1559072091514.png (31.75 KB, 580x270, Thread4.png)



It was rather nice watching this person eviscerate Denica

No. 814344

gdi, sorry

No. 814353

I don't know who Flamae is but damn that was an amazing read.

No. 814362

Seeing how manipulative (but also transparent) Holly truly is, do you guys thinks she even went to that hospital?

No. 814365

If she did, she didn't stay there the whole time she was offline

No. 814368

File: 1559073220048.png (238.43 KB, 880x534, HollyFollows.png)

Holly's recent follows

That one insufferable WK is right up there!

No. 814369


She probably admitted herself and wasn’t in a involuntary hold and left sooner than she said. But pulling the suicidal card really makes me feel bad for Ross, especially after that VR video where he talks about that kind of behavior specifically and in his stream when he mentions blink-182 aka Holly he references back to that video.

No. 814374

File: 1559073831007.png (118.78 KB, 489x331, wont forget.PNG)

>Don't give into hate and negativity or vindictiveness of petty drama like heidi
>follows keemstar
lmao Holly really showing her true colors

No. 814375


"Fuck Meteorology, I gotta go protect birb-mom on Twitter!"

No. 814379


Keem called her a "Side Ho", but he sided with her recently, so it's all good!

Funny how Keem got a pass, but Heidi is the 'slutshamer'

…Looks like Holly is quite easily won-over…

No. 814380


Eh, to be fair 1) homegirl does seem to have her head in the clouds and no mistake (bdumtsssh), 2) researchers set their own schedule more often than not, and 3) realise the time difference between time zones - it's ample enough to let her troll online as she pleases outside office hours.

No. 814383

She's outing herself as a total phony more and more everyday. It's a big surprise to no one that holly is a huge hypocrite who doesn't practice what she preaches. Does she not realize that every time she tries to clear her name she constantly contradicts herself? How can one person be this unaware of their own behavior?

No. 814385

File: 1559074946517.jpeg (401.95 KB, 1242x1129, CF578AC0-C203-4EEE-ADD8-EB8BE0…)

This is old milk (like spoiled old) but I’ve never seen it mentioned in any of the previous threads and it’s a lil break from all the Heidi/Holly/Jared stuff. Dan stole a joke word for word from urban dictionary and told it like it was a story from his life. This is from 2014 and he mentioned it in their Zelda play through in 2015 (Part 9 at 1:50)

No. 814386

Wait, why blink 182 = holly?

No. 814389


Because he didn’t wanna talk about it directly so he said euphemisms referring to blink-182 and moving on and listening to other “bands”

No. 814390

Impossible, Dan is a Perfect Angel that does No Wrong! /s
Do you think he'll be the one of the next in line to be the "Disappointing but Not surprising"Man of the Year?

No. 814391


What else would 'blink-182' do?

No. 814392

File: 1559075372819.png (15.38 KB, 580x295, bascuse me.PNG)


there are multiple entries based on this joke dating back to 2005. dan shouldn't have claimed it as his own experience but it's hardly an original joke to begin with

No. 814394


He didn’t mention anything specifically, just trying to say that something you grow out of old “music” you used to like and it’s okay to move on and find new things to enjoy. Just a sly way of addressing it to us without stirring the pot. He’s been doing WoW streams for the past few days and seems really happy.

No. 814395


Except he didn’t tell it like a joke he told it as if he actually lived that experience.

No. 814398

The fact that she follows Keemstar says everything

No. 814403

i really hope ross finds a nice girl after all of this

No. 814407


His slutty self also mentioned recently (in twilight princess part 4 at 6:00) that he used to sneak girls into the grump space to fuck.

I get that have the whole “fun office” thing going on but do that shit at home.

No. 814413


yeah that's exactly what i said

No. 814415


Please b’scuse me anon I apparently can’t fucking read.

No. 814424

i hope Holly posts some nudes, to get them out ahead of their inevitable leak.
I would fap so hard…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 814436

Wouldn't be surprised if Heidi's just screencapping Holly's tweets & keeping them for a 'special occasion'

No. 814438

It's what any smart person would do. Let Holly keep digging herself deeper and give her more to use to against her/Jared

No. 814439

And if she isn't, I guess we're doing it for her

No. 814445


Especially since Holly most likely has her blocked now.

No. 814448

how i'd love to see someone make a video, no commentary, compiling Holly's tweets about not having slept with Jared till October and claiming both were single at the time to the very clearly timestamped text messages proving otherwise, and Holly's statements prior that confirmed she did sleep with Jared earlier. can even throw in a little Curb Your Enthusiasm theme in the background.

No. 814450

File: 1559080407462.jpg (104.06 KB, 739x503, At night, I lie awake at night…)

>It wasn’t manipulation because I said so
Oh, in that case!

Fucking hell
She could have had the tact to apologize at least for this but she apologized only for tweeting while adding in more guilt tripping, I think she’s literally unable to see herself as anything but a victim at this point in her life
It must have taken years of coddling
>I didn’t do that
>I just hate myself
>And in fact I take it back
>I am not trash, actually
>I'm SUPER DUPER sorry for being SUCH MENTAL ILLNESS and for tweeting my self loathing~ cause I was in A Bad Place (you asshole who should feel ashamed of yourself for calling out a helpless, harmless birb friend like me)

No. 814451

Can that pic be the next thread pic, I almost died laughing.

Also seeing Holly fumbling her lies and guilt trips worse than a football player covered in butter is pretty laughable too.

No. 814453

seconding this lmao

No. 814456

I don't understand something, didn't Holly and Jared admit that they slept together and now Holly is saying that they didn't? Did I miss something, or is she just being a dumbass?

No. 814472


When Holly said Heidi rage-texting her, she said she & Jared weren't even 'physical'

No. 814473

Holly is spiraling saying any combination of words she thinks will garner sympathy.

No. 814476

What I find pretty funny is that Holly specifically calls out lolcow and reddit. It's like she couldn't manipulate a few groups on the internet and has to sob about it.

No. 814479

File: 1559083363974.gif (4.64 MB, 550x309, giphy.gif)

I think she's just being dumb honestly. Even if she didn't do splits on Jared's dick, it's still emotional cheating.
Holly is one of those cunts who just hasn't experienced heart break and can't wrap their mind over someone being upset after you step boundaries as a friend.
I'm sure she cuddled with Jared at some point prior or something, there's got to be more to it.

