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File: 1560220415828.jpg (128.46 KB, 750x557, 1559602377566 (1).jpg)

No. 820703

>Holly continues to suicide bait and sperg daily about how she's innocent
>still calling Heidi abusive and crazy
>pretended she was present when Heidi allegedly screamed at Jared in front of their lawyers when she most certainly was not
>pretended that she knew Heidi's psychiatric history and that her therapists called her hopeless and unfixable (which would be a serious HIPAA violation and also no therapist would ever say to a patient or their family anyway) when really Jared just lied to her, shocking
>old tweets from Dec 2018 reveal that she was crying and threatening suicide over Jared being in an "abusive relationship"
>reopened her etsy store the same day Heidi opened hers
>Jared still MIA
>Heidi seems to be moving on
>KT still nuts
>the rest of GG is drama-free currently

Previous thread: >>816967

Our main actors:

>Jared Knabenbauer/ProJared:


>Heidi O'Ferrall/AtelierHeidi:


>Holly Conrad/Commander Holly:


>Ross O'Donovan/RubberNinja:


The usual suspects:

>Suzy Berhow/Mortemer:


>Arin Hanson/Egoraptor:


>Dan Avidan:


>Game Grumps:


>Normal Boots:


>Minor cow Katie, rejected Arin way back when and regrets it now that he's famous:


Summary of the old milk (cheese?), courtesy of anon:

Suzy "the Goose" Berhow:
>Has a history of scamming fans by buying cheap jewelry from China and the likes and reselling it to fans with an absurd markup as her jewelry line or as one anon put it: "creating a really expensive jewelry line that involved very little effort on her part". Arin has to come to her defense when people find out.
>Previous threads over the years were mostly about Suzy's "thyroid-related" weight gain and absurd styling choices, scamming, and how she's a ~rEaL gAmEr GuRl~
>No one seems to really have complaints about her current styling choices since she lost weight and the skunk stripe and adopted a more natural look (it's much closer to her twin sister Jean's)
>Suzy was a "model" when younger, and will still constantly repost the same pictures from her past over and over again, in case anyone forgot
>There sometimes seemed to be some unspoken tension between Suzy and Holly. Suzy seemed to give off the vibe of being uncomfortable not being the only cool gamer gurl in the GG group, especially when up against a girl that seemed to prefer and respect.
>Seems plausible that she prefers being the female center of attention given the theory that JonTron's swift and dramatic departure from GG was due in part to some beef between Suzy and Jon's girlfriend at the time. IIRC this is still all just speculation. (Jon's too big of a topic, read that one on your own for the full backstory)
>A/N: I would be kind of surprised if she showed any support for Holly at all, but maybe that's just me

Holly "Manic Pixie Nightmare Girl" Conrad (Backstory/Pre-Divorce):
>Holly is a talented cosplayer/craftsman/special effects artist and well respected in the community, even appearing on Syfy's "Heroes of Cosplay"
>Was one of the main focuses of the 2011 Documentary "Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope" (directed by Morgan Spurlock)
>Originally gained notoriety for her Commander Shepard/FemShep cosplay
>Married to Ross O'Donovan, beloved animator and member of the GG Family, from 2012 to 2018
>When it came to Arin/Suzy vs Ross/Holly most people preferred Ross and Holly, because they felt less fake and Holly was famous separate of Ross, not riding her husband's coattails like Suzy.
>Was best buds with Jared's wife Heidi, another talented and respected cosplayer/craftsman
>Apparent tragic backstory = quirky anxiety uwu. I don't really know the whole backstory on this one, not sure if it really matters.
>But was apparently close to ger grandfather and inherited his house(?) in Washington(?) when he passed away which was in theory part of the reason she and Ross amicably split. Jared and Heidi just also happened to live in Washington.
>Other speculated factors included Holly being asexual (lmao), the toxic GG fan-community, "having codependency issues", and wanting to leave LA while Ross wanted to stay
>Publicly their divorce was mutual, amicable, and came as somewhat of a shock….OR WAS IT?
>Basically all this drama is so juicy because Holly "quirky manic pixie dream bird gurl, asexual anxiety, luvs animals so obviously wouldn't hurt anyone uwu" Conrad was the surprise plot twist villain we never saw coming

Heidi of the House O'Ferrall, Hell Hath No Fury, Giver of Zero Fucks, Destroyer of Careers
>I've followed Heidi for years for cosplay stuff, so I can only speak from that perspective but I don't think there's really much else to say about her
>I think some people in the cosplay community found her kind of cocky, but she didn't seem to really rock the boat too much
>She's a much more detail oriented and talented craftsman than your average costhot. Produces tutorials and shows her work in progress pretty in depth (not as common with cosplayers these days, so I think she's appreciated for that)
>IIRC she has a degree in Theatre/Costume Design, so if she's cocky her work quality at least backs it up
>Personally I followed her for a long time for cosplay stuff without ever even knowing who she was married to or who ProJared was. Can't speak for others, though I'm sure it didn't hurt her popularity
>"She had sex with my husband", top 10 anime deaths of all time

Jared "Pigeondick" Knabenbauer
>I've actually never really known or cared about ProJared or NormalBoots before this, I just wanted to call him a Pigeondick.
>Maybe someone more informed can give a backstory, though again I'm not sure if it really matters
>big yikes >>804556

Previous GG Threads:
>Jon vs Dan speculations, are the Suzy nudes real or fake, blah blah blah, old news. Seriously, don't ask to be spoonfed this old dried up milk. Go read about it on your own.
>There is a whole subreddit dedicated to GG Rule 34 where they sexualize the girlfriends/wives as well as the grumps called r/polygrumps. Suzy once long ago tweeted in support of polygrumps, but it seems like an especially toxic corner of their already toxic fanbase. I doubt she would confirm that support today.
>GG sells a merch line called Game Gyaru "based on Arin and Danny, reimagined as female characters inspired by the anime series Dirty Pair, named Arina and Daniella respectively". It's a blatant tracing of the characters from "Dirty Pair" that they did not initially acknowledge.
>GG release body pillows of Dan and Arin. They sell out very quickly. It's gross: >>792883
>Guess what Jon's an even worse blatantly sexist/racist person than we ever could have imagined

Katie (Most recent GG drama unrelated to PigeonGate 2019 ):
>Suzy claims she and Arin have been together since 2002. Arin's mysterious deviantART ex Katie shows up from an apparent cryogenic sleep after 10+ years and throws an insane hissy-fit about how Arin was pursuing HER during that time and she turned HIM down.
>Thinks Suzy poisoned Arin against being BEST FRIEND her despite the fact that she was married, disappeared from the internet, lived across the country, and was definitely leading Arin on for some time. Arin seems to have bought her some gifts in this time.
>Claims any of this is important at all because she was Arin's inspiration for a character "a woman being beaten and raped but wanting Egoraptor to be her knight in shining armor even though she's an ex-assassin"
>Now obsessed with Arin/Suzy/GG, obsessed with the notion that Suzy is somehow copying her every move and personality trait (again, despite the fact that she just now reemerged and Suzy was probably ~13 when all of this started)
>Consensus: Arin was a dumb teenage boy who was probably involved with both of them, the situation makes Suzy look incredibly sane. Also it's been 17 years who gives a shit. (Guess what: Katie does)
>Obviously overshadowed by current milk, but I just feel like we haven't seen the last of Katie. Probably in like 5 years she'll catch up on the current drama and have a real hot take.

No. 820708

>reopened her etsy store the same day Heidi opened hers

Are you referring to Heidi's "forest girl" website or Heidi's Etsy? She has 2 Etsy stores but neither are currently active. I thought the forest girl website was always up unless you mean her and Holly both restocked their stores the same day.

No. 820713

I meant they both updated their stores on the same day, apologies. I should've proofread.

No. 820715

Can I just say I'm glad Holly's name will forever be tied to Game Grumps, as it serves as a reminder to Holly that she will always be overshadowed by her thriving ex husband Ross.

No. 820735

File: 1560232455969.png (20.34 KB, 642x192, jh.png)

Apparently, Jared logs into twitter every now & then to block people…

No. 820742

Of course they're together. He has to be there to have proof of how Holly's abusing him to show the other side hoe that he already has lined up.

No. 820743

That's not really proof, you can mass block people who mention you. It makes sense that he would do something like that as he's probably too busy fucking randos in Vegas.

No. 820747

I wonder if/when Holly is going to return to streaming. Is she really going to wait until her twitter is 100% a hugbox before chilling the fuck out?

No. 820755

File: 1560238821544.png (277.22 KB, 1079x1211, Screenshot_20190611-023938(1).…)

Apologies if this has already been pointed out a while ago, but this was the most recent tweet Jared liked. I honestly don't remember seeing it a few days ago, but that could just be me.

No. 820757

Feels like it lol

The thing her dumb brain doesn't realize is that if she keeps whining and playing a victim, more and more people will hate her.
Imagine the shitstorm if Jared ends up in jail for pedo allegations.

No. 820760

It's ok, he will have dumped her long before he'd get sentenced. She'd be begging to be his jailhouse bride while he was banging some girl he met doing one of those penpal programs.

No. 820765

"The problem with Cancel Culture is that you just can't get away with being a philandering adulterer who trades dick pics with teens."

No. 820791

Fucking lul. We DO want people to be held accountable, why do you think people keep harassing them? neither one has apologized for anything and think they're perfect angels and its everyone else with a problem.

No. 820792

Just waiting for the meltdown once Holly realizes she destroyed her reputation caping for a man who is already moving on to the next easy pussy.

No. 820811

File: 1560262677063.jpg (177.61 KB, 1080x757, Screenshot_20190611_151726.jpg)

I get the feeling that Holly isn't going to like being called out by someone with the same illness as her beloved's ABUSIVE wife.

No. 820825

File: 1560265835523.jpg (869.84 KB, 1739x919, PULLManifesto.jpg)

>>820640 Holly: please tell me what I've done or need to owe up to uwu I won't believe anything you say I did wrong tho

People all over the internet have been telling her but she isn't interested in listening or responding. Someone on PULL wrote a lengthy manifesto on what she did wrong and needs to explain. Bit much and it leaves out the entire defending a pedo thing but maybe someone needs to point Holly at it and have her respond line by line.

No. 820833

File: 1560268413386.jpeg (514.76 KB, 1125x1919, 7323646F-3003-4963-9327-7436FB…)

>People all over the internet have been telling her but she isn't interested in listening or responding.

She’s not responding because she’s blocked them lol
Most of the ones she’s blocked have been posted on lolcow, so she’s clearly lurking.

No. 820837

his is why anons need to stop posting those people

No. 820856

> “tell me what I did wrong!!”
>blocks people when they explain exactly what she’s done wrong in great detail

No. 820862

anyone have a screenshot of Heidi's tweet that reads something like "don't worry baby I only lie to my wife"? It feels really relevant right now

No. 820869

File: 1560276050985.jpg (134.82 KB, 1074x449, 1558464127239.jpg)


Here ya go!

No. 820881

Perfect, thank you

No. 820976

I think people are staying away from the pedo thing because that’s likely too much for her to handle. Even if you’re kind of shitty as a person, even acknowledging the fact you let a pedo inside you might drive someone to an Hero on the best day

No. 820998

You would think. But Holly outright calls them liars. And stands by Jared because they are liars in her mind. Holly doesn't want to an hero because of people she hurt because they're all liars and abusive. She wants to an hero because she's hurting.

No. 821007

It's funny because if she had any humility about the situation at all people would actually feel bad for her for sleeping with someone who wound up being a monster, but instead she defends said monster to the point of destroying her life. Who won't even be with her 6 months from now. Holly can't even play the victim correctly.

No. 821010

Nah the second Jared drops her she'll be vague tweeting "uwu I feel so alone, part of me wishes I weren't here right now. Asspats to the left uwu"

No. 821052

So we know that Jared is back online, at least to monitor and block people. Any more info about his activities? What are the odds that he convinced Holly to shut the fuck up? Seems unlikely that she would reach that conclusion on her own lol

Seems like Jared has been laying low and letting the women duke it out over his bullshit. It's amazing that Holly doesn't see that

No. 821054

I'm sure he's been monitoring what's been happening the whole time, but after the backlash he's received both times he's attempted to tweet, I think he's actually gotten the hint. I really don't think he will come back until his legal proceedings are settled (unless he goes to jail, lol).

No. 821055

Like how after getting absolutely destroyed on her last cry for attention yesterday she's avoiding anything except "thanks for pitying me and drawing fanart of my characterrrr"

No. 821066

File: 1560304173962.jpg (157.41 KB, 621x957, 3445686464352.jpg)

Holly's merch is garbage lmaooooo. How the fuck do you sell a brand new shirt with a hole in it and fuck up the size?

No. 821070

I seriously think there is a good chance jared and holly break it off relatively soon. They're both being cornered for their shitty actions, and the pressure will make them turn on each other and blame one another for making things worse (I imagine jared will blame holly).

I will kek my hardest kek when she inevitably pulls the "I was victim too," card to get out of standing by a predator.

No. 821071

Considering she is a trash witch, I would have assumed it was intentional

No. 821079

It'll be everybody else's fault. Heidi/ Jared's accusers/ twitter haters drove us apart! I'm gonna kms!

No. 821080

"Is pedophillia really that bad?"

No. 821081

I love how she's responding publicly with "uwu I sent you a refund, I love you, random fan! <33333" like holy shit lmao, this bitch is so transparent

No. 821094

Heidi ain't lying. If Holly is seriously one of those retarded women who thinks she's somehow special, she's in for a rude awakening when Jared hurries onto the next easy lay. He might have already.

No. 821097

I know, right? She's so desperate to gain back any support she's lost. It's so fake and pathetic.

No. 821099

And it's funny because it looks like her friend is the one who actually manages the store and tried to do the normal thing where you take it to DMs and Holly completely overstepped her to say OMG REFUND HERE U GO. How did Holly even know which order it was unless she creeped this girls twitter?

No. 821103

File: 1560312150972.png (357.08 KB, 1186x1266, Screenshot 2019-06-12 at 9.30.…)

what is denica's problem? this insertion where she doesn't belong is getting seriously creepy, she's legit talking as if she was there watching these people fuck

No. 821105

You know what's even worse? Holly had no sales in 24 hours. This time yesterday I checked her shop and made a note of her sales number. It stayed at 3318. Wow. Such popular. Very important. My stay at home mom friend with an Etsy store gets several sales a day and she's a nobody. How can someone as "famous" as Holly and be such a hot topic right now get ZERO SALES FOR AN ENTIRE DAY?

No. 821106


God, sometimes I wish Ross would say something so that these smug, self-assured WKs would eat their words already.

No. 821107

Denica, honey, you need to get a fucking life. You are a grown ass women involved in a marital affair of youtubers. Why is she so far up Holly's asshole?

No. 821109

Yeah, they are still friends. Is that why Holly isn't following Ross? And why ProJared has been scrubbed from GameGrumps. And Holly is no longer an affiliate of GG? And why Suzy and Arin made sure to unfollow her after this shit broke on Twitter? I'm pretty sure Ross just doesn't unfollow her to not draw more attention to the situation.

No. 821110


Because she's busy playing 'internet-hero'

No. 821111

Somebody said Denica was research scientist, she’s busy researching the inside of Holly’s colon.

No. 821115

did she ship that order herself and know she did something shitty I wonder.

Ross is happy with being a cuck everybody! God these people are such assholes.

No. 821117

oh good theory. Maybe Holly thought she could pass one off so she knew exactly who the shit shirt went to.

No. 821120

>Heidi said Ross disliked Heidi
No, she was lead to believe that he didn’t like her because of Jared and Holly privately talking shit about her. For a research scientist Denseica really doesn’t know how to properly research and back up her shallow claims.

No. 821121

Because while her handful of white knights are active and noisy, most people have enough sense to know she's a piece of shit. Besides, how is she even relevant anymore? She divorced the only reason anyone gave a fuck about her and got kicked off the only other reason anyone would know who she is. Who wants to buy the merch of a literal nobody?

No. 821129

>Who wants to buy the merch of a literal nobody?
How dare you say that about Holly “More Viral Than Kanye” Conrad

No. 821142

Maybe she meant viral in the std sense

No. 821153

I honestly feel like this huge fallout is just bolstering Holly’s grand delusions of, to borrow a phrase from another cow, “The Love that was more than love.”
“UwU The world really did end when Diath and Strix fell in love with each other but they couldn’t help themselves.”
That might be a tinfoil but…it’s just the vibe I get off her tweets and watching parts of DCA

No. 821158

File: 1560326113201.jpg (276.02 KB, 597x776, HOElly.jpg)

She was at it again… she found someone's post mentioning HoJared who didn't even link either of them. Needless to say she's deleted most of this but if you go to user mentioned you see their post.

No. 821159

Exactly my thoughts lol.

Wait until she gets ghosted by her forbidden true love "Diath" and catches him in bed with someone who "doesn't know magic". Will Holly cast a firebolt on them?

No. 821171

it's notable which ones she deletes and why she does, devious bitch

No. 821172

God she's so pathetic. I think the thing that pisses me off the most about her is how terrible of a "role model" she is for trying to be a "mental health advocate". Like yeah cool let's teach our younger audience that it's cool to share our suicidal ideations with twitter instead of getting actual help. Let's keep poking the bear because that's healthy right. or claiming that her life is "ruined" because of social media. Such a stupid and unhealthy outlook, she's just self destructive yeat all these people are calling her "brave" lmao.

No. 821173

I doubt she's really ever gone to extensive therapy, she's so messy lol. The fact that they've said multiple therapists sounds like she just doctor shopped until one gave her the diagnosis she wanted.

No. 821175

She shows like no signs of healthy coping skills either. Either she hasn't really gone or she's just ignored all the advice she's ever received.

No. 821176

she kept the “sorry bruh” tweet up lmao

someone pls screencap the thread for it, it’s wild, holly is wild

No. 821178

File: 1560329858262.jpg (817.65 KB, 1303x4205, sorry-bruh.jpg)

feat. crazy old denica not getting how being an unstable person works.

No. 821184

Did she conveniently forget that it was Jared who aired the dirty laundry first?

No. 821185

TBH when have the facts or any glimmer of reality ever stopped Holly or any of her lil flying monkeys?

Truth? How gauche! Here at the trash witch coven we ignore such nonsense and make up our own shit so the attention stays on the real victim: meeeeeee!

No. 821186

Lol as an impartial bystander to this mess and not understanding who Denica is, Holly and her are the exact type of bitches that would gaslight abuse victims to say fuck all to save their own hide.

Holly is out here calling everyone abusive for sharing their version of events, and expressing how they felt. She wants her narrative to be the truth because she's an awful bitch. Jared could not give a fuck about her but she probably thinks his silence is loyalty to her because she's an egotistical bitch.

What's her plan? To grind twitter all day posting her truth until everyone and their gran is convinced she is a victim? To marry Jared on television while we all clap? She needs to prove her and Jared > Heidi and Jared, when the rest of society thinks unfaithful men that take advantage of their fans are disgusting and should be shunned.


No. 821189


ever heard of the boy who cried wolf, holly

No. 821190

Also let's not forget Holly goes to the bat for Jared hard - so hard that she forwarded the contact info of some of his victims to him when they tried to let people know he was boinking his underage fans.

So Holly is not just going LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU MY PRINCE IS PERFECT, she is actually aiding and abetting this fucking pedo. Knowingly and purposefully.

No. 821193


Holy Fuck. Just once or twice maybe I could understand in a low moment this self-harm bait but, don’t set up there calling Heidi unstable when you’re tweeting about self harm to someone who didn’t even tag you. Not all self harm is cutting or physical. You can emotionally self harm too. Setting there posting that shit to your mental health fanbase can be detrimental both ways.

No. 821198

artnon, please……..

No. 821200

This might be your best work yet, anon.

No. 821201

Holly used to tweet how she's going to "disappear" because Jared won't leave Heidi.

Nowadays she's again threatening suicide. I know it's her method of trying to control the narrative but do you guys think she's also trying to make Jared concerned about her and give her more attention?

No. 821202

Honestly wouldn't surprise me, given how 1) manipulative and shitty Holly is, and 2) how emotionally immature she really, really is. That's your basic middle school, high school attention whoring shit, and she seems to have stuck there mentally. Which hey - perfect for Jared, he likes little girls.

No. 821205

Yeah not exactly conducive to the narrative that Heidi is insane and unstable and unfixable when you're suicidebaiting literally daily online.

No. 821206

Holly's behavior is way more abusive and manipulative than anything we've seen from Heidi. Holly is probably threatening Jared on the daily that she is going to kill herself because of this. I doubt he cares, but if he actually believes he was in an abusive relationship before he is in for a rude awakening with Holly.

No. 821208

I just looked through her replies in the last 24 hours. This bitch is actually insane. She was apparently blocked by Heidi for pointing out how much Heidi benefited from this entire situation, which she thinks isn't block worthy. Yeah, look how much this woman benefited from her broken marriage, where she has to find out the man she spent 7 (I think) years with was constantly cheating on her and soliciting minors. I'm sure she feels great.

No. 821209

Jared hiding somewhere in the desert, telling his other side chick that Holly is crazy too.

Also if it's true that Holly went to visit Jared, she was there for only like 2 days? With her failed career and obviously more free time, wouldn't she stay with her ~true love~ longer?
Or did Jared tell her to go home, like Preg does to Shuwu kek.

No. 821216

She's acting like a 15 year old girl who wants attention from her family. She is pathetic and i dont wish harm on anyone, but i honestly wish she would and stop being such a cunt. She's a liar and an attention seeker. I hope both Ross and Heidi live their best lives away from these psychos.

No. 821222

Most academic researchers spend their entire career focusing on a tiny obscure subject that nobody gives a shit about outside of their subfield. The people who 'make it' in the profession tend to be a little off in at least one way and oftentimes many ways. Alternately, if she's a student or postdoc then this could be escapism for her because her life is shit.
She legit sounds like an incel with her self-pitying, attention-seeking behavior, and public threats of self-harm

No. 821223

>She's acting like a 15 year old girl who wants attention

Makes sense Jared wanted to fuck her

No. 821228

It must be super awkward now that these 2 live in the same area. God forbid they run into each other in town or Holly might implode on the spot.

No. 821230

i know we've been sperging about holly obviously not going to therapy and muh mental health advocate in every single thread but i really really can't fathom how Holly, who claims to be a champion for mental health, literally said HEIDI IS UNFIXABLE A THERAPIST TOLD ME and was 100% serious about it. at this point how her WKs haven't seen through her is beyond me.

what kind of "mental health advocate" would non ironically say (and believe) a CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL telling one of their patients going through a divorce "YOU CANNOT BE FIXED" is okay, as if therapy was for broken people (that's not a real or acceptable concept in any modern therapy)? even if Holly hates Heidi, and even if we were to indulge an obvious lie of Jared's that some wackjob therapist really did say that to Heidi, why would anyone who claims to support mental health be okay with someone who's supposed to be helping people telling a patient something so awful? how have her fans not absolutely decimated Holly for saying such a thing?

in the end it's another low-hanging fruit evidence to the piling mountain of evidence that Holly is a shit person who doesn't give a shit about mental health and the only person who deserves good things is her and the people she likes. Heidi's big ole crime was being mad Holly slept with her husband after she called off polyamory, and that's enough for CummanderHoelly to call her ABOOSIVE and claim she CAN'T BE FIXED.

No. 821233

File: 1560347126748.jpeg (252.05 KB, 996x2047, 6D9085B1-DD0D-430B-8784-D8CA2C…)

For more clarification.
The op of the thread screen captured it as well.
Why are none of Holly’s friends telling her to stop posting on Twitter? It seems like they like egging on the drama, to be quite honest.

No. 821236

>i want to hurt myself
>so i sit on twitter and search for "projared holly" all day, refreshing the page every five seconds

No. 821238


Either they tried to earlier (most likely in private) and failed because Holly is too busy pretending to be a victim to listen to anyone (seems likely as she's ignoring valid advice and criticism)

or her friends saw the shit storm brewing a mile away and decided to bail on her unhinged ass before it dragged them into the mud with her

No. 821242

How the fuck would holly even know what Heidi's therapist said to Heidi? Or is holly seriously saying that her therapist told her that Heidi was unfixable based off of second hand information?

No. 821243

Oh she backtracked off of that quickly when even her supporters started pointing out it was a shitty thing to say. Then said that she's "not going to discuss this further" because she wasn't getting the reaction she wanted lol

No. 821244

It sounds like maybe Jared was feeding her that information, to convince her that Heidi was a crazy abuser and that made the affair okay

No. 821246

Do you happen to have a link to the original post she made? Because that sounds fucking stupid.

No. 821247

It’s in the last thread, anon.

No. 821248

No. 821249

The reason Holly wants to believe Heidi is unfixable is because that would have left the possibility open that Heidi could salvage her marriage with Jared. Holly wanted Jared so she wanted to believe Heidi was a lost cause.

No. 821250

Thanks man.
I'm on phone so I was a little bit handicapped, but I'll check more thoroughly next time.

No. 821256

Am I the only one fucking baffled that Holly has flown under the radar for so long without being labeled a lolcow before now? We’ve got scamming, cheating, suicide baiting, lying, blame shifting and just being a bitch in general. Threads have been created over less. And with the way things are going…Holly could be joining the ranks in PT. Will the milk keep flowing? I feel like it’s been flowing all along but gone over looked because of her UwU act.

No. 821260

Circumstances. For the longest time, Holly had always been associated with the Game Grumps, and by proxy Suzy. Up until recently, Suzy was the prime cow and the one everyone hated. Since Suzy and Holly were the only two girls in the Grumpsphere, people would lick Holly's ass as an excuse to put Suzy down

No. 821262

Because for a long time people adored her for literally no reason. They saw her as "grump mom" which pissed her off greatly. Anyone saying anything negative about Holly would be beat into submission. Being Ross' wife carried a protection veil. I think a lot of people are finally happy they can safely vent about Holly and the things she does they disagree with.

