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File: 1584136398291.jpg (522.97 KB, 1200x1200, 1583808457646.jpg)

No. 945131

Last time on "This is the Song That Never Ends" Edition…

> Crazy Katie/K.T. is……still crazy

> People are STILL dunking on Hoelly, because she STILL refuses to acknowledge that her own actions are sketchy at best (and potentially supporting a pedophile as well as being extremely emotionally abusive at worse)

> Holly complained that she apparently isn't allowed to shitpost without being reminded of the fact that she's an adulterous tramp whose actions led to the downfall of not just one, but TWO marriages. After also being offended at the vulva-like appearance of the last thread pic, she ended up removing it from her instagram.

> Holly and Jared both took a brief break right around when their anniversary would be with Holly declaring she was going camping (only to post a picture of herself at a coffeeshop that same morning); Things have been….icy since they returned.

> She declares that she will be taking a hiatus from twitter due to it being so "unhealthy" for her, with the exception of posting about her Mental Health Monday or Spooky Saturday streams; Legitimately no one believes her - and she returns within 3-5 days, just to start some weird tension over credit in regards to photos of ProJared

> The Great "Is it a cold sore or is it Herpes?" Debate of 2020

> The Great "How Many Birds is an Acceptable Number?" Debate of 2020

> Holly declares that she has lost all faith in humanity due to someone sneaking in front of her to use the charging port at an airport

Image Credit: >> 943332
Thread Credit: >>945129

Previous Threads (The ProJared Saga Begins):
1: >>785476
2: >>804540
3: >>808888
4: >>812124
5: >>816967
6: >>820703
7: >>826388
8: >>829410
9: >>836081
10: >>841369
11: >>852741
12. >>861615
13. >>866222
14. >>881371
15. >>897566
16. >>914132
17. >>930972

Character Descriptions and Stats:

Jared "the Wormdick" Knabenbauer
>Known for having a gaming youtube channel where he reviewed games
>Formed "Waffle crew", the D&D group that would soon turn out to be a dumpster fire
>All hell broke lose when his ex-wife revealed he has been manipulating, abusing and cheating on her
>Soon after, other victims of his started leaking chat logs and nudes
>Turns out he was soliciting underage porn
>Went into hiding
>Throughout DCA, his D&D character, Diath, was having an on-going romance with Strix, his co-player Holly Conrad's character
>Turns out they were also involved IRL, cheating on their spouses
>Holly is currently whiteknighting him on twitter, while he is trying to manipulate his side-pieces from the shadows
>One of his side-pieces fell for it and now is changing her initial statement, trying to get on his good side (even though he ghosted her before)
>Heidi accuses Jared of threatening legal action if she speaks up. Unfortunately Heidi casts “Absorb Elements” just like she did for his initial divorce statement. Jared takes an extra 1d6 damage on her next melee attack.

Strength: 5
Dexterity: 5
Intellect: 15
Stamina: 10
Luck: none
Charisma: send noOds

Holly "Manic Pixie Butterface" Conrad (current power-level):
>Got into D&D, started thinking she's literally Strix - her character
>Cheated on Ross with Jared the Wormdick while trying to manipulate both Jared and his wife
>Once Heidi (Jared's wife) revealed her as a side hoe, she locked down everything and checked into the tumblr hospital
>After getting back on the net, she started autistically defending herself and Jared, claiming she never cheated and Heidi is literally Hitler
>Professional victim, her NPD can be seen from space
>Emotionally abused Ross, claimed she never felt love until she met Jared
>Claims to have not cheated on her ex-husband despite his refusal to make one comment about the situation in her defense
>Can't stand even tiny criticism about herself, reads her lolcow thread though
>Compared Etika’s suicide, a popular black YouTuber, to her own suicidal ideation by showcasing they both received clown emojis as “bullying.”
>Suffers backlash from the black community, Etika’s fans and Twitter
>After being called out for taking advantage of a person’s suicide, Holly infamously deflects criticism by tweeting, “I’m sorry. I’m mentally ill.”

Strength: uwu
Dexterity: uwu
Intellect: 4
Stamina: 100
Luck: ran out
Charisma: clown emoji

Holly Conrad’s Previous Stats:
>Holly is a “talented cosplayer/craftsman/special effects artist and well respected in the community”, even appearing on Syfy's "Heroes of Cosplay"
>Was one of the main focuses of the 2011 Documentary "Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope" (directed by Morgan Spurlock)
>Originally gained notoriety for her Commander Shepard/FemShep cosplay
>Married to Ross O'Donovan, beloved animator and member of the GG Family, from 2012 to 2018
>When it came to Arin/Suzy vs Ross/Holly most people preferred Ross and Holly, because they felt less fake and Holly was famous separate of Ross, not riding her husband's coattails like Suzy.
>Was best buds with Jared's wife Heidi, another talented and respected cosplayer/craftsman
>Apparent tragic backstory = quirky anxiety uwu. I don't really know the whole backstory on this one, not sure if it really matters.
>But was apparently close to her grandfather and inherited his house(?) in Washington(?) when he passed away which was in theory part of the reason she and Ross amicably split. Jared and Heidi just also happened to live in Washington.
>Other speculated factors included Holly being asexual (lmao), the toxic GG fan-community, "having codependency issues", and wanting to leave LA while Ross wanted to stay
>Publicly their divorce was mutual, amicable, and came as somewhat of a shock….OR WAS IT?
>Basically all this drama is so juicy because Holly "quirky manic pixie dream bird gurl, asexual anxiety, luvs animals so obviously wouldn't hurt anyone uwu" Conrad was the surprise plot twist villain we never saw coming

For More On Holly Conrad:
>A History of Holly: >>838840 (Source: PULL)

Strength: uwu
Dexterity: 20
Intellect: 17
Stamina: 22
Luck: 100
Charisma: Not Suzy

Heidi of the House O'Ferrall, Hell Hath No Fury, Giver of Zero Fucks, Destroyer of Careers
>Non-lewd cosplayer, talented craftsman and elf
>Produces tutorials and shows her work in progress pretty in depth
>Has a degree in Theatre/Costume Design
>"She had sex with my husband", top 10 anime deaths of all time
>Married to Jared Pedodick Knobslob
>Was in a poly relationship with Jared
>Claims Holly was the reason it didn’t work out
>Outed Jared’s infidelity and set twitter ablaze
>Working on her current divorce and perhaps a defamation against Holly Conrad for trying to claim she had BPD and that psychologists have deemed her “unfixable”
>Has started to become more vocal on that drama since Holly’s Etika sperg
>Claims emotional abuse by Jared and gas lighting, and also seems to insinuate her enjoyment of sex has decreased
>Blocks overtly sexual cosplays because of the ProJared controversy
>Currently living alone in a new home and trying to start up her business and craft in a way to support herself
>Accuses Holly of being vindictive enough to have done everything in her power to end her marriage and happiness

Strength: 90
Dexterity: 71
Intellect: 82
Stamina: 64
Luck: 20
Charisma: Zinfandel

Dan Pirro from the Honorable House Pigeon
>Dedicated white knight of Jared and Holly’s that created a campaign to prove #heidingthetruth
>In direct contact with Holly Conrad Flying Monkey

Jessica Slater from the Honorable House Pigeon
>Holly stan and dedicated “sister”
>Runs a clearly objective truth blog on tumblr while putting down Heidi on twitter

Participation Trophies go to the following for their dedication:
>BorkScorpion, RainbowTressym, TigerNightmare, UnicornHoodlum and others
>May or may not be sockpuppet accounts
>Tier 3 WKs, to be mostly ignored
>Autism awareness is sometimes being aware of who to avoid

>Jared Knabenbauer/ProJared:


>Heidi O'Ferrall/AtelierHeidi:


>Holly Conrad/Commander Holly:


>Normal Boots:


The Expanded Universe:

**Game Grumps
Previous GG Threads:**
>Jon vs Dan speculations, are the Suzy nudes real or fake, blah blah blah, old news. Seriously, don't ask to be spoonfed this old dried up milk. Go read about it on your own.
>There is a whole subreddit dedicated to GG Rule 34 where they sexualize the girlfriends/wives as well as the grumps called r/polygrumps. Suzy once long ago tweeted in support of polygrumps, but it seems like an especially toxic corner of their already toxic fanbase. I doubt she would confirm that support today.
>GG sells a merch line called Game Gyaru "based on Arin and Danny, reimagined as female characters inspired by the anime series Dirty Pair, named Arina and Daniella respectively". It's a blatant tracing of the characters from "Dirty Pair" that they did not initially acknowledge.
>GG release body pillows of Dan and Arin. They sell out very quickly. It's gross: >>792883
>Guess what Jon's an even worse blatantly sexist/racist person than we ever could have imagined

Suzy "the Goose" Berhow:
>Has a history of scamming fans by buying cheap jewelry from China and the likes and reselling it to fans with an absurd markup as her jewelry line or as one anon put it: "creating a really expensive jewelry line that involved very little effort on her part". Arin has to come to her defense when people find out.
>Previous threads over the years were mostly about Suzy's "thyroid-related" weight gain and absurd styling choices, scamming, and how she's a ~rEaL gAmEr GuRl~
>No one seems to really have complaints about her current styling choices since she lost weight and the skunk stripe and adopted a more natural look (it's much closer to her twin sister Jean's)
>Suzy was a "model" when younger, and will still constantly repost the same pictures from her past over and over again, in case anyone forgot
>There sometimes seemed to be some unspoken tension between Suzy and Holly. Suzy seemed to give off the vibe of being uncomfortable not being the only cool gamer gurl in the GG group, especially when up against a girl that seemed to prefer and respect.
>Seems plausible that she prefers being the female center of attention given the theory that JonTron's swift and dramatic departure from GG was due in part to some beef between Suzy and Jon's girlfriend at the time. IIRC this is still all just speculation. (Jon's too big of a topic, read that one on your own for the full backstory)
>A/N: I would be kind of surprised if she showed any support for Holly at all, but maybe that's just me

Katie (Most recent GG drama unrelated to PigeonGate 2019 ):
>Suzy claims she and Arin have been together since 2002. Arin's mysterious deviantART ex Katie shows up from an apparent cryogenic sleep after 10+ years and throws an insane hissy-fit about how Arin was pursuing HER during that time and she turned HIM down.
>Thinks Suzy poisoned Arin against being her BEST FRIEND despite the fact that she was married, disappeared from the internet, lived across the country, and was definitely leading Arin on for some time. Arin seems to have bought her some gifts in this time.

Game Grumps:

>Suzy Berhow/Mortemer:


>Arin Hanson/Egoraptor:


>Dan Avidan:


>Minor cow Katie, rejected Arin way back when and regrets it now that he's famous:


About Dice, Camera, Action:
>DCA is/was a popular D&D livestream DM'd by Chris Perkins (WoTC story designer)
>It's cast consisted of Holly Conrad, Jared Knabenbauer, Nathan Sharp and Anna Prosser
>All of them turned out to be cheaters, hooking up with each other and breaking marriages/engagements

>Wafflecrew/Dice, Camera, Action:


Filed Under “Other”:

Ross O’Donovan
Do Not Bother Ross O’Donovan
>Game Grump and animator
You May Support and Subscribe at:
>Ross O'Donovan/RubberNinja:

Reminder from Mods:
>Subjects have to be 16+ to be discussed on lolcow. Do not include Holly's 15 year old friend’s face or social media posts here.
>This is also a reminder that cowtipping is also against the rules, do not contact the girl or her parents because of her relation to Holly.
>Keep whiteknight posting to when they actually spill milk.

No. 945153

File: 1584139280721.png (62.95 KB, 582x273, Screenshot at Mar 13 17-41-13.…)

Once again, Hoelly is pretending to give a fuck about abuse victims by doing the bare minimum.

No. 945171

File: 1584143795503.jpg (370.15 KB, 1080x1274, 20200313_195202.jpg)

Is it just me or is Spooky Satuday cancelled more times than not??

You'd think with this big push to make Spooky Saturday into a podcast and run it's own patreon (seriously, why??? What do they need it for) that they would try to be more consistent or improve their format

No. 945174


I also don't get why it's "offline". It's a fucking 'show' that allows Hoelly to sit in front of her fucking webcam (same for Kayla, but at least she IIRC does the chat/overlays/etc.) and ramble on about things that she claims are her own personal interests

If you can't even spare one hour a week to talk about shit you claim is your favorite when you're trying to make that your sole income source? Fuck you, Hoelly - You deserve for that shit to fail.

No. 945182


Correct me if I'm wrong because I havent watched a SS in a hot minute but from what I remember Kayla does literally all the work. It's like her presenting the info to holly and the audience then they read viewer submitted stories

No. 945197

Does Holly follow Monica Lewinsky? For some reason that’s really hilarious to me. Not to mention the slight parallels between Bill Clinton and Jared abusing their power to receive sexual favors lol

No. 945201


I'm willing to bet that she somehow draws a parallel between Monica Lewinsky and herself "See, Monica? I was ALSO shamed by the public for having sex with a married man! We're identical!!!!!!"

Nah fam, this ain't it. Go back to kissing your chickens and leave the rest of us in our coronavirus quarantines alone.

No. 945202


I've only watched one episode (I think it was the first one back everything, the one where she talked about going to area 51) and yeah, that was the jest of it. Kayla did all of the hard work while Hoelly just rambled and read passages straight out of the dude's book (y'know, the one she was talking about releasing for free on her patreon which is still a grey area in terms of legality)

No. 945378


Shes become a large fan of Monica since the drama. Nothing against Monica Lewinsky btw, I like her alot, I just think its hilarious that Holly compares herself to her. Theres such a huge difference between a young woman being manipulated by the most powerful man in the country then being publicly humiliated for it and a grown woman actively cheating with a married man then going on a smear campaign against said man's wife

No. 946104

File: 1584332080295.png (920.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200316-001233.png)

Wow, everyone is scared of coronavirus and it's literally killing people… better make some ~aesthetic~ limited edition qUiRkY witch prints to capitalize on this trend!!

No. 946118

There are over 60 confirmed deaths in the US, but hey, whatever helps you sound quirky and funny, eh Hoelly?

I mean, I was already pretty sure she was digusting, but jesus christ - Talk about trying to capitalize on the wrong thing.

I'd hazard to say that's probably more disgusting than trying to morph Etika's suicide into being about her.

No. 946129


God it's the "cancelled" and "boundaries" shirt all over again.

And yet what's so funny to me is that no one asks her to do this. No one asked for her opinion about what happened with Etika, no one asked her to make shirts when the cheating scandal broke. No one is pushing her to do this, she just assumes that everyone wants to hear what she has to say.

No. 946138

File: 1584341487942.jpg (315.62 KB, 860x875, Screenshot_20200316-013623_Fir…)

MatPat in the hotseat again.

Last year it was fist the petty thing with Heartbound,

then Etika in the summer when he claimed his death was related to cancel culture

Now this, you'd think Jared would do his best to distance himself from any drama especially in the already polarized gaming community but apparently not.

No. 946139


Jesus christ, what is with these people attempting to profit off of a fucking pandemic? Y'all motherfuckers couldn't even wait until the initial surge has passed through the US????

>"You'd think Jared would do his best to distance himself from any drama"

nah. Homeboy still thinks he honestly did nothing wrong by cheating on his wife or soliciting nudes from fans or admitting to jacking it to said nudes (some of whom were minors).

After all, WE WERE LIED TO - and he beat the cancel culture boss! /s

No. 946141

It doesn't matter how much she tries to hide it under all this uwu birb mom trash witch shit.

She's still a Karen at heart.

No. 946149

this woman just can't help it, can she?
holly pls google how to spell "monetizing someone's suffering", or you may find it in your old tweets pointing fingers at others for living their life

it's always amazed me that matpat doesn't have a thread on here. he's a fucking self-centered stupid prick and his wife shrieks like a damn harpy. he can't stop talking about the flaws in like 2 game series which incidentally end up funding his entire life. it's insane lol

No. 946150


I love how Jared retweeted about how it's wrong to make a profit off Corona virus yet the woman he left his wife for is trying to make a profit off it with her bland art.

No. 946196


Did he like actually straight up admit to jacking to the minors in his comeback stream? I've seen a lot of people claim that, any clips?

No. 946211


I wouldn't be surprised if Jared acts like a smart ass towards Holly & makes jokes at her expense, & given how Holly used to treat Ross like that, she probably thinks it's 'cute' or 'sassy'

No. 946330


I know that he admitted to jacking it to the nudes, some of which were sent by minors and since his only means of age verification was "Hey, real quick, 18+ right?", it's a safe bet that there were more than just Chai/Charlie.


Hoelly is the type of female that we all know - who will let her partner make fucking rude jokes at their expense while everyone who isn't a hair-brained idiot looks on in horror at the shittiness.

No. 946338

File: 1584394800865.jpg (771.37 KB, 1080x2408, IMG_20200316_163941.jpg)

Apparently quarantine means going to pubic spaces

No. 946344

Quarantine can literally not mean that at all, because you're out in a public park instead of being in quarantine, you retard.

No. 946347

Given she's not ACTUALLY under quarantine, and there are clearly no people in that park, this is the most nitpicky bullshit ever.

No. 946354

She's doing a MHM stream right now trying to give people advice on what to do during the pandemic and I can't help but think that forcing herself into this kind of stuff is going to have a spectacular blow back. Especially if someone watching gets really sick because of something she says.

No. 946360


I think it's less that hes snarky and rude to her and more than he just ignores her entirely until he wants something from her, be it sex or support

No. 946367


Quarantine means you stay your ass at home, you fucking moron. Way to once again blatantly disregard the CDC, despite the fact that Washington is one of the hardest hit states so far.


It's nitpicky to tell someone who has openly disregarded CDC recommendations in the past to keep her ass at home to avoid potentially contracting or spreading a deadly virus to those who aren't healthy or young enough to fight it off?

Go suck Hoelly's taint elsewhere.


Here, Hoelly Stans, let me save you the time and effort: You stay the fuck home if possible, you wash your hands a metric fuckton, use hand sanitizer if you can't, don't touch your face, don't listen to a single thing that this fucking crackhead of a walking mental health disaster says about literally anything.

No. 946398


WA still hasn't enacted a lockdown; even the "shelter in place" enacted in SFC still permits people to leave their homes. holly just can't use words correctly. you're not going to get coronavirus in a deserted park; it's literally the definition of "social distancing."

the virus isn't commonly airborne despite widespread misinformation (it's only in laboratory conditions with a nebulizer or in extremely rare cases where patients shed the virus from diarrhea), so the chance of anyone spreading it outdoors in the sun at an empty park is infinitesimally small.

>> 946354

god i wish streamers would stop doing this; these people aren't biologists or medical professionals and they aren't qualified to be giving medical advice. what she's doing is incredibly dangerous.

No. 946440


Ever since I heard that she was doing these MHM streams, all I could think is 'how long until this blows up in Holly's face?'

Anyone with functional brain cells can tell she's not fit to give out mental health advice when she can't even stop herself from responding to hate tweets or lurking on this board to she what we're saying about her.

I genuinely hope that Holly doesn't actually cause someone harm with her unreliable advice, and that the worst case scenario is her followers wise up and get actually help.

Holly can make as many 'uwu so quirky relatable birb witch uwu' tweets as she wants, but at the end of the day she's just a 34 year old woman living alone with 50+ birds because she wanted to be a side piece to her friend's husband.

No. 946447

File: 1584421958126.jpg (36.3 KB, 700x372, plague-doctor-render.jpg)

Surprised bird brain hasn't made this whole thing into a weird plague doctor cosplay opportunity. Seems right up her alley.

No. 946478


My beef here is just that Hoelly has already demonstrated a lack of fucks given by disregarding previous CDC recommendations. If she's done it once, she'll do it again - only this time, she stands a HUGE risk of fucking someone else over with her shenanigans.


This woman was in a mental health facility less than 12 months ago, and has to take repeated mental health hiatuses from the internet because her own mental health is THAT fragile. Even if she WAS trained in mental health of some kind (which she is not), she is clearly NOT in a position to give anyone advice on anything.


The cosplay wouldn't even bother me - There's a whole subgenre of plague doctor shit on tiktok and the likes. It's just a matter of time until Hoelly gives legit shitty medical advice though.

"Holly, my Mom is coughing and running a fever of 110. What should we do?"

"Kiss a pigeon and then go to the park with your pokemon lulz"

No. 946490

We already know that she has previously seemed genuinely believe she is above shit like this, can’t wait for her to tweet about how donating to the research is too mainstream again

No. 946493


Just wait until some other states cases eclipses the number in Washington, some innocent stan mentions "Holly, you should donate to a gofundme"

"Eh….just…..it seems like EVERYONE is doing that."

No. 946505

It's not as if she needs to be under lockdown, the point was that she's being retarded by trying to say she's ~in quarantine~ when she isn't. She just wants to seem vulnerable so people will pity her, like usual.

No. 946530


She could just rebrand MHM as "hang out with Holly Monday" or something since thats all it really is, but instead she chooses to continue her whole "mental health guru uwu" schtick, even after saying that she has a mental illness that makes it extremely hard to empathize with others.

No. 946531


Guarentee before the week is over she will tweet about some Pigeon charity saying something like "people are too worried about each other and not worried enough about the birds during this time uwu"

No. 946547

she already has one

No. 946561

>pubic spaces

No. 946774

I find it funny how people on KF are saying that Jared "seems to have changed" from his old ways when he's just back to his usual 'morally-superior', virtue-signalling self.

No. 946782

File: 1584490618249.png (47.1 KB, 582x484, virtuesignalling.png)


So many "Yeah, BUT…" replies to this person's tweet by Jared's little 'defense squad'…

No. 946793

It's KF, they're never not going to defend Jared.

No. 946794

I cant stand mattpatt and his tasteless self

No. 946798


I just can't wait until Jared flexes his moral-superiority on someone with a more… sizeable fanbase.

No. 946807


I think MatPat made a mistake monetizing the video, yes. But if the people you stan for try to monetize drama, or pandemics, or basically anything that's "trending" with their quirky uwu bullshit t shirts then you can't really take a moral high ground.

No. 946861


They went against Jared for all of 5 seconds in a "Everyone here fucking sucks" kind of way, but then went right back to the "Man = good, women = whores" line of thought.


He tried with H3H3, He tried with Phil DeFranco - and you'll note that those are two of the only ones who didn't cave to his bullshit (or still unverified threats of slander/defamation lawsuits)


The girl was absolutely right - Doing a good thing does NOT cancel out any and all future bad behavior.

Holly, for example, did some good things along the way. It doesn't give her a pass for when she does shit like the Etika bit or the "I don't want to help Australia, EVERYONE is doing that".

No. 946894

File: 1584514481219.png (51.07 KB, 1058x210, heidiBAD.png)

Also this sounds rich af:

>"so you can Hannibal Lecture your spouse into a crying fit"

They're referring to Heidi's DMs about how "big bad Heidi made Jared cry that one night!" /s

Sounds more like Jared had been waiting for Heidi to 'overreact', making it easier for him to bail on her. Abusers do that shit all the time - they'll keep poking you until you lash out them 'from out of nowhere!' so it makes neglecting you all the more easier!
Sounds like Heidi ruined his plans by not flying off the handle at him & acting calm, & while Jared's tears probably weren't fake, it sounds more like everything he'd gotten away with for years just caught up with him - His 'cool wife' was growing tired of his bullshit & wanted to be serious - he can't do 'serious'.

No. 946897


Also lmao at "Hannibal Lecture"

No. 946916


That's not even a classic abuser move - just a douche bag dude move. They cry hoping that you feel a smidgen of sympathy for them, feel bad for upsetting them and cave to do whatever they want. What propedo failed to understand is that he had exhausted every bit of sympathy when he continued to lie to his wife and was then stupid enough to fuck the ONE person on the face of the Earth that she had asked him not to.

No. 946929

with KF it repeatedly comes down to how much they hate women in general.
literally anyone can understand that if someone disturbed me to the point that i needed to numb my brain before talking to them, i'm probably facing some intense mental torture in the situation. they'd have ripped heidi to shreds if jared ever mentioned feeling the need to self-medicate before talking to his wife, but because this is a bitch whore saying that she took a xanax to remain rational during a tense conversation, NATURALLY it means she did it to torture the dude to tears

No. 947010


Its not like she was buying pills on the street and popping them to torture jared eaiser. I guarantee she was prescribed them, probably for the stress and anxiety Jared's constant neglect and gaslighting caused

No. 947031


Not to mention that at the time Heidi had been convinced that she was the one with problem.

When in reality, she was fighting tooth & nail for a marriage that, unbeknownst to her, was already dead & buried.

No. 947035


taking a prescribed anti-anxiety medication before a stressful event is one of "the most vile things" this person can imagine. ok.

pretty sure "bully someone to tears" is not one of the effects of xanax; you really have to detach your brain from all concept of reality and logic to come up with this stuff.

No. 947041

i would suggest anyone this stupid to please take a xanax just once, they're easy to find. see how 'aggressive and angry' you feel afterward, see if it makes you want to 'bully' anyone. also, doing drugs can only help at this point.

No. 947094

Someone’s spent too much time on TVTropes.

No. 947134


If she was loud and upset she would have been abusive and if she was calm and cool she would have also been abusive. It's a lose lose

No. 947164

File: 1584569651282.png (34.45 KB, 590x308, k0shermakingshitup.png)


Apparently Heidi LAUGHED at him too!
They're just making shit up at this point.

No. 947171

These nimrods still think all it took for the sex pest to get blacklisted was Heidi's accusations, reality is not a priority for them.

No. 947173

I truly wonder what it's like to be as low IQ as these defenders holy shit

No. 947181

File: 1584573024712.png (33.53 KB, 582x286, accusations.png)


Old milk, but people still believe that Heidi was the one who made the pedo allegations.

No. 947184


What's sad is that after she got the same email GG got about Jared's accusations he was cruel to her taking them seriously and said "Holly believed me immediately"

She was probably destroyed by those accusations and was horrified and concerned for jared and for him to just throw his mistress'd unwavering obsessive support in her face was a total low blow

As if holly wouldn't drag herself across coals to blindly defend anything that came out of his mouth

Jared is all "believe victims" until they are his, then its abusive for you to even consider their accusations

No. 947185

"Hur hurr ugly cat lady trope but with birds"
Let's get real, she was born a Disney heiress and most of us weren't. That alone makes her more successful than most of us.
She keeps birds because its her hobby, its irrelevant if it's a cope or not because we all do things to waste time.
Not milk, just a exaggerated nitpick

No. 947188


Well that's interesting, I don't remember that part.

"Holly believed me immediately" sounds like he was either trying to get Heidi to like Holly again, or to joke about how "Holly believes me & she's CRAZY!"

No. 947192


To me it reads more like "why cant you be as loving and supporting as Holly? She believed me immediately"

No. 947220


That too. Sounds like he was baiting her into an argument.
If that's true then I can definitely see why she needed a Xanax to finally confront him.

No. 947236

OP says not to judge Rubberninja but its obvious hes coping with his new girlfriend, he just cant deal with being single just like everyone else

No. 947245

File: 1584580626966.png (52.21 KB, 588x472, 6-15-2018.png)

To be fair, he only kind of recently came out about having a new girlfriend (late last year).

Also unrelated, but Ross has hinted at Holly being abusive before the Syrmor video.

No. 947256

I noticed that tweet too and wondered if it was about Holly, I guess it was.
My orginal post still stands, people do respect him and dont a thousand mindless insults at him but its obvious he has the generic behavior and mentality of "I need a partner because muhh loneliness"

No. 947267

Regardless, Ross did seem to genuinely love Holly.
I find it insulting that most of Jared's supporters keep writing him off as "only married for the green card"

No. 947273


Also want to say that I get a disturbing vibe from Jared's defenders. Aside from learning how much they really, really hate Heidi having any kind of support, & I recently discovered that they also hate anyone who says they feel bad for Ross, or that they only want to support Ross from now on.

No. 947274

You either worship their incel god, or you're some cancel culture cultist.

No. 947287


THAT is abuse - but apparently gaslighting your wife for MONTHS by saying "I'm going to counseling to save our marriage!" and then meeting your mistress for a fuck session afterwards (while denying it to your wife) is a-okay.

Because nothing says "I'm afraid of my wife!" quite like doing the one thing you know will set her off /s


>"That alone makes her more successful than most of us"

Being born into a world of privilege doesn't make someone a success. Busting your ass to carve your own path through this world, to earn your own way and not live off of someone else? THAT makes a person successful.

Hoelly is riding through life with a silver spoon in her mouth - She can suck a bag of rancid dicks before I'd listen to anything she has to say about struggling.


Leave Ross alone. He's moved on, and even if he IS just coping by getting in a new relationship, that's no one's business. He didn't fuck his married friend while being married himself, nor did he jack it to nudes he solicited from fans.

No. 947289

I dont know if he truly loved her, but if you watch the videos of them you can tell they did get along well.

No. 947295


It's also fucking foul that they continue to assert that Ross was 100% on-board & supported the affair simply because "Jared said so!"

Meanwhile Ross' lips have remained sealed since May 9th. I'm sure if he was a-okay with everything, like everyone keeps insisting, then he would've ducked in to say "Confirmed. Now can everyone please stop fighting!?" or something similar, but he hasn't.

No. 947301

As much as I'd love for Ross to speak his truth, put his foot down & tell everyone to stfu already, it would be too late now, as he has already made progress & dredging up all that shit isn't going to fix anything.

I could read the tone from his only tweet regarding the drama. He was done. He wasn't going to let them hurt him again.

No. 947311

Agreed, he was tired of the drama and didnt want anyone to update him, on his ex wife who he actually married. It wasnt a random internet drama, he actually married her and did know her.

Disclaimer here; I'm specifying that he did know her personally because a lot of us tend to forget that not everything is petty drama and insulting strangers, that sometimes the people we discuss did have close relationships with someone else despite our speculation

No. 947319

File: 1584589614124.png (31.29 KB, 584x264, please.png)


And he didn't want to relive everything after

Throwback to the first & last tweet he made about this.