No. 814480


…I mean, she also sent nudes to him so…

No. 814481

Well KF is on her side by default since they are literally and figuratively obsessed with Jared's dick. So she'll take the small win even if it stems from incels and MRAs.

No. 814486

Cui bono?
I've seen her now to be be callous, fickle, and ruthless when there's anything or anyone in her way; but then I still haven't seen she's a sadist that tears down folk for the hell of it.

No. 814487

suzy is on gg's livestream today and she keeps trying to control the chat, not like gg & aly haven't done this a zillion times before

No. 814488

Not milk but Ross is streaming and he said he’s going to see a therapist real soon and that he’s been needing to go for a while. He didn’t mention specifically why other than his add

No. 814494


gonna guess because of this chaos because it's always aly, there's no reason why suzy would be there other than that

I wonder if it was everyone's idea collectively or if maybe ross requested

No. 814495

It would be sad if a lot of the info that's come out was news to him and made him feel like a fool. And the insult on top of injury is Holly caring more about defending her new pet slug than her ex husband's feelings and mental state.

No. 814496

A lot of Blink 182 songs have a crazy Holly in them - so it's urine glazed stained icing on a shit filled cake if she ruined an old favorite band for him as well.

"Holly's looking dry looking for an easy target
Let her slit my throat give her ammo if she'll use it
Caution on the road lies lies and hidden danger
Southern California's breeding mommy's little monster"

No. 814497


Yeah, can't help but think some of the people that are demanding everyone to respect Ross's privacy are doing it in the hopes that he'll stay quiet about everything

…Then again, his split with Holly was much more graceful than Jared had hoped his would be

No. 814499

amusing coincidence anon but i really dont think the joke goes that deep

No. 814509

It doesn't need to go that deep. You can take it at face value that growing out of a relationship is like growing out of a band. But then it's still there though. Out of all the older bands he'd have listened to as a youngin' it was Blink-182 and their songs about Holly that popped into his head first.

No. 814510

Her lazy eye is in full force here.

but anon, she has feewings for the first ever time for Jared uwu!!! Ross who?

No. 814517


That’s a pure slap in the face to him and then she says she respects him… By tryna explain why she’d sleep with a married man she threw her own 7 year marriage under the bus.

No. 814520


That kills me. That she never really had those feelings for Ross, but she was somehow awestruck when the beaked-worm came into her life.

No. 814526

File: 1559089076634.png (20.13 KB, 574x244, DCAhiatus.png)

No. 814527


I’d still like to see her try to explain the whole asexual with a extramarital sex-life thing.

Holly - I only fuck things that look like and have the brain capacity of a pigeon - Conrad

No. 814533

File: 1559089608208.png (22.55 KB, 590x202, Strix.png)

No. 814534


Holly really thinks she’s the protagonist in a book or something, when says strix she means herself.

No. 814535


Just for that tweet, I hope DCA continues with new players while Jared and Holly’s characters are mysteriously killed off. Christ she’s pathetic.

No. 814539

I feel like it's wildly selfish and inappropriate for Holly to comment on this tweet when the hiatus is very much because of her and Jared.
Even more so because she's like "I WON'T LET STRIX END11!!"

No. 814543


You should see the comments. They all think that things will 'settle down' & go back to normal & Holly & Jared will be slip right back in!

No. 814545


In Holly’s mind the only thing that matters is Holly, she’s made that abundantly clear.

No. 814547

1) isn’t she supposed to be in the mojave desert right now lol
2) you cropped out the best part of this interaction, where the woman holly’s replying to assures fans that her character’s story isn’t done and will survive through the hiatus, and holly chimes in with “b - but mine’s not either!”

read the room, girl

No. 814549

I was willing to accept that she just fucked up royally and dug her grave out of sheer panic and shortsightedness, now I really do think she's just a fucking asshole. Damn.

No. 814552

Ross is lucky to get away from this chick, she's nuttier than peanut butter

No. 814553

File: 1559090520950.jpeg (308.16 KB, 1242x728, 9EF9AD20-AA02-46C2-8F89-8503AD…)


No. 814555

Twitter user RockyRidges1 really STICKIN IT to the man.

No. 814556

File: 1559090636301.png (52.92 KB, 590x502, DCAcharacters.png)


Oh yeah. Where are my manners?…

No. 814557


what's the bet her and jared fuck off and do their own dnd shit with striath just to piss everyone off and keep doing it

No. 814558


RockyRidges1 has licked Holly's boots SO much, that he's earned a follow from her! >>814368

No. 814559

File: 1559090834144.jpg (42.88 KB, 515x640, serveimage.jpg)

Holly are you serious hahaha?? Wow what a conceited cunt.

No. 814562

Did she delete this? I can't find it on her twitter

No. 814563

Oh it absolutely is. She cares about her character, we get that, but then the DCA organizers just care about the PR stunt. To them Holly represents an unreliable employee that's now acting like a diva. They can and should write her off if she puts her emotional needs ahead of their profit ones.

Keyword: WRITE her off. They don't necessarily need for Strix to die as well. She can be left alive for Holly to write side-stories for elsewhere. Everyone can win. Compromise is possible. It'll just unlikely if she keeps up the diva act.

No. 814568

No. 814569


Yep. DnD players part ways & join a party all the time, wouldn't be unlikely for it to happen here.

No. 814580

File: 1559092847158.png (622.38 KB, 629x915, 2279a93c40ae3d7dece53b05666940…)

I'm not sure if this whole "magic" thing is from something in particular, or if somebody actually rushed out to get the insane ramblings of Holly tattooed onto their body.

No. 814581

File: 1559092904578.png (65.21 KB, 522x584, HollyStanGetsPWNED.png)


No. 814589

File: 1559093385048.jpg (262.21 KB, 572x592, diath mmm.jpg)

the real question is… will Diath and his cleavage be making a return?

No. 814596

MY EYES! Oh god why.

No. 814597

Off topic but: Ross is having the time of his fucking life watching the announcement of “Pokémon Sleep” not joking an actual thing.

