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No. 1008879

Last time on the the "How Is This Still A Thing???" Edition…

>Projared acts openly annoyed with people sending him sexual messages despite being a proven sexpest and condoning homoerotic fanart of him

>Heidi dunks on jared and holly by continuing to thrive

>In light of many allegations against pro players in the gaming scene, people are beginning to call out Jared soliciting nudes from fans

>Holly's fans continue to white knight and she rewards their loyalty by letting them double date on the beach, once again proving Holly and Jared do not respect innate power dynamics in fan/creator relationships.

>Milk has been relatively dry (a dipshit claiming to be sending nudes to projared is not milk, post proof or gtfo) until PennyArcade posts a vampire campaign featuring Holly as one of the player characters. Fans of the show were quick to point out that Holly was visibly distracted and uninterested in participating, playing with her phone and audibly laughing at inappropriate times. Holly at first acknowledged their critiques, but quickly turned it into a personal attack against her and openly named lolcow. Her hardest working white knights flooded the comments section to mewl in her defense. Anyone who is against Holly is officially an agent from lolcow. Congrats guys, we're famous!

>After the youtube shitshow, Holly decided to go to twitter to apologize to her fanbase for calling someone "unfixable" and asked them to tell her if she does anything wrong so she can correct it. Just kidding! When confronted by fans with her pattern of shitty behavior and fans pointing out the fact she refused to even name the person she was apologizing to, she doubles down saying that the "person" (Heidi) is her abuser and she will never apologize to her abooser. She then asks her critics to just leave her alone because she didn't do anything wrong uwu. Her army of simps descended like flies to shit while she posted the next day like nothing had happened.

>Heidi revealed during the twitter debacle that Holly had her blocked the entire time, but a little later Holly unblocked her, reblocked her, and then unblocked her again. Muh mental health amiright?

Quick Synopsis of PigdeonGate:

>Jared "the Wormdick" Knabenbauer was a semi prominent personality on the gaming side of youtube. He was involved in many communities such as NormalBoots, Game Grumps and Dice Camera Action as a member of the D&D campaign "Waffle Crew".

>In May 2019 he released a tweet saying he and his wife were separating and to give them space…except he hadn't told his wife and had her blocked the entire time.
>His then wife Heidi O'Ferrall proceeded to reveal to the public he had been gaslighting and abusing her for years, and in the twist no one saw coming, was cheating on her with his DCA co-star, previous cosplay juggernaut Holly Conrad.
>It was revealed through internet sleuthing she had also been cheating on her husband Ross O'Donovan of Game Grumps fame before their divorce. Although it was at first amicable, the joint tweet discussing their separation has since been deleted and Ross refuses to hardly utter her name.
>Holly checked herself into a mental hospital from being cancelled too hard
>Fans came out of the woodwork revealing Jared to be a sexpest who had been soliciting nudes for years, some of which were underage.
>Holly came back to throw herself to the wolves by trying to equate her suffering at being cancelled as to Etikas suicide (didn't work, she got dragged harder). Jared went into hiding to try to salvage his image.
>Jared released a video, "You've Been Lied To", to youtube detailing the "true events" and successfully manipulated his way back into his fans good graces.
>Heidi spoke her truth on a regular basis and stuck to her guns, and Holly tried to mental gymnastics her way into everyone loving her again.
>Jared and Holly moved in together and continue to this day to baww about Heidi being an evil witch and being cancelled including releasing a shirt saying ~CANCELLED~

For More On Holly Conrad's Dubious Past:
>A History of Holly: >>838840 (Source: PULL)

Links to the Clowns Involved in this Circus:

>Jared Knabenbauer/ProJared:


>Heidi O'Ferrall/AtelierHeidi:


>Holly Conrad/Commander Holly:


Ross O’Donovan
Do Not Bother Ross O’Donovan
>Game Grump and animator
You May Support and Subscribe at:
>Ross O'Donovan/RubberNinja:

Image Credit: >>1008641
Thread Credit: >>1008543

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Reminder from Mods:
>Subjects have to be 16+ to be discussed on lolcow. Do not include Holly's 15 year old friend’s face or social media posts here.
>This is also a reminder that cowtipping is also against the rules, do not contact the girl or her parents because of her relation to Holly.
>Keep whiteknight posting to when they actually spill milk.

No. 1008883

beautiful thread pic

No. 1008885


Is this legit? It’s making me laugh.

No. 1008887


I doubt it.

No. 1008890

I think it was just someone's contender for next thread pic - but honestly, I could see Hoelly doing it. She's just insecure enough that I could see her put the next person exchanging nudes with Jared on blast publicly and sending their hordes of rabid fans after them.

No. 1008894

File: 1595014879489.jpg (257.19 KB, 1080x731, TheyTotallyCheated.jpg)

Heidi liked that tweet about Anna and Nate from the last thread

Also, apparently DnD Presents is on indefinite hiatus, the players will do a different campaign with new characters but with a new DM instead of Chris Perkins

Wonder if it has anything to do with the drama or if its just because of the pandemic

No. 1008896


Chris Perkins' home internet is shit and can't handle streaming.

No. 1008901

i mean, your relationship wasnt probably the best if a game of dnd was what made you want to throw it in the garbage but. can you imagine divorcing over a fucking dnd game.

No. 1008902


Better yet, can you imagine leaving your husband/wife of many years for a fictional character?

No. 1008908

Can you imagine getting real death and rape threats over a game? Jared couldn't keep it in his pants with anyone so no matter who he ended up with, his relationship was and is never going to be the best. Hoelly was the easiest that he could get and he wanted roleplay in and out of the game.

It's funny when you think about it, cause it was stinky, loud, emo witch and generic as fuck adventurer who both had the personalities of obnoxious cardboard. It wasn't even worth entertaining the thought of an in-game relationship. What's the point? You can buy white bread that would have had more flavor than "Striath" did. Everything that has happened to the parties involved happened over that two stereotypical, bland fictional characters and the bland people behind them.

No. 1008913

yeah, you're right, that's thousands times worse. poor heidi

No. 1008918

>Obnoxious cardboard
Top kek anon

No. 1008922

Heidi is friends with Cristina and Geoff and spoke about how they all supported each other so she has first hand knowledge of what happened with Anna and Nate too. Has Nate publicly addressed Jared or Holly since all the DCA drama? I know Anna has but I noticed Nate collabing with Arin and Dan on music lately.

No. 1008937

That's actually a really good point and something I had never thought about before. We all know about the drama, the cast members and DCA, but I don't think a lot of us, me included, know anything about Strix, Diath, or the contents of the D&D story they were playing. I would be really interested if anybody is willing to give a bit of a synopsis of Diath and Strux and their "romance", just so we can get a better feel for what was going on in game that led to all of this in the first place.

No. 1008938

hope there's a hero among us who can do the summary, those things were so cringy i felt my brain melt through my nose the one time i tried to watch the striax """romance"""

No. 1008943

There's a DCA wikia you can peruse and get mostly what you need from it. From what I gathered before, Jared's character is your typical Rouge who grew up on the streets, committed minor crimes, then suddenly became an adventure who will do ANYTHING for his friends because friendship and honor.
Holly's character is a demon who's parents sold her to a higher demon so she's constantly screaming about being scared or for some reason attempting to make pies because quirky.

Most of Perkins DMing comes from having to incorporate the canon DnD expansions he wrote into DCA as way to advertise the news books. So a big thing that was being brewed up in the new books was a demon war between two families. So let's make Jared and Holly's characters somehow related to those opposing factions, and if they ever got together, it would cause some sorta demon apocalypse. So the drama is the "oh they have feelings but canr admit it AND even if they do they cause a chain reaction of apocalyptic events."

There's also some horse shit about the other guy player being part diety or some shit. Honestly, when I read the synopsis of their characters I couldn't believe how popular their show was. Everyone had the most boring nothing backstory and all of it was being carried by Perkins immensely good DMing. It's like a quarterback trying to cover for a team of amateurs, they can only get so far.

No. 1008956

>Holly's character is a demon who's parents sold her to a higher demon

bringing her childhood trauma into the game, kek.

(also sage plz)

No. 1008960

seeing as holly poisoned ross against heidi i'm guessing she'd also discredit geoff and cristina with some shit talking. also possible they just don't see an issue with it since it wasn't directly related to ross's stress

No. 1008974

Yep, that's what I meant. Those two backstories are so cliche and cringy. Jared's roleplaying consisted of, "I glide across the room like a Swiffer and pull out a dagger" and Strix's is, "wHo WaNTs MeAT pIEs?! My pet is having sex?! What's sex?!? Literally screeching every time she spoke.

I really never understood the point of having her character use magic when she has the intelligence of a peanut.

No. 1008978

Both Jared and Holly are those kind of players, who always just play a thinly veiled fantasy world version of themself.
Something that always ends up annoying as fuck for anyone at the table.

No. 1008980

From what I read Diath's bloodline was angelic in some way?
Yeah, sure, okay.

No. 1009021

File: 1595031363278.png (54.4 KB, 590x462, Jirard.png)

Just as I expected from the NormalBoots lot. Just performative lip-service.

No. 1009023


Doesn't Jirard still do Mario Maker videos with Ross? What an asshole

No. 1009025

I mean they're all 'fake-woke' douchebags that will only feign support to boost their image.

No. 1009030

You know how Jared/Holly/DCA stans were celebrating that "The tides are turning" last year?


No. 1009036

Well, what? Not that much has changed aside from a corporate mandated blacklisting of Jared from D&D.

People officially involved with the brand still stan Holly and give her platforms and appear to just be waiting for the right time to drop her back in their spotlight.

No. 1009038

Wow, so they can be be your angle and yuor devil, how creative.

You can take the man out of the gamer culture, but you can't take the gamer culture out of the man.

No. 1009041

That may have been true before her recent psycho tirade after a game, but people may be more hesitant now after seeing that she can't handle feedback/criticism.

No. 1009043


One does not simply tell Holly Conrad to "Maybe sit this one out".

No. 1009045

Their social media manager was tweeting cottagecore at her the day after.
So no.

No. 1009053

Wow…and I used to think Jirard was a cool dude. Then again there was always something a bit fake about him in my mind. Shame that he did that to Heidi.

No. 1009054


PBG did, too. It must suck so much for Heidi because so many people who supported her switched sides the second jared dropped his video, even though his video didnt address anything he did to Heidi, just the underage accusations

No. 1009056


They were never 'on her side' to begin with. They just waited until it was 'safe' to openly support Jared again.
Hell, they probably knew he'd come up with a way to wriggle out of trouble anyway.

No. 1009057


Even then his defense for potentially receiving underage nudes was to say he asked if they were 18+ and that IDs can be faked. Like bars, clubs, porn sites haven't been using IDs to prove age since forever.

The reality is that Jared could have been making fart noises with his armpits for the entire video and groups like Normal boots or Treesicle still would have bent over backwards to praise him for "clearing" himself.

No. 1009058

File: 1595035645718.png (35.89 KB, 592x352, hollygotcrabs.png)

Source of the Emmy has been revealed:

>"Went to Party, Got Crabs"

She sure did.

No. 1009059

Their social media manager being personal friends with Holly doesn't mean she has the ability to launch Holly back into relevancy at WotC. Holly is washed up and a brand risk. She doesn't draw any sort of sizeable audience where it would be worthwhile to put her on a big show. That's why she is stuck playing VtM with a bunch of nobodies for a few thousand viewers.

No. 1009061

I'll believe it when Strix gets taken out of Idle Champions like Diath was.

No. 1009064

This. She's done and she knows it. The only thing keeping her relevant is her public meltdowns. This last freakout was so terribly embarrassing for her and I'm sure even those "friends" who interact with her on Twitter were gossiping about how unhinged she came across

No. 1009065

it's not an emmy, it's a certificate of appreciation for her contribution to the costuming. people need to learn how to read.

No. 1009068


You're right, but her Twitter bio literally says "won an Emmy once"

Shes deliberately misleading people who dont know any better

No. 1009071

and her followers eat it up

No. 1009075

File: 1595038024085.png (61.61 KB, 470x662, heidisnapped.png)

Inb4 @McTravDad ends up in Holly's likes/follows

No. 1009077

Also, how the fuck can that dude say "You're BOTH doing your best to better yourselves"? What the fuck is pedodick doing to better himself? He and Hoelly both still bring up the drama and how they are somehow the victims every chance they get. That's not someone trying to do better

No. 1009095

File: 1595040271822.png (96.66 KB, 590x662, proyoutuber.png)

Heidi lays down some hard truths

No. 1009101

File: 1595040834933.png (43.96 KB, 590x370, proyoutuber2.png)

No. 1009125


Yet proadulterer fans will stay say she did it all/brings it up for clout

No. 1009127

Right. Because she is the one who made a t-shirt that says "cancelled" and had her pedodick boyfriend model said shirt….oh wait…

No. 1009188

File: 1595059259414.png (939.73 KB, 1536x2048, 02D474F8-07C5-4091-B88F-87C7FD…)

In case anyone’s interested, Holly’s “store” has a tumblr and it’s mostly just the same shit from her instagram with witchy elements and “how to banish the meanie thoughts” shit mixed in

No. 1009198

File: 1595061452020.jpg (185.55 KB, 1120x630, titanmaxipartycrabs.jpg)

A participation certificate for a garbage show no one remembers that looked like this. "won an emmy for costuming" kek. ok Holly.

No. 1009199

This is a blog post by someone who gives out mental health advice to teenagers.
Let that sink in.

No. 1009200

i'm wondering about the other YT people who expressed support for heidi, what's their stance now. PUR went on a long tirade about how jared was slimey, but is still friends with PBG and Jeff, who of course are still buddy buddy with Jared. I guess that's adult relationships for you, you gotta close one eye if a piece of shit is two o three levels of acquantaces away from you, otherwise you wouldnt have any friends at all

No. 1009202

I'm pretty sure people confronted her later on and she stood by her statements.

No. 1009213

File: 1595067570203.png (92.55 KB, 1682x572, Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 6.17…)

As >>1009202 mentioned she stood by her words when the stands came around asking if she wanted to apologize after his 'truth' video dropped, tou can find a cap in one of the past threads.

> still friends with PBG

Is she? I didn't follow jeff so I payed less attention to his friendship with pur, but she stopped listing pbg in her side bar long before the drama happened and doesn't follow him on twitter (tho he still follows her). Not sure when she stopped following him on twitter but a cursory search shows that the last time she directly tweeted at him was oct 2019.

No. 1009229

oh. i'll go eat shit then.

No. 1009232

Are these still up? I couldn't find them and Heidi's replies are full of some dude sperging about lolcow and trying to link her to tweets from her own page that come up unavailable.

No. 1009233

lol it was a legit question when I asked 'is she?'. the unlisting him on yt was long before she stopped tweeting at him, so I don't think one social media removal is a reflection of their real life friendship. it doesn't seem like they are friends now but also i don't follow pbg anymore so if she showed up or was mentioned in of his videos i'd really have no clue.

No. 1009234

it's really hard not to come off as passive aggressive on this site ahah. i meant it as well, i assumed they were still friends because i saw them occasionally replying on each other's posts on twitter, but i must have been wrong; i could swear i saw jeff's replying to one of her latest post but i cant find it anymore. anyway, this is way off topic so sorry about that!

No. 1009263

Is it weird that I kind of want a comprehensive list of YouTubers who are pro-ProPedo?

No. 1009265

well, his besties are definitely jirard and pbg (skinny "this ain't it chief" legend lmao. can you believe these people are all older than 30). i would think by osmosis jeff is also cool with jared. beyond that, no idea.

No. 1009270

Gamer bros being fake and shallow? STOP THE PRESSES

I'm sad that she put her trust and respect in these people and it backfired, but gamer guys do not give a shit about women lol, just their bros.

No. 1009291


UGH. My eyes are going to roll out of my head.

Holly you are not Strix and you don't actually have magic.

No. 1009296


Strix is dead, Holly. You've had over a year now to bring her back but you've been to lazy. Its over, move on, find new hyperfixation besides Jared's roleplaying dick

No. 1009302

Slightly OT but what I find extremely disappointing on the part of Jirard was that he made a whole speech on Twitter about being disapproving of YouTubers and the like who take advantage of fans just like Jared did and even donated to a charity combating that, only to go ahead and still support Jared.

There's only being there for your bros and then there's shit like that that truly shows you don't give a damn about those kind of issues. I truly thought Jirard was better than that, but now I'm just disgusted.

No. 1009308

She'd have to try and pretend the whole past year didn't happen in order to do that, just like when she changed her interests after the past other scandals that she's been a part of.

Too bad Holly is so far in the pity-me zone that she'd never fail to bring it back up just so that fans could keep kissing her ass.

No. 1009310


Honestly it's just a guy think. A lot of dudes (NoTAllMeN) could not care less if their bros cheat or abuse their wives/girlfriends. Hell, if anything they help each other cover it up

My guess is Jirard was disgusted by the pedo stuff, but once Jared proved he only accidentally jerked of to minors because he was too lazy to ID people then Jirard was okay with everything else, either because he didnt care or because he had Holly and Jared telling him their little "Heidi is a monster" story

No. 1009321

File: 1595087314774.jpeg (71.45 KB, 691x640, EdAMYpgU0AAHFYi.jpeg)

Found this excellent meme on Twitter

No. 1009333

haha nice. Glad that some people on Twitter can see through Holly's bullcrap

No. 1009342

That doesn't surprise me. Same thing happened with PBG on only hearing Jared's side and sticking by him, going as far to tell Heidi that she's the one that's wrong.

No. 1009437

So basically she sketched a clothing design that they used in the show? It's like giving a baker some eggs, then saying you won the blue ribbon for their cake. I don't think it's wrong for her to be proud of contributing, but to shorten it in her bio to "won an Emmy" is disingenuous. Does anyone know exactly what Holly designed, or what about the episode really stood out in costume design? It doesn't look all that spectacular from the screencap.

To be fair, it's a reblog, but the point still stands. No amount of burning candles will keep Holly from obsessively namesearching herself on Twitter.

No. 1009551

this comment made me think

its going to be so sad (for hoe) when she cant find another great emotional turmoil event to start and pedodick leaves her
she will always just remember how exciting and fun it was to pry a pretty girls husband of many years away from him through roleplaying and manipulation, itll be her greatest move shes accomplished and will probably ever accomplish since she doesnt pick up any fucking hobbies or interest aside from birbs
imagine being permanently stuck on this sort of once a life adrenaline event

No. 1009559


Shes gonna be shocked when most of her friends choose Jared's side

No. 1009611


New episode with Holly, not sure if this a direct continuation from last video but who knows if her behaviour is better.
Taking bets now what happens

No. 1009620

First comment is a big pat to Holly's ass, and it was liked by PA, of course. Just encouraging the "Holly is still supported despite her BS" crowd.

No. 1009622

$20 says BlueJay even goes to Jared's side - maybe becomes his next "I'm so damaged, I need PedoDick to save me" fuckbuddy.

No. 1009625

File: 1595125301247.png (291.91 KB, 727x269, Self Insert.png)


I see she's playing another thinly veiled version of herself.

No. 1009630

Jared is live again and Holly is once again trying to get his attention in chat, but he's eerily paying way more attention to ScarletMoth

No. 1009657

Do you have any screencaps? I tried to watch but gave up after 5 minutes because it was too boring

No. 1009728

ScarletMoth sends him nudes and he doesn't need to deal with her on an every day basis so she is still shiny and new for him.

No. 1009733

He can't leave.

Miss Moneybags is his meal ticket right now. He's still suffering from the drama in terms of income, and Heidi's getting that sweet, fully deserved alimony.

No. 1009736

reading these replies makes it so much sadder that Holly reads these threads. Ole Labia Lids having truth spit at her while either seething silently with Jared in the house or over-divulging to him (or her birds if he's not listening)
baffling how un self aware she is when anons here can probably tell her more about herself than her "therapist" who doesn't chide her for reading here.
it's past schadenfreude and back to pathetic. I almost feel more empathy for someone like Shayna at this point, because holly should know better

No. 1009751

Something tells me that Hoelly is real good at spinning a tale to her therapist just like she does to anyone else, and the moral of the story is ALWAYS "I'm the victim, everyone else is unfairly harsh to me and is trying to gaslight me, 24/7". Any mental health professional worth their weight would shut that shit down if they found out a patient was going onto hate boards as a form of self harm, so at this point, either the counselor has tried (to no avail) or they just don't know about it in the first place.

No. 1009752

The thing about therapists is, they only really know as much as you tell them. It's entirely possible she never goes into any detail beyond "the hate mob is after me on the internet, hate sites love spreading lies about me!".

No. 1009759

That's what I'm saying. Hoelly can hold up visits with her shrinks/therapists and say "Well, they said, x, y, z!", but it doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot unless she's being 100% honest and transparent with them. Hoelly's already shown that she struggles with both of those things, so that mental health pro was cut off at the knees before they even had a chance to help.

No. 1009760

If she even opens up about that stuff to begin with.

No. 1009761


I had a quick glimpse and the first 5 minutes she's hunched over, again, then seems mostly interested in Patrick. Pretty boring tbh.

No. 1009764

Patrick's partner better watch out; Hoelly tends to latch on to unavailable men that she works with like it's part of her job description.

No. 1009766


I found it kind of weird, like I know it's hard to tell with who they're looking, but she seems as if she fully pivots to look at him.

Or am I just imagining this?

No. 1009769

Is it possible it has less to do with him being a guy she's interested in and more that he's not a girl who's prettier than she is?

No. 1009775

File: 1595158554759.jpg (150.05 KB, 1080x593, Screenshot_20200719_123540.jpg)


Probably. The whole first 5 minutes avoiding looking at anyone talking, playing with her hair, and just facing Patrick.

No. 1009782

The fact that her face barely peers over her name placard kills me every time. She really is slowly morphing into an actual baba yaga.

No. 1009786


I dont know which of her streaming habits frustrates me more, her hunching or her constant chewing on her hands/fingers/hair

It hurts my back watching her

No. 1009788

Holly is has no right to complain about girls being prettier than her when she doesn't even make an effort to make herself look the least bit presentable or moderately attractive. And I'm talking about super-model hot, but just like…if you want to build your brand by being on camera all the time, there has to be some standards.

No. 1009792


It's because she spent years being Strix whose whole thing was being weird and quirky and ugly in the cute sexy anime way. Remember from a million threads ago when people compared fan art of Strix and Diath to the real thing? That was fucking hilarious

Maybe it's just because for DCA they were all playing remotely from their own houses while for this show it seems like they're on a set. Maybe she feels less confident when she is in the room with people and also when she knows everyone there plus everyone watching knows all the fucked up shit she has been up to

Is this new dnd show recorded all at once or every week? Are these all old recordings they are airing or is each episode recorded right before release?

No. 1009805

Her camera presence is really awful and the posture is killer, but at least she's trying in this one and it isn't nearly as bad as the last. She just honestly sucks at her job and needs to find something else to do, but if she's going to force it on herself at least it's better like this without using her phone.

>Skills: manipulation
Bet that feels good for her to see, lmao.

No. 1009808

This was recorded in February. The YT videos ate one long session broken into shorter parts.

No. 1009820


INB4 some comments point our the irony of her character traits and she goes nuclear again saying that she "based them off of an abuser who abused her and her boyfriend these past few years"

No. 1009821

File: 1595170834076.jpg (267.18 KB, 720x867, 20200720_025651.jpg)

Funny how (and by funny I mean predictable) that this is the first time Propedo has ever retweeted Holly's business after we were just talking about it here.

No. 1009822


Do you think he wormed his way into the "company" to get part of that sweet stan money?

No. 1009845

Wouldn't be a surprise if he did. As he said himself, his YT income is unstable and he's gotta pay Heidi's alimony. He probably barely has enough to get by on his own.

No. 1009846


I'm sure he has enough to get by, he just doesnt have the money to live the same luxurious lifestyle he did before, which to people like that feels the same as not having enough to get by

No. 1009847


Same anon. At one point she was playing with her hair using it as a moustache then sucking on it. My 4 year old niece does that. I get we all have habits, I twirl my hair too, but not when I'm at work.

Honestly I wanted to get into DnD as a total noob I watched some of this and smiled through some DCA, and fuck me it's boring. Is this actually a good representation of DnD?

No. 1009848


Honestly, she's probably just screeched at him to pay attention.

I dunno why, but everytime I always imagine she sounds like this clip

No. 1009862

It is, but D&D is a bit more fun when you're actually participating in the game yourself. But yeah, hearing about someone's OC or their D&D campaign is one of the most painfully boring social experiences you'll ever have to sit and smile politely through. Almost as bad as being forced to watch a million youtube videos you have no interest in back to back. So to be honest I don't totally understand the appeal of watching D&D unless they cut out a majority of the downtime.

He will occasionally like things from her store or brand, but you can tell he tries really hard not to like any posts that are actually by Holly. If he likes a post about the store it's usually from the other girl Kayla and not from Holly herself.

No. 1009866

critical role is a better look at a group of friends playing d&d, you can really feel the energy and enjoyment. Like other anon said it’s very different when you’re the one playing though

No. 1009867

I doubt they make much money at all from their shop. The dice might sell a little better than the ugly clothes, but they probably make very little profit and judging by the engagement it's not really reaching a lot of people.

I'm curious to see the actual quality of those dice without them being heavily filtered. They look really sloppily filled and uneven around the metal frame.

No. 1009878


Thanks, maybe I'll check those out. I only know VtM from the Bloodlines PC game years ago. I feel for Jasmine though, she looks really into it and seems to be enjoying and everyone else seems very 'stiff'? I don't really know of the other people though so maybe it's just early game.

No. 1009918

They also missed the dice making train by like a year.

the only dice people who are making good money are those making artisan pieces and sets like Yaniir. These dice are boring and dont even seem brand relevant. Maybe if they got someone to make little bird feet or feather inlays, something relevant but I feel like you could buy these dice but nicer at any company that makes table top gaming dice.

No. 1009921

The only reason he's promoting the dice is because he used them as a prize during his stream last night. And even then he never directly addressed Holly by name or anything.
It was pretty funny seeing her send heart emojis and try to get his attention in the chat ever 2 minutes while he talked to Scarlet Moth

No. 1009940

Nah - We know Hoelly shows up in these threads, she probably went after him to post about it, just like that "I'm happier than I've ever been" pic on instagram. I can picture Hoelly screeching at him to post about/with her until he just says "Fuck it" and does so.

No. 1009958


He probably misses having a partner who respects his personal space and work and who doesnt feel the need to monitor his streams

IF they are living together, that's fucking weird for her to be in the next room over watching his stream and talking to him in chat, like she can't handle 2 hours of her life without being his center of attention

No. 1009963


God I could not handle that constant over your shoulder presence. Imagine living with that? It's like my partner demanding my attention whenever I stream work
People NEED their space and boundaries for work/social. She's like an incessant leech who sucks the joy from everything around her.

No. 1009966

Well, we know why she is watching his streams. No matter how much she tries to pretend and tells him she trusts him, she knows deep down she doesn't trust him at all. He is a lying, cheating, porn sick sex pest. She probably becomes extremely unstable the moment he doesn't immediately respond to her. Every time he looks at his phone and she can't see the screen she is wondering what he is looking at and who he must be talking to. She NEEDS to keep tabs on him.

No. 1009968

He has to promote the brand because, again, he is dependant on Miss Moneybags.

And yet he's stuck with her.
Fully deserved, for both of them.

No. 1009972

Maybe now he gets what it felt like for Heidi to be completely financially dependent on someone, that the first time you say something wrong, they'll yank that money and you'd be completely and utterly fucked.

No. 1009974


Heidi mentioned in her stream that when she found Jared's old phone and messages with Holly that Holly would get angry when Jared went a couple hours without replying. She would be all like "Heidi must be being REALLY bad to you for you not to message me back right now"

Now she doesnt have an evil spouse to blame it on, so she is probably losing it. She never expected Jared to turn the neglect/ignore/stonewall tactic she encouraged him to use on Heidi against her

No. 1009977

i just dont even get the point of going to a therapist if you're clearly not wanting to improve your mental health, and it sort of feels like nobody questions that

No. 1009983

Which stream did she say that in? I'm curious.

