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File: 1565753274886.png (410.14 KB, 795x422, 1565120560321.png)

No. 852741

Last Time on "Emotional Cheating isn't Cheating and You're Just a Liar!":
>Geoff Robinson, ex-husband of Anna "also a (alleged) cheater" Prosser, passes away from pulmonary embolism (source: https://win.gg/news/1769/incontrol's-family-shares-the-reason-behind-his-passing)
>Cristina Vee, yet another another victim of the Dice Cheating Action crew, has a public breakdown on twitter due to Geoff's untimely and unfortunate death. >>841905
>Ross and Heidi express condolences while Holly moves on wordlessly.
>"The divorce" still not finalized, Ross seems to be in no rush to finalize the divorce for unknown reasons. >>842585
>Holly wants to bring back "Mental Health Mondays" stream, chickens out because - of course - "muh mental health" >>849252
>Gets featured on Apartment Therapy (in a 'sponsored post' kek) for the house she bought after selling her dead grandfather's (and left Ross essentially homeless). >>846002
>Basically confirmation that the bitch is loaded, whining baselessly about "reduced income and unemployment."
>Animal hoarding borderline nuts with new silkie chickens
>Heidi selling old costumes, lists the "cursed" Inkling headgear that Holly casted for $1000. >>848573
>On the other hand, Jared has been biding his time in any state from Wisconsin >>849006 to Nevada >>845085 to Seattle >>848814, in different states of wellbeing ranging from depression to intense PDA >>851701
>Naturally, there is no confirmation/proof on any count of sighting (Except for the Nevada sighting: https://twitter.com/TheAshenKing/status/1134171700361170944).
>Jared gets refollowed by Jirard on Twitter.
>No one cares as long as he stays the fuck away from minors.

Grump's milk:
>Arin decides to assert himself on a silly video about storytime animation videos, gets fucked all ways on twitter. >>847043
>Everyone from Oney >>847046 to Spazkid >>847074 to Jaxxy >>847174 has something to say about it.

Pigeonshit and Wormdick: A Love Story
>Popular Youtuber Jared Knabenbauer announces his divorce to semi-well known cosplayed Heidi O’Ferrall.
>Heidi responds by saying Jared had blocked her and announced the divorce on his own, speaks of him having multiple affairs, the main one being with her former friend and co-star of Jared’s D&D group, Holly Conrad.
>Holly Conrad was also previously married (pending divorce) to Ross O’Donovan, popular Game Grump.
>Multiple fans of Projared show an alarming amount of sexts and nudes that were exchanged between them and Jared.
>It was revealed Jared ran around seven porn blogs in the guise of “Body Positivity.”
>Jared had at least three minors allege that they had exchanged nude photos and sexts with Jared.
>One minor released an apology Jared had sent to them admitting his guilt.
>Said minor’s information is suspected to have been given to Jared by Holly.
>Minors have since disappeared from the internet due to the full force of drama and legal recourse this revelation has propagated.
>After an internal investigation, Jared is fired from Normal Boots.
>Holly has accused Heidi of abusing Jared throughout their marriage.
>Heidi has accused Jared of abusing her throughout their marriage.
>Heidi had come out that her relationship had been open, but Jared continued to cheat after she closed the marriage. One of the reasons the marriage was closed was none other than Holly Conrad and her exclusive emotional feelings for Jared .
>Holly has tweeted vitriol about Heidi and minors involved with “THEY’RE LYING. I’M SORRY!”

Image Credit: >>849639
Thread Credit: >>852347

Previous Threads (The ProJared Saga Begins):
1: >>785476
2: >>804540
3: >>808888
4: >>812124
5: >>816967
6: >>820703
7: >>826388
8: >>829410
9: >>836081
10: >>841369

Character Descriptions and Stats:

Jared "the Wormdick" Knabenbauer
>Known for having a gaming youtube channel where he reviewed games
>Formed "Waffle crew", the D&D group that would soon turn out to be a dumpster fire
>All hell broke lose when his ex-wife revealed he has been manipulating, abusing and cheating on her
>Soon after, other victims of his started leaking chat logs and nudes
>Turns out he was soliciting underage porn
>Went into hiding
>Throughout DCA, his D&D character, Diath, was having an on-going romance with Strix, his co-player Holly Conrad's character
>Turns out they were also involved IRL, cheating on their spouses
>Holly is currently whiteknighting him on twitter, while he is trying to manipulate his side-pieces from the shadows
>One of his side-pieces fell for it and now is changing her initial statement, trying to get on his good side (even though he ghosted her before)
>Heidi accuses Jared of threatening legal action if she speaks up. Unfortunately Heidi casts “Absorb Elements” just like she did for his initial divorce statement. Jared takes an extra 1d6 damage on her next melee attack.

Strength: 5
Dexterity: 5
Intellect: 15
Stamina: 10
Luck: none
Charisma: send noOds

Holly "Manic Pixie Butterface" Conrad (current power-level):
>Got into D&D, started thinking she's literally Strix - her character
>Cheated on Ross with Jared the Wormdick while trying to manipulate both Jared and his wife
>Once Heidi (Jared's wife) revealed her as a side hoe, she locked down everything and checked into the tumblr hospital
>After getting back on the net, she started autistically defending herself and Jared, claiming she never cheated and Heidi is literally Hitler
>Professional victim, her NPD can be seen from space
>Emotionally abused Ross, claimed she never felt love until she met Jared
>Claims to have not cheated on her ex-husband despite his refusal to make one comment about the situation in her defense
>Can't stand even tiny criticism about herself, reads her lolcow thread though
>Compared Etika’s suicide, a popular black YouTuber, to her own suicidal ideation by showcasing they both received clown emojis as “bullying.”
>Suffers backlash from the black community, Etika’s fans and Twitter
>After being called out for taking advantage of a person’s suicide, Holly infamously deflects criticism by tweeting, “I’m sorry. I’m mentally ill.”

Strength: uwu
Dexterity: uwu
Intellect: 4
Stamina: 100
Luck: ran out
Charisma: clown emoji

Holly Conrad’s Previous Stats:
>Holly is a “talented cosplayer/craftsman/special effects artist and well respected in the community”, even appearing on Syfy's "Heroes of Cosplay"
>Was one of the main focuses of the 2011 Documentary "Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope" (directed by Morgan Spurlock)
>Originally gained notoriety for her Commander Shepard/FemShep cosplay
>Married to Ross O'Donovan, beloved animator and member of the GG Family, from 2012 to 2018
>When it came to Arin/Suzy vs Ross/Holly most people preferred Ross and Holly, because they felt less fake and Holly was famous separate of Ross, not riding her husband's coattails like Suzy.
>Was best buds with Jared's wife Heidi, another talented and respected cosplayer/craftsman
>Apparent tragic backstory = quirky anxiety uwu. I don't really know the whole backstory on this one, not sure if it really matters.
>But was apparently close to her grandfather and inherited his house(?) in Washington(?) when he passed away which was in theory part of the reason she and Ross amicably split. Jared and Heidi just also happened to live in Washington.
>Other speculated factors included Holly being asexual (lmao), the toxic GG fan-community, "having codependency issues", and wanting to leave LA while Ross wanted to stay
>Publicly their divorce was mutual, amicable, and came as somewhat of a shock….OR WAS IT?
>Basically all this drama is so juicy because Holly "quirky manic pixie dream bird gurl, asexual anxiety, luvs animals so obviously wouldn't hurt anyone uwu" Conrad was the surprise plot twist villain we never saw coming

For More On Holly Conrad:
>A History of Holly: >>838840 (Source: PULL)

Strength: uwu
Dexterity: 20
Intellect: 17
Stamina: 22
Luck: 100
Charisma: Not Suzy

Heidi of the House O'Ferrall, Hell Hath No Fury, Giver of Zero Fucks, Destroyer of Careers
>Non-lewd cosplayer, talented craftsman and elf
>Produces tutorials and shows her work in progress pretty in depth
>Has a degree in Theatre/Costume Design
>"She had sex with my husband", top 10 anime deaths of all time
>Married to Jared Pedodick Knobslob
>Was in a poly relationship with Jared
>Claims Holly was the reason it didn’t work out
>Outed Jared’s infidelity and set twitter ablaze
>Working on her current divorce and perhaps a defamation against Holly Conrad for trying to claim she had BPD and that psychologists have deemed her “unfixable”
>Has started to become more vocal on that drama since Holly’s Etika sperg
>Claims emotional abuse by Jared and gas lighting, and also seems to insinuate her enjoyment of sex has decreased
>Blocks overtly sexual cosplays because of the ProJared controversy
>Currently living alone in a new home and trying to start up her business and craft in a way to support herself
>Accuses Holly of being vindictive enough to have done everything in her power to end her marriage and happiness

Strength: 90
Dexterity: 71
Intellect: 82
Stamina: 64
Luck: 20
Charisma: Zinfandel

Dan Pirro from the Honorable House Pigeon
>Dedicated white knight of Jared and Holly’s that created a campaign to prove #heidingthetruth
>In direct contact with Holly Conrad Flying Monkey

Jessica Slater from the Honorable House Pigeon
>Holly stan and dedicated “sister”
>Runs a clearly objective truth blog on tumblr while putting down Heidi on twitter

Participation Trophies go to the following for their dedication:
>BorkScorpion, RainbowTressym, TigerNightmare, UnicornHoodlum and others
>May or may not be sockpuppet accounts
>Tier 3 WKs, to be mostly ignored
>Autism awareness is sometimes being aware of who to avoid

>Jared Knabenbauer/ProJared:


>Heidi O'Ferrall/AtelierHeidi:


>Holly Conrad/Commander Holly:


>Normal Boots:


The Expanded Universe:

**Game Grumps
Previous GG Threads:**
>Jon vs Dan speculations, are the Suzy nudes real or fake, blah blah blah, old news. Seriously, don't ask to be spoonfed this old dried up milk. Go read about it on your own.
>There is a whole subreddit dedicated to GG Rule 34 where they sexualize the girlfriends/wives as well as the grumps called r/polygrumps. Suzy once long ago tweeted in support of polygrumps, but it seems like an especially toxic corner of their already toxic fanbase. I doubt she would confirm that support today.
>GG sells a merch line called Game Gyaru "based on Arin and Danny, reimagined as female characters inspired by the anime series Dirty Pair, named Arina and Daniella respectively". It's a blatant tracing of the characters from "Dirty Pair" that they did not initially acknowledge.
>GG release body pillows of Dan and Arin. They sell out very quickly. It's gross: >>792883
>Guess what Jon's an even worse blatantly sexist/racist person than we ever could have imagined

Suzy "the Goose" Berhow:
>Has a history of scamming fans by buying cheap jewelry from China and the likes and reselling it to fans with an absurd markup as her jewelry line or as one anon put it: "creating a really expensive jewelry line that involved very little effort on her part". Arin has to come to her defense when people find out.
>Previous threads over the years were mostly about Suzy's "thyroid-related" weight gain and absurd styling choices, scamming, and how she's a ~rEaL gAmEr GuRl~
>No one seems to really have complaints about her current styling choices since she lost weight and the skunk stripe and adopted a more natural look (it's much closer to her twin sister Jean's)
>Suzy was a "model" when younger, and will still constantly repost the same pictures from her past over and over again, in case anyone forgot
>There sometimes seemed to be some unspoken tension between Suzy and Holly. Suzy seemed to give off the vibe of being uncomfortable not being the only cool gamer gurl in the GG group, especially when up against a girl that seemed to prefer and respect.
>Seems plausible that she prefers being the female center of attention given the theory that JonTron's swift and dramatic departure from GG was due in part to some beef between Suzy and Jon's girlfriend at the time. IIRC this is still all just speculation. (Jon's too big of a topic, read that one on your own for the full backstory)
>A/N: I would be kind of surprised if she showed any support for Holly at all, but maybe that's just me

Katie (Most recent GG drama unrelated to PigeonGate 2019 ):
>Suzy claims she and Arin have been together since 2002. Arin's mysterious deviantART ex Katie shows up from an apparent cryogenic sleep after 10+ years and throws an insane hissy-fit about how Arin was pursuing HER during that time and she turned HIM down.
>Thinks Suzy poisoned Arin against being her BEST FRIEND despite the fact that she was married, disappeared from the internet, lived across the country, and was definitely leading Arin on for some time. Arin seems to have bought her some gifts in this time.

Game Grumps:

>Suzy Berhow/Mortemer:


>Arin Hanson/Egoraptor:


>Dan Avidan:


>Minor cow Katie, rejected Arin way back when and regrets it now that he's famous:


About Dice, Camera, Action:
>DCA is/was a popular D&D livestream DM'd by Chris Perkins (WoTC story designer)
>It's cast consisted of Holly Conrad, Jared Knabenbauer, Nathan Sharp and Anna Prosser
>All of them turned out to be cheaters, hooking up with each other and breaking marriages/engagements

>Wafflecrew/Dice, Camera, Action:


Filed Under “Other”:

Ross O’Donovan
Do Not Bother Ross O’Donovan
>Game Grump and animator
You May Support and Subscribe at:
>Ross O'Donovan/RubberNinja:

Reminder from Mods:
>Subjects have to be 16+ to be discussed on lolcow. Do not include Holly's 15 year old friend’s face or social media posts here.
>This is also a reminder that cowtipping is also against the rules, do not contact the girl or her parents because of her relation to Holly.
>Keep whiteknight posting to when they actually spill milk.

No. 852745

thanks for the new thread anon!

No. 852774

you're golden anon, thank you! for fixing the description too

No. 852780

Thank you mods, for your note. And thank you OP for choosing that image.

No. 852786

>Charisma: Zinfandel
I chuckled.

No. 852807

Thank you OP for using my picture, my time was well spent

No. 852850

File: 1565783969383.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1125x1351, 68690E3E-800C-4F04-A3EE-C825B4…)

One of the whiteknights posted the temporary restraining order proving that the TRMO was only to make sure no one touched each other’s assets and that the whiteknights can’t fucking read.

No. 852946

File: 1565798877603.gif (2.51 MB, 350x200, oprahtoldyouso.gif)

No. 852967

File: 1565801859098.jpg (124.71 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20190814_095658.jpg)

Still at it encouraging dumb arguments from uninvolved white knights

No. 853086

I like how the WKs stress that Jared didn't want anyone going after Heidi, yet here they are, bashing her constantly & targeting her…

No. 853162

Gotta love the wk's screaming about "Well, if Heidi can keep talking about the divorce, why can't Holly?"

Because Holly caused this entire shitshow, you absolute walnuts. It wasn't Holly's marriage that imploded, it wasn't Holly that had to deal with PedoDick being a secret fucking perverted pedophile.

(Also can't get over the way they're still focusing on the gold play button - like whomst the fuck cares about a useless fucking plaque that much???)

No. 853171


The kicker is that Holly wasn't even tagged in that post - so either someone DM'd her and told her or she's creepily surfing through posts that ProPedo is tagged in (because THAT doesn't scream creepily obsessed side piece at all)

No. 853212


She’s been searching twitter for both her name and his this entire time. I think it’s just been a while since she liked any directed at him.

No. 853221


I just forsee her going full fatal attraction if Jared ever DOES break it off with her publicly. After all, she bailed on Ross (a legit good dude™) because only Jared inspired sexual feelings within her.

No. 853422


With risk to get banned: You are an idiot, anon.

Holly reads all her and ProPedo's mentions, this isn't milk at this point after so many months and only about 8+ threads discussing it. You went and replied to a tweet by some rando from the start of June and after 4 days of bickering with her WKs she finally liked a tweet reply to you? Congratulations! You successfully riled up her knights again!

And that's not even the reason why you are an idiot, anon. You are an idiot, because you posted a screen from your own Twitter notifications like some amateur cowtipper. That's why we can't have nice things.

No. 853468


I'm the anon who posted this image but it's not my notifications. Someone else posted this screenshot on Twitter and I reposted here. Not my tweets. The person who originally took this screenshot probably doesn't even come here

No. 853479


My apologies in that case.

No. 853608


Nah anon. That was a good call-out in general.

No. 853756

Agreed. Anons clamouring for a new thread, and the only 'milk' is some WK shit and Hoelly dropping a like, as though we haven't just had an entire thread of that shit.
are basically just cut/paste at this point. And of course >>853221 with the obligatory murder fantasy.

Cows don't have to constantly be producing. Trying to force it like this just means everyone but the most obsessive will fuck off to other threads and then when something does happen most of us will miss it or ignore it.

No. 854359

Is the thread officially dead, or is there a new one i missed?

No. 854370

Nothing of note has happened over the last few days.
And I don't see anything happening in the near future.

No. 854371

There's no new milk, and not much interesting to discuss, threads don't have to go 100 miles an hour all the time

No. 854374

Fair enough, it was fun while it lasted

No. 854412

Just give it one or two months until Jared returns to the public. Then the fun will start again.

No. 854510


At this point, the only ones keeping the drama afloat are the WKs, unless if one of them tries to do something colossally douchey and/or stupid (like the one claiming to speak on Ross's behalf) I don't see anything changing until Jared makes a move.

No. 855170

File: 1566213085108.jpg (331.98 KB, 720x1039, Screenshot_20190819-060830_Twi…)

Well I guess Cristina's manic posts about Geoff make a little more sense now. So based on her previous posts about him being her Valentine, that would have put them as a couple in Feb, right?

No. 855171

Not gonna lie that's pretty heartbreaking, jesus.

No. 855174

Wait, sorry, cus ive been having difficulties following these people, did they start dating after their spouses cheated on them with each other? Like, they basically switched partners?
What a mess

No. 855180

It seems like they were each other's support after their partners cheated on them, it's pretty easy to fall in love in that situation. The whole situation is incredibly tragic.

No. 855182


There wasn't ever anything definitive said about Anna and Nate. Anons said they cheated because Cristina called Anna Nate's GF, but at that point nobody knew she was also dating Anna's ex husband so OOF. Kinda wierd to be hung up on your ex while dating and being in love with someone else.

No. 855194

Dating and in love with… your ex boyfriend's… new girlfriend's… ex husband…

What a tangled web… Honestly, though…? Knowing what we know now; kinda seems more like a poorly timed spouse trade than that anyone was cheating. (Not referring to Holly/Heidi/Jared obv)

No. 855198

surprised white guy face

No. 855344

File: 1566256186325.jpeg (166.25 KB, 1125x581, 7A1C8DB1-BA17-486E-8B23-A67EF3…)

Looks like KT is still batshit

No. 855363

Imagine being this autistic holy shit.

No. 855410

what the hell is she even talking about?

No. 855411

That's actually really sad. His sudden death as such a young age really shook her. Nate's cheating with his ex-wife must have made it all worse.

No. 855424

File: 1566265913301.jpeg (390.96 KB, 1274x633, 04E3DC16-8D22-4814-9DE5-401E42…)

Is she ever going to NOT be such a “woe is me” nut Job?

No. 855434

I had a feeling given her reaction, but didn't want to assume. This poor woman, and of course, poor Geoff. Getting cheated on by your spouse, finding solace in each other, only to have that torn away from you suddenly too. I hope she can find some peace in knowing that she had at least made his last few months happy ones.

Holly is never going to own up to it. It's crazy that despite all the proof given, she thinks she can just cover her ears and lalala the whole situation away and rewrite it. Her brainless supporters don't help.

No. 855486

i'm sorry, this is kinda really weird. is it really this common for y'all in the US to date everyone you know and their grandmother's ex like it's nbd? it's sad for cristina, for sure, but it's also messy as hell

>weird to be hung up on your ex while being in love with someone else
not to mention – how are the two people involved not constant reminders for each other, of all the shit that went down? if i thought my to-be husband dropped me for another chick, i sure as hell am not going to be kissing her ex-husband and thinking "wow, everything is okay about this" kek

No. 855487

File: 1566278318316.png (163.84 KB, 1242x520, Screenshot 2019-08-20 at 10.43…)

bitch can not let it lie

No. 855514

File: 1566281381868.jpg (178 KB, 1440x970, IMG_20190820_020205.jpg)

This mention seems to be connected to this

No. 855516

File: 1566281520007.jpg (176.56 KB, 1440x959, IMG_20190820_020253.jpg)

Samefag but KT seems to be screaming into the void again about Arin and also how Suzy is copying her. She really needs to let this go.

No. 855521

Americans act like Europeans are sex fiends because we have nude beaches, meanwhile they do shit like this lmao(no1curr)

No. 855522

It’s really not that deep lol
They got close to each other, liked each other and decided to move on with their lives together. Yes, it may an awkward situation but it’s not uncommon to fall for some you have similar experiences with.

No. 855523


>sent you on MY birthday (not his as would be, you know, normal)

>saving for you since high school
>which i actually wanted to keep
>it hurt
>a sailor jupiter hairbrush

this bitch is scary lmao

No. 855526

File: 1566283878422.jpg (151.77 KB, 1080x749, IMG_20190820_014959.jpg)

Cristina actually addressed that they realized that them dating was extremely messy and they opted to go back to being friends who support each other.

It's so brutal how she found out he died through Twitter of all things. I wonder why no one thought to tell her privately?

No. 855535


Because if their "dating" wasn't serious or long, likely his family didn't know about it at all. His death was sudden and unexpected enough that this would not be the case.>>855526

No. 855619

No. How is that even a question.

I'm just so glad she's back. It's not just her special brand of lunacy, it's the period of cryogenic sleep in between when she actually knew the guy and now. I wish she was more active, she'd be a fun cow if she produced more milk.

No. 855629

You can’t let it lie nigger you’re still posting about this shit.

No. 855646

oof bro chillax with that hard r yeesh

No. 855720

> torture to be accused of something I didn’t do
Oh like the year you spent accusing Heidi of being an abuser? kek

No. 855781

File: 1566330559559.png (492.41 KB, 1080x1783, Screenshot_20190820-144449~2.p…)

Is the girl on the right Holly, or someone else with the same unfortunate haircut and eyebrows? Guess PAX South's marketing team didn't get the memo…

No. 855860

It's a girl with her grandma. Pax South is really boring and she was acting annoying the last time she went there. I really wouldn't doubt if the nerds there boo'd her. The crowd can get pretty vocal during the D&D events.

No. 855891

File: 1566343874355.png (3.15 MB, 1245x1613, cursed.png)

what an unfortunate photo

Speaking of unfortunate, here's a new shi(r)t Holly is planning on selling. I wonder if it in reference to Heidi calling the Splatoon cosplay they (barely) worked on together cursed?

graphic design is Holly's passion

No. 855906

Gross! Why would you transition from woodsy neutrals to primary colors?
Looks autistic af…which is Holly's whole aesthetic.

No. 855923


Who is she trying to convince at this point? The public or herself?

No. 855925

lmao why is everyone feeling sorry for her? She's attention whoring so hard. "I never told you when you were alive but I love you :( :(" come the fuck on.

No. 855932

Oh god, comic sans. Comic fucking sans.

And everyone replying to her tweet is lapping it up.

No. 855935

planning on selling it, you say
she better intend on paying people to wear this, this is next level ugliness

yeah holly we get it, you're as cool and unbothered as heidi is, you can make jokes about the situation too, wow congratulations. at least make it look better you autist lmao

No. 855952

Looks like Holly took design tips from fatvegfemme. Hideous.

No. 855958


This feels like the "pity me!" stunt she pulled with that "art" she did in the mental hospital after Keemstar's initial video, like she thinks if she is self-deprecating enough, her WK's will ride in to sing her praises (and unfortunately, she's right)

No. 855992


If we consider that comic sans is the cursed script on the internet, it does all fit. It's either sarcastic or trying to be edgy? If it is produced after Heidi called the Splatoon thing cursed then this must be the fastest working merch production ever.


Not everything on her store is black and white and considering that few threads back (i went to check) an anon marked that she had no sales for a full day (the number the anon marked was 3318, 6/12) and today, two months later she has 3768 means people are eating up her stuff. Likely the fact that she is advertising it as "Last chance to get Strix merch" is helping for that but let's be honest here probably most of the sales are sympathy purchases. Then again Heidi advertising her most expensive cosplay piece for sale as cursed shows amazing lack of market awareness for person that is both in the cosplay community and worked in retail for years. At this point even with all the drama and accusations, I am not surprised that the uwu witch is raking more store $ than the elf queen.

No. 856085

Hmmmmm yeah no

No. 856098

Kek. You folk have gotten better at integrating, but no.
Thanks but no thanks.

No. 856128

>comic sans is the cursed script on the internet
This is a thing? I thought comic sans was hated because it's ugly, not because it's "cursed". Coincidentally, that shirt is indeed ugly and would have been so even if the Jared shitshow never happened.

No. 856178

File: 1566413781750.jpg (585.64 KB, 1080x1751, Screenshot_20190821-115414_Twi…)


>If it is produced after Heidi called the Splatoon thing cursed then this must be the fastest working merch production ever.

>cursed on July 11
>merch announced August 21

Not really

No. 856466


also let's not forget she's considering selling this. it doesn't take long to print one shirt, it's not actual stocked merch yet

No. 856479

"Commander poly"
"Commander hoe"
Vote for your favorite

Anyway: why the fuck do pigeons need "rescuing"? They ain't exactly endangered species

No. 856565

Rescuing pigeons/any kind of animal sometimes refers to animals that are injured/unable to fully care for themselves in the wild and usually come from places that use said animals for sport or exploited for business (like greyhounds). It's not necessarily about protection of endangered species.

No. 856839


Most people that do it to help don’t take on 50 pigeons at once…..and a cat……and a handful of chickens…….and whatever hoelly’s next fascination is (probably rats or some other critter)

No. 856841

You forgot about her weasel.

No. 856855

Right, I was merely commenting on what "rescuing" pigeons/animals means. You're correct though, the amount of animals she's rescued is borderline/actually hoarding at this point.

No. 856922

File: 1566535110551.jpeg (666.51 KB, 1125x1832, 0B5AD819-DE6B-463B-ACCC-6966EC…)

Holly, we already know you lurk. Please be a little less embarrassing about it. Or continue to embarrass yourself, it’s funny to us anyway.

No. 856975

What the fuck is this lmao

No. 857122

File: 1566588710759.jpg (27.85 KB, 800x450, graphic design.jpg)

No. 857801

I honestly don’t mind the pigeon hoarder, but is her patreon literally just “give me money?” Most people at least generate some form of content for their orbiters.

No. 857933

For $30 a month you'll get a mental health tip. Truly a steal if you ask me.

No. 858383

File: 1566842180078.png (1.12 MB, 1397x894, cAnCeLlEd.PNG)

She's really just rebranding herself as a… spooky pity party?

No. 858387


Learn to sage and know what milk is.

No. 858438


IDK it's at least a little milky

This is the second piece of merch she's announced that focuses on the hate she's gotten. She wants to capitalize on making a joke out of being "cursed" and "cancelled" but it actually just shows how incapable of self-reflection she is. The vast majority of fans who disowned her did so because of her public behavior. And meanwhile she's out here like "haha it's such a joke that I'm 'cancelled'!" as though no one could possibly have valid reasons for disliking her now.

Holly has never been brave enough to be a controversial figure in any way, so this isn't like she's just laughing about offending people or something. It just comes off as super insecure and obsessed with negative opinions about herself.