>"I've long since moved on/have a new life"

>"Rather not deal with this"

They already hurt him once. They're not going to hurt him again.

No. 947321

File: 1584589883962.png (22.42 KB, 586x202, supermega.png)


…I also want to point out how those closest to Ross have turned their backs on Jared (and Holly to some degree).

They know.

No. 947395

File: 1584616056827.jpg (192.91 KB, 720x888, 20200319_130652.jpg)

Kt at it again

No. 947397


Supermega has been making jokes about Jared from the start and even as recently as a couple episodes ago in animal crossing (joking about sinjared)

If Ross was super cool with Jared and Holly and was supportive I'm pretty sure the boys wouldn't make jokes about him

Plus jared fucking called Ross out in You've Been Lied To saying that Holly came back from a con to find that Ross had moved out without a word, aka he was trying to make Ross look bad and holly like a victim which is INSANE

God forbid Ross decide that while Holly was away on a DCA trip fucking Jared he wanted to move out and end his marriage with his cheating wife

The fact that Jared even brought up Ross in that video at all was nasty of him

No. 947399


So he literally went through so much to help Holly change for the better and forgave her for her emotional abuse and did his best to help her work through it and change her ways

And then after all that work they did she turned around and started fucking a married man and OBSESSIVELY slandering his wife to the man and anyone who would listen

Didnt heidi said that jared literally said "me and holly think you are abusing me, she knows all about abuse because she used to be abusive to her ex"

Imagine your cheating husband saying "so my mistress thinks you are abusing me, don't worry shes an expert, she did the same thing to her ex."

They literally created the "heidi is an abuser" narrative to feel better about being cheaters.

No. 947409

she's so fucking crazy. what celebrities does she think even care about her delusions at all? let alone enough to give her money?

No. 947414

lol breebun is her own level of cow, i wonder what shes been up to

No. 947421

>how much they really, really hate Heidi having any kind of support,

Ironically it's more the case of her defenders hating anyone who ISN'T heidi possibly having ANY kind of support in any way to the point they start attacking people not even related to the situation last year if they so much as speak positively to/about jared/holly etc. Hell read any of these threads, the second you even hint at not hating anyone that isn't heidi you get banned or called a 'jared/holly/pj2 stan' simply because you're not bandwagon trash talking someone you have no personal attachment to.

Don't be an autist anon:

>Meanwhile Ross' lips have remained sealed

>I'm sure if he was a-okay with everything, like everyone keeps insisting, then he would've ducked in to say

If someone is staying out of a situation, they're not going to confirm nor deny anything.

No. 947431

If Heidi was so innocent she would have did the interview with Keemstar.
Interviewing people like Onision and Romeo Lacoste even when the world is out for their head.
He gives people a platform to defend themselves, and Heidi could have been one of them.

No. 947436

>Be redeemed by Keem
I love hearing retards' hot takes.

No. 947440

File: 1584632510516.jpg (434.08 KB, 1078x973, Screenshot_20200319-103832_Fir…)

Ross did finally remove Holly from his featured channels sidebar.
But instead replaced her with the equally toxic StoryTime Animators.


Odd1sout and Jaiden are both cows and since they are close with the Grumps I think we should be able to talk about them here as well.

No. 947444

I'm ouy of the loop on them. How are they cows?

No. 947446


what's their tea? all I can think of is I suspect jaiden has been dating boyinaband/dave cause they hung out in videos and IRL and I believe she was even his 1+ at felix's wedding (I mean I don't thinks he got personally invited but dave did and he brought her)

No. 947447

Anyone with the slightest shred of decency and sanity would avoid a human shitstain like Keem.

No. 947465

File: 1584638102759.jpg (72.91 KB, 911x513, reyxo6s2yooz.jpg)

Because they are
-Not Funny (In my opinion), and usually claim to be introverted despite being affluent with many online and offline connections and abundant followings.
-Can't take criticism
Relation to thread
-Exact opposite of the revolutionary OG Newgrounds Egoraptor.
-Are only friends with the GameGrumps because they are clout-chasers. It does go both ways however with the Grumps also training to stay relevant. While Ross has gone back to being more independent doing his own thing with an animator GF by his side.

Already posted the links but I'll add more context:
TurkeyTom video "Criticism Not Welcome": https://youtu.be/3QMbzQA-xIk
TheRightOpinion video "The Unseen Side of Storytime Animators - How It Hurts Their Reputation": https://youtu.be/h6j7cGI3ZaQ

Then when this video parodying them by Sr Pelo was made:
Arin tried whiteknighting for them because like I mentioned, he's just cool with them for clout and relevancy.

I think their tour this year is postponed due to CoronaVirus, and I am glad it is.

No. 947476

Your personal opinion they're talentless and not funny isn't milk. Many affluent people with large followings are introverts? I don't see how they have any relevance to this thread.

No. 947480


>Plus jared fucking called Ross out in You've Been Lied To saying that Holly came back from a con to find that Ross had moved out without a word, aka he was trying to make Ross look bad and holly like a victim which is INSANE

Oh wow that is just fucking disgusting. He just had to drag Ross down too, huh?

Ross probably left because their house was in Holly's name, & her leaving first would've made him a squatter or something.
He probably couldn't stand living with a woman who, not only didn't love him anymore, but wouldn't shut the fuck up about this one guy & his marriage.

No. 947488


None of that sounds particularly cowish. Just bc YOU don't like them doesn't mean shit, it's an imageboard post receipts or gtfo

No. 947492


>If Heidi was so innocent she would have did the interview with Keemstar.

Well then, going by your logic:

If Jared was so innocent he would have did the interview with Keemstar.

No. 947498

I still find it cute how people still insist that Heidi "omitted important details".
She explained pretty much everything from day one, people just didn't bother to read anything past her initial statement.

No. 947505

100%. It still blows my mind there are people that hate Heidi, just because she had the 'nerve' to air it out publicly, but she was just getting ahead of the bullshit since they all did shit online. Honestly, i think ugly boys hold peenjared with some type of special regard. Like, he got laid, by more than one person. Congrats

No. 947508


>Honestly, i think ugly boys hold peenjared with some type of special regard.

Same with ugly girls & Holly.

I saw someone comment about how they love how those 'cute' wallflower types are capable of shit that can make pretty/popular girls red with embarrassment.

No. 947515


That's why I think Holly was so hellbent on taking Jared from Heidi

She wanted to "win", to defeat the pretty girl

No. 947516

What a bunch of fags and losers. If getting laid was the be all end all, why do they care so much about hurting other people? Oh right, cause they know they're losers and it's their one chance to feel bigger.

Peenjared and Hagholly have each other and are still miserable. All this hate would be more passionate than their feelings for each other, guaranteed.

No. 947519


People also seemed to forget that Jared & Holly are famous, Heidi isn't. She did this knowing that Jared & Holly have a pretty big advantage over her.
Holly even played into it with her first response; "You all know me! Why would you listen to a stranger?" - Gotta make sure everyone knows Heidi's place, but Heidi wasn't backing down, so Holly pulled out her 'victim' card by announcing that she admitted herself into a mental hospital, then whipped out her 'good samaritan' card by saying she was 'saving' Jared from the eeeevil abusive Heidi! "She's really abusive guys! Because I know her, but you don't, & You all know me!"

…And, like clockwork, their stan-army worked overtime to make her life hell.

No. 947520


Not to mention they were on a DnD show where their characters were madly in love and shipped by thousands of people

These folks literally are happy their OTP became canon and are upset that Heidi tried to come between them

Wasnt there even Straith fan art based off of their cringey Childs Play Chairty pictures/outfits??

Their fans, much like them, cant seem to understand that they are not Strix and Diath for fucks sake

No. 947522


Must be why Holly keeps playing so heavily into her Strix role. "Remember Striath? You guys loooove Striath! Look how canon it is now! BE HAPPY FOR ME!"

No. 947524


…Also, all the irl elements of themselves & their relationship are so nasty, so they're hoping that the fantasy elements will keep it alive.

No. 947541

Its obvious their relationship wasnt working out anymore, but I believe that Ross has the "its impossible for me to be happy If I'm single" mentality. I dont mean hes a bad person for it but its such a generic outdated mentality to have.

No. 947543


wait did I miss something and we're all dubbing Ross the "perpetual relationship chaser"?

he's been with Holly for a bazillion years, was in an emotionally exhausting relationship with her that took a toll on him and him getting a girlfriend makes him "impossible to be happy single"?

Like, y'all, this isn't a pattern. He isn't Dan who goes through women like a revolving door. He had one wife who he treated like a queen, and then he got a gf, and we can't judge nor know the way it progressed because he hasn't told us

I dunno where these anons popped out of but damn you're all weirdos. Trying to turn this into a "thing".

No. 947545

These scrotes have been popping up in a bunch of other threads too

probs just idiots bored and wanting to shitdisturb to bad they're fucking bad at it

No. 947567


It's just another attempt to make Hoelly into the poor mistreated golden child - rather than an adulterous whore who fucked a married man while being married herself. They're looking for any out to make this not-her-fault instead of entirely-her-fault. I mean, let's look at the whole situation:

Jared and Heidi's marriage was shit and inevitably would've failed regardless - but the tipping point was him lying to Heidi and fucking Hoelly, despite that being literally the only person on the planet she had a problem with.

The nudes aren't her fault, true enough, but she sank her career by defending PedoDick rather than coming out and saying "Yeah, that's fucked up and wrong."

What in this could be Ross' fault, Anons? If you go by the tale the dynamic duo of dumbasses is spinning, Ross knew and approved of their tryst, so like…..even if he IS rushing into a new relationship, that's chill and doesn't hurt Jared and Hoelly in the slightest (other than demonstrating that the right way to do shit is wait until a divorce is finalized first).

No. 947596

File: 1584660418591.jpg (277.54 KB, 1080x931, 20200319_192543.jpg)


Yet shes so broke that she needs her boyfriend to buy her a copy uWu

No. 947609

This the site for judging people and making claims about them so I thought it was okay to make that accusation towards him.
I do agree that he treated Holly well.
I'm not claiming he's desperate for a girlfriend, but i am claiming that he the mentality that he needs one, he's a good person who knows how to act professionally and you hardly see him exaggerate or overreact

No. 947613

So you're basing that mentality off of…….the one girlfriend he's had since their breakup, that we don't even know when exactly they got together? That's fucking retarded, sage this dumb shit

No. 947617


>"I thought it was okay to make that accusation towards him"

It would be, if it had any validity…..which it does not. Ross hasn't done anything wrong, so making shit up just to slander him for shits n' giggles? Nah fam.

No. 947632

File: 1584664111501.jpg (215 KB, 1381x659, gamermoment.jpg)

Since he will never collab with NormalBoots or GameGrumps again it won't surprise me if he started dropping edgy "gamer" humor to get people from the PewDiePie type crowd.

No. 947633

Nitpick but what a shitty island name

No. 947634


He doesn't have to try to get people from the PewDiePie crowd; Those incels have already found ProDick and are on his side because how dare his frigid bitch of a wife forbid him from fulfilling his manly needs in Hoelly's nasty vag? /s

No. 947645


You know if you're going to try to get someone for personally trying to benefit from the coronavirus maybe, just maybe, you shouldn't be trying to scam people into following and sharing your shit. Because you know goddamn well he's not giving a single copy out to anyone who doesn't personally know him.

No. 947649


>"I want to try to help those affected!"

Does he send hand sanitizer or toilet paper? Nah, video games! That will FOR SURE be a meaningful help to those affected! /s

No. 947654

It doesn't even fit the character limit lmao

No. 947717

I mean its common for boyfriends to buy stuff for their girl..

She shouldnt have to enter a giveaway for him to buy it for her though oof

No. 947728


I don't even know if it was her trying to get it to buy it for her - or if it was just one more pathetic attempt at showing everyone that she's still involved with him in some form.

No. 947730

This is just sleazy. Why does he need people to follow him in order to give away three copies? Just do a lottery style drawing.

Coming from Jared, asking people to follow him just seems so desperate and sad. Like he's really trying to stay relevant, but he doesn't want to show it so he's pushing this 'giveaway' angle instead.

I just find it gross in general when people's 'charity' benefits them more than the people they're supposedly helping.

No. 947736


"Wanna Join My Free Gift Card Giveaway?"

I wouldn't be surprised if he started doing those 3AM challenges…

No. 947766


Next up: Free iphone to the first 10 people who send me tit pics I MEAN MY FIRST 10 FOLLOWERS!!!!

ProPedo, stop while you're behind, my guy

No. 947811


"Hey guys I like birds! Have I ever mentioned birds before? I'm a bird lady! BIRBS! This is my one personality trait and boy am I gonna force it down your throats!"

No. 947841


100% It's the latter. Gotta let everyone know he's her man now.

No. 947842


>Why does he need people to follow him in order to give away three copies?

Gotta buy more fans after his bitch whore ex-wife "ruined his life"!

No. 947847

File: 1584718582729.png (41.22 KB, 396x596, projared vs jared.png)

>"The fans have only experience ProJared, the persona he puts forth to the public that is funny, charismatic; Heidi experienced Jared, the guy who would withhold attention as a means of punishing her or who threatened to divorce her if she went to a convention out of state because he knew she was desperate to save her marriage. "


The term "Cult of Personality" comes to mind
Too many people fall in love with public personas, thinking that it's exactly how someone is irl.
They love the character that is 'ProJared'.
They want to protect that character.

If ProJared matters so much to you, ask yourself this:

What would ProJared think about the actions of Jared Knabenbauer?

No. 947853

File: 1584719676310.jpg (164.18 KB, 1080x566, Screenshot_20200320-105223_Fir…)

Heidi always went to DragonCon without Jared to get kinky with other cosplayers, so Jared went to TwitchCon without Heidi to get kinky with Hoelly.

Sounds fair, no?

No. 947854


>Aug 2016

>"…and he still loves me…"


No. 947859


Right because going to a con alone means she was obviously fucking other cosplayers. There’s no proof other than her one LDR whom she had permission to be with.
Meanwhile Jared was fucking fans and hoelly, someone his wife told him specifically not to fuck, and hoelly was married herself.

No. 947862


Not to mention, this was all back when she still trusted him to be transparent with her.

No. 947872

File: 1584723602685.png (59.3 KB, 587x470, mistakes.png)

Old Milk, but here's a reminder that Heidi admitted she made mistakes & isn't blameless

No. 947873

receipts anon?

No. 947875

File: 1584723674616.png (65.98 KB, 594x642, 4-15-2019.png)


Also Old Milk, but the date adds up:

> Apr 15, 2019

No. 947878

It's just beating the horse at this point. This shit gets rehashed in every single thread and it's been nearly a year.

No. 947879

File: 1584724513136.png (74.67 KB, 590x556, bad person.png)


I'm just tired of seeing people insist that Heidi somehow thought she was blameless throughout.

Several times she has admitted that she may have acted wrongly in some areas.(Move on)

No. 947904

It's a waste of time entertaining the sealions and whiteknights, though. You can only say the same thing so many times before it gets old. Most of us have seen the milk already.

No. 947928


>Jared went to TwitchCon without Heidi to get kinky with Hoelly. Sounds fair, no?

No. When your wife specifically says "You can fuck other women, but not this one specific woman" and that is the ONE person you choose to fuck? That's wrong, that's not poly - that's just straight up adultery. If Jared had a problem with Heidi sleeping with others, he could have spoken up…..like Heidi did when she had a problem with who Jared was banging.


Literally no one has said she is blameless - but in the grand scheme of "Who fucked up worse?", Jared and Hoelly are at the top of the list.


And? She didn't ask to be cheated on. She didn't ask for her husband to lie to her face while he was fucking a mutual friend behind her back. She didn't ask for her husband's mistress to run to her thousands of followers, calling her an unfixable abuser.

Heidi may have fucked up - but goddamn, what Hoelly and ProDick did was NOT an appropriate response

No. 947936

Ross was getting his ninja sucked without rubber by JaidenAnimations in exchange for clout so.

No. 947937


1. who cares

2. what is with all the weirdo anons coming out of the woodwork to obsess over ross's dating life

No. 947939


They got pissy that everyone was circling back to hating on Hoelly and Jared for how they're handling the whole quarantine shit, so they had to redirect the attention else where - and since Heidi has been mostly quiet and doing her own little crafting streams lately, it made more sense to them to attack the dude who refuses to speak up one way or another.

No. 947940

File: 1584734852823.jpg (434.72 KB, 1080x1073, otherholly.jpg)

Jaiden is a schizophernic bird lady just like Hoelly.
I guess the difference is she is "talented?". I guess since the youtube algorithim killed animation that takes actual effort (Like Ross's latest cartoon), the STAs can thrive.

No. 947942

Post proof or gtfo, theres so many of you weird peenjared supporters that constantly come out to shit on Ross for no reason other than to derail the thread

No. 947950

lol the desperate attempts to make jared blameless in all of this is laughable. the defenders of hoelly and wormdick always sound so childish
>sucked ross dick hurr SO THERE
grow up

No. 947951

Jaiden has ONE bird. Holly has 50, if not more. Stfu about animation youtubers and go start a thread on them if you’re this obsessed.

No. 947953


someone in the twitch thread had a strong hate boner for jaiden and the other animators so it's probably them just being bored from quarantine lol

No. 947959

File: 1584737186876.jpg (509.78 KB, 1080x1683, jcegf.jpg)

and in the past Gab Smolders (Jacksepticeye's girlfriend) would heart Jared's posts.
It's possible Holly wasn't the only internet personality he was banging.

Still damn, Jared should have cheated on Heidi with Gab instead, leaving Jack to get with Holly.

No. 947964


gab is annoying as fuck but seeing as she cheated on her husband she was with for 12 years for jacksepticeye, it wouldn't surprise me, but jared wouldn't give her lots of social ladders to climb since that's all she's interested in

No. 947967

The stream today: Holly streams with Jared, they talk about catching bluegill and killing and eating fish which doesn’t seem to borrow Holly. Holly exclaims that she is craving tacobell (oh the irony) Holly is either extremely bad at a casual game or acting like she is for sympathy. Talks about “our house” and “our things” when talking with Jared.

No. 947970


Both - She is both extremely shitty at gaming AND is playing it up for sympathy (which is just doing WONDERS for women who already have a hard time being taken seriously in the gaming world).

Everything with her is deliberate, so she knows damn well about the "OUR house, OUR stuff" bits. We get it, you got him, Hoelly. Legit no one else wants him, so bravo, I guess

No. 947977


I can only imagine how bland and detached he is on her streams

"Fine, Holly, I'll stream with you so people know we are together. I'm not gonna have a good time, though"

No. 948008

File: 1584746890493.jpg (658.09 KB, 1080x1083, SSCrew.jpg)

Well Jared and Holly are running dry of milk. Jared has to work for a living so will continue to do things as he did before his divorce. While I imagine Holly (especially if Jared breaks up with her) will go full-on Onision and freak out on camera in an attempt to garner [negative] attention and stay relevant.

But if Jared&Holly had Dice Camera Action with D&D, Arin&Ross have Scribble Showdown with animators.
Odd1sOut was even on 10MPH

so makes sense to discuss them here.

No. 948072

When Jared visited her island she had dug holes all over, and said she couldn't fill them back in because of "controller problems". She played it off like her incompetence was cute. "I'm so girly and helpless and I need big strong Jared to fill my holes." I bet you do Hoelly!

>so makes sense to discuss them here

The DCA people were only relevant once it came out they also left their former partners for each other, and the whole cast was a cheating support group. And even then they get mentioned for 4 posts like every other thread. Stop trying to shove your Odd1sOut/Jaiden vendetta in here AnimatorAnon because no1curr.

No. 948083

Post receipts or move on.

No. 948086

File: 1584765234383.png (150.25 KB, 663x417, jaidensperg.png)

Think I've found the Jaiden sperger. This was posted in the Racist Uncle thread, her and her discord goons were sperging out all over the RU thread and hate Jaiden.
>>947936 and >>947940
Even match the writing style.

No. 948092

>let’s fish and kill bluegill Jared my twu wuv
meanwhile with the grumps
>nooooo! I can’t eat sushiiii! It’s cruel! It freaks me out weeeehhh!!!
hypocritical holly strikes again

No. 948110

>i need big strong jared to fill my holes
i love you anon lmfao

No. 948188


This whole incapable of playing thing must have began with Jared because when she was with Ross and appeared on GG she was perfectly fine at it.

She literally is doing the whole dumbing down to get a man thing for him which is hilarious for a 30+ year old woman

No. 948192

Oh I doubt this is just for Jared's sake.
Pretty sure it's also to play it up for her fans, that uwu vulnerable Strixbirbmomwitch appeal.

No. 948247


Maybe it's a show for the audience because she wants everyone to ship them uWu

After all that was pretty much Striath's dynamic; strix was screech annoying and stupid and Diath was boring and condescending

No. 948307

The "I can't do it!" girlishness is driving me nuts. Having played both the last Animal Crossing and this new one, the controls are exactly the same - and what isn't, is easy to figure out.

Hoelly's just playing up this "I need you to help uwu" and it's like nails on a chalkboard.

No. 948322

slight ot but she got into a LDR with a dude and now they live together

she said on her private twitter she wasnt sure if he was the one/didn't like the way he treated her. all her girlfriends told her to run but she stuck by him.

No. 948361

Not being able to figure out Animal Crossing controls is just a whole other level of idiocy.

No. 948379


Shes gotta be faking it, right? I'm like 99% sure she played a shit ton of Animal Crossing New Leaf on her own and many others channels

No. 948384


She has to be. Considering this is a game that is marketed towards kids, there's no reason that a 30+ year old adult who frequently plays games (including previous iterations of the same game) can't manage it without someone doing it for her.

No. 948392

Yeah, it's basically all of the above.
"Jared help me you strapping strong skilled gamer uwu"
"Striath uwu"
"uwu vulnerable Strixbirbmomwitch uwu"

No. 948424


Oh really? I didn't know about her private twitter thing.

He's like 8 years younger than her, and kind of a douche. Doesn't surprise me that she stuck with him.

No. 948495

I swear to god, I mean she even cosplayed fucking blathers at one point. this is super off topic but I'm kinda sad that her whole previous persona was apparently fake. I really liked her back when she was involved in the GG stuff. Was even rooting for her after the divorce but after the Jared thing broke loose I finally realized she's a fucking cunt

No. 948503


That's just it, Anon - I don't think anyone knows what Hoelly's true personality is since she changes it like most people change underwear (and not just minor changes like "My favorite color is purple - JUST KIDDING now it's pink", but like "uwu birb mom, SYKE imma fuck anything that isn't nailed down and fuck you all for being sexist")

No. 948656

Your samefag posts and autism are so obvious and tiring.
Good to see you literally just love to sperg about any woman in the GG circle, no matter how tenuous their connection actually is.

No. 948666

No. 948708


Wasn't Holly like extremely good at high level WoW? iirc she came in on Guild Grumps later and berated Ross at how horrible a teacher he was (tbf he was doing horribly and was enjoying the torment) and showed Arin how to play his class when they were boosted to really high levels.

Sure they're different games and different controls but if she can hit F1 to F12 and remember what actions they are in WoW, she can press either Y or A to fill in hole. If it's "controller problems" literally half of her main 4 buttons don't work then and it's unplayable.

No. 948735


The kicker is that the button to dig the holes in Animal Crossing is the exact same button to fill them in. She's DEFINITELY playing up the "uwu I can't! Jared, pwease save me!"

No. 948808

>so you can Hannibal Lecture your spouse into a crying fit

What are the odds that propedostans think laying out a partner's flaws for any reason is manipulative (as long as it's done by a lady they don't like)?


Exactly. If Jared or Holly were prescribed PTSD meds, it would somehow be a mark against Heidi for these people. Incidentally, even that would make slightly more sense than the "Xanax makes you a serial killer" theory.


That's more YouTube general, if milk ever arises.

No. 948841

His body and face are so disgusting, How ugly are these women on the inside to fall for this worm?

No. 948902


He's apparently very charismatic.
I'd assume he's all about 'promoting' people, & is into 'boosting numbers' for himself & sometimes others (eg: he's been giving attention to smaller 'Twitch Girls' lately)

No. 948913

File: 1584995009082.jpg (1.15 MB, 1414x2048, Cumberbilly.jpg)

Lots of people find this guy to be attractive. I don't get it but different strokes for different folks.

No. 948950


I think alot are attracted to Diath, not Jared

No. 948964


Good point.
Especially considering the only ones who defend him as vehemently as the trolls & incels are just die-hard DCA stans.

No. 948965

OT, but I hope T.O.R.C.H (Chris Perkins' new D&D show) becomes bigger+better than DCA, so that people will forget those two clowns.

No. 949002


Considering how many die hard DCA stans are protesting it/refusing to watch it with out Striath it may take time to get off its feet

Which is kind of a big fuck you to the rest of the cast, like they were part of DCA too but these fanboys only care about Jolly

No. 949014


It's because T.O.R.C.H., or more specifically Anna & Nate, are just a reminder to the stans of what Jared/Hoelly COULD HAVE been, had they just played it safe until the divorce was finalized. Anna/Nate at least waited until their respective divorces were done to do whatever they did publicly, which is what ProHoelly should have done. Instead, they started fucking around being Heidi's back while they were still married and got their fanbase grossly involved in it all (the private tumblr used to solicit fanart/fanfiction of the Diath/Strix pairing).

No. 949019

Same reason there is girls who pay for Onision's onlyfans.

They are attracted to someone who is toxic, unstable and dangerous. There is just a thrill and wager in being with a toxic partner as opposed to the boring stability of a healthy one.

No. 949085


Granted this is more about why people sent nudes than why they are attracted to him, but one of the main reasons his porn blogs were predatory were that he said it was for "body positivity", not for him to jack off to.

Granted it was naive, but a good chunk of these people probably submitted them because they would be posted along with encouraging messages like "nice thighs!" and stuff

There were even people when the scandal broke who said that they sent nudes to the blog and only ever got a "good job! Dont you feel better?" As a response, which means he was literally using the guise of positivity to filter out the ones he wanted to fuck, then he would message those people privately

What I'm trying to say is that most the people who sent him stuff probably didnt even do it because they were attracted to him, they just wanted the positive attention their submissions would get, but then they would get pervy private messages from Jared and probably feel awkward/obliged to send and do more

Hope Holly still lurks here so she can have fun reading about all the fucked up stuff her boy toy did during the time she thought they were true love

No. 949095

> What I'm trying to say is that most the people who sent him stuff probably didnt even do it because they were attracted to him, they just wanted the positive attention their submissions would get

This. Giving it some thought I would maybe have done something similar when I was younger, not straight up nudes but definitely do anything to get positive attention from someone I look up to.

Getting validated by someone that you admire, and even more so when they have a following so it might make you feel even more “special”, must be a real confidence boost. It doesn’t have anything to do with attraction and more looking up to someone that I’m this case is in a position of power comped to young naive girls

No. 949101


Honestly I'm so glad I didnt know about it when it was active because at that time I was a very insecure 17/18 yr old and I could totally imagine myself being stupid and doing it, and I'm sure a lot of people feel that way

What makes it worse is that in his comeback video he said he didnt ID people because he didnt want them to dox themselves. That mattered more to him than reciving Child Porn. It just shows that he literally didnt care that he jacked it to teens, he cares that he got caught

I guarantee there were more minors than those who came forward because submitting to a nude blog is absolutely something that a stupid insecure teenager would do, especially to a gaming youtuber on a website primarily used by young teens. They probably just blame themselves/saw the backlash Charlie/Chai got and didnt want to come forward.

No. 949102


Also the kicker of the "I didn't want them to doxx themselves!"? The only person who should have been able to view his tumblr messages/asks/whatever would have been him and Heidi (unless Hoelly was stalking his messages back then too). Heidi had nothing to gain by using it as a means of blackmailing these kids - and You'd think a grown ass man would WANT to defend himself against any allegations of pedophilia by whatever means necessary.


No. 949129


>I can be trusted with photos of your naked genitals, but NOT your ID. Too personal.

No. 949144


"Well I couldn't let them Doxx themselves so I chivalrously chose to use the honor system"

I love that excuse because like… then dont open a nude blog? You didnt have to, ever, in fact. One workaround for not having fans send their IDs to confirm their ages? Dont solicit nudes from them!

No. 949172

Tinfoil: She pretends to be incompetent whenever men are watching because that's what she thinks they like.

No. 949183

Regardless of your feelings, people are attracted to whoever they are and I promise you there's a huge amount of people who would find you ugly/repulsive etc as well.

It's just how attraction works.

Yes, this is how online personalities work, especially for (sorry to say) many women content creators be it for better or worse, it's how they attract certain crowds.

No. 949208

Him and the hackers who breached the security of the first blog.

Or did you conveniently forget that part?

No. 949221


Then, hear me out, maybe he didnt NEED to run a fan nude blog if he couldn't safely ID people to make sure he wasn't soliciting child pornography. But of course horn dog jared thought his dick was more important than accidentally soliciting nudes from teenagers, so he made the blog anyway

No. 949238

Not going to deny that, but there's not exactly no reason for him to not have wanted to collect personal information, either.

No. 949269

You have to go on a level of trust at that point, because people can literally dox themselves sending identifying information.

But it also would have proved that the whole "he's a pedo!!1" thing is a misguided attack because you're under the assumption he trolled around for underage kids.

If I'm 13 and I sent you nudes, am I in the right to say you solicited them out of me not knowing my age?

That's exactly what happened. Even then you can't even say he "solicited" in that context, because you're in the right if you asked (you are over 18 right?) if you lie about that or try to set someone up by lying, that person did wrong.

The only reason people say he "solicited nudes" was because of generalized speech of "If you want to send go for it", even the "private interactions" that we seen Jared wasn't the one that initiated the exchange.

If the sex stories were true, THAT is another story though.

I know we hate jared and he's a pos, but out of everything, ironically this is one thing he can't be "guilty" of without doing olympic sized stretches.

