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File: 1571336556021.png (326.56 KB, 500x550, 1568113930176.png)

No. 881371

ProJared/Holly Conrad/DCA/GG: The "OH GOD IT NEVER ENDS" Edition

Last Time on the "ProJared STFU Challenge"

> Holly snapped for a hot minute and started following people who talked shit about her

> Jared's fanbase attempts to rewrite history by insisting "Jared never directly solicited nudes!" despite evidence to the contrary

> Some of those who publicly condemned Jared's actions (like Jirard) simultaneously gain amnesia about the whole "He jacked it to minors" thing and go back to showing public support for him

> Holly popped into Jared's stream, discussing something meaningless and trivial ("I got gummy butterflies, Jared!") as if needing to publicly stake her claim on the man that literally no other sane person wants.

> Holly also quit offering mental health tips for $30 and moved on to offering subpar art "surprises", forgetting that someone could pay a better artist $30 and actually be able to pick what they want art of

> Someone made a charitable version of Holly's "Cancelled" shirt with the proceeds going to domestic violence charities; Trash Coven has it removed almost immediately

> Holly instead claims she is going to have the proceeds for said shirt donated to charity - and then backtracked, removing all evidence of her offer within 48 hours.

> A PJ2-stan sent Heidi a very creepy and threatening message, that they would make her confess her sins in whatever way possible - Jared and Holly remained silent while the person ran back to their side, bragging about their actions.

> Jared and Holly are still publicly endorsing the bullshit petitions to bring DCA back rather than just finding new homes for their characters or even just making new ones

> Holly posted a picture of herself snuggling a chicken against CDC guidelines, someone replied with a joke about her touching cocks when she isn't supposed to, and Holly accused them of harassment and internet shaming

> Holly tried to promote her patreon by saying "I've lost income from the 'apocalypse of the past few months" as if she wasn't the direct cause and that she wasn't still sitting on the fortune her grandfather left her.

> She lost her shit over the fact that The Sims offered an 'influencer' career and pouted that she was too stupid to find the Spellcaster career that had been released just days prior to her tweets.

> Jared, the eternal idiot, thought it appropriate to once again make a joke of "What's the strongest boss I beat? Cancel Culture!", much to the chagrin of every human being with more than one iq point.

Image Credit: >>866866
Thread Credit: >>881336

Previous Threads (The ProJared Saga Begins):
1: >>785476
2: >>804540
3: >>808888
4: >>812124
5: >>816967
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13. >>866222

Character Descriptions and Stats:

Jared "the Wormdick" Knabenbauer
>Known for having a gaming youtube channel where he reviewed games
>Formed "Waffle crew", the D&D group that would soon turn out to be a dumpster fire
>All hell broke lose when his ex-wife revealed he has been manipulating, abusing and cheating on her
>Soon after, other victims of his started leaking chat logs and nudes
>Turns out he was soliciting underage porn
>Went into hiding
>Throughout DCA, his D&D character, Diath, was having an on-going romance with Strix, his co-player Holly Conrad's character
>Turns out they were also involved IRL, cheating on their spouses
>Holly is currently whiteknighting him on twitter, while he is trying to manipulate his side-pieces from the shadows
>One of his side-pieces fell for it and now is changing her initial statement, trying to get on his good side (even though he ghosted her before)
>Heidi accuses Jared of threatening legal action if she speaks up. Unfortunately Heidi casts “Absorb Elements” just like she did for his initial divorce statement. Jared takes an extra 1d6 damage on her next melee attack.

Strength: 5
Dexterity: 5
Intellect: 15
Stamina: 10
Luck: none
Charisma: send noOds

Holly "Manic Pixie Butterface" Conrad (current power-level):
>Got into D&D, started thinking she's literally Strix - her character
>Cheated on Ross with Jared the Wormdick while trying to manipulate both Jared and his wife
>Once Heidi (Jared's wife) revealed her as a side hoe, she locked down everything and checked into the tumblr hospital
>After getting back on the net, she started autistically defending herself and Jared, claiming she never cheated and Heidi is literally Hitler
>Professional victim, her NPD can be seen from space
>Emotionally abused Ross, claimed she never felt love until she met Jared
>Claims to have not cheated on her ex-husband despite his refusal to make one comment about the situation in her defense
>Can't stand even tiny criticism about herself, reads her lolcow thread though
>Compared Etika’s suicide, a popular black YouTuber, to her own suicidal ideation by showcasing they both received clown emojis as “bullying.”
>Suffers backlash from the black community, Etika’s fans and Twitter
>After being called out for taking advantage of a person’s suicide, Holly infamously deflects criticism by tweeting, “I’m sorry. I’m mentally ill.”

Strength: uwu
Dexterity: uwu
Intellect: 4
Stamina: 100
Luck: ran out
Charisma: clown emoji

Holly Conrad’s Previous Stats:
>Holly is a “talented cosplayer/craftsman/special effects artist and well respected in the community”, even appearing on Syfy's "Heroes of Cosplay"
>Was one of the main focuses of the 2011 Documentary "Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope" (directed by Morgan Spurlock)
>Originally gained notoriety for her Commander Shepard/FemShep cosplay
>Married to Ross O'Donovan, beloved animator and member of the GG Family, from 2012 to 2018
>When it came to Arin/Suzy vs Ross/Holly most people preferred Ross and Holly, because they felt less fake and Holly was famous separate of Ross, not riding her husband's coattails like Suzy.
>Was best buds with Jared's wife Heidi, another talented and respected cosplayer/craftsman
>Apparent tragic backstory = quirky anxiety uwu. I don't really know the whole backstory on this one, not sure if it really matters.
>But was apparently close to her grandfather and inherited his house(?) in Washington(?) when he passed away which was in theory part of the reason she and Ross amicably split. Jared and Heidi just also happened to live in Washington.
>Other speculated factors included Holly being asexual (lmao), the toxic GG fan-community, "having codependency issues", and wanting to leave LA while Ross wanted to stay
>Publicly their divorce was mutual, amicable, and came as somewhat of a shock….OR WAS IT?
>Basically all this drama is so juicy because Holly "quirky manic pixie dream bird gurl, asexual anxiety, luvs animals so obviously wouldn't hurt anyone uwu" Conrad was the surprise plot twist villain we never saw coming

For More On Holly Conrad:
>A History of Holly: >>838840 (Source: PULL)

Strength: uwu
Dexterity: 20
Intellect: 17
Stamina: 22
Luck: 100
Charisma: Not Suzy

Heidi of the House O'Ferrall, Hell Hath No Fury, Giver of Zero Fucks, Destroyer of Careers
>Non-lewd cosplayer, talented craftsman and elf
>Produces tutorials and shows her work in progress pretty in depth
>Has a degree in Theatre/Costume Design
>"She had sex with my husband", top 10 anime deaths of all time
>Married to Jared Pedodick Knobslob
>Was in a poly relationship with Jared
>Claims Holly was the reason it didn’t work out
>Outed Jared’s infidelity and set twitter ablaze
>Working on her current divorce and perhaps a defamation against Holly Conrad for trying to claim she had BPD and that psychologists have deemed her “unfixable”
>Has started to become more vocal on that drama since Holly’s Etika sperg
>Claims emotional abuse by Jared and gas lighting, and also seems to insinuate her enjoyment of sex has decreased
>Blocks overtly sexual cosplays because of the ProJared controversy
>Currently living alone in a new home and trying to start up her business and craft in a way to support herself
>Accuses Holly of being vindictive enough to have done everything in her power to end her marriage and happiness

Strength: 90
Dexterity: 71
Intellect: 82
Stamina: 64
Luck: 20
Charisma: Zinfandel

Dan Pirro from the Honorable House Pigeon
>Dedicated white knight of Jared and Holly’s that created a campaign to prove #heidingthetruth
>In direct contact with Holly Conrad Flying Monkey

Jessica Slater from the Honorable House Pigeon
>Holly stan and dedicated “sister”
>Runs a clearly objective truth blog on tumblr while putting down Heidi on twitter

Participation Trophies go to the following for their dedication:
>BorkScorpion, RainbowTressym, TigerNightmare, UnicornHoodlum and others
>May or may not be sockpuppet accounts
>Tier 3 WKs, to be mostly ignored
>Autism awareness is sometimes being aware of who to avoid

>Jared Knabenbauer/ProJared:


>Heidi O'Ferrall/AtelierHeidi:


>Holly Conrad/Commander Holly:


>Normal Boots:


The Expanded Universe:

**Game Grumps
Previous GG Threads:**
>Jon vs Dan speculations, are the Suzy nudes real or fake, blah blah blah, old news. Seriously, don't ask to be spoonfed this old dried up milk. Go read about it on your own.
>There is a whole subreddit dedicated to GG Rule 34 where they sexualize the girlfriends/wives as well as the grumps called r/polygrumps. Suzy once long ago tweeted in support of polygrumps, but it seems like an especially toxic corner of their already toxic fanbase. I doubt she would confirm that support today.
>GG sells a merch line called Game Gyaru "based on Arin and Danny, reimagined as female characters inspired by the anime series Dirty Pair, named Arina and Daniella respectively". It's a blatant tracing of the characters from "Dirty Pair" that they did not initially acknowledge.
>GG release body pillows of Dan and Arin. They sell out very quickly. It's gross: >>792883
>Guess what Jon's an even worse blatantly sexist/racist person than we ever could have imagined

Suzy "the Goose" Berhow:
>Has a history of scamming fans by buying cheap jewelry from China and the likes and reselling it to fans with an absurd markup as her jewelry line or as one anon put it: "creating a really expensive jewelry line that involved very little effort on her part". Arin has to come to her defense when people find out.
>Previous threads over the years were mostly about Suzy's "thyroid-related" weight gain and absurd styling choices, scamming, and how she's a ~rEaL gAmEr GuRl~
>No one seems to really have complaints about her current styling choices since she lost weight and the skunk stripe and adopted a more natural look (it's much closer to her twin sister Jean's)
>Suzy was a "model" when younger, and will still constantly repost the same pictures from her past over and over again, in case anyone forgot
>There sometimes seemed to be some unspoken tension between Suzy and Holly. Suzy seemed to give off the vibe of being uncomfortable not being the only cool gamer gurl in the GG group, especially when up against a girl that seemed to prefer and respect.
>Seems plausible that she prefers being the female center of attention given the theory that JonTron's swift and dramatic departure from GG was due in part to some beef between Suzy and Jon's girlfriend at the time. IIRC this is still all just speculation. (Jon's too big of a topic, read that one on your own for the full backstory)
>A/N: I would be kind of surprised if she showed any support for Holly at all, but maybe that's just me

Katie (Most recent GG drama unrelated to PigeonGate 2019 ):
>Suzy claims she and Arin have been together since 2002. Arin's mysterious deviantART ex Katie shows up from an apparent cryogenic sleep after 10+ years and throws an insane hissy-fit about how Arin was pursuing HER during that time and she turned HIM down.
>Thinks Suzy poisoned Arin against being her BEST FRIEND despite the fact that she was married, disappeared from the internet, lived across the country, and was definitely leading Arin on for some time. Arin seems to have bought her some gifts in this time.

Game Grumps:

>Suzy Berhow/Mortemer:


>Arin Hanson/Egoraptor:


>Dan Avidan:


>Minor cow Katie, rejected Arin way back when and regrets it now that he's famous:


About Dice, Camera, Action:
>DCA is/was a popular D&D livestream DM'd by Chris Perkins (WoTC story designer)
>It's cast consisted of Holly Conrad, Jared Knabenbauer, Nathan Sharp and Anna Prosser
>All of them turned out to be cheaters, hooking up with each other and breaking marriages/engagements

>Wafflecrew/Dice, Camera, Action:


Filed Under “Other”:

Ross O’Donovan
Do Not Bother Ross O’Donovan
>Game Grump and animator
You May Support and Subscribe at:
>Ross O'Donovan/RubberNinja:

Reminder from Mods:
>Subjects have to be 16+ to be discussed on lolcow. Do not include Holly's 15 year old friend’s face or social media posts here.
>This is also a reminder that cowtipping is also against the rules, do not contact the girl or her parents because of her relation to Holly.
>Keep whiteknight posting to when they actually spill milk.

No. 881581

File: 1571362923236.jpg (215.85 KB, 605x892, twitter.jpg)

Is this what people are paying money for?

No. 881583


No thanks, Hoelly - I've already seen Jared's dick but thanks for a look.

No. 881586

So let me get this one straight. A single tone watercolor wash over flat inks, with flat white ink/marker/paint whatever in a very blasé arrangement?
And this is 50$ without a choice in what you get?

No. 881602


But… They have Strix symbols on them! So rare! /s

No. 881609

I feel like 40 years from now Jared, Holly, and Heidi will all be at the same retirement home still arguing about this.
Like the rest of the internet has moved onto more juicy scandals.

No. 881628


…Or they'll all be friends again & act like nothing happened.

No. 881642


I really, REALLY doubt that Heidi will ever be friends with her ex-husband that she accused of being an emotionally abusive gaslighter - or friends with Holly, the woman who fucked her husband and then publicly called her "abusive" for asking Holly to not fuck her husband.

