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File: 1604859520230.jpeg (296.05 KB, 1125x797, 1604350274082.jpeg)

No. 1078014

Last time on the "Yep, same shit as always…" Edition…

>Jared returned Heidi's games, but instead of dropping them off he decided to splurge to mail them (so much for not having money anymore)

>Jared was really salty about it on stream afterwards, whining about having had to "spend money to be left alone".
>Jared continued the tragedy of his horrible, horrible fashion choices. So many horrendous looks.
>Jared used the excuse of "an instagram glitch" to whine about the drama some more.
>Jared and Holly got trolled hard with concerns about "wife".
>Heidi did witch-themed crafts for Halloween on her store, simps declared "SHE COPIED HOLLY", who owns every patent and copyright on witches ever.
>Jared fished for sympathy again talking about how he feels no one likes him.
>Holly fished for sympathy asking why people still follow her, complaining about lost followers and lost subscribers.
>Holly also published mean DMs for more sympathy-fishing (why even have them open when you're controversial??)
>Simps kept on simping, simps kept "But heeeeeeidiiii"ing, world went 'round
>SadOldMagician opened his yapper a bit too wide and started saying Ross was just as bad as Heidi. Oop.

Quick Synopsis of PigeonGate:

>Jared "the Wormdick" Knabenbauer was a semi prominent personality on the gaming side of youtube. He was involved in many communities such as NormalBoots, Game Grumps and Dice Camera Action as a member of the D&D campaign "Waffle Crew".

>In May 2019 he released a tweet saying he and his wife were separating and to give them space…except he hadn't told his wife and had her blocked the entire time.
>His then wife Heidi O'Ferrall proceeded to reveal to the public he had been gaslighting and abusing her for years, and in the twist no one saw coming, was cheating on her with his DCA co-star, previous cosplay juggernaut Holly Conrad.
>It was revealed through internet sleuthing she had also been cheating on her husband Ross O'Donovan of Game Grumps fame before their divorce. Although it was at first amicable, the joint tweet discussing their separation has since been deleted and Ross refuses to hardly utter her name.
>Holly checked herself into a mental hospital from being cancelled too hard
>Fans came out of the woodwork revealing Jared to be a sexpest who had been soliciting nudes for years, some of which were underage.
>Holly came back to throw herself to the wolves by trying to equate her suffering at being cancelled as to Etikas suicide (didn't work, she got dragged harder). Jared went into hiding to try to salvage his image.
>Jared released a video, "You've Been Lied To", to youtube detailing the "true events" and successfully manipulated his way back into his fans good graces.
>Heidi spoke her truth on a regular basis and stuck to her guns, and Holly tried to mental gymnastics her way into everyone loving her again.
>Jared and Holly moved in together and continue to this day to baww about Heidi being an evil witch and being cancelled including releasing a shirt saying ~CANCELLED~

For More On Holly Conrad's Dubious Past:
>A History of Holly: >>838840 (Source: PULL)

Links to the Clowns Involved in this Circus:

>Jared Knabenbauer/ProJared:


>Heidi O'Ferrall/AtelierHeidi:


>Holly Conrad/Commander Holly:


Ross O’Donovan
Do Not Bother Ross O’Donovan
>Game Grump and animator
You May Support and Subscribe at:
>Ross O'Donovan/RubberNinja:

Image Credit: >>1038655
Thread Credit:

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Reminder from Mods:
>Subjects have to be 16+ to be discussed on lolcow. Do not include Holly's 15 year old friend’s face or social media posts here.
>This is also a reminder that cowtipping is also against the rules, do not contact the girl or her parents because of her relation to Holly.
>Keep whiteknight posting to when they actually spill milk.

No. 1078464

I don't even care about Jared and Holly anymore.
I just come back to see the SadOldSimp cringe.

No. 1079086

Only problem I have with this OP is that there's no links to the immediate previous thread. Otherwise, good coverage

No. 1079089

I know, I am ashamed of my goof up.

For the thread's sake, and next thread starter, remember to grab this!

No. 1079305

Holly still reads here so sadoldmagician cringe isn't the only thing to look forward too.

No. 1079315

A week ago, wormdick posted a video on Eternal Darkness. It's currently sitting at 122k views and hasn't been ratio'd with dislikes (12k likes to 202 dislikes). Top comment is roughly "Jared hasn't lost his touch". Since the drama he's dropped to 889k subs, and his videos have rotated in and out of having 100~150k and less than 60k views.

It blows my mind that people are still watching his videos, but on the upside it's nothing like the 700k+ views he used to get. Even Marble Madness did moderately ok with 200k, but like, damn.

No. 1079319

File: 1605021371363.jpeg (319.51 KB, 828x1301, 5761A817-6A09-487B-AC30-70B526…)

I mean, doesn’t IG do the same as FB, showing you more of what you’d like to see based on what you’ve looked at? Maybe he needs to stop being horny on main, lol.

No. 1079320

pornsick scrote needlessly asks why his instagram account that he’s connected to facebook shows him content the algorithm has estimated will keep him engaged with the app for longer. lmfao.

No. 1079331

Half of these aren’t even very sexual lol

No. 1079332

None of it looks very trash-witchy. Looks like a mix of flirty redheads and cosplayers… someone's not over his ex…

No. 1079336


I noticed that as well. He really seems to have a thing for redheads that look similar to Heidi, doesn’t he?


Yeah, it’s amazing to me that so many people still do watch his videos. I don’t want to be watching content from a sexpest.

No. 1079345


Wow, he's really pathetic and reaching. Those girls aren't even doing anything sexual, they're posing. I literally see a Tiktok video, cosplayers at a con, and girls just existing. He knows his incel crowd will eat that up because they hate women existing. Or is it Holly's doing, she does hate girls prettier than her. All in all prodick is grasping for straws for sympathy.

No. 1079348

>flirty redheads and cosplayers… someone's not over his ex…

No. 1079362

I hate when men do this. There's nothing really that sexual about the women in some of those images.

No. 1079365

water fountain lady knows what shes doing though

No. 1079367

Does he think they just show random pics??Instagram does a great job of showing you exactly what you tend to look at. Even if you don't interact with pics of girls being lewd, just staying on the image for longer will be noticed by the algorithm. I agree that these pics aren't even that sexual and men think a girl posing in leggings is a slut but to be fair if my boyfriends feed looked like this Id be sus lol

No. 1079371

That's why I said some.

No. 1079440

Dude know. Someone who makes their living online HAS to understand the concept of algorithms, and that your "explore" tab is going to show you more of the content you've already been looking at. Maybe PedoDick is putting feelers out there to see about dipping his dick back into the internet sexpest world, see if people will let him get away with it twice.

No. 1079454

I don't ever view anything on instagram other than my feed (friend posts and pictures of animals). The rare occasion I do accidentally click over to the explore tab it's at least 30-40% attractive women, 10-20% dice, 10-20% Korean stuff because one of my follows is Korean, and the remainder is random. Attractive women is what's popular on insta, so that's what they show a lot of.

No. 1079563

I don't know though. The majority of the stuff I view on Instagram is just on my feed, and when I do go to the explore section it looks nothing like Jared's, it looks like a clone of my feed.

No. 1079582

Maybe his IG glitched again? :(

No. 1079607

Omg that poor guy!! Evil IG glitches making him look bad. Just like his bitch of an ex-wife.

No. 1079632

I feel like these insta stories he does once a month or so about porn bots or the reccomended pics or the nudes people have sent him are his failed half ass attempt to pivot his brand away from anything sexual. I mean for years he was all sex positive even outside of tumblr. Its something we all have criticized him of, so maybe this is his way of saying "this isn't me anymore"

No. 1079639

Yeah sorry Jared you are definitely seeking out big asses and redheads acting sexual. My explore page doesn't look like that.

No. 1079670

Then why was he playing some sexual game earlier in the summer? Jared can never be consistent. He says he's against "cancel culture" then he posts that leafyishere tweet, with a take so bad even his diehard fans on ProJared2 subreddit think it lost him subs lol. He portrays himself as some open minded liberal but likes a tweet calling his critics "SJWs" and "whiteknights" terms that are popular with rightwingers. Idk how a person can stay a fan at this point.

No. 1079694


The real question isn't why the explore tab is "always so horny," but whether Jared's posting his thirst-likes for attention or if he's just too stupid to understand the algorithm.

No. 1079713

Like other anons said a some of those images aren't that sexual. But nowadays if a girl posts a picture of herself on Instagram wearing leggings, a swimsuit, showing a little skin = "horny e-thot"

No. 1079722

File: 1605059209678.jpeg (266.08 KB, 817x1448, 4C2492C3-BF33-4CE9-A3D2-5E85BA…)

Still looks like a narcissistic sexpest to me.(nitpick)

No. 1079724


Kek why in the world would someone this Shadow Over Innsmouth looking think that he'll get asspats and positive feedback from the internet?

No. 1079729


Is this really the bar we're setting now? Posting his insta pics with "he still looks like a sexpest"? I hate the dude too but posts like this make the entire thread look like we have nothing better to do than make petty comments at every picture he posts.

No. 1079730

That's literally all this thread is.

No. 1079760


Well, his bitching about IG algorithms isn’t really helping him hide his ways.

No. 1079763

All I see is Sid from ice age.

No. 1079768

Ikr, imagine being Holly.

No. 1079774


That haircut is absolutely horrendous, it's showing way too much skin on the right side, like there's a serious indent there and his hair just is gone. The eyebrow muscles look outlined like some cartoon character, and his goatee is more like a donut or a coffee ring staining his face than facial hair. He looks umkempt with the fuzzy hair all over the right side of his neck, like a rotting fruit, and his skin has this yellowish sheen to it that makes him look jaudiced.

>"I worked with my stylist to give it more volume"

yeah, good luck with that haircut when you're balding, Jared
(and why did he tag this shit "seattle")

No. 1079785

ProDick, do NOT blame that hairstyle on the wind - That's purely male pattern baldness setting in and your weird attempt at hiding the fact that you're not a 20-something nerd anymore by using a combover.

No. 1079788

Then take a picture indoors, genius.

No. 1079807

This place is basically a gossip forum where people shit talk the person of interest, its not that serious.

No. 1079857

was this bitch in a devastating car wreck or some shit? how come every picture i've ever seen of him it looks like half of his face was paralyzed in a horrible accident?

No. 1079868

You know his old hairstyle, as dated as it was, made him look much better in hindsight. Jesus that baldspot.

No. 1079948

I think it’s the opposite. If he wanted to wash his hands if his oversexed image he could simply not bring these subjects up, but he can’t help himself. He wants to talk about nudes and porn and sexy cosplayers but he knows that he can’t do so as openly as before without getting backlash, so he does it in a roundabout way.
>hehe guys don’t send nudes to my business account hehe
Most YTers/streamers/influencers don’t talk about nudes at all, especially if they have even a hint of an underage audience. They avoid the topic as much as possible and the decent ones probably just block and ignore sexual DMs. Jared on the other hand really likes talking to his audience about being horny and getting nudes and it’s probably killing him that he can’t be as blatant about it as before.

No. 1079987

Right? Like this is a gossip forum meant to laugh at, but people come here and treat it like one of those truth blogs or something. It's not meant to be a serious takedown compilation of Jared, we just make fun of him because he's a fucking loser narc.

No. 1080042

Agreed. He continuously makes reference to his fans being horny and offhand comments about sliding into DMs that make it sound like he's missing his SinJared days. They could easily read as an invitation to some people. It's like a druggie joking about doing a hit of something out of nowhere… unless, ya know, you want to wink wink.

He's claimed issues with sexual addiction in the past so he could be getting back into his old groove. Or, at the very least, not saying no to nudes. Him divorced, who would care that much unless minors were involved (besides Hoelly)? He has to have learned to be careful about age.

Speculation of course. He could be genuinely joking but old habits die hard. like >>1079319 let's pretend recommendeds are totally random. Seriously, why bring attention to it?

No. 1080059

Just as an aside:
>He continuously makes reference to his fans being horny

Literally everyone who is on Twitch and Twitter says this, it's currently memeculture so surprisingly it's not that deep. Really, watch any streamer who plays games that aren't fortnite and shit and you'll hear "horny" 'horny jail' etc, especially by chat depending on game content (for example Yakuza currently is a hot topic.)

I tried this with a new account, fresh connection and different device even through a VPN, and it shows me what's "hot/viral" and most are women and dogs/dumb viral shit pushing "reels" or whatever. I searched up neither and have no followers/following on that account.

I had a friend share a post of something off their timeline, a cosplayer, and clicked on it, didn't interact with it (other than view) and bam..e-thots everywhere after refreshing the page. So if he's EVER looked at Heidi's stuff in the past the algorithm already tied this kinda stuff to him, simply because "cosplay" and "aesthetics" these days tend to be this kind of stuff. So it doesn't 100% mean he specifically searched it up, it could be residual shit. If you use Twitter or FB you should know it can immediately toss things at you that you never even looked at before simply because you came across it at one point in time and that's only if Ads slip through.

Depending on thread though, people find it nitpicky/annoying and not really milk when you have to twist something that isn't negative into a negative.

No. 1080068

Nah, Jared is definitely only looking at/following attractive women pages on insta. My explore page consists exclusively of lesbians, birds, and vintage fashion, which surprise surprise is my regular feed. He’s trying to take the pious “I’m not a sexpest! It’s these harlots that keep being thrown at me!” route. I wonder how much of this holly actually believes, she has to know how the algorithm acts too.

No. 1080085


Yeah, exactly. I look at stuff like cats, beach pics and animal crossing pics, and that’s what most of my IG feed throws at me. I do even look at a couple of “questionable” IG’s, and I’m not getting a flurry of e-thots in my Explore like PedoDick seems to be getting. So for him to be like, “I don’t know why this is happening?!” is just an act. We all know why it’s happening.

No. 1080147

Try telling telling that to the spastics that follow heidiofans that keep trying to brigade here. If you take a place called "lolcow" that seriously you've proven yourself to be pretty unhinged.

No. 1080153

"we're just here to laugh at them"

>post that laughs at Heidi

"But she's a queen and awesome, not to be laughed at! Her clothes that look like a child's pajamas are honestly really cool looking and perfect"

No. 1080154

Found the spastic.

No. 1080163

Found the retard who can't sage and still acts like a smug asshole.

No. 1080167

Take your meds

No. 1080170


I know you have a massive hate boner for heidiofans, but he's just as entitled to his opinion as we are ours. Just because he has the opposite views on the trio doesn't mean you should rage post everything he says trying to get us to brigade him.

No. 1080173

And that gives him and his followers the right to try and brigade our threads like they did the last one?

No. 1080181


Didn't that turn out to be one person? Also can you prove that came from heidiofans and not sadoldmagician or Holly? You posted him linking the old thread once, back when it started over a month ago. You're really trying to tell me people followed a month old link to talk shit on us while Holly was still actively bringing us up? I believe that "brigade" came from Holly, or sadold working on her behalf.

No. 1080198

There's nothing disproving that they didn't come from there either. Someone even said it in the previous thread. They talk about us just as much as sadoldmagician. Well agree to disagree.

No. 1080201

File: 1605121183440.jpg (481.76 KB, 1050x1069, BeforeAfter.jpg)

The shorter hair brings way more attention to his fucked up hair line. Why did he think this looks good?

No. 1080228


>Also can you prove

ladies n gents, we got 'em

No. 1080230

Look at how he dresses.
He's just naturally tacky.

No. 1080242

We have no idea where it comes from it could be any of the three or even Gavin White.

No. 1080254


Precisely, that's why I asked for proof that it was heidiofans sending that one person to shit on the thread when we have several other more likely suspects that proved over and over to go out of their way to start fights over their precious Hored heroes.

No. 1080265

We know that people from that blog have been active here in the past I just don't think they are the only ones. Sadoldmagician has been pretty pissed over the Ross thing lately.

No. 1080294

File: 1605129067487.jpg (422.42 KB, 1048x1410, SadoldTumblr.jpg)

Idk if this was posted. "I have never shared anything they didn't want shared"

No. 1080311

Jared is a 30+ year old streamer who was not-that-long-ago embroiled in a sex scandal. He doesn't get to make jokes about nudes one minute and bitch that it nearly ruined his career the next.

No. 1080313

That was literally posted on the very last thread. Also, sadold simping for Hoelly and PedoDick isn't exactly new milk.

No. 1080336

My mistake.

It's still pretty weird sadold jokes about Ross being the abusive one. Didn't Ross in the past say that he was drawn to controlling women?

No. 1080347


so he’s admitted that he had the ok from hoelly and wormdick to start shitting on ross and saying him and an “unfixable abuser” deserve eachother despite him saying he didn’t want to be dragged into the shitstorm from the very beginning. so kind of them uwu

also it’s funny he’s so scared of the backlash he’ll get from stans on twitter that he can only say this shit on tumblr. they’re playing a dangerous game trying to start a smear campaign on ross knowing how many people adore him

No. 1080349

Double posting non-sage anon-chan has evolved into quadruple posting sage anon-sama

No. 1080355


i kept fixing the wrong mistake lmao my bad. pls no ban mods

No. 1080359

>Didn't Ross in the past say that he was drawn to controlling women?
If that's the case he's a massive loser, but this thread already has a thing for weak, malleable idiots.

No. 1080373


Not only does he only talk his shit on tumblr, he won't even do it in his own blog. Closest he got was saying "yes" when asked if he had a problem with Ross, which could just as easily be interrupted as "I don't like his content". When pressed for more info, he danced around the question with "I haven't said anything Jared and Holly don't approve of". The only time he's ever accused Ross of anything is through heidiofans. Personal theory but I think sadold is using the fact that heidio is out of his friendship loop with Jared and Holly to spread hate at Ross without getting caught. How fucked up can you be to abuse one blogger who is on his side to spread hate at someone who asked not to be involved?

No. 1080518

It has to do with the way he was raised by his mother. This happens a lot to people who have fucked up relationships with a parent. Lets not call victims weak for being manipulated.

No. 1080560


He also dunks his Jared/Holly friendship status all over Heidiofans' comments. Almost every time HOF makes a post, SOM is in the comments making some reference or blatently bragging to being friends with them. So not only would he be using HOF as a way to spread shit talk about Ross, he's also subtly shit talking HOF for not being in the super special friends of Youtubers club. How does this guy have friends?

No. 1080576


He buys them, like when he drops a bunch of gifted subs in ProDick’s streams. As long as he keeps throwing money at them, ProDick and Hoelly will keep him around.

No. 1080609

File: 1605155423725.jpg (104 KB, 709x427, SmartSelect_20201112-172909_Tw…)

Again treating a friend better than his own gf for their birthday lmao.

No. 1080628

Isn't raeraesenpai the one who looks EERILY like Heidi? Dude is all about showing love to anyone who resembles his ex-wife while his new girl barely gets a passing nod on her birthday.

No. 1080630

File: 1605157590484.png (713.04 KB, 850x679, screenshot1.png)

Yep. Guess we can't accuse the guy of not having a type.

No. 1080641

File: 1605159548495.png (200.01 KB, 1080x717, raetwitter.png)


He could never afford to bang her though since I doubt he can afford the flight to Australia to show his dick in person, and I doubt she'll want the embarrassment of flying to Seattle to give him a pity fuck.

No. 1080663

Could someone please tell SOM that Jared and Holly will never have sex with him? His desperate simping is making even me feel sad and old

No. 1080673


I'm sure plenty of people told him that through his tumblr, he just ignores the people telling him the facts.

No. 1080748

How do you know they haven't already?

No. 1080868


Did jared and this lady ever interact before the drama?

No. 1080871


I don’t think so, this seems to have come up after the drama and Pedodick having to resort to Twitch for income.

No. 1080890

I can post an entire list of white girls with red hair that looks the same, I get what you're trying to say but it's like pretending many asian women don't look alike. It's not that weird.

Probably, NONE of us know any of these people's private lives as much as we want to pretend we do. Obviously when drama starts up you don't want to start dragging others into it, why do you think jared's editor bounced and none of us knew who she was until AFTER the fact?

No. 1080910

I doubt even someone as horny as Jared would be able to get it up around SOM

No. 1080923

I personally don't really care about SOM, the dude's got creep abuser vibes all over him, but I really do want to know what his problem with Ross is. Like, is it because he doesn't like Ross's animation style? Does he think Ross is [adjective here]? Is it just because of Holly's "horror stories" about him? Is it all three or am I missing the mark?

I feel like giving benefit of the doubt to SOM here because there's a range of reasons, from petty to "I had a bad experience with this guy and that colored my perception", but unless he tells us it really does just sound and read like "fuck ross my princess holly do no wrong said so" and it's weak as fuck and makes him sound like a tool.

No. 1080943


I wouldn’t give him the benefit of the doubt at all. He laps up whatever Hoelly and PedoDick tell him about Ross and Heidi, and is convinced that they’re both abusers.

No. 1080945

True, a lot of white girls with red hair look the same. But if Heidi was just so abusive that he and Holly were terrified of her, one would think he wouldn't willingly associate with someone who could be her twin.

No. 1080946

Considering SOM claims that he didn't know any of these people personally before the drama broke, it reads as Princess Holly Do-No-Wrong (love the nickname btw) filling him full of whatever makes her look like the victim and everyone else the bad guy.

No. 1081489

File: 1605276127498.jpg (266.04 KB, 713x1313, Screenshot_20201113-090106_Chr…)

Do yall think he understands that this post could be read just as much about him and Hoelly as it can Heidi? Lolll

"Dont trust how people act and what they say, the could be abusive. Not me tho"

No. 1081493


As much as ProDick and Hoelly whine about “the drama” you’d think that they’d just stop posting this kind of shit and finally get fucking past it. This is some projection if I’ve ever seen some. Sorry not sorry if I don’t believe that the person soliciting their fanbase for nudes isn’t an abuser.

No. 1081495


That last line is a LOT.
> If you only know someone platonically you might not know them at all.

Coming from Jared? I -

No. 1081595


So I guess that means SadOldSimp and PedoDick aren’t as good friends as he likes to think they are? Unless they’re fucking, lol. What a bunch of BS, just because you’ve fucked someone or are romantically involved with someone doesn’t mean that you know someone better than someone you’re really good friends with. People are still people and may be upfront about some things and hide others, no matter friendship/relationship status. Jared was married to Heidi but was hiding that he was emotionally cheating/fucking Hoelly after all.

No. 1081779

File: 1605307884591.jpeg (55.99 KB, 749x535, 28636946-411F-4C50-AF45-2C6E69…)

i was scrolling through jared’s (heavily moderated) comment section from his latest video and spotted this

he’s totally only ever targeted an 18+ audience though guys!

No. 1081797


"Talks like a friend in high school" = "Wants to talk to kids in high school"? That's quite a reach there.

No. 1081816


I can’t say that’s really a compliment. I remember how shitty a lot of my high school friends were and once I went to college I never spoke to any of them again. Jared definitely seems like he’s retained a high school mentality though.

No. 1081821


that’s not what i was getting at anon, i agree that’s a reach lmao. i just find it weird that a dude in his thirties with a history of soliciting nudes from fans without properly IDing them is trying to appeal to his allegedly fully adult audience by acting like he’s their high school friend

No. 1081825


I guess it depends on how you interpret that comment. I saw it as "this reminds me of hanging out with my buddies in high school", not "he's trying to act like he's a high schooler".

No. 1081874

That's heavily anecdotal though. Most of my folks in HS were amazing people I miss every day because we grew apart as we got older.

Using more than 2 braincells you'd understand it's referring to approachability and someone you know you can have a convo with.

Maybe this will be easier for you: Have you ever talked to anyone in their 40s+ and see the SEVERE disconnect with today's world? Let alone having to teach them anything?

So it's really not a bad comment or something worth digging into.

No. 1081876

horseshit. Jared is the kind of kid that 90% of us would avoided because he looks like he'd show up with a shotgun the first time he broke up with his girlfriend.

No. 1081878

>"Have you ever talked to anyone in their 40s+ and see the severe disconnect with today's world?"

You realize PedoDick is 35, right? He's not far off from being in his 40s and there is a HUGE disconnect between him and today's world, as exhibited by the fact he saw nothing wrong with exchanging nudes with fans who he had absolutely no way of knowing the age of (since he didn't verify beyond a 'real quick, 18+ right?)

No. 1081913

i genuinely don't get it, especially because he's never met ross. like i get some people didn't like the "i'm just a troll / gamer gremlin" persona that he leaned into for gg and steam train. but when you catch his twitch streams now, he's super chill and laid back, gives good artist and creative advise while streaming mario maker, vr chat or creative stuff. like ok, you don't like the version he played but unless you know him for real, dude is legit really low key and is squeaky clean drama wise.

oh wait! he has that one story of shitting himself while shopping in china town. i guess that can be his drama.

No. 1081924

I mean, he did go to visit his sick mom during a vacation to Japan only to go back to that trip like a week later, so I wouldn't assume he's "squeaky clean". I'd say he's probably just the type to have minor drama that isn't going to trend.

No. 1081931


you realize it's super easy for Australians to visit Japan due to geographical proximity, right? Also you don't know what his mother told him, it's not like he decided to fuck off and go back, she had family there and maybe in that week a lot was discussed that you weren't part of, because ya know, you don't know him

No. 1081934

You realize someone taking a break from vacation to see their dying Mom and then going back to said vacation doesn't make them dirty right?

No. 1081943

He took the opportunity of a cheaper flight and didn't stay for the extent of the trip. He thought she might die and he didn't just bail on the trip to Japan with friends and spend the full time with his mother? I don't care what she said to him. That's not an indication of a "squeaky clean person". That's a normal ass person who can be a little selfish at times but doesn't piss people off enough for it to be an issue.

No. 1082118

File: 1605356196415.jpeg (104.57 KB, 640x734, FDA2BA98-ECDD-4ADC-8631-850BE0…)

Such a class act

No. 1082121


Things like this makes me think if he's doing that BECAUSE we post it here. Just "let me make jokes about this sign and watch lolcow get mad about it". He does it so much now, and you know Holly is telling him all about the reactions we give him. And those kinds of posts started after his insta posts were regularly getting posted here.

No. 1082124

File: 1605356916801.jpg (283.46 KB, 720x1092, Screenshot_20201114-072642_Chr…)

Makes me wonder if she didnt want to be as sexual as Jared pushed her to be. Reminds me of in Heidi's stream when she said that reading their messages made her realise he is just as bad to Holly that he was her. Ignoring messages for days, giving short disinterested responses, etc. Maybe that was his punishment whenever she wasn't falling over herself to pretend to be sexual to please him

No. 1082130

Interesting thought, to be honest. This also makes me tinfoil… If SadOldCuck doesn't like Ross and considers him a perfect match for that aboosive horrible Heidi, I wonder if this image is related to that. Sorry if I worded that weird.

No. 1082157

I don't think Holly would say/do anything critical of Jared after lighting herself on fire for him this many times. Either way, I doubt her MRA "muh wahmen's false accusations" followers will take this well, since they think the burden is on women to have a photo album of proof if they claim to feel violated in any way. If she starts putting out messages like this, about how absence of no isn't a yes (although she is correct to do so) her defenders who followed her for the drama will eventually turn on her cause they're all huge pieces of shit who hate Heidi/any other woman who makes accusations more than they like Holly or Jared. Holly might not see that yet.

No. 1082177


Wasn’t she supposedly asexual before all of the DCA stuff anyway? I’m not surprised she’s posted something like this. It seems to me like she can only really think about getting sexually/romantically involved with someone only if it involves her characters. Ross with ME, and now Jared with DCA. Since DCA got cancelled, maybe now the magic is starting to fade.


Yep, probably so. He’s just trying to get a reaction. Or he’s putting out a not so subtle message that his DM’s are open, lol.

No. 1082185


It just is weird to imagine this is about anyone but Jared when we all know how much of a sex pest he is and that he legitimately had (has) a sex addiction. Maybe she means this as a subtle dig at Ross, but hon you're with a literal horn dog, who the fuck do you think people are gonna think of when they read this

No. 1082239

This might be the start of Holly's "Jared was abusive to me but only me because I'm special and always fall into abusive relationships" saga.

No. 1082250

It does line up with the SadOldCuck hinting that Ross wasn't the husbando the majority assume he was, but >>1082239 wouldn't be surprising. Even if she does not accuse ProDick of being abusive she may be setting herself up to look like the poor victim who just couldn't say no and should not hold any accountability for the physical relationship between them.

Sagin' for speculatin' but if their relationship comes to an end and they announce it, it will draw a lot of attention and require the Lord's PR team to let it rest. Someone will be blamed for the relationship ending (even if it's advertised as amicable). That can't be Holly. She's so fragile, so vulnerable, such victim

or it could be #notthatdeep lol

No. 1082319

File: 1605388897990.jpg (341.77 KB, 718x1162, Screenshot_20201114-162020_Chr…)

Weird how she says she was just caught in the crossfire. Like let's be real she was full on canceled, Heidi literally @ed her from the start

My theory is that Jared is super douchey about being a victim of the drama and whenever she laments her own cancellation he snaps at her that she has no idea what it really was like to be truly canceled

No. 1082349

Interesting that she equates facing consequences to false accusations and mob mentality.