No. 821264

B-but my baby birdie dick prince Jared said it so it must be true!!! uwu Also he will come and get me and we will get married and it’s gonna be forever you guys!! Im not like his wife, he’s gonna change for me I’m sure!!!
//barfs in the corner

No. 821265

Yeah she always rubbed me the wrong way before all of this. Constant bad attitude, and her "mental health" stuff was honestly just terrible and a horrible example to her younger fans. But because she was Ross's wife and Suzy had that whole jewelry fiasco she seemed relatively minor.

No. 821267

File: 1560353845601.png (19.16 KB, 582x151, uwupityme.PNG)

No. 821268

How is Princess Denica not a lolcow yet?

No. 821270


If you know you’re going to find something that hurts you by obsessing and searching for it, the onus is on you to care for your own mental health by logging off the fucking internet and taking care of yourself.

No. 821271

Just. Log. Off. The fucking internet, Holly. FFS this bitch

No. 821272

Too irrelevant

No. 821273


If that's what she wants, someone link her here. Not that she isn't already.(no)

No. 821274

She’s been lurking here already, no need to link her and have her whiteknights bombard the thread again.

No. 821277

Not saying Holly has it by any means but she's acting exactly like someone I know who has extremely bad BPD, which at least points to a serious unusual level of emotional immaturity and inability to take REAL responsibility for her actions. The recklessness with relationships, the diehard attention-seeking here where she's throwing a pity-party and pretending to feel remorse without actually apologizing for her wrongdoings as a way of proud self-flagellation.
It's never "I'm sorry I intentionally destroyed two marriages" but rather "I'm sorry YOU feel that way. Actually, I'm sorry for saying YOU can't feel that way. Please be mean to me, boo-hoo! Just keep in mind I'm a suicidal martyr who never did ANYTHING wrong!"
It's a public display intended to further indulge in her own self-centered worldview and garner MORE attention, which is what she's aiming for every time she makes a post pitying herself like this and loudly threatening to "disappear." She's on a megaphone trying to market herself as tragic because she loves it and doesn't feel bad about her actions at all. "I'm more famous than Kanye now!"

No. 821278

Okay, but why does she want it to hurt though? Does she know deep down we're right?

No. 821283

Looks like someone's been hitting the white zinfidel a little too hard.

No. 821284

Whoa, Holly loves to make us unpack.

1) Mental health advocate is publicly sharing her strange "self harm" techniques and disguising it with "I'm trying to stop."

2) > you have every right to say WHATEVER you want on the internet and about me.

3) >I'm sorry.
If you don't know what the fuck you're sorry for, you're lying, disingenuous and patronizing.

She can't go to sleep because everyone is soooo wrong about her. That's why she continues to attempt every strategy in the book to change the minds of a group of anons and twitter users. Holly dismisses all the people who support her, Kiwifarms and other large groups that side with Jared. She names a few groups (including us) because she can't stand not being seen as the heroine in this ordeal. But she's sorrrrrrry.

One of her defenses about not apologizing for the THINGS she's done is because she won't apologize to abuser. But no one is asking her to apologize to Heidi specifically, at least not most people. It's her behavior, her inability to wait for a divorce to be finalized, to mention Ross AT ALL, to defend Jared and to call people other than Heidi, liars. I might think she should apologize to Heidi, but I wouldn't ask Holly to do it because I can actually buy that she's so deluded by Jared's dick that Heidi is an evil person. Everything else is a cluster fuck of awful by Holly's own doing.

Ironic that she called Heidi out for "bragging" about being #1 trending on twitter while she "brags" that she's more famous than Kanye.

No. 821286

She needs to go into a cocoon of self reflection and come out on the other side ready to apologize and move on. Until then she desperately needs to GTFO the internet. This has crossed the line and it's clearly really affecting her mental state. She needs help before she ropes herself because I don't want that, as much as I troll.

I don't personally understand cutters and people who self harm, never have. I had friends who did it in high school and they always said it made them feel a lot better when they hated themselves. Holly doesn't cut but she does seek out pain by reading anonymous internet comments about her. Meaning she deeply hates herself? But why would that be if she did nothing wrong in her eyes? Could it be she knows deep down she may have had a part in causing her friends marriage to implode? That wanting to "save" Jared was selfish, irresponsible, and not her place? He wasn't a wounded sky rat he was a 30 year old man capable of making his own decisions.

But that's in the past now. Only thing she can do to feel better is move on and know things probably won't be so crazy 6 months or a year from now. Where are her friends and family? Why aren't they keeping an eye on her and helping her get away from the computer? Someone needs to smack the phone out of her hand and take her on a fucking walk or something. Even Jared should be stepping up for her but he's not.

No. 821287

>>But no one is asking her to apologize to Heidi specifically, at least not most people.

I've seen quite a few posts floating around where this is suggested. I can see why, she keeps dragging Heidi and insinuating she knows everything about her and Jared's relationship by hearing 1 side of the story. That's pretty fucked up. She's also responsible for home wrecking. I think that does warrant an apology to Heidi. In Heidi's words, "she slept with my husband". A genuine one too not a fake i'm sowwy uwu please tell people I'm cool.

No. 821295

Very same and stable of you, Holly.

No. 821308

File: 1560359772028.png (201.11 KB, 795x943, Screenshot_2019-06-12-10-10-18…)


SJW driven pop psych have termed it Digital Self Harm. Check the sources of the top hits. Of course Holly will play this card.

No. 821310

It is self-harm but that doesn't mean it's not manipulative, especially when Holly has thousands of fans that can (and have) defend her shitty actions.

No. 821311

Holly: I'm gonna commit uwucide

I love how she has been insinuating so hard that Heidi has a personality disorder when Holly's posting like a walking talking DSM entry for BPD. She has to be the least self aware cow on the site in a long time. Imagine being the haggard ex wife of a gamer funnyman and thinking, at any point in time, you were more famous than Kanye.

No. 821315


Self harm can be a kind of offshoot of OCD. Basically your brain forcing you to do a repetitive illogical action to relieve your anxiety. It’s hard to make sense of if you’ve never experienced compulsions like that.

And I can totally get that. If she had just posted this one statement, then I really wouldn’t have an issue with the whole self harm thing. But it’s been multiple posts about hurting herself on purpose. It’s basically the equivalent of a cutter posting pictures of themselves doing it. Not cool especially when you’re a mental health influencer. That’s what she should be apologizing for in this instance.

No. 821317

Hmmm, well I understand those that strongly side with Heidi want Holly to apologize to her and her attempts to paint Heidi in the worst possible light to get Jared off the hook for his predatory ways.

Hey, I'd love it for Holly to apologize to Heidi, not only for interfering with her marriage for her own selfish reasons, but for her cruelty towards Heidi when saying she's unfixable. She may have half-assed apologized for that, but only because she had to admit it was repulsive behavior. I suppose I can see why Holly is nuts enough to not want to apologize to her, but you'd think she could get enough sense to apologize for everything else she has been doing.

Imagine calling out her husband's fan base as sexist for trying to give her an endearing label, and then calling young women who have been manipulated, used for sex and ghosted, liars.

No. 821322

I don't think she should apologize to Heidi because it's very clear she is not sorry. I do wish she would stop painting Heidi as an abuser and manipulator though. Holly has displayed more abusive and manipulative tactics than even Jared in this situation at this point. I have no doubt Jared is a massive piece of shit but he learned to shut up real quick.

I wouldn't say I felt sorry for Holly when all this initially broke. I had sympathy for how the internet would treat her though because the stain of infidelity follows a woman around for far longer than it does a man. As soon as she tried to paint this narrative against Heidi all my sympathy melted away though, and she has dug her hole deeper every time she spoke. For how she has acted these past few weeks she absolutely deserves all the shit she gets.

No. 821324

Well I'd like her to apologize if she was a different person, but she's Holly. A dumbshit that only feels empathy for herself.

Holly's initial reply is what really made people turn sour on her. She should have taken a cue from her ex-husband and noped out of the situation. Afterall, she may be a homewrecker, but it was ultimately Jared's vows to his wife. Ross would have said nothing and the internet would have taken sides. Or Holly could have released the messages of Heidi approving the relationship and said it was Heidi would encouraged it at first. Then went on with her business. If you have sex with a married man you must meet with the stigma and consequences. You can't go the abusive route because you never have sex with a victim of abuse while trying to help them leave the relationship. Holly can't accept the consequences and needs a clear bad guy to take all the blame for her. She went down kicking and screaming and sacrificing any dignity to get some kind of upper hand. It's really pathetic when you think about it.

No. 821325

File: 1560363188847.jpg (54.98 KB, 465x475, 2.JPG)

been going through her old tweets

this one is gold

No. 821329

>Heidi, don't be jealous! Sleeping with him hurts me more than it hurts you.

No. 821332

File: 1560364494070.png (71.27 KB, 703x208, Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 2.28…)

the dd crew made a bunch of spotify playlists based on characters from dd and uh.. interesting choice of words here. not a huge dd fan but pretty sure white zinfandel isn't mentioned in the game

No. 821335

This is so clearly a passive aggressive jab at Heidi. July 2018…Heidi is probably begging Jared to work on saving their marriage while Jared lies to her and agrees…meanwhile his mistress is taking to Twitter to shit on her. What an absolutely fucking cunt.

No. 821343

That's a chorus line from Tom Waits' song Jokey Full of Bourbon. It was part of the soundtrack for Jim Jarmusche's cult movie Down by Law.
>Hey little bird, fly away home,
>Your house is on fire, your children are alone

No. 821344

I think the person who posted it meant the bit about "white zinfandel", not the actual title. Which is a bit of a reach, zinfandel being the stereotypical White Suburban Basic Bitch drink.

No. 821345

From Heidi's words, Jared never mentioned Heidi, while Holly was absolutely full of vindictive hate towards Heidi. Holly really does love pretending the shitty stuff she does to others is stuff that's being done to her.

This head case is preaching poor medical advice and should be kicked off twitter for this superficial garbage. "Your animal brain." What pseudo intellectualism. When referring to your animal brain it's often talking about regulatory functions, fight or flight (sympathetic and parasympathetic systems) and often used by mental health counselors to help people understand their own actions, especially those suffering from PTSD. It's a starting point so you can begin to use CBT/DBT skills (peer-reviewed techniques that would ACTUALLY BE HELPFUL FOR THOSE SUFFERING FROM SELF HARM AND IDEATION). For her to use "animal-brain" so irresponsibly is unethical. Our brains are much more complex than "scared uwu animal brains." Jealousy really shouldn't be explained in the way Holly does.

Mmmm. I was just going to say 10k points for Tom Waits reference.

It is a popular wine which is why Heidi was drinking it in the first place. I wish I could send her an expensive bottle for introducing us to the toxicity of ProJared and Holly and for all the victims of ProJared. ProHolly would have gotten away with it if Heidi wanted to crawl away and cut her emotional losses. Instead she made sure those cunts got what they deserved even if it cost her. Vindictive or not, petty or not, she clearly outed a predator.

No. 821346

ah i'm not familiar with wines or suburban culture, my bad

No. 821366

I love how she keeps mentioning "animal brain" in her tweets like she's a bastion of rational thought. uwu just over come your dumb basic animal impulses like me, my logic is Vulcan solid and I literally never make mistakes. Excuse me while I continue to torture myself by reading negative comments about me online for no rational reason whatsoever.

-Holly "the hypocrite" Conrad

No. 821371

Personally in extreme bouts of anxiety I’ve had moments thinking of self harm. I can’t speak for depression but with anxiety it’s like wanting to divert your brain from a mental loop it’s been stuck in, something like pain is extremely forward and forces it’s way into the forefront of your mind. It diverts your thoughts.

It’s like when your phone os is glitching out and the best thing to do is to force a restart for it to get it back up and operating. Pain or self harm is that mental restart. Take what I say with grain of salt as this is all my personal takes on the matter.(blogpost)

No. 821375

As someone who spent a lot of their youth self harming due to depression, an easy way to explain it is that often, the physical pain distracts from and is easier to manage than the emotional/mental pain felt.
That, and on a scientific level, endorphins are released when you are physically injured, and for a brief time, those endorphins make you feel better, like some form of high.

There are probably more individual reasons for why people self harm but from what I understand, those are the most common reasons

No. 821409

>can we all agree that “reading the comments” is a pretty normal thing to do

Not to the extent Holly has been doing on Twitter it isn't. It's obsessive and sick and absolutely disgustingly egocentric. She makes it all about herself and just can't stop her fucking gob. Even when it would really, really be in her best interests.

I wasn't aware we were some fucking hair-braiding parcel of gal pals who had to agree on things, either.

No. 821419

i'm sure she's never had this much attention thrown her way in all her time of being well known, girl's got a horrible case of word vomit.

i'm interested to see how the next few months play out

No. 821427

I'm assuming Jared tried to put distance between them (probably from her Twitter tirades) and now she's threatening suicide. to make him stay.

>Jared hiding somewhere in the desert, telling his other side chick that Holly is crazy too.

At least when it comes to Holly, he'd be telling the truth. Bitch is fucking nuts.

No. 821430

>KT still nuts
>the rest of GG is drama-free currently

what does this mean? who are kt and gg?

No. 821431

i love newfags

No. 821433

fucking lol

No. 821438

I see no difference

No. 821440

Watching her current behavior is a window to what Ross had to deal with when they were together. That dude is a saint for not snapping in his loveless, sexless marriage with a full-time victim/snowflake who threatens suicide over literally nothing. I'm certain now that when he was talking about emotional abuse and suicide threats in his VR video, it was about Holly, not his other ex.

Are you for real?

No. 821444

Read the previous threads and type sage in the email section when posting comments

No. 821448

It HAS been a few threads since we had a "spoonfeed me everything, I dun geddit!" troll here, lol

No. 821449

I have no doubt that Ross was talking about Holly. She's trying to pull that same shit on her fans, friends, and pretty much anyone who's watching her turn full psycho. Her real friends aren't all that great and seem to be fucking useless for not telling her to get off of the internet and stop looking up subtweets to start shit. I can't tell if they have already or not, but seriously, they seem to "offer an ear" but not telling her to take a step back.

No. 821452

Yeah. And somehow I think Holly isn't the type to have friends who keep it real - real enough to tell her dumb ass to get help and get off the fucking Internet. That self-righteous ego couldn't handle it.

I think Ross's silence on the whole thing is super telling, and I do think Holly's passive aggressive narcissistic mind games did a number on him. Thank fuck they didn't have kids together.

No. 821458

>I am acknowledging that what I'm doing is fucked up and affecting the state of my own mental health even further
>But I'm not going to stop! LOL

Mental health advocate & positive role model to those afflicted. Wowee.
Log the fuck out, Holly. What kind of message are you sending to your fans?

Remember kids: simply acknowledging your mental issues does NOT give you a free pass to continue harming yourself and/or others.
If anything, sounds like Holly is claiming "My illness is making me act this way!!! I can't stop!!!"
Break the fucking cycle, Holly. That's the only way you get better.

Gee, with all that therapy she claims to have done, it sure seems like she wasn't taught a single goddamn thing about how to deal with that kind of stuff.

inb4 "I'm just a person! I have flaws! It is my mental illness! And all these terrible people are making me do this! Since I have a mental illness, I cannot be responsible for my own behavior!!"

No. 821463

If she truly had any real friends who cared about her well-being, they'd be encouraging her to step back.
Or maybe if they tried she'd just accuse them of being ABUSIVE.
Maybe that explains why she doesn't seem to have "real friends". All her "friends" seem to be continuing to urge her to go off.

No. 821471

I'm starting to wonder if it was Holly's therapist that said Holly couldn't be helped because any therapist worth their salt would tell you to avoid social media if it's a trigger and she heard it as Heidi.
Psych docs will tell you they can't help if you are refusing to do the work and Holly really seems to be delusional about all this.

No. 821479

She also has her WKs like Denica who act like Holly should block anyone who encourages Holly to step back. In reality Denica would have nothing to do online all day if she couldn't wk for Holly, which is why she is always attacking people who suggest Holly step away for her own well being.

No. 821497

>Tom Waits
Great taste.

Makes sense now for Ross to be talking about Holly. Freakin Ross must have seen some shit. I know he wont spill the beans but i kinda wish he would.

No. 821500

GG=Game Grumps
KT=Some rando that Arin knew 15 years ago that turned into Suzy's stalker.

No. 821519

How much do you wanna bet Holly watched the Black Mirror episode ‘Hated in the Nation’ and thought, “This is exactly like what’s happening to me.”

No. 821525

File: 1560397051230.jpeg (383.7 KB, 828x1028, 5F4D577C-2EC3-4A32-844D-928A11…)

I’m so fucking tired of reading Denica’s self posts.

Taken from a previous thread, you can see the activity symbol on the tweets which prove the tweets were sent by the person who took the screenshot.

You are irrelevant as fuck and trolling for every day several weeks now, for what? Attention from Holly? Jared? Lolcow? Heidi? Pathetic.

No. 821528

>Taken from a previous thread, you can see the activity symbol on the tweets which prove the tweets were sent by the person who took the screenshot.
I can't believe I never noticed this… So Denica is either an anon attempting to cowtip or a sockpuppet Holly made to whitenight herself. Lol this is too good. If it's Holly that means she's even more off her rocker than previously thought and if it's an anon that means that not even Holly's WKs like her.

No. 821532

What a brave undercover narc, infiltrating the lolcow Holly Haters Club so she can report back to the Holly WK Brigade (Critical thinkers KEEP OUT!!!) about all the shit we say in plain sight on the Internet.

No. 821534

Oh god, Denica is more deranged than I originally thought.

Girl, go get a job and a few hobbies.

No. 821540

holy crap i never noticed. this girl has issues lmfao
i think she's stopped though, maybe us not acknowledging the selfpost tipped her over the edge and go full retard for heidi. for the past two(three?) threads there haven't been any WKs here so i guess she gave up

No. 821541

YIKES, that is sad. How would Holly feel to know her number one WK is actually one of us? I guess she'll find out once she does her hourly rounds of googling her name.

No. 821543


I’m going to go ahead and place a bet that the person posting all of the weird images is also Holly and/or this Denica person.

No. 821544

She’s starting to come across as somebody who wants to push Holly over the edge. Deneca mentioned that her purpose in doing this is to keep her from going offline.

No. 821548

File: 1560401324504.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1125x1890, CA29B2E9-74D9-49C1-9573-A53BB3…)

This is bait.

No. 821549

File: 1560401418801.jpeg (572.93 KB, 1125x1261, 0A04DDE2-46ED-4617-9B22-FC1621…)

Still replying to criticism too.

No. 821550

comments like "this" she says. is she legit unable to see the harm she is deliberately causing someone else's mental condition through words like this?

alright if you really want to get over the hate and move on, do a purge. delete every stupid bullshit thing you said about anyone, yourself and jared included, just delete everything from today back to the month of may, go offline, give your laptop and phone to your roommate, just eat sleep and watch netflix for a week.
come the fuck ON, holly. at this point there's no more credibility you can lose, but don't make it irretrievable.

No. 821551

File: 1560401702896.jpeg (225.47 KB, 750x968, F9EBF00A-86A5-41DD-84BF-D2C9BF…)

Wow she is losing it

No. 821552


Log off, Holly.

No. 821555

hahahahah she gonna an hero over a terf bangs joke

No. 821556

File: 1560402881484.jpeg (291.56 KB, 1242x1165, 14B116BE-C476-4709-8FEA-A1CE65…)

Is she referencing this thread, or…?

No. 821557

Log off and stop feeding it, you sloppy whore.

No. 821558

I’m really curious if she’s just trying to do the whole deflecting with humor thing kids do when they’re getting bullied in high school or if she’s really just lost her damn mind.

No. 821559

It's probably both.

No. 821560

File: 1560403316544.gif (805.04 KB, 275x222, 1551174928953.gif)

>haha yeah!

No. 821561

Jared probably left her ass high and dry and now she's going full Daenerys.

No. 821565


Had the same thought, but if that's the execution is poor. It only really works if you come across nonchalant or confident.. which her unprovoked tweets don't exactly reflect.

No. 821566

god her responses are so fucking immature. isn't this hag in her thirties? grow the fuck up and log off, holly.

No. 821568

File: 1560404214542.jpeg (83.9 KB, 537x399, 1D65751D-F295-42B0-B4D9-2A2D48…)

Always relevant.

No. 821569

The execution of it feels more like she read how to do it on a wikihow on how to stop getting bullied.

No. 821570

File: 1560404793143.png (93.58 KB, 635x828, Screenshot_6.png)

A majority of Holly's supporters are enabling her destructive behavior and are probably going to be the reason why she's going to end up committing Sudoku. The fact that the haturz are giving more solid advice than her stans is sad as hell.

No. 821571

Will one of her friends please put a parental lock on her phone or change her passwords or something? Jesus fucking Christ holly.

“I can’t figure out how to make the hate stop!” You literally just have to click one button my guy: “Log out.”

No. 821572

She legit seems drunk in her first reply. It's barely coherent.

Sipping some white zinfandel? No wait, probably a more unique™ type of alcohol.

No. 821575

File: 1560406207396.png (44.27 KB, 613x515, Screenshot_7.png)

Her "friends" would only tell her what's being said about her and Jared anyway. 10/10 friends, totally concerned about her mental health!

No. 821581

Yeah, pretty sure this was Jessica. She was going on Heidi's Twitter making ridiculous statements and also engaging with Keem. While Holly was in the fucking mental hospital she made that stupid "Side Ho" painting referencing Keem. So Jessica being the wonderful friend she is, called up Holly in the hospital just to tell her all the terrible things the internet was saying. Then when people started to call Jessica a clown she faked a stress stroke or something and I'm pretty sure we haven't heard from her since.

No. 821582

File: 1560407793353.png (198.61 KB, 800x1035, Screenshot_2019-06-13-02-35-56…)

Why are holly fans stupid?

No. 821585

Holly fans can keep whiteknighting as much as they want….

but in the sea of asspat comments, their birb kween is gonna try her hardest to find few critical ones and start threatening uwucide for the 1000x time.

And nope Holly, those times where everyone thought of you as "coolest out of GG women" are never coming back.

No. 821587

I love people like this. As if the person they're replying to doesn't also have the same freedom to use social media that Holly does.

Freedom of speech (and similar adjacent ideas) do not protect you from getting called out on asshole behavior.

No. 821588

Social media has been linked to a lower quality of life and Holly is obviously making herself worse by staying on it, but no, leave the birb queen alone she can ruin her mental health if she wants to!!! uwu

No. 821590

I lowkey just want to see if her nudes get leaked out in all honesty(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 821591

Fuckin kek at Denica self posting. What a loser.

No. 821592

She is probably sending Holly DMs like "look, lolcow is harassing me now, too! But it's worth it to stand up for you!"

No. 821593

With the amount of stupid things that happen in this mess I wouldn’t be surprise if the next twist is Jessica being the other side ho of Jared and she’s keeping tabs on holly for him

No. 821594

Please love yourself anon

No. 821596

One eye watching Twitter and one on lolcow

No. 821598

Lmaoo imagine that mess. I know Jessica was keen on whiteknighting Holly but she was also defending Jared with all her might so who knows…

No. 821601

File: 1560415060841.jpg (137.49 KB, 1376x827, IMG_20190613_103022.jpg)

kekking at what holly retweeted

what would her response even be?

>Well through DnD I started thinking I really am my self-insert character (which is basically me with magic powers) and I started a forbidden relationship with another character Diath (played by ProJared) which made me go and homewreck an entire marriage. Jared is now fucking someone else and ignoring me but I believe me and Diath will get our happy forever after. I also tried convincing everyone on Twitter that "I know magic" but my career flopped instead…

No. 821608

"DnD helped me with my mental health, please give me back my job WotC before I commit sudoku"

No. 821627

File: 1560427892242.png (2.37 MB, 1376x2048, Screenshot_20190613-070920.png)

She posted this on her Instagram, I thought the comment was funny

No. 821629

File: 1560428154388.png (632.51 KB, 720x1208, tn.png)

sage for no contribution except i was reading this manga and this was all i could think about

No. 821647

Holly just cant stay off twitter. No more DCA, no more twitch streams on mondays and saturdays. What else has she got going for her? her youtube channel is dude unless she makes a proper apology, but she thinks she did nothing wrong.

No. 821654

That's what I was wondering. Does she have an income stream now? How long until bird mom trash witch is living off actual trash?

No. 821655

If her house was Ravenclaw you'd think she'd be a bit smarter about this.

No. 821659

Where are this girls friends in real life?? All the WKs in the world can't do anything through their computer screens. She has plenty of people she knows irl on twitter, one of them can't take a fucking day and drive up to Seattle and take Holly's phone away? None of her friends are even tweeting at her to stop but they should. Now she's terrorizing youtube comments saying she should die. It's like she has OCD and can't stop till the hate stops not realizing she's pouring gas on the fire and it will absolutely not work. Someone needs to get this chick on some benzos and let her ride it out in a chill daze.

No. 821661

What the fuck is that reply? I hope she's just playing randumb xD to appear like she's losing it and isn't actually that far gone

No. 821678


No. 821682


She only wishes she was ravenclaw because of birds

No. 821684

Why would anyone want to be friends with this turbocunt in real life?

No. 821686

Narcissists can be real charming and so very nice you don't necessarily notice what they really are until it's much too late. Say, when they've been fucking your husband and badmouthing you online.

No. 821690

At least she isn’t delusional enough to fancy herself Griffindor (and thus the hero of the tale)

No. 821710

Im really craving for milk from Jared. Where are you pal? What's going on? How's the job hunting going?

No. 821716

>You're so pretty it scare me

No. 821717

File: 1560443468813.jpeg (326.15 KB, 1242x1770, F50B837D-608C-470A-8BFA-491F16…)

No. 821718

So what does this mean? Is she saying Nulyu is the anon? Because it still looks like she's the one posting here.