No. 881643

They're nice if you like the ~aesthetic~, but I would pay at most $20 for the set of four if I were in a really good mood, and that includes any shipping. $50 for one of those is hilarious.

No. 881644


$50 and you don't even get to choose WHICH of the designs you get.

I get that this art isn't everyone's thing (it ain't mine) but is great to others - but jesus christ, $50 for it and you get NO input? That's just ridiculous

No. 881666

So whats the current situation with Ross ?

No. 881667

He got a girlfriend and is living happily away from these people

No. 881670

Good for him

No. 881674

OP you have done a masterful job. Thank you

Tbh isnt that defeating cancel culture tweet just so absolutely cringe? I wish someone would slap pedodick and put it on their patreon. Now that is content I would pay for.


Newfags, please, for the love of God, type sage into the email field before you submit commentary without image/screenshot content. It's not only offensive to shit up a thread, but can get you banned.

No. 881713

File: 1571411842795.png (1.03 MB, 1392x812, particularly neat.png)

really now. first five-dollar mushroom art for her patreon, and now she's planning on selling shirts with text print that she/kayla haven't even made.
fucking lord help the scams this woman runs

No. 881718

Shirts with slogans like that, you can buy anywhere during October. Is her brand really strong enough that she can sell such common shirts at her markup?

No. 881738

There is some grudges that you take to the grave

No. 881754


Considering this is like her fourth or fifth foray into a trying to establish a clothing line since crabcat, probably not.

No. 881780


"The text was taken directly from"

It's literally one fucking word, a word that is COMMONLY used!

Good lord, she just keeps one upping the stupid bullshit she'll try to earn money from, doesn't she?

No. 881790

she is looking extra thin and haggard. i wonder if PedoJared is ignoring her and she is self-harming by not eating.

No. 881791

File: 1571424580285.jpg (178.5 KB, 1080x1131, vibes.jpg)


Every influencer is hocking shitty, uninspired, overpriced merch these days. She's creating the most boring, generic merch imaginable for her aesthetic instead of creating content for the brand it represents. It has no ambition or longevity, and it's gonna get lost in the sea of forgettable "witchy" fashion.

Pic related kek

No. 881795

Low-key I’m living for these liked tweets indirectly addressing the absurdity that is Holly and Jared

No. 881796


I wonder how long it'll be before she tries to trademark the fucking words "cancelled" and "haunted"

I mean, it is Halloween season; Is she going to slap anything that says "haunted" with a copyright allegation?

No. 881797


Same - because if Hoelly reacts to the liked tweet, she'd just be acknowledging that her merch is shitty, plain and overprices since Heidi likes tweets that doesn't mention Hoelly by name.

No. 881842

File: 1571433251623.jpg (87.23 KB, 630x630, 1470498_1.jpg)

I assume she means it's in the "font" (handwriting) of the book, but even then this is like her typing "no" in a Word document with preinstalled font "Old English" and then being like "ummm actually you guys it's from Shakespeare ever heard of it???"

No. 881852


It's just her latest bid to be quirky and different while somehow managing to be the polar opposite and coming across as every desperate 30+ year old struggling to stay relevant.

No. 881862

File: 1571435764556.png (422.68 KB, 525x525, fallbitch.png)

God, reading the book's wikipedia (which I assume is all Holly did too)
>He set himself to prove that the belief in witchcraft and magic was rejected by reason and by religion and that spiritualistic manifestations were wilful impostures or illusions due to mental disturbance in the observers.
>His aim was to prevent the persecution of poor, aged, and simple persons, who were popularly credited with being witches.
>Scot believed that the prosecution of those accused of witchcraft was irrational and un-Christian, and he held the Roman Church responsible
So it seems like it's basically about how people accused of being witches are actually just mentally ill and wrongly accused. Which is why Holly thinks it's about her, much like how everything in the universe is about her.

>trash witch trash witch, being spooky is a personality :)))) witch witch witch caw caw black
Holly's merch:
>ummm you're persecuting me and literally burning me at the stake because i'm mentally ill :((( witches aren't real and you're a bully if you think i'm one and heidi is tricking you all with stage magic

Anyways, Reductress (satire site) just released this sweatshirt, and it's essentially the same as Holly's merch.

No. 881927


That art better be matted & framed as well if she expects people (other than her loyal subjects) to shell out $50 for it.

No. 881935

File: 1571441889582.png (37.4 KB, 859x524, PULL.png)

God I love PULL

>"They'll also gladly profit off it while bullying any other content creator into taking down videos about them claiming "you're profiting off us" like the trash they are."

Apparently only they are allowed to bring up this scandal & nobody else. Not even Heidi.

No. 881940

File: 1571442681089.jpeg (314.83 KB, 1437x546, 1371BCD7-4F52-45D3-B4DC-312387…)

Nailed it

No. 881948


Also the term 'cancelled' sounds so watered-down & immature considering what it was meant to convey.
'Disowned', 'Disposed', 'Boycotted', 'Ex-communicated', any of these words have more of a 'punch' to them.

Then again, I guess making it sound so petty & childish minimizes the blow to these people's precious egos.

No. 881949


It's like "Oh, I was cancelled"

No, my guy - You were publicly shamed for running numerous porn blogs and receiving nudes of minors that you may or may not have actually fucked at conventions because you can't keep it in your fucking pants.

That goes beyond petty schoolyard bullshit.

No. 881951

File: 1571444201442.png (443.38 KB, 710x630, cancelled1.png)

No. 881952

File: 1571444246544.png (11.23 KB, 664x64, cancelled2.png)


Looks like this shirt isn't doing too well, so they had to advertise it on ProJared2 again…

No. 881953

fuck, he's so ugly. I know we say it a lot, but he looks like a worm. Like those worms from men in black.

No. 881957

File: 1571444884171.png (20.29 KB, 636x192, 5mins.png)

> "Maybe but her twitter is still trying to hold on to those 5 mins of fame"

I love how PJ2 still bitches about Heidi from time to time, even with the current 'heavy-moderating'

No. 881964


"Her twitter is still trying"

She mentioned her shitty mental health and the struggles she went through - Her marriage was blown up by her cheating piece of shit, maybe-pedophile husband. I'd think she's allowed to talk about how that affects her.

No. 881967


Someone on PJ2 also complained about her posting about the drama last month when that weirdo tweeted her with that threatening Persona 5 calling-card. She's not even allowed to defend herself anymore it seems.

No. 881968

someone should post that on r/delusionalartists.

No. 881972


The thing is that her art isn't even bad - It's more of a niche thing than a mainstream art thing, but it's the $50 "You get what I give" mentality that is fucking me up.

No. 881977


Same. Art is subjective. Maybe it's worth $50 to her staunch followers, but to anyone else?

No. 881978

yeah but what I've seen it's $50 over shit a toddler can do. it belongs in r/delusionalartists for the price! Does she always draw shit like this for her patrons?

No. 881980


Her regular tweets, art and shitposts get more interaction than anything talking about the drama/ mental health lately. Pretending that mentioning it is "milking it for fame" is logically flawed. The other tweets get just as much attention, or more.

No. 881984

Where are his shoulders? This is so embarrassing.

No. 881995


I honest to G-d thought that it was his head photoshopped on someone else's body at first. Those proportions are fuuuuuuucked

No. 881997


How the fuck did two women end up fighting over… this?

No. 881999


I don't think Heidi was honestly fighting FOR him - more pissed at the way she was treated and blatantly gaslight. Hoelly is the one who straight up sank her already-not-that-great career for ProWormDick.

No. 882002


She must have thought he had a REALLY great personality then…

(Then again, Holly does seem like she subscribes to the 'ugly people have beautiful souls' school-of-thought…)

No. 882009


No wonder he was trying to bang his underage fans, considering he looks like one of them from the neck down.

No. 882013

Because both Heidi and Holly are not women, but cows.
Their behaviour is crazy, they completely lack basic sense and judgement. Even Mother Nature has given up on them since fucking this guy is a crime against Natural Selection.
This thread exists solely because tons of anons got cheated on by some slimeball and that makes them empathize with a cow. This is also why you'll get torn to pieces if you say anything negative about that obviously dumb, unstable and ridiculous individual.

No. 882014

File: 1571454613306.jpg (16.34 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)


Nothing to see here, move along.

No. 882020

I'm just stating my opinion, and you're just proving my point.

No. 882046


No. 882081

File: 1571465595663.png (30.93 KB, 566x272, rosswasok.png)

Unless if Ross himself confirms that he approved of Holly's relationship with Jared, people really shouldn't just take Jared's word for it.

No. 882083



>"You know Ross went up to visit and support Projared during all this, yeah?"

Nope, try again. Ross supposedly visited Jared back in March of 2018. Not in the summer of 2019.

No. 882084


He also didn't go up explicitly to support Jared - IIRC, he was up there for Pax west and just stopped by to visit.

No. 882088

File: 1571466948209.png (64.11 KB, 576x684, cc-13.png)

Another good response to Jared's dumbass "I beat Cancel Culture!" tweet

No. 882093

Imagine dropping by a friend’s place while you’re out of town on a work trip and a year later seeing that friend use that visit as justification for him fucking your wife being your back.

No. 882095


I think Ross has just 100% checked out of the situation (and thank G-d for that, he deserves good shit, not hoelly). It would take something pretty massive to drag him back in.

No. 882098

File: 1571472460503.png (1.3 MB, 635x2027, twitter-HollyConrad-status.png)

From a week ago but I think it fell through the cracks.
Did I miss something, what does this mean? Is this some kind of "boundaries" shit?

No. 882102

It's actually sad to see how much Holly likes Jared and he just barely speaks of her.

No. 882104

File: 1571474617479.jpg (455.3 KB, 1080x1481, Screenshot_20191019-034348_Twi…)

He would probably just go offline for a bit.
Ross is good at avoiding drama, the only exception was the Brooke Houts situation, because fuck her.

No. 882105

I feel like Jared got his heart broken sometime in the past, possibly before Heidi.
And instead of being clingy and possessive, he is more the opposite, cold and distant.
He just doesn't want to be hurt again.

No. 882106


Yep. Jared posts a video of the action, & Holly has to butt in all "Look! I took this photo of him! We went together<3! uwu"

Now I know why Jared liked her. She falls all over herself giving him praise.

No. 882107

i agree but only because jared is an absolute cunt of a wormboy. holly really should have known what he's capable of just by looking at the way he treated his wife "for her". this is not a man anyone should be deigning to love kek

this is the first i've ever heard of that kind of perspective. from that point of view, i guess jared only needs intense therapy and possibly inpatient treatment, contrasted with my current diagnosis of complete isolation from all society
it doesn't do well to reinforce habits like this with sympathy, especially because this is just learned behavior which can and should be fixed.

No. 882109

Plus with the cheating scandal being relatively recent, and the trolls still out there, he doesnt want to draw too much attention to their relationship.

I doubt they will ever get serious enough to the point of moving in together or getting married, though with most relationships that (should) comes a few years down the line.

I am not sure exactly how strong Jared feels emotionally about Holly, but probably not as much as the other way around.
Holly is basically obsessed and dick-whipped over Jared.
Still, Holly must be hella tight from never fucking Ross, maybe Jared is whipped too.

No. 882110

File: 1571475578528.png (43.86 KB, 582x428, wmhd.png)


…Or he just doesn't like showing too much emotion.

Makes sense how he seems more attracted to people more vulnerable & insecure than himself.

No. 882113

lmao fuck off with this unsaged Jared fanfic. Jared the type of dude to pine over some girl and then get mad when she gets a boyfriend even though he never had a chance with her in the first place and then be like
>She used me….she broke my heart and I vowed to never let that happen again :/ so I put up my walls….so no one could hurt me. But maybe….you could fix me? if you send nudes? :/
and the girl would be like
>Who? Oh yeah sure, I knew him in highschool

You can't be "cold and distant" and also be so desperate for validation that you beg for nudes and attention from girls on the internet because you feel entitled to more than what your loving wife is giving you. If he was "cold and distant" he would have fucked any rando he could because he's detached from it, but he didn't, he fucked the one that worshiped him enough to throw her own marriage out the window and tell him how special he is because that's the one that gave him the biggest ego boost. He's "cold and distant" to Holly now because he was never as invested in it as she was. Their relationship was always a one way street: Jared is the only person Holly's ever been sexually attracted to, wowowow HIS penis did that! What does he give Holly in return?

No. 882123

This is such a narc's retelling of the benefits of therapy to them. "It gives me words I can use placate others with".

No. 882146

fuck off. Jared is an incel and you making excuses for his behavior is why guys think it's okay to treat women like shit. He has no remorse for any of the fan nudes, nor hurting his ex wife.

He's garbage

No. 882147


To be honest, having shitty relationship with his ex doesn't mean he is shitty to all women. Almost everyone that supposedly was slighted by him personally deleted or rescinded their stories. And for years Heidi was praising him for being super supportive, kind and understanding husband that was giving her plenty of freedom in their relationship and opportunities that she never would have had otherwise (her words). So just saying, bitter feelings between exes is quite usual thing. Because she now is saying that she wasn't getting support for years doesn't mean that in 2017 she wasn't praising him to high heavens.

No. 882156


So, on the public facing side of a social media account, someone was acting supportive of their spouse? No shit

No. 882157


> Because she now is saying that she wasn't getting support for years doesn't mean that in 2017 she wasn't praising him to high heavens.