No. 858469


Remember what she said:

>"You have to be able to laugh at some aspects of a crisis"

No. 858605

File: 1566876403579.jpg (93.75 KB, 601x508, 2f7.jpg)

it's so pathetic how holly's trying to appear like she's totally "sticking it to the haterz" because she's so cool and unbothered, while in fact this is kinda coming off as pic related

super OT - are people still wearing ringer teeshirts? i thought that ship had sailed

No. 858703

They're retro, the 80s are big right now

No. 858717


well she quite controversially refused to back down from her defense of pedojared and took on trying to tell heidi she didn't know what happened in her marriage so I don't know about that last part. gotta say after months of everyone telling her to ditch him and blame him for everything, she is still stupid enough to not do that .. so maybe not brave enough to be controversial, but stupid enough?

No. 858781

File: 1566924618319.jpg (43.9 KB, 512x473, D-pd-c4XUAAMDe4.jpg)

>Cancel Culture ruins lives!
>makes this shirt
Cancel culture didn't ruin your life enough.

No. 858826

File: 1566930997566.jpg (289.1 KB, 1080x1677, IMG_20190827_133702.jpg)

No. 858827

I‘m one minute in and already rolling my eyes

No. 858828

No. 858830

oh boy HERE WE GO

No. 858831

I'm not fucking ready for this

No. 858832

File: 1566931530636.gif (517.48 KB, 147x162, tumblr_inline_otdorxLM2x1qj9pq…)

> the video description links to /r/projared2, jaredhollyheiditruth blog, and the Bring Back Dice Camera Action petition

ah, trying extremely hard to salvage your sad e-career, i see. smooth moves, mr. projared

No. 858836

I can't open a single one of these links, or any archive link for that matter, post caps?

No. 858839

He's going to pull a Holly now that he's back by the looks of it. Deny, deny, deny, scrounge up the scraps of whats left of your fanbase and throw a massive pity party to drum up support as the true "victim". Absolute scum.

No. 858841

File: 1566932432467.gif (344.39 KB, 400x166, tumblr_mk0sjecCZR1s2vg82o1_400…)

We need transcript anons! Pray the cow goddess provides.

Please notice the amount of ads he has on his video. FUCKING HILARIOUS.

No. 858843

Im 25 minutes in and so far he's pulling through with reciepts. It's looking bad on Chai and Charlie tbh. He's showing that in the they sent to GG they had requested that he apologized, something they deleted from the email to NormalBoots. Hasn't addressed the cheating, or talked about holly or heidi

No. 858844

14 minutes in and so far his defenses are that 1) accusation tweets were deleted so the accusers don't mean it anymore and 2) chai had a traumatic brain injury so you can't trust anything he says

No. 858845

The chai stuff is pretty solid but his defence for the Pamela stuff is just „it was hearsay and she’s lying“ so yeah

No. 858850

No. How are you anons so dumb as to not realize that it's not solid. It's based on his and Holly's Echo Chambers.
Did people forget he got kicked out of NormalBoots and none of his friends came to his aid besides Pbj who retracted it when he got more info?

No. 858851

And at the end he rewrites the whole Heidi story yet again. PedoJared at it yet again

No. 858852

Ah yes, the Onision defense. "She has brain issues so it's a lie."

No. 858853

File: 1566933484304.png (144.78 KB, 1440x600, Screenshot_2019-08-27-12-17-40…)

What a surprise

No. 858855

The charlie stuff is pretty solid though. And if Chai and Charlie were working together, the fact that Charlie blatantly lied makes Chai's accusations that much more suss.

Either way, Jared is a scumbag but the evidence against Chai and Charlie is pretty damning.

No. 858856

He put himself in a position to even receive these messages from minors and did nothing to make sure they were of age
He's the adult who turned his all ages blog (meant to promote his Youtube) into a blog to submit nudes. He is 100% in the wrong no matter how you look at it. He got off on using his "fame" to get nudes and now has to pay the price for having involved minors

No. 858859

Did you even watch the video anon? He literally shows in the screenshot that he asks their age. If people lie about that age, that's not on him. Are people supposed to fax their birth cert to him or something?
Like I said, dude's a scumbag but it's clear Chai and Charlie lied for fame/clout here.

No. 858861

Chai did blog about memory loss, but Projared is definitely pulling a >>858852. Certainly not "his" side but attacking credibility by demonizing Chai instead of putting out an account.

Charlie lying about age, doesn't matter, if you're getting tons of random nudes and sexting, you're setting yourself up to get child nudes.

No. 858862

Yes. Minors lie.
So don't swap nudes using your blog that has a mostly teen audience. Or use tinder like a normal person

No. 858863

Actually it is on him. Have you never heard of IDing someone?
People do it all the time online.

No. 858864

I'm not that anon but uh…he plays games for a living. Why would a dude who plays games who knows he has a teen/minor fanbase have this blog anyway?

It's a honeypot for underaged fans to come and try and get attention.

I think it was highly inappropriate to have the blog in the first place.

No. 858865

Yeah, that's a fair point.

You think people willing to lie about age wouldn't just photoshop their ids? Cmon now.

No. 858866

File: 1566934186810.png (356.23 KB, 510x427, Capture.PNG)

regardless of the "truth", bitch did he really need to make a 40 minute video to call a few people crazy lying clout chasers??? lmfao
it's obvious that Holly and Projared have been working on this conspiracy theory-level video script for a while. and undoubtedly taking advantage of their mindless "fans" as well, i can tell they're already trolling the thread lol >>858859

Holly/Projared confirmed psychopaths that are obsessed with controlling the narrative and pretending that their actions don't have unintended consequences. literally why do people insist on stanning grown ass youtube men that think it's a good idea to make a public nudes blog that relies on 18+ confirmation over DM? learn to think with more than one braincell.

No. 858867

Yeah and it is also the individual's job to NOT send nudes if you're a minor and maybe NOT lie about your age after you've been asked if you're 18.

No. 858868

Oh shit! He fucking talks about Charlie and Chai's sexually explicit blog about the game grumps and that is contracts them being "innocent" and a "baby." BECAUSE THEY HAVE FANTASIES THEY'RE NO LONGER INNOCENT?! I fucking hate Jared more than I did before this despite him having good points on their credibility.

No. 858870

Yeah, when your fanbase is that young you shouldn't be soliciting nudes. There are a million ways to get nudes legally. It was just a power trip for him to get them. Also, I like how he says Ross came to see how he was… LAST MARCH… wasn't that near the time shit went south? And saying Ross moved out while Holly was gone… why if he was totally ok with everything?

No. 858871

Why did he bring Ross up? I hope he asked him I'm pretty postive Ross wants NOTHING to do with all this.

No. 858872

He looks like he's doing a beauty influencer apology video.

You'd think after all of the backlash that he would tone down the lies, but nah he upped them.

No. 858873

I mean, is the key fanbase that young? Has anyone pulled up his demographics? I can't see a lot of teenagers being into esoteric DOS games.

No. 858874

Because to talk about what the internet is accusing Holly of he has to, I'd guess. It's not like he's saying Ross is some evil shitbag, just that the relationship was encouraged by Ross, who left Holly anyway.

No. 858875

Worst part is you know braindead men are just waiting to eat it up and harass his ex

No. 858876

Cry harder that Jared got caught and stop trying to blame the minor for the adult being an idiot.
He didn't ask for ID so the talk of photoshopping them doesn't even matter.
Anon he doesn't have good points.
Chai and Charlie weren't even the only ones.

No. 858877

At the very least he told them to not harass her. Specifically

No. 858878

No one else had any proof. One was a burner that said they reported him to DOJ. That doesn't even handle cases like this.

No. 858879

yeah he def purposefully made himself look like shit for this video.

No. 858881

"look at how all this has effected me, I look so bad bc you all hurt me"
Or he's just taking a page out of Holly's beauty routine

No. 858883

They can easily tell the person where to actually report it. Also if they're alerting the law they aren't going to go posting the evidence all over online.

No. 858887

this feels so saccharine… he's acting and editing like it's one of his regular old videos. it feels really scripted, and not genuine in the slightest.

most of my friend group supports and believes him, it's rough. He should get into acting.

No. 858888

Lol, EXACTLY, when Jeffree Star "apologized" to James Charles brother or James Charles first apology. They both made sure they looked more shitty than they normally look.

I'm not going to feel bad for you because you look beat up.

No. 858889

He didn't shave which is hilarious. And the dumb shits eat it up. "Go sleep, poor Jared!"

Holy shit, he implied Danny and Aaron were bullying him. He mentions "bully" and "clown emoji."

>October 2018 I told my wife I no longer wanted to be with her

>Heidi said no
>I was controlled and threatened
>Therapy didn't work
>Holly is being called a homewrecker which is an antiquated term
>It was my choice to not be in that relationship anymore
>Holly did not cheat on Ross. Ross knows literally everything.
>Ross left Holly


No. 858891

Telling Ross's buiness and defending Holly like his life depends on it. Expected.

No. 858892

Everything about his presentation of this seems forced and makes me uncomfortable.
It feels like hes really trying to manipulate the viewer

No. 858895

one of the screenshots he used states that he's shown some of the nudes to Heidi…
I'm pretty sure those people didn't consent to him sharing those.

The screenshots he shares to save himself honestly make him seem even creepier.

No. 858898

He's almost good at it. The way he talks about how disgusting Chai and Charlie's blogs are. Young people are sexual too and ARE INNOCENT. IT's called puberty. Thing is, you don't get to decide on their sexuality as an adult and shame them, but hey don't shame HOLLY! #feminism

He also does a pretty clever strategy of continually saying "you were lied to" as a mantra of sorts. Say it enough times…Another interesting tactic is how he claims that it's hard to change the gears in your head because suddenly you've been proven wrong.

He said that it was okay to feel disgusted with him for his sex blog that exposed minors. I'm glad it's okay with him.

No. 858899

What was even the purpose of him showing blurred texts between him and Heidi anyways? Literally they could be saying anything in there so what was the point??

No. 858901

I started watching him when I was like 12 and only stop a year or so ago. So yeah, his fanbase was pretty young I would say

No. 858902

Your experience isn't indicative of his audience. I'm asking if anyone has, or could, pull his main demographics up

No. 858903

Bruh just accept that his fanbase is tweens to teenagers. Just look at the people that are defending him in the comments of the video. And you can’t tell me the people on r/projared2 don't scream highschool to you. Adults have better things to do than watching someone play pokemon nutzlockes

No. 858905

I would honestly just like to see an actual demographics breakdown

No. 858906

All his video did was just make me feel bad for Heidi. God, he’s such a scumbag. I’m not looking forward to when Heidi finds out about this, which will be because of the new wave of hate from the brain dead manchildren.

No. 858907

Hopefully Ross defends himself as well as GG crew. He's throwing literally everyone under the buss except for himself and the hagraven.

To make it seem like there's proof but unless it's unblurred, it could mean anything. Heidi might show the unblurred version since she's most likely going to defend herself and call him out on his lies.

Do it yourself.

No. 858909

Aww, no mention of Uno Girl…

No. 858912

Of course not, gotta keep the theory that Heidi was having all the open relationship sex and shut it down before he could get anything himself alive

No. 858914

You could try and find Youtube analytics but, as we know, minors lie about age
When I made my youtube account at age 14-ish, I put in my sisters birthday so I was 20
What we can go off of are his fan pics, his tumblr following and such. Not to mention he shared a lot of fans with GG/PGB which is also very teen based. It's let's plays anon, use your brain. Teens love them

No. 858915

Do teens love the games Jared was playing?

No. 858917

ngl i feel like they're too pussy to speak out, i wouldnt count on it. Especially Ross.

No. 858918

Sometimes it's not only about the content itself anon, the YTers charisma by itself also carries a lot of weight. I've watched videos which content in itself isn't interesting to me but the YTers charm keeps me watching.
You're almost acting as if teenagers are a completely different species.

No. 858920

File: 1566937003397.jpeg (916.9 KB, 1667x2165, 9EC6889D-0679-4B62-BAE5-3873B6…)

Yes they do and you can stop whiteknighting now

No. 858921

Jared Played the big games along with smaller games. I dunno where this idea that he only did obscure games.
He did RE2 remake, Zelda Randomizer, Smash Bros, KH3
Why are you so adamant that only 30 year olds watched him

No. 858922

File: 1566937041051.jpg (24.29 KB, 806x151, 2019-08-27_16-17-36.jpg)

No. 858923

It sounds like he got his talking points FROM the fans, because he sees that that’s what people are willing to believe. It’s way too convenient that his worshippers got “the 100% truth!!”

No. 858926

File: 1566937315944.png (22.07 KB, 581x221, i'm here for you like holly.pn…)

hey look it's the "lol send nudes lol" guy

No. 858927

Exactly what innocent person decides to wait nearly 4 months to finally defend themselves after these kinds of things brought against them?

No. 858931

File: 1566937907528.png (302.71 KB, 800x545, bingo.png)

do we have a bingo?

No. 858932

Can someone make a summary?

No. 858935

File: 1566938112364.png (647.1 KB, 800x1422, 38B0F977-FA58-4738-8454-91C8CC…)

You know, the worst thing is he didn’t even try to apologise.
He went full „Ididntdunottingwrung and YOU ALL DONT KNOW ME!!!11!!“ instead

No. 858936

"It's all lies, I'm completely innocent of everything! That pedo stuff? False! And because that's a lie, everything else is a lie too including the stuff that is completely unrelated to the pedo stuff."

No. 858941

File: 1566938511591.png (456.56 KB, 1108x756, 1a293db28df6d6e1c88769549ccf4c…)

"look they are wanting cloot and money, see, they posted a post about commissions back in 2017!!

No. 858942

File: 1566938615007.png (43.03 KB, 625x307, fhfhf.PNG)

I don't know if this came up here but I found this tweet kind of creep considering everything that has happened.

(I was trying to find the age demographics for his channel)

No. 858946

I like how his defence for Pamela is that he had to ask around about when the event happened, and that he heard that it was when he was doing a panel with her and Matpat, which he has never done. So it can't be true. He never says who told him that this was the event, and it never seems to cross his mind that the person who told him this could be mistaken and it actually happened some other time.

No. 858947

Because only desperate women that can't get laid want a weasel's mushroom dick, Jared.

No. 858948

It's too fucking suspicious on the timing of the release. Heidi is currently out of state at a con as a guest. How come he didn't release this video during her down time, where she could have a support system around her to deal with the inevitable harassment? He keeps showing us how abusive he is but all his fanboys ignore it and just eat his shit up.

No. 858949

File: 1566939183351.png (82.27 KB, 580x908, pQI5bhS.png)

No. 858950

File: 1566939212646.jpg (48.56 KB, 793x266, 2019-08-27_16-54-25.jpg)

No. 858952

I thought the timing was suspicious too. Considering Heidi has responded to every shot fired, it's "interesting" timing that he opts to publish his months-late defense while she's heading to a convention.

No. 858953

He could have made himself look better in the public eye if he had told Keemturd not to call his ex-wife a whore.

No. 858954

Oh so he doesn't care that he called her an Lying whore but talks about people calling Holly a home wrecker or whatever the fuck?


No. 858955

File: 1566939332071.png (55.74 KB, 600x434, GGNSCo9.png)

I'm dying

No. 858956

He talks about poisoning the well and picking and choosing information while doing exactly the same thing

No. 858957

It's very calculated. He has been keeping up with his fanboys. He's trying to create a situation of "See! She is quiet and not responding because everything Jared said was truth!" that they can all parrot.

No. 858958

File: 1566939589171.png (81.13 KB, 719x311, wew.PNG)

the wording of that reminded me of something specific

No. 858960


We should've seen this coming. Hoelly hadn't been able to shut the fuck up about "SPEAKING MY TRUTH!" since the jump, but within the last 1-2 weeks, she'd be nearly silent (with the exception of that bullshit merch)?

THAT was the calm before the shit storm of ProPedo victim blaming the fuck out of everyone who spoke up against him being an imaginable assclown.


Right - It's SO BAD of someone to have a fucking traumatic brain injury/concussion and fall prey to an e-celeb and their predatory behavior /s


That's some gaslighting, victim blamy bullshit if I've ever heard it.

It goes hand-in-hand with Homewrecker's "You can't believe Heidi - she's an internet random. Believe me, an internet random!"


"He asked about their age!"

Right. One time. Out of how many hundreds, if not thousands, of messages I'm sure he sent to god knows how many other teenagers???


Teens lie. It doesn't make it right - but they're assholes and they lie frequently. It's the ADULTS responsibility to act like a fucking ADULT and not do something that he had to realize had a high probability of attracting his minor fanbase.

HE is the adult - and HE should have known better, full goddamned stop.


"I hope he asked him"

Since Ross asked to be left alone, I REALLY doubt he'd be like "Nah, you fucked my wife, it's totally fine for you to CONTINUE blatantly ignoring my wishes and comfort level" now.


He also said that in his initial twitter post ("I care about Heidi's mental health!") and look how well that one worked out - His mistress started armchair diagnosing and called her unfixable.


DOJ would absolutely step in since it was using the internet and involved child pornography. At the very least, they'd kick it over to the FBI (Internet counts as crossing state lines and makes it federal, not just state issue)


Ironic that the dude taking nudes in a sailor moon costume and sending his weird worm dick to everything online with a pulse is now holding himself as some sort of moral authority on how gross someone else's blog is.


The frenzy had finally died down - posting here slowed WAY down.

They were pissed that they weren't the center of attention online anymore.

No. 858961


If he was really concerned with looking better in the public eye, he wouldn't have let things go on the way they have for as long as they have. This is a dude who honestly thinks he ISN'T the biggest fucking abusive doucheclown, and that he and his homewrecking sideho are in the right (and spoiler alert: they aren't)

No. 858968

File: 1566940019283.png (235.98 KB, 800x545, apologybingo.png)

Not quite yet

No. 858969

File: 1566940048356.jpg (64.46 KB, 577x467, EC_0_7iW4AI2u05.jpg)

his "arguments" felt so disingenuous and shady… bringing up some nobody tumblr teen's posts from 2015 is grasping at straws. it's also super shitty to point out someone's mental illness issues to "prove" that they're not to be trusted, all the while using their need for money (for gas, surgery, etc.) as attention-seeking behavior. (and yes, i know we're all on lolcow, but the difference is that none of us have a platform that reaches a million people)

what's really laughable is how he's probably gaining a lot of MRA fans by now. the type that LOVES harping on "cancel culture" and "virtue signalling" like nothing else, because they all secretly hate women. i hope ProJared and Holly are happy with the reality they've backpedaled themselves into! have fun pandering to the MRA crowd for the rest of your delusional lives!

No. 858971

no time to watch all that shit, by you, etc. so he asked for every single follower’s age before posting porn and his ween on his main tumblr…?

No. 858972

She can still access the internet. They aren't together, they aren't related to one another. Like damn, even though I hate Jared even I'M starting to believe some of what he's saying about poisoning the well.

No. 858973

I mean, the kicker here is if he did get a lawyer involved, it's the shittiest lawyer on the face of the planet.

No PR firm or lawyer is going to say "You know what a good idea would be? Make a video several months later, calling your wife a lying whore and tearing apart the rep of those who accused you! That will solve EVERYTHING!"

No. 858974

As if his "Please watch my videos/buy my merch" aren't a form of e-begging too.

No. 858975


She can access the internet, but when she's been invited to a con as a guest, she's probably busy with con shit and can't be on twitter 24/7 defending herself.

ProPedo is slandering her left and fucking right right now (including letting Keemstar call her a whore again), and she can't defend herself.

That's bullshit and abusive AF.

No. 858977

He released a video like that while she's at a con that some of his fans will be at and most likely will be acting like asses towards her. If he was so concerned about "poisoning the well" then maybe he shouldn't have released a long ass "I'm innocent and everyone else is guilty just take my word for it!" video.

No. 858978

Maybe he hired Vic's terrible Lawyer

Is this the real reason his channel got hit with the demonetization hammer? Because if it is youtube got something right for once.

No. 858979

It’s really telling when it took him 3 months to release a reply

Heck I think he was better off not saying anything ever again

No. 858980

Kek. It's all because Heidi told Keem to fuck off because he wanted to make a dollar bill off of her. Being told to fuck off by a pretty woman shriveled his dick to even smaller proportions.

No. 858981


No idea (I thought it was still monetized; I refuse to give that piece of shit more views) - but I think YouTube is probably watching him closely with the pedo allegations to ensure he isn't tainting their front of a Family Friendly Platform™

No. 858982

Here's the automatic transcript of the video, in case he decides to take it down or something: https://pastebin.com/igQj4EgY

No. 858983


That's the sad part. He's a piece of shit, but most of us almost respected that he was choosing to shut the fuck up about it all and just try to move on - and then he goes and takes a page from Homewrecker's handbook and "I NEED TO TELL MY TRUTH".

He could have just quietly let this pass and been okay.

No. 858985

does anyone else feel like this video was just so the waffle crew could get back together and pretend like nothing ever happened?

No. 858986

gotta love how Jared doesn't care that Keemstar called Heidi a "lying whore"

what a pathetic worm

No. 858988

Read through the transcript of his video and love this gem:

> "nobody likes cancel culture until they get an opportunity to cancel someone"

You mean like your "girlfriend" claiming that Cancel Culture is Bad, and then proceeding to do everything she can to get your still-current-wife cancelled?

No. 858990

Wow, it took Jared this long to come up with the most BS, poor me 'apology' video I've ever seen. This is almost laughable if I wasn't so afraid for this to work

No. 858991


It already is. There's SO MANY people going after Heidi right now, it's honestly ridiculous.

if I didn't already feel bad for her, I would now.

No. 858993

Another gem is him condemning Chai for "e-begging" (offering art commissions) then asking viewers to watch his monetized videos to support him, what kind of cognitive dissonance?

No. 858994

I think it will attract an audience of MRA types who only care about hating women. I hope Jared enjoys pandering to that crowd of brainless rejects for the forseeable future

No. 858996


The best moment will be when those very same MRA-types turn on Holly for doing….I don't know, breathing as MRA-types hate women for doing.

You still going to like having that support then, Jared? When they attack a woman you actually give a fuck about?

No. 858997

File: 1566941683287.jpg (46.17 KB, 597x424, fucking clown.JPG)

christ, it takes a special kind of piece of shit to say something like that

No. 858998

File: 1566941683824.jpg (363.67 KB, 2048x1328, liar.jpg)

I'm hoping we get something in house for the next thread pic, but this one was my favorite from Projared's twitter.

No. 858999

It’s not even an apology, it’s a defense attorney’s platform. He carefully words everything and says things like “I don’t remember that happening” rather than “that never happened.” Doesn’t actually provide any hard evidence that isn’t circumstantial, he simply highlights the lack of evidence.

Also his whole “it’s proof my tumblr was hacked because they didn’t leak these chats” was fucking stupid because maybe if his pencil dick predatory behavior was leaked four years ago he would’ve been deplatformed for the creep he is and I wouldn’t have the misfortune to know these clowns today.

No. 859001


It's just more gaslighting - telling Heidi one thing in private and then publicly claiming none of that every happened.

He's just abusing her over and over again and his fans are letting it happen.

No. 859003

File: 1566941958842.png (35.19 KB, 592x106, Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 3.38…)


No. 859004

He has some nerve crying BOOLIES when all he got were the consequences of his own actions. It's almost like he could have kept the divorce private and gotten with Holly silently if that's really what he wanted. Either way Heidi is lucky she got away, the online harassment must be awful but she doesn't have to deal with this weasel in person anymore and can move on.

No. 859005

Wow, poor Heidi, being gaslit yet again by this asshole

No. 859006

File: 1566942083584.png (169.04 KB, 546x648, pleasedont.png)

It's sad how predictable Holly & Jared have become.
I'm willing to bet Holly pushed Jared to make this video. They didn't seem to want to handle the situation the same way from the beginning. Not saying Jared is 100% innocent, but Holly pulled everything far into a direction that Jared didn't want it to go.

No. 859007

not even watching the video but holy fuck the comment section is embarassing, so many ugly white knights sucking jared's dick, saying "heidi was the problem all along! i never believed any accusations against jared, he's such a good man!" or the ones saying "so sorry jared, i believed the accusations but now i see that by looking sad in a video calling everyone liars proves i was wrong and you're innocent, great to have you back" like i'm going to throw up at these absolute retards. brainwashed WKs of holly and jared

No. 859009

She really needs to start showing some text messages or something. If he can make a video lying about her, then shouldn't she be allowed to show proof of his lies?

No. 859010


THat's what I never understood. He claims he asked for a divorce in October but Heidi allegedly said no.

If you want a fucking divorce, FILE THE FUCKING PAPERS! You don't have to ask your spouses permission like a kid asking their parents for the car keys. You're an adult, you don't want to be married to the person anymore, you file the fucking papers and go from there.

No. 859012

File: 1566942156922.jpg (42.21 KB, 798x247, 2019-08-27_17-43-27.jpg)

No. 859013


At this point, though, Jared isn't an innocent bystanders being wooed by Holly. He's an adult and he's now CHOOSING to be as ignorant as is possible.

No. 859014

File: 1566942284925.jpg (17.96 KB, 679x345, u l t r a h o r n y.jpg)

can we take a moment though and ask what in gods name someone needs SEVEN porn blogs for?

No. 859015

I hope Heidi gets out of this ok, she was doing just fine for the most part. Also Jared could have actually continued on as normal, but he just HAD to bring it back up.

No. 859016


They DON'T - unless they're a seriously demented person (or potentially a sex addict, idk)


I think that's why he did it. He knew she'd be busy with DragonCon and was pissed that he and Holly had stopped being the center of attention (the internet got bored and moved on for the most part)

No. 859017

he wants the attention and delusional loyalty of his dumbass subscribers + he wants to make heidi look bad again

No. 859019

File: 1566942565323.png (85.05 KB, 594x744, kMS6TY4.png)

No. 859021

File: 1566942631943.png (2.26 MB, 2048x1328, cancelledvirgin.png)

Your wish is my command

No. 859022


I think he just wanted to have his cake & eat it too. He wanted to keep Heidi around while fucking Holly & other women.

I think this was definitely calculated. Heidi is 'away from home' & at an event where they will be crowds.

Sincerely hoping Heidi doesn't give in & go-off too much, because they're probably chomping at the bit for her to say/write something angry & vindictive so that they can use it as ammo against her in the future.

No. 859024


And he could have, to a degree. He could have fucked literally any other woman and it sounds like Heidi would have been okay with it. She just didn't want it to be Holly as she made it clear that it was just a sexy fling, she harboured very real romantic feelings for Jared.

Homeboy sank his marriage and his career for what has to be the most "eh" worthy puss of all time.

No. 859025

the group i hang with online ate it up. men are idiots.

No. 859028

Find better groups.

No. 859029

File: 1566942883854.jpg (45 KB, 803x249, 2019-08-27_17-55-36.jpg)

No. 859031

reading the comments on his video made me lose braincells. he could've said straight out in the video "yes i made underaged teens send me nudes, yes i cheated on heidi and was abusive" and they'd still all say "silence does not equal guilt! jared shut down all the accusations! our boy is back!"

No. 859033

File: 1566943032654.png (122.66 KB, 584x548, plssubscribe.png)

"Gotta boost those numbers again!
If James Charles can get em all back, so can I!"