Hopefully this link works


No. 814600

The quote comes from their DnD game, the tattoo is of Strix's staff. It's also upside down, just to make it worse

No. 814602

It's been a long time since I've heard Ross laugh like that, it was so delightful

No. 814603

agreed, just make it cock-eyed and it's gold lol

No. 814608


He’s already beta testing the game that absolute fucking legend


Take notes: this is what a REAL gamer looks like

No. 814612

Pretty sure part of the reason she deleted monday streams because in casual talk she straight out stated that she wasn't seeing anyone which was, apparently, not the case. Lol

No. 814615

This is gonna be an unpopular opinion here but I´ll say it anyways: I don think Heidi is a better person than PJ or HC. If she was really a good person she would have handled this privately. Yeah, I know being cheated on sucks but that doesn´t give anybody the right to ruin someone else´s life. Honestly I don think this is gonna make her feel any better, instead her name is always gonna be associated with this nonsense drama and is that even worth it? Nah. But that´s just my opinion and I´m just some stranger on the internet so f*ck me right?(ban evasion)

No. 814617

She did deal with it privately though? Jared was the one to publicly announce the divorce on twitter, after blocking her. And she responded to that.

No. 814618

holly spotted

No. 814619

File: 1559097920498.jpg (17.67 KB, 275x275, 1486946612376.jpg)


wow anon watch out in case you cut yourself with your edgy opinions and your victim complex, you and holly would be good friends

if holly and jared were good people they wouldn't fuck behind heidi's back, and then there'd be no need for all this drama to unfold, hurrah!

but they aren't, and they did, so it happened. I would be FURIOUS if my ex husband blocked me AND my friends on social media before posting an announcement publicly that we separated, sprinkled with bullshit lies and manipulation

No. 814620

It's an unpopular opinion because you are wrong. She was right to come forward about Jared being a shitty person- not just an emotional abuser, not just a cheater, not just an extreme pathological liar, but a man who takes advantage of his fame to solicit nudes from and have sex with fans. The point of outing abusers is you do so so other people realize who that person really is. You sound a little less retarded than the other """"unpopular opinion heidi bad""""" so I figured it was worth trying to change your mind.

No. 814621

Lol, nice try Holly. She didn't ruin your life by unveiling your affair. You ruined your own life by having the affair. Shifting the blame to messengers and victims is classic abuser behavior - and you're never gonna deal with your own issues properly until you actually stop behaving in such a toxic, avoidant manner.

No. 814622


oh, it's you again

No. 814623

I think this is gamergate v2 where everyone comes off bad. But Jared has won "looking like an asshole on the internet" by a long shot. Heidi literally did nothing wrong other than putting up with Jared's shit for way too long and not leaving him way way earlier (like 2017, teenage nude soliciting time).
Holly cheated and supports(?) the teenage nude thing.
Jared is a guy who has sex addiction and narcissism issues among many others, and has spent countless hours taking advantage of his internet fame with vulnerable e-groupies.

My theory about why this was all shared? Somehow not telling the story and letting the rumor mill get to work was going to be worse for Heidi. Probably because of the amount of lies Jared and his winged monkeys were spreading around. It seems like a terrible move, and it is, but the alternative was worse.

No. 814624

As someone who's been cheated on, I wish I had the power to ruin the person I was with. It's not right, but it's reasonable.
That aside, these are all public figures, and since Jared decided to go public with the divorce and everything, it makes sense that everything else would be handled publically. On top of it no doubt feeling fucking good to hold the person who hurt her accountable, I'm sure she knew that if she didn't comment on it publically, all of their audiences/friends would've ended up assuming she was insane because Jared would've made sure of it. At least this way she's not just going down without a fight.

No. 814626


Heidi ain't no saint for sure, but Jared blocked her before publicly announcing their divorce on twitter, using words like "we/us" in his statement, thus speaking for her.

It seems like a lot of these instances came from Jared making little jabs at Heidi, then going quiet with her in public, which ends up driving her crazy, causing her to cry, or even lash out, making everyone there think she's the insane/abusive one, while he appears 'cool' & level-headed'the entire time. His friends leave him with "You gotta go home to that? Good luck buddy!"

No. 814630


They strung Heidi along until she was at the end of her rope and snapped, I honestly can’t blame the woman for being petty about her ex who cheated on her, gaslit her, and then announced their divorce singlehandedly over Twitter. I’d revel in the downfall if I was her.

No. 814631

File: 1559099446202.png (97.5 KB, 724x542, tumblr.png)

Here, have a 'Tumblr-Appreciation Post'

No. 814632

File: 1559099547111.gif (492.71 KB, 500x231, 9F97FAB9-9AB3-4B7F-B173-9DB121…)

Why are you having a pity party? Just say what you want and go, there’s no anonymous social hierarchy

I both agree and don’t agree
She told Jared to make a public statement, but instead it seemed like a “the straw that broke the camel’s back” type of situation and she couldn’t hold back the dam anymore
She could have “handled it better” but I’m not going to vilify a woman who was clearly biting her tongue and bearing with abuse and neglect to the point it made her feel crazy

Either way the idea she could be worse is a hilarious concept because she wasn’t compromising the safety of minors that were being exploited by a beta seeking pussy to most likely make up for younger years full of being shut in/avoided for being an ugly, pasty nerd

She never handed over information to Jared like Holly did, didn’t wingman him sleeping with fans, didn’t post texts of a woman reacting to “neutral responses” that to anyone with an understanding of abuse recognizes as stonewalling and gaslighting to play up a crazy ex trope, and Heidi if anything seems too honest because Holly and Jared were able to exploit her transparency with her thoughts and feelings both to sneak around and then afterwards to point at and call abuse.

Apologies for semi-rant but holy shit, people react to heartbreak and abuse like Heidi or Ross (Can’t say if Ross was abused or not, but his silence and depression/unwillingness to speak about it are the type of actions I mean)
If Jared had taken accountability to start with she might’ve been further plunged into silence and isolation. I’ll always be happy for her that he fucked things up so he could play it off like how Ross had announced his divorce. If he had posted “I cheated on my wife and it ruined our marriage” he could have ended up looking like a victim of a bad breakup, but his head was too big.

No. 814642

jfc, the anons in these threads are some of the most creative on lolcow. i'm rolling with laughter. Give her pink hair and a lazy eye and it's Holly . haha

No. 814645

Is she for real? Well, we know that DCA doesnt want her home wrecking, gaslighting ass back.

No. 814646

Holywow, imagine getting this trash tattooed (upside down!!) on your arm forever. Especially with all this drama going down.