No. 949276


I'm beginning to wonder who exactly hacked his first blog, or if was even true that it was hacked… Sounds like an awfully convenient way to ditch any evidence prior to the date of the hacking…

No. 949279

>The only reason people say he "solicited nudes" was because of generalized speech of "If you want to send go for it", even the "private interactions" that we seen Jared wasn't the one that initiated the exchange.
Oh no, it's known he pressed people on for more explicit content.
Plus, "mandatory send nudes".

If it were hacked it's shocking how little came out of it. Normally when some popular person's account gets hacked lots of info and shit comes pouring out, but Jared gets hacked and none of this nudes and sexts get leaked from it??

No. 949286

Ya'll conspiracy theory too hard. The hacking was in 2017, during the time Heidi was still encouraging it. Probably didn't have any useful or interesting things to put out that weren't already publicly available on the blog itself.

No. 949287


>"That's how online personalities work"

Fam, when someone hates being referred to as stupid or lesser than, they sure as fuck don't go online and purposely do things to appear stupid or lesser than. Hoelly's making her bed and then bitching about the way the sheets are folded back.

>"many women content creators be it for better or worse"

Female content creators are HYPER-aware of appearing stupid since it's hard enough to be taken seriously in a male-dominated field. They're not going to purposely fuck things up in a game as simple as Animal Crossing.


As another anon said, an easy way to prevent the hacking? DON'T RUN A FUCKING NUDE BLOG WHEN YOU'RE SOMEONE OF E-CELEB FAME. Go to porn hub under an anonymous name like everyone else.


>"People can dox themselves"

Or, hear me out, maybe Jared had no business running a porn blog that was THAT unsecured.

>"You're under the assumption he trolled around for underage kids"

No one is saying that. What we ARE saying is that beyond a "hey, 18+ right?", he did fuck all to PREVENT that, and the onus to keep yourself from being called a pedophile falls on your own shoulders.

>"Was because of the generalized speech of "if you want"

He literally said at one point "mandatory send nudes". How again is that people just randomly sending him nudes and NOT him soliciting them?


>"Heidi was still encouraging it"

She encouraged one - maybe two blogs - NOT SEVEN, and not all of the separate snapchat accounts. When you factor all of these things in, this is a dude who clearly couldn't control himself and had no business running blogs like that.

No. 949289

You are confusing a minor sending nudes unprovoked
> If I'm 13 and I sent you nudes
And an adult soliciting a minor for nudes while failing to check their age sufficiently.

> Washington’s laws against sexual exploitation of children also prohibit adults—including 18- and 19-year olds—from sexting or possessing sexually explicit images of minors.

> In a minority of states, defendants can raise a mistake-of-age defense but only in limited circumstances. And, when allowed, a defendant must prove the mistake was reasonable. Some states require a defendant to establish additional factors to prove the defense.

> If a mistake-of-age defense is allowed, a defendant needs to prove the mistake was reasonable. Facts or circumstances a defendant might use to establish proof of reasonable belief include:

> any statements or misrepresentations concerning age made by the victim to the defendant or others
> the defendant’s efforts to verify the victim’s age
> the circumstances of the defendant and victim’s acquaintance
> the victim’s physical appearance, and
> other people’s beliefs as to the victim’s age.

> For instance, a defendant’s mistake in thinking a victim was 17 might be found reasonable if the victim drives and claims to have a job.

> Just as states define age of consent differently, a few states define their mistake-of-age defense differently. For instance, in Washington state, a defendant must prove reasonable belief based on the victim’s statements concerning age.

As you can see, mistake-of-age defense is something that IS possible in Washington state. However, that defense is difficult to obtain, and requires proof beyond simply asking someone's age. Such as the example given, where the fictional 17-year-old is making pretenses towards being an adult.
Could Jared shoot for this defense? Possibly. We don't know the full conversation history, and like the example, there may be instances of the minors lying or embellishing other aspects of their life in order to appear of-age.
But to say he'd be completely in the clear would also be impossible to say. We don't know how many minors he was interacting with, or the extent of their conversations. If it was a simple "ya I'm 18" and then all dirty talk, then he'd have less of a leg to stand on. (Because reasonable belief would dictate that minors lie about their age all the time, especially on the internet.)

I find his excuse of worrying about doxing in regards to IDs just silly. Submitters would be just as likely to be victims of revenge porn as they would be of doxing, right? (I'm talking about the private porn blogs and private conversations - not the "body positivity" facade blog) I mean Jared himself is now a victim of revenge porn due to all of this.
If he was worried about hackers, submitters could have very simply sent him their ID through Snapchat - they would know if he had screenshotted it.

No. 949295

I know this thread is for shitting on Holly, but I personally think she delivered her tweet about her mother perfectly, saying that not everyone can be a good parent. I don't recall her tweet perfectly but it came off as respectful and placed in reality

No. 949297


>"This thread is for shitting on Holly"

No, this thread is for calling out her double-standard "woe is me, I'm the uwu birb mom, calling me a mistress is sexist" bullshit.

>"her tweet about her mother perfectly"

Which one? The one where she insinuated that her mom was a horribly abusive nightmare or the ones where she says she misses her mom? This bitch switches her opinion on her mom like most people change underwear.

>"It came off as respectful and placed in reality"

Yeah, the same reality where she talks about slamming her head into the floor, followed up with plenty of "lol". A+ picture of reality, Anon.

Learn to sage your Pro-Holly bullshit.

No. 949316


>The hacking was in 2017

So only two years before the drama hit? That sounds like enough time to wipe any suspicious activity from public blogs & to appear almost squeaky-clean to any newcomers…

No. 949317


His stance against doxxing is bullshit anyway considering the NormalBoots guys gave Holly the email from an alleged victim of his (the complaint that got him removed from their team), the information from which she used to help him launch a campaign of targeted harassment against them via discord. Jared and Holly are both bad actors and neither of them should have their word taken for truth.

No. 949321


>considering the NormalBoots guys gave Holly the email from an alleged victim of his (the complaint that got him removed from their team)

They did?

What does Holly have to do with NormalBoots though?

No. 949328

No, the complaint was sent to NB and a few other of Jared's associate acts, Holly included, and when Jared out of the blue tried to contact them at their email that they'd never given him specifically, they figured Holly had passed it along to Jared since she was the only one who had not gotten back to them.

No. 949368

File: 1585113353369.png (272.18 KB, 912x1084, kiwichuds.png)

Jared: bawws on Instagram about a mean DM he got from some nobody about the drama months after it's been 'resolved'

Heidi: Makes a vague remark about why she wants to throw out certain cosplays

KF: omg Heidi is SUCH an attention whore!!1!!1 When will she grow tf up?!?(Derailing )

No. 949418

KW does the same thing as this site, obsess over random strangers for decades and accuse them of the the freak rather than them the stalkers.
Also its irrelevant of Heldi gets a real job or not. What Is KF gonna do if she does? Come over to her house and congratulate her like they know her personally and aren't weird stalkers?

No. 949420


Holly's all "believe victims!" Until the victims are of her boyfriend, then she does everything she can to discredit them and even give their personal information to the man himself so that he can contact them and send then weird gaslighting "apologies"

In her eyes the only abused people in this world are her and her darling Diat- I mean Jared uWu

No. 949421


Exactly, wheres that screenshot where a fan just wanted to talk to him about games and he responded "Mandatory send nudes"

Even as a joke, his fan just wanted to interact with him and talk about a like interest but he couldn't view a fan interaction as anything more than a way to get fap material

No. 949430


KF does NOT do the same thing as this site. When we hate people, there's a reason - IE: Hoelly's "WOE IS ME, SOMEONE DIED AND THAT'S GOING TO BE ME AND IT'S GOING TO BE ALL YOUR FAULT!" spergs. KiwiFarms hates women because our parents dared to not drown us all at birth.


It's in an earlier thread, I'm sure. Hell, dude is certifiably creepy about nudes and any/all sexual themes, even if he's not a blatant pedophile. Watched Until Dawn, which is about high school aged people (so like 17-18 years old) and every other word out of ProDick's mouth was about them banging and sexy times and it just was very creepy.

No. 949438

Unpopular opinion but Hoelly isn't that much of a cow and nobody would give a fuck about the dead DCA thread if it wasn't for the pro Jared affair Heidi was involved in to an extent. Holly is not the first homewrecker on this board but she gets extra hate for being the ugly autistic Harry Potter looking flake she is.
By the way, this site is for whatever people want it to be, and you're not a hero for sperging about this smelly cunt in your spare time. Kiwifarms laughs at retards for the same reasons.

No. 949440

"unpopular opinion" but when sperges from other sites are routinely coming to the holly board to defend their jared-dicked mental health queen its going to reflect her actions too. shes inspired this kek. of course shes going to get extra hate when this seems to be the one fucking board where people are constantly questioning the validity of jareds predatory actions and the literal word for word evidence provided 5 threads ago. and nobody thinks being on lolcunt.farm is a big act of heroism except you, retard

No. 949462

Newfag detected

No. 949464

My opinion is that KF is just as gross as the people they mock and they admit it. There's lots of things to point out.
The owner made a website dedicated to his hobby but he recommends others don't? what? Other people have innocent hobbies and they're not allowed to but Null can do it? He literally acts like a god and he is so obsessive and needs to be put in a mental hospital. It would be fine if he had a innocent hobby that didnt involve everyone. But his does force everyone to get involved

No. 949467

thanks for nothing, we really appreciate the thread contribution

you are what you eat i guess? before anything came out about jareds relationship (besides his initial divorce tweet), over half of the propredator thread posters were grasping for selfmade straws to explain away jareds handling of the situation.

No. 949517

True, I agree. They were making their own reasons.
I think Null and other users have gotten addicted to documenting and finding info about others, you know how drug users do drugs with other people? It's like that but with other people. They get a thrill of finding someones personal info and posting it for everyone to see.
I seriously wonder if any of them will succumb to murdering one of the people they stalk, because it sure seems like they get a little too invested.

No. 950934

File: 1585507411168.png (16.38 KB, 595x182, cv.PNG)

Is this about Nate and Anna?

No. 950935

File: 1585507516157.png (15.7 KB, 573x109, cv2.PNG)

She elaborates a little below but I still can't tell.

No. 950948

It definitely is. Christina was wronged and she has a right to hate everyone involved in nate’s cheating but ngl she’s a bit of a cow herself. It’s been what, 2 years, and she still has periodic twitter meltdowns where she ALMOST spills everything and outs Nate outright, but either doesn’t quite have the balls to do it, or she’s toying with with him and wants credit for being above internet shit-flinging. (honorable mentions: immediately bedding Anna’s ex husband after their split and posting about it when he passed, posting pictures of herself in a wedding dress a year after Nate Cheated, and tweeting at Anna to “wake up her boyfriend, we need to talk.”)

Again, she’s still a victim and she’s right to be pissed, but she seems pretty manic.

No. 950985

File: 1585513705686.jpg (355.79 KB, 1079x1046, ihateblackpeople1.jpg)

Heidi won't quit
but hey she wants to exercise her 1st Amendment go ahead.

Jared hasn't mentioned Heidi's name or his relationship since the allegations video.
Holly talks about how she was witchunted for cheating, and I think the arguement can be made that she technically did not cheat, though case in point she still fucked over Ross in every other way (and not in bed).

But he is doing better than ever, Holly "cheating" on Ross was the best thing that happened to him.

No. 950990

Low quality bait anon. You've been at this long enough now, I'd almost expect better from you.

No. 951002

Gasp! How fucking DARE they!!! /s

For real though, look who she's talking to; Christina Vee - she is Nate's ex-fiance (whom I believe he left for Anna from DCA)

Context is important.

No. 951011


The tweet doesn't seem to be about Holly, and especially not about Ross. It's a book recommendation, with commentary on what each of them got out of it. Being cheated on seems to really fuck people up, so it's actually kind of cool in a way that she's recommending media that helped her. It's no worse than Holly recommending books that she finds helpful, right?

No. 951025


>But he is doing better than ever, Holly "cheating" on Ross was the best thing that happened to him.

Ah yes he's doing better now, so that completely justifies whatever Holly did to him!

Just because someone chose not to disclose their side of the story doesn't mean they didn't go through anything, anon.

No. 951028


A bit OT but I'll be damned if the kinda shit this specific post describes is peak-DCA sentiments:


"You know magic!"

No. 951052


the timeline of Cristina's blabber is so fucked up. She got together with Nate and maybe 5 months later got engaged, then few months later they suddently called it off and broke up. This was way before Anna and Geoff divorced but like half a year or something before that. So if she knew Nate and Anna were cheating then, jumping on Geoff's shoulder to look for someone who gets it is pretty understandable. Every once in a while for the last 2 years she's been dropping these vague tweets about how she was wronged, abused, her heart was broken, she is stronger, she's moved on.. until the next time she tweets about it. And dating Geoff half a year after he divorced, and more than half a year since she and Nate broke up, calling him her Vallentine and so on in the days after he died makes it all rings so fake. Which one is it? Did you move on and love Geoff? Are you still hung up on Nate? Or are you just annoyed that he is moving on and not in a depression and burnout anymore, actually succeeding in life?

She tweeted that "wake up your girlfriend" but then deleted it. As if him having girlfriend a year after they broke up is something unthinkable? But she did it for the lolz, right, she wrote it was a joke. Cause of course when their show is collapsing and twitter is on the war path is the perfect time to settle old scores. She screeched up twitter after Geoff's death so loud you'd think she was one of those professional wailers. But then she shares that he didn't want to tell his family they were dating and they broke it off before that. But surely, hours after he is dead is the perfect time for his family to find out she is his ex? And yes, you will tell me - everyone grieve in their own way. Sure. And some people have to make sure everyone sees that they grieve more.

No. 951058


Well, she's no longer alone now that Heidi has also been fucked over by the irl slow-burn fic that is DCA.

Geoff at least got the mercy of a preemptive divorce from Anna, & Jared '''wanted to divorce''' Heidi but Heidi 'ruined' it by wanting to at least try to 'work things out' first. ("I wanted a divorce, but she wouldn't let me!" - probably because you brought it up to her out of the blue)

No. 951060

Chumplady also made a post addressing the ProJared drama back in May:


(Sage for old milk)

No. 951090

> Heidi won't quit
More like samefag won't quit.

Your obsession with Ross is so creepy. Claiming to have met him and his new girlfriend irl at Disney. Now you're taking a tweet of Heidi recommending a book and twisting it to somehow be about Ross.

No. 951091


Lol, "probably because you brought it out of the blue"

Romantic dinner, soothing music.
- Honey, I want a divorce.

is out of the blue.

Telling her after half a year of marital problems and therapy, then telling her therapist, then telling THEIR couple's therapist.. maybe you are a bit pushing it. I mean even Heidi told her friends in October that their marriage had problems and he was cheating. Just cause she wanted to work it out doesn't mean the signs and explicit divorce message wasn't there.

No. 951092

okay fuck you then stupid niggers
you'll never see me again(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 951093

Promise? Pinky swear?

No. 951095


> Geoff at least got the mercy of a preemptive divorce from Anna

Reading his announcement of their divorce, it just sounds as if he was a rational adult who recognized when their partner was unhappy and when the relationship had no more future.

No. 951120


This is your fanbase Holly & Jared, soak it in!

No. 951149


>"Immediately bedding Anna's ex husband after their split"

At least she waited until they split rather than fucking around on someone while claiming to be in a committed relationship. Anyway, it wasn't just a fling from the sounds of it - they were exploring a legit relationship.

>"but she seems pretty manic"

You're allowed to be a little bit manic when your husband is fucking his co-worker under your nose.


>"Heidi won't quit"

Yes, god forbid she mentions the fact she was cheated on. How fucking dare she? Should we mention the ones who DID the cheating? Nah fam, they're innocent - just the wife whose husband lied and gaslit is guilty.

Get the fuck back to pj2

>"Jared hasn't mentioned his relationship"

No, he's too busy posting pictures of him modeling for his new whore's clothing line and letting Hoelly let her crazy shine to take the brunt of the hate away from him.

>"She technically did not cheat"

The fuck are you on about? Emotional cheating - which is telling someone "I want to be in a relationship with you and only you, my husband and your wife be damned" - is still cheating.

No. 951152


>"even Heidi told her friends….their marriage had problems and he was cheating"

So that makes it okay for Jared to fuck his co-worker continuously while leading her on about saving their marriage?

>"explicit divorce message wasn't there"

Here's the thing: Jared's a grown ass man. He could have walked his happy ass into the courthouse and filed divorce papers AT ANY TIME. He didn't have to wait and make sure Heidi was okay at first (because, let's face it, he had to have known she wouldn't be okay when the truth came out about him and Hoelly having been fucking around behind her back)

No. 951194

cristina just seems like an immature person who went through a lot of shit and doesn't always know how to deal with it. you can't try her for her manic behavior (well put anon), but you can't excuse it either IMO. doing whatever the fuck you want because "i'm so hurt" and then holding others to a different standard is kinda cowlike, but as i said, it seems much more immature than it does malicous.

fuck, how did we miss this?
>Fucking pigeon fanciers has always been, and will remain, solely for the benefit of Heidi’s mental well-being.
i'm crying here lmfao

No. 951200


We know that her therapist explained to him already in end october/early november that he would have to arrange everything for her to move out and even then he can expect suicide threats. But surely, even if he had gotten her a house and a car back then, he couldn't physically move her against her will. She had no income and no money and obviously, didn't know even how to open her own bank account.

No. 951210

>her therapist explained to him already in end october/early november that he would have to arrange everything for her to move out and even then he can expect suicide threats.
As piss-poorly worded as what the therapist actually said in the first place was, this was not it.

>didn't know even how to open her own bank account.


No. 951212

so because heidi wouldn't have gone away anyway, it makes complete sense that jared dragged things out as late as he did, hence living his life how he wanted and cheating and sleeping around was justified in this scenario, is what you're saying.

>didn't know even how to open her own bank account

like clockwork, in each thread. someday you may understand spouses are involved in each other's official affairs even on the verge of divorce because of the undeniable fact that they've shared most IDs and documents up till that point. moron

(anons with zero chances of marriage/serious relationships in their near future are so painfully easy to spot, in this thread)

No. 951219


you don't need your spouse to open a personal bank account. You might need the spouse to transfer money from shared account SOMETIMES, but most of the time you can withdraw and deposit without any problem. That's what most spouses do when they learn they will be served with divorce papers or when their partner is having law trouble that might result in freezing accounts.

No. 951262


>She had no income and no money and obviously, didn't know even how to open her own bank account.

Go figure! Everyone involved in this mess is a maladjusted man/woman-child in some way.

No. 951272

File: 1585586550577.jpeg (454.12 KB, 1293x895, 38E5B550-8E81-4FA5-B530-DF2A44…)

It’s honestly pathetic how she keeps promoting him but he won’t even publicly give her the time of day.

Also, Hoelly, keep your grimy claws the fuck away from FF7.

No. 951283


>Also, Hoelly, keep your grimy claws the fuck away from FF7.

I dunno anon, she might find a new 'high school friend I never met' through the FF fandom…

No. 951322


Maybe her way of dealing with Jared not giving a fuck about her will be fucking a Cloud cosplayer.

No. 951324

not adding anything relevant, other than to point out that this is about FF6 not FF7

No. 951337


Oh yeah, the FF7 remake comes out next month. Millions of better & much more entertaining streamers will be playing it, so she better help boosting his numbers early! Such a good gf! /s

No. 951348


Part of this is that Jared's latest stream had him talking about how he thought about killing himself this time last year and he poured his heart & soul into this video and everyone please spread it around. It's such a gross and transparent attempt to get sympathy for being a complete piece of shit.

No. 951357


>he thought about killing himself this time last year

Wasn't that when Charlie & Chai sent that complaint?

> and he poured his heart & soul into this video and everyone please spread it around

Gotta emotionally manipulate your audience eh, Jared?

Also he's been saying that a lot lately "please spread it around" sounds like someone's falling a little behind on views + clicks…

No. 951370


He didnt even like her post gushing over his video, just a bunch of other stream/gamer girls' posts as per usual

No. 951381

File: 1585601767696.png (329.5 KB, 714x784, kf.png)


>"At 29:18, he casually mentions that he wanted to kill himself (most likely because of the divorce fiasco)."

Nah, it's probably because of the pedo allegations. The divorce drama & fallout took up most of 2018 iirc

>"He cried after premiering the video on twitch."

>"He treated the situation like a joke before (his "cancel culture" tweet, his merch), so it just seems weird that he references it so emotionally now."

It's nice to see the folks of KF finally waking the fuck up.

No. 951403

File: 1585604633976.png (172.06 KB, 428x324, 1528516448551.png)

Projared reminds me of some ancient manchild crying about getting kicked from his basement; I forgot the name + details but the highlight was him quoting some final fantasy dialogue when he was describing his pathetic sob story. I can see him pulling that shit on his twitch hugbox while his sad kingdom hearts osts plays in the background.

No. 951404

Don't buy BS from PJ2 stans, anon.

Ugh, keep both of them away from FFVI…

I get that it sometimes feels like longer has passed but… No, everything kicked off in May 2019.

No. 951408

>It's nice to see the folks of KF finally waking the fuck up.

Are they really though? That user is still sucking Jared's asshole even while pointing out his cow behavior

No. 951413


He is still losing about 1k followers/subs a month on Twitter and Youtube. Jared and Holly are desperately trying to go viral, I think, and it's never going to happen because neither of them will ever shake the negative shit off.

No. 951415


Plus, they're just behind the times in so many areas.
Of course people still watch funny-but-earnest reviewers, but only die-hard fans of his are gonna stick around & watch a 40+ minute video.

His FFVI video has already been pushed on other subreddits & people just… aren't interested.

No. 951417

look at the filename, obvious troll is obvious. good job, you knew that being anti heidi was going to get you instant replies

No. 951423

Yeah, he proved himself innocent sure.
Still, hardly recovering.
Similar to the case of Slazo where he was cancelled by his ex and ImAllexx after questionable text logs were leaked. Proved innocent but lost most of the connections that made their channel strong.

There is the potential to be invited to events like E3 (they are run by actual neckbeards and creeps and cater to them anyways), but due to the coronavirus that's not possible this year.

As for Holly, she's only ever as popular as the guy she's dating and well, eh.

Still best of luck to them and shit.

No. 952065

File: 1585617624882.jpeg (43.57 KB, 406x362, 2E7A6CFD-656A-4F57-AA4D-5A1D8B…)

Good catch, hadn’t seen it. So the one obvious Heidi hater probably was also the “what about Heidi’s black bf? Huh!? HUH?!” scrote poster? That’s beyond embarrassing.

No. 952103

Jesus Christ, he's publically giving more credit to Final Fantasy fucking Six for helping him out of the drama than he has Holly.

No. 952134

he has historically had a thing with final fantasy 6, he can't stop talking about how the rogue character in this game was his original inspiration for diath. no wonder holly's all over this video, pity there's no troll magicians in this game she can skinwalk to fuck jared as. maybe she can try presenting as phunbaba if she's desperate enough kek

No. 952143


>"How he thought about killing himself"

I feel zero sympathy for him - not a shred. Why? Because he was once again using the "uwu I'll just kill myself!" method of problem management, perfected by his hit-it-but-can't-quit-it fuck buddy. This time last year, he knew shit was about to hit the fan because he had been fucking Hoelly behind his wife's back and his wife was catching on to his bullshit.

You don't get to "but I'm suicidal!" your way out of that one.


>"He is still losing about 1k followers/subs a month"

Of course he is. 99% of the games he plays are older ones that have niche fandoms, but generally aren't going to bring in high volume views. Sure, he streams the occasional pokemon stream or what-the-fuck-ever, but that's not enough to sustain an online presence.


>"he proved himself innocent"

No. No, he did not. He proved that he didn't directly ask minors for nudes - but other than that, he didn't prove shit. He STILL solicited nudes from his fans (which is creepy enough), and did so with the barest minimum of protections in place. He STILL fucked around on Hoelly behind Heidi's back.

>"There is the potential to be invited to events like E3"

E3 is NOT going to risk the kind of scandal that comes with inviting someone with as much of a reputation as Jared, who may or may not be using the cons as little more than a meet-up for his latest "imma fuck a fan" session.

No. 952164

>E3 is NOT going to risk the kind of scandal that comes with inviting someone with as much of a reputation as Jared
Vic Mignogna still makes public appearances. It's highly unlikely but not impossible.

>He STILL fucked around on Hoelly behind Heidi's back.

That is true, but him cheating on Heidi was just more of a meme like how people made fun of iDubbbz for his girlfriend making an OnlyFans account, it doesn't matter.

But Jared was always niche and oldschool, and if he tried to turn into some Fortnite hypebeast type it would just not work. Leafyishere got his nudes leaked but it didn't matter because of the content he made and the communities he hanged out in.
Jared on the other hand is still pretty screwed for the most part.

No. 952166

When Heidi mentions being suicidal (to her own therapist privately) she's an evil manipulative bitch who wants to RUIN Jareds career but when Jared does it to promo a fucking boring youtube video the response is simply 'it's not wise'

The difference in response to male vs female suicide is laughable.

No. 952185

Holly isn't as milky anymore as the divorce, would have been more milky if she was pregnant with Ross's baby or Projared's baby, because baby momma drama is interesting but this is just boring now. This is the typical 2011 edrama of getting together with your internet friends but not getting along well

No. 952187


>"This is the typical 2011 edrama of getting together with your internet friends but not getting along well"

Except it's not just two "internet friends" getting together. It's two grown adults who made their career off of internet personas, that were both married to other people but said "fuck it!" and started fucking each other while one of them displayed gross behavior in soliciting nudes from fans, some of whom were minors.

No. 952202

Jared / Holly: "Heidi feeling suicidal during the divorce was abuse"

Jared / Holly anytime they face consequences for their actions: "I feel suicidal"

Maybe I'd be more sympathetic to his situation if he hadn't tried to convince the world that Heidi was abusive for having the exact same feelings he's now trying to get sympathy for.

Anyway, yeah. His posts feel pretty desperate these days. I haven't seen anyone use a 'bump' on their own work since like… the days of gaia online.

Wonder when Holly will wake up out of the fog she's in and realize that Jared is putting in 10% of the relationship effort that she's putting in.

No. 952232


She won't. Hoelly is way too dickmatized by her one true love to EVER say anything bad about him (at least publicly)

No. 952234


…Or at least not until she gains another persona

No. 952237


>Jared / Holly: "Heidi feeling suicidal during the divorce was abuse"

>Jared / Holly anytime they face consequences for their actions: "I feel suicidal"


Heidi was suicidal because she was doing anything & everything for a guy who didn't seem to give a shit.

Both Jared & Holly became 'suicidal' when they got caught red-handed.

No. 952256

File: 1585671142927.png (37.64 KB, 718x464, cancelheidi.png)

ProJared stans: CANCEL CULTURE IS BAD!!!

Also ProJared Stans: (see pic)

No. 952262

These freaks are sick. Can they leave this woman alone?!

No. 952281

laughing because these idiots don't know when to quit. they don't realize thumbs down or hate comments equals engagement and will get her more $$$ from youtube. continue to bash her on that platform and shes only going to benefit. these people are morons.

No. 952282


Yeah, you'd think they'd get the message from Jared begging everyone to "Spread it around" every time he uploads…

No. 952309

File: 1585678783956.jpg (69.95 KB, 606x610, birdindoors.jpg)

Holly lets her pigeons in her house to chew on her hand.

No. 952315


Ugh could she be more disgusting. She probably doesn't wash her hands either.

No. 952317

File: 1585679963560.png (173.39 KB, 480x788, sevenmonthslater.png)

Kind of OT, but I found this weird; Holly apparently blocked someone who defended her a couple months ago…

No. 952319

I really hate to point out the obvious, but what's she's doing is no worse than people who butcher their own meat or pay for it. Same concept but separated from the animal

No. 952326

I just find it strange, since Holly usually latches onto anyone who defended her (ie: Keemstar)

No. 952328

File: 1585680956783.jpg (147.99 KB, 598x553, tropical.jpg)

Have you ever been to a farm? You wash your hands after working with the animals. If I'm raising hogs or chickens, they stay in their pen or field and they don't go in the house where I live. Livestock aren't clean. A thousand plus years ago we might have kept livestock in the home for just that little extra bit of heat to survive the winter but now we have electricity.

Anyways, it looks like Holly has found her new personality- Animal Crossing

No. 952334


And no matter what new thing she latches on to, or what game or fandom she tries to use to get a personality, she'll always be a hot mess with no personality.

No. 952337


Didn't Jared also un-list his "YOU'VE BEEN LIED TO" video recently?

…And in his recent video, he faintly alludes to the very incident that started the mess?

No. 952340


She doesn't need personality, because all of that personality usually comes from what ever man she's currently latched onto.

No. 952355

Guess we just have to wait and see who K.K. Slides in next

No. 952358


Because what goes better with coronavirus than an avian-borne illness too?? /s


Hoelly generally deserves to be bashed - but this gave off creepy incel vibes a.k.a. "I defended you. you OWE ME!!!!!"


There's a BIG difference between "I butcher my own animals for meat and do so humanly and with adequate sanitation" and "LOLOLOL FUCK THE CDC! I WANT BIRD KISSES!"


Oh god, please don't let her ruin this.

Also, can she not just have normal interests like every other adult? Does she HAVE to go full tilt with everything that piques her interest??


Now I know why I couldn't find any crabs on the beach; They all went K.K. Slidin' into Hoelly.

Well….I guess trash does attract trash…..

No. 952367

Maybe the terf bangs were actually a good choice. She has a massive forehead and looks trans.

I can just imagine her trying to be cute but screaming in her shrill voice about all the birb villagers she wants to cosplay.