Also I don't think it'll be long before Holly starts to make Jared cut ties with all of his female friends, at least the pretty ones that make her feel insecure

No. 1009985

I think it was in the like 2 hour stream she posted last year.

No. 1009986


Last year after Jared's video came out she did a long stream telling her entire side of what happened

It's on her YouTube channel if you're curious, defiently sheds more light on how fucking batshit insane Holly is

No. 1010022

Holy shit, for the first time I actually just sat down and watched the whole stream. It's really eye opening to how absolutely fucked the whole situation was, and I have no idea how some people can't sympathize more with Heidi after watching it. You can see how much it tears her up to talk about it. I don't think I would have been able to been half as strong as she seems to be if my husband hurt me that way.
It also leads me to assume the Holly probably pulls some shit with Jared. She probably gets extremely agitated when he doesn't reply to her texts as fast as she'd like, and I'm 100% certain the reason she pops into his streams all the time is to make sure he's not flirting or even talking to girls. Holly is controlling.

No. 1010023


Exactly. Holly should have seen this coming that he’d treat her the same way he treated Heidi.

On another note, $60 for a set of dice? No thanks. At least, not for those dice.

No. 1010024

I just re-watched the stream as well and realized how many parts of it I've forgotten. It's depressing how many people in my life have seen the entirety of Jared's apology video but haven't seen any of Heidi's story. I'm going to start showing this to people instead of just trying to defend her. Hearing it in her own words really makes you realize how so far from abusive she seems in person. And when she talks about other people going through the same thing at the end, I teared up alongside her. This is an extremely common pattern of behavior but until you've been through it you feel like you're completely alone in the experience. To this day I still haven't talked publicly about the abuse I went through at the hands of a semi public figure ex and I don't think I will ever have the courage to speak out the way she has. So seeing her not let Jared and Holly control the narrative is so refreshing and empowering.

No. 1010029


…And to think people like Rewired Soul only watched it to mock it.
(Yet Another Youtuber that fancies themself a 'Mental Health Guru' to no one's surprise)

No. 1010036

I really do sympathize with Heidi of a survivor of really bad abuse by an alcoholic family member. Abusers are so good at turning the narrative around and twisting it with careful wording in such away that it makes the victim look like a screaming abuser themselves, even if throughout the duration of their abuse they were quiet and blamed themself. The difference here is that Heidi had two abusers. Nobody ever says this but Holly was one of Heidi's abusers. Holly helped turn the narrative to make Heidi seem unstable, she manipulated Jared into believing Heidi was controlling and benevolent, and Heidi had no idea.
I know first hand, as do many people, that abusers are so good at simultaneously manipulating everyone around them to believe their victim is simply unstable, vindictive and attention-seeking.(no1curr Dr. Phil )

No. 1010041

Probably because being sympathized irl gives her a different high than just reading the asspats. I also bet she ups her visits when Jared or her friends ignore her, so while she's blowing up Jared's phone with:
The crocodile tears and victim mask come out leaving the therapist to give her the "love" and validation everyone forgot to give her that day.(inTeGrAtE)

No. 1010042

People keep asking Holly why she's still upset at Heidi when she 'won'.

It's because Heidi didn't let her get away with it.

No. 1010050

They both wanted the attention of Strix and Diath becoming reality. Instead, the thought of their relationship is a joke, reviled by everyone outside of their own little safe space. Jared can't even publicly say Happy Birthday to Holly without getting mocked in his Twitter replies. The stink is never going to wash away. So, in reality Holly isn't happy because she didn't actually win shit.

No. 1010073

I do occassionaly wonder why Heidi keeps replying to tweets about the drama instead of just ignoring them, but I guess that's what you have to do when you keep getting shit on for your husband cheating on you with his coworker over a year ago

No. 1010075

Honestly, if complete strangers came to my mentions to tell me "im so glad you and the person who ruined your life are doing better, you both deserve equally great things :)" id go nuclear too.

No. 1010104

Look at how well silence is working with Ross - people STILL hound him, and Jared/Hoelly took the opportunity to use his silence as explicit approval. At least this way Heidi gets to make clear that SexPest and Homewrecker aren't just innocent victims of 'cancel culture'.

No. 1010159

ross also has an actual platform to protect him. holly made up shit about him being abusive in private because she knows she doesn't have the power to flip the narrative so drastically on him like with heidi. she's not above turning people against him, she just knows she can't because of his fanbase so coerced him into the 'mutual' breakup'.

No. 1010181

Wait, what do you mean she made up stuff abt him being abusive? Did anyone close to them say that?

No. 1010197

Yep, this is exactly it. It was all about Striath for them. When they realized that instead of being seen as uwu so romantic they were seen as cheating, abusive losers after their actions came out they had to shoot the messenger of their own bad behavior. How dare anyone come between their ship of equally boring, uninspired, self insert characters.

No. 1010218


I never thought about it until now but I wonder if one of the reasons Heidi spoke out in the first place was that she wanted to get ahead of Holly's narrative.

I'm sure a few months down the line Jared or Holly would have made some big dramatic post about his abuse and how hard it was for them both or something and just completely throw Heidi under the bus. For all she knew, if she stayed quiet during the divorce then Holly could have just thrown out her smear campaign any time she wanted. In a way Hollly and Jared both were holding that over her head, "say anything and we will tell our huge fanbase this lie about you being abusive" yet they say shes the blackmailer

Some questions for yall:

1. How long do you think Holly and Jared would have waited to announce their love uwu if there had been no drama?

2. Do you think they would have gotten backlash if they had announced it if there had been no drama? Would people have figured the cheating out?

3. Do you think they would even still be together it there had been no drama?

No. 1010228

Would you stay quiet and ignore them if it were you? She's been backstabbed by two people she once cared about as they tried to publicly drag her, which could have damaged her career, any future opportunities, all because they had no self control. Kudos to Heidi for putting all the records straight and not let them tarnish her name.

No. 1010229

you're going to have to dig into the past threads for all the info because I'm on mobile at the moment and it's a pain plut a lot of stuff got deleted so it only exists in the form of screen caps in past threads. Mainly it was dan pirro and scarletmoth who were the source of that (both were stans turned friends of holly, and both were in direct contact with holly at the time).

they walked a lot of stuff back and deleted a ton after holly asked them to, but both claimed to have receipts in the form of screencaps of chats with holly that they were choosing to not release because holly asked them not to. here is a set of screencaps of sm talking to dp about it and saying the marriage with ross was not healthy for holly and toxic for holly at times: https://imgur.com/a/NHly8CO

knowing holly she sold that narrative to anyone she talked to privately, not just t rando stans on the internet.

No. 1010231


God those messages are so fucked up

I forgot that Holly tried to tell her fans that the only thing Ross was mad at Jared for was "giving in" when Heidi asked him to stop fucking Holly. Jesus fucking christ how delusional!

Also, friendly reminder that Moth and Jared exchanged plenty of nudes, think of that next time he is ignoring you in the stream chat and talking to Moth, Hoelly

No. 1010232

With her "I'm so sorry you're going through this. I'm there if you need me" tweet coupled with Jared's own bullshit divorce statement, Holly would've probably done little except vaguetweet about it.

The narrative she wanted was way more about how being Jared's post-divorce support led to "IRL Striath".

No. 1010233

Just tinhatting, but all that sounds more like Holly wanted an open relationship because she was cheating on Ross, and because the flame died out in the marriage Ross agreed to it. Otherwise he wouldn't have been massively depressed after the divorce.

Also I know I don't know these people, but Holly herself has mentioned many times on how Ross was a center of support during her mental problems and even let her keep her millions of birds in the yard. Don't know how it went from that to "Ross is abusive" but it seems hella sis.

No. 1010241


I mean, in Holly's messages to Heidi in early 2018 she told Heidi that she hadn't even told Ross about her and Jared's sexting(oops I mean striath rp) and their walk, she said that Ross had approved her hooking up with ladies but she had never talked to him about hooking up with other men

I think all the things she told Moth are just straight up bullshit, and that she reached out to DP to not post those messages because she knew alot of the stuff she told moth were lies to make her look better

You expect me to believe she it from "Ross doesnt even know me and Jared have a thing and sext/commission porn together" to "Ross knows and is okay and is soooo mad at Jared for respecting his wife revoking consent"

No. 1010242

I have no doubt that the toxicity Holly encountered was trivial shit like how she began to cry for the fish in a sushi restaurant and Ross' friends laughed at her about it. The birdatarian who isn't even vegan having a mental breakdown in a sushi restaurant is beyond absurd though.

I'm sure Ross was mentally broken, depressed, living on Arin and Suzy's couch after the separation because Heidi wouldn't just give Jared to Holly though! That's what he was truly upset about. A

No. 1010248

I have no doubt Ross was pissed at Heidi for the situation but I think it's because Holly lied to him about what was going on. Holly probably was acting insane and suicidal after Heidi revoked consent and Ross had to deal with the brunt of it. All he heard was "I'm being screamed at and threatened" and "Jared's being horribly abused!!" and he just took his wife's word for it and went into protective husband mode. Since Holly is such a massive abusive manipulator she somehow twisted his support for her into him supporting that Holly run off with Jared.

No. 1010250


I just dont know how Holly could have twisted it into her being the victim when she was doing that stuff with Jared without Ross's consent to her fucking around with men

My guess is she left out the months and months of her and Jared sexually roleplaying, commissioning porn, and planning to fuck in costume and instead just said "Jared totally out of nowhere expressed his feelings for me on this walk and then Heidi yelled at me :("

No. 1010255


KEK Oh man that's news to me, I need to look that one up for sure

Is literally everything she does posturing this narrative that she's a soft uwu forest witch who causes no harm to nature?

No. 1010262


Yeah, that’s the vibe I’m getting from the whole situation too.

So proud of Heidi for being so strong and getting the truth out there, that can’t have been easy when it was two vs. one.

No. 1010278

I don't know if this is old milk or not, but I noticed she deleted every picture of her and Ross together off of her Instagram too. I'm sure you'd want to completely erase a totally supportive husband who approved of your relationship out of existence though, right?

No. 1010282

Samefag, but I also noticed Jared deleted all of his old pictures with Heidi as well. >>1008363 was just posted in the last thread so this must have happened recently. How much do you want to bet Holly forced Jared to delete all his all photos with Heidi since it's proof he wasn't completely miserable with her back in 2018 like they claim? Also since he looks slightly less dead inside with Heidi than he does with Holly…it probably triggers her.

No. 1010283


The thing is, I never saw Ross interact directly with ThatScarletMoth, just Holly.

All this is telling me is that Ross was upset because Holly was upset.
Holly was probably going on & on about Jared & Heidi, asking "Isn't that fucked up?!?" frequently.

As for Ross "giving Jared his blessing"… seems like he was just doing the same thing Heidi was; trying to 'fix' their marriage by letting the other bone whoever they want.

No. 1010289

Thanks for the recap! Appreciated.

Clearly moth was fed half truths and because shes friends with holly, wholeheartedly believed her. Maybe heidi is lying about something too, but not on the extent of what comes off of these screencaps. Honestly, everyone except heidi is so childish, acting like horny 21 year old who stomp their feet if they dont get what they want. I remember holly saying as a gotcha against heidi thay she wouldnt let jared go because she didnt believe in divorce!! And in her stream she's like, yeah, we're married, it should mean something. If you're planning on just upping and leaving for the next girl once you're tired of your current gf, why marrying her at all?

Re: ross, i wonder if things went to shit with him for similar reasons to heidi's, he maybe was convinced that it was a fuckbuddy situation and when it turned out to be the Great Love of our Generation, that's when he opposed to it thus being also branded as an abuser

No. 1010297

File: 1595265628871.png (35.48 KB, 594x296, 1560540227905.png)

since dan pirro came up again i thought i'd share this blast from the past tweet that aged like milk

No. 1010300

Holy projections, Batman! I almost thought this was describing HOLLY before I saw Heidi's name.

No. 1010301


I mean did it age like milk when there are still plenty of people who think this way?

No. 1010302


That's another thing that gets me too.
For someone who was so 'benevolent' & "was completely fine with it" you'd think Holly would keep up those good times with such an open-minded husband, ex or not…

…But NOPE! She's just gonna wipe all evidence of his existence from her Instagram.
It's almost like she doesn't want anyone to notice she was still with Ross in 2018…

No. 1010304

I see the tidbit abt ross depressed for months crashing on arin and suzys couch quite often, when was this ever stated? Did ross says so in one of his streams?

No. 1010306

File: 1595268402599.png (378 KB, 588x492, Feb-17-2018.png)


I mean, this one was from after 'the walk' they had in February 7, 2018

No. 1010308

I think he's mentioned it afterwards, but if you follow him, GG and SuperMega during then he was always at Arin's house or drinking with the SuperMega boys. He was basically always with someone during the time, probably because he was trying to avoid the pain. And during one Drunk Drawing episode he was like "I'm going thru a divorce so…" and kinda trailed off

No. 1010314

He was happily showing off Heidi and posting pictures of them together up until at least July of 2018. I don't really think Jared was picking Holly over Heidi. I think he was picking DCA over Heidi. Holly was just the anchor attached to the DCA ship he couldn't get rid of.

No. 1010323

File: 1595270945155.jpg (26.93 KB, 667x159, ross 6.JPG)

>>1010297 This is so insane. They say that when an abusive person tells you why they think they're being abused, they're actually telling what they're doing to you. I've never seen it in action so clearly, though. Also, it's strange that Dan Pirro decided to 'investigate' but his motives are so clear in every interaction that he has. He's not unbiased at all, and all of his secondary sources stem from only one primary source - Holly. And we've all seen that Holly's narrative is emotional and narcissistic at best. This is just bad reporting and investigating. Why doesn't he include both sides of the story if he's so intent on finding the 'truth'? It's like the parable of a bunch of blind men feeling different part of an elephant and trying to describe the animal. He's one of those people and he can't get the full picture until he looks at other perspectives, which I'm guessing he'll never do.

For example, "He was not allowed to have a life outside of her" could easily be disproved just by looking at the fact that he did, in fact, have a life outside of her. He went to cons without her, made videos and streamed without her, participated in games without her, etc. There is so much evidence that he had his own life and almost nothing to support the other perspective. And if he talked to Heidi herself then he'd realize that was true. But he went into this already viewing the situation through his own opinion of what happened, and that's why he will never see the truth clearly for what it is.

Also, the attached picture is from an old reddit thread and now I'm wondering if this person is the same person who was talking to Dan Pirro back then.

>>1010301 I think it's that it aged like milk because Holly is the only one who's exhibited this behavior. And the crowd of people who do believe this is thinning every time she has another outburst.

>>1010306 I know this is supposed to be cute, but that language makes me so uncomfortable. Showing off your wife as a hot anime babe that you get to 'own' so that you can put down groups of people who aren't married is just so gross. It's clear he just views her as a way to boost his own image to the public.

No. 1010327

That tweet gives me the creeps too. His wife wasn't "actual anime" - Heidi's a living, breathing person that Jared turned into little more than an object who he gaslit the shit out of any time she tried to display an opinion that didn't line up with his wants. It very much comes across as him having been with Heidi to have the hot anime wife, not because he actually loved her - and now, he's made such a mess of things with Hoelly that he's stuck with her when, in this case, he just wanted Diath/Strix IRL.

No. 1010329

File: 1595271749866.png (56.37 KB, 636x484, imthedog420.png)


I wonder if Ross actually knows this person like they claim though…

No. 1010330

File: 1595272138612.png (66.92 KB, 584x574, howdareu.png)

Heeeeere we go…

>"and your mentality that you won't be satisfied until Jared and Holly admit that they're completely at fault, surely you can see why they would want to avoid you."

No. 1010331

That's probably either Holly or one of her little soldiers on an alt account. Everyone else with an ounce of decency has tried to keep Ross as far away from the drama as he has asked.

No. 1010332

File: 1595272192721.png (48.28 KB, 586x406, shame.png)


Gotta shame her back into silence amirite?

No. 1010333

Heidi has never wanted admittance that they are COMPLETELY at fault - just some acknowledgement that they have SOME fault. Is it really that hard to go "Yeah, I fucked up some too - my bad"?

No. 1010337

Also, beautiful that the WK over there conveniently forgets it was holly to reignite this drama, to distract, of all things, from the fact she was on her phone on a dnd game. If holly at least be a bit mature about all of this she wouldnt touch the drama, heidi would go on living her life (safe for the occasional "wow last year sure was hell, im glad i survived, go me!", Which, you know, fair), and THE DRAMA would die out. But of course, it's all heidis fault

No. 1010338

Right? Like, they jump at Heidi for "conflict resolution" when Holly's form of resolving conflict (specifically the recent dnd/phone thing) was to screech about how it was due to her mental illness and how we all misunderstood it a.k.a. gaslighting literally anyone annoyed by her actions.

No. 1010339

File: 1595272803859.jpg (70.71 KB, 876x641, callistoblues.JPG)

Found this on their page. Do they not understand that Heidi is "person A" and Jared and Holly are supposed to be "person B" except they refused to engage in a mature and reasonable way?

No. 1010344

Callistoblues has zero followers on Twitter. They’ve got to be someone’s (probably Holly’s) alt.

No. 1010346


We'll see when Holly 'likes' their tweets or follows shortly…

No. 1010347


If they have zero followers, then their tweets are not gonna show up in the mentions of a much larger Twitter account. Unless you name search yourself, you won't see every mention on Twitter because it auto filters this stuff out. They are pretty much screaming into the void.

Either way, bad takes from anonymous alt accounts aren't really milk.

No. 1010376

>The narrative she wanted was way more about how being Jared's post-divorce support led to "IRL Striath".
I’d bet money that this is what they were setting up for and a big part of the reason Holly’s still so angry at Heidi is because she slapped down that narrative before it could even get started. Holly may have “won” Jared but not in the way she had envisioned, and she‘ll never forgive Heidi for that.

No. 1010379


> I don't really think Jared was picking Holly over Heidi. I think he was picking DCA over Heidi.

God that's so FUCKING true. And now DCA is gone and he is stuck with manic abusive pixie girl Holly instead of his tsundre witch waifu Strix

That's why to Holly and Jared Heidi saying that she would come forward about what they did to her and possibly get DCA canceled was the worst most abusive threat she could ever threaten

No. 1010382

And you could tell that the whole tone in Holly's response to Heidi coming forward was (unpleasantly) surprised.
She thought that Heidi would stay quiet.

At this point, it's pretty damn clear that she spent that week off to gather just the right info to make her & Jared into the perfect victims.

No. 1010392

Does he mean like how Holly incites a mob of her fans to spam Heidi's tweets exactly like this by repetitively alluding to her on twitter, having a private discord with them to discuss that shit and this thread, and encouraging the people who run those shitty "truth blogs" by making them her totally real friends? Cause yeah, Holly's exact behavior is an awful form of abuse. Also, they have not moved on with their lives at all. Holly and Jared bring it up so much, he just did those insta posts and got his fans all worked up over his stolen wine within the last few months. And they still have merch of it.

No. 1010399

Hoelly's a shitty person, but to be fair, she hasn't readded the "cancelled" or "boundaries" shirts to her merch store (yet; I wouldn't put it past her, lest she get to claim she's the victim of cancel culture again)

No. 1010415

Or they never sold any and the bad press wasnt worth the dismal sales after all

No. 1010419

Nah, her core few fans bought some - but it wouldn't matter if she didn't sell a single one. It wouldn't be due to the poor design or shit quality of the material, it would all be because the internet unfairly cancelled her because of her one true love's whore of an ex.

No. 1010442


Let's be honest the cancelled design was awful

She needs to stop the whole "mushrooms are my personality!" Thing

No. 1010445

It goes back to when Heidi had to be the one to put her foot down and tell Jared she wouldn't take him back. kek

Heidi was his trophy cosplayer "anime waifu" to parade around and show off. Holly was Strix, and now that she isn't he barely acknowledges her. It's like what anons have said in regards to him sticking with her for the time being to save face. It's best for him right now, but there's no future in Hored. I'm sure the milk will flow when the time comes since Holly is such a loose cannon.

No. 1010454

Who do we think will break up with who first? Or would it be more of a situation like what happened with Heidi, where Jared completely dunks on Hoelly and she finally starts to understand where Heidi was coming from?

No. 1010456

It will either be the case of Jared thinking he's in the clear so he just dips on Hoelly out of the blue (which would be fucking hilarious and milky as FUCK) - or - Hoelly finds someone new in that Vampire:Whatever game on YT and moves on to the next marriage she can destroy. Either way, I hope she fucking snaps and spills all of the information about PedoDick that she's held on to all of these months

No. 1010660

Thanks for the head's up anon, since she was still addressing the "Boundaries" shirt last week I assumed it was still in her shop. Shouldn't be shocked she was just beating a dead horse.

No. 1010760

She addressed the boundaries shirt because people pointed out she was profiting off of the drama with the shirts (despite her claims that the boundaries shirt came out BEFORE the drama). The problem with that is that just because the drama hadn't exploded publicly yet, it was still after the conversation Heidi had with both Jared and Hoelly regarding boundaries, if their poly thing was going to work. It was still an indirect slap in Heidi's direction that Hoelly thought was going to slip by unnoticed.

No. 1010776


Agreed, except Holly is so full of protection she probably doesn't see it this way. The timeline matches exactly with her breaking boundaries, but she's so myopically self-focused she can probably only see it as referring to her own boundaries.

Because she constantly feels like a victim of everything she does to other people.

No. 1010801


Holly is narcissistic enough to make the shirt based on her experience with boundaries, maybe with her "abusive and toxic" relationship with Ross

I honestly think she made the shirt about her own experience and was too self centered and delusional to even think about Heidi, I mean we all know that Holly has no respect for Heidi's boundries, why dedicate a shirt she didnt even design to her?

No. 1010904

I always assumed the shirt was about Heidi disrespecting Jared's "boundaries" by trying to set parameters within their relationship. After all, as his wife and the other primary person in their poly relationship, she should've respected his decisions to dick their mutual friends behind her back and after her consent was explicitly revoked.

Because that's how polyamory works.


No. 1010915


It's so funny because Holly didnt even do the art for that shirt, Holly 2.0 um I mean Kayla did. I just wonder how that pitch went

"Hey can you make a design of like an angry bird holding a knife saying boundries? My boyfriends wife said it the other day and I think it would be a good buzzword for us"

No. 1011149

The people who gave Holly constructive criticism have been shadow banned from the channel. And yes I came here because I was being dogpiled on by Holly's cult who kept bringing up lolcow.

No. 1011150

Have any good screenshots?

No. 1011157

File: 1595447618697.jpg (89.03 KB, 1068x632, 20200722_144744.jpg)

At least I have had some of my comments deleted. This is giving me some serious low tier god vibes. From my account.

No. 1011159

File: 1595447718520.jpg (113.41 KB, 1057x762, SmartSelect_20200722-144457_Yo…)

From when I'm logged out or in a different account.

No. 1011163

My first comment in the first video was constructive. It was just a throwaway comment I made and didn't really think much about. Then I got pissed when I had to keep dealing with her paranoid and annoying fans. Then that's when I started to get harsh and now here I am.

No. 1011164

It's funny that Holly thinks the only people who believe she has done any wrong are originally from here, when really her crazy behavior just leads more people who were already feeling the same way to these threads.

No. 1011228

Holly doesn't seem to understand that the more she keeps bringing up lolcow the more people she's going to drive here, and whether they like her or not they're all going to have over a dozen threads worth of screencaps and talk about her gross past and shitty behavior. You'd think she'd be doing all that she can to stop people from finding out about this board, but nope. She's gotta have something she can bring up so she can claim she's being bullied.

No. 1011234

Especially now that PULL is gone for good - They still have, what, like 20+ threads of Hoelly's poor behavior here to look back on.

No. 1011265


I'm pretty sure she knows exactly what she is doing. She has a history of bringing us up whenever the thread gets slow, and since we know reading this is a bad habit of hers, I'm convinced she sends people here on purpose

No. 1011270


When are people gonna fucking realize that having a cult-like fanbase that dogpiles anyone who criticizes them is a bad thing?

No. 1011271

File: 1595459909373.jpeg (345.06 KB, 640x876, 22F89DFB-831D-452B-A194-8F6E55…)

Does she have no self awareness?

No. 1011277


I sincerely hope she's posting this as a memo to herself.

No. 1011279


You just KNOW that she only means this towards anyone who criticizes her. That's Holly, queen of "do as I say not as I do"

No. 1011285

Strangely enough, I've rarely seen anyone come here to defend her, whereas on other threads you have wk's popping in from time to time to sperg. Why would she being us up when the thread gets slow? Does she like the negative attention?

No. 1011291

If it makes you feel any better, no one watches them anyway. The views are so low that it's basically scraping the bottom of the barrel.

No. 1011330

not sure what you mean since my comment is still there but I wouldn't be surprised

No. 1011344

So I popped into Jared stream fir a minute earlier and happened to catch somebody asking him in chat if he would start streaming dnd again. Jared stuttered fir a minute and then said that he didn't plan on it, because there are so many DnD sessions being streamed now and he doesn't see himself partaking in a new show. He did say that he was still playing on his own time. It was a tiny bit awkward when someone brought it up, and I kind of had the sense he was trying to come up with an excuse, but that's just me

No. 1011358


He knows that if he does a DnD show without Holly she will go nuclear

He also knows it will he hard to find other creators who would want to, especially hot women which is what he would want so he could make a new self insert casanova

No. 1011362

No, she doesn't - Otherwise, she'd realize that everything she claims makes Heidi "abusive" describes herself to a T.

No. 1011363

Narcs like any attention, especially negative, if it allows them to paint themselves as a victim. Hoelly's admitted to reading comments/threads as a form of self harm, so this doubly allows her to be "uwu poor and mistreated victim of cancel culture", despite the fact that if she'd just keep her fucking mouth shut, we'd leave her alone.

No. 1011417


What gets me is that it's not just her that visits here, plenty of her friends/stans such as sadoldmagician read this thread, too, which is just fucking weird. I cant imagine going out of my way to read a bunch of horrible stuff about someone (awful) I care about. How is that healthy?

Doesnt seem right for someone who identifies as a mental health advocate (dont worry I didnt say guru no need to get triggered, Clownrad) to advertise reading this thread as a self harming tool so much that now her fans are doing it

It is kind of romanticizing seeking out constant negative things that cause one pain, is it not?

No. 1011418

i guess there's also how infuriating it is to see people being WRONG from one's perspective. At least, that's why i'm still invested in this dry and trite shitshow lol. From their perspective, we're the loony ones for, GASP, not being head over heels for a 34 year old woman who has a mental breakdown over people telling her to maybe be more entertaining in her work as an entertainer and not doodle on her phone lol

No. 1011422


Its like, is having a majority of the internet on their side not enough? The general public views Jared and Holly as poor victims of cancel culture uwu and Heidi as the true cheater who also made up pedo accusations (seriously, it's crazy how many people think Heidi made up EVERYTHING)

Someone in a previous thread pointed out how Jared's comeback was mostly due to false information about what went down in the relationship/with the pedo and nudes stuff and that anon was 10000% right

God forbid theres one small place on the internet where people actually looked at both sides and came to their own conclusions

No. 1011424

we're talking about someone who thinks "abuse" is telling her "no" without coddling and pampering.
I'm sure what she went through in her childhood fucked her up royally, and that's not an easy thing to live with, but at the same time someone simply disagreeing with you and being harsh about it is not abuse

No. 1011426


Holly straight up weaponizes accusing people of being abusive and its disgusting

Like, for Heidi she built this huge narrative about her being a crazy abusive wife literally because she changed her mind and told Jared not to fuck Holly. She then proceeded to use that abuse accusation to slander Heidi to every mutual friend they had and slowly cut her out of her own cosplay/gaming community, and then again she used that accusation publicly to punish Heidi for speaking the truth when Jared announced their divorce. She holds this threat over peoples head because she knows she has leverage as a woman who is known to have a bad childhood/past and to be a positive mental health advocate and who has (had) tons of clout

Imagine if she would have thrown out Heidi being abusive before Heidi ever got a chance to respond/address the divorce or whatever. The internet would have 1000% believed her and Jared, especially since their story appeals to woke people who are all about "men can be victims, too" not that they can't, I just think that they knew that people would WANT to stand behind a Male abuse survivor. The only reason Heidi ever had the advantage was because she spoke first after having Holly holding the threat of "exposing her" over her head for over a year

Tinfoil but maybe one of the (many) reasons Ross didnt speak out is because he didnt want Holly to say that HE was abusive, which she was already doing behind the scenes according to scarletmoth.