No. 814647


There's a chance they might let her come back after a few months, probably not Jared though.

No. 814649

>The ”you don't know me” reply is so fucking funny after her ”you guys know me” statement

I am howling at this omg keks to the moon

No. 814650

File: 1559104524168.jpg (81.67 KB, 1148x302, tapeworm.jpg)

these tweets have me dying

No. 814655

Extremely doubtful. I'm expecting them to shit-can all of DCA not only to distance themselves from this mess, but to also avoid dealing with Holly's mindless brigade demanding she be let back on

No. 814659

Holly is either 100% socially retarded and somehow managed to hide it until now or she's seriously cracking.

No. 814661

I'm fucking keking myself to death here.
>as if a tapeworm got a tapeworm.
Wtf? hahaha. accurate tho

No. 814662

Fuck. Forgot my sage.

No. 814665

You can delete and repost within 30 minutes, no need to double post

No. 814669

this seems the most likely. a bit of tinfoil, but they might even be putting things on hold until the legal proceedings conclude. even if the underage pics investigation doesn't pan out (there have been zero updates on that front although i'm aware these things take time and it has been like only 3 weeks), i'm like 95% sure more dirt on jared/holly will be unearthed once the divorce is settled and heidi is free to respond to her smear campaign with receipts.
if nothing else jared might decide he's bored and blab again on his twitter, and i'm pretty sure they want to let him run his course anyway lmao

No. 814671

Having Holly and Jared back on DCA is a PR disaster waiting to happen.

No. 814673

File: 1559108258534.png (92.49 KB, 1168x424, Screenshot 2019-05-29 at 11.07…)

ok was heidi subtly shading here kek

No. 814678


Mutually assured destruction

No. 814685

File: 1559114886203.jpg (904.1 KB, 1200x800, diath-featured.jpg)


Lmao I knew it. Bitch literally thinks she's Strix.

If Holly gets banned from DCA, she will have an identity crisis.

Also, a tinfoil, but she's jealous of the paladin girl.

No. 814688

That's not a secret or conjecture, she has straight up said she is Strix on many accounts m, publicly. Also what else does she have going for her? She doesnt do cosplay anymore and her twitch streams of mental health Monday or whatever bullshit that was is now forever tainted by this shit.
DCA was all she really had

No. 814691

Holy shit, I was there the day they took this photo! I saw Barry from GG and wanted to get a photo with him, and while we did, I saw he was waiting for Holly and Jared who just came back from where ever dressed like that! Wow, totally forgot about that til now.
sage for personal story

No. 814692

File: 1559116228371.jpg (7.23 KB, 176x241, Balloon2.jpg)


Jared really does look like Balloony lmao

No. 814693

Is this the single 30s nerd version of becoming a Multi-level marketing peddler?
The desperate search for value of fading “I’m a goddess as an average girl because I’m in a D&D group” feelgood days

Then again, if she wants to be a hag who are we to deny her

No. 814694

Is there a single photo of Holly where she doesn't look special needs?

No. 814722

File: 1559127205230.jpg (79.55 KB, 454x718, sa.jpg)

im sorry in advance

No. 814726

Welcome back Jessicanon, we wondered where you'd been! Too busy comforting Jared in bed?

No. 814727


No. 814729

Nah, she's got black hair now

No. 814730

Was Jared's costune made by heidi? That would be extra sad
I hate you anon ahahahah honesly, next thread pic material

No. 814731

Yeah, it was :/(:/)

No. 814739

Strabismus in full effect here

No. 814745

I've always wondered if Holly had something wrong with her due to her sudden loud noises and erratic movements, but the farms seemed to love her and just consider them all quirks.
She always seemed strange to me

No. 814752

Hahahah oh my god I can't believe how transparent this bitch is! The goal of her defending herself this whole time was just to keep her audience. You can tell shes shaking in her little goth boots over the fact that she might become unfamous over this. Beyond pathetic. She's really showing her true colors now

No. 814797

At this point I'm so sure half the stories he used to tell (Or still does, idk I stop watching in 2015) are just made up or stolen to make himself sound interesting and nice. He used to be a loser and it shows.

No. 814854

The op is in Las Vegas, Nevada at the moment so…
Maybe they're eloping lmao

No. 814856

File: 1559148270220.jpeg (59.72 KB, 750x553, 10F4907D-D784-466F-A411-C224F9…)

Not sure if anyone has seen this. Found it on twitter after searching “ProJared” the OP is in Nevada so if this is true it lines up with Jared being out of state and Holly saying she was going to the desert. Yikes.

No. 814858

>Maybe they're eloping lmao

"Oh Holly my love! I would marry you in a heartbeat if only that mean old Heidi had handed over the divorce already!"

Watch Jared dump her ass in less than 6 months.

No. 814861

Was kinda hoping for Holly's sake she'd stay away from ProCreep. Using your fame to get nudes from fans apparently isnt a dealbreaker for her

No. 814864

See this i don't understand, what's the point of telling your legion of fans where you're headed? Doesnt she value her privacy at all? Kinda feel bad for her, ngl, feeling like she needs to give vague but truthful statements about her life and what she's doing

No. 814866

She's dickmatized. Doesn't matter if Jared is an alleged pedophile, he's guaranteed sex. I honestly can't wait for him to fuck her over.

No. 814870

I get the feeling opening up the marriage to be poly was to fix the marriage. Jared probably told Heidi that he wanted to sleep with other women and then she probably hated it while he sent dick pics to teenage GameGrump fans.
I feel like I'm the only person who thought Holly was a crazy bird lady who screamed insecure while everyone else thought she was cool.

No. 814876

Kat Blaque just released an interesting video about polyamory and married men, based on her experience. Gives a nice perspective from someone inside the polyam culture.

Regarding Holly, i dunno man, i always assumed the best abt her too, but im also very naive about people. I never think ill of anyone if they mantain a welcoming façade of positivity, which is also why i was 98% taken aback by Jared as well (the 2% was because he was weirdly fixated on playing either the classics, or very weirdly sexually charged indie games, so i knew in my guts.something was up lol)

No. 814881

lmao i KNEW her line about “always wanting to see the desert” was complete shit. nice to see it confirmed

No. 814896

She lived in LA for decade…..

No. 814900

File: 1559151823891.png (142.55 KB, 351x355, sinner.png)

guess they're taking a sin city trip.