No. 1082350


What i find interesting is that she said false assumptions, not accusations

No. 1082357

My bad anon. The way she said she lost everything makes me think her and Jared are on the rocks and she is regretting a lot. I wouldn't be surprised if this is her planting the seeds of her victim story for when her and Jared break up like >>1082250 speculated.

No. 1082412


I can empathize with people who grew up in unstable environments falling into equally unstable relationships as adults, but there are steps you can take to ensure that you don't fall into bad relationships while working through your issues with attachment… like not fucking a married man while you yourself are married.

No. 1082424

She's not wrong though surprisingly, even here on lolcow people went (and continue to go) off the rails on speculation and spinning anything into a negative. Neither are good people but think about how literally anything they do is seemingly nefarious in intention down to the way they choose to dress is somehow a plot.

The whole "cancel culture" thing does get people caught into it simply by association, look at how people tried to cancel PBG for being friends with Jared and how they tried to throw Jontron into the middle of it despite being ABSOLUTELY unrelated to everything aside at ONE POINT being a part of normalboots/Gamegrumps.

>but there are steps you can take to ensure that you don't fall into bad relationships

While I know your comment was mostly to dig at holly, it's actually not that easy to "avoid" that kind of situation depending on how deeply rooted it is, as you may easily trust someone who seems "right for you and not abusive" but they end up the most abusive person you've ever met.

No. 1082513


PBG was "cancelled" because of his tweets against Heidi without knowing the full situation. "If you don't know what's going on and it's not about you, then sit down and shut up" should be common sense but it's not

Jontron's 'involvement' in the drama was people pointing out the hypocrisy of Jared's behaviour, because when Jontron got kicked out Jared was like "begone racist evil!" but when Jared's under the spotlight suddenly he's an uwu victim

and as far as the abusive relationships, yeah it's not easy if you have not gone to a therapist and have lower emotional intelligence. And I'm not saying that a person is dumb, but not aware of the red flags and the signs that someone is abusive, beyond what they show you. I am sure Jared is looooooovely to Holly Con-artist, but if she can't see the bouquet of red flags in front of her, as a supposed mental health guru, who has apparently been to therapy and is advertising herself as someone emotionally intelligent, then yeah, it's on her

People get into abusive relationships because they don't enforce boundaries. That's it. Abusive people are more likely to trespass your boundaries whereas "normal" people will respect them, but if you reward the assholes by allowing them to be near you then you end up cultivating a vicious cycle of only letting abusers near you. And I don't mean boundaries like Holly's "boundaries" meme. I mean having an understanding of yourself and understanding of human nature so that you can recognize what is abusive and what isn't.

I'm pretty certain Holly is love bombing Jared because he's a precious hurt little bird to her. She doesn't have the upper hand in this relationship, not by a long shot, but she is coddling and spoonfeeding Jared all her mental health phrases that he loves using lately. Honestly, take any post from Jared, and edit in Holly's profile picture and username, and tell me if you can tell the difference. She makes Jared feel validated, Jared gives Holly some minimum attention. Her relationship with him will always be tainted and they will never be able to forget that.

No. 1082999

This is so weak lol. Holly PUT HERSELF in the crossfire. No one forced her to make a giant Twitter thread to defend Jared and demonize Heidi. He chose to be silent and let her fall on the sword. I think people would have left her alone if she hadn't decided to insert herself in to the drama when Jared was called out and comment "I'm here for you ❤" on his divorce announcement.

No. 1083213


Heidi did include Holly in her callout tweets from the start. They were both getting fired at via twitter, they just responded different. Jared went radio silent, Holly tried to fire back.

No. 1084105

File: 1605562877501.jpg (69.05 KB, 720x601, 20201116_164057.jpg)


No. 1084121

That’s so fucking gross especially coming from him lol

No. 1084124

Him and 38% of people especially if you actually see what she does.

No. 1084155

ot and i know i’ll probably get banned for this but is no one else noticing the badly intergrated stan who keeps replying to every recent post on here with a not-so-subtle defence for jared/holly? has gavin white decided that obsessively whiteknighting on twitter isn’t enough anymore or something?

No. 1084164

I've seen no white knighting in almost 2 threads unless you're using an extremely loose definition of it and you'll probably be banned for trying to incite in-fighting if anything. The most I've seen were a few anons not being all in hatred or all in asslicking for them, it's perfectly okay to form your own opinions like any other cow.

No. 1084171


Barf. No one wants his earthworm Jim looking butt thirsting after them.

No. 1084190


That's one of the same like 2-3 cosplayers he's been thirsting after for awhile - Just more pedodick throwing his hat in the ring since I'm pretty sure FiragaFox and her husband separated awhile back.

No. 1084203

File: 1605569125440.png (55.18 KB, 598x229, holly1.png)

Sorry for her birds and all but her dramatics are off the rails. People were threatening to kill her birds and now they're dying and she hasn't had a career in a year because she built said "career" on being likable and fucked it up. But of course she had nothing to do with that

No. 1084204

File: 1605569190567.png (134.02 KB, 591x541, holly2.png)

No. 1084214


Holly is going through this with her beloved birds and is clearly having another (understandable) breakdown and meanwhile Jared is… replying to sexy cosplayers. Gee, what a good guy.

"I didn't have any say or choice in" yeah I didn't think you personally asked Heidi not to call you out but that doesnt mean she shouldn't have. That's like a rapist whining over going to trial over a case they didnt have any say or choice in partaking in. Like if you're gonna be the other woman you gotta own up to it when you're called out, its hard to get people to feel bad for you when you're always whining that you had to say in being called out. Like yeah I'm sure you didnt want Heidi to find out or tell anyone, but you know what would be a good way of stopping her from doing that? Not fucking her husband and being a pickme

Dont get me wrong, I do feel bad for her and her birds. Its obvious she loves them alot and I hope they all recover, but not every fucking thing that ever happens to her is a result of the drama, and even if she thinks it is she really doesn't have to post her tinfoil theories

No. 1084217

File: 1605570096571.jpg (225.22 KB, 720x662, Screenshot_20201116-184059_Chr…)

Guys we have to stop pointing out her manipulation, she apologized for being human. Wrap it up, everybody

No. 1084235

>slept with a married man after the wife said no multiple times
"I didn't have a say in this scandal and I was just caught in the crossfire!!"
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 1084238


Looks like lolcow is over guys, time to go.

I do feel bad for her birds, I don’t want to see animals suffer. But for her to say that her career got ruined because of a scandal that she didn’t want any part of? She is the other woman, I don’t know when she’s going to ever get it through her head that she was an active part of it all along. Sleep with a married man, and reap the consequences, that’s how that works.

No. 1084244


If you dont want to be in a scandal dont do scandalous shit.

Jared did uwu reply to her being all sweet but idk its like… yall live together and are probably in the same room. Just go comfort her lmao. So performative

No. 1084262

>Which is exactly what people threatened they would do. Kill my birds.
does she really think the big bad internet is coming to her house and killing her birds??

No. 1084288

If he didn’t post it we would just laugh about how he totally ignores her. Phoney public words of affirmation are holly’s love language so, I’d say he made the right call posting that obviously coordinated shit. Knowing him, he probably drafted It between flirty IG messages with low tier thots.

She knows nobody hurt her birds. Shes just Trying to guilt trip anyone who enjoys her histrionics by shouting “ARE YOU HAPPY??!! I bet lolcow LOVES that my birds are dying! It’s as if you all did this with your mean words!” Like, no, that does suck but maybe try not being a hysterical masochist in public for once in your life if you can’t handle the attention.

No. 1084316

They were happy flaunting their affair during streams and at conventions and stonewalling Heidi whenever she tried to talk to Jared. They are both just mad they Heidi flipped the power dynamic they had built. They were happy with their fans worshipping them and didn't want pesky Heidi to disturb that. Imagine blocking your own wife from seeing the divorce announcement you are making about your marriage. This, after weeks of Heidi begging him to let her speak about their split since fans kept asking her why they weren't seen together in a while.

Like I said, they are just pissed they couldn't continue to stifle Heidi like they had already been doing. They thought they could since they are e-celebs and she wasn't.

No. 1084335

someone please photoshop this next to the "you guys know me" tweet.

No. 1084344

>any time i'm vulnerable it's a feast for them
because you never stop woe-is-me-ing holly and checking this place or taking solid advice we give on here. too bad she will never stop because shes a huge narc and a fiend for martyrdom. im starting to think the holly/jared defense force is literally her coming here and being triggered by what we say since it's been confirmed over and over she reads what we say.

No. 1084347

>She knows nobody hurt her birds.
Exactly. I can't believe she even made that tweet. The levels she will go to to make herself a victim even in coincidental unfortunate circumstances is astounding. What's happening to her pets is sad, it's also sad that she feels like she can't focus on that without spiraling into talk of the drama and blaming the internet for it all.

No. 1084394

Three birds probably DID get sick, but that's what happens with birds in general, especially birds kept in relatively close quarters like she has them. I hate when she bitches about money though - like she could have had several paying gigs by now, had she just contained her twitter freak outs.

No. 1084395

>"A scandal that I didn't have any say or choice in"

Did Jared rape you, Hoelly? No? Then you absolutely had a choice in fucking that married man or not.

No. 1084396

Does she still not understand that the more she mentions "a hate forum", the more people will google to find it, read about her shit, and be turned away from supporting her?

No. 1084404


This is a person who spent her entire e-lister fame time being propped up by other people, without even a hint of acknowledging their work towards her goals, finally having go it on her own and failing. Because she expects everything to be handed to her whether it's mild fame, or forgiveness. Considering Jared is the same way the fallout from their eventual break up is going to be legendary.

No. 1084408


Sounds like it's starting to sink in that she might have felt pressured to sleep with Jared, not absolving her of any blame, but I noticed she isn't talking about how she was "Just trying to help a friend in need!" or propping 'poor wittle Jared' up as a martyr anymore.

…Maybe after a year with Jared the blinders are finally starting to fall off…

No. 1084410


I find it interesting that she’s complaining about money when Jared’s been buying a bunch of retro games, tried to get a PS5, etc. You’d think he’d help her out a little more if they’re supposedly so in love.

No. 1084415

I only feel bad for the birds themselves, and I already felt bad for them before since they’re owned by a pet hoarder. I don’t feel bad for her at all, she’s the one who got them all, it’s easy logic to figure out that lots of animals = lots of medical issues, and that only compounds when you keep them all in an enclosed space. Besides, it’s clear she’s extorting their pain for twitter sympathy points which makes me want to scream. I knew she was bad, but can you imagine whoring out your supposed-loved pet like that? Holly, this is why people don’t like you, not rumors, not “wrong assumptions” or whatever, it’s your ego and victim complex. And I hope she’s reading here so she can read this. It won’t ever sink in, though, of course. If it hasn’t sunk it for over a year, it never will.

No. 1084416

Hahah and

No. 1084419

Hahah right? My explore page is like 99% memes and cats lol

No. 1084462

Exactly. Heidi knew Holly socially. If I had hung around with me + my husband and a woman and her husband and she then had an affair with my husband, I would absolutely assign more blame than I would to a random girl he met online. I would absolutely put her on blast for that.

Part of that is you can kind of see how someone could compartmentalize their affair when they've never met the girlfriend and she just exists in whatever jared says. But Heidi was a real person to her and she still didn't give a shit.

Even if she TRULY believed Heidi was abusive the answer to that would be for Jared to leave the house then break up with Heidi at a distance for his own safety.

I'm a casual reader of this thread but the fact every time I come in here she is STILL talking about this on the very platform that she claimed nearly bullied her to suicide is fucking insane.

No. 1084466

File: 1605601132495.png (919.17 KB, 492x677, dd.png)

kek at jared regraming a monroe bergdorf post, another male that doesn't understand boundaries, especially with children on twitter. Birds of a feather.

>It emerges that the celebrity has a history of asking children in emotional distress to contact them online.


No. 1084481

Careful there anon with >>1082124 she might start saying she was manipulated to have sex it Jared thus making it rape.

My main issue with holly and her pigeons is that they're all wild animals and she doesn't have the proper licencing to be a rehabilitator. she owns them strictly as pets and keeps them in a small aviary for how many she keeps. Having them all in that small shack will cause more health issues since they can get each other sick.

No. 1084525


she truly can’t stand that she can’t control what we say on here. i don’t even think it hurts her feelings, i think it just eats her up inside that she can’t get away with sending her orbiters here to harass people into silence and that we critique her and call her out on her bullshit freely. her “i’m human and mentally ill uwu” shit only works on her echo chamber and she hates that she can’t suicide bait anyone here into shutting up

i feel for her birds though, they’ve always been another way for her to feel in control of something helpless and now that they’re at risk of dying i think the reality is setting in that they’re not as well looked after as she thinks/she can’t afford to help them when they’re sick so she’s trying to place the blame on someone else despite it being her fault for hoarding a bunch of birds in a tiny kennel so that she could larp as her d&d oc

i hope they recover and that holly pulls her head out of her ass, stops blaming lolcow for all her problems and sends them somewhere where they can thrive

No. 1084539

If the scandal was such a financial hit, why was she getting even more birds just a few months ago?

Also doesn't she have extensive experience in costuming and prop making?
You'd think between that and her Emmy certificate she could find a cozy job behind the scenes for film or TV… But that's too far from the spotlight for her ego.

No. 1084574

The thing I just can't believe is that she really blames "cancel culture" and the drama for her loss of income at this point and still doesn't connect the dots that her massive freakouts on twitter and in YT comments are what make her unemployable. She's doubling down on the thing causing her this problem because she has to tell herself she can't do anything wrong. If she's faced with being wrong, she either doubles down or starts her song and dance of "I'm sorry, will you leave me alone now?" or "my bullies and haters want me to apologize to an abusive person but I will never say sorry for things I didn't do! I wasn't wrong!"

No. 1084580

This doesn't seem like derailing? The fact Jared is following people like these is important. I didn't know who he was.

You guys have been inactive to all other derailing/rule breaking but turn up for this.

No. 1084587

Isn't it funny how you'd still have a career if you hadn't deliberately pursued Jared, Holly?

No. 1084592

File: 1605621391571.png (29.31 KB, 584x136, 2BE07D9D-1BC5-4E67-B1D4-FBE9C5…)


this reminded me of pic related from an older thread. why doesn’t she go back to being a barista if she loved it so much?

No. 1084609


When you have that many animals- especially in such close quarters- you need to be financially prepared if a medical emergency happens. If she wants to blame the drama for loss of income that's fine, but that doesnt apply here since she has gotten like a dozen new birds since then. It's sad her birds are sick, but it's on her to take care of them. Maybe if she spent less on indie brew and had her boyfriend buy less indie games and consoles she could set aside some money for the lives she has taken charge of. When you have pets, especially 50+ like she does, it is 100% on you to take care of them in sickness and health. You dont get to heard dozens of birds in a relatively (for that many) small coop and then act surprised when some get sick and spread it.

No. 1084610

Because she said she "honestly loved it" to seem more relatable, not because she actually did. Like, we KNOW you've survived off of Grandpa's Disney money, Holly. You're so far removed from the income bracket of those who typically watch your dreadful RP-come-to-life shit that it isn't even funny.

No. 1084615

But Jared, what about Holly? I thought you were in a relationship?

No. 1084616


like, I have never met a single living soul who actually enjoyed being a barista at a coffee shop. Not a single one. It was a job they could do, it was a subpar salary, and it was customer facing, which is hell on earth and I say this as someone who has been customer support and sales on the floor.

If Holly thinks having usernames on the internet say bad things about her is horrific, wait till she gets screaming customers, abusive jerks, flirtatious creeps or cranky boomers. To her face. Not behind a screen. Not on "hate forums". Right there, right now, in front of her. Her fragile mental health couldn't take it.

No. 1084618

This reeks of cluster B, holy shit.

No. 1084626


You forget that he "simply is polyamorous" I'm sure he told Holly that having a closed relationship is a dealbreaker

No. 1084638

Imagine saying this during a pandemic.

No. 1084645

I mean to be fair..Heidi likely said the same thing as she's poly, all she did was go with his bullshit of she can't be with others.

Based on how our government refuses to help us? I don't have to imagine it, many of us are in this exact situation lmao.

I don't know what "truth" she's talking about though.

No. 1084736

Right? She has to constantly try to manipulate her audience

No. 1084740


As clueless as she is, this tweet is from last June fresh off the drama. Peep the old profile picture (back when she changed it 3 times a day lmao)


Wonder how well those pins would have sold without her guilting people saying the money made from them would go to her poor dying birds

Something about someone who lives with another content creator and has a successful patreon complaining about money and guilting people into buying their ugly pins doesnt sit right with me, especially during lockdown part 2 electric boogaloo

No. 1084840

Not to mention she could just get a retail job. Loads of places are hiring right now.

No. 1084958

File: 1605651842076.jpg (209.25 KB, 1080x1195, Wat.jpg)

Oh please. If you didn't want Ross to be attacked you wouldn't have implied that he was abusive. So much for the "Ross is supportive of our relationship" lie. Why people believed Jared when he said that while providing no evidence is still beyond me.

No. 1084967


I'm sure Jared and Holly would be offended by this, right guys? Ross totally supported them through it all and is one of Jared's closest bros, right? Can't imagine why SOM wouldn't like a fellow Striath shipper

"Jared and Holly approve of and know what I say on this blog"

No. 1084982

Exactly. If my 16 year old cousin can get a job, so can a grown-ass adult with a pointless college degree (though I'm sure retail gigs at Walmart or Costco are just TOO far beneath her hipster ass)

No. 1084984

He can shut the fuck up. If he didn't want Ross getting shit, he would have kept his mouth shut instead of making sly comments about how awful of a person Ross allegedly is.

>"I kinda hate the punk"

Ross, the soft dude who cried a lot and slept on friend's couches after his wife left him to bang his married ex-friend, is a punk? Okay, sadold. Try to slander harder.

No. 1084990

File: 1605654819337.png (42.78 KB, 521x373, Screenshot at Nov 17 17-12-52.…)

Imagine being the kind of asshole who literally compares who gets more death threats

"Jared got WAY more!!"

Who gives a fuck?? Also love that he claims he never harassed Heidi, despite the whole bit of him having to apologize to Jared on twitter for replying to Heidi, but okay.

No. 1085015

I should clarify that i don't know if that's from tonight, it was just one of those "related posts" tumblr shows you when you view a post on someone's blog. Either way, it's still super shitty to be like "Yeah, Heidi got threatened with rape and death….BUT JARED GOT WAY MORE!!!"

No. 1085167


I'd guess he's jealous of Ross

No. 1085170


Just fucking tell them why you don't like Ross instead of pretending to be above it all! We already know you aren't.

No. 1085199


SOM is such a POS. We all know why he doesn’t like Ross, it’s because he absolutely drinks up everything Holly and Pedodick tell him. Holly’s butthurt because Ross still has a thriving career after trying to steer clear of the drama, and hers just keeps on sinking into quicksand. So she pushes the “THEY WERE ABUSIVE” storyline wherever she can to gain pity points.


He sure forgot really quick about the time he went at Heidi over some of Jared’s shit, didn’t he? What a hypocrite. No one should get death threats, but whatever Heidi’s supposed crime was, it wasn’t nearly as bad as Jared using his influence to prey on his fans in order to get spank material from them.

No. 1085208

I wonder if by hate forum she's including kiwi farms. Cus even they're getting tired of her woe is me crap lately and Jared's creepy behavior.

No. 1085248

This "friendship" has to self implode eventually, Holly keeps going on about how she's sick of the ~drama~ and yet SOM has basically dedicated his entire internet presence to talking about it. How do they not get tired or creeped out about how much this dick brings up their alleged trauma?

No. 1085275

File: 1605684887081.jpeg (12.6 KB, 260x194, 58D47764-449B-4455-898C-7A0C8C…)

Can’t stand the heat, get out of the fucking kitchen.

She was happy being an internet public figure, she decided to fuck her colleague, another public figure, who was MARRIED to yet another, smaller, public figure. She really thought Jared blocking Heidi would make it all go under the rug uh. They’re both ridiculous. I’m glad Heidi didn’t back down one bit.

I’m tired of internet hoes who are trying to achieve some e-celebrity status then whine when people treat them as such.
Obviously people are going to look at your personal life when you career is around putting your life on display.

And where and when did people even threaten anything to her pets? lolcow anons are cunt for sure, but we barely cowtip anyone, let alone would want anything to happen to animals. And is she trying to imply that her birds dying is somehow the fault of … her haters??
Even if I were a hoelly Stan I’d find this leap kinda concerning.

No. 1085284

He insists on stoking it too. All SOM does is parrot the shit she says in private. And honestly if she really cared about putting an end to the drama she would cut off SOM. We know she still actively reads here so she knows the shit SOM gets up to on tumblr and approves. But crying for sympathy about hate forums is easier than doing the bare minimum of cleaning up your social circle.

No. 1085290

she's not well liked in those circles anymore. she was notoriously difficult to work with when she was on that cosplay show and there was a lot of drama WAY back then with a lot of the other people strongly disliking her. she burnt a lot of bridges with the emmy thing too because she presented it like she did everything and was the driving force/main creative when she wasn't. then she scammed Samara's voice actress and lost credibility as being reliable. Not only that but the entire situation was so shitty on her part that she's looked down upon a lot by that community.

Honestly, I'm not sure if she actually could get a job in the field anymore. I think that's why she leans more on her Wizard's connections. She's had too many scandals in the costuming/prop making community.

Sometimes I wonder if she doesn't focus on the affair thing SO intensely to hide all the other really nasty things she's done like suicide baiting over and over again, scamming a cancer patient, claiming other people's work as her own, claiming other's accomplishments as hers and hers alone, being toxic and purposely starting drama in the cosplay community by spreading lies to turn people against each other, presenting herself as a mental health expert when she has no actual education or experience to reflect that, and offering really dangerous mental health advice to minor. Definitely seems to work to keep the focus on constantly talking about the affair.

No. 1085301

> purposely starting drama in the cosplay community by spreading lies to turn people against each other

Deets? I remember this having briefly being touched upon previously but I don’t remember it being talked about in detail and I am genuinely curious.

No. 1085311

Not the anon you're responding too but there is an archived link to Holly's pretty ugly little liars thread that covers her antics going as far back as 2010. I think some of the cosplay drama was mentioned there.

No. 1085332


I've been trying to COMB these threads because I know someone posted the archived version link of the PULL thread with holly's antics, the full page, not just the screenshot, but I can't find it and feel like I'm going insane

No. 1085343

Just seeing how manipulative she is in public, it must really burn her ass that Ross is more successful and independent than her and that she can't control what he does or says about the situation anymore.

No. 1085346

I remember reading that, but it wasn’t too much in depth and mostly related to HoC

No. 1085349


that's because the pull threads are a summary, the real commentary was happening at the time of HoC in one of the cosplay threads, is it /cos? I don't remember, that was where it was commented on as it was being broadcast

No. 1085434

Are you talking about this? https://web.archive.org/web/20190908001838/https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/12725-holly-conradcommanderholly/

If so, to save you time in the future anon, you don’t need the archive link to get to the archive if you have the original link. Just paste the original url into archive.org to find the previous snapshots. If this wasn’t the link you’re looking for, please ignore my dumbass.

No. 1085480


thank you, yes! that's it! I had tried to put the link directly once but it didn't work, I'm not great at archiving

the threads at the time were on /cgl/ and there are screenshots in the PULL thread, too

No. 1085632

File: 1605733610921.png (771.23 KB, 720x827, 1576114497116.png)

sage because OT but this is from another cow's thread and I swear to fuck I thought it was holly at first

No. 1085764

yeah it was all related to HoC when it was being broadcast, so I'm not entirely sure where you can find recaps. Some of it also happened on social media where a few of the girls alluded to one bad seed in the group that ruined the entire thing for them. Everyone knew it was Holly they were mentioning. Needless to say there's a reason why after that she slowly disappeared from that scene and has never even alluded to trying to find a job in that field or that she could get one. She knows she can't. It's always struck me as so weird that she only ever reees about how she lost her ability to make money via Wizards due to Heidi. It's like in the back of her mind she does actually acknowledge that her behavior when she WAS in that field burnt so many bridges that she can't even bring it up too much. She never even acknowledges all that drama anymore, even for her favorite thing in the world: pity points.

No. 1085859

That thread goes into interesting stuff I forgot about.

No. 1085870

There were a few weeks when I kept scrolling past that person's thread and always thought "Holly looks like shit, damn."

No. 1085873

>She never even acknowledges all that drama anymore, even for her favorite thing in the world: pity points.
Because it's pretty well documented that she was a pos at that time. And bringing attention to it might risk showing people that she's been a scumbag for almost a decade now.

No. 1085896

Exactly!! I will never feel bad for Holly. She dug her own grave. And when Heidi was begging them to stop, they gaslight her and made her the villain. She had to unroot her life and leave. Holly just laughed at a woman struggling from a broken marriage, that she caused.

No. 1085918


it’s crazy how in depth this summary is. i had no idea the scammed cancer survivor being mentioned was rana mcanear, or that the jessica girl from the older threads had scammed rana alongside holly and then went MIA the same way she did after getting backlash for trying to smear heidi’s name (alongside holly lmao)

also i know it’s such a nitpick but her bizarre hatred of blonde/redheaded women is so much funnier now knowing that not only did the character she got popular cosplaying get an update with red hair, but that the weirdo she’s obsessed over for god knows how long also has a very obvious preference for redheads

No. 1086049

true. and bioware has notoriously insane fans. she's still looked down upon in the fandom because people really like Rana. She's always been spoken about highly as just being super pleasant at cosplay events and very open to interacting with fans. It sucked that she got taken advantage of like that by a spoiled brat that STILL hasn't fully had to face any consequences because she has family money.

No. 1086168

File: 1605795121954.png (Spoiler Image,1.19 MB, 1052x1316, 1557511719791.png.f50e509f5bbb…)

Oh, I bet it gave Holly ideas all right, but not about the decor

(spoilered because it's nsfw art of striath)

No. 1086178


Imagine if all the sexy anime art of Striath portrayed them as actually looking like Hored. What a mood killer

No. 1086227

File: 1605800796040.jpg (Spoiler Image,418.91 KB, 940x668, 20-11-19-10-43-48-666_deco.jpg)

I had to delete again cause I forgot to spoiler, sorry farmhands.

No. 1086243


SadOldSimp in the corner is making me lol.

No. 1086258


The bird poop is sending me, excellent work anon

No. 1086279


I hope heidiofans sees that and cries that he wasn't in this edit because of how completely unimportant he is, even though he thinks himself so vital to the continuation of Striath.

No. 1086323


Every time I look at this picture I see something new. Love the phone opened up to Tinder!

No. 1086412


Please let this be the next thread pic

No. 1086453

Aw, shucks, anons. I knew it would be a missed opportunity not to put the phone in so I reuploaded it the first time just for that. My only regret is that I couldn't find a way to make Diath's hairline receded like Jared's.

No. 1086499

Jared's hairline and Holly's ratty-ass bun n bangs are all that's lacking to make this perfection.

No. 1086514

File: 1605826833847.jpg (32.26 KB, 593x163, jk to hc.jpg)

I didn't see this posted yet and wanted to add it for archive purposes. We sometimes make fun of Hored for Jared not supporting Holly. Here is a time when he actually did. It's likely in response to the recent emotional posts Holly made since the dates match up.
PS one vote for that not to be the thread pic because spoilered thread pics are annoying.

No. 1086517


No. 1086518

Is this where we're supposed to thank PedoDick for doing the bare minimum in making a grand total of 1 (one) tweet towards his new fuckbuddy while liking god knows how many tweets of cosplayers that eerily resemble his ex-wife?

No. 1086519

File: 1605827367200.png (457.26 KB, 590x377, Screenshot_54.png)

I won't look at the replies; Money says Hoelly stans like SadOld are just STEAMING and thinking that Ross is stealing nature from her.

No. 1086525

Not sure if this is directed at me since I posted the screenshot, but if so, I'm not a fan of any of the parties involved here and I'm watching for the trainwreck. IMO, Holly's breakdown, just like Heidi's emotional posts, are more appropriate to say to a close friend, family member, therapist, or partner. That's not the stuff that anyone should be posting on their twitter that's linked to their professional face. Jared's thirstposting is a pr nightmare even without factoring in the fan nudes and dick pics. Jared's consoling of Holly should be private also, with maybe them releasing the occasional photo of them presenting as a couple. But then they wouldn't have umpteen threads on lolcow.

No. 1086674

Wait, who is "blackmailing" her?

No. 1086838


No one is. I’m sure he’s just trying to amp up the drama in order to get more pity Twitch subs from it.

No. 1086842


I THINK the implication was that Heidi having the information of them cheating was her blackmailing Holly into silence about outting her as an abusive monster. Like, Heidi was "blackmailing" her into not calling her abusive publicly by holding the affair over her head. Which is hilarious because like she agreed to do it all discreetly until Jared went and blocked her and posted a statement without her input. But no, in their world she is a comic book supervillain who has an evil plan to expose the poor innocent Striath for their truwu love

Atleast that's the only thing I can think of that he would mean by blackmail

No. 1086877


Which makes Holly's "I had no choice" lie all the more hilarious.