No. 859034


Their braindead fans are currently spewing the "HE provided proof while Heidi is just doling out accusations!"

Yeah, you fuckwits. Surprisingly, sometimes spouses have conversations that don't leave evidence other than one spouse saying "hey, this happened"

No. 859035

Also Heidi did have proof and plenty of others provided proof for her when she defended herself in the beginning. Did they just forget that or…?

No. 859037

Selective memory.

No. 859041

That blurred out message stream between Heidi and Jared with the text (can't post this because of the divorce) was especially convincing.

The only "proof" was that Chai and Charlie's claims of culpability on Jared's behalf are mitigated and he maybe asked for one of their ages and they lied about it. Also that they demanded an apology from Jared in the email to GG and not NormalBoots, thus Jared had every right to be provided with their email addresses. He also uses a weak excuse for apologizing by saying "well I didn't remember so might as well" which was a receipt to him engaging sexually with a minor. The minors omitted info is pretty much the only "proof" Projared was able to provide. Chai's mental health was attacked as a "receipt." All in all, it seemed like Jared did engage with Charlie in sexual conversation, but because he asked he thinks he's innocent. I don't know why Jared believes this is so earth shattering. If I tell cop that I didn't know I was speeding, doesn't mean it's not a crime. Apparently Jared, despite this forum repeating it, doesn't understand intent doesn't matter when it comes to minors.

No. 859042

why isnt bird lady screeching

No. 859044

Maybe she's starting to learn

No. 859045


Because she appears to wait until the night hours, when the attention has began to wane, to have her mental breakdowns.


Judging by her recent "cancelled" merch shirt, I doubt it.

No. 859046

Or this could be what she wanted him to say

No. 859047

File: 1566943675977.png (18.44 KB, 588x124, classy.png)

Again, if you knew someone had some issues due to head-trauma (in other words, they're mentally disabled) you'd think the best thing to do is, I dunno, not solicit nudes from them?

No. 859048

File: 1566943694510.jpg (164.32 KB, 857x823, 2019-08-27_18-09-03.jpg)

No. 859049

File: 1566943729062.png (17.58 KB, 302x510, Jerd.PNG)

Just thought I would put this up

No. 859050

File: 1566943745535.jpg (67.81 KB, 367x747, 2019-08-27_18-08-44.jpg)

1/3 flood detection sucks

No. 859053

File: 1566943799497.jpg (66.41 KB, 366x744, 2019-08-27_18-08-49.jpg)


No. 859055


None of that, to me, reads like a dude who was like "I WANT A FUCKING DIVORCE BUT MY WHORE WIFE WON'T GIVE ME ONE!!!"

No. 859056

File: 1566943855925.jpg (63.53 KB, 359x744, 2019-08-27_18-08-54.jpg)

and 3/3.

No. 859058

I'm not even gay, but I want a cute elf wife to talk about yarn, get me quiche and coffee. WHAT THE FUCK, JARED?! I hope you marry that whining wench and your house is filled with bird shit and two dying careers after Grandpa's money runs out.

No. 859060

File: 1566943965071.jpg (93.05 KB, 798x740, 2019-08-27_18-13-37.jpg)

No. 859061

I love that in the 2minutes he skimmed over the info on Holly Ross and Heidi he barely made any eye contact to the camera.

the "bullying" game grumps did that he highlighted was from the soap carving power hour, decided to rewatch. Literally at the end they pretend to call the artist SEAL Arin goes "HI SEAL how's Heidi?!" That's it…dude was married to Heidi Klum. I get that the timing of the upload was around the start of this shitshow and the comments probably went apeshit but it's still such a fucking reach

No. 859062

Exactly. He played her. He wanted to 'keep' her while he went out & had his own 'fun'.

No. 859063

File: 1566944007580.jpg (42.9 KB, 798x236, 2019-08-27_18-14-21.jpg)

No. 859064

leaving his wife on read when she says "I love you". another reason dude is scum of the earth.

No. 859066


Right? Not to mention the part where she was willing to open the marriage and just said "don't fuck this one particular person". Like, that is the fucking dream, Jared and you shat on it for….Hoelly and her Hoard of Animals?


Jesus, seriously? So what, people should just forget all about Seal/Heidi Klum because the Heidis happen to share a name?

What a fucking stretch


Right. Like, even if you hate her, you don't leave an "I love you" on read if you're trying to keep up this illusion of a happy marriage so you can fuck your buddy's wife behind his back.

No. 859068

What meltdown was she referring to?

No. 859070

It's hard to say since Holly has so damn many.

No. 859071


Probably one of the many times when Holly threatened to kill herself if Jared didn't leave Heidi

Plus, IIRC, there were screenshots of Holly's twitter in December where she got super drunk and talked about a friend being in a shit relationship - and it's pretty clear she was talking about Jared.

No. 859073

Kinda crazy how Holly and Jared like to spout on about how Jared is an abuse victim but they continue to show zero evidence of it. Instead we see a woman trying to save her marriage and express how having her husband close to his deranged mentally ill buzzard mistress makes her sad. She expresses this in a concise and calm manner. What a monster.

No. 859074

maybe this one, someone found it a couple threads ago and it's most definitely about jared and heidi.
bro it's kinda cringe to obviously subtweet a marriage you're homewrecking to the point where the woman you're fucking over notices and has to babytalk her cheating, emotionally stunted husband

No. 859076

File: 1566944448291.png (21.12 KB, 586x235, jared whiteknight.png)


interesting how many tweeters on Team Jared/Holly have 0 followers and are following 0 accounts.

No. 859077

forgot to link this one too >>836935

No. 859079

File: 1566944529392.jpeg (610.31 KB, 1430x1036, B11CC907-8A7D-4E23-9721-CE6C21…)

Jared’s so fucking scummy

No. 859082

File: 1566944626008.png (73.95 KB, 604x367, Capture d’écran 2019-08-28 à…)

not much left of her tweets from then but maybe tangential to one of these?

No. 859083

File: 1566944663736.png (37.74 KB, 606x144, Capture d’écran 2019-08-28 à…)

No. 859084

Kek. Remember anons saying this was exactly what he was doing when Holly said "HE DIDN'T EVEN WEAR HIS RING." Someone posted a pic of him and Aries with his ring on and she said it was an old pic, but the timeline matched up because of the caption about Aries quarantine?

No. 859086


This bitch went into the mental health hospital in like May (I think). She didn't do mental health mondays like two weeks ago because her mental health was off.

What does she now own?

A bunch of fucking chickens.

No. 859087

File: 1566944773344.png (405.5 KB, 607x447, Capture d’écran 2019-08-28 à…)

No. 859089

For once listen to your brain.

No. 859090

That wasn't even him, it was some random WK who said that based on nothing

No. 859092

Men don't deserve women, he certainly doesn't deserve anyone.

No. 859094


I won't go so far as to say she isn't worthy of love, but I don't think she's going to find what she's looking for with Jared - not when it's starting off on a lie and continues with her threatening to kill herself whenever the world doesn't immediately bend to her will.

No. 859096

I think she's perfect with Jared. She got her man. Her sex addicted, lying, ugly looking, dead career of a man.

No. 859097

Agreed. Heidi is a catch. Imagine having a creative-as-fuck, smart, and supportive elf wife and deciding to fuck it all up with underaged nudes and filth you found on the side of the road

No. 859100

I really don't care if she finds love or not, but until she stops trying to ruin the relationships of others because she's miserable, I hope she never finds it because she doesn't deserve it at the moment.

Exactly. She wanted what Heidi had and now she has it. Enjoy the mental mind fucks and cheating, Holly.

No. 859102


Valid. I'm still waiting for Holly's inevitable mental breakdown, verbal diarrhea fest when Jared does the same thing to her that she helped him do to Heidi.

No. 859105

But first Jared needs to get popular again so he can start fishing for more "clout" chasers to have affairs with.

No. 859107

Big fan of the number of people on twitter, screaming "There's nothing but hate on twitter, but positivity in the comments of the YT video!"

Yeah. Because Jared can delete comments off of his YT video, but not tweets off of other people's twitters. He WANTS it to look positive, not full of the truth that he's a disgusting troll who would rather fuck a piece of roadkill instead of his understanding, attentive wife.

No. 859108

File: 1566945702844.png (17.49 KB, 596x168, G5jeCuK.png)

I wish he'd elaborate on how jared was an ass to his friends

No. 859110


Probably just giving them the stinkeye. A while back, a fan came out and said that they saw Heidi and Jared at a con and went up to say Hi to Heidi, but Jared gave them the fucking stinkeye the entire time and made them feel like shit for not talking to him instead.

No. 859112

Gotta love how everyone keeps talking about who 'won' & who 'lost'

…Everyone fucking lost in this situation.

No. 859115

Exactly. There really are no winners. The whole situation is just hilariously awful.

I find it entertaining but it's pathetic how they can't just let it go.

No. 859116

Wow, it's almost like they exist only to "Spread the word"

No. 859117

Who's talking about who won and lost?

tbh i'd say Heidi won by virtue of no longer being in a relationship with a creepy, unfaithful and emotionally unavailable man lol

No. 859118

How are they going to let it go when they're in the midst of a divorce and Jared and Holly's careers are in the garbage. I mean, I don't mean to defend their actions, but the desperation is understandable. It's mostly the audacity of the things Holly and Jared do such as victim blaming and presenting themselves as angels when clearly they've done fucked up things.

No. 859119


The desperation ISN'T understandable when this is a shitshow of their own making. They could have kept it in their fucking pants until their respective divorces were final and then there would've just been the nudes scandal to deal with (if that had even blown up).

You don't get to be a fucking moron and then go "But omg you guyz, I'm so panicked right now!" when YOU are the reason that the situation is so bad.

Jared had, for all accounts and purposes, let it go - but decided to come back and post a 42 MINUTE video months later. Why? He could have NOT posted the video and just slowly got back into streaming and rebuilding a fanbase. Instead, he has this stupid "I'm innocent, Chai is a fucking nutjob!" video while letting people continue to call Heidi a whore (lookin' at you, Keemstar).

No. 859122

I like how he, Holly, & their stans talk endlessly about 'mental health' while they deem Chai is dishonest because they have a mental disability…

No. 859124


Personally, I like that he keeps saying that you can't trust what Chai is saying because they admitted they couldn't remember things due to the health issue at the time - but then repeatedly talks about "I don't remember that" or "I don't remember saying that"

So, it's fine for you to not explicitly remember shit, but not anyone else??

No. 859125

She definitely needs to enforce her side. I mean, people still slandering Jared for enforcing his story, but heidi seemingly can do no wrong or mayhaps even be lying about some things? She's more than welcome to. If she had a court order, he's clearly not following it, so she shouldn't have to follow it either.

No. 859127

Well that was what I was trying to say…mostly. I was mostly referring to trying to defend yourself, not HOW THEY DID IT.

Jared is kind of hilarious when he tries to defend himself, only by making himself into more of a piece of shit. Heidi would have kept this under wraps if he didn't block her and release that one sided statement. Holly was absolutely prime milk with Etika's suicide, so yeah they're destroying themselves. I feel bad for Heidi because she's been the only one with real human emotions that include blaming herself, recognizing the abuse she went through and her attempts to clarifying Jared's backtracking.

No. 859129

Even though I was expecting it, it's disheartening to see people defend Jared all of the sudden again. MRA's are eating this shit up because this just proves all women are filthy fame hungry sluts in their eyes.

No. 859130

it'so so fucking pathetic, this happens every time. it's like if a guy takes the time to film a video after avoiding talking about anything for weeks/months then it automatically means he did no wrong, has nothing to be ashamed of, and he deserves to be worshiped again.

No. 859132

She HAS lied about some things. They all have. I honestly don't trust any of them and the constant need for everyone to keep 'telling their side of the story' has only made things more of a mess. I agree that it would make the most sense for all of them to shut up and focus on the divorce but that's never going to happen.

Again, I'm having fun watching the trainwreck but I don't see how people are picking sides and declaring anyone the winner.

No. 859133

Do people even know what the term gaslighting is it another term lost in the annals of history thanks to idiots over misusing it? If Chai and Charlie were in the right they wouldn't have deleted their tweets nor protected their twitter especially after the video came out.

I'm not protecting or even on Jared's side, but the evidence is linking the two events in that JUST MAYBE Chai was misremembering because of that? It's no different than someone saying "you were in a coma for 9 months, there's no way you could have done xyz to/with me while you were in said coma."

He even posted the chat that DISPROVES the claim of: "Jared knew I was underage!" by the same person saying: "I am 18!" when Jared asked for confirmation.

"Why didn't you get IDs!" Do you ask everyone online for your fucking ID with your INFORMATION that can be used to locate you? Even Facebook's shady self removed auto location and tagging chats with "sent from (exact location)" for a reason.

If posting proof is gaslighting, then sure. All in all, we now heard both sides of the story.

No. 859134

It's funny, because what he's doing in this video is repeating the same exact shit his stans have been doing for the past 2-3 months

Holly is going to lord this over him when he gets sick & tired of her.

No. 859135

Step one would be not wanting nudes from anyone who looks young and says they're ttly 18. I have 0 sympathy for him nor do I believe him at all. He's just another gross guy.

No. 859138

yass jenny drag his ass

No. 859139

Funnily enough, women do this all the time and everyone falls for it. It's like a no win situation for dudes lol. He finally breaks silence, even has solid evidence, people are too busy shitting on him FOR providing evidence.

He's still a pos at the end of the day, but it's like he's damned if he do, damned if he don't because everyone already decided to protect the damsel in distress.(maleposting)

No. 859140

scrote detected. nobody is saying he had zero evidence, but it's obvious he had no evidence actually proving he did ~uwu nothing wrong and the evil whore women lied about everything~ like you are implying despite your little blip about "but uh he's still a piece of shit guys i'm not a WK!! at the end lol.

No. 859142

"Who was there for you when your carreer almost DIED???
Who organized an entire Discord server to gather evidence in your favor???"

Guarantee history will repeat itself when it comes to Jared & Holly. She's the 'cool gf' who's okay with his infidelity now (since it benefits her image like it once did for Heidi) but he'll get tired of her & become interested in someone she disapproves of.

No. 859143

Go back to PJ2

No. 859148

I honestly can't wait for the implosion when this happens to Holly. Shes going to be so fucking mad when all these dudes are on pedojared side when he cheats on her and uses her, and drag her ass up and down twitter. She'll have no one to blame but herself.

No. 859150

what are you talking about? Sage for being very OT, but Laura Lee got dragged to hell and back quite some time ago for her shitty apology video. A lot of people get brutally mocked for shitty apology videos, what's happened to Jared isn't unique, and it's certainly not because of him being a man.

No. 859151

File: 1566948748099.jpeg (184.86 KB, 750x1334, 1558196759345.jpeg)

>I don't have any memory of me ever talking to this person
>even though I've apologized to them
nice try jared

No. 859154


I don’t know if having mostly MRA guys supporting you is a good look

No. 859161

I mean, to be fair people jumped on the hate train without even hearing both sides of the story lol. It's like rape cases and all the (actually innocent people) accused of rape getting tossed into jail because of situations like that.

The only thing I agree with Jared on is the Chai/Charlie stuff is extremely sus.(ban evasion)

No. 859162

okay scrote we get it

No. 859164


>If Chai and Charlie were in the right they wouldn't have deleted their tweets nor protected their twitter especially after the video came out.

Okay, PJ2 stan. People delete shit all of the time. Judging by the way Jared's stans are currently attacking Heidi all over again, I'm inclined to believe that Chai/Charlie might have deleted the posts and hid away because of the torrent of hate they've been getting - not to mention the fact that because they are trans, they are continuously getting their identity invalidated by a bunch of pedo apologists. The heat of the public eye is intense, I don't blame them for panicking and backing away.

> "Do you ask everyone online for your fucking ID with your INFORMATION that can be used to locate you?"

If I'm going to send nudes and potentially expose myself to child pornography allegations, yes. It is absolutely a hassle to verify age - but it's also a hassle to be branded a Pedophile for the rest of your time online (right or not, allegations like this follow you)

> "If posting proof is gaslighting, then sure"

No, continuously pretending like things that happened or were said were actually NOT done/said and everyone reacting to them is just overreacting or making it up? - THAT is gaslighting.

No. 859165

>"to be fair"
>hate train
>comparing this idiotic z-list celebrity trashfire to "actually innocent people accused of rape getting tossed into jail"
can you fuck off already

No. 859166

It's nothing like a rape case and to make that kind of a reach makes you look like a newfag.

No. 859168


> "It's like a no win situation for dudes lol"

I bet you're also one of those guys who bitches about the "Me too" movement, aren't you?

> "everyone already decided to protect the damsel in distress"

I pick the emotionally abused wife over the cheating pedophile every time. Fuck me, amirite?


Exactly. She's chill with him cheating as long as she thinks she's the head bitch in charge - but the minute he bails for his latest fling? Ooooh lord, she'll end up back in the hospital again - guaranteed.

No. 859170


Something you made me realize

Jared and holly have deleted tweets and twitch videos

By that persons logic if they were in the right then they wouldn’t need to delete things as well

No. 859173

File: 1566950006058.png (127.3 KB, 1332x905, Screenshot_17.png)

No. 859175

File: 1566950098998.png (171.1 KB, 539x517, Screenshot_230.png)

Someone on kiwifarms had screenshots from Charlie's twitter (1/2)

No. 859176

File: 1566950127283.png (165.19 KB, 525x509, Screenshot_231.png)

Charlie's twitter (2/2)

No. 859178

Proturd's about to go into hiding until Groundhog's Day if Charlie comes back with receipts.

No. 859179

No such thing as a "laughable" case, especially if potential child pornography is involved at any point.

No. 859180


And Holly locked her account the very moment shit got real

No. 859182

laughable on Jared's side if there's no way to defend him and/or his actions

No. 859183

can you read? jared's defense is the side that's laughable.

No. 859184

Honestly the argument of Charlie and Chai accusing Jared in order to gain clout makes no sense, whatsoever. They would have to risk being harassed, and possibly even receive death threats or doxxing threats from hordes of PJ stans and MRA randos. On top of that, they could have possibly been sued by Jared for something like defamation, idk. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't see how they had anything to personally gain from outing Jared

No. 859185



For a grown ass adult (Jared/Hoelly) to pull the "They're just haters!!" card is honestly disgusting.

No. 859187

They don't, the clout chasing makes no sense. He's so far up his own ass that he thinks he's so amazing that people just want to latch on to his fame. Many people don't even know who the hell he is and he looks as hideous as his cock. If he tried to sue them for being "clout chasers" or the like, then I can see why the lawyers laughed at him.

No. 859188

Jared literally made a 42 minute video explaining nothing. Like >>859184 says, it just seems ridiculous to aim for Chai/Charlie and what other female he brought up. Maybe you didnt remember because you were drinking? Smoking? Tired? Went through so many DMs they just don't register?

He also didn't show whole conversations for his tumblr so it seems weird to make a argument when you cant even provide evidence the way YOU want it .

No. 859189

I mean, they're kids. Kids are fucking dumb and don't always think their actions through. It seems entirely within the realm of possibility to me.

It does make me wonder how he never realized these were kids when messaging them, though. What kind of actual adults talk like they do? That really should have been a red flag.

No. 859191

That's not even a good defense. Can you imagine someone using that in court? "I didn't kill them, I didn't even know them…Oh the messages? I don't remember those messages so must not be real."

No. 859194


Nobody - not even a stupid teenager - is going to continuously deal with death threats, rape threats, violent threats just for 15 minutes of fame. There's plenty of other shit they could've done to get clout, if that's what they were really after.

No. 859200


Well techincally that did happen with “I don’t recall”

No. 859201

Aren't Charlie and Chai each about 19 years old? And they seem to have been active tumblr users in the past, and use twitter regularly? Trust me, I think they knew about people receiving death threats for this kind of stuff online. They probably knew the risks of outing him.

No. 859202

The argument makes even less sense considering the fact that Chai and Charlie contacted people close to Jared and NormalBoots privately a month before it ever becoming public.

Not to mention that Jared was also aware of them doing this before it was public, so if he was telling the truth, he could have had this all dealt with and it never reaching public ears.

No. 859203

>how he never realized these were kids when messaging them
>implying he didn't know

oh you.

No. 859208

I like how he dragged Ross & GG into it. That's not one, but two parties who wished to be kept out of it.

No. 859210


It'd be fucking hilarious if NormalBoots slapped him with some kind of lawsuit, especially if they had him sign some kind of non-disclosure/non-disparagement agreement upon him "leaving" the normalboots team.

No. 859211

Total sleeze, I really hope Ross gets his ass, even if it's in private

No. 859217

unlikely. jared is still chummy af with all of normalboots (says so himself). the completionist refollowed him recently, probably because he knew jared was working on a comeback and was promised his buddy's name would be cleared soon so he could safely re-associate. they're all scummy. inb4 they come forward in support if they haven't already.

No. 859218

Seems like canceled culture is about to get canceled.

No. 859220


> "says so himself"

Right, because who's going to want to publicly admit that their fucked up life choices lead every single one of their friends and coworkers to back away with their hands up?

> "the completionist refollowed him recently"

So? I follow Hoelly on twitter - It doesn't mean I want to be friends with her or think she's anything but a bottom feeding piece of trailer trash who will eat her just deserts some day soon.

The company (NormalBoots) will put the company's reputation above any guise of friendship with PedoDick each and every time.

No. 859221

Yuck. Jared’s video is getting quite a bit of support on reddit. I’m honestly disappointed.

No. 859226

File: 1566952931376.png (15.35 KB, 576x154, thread.png)

Someone summed up the video on twitter:

No. 859229

The ProJared stans are apparently going back after Pamela Horton again (In between bouts of attacking Heidi, that is)

How'd that "Leave Heidi alone!" line work out for you again, ProPrick?

No. 859230

That doesn't even make sense.

No. 859231

File: 1566953397208.png (1.62 MB, 1536x2048, 6C6DA4CC-98BD-4336-A072-9A9D3D…)

This is perfect

No. 859236

Jared’s finally pointing out the obvious: tranny faggots are mentally ill and are not to be trusted.(go back to gender crit)

No. 859238


>How'd that "Leave Heidi alone!" line work out for you again, ProPrick?

Just as affective as when Holly said it right before accusing Heidi of being abusive & liking tweets about Heidi 'possibly' having BPD.

It's just a coverup; "Well I told people not to harass them but… (SHRUGS) It's the internet!"

No. 859239


Fucking yikes, my guy.

Go back to KiwiFarms.

No. 859245

Why people acting like he couldn't ask for ID, he still abused his power and a minor lying about their age is nothing new, people need to stop pretending like this is a new thing. People so quick to think with their dicks/vagina, it won't kill you to ask for fucking proof and if they don't wanna send ID then don't pursue.
It's simple

No. 859248

Im genuinely so fucking amazed at all the twitter posts about Jared "totally proving" his innocence and debunking everything.
All he really said was one of his accusers is lying cus they received a brain injury and couldn't remember well at the time and then goes on claiming everything didn't happen because he can't remember it happening, is everyone watching the same video?

No. 859249


The only people who actually believe that steaming pile of dog crap are the people who already believed he was innocent of being a literal human port-a-potty. It's not like that video suddenly swayed anyone to his side.

No. 859255

reminds me of the slazo thing a couple months back, he actually posted screenshots proving what the girl said was true by acident (about her being uncomfortable from him touching her etc) in the video and yet all the scrote WKs buy it up.

No. 859262

Went back to read through ProPedo's initial statements. Here's a few that just….they grab ya

> "This is all I plan on stating publically regarding this matter"

-puts out a statement one week later, and another 3 1/2 months later-

> "Heidi's privacy, mental wellbeing"

-fucks her then-friend while each person is still married to someone else-

> "discretion has always been and will remain my highest priority through all of this"

-sends dick pics to anyone with a pulse-

> "I don't want to further stoke the fires of what should be a private matter between us"

-Proceeds to post an over 40 minute long video 3 1/2 months later-

No. 859265

File: 1566955934402.png (250.88 KB, 588x428, cmonguiz.png)


No. 859266

Jared and Holly's show … with some other people

No. 859267

File: 1566956158517.jpeg (449.6 KB, 1240x630, 9B75B622-4CE6-4C88-BF74-A230A1…)


No. 859269

I think it says something that Heidi's friends have no problem coming out and publicly supporting her - but all Jared has is Hoelly and Keemstar who repeatedly calls Heidi a whore (even though Jared was the one fucking around behind his wife and friends' backs)

No. 859271


Jared "Do not attack Heidi."

Keemstar: (Calls Heidi a whore)

Jared: "Hey, it's all good, man!"

No. 859272

I've sat and watched a man get sentenced n a court for fucking a 15yo who told him she was 19. It makes no difference. Kids lie to seem cooler to adults who are coming onto them and they're no more responsible fo that then they are for giving their legal consent.

That's the loophole every pedo is looking for, including all of Jared's fanbase, but it's not valid at all.

Jared's 100% narc, don't get caught up in his facile arguments, they're not "logic" they're narc-logic. He's probably doing this now since he's ascertained no charges have been filed by anyone and he feels legally in he clear to attack and say whatever untrue shit he wants. Onision does all the exact same shit "well I've never ben ARRESTED for x, therefore…"

No. 859273


All he's doing is giving Chai/Charlie grounds to go after him for defamation. They can prove he received/saw/enjoyed (yuck) photos of a minor. He cannot prove that they are untrustworthy by calling them crazy and talking about them being psychotic or what the fuck ever.

No. 859276

Please do. He's clearly been emboldened by his enabling fanbase.

No. 859278

>shit like this is why MRAs arent bad

fuck men and their overprivileged asses. Jared could have committed murder and they would have defended him and somehow pinned it on Heidi not putting out or some bullshit. this is so horrible. No justice will be served

No. 859279

File: 1566957676500.png (233.24 KB, 670x670, SCROTEBGONE.png)

Unfortunately, in the court of public opinion (which is so far as deep as this has gotten aside from the fairly standard divorce proceedings) it doesn't matter if he has proof or not. Certain types of people were chomping at the bit for a reason to back him and denounce all his accusers, and this is more than enough for them to get riled up again. I really do hope Charlie and/or Chai respond with real-world consequences for Jared regarding this.

Also, seems like this thread could use a few of these babies. Take one down, pass it around.

No. 859280

K but minors literally don't know any better and will still do that shit even if you tell them not to, we have a whole different justice system for a reason. Many don't understand how severe their actions will cost them and anyone around them due to the common sense part of their brain isn't fully developed even if you try to tell them, until they get in trouble with the law or get someone else in trouble ofc.
Now, this doesn't make it right to lie, and yes, they shouldn't do it. But it's still gonna happen which is why you take precautions to avoid being lied to by a damn kid, and kids still will never understand the full consequence to their actions(not just with lying about their age but with everything) until they face the said consequence.
Which is why, parents should check their kid's social media, not go overboard but make sure they aren't being little shits

No. 859282

Exactly. the fact that he lets someone as scummy as keemcrust call Heidi sexist slurs says it all about him.

No. 859283

If anything all this video proves is that he didn't knowingly fuck with minors. It also proves how insanely fucking stupid he is for starting a nudes blog in the first place with no way to vet who is a minor and who is not, and leaving himself wide open for legal issues because he couldn't keep his wormdick in his pants for 5 seconds.