No. 952379

File: 1585688764204.jpg (15.03 KB, 236x255, brown hair.jpg)

I was thinking that, too. It's because the hair looks like a cheap wig and the brows look too harsh and drawn-on, like someone is trying to make themselves up but haven't figured out how yet.
I don't think it's the lack of bangs, but more the fact that her hair always looks like it was cut with safety scissors by a blind toddler and her insistence on dyeing it colors that don't work with her complexion. If it isn't box dye black, it's Big Red or bubblegum pink.
Once upon a time (don't ask me when b/c I just searched her name on images for two minutes) she had a vaguely normal looking bob haircut in a medium brown instead of the shag cut she has now, and she did her makeup in normal, flattering colors. The makeup and hair cut and color were nicely executed. In my opinion, she looked best like that. Chunky orange eyeshadow like on her podcast a while back and those weird eyebrows that look like an option for a wii character do not work for her.
I'm not talking about her facial asymmetry or facial features in this because I know that nobody can help what they are born with. I'm specifically talking about how every grooming choice such as hair, makeup, and brow shape choice she makes is unflattering even though she has demonstrated in the past that she can look decent.

No. 952466

The problem is her fucked up bangs draw you to her uneven sharpie brows which really highlight her wonky pussy eyes.

No. 952491

It isn't that deep, it's still touching animals. The only difference is that one is for meat and the other is animal kept as a friend. This nitpick is so stupid when no one says that killing animals is unsanitary but WOAHH ITS A PET ANIMAL? NOW THATS EXTREME. When it's the same shit because they're all animals

No. 952564


I think the problem is that her fucked up personality really draws attention to how ugly her face is

No. 952579


There's also the whole "cows are less likely to spread massive, deadly infections than birds that have a history of doing that exact thing" but okay, keep on defending your cdc-defying birb kissing queen, I guess.

>"because they're animals"

One is routinely killed for food that is then cooked in a manner to kill the potentially deadly viruses/bacteria/what-the-fuck-ever. One is a fucking bird, one that is routinely killed for being a fucking nuisance that can spread disease, one that the CDC has REPEATEDLY clarified not to kiss.

No. 952587

Kinda OT, but I was watching shit on Stephanie Soo & Nickocado Avocado, & the part when Nick & his friends mock Stephanie by quoting her text "In-and-out of sleep" while partying, reminds me of Holly with her fucking "Boundaries" shirt.

Nick says something like "I took something that was bothering me & made it into something fun/positive" and that shit just sounds peak-Holly right there.

No. 952613

File: 1585725030222.png (546.8 KB, 1440x2043, Screenshot_20200401-020228~01.…)

I had to see for myself if he sounded that desperate to need to bump his video and fuck this is hilariously desperate

No. 952616



I thought you beat Cancel Culture though, PedoDick?? /s

No. 952617

File: 1585727611156.png (33.59 KB, 264x539, Screenshot at Apr 01 02-51-52.…)

Welp. Now we know why Jared is so desperate. (this is twitter - but honestly, his youtube is pretty bad too)

No. 952621

It's really just the genre in general.
2010s was the perfect time for Jared to make the type of videos he did. He was in his early 20s (a very profitable market second to children), people his age were more likely to have grown up with the same games and in turn watch his videos. Though teenagers at that time would have grown up with N64 and were in the same general niche as his fanbase. He networked with other creators in their 20s like PBG, JonTron, Grumps, etc. who had similar fanbase and demographic.

But as the times change, so does society.
Now children these days are more interested in Fortnite and simping for Pokimane, that's just the mainstream now.
Even PBG's last few videos couldn't break a million.
Jirard recently uploaded a video detailing how the algorithm has screwed him over.

Game Grumps/The Grumps also struggle to break 1million.

But the Grumps, or Arin/Ross at least, managed to bridge the edgy oldschool Newgrounds fanbase with the modern/younger Storytime animator fanbase which has allowed them to maintain relevancy through unity.

As for JonTron, he took a third option. Instead of sticking to his roots or adapting to the future, he ditched gaming videos all together which was probably his best move. He does have his OG gamer fanbase that tune in to see him, and the general youtube lurkers who just want to see a funny video.

As for how the A-List gaming channels like PewDiePie stay relevant, that comes down to the fact his content has always been more personality-driven and not relying on a script or production value, which few creators can do in the same way he has. But I'm going on a tangent here.

In Short: What worked then just doesn't work now.

No. 952654


Exactly. The only thing Jared really had going for himself was then success of Dice Camera Action, especially since he BARELY uploaded a couple times a year (because the abuse he was going through guys uwu /s) and his streaming personality is nonexistent. But we all know how much he fucked that up.

Quick question, did he have the nude tumblr before DCA, or did he make it after DCA started taking off?

No. 952692

You hit the nail on the head, anon. I remember when gaming videos starting to rise in popularity in 2007 or 2008. Angry video game nerd was a big channel and he kept getting bigger, but even now he barely uploads because it just doesnt get views and it's probably very time consuming now that he's a father.

People like projared, PBG..etc they're all talentless man child who did gaming channels that barely hold up. Makes me wonder what these youtubers and channels are gonna do in another 5 years

No. 952694


hey do not do the remake dirty like that.

It's Suzy and legend of zelda all over again. When she'd buy black milk dresses and admit on one tweet she's never played a zelda and doesn't care, and on the other tweet showing mad hype about breath of the wild and how amazing it'll be. It feels like 84 years ago when Suzy was the cow of these threads, and she wore the bioshock outfit backwards kek

it's just women attached to nerdy guys who want to show support for something they have no idea about. I don't think Holly actually gives a shit about final fantasy even though there are literally 14 of them if you exclude the online game and sequels/prequels. She just wants to support one thing jared likes, and I bet she couldn't even find anything to talk about it, she'd just parrot any opinions he has.

No. 952756


And ProJared's 'personality' is often presented as smug & condescending, which was funny back in the early 2010's, but these days smug & condescending comes off more as obnoxious & unnecessary.

Drama aside, he's just… boring.

Next month is May, soon it'll have been a year since the drama broke, so expect a lot of "One year ago I was CANCELLED! Look how far I've come!" musings from the both of them.

No. 952771


"Look how far I've come! Also please retweet, reblog, shout-out, pay for my shitty videos to be promoted!! seriously…..please……I need that $5 in ad revenue"

No. 952772


Holly: "I'm still broke you guys! -buys another chicken-"

No. 952847

File: 1585780489971.png (16.88 KB, 450x252, bloganon1.png)

Just checked one of the tumblr blogs that calls them out & this anon sounds suspiciously like Holly…

No. 952855

It's funny, I follow that blog and it hasn't updated in DAYS, likely because the person running it is dealing with the pandemic.

It doesn't sounds like Holly but it does sound like one of her more vocal stans. Too dumb to understand the flow of time, too. Blog exists NOW, so person running it is actively managing it NOW. If they had better things to do NOW, blog would not exist.

No. 952965


So this person actively searched for hate of their gods Jared and Holly went out of their way to type up a long high and mighty message to a negative Jared/Holly blog thats been inactive lately.

Do they really not see the irony in shaming @trashwitchcoven (LOVE that they got that URL) while going out of their way to talk about the same fucking drama? Like, why aren't they learning something new or improving themselves instead of sending hate messages to blogs?

No. 952980

A very hypocritical nitpick, just because you only like animals for meat doesnt mean people cant enjoy animals as pets. It reeks of friend group drama but applied to animals instead.
Also I'm not a holly stan, I just mean this nitpick is deeply lacking in logic

No. 952998


>"Doesn't mean people cant enjoy animals pets"

No one is saying Hoelly can't enjoy her pets. What we ARE saying is that she blatantly disregards CDC guidelines time and time again when handling said pets which is so very not okay on a good day, let alone when the healthcare system is already overwhelmed with a global pandemic.

No. 953032

>Exactly. The only thing Jared really had going for himself was then success of Dice Camera Action

I actually want him and Holly to attempt a new D&D stream with same (or if not possible, similar) characters.

It would flop after a month, because Jared wouldn't find RPing relationship with his girlfriend as fun as publicly cheating on his wife while pretending it's only "a roleplay, not a real thing." Whoever joined them most likely wouldn't be into cheating their partners either, like Nate and Anna were.
Only Holly would desperately try to get the fantasy going on so she can vicariously live through Strix again.

New campaign would just make it obvious that the only thing that made DCA so "amazing and fun" to them was the fact they were getting a high on cheating their spouses.

No. 953034


super large reach, man. This is a domestic pigeon that has been living indoors kind of forever - it's the same one that Ross was complaining that didn't like him.

No. 953036

Do CDC guidelines apply for pets/people who are also in quarantine with you? Genuine question because, I thought it just meant people who aren't living with you.

No. 953037


Are you being willfully ignorant of her doing the same shit with her chickens or is this just another attempt at justifying Miss UWU Birb Moms actions?

No. 953038


Hoelly has been known to kiss on her chickens despite the CDC saying not to do that. She admitted as much on social media.

This has nothing to do with the coronavirus quarantines.

No. 953039

Oh, that makes sense, sorry. Wbk she's disgusting.

No. 953105

File: 1585836077195.jpg (422.99 KB, 1052x1403, 20200402_094731.jpg)


This catchphrase is so generic and boring, it sounds like something a Disneyworld actor would say to you when you pose for a picture

It's honestly impressive how obsessed she still is with Strix. She fucking designed her whole house around her for fucks sake. Wasnt she going to release a comic/zine/continuation of Strix's (and Diath) story? Or is that just another one of her big projects that she refuses to actually work on.

Its obvious that the reason she is so obsessed with Strix is because of Striath/Jared. Fuck, during Heidi's tell-all stream she basically called them out for having sexted & commissioned porn of Striath for MONTHS while still pretending like they weren't doing anything wrong (like emotional cheating for one thing) and Holly even tried to claim that she "didnt know she had feelings" for Jared until their infamous walk even after sexting nonstop every day (and weren't they even talking about fucking in costume before the walk??)

I'm genuinely convinced that she used Strix/Striath as a way to feel less guilty about the awful shit she was up to. Whenever she felt bad, she could tell herself it was just a game/was strix and diath, not her and Jared. After all, Striath was meant to be, and everyone in their fandom shipped them so hard! Then Heidi became the big evil bitch for rightfully calling out their behavior and telling them to confront it, then even more of a big evil bitch for revoking consent after holly was saying shit to Jared about wanting to be with him and for them to be exclusive. Because, you know, it was totally unreasonable and cruel of Heidi not to want her husband in a relationship with a woman who wanted him all to herself and went out of her way to slander Heidi to said husband

The funny/sad part is that during all this jared was soliciting nudes from fans and fucking them at cons, no doubt while Holly was sitting there thinking that they were true love uWu

No. 953124

well put. she has to have some serious identity issues if she larps this hard 24/7 when honestly, nobody gives a shit about strix besides her. not even jared.
if she gave her fucken birds away and got a job like a normal person she might eventually gain some semblance of a personality besides BIRD MOM UWU but that isn't happening unless there's some financial upheaval in her life soon.
tbh she reminds me of an edgy Taylor R, no substance all surface. only reason they can pull it off or are known at all is because of daddy's/family's cash.
Holly reads these threads and the more she gets criticised (read: ~cyberbullied uwu~) the less she'll change and the more she'll dig her heels in. her gross, goblin, homewrecking heels.

No. 953175


It's pretty much the angle that any stan goes with; It takes people at least an hour to write one sentence.

No. 953177

File: 1585846134556.png (3.05 KB, 346x64, scientology.png)


This is probably my favorite response to that anon

No. 953233

File: 1585852880548.png (71.57 KB, 578x698, obvioustrollisobvious.png)


It's fascinating; the amount of effort his fans put in defending him against comments from obvious troll accounts.

Also notice how they always have to drag his ex-wife while doing it.

"Be Kind"? "Please don't harass Heidi"? Nah, fuck that!

No. 953242


>"His abusive, manipulative, lying, sociopathic leech of an ex-wife explicitly told him to do"

Actually, she revoked consent - which made it cheating. These are the same people who probably think a husband couldn't rape his wife because "Well, she told me once that I could do it, so that means I can do it whenever I want!"

Also, not thread related, but any time I see a lemon icon, I just think of lemon man (google it for lulz)

No. 953797

File: 1585949176260.jpg (204.7 KB, 1080x717, 20200403_172359.jpg)

Holly is once again sticking her nose in someone else's cancellation drama

This post stood out to me because did she ever say she was truly sorry for what she did? Did she ever apologize for cheating or slandering her secret-boyfriend's wife or giving minors' contact info to the man they were coming forward about? All I remember is her apologizing for non-drama related stuff, like the Etika comments.

No. 953801


From what I can tell, she is sticking her neck out to defend a guy who role played his character assaulting another player's character in a live DnD show?

Knowing how much Holly believes in characters BEING their players and being self-inserts this a little fucking weird lmao

No. 953802

File: 1585949631986.png (72.15 KB, 592x608, assault.png)



Fucking WHAT?

No. 953808

File: 1585950196477.png (32.12 KB, 599x273, hypocrite.png)

Says the woman who announced to the entire internet who who it was who sexually abused her.

No. 953810


fwiw, at least this guy mentions where & what he did wrong, without wailing "I was abused!" or "I'm mentally ill."

No. 953811


Exactly. her and Jared discovered their love via their DnD characters because they were so IN character and all that, which shows how immature she is when it comes to roleplaying and fictional characters.

THEN she turns around and supports a fellow DnD player who used their character to sexually assault another player's character???? Shes made it clear she cant decern players from their characters, so what the ACTUAL fuck is she doing?

I think she just see's the word "cancelled" and is immediately on the defense, no matter what

No. 953812

Skinnyghost ran a tabletop stream a week ago or so where he basically had one of the player characters raped and tried passing it off as a joke. Of course Holly would defend it, because she likes defending shitheads.

No. 953813


Holly: "Did someone say Cancelled??? Because BOY, do I have a t-shirt for you!!!"

No. 953815


"I was molested which means I am the sole speaker and representative for all sexual assault victims. I forgive this person, if you don't then you're a bad person and part of the cancel problem uwu"

God, FUCK off. Its horrible that she was molested, truly, but she cant just throw it out and expect to shut down any and all criticism this creep is getting.

No. 953817


Gross. Sounds like exactly the kind of guy Holly would latch on to. Anything for that sweet DnD clout, right, Clownrad?

No. 953818


Does she get upset when people talk shit about Brock Turner or Bill Cosby because "cancel culture bad uwu"?

No. 953819


Countdown till the enevitable shit storm she throws once she reads this thread/the criticism her comments are getting

No. 953820

File: 1585950774828.png (54.52 KB, 590x504, wks.png)


Heeeere come Holly's WKs!

"Well, uhhh, I was raped WAAAAY more times than YOU were and I disgree! So there!"

No. 953822


This is your fanbase, Holly

This is the kind of people who idolize you

No. 953827

File: 1585951305216.png (54.51 KB, 588x482, welp.png)


No. 953833


Fucking exactly, people aren't upset and sympathetic for the character, they are for player. You shouldn't have to have such an intense, uncomfortable thing happen to your character in a fucking tabletop RP game, especially LIVE on camera. And that it was played for a fucking joke???? Disgusting. I swear to God these people have no empathy unless its for someone being "cancelled"

No. 953834

File: 1585951829272.png (73.4 KB, 582x614, shaming.png)

>"He can go off and be a good person all he wants, but no one is owed redemption or forgiveness."

Here is the lesson you should have learned months ago, Holly.

You felt entitled to Heidi's forgiveness because you said "sorry!" 800+ times & bought her some shit, yet continued to do what upset her in the first place.

That is why she didn't believe you. Not because she's 'cruel' or 'an abuser', but because you ultimately proved that you gave her nothing but empty words & gestures.

The best apology is changed behavior.

No. 953837


That first person made SUCH a good point. Why is Holly going out of her way to comfort the perpetrator instead of the actual victim?

I think she feels the need to make him the victim in the narrative because it's the same thing she tried to do herself (and jared)

Its gross that her first thought upon seeing what happened was, "Oh no! Hes gonna get mean messages, poor guy!"

No. 953854

File: 1585953623367.png (372.36 KB, 596x530, virtuesignalingguiz.png)

Holly's stans doing what they do best!

No. 953857

File: 1585953786938.png (26.34 KB, 554x228, publicshaming.png)


Great response, but of course, Dan is on the scene.

No. 953889

File: 1585957227412.png (48.58 KB, 586x384, victim.png)

>"Imagine being a victim and then prioritizing patting the back of the perpetrator over admonishing his actions. "

Oh ProtegatXIII, you sweet summer child…

No. 953890

Holly staying true to character being the first one on the scene again to make sure the perpetrator knows his feelings are "uwu valid and I'm rooting for you." A true martyr for the cancelled.

Cant wait until she has to stick her foot in her mouth again and apologize because shes "mentally ill" and clown memes gives her PTSD and that's why she defended an aggressive dude assaulting someone because he got… too into the LARP? Kek how pathetic of these grown ass adults basically taking the DID route and blaming their made up DND "alters" for their shitty actions in real life. Shes like a 12 year old who created their first original character and needs to be just like her.

It's an OC Holly. Plenty of people have them nowadays. Calm down. Witches arent real.

No. 953908


So how long until one of Holly's orbiters makes a Tumblr filled with terrible hot takes and misinformation on this situation taken directly from labia lids herself?

No. 953913

File: 1585960285224.jpg (217.53 KB, 1080x765, 1582461599473.jpg)

Compare this to Holly's behavior towards victims

No. 953921

Yeah, because she's friends with Lysa (sadly, Holly still has a LOT of clout with WOTC employees), but she's not friends with Elspeth.

No. 953924


Elspeth can go fuck herself as far as Holly's concerned, the real problem is that now Adam Koebel knows what he did & is really sad about it you guys!

No. 953925

File: 1585961250889.png (307.38 KB, 401x1041, Reason.png)

At least reasonable people are still fully holding Jared and Holly accountable and even pointing out that the abusers have a network between them.

No. 953929

Holly will never stop being a pickme. She's riding so hard for this dude as if defending him will make him respect her, or fuck her. She's getting desperate for attention at this point.

No. 953931

Koebel is gay, so the latter will never happen.
But they're already tight, they're both besties with Bluejay.
She probably just wants more public validation out of this one.

No. 953944

Hoelly Clownrad: Patron Saint of Sexual Predators

No. 953953

File: 1585964889058.jpg (56 KB, 553x451, 3vbjjh.jpg)

No. 953975

File: 1585969187411.png (42.75 KB, 470x570, associates.png)


Yep. Glad people are making the connection.

No. 953977

File: 1585969492693.png (445.06 KB, 586x470, hotpotskinnyghost.png)


…And they're right. Adam is rather close with the entire Wafflecrew


No. 953978

File: 1585969514201.png (328.08 KB, 588x704, hotpotskinnyghost1.png)

No. 953985


Jared's smart enough to stay out of it

Holly? She's the self-proclaimed champion of the cancelled

Ok but just fucking imagine if something like this would have happened during DCA to Strix. She would have lost her shit and thrown her past around and everything. It would have crossed lines, mess with her own planned character arc, upset literally everyone there. But because it happened to someone else, it wasnt a big deal, nothing to be upset over uwu.

Hasnt she admitted that her mental illness prevents her from empathizing with people? Maybe I'm remembering that wrong, sorry if I am, but it totally shows here.

Honestly I'm sure she didnt even know what happened to cause the drama (it's not like shes part of the DnD community anymore LOL), she probably just saw that another weird gamer dude she knows tweeted a notes app apology and immediately jumped on the defence

No. 953986


btw, these photos were from October 2018, so this is around the time Jared & Holly started fucking.

No. 953990


That bottom left one kills me

"When she calls your wife an abuser and says you should be with her instead"

"When she thinks you're her true love when your sexting 5 different fans that very moment"

No. 953992

File: 1585971514067.jpg (303.3 KB, 2048x1365, DqqDDyDUcAAguQ2.jpg)


Here's the pic in full res
Aren't they soooo cute 2-gether??? /s

No. 953997


That's it.

That's their relationship summed up in one picture.

No. 954000


Holly: "Yay! I did it! I beat the pretty girl & stole her man!!!"

Jared: "Man, I sure hope that cute chubby fangirl will be available tonight…"

No. 954003


Looking at this photo… it's like I can feel the grease emanating from them…

No. 954014

What a punchable face.

No. 954020

That neck has got to be shooped, how fucking horrifying

No. 954026

Pretty sure Jared is also going through a midlife crisis, and Holly probably isn't helping him with that.
Ah well, tough shit I guess.

No. 954035


Not very surprising that Holly & her network of friends seem to take issue with others wanting to set boundaries

No. 954043

>>953802 versus >>953913 is giving me fucking whiplash.
good to know the milk will never end with this cow. every time she tweets i think she couldn't shit the bed harder if she tried, and then she proves me wrong lol

No. 954110

File: 1586008103701.jpg (121.5 KB, 1080x484, Screenshot_20200404-094422_Chr…)


Sage for no milk kinda

Why am I not surprised she feels one step away from a fellow animal hoarder?

Also how many times is she gonna post that clip of her with the fire hands online? This is like the third time this week. We get it Holly, you think you're magic or whatever

No. 954138


Petty gripe but I hate these types of """candid""" pictures where it's painfully obvious they're all sitting around gloomy as shit until someone pulls out the camera. Must be a fun group at parties.

RE Adam, like others have said I don't know how Holly is defending this because you know if something similar happened to Strix in a safe space hug box campaign she'd agree to play in, #metoo would be in vogue again.

And people have to stop with the "as a victim of abuse" opener. This isn't about you. This isn't about your moral standing on the topic of role playing and DM liberties. This just feels like another example of your average male feminist POS making it clear they don't have a shred of empathy toward anyone else, regardless of what they want the females to believe. He put sexual assault against a PLAYER, not npc, because ha ha. No excuse for that shit.

No. 954150

Why is every basic bitch so obsessed with Joe exotic and his problematic animal abuse ?

No. 954151

Seriously, why cant more people see how disgusting it is for a DM to use any kind of sexual assault situation in what is supposed to be a good space for D&D players? This would never happen to a male character, but of course women cant escape into the world of fantasy because men are garbage there too

No. 954152


He seems like another one of those gay guys (obviously not all gay people are like this, dont @me) who is just straight up misogynistic/not at all empathetic with women

No. 954203

It’s really telling that Holly hasn’t expressed any sympathy towards the player whose character was assaulted. Not even a “I’m sorry you had to deal with that, it must have been sickening”. What a tool lol

Whose? Holly or Jared’s? Jared’s got that weak jaw double chin thing going on, and Holly’s neck looks like sausage casing

No. 954206


She's not nearly as close to Elspeth as she is with Adam, so Elspeth isn't worth her condolences.

No. 954209


Jared's chin and neck looks like a Bob's Burgers character.

No. 954212

she’s basically saying “Yeah, sexual abuse is bad, but have you considered that being mean to sexual predators online is worse? I am very intelligent.”

I hope she goes on the record and starts defending Cosby and Weinstein lmao

No. 954214


Also, when you have a big platform, 'public shaming' just comes with the territory. People are going to judge you because you're out there & in their faces.

You cannot control how people feel about you Some people will quietly avoid you, others might give you a dirty look, or say something out loud.

It's up to you to decide if what they're saying matters.

No. 954216

I wonder if it's her "everyone else is doing it so I must be different and go against the grain" habit manifesting.
just like how she didn't wanna help Australia because all the mainsteam kids were doingbit too.

No. 954217

File: 1586026185605.png (29.37 KB, 586x232, laurawantstobtl2.png)

I wonder when DCA-superfan Laura is gonna find out that Holly supports this guy…

No. 954219

File: 1586026599564.jpg (389.06 KB, 1077x1547, Screenshot_20200404-145552_Chr…)

Such a cute and quirky couple uWu

No. 954221


Oh look, he actually interacted with her on Twitter.
Time for the Striath fans to cream their pants I guess…

No. 954224

File: 1586027122493.png (36.75 KB, 578x322, read.png)

Here's a really good tweet on the situation. Holly needs to learn this shit too.

No. 954230


Holly also needs to read this thread about apologies:


No. 954243

this woman is in her 30s

No. 954259


Was the dude pro her and jared when shit went down? Maybe she just feels obliged to stand up for him. Also, was the player he did it to against Holly then? That would point to why holly doesnt feel anything for her, just Skinnyghost

No. 954263


Both Adam & Holly are very close friends with that bluejay_712 chick:

As for Elspeth, there was very little interaction between then on Twitter, so idk where they are in terms of closeness.

No. 954269


Elspeth is a conventionally beautiful woman so we already know how Holly feels about her

No. 954287

File: 1586031505909.png (37.41 KB, 578x310, numbers.png)


Also, he has 'big numbers', so of course Holly is gonna continue to associate with him

No. 954293


Also THIS:

>"We didn't potentially ruin his career. He did."

No. 954314

These white gamer manchildren are never held accountable for anything, and it's pickme's like Hoelly that keep justifying their shitty actions.

No. 954338

If I was Adam, and assuming he’s genuinely remorseful for his actions, I’d be pissed off at people like Holly. Like shut the fuck up and stop making me look bad!

Especially bc he doesn’t seem to want to lose his feminist leaning audience

No. 954343


His likes are filled with asspat tweets from his followers, exactly like how Holly gets when she gets called out. So if anything he probably thinks she's being an amazing friend and hasn't learned a fuckin thing from this ordeal.

No. 954344


I don't think Holly understands that she's going to attract negativity wherever she goes.

No. 954385

bluejay is actually his primary partner

No. 954393


…Aaand there it is!

No. 954399

File: 1586042746403.png (365.42 KB, 476x654, skinnyblue.png)


You're right

No. 954420

File: 1586045762223.png (46.64 KB, 588x430, hctwit.png)

I'm glad other D&D players are willing to call them out on their bullshit.

No. 954439


Hopefully it's a wakeup call to her that she is not a part of that community anymore

No. 954441

It's almost like they're all part of a group in, or adjacent to, the DnD community that includes WotC employees that continually use things like woke/kindness culture as a shield to cover for the abusers in that group.

No. 954446


Hoelly Clownrad & the Boundary-Stompers

No. 954453

These people seem to be really into the whole 'forced sexual-awakening' thing…

No. 954519

How much do you want to bet Adam was going to be DMing or have some role in the shitty DnD show Hoelly and Worm were going to try and do, so she is freaking out trying to defend him?

No. 954543


Thread pic!


Yikes. The fact that Laura didn't consider the idea that Holly would side with the perp (because no reasonable person would) shows that the toxicity in this circle is spiraling.

No. 954566

File: 1586085910978.png (459.8 KB, 1440x1815, Screenshot_20200405-062229~01.…)

Calling people out on their bullshit is still bullying in her opinion I guess

No. 954578


"Things are rough right now……..so let me side with the man who forced a sexual assault victim to relive her assault by raping her character without any prior consent"

There, Hoelly. Fixed it for you.

No. 954581

ok why the fuck does she keep throwing the phrase "public shaming" around like a catchphrase? it makes it sound like she would have been fine with the way things were happening, as long as it wasn't brought into public view. it also contains the word "shame" which she should reflect on, which she wouldn't be feeling had there been no basis for it such as maybe wrecking multiple peoples' lives because she wanted some mediocre dick.

if holly feels the need to scream at people online and ask them to stop making her face her guilt, she should reconsider.
call her mom (who she claims was aboosive but also very suportive and wonderful).
sew a mask (to hide her mug that's beginning to show the negative effect of consequences).
things are rough right now, how about she try and stop making it about herself all the fucking time?

No. 954591

>scream at people
"The internet is YELLING at me through text, I can't be shouted at because of my self diagnosed mental illnesses uwu"

No. 954592


I've watched a few of ProDicks d&d videos back in the day and am genuinely curious if he'd go to bat for Adam in this situation. The DM intentionally making players uncomfortable is the exact opposite of good DM conduct, and if there's one thing he definitely loves more than Holly it's Dungeons and Dragons.

Then again, worms be worms.

>>954219 but we can't forget they're so quirky~ good attempt at redirection when you can't defend your own opinion without someone else's words

No. 954601


Come on guys, we need to be more like Holly. Talk bad about people in private, slander them to their husbands behind closed doors, tell your mutual friends lies about them being abusive offline

No. 954604

If she is so against public shaming why did she instigate and participate in the public shaming of Heidi? Surely someone with clear moral superiority would not feel the need to get revenge or retaliate. Holly, I know you read this thread. There are many reasons to dislike you but overall your complete lack of self awareness and hypocritical nature is the biggest one of all.

No. 954606


Its awkward because those are the same kind of Twitter interactions she would have with Ross when they were married

It just feels gross seeing her so the same thing with someone she cheated on Ross with and who cheated on his wife with her

Definitely doesnt have the same "awe, they're cute" vibes as it did back then

No. 954679

Ah, there it is! It all comes back to her!

No. 954683

How big is Dan? I've been wondering, there were multiple people here who claimed to of got fucked by Dan in the past so someone probably knows

No. 954684

Oh she knows that, but she thinks it’s all unfair persecution perpetrated by ignorant, prejudiced meanies because she’s a smol cursed bean, not because she herself is a shitty person who hurts people. She made her self-insert a cutesy tiefling because that’s how she views herself.

Exactly! The proper Holly way to handle people who (you feel) have wronged you is to privately shit talk them to their husband and friends for months until they’re socially isolated and paranoid, then once they speak out you sic your online fanbase on them and declare on your public twitter that their therapist personally told you that they’re unfixable. #BeKind

No. 954700


I genuinely dont know whose more cringey, her or Strix. Strix is literally the reason I stopped watching DCA, she is unbelievably annoying. I have no idea how Jared based his whole affair off of her

No. 954714

lower end of medium

No. 954735

File: 1586116877913.png (51.56 KB, 588x476, SueScheff.png)


This is all you really need to know; It's not about human decency, it's all about keeping those numbers up!

No. 954760

File: 1586119565898.png (29.38 KB, 582x384, hollythekaren.png)

Holly is a Karen - confirmed

No. 954769

Fucking hell, Elspeth already has people telling her she's "overreacting", she doesn't need people accusing her of 'cancelling' someone.

No. 954788

All she said was that she didn't like the scene and didn't want to work with him or do the show again, she did nothing to cancel him except have healthy boundaries– oh wait, I forgot obsessive DnD fans hate those.