Heidi: "I won't talk about your affair and agree to keep the divorce peaceful if you don't spread that lie that I abused Jared"

Holly spreads lie about Heidi being abusive

Heidi exposed affair

Holly is shocked by this betrayal

No. 1087008

File: 1605880198571.jpg (112.16 KB, 1291x370, Rosslikes.jpg)

This was one of Ross's likes. Knowing how petty Holly is I wouldn't be surprised if this was the reason why she started feeding sadoldmagician the lie that he was abusing her.

No. 1087013

Pretty sure holly, heidi and jared liked similar tweets too recently and got shit on for doing so..with the exception of heidi of course.

By literal definition she was blackmailed by heidi, there's no ifs or buts about it, if you state you can/will/would release information if someone does xyz, you're blackmailing them into silence/being obedient, period.

Considering holly dug her own grave, no one cares but you cannot deny that's exactly what happened. Otherwise, there could be a lot more going on that none of us know about because we know none of these people personally.

>in order to get more pity Twitch subs from it.
Looking over his stats, he seem to be getting subs just fine like every other twitch streamer who does virtually nothing to earn them.

No. 1087017

>until Jared went and blocked her and posted a statement without her input
lmao did Holly tell Jared to block Heidi?

No. 1087019

File: 1605881412730.jpg (635.93 KB, 1080x1783, KF.jpg)

Even kiwi farms, who were pretty forgiving of her up till now, are tired of her "woe is me crap".

No. 1087021

>"She was blackmailed by Heidi"
Oh get off of it - Someone saying "Don't spread slanderous lies about me being abusive" isn't blackmail, it's just asking them to be honest for once in their life.

They were doing some real mental gymnastics and emotional abuse towards Heidi and she finally snapped. Admittedly (by heidi herself!), she could've handled things differently - but a person can only take their husband's whore lying about them being abusive for so long before they start to swing back. Holly swung with lies, Heidi swung with evidence of Hoelly and PedoDick's lies.

No. 1087027


I wouldn’t put it past her.


Good on KF. Glad to see that others see past Hoelly’s and PedoDick’s BS.

No. 1087049


By that logic you could say Holly was blackmailing Heidi by being like "say anything and I will out you for being an evil abuser"

Lets all just agree that there was no blackmail, just three people who knew bad things about the others. Was heidi supposed to just forget the affair so she couldn't be accused of blackmail? There was no blackmail, just a showdown of information.

I know people like to think that Heidi was behind everything including the pedo stuff but all she did was say that Jared cheated on her. It's not her fault other people came out of the woodwork to share their experience with Jared. She was just lucky that everyone else took her lead and outted him

No. 1087069

But we know that it was Heidi who told Holly not to speak, not the other way round.

Just accept it was blackmail and stop trying to change the definitions of words.

No. 1087071

I mean, no one said it doesn't go both ways, it's still a form of blackmail. That's not being said to trivialize EITHER side of the coin, it's just explaining what jared could potentially be talking about that WE know of.

No. 1087072


Fine. Just feels weird calling it blackmail when it's literally someone being like "hey, please dont tell these lies about me to the public. If you do I'll have to tell the truth about what you did to me to defend myself" especially since Holly and Jared had a large platform that Heidi definently did not have. I'm sure she was scared, she lost her marriage, had to pick up everything and move, and had to live with the knowledge that at any time her husbands mistress could tweet her lunacy accusations about Heidi being a monster and send her large fanbase after her.

I guess I'm just having a hard time seeing Holly as the victim

No. 1087081


Yeah, it sounds more to me like the consequences of her shitty actions rather than blackmail. Just like Jared’s “cancellation.”

No. 1087101

>But we know that it was Heidi who told Holly not to speak, not the other way round

No, there is no evidence of this conversation ever taking place. Neither has actually claimed this, either.

"Blackmail" implies that Jared or Holly had a personal secret that was their own business to keep private. Calling this situation "blackmail" assumes that Heidi had no right to talk about her own experience that was incredibly devastating and life changing to her personally. You're basically making the claim that she OWED Jared and Holly her silence because it only pertained to them, and she was somehow wrong for sharing her own experience. But it wasn't their own private secret that didn't affect her. Holly and Jared were not entitled to her silence.

Jared and Holly explicitly framed this as "blackmail" because they feel entitled to do and say whatever they want with no consequences or retribution. They're using this word to insist on their victimhood. It's all a part of their campaign to control what info gets out, and how people talk about it. "We were blackmailed" is their mental gymnastics version of, "we should be the only ones allowed to speak".

No. 1087104

Exactly. The only way they could call it blackmail is if Heidi explicitly said something like "If you go public, I'll release the lewd messages between the two of you to the public" (All she's ever said about that has been "This happened" and not delved into specifics, unlike Hoelly who released the sexts between Jared and Heidi, mentioning sexual fantasies between them and Heidi's LDR)

No. 1087130


Thank you. I knew there was something just wrong about calling it blackmail.

No. 1087244

Blackmail is blackmail. If there's truth to Heidi saying something along the lines of "unless you do x I will do y" that's blackmail. Whether or not it's her right to tell the story, just because it's truthful that doesn't make telling someone else that you will do something based on their choices is hands down blackmail.

What's more interesting to me is the idea that somebody else blackmailed them/her, and maybe she didn't diarrhea her "side" of something else.

No. 1087251

There’s a difference between retaliation and blackmail. I’ve seen no proof of any “arrangement.” The most we have is Heidi trying to get Jared to talk to her.
In terms of releasing shit, Heidi retaliated to the claim that their split was amicable with the truth, the claim that it wasn’t cheating cuz poly with more context, and so on…
for it to be blackmail, she would have said “you better stop or ill release the n00dz” and this didn’t happen.

No. 1087265

That's not how blackmail works. It only has to be a threat of reciprocal action based on non-public information.

As an example: Heidi blackmailed Jared when she said she would ruin his career by releasing the information that he's a cheating piece of shit. She could have just gone public with it without the warning and it would not be blackmail or any other kind of manipulation. However, giving a threat with a qualification is blackmail.

Is she wrong for doing it? Heck no. Was it still blackmail. Yes, by definition. Does it matter that she did? Not really.

No. 1087316

File: 1605906087812.png (21.07 KB, 920x170, goross.png)


Well, for once I actually agree with something said on KF

Ross absolutely deserves to come out on top in this particular situation!

No. 1087336


No but it keeps every Striath fan's panties wet

No. 1087381

>same level of depressing and boring as Spoony

Haha, holy damn, that's a burn.

No. 1087386


He sure does, good for him. Hoelly must be seething.


Yes, PedoDick is showing some support here, but it sounds like something anyone would say to any of their friends. I would think there would be more, considering it’s towards his supposed girlfriend.

No. 1087436


This is literally just him trying to make her revert to backpedaling the second he noticed her on the cusp of coming to terms with the actual reality of her life. Classic avoidant behaviour where he neglects her for the most part and then when she shows any sign of disillusionment (shes super delusional to have come this far tho) he half asses some lies to feed her so she can scrounge some self pity enough to stay complacent in a shituation.
Classic avoidant anxious relationship which ends in the anxious becoming super bitter and the avoidant dying alone.
Also they were clearly sub-posting each other with that lame ass psuedo intellectual garbage about "we have been hurt, we need to heal" quotables on pastel backgrounds.
Youd think if lolcow and the ~internet~ was such a source of pain these clowns would get a damn diary
Also sorry if i saged wrong im so crap at this

No. 1087488

I legitimately think that's why Hored has been shit talking Ross lately. They hate that after all the crap Jared and Holly put him through Ross still came out happy and the most successful, while Holly, who admitted this herself, is miserable and struggling. Jared been losing subs and views as well and he admits that he's making less money now too. Even Heidi hasn't tweeted anything about her divorce and only seems focus on crafting and her cat and seems happier for it.

No. 1087519


Sorry if I sound like a dumbass, but is hored "jared and holly" "fans of jared and holly", or does it apply to both? It always confuses me what people mean when they say that & post context doesn't make it clear to me.

No. 1087534

Hored is Jared/Holly themselves; If someone means their fans, they typically say Hored Stans or something to that ilk.

No. 1087554

HOlly + jaRED.

It's like Bennifer, Brangelina or Destiel.

No. 1087574


Not to mention a HUGE hint: "you didn't do anything wrong"

because if she had… then it's another story. Holly "didn't do anything wrong"… to him

Jared is the one person I truly believe would be able to slap some reality into Holly. She is so deep in her delusion that she is "saving" a man who really, really doesn't need to be saved. He is fine. He is still thirsty, he's still got his platforms, he's still got his fans, and he still gets money, maybe a bit less than before, but enough to live by.

Jared never changed. But Holly is never going to realize that he depends on her to keep it that way. Two toxic, shitty people found each other and all they have are each other patting on the back saying they are victims of the world, while they ruined the relationships of those that cared for them.

And Jared will never, ever let her see that she really did choose poorly. Holly gives him buzzwords and mental health mantras to drown out the sliver of conscience he could have had. Jared gives his scraps of validation to a narcissistic, mentally ill woman who scorched the earth for him and nobody will touch her with a ten-foot pole online, all because they played a DnD game together.

No. 1087633

File: 1605935349702.jpg (301.08 KB, 1048x1217, Surprised kf.jpg)

The one thing that continues to shock me is that people are shocked that he hasn't changed. That leafyishere tweet should have been a big hint.

No. 1087656

That's just it (and fuck yall for making me agree with kf) - If Jared had just voted in a poll or something, nobody would be saying anything. The fact that he's going out of his way to make sexual jokes, to hit on women and tell them about the thirst? That says he hasn't learned a single thing from what happened and is just waiting for everyone to move on so he can go back to doing it again.

Hoelly went full scorched Earth and for what? A weird wormdick who may or may not be rubbing one out to nudes of minors that he abused his fame to solicit, fucking anything with a pulse that will hold still for five seconds, and condones her bird hording. You literally ruined any semblance of a career because you were….idk too cheap to go buy a good dildo. Jesus christ, that's depressing, Hoelly.

No. 1087711

So for him to be doing this so openly again, does this mean Jared and Holly have an open relationship? Considering how insecure Holly is that's a big if. Also this confirms that the Instagram post whining about sexual stuff was some bs, again.

No. 1087726

Found a bunch of alts on Twitter lol.

No. 1087730


Well, let’s see them!

No. 1087732

mine never shows that kinda stuff. just shows the exact things i 'like' and favorite on insta. it shows you what you look at and like, so its not surprising jareds looks the way it does

No. 1087745

File: 1605954579667.jpg (489.54 KB, 1054x1364, Galvin Whitealt.jpg)

There was a short Twitter thread where people were discussing cancel culture and someone casually brought up ProJared and this alt came out of nowhere defending him.

No. 1087746

File: 1605954907339.jpg (410.36 KB, 1048x1625, Galvin White alt.jpg)

People accused it of being Jared's throwaway but I think it's Galvin White again because this account was created the around the time he became inactive, about a month ago. And he uses the same language Galvin White used from that tweet Jared liked.

No. 1087750

File: 1605955609206.jpg (418.13 KB, 1035x1339, Noticed 2.jpg)

This hasn't gone unnoticed either. As this guy noticed it too. There's another one that of course retweets sadoldmagician.

No. 1087780

I don’t think Holly would actually be comfortable with an open relationship but she has painted herself into a corner. Jared has openly stated that he considers polyamory to be part of his sexual identity and they’ve called Heidi abusive for not being 100% supportive of this, so what is Holly going to do? If she tells Jared that she’s not okay with him waving his dick at other women she’s being just as “abusive” as Heidi was.

No. 1087787

File: 1605963023070.jpg (97.48 KB, 592x888, 410d9d6ad4ddf3235f73707394bd5e…)

Advice for Holly, for when she lurks here

No. 1087791


I guess polyamory is alot easier to swallow when you're the other woman outside of the relationship. Once he is all yours you gotta be the Heidi, so let's see how it goes when the new Hoelly arrives and starts pushing her boundaries.

It's one thing to be okay with his totally unique LGBTQ+ identity of polyamory, but its another when he is publicly thirsting after hot cosplay/twitch girls, especially when she is going through a crisis with her birds. That's just embarrassing, he is straight up humiliating her but she doesn't care because he is Diath uwu

No. 1087836

File: 1605967934634.jpg (431.43 KB, 1027x1096, 5487.jpg)

I'm confused, wasn't she just begging her fans for money because she couldn't afford her birds? But the next day she's taking in more birds? Has the money situation been solved?

No. 1087846


Pretty sure she's just an animal hoarder.

No. 1087870

The bird hoarding thing is just indicative of her complete lack of boundaries or priorities.

She literally waddles around parking lots trying to catch random injured pigeons. These are not domesticated animals, they are not pets, and they have nothing to give back to a caretaker or to the world at large. They aren't suited for adopting out or releasing back into the wild. They're the bottom of the food chain, prey animals that would die if nature ran its course. But Holly insists on collecting them to "save" them from the natural cycle of life.

Then they live the rest of their useless lives as a drain on her resources. The pigeons don't even like her, they fear her (she has made jokes about how she's a "big kaiju" who stomps into the coop to clean it, which terrifies them). I'm sure she "cares" about them in the sense that it hurts her bleeding heart to see an injured pigeon hopping around, but there are literally too many to even have names or distinct personalities. Being a "rescuer" is a part of her identity and reputation, but it's debatable of it's actually helpful to anyone. She takes good care of them, but what's the point? So they can live a little longer in captivity? It's more of a feel-good vanity project than it is reasonable… so of course she's completely dedicated to it and prioritizes it over everything else in her life, including getting a job or producing anything.

No. 1087878


if only five days ago she was struggling so hard financially and was concerned for her birds’ well-being, then what could have possibly happened between then and now where her birds are all fine again and she suddenly has room for another one?

i’m guessing her emotionally manipulative twitter sperg for pin sales worked and now she can backpedal and act like she wasn’t implying her birds were dying less than a week ago. once a scammer always a scammer

No. 1087884

Did Heidi provide evidence of Hored’s infidelity outside of her own testimony? I went digging, but couldn’t find screens of anything besides her own words. Legitimately want to see that evidence if it’s out there.

No. 1087888


Oh yeah, that definitely sounds like Gavin White to me. Seems like he’s got a few alts to harass anyone who dares to say anything bad about PedoDick. I saw him say something about how he fights so hard for Jared because he had something similar happen to him, and I just roll my eyes.


I thought the same thing. She was crying about money so hard, but she’s able to take in another bird that will potentially drain her of more money? Makes me think that her money problems weren’t as bad as she’d been making them out to be.


The fan who came out to say that Jared fucked her and left her, supposedly sent screenshots/proof to Heidi. Being as Heidi was going through the divorce process, she was smart enough not to put that out there. So there is stuff that isn’t out there on the internet. Same with the stuff that Heidi pulled from Jared’s old phone.

No. 1087890

Birds are not that expensive to keep/care for just like many "Rescue" dog/cats. When did she beg for money though (legit curious since her tweet storms pushes things out so quickly)? I know she mentioned her income was down and things are tight, but I'd sooner believe holly than most "big name personalities" telling you to go their patreon /onlyfans because youtube is paying them $13k instead of $13.5k because a few vids get demonetized.

Probably not. Just words we have to believe from Heidi but no one else.

No. 1087894

File: 1605975707040.jpg (131.52 KB, 1022x410, Beggin.jpg)


What were you saying about birds not being expensive?

No. 1087895


i’m pretty sure she either still has a case open against them or she’s unable to post them for legal reasons. i remember people nagged heidi to post the private messages a lot when this all started but seemed to forget she was in the middle of a divorce process where she had to provide proof that there was infidelity involved, so she’s probably not gonna be able to share those messages

she did post a shit ton of messages between her, her best friend, holly and also messages she had with her counsellor a few threads back that definitely give a better insight into the situation though

No. 1087898

This whole post is wrong. Congrats newfag.

She's such an idiot. She deserves all of this.

No. 1087900

No. 1087901


She has an image to maintain, she just doesn't want to pay her own money to do it.

No. 1087906


You’ve obviously never had pets.

And Heidi ended up getting alimony, to the chagrin of Jared’s defenders, so that ought to tell you something.

No. 1087907

I’m reluctant to refer to that fan encounter as a good example because after Jared apologized to her and sent her screens, she ended up defending his case.

I agree, there are hundreds of messages out there that we will probably never see, which is fine. I was just wondering if anon knew something I didn’t.

No. 1087908

Washington law, it's illegal to share someone's texts or conversations like that without the consent of at least one involved member. Holly could share all her cherry-picked garbage because it was between Heidi and Jared, the latter of whom consented, but Heidi obviously wouldn't be able to get consent from either Jared or Holly to release those texts publically.
In a divorce case though, that's fair game.

No. 1087909

I think the rule in Washington is one year alimony per 3 years of marriage for all cases. Now, if Heidi keeps getting cash long-term, that might be something interesting.

No. 1087928


Her smug faced profile pic is killing me with this text.

And why do anons always show up to rehash unfunny bullshit about Heidi whenever Holly's drama is getting good? I just want to laugh at Holly's crazy ass, I don't care about Heidi

No. 1087944

Heidi's cat Aries has been a bit unwell lately and she had vets bills but didn't ask for donations just put up prints of Aries on her store and didn't try to guilt trip her followers like Hoelly

No. 1087958

File: 1605981338820.jpeg (143.83 KB, 750x822, 0BA0C3C6-A0B1-489A-AA19-0D6C9C…)

Kinda looks like she did ask for donations tho?

No. 1087964

She did, but its heidi, so we have to ignore things like that.
(Ko-fi is literally a donation platform.)

No. 1087970

Not as manipulative as hoelly though she hasn't really complained about major lack of funds she works to put items on her store and makes shit to sell the hag witch begs straight off and pours on the guilt. Heidi is on a lone income. Hoelly has Pedodick to pick up some financial slack.

No. 1087971


it’s funny that even in the eyes of the law jared absolutely cheated while he was married to heidi, i don’t doubt for a second that he tried to use the “b-but we were poly!” excuse during the divorce process as well but whatever evidence heidi had in texts, photos etc proved that it was bullshit, she wouldn’t have gotten alimony if he was the innocent party out of the two of them

but his whiteknights would probably rather accuse the legal system of being gaslighting abusers than admit holly and jared are liars


i truly believe it’s the same anon over and over again pretending to be unbiased but subtly pulling a “but heidi!!1” after almost every post in this specific thread lmao

No. 1087985

In Washington, alimony is awarded to the spouse with the greatest need (ie the unemployed spouse in a single income household). As far as I can tell, it’s impossible to determine whether Heidi is receiving payment to help her maintain her standard of living, which is the norm in WA, or if the payments are a form of reparation.

No. 1087988

File: 1605983576322.jpeg (332.58 KB, 750x869, D9217738-1D88-472D-A6B3-2692A5…)

interesting that she’s started publicly throwing jabs at ross not long after her whiteknight got called out here for doing the exact same thing. it seems like she’s been encouraging the narrative that he was abusive behind the scenes like we’ve been speculating

No. 1087995


Not to sound too much like a stan, but if her idea of an abusive partner is someone who took part in her bullshit ego projects like HoC, helped shield her from the drama that followed, put up enough with her narcissistic bullshit to marry her, then helped rebuild her image by getting her involved in his projects, then sign me the hell up for getting abused by Ross.

The fact that he stayed neutral when he could have tried to go scorched earth after she cheated on him with Spoony Jr and didn't tells you everything about the reality of their situation.

No. 1087999

>The fact that he stayed neutral

Just like when Jontron stayed neutral when people tried to drag him into it. It doesn't say anything other than he didn't want to be dragged into drama whether he has skeletons or not.

No. 1088003


Exactly. Hoelly cried on Twitter about her birds and put out a link to buying her stuff, imploring people to help her out, while Heidi is more like, hey if you want to help cool, if not I’ll still take care of my pet anyway. Considering Hoelly keeps on taking on pets that need help/medical assistance it smells kind of scammy to me.

No. 1088011

File: 1605985263793.jpeg (310.75 KB, 2048x764, A535C186-683F-48E9-BF86-78B39C…)

sorry for samefag and bad cropping, but gavin white is still lurking through the projared tag and pestering people, fucking hilarious that he’s calling them nobodies as if he isn’t

nothing says “i’m a somebody” quite like spending every single day butting into conversations amongst random twitter users to bully and harass them on behalf of two people who don’t give a shit about you

he’s also in another thread agreeing with people calling heidi crazy and talking about how he wants a psychologist to review the livestream she did a while back, he’s an absolute loser

No. 1088018


Fun fact: bringing a new bird into an existing flock that already has issues with illness, specifically an injured one that hasn't received any kind of vet care yet, is just ASKING for disaster. You'd think someone who claims to love birds would know that.

No. 1088025

People kept quiet when she made the allegations about Heidi since she wasn't as well known, but Ross has a pretty dedicated fanbase through GameGrumps, so I'd LOVE to watch that blow up in her face when she tries to attack her relatively well-loved ex.

No. 1088032


Yikes. Maybe he’s the one that needs a psychiatrist. He should really be careful, Heidi could probably get him for libel or slander with the way he throws around things like she’s crazy and she’s psychotic.

No. 1088041

File: 1605987107697.jpeg (385.59 KB, 750x928, 9C59F486-CB4D-436D-AFF5-9C29D2…)


i’ll post it here for the sake of archiving. he admits he knows nothing about “psych stuff” yet happily feeds into the narrative that heidi is some unhinged bipolar abuser

but holly spergs on twitter about how online gossip forums are trying to kill her birds or has a meltdown over clown emojis and it’s radio silence from her stans

No. 1088045

File: 1605987260775.png (59.92 KB, 534x590, fruityass21.png)


idk who @fruityass21 is, but they're on a roll today!

No. 1088050

File: 1605987545784.png (61.77 KB, 470x540, 11-24-2019.png)


I love how this one's getting all riled up & running a whole thread of tweets responding to a tweet from a year ago.

No. 1088053

File: 1605987790695.png (17.49 KB, 484x236, onlyjaredwasaoosed.png)


"Only I can tell who was abused & who isn't!"

No. 1088057

File: 1605987996307.png (12.19 KB, 476x160, thanksmom.png)


…But of course Jared's audience is strictly 18+!!!

(I was wondering why this person had been on Twitter since 2009, yet writes like a tragically naïve 14-year old…

No. 1088059

File: 1605988107716.png (54.34 KB, 938x404, pjfangurl.png)


Hey kid, that was the point. Congrats for falling for it hook, line, & sinker.

No. 1088060

File: 1605988314087.png (54.13 KB, 484x566, heymom.png)


Hey, mom of 'Crazel', it's time to either take your account back or delete it, because your kid is using it to harass someone!

No. 1088066

File: 1605988703319.png (33.5 KB, 564x496, onamission.png)


Your child's obsession with this man is beyond concerning

No. 1088067

File: 1605988724416.png (32.98 KB, 566x452, onamission1.png)


Seriously, this is not healthy

No. 1088073

Good god, who the fuck tries to gatekeep discussions of abuse quite like Hoelly and her stans? "Well you can talk about it, but only when WE say you can and only in ways that WE approve of!".

No. 1088076

I blocked them, but they went through a good years worth of my tweets to like a few that I made against Hoelly when the drama was still juicy and fresh. This is the only reason I want kids to go back to in-person learning, so 14 year olds like this are forced off of the internet and back into the real world.

No. 1088082


Are we sure "my mom let me use this account" isn't a joke? Everything about this user and their tweets is absolutely garbage, but that looked like "omg I'm so quirky and funny I'm pretending to take over my mom's account lol" (which is also abusively garbage, don't get me wrong)

No. 1088090


they literally described holly in that first tweet, if this is actually a child they need their internet shut off

worse yet, they’ve used the projared tag multiple times in these rants and yet none of the orbiters who lurk the tag have said anything about it, just fuelled it

as long as they can spin their narrative they’d turn a blind eye to a possible kid becoming unhealthily obsessed with two creeps in their thirties

No. 1088101

Wait he considers polyamory to be part of his sexual identity? When did he say this? Genuinely curious.

No. 1088107

File: 1605991270965.png (242.98 KB, 478x514, SOWHOLSOME.png)


Their tweets prior to >>1088057 are about multiple subjects, then once 'Crazel' supposedly took over it's been nothing but Hored vs Heidi crap.

No. 1088108

That fruityass person writes like a child or at least an adult with developmental issues. Either way someone needs to step in cause their obsession with Jared and replying to year old tweets is concerning.

No. 1088117



Seriously, cheating-crap aside, the man was exposed for having parasocial relationships with his fans.

Sadly, I think their probably a teen, because their tweets seem to fluctuate with intensity.

No. 1088118

yeah i think they're a kid

No. 1088122



No. 1088127


…And yet I keep seeing teenagers go after Heidi on Jared or Holly's behalf…

No. 1088131

File: 1605992576563.jpg (325.92 KB, 1017x1400, Unhinged .jpg)

I don't get why Galvin White locks his main account to create another doing the same thing that got him hated in the first place, harassing strangers who don't like Jared. Well Jared liked one of his tweets so clearly he approves of this toxic behavior.

No. 1088134


lmao dude actually went 'private'?
What the fuck did he expect after writing all that inflammatory shit???

No. 1088151

File: 1605993717497.jpg (187.15 KB, 1024x1031, GW.jpg)

Sure did, just to run to his alt

No. 1088153

On the topic of Jared's supposed "18+ audience" - wasn't he a guest in some nickelodeon show once? I think I remember it being mentioned at the start of the drama

No. 1088154

>i truly believe it’s the same anon over and over again pretending to be unbiased but subtly pulling a “but heidi!!1” after almost every post in this specific thread
Oh absolutely, it's always the same format. "But Heidi/it's Heidi so…" and a halfhearted criticism of Holly sometimes to throw off the scent. They've been here to derail every thread. They've been consistently asshurt that other anons don't care enough to talk about Heidi as much as them.

No. 1088157

Yep. His hardcore stans claim it doesn't matter though - him only playing older video games clearly only attracts adult fans, fuck all of that "clearly aimed at younger audience" shit he's also doing, I guess.

No. 1088170

File: 1605995621241.png (173.75 KB, 1040x668, fruitytruthblog.png)

This user seems to just be vomiting the shit Jared/Holly stans posted a year ago. Like, they link the "truth blog", a tumblr that hasn't been updated since sept 2019 and not the bullshit blogs of sadoldmagician/heidiofans or something actually recent.

No. 1088182

File: 1605996507499.jpg (290.88 KB, 540x1895, Throwback.jpg)


I think he tried to use "this is my identify now" as an uno reverse when Heidi asked to close the relationship. That way suddenly Heidi was the abuser for making him change who he was and go against his sexual identity

This is also why I guarantee an open relationship was his deal with Holly. He seems too attached to the idea to let it go, and she is too attached to him to deny him any thing he wants.

No. 1088185


They sure sound like it, yeeesh. But hey, remember that Jared’s content only draws 18+ viewers, everyone! /s

Whoever that kid is, they’re going to end up getting their account shut down due to harassment.

No. 1088191


Holly didnt just ask for donations for her birds like Heidi did. If she did I wouldn't care like I dont care with Heidi, it's normal for people to ask for that. My problem is that she brought up the drama yet again for more sympathy points.

There is a big difference "hey my pet has an expensive vet bill so here is a dono link or a link to my business if you wanna help out" and "MY PETS ARE DYING AND MY LIFE HAS BEEN TERRIBLE SINCE THE DRAMA. PEOPLE THREATENDED THAT THEY WOULD KILL MY BIRDS AND NOW THEY ARE DYING. PLEASE GIVE ME MONEY" especially when less than a week later she is posting about her new bird

Besides, heidi has long since quit the influencer game and is focused on her small business and is living on a single small income, I believe her when she says she needs money for an unexpected bill. I have a hard time believing a moderately successful influencer who has a patreon, store, AND active twitch chat/donos needs help with a vet, especially since she lives with another moderately successful influencer (who is currently lamenting that he couldn't drop hundreds on a new console…)

I've said it before and I'll say it again: whenever Hored are lamenting about their finances it's because they cant live the same bougie lifestyle they used to. They are fine financially, they aren't losing their house or anything anytime soon. But now they cant go out to dinner every night and buy expensive niche witch decor and get expensive coffee at niche indie coffee shops three times a day, boo hoo :(

No. 1088211

File: 1605999197281.png (1.34 MB, 640x1136, C664ABCA-08BF-4593-A39B-55E6A4…)

Fucking seriously

No. 1088218

This is a 30-something adult man asking for simp-style gifts. I would feel way less negatively if he asked for game suggestions that he hasn't yet shown with a place to submit suggestions but also offered a PO box where people could send him things. This entire trio is just the picture of unprofessional. They're a slideshow of everything not to do as a public figure or business owner.
Also, is he asking for stuff because Holly recently begged and got what she wanted and he saw that and wants it for himself, or is there a bit of financial difficulty in the Hored household?

No. 1088226

Saying Jared reminds them of Rose Quartz is hilarious since most of the SU fan base thinks of her as a selfish abuser that seemed to have good intentions but only did what she did to fulfil her own curiosity.

This. Holly comes off as those munchies that are always asking for donations for their medical bills and then they show off their haul of expensive rare collectors items. It's even worse since she has the means to have a more viable income but she keeps ruining her own chances by making most of her streams pity parties and doesn't do anything interesting.