Also did he seriously cry about being hacked? For real? Everyone knows that's the oldest trick in the book to avoid responsibility. What a fucking idiot.

No. 859284

I feel for Heidi. my heart breaks for her because so many women go through this. it's even worse because prowormdick is popular in the gaming community, and we all know it's a toxic ass place for women. He is absolute garbage for doing this to a woman he was married to and supposed to love. you dont treat people this way.

No. 859288

All I can say now is watch Jared's actions closely.

No. 859293

Heidi is so sweet wtf, why did he even leave her for Holly's crazy-ass????????

No. 859295

Probably wanted something more 'exciting'

No. 859297

File: 1566959001719.png (100.1 KB, 720x521, 20190827_222325.png)

I am with this guy.

No. 859299

He was fucking a bunch of women indiscriminately. I think it's safe to say he values quantity over quality.

No. 859300


Because that’s what Narcs do - they think about what makes THEM happy, everyone else be damned

Jared and Holly are both Narcs that deserve each other

No. 859302

Like >>859299 said, only he didn't expect birdbitch to catch feelings and then threaten to kill herself over it. He's locked in now so his only options are to either double down on it (like he's doing) or to ghost her (which he probably wants to avoid because I'm CERTAIN she has plenty of dirt on him and this situation).

No. 859304

I brought this up Jared's video to a group of people and one guy really tried to defend ProJared by bringing up the whole 'cancel culture' thing. His MRA and incel-adjacent fans are really taking PJ's word for it. Sad but predictable.

Well both Jared and Holly are awful people. Like attracts like. That's just common sense, anon.


I can also see this happening. Judging from her tweets, this situation is really affecting Heidi (and justifiably so) and many of the statements he made in the video seem like they're baiting her.

No. 859305

even if they did that, the proof would just be the final nail in the coffin for both of their careers. they don't need money, they need the validation of their fanbase again.

No. 859306

I remember when he was hacked and he acted like it was nothing. He ignored it for a while even
He got it back and posted about how it was stupid.

No. 859307

File: 1566959499989.jpg (65.17 KB, 800x800, asuka laughing.jpg)

Insane Heidifags BTFO. What are you niggers going to do when he rapes her in court?

No. 859308

No. 859309

oh god the delusional jared loving scrote found lolcow

No. 859310

File: 1566959896737.jpg (150.45 KB, 550x450, asuka blue background.jpg)

Shall I link the thread to his subreddit?

No. 859311

File: 1566960067447.jpg (37.03 KB, 279x304, asuka maga 02.jpg)

Be a real shame if you folks had a real debate in your echo chamber, wouldn't it?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 859314


Do you think this is some secret? Your ultimate victory is achieved sensei, how will we contend with FaCTs aNd lOgiC.

No. 859315

this is shitty bait because everyone knows the only echo chamber is pedojared's comment section and his faggoty subreddit kek

No. 859316

File: 1566960199617.jpeg (57.92 KB, 811x561, EE7A19ED-2873-4BD2-9C1E-426EDC…)

No. 859317


Here to support ProJared the self-proclaimed 'Male Feminist' I see.

No. 859320

>implying they don't already read and post here

No. 859323

Jirard and Peanutbuttergamer started following Pedojared on twitter again… after all that backlash why would they even want to bother supporting him?

No. 859326

Peanutbuttergamer is the king of flipflops. Openly calling out Heidi, backtracking with a big apology, then backtracking the backtrack.
No matter what side you're on I don't see why anyone would listen to him.

No. 859328


Ignoring the obvious WK bait. This screenshot especially breaks my heart with how short and dismissive his answers are.

If Jared was worried about his demographics in 2017 being skewed more male, he'll be hyped for this new crowd of pedo-apologist, incel boys. What a gross, degenerate person.

No. 859329

It's pretty likely that more information will keep coming out from other parties about this. Pretty foolish to jump back on board so fast.

No. 859331

It's very true about flip flopping on pbg's part, but wasn't Jirard one of the first normalboots members to publicly call out what Jared did in the first place? Either way they're going to catch more issues associating with Jared than not, oh well I guess.

No. 859332

You can literally cross out your address on your fucking ID, I do that all the damn time if I wanna get into a NSFW chat and the mod makes me send proof.
It ain't that hard, y'all really just don't wanna confirm someone's ages do you? Better to be safe than to fuck around and catch a case. May I remind you that the law doesn't give a shit if you were lied to? They'll still put you on the sex offender list, that has happened time and time again and y'all still wanna run around and not be 100% sure about someone's age.

No. 859333

I feel too many people are just looking for a side to jump on. Every time new info comes out on either side - jump on that wagon.

No. 859334

PBG is such a piece of shit. And isn't Jirard close to Ross?

No. 859336

i agree with this because jared had multiple (7 right??) fucking porn blogs and he had tons of subs and "fans" if you want to call them that, any decent guy would know better in that type of situation to be careful. it's so obvious he's just a horny selfish cunt and regardless he cheated on his wife after refusing to seperate and yada yada so

No. 859339

Exactly, especially having your youtube persona connected to your NSFW blog. Doing that is just asking for trouble.

No. 859341

When new information defaming Jared comes out, they'll run back to Heidi. And then when information defaming Heidi comes out, they'll run back to Jared. It keeps happening.

No. 859342

Exactly. The worst case scenario when you ask for ID is the person doesn't want to and won't send nudes. The worst case scenario when you don't ask for ID is you receive nudes from minors.

No. 859343

I'll never get over how he called his "body positivity" blog "sinjared." Such a painfully dumb cunt. Even if he didn't mean to chat up minors/was lied to, he didn't take ANY precautions whatsoever and deserves the legal ramifications. All the thinking he does is with his nasty little wormdick.

No. 859345

The fact people are really going in so hard with justifying not being able to be 100% sure that who you're messing with isn't underage is astonishing to me, then y'all wonder why y'all about to catch a damn case smh

No. 859347


That’s what I’m saying. He could have just ran the blog anonymously - instead, he linked his name to it because he KNEW it would get more people to send their nudes

No. 859348

Yeah I'm confused about Jirard too. His co-host Alex supports Heidi and Jirard has been with Ross on stream and such since Mario Maker 2 came out
I'm hoping it's simply to have contact and discuss legal things pertaining to Normal Boots

No. 859349

I honestly feel like Ross should just make a statement at this point. I know he doesn't want to and has the right to stay quiet about it, but people are going keep dragging him into it regardless.

In the video Jared said that Ross was 100% fine with everything - but that Ross was the one who broke things off, BEFORE Holly and Jared had sex - yet Holly is the one who filed the paperwork for divorce, and Ross refuses to cooperate with the proceedings? Something does not add up.

No. 859351

I honestly feel like Ross plans to ignore this all until it goes away. Unfortunately everyone and their mother wants to drag him back and speak for him.

No. 859353

I feel like that'll happen too, I feel for him because everyone just keeps talking about him and will continue to do so because he won't speak up.

No. 859355


That's the double-edged sword of silence. No one can use your words against you, but everyone can (and many will) speak for you.

No. 859357

Damned if he says anything, damned if he doesn't.

No. 859358

I can't say for sure because I didn't bother watching his sorry excuse for a video but I've been seeing that he mentions Jirard supporting him and that he cosigns that it's all lies.

No. 859359

If Ross was the one who dumped Holly then why won't he sign the divorce papers? That doesn't make sense.

No. 859363

Not entirely true. He just said Jirard and a person who chose to remain anonymous were present when they were looking at photos of Pamela Horton, along with a guy who used to be on Smosh Games. Pamela wasn't present, but instead of them passing around pictures of her playboy days, they were just looking at picture of her cosplaying as Bayonetta, for a promo for Bayonetta 2. Jared got all excited because he saw her in person wearing that same cosplay a bit before. He implies that the guy from Smosh Games was spreading lies to Pamela. They work together on ToasterGhost currently and I have no idea if they did then.

No. 859365


I feel like if Ross did leave Holly, it was probably after months of being severely emotionally abused and manipulated by her. He was living with a wife who openly admitted she didn't want him sexually and only had feelings for another man. She was probably happy to string him along for as long as possible so she would publicly reap the benefits of being his wife. Like she pushed him to the brink where he finally told her he couldn't handle in anymore. Then she gets to go to all her friends and play victim about how Ross left her.

No. 859368


The only "sorry" I even remember throughout the entire video was a "I'm sorry you feel this way" which was in reference to anyone who thinks it's shitty that he abused the youtuber/fan power dynamic. "Sorry you feel this way" apologies are incredibly manipulative. This entire video was INCREDIBLY manipulative; even if some of the info disproves his was willfully ignorant of those two accuser's ages. Even the title of the video "YOU WERE LIED TO" is SO manipulative. It puts the viewer into a defensive mindset so that THEY feel they were ALSO slighted by the accusers.

The most grotesque part of the whole video though was when (towards the end) he said something along the lines of "if you're one of the people who believed any of these lies… just know… I forgive you."

HOLY SHIT. That's the grossest fucking thing I've seen in this whole ordeal. The single most MANIPULATIVE and NARCISSISTIC thing that has come from this whole thing. Holy shit. I am still reeling from the arrogance.

No. 859369

>"I'm sorry you feel this way"

Ah, the Channel Awesome defense. Fitting, seeing as how they did a shitty job of dealing with someone who did similar things, and they were hoping to bring him back.

No. 859371

oh i don't fucking believe this went down while i was asleep lmfao
i was a long-time fan of jared's, then i was super heartbroken when he was outed to be a fucking creep, and now i don't think i can hate him any more than i currently do.
>blames children for being enabled to send their idol nudes
>blames his wife for expecting a normal relationship from her husband
>blames the internet for siding with the people who will take years to move on from this

oh jared. fuck you, fuck you so much

i can't, with jirard. i remember how he got so triggered by "jared's actions" that he had to legitimately go donate to a charity or something to calm himself down. now he's back to being buddy-buddy with him? i could have believed PBG being a complete moron, but these neckbeards are all the same lmfao

No. 859375

I doubt Jirard will be his buddy if other evidence comes out making Jared look bad, but PBG on the other hand…

No. 859376

File: 1566965594744.png (353.03 KB, 1217x693, f3j8smgjh1j31.png)

THIS is what has the whole internet swayed? THIS proof that jared 100% fully and completely made certain he wasn't unwittingly asking for any kiddie porn?

(didn't see these posted upstream anywhere)

No. 859377

I can't imagine how many teens lied about their age and sent him nudes. Anything to get attention from their favorite content creators! He is a sick motherfucker.

No. 859381

Lord, is he really this dumb? never IDed any of them. they're stupid idiots for sending nudes, but if he is asking as a public figure esp, it takes 3 mins to snap a pic of your id.

No. 859382

They're both gross to be honest.

No. 859383


Probably a lot more than just Chai/Charlie; I did similar about a thousand years ago when I was still a minor, not quite realizing what kind of awful legal situation I was putting the dude in. Teens do all sorts of stupid shit because they don't have the werewithal to understand what they're doing or to really think about the future.


That's the thing - They're all saying "But they could be doxxed if they released their id!"

Well, for one, if Jared was the only one who saw the picture of their ID (and actually deleted it upon verification), the chances of them getting doxxed are actually pretty low. Plus, like another anon said, they could blur their address and ID number out.

No. 859385

oh yeah, i love the logic that jared is trustworthy enough to be send naked pictures of oneself to, but not enough to send a fucking ID with important info blurred. amazing.
and this is the logic of jared himself who never asked for an ID for his vomit-inducing porn blog, and it's the logic of WKs who think the matter was under the control of the teenagers in the situation

i'm still seething that nowhere in the entire video does he even say "i was a horrible person for having seven fucking porn blogs where i invited vulnerable fans to submit naked pictures of themselves" while everyone's patting him on the back for being a fucking hero as if having a fucking fan porn blog is a genius idea in the first place.

No. 859386

Why do I have the feeling we're gonna have another JewWario situation a couple years from now?

No. 859387

You mean you think ProJared's gonna kill himself? Honestly wouldn't care if that happened. Any grown man who treats women and underage people like shit doesn't deserve my sympathy.

No. 859388

From the conversation it seems that Jared only asked for their age after they had agreed to send nudes.

No. 859389

I assume they mean the fact that it came out that JewWario was a rapist. If that's the case with Jared, hopefully it ends the same way.

No. 859390


He'd die doing something ordinary (like a fucking car crash or something) and Hoelly would make it a big public specticle and declare his death to be due to Cancel Culture


That's what I thought, too - like it was a moment of "Oh shit, lemme just check - Well, they SAID they were 18, so let me go ahead and send my weird dick pics"

No. 859393

…Don't forget that he treats disabled people like shit too.

No. 859396

Jared's video was just a bunch of blame shifting bullshit. I can't wait for more future milk with this male Momo and his birdshit home wrecker.

No. 859399


I'm still waiting for Miss UWU BIRD MOM to lose her shit - It's officially nighttime when she apparently thinks no one will be online to witness her public tantrum (as shown by the fact most of her previous breakdowns were at night)

She'll either lose her shit publicly or she'll pretend like the video didn't happen (beyond her initial retweet)

No. 859400

File: 1566968513217.png (514.99 KB, 678x1240, i KNOW she will threaten suici…)

voiceover: i have texts between myself and a professional third party well aware of the entire situation that shows i was trying to end it around that time

i want to know what kind of marriage counselor/therapist/whatever will tell ONE person in the situation about the OTHER person that they're going to threaten to commit suicide. is this plausible in any way? or is it just far more likely this is a text conversation between jared and someone like… holly?

No. 859402

So you were trying to keep her in the relationship while telling everyone else that she was 'making' you stay…

No. 859403

Any professional at least a lawyer, or medical professional will urge you to call the police if anyone threatens suicide.

No. 859404

What kind of "professional" is this supposed to be? Couldn't be a therapist or counselor, because therapy sessions don't happen via texts, not to mention that nothing that the other person is saying is the kind of thing a mental health professional should ever be saying in the first place.

Best guess, by "professional" Jared means "this is my personal friend who believes everything I say and they're also technically a professional at something so I can try and use that as validation for bullshit", but that's all I got.

No. 859406

Again, probably the same 'professional' that called Heidi 'unfixable' according to Holly…

No. 859407

This is not what a therapist sounds like via text lmao.

>I know she will threaten to commit suicide

>I want to help but don't know how

This is him larping with himself, I can almost guarantee it.

Yes, they would. Even if the therapist believed it was a fake threat, they would still urge you to call the cops.

Some therapists will allow you to text them between sessions, but they will never ask you out of the blue, and they wouldn't talk like this at all. It would only be in case of an emergency or a question about your meds etc. A therapist is supposed to be objective, not making assumptions about someone they don't know at all threatening suicide.

No. 859408

looking at Jared's socialblade makes me want to vomit. I would say I'm surprised, but not really. I'm guessing most of his new subscribers are from MRA aligned communities. In any case, I sincerely doubt he'll come back to the general public's good graces.

also does anyone know what Jared's political leanings are? I imagine he's a milquetoast Seattle liberal. From what I've seen, men's rights types tend to be very right leaning. If he ever expresses any moderately left leaning talking point, I'm guessing his new fanbase will turn on him and call him a soy boy cuckold.

so i really hope jared enjoys this new fanbase he's attracted

No. 859409

Jared's a PC-friendly liberal.
The complete opposite of his new following

No. 859410


If the professional feels that the person (in this case, Heidi) is an immediate danger to themselves, they can do what's called a 51/50 - which is an emergency admittance to the hospital on a psych hold.

No. 859411


Yeah, he likes his new followers for the immediate support, but the minute he speaks out in a liberal fashion, they'll turn on him too. That's not exactly the crowd I'd want supporting me.

No. 859413

he's very, very much into political correctness in that he would stop playing during streams/videos to comment on stuff going on in the game etc.
he would also always make a big deal about appearing sex-positive/feminist etc on videos that featured female/trans characters, which would be super weird without any talking point, it'd sound like him just. inserting the commentary in there for no reason.

these MRAs who are licking his taint right now for being "one of us!!! women suck lol!!!" are going to be mad when he's back on his fake bullshit

No. 859414

I'm getting the feeling even he doesn't even believe half the shit he says in the video. It's mostly just the crap Holly & his stans fed to him for the past 3 months.

No. 859415

I bet Heidi knows who this is. They clearly are not a professional but seem to “know” her.

Heidi, dish on S the “professional.”

Also it’s weird that Holly is the only one openly baiting and threatening suicide and people project that onto Heidi. Yes Jared I’m sure that totally happened and was so horribly abusive for you, which is why you jumped straight in bed with “Mental Health Mondays I Had To Be Hospitalized Because of Clown Emojis” birdshot.

No. 859416

Funny thing is, everyone who went hard for him (BorkScorpion & Denica) happily 'cancelled' Jontron

No. 859417


I mean, it is vaguely remnescent of an old Prisoner of War video, where they've been coached to recite a script by their captors.

If Holly really was manipulating him like Heidi said (and showed in those texts where he said he was being manipulated but couldn't tell by who), that would vaguely make sense

((He doesn't get a pass, though; He's still a fucking idiot))

No. 859419

of course they did. so did jared himself, very vocally IIRC.
>i might want to diddle children and all but jontron is very ignorant and racist!

what is self awareness

No. 859420

He doesn't have to. It's just a tactic to gain space and make the public believe his story, sadly, people are.

No. 859421

I'm sure his 'new fans' are gonna enjoy that little part of history.
Or is he gonna try & make-up with Jon now?

No. 859423

Guarantee this is one of Holly's shit MENTAL HEALTH ADVOCATE friends with no actual medical license.

No. 859424

I doubt Jontron will have a lick of all this shit.

No. 859425

From the date, this was just after he and Holly started fucking. Which Heidi did not know about yet. It makes this whole thing incredibly bizarre.

No. 859426


This shit drives me up a fucking wall.

> "I know that she is making it really hard for you to make that move"

Bitch, how fucking hard is it to file divorce papers??

If my cousin can do that shit four times in less than 14 years, I'm sure Jared could swing it once - especially since he can afford the fancy divorce lawyers who do it all for you.

> "I know that she will threaten to commit suicide and beg you not to do it"

No, you fucking don't. You don't know shit about what a person may or may not do, and if you were TRULY a mental health professional, you would know better than to make sweeping generalizations about a person's behavior like that. Even if this is just a court assigned mediator or something, they have no business making a statement like "Your wife will DEFINITELY threaten to off herself"

No. 859428

i mean… the entire normalboots gang dropped him like a hot potato, and now he's got more subs than all of them combined. no excuse for his idiot opinions, but he moved on, kept doing cool shit, and kept himself out of any further drama.
oh to be a fly on the wall if jared or ANY of these neckbeards tried to ever reach out to jontron again lmfao

this is what gets me. why the fuck is this man talking like heidi has a gun to his head 24x7? being this miserable about his life and yet just completely unwilling to take any step towards it - talking to his wife like everything is normal and then behind her back acting like he's an emo teenager - it's pissing me off how big of a fucking liar he's looking like while people are taking this as a sureshot sign of his abuse

i'm still willing to bet this S person might just be holly saved under a diffferent name

No. 859429

I wonder if Heidi knows who they are?

No. 859430


I agree - This feels like Holly's "I want to help my friend, but I don't know how" shit from December.

Maybe the "S" stands for Strix?

No. 859431

lmao she would do that, wouldn't she?

No. 859432


She would - plus, having her under a different name in his phone is like trick #1 in the Cheating-On-My-Wife handbook.

No. 859433

Reading this as Holly absolutely changes the context to a mistress pressuring a man to leave his wife and he’s “miserable” because he doesn’t actually want to.

No. 859434


Not to mention the whole "I know she'll threaten to kill herself" bit, which is Holly's M.O. every time.

God, the more I think about it, the more plausible it becomes that this "professional" is just more of Holly "I'm a mental health advocate for just $30!" Conrad

No. 859435

AND it'd make complete sense about him calling this person a "professional third party", seeing as holly's claim to being a mental health advocate is completely legitimized by her charging 30 fucking bucks for a postcard saying "chin up buddy" lmfao

No. 859436

To note, Heidi threatening to kill herself to keep Jared to stay is completely different from Holly's explanation that Heidi was going to ruin his career if he left.

No. 859437


Just another way that the story has changed. It was that Jared stayed because Heidi had threatened to ruin his career - now it's Jared stayed because Heidi threatened to kill herself (which, again, is what HOLLY does, not Heidi)

No. 859438

Based on her tweeting around this whole event, it doesn't seem like Heidi has a low enough self esteem to go down that route.
It's more likely Jared is projecting.

No. 859441

…Or that Holly is projecting…

No. 859442

I don't think the person he is speaking to is Holly. They are entirely too calm. I think it's probably some shitty fake professional that Holly personally knows. Maybe it's someone who led one of the interventions Holly threw for Jared to try and force him to leave Heidi.

No. 859443


Holly has proven that she can be calm when she wants to be - If Jared's talking about leaving Heidi, that'd be exactly what Holly wants (Even Heidi said that Holly regularly threw fits, demanding that Jared leave her ASAP).

No. 859444

oh, i totally overlooked this. whatever "professional" this is comes straight the fuck down from "how are you doing" to "ok how do you want to leave her because soon she will threaten suicide"

this is so bizarre it borders on laughable. jared sure whined an awful lot about people cropping messages and context out of their caps, it's interesting he's doing the same fucking shit

No. 859445

Pretty fucking sure that if a "Therapist" knew that Heidi would threaten suicide or that suicidal ideation is/was an ongoing threat to Heidi the messages would be framed MUCH more along the lines of "How can we get Heidi the help that she needs so that you two can make this decision amicably without any chance of her harming herself?" not just "damn bro that bitch is probably gonna try and off herself. sucks to be you."

No. 859446


I'm not sure if this concept applies to adults or just kids, but isn't a therapist a mandated reporter? Wouldn't they be legally bound to take steps if they knew a patient/client was suicidal?

No. 859447

K so that SS doesn't make sense because a professional would not talk like that at all and hell, my friend told her therapist some lowkey off the wall shit and had to be put in a mental hospital. If you say something that makes it seem like you're a threat to yourself or to others then a professional will get you admitted to a hospital. Whoever that was is either a shit professional or isn't an actual professional, as well as, how do they know she'll threaten suicide?

No. 859448

Yes, if they don't then they can get into some deep shit

No. 859454

File: 1566975831088.jpeg (520.91 KB, 1125x1634, D3E41896-0781-4A3E-8932-BF7B31…)

Another girl he got nudes from speaks out again:

No. 859456

File: 1566976044421.jpeg (535.58 KB, 1125x1736, 7286FFDE-704A-4373-A6BF-A1E5ED…)

No. 859458


This one I'm interested in, since it's one of the first people who has spoken out against Jared in awhile (other than unogirl who backtracked the first time Jared so much as glanced in her direction again)


Everybody been knowing this one, Anon. It was sketchy as fuck - between the con and apparently yesterday, a bunch of other women spoke out against some game devs for sexual harassment (I don't know the details).

It's not just purely a coincidence that ProPedo speaks out for the first time in nearly four months when all of that is also going on.

No. 859460

Projared: I'm innocent and have evidence that everyone is making this shit up for the likes
Evidence: That doesn't sound like me, ans I don't remember having that conversation.

No. 859461

Read the rest of her thread friend. He manipulated her too.

No. 859464


Like, HomeBoy realizes that claiming "I don't remember that!" isn't a valid defense, right?

If someone murders another person, but forgets about it later on, that still doesn't make it okay. It doesn't make it less awful or make that person less dead, just because the murder can't remember committing the crime.


I knew it wasn't just going to be Chai/Charlie that spoke up. The more he keeps this drama mill going, the more empowered his victims are going to be to speak out about his bullshit.

No. 859465


Nathalie Lawhead has stated that Jeremy Soule, composer of Skyrim and other games, raped her, and provides email correspondence between her and her CEO and others to prove there was indeed a connection

Zoe Quinn made a tweet that Alec Holowka, of Night in the Woods fame, raped her

this is what I know so far, apologies for not screencapping anything but I wasn't sure if anyone was interested in seeing caps here as opposed to browsing the tweets and blog themselves

No. 859480

File: 1566981162753.jpeg (753.05 KB, 1125x1800, F4653247-E58D-4913-8E2C-1DF16B…)

Here’s her previous thread: https://twitter.com/lexicamille/status/1130190381109436417?s=21
Note: She is a lesbian.

No. 859481


ProPedo is literally using these fans as his own personal fetish delivery system and it's super fucking predatory and wrong.

No. 859482

>Zoe Quinn
Maybe this is a controversial thing to say on these boards, but I don't think Zoe is a particularly credible on anything. Everything I've seen tells me she's as much a lying narc as Holly and shouldn't ever be taken seriously by anyone.

No. 859485

no, i know what you mean. i don't think anyone takes zoe's word for truth, it's just this alec holowka situation has been corroborated by more trustworthy sources (his working partner said he believed zoe afaik).
i saw someone start a zoe quinn a thread on /snow yesterday but it didn't catch on. if there are more people interested in what's going on with the game dev industry we should probably take the discussion there as it might derail this thread

No. 859486

That's what I don't get about the people who say that he's not guilty because he wasn't a paedophile. He still took advantage or so many of his fans. Even if they're all adults, there's still a power imbalance.

No. 859489


ayrt (after being banned as "off topic" for providing links to the mentioned sexual assault allegations in the thread, so thanks I guess?), I am neither here nor there on Zoe Quinn herself as I noped the fuck out of all that drama and gamergate, etc. However at the bottom of Nathalie's blogpost there were articles that mentioned both Nathalie and Zoe in the same headline, so I started from there.

In browsing Zoe's retweets etc, I have found at LEAST five women who shared stories of harassment or assault in nerdy, male dominated spaces or conventions. So it seems it's not just one or two big names in the industry, but it's snowballed into a thing now, that could warrant its own thread if you wanted to research it further.

No. 859493

good point but also did you need her entire banner and bio in the screenshot

No. 859498

In my opinion there's a difference between being a pedo and "just" being a predator because at least theoretically, a predator can change. Pedophilia is a paraphilia and as such it can't be cured, just managed, so the best case scenario if a pedo gets treatment and therapy they learn to push down their impulses and not to act on them. A run-of-the-mill predator on the other hand might, with enough therapy and counselling and all that, at least theoretically understand that what they're doing is wrong and actually change. That doesn't help their past victims of course but at least it might keep the predator from hurting anyone in the future.

No. 859499

Jared looks so haggard in this picture

No. 859500

Imagine unironically posting this on a public forum

No. 859507

This sounds so fucking fake I don't understand why he'd think it would slide. The last text from "S" sounds like Holly wrote it 100%. What kind of mental health or law professional would reply "I want to help but don't know how"? Bitch that's what their job is, if you're going to make stuff up put some effort into it!

No. 859522

Like I know that PolyGrumps is weird and all, but the fact that PedoJared uses is as an reason that Charlie/Chai cannot be trusted and a legitimate reason as to sending them nudes is a-ok because they were fantasizing about sex with their idols anyway is so creepy and wrong and backwards. Fantasy != Reality you fuckstick, that kind of reasoning just sounds like something straight out of Lolita and is super creepy.