No. 1011427

yeah, the more time passes, the more Ross's silence seems to be motivated by rightful self preservation. There were anons here being wistful and wishing he still has a soft spot for holly (ya'll are way too thirsty for that scrawny nerd boy lol), but it's way more believable he got his heart broken, doesnt give two shits about either jared or heidi, and just wants his life scrubbed clean of all of this. even the slightest association with CookooBirdMom is toxic

No. 1011429


But anon, he is the world's #1 Hared shipper!!! He even visited Seattle to comfort Jared over how hard it was to sneak around behind Heidi's back with his own exwife, how much more of a bro could he be! The only time he ever got mad at Jared was when he listened to his wife when she revoked consent to him banging the trash ditch, and even then he forgave him because he was a victim of abuse uwu

Obviously that's all sarcasm but that's legitimately what his supporters think of Ross/what happened

No. 1011430

aah, THAT'S why he was in a vegetative drunk state for months and even SJW damage control Arin Hanson was extremely protective of him if random fans cited the old "goddamit ross" meme… he was sad he DIDN'T get cucked! what a trooper /s

No. 1011475

Don't forget, she was YELLED at. Everyone knows that when you disrespect someone's boundaries, romance their husband, and then they do a big YELL at you for all you put them through you are the true victim uwu

>trash ditch
I laughed anon, thank you.

No. 1011479


big bad dragonborn heidi doing a fus ro dah at holly has got to be the most hilarious way she's tried to paint someone as abusive, honestly. I'm tinfoiling that holly actually genuinely believes yelling by itself is abusive because she had a fucked up childhood, one of her parental figures probably yelled a lot and she associates loud voices = bad. As a kid when you're a victim of your circumstance and can't take care of yourself that's one thing, and holly wasn't in a relationship with heidi so that she is constantly abused and yelled at, either. You disrespect someone's boundaries, you push yourself into their life in a way they aren't OK with, you manipulate them, and then they yell at you. And they are the bad guy… how?

No. 1011481

lol that was my favourite part too, Holly's complete lack of empathy for other people. Like, how hard it is to imagine that a person is hurt that her husband is planning on leaving her? even if you believe it's a loveless marriage and she's a raging bitch, how detatched must you be from other people's humanity to believe she's allowed to express emotions ONLY in a calm and collected way so not to upset you?

No. 1011597


When Holly talks about Heidi she makes it sound like Heidi abused her more than Jared. She talks about Heidi like she is so scared of her and as if she is a threat to her life

Holly: I was there! I witnessed the screaming and vile abuse!

Heidi: me and Hollly stopped speaking and havent seen each other since spring 2018

No. 1011601


Yeah, it really makes me wonder what caused Holly’s outburst on Twitter, other than trying to distract from the new DnD show drama. She claimed that she just wants to be left alone, but as far as I know Heidi hasn’t been the aggressor? She must just be letting Heidi live rent-free in her head and had to scream about it.

No. 1011617

It wasn't to distract, it was just a result.
Comments on the VtM video were similar to ones on lolcow (because people can't reach the same conclusions independently I guess) and people on lolcow also often bring up the "unfixable" tweet so…. She had to bring all her defenses at once.

It's pretty funny how lolcow gets under her jaundiced skin.

No. 1011713

I looked at the new VtM episode and there's only one comment against her (so far).

I bet if Holly and her wks had just kept their mouths shut on youtube, the series would go on unbothered. If she was getting shit on in the comments for every single video, she could pull the victim card and have a little more success. Instead, she lost her shit and turned more people against her because of the bad reception to ONE video, and the first one at that. Gotta love it.

No. 1011729

That's just it - She has no middle ground, it's either all calm and serene or it's intensity in ten cities levels of bad. Instead of responding to comments on VtM calmly and rationally, she went for the thermonuclear "I'm the victim and you're all gaslighting me and MAKING FUN OF MY MENTAL ILLNESS!!!" plan.

No. 1011798

File: 1595545885071.png (72.18 KB, 486x1068, twc-3.png)

>"Share with consenting adults all you want, but opening it up for anyone to follow and then being shocked to learn minors were there? That isn't a mistake. That is by design. It is a way to hold power and then claim ignorance when caught."

No. 1011812

The thing I don't get is he was on Nickelodeon. Who the fuck did expect to be in his audience after that? Why continue to take the legal risk? Regardless he still received nudes from minors and he didn't seem too digusted with himself about that.

No. 1011814

Not only that, but he gained a bunch of young fans when asagao academy came out. That game was basically just grade schoolers idolizing the NB crew.

No. 1011823

File: 1595550733440.png (25.6 KB, 490x416, twc-imdb.png)


>"Going by his IMDB page, he was part of AT LEAST three different ‘shows’ that would have been something that minors would have watched (including one about minecraft, one about pokemon…"

Inb4 some IMDB devs get an e-mail/call from Holly or a DCA stan to "shut it all down"…

No. 1011826


Do we have any archives or screenshots of the actual nudes blog(s)?

I'm just curious to how it was run/oraganized

Did he actually post the nudes people sent in or did he just use the blog to tell people to send them

No. 1011829

I'm curious about this too

People always talk about all of the nudes and conversations he was having but I've really only ever seen 3 convos and the 1 nude that everybody knew about that 2as floating around. It'd be great if we could archive all of the conversations.

No. 1011830


I wanna see the blog itself, tho, not just his DMs with fans

No. 1011840

I wish I had screen caps but I followed him during the shift of his Tumblr to nudes.
He posted nudes people consented to having posted. It was all very juvenile thirst from Jared and the fans. Sometimes went more intimate like Jared talking about jerking off to things.
The big thing is, from what I remember, he rarely Reblogged things that didn't tag him. He only wanted submissions and asks. Not to just share random porn

No. 1011846


"Hey guys, submit your nudes so I can publicly say how sexy you are and all my underaged fans who follow this blog can see you, too "

No. 1011854

File: 1595556505297.jpg (Spoiler Image, 239.89 KB, 1884x938, projaredtumblrcompilation.jpg)

I don't have pictures of the nudes blog, but a while back I went through the wayback machine and looked at his old public tumblr and the whole thing was just full of things like this attached image. I am really curious about his actual nude blog, too.

No. 1011857


"But he N E V E R solicited nudes!"

No. 1011868


It was just a meme, he never expected people to take it seriously uwu

No. 1011889

I've seriously wondered whether or not he's still encouraging this stuff now, except on his twitter and instagram because he doesn't have his tumblr anymore. I'd like to think he'd be against recieving being solicitation and nudes in his dm's but I also think he may still be accepting them, seeing as that kind of behavior doesn't just stop cold turkey when you get called out for it.

No. 1011890

Why would he stop, Anon? He faced, like, the barest minimum of ramifications from running the porn blogs - and in the long run, if he could get Hoelly to shut the fuck up about the drama and move on, you'd probably never know that he was caught with his hand down his pants, so to speak. He made a post awhile back with some nudes he'd been sent and said "This is not what my business email is for"….not that he didn't want them, just that he didn't want them at his business email. My guess? He's still doing the same shit, just being sneakier now.

No. 1011909

Anon, it's great you're proud of your blog, self anon and your witty responses, but can you stop reposting screenshots here? People agreeing jared is shit is not milk, we're basically already an echochamber going on about how lame both j and h are, there's no point in seeing it in tumblr format

No. 1011920


Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he’s still getting nudes, considering that he “survived cancel culture.” Sadly there are still a lot of people who vehemently defend him, despite his shitty behavior.

No. 1011928

I was only wondering because I know that, as >>1011890 pointed out, he got pissy when somebody sent him nudes, even if they were to his business email. You'd think he'd rejoice and be happy about getting them, regardless of where they were sent.

No. 1011930

Probably because it was some rando dude and not a lady.

No. 1011957

Yeah let's not forget that dudes and ugly girls were used for sex positive points, while the females deemed hot enough would have the privilege of continuing the conversation with ProNudist lol

No. 1011962

Jesus, for real? That's so shitty. I wish there was a complete archive of this stuff

No. 1011967

yeah, well the guy part is my speculation, I'm sure he got male nudes as well; but someone who knew about the blog (can't remember if it was a fan or a mod) said that he'd pick who to continue chatting and sexting

No. 1011995

It was more that with the ones he wasn't personally attracted to, he'd give a simple "good job", but with the ones he found attractive, he'd make more in-depth comments or continue to message them further.

No. 1012017

Even with a complete archive people would still defend him until their blood runs dry because they're power hungry scrotes who would do the same thing in his position. They'd find a way to spin it to 'it's ALL Heidi's fault!!!!' as well.

No. 1012022

I’m just really confused why the f anyone would even still bother asking for nudes of this guy. If it’s for self pleasure or just to leak out on the web, folks got weird priorities.

No. 1012043

Asking? No, he was the one encouraging his fanbase to send him nudes.

No. 1012044

the reason this works in holly's favor though is because i doubt anyone else on the show is obsessive or narcissistic enough to lurk the early comments as hard as her, they probably only started attention after holly blew up and drew out a bunch of responses pointing out everything she did wrong. Sure they were right but from the perspective of people on the show it was all good until holly told them to look and suddenly she was getting brigaded for shit from the past she 'apologized' for.

Like if you follow along she's clearly in the wrong, but not everyone does and its' too much work to piece it all together retrospectively while holly is screaming in their ear about being the victim. this is how she has wild outbursts and still gets work at this point. It's a classic narc crazy making technique. I think she'll have diminishing returns on this tactic, but not fast enough.

No. 1012073

Honestly, I don't even know if I would've called that "pissy"
I think he was trying to be funny – in fact, I laughed at the idea of people sending nudes to someone's business email, and the dry response of "this isn't what my business email is for" got a chuckle out of me, though it does certainly lend itself to an idea that there's another email it IS for
But then I remembered it was Jared and felt like the whole thing is in poor taste

I'm sure he thought it was excellent dry humor, but he's also a complete moron

No. 1012087


It would have been funny if it was a youtuber who didnt just have a huge scandal revolving around soliciting nudes from his (sometimes underaged) fans

No. 1012090

File: 1595607533691.jpeg (101.65 KB, 640x574, 7DE680A9-CE74-46F4-B90A-C62EB6…)

The tone of it was also copying Heidi kek

No. 1012222

For anyone else who didn't just get out of a year long scandal about potentially soliciting nudes of minors, sure, it'd be funny. Jared scraped by the skin of his teeth - so jokes about getting nudes? Inappropriate and just comes across as him making a mockery out of the situation yet again, rather than acknowledging how fucked up it was.

No. 1012225

Except Heidi made a simple tweet about not doing it - Jared literally screenshotted the nudes and after blurring the face and genitals, released a picture of them.

No. 1012244


Plus, if you spend literal years telling fans that it is okay to send you nudes because you are ~~ sex positive ~~ then you dont get to whine about getting them sent to you

If it was a hot egirl you know for sure he would have followed through instead of posting it on insta for victim points

No. 1012325

File: 1595645972836.jpg (503.4 KB, 1054x1826, SmartSelect_20200724-213843_Tu…)

Jared's fans truly are disgusting. They victim blame minors and make excuses abhorrent behavior that even Holly didn't defend. And of course sad magician liked this.

No. 1012335

>hE nEvEr lInKeD tO iT!

Search for his URL on Twitter:

Google Sinjared on Twitter:

Wouldn't be surprised if he used to have links on all his videos and on his About page on Youtube but obviously, those kinds of links would be long-purged by now.

No. 1012336

If I'm not mistaken it wasn't age restricted either

No. 1012341

Whoever posted this is a fucking idiot. Jared is a "funnyman" reviewer. Like the Nostalgia Critic, who also has a young fanbase despite having spent most of his online career reviewing "nostalgic" movies.

It's almost like the content reviewed in these things is more a basis to deliver comedy instead of a genuine review like you'd see Roger Ebert deliver.

And his output was never exclusively retro. He did genuine coverage of E3, serious reviews of new games, Top Best And Worst Games Of This Year, and "funnyman" reviews of contemporary content like the Two Worlds games and Ride To Hell: Retribution.

No. 1012346


Not to mention grumps, like it or not he was heavily featured there (which I'm sure he wanted since ya know how big their channel is) and like it or not a majority of their fans are minors. Guesting on grumps for sure led to thousands of people discovering him (myself included), no doubt many of them were minors

Idk what his fans are trying to pull here, it is just straight up incorrect to say that a majority of people subscribed to a funny man video game reviewer and let's player were adults

No. 1012353

What's really disturbing about this is all of the people referencing Jared reblogging asagao academy fanart, meaning that a good chunk of his active audience at that time were people who played asagao academy. Which, if I recall correctly, skewed very young demographically.

>>1012325 Also, I'm so tired of the whole 'his audience is obviously meant to be older people because he plays old games" logic. I know plenty of gen z kids who are into old video games because their older siblings think they're cool, or because they get into gaming in general and find those games referenced a lot. Being interested in old games isn't exclusive to 18+ year olds. Especially when the games Jared plays are still massively popular even decades after they were released.

If he was playing really obscure windows 95 games, maybe I'd give that argument more weight. But things like FFVII? Come on, that is a huge part of gaming culture's history. If anything, kids seem more like the target audience there, since everyone in the older generations have already played the games themselves if they were interested. Makes sense that young kids would want to watch his videos for summaries of games they didn't grow up with and probably don't have the patience to sit through.

No. 1012354

Also the incredible abuse of power. Even Holly admitted it was wrong. Someone in an earlier thread posted her tweet about it. Idk what his fans and sad magician are trying to accomplish here by still defending this.

No. 1012358

Even then, going by the graphs the WKs love to repost, his fanbase is still mainly in the 18-24 age range…

Which is still too young for most of Jared's retro reviews, which consists of Nintendo and Super Nintendo games no older than 1996.

No. 1012359

There's really no way to adequately defend this. Whether he meant to deliberately or not, he still received nudes from minors and instead of at least FAKING shame in his actions, ProPedo doubled down while shifting the blame onto those who lied about their ages rather than the fact that a 30+ year old man didn't see what he was doing as wrong, abusive, and manipulative. Even in his faux apology, he said "I see that people think it's wrong, but I still don't think it was manipulative" or something to that effect.

No. 1012360

I think people also forget that while his main channel MIGHT have been focused more on reviews and stuff MAYBE kids wouldn't like
He also had a basic let's play channel where he played horror games, kids love watching those, party games with his pals and new games that just released. Everything that people under 18 would enjoy. He couldn't stick to old obscure games because that doesn't make money.

No. 1012368

File: 1595650819543.jpg (167.44 KB, 1026x468, SmartSelect_20200724-213626_Tu…)

Were not blind Jared fans. Bends over backwards and proceeds to defend actions even Holly and Jared won't struggle to defend anymore.

No. 1012369

File: 1595650822323.jpg (23.4 KB, 275x111, YetYouSupportedItForMonthsHoel…)



You're right, why would his fans defend the nude blog when even Holly admitted it was wrong? I mean its because they are stupid but let's pretend they have rational thinking, wouldn't they agree with their goddess trash ditch?

ALSO friendly reminder to everyone that Jared closed the nude blog in DECEMBER 2018, the same time Tumblr banned NSFW which was literally his reason for closing it. We all know Holly and him began their emotional affair in Feburary 2018 and physical affair in October 2018, Holly KNEW about the blog and was okay with it, or atleast didnt do anything to stop it. One of the things Heidi found on Jared's old phone was his messages with Clownrad about the nudes/blog

Hoelly posted this tweet like we were all gonna believe she actually felt that way when she has shown no regret for supporting it or any explanation as to why it was wrong like Heidi has. Heidi addressed that she knew and supported it, apologized for it, and made it clear why it was wrong. Hoelly vaguely mentioned it ONCE at the start of her very first "Heidi is abusive and evil look at her private sexts and FB posts!" thread and never again brought it up

Let's just keep this screenshot on deck for when he inevitably gets caught fanfucking again

No. 1012370

And aren't Jared and Holly leftists or at least left leaning? I wonder how it makes them feel that they have incel/mra type fans like this? I guess not too bad since they aren't actively trying to push them away.

No. 1012373

File: 1595651533765.jpg (172.25 KB, 1080x1311, LessThan6MonthsBeforeDrama.jpg)


Replying myself just to show Jared's behavior up until NSFW tumblrs very end

Contrary to how he/his fans present the nudes stuff, it wasnt way back in his past. It was less than 6 months before the drama. This was December 2018

No. 1012374

"The odds that a minor would do that"

Bitch, even Jared confirmed he exchanged nudes with Charlie.

No. 1012376

I would also argue that only a minor would jump through hoops (FYI there weren't any) because it's a YouTuber they idolize and crush on
Whereas an adult would just go to the other thousands of porn blogs to get their rocks off.
In the end it was fucked that Jared didn't use tinder like a normal fucking person to get nudes. Because he wanted the power dynamic of "my adoring fans are sending me nudes"

No. 1012377

But "send nudes" is a joke guys. He didn't really mean it even though he posted his own nudes and the blog had users submit their own nudes. It was clearly a joke.

No. 1012378

I would pay to have one of the people who partook in the tumblr/exchanging nudes with Jared to come here and spill the beans. I doubt that the end of the tumblr was the end of him taking bvb advantage of his fan base, but I also think there's a possibility he's still doing it now under snapchat or a discord.

No. 1012379


It's honestly not a big leap at all if you think about it

Be a minor> find Jared's channel > like his stuff, check his socials > see he has a tumblr, follow his tumblr > his main tumblr advertises nude blog

Teenagers love tumblr and lets players, it's stupid to pretend that it's a huge leap for teenage fans to find his blog

And even if you say only adults would watch his classic game videos, he still had a let's play channel, a month dedicated to DnD and a very popular DnD show, and DnD is a hobby for all ages

Stop reaching, jared stans. Even he admitted it was wrong and that minors found it, why are yall in denial

No. 1012380

Considering the girls who released the nudes (which was wrong tbh) received them via snapchat, I wouldn't be surprised that he's still running a secret snapchat account somewhere

No. 1012389

File: 1595653555198.png (189.78 KB, 924x886, jared-sitch.png)

They're also leaving out a big draw for young people, which was asagao academy.

Also, an old post from someone who talked about it a bit on twitter.

No. 1012390


Just remember that the only reason he shut down those blogs was because of the TOS change. Not because he was called out, or had some change of heart and realized the power imbalance. If Tumblr didn't go through with the rule changes, he'd still be running them.

No. 1012391



Also, love the fan strategy of saying "well tumblr is weird and nobody uses it" like yeah its weird because it's a ton of teenagers into nerdy niche shit, like hmm idk let's players

No. 1012392

I honestly cringe at the name 'truth blog', but has anyone seen something like that but that's actually truly neutral and not just trying to fit a preconceived narrative out there? I just feel like having one repository of information that can be shared and quickly scanned without having the same conversation over and over again online would be nice. I feel like the misinformation circling around right now is insane. For example, most people have no idea just how many witnesses spoke up about the blog and Jared's behavior. They think it's only Chai and Charlie when there were so many others.

No. 1012393

Honestly at this point I think people who support Jared will support him regardless of what they read or are shown. They don't want to change their minds.
I had a guy friend who was like that when the drama hit. I showed him all the shit that contradicted Jared's "apology" but he didn't want to hear it. That's the basic temperament of all the people on his side now. Most of whom are men or pick mes

No. 1012396

"I never saw that stuff!"
"I did! He did it all the time!"
"Well that doesn't count because the site is all that kind of trash anyway."


No. 1012398

The most I could find on people who exchanged nudes with his blog was from one person. They were one of the people that Jared didn't find attractive. Jared told them "good job". When said person found out this is what Jared does to people he finds unattractive it left them feeling worse about themselves.

No. 1012403

There were others. I remember one account then-named "Projared has seen dem titties" that talked about it, and then there was that one girl who added him on Snapchat in the hopes of talking D&D, thinking "send nudes" was just a joke, and he kept pushing her for risque content while sending her his own until she just up and blocked him….

No. 1012405

Sauce? I haven't seen that before, not that I doubt it exists. I feel pretty bad for that po person, must suck yo idolize a worm on the internet only for them to basically call you unattractive

No. 1012406

I remember seeing it on Twitter. Someone posted the screenshot in one of the threads somewhere. I have to look for it.

No. 1012413

Was like that with my ex, he acted as if Jared’s apology video cancelled out all the accusations and proof and magically made him 100% innocent
Dudes will always support other dudes

No. 1012414

File: 1595657647749.png (75.64 KB, 891x600, Screenshot_67.png)

Oops - This post from Jared's tumblr, circa September 2018, aged like spoiled milk, considering this would've roughly been the time when Holly and Ross were separating officially and she had probably just started officially banging Jared.

No. 1012419

Because dudes who engage in sexual harassment see nothing wrong with what Jared did. And Jared isn't trying hard enough to push those people out of his fandom. These fans are going to forever be a source of milk for Jared.

No. 1012420


Holly in Feb 2018: expresses she wants to be with jared and only Jared and vise versa, alarming Heidi causing her to revoke consent

Holly in Oct/Sept 2018: officially divorcees Ross, moved to Seattle for Jared, offically starts fucking him at cons


Jared in Feb 2018: I want to fuck any and every woman I can

Jared in Oct/Sept 2018: I want to fuck any and every woman I can

I'm sorry but the disconnect between the two in their relationship is hilarious

Holly clearly cared(cares) SO MUCH more, theres no way she is okay with him still sleeping around unless she j100% buys his "I'm simply am polyamorous" sexual identity he tried to sell to Heidi

The ultimate woke couple, a pansexual/demisexual/asexual and a bicurious polyamorous dude. Why are a lot of their defenders the MRA incel crowd again?

Heres the thing, Holly, he doesnt call himself Polysexual. He calls himself Polyamorous. He isnt just sexually attracted to other women, as you yourself should know sense he began a full on relationship with you while he was married. Just remember that when he starts more than fucking his fans/twitch ladies

No. 1012438

Jared is the typical ‘male feminist’ who pretends to care about women to get praise and intimate access, but is just as misogynistic as MRAs in the end. If he cares at all he only cares about the optics. Holly probably doesn’t see them as MRAs but as people who “see through that manipulative bitch, Heidi” and will only regret the association when they turn against her, but she’ll probably manage to blame that on Heidi or some other woman too.

Yeah his supporters don’t actually think there’s anything wrong with getting nudes/sex from fans so evidence of his actions won’t change anything. If they can’t deny it they’ll just blame the minors or go “well everyone was doing it!”, then circle back to denial because at some level they do know it looks bad. Looks being the keyword here.

No. 1012497


Exactly. People try to use the ‘but you have to be 18’ excuse, when Tumblr has no age restriction other than you have to be at least 13 to sign up for a blog. But you can easily lie about your age and Tumblr has no age verification. If your blog is marked as NSFW you have to be 18 to see it, but once again, that doesn’t stop anyone from making an account with a fake birthdate. But the Pedodick defenders conveniently ignore all that.

No. 1012782

File: 1595722166427.png (26.16 KB, 897x432, tumblr_53019883cfc9b3b64f43b12…)


>"But if they ever got out there I would totally own up to it and not be ashamed, and my wife would certainly not be mad. She encourages my sex positivity."

No. 1012786


His supporters always being obtuse on-purpose, is beyond cringe.

No. 1012826

Posts that aged like busted wine

No. 1012854


Can we all go back to ignoring the heidiofans blog? Do we really need to give credence to a blog dedicated to screenshotting this thread and replying with their own hot takes they are too scared to say here? Us talking about their stupid steps from Nickelodeon to dick pics post was fun but let's stop recognizing such a pathetic blog

No. 1012859

Is this from Jared's tumblr?

No. 1012863

No. 1012870

Yes. It's one of several instances where Jared tried to lead us all to believe that Heidi was okay with his horny posts and that she supported his 'sex positivity" which really just translated to 'posting about sexual things all of the time without ever giving a fuck about the ages of those I might be communicating with'

No. 1012873


Does anyone know when this ask was answered? Really wish tumblr showed dates

No. 1012878

Is there a complete archive of the sinjared blog? Or is it at least on the way back machine?

No. 1012882

The wayback machine last archived projared in December 2018 and went back at least a year from that. I stopped at the one year mark, so it might go even further. As far as sinjared, he had deleted it entirely so any record prior to someone else stealing the URL is gone for good.

No. 1012884

I was on the archive from late December 2018 that said it was from 11 months prior to that. I'd guess that to be roughly January/February 2018.

No. 1012945


Clip from his latest video. He's fishing for sympathy again.

No. 1012950

aw, holly cowrites his scripts!

No. 1012952

I can't even tell if he's boohooing for himself or Holly at this point.

No. 1012959


I dont know how he doesnt realize that a) jokes like that are painfully unfunny and b) constantly bringing it up makes him look fucking pathetic when his whole thing is "I'm the bigger person and I'm moving on from this"

No. 1012969


Aww, maybe he shouldn’t have been soliciting nudes from his fans then? Not going to lie, it gives me happiness to see his and Holly’s Twitter followers keep dropping.

No. 1012970

File: 1595774890668.jpg (61.9 KB, 960x950, ef9141f9b77a0aa12701fa905f3c4d…)

>Me listening to Jared's saltiness come out that hard in a video about fucking 2d marbles

No. 1012971

File: 1595775073868.png (479.25 KB, 680x383, Edyp1OVUYAYoKjs.png)

i feel like not even the weird photoshop anon of the first few threads could conjure something as terrible and disturbing as this lmao

No. 1012977


I couldn't even finish the video, his content is so bad. He is still stuck in 2015 funny man game reviewer world, his content really hasn't changed or improved

No. 1012978

He HAD to know that the internet is going to photoshop the fuck out of that.

No. 1012981

…who told him that beard was a good idea?

No. 1012982

he's feeling sorry for us cus we're the ones hating on ourselves and taking it out on him. doesn't have anything to do with his and his girlfriend's disgusting and manipulative behaviour

No. 1012983

I mean, I've never cheated on my smoking hot wife while jacking it to nudes of fans, so I think Jared may have been thinking of himself on that one.

No. 1012993

Not only that but referencing Twitter rage in a way where his stans understand and wanna white knight him will no doubt make reference to the drama, opening it to be remembered by those who forgot and introducing it to passerby's who may have been living under a rock a year ago. It's like Holly saying 'go back to lolcow' - congratulations you advertised an archive of your shitastic internet history that (despite their egotistical paranoia thinking otherwise) not everyone has heard about. Bravo.

No. 1013022


Yeah, seriously. Who? It makes him look even more like a creeper, if that’s at all possible.

No. 1013031

You know the fact that he's still salty about the whole thing brings me serious joy. This is also not the first time he's brought this up in one of his videos and it won't be the last seeing that it gives him attention. He's also informing potential new viewers of this too, great job Jared you clearly want to put this behind you. But tell me white knights how Heidi's the only one who can't move on.

No. 1013116


He is gonna milk it for as long as he can, he knows it's the only thing that makes him relevant anymore

No. 1013163

omg this is the perfect image to blast off on when we need a pic for the next thread

and here I was think this weasel-faced clammy-ass motherfucker could not possibly get more unattractive

No. 1013183

Yep, sure am jealous of a shaved weasel who fucked up his career for an unattractive harridan. Green with envy that I don’t get to live with chickens and pigeons shitting all over the cluttered house.

No. 1013266


Tfw you fall in love with a fictional character, make terrible decisions that leads to the character being lost, and then are stuck with the cringey lady that role played her instead

Youd look like that too if you lost your wife and DnD career just to fuck Hoelly Clownrad and "accidentally" jerk off to teenagers

No. 1013491

tinfoil, but i think holly is telling him that the beard and all the trashy fashion pics look good because she wants to influence his style because heidi was a huge influence on his style and took back all his normal adult clothes after the divorce. she's hardcore skinwalking heidi, so if heidi did it she has to try to do it to, even though she has no taste.