No. 1088237


comparing jared to rose quartz is a hideous offence to her character

No. 1088241


I get the feeling that Jared doesn't financially contribute to the household, she just spoils him rotten

No. 1088243

>>Besides, heidi has long since quit the influencer game and is focused on her small business and is living on a single small income, I believe her when she says she needs money for an unexpected bill
>talking about Heidi being poor like it's a good thing

No. 1088246


I dont think it's a good thing she is poor. I saying that because of her financial situation I think that her asking for money for a vet bill is alot more justified than Holly doing so, which is why I wont condemn her like I did Hoelly

No. 1088380

I feel a lot of empathy for Heidi so I have a bias towards supporting her trying to work through trauma via twitter but she REALLY needs to find a healthy outlet because the comfort from venting is very fleeting. The people who criticize her here aren’t always wrong to-but unfortunately they have been childish about it and super reactive so they don’t end up making any good points or adding anything valuable.

I’m not gonna pretend like I find Holly likeable but she clearly has this need to feel “wanted” and to “fix” things. Birds, people, probably friends too. She clearly sees herself as a super good person and a helpless victim when facing consequences. She doesn’t see her actions as anything but good intentions, like other anons said.

Could be the issue with Ross, he didn’t need her even though he loved her. Maybe they were toxic to each other. My only impression of Ross comes from when he joins Vinny’s streams, so who knows.

> My problem is that she brought up the drama yet again for more sympathy points.

Even despite the money between both her and Jared if she was pushing for people to buy pins or whatever for a less important reason or just because she enjoys creating that’s respectable. Shame the self-pity has been working in her favour.

Good luck to her birds, regardless.

No. 1088381


He can’t just go back to that game store where he bought all those other retro games? He seems to be okay on money so it shouldn’t be a problem.

No. 1088439

I've said it before, I'll say it again - Creators, specifically those who have established careers with MAJOR corporations (or did before he whipped his dick out), bumming games off of fans? Fucking disgusting behavior; It's abusing his fame for free games that he could easily buy elsewhere and is only slightly less gross than abusing his fame for nudes.

No. 1088440

>"could be the issue with Ross, he didn't need her even though he loved her"

Their marriage dissolved when Hoelly decided she needed to chase wormdick to Washington - not because Ross wasn't willing to do what makes it work (A dude who spends weeks, if not months, after his divorce crashing on friend's couches doesn't much seem like a guy who WANTED his marriage to be over). Also, he's repeatedly asked to be left alone and left out of this - what is your weird fascination with dragging him back down and into Hoelly's self-induced shitshow?

No. 1088442



I guess Heidi's games really were mainly props for him.

No. 1088444

File: 1606017520953.jpg (256.07 KB, 720x807, Screenshot_20201121-225613_Chr…)

there is a difference between just liking sexy cosplayer pictures and replying to one saying they are your thirst follow lmao

No. 1088447


Seriously. Don’t forget his whole “Oh I don’t know how all these thirst pictures showed up in my IG feed!” He can just cut the crap, we know he’s back into the habits he was into before. But nice try of him to pretend otherwise.

No. 1088467

isn't that Cole Sprouse's ex too? kek

No. 1088500

when cows collide

No. 1088505

Oh what a bullshit excuse. Even your friends on kiwi farms aren't buying that one anymore.

No. 1088510

File: 1606025898805.jpg (95.09 KB, 1037x384, Sadoldbitch.jpg)

Oh please. If you want the drama to be over cus it happened so long ago then why did you go out of your way to follow a blog made a year after the drama happened? And why do you continue to shit talk Holly and Jared's exes? If you cared that much you wouldn't answer any asks about the drama but you continue to do so because out of all the asks on your blog it's ones about the drama that get the most likes on your empty blog.

No. 1088511

Motherf literally started his tumblr blog to get his business up into the drama.

Guess super-besties Hored are realizing he's doing them more harm than good and are pressuring him to stop.

No. 1088519


>If you cared that much you wouldn't answer any asks about the drama but you continue to do so because out of all the asks on your blog it's ones about the drama that get the most likes on your empty blog.

Fuck I just noticed! Sadoldmagician, a guy who dedicated his life to Jared/Holly to an extent that he's "friends" with them, gets less attention on his "I'm Projared's friend ask me questions" blog than heidiofans, a literal nobody with no connections (that I've noticed) to any of them. How sad is sadold that he's getting outdone by some no name dickhead nobody knows or cares about outside of that blog? This is hilarious.

No. 1088541

I don’t think anon was criticising Ross, but saying that Holly probably lost interest in him because he’s not a sickly bird(-like man) who needs to be rescued by her. That’s not a fault on his part. Holly wants to be the underdog hero protagonist in her own life story and a stable, loving relationship doesn’t really fit into that. Her relationship with Jared gives her a villain (Heidi) and the “us against the world” kind of drama that she craves, which is why she keeps dragging it up whenever it starts to die down.

No. 1088543

File: 1606032232185.jpeg (66.21 KB, 850x827, 389CEE6D-9C98-4264-A51F-F608A9…)


A lot of people don’t want to be talked about or have their lives poked at on LC. Even you are not leaving him out of it, posting about him and then saying he asked not to be involved in the same post.

What I meant was he wasn’t a “project” Holly could take on which wasn’t a dig that he didn’t measure up somehow. She didn’t feel important as “Ross’ wife” or whatever her excuse was for chasing the high of getting attention from an ugly, lanky nerd during a literal game that spilled from fantasy into a fucked-up real life situation. Instead of communicating properly, acting appropriately (or any other mature options one would expect from a thirty-whatever year old woman in a marriage) she decided to cheat, manipulate, lie, omit facts, and the list goes on.

Ross is a grown ass man, I’m sure he can handle being mentioned occasionally especially when SadOld can’t resist implying he knows something bad about “the punk” to prove he isn’t actually just a weird fan with a VIP hiking pass from Hored but TRULY a close friend who is confided in.

No. 1088569

>"Fuckin why does anyone care anymore"

Maybe because the one you're simping for brings it up every time she faces a negative consequence to her actions. Maybe because, over a year later, you're now trying to slander Ross to make him out to be abusive when even Hoelly herself had admitted to being abusive in the past.

No. 1088612


Sage for pointless context, but GameCube games have become much rarer on the market and thus more expensive as of late, so he's likely begging because of that. Heidi seems like the type who would have had a solid GameCube collection, so could have been one of the few sections that got wrecked when she got her collection back.

No. 1088637

There is legitimately NO EXCUSE for this. Asking fans for their games because he is either (A) too lazy to look for them himself or (B) too cheap to shell out the cash for them is just pathetic and ridiculous. Jared is the one with the industry connections who chose to make old, harder-to-find-anymore games his career. The responsibility for sourcing and paying for said games is on him - not on his fans.

No. 1088640

sage for random thought I remembered, didn't Holly mention that her bird obsession started because her grandpa used to take her birdwatching in the forest? I am pretty sure I read this from her, probably in a tumblr or an interview

makes sense why she chose birds then, trying to fix up the few good memories she had of her childhood and her grandpa lol

No. 1088653


"I just want to point out that the people who accused me are E-Begging! - don't you guys think that's pretty sus???"

1 year later

"Hey guys, can you send me some games, pls?"

No. 1088671


-Makes Tumblr blog to keep talking about the drama, specifically to talk shit about Hored’s exes.
-Gets mad when people continue to talk about the drama.

Oookay, SadOldSimp.


Yeah, this is just gross and pathetic. I don’t care how expensive GameCube games are now, don’t go begging your fans for them.

No. 1088679

Are you retarded, anon? I dislike Holly, but that's kind of sad.

No. 1088686


I don't think it's sad anon, she had good moments with her grandpa, but it explains her bird obsession. It also explains her weird savior complex on animals she clearly can't afford to take care of properly which isn't only harming the birds, but stressing herself out too

Instead of keeping things under control and caring for birds she can budget for and give them space she's just hoarding them and then begging for money. She's 1 person not a bird society, she doesn't have the space nor the money nor the equipment to be a bird rescue

Fixing birds won't fix her problems anon, no need to feel sad about it

No. 1088687

What a surprise, Simp is also incapable of taking responsibility for his actions. All he had to say was, "It was inappropriate for me to talk about Holly and Jared. I wouldn't be doing that anymore." Instead he throws a tantrum and blames everyone else. No wonder he fits in with Hored.

No. 1088688


It's so funny because like this is the only place people talk about it. The tumblr community for it is just a blog where they whine about what we say here. If he wanted to avoid the drama all he would have to do is stop compulsively checking this thread. Or does he think throwing a tantrum in the comments of a blog dedicated to us will make us stop?

No. 1088695

>says Ross and an "abuser" deserve each other
>people ask why
>"No answer I give will be good enough. I'm not trying to invite harassment. You all put me in this position by asking"

Ffs dude just shut up. He constantly stirs the pot and gets upset when people respond to it. He literally doesn't want a conversation, he wants to show off his "inside knowledge" and "right opinions" for attention, but no one is allowed to question him. His control issues fit right in with Hored's.

No. 1088986

File: 1606082391807.jpeg (168.55 KB, 828x909, B67F88B6-6E2B-4FD2-8506-61772E…)

“I don’t know how I keep running into all these tweets that mention ProJared, my Twitter defaults to the search bar.”

Suuuuuure, Gavin White. Trying to pull the Boomer excuse.

No. 1088989

Yeah, it probably DOES default to that, if that's the only thing he ever searches for. That right there tells you that the only thing he ever looks up on twitter is ProPedo.

No. 1089040

File: 1606086547139.jpeg (169.01 KB, 750x790, 7660C105-09DB-4A83-8A8B-6BA328…)


the full version is even funnier, this was in response to the user further up the thread who called him and the other throwaway accounts out for lurking the projared tag. this dude cowers away the minute he gets the same level of aggression directed back at him and tries to desperately backpedal, just like his best friends holly and jared

No. 1089065

File: 1606089257649.jpeg (351.18 KB, 828x1223, 526B026C-380A-4669-AF73-4C1BF9…)

People are actually donating games to him? Wow, WTF.

No. 1089071

I mean why not? People constantly donate to other youtubers/twitch people (who don't need things as they get plenty of money from said platform) so it's really not that surprising he still has simps.

No. 1089092

And that's why he keeps doing what he does - He KNOWS his fanbase is gullible or just plain dumb enough to think they're doing a kind, generous thing while he sits back and laughs at the fact he's ripping his fans of for what probably amounts to a couple hundred dollars worth of games. Hoelly Conartist and Jared Knabenbroke strike again.

No. 1089095

Goes to show you how how dense his remaining fandom is. DS and GameCube are considered Retro now and will be even more valuable years later. I understand gifting your favorite content creator something to say thank you or to review it to create more content that way both parties something out of it, but Jared is so inactive that it'll just sit on the shelf collecting dust. Either way very telling that he's more interested in e-begging for video games instead of using his platform to ask his fans to donate funds to his girlfriend's vet bills. #priorities

No. 1089096

It's just a gross abuse of his e-celeb status (and before the stans come for me, I'd say the same thing about anyone else in a similar financial position as Jared). If you CAN afford the games, look 'em up and buy them your damned self; Don't ask your fans to not only send them to you, but to have to also pay the cost to ship them to you.

THIS right here is why I tend to think more of his collection belonged to Heidi than the stans want to admit, if dude is hardcore begging fans for their free leftovers. Then again, looking at his choice in things like women and games, leftovers just might be what he prefers.

No. 1089097

File: 1606091313252.png (393.66 KB, 666x1003, Capture48.PNG)

He has a (presumably) complete version of one of the most expensive DS games. I can understand a collector not wanting to part with something like that but if volume really is the goal he could get like 5 or 6 ds games selling that
sorry for deleting and reposting accidently selected the wrong snip

No. 1089101

That's just it - If he was truly that worried about completing his DS or GameCube collection, he could easily sell off other games he no longer wants/needs/plans on playing/etc. Instead, he's bumming them off of fans who presumably only make a fraction of the income that Jared makes. It's fucking wild that his hardcore stans see nothing wrong with that.

No. 1089105

Why is he using his platform to beg for games instead of asking his fans to donate to Holly for her vet bills?

No. 1089107

Because he cares more about objects that will sit unused on his shelf, and the big game collector reputation it gives him, than he does about the human or animals he lives with.

No. 1089109

Because (A) he doesn't really give a fuck about Hoelly or her horde of trash birds, and (B) Jared is a self-centered twat who is only concerned with his wants - but also (C) Hoelly is banked by her grandpa's disney cash. She's not as hard up as she claims to be, it's just a convenient way for her to bring up the drama for sympathy points.

No. 1089125


It really is. Just using his fans as usual, I shouldn’t be surprised by now.

I also believe that it’s pretty likely that Heidi owned more of the collection than what was presented.

No. 1089140

File: 1606095290310.png (22.2 KB, 202x355, Screenshot_66.png)

Not only is SadOldSimp modding for ProDick these days, but he's also apparently modding (or holding a higher rank? idk) for Hoelly Conartist too. Apparently him publicly slandering her ex is paying off with Hoelly.

No. 1089149

File: 1606096484274.jpeg (87.91 KB, 750x474, A4E50122-25EA-4F9A-B6C2-386B33…)

Heidi indicated that his collection was largely separate from hers.

No. 1089150


Scarletmoth is the "anonymous" source that told petitiondan about Ross being the real abusive one and who talked about how even though she is ace Jared talked her into sending him nudes. Kinda funny that Hoelly still has her clinging on, you'd think she would be intimidated by a more attractive woman who has sent nudes to her boy toy before

No. 1089196


The sad part is that he'll never review any of these…

No. 1089197


You reap what you sow, bitch.

No. 1089203

File: 1606101129183.jpg (115.17 KB, 1026x542, Kfbb.jpg)

Hored in a nutshell

No. 1089214

Jared is the same person who condemned Charlie and Chai for e-begging but when he does it for dumb shit like video games it's a ok.

No. 1089224

You forget, Anon, that these are the same people who accused Heidi of initially coming forward for some kind of profit, but saw nothing wrong with Hored selling those bs "cancelled" shirts less than a year later.

"Standards are for thee, not for me" -Hored, probably

No. 1089269

He can get fucked for his hypocrisy, but despite some being rare (maybe even holding sentimental value for the person gifting the games) it just seems incredibly the norm. Gamers love sending games to YouTubers, YouTubers in general use their fans for their own gain on the daily.

Am I annoyed he’s getting things he wants so easily? Yeah, it’s irritating.
Is it an abuse of power? Maybe, but it would mean every person who’s fanbase contributes financially or sends gifts because of parasocial relationships could be viewed the same light. If the only reason it’s wrong for him to ask for games is because he’s a disgusting, creepy abuser-I 100% fully support everyone being pissed off about it.

Yeah, even despite him outright asking people instead of just getting them every now and then it’s because he said “games they don’t want anymore” which makes the difference here to me. There’s no emotional breakdown before it, and it’s not disgusting or taking advantage of anyone like how he was soliciting sex/nudes.

Other anons are right for saying he should have tried to buy the games himself first because he most-likely has connections he could use along with his own finances available to do so, but putting it out there is always worth a try. The whole “Asking your neighbour for a cup of sugar” thing, if you will.

No. 1089274

The difference here is that he and his stans regularly attack those he disagrees with for asking for a cup of sugar while he regularly asks for a quart, y'know? Jared doesn't get to tear people apart for asking for donations and then turn around and ask for them himself, like it's somehow only okay when he does it.

No. 1089275

Now that the divorce is done, can't Heidi finally release those texts/conversations she was alluding to between Whorey and Propeen? Or is there suspicion she signed an nda? If not, finally releasing that proof would be amazing to see.

What a privileged fuck.

No. 1089276

Nope, because those texts are still protected by privacy laws. She would need the permission of a party directly involved in the texts - so either Holly or Jared, and we all know THAT is never going to happen (at least not until PedoDick leaves Hoelly and she goes FULL bunny-in-a-pot crazy). The only reason Holly could release the ones between Jared and Heidi was because she could claim jared gave her permission.

No. 1089279

File: 1606113249572.jpg (193.17 KB, 1021x835, Hi som.jpg)

lol hi sadoldmagician. This anon is too mad for it to be anyone else.

No. 1089280

Thoughts of the recent developments between sadoldmagician and heidiofans: As far as anyone knows, heidio has no connection to hored, so his posts are an "outside perspective" of what's going on. He just chose to follow hored after looking at everything made public between all three people. Sadold is getting his "evidence" straight from the mouths of hored, so he's getting the twisted version of events and only getting it from them. Sadold started making those accusing comments in heidio's notes about the same time as heidio showing that he'll defend Heidi herself from some of the extreme hate she gets. I'm wondering if sadold is realizing that heidio isn't completely brainwashed like he is, so sadold is subtly trying to leave comments to manipulate heidio into turning into a fully obedient hored stan.

No. 1089282

If he didn't care about popularity, he wouldn't have slapped the "ASK THE MOD OF PJ2 ANYTHING!" on there or constantly talk about the things he knows about Holly or Jared from hanging out with them in person (like when he pretty much bragged to one anon about catsitting the cat Hoelly shared with Ross)

No. 1089283

I looked into it, and if what I read is correct as long as Heidi cuts out sexual conversation it's doubtful they would have grounds to sue on privacy laws. It's already public information that they did it, so as long as she censors the spicy parts and pictures it doesn't seem there's anything they could do, since they're public figures.

No. 1089285

The whole "They're public figures!" thing would only apply to public conversations, not private conversations between just the two of them - celebrities (even e-celebs on YT) have some expectation of privacy. It doesn't necessarily matter if Heidi is in the clear or not, it could still drag out into a lengthy court battle, should Hoelly want to scream about invasion of privacy - and unlike Hoelly who stomps and screams and brings up the drama when shit doesn't go her way, Heidi seems to be trying to move past the drama, focus on Aries and her clothing and be done with it all. Releasing the texts now, legally or not, would just bring unnecessary attention to it all over again.

No. 1089287

You need money to sue, and they're both begging. There's also never been anything stopping her from transcribing and partially altering the full text as a "work of fiction".

No. 1089288


Who's "bad take anon"?

No. 1089290

They're begging because they're fucking cheap and know their fans are gullible as fuck to trip over each other to gain their adoration. Heidi has nothing to gain at this point by altering the texts - If she were going to do that, one would think she would have done it months and months ago, not wait until she's regained some semblance of a career just to throw herself head first back into the shitshow (though I know that's what the hored stans would claim she did - alter it and lie)

No. 1089300

An anon earlier mentioned something sadoldmagician being the least popular of the three blogs covering the drama.

No. 1089360

Holy shit, they really are just props and he almost got away with stealing the only valuable games in his collection from Heidi.

All the games here that stand out to me aside from well known Nintendo or Capcom ones were definitely no more than $10.
I've seen that Bratz gamecube shovelware game for literally $2 at pawn shops in recent years.

I'm unfamiliar with his youtube but I have trouble believing a grown man with a not satirical gaming channel would unironically play "Bratz Diamondz" and put it on display, kek.

Another spergy nitpick of mine is that quite a few of those GameCube games are PAL region only like Darkened Skye, which isn't a bad thing sometimes Europe exclusives are technically rarer but it means there's no way he was able to play them without importing a GameCube from Australia or Europe because it's a regionlocked console.

Darkened Sky is basically only rarer by default due to it's limited release but it's on ebay right now for 35$ so not actually rare or anything worth flexing about.

I don't know if I got good deals or not but I've seen the furry DS game with the chunky box Sola to Robo for 10$ or less second hand at EB games many times, not that exciting just thought it's kind of weird that he probably hasn't played more than 5 minutes of it so he has no clue so mentioning this is a reach but iirc it has lots of uncomfortable loli furry harem scenes with sexual harassment.

People always bitch about "fake gamer gurlsss" but I dunno, man. fake gamer guys seem more common or just as common.

No. 1089400


Yep. Remember when he seemed so concerned in his coming back video that he had “unwittingly” used his e-fame to solicit nudes from his fans? This is kind of the same, except instead of sexual gratification he’s using his fans to enhance his video game collection. It’d be slightly different if maybe instead of just straight out begging he did something to where if you sent him a game he’d play it on stream or something like that. Yes, there are YT’s/streamers who regularly get items from fans, but from what I’ve seen it’s more like they set up a PO Box and are just like, “Hey, if you want to send me something, cool, here’s the address.” Not begging outright for specific items just to increase a game collection. If PedoDick’s schtick is that he’s a retro gamer, then he’d better be ready with that cash/capital beforehand.

No. 1089421

File: 1606141311803.jpg (123.43 KB, 720x657, LetThemFight.jpg)

Sage because off current topic but I found this post on /r/DiceCameraAction that's hilarious in retrospect

They are discussing the idea of Heidi guesting on the show to play Diath's abusive ex lover

No. 1089434

Technically but it'd be seen as retaliation despite no one batted an eye at jared having his nudes etc leaked which he's equally allowed to have had protected too.

No. 1089436

File: 1606142913441.jpg (130.98 KB, 720x942, GoodPointSheIsEvil.jpg)

"You're right, anon, she IS batshit crazy and evil!"

He went from saying that he believes Heidi and her friend are some of the main anons in this thread and saying that he regularly tells Holly to stay off here to being addicted himself lmao. He obviously compulsively checks this page as well as has notifications set for HOF since he replies to their posts the minute they go live. Dude is unhealthy obsessed with simping

No. 1089441

>Holy shit, they really are just props
Hate to show the "little man behind the curtain" but 99% of gamer youtubers/twitch streamers use their collections as props as they are literally just that: a collection, they're not to be played. This is why with AVGN even though he use prop versions for certain stuff he actually breaks out his collection FOR use for his video. He's one of the few of that does and it's not just sitting making the room look full.

>People always bitch about "fake gamer gurlsss" but I dunno, man. fake gamer guys seem more common or just as common.

It's because fake gamer gurls are in your face, plastered everywhere making money pretending to be gamers while obviously only there to jiggle their tits and shill their OF/Patreon more so than actually playing the game properly. "Fake gamer boiz" aren't really a thing in the same context.

No. 1089442


surely they should’ve said “most of the internet is on jared/holly’s side” not “our side”, they accuse gossip forums and random twitter users of being obsessed, but they themselves believe they’re intricate parts of holly and jared’s lives or that they’re “friends”, it’s so embarrassing

No. 1089445


Maybe I'm just a crazy tinfoil but so many of his asks read like farmers sent them in. The way they are worded, the subtle prodding, etc. "How batshit crazy and Evil Heidi is" reads like someone trying to manipulate him into calling her that. Maybe I'm just paranoid

No. 1089455

Farmers and tippers are always so blatant.

No. 1089456

Good, I hope he and that one Heidi sperg anon (assuming it isn't just him) fuck off and don't come back. The ask is right, they have the majority of the internet to screech about this shit to an echo chamber of other incels who will agree with them. They can freely ignore the one or two places that aren't to their liking, but choose not to.

No. 1089458


Considering how obsessed he is with this thread, HOF thread, etc, sounds like SadOldSimp could stand to take some of his own advice.

“Most of the internet is on our side.” LOL. Maybe he needs to take a swim through Twitter like Gavin White and his alts do, he may want to reconsider that statement.

No. 1089513

File: 1606151665974.jpg (123.96 KB, 950x1356, 1jgrgn.jpg)


the passion of their defense is laughable when you take a step back

"the two people with a problematic history spanning a decade are possibly problematic yet again? No, it's the ex-spouses who haven't had a single instance of drama who are wrong!"

No. 1089514


Hahaha the cope is incredible. This has to be someone trolling him. I can't believe this ask is real and his group is this cringeworthy

No. 1089587

>calling someone batshit crazy and evil
>signing off with concern about OPs mental health

So…uh you're "batshit crazy" if they don't like you but uwu mental health if they do. It doesn't work that way, empathy and sympathy for mental health is not a case by case basis.

Or…they are just calling Hedi crazy because that is their excuse for treating her like shit, when anyone who read her Tweets or saw her streams could tell how kind and sane she is? Yeah, it's the second one. Her only mistake was being too lenient with his pedo "body posi" nude accounts and "open" relationship garbage when he's just a sex pest.

No. 1089597

Yeah but a collection that includes a fucking Bratz game and games that are region-locked for different countries makes is glaringly obvious they are just decorations, rather than games that even hold personal value or significance.

At this point he could just buy empty cases and print the covers off since they're only for looks.

No. 1089604

>Is it an abuse of power?

From the man who started a nude blog so he could collect images of underage fans and fuck them: I don't think this is even a question

No. 1089610

Maybe it's from seeing how obvious cows are when they selfpost, but this reads to me like it was written by Jared/Holly/A friend of theirs trying poorly to disguise the connection.

No. 1089612


Yeppp. People like Gavin White have also been pushing the narrative of Heidi being some crazed, unhinged person, so I’m not surprised that others have been choosing to do the same. It’s gross the lengths they go to in order to defend a sex pest.


Right? It’s absolutely an abuse of power or whatever he has, efame or influence I suppose. The answer is yes.

No. 1089613

I will say in Jared's defense that I don't think he point blank ran the nudes blog to get nudes of underage fans as tumblr DOES have a lot of 21+ users - but I DO think it's something he should have seen coming. I do, however, agree that he likely ran it for fap material and to find someone dumb enough to let him fuck-and-run at cons.

No. 1089617

File: 1606159219141.png (15.08 KB, 427x176, Screenshot_67.png)

SOM: Move on from the drama! IT WAS A YEAR AGO!
Also SOM: -see screenshot-

Is it possible to get a notification when a blog you follow on tumblr posts anything? This dude is up HOF's ass within MINUTES of them making a post

No. 1089624

Heidi is emotionally unstable tho, and WKing is against the rules.

No. 1089632

Sane and obviously honest about how she approached poly. Jared continues to prove he’s a sex pest like he was accused of being and Heidi the whore has yet to pick back up with her LDR or go dick hopping. She obviously actually gave a shit about the marriage lasting. But no, she’s just a crazy abuser that can’t get over her ex escaping her clutches.

No. 1089633


Everyone is emotionally unstable at different points at their lives anon. I didn’t know that claiming that someone is probably not hysterical or batshit crazy is now considered WKing. eyeroll SOM and Gavin White and whoever else trying to push that narrative ought to be careful, that’s stepping into slander/libel lawsuit territory.

No. 1089637

You realize that Holly is the one who is so unstable that she checked herself into a mental hospital and spent the better part of the next year repeatedly talking about her self harm tendencies and negative thoughts? Does that SCREAM stability to you? Hell, when her bird got sick, she claimed that it was "what people threatened to do - kill my birds", rather than recognizing that arthritis isn't all that uncommon in birds.

No. 1089638


Yeah you can set notifications on the tumblr app for when certain accounts post. SadOldSimp absolutely has them set for HOF.

He said he recently got a job working from home, I wonder how much of his work time is spent monitoring the drama

No. 1089645

But Heidi yelled at Holly on the phone! Being angry once means you're batshit crazy but being mentally ill every day of your life means you're uhm…

No. 1089649

It means your name is Hoelly Cumrag, an absolute angel face who has never done anything wrong in the history of ever - just ask her.

No. 1089659

File: 1606161091176.jpg (427.19 KB, 1030x1006, Snapchat.jpg)

He was on Nickelodeon so he knows he has an underage audience. That and when people wouldn't send him nudes he would try to pressure them.

No. 1089663

Yes when you follow a tumblr you can choose to turn on all notifications so the second someone posts you get notified.

No. 1089665

I thought he said he doesn't come here, got caught in another lie.

No. 1089666


Noooo, Holly has made mistakes but she has acknowledged and apologized for them all, it's all part of her redemption arc. She is capable of change and being a better person, it's just Heidi that isn't, remember? Holly = fixable, Heidi = unfixable

No. 1089675


don’t forget her using a man’s suicide to rant about her own experience of getting spammed with clown emojis, or when her fellow dca member’s ex husband passed away and instead of paying respects, started manically replying to people criticising her and liking tweets about how “just being alive is enough uwu”

but heidi is super unstable and scary for yelling at holly once while telling her to stop trying to fuck her husband

No. 1089774


Gross, he sure is something else. You’d think that the Nickelodeon thing would have made him think twice about sending stuff like this to people, but I guess not.

No. 1089880


Lmao pedophilia is pretty on-brand for Nickelodeon

No. 1089938


I think the original point is that Holly & her stans are all about "Mental health advocacy uwu" until it concerns someone they don't like, then they're just dismissed as "batshit crazy", "dangerous", etc.

No. 1089944

Ah, the infamous "#Be Kind" fiasco circa 2019. I still think she should have just cut out the drama and went with "#BeKindToMe"

No. 1090127

Now now.

Remember when Adam Koebel turned out to be a gross creeper too and she tried to gaslight the victims and downplay the shit he pulled because cancelbaduwu and "it wasn't that bad I was aboosed for real"?