Because she still trusted him back then.
When you've been cheated on, you start to look back at all those times & question everything.

No. 882158


Holly acts like a parent currently in a custody battle; "Look how much happier our kid is when they're with ME!"

No. 882159


> Almost everyone that supposedly was slighted by him personally deleted or rescinded their stories.

Yeah, & they all did that roughly around the same time, as if Jared had a leg-up on them legally & let them know that in private or something…

No. 882164

Incel would also imply he is a virgin and has never had consensual sex with a woman, thats definitely not the case.

No. 882166

Well he tried to break up Heidi in October but she wouldn't allow it.

Did he cheat? Yes.

But he wasn't cheating just for the thrill of cheating, just to sleep around for the hell of it. He was in an emotionally bad state at the time. and Heidi admits that Holly emotionally manipulated him.

No. 882167

And? He cheated, case closed. Who fucking cares what mental state he was in? It's a shitty thing to do whether you're in a good place or not. Stop trying to WK Jared.

No. 882169

Are you also this anon? >>882105
Seems sus you keep defending Jared's actions. Cheating is cheating. it dosnt matter the reason

No. 882172

Yes you are correct. He is a cheater. Does this mean he needs to have his head on a pike? No.
Does it make him a toxic partner? Yes.

No. 882173

Man the WKs sure are quick to forget how his initial statement regarding the divorce included that "Heidi's privacy, mental well-being and discretion" would be his highest priorities….
A claim he made as he blocked her on Twitter.

And then when Heidi came out with the truth he backpedaled that shit quickly with a second statement that could be summed up as "Um actually she was the abusive one".

Seriously, fuck all of y'all defenders of this shit, Jared is a lying, infidel sack of shit.

No. 882174

No one said he needed his head on a spike, but we are saying that HE and HOLLY are responsible. Stop making it out like he was manipulated, stop making it out like his "uwu poor mental health" made him cheat on Heidi. No, he and Holly's shitty personalities and shitty decisions are what brought them here. Jared is a grown ass man, stop making excuses.

No. 882178

-Heidi makes facebook post about the divorce and cheating, which also contains outright lies which she herself later contradicted on Twitter. Well over 200 people saw it, including Jared's family and professional contacts, and Heidi's own friends who were as popular or even moreso when she was at the time.

-Jared has to make a response sooner or later, rumors were already spreading about them splitting sometime before they officialy did. This would ofcourse escalate about Heidi put the word out.

-In retrospect it was a bad idea for Jared to say anything, and blocking Heidi did not support his case at all.

-He reveals polyamory. While poly isn't cheating, it still involves sleeping around, which is generally frowned upon in the west which favors monogamy.

No. 882180

Polyamory is still cheating if the other party is unaware of the polygamy that's happening, anon. You guys will do anything to make Heidi out to be a villain in this…

No. 882181

First part, no. People send nudes all the fucking time to people, especially when they're cheating, attention seeking or passing it off as "modeling", yes jared is a bad guy but this is not a good response at all which is why that idiot followed up to try to elaborate.

If you actually followed the situation, like this person did, you would know it was mainly the false accusations and what is USUALLY false accusations used to "cancel" someone. Jared never denied getting nudes at all lol.

No. 882182

Didn't say Heidi was a villain.
Heidi had a mental illness.
That illness being love.
Love makes us do stupid shit for our partner, and can drive us completely mad when they break our hearts.

No. 882183

Girls tend to be far more outspoke/talkative about who they like/love/with on social (unless cheating) than guys are unless directly asked about. This isn't sad or strange at all.

No. 882184

The opposite, everyone here will do ANYTHING to make sure heidi can be blamed for absolutely NOTHING other than being a victim.

No. 882185

"Love is a mental illness" Oh shut the fucking up, dude. Heidi wasn't madly in love, she was mad that her husband cheated on her with bridge troll Holly. The WKing is pathetic.

No. 882186


>Heidi makes facebook post about the divorce and cheating, which also contains outright lies which she herself later contradicted on Twitter

Most people don't talk about their sex-lives to their close family members, especially parents.

Heidi said recently (I think it was in her stream?) that she has a better relationship with her parents now after separating from Jared.

No. 882194


It's not that no one wants to criticize Heidi. I personally have seen this shit a million times, it's textbook cheater-behavior.

No. 882197

Heidi in her stream admits that while Jared was attracted to Holly, he had no intention of making a move on her and said something along the lines of "Oh I won't even go there she is probably not in an open relationship".
So Jared only escaleted because it was Heidi's idea. And even then it was just talking.

Jared might be a pervert sure, but IMO doesn't seem like the type to cheat on his wife and fuck Ross's wife (they were basically butt-buddies, suprised he didn't cheat on Heidi with Ross instead) just for the hell of it.

If Ross went to see Jared in March (so far Jared hasn't been proven to be dishonest in this).
I imagine the discussion went like this
Ross telling Jared he knows about the nignt in February. Jared saying he had no idea how Holly felt about him, and that he wouldn't want to steal his girl or cheat on his wife. It was probably just basic emotional support. Ross telling Jared he has his blessing, and would rather see Holly happier with someone else, Jared saying he wants to repair his marriage.
-I am just assuming herr

No. 882198

Ross went for PaxEast from what I'm understanding, not specifically to see Jared. Also, where is it Heidi's idea that Jared fuck Holly? You're writing this like you're best friends with the group and know them personally–Jared absolutely seems like the type to cheat, especially since he's the type to solicit nudes from fans. Dude is scummy through and through.

No. 882199

Not milk but does anyone know of any other witchy art streamers similar to Holly? I feel bad watching her content and want to watch/support literally anyone else.

No. 882200

Yes, he cheated after being blackmailed and coerced into staying with Heidi.
While cheating is never okay, I think that circumstance in at least understandable.

No. 882201

Not milk but does anyone know of any other witchy art streamers similar to Holly? I feel bad watching her content and want to watch/support literally anyone else.

No. 882202

Yes, he cheated after being blackmailed and coerced into staying with Heidi.
While cheating is never okay, I think that circumstance in at least understandable.

No. 882204

They were married, if he really wanted out of it he could have just gotten a divorce. I'll read back in the threads to refresh on it, but from what I remember the "blackmailing" was about his solicitation of nudes. If he didn't want to be outed for it, maybe he shouldn't have asked for them?

There's no sympathy for Jared or Holly, both of them are shitty in this situation. It doesn't matter if you're unhappy in your marriage, you're still a scumbag for cheating.

No. 882206

God can someone get this samefag whiteknight outta here so they can go write their Jared fanfic somewhere else?

No. 882207

Tinfoil, but both Jared & Heidi seem to have had a stable, traditional upbringing, while Holly pretty much came from a broken home.
Both Jared & Heidi felt like divorce was the worst case scenario & wanted to avoid it, hence Jared's initial reluctance when Holly first suggested it to him, & his willingness to fix his marriage with Heidi at first.

Holly felt alone & confused, not fully understanding the value they both placed on their marriage - You can see this in the way her & her stans talk, making like Heidi is weird for not wanting to divorce & trying to save her marriage…

No. 882208

I hate this whole "Holly came from a broken home" bullshit. Yeah, she did, and so did tons of other people who aren't shitty humans because of it. Her upbringing is not an excuse for getting with a married man.

No. 882209


Heidi always encouraged Jared to be open about his feelings, even if it was feelings for someone else. She said she was so stunned by the kinda shit that Jared said that Holly was saying about her, because, like all of us, she thought Holly was a kind-hearted, understanding person (which is probably why she encouraged it in the first place)

No. 882210

Being open about your feelings doesn't mean "go fuck the person you're attracted to even if it isn't your wife", anon.

No. 882211


No, the "blackmail" was just some bullshit Jared came up with to explain why he didn't just act honestly. There's no real logical explanation for how/why he was "blackmailed".

No. 882212

We don't know exactly how Jared and Holly hooking up came about.
It might have been Jared who seduced Holly, and apparently he and Heidi hadn't sex for several months at that point. He was deprived.

If it was Holly who did it is kind of scummy IMO, but we don't know

No. 882213


Holy shit get out of here with this scrot-posting. Being "deprived" doesn't justify cheating.

No. 882214


Not having sex for a while is a reason to cheat on your wife? lmao.

No. 882216


Did she really want them to fuck, anon? Like, did she explicitly say that?

All I've seen is her encouraging Jared to tell Holly about his feelings for her.

No. 882219

Yes, I feel like it was a case of mixed signals.
Which usually ends up killing a relationship despite it being an attempt to fix it.

No. 882225


Also, she didn't count on Holly wanting Jared all to herself, & I don't think Jared was counting on that either, considering:

He either meant it at first, & eventually just let things spiral out of control, or he was just lying to Heidi to keep her suspicions at bay.

My guess is the latter, but we'll probably never know anyway.

No. 882227

Holly definitely told Jared that Heidi was 'abusive' because she was freaking out knowing she just blew her chance with him by talking shit about his wife.

Jared was probably just venting to Holly about some small shit Heodi said/did & Holly saw it as an opportunity to slag off Heidi, because it fuels her 'all pretty girls are ugly on the inside' mantra.

No. 882249


That's not an excuse to be a literal human trash bag.

No. 882252


"Doesn't mean he's shitty to all women"

If he's shitty to even just ONE woman, he's a piece of trash. You don't get a hall pass to act like a turd to someone you swore to honor and cherish because someone got you horny.


"She wouldn't allow it"

You realize that he's a grown man who could have went and filed for divorce anyway, right? Divorce doesn't require both parties to shit and agree to divorce.


> "While poly isn't cheating, it still involves sleeping around"

No, it g-ddamn does not. Poly isn't license to fuck whoever you want when your partner expresses discomfort.


A wife losing her cool after being gaslit by her husband is not "blackmail".


"Holly came from a broken home"….."Holly felt alone & confused"

Not a valid excuse to spread your legs for married men while you're married yourself.

No. 882262


Watch Holly try the open-relationship thing later on & pretend that all the arguments she & Jared's stans made against it never existed…

No. 882280

Of course she will - it'll be a bid to show how cool and not like that horrible stinky mean Heidi she is. She's understanding! She's modern! She's going to be the perfect doormat to Jared just to keep him uwu

No. 882284

saged but stop censoring god like that, it makes it obvious every time you post

No. 882289

He ghosted Unogirl after sleeping with her, then only started acknowledging her again after she publicly spoke out against him to get her back on his side. So we know he treated at least one female fan as if she’s disposable, gaslighted the hell out of his wife and also lied to his mistress about the state of his marriage. That’s at least three women he’s mistreated, even if not all of them are equally deserving of our sympathy.

Has Holly spoken out against open relationships? I thought she’d been insinuating that her and Ross had one as well.
Also from what I’ve seen, the Holly and Jared fans who are against open relationships/poly only really seem to have a problem with the part where the woman gets to do it too.

No. 882290


>She's understanding! She's modern! She's going to be the perfect doormat to Jared just to keep him uwu

Which is exactly what Heidi did & look where it got her…

No. 882293


Not that I know of, she just crawled on board with Jared in saying that Heidi wanted to try polyamory for a time, so that means she can't take it back!

No. 882294


It's a religion thing, bud.

No. 882302

I love how Holly keeps going around being all like "Forgive people who learn from their mistakes! uwu"
Meanwhile Jared's acting like he hasn't learned a damn thing.

No. 882303

File: 1571513091258.png (59.34 KB, 578x590, unverified.png)

I love these responses.

No. 882305

File: 1571513592175.png (779.92 KB, 1440x1840, Screenshot_20191019-142900~01.…)

I'm sorry but could you imagine having to sit next to the woman who has a fucking pigeon wearing a leash on your plane? Not to mention she's probably talking/cooing to it the whole flight

No. 882309


This ignorant fuck. "Hilarious they just let you do it lol"

There are people who HAVE to pay extra for service animals and then you have this cunt with a fucking pigeon (which serves literally NO purpose besides shitting and spreading disease)

No. 882312


Miss Moneybags can get away with just about anything scott-free?

How shocking! /s

No. 882321

Pretty sure Jared is with her, he said he isn't streaming today.

No. 882329

This is an anonymous image board, hon. If you’re going to make yourself obvious by bringing your religion into it, just lay off drawing attention to yourself by insisting on using “goddamn” in your posts.

No. 882339

File: 1571520017350.png (17.33 KB, 226x414, protumblr1.png)

Saw this post on tumblr & now I'm intrigued…

No. 882341

File: 1571520151915.png (147.48 KB, 474x696, procancel1.png)

No. 882349


It's funny cause one of the rules for pets is not letting them out of their containers at all, or they'll ban you from future flights. Also that she probably lied about a wild, invasive bird being domestic to get it on the flight.

No. 882351

File: 1571521134122.png (87.93 KB, 468x394, projaredonmain.png)

Found this

No. 882352

File: 1571521188639.jpg (21.58 KB, 539x274, C2bUdDGUQAAYzkh.jpg)


The pics

No. 882353

File: 1571521214153.jpg (14.62 KB, 528x361, C2bUgikUsAAU2CW.jpg)

No. 882355

File: 1571521336330.jpg (76.69 KB, 541x755, C2bUmmJUoAQUmnf.jpg)

No. 882356

File: 1571521448570.jpg (25.74 KB, 539x451, C2bUtbVUoAApM4s.jpg)

No. 882357


Let the record show that this shit was up on his main blog in January of 2017. It wasn't all 'kept private/restricted to his nsfw blog' like he & his fans claim.