No. 859528

late but it's a no-fault state so idk man, you might be forgetting something?

No. 859532

I know everyone's weirded out by him asking for nudes from fans but that happened a lot on Tumblr. Look at what happened with Josh Macedo years ago. It wasn't strange to see people with large followings running blogs where people could send them nudes. I didn't even consider how scummy that was until recently.

Regardless of whether or not the people Jared mentions were underage, it's still him using his name and influence to abuse his fans. And, yeah, I know everyone's going off on Twitter about nobody being pressured and the fans having personal agency but the lines are always going to be blurred in these types of situations.

I believe there's probably some truth to Jared's statement but I also believe everyone involved is going to do whatever it takes to paint the other parties as the villain. I don't think we'll ever get the real story.

No. 859533

The comments in the youtube video are disgusting.

No. 859534

(Same Anon)
Also I just realized that this makes him even more sleezy because whether or not those kids lied to him about their age or if they wanted to send pics regardless, they were still young and taken advantage of due to their lack of understanding. Teenagers drawing and writing porn of their favorite YouTubers more often than not is usually how most kids these days explore their sexuality in an controlled environment. The fact that PedoJared took advantage of that and held it over them despite having the knowledge and power not to is just one the most appalling things I've ever seen.

Also if he was desperate for nudes, why couldn't he just go on adult forums for that, at least then he would have had ACTUAL plausible deniability if he met anyone under 18 there instead of making several porn blogs on a website where the lowest age to join is 13.

No. 859536

This entire situation is disgusting, really.

No. 859539

File: 1566993330670.png (67.05 KB, 590x719, go off queen.png)

oh hell yes.

No. 859540

Wasn't Heidi the one that suggested the thirsty blog in the first place?

No. 859542

No. 859544

including the ones she didn't know about huh?

No. 859547

It's been a while since I looked into jareds mess, i thought the blog was something they both knew about and heidi allowed just to keep jared happy with their open marriage.

No. 859551

File: 1566994759975.png (47.93 KB, 582x296, heidi-tumblr-may-9-2019.png)


something jared lied about, sure.

No. 859555

Doesn’t this also play into the idea that Jared isolated Heidi from their friend group by lying about her?

Even if this were a true professional (which I doubt) unless this was their marriage counselor who’s to say he didn’t lie to them about Heidi apparently threatening suicide?

Like I don’t think Heidi is “completely innocent,” she seems to be tough to get along with unless you have thick skin, but I do feel bad how Jared and Holly are continuously acting like she’s some kind of crazy ex.

To think all this could have been avoided if Jared said he and Heidi were getting a divorce because he was having an affair. This dude is way too image concerned to think logically.

No. 859557

File: 1566996042797.png (2.02 MB, 1748x1076, Screenshot 2019-08-28 at 6.11.…)

saging because not truly milk, just a quick reminder for anyone who thought jared was truly looking horrible because of how much he's had to suffer in the past three months.
the picture is from two weeks ago.

(not censoring because this is on jared's public profile, is from a public profile, and is tagged as such)

No. 859558

Yeah he looked fake tired/unkempt in that video to me, so this just confirms my suspicions

No. 859562

It's so transparent when public figures do this in apology videos, but people less familiar with youtube drama don't realize they're doing it on purpose

No. 859566

Some people already stated that they felt he was acting plus his whole script isn't anything new that we haven't heard already from his WKs and the jaredhollyheiditruth tumblr. I don't feel sorry for him at all, he should have divorced Heidi right away instead of thinking with his dick. It is not hard to get a divorce especially in a no fault state. I don't feel sorry for him especially since he is the breadwinner, if he was the one financially dependent maybe I could see how Heidi might be the controlling one. Jared was probably either already looking for ways to control his public image after cheating so he strung along Heidi till then or want to keep Heidi around along with his side hoes.

No. 859582

File: 1567000240034.jpeg (825.57 KB, 1125x1207, E0E65885-6348-41B8-8621-AE23C1…)

Looks like he’s clean shaven now kek

No. 859584

God can you be any more of a desperate how, Holly?

No. 859588

If Jared really was abused by Heidi like Holly claims he was then her being with him is even grosser than just being the other woman.

No. 859596

Why did he agree to these photos when they must both know people have already been saying he looks like another one of Holly's hoarded birds

No. 859601

Because they’re both narcs.

No. 859602

oh she could not be any more smug if she tried. i bet she's stroking herself so hard at the idea of totally sticking it to heidi, first with the video, then with these pics

No. 859609

File: 1567003505805.png (203.09 KB, 1270x1412, Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 4.42…)

Hoe-ly is removing content that doesn't fit her narrative and also marking other ones as "sensitive material" when its just memes

No. 859612

this is exactly why these e-celebs are so dangerous. they're not super far removed like Hollywood stars are, so they fuck with their average fans who are usually teenagers.

No. 859615

File: 1567004553602.png (364.27 KB, 1578x1134, Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 5.02…)

Jirards take on Jared apology 1/2

No. 859616

File: 1567004594567.png (80.36 KB, 1522x274, Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 5.02…)

No. 859620

he shouldnt even be allowed to have social media at this point, he's a predator.

No. 859621

oh no, real celebrities do this bullshit too, they just have enough power and influence to keep it under wraps, just look at the Epstein and Weinstein cases. Give a man any power at all and he'll abuse it for sexual gain, thems the facts.

No. 859622

File: 1567005357820.jpg (678.68 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190828_171504_com…)

No. 859623

File: 1567005420247.jpg (722.06 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190828_171517_com…)

Part 2

No. 859629

ugh poor heidi

No. 859631

File: 1567006489133.jpg (659.97 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190828_173423_com…)

More about Dragoncon

No. 859632

NTA but most of those people are involved in the scene in some way. no one's saying SA doesn't happen, but not in the same way to minors that it does with these youtube cucks.

No. 859633

>He told me over and over “there’s nothign going on with her, you’re just paranoid and it’s hurting me”

Wow, Jarhead is really a fucking douche. Only a fine specimen such as himself can manage to lie, victim-blame and make evrrything about himself with just one sentence.

Anyway, Heidi should really hit him with a response video. It seems she has a lot more to say and he deserves to get another ass-kicking. However I’ve seen PedoJared defenders try to suggest that Heidi tweeting makes her “hysterical” or “crazy” (which really shows how sexist they are rather than trying to play both sides like they may claim).

No. 859635

It was pretty serendipitous that Jared released his video just when the game industry is having a #metoo moment, with many female devs calling out male devs who have harassed and assaulted them

No. 859636


Let’s be real those defenders will say anything regardless of what she does

She could literally be standing there in the corner doing nothing minding her own business and somehow the mental train of thought for them is:

“Look at her! Jared was right after all!”

No. 859637

File: 1567007187227.jpg (55.45 KB, 544x489, christ.JPG)

No. 859639

At least Jirard still thinks Jared's a creep. Doesn't explain why he's following him on Twitter tho

No. 859640

okay, what was the deal with the polyamory thing because that's always confused me? Were they polyamorous or not? (not that it excuses cheating)

I was around for this in the very beginning and I've been trying to make sense of the timeline since a lot of the information is conflicting. I can't imagine your life turning into a mess like this, let alone broadcast online.

No. 859641

Poor girl, I wish her best tbh. I think after these tweets I've lost my last bits of doubt about her being a genuinely good person. Hoelly would totally spoil all the fun for her friends and demand all the attention in a similar situation.

No. 859642

and here we see jared achieving exactly what he intended, once again subjecting his wife to intense isolation and pain
fucking A+ i hope this piece of shit is happy with his birdshit-stinking girlfriend.

No. 859643

Funny thing is that people will act like this is the same as Holly's woe-is-me pity party, but unlike Holly Heidi would have almost nothing to gain from outing Jared. Her fanbase isn't as big and he was the breadwinner with that YouTube money. She just wants to escape her nightmare and Jared won't let her. This is sad…

No. 859644

Jared coerced her into polyamory thing and she agreed because she thought that it could save thier marriage. After some time she felt uncomfortable with it and asked if they could be monogamous again. He agreed and then proceeded to fuck Birdhoarder Hoelly anyway, thus breaking Heidi's trust.

No. 859646

Here's what I gathered, they agreed to a poly relationship, Heidi had an online relationship with someone (some unknown), but Jared tried to hook up with Holly. Heidi, being friends with Holly and knowing Holly was with Ross, was not cool with this, and attempted to pull the plug. He agreed to stop, but kept fucking Holly Homewrecker behind Heidi's back. >>859640

No. 859649

God I watched the video and so much of it is aggressive. Charlie stuff, fine. It's pretty damning. But Chai, he's literally saying Chai lacks mental capacity which is an incredibly bold and malicious thing to say. He then goes on to say they're doing all this for money (a thing we've already seen them say about heidi lol), then ends his video by asking us to go watch his videos and sign petitions to get him his job back and all of this shit….. jared… you're literally doing the same thing. Putting people down then using the hype it's created to get money?

regardless, I really don't know why any of them think motive is relevant. Either you did it or you didn't, the reason why doesn't change a single thing. Further, asking for commissions from your following is completely normal behaviour, its not begging? It's providing a service?? This whole video is a huge he said she said child argument

No. 859650


This is not Jirard, nubs, this is a rando youtuber with less than 2K subs. Seriously, check stuff before drinking it.

No. 859656

>meanwhile, the ex-wife: it feels emotionally irresponsible to stay in a place where my friends might feel obligated to take on the burden of my pain

the fact that anyone is dumb enough to not see through jared's charade blows my mind

No. 859660

Hey, that's a big ass red flag right there!
(Too bad most of that shit's already been screenshot Holly, lmao)

No. 859661


The irony is that they’ll all just accuse Heidi of being emotionally manipulative and guilt-trippy for openly talking about her pain.

The lack of self awareness from PedoDick, Homewrecker, and their assorted stans is astounding

No. 859662


The same with the comment section of Jared’s YT video. Everyone’s acting like it’s just naturally positive, without thinking about the fact that he and Holly have been known to delete negative comments and comments they don’t want to hear.

No. 859665

Oh how cute, this was all right before his birthday, so that everyone can give him the 'gift' of acceptance & forgiveness uwu!

No. 859666

you say this as a joke but people on holly's picture are literally telling others off for accusing jared by saying "let him enjoy his birthday uwu"
thank the fucking lord there's a no-WK posting rule in place because otherwise we'd be floating in shit here lmao

No. 859667

And yet these losers along with their dumb fans have the nerve to insinuate that Heidi is being too sensitive about the whole situation. The fact that delete comments that criticize them for what they actually are screams projection.

Huh you actually bring up a good point that I hadn’t noticed before. Releasing the video when he did would both ruin Heidi’s self-care plans as well as make a celebratory day even better for him. Like Heidi said, PedoJared has to make Heidi feel worse in order for him to feel better. What an asshat.

No. 859668

File: 1567010132543.jpeg (391.64 KB, 1287x661, C439FC22-2EA8-45D8-8B6E-42DA1F…)

Sounds like MAYBE a rebuttal video is in the works?

No. 859669

He did the same thing at the last Con she attended, too. Only made statements right when she was at conventions.

No. 859670


Well, they won't have that excuse tomorrow!

Their stans are beyond pathetic. Holly has him in the palm of her hand right now, but we know this ain't gonna last very long.
A relationship that begins with cheating usually ends with cheating.
And I strongly doubt that breaking up with Holly will be 'easier' than with Heidi.
That b-day tweet reminds me of people in the midst of a custody battle for their kids "See how much happier they are with ME?"

No. 859672


He’s like the person we all know who talks an infinite amount of shit, but shrinks away and cries when someone starts swinging back.

No. 859673


That’s exactly what it’s like - when the new partner/stepparent posts pictures to pull the “see? They’re way happier and better off with me!!!”

It just makes it funnier when that falls apart too.

No. 859674

Is no one else noticing that he filmed the bullshit vid in his typical recording space of the home?

If he was so scared of Heidi and how she allegedly destroyed his home, why the fuck would he remain there and film there?

No. 859676


He already looks so shy & submissive around Holly (Remember the vid of them spotted in Vegas? He was walking behind her looking all shriveled-up)

Was he normally like that with Heidi?

No. 859678

i don't think that's too weird, unless i'm missing something? Heidi left months ago. but hey, i guess we're eventually going to see pics of Holly and Jared in the same house at some point

No. 859680


Yep, and their dumbfuck stans have already been publicly congratulating them on their new 'relationship'.

No. 859681

meloncholia, the girl who used to moderate jared's porn blogs, also wants her three seconds of fame.

>"chai charlie and heidi ALL lied to me"

can anyone help pull caps of what she said about the fiasco from previous threads? i can't remember what she said about jared but i do think it was something negative.

No. 859683

File: 1567011528345.gif (490.25 KB, 308x155, Storm.gif)

Fucking do it, Heidi.

She's been taking the high road too long and is still treated like shit, the hagraven and weasel dick deserve some blowback for being unfixable shits.

No. 859685

Ah, here come the real clout-chasers!

It's hilarious how people like her & unogirl were all "Ooh pick me! Pick me Heidi!" when the drama started, but now they're all "I was BAMBOOZLED by that LIAR Heidi!"

Nah. Y'all were chomping at the bit when it came to 'slandering' Jared, now that he's relevant again, you wanna backpedal?

Jared & Holly's stans & WKs shouldn't be giving these obvious opportunists the time of day!

No. 859687

nvm found it here: >>835041
and now she's deleted the previous video of course kek

No. 859688

Kay, if this is an actual therapist, this is completely illegal.

Some points:

A therapist would not text at 10:41am, if anything it would be a check in reminder on their calendar and they would text closer to the 00 or the 30.

Nor would they text this kind of content.

This is either a non-credible online therapist who is okay risking their license, or someone without a license like a life coach, which has no credibility. Or, ya know, someone who knows him but is a 'professional' who is technically not seeing him as a patient/client, so it becomes a verbal loophole like anon mentioned above.

Texting sensitive information like this is also a major HIPAA violation, on two counts, which is a huge legal issue.

Texting as a platform is not HIPAA secure. Only secure EHRs or secure phone lines can be used to pass along medically sensitive information.

Sharing medically sensitive information, especially via text, is a second HIPAA violation. Heidi could sue this therapist if they actually know her situation and are speaking to Jared about it, let alone texting. (Unless Heidi signed a waiver that the therapist could share her personal information. But even so, the fact that it is through texts is enough of a violation to sue.)

If this 'therapist' never met Heidi, then there is no possible way they would be able to make a statement that they know she will threaten suicide.

This 'fact' of his is completely moot and proves absolutely nothing.

No. 859689

lmao "I was with Jared all along!"

No. 859694

All this shit being pushed 3 months later just reminds me of that Maya Angelou quote:

"When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time."

No. 859695

She should make a video with receipts. This has gone on for too damn long and if he's allowed to make a video then she should be too. She needs to stop going on and on about how hurt she is because every time she does, it eggs on that weasel Proturd and granny face Hoelly's fans because they see that acting like asshole incels is working on her and the two responsible for this get narc boners every time she announces her pain. she has my full support, but it's time to defend herself like she did in the beginning and a month ago.

No. 859697

No bullshit, just facts & reciepts.
His stans are gonna complain, that's what they do best.

No. 859699

The more we learn the more I start to believe he may have been so much of a narc as to actually think Heidi's expectations of a relationship and being treated like an equal were abusive because she wasn't subservient enough for his comfort

No. 859701

File: 1567013675299.png (68.54 KB, 730x301, rosspax.PNG.8cf506f18e49dc57d7…)

"Ross came & visited Jared in March 2018. He had already moved out by then."

No. 859704


gotta notice the details, it ain't the same studio.


Again, details - he said Ross visited in March. And moved out when Holly was at Pax West. That's end of August.

No. 859705

File: 1567014645805.png (146.88 KB, 1332x1205, chrome_TZaQSfIYYs.png)

No. 859708

File: 1567015044686.png (21.62 KB, 586x274, watch.png)

"DiD yOu WaTcH tHe ViDeO?"

No. 859711

File: 1567015296455.png (99.48 KB, 1345x705, chrome_y7QYswAZp6.png)

did anyone else notice that Ross deleted his tweet about his divorce?

No. 859714

God bless Ross.

He deleted the tweet about their divorce some time ago. It's more than obvious this has affected him, but he tried to power through it & rise above it all.

No. 859716

File: 1567016086614.png (14.32 KB, 520x102, egoraptor.png)

I'm surprised more people aren't coming at Arin/Game Grumps for supposedly 'bullying' Jared…

No. 859718

Arin's a man and Heidi's a woman. PedoJared and Homewrecker's sexist white knights are understandably going to be more lenient with him.

No. 859720

Plus you can't accuse him of being a whore so it's a lot less fun

No. 859724

Oops I forgot.

You know, paranoia is one of the major signs or being a pathological liar…

No. 859726

You know, that's what seriously is so funny to me.

>PedoJared: manipulates his wife into letting him sext underage girls and fuck her best friend on multiple occasions with documented evidence

>PJ wks: "You gotta look at both sides" "My poor idol is being victimized by cancel culture" "Everyone's being too mean to him"
>Heidi: has remained committed to one man for several years before speaking out against him manipulating her

Fucking hypocrites.

No. 859727

File: 1567017042763.jpg (6.5 KB, 276x183, good one.jpg)

>Zoe Quinn

ahhh, thank god summer is almost over

No. 859730

I still find it baffling how these two clowns & their WKs kept going on about how both parties were 'still married' while hooking up, but were 'emotionally' broken-up so 'technically, there was no cheating! :)"

While the other parties involved show the opposite (Ross enthusiastically tweeting "My wife!" & everything Heidi's said.)

I also would like to point out that if Heidi was wrong all along, she probably wouldn't be speaking at all right now. She probably would've locked her account already. But she hasn't…

No. 859735

i gotta say, it's pretty telling of what ProJared thinks of other people when he decides to drop this video WAY after the drama died down. it's retraumatizing Heidi, Ross, and others involved, with the sole purpose of stepping on other people in order to lift his own image back up.
i hope people jump down Holly's throat for ever talking about ~mental health advocating~ again. how the fuck could a MH advocate be okay with this behavior lmao. the snake really jumped out

No. 859739


Not to mention throwing someone under the bus for having 'memory issues' while simultaneously meeting every accusation with "I don't remember that happening"

No. 859741

File: 1567018182314.png (19.23 KB, 572x208, dididothat.png)

"Come on, would I do something like that to you/someone else?"

No. 859744


They are probably the same kind to say something like:

“It was only some hand action! Not full sex so it’s not really cheating”

No. 859746

I also find it funny how people keep yelling at Heidi "He only mentioned you for like, 2 mins! Stop making everything about YOU!" When everyone knows that at the very moment this video dropped, people would be harassing her nonstop about it.

No. 859750

File: 1567019379787.png (153.54 KB, 578x518, psychosis.png)

>implying that we can’t trust accounts from mentally ill people

Lil' Miss 'Mental-Health' must be thrilled!

No. 859755

File: 1567019762992.png (33.28 KB, 602x334, psychosis1.png)

Just… don't even bother with the "Mental Health Mondays" crap anymore Holly.

No. 859757

while i know it's only somewhat relevant, you can consent to be texted info pertaining to a diagnosis like notes or instructions. not anything like this though. but figured i'd mention it just so the white knights don't come screeching about it.

No. 859795

>Heidi: has remained committed to one man for several years

Some people claim Heidi came up with the open marriage out of guilt of having fucked other dudes. I've yet to see a source for that.

No. 859796


I pointed that one out last night - You don't get to pull the "I have no memory of doing that" when your sole defense against Chai/Charlie is "THEY ADMITTED THEY HAVE MEMORY ISSUES WHICH MEANS YOU CAN'T TRUST THEM!!!!"


I mean, they're literally saying that the marriages were over (even though legally, no they weren't), so I wouldn't be surprised that they also think hand action/oral isn't REALLY cheating.


Right? Anyone with two braincells could see that the minute PedoDick reemerged, everyone was going to find some way to rope Heidi (and to some degree, Ross) back into it, even though they'd both apparently moved on.


She'll just use the same "I'm sorry, I'm mentally ill" or "I'm sorry, that came from a place of emotion" excuse that she spewed when she called Heidi unfixable.


Also, no mental health professional is going to text at 10:40 am, wait an hour and a half, text again, wait 45 minutes, text again, etc.

If they know a patient is in crisis (even if I believed this WAS a mental health professional, which is unlikely), they're not going to leave them on read for that long. They're going to give it their full attention.

I maintain that the "S" stands for Strix and that WormDick had Holly saved under a different name. That last "I want to help but I don't know how" is just too eerily remnescent of her december posts ("Does anyone know how to help a friend? I want to help!" or whatever it said)

No. 859797


Of course they're going to try to say that shit; It makes Jared seem like less of a slimeball if Heidi was cheating too. The problem is if Heidi felt guilty for cheating on Jared, I really doubt she'd then open the relationship so that she can be subjected to that feeling over and over again (Not to mention that her reactions to what they're all saying are very raw and real, not something that she took MONTHS to come up with)

No. 859801

The only reason why he says he "doesn't remember" is because that holds up better in court that saying "I didn't do that."

Part of the reason why this video probably took so long is because he probably had a transcript edited by a lawyer.

The fact that he put so much thought into this video, there's no way him releasing it the week of DragonCon was a coincidence. He probably also told Holly to not post pictures of them together until after this video was released.

Throw in the fact that he wanted Heidi to sign and NDA and it's almost scary how calculating Jared has been through all this.

No. 859804

Funny how all the fans & WKs have so much hope for Jared & Holly as a couple.

Nothing to worry about here! Just a 'wholesome' relationship built on roleplay & suicide-baiting!

No. 859805


You can't tell me that Holly posting that "Happy birthday!" tweet of ProPedo with her chickens wasn't her trying to make a power move or to prove to the lolcow posters (since we know she lurks here) that she actually IS still with Jared.

> "Throw in the fact that he wanted Heidi to sign an NDA"

That's what I think his fans are forgetting. If you're so scared and abused by your wife, you don't fuck around with saying "I need you to sign an NDA". You just GTFO when you can - worry about details later.


> "have so much hope for Jared & Holly as a couple"

It's the same hope that they had for Jared/Heidi once upon a time, and the minute she dared speak against their hero, they all immediately started calling Heidi a "whore".

Jared and Holly are even dumber than I'm giving them credit for if they honestly think they won't all turn and attack Holly when they inevitably split, too.

No. 859810


>Jared and Holly are even dumber than I'm giving them credit for if they honestly think they won't all turn and attack Holly when they inevitably split, too.

Yep. It's all 'honeymoon phase' 'I luv u just the way u are!' now, but the moment one of them cracks, look out!

Especially since both of them refuse to take any blame without acting like a 'smol, helpless bean uwu'

No. 859831

Can't wait to see how Holly reacts when Jared inevitably cheats on her as well (assuming he hasn't already). It's clear she's more fixated on him than the other way around.

No. 859836


He's a sex-addict
She's an 'Asexual-turned-Demisexual'

Will she even be able to keep up with him?

Also, if I recall correctly, Holly's marriage to Ross wasn't the only reason Heidi wanted to call off the poly relationship. It was because Holly made it clear that she wanted Jared all to herself via texts. She probably didn't like that Jared & Heidi wanted to be transparent about their poly relationships, & wanted Heidi out of the picture.

No. 859837

This is what I don't get. Jared had 7 porn blogs. Holly only wants to be with Jared.
one of these things is going to prevent the other lmao

No. 859843

It isn't much but Defranco touched on the Jared video (7:09)

No. 859844


They think Heidi was "keeping Jared from doing what he loves" they got another thing coming…

I can imagine Holly is gonna pretend to embrace Jared's sexual antics with other women like Heidi once did, but that won't last very long.

No. 859845

Does anyone actually think Defranco has anything of use to say? He’s almost as bad as Keemstar for this situation.

No. 859847

I would say he does a good job of summarizing PedoJared's video for those who don't wanna watch it and kinda catching people up
Also at the very least, DeFranco (comes off as) neutral and not taking any side unlike ScumStar

No. 859848

Yes that is true to a very limited extent; however, giving advice like they did in that screenshot? Absolutely not okay and a complete HIPAA violation on multiple counts, as I mentioned.

A phone call would be the minimum requirement for a conversation like this as texting platforms are not HIPAA secure and there are a lot of fine lines with telemedicine outside of appointments. Discussing a patient/client's partner possibly threatening suicide would never, ever happen like this either.

I didn't want to ramble on even longer but that is correct too. It is required for anyone in health care to advise a patient to call emergency services if they are in a life threatening situation.

Jared saying he wants to "End it all" would REQUIRE the therapist to tell them to call 911 or immediately go to urgent care or the ER. They would not only lose their license but also be sued for malpractice replying like this.

I work in this field in WA state. He should've looked into this further before trying to bullshit it as evidence.

No. 859857

I wonder how long it will be until Heidi makes a video explaining everything. How much longer can this divorce go on for? Is there anything she can release before the divorce is settled (like the recent screenshots)?

Idk, I think the safest way to figure this out would be to straight up release Jared's phone records, but that probably won't happen.

No. 859860


Does anyone know how severe the legal ramifications might be for sharing the screenshots between Holly and Jared?

No. 859864

I think people might be reading too much into the "End it" part. He didn't say "End it all" he said "End it" and the other person immediately went into talk about separation. So maybe end it is just referring to his marriage?

But still, if these are texts from a professional this is INCREDIBLY unprofessional on their part and fuck Jared for thinking he can use this to drum up sympathy

No. 859867

File: 1567036060088.jpg (733.08 KB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190828_184724364.j…)

interesting how many burner accounts are being made purely to defend Holly and Jared…

No. 859869


Odd, you'd think that they'd be pleased with Jared making a video that supposedly 'vindicates' him…

No. 859871

Honestly reading the transcript of the video really pissed me off, the whole condescending “Oh lets go check the post, oops looks like it was deleted! How strange!” shit really irked me.

He has no actual proof, his self defence is him using doubt in his favour to sway people then sending them to his WK subreddit? He looks so greasy, imagine the time he took to choose his most pitiful looking thumbnail and upping the contrast on it to look more disheveled as if he hasn’t been playing babysitter for his mistress at Alien themed restaurants. Absolutely disturbing, this man has no conscience.

No. 859875

Didn't Projackoff and Hoelly go on a deletion spurge of their own on twitter when shit first hit the fan? The hypocrisy is outstanding

No. 859879

This bird bitch is really going there, isn't she? I wish them both a very broken career . Horrible people, both of them

No. 859883

I don't believe that Ross was fine with it for even a single damn second.

Ross was a mess after the divorce. Every time we saw him for months, he was drinking and just seemed miserable in general.
And bringing Ross into it after Ross asked to be left alone about it, classy Jared.

No. 859884

Even Hoelly was saying on Twitter that Ross doesn't want to be involved. I guess it's only okay when PedoJared does it.

No. 859885

I know Ross wanted to be left out of this, but I wish he would come out and say "I condemn the way Jared has treated his victims, and how he and his fanbase have treated Heidi"

Fuck, I wish even someone like Arin would speak out. I know he has nothing to do with this situation, but I just want somebody with enough clout and reach to draw attention away from Heidi for once

No. 859888


That's part of the problem, though. Every time Heidi gets moved on in any way, ProPedo and his Homewrecking SideHo dredge it all back up again. Those two are so fucking desperate for attention and to play the martyr that they don't care who else gets hurt - especially if they can hurt Heidi in the process.