No. 1013495

File: 1595880141561.png (17.75 KB, 586x140, safewithcelebrities.png)

It's good to see that Heidi changed her view on creator + fan interactions. Even if she only approved/encouraged it to keep Jared happy.

No. 1013512

File: 1595881856583.png (24.04 KB, 494x418, SadOldMagiciansBlog.png)

From SadOldMagician's tumblr blog

No. 1013522

All I see is “hirrhurr I’m these dca guys’ best friend look at me”

No. 1013528

File: 1595882782387.png (24.77 KB, 343x377, autumnsideofsummer.png)


From someone named Autumnsideofsummer on tumblr who reblogs everything from some anti-Heidi blog

>"If Heidi attempted to set boundaries at that point, the fans would have been none the wiser unless one of them went public about it….like Heidi did last year."

This one kills me. So basically they're saying that if Heidi had kept her big fat mouth shut then DCA fans wouldn't go after her.

Funnily enough, what they're saying here is true, but probably not in the way they want it to be.

No. 1013529


Aww, I don’t feel one iota of sympathy for them. Actions have consequences. And a person who was soliciting fans for nudes is someone that I can see a lot of companies/sponsors/etc not wanting to get involved with.

No. 1013532

And remember, neither Jared nor Holly knew who they were before they became their stalwart defenders during the drama.

No. 1013548


I would be so embarrassed/fed up with having a "friend" who couldn't stop reporting to the internet about how I'm doing "behind the scenes" for meager scraps of clout.

SadOld believes he's the special one who Got Picked when in reality he's clearly their last resort for friendship. It would be sad if it wasn't so funny.

No. 1013551


Right, like reading that all I could think was "what a weird fucking thing to post about your personal friends?"

It seems like he thinks he is now an internet personality himself just by virtue of being such a Jared stan, its fucking weird

No. 1013552

It is funny to see that whole gang shriek about clout and then doing this.

No. 1013557


>SadOld believes he's the special one who Got Picked when in reality he's clearly their last resort for friendship.

Isn't that why Holly thinks she & Jared are 'meant to be'?
She was Jared's 'last resort' for an in-game romance after Anna initially turned him down. So when he picked her, it made her feel 'special'. That's fucking sad man…

No. 1013559


Want to know how Holly & Jared are doing? Just ask SadOldMagician! He's spent DAYS with Holly & Jared!

You know who also did? Heidi.
Hell, she spent years with him, before DCA even! Imagine that…

No. 1013564

Are we supposed to feel bad that a dude who fucked fans and abused his fame faced consequences for his shitty actions? Are we supposed to feel sorry for someone who emotionally cheated on her husband and then helped ProPest fucked around on his wife? Fuck that, they can suck giant metaphorical (or literal) dicks.

No. 1013565

"Dedicated core of people on twitter bringing it up" - You mean like the dedicated core who harass literally anyone who thinks they did bad? Also, the only ones bringing it up regularly are ProDick and Homewrecker.

No. 1013566

autumnsideofsummer is probably just heidiofans' main blog since they like every single post. I wouldn't pay them much mind

No. 1013579


I wonder if Hared knows about all this insider info SadPatheticMagician shares about them on tumblr for clout

Maybe Holly will find out from this thread how weirdly fake her friends are. Your closest friends shouldn't be your paparazzi

No. 1013581

Oh, they absolutely do. Knowing Hoelly, she's probably using SadOld and/or Geraldo to funnel information out into the internet that she's too much of a chicken shit to release herself (like she tried to do with Dan Pirro last year before releasing what a cluster fuck it'd be if she was found out).

No. 1013591


If we learned anything from the Truth blog by CupcakeValkerie it's that Holly has absolutely no problem using her followers to tout her narrative and harass the shit out of her enemies. And her closest stans are more than happy to jump at the chance to be validated by their con artist queen.

No. 1013707

'still attacked on nearly every post they make'

Okay, so thats just a literal lie. They 'get attacked' when they bring it up themselves and nearly never outside of that. People who still clown on them just make their own posts about it without replying or interacting with them lmao. Imagine being that sensitive when you've been an online persona for years.

No. 1013736

Aren't SadOld and Geraldo both in their mid-20s?
I guess after alienating all their entourage a pair of emotionally-stunted kids 10 years their junior who just stan them so hard is all they have left for companionship.

No. 1013864

>"They are afraid everything new they start will be taken away from them"
Ah, so is the excuse they're going with for Holly's huge sperg after people pointed out her going on her phone? She just thought those meanies expecting her to do her job were going to take her new show from her?

What grifters lmao. Also it's funny that they bring up Holly having a dedicated hate crowd when all her most vocal stans are just a hate crowd who use their main and alt accounts to harass Heidi on her posts. At least Holly usually has to mention the drama to get something other than stan asspats as replies, these guys are on Heidi like flies on shit if she posts her cat.

No. 1013874


Imagine the absolute wonders that an initial "I fucked up, & I'm sorry." could've done for them…

No. 1013884


Honestly though. Jared acknowledged the ‘power imbalance’ but he really should have also acknowledged the fact that it was just fucked up to solicit nudes from his fans. He was so focused on the Charlie and Chai thing, but he really could have unknowingly been soliciting from other underaged fans as well.

No. 1013917


I don't know why this is so difficult for people to accept.

His YouTube focused on video games, he was featured in a high school-themed dating sim, and he was on a Nickelodeon show. At the end of the day, he made content for kids. Soliciting nudes from his fans, knowing the kind of content he made, was bound to get him nudes from underaged fans.

No. 1013932


Their fanbase + bunch of incels try their hardest to make kids 100% responsible for sending nudes.
"Jared wrote 18+ only on his blog" is what they think of an ultimate defense.

Kids, who are easily influenced by their internet idols, are fully to blame. Or their parents, whatever. But certainly not Jared. How could this bing bing wahoo youtuber, featured on nickelodeon, ever predict that kids would want to receive his "body positivity" messages?
Jared is a victim of those darned kids I tell you!

No. 1013970

It's cause their fanbase is either delusional hardcore DCA fans who think these two are Strix and Diath irl and can do no wrong, or random MRAs who latched onto Jared after the Vic drama because they see those two as one in the same. The new "fans" they gained from the drama will always blame the fans who sent nudes because having victims to hate and blame is the entire reason they have identified themselves with Jared and become his fans.

No. 1013988


Another thing to note is that jared would post nude submissions and compliment them along with them getting praising comments. Insecure underaged fans defiently had incentive to send nudes beyond just "send nudes haha jk unless?" Bait posts

No. 1014131

File: 1595982274598.png (39.69 KB, 588x342, pride.png)

I swear, if "Because I could be wrong" is the reason Jared & Holly keep almost admitting fault, then backpedaling & doubling down…

No. 1014138


It's also the reason/fear that makes the Hared stans double down as well. Ben Franklin effect all the way for the fans.

No. 1014205

That could very well be it. At this point, they've essentially made careers out of being the professional victims - If they admitted they were wrong on this one, they'd take an even bigger hit than the initial scandal caused, especially since the internet is now rife with proof of their continued and ongoing lies and smear campaign.

No. 1014348

Tinfoil, but if you think about it, usually the general consensus on 'cheating' is that "It's never okay unless one or both of them are in an abusive relationship."
I can't help but feel like Holly & Jared took that idea & ran with it until it no longer worked, & now they just straight up deny that either of them were still with their spouse when hooking up together.

No. 1014389


I think they have genuinely convinced themselves that Heidi was an insane abusive evil woman to justify their actions. They genuinely believe it because they dont want to feel bad for their actions, which is why whenever Heidi acted reasonable or loving towards Jared they thought it was crazy batshit manipulation. She acted against their insane fantasy of her being evil

No. 1014597

File: 1596077683800.jpg (38.86 KB, 623x300, jfc.JPG)

I'm sorry, what violent abuse are you experiencing at the hands of Evil Heidi, Jared? Did she eat the special egg you were saving for your first anniversary of getting away with infidelity and sexual assault? Did she say no to something again? Did she -gasp- enforce personal boundaries?

No. 1014621

Does he somehow not realize that that fits him to a T? He was content to emotionally abuse and manipulate Heidi in private, but when she spoke up, he escalated to publicly slandering her and defaming her (aka becoming more violent and erratic). I'm waiting for the inevitable breakup with Holly so that he can say that this entire time, Heidi was totally fine and not abusive and that it was the Evil Abusive Homewrecker who made him say and do these things.

No. 1014623

File: 1596082849718.png (425.4 KB, 590x502, Screenshot_2.png)

also, this could be nothing, but does anyone else find it creepy that he's so into someone that looks like an almost carbon copy of his allegedly abusive ex wife? It's a toss up if he likes more of this girls posts or firagafox - though, to be fair, he has liked a grand total of TWO of hoelly's posts in the last month, so she might be moving up on the "important to jared" totem pole.

No. 1014624

File: 1596082960383.png (21.66 KB, 602x220, Screenshot_3.png)

also, Jared apparently only has a problem with a history of proven shittiness with underaged fans when it's someone else - with him, the blame is purely on the minor's shoulders.

No. 1014627

Yeah, like when he forced Heidi to not go to twitch con towards the end of the relationship. That is textbook abusive behavior.

I've noticed this but thought it was just a weird coincidence. All the people he likes on twitter are white girls with long, red hair or pretty black girls. No one that looks like Holly, coincidentally.

I feel like he's got to be trying to be 'fake' woke to throw people off his scent. If he can say "yeah, I'm actually against these things" then it makes people confused because "you wouldn't be against abusing minors if you abused minors yourself". Abuser defense mechanisms are all designed to confuse other people about their real intentions. It's too bad his actions speak pretty well for him in this case.

No. 1014629

File: 1596083840538.png (4.25 KB, 364x60, Screenshot_5.png)

Now borkscorpion and SadOld are BOTH on tumblr, trying to do further damage control for ProDick and Hoelly. Why are they so determined that EVERYONE has to agree with them and love those two jackasses?

No. 1014646

File: 1596086775199.png (34.72 KB, 591x318, Screenshot_7.png)

When Jared's brother inadvertently tells him to STFU and move the fuck on, instead of bringing up the drama all the time

No. 1014650

Wait, like his biological brother?

No. 1014651

File: 1596088349476.png (13.95 KB, 565x116, Screenshot_8.png)

No. 1014652

Back up, he has a twin?? Why has that never come up before?

No. 1014654

Probably because AFAIK all of his siblings have remained quiet, except for DK and even then, he only made a couple comments that I think he later deleted at the very beginning of all of this.

No. 1014655

I guess I mostly just find it weird for someone to have a twin and show zero sign of their existence on any of their social media accounts. Almost everyone I know with a twin is pretty close to them and mentions them pretty often. I mean, Jared never mentions family in general, so maybe that's why. But still. I wonder how weird it is for his twin to see naked pictures of Jared floating around the internet.

No. 1014657

well, he's originally from wisconsin which is a pretty conservative state. I can't imagine any of his family handled the scandal well.

No. 1014674

File: 1596092646333.png (Spoiler Image, 119.62 KB, 300x300, a65ba57e-b980-4503-936e-fa04f7…)

This woman is trying to be like one of the most popualar pokemon go youtubers ZoeTwoDots who is known for wearing a cringeworthy ribbon on her hair. Why.

Though by the way her hair looks she really tries hard to look like an anime girl which is embarrasing as hell. Girl, get a new haircut.

No. 1014719

It always seems like the horse faced weebs who insist on getting the "hime" haircut. kek

No. 1014765


This is the part that really bugs me.
Someone is showing support towards Heidi? Turn this fucking car around! We gotta hit 'em with some HARD 'TRUTHS'!

No. 1014768

File: 1596119917270.png (60.21 KB, 590x610, redflags.png)


Some people just don't really interact with their family much over the internet, & from the looks of it, it seems like Jared has completely different interests & values than rest of his family. Also, some twins are close while other twins aren't.

However, I do remember this one exchange…

No. 1014870

I can't wait for the impending break up milk too, but I doubt holly will admit that heidi was in the right. she's too narcissistic to admit that, even if she turned against jared.

No. 1014874

maybe normal boots should hold their own friends to the same standard? sure they 'kicked' him but they seem totally chill with him now.

No. 1014920

They said often that they didnt kick him out, he left. Clearly, once the pedo stuff was disproven (and it is even by heidi herself), their reaction to his GROSS abuse of power was "dude wtf :( cmon dont do it anymore" and then it was water under the bridge. Make that what you will. Clearly they love the dude and they are willing to forgive him on a personal and business level, jared's streams are often visited by at least space hamster and lady pelvic, who is a pretty cool albeit small reviewer. Rather disappointing, but it is their right to forgive him imo

No. 1014926

Who is he talking about? I tried looking up the discussion but couldnt find it

No. 1014970

Holly will default to the eternal side chick classic of, "his bitch wife broke him!!! he's emotionally damaged because of her!!! how dare she poison this well of manly love for me!!!"

It will never ever ever be because Jared is trash and selfish as fuck, it will have to be Heidi's fault somehow that Jared has got bored of Holly ages ago. He just can't trust enough to form attachments now!

No. 1014971


If anything they were probably like "nice, why didn't I think of soliciting nudes and fucking fans?"

No. 1015004


Now that I think about it, SadOldMagician definitely comes off as a clout-chaser, especially when his tumblr header says "Ask the Mod of *ProJared2* anything" along with bragging about casually hanging out with Holly & naming what show he & Jared watch "together". He's getting a bit of a power-high being so close to Holly & Jared. Might want to watch out for that one…

No. 1015007


I genuinely dont think Holly will let him end their relationship

If he thinks Heidi calmly telling him that she is having suicidal thoughts and wants to admit herself into a hospital is abuse wait until he tells Holly he wants to leave. We already know that she was threatening self harm when he didnt leave his wife soon enough for her liking, and we know she "used" to be abusive, there is NO WAY he is leaving her without her threatening him every possible way

Also thinking about how Heidi admitted herself into that hospital makes me sad. Just imagine, you've been neglected and gaslit so much into thinking that you're an abusive monster that you check yourself into a hospital knowing full well that the whole time you're gone Hoelly Clownrad will be sleeping in your house with your husband. Heartbreaking

No. 1015008

The part that upsets me is that he later took every one of these small, vulnerable moments she shared with him and weaponized them just so that he could still seem like a good person in the public eye. The only consolation in this whole mess is that both Heidi and Ross were saved from abusive relationships they probably wouldn't have left otherwise.

No. 1015013

File: 1596161146950.png (264.96 KB, 816x250, views.png)

OOF that view count. Especially compared the Vampire game 6 months ago, which was pulling in 20-30k an episode.

No. 1015019

What's amazing is that we get to see a side-by-side of people who went to inpatient
Heidi who did it silently and didn't mention it until someone else brought it up years later in an attempt to hurt her
And Hoelly who announced going, showed off her "therapy art" and her bracelet for likes. Then weaponized it later to avoid criticism

No. 1015038


I cant help but wonder how jared felt about holly doing that. I mean sure if she was in danger of herself she needed to, but she was still being fed info the whole time she was there. I can imagine all that happening to him and his biggest support system who put him in that scenario dips to go to a hospital, especially when Jared got WAY more hate and had it much worse than Holly

No. 1015066

It was never about Hoelly legitimately being in danger of self-harm or suicide - The time was WAY too coincidental that he makes the divorce announcement and she magically fears that she's at risk for suicide and checks herself in to the psych hospital. Hoelly figured she wouldn't face criticism if she leaned into the "I'm sorry, I'm mentally ill" thing, but her eternal trash heap of friends called and kept her up-to-date on what was going on - I'd still hedge my bets that the 'friend' that called her was actually Jared, once he realized "Oh shit, Heidi lit our shit up, we fucked".

No. 1015075


Holy sucks but her emotions are still real. She probably did want to off herself over getting exposed at her moment of "triumph" when she thought she'd won. She overreacts to everything and creates her own reality and fears, so that period was probably really intense for her. It's not fake, it's delusional.

She still sucks and did wave the visit around publicly for pity points though. It's "evidence" in her victim narrative of what a hard time she's having. That, and tweeting her dosage of meds like it was a big deal.

No. 1015077

That's just it though, Anon. When she wields her emotions as weapons (a la "If you send me clown emojis, it will make me kill myself and it will be all your fault!" or "Heidi shouting at me to not fuck her husband really scared me, that's why I slandered her to anyone who would listen!"), she makes it incredibly difficult to believe that she'd magically find herself feeling suicidal when getting Jared away from heidi was always the end goal.

Like other anon said, you can compare and contrast what's legit or not: Heidi, felt suicidal, checked herself in, only told her husband and not her thousands of twitter follwers. Holly, claims to have felt suicidal, told legitimately everyone, checked herself in, continued to get updates about the world she was trying to avoid, spent the better part of a month showing off her therapy art and hospital bracelet like a psych admission was something to brag about.

No. 1015080


It was enevitable for her to have those feelings, tbh. A ticking time bomb. The reason she was so scared of Heidi was because she was scared that Heidi would come out and say what happened. Heidi calling them out was what made her a threat to Holly, not her "abuse"

It's not unheard of for abusers to kill themselves once their victims have come forward, and I believe that Holly is Heidi's abuser (well,
one of two) .

I dont doubt that Holly had those feelings, especially when she had thrown them around willy nilly during her marriage with Ross and in the messages Heidi found on Jared's old phone. Clearly she has struggled with mental health and suicidal thoughts in the past

My problem with it is that instead of taking the time in the hospital to reflect and come to terms with what happened and why she felt so guilty (seriously, she always talks about guilt but refuses to admit she did anything wrong? Like, sis, clearly you know deep down) but instead she used the time to receive drama info, paint keemstar fanart, and plan out her ultimate comeback tweets about how Heidi was evil the whole time!!!!

No. 1015086

It's just continuing, tbh, with the way she's now saying she's afraid of Heidi and is scared - but hasn't said one word about it prior to her most recent meltdown.

No. 1015101

not necesserily, but you would be surprised how many people don't view the power imbalance as a problem at all, just like it's a regular thing for famous people to bone and ghost girls and it's THEIR fault for being, GASP, SLUTS. I mean, it's the same thing for Dan. They were all (barely) adult women and were consenting to being treated like shit, so no problem there!

No. 1015248

chaseface, here's the main twitter thread: https://twitter.com/_ShaneGill_/status/1281477664402894848

shane posted a tweet stating that the other hosts didn't know before hand (just administration) but once the news hit they as a group decided to kick him out once the news hit (cap is in a previous thread, i don't care to dig for it at the moment), but I'd totally believe that they changed their tune and started saying he left to cover for him now that he's 'safe' to again. they're all fake woke bros

No. 1015249

holly can try (and she defiantly will) but i think jared is will be less susceptible to her self harm threats at this point, it's played out and part of his new persona is being the dude who is woke about emotional abuse

No. 1015255

cheers, thanks.

my bad about remembering wrong abt jared leaving, but you're right, it was a pr move and nothing more, they still care and associate with the guy on the dl

No. 1015477

File: 1596256925094.png (351.88 KB, 1278x1262, 1557897965877.png)

i know this is old milk, but for the sake of documenting their flip flopping i dug these up



No. 1015481


Screen shot everything. Posting it here paints a target on it for potential deletion.

No. 1015497

File: 1596259072544.png (59.08 KB, 927x656, RGcLJJX.png)


I seriously doubt she spent more than a day in that hospital, despite her claims.

Socialblade can still track your shit while you're on lockdown.

Holly deleted over 50 tweets during the period she claimed she was hospitalized, except for a single day out of the lot.


No. 1015502

I still doubt that she was admitted to begin with - Sure, she had the bracelet, but you can also get those just for going in for testing or certain appointments. If she went through the intake process, they're certainly not going to let someone with suicidal thoughts talk to someone on the outside who may very well have been the cause for said suicidal thoughts. She told someone on May 20 that she couldn't post her screenshots earlier because she was in the hospital, yet she could use the phone and be deleting tweets? Suspicious.

No. 1015503


It's really telling that she immediately went into "cover my ass" mode and deleted things. Clearly aware of past tweets that made her look bad.

If you go to a hospital's emergency room for a mental health crisis, sometimes they do not hold you overnight. It's possible that she was admitted (on her own or by order of a therapist if she's admitted to self-harming thoughts) held for a few hours, evaluated and sent home. Did she actually say that she was held in a mental health facility for any period of time?

No. 1015507

Imgur link at >>1015497 has screenshots of her claiming on May 20th that the reason she didn't speak out sooner was because she'd checked herself in at the hospital on the 9th.
Dubious people claim they visited her every day she was there, also adding t the claim that she'd been there for days.

Her Twitter activity clearly shows otherwise, unless the people at the facility suck at keeping people off of the internet.

No. 1015522


I mean I could imagine her giving jared or another friend her Twitter login and saying "please go through my tweets and delete anything people would find suspicious"

Also, if your friend is calling you every day while you're in a mental health hospital just to inform you updates on the drama you admitted yourself because of then your friend is an awful friend. Even if Holly begged for info, they should have known better

God, her whole initial comeback statement is awful. The whole "i was in a mental health hospital" guilt trip opening, the keemstar famart, posting Heidi's irrelevant sexts, pretty much outing Heidi's ex even though jared never had an issue with their relationship, saying its hard for victims to leave their abuser then saying that if Heidi was really abused she would have left, so on so on. Its crazy how those tweets made such an impact on the drama, they are such a weak defense. I dont know how she built up so much goodwill

No. 1015573

the screen shot is literally right there next to the links, and posting the links triggers an archive.is archive which is useful in addition to screen shots.

No. 1016154

File: 1596390962093.png (14.93 KB, 594x153, 2020-08-02_13h41_27.png)

It's true, and the sooner Holly realizes it, the better.

No. 1016162

Holly is a classic narc - she will never, EVER admit fault unless there's some radical new movement where it becomes cool to say "Lookit, I'm an abuser who has learned and is doing better!" and even then, it'd only be if that movement doesn't get too popular because then she can't maximize "uwu not like other girls"

No. 1016219


"I'm an abuser who has learned and is doing better!"
She already said that about 2 years ago.
Thing is, the line doesn't end at 'doing better', you have to make an effort to continue to do better.

No. 1016228

She is WAY the fuck off the mark if she thinks 'doing better' means gaslighting the everloving fuck out of your fuck buddy's wife (now exwife) until she's suicidal and then publicly calling her abusive to anyone who still believes her bullshit.

No. 1016234


I cant find the screenshot of it but Heidi had a tweet a few months ago that was spot on about Holly's "former" abuse, it said something like "She is allowed to change and be a former abuser while I am unforgivable and incapable of being better" basically saying that Holly is allowed to be an abuse expert because she "used" to be abusive, but she doesnt allow Heidi that same leeway

No. 1016236

Yeah, the kicker is that Heidi is the only one of the two who has acknowledged fault and actively took steps to BE better continuously, not expecting asspats from anyone she may have wronged. Holly will tout the fact that she's changed to her thousands of followers while continuing to display the same shitty behavior time and time again, acting like everyone should automatically forgive her just because it's been a few months.

No. 1016333

she also said something similar during phone gate, see >>1008204

it's spot on and totally in line with holly's narc world view. holly is the special mental health guru that gets to give unsolicited and baseless advice because she so so woke and self aware, but she doesn't see other people as people so she doesn't really believe other people are capable of of the self reflection of character development she is so of course if heidi fucks up once she's ruined forever and will never get better.

holly's delusions of grandeur are so great she literally things other people don't have real feelings or thoughts like she does. jared won't be held accountable or be expected to do any real work towards being better because he's the beloved boy toy who got taken advantaged of, not a grown man who made bad decisions for selfish reasons, while heidi is the mean pretty girl with no depth or character beyond what holly sees, so she's broken forever and unfixable.

No. 1016384


I swear I've seen it said here and on PULL that years ago Holly said that a symptom of her mental illness is that she lacks empathy for others

Idk how she went from that to being a mental health guru super be kind uwu lady

I buy it, honestly. For a non-Heidi example there was Hector Nevarro, who Holly's friend was literally brigading and harassing and all Holly said was "well he has me blocked shrug emoji" while she still associates with said friend

She has made is VERY clear that bullying is only wrong when it happens to her, that she is the only person allowed to change for the better, that her story is the only one that should be believed, etc.

Fuckin narc

No. 1016390

And the situation with Hector was that Hoelly's buddy essentially yelled at the dude for not taking a movie (Book? idk) as seriously as she did and then proceeded to lead a hate and harassment campaign against him. That is apparently okay, but anyone saying ANYTHING negative towards Hoelly (or even anything positive towards Heidi) is a personal attack of cyberbullying and 100% wrong. The double standard is fucking astounding.

No. 1016423

File: 1596418304751.jpg (30.65 KB, 523x165, Feb 17 2018.JPG)

You might be referring to this. Someone on the BPD subreddit mentioned that people with BPD will view themselves as empaths because they confuse feeling strong emotions with having empathy. They said BPD partners will become highly emotional about anything they can personally relate to, but if it's outside of their personal experiences then there's zero empathy from them. Pretty much Holly to a T from what I've seen so far

No. 1016427

File: 1596418528862.jpg (174.8 KB, 1123x678, BPD.JPG)

Sorry for the double post, I couldn't upload more than one image at a time. I also found this posted there, and thought it was pretty fascinating how close it was to Jared and Holly's relationship.

No. 1016428

That's just such a blatantly manipulative thing for Holly to say - "I've been abused, so I turned that empathy part of myself off" a.k.a. "I've had a shitty past, so now you can't blame me for being an asshole because I turned that part of myself off". Like, I'm torn between that being manipulative and that being straight up psychopathic

No. 1016440


Oh wow, this sounds exactly like Holly. Like, spot on.

No. 1016442

Yeah, it's especially jarring when you see that every other post on her twitter is virtue signalling about how little empathy others have, and how much she hopes they can learn to empathize later in life. It's wild.

Also, I thought to most telling thing about this whole situation is that Holly posted this around the time Ross talked about being emotionally abused: https://twitter.com/HollyConrad/status/1005147295581536256

Suzy and Arin talked about how proud of her they were, and how much they love her in this post. And then, right after the allegations came out, Suzy and Arin both unfollowed Holly. It just doesn't add up with her story of Ross being okay with the situation.

No. 1016446

Yeah, I know we're not supposed to armchair diagnose, but all of her confusing behavior starts to make sense when you look into BPD. Another commonly mentioned behavior of people with BPD is the follow/unfollow pattern Heidi mentioned the other day.

No. 1016496


It seems like for a minute Ross, Arin, and Suzy reigned her in and made her realise how shitty she was being… and then she immediately went back to Jared. This was posted in June and her and Ross announced their divorce in September (?) And she claims to have first fucked Jared at the October twitchcon he threatened to divorce Heidi over if she went to.

What the hell happened between June and September to make her go from this tweet to divorcing Ross, dropping the grumps friend group, and following Jared across the country???

Part of me thinks that when she was confronted by Ross her first thought wasnt "oh my God he is right I have been awful", it was "omg! This is what Heidi does to Jared! I can use this!"

That tweet is so fucking fake, UGH

I really do think DCA is to blame for everything. Holly finally had something to do besides be a cosplay diva/grump wife and it consumed her being

No. 1016509

I've been trying to figure that out, too. I think her friends confronted her about her behavior, she realized she was going to lose them if she didn't change, then she went to Seattle for waffle crew episodes and ended up becoming even more codependently enmeshed with Jared during that time (probably due to being encouraged by Anna and Nate, being fed more lines about Heidi being abusive, and the DCA plotline beginning to involve overt romance between their characters).

Here she says happy birthday to Ross: and calls him her husband: https://twitter.com/HollyConrad/status/1008414800299413507

Then she visits Seattle while Ross stays in California to watch the birds: https://twitter.com/RubberNinja/status/1017957258947223553

Then in late August she goes to Seattle for some "career thinking, dream achieving, and Portland seeing" while Ross stays behind and watches the birds again.