No. 882378

File: 1571526832093.png (70.54 KB, 584x484, proconnor1.png)

Old milk, but, people say Jared never pressured any of his fans for nudes…

No. 882379

File: 1571526995606.png (36.84 KB, 576x408, proconnor2.png)


I wonder if Jared will 'reach out' & 'reminisce' with this one & cause them to completely change their stance on him…

No. 882392

File: 1571530321620.png (38.48 KB, 536x522, wotcwut.png)

>"Jared hasn't said he's heard anything from Wizards. In a stream last night Holly said she hasn't either, but isn't giving up."

No. 882395


> "I couldn't keep my eye from gazing down there"

Again, how did he NOT know he was sexting with minors because saying "there" instead of just saying "at your dick" or some variant is very much some teenage/minor bullshit.


But remember, ask his stans - He NEVER asked for nudes!! /s

No. 882396

I doubt he’ll reach out to reminisce since he wasn’t interested in getting sex out of them. He claimed what he did was for body positivity when he was actually trying to get some strange and could only get it from delusional fangirls.

No. 882397


>"taking a wait and see approach"

Wait and see what? Wait and see how many other victims come forward? Wait and see what stupid shit Hoelly will spew next?

For people who are apparently desperate for DCA to come back, neither one of them are all that careful with the persona they're putting out there right now (Jared "I BEAT CANCEL CULTURE" Knabenbauer and Hoelly "I IGNORE THE CDC BECAUSE FUCK YOU" Conrad)

No. 882398


Nah, he'll just slap that one with threats of a defamation/slander lawsuit.

No. 882400


Okay but if Vic the sexpest couldn't win his lawsuit trying to shut people up What makes Jared think he could win against some rando on twitter?

No. 882401


Jared went after anyone who makes less money than him & Holly.

No. 882402


The fact that he has already managed to convince just about every small youtuber who made a video AGAINST him to take them down and go back to singing his praises or saying that "it's all a misunderstanding!"

Notice that the only ones who have NOT backed down were the bigger, richer, more powerful youtubers like Philly D and H3H3

No. 882407


Holly decided to join in & have a go at CreepshowArt & harassed her into deleting her videos too because she didn't want CreepShow 'profiting off' her.

>Notice that the only ones who have NOT backed down were the bigger, richer, more powerful youtubers like Philly D and H3H3

Jared's stans are still butthurt because Ethan pretty much said that, all things considered, he's still a creep for doing what he did.

(I also find it funny that ProJared's stans are actually shocked that Ethan - a friend of Jontron isn't too fond of Jared.)

No. 882408

That’s likely why the unogirl was quick to do a complete 180 with her take on Jared. She was trashing the guy until he reached out and “apologized.”
We already know he put out legal threats against the minors and even Heidi.

No. 882416


Guys, you got to understand that slander or libel threats work only if you can't prove that what you are saying is true. So claiming that all those people that withdrew their stories did it under threat of lawsuits means exactly that they couldn't prove they were truth or the other side could definitely prove they were lies. If a statement is true, there can be no libel or slander change against it, it's the most basic law.

No. 882421

Or maybe anon they don't have the funds or patience to play the bullshit 'I'm going to harass you with lawyers and youtube take down' game?

No. 882422


It doesn't matter, friend. Court cases can cost thousands of dollars to fight, whether you are in the right or in the wrong. Many of these youtubers don't have the funds to try and fight a case, so the mere threat of it was often enough to scare them into backing off.

No. 882443

Not every state has the same strong anti-SLAPP laws that Texas does.

That's part of what made Vic's lawsuit targets willing to fight back.
Vic will have to pay their legal fees.

No. 882481

>Meanwhile Jared's acting like he hasn't learned a damn thing
He'll never learn from his mistakes because
>waddup im jared im 19 and i never fucking learned how to read

No. 882499

File: 1571554686506.jpg (39.32 KB, 323x424, ojgxxhsel6aucdtanow0-e15052548…)


I knew that face reminded me of a certain character…

No. 882501

Sorry for replying to this do late, but friendly reminder that birds dont have sphincter muscles and just relieve themselves whenever, so it's not just sitting on a plane with a crazy lady with a bird in her purse, but probably also having to endure the smell of shit and sanitizer napkins to clean said shit lol

No. 882502

To be fair, there are diapers made specifically for pet birds (including pigeons)

No. 882507

File: 1571558267887.jpg (66.25 KB, 641x800, FB_IMG_1571507748249.jpg)

If only they stayed together and worked it out.
If only Holly was more committed to her husband (Who wouldn't want to be married to a member of the Game Grumps!?).
If only Jared stayed more committed to her wife.
Why couldn't Holly just stay out of other people's marriages.

No. 882508


Because she's a narc and the entire universe revolves around them, their wants, their needs and absolutely no one else's.

No. 882510

File: 1571560126673.png (12.44 KB, 772x168, Screenshot_335.png)

The 16th is when Jared made his bullshit "I beat Cancel Culture" tweet - look at the way his follower count went up when he once again mentioned the drama.

Tell me again how he doesn't know what he's doing by dragging out the drama again, PJ2 stans…

No. 882511

File: 1571560982777.jpg (187.48 KB, 569x603, inadifferentworld.jpg)

Bad photoshop I know.
The year is 2040
Jared remnises of a moment some years ago where he got a phone call, a seemingly unimportant call where he was offered a job with Wizards of the Coast. Jared wonders what his life would have been like if he took that gig. Then he looks to his wife and their son Aries and realizes, he made the right choice.

Holly and Ross tried to make it work but it just fell apart in on itself. Holly was insitutionalized and keeps imagining herself talking to birds despite none being in sight.(autistic derail)

No. 882512

Are you the same artnon that plagued the thread like 3-4 threads ago?

No. 882513

But no matter which universe we're in, Ross will be a world-renowned animator.

No. 882514

Oh but Heidi is the one who keeps bringing it up for those 5 mins of fame! /s

No. 882518

>jared every five minutes: "remember when everyone hated me for sneaking fan nudes and i survived that"
what a hero!
>holly every five minutes: "remember when the internet found out about my scamming, cheating, lying, whoring and being a massive cunt and i survived that"
what a paragon of virtue!
>heidi: "i'm still hurting from the years of deception plotted by my own husband"
can this vile bitch like shut up for one second jesus christ

No. 882531

sage for topic but Holly and Jared remind of the Alpha Couple,The Alpha Couple are a fictional married couple that appear in a number of songs by the Indie-Rock band The Mountain Goats.The lead song writer of the band based them on his own shitty parents but also used his,his sisters and a couple of his friends bad toxic relationships and internalized them into one horrible fictional couple.they fight,they have toxic narcissistic personalities,they cheat and have driven away all their friends because of how toxic they are so all they have left is each other and they hate each other as well

No. 882532

Why'd he photoshop his head onto the body of a 10 year old

No. 882647


Jared - "So brave! He stood up to the entire internet hate-mob!

Holly - "So noble! So loyal! She stood by Jared when no one else would!"

Heidi - "She's just a nobody looking for 5 mins of fame! She did this to herself! Maybe if she stopped bitching & was a better wife to Jared, he wouldn't have left her! (stans cheer)"

No. 882689

File: 1571611625385.png (103.14 KB, 760x582, CupcakeValyrie.png)

This CupcakeValkyrie person seems to be very toxic. They're also the 'totally neutral & unbiased' mod behind that JaredHollyHeiditruth blog on tumblr

I'm surprised ProJared2 is even allowing them to spew shit like this on their subreddit while claiming to 'keep things positive'. Just because they contributed at some point, doesn't mean they have to stay in your circle.

>"All she (Heidi) had to do was be supportive and loving towards Jared. If she couldn't, then all she had to do was leave. Jared was never forcing her to stay"

She was financially dependent on him.

> "Now, if Heidi were a good person. If she were sane, and logical, and reasonable, she would have actually supported him."

She did. She even embraced his lecherous behavior on tumblr.

>"Instead, she's illogical, vindictive, cruel, jealous, narcissistic, and possessive. She abused Jared, was angry that she felt like she was in his shadow because he was more successful than her"

But Holly "Stop calling me Grump-mom!" Conrad isn't anything like that, right?

>"Holly was determined, though, and started getting through to Jared. Started making him realize that Heidi was an abuser."

More like she kept pestering him to get him on her side after colossally fucking it up the first time by talking shit about his wife - he also ratted Holly out immediately, by the way. How trustworthy! /s

>"That's the reason Heidi ultimately forbade Jared from seeing Holly, and that's the reason why, in October, Jared broke up with Heidi. He couldn't divorce her because she was literally holding the career of him friends hostage."

Like you said about Heidi, Jared could have divorced her at any time. He could have even filed for divorce one of the many times he was out of state to avoid facing a bad reaction from Heidi. He did just about everything else behind her back, why stop there?

>"…And mind you, Ross supported the relationship between Holly and Jared. Neither Jared nor Holly cheated on their spouses."

Says Jared. Ross himself never said a single word confirming this, yet you people lose your shit any time someone says they "only feel bad for Ross" in this situation.
Funny how all of these people casually ignore how depressed Ross was last year, especially looking back on some of the things said about they're relationship. He seemed to really want to spend his future with Holly (He even mentioned something about wanting to adopt a child with Holly in one video)
I've even seen people insisting that Ross said it wasn't Holly that he was talking about in Syrmor's video, when all he said was that it was recorded before 'certain events' - referring to the drama.

Sorry for the rant. I'm just so fucking sick of these people yelling at others to "Keep Ross out of it!" when they keep running their mouths with their faulty "Ross confirmed…" statements that are based only on word-of-mouth from Jared (and one of Holly's fans)

(Sage for no new content)

No. 882704

Fair enough.
May I ask for your opinion on Charlie & Chai and the underage grooming allegations?

No. 882709

Did she ever even learn what a Temporary Restraining Order is or is she still babbling on about how the TRO proves Heidi is abusive?

I swear, these overobsessive fans are the dumbest, most deliberately ignorant fucks this side of Vic Mignogna supporters.

No. 882710

Go back to pj2. If you weren’t sealioning, you wouldn’t have to “just kindly asking what ur opinion!!!” because you would have read the threads and figured out for yourself.

No. 882711


Charlie's account is spotty at best. I have an easier time believing they're the one that lied, while Chai's account is still up in the air, considering neither they nor Jared seem to remember much regarding their past interactions.

As for any other underage grooming allegations? I have heard there were others, but they're probably (understandably) scared to come out now after seeing the backlash Charlie & Chai received, & are afraid that no one will take them seriously due to Charlie's dishonesty.

That being said, I don't think Jared intentionally sought out minors when it came to sending/receiving nudes. I think he was just neglectful when it came to vetting users.

No. 882715

Go back to PJ2 we've had the discussion about how Chai and Charlie basically got bullied into taking their stuff down and how Jared himself apologized to them.

No. 882725

She is a literal autist for bringing a fucking pigeon on a flight with her to Alaska. I honestly feel really bad for the passengers

No. 882729

File: 1571618773987.png (24.29 KB, 548x219, CVbreakingrules.png)


If PJ2 mods are actually serious about being a force of positivity & not sinking to the same level as Jared-haters, then they should really consider actually cleaning house.
These kinds of people do not make you look good.

I don't care that CupcakeValkyrie's blog helped out Jared, their behavior is absolutely toxic & is the antithesis of what ProJared2 is currently trying to promote.

No. 882753

File: 1571623213155.png (20.11 KB, 534x134, August-4-2018.png)

Old milk, but I found this interesting tidbit; Unogirl confirms that "it was actually August 4th 2018 that Jared started soliciting nudes again on Tumblr."

I don't even know why people bothered to push the "He never asked for nudes!" line in the first place…

No. 882758

File: 1571624591820.png (80.42 KB, 464x742, DidHeidiLieTho.png)

Hold up.
Here's what I don't get, people like Melancholia & Unogirl keep saying Heidi 'lied' because "She said she was not okay with Jared swapping nudes on tumblr but was actually okay with it all along!"

She literally talked about this back on May 8th on Twitter (BEFORE this shit went viral) Did people just not read any of Heidi's tweets & just decide that she lied because they don't like her or some shit?

Somewhere along the line, he started doing shit behind her back when she wanted him to cut it out.
This whole "She lied by omission!" narrative is flimsy as fuck.

No. 882765

File: 1571625826523.png (41.23 KB, 462x374, Melancholiaallegation.png)


In her updated video, Melancholia said something along the lines of "Heidi lied to me because she said she was not okay with the nudes blog when she really was okay with it." Like, where did she lie though?

Here you are, replying in the same thread where she admits to approving of the whole nudes thing at first until things got out of hand.

Like, where is the lie? It's all right fucking there. Right before shit went nuclear. Even PJ2 links to these tweets, yet insist that "Heidi had been lying about everything!"

No. 882770

She managed the blog and personally sent a lot of nudes to Jared and wouldn't be surprised if it went even further then that. She's more then likely in the same boat as Unogirl where it's just delusional fangirling and wanting to be on their good side.