For two people who claim Heidi was an awful abuser, they sure do like dredging things up with her all over again rather than saying "Thank fuck, I'm away from it - we can all move on now"

No. 859890


A lot of people were pointing out how condescending Jared was in that video, only for his true diehard idiotic fans to say "Well, he's defending himself! Look how much hate he's been subjected to! He doesn't have to be nice!"

Like, short of murdering a child, these people will NEVER acknowledge how awful Jared is (and even then, those shitbirds would probably try to justify it by vilifying the child)

No. 859898

Because they're vindictive assholes and their top priority is wrecking Heidi. They love to bring up how Heidi said she wanted to ruin Jared's career, yet they're doing the same exact thing to her even though they claim to be moving on and ~healing uwu~.

No. 859899

Hoelly's going to have a really hard time pushing the "ROSS KNEW AND WAS OKAY WITH IT!" narrative considering he's stalling the divorce so hard, and that they just coincidentally filed for divorce and within just a few weeks, she was moving states to be with her new fuckbuddy.

No. 859903

She's a cheater too though so they're perfect for each other

No. 859904


Exactly. And the very moment Heidi dares to respond to their shit in any way, she gets slapped down by people telling her to "move on"

No. 859907


>“Oh lets go check the post, oops looks like it was deleted! How strange!”

This can also be said about Holly's posts.

No. 859914

I love how the defence about ProPedo looking a lot better in the photo compared to the video

"He got all the negative out of course he looks happier and instantly better!"

Like okay sure

No. 859917


THIS. Every one keeps saying how ragged he looked in the video, but is somehow magically a-okay just the next day?

What? I mean, maybe if Holly's Vag was made of Prozac and Xanax.

Or maybe, just maybe, Jared made himself look as sad and pathetic as possible to earn the most "LOOK HOW SAD I AM" points.

No. 859919


Needless to say, he still carries himself like a terminally-ill, bipedal rat.

No. 859921

It's sad that the one thing people are gonna walk away from this with is "CANCEL-CULTURE BAD!"

…And not about how creators need to establish a boundary between their fanbase and themselves.

No. 859927


I hate to say it but this video was beautifully fucking crafted.

40 minutes long, so most people won't watch the whole thing. Then they can say "DID YOU WATCH THE VIDEO???"

Starting it with the pedo allegations, most of the video is about it, slowly building up to "These people just lied" even though what he did to begin with was shady as fuck, before kids got involved
Bringing up a random other girl who mistook Jared for someone else as part of his case he's being defamed
By this time he's slowly built up most people watching it to his side (excluding the ones who can smell his bullshit from a mile away), of course, he isn't DIRECTLY a pedo, so wow! He's innocent! even though recieving nudes without knowledge of the age is still a crime, but hey! lets ignore that!
And then he brings in the awful cyberbully when the audience is feeling sympathy for him! Oh my gosh, this poor man! Drama channels covered the drama! The horror!
Then adds in "Don't harass Heidi, don't harass anyone" just so he can later on look back and say "LOOK! I DIDN'T want people to harass her!" even though as a youtuber he knows full well that putting someone in the spotlight, especially the "evil ex wife" card he's indirectly painted her as (though he did it on purpose, he's been very careful at having Holly do the dirty work for him) of course his fanbase is going to go ballista

Everything is crafted to put him in the sympathetic light. The title, the thumbnail. The not shaving, the sunken eyes.
I'd say bravo if it took him less than what, 4 months? To put this together. And releasing it right before his birthday, and the day Heidi happens to be gone at a convention.

Just real convenient.

No. 859933

his dumbass fans will never admit he's an awful person because they only care about getting new content from him. Some of the top comments on the vid were people saying "honestly I never cared about the accusations, just missed your videos"

How is 15 minutes of this weirdo a week more important to someone than abuse and soliciting minors

No. 859934

>even though recieving nudes without knowledge of the age is still a crime, but hey! lets ignore that!

This is driving me CRAZY!!!!!!!!! I actually have argued with people about this who legitimately reply with shit like "oh but he didn't know their age" or "i don't agree with that law"
Like bitch it doesn't! fucking! matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He's still breaking the LAW AND ADMITTED IT IN A VIDEO!!!!
I wish he would get arrested for having had literal child porn sent to him but i know he won't and I'm just so god damned mad at the world right now.

No. 859935

File: 1567045704671.png (17.94 KB, 584x120, jon.png)

Okay, I lol'ed at this.

Again, I wouldn't be surprised if he suddenly reached out to Jontron after this mess (Who knows? Maybe he already did)

No. 859938


If I never see the phrase "DID YOU WATCH THE VIDEO??" on twitter ever again, it will still be a day too soon. It's like anytime someone says "Hey, ProPedo is a fucking creep still", the only retort they have is to insinuate that you didn't watch that bullshit video.

> "of course his fanbase is going to go ballista"

One of them actually told Heidi on her twitter earlier that he hopes she gets terminated for "trying to ruin Jared's career!", because it was definitely Heidi's fault and not his inability to keep his weird worm dick in his pants.

> "And releasing it right before his birthday, and the day Heidi happens to be gone at a convention."

And on the day that more people are coming forward in the gaming industry with their own claims of sexual harassement/assault…..and right as Hoelly is due to release a new line of merch…..

The fucking international space station saw this one coming.


> "they only care about getting new content from him"

His content wasn't even that good, though. Of the two of his playthroughs that I've watched, he's constantly making some sort of joke about sex or about the women in the game.


Karma's going to be a real motherfucker if Heidi DOES go through with putting more receipts out there and just burning what little bit of his career that PedoDick thought his video salvaged.

No. 859946

File: 1567046274783.png (31.92 KB, 376x87, Screenshot_233.png)

> "She began using attention from the crisis to promote herself"

How ironic, considering just a few months after this tweet, she would start selling merch with the word "cancelled" plastered on the front - y'know, using a highly iconic term used against her during the crisis to promote herself and her terrible clothing brand.

Let us also not forget that ProPedo used a video about the crisis to promote his twitch stream and all sorts of other links in the description box.

No. 859947

File: 1567046470311.png (99.84 KB, 826x568, jtsubreddit.png)

Out of curiosity, I checked the JonTron subreddit where there's a thread about Jared's video. Some of them fall for Jared's tricks. Others however…

No. 859953

File: 1567048047246.png (60.37 KB, 592x422, weird.png)

Well this is interesting…

No. 859955

I can't wait for Wormdick to inevitably cheat on Holly and for her equally inevitable bunny boiler meltdown. They're both manipulative, abusive narcs and damn it's gonna be hilarious watching them tear each other to pieces for their precious internet victim points.

No. 859958

are jared and holly officially dating now? i thought they were just fuck buddies. if they are dating that's hilarious.

No. 859960

The amount of cry-bullying will be increased tenfold!
Also, I really wanna see those WKs tear into each other the way they tore into Heidi & anyone who dared to speak up for her.


Well since Holly "caught feelings" for him & "Cares sooo much" about him, it can only be assumed that they're dating.

No. 859963

File: 1567049811779.png (50.28 KB, 522x324, proof.png)

Heidi, you know what to do.

No. 859965

legal anons? some help on this front? to what extent can heidi release texts between her and jared if there's a divorce case going on?
also, how illegal is it for her to release texts between jared and someone else from his old phone?

(this is the only slim paper wall standing between jared and pure justice and i so, so, so want to see this rat bastard taken down)

No. 859971


It's the same as that trip to Vegas where someone spotted he and the shewhore at a restaurant (where they quickly got the fuck out upon being recognized).

For Mr. SadSack to be just Oh So Devastated™, he sure only shows it when he thinks it will curry some sympathy for him.


> "How illegal is it for her to release texts between Jared and someone else"

No more illegal than it was for Holly to release the sexts between Jared and Heidi.

It still blows my mind that Holly wants to scream about PedoDick being release as "revenge porn", but fails to understand that she did THE EXACT SAME SHIT when she released the texts between Jared and Heidi (the ones where Heidi mentions what her LDR had said about watching Jared fuck her)

No. 859976

the difference is that holly can at least claim she had jared's consent to it. heidi can not. is it still considered "revenge porn" in any way? i'm just not aware of cyber law in the US sorry

No. 859980


The only way (IIRC) to release texts is if you are one of the people participating in said text exchange (Some states are different and require the consent of BOTH parties involved, not just one)

Holly can "claim" she had Jared's consent all she wants - All it takes is Heidi saying "No, she really didn't - She released those to slander me" to start off a libel/defamation case against Hoelly.

No. 859983

>to start off a libel/defamation case against hoelly
which if she hasn't, she should. i'm 200% certain people on twitter are gonna be willing to fund this lmao
but then by that logic, heidi really cannot release texts between holly and jared without putting her at risk of getting slammed with a similar case herself, yes? a chance that this literal piece of garbage jared is not going to miss?

also - is the divorce legalese itself the reason that she can't release the texts, or is this an in-general, all-time applicable law?

(sorry for the law sperg but i really wanna know if heidi can release the dang texts or not)

No. 859986


I think Holly brought up "revenge porn" because Heidi has her nudes & sexts, & she warns that she WILL take legal action if they're posted.

This is the very least she can do. The way Holly went about this whole thing is beyond disgusting, & there's no doubt that Jared's 'new' fans would try to ruin her business.

No. 859987

File: 1567052277847.png (34.11 KB, 536x232, watch1.png)

No. 859990


> " heidi really cannot release texts between holly and jared without putting her at risk of getting slammed with a similar case herself, yes?"

Pretty much, which is why Heidi is doing the smart thing and not releasing the texts. It's not a crime to talk about what she saw, it IS however, a crime to release them.

> "is this an in-general, all-time applicable law?"

It's a law thing. I mean, it would probably hurt the divorce case too, but it's mainly a law thing


That may be the case, but I've also seen Holly refer to jared's worm dick being released as "THAT WAS RELEASED AS REVENGE PORN WHICH IS ILLEGAL"

No. 859993

His dick pictures were from people who were exposing him publicly as a creep, that doesn't really mean it's revenge porn because it wasn't the intent.

No. 859994

File: 1567052988420.png (488.59 KB, 676x622, Screenshot 2019-08-29 at 9.58.…)

he makes this face when addressing his allegations. like it's the most ridiculous thing he could have ever heard. jesus he is disgusting

thanks for breaking it down! if heidi can show conversations between her and jared though that's going to hopefully knock this fucker down a few pegs. i'm absolutely sure he's incriminated himself in messages to his wife trying to do the whole "double life" shit

No. 859997

I still see some Jared dickriders trying to undermine some legitimate criticisms to his rebuttal. Knowing that there are people supporting this creep and his mistress has become annoying. What’s this shit about “ruining his life”? Even if every single person hates him for what he’s done, he’s never going to be locked up and still gets to live a privileged existence off of YT money. Boo fucking hoo.

How can these numbskulls not understand that no sane woman would risk getting verbally and sexually harrassed all the time just for some clout? And the thing is that PedoJared isn’t even that notorious outside of some US gaming circle. He and his fans are just so far up their own asses that they think he’s more famous than he actually is.

No. 859998


>I still see some Jared dickriders trying to undermine some legitimate criticisms to his rebuttal.

Yeah, but that's all they'll ever be; dickriders. This is probably the happiest they've ever been in their entire miserable lives.

>What’s this shit about “ruining his life”?

I mean, he got a whole lotta dumb new followers out of this.

…Then again, there's gonna be another big election next year, so I'm sure he & Holly won't have this new fanbase for long given their political leanings…

No. 859999


> "What's this shit about 'ruining his life'?"

The only thing that "ruined his life" was his own actions - Had he never abused his e-fame to get nudes from fans who wanted to impress their e-celeb crush, he wouldn't have been in a position to receive nudes from minors, purposefully or not.

Honestly, I didn't even know who Jared was before the initial scandal broke - he's not NEARLY as famous as he and his fans think he is.

No. 860000

I just looked at the r/ProJared2 sub, holy shit. They're saying Charlie needs to be arrested for "misrepresenting himself on the internet" and "distributing child porn"

Meanwhile, the next line is
>Jared, as he did not know, can't be prosecuted,


No. 860002


>he's not NEARLY as famous as he and his fans think he is.

Not even many D&D circles know or care who he is

(D&D player here)


Jesus christ, that entire sub alone should be cited as evidence of harassment (Along with the Tumblr 'truth' blog as well)

No. 860004


Got into it with the PJ2 discord one day because they just kept spewing the "Jared didn't know, so he can't be prosecuted!" bullshit. The same people also insisted that Jared would be in jail by now if they were going to pursue charges, blatantly ignoring the fact that it can take weeks, if not months, to build a case against someone for things like Child Porn to make sure that there aren't additional victims that are just too scared to come foward.

No. 860005


Honestly there isn't a lawyer in this, or any conceivable world, dimension, or universe that would say "Sure. Go ahead and make a 42 minute long self-incriminating video that also contains boatloads of defamation. Nothing bad could happen."

No. 860007


Exactly. No lawyer is going to sign off on something that could potentially open their client up to further claims of defamation, libel/slander, harassment, inciting harassment, etc.

No. 860009


Have you seen Vic Mignogna's lawyer?

No. 860010


Most of Jared (& Holly's) loudest defenders haven't got a single clue about how the legal systems work.

I remember Dumbica & a few others kept bringing up "the law" in their tweets & it's like… If someone has Child Porn, they are going to get arrested & tried for possession of Child Porn, whether they're aware they had it or not. That's a |fact. It doesn't fucking matter how you feel the situation should be treated.


I still have the feeling that Holly & Jared's stans kinda pushed him to make this video so that they can feel 'validated'. He comes off like he doesn't really care about the allegations that much.

No. 860011

by that logic, is it safe to say that none of chai/charlie/the reddit anon has pressed charges against jared? if he's speaking so loudly and disgracefully about how the minors have mental issues/draw grumps porn/"e-beg" (his words) and should thus not be trusted, is this because he feels like he's safe enough to be talking about this shit?

No. 860014

i feel like holly pushed him.
>stick it to your bitch of an ex-wife – i mean clear the allegations on our truwu louwue!
also it's been nagging at me but didn't holly tweet "You've been lied to" in exactly as many words way back when? lol

No. 860016


The best part is Denica isn't even from the US - She wouldn't understand that the legal system here and wherever she is (I want to say it was Germany? idk) is going to be vastly different.

> "I have a feeling the stans…"

I don't think it was the stans as much as just straight up Holly pushing him into it. He's still a spineless turd, but this has Hoelly written all over it.


The thing with child porn is that you don't have to press charges against the adult; That shit is illegal 100%.

> "Is this because he feels safe enough"

It's because he's a fucking idiot who missed being center of attention - no more, no less.


I don't remember the exact wording, but I think you're right. There was a tweet pretty reminiscent to that

No. 860018

Holly hasn't said anything since sharing the initial link, but her liked posts are full of the bullshit stans, congratulating her and Jared for being oh-so-brave and it's honestly the most nauseating thing

No. 860024

idk how true this is, I work every GP in north america and I never saw him at anything.

No. 860026


Victims in these cases don't have to press charges. All the state/federal authorities need is evidence of the interactions and proof of the ages involved.

And I imagine he's talking about it now because he figures nothing will happen to him.

No. 860027


>And I imagine he's talking about it now because he figures nothing will happen to him.

He's gotten away with everything so far, why stop now?

No. 860029

File: 1567056825656.png (319.01 KB, 1264x1160, Screenshot 2019-08-29 at 11.03…)

Magicfest seattle last month apparently

No. 860030

there is a video of someone filming a dude at a hardware store that looked a lot like him, this was after he was outted.

No. 860032

File: 1567057228530.png (29.36 KB, 526x224, travis.png)

Right you are Travis.

"DiD yOu WaTcH tHe ViDeO?"

No. 860033

can you link it? i can't find anything on this

No. 860039

Heidi just tweeted that she changed her mind and she’s staying at Dragoncon for the weekend. Hope this isn’t just because she couldn’t afford the fees to change her return fight, and here’s hoping she can have some fun and take her mind off this misery, even for five minutes.

No. 860053


I feel like her Mom or her friends (like Cristina Vee maybe) would spot her the cash to go home if it was a money issue - the friends surrounding her seem legit.

I think someone probably pointed out that her going home and having a shit time is EXACTLY what ProPedo and Holly want - and giving them what they want is the LAST thing she should do

No. 860056

It was posted on /v/. I thought I saved it but unfortunately I didn't.

No. 860060

You guys really give Heidi the benefit of the doubt for a lot of things, huh(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 860063

In that we don't believe Heidi forced poor widdle Jared to show his dick to all and sundry including to minors, yes we do.

No. 860064

They have these proclivities themselves, it's why they are so gleefully celebrating what they mistakenly perceive as a legal 'out'. Maybe their idol Rekeita will explain the actual law to them one day.

No. 860069

In what way?

The only reason this story even went mainstream outside of their normal circles is because regardless of dude cheating on his wife, he was soliciting fans for nudes. Some fans were underage. He's an ugly looking fuck. It is of course going to garner discussion.

Heidi tried to save her marriage, while her husband was doing nefarious things behind her back like fucking fans in hotels and also having an emotional affair with another married friend.

Holly is just a mental unstable bitch who seeks the attention for this.

As far as I can see Heidi only posts to defend herself since she's getting unnecessary abuse from gamergate-esqe fags

No. 860088

I don't think Jared is free from blame at all but Heidi has lied before so I can understand people being skeptical of her. I supported her 100% in the beginning until it came out that she had left things out of her original series of posts. Jared already looks bad for cheating but I think the whole goal was to ruin his career so, yes, I believe she exaggerated some details. I don't believe she can do no wrong and I think it's silly to assume everything she's said is totally true when all of them have lied at some point.

The way this whole story even broke was because of how childishly it was (and still is) being handled. As long as everyone involved keeps trying to assign blame, it's going to keep being a shitshow

No. 860089

I think it went viral because the affair happened between coworkers and friends, so the Internet thought everyone was going to get messy. Ross checked out of the discourse. ProJared instigated with his original tweet divorcing Heidi lol, Holly just went mental and checked herself in for some mental health Mondays.

I'm not sure what Heidi has lied about in the past, but hasn't the gist of it been that ProJared had an affair with Holly? And was being inappropriate with fans and engaging in sex with them? Haven't girls come out to corrobate on what Heidi has said and shown proof they've even had sex with Jared?

There's one screenshot to my knowledge of Jared asking one girl if she's 18+? If he wants to be treated professionally maybe don't fuck your clients and solicit their nudes? Just a thought.

No. 860120

Obvious kiddie diddling, soliciting nudes from fans wholesale, grooming fans, cheating on your wife, emotionally abusing your wife… uh huh, there sure are equally bad people all around this mess huh?

Gimme a break. And where has Heidi been proven a liar?

No. 860143

Anon might be referring to the fact Heidi didn't immediately reveal that she and Jared tried "being poly"/having an open relationship for a time… which is irrelevant because you can in fact still cheat when in an open relationship, specifically when you cross boundaries that your partner has laid down, which Jared did.
But if this is about something else, do enlighten us, >>860088

No. 860156

this comes up like clockwork. Try being more obvious, maybe.

No. 860157

what has Heidi got to do with Jared putting his dick out to all and sundry, pray tell.

the affair is done and they're getting divorced, there will be no huge court case like jared's fans fantasise, it's a no-fault state. so that shit is in the past and becoming more trivial by the minute.

jared still put his dick out to fans and fucked them too, all off his own bat. it's his own problem.

No. 860162

Alright I’m sorry but Heidi leaving a non important detail out isn’t the same as fucking your fans and getting nudes and cheating and emotionally abusing and gaslighting your partner. Also it’s always HEIDI LIED CUZ SHE DIDNT SAY THIS THING…. but Jared hasn’t said shit either and he left a lot of things out the day he blocked his wife on Twitter and posted a bs message of them splitting calmly etc. if what Heidi did was lying then wtf is not telling the very important detail of we are splitting bc I been fucking my coworker ?

No. 860167

Meaning, Heidi could provide proof. She can release receipts that will instantly disprove AND shutdown both Holly and Jared especially after Jared's poor video.

It's not unimportant because if JARED left out "unimportant" stuff at all (which he did) people will reprimand him for that too. It goes both ways, just because we're all supposed to "protect heidi uwu" doesn't mean she's excused from burden of proof. This is why you're supposed to look at this rationally and as a third party.

No. 860170

Oh rationally, as a third party? Are you lost anon? This ain't jury duty. This is a gossip site lol

Whether or not Heidi lied (by… what, not airing all her dirty laundry at once?) has no bearing on Jared grooming kids, soliciting nudes, fucking his fans and trying to pull teenagers. That too rational for you?

No. 860171

Heidi cannot provide proof because she does not have any. If she did should would have provided already. I'm so fucking sick of this whiteknight faggotry

No. 860175

As opposed to Jared who took his sweet ass time to provide "proof" now instead of back in May when this shit was going down to begin with, right?

Also Heidi's been trying to get away from this drama before Jared released his BS video so IDK where you got the impression she needed to prove anything to anyone up until now.

No. 860178

If you were reading the thread you would see that it's possibly illegal for her to release anything more than she actually has.

Between conversations that Holly and Heidi have posted is proof enough he was cheating

Also Heidi didnt need to mention that they were in a poly relationship
A) because by the time Jared and Holly were fucking Heidi had already said no to them fucking
B) because even in a poly relationship sleeping with someone else explicitly behind the other person's back is still cheating.

Poly relationships dont automatically mean you can go around fucking whoever you want whenever you want ESPECIALLY if that person you're fucking is actively trying to steal you away from your partner.

Heidi possibly still has screenshots of Holly's nudes and sexts to Jared so there might be 'proof' but there could be legal action if she posted any of that proof. It could still be a moot point depending on the law in their area but Holly had grandpa's money to afford a nice enough lawyer and fuck Heidi over money wise since legal cases cost a lot.

No. 860203

It's sad that these threads are still full of PedoJared fanboys who just don't understand that an open marriage is not the same as a poly relationship, and that stomping all over someone's boundaries is Bad regardless of what the relationship is.

No. 860214

File: 1567094875316.png (424.39 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190829-094108.png)

Fat,bald gamers which live with their moms at 35 will defend propedo dick with all their 'he did nothing wrong. He tried to help Heidi' mentality. It's disgusting

No. 860216

Again, not saying ~Jared has done no wrong~, just that I'm not kissing anyone's ass in this situation. It was proven that Heidi knew about the NSFW accounts, knew that he was sleeping with fans, and knew that he was getting nudes. That doesn't absolve Jared of blame for cheating but it does put into perspective how messed up their marriage was in the first place. I just think everyone in this situation behaved badly.

Yes, obviously, Jared's the cheater which is why they're getting divorced - nobody's disputing that (at least I'm not). I just don't have a good feeling about anyone involved, it's all too weird

No. 860224

people (like you) who say stuff like this have obviously never been in a real relationship. let alone a legally binding one. do you know how monetarily and mentally stressful it is to get a divorce? marriage is a legally binding contract, and while it acts as a safety net for couples, it also can discourage women from leaving a shitty SO. gain some more life experience before you go off.

No. 860228

I think the fact Heidi kept the whole poly aspect of their relationship out of her initial blasts was smart because of all the misconceptions that people apparently have about the boundaries and trust involved. It also seems to point to the fact that she was NOT comfortable with the idea, but had agreed to save her marriage. I know this has been stated several times in several threads but apparently this shit needs to be restated every week.

No. 860230

i'm thinking, what heidi can and should provide caps of, are conversations between herself and jared.
she's said in the past that jared, at different points of time:
>told her holly was calling heidi names and blaming her for their situation
>talked to her about feeling manipulated
>said everything between heidi and jared was good and their relationship would continue as normal
>lied to her about the intention behind the porn blogs, and the existence of the 18+ snapchat
>any claim of "nothing going on with holly, you're paranoid" after october 2018

now we don't know how much of this might be found in their text messages as a normal husband and wife would have sat down and talked all of this face to face. but we've seen texts of really close personal stuff between them, so there's a fair chance heidi has caps of the fucker saying things like this.

if nothing else it's going to provide solid irrefutable proof of this manipulative bastard lying through his teeth?

No. 860231

I'm pretty sure Heidi said she asked him to stop the porn blogs hence why he snuck off to snapchat instead. As >>860230 said he even lied about the intention behind them.

She did mention this so >>859668 maybe she'll come out with them once she gets home? who knows. I understand not wanting to air ALL your dirty laundry right off the bat tbh.

No. 860232

They were married and lived in the same house together. Idk if all of this would have actually happened between them through text.

No. 860242

Heidi and Jared are actually going through a real divorce, she's got enough evidence to make an actual impact there. She doesn't need to release nudes in a vendetta style way and she's shown enough proof to indicate infidelity.

I cma understand why she didn't admit to being poly. I met my first poly couple like a decade ago before it was trendy or whatever, and the first thing they stated is they they can't shag anyone without their partners consent. Seems pretty fucking basic.

No. 860248

Oops that was my bad, I misinterpreted that End it statement. Although… technically it reads as ambiguous on its own and would warrant a similar response from a therapist, or at least clarification about what it means. It's obviously suspicious the therapist could 'read his mind' about what End It means.

Also, no therapist would want something like this documented, on a non-secure HIPAA platform, because it is essentially kissing their license goodbye when something goes wrong or if his wife/ex wife finds out.

Which leads to: The issue still stands since the 'therapist' is acknowledging his partner is in a place that could threaten her life but not taking the required steps to addressing it. They would still HAVE to tell him to call 911 at this, for her.

This whole chat transcript is one big, fat liability and it is hilarious they didn't even think to look into WA laws before curating this 'proof.'

Not that a therapist would ever bring that up on their own in the first place, but I'll stop since we've established his "prOof with a pROfessionaL" is bull.

No. 860262

I also would like to point out how both sidepieces insist "There was NO cheating!" while both spouses admit that there was cheating (Heidi's tweets, Ross in Syrmor's video)

No. 860265

"Our partners were okay with it!"
>both partners are obviously destroyed by the separation and one is outspoken about it
Ross hasn't said it, but it was very obvious in his actions and his admission that he didn't think he would be this okay after only 8 months

No. 860271

Yeah, everything I've heard indicates that he really was NOT okay with it & it's very upsetting to see both cheaters take advantage of his silence.

No. 860275


So you think the part about Ross going there in March 2018 and helping him is a lie?

No. 860279


Do we have proof that he visited Jared besides Jared's word?

No. 860281


Wasn’t he up there for PAX west or something? Jared’s acting like came solely for a visit, but he was actually up there for work

No. 860282

i mean the easiest counter to that is that they're getting divorces. if anyone was okay they wouldn't be getting divorced.

No. 860284

He did quickly mention that Ross was there for other business but stopped by… again though, wasn't this just before Hoelly got the 'fee fees' for Jared and they had 'the walk'?

No. 860286


"The walk" was before then, I think.

I can't shake the feeling that Ross was pressured to accept it all, knowing now how Holly manipulates & suicide-baits…

No. 860288

I totally bet she threatened either suicide or maybe his citizenship… hell, probably both.