No. 1090132

File: 1606199781810.jpg (314.04 KB, 1028x1564, Stil.jpg)

Take your own advice SOM

No. 1090169

The lack of self awareness from the dude who attacked Heidi (then apologized to Jared, not Heidi, for it) is astounding,

No. 1090261


SOM just needs to come to terms that what Pedodick did was wrong, and he’s going to be feeling the consequences of that for a long ass time. Be annoyed at the people who directly @ him about this stuff sure, that’s harassment, but then also be annoyed at the people like Gavin White and his army of ults who harass people who even dare to say anything negative about Jared, even if it is the truth. (Which they conveniently choose to ignore.) Anytime a somewhat famous internet personality does something similar, just know that that shit is going to rise up again, and deal with it. Recently there was a voice actor who was also using their status to get sexual with fans, so of course people are recalling and talking about what Jared did. These are the consequences of making friends with a gross sex pest whose actions show that he really doesn’t seem to regret what he did.

No. 1090340

But wasn't he the one who said he made a whoopsie in Jared's books by doing this exact thing to his ex wife? Interesting to know he includes himself under "unrepentant assholes"

No. 1090503


"Hate someone's guts, sure, but why is it important to let everyone else know?" UHMMMMMMMMMMMMM COMING FROM HIM? More like why is it important to have a tumblr AMA blog dedicated to the mod of a discord/subreddit dedicated to a Z-lister sex addict lmao. He has to realise his asks are just trolls/farmers eventually, he can't be this oblivious

No. 1090871

File: 1606262067648.jpg (182.83 KB, 720x899, Screenshot_20201124-185259_Tum…)

Is he just living in an alternate timeline where there isn't almost 1 and a half years of him bitching and whining about Heidi?

No. 1090903


He’s such a fucking hypocrite. He’s the one who straight out attacked Heidi and now he’s saying this shit? Please. He really is living in an alternate reality, likely the same one that Holly and Jared are living in.

No. 1090938

These are starting to REALLY sound like y'all are cowtipping. SOM/Hoelly/Jared are all fucking idiots who will sperg at will, you don't gotta go poke 'em to get a reaction.

No. 1090961

File: 1606267001519.png (95.93 KB, 551x703, Screenshot_73.png)

we're not the only ones who noticed the two faced shit of SOM these days.

No. 1091037


Hmm, Sadold was making a LOT of bating and derogatory comments about Heidi/Ross in HeidioFan's notes, but once people started asking him questions on his own blog, he's suddenly stopped replying to OFans and acting like he has this moral high ground to the anons asking him. Tinfoil theory but I think Sadold was mad that OFans was getting more attention than he did, so he started making bait comments at OFans knowing that we watch OFan's comments too. Like dude, OFans is on YOUR SIDE, why use him like that for attention to your blog? Are Hored not giving you enough validation?

No. 1091045

Tinfoiling here but I’m willing to bet if Heidi was the one with the biggest audience vs. Hored SOM would be on her side. It’s getting more and more obvious as time goes on that he really only cares about what little claim to fame he can get, that’s why he put “ask the mod of r/projared2” in his blog description, that’s why he brags about being close with them every chance he gets, that’s why he loves to talk about talking to them and reassuring them all the time (aka “look at me and all the things I’m doing for them!1!”). He’s a clout chaser, and a pathetic one at that, and he just happened to find someone to latch onto who is even slimier than him.

No. 1091054

Nah, they'd still hate Heidi for daring to be a woman that spoke up rather than letting her weird incel gamer bro ex be the hero he dreams himself to be.

No. 1091128

File: 1606285725294.png (10.93 KB, 268x184, Screenshot_74.png)

TWC/HollyComrade pointed out how hypocritical SadOld is, got this shit in return where he continues to not see the irony.

No. 1091132

this geniunely sounds like it was ghost written by Holly

No. 1091153

File: 1606290936427.jpeg (908.99 KB, 1172x1731, A4D929A8-6C83-4784-9BAA-482538…)

Imagine thinking other people should be more responsible for Hoelly cumrag’s mental health than she is.

No. 1091169


Dont yall understand that you aren't allowed to critique people (unless they're Heidi)?!?!?!

Am I supposed to believe SOM didnt send this anon? Because I dont lmao, has his writing style all over it, as do alot of the submissions on HOF. Like it or not SOM you're the biggest dramatube fan here

No. 1091171

I'm convinced that all the asks HOF gets are from SOM and like one other person. And that ask above was clearly SOM.

No. 1091177


HOF has at least two other named followers besides SOM. I'm sure they're somewhere in the list of people asking him questions. There's also the occasional obvious troll asks, but even SOM isn't good enough to get trolled.

Speaking of, at least HOF went on record saying that Jared's nude blog was a stupid idea. SOM won't even say that much. I think that's why HOF gets more people paying attention to his blog, he's the more sensible of the Hored stans.

No. 1091231

just wanted to take a moment to mention that i've never been this involved with my closest, personal friends' relationships as SOM is with theirs and its super fucking weird

No. 1091271


It actually makes me sad for Holly and Jared if they think their parasocial relationship with this creep is friendship. I remember Geraldo saying how she had cheated on her last boyfriend with SOM, and that's why they were so invested in defending Holly and Jared because they understood that "things happen".

No. 1091277

Really? That's why they're so invested? Because they're literally self inserting themselves into internet drama?

If only it was just the cheating people would be way over this by now…but the predatory behavior, manipulation of fans, baiting low self esteemed girls with "body positivity" blogs so he could hand pick his harem, those parts were the actually milky parts.

Don't get me wrong cheating still sucks, but it's not the scarlet letter they think it is.

No. 1091295

>Geraldo saying how she had cheated on her last boyfriend with SOM, and that's why they were so invested in defending Holly and Jared because they understood that "things happen".
Well that explains a lot, in that case they're both even huger pieces of shit than expected

No. 1091299

So is this indirect confirmation that Holly and Jared cheated? From the sad old mouths of their creepy friends

No. 1091340

For the record: HOF got an anon ask a little while ago and said they're she/her and female. Grain of salt and all that, but having read that I get real confused when people refer to them as "he"

No. 1091348

HOF also pulled a lot of mental gymnastics saying that Jared's fanbase isn't underage and got real mad when people pointed out that he was on that kid's show for a reason. So while their slightly more reasonable that the average Hored stan they're still have some pretty bad takes.

No. 1091353

I think the issue some are having with this argument is you can't 100% correlate that no matter if you like or hate jared. Markiplier's loudest fans are female (underaged ones at that) but no one goes around saying he ONLY has underaged female fans because that would be dumb, so using that logic you'd say Mark only has under 18 female fans and him selling his "tasteful nude calendar" is peddling to underaged girls which should get him in a shit ton of trouble. "But markiplier is wholesome and not blah blah blah", doesn't change laws my friend.

So at the end of the day we should really drop what his fan base is/isn't because that's literally the weakest argument that can be applied to SO many youtubers/twitchers/tiktokers etc that do risque shit on the daily.

>Really? That's why they're so invested? Because they're literally self inserting themselves into internet drama?

Most definitely.

No. 1091360


While I can see the first point you made, (also not the anon you replied to), and I am also definitely not the target demographic either for a nude calendar or markiplier, I feel like the difference between those two creators is the insidious intent. Mark is not making videos for an underage audience, and he is within his rights to make a tastefully nude calendar for sale in his shop, but he's very clear about it: it's nudity, and it's for sale officially and not through a donation or some shady means.

Whereas I really don't like when creators are open and encouraging to ask or even accept nudes from their fans. Mark is willingly printing and selling the nudes in a way he is consenting to and there is a legal "on the table" monetary gain for him. The tumblr/snapchat nudes were consented to, sure, but there was no officiality to it, there was no receipt, no "proof", there was nothing to make this feel legitimate and safe. There is also no way to verify age short of the fans sending pics of their IDs or official documentation. While there isn't for the calendar either, you can at least have a paper trail of the transaction.

There is also Jared's direct transaction: compliments and flirting. Compliments and flirting when he liked how you look, a generic feel-good word when you were just "okay". That goes beyond an email confirmation saying "thank you for your purchase!" Mark is not right there looking at every person who bought his calendar and judging them on their appearance. If you were lucky enough you may even get banged, like unogirl. And even if you take screenshots, "oh they can be faked!" You can't even delete or hide your blog anymore because you'll be accused of lying. Which doesn't prove anything, because the blog not being there doesn't mean there wasn't evidence in the first place. It's like saying "well there's no body here, so there clearly wasn't a murder"

It's miles apart in how these situations are handled.

No. 1091362

I agree, that's why I say you can't 100% correlate things just based off one factor alone since on the surface level, the two are similar if we're bringing up "they have underaged fans!" I'm 100% not for any of that kind of interaction at all, as for the record I understand and support what mark did (as I'm also a fan of his) so I know he's not in the wrong in any way, it's just when that "his fan base" argument get brought up regarding to jared..there's so much more there to be argued (as you even described.)

No. 1091376

The point is that enough of his fanbase was young enough to get him noticed by a multi million dollar kids network. So while it's not all of them he knew there was still a risk that he might engage sexually with someone underage and still went for it anyway.

No. 1091385

are you smoking crack?
you can’t compare a grown man selling lewd photos of himself above the table to a man soliciting nudes from fans off of a tumblr blog. the power dynamic is completely different in those scenarios: one is providing a product while the other expects others to be the product. I don’t even like markiplier (or any gaming YouTuber for that matter) but he didn’t publish the calendar with the expectation that his fans would reciprocate with their own nudes like Jared did with his blogs.

No. 1091408


Oh wow, they sure are. And who would choose to cheat on their SO with a basement dweller like SOM? Yikes.


Yeah, I do have a little more respect for HOF than the average Hored because they do admit that Hoelly and Pedodick did some things wrong.


We all know that this is SOM sending an ask to HOF, it’s pretty easy to tell. If he really wants to be a good friend to Hoelly, then he needs to encourage her not to seek out this shit. Not attempt to censor people what they say on their own blog, or insert himself into drama only to create more drama.

No. 1091423


Oh, shit, I always thought HOF was a dude. I guess I saw them being referred to as "he/him" and thought we figured out their gender was male somehow.

No. 1091498


you quoted the wrong reply anon, I am the post saying that you can't compare them because they are obviously different. Next time look closer at who you're quoting

I literally said everything you just mentioned lol

No. 1091514


When did she say that? That's fucking hilarious

No. 1091538

Oh god I do vaguely remember them saying that I just can't recall when.

No. 1091551

This is different. One is someone selling their lewds transparently and the other was soliciting nudes under the guise of “body posi” and then reciprocating. Come back when markiplier starts soliciting the people that purchased his calendar for their nudes.

And I’ll just say, markiplier is a fucking dumbass for doing a lewd calendar wtf is he thinking? Just reminds me of the women who have a platform and decide they’d get more money by starting an onlyfans. He’s fortunate enough to be a guy, he doesn’t have to sell his body!

No. 1091567

Looks like the ask was Nov 1st, sorry I don't have the spoons to figure out a way to get a clean screenshot right now

No. 1091593


Yeah, and don’t forget that PJ was not only expecting nudes as reciprocation, he was also pressuring people for nudes by sending them his own risqué pics first. Ugh. >>1089659

If someone wants to sell their nudes or risqué pics that’s one thing, but it’s a whole different and predatory thing when you’re sending risqué pics in hopes of getting nudes in return.

No. 1091601

Here's the difference: Markiplier wasn't using his fanbase to solicit nudes, nor did he meet up with various fans (at least one) at a con for a quick fuck.

No. 1091602

Actually, nitpick, but that ask was sent to TrashWitchCoven/HollyComrade. HOF will admit hoelly/jared did wrong, but they will still lick their taint given the chance.

No. 1091710

File: 1606349370362.png (74.96 KB, 647x657, Screenshot_77.png)

We're all onto you, SOM.

No. 1091780


Thanks for the clarification, anon. I should have known that HOF wouldn’t have been so scathingly truthful about SOM, lmao.


Yep, definitely sounds like SOM. His crusade to wipe the internet clean of any negativity towards Hored just isn’t going to work.

No. 1092032

File: 1606381036238.png (35.92 KB, 583x370, Screenshot_79.png)

And this right here is how you should handle "bad brain days", Hored. Take notes from the one you both fucked over.

No. 1092356

>Yep, definitely sounds like SOM. His crusade to wipe the internet clean of any negativity towards Hored just isn’t going to work.

It's not just SOM but Hored as a whole. They've convinced themselves that by us shit talking a controversial public figure that we are hurting her mental health. They've fallen for Holly's "I'm sorry I'm mentally ill." Get out of jail free card.

No. 1092394

That's just it, though. If her mental health is so fragile that she can't handle a handful of people on the internet (which has millions and millions of users at this point) not worshipping the ground she walks on, that's on her. That's something SHE needs to learn how to deal with, not just expecting people to never say anything mean ever again.

No. 1092452


Exactly. Like others have said, she may want to look into another career if she can’t handle people criticizing her in corners of the internet. And her friends need to not enable her behavior by trying to bully anyone who dares to have an opposing opinion.

No. 1092723

File: 1606486145160.jpeg (268.97 KB, 828x1417, 7819E335-BD15-42FD-8DF1-19D2E9…)

I guess I should feel honored to be posted on HOF blog, lol.

This is such a shit take because it’s just false. At least, I haven’t seen people actively telling anyone to go @ Hoelly or Pedodick about their sins. I also haven’t been through all of the threads, but from what I’ve seen, others have also been against any sort of direct harassment. What I do think is rich is that one drama blog believes that another drama blog just shouldn’t exist because they don’t like what is said on here.

I stand by what I said: Holly has chosen as her career to be an Internet personality. It is not my responsibility or anyone else’s responsibility if she chooses to go to places that will likely have negative things said about her. Regardless of mental health status. If this is something she can’t handle, then she needs to go down another career path. Places like lolcow have existed as long as the internet has existed, and they will continue to exist.

No. 1092729


(anonymously submitted by sadoldmagician) I'd guess. It's so ragey at this thread for not liking Holly and right after he got called out for making bad takes on what we say here. It's got his name and writing style all over it.

No. 1092743


I've noticed that a majority of the submissions on that blog are in his writing style. Never the asks, always submissions, because god forbid he have a character limit. Maybe I'm just tinfoil but take a look at any submission and you can tell its him, especially the ones about Heidi. And you cant submit anonymously on tumblr, so the way HOF is posting it is just copying and pasting the submission into a text post. That means when he sends these in he is requesting for it to be anonymous.

Also explains >>1091710. It's not like TWC/Hollycomrad is gonna post his submissions anonymously like HOF does ever so sweetly, so he has to resort to asks to remain anonymous

Dude stalks Heidi just as much as we do Hored lmao

No. 1092764

>Dude stalks Heidi just as much as we do Hored lmao

Remember how fast he replied to those tweets harassing Heidi. Oh and that blog defended him for that btw and the slandering of Ross. Harassment is only bad when it happens to muh mental health Hored.

No. 1092778

Same thing can be said about you and Heidi. If someone dares to criticize or simply not defend Heidi, they must be Holly stans. The hypocrisy is incredible.

No. 1092782

Nor have I. If anything, people actively DISCOURAGE harassment of Hoelly or PedoDick; That's a page straight out of the Hored stan playbook. We have 2-3 websites that don't kiss their ass, and I guess that constitutes harassment to them.

No. 1092783

Uh, Anon, I don't know what threads you've been reading, but when it's valid criticism, we're all about it. No one has ever said Heidi is a saint, just that on the pyramid of shittiness, Hored is at the top and Heidi is way down that food chain for being able to admit and recognize when she fucks up.

No. 1092791

It's just the same anon who is mad we don't want to sperg about Heidi's outfits and non-milky tweets with them, who repeats the same thing 10+ times every thread about how we don't allow criticism of her when that isn't true. They also have a similar typing style to a certain lurker, fwiw.

No. 1092797


which is funny bc I don't recall there being some rule that we have to be equally judgmental on both parties. So even if all we did was shit on Hored all day, so fucking what? They also shit on Heidi all day. Try and tell them that they should be as critical of their stans as we should apparently be on Heidi lol. Also cowtipping isn't allowed and any frequent board members know that

The idea that you can go on a public space and complain that "yeah but you don't talk about X uwu" is hilarious. They don't even bring a good or decent point to the table about Heidi.

I'm sorry that the decade of evidence that your stan is a shitty person overwhelms the weak arguments you're trying to make

No. 1092811


When did I ever say that people not defending Heidi are automatically Holly stans? Don’t put words into my mouth, anon. I will say that people like Gavin White/PzykoPath/IngramVermillion don’t make the Hored stans look good just because they are out there actively harassing people on Twitter who don’t support Holly and Jared.


Exactly. I don’t agree with HOF opinions but I’m not on a crusade to shut them down because they post things I don’t like. At the end of the day though, Holly really has left a trail of shittiness and drama over the decade she’s been a thing. To me, it just goes to show that a leopard can’t change their spots.

No. 1092845

File: 1606498577862.png (156.03 KB, 1181x554, Screenshot_81.png)

SOM: The most I've done is comment!"
SOM in May 2020: -goes on TWC to tell them they're indulging in self harm behavior while excusing Hoelly Cumrag of publicly saying she does the exact same thing-

No. 1092882


Lolcow: Stalks Hored
Holly: "I'm having a bad brain day!!! I can't believe that people wish my birds dead. Please buy my pins and I'm broke because of all the drama, but I DID NOTHING WRONG!!!"
Lolcow: nitpicks and bashes

No. 1092883


The best thing this man could do is get the fuck off tumblr, lmao. He is making himself and Hored look so bad. Why did he randomly become obsessed with HeidiOFans this year, well after the drama? Imagine spending your day seeking out terrible things people are saying about people you care about, fucking weird

Just like >>1092723 said, websites like lolcow will always exist. For some reason Holly thinks she is the worlds first cow and that her and her simps can put an end to drama threads by playing the mental health card, sorry Hoelly but for once your mental health sui bait isn't gonna win you whatever you want.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: a majority of the internet is all for Hored. They think Jared was falsely accused of EVERYTHING and that Heidi made up the pedo stuff and is a crazy slut and that Jared and Holly are beacons of defeating cancel culture. Her and SadOldSimp have to go way out of their way to find sites like this that criticize Hored yet it seems to be the only sites they visit.

Maybe they are mad that even Kiwifarms is getting sick of Hoellys shit

No. 1092887

File: 1606501648250.png (273.19 KB, 498x504, Screenshot_82.png)

Ew. KF is right, ProDick hasn't learned a single fucking thing about keeping his horniness off of public websites.

No. 1092891


Why does he always feel the need to reply? Like look at sexy waifus all you want but why after everything does he need the world to know his opinion on rule 34? Keep it to yourself lmao

No. 1092923

Because people reply? Look at any lewd pic/artwork etc and I guarantee there's replies, much worse than he said there lol. We're really getting into nitpick territory now.

No. 1092939


Maybe because this is the kind of shit that got him in trouble to begin with? Or are you one of those folks who believes that he never solicited his fanbase for nudes to begin with? Yes, everyone replies, but it is a little alarming when you start seeing his similar past behaviors coming back out to light again. And it also explains why his IG feed (that he had previously complained about) is full of posing egirls.

No. 1093000


Those people replying are weird too but atleast they aren't content creators with an audience of people of all ages following them who probably dont want to see that shit on their timeline

I guess he cant be horny on tumblr anymore so it's off to Twitter

No. 1093012

People have a problem with it for the same reason they made fun of Ted Cruz. Keep your professional face professional.

No. 1093038


Not to nitpick but this is something related but different. He's not soliciting anyone for lewd content for himelf he's replying to other people's content they're putting out for everyone to look at and comment on. It would be one thing if he asked this artist to draw him sexy art but he's an adult enjoying adult art something he did publicly long before he (literally) got caught with his pants down.

No. 1093109

He has a history involving a sexual scandal - legitimately none of what you said matters due to his past actions. He doesn’t get to complain about his career having been damaged by a sex scandal and then go back to doing the same shit without people going “hm….maybe DONT do that?”

No. 1093244

Jared the flip flopper. This is the same man that just less than a month ago was bitching about lewds and sexual content on Instagram. Now we know it wasn't the algorithm. Kiwi Farms was right he hasn't changed. But what did people expect if they excused him behaving like an open sexual predator. If people let him get away with that he can do just about anything.

No. 1093260

Not you personally, anon, general "you"

No. 1093272

You all realize that he's friends with lucahjin right? And that this is a feminization of another friend of his (Proton Jon) and that he's joking about bi-curiosity as a result of a male friend of his being portrayed as a big tittied anime girl?

Nah, too complex I guess. He's just publicly horn-dogging on some random because that supports the narrative you want to be true.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1093289


The narrative of him being a sexpest who ran seven different porn blogs dedicated to soliciting his fans/orbiters for sex, or the narrative of him being a sexpest that cheated on his wife with a woman who was a mutual friend and the wife of a friend/collaborator?

No. 1093296

The narrative that this specific instance is him being a sexpest again. Sometimes a joke is just a joke anon.

No. 1093297

It's not "the narrative we want to be true" - It's the narrative that IS true. There is no denying that he used the internet and his e-celeb status to fulfill his sexual needs, including but not limited to meeting up with fans to have one night stands and getting them to send him nudes under the guise of "Body positivity"

It isn't outside the realm of positivity that he is once again publicly using the internet to fulfill a sexual need, especially considering the recent incident with his instagram recommended and now him saying a lewd drawing "makes him feel something"

No. 1093298

When you just bitched about your career being damaged because of a sex scandal, you don't get to make sexual jokes without people pointing out how fucked up it is, Anon.

No. 1093323

He needs a private friend Twitter if he wants to joke around with friends that way. It’s not that hard.
Publicly making sexual jokes and responses to girls, even if friends, gives the impression that he is someone one can talk to casually about sex. He then has a history of accepting these advances and making spaces to solicit nudes specifically. He’s opening the door to say “oh these people started the convo! I didn’t ask for it. Still cool tho!”

No. 1093330

File: 1606531841610.png (6.58 KB, 217x114, Screenshot_83.png)

Someone sent HOF a message about how lolcow apparently just wants Hored to not have an online presence anymore and look who was there within MINUTES. Either he has an alert set for when they post, or homeboy mcasshole was the one who submitted the ask(s) himself.

No. 1093336

File: 1606532480278.png (60.35 KB, 500x216, tumblr_o1mw9hU7AD1ql9m0bo1_500…)


"perhaps Jared should self-reflect and think more before he posts things on his public profiles and Holly should see a therapist to stop using manipulative tactics on her followers"

"ThEy should NOT have presence ANYWHERE they are blocked, BLOCKED from the internet! Never again! Lolcow hates them, off with their heads!"

I hope SOM gets a new hobby because jesus christ man, at least we all have lives outside of this thread. Do they do anything else with their life other than orbit around Hored? This is just sad at this point

No. 1093353

>I hope SOM gets a new hobby because jesus christ man, at least we all have lives outside of this thread. Do they do anything else with their life other than orbit around Hored? This is just sad at this point.
Anybody that takes their time out of their day to run a blog dedicated to defending a cow is a bit of a cow themselves. Seriously dude is always the first one there.

No. 1093359

Everything Hored has done exists in a vacuum.

Everything Heidi does exists in the context Jared and Holly say it does.

That’s how a lot of this “but what about Heidi” and “it’s a joke” comments come across as. People came up with their complaints and criticism based on something, they aren’t just whole cloth pulling it out of their asses like that whole “black dicks” fuckery. And while sometimes it might come across as nitpicking it’s a catalogue of consistent repeating cow like behavior like other anons have said.

No. 1093394


You hit the nail on the head.


For someone who tells all of us here to get a life, move on, etc, SOM sure does jump on those posts of HOF really damn fast. He needs to take his own advice for once.

No. 1093551

File: 1606554274950.jpg (157.54 KB, 1054x674, Thkf1.jpg)

Just gonna leave this here.

No. 1093581

I enjoy primarily lurking but god this is sad.

Sadold, if you read this - and you will, I'm sure - just quit while you're ahead. People want your shitty friends to not only be held accountable for the harm they've caused, but hold THEMSELVES accountable. You are enabling them by never holding them accountable for cheating, which, yes, is a form of abuse, never holding Jared accountable for the nudes blog/soliciting nudes from fans, the list goes on. If they took time away from the internet to re-evaluate themselves and their behaviour, of course anons here will be wary and nitpicky but the threads will at least eventually die. Sods like you keep this thread alive by feeding the fire because you're unable to stop yapping about two people who'd never defend you the same way you do for them. Anons have said in these threads many times what the two turds should do if they wanted these threads to die, if they want to be less shitty people.

Just learn to read something that isn't asspats, basically.

No. 1093591

File: 1606561580096.png (82.67 KB, 548x647, Screenshot_84.png)

When you contradict yourself in two posts or less in a bid to defend someone who is CLEARLY just using you to boost their own ego

No. 1093674

This exactly. Ross didn’t get involved? He was left out of threads and threads until sadold brought him up. Heidi’s boy toy goes silent or is irrelevant? Even kiwifarms doesn’t care anymore. Hell, when stans back off and hored behaves themselves, this thread goes close to dead entirely. Let it go.

No. 1093897

File: 1606603166061.png (38.5 KB, 587x294, Screenshot_88.png)


Heidi: lol move the fuck on to bigger and better, bitch

No. 1093901

Wait what? When did she say that? I think I missed that.

No. 1093920

File: 1606604992399.png (37.52 KB, 597x334, Screenshot_89.png)

No. 1093932

File: 1606605623704.png (63.33 KB, 588x616, crazytheoops.png)


Someone very kindly told this obvious child to calm down about the drama a few days ago, but of course, it appears they just couldn't help themselves…

No. 1093984

at her big age she should have already "achieved her dreams"

No. 1093991

People don't stop dreaming as soon as they hit 30 you know.
Some people don't get their dream jobs until their 40s be it through circumstance, lack of opportunity or just not settling on what it is until then.

Quit nickpicking

No. 1093996

At least she has a steady career that she doesn't lose every time someone fails to lick her taint or she chooses to defend her sex pest boytoy.

No. 1094023

Ditto for Jared, but he's just a sex pest leeching off his mistress and begging for gamecube discs on insta

No. 1094027

>my birds are dying because of the internet

So we were supposed to just sycophantically follow Holly and love her just so she had income to take care of a hoard of birds she chose to take in by herself probably against most professionals opinion? Normal people face consequences for their actions. It feels like Holly lives in a bubble where she was so coddled by being in the GG fandom she truly believes shed an "uwu bird mom"

You dont have to lie to be a bad person. You can straight up say with your whole chest "I am a self absorbed, self pittying woman who has no respect for others but myself" and it doesn't make you any less of a shit person for admitting it. You're a shit person, your morals are shit and what you and Jared did to Heidi is shit. Cope.

No. 1094033

>Holly lives in a bubble where she was so coddled
Exactly this

No. 1094046

The kicker is that she didn't even mean the money - Like, she apparently legitimately thought someone fuckin poisoned her trash birds or something, despite the fact they had arthritis or some shit. She went full psychotic meltdown and tried to laugh it off a day or two later with a "oops lmao I'm a fallible human, I was just upset when I accused people from twitter of poisoning birds!"

No. 1094048


Yep. People like SOM and her other stans are doing harm by coddling her the way they do.

No. 1094101

Because she's successfully manipulated people into thinking she's the true victim who's being bullied by by the whole world. Idk how someone can look at Holly/Jared's videos like to dislike ratio compared to Heidi's videos and still believe Holly's narrative.

No. 1094133


Last time I looked, Jared simps made quick work on the like/dislike ratio on all of Heidi's videos.

No. 1094531

File: 1606674469424.png (30.53 KB, 527x370, Screenshot_90.png)

"They are fanfiction writers about real life"

This is rich, coming from the guy defending two people who took their weird dnd roleplay into real life.

No. 1094558

Notice that he pointedly refused to answer the question. A simple "no" would have been more effective than a paragraph of deflecting.

No. 1094568


To be fair nobody here has any receipts, it was just >>1091271 and they never posted any evidence to back it up

No. 1094571

Then you'd think he wouldn't be too worried about unsubstantiated rumors, not posting a paragraph slandering everyone who made the allegation. Homeboy running his mouth speaks volumes over him just brushing it off as nothing more than people speculating.

No. 1094623


if that admission of cheating does exist i’m hoping it’s archived somewhere, because its definitely been deleted by now. at least this is more proof he sends these asks to himself, as soon as his dodgy behaviour is brought up here he suddenly has someone asking about it and an answer prepared where he never actually answers the question, just deflects or blames lolcow/heidi lmao

No. 1094710


Sounds like the answer is yes to me. Which would make sense considering he only became friends with Hored after the drama. Birds of a feather flock together.

No. 1094769


Right? Like, no one had even talked about him and geraldo being cheaters in a few days. If a random person was going to ask him about it, why would they wait several days? This dude is legitimately just pissed that being a mod of PJ2 doesn't actually make him popular at all.

I just don't get why they are so determined to try and fight Hored's battles on the one corner of the internet that doesn't lick their assholes. Every time they TRY, they just wind up making themselves look even dumber.

No. 1094877

Holy shit, they really are just props and he almost got away with stealing the only valuable games in his collection from Heidi.

All the games here that stand out to me aside from well known Nintendo or Capcom ones were definitely no more than $10.
I've seen that Bratz gamecube shovelware game for literally $2 at pawn shops in recent years.