Really unfortunate because back when I followed the blog I actually thought she supported the "body positive" narrative that it "tried" to push.

No. 882772

File: 1571627602961.png (40.72 KB, 582x334, Melancholiaallegation1.png)


>"Jared lied to me about Heidi being okay with the blog,"

No bitch.
Heidi literally said, in the thread that you replied to, that she approved of the nudes blog. at first." She did not lie to you, she says it right there publicly.
Looks like you slandered her in your video by claiming she 'lied' to you.

No. 882773


The 'update' video in question

No. 882776

Heidi is better off. She was way too good looking to be with him anyway

No. 882780

hasn't all of this been discussed at length though? if you're new to the milk, catch up before posting old caps and lengthy analyses

No. 882783


>d i c k c l e a v a g e

No. 882869

File: 1571671417622.png (1.52 MB, 1061x1249, hgwdk54iiax21.png)

Also, why was Holly so hell-bent on trying to hook up with Jared?
Surely it wouldn't be too hard to find some other skinny nerdy guy into D&D, why did she have to go after the one who was married?

No. 882886

File: 1571674643718.png (99.22 KB, 608x462, what.png)

It can't be just ANY guy you fool, she's "demisexual panromantic", which somehow means she's queer uwu
>demisexual: a person who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone.
>panromantic: a person who is romantically attracted to others but is not limited by the other's sex or gender
Of course her husband did not fall into the "emotional connection" category, and when she was with him she was asexual uwu. Of course she's open to the entirety of the gender spectrum, the only thing that matters is the connection uwu but coincidentally she ruined her marriage to one cishet white man by sleeping with another cishet white man. Odd that didn't she destroy her marriage for Anna or Suzy or Heidi or Jessica or any of the women she had connections with, hm.
>I'm open to ALL foods in the entire world uwu I'm on the foodie spectrum AND the connoisseur spectrum uwu
>I'll just have these 2 identical pieces of white bread please, thanks #foodie #connoisseur #LGBTQ #queer #diversity
(no shade to Ross in any of this, luv u Ross)

No. 882890

this has always got me too, holly is absolutely shameless about proclaiming her demisexuality or whatchamacallit when it's clearly defined as "sexual attraction resulting only from emotional connection"
as if it's natural and expected for you to not have an emotional connection with your fucking husband. jesus christ, if i ever find myself in a marriage like this, i might shoot myself – ross is a saint for putting up with and surviving this catastrophe of a relationship

No. 882897

Holly's face looks like it was made-in-China.
Not sure why Ross found her attractive anyway.
Not even sure why Holly said yes when he proposed to her since she DID NOT HAVE FEELINGS for him. She just wanted that Game Grumps money and clout.

I just wished that Ross and Heidi hooked up. Heidi made Ross put on the Diath costume, just to spite Jared and Holly.

That would be the ultimate revenge.

No. 882898

holly is definitely a wannabe-queer if i ever did see one. these straight women are all over the place nowadays.

No. 882914

File: 1571678267196.png (323.62 KB, 616x1880, what2.png)

Holly's sexuality is literally "whatever buzzword someone on twitter says to her". Which in her mind translates to "queer". It's definitely a way for her to justify cheating in her own mind of "it's not cheating because unlike cheaters I did it because I LIKE jared you guys, it's completely different i'm queer" as if emotional/physical connections with people other than your spouse isn't what all cheating is.

She literally "umm actually :)"s her own statement here.

>as if it's natural and expected for you to not have an emotional connection with your fucking husband
Yes, this. I understand it as an identity, but I honestly don't understand the need for married people to constantly publicly proclaim their bi/pan/a/whatever sexuality. It just screams "Me, look over here at me! Actually I'M oppressed too even though I'm in a same-race cishet marriage and therefore do not face any risk of persecution!". It feels like being warm and safe in a life raft after the Titanic sunk and looking at the people in the water and going "Even though I'm safe and sound in the life raft ummm actually I identify with the people dying in the water? We're the same, I'm in the ice water too you guys! My life is just as at risk as yours! Obviously I'm not going to jump in the water but I COULD if I wanted to.". But Holly's the worst version of this because it is literally "Guys it's really hard for me to come out like this but I have to be brave…..my husband who I've been married to for 6 years? I like him. This defines me as queer" and then all her tumblrinas applaud her bravery and scream "yaaas queen". Ross deserves an award of some sort for putting up with it.

No. 882935

File: 1571681598582.jpg (884.15 KB, 1080x1732, 20191021_131220.jpg)

Guessing the photo wasn't taken recently

No. 882940

She is just so clearly an emotionally stunted straight woman. I hate knowing she tacks in all these buzzwords because she’s probably embarrassed that she isn’t oppressed enough and is just your typical straight chick with bad hair and witch aesthetic.

No. 882966

And yet Jared's defenders are going around sayin "Pronouns in bio = Irrelevent!"

No. 882967

The Completionist videos with Jared are back up apparently…

No. 882969

…And yet he still hasn't gotten his job at NormalBoots back…

No. 882976

Because Normal Boots is a collective of independent creators, who generally work best on their own.

Hidden Block… exists?

Unlike Game Grumps where Arin needs someone to bounce off because on his own he is pretentious and unfunny.

No. 882977

Okay, ProJared getting the Voldemort-treatment on Heidi's Twitter is pretty great.

No. 882978

LOL I hope from here on out people give him the Bandsaw Crabapple / Bartholomew Cummerbund treatment. Forget his fucking name. He'll hate that, the pretentious little shit.

No. 882982


According to someone on ProJared2

"Jared straight up said in his Blair Witch playthrough that he is doing everything he can not to do anything the Grumps are doing. There is some obvious beef"

No. 883036

She took it last year if i remember. it's a beautiful photo. That caption made me laugh pretty hard.

No. 883037

jfc, she's insufferable.

No. 883039

What the fuck does that even mean?

No. 883059

Considering Jared took the photo, it's funny she is giving him the resting bitch face

No. 883073


Holly and Ross were married for longer than Jared and Heidi so it is possible that things changed in their marriage. But there was a lot of rumours in the GG fandom that they married because Ross needed visa to stay in the country and that's why a large part of them did not ask or press her on her story when they announced separation or when the scandal started - if it is true that they were married just on paper in the last few years it might have compromised his green card application process. Gotta say that this story makes her look in a better side than the rest.

No. 883087

That might be one of the reasons, though it might be two birds one stone.
As with any marriage, it's a bonus when the one you genuinely love can also provide a utility addition to your life, that being citizenship.

Besides if you go through many of Ross's older social media posts, he was basically infatuated with Holly and put her on a pedestal. Or watch him on stream after he broke up with Holly, he seemed depressed and would get drunk on streams.

No. 883113

File: 1571703318940.png (288.17 KB, 591x539, Capture d’écran 2019-10-22 à…)

No. 883138

That's actually really sweet.

No. 883142

>But there was a lot of rumours in the GG fandom that they married because Ross needed visa to stay in the country
What? I'm pretty sure we were all too busy sperging about Arin and Suzy's relationship and the Arin/Jon drama to ever pay attention to Holly or Ross. Outside of that one Reddit post where one person asked if Ross was a citizen and Ross himself responds I don't remember seeing this ever brought up before the scandal.

>and that's why a large part of them did not ask or press her on her story when they announced separation or when the scandal started

This isn't true either, nobody pressed it because they gave perfectly believable reasons for splitting up and said they were clearly still friends. There was nothing to question.

>Gotta say that this story makes her look in a better side than the rest

Except there's zero evidence supporting this? Kinda seems like you're just makin stuff up bud.

No. 883181

File: 1571719048844.png (189.43 KB, 1558x1124, ross.png)


You guys hear about this Junko Knickerbocker?

>they married because Ross needed visa to stay in the country

They got him a green card because he needed a visa? Seems pretty excessive, kek.

>Gotta say that this story makes her look in a better side than the rest.

That's probably why we're hearing about it. I'm sure some people speculated that their marriage was for a green card or citizenship, as some people are wont to do. If it was substantiated, Jagoff Knickelback wks would have been throwing it around this whole time.

He was a green card holder as of late 2018 (it comes up in conversation around election time,) and finishing up "immigration stuff" 4 years ago.



I know you're not from the US, but marriage fraud is a really high risk to take on when you're an employable Australian with a shot at an 01.

No. 883431

File: 1571780397061.png (36.57 KB, 595x377, Screenshot_339.png)

and Jared continues with the liking of tweets like this, still not realizing how fucking disgusting it is and that HE SAID ALMOST THE EXACT THING ("mandatory, send nudes")

No. 883464

He has no fucking self awareness. I wish he was legit cancelled instead of just backing down for a few months to save face. he's human garbage

No. 883572

It terrifies me that the 2 people who ran a "body positivity" blog are so untrustworthy that they're more than willing to toss the blame onto others for their own fuckups.

Jared & Melancholia should be banned from any "sex-positive" spaces on the internet knowing how neglectful they are as well as the lengths they'll go to avoid taking full responsibility.

No. 883573

Of course.
And he got away with it, thanks to his creepy new gf & batshit fanbase.

No. 883592


This goes beyond untrustworthy - They crossed that line real quick when ProPedo told Heidi that he was/had definitely broke it off with Hoelly and then kept getting with her regardless.

This is straight into dangerous territory. Dude is a whole ass predator that's going to keep doing this until there's real ramifications for being a walking human cautionary tale.

No. 883625

File: 1571822431513.png (1.47 MB, 1858x1186, a true asshole.png)

sorry for rehashing old milk, but the context of this >>881951 photograph was missed.

anyone still confused about hating jared?

No. 883644

File: 1571833603231.png (604.63 KB, 1440x2182, Screenshot_20191023-072335~01.…)

Haven't listened to it yet but I'm glad she's getting out there

No. 883668

File: 1571839010843.jpeg (195.7 KB, 750x965, A2B64C40-FF90-4FC0-A75B-474F6C…)


No. 883669

File: 1571839134824.jpeg (370.85 KB, 750x1112, FBCCEDDB-48D4-4B79-A82A-B15F29…)

No. 883672

Damn just like that huh

No. 883687


so where are the snaps of the convos?

No. 883691

she said this was on snapchat, and the pictures she took on/from her friend's phone were of jared's "DiCk cLeAvAgE" which have been posted way back in may already

No. 883701

I’m pretty sure this is the origin of the infamous Jared dick pic that’s been circulated from the beginning.

later in the twitter thread they remind people how hard it is to get receipts from Snapchat. In her shoes I’d have blocked and deleted too after getting dick pics from him.

No. 883712

File: 1571847589137.jpg (73.59 KB, 530x912, harp.JPG)

Leave him alone you crazy woman, he's tired and won't larp your dumb infidelity story.

No. 883721

He still follows her on Twitter and @'d her just a few weeks ago, dunno if he still wants to DM for her but they otherwise seem to be on good terms… Because who cares if she's abusive and manipulative to others, she's never done it to him.

No. 883732

I don't think Holly is abusing Jared.
Especially if we are to believe Jared abused Heidi, then it's not likely he would let himself be abused by someone else.
Over the weekend he went to PRGE instead of her bird-lover event, because bros before hoes.
He has her dick-whipped with his monster dong, she answers to him not the other way around.

No. 883742


>"I don't think she is abusing Jared"

I think that's a dangerous mentality to have. Emotional Abusers rely on the whole "I don't see bruises or negativity, it's not abuse" mindset that allows them to continue acting like gaslighting trash behind closed doors.

Him not going to an event doesn't mean that she isn't abusive.

I think with all of the unnecessary heat she's brought onto them (in addition to his own bullshit), there has to be a reason beyond "I care for her" that is keeping him attached to Hoelly.

No. 883747

Holly very clearly is an abuser and has an abusive personality that she’s never going to try to fix, but Heidi says when she saw the text exchanges between Jared and Holly he was doing the same emotionally dismissive shit he had done to her. She also said how Holly would harass him and suicide bait him into getting him to divorce Heidi.

They’re basically both abusers and victims of each other. Holly is an emotionally unhinged narc and Jared is an emotionally cold narc.

Only time will tell which of them gets the worse of it in the end. My guess will be Holly because Jared’s supporters hate women, even though Holly is a piece of shit and deserves hate.

No. 883754


I don't think anyone deserves abuse per say, but fuck me sideways if Holly doesn't need one hell of a reality check that people aren't supporting HER - they're just taking the first opportunity to shit on a woman who dared speak up and say something negative about a man.

Your faux gamerboy fans aren't going to protect you when shit hits the fan again, Holly and ProDick? He'll throw your ass to the wolves himself.

No. 883761


Holly isn't neccesarily the reason they divorced.

Jared suggested breaking up in October, they didn't.

November, Heidi stops sleeping in Jared's bed. Her choice.

They were no longer a couple in February, no divorce.

In April is when Heidi discovered the cheating and pedophilia allegations, and then she kicked him out of the house and supposedly they hadn't seen each other in person since.

Holly was a contributing factor but saying she is the only reason is giving her far too much credit.

Just like saying Heidi cancelled Jared when it was mainly C&C, Heidi just got the ball rolling.