No. 821719

Looks like she completely missed the part where we're calling her out for posting here and she's saying they weren't self posts but she was replying to Nulyu.

No. 821723

It seems like she thinks (or is pretending to think) that “self posting” means replying to yourself.

No. 821725

This bitch really doesn’t know how to read

No. 821728

>In her 30s
>Still referencing Harry Potter
>Still talking about what harry potter house she belongs to

yup, this is a lolcow

No. 821732


If this were true, Nulyu's deleted tweets would appear as "tweet unavailable"

So her "clarification" is also a lie

No. 821733

She has 8k fans and she's still whining on the internet? I'm surprised the number is that large considering what a troll she's been these past few weeks.

You know, I honestly think she can't get off twitter is because of the same reason Momokun didn't. They don't want to be forgotten so they can keep up their online careers.

No. 821734


I imagine his “game plan” for this is stay hidden till it all blows over and then slowly come back to make content

No. 821736

adult Harry Potter fans that never outgrew the "HP is my personality" phase are the funniest mentally stunted adults i've ever encountered and they're weirdly, creepily defensive about it too when you point it out. i bet Holly would get big mad if someone sent her that tweet that reads "you're not a Slytherin, you're 32" bc it's literally her

No. 821742

File: 1560448407310.png (19.26 KB, 604x191, wow.png)

Holly's fans are a mess.
>Jared is being investigated for reviving nudes from minors but at least Holly is loyal to him!

No. 821749

If she wants to keep her online presence, she could stay but tweet normal stuff.
Instead she's threatening suicide to lolcow because we dare to criticize her? Bravo Holly you dumb bitch.

No. 821754

Her bangs make her face look like an egg….just me?

No. 821758

It's an incredibly unflattering haircut for her face type. I noticed her and her closest "friends" all have this same terrible cut as well.(nitpicking)

No. 821761

Does it look good on anyone? It's an out dated hair style and wouldn't even work on ultra chic models with perfect oval faces.

Well she can't stand people thinking she's the bad guy. Plus she really wants her relationship with Jared and was looking forward to it. All she had to do was wait till she got Jared's divorce, that's what he was promising her. She DESERVED Jared for all her patience and support. I"m sure the way it worked out crushed all her hard work of vilifying Heidi to Jared.

No. 821771

File: 1560452457917.jpg (143.76 KB, 1059x765, Glennclose.jpg)

She's still going.

Hate to bust out Yoda but

>do or no not, there is no try

No. 821774


I mean, he was still a married man and it still counts as cheating, Holly but go off ig.

No. 821775

>trying to leave for six months
>Heidi and Jared broke up in February 2019
>Holly and Jared have been sexting/sending nudes to each other since October 2018.

That doesn't match up with the timeline of her emotional and physical affair with Jared lmao.

No. 821787

She's saying that as if Heidi held him hostage for those 6 months.

Holly, you do realize that he was also fucking other girls besides you during that time? :^)

No. 821790

Does this idiot not understand that that's not how marriage works? It makes me worried as fuck about her marriage to Ross. According to her backwards logic, she broke up with him in February 2018 when she developed feelings for PedoJared.

No. 821798

File: 1560454544840.jpg (46.28 KB, 525x547, 45.JPG)

>Holly trying to force people to stop criticizing her, threatening suicide and self-harm left and right

>Meanwhile Ross-

No. 821800

I honestly love this lol. So glad Ross hasn't let himself be dragged into this dumpster fire of a drama.

No. 821802

So Jared who was the one supporting Heidi, had a hard time leaving? This would only make sense if:

a. Heidi was emotionally/physically abusing Jared - something that has been pretty much debunked through Holly's own messages where she shows Heidi being supportive of Jared and Holly admitting she was wrong for accusing her for being abusive(which she's now conveniently forgetting exists)

or b. Jared knew Heidi had real dirt on him or had ways of finding dirt (the nude exchanges, fucking fans, sent dick pics to minors) besides for the cheating. All that is fact.

So Holly is basically admitting Jared was more concerned about saving his reputation and stayed Heidi for at least 6 more months despite Holly claiming he was her first true LOVE. That's so fucking pathetic on Holly's end.

No. 821804

>That's so fucking pathetic on Holly's end.

She is acting pretty pathetic and she's doing it in the public eye, something she most definitely will never recover from because the internet never forgets.

Shes acting like the obsessive side ho that can't let go that you see in Lifetime movies (or Fatal Attraction) and we can see her losing her damn mind. She's so obsessed with Heidi while Jared sits on the side line not defending Holly whatsoever so she's pretty much just a loose cannon. Here's to hoping she doesn't know where Heidi lives.

No. 821807

Like it's ok to home wreck because the walls were already crumbling? lmao she over here confirming the broken windows crime theory. Just keep telling yourself it was ok Holly. The internet will keep correcting you.

No. 821812

Like every cheating spouse in history hasn’t said that to their side piece, Holly.

No. 821813

File: 1560457127753.jpg (548.93 KB, 1080x1852, Sorrysorrysorry.jpg)

This bitch really cheapens the word "sorry".

No. 821816

Her career is dead. I'm really impressed she fell under the radar for this long.

No. 821820


It’s weird when you see someone unironically use “im sorry you feel that way”

That ivy is spitting out some truth there and I’m surprise holly didn’t go with “tell me what I did wrong!”

No. 821827


damn, she's gonna lose it without her Strix and DND campaigns.

No. 821828

>trying to be leave

Did she just admit they weren't divorced yet? Then it's CHEATING, Holly. Even if Jared wants to fuck you, he's still married and not getting consent from his wife.

No. 821829

I love this man and wish him only happiness.

No. 821833

File: 1560460227348.png (102.42 KB, 610x817, 89898.png)

with friends like these who need enemies?

No. 821835


Lmao this is the guy that made a tweet about how his IQ can't be qualified right or something be cause he's "neurodiverse"

No. 821836

>by constantly forcing yourself on her

Oh ffs, I hope he doesn't breed. Nothing at all is stopping Holly from taking a break from the internet. And you can't shout on the fucking internet.

Are these people made out of glass? Is that why they're so retardedly fragile?

No. 821837

i didnt know anything about holly before this, but are her ugly eyes from them being lazy, or just bad bone structure

No. 821838

These fuckers are giving mentally ill people a really bad name - as if there isn't enough stigma already! FFS the narcissism is ridiculous at this point.

No. 821839

>Are these people made out of glass? Is that why they're so retardedly fragile?
Nah, they just want to fuck her or have her acknowledge them. None of them actually are defending her for selfless reasons.

No. 821840

Exactly. "I'm sorry you feel that way" is the biggest non-apology ever and it's very manipulative.

No. 821847

File: 1560461429944.jpg (83.42 KB, 1410x546, Untitled-2.jpg)

Seems like he's doing a lot of projecting.

No. 821848

How old is this dude?

Sidenote, at this point we could start a thread on Holly and her whiteknights alone. However since GG milk is dry idk how others would feel about divorcing her and her friends from the thread.

No. 821849

I definitely think it's time for Holly to have her own thread.

No. 821850


39 apparently.

Holly def deserves her own thread.

No. 821852

I don't think she's ever come out and said but she definitely has strabismus in one of her eyes. It's very obvious in some gifs/videos where her good eye won't move but the other one just gradually drifts inward. You can do therapy to fix it but we all know how Holly feels about actually helping herself

>he was trying to leave!!!
I'm sure this IS what Jared told her…and all the other girls he was fucking lmao.

Dunno who this faggot is but if he's a DM then I'm sure he'd be happy to host Holly and let her play out her slut hobo fantasies with Strix.

No. 821854

File: 1560462187309.png (83.15 KB, 720x413, 20190613_173955.png)

Funny how seeing people attack Holly triggers him, but he has no problem at all going after Heidi based on hearsay alone.

No. 821855

File: 1560462435864.jpeg (39.93 KB, 640x350, 1559410551992.jpeg)

Oh yeah, he's definitely projecting.Holly won't fuck you Matt, she has one eye on Diath and the other on Jared.

No. 821856

the projection in this tweet could feed a village of hungry children in africa.

No. 821857

File: 1560462486591.png (124.47 KB, 720x931, 20190613_174618.png)

Gotta love how these 'warriors' are all sating that seeing people 'bully' Holly triggers them SO badly that they have to 'Stand up to the hate!' by… slinging more hate at someone else.

No. 821859


Looks like he deleted this one lol.

No. 821860

It's supposed to be on Jared, but it's slowly drifting toward the abyss of a failed career.

No. 821861

File: 1560462960461.png (374.71 KB, 720x686, 20190613_175614.png)


No. 821862

Did she trim her own bangs or something? looking like moe from 3 stooges out here. Shit is not flattering in the least.

No. 821863

I mean, I guess when Jared kicks her whiny ass to the curb, someone has to be there to take milady's hand.

No. 821864

File: 1560463396980.jpeg (782.42 KB, 1125x1342, E92F5840-690C-4EED-9D00-607C65…)

He’s been whiteknighting Holly and Jared on this account as well. Dude needs help.

No. 821868

File: 1560463564600.jpg (270.7 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20190614_080228.jpg)

so this is the kind of guy going to bat for Holly eh? (not Matt mercer obvs)

No. 821869

Sigh. I'm kind of sad Holly does not have any actual friends who would take her sperging on about "hurting myself" at face value and get the popos to do a welfare check on her at the very least. She thinks she's about to self-harm? Fucking take her at her word and get her sectioned or something. But it's not gonna happen because homegirl apparently clings onto dudes and doesn't have meaningful relationships.

No. 821870


Those actual friends probably left long ago not wanting to deal with holly anymore

Especially if holly does the whole “you’re being abusive to me!!” over the slightest bit of criticism

No. 821875


The fact that she asked strangers to tell her what she did wrong is already telling. She's operating on twitter like she has no one in her personal life to turn to.

No. 821876


…Not even dream-boy Jared?

No. 821879

This middle aged virgin knows that Jared was internally investigated and subsequently fired for those allegations, right?

No. 821880

Nah, the whole "tell me what im doing wrong twitter uwu!!!!" shit is just an act to make her look like a good person trying to change.

No. 821885


…Nuh-uh! That's only if you believe that whoring extortionist-cunt Heidi! Holly says the """victims""" are dishonest, so they're dishonest!

Holly is love. Holly is life.


No. 821890

File: 1560465761849.png (53.18 KB, 616x360, _mangosmoothies-11392984745943…)

Yeah, this is definitely the same dude.
No surprise Holly attracts dudes who can't take it when something they like is criticized.

No. 821896

File: 1560465980277.gif (1.03 MB, 160x160, jenlaughspittake.gif)

>one eye on Diath and the other on Jared

anon, i'm dead.

No. 821903

File: 1560466462783.jpg (43.45 KB, 500x323, mental.jpg)

All that Ivy person was saying was for Holly to get help to stop her self-destructive behaviors and this guy has to barge in and yell "How dare you stage an intervention! She's already under enough stress from her inability to disengage from Twitter and it'll be your fault when she dies from it because you're being meeeeeaaaaaannnnn!"

No. 821907

or "Holly's going to die and it's going to be YOUR FAULT." Holly's fans are just as toxic as her affair with Jared.

No. 821914

File: 1560467015000.jpg (21.63 KB, 577x169, MattCowson.jpg)


Hurp. His whole Twitter has been like this for days.

No. 821915

LITERALLY who cares why she says what she says, or what this bozo's "going through." when you have eyes on you you don't say this embarrassing drivel. you're a public figure, not some rando, retard.

No. 821919

Fucking kek. Neurodiversity my dainty anus. People with legit issues like this adapt and work their asses off to keep up with "normies" and then there's this whinging little fuck who's using MUH ILNESS as a splash-guard for taking any responsibility for himself

If you've gone 30 years without learning to deal with yourself to the point of not having meaningful relationships, that's on you, not your illness.

No. 821922


so he's autistic and relates to Holly? So he thinks Holly could be an autist too? Pretty sure autistic people can be manipulative try again Matt

No. 821928

If I were in Holly's shoes I'd PM her biggest attack dogs Matt and Denicia and tell them thanks but no thanks. Seems to be affecting their mental health and she's doing nothing to ease them. Notice them senpai and tell them to knock it off. I mean how big of a mood boost can you get from 2 40 year old autists white knighting your every move? Then again we know she doesn't give 2 shits about her fans since she won't stop suicide baiting them.

No. 821937

wow, he's austistic? i'm sooo shocked…

No. 821938

Okay, so he is an autist. That actually explains quite a fucking lot.

No. 821940

>I've suffered because of neurodiversity! waaaah

>you're just a dumb fuck

Nice, but the mental health community and autism community would like to stop your whining, take responsibility and stop perpetuating stigmas.

No. 821945

You can be mentally ill/neuro-divergent AND be abusive/manipulative
That's a big fucking thing when it comes to dealing with your issues is knowing you can be a bad person even tho you have problems.
This person is cut from the same uwu-victim cloth as Holly

No. 821946

File: 1560470138719.jpg (123.58 KB, 1080x1147, IMG_20190613_195449.jpg)

In response to a tweet about DnD. So it's safe to say that Strix is done for good?

No. 821947

File: 1560470309386.jpg (152.44 KB, 1079x992, IMG_20190613_195732.jpg)

Sage for tinfoil, but looks like she's gone through Jared's likes today lol (since this is the one tweet Jared's interacted with since the drama started). If she's secure with him, why would she need to go through his social media?

No. 821951

kek good luck playing with anyone's husband ever again. These past weeks have just been a neverending broadcast of "If I like your husband, I will try (terribly) to fuck him and smear your name all over the internet as an abuser." The peak of professionalism.

No. 821952

I bet these people weren't complaining about cancel culture when people like rosanne barr's stuff got canceled because of things she said.

No. 821954

Yep, and the fact that she's still going on about it only shows how unstable she is in the process. No one's going to want to be around her if she continues like this and she's going to make it hard to get herself a job.

No. 821955

I'm sure kiwifarms was upset when that happened and they support holly, so. I think you're confused about her newfound fanbase's demographics.

No. 821958


Anybody wanna bet that Jared already cut her off?

Heidi said that he neglected her and gave her the silent treatment whenever she was upset. What if he's doing that to Holly now? We're seeing her publicly self-destruct without validation from him.

Imagine going through all the work to pry a married man away from his wife, just to see him outed as a predator, then get ignored by him. Lol

No. 821960


…Unless if she's trying to do the heroic "You run away while I fight them off!" move

No. 821961


Strix would never. Lmao

No. 821970

don't worry, her and jared (who TOTALLY is going to stay with her forever and not cheat and abandon her) are going to have a strix and diath themed wedding!! T-this isn't the end of Strix's story!!!

Oh absolutely. If their love is the truest, most purest and non-abusive of loves, then why aren't they together now? He used her as a stepping stone out of his marriage and he's going to keep on stepping. She's fucking delusional to think otherwise.


No. 821980

Holly's story falls apart so easily, I'm amazed that after a month her affair fog STILL hasn't cleared. She claimed Heidi is unfixable. So what about Ross?

My tinfoil is Holly got it in her head he was abusive too. Perhaps in her mind its "abusive" whenever someone doesn't enable her. Kind of like how she's treating her critics on Twitter by calling them bullies.

So if she thinks Ross is abusive, maybe that's part of why he's stayed out the public drama. He doesn't want to get into a pissing match with Holly online because…well, look. He effectively "wins" by forfeiting the fight. He keeps his career while she torpedoes hers.

Also, whether Ross knew about Jared or not makes Holly look like a bitch. If he didn't know, she lied to him. If he did know, sounds like she made him lie on Twitter to not only protect her reputation but Jared's. If he would have stated Jared was the reason for the divorce, it would have tipped Heidi off about the affair. So this confirms Heidi's account that Jared had the affair behind her back.

Imagine the audacity it takes to divorce your husband for your married sleazebag coworker and then ask him to lie about it to protect the man you left him for.

No. 821989

He totally did cut her off, her whining on twitter now is very similar to that when she UwU wanted to help """""a friend""" to drop his ""abusive relationship"""" and threatened to kill herself because of that.

No. 821995


I was thinking it would be Denica who would drive Holly over the edge, but at this point it seems like a 50/50 tossup between Denica and Matt driving her to an hero.

No. 821998

Denica and Matt drawing attention to every single negative tweet Holly gets is definitely making it worse. This shit is showing up on Holly's notifications constantly and she has to notice the disparity in likes between the people calling her out and Denica's delusional retorts. These shitters are also encouraging her to stay on Twitter when they should instead be suggesting she ignore the negativity and get away. Who needs enemies with WKs like that.

No. 822005

Seems like her downward spiral these last few days haven't been from twitter trolls, but likely her coming to terms with the reality of Jared not loving her and her DnD character being shelved. That was literally all she had going on for the past few years and now it's all gone. Hope the sex and homewrecking was worth it lol

No. 822011

ross definitely knew. there's no way he didn't. my guess is he let holly have her relationship on side with jared and either she eventually dumped ross for jared thinking she could get him away from heidi or ross got fed up and dumped her.

No. 822017

File: 1560478105918.png (454.44 KB, 530x539, sketch.PNG)

No. 822020

Calm down there buckaroo, this thread is not full yet.
Also GG generally has no milk atm so what would their thread be about exactly? They just wouldn't have one.

No. 822023

I wasn't suggesting anew thread now, just when this thread is done. I've just noticed that it's almost impossible for people to follow this thread for GG drama when it does milk happen. Anything about KT has been looked over for Holly's sperging on twitter and not everyone who likes gg drama is interested or wants to see Holly/Jared drama.

No. 822025

File: 1560479185328.png (211.34 KB, 1063x770, ironic.png)

>holly likes this tweet
>only agrees with it a base level
>op states that this doesn't apply to people who sexually assault/abuse people

No. 822030

I think Ross' reasoning for distancing himself is twofold. One, if he stays quiet, like you said, he gets to keep his career. Getting into pissing contests on twitter over your retarded ex-wife is the quickest way to make people lose respect for you, regardless of whether she's wrong or not, not to mention it's entirely unprofessional. Two, Holly is a fucking psychotic bitch and as her ex-spouse I would stay as far away from her gaslighting and suicidebaiting as possible. I hope for his sake he does have her muted on social media.

No. 822032

Speaking of Ross, we all know he was always quick to defend, praise, or plug Holly (bless his heart, poor guy) but when did he stop with that? Like was he posting positive things about her right up to the point that they announced their divorce or did he stop long before then, presumably when he found out about the affair?

No. 822037

File: 1560482851840.jpg (57.16 KB, 625x716, jaredhollychangeorg.jpg)

They've made a change.org petition >>

No. 822038

Hahaha wow. What a pointless thing to do, all this is doing is keeping this whole thing alive longer

No. 822040

They set their goal incredibly low.

Wonder why?

No. 822042


The whole point of this is to "show Heidi"? What is that supposed to accomplish exactly?

No. 822043

File: 1560483679743.png (561.81 KB, 1108x1340, mistakes sorry.png)

she adressed the rana fiasco

No. 822044

Has KT posted anything new?

>I'm the real victim in all this!

No. 822045

samefag sorry, but is there proof that she paid everyone back? i went through all the PULL stuff and didn't find any

No. 822046

She "tried" to apologize.Same wording she used when referring to her trying to say sorry to Heidi in the past. I'm sure it was incredibly backhanded.

No. 822047

Even if she did, it was after the deadline so useless to them?

No. 822050

No one mentioned making one, just that she needed one of her own. This thread has been 95% about Holly and it would be a Holly thread so I would assume about Holly.

Just when we thought her fans couldn't get more stupid. This isn't going to do shit.

>I tried to apologize

"Waaah no one ever accepts my apologies! It was only a cancer survivor, I'm the real victim here!"

No. 822052

I was assuming you're the same anon who wants a standalone KT thread, my bad if so.

No. 822054


Upside is we got a confirm from holly that it did happen

No need to dig up of old posts about it anymore

No. 822059

Honestly I think Holly getting her own would go to her head, she already feels she's gone more viral than Kanye. The milk is mostly Holly catering directly to us so she stays relevant, and it’ll go dry soon.

It's just repetitive at this point, since all the other people involved have tapped out there’s not much she has going for her.

I'm already getting bored over Holly’s, ”Desperate 30-something seeks attention online while complaining the whole time” schtick if I can be honest.

No. 822062

It's funnier to keep Holly and GG in the same thread because she's SO pressed about being overshadowed by GG/Ross.

No. 822063


No. 822066


Great timing because Ross is likely to pick up traction again with Mario Maker 2 coming out. Holly can sit and cry while she and her shitty D&D character fade into obscurity.

No. 822068

That looks like babby's first curse sigil to me. So much for healing not hate uwuwuwuwu

No. 822073


for this piece of shit?

No. 822077

This is a really good argument against her getting a standalone thread.

No. 822080

I would pay to see Heidi cosplay as FemShep now. Kek.

No. 822084


is she gonna try and curse lolcow.farm lmaoooooo

No. 822086

File: 1560495711318.jpg (279.16 KB, 1439x2124, IMG_20190614_090201.jpg)

Wait until you see the comments

No. 822087

I didn't think about that. I do think she would take advantage of having her own thread and use it as "look I'm being bullied" even though it's her own fault for lurking here. We'd also have to deal with her dumb as fuck turds self-posting and "defending" her.

No. 822090


Lmao 9/10 chance this dude has been “falsely” accused before

No. 822094

Wouldn’t be surprised if she was trying to curse Heidi. She does call herself a trash witch but something tells me she doesn’t have any idea what witchcraft or paganism are actually about.

No. 822137

Yup. All this is gonna do is bring more attention to the situation. Holly and Jared wont have a career for a long time now, if not at all in online persona.

No. 822141

I thought it was just her Strix staff.

No. 822168

I had a hard time believing this shit was real. How fucking self-martyring do you have to be??? Yikes.

Hopefully no one scams them out of the money they raise uwu

No. 822226

They’re not donating anything, lucky them

No. 822227

I looked up about committing yourself in Seattle and this is what it says for voluntary stays:

Each person receives a complete evaluation of his/her mental health, physical health and a screening for substance abuse.
The individual develops a treatment plan with hospital staff and professionals involved in the person’s outpatient care. Treatment planning may also include input from family members or other interested parties. The treatment plan includes a plan for continued care when the person leaves the hospital.
Services in the hospital include individual therapy, group therapy, other group or individual services, and medications, as needed.
The average length of stay in the hospital is 1½ to 2 weeks for individuals admitted voluntarily and somewhat longer for those on an involuntary hospital admission. The length of stay for voluntary persons is determined by his/her needs. Sometimes a hospital stay is shortened if the person decides to leave early. A judge in a civil proceeding may determine the length of stay for a person who has been involuntarily admitted to the hospital. In this case, the hospital will make recommendations to the judge according to the treatment needs of the person.

No. 822228

So she probably left early, and isn't following up with her outpatient care.

No. 822233

I still find it hilarious that she committed herself because she was caught cheating. Not because the guilt was overwhelming her, not because she wanted to be a better person, it was because she was caught. What a horrible person, using mental health resources as a shield and discarding them after only a few days. Hospitals and facilities are already overwhelmed as it is. What a waste of space.

No. 822242

File: 1560539725687.png (54.76 KB, 720x524, BeLiEvE-2.png)


Exactly what is this going to achieve other than prove that a bunch of people still like them?

Nevermind the fact that Online Petitions are often useless.

No. 822243


Same. The only people who seem to be stretching this drama out are Holly & her stans. Literally everyone else in this situation has moved on except her.

No. 822248

File: 1560540227905.png (35.48 KB, 594x296, danpirro.png)

Dan Pirro: "These 2 were the targets of a calculated smear campaign."

Also Dan Pirro: (See pic)

No. 822252

Blocking people who are there to start shit and trying to get you to respond to insults - Heidi
Actively searching criticism and insults that you aren't even tagged in - Holly

It's not even a matter of guilt. It's a matter of who is more logical.

No. 822256

File: 1560541378233.png (66.84 KB, 524x570, victimblaming.png)

"BuT tHeY dElEtEd TwEeTs So ThEy MUST bE lYiNg!"

No. 822285

They were deleted most likely because they are going to be used as evidence in court, you skidmarks.

Honestly, I'm just itching to find out what the end result of the legal side of this will be.
Will the stans accept the results of a legal trial or will they ignore it in favor of their own kangaroo court?

No. 822290

Thank God Jared and Holly have all these middle aged women and socially inept men coming to their rescue.

No. 822330

How do these autists consistently forget that NormalBoots did their own internal investigation and fired Jared as a result?

No. 822332

File: 1560551427570.png (179.38 KB, 1051x1356, Screenshot_20190615-082617~2.p…)

Not super topical but it cracks me up that Holly turned out to be a fucking demon and Suzy seems to be a genuinely good friend.

No. 822334

I think a lot of suzy's issues were from her being bipolar and being untreated for it until kind of recently when she came out with it on twitter.

Now she seems to be doing a lot better with losing weight and work stuff.

No. 822335

ikr? I would've never guessed it a year ago.

No. 822338

It's amazing how fast Holly revealed her true self and doubled down instead of owning up to it

No. 822371

Exactly this. It's better to keep her on the back burner of a GG thread because she cant be the main focus and therefor claim she's being outed or bullied on lolcow. It's better to be a GG general thread.

No. 822374

Seriously, it must make Holly seethe in her pigeon hole. rofl

No. 822395

b-but she never loved ross uwu!! only jared could awaken her feelings of true romance!

No. 822410


I bet he’s wondering why it’s such a struggle to get 50 supporters, much less the measly 100 he’s asking for.

No. 822432

>they put themselves out there in such a vulnerable way that their audience feels a sincere connection

So vulnerable and sincere that Jared would share his dick with any fan in an instant! When you're so open and genuine there's no time to verify ages. What a giving guy.

No. 822439

omg these people. at least one of the parties involved is literally underaged NOW. and jared acknowledged them by apologising to them. it's a crime no matter what age the kid says they are. the kid can't consent and so they sure as hell can't legally vouch for their own age either. fuck, the sheer the stupidity of these loophole-seekers - it's okay to sext a 15yo guys, we found a way!