I'm unfamiliar with his youtube but I have trouble believing a grown man with a not satirical gaming channel would unironically play "Bratz Diamondz" and put it on display, kek.

Another spergy nitpick of mine is that quite a few of those GameCube games are PAL region only like Darkened Skye, which isn't a bad thing sometimes Europe exclusives are technically rarer but it means there's no way he was able to play them without importing a GameCube from Australia or Europe because it's a regionlocked console.

Darkened Sky is basically only rarer by default due to it's limited release but it's on ebay right now for 35$ so not actually rare or anything worth flexing about.

I don't know if I got good deals or not but I've seen the furry DS game with the chunky box Sola to Robo for 10$ or less second hand at EB games many times, not that exciting just thought it's kind of weird that he probably hasn't played more than 5 minutes of it so he has no clue so mentioning this is a reach but iirc it has lots of uncomfortable loli furry harem scenes with sexual harassment.

People always bitch about "fake gamer gurlsss" but I dunno, man. fake gamer guys seem more common or just as common.

No. 1094899

We've already been over this anon.

>People always bitch about "fake gamer gurlsss" but I dunno, man. fake gamer guys seem more common or just as common.

Guessing you're the same anon as before: No, "fake gamer boys" doesn't exist in the same context.

No. 1094901

File: 1606701543108.jpeg (432.78 KB, 828x1554, C92A0119-A332-4BB4-8A56-B46CEF…)


Looks like a couple of suckers really did send him games too.

No. 1094904

>sleeps with someone's husband

No. 1094905

Jared cradles the games he e-begged for while in the next room Holly cries over the dying birds she can't afford to take care of. True love.

No. 1094948

Jesus, that box on the bottom had to run probably $15-20 just to ship. He's conning his ignorant fans and they just don't see it, do they?

No. 1094958

WTF why did he post his address? Also that looks like an apartment number. Haha he downgraded from a house all right.

No. 1094961


It's more than likely a PO box.

No. 1094964

Crap you're right, I just googled it and it's private mail boxes. So not a PO box, but similar.

No. 1094986

The whole idea of making a post about it just reeks of the same shit he'd pull with the nudes.

He didn't seem to grasp that people were sending him nudes to get his attention (and not because 'body positivity!' or what the fuck ever), and he seems to not be grasping or caring that they're sending him games for the exact same reason.

No. 1095118

File: 1606738596044.png (20.41 KB, 279x343, Screenshot_94.png)

Holy balls, the mental gymnastics that the Hored stans pull of is unreal.

"Things they never said"

There's literal evidence of Holly saying "And now my birds are dying, which is what people threatened to do - kill my birds", but okay, Jan. We're really the ones making shit up.

Also, judging by the random capitalization of the words, I no longer think SOM is sending messages to himself - I think it's this person who also likes almost every post that both SOM and HOF makes.

No. 1095121

File: 1606739016962.jpg (44.1 KB, 640x480, 42862365_1927823657264293_2794…)


"lolcow makes things up, but not us! we only tell the truth! we never ignore facts or twist events to fit our narrative, nope"

also it's funny because they are misunderstanding the very nature of lolcow; this is an entire… forum, I guess? this board is full, FULL of internet personalities, hundreds if not thousands of anons all over the world, it's not built exclusively for Holly, as opposed to some tumblr blogs who are literally 1 person talking about a specific subject

it just highlights how sad they are. The only attention they are thriving from is from us. Otherwise they are just sad little yappy dogs trying to bite the ankles of anyone who dares criticize their uwu victim Holly. They would be so sad if we stopped paying attention to them because so many of their replies and submissions are trying to get a reaction out of us;

meanwhile we can just bounce to another thread and talk about someone else lol sorry you're not special

No. 1095124

All youtubers and streamers are conning their fans with this logic which isn't wrong, they make money and still get handouts. "but it's different they're not hored!"
It's no where near the same thing, most creators have a po box for fans to send shit in this must be the nitpicking thing an anon earlier spoke about.

No. 1095134

Either way, this is a drama board to laugh and crack jokes, not one of their truther blogs. Sometimes shit will get hyperbolic, but lolcow isn't a peer reviewed source and the way this thread has to police itself to act like one because of these Holly stans reeing about anything not 100% serious here is annoying.

No. 1095144

The difference is that most other streamers drop their PO Box and say "If you want to send anything at all, here's where to do it", while Jared specified that he just wanted their old games (like other anons have said, because he was too fucking lazy and cheap to source them out himself).

No. 1095149

Except no because when this thread still had some Grumps elements, the Grumps got called out on here for e-begging for Pokemon game cards.

No. 1095154

File: 1606743913075.png (16.69 KB, 589x130, Screenshot_95.png)


No. 1095164


SOM better watch out before Jared fucks his wife too!! Or this may explain why he vehemently defends PJ so hard, lol.

No. 1095198

File: 1606748845913.jpg (191.94 KB, 1036x1139, SomTumblr.jpg)

>Also, judging by the random capitalization of the words, I no longer think SOM is sending messages to himself - I think it's this person who also likes almost every post that both SOM and HOF makes.
You're right about that one. What's with all these spastic fucking Holly stans? If its not reeing behind anons pretending to be someone else then it's alt accounts on Twitter.

No. 1095219


this is giving me so much secondhand embarrassment. do they think this is a sooper sick burn against a gossip forum with hundreds of different discussions about different people/topics? we check a thread for five minutes and then carry on with our lives, while these creeps sit and refresh this thread over and over again on a daily basis waiting to see if one of us brings them up so they can make lame posts like this

No. 1095255

File: 1606753374392.png (389.94 KB, 1406x700, image.png)


> this is giving me so much secondhand embarrassment

This dude has been making me cringe for a while now. They often like to admit their fantasies of HOF and how they picture them and such.

Now the Cow's Simp has a Simp. It just never ends

No. 1095259


I think it’s similar to how people get deep into conspiracy theories. Hored are shitty people, with documented proof that they’re shitty people, but because someone likes something that they do, instead of just accepting that they’re shitty people, they have to come up with something to nullify or justify their shittiness. And that also means that they need to come up with all these alts/anons in order to attack anyone who dares to bring up their shitty acts, in order to keep the word from spreading that they’re indeed shitty people. It’s kind of sad.
Im sure that there are plenty of other streamers /YouTubers who have similar content but who don’t solicit their fans for nudes or cheat on their spouses for some weird self-insert dnd RP, go follow them instead.

No. 1095282

Oof that first comment reads as kinda creepy. Why do they even bother with anon when they out themselves like this? I guess it figures that Hored would attract obsessive creeps like that.

No. 1095353


Tinfoil theory but maybe this is HOF's husband/boyfriend playing it off like he's a random internet stranger. Just like SOM has Geraldo, HOF has this quartz person.

No. 1095422

This is a bit much, anon.

These losers just cling to each other because they're all desperate for friendship. They clearly don't understand relationships, boundaries, or decency if they idolize Hored, so it makes sense that they're awkwardly looking for acceptance wherever they can get it.

No. 1095448

Yeah I wouldn't go that far either. From their blog it looks like they work a miserable costumer service job so begging HOF and SOM for attention makes them feel important in life. If they weren't such an ass I'd pitty them.

No. 1095495


I'm going to be a dick here, but all of you are doing the exact thing this guy says we do. Making wild mass guesses about him because he agrees with/likes HOF's posts and doesn't like lolcow. Saying he's "creepy" "doesn't understand boundaries" "must work a miserable job" and "desperate for attention"
just because he said mean things about us makes his accusations that we make up assumptions and say it's fact sound more legit.

No. 1095574

Shh, shh. Logic isn't liked around here. We know none of the people in question about anyone on LC save the couple of anons who personally know the cows/subject matter that tries not to out who they are.

No. 1095578

This is a gossip forum who cares if we make assumptions as long as it doesn't veer into tin-foiling its fine. If we cared that much about what Hored stans think about us this thread would have been locked a long time ago.

No. 1095601

File: 1606777512381.jpg (431.39 KB, 1013x1771, Somrossask1.jpg)

He'll never apologize for calling Ross abusive cause that would mean he lied.

No. 1095603


I mean, the anons above sure did care about that sixteen quartz guy gossiping and making assumptions, someone even stalked through their blog to find out what kind of job they have. But I guess it's fine when we do it.

No. 1095604

File: 1606777706424.jpg (437.16 KB, 1014x1824, Somrossask.jpg)

There's so much hypocrisy and lack of self awareness in this that I don't know where to begin.

No. 1095609

Those two anons were just pointing out the flaws they saw in their argument. The others were just mocking them. This board jokes and makes assumptions about Hored, SOM and their stans all the time so why is this person the exception now? Their a Hored stan they're going to hate the people here regardless of what we say about them.

No. 1095632

This is what (again, tinfoil) makes me think maybe it is Geraldo, trying to 'support' SOM. She's mentioned on her twitter a couple times that she works in customer service/retail at a grocery type location.

No. 1095634

He/she/they said they work in retail, which is a miserable job for anyone. The fact that they only like Hored defense posts and only created their pages within the last six months or so, since SOM created THEIR tumblr? It doesn't bode well for them just being a well-meaning onlooker.

No. 1095636

So, what you're saying SOM, is that Jared's "I'm so nice and cute and fun!" persona he tries to play off on stream isn't who he is in real life? Thanks for clearing that up.

No. 1095639

>"I don't hate follow Heidi"

Motherfucker, you JUST went after her less than 3 months ago - which means you were CLEARLY following her twitter to know she posted about your lord and savior, PedoDick. Like, this shit is easily verifiable!

No. 1095657


He doesn't follow Heidi, guys, he just follows a tumblr account dedicated to following her and reacting to everything she posts. Huge difference.

No. 1095661


Plus when people live a somewhat a public life and put more of themselves out there, then there’s more information to glean off of. I’m an anon here, but even in places like Twitter/Tumblr etc, I make it a point to not to put out too much information about myself out for anyone to see.


So I guess that means Pedodick really is just a horny sleazeball.

No. 1095751

Had no idea that their account was that recent. I know it's still tinfoiling but that explains why out of all HOF followers they're the only one that likes SOM's posts. I know there tends to be crossover between followers, especially with smaller blogs but from those above comments on HOF they since too invested on a personal level. For now until there's more proof I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

No. 1095759

if you add "/archive" to the end of a tumblr URL, you can typically figure out when they created the account and started posting. People like SOM, HOF, Sixteen-quartz-of-bullshit or whatever all created their accounts in May, June, and September 2020, respectively.

No. 1095820

File: 1606796219111.jpeg (1.04 MB, 828x1062, 63294165-CDA8-45D1-A6BE-D37ED2…)

Milk has been pretty dry so here’s a pun inspired by Holly‘s “my birds are sick which is what they wanted” merch promotion reminding people she has pins or whatever.

It’s a pain in the ass more than ever to find milk on Hored when the replies are almost completely being about this endless cycle of SOM replying to LC anons via Tumblr and anons replying back to SOM here.

No. 1095824

It was fun for the first 10 posts, but it got old quick. SadOldSimp will lick the shit off their shoes. I mean, how long do we engage with someone as pathetic and boring as him?

No. 1095841

Because there just isn't milk right now. Give it time - Hored can't keep their collective shits together for too long, not when they know they get asspats everytime they bitch about the drama being the cause of their life's problems.

No. 1095842

We don't. He's so damned desperate for attention that he will spiral out when he realizes that everyone else thinks he's irrelevant (kind of like hoelly does when the attention shifts off of her)

No. 1095859

I don't know SOM letting it slip that Hored is calling Ross abusive behind his back is pretty milky.

No. 1095861

That's just too good for words, considering Hored really tried to push the narrative that Ross knew and approved of PedoDick and Hoelly fucking around. Hard to push the narrative of him being a supportive husband while also calling him an abusive punk.

No. 1095868

File: 1606802391928.png (38.42 KB, 584x408, Screenshot_96.png)

It's the self-victimization for me.

No. 1096815

File: 1606874554057.jpeg (384.22 KB, 823x1535, 725B717D-5030-4726-B0CA-8DB31F…)

All right everyone, clearly he’s doing fine on money, no need to donate games to him anymore.

No. 1096838


>"I think the term abuser is thrown around too much online, and has lost almost all meaning"

Tell that to your bff Holly, SadOld.

No. 1096851

People send things to Youtubers and Twitch Streamers all the time, including ones who have their own damn brand of merch. He'll keep getting stuff lol.

No. 1096889


We’ve already been over this.

No. 1096981

I got that same pack - That's MINIMUM $600, plus whatever Demon's Souls cost. But okay, hored stans, let's defend this dude on e-begging for games.

No. 1096991

honestly haven't seen him genuinely happy in months, its amusing to see his joy with inanimate objects and not with the person he gave everything up for. it's almost like he values this over everything else…

No. 1097031

On top of that Holly was crying earlier about how she can't afford to save her dying birds. Not only is Jared not helping her financially but he can't even be bothered to promote her business.

No. 1097042


Holly isn't even that much of a gamer in the traditional sense. I don't think she'll even care that much to use the console as he would.

I know she had her let's play channel but you can tell she was only playing a very specific genre of games and none of them were particularly demanding or specific (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, I just remember certain lets plays of hers, not all of them)

to be fair there aren't a lot of games yet on the ps5 exclusively that I could see Holly playing

(deleted and including to add: not that I'm calling Holly a fake gamer girl or whatever, just that it doesn't seem like a big purchase that would be a fun bonding moment for them. It's like that one AITA post of the guy who used a bunch of his own money, like 5k or 10k or something insane, so he could buy himself a guitar that he wanted. Of course his partner flipped and he was a whiny baby about it on reddit. Of course you can't compare 600 dollars to 10k, but if you are together and seem to care for each other, that 600 could go towards your rent, your bills, your life, or her birds, for instance)

No. 1097055

The shitty reality is that I'm sure ProPenis will probably try to write off the cost as a work-related expense, since he claims his YouTube/Twitch channels are his career (despite the fact that there's no way he's earning enough steady income to maintain any kind of life in the PNW)

No. 1097102

you know, a gaggle of women paying attention to his every worthless word? better than this greasy basement-dweller has ever had it. you might be onto something anon!

i can't stop laughing, he looks six years younger
holly's going to start propping her phone up on the PS5 for selfies, just watch

No. 1097108

I thought he specialized in playing old video games; Is he going to start streaming the new shit too because spoiler: the market is oversaturated with other "let's play"ers who DON'T solicit nudes from their fans.

No. 1097232

If you read the caption, he got the system through e-begging. He said some "generous people reached out to help him", meaning that after he bitched about not being able to afford it, some fans rushed in to buy it for him.

No. 1097247

So when he does e-beg for stuff its for himself not to help out his mistress.

No. 1097404

honestly a great pun and i hope it can be the next thread title

No. 1097521

He may have still paid out of pocket/a reduced fee for it. I know of at least one streamer of similar size/"influence" to Pedodick that was able to get a retail worker to help hook him up through their job… But he's also the kind that would insist on using his twitch donations to pay the person back, vs Jared who likely wouldn't think twice about expecting it for free.

No. 1097528

You know that's the case because if he TRULY wanted it, pedodick would've just went on ebay and bought one from a scalper. Nope, he wanted it as cheap (or free) as possible so he could flex on all of the other "Let's play"-ers that couldn't secure one.

No. 1097548

You mean what a lot of youtubers and twitch streamers did during the great PS5 launch? (The ones that didn't get one for free that is.) It just means he got help locating it/bought it off someone. No one is gifting PS5s, anon.
I'm sure you'd buy scalped over priced items too, right? If not seriously, this isn't milk in the slightest.

No. 1097616

Does it really matter what I, a non-professional gamer, would do?

Jared is the same person who was e-begging for people's DS games less than two weeks ago. It's ironic that he didn't have the money to just buy those himself (why would he when he can get his fans to give them to him for free?) but he MAGICALLY finds $600+ to spend on a new PS5 that he wants (not needs, since his career revolves around playing older games)

Also, you literally contradicted yourself. In one breath you said "the ones that didn't get one for free that is" and in the next, "no one is gifting PS5s". Which is it?

No. 1097639


the company was sending for free for promotion purposes, anon, not random fans. are you new to the game streamer world? lots of gamers and streamers receive free stuff like consoles, keyboards, headsets, mouse or controllers.. cause then they promote the product every time they stream with it and their fans listen to their recommendations

No. 1097669

That's sort of the point, Anon. Sony obviously thought Jared receiving a product didn't stand to bring in any additional purchases that would justify giving him a free console. Instead, he bitched to the right people/fans and shmoozed his way into getting one, likely discounted or free (otherwise he wouldn't have had to point out that 'generous people reached out to help') rather than waiting or shelling out the exorbitant costs on Ebay like the rest of us plebes.

THe picture bragging about getting one - while asking which additional $50-60 games he should get, on instagram is just a weird-ass flex, considering he was just e-begging for DS games (which I'd imagine are significantly cheaper that a $600-700 PS5 setup).

No. 1097818

File: 1606970447863.jpeg (366.37 KB, 828x1417, C543AC46-1408-432B-972E-1B9525…)

Can’t say I feel sorry for him if he doesn’t get invited to cons ever again once we get past this pandemic. Actions have consequences and I’d say him using his e-status or whatever in order to gain nudes from his fans should be enough to where he shouldn’t be invited as a guest to anything ever again.

No. 1097820

Anon, it's not even the nudes that should stop him from being invited to cons - It's the fact that he met at least one fan at a con and had sex with them. These are things he's meant to be working at and instead, he's using his e-celeb status to get fucked by random fangirls. THAT is why companies should be like "Nah, we can find MUCH better representatives for our brand"

No. 1097822

>"What are people resonating with?"
Not the nearly 40 year old dude who is trying to hang on to the last shreds of youth. He very much gives off Steve Buscemi "Hello fellow youth" vibes.

No. 1097826


The funny thing is he slept with that fan at that specific con. So is it the cons he misses or one night stands with fangirls?

No. 1097829

>"It was the only way I was ever able to get face time with those that support me"
You know, except for when you solicited them for nudes.
And when you hooked up with them at cons.

He's really pretending that shit never happened.

No. 1097853

I think in his mind, he's figuring if he doesn't mention it, everyone will eventually move on - and for just about anything else, sure, maybe. But you don't really get to use cons as a breeding ground for your next one-night-stand and then complain when that gets you booted from cons in the future.

No. 1097881

His main channel focuses a lot on older games yeah, specially in the Nintendo realm of things and his LP channel seems to be a mixed bag but this is like saying AVGN shouldn't touch any console beyond 1980s despite "retro games" are now up to 2005 consoles.
Whether we like it or not, it is indeed a work related expense. Just like people write off their computer builds as such.
>But you don't really get to use cons as a breeding ground for your next one-night-stand
He, like most people who went to cons, are referring to the pandemic and how -EVERYTHING- is cancelled for the foreseeable future. If you recall even before the shitstorm of drama and DnD aside he hasn't really been to cons much as a solo guest speaker or his own panel. And no, before any scrotes try to say I'm defending him I'm not I'm just saying not EVERYTHING is linked to the aftermath of his idiocy. Why would he keep bringing up DRAMA 24/7? Even hoelly goes quiet about it every now and then lol. Idk maybe I don't understand the logic about wanting him to constantly say: "I got nudes from fans! I cheated on my wife!" every minute of the day like, what purpose does that serve? It'd be a diff story if he were a rapist or murderer trying to pretend he didn't do it. We all know what he did.

Just fyi, he's not the only one that does/did shady stuff at cons, there's been a lot of recent revelations about people popping up constantly, even as recently as mr Flynn, so as much as we dislike the dude, even if it's him it's unfair to think that's LITERALLY all he sees cons as when I can point out no less than 40 people I follow saying similar things who did nothing wrong.

No. 1097916

Are you being willfully ignorant? You're saying he's referring to the pandemic despite the fact that PedoWorm HIMSELF says "Even without the state of the world, I don't know if I'll ever get to do this again. I don't know if I'll ever be invited out to a con as a guest to do panels or whatever". You are, in fact, ignoring the man's own words while you trip over yourself to tell us we're being unfair to the sex pest who used cons for one-night-stands that is now bitching about not getting to use cons anymore.

>"Just FYI, he's not the only one that does/did shady stuff at cons"

Right, and if this thread were about anyone else, I'd be calling that shit out too. This is a thread about PedoWorm which is why everyone is focusing on the stunts he has pulled.

No. 1097917

>"Why would he keep bringing up DRAMA 24/7?"

Because, like Hoelly Conartist, it gets him asspats and attention from his incel fans. Obviously this isn't as bad as rape and murder, I don't see anyone saying that it is. That doesn't mean we should just give him a free pass on being super shitty.

No. 1098025

File: 1607005200439.jpeg (37.23 KB, 746x225, 0E8E4FD1-69B0-427B-BB07-1BB58C…)


The one brave soul in that thread to say what most of us are thinking here, lol.

There are plenty of other weirdo youtuber/Twitch streamers out there who didn’t flash their mushroom dick to their followers or use cons to fuck fans or reenact their self-insert DnD RP. He’s a liability, and if I was heading up a con I wouldn’t take the risk bringing him in as a guest.

No. 1098029

Exactly. You'd have to justify why you picked PedoWorm, who has the accusations of sleeping with fans and proof of him 'soliciting' nudes of fans, over another less problematic youtuber/streamer - and there's literally nothing he offers than someone else doesn't.

His personality is literally just "quirky 35+ year old who is trying to keep up with the youths".

No. 1098035

My fucking sides

No. 1098042


If you have a reputation of using your hired position at a con to fuck e-girls then people aren't going to wanna hire you. Shocking, I know.

The idea of him leaving his hotel room with Holly to go sniff after a cosplay girl every night is hilarious, though

No. 1098095

Gotta love how it's everyone else's fault but his own. Yeah Jared who knew that, stabbing your friend/coworker in the back by fucking his wife and being a sexual predator could have serious consequences for your career.

No. 1098449


>His personality is literally just "quirky 35+ year old who is trying to keep up with the youths".

So… literally any 'gaming' Twitch streamer/Youtuber pretty much.

No. 1098469


>"What are people resonating with?"

Fans these days don't really care about face-to-face interaction with their 'faves', a simple shout-out on Twitch will do.

Also read the room.
Let's remove you from the current situation when it comes to cons & meetups.
With all of these older creators being outed for grooming young/vulnerable fans into sexual relationships the saying "Never meet your idols" hits a bit different these days.

No. 1098476


>"Not being able to hear the laughter or cheers or any kind of feedback while performing has got me doubting my self."

How very relatable, amirite?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but most of his current fanbase comes off as those 'uwu anxiety' types who would throw up all over themselves if placed in front of a crowd.

No. 1098522

>but most of his current fanbase comes off as those 'uwu anxiety' types
No..his fanbase still stems from when he was part of normalboots/doing his own thing regularly which is far from that type of person as all game reviewers/LPers seem to have the general same type of watchbase. You seem to be confusing it with holly's fans.

No. 1098535

Right, and they get called out for it too (Dan Avidan for one). You realize Jared isn't going to pick you just because you constantly defend him here, right?

No. 1098542

Different anon but I'm fairly sure that isn't a defense and he's pointing out a fact especially given the occasional unrelated (to the drama) people that get brought up in these topics.

No. 1098637


Yeah, what I basically meant is that Jared is just a dime a dozen when it comes to youtubers/streamers nowadays. Aside from the scandal, there's little to nothing that makes him stand out.

All he has now is his former 'glory'.

No. 1099884

File: 1607148640640.png (27.29 KB, 587x181, Screenshot_101.png)

Hored stans: "Jared never asked for a PS5! He probably paid full price!"


No. 1099890

Ok the guy is a grade A skeeve but this is clearly a joke.
Stop nitpicking

No. 1099893

it's not nitpicking when his stans are running around like some kind soul just popped into his inbox and offered to help with finding him a ps5 when he was actively seeking people out to help him.

No. 1099945

I must lack a sense of humor then because I fail to see how that is supposed to be anything but begging.
This could have been tweeted by any other streamer/YTer and it would have been just as pathetic

No. 1100081

It's literally nitpicking. What in that states: "GIVE ME YOUR PS5 FOR FREE!"? Are people that desperate for milk they're misinterpreting everything? No one said people offered out of the blue the only person who said anything related was they likely SOLD him their pre-order or found one locally and shipped it to him.

You know, what many youtubers/streamers asked people to do? Including Dashie (someone people REALLY like?)

No. 1100096

Did I ever say that's what he said? Again, other streamers doing it is just as bad as Jared doing it, but since this thread is about ProPedo, that's who people are going to specifically be calling out.

No. 1100114

Agreed however I think it's more that because there's been no milk a lot of things are nitpicks or "omg he responded to a NSFW art post in a way anyone would and have done! Something even you would do if it tickled your fancy!" It's like how hoelly posted a pic doing literally nothing wrong, saying nothing wrong and not even "showing off" her "fashion" and people were trying to squeeze milk from a stone so to speak.

No. 1100197

File: 1607190703715.jpeg (246.42 KB, 828x1114, 34F63C8A-16BD-4F9E-8168-54D39C…)

I found this a little interesting, and a bit sad that the Pedodick stans were screeching at someone for not inviting Pedodick onto their stream. It makes me wonder if this had to do with Jared’s “I miss things ):” post on IG. Despite him having had crowed about not being cancelled (and then hypocritically calling for someone else’s cancellation) I wonder if some streamers/YTer’s are moving past him due to the liability of him having abused his e-fame to solicit his fanbase for sexual gratification. Or maybe because as others have pointed out, he never really seems to do more than the minimum online anyway, posting videos sporadically for example, even before all of the controversy.

Or maybe I’m just tinhatting, lol.

No. 1100234

Bit tinfoily in a way yeah, since it's well known PBG and Jared are/were really good friends so you'd THINK there'd be an invite extended, that's the logic I see behind that.
>I wonder if some streamers/YTer’s are moving past him due to the liability
Highly, Highly, HIGHLY doubt it. Youtubers/streamers tend to latch onto each other and whoever can boost their money/views/merch deals regardless of reaction, hence why people still work with pokimane and alinity. Jared doesn't have push/outreach anymore so there's virtually no reason to really collab lol.

No. 1100302

File: 1607198216831.jpg (53.37 KB, 720x118, Screenshot_20201205-145559_Chr…)

Awww, did someone's verification application get denied? Poor baby.

I can imagine the scathing apps he has sent since the drama, they definitely are full of "EVERYTHING WAS FALSE ACCUSATIONS I AM A VICTIM OF CANCEL CULTURE"


I mean as much as it seems otherwise there are plenty of people besides us who realise how fucked up what he did was. All it would take is one person in that group PBG played with saying that they are uncomfortable playing with him for him to not get an invite. they just have to be careful since if they say anything remotely public about him in any negative way they will have Holly and his simp army coming after them.

I wouldn't at all be surprised if PBG mentioned inviting him and someone else in the call didnt want him to, especially if there were some ladies in the call

No. 1100308

File: 1607198496874.jpg (109.76 KB, 720x275, Screenshot_20201205-145946_Chr…)


Self replying, here is the group that made the cut. They are a bunch of his friends which makes it even funnier to me that he didnt have enough clout to make the cut, especially since he has tweeted a couple times now about wanting to join an among us stream

Sure, maybe he was busy that night, but it's way more funny to me to imagine that he didnt make the cut against some indie twitch ladies he simps for

No. 1100427


Jared seems to bitch about no one 'reaching out' to him.
Maybe he should have just asked PBG? Last I saw, they seem to be on good terms.

No. 1100510


Jared seems the type to me that expects everything to fall into his lap with little to no effort on his part. Before all the controversy when he had more e-fame (and before the pandemic) he was probably reached out to by a lot of people due to the popularity of his channel, DCA, NB, etc. But now that the majority of that is seemingly gone, those offers have dried up. But he’s a narcissist, so he probably thinks it’s beneath him to actually have to make effort for things to happen.

No. 1100519


Everyone was tweeting jokes on twitter starting up verification again in 2021, he's just joining in the jokes. Not everything he says about not getting what he wants is 100% serious.

No. 1100527


It's weird a lot of them still openly interact with Jared on twitter, I wonder if there was another reason why he wasn't there?

No. 1100622

A combination of things. He's not that big anymore so it's not worth the risk/backlash.

No. 1100648

Right, and if he jokes about "Send me your nudes!", are you going to brush that off because other streamers do it too? Other people can make jokes, Jared - who has a history of e-begging and doing inappropriate shit by using his e-fame - has used the 'It was just a joke' defense for too long and we let him get away with it.

No. 1100651

He even went as far to tweet on a couple different people's "Hit me up if you want to join" tweets, though I don't know if he actually has played anything with anyone in awhile other than some phasmophobia with RaeRaeSinpai.

No. 1100713

File: 1607223633362.png (199.66 KB, 1027x797, hackedebay.png)

Heidi's ebay account was either hacked or mass reported when she went to sell her games. What do you think Hored got a stan with enough tech knowhow to fuck with her trying to make a living?

No. 1100719

Literally no. People hack/fuck with ebay accounts all the time lol. Depending on what she was selling it's POSSIBLE she tripped a red flag because there's a lot of fraud with certain items.

No. 1100745


Not just her auctions, her entire account was suspended/deleted. WTF did ebay think she did??