No. 883770

I wasn’t suggesting she was the reason for the divorce, but her suicide baiting and sending harassing messages to try to convince Jared to divorce was something she did.

No. 883777


"Holly isn't necessarily the reason they divorced"

They had a shitty marriage, true enough, but are you really suggesting that Jared fucking a woman Heidi specifically asked him NOT to fuck behind her back wasn't the straw that broke the camel's back?

> "He suggested breaking off, they didn't"

My bad, I forgot a grown man needed his wife's permission to file for divorce.

> "They were no longer a couple, no divorce"

Until those divorce papers are finalized, they're still a couple in the eyes of the law.

No. 883783


sorry to have to mention this, but the law doesn't care about cheating, we are 2019 now and this is the US, not Saudi Arabia

No. 883785

Some states consider cheating when married a criminal offense.

No. 883786


Not the state they are living in. Might be as well saying "but Saudi Arabia considers cheating when married a criminal offense" cause it has the same relevance.

No. 883792


before you start daydreaming them having been living in one of those states, keep in mind that the law there does not discriminate between "consenting adultery" (polyamorous relationships) and "non-consenting adultery" (cheating). Heidi having admitted in public that she had multiple sexual female partners since being married for Jared would have granted her in the same criminal trouble as him. Likely why they weren't living in those states, or lived in the past, or got married in them.

No. 883814


Actually, in a lot of states, it does and would give Heidi grounds for an "alienation of affection" case. Unfortunately, Washington is a state that doesn't go by that.


You care to share where you heard she had "multiple sexual female" partners? As far as either of them has said, it was ONE partner and it was a long distance relationship that had no physical contact.

Jared with Holly was close, physical contact to the point that Holly moved to Washington from LA to be closer to him.

No. 883818

ngl it’s really stupid how some people on here are obsessed with the divorce being finalized.

what jared and holly did is shitty and lawyers can use how someone acts during separation before the divorce is finalized to leverage for their client to get a better deal but outside of that it doesn’t matter.

No. 883820

File: 1571864137305.png (102.33 KB, 594x454, Heidi_is_lucky.png)


"I've slept with women since then."
Sorry, anon, but on this point it is clear that Heidi admitted repeatedly and way prior the scandal and the decline of their marriage, that she had other sexual relationships than Jared. Might not have been serious ones but the law doesn't differentiate that much. Also, "grounds for divorce" is not "criminal offense", but I guess you are one of the few here that doesn't have PhD in Law.

No. 883821


She didn't need grounds for divorce in Washington, she could have filed at any point. She did not want to divorce for at least half a year prior the scandal, so if she had a reason or not is mute point - they are in no fault state, which means you don't have to have a reason (or fault in the other person) to divorce. Grounds for divorce still exist only in states that are not "no fault".

No. 883877


That he condoned. If he didn't want her to sleep with other women, he could have said so - but apparently didn't (I don't see Heidi as the type who would've continued to do so at the risk of her marriage).

Relationships that her husband okayed are NOT on the same playing field as Jared fucking the ONE PERSON that Heidi asked him not to.


I never said she needed grounds for divorce - I meant as a case against Holly. It wouldn't be the first time that a wife sued the mistress for being the cause of a relationship splitting up.

No. 883883

I guarantee you when Jared & Holly start passive-aggressively taking shots at each other, Jared's new fanbase will be the first to blame everything on Holly once Heidi's completely out of the picture.

No. 883885

The very little amount of time it took Jared to start 'laughing off the drama' is pretty concerning…

No. 883886

File: 1571870404947.jpg (402.93 KB, 1836x1836, IMG_20191023_174018.jpg)

pretty close contact

No. 883889

he looks like someone transplanted the head of a grown man on to the body of 6 year old, its creepy

No. 883890


Wow, one person kissing another's cheek! gasp

That's definitely on par with Jared fucking Holly, and exchanging texts talking about fucking each other (and in what positions) in their costumes! /s

You can go back to PJ2 now

No. 883892

File: 1571871235350.jpeg (187.89 KB, 750x1076, 5C098D4C-B647-4DA8-9D60-180053…)

Just for a non-pigeon related breather: Jon got married.

No. 883893

File: 1571871544304.jpeg (121.32 KB, 828x347, 02C1837E-D4A8-4D9D-9703-650389…)

Of course pigeon dick had something to say

No. 883895

Don't need huge muscles when you got money-

No. 883897

That's the one thing I can't hate him for. Arin and Snoozy should have said congrats as well.

No. 883898


I mean you obviously forget the whole text message where Heidi was on a convention (or somewhere) with her "platonic long-distance" partner and was explaining to Jared how he was going to platonically fuck her the way Jared showed him? Or something of the sort. It was quite non-platonic text.

No. 883903

Good thing Jon doesn't play video games anymore, we've seen how YouTube gamer marriages seem to go.

No. 883905

Yeah totally behind his back after he asked her not to do so.

No. 883906


It's called a conversation, pal. Sexual fantasies over a voice chat are different than MOVING SEVERAL STATES TO BE WITH YOUR FUCK BUDDY.


When did he ask her not to do so again?

No. 883908

File: 1571872532612.jpg (266.19 KB, 1200x675, ProScott.jpg)

Also why is Scott the Woz not in the description?
He is the one behind everything don't you know

No. 883909

File: 1571872839758.png (182.4 KB, 594x757, sooz.png)

Yeah gotta say hate Jared as much as the next guy, but "Congrats" isn't really a controversial statement….unless I guess it's to a controversial person like Jon. I don't know what the rules are anymore. Though that does make it seem like he probably wasn't invited. Were they even that close? I guess they're both "shitbrains who got kicked out of NormalBoots for being controversial fuckups"

Well, Suzy's mom did die recently, they could be traveling/busy with that. Or they coulda sent a card or something, I don't necessarily take this as a strike against them, especially considering Jon's history. (Also Suzy really looks like her mom huh)

No. 883911

Even if Jared was invited, he probably wouldn't go.
He would still have to pay his own travel expenses, which he probably can. But being there in the wedding environment, it would probably be too depressing for him after how his own marriage ended.

No. 883912


"Too depressing for him"

Yeah, how dare these people (one of whom he tried to cancel) have a huge life event when ProDick's life is in shambles?

No. 883915

File: 1571874018767.jpg (103.1 KB, 496x549, tumblr_pr8xhvDNox1r6v5l0_500.j…)

It'd probably be too depressing for him because none of their mutual friends would want anything to do with him if forced to be in the same room. I mean, who cares they both suck. Jared already gave Jon the greatest wedding gift of his life by taking the "Most controversial member of NormalBoots" title over from him.

No. 883916

Noticing how Jon is responding to Ethan and not to Jared.

No. 883917

I think what’s actually bad abt this tweet is that Jared threw Jon under the bus for his racist remarks a while back and hasn’t really said anything on the matter since. Now it’s not really “controversial” for him to wish Jon a happy marriage, but it is kind of scummy that he’s tweeting him during this supposed “redemption arc” of his - it seems like he’s just scraping the bottom of every barrel he can scrape together his career once more.

No. 883920

His wife is a cutie tbh. Also not sure why Arin's so pissy Jon didn't invite him.

No. 883922

Did Arin actually say anything about it? Because currently I don't see any reason to say he's pissy

No. 883924

I doubt Arin would be upset about not being invited.
Especially since he said he can't be associate with him anymore.


Though I am sure he'd probably go if he had the time and interest and was invited of course.

No. 883926

If that's what's going on he's an even bigger baby than I thought. Maybe don't spend five years throwing someone under a bus if you want to attend their wedding.

No. 883933

Don't think they are completely enemies since Jon doesn't have him blocked.

Jared was just showing support to an old friend, I don't think he really expects anything in return.

No. 883935

Jared was only doing that to make himself look good. It was as fake as his emotions in his "truth" video.

No. 883940

File: 1571875668087.png (357.34 KB, 708x843, 1571869460328.png)

Well, someone made a thread with this pic in /pt/, but if this was a real tweet it's gone now. But I also don't really trust this level of autism >>>/pt/721749

Calm down, Jon's still a racist cow, at least learn to sage your whiteknighting.

No. 883941

File: 1571876015635.png (10.65 KB, 310x124, Screenshot 10-23-2019 19.13.39…)

Not hard to fake at all

No. 883944

Yeah I can't find any proof it's real but I do think it's suspect he didn't bother wishing Jon well. He has been on twitter as recently as 2 hours ago liking shit so it's not like he's not around.

No. 883950

File: 1571877089218.png (212.54 KB, 589x627, twitter.png)

Yeah, unclear but I also don't really understand why Arin would care? Are they even on good terms? Even if he did care, would he really care enough to be publicly butthurt on Twitter?

>Jared was just showing support to an old friend, I don't think he really expects anything in return.
>an old friend
I mean, he didn't show support to an "old friend" when he was the one in the hot seat, because it benefitted Jared to immediately disavow Jon so he could keep his uwu woke status. Don't get me wrong, that was the right thing to do, they're both awful but I can't imagine they'd be "friends" after that. If you look at Jon's twitter likes he's liked numerous tweets of people congratulating him, but not Jared's. Their fans are just as delusional apparently though.

Also how does Jon have 3.5 M followers on Twitter? Arin has 1.1 M, did I miss something where Jon became insanely popular and everyone forgot about the racism?

>but I do think it's suspect he didn't bother wishing Jon well
Why is this suspect though? Not everything has to be a public declaration, who's to say he didn't just call him or something.

No. 883955

Aww, good for him! thanks for posting this, anon

No. 883962

lmao @ the jon fans in this thread. That fat fuck is as much of a cow as Jared or Arin. His new wife is ugly too.

No. 883966

I just think it’s funny since Ethan is one of the bigger YouTubers who didn’t back down from criticizing what Jared did, that’s all.

No. 883974

H3 is probably just jealous of Jared's more interesting sex life ‍♂️(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 883975

They're on cordial terms and follow each other on social media.

Damn, what'd his wife do to you anon?

No. 883978

Bro it was sarcasm.
There is a clear and distinct difference that the PJtard didn’t understand. Consensual vs boundary-breaking conversations.

No. 883980

I mean, fucking a wrinkly and jaundiced bird hag is I GUESS interesting to some niche people.

No. 883982

>be married to pretty and successful mother of your child
>OR cheat on your wife to bang a bunch of 2/10 mentally ill fangirls

yeah idk I guess you're right, Ethan's totally jealous….

No. 883989


Again, you can't really say "He's an old friend!" when Jared tried as hard to burn him as he did.


> "More interesting sex life"

Dipping your dick in the endless well of crazy that is Holly Conrad isn't "interesting" - It's career suicide.

No. 884002

>that edit

No. 884010

File: 1571885878987.jpg (355.91 KB, 1200x630, distractedgamer.jpg)

Well Jared is a bit of a nutcase himself.

Heidi, Jared and Holly all have mental problems. Heidi is just the most physically attractive of the holy trinity.

No. 884015

File: 1571886719044.jpg (240.34 KB, 534x931, differentworld2.jpg)

here's another one

No. 884019

I guess after being in the hot seat, Jared no longer wants to burn all those bridges…

No. 884022

Good that Jared being in the replies will give Jon incentive for what not to do in a marriage.

No. 884026

File: 1571889376818.png (336.25 KB, 1168x1146, vent.png)


No. 884027

too transparent. Learn to sage.

No. 884030


>PhD in Law

Topkek anon, thanks! Not that you're wrong about your actual point.

Disgusting. Interesting to see Jared feeling comfortable rearing his ugly head, though.


Community and basic ethics, thank you anon!

No. 884038

File: 1571890733684.png (71.05 KB, 720x320, 20191024_001531.png)

No. 884039

Maybe now she'll finally stop overthinking on Jared's part. He's not sorry about any of this. Hell, is he even sorry about getting caught?

No. 884042

he's not, at all. he's just jerking himself off to the fact that he can now openly ask people to send him tit pics because the internet seems to have given him a free pass for it

oh fuck off. i was just wondering what jared did this time around (if he did anything).
some anons in here jfc

No. 884044


That's exactly it. If anyone thinks he won't continue doing this same shit, they're wrong. If he received no real punishment or consequences the first time, what's going to stop him?

No. 884046

Yeah he sucks but it's gonna be funny as fuck when he eventually cheats/leaves Holly and she freaks the fuck out.

No. 884048


I just keep thinking about all of the dirt Hoelly must have on him and what she'll spill in some sort of neurotic breakdown when he DOES break it off with her

No. 884055

i mean, i think of it too, but then i recall just how much dirt heidi has spilled on this douchebag and he still managed to twist the narrative into "poor tortured man cannibalized by demon bitch wife". i wonder just how much of a chance holly will have standing against him…

then again this time more than half his battle was fought by this dickblinded moron, he might feel the lack of such singleminded devotion very sorely when they have that falling out

No. 884064

Anon's just being a turd, don't worry about it.

And when that inevitably happens, the milk and karma will be good.

No. 884069

The "she abused me and the only way out was to cheat!!!!" narrative isn't gonna work a second time for him, either. Holly will be able to amass support if she reveals what a scumbag he is.

No. 884081


Not a lot of support, though. I imagine there'll be a lot of a "shoe doesn't fit now that it's on the other foot, now does it?" kind of irony to it all.