No. 814901

If they are, I'm willing to bet they are gonna do it while dressed as Diath and Stryx

No. 814914

File: 1559152487295.jpg (200.17 KB, 900x1200, DfwM8FXU8AA7CeT.jpg)

That's Holly's dream come true if it hadn't happened already.

Imagine being 33 and living vicariously through your self-insert witch character. That shit was pathetic even in high school lol.

No. 814918


Their little DnD/Roleplay thing was a form of escapism, sure, but when you combine your escapist route with real life, you're gonna end up having a bad time for sure.

No. 814925

Holly's choice to roleplay an ugly goblin trash witch seems like the DnD equivalent of the bride who wants ugly bridesmaids so she looks better in comparison.

No. 814928

Evelyn is so freakin pretty. I wouldnt be shocked if Holly didn't secretly dislike her natural beauty.

If they haven't already. So gross

No. 814930

Yeah, there's a vlog from a while back where Heidi and Holly are shopping for fabrics. Heidi made the costume in a few days and hand dyed it too. She was really proud of it. Jared is scum

No. 814943

>going to a desert for a while
>always wanted to do that

But I thought she divorced her husband because she needed to move to a state with MANY TREES for her birbs, now suddenly she's gonna stay in a desert for a while?

Gonna fuck off the birbs too and make someone else care for them?

I guess she's into tapeworms now.

No. 814950


She has finally found the infamous beaked-tapeworm & isn't letting him get away this time!

No. 814966

DCA was on Tuesdays, right? D&D just coincidentally started episode 1 of a whole new group and campaign this Tuesday.

No. 814967

File: 1559157843555.png (51.96 KB, 576x444, DeadFamily.png)

I think someone missed this little bit of manipulation from Holly last week:

>"You watch your entire family die and try to be real about it on the internet."

She keeps saying shit like "Im not here for your sympathy", but why else would she say this shit?

No. 814968

File: 1559157990914.png (50.25 KB, 576x474, Truth15.png)


…Then there was this response, which won the fucking internet imho

No. 814970

Kind of funny she calls her own career shitty, considering it was her own actions that made it that way at this point

No. 814975

For fucks sake, these are manipulation tactics of a 10 year old

No. 814976


Well at least she knows she has a shitty career

No. 814981

File: 1559160687571.png (30.42 KB, 624x626, PULL2.png)

Saw this on PULL. Interesting…

No. 814993


I can’t believe I forgot about that mass effect scam again

People really need to bring that up on twitter

No. 814994


She doesn’t think her career is shitty, she’s too much of a narcissist. She says that knowing damn well her fans are gonna respond like “Holly noooo you’re the best don’t listen to those school shooters we love you”

No. 814995

holyshit, I didn't know that happened. This is really low and vile

No. 814997


As I recall holly fans basically threw the blame on Jessica during this time

No. 814998


Isn't that the same Jessica who was stanning her pretty hard over all this drama?

No. 814999


Yep. Jessica Merizan

No. 815001

Damn do I wish that someone would tell Heidi that they are hanging out, if it’s true I mean.

No. 815002

used to be the community manager at bioware

No. 815003

too bad without photos this is just some rando's hearsay.

No. 815008


I'm surprised no one on Twitter has questioned them any further about it yet…

No. 815010

why? to hurt her more? it has nothing to do with her at this point and whos really suprised anyway. scumbags will scum.

No. 815011


…Also we don't even know if this person is telling the truth?
The never elaborated on it, plus, they might've just seen two people who look like them.

No. 815012

File: 1559164196165.png (59.78 KB, 1238x885, 1557712585577.png)


not trying to target you anons but just two threads ago there were caps posted about this issue, are y'all new?

to be fair the last thread opened only 10 days ago so I'm not too critical about it

I really think at this point someone needs to go right back when this bullshit started and organise a mass folder of screencaps from all people involved

No. 815013

I was only one of those replies . Not sure what you mean. I'm not new to lolcow, but newer to the Holly drama, since i only followed the old GG threads for Suzy.

No. 815017

Yeah, at this point I need proof
Everyone wants a slice of this drama pie, can't give me twitter water and call it milk

No. 815022

Good way to hide a lazy eye

No. 815024

So it looks like she has experience with going MIA until people forget about her shit. Guessing she's hoping for more of the same

No. 815028

File: 1559165912704.png (12.42 KB, 392x178, Area-51.png)


I mean… Area-51 is in Nevada… >>814152

No. 815032


…Not to mention that one person's tweet & Holly's tweet were both on May 28…

No. 815036

and it's entirely possible she tweeted that because she knew she'd been spotted with the tapeworm

No. 815044


Dang, this person should've asked to have a pic taken with them or something

No. 815047

The A51 tweet is still up for me

No. 815051


like honestly I really wonder if Holly will think this was all worth it, years from now. At the moment it's all fresh (it's not even 2 months since this started), and being with Jared is like staying with the one person who is also going through it, so it makes sense to stick with him

but like, longterm, how worth it is he, really? he handled his marriage terribly as it was, what makes holly think she's gonna be the exception to the rule? sure, sometimes people have an X relationship with someone that was toxic and bad, but their next Y relationship is healthier and better, but I don't think this is the case here. Repeatedly Jared has shown disrespect, disloyalty and disregard for other people and also allowed two women to fling shit at each other online because they are fighting for his tapeworm dick.

Holly… you left Ross, someone who loved and adored you (I know there are greencard theories but tbh you don't go through the process of animating yourself proposing, inserting it into a movie end credits and invite all your friends and your girlfriend to watch it, if you only wanted to stay in the country), for… Jared? what a downgrade. Was it worth it? Was it worth the pain you caused Heidi, the divorce from your (I assume) best friend, the move to another state, the risk of your career and public image? Is he worth it now? I don't really think so

Even if you stick it out with him, he's always gonna be the guy whose marriage you ruined just to be with. The guy who sent and received nudes. Will YOU be okay if he keeps doing that to the fans he's got left? Will YOU be okay with him sleeping with random women? will YOU be "chill"?