She spends all of September liking Strix / Diath fanart on twitter, talking about how she has codependency problems, and crying over a 'situation she can't fix' (AKA Jared's "abusive" relationship).

And then in September, she and Ross divorce. So I'm guessing she changed for a month or two before going right back to her abusive behavior from before.

No. 1016515

Good digging. It goes to show that she is very manipulative and two faced. She had people who cared about her but saw her flaws and she couldn't handle it. She would have rather retreated to her fantasy world with Diath, I mean Jared, where she was praised and uplifted and received no criticism. Heidi destroyed the delusional bubble she was in and she will always resent that. Props to Heidi for not letting them have their cake and eat it too. Holly will never change so at the very least she should learn payback is a bitch

No. 1016522


Fuck yeah, why should Heidi let them have their canon Striath cake and eat it too. why the fuck did Heidi owe them her silence?

so many people will say "she should have never brought this to the public"

Why the hell not? Why cant she?

It's not like Jared just cheated, either. He and especially Holly took part in a literal smear campaign against Heidi, first behind the scenes, now in front. Why would she peacefully give up and let them win?

Not to mention that he posted the announcement without her knowing even what it said and blocked her from seeing it. What was she supposed to do? She couldn't even retweet it to be like "this is a mutual statement", did jared just expect her to find out from someone and make a similar statement?

No. 1016529

Can you people please post screenshots instead of linking things constantly this is literally an image board

No. 1016605

Learn how lolcow works. They post the links and if you hove, you see a thing that says "Archived Copy" that keeps it safe and archived. Quit harping because you have to do .5 seconds of work instead of being spoon fed.

No. 1016609

suzy and arin praising or unfollowing holly sounds more like PR than anything else, so i woulnd't look much into it regarding their position in this mess.
But i would think that between the two, at least Arin would aggressively defend ross (not because i think suzy is a bad friend, just that she has a smaller presence and has fewer occasions to make an ass of herself defending him lmao)

No. 1016612

Ntayrt but the archive kink doesn’t work for this >>1016442 and I’ve seen it fail for other posts too. Also pretty sure it’s standard here to upload screenshots

No. 1016616

That's a good point. I do wonder how much of it is PR. Did they follow her again after things settled down? Also, it seems like even if they were worried about PR, it was always more Jared's mess in the beginning than Holly's. Holly only made a bad name for herself in the months after the allegations came out.

>>1016529 Let me take some screenshots really fast and post them. Is it okay if I post a few posts back-to-back? That's mostly what I'm worried about. Also, I'm pretty sure there are screencaps of these things already in the archives, but I understand not wanting to dig through all of that to find them.

No. 1016617

It’s all old milk anyway and if it’s already archived/screenshot then I wouldn’t worry about it.

(also sorry for forgetting to sage earlier)

No. 1016629

> Is it okay if I post a few posts back-to-back?

If it is coherent and related to the subject it is in general allowed due to the limitations of only posting one picture at a time.

No. 1016641

holly often said that her mother abused her, even sexually, did she ever specified what she did? just curious

No. 1016655

File: 1596460910391.png (1.24 MB, 1884x1386, Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 9.20…)

The guru angle is spot-on in her new branding (1/2)

No. 1016656

File: 1596460957649.png (286.33 KB, 2192x1454, Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 9.20…)

No. 1016665

This reads like a schizophrenic wrote it. It opens with "crowing is an omen of bad luck" and closes with "crowing is a sign of courage", with a bunch of completely nonsensical mystical blabbering in the middle. Who could write this and not feel utterly embarrassed with themselves after posting it? This is the equivalent of white dudes doing yoga in a park talking about how "religion is dead but spirituality is alive" to anyone that passes by.

No. 1016691

That is the most apt description of Hoelly ever - a white hipster from Seattle, screaming about how she's a witch that's not like other girls and lecturing about her unique spirituality shit to anyone she can get to listen for five minutes.

No. 1016726


Like how her Twitter says secular witch

Roleplaying a loud annoying witch in a long since cancelled DnD show doesnt make you an actual witch, Clownrad

No. 1016739

1:16 in this video is a yikes moment. She looks at him with genuine adoration and he smiles awkwardly and immediately looks away. Video from October 2016.

No. 1016743

Normally it would seem like such a nitpick to put so much emphasis on an expression, but his body language in this is so loud and apparent. It's sad that she couldn't see it.

No. 1016754


Didnt DCA not even start until 2017? So this would be before he started fooling around with Hoelly. Maybe he just felt awkward on camera?

Also good on Heidi for not purging all her old content of them like Holly did

No. 1016755

File: 1596473961155.png (58.44 KB, 474x648, causingotherspain.png)


> "It was hard, to see that my misery was caused by me and I was causing others pain."

You still are.


>Part of me thinks that when she was confronted by Ross her first thought wasnt "oh my God he is right I have been awful"

Remember, Jared was initially offended when Holly insulted his then-wife. She was probably taken aback by his reaction, & he probably distanced himself from her after that.
These tweets also come off like a loud performative declaration; "Look! I've changed! I'm not toxic anymore!"
She wanted everyone to see this, especially Jared.

No. 1016757


…So Let's break down some words from Holly's 'defense' later in 2019:

>"The months @ProJared tried to separate from @AtelierHeidi were excruciating."

Holly definitely was taking several different approaches to convince Jared to leave

> "I worried about him all the time. He was broken and I was powerless, barely able to even talk to him."

This is what she told herself whenever Jared tried to distance himself from her. The man clearly likes having his personal space & the boundary-stomping trash-witch couldn't seem to wrap her head around that.

No. 1016779


Their relationship wasn't the best according to both of them. They were pretty much a boyfriend & girlfriend who wanted to 'make it official' eventually, & then things just got stale & one got tired of the other.
I understand that sometimes people realize too late that they really shouldn't have gotten married, but telling your friends one thing while telling your wife the opposite is just about the dumbest way to go about it.
If you regret getting married, rip off the bandaid & tell your damn spouse about it. Of course they're not going to accept it at first, spend some actual one-on-one time with them to work on it without fucking someone on the side.

No. 1016786


She made it so clear how insanely obsessed she was with him and his marriage, its fucking weird

No. 1016788

they let Ross stay with them while he was going through his divorce, so I think them not following holly makes their position pretty clear

No. 1016793

Exactly. If Jared had just waited until he was officially divorced from Heidi (which, considering the fact it was filed in May 2019 and made official in roughly May/June 2020, isn't a terribly long time to wait), I don't think anyone would have had a problem with him and holly getting together. Instead, they pushed full steam ahead while he was still married and gaslit literally everyone about it.

No. 1016806

I feel like Jared wanted a pickme for a partner and Heidi wasn't one. Holly fits the bill though. And of course she convinced Jared to believe that any critical thing Heidi did or said was abuse. A year later and I'm still waiting on examples. Heidi at least gave a detailed timeline of events like what was said and then specific actions. All the other two can do is make vague comments. Heidi yelling at someone who was ignoring her boundaries and moved states and divorced her husband to be with Heidi's seems pretty understandable to me.

No. 1016818

That's another thing. Most people, when attempting to get thousands of peoples to believe that they've been abused, don't just go "I was abused by them! Believe me!". They'll give examples and with the except of the phone call, Holly has given exactly ZERO examples of any abuse she saw outside of Heidi asking for basic human decency and respect from her husband (which, spoiler Hoelly, is not abuse)

No. 1016821


Just to add on to this a bit, June 2018 is when the Striath stuff started going full tilt in DCA as a plot line. So Holly was at least emotionally cheating on Ross during this time, if not earlier.

No. 1016852


Tinfoil, but I get the impression that Holly was able to gaslight Ross (and Arin and Suzy by extension) into thinking there was no affair while they were separating, hence the mutual post about their "amicable" split. Then when the whole thing came out publicly, the whole group was probably like "oh shit it was real all along" because they had seen the signs but were manipulated into trusting her anyway. That's when they unfollowed Holly.

Has it been actually confirmed that Ross deleted the tweet that said they were splitting "with love" or whatever? It's understandable that he doesn't want to make a new statement, but deleting the only statement that said things were okay between them is pretty loud and clear. Especially because Holly stans were pointing at it like, "look, here's evidence that they are on good terms and split amicably!" That had to have been super annoying and hard to handle if it was a lie, especially a lie he believed at the time.

No. 1016859

Nope. DCA started in March 2016.

No. 1016910


Oooooooooof. And that bus video was March 2016


I think they were doing shit behind the scenes way before Diath went full tilt, as well. Like sexually roleplaying, commissioning drawn and written porn, etc. Does anyone remember when Heidi said that jared came home from a DCA trip excitedly telling her how the cast decided to turn Striath from sibling love to romantic love? I remember her mentioning it in her live stream

I also remember her saying that at one point she told Jared that he was getting a little too obsessed with DCA when he was spending all day every day texting in the cast group chat. I wonder if that was one of Holly's reasons for calling her abusive

No. 1016924


I don't know if it was ever Tweeted and deleted, but it was in his Instagram stories (which are only around for a bit.)

No. 1016925

File: 1596497167882.jpg (105.83 KB, 635x737, divorcetweet.jpg)


no it was definitely this tweet (sorry for poor quality just took a screenshot off google)

No. 1016940


Love how her excuse was "I want to live around trees" like anyone would buy it… yet they did

No. 1016977

No, October. Seven months later.

No. 1016988


Pretty sure that it wasn’t just the trees that she was after. Yikes.

No. 1017025


I dont even think she really likes nature/the forest. I think she just does those things and posts about it because she wants it to be her new personality/thing since Strix is dead. She seems like she wants to be seen as the kind of person who is like that instead of just actually being a person like that, if that makes sense. And I'm far from the first to point out that it is one of the many things she has copied from Heidi

Maybe I'm just overthinking but idk all her recent forest shit just seems really fake and forced, not at all genuine

INB4 she finally makes her Strix comic/continuation (so, never) and reverts back into the trash witch DnD persona and ditches the forest stuff

No. 1017068

Prior to D&D/Strix she was roleplaying Commander Shepard from Mass Effect, hence her username of Commander Holly. Ross cosplayed her in-game love interest and their wedding was Mass Effect/sci-fi themed. No forests or witchcraft in sight. Though she apparently studied in Edinburg due to an earlier witch phase when she was obsessed with Harry Potter. Magic (though afaik not forests) is a recurring theme, but it gets put aside whenever she gets into a different fandom and rearranges her life and interests around a new self-insert character. The difference now seems to be that rather than skinwalking a fictional character, she’s skinwalking her boyfriend’s ex.

No. 1017079

I wonder how Jared feels about it, I would find it very unsettling if my current partner suddenly started mimicking the one I not only dumped her for but the one I claim to have abused me

No. 1017118


Exactly! Why is she trying to emulate the woman she has been slandering for years now and claims to literally fear

Obviously she is still somehow insecure when it comes to Heidi which is nuts since ya know she won Jared, got them to divorce, helped him abuse her, and not to mention that Heidi has made it very clear she would never want Jared back. She is living the pickme fantasy and yet…

Maybe it was because the initial support Heidi got at the beginning of the drama? Seeing all the memes and posts about how much more attractive and talented Heidi is might have seriously effected her or made her worried that Jared would start to agree. But you think the year of a majority support she has gotten would help, she literally turned public opinion for the most part, so why is she still so salty

The real question is if she even is aware of it or is her new wannabe Heidi persona is all subconscious

No. 1017124

She is salty because it's not complete and total adoration. Everyone has to love her 100% all of the time and if they don't? If they say anything even remotely negative? She views it as abuse and bullying. I have no doubt that she's aware of what she's doing and that it's likely the result of Jared expressing some kind of remorse or depression over how things shook out. He acts miserable so Hoelly the Homewrecker tries to emulate his ex-wife because that's the last time he seemed legitimately happy.

No. 1017140


She wants everyone shipping them like people used to ship Striath. Think how easy it would he to convince yourself you're not a bad person for cheating when you have thousands shipping and adoring you and your married boyfriend. Heidi popped her little fantasy dnd world bubble and now she has to face the facts that their relationship isnt some epic dramatic love story but instead just another toxic wasteland

I wonder if in a world where Heidi never spoke out they actually thought that they would be able to announce their relationship without people realizing that it started wayyyy before they were both single

Wasnt there someone who predicted it on rantgrumps months before the drama? And people who saw them canoodling at cons? They were not subtle, both on DCA and off

No. 1017143

There was someone who saw them together in Vegas (I think it was at Gordon Ramsey's restaurant but idk for sure) not that long after the announcement and as soon as Hoelly realized that the person recognized them, she and Jared pretty much bolted out of the restaurant.

No. 1017198

File: 1596531297634.jpg (76.46 KB, 628x853, oct 28 2018 (ross).JPG)

This one made me sad. Isn't this the twitch con where Jared and Holly slept together for the first time? Poor Ross. You can tell he really loved Holly and she still left him for someone who won't even recognize her existence on social media.

No. 1017199

i'm watching one of PJ streams (i know i know.. but his low energy and how nostalgic the game is for me is fantastic background noise for work) and I'm honestly surprised how many sex jokes he still pulls. Like joking about the chat sending him links to hentai doujinshi and what characters are the most fuckable. If it were any other person it'd be just some comment to pass the time, but coming from someone who used casual sex talk in order to slime his way into fangirl's dm's i find it pretty sus. how long till last year's scandals repeats itself?

No. 1017205

File: 1596531748291.jpg (1.31 MB, 3664x1652, hcompilation.jpg)

Also, one thing I noticed that Heidi was so supportive of Jared every time he was mentioned. No matter how you slice it, I just don't see abusive behavior here.

No. 1017206

well tbf, heidi is also better at keeping her shit out of twitter, and it's not like an abuser goes around saying "MWAHAHAH i love abusing my SO!", even though that's probably what Holly believes lol. I mean, a lot of these tweets were in the middle of their love triangle period and she was still supportive of holly and talking about dates with jared, right? did i get the timeline wrong?

not saying heidi's the bad guy just… the fact that you don't find a smoking gun in a curated twitter front is not proof of good character

No. 1017207

File: 1596532182588.jpg (2.97 MB, 4984x4072, hccompliation.jpg)

Looking back on all of the posts here, it really seems like Holly projected her own issues with her mom onto Heidi and afterwards wasn't able to see beyond the emotional response that elicited in her. The sad thing is they probably could have worked this out if they'd just kept talking, but Jared was somehow able to successful triangulate them before it got to that point.

I thought it was interesting that in Jan 2018, Holly, Jared and Anna were all commenting on fanart anytime someone posted some. By Nov 2018, though, Holly was the only one regularly still looking up fanart. She would also only look up fanart when she simultaneously posted about feeling depressed, which makes it pretty clear she was trying to get Jared to pay attention to her during those times.

No. 1017208

File: 1596532200102.png (106.58 KB, 747x262, Screenshot_7.png)

see, it WAS heidi's fault! holly wanted to be a good friend and did what heidi asked of her!

No. 1017211

File: 1596532518808.jpg (87.41 KB, 646x923, jan 24 2018 (jared) (2).JPG)

Last picture: Jared was joking, I'm sure, but I think this actually sums up why DCA got to be so popular and also why it ended up destroying so many relationships.

No. 1017215

this is so fucking cringe, he was posing as a veteran method actor over a fucking dnd game, and people were eating that shit up.
Have you tried watching an episode? my mirror neurons were committing suicide after .30 seconds of jared, sorry, DIATH, expressing his emotions for strix. he sounded like he was constipated and he was asking for a laxative

No. 1017217


What I'm getting here is that Heidi loved Jared as he was as a person and Hoelly loved him as Diath, and since he was so obsessed with DCA he chose the later, and now that DCA is gone, he is starting to miss the former

No. 1017276

This. 100%.

This just sounds…unhealthy. I don't know how exactly, but it just does, mainly on part of the fan who wrote that. Everyone in the situation, fans, Jared, Holly, got so unhealthy into the characters that it was just kind of weird. I'm sure many of us have gotten super in character at times in our D&D games but not to the point where it overtook our lives or people started seeing us strictly as our characters.

No. 1017282


Not just any fan, its scarletmoth, the Jared twitch mod who admitted to sending him nudes and wanted to leak all her insider info to the DCA petition last year

No. 1017283

His character pretty much sounded like an emo teen.

No. 1017285

Oh fuck, scarletmoth. I didn't even look at the username but now I'm cackling. She constantly pops into Jared's streams and tries to get his attention. I don't think she's Jared's type since she's tubby, did she send him her nudes without him even asking for them?

No. 1017286

File: 1596543799339.jpg (183.77 KB, 1080x958, 20200804_081949.jpg)

Isnt it strange how he knows exactly what Heidi said and he feels the need to state that he doesnt believe it?

Crazy how the people who tell us we hate stalk Holly literally do the same thing, hmm?

His whole blog is unprofessional cringe. He answers questions as if he is Jared's personal assistant yet he also digs at Heidi and appears to be caught up on all her activities. In one breath he says to move on from the drama and in the next he makes it very clear that he still stalks Heidi's every move

Who knows, maybe Holly's obsessive stalking rubbed off on him

No. 1017287

His wife sometimes chastises Heidi on Twitter.
Gotta keep that fear in her.

No. 1017288

Both of them are ridiculous about "Move on from the drama!….unless it's to harass Heidi and then carry on!". No wonder why Hoelly and Jared were desperate to keep their two biggest supporters as friends.

No. 1017292

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if he & his wife are the ones who keep tabs on Heidi for them…

No. 1017293

Holy shit that image is extremely telling. She absolutely guilted Jared into being with her. He most likely wanted to stay married and keep DCA but since Holly was such a nutjob he knew he had to choose between DCA and Heidi. He obviously chose DCA. Then everything went up in flames and he lost his marriage and DCA, and the only thing he had left to turn to was Holly. Now he can't leave her because he can't afford to. Super fucking pathetic. Did the year of Jared denying you not teach you shit, Holly? Have some self respect.

No. 1017295


That image is proof that her whole "I USED to be abusive but I'm not anymore!" Thing is bullshit

So many of those tweets are suicide bait or mental health guilt clearly aimed at Jared, and that's just what she said publicly on twitter. Heidi has said multiple times that there were messages from Holly on that infamous old phone of his telling him that she would kill herself if he didnt leave Heidi sooner.

It really makes you see those messages Heidi send to Jared about Holly's twitter behavior in a new light.

I just dont know how she managed to convince him that Heidi was the abuser threatening suicide when she was posting this shit. Like, was he going along with it knowing it was BS or was he that witchmatized that he couldn't realise that Hoelly was projecting her own controlling abusive behavior over him on to Heidi

No. 1017297

Both. Jared isn't an innocent victim who got caught up in the witch puss - At any time, Jared could have came out and said "This is all bullshit, Hoelly is fucking insane and Heidi is telling the truth" to save his own ass. If he can convince the world that Heidi is abusive, he'd have no problem doing the same with Hoelly since her behavior actually IS abuse. He wouldn't have got Heidi back, but he'd have been a "free agent" to do what he wanted without TrashBitch looking over his shoulder and could maybe even have salvaged his already-fledgling career.

No. 1017304

File: 1596546736788.jpg (62.02 KB, 595x450, EDG1J_UXoAELkdC.jpg)

Old milk, but I somehow missed this thread:

No. 1017306

I just love that Jared/Hoelly's stans readily discredit first person accounts like that of MindFall Media as just being buddies of Heidi's without realizing that when Jared/Hoelly made them personal friends (like with SadOld and GeraldoGuac), they were doing the exact same thing.

No. 1017307

File: 1596547405273.png (234.65 KB, 590x656, greatidea.png)


…And just in case anyone wants to call this photographer a 'simp'. He was friends with all 3 of them.

No. 1017314

This is so unprofessional. Most actors praise the art itself and the work the artist put into it but she entirely focuses on the fantasy element. Its clear she is enmeshed in the character and can't separate the fantasy of the relationship from the reality of her and Jared and their situations.

It's also clear that a big part of the thrill of being with Jared was the performative nature of it through the game. Interesting contrast between how enthusiastic and engaged she was with DCA and how detached she is in the new game. Apparently she doesn't enjoy the actual game aspect but rather the ability to completely immerse herself into a fantasy. Work and her personal life weren't separate, she wants them to merge.

Seems very unhealthy and obsessive.

No. 1017352

"Unhealthy and obsessive" might as well be the title of her biopic.

No. 1017460

File: 1596567850946.jpg (172.54 KB, 1080x418, 20200804_145726.jpg)


I appreciate that he points this out, because SO many of the creators who supported Hored felt the need to say that they couldn't believe Heidi because Jared and Holly were always so kind to them

I'm sure Holly is super nice to you as long as you're not with the guy she wants, and I'm sure Jared is nice as long as you dont ever tell him no

The stans who discredit this photographer because they think Heidi manipulated him with her evil mastermind ways are the same stans who cant see that maybe Hored manipulated their public supporters as well

As if the small small time stay at home wife creator with >100k supporters definitely had more power than two large long time respected creators with hundred of thousands of supporters and a massively successful DnD show

Also has anyone ever pointed out that Heidi's influencer supporters are all small time photographers/cosplayers while Hored's are the big time youtubers in their community? Something about that doesnt sit right with me

No. 1017576


This is just showing how extremely determined he is to make up his own version of events with no evidence rather than accept a reasonable explanation from Heidi. Even though he repeated that explanation in his defense. He's like, "yeah I took her story and changed random details and decided that's the truth because I Know Best" even when it's something this minor, random and inconsequential. Why not assume the whole anecdote is a lie instead of writing your own fanfiction?

It would be easier to take him seriously if he showed the smallest amount of logic or moderation. At this point SadOld is looking like a baby narcissist living vicariously off the high he gets from associating with his DCA heroes, trying to prove that makes him important. How embarrassing.

No. 1017583

literally psychotic at this point

No. 1017585

I mean, obviously she's not the slightest bit professional in any way if she's willing to bring her fans to harass anyone who makes a negative comment about her work on a show's official channel, along with joining in to ree about her mental illness and lolcow in those comments herself. Holly will never have anything but this because she doesn't have the ability to act like a real adult or half decent person, no wonder she clings to her DCA ship so bad.

No. 1017598

That's just it, though - Hoelly has now, at least publicly, mostly moved on from Strix, doesn't have it listed in her twitter or instagram bio, and really only mentions it when someone else brings it up. Jared, however, still has it listed on his twitter bio because he knows that outside of being known as "The Dude Who Cheated On His Wife While Soliciting Nudes", that's his only claim to fame.

No. 1017602

File: 1596580129769.png (349.09 KB, 600x719, Screenshot at Aug 04 17-28-52.…)

In an apparent bid to look like less of the obsessive nutjob that we know her to be, Hoelly has apparently taken to liking Jared's post on her "business" twitter rather than on her personal account.

No. 1017605

File: 1596580286077.png (56.77 KB, 591x307, Screenshot at Aug 04 17-30-41.…)

She's also apparently forgetting that the difference between people pleasing and emotional abuse is labeling your fuckbuddy's wife an "unfixable abuser" with BPD because she wouldn't let you fuck him is emotional abuse, and her letting her husband fuck his coworker while asking only for transparency is people pleasing.

You're still the bad guy here, Hoelly.

No. 1017695


Doesn't this defeat the ENTIRE purpose of rebranding in the first place? Wasn't it to try to separate her business from "the great canceling of 2019"?

No. 1017721

Probably, but she shot that shit out of the water when she was replying to those comments about her being on her phone on YT using her "business" account. I think she legitimately thought she could run off her "Holly Conrad" account and hide behind "We Crowing Hens" to get away from the drama, but proceeded to do the same shit she's been doing for months any way.

No. 1017769

Odds are her rebranding was more about making herself more Heidi-like and maybe also about not hearing "Trash is right!" whenever she'd do something shitty than any attempt to get away from the drama.

No. 1017845

>Also has anyone ever pointed out that Heidi's influencer supporters are all small time photographers/cosplayers while Hored's are the big time youtubers in their community? Something about that doesnt sit right with me
well, it makes sense, heidi wasn't really a youtuber and never had a twitch presence. she did cosplay and convention things, so its probably more that all the photographers that she worked with separately from jared respect her.
whereas all the youtubers/streamers side with holly because they profit from content theyve done with her and they can continue to use her as a resource, etc.

which by the way is just another demonstration of how fucking ugly holly's character is. she really pulled her through the mud with a demographic that isn't even related to heidis'. heidi was speaking as heidi, the wife of jared, and holly was speaking as youtuber commander holly with millions of jareds followers. just so fucking gross.

No. 1017851

i think history will always remember holly tweeting "you can't believe some random woman off the internet", implying social relationships are bad, and then finishing her thread with "you guys know me, i wouldn't hurt a fly" lol

No. 1017852

Nah, it'll be a toss up of the "If you were abused, you wouldn't go back" followed up by the "It takes abuse victims on average of 7 times to actually leave their abusers for good" tweets……though the "I'm sorry, I'm mentally ill" takes a close second place.

No. 1017853

we should really make a top10 bullshit tweets by holly and pin them at the top of every thread for easy access to any stan that comes by (even though, im sad to say, there havent been many as of late)

No. 1017862

>Maybe he just felt awkward on camera?
DCA wasn't his whole career, he also had a successful youtube and twitch career before this all went down, why would he feel uncomfortable on camera? more likely he didn't realize she was recording and this is a genuine reaction, he was a shitty husband even before sleeping with holly

No. 1017864

sage for ot, but i'm pretty sure ross would have moved for holly had this be genuine. it's not like he's trying to get a job at a major studio, he wants to do his own thing, connections in LA matter but it's not like he'd be totally isolated had he left, he still had a lot of close friends and colleagues in the area to help keep him connected

holly gaslit him into thinking it was an impossible choice they had to make. poor guy.

No. 1017870

part of her pick me fantasy is the other girl being jealous/miserable, i do believe she's chasing that pure adoration form fans again, but i also feel like she probably still stalks heidi's socials and is a little miserable everytime she sees that heidi's doing better after loosing 120lbs of worm dick and not worse. holly will never be happy despite 'winning' because she's so insufferably insecure

oof. other anons were trying to write off how awkward/rough this twitch con was for ross earlier because 'technically' they were separated at this point, but I think any normal person would feel something. even if she didn't abuse him, and emotionally cheat, and manipulate and gaslight him and all his friends for months before hand, it's still damn trashy how soon this was.

true, this is not 100% proof, but it's hilarious how heidi can talk like a normal person while holly can't seem to hold it together for more than a month at a time despite her job literally being a social media personality.

No. 1017906


Yepppp. He’s a shitty person and a shitty husband and so many of his behaviors raise numerous red flags.

No. 1017931

Holly is too stupid to realize she can never "win" against Heidi. They don't have any life or career goals in common. Heidi, just recently said she would never be a streamer or media content creator. She only wants to use her talents to create a livable income and enjoy her hobbies.

Holly on the other hand wants to be beloved, win against pretty girls, and be famous. She wants to be an icon or personality or define herself by her likes and interests instead of her likes and interests reflecting who she is. So she's now skin walking Heidi because Heidi naturally has a strong aesthetic related to her hobbies and craft. I think it has less to do with Jared and more to do with an imaginary competition she has with Heidi.

No. 1017935


You can go to forestgirlclothing.com to buy products and clothes to make yourself a forest girl, or you can go to wecrowinghens.com to read about how Holly, herself, is a magical forest girl who you should love and idolize.

No. 1017943

Any time I read Jared stands raging against Heidi I shop at her store. Because in the end, she seems way more dedicated to supporting herself and moving on than Holly the trust fund baby's obsession with being the true victim and heroine.

The way Heidi curates really cute outfits with her products makes me think anons are right on the money when they say Jared is trying to be fashionable on his own because his wife dressed him to look decent. I mean he's ugly as fuck so Heidi did salvage all that she could.

No. 1017952


You're so right, I just went to the crowning Hens website and the only thing they are selling are overpriced unbalanced ugly dnd die and sticker books

Some merch brand you got there, Hoelly.

The whole website is just her little blog where she writes nonsense about the aesthetic she wishes she had

No. 1017963

That's just it - Her store consists of 1-2 wildly overpriced items (someone else stated you can get better constructed die for less cost) and her constantly talking about what she will EVENTUALLY have that looks exactly like everything else she already HAS.