No. 822490

how long has she been facetuning her selfies?
pls stop facetuning, it’s not good for anyone, esp if you already have mental health problems

No. 822545


Can you stop

No. 822568

Being a narcissist is worse than showing your dick to minors. What a great hill to die on.

No. 822602

File: 1560609128679.jpg (266.11 KB, 1440x1814, IMG_20190615_163156.jpg)

lmao @ delusional kiwis

No. 822606

The people on KF have such a fucked viewed on this whole situation. They are so attached to this "cuck" narrative when it's been shown time and again Jared is a scumbag and certainly wasn't cucked. He constantly cheated. Also they conveniently gloss over the fact that he is a sexual predator which is the actual biggest issue with him.

No. 822607


Jared got kicked out of Normal Boots for his conduct with fans. He's never getting that back. All his former friends have turned on him. Game Grumps, Normal Boots, Hidden Block, WotC, and anyone else on the west coast with a brain.

If he tries to make a YouTube comeback, he'll need a new group of friends. Maybe some of those woman-haters he's relying on to smear his ex-wife lol

No. 822609

Seriously, sending dick pics to 16 year olds and getting them to send you their nudes (CP) is not remotely the same as Jon's alt-right debacle where he said some dumb shit and false statistics and was called out on it.

No. 822615

>Jared focusing on his relationship with Holy


No. 822620

File: 1560612613419.jpeg (315.91 KB, 750x901, C47D54E9-B0FC-4DA9-A218-BD1D12…)

Holly only ever responds to positive comments when she can twist them into the negative, and people still think she should be doing Twitch streams on mental health when she’s still spiraling?


No. 822626

Does she love painting herself as the biggest coward ever?

No. 822627


I would honestly love to watch her excuse-machine working in live action.

No. 822633

Meanwhile, Ross is being wholesome and living his best life. I really hope he can move forward from this pigeon bullshit

No. 822634

Pretty much, she thinks painting herself as a coward makes her an ~uwu fragile babby who needs to be protected awww~

Yet she wasn't afraid to cheat on her husband, get involved with her friend's husband, publicly threaten suicide to random people as a mean of manipulation all while being known as a public persona who does mental health twitch streams.


No. 822643

This. Jon took a step back after he realized he said some heated bullshit on a podcast. Jared legit sexually exploited underage fans for nudes and abused his ex wife. How is that even the same? KF is trash

No. 822649

Can anons stop posting every video Ross does, we get it hes fine but its not milk and nobody truly cares.

No. 822651


he's part of GG therefore related to threat subject, it's not all about Holly y'know

No. 822653

nayrt, it's still not milk. Ross isn't a cow.

No. 822657

I never watched her streams. What did Mental Health Monday even consist of? Ass patting each other about being mentally ill and not facing their issues head on?

No. 822658

It was saged, and this isn’t a Holly Jared uwu thread, it’s still for all the GG. Chill out, anon.

No. 822663

I agree with the other anon, everyone knows that ross is handling it well, at this point no one cares about the new vids hes uploading unless he talk about the holly thing.

Unless he does something stupid or brings up anything interesting i dont think we need to have posts that are just about how well hes doing because no one really cares

No. 822667

that's Miss Holly "the Cow-ard" Conrad for you

No. 822669

Basically it was Holly talking about herself and giving tumble "advice" as if she's a therapist.

No. 822670

Not surprised that a site ran by a dude who has had explicit conversations with underaged girls has a userbase that supports men who solicited nudes from minors.

No. 822683

The main difference between those two is that Jon, abhorrent politics aside, is FUNNY. Jesus i hate how much i find his videos brilliant. What Jared had going on for himself was his welcoming and non-threatening façade, so good luck with thay lol. Maybe if he rebrands himself as an alt-right anti-sjw gamer, that could work. "Sjws ruined my life cus i got tricked by Underage harlots!!"

No. 822690

File: 1560622087541.jpeg (783.27 KB, 1125x1762, CE74A9E3-A86D-4725-9CAD-4B8B4D…)

She straight up liked some post comparing her to Monica Lewinsky. One of the most famous mistresses in the states. This whole situation is just ridiculous.

No. 822695

So is this her way of admitting it was an affair?

No. 822707


I mean, the KF & anti-sjw folks have already embraced Holly & along with her are willing to bat for Jared, so it seems like the most probable route for him at this point.

No. 822727

I really don't know how her WK still stick up for her, like this lex person even after she victim blamed a bunch of kids

No. 822738


Well we went from “you guys know me!” to “okay there was an emotional affair”

No. 822741

Easy, they're either stupid kids or lonely middle aged autists who are seizing the chance to be noticed by a z-list e-celeb because they are that desperate for attention. Every time Holly likes one of their garbled attempts to defend her they stroke out.

No. 822851

File: 1560651311999.jpeg (182.16 KB, 720x1196, DD2CA30F-A514-46C6-BA8B-991ED9…)

She’s so pathetic. Really, what is this petition even going to do?

No. 822855

the kfarms Holly boner is so inexplicable

she is exactly what most people there would describe as a special snowflake sjw

No. 822857

self-inserting as an ugly dork surrounded by vidya who still gets to sleep around with whoever is more important. plus these circles are full of pedos so of course the soliciting nudes aspect makes it all the better

No. 822858

File: 1560652487058.jpg (39.06 KB, 768x214, holly.jpg)

That subreddit is doing a noble job of keeping things on topic

No. 822860


Holly, you know as well as everyone else that this is just pointless flexing.

No. 822864

File: 1560652907562.png (28.54 KB, 568x254, fancomments1.png)


These two have the right idea.

No. 822871

File: 1560653146920.png (40.6 KB, 632x388, fancomments2.png)


Okay, a lot of the replies are funny as hell!

No. 822873

File: 1560653401328.png (36.33 KB, 576x292, DeniseWalz.png)

Just say that you hate minors & think they shouldn't have rights, Denise.

No. 822875

File: 1560653709948.png (280.07 KB, 703x1495, Trioxin.png)


No. 822877

File: 1560654007820.png (58.58 KB, 568x596, TrashOracle.png)

Love the responses this 'Trash Oracle' person is giving; that the proof/evidence comes from legal professionals, not DCA's super-speshul Discord-server.

>"my people did the work and we feel he got a raw deal if that changes your mind."

What ever happened to 'facts over feels' dude?

No. 822882

File: 1560655111796.png (63.73 KB, 580x620, dumbdan.png)

Included replies because this person is just so painfully ignorant.

Body/Sex 'positivity' blogs were also a magnet for many vulnerable people with lots of insecurities who were susceptible to being emotionally manipulated.

No. 822888

God her supporters are dangerously stupid. If birb mom says it's cool I blindly agree! She's so unhealthy for them to be following like this.

No. 822891

File: 1560656134744.png (54.46 KB, 580x456, dumbdan1.png)

Woah, slow down there, Dan!

No. 822894

File: 1560656294633.png (20.76 KB, 634x222, PIbadass.png)

Meanwhile PaladinIvresse a.k.a Matt Lawson over here straight up threatening people…

No. 822895

at least he got his green card or whatever out of it

No. 822896

File: 1560656640511.png (47.15 KB, 580x526, Deniseknows.png)

Ah, so Denise has "been involved" in this situation "for over a year"?

No. 822906

File: 1560657781793.png (28.45 KB, 580x268, danhates.png)

>"im not supporting hate speech or anything."

See >>822248

No. 822926

Okay, so Denise is admitting she has a clear bias and in is denial that someone she knows is a sexual predator. These sycophants of Holly and Jared are seriously fucked in the head.

No. 822932

All of these people destroying their reputations over a guy that looks like a deformed weasel mutation.

No. 822937

Why isn't anyone sane and reasonable coming to Holly's defense with a good argument? Oh, right….

No. 822964

Can you walk us through the process of your art, anon. I need to know your secrets

No. 822989

You know she's a true artist bc her work is so divisive.

No. 823005

Proving she's trash with every tweet she makes.

No. 823007

Imagine victim blaming underaged women at the time for cool mom points. Denise needs to fuck off

>without facts

>teens post dozens of screen caps from snap and tumblr

>jared nudes and dick pics


No. 823009

Isnt this against Twitter TOS??

No. 823034

Most of what he posts is against twitter tos. he's already gotten one strike, so it's a matter of the reports slowly piling up and twitter eventually getting to them and doing something.

No. 823043


One of them is still a minor though, the victim blaming is wild from these people. Bet they wouldn't be singing the same tune if that happened to their relative.

No. 823046

Do you have an insta, anon? I would follow you

No. 823064

File: 1560702326066.jpg (384.29 KB, 1440x2300, IMG_20190616_182110.jpg)

Now these are some mental gymnastics

At the same time
>Heidi wrote a dumb live journal post when she was a teenager back in 2005, this proves she's an evil narc set to ruin men like innocent Jared

>Oh and Holly's cool because she's loyal regardless of Jared's escapades, BTW who is Ross again?

No. 823096

what is this with Chai and memory loss? didnt he share an "apology" from Jared that was basically on the line of "hey i totally don't remember doing that and i always make sure i never do the thing you're accusing me to, but in any case i'm sorry (but i def didnt do it)"?

No. 823111

I don't remember where I read it but something about Chai writing a post on medium about their strange disabilities and having memory loss and generally sounding crazy. Leading people to believe they faked everything they say happened with Jared.

No. 823115

No. 823120

Id understand the mistrust for chain if he came.forward with accusation after may 9th, but didnt he and his friend send their accusations to NormalBoots 1-2 months prior to that? Quite the coincidence, but you cant expect them to know shit was going to hit the fan?

No. 823134

File: 1560714403988.png (730.75 KB, 2196x1258, Screenshot 2019-06-17 at 1.16.…)

i can't believe we somehow missed this. the scrots on KF have all but doxxed chai, but this is central to the whole pedo allegation bit.
i'm gonna cap the most relevant post from KF (1/2)

this comment sums up my thoughts best
>"While finding out if the hospitalization story is true would be interesting, it is besides the point. The bigger problem is that this person has provided two very different accounts of the same period, which leans towards not believing either, or indeed any other, statements of theirs."
i genuinely don't know what to believe now lmao

No. 823136

File: 1560714465531.png (415.98 KB, 2188x906, Screenshot 2019-06-17 at 1.16.…)

the archive link for the post this matter comes from is https://archive.fo/CEpgE

No. 823140

samefag sorry, didn't want to add more running commentary to caps

the most incriminating bit about this is honestly chai making a hugeass medium post about memory loss from nov. 2015 - may 2016, which overlaps greatly with the time he says he was exchanging nudes with jared from march - july 2016.
basically either he's lying about the hospitalization bit, which doesn't make him look very trustworthy about anything else as in if he can attention whore about a mental illness he can sure as hell attention whore about nonexistent nudes exchanged
otoh if the hospitalization thing is true i don't see how he sleeps for 16 hours a day and in the remaining 8 hours spring up to a phone/computer and sexts and sends nudes, kind of a lot to expect from an incontinent patient

the scrots on KF are so certain about chai lying about nudes being exchanged that they're suggesting jared sue chai.
i didn't doubt chai for a second before now, but this is putting a cloud over his whole story.
not to mention that his friend charlie doesn't have a very detailed story to share on his own either (plus iirc he privated his twitter very soon after making the initial posts? please correct me if i'm wrong)

tl;dr: chai might be an unreliable narrator and the pedo accusations towards jared may or may not stick

No. 823161

His mental illness thing sounds so fake. He fell playing basketball, got amnesia and schizophrenia and then one day is just stopped? The focus on diapers and stuff is really weird and sounds like a badly written fanfic.

But isn't someone who makes some some weird shit like this also be the type to submit nudes?

How did Jared NOT get nudes from minors on his blog. It seems like running a porn blog of tumblr and soliciting nudes is kinda setting himself up for it.

No. 823164

Did you just forget Normal Boots already investigated all this and that chai and charle aren't the only underaged people who talked about Jared doing that CP shit?

Or that people may delete things if they're getting tons of harassment?

Or that none of Jared's friend,the ones that knew him the most,said a single world against the CP charge?

Citing something you first call an article then a post that confirms they weren't in a hospital the whole time and no one monitored their phone or computer time for most of it and then going 'oops he can't of actually been a victim during this time of trauma' is dumb.

No. 823173


>i can't believe we somehow missed this.

I can believe anons did read it earlier but didn't mention it here because it goes against the narrative being pushed or were afraid of the anti-KF torches and pitchforks.


Because their investigation is on par with that of law enforcement? lmao

No. 823174

I don't understand

No. 823182

Ntayrt, but honestly ive always seen how NB and all of Jared's friends distanced themselves from this mess as more of a PR move. In CP cases, you're definitely guilty until proven innocent. Who wants to stand by someone who was already skeevy to being with, and now is accused of CP? Aside from Holly lol

No. 823183

it's not entirely impossible that they dropped jared because of the amount of drama and negative comments/attention in general his name was attracting when heidi's allegations first came out. what holly's getting now is literally a slap on the wrist compared to what jared saw on may 9-15 lmao. if i was running a youtube collective i wouldn't want that kind of personality or that amount of drama associated with me anymore. we see this all the time in other fields as well, companies dropping neckbeards over tweets, james gunn being sacked for idiot jokes, it's not that far out of a reach.

No. 823189

please just fuck off

No. 823191

Or maybe it has to do with the reasons given by the anon above? Finding one loud spastic to derail the allegations doesn't mean much. Cute that you ignore the arguments presented in favour of 'muh narrative'.

No. 823192

File: 1560771411525.jpg (38.32 KB, 640x1136, FEsLfSg_d.jpg)

It drives me crazy that everyone seems to forget there was a third person to come forward about being underage.

No. 823197

October 2018? So these were being sent when he was professing his undying love and loyalty to Holly.
I hope one day she can see that shes been manipulated also, though her career online may never recover from this blind loyalty to Jared

No. 823202

The illness thing is fake as fuck. It sounds like something an attention-starved, tumblr-addicted teenager would write for attention. It doesn't invalidate her accusations aside from establishing her as somebody who makes/made up stories, which makes her harder to believe but doesn't necessarily make the accusation false.

No. 823210


More like they dropped him because a popular Youtuber exchanging nudes with fans is a problem no matter how old the fans are.

Seriously, Jared doesn't have to be proven guilty of CP to have seriously fucked up and damaged his reputation beyond repair. The issue is a lot bigger than the age or mental health of ANY individual he interacted with. There's a huge amount of evidence that Jared was taking advantage of vulnerable people to get off, which is fucked up regardless of the details.

Holly and KF and any last sycophants siding with Jared want to look for any reason to discredit the accusers. But tbh, the fact that Jared was doing ANY of this to begin makes him a YouTube outcast. These people build their whole careers on gaining their audience's trust and admiration. Jared fucked up hard in that arena. His former associates can't trust him now either. Cutting ties with someone who sends nudes to their fans isn't really optional if you wanna keep your online career

No. 823211

File: 1560777507460.jpeg (736.55 KB, 1125x1719, 199C31ED-32CC-4A6D-9B3F-40D4F0…)

While faggots who want to suck Jared’s pencil dick ree about the cp being fake Holly and her gang of idiots are still on their bullshit

No. 823221

Only a true cow waits for the whole internet to come round to agreeing with them.

No. 823240

Yeah but i mean, exchanging nudes with consenting adults is lame but legal. All the minors coming forth have yet to produce a chatlog with an exchange on the line of "hey jared, nice dick, btw im 15" "cool thanks for letting me know, now tits out please!"
Personally, i find it impossible that he hasnt interacted with minors ever, considering his demographic. Im not sure that those screenshots are the proof of that

No. 823248


this isn't derailment. what we know so far:
>3 minors accused jared of exchanging nudes with them
>one of them recanted his story (iirc) and privated his account
>the second is an anonymous redditor who mentions their message telling jared "i'm 15" got deleted while sexts did not
>the third is chai and he is now looking like an unreliable narrator. he might have lied about a bunch of serious stuff and we don't know if he lied about the allegations or not.
that's literally all i'm saying because this point hasn't been raised here before. i know we all have an axe to grind with this skeezeball, and i know his actions are disgusting as fuck even without the pedo crap, but if there are facts that may have been overlooked then i'm ready to look at them even if i may eat crow later.

No. 823261


>one of them recanted his story (iirc) and privated his account

They might be private but they didn't recant. Does anyone have evidence of them actually recanting?

Not surprising that they would go private after everything came out, it's overwhelming to be in the public eye like that. If their posts became private, people might have mistakenly assumed they were deleted/ recanted

No. 823270

File: 1560797015491.jpeg (792.94 KB, 1242x1698, 0F68DB0E-878C-4B19-9EA7-769645…)

The tweet she’s responding to is cringy but so is holly
>my mom’s dead lol

>14 year old friend

No. 823281

File: 1560798570069.jpeg (780.46 KB, 1242x1636, 3A0EBE89-EF7B-493B-8688-882400…)

No. 823283

But he apologized that makes it ok!

Also her going "would you say that to a 14 year old? Shame on you uwu" like girl you aren't 14 stop comparing yourself with children

No. 823289

14… is this Holly's friend or Jared's?

No. 823291

The fuck is a 33 year old woman friends with a 14 year old

No. 823296


Wasn't the reddit post and corresponding imgur gallery deleted right after the images were reposted here? (I was the anon who reposted them, I remember being glad I did)

No. 823298

14 year old friend? So is she helping groom the girls and then delivering them to Jared? What kind of 33 year old is friends with a child? That's just fucking weird.

No. 823302

Holly is still mentally 14 so I'm not surprised she hasn't grown out of talking to teenagers. Weird but as expected of a woman whose lifestyle revolves around how quirky, different and mentally ill she is a la Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way.

No. 823309

Friends with a 14yr old? Absolute red flag, regardless of PeenJared's involvement. There isn't much a woman her age should have in common with a 14yr old to earn the label of "friend".

I can't believe he dickmatized her this badly.

No. 823311


When did he apologize? He sent a shitty half-apology directly to the underage accusers, who didn't want to be put in contact with him anyway. Holly couldn't count that as his "apology" unless she thought those allegations were real.

Publicly, he hasn't apologized for taking advantage of fans in general. Afaik

No. 823313

If the accusations against Jared are untrue, then why didn't he deny them instead of issuing a shitty half-apology and then go silent? The accusers have shown more 'proof' of his guilt than he has of his innocence, and everyone around Jared that isn't Holly (who also has no evidence that he's innocent and is dodging the minor questions) seems to have assumed his guilt. Perhaps he'll come out of left field with some proof of his innocence, but at the moment he's looking sketchy enough that taking a firm stance in support of him is dumb as fuck (and unsurprising from KF as a result)

No. 823315

what in the absolute motherfuck is a thirty-three year-old hag gonna have in common with a fourteen-year-old.

that's scary. i hope that kid gets out of that situation.

No. 823316

>he apologised for it

fuck you, holly. He literally manipulated young girls to show their nudes and trust him. He is everything wrong with men who fuck women/girl overs for their own selfishness. Women get held at near impossible standards while men coast and never experience sexism.

No. 823317

so basically Holly is admiting (again) she is a pedo-apologist?

No. 823328

The fact that so many people (including myself) used to consider her a mental health advocate is nausea-inducing. I have no doubt she’s seriously unhinged right now but she honestly sounds like a 14 year old who doesn’t understand how the adult world works

No. 823329

Ohhhhh nelly. Friends with a 14-year-old? That's insane. I wonder if Holly is the type who tells kids (and these are fucking KIDS, man) they are "sooooo mature" and "not like other kids their age".

Inappropriate to the max.

No. 823330

right? this is giving me some weird laineybot vibes. holly should perhaps rethink this "friendship".

No. 823331

Unless Holly would have accepted a half-hearted apology from her mother for the abuse she experienced, she has no right whatsoever to tell any other victim what is or isn't enough to make up for what they went through.

It is fucking astounding how little empathy this woman possesses; it's disgusting.

No. 823333

Notice how she makes it All About Holly in record time, too.

Other people just aren't real people to her, I guess.

No. 823345

How tf did she even meet a 14 year old? Y'all can't even do anything together considering they're 14 and too young to even go to an r rated movie, let alone have anything in common with a 30 year old.

No. 823350

I immediately assumed the 14 year old was part of her family like a young cousin or something or maybe a friend's niece/daughter or w/e.

Doesn't seem crazy to call her a friend.

But if it's not something like this it's defo creepy.

No. 823351

Funny how she started feeling better right after people start questioning Chai (Jared's apology and Holly giving him their info is still damning by the way).

And then she says shit like this kek. She added fuel to the dying flames.

No. 823352

Yeah. The whole thing is incredible. Anyone over 20 can pretty much tell a 14 year old is a child. There's no doubt about the mental, social and psychological gulf between an adult and a very very young teen like that.

No. 823356

Hell, I'm almost 20 and I looked at a 14 year old as a child when I was in my senior year of high school. I still look at them as children. Idk how a 33 year old can even talk to a 14 year old.


I'm pretty sure if it was like that she would've mention it

No. 823357

Yep. It's why it was a huge deal when Onision and his wife got dunked in boiling water when they got caught befriending and flirting with a 14 year old.

That kind of excuse doesn't even fly on how to catch a predator. Unless Holly is trying to make things worse for Jared and herself, she should have kept that "muh fwend is 14" shit to herself while pedo allegations about Jared are still floating around. It makes her look like a maximum leveled idiot.

No. 823358

Hell, I'm almost 20 and I looked at a 14 year old as a child when I was in my senior year of high school. I still look at them as children. Idk how a 33 year old can even talk to a 14 year old.


I'm pretty sure if it was like that she would've mention it

No. 823359

Yep. It's why it was a huge deal when Onision and his wife got dunked in boiling water when they got caught befriending and flirting with a 14 year old.

That kind of excuse doesn't even fly on how to catch a predator. Unless Holly is trying to make things worse for Jared and herself, she should have kept that "muh fwend is 14" shit to herself while pedo allegations about Jared are still floating around. It makes her look like a maximum leveled idiot.

No. 823363

Hell, I'm almost 20 and I looked at a 14 year old as a child when I was in my senior year of high school. I still look at them as children. Idk how a 33 year old can even talk to a 14 year old.


I'm pretty sure if it was like that she would've mention it

No. 823364

Yep. It's why it was a huge deal when Onision and his wife got dunked in boiling water when they got caught befriending and flirting with a 14 year old.

That kind of excuse doesn't even fly on how to catch a predator. Unless Holly is trying to make things worse for Jared and herself, she should have kept that "muh fwend is 14" shit to herself while pedo allegations about Jared are still floating around. It makes her look like a maximum leveled idiot.

No. 823366

>14yo friend
Holly, what the fuck? This is super creepy. If it were a cousin or something, why not say cousin? Definitely giving me similar vibes to the Onision/Laney thing as another anon has said.

She's either trying to bait anons into reacting or she really has no understanding on what is and isn't appropriate. Fucking your friend's husband when she says not to, inappropriate. Being friends with a random 14yo and buying them gifts, inappropriate.

No. 823369

>She's either trying to bait anons into reacting or she really has no understanding on what is and isn't appropriate.

I think it's probably a little column A and a little bit of column B with Holly - or that she feels entitled to do what the fuck ever and everyone who naysays her is a big abusive bullying meanie. Then she can hide behing PLS NO BULLI UWU and pretends she doesn't understand basic causality like the manipulative little bitch that she is.

No. 823372

File: 1560811472637.jpeg (314.5 KB, 1224x737, 3DB8BA05-25C6-4ACC-A400-0C7B03…)

I would be totally inclined to believe she meant her friends 14 year old niece. But here’s Denica again, not making things sound any better kek
Is this on purpose? Is she really just a crazy shady cowtipper?

No. 823374

Again, that excuse doesn't even fly in the eyes of the law. An adult should never be friends with children, especially when the lover of the person is being investigated for child porn.

No. 823375


She absolutely sounds like people I've known IRL who have borderline personality disorder.

Look at "The Waif" type. She fits perfectly.

"I am a worthless victim. I do so want to be loved and protected, but I am not worthy of it."

'They look to others to "save them," but ultimately refuse assistance because helplessness makes them feel safe. Ironically, if they mistrust everyone and let no one get close, they stay in control and no one can abandon or disappoint them. Waifs may hurt themselves to express shame, but they are capable of raging if they feel rejected or abandoned. They don't ask for what they need, then appear Martyr-like because others can't read their minds and give it to them. Waifs may have crying spells and be unable to give nurturing to others.'(armchair)

No. 823377

>Has friends less then half her age/old enough to be their mom

lol k. She's still not past her mommy issues. I'm sorry she's dead and never loved you. I follow the philosophy you can only milk parental wounds until you're 36. You had 18 years with them and 18 years without. She only has a few more years to blame mommy until she has to come to terms with the fact that she's just a shit person who refuses to grow.

No. 823388

Normal people in their 30s say, “my friend’s daughter” or “my younger cousin” or “my upstairs neighbors’ kid,” not “my friend.”

But nobody ever claimed Trash Witch was a normal person.

No. 823390

omg, this Denica bitch is wild. It's one thing to be friends with a 21 or 22 year old at 31, but 14 is legit a child (wtf does holly even have in common with them unless they are family??)

Denica, shut the hell up

No. 823393


Christ den girl you are not helping

Like the person who she’s replying back to is clearly not asking for suggestions

No. 823398

I'm about 90% sure that the 14 year old in question is related to one of Holly's white knights. Which makes everything weirder.

No. 823399

you keep comparing her to Raven and I couldn't agree more

No. 823419

Hi my name is Holly CommanderHolly Birbmom Conrad-Knabenbauer and I have short brown frumpy bird's nest hair (that's how I got my name) with bird shit and sticks and a lazy eye and a lot of people tell me I look like Commander Shepard (AN: if u don't know who she is get da hell out of here!). I'm not married to Jared Knabenbauer but I wish I was because he's a major fucking hottie. I'm also a trash witch, and I go to a magic psych ward in Area 51 where I'm a side hoe (I'm thirty-one). I'm a bird mom (in case you couldn't tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Dungeons and Dragons and I steal all my best friend's husbands from there. For example today I was wearing my shitty D&D trash witch cosplay. I was walking outside the psych ward. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of Heidi's fans stared at me. I put up my block button at them.