No. 884085

Yeah, that's fake as fuck

No. 884094

Im not entirely sure people would side with holly; incels are just waiting on excuses to hate women and the sjw mostly sided with heidi already and wouldnt take defence for either holly nor jared

No. 884097


Holly's twitter following took a bit of a hit in the drama but it wasn't at all comparable to what happened to Jared or the followers Heidi gained. People started following Heidi for sympathy or because of the drama and unfortunately they are unfollowing her in way larger masses than Holly's followers (even though the total people are twice more). So SJWs and #metoo joining Heidi were only part of the ones that sided with her. I was hoping she would be able to benefit more out of this larger platform but she just doesn't seem to be utilizing it very successfully so far. Weirdly, the more she tweets, the more people leave her.

No. 884099


If you read most recent kiwiframs thread, they took a break on shit talking Heidi and started shitting on Holly again (also finding out she scammed cancer patients).
From their own posts, Jared is just a poor beta who can't say no to these evil manipulative harpies known as women. So they will definitely come to defend him again

PJ2 on the other hand, seems to consist of projared incels and autistic Strix fans. So if Holly starts shitting on him, it's probably gonna cause a civil war on there too.

No. 884108


I got baited to go and read. They are back to fully shitting Heidi again.

No. 884110

i'm still surprised a place as noxious as KF has so, SO much sympathy to give a complete beta pseudofeminist soyboy. getting to shit on women who wouldn't give them the time of day IRL really beats all, huh?

No. 884134

I wonder if Holly and Heidi would form the Anti-Jared club

No. 884135

File: 1571927580992.png (201.09 KB, 400x308, LtJh1vo3i.png)

No. 884173

I don't think Heidi is going to forgive Holly after the shit she did to her

No. 884180


Heidi wouldn't give Holly the time of day beyond a "See? I fuckin' told you he was awful", especially after Holly spent the better part of a year screaming about what an abusive whore Heidi apparently is.

No. 884246

Yeah I can't see them making up and being friends again even if that happened. I think Holly would be too busy victimizing herself over the fact her RP affair didn't work out. The past few months have shown she is incapable of humility or admitting fault. Hell, she'd probably just keep clinging to the idea that they're soulmates and refuse to be broken up with til wormdick posted another twitter statement like he did with Heidi.

No. 884258


Shit, I could see her try to spin a tale of "It didn't work because that whore Heidi ruined him! SHE is why he broke it off with me and fucked anything barely legal with a pulse!"

No. 884267

Oh she will try to rationalize it (she's 'different', after all!) But Jared will just keep doing what he does best; stonewalling & acting 'confused' and/ 'anxious'

No. 884271

OMG, the milk is so old anons here are hallucinating future milk

No. 884443

File: 1571987148533.jpg (52.85 KB, 1494x193, nulyu.JPG)


They are complete creeps as well.

No. 884446


KiwiFarms being full of raging incels who are pissed at the world with literally nothing being off limits is nothing new, Anon.

You think we're bad here? This place is a fucking kindergarten classroom at naptime compared to KF.

Regardless, they need to leave Nulyu the fuck alone. Harassing him isn't going to magically make him release some secret side to the story.

No. 884449

Katie has decided to stop talking about Arin according to her twitter

No. 884451

I'm banking on this eventuality hitting sooner rather than later, seeing as it doesn't look like DCA is ever gonna come back with jared, which would also be the end of strix and diath. Without diath, jared is just… jared.

Suddenly his abnormally large head and elongated fourth grader body won't seem so magical in her eyes.

No. 884462


It keeps being weird people mocking how Jared looks just because Holly wants to be with him. Heidi wanted to be with him too, this whole mocking of his appearance makes her look stupid as well.

No. 884464


Nobody even said Heidi was the smartest person on Earth - just that out of this shitty trio, she was the lesser of the shitty people.

No. 884481

I like that they think that if they had access to his twitter suddenly everything would make sense and all secrets would be revealed.

No. 884483


Well, KF and PJ fans were tinfoiling for a while that Heidi didn't actually close the polyamory on her side after the Holly fiasco in feb 2018 - that she just close it on Jared's side while keep meeting other people and having her own side-thing going. She never specified WHEN she closed the relationship either, being vague and saying in some places "months later" doesn't look good for the timeline. So I think they are hoping that they will get a sense of how long they were still interacting super close from the messages and photos posted. Ofc, if he is smart, he would have deleted it all by now.

No. 884497

Supposedly Jared saw PJThrowAway23 in March 2018 during EGLX.
and supposedly Heidi approved of an encounter.

No. 884503


Yes, so when did she close it off?

No. 884508

when Holly made it clear she was only interested in Jared and willing/trying to destroy two marriages to have him

No. 884517

We mock how Jared looks because he is an ugly fucker. It has nothing to do with the drama. He’s ugly.

No. 884530


Not "why", anon, "when" was the question.

No. 884535

Jared said "homewrecker" is an antiquated term. Okay fair enough maybe.
Still makes you a fucking shitty person. Unless they are your family just stay out other people's relationships, abusive or not.

No. 884537

This person has been the only one mentioning nulyu for months. This is stalking behavior at this point.

No. 884548


Sage for lack of relevance to the drama, but anon, this sort of statement stinks of the same reasoning behind police not getting involved in domestic abuse for decades. "They are married, they will work it out. No business for outsiders."

No. 884615

We don't really have a unified timeline but I think she closed it off in April 2018?

No. 884634

but Jared and Holly saw each other another time before October 2018
and Heidi saw Nulyu again aswell

No. 884638

also not accusing either parties of anything, these meetings were likely purely platonic. Unless there is proof that presents otherwise.

No. 884669

File: 1572044154847.jpg (81.18 KB, 773x850, FB_IMG_1568476577336.jpg)

Also the closest thing to Holly and Ross having any sort of non-platonic contact, even then I think kissing is as far as it went

No. 884678

Is he the Frodo? That’s actually really good

No. 884690


And even then, you can tell it's such a posed, only-for-the-camera kind of thing. I can only imagine what a fucking nightmare Hoelly was to live with.

No. 884692

Is that even kissing? I don't know what tf that is but it ain't kissing.

No. 884705

6 years of marriage and he was basically friend-zoned for the entirety of it.
I can see why Ross is being more stubborn in their divorce proceedings.

No. 884724

Stop trying to equate the two, it's not that difficult to comprehend.
>Bad looks, Good personality = fine
>Bad looks, Bad personality = fair game for ridicule because you have no redeeming qualities
Holly's the clown here because when Heidi and Jared got together, as far as she knew she was marrying a good dude with a good personality. When Holly and Jared got together it was because she chose to be a terrible person with another person who was choosing to be terrible. It's the same reason we mock Holly's looks, but we don't mock Ross for being with her because again as far as he knew he chose someone with redeeming qualities.

No. 884735

PJ2 stans seem to believe Ross encouraged Holly+Jared.
I don't believe this is true, but IF it is then…
I would imagine Ross really just wanted Holly to be with anyone else but him, just to get rid of her.

No. 884770


> "IF it is…"

The way Ross is dragging his feet on the divorce to the way he mentioned needing to couch surf after the divorce and how legitimately upset he looked all leads me to believe that Ross did NOT encourage Holly & Jared (or at least not beyond a poly type of situation). Nothing about his reaction says that this is a dude who was totally fine with his wife divorcing him to move her pigeon horde to another state with her fuckbuddy (and his wife)

No. 884773

If I remember correctly I think there were texts between Heidi and Holly that more or less confirmed that she tried to keep her thing with Jared a secret. I could be wrong though

No. 884775


It wasn't so much that she tried to keep it a secret, but she said something along the lines of "You're right, I'll tell Ross everything after Anna's party" and "I know he was okay with the idea of me with another woman, but I don't know about a man", which implies that they had already been pursuing their feelings/a relationship before she mentioned it to Ross in the first place

No. 884777

File: 1572070742443.png (8.59 KB, 547x106, Screenshot_352.png)

I love that her bio says "maker of @trashcoven", once again her taking credit for something that she did MINIMAL work on (Kayla does the vast majority of the marketing and shit)

No. 884781

Do you know where you are, anon? It's nothing new. We talk about cows' appearances all the time. Cows are cows, but it's especially more funny when they're ugly cows who think they're the best looking things to ever grace the planet.

This. They're both ugly as hell but love the smell of their own shit which is why people bring up their looks so much.


Didn't this bitch complain when she went to Ireland or some shit because they weren't playing the stereotypical medieval music?

No. 884815

File: 1572086216150.jpg (33.6 KB, 393x383, whoever merry the hobbit is.jp…)


I thought Holly took a shower but apparently this is someone else. :/

No. 884907

If Kayla ever wakes up to how Holly abuses her obsession with her and rightfully ditches her, Holly will have absolutely nothing left to market herself on.

No. 884914

File: 1572102728836.jpg (686.43 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20191026-100923_You…)

Heidi and Ross should have totally should have got together really and left their rat faced backstabbing spouses behind.

No. 884917

File: 1572102903178.jpg (311 KB, 2048x1364, IMG_20191026_101405.jpg)

this bird has probably got more action with Holly than Ross ever did.

No. 884940


Nah, the best thing for both of them at this point is to get as far away from anything to do with Hoelly and PedoDick as possible.

No. 885019


I think those texts were like literally the day after the "date" in the woods, when Heidi was still showing some tolerance for their bullshit and Holly was still not back in LA or just back. It sounded more as if Holly was going to tell Ross that she got offered this thing with Jared, not that there was already action on it.

No. 885021


The "I'm so sorry, I'm going to tell him everything after Anna's party" to me doesn't say that she was going to tell him the offer was made, but more that she had done something beyond just talking

No. 885033


>" I believe it was just when in-character or related to the D&D stuff"

So, when Hoelly was texting Jared about all of the sexual positions she wanted while in their costumes, that was just them "in-character"?

That still doesn't make it okay to say/do when you're both married to other people and your spouse has specifically asked you NOT to do it with that person.

>"Holly was trying to help a friend out of abuse, sure"

Again, this is bullshit. Holly admitted to Heidi that she called her abusive because she was mad that Heidi yelled at her, not because she actually thought she WAS abusive.

>"Understandably angry, but also a pointless thing to say."

How is it pointless for a wife to tell her husband's mistress to knock off her pursuit of a relationship because she wanted her husband to think of HER, not the mistress, while she was having sex with him?

>"Holly and Jared see each other a few times between February and October for DCA games."

And all of the "after therapy fuck sessions" that Heidi mentioned - but hey, let's pretend Hoelly and Jared's sweet and innocent, amirite?

>" Jared "makes several attempts to leave"

Then he should have left - no "attempts". If he's as miserable as he claims he was, you pack your shit and you leave - You don't ask for your wife's permission first.

>" Heidi gave him, stress, paranoia, and headaches"

Yes, how dare she ask her husband to be faithful and bang literally ANYONE but Hoelly Conrad? WHAT A BITCH, CAUSING HIM NOTHING BUT STRESS!!! /s

No. 885034

dude are you a fucking idiot
this chuuni "heh…. so that's how it is…" blogposting is the worst thing I've seen related to the ProJared fiasco and I saw him dressed as Sailor Mercury

No. 885107

"Jared should have just left"
Okay Heidi probably should have "just left" all the times Jared mistreated her too then.

No. 885115

This is the dumbest pissing contest istg. You're comparing two people who were at different points mentally and emotionally. It just doesn't work and I would like to remind you that marriage is not a long term relationship where you can just call it quits once your partner pisses you off enough. It is legally binding and even with a dissolution costs a pretty penny. I wish people would start to actually register that (Jared included).

Jared would of been the one out of the two who should of picked his balls up and left if he was so unhappy. He is the one proclaiming that he supposedly wanted to leave in October but wouldn't because he was going to be outed for being a cheat, etc. Heidi even with how uncomfortable she was being made still wanted to work things out in October. If Jared was genuinely serious and unhappy with his marriage he shouldn't of cheated first, and he shouldn't have sat around giving his wife mixed signals like sleeping next to her, kissing her on New Years and promising the following year would be better, etc.

In Heidi's case she has stated that marriage was important and something to be worked on. She wasn't completely unwilling to work on things and try to better their relationship until it became clear Jared was not going to try and was doing anything he could to call it quits. In her case as well she was being gaslit. The thing about being gaslit is that you don't know how bad you have it until it all basically gets put on the table. So it doesn't make sense why she who actually values marriage and was willing to work on it would be the one to just be like "lol kthxbai".

No. 885118

Doesn't work that way, Heidi was the helpless victim mindlessly in love, she had no free will. - Some whiteknight probably.

You're right though.

No. 885128

Heidi was willing to work on the marriage. Jared "wanted out" but also didn't feel like it, lied, gaslit, lied, cheated…

No. 885143


Here's the difference:

Jared was abused by Heidi saying "Don't fuck that one specific person, I don't care if you fuck other women though"

Heidi was abused when Jared spent MONTHS gaslighting her ("You accusing me hurts ME that you don't trust me!" while he was actively cheating on her) and fucking other women while keeping her financially dependent on him and threatening her (including the classic "If you go to that con, I'll divorce you")

Heidi wasn't perfect in all of this by any stretch of the word, but you're comparing apples and oranges.