I remember on Swan Song he used to smugly point out that Geoff always went for low hanging fruit (dick jokes), but Adam has turned into another problematic DnD nerd who always reaches for the predictable gags like sexual assault for a cheap laugh. It's painful to see how funny he thought his own unoriginal jokes were during the sexual assault scene.

No. 954828


Yeah, but you know Holly's got her 'anti-public-shaming squad' out there making sure Adam Koebel's fee-fees aren't hurt by those mean ol' boundary-setters!

No. 954844


Real question, do you think right now if Heidi went to Holly and
genuinely apologized for making everything public or for releasing those texts between them, would Holly practice what she preaches and accept it?

Obviously the fuck not, but the point is shes always saying shit about accepting (her and her allies') apologies immediately because they genuinely regret it uWu even though she knows damn well that nobody is owed shit

No. 954848

File: 1586129068809.jpg (300.45 KB, 1080x826, 20200405_192147.jpg)


Holly Clownrad: Practice kindness and don't cyberbully! #bekind

Also Holly Clownrad: Heidi is unfixable and beyond redemption. She is an insane, abusive whore, check out these sexts she sent to her husband while I was banging him

No. 954850


It's mostly just laziness.
They don't want to actually do anything to better themselves, so it'd be real nice if you could just 'forgive' them right away.

No. 954851


Nice subtle-dig at Holly there, Jared

No. 954856


The lack of self-awareness is baffling.

No. 954873

File: 1586132851065.png (64.4 KB, 590x538, posivibes.png)

This same thing could be said about Jared & Holly.

No. 954900

File: 1586136392122.png (318.83 KB, 1348x1074, kobelex.png)

No. 954907

vana (the other chick in the game) just privated her twitter after saying she didn't want to talk about it, so I guess she's getting this shit too.

No. 954911

File: 1586138657208.png (23.27 KB, 562x184, sexpositive.png)


Oh, but they're so 'sex-positive'

No. 954912

File: 1586138811452.png (78.24 KB, 652x520, adam1.png)

No. 954923


Sounds so much like fucking Jared

Throwing up the woke feminist dude facade and then turning around and soliciting nudes from fans and planning to fuck them at cons. Fuck, fans would message him about video games/DnD and he would respond "mandatory send nudes". Even with that he tried to say it was a joke, like "I didnt even want to start a nude blog I just made constant jokes about wanting them from you guys and then you suggested I make one so you forced me into it!"

No. 954927


The thing about holly is that she literally doesnt care. She can read all the evidence in the world about Jared and this other guy being huge perverts and she will continue to stand by them because they've been good to HER. Like that one anon said, IMAGINE the shit show she would have thrown if that happened to strix, especially pre-drama Holly who was all too happy to participate in cancelling/shaming

It's literally just "well, hes nice to me! She probably is just another evil whore who is better looking than me"

No. 954929

It's basically the same reason so many people at WOTC stood by her.
"Can't be abusive because they were always nice to meeeeeeee".

No. 954948

Have you slept with him or is that just guessing?

No. 954987

>I have no idea how Jared based his whole affair off of her

Jared just wanted to fuck anything female and get a high over cheating his wife.

No. 954991

And don’t forget pewdiepie’s valuable contribution of “I met Holly for five minutes at some con once and she didn’t try to fuck my husband so I don’t believe she did this”.

The thing is that Jared probably isn’t even that nice to Holly. According to Heidi he was most likely doing the whole cold shoulder and gaslighting thing to her too, and that was before this whole thing blew up. She’s setting herself on fire to keep warm some predatory assholes who don’t give two shits about her. All so she doesn’t have to look at her own actions and consider that maybe, just maybe, she was wrong.

But OT but is there a lot of milk in DnD and other tabletop roleplay communities? This current situation doesn’t seem to have anything to do with GG and I personally would be interested in a general tabletop RP community thread. Holly can’t be the only cow who takes their fantasy self-insert way too far.

No. 954994

File: 1586163793516.jpg (211.64 KB, 1600x1600, marzia-bisognin-pewdiepie.jpg)

Heidi asked to open the relationship first.
They both fucked others on the side, I guess the critical difference is Heidi asked Jared for permission and for whatever reason Jared did not extend the same courtesy.
They were still both deviants though, and likely Heidi moreso than Jared since the latter was more busy having to regularly make videos to keep a roof over their head.
While Heidi had more free time to go con to con at her leisure (unlike Jared who went for business) and mess around with other costhots.

And Jared's punishment to Heidi for her seeing others with permission is for him to, see others without Heidi's permission?

So yes he did not really do things in the best way he should have.

On an unrelated note, I will forever stan Pewds/Marzia as gamer couple goals.
They have been together for as long as Jared/Heidi would have been if they didn't divorce.
But why is that? My guess, I think a big factor is intimacy. They have a genuine attraction to each other's physical appearance and personality, though there is cultural differences as well.
Felix had waited about 7 years to propose to Marzia, while Jared did after only 3. Patience is a virtue, which the latter didn't have.

On Heidi's behalf, I can't blame her. Jared was built like a starving ethiopian, while Heidi was toned and healthy. Surely the intimacy would die out at some point, with Jared having more options since he had the social status and prestige, Heidi also having options as she has the looks but also some status in her circles as well.

But now that Jared isn't hotshit anymore or as prestigous as he was before all he has is Hoelly, oof.

No. 954997

File: 1586164501480.jpg (623.21 KB, 1080x1260, friendzoneyeahidoubtthat.jpg)

>And don’t forget pewdiepie’s valuable contribution of “I met Holly for five minutes at some con once and she didn’t try to fuck my husband so I don’t believe she did this”.

They definitely haven't seen each other recently but must've been closely aquainted as they were both members of Polaris/MakerStudios.

But after PewDiePie made that fateful fiverr video is when he was kicked out of Maker, and alot of affiliates like the GameGrumps left as well.

No. 954998


wait i thought adam koebel is gay

No. 955000

GG/PULL speculate that pewds and marzia have a dead bedroom situation, trade off for a good relationship ig

No. 955021

he's pan, but I've only seen him date pretty young women. not suspicious at all, right?

No. 955026

OT rant incoming:

He isn't looking adoringly at her, he looks like
>My adoring servant

This is kinda gross, while scrolling I assumed it was a tradthot. Though that checks out, since Pewdie is a lolol Jews lolol racism Gamer moment twat.

No. 955029

>Felix had waited about 7 years to propose to Marzia
>Patience is a virtue

lol don't act like men waiting longer to propose is a virtue.

No. 955037


God, this. My ex is mutuals with Heidi and made her a prop that she uses with her Samus costume.

He is the EXACT same type of Male Feminist who cheats on and uses women that Jared and Adam are.

I've learned this the hard way from my own and my friend's experiences… Men who put on a very public facade of being 'good' and 'sensitive' and 'feminist' are the ones who are nightmares behind closed doors. The ones who seem to be missing the capacity to self-reflect, empathize with others, and take responsibility for their actions. The ones who regularly cheat and lie and seek validation non-stop.

They can put on a good show of emotions, but in the end, that's all it is - a show.

But no one will believe you because all they see is that public persona. They keep the mask on nearly all the time, so the only people who see their true selves are the ones who are around them 24/7 for years on end. They move on to new partners, and people look at that as 'evidence' that their stories about their ex being 'abusive' are true… Because if they were really abusive, why would anyone date them?

But that's just it. They're very good at tricking people into thinking they're good people. So the new person will figure out that they're broken eventually, but it might take years.

Weinstein is an extreme example of a Male Feminist, but they all act the same way when you strip away their exterior and get down to the core of who they are.

I will say, at least Adam wrote what seems to be a sincere apology. Which is what Holly has been missing all along.

But in the end, it's their actions that will count for something. Not any of the things they've said or their 'good intentions'.

No. 955071


Men like this are just as 'feminist' as the women who write an obscene amount of thinkpieces about shit like 'manspreading' & how interruption is a part of rape-culture - it's all performative.

No. 955078

> I will say, at least Adam wrote what seems to be a sincere apology. Which is what Holly has been missing all along.

His later twitter apology read okay on its own, but it read as super insincere if you also saw the youtube non-apology that came before it. Not only did he not seem very serious at all and spent time emphasizing that his other show would keep running, but he downplayed his actions and blamed a lack of safety tools/preparation. Fuck dude, those are are good things to have but they're no replacement for fundamentally not being a creep. If someone relies solely on safety tools to be respectful of boundaries instead of having an iota of good judgement then they're not good people. I'm not a fan of JP but JP seemed way more sincere in his apology than Adam.

He also talked about how players butted heads in the past/past crews not being happy with how scenes played out. But I watched the whole video for context (they added a time stamp for it, but it's only of the robo orgasm, you need to start watching before to really see how creepy Adam was being), and it's only Adam who is steering this trainwreck, no one else. No other player was participating in the scene, and the only player that was in the scene told him in and out of character that they weren't interested. There was no point in talking about crews butting heads except to downplay his actions. This wasn't a group miscommunication, he was in control and saw an opportunity and he took it, then doubled down despite all the players being uncomfortable.

No. 955080


Honestly, I think a majority of his defenders - Holly included - just straight up didnt watch what happened. They only saw his apology and some of the negativity he was getting so they immediately went on the defence.

Atleast, I hope that's it, because I don't know how someone could watch that and think he did absolutely nothing wrong, or think that those players/fans would want to continue playing/supporting him

No. 955086


I was a fan, subbed to him on twitch and stuff, and when I first heard about it I was really hoping it was a little oopsie and that he'd sincerely apologize. nope, it was not that at all. I started looking into it for myself and the more I learned the more disappointed I was

dude is trash. by the way in case people weren't aware he runs an advice show called "hot for teacher" not too unlike holly's mental health mondays. guess there's a pattern here

No. 955094

I'd put money on Holly being a dyed-in-the-wool misogynist, consciously or not. The female victims get a little pat on the head, awww p00r baby hugz, while the male perpetrator deserves a respectful and shameless pass as long as they say they're sorry because why would a man lie about being sorry? If someone needs fucking accountability classes to understand that rape isn't funny any apology you get will be as fake as Trisha Paytas's tits. Fuck all these woke garbage piles.

No. 955096

> I'd put money on Holly being a dyed-in-the-wool misogynist

Aren't all pick-mes?

No. 955146


Tinfoil hat, but Holly could be racist as well. Telling the racist rabid incels in that discord chat about "Heidi's black boyfriend" to get them riled up and ready to harass her. Because as we've seen here first hand, Jared's fans hate black people more than they hate women.

No. 955149


Nah, I'm pretty sure the black boyfriend bit is just something trolls say on here to get a reaction

No. 955155

>Holly could be racist
it kinda just a little bit showed when she took a black man's mental struggle and consequent loss of life, and made it about clown emojis

No. 955163


Exactly, as if black people can't be mentally ill. She made it about herself and those damn clown emojis. Her and her followers just completely ignored the fact that Erika was mentally ill.

No. 955165


Those Seattle hipster types are always progressive until it isn't about being straight, cis, and white.

No. 955167

I don't think she's a full out racist, but probably ignorant in that whole growing up in a wealthy family in a white neighborhood kind of way. I don't get the vibe she really hates other races, but I wouldn't doubt she's absolutely clueless about cultures outside of her making a fetish out of any witchy shit. I know her friend group is pretty small, but has she ever had any friends who were poc? I can think of people she knows in passing, but not particularly anyone I'd call her friend.

She has to make everything about her. It's what she does.

No. 955183

Heidi was lying to her therapist though.
RewiredSoul did a good breakdown of the situation.

No. 955185

Know your audience anon, everyone here dismisses what that guy says for… some reason.

No. 955195


Rewired soul has been biased since the beginning of the drama & once he started covering it, it's clear that he had some kind of agenda.


>everyone here dismisses what that guy says for… some reason.

He's proven himself to be a menace several times.
And his credibility as a 'mental-health-guru' is just about as good as Holly's.

…So I'd take his words with a grain or salt.

No. 955203

I mean, disregarding his opinion makes sense. But if he presents factual information that has backup, it still gets dismissed here.

No. 955206

KF if you want to be on pedodick's side anon

No. 955211


What exactly did she lie about though?
I've read the texts to her therapist & it's just numerous occasions of her saying stuff like "I'm going to try this… is that okay? Or should I do that?" basically someone who's desperately trying to fix a broken marriage & couldn't take the hint until it was too late.

No. 955257

did Heidi even date a black guy though?

No. 955260


Honestly people always say that "they all suck" and all that but I dont really see what heidi ever did wrong?

No. 955269

Heidi was mad, she lashed out, she got emotional and angry but I agree with this anon: I don't think she did anything wrong. Sure she took to a public forum but that was only after Jared did it first. Sure she left out details of their private relationship, but that was because it wasn't deemed relevant in the particular situation. She only had to go back and defend herself and people started to mis-equate polyamory with automatic consent to fuck everyone and everything in sight.

Heidi wanted the truth out about how angry she was over Jared finally pulling the trigger after she thought they were on the path to working things out. Everything else has been just her doing her best in an emotional state to try and defend herself and keep the situation simple while others constantly tried to make it more complicated than it needed to be.

No. 955273


No one knows, and if she did, what's wrong with dating outside of your race? Jared's incel fans think it's wrong because they hate black people.

No. 955275



And let's not forget people thinking Heidi was out fucking her ldr boyfriend while poor Jared was out fucking any and everything with a vagina.

No. 955277

That's the thing, they could have both been getting their rocks off with whomever they wanted, it was consented and agreed upon and that's what makes polyamory work.

It wasn't until the poly relationships outside of the marriage became "i'm only interested in you, no one else" as if it was a separate relationship entirely vs. just a physical one that got Heidi wanting to hit the reset button. Polyamory was a way for her to placate Jared's ego and urges, but an emotional relationship was just a nail in the coffin for their marriage.

But all that aside, at this point Holly has been enough of a cow in her own right that even without the propeen scandal she would probably have a thread on here by now.

No. 955306

This board: "we don't stan or downplay what Heidi did"
Also this board: this shit


No. 955308

File: 1586227223236.png (48.6 KB, 578x456, theyallbad.png)

To be fair, most of the people who are saying 'they all suck' actually mean it.

No. 955310

The divide on Heidi is whether you agree that she is vindictive vs. someone who was just angry and emotional.

That alone is fine to disagree on, some of us here don't think she was that bad, others want to hold her accountable and consider her vindictive and vengeful.

None of that excuses Pro-Pedoworm and Hoelly Cumrag so at the end of the day its a moot point

No. 955312


No doubt if any of these people saying Heidi is in the wrong or is vindictive were in her shoes, the other person would have hell to pay. But because it's her, clearly everyone has never been hurt or angry.

No. 955314


i honestly don't care what heidi did. i don't understand why it's ever even up for discussion. did she solicit child porn? no. did she break up two marriages? no. did she cheat on her husband and lie to him about it? no. the worst you can say about her is that she aired their dirty laundry and bitched about it on her twitter. who cares. her behavior is annoying, at worst.

No. 955315


Lest we forget, there were certain accounts of folks saying shit like "My abusive ex BEAT me AND cheated on me, but UNLIKE HEIDI I handled it like an ADULT!!!"

No. 955319


It's like none of them understand that there's no one way to handle trauma, abuse, or divorce. They only use that to silence Heidi.

No. 955320

It's because self righteous retards like you think that a cow has to be the absolute worst person alive to be laughed at. Heidi is just as cringeworthy as Lainey for trying to control a degenerate. She wanted to be the kewl wife who was okay with her husband getting fan nudes, now she airs her laundry because she looks dumb as fuck. Everyone provides milk here, it's literally the adult equivalent of highschool weebaoo club drama.

No. 955323


There really isn't much Heidi did after 'airing dirty laundry' though…

…Also, not too long after, Holly started spiraling madly in the foreground, clearly demanding everyone's attention.

No. 955325


What's the most milky thing Heidi's done in the last 6 months? Had a birthday stream for her cat? Every month Holly has done or said something amazingly terrible and stupid that's put her in the spotlight. Whether it's making Etika's death about herself, defending sex pests, or whipping up her handful of hardcore defenders into going on a whataboutism spree.

No. 955326

That's not milk, it's not funny or entertaining. It's just depressing pickme shit that hurts nobody but herself, and is no different from what sad, insecure women everywhere do. There's nothing to downplay because it's not a wrongdoing.

If Holly had just shut the fuck up following Heidi's expose, she wouldn't be particularly milky either. Cheating alone is not enough to sustain this much milk for this long, but she continually shows her ass and makes herself look bad in a thoroughly embarrassing way.

No. 955333

>heidi is just as cringeworthy as lainey
Lainey sexted, sent lewds to, and helped groom underage girls with her 30yo husband. Including a girl she claimed to be their "foster daughter" who she had known since she was 14yo. Comparing Heidi to Lainey is absolute horseshit, anon.

I'm in camp "heidi was vindictive", but compared to these other cows? There's little milk to be had now. Holly never shuts up and Jared is still orbiting her atm which is why they are still in the spotlight. Maybe if Holly could manage to shut up for more than a few hours, people could move on, but she's always out here spewing new milk all over the twitterverse.

Exactly this. I'm not here to wk Heidi. She did some vindictive/cringey shit early on, but she's pretty boring now. I don't get why these anons are so desperately thirsty for heidi's few droplets of spoiled milk, when there's fresh milk to be had by Holly almost every other week.

No. 955335

Honestly, let's get real, Holly probably copes with this thread being up and doesnt get off to it. Many people dont Know how to handle fame. But these threads don't last forever. They dont want to quit the internet so they just cope

*disclaimer; I'm not a Holly stan, just pointing out the obvious that many cows just cope with their threads

No. 955338

>fucking anything with a vagina
Do we expect a Projared baby soon? In my area everyone refuses birth control.

If he hides it though, I wouldn't care.
Sex results in pregnancy, I'm shocked we didnt hear of a Jared baby

No. 955339


> It's because self righteous retards like you think that a cow has to be the absolute worst person alive to be laughed at.

sorry anon i'll never again fail to acknowledge the gravity and social significance of our discourse here on lolcow

> Heidi is just as cringeworthy as Lainey for trying to control a degenerate. She wanted to be the kewl wife who was okay with her husband getting fan nudes, now she airs her laundry because she looks dumb as fuck. Everyone provides milk here, it's literally the adult equivalent of highschool weebaoo club drama.

"now" tweeting a book review, very milky, wow you've convinced me

No. 955343


Agree that she's racist to some degree, on the basis of >>955155. Sorry if this is requesting spoonfeeding, but the Discord convos seem to be new information? Or is it just a theory for now?

>for… some reason.

Please tell me you forgot the "/s." He's a provocateur for the sake of being provocateur. Of course he would chime in about this. A lot of people also disregard what he says on the basis that he has no credentials or expertise. That seems reasonable. The point is, Heidi didn't lie to her therapist.

>Sure she took to a public forum but that was only after Jared did it first.

Exactly. Jared tried to speak for her. She's allowed to speak for herself. With no prior knowledge of these people, I read his status as an insinuation that Heidi was mentally unstable, and therefore shouldn't be asked about the divorce.

>Holly has been enough of a cow in her own right that even without the propeen scandal she would probably have a thread on here by now.

100%. Being with a philanderer does not a cow make. And yet, Holly is a constant source of whole milk.

No. 955345


I'd like to see some screencaps from that discord, if anyone has any

No. 955367

sorry for late reply, but when did she say who it was or that she was molested? I don't remember her posting about that, only about her mother hitting her something?
This is the first I've seen of this (although I don't follow her on twitter or anything, just keep up with these threads)

No. 955368

File: 1586241004014.png (32.45 KB, 591x374, HollyMommysFault.png)

She's always vague about it. Something to do with her mother.

No. 955386

File: 1586245615027.jpg (195.06 KB, 1080x925, 20200407_024608.jpg)

Dodge any and all criticism with the classic "Be Kind".
Holly will never change, if she does she is going to get worse

No. 955404

anon could you specify what discord convos you mean? if there's something new post caps, i had the link but i've lost it since

No. 955405

ahhh ok yeah I remember that one now, thanks anon.
Sounds like she got diddled by a mom's boyfriend and the mom didn't believe her.

No. 955417

I don’t believe she was ever sexually assaulted, in one if the previous threads there was a screenshot of her being utterly ignorant against ptsd and saying that cosplay “traumatised” her.
I think she’s just trying to get even more damaged goods sympathy points

No. 955425


>"I guess the critical difference is Heidi asked Jared for permission and for whatever reason Jared did not extend the same courtesy"

No, the difference is that Heidi made sure Jared knew everything that was going on - and Jared HID literally everything that was going on with the ONE person on the face of the Earth that Heidi specifically asked him not to fuck.

>"They were still both deviants"

Poly relationships do not equal being deviant - and this isn't Detroit: Become Human. Having a sex life that isn't 1-on-1 missionary style sex all of the time is fine - but not when Jared decided sneaking behind his wife's back was the best course of action.

>"I will forever stan Pewds/Marzia as gamer couple goals"

Good to know you stan someone who repeatedly makes anti-semetic remarks.

>"Surely the intimacy would die out at some point"

Not necessarily. Jared's inability keep his dick in his pants is what put the final nail in the coffin.


Have you ever seen the video of a woman giving a speech to a class about racism and when the Woke White Female started crying, the speaker was like "Lol, I don't give a fuck about your white tears - This isn't about you, Rebecca"? Holly is the Woke White Woman in this video.


>"RewiredSoul did a good"

Let me stop you there. He is CLEARLY biased, has attacked Heidi multiple times, and is constantly trying to get on Holly's good side. That isn't exactly an unbiased opinion.


>"Fucking her ldr"

Right. Because a LDR is identical to Jared's side ho that moved from several states away so that they could bang without distance being in the way. /s


>"Doesn't get off to it"

Then why does she regularly allude to its existence and the things posted in it? If she didn't give a fuck, she wouldn't come back to peruse it on a regular basis.


it just felt very much like one of those "I couldn't be bigoted against -x group- because I'M a member of -x group-" kind of things. She thinks she didn't do wrong in defending someone who forced a sexual assault victim to relive trauma because SHE was once sexually assaulted and didn't take offense to it - that kind of thing.

No. 955426


AYRT. Did you mean to tag >>955146? Neither of us said "caps," but that would be cool.

No. 955455


I always hated this for what it implied. Like Heidi was a terrible person for ever being confrontational with Holly, or that Heidi made Holly relive previous trauma.

This tweet basically is "something bad happened to me so if anyone isnt 100% kind to me or has a problem with me they are abusive and terrible"

No. 955456


I'm sorry but being yelled at ONCE is not abuse. It's insane for her to casually lump heidi in with a sexual abuser

No. 955459


'Abuse' is a buzzword, so Holly had to use it.

I still can't get over Holly telling everyone that Heidi's therapist officially said that Heidi was "unfixable".

…Which I seriously doubt. That is some next-level gaslighting right there. I'm surprised this woman hasn't been sued yet.

No. 955460


That call from Heidi probably affected her so much because Heidi put into words all the stuff Holly felt guilty about, like sexting for months with Jared behind Ross and Heidi's back, or for not telling Ross anything at all

No. 955465


Yep. Usually when someone calls you out on something you know you did wrong, it hurts more, which is why I don't buy her "I'm being accused of something I didn't even do!" -line, & it's why she kept going on & on about how "Intent is important".
She got caught red-handed & got yelled at for it. How embarrassing!

That's why Holly had to whip out the big words like 'abuse'.

No. 955468


I honestly hope that she didn't count this crap as an 'apology' to Heidi.
I remember in the text convo they had, she said something like "Jared told you about my fucked-up life, right?" (You know, the usual "I had a bad childhood" excuse)

Heidi even said that she didn't want to believe that Holly would do/say the horrible things that she did.

No. 955469

File: 1586273588237.jpg (469.47 KB, 950x1356, hollyskinner.jpg)

sageing but I wanted to contribute to the discourse with a meme, thnx

No. 955471

That's the thing. This board doesn't discuss what Heidi says or does so it doesn't know whether she is producing milk.

Isn't it odd that this board hasn't discussed that divorce papers were signed in March? Heidi has talked about it, but since it's not on Twitter, it doesn't exist.

No. 955472

As sad as it is, I don't trust Holly to be able to correctly identify what is abuse, whether it be physical, emotional, or sexual. I wouldn't be surprised if her supposed sexual abuse was something not even close.

No. 955474


They were? Does anyone have SS of the records? If they were signed good for Heidi

No. 955477


Agreed. If it's so important to know, let's have a look!

No. 955479


What are we going to discuss? Her store updates? Her cosplay pictures? That's not Milk.

We all still follow and look at her Twitter, there is just nothing there worth discussing. I don't see why you're upset?

No. 955483



My feeling is you can only use your past as an excuse / explanation for your behavior IF you're still aware of how your past is causing you to hurt others AND you make your best effort to reduce that harm.

Holly doesn't do any of that. She just uses hers as a get out of jail free card, which is not okay at all. She's not acknowledging that anyone else could be hurt by her behaviors and ptsd.

And that's another thing. Holly: Even if you feel you did nothing wrong, you don't get to decide if you've hurt someone. If they say they're hurt, you don't get to deny their feelings. That's not your place.

If she had the capacity for empathy, she'd realize that her behaviors have hurt someone even if it wasn't her intention to do so. She should realize that, as someone who's hurt the other party, it is her responsibility to apologize.

I don't think she is capable of that kind of emotional maturity, though, from what I've seen.

The sad truth is that a lot of people who were abused and manipulated as kids learn those skills and carry them into adult relationships without realizing it.

She's going to need a lot of work to undo that damage. And in the meantime, she's going to continue burning bridges wherever she goes.

No. 955487

yes but supposedly broke up when they supposedly stopped being polyamourous.(samefag)

No. 955499

I've never once seen proof posted of this alleged black boyfriend. Where are the receipts, anon?

No. 955501

Only confirmed male hookup of Heidi's was Nulyu.

No. 955505

oh wow signing divorce papers and not announcing it on twitter while behaving like an ordinary adult THAT SO MILKY ANON totally not boring as shit /s

No. 955512

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t it take this long to get them signed because Jared was dragging his feet? I think I remember it being discussed a thread or two ago

No. 955516

It was certainly mused about on here, but never with anything to back it up. Doesn't even make logical sense since wormboy is the petitioner, i.e. the one who filed for divorce. Why on earth would he be dragging feet.

It was probably a dispute over marital property distribution.

It's not milk, but it's clear evidence of inattention blindness. That is certainly of interest, just look at how many people want details.

No. 955523


> It's not milk, but it's clear evidence of inattention blindness.

inattention to what? it's not interesting.

> That is certainly of interest, just look at how many people want details.

"how many people" you mean one? one single person? and they were asking for evidence? everyone else who acknowledged it didn't give a shit

No. 955528

Oh really, one person asking what the details are? Is lying just so second nature that you'll lie about things that are right in front of you to try and make yourself sound right?


Look at that, 2, in a thread that has maybe 10 people posting a day. That's roughly 10%.

For those curious: she said she'd follow up with details but it's been a couple weeks and she hadn't specified how and when she will update. It's certainly something to keep an eye out for.

No. 955553


Well that was disappointing.

No. 955567

I looked through old threads to find what you were referring to.


No. 955590

because theres nothing to discuss. if you really want to cum from your hateboner for heidi youre gonna have to find the milk on your own

No. 955592

Are any of Projared's hook ups pregnant?

No. 955595

Who'd admit to having worms

No. 955596


As far as public knowledge goes there was only one hookup other than hoelly so I highly doubt that. Those would be some unfortunate looking children.

No. 955601

If any were they would probably have screeched about it long ago

No. 955617

>screech about it
Maybe in real life. But many people have a life outside the internet despite cow claiming the opposite
If there is a baby we might not know, Its fairly easy to quit social media

No. 955660

>only confirmed male hookup was nulyu
Nulyu's birthname is Selena, anon. Nulyu is also from Texas. While they did see each other at a couple cons and cosplayed together, there's no evidence they had anything more than a long distance sexting relationship from what I can recall. The texts also revealed that Heidi was actively trying to include Jared in the whole thing with nulyu. Seemed more of a "cool wife" move than being genuinely interested in a relationship with nulyu tbh.

No. 955670

>Selena is Nulyu's birth name

What's up with all these Millenial/Gen Z'ers changing their normal names to weird ass Alien sounding names? It just screams IWANTTOBEUNIQUEPLZ so bad.

No. 955672


'Nulyu' is the online moniker, their current name is Jeremy, iirc

No. 955682


Gtfo with your dead naming. This guy was clearly traumatized by this whole ordeal and he basically got chased off the internet by farmers.

Chill out, it's just a screen name. One that was completely abandoned because people wouldn't stop talking about him on these forums. He's the only one out of all of these people who doesn't have clout or fans to back him up.

No. 955707

Molested as a kid? Well now we know why she's asexual. She wasnt doing it for internet points.
Kinda sleazy now that we accused her of being asexual for special points but I guess it happens often

No. 955709


Oh because hoelly wouldn’t be the type to lie about being molested for internet points? Even if she was, the fact that she used that as an excuse to speak on the account of all survivors to defend the D&D perve is disgusting.

No. 955712

I personally think it's real and already happened before she typed it up online, she talks about hating her mom and it's probably the molestation incident is why she hated her mom.
Ross can confirm it too, he mentioned Holly's abuse vaguely.

The evidence this is true
>her hating her mom
>ross making a vague post about Holly being abused

No. 955714

>gtfo with your dead naming
This isn't tumblr anon. Welcome to lolcow.

No. 955715

Receipts on Ross alluding to Holly being abused? I recall him saying he's been abused by an ex, but can't recall him confirming Holly as an abuse victim herself.

No. 955716

It's been posted here, he said something like "abused people often abuse others and I found it to be true" alluding to Holly, I misquoted it though

No. 955719

Even if it is true it's still really suspicious of her to only bringing it up when it benefits her to use as a get out of jail free card.

Also She could have said 'I'm a victim of sexual assault' without pointing out it was her mom. That feels like a big jump from her pretty much never mentioning it before to 'Yeah I was molested by my mom'

No. 955720


She uses her abuse and mental illness as a shield to cut off any form of criticism. The old tweet anon posted was when she was trying to justify her attacks on Heidi. It's really sad and manipulative as shit because she stood up to the supposed abuse by Heidi, but stands by her abusive DnD friend because he's a good person who made a mistake uwu.