No. 823422

In what reality would this be even okay?! I know my local game shops and comic book store have a dnd game, but I would never allow or be cool with any of the older 30+ players letting a 14 year old play in their group like wtf?!
This is even more fucking bonkers in the context that Jared used his fucking popularity as a DnD player to get access and groom underage kids!?!

No. 823423

>playing DnD is a great way to befriend people of all ages

Look how well that worked out for Jared ! Got access to all sorts of kids because of him playing DnD! Truly unforgettable relationships formed there

No. 823424

File: 1560820155510.jpeg (896.31 KB, 1016x2060, 2A4E948C-33B5-4A8B-BE9B-6B9C6A…)

Holly just clarified that the 14 yo’s parents are her friends. Jesus why cant she just talk like a sane perso? it would save her so much trouble.

Also she’s searching herself on twitter again

No. 823427

File: 1560820668690.jpeg (220.54 KB, 1231x507, A1B8A31D-394E-42A0-B2C8-73F5D2…)

“I don’t stand by abusers or abusive behavior*

*that means I don’t stand by you either! haha lol “

No. 823428

"I literally can't say anything without someone saying something awful."
Think hard, Holly. Think REAL hard why that's the case. I refuse to believe you're this much of a fucking tool.

No. 823429

I've never seen someone use the word sorry so much without ever directing it at themselves or their actions.

No. 823433

If she had said that in the first place there wouldn't be a problem. She phrases things to come out looking like a victim. What a manipulative, whiny cunt.

No. 823438

File: 1560823829224.png (68.95 KB, 596x620, sure holly.png)

No. 823445

It's true. That person didn't even @ Holly. Why the fuck is she even there responding?

No. 823447

>he apologized!
>14yo friend

This is some lainey and onision tier shit
but even greg knew better than to openly show his teeny weeny

No. 823451

She didn't @ Holly but she did use her full name in a tweet. So Holly is literally searching "Holly Conrad" on twitter for….what reason exactly? How is that healthy?

No. 823454

Anon, BEING 15 is the problem, not talking about being 15. Jared doesn't get off the hook because no-one said they were 15 or someone saw "18+ only!" on the blog but sent a 15yo nude anyway, despite what twitter wants to believe. It's simply not how the law works, there's no loophole like that it's just pedo dream. I've literally sat in a courtroom and watched . man get sentenced in these circumstances (accepting a 15yo telling them they were 18).

It really comes down to who, if any of these people, have pursued it legally, what agencies with, and if their information is clear. If no-one goes through with it Jared may get off he hook but that means nothing to whether he really committed a crime or not, because he in fact did. Is he gonna get nailed for it? Who knows.

No. 823461

Not to armchair, but has Holly ever came out and talk about what her diagnoses is as far as mental illness cause her behavior during this whole thing seems histrionic af. Any sane person would have just made a statement and step away, but she's pretty obviously drumming up negative attention on purpose and seeking drama out on the daily. At first I couldn't believe she was still at it after taking a break from this thread for almost a week, but damn, here we are.

No. 823485

Her diagnoses are literally in this thread as well as the previous one, screenshotted straight from her social media accounts. She supposedly had been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and either ptsd or c-ptsd, since she seems to switch up terms from time to time.

No. 823486

This has got to be the funniest response possible. Holly has a history of fucking her fellow D&D'ers, regardless of outside protest.
This does not paint Holly well, Denica. Good try though.

Beautiful, anon. Beautiful.

This. I keep seeing people say "There's no proof he was told of their ages" as if saying "she told me she was 18, Mr. Judge" has ever got a pedo off the hook.
Sure, it matters in the eyes of the public. If he knew, and was willingly a pedophile, that's abhorrent. If he didn't know, but also didn't care, its at least a little less bad. But none of this shit matters in the law. Only the numbers.

No. 823496

i'm beginning to feel like the possibility of chai having lied about sending jared nudes isn't going to stick so i'm gonna stop talking about it after this.
again, i was not defending jared in any way, there's literally nothing that this rat bastard and his trash witch girlfriend deserve in the way of support, but we've all seen one time too many how accusations turn out to be false and it hurts people whose victim story is true.
jared has solicited nudes from fans, he's cheated on his wife for a full year, and this is some truly scummy behavior. but we don't know if he's going to jail for being a pedo because the evidence may not be true. that was my only point.

i may be remembering this wrong. but charlie said something to the effect of not wanting to be involved in this situation anymore and privated his account. recanted was a wrong word to use, you're correct that i assumed it mistakenly

it was, i helped cap the reddit post lmao. the OP just mentioned in a comment that they had approached the DoJ or something (pardon my unfamiliarity with US procedures and authorities) with proof on jared, and then the post vanished

the problem with taking jared seriously or even wanting to believe him is that he hasn't addressed any serious allegations at all. right after heidi and fans exposed his tumblr debauchery everyone was slinging shit at him and asking him simple questions like
>hey, jared, what about you being a slimy bastard and soliciting nudes from fans who looked up to you, huh?
to which he basically responded as
>yes i did not cheat on my wife with holly. also i bought her a car and helped her move
and since then comes online only to like shady posts and block people. no surprise people want him to turn out to be actually guilty and go to jail for the shit he caused.

sorry for this possibly OT rant i hope i don't get redtexted lmao

No. 823497

holly you complete bitch. is it satisfying to murder your online presence so thoroughly?? at this point she's just hacking away at it with a pickax

this is so absolutely glorious anon, i hope someone finds a way to incorporate it into the next thread pic lmfao

No. 823498

Anon, I love u

No. 823503

Thank you anon, sorry for the dumb question. Haven't been able to keep up much and these threads tend to move fairly quickly.

Didn't Normalboots drop him due to their own private investigation findings though? Do you think they were already trying to drop him and it was just convenient or there is solid evidence we just haven't seen yet? If there is a real investigation that's ongoing, it's not unrealistic that any real evidence is in their hands and not available to the public. Also, the alleged victims are open to harassment via the rabid Holly and Jared apologists. I think it's safe to say only time will tell?

No. 823506

>I think it's safe to say only time will tell?

Not that anon, but yep. It's all speculation and only an actual investigation is going to prove it. We'll only find out when an arrest is made or more proof comes out.

No. 823507

It's pointless to speculate, it's in the hands of lawyers now and we'll probably never know what happened unless Jared winds up in jail (unlikely even if he is guilty, tbh), he's slapped with a sex offender brand or the legal proceedings go on public record. I think it's sufficient to note that NormalBoots dropped him specifically for this reason and that's proof enough until we see something legally stating otherwise. It's pretty uncomfortable to call these girls "liars" when they are more likely victims.

No. 823509

Agreed. That kind of thing also keeps other underage victims from speaking out since they'll just be called a liar and attacked for doing so.

No. 823513

no-one knows if anyone is following through on this stuff legally. that has no bearing on whether jared did it or not.
you don't need to write long screeds of comments in order to sit on the fence.

No. 823515

y she still verified

No. 823516

Jirard (Completionist) left a comment on YT saying everything in the video was accurate and he was disappointed or some shit. Aside from PBG being a retard, in addition to whoever runs their Twitter, I haven't seen anyone say jack shit.

No. 823530


There were two reddit posts. I am talking about the first one. I downloaded all of the imgur pics and posted them minutes before it was deleted.



The second post


No. 823532

No. 823541

File: 1560864606597.jpeg (253.08 KB, 1125x541, F5D489D9-0A96-4459-A732-560FA5…)

Fencesitting is for pussies especially when there is an investigation going on. Heidi (and Holly) confirmed that a investigation is on-going.
If the anon defending Jared read though the threads they’d know that. And Jared already did confirm that he sent and received nudes to and from Chai and Charlie.

Who cares if they’re not “reliable” sources, Jared himself admits to his wrongdoings in a half-assed apology.

No. 823566

Again, according to WA law, it doesn't matter whether or not he knew

No. 823567

Monica Lewinski was 21 and was pressured into sex by literally the most powerful man in the world. Holly was 31 and fucked her best friend's husband while trying to convince him his wife was abusing him.

No. 823589


It’s plausible that for Holly, the comparison comes from the fact that Monica was uwu bullied online than what went down between her and Clinton.

No. 823596

"they called her a whore!"
proceeds to ignore entire context

No. 823604

I wish people brought this up more. Holly basically told Jared he was being abused, and when he disagreed with her she bombarded him with articles and demanded he leave his abusive relationship. She only started this song and dance AFTER Heidi yelled at Holly about staying away from Jared. This abuse narrative is Holly's creation and it's actually pretty fucking disgusting. She either manipulated Jared into thinking he was being abused by constantly drowning him in abusive articles, or she gave the real abuser all the material he needed to lie and frame Heidi as a monster. I'm not sure if Jared thinks he was really being abused or if he took the free pass to cheat on and demonize his wife. I'm gonna guess the latter, but the former is pretty fucked as well.

No. 823629



When you take into account Holly's description of her own actions (I sent him articles! I'm trying to help my friend who won't admit he's being abused!) with her lack of actual evidence against Heidi (She got mad! How unfair!) It paints a really sick picture.

Holly is clearly obsessed with abuse, and it always comes back to her own victimhood. She wanted Jared, so he got to be a victim too. Then, in Holly's mind, they have a free pass to enact abject cruelty against Heidi and it's all deserved because "uwu abuser"

No. 823637

If they can't talk about this, then they definitely can't talk about Jared's child porn collection. It's a shame too because while they stay mum, the underage victims get the backlash that should be aimed at the adults in the situation.

Not only this, but Holly keeps forgetting that both she and Jared have already said in text messages, that Heidi isn't abusive or the monster that Holly keeps trying to paint her as.

No. 823648

She claims she only said Heidi wasn't abusive because she was scared of her. Still doesn't explain why Jared went out of his way to tell Heidi that Holly called her abusive and that he disagreed. If Jared really thought Heidi was abusing him why would he tell her that Holly was saying that shit? Holly claimed she feared for Jared's safety but apparently Jared felt comfortable enough to tell Heidi that Holly was talking shit.

No. 823654

File: 1560886932891.jpeg (898.35 KB, 1242x1849, AFA2539D-14D0-44E6-ACC6-9E3D88…)

Figures that out of all the tweets on max landis, these are the two that she has liked on twitter

No. 823658

Holly, you and Jared are the kind of manipulative people Jon Ronson is talking about. The information you'd get out of Heidi when she was at her most vulnerable because her marriage being ruined, later to use it against her to paint her as an abuser to the world.

No. 823659

It's the latter. "My wife is psycho and she won't let me leave her" is the most played-out excuse in the book. Both of them made this story up so they wouldn't feel bad about the cheating and lying. Didn't work for Holly as her unrelenting breakdown is telling us. That's your guilty conscience, babe!

No. 823669

the irony.
>man she doesn't know uses his power and fame to manipulate women = bad
>man she is romantically involved with uses power and fame to manipulate women and minors = not bad??

No. 823674

Prolly also because Chloe Dykstra, one of Holly's lil cosplay pals, has worked with Landis in the past. As much as Chloe has worked anything legit, lol

No. 823677

File: 1560889218448.png (122.95 KB, 630x894, jghtfdrdryh78876.png)

No. 823680

File: 1560889399418.png (118.48 KB, 607x873, 874561256jbvljkl.png)

No. 823682

File: 1560889496956.png (59.96 KB, 617x492, 8784jgf5f7900-0-76.png)

No. 823686

Peekay is my new favorite person for being so mature in their replies while Holly cowers in corner. How long till she screams abuse?

No. 823687

So if a pedophile or serial killer repeatedly apologizes out of fear of prison then they can be forgiven? Such logic could help the world!

No. 823688

>If you remove context Heidi looks like a crazy bitch but if you add context it makes me and Jared look like the actual abusers!

No. 823689


I am surprised she doesn’t go with “you’re all being abusive! Like my mom”

No. 823692

these people are giving her every single opportunity under the sun to help her case and she just keeps digging her own fickingn grave. amazing

No. 823693

>look at behavior! Look at who is scared!

What? Pedophiles are often cowards that hate interaction with people who can actually defend themselves. Remember your animal brain, Holly (kek). Isn't fear what drives jealousy?

No. 823694

File: 1560890352902.png (56.58 KB, 597x429, Screenshot_12.png)

This just in: associating with men who solicit nudes from fans damages your career.

who intended to hurt: You and Jared
who intended to be vindictive: You and Jared
who was repeatedly apologizing because of fear: You and Jared

No. 823697

>It wasn't arm chair diagnosing. It was done by a professional.
No, Holly. She specifically talks about liking those tweets that said Heidi wasinsert disorder here. They WEREN'T PROFESSIONALS.

>I'm so sorry you went through abuse, I do not stand by abuser and I Hope you can heal.

Doing what she did with Heidi. Trying to change the subject and give empty good will.

>I saw Jared be abused, and if you believe I'm lying there's nothing I can say to convince you. That's ok.

If that was ok, you wouldn't be searching your name.
Was Jared abused when he solicited and sent all those nudes from fans? He apologized so it's not abuse?

No. 823706

>look at who was repeatedly apologizing because of fear
You were apologizing out of fear to the wife of the married man you were having an affair with, first emotionally and then sexually as well ramping up from nudes to sex. JFC. I can't believe she is still trying to garner sympathy by using her uwu nervousness as an excuse for the affair and Heidi's completely righteous anger as a way of making her the villain. Holly thinks she lives in some tragic fairytale but she's really just some ugly immature woman who decided to put her heart into getting a reluctant man to leave his marriage so that she could sleep with him, and when it wasn't working, she still slept with him anyway.

No. 823711

>"oh no, i can't make funbux off of internet nerds for wordvomiting about my birds as much as i used to because i fucked my friend's pedo husband!"

then perhaps consider shutting the fuck up, logging off, and getting a real job if you want to keep up your bird fund, you bug-eyed mooch.

No. 823712

>I guess there is nothing i can UwU, hope you enjoy looking like a fool when the REAL truth comes out xoxox <3<3<3
How could someone who is this passive aggressive and petty to genuine former fans ever garnered a following in the first place? How Holly was considered a positive mental health advocate when she has been stuck in emotional limbo for all of 20 years is a mystery to me.
>Look at behavior… Remove context and look at behavior.
Holly you need to take a long look in the mirror and check your own "behavior" because hypocrisy is not a flattering look on you.
>I can't believe people wont support me anymore after I outed myself as a horrible person.
play stupid games win stupid prizes.

No. 823714

rofl bitch, you were rolling in easy money until you decided to cheat and fuck over TWO people. I love her 'woe is me' mentality' when most of this is her own fault.

No. 823716

>I'm not going to stop saying the truth.

Is this some compulsion? Why didn't she seek out continuing therapy and stepping away from social media because it's clear she comes off in the worst possible way.

No. 823717

Legit question: What is she gonna do for money once the well runs dry? Does she have friends in Seattle or is she paying her own rent? It looks like she got a small house or condo and that shit isn't cheap.

No. 823718

The stuff about context and intention is actual madness.

Sounds like she's saying that the pain caused by somebody else's actions is only valid if that person intended to cause pain.
At least that's how I read it, especially considering the way she seems to "sorry-not-sorry" about the pain she's caused people.

>Remove the context and look at behaviour.

Well, this line of thinking sure does explain the way she defended herself, where she cherry-picked isolated screenshots of Heidi's questionable behaviour/reactions whilst separating it from the context. Curious…

>Peekay is my favorite person
Same. The logic is refreshing.

No. 823723

>If I slept with your husband, insinuated you were abusive, or smeared you online that was not my intention.
okay Holly, lmao

No. 823724


No kidding

And please don’t get a cosplay job again holly

That did not go well the last time

No. 823726

once again her absolute disregard for Heidi's feelings or privacy is very telling.
This bitch has shared personal details about Heidi to the entire internet with the explicit intention of painting her as the villain. Holly INTENDED to hurt Heidi. She shared personal private conversations Heidi had with Jared VINDICTIVELY to prove her story about Heidi being an abuser.

Is she so dumb that she thinks Jared's side of the story isn't tainted with his own bias? He is definitely the one who told Holly about Heidi's therapy sessions, but this is secondhand, biased information that Holly is using as a weapon against a person JUST TO HURT THEM.

So making all these dumbass posts is really kind of hilarious because she is so up her own ass (or Jareds) that she doesn't even see that she is describing herself.

Despite the fact that Holly cheated with her husband, Heidi did not lash out at Holly the same way. She focused on her husband, and even then, only shared absolutely relevant information. All Heidi's attempt to "hurt" or be "vindictive" were in private conversations with her husband that were never meant to see the light of day.

No. 823728

didn't she inherit a house?

No. 823729


The house she inherited was the one she lived in with Ross in LA. she sold it to follow Jared to Washington.

No. 823730

B-but context is irrelevant!
B-but context is super relevant!
She was meaaaaaan to me!
Cheating on your spouse is totes alright and not mean!
Painting people as abusive and violent and unpredictable is not meeeean!
Calling people names by inferring they have one of the most demonized psychiatric afflictions of modern times is not meaaaaan, esp when I'm a mental health advocate!
I don't understand basic human communication!
But take my word for EVERYTHING!
- Holly Condrad, 2019

I know I'm skirting the armchair here but she is such a cow in her own right and yea, a borderline narcissist at the very least. She really does continue to traipse her way through the Narcissist's Prayer every fucking time she tweets. And just like a true narc, Holly just can't stop herself from digging herself deeper.

No. 823731

All behavior is done within a context, you butterfaced moron. Jesus.
Does she just have a high school degree, or did she actually manage to get past that??

No. 823732


This is pretty fucking telling. It's all passive voice, "has been halved", "has dramatically changed my livelihood" like it has nothing to do with her own actions and the shit she's done and helped perpetuate like a good little handmaid. It really shows how she wants to paint herself as the only active actor in the scenario who is just Trying To Survive In The Face Of This Natural Disaster. This shit just keeps happening to her somehow and it's not faaaaaaair you guys!

She really did bring this on herself and she just keeps at it like a dog with a bone. Maybe Onision is looking for a side piece, perhaps that's something Holly can get on next?

No. 823733

Oh yeah, she basically forced Ross out of his own home to move to Seattle. fucking hell.

No. 823735

Sorry if I missed it but has Jared himself ever even claimed to be abused or is that all holly?

No. 823736

File: 1560896245995.jpg (42.22 KB, 610x372, danpirroisanidiot.jpg)

ProFesSionAL DiAGnOsiS frOM a tHErapISt GuYz

No. 823740

The way Heidi reacted in the fallout of a failed marriage where her husband was emotionally abusing her was completely normal, regardless of how petty and vindictive she came across. And she didn't even excuse her poor behavior. Heidi never claimed to be innocent.

It's really normal to have heated moments where you want to be petty when your husband was a piece of shit. Holly needs to realize that the reason why people are pissed at her is because she's acting like her and Jared are victims when really the only clear victims are the ones Jared exploited online for nudes for bs body positivity.

No. 823741

Yes, talking to a psychiatrist about all the traits of a person you do not like, have made your mind about and is actively a threat to your relationship that you serve as an antagonist to is TOTALLY PROFESSIONAL.

I couldn't even side with these people if I tried without killing most of my brain cells.

No. 823747

>>823741 What astounds me is that he (and the rest of her fans) thinks a therapist can give a diagnosis. This is their defense to the HIPAA violation argument, as if this story is somehow better. Clearly NONE of these people have gone through the mental health system.

No. 823748

This. oh uwu is me my livelihood is gone however will I care for sky rats in my hovel now? Half eh? So DCA was literally half her income? kek. This girl living in Seattle on food stamps confirmed.

No. 823749

>>823748 No financial support from her loaded boytoy, either, it seems. Sucks to suck.

No. 823751

minor blogging, I am a therapist, the main thing we do when patients try to have us diagnose someone we don’t know is to say “I don’t know for sure unless I evaluate them”.
Bro, no therapists I know will risk their hard-earned license and degrees for that. Maybe to our friends, but certainly not to our fucking patients. And certainly when lawsuits concerning our patients aren’t uncommon.

Holly, you fucking liar lmfao

No. 823754

Yet another hint that the earthworm ditched her ass. You'd think they'd be helping each other out and getting through this ~together~ but nah. lol.

No. 823756


I don't have any figures but I imagine that her Twitch subs and Trash Witch Coven (merch) sales have crashed since the drama started.

The way she's acting is harming her brand. I used to be a fan of Holly's and had considered buying Strix merch or something from her shop, but I've been rather put off the idea entirely.

She also hasn't been streaming at all (although that's her own choice) which of course will have an impact on donations and subscription renewals from anybody still wanting to support her.

No. 823757

Idk I came into all this with 0 context and no idea who they were or what was happening, and the reason I decided to learn more about this whole fiasco is because I wanted to know what was going on with this crazy manipulative and malicious Holly person.

Also Holly, Dennis Nilson is constantly apologising. Guess we were wrong about him after all, huh

Lol why is she saying this. For what reason, other than to manipulate, is there to say this? There's literally no point in saying this unless you're trying to guilt trip and manipulate your audience (at least in the way she's worded it)

No. 823758

How miserable is she going to be when she realizes she turned into her abusive mother? kek

No. 823760

My guess is that she thinks she's willing to sabotage her career for THE TRUTH.

No. 823761

I can tell you right now, she is making very little off her clothes. I have done print on demand work in the past for my friends youtube channel which is all her clothing is. I guarantee she is using the largest POD company printful based on the blanks she is offering. At the prices she is charging after printful costs, Etsy fees, and tax (something like 35 destination states have tax added on printful orders)she is making maybe 3 dollars an item. And didn't someone earlier say she went an entire day without a sale? You'd think the trash witches would be throwing themselves at Holly to help her out and even then she can't get a sales boost.

No. 823762

She probably googled the fucking symptoms she thinks Heidi displays and read a few articles and diagnosed her via Dr. Google. I'm sick of her fucking defending that specific statement about Heidi. Let's say it were true (it's not but for arguments sake) she'd be revealing privileged/private medical information about someone who was supposed to be her friend until recently. That alone is fucked up. It would be like Heidi tweeting "Btw Holly has fetal alcohol syndrome and that's why she has that deformed eye." It's uncalled for and just makes her look like a total cunt

No. 823764

No Anon, it's all for love UwU Diath and Strix, "the love that was more than love" (Lol she reminds me of a tamer Raven)

No. 823765

>It's uncalled for and just makes her look like a total cunt
That could be the tagline for the entirety of Holly's actions through this saga.

No. 823769


I’m surprise no one has tweeted at her with that

Don’t think she’d take it well

No. 823778

Was chai the one jared apologized to? I don't remember but if so that's pretty incriminating imo. Chai is a teen tif, a lot of those gender special kids make up crazy stories of how 'mistreated' or 'insane' they are. Honestly that kinda behavior makes her a good victim since she has already outed herself as either 'crazy' or a liar.

Also was chai the one who emailed normalboots? They responded to one of the underaged girls that emailed them saying they deleted the pictures she sent because they were illegal. How are any of jareds and hollys wk's not seeing that?

No. 823794

File: 1560904840220.jpg (188.58 KB, 638x1920, 1558256145949.jpg)


Jared's apology to Chai.


No. 823801


>I want to own up to that bad behavior

Then… fucking do it? Make a statement that you fucked up and apologize. Maybe don't send your mistress on a public rampage calling the victims liars after apologizing. Makes the whole apology thing look kinda self-serving.

Jfc these people are such irredeemable assholes

No. 823808


Jared's only made two public statements so far and he didn't call Heidi an abuser in either one. So technically it's just Holly pushing that narrative.

No. 823812

He definitely tried to paint Heidi as the bad guy in the last public statement, and he provided Holly with private texts between him and Heidi to make Holly do the rest of the dirty work.

No. 823828

He implied it, but he knows that it would be a mistake to explicitly call her an abuser when he didn't even believe it himself. He just went along with it to placate Holly so he could continue getting that sweet low-self esteem puss and justify to his friends why he was fucking around behind his wife's back.

No. 823829

File: 1560909282596.jpg (266.96 KB, 1080x1379, IMG_20190618_205335.jpg)

her likes…..

No. 823831

She is in balls deep. Fuck. She'll look at all this in the future and realize how she humiliated herself, made vile accusation and sacrificed her career all for some guy who dumped her because he has some gross sex addiction. Oh and it probably ruined her marriage. I don't buy her asexual gimmick for one second.

No. 823832

One look at that girl's Twitter… absolute nutjob. Also a huge DCA fan girl.

No. 823840

Holly is literally stalking ProJared mentions. How can she not understand that isn't healthy behavior? Married couples aren't even that far up each others asses.

No. 823847

Because that realization would actually kill her, much like people whose untreated cptsd turns into BPD, a lot of times the PF diagnosis kills them. Many therapists won’t reveal a BPD diagnosis (unless the patient requests it) until working with them for a while because of that trend.

No. 823858

I always got the impression that Holly was well off but kept it hidden for the sake of being relatable online. She inherited a house in LA and who knows what kind of cash from her grandfather. Then likely a bunch from all the other dead family members she had too.
The fact that her college degree was in something pretty useless (medieval studies) also screams to me that she came from money. Who has the cash to spend on a degree like that?

She probably has decent reserves in the bank from all of this to cover her living expenses and likely used internet money to pay for hobbies, and useless shit.

I'd be curious to know how they even got paid for DCA. Per episode like a TV show, or a cut of subs made during the streams?

No. 823862

>still loved by family
Uh, I’m sure all of them are disgusted with Jared.

No. 823865

File: 1560916075824.png (111.66 KB, 250x250, overdramatic bitch.png)

Poor Holly, surely Jared will help you with rent!