Forreal. It's like seeing the slowest trainwreck in the world. I never expected this at all, in all the years I've watched GG. I thought Holly was just gonna stay an uwu damaged soul forever, a pastel haired nerd who likes birds and makes videos and talks about her insecurities online. We all thought Suzy or Arin were gonna be the drama makers. "Arin's gonna transition", "Arin's gonna leave Snooze once he finds better", "Suzy needs to lose weight and will start becoming more talented"

And yet for all the bullshit Suzy has pulled through the years, it was never to this degree. Just, yikes overall, 2019 is a hell of a year

No. 815055

File: 1559167551406.png (12.34 KB, 588x134, Area-51-2017.png)

OT, but the only time Area-51 is ever mentioned in context with Holly on Twitter, prior to her one tweet about going there, is in this tweet.

No. 815057

File: 1559167667021.png (33.92 KB, 572x312, RossIsAmazing.png)


God damn, Ross was such an incredible husband to her…

No. 815061


And she says she never loved him. Holly really is a trash witch.

No. 815066

File: 1559168227464.png (104.01 KB, 598x343, 45645645345.png)


This guy just keeps posting the same things every few days

No. 815070


Just keep reporting him.
Might as well just be 'spam' at this point…

No. 815072

>thot patroller
I wonder how Holly feels that her main support comes from horrid misogynists?

No. 815075


I mean, she follows Keemstar now. She's very easily won over, as long as your one of her bootlicking WKs

No. 815078

File: 1559168898901.png (386.83 KB, 460x610, HiHolly.png)

Oh, Hi Holly.

No. 815081

Seems like the worm must've taken the picture then, otherwise why isn't it just a selfie?

No. 815084

It's pretty obvious Jared is there, but hopefully some proof surfaces.

No. 815085

File: 1559169186073.png (13.07 KB, 596x135, 34534534.png)


Don't you see him? She's holding his alien head.

No. 815086

Looks very suicidal and broken up over the situation alright

No. 815087

File: 1559169274236.jpg (167.32 KB, 720x959, IMG_20190529_183303.jpg)

This bitch really did this. Maybe she is with Jared

No. 815091


Well I'll be! Looks like that @astrozmbie kid might've been telling the truth!

No. 815096


“Photography of this area is forbidden”

- takes photo

What a fucking genius she is

No. 815104

Guess she lost all sense of shame and dignity

No. 815106

File: 1559170361120.jpg (49.37 KB, 960x316, o7816txfbz031.jpg)

DCA had official figures previewed during the Descent. Jared's character has been removed from it but, Holly's still remains.

I think it's kinda BS, obviously Jared is in deeper shit but, Holly is defending his actions plus obviously took part in why DCA is on hiatus. It seems like they're going to keep her on the show despite it all.

Feels like a double standard to me, especially with how unforgiving she is about all of this.


No. 815107

According to 18 USC 795 you could get fined or imprisoned for no more than a year

No. 815108

After the novelty wears off I'm sure she'll regret all of this. Especially giving up her dignity for a tapeworm. She is obviously sleeping with him while knowing he is (was) actively sleeping with fans. Maybe Holly promised Jared to give him a real open relationship. Once she starts seeing the struggles Heidi went through she'll learn up quick. For now, Holly is playing the exciting mistress that gives him freedom.

Who would ever understand leaving Ross >>815057 for Jared, but another woman's trash, huh? Women often get infatuated with the worst of men. I know we insult Holly's looks a lot, but she's at LEAST way better looking than Jared.

And she whines about Heidi enjoying a zinfandel…

No. 815110


I know this wouldn't be fair, but if Heidi & Ross hooked up, they would definitely outclass the fuck out of them.

No. 815112

I'd ship it. Honestly, Heidi does come off sketchy for allowing that poly shit in the first place, but I feel for her and her mistakes. Ross is a freakin golden boy. Even if he went poly as well he's been a class act through the entire thing. Right now, I want Ross to get with some cutie geek girl with zero drama.

No. 815113

I guess they feel like they can't really cut her out from everything (yet) as for now she's mostly just a filthy cheater

No. 815114


Seems like potential bad PR in the future to keep her around though

No. 815117

But she's SeW EdGY, anon.

Gtfo of my state, Holly

No. 815118

Hey maybe she and Jared can write each other when they're both in prison lol

No. 815119

File: 1559171556327.jpg (40.39 KB, 675x540, Tengu Rogue.jpg)


Jared can easily be represented by a Kenku (official mini or not) with a red A painted on his chest.

No. 815122

Wanna know something sad?

Two months after Ross posted this >>815055

…Was when this shit happened >>813337

No. 815123

That she was so transparent about her insecurities was part of what made her cool.
Like, naturally cool people can be cool without effort, so them being so doesn't mean much.
With Holly she was always putting herself out there despite looking and often acting like someone you'd expect to be homeless, in "a home", or a shut in hikikomori - which was badass and inspiring to others that have also been way out of their comfort zone.

No. 815125

truly no one got more fucked by this whole ordeal than ross. it hurts my heart

no, don’t worry. i also never saw the appeal of holly. there’s at least two of us out there

No. 815126

At this point they're only stuck together on account of they've snookered themselves and have no better options. Well unless the tarot reader psychic from way up is correct. In that case Jared can at any time jump ship to the so far undiscovered Side Ho #2.

No. 815127

Lol wow I can't believe Holly was honestly trying to complain about Heidi drinking wine to celebrate the divorce while she goes and flies out to Nevada, something clearly more expensive than wine, with the husband of the woman she's complaining about. Total narc behavior.

No. 815130

So she's been to Area 51, then

No. 815133

Maybe this is the long con. It wouldn't surprise me if Jared manipulated Heidi and Holly to get to Area 51, how else is he meant to get his grey alien-looking ass back to his home planet?

No. 815135


narc, and also ever since this event she's been super snarky on social media. She used to be quiet/soft and didn't really speak out. She definitely wasn't this sassy, and not in a good way either

at first I thought maybe the death of her grandpa sort of triggered an avalanche of bad choices, clearly he was important to her and to her upbringing. But the more I think about it, the more I discredit that theory. I don't know if maybe the DnD thing was what started it off, and they got too in-character, if she maybe just got bored of Ross and found Jared as her first male friend besides Ross, etc. Like I really wish I understood the trajectory of how this started because even if Jared had a crush on Holly, Holly also dived headfirst into that pile of shit

No. 815136



"You have to be able to laugh at some aspects of a crisis"

Also Holly:

""Meanwhile, @AtelierHeidi gloated on Facebook, bragging that she’d been retweeted by @PerezHilton, joking that @ProJared was more famous now than ever because of her accusations, and drinking white zinfandel…""

No. 815137

Wish I could zoom into the sunglasses reflection like a crime show kek

No. 815141


You could trigger her and just tweet her asking who’s taking the pic

No. 815144

I'm sure she knows it too. Its the imagery of the evil bitch ex wife smugly sipping wine that made her bring it up in the first place. Same as the imagery of her uwu anxious ass ~needing a vacation~ because she's just soooo upset and she's gotta get out of there, take a break, see the world, or she'll totes have to go to the hospital again or whatever.