No. 1018003

Even if moving had been a real issue they could have done long distance. With Holly supposedly being asexual/demisexual-who’s-never-had-romantic-feelings-before-meeting-DiathJared it’s unlikely they were having sex anyway, and in videos Holly was visibly annoyed whenever she had to be around Ross. Obviously we know that it wasn’t about the trees for Holly but I wonder to what extent Ross bought into that lie. Maybe part of him was happy to have an out from the marriage.

No. 1018014

I've bought things from Heidi too lol. It's clear that she puts a lot of thought into what she sells.

No. 1018032

>Holly is too stupid to realize she can never "win" against Heidi.

That's why she keeps going after her. She's going to always go after her even when Jared abandons her for another woman and starts crying abuse. If anything, she'll probably show more animosity towards Heidi when that happens because her jealousy issues are unchecked and out of control.

Holly's website looks like a chaotic mess. There's too much clutter on there and barely anything in the shop. It doesn't really compete with Heidi's website.

No. 1018109

>sage for random/possibly irrelevant


Game Grumps just posted this animated about a story of Ross being really deprived and messed up. It's from April 8th 2015, and I wonder where this fit into the timeline. Could be most likely that Ross was pulling all nighters on his work, but I also don't remember any big projects of his coming out around I understand that time either.

No. 1018141

I don't see the sticker album but there's this "spooky scout field book" that comes with a sticker if you buy the physical copy….

And what the nine hells is it? All it says is it starts your journey as a "spooky scout". Doesn't tell you anything else about it. And seven dollars for a 14-page booklet? With lots of blank pages, and otherwise full of old, probably unlicensed photographs with slendermans doodled in?

What a scam.

No. 1018145

>Maybe part of him was happy to have an out from the marriage.
nah, considering he went back and deleted the 'amicable split' tweet, it really feels like he was still eating holly's shit up at the time, but he seems to know better now. good on him.

probably best not to mention heidi's shop here unless it's relevant to new drama. i know heidi doesn't hide it or keep it a secret or anything, but holly obsessively lurks and will somehow twist heidi's shop even being mentioned here as some sort of convoluted attack. holly and her fans are crazy like that.

No. 1018348

i hate that my stupid brains remember this kind of shit instead of important stuff, but he was having a hard time sleeping because he was horribly jet legged bc of a trip back from australia.

No. 1018353

File: 1596701350236.png (187.38 KB, 523x398, Screenshot_6.png)

jared's thumbnails are really the gifts that keep on giving, huh

No. 1018371


Holy shit, Holly really is desperate to be Heidi, right down to the foraging. Except Heidi collects pinecones and things for decorating and crafts, meanwhile Holly just picks up a couple of stones.

She tries so hard it's desperate. Witchcraft is more than collecting a few twigs, Holly. You're embarrassing to us.

No. 1018372

Heidi collects pinecones for crafts or to decorate her own home; Holly "collects" so that she can con some poor sucker into paying $30+ a month on her patreon for the privilege of collecting whatever garbage she grabbed and shoved into an envelope.

No. 1018402

witchcraft is… nothing it's not… it's not real, i'm so sorry to have to tell you that. were you actually scared when people hexed the moon a few weeks back?

No. 1018417

Have you seen the puddle of nonsense she uses to define witchcraft?
It's in the blog section of her store.

No. 1018430

It's not about whether or not it's real, though the cultural practices rooted in thousands of years of history that certain peoples still practice today are very real to them. (I'm not talking about that stuff Gardener wrote last century to get laid, and the rest is an off-topic religious debate)
I've seen crappy young adult fiction novels with better-expressed "deep beliefs" than this. It's just another costume Holly puts on, like Commander Shepard.

No. 1018562


Of course witchcraft isn't real in the sense you think it is.
So no, I wasn't afraid of the moon hex, because it's physically impossible.

No. 1018563


Yeah, witchcraft is just rituals, like any religion has. I dunno why people get off on screaming "but it's not real!"

No. 1018570


That thumbnail is the dictionary definition of cringe, yikes.

No. 1018579

Jared's face in that thumbnail is that of someone who is being held against his will and is desperately trying to signal to whoever is watching the video his captors forced him to make. PedoDick, blink twice if you regret everything and are ready to take responsibility!

No. 1018581

File: 1596743990753.jpeg (104.42 KB, 750x563, CBCD12D7-ED8E-4CD4-A14A-4D4D44…)


with the video title i couldn’t resist adding holly

No. 1018595

beautiful, has my vote for next thread pic.

No. 1018601

Because you have "witches" like Holly screaming, "You know magic! I know magic!". Blame Holly for that.

Her face makes it more horrifying. Perfect, anon.

No. 1018614


I'd like to see this with one of her classic crazy faces though

No. 1018621


the vagina eyes shop please

No. 1018681

Can the number in the image be the thread # I think that would be a helpful feature

No. 1018879

No. 1018963


Oh I definitely do blame her. She's just a trend hopper, like someone else said, wasn't it cyberpunk or sci-fi before? Now apparently she used to hide witchcraft books at school? Sure Holly, people definitely tried to burn you in this era.

No. 1019053

The problem with the "pick me" types is their desperation to prove it's so authentic they were born with their interests as traits. I've known a lot of dull, boring people try to define themselves by quirks like tattoos, movies, music, and obsessions. They had to have done it longer than you and liked it longer than you. So of course Holly's strix was an old character she used. And she practiced witch craft as a child. None of these boring bitches can say "I started getting into this last month and it's been amazing."

No. 1019092


Hahaha this reminds me of the Heroes of Cosplay episode where Holy claimed that she made her first "cosplay" as a little kid by strapping a pillow to her back and calling it a Koopa Trooper.

Okay sure, playing dress up is a completely normal childhood experience and basically everyone does it. But according to Holly, she's a real prodigy who invented cosplay in her living room and means it more authentically than anyone else!!! She did it before you!!!!

No. 1019115

I can believe shes been jnto witchcraft since a child bc she's a potterhead, but this.brings in another question: how is she conciling liking a lame franchise from a violent transphobic cunt with her mostly left and queer persona?
I think that's why she pivoted to the spell casting and REAL MAGIC side of it, and well, because you cant profit from an existing franchise, but also now you dont need at all to reckon the whole "jk rowling is problematic and i need to move on from hp"

No. 1019130

Wizardry and witchcraft aren't quite the same though.

No. 1019139


The amount of childhood Potterheads who've since developed an interest in Pagan religions and the ilk is likely substantial, but to suggest there's a link between JK Rowling outing herself as a twat and Holly's persona switching from "trash(fire) witch" to "uwu i do real magick, pls buy my rocks" is more than a little absurd.

No. 1019152

honey, you're saying it like someone actually gives a fuck lol

No. 1019371

File: 1596837187192.jpg (56.33 KB, 599x513, halloweeninaug.jpg)

I dislike how Halloween and mushrooms are considered personality traits.

No. 1019522

File: 1596853470583.jpg (607.02 KB, 1080x1676, Screenshot_20200807-222159_Chr…)

I thought Holly was taking a Twitter break but nah, she is just using @wecrowinghens as a second account

She has such a hard time separating herself and personal life from her business, weird considering she shares it with Kayla, it's not even her own brand.

Very professional, Holly

No. 1019631

>JK Rowling
>violent transphobic cunt
How does that kool aid taste?

No. 1019663

She absolutely uses the "business" twitter and youtube channels when she's either (A) too much of a coward to do something on her personal account, so she can let Kayla take the blame when it inevitably blows up in her face or (B) she legitimately thinks people forget that she's behind We Crowing Hens too.

No. 1019765

Just ignore it, anon. Take it to /ot/.

Kayla is like Holly's assistant, except she does all the work. Maybe Holly thinks she's the "face" of their productions. Kek.

wecrowinghens.com is a fucking mess. It's cluttered, no real "mission statement" type introduction, and it links to Holly's vanity projects. I mean Holly should just admit it's her personal website instead of some kind of group or merch store. It has no real philosophic message other than contradicting an attempt at one.

I mean the thing about projects is that you keep them separate. Holly is throwing everything and the kitchen sink so it can stick.

No. 1019780

What is the business split like? Are they co-owners? Is Kayla Holly's employee? What level of risk has each of them invested in this business which Holly is using as a personal twitter?

No. 1019798


Didn't she also change the name of her YouTube channel to WeCrowingHens? Like, didnt make a new channel of anything, just rebranded her old one to keep the subs

She had a chance with this to make her own brand, she really did. TrashWitchCoven was always gonna be attached to strix and the drama, but she could have made crowinghens her own forestgirlclothing where it is a legitimate business… but no. She fucked it all up. And now that we are talking about it all her fake friends who monitor this thread will tell her we brought it up and she will go nuclear

No. 1019922

File: 1596920769440.jpeg (190.39 KB, 1242x1149, F76CBBF8-736A-4ECB-9548-76202B…)

Also your underage fans when exchanging nudes with you

No. 1020125


So he understands the power dynamic when it comes to twitch donors but not when it comes to people sending and recieving praise for nudes? Okay, Jan

No. 1020138

The lack of self awareness is too damned high. Like, how does he not realize that THAT is why running a nudes blog was so sketchy? That people would send in nudes just to get his attention, in any form?

No. 1020173


Come on anon, we aren't allowed to bring it up because he spent 5 seconds being apologetic for it in his 45 minute comeback video, remember? We are supposed to believe that he believes what he did was wrong even though he clearly has no understanding of why what he did wasnt ok

No. 1020193

Yeah, except he fucked that up too when he said "I feel that what I was doing was not predatory. But it was unhealthy". He still doesn't really recognize what he did as sketchy and wrong.

The irony is that he also said that it was not as bad because "I never offered anyone anything in return, like making them a Twitch mod or early access to a YouTube video or whatever". Hoelly is doing exactly that for her staunchest defenders in SadOld and GeraldoGuac.

No. 1020194

File: 1596955367724.png (4.35 KB, 218x91, Screenshot_19.png)

Oh, and lets not forget the fact that the "youve been lied to" video is now unlisted. If he were so deadset on correcting the "lies", why would he then unlist the video again?

No. 1020239

i mean, to be fair, it's clear he's doing his best to not be associated with this situation anymore. His streams are full of fans who still support him, true, but there are often trolls trying to get a rise out of him and he keeps on dismissing them without referencing the specifics of the past year.

Do i personally want to have him more accountable for the nude blog? absolutely.
But him delisting his video is not "burying evidence", it's leaving the video up for reference but not having it popping up in people's suggestions or in his content playlist. You can still view it if you have the link to it.

that said, fuck this guy, if anything good came of him being exposed of the slimey dick he is it's that he's stopping pretending to be a fuzzy wuzzy teddy bear who's your parasocial best friend. I hope he keeps on working for a long time cus the alimony doesn't pay itself and Heidi deserves every bit of that

No. 1020257

He's still dating the woman who regularly brings it all up again, and he himself makes comments all the time about "cancel culture", so no, he's not really "moving on".

No. 1020259

Yeah, but if you were completely new to him and just now stumbled upon his content, you couldnt even tell he's dating holly or that he was involved in such a scandal re: underage nudes a year ago. He's still salty e his good guy feminist facade is slipping away, and i have to say that i find hilarious it looks like he's becoming increasingly angry at having an audience and having to interact with it. I swear, he sounds so over the whole thing, it's great.

No. 1020262

Nah, the "I dislike fans doing this" shit is new, gives him plausible deniability when he inevitably gets caught again so he can say "See? I expressed that I didn't like it several times, so I couldn't POSSIBLY be guilty of doing the same creepy shit all over again"

No. 1020461

unironically thought this was a parody of the thread picture

No. 1021193


"i feel like Squall's attempt of being Rinoa's shining knight it's like a 13 year old's idea of being a protective partner. like, if i can't be with you i'll kill myself! it's like, what?? that's not ok! like, that's not romantic! stop that, right now!"

i think it's the thousand yard stare after that statement that gets me

No. 1021194

The fact that he says that without a hint of
….oh…OH MY GOD" realization is just too much - unless he absolutely DOES know and is just trying to vague Hoelly like Ross did in that VR video from before where he talked about his abusive ex (that we all know was Holly) without mentioning her name.

No. 1021224


Is he seriously delusional enough to think that Heidi calmly telling him that she is having suicidal thoughts and checking herself into a hospital is abusive but Holly texting him that she will kill herself if he doesn't leave his wife sooner isnt?

No. 1021241

nah, i don't think he's making any statement in particular, that's why i found his expression so funny. It was like a "oh shit, i walked right into that one. abort! ABORT!!!". It looked like he was checking chat to see if anyone was starting to troll, but i guess his mods are doing a good job cus there was no fun comment anywhere

No. 1021254

I don't know, but half of the comments on the YT video were complaints of the mods not shutting down the "backseat gaming" in his twitch chat. Like, god forbid someone chime in about how a game should be played, lest they become PedoWorm's new abuser! /s

No. 1021267

True, it's also funny to hear him being super salty about his audience and how little they listen to him in return. Dude is fed up about his job.

No. 1021309

And kept saying it in tweets for months.

No. 1021311

sorry for being a lazy sack of shit, but what are you referring to specifically?

No. 1021364

Lately he seems to be more irritable and defensive than usual, and not just his usual deflective pissiness when losing a game of Magic the Gathering. My boyfriend throws on his streams for background some nights. Last night he started the stream late and ended it early, citing 'real life' happenings and having to get shit done. Okay. But then (with no one in the chat saying boo besides the dick suckers) he aggressively repeats shit like "if you don't like it too bad we have lives too ffs we're real people" when he bring up the timing of the stream. Like… seriously? Oh and protip ProDick: when you have to say a bit is over, it didn't land.

He definitely ain't loving his job rn. He's not even trying to put on a face for the camera anymore, and when he is in entertainer mode it usually slips away with an emo or little bitch moment. He said himself that he didn't want to be discussing Final Fantasy at 40, and even made an off-handed comment about becoming more disenchanted with Dungeons and Dragons because of the fan base (lol). He's probably seeing that the end of SOMETHING is near. Midlife crisis incoming?

No. 1021381


Oh damn, definitely a midlife crisis coming!! Or maybe he’s just miserable because he’s stuck with Holly and his numbers keep going down. This is his bed, it must suck to be him to lie in it!!

No. 1021382

Honestly he's always been that way on Twitch. I don't think he takes criticism, helpful or otherwise, well. I popped into one of his streams back before the drama and he snapped at the chat for telling him what the armor does. He was so condescending and it was hella awkward
Then the chat asked him what was up with him and he's like "I'm not well" in a pissy tone. Then don't stream in a piss-ass mood or ignore the chat?

No. 1021386


Wow. Yeah, maybe he should just… not stream and stick to YouTube videos. Too bad he fucked that up by deciding to solicit his fans for nudes.

No. 1021388

do you remember when you watched that stream? maybe it was the Drama Year (tm) and he was miserable for that as well.

for once i wouldnt shit on holly: this is entirely sailor mercury's fault. i hope they're happy, honestly. Too bad if he doesnt want to work anymore, that alimony doesnt pay for itself! hope heidi gets all the money she deserves lmao

No. 1021466


B-but… he said he's the happiest he's been in years!

No. 1021478

>and even made an off-handed comment about becoming more disenchanted with Dungeons and Dragons because of the fan base (lol).
Good. He and Holly are already getting enough low-key support from D&D peeps as it is, the sooner he buggers out of the hobby (and hopefully takes Holly with him) the better.

No. 1021480


He spent the last 2 years barely working YouTube wise, all he did was DCA and the occasional lets play. I have a hard time feeling bad for him when this year has been the first time in a long time that he has been active on his main channel

No. 1021534

But anon, he couldn't do Youtube because Heidi was too aboosive to him! /s

No. 1021539


It's so infuriating, tbh. He is lucky enough to have a successful online platform AND an extremely dedicated fanbase and yet he goes on stream and complains about his job and how he has to work

How old is he? 31? Yeah, he can fuck off. We cant all have a job about something we are so passionate about, the fact that he is so young yet still complaining about having to work is pathetic. If he doesnt like his job anymore, fine, then he can get a "real" job like the rest of us. He isnt owed an early easy retirement at fucking 30 jfc

No. 1021543

He's 35.

No. 1021544

I guess the thrill and excitement is gone now that he can't use his fame as a vehicle for getting nudes and arranging one night stands with fans. That and Holly being a sad sack all the time, especially if they live together. Man, he really is just another Onision

No. 1021547



His aloof character was played up as a joke (Asagao Academy being a good example) so he would oftentimes get away with being smug. Him live, though, he's really that much higher on his pedestal than the plebs who put food on his plate.

He's one of those guys who says "oh I'm totally open to criticism and improving" until he actually gets it and comes up with either a dismissal of said critic or 101 justifications for whatever he is being criticized for, unless it is from someone who holds higher status than him. He'll tuck his tail between his legs when in the face of actual power (him and the Nintendo rep together was painful). I'll bet blood he's a bigger pussy than a Maine Coon.

No. 1021556

So is that what Miss Editor's job was? To make his PJP uploads look better by cutting out all the times he lashed out at chat? I never watched him live but I caught a lot of his PJP stuff on Youtube before he was outed as a shitstain and a sex pest.

No. 1021559

Late reply but it was around 2017? Possibly late 2016
So it wasn't really close to anything notable that relates to the Drama IIRC

No. 1021574


I'd say in part, at least. Jared generally holds up better when he either A) edits the content or B) has other personalities to help him look good. Miss Editor was good at her job and between them they had a dynamic that he could use to make himself seem more charming and likable. Any editor worth their paycheck would have to recognize when something makes their client look like an asshole and politely skirt around it.

No. 1021674

so young? how old are you? he's like 35, it's understandable he's thinking about being 40 and being ridiculous to talk about final fantasy and getting angry at old NES games. The only person who can still pull it off is James Rolfe and that's because he's NEVER been in any scandal and always kept his professional and private life separate. He makes it look so easy! but apparently it's not

No. 1021675

yeah, also she wasn't editing live streams, IIRC, but long plays where he would converse with her in a way.
I hope she's doing alright.
Have you ever checked his video about pondering what to do with the let's play channel? it's so damn manipulative towards miss editor, lol. It was somewhat right after the HeidiNuke, so it's understandable he was still salty and raw, but his continuining going on about how the let's play channel was fun EXCLUSIVELY thanks to Miss Editor, and now she, UNDERSTANDABLY (please imagine him saying this in the most passive aggressive way possible) wants to distance herself from him really put him in a bad spot because, oh poor him, he really has no idea what to do with the channel..!!

yeah, take a hike, dude.

No. 1021677


Don't feel too bad for her. When the scandal originally broke, she posted in r/ProJared outing her identity (she'd previously remained anonymous) so that people could follow and support her… not a single word addressing his victims or the harm he'd done, just drawing attention to herself and asking for follows.
When he did his comeback livestream, she was right there in the chat supporting him and donating.

No. 1021707

If you're talking about the willing fans who slept with him, sent him nudes and then got ghosted, that was pretty shitty, but i wouldn't say they were VICTIMS (the ones that were of age at least, the ones who were underage and lied about it… it's not completely their fault but man, i'm glad i'm not a kid at the age of the internet).
i mean the only real victim is just one, and that's Heidi, but i guess that if you're friends with only jared you would end up believing his side of the story re: their marriage.
Still pretty disappointed in miss editor.

No. 1021751


I thought he was closer to 30, but 35 is still too young to be bitching about the job you created for yourself and wanting to retire/not work anymore. I think it just shows how privileged he was pre drama that he could have retired (or just do DCA), but now that he has taken a financial hit he has to work harder than before. I understand that he doesnt like the idea of facing 40 and still reviewing video games but… that's the job HE created for himself. Its not like anyone forced his hand, he was always going to turn 40 eventually, drama or not. That's the content he decided to make.

I dont mean to say that it's wrong to bitch about your job, we all do it, but doing it in front of your fanbase constantly is just fucking weird man, especially when that fanbase constantly donating and supporting you is your main source of income, and a majority of them are working "real" jobs and probably dont want to hear someone who was lucky enough to make it complain about how hard it is to have made it

No. 1021812

Jared abused the adoration and willingness of his fans to do anything for him, down to fucking him in what we can only assume to be dumpy hotel rooms near whatever convention center he was at - They were victims of PedoDick's emotional manipulation. Just because they were of age doesn't make it less shady to tell them whatever they needed to hear to become his latest pump-and-dump.

No. 1022810

i'm acquainted with cara and todd in rl and they never stopped stanning jared. just as this anon said, her statement was just to boost her own stats. she could have just stayed anonymous, but i guess she wanted that social boost since she wasn't making as much money editing his videos anymore.

No. 1022847


Cara, Todd, and Cara's partner all unfollowed Jared on Twitter. Was that just to make themselves look better? It seems like Jared doesn't hang out with them irl if he's resorting to his pathetic stans as friend substitutes

No. 1022896

I mean, it's just twitter, does it actually mean anything? They could have unfollowed him after the scandal just to save face but privately still being on his side. Also, sure you know them irl. Give proof or don't make it up for milk points

No. 1022898

Who's todd? Who's cara's partner?

No. 1022929

Todd is PBG's editor.

No. 1022941


Didnt he also come on to other influencers, especially cosplayers in Heidi's circle? I remember pushinguproses saying that he asked her for nudes or whatever. Like even if he was being super "respectful" when he asked, its still super fucking weird for a creator to ask his smaller creator peers for nudes.

No. 1022954

this anon >>1021677 mentioned
cara was in jared's comeback stream cheering him on so it sounds like it was just a pr move. weird she's coming up the in conversation when her new game just released.

pur only said that he mad a pass at her, not for nudes

No. 1022965

Even if it was "just a pass", the way Jared came on to smaller content creators/fans was inappropriate and just another abuse of his 'fame'

No. 1023012


Exactly. Clearly he upset her and probably others. Most of us here are women so I assume we all know the feeling when a guy you thought you were cool with suddenly tries being all sexual with you. There is no respectful way to make a pass on a fellow content creator, even if your wife is okay with it. Especially since he had so much more clout than her, the implication being "hey do things with me and I will promo you, don't do things and I'll post some shit talk"

No. 1023131


i didn't say it was "just" a pass, and i didn't say he was "respectful" i just wanted to correct misinformation because if the info here keeps getting mangled by anons who are too lazy to read that only gives holly and other jared stans justification to dismiss the pile of evidence against jared, including pur's statement.

pur is justified in speaking about her experiences and in cutting jared out. don't twist her words.

No. 1023239

Spoiler alert: Jared, Hoelly and their various stans don't need a reason to dismiss the pile of evidence - They've been doing it from day one regardless of if it's true or not. Nobody here is twisting PUR's words but when you say "Pur only said that he made a pass at her", you can't be surprised that others take that to mean "It was just a pass".

No. 1023260

I think anon meant that jared didnt ask PUR for nudes, but "just" made a pass on her.
Who knows, maybe his pass on her was asking for nudes lol, we don't know, but that was the misinformation they were trying to dispel; theres no need to create false rumors that would just delegitimize the real shit he did

No. 1023277

File: 1597487927787.png (80.96 KB, 589x554, asda.png)

> Nobody here is twisting PUR's words
Did you read who they were responding to? A poster implied she said he asked for nudes. That is not what she said. Listen to the victims, it's disrespectful to twist their words like that.

No. 1023291

I did, and I didn't see anyone suggest that Jared had actually gone after PUR for nudes - just that what he DID do, whatever it may have been, was a gross abuse of his e-fame

No. 1023313


I apologize, I didn't mean to make it seem like you said it was respectful, I just know that that is how he and his fans would justify it. "Yeah he made a pass, but it was totally respectful because he is a good guy feminist!!!!" I put respectful in quotes because there is no respectful way to make a pass at a fellow content creator, especially when they know you're married and that you have a much larger audience/more clout

No. 1023793


I wonder what the heavy, explicit pass was? Considering his behavior, I wouldn’t put it past him asking her straight out if she wanted to fuck. I’m sorry to hear that pur was another victim of his advances, and much bravery to her for coming out with it.

No. 1023795


Honestly good for her for not immediately backtracking after his comeback like most of his other accusers/naysayers.

No. 1024003

Yeah, it was just a surreal moment when stans took to PUR and Pat the NES Punk, who mainly spoke of their own bad experiences with the sex pest, to go "You sure about that? You sure you don't want to take back your LIES? His video proves his innocence of anything, EVER."

No. 1024133

this vlog from Jacksepticeye's ex Wiishu has the same energy at 2:20.
Wiishu with a sad expression looking out the window while Jack seems more interested in his phone than her.

Even the thumbnails are similar.(derailing)

No. 1024215

Yeah, esp cus it was hilarious how Pat the NES punk and Marzgurl only talked about their bad experience with Jared, like, at least Pur have an example of the crux of the problem with Jrd, that is him being a sexpest.
Pat and Marzgurl were just sitting on these story about Jrd being a selfish and shitty friend and immediately took on the opportunity to finally tell the world why he's lame. Good for them, that must have felt good ahah

No. 1024216

Jacksepticeye is way too squicky clean. I don't buy it, he must have some skeleton in his closet.. im talking taking advantage of fans, not allegedly getting with gaby before breaking up with his ex(derailing)

No. 1024234

And it'll be milk worthy if it ever comes out - but until then, it's just slandering someone because you don't believe that decent people actually exist.(derailing)

No. 1024978

I always think he cheated on his gf with Gabgamerbitch since she suddenly called off her engagement with her bf and suddenly was dating Sean, that bitch gives me bad vibes(derailing)

No. 1025004

a small correction: Gab was not engaged, she had been married for several years when she suddenly got divorced and started dating Sean out of the blue(derailing)

No. 1025033

and as usual, the real bitch is the woman, never the guy. lmao. ya'll internalized misoginy is showing.(derailing)

No. 1025274


eh she's a bitch in her own right even without Sean (racist comments, fragile ego, social climber who takes advantage of everyone she comes across etc), but in the specific instance of Sean/Gab they are both just as bad and neither could keep their story straight about their relationship(derailing)

No. 1025297

why do people here get so upset and cry misogyny when corrected? all they did was offer a correction with no opinion. same thing just happened when someone corrected another anon about pur's statement. 'yall really need to make up an opinion to argue against just to make yourself feel better about being wrong?

her being married doesn't make him look any better, they both seem shady.(derailing)

No. 1025423

File: 1597795102317.png (539.96 KB, 960x730, 117765635_324524035412021_8323…)

>You enter the tavern and see a new miniature that represents Strix's appearance after an Elven tailor and her Dire Lion companion broke Strix's legs.
>A successful perception check allows you to hear a voice squawking "This post is abuse! This post is abuse! And it is very ableist!". It seems to be emanating from the Twitter Plane, but it could just be a Kenku pickpocket messing with you.

No. 1025515

Aside from holding a crescent staff, I'm not seeing the Strix ressemblance. No horns, no ragged clothes… and this character is clearly of the Druid class.
Has Holly tried to claim it's based on her or something?

No. 1025970

File: 1597894130903.png (142.99 KB, 720x759, 20200819_231742.png)

What a short & sweet way to defend herself.
No needless self-flagellation, no guilt-tripping, or twee catchphrases/hashtags…

No. 1025980

Sage this shit, Heidi ass-kissing or her responding to hate comment isn't milk.
But also, I need the name of her therapist. Because the way she has publicly handled everything thrown at her in a reasoned, calm and usually nonconfrontational way is pretty impressive.

No. 1025984

File: 1597895999887.jpg (84.55 KB, 720x879, 20200819_235908.jpg)

Lmaooo didn't he post his cringey head-in-hands insta post the day their divorce finalized? And didn't Heidi actually file the divorce because he was never willing to? Yeah buddy, I'm sure you're soooooo happy now

No. 1025991

File: 1597898700369.png (75.58 KB, 610x665, hof2020-08-20.png)

saged because not adding anything
but this could almost be a sub-tweet at holly and her non-advise mental health advise but she does clarify in the replies this tweet is in response to someone trying to dm her about her health.

also, she finally made a personal private twitter. all heidi "milk" about to be totally cleaned up. good for her.