No. 955721

I didnt say it was her own mom that did it, but maybe her mom let it happen and that's why she hates her own mom?

No. 955726


Yep. Either they're both terrible people, or they're both "good people who made a mistake (uwu)"

No. 955729

Damn, so glad we got some transphobes in the thread, really cool(no1curr )

No. 955755

File: 1586318542768.png (80.23 KB, 588x682, bullyin.png)

Looks like Holly's just gonna keep denying everything. Even her own words.

No. 955766

thank you anon! i hope that can make the divorce force shut up
the divorce itself is absolutely void of milk. what do anons want to know, the exact amount of money heidi received in the settlement? she's moved on very clearly, and jared is focusing on streaming to milk his die-hard fans for their last penny.
the only one still left in the same place as last year, and honestly the only source of milk in this debacle, is holly. pray she never shuts up lmao
it's been a year grandma shut up

No. 955768


>"Just unblocking you to say…"

Who the fuck does that?

She fucking goes out of her way to passive-aggressively tell people "Think of all the other things you could be doing!…uwu"
What about YOU Holly? Why don't YOU go 'sew a mask', call your family, etc. instead of trying to convince obvious trolls that you "did nothing wrong!"

…Oh, I forgot, you gotta hammer in that flimsy narrative you've been pushing for a whole year now.

No. 955770

If sewing masks is so important and so easy, why the fuck doesn't she get off the Twitter and dedicate her time to that?

No. 955774


>"Doesn't discuss what Heidi says or does so it doesn't know whether she is producing milk"

Fam, we're not talking about Heidi because she is NOT producing milk. If she wanted to sperg out like Hoelly, we'd be all over that shit because again, no one is saying she is 100% innocent - just that between the three, she's the more innocent one.


Because we're all picking on poor, mistreated Hoelly the Homewrecking Queen! #BEKIND /s


Also what divorce papers? As far as I can tell from online court records, Heidi and Jared are still in the middle of a potential mediation process a.k.a. not officially and permanently split yet.


Not that we know of, thank god. The last thing this world needs is a little ProWeasel running around.


This isn't kiwifarms, Anon. Hate people because they're milky, not just because you can.


Because she has literally no skill when it comes to doing anything but fucking someone else's husband.

No. 955779

Lolcow literally has a "fakeboi" and mtf thread. Are you lost?

No. 955782


> Who the fuck does that?

Not the first time Holly has done that. I was blocked by Holly when this train wreck happened a year ago, but after a while, she went on a mass-unblocking spree. I dunno, I guess Holly wants to spout her magnanimous bullshit, but she can't do that if the person is blocked. Responding can also bring in her WK army, who see their precious bean being "unfairly attacked."

Her "logic" is fucking bananas. Joe Exotic got nabbed, therefore if Jared was actually guilty, he would have been nabbed too. You know, as if there aren't many cases of guilty people going free and innocent people rotting in prison. But sure Holly, keep living in your black-and-white world.

No. 955784

What is it with some anon(s) in this thread and babies? Are you the same person who made those creepy edits of Jared and Heidi growing old together and having a family?

Acknowledging someone’s birth sex isn’t hate. KF would probably prefer if Jeremy were male because it fits their “Heidi the whore was sucking strange dicks on the side” narrative. As it stands there is no confirmed dick other than Jared’s, and Heidi even tried to involve Jared in that relationship but he was too busy with Holly and random fans to be interested in what his wife was doing.

No. 955786


What the fuck does Joe Exotic have to do with any of this shit? God, she is so embarrassing. Also, why is she telling people to call their mom? Seems kind of tone deaf considering she herself knows that parents can be terrible and it could be triggering to tell someone to call their abusive parent.

Also there are plenty of known sexual abusers who are freely walking the streets, especially famous ones.

And she wasn't there. She spoke about private conversations between Jared and Heidi which she wasn't privy to. She heard one side of the story from a man who benefited from hiding the truth from her.

No. 955795

this reminds me of her response to the australian wildfires. "well everyone else is doing that so i'd rather spend my time doing other niche, super quirky unique stuff. like tweeting about ketchup on toast, and going out of my way to butt heads with whoever calls me/jared a rancid whore"

this is so much like her trump-hate tweets where she picks ONE monster as a scapegoat and prefaces every hot take/argument with "look at this complete bastard. am i as heinous as this? no? then why do you pick on me"
you get picked on because someone else's crimes (done to you, OR to whoever else, or on whatever scale) do not excuse your bullshit
how do you get to be 30+ and still behave like this, christ

No. 955835

so shes seeking out the people she blocks for saying "mean things" and unblocking them? weren't you suppose to be in a twitter timeout for your mental health? going out of your way to argue with people that hurt your fee fees is self harm holly, get off the internet

No. 955840

Holly Conrad really never gets tired of gaslighting people, huh? It's amazing that she manages to be this fucked up, manipulative, and clearly abusive yet has no self awareness whatsoever.

No. 955849


Her twitter time out lasted MAYBE seven days. Anyone with an IQ over 12 knew that shit wasn't going to last when Hoelly's as desperate for attention as she is.

No. 955863

File: 1586352941323.png (417.15 KB, 1440x1958, Screenshot_20200408-083256~01.…)

Continuation of the tweets
Is she good? All he told her was to be safe

No. 955866

They are throwing her shitty platitudes right back at her and she is getting flustered by it. She is so dense.

No. 955879

Considering her victim complex she probably took it as a threat

No. 955881


I can definitely see that.

Holly: "Stay safe?! What does that mean?! They're threatening me, see I'M the victim!!!"

No. 955883


I get that she probably thinks she's the only one brave enough to stand up to Jared's bullies, but the irony here is that all she's actually accomplishing is reminding everyone of the drama every few days.

The people she yells at aren't going to suddenly have a change of heart and come to her side. Her arguments are too flimsy to serve as good defense of Jared's actions.

She's basically just sabotaging all of Jared's attempts at covering up the drama and moving on (which is honestly the best thing he can do for himself at this point, since the evidence is out there and we've all 'done the research and come to our own conclusions'… which is why their arguments don't hold any water).

It's like watching a sinking boat where Jared is trying to quietly plug in the holes and Holly is loudly ripping them open again. It would almost be funny if it wasn't so sad.

Oh well. They deserve each other, I guess.

No. 955894


She can't possibly be THIS self-centered that she reads into someone saying "stay safe" in the middle of a global pandemic. Yes Hoelly, it's a direct threat clearly - it couldn't POSSIBLY have anything to do with the fact that Washington has/had a high number of Coronavirus cases. Nope - He meant it to scare you!! /s

No. 955897


I guess a more appropriate response to her rambling about shit like the charger would be "Holly, please stop being negative. Sew a mask! Call your mom! #BeKind"

No. 955902


Yet even with their legions of fans rushing in & flanking anyone who so much as utters a single 'negative' word to them, it's still not enough for Holly.

It must be exhausting being her stans. Having to keep her ego 100% positive at all times, & even then, she has to 'self-harm' by getting herself further involved…

No. 955907


>She's basically just sabotaging all of Jared's attempts at covering up the drama and moving on

This shit isn't good for Jared's image at all.
I wouldn't be surprised if Jared has already asked her to stop doing this several times, but she insists that "I gotta protect my friends!" because she's still in Strix-mode. No wonder he barely ever interacts with her on Twitter.

No. 955921


Especially since it's entirely possible for her to respond to people through private DMs, but she insists on doing everything publicly.

Jared probably hasn't confronted her about it because he's scared of confrontation.

I wonder how long it'll take him to go to a new girl and tell them a sob story about how his girlfriend is abusive and he can't stand up to her because she won't let him. Except this time it might actually be true.

No. 955923


>Especially since it's entirely possible for her to respond to people through private DMs, but she insists on doing everything publicly.

That's because Holly needs the validation from others seeing her responding to people. She isn't interested in having an intelligent conversation and coming to an understanding/learning. She responds to try and paint herself as a victim of bullying, which is harder when the conversation isn't out in the open. Were she to talk in the DMs, you know she'd air the messages later to show everyone "her struggles."

No. 955925


…Also, this just gave me a scary thought; What if she's constantly reminding him of the drama to make sure he stays with her?
Her constant babying of him, her publicly fighting with his detractors, etc.

It's not just a display of "Look at everything that I do for you!" It's also a constant reminder that everyone's after him & that he needs her to survive.

No. 955934

File: 1586370108495.png (65.51 KB, 584x546, HiNamesearcher.png)


No. 955935

Fuck off, if Holly had every mental illness she said she does she would definitely not feel in a position to do “mental health help streams”.
She just needs an easy way out of every single mistake she makes without admitting she made one

No. 955937

She had soooo many different reason of hating her mom by now and she straight up could never decide if she actually hated her or not

No. 955946

File: 1586371218249.png (374.88 KB, 1638x830, 1563545035452.png)


I mean, back in July(?) when Holly unblocked Heidi and Heidi composed a chain @Holly saying that Holly would badger Jared for hours straight because he couldn't handle talking to her, she would threaten suicide and demand Jared leave Heidi for her, and would repeatedly ask him "why isnt your relationship over yet???"

Heidi also said that at the end, Jared said to Heidi that he didnt know who was manipulating him, her or Holly and she responded that she would never take him back but that he should get away from Holly and get some serious help

ALSO during her tell all stream she said that when Jared would ignore Holly or not text her back with in minutes she would go on and on about how Heidi must really be abusing him at that moment for him not to want to stop everything and text her back

It's pretty fucking obvious that Holly is OBSESSED with Jared and abusively controlling of him, even during the time where he wasnt even sure he wanted her more than Heidi. It seems like she would just text him alllll day every day talking shit about Heidi and repeating that he is being abused and that she needs to rescue him.

Its hard to feel bad for Jared because of all the disgusting fan stuff he did, but when it comes to his relationship with Holly I kind of do? And he couldn't even ghost her or put some distance between them because a.) They had a weekly DnD show together that also included attending events and cons and b.) She fucking followed him across the country to continue her harassment

Even now she seems obsessed with defending him and controlling the narrative even though like other anons have said it's a huge detriment to him. He needs to escape and she needs to take a long fucking look in the mirror

No. 955948


For real, she constantly goes from "My mom was abusive and ruined my life" to "My mom was a real hero because she was in a wheelchair and had a disease and she was so strong"

I understand that in a situation like that you would have mixed feelings about your mom, but how she is it comes off as literally her saying whatever would make her look better in that moment. If her mom was abusive then it excuses all of her current actions and we are supposed to think "wow look how far shes come" and if her mom was a wheelchair bound hero then it's all about how Hollys a hero for helping her mom and wow what humble beginnings, shes so great!

No. 955951


Meanwhile, while she obsessively white knights him on Twitter his likes is full of hot women defending him/praising him

No. 955984

Hard agree. I had a shitty upbringing and I had always sort of empathized with Holly (pre-PedoDick obviously), thinking that maybe she just wasn't able to properly articulate her complex feelings re: her parents, but now she just comes off as constantly framing the story to make herself look best. Ironically, manipulating stories to benefit themselves without admitting their own failings (or to detract from said failings) is a textbook narcissist red flag.

On a related note, does anybody else see the irony in implying that her mother possibly played part in or defended her sexual abuser while standing by PedoDick, the guy who undoubtedly knew that his fanbase was full of underaged children (especially after the dating sim) and still solicited them for nudes?

At this point, highlighting Holly's own self-unaware descent into narcissism feels like saying that the sky is blue and that water is wet.

No. 955989


As creepy as that is, that tracks with everything I've seen about her.

I wouldn't put it past her to use her public 'sacrifice' as a way to guilt Jared into staying with her.

We already know Holly is abusive from Ross's experiences with her. He's spoken about it on twitter and reddit, and you can even see it in their instagram pages in the ways they interact with one another.

I'm guessing that Ross is secretly just happy that he got away from Holly, and part of the reason he's not talking about it is because he knows that she's fully capable of painting him black if he speaks out against her.

I wonder if Jared will also stop posting content and become a shell of a person if he stays with Holly.

No. 955991

This account is a bot, so that means she really is namesearching herself on almost a daily basis, after almost a year. How fucking pathetic.

No. 955992

You reap what you sow.

Jared deserves no sympathy. He had a happy marriage with someone way out of his league and he wasnt satisfied so he decided to jump on any fangirl who threw attention his way under the guise of "polyamory" while his wife tried to play the "cool wife" out of fear of losing their marriage. Of course it was only a matter of time before Jared stuck his dick in someone who was invested a hell of a lot more in their relationship than fwbs. Jared's mistake is that he chose the one person who isnt a nobody fangirl but who actually has clout in the same sphere of colleagues he works with and around. He cant just ghost her like he normally would because then that would be ProJared dick sage 2.0 (because we know he doesn't give a fuck how he makes someone feel mentally if it gets in the way of getting his dick wet).

If this was a fangirl he would have no problem ghosting her. Hell he even ghosted his own wife and blocked her on twitter. The only reason why Jared hasn't dipped out of the relationship with Holly is purely self motivated by him knowing that would open up a can of worms for him to be the asshole he always was and for Holly to be a victim especially in their circle of gamer bros. Holly might be fun milk because shes batshit on her Twitter but shes far more liked in that group than Jared is no matter what his fanbase might claim. He deserves everything that comes to him.

No. 955996

File: 1586377999278.jpg (244.85 KB, 1063x789, badcomparison.jpg)

Crosspost from >>>/snow/954976

Heidi and Jared were recently mentioned in TurkeyTom's new video.
Using clips of Jared to compare him to Nikocado Avocado, and comparing Heidi to mukbanker Stephanie Soo.

No. 955997


I feel like Holly and Heidi both frame Jared as an emotionally frail, weak man when in reality he was just a loser, lying sexpest

No. 955999


I think this about sums up TurkeyTom's videos:


>He gives nik the benefit of the doubt every single step of the way and assumes the absolute worst about her throughout it.. every word she says is 'manipulation' but he doesn't explain his reasoning behind thinking that.

>claiming that her crying is not even an overreaction but a calculated manipulation tactic that women use. That's it.

>Comment section is basically a bunch of teen boys parroting "men good, women bad!"

>"men good, women bad!"

No. 956000

That's one of the main problems.
Before Heidi snapped tf out of it, she kept saying stuff to her therapist like "Maybe there's something wrong with him/maybe he doesn't understand/feel/etc." Just trying desperately to give him the benefit of the doubt

No. 956004

File: 1586379107885.jpg (178.04 KB, 1080x607, dissapointing.jpg)

Yeah out of his league when in cosplay.
Holly's tits look pretty well-shaped in ordinary clothes, Heidi just kinda… falls flat.

No. 956011


You're right anon, Heidi is a total dog. Of course jared would cheat on her, she doesnt even have huge cosplay titties /s

No. 956012

Is it more pathetic that, that anon went through Heidi's entire twitter to find one post where she admits she doesnt look like a double d anime character or that they had that screenshot saved all this time in wait to prove to someone Heidi is ugly and "she even said so!" kek

No. 956013

It's most pathetic that this anon, presumably a scrot, actually thinks they have a point by comparing their tits.

Imagine being a Holly orbiter who comes here to defend her appearance in the context of her being a mistress lmao. Peak cuck.

No. 956014


Because Holly is sooooo busty

Literally comparing A cup to C cup, let's calm down here, anon. Also, heres a concept: who fucking cares about their breasts??? Go back go KF(wk samefagging)

No. 956019

File: 1586381102464.jpg (56.33 KB, 610x772, isthisacompliment.JPG)


This reminds me of this person on twitter. I still can't tell if this is a compliment or an insult.

But seriously, what a dumb thing to even bring up. Besides, if you want to do a fair comparison, look at video footage of them (like their livestreams). Holly can be attractive in her own way, but she tends to look like a bag lady 90% of the time.

Heidi is definitely the objectively more attractive one between the two.

No. 956021


I think Holly totally looked better with her more light/pastel hair and style during GG than her current DCA Strix look

No. 956034

She started DCA looking okay with some heavy Manic Pixie Dream Girl to her (and some criiiiinge roleplaying) but as Strix took over more and more she went hard in for the "frumpy" look.

No. 956090

A woman's beauty isn't all in her titty, scrote. Holly has a nice figure, but her true weird goblin witch hag self shines through in her face these days.

Ngl, I like Holly's hair now, but the dark colors aren't flattering on her outside the heavily filtered pics she posts sometimes. The pastel colors helped wash out her "quirky" facial features. She needs to spend some of that grand daddy money on a proper beauty routine instead of rolling in pigeon shit or whatever her current routine seems to be. She isn't even that old yet, but as we all have seen from the pussy eyelid pic, she ain't aging gracefully.

No. 956118


Holly's hair now is the best its looked in a long time. She must be following our advice lol

No. 956156


Has Holly made any masks? She defiently has the supplies and skills necessary, what's stopping her from making a bunch, or streaming it so she could show others how? Or hell, even doing it during Mental Health Monday or Spooky Saturday?

Oh wait! She doesnt really care enough, and that's probably too mainstream for her anyway

No. 956175

Jared got Holly pregnant when they first had sex in October 2018.
That's why Jared wanted to leave Heidi, so he could move in with Holly and raise their baby together.
But then Holly had a miscarriage while on a plane for a convention.
Which is why Jared delayed getting divorced since there was less of an incentive to.

No. 956229

Can you provide evidence of this?

No. 956242

lmao this fanfiction bait.

Jared is pretty well known as childfree, and he may have even had a vasectomy.

No. 956243

i mean the curls are fine, the color though is an extremely jarring contrast to her pasty face. doesn't help that her eyebrows are all kind of wonky and the exact same shade, so all you see is two messes of black

if you're the same "black boyfriend" anon, just know i love your fruity bullshit so much

No. 956283


anon, holly considered being called "mom" a misogynist insult.

Highly doubt she'd let herself stay pregnant far enough to get a miscarriage.

No. 956284

Quarantine gave us a lot of time on our hands, huh anon?

No. 956506

She deleted that tweet so fast.
"We have evidence of this guy being shitty why are so many people trying to sweep this under the rug… Wait Holly is saying we should sweep this under the rug? Nevermind he just did a harmless mistake."

No. 956549

Holly was at her best with Ross, I really think they would make a successful kid but it's too late now.

I sure hope Jared and Holly used birth control, another kid doesnt deserve a parent who has a sex affliction.

But let's get real, even outside of cow people are bad parents and reproduce without any thoughts

No. 956550


None of these people want children can you stop with your weird pregnancy fetish fan fiction already?

No. 956562

I'm a different anon, and I dont have a pregnancy fetish? Sorry for the blog.
But if they have sex. babies can still happen, all threads on Holly failed to mention that Holly can have kids with Jared.

Also they dont want kids? Many people had kids and they didnt want them.

No. 956563


Again, they operate like a damn cult.

No. 956564

File: 1586465788276.jpg (25.35 KB, 600x111, hollytweet.jpg)

Why do you want someone who tweets about going to a mental institution to reproduce? Would that sort of person honestly be a healthy parent who would raise a well-adjusted child?
I don't feel like combing through old threads to check, but I think this sperg has been obsessing about all the members of this drama producing children for months now. Remember those weird images of Heidi/Jared photoshopped to look like old people?

On topic, anyone know what Holly's working on now?

No. 956566

I'm not the same anon, but that anon did make me question if theres a baby from one of Projared's hook ups.

Also everyone reproduces even if you hate them,I just said Ross would be a better dad than Jared who has a sex addiction(ban evading )

No. 956570

One would hope the creeper was smart enough to use protection.

No. 956573

Learn to sage, newfag. No there’s no babies from hook ups and No reason to speculate about it or talk about who would be a good or bad parent. None of these people want kids nor should they have them.

No. 956625


I'm sure this tweet has nothing to do with her recent dragging or the fact that she's on track to losing 2000+ followers a month. It's "research", just like her getting involved in Etika's death was "research".

No. 956626


She wants validation.

No. 956637

It'll probably just be "look at how many followers I have, yet only [number of people] liked this status, therefore the rest are haters and bullies!"

No. 956712

>uwu research on how many likes i can get for no reason duh
>yay for my echochamber!!! suck it lolcow i mean haters!!!

No. 956719

Stop it with the kids, live out Your breeding fetish somewhere else

No. 956720

>Everyone reproduces

That's just objectively wrong kek(samefagging)

No. 956728

File: 1586507398280.jpg (796.19 KB, 2896x2896, acomparison.jpg)

Well here is photos with Holly and Heidi with less clothes as I could find.
Their body figure is roughly the same. Holly's tits are slightly bigger. But Heidi is taller in height by a few inches. Though Heidi is younger and more youthful than Holly. Though if Ross/Holly have had dead bedroom for sometime it'd make Holly more ripe and fertile. As for facial features, Jared seems like the type to care more about what he can touch and grab rather than what he can see.

So what did Holly have that Heidi didn't? Just slightly bigger tits as far I am aware.

But was the difference worth having an affair behind your wife's/good friend with huge clout benefit's back? According to Jared, apparently so.

No. 956734

>it'd make Holly more ripe and fertile
This imagery is disgusting because it's Holly.

No. 956740

File: 1586512217355.jpg (34.4 KB, 600x450, brbgonnacryandrinkmyselfintoad…)

It's worth mentioning there is alot of photos of Holly in bikini at a beach, while there is almost no pictures of Heidi in a bikini or swimsuit that I know of.

It's a clear indicator that Holly is more extroverted and outdoors type than Heidi. Which is great and all but when you are in your 30s wouldn't you rather have the more introverted homebody?

On an unrelated note I stumbled upon this photo, really makes me long for the simpler days ;(

2016 was the last year everyone was a happy family, JonTron's racism controversey in early 2017 is when everything started to fall apart.

No. 956746

They are 30, not 60

No. 956748

Holly looks more doughy and saggy all over

No. 956749

But i think its more the face than anything, Hollys face is more cute and has rounded features whereas Heidis is very long and masculine with longer features

No. 956766

so this is the extent to which the milk has dried up.
for what it's worth they both look pretty good, both are better than a limp noodle like jared should be able to get his paws on
>dead bedroom making holly ripe and fertile
anon what the fuck

No. 956788

File: 1586531081633.jpg (32.24 KB, 609x139, hollyinstagram.jpg)

Introverted types work well together because they can do activities they both enjoy. Extroverted types work well together because they can do activities they both enjoy. Introverted and extroverted couples can work well together is they both have activities they enjoy together. The real difficulty comes when either half of a couple is doing a co-ed activity without their spouse, for example, group exercise is shown to be a place where many relationships start and many halves of couples cheat because something to do with science and exercise-related brain chemicals. Also, DCA. Obviously.

WTF is up with these new people? "ripe and fertile"? "wouldn't you rather have the more introverted homebody"? (so that she can't go out and cheat lol) If it's not trolling, these new contributors seem really heavy on the theoretical part of dating, so to speak. Why do we care which woman is hotter? If it's Holly, does that make her actions ethical somehow? If it's Heidi, do I have to change my view that she should have gtfo rather than suggested and/or tolerated an open relationship? They're both okay looking and have a mix of nice physical features and less attractive ones, like most people, though both weigh a hell of a lot less than the average american woman which means they both have the potential to look better than the average. There's no milk in this discussion.

So while all of this obvious trolling has gone on, Jared is tweeting a ton of animal crossing-related stuff but none of it (in my brief skim please correct me if I am wrong) involves Holly, who is also really into the game right now. Both are also tweeting about that netflix Tiger Florida show, but again, Jared isn't publicly talking to Holly about it. (Maybe they talk privately, what do I know? But if you nuke two marriages and two careers to become the roleplay lovers against the world, why not publicly present as a couple?)

Also: Heidi has done a "massive update" (and tweeted about it) to her portfolio website and there are some new photo sets there. Anyone know who she got to model as Hades? The nose is completely different than Jared's. (calling it now: trolls finally find this image and suddenly Heidi is a sLuT because she took a photograph with a man) because I think that is a new set. She has a new twitch schedule, which she tweeted about. She made and posted a fairy house, and has updated her store. Also, she tweets about her cat, pushes her own business, and comments under other people's art work.

Holly would like to change her name on Instagram but is encountering an issue doing so. Does this, in addition to her research on twitter, mean that she is taking her work in a new direction?

No. 956814

She probably just wants to change it from commanderholly to hollyconrad.

No. 956821

This thread has always been a joke. You could only squeeze the mouldy milk from Jareds horrifying peen for so long. Why compare the women and not Jared for the evil predator everyone makes him out to be lol
weird odd fixation and nitpicking like >>956766 pointed out

No. 956871

File: 1586550002526.jpg (117.02 KB, 720x937, IMG_20200410_161057.jpg)

Basically, Holly's Homonculus jist admitted their mantra is Be Kind Because I Won't Be.

No. 956877

File: 1586550663160.jpg (654.52 KB, 2700x3439, EVQ4DjMXsAAMTae.jpg)


The full image

No. 956880


Lmao be kind or be gone? Like what the fuck are they gonna do? Cast make believe spells on the haters and meanies? Can they STFU already.

No. 956884

They're gonna… file a lawsuit, I guess?

No. 956896


I wonder if they are trying to be ironic using a harpy on the image? Considering it fits with how insufferable Holly and her gang of "not like the other girls" pissants are.

No. 956914

They're gonna block you on Twitter obviously.
But then unblock you whenever they're starved for attention or validation.

No. 956938


In their heads, that's the spell. Seriously, no one can say anything critical of them, but Holly can whine and complain about first world problems, and how no one gives her attention.

No. 956940


I think it's telling that a lot of her friends commenting are saying things like "for research!" like hey don't believe it's for actual research.

Didn't she do a similar "for research" tweet a while back when the Etika thing went down?

No. 957017

File: 1586572686456.jpg (99.18 KB, 1280x1080, lolburn.jpg)

Dont know if this has been posted but Heidi added to the description of Diath on her webpage.
"Awards: got to keep it in the divorce"

I wonder how badly Jared screwed Heidi over in private to make her keep throwing shade at him so long after the drama happened.

She threw away the Eva suit she wore the day Jared proposed to her but keeps the costume he made for him that he fucked Holly in? Seems odd.

No. 957019


I'm guessing she probably threw that one out long ago.

No. 957022


I think it’s hilarious. She made the costume and Jared and hoelly’s gross D&D romance brought them together. I bet it’s really tearing him up to not have it lol.

No. 957027


Must also be insulting if/when he visits Holly & he sees her Strix costume hanging up in her house.

He can no longer have his cake & eat it too.

No. 957040

It's less irony and more "reclaiming the sexist monster for feminism", which makes sense since Kayla and Holly roll in similar circles as some of the people who did the D&D "Uncaged" anthologies (which are pretty good but repetitive when 90% of the adventures in this good are summed up as "it seems like the harpy/lamia/medusa/banshee is the villain but SURPRISE men/society are the true villains and the monster is good/innocent".

No. 957190


I feel like she's just put it up on her website to showcase her work, but she probably burned the outfit itself a long time ago.

Also, I've been wondering if Jared playing through FFVII is reminding him of Heidi, since she's one of the more prolific Aerith cosplayers I've seen.

I personally have a hard time not seeing Heidi in there, so I wonder what it's like for him to play the game and have that reminder there all the time.

No. 957207

File: 1586629138027.jpg (296.03 KB, 1152x2048, damn.jpg)

Though I am sure they have alot of reminders of each other.
For starters the state they live in, they moved there together.
Holly to Jared will always be a reminder of why he got divorced, while also being a nostalgic trinket of the glory era when he was in Normal Boots, Dice Camera Action, and appeared on GameGrumps.

Which is probably one of the reasons he is still with Holly, she makes him feel like he is still young.

No. 957229


Great our creepy “glory era” anon is back. Jared is and was a creep regardless of what happened between himself, hoelly, and Heidi. His behavior of soliciting nudes from fans which dates back to 2015, only a year after his marriage to Heidi(gross), should have been enough for people to cancel him. I’m glad Heidi got away. No matter how hard she tried to be the “cool girl” wife, it wouldn’t have been enough for him. I’m sure hoelly is currently trying to fulfill that role to prove she’s so much better than Heidi. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s still exchanging nudes with some of his hardcore female wk’s who never saw an issue with his disgusting power tripping behavior.

No. 957258


>No matter how hard she tried to be the “cool girl” wife, it wouldn’t have been enough for him.

Even if you were a total doormat to a guy like Jared, he'd still look for ways to call you a 'control freak' or go as far as telling everyone you're 'abusive' or 'suffocating' him, just to ditch the marriage.


>Which is probably one of the reasons he is still with Holly, she makes him feel like he is still young.

Yeah, I get the feeling he's definitely hit a mid-life crisis, & since D&D got real popular again in the mid-2010's he coasted off of that comfortably.
Of course that didn't last, & neither will his relationship with Holly, since cheaters always have those 'flavor of the month' kind of relationships;
Heidi was his 'aesthetically pleasing' trophy-wife, Holly is the 'free-spirited' manic, new age, frumpy gf who 'doesn't believe in marriage' etc……
I'm assuming Jared's gonna go for someone much-less internet-famous next.

No. 957283


>I'm assuming Jared's gonna go for someone much-less internet-famous next.

I can see him doing that and trying to frame it as though her lack of fame is proof either that he's "a changed man" or that she "saved" him (all the while still trying to hook-up with randos on the downlow).

No. 957302


And he and his fans would still try to make her out to be an evil whore because god forbid an amateur dates their precious Jared. She's just use him for clout. /s

No. 957317

>Hollys face is more cute
Anon, are you on drugs.

That anon seems like scrote posting tbh. "Ripe and fertile". lmao.

No. 957330

she also has butthole eyes so

No. 957346

File: 1586654054341.jpg (652.49 KB, 2896x2896, f48392.jpg)

>Anon, are you on drugs.
Different strokes for different folks I suppose.

When the drama first happened people were using the worst photos of Holly compared to best photos of Heidi (ones whe was wearing a wig, fake boobs, eyelashes, etc.).