No. 823878

How long do you think it took Jared to slide into that girl's DMs? Guess Holly wants to keep an eye on her possible future sister wife.

No. 823883

Maybe she used an unqualified Betterhelp counsellor kek

No. 823884

>acknowledges she is under 18
Good one Jared.
I had not remembered the full wording of this, thanks for reposting

No. 823886

File: 1560918102956.jpeg (478.9 KB, 1125x1753, 6E557960-59AE-4853-802C-2DE42C…)

No. 823896

Because apologizing absolves him of any wrong doing. This just makes it obvious that Holly’s, and by extension Jared’s, apologies are only made to please and or silence critics and ex-fans.

No. 823901

it's just SO weird to me that every time holly is caught doing or saying something wrong she just starts throwing out non-apologies by the dozen.
caught cheating?
>heidi i'm sorry for existing, you're beautiful and scawwy
caught lying?
>you guys i'm sorry you think i'm not trustworthy
caught being a dumb bitch?
>i'm sorry you were abused

yes i'm sorry that actions will usually have consequences uwu

No. 823902


She’s basically the “I’m sorry” skit from South Park at this point

No. 823934

There's one thing that keeps popping in my mind. When the victims emailed normalboots and Holly, did they email any one else? If they were going to email them, why not the other players in dca? Why not wotc? But most of all (at least if i was them) I would email Heidi.

No. 823935

they said they emailed normalboots and holly, i don't think they mentioned DCA. i think their rationale for not mailing heidi was that jared had already fed them lies about her knowing and consenting to the nudes exchange.

No. 823938

But wouldn't you think the knowing and consenting part would go out the window when pressed with the fact that they were under age?

No. 823941

>I acted like an uwu victim and said "I'm soo sowwy :((" 100x times so you should believe me
>btw manipulation doesn't exist guys, just take out the context

No. 823955

>Maybe she used an unqualified Betterhelp counsellor kek

LOL this was literally my thought. Who was her therapist, Kati fucking Morton? Because that "diagnosis" is a bit of an ass pull haha

No. 823956

>>823938 minors can't legally consent, so whilst it's something his lawyers could try spin in his favour, it's still illegal and very common in child grooming due to the manipulation involved.
It also seems like WA law specifically doesn't accept it as an excuse.

Is he actually considered a wanted man? It makes you wonder why he's hiding out in another state

No. 823974

Haven't been keeping up with these threads because the holly stans were so annoying a while back, but I'm glad to see they're gone now. Every excuse Holly has made since this started has been a fucking joke.

One small detail I'm not sure was mentioned yet is that Holly was active on twitter while she claimed she didn't have internet access because she was in the hospital. The "I'm here for you" tweet got deleted smack dab in the middle of her stay and the "You know me tweets" were deleted at least a day before her comeback tweet (when she had claimed she just got out). Not sure how to provide proof, the threads here and on reddit mention it but the time stamps are all written like "one month ago" instead of an exact date and I don't know if there's a way to make it show more detailed time stamps. I haven't read the KF thread yet but I'll keep my eye out for a post there with a better timestamp.


kek. for the next thread pic could someone photoshop her kissing holly's ass in the background?

No. 823980

I believe they did. They said they reached out to anyone who would be affected by Jared and Holly was a DCA member. It stands to reason they emailed the entire DCA crew and Holly was the one to rat them out to Jared.

No. 824029


I actually don't think they emailed the others. The never mention Nate, Anna, or Heidi as people they expected a response from.

It makes sense to contact the "mental health advocate" and not the person currently married to Jared (who would probably be on the defensive). But yikes, talk about a reversal of expectations. Imagine expecting support from Holly and discovering she's too obsessed with Jared to hold him accountable for ANYTHING.

No. 824030

File: 1560961745177.png (942.02 KB, 1261x702, sorry.png)

No. 824031

Oh man, that's so true. This is so sad

No. 824034

Oh fuck me lmao, perfect

No. 824038


>The "I'm here for you" tweet got deleted smack dab in the middle of her stay and the "You know me tweets" were deleted at least a day before her comeback tweet (when she had claimed she just got out).

It wouldn't surprise me at all if she exaggerated the time she spent in the hospital. It took almost two weeks for a public response. Are psychiatric stays usually that long? I'm thinking no.

More likely, she came back when she was ready and just pretended to have been helpless in the hospital during that whole time. Or let people assume

No. 824041

I've always wondered about this. I'm in the UK so I dunno how different it is, but I'm pretty certain her original reason for her hospital stay was self harm (suicidal ideation came at a later date) and I really don't think you'd be kept for that long over self harm. Even if it was suicide risk, 24hrs seems the most they'd keep her idk

No. 824046

kek i vote this for next thread pic

No. 824063

Psychiatric stays are essentially in the US are pretty much you either go in voluntarily or a health professional has definitive proof you are either going to harm yourself or someone else. Since I doubt she was admitted by anyone, it's obvious that if she went, she went on her own accord. Which means that she could also just leave whenever she wanted

No. 824077

In the US there is a mandatory 72 hour hold, and then you are reevaluated to see if you should stay longer or not. MOST leave after the 72 hours unless there are serious issues. The 72 hours are spent with a new drug and recovery plan.

No. 824105

It's really not that strict. You get evaluated (probably changes depending on state) by a few therapists working with a psychiatrist. Most of the time they send you home unless you have major self harm (stitches needed), and a working plan to kill yourself. Also depends on other factors. I'm guessing Holly's stay was all voluntary and she repeatedly encouraged treatment which doctors can't say no to.

No. 824108

So either she lied or she racked up hospital bill for nothing

No. 824111

The knowing and consenting part isn't in reference to the minors, it's in regards to Heidi >>823956
Even if they thought she was ok with exchanging nudes, it is a logical assumption that mindset would change when faced with the facts that they were underage.
>>823980 I believe they did also. Who more so then Heidi would be affected by Jared's actions? That would also mean though that she knew about it in April.

No. 824112

Miniblog so apologies. I'll take the ban. My niece was diagnosed with PTSD from abuse. I've been to the Psych ER several times with her and they ALWAYS want to send her home. She's a child. Even with self harm. She and I had to push to get her admitted. If you give the feeling that you don't have a plan, aren't actively trying to kill yourself they mitigate and send you home with a "safety plan." I do not know how Holly was able to stay there for as long as she said she did, or under what circumstances she was in the hospital. Insurance also won't keep you there unless your Psych doc pushes hard. In-patient can run over 2k a day. I'm guessing she went to some facility that was self care garbage therapy (closer to an adult day care camp) and wasn't being held for serious mental health problems.(no1curr)

No. 824116

My experience has been the same. They kept me for a few hours til I calmed down and then pushed hard for me to go home and attend a daytime hospitalization program instead (basically going to therapy every day for 8 hours a day for a couple weeks). And if you ask for an evaluation to get out sooner they'll do it. Unless she remained completely hysterical or pretended to have a plan to kill herself I doubt they kept her.

I can def see her racking up a hospital bill just for the uwu points, though. I hope Ross isn't still footing the bill.(Blogposting)

No. 824147

Canada. Got taken in for suicide worries by friend. More like convinced. By the time ER saw me, all the crisis workers were gone. So I was told to leave or stay in some barren room till morning.

In the morning, I was told to attend group therapy once a week or something and sent home in a cab.

I think she's well off via family relations too, so if she went anywhere it was probably some rich facility not normal hospital. But I'd place my bet on her just lying.

No. 824177

This thread isn’t for you to discuss your times at the mental ward. Reread the rules.

No. 824183

psychiatrists can armchair diagnose too. it's just a term for when anyone (professionals or otherwise) diagnosing someone who is not their patient. whether or not you're a professional, when you diagnose someone you've never spoken to, that is an armchair diagnosis and it's not valid.

No. 824191

Post infidelity stress disorder is a thing, holly, and shares similar characteristics. But you wouldn’t know because Jared totally did not cheat on Heidi with you, so it’s not a thing

No. 824193

File: 1560992951396.jpg (53.19 KB, 635x410, 000000.jpg)

Old tweet but Holly is Strix confirmed.

No. 824196

Doesn't that fall under the Goldwater rule?

>The Goldwater rule is the informal name given to section 7 in the American Psychiatric Association's (APA) Principles of Medical Ethics, which states that it is unethical for psychiatrists to give a professional opinion about public figures whom they have not examined in person, and from whom they have not obtained consent to discuss their mental health in public statements.

Heidi is technically a public figure so any professional diagnosing her without examining her is breaking their ethical code.

No. 824219

Didn't she say one of her friends was telling her everything in the hospital? I thought she tried to play it off like the friend was the one tweeting while she was there.

True or not, that was the story I thought she had given.

No. 824226

Yeah, pretty sure it was Jessica since Holly knew about Keem while in the hospital. Jessica commented and retweeted a shit load of Keemstar stuff before her followers shit on her for it. She was also going on Heidi's Twitter telling Heidi she was a liar and needed to "get help." A bunch of people called her a clown and then she faked a stress induced seizure or some shit.

No. 824258

Which is funny because now Jessica is nowhere to be seen while Holly loses her mind on a public platform with hundreds of people watching.

No. 824260

File: 1561011660442.jpg (104.09 KB, 1080x672, IMG_20190620_001459.jpg)

IDK why but Holly liking shit like this pisses me off. I know she's probably doing it as bait.
You are not the victim holly and all you've done was silence the actual victims of the situation. You will never be the victim because you continue to be a pedophile apologist that gives out non-apologies to the everyone else.

No. 824261

I don't think it's bait. She's really that stupid and believes it.

No. 824275

I can only speak for myself but if I were in their situation I would be very hesitant to contact the predator’s wife, because it’s not uncommon for wives of sexual predators to have been groomed by their husbands too. They’re often deep in denial and will defend their husband by attacking his victims and their credibility. Think of Lainey but also women like Dottie Sandusky, Camille Cosby, etc. The kids couldn’t have known that Heidi was already getting fed up with his shit or that Holly was secretly romantically involved with him, which makes it extra fucked up that Holly turned out to be the devoted enabler who quietly passed their info to Jared and later publicly attacked them in his defence. They thought she was just a colleague of his with a reputation for being wholesome, empathetic and maternal. It’s now clear that they would’ve been much better off contacting Heidi instead of Holly but they couldn’t have known this back then.

No. 824310

Holly relating to this tweet looks especially gross if you've been following Bobdunga because then you'll know this tweet was about another youtuber raping her while she was black out drunk, not about petty shit that Holly is on about. Holly has been following Bobdunga for a while so she definitely knows.

No. 824365

Projared is currently at Magicfest here in Seattle. I’m shocked he’s making public appearances so early.

No. 824367

damn. is Holly with him? lol

No. 824377

Not spotted with him yet, no. Does Holly play magic…? I wouldn’t imagine her doing something dumb like making an appearance with him if she isn’t even into the subject.

No. 824384


No. 824386

better question, is some other girl with him?

No. 824406

Is he making an appearance or is he just there…

No. 824408

I doubt it’s an invite or something. He’s attended quite a few Magic events.

No. 824416

Holy shit. Pics. Also, is he just chilling or hosting panels etc?

No. 824448

Holy shit, are you there, anon, or did you just hear about it? Please keep us updated, something milky is bound to happen.

What are the chances that it's just someone who looks like him? Seems like a really bad idea to make such an early comeback, but then again maybe he's testing the waters with an event because he'll have to deal with fewer people than if he made his first appearance back on twitter or youtube? Or maybe he's just looking for a new submissive fangirl to bully, I mean, Heidi did find him at a convention after all…

No. 824505

File: 1561072611067.jpeg (460.86 KB, 1125x1567, BB755E79-881E-4C6B-9CBB-14824D…)

No. 824506

File: 1561072625981.jpeg (116.72 KB, 1125x297, F52532E4-3C00-4913-BA40-AC111A…)

No. 824528

File: 1561077502177.jpeg (140.79 KB, 1125x347, 1D5CC992-D8AE-43CF-9F98-5B07E2…)

Yet no photos rip

No. 824545

I hope he does get accosted by people so his weaselbird looking ass knows that he's not wanted. He has a lot of nerve to show up at a place like that after being outed for harassing girls and trying to get them to have sex with him.

No. 824558

File: 1561081421067.png (37.99 KB, 581x341, 54345346453.png)

This Denise lady is everywhere

No. 824559

What are the chances he has turned up in the hopes of shagging more fans, and Holly isn't the only delusional stan who has been supporting him all this time?
>Poor misunderstood abused man uwu

No. 824560

File: 1561081612872.png (30.03 KB, 611x230, child porn is crime too holly.…)

Hi Holly!

No. 824561


@holly That’s not what ‘accost’ means, but go off I guess.

No. 824563

Nice to see the retarded knights and Holly still lurk here. They sure learned about this really fast.

The least these idiots can do is pretend to not lurk.

Maybe one of her eyes only saw it was a word that started with an a and then her other eye started drifting so she assumed the word was "assault".

No. 824565

File: 1561082553107.png (269.39 KB, 800x1136, Screenshot_2019-06-20-22-01-25…)

Why is she like this?

No. 824566

this is what I half-wondered, but at the same time, he would have to be a Grade A Bonehead to so quickly find a new fan at a con to sleep with. There's a good chance that any random someone who approached him would sleep with him and obtain evidence to publicly release after the fact, they would sleep with him for this purpose, and he would be further exposed likely with undeniable proof. He would be wise not to trust anyone who says they want to sleep with him now.

No. 824567

She’s dickmatized.

No. 824568

File: 1561082686507.png (130.61 KB, 619x939, Screenshot_13.png)

This is the hill Holly is willing to die on.

No. 824569

Innocent? She literally said he was wrong for getting nudes from fans! I can't handle the dickmatized logic and backtracking with this girl, holy shit.

No. 824572


That's sad and all, but what exactly does Holly's abuse have to do with anything? Just because you've been abused in the past doesn't mean you get a "Free & Innocent" card for the rest of their life. She loves to bring it up as if it does, though.

No. 824574

Lord she's out here making an ass of herself. HOW ARE YOU THIS THICK GIRL and I'm not talking about them thighs. Pulling out the abuse card for absolutely no fucking reason. And that isn't a deflection HOW?

No. 824577

She always has to make it about herself doesn't she

No. 824578

File: 1561082970556.png (30.79 KB, 592x290, Screenshot_14.png)

Finally, a friend that isn't a shithead.

No. 824579

Tbh I believe he's already done with Holly. She whines way too much on twitter for someone who, supposedly, is finally reconnected with a "forbidden lover". He must've shut her off emotionally long time ago, and she believes that if she lurks hard enough and responds to every mean comment, he will be grateful enough that it rekindles his feelings for her.

Although even if he had any to begin with, he probably liked only a secret affair part of it, and it had nothing to do with Holly herself. Judging by him being a manipulator/abuser and her being a complete wreck with hay instead of a brain.
Saged for tinfoil

No. 824581

Yeah something is telling me that's the case.

I don't know what's going on outside of the internet, but you'd think he'd at least make one statement telling people to leave Holly alone, seeing how much she's caping for him.

Makes me think he's just not all that into her anymore, which if true is a shame.

No. 824582

Finally but I'm betting this person thinks their closer to Holly then they really are. It's better then nothing though someone close to her needs to set her straight. She is downplaying Jared's predation and saying "he used his power and that was bad" exactly once counts for nothing.

No. 824583

File: 1561083370930.png (46.97 KB, 617x401, feeling awkward is assault.png)


No. 824585

she can't keep falling back on childhood trauma as a get-out-of-jail-free card against every accusation. people are talking about what she's done in the past 2 years. If Heidi was so aboosive, why haven't we heard ANYTHING other than "she yelled at me once when she found out Jared and I were fucking behind her back and stonewalling her face." that's not abuse. why not mention details of her being blatantly in the wrong in ANY other incident? anything else she ever did? probably because Jared giving her the silent treatment and Holly being the ~side ho~ have always been the catalysts for Heidi's aboos.

No. 824587

File: 1561083537424.png (59.83 KB, 620x501, no.png)

No. 824589

kek Holly is so in denial about the fact that Jared is done with her ass and only liked her for the affair part. Wonder if her freaking out right now is that she's just beginning to realize she ruined two marriages for this shit.

No. 824590

Did she delete this because I don't see it in her replies.

No. 824591


Because the only way holly can spin this into her favor is to turn this into a pissing contest.
"I know what I'm talking about because I'm more BROKEN than u eventho it has nothing to do with the situation at hand"

I'm still so baffled she fully admitted he was wrong for using his position of power to get free nudes from fans but tries to make it seem like no big deal cus he's sorry?? The dude ran multiple platforms solely to satisfy his fucking dick. It's not even about wether he was actively seeking out teens or not, the fact he's in a position of power with underage fans encouraging people to send him lewds doesn't make it farfetched that either some lied about their age and kids still ended up in his dms, did he request everyone to send him a copy of their driver liscense or something before rubbing one out on their pics? dude is fucking gross regardless. How can she not get it through her thick skull people won't just take her word for it when she claims he did nothing wrong cus he said so?? The dude. Had multiple platforms. To get his dick wet. Fuck you holly

No. 824592

Kinda wondering why he didn't invite her to the con with him.

The dude basically ruined his career to fuck her and now won't even be seen in public with her :/

No. 824594

why is that a shame? lol I guess only because shitty people should be with other shitty people so there are fewer for the nice people to have to avoid. they deserve each other in that respect. but saying it's a shame for either of their feelings' sakes is kind of funny. they both ruined their marriages for the other, and right when they're finally free to be together, the ProBoner goes soft

wonder how long it'll take Holly to come down to Earth and see the truth, she fell in love with a pedophile who doesn't love her back now that the thrill of deceit is gone

No. 824595

probably, here's the archived link.

No. 824596

File: 1561084024399.jpg (24.36 KB, 288x288, IMG_20190607_131244.jpg)

I hate this self righteous bitch.

No. 824597

File: 1561084074154.png (102.53 KB, 605x784, lol.png)

No. 824598

File: 1561084198578.png (101.06 KB, 800x768, Screenshot_2019-06-20-22-27-49…)

Holly I don't think any coffee shop near you will be willing to hire you after this

No. 824599

That medieval studies degree going to good usage I see

No. 824601

Oh my god, she just can't be that dumb. I bet she totally understands what people mean when they confront her about Jared, she just won't admit it now, because she's gone so far already. She is do dicknotised that she will deny all of that until Jared just tells her to fuck off verbally, and then maybe she'll start whine about how she was wrong, and muh trauma, etc etc.

No. 824602

what was he apologizing for in the first place? if he forgets to turn the lights off before bed, and she says his apology is "not enough", that seems silly of her. however, it seems more than reasonable for her not to forgive him immediately when he expects "I'm sorry" to be "enough" for cheating on her for a year with her best friend.

All they have to do is Google her name, news articles about snailboy's scandal pop up on the first page.

No. 824603

If she can try and turn this negative into a positive (omg yay I love being poor and working at Sbux) why can't she do that for the rest of her crummy life?

No. 824604

File: 1561084798889.png (57.26 KB, 618x578, yelling is abuse.png)

Wait so he was being abused when she and ross lived with them? doubt..

No. 824605

AGAIN, half the story!

No. 824606

She's being super stupid. No one is obligated to accept apologies. No one. PervJared fed her lies and this bitch is running to the dying hills with them.

No. 824607

If she thinks people feeling awkward is literally assault, then it's pretty easy to tell that she thinks that taking a stern tone with your cheating husband is abuse.

No. 824608

What the fuck is she doing? She's truly lost it

No. 824609

Lmao saying "fuck you" to your cheating husband is abuse.

"He called me crying"…yeah because he was trying to get a pity fuck. Also, I thought you were there to witness her saying "fuck you?"…but in the next sentence you say he called you crying about it. Keep your story straight.

No. 824610

Apologies aren't enough. Actions speak louder than words. Saying sorry but continuing to do the things you are apologizing for means you aren't sorry. She is incredibly stupid.

No. 824611

File: 1561086188951.jpg (181.11 KB, 960x960, 36q5tuD.jpg)

Whoa better back off guys, she seen it first hand. Someone make this with Holly's face and it should be the next thread pic.

No. 824614

Exactly. My first thought was "who's he there to fuck?"

No. 824619

File: 1561087435697.png (78.46 KB, 601x718, Holy SHIT.png)

Not his gold google play button!
this bitch is so dramatic.

No. 824620


why is Holly still trying to pick fights with people who didn't directly @ her or Jared

did she lose her last brain cell or something

No. 824621

She's sounding like R Kelly here. Screaming "IM TELLING THE TRUTH!!!!" doesn't make it true, no matter how loud you are.

I agree Jared has already dumped her. He must've. If he was still slipping her the rat dick she would be far more complacent. She's probably hysterical that he's gone out without her and I bet she knows that he's trolling for more fangirl pussy.

No. 824622


Didnt Heidi say that he didn't even have one? Because you have to apply for it or something and he never did.

No. 824623

File: 1561087853554.jpg (449.8 KB, 1073x1130, Tried.jpg)

No. 824624

>"have a nice day!!!!"
>replies again a minute later


No. 824625

Someone @ this at her. Either it existed and she did steal it or it didn't exist and she didn't. Holly is claiming one thing and Heidi is claiming another.(don't encourage people to cowtip)

No. 824626

She's so descriptive until it comes to this. 'it' could mean a lot of things and abusers/liars love to manipulate their language purposely. So she saw Heidi yelling? Mmmkay, pretty sure Heidi has explained both sides of that. I think she's not being specific so no one can really refute her.

And I don't know how she can be in such denial when Jared's dick and messages are plastered all over the internet.

As for "innocent until proven guilty" I hate when idiots take that phrase and think it has any meaning outside of law. He's not in a fucking courtroom (yet) and the general public is allowed to draw a conclusion. Especially when there's this much evidence

No. 824627

The Google Repo team actually came and got it Holly, or it never existed take your pick.

No. 824628

Maybe she's extra pressed since he's in town and she's not by his side.

No. 824630

Am I the only one who wouldn't give a fuck if she had? He was sleeping with her friend and grooming fans. she could've busted every monitor in the house and I still wouldn't judge her for it.

No. 824635

File: 1561088726191.jpg (157.03 KB, 1080x1133, IMG_20190620_234131.jpg)

Look who's back. No posts about Holly at all since this one…maybe her friends are giving up on her/finally seeing that she's a gaslighting, pedo-apologist and ableist (lol i hate that term but idk what else to call her shaming of Heidi for being abused and frustrated about being cheated on)

No. 824636

File: 1561088979500.gif (450.55 KB, 245x157, YRpKZ.gif)

Someone needs to sit her down and force her to watch Waiting to Exhale or some shit cause this bitch is completely oblivious to the behavior of a woman scorned.

No. 824637

a brain lesion? did you have a stroke? that's what makes a lesion.

sounds like a lie but ok go off

No. 824639

You know what's kind of ironic to me? In between the constant attacks on Heidi, Holly spouts: look at the one hurting people! Being hurtful!

Literally the only person I see being hurtful rn is her. I don't think Heidi has said anything about her since her comment about how guilty Holly looked in her streams or something.

No. 824640

Lol, so she was getting shit on on Twitter and tried to blame it on dissociating? Now a supposed brain lesion. Also what happened to her stress induced seizure? Sure is crazy how all of this happened right after being called out for being a clown on Twitter.

No. 824641

Yep. Holly's the only one actively hurting people right now. It's been watching an abuser project onto others every single day and hoping that her fans are too dumb to notice.

No. 824643

it certainly explains why this bitch cant go five seconds without apologizing

she thinks doing so absolves her

No. 824647

Her and Jared both apparently. They think saying sorry is enough when people are smart enough to see through it.

No. 824654

File: 1561090444270.png (60.44 KB, 622x597, who cares holly.png)

No. 824655

it's infinitely more likely that Jared threw out her shitty puppets and then told her that Big Meanie Heidi took them

No. 824657

Heidi stealing the puppets modeled after her cheating and his mistress. I'm absolutely here for it. I hope she burned them, too.

No. 824658

She's like a pathetic child. This is painful to read. This woman is 33…

No. 824660

>she stole the puppets modeled after her husband and the woman who he cheated with!!!

gee, wonder why. i love how holly is too retarded to realize that this makes heidi look more sympathetic.

No. 824661

Oh no you mean she took weird effigies of you 2 you made for him, her husband, that you fucked behind her back? This bitch cray if she thinks there’s no logical reason for Heidi taking them as a last fuck you. God Heidi rules. Every time Holly tries to put her down she just makes her look cooler.

No. 824662


Man she just has a new twitter meltdown every few days huh

No. 824665

Those puppets were Heidi and Jared's community property, not Holly's to wah wah wah over. Hopefully they are in the trash together for eternity where they belong.

No. 824667

Seriously, I thought the drama was pretty much done with. She's truly incapable of moving on as long as there is at least one person out there who disagrees with her narrative.

No. 824668

File: 1561091636190.png (73.48 KB, 796x522, untitled.PNG)

Everyone defending Jared by saying that Chai and Charlie are liars are forgetting about the 3rd minor that posted about their experience. As far as I know this one hasn't been disproved?


No. 824669

People have been discrediting that person because it was a throwaway Reddit account who had no proof they told Jared their actual age. They said the message where they told Jared was deleted or something.

The minor shit is the most fucked up part of all of this, but I still find it disgusting that he ran a porn account in order to solicit nude photos from fans of any age. He also slept with fans he met at conventions and then ghosted them. He is just an all around piece of shit.

No. 824670

But anon, he made a bad decision is all! Those fans were clearly manipulating and abusing him with their naked bodies.

No. 824671

Jessica has been reeing about how Chai and Charlie being dishonest for a while now so it’s not surprising that he’s trying to invalidate the other minor on the sole fact that she’s anonymous.

Ignore Holly’s whiteknights, the majority of them are men from kiwifarms who just want to fuck Holly.