No. 1100844

It doesn't even necessarily mean ebay thinks she did anything; Their fraud detection system is….lackluster, at best. The fact that the hored stans seem to think she's lying about it for attention? That's the pathetic part here.

No. 1100853


Wait, where are they saying that? Not doubting you I just haven't seen anyone straight up accuse her of lying about it for attention.

No. 1100873

nor did I, but someone brought it up to HollyComrade/TWC who tends to fact check their shit.

No. 1100889

No one, whenever heidi gets brought up people drop everything including their remaining 2 braincells to defend her to the death even when she's not being attacked. God forbid ebay disabled/deleted etc her shit because of their shitty system and has nothing to do with hored "stans."

Next thing you know her twitch/youtube/etsy etc will have issues that CLEARLY can't be because of the shitty platform itself being stupid.

No. 1100890


Agree, twc/hc actually does fact check before saying something is true unlike Hored stans, so if they're saying it happened they must have seen people throwing "you're faking it for attention" accusations at Heidi. The fact that Hored stans are that desperate to make Heidi look bad that they'll literally make that shit up is disgusting.

No. 1100898

And whenever someone criticizes your lord and savior Hored, you all give away your last iq point to justify why something is okay for them just because other people do it too.

You're all acting like Hoelly didn't JUST try to claim her birds were sick/dying because of the drama, which is the same shit you're accusing Heidi of claiming (which, btw, she didn't; In fact, she said she didn't know what was going on but that she wasn't going to make allegations)

No. 1100906

>And whenever someone criticizes your lord and savior Hored
Don't know what logic you're using here since I don't recall liking either of them but it's okay, heidi got brought up so here you are to call anyone not protecting her a hored stan.
>You're all acting like Hoelly didn't JUST try to claim her birds were sick/dying because of the drama
This has what to do with Heidi posting about her ebay account having issues? Like jesus, we get it you're hardcore whiteknighting for heidi but this ABSOUTELY has nothing to do with that response. It's just hilarious that this is somehow of course the work of hored stans and can't possibly be because ebay has shit policies and she ended up getting caught in crossfire?

Selling old games especially for high prices ESPECIALLY after the whole PS5/GPU debacle put them on scalper shutdown overdrive.

No. 1100907

The only people I've seen saying "Heidi said it was the work of hored stans!" are the very hored stans trying to defend themselves. Anyone you claim is defending Heidi has said "We have no idea; It wouldn't surprise us, but the site also sucks balls and could just be glitching".

No. 1100919


I wouldn't put it past them to make an accusation like that, they love twisting anything Heidi does as begging for attention. Remember when they tried to twist Heidi selling hats was trying to one up Holly?

No. 1101070

File: 1607266315449.jpeg (132.52 KB, 1779x885, F516AB09-2093-46E2-BCB3-FCAE04…)

Someone pointed this out on TWC and I realize that Holly didn’t create it herself, but why in the fuck would anyone think it’s okay to use the event of the WTC being attacked as something to advertise a podcast?? I do realize that of course crazy tinhatter conspiracy theorists believe it didn’t happen, but it’s an event where many people died traumatically so maybe… use something else??

No. 1101073


Like obviously she didnt make this poster but also obviously it is a quote from her from the show. So much for empathy uwu

Before someone gets triggered, yes I know people make 9/11 jokes all the time, you just would expect better from someone whose brand is kindness and empathy. But hey, 9/11/2001 was nothing compared to 5/9/2019 in her eyes anyway

No. 1101096

Damn she's really facetuning herself into a different person now

No. 1101102


Maybe she chewed on her hands so much that they are constantly jittering and that's why all her selfies are so blurry in the face

No. 1101217

It's not even just a skin filter. It looks like she's warping her cheeks, chin, and jawline to look more shapely. We know she has a serious case of moon face IRL

No. 1101578

No some paranoid idiot Hored stan from HOF tinfoiled that Heidi was placing the blame on Holly and Jared even though she clearly wasn't.

No. 1101594


Also what is so spooky about 9/11 conspiracy/jokes lmao. As a huge horror/monster fan this is why I gave up on spooky Saturday, it's not even spooky half the time, just hoelly and kayla talking about whatever Holly's latest hyperfixation is

No. 1101607


Nitpick I know but that HOF anon said Heidi might eventually start saying Jared/Holly/their stans are involved, not that she's currently doing it. Even HOF pointed out Heidi isn't accusing anyone of anything. My own tinfoil is someone made up the "Hored stans are saying she did it for attention" to get us pissed off over nothing and/or to make it look like we'll fall for anything as long as it makes Jared/Holly look bad.

No. 1101735


An anon over at TWC/HC pointed out that this particular con Pedodick posted the picture from is the same con he was at when he had sex with that fan, so it seems like he misses cons not just because he misses hearing laughter, lol.

No. 1102286

why is she shooping herself into pedodick lmao

No. 1102412

What? lol I don't see any resemblance there.

No. 1102421

File: 1607369463843.jpeg (172.83 KB, 828x722, FBD34FA1-CDBB-4648-8CC2-5C15C9…)

Imagine defending a sex pest so hard that you really have to do some cranial gymnastics to try to convince everyone that soliciting nudes and sex from your fanbase is okay.

No. 1102915

File: 1607438367235.jpg (179.37 KB, 718x958, 20201208_093914.jpg)


You got to her, anon

No. 1102937


That is so pathetic

No. 1102954

>we ALL look like walking skeletons covered in gunk
Sounds more like a you problem, Holly

No. 1102977

This looks like mismatched foundation. Is it just her natural face? Why does it look so unhealthy?

No. 1102980

She's just ugly, anon

No. 1103003

File: 1607448748608.jpg (47.93 KB, 385x670, Capture.JPG)

yikes, opposite of a glow up

No. 1103009


damn that hair was a lot cuter

tbh I feel like she should go back to that deep red she had, that was her best look so far. It really brightened her skin up while still being a deep shade, unfortunately black hair does not suit everyone when it's bottle black, natural black hair is a totally different undertone to dyed black and if it was your natural shade you'd have the features along with it like dark eyebrows or lashes, she doesn't have either and it washes her out

No. 1103058

The black just makes her look sick, which is probably one of the reasons why she has it. Pink hair looks cute on her and brightens up her face, but for some reason she prefers looking like the black plague is out to get her.

No. 1103069


Agreed, she looks honestly really cute with lighter colored hair, or just colored hair in general. She should atleast go for a silver or steel gray instead of deep black

But Strix has edgy emo witch hair so she will never go back

No. 1103089

God this is just sad. Imagine living your life with what an anonymous imageboard says about you constantly in the back of your mind. Normally I have a lot of empathy for the cows but I feel nothing for her, she's obsessed with her internet trauma and will continue to stagnate and get more pathetic until she figures out how to move the fuck on.

No. 1103105

Yeah, but imagine how much the internet would laugh at her for becoming a redhead.

No. 1103131

That is her actual undertone but she chooses stupid makeup colors like orange eyeshadow plus pale pink lips and black hair with sharpie brows plus no mascara. She's too busy hoarding parking lot pigeons to look up how to flatter her skin tone.
She didn't always look like this. I have a theory it's part her thinking she actually is Strix and part self-harm by bad makeup- looking as ugly outside as you feel inside. There are a couple of old photos of her out there where she looked sort of nerd-cute with a normal brown bob and makeup that doesn't look like a disease.

No. 1103137

She looks jaundiced

No. 1103155

Under her eyes are already this baggy and she's not even in her mid forties yet. Truely an ugly woman.

No. 1103185

lol cope. Ever been to a nursing home and see how many people picked up poetry, art, etc.? How does a fanbase of a very vocally mentally ill person act so defeatist?

No. 1103291

She looks so normal here. >>1103131 has a solid theory about her self-harming with makeup. It sounds stupid to "self harm" by reading lolcow and looking ugly, but considering she claimed to do the former, that's how Holly thinks.

Disclaimer: I equate self-harm with self injury, and think the way Holly uses it to describe reading gossip diminishing to people who do/did SI. So, I have a hard time understanding the way Holly talks.

No. 1103308


I dont think self-harm is an inaccurate description of what she does. Constantly reading nonstop hate about yourself is absolutely damaging to your self esteem and mental health in general. Contrapoints talked about it in her Cancel Culture video, which Holly posted everywhere so we know we watched it.

Apparently she just chose to ignore the part where Contra dropped links to ways to block yourself from visiting those sites, since she is here every day, and I'm sure it doesnt help having a group of fan friends like SOM who also keep up here and involve themselves. Hard to move on if you're not trying at all to, ya know?

No. 1103338

ayrt. The disclaimer was mostly to avoid people replying arguing that I wasn't using the phrase correctly. Probably to the detriment of my main point, kek, which was to agree with >>1103131 and especially:

>I have a theory it's part her thinking she actually is Strix and part self-harm by bad makeup

Sorry for being unclear!

No. 1103390


Annnnd she deleted the pics from IG. Still up on Twitter for now.

No. 1103414


Let me get this straight, she posted an unfiltered pic on IG because cow called her out for shopping, then deleted the pic when cow said she looked like shit?

Imagine letting cow live rent free in your head for YEARS

No. 1103471

nah fam, most people don't look like they spend 23 of the 24 hours in a day living in a dark basement away from humanity and sunlight.

No. 1103475

File: 1607492517560.png (6.23 KB, 278x116, Screenshot_114.png)

Well fuck me sideways, SOM actually defended Heidi. An anon sent HOF a message, calling her expoitative for posting one of Aries' vetbills and her kofi - and both hof and som called the anon out.

No. 1103488

Something about Holly watching Contrapoints, who is known for lurking his KF thread on the daily, really makes me kek.

No. 1103532

Is he ill? Did he get hacked? Someone check up on him.

Cows of a feather

No. 1103595


Having a pet means vet bills are not unexpected. I wonder what happens to these people pets if people don't stump up the handouts?

No. 1103629


Sadly it seems like this is how a lot of people function when it comes to pets. They’ll have enough money to feed them and maybe take them to the vet once a year, but a lot of people don’t plan beyond that. I’m not saying this is what happened here, but I’ve seen enough sad Nextdoor threads to know that it’s pretty common at least here in the USA.

No. 1103637

File: 1607523246722.jpg (89.13 KB, 497x759, vet.JPG)

It's still there, not sure why yours isn't showing it but he didn't take it down. Also, your description of the post seems less tame than the actual ask.

No. 1103680

I deleted my post here, I realized I was looking in the comment section of the wrong post.

Yes, god forbid I get a little pissed off when people go after Heidi for posting a kofi for Aries' medical bills when Hoelly JUST sold and pushed her bs pins to pay for the trash birds medical care and none of them said a word about her doing it.

No. 1103682

Common vet bills are not unexpected; A cat with a sudden, difficult to get rid of ear infection? That came out of nowhere. Where the fuck was this irritation when Hoelly was bitching about how expensive her trash birds were during the "THE DRAMA IS KILLING MY BIRDS" sperg?

No. 1103691

Exactly. And part of what SadOldSimp doesn't understand about the criticism Holly gets here and why Heidi gets a "free pass" when seemingly doing the same thing.

I'm with Anon, who said people should budget for unexpected vet bills but as Americans, we live paycheck to paycheck. Clearly Holly doesn't, but her standard of living has probably been downsized by the lack of continued revenue. She might have money, but be more insecure about it. Heidi has a shop and alimony, but those are not exactly secure in a city as expensive as Seattle during a pandemic.

People are most likely to help out with vet bills and, hey, why not ask? But Holly doesn't know how to do things without manipulation. I mean why not just say you're stressed about your birds being sick and say your pins will be out soon and help cover medical costs. Instead, she mentions people wishing them dead, which is probably one insane anon message you can delete. She starts to guilt people and that's pretty shitty. Holly is full of toxicity and manipulation that she hardly ever manages to sound genuine, even if she is.

No. 1103700

File: 1607529780974.jpeg (3.32 MB, 2448x2446, 70413C3E-5603-4AF1-8173-ADA1FE…)

Unlucky that she has natural “Ariana Grande’s botched lift” brows.

Small kek because I’d posted this pic or similar from the same event saying she used to look more “full of life” or something because she didn’t look as shitty compared to these days, but I made the mistake of leaving Ross in so a Ross anon got cRoss about it.

I disagree with this, but only because in her current state she could VERY EASILY Zooey Deschanel skinwalk.

Think about it.
It’d be so damn easy for her to straighten her hair, slap on some makeup, and it’d be pretty damn close. Closer than I feel comfortable admitting.

She’ll never do it, but she could.

No. 1103701

Gotta love it when two anons contradict each other.

No. 1103720


Pretty much this. Holly squawking about how people want her birds dead seems more manipulative, and that makes me less inclined to give anyone money. Why doesn’t she hit up her wormdick boyfriend who just recently bought a PS5?

No. 1103736

Jared’s secretly poisoning the birds so all her attention will be on him

No. 1103748

That's it; Heidi says "Hey, Aries, the cat I post about often that is universally liked? He's sick and vet bills are expensive. Here's where you can donate, if you'd like; No pressure". Hoelly essentially says "OMFG NOW MY BIRDS ARE DYING WHICH IS WHAT PEOPLE SAID THEY'D DO, KILL MY BIRDS. THIS IS ALL BECAUSE OF DRAMA THAT I HAD NO CONTROL OVER. BUY MY PINS OR MY BIRDS ARE GONNA DIE!"

Guess which one people aren't total simps are likely to donate to. Hint: It's the less psychotic, guilt-tripping, passive-aggressive one.

No. 1103763


oh, oh anon, no…. she couldn't

That's Zoe's natural hair shade. You can tell it belongs to her and with/without makeup it doesn't stand out or make her washed out.

Holly just doesn't suit that black/super dark brown hair. It's fine, I don't either, even if this was some rando person I'd still say this hair doesn't suit them. She is too yellow, she's not pale or pink toned in the slightest. I would call Holly more olive toned than anything, in fact I think she would look much better with a green hair look. A medium to dark cool toned green would really compliment those olive/yellow tones in her skin and bring out her eyes.

and I have a suspicion she specifically doesn't know or care how to take care of herself to find flattering tones or colors because I think Holly is too deeply insecure and prefers to "do what she wants" under the guise of feminism and empowerment against the demands of a society, because she's too embarrassed to admit she has no fucking idea what she's doing

A hair shade shouldn't suit you when you "slap on some makeup", it should look good on you even when you just woke up. I was the same with the black hair; if I wore a full face sure I'd look passable but when the carefully controlled face came off I looked dead and yellow.

No. 1103773

Now you Hored would never call Holly out for blant manipulation and gulit tripping. Something, something her poor mental health :/

No. 1103777

Overall she's still unattractive and looks horrible for her age. Anything she does with her hair would just make her slightly more easier on the eyes.
Hi Holly(hi cow)

No. 1103794


Yeah they both post asking for help with vet bills but atleast Heidi doesnt post her bougie indie beer and coffee shop treats within days of her asking for financial help lmao

Also I feel alot more inclined to go easy on the recently financially independent one with a single pet than the egirl one who has a legitment problem hoarding animals

No. 1103812

Heidi also just has the one cat, Holly keeps adding to her bird coop, even taking an injured one in from the streets mere days after complaining about the bills.

No. 1103815


Yeah, did anyone ever see the video she posted on Twitter of one of her birds taking a bath? There were a lot of other birds in the background, holy bird hoarder.

No. 1103830

File: 1607540627442.png (30.1 KB, 590x121, whoredeservespunishment.png)

Can we pretty please make the next thread "I'm a whore and deserve to be punished" edition

No. 1103973

Holly the bird hoarder manipulates/guilt trips people with year old drama that she was the innocent "victim" of, to get people to donate money for vet bills for birds she probably got sick cus of her animal hoarding while her boyfriend buys a PS5. Yet hored is "worried" that Heidi is the one lying about fiances.

No. 1104065

File: 1607556441683.jpeg (Spoiler Image,10.17 KB, 211x239, 94A1076A-977D-45F6-9183-6EE966…)

You make a lot of good points anon, especially about the huge differences that seem small like their skin’s undertones and what would suit Holly.

For me I was thinking in a much more of a “copy her look, but make it suit your features” sense. The thick hair, the face shape similarities, how they both need a good mascara. There is no way Holly could truly pull off a true ZD, but I think a bit of New Girl hipster-y, cutesy kitsch and some ‘Parisian-inspired’ make up could go a loooong way.

> I would call Holly more olive toned than anything, in fact I think she would look much better with a green hair look. A medium to dark cool toned green would really compliment those olive/yellow tones in her skin and bring out her eyes.

I think the balayage/dyed curls that almost framed her face did wonders for her. Whatever was going on with her hair back last June looked nice, save her bangs rolling up near her hairline. I feel like she cuts her own bangs, and cuts them while they’re wet.
Even googling “Holly Conrad pretty” is this parade of hack jobs, if she wasn’t doing that to herself she must have been seeing a talented (if not decent) stylist who was cutting her hair to wear curly without expecting Holly to straighten out the uneven lengths.
(Also turned up a photo posted to r/transpassing that I thought was going to be a troll posting Holly’s selfie 2 years ago, but ended up being someone saying the genuinely prettier t-girl looked like Holly kek)

>and I have a suspicion she specifically doesn't know or care how to take care of herself to find flattering tones or colors because I think Holly is too deeply insecure and prefers to "do what she wants" under the guise of feminism and empowerment against the demands of a society, because she's too embarrassed to admit she has no fucking idea what she's doing

What annoys me is that her house in the tour video looked nice, as if time and care was put into decorating her space. It’s like she is literally refusing to extend that into her art or her looks.

I’m sure it’s been said many times but it’s like her Strix cosplay was “uglier” so she could feel pretty when removing the costume. Funny if so that their fans ended up liking Strix aesthetically despite everything, but I mean besides knowing she’s insecure and clueless about what to do besides feel upset about being insecure I feel we’re (well, me more so) just tinfoiling.

She has no personality, no “self”. She should have ditched her ugly creep fling and Eat, Pray, Love’d or some other life crisis shit. Instead she cozied up to keemy, invaded a psych ward or crisis center, and finger-painted “whore” or “slut” (I cba to remember which).


Anon I want to fix her so badly, I want to give her tips in hopes she looks less droopy by chatting improvements with other farmers that she might take to heart.

It’s almost triggering. Why walk around looking like a blobfish in a bad wig on purpose?

I’m haunted by her incredibly hooded eyes, her lumpy cheeks that fill out her face to match her strong jaw. That nearly perfect square of a head when she’s wearing straight bobs like her Shep cosplay..

Nah I’m just fucking around now, the stream of SOM posts is way less interesting though.

Has there ever been a successful cow makeover/breakthrough before, though? Mostly they just up the editing from what I’ve seen.

Please anything but this, unless her PFP and display name is changed to be one of her sickly bird’s.

Pic related is a bird gimp mask with nobody in it, spoilered just because I think it’s creepy.

No. 1104444

Thread title, anon. Not thread pic. And nobody wants to read your novel, learn to integrate better.

No. 1104794

File: 1607651381823.jpeg (69.42 KB, 616x647, 36AB69FF-1114-4D67-AF37-1904DC…)

Thinking about this tweet again and how much funnier it became as time went on, I really miss the real milk. Hoelly was the cow that just kept giving.

I’ve been following this drama since it broke most likely the same as you because I was always reading the GG threads, if you’re so much better integrated then it’d probably be super easy for you to name all 5 of Heidi’s albums.

> "I'm a whore and deserve to be punished" edition
As a title alone it almost feels like it’s indulging in some humiliation kink she has, but it’s not even that deep. Just a random stranger’s opinion that it would come off less pervy if there was an accompanying visual joke.
𝘐𝘯 𝘢𝘥𝘥𝘪𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯.

No. 1104842

File: 1607661212214.jpeg (487.51 KB, 828x1434, 76B49F49-1EE0-4D22-A135-65DB03…)

So apparently Pedodick is officially a video game charity case now. I guess if he’s not getting sexual gratification from his fans, he’s got to get something.


I read it all, I thought it had some interesting points.


That tweet is hilarious, omg. “It’s between them.” As she’s been fucking wormdick behind Heidi’s back and pretending to be her friend to her face.

No. 1104854

And this tweet was what she sent out in retaliation to Heidi outing her as Jared's side ho.

No. 1104879

Could he BE more pathetic? This is a dude who made his living off of streaming/playing old video games and just dropped anywhere from $500-700 on a new ps5 and yet he's ebegging his stupid fans for their FREE games?

Jesus christ, he's a bottomless pit of "let's see how far I can abuse my fame".

No. 1104880

Yeah, the kicker was the whole "You're believing someone you don't know from the internet!" followed abruptly by the "C'mon guys! You know me! Trust me even though I'm someone you know from the internet!" bullshit.

No. 1104993

When was this? I don't follow hoelly but I'm curious to know how many birds since I know a lot of people with 5+ birds but that's basically a whole family generation from their first 2 they had years ago.
When will people realize it's nothing new to send shit to youtubers and streamers? Every single one of them has a po box for people to send shit in WITH a plug of their own or "we'll do fanmail (insert day, usually friday) so send in your stuff!" so I hope you hate every one of them "abusing their fame" to have fanmail, don't just cherry pick.

No. 1105008

File: 1607695828425.jpeg (135.36 KB, 828x960, C7679C52-B9A4-46A3-B5C1-DB8BFB…)


I think you’re the one cherry picking here. There’s a difference between “Hey guys, if you want to send me a gift, here’s my PO Box” versus “Hey guys, send me your old games so that I can increase my collection, here’s what I own.” It’s disgusting that he’s using his fans for his own gain again.

No. 1105067

Back when this thread was still part of the Grumps stuff they got criticized for e-begging for Pokemon cards, so this "it's only bad because it's Jared" commentary is indeed ludicrous.

No. 1105094

I think another difference is that for game grumps, they would upload daily videos of them playing games sent in by fans and post their name/say thanks. So people would send in games for the chance to see an LP of it. Jared is just adding them to his personal collection

He is by FAR not the only youtuber doing this but that doesn’t mean it’s not weird

No. 1105176

To be fair, Jared did say "hopefully I can play these on stream or on my channel!", but one would assume that if he's getting games for all of the systems, there's just no way he can post all of them on his channel.

Plus, like other anon said, there's a difference between "Hey, here's a PO box if you want to send me stuff" and "Hey, here's a list of games I have so that you don't send me doubles while I pad my collection for free"

No. 1105181


Not to nitpick, but he didn't give a list but he did post a picture of what he had, anyone could look through it and check they're not sending duplicates. So he technically posted a list, just not a written one. Asking for free games is still a little dubious, though.

No. 1105196

did….did you miss the part of his instagram post where he said "Should I make a list of my collections available? I have one made already for NES and SNES. I could do it for EVERY system eventually"?

That, to me, says he plans on continuing to allow his fans to send games to him so that he doesn't have to spend his own money buying them (certain NES and SNES games are EXPENSIVE due to age and rarity, especially if they're in good condition with original boxes, etc.).

This now goes beyond "Every streamer gets sent shit sometimes!" and directly into "I know you're all dumb enough to keep sending me expensive games for free, so here's the ones I already have". He's getting greedy, and once again abusing his fans generosity to get free shit.

No. 1105671

File: 1607763752018.jpeg (97.33 KB, 828x391, 5BF7FAF5-317B-46D6-A246-2472A4…)


Officially a bird hoarder. 30 pigeons plus her chickens and other random birds.

No. 1105686


Let's not forget the "I bought a rooster without checking the municipal code and was eventually forced to give him away by the evil, evil authorities" incident.

No. 1105714

And then blamed her neighbors who "don't like her" for reporting her to the county. This was one of my favorite Holly moments, when she told that story on stream and also included how the cat pisses on her bed and the chickens shit in her house

No. 1105716

I'd imagine most people wouldn't be Hoelly's biggest fans when she essentially forces them to live next to a petting zoo that just grows with each passing day.

No. 1105767

I feel almost exhausted with how Holly tries to saint herself, only to show she's ignorant and harmful.

She often introduces, sick unknown birds to a flock of 30. Anyone who deals with livestock would slap the shit out of her for fucking over a larger population. Birds are especially susceptible to disease. Epidemiologists that work with regulatory agencies usually blame outbreaks of live stocks origin to backyard birds. I know Seattle isn't exactly farm country, but let's hope she doesn't breed diseases and introduce that to wild life populations.

No. 1106004

File: 1607811170151.png (756.33 KB, 1076x1504, Screenshot_20201212-220937~2.p…)

I'm dying I hope he keeps up with the fashion posts

No. 1106007

File: 1607811261528.png (840.81 KB, 1069x1512, Screenshot_20201212-220950~2.p…)

Hope this gives the rest of you a chuckle

No. 1106008

the actual earthworm texture of this jumper, my god

No. 1106018

Holy shit he looks fucking TERRIBLE
Lol at the blur filter on his face too

No. 1106023

God, he is INCREDIBLY ugly. That facial hair makes me feel a bit ill.

No. 1106045

this is such a gift

No. 1106064

God, give me the confidence of ugly, nerdy, rich white dudes. He does realize that people were spreading his nudes everywhere cause looks funny right? Not cause they find him oh so sexy.

No. 1106111

some people just need to accept that they are UGLY

No. 1106119

So assuming you're not being an asshole, you're saying some people should never have confidence or post pictures or use Instagram etc if they're ugly in the eyes of others? I'm trying to understand the logic because if someone said that about a woman that comment wouldn't fly. My issue with his pictures has always been his outfits, lmao

No. 1106143

nta but he can be objectively ugly as well as have the fashion sense of an extra from Turkish Star Wars.

No. 1106152

What the fuck is that zipper even FOR? Who told him this was a good look?
He should stick to those shiny blue button-up shirts.

No. 1106160

I have never seen a man look so much like a ferret.

No. 1106163


>A new take on an old favorite.

>This is one of my favorite shirts that I own, especially for colder weather. I really like that the collar gives a natural "scarf" look and the zippers (that do nothing) add in some great texture and detail.
>Normally underneath I have a tank top or nothing, but this time I paired it with a plain black turtleneck. With the low collar, it really adds a nice layer to help make the piece feel cohesive. I don't typically wear turtlenecks at all, but I am digging this vibe! The second photo is to show off the finer lines and detail of the shirt.
>Turtleneck shirts under collared shirts. Give it a try, kings.

is that from YesStyle

No. 1106169


Oh my god that hairline. Thank you for posting these anon, I can't stop laughing

No. 1106176


I mean, I know he’s a narcissist and all, but damn why does he think these outfits look good? He is nowhere near the epitome of male fashion, he’s just pathetically trying way too hard.

No. 1106207


If his shoulders were any smaller his arms would be attached to his neck.

No. 1106216


Padded shoulders dude. You'll look much less like a spoon with a pipe-cleaners for arms.

No. 1106222


Him and his mistress both love abusing blurry face filters. Gotta look young if you wanna get young egirl puss on the side, I suppose

Sorry but if you're gonna try to post serious pictures of your serious fashion then it shouldn't be blurred so fucking much. He had the confidence to share his dick to any teenager with a tumblr account but he cant post his bare face.

I agree with >>1106119, it's not a crime to be ugly and people who are shouldn't be banned from social media. But they also shouldn't lie to themselves and others lmao. Post your normal self, my man, you are in a serious relationship anyway so why would it matter if people find you attractive (/s, we all know why it matters)

No. 1106223


God he really doesn't have any muscle mass, does he? His arms look like twigs.

No. 1106243

If you replaced his head with a woman's and shrunk the hand, the body would look just right.

No. 1106248

Truly his “modelling” face is the same face a ham of an actor would pull while playing a low budget acting gig as a villain.

No. 1106250

File: 1607829016236.jpg (1.34 MB, 1920x1920, BodyEditor_20201212_220923734.…)


I can't stop laughing…I had to make this. Expectation vs. Reality

No. 1106254

The difference in the shoulders is my favorite part of this

No. 1106256

Blaire White wishes she had Jared's slender lady shoulders

No. 1106268

anon, please do not give jared any ideas. kek

No. 1106304

>"Give it a try, kings"

Good goddamn, I wish I had the confidence of a man who was embroiled in a sex scandal involving lewd photos of potential minors. I won't insult his appearance but holy shit, who the fuck told him he was a fashion god??

No. 1106305

He's the wish version of Tom Hiddleston. That's why you're only paying $2, my dudes.

No. 1106311

File: 1607835570924.jpg (105.09 KB, 1051x814, SomTumblr.jpg)

No. 1106319

to be fair, he didn't outright call Ross an abuser. He just suggested that Ross and Heidi deserved each other (and he DID refer to Heidi as abusive so do with that what you will) which is SO MUCH BETTER, Anon /s

No. 1106333

well no wonder he got fans to send him nudes, he truly has the body of every young impressionable woman's dreams

No. 1106339


Yeah, when I think of someone who’s a “king” I don’t think of a person who pushed his lewd pictures on his fans on Tumblr (who may or may not have been of legal age) in order to tempt them into sending lewds/nudes of their own.


SadOldSimp doing what he does best, hypocrisy.