But these are two fairly recent photos of them in outdoor lighting.
Heidi has overall more narrow features, like her nose, chin, jaw.
While Holly is face is smaller and more mushed in.
Holly just is not as photogenic as Heidi it seems. However I'd imagine Jared knows more than us how their faces look without makeup. But Holly is older so of course would have a more withered face because of that fact. Though in my opinion an unappealing face can be complimented by a toned fit body, which Holly does have.

Though apart from skin-tight cosplay Heidi does not show off her bare body very much, which is great, she is more exclusive with who she shows it to (unlike Jared or Holly).(nitpicking)

No. 957347

Holly seems dead inside and hollow compared to Heidi in these pics.

No. 957348

There's filters on both these pics but Holly's has smoothed her skin to the point of looking weird. Don't be dense.

No. 957351

not excusing her or whatever, but i'd be pretty dead on the inside too if I was diddled by my mom as a kid.

No. 957352

Ah, didn't know that. I don't really follow the thread.

No. 957353

I hate her but her features are cuter and more feminine

No. 957354


To each their own but Holly without her overfiltering and selfie angling has a total grandma face, which you can see in one of the previous thread pics of her at the charity event with wormdick.

No. 957355


Holly over filters to the point where you see her on her stream, or pics from the wild, and it's like she's trying to cosplay the horrible aging/de-aging from The Irishman 24/7.

No. 957356

Is it weird if I think Holly is cute? Heidi is kinda manly.

No. 957357

did you rly have to post this 3x times bro just fingerbang yourself like the rest of us

No. 957367


If you mean the little old grandma kind of 'cute', sure.

Heidi is willowy, but I wouldn't call her 'manly'

No. 957378

File: 1586657988231.jpg (515.77 KB, 2896x2896, whichwaywesternman.jpg)

Ignoring the faces, Holly and Heidi are both slim but Heidi has more meat on the bones.

But it's worth noting neither of them really show off their bodies much as of late. Maybe with Jared, Holly feels like she doesn't have to work hard to impress him. While Heidi who we established is more socially introverted, and nowadays more emotionally independent does not care for her body to look a certain way or impress anyone.

This is just front view, not many rear photos of Holly [that I know of] to make fair comparison though.

So we don't really know how their bodies look as of nowadays, and with quarantine neither go swimming at the beach anytime soon.

Oh and Holly if you're reading this, hey at least you're not obese, so don't feel bad.(nitpicking)

No. 957392

That set is her natural hair, and it’s long. It has to be old.

No. 957400


Holly's actual face is about twice as wide as that heavily filtered picture. Literal moonface. She also has pretty terrible skin and looks significantly older in candids.

Both women are significantly more attractive than Pedoworm though. He is disgusting on the inside and out.

No. 957472

nobody gives a shit about your freakish thoughts about their bodies.

No. 957503

I'm guessing she tossed it but wanted to document her work, it is a very well made outfit. Much more well constructed than the Strix outfit. I'd love to see Holly try to make a replacement Diath outfit, it would probably rip before they even got in bed if he even bothered to put it on.

Call me tasteless but I like a lot of stuff they put out. I'd never support them knowing they're a Holly calf though.

Where are these creeps coming from? It doesn't matter how much hotter or uglier Holly is, her personality is a tire fire.

No. 957908

you’d think someone who was sexually abused themselves wouldn’t make the implication that all rapists/abusers go to prison

No. 957952


If she was sexually abused, it's unfortunate and I hope she gets help. But chances are Holly is making it up to gain sympathy, or she contradicts herself to stay in these abusers good graces because they have the clout and fame she wants.

No. 958020

She wasnt diddled by her mom, her tweets imply that her mom just didnt stop it. She also said she had to cover it up to keep her mom happy, with this in mind it was probably her mom's friend or a relative on the maternal side

No. 958065

What kind of scrot are you? Shut the fuck up, already. Who gives a shit about their bodies. We don't need swimwear 2020 so we can nitpick. That's not how it works here.

>Call me tasteless but I like a lot of stuff they put out. I'd never support them knowing they're a Holly calf though.

Don't worry, anon, you can go through their feeds and find the original "inspiration" for their work and see how well done it is.

No. 958114

wait, does kayla copy as well? i thought that was all holly? kayla actually seems to have some kind of original creativity, i'd like to see if there's actually something that gave you the idea or you just confused the two

No. 958140


>She also said she had to cover it up to keep her mom happy, with this in mind it was probably her mom's friend or a relative on the maternal side

…And now she covers up the abusive behavior of her friends.
The cycle continues…

No. 958147

File: 1586802660888.png (24.48 KB, 592x210, masks.png)


>If sewing masks is so important and so easy, why the fuck doesn't she get off the Twitter and dedicate her time to that?

>Has Holly made any masks?

>…streaming it so she could show others how?

Well, guess who beat her to it…

No. 958149


…I say 'beat her to it', but I know Holly probably has no intention whatsoever to follow her own advice.

No. 958153

File: 1586803720678.png (300.77 KB, 528x352, sewamask.png)


Wait, turns out Holly did make a mask herself

No. 958156

File: 1586804065115.png (104.64 KB, 452x714, doinitwrong.png)


…Aaand her stan-army starts passive-aggressively coming at the first person to critique it (who is actually another fan)

No. 958160

>at least applaud me for trying
What is she, a special ed kid?

The nerve of her demanding praise for failing and doing things wrong.

No. 958161


Because this is just another performative gesture. She's not making them for people who actually need them.

No. 958170


>"not only is she an advocate for all of us…"

…Unless if she doesn't like you, then you're "Un-fixable"

No. 958195

>At least applaud us
Holly, you're a grown woman, nobody has to applaud a single fucking thing you do. How is she this egotistical?

No. 958205

>she's got an Emmy for costuming
Doesn't mean the mask isn't shit lol

No. 958214


Not only does this person seem non-aggressive, literally all Holly had to do was a) ignore the tweet or b) take the advice given. There is nothing wrong or offensive about someone pointing out flaws in something you made, especially if you made it for other people as well.

Also lol Holly didn't win an Emmy. She contributed some ideas to a team that did and got she got a participation award.

No. 958217

Comment: there is a fault in your design that needs to be addressed, for y'know, safety.

Holly: Gawd, why can't you just be happy and supportive of me doing a thing to help.

She is so incredibly self-righteous and awful. You're not making some grand, altruistic gesture, Holly; you made a few masks—which are flawed. Instead of graciously taking the criticism and trying harder on the next batch, she whines about how her effort isn't being appreciated enough. Just a big ol' yikes.

No. 958220

File: 1586811177091.png (65.56 KB, 590x502, defense.png)

When Holly stans eat their own

No. 958237


Has anyone noticed a pattern of Heidi liking / talking about something or going to a specific place and then Holly suddenly following suit?

Like this Adam Pritchett guy. Heidi liked his posts on April 10th, then Holly on April 11th.

Heidi started posting about face masks a week or two ago, and now Holly is jumping on the trend.

It's almost like she's trying to use Heidi's personality as her own.

This is definitely not the first time it's happened. I've noticed this going back to shortly after the fallout in May.

No. 958242

File: 1586813248348.png (2.61 MB, 2150x1372, Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 11.2…)

lmao she didn't even get an emmy, she got a pat on the back for her contributions and a fucking certificate. she literally got a participation trophy.

>inb4 holly sees this and whines to her fans about boolies shitting on her achievements

No. 958255

It's so ironic how she continues to put out "uwu be kind" tweets and the minute someone tries to be nice by giving her advice, she has to fight them back.

Not only does this make her look immature and pathetic, but antagonizing people who try to help her is just gonna make her lose fans (besides the insane fans she already has)

By the time Jared breaks up with Holly, I guarantee she's not gonna have as much support as before.

No. 958313


lol dude, it's an honors plaque. If you think it is easy to "participate" in the competition for the emmys HAHAHAHAA OK

No. 958319

Her mask is still shit

No. 958321

File: 1586819100034.png (635.88 KB, 586x688, mask2.0.png)

Looks like she's still taking their advice anyway

No. 958355

Kea's not wrong. Needs to be molded to the cheekbones/nasal bridge to keep viral particles from ejecting up into the air after a cough. Same with the bottom.

Holly can sew, but she's a fucking moron when it comes to common sense.

No. 958375

She made it seem like she was going to make masks for mental health monday, but she's just playing animal crossing again

No. 958434

Is she even discussing mental health or is she literally just playing animal crossing? Why not just call it an animal crossing stream?

No. 958440

lol you aren't wrong anon
to me it looks like she wants to prove to jared/heidi/herself how she can take a thing that heidi does and do it better, and ends up looking like a dollar store version instead

>i understand you're trying to help
the passive aggression is real. just say you didn't know and leave

No. 958450


There's a big difference between "She got this award as part of a team - It took several people to develop the end result that won an award" and "Holly herself is solely responsible for the design and the award, no one else helped at all. Holly won the emmy"

No. 958464

If she's so skilled she won an emmy why did she never last in that industry or the pro cosplay scene?

No. 958480

Considering Holly definitely checks up on Heidi, she probably saw Heidi was streaming herself making masks earlier today and realized it wasn't quirky enough anymore.

No. 958505

File: 1586850263321.png (498.64 KB, 603x877, em.png)

she also seems to be trying to take up embroidery, which I'm pretty sure is a pretty big hobby for Heidi/part of her aesthetic… I didn't see a mushroom embroidery specifically when I looked at her store/timeline quick but there's a ton of mushroom-based crafts and embroidery made to look like moss and things

No. 958516

Mushrooms are a very common motif in foresty stuff but I do wonder which one of them got into the mori girl thing first. Holly’s interest in it seems to flow directly from her obsession with Strix, but I haven’t followed Heidi long enough to know when her interest started.

It would be funny (and disturbing) if Strix the swamp witch was Holly’s attempt to one-up Heidi’s forest elf persona but that’s probably reaching on my part and I’m not clear on the timeline.

No. 958521

i know someone's gonna call me out for nitpicking but stitches are NOT supposed to look like they're pulling and bunching the fabric together. this looks like a third grader's first art project lmao

i think heidi's interest in mori kei started around mid 2018? it was some time before she started her store, that's for sure
holly has been getting more and more "woodsy" though, she's all "mushroom pictures" and "nature walk" and "came across a witch's altar and stole i mean found her grimoire" lately

No. 958522

File: 1586856104327.jpg (1.1 MB, 1912x1080, 82828371891.jpg)

Does Holly ever mention Ross at all in her streams? Either by name or by indirectly refering to him? I know once a blue moon Heidi will mention Jared but not by name.
In this clip Holly talks about living in Los Angeles, but that's about it.

No. 958527

She looks so greasy here. What is she doing to her hair? I get it may be comfortable, but if you put on a webcam on stream… I think it's best to make your hair look good, instead of making it look like a greasy wig from aliexpress.

No. 958568


Right? This is exactly what we mean by her over filtering and editing her selfies. She looks like a completely different person on stream. She looks so unkempt. Clearly she wants to look better by how she edits herself, but you think she’d at least try a little harder to look presentable. There’s not much she can do about her moon face, but she could actually look okayish if she put in more effort.

No. 958586

I'm pretty sure she probably hates Ross for not standing up for her when all this shit with Jared dropped. She was calling people cowards for not speaking up and it felt like a direct dig at Ross. She probably told him her bullshit one sided account of it and then got upset because he knew "the truth" but didn't defend her. Meanwhile Ross interacts on Twitter with people like Cristina Vee who have more than once alluded to Holly's manipulation tactics. The whole getting divorced and remaining friends was a big lie and I wouldn't be surprised if Ross didn't know half the shit that went on between Jared and Holly until the drama was exposed last year.

No. 958595

That person was literally just giving advice, how could she take it as a personal attack? Is she autistic or something?

No. 958597

She legitimately looks like a hag made out of playdoh. Her transformation into Strix is really making strides.

No. 958598

Ah, there it is; an unfiltered image of Holly.

No. 958605


It's really sad seeing Holly & Jared's stans screech at anyone who even assumes that Ross was hurt by all of this, & then they go do the exact same thing, claiming "Ross confirmed it! He was okay with the whole thing!"
Even though Ross didn't say a damn thing & they're just taking Jared's word for it.

No. 958624

honestly i don't know which is sadder, ross knowing full well about what was going on between his wife and his friend, or ross finding out MONTHS after their divorce. everything possibility is vile here.
man, truly, holly is a monster, and i can't believe her only response to this is "well YOU the internet are at fault here for calling me antiquated antifeminist names like adulterer and slut" because this kind of betrayal goes beyond it

No. 958629

Yeah probs. I think she did have some begrudging respect for him even after the divorce and the drama. But since she deleted all her videos with him, it's safe to assume that respect has long vanished.

But Holly does still publicly interact with some of her old colleagues from Polaris like Dodger who still interacts with the Grumps.

So they have some mutual friends.
Emphasis on the word some.

But I don't think Holly is interested in returning to the public sphere, she'd rather stay home and raise 20 birds and fuck Jared.

No. 958640


In Jared's video he claimed that Ross came to visit him at some point, but he is purposely vague about when exactly that happened. Worm stans decided that meant Ross came to visit Jared during all the pedo and cheating allegations and gave Jared support about fucking Holly.

No. 959028

File: 1586923354660.jpg (68.82 KB, 596x720, voice.JPG)

My feeling is that Ross knows how manipulative Holly can be and that speaking up negatively about her would just give her a reason to call him abusive to the public. Considering how hard she tries to spin narratives in her favor, getting away from her quietly and moving into a healthy relationship is probably the best thing he could have done.

Plus, he's said that he doesn't like talking about personal issues online, and I'm sure that he probably just wanted to move on from it all.

Also, not to sound rude, but picking Holly as a narrator just seems like a bizarre choice. Her voice is so… grating. I don't know.

No. 959074

File: 1586931439921.jpg (91.12 KB, 433x1000, be kind give me bits hashtag m…)

No. 959093



(Jared's new fans disliked that)

No. 959204

File: 1586957116348.jpg (103.35 KB, 1080x355, divorcecord.jpg)

Sage since its old, but I think it's over now.
Guess I'm outta here, dueces everyone, hope Corona doesn't kill y!

I'll be back when someone outside of the holy trinity has milk to spill

No. 959241

File: 1586962399721.jpg (434.06 KB, 1078x1731, 20200415_075028.jpg)


No. 959271

File: 1586966710266.jpeg (148.49 KB, 750x902, E0CB5408-5657-4B0D-8474-8BB0B8…)

She’s right and she should say it

No. 959402

In b4 projaded and Holly orbiters come to this thread to bitch about Heidi calling Holly out and spam it with the same bullshit logic that farmers will correct for the 2000th time

No. 959496

File: 1586985732522.jpeg (120.95 KB, 750x806, 6F2F272B-E5CA-402D-B12A-650DA0…)

Got blocked for replying to one of Adam Koebel’s tweets where someone said his r*ape scene was “well written”. Didn’t even mention Holly. Okay crazy.

No. 959499

Wow she really has nothing better to do than search twitter all day to block people who aren’t even mentioning her? Makes sense since she’s nothing more than a washed up internet personality. To everyone else besides her rabid stans she’s a joke.

No. 959505

Good to see that Holly is still stalking Heidi. I was blocked for liking Heidi's tweet even though I've never talked about Holly, Jared, or Adam before lmao

No. 959509

Same here, anon. Holly blocked me last year for responding to Heidi's posts, re-instated me in her big un-block spree, and just today, I am blocked again. And wouldn't you know it, I liked some tweets from Heidi today.

She is so incredibly pathetic. Enjoy your soulless hug box, Holly. Gods knows you need the validation to sleep at night.(no1curr)

No. 959515

Exact same thing happened to me, she blocked me for liking Heidi's tweets that weren't even about the situation. She needs to get the fuck off Twitter.(no1curr)

No. 959520

Lmfao I got blocked too. I wasn't blocked earlier today, then I liked Heidi's tweet and now I'm blocked. This girl is crazy.

No. 959522

Be fucking kind, huh, Holly?

I'm an advocate of blocking people who harass you online, but actively searching for people who "might" disagree with your stance on things? Go hug your pigeons and chickens and take a breath.


As other anons have said, "be kind or be gone" isn't about how nicely you treat people. It's about worshipping Holly at every turn. Just….wow.

No. 959524


Yep, she blocked me, too. For someone who pretends to be above all of this petty internet commentary, she sure seems to be actively searching for more of it.

Also, she does realize people can just make new accounts if they want to see her posts, right…?

What does blocking people here actually accomplish for her?

No. 959529

You don't even have to make a new account, anon. She doesn't have her account locked down. If people really care that much about seeing what she has to say, they just have to log out.

So yeah, echoing your statement, I don't really understand what this accomplishes other than probably giving her a rush of indignant satisfaction that she "banished the haters."

No. 959532

File: 1586989362702.jpg (612.38 KB, 2896x2896, bruholly.jpg)

Old & New Encyclopedia Dramatica page for GameGrumps

No. 959539

File: 1586989701129.png (419.21 KB, 586x404, Screenshot_60.png)

"to the creative people" - Sorry that most people are worried about the sick and dying rather than the creatives, Hoelly.

No. 959544

>>959505 - One of my first twitters wound up getting blocked because I complimented one of Heidi's creations. I didn't even say anything about the drama. Hoelly very much has a "You like me or you like her, no in between and not both" mentality.

No. 959550


I like to think that this singular reply from Heidi probably has Holly in a frothing rage that not even her closest orbiters can talk her down from.

No. 959555

she already took her husband, what more does Holly want from her?

No. 959556

Last year she blocked me for saying Heidi looked pretty in one of her cosplay pictures. I never made one comment about the affair or any of the nude stuff on Twitter. I never even said anything supportive about it towards Heidi. Literally just complimented her cosplay and Holly blocked me. She is psycho.

No. 959560


Countdown to when Holly has another heel turn and unblocks a ton of people again to prove how "kind" she is? Honestly do not understand her game plan here.

No. 959561

Holly didn't even get what she wanted out of the relationship with Jared. She wanted to be cutesy and parade him around and openly be playful with him on Twitter. She wanted people to see their characters in DnD and squeal with delight about how they were going to end up together, just like in real life! Instead their relationship is just tainted and disgusting to most. Sure, she has her little hugbox of sycophants, but most people are going to associate her and Jared's names with this controversy and be revolted by them. She wanted the reactions her and Ross got, except with Jared.

No. 959562


She spent all that time calling Heidi crazy, but over the past year the only crazy person I've seen in this whole mess is Holly.

I think she might be realizing that actions speak louder than words, and all of the "be kinds" in the world can't protect her from other people's criticism.

No. 959569

All the cries here of people blocked hahaha, but "she should get off twitter" or "she should stop replying to trolls" or "ffs it's social media get used to it". Good for her, finally finding that block button and using it instead of reading stuff that makes her spiral.

No. 959570

File: 1586992341539.png (18.55 KB, 581x152, block2.png)


I wouldn't be too sure of that. Apparently she has a habit of blocking, then unblocking people to see what they wrote/like/etc.

No. 959571

Uh, anon, were you paying attention? People are being blocked for responding to things that don't involve Holly or liking Heidi's posts.

She has to actively search out who these people are in order to block them. She isn't being subjected to anything "spiral-inducing"; she's intentionally subjecting herself to the knowledge of who doesn't "love" her.

No. 959572


She regularly peruses the lolcow thread and is clearly searching random follower's likes to see if they're interacting with Heidi. I'd hesitate to say that Holly is refraining from reading things that make her spiral.

No. 959574

She blocks people who interact with Heidi. She reads, responds, and argues with the people who make her spiral.

No. 959579


Yet it's "Weird" when anyone looks at her likes…

No. 959587

File: 1586994340965.png (58.69 KB, 476x718, bekinduwu1.png)

Good to see her name getting out there!

No. 959589

File: 1586994381461.png (22.83 KB, 476x258, bekinduwu2.png)


This dude is a fucking savage(not milk)

No. 959726

File: 1587015631180.png (75.48 KB, 473x1027, 2020-04-16_01h35_02.png)

I am really glad a lot of people are still taking Holly to task and pointing out the abuser support network these people have built for themselves.
Aunt PT has also delivered a pretty savage takedown of Holly and friends just a short while ago.

On a slightly related note, Adam Koebel's Roll20 shows have been cancelled and the one Holly's Bestie And Adam's Slampiece And Their Best Enabler, Bluejay712, was also booted from the one she was on, the only cast member to get such a boot.
She doesn't say WHY in her tweets announcing this, but anyone with half a brain knows it's specifically because of the tweets she sent out when Holly was booted off shows. Roll20's shows are officially backed by WOTC and I doubt either of them want a repeat of "UM ACTUALLY THIS IS AN UNFAIR CANCELATION BASED ON LIES AND OVERREACTION".

No. 959736

I'm glad to hear Adam's show is cancelled after such an inexcusable shitshow he put his players through and that a lot of people are seeing Holly's true colors.

Since next month is roughly the 'anniversary' of when the whole ProJackoff scandal broke, I'm wondering if Holly and/or Jared are gonna still try to make tweets about how a year ago they fought against evil cancel culture or if they're gonna keep their mouths shut for once.

Seeing how Holly can't just ignore anything, I'm betting she'll try to throw her two cents in only to end up gonna on another mass blocking sprees.

No. 959737

The show he did the shitshow on has been cancelled for a while, if that's what you're thinking I'm talking about…
This is about the WOTC-endorsed Roll20 shows that shit didn't go down on, just natural consequences of the shit he's pulled.

No. 959738

on that note, since it's been a year and the divorce papers have been signed now, do you think holly is going to start demanding jared to treat her as his girlfriend more exclusively and openly? i doubt she has the nuts, but i really wish she would so that we can see the resulting meltdown plastered all over her twitter lmao

No. 959739

Ah okay, I definitely read that post wrong.

No. 959740

I agree with you that she won't actually say it out loud to him, but I wanna say she's gonna be very passive aggressive about it.

I can imagine Holly being the kind of girl who retweets tons of post about couples doing cute things together and commenting "hey you should do this for me!" or "why hasn't X done this with me?!"

No. 959741

File: 1587020779265.png (61.94 KB, 517x390, Screenshot at Apr 16 02-05-50.…)

Yall, what if Hoelly's going full fucking crazy because ProPedo already found a new fuckbuddy and is booting her to the curb?

No. 959742

The fact that Holly had a meltdown targeting anything related to Heidi this soon after the divorce papers were signed makes me wonder if Jared said something about his now official ex-wife.

No. 959744

Oh God, please don't tell me we're in for another cheating scandal already.

No. 959745


Na, fam. She didn't go and block all people that liked Heidi's post about her fucking fairy houses or her cat or her selfie or her whatever.

She went and blocked some folk that were calling her buddy a rapist. Then one of those randos went crying on Heidi's door to get some more victim points and appreciation and then she probably went and blocked everyone who liked Heidi's post about it. And why the fuck won't? Like YOU all lot follow her tweets to show ANY sort of support haha.

No. 959746


I also follow Donald Trump on twitter - doesn't mean I like his shit, I follow it to watch the inevitable shitshow. The same applies to Hoelly. Nobody follows her to be supportive except her braindead stans. They follow her for the next inevitable breakdown when she realizes the world isn't all sugar gumdrops and fucking other women's husbands.

No. 959747

Hi Holly!(hi cow)

No. 959748

Then why all the sad faces when she blocks you, seriously, you know you can still read her shit if you logout. Stop posting about it as if it is some sort of medal.

No. 959749


lmao nobody is "sad" learn to read the room please, it's pathetic she goes around blocking random people who didn't even interact with her directly because they upset her uwu feelings

No. 959754


So again - if she block stuffs that upset her instead of engaging with it; it's pathetic
- if she engages with it; it's self-harm
- if she keeps quiet about it; why doesn't she speak up in time! WHY DID SHE STAY SILENT?

wHy DoEsN't ShE jUsT dIsApPeAr (oh no wait, that's code for suicide)(integrate)

No. 959755


She's within her rights to block things that upsets her - but when she unblocks them long enough to make a smart-ass response and then reblock them real quick before they can respond? It's chicken shit, immature behavior. Block them and be done with it - but no, that wouldn't let Hoelly play her continuous "I'm a victim and you're all being meanie heads, #BeKind" card.

No. 959756


she unblocked everyone when she unblocked also Heidi back in the summer before Heidi had a breakdown on a post unrelated to the drama. So probably these are just people that got unblocked then.

No. 959757


if she wants to block someone who engages with her that's her own prerogative but it's sad to actually go around searching for people to block. The list of blocked users she's accumulating is a pattern, that isn't some randomized list she accumulated over the years. What, does her finger slip on the block button every time someone makes her feel unpleasant? you know what also does that? GUILT

Why do they bother her? If she had such conviction of self and peace of mind she'd not do this, constantly.

Sorry to tell you, Holly will always have ants in her pants because she's guilty and she's a shitty person

No. 959758


oh no, how dare she be sassy with people that are mean to her. #bekind is obviously #bemartyr

No. 959759


Sassy is running your mouth and then sticking around to deal with the consequences, something we all know Hoelly the Homewrecker clearly isn’t fond of.

No, she’s being a fucking moron who wants to run her mouth and then hide behind the “uwu birb mom” persona. Fuck that.

No. 959762


so you say to her "Fuck your inexcusable behavior" and she says "Fuck you back, find another hobby" and blocks you. Should have been more covert if you wished to keep spying on her more easily.

also LOL at your definition of sassy.

No. 959763


I’m not blocked by her, Anon. Speaking of covert, learn to sage. I couldn’t care less who she blocks or doesn’t block - I’m just here to watch her spiral out when PedoDick moves on.

No. 959766

File: 1587023417158.png (1.54 MB, 1536x2048, 27D386A7-2590-4996-92D9-9666AB…)

Ick. ProWorm hitting on firagafox is so much creepier when you realize she and Heidi had been very close once upon a time.

No. 959768


Didn't Heidi actually referred one of her ex-gfs to his pornblog herself? It was one of the testimonies in May that was in support of Heidi.

No. 959773


And? That makes it okay for her ex to be an eternal creep that hits on her friends after divorcing her (like less than a year later)?

No. 959774

Jared was probably one of Katerino (CallMeCarson Ex-GF)'s hook-ups too since she is the female ProJared.

The same people attacking Katerino for cheating are the same people who attacked Heidi for even bringig up being cheated on and defending Carson for doing the same. They don't hate cheating they just hate women.

No. 959779

lmfao you've clearly been through the threads but seems like you weren't able to read them right, presumably due to the tears of rage flooding down your face

>if she blocks stuff that upsets her instead of engaging with it, it's pathetic

no, it's the fact that she LOOKS UP upsetting stuff before blocking it, rather than not going to hunt for it in the first place
>if she engages with it, it's self harm
SHE calls it self-harm and continues to do it anyway
>if she keeps quiet about it, why doesn't she speak up in time
literally not once has that opinion been expressed on this board. the whole milk arises from her refusing to shut up about the situation lmfao

>why doesn't she just disappear

isn't that something she says a lot? "i'm going to disappear, i'm not welcome on the internet/twitter, wah wah wah"

No. 959786


> She went and blocked some folk that were calling her buddy a rapist.

weird how holly's inner circle has so many people accused of being sexual predators. it's almost like a pattern or something.

No. 959795

How is it "finally" when she's been blocking anyone who disagrees with her or interacts with Heidi this entire time? I interacted with Heidi about her store on twitter last summer and Hoelly blocked me, this is nothing new for her.

No. 959800


it's reported here as if it is the freshest milk yet

No. 959820

That has nothing to do with how this is any change in behavior for Holly, and if it were being treated as fresh milk it wouldn't all be saged. This is /snow/.

No. 959939

LOL. You can smell the Holly stans from a mile away. Anon, are you reading the posts at all? It's fine if she were blocking people who are being mean to her. The discussion is about how she's (re-)blocking people who haven't said a word to her at all, therefore she is searching for them via other means.

>Should have been more covert if you wished to keep spying on her.

I haven't commented on Holly's posts since last year. I looked at her Twitter once earlier in the week, but it was only after I liked some posts by Heidi that I found myself re-blocked. So, she's either keeping a "bitch list" of people she's blocked in the past and just blocks them at random or she's stalking Heidi's posts and blocking anyone who likes or responds to them.

That is just pathetic. She can block me if it protects her guilty "pity me" feewings, but the point is that I wasn't engaging with her before the new block occurred, and it sounds like others weren't either. She should relax and stop searching for things to make herself upset.

No. 959954

That's what happens when you are friends with a bunch of self proclaimed "male feminists". Most of them are disgusting creeps just looking to weasel themselves into close quarters and sensitive conversations with women.

No. 959964

>We DiDN't dO AnYTHiNg tO GeT BlOCkEd.

You know the bitch namesearches, and her name is right there in that post you liked.

Also LOL at the high number of people on here who just casually like a response post to some nobody by Heidi. You either namesearch Hoelly just as frequently as she does, which is more hilarious, or you're a hardcore Heidi follower. The second one is also hilarious, but not nearly as much as the first.(integrate)

No. 959974

Damn, don't know anything about firaga but i recognize the pic because Heidi posted it last year, not too longer after the drama broke, and stuck up for her when racist jared incels commented. I wonder what changed in that time.

If this is true this is hilarious for Holly though. Like damn, I'm in the minority of people that thought Jared and Holly would make it in the long run (because they are shitty and toxic in complimentary ways) but even I thought Jared would wait a bit before (publicly) jumping on pretty girl cosplay pussy again. Holly barely had him to herself for a hot minute before she had to share with another heidi-type. top fucking kek

No. 959986


I don't know their exact situation, either, but I doubt this is why they broke up.

FiragaFox has been living in a different state than her (now ex) fiance for a long time.

And I don't see her and Jared ever being a thing, either. They also live in different states on opposite sides of the country. Not saying that an internet relationship is impossible, but I'd be surprised if they ever got to that point.

Not that Holly shouldn't be worried, though. Jared is obviously creeping on other women.