Its all double standards, and she clearly knows it, because she knows how to frame her and Heidi just right for the white knights to buy it.

Same as acting manipulative "i'm trash leave me alone" etc and then going "I was upset when i wrote that tweet uwu dont hold it against me" but when Heidi is gaslit and stonewalled, then Heidi does anything less than 100% proper, then Heidi is suddenly abusive.

No. 815150


It’s funny that’s she’d bring up drinking wine when she pretty much non stop talked about drinking wine herself previously

No. 815153

She probably bawled to Jared to rescue her
>They keep saying you abandoned me!
>I'm all alone here, finger-painting side ho on my walls and ceilings

No way she would make an "I'm spontaneous" tweet without fully knowing she was headed somewhere and could prove it therefore sticking it to all the haters!
This is a calculating, self-obsessed woman who is fueled only by spite. Everything she does is pre-planned and she doesn't understand the word No.

Interesting how she said nobody 'believed her'….but who really said that? I don't think anyone really cared, tbqh.

When he finally flew her out she could secure her sad Lena Dunham body into some cut-off jorts and seat herself on a dirty rock for a picture, but it won't matter because she's never going to be satisfied and is going to be sliming back in here to read what anyone has to say about her.

God it's like a fairy-tale~

No. 815154

We could ask her who the pic is of, because I didn't know she even existed before she was mentioned in a GG thread on a drama site and I only know her thus far as a home-wrecker formally known as Ross's wife

No. 815156

File: 1559174222800.png (351.18 KB, 400x630, HollyWine.png)


Yep. May 7th, right before this whole mess went public…

…But when she does it, it's "SeLf CaRe uwu"

No. 815158

She's such a self-serving, infantile, hypocritical cunt, my goodness. I can't believe I used to be a fan of hers …

No. 815160


Don’t feel bad anon, she hid her true self and Heidi blew the lid off of the whole operation.

No. 815166

i'd just about cry right now reading this. was it worth it Holly? was it fucking worth it? i hope she finds Jared balls-deep into another woman but a week after her little Nevada honeymoon and i hope she has a goddamn mental breakdown over it, because anything Jared (deservedly) does to her now would only be a fraction of the pain she must've caused poor ole' Ross, a man that actually loved, supported and cared for Holly and who has done absolutely nothing to deserve everything that's happened to him that was caused by this crosseyed looking ass bitch and her hooknose incel of a lover. you didn't deserve Ross, you fucking bitch. you don't deserve anything.

No. 815170


At least Ross is free now.

Maybe that's why he doesn't want to be involved. Given the dates, Holly was probably obsessing over Jared & Heidi's relationship while still with him, becoming more distant from him…

No. 815173


They can celebrate all they want, but you just know this will continue to eat at them as long as they're together.

No. 815176


If it makes you feel better anon, he’s said that he couldn’t imagine how amazing his life would be 7 months ago. He’s about to start therapy and seems really happy without trash witch in his life. He’s even a beta tester for WoW (his favorite game) and is in the pitching process for GameOVerse (an animated series he’s been working on)

No. 815177

File: 1559175726365.png (14.86 KB, 576x166, sockpuppeting.png)

(snickers) Yeah, you're right buddy, it's all just the same person…

No. 815180


We aren’t individuals. Simply a hive mind to bring sweet Holly and innocent Jared down. How could we do this to them??? All us school shooters should really reflect on our poor choices of criticizing cheaters instead of calling out the bullshit

No. 815182


>"school shooters"


You should check that one's other tweets!

No. 815183

File: 1559176159114.jpeg (181.05 KB, 639x960, 81462458-C0A5-4D85-85AD-3C996B…)

Not sure if this has been mentioned already, but having a look through Instagram and Ross posted this on June 14th 2018.

Holly was with Jared on Ross’ birthday. This was after the walk they had when they revealed their ‘feelings’ for each other.

I’m so sad for Ross but happy he’s in a much better place without Holly now.

No. 815184

Before this Holly/Jared shit blew up we were mostly talking about Suzy's stalker KT, and how she's basically the girl from 'Sk8r Boi'. It's funny to think Holly might very shortly find herself as KT 2.0.

No. 815185


I would anon, but I’m too busy yelling at my step dad and writing my manifesto dedicated to pewdiepie

No. 815193

She and Jared killed that entire family, so yeah she had to watch them die.

No. 815194


This blows Holly’s “ROSS KNEW” and then deleted tweet out of the water. If they were over at the time why would he mention Holly being absent? She’s beyond lucky ross isn’t the kind of man to call her bullshit out.

No. 815195

File: 1559176979487.png (274.11 KB, 892x312, Ross-Birthday-Week.png)

I hope someone can post this with that context on twitter…

Here's a pic with the date on it just in case…

No. 815196

it kinda does make me feel better! i hope he continues to get the support and help he needs and deserves. indeed Holly's a trash witch, it'll be a tough wake-up call when she realizes what she traded her life with Ross for.

No. 815200


In addition Ross has nothing but gained from this nonsense, he went from 200-300 viewers during a stream to 400-2000 viewers and no one brings up this nonsense. It’s a very sweet supportive community.

No. 815201

Holly really is a trash witch, if you take into account how most modern witchcraft variants teach "whatever you put out into the world will return to you threefold" as their core belief. She's going to be receiving just that.

No. 815203

File: 1559178222546.png (319.13 KB, 586x380, NEVADA.png)

It begins…

No. 815205


I don’t wanna smell what the rocks cookin out there, probably smells like patchouli and week old body odor

No. 815208

Holly: we divorced cause I wanna be near the TREES

- closer to Jared

Holly: I need a break from all this so ima go to area51

- closer to Jared

We all know you’re just wanting that bird beak in your crotch Holly, you ain’t slick.

No. 815209

>Earthlings welcome
well looks like jared better go home, CommanderPoly!