No. 824673

my biggest question with this whole debacle is the denial about him being perverted with fans, as if the first half of may wasn't littered with projareds peen pics all over twitter. where did those come from if he's so innocent, holly?

No. 824674


god she's so pathetic. she clings so desperately to the Strix and Diath shit so much.

No. 824678

File: 1561093020313.png (161.12 KB, 988x927, sheseentit.png)

No. 824680

bless you

No. 824698

File: 1561100755621.jpg (134.84 KB, 620x642, screenshot.jpg)


No. 824699


you’ve been reported to the cyberpolice

consequences will never be the same

No. 824700

>officer, these people on twitter are being mean to an accused pedophile and his mistress. please dox them for me

No. 824701


It’s gonna be quite the trip to revisit this holly tweet when or if projared is found guilty in the eyes of the court

No. 824703

I think you mean hours. This bitch can't stop, won't stop.

No. 824704

the frustrating thing is even with all her 'wahhhh nothings proven until its LEGALLY PROSECUTED!! we have laws!!' , we KNOW that if he actually does get charged she'll cry about how the law doesn't see all the sides of the story or whatever and how she still believes in him

No. 824705

i hope holly never tears herself away from the internet because my god, it's absolutely killing my sides that jared is IN seattle, holly is IN seattle, and he's at a con without her while she drives herself nuts defending him against internet randos sitting alone at home. absofuckinglutely gorgeous.
it will make my whole year if someone can corroborate jared actually being there with another chick, although it might straight up drive this insane bitch to sudoku

these are the people willing to defend holly while her uwu lover is ghosting her lmfao

No. 824706

I’ve noticed it’s the same four or so people who have been policing Jared and Holly’s Twitter mentions for several hours a day for over a month now. Are these people actually insane or are they playing 4D chess?

No. 824707

They're either so obsessed that they spend all their free time on twitter even at work, or they simply don't have anything else to do. Probably latter, I can't imagine a conscious grown up person with a job to stan peenjared and holly so hard.

No. 824711

Jeeeeeezus Holly, you know not everything has to be directly about you? Really pulling out the "I was abused" card when backed into a corner? How could you not for a second realize you're becoming complicit to the emotional and sexual abuse of 3 other people?!

No. 824712

Knock knock, Hi who's there? Police Libel, Defamation and Slander Squad! Open up!
Giant kek

No. 824717

File: 1561107981817.png (528.43 KB, 1730x1294, Screenshot 2019-06-21 at 2.20.…)

the fan who published a reddit post about her and jared fucking at a con and then him ghosting her for ages (the strip uno one, if that helps you remember) posted an update about her experience.
post is up here: https://www.reddit.com/r/ProJared2/comments/c350e4/some_misinformation_that_needs_correcting/
i capped the key takeaway from this:
1. jared has been online and he's been reaching out to people privately to fix their stories
2. heidi may have lied about the duration/limits of her open relationship, although in my eyes this isn't particularly incriminating because honestly what other choice did she have at the point her husband told her "i want to fuck other chicks"
3. this person puts an undue amount of force behind a few points:
>heidi is omitting things
>jared did not manipulate me
>jared was really nice to me this week

i'm just getting the sense that she's even now being strongly and sneakily manipulated by jared, and i just don't get how he does this to chicks looking the way he does. so sure this is a case of "omg i never expected you to respond to me ever again so i'm really happy you're being nice to me. of course you never meant to cheat on your wife ever". if i was in the position this chick is i'd scrutinize everything the guy ever said to me again as well as probably have someone else look at the things he said to me for signs of manipulation.

No. 824719

Could he fake the screenshots?

No. 824720

sorry for samefagging and for the wall of text, but also notice that the post says
>jared requested that i not post screenshots of texts
just like he asked this same chick to not talk about them fucking at a con, ever, to anyone
>in order to not further enrage heidi and cause her to retaliate
just like the situation he presented to holly

and she still feels he isn't coercing her or being manipulative in any way.

No. 824721

It's a throwaway and they "conveniently" have been asked not to share screenshots.
Yeah, sure, It's to not anger Heidi not because it's full of shit. kek

No. 824723

the account is legit, it's the same person who shared the really gross texts and pics they received from jared at the con.
which is why i'm thinking there's some near-holly level of dickmatization happening here. it's not hard to imagine, once you think about how infatuated she was with jared and how she kept trying to message him while she was ghosted. so naturally once he reaches back to her she's willing to believe he's the angel in the situation.
it's a super scummy thing for jared to do but at this point what else can we expect from him

i doubt he had that level of foresight so long before shit would hit the fan, it's more likely heidi was just going along with whatever the fuck he asked of her and trying to cope IMO.
or he's just that sneaky of a bastard i have no clue lmao

No. 824724

File: 1561108816429.png (368.58 KB, 1662x1068, Screenshot 2019-06-21 at 2.49.…)

a few choice OP comments on this thread

No. 824725

File: 1561108867078.png (240.3 KB, 1722x762, eww.png)

and then there's this. i just…

No. 824726

Something else she says in the comments is "He has apologized for that and we did some reminiscing last night about the good times we had together."

To me that's definitely manipulation and she's falling for it once again. It's manipulation because she was once hurt by Jared ghosting her and now that he's back, apologized and talking about good times, it's a band-aid over a wound and I can almost guarantee you that they'll be fucking again before the year is over. He has to do something to keep her trust.

No. 824727

File: 1561108984547.png (326.07 KB, 1772x1274, Screenshot 2019-06-21 at 2.52.…)

for context, this was her tune JUST a month ago.

No. 824728

kek. Totes not used except when he threw me away after having sex.
Welp, ok.

No. 824729

"He called me"
"I was there"

No. 824731

File: 1561109150180.png (182.54 KB, 960x991, seent.png)

No. 824732

At least this proves that we were right about Jared talking to other girls while Holly goes psychotic on Twitter.

It's extremely suspect that she's suddenly Pro-Jared, anti-Heidi and is now trying to clear Jared's name. You'd think that he would take a break from the manipulation tactics, but nope, he's too retarded and narcissistic. He's trying to save his image by chatting up the girls that he fucked to keep them quiet and will probably ghost them again once the air clears.

No. 824733

Yeah, made sure that everybody consented except for his wife

No. 824736


I think OP is trying to say "heidi is lying because she clearly seemed fine with it in private but said to me personally that she's asking for the cheating timeline"

well if you wanna know when your husband started sleeping with people outside of her consent then yeah, it makes perfect fucking sense. If Heidi knew he slept with this fan and approved, she probably doesn't remember when this happened. Asking the fan when this occured would help her piece that so and so event was consensual and okay, in contrast to holly

why is this so fuckin hard for op to grasp jesus

No. 824741

I honestly can't see how that weasel looking fucker makes these girls so dick thirsty. We've all seen his body, dick and weird face (He looks deformed?), it ain't worth it and the drama that comes with it.

No. 824742

Jared reached out to her THIS WEEK. This is major damage control on his part, and none of these screenshots she is describing can or should be taken as gospel. A picture that only Jared had…Hmmm. He must seem quite charismatic to these lost souls for her to run back to Reddit and feel like she has to set the record straight for her knight. Did she make a date to hop on his dick too?

No. 824744

what i'm really waiting to see is how apeshit holly will go once she does her routine lolcow visit and makes 2+2. this plus the fact that jared was wandering around a convention without her is going to send her running for her bottle of pills.
maybe she'll convince herself that reaching out to someone jared exploited ages ago, is further proof of his moral purity? kek

No. 824745

I'm extremely embarrassed for all the women coming to this man's aid. That girl is getting manipulated again and it was probably so easy for him. She basically admitted she was an obsessive fan girl in her initial post and she felt super hurt after he ghosted her. Of course all he had to do was crawl back into her DMs to control the narrative. And they spent time reminiscing about their time together?? Holly, while you get beat up online Jared is recollecting past sexual encounters with other women. Sounds loyal! Totally innocent conversation btw.

No. 824752

I think part of it is shame. It would feel shameful to admit you've been abused and manipulated, so it's easier to accept that surely it wasn't all that bad.

No. 824755

ohshit, they 'reminisced' alright, with a few fresh nudes and a meetup arrangement

No. 824758

Honestly who cares if Heidi knew and gave her blessing. He was still skeevy as fuck. If this girl wants to forgive him and re-evalute her opinion of him, good for her.
It honestly looks like every one involved is shitty and has a little bit of blame (wouldnt be surprised if shit came out about Heidi), but the bottom line doesnt change: Jared used his power and influence as, of all things, a gaming youtuber to gain sexual favours from fans. He absolutely deserves to be cancelled

No. 824760

Also, KEK at Holly calling everything abuse and assault. Jesus. Surely being a dick to jared about his enormous shitstorm is the same as punching in the face. Totally comparable.

No. 824761

She even apologized to him. It's so sad.

No. 824763

exactly, this goes way beyond Heidi anymore and what she did and didn't do, the facts are that Jared abused his powers to get fans into his bed way beyond the scope most "minor celebrities" do, regardless of their ages It's fucked you are giving your fans special places to dump their nudes on you and to talk dirty to them. Jared is (was) a dnd podcaster and gaming channel with a large YOUNG audience, he's not sorry about anything he did he is sorry he got caught, he's letting stupid Holly burn herself for him while damage controlling and convincing other women to join her on his crusade while he hides in the shadows.

No. 824772

This is that ugly guy again isn't it. idk why you censored, but it was nice of you.

No. 824773

Jesus. How old is this woman? Jared is suck an oily little weasel. I just feel bad for this woman. Jared preys on women who desperately want to feel special. Does she think they just randomly started reminiscing? It was calculated.

I really hope Holly doesn’t go anymore crazy or do something drastic. As much as her victim blaming and shit kicking pisses me off. Jared has seriously damaged her psyche. Holly had a lot of mental health issues already and Jared took advantage of that. Not that it excuses Holly’s actions towards Heidi at all.
I just really hope she gets some actual therapy to process what’s happened to her and realize she has been flinging shit at the wrong person. Not a yes man therapist but one that’s willing to challenge your perception and call you on your BS. These twitter meltdowns aren’t healthy.

No. 824777

He probably didn't need to threaten her with legal retaliation. He knew she was enamored with him and probably helped her spin a story after showering her with praise and compliments. I can't believe the nerve of him constantly reaching out to the people he took advantage of. You already did enough damage, but you are going to swoop in for a second helping? Now that he got her to step back from her initial statement and stand up for him he is free to ignore her again. I wonder if he is smart enough to give it a week or two first.

No. 824778

take a shot everytime Holly brings up MUH MOTHER PSYCHOLOGICALLY AND SEXUALLY ABOOSED ME to defend a known abusive pedophile

No. 824782

File: 1561122510340.gif (2.01 MB, 500x280, kys.gif)

don't do this, you will die

No. 824783


I wonder how Holly feels about her destined forbidden love Jared messaging his side chicks and reminiscing about good times they had together….

No. 824785

If anyone is capable of the mental gymnastics to somehow excuse Jared doing this, it's Holly. I'm sure this is somehow Heidi's fault, too.

Notice that this girl is defaulting to demonizing Heidi just like Holly. Jared sure knows how to pick them. He probably decided Heidi wasn't worth it anymore once she started standing up for herself.

No. 824789

This has "I got paid/dicked to change my story" all over it.

No. 824790


It's poetic though, now Holly will go through the same gaslighting Heidi experienced.
Her Strix/Diath dream wedding isn't even gonna happen awww…

No. 824791

They could have had a Gold Play Button cake too.

No. 824792


>I'm glad you didn't feel manipulated

says Jared as he continues to manipulate her

>I tried my best not to do that but I understand now that no matter what, I'll always be in that position of power"

Waaahhh, I'm just so powerful I didn't realize that others are influenced by my power! That's why I'm messaging you now, to not influence you with my power! I tried not to use my influence to fuck people but then I did anyway! But like, you WANTED to fuck me, right?

Seriously the lack of responsibility for his own actions is disturbing. He recognized that she was attracted to his fame, but convinced her that she just liked him as a person and that the fame/fan dynamic was coincidental. Insane.

No. 824795


Disgusting how quickly she changed her tune. I'm honestly disappointed that there are so many women who delude themselves into defending pedos, abusers, or otherwise scummy men all because they're dickmatized with said person's influence or fame, or because of some twisted false "love" or affection they think they feel for certain men. I see it happen all around me far too often with relatives, coworkers, etc. and it's just so disheartening because they're not going to listen to logic or reason, they have to find out for themselves and come to some kind of realization on their own otherwise they'll never break free.

No. 824797

They probably are already back on the polyamory train lmao

No. 824801

I feel like since people don’t believe what Holly is saying, Jared is talking to old fans who he knows will change the position on some people who are on the fence about him. It’s sad to see how easily girls can fall into Jared’s weak ass traps.

No. 824805

The people on ProJared2 are eating it up too. The comments are full of people absolving Jared of all claims of wrongdoing.

No. 824808

File: 1561127064686.jpg (12.34 KB, 288x258, VId318F.jpg)

Cant draw but I tried

No. 824809


I was making jokes earlier that he’s already moved on to another girl

No. 824813

I’m confused. I thought this girl never had solid confirmation from Jared they would bang. She went there hoping they would but he was being shy and evasive about it. She had to lure him into it with uno. Why would Jared be telling his wife about this girl he never had any solid plan of fucking?

No. 824816

What bothers me about this is Heidi never tried playing innocent like Holly and Jared are. She says she's been emotionally abused and gaslighted by Jared, but she never said she was innocent of any wrongdoing.

I also find it really sketch that soon after Heidi reached out to this reddit girl to get a better timeline of events probably for the divorce case, Jared then reached out to her to twist the narrative in his favor and turn her against Heidi. The way the reddit girl puts the text exchange makes Heidi sound dismissive in her consent, probably because she's tired of Jared fucking around and having her anger about it be called abuse.

This is probably exactly what he did to try and isolate Heidi when they were together.

No. 824818

i'm not of the opinion that Jared is some evil manipulator mastermind (mainly… i don't think he's that smart), but Heidi owned up to what she did, while Jared didnt. The only one losing her shit is Holly probably because she has such a low self-esteem she can't live with knowing some stranger on the internet is speculating about her and her Jared characters and doesnt take her word as golden

No. 824819

like very much

it's full of holes but she wants to believe it so bad she'll throw herself under the bus for him.

No. 824829

Why even reply to what Jared had to say? The guy was emotionally abusing and manipulating his ex-wife, as well as soliciting nudes from fans whose ages he didn't know. He has repeatedly proven himself to be a shit person time and time again. Why would anyone give this guy their trust again?

And the sad thing is, men like Jared are a dime a dozen. Holly and this other person could probably find someone who likes D&D and isn't a total scumbag to be infatuated with.

No. 824831

The girl said her and Jared didn't even talk about Holly. Just two ex lovers reminiscing about their torrid affair while Holly continues to ruin her life on Twitter for him.

No. 824833


I agree. Jared is just a dense idiot who probably doesn't even realize that the shit he's doing is gross. Heidi at least seems self-aware and only chimed in to clarify misleading claims Holly made.

Holly is just trying really hard to make herself a victim because she can't accept that she is involved with someone who's hurt other people who don't deserve it. I'm getting armchair diagnosis here but I agree with everyone here saying Holly might have BPD because she seems so out of touch with reality.

No. 824834


I agree. Jared is just a dense idiot who probably doesn't even realize that the shit he's doing is gross. Heidi at least seems self-aware and only chimed in to clarify misleading claims Holly made.

Holly is just trying really hard to make herself a victim because she can't accept that she is involved with someone who's hurt other people who don't deserve it. I'm getting armchair diagnosis here but I agree with everyone here saying Holly might have BPD because she seems so out of touch with reality.

No. 824835


I agree. Jared is just a dense idiot who probably doesn't even realize that the shit he's doing is gross. Heidi at least seems self-aware and only chimed in to clarify misleading claims Holly made.

Holly is just trying really hard to make herself a victim because she can't accept that she is involved with someone who's hurt other people who don't deserve it. I'm getting armchair diagnosis here but I agree with everyone here saying Holly might have BPD because she seems so out of touch with reality.

No. 824841

File: 1561135358169.jpg (117.63 KB, 1055x824, Capture.JPG)


So all Jared had to do was contact her again and be like
>Aw sowwy for ghosting u :(( btw remember when we fukd? good times ;)

And the girl forgave him instantly. I bet they are exchanging nudes right now.

What are you going to do Holly? Another evil succubus has gotten hold of your precious Diath. The DnD campaign continues…

No. 824843

File: 1561135713860.jpg (30.75 KB, 565x372, et.JPG)

lol she just linked to jared's side piece's post

No. 824847


No. 824848

File: 1561136156797.jpg (72.39 KB, 532x617, sf.jpg)

No. 824849

Does she not know she’s being replaced?

No. 824851

she's so smug. honestly at this point I hope Jared ghosts Holly completely and replaces her with someone else.

No. 824853

File: 1561136497367.png (79.54 KB, 554x564, 46.png)

oh boy it keeps happening

No. 824854


>felt used after Jared ghosted her

>feels better now that they're talking again

Further proving Heidi's point that Jared has communication issues and only contacts people when he needs to.

No. 824855

LOL I was honestly expecting her to be like " we are polyamorous it's totally fine :) :)" but nope this stupid bitch has really been dickmatized into thinking it's really ok if your boyfriend phones up their old side piece to reminisce how good the con sex was.

No. 824856

File: 1561136783381.jpg (72.98 KB, 557x836, asd.JPG)

Looks like she has committed to whiteknighting while Wormboy is reminiscing about sex he had with another side piece.

No. 824860


I mean… it’s easily over for her if she just logs out and tells her drama-rousing “friends” to fuck off, but it’s much easier to constantly look up your own name and feign ignorance.

No. 824861

She is bragging about Jared employing the D.E.N.N.I.S. system lmao.

Demonstrate Value.

Engage Physically.

Nurture Dependence.

Neglect Emotionally.

Inspire Hope.

Separate Entirely.

I see his former fuck buddy is on the Inspire Hope step.

No. 824865

She is being destroyed in the comments. I live for it.

No. 824867

What's wrong with people talking about how they fucked?

This girl seemed to have forgotten why she was so upset in the first place. Not necessarily Heidi, but being ghosted, Jared saying he really just wanted to have sex with her and leave (no UNO lol) and to not tell anyone about it. But, I think she's just grateful for the closure. She seems to realize he's only doing it because of damage control and not because he even cares if she's alive or dead. This is sad. And not trying to defend Heidi because she was complicit in Jared abusing his power for a time, but she did phrase it as a "timeline" because she knew she allowed shit to take place.

And why the fuck doesn't this woman post screen shots anyways? What does she owe to Jared other than constantly playing to his tune and being his fuck doll? Just post them because screenshots vs. Jared approaching his former sexual encounters to defend him should incite Heidi's wrath regardless. There's more to the story. Maybe Jared is having her lie for him? Maybe not. I wouldn't care if Heidi was a vengeful jerk because it doesn't make Jared look any better for fucking fans and ghosting them. That part doesn't change.

Also - isn't Jared the most pathetic being in the world? He's getting women to defend him online while having fun at conventions as they get wrecked online.

No. 824868


No. 824872

boy, this comment must've really stung holly bc it mirrors her situation: talking for months on a regular basis, in her case a couple more months of secret shagging, then after the situation blew over he must've dropped her like a hot potato and she realizes she's been bamboozled.

No. 824874

Meanwhile, Heidi is not giving a fuck and is posting cosplay related stuff.
I honestly don’t believe that Heidi lied to this girl. Trying to find a timeline to see when he started cheating doesn’t mean she thinks he cheated with you.

No. 824875

Yeah Holly. Think about all the times you and Jared talked about things while he was married to Heidi. Totally innocent.

No. 824876


Heidi wouldn't retaliate on this girl, Jared maybe, this girl, no. either there are no screenshots or something else fishy is going on (half truths that Heidi can disprove). besides how is Heidi going to retaliate if they have earth shattering evidence that shows Heidi is full of shit? it can't be because they want thinks to cool down since Holly is still stirring shit up at every opportunity

No. 824878


What’s weird is in reading the comments there was a lot of “Heidi gonna lash ouuuuut!”

What kind of reality are those people living in? Last time I checked Heidi did very little to “lash” out

Holly on the other hand…

No. 824879

File: 1561139191498.png (46.83 KB, 878x146, Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 11.4…)

Heidi DM'd her too. THIS IS A CLUSTER FUCK.
1) Holly is still a terrible person
2) Heidi's not trustworthy because she omits a lot, but it still follows the cool girl narrative. Remember it's not Heidi sticking her dick in everything that moves.
3) Jared is even more disgusting for "reaching out" to help his dead career.

No. 824882

So people are unwilling to believe Jared got photos from minors even with screenshots, but they are willing to believe this woman despite absolutely NO proof?

No. 824883

Basically this girl is mad that Heidi didn't tell her – a random stranger that slept with her husband – how much she did or didn't know about the situation.

No. 824884

It's fine if Holly lashes out, after all she's the small uwu bean who's gonna commit suicide if things don't go her way :(( SO YOU BETTER PITY HER UWU

I think it's the combination of ProJared fans, Holly's fans and incels who are strongly pushing the "projared is a victim" narrative.

No. 824885


I suspect those fans are pushing this as well

A few of the comments are “I liked his content”

No. 824889

I don't think Holly will ever stop trying to fight this fight. She's too entrenched in her "fight for the truth!" where she's the champion for justice that she'll keep going at it until she ends up harming herself. I don't wish that on her, but I don't see her being very rational or having anyone coming to stop her.

No. 824893

File: 1561140714707.png (42.77 KB, 638x221, Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 12.0…)

Heidi's wrath

No. 824896

Conveniently omitting that it was in heidi's rights to decide what was and wasn't cheating. My theory is that casual fucks were ok, but a committed relationship with a friend who wanted to be the only girl was a big no-no. Heidi doesnt need to be a romantic and tragic heroine. Even if that was a purely pragmatic choice of not wanting her husband to fuck and fall in love with their friend because Jared was the breadwinner of the house, guess what, if he did that while still married that's cheating.
UNO Girl wants to feel more important than she is, imo

No. 824897

She really won out in this whole ordeal. I'm sure having her marriage end hurt her a lot, but she'll be fine. She can pull someone who is much more attractive physical and emotionally. She gets half his money. She is in the middle of decorating her dream house. She can sleep at night knowing she isn't defending a sex offender. Meanwhile Holly and Jared are most likely fucked from jobs in the public eye. Maybe Jared can get a job stocking shelves during the night shift at Target while Holly works as a barista. Romantic.

No. 824898

She is probably just one of a dozen girls Jared has slept with at paid appearances. Both times he slept with her he ignored her for awhile afterwards, too. Even now she is just being used as a tool to make Jared look better. He reached out to her, got what he wanted, and had Holly share the end result. Nice job getting fucked a third time by Jared?

No. 824902

Uno girl was literally a 2x pump and dump, of course she's a nobody in this ordeal. If Jared didn't pay her to say that shit then I'm sure her stupid ass is gonna feel real put put once he ghosts her again after getting what he wanted from her, AGAIN.

No. 824904

Abusive people tend to be the ones who try really hard to control the narrative. Just an observation, Holly.

No. 824907


And it’s the only one so far who has come forward that we know of

Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s another

No. 824908

Gotta love how she says she's just putting the "truth" out there so people can make their own decisions but when it's the "wrong" decision she keeps on chimping.

No. 824913

The "no screenshots" shit is suspect as fuck. Enrage Heidi more? What does he have to lose? The only way he doesn't want them seen is if Heidi has receipts that contradict what was shown (perhaps he deleted messages in the conversation he showed Uno girl) or he is afraid that Heidi can use the content of the messages in the divorce proceedings. Nah, I smell bullshit here. I kinda hope Heidi shows her own screenshots to debunk what he is shilling.

Also, Uno girl is about as naive and dumb as Holly. She thinks he messaged her because he felt bad about ghosting her? Fuck no. Timing is everything and the timing here suggested that him reaching out was PRECISELY for the purpose of damage control. Girl, these "good times" don't mean shit to him because he was ready to ghost you forever if this controversy had never happened. Uno girl got played yet again. This is a strategic move bot a genuine feeling of remorse on his part which does demonstrate his ability to manipulate.

No. 824915

Someone pointed out the timing and his motivations in the comments and their comment was immediately buried. Seriously, it makes no sense to not show those screenshots. He literally provided Holly with private texts between him and Heidi, yet this texts that supposedly clear him of any wrongdoing can't be shown out of fear of upsetting Heidi?? Yeah okay.

No. 824917

Especially because you'd think that they wouldn't care about Heidi's opinion at that point.

No. 824919


Right? It would be one thing if she was just putting her side out there and leaving it at that, but the fact that she seeks out twitter posts that criticize her (ones she’s not even tagged in) to argue is very telling. I’m not buying the whole ‘self harm through twitter’ angle.

No. 824920

All I can think of is if he starts releasing more texts, Heidi can start releasing more. You know, if he wants to keep most of his shit, even in a "no fault" State (I'm sure the law is more nuanced in splitting funds that depend on the actions and circumstances of the marriage), he needs to keep his victim card up to get leverage. But if there's this escalation of dropping private texts, then Heidi would be more inclined to do so. Her "wrath" is most likely some very horrible texts between Holly, Jared, Holly and fans. I wonder what Holly would say about him fucking fans TO Jared as it's happening?

No. 824921

A common trend among the Jared stans is he’s completely innocent because the minors he allegedly traded nudes with didn’t disclose or lied about their ages. Am I really supposed to believe he couldn’t tell the difference between a 15 year old girl and an adult woman? These people are getting desperate.

No. 824929

That's right. Heidi said she found out about his nudes with fans because he was already texting Holly about it. Wow, is she a cuck. I know Heidi was a cuck also but at least she got some for herself on the side. Dumbass Holly divorced her husband, moved states and sacrificed her career for a horny manwhore. Heidi is the least of her problems in regards to him.