No. 959989

Dude, learn how to fucking read. There’s a screenshot a few posts above yours that shows that Holly’s name isn’t even mentioned in the tweet, either by that guy or by Heidi. Holly had to deliberately dig for it, most likely by stalking Heidi’s replies multiple times to continue blocking people. It’s both hilarious and pathetic.

No. 959991

Lets be real here, liking posts by pretty women doesn't mean shit. Nobody pays attention to who specifically likes their posts. If he were trying constantly to talk to these women there might be a story, but this is more reaching.

No. 959994

File: 1587064906684.jpg (72.69 KB, 759x597, Namesearching.JPG)

It takes two clicks to get from this post to that one anon, and the image in the linked image above has her name in it too. It doesn't have to be a direct route.(not milk)

No. 960025


>"If he were trying constantly…."

Dude is obsessive about liking anything she posts. At one point (no, I don't have screenshots), firagafox was something like 10 of his most recently liked posts in a row. That reeks of desperation.

No. 960029


It still requires her purposefully searching through posts that she's not tagged in to see what people are saying about her. If she's that miserable and triggered by negative comments, one would think she should avoid reading shit like that, rather than expecting everyone to not write it in the first place.

No. 960075

>one would think she should avoid reading shit like that, rather than expecting everyone to not write it in the first place.
Yeah, but if she did that then she wouldn't be able to justify her blatant martyr complex.

No. 960093

She would still have to be an obsessed freak to go through and block every single person in a thread that ended with her name after namesearching. Holly is pathetic, and needs her whole life to be a pity party. That's all there really is to it.

No. 960105

I'm not defending her doing, it. I'm saying you're stupid if you expected any different. I'm also saying that the people here who got blocked for liking that post are more pathetic for liking the tweet, because they had to do something similar to find it.

No. 960108


Or they're following Heidi because they like her content and it just popped up on their twitter timelines. Not everything is a deliberate attack on Hoelly - It IS possible for someone to like both Hoelly and Heidi.

No. 960114

It's not a tweet that has to do with Heidi doing Heidi things. It's a tweet pettily throwing shade. Liking Heidi's tweets about cosplay, sewing, her cat and streaming are perfectly reasonable. Liking THIS tweet is pathetic.

No. 960121


It doesn't matter what the intent was. It pops up on someone's timeline, a person sees it and agrees so they like it. One tweet that did NOT tag Hoelly, meaning she had to be name-searching for things to be offended by.

No. 960122

> It's a tweet pettily throwing shade.

Saying Holly views people in black and white is "pettily throwing shade," okay.

No. 960126


Nah, Anon - Tweets pointing out her actions are 'pettily throwing shade', but making a financial profit off of t-shirts that say 'boundaries' and 'cancelled' are totally okay.

No. 960129

Yes, I get it, You think it's okay that Heidi says mean things about Hoelly because you agree with her. And that it's not okay when the tables are turned and Hoelly says mean things about Heidi, because she's the most cow-like of the bunch.

We get it, you stan your qween Heidi the Strong, that's why you hang on her every tweet to see this response tweet which wouldn't normally show up in your timeline unless you've sought out that type of thing in the past or have notifications set for that type of thing.

Like I said, pathetic.

No. 960132


No, I think it's okay that Heidi says 'mean things' about Hoelly because the things are true and because Holly played a very large part in ruining Heidi's life (Jared played a role too, his bitchass doesn't get off scot-free).

Holly doesn't get to say mean shit about Heidi because she's making blatantly false statements - like the "Unfixable abuser" bit.

>"You hang on her every tweet"

I was unaware that seeing a tweet on my twitter timeline was 'hanging on her every tweet', but ok, PJ2 stan.

No. 960136

Calling her hoelly doesn’t hide the fact that you’re one of her stans lol. You’re not going to change anyone’s mind here. She fucked a married man while being married herself after explicitly being told not to and defends sexual predators because their her fwiends uwu but it’s okay, she’s an authority on that because she was sexually abused and her mom was abusive. How anyone can stan her absolutely astounds me.
People defend heidi because she’s reasonable and if they like her work, that’s cool too. What has hoelly done besides try to capitalize on the drama, barely maintain her already minuscule streaming schedule, and bitch about the mean internet bullies??

No. 960137

> Heidi says mean things about Hoelly

Heidi said Holly views anyone who disagrees with her as a "bad person." That's your definition of mean, anon? Holly took offense to someone saying she needed a tighter seal on her homemade mask. She can't handle the slightest bit of criticism but that doesn't make every non-supportive thing said about her "mean."

It's fine to have a hate boner for Heidi but geez.

No. 960145

You're so echo chamber in here you think that finding Heidi distasteful is the same as liking the other two. They're all shit human beings, seems you've forgotten that. Heidi is shit because she surprised Pikachu faced when her horndog husband, who wanted an open relationship, and constantly pushed boundaries cheated on her.

She saw a thousand red flags and thought "What a nice field of roses". Then got angry when they weren't roses.

>Heidi said Holly views anyone who disagrees with her as a "bad person." That's your definition of mean, anon?
It's a defamatory statement, anon. This type of shit would 100% be seen as such in court. Heidi commiserating and saying "I know, right." expresses he same exact meaning, but doesn't directly make a claim about what type of person Hoelly is. She could have also DMed but she chose a public tweet response.

If Hoelly or Pedodick said the exact same thing about Heidi, you'd call it dogwhistling.

>It's fine to have a hate boner for Heidi but geez.

You might want to check in with the other anons on this one, they're quick to the wk behavior

No. 960146


She can only claim a defamatory statement if she can prove that (A) it wasn't true and (B) could prove that she suffered some kind of financial loss because of the false statement. She may have suffered a loss, but since the statement was true, that's on her.

No. 960153


You’re really saying Heidi is a shit person because her husband cheated on her? What kind of dorito encrusted neckbeard incel logic is this? Can you fuck back off to pj2 already?

No. 960169

Point of fact, "mental anguish" is considered loss, no financial loss necessary. And she didn't phrase it as opinion, she can't possibly know what Hoelly actually thinks so she is presenting opinion as fact. That could, and most likely would be ruled as knowingly presenting false information. It's public and thus it is published.

All of the elements are there, and this statement opens her up to a suit.

I'm saying she's a shit person for holding tight to someone who proved time and time again to be a shitty person for years before he ever cheated.

It happens all the time, and is quite common in abuse, but if she's finally broken free from that cycle, why the hell is she still angry? Why the fuck is the cheating such a big deal when now she knows she was being abused. She has an odd obsession with the poor sap that has to deal with that abusive fucker now.

No. 960171


By that token, Heidi would be entitled to go after Hoelly for 'mental anguish' due to the whole "She fucked my husband and then publicly slandered me as an abuser".

>"If she's finally broken free from that cycle, why the hell is she still angry?"

Are you fucking kidding? The effects of abuse, even mental abuse, take YEARS (if ever) to recover from. God forbid that Heidi is still struggling less than one full year from her shitstain of a husband's abusive tendencies.

No. 960181

The Heidi excuse squad is hilarious.

I've never seen an abuse victim so upset over the person who stole their man when they recognize that man abused them.

Future relationships being hard because of the abuse? Sure. Having a hard time trusting people? Sure.

Being upset with the person who freed you from abuse? Don't see it.

>By that token, Heidi would be entitled to go after Hoelly

Absolutely, but whataboutism doesn't make this statement any less defamatory

No. 960183


So once again, if an abuse victim doesn't behave like you personally would, it means that they aren't really abused?

Lookit, Heidi fucked up along the way too - You won't find anyone here who thinks she's innocent 100%. But to vilify her for doing the same shit you claim the mistress should be able to do is just illogical and fucked up.

No. 960191

I never said Hoelly can do these things. I am firmly saying they're all in the wrong. It's you who are claiming one party is "ok" because you can justify their behavior.

I'm telling you justification or not, shitty behavior is shitty behavior.

No. 960193

In my opinion Heldi is innocent, but it's not up for us or any lolcow-centered site to decide. It happened to her not us. Divorce is difficult
>inb4 heldi stan

No. 960195

>Being upset with the person who freed you from abuse? Don't see it.

Anon, do you hear yourself? You want Heidi to be grateful to someone who gaslit her and fucked her husband on the sly? If Holly was such a good person that "saved" Heidi from abuse, she would have outed the relationship from the start. Not messed around in secret and then played the victim when the truth came out.

No. 960196


I love that the stans are switching from "Holly saved Jared from Heidi's abuse" to "Holly saved Heidi from Jared's abuse" so quickly that we're getting whiplash.

No. 960198

File: 1587077113519.jpg (94.58 KB, 421x834, 1485839995364.jpg)


What the heck am I reading. Are you seriously saying Heidi should be glad Holly took Jared away from her as though she did her a favor and picked up the trash? Are you out of your goddamn mind? have you EVER seen someone be "happy" or relieved that the person their spouse cheated on them with got to "keep" the person? Do you have brain damage?

Heidi wanted her husband that she chose and who chose her. Maybe their marriage was doomed to fail anyway, we can't know that. But nobody should be grateful about this situation. Heidi is better off without those two but it doesn't mean she shouldn't have wanted to retain her relationship.

Good lord, some of you are just idiots of the highest degree.

No. 960199


They're trying to paint Holly as some savior.

No. 960201


if Holly was such a good person, she should have noticed that Jared was flirting with her and being inappropriate with fanart and their roleplaying and stepping a boundary that Heidi wasn't comfortable with and tried to save Heidi from the slimy creep husband. Why wasn't Holly standing by Heidi instead of standing by Jared? She was Heidi's friend too. But apparently Jared's dick was blocking the way and she couldn't bypass it /s

I agree with you. Holly is never about "sisters supporting sisters" unless that sister kisses her ass and forgives her every misdemeanor. Otherwise you're just mean and cruel.

No. 960205


It's funny because she couldn't save anything if her life depended on it. She couldn't save any of her failed business attempts, she couldn't save her DnD career. She's trying to save this bullshit image she projects of herself as a feminist, lbgtq ally and mental health advocate who loves birds and is an uwu smol bean, but she can't even do that.

The thing that attracts Holly defenders is that they're all just like her. Fake as shit and in a never ending clout chase.

No. 960206

Ya'll are so transparent. It's hilarious.

The Heidi Defense Squad™ is always on duty. Ready to change to subject to Holly.

I'm not saying anything about Holly being a good person, but you will stretch as far as you possibly can to interpret it that way. Holly's behavior is shit too, but that point doesn't need anybody else here saying it, it gets said daily as it is.

Heidi is being petty in that tweet, she might be able to justify it, but that changes the outcome none.

No. 960226

The Heidi whiteknights are the reason I stay away from this thread, they're unberlarable.
I have a theory they're all scorned gf's who got cheated on and identify with her so hard they take everything said against her personally.

No. 960227

File: 1587080009873.jpg (152.16 KB, 697x744, SmartSelect_20200417-113117_Tw…)

Okay so infighting aside..

Do you guys think she's roleplayed furry degeneracy with Jared yet or nah.

No. 960231


nah. furry thing is Heidi's thing, not Holly's

No. 960232


she's acting 'uwu cute' because it's birdlike stuff

No. 960248

I really hope Holly's new personality isn't being a furry. We don't want her.

No. 960260

Nailed it. Holly and her stans are trash. Fuck all these crazy incels blaming Heidi for getting cheated on.

No. 960266


You want people to say that Heidi isn't perfect, and everyone here has already said that.

What else do you want?

And no one is upset that Holly blocked them. We just think she's hypocritical for going out of her way to name search and stalk Heidi's posts while telling anyone who disagrees with her to get a life.


I think outside of PJ2 and KF, a lot of Holly supporters are actually really kind people who give others WAY too much benefit of the doubt. That's why they can swallow that "be kind" nonsense and why they get so riled up by anyone attacking her. To them, it probably looks like people are just bullying Holly for being herself.

I don't think they have the tools to see Holly as the manipulative person that she really is. But those of us who've been in those situations before do, that's why we're not buying it.

No. 960286


Can we stop infighting about who is trying to stan who? it's obvious we're getting brigaded heavily by pj2 et al.

Holly blocked people for liking tweets unrelated to her, by Heidi, that is fucking hilarious. Heidi tweeted that Holly thinks that everyone who disagrees with her is a bad person, after not outright talking about Holly in ages. It's not unreasonable for us to discuss both on here lol

No. 960297

People here get their jimmies rustled whenever Heidi is criticized lol

No. 960304

It made sense to document her because of the drama of her divorce, but everything else is random and unnecessary to post. She just isn't milky. I'm not a Holly stan but she's not entertainment. The only interesting situations was Projared's hook up addiction and the two divorces

No. 960307

If you don't find it entertaining why bother visiting the thread then? Plenty of other interesting cow threads for you.

No. 960311

Because it's painfully obvious that there are a number of friends in this thread from the way they constantly whiteknight these cows. Are we supposed to pretend Heidi doesn't read this thread to make herself feel better? These are both two grown ass adult women who haven't grown out of their highschool marching band phase.

No. 960315

I don't see how that is at all relevant to the fact that you thinking Holly isn't entertaining or milky but okay.

No. 960321

She's not that milky. Someone had an affair? Groundbreaking. Not the first cow to do it either, all she has is a few twitter spergouts. For some reason vindictive anons think that Holly needs to be an awful person to laugh at her. Every argument as to why Holly is such an evil awful person falls painfully flat because she's just an ugly nerd who had an affair with another ugly nerd.
Heidi is cringey because she got cheated on and somehow had to frame it as domestic abuse to get sympathy. This is a grown woman who still isn't over Jared for his affair, but had no issue in allowing him to sollicit nudes when she approved of it. Autistic harry potter was the last straw and she wouldn't have spoken out about him otherwise.

No. 960333


you have brain worms

No. 960351


It's not so much that there was an affair - It's her subsequent freakouts and inability to admit she was wrong while simultaneously shredding her own rep to defend a guy who jacked it to nudes of fans, some of whom were minors. News flash, though: Heidi didn't speak up to get sympathy, she spoke up because (A) her slimy ex lied about the circumstances behind the divorce and (B) her ex's fuckbuddy of a mistress was slandering her and calling her abusive to her thousands of followers.

Also, she had minimal to no problem with the nudes blog because there's a difference between "Hey, you can do this vaguely sketchy thing in jacking it to nudes of fans" and "Hey, you can go fuck this one specific person that I've deliberately asked you NOT to get involved with".

No. 960355

>shredding her own rep to defend a guy who jacked it to nudes of fans
And this is something his wife Heidi encouraged well before Holly.
>some of whom were minors.
That's what happens when minors decide to send nudes, there is no way of PJ knowing everyone who was underaged. Not defending his actions but get real.
>she had minimal to no problem with the nudes blog because there's a difference between "Hey, you can do this vaguely sketchy thing in jacking it to nudes of fans"
So which is it? You're excusing Heidi's role in enabling this degeneracy while shitting on Holly for replacing her role? Never change Heidi wks.

No. 960362


His wife may have encouraged ONE nude blog between consenting adults. She did NOT, from what I can tell, consent to SEVEN blogs, god knows how many private snapchat accounts, and probably thought he'd be smart enough to have better age verification than "Hey, real quick, 18+ right?"

"There is no way of PJ knowing everyone who was underaged", exactly. There was no way and yet, he still thought it appropriate to create a situation where he KNEW minors would be tempted to send in nudes if it meant getting compliments from their internet favorite.

I'm not excusing Heidi's role in okaying the porn blog (again, singular) - it was fucked up. But I also know how easy it is to agree to shady ass things if it means keeping your marriage that you're desperate to save intact. Heidi did it to save her marriage, Holly did it because she was horny over some weird, curvy worm dick.

Also, pointing out that in the scale of 1 to hitler, Holly's closer to the top than the others doesn't make me a Heidi stan.

No. 960364

it's been one year. none of this is new.
every month (probably coincidental with the date of holly's period, i'm sure) someone comes on and screeches a few things against heidi/in favor of holly, and everyone's panties get into a massive twist, even though all of this is stuff that was covered more or less in the first couple threads.
can we collectively learn to report shit bait and move on?

No. 960366

Holly was thirsting for some weird curvy worm dick, Heidi was married to the same weird curvy worm dick. You think this somehow makes her better, I think it makes her more of a cow.

No. 960368

>ONE nude blog between consenting adults.
>"There is no way of PJ knowing everyone who was underaged", exactly. There was no way and yet-
The mental gymnastics and contradictions here, oh my.
>Heidi did it to save her marriage, Holly did it because she was horny over some weird, curvy worm dick.
It's really sad that this is how you justify ugly youtubers using their e-fame to get nudes. Just have a "coolgirl" loser wife support your choices and it's dandy, unless he cheats. Ok anon.

No. 960389

It's sad this constantly has to be rehashed for people. No one said heidi is perfect, she's just much less of a cow than Holly is, especially lately.

Heidi at worst was a pick me, wannabe cool wife who got cucked by her ugly shitlord of a husband and ended up paying for it. She was petty during the divorce, which to some degree is understandable. But until she does something milky onward, who the fuck really cares about her. We need new milk.

No. 960406

Heidi's streams are her doing crafts and reading chat. The past couple she has been making dozens of masks. Besides the one remark about Holly the other day she has been publicly quiet about the two of them for months. Her tweets consist of cosplays, shop posts, and her cat.

Holly meanwhile is currently defending another predator disguised as a male feminist who used his position of power as a DM to rp sexual assault. She's also blocking anyone who speaks out against the guy and actively looking her name up to fight with people she previously blocked.

Yeah…Heidi sure seems like the bigger cow here.

No. 960408

>used his position of power as a DM to rp sexual assault.
DnD is a fucking game, I'm sorry you can't separate fiction from reality. Also "position of power" over being a dungeon master lmao anon please, how do you function in the real world?
Looks like the milk has run dry if all anons can talk about is getting blocked by Hoelly.

No. 960413


Clearly Holly and Jared couldn't separate fiction from reality enough to keep their marriages together, so obviously it's a bit more than just a game.

The player was uncomfortable enough to quit the campaign outright in the middle of it. You don't even have to view it as sexual assault to understand that the behavior was hurtful, and that defending it publicly was a tactless move on Holly's part. Holly is friends with skinnyghost so she could have sent him that message privately, but she instead chose to post it publicly. Why?

Is she really that tone deaf, or is she just sticking her fingers in anthills for the fun of it? Does she think she's some kind of "protector" of the poor, maligned white men who are being "cancelled" like she was? Does she think standing up for them is going to make them look better? (it doesn't)

Or is this just another poorly thought out action on her part that makes her feel better and makes everyone else feel worse?

Also, if the milk is so "dry", why are you even bothering with this thread?

You're the one coming here and shitposting to rile people up. Don't you have anything better to do with your life? More "milky" threads to go peruse?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 960427


"there's nothing wrong with pretending to sexually assault a victim of sexual assault"

No. 960448

Of course, anon. It's just a game. This is like the creeps who argue lolicon is a-okay cause it's not real cp. It's not as bad, sure, but it's still pretty fucked up.

No. 960452

It's still autistic to sperg about because DnD is roleplay and fictional, people draw loli to jack off to.

No. 960456

I wonder if we'll ever figure out the sole person who comes here to defend vagina-eyes' honor. My bet is on a neckbeard from her Twitter who is ready to rescue her at moment's notice when Jared inevitably abandons her.

No. 960466

I want to figure out why people still respond to them, no matter how you break your arguments down to Holly stans they will still miss the point.

However I get that it is a bit silly to bringing up getting blocked by her at first glance, but it is more about her pattern than the blocking itself.

No. 960551

You're an idiot. Stop trying to lawfag. I lawfag in real life and anyone saying that comment is grounds for mental anguish would laugh at your idiocy. I know a lot of laymen try to do a lookup of statutes and legal definitions, but law is far more involved than that.

I'll admit, a lot of people like Heidi here. That's the way it is. Whether we actually DO understand what it's like to be with a Jared type or actually see a legitimate case in where Heidi really isn't that bad. But you don't seem to get it. We are not dismissing the fact that Heidi may have done some clownish things during this fiasco, but we focus on collective traits to find a person a cow. If you don't have the qualifications, yet someone brings this person up constantly we see it as vendetta fagging.

No. 960588

As my initial post says, I just mean theres nothing more to speculate on or document. The divorce is over and Ross moved on and Everyone else has too. I dont care about internet strangers and I dont stan them but the divorces and cheating was the most relevant and its over now

No. 960659

If you think the milk is stale then simply hide the thread but there are much less milky snowflakes that have threads just as active.

>Everyone else has too

cept for holly obviously who could easily just step away from twitter and go spend time with Jared, or streaming, or with her birds, or drawing or any of her 91023809213 supposed hobbies that she flaunts around. If she was truly a mental health advocate and care about it so much she should lead by example and, seeing how poorly twitter is affecting her mental health, limit how much she uses it every day. She wouldnt even have to quit it wholesale just actually take a step back and stop looking up stuff.

She could set her notifications to only include people she follows which would mean she would never see even when people tag her in posts trying to egg her on.

I think that's a big part of why people are more willing to defend and like Heidi. She's living her life, she has pretty much only interacted with the drama when she's directly tagged in posts but she has had less resources than holly but has kept up with a store all on her own, kept a steady streaming schedule and other things. She's steadily making content, Meanwhile Holly's schedule SHOULD be full with her stuff but she's on twitter screeching to defend someone who didnt ask for or really need it. She could have said 'I stand by my friend' and sent him a nice message privately but instead she shows how unprofessional she is by going around sticking her nose into something that 100% has nothing to do with her.

No. 960671


The streaming thing gets me. Hoelly keeps saying "Here's my streaming schedule!" which lasts for MAYBE one week before she comes up with some excuse of why she's late or not streaming that week. As far as her sticking her nose where it doesn't belong, that's her M.O. - Jared's marriage, Etika's suicide, this dudebro forcing a sexual assault victim to have her character get raped without asking first, etc.

No. 960710

I'm never going to get over her claiming to be a mental health advocate and giving advice despite being unqualified in every sense of the word.

No. 960716


Same here. She wants to hold "Mental Health" streams when less than 12 full months ago, she had to check herself in to a mental health hospital because her own psyche was so fragile - which is fine, I'm not knocking. If you need the help, get it - but that should automatically disqualify you from dispensing "Mental health tips"

No. 960816

Is there a say to watch the D&D where the assault happened?

No. 960823

File: 1587167808642.png (1.47 MB, 1456x655, 8Yaq47Pr.png)

It's not D&D, it's using the Stars Without Numbers system.
Actual assault happens around the hour-sixteen minute mark, but this really builds up and starting around an hour eight minutes in helps a lot to contextualize better, because there are so many signs any DM that actually pays attention to their players would notice, that show just how not into it any of them were (Elspeth at some point even tries to let the NPC down gently!), but Koebel still kept going.

No. 960853


Fuck that Adam guy has a creepy rape face going on throughout that whole thing.

No. 960854


this dude is a fucking predator. this man absolutely got off on this. fuck holly for defending this utter creep.

every single player part of that looks uncomfortable except for adam, who gleefully keeps pushing it. it's also so telling at the end when adam flippantly rewrites what just happened (i.e. sexual assault) as "johnny gets StImUlAtEd by the SeXy mechanic." dude basically used elspeth as a receptacle for his rape fanfic

it's always these vocal male feminists that are the biggest fucking abusers on the block, i tell you.

No. 960855


That's why a lot of people aren't buying his bullshit apologies. He was giggling like a kid on crack cocaine the whole time, but wants to pull the "I didn't know!" card when he catches blowback? No thanks.

No. 960861


Is it just me or does it seem like the Autumn guy is kind of into it at first but notices everyone else's reactions and decides he's disgusted.

No. 960896


looks more like nervous laughter to me, like "what the fuck is going on." not an expert on body language or anything, but he leans back, folds his arms, and shakes his head when adam does his thing, but then nods his head when elspeth tries to get him to back off.

No. 960924

> It's still autistic to sperg about because DnD is roleplay and fictional, people draw loli to jack off to.
Go ahead and watch >>960823 and look into some of the posts about how Adam has behaved in the past with other people/his exs and tell me how he wasn't getting his rocks off to the rp, anon.

No. 960995

it's baffling to me that he can maintain that expression while being stared at THIS disgustedly by the women

No. 961024

So why does Holly and certain people in this thread think this is okay?
Why did he even continue while everyone else was mortified?

No. 961087

I kept up with this thread(s) and the drama for awhile.
I can only draw one concrete final statement.

Never fall in love

No. 961122

It's pretty cringey but I wouldn't be saying its literal sexual assault, this is like reading rape fantasy fanfic.

No. 961123

That kind of reaction is what a lot of predators get off on tbh. He's clearly enjoying the fact he's got complete control in the situation and that's why he isn't stopping.

Which is why I compared it to people defending lolicon as not being real cp. It isn't a literal sexual assault, but it's still a gross abuse of his position of power as a DM. They had discussed their visions for the future of the RP and he disregarded everything for his rapey robo sex fantasy.

No. 961138

Jared lost many connections after his scandal because
1)Serious damning allegations, people with save face distancing from people even accused of a crime.
2) Having a relationship with Holly while she was married to Ross. So not only did GG distance from Jared because of a reason #1, but due to reason 2 they really had no reason not to.

But celebs get away with cheating all the time, depending on who they do it with.

Anisa Johma left her nobody boyfriend to be with iDubbbz the day he met him. Wins more clout than she loses.

Gab Smolders cheated on her nobody husband for Jacksepticeye, wins more clout than lost.

Katerino cheats on CallMeCarson, loses alot of clout from it. Then turns out she is banging abunch of other dudes on the side as well. Her social media gets bombarded with hate, because she cheated on someone with more clout than her.

ProJared cheats on Heidi (who was as she said in her own words in obscurity compared to him), not much clout is lost there. BUT! It's for Holly who was cheating on Ross (who has more clout than both of them and has the GameGrumps fandom).

*It is worth mentioning Jared's April Fools FF7 review has roughly the same views as Ross's Social Monsters cartoon. I think Jared just fares better on YouTube due to the algorithm, but Ross does better on Twitter/Instagram. Likely because he has more professional connections and doesn't burn bridges like Jared/Holly do.

Jared's mistake was mixing business with pleasure. Should have gone for someone who was not connected to the GG-circle or the public sphere in general.

No. 961149

It’s more like having a coworker read his own rape fantasy fanfic - that was written with you in mind - out loud at you.

No. 961188

Dude this crossed the line way harder than I imagined it would. I don’t know where I got the idea that someone just got licked or something, but I thought it’d just be vaguely creepy. This was straight up gives the character a robot orgasm CLEARLY stated resistance
He seriously had so many opportunities to back off. He could also have may even reached out privately to ensure this kind of thing is okay? My DM reaches out to make sure players are okay with even minor flirting if it’s to be instigated by an NPC.

No. 961208

Holly blocking people for tweeting what Adam did was not okay, she has no moral compass does she?

No. 961217

she's the martyr of cancel culture so roleplaying sexual assault with someone who didn't want it is totally okay and should be forgiven after 3 seconds. She's (and Adam) all about not respecting boundaries despite what her merch says.

No. 961239

This screenshot says it all. And Yeah Autumn was laughing in a way like "why the fuck am I here." Even elspeth laughs and tries to make light of it when you can tell she's internally screaming. There are points where Autumn along with all the other players look downright angry. I feel so bad for Elspeth because she's definitely trying to be okay and at the end you see that she's trying to negotiate how bad she feels so she doesn't seem like she's overreacting.

You know, I previously only read tweets and something about a robot getting neck stimulated and in my mind it made it seem less offensive. When you actually watch the video and Adam clearly plays out a rape scene. The character is confused and naive and he gently grooms the character and narrates an incredibly terrifying NPC fondling, penetrating (reaches inside to feel a alternator…he even says whatever because the rape is more important), then forcing an orgasm. I know this may get some shit on here, but the whole scenario seemed like you could easily replace the NPC with a doctor and Johnny with a child. I feel sad and gross now. I didn't think silly role playing could get this reaction. Creepy.

And on topic, Holly is absolute trash for inserting herself in this. I think Holly might be an example of how victims perpetuate stereotypes and misunderstanding of other victims. Like how most cops that commit racial profiling are minorities, how women shame other women and victims of sexual assault say they've been sexually assault and the victim needs to get over it already. Holly is definitely a victim who uses that status as a weapon. She goes perfectly with Jared.

No. 961299

Yeah. But for those screeching that he didn’t commit literal assault, yeah no shit. It’s more like if someone was to tell some nasty rape joke to an all ages audience totally out of left field. That person would obviously have to face repercussions for that behavior. It’s not the right equivalent though, because what Adam did was worse than that.

No. 962308

Having looked through some of the galaxy brain twitter posts, there are actually people calling it literal sexual assault and rape.

No. 962316

I'm exhausted of hearing about them, the divorce is over theres nothing to document and Ross doesn't vague his ex wife. Heldi has moved on too. Its already over.

And please dont accuse me of being a stan or a friend, I dont know them

No. 962331

Why bump this thread, then?

No. 962365

The malicious intent lies in the fact that a DM would never do this action to a male player. Seems like he thought it would be fun to use D and D as a vehicle to sexually harass a woman he finds attractive.

No. 962430

Because I'm dumb lol
But yeah all the content here is random tweets by Heldi or random tweets by Holly, the two divorces are what prompted me to want to hear more about it but theres no more divorce drama and now it's just random mundane tweets

No. 962432

Then learn to sage and stop bumping the thread.

Personally I can’t wait for hoelly to do more dumb shit because she inevitably will. She doesn’t learn and we know she reads here because she’s self-absorbed and can’t handle anyone who doesn’t worship her.

No. 962476


Exactly. Holly can't ever be out of the limelight for more than a couple of days.

No. 962584

Sage for no cont.

…But I still find it bizarre how people could even side with Holly after she broke like she was in the end of a Law & Order episode - "I can explain! I have a long history of abuse & if she hadn't SCREAMED at me like my mother used to-… Officer, please! I didn't mean to kill her!!!"

No. 962752

Honestly I’m more surprised they do after both her charity fiascos