No. 860289

doubt it's a full fabrication since it would be easy to disprove and they used to be on good terms. its possible they met to work out the weird shit that was going on before it got bad (ie. before holly admitted that she was in love with jared and heidi figured out what was going oni? my grasp on the timeline isnt super clear.

either way a meeting isn't proof of much.

No. 860300

March was before fucking, so I'm Ross was highly unaware of what was happening or was being told bare details like "Lol I have such a nerd crush on Jared!"
Ross was always lovey dovey with Holly and didn't even like jokes about her being with other people. So I highly doubt he was cool with sharing her

No. 860306

Honestly, I think anyone who fell for Jared's shit just wants to save-face now by claiming they've been "Fooled by Heidi & the 'cancel-culture'!"

This is what Jared & his flying monkeys wanted all along.

I was never a fan of cancel-culture, but as a survivor of narcissistic abuse, I can smell his bullshit from a mile away.

It's also funny how all the "Facts over Feelings" dupes are defending the guy for saying "I don't feel like I'd do something like that!"

No. 860311

The Narcissist's Prayer:

That didn't happen.
And if it did, it wasn't that bad.
And if it was, that's not a big deal.
And if it is, it is not my fault.
And if it was, I didn't mean it.
And if I did.
You deserved it.

No. 860313

File: 1567106843565.jpeg (423.62 KB, 680x880, 93F9F82B-7A48-41AE-8ADF-F69BBF…)

When people see people actively disliking Jared it’s not taking Heidi’s side, there are a lot of people who may be doing so but Jared has created his own separate situation that he takes responsibility for while denying any accountability.

He’s gross, manipulative, and just a condescending generally unlikeable nerd. Heidi and Holly respectively are their own separate people. It anything by throwing up those two adult women as distraction A and B he has a lot of people deflecting onto them. People love to go after women, especially if they’re reactive in any way. Jared has the public on his side because people love to bait Holly and Heidi into doing something (sometimes they say dumb shit and act out without maturity or any real thought, gotta love twitter).

If anything I take Heidi’s side over Keemstar, especially since he told Etika to basically jump off a cliff during an interview (Even in the context of Etika saying essentially that life doesn't mean anything and Keemstar’s reactive response of “If life doesn't mean anything why dont we all just kill ourselves” which I wanted to provide despite it not changing Keemstar unintentionally encouraging a suicidal young man’s intrusive thoughts with a smirk). Keemstar and Holly have done more to have me want to root for a side than Heidi has, if anything the things other people have said about her have been better at painting out Heidi as an abuse victim more than her own words.

Jared is going to do what he does, avoid and deflect. Nothing else matters to me beside this dude losing his power, ngl. He lost his reputation and will hopefully not be able to prey on people anymore. That’s what is important IMO.

Heidi, Holly, and Jared are adults. It’s not a Shakespearian drama.

No. 860320

I definitely see one or both of them publicly breaking-down in the future. Everything you do to hurt someone always comes back your way, whether it's deserved or not.

Karma's a bitch.

No. 860331

File: 1567109683919.png (71.25 KB, 530x642, treesicle.png)

No. 860335


I'm still of the opinion that the "therapist" is Holly. There is no way she passed up the opportunity to armchair diagnose Heidi, which we all know she's done multiple times already.

No. 860336

I just want to watch everyone backtracking since doofus put his video out eventually eat their words when they realize “oh shit, he’s still skeezy as fuck, and his ‘evidence’ was wrong”

No. 860337

TRO seems like the only person who made a sensible video about the ProJared situation so I’m interested in seeing his response to this.

No. 860339


this sucks. They had a great video and I'd even subscribed to them. Welp, guess I'll take back that subscription and block them.

Sucks to see all those soft nerds backpedaling because their senpai jared spoke.

No. 860348


Judging by TRO's twitter recently, he fell for it too.
Hell, 1 day after he made that video Jared & Holly's WKs swarmed him & he eventually posted an 'Update' linking to the Projared2 subreddit.

I'm not surprised. You're gonna see a lot of backpedaling for the next couple weeks. Jared (& Holly) know how to work the media, so it's no surprise their troops of flying-monkeys are sitting comfortably whilst flinging their shit.

It won't last long. Both Jared & Holly seem as stable & secure as a car teetering off a cliff.

No. 860354

File: 1567112217736.png (65.21 KB, 532x572, reachout1.png)

Funnily enough, anyone who cashed in on this drama is still in hot-water.

Only now, they're all preaching "Listen to both sides!" & "CANCEL-CULTURE BAD!"

Thing is, they're never going to change. Ever. This is just another day for these opportunists.

Also, did Jared even reach out to them? Because I remember him just fucking off the internet for a good while after his second 'statement'…

No. 860357

That sucks. He was the only one who seemed to really have Heidi being a victim of gaslighting spelled in his video.

I understand people backtracking on calling him a pedophile because it’s obvious he was too busy thinking with his dick to care about the consequences of getting nudes on Tumblr but everything else is disappointing.

No. 860363

>I'm glad he made it.

It's so suss though that he made it NOW. Especially with Holly freaking out over twitter for months, backtracking and defending Jared. He's still fired from normalboots and i doubt he'll be invited back to the D&D events.

No. 860365

My friend said a lot of these nerds are losers to begin with and identify with Jared. So when Jared 'made his mistakes' and then made the video to prove everyone wrong, they felt obligated to side with him. Men will always side with men, especially loser ass gamer guys who have no real experience with marriage and women.

No. 860366


yeah, this is what bugs me. Holly and Jared already have a huge media presence. People liked and respected both Jared and Holly. Heidi was unknown to most people, her channel was very niche and small, and she was "just a cosplayer", so gives a shit about her, right?

Even one of my female friends whom I respect in general posted one of his videos and I want to call her out. But she is only superficially into youtubers and doesn't follow drama or social media so all she sees are "false accusations" against a youtuber she watches. And then when I, who has been here for years on GG/Suzy threads and have been following this from the start, say "no it's bullshit", they don't even listen to you. Like there is a clear dissonance when people want to believe someone is wronged, and they just don't want to accept maybe their uwu idol is actually a piece of shit, Holly included in this.

This is why I want Heidi to make a video. Not just tweets. Tweets are voiceless. They are just text. Also tweets are invitations for thousands of people to individually want your attention and harass you. In a video, she could even disable replies if she wanted, but she could show receipts, discuss things HER way with her own face, voice, body language. I used to think Holly was kinda weird but ultimately harmless, and Jared was just a charming birdface who got female attention because of his interests. Now I see they are both scum of the earth and I want them to burn.

No. 860373

File: 1567114002316.png (52.63 KB, 522x276, nick.png)

I like how his stans are insisting that there are no minors in his audience, yet this guy appeared on a kids show around the same time he had all those porn blogs…

No. 860374

File: 1567114146847.png (44.84 KB, 522x290, nick1.png)

No. 860375

Jared's a pedo who definitely knew that he'd be getting nudes from kids. Nickelodeon's geared towards a young audience and I'm sure one peek into his Google analytics shit would confirm the same. Keep this freak away from them.

No. 860376

File: 1567114619834.png (75.67 KB, 532x548, nick2.png)

No. 860380

Anyone who knows what kind of predatory behavior he displayed and is still displaying but still wants to support him is just as awful as he is, IMO

You could claim ignorance before, but now you’re aware and have no excuses for tearing apart his accusers and throwing your support behind someone who - at the very least - abused his fame to solicit nudes.

No. 860384

File: 1567115742101.png (13.25 KB, 512x132, creepy.png)

No. 860395

File: 1567118159334.jpg (31.68 KB, 750x310, 741d354.jpg)

Pulled from pj2 reddit.
Apparently posted this to Defranco's yt video but it's since been deleted.
"How dare you not even attempt to contact me about this" he didn't contact Heidi either ya fuckin psycho this isn't just about you

No. 860400


Again, didn't Jared begin his 3-month-long 'break' shortly after cobbling together a flimsy statement claiming "It was Heidi's fault!"

What a petulant creature.

No. 860401

Jared is acting hysterical

No. 860403

Ugh this creepy turkey neck guy is such a entitled narc, and fucking full of himself.

No. 860416

File: 1567120177070.png (14.12 KB, 810x220, libel.png)

Remember when he tried to take legal action against Heidi out of the blue?

I wouldn't be surprised if anyone who made a video about Jared is ducking & running out of fear of him taking legal action again.

No. 860420

It's not entirely stupid: Jared comes from money and has made a pile for himself. Unlike Heidi, this asshole can afford good lawyers and likely will utilize them to try and claim libel/slander. Good thing they're divorcing in a no-fault state.

No. 860421

no she can't, turnip. you can't just put out sexy texts and nudes between two other people unless you want a lawsuit on your hands. she was within her legal rights to read the texts on the phone herself, but she's not within her rights to publish those messages to the world. only a child would snap their fingers and say "receipts????!!!" in this situation.

again, it has no connection to why Jared just HAD to put his dick out all over the internet, including "accidentally" to minors. Jared and Heidi's messy divorce fallout has zero bearing on Jared's own, solo actions in the world.

No. 860422

It's making me sick that people on reddit are wishing ill upon Heidi. Why??

You can't say one bad word about Projared without getting downvoted.

That place is disgusting. Reminds of Slazo's reddit or how in some places you can't say ANYTHING bad about James Charles without getting the "He's YOUNG" excuse. I hate when shit like this happens. People tend to not look at the details. Either you are hated or idolized.

People are going, "CANCEL CULTURE IS WRONG! LOOK AT PROJARED!!!" but in turn trash everyone else, they have no issue canceling his ex-wife.

No. 860433

Oh god, it just occurred to me that Jared is probably going to try to go to PAX this weekend. He always does.

No. 860437


No doubt Holly will probably be there too.

No. 860438


I REALLY don’t think the dude accused of pedophilia wants to go toe-to-toe with the biggest names in YouTube.

No. 860440


But he has LAWYERS now! /s

No. 860441

File: 1567122143148.png (54.86 KB, 578x420, invoking.png)

Wow, people really are this stupid, huh?

No. 860443

Keep the whiteknight posting to if they spill milk. This thread is not about them.

No. 860445

File: 1567122387395.png (96.58 KB, 676x550, message2.png)


No. 860446

File: 1567122422208.png (251.26 KB, 739x823, cas.png.ae26f69f51aff0160a4085…)

(Here's the pic alone)

No. 860447


Etika died because of mental illness - not because he showed his dick to anyone with a pulse or got nudes from minors or stuck his dick into the human form of crazy.


That doesn’t mean shit. The new X-Kit extension allows you to change the color of the tumblr desktop or to add themes.

No. 860448

Implying Jared used xkit.

No. 860449

Where is Jared's Url? When you have a chat,old or new,on tumblr it's their url + your url
And that can't be changed by xkit.

No. 860450

It's actually your url + theirs but that's true.

No. 860454

File: 1567123981044.png (72.18 KB, 692x1101, Vbsma7KCXl.png)

weird, since he no longer has a tumblr.
He deactivated it a while back.

also, chatlog attached is from today from my account.

No. 860455

File: 1567123992654.png (18.01 KB, 318x474, chat.png)


I went to check. Here is the current format.

No. 860456


Do you have XKit?

Because >>860455 does.

No. 860458

peenjared is live on twitch right now. he's not talking about anything interesting though of course

No. 860459

I am using xkit.

No. 860460


Of course. Trying to see if he can pretend like nothing happened…

No. 860461

Interesting if the dogveins person were to change their writing style like that, I know typing styles can grow more casual but interesting to see in the first post there is no other URL and also dogveins uses proper punctuation and capitalization in the first “Oh yes I am 18+ and I’m so goad you asked! HECK” proof….which, BTW when was the screencap taken? Does he have every user’s “admitting to be 18+” saved?

Am I missing something here because I haven’t watched the video, what was Jared’s explanation on the cap? Or was this even his proof?

No. 860462

"No longer has a tumblr." Pull mentioned the same thing. How can he get the chat with the current look for a blog he no longer has? You can look and see the url is being run by someone whose not falling for his bull. https://projared.tumblr.com/

Not that it matters cause in the end cause the law doesn't give a shit. Dude didn't ID people when that's getting nudes off tumblr 101. Every body positive blog and blog that accepted nudes did that.

No. 860464


yeah this is the perfect time for him to come back, right after the video, so at the height of people fawning for him.

dogveins tumblr account is hidden which means you can only view from dashboard. posts go back to at least 2016 but I am not sure how far back it goes. At first I thought this was someone pretending to be charlie for the screenshot, especially being hidden, that's super sus to me. But they also posted a cosplay pic with another tumblr account so I'll guess it IS them. I have xkit and yes can confirm if I open a chat window it has [url] + [url] literally just checked now

No. 860465

All Heidi's done is tell her side. She didn't release his nudes, accuse him of pedophilia, or destroy his career. She finally let loose about her own personal experiences and supported people who came forward with theirs. It's not her fault if other people lied about him. Heidi's allowed to talk about this shit if she wants to. She's allowed to talk about it publicly if she wants to, because, as she herself put it >>859079
>People shit on me for talking about it publicly, but the affair happened publicly. I endured it publicly. I was abused by public figures. They never truly respected my privacy. It's cathartic to talk.

And at the end of the day he's still a sick fuck who SOLICITED NUDES FROM FANS. Is it because these creeps would do the same if they could that they can't comprehend why that's disgusting? He larped his affair in a public DnD campaign. He fucked a fan at a con and then ghosted her, and only after she came out with it did he bother to contact her to apologize. He might not be a pedophile, but that doesn't make him a nice guy.

No. 860466


Considering I saw one of them say “it’s the kids fault for being sluts”, I have no doubt in my mind that they’re all drooling over Jared because him fucking anything with a pulse is the life they wish they could live.

No. 860467

File: 1567125349909.png (39.1 KB, 550x440, protumblr1.png)


That tumblr is nuts!

No. 860468

File: 1567125590507.jpg (265.05 KB, 1074x1458, 1558159164605 (1).jpg)

Jared screencapped everything before he deactivated his tumblr account.
He deleted his account April 13, 2019. 9-10 days after Chai and Charlie emailed Holly and NormalBoots. Jared was planning on disproving the allegations for longer than 4 months. His fans just helped him use Chai's brain fog as an excuse as to why he can't possibly be guilty. Image attached has the date Jared deactivated his tumblr.

No. 860471


It goes with his “I WAS HACKED” excuse, which is the oldest way of trying to get out of trouble ever.

No. 860472

It's really sickening to watch Jared dance and chat on Twitch while getting donations
He's really gonna get away with this and just move on

No. 860473

…So rather than immediately disproving the accusation that he didn't ask their age when it initially came out, he held onto this for months and endured all the internet hate instead? For what? Was he planning on suing them? Is that what Charlie was referring to here? >>859175

No. 860477

Am I going insane or did Jared openly admit to jerking off to child pornography in his video? And people are just cool with that? Like regardless of whatever bullshit excuse, he confirmed that he received multiple nude photos of a minor and that’s somehow not where the discussion ends.

No. 860480

That's exactly what happened. Holly and Jared's newfound fans don't care about any of that it's all about him giving the weakest proof so they can call everyone a liar.

No. 860481

Can someone like.. cap that and send it to the fucking police?(Don’t encourage cowtipping.)

No. 860482

Gotta tailor that narrative, right Jarred?

No. 860483

Would any brave anon be willing to transcribe that 40 minute video? i cant stand listening to that sandworm for more than 2 mins.

No. 860484


here you go, it was transcribed and posted earlier in the thread

No. 860485


For real. I’m not watching, but if he just admitted to getting off to those pics of minors, homeboy just admitted to being a fucking pedophile.

No lawyer is gonna save him from that.

No. 860487

Idk if it's as good but https://report.cybertip.org/
also it's internet related so it goes right to the FBI

No. 860491

Unless he have something on his PC/Phone this literally means nothing.

It's like all of the fuckers here acting like tough guys can't be sent into the police.

No. 860494

Even still, whatever his “proof” was didn’t seem good enough for normalboots. Looks like only those who were already gunning for Jared are just able to voice it now, gross cowards.

No. 860530

It was really weird because he showed ZERO remorse about it. He tells all of this with a straight face and doesn't have any of the normal human reactions like disgust, regret, etc.

If you found out you were sexting a minor wouldn't you be at least…upset with yourself

No. 860531

Thank you so much!

No. 860535

File: 1567136231251.png (411.77 KB, 678x494, Screenshot 2019-08-30 at 9.05.…)

sO bRoKeN aNd bEaT dOwN
he's been live for 4 hours and seems fucking cockier than ever

i wonder if any of the 2,510,341 TOTAL VIEWS thought about whether jared is currently stroking himself under the desk looking at nudes of fans, as he used to do!

No. 860539


He's so disgusting. i'm only 10 mins into the 'apology' video and he already seems so slimy and fake. His nerd fanboys are eating it up, but it's so obvious he's ready to throw every single person under the bus to salvage what's left of his career. He's a pedo and there's no mistake what he did. he asked for nudes and didnt care if the women were underaged or not.

he fucked fans and claimed he never used his power of influence to get laid. he's scum

No. 860540


What a creep. Like how he's back to his normal self too.

No. 860541

So I guess twitch is okay with this? wow , not surprised at all

No. 860542

So lets talk about the current state of the projared Drama

1. Projared has a skinny penis
2. ???
3. people dont like his face in the video because hes ugly so that makes him a scumbag liar.
4. ???????

No. 860545


Forgot the cheating on his wife part. And the nonevidence "I don't remember dicking the minors" video

No. 860547

1.Starting an insanely unnecessary amount of porn/nude/sexting accounts,
2. Taking advantage of your fans for sex despite knowing you have a young fan base
3. Having a piss poor method of ensuring participants are legal
4. Multiple stories came out (too many to ignore) of women OF AGE who felt taken advantage of and used for sexual gratification
5. Instead of being horrified that he jerked off to minors, is angry he was lied to about their age then proceeds to be angry they claimed to be innocent while having cartoon blog porn
6. Sending legal threats to whoever he could
7. Letting Unogirl and Holly defend him until he got the balls to release his video where he uses manipulative language

No. 860548

Reason why I don't like
1. He is narc
2. Defends his narc mistress
3. If he wants a porn blog to get nudes from fans he shouldn't be hired by companies that are geared for all ages or minors.
4. If he wanted to leave Heidi he should have the balls to divorce her so she can't say he was cheating on her.
5. He ghosts dumb fans and they love it.

No. 860549

Twitch didn't ban Alinity, Twitch don't care about anything.

No. 860550

my take on the video is that he’s continuing to take advantage of his power over his fans by creating this idea that if you previously doubted him it’s ok because he “forgives you”.

his fans still crave attention and acceptance from him and they’re begging his forgiveness now for the same reason others sent him nudes before. post after post saying “jared, I’m sorry I believed the cANceL cULtUrE” is proof that he still holds power over his fans and will continue to manipulate them.

No. 860556

Twitch staff has been proven to be a bunch of incels, if any they probably support him

No. 860559


I personally hate him because he abused his fame to get people, minors or not, to send him nudes

But sure, tell yourself that it’s just because we all think he’s ugly, if that makes you feel like less of a creep for defending him

No. 860563

did this thread get linked somewhere? quite a few idiots flooding the thread lately

i don't know why so few people are talking about that.
"i forgive you" yes bitch why don't you say that to the minors you borderline extorted nudes from? say it to fans who thought you were one of the few genuinely normal/nice people in gaming. or say it to your wife who's still being attacked because you decided you weren't satisfied with monogamy. jesus

i and many other fans who felt betrayed by this wormy asshole didn't care about how he looked, for the years that we watched his videos. we cared that he pretended to be a really calm and nice guy who was often funny. we also don't care about the drama, we care about the people he's been exploiting and now endangering.
scumbag liar, yes. because of the face, no. there's tens of threads here for you to read before this stage my dude

No. 860565

whats the timestamp in the video?

No. 860568

File: 1567140683869.png (2.33 MB, 1536x2048, A60D80D8-DD14-4F3B-8D0D-3D913E…)

Why does Holly’s logo remind me of Daria- that mtv show from the 90s where the girl is trying way too hard to be dark, moody, depressing?

No. 860569

File: 1567140791351.jpeg (728.58 KB, 1281x1064, E868ACB2-FC2F-4B8F-9B58-933A0F…)

Are we taking bets on how long until we get word of some weird ProJared/Holly/Scarlet Moth triad relationship?

No. 860570

File: 1567140903853.jpeg (269.32 KB, 1318x539, 44E9471E-5B84-4454-BC48-52F525…)


Jared: No one likes cancel culture until they get the chance to cancel someone


(Can these people not get their story straight?)

No. 860572

holly becomes uglier the more smug she looks

No. 860573

File: 1567141292022.png (80.31 KB, 869x656, 52xUEBB.png)

This is going to surprise you but, humans are attracted to any other human that has begun puberty.
16, is not "child pornography" 16 is the legal age of consent average around the world. Including most of the states in america.

I'm assuming that you have absolutely no idea how age of consent laws work! But Let me inform you how this works.

https://pastebin.com/mFPUUSuB - Proof, look it all up yourself.

Age of consent is decided by the state/country you are currently in, One of the laws stipulations is that you have to ASK someone if they are of age, since the highest age of consent worldwide is 18, porn sites ask if you are 18, because they dont know where you are from, and don't care. They just want you to say you are 18 so they cover every state. Merely asking is enough for you to not be guilty of solicitation of a minor.

So lets talk about part two of this, ACTUALLY OWNING THE PICTURE. Assuming that you live in a state where 16 is legal, then owning the picture is legal there, period full stop, that's the end of part 2.

Part three of this legality, where the picture was DISTRIBUTED from, you see, the minor can be charged with ILLEGALLY DISTRIBUTING childpornography, even of themselves, if they werent solicited, or lied about their age. So the only possible person at fault after they lie is THE CHILD THEMSELVES. And yes, prosecutors can and do try children for distribution of child porn, and yes it does label them as a sex offender.

So, since he asked and charlie lied, the only person who could have broken a law is Charlie, which is the distribution of child porn. It's dependent on where he lives if he broke that law. I guess it's worth mentioning that projared has the duty to delete that picture of he has access to it still depending on where he lives.

You may not like this, but I'm sorry to be the one to inform you, 16 isn't a child in over 50% of america.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 860574

fuck off pedo

No. 860575


16 is absolutely still child porn! Are you fucking kidding?

Sex at 16 is only legal if their partner is within a certain age range from them, and even then, only in states with Romeo and Juliet laws. There are NO states that are okay with a 30+ year old man getting nudes from a minor.

No. 860577

File: 1567141605596.jpeg (377.58 KB, 632x1479, 0F89BF96-CB36-4B2E-8CB2-8AB1FC…)

Proof 1 of 2

No. 860578

Im sorry, you are merely incorrect however. Alphabetically Alabama is the first state, and its age of consent is full stop 16, and 12 if you are below 19 via sweetheat loopholes. Please educate yourself

No. 860579

File: 1567141697156.jpeg (234.21 KB, 739x1189, F7D84EC4-63E3-43CA-98C9-585618…)

Proof 2 of 2

No. 860580

Who is this random person, what is the context of this article, what state are they talking about.

Like om really sorry this is news to you but a cursory wikipedia search about age of consent will inform you.

No. 860581


Seriously, go defend ProPedo and pedophilia in general elsewhere

No. 860582

dear denica, holly is not going to lick your snatch
although jared might, the moral burden of throwing kids under the bus still isn't worth it
in short, i reiterate, fuck off pedo

No. 860583


It’s a fucking lawyer, and they gave federal statutes. I believe them over your pedophile defending ass any day

No. 860584

Holy shit the entitlement is laughable. In Jared's first 2 statements he repeatedly said how much he didn't want this all to be public or that he didn't want to "stoke the flames" so why the hell would drama channels reach out to him? Attacking PhilD like this is ridiculous when he did a really unbiased report on everything. Its so shitty that the Jared wankers are now trying to completely undermine PhilD as a reporter over Jared's hurt ego..

No. 860585

The only federal age of consent law is that the minimum possible age of consent decided by each state is 12.

He could be talking about a specific state?

Im really sorry this is so shocking to you.

No. 860586


How are you going to sit here and defend that??

“Age of consent is 12”. Fuck off, you raging pedophile

No. 860587

Im not defending it. The person asked why he wasn't literally in jail now though, and this is the legal reason.(derailing)

No. 860588

no one asked this
we're waiting for when he goes to jail is all
seriously, why are you so triggered over jared being called a pedo? is it hitting too close to home?

No. 860590

File: 1567142331095.png (142.94 KB, 842x854, Screenshot 2019-08-30 at 10.48…)

ignoring the insane pedo, let's get back to why the world is a horrible place that pays people who admit their pedophilia on a fucking video

No. 860592


I want to know if his lawyer approved this stream. A calculated video is one thing, a stream where your idiot pedo of a client can run off at the mouth and incriminate himself further, is another.

No. 860593


The "I forgive you" is just the flaming cherry on top of the heap of gaslighting that passes for a video. Between the title, that, and the self-promotion at the end the whole video comes across as "YOU did a bad thing, not me, and I'm such a nice guy that I forgive you for doubting me (because I would never do terrible things, obviously, now go support me because you owe me that)"

That ON TOP of, to use his metaphor, "poisoning the well" by front-loading the more believable evidence to establish his credibility, then basically saying "my friends and I say I'm innocent, so we good" on the Pamela & Heidi/Holly sections.

NO self-reflection. NO remorse. Just pure, unadulterated narcissism that placing the burden of guilt on the viewer.

Dude is a master manipulator and has had years to perfect his gaslighting technique on Heidi.

No. 860594

thankfully youtube will take 30% of it from him. praise capitalism.

No. 860595


Unfortunately, it sounds like it was on twitch, not YouTube.

No. 860596

welp I couldn't even bring myself to watch him and it shows. what does twitch take?

No. 860598


I don’t know if twitch takes anything - I think it might be different for official twitch partners though

No. 860599


Okay this is just plain wrong. Age of consent, usually, only protects people within certain age ranges from being charged with statutory rape, say 14-19 or 20 year olds. It is not a blank check for a 34 year old like Jared to have any kind of sexual relationship with his underage fans. And it most certainly does not cover him on the basis of soliciting nude photos from them, which is considered child pornography under state and federal laws. You can cherry pick words and there supposed meanings from the laws all you like, the fact of the matter is that Jared has openly admitted to these acts. His video does not help him. If I were him, I'd go back to shutting up.

No. 860602


Well at least Jared can pay for that spouse support

No. 860604

it was on twitch. google says it's usually split 50/50 between twitch and the streamer but it's negotiable. that's still 3000 bucks too many he's getting

No. 860605

Are you an actual fucking idiot? You’re conflating age of consent with child pornography laws. Any media of a person under 18 depicting nudity or sexual situations is child pornography in the United States. It has nothing to do with and is completely separate from statute of limitations.

So while say, projared might be able to fuck a 16 year old in Alabama legally, it will always be ILLEGAL for him to possess any nude or sexual images of said 16 year old.

No. 860607

jirard, shane, PBG, and spacehamster all joined the stream btw, and dropped huge sub bombs each.
PBG was also in the twitch chat.
i don't have caps for this but if it's necessary i can go back after the stream ends and get it from the VOD

neckbeards who eat together stick together i guess? this is after every last one of them dropped him like a fucking hot potato btw.