No. 1025996

Didn't he post his feelsbadman.jpg instagram post on the day of the divorce, thereabouts?
Sure, Jared. Sure.

No. 1025997

this just further convinces me that his 'bad brain days' are about Holly, not Heidi, why would it be about his ex if their divorce was so good for him?

No. 1025999

Do you anons really think signing the papers is the day the marriage is legally ended? Hilarious. That post was pathetic but there's no way that was the day the divorce was finalized.

No. 1026076


Hard to believe that Jared felt the exact same way. He wanted to have his cake and eat it too, and that didn’t happen.

No. 1026134

I wouldn't think she's vaguely alluding to anything Holly does tbh. It's just reasonable advice.

No. 1026164


In b4 Holly's flying monkeys attempt to infiltrate Heidi's private account

No. 1026191

I'm sure they've already tried, but she already said it'd be mutuals only. I think after people were so wishy-washy with their support early on, she cut her friends/follow list way down to prevent shit like that.

No. 1026486

She's so defensive in everything she writes. To be honest, she riding the pity train she gathered. I highly doubt, with how she's acted since the divorce, that she was always kind and nice and intimidated at this point. She comes off as a massive fucking cunt.

No. 1026493


No. 1026552

Better an honest cunt who's living her best life than a dishonest mental health guru who preaches kindness and empathy to cover her own horrible behaviour

No. 1027033

somewhat OT but Jared looks so much like Christian Borle it absolutely ruined legally blonde and falsettos to me

No. 1027050

are you nonwhite so you can't differentiate them properly? poor borle, he's an uggo but not jared level lol

No. 1027086

File: 1598109880436.png (835.66 KB, 719x1702, image.png)

That doesnt seem very "uwu cancel culture bad" of you, Jared.

Also one could argue that Holly is a content creator who spent years bullying his wife

Reading all the hidden replies and knowing he read them too is fucking hilarious. Always good to see others holding him accountable since most of twitter circlejerks his comeback story

No. 1027121


My guess is he's trying to cull the Keemstar/Leafy fans from his own fanbase…

No. 1027123


This is pretty rich considering Holly’s outbursts of ‘leave me alone!’ If Jared was smart, he wouldn’t have mentioned anything. But now he’s opened up the floodgates again to all the shitty things he’s done. He’s against ‘cancel culture’ but not ‘consequences of your actions culture’. What a hypocrite. I agree with the twitter user who says he should be gone too. He never should have had a comeback. Or he should have at least apologized for his actions instead of just admitting that he kind of did something bad. Glad to see that others are calling him out too, despite trying to hide everything.

No. 1027126


Weird how he is cool with keem but not leafy

No. 1027128


I think it's just Holly who's cool with Keem, because he started shitting on Heidi for not answering him & wrote that he was "#TeamHolly" afterwards.

No. 1027174

Nah, Jared was cool with him too.

No. 1027177


Leafy is worthless, but Jared trying to take the moral high ground on anyone is pure bullshit.

No. 1027196


It's wild that he felt comfortable making this kind of post. I guess he thinks this is on brand for his new "bullying is bad" campaign, but jeez. He's basically advocating for cancel culture, as long as it's not aimed at him. It's at least consistent with his "punish people I don't like but never me" narrative.

He could have just as easily kept his mouth shut, but no, he just HAD to dunk on a more well-known creator facing consequences. Has leafy every even bullied Jared? Or is Jared just acting like a smug asshole because leafy was "one of the bad ones"?

No. 1027203

I mean, it's not like leafy has claimed he didn't do what caused the banning. In the worm's world he was falsely accused, so this is a completely different situation.

No. 1027233

It just feels like he's desperately trying to stay relevant by getting his name back out there. He's taking a page out of Hoelly's "any attention is GOOD attention" playbook.

No. 1027241

File: 1598127423489.png (412.09 KB, 1204x672, jareddefenders.png)

I love that some of the popular folks who defended him are now disappointed in him.

No. 1027244

File: 1598127782509.png (23.5 KB, 588x224, pjared2019.png)


The replies are gold too

No. 1027247

File: 1598127985361.png (17.96 KB, 576x178, jaredthecanceller.png)


Dunno yet, but there's also this…

No. 1027249


What was his stupid quote that Twitter thought was so woke? "Everybody loves cancel culture until they get cancelled" he sure is liking Leafy getting the boot, guess cuz it's not him it's okay

Does anyone know how he reacted to the jontron controversy way back when?

No. 1027253


What's even more surprising is that Holly didn't retweet this.

No. 1027255

File: 1598129055431.png (42.08 KB, 582x442, leftmywife.png)

Still at it

No. 1027267

File: 1598130036706.png (53.19 KB, 582x460, bullyingotherpeople.png)

>>" I feel no pity for "content" creators whose sole existence was bullying other people."

…But it's okay when your fan here does it, right?

No. 1027272

File: 1598130626994.jpeg (725.35 KB, 1293x1133, C5C642D2-7CA1-4A94-9B21-64E16E…)

Lol. Nobody is buying your fake woke shit, ProDick

No. 1027274

I love that he keeps acting like THAT is why everyone hates him and not the gross abuse of power in banging his fans and soliciting nudes

No. 1027276

I'm legitimately shocked that Holly hasn't come in to 'save' him yet…

No. 1027279

She hasn’t been on twitter much lately. Either she’s busy on some bullshit side account, trying to gain access to Heidis private Twitter, or her shrink finally talked some sense into her about twitter being not good for her.

No. 1027284

Wasn't her "twitter break" basically consisting of tweeting what she'd normally tweet but from her We Crowing Hens account?

No. 1027285


Well maybe if you hadn't done such a convincing job acting like a scumbag cheater, she wouldn't have been able to convince anyone. Also Holly outing that you two were fuckin around before either of you were divorced.

No. 1027304

File: 1598134370129.png (263.38 KB, 533x527, Screenshot_27.png)

That just about sums it up.

No. 1027307

File: 1598135264972.png (19.78 KB, 589x140, Screenshot_29.png)

And I, oop

No. 1027308

To be fair, his core supporters are out there, fighting an uphill battle against the Leafy fans…

No. 1027311

File: 1598135752448.png (325.86 KB, 582x546, sith.png)

Oh you sweet, summer child…
Jared has always been a part of 'the internet mob'.

No. 1027316

He clings so much to his nice guy persona. He should just accept he's a scumbag and live his best life, at least he'd be honest.

No. 1027322

gavin describing holly here

No. 1027326


You dont get to decide whether or not you cheated on someone, just like you dont get to decide whether or not you hurt someone.

Also your mistress literally tweeted that she hooked up with you in October 2018, 8 months before you announced your divorce. You telling me you "left" your wife but continued to live with her for 8 months, not to mention tell her your willing to work on it and literally go to couples therapy together

He and his fans always say that he tried to leave her, but I dont think saying "maybe we should break up" and then agreeing to try to fix it instead counts as leaving…

Does he not think that sleeping with another woman, constantly texting hwr

No. 1027327


*constantly texting her counts as cheating?

Sorry, hit send too soon lmao

No. 1027328

And to think it's almost one week before the 1-year anniversary of his grand 'comeback'…

No. 1027347


Nice try, Pedodick. He was cheating on her well before the separation/divorce. I bet he has a bridge to sell me in Brooklyn too.

No. 1027357


But anon, it wasn't cheating because it was Diath and Strix hooking up and slandering Heidi for months, not Hollly and Jared! Totally doesnt count as cheating /s

No. 1027540

File: 1598178113164.jpg (161.82 KB, 702x601, SmartSelect_20200823-222017_Tw…)

> didn't he half-heartedly murmur something about not sending Heidi any hate in his 'comeback' video and now he's rewarding these kind of tweets with likes lmfao.
His mistress is really getting to him if hes interacting with this shit.

No. 1027560

So he really is going to openly lean into the outdated anti-SJW thing like Vic Mignonce instead of just passively encouraging it now, huh?

No. 1027575

he's too much of a narcissist not to fall into that, i bet holly has nothing to do with it. a guy who thinks he's god's gift in a sailor scout costume to women needs no help in believing his own hype

No. 1027621


God what is happening it's like him and Holly switched places. Holly is acting relatively normal and posting selfies and whatever and he is dragging up drama and liking shitty anti sjws sentiments like this

Most of Heidi's supporters are women, I really dont know where they get the idea that anyone who believes her is just a simp guy trying to bang her, they must have her confused with Holly

No. 1027631

File: 1598195019756.png (1.45 MB, 1350x998, download.png)

Tinfoil: Holly is gonna be in the new AcqInc DnD show possibly as Strix and Jared is acting out because he is jealous

I just think she is because she was recently liking posts from last week about the show on her crowing hens account and because she posted like 5 selfies the other day all dolled up, one on her insta story said something like "wonder what I'm all dressed up for?"

Bitxh boy Jared is probably mad that she gets to continue being in the dnd space while he is blacklisted, hell didn't he even say the other week that he is disenchanted with DnD because of the community?

No. 1027649

What about that VtM show? Did she quit?

No. 1027661


I'm pretty sure that that was all recorded in 2019 for patreon and that they only recently aired on YouTube, but I'm not entirely sure

No. 1027662

You are right. It was all aired long time ago.

No. 1027673


Maybe Pedodick shouldn’t have solicited/traded nudes with his fans then. No sympathy whatsoever for him and whatever bitch fit he’s having over all of this.

No. 1027678

This is the most photogenic she has looked in probably years. Longer bangs are a way better choice for her face shape, and she applied makeup in a flattering way. What got her to change?

No. 1027688


My guess is that she got so dolled up because it is Strix's return, hence the amethyst necklace and crescent moon emoji

No. 1027715

she looks ok because of the blatant filter abuse, but those rat earrings look like she's probably either bringing back strix or a strix knock off.
i wouldnt be surprised if she meets another "diath" type and magically falls in love with him and spout how horrible and evil jared is when she jumps on another person's generic oc's cock.

No. 1027722

I might believe some of what she says when she leaves Jared, just because he does seem like a toxic fucker to be in a relationship with. It was clear he was already manipulating her when he was still with Heidi (withholding affection to control her, ignoring her to keep her jumping through hoops.) I just won't have very much sympathy for her since they fucked up their and their partners' lives to be together.

No. 1027728

oh my god can you imagine…. please god please i never ask for anything…………

No. 1027754


At this point I can't tell which is abusing the other, honestly. Holly with her constant suicide bait and financial control and martyr complex or Jared with his shitty attitude and neglective tendencies

They both are awful to each other unless they are in a dnd game

No. 1027759

The fake freckle egirl makeup looks uncanny on her. The eye makeup is yards better than her orange labia lids, but she really can't pull off the gimmicky stuff.

No. 1027830

I'm kinda glad that H(omewrecker)olly is getting more opportunities that Jared, just because the only way he got away with what he did to Heidi was because he had a bigger audience. Very happy to see the tables turn on him because if he tries to do the same shit to her she could turn her simps against him in a second.

No. 1028098

So basically…

Jared: Heidi's mental health, wellbeing, and privacy will always be my highest priorities. I hope we can exit this marriage with style and grace

Heidi: [presents detailed, thorough, transparent accounts of him abusing her]

Jared: lol she sucked anyway

Jared has never presented a clear picture of what supposedly went on, just ever-changing lies grasping for support wherever he can get it. He doesn't even seem to understand it himself. He just says anything he thinks will make him look good, and claims the constant lies are because he's "afraid".

No. 1028124

God, the filter abuse is so jarring. Her skin has no texture. Also I never noticed how thin her lips are. Once she's moving on webcam we'll know how bad this actually is.

I don't know why any DnD group would bring her in at this point unless it was a very unknown production. She doesn't have much draw anymore and the comment section is going to have to be heavily moderated. She has the stink of infidelity/propedo on her and it's not going to go away

No. 1028166


Yeah, it's kind of funny too, especially how it seems like she's beginning to focus more on this instead of remaining as Jared's pity-partner.

No. 1028207


Can't help but wonder if she has been offered less and less DnD rolls because she is always asking the shows to invite Jared, too

That or Jared gets pissy and ghosts her until she quits and goes back to him saying she won't play without him

No. 1028220


Hasn’t Pedodick already been saying how he’s not enjoying DnD anymore? But honestly, it’d be such a risk if anyone took both him and Holly aboard. I know I wouldn’t want to get caught up in all of that BS.

No. 1028221


Nobody wants to sit in a Zoom call and watch two ugly gross people LARP their love affair and not let anyone else get any gameplay in (unless you're Anna doesnt-support-victims Prosser, then Striath is your OTP and you will do anything you can to help)

No. 1028293

He must be truly miserable with his life now to bitterly agree with such a shit take. You'd think he'd be content enough getting to leech off his semi-wealthy mistress, but that's not enough for a total narcissist like him; he needs endless public standing ovations.

No. 1028346

File: 1598321677126.png (22.65 KB, 599x264, 2020-08-24_22h14_53.png)

Wonder what he's doing checking dating apps.

No. 1028366


Abusive people never really know what’s going on because they don’t have that perspective… and side step clear examples of abuse unless they’re backed into a corner. It’s about his feelings and not what objectively happened.

No. 1028369


I mean, he told Heidi he was "simply Polyamorous" and made her out to be the bad guy for revoking her consent to polyamory. Clearly it's something he identifies as and needs in a relationship. There's no way in hell he would commit himself to Holly and only Holly, and I'm sure Holly pretends she's soooo okay with it.

No. 1028398

lol Holly gave up her marriage and her career for a dude who won't even be exclusive with her. Fucking pathetic.

No. 1028408

He's probably not - This screams of someone trapped in a loveless relationship that looks at legit happy couples with disgust. You made this bed, PedoWorm - Now go lay in it.

No. 1028414


Yeah, how does he know what’s going on with dating apps if he’s supposedly in a happy relationship with Holly?

No. 1028429

I kind of hope he’ll start dating someone, Holly would have a meltdown because then it means the whole poly-thing is real and she won’t ever have him for herself. Would be really entertaining to see how it would turn out.

Though if this happens I’m going to feel a bit sorry for both parties, Jared doesn’t seem like the kind of person to put in the work required to have more than one partner (or any at all), he’s too narcissistic and would rather have the women to keep the relationships afloat through sheer adoration for him. Men like him wants a harem, not multiple relationships. (blogpost: I was in a poly relationship where the guy didn’t put in any work or respected both partners different needs, he was also a Jared stan that believed he was innocent)

No. 1028431

He needs to get off his high horse as if his 'accomplishments' are anything brag-worthy.

No. 1028453

tbh i wouldnt be surprised if holly was so invested in her quirky tumblr persona that she still identifies as asexual and after the Striath phase of their relationship faded, she lost interest in sex and allowed him to fuck around in the name of PoLyAmOrY

No. 1028455

You mean showing your dicks to minors and cheating on your wife is not an accomplishment that would impress girls on dating apps? hmmmm…

No. 1028473

It wouldn't surprise me if Holly has to pretend to be the poly coolgirl, especially so she can try to one-up Heidi because of what >>1028369 mentioned. Imagine her getting ignored in his twitch chat then going to beg for his attention only to get ignored for OKCupid or something.

No. 1028487

jared: ahaha these lame ass people with lame ass meme twitter accounts

also jared in the first episode of a new playthorugh at 1:20 references vines meme because it's humour if we both know where a thing comes from.

No. 1028490


What are you talking about guys? Jared is a Self-made nerd media creator | Profilic gamer dude | Incel-endorsed relationship coach

No. 1028512

Is it possible they broke up, and that that may be why Holly has been so silent on socials?

No. 1028530

Holly can't keep quiet about anything and she is AlWAYS victim. If there was a breakup there would be nonstop posts and meltdowns that would go one of two ways:

Clown emojis killed her relationship and Heidi abused Jared so bad he could never love again.

Jared is abusive and evil and betrayed and broke her innocent uwu heart.

No. 1028534


I'm laughing so hard at the thought of her getting all dolled up and wearing her special Diath necklace for the Strix comeback all while Jared is sitting at home browsing tinder and tumblr for easy poon.

Even if she's the ultimate cool girl and being poly is totally fine with her!!! It's still really embarrassing to have your boyfriend tweet about being on dating apps. People don't understand polyamory (and Jared clearly knows this) so most will assume that they did break up or that something is terribly wrong. I can only imagine what the dregs of their "Striath" fans think of this – wasn't this supposed to be the one true love that would save them? That they needed to be together and anyone standing in their way was automatically bad and wrong?

They weren't able to become the DnD power couple they wanted to be because everyone makes fun of them for being gross. Their dedicated ship fans were some of the only supporters of their relationship, and now they're shitting on that too. Plenty of people who follow one of them think the other is a bad influence, especially Holly fans disliking Jared. No one wants to see them together and they're making sure of it lol.

No. 1028544

He wants people to think they broke up because he is hoping for desperate girls to DM him. He wants attention.

No. 1028555

is he really so self important that he doesn't realize sometimes people put joke answers on dating apps

No. 1028571

Yeah, no. Hoelly, who literally pulled the "I'm here if you need me, sorry you're going through this" shit within MINUTES of the divorce announcement, would NOT be able to shut up if Jared broke it off. That shit is going to be a mudslinging shitshow of who can spill the other's dirty secrets the quickest.

No. 1028585

File: 1598378312591.jpeg (154.68 KB, 1287x307, 3B1281F1-5DCF-4A7A-A60C-C55FDE…)


No. 1028594


Especially if he is living with her (still not sure), the idea of her doing all that while he sits in her bed swiping on tinder sends me

No. 1028643

Is he trying to sound as old as possible? Not like some of those repost accounts don't have crazy numbers of followers and sponsors.

No. 1028650


He feels superior to meme accounts because he has "real" popularity and followers.

Plenty of people would consider running a huge meme account to be an accomplishment, or at least a kinda neat tidbit about their personality. But Jared, Professional Youtuber, is in the 1% of people who can say, "oh a meme account? That's nothing…" because he gets that much interest in his personal life. So he had to let everyone know, its not an accomplishment!! Especially not compared to him!

No. 1028652


also can I just chime in and say that a GOOD meme account is actually tougher than it looks? To be a successful meme account you have to consistently upload so you're not forgotten and keep up with every latest trend/meme, you have to curate/create memes that people like and are consistently funny so that you are shared/retweeted/liked, but also if you do too much of the same meme in a row you'll bore people, you should have a bit of personality or at least be interesting but if you start posting too much about yourself it'll seem like clout chasing and not just a "faceless" meme account (like oh posting selfies or plugging yourself to your audience? I thought you were a meme account)

Like besides the fact Jared is both not picking up on sense of humor and also becoming a "am I out of touch? no, it's the children who are wrong" trope, he is also losing his relevancy as a niche creator for a genre (retro games) that are losing popularity. Everyone knows by now X or Y game sucks or is great. People don't watch game grumps (like them or hate them) because they want to see obscure retro games or get a review, they want to see people be entertaining.

If you want a good retro games channel, Nitro Rad is to-the-point, explores a lot of actually less known titles or games you maybe remember vaguely from your childhood, and gives good technical reviews with context about the era. Oh also he hasn't been sending his dick to fans, gaslighting his partner and cheating on her with a milquetoast DnD married player

No. 1028831

This has fuckall to do w/ the current convo, but I really like Muta from someordinarygamers on YT and he was using Jared as an example of "exonerated" people who fell victim to lies immediately believed on the Internet. It made me frustrated because it rendered his point somewhat moot.

No. 1028835


As much as I love the idea of him on tinder with Hoelly in the room, I think if he was people would have posted Screenshots of his profile by now, especially since he lives in a major city

The fact that he looks down on people who run major social media accounts just shows how old and out of touch he is. I don't know who he is to judge content when he has literally has the most boring twitch stream I've EVER watched, not to mention the months and months long breaks he took from youtube once his affair began. Fucking a clown, gaslighting an elf and LARPing the world's most generic DnD character really took all his time and effort that he couldn't make content, apparently. I even remember checking his youtube during those years to see if he ever uploaded and seeing community posts like "sorry guys I'm having a hard time irl uwu"

No. 1028847


I've seen Muta's videos and he is soooo hit or miss, it's frustrating

Sometimes he is so sharp and on the point about a current drama, and he's very tech savvy so he knows his shit, but other times I feel like he gets carried away by emotion, like with the Jared situation

He was the one I expected to see through the bullshit Jared and Holly pulled and he's not been afraid to punch up if he needed to, but I don't know if he had a stroke for "bro solidarity on the internet" or he just didn't actually dive deep into the drama because he gave a lukewarm response to it.

Like sure Treecicle is a small channel and they clammed up immediately at the smallest hint of confrontation and I lost a lot of respect for them, but I thought Muta was smarter than that. He got added to my list of channels whose opinions I should take with a pinch of salt.

It's not even necessarily that if he didn't defend Heidi then he's uwu bad, but you can tell when someone ACTUALLY did research not just on what was tweeted today or yesterday, but months or years ago, because none of this happened in a vacuum. This was a buildup happening over literal years but everyone just saw the explosion cloud and decided from there. If you're not going to get a full picture about the situation, don't make a fucking video on it.

No. 1028861


Ngl I love that Indian but "dude bro" was the first impression I got from his takes, not to mention Muta making reference to Jared's Twitch account at the end of a video that iirc wasn't centered around the drama. Muta isn't a journalist or a news reporter, he doesn't have to be unbiased on the topics he covers, but he did seem to really have Jared's back rather than speaking of the drama as an example of cancel culture and it's potential aftermath.

And he's having a birthday stream this week. What do you all want to bet he wants for his birthday? Good timing for a reference to dating apps and, ya know, harmlessly checking out profiles

No. 1028867

It's funny he's looking down on people who make meme pages as if being a youtube fuckboy is that much more of an accomplishment. His lack of self awareness is so unattractive.

No. 1028877


I'm just laughing at the defenders who are all 'surpised-pikachu-face' about Jared being pro-'cancel-culture'. I mean, for the last couple of years it seemed like the guy's fame boiled down to "Hey, at least I'm not Jontron/GameGrumps/etc, right???"

No. 1028947

Did he have beef with GG? I remember he was a guest there and even got mentioned a couple of times by Arin and Dan, i remember one time they praised how good of an improv actor he is. Which, lol.

I wouldnt be surprised if he immediately climbed the shame train when people started to realize the Golden Duo wasnt perfect (what a class act, a chinaman impression in 2014), but i never saw it?

No. 1028994

I can't wait for Holly to "give" Jared a tinder girl for his birthday and have a twitter meltdown in her chicken coop

No. 1029033

please explain to this old monogamous vanilla person what "giving a tinder girl" means. Like, permission to fuck her or actively choosing her?

No. 1029073

iirc they cleaned up all possible connections to him the moment the drama broke out

No. 1029104

nta but either or i think. either giving him permission to sleep with someone else or choosing a girl to set him up with for the night

No. 1029123


I wonder how mental health expert Hoelly Clownrad will react when the lady Jared hooks up with falls for him and tells him that she wants him to be only with her forever and ever. Surely she won't feel angry or scared for her relationship, because that's how an insane abuser (Heidi) would react to that, right?

No. 1029161

When the shit went public, people noticed that a let's play series GG did with Jared while he lived in L.A. was already gone. So there was a lot of speculation it was because of the drama, but then other people claimed the videos had gone down like a month before so it wasn't related. Later people realized that was around the time Charlie/Chai sent those "You work with a sexual predator" emails. So that seemed to confirm GG took down anything with Jared as soon as they got wind of him being a pedo/sex pest.

No. 1029162

Sure, i remember that. But anon implied Jared was the one feeling superior to GG and i was asking when that happened.

No. 1029242

they will never both be happy and stable at once because they are both so driven by drama at this point they don't feel loved unless they're fighting some big bad together, it's more exciting that way. when things get quiet and one is happy an occupied and happy with their own accomplishments it starts to feel stale, so the other needs to drag out heidi's effigy so they can reignite the spark in their relationship again. their relationship is a toxic seesaw.

>I don't know why any DnD group would bring her in at this point unless it was a very unknown production.
AqInc is run by Penny Arcade, and Mike and Jerry aren't ones to shy from drama if they feel they are 'right' (and they have the rabid fanbase to back up any decision they make).

She's probably fine with it for now because Jared isn't pulling any girls that are threatening to her (aka prettier than her and nerdy). He's not bagging as many hot egirls after the drama, but I'm sure eventually one will come up and Holly will have a melt down.

No. 1029243


I'm pretty sure the only way Jared has acted high and mighty about the grumps is when it comes to them not reuploading his guest grump videos after his comeback last year. He is mad that they didn't bend over backwards to suck him off like the rest of the internet.

Who knows, maybe him and Danny shared tips and tricks on banging fangirls then ghosting them

No. 1029250

File: 1598473251275.png (202.75 KB, 1502x1160, sdfas.png)

they actually were privating/deleting videos with jared way before the drama broke, which is why other anons were speculating that arin did so because of how hurt ross was by the whole ordeal, rather than as a pr move. reddit doesn't show the exact date, but if you skim the comments you can tell it's before the drama broke, and based off my own memory (so take this with a grain of salt) I first saw this reddit thread at least a couple of months before jared tweeted about the divorce

No. 1029260

File: 1598474432501.png (8.75 KB, 474x136, Time.png)

You can see the exact date things are posted, anon. That post was made May 1, and very likely they took them down because of the email.

No. 1029316


I think it's a combination of what he did to Ross and what >>1029161 said about the emails. I doubt it was all because of Ross because then you'd think they would remove the Holly stuff, too, which is all still up now IIRC.

No. 1029373

The timing is what makes me think it's not related to Ross.

She'd already moved to get dicked down in Seattle for like 8 months.

No. 1029578


Yeah Ross seemed okay with letting them get away with it, which makes me think if its because he loved Holly so much that he would do whatever would make her happy, not to mention he knew it would be drama and he didn't want to be part of it

And before some Jared stan screeches at me saying Ross was okay with it because he supported Hored and shipped them so hard!!!!!!, look at any content featuring Ross in the months after their separation and tell me that he is a happy guy who gladly handed his wife over to his married friend. Yeah, no, he was miserable.

No. 1029632

File: 1598556812002.jpg (216.15 KB, 720x511, SignMemePotential.jpg)

Jared's new Insta post for all our talented photoshop anons

No. 1029666

File: 1598561471205.jpeg (923.06 KB, 1242x922, D55EBC9C-36B7-4678-8D98-94B7F4…)

Did he really not check his spelling before writing this sign? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

I went on his twitch really quick to look at his numbers and this was the thumbnail for the recent clip

No. 1029691

File: 1598564949662.jpg (63.99 KB, 1199x661, yubabaknabenbauer.jpg)


god he looks like fucking yubaba from spirited away in that screenshot, how unfortunate

No. 1029699

File: 1598565487958.jpg (224.65 KB, 1280x853, 6FtCq.jpg)

He has the same creepy stare as the guy on the left here.

Also why couldn't he have just made a normal post instead of writing on cardboard and misspelling birthday?

No. 1029707

Maybe he misspelled “bitchday” instead of “birthday”?

No. 1029754


Panhandling for Twitch views… is this what it has come to?

No. 1029756

Literally every creator who dabbles in youtube does stuff like this in some way.

No. 1029762

File: 1598575287689.jpg (256.18 KB, 1051x791, SmartSelect_20200827-192902_Ad…)

Jared's new fanbase having a normal one. Didn't he like one of this guy's tweets too?

No. 1029765

Still surprised this person isn't banned yet, considering all the vile shit they've said…
Starting to wonder if it's a sockpuppet account of one of the '#BeKind' crew…

No. 1029793

>literally blackmailed him
Blackmailed him with what, coming forward with the proof that he cheated? Lmao

No. 1029796

No see one time in frustration she threatened to get DCA cancelled and that proves she's always been the vindictive evil slanderer./s

No. 1029804

Jared's seem especially sad lately, though… between the
evening bumps and begging people to go to his instagram.

No. 1029821


It’s cute when little kids misspell things, but not 30-year old men. Here’s to hoping his birthday stream is a failure. I wonder how much he’ll bitch and moan in it.