No. 1106552

File: 1607882827124.jpg (208.77 KB, 720x846, HollyHollyHollyHolly.jpg)

Sage for no milk, this just REALLY reminded me of a certain someone

No. 1106589

Hoelly's problem isn't that she wants to be a victim - She's just desperate for attention, be it good, bad, or anything in between. She brings up the drama so much because THAT is what gets her the most attention and asspats.

No. 1106600


This reminds me of both Hoelly and Pedodick, honestly. I guess they’re perfect for each other lol.

No. 1106615

This is a good description of a lot of people, but it's not really groudbreaking. Covert narcissism is partly described as craving admiration and lacking empathy. Usually also a victim complex. I can't find it but I recall an article that covert narcissism is on the rise probably in correlation to social media and virtue signaling.

But yeah. Good descriptor, but not a "new personality construct"

No. 1106724


My god, anon, that's hilarious.
He wishes he could be as stylish as Hiddleston.

No. 1106960

File: 1607912684147.jpg (260.58 KB, 1072x905, ThirstyKF_202409.jpg)

Old habits die hard.

No. 1106962

And that's Holly's skinwalker, too.

No. 1106963

I'm not seeing anything wrong.

No. 1106964


Right, he is literally just making a star wars reference because of the content of the original tweet (her showing off General Grevious earnings)

Not everything is milk yall

No. 1107104

NTA but how is Hello there a SW reference? Basic phrases don't become Star Wars references just because a character said it. In context of his past and also anyone who has seen creeper guys commenting on women's accounts, it looks bad.

No. 1107109

especially not when Kayla is Hoelly's best friend and we all know PedoDick has a history of getting with his current girl's friends.

No. 1107113

It really doesn't, anon. Basic phrases literally become references if you know the context. Nothing was perverted in the pic, nothing perverted said in the pic, no "hints" of anything etc, this is exactly what a previous anon said about how holly and jared can do anything and people will try to pull milk from it when it doesn't exist.

To educate you, Hello there has literally become a meme in star wars fandom.

No. 1107114

File: 1607939114147.png (466.26 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201214-044331.png)

It is just a starwars reference but of course holly had to show up and defend jared's honor immediately anyway

No. 1107116

I can tell her popularity died back down again. She only acknowledges the negative shit and/or mentions the drama again when she needs an ego boost. It'd be way easier if she just ignored it and let people move on, but nah, where would she get her asspats?

No. 1107119

I mean…

When you have idiots like this and people on Twitter saying the usual shit, it's not "defending honor" it's pointing out something people clearly doesn't get and trying to start shit again lol.

No. 1107121

File: 1607940271285.png (277.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201214-045904.png)

Kayla or Jared could've handled it, Holly replied to another comment that was already yelling at the person talking shit about jared

Link to chain if anyone wants to see/take a bigger cap

She couldn't just post the gif or agree with the other person, it HAS to be a comment that implies there's a whole army of ~keyboard warriors~ harassing a grown ass man who can't defend himself somehow and using language that clearly wants to instigate a stupid twitter slapfight
Watch her next post be whining about how we should all be nice and she's so tired of drama
There's literally one response to him, they could've all just ignored it

No. 1107159

File: 1607954007709.jpeg (164.73 KB, 771x974, 700DD38C-9930-40B2-8321-02EA77…)


She’s not wrong about the creeper part. To partially defend the poster, I know I don’t know everyone’s friends/families of all the people I follow on Twitter, but it also didn’t take much research to learn that this is one of Hoelly’s friends. They still could have ignored it/muted/blocked the person instead of hanging up on them. Cue the next post from Hoelly crying when her follower count goes down again.

No. 1107359

File: 1608045903422.png (37.97 KB, 589x273, Screenshot_132.png)


No. 1107440


That’s literally what the Horeds did say, lol.

No. 1107514

lol imagine being close friends with holly and she sleeps with your husband.

they can see how it’s shitty to suggest Jared would be trying something on with hollys friends but not that it was shitty of holly to try something on with Jared while she was claiming to be heidis friend

Blows my mind that these 30 something mental health gurus can carry on with their nonsense while clearly having no concept of boundaries or accountability

No. 1107553


Because "its different" with Hored. That will always be the reason. It's different because they love each other, it's different because they were both in abusive relationships, it's different because Striath, etc. Anything you accuse them of they will have a million excuses and reasons behind it. Its why they had to make Heidi the monster for asking them to stop, it's why they say Jared never cheated even though he was fucking fans and sexting Holly behind Heidi's back way before he ever "attempted to leave her", it's why he was in the right for stopping his "abuser" from attending a con even though she had her own hotel room and plans with friends. All they do is lie lie lie and believe all of it because if they dont then they'd have to accept what they did.

Neither of them are sorry for their affair or abuse against Heidi, if anything they're proud of it. Jared is only sorry for the tumblr (maybe, his apologies are full of "I'm sorry YOURE offended") and Holly is only sorry for the Etika shit and accusing Heidi of mental illnesses (again maybe, her apologies were never directed at the woman she lied about, just towards the people calling her out for it)

They and Hored scans can pretend they're accountable all they want, but none of their owning up counts when they are cherry picking their crimes to make themselves feel better. That's really it, if they admit to themselves what they did to Heidi then they are gonna feel like shit, so why would they do that when they can just fuck on a chicken poop covered bed and pretend like Heidi is the evil Strahd trying to kill their Striath endgame uwu

No. 1107750

I haven't checked in on Holly's twitter (or this thread) in a while and… wow. She has 200k followers, but only gets one or two comments per post? I'm not enough on twitter to know how bad or good that is, but it sure looks real bad when people with fewer followers get more interratcion.

She sure did dig a deep hole for herself.

No. 1107822

File: 1608077027250.png (20.14 KB, 956x152, Good Personhood.png)

Saw this the other day & it reminded me of Holly, her "#BeKind" schtick, & why no one wants to hold her accountable for anything because she's "So nice" (to them)

No. 1107840


Nice save Holly! Now Jared will appreciate you scouring his mentions if you make it look like you only did it to defend him against run-of-the-mill internet trolls!

No. 1107847


Might've happened since it looks like these tweets have been deleted

No. 1107852

File: 1608078440675.png (43.95 KB, 608x236, kfgoestoebay.png)

I don't get this post on KF. Is it even necessary? Like, "Let's link this abusive bitch's Ebay account here so that people can peruse it & possibly buy something! That'll show her!"

No. 1107864

File: 1608079184516.png (51.68 KB, 392x570, goodkindperson.png)

Update: It was Heidi - Heidi killed Holly's birds.

-Bonus comment from that kid who took over their mom's twitter account to simp for Hored-

No. 1107866

File: 1608079362700.png (200.6 KB, 588x624, FUCKYOUYOUHOE.png)


Speaking of said 'kid'

No. 1107871


this is why we need to bring back cyberbullying

No. 1107872


Can we please call the parents of this misguided child? They obviously need help.

No. 1107874

File: 1608079912515.png (83.66 KB, 596x1236, wherethefuckareyourparents.png)


>"This is not meant to insult Heidi in anyway, this is just a joke i made."

>"Amber Heard the 2nd"
>"Heidi should just change her twitter name to "Amber Heard 2" lol. "

Holy Targeted-Harassment Batman…

No. 1107875

lmao do it Holly. take Heidi to court for killing your birds via a tweet about you fucking her husband

No. 1107877


At the very least, Jared needs to come tell this kid that this shit makes him look worse & might lead to more legal troubles with his ex.

No. 1107881

File: 1608080285060.png (32.47 KB, 592x418, heidi the feral.png)

What was it Holly said? Oh yeah…

Die mad about it.

No. 1107887


Additionally, "Heidi The Feral" sounds like a pretty badass username tbh…

I just find it hilarious that the people who's side supposedly 'won' are still mad at someone for having to gall to say their faves aren't 100% perfect & that funnyman gamer's fans never knew what was going on behind closed doors.

Weird isn't it? How someone's fans somehow know them better than the person who lived with them for several years…?

No. 1107888

File: 1608080894715.png (27.82 KB, 756x258, scarletho.png)


…Also, peep the 'Likes'

Such a kind, caring & wholesome group!

No. 1107894

It's funny to make cow art and laugh at their antics but Holy shit this is on another level of mental illness and it's disturbing.

No. 1107911


If someone tweeted the same thing saying PedoJared/ProCheater or Hoelly/Misstrix then these folks would be clutching pearls and sending death threats in a heartbeat lmao

Also Scarletmoth is it weird knowing you exchanged nudes with and sexted your YouTube idol/friend/close Friend's boyfriend in the same period you were all convincing him his wife was abusing him and that he should leave her for Holly? I wonder if her and Holly thought nudes would heal his poor aboosed soul

No. 1107914

File: 1608083369280.png (17.75 KB, 516x188, implausible.png)

(From Tumblr)

>"They act like it’s so unimaginable for Jared to try something on Kayla since she is Holly’s friend when like, he had no problem pursuing Holly, who claimed to be Heidi’s friend for quite some time "

I'm sure Heidi thought it was 'unimaginable' for Jared to 'try something on Holly' back when they were all friends.

No. 1107918


Friendly reminder that Scarletmoth also hinted at releasing 'texts' from Ross once, thinking it would help with the 'Bring back Wafflecrew' petition that kinda doubled as a callout-post on Heidi.

No. 1107926


Yeah, I don’t get this either. The games are rightfully hers, so she can do whatever she wants with them.


Yep, exactly this. A leopard can’t change its spots, so it wouldn’t be far fetched to think that Jared may try it again.

No. 1107927


>I wonder if her and Holly thought nudes would heal his poor aboosed soul

Apparently they did, can't find the pic, but way back when, someone (I think it was Dan) defended Holly & Jared sexting & fucking as Holly "Trying to help an abused friend feel better" or some shit

No. 1107930


Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater

Holly probably thinks she's 'different' but she's probably doing all of the same stuff that Heidi did to appease him, like playing the 'cool wife/gf' & letting him swing his dick, but sooner or later, that won't be enough for him anymore.

No. 1107938

>"song I used, it's Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back) by Eamon"

I don't think this is a kid anymore; The only people who know that song are millenials which just makes their ranting even sadder.

>"They can cause someone to commit suicide"

Is this the new "snake emojis will make me kill myself and its all your fault!"?

No. 1107939

Imagine thinking you're getting one over on Heidi by storming away to play Minecraft.

No. 1107945


Imagine thinking that calling someone 'Feral' is the sickest of burns…

No. 1107947

especially since she owns a cat and could likely warp that (Heidi the Feral) into an online persona, even branch out into charity work for local animal shelters, if she wanted.

No. 1107949

Yep, I mean the girl calls herself a 'forest elf' ffs. Calling her a 'prep' probably would've been more of an insult, tbh.

No. 1107951

File: 1608087188553.png (45.72 KB, 592x286, scarlet.png)


Found it

No. 1107953

File: 1608087280914.png (12.52 KB, 861x148, D_5UcGVXUAASTHI.png)

No. 1107955


She KNEW that either (A) Ross and/or Heidi could have slapped her ass with a defamation case or (B) the texts weren't nearly as groundbreaking as DanPirro had built them up to be. Either way, she KNEW of their antics and condoned it until she thought she'd catch blowback

No. 1108028

Jared should not be talking to any more children

No. 1108092


She also told Mr Petition that she is asexual but would still frequently sext and exchange nudes with Jared, especially whenever he was down (aka all the time since he was so abused and battered)

What's with the women in his life considering him the most emotionally fragile man alive? Even Heidi did too, it's like they all think he is made of glass and the only way to safely handle him is to buffer every message with a tit pic.

Wonder if it's weird for Holly knowing that she has surrounded herself with people are are more attractive than her AND who have sexted her boyfriend. I'm sure it doesnt kill her inside at all

No. 1108160


It doesn't kill her. Not yet.
However, since Jared will need someone to blame when things go south, I wouldn't be surprised if one of Holly's besties ends up excommunicated first, before he has her convinced that she's the problem.

No. 1108169


>What's with the women in his life considering him the most emotionally fragile man alive? Even Heidi did too, it's like they all think he is made of glass and the only way to safely handle him is to buffer every message with a tit pic.


He offers a shoulder to cry on, especially for women.
Emotional investment can be a powerful thing.
Remember, he was there for you, so you'd better be there for him or give him what he wants, or you're a heartless abuser!

No. 1108177


That whole debacle still kills me. That was like some political shit; "Join us at noon when we drop a total BOMBSHELL! - Wait, I've just been told this could have legal ramifications… But trust me folks, it's so bad you'll be hating our opponent for life!!!"

No. 1108216

It's because Pirro literally amped it up for DAYS, like he was releasing groundbreaking, earth-shattering intel and like six hours before he was supposed to drop it, he was suddenly like "Oh no, Holly asked me not to! Now, I can't!". That's ironically when you also stopped hearing so much about that bullshit truth blog and the petition.

No. 1108278

File: 1608138098341.jpeg (277.73 KB, 758x1416, D073A297-2032-4E98-A34F-A10185…)

People don’t even have to mention PedoDick’s name and this guy shows up to harass them. How pathetic.

No. 1108287


Gotta love Youtuber stans!

No. 1108288

>"Most accusations have been deleted"
Yeah, because the Hored defense force moved in and harassed and threatened them into silence. This is why there is a literal charge in the US court system when an accused person coerces or harasses the accuser into silence.

No. 1108298

>most accusations have been deleted
oh for fuck's sake lol. Jared and his sad lil posse can keep crying if they like, but they have to face the fact that what he's done is not going away. There's a reason everyone shuns him and thinks he's a sexual predator, and nothing he's currently doing is going to change that. I bet it kills these people (Jared included) that his reputation is done for good
And before someone decides to defend him or excuse his conduct as a mistake, it takes hard work and real apologies to make people forget the mistakes you make. All he keeps saying is "Well everyone else got it wrong!!!" and even after a fucking year and a half his entire defence consists solely of obfuscations and denials.

TL;DR it's not enough to say you're a good person, you've to act like it too
And if you've been spotted being a sleazy creep, it's going to color literally everything you do from then on, so continuing to tweet stuff that can be construed as sleazy towards your "friends" doesn't help your case kek

No. 1108320

File: 1608141273822.png (115.25 KB, 584x566, projonny.png)

Getting REAL fucking tired of people equating ProJared with Johnny Depp…

No. 1108329

File: 1608142149902.png (31.66 KB, 548x220, believejaredonly.png)

Glad some people still have enough sense to point it out

No. 1108339

this is what the BE KIND mentality teaches kids, so long as you keep yelling a shitty excuse for yourself – it's a joke! I'm being kind! I'm mentally ill! it's a social experiment! it's COMMENTARY not bullying – then you can do whatever you want.

something people seem to miss in this thread is that, no not necessarily everything is milk on it's own, but in context it may still milky. e begging is cringey but nothing new or unique to hored, it's milk in the context of jared because he basically reduced the accounts of his underage accusers to "well I did the bare minimum but LOOK they take commissions so THEY'RE EBEGGING so nothing they say can be taken seriously!" so he's hypocritical as fuck (on top of it just being embarrassing with how he talks about overcoming cancel culture and overall still making a good living and not needing fan donations + the narrative they push of heidi being a gold digger)

No. 1108368

File: 1608143751277.png (55.27 KB, 466x566, johnny=jared.png)


Oh, I see how it is. You cannot defend Johnny Depp while condemning ProJared because they HAVE to be one in the same in order for this flimsy narrative to work! Step in line Geoff!

No. 1108372

File: 1608143894145.png (166.45 KB, 596x454, abooosiveelf.png)

Kid, please consider the fact that neither Holly, Jared, or even SadOldMagician will give your pathetic tweets the time of day.

No. 1108429


Interesting that this child is so invested in the aftermath of a marriage and a supposed abused ex-husband, but conveniently forgets that the same person was soliciting their fanbase for nudes and trying to coerce others by using his own.

No. 1108488


But it was allllll debunked anon, remember?

No. 1108889

>false accusation!
>johnny depp and projared!!!!
>account is literally called KKK

No. 1108975

File: 1608207707764.png (724.83 KB, 640x1136, F6A90FB0-62E3-47F1-A4E2-7C86EB…)

Jared’s latest fashion post

No. 1108976

File: 1608207779202.png (398.31 KB, 640x1136, 349B95A5-8EA5-4592-8ECC-77E450…)

It’s like a child’s communion or baptism bracelet

No. 1108978

File: 1608208006480.jpeg (275.13 KB, 640x758, 2237CF40-12E6-48F7-8B7E-BA698F…)

No. 1109008


“Masculine people.” We’ve all seen his nudes/lewds, other than him having a dick and some scruff, I wouldn’t exactly call him masculine.

No. 1109012

Jared is aggressively ugly and this bracelet only accentuates his tiny feminine wrists.

No. 1109051

Is he trying to lose his audience? This bracelet looks like something my boomer aunt would post on facebook

No. 1109052

Love the casual "found recently at a garage sale". I forgot that pandemics didn't get you when you were in someone's musty ass garage buying their used shit in the most hipster way possible.

No. 1109053


lol I was thinking the same thing. I’ve seen posts mostly from Hoelly about the pandemic, staying home, etc, but that doesn’t stop them from going out to hipster bars, garage sales, etc. Do as they say but not as they do…

No. 1109102

Garage sale? That's the most etsy shit I've ever seen.

No. 1109153

File: 1608230907375.png (169.48 KB, 1234x703, Screenshot_141.png)


About that etsy thing….

No. 1109154

it's literally meant for fucking girls! So much for "masculine" people, eh pedoworm?

No. 1109165

Jared's "fashion" has about as much masculine style as when Tobias bought the woman's suit in Arrested Development

No. 1109178

not to be that guy replying to a month-old post going ackshually, but city pigeons aren't wild animals
they are domesticated animals that have just been feral for many generations

No. 1109179

Wild animals, ferals, what the fuck ever. They are seen as nuissance animals across many major metropolitan areas and they've been known to spread disease. Hoelly hoarding upwards of 20+ birds is not an okay situation, regardless of if it's 20 wild birds, 20 domesticated birds, 20 feral birds, whatever.

No. 1109240


Exactly. It’s the same as those sad situations where people hoard cats, dogs, etc. They’re domesticated too, but it’s not healthy to have that many animals in such small spaces.


Oh wow, this is HILARIOUS. It’s literally from Etsy, lol.

No. 1109331

Him wearing a bracelet for teenage girls thinking its for men is just wow and those T-Rex arms though. But yeah Jared you need the motivation to keep going not the people you took advantage of sexually and shamed into silence. Remember everyone he's the victim here.

No. 1109389

to be perfectly fair, the font is ever so slightly different, so this isn't the exact one Jared's wearing - but the general consensus is they are most typically designed for women. Dudes want masculine shit with paracord or leather-like materials - not a silver bangle.

Regardless, it's still some hipster faux positivity bullshit you'd sooner see on sassy teenagers and not a 35+ year old man who violated covid shutdown orders to shop at a fucking garage sale

No. 1109464

I know, it's hilarious that he needs "support" or encouragement to keep going… keep going where? Into the DM's of teens?

No. 1109474

Probably because one looks to be a render/photoshop of sorts while the other one is of the genuine article.
There is no way this is a different bracelet, the arrows are even the same.

No. 1109530

File: 1608263458768.jpeg (235.23 KB, 828x1184, 7B19FED0-2184-4372-A537-CA45E8…)

Oh look, idiots that keep on crying to HOF about what’s said here contradicting themselves as usual. If they’re in lockdown, then that means people shouldn’t be having or going to fucking garage sales. Lockdown means stay the fuck home.

No. 1109613

That whole blog exists because of this board not the other way around. But us laughing at the spastics known as Hored is "bitching and and moaning" not the tards defending a cow buying a cheapass little girls bracelet he could have safely bought on esty.
Also, lol looks like you triggered that anon.

No. 1109617

These are frickin hilarious but i can feel the microbiome in my gut killing itself every time i see this crap. The posing is so wooden and full of contempt. Nothing says fashionista like empty soulless eyes on a mannequin dipped in cement. He really has that shellshocked look and every attempt at rebranding it into some martyr story just makes him more at fault for his own dumbass situation. Keep fucking going where exactly? Id be phoning it in at this point because you already made a series of choices that land-locked you in a certain path.

No. 1109618

damn, they come by this thread more than any farmer does kek

No. 1109626

The Fs in "fucking" are different, but it's clearly just chinese dropshipped copypaste garbage.

No. 1109682

>"Suddenly Jared going to a garage sale is wrong because covid, but they know nothing about what happened at that sale"

It does not fucking matter. People are dying, alone and scared, and this motherfucker thought "You know what sounds good? Going to a fucking garage sale!" PedoWorm can fuck right off with this shit.

No. 1109757

Flip the script, Heidi does it or similar you'll be all for it and you know it. Yes we're in a pandemic but you can literally do shit like that safely still and it's been scientifically proven outdoors is still far more safer (especially following protocols) and you act as if hundreds will be flooding their house lol.

No. 1109763


holup, how is staying inside your own house safer than being outdoors where there's other people you can't control the behavior of? Maybe it's safer outdoors if you're a lot of people so you can spread out, but you can't tell me with a straight face that staying in your own controlled home is less safe than putting yourself in contact with other people

for a garage sale of all things, not even some important business

No. 1109785

No, I wouldn't because deadly viruses don't give a fuck if it's heidi or jared; It'll latch onto and infect and potentially kill ANYONE. I'd be giving Heidi just as much shit for being so fucking stupid as to think a garage sale is worth potentially killing someone.

You can defend Jared against a lot of the shit we talk about on lolcow - not risking infection for a stupid ass bracelet that he wanted to post on instagram, of all things.

No. 1109789

File: 1608308177280.png (25.51 KB, 922x205, Screenshot_142.png)

These are the current Washington state guidelines. Outdoor gatherings are limited to 5 people - not at a time, but total. With a garage sale being a revolving door of god knows how many people coming in and going out, the risk of transmission is HIGH. PedoDick getting bored and going to a garage sale is not a necessary, mandatory risk to be taken.

No. 1109795


Uh, nope. If Heidi was out there going to rando garage sales in lockdown I’d be calling her ass out too. Nice try though.

No. 1109803

Where are you getting 5 total and not at a time?

No. 1109804

the part where it said "five (5) people from outside your household" and not "five (5) people at a time from outside your household". You can argue semantics all you want, that won't save someone from ending up on a vent because PedoWorm couldn't keep his ass in the house where, spoiler alert, he was infinitely safer, despite that anon who thinks being outside and aroudn people is safer than maintaining a social bubble.

No. 1109835

File: 1608312851543.jpg (22.42 KB, 822x94, fitness.JPG)

I looked up the full document and this is the fitness portion. Your conclusion would suggest only one class is run a day for 5 people.

I'm not suggesting that it's not safer to stay home. But to suggest he broke social distancing guidelines by attending something run by someone else is mind-numbing.

No. 1109840

>"he broke social distancing guidelines by attending something run by someone else is mind-numbing"

I have no idea how to explain to you how stupid what you just said is. Regardless of WHO ran the event, Jared STILL attended a non-mandatory garage sale and put himself and who knows how many people at risk. I have just as much issue with the idiot who thought a pandemic was a time to host a garage sale, but seeing how as this thread is about pedodick, that's who I'm taking umbridge with right now.

No. 1109842


…that’s exactly what it’s suggesting though. Do you just not know how to read or do you not know how to comprehend? 5 people from outside your household max, that’s what it says.

No. 1109862

File: 1608315399522.jpg (99.33 KB, 1628x937, fitness.JPG)

Imagine just assuming you're correct about something and not verifying. Since you won't check, I did the work for you and here's a Gym in Seattle's class schedule, limited for sure but they're doing more than 1 per day. Took 5 minutes to find one.

I have no idea how to explain to you that you can personally take action to be appropriately social distanced while still doing things, despite there being idiots out there. Bring disinfecting wipes, keep your distance from other people, wear a mask, don't touch anything you haven't verified is disinfected.

No. 1109869

This thread tries so hard to act like every little thing they do is evil. Then it devolves into an endless cycle of "you're just a WK" "no YOU'RE a WK!"

It's possible to shop with low-risk during a pandemic, especially in an outdoor setting. Jared sucks a lot for reasons that have nothing to do with this. The nitpicking and histrionics are really not necessary.

No. 1109871


But the original argument was more than 5 people per class not more than one class per day. You’ve proved it’s 5 people per class so… good on you for self-owning yourself I guess?


Go away Gavin White.

No. 1109881

They have a point though. Jared can literally post him drinking a starbucks and I promise people will equate it to him being a pedophile or doing something wrong somehow. That's how ridiculous it gets some time; Like no they're not constantly doing things wrong not every thing they do is milk.

No. 1109882

>>>Your conclusion would suggest only one class is run a day for 5 people.

>>>…that’s exactly what it’s suggesting though.

>>>But the original argument was more than 5 people per class not more than one class per day.

No. 1109916

File: 1608320214487.jpeg (15.73 KB, 828x140, 4C089B32-53DB-4EAF-A365-36F8BE…)

No. 1109997

File: 1608327828060.jpeg (161.57 KB, 828x1384, E4EDC77D-6032-4DE9-B3A3-31152F…)

Oh, but I thought he wasn’t cancelled because they sold those cancelled t-shirts a month later, remember everyone? He survived cancel culture y’all!

No. 1110033


i love how holly constantly brings up being cancelled and how its super hard u guize!!! bc it's the only remotely interesting or memorable thing about her

No. 1110044

And the attention she gets for it is dwindling. She posted the same thing on Twitter and struggled to break 400 likes (with over 200,000 followers).

No. 1110046

>"It helps"

Is that why you sperg out about "THE DRAMA KILLED MY BIRDS!" the first time something doesn't immediately go your way, Holly? How about the meltdown over you texting on your phone during that last YT bit you were on?

No. 1110049

That's just it. Her and Jared BOTH bring up the drama when their twitter/twitch/instagram numbers start to drop because it's the instantaneous rush of followers and the "YOU WERE WRONGED BY YOUR ABUSIVE WHORE OF AN EX!" ego boost they're looking for. There is literally NOTHING memorable about either of them at this point other than "Hey, isn't that that dude who fucked his buddy's wife and then solicited nudes from his fans?".

No. 1110055

This says way more about people desperate for milk if they're stalking their numbers every minute of the day to try to correlate things like this to each other.

No. 1110059

It….it literally takes one quick look at the stats to see a drop in numbers..? It's not "stalking their numbers" when it's just "Hoelly posted about the drama, let me just take a peak and yep, she lost x amount of followers"

Nobody has to be desperate for milk with Hored. Since the drama started, they've never remained silent about the drama for longer than a couple of weeks (at least on Holly's end; Jared disappears periodically).

No. 1110072

Look here, if Hored cared about giving a nuanced take on this they could easily say:"Sure that garage sale probably followed the proper safety precautions but there's still a risk, Jared should have just bought that bracelet online it's safer that way." But don't expect that level of reasonable thinking from Hored. He's is always in the right with them to some capacity
This just confirms that Jared knows jack shit about jewelry and men's fashion. Sure jewelry is becoming more varied now but nine times out of ten when you see a solid sliver band with a minimalist design it's for women.

No. 1110074

File: 1608332995517.png (197.55 KB, 689x1259, heidihateblog.png)

At least anons are calling out heidiofuckhead's blog for what he is. Imagine running a blog dedicated to giving "sick burns" to lolcow and Heidi but your only claim to fame is one of Jared's posse likes your posts. Hored themselves don't even acknowledge his blog, and that's the true humor in it.

No. 1110076

if you're going to go after HOF, you have to go after trashwitchcoven/hollycomrade too since they do the same shit. either way, not super milky other than occasionally getting to see SOM do shit like "Heidi and ross deserve each other" flip to "I never said ross was abusive"

No. 1110104

Holly literally just bitched last month about how she's losing thousands followers daily. How is it stalking to confirm something that was confessed publicly? If anyone is stalking it's the creeps who still follow Heidi on Twitter to cry everytime she tweets about her cat.

No. 1110178


When did she "literally bitch about losing thousands of followers daily"? She's not even losing that many, anybody can check her social blade and see she's losing less than 50 a day average. Maybe people will take our valid complaints about hored seriously if people stop majorly overexaggerating details just to make hored look worse off.

No. 1110188

File: 1608340691957.jpeg (128.01 KB, 828x625, BBBF2D95-D520-4493-9D74-C13C56…)


Maybe not literally daily, but she did bring this up pretty recently.

No. 1110207

She brought it up because other twitter people (especially verified accounts) were asking what can they do to keep people invested or why they stopped following (as you can see likes/retweets etc) around the same time. It's not deeper than that, anon.

No. 1110239

her social blade shows a loss of 1300 followers in the last 30 days. so she actually is hemorrhaging followers.

you know, maybe is she made meaningful, creative or cool content. not just the same uwu mental health my birds are dying im a sad sick tweets every day people would want to stay and interact with her brand.

No. 1110244

And almost every time she posts something on YouTube she hemorrages about 1000 subscribers.

No. 1110361

Because everytime she posts something people remember they're still subbed so they unsub or unfollow. Instead of figuring out how to mend her broken image she doubles down on being an innocent victim for the millionth time which people find annoying and she hemorrhages more followers.

No. 1110363

Yeah but Holly uses any excuse to rehash the drama and play her victim card. If it not that then it's her birds bein