No. 815210



Top notch anon, fucking bless you

No. 815232

Learn to integrate and stop the cowtipping bs

Also Holly: Jared I'm coming to visit otherwise I'm going to kms

No. 815300

It'd be hilarious if she'd get jail time for a dumb photo and not for defending and helping a pedo ahahah

No. 815304

Man, Projared'd dick sure looks weird, but clearly holly mistook it for a tree

No. 815308

File: 1559198654727.jpg (8.65 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Holy hell, everyone knows Jared is hideous but seeing these pictures of Holly with her mouth agape just makes me want to punch her
She honestly looks mentally disabled

No. 815315

File: 1559199749846.jpg (277.85 KB, 1336x2968, tumblr_ps53z8pQL81snqbfb_1280.…)

someone posted this on tumblr a few days ago

No. 815318

Based on this info, if Jared is the Petitioner, he's the one who originally filed for the divorce.

No. 815319

File: 1559200528919.png (584.17 KB, 630x2693, mdkdnsg.png)

No. 815321

This is probably fake.

No. 815325

The blog seems to lean towards Holly's side. They even made it to talk about this whole situation so I've considered its a wk. Possibly made it to seem like they caught her in a lie.

No. 815331

All this divorce info posted last thread >>810551
And the TRO explained, it's about property >>810562 as reflected in Heidi saying no-one has a restraining order against the other.
We already have this, no need to regurgitate tumblr >>815319

No. 815332


The restraining order was explained and posted last thread, christ. It’s so no one empties out joint banks accounts and the like - nothing to do with domestic violence

No. 815334

I still hope that Jared and Holly's characters just get flat-out OFFED. A classic "Rocks fall. They died. The end" sorta deal. That'd honestly make me want to watch DCA, just to see how the hell they try to salvage the storyline.

No. 815337

Forgive me anons I must have missed it when I was reading.

No. 815338

Unfortunately, their characters are pretty tied up to the plot of the story from what I know about it. The thing of it too is that Chris Perkins tends to DM the story and steer the campaign and integrate it into the latest DnD book product.
They just announced Descent into Avernus, and in the book it details The Blood War, which has been a thing Perkins has been referencing for a year now in their campaign.

Honestly, I dont know how they are going to recover. Jared is absolutely out, Holly is a maybe, Anna Proser's comment made it seem like the game isn't going to continue but her character will be given something, and Nate just seems over it all. I wouldn't be surprised if Nate just abandons the whole thing and says do whatever but without me'.

No. 815344

Step 1: Drop a rock on them.
Step 2: Run a session that starts with the remaining members dividing up possessions or holding a funeral service while fending off undead and that ends with them joining up with some new replacement members that they meet on the road or at the nearest temple.
Step 3: Back to the campaign!

They'll still need a brief hiatus to sort out the finer plot details and audition for new nerds that will gel in with the group - but overall it doesn't seem anywhere near as unsalvageable as you're making it out to be.

Though with that said the best and funniest resolution to this would be to drop Jared and Holly - but not Diath and Strix. Anyone can play anything in a tabletop RPG, they can even play characters designed by someone else!

No. 815347

I can see that, killing off toxic couples with falling rocks seems to be a growing trend in fantasy recently

No. 815348

I cannot imagine the level of chimping that would be achieved if someone dared play Holly's self insert. She would lose her fucking mind.

No. 815353

File: 1559207968148.jpeg (320.91 KB, 1076x873, BA685028-033E-4A45-B8BA-B06EA0…)

I made something to sum up Holly’s shitty attitude.

No. 815360

What if.. they replace Jared with another actor playing the role but keep Holly? Things will get awkward real fast.

No. 815361

Well, the way it works I believe is that the war is between two families, and Holly and Nate's characters are descendants of the rival families. Also something about if Jared and Holly's characters get together, then the world ends ? I honestly dont know much more than a quick dive in their wiki months ago

No. 815362

"Welcome back… so here we are after the world ended"

No. 815363

File: 1559209097207.jpeg (280.51 KB, 1125x791, 92451464-32FA-4BA3-B64C-B104FD…)

No. 815367

LMFAO. You have such an evil mind.
>if Jared and Holly's characters get together, then the world ends ?
Well then writing them out is easy then. They try getting together and then insert God here says hell no, and traps their souls on different planes. Even a resurrection spell wouldn't work for them at that point. Plus, it even leaves Strix/Holly room to continue on with a side story of getting back to her friends.

No. 815368

So are they on hiatus for months? Waiting for the drama to die down enough to bring back the terrible twosome or do they need that long to sort out the story after dumping 2 important characters?

No. 815380


How many people will have their incomes affected? What a mess.

No. 815387

File: 1559214100330.jpg (55.83 KB, 605x631, twitter.JPG)

No. 815389

The… the fandom betrayed them??!

Ahahahahaha okay there, Holly. That smacks of such sockpuppetry it's fucking fantastic.

No. 815391


Imagine being so pussy whipped by some youtuber that you think people calling them out on cheating, lying, pedophilia, and blatant abuse of power is betraying them.

No. 815392


I don't buy for a second that this is a real fan. No one, no fucking one, not even some diehard sportsfan, thinks they owe that kind of an allegiace to someone they're fan of. You don't see MJ's fans bleating on about "b-bu-but we've betrayed him!! we're forswooooorn!!!"

It doesn't happen. Sounds like someone's trolling, or bored in Nevada.

No. 815393

File: 1559215303845.png (1.04 MB, 638x1425, enhance.png)

hashtag confirmed

No. 815394

Jesus, that twitter user talks about an internet show about dnd the same way a loserboy talks about the unabtainable beautiful girl he's in love with. "Shes way too good for me anyway, i dont deserve her!!"

No. 815395

I checked and it looks like they're some severely autistic sonic-loving filipino chick. like, they've sunk a LOT of time posting bad pencil drawings online so I can buy they're just a gullible retard.

No. 815397

Lmaooooo anon! The last bit is ABSOLUTELY next thread pic

No. 815398


… you know what, that does make sense in a way now that you mention it. "I am a fan of X!" is their sole identity, of course they're gonna be shooketh.

No. 815412

So awful. I was a big fan of DCA. I hope Chris, Anna and Nate are able to keep it going. It's bullshit two liars and cheaters ruined it for other people

No. 815414