Also, how much you wanna bet the texts Heidi saw were Holly telling Jared that Chai messaged her? That or Jared was telling Holly about NB investigating him. Glad Heidi didn't let sleeping dogs lie. Seems like NB was going to let him off more lightly if it hadn't gotten so much publicity.

No. 824945

File: 1561147951469.jpg (93.35 KB, 480x720, p7882856_e_v7_aa.jpg)

I cant believe this girl is getting played so easily. Like, can you really not see he just came back to talking to you to control your narrative?! Reminisce over old times? How oblivious can you be?! Has no one even seen a movie or something?! This is textbook manipulation!

It's almost ridiculous how much this fits. Someone put Jared's face on this plane

No. 824951

HOW DOES THIS FUCKING CHANGE ANYTHING?! I don't give a fuck if you had sex with him or not because you're a fucking adult. He can use you and ghost you all he wants. He can come back out of nowhere and do a fakey apology to you or whatever. This at no point excuses what he did those minors?! Like holy shit, just cause he came back to apologize to you for essentially using you doesnt mean he's suddenly excused from everything!
Cant believe this bitch changed from 100% SUPPORT here >>824727 to straight up Holly level of Jared is exempt of all charges?!

No. 824953


No. 824956

>Person: I feel awkward
>Holly: That's assult

Not really making me believe her other opinions about Heidi's "abuse" with such obvious leaps of logic

No. 824957

Jared has a pattern of pursuing younger girls for a reason. Easy to manipulate and keep on the hook. Holly also counts because she hasn't matured past high school mentally even though she's in her 30s.

Idiocy aside I can't believe he's been chasing pussy this entire time he's gone dark. Anons called it but I really didn't think he was that dumb. And Holly is just going with it because she's so desperate to be right and not have to face the fact that she's made a series of grievous errors that ruined her life just because she can't separate her DnD character from reality. He was literally sleeping with other women while professijg feelings to Holly…but "it's just reminiscing!!"

No. 824958

Slight tinfoil, but I believe Jared asked not to post screencaps because he's also omitting context
Can't argue if you don't know what they're saying

No. 824964

So she admitted she felt used, and then he spent a couple hours out of his busy day to con her again after ghosting her for years

>all is forgiven hehe I wasn't manipulated hehe

That pencil dikk must be really somethin'

No. 824965

File: 1561151976536.jpeg (411.82 KB, 1125x1182, 9130BBCB-8FDD-423A-B391-C4FFAF…)

Holly’s “friend” is claiming there’s no litigation going on. How? Because she just knows okay!?

No. 824967

File: 1561152493753.png (1.51 MB, 1568x1438, prodennis.png)

Quick and dirty, just like Jared.

No. 824975

It's irrelevant anyway though, ignorance of the law is not an excuse for breaking it. Everyone understands this when it comes to things like speeding, you can't say
>Oh sorry officer I didn't know this was a 20
It's your personal responsibility to know and make sure you're obeying the law.

No. 824976

Justify cheating
Arrange sexual affairs with fans
Redirect abuse
End Marriages

No. 824978

Damn anon I was trying but you're absolutely on the ball.

No. 824981

ah yes, because the tweet of someone with 28 followers is going to ruin jared's reputation and damage his income to the point of legal action.

so in addition to being sad and desperate, we can also tell that holly's defenders are shit-stupid too.

No. 824984

File: 1561154562478.jpg (11.71 KB, 245x188, pucklaugh.jpg)

My sides are in orbit. With one more edit, this would be the best thread pic yet.

No. 824986

I honestly think that this whole situation has become some sort of fantasy delusion for Holly. It’s like she thinks she’s in a fantasy novel on a crusade. The whole being a coward and the whole “the truth is more important than my career” thing just sounds like she thinks this is some sort of heroic tale. I honestly think that her attachment to fantasy has caused some seriously fucked up ideologies.

You’re not in a DND campaign Holly, this is real life. You are not the protagonist. Heidi is not the big bad antagonist. You are not some arbiter of truth and justice. You’re on the Internet not some fantasy realm. Jared is going to drop you, this is no love story and there is no happy ending.

No. 824988

Someone please edit this in, it's brilliant.

She's already dropped. She just doesn't realize it. If he's reaching out to one fangirl, there's guaranteed to be more he's talking to. Well. "Talking."

No. 824992

File: 1561155768879.png (1.18 MB, 1568x1438, prodennis2.png)

Here you go, Sorry for the poor quality.

No. 824993

hahahaha. You're so great anon.

No. 824995


One last thing… make his shirt blue

No. 824997

Have affair
Own up to nothing
Leave Ross
Lose fans
Yell about abuse

For funsies.

No. 824998

File: 1561157218104.png (1.21 MB, 1568x1438, prodennisv3.png)

Again, Forgive the poor quality. Was this what you where looking for?

saged for spamming edits

No. 825000

File: 1561157427363.png (51.76 KB, 1170x274, Capture.PNG)

Can't find that tweet but I found this one. She's literally just reading kiwifarms.

No. 825001

File: 1561157439879.jpg (77.5 KB, 595x523, dumbaf.jpg)


I'm fucking dead. this is perfect work!

Also, Holly is losing her mind on twitter

No. 825002

File: 1561157460532.jpg (14.23 KB, 605x249, wow.jpg)

and the comment

No. 825005

File: 1561158077591.jpg (51.91 KB, 619x600, wtf.jpg)

She's just spending all her time on twitter, trying to pick fights and be a victim.

No. 825006

It's only assault if there's physical contact, you cross-eyed asshole.

Her 60 million birds and other pets must feel so neglected right now with their caretaker being online hunting for trouble 24/7. She needs to be looking for a job instead of fighting the internet and losing her sanity for free.

No. 825008


You expect her to know what assault is when she considers criticism abuse? lol

No. 825015

seems like the diath/jared D&D miniature is coming out after all:

>Strix is in a couple of different poses, and both Paultin and Diath have some cool poses. An action one and earlier in their timeline one.

>So those eight figures will be coming and we'll have news on those a little bit later in summer.

no pictures of the alternates or the peenjared minis yet.

No. 825022

She literally blocks out Jared's name so you DON'T find her, but since you're an insane, creepy bitch you went out of your way to find it and harass the user anyway…and then complain when she blocks you?

No. 825023

Not to mention Holly and Jared have blocked plenty of people who spoke the hard truth to them.

No. 825024


>what did I do wrooooonnnng

>here’s what you did wrong
>user has blocked you

No. 825030

Yep. You can say whatever mean shit you want about Jared and it's not a crime unless you physically touch him. Nice try Holly, but learn how the law actually works before trying to threaten randos with it.

No. 825034

Bless you for that pic

No. 825038

Doesn’t this bitch have a medieval studies degree. And this is seriously the first time she comes across the word strix? Doubt.

No. 825040

Yeah, she just wants to bait people to feel sorry for her ~loss of character~. Normal people would create a new character with a new group away from social media if they made this mistake, but she can't get attention that way.

No. 825050

meant to mention this a while back, but why is Denica attaching her real name to all this lunatic, white knight rambling on Twitter

No. 825052

she uses it for EVERYTHING, even her fucking deviantart account? she's legitimately mentally touched, no wonder all of her relationships fail. Can't hide that kind of social retardation for long.

No. 825054

File: 1561170561701.png (24.55 KB, 459x266, bp.png)

Holly is just reflecting her mental illnesses onto Heidi at this point. Heidi confirms that she does not have BPD, and that there's no way she'd even know what her and her therapists discuss.

No. 825064

lol, this is basically her only come back.

No. 825069

ok wait hold on, so is this is a separate case that she's filed against holly? doesn't make sense for holly to be involved in their divorce case in any capacity much less for slandering heidi's character.
heidi, my lord woman you are an absolute badass

also anon - is her facebook public?

No. 825071


Omg anon how did you get this screenshot? Her Facebook is not public. Is she accepting friends requests???

No. 825073

Such a stark difference in how Heidi has handled communicating with other people, vs. how Holly has handled it. The way Heidi talks to others is vastly more grounded in both the tone and word choice/punctuation. Holly is… hmm… I'm not sure how to describe it. Childish? Adult baby?

No. 825076

File: 1561175858155.jpeg (639.74 KB, 1125x1403, EDF08250-F84B-4ADF-AA15-FB7A7B…)

Heidi is definitely more grounded. Probably because she doesn’t have to defend her moldy trash bag of an ex-husband.
No, her posts are still private.

No. 825082

Wow this must tie into her having to represent herself in divorce proceedings now. This is the case she’s building, but case for what, why her marriage ended? I don’t think Heidi has a strong case going this route. She must have exhausted everything else (the pedo shit, the dick pics) to arrive at this Holly libel defense.

Heidi had friend requests turned off for Facebook when I looked way back when this all started so this must be someone who had been friends a while.

No. 825083

Honestly I do hope Heidi sues her. Holly has been nonstop in talking about the issue and trying to paint Heidi in a negative light while Heidi has moved on. I feel like Holly has gotten away with being the victim her whole life and I'd love to see her have to admit she was being the agitator.

No. 825084

wew. if this is true then Holly is going to lose her mind when she's served. The milk will be overflowing.

No. 825085

It might be a separate case from her divorce. WA has no fault divorce so she wouldn't need to build a case for that as far as I know.

No. 825086

It's not related to her divorce, Washington is a no fault state. It must be a separate case.

No. 825087

Why would you keep the hospital bracelet from your stay in the psych ward for trying to kill yourself? Kind of shit ass memento is that?

No. 825089


Doing bullshit for attention again. So unnecessary. She’s just posting this for sympathy, to victimize herself further in everyone’s eyes, under the guise of proving facts to the haters. Her way of thinking is very sick, spiteful, and manipulative

Anyone questioning her hospital stay is either doubtful since Holly is a liar, or a troll. She’s crazy enough to have been there and brag all over Twitter when she’s out

She didn’t have to try so hard, especially with that photo. All of this is under her legal name and screenshotted, all for future employers, colleagues, friends, and boyfriends. Her career is over and she has a useless degree in medieval studies lmfao good luck getting a job now & when she’s an even older lady

Holly is a divorced 32 year old homewrecker showing off her mental hospital bracelet on Twitter. She won’t stop crying on Twitter because she cheated, harrassing Heidi, and searching Holly/Jared. Depressing

No. 825090

Imo one of two things are happening here:

1. This victim is still very young and easily impressionable. It is easy to fall back into a cycle of abuse and change your tune, especially when you are young and your abuser is a lot older.

2. It was a fake victim from the get go, planted to at first agree to gain creditability and then suddenly switch sides so they seemed more believable when saying he isn't the bad guy.

No. 825091

>Holly is… hmm… I'm not sure how to describe it.
Unhinged. The word you’re looking for is ‘unhinged.’

But not in the way she thinks she’s unhinged. She’s not some fragile little uwu irl like she is in her head.

>Why would you keep the hospital bracelet from your stay in the psych ward for trying to kill yourself?
Attention and sympathy.

No. 825092

She's gonna need a new hospital bracelet when Heidi sues her ass.

No. 825093

She stated on reddit that she's 26.


No. 825095

Funnily enough, this proves nothing. Anyone can go to the hospital for any reason, they have to admit you if you want to be seen. She probably has INS that is a flat $100 to go and thought that would be worth it to back her 'FACTS.'

No. 825097

Oh lawd there really is no hope for the human race.

That being said, both points sadly still stand, but I change point 1 to OP is just a fucking idiot.

No. 825099

From Ballard's Behavioral Health section on Inpatient services (Ballard doesn't offer the partial hospitalization option; only Edmonds campus does):
"Inpatient care is beneficial for people who are experiencing an acute mental illness and require intensive 24-hour care to stabilize their condition."

So you mean to tell me that "lies on the internet" sent you to a 22-bed facility specializing in legit psychiatric breakdowns? Wouldn't "the truth" give you enough solace to, IDK, not go to an in-patient facility meant for people with actual BPD, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar, etc?

Stay histrionic, my friend.

No. 825100

File: 1561182331182.jpg (37.59 KB, 1125x675, 1-1-97.jpg)

I'm honestly sick of hearing about Holly but she just doesn't stop
I look forward to the day she fades into obscurity again

No. 825101

File: 1561182541521.jpeg (859.17 KB, 1125x1647, 810AEB83-B934-47F8-8C4B-087717…)

No. 825103

I try not to say it often but
The absolute cringe coming from that tweet

No. 825105

Can't wait for DCA to start a new campaign without Jared and Holly so they can both fade into obscurity. Nice diseased potato puppets.

No. 825107

God it'll be Holly's lucky day if Heidi decides to file a cease and desist or injunction against her. If she can no longer open her big mouth to word vomit out lies, then her image may very well improve.
But I seriously hope Heidi gets a restraining order against Holly. Don't want to catch the trash witch hiding in your yard late at night once Jared moves on to his next piece and Holly really snaps.

No. 825108

Can't wait for the tears when they figure out pencil dick is no longer into their favourite pile of human garbage.

No. 825110

>he is j-just reminiscing I swear, our love will prevail, r-right?

No. 825114

File: 1561185789735.jpg (53.95 KB, 954x555, projared.jpg)

I'll show myself out

No. 825115

i'm sorry for whoever crafted these but they look like curse dolls lmao

No. 825121

File: 1561188389816.jpg (117.47 KB, 1000x1000, Shambleface.jpg)

I'm 90% sure the dolls are ones that Holly made, the craftsman ship is very similar to other dolls she made in the past.
(Pic related)

No. 825123

she is.. not very good, is she

No. 825125

I know it's fun to poke fun at Holly that Jared is gonna leave her for some other side hoe; but Holly has been in this relationship with Jared during the times he also slept with other woman at cons. Isn't it safer to assume that Holly is just fine with Jared fucking around with other girls

No. 825126

Nah, not even close. If the other girls are prettier than her (which they most likely are), she'd lose her mind just like she's losing her mind with Heidi because she's pretty. She also lost her marbles over the Commander Shepard that got chosen for "being pretty".

No. 825135

The only reason she would seem ok with it is because she's a) dickmatized and b) can't let the haters see they were right about him.

No. 825140

she's such a fucking attention whore
Does it really matter if some people don't believe you were hospitalized good God

No. 825143

I just saw a Holly white knight on Twitter unironically call the minors who were allegedly groomed by Jared “distributors of child porn”. Watching the Jared/Holly stans try to defend them is the most entertaining part of all this.

No. 825144

>They're lying! Jared checked the ages of everyone, he would never accept minors!
>Those minors are distributors of child porn and made Jared take those nudes clearly at gunpoint.

Don't worry anon, they just really love gymnastics. How else can you explain the reach, mental jumping around, and them tumbling over their own bullshit?

No. 825145

If this whole debacle has proven anything it’s that none of these people are mentally capable of handling a polyamorous relationship. I can still see them doing it anyways and failing miserably (again)

No. 825146

my fucking god, there has to be some serious mental damage involved if a person can fully unironically say that to a minor who was groomed. what's next? seducer of innocents? temptress? vehicle of sin? jesus fucking christ, holly attracts the worst kind, and the fact that she lets them run their mouths like this and fucking goes ahead and follows such complete morons really says a lot about her whole "uwu damaged smol bean" facade.

No. 825151

you can sell any trash when married to someone popular

No. 825153

It wasn’t even that. The person on Twitter was asking what kind of facility allows visitors to come talk about the triggering event AND bring cell phones in for the patient to use. Because it seems to defeat the purpose of being on psych hold. Then she twisted it to “I can prove I was in the hospital” which absolutely no one was calling into question.

No. 825154

File: 1561206720023.jpg (105.23 KB, 948x849, Tweet.jpg)

lol she might regret liking this when Heidi sues her

No. 825155


No. 825156

the irony

No. 825157

It's not just Jared fucking around, it's Jared clearly in the process of dropping her. And Holly is not going to be okay with being dropped.

No. 825164

Ah, yes, I also love reminiscing with guys who abruptly pumped and dumped me after telling me I was special for months. Them showing up a year later to "reminisce" totally feels sincere and not like they just showed up because they need something from me.

Holly: You can't feel awkward about Jared being at a con, that's assault!
Also Holly: What, he's not allowed to talk to the person he previously used and abused his power over? ARE PEOPLE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ANYMORE?!

No. 825186

Threatening to attack someone is the actual definition of assault. Holly is correct.

No. 825187

Accosting someone doesn’t mean you’re threatening someone lmao. Read a book.

No. 825188

File: 1561215337191.jpeg (255.17 KB, 640x954, 38F43DF6-7752-4E03-95BC-141D59…)

No. 825189


They weren’t good friends. All their talks were sexual in nature. Wtf do they have to reminisce about? Remember that time I showed you my boobs and you said you’d like to cum all over them haha good times! This girl is brainwashed.

No. 825192


Maybe they also enjoy talks on the beach…?

No. 825195

He was not going to "boldly address" Jared. Nothing is going to happen if Holly calls the cops on some crazy tranny posting punch-a-nazi fanfics on twitter.

No. 825196

There needs to be physical contact for it to be assault AND BATTERY. Depending on the jurisdiction, even shouting a person can be considered assault.

No. 825197

Hollytards are fucking illiterate.
You know whats also a crime? Grooming underage girls.

No. 825198


>even shouting can be considered assault

Ahhhhhh yeah like how Heidi yelling at Holly makes her an abuser? kek

No. 825199

“Accost” doesn’t mean “assault” no matter what stupid linguistic gymnastics you try to use

Holly and Jared stans are such whiny idiots

No. 825217

For the love of Christ, can we stop derailing the thread over what accosting someone means? Jared didn’t get hurt and Holly’s an overdramatic bitch.

No. 825220

File: 1561220385172.jpeg (469.98 KB, 1125x1456, 87C5AFF6-2044-4E71-B722-1C9433…)


No. 825221


The holly version:

“What did I do wrong?! Also my mom abused me!”

No. 825225

So what your saying is, we need a Holly bingo card.

No. 825240

File: 1561224808844.jpeg (355.16 KB, 1242x1705, AE0E40C1-6929-481D-8F4D-9E17DB…)

No. 825241


Yes we do

Middle space being a free bird or something

No. 825249

i actually read it like she was mocking the sort of posts holly makes kek

No. 825254

So, I guess Holly just decides to pick and choose how bad her relationship was with her mom depending on what makes her look better? Here's a link to an article where Holly talks about her mom that some folk on PULL were talking about: https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2012/04/holly-conrad-the-star-of-comic-con.html

No. 825256


Lol her dad casually wanted to dress up as Hitler? Oooookay.

No. 825262


Wow… So criticizing Holly is 'harassment' & not fair at all, but it's totally okay to heckle Heidi whenever she tweets? How about you follow your own damn advice Conretards.

No. 825265


I'm started to think Jared is bribing his past flings to defend him & drag Heidi.

No. 825268

That's exactly what he's doing and it's clear as day. He seems to choose really retarded side pieces that are easy to manipulate. Pretty much like Holly. It's like these girls have never watched tv or heard of the stereotype.

No. 825270

Here is all the text regarding her mom:

>“My Mom has had MS since I was born,” Conrad explains, “so she can’t walk and hasn’t been able to walk for my whole lifetime.

>My dad is a great guy. But about two years before the movie was filmed, he left my mom, and left me with everything. He just left. So I was taking care of my mom by myself. It was right after I got out of college. For a while my mom lived on her own, but then she couldn’t. I started living at home and I worked a fulltime job at an animatronics factory.

>And my mom has always been so supportive. She played videogames with me; we used to play World of Warcraft together. She’s a really strong person. But you can only be so strong when you’re so sick. At that point, she was getting so bad that something had to be done. Eventually, after the movie, she ended up moving to an assisted living home, and I ended up moving to L.A., so it all worked out.”

So she's speaking pretty fucking positively about her mom. I have known situations where parents are verbally abusive towards their children who are their primary caretaker but, it seems like Holly was only ok with accusing her after she passed away. It could just be she's spiteful for having to look after her mom in her 20s. Regardless, this definitely proves she didn't always claim her mom was abusive.

No. 825272

oh forgot
>Conrad is still close with both her parents. She monitors her mother’s health closely. “It’s always a struggle,” she says, “because she’s always having to deal with some injury or some new thing with her disease. But she’s really happy. She has a new boyfriend, and they play videogames together. I’m still on good terms with my dad, too. You only have one family; you can’t exile them for the choices they make.”

No. 825273

File: 1561231794921.png (70.06 KB, 720x398, 20190622_152846.png)

No. 825275

This would person would have a point if Heidi never addressed Holly’s tweets.

No. 825279


…Not to mention the whole 'reminiscing' bit, which is also an abuser-tactic; "Remember all the good times we had together? Think about that the next time you think I've wronged you, okay?"

Also funny how this woman, assuming she isn't a sockpuppet, brings up how only now, Jared just got back in touch with her, after shit has hit the fan… Guess he's rushing to mend any broken bridges & then having Holly show them off to convince her already-biased fans that he's '100% innocent'.

No. 825280

File: 1561232529934.jpeg (184.07 KB, 640x707, 1559587158819.jpeg)

>we need a Holly bingo card.
We really do need a new card. I don't think the one from last thread will ever be full since Holly doesn't respect anyone, including herself.

No. 825285

File: 1561233240175.png (230.92 KB, 720x1027, 20190622_155259.png)

No. 825291


I find it hilarious how Holly knows all these specific things about what Heidi is up too, whatever she's saying, whatever she did or doing, whatever other people are saying to her, whatever her therapist is saying to her. and all of this she saw with her own eyes. it wasn't Jared who told her NO! she SEEENS IT!!!
if Heidi had never claimed she planned on stealing it I would have maybe believed it as something a spiteful ex would do. but the fact she made a whole post bragging she would if she could makes me highly skeptical and just paints Holly as this desperate loser thats trying to paint Heidi badly at any chance she gets. Holly ur overdoing this soooo hard and its not a cute look, honey

No. 825292

>did anyone else notice that after Heidi said her piece she hasn't constantly tried to remind everyone every day about how innocent she must be
Yes. Yes we noticed

No. 825294


>>" A couple weeks after the fact, Heidi reached out to me through twitter DM's after I had already tried to get in touch with her."

>>"Well, this week Jared himself got into contact with me."

This says all we need to know, honestly.
It's also funny how she 'cannot show screenshots' of her recent chat with Jared, but she can say Heidi agreed & was all gung-ho about it with full confidance…

…This also sort-of aligns with their 'polyamory' period, so Heidi might be logging all of his extramarital affairs for reference (we can kinda get that from the word 'timeline')

No. 825295


From what I've seen recently, it would seem that both Jared & Holly are trying to either derail Heidi, or push her into doing something stupid/spiteful, or both.

My only hope is that Heidi doesn't take the bait & continues to focus on what matters in her own life.

No. 825297

File: 1561235488193.png (85.39 KB, 640x682, Capture.PNG)

Heidi'll be alright

No. 825301

In b4 Holly & her stans try to use this as further 'proof' that Heidi is "OMGSOABUSIVE!!!!1!!"

No. 825303

I hope Heidi changed all her passwords because it's very weird that Jared reached out to this girl right after Heidi.

No. 825304

File: 1561236545421.png (175.94 KB, 720x999, 20190622_164717.png)


< Yeah, pretty much this.

No. 825306

It's really creepy how obsessed Holly is with Heidi. Heidi should really consider getting a restraining order on her crazy ass.

The girl pretty much deserves to be Jared's tissue at this point. He pumped and dumped her, has seen all of these people come out with their stories and nudes of Jared, seen how he's treated his wife and his involved with Holly (kek or at least in Holly's mind) and now wants to be his cum tissue again? She deserves it.

No. 825309

>jared’s tissue
Would that make our cow a Holly Cumrag?

No. 825310

"Neglect entirely" sounds like a mismash of the DENNIS jokes/memes above. >>824967

No. 825311

That nickname is perfect for her and would probably touch her more than Jared has or ever will.

No. 825317

Ross is live on Twitch and has revealed that he has a gf! I'm very happy for him. She would like to remain private and away from his online presence, but he felt like he needed to tell the audience due to the amount of Mario Maker 2 streams that are coming up (and they would clash into his personal life)
She likely won't be on stream. Shes a professional colorist (colored the monster girls on his stream start up screen), and he said chat can call her Giwi.

I guess we now know why Holly unfollowed him?

No. 825319

No wonder he's not saying anything to support Holly.

No. 825321

File: 1561239577015.png (170.88 KB, 720x1000, 20190622_173611.png)

Concerning Ross again…

All I can think of is what Ross said in that one video:
>"…P-Provocative actions towards others…"

No. 825322

that’s so cute and sweet. ross seems like a genuinely nice person. i hope holly has left them alone entirely, i feel badly that ross is probably getting hundreds of questions a day about her and it probably feels awful.

No. 825327

This is disgusting.
It also suggests that Jared was not only soliciting a minor, but taking advantage of someone with a mental impairment.

No. 825331

Wow, it's almost like he specifically preyed on people who are historically especially comparable and manipulatable

>low self esteem

>emotionally vulnerable
>mentally disordered

No wonder Holly is wrapped around his finger so tightly

No. 825332

File: 1561241468722.png (191.6 KB, 720x1018, 20190622_180847.png)

The best response to all the people going after Chai so far…

No. 825333

Does Holly come here? I know her stans do.

No. 825334

She does, she mentioned it before.

No. 825343

How does he do that? He's fugly, inside and out. How does he manage to attract girls and use them as he wishes?

No. 825345

Some people thirst for fame. Some do REAL hard. Cue Holly Jared stans.
Polite sage

No. 825349

File: 1561245315308.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1194x1675, 1C5B3E51-8B96-461A-B423-E4482B…)

She’s on twitter again

Anyway, does Heidi really have a case here if holly didn’t explicitly say she had BPD? She called her unstable and mentally ill, and only liked one bpd tweet. I’m not certain there’s enough there unless I missed something

No. 825351

Her hair is fucking terrible. Also Holly, emotional cheating exists.

No. 825353

lol u fuckin liar.

No. 825355