No. 1029919

Well in his ff8 stream he mentioned he's also low on money, it really waters my crops and clears my skin knowing all his e-begging twitch money is funnelled to heidi lol (cus kids, remember, e-begging is wrong only if you're a fetish artist offering commissions, it's ok if you're a 36 year old man making references to vines while playing videogames)

No. 1029958


I guess thats what happens when you focus all your time and effort on one gig (DCA) and completely abandon your youtube for years. Lose the gig and you're fucked

No. 1029972

Well no, he always had 2 channels he focused on.

No. 1029975

Yeah I was a fan before the drama and he would stream with relative consistency and his ProJared Plays had regular uploads.

That being said, having neglected hid main channel because he was riding high on DCA (while Holly rode him) probably hurt his wallet when he had to rely on his main channel again.

Replacing normal fans with broke-ass incels is probably hurting his bottom line too.

No. 1030056

File: 1598630887986.jpg (124.32 KB, 720x621, HoneyYouCanKeepHim.jpg)

And they say romance is dead

No. 1030058


Maybe he needs to start an OnlyFans since that seems to be where broke-ass incels spend their money. Don’t think Holly would be too thrilled though!

No. 1030066

Pictured here:

A big stupid cock.

And a rooster.

No. 1030076

Not his fault but the photographer's: The light in this photo is harsh and makes him look like a guy who owns 1 shirt hangs out at a gas station

No. 1030087

Are you the anon who thinks he's cute?

No. 1030088


pencildick wishes

No. 1030089


Makes one wonder why this is the one Holly chose, probably because it's so quIrKY

No. 1030090

No, Jared's a big stupid cock. Not referring to his dick size.

No. 1030092

The bird looks like it has better hygiene than him

No. 1030099

Holy shit that's a rough 35.

No. 1030152

No. I just meant that it's not his fault that his face looks like Daryl the dip packer in this photo rather than his usual creep-faced self. There's ugly people in okay photos and then there are ugly people in ugly photos. This is the latter.
An ugly person can still be in a well-lit, well-composed photo looking relatively clean and sane. The photographer chose terrible lighting and caught an unflattering expression where the subject isn't even looking at the camera/is squinting elsewhere and has the mouth half-open. Really, the photo should have been retaken and this one deleted unless this is truly the best he could do that day. (So why share it at all?) The subject happens to look funky to begin with, and in this case he also neglected to shave.
I suppose my point was that, of all the photos Holly could have shared of her prize worm dick, she chose THIS one. Why not take the time to get a photo of him with the chickens that is at least a little bit more flattering? I'd expect Holly to depict him better.
Got my point

No. 1030158

Look at that thinning hairline damn

No. 1030159

File: 1598642772998.png (3.38 MB, 1440x1560, Gross.png)

There it is

No. 1030160

It's the Innsmouth Look for sure.

No. 1030163

It's still so weird seeing them together. Good for them i guess? Hope her trust fund kid money dont run out cus for sure neither of them are pulling in any lucrative gigs anymore

No. 1030164

File: 1598643292081.jpg (77.81 KB, 359x560, imagecrop.jpg)

The filters are working hard on this one.
Also, Holly looks trans here. If I knew nothing of the situation and you showed me this photo and told me it was a dual-schmeckle relationship, I'd believe you.

No. 1030166


All posted by Holly.

What did Jared post for Holly's birthday again?

No. 1030170


>and begging people to go to his instagram.

I can see why though. You can delete other user's comments on Instagram.
And on Insta they can achieve their little fantasy-echo chamber where everyone can be happy/feel bad for them!

No. 1030186

This picture is from right after the scandal broke out and she ran away to Vegas with him after her fake hospital stay.

No. 1030203


I think he just said Happy Birthday and that was it. Maybe he didn’t even do that!

No. 1030204


Yeah, they look absolutely devastated!

No. 1030207


Agreed. Way to take an unflattering as fuck picture of the birthday boy. She could have taken a pic not only in better lighting but maybe showcasing something to do with his persona, like him with games or some shit, rather than hers (birb mom hen crows so quirky). I'm guessing that's her way of playing up the LOOK H8TERS WE DID IT SO IN LUV along with >>1030159

No. 1030215

I believe it's near impossible to make Jared look decent in a photo, even with good lighting etc

No. 1030217

He did that. Just "happy birthday @hollyconrad".

Even ex-DM Chris Perkins put more fucking effort.

No. 1030222


Im surprised he let her post today's insta story at all. He must be feeling generous today.

I get the feeling that she's ready and wanting to fully commit to being public/an influencer couple and he is the one that is holding her back not wanting the drama

No. 1030229

Holly barging in to Jared’s stream and putting a birthday hat and badge on him was cringe inducing

No. 1030231


Poor lady, imagine your boyfriend wanting to spend his whole birthday on twitch begging instead of with you

Wonder how many times she will insert herself before the stream is over

No. 1030236


I wonder did she feel threatened when he gave a shoutout to Firagfox and said he missed her

No. 1030237

Her super drawn out birthday wishes reek of desperation when you consider that he'll tweet about browsing tinder but has never acknowledged that they're in a relationship.

No. 1030239

I mean..you can liteerally see why it wouldn't be something casually thrown around. And no, heidi simps, I don't care for or support Jared but if I were in his or her shoes I wouldn't throw around "HEY HERES MY AMAZING GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND I CHEATED ON MY WIFE/HUSBAND WITH, WE'RE IN A GREAT RELATIONSHIP" every chance I get.

So to her credit, 9 times out of 10 women tend to be far more "posty" about gushy shit than men, situations aside, it's a social norm. I guarantee if you compare all the women and men in your life, you'll see more stuff like this from the chicks side than you would the men.

No. 1030245


Too bad she's cashing in all her chips on him, when his staying power is debatable…

No. 1030252

File: 1598652951167.png (31.18 KB, 580x288, hurttmyfeefees.png)

You know, Heidi's input always seems to lend better context to everything Jared & Holly say…

No. 1030253

File: 1598653072282.png (17.72 KB, 584x134, itstruebutsheshouldntsayit.png)

No. 1030256

I don't know how to do it, but could someone archive this? It might be really funny to have a few months from now.

No. 1030263


Honestly I'm surprised she's not promoting his birthday stream just for the sheer pettiness of it. Twitch takes half of the money from every sub, then Jared has to pay out half of what's left for alimony. It's like the best "fuck you" she could give him.

No. 1030264

I think it was in the last thread or two, someone made a good compare and contrast regarding the way that Jared interacted with Heidi on social media: cheering her on and showing her off frequently. (iirc, He'd call her his Anime Wife or something similar) versus how he (doesn't) show off Holly on social media at all

No. 1030266

File: 1598654991403.jpeg (580.65 KB, 1242x2022, 2610EEE0-D07E-46EB-B0E1-978F10…)

idk Heidi at least tried. He’s not attractive, but he’s not…. as ugly.

No. 1030271


Because he was proud of Heidi.
He's not proud of Holly.

No. 1030289


He actually looks kinda hot in that pic

No. 1030292

A lot of it probably has to do with that "and edited by @atelierheidi" part.

No. 1030305

File: 1598659524681.jpg (82.65 KB, 602x393, orderingfromchina.jpg)

Thank you for the inspiration

No. 1030306


This seems to be his fanbase's favorite photo of him too.

No. 1030307

File: 1598659628108.jpg (111.09 KB, 720x367, template.jpg)

In case anyone else needs the matchup.

No. 1030313


Wouldn't this picture have been taken after he "left" Heidi or when he was being "abused"? Heidi was an awful evil abooser but he still was having her dress him up and make him look good? Lmao

No. 1030327


That’s a good point. Maybe now that they’ve come well down from that DCA high, he realizes what he’s stuck with, lol.

No. 1030367

Heidi was someone he was happy to show off. She was an attractive, doting cosplayer. Holly is a butterface who has the stench of his failure smeared all over her. That's what happens when you're a horny coward.

No. 1030418

I feel like he lost a lot of his hair since the first photo, good.

No. 1030424

Oh no, it was his Twitter profile pic long before the divorce.

No. 1030425

File: 1598677433590.jpg (298.19 KB, 1056x1364, SmartSelect_20200828-232400_Ad…)

I doubt this is a sock account cause we've seen first hand how obsessed Jared fans are. Remember when one of them used go out of their way to come here and argue with us back to tumblr. Good times. Anyway this incel name searches Jared to the point where he'll respond to tweets with zero likes and retweets. He also combs through Holly and Jared's tweets too.

No. 1030435

Just imagine what he'll look like when he balds up top fully. I almost feel bad for the guy for how unfortunate looking he is, but I suppose at a point it's just karma. kek

No. 1030466

Imagine how traumatic it must be that the only photo you come out not looking like a damp sock was taken by your supposedly abusive harpy wife. Truly tragic.

No. 1030509

He unironically mentioned interest in opening an onlyfans to help pay for an editor

No. 1030512

I hope he knows we have enough sailor mercury pics to last a lifetime

No. 1030516

This is going to be Onion's onlyfans all over again

No. 1030541


I'm sure Holly and Guacamole would be his only followers

No. 1030551

Do straight men, non-model straight men, actually do well on an only fans? I'm pretty sure women can get average to below average dick pics for free.
Well, he broke the lewds before newds rule before he even started.

No. 1030552


Exactly, anyone remotely interested can just Google it and satisfy their curiosity. I wonder if he will ask Heidi to take the glamor shots, she seems to be the only one to capture him in a flattering way, and we all know he has a bad time taking his own lewds lmao

No. 1030560


Yeah, we don’t need any more pics of him floating around out there.

No. 1030567


Clip? I'm curious to hear him explain this in his own words.

An Only Fans account actually makes a lot of sense for Jared, since it's a platform where creators can sell their sexual content appropriately. He has an exhibitionist kink that makes him wanna show his dick to everyone for praise. And it doesn't matter what his sexuality is, as long as someone is interested in paying. Seems like a good match, regardless of the fact that no one in this thread will be interested.

No. 1030569

why is it always the fugly incel looking guys having an exhibitionist kink

No. 1030581

Please, SadOldMagician has the biggest man-crush on the guy, he'd sign up in a heartbeat.

No. 1030588


And the one with a mushroom dick to boot. No wonder Holly keeps him around.

No. 1030592

ahahaha. you think she mistook his dick for the perfect mushroom for her next witch brew?

No. 1030621

no need to shop, that's a sad enough pic as is

not big on following streamers myself so just curious, how bad is 686 views for a mid day weekend stream? from someone who knows nothing it still sounds like enough to make a living off of (though not in seattle lol).

No. 1030622

lol where was this? he really knows how to clean up his act and not publicly behave like a sex pest

do we actually know that heidi got half of everything? because if so, god bless

same thing can be said about girls on onlyfans, most of the simps pay not because porn is hard to find but because of a personal fixation or perceived intimacy/friendship. jared has his fair share of delusional simps that fit that description

No. 1030638


After advanced searching their tweets, it looks like they never tweeted to/at Jared at all before things went public:

That's kinda suspicious for someone who name searches him now in order to 'correct' anyone who has a less-than favorable opinion of Jared…

No. 1030666


Just imagine what would happen if Heidi even JOKED about making an OF

No. 1030768


It’s probably Holly, or Jared.

No. 1030775


Most likely Holly, she loves name searching and online confrontation with people. Jared is too much of a pussy.

No. 1030800

No way, they have too many tweets that are unrelated to Holly's obsessive skin walking interests and the account was started in 2014. Holly couldn't keep that up without revealing herself in the middle of break down.

If anything it just shows how disturbed the new fan base they've attracted is. No doubt they're all men who want to take advantage of others and play the victim (or pick-mes that want to cater to those men), so they self identify with Jared and want to defend his right to act sleazy to the death. It's not about Jared himself, it's about what he represents.

No. 1030871

She doesn't have to joke - The hardcore Jared and Holly stans have been calling her a whore the entire time regardless.

No. 1030960


Interesting that they call Heidi the whore when it was Jared who cheated, and Holly cheated on her husband too…

No. 1030963

No, see, this is where you're uninformed. Heidi had seven black cosplayers on the side and only revoked the poly when it became apparent Jared would get some too, but she kept hooking up with those black guys regardless, all while poor Jared could do nothing but watch her get away with it and turn to Holly for purely emotional support like the clean angel he is, until Heidi's whory ways were finally too much and he filed for divorce! /s

No. 1030977

I heard she bought 50 dicks on eBay and sucked them all.

No. 1030980

Still humorous that Jared hasn’t interacted with Holly’s birthday tweet, but has liked two other women’s tweets in the meantime. Love to see it

No. 1030986


He even reblogged a twitch girls stream lmao

Who the fuck is he to like a bitter stan tweet about Heidi having Simps when he is obsessed with a handful of smaller streamer ladies

Let's just hope he isn't preying on them and telling them he will "help" them with his bigger audience for something in return

No. 1031053

I feel so embarrassed for her. You know he feeds her some BS excuse about how he can't claim her because the internet abuse makes him have a "bad brain" and she just takes it. No Holly, he wants to appear single and available to the outside world. He's ashamed of you.

No. 1031117


Yep. He’s doing to Holly exactly what he was doing to Heidi: ignoring her and trying to find some other ladies to bang. I do feel bad for her for that, but she should have known that this would happen.

No. 1031197

I don't feel bad for this at all. Hoelly should have looked at the way he treated his legally-bound wife and KNOWN that he wasn't going to treat his on-the-side fuck buddy any better, the one he has absolutely ZERO obligation to.

No. 1031207

Honestly they could very well both already be flirting with other people, they don’t seem to even have the same hobbies or interests. This relationship is only going to last as long as both of them entertain the idea that they’re even compatible as real people OR they’ll stay together out of stubbornness.

No. 1031228

lets be real, they're together because of quarantine and physically cannot go see other people/strangers to bang. If America had their shit together they would've had another cheating scandal by now.

anon I think you forgot to mention they were BLACK because Holly/Jared stans are really focused on BLACK guys for some reason. Goes to show how big of incels they are, so intimidated by big BLACK guys.

No. 1031239

Nah, it's a known fact they still hang out with the über-fans they rewarded with companionship, that Sadaldo couple despite the quarantine.

No. 1031254

File: 1598845585338.jpg (83.31 KB, 720x504, 20200830_234504.jpg)

Saw this tweet which I assume was a reaction to Holly popping in during the birthday stream.

It would be FUCKING HILARIOUS to me if their relationship dynamic turned into Holly being the more famous popular one who overshadows Jared and he grows bitter over it. Him having to feature her more and more to get viewers and attention would send me. Total payback for the resentment she held over Ross for simply being more popular


Jared? For sureeeee

Holly? No way in hell

Homegirl is OBSESSED with Jared, like insanely obsessed. There's no way in hell she is interested in anyone else, especially now that he is all hers(if you don't count the twitch streamers he no doubt DMs every night). Besides, she identifies as "Demisexual", which basically means that she is only sexually attracted to people who she has strong emotional attachments to. I cant imagine her forming any other strong intimate connections these past couple years, not when her whole life has revolved around slandering Heidi and roleplaying her affair

No. 1031261

But does Jared enjoy playing co-op games?

At least consider if the streamer has any preferences before telling them what they should do in their streams.

Shit like this makes me think he's being pressured to accomodate her or something…

No. 1031264

He played WoW Classic. He also played some PC D&D games with Holly (where she got her character killed because "she couldn't stop thinking about snacks uWu").

No. 1031426


Somehow I think even during the pandemic Jared would try to find a way to get his dick wet. He’s already put out there that he’s been looking at dating apps. And I doubt it’s just for the lulz.

No. 1031431

wait, how do you know that? was she posting their lovey dovey pics on instagram right in the middle of the shitstorm?

No. 1031439


Different anon, but you can tell based on her hair an on the scenery. It matches up with the pictures she did post during that time, like her holding the alien skull or whatever in front of the sign. Plus I'm pretty sure multiple people on twitter tweeted about seeing them together there right after the scandal, posts like "omg I just saw projared and commander Holly walking down the street"

No. 1031442

Yeah, she hasn't sported green in her bangs in a long-ass time.
This was the Area 51 trip for sure.

No. 1031451

lol you guys are detectives! good catch

No. 1031452

No. 1031498


"hey husband and friend, I'm not comfortable with you two fucking and being weird about it anymore"


No. 1031513

Were they even friends? I always thought that Heidi just barely tolerated Holly.

No. 1031575

Heidi, Jared, Ross, and Holly were all close friends. iirc Heidi and Jared stayed with Ross and Holly when their house was flooded? or the other way around.

No. 1031576

Yeah, Jared and Heidi's home suffered water damage.

Heidi has gone on record as saying she used to consider Holly one of her closest friends.

No. 1031653

Heidi was with Jared before he made it somewhat big in geek spaces, and during his prime.

Holly gets the leftovers.

Jared is never going to bounce back to his old internet success because he’s not enough of a personality or someone special or talented enough to rake in new fans except the incels who started following him post-drama. I think Holly blows all this smoke up his ass because deep down she knows he’s never going to be as successful as he used to be, that he’s bitter about how much he’s struggling, and is trying to soothe his wounded male ego.

No. 1031761

File: 1598957397291.jpg (153.6 KB, 713x472, SmartSelect_20200901-224920_Tw…)

Fuuuuuuuck she has 'strix uwu' back in her bio so she really still does have a career. Also lol at the overly filtered profile pic that shes plastered on all her socials.

No. 1031781


At least she stopped claiming to have won an Emmy

No. 1031791

Definitely hilarious if Holly gets her career back as Jared wastes away. You know he's going to be so bitter if she's able to come back. Not like I've watched DCA, but from all the anon summaries it looks like despite how obnoxious Holly's character was, her desperation to be quirky paid off so it's at least unique enough to be marketable. Sarcastic rogue is a dime a dozen.

Holly has been an absolute toxic cunt in this. But just because she showed her ass to twitter doesn't mean Jared isn't the true piece of shit in all of this.

I'm sure Heidi is relieved that Holly is going back to her trash witch persona and not trying to be a forest "witch" anymore.

No. 1031795


She posted that new picture on Instagram, too. Its filtered to shit, looks like a wig, and barely looks like her

That Strix addition to her bio is just more evidence that Strix is in that new acq inq game

No. 1031797

i mean, as coockoo nuts as she is, she also wasn't the one that had a nudie blog and "accidentally" swapped nudes with an underage fan. As abuse of power go, I would say that SO FAR Holly just does the usual thing of "shower me with praise and adoration, in exchange i will say your name live on stream! :)" while Jared demonstrated he can't be trusted with that level of "power".

No. 1031848


I think the issue lies with how she not only jumps to the defense of those who abuse their power, but in doing so, she dogwhistles to her passionate & oppressive fanbase to rally behind those people as well. (eg: the Adam Koebel incident)

No. 1031891

I mean the assholes at Penny Arcade never made it a secret they wanted her back.

Hell they probably would want Jared back but WOTC blacklisted him.

No. 1031968

If she thinks she's not going to get shit for being Strix again like she got shit for appearing in that new vampire:whatever on yt, she's even more of a fucking idiot than I gave her credit for. You can't escape the stink of a self-made shitshow, Hoelly Cumrag.

No. 1031971

Yeah but Penny Arcade can just shadowban or outright delete comments, so…

No. 1032033


I hate when people invest their all and obsess over just one of their DnD characters

Sis needs to move on, she could make a new interesting witchy character but instead she is hung up on literally the most annoying character I've ever witnessed

No. 1032084


Ok, right? I still don't get the appeal of Strix. I watched one episode of DCA and all she did was keep interrupting with this weird screechy voice and it wasn't funny or entertaining. I just kept thinking "Really? This is the character everyone made a big deal about?"

No. 1032101


I think a large part of her DCA popularity came from the Ross/GG fans that crossed over. How many of them still are fans of hers after the drama is up in the air, but it's probably sage to assume the Strix stans are nowhere near what they were during DCA's peak. Certainly not enough to risk any standing with WotC/Hasbro just to force a yet another comeback attempt for Holly.

No. 1032102

I watched her recent AC stream, and something seemed real off. She's using a face filter. Every time she looks to her right, the eyelashes glitch above her eyes.
Kayla's also running her main twitter, hence why no recent meltdowns.

No. 1032114

File: 1599006514796.jpg (79.96 KB, 640x728, kjux1ji41rj41.jpg)

Why is Kayla running her personal twitter? That's a little strange.


No. 1032131

File: 1599009244295.jpg (173.02 KB, 540x576, Screenshot_20200901-210836_Chr…)


Did she say on stream that Kayla is running her account? That's fucking hilarious, like I get that the point is to stop her from blowing up on there… but she is still using Twitter, just on her professional brand account. Seems like a disaster waiting to happen

ALSO, I jumped around in her stream to see the filter and hollllly shit that is egregious, she looks so fuzzy and blurry and the eyelashes… lord. If she has that hard of a time with insecurities she should just stream without face cam… or find a better filter. She looks like Tati Westbrook with it lmao

No. 1032193

sage for Medieval sperg but there is no way in hell she is an actual Medievalist by any stretch of the imagination. No actual scholar would want to be linked with her. Bitch can't even read Middle or Old English let alone Latin. Idk what would make her think it's appropriate to call herself that. Holly, you're not a Medievalist you're just LARPing as one.

No. 1032219

i shouldnt be surprised but i never imagined i would encounter a "SHE'S NOT A REAL MEDIEVAL FAN" statement lol. Fwiw I think she has a degree in medieval studies from an university in edimburgh; you can gatekeep her insterest in history on the bases that she was/is into that shit for harry potter and witches and not for the intricasies of the three field system. You do you boo, drag her fake medievalist ass lol

No. 1032225

Did she ever even complete the degree? I thought I read in an earlier thread that she dropped out and/or didn't graduate?

No. 1032317

File: 1599056321762.jpeg (92.41 KB, 828x331, 299B6C41-D29F-4700-8D82-58CD32…)

dnd wiki says she did but when you go to follow the proof link it’s broken because they took information from her old website. I give her the benefit of the doubt she did complete her degree and just got it in something really stupid and pointless outside of fantasy role play since she’s obviously not a part of academia.

No. 1032318

File: 1599056476817.png (54.07 KB, 588x464, twithread1.png)

Sage for old milk, but someone pointed out something interesting about Holly's faux-apology on twitter.

>"She constantly self-flagellates on Twitter, begs for forgiveness, begs for people to move on & leave her alone, yet won't extend this potential to change to Heidi."

I'm assuming that just because Heidi's responses differ from her own, she doesn't recognize them as 'genuine'.

No. 1032321


Eh, college courses aren't that hard. Sounds like she just studied abroad, which she could afford to do.

No. 1032338


Yet she didn't really show any interest in it online until DCA. I wish I had a rich grandpa who would pay for my bullshit degree based on whatever my current hyper fixation is at the moment

Isn't her study abroad when she stole that book from a random shack in the woods she broke into?

No. 1032362

No. She did that while visiting Ross' family in Ireland.

No. 1032368

File: 1599061669087.jpg (29.57 KB, 720x162, IMG_20200902_114625.jpg)

Gonna doubt its validity given the claims it's also a degree in sorcery.

No. 1032386


I lol'd at the drag her fake medievalist ass, I love it. But an undergraduate degree, especially one in sorcery, doesn't make you a Medievalist. It's a pre-requisite for graduate degree level programs which would be necessary to complete said training. That is unless she went to one of the few, but prestigious, schools that offer specialized Medival programs and can be difficult to get into. Sadly for Holly, the school she went to does not qualify as one of those. Her degree looks like it is more likely she got a degree in history with, at best, a concentration in Medieval studies. I think you're 100% right she did it for the 'witch aesthetic'or as I call it, 'illiterate goblin aesthetic'. Regardless, just wants to brag about something she knows nothing about. A 'Medieval' degree/concentration that does not require Latin is no degree/concentration at all. TLDR; her shitty degree means nothing, you need an MA and or PHD to be considered a Medievalist in the current academic climate. Sage for obvious sperg.

No. 1032451

inb4 holly whips out her diploma to prove to the haters how qualified she is to play make believe for a living and starts waxing poetic about Latin and knights fighting snails in manuscripts

No. 1032493

>Sounds like she just studied abroad, which she could afford to do.

I recall (possibly from gamegrumps? or one of her let's plays on her channel she did with ross? ) that she spent a year or two in Scotland.

No. 1032494

UCSB is such a mediocre school for a mediocre person

No. 1032507

A year, yeah. Paid by dear ol grampa moneybags.

No. 1032605

File: 1599090008368.jpeg (108.27 KB, 759x135, 516DB7E3-E617-4884-B9D8-088E60…)

How ironic she’s chosen to idolize Baba Yaga, considering this is the origins of the name ‘Yaga’

(Sage for no milk)

No. 1032615

File: 1599090513374.png (584 KB, 1566x384, Screenshot (23).png)

Got gifted a sub from one of Jareds minions. Great to see that even after all this time people still jump in to his stream to antagonize them.

No. 1032717


Hahaha, that’s amazing!! And he totally deserves it.

No. 1033237

With Holly being ignored and her popping into the birthday stream(haven't watched it but hearing about is enough) makes me feel bad for her, she has no dignity.

What if she gets attached to someone else in the new DnD group she's gonna be in?

No. 1033250

Where is it from? "yagat'" means "to scream", "to make noise" in Russian.


No. 1033299

File: 1599212612267.png (19.71 KB, 1688x83, jaga_etymologia.PNG)

I guess in the origins they should have said it comes from proto-slavic, not old Russian, it would be more accurate

No. 1033560

She'll clearly drop Jared and marry/fuck this new person instead, as is her routine.

No. 1033566


Nah, i dont think some of y'all realise how attached she is to Strix and Striath. Strix's whole backstory and present revolves around Diath, there's no way she would randomly start a new in character relationship. Besides, didn't we all see how much she put and continues to put herself on the line for him? She is clearly dickmatized past the point of finding a new DnD character to chase after

No. 1033627

I mean I doubt she'd go for Jerry Holkins ("fat vulture") or Pat Rothfuss (living Dwarf) but Mike Krahulik has just the right lack of chin and complete bug-eyes to be Holly's type.

But like >>1033566 says, there's no investment there like there was with Striath.

No. 1033692

I haven’t thought about PA in a decade so I had to look the guy up to refresh my memory, and an ex-friend of his apparently had this to say:
>Mike's reaction when he's criticized for this kind of behavior is always to comment on how he hates bullying, and how he sees himself as fighting back against a bunch of internet bullies

They’re a match made in heaven.

No. 1033778

File: 1599265072760.jpg (579.48 KB, 1080x3370, acqinc.jpg)


From the same article, "why I'm never going back to Penny Arcade Expo"

This is the face of Holly's new D&D group. She'll fit right in.
Side note, this group of old men (Acquisitions Incorporated) has been playing together for years and has a lot of clout among old D&D nerds. Kinda doubt that Holly was invited to be a full time cast member. She's done guest appearances with them before.

No. 1033858

File: 1599285035699.png (159.5 KB, 702x518, EhAHhHoWAAIpB15.png)

From Jared's twitter

He's acting like the reason people have criticized their responses is because people are bullies, and not because their responses (and I'm lumping Holly into this) have been batshit insane.

No. 1033966

>The victim's reaction to an act of aggression can be used as retrospective justification for the original act of aggression itself

You mean like you call Heidi abusive for saying "No more poly!" (the reaction to an act of 'aggression', being Jared lying to her) and using that abuse as justification to continue fucking Holly behind her back? Also, just a huge fan of the part where it says the victim's response can be represented as the problem….y'know, like them saying Heidi going public was the problem rather than them doing this shit in the first place.

If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black, I don't know what is.

No. 1033974


Jared is such a raging hypocrite, I’m glad that every single day his Twitter followers keep dropping in numbers. He really needs to read the OP’s reply to that tweet because it’s pretty much calling him out, lol. Always the fucking victim and he can’t seem to realize that he was the one being abusive.

No. 1034217

File: 1599365488127.png (2.09 MB, 1080x1773, Screenshot_20200906-000910~2.p…)

holly finally posting jared on her story

No. 1034239

How pleasant to see Jared digging through pigeon shit

No. 1034242

So they're living together lol? They both smell like chicken/pigeon shit now I guess.