No. 860612

I'm absolutely disgusted that Jirard would support him. I love BeardBros but I can't support people who side with Jared

No. 860613

Funny how disgusted he was by Jared in the beginning only to come back now that literally nothing has been proved. Wonder how Ross feels about that.

No. 860614

File: 1567145818978.png (133.57 KB, 1098x546, Screenshot 2019-08-30 at 11.45…)

jirard has deleted the tweet where he cries about how much jared's actions triggered him and hence he must donate

however, never let it be said that the internet would forget easily: >> 804339
screw y'all clowns lmfao i hate these guys

No. 860615

bet he didnt donate shit

No. 860616

File: 1567145973299.jpg (214.21 KB, 1200x974, D6KL7XVUwAAIzEc.jpg)

and this i thought was relevant to bring up again since i remembered jared saying
>i was not fired. i chose to leave normalboots because i didn't want my friends to come under fire
in his video.

this was all on the first day of the allegations coming out all at once.
just saying, there's no exaggeration on the fact of these people actually, completely dropping him as soon as something started to stink. now they're all friends again as if nothing ever happened.

No. 860618

dropped link >>804339

he donated, the receipts are on his twitter

No. 860619

I just really, really hope that Heidi drops the fucking receipts when she gets home or that they finally push Ross too far and he starts calling them the fuck out (though I also wish him the best and a life away from the drama)

All those people who dropped him but are coming back are sinkholing their careers to defend a fucking pedophile and it WILL bite them in the ass

No. 860620

>Jirard's first response
How soon we forget and delete, huh Jirard?

No. 860624

I wouldn't worry about his NB buddies rushing in to support & enable him again. They'll just drop him again after his next controversy.

No. 860625


There’s almost guaranteed to be another one too, judging by his “apology” video (that was more victim blaming than apology) and the fact that he apparently joked in his stream about what’s been going on (wtf jokes about pedo allegations?!?)

No. 860630

He donated $5000 to three different charities. $15,000 for fucking nothing since he's back to dealing with Jared and deleting tweets.

No. 860643


But remember, deleting tweets is a sign of guilt!! /s

No. 860645

Oh so I take it they are okay with Projared running a porn blog whilst being a gaming channel and using his "Fame" to get his fans to send him nudes?


No. 860653

"Wow, I'm absolutely shocked that this documentary on the East Area Rapist didn't reach out to him for a segment where he says none of it happened and he's innocent, clearly biased and unprofessional reporting"

No. 860655

File: 1567156189524.jpeg (465.63 KB, 1292x905, 3D607068-0F16-4BE3-B48D-66765B…)

Stans: omfg y’all, Jared could have killed himself! Cancel culture is evil!

also Stans: idgf if the accusers commit suicide. Actions have consequences

No. 860656

He has no case though. Of the few videos I've watched on the topic, all of them said "Projared was accused by so and so of doing these things" which is factually true (that he was accused) and therefore not libel

No. 860658

That was me, as a note this is youtube's automatic subtitles transcript so there may be a few mistakes but he speaks quite clearly so the automatic subs are fairly accurate
Whatever the age of consent in the state he lives, sexual pictures of minors under the age of 18 are legally considered child pornography and your rant is factually incorrect. Go back to whatever pedo forum you slithered out of.

No. 860659

File: 1567157208107.png (41.79 KB, 585x289, Capture d’écran 2019-08-30 à…)

A take I thought was interesting, censored the poster because I don't want projared2 incels to harass them

No. 860661

this is 100% true

No. 860665

Any person that sperges about age of consent laws, and lauds it over someone as if they're difficult reading comprehension when looked up. Newsflash pedo sympathisers, a normal person is not going to have make sure their desired sexual partner meets the minimum requirement by the law for sex without recourse. Holy fuck.

Like congrats on the reading comprehension, also think every person on the planet is aware of puberty since its a normal rite. Why don't these scrotes just post "if there's grass on the pitch, play ball" entirely same sentiment.

No. 860678

….which, BTW when was the screencap taken? Does he have every user’s “admitting to be 18+” saved?

i mean, that would be definetely something a calculating person would do if they knew what they were doing was definitely dodgy and very easily could cause a shitstorm.

No. 860679

well, then what he said about Jared being the one to willingly leave NB and tell his friends to back off is true, and now that they feel the "truth has come out" they're back to supporting the guy

No. 860680

dude is a businessman and the main face of NB after Jon's departure. Of course the first reaction was going to be "I believe the victims <333 here's SO MUCH MONEY to good cause <3333 don't unsubscribe pls". Jirard's whole shtick is that he's a big cuddly friendly guy, so, as we learned from Projared, of course he's probably cold and calculating in real life lol

No. 860688

Based on the look of the site it could have been taken at any time between january 2019 and when he made the video. Charlie's caps could have been taken before january, or after if they were using new xkit and had the "old blue" extension, so there's no telling

No. 860693

Ugh people are still making the claim that Jared wanted the blogs because “Heidi already had someone else.” These blogs go back way before 2017. It’s likely the opposite. But I guess anything to defend their fave ascended incel.

No. 860694

They demand so much "proof" and "evidence" and "receipts" from everyone else but if their lord and lady claim something happened it's gospel. Like the claim that Heidi was the one who wanted polyamory, not a single one of these truthers questioned it despite Jared never backing it up with anything or even saying it again.

No. 860696

they also love to cry about how everyone cancelled Jared with “no evidence” when the accusations had literally the same amount of evidence Jared had

No. 860715

See >>860468
Regardless, Jared held on to this conversation since April when he was first accused. And he never mentions the third underage victim since she never posted any identifying screenshots or information.

No. 860724

what is this, a screenshot for ants?

No. 860731

File: 1567174948362.png (78.44 KB, 762x513, 503394EA-379C-4488-9E3A-7B906A…)

Heidi called it.
>I was manipulated by two teenagers and you were too!!!

No. 860734

File: 1567175285103.png (79.96 KB, 886x638, A10C614C-D970-4B5D-9F36-1F47CF…)

Actually, the third victim posted caps from his Snapchat. She’s the only victim he didn’t mention in his video. Probably because he deleted his Snapchat. She was the only underaged victim that was in the US as well as the only known victim to report him to the child exploitation tipline. Jared’s fans often discredit her because she’s anonymous.

No. 860735

Since he's basically just repeating the stuff pj2 came up with I guess he figured the third victim would be ignored since she was anonymous

No. 860738

Is there a screen of the exchange "im 15" "cool now heres my dick"? Bc if not it's really easy to dismiss this as "oh you lied about your age too, that totally makes it your fault" (like theres no problematic aspect about a 34 year old man using his young fanbase for his exhibitionist kink)

No. 860741

Nothing showing he definitely knew her age though, but if she was indeed 15 he 100% jacked off to child porn which he should be horrified about if he wasn't a pedo

No. 860745

I bet his way of asking was something like ' you're okay with this right?' and then proceeding.

No. 860759

Well keep in mind that he MIGHT have done it, but he doesnt REMEMBER, tragic and trustworthy.
Btw chai is a lying sack of shit cus he suffered from hallucinations and memory loss and has gross kinks

No. 860760

Chai doesn't remember some things = his statements are therefore false
Jared doesn't remember committing federal crimes = he's clearly proved his innocence, hAvE yOu SeEn ThE vIdEo?

No. 860781

So i had to unfollow Moistcritikal (Charlie) thankfully I didn't sub to him.

he starts talking about projared, goes on a tangent about his "huge dick" then said he wouldn't suck it because he'd be too intimidated by it", which is just gross.

Then he says he deleted his video because he called jared a cheater and that wasn't true.
HOW is it NOT TRUE?? Then talks about how people are going on "witch hunts" just like Jared didn't want. Then he said like three times, "is there anything I missed" and NEVER brought up the porn blog.

He didn't talk about the underaged shit either, which he may not have talked about in the OG video. What kills me is he says PJ didn't want people to go on witch hunts when PJ called out people who didn't "Try to talk to him" first.

I'm losing respect for a lot of people. I
<tinyboard ban message></tinyboard>

No. 860783

In order to commit "federal crimes" you have to willingly know and have proof of knowing. All we know is 2 people lied, one of which has a brain injury which can cause lapses in memory/judgement, which a judge in federal court WILL 100% comment on and it's why some people are able to even plead 'insanity' in the first place.

There's even laws regarding people lying about their age, it's called entrapment. As much as we hate Jared, actual law would be on his side unless he KNOWINGLY engaged and sought out young people.

No. 860784

>you have to willingly know and have proof of knowing.
That's not the case with CP.

No. 860786

That’s not what entrapment is.

No. 860791

>In order to commit "federal crimes" you have to willingly know and have proof of knowing
Not true, possession of child pornography is illegal and a federal crime even if you "just didn't know". Do you realize how hard it would be to get pedophiles sentenced if it wasn't?

No. 860792


"Knowingly" comes with the presupposition that Jared actually verified their ages where they would have to show a form or valid ID, such as a license or birth certificate. Not just through asking if they're 18. Since he never did that, he would then be in a situation where he would knowingly be receiving those images. State and federal law put the burden of verification on the accused. Ignorance is not an excuse. And there is absolutely no way any of the underage people involved in this would be brought up on any entrapment charges.

No. 860793

It doesn't matter if a minor has sexual desires, fantasies, are studs or sluts, minors are naive and their brains are still developing and should not be taken advantage by adults. Underage boys masterbate to porn and some have weird kinks that does not mean it's ok for adults to take advantage of them.

No. 860808

afaik civilians can't even be accused of entrapment by themselves.

No. 860809

File: 1567190073604.png (19.61 KB, 588x142, aug24-2018.png)

Did some digging for August of last year…


No. 860810

File: 1567190122258.png (14.97 KB, 582x106, aug26-2018.png)

No. 860811

Yeah entrapment is something done by law enforcement, not other civilians.

No. 860812

what is up with these thinly veiled jared stans pretending to be regular users here? you stick out like a sore thumb, especially due to your flagrant misunderstanding of american law.

No. 860814

Jared told them to go out and correct the narrative so like good flying monkeys they're doing what he wanted. Plus it's mostly teenage boys and esl incels so of course they wouldn't understand American law.

No. 860815

File: 1567190455390.jpg (20.43 KB, 625x626, thisisbait.jpg)

Stop feeding these idiots. If some loli-loving MRA sperg wants to come here and defend a male feminist who creeps on minors, laugh at them and move on. Don't engage them; that only encourages them to post more. I can't believe how easily everyone is falling for this.

No. 860816

And yet they state their uninformed claims as fact. Oh, to have the confidence of a straight white male on an online forum.

No. 860819

I know they're feeding off of Ross not saying anything so they can say he's been okay with whatever they want. But it's so sad to see his tweets like this and think he would have approved his wife cheating on him. Jared was so vague about what he was trying to say Ross "knew" about it's obvious it's not true.

No. 860821

Do you think Ross signed a NDA? Just like how Jared was trying to make Heidi sign one.

No. 860823

Nah, i think he's just a decent person who's not inclined to feed off of drama

No. 860836

Ross has a new girlfriend and at this point I think he's happy and just wants to stay under radar and happy

Can't say I blame him

No. 860844

Not to mention Heidi has been the only one involved that truly respects his decision to be left out of this.
It’s really telling.

No. 860853

There are legit no good gaming streams to watch now. this is pathetic. they're all nasty greaselords who stick together with prosalamander.

No. 860854

This is straight up victim blaming. Disgusting

No. 860857

She is not wrong at all. Men have it so easy. they can do whatever they want. I bet even if a dude streamed shirtless, he wouldnt get any harassment. women are always seen as sexual attention whores even if they genuinely enjoy games, which is why women like Minx chose to never reveal her face.

No. 860866

charlie is a disgusting edgelord. I used to watch him a year ago but he got worse as he went on, especially after inviting very shitty and sexist people onto his pod cast. Of course he'd probably support propedo too.

No. 860868

It's getting very confusing when we're discussing 3 different people all named charlie

No. 860875

Sorry about that, anon! I can call him Pengui0nz then. haha, didn't mean to confuse

No. 860876

Yep, just look at what happened recently with James Charles posting a photo of his ass and h3h3's Ethan also posting one to mock him in response. He and his mouthbreathing fans thought that was the epitome of funny, but I'm 100% sure that if Hila or any other woman did that they would be called a bunch of degrading comments and sexually harassed.

Excuse this being a little OT so it's saged.

No. 860877

sage if already answered, just catching up

if propedo is partnered, it's a 70/30 split streamer/twitch
if he's just affiliate its 50/50 split

No. 860878

Color me surprised.

The members of Projared2 frequent other subreddits such as tittydrop,mensrights,progun, christianity etc.

You can easily tell which are Holly fans, Projared fans, and plain ol' women haters who are bandwagonning.


No. 860879


He mentioned his new girlfriend in the last two Mario Maker episodes for Game Grumps, and he seems happy right now. As much as I want Ross's input, I don't want it at the expense of his comfort.

ProPredator and Hoelly are fucking trash, dragging him into the discussion when he specifically asked to be left out.

No. 860881

Nothernlion, Jerma985 & Joelvinesauce are good & stay out all the drama.

No. 860883

Hey remember when Jeffree Star accused James Charles of all types of shit? Guess what happened to him? Nothing. He's working with Shane Dawson whose ALSO done a ton of shit.He gave a fake apology & thats it.

Hey, remember how problematic James Charles is? Guess what happened? Nothing he's doing amazingly.

Let a woman do HALF the shit they do and their careers are dead or it'll never be let go of.

Heidi didn't do anything half as bad as Jared and plenty of other male youtubers and she's being treated like the devil and always will be unless something else happens.

Keemstar called her whore, but Projared nor his white knights had an issue with any of that.

It's truly disgusting. I don't want to derail but I HAD to say something because you all had great points.

No. 860885


I think my favorite is how they keep calling Heidi a whore when PedoDick is the one who had SEVEN porn blogs, got nudes from fans by abusing the power imbalance, slept with other fans at cons, and fucked his buddy’s wife while both of them were still legally married to other people

It yeah, I can see how Heidi is the whore in this situation /s

No. 860888

TheQuartering made a video about jared's video and seems very pro his situation. I didn't watch it, I immediately clicked "not interested". I don't think they will add anything that we don't know already but it's sickening that my feed and sidebar recs are getting filled with Jared bullshit.

When will his ugly smug face go away.

No. 860889

TheQuarting is an fucking incel asshole, so of course his dumb ass would be on whatever side that a man is on. Didn't he harrass some cosplayer?

(as long as it's a "straight" man white man)

No. 860890

It's ironic isn't it? As easy as cancel culture hit Jared, the fickle internet has forgiven him, even forgetting real ethical violations and breach of trust between him and his fans and that he jacked off to minors.

Cancel culture doesn't WORK. I just hope he never regains as much power as he had. I think the support is mostly his already incel fans that didn't leave him to begin with.

No. 860892

i disagree, it works to get people on the fence off. cancel culture is also amazing for helping identify other shitty people (ie. his defenders)

No. 860894

File: 1567202695580.jpg (66.22 KB, 750x951, re10d32e8q631.jpg)

Is he not doing the exact same thing he shamed people for for posting clown emojis to Etika?

No. 860895

I think they mean "work" in the way people make it out to be
You'd be hard pressed to find anybody who was "cancelled" who actually lost their careers and had to work at Starbucks.
Even Nick Robinson has a successful Patreon now, and big names dropped him in a second.
It's great for identifying shit people for those of us who care, but they'll still stay successful…as long as they're men

No. 860897

charlie just wants to have Prodick on his podcast one day. He'd eat a million asses and grovel to get people on his shitty podcast.

I also feel like he didn't mention the blog on stream (people asked him too) because it's 100% something I could see him doing.
It's funny how out of "respect' for Projared's video he got rid of the video, when has he ever done that before?

No. 860898

It definitely doesn't work for women either, just look at Momokun.

No. 860899

Fair point. Cancel culture just doesn't get rid of the trash like we want it to

No. 860901


> "I just hope he never regains as much power as he had"

Unfortunately, he will - albeit temporarily via his new incel cohorts. But like you said, internet is fickle and can change at the drop of a hat.

When he got away with it this time, he's going to find it easier to do it again in the future - but he'll eventually push a boundary too far and fuck up beyond all repair next time.


That's why I can't figure out why Hoelly freaked out so hard about cancel culture. It clearly didn't fucking work when all it took to sway people back to ProPedo's side was a bullshit 42 minute video spewing the same shit that most of us already knew.

No. 860903

It would be really great if there was some kind of compilation of Jared saying feminist/left-leaning viewpoints. It would give his new fanbase something else to think about.

No. 860907


Holly as well is very liberal she has a few "White privilege" tweets & was very against trump.

No. 860908


She and Jared have both made very Pro-LGBT+ remarks - but are apparently totally okay with their defenders being blatantly transphobic towards ProPedo's accusers

No. 860914

They just need to watch him playing that retarded super seducer game. He got on about how awful the game is to women when these dumb incels believe those pick up tactics. Plus it just makes him look bad to have made such a stink of that game while doing all of this.

No. 860916


It's pretty typical of these kinds of people
It's gets them lots of support in a community they wouldn't normally reach because LGBT+ are always happy to have another influencer's support.
But comparatively it's a much smaller community than their main fanbase, so is easily thrown away when they're desperate to get the masses on their side. Since at the moment all Pedo and Hoelly care about is spreading this "redemption arc" bullshit people are calling it, they're ignoring any problematic supporters they have.

Essentially something they can slap onto their list of checkboxes of good deeds quota they need to hit instead of genuinely giving a shit

No. 860919

He'll probably do a glowing review of it to appeal to his new fanbase.

No. 860923

I'm eagerly anticipating the fallout. Holly and Jared really think this whole thing is solved now and that they're bad in the good graces of the internet and WhoreHeidi is being cast out - and like, that ain't it, chief.

No. 860926

File: 1567206816925.jpg (253.13 KB, 1440x1904, IMG_20190831_011135.jpg)

ProPedo's incel fans leaving threats on Heidi's tweets, it's awful.

No. 860930


There was one yesterday that said he hoped Heidi got terminated for trying to ruin PedoDick's career.

These threats are scaring ME and I'm only seeing a fraction; I can only imagine how terrifying it would be to be Heidi right now.

The kicker is that his stans are still pulling the "But he said not to harass her so he's a good guy!" card.

No. 860935

These people are legitimately insane, all Heidi did was share her side of things and she’s an evil whore who should die. Holly gets to catch her bird and fuck it too without any threats to her wellbeing even though she’d have you believe otherwise. Jared was quick to say calling her a home wrecker was bad but as far as Heidi and Ross there’s no denying how relevant it is to their situations.

No. 860936


How do you even consider cheating on your gorgeous quiche elf wife with a gargoyle like this that looks like she doesn't shower so she probably smells and matches what comes out of her mouth.

No. 860937

File: 1567207908431.jpg (16.28 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)


I was rewatching Labyrinth and Holly basically reminds me of Hoggle and I can't unsee it, so.. Hoeggly

No. 860940


I hope so. When Holly and her friend Jessica Merizan ripped off a cancer survivor years ago, she should have been dead to rights right there. Jared shouldn't even have been able to launch any comeback at all after the porn blogs where disclosed. But fanbases let shit slide constantly.

No. 860941


Ironically enough, from what I can tell, Hoelly passed the blame for that off to someone else too (mainly letting Jessica take the rap).

She has a real distinct inability to accept her own fault in literally anything - her marriage falling apart was because she needed trees, Heidi and Jared's marriage falling apart was because Heidi is a vindictive whore (and not because Holly was fucking Jared behind her back), getting kicked off of DCA was because of cancel culture (not for the whole defending a pedophile and fucking him while married thing)

She is a true narcissistic piece of human excrement. I can only hope her just deserts are coming soon.

No. 860943

She’s so cute he never deserved her anyway. It’s heartbreaking she got manipulated and cheated on hopefully she can move on in time and with her therapy start to put things back together. Odd how the two who did it all basically got out of jail free but Heidi has to rebuild herself.

No. 860944

File: 1567209454880.png (47.14 KB, 564x733, Screenshot_234.png)

saged for no new content

but props to whomever stole ProJared's tumblr and is currently dealing with the influx of people who still think PedoDick is in charge of it

No. 860945


I hate that she hides behind depression and mental illness too.
And then streams "mental health mondays" to give people advice, when really the last person you need to take advice from is someone like Hoelly who is super manipulative and clearly doesn't know how to properly cope with her issues.

uwu pls no buly only heals
im trash xd but birds are neat
owo remember heidi is a manipulative person and she's evil~
cancel culture is bad u.u

No. 860946


This. There's plenty of mentally ill people on twitter - We don't fuck our friends' husbands behind their backs and then label them crazy and unfixable when they get rightfully pissed off. We don't take someone else's tragic suicide and make it about ourselves to guilt others into leaving us alone.

Mental Illness isn't a get-out-of-jail free card.

No. 860947


Good spot anon! This guy is still more attractive somehow.


I really hope so, too. It breaks my heart at how manipulative these two have been to and about her when she has done nothing but remain civil and explained her side without the vibe Holly and Hated give off that reeks of insincerity, that Heidi is now getting harassed by ugly incels on top of all of this makes me want the poor girl to get a year of vacation or something far away. I hope the truth bites both these scumbags in the ass.

No. 860948


My phone autocorrected Jared to Hated and I'm laughing because it knows what's up.

No. 860950


The FBI guy monitoring your activity just wiped a tear from his eye. He's got your back lol

No. 860951

New Video on his gameplay channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=velAJSSQ2W4&t=282s

It's 60% icky fawning over his former female editor(Watch out, Holly!) and 40% "I'm just a confused widdle bean, validate me in the comments or I won't keep going with this channel.

Either's he's absorbing Holly's traits through autistmosis or was always like this and is so high on his "comeback" he's comfortable revealing that part of himself.

No. 860952


I really do think he's flying high off of his little "comeback" video. I think his dumbass honestly thinks everything is done and over with and his career will get back to normal.

He doesn't realize that, even taking the minors out of the equation, most people still think he's fucking disgusting.

No. 860953


"I wanted to make sure that she had a job that she enjoyed, that it was making her money"

And yet when he had to apparently give Heidi some kind of spousal support (in that text with the alleged mental health professional), he acted like it was the worst thing in the world.

He literally treated his editor with more kindness and respect than his fucking wife.

No. 860954

> "The main reason being that the position actually became unsafe, because of internet mobs trying to find anyone and everyone…."

Hey fuckbrain, you realize that there are literally people sending rape and death threats towards your STILL LEGAL WIFE that you've yet to call-out? Those are okay, but YOU CANNOT LET MISS EDITOR GET THREATENED!

Give me a fucking break, PedoDick.

No. 860955

>>>He literally treated his editor with more kindness and respect than his fucking wife.

He still wants to fuck his editor, most likely.

No. 860957


You say that like he hasn't already fucked her, probably. He likes to surround himself with the "sad, wilty, not-like-other-girls" type of person, gives them a little bit of attention, and then throw them under the bus when the first sign of trouble comes along.

No. 860960

>>He doesn't realize that, even taking the minors out of the equation, most people still think he's fucking disgusting.

Where a lot of his videos included dick jokes and double entendres it will be interesting to see if subs drop as people gets flashbacks to his peen pics every time he makes a sex joke or if he changes his style to avoid reminding people and alienates viewers that way

No. 860962


The reality is that I think Holly or someone else is monitoring his youtube comments SO closely. 99% of them are positive comments right now, while you know if he posted that shit on his twitter, someone would be dinging him left and right.

No. 860963

Abuse is serious and I wouldn't really wish it on anyone - but if ProPedo thought Heidi was an emotionally controlling abuser, wait until Holly starts to really flex her control over him.

No. 860966

File: 1567211829122.png (22.4 KB, 582x223, Screenshot_235.png)

This is a liked tweet on Miss Editor's account and it leaves me wondering if Jared's trying to pass her leaving off as a "Oh, it was mutual" like he tried with the divorce announcement (which we all now know to be anything BUT mutual and peaceful)

No. 860967


Oof. Either he's learned nothing about speaking for women to have access to his dirty laundry or he had her sign an NDA when she was working for him.

No. 860968

He went from someone who allegedly threatened suicide when he tried to break up with them to someone who PUBLICALLY suicide baits over literally everything. He's a fucking idiot. In a year's time we're going to see the same exact song and dance, except Holly is 20x more unhinged than Heidi ever was.

No. 860969


THAT is when we'll see the true evidence - because Jared may have been able to pay for a more expensive/better lawyer than Heidi, but Hoelly has Grandpa's money on her side. She won't give a singular fuck about dropping all of the evidence against Jared (because if anyone think he's actually going to change his predatory behavior, they're wrong).

THAT would be a shitshow I'd pay to see.

No. 860970


It’ll be interesting to see what dumb mistake will be his down fall

Despite what happened he hasn’t learned a thing and that will make him bolder to do something stupid

No. 860972

Knowing how awful male gamers can be, I'm unironically convinced that Jared can actually rape a kid on camera and will still have a fanbase. Don't know the details but I heard recently about some other Twitch streamer who literally assaulted a girl live on stream and he still had a ton of defenders.

No. 860973

>male gamers

you mean incels, right?

No. 860974

Ross just tweeted that his mom was diagnosed with spinal cancer. Poor guy can't catch a break even while being dragged back into this shitshow. It's gross how people like him and Heidi get fucked over continuously while cumbrains-in-arms Jared and Holly get to bask in the glory of their new undeserved redemption arc.

No. 860975

Well here are a good number of male gamers who aren't incels (ProPedo's an example since it's confirmed he's fucked Holly). Being one means you're more likely to also be an incel but those are two separate groups we're talking about here. There's an overlap though when it comes to being sexist towards women and exhibiting general bigotry.

Jesus fucking Christ, poor guy. He should continue to stay away from the drama–he really doesn't need to experience more stress right now. Wonder if ProPedo and/or Homewrecker will acknowledge this news at all.

No. 860976


Knowing Homewrecker's innate desire to be the center of attention at all times, I can see her try to twist this godawful news to work for her (like using "I'm so sorry Ross, let me know if you need anything" so her fans look and think she's being kind and warm-hearted)

Poor Ross, man. Cancer is a real bitch.

No. 860979

Jesus Christ, that is awful. I hope everything will be okay with his mom. The poor guy just can't catch a break.

No. 860980

I mean, she has a reason to relate to him in this situation so I'd be surprised if she didn't mention it.

No. 860981


You say that like Jared is smart enough to think ahead (If he was THAT smart, he wouldn't have attached his name to a porn blog and wound up hip deep in a pedophilia scandal).

He'll ditch Holly when one of his other friend's wives catches his eye (Hell, I could see him try and go after Anna, if they actually DO let them back on DCA) - and she'll go full thermonuclear, boiling-a-rabbit, slitting-his-tires crazy.

No. 860982

IIRC She admitted that they exchanged lewds/nudes so he probably does

No. 860983

Wow. Professional. Is anyone in this scenario redeemable?

No. 860984


Ross is the only TRULY innocent one in all of this. Heidi could make a comeback too, if every time she tried, PedoWorm didn't find someone to send his horde of MRAs her way.