No. 885177


lol I am not a white knight.
the whiteknights are the beta neckbeards who are always commenting under Heidi's photos calling her the most "beautiful and pretty woman in the world" who act sympathetic thinking that defending her on social media is a one way ticket to her pussy.

I certainly have no sexual interest in men, and wouldn't go anywhere near Holly even if I was paid

No. 885178



Bro we get it no need to double post. Can we at least keep to topic and not make this a personal free for all.

No. 885201


That's where it doesn't fit for me. Supposedly months of gaslighting but the texts that Heidi showed of her therapist convos show that he tried to leave in October and that he said directly in their couple's therapy session that he didn't want to work on the marriage and wanted out. That doesn't sound like gaslighting, it sounds like she didn't want to accept what he was saying and thought she can spin a better narrative.

No. 885205

Heidi would not accept the break-up from Jared.
But Jared was also too weak to put his foot down, sign the divorce papers and kick Heidi out.

My guess, too much sympathy on part of Jared. The hardest choices require the strongest wills, and his will wasn't very strong.
He was giving Heidi time to find a career, build stable income and move out on her own.
But with the lingering emotions they had for each other, this ended up not being practical.

No. 885218


>"It sounds like she didn't want to accept what he was saying"

Or maybe she thought "I swore 'through good times and bad' and I meant it". After all, if Jared wanted a divorce so fucking bad, he could have filed back when he first started saying "I want a divorce".

A divorce does not require the husband AND wife to agree before filing - Heidi could NOT force him to stay in a marriage if he wanted out that badly. Instead of spending months agreeing to try counseling and trying to make it work, he could have just as easily went down to the courthouse and filed the fucking papers himself (or gotten a lawyer to do it for him).


>"Heidi would not accept the break-up from Jared"

Because he blustered on about wanting a divorce, and then would agree to try and make things work. If he TRULY wanted to break up, why did he wait until May 2019 to file? And before yall throw up the "She threatened to ruin his career!", I'd say the whole "running 7 porn blogs and receiving nudes from minors and fucking other fans at cons" is what ruined his career, not Heidi pointing out that he can't keep his weird worm dick in his pants.

No. 885251

File: 1572145856402.jpg (204.08 KB, 1080x621, Screenshot_20191026-221007_Twi…)

-Jared wouldn't let Heidi go to Twitch Con

No. 885253

Then why didn't he just leave? I don't understand this narrative you're spinning at all.

anon that's not how marriage works lmao. But yeah Jared is just too much of a nice boi that was the problem. It wasn't that he was fucking a married woman behind her back. Heidi is just too mean.

No. 885260

fucking another woman who was and I believe still is legally married to Ross O'Donovan, but at the very least were legally seperated and for all intents and purposes, no longer a romantic couple.

Jared and Heidi are in seperate houses, but definitely are no longer a romantic couple or even friends in any sort of capacity, so I don't think it's possible for them to cheat on each other at this point.

No. 885273


Exactly. Anyone who says "If you go to this con, I'll divorce you" and actually means it, is an asshole. She's not property - She should've been able to go to something she was interested in (where he would also be, btw) without fear of losing her marriage over it.


>"were legally seperated and for all intents and purposes, no longer a romantic couple"

It literally does not matter if Hoelly was separated from Ross or not. Heidi was NOT separated from Jared and she said "I'm not comfortable with you fucking Holly", Jared said "I won't" and then proceeded to pursue a relationship anyway.

>"I don't think it's possible for them to cheat on each other at this point"

Until that divorce is finalized, that shit is cheating. It doesn't matter since Washington is a no-fault state, but it's still a skeezy thing for a guy who said "I never cheated on my wife!" to so openly flaunt the fact that he's still technically cheating on his legal wife.

No. 885295

It's tasteless but at this point everyone knows about his affair and it'd be even stupider for him to bother and hide it (also Holly would probably sperg out about being a secret still). It's not like Heidi wants his sorry ass back, anyway. They may not be divorced but they're officially separated with divorce proceedings underway. Their relationship is over and it'd be dumb for either of them to keep up pretenses while waiting for it to be finalized.

Besides, Ross has been openly dating his new gf for months and he won't even sign his divorce papers kek.

No. 885297


Friend, Ross' divorce was finalized last month finally.

Also, I'm not suggesting that they pretend like they're still a couple, but Jared could at least not publicly rub his relationship with his mistress in everyone's face until their shitshow is finalized (and chances are, by then, he'll be bored and fucking the next unogirl and have ditched Holly)

No. 885300

Nah she was high key out of his league; but (without the knowledge that he would someday be a cheating pedo skeezebag) he might have had some redeeming personality qualities that evened the field for her.

Holly on the other hand has seen all the ugly personality traits first hand, the cheating, and the pedo shenanigans and STILL wants that worm d. But then again, she ISN'T out of his league. They're both in the same league at the mid-bottom tier of the barrel. (One slightly elevated from bottom tier by money, the other by popularity)

No. 885377

File: 1572187710714.jpg (195.3 KB, 1529x2048, goodolddays.jpg)

Earliest photo together I believe.
Still way out of his league.
My guess how it wrong.

2011-They meet and begin dating

2014-They get married

2015-Just one year later, Jared starts trading nudes with fans. He was starting to get bored of Heidi.

2017-Heidi is the one who initiates polyamory, as for exact reason why, that is unclear, neither side really explained why.

2018-Holly happened

2019-Broken Marriage out of ten

My personal theory is that Jared snorts crack. It's how he able to keep up that "ProJared" energy for so long at con panels, but it also made him stupid enough to take a huge downgrade with Holly.
Heidi may have not be perfect, but Holly is way worse.
My guess, Holly was and is just easy sex and is willing to do the more crazy moves.

No. 885383

>2015-Just one year later, Jared starts trading nudes with fans. He was starting to get bored of Heidi.

You almost had a good timeline going, almost. People don't trade nudes because of boredom just like most (normal) people don't send them outta boredom.

>My guess, Holly was and is just easy sex and is willing to do the more crazy moves.

This is why a lot of women leave/cheat on men too, generally a guy willing to do more. So this sounds like the main reason.

No. 885410

it's so obvious when men post ITT.

No. 885440


Maybe they were trying to spice things up? Heidi was directing her friends to the blog too, wasn't just Jared's fans and seemed pretty supportive of it at the start.

No. 885445

This is usually the case, especially if you open things up/consent to it. Like there's LITERALLY a definition for people "spicing things up" with outside people lol.

Which some people like: >>885410 anon clearly doesn't understand.

I personally don't see it right, but I just find it odd "boredom" would be the trigger, especially barely a year later? Nudes is literally a social thing at this point (especially around the height of snap's popularity) it's just something people do and trading nudes was clearly agreed to by both of them. Even Heidi admits it, so her white knights can't try to deny Jared was alone in the decision making.

No. 885449

File: 1572202190288.jpg (133.08 KB, 1080x1466, FB_IMG_1572202186871.jpg)

Arin so so fucking insufferable


No. 885450

File: 1572202224417.jpg (149.8 KB, 1080x1660, FB_IMG_1572202191847.jpg)

No. 885453

Jared said it was an
"unhealthy attempt to solve deeper issues that developed within our marriage".

and that "whether to make her own actions feel justified or because she genuinely believed it would help me build self-esteem, Heidi suggested that I engage with other women".

Heidi in a text log with one her friends said that Jared did have some self-esteem issues, after all he had a toothpick body figure so I can see why. But that's his fault, use your youtube money to get a gym membership or some weights. Ross makes time to work out don't see why Jared can't.

I do feel like Jared was also insecure about Heidi being out of his league. Jared was paranoid about any interactions she had with other men.

But unlike Heidi who also seemed to be insecure, tried to micromanage and dictate Jared's interactions. While Jared just proceeded to get more and more distant "stone-walling" as Heidi calls it, as she proceeded to date other guys during the time they were polyamorous. Distant from Heidi while getting closer to Holly, which is when the Feb'18 disaster happened.

Then between Feb18-Oct18 is kind of a vacuum and we don't have much insight to.

Heidi says Jared wouldn't talk to Heidi about problems they were having.
Jared said she "continued to have relationships with other partners".

Did she though? No tangible proof, but that might just be Jared's insecurities and that's what he believed.

No. 885457

File: 1572203481309.jpg (42.55 KB, 960x883, 27857761_1164546473681394_2204…)


this author contradicts himself all the damn time. He complains about gameplay, but then that games shouldn't have story and only have gameplay. Well what do you fucking want, then? Stop playing videogames.

And of course Arin defends the nitpicker who is never satisfied because it probably mirrors how he's so grumpy all the time about games, because he's also bad at them.

UGG is this harmless, well priced indie game that's made everyone genuinely have fun and be happy for the short duration of it. For myself, other youtubers and personal friends, it didn't shove instructions down your throat, it gave you creative ways to do tasks, and it's aesthetically pleasant with clean visuals and nice music.

I mean yes Arin is entitled to an opinion but we are also entitled to ignore it.

No. 885460


Well, we know Jared fucked unogirl at a con in March 2018 and apparently Heidi was unaware though Jared insists Heidi was aware of and encourage all interactions he had with other women.

I just find it hilarious that this happened after his feelings talk with Holly so he clearly doesn’t give a shit and will get his dick wet at any opportunity.

Jared is nothing but a user. He used Heidi, he used the fans he solicited for nudes and sex, and it’s likely he’s using Holly and already has someone on the back burner.

No. 885461

Shitty Gamer Takes is a cow on her own, but holy fuck Arin… Why do you even play video games? Or have a YouTube based on playing video games? Sure, it's a chore for you because you chose to rely on playing games as your primary source of income, but for everyone else it's not lol. Get a job, Arin.

No. 885462

Holly abused Ross for years so any emotional harm she receives now is karma.

and dating isn't committment though. Being married and sharing a house is different.

No. 885463

Also I am fairly certain that UnoGirl or PJThrowAway23 doesn't even exist.

Jared never mentioned her in YBLT.
Heidi never mentioned unogirl in her stream.

No. 885464

lol you're obviously a man because of >>885383 post. anon saying jared was bored refers to heidi, not that he was bored on his day off or something and decided to take up nudes as a hobby. then you said right after that he was fucking holly cause he was bored with heidi sexually.

No. 885466

File: 1572205355083.jpeg (114.92 KB, 640x682, DF3908FF-0FD6-402F-8BA8-EF7062…)

Heidi acknowledged the reddit thread so it’s not something that was made up during the height of the drama. This was also discussed months ago.
There were also a bunch of gross, but thankfully censored Jared nudes that uno girl released when she spoke out against Jared.
Unogirl wasn’t mentioned in the video or stream because she’s irrelevant in the scheme of things.

No. 885491


Heidi directed friends at first when she thought it was just consenting adults - not when she thought he was having sexual conversations with those who apparently piqued his sexual interest.


>"Trading nudes was clearly agreed to….can't try to deny Jared was alone in the decision making"

There's a difference between running a body positivity blog, and soliciting nudes for your own personal use and then carrying on into sexual-based conversations with your fans.


>"Jared said…"

Let me stop you there. Anything Jared says can't really be trusted at this point, since he's shown that he will lie whenever necessary to cover his own ass - be it to his wife, to Holly, to his fans.

>"Whether to make her own actions feel justified"

Or maybe she knew Jared was already fucking around and thought that if she reframed it as poly and that she was okaying it, it would be easier to tolerate and less likely that Jared would bail on their marriage.

>"Jared was paranoid about any….with other men"

Then he should've been more understanding about Heidi's suspicions with him and Holly (after all, her suspicions turned out to be true).

>"Unlike Heidi….who tried to micromanage and dictate Jared's interactions"

You mean like ProDick did when he told Heidi that if she went to TwitchCon he'd divorce her?

No. 885593


> Heidi directed friends at first when she thought it was just consenting adults - not when she thought he was having sexual conversations with those who apparently piqued his sexual interest.

I'd generally agree, except Uno girl's first encounter with Jared was in 2017 and Heidi knew about it (that's how Jared flipped her to change her story, by supposedly showing the texts of Heidi to him encouraging him). When Heidi commented about Uno's clarification she just said "I don't owe her my story" and didn't deny it. So.. regardless of what happened after between Jared and Heidi, in 2017 she was not only supportive of the blog and knew he was sexting with fans but encouraged him to try and have sex with one.

No. 885670


>"That's how Jared flipped her to change her story"

That or he slapped her with a lawsuit like everyone in the free world knows he did with all of the smaller youtubers who made videos against him (that were all "mysteriously" taken down with a roughly 48 hours time period)

>"When Heidi commented about Uno's clarification she just said "I don't owe her my story" and didn't deny it."

Nor should she have to 'deny' rumors of her husband being unable to keep it in his fucking pants. I think Heidi may have given him the go ahead to sleep with unogirl - but the sheer amount of fans he was sexting with over snapchat and on tumblr went way above and beyond what she thought.

No. 885683


Well, 48 hours after he posted his own video to be fair. Their videos were up for 3 months. And Uno girl said herself the reason she turned around is because Heidi left her to think he cheated with her and then Jared showed her some proof so she went all reverse on Heidi (yeah, sorry for the terrible pun there) and was like defending him on PJ2 and all every time someone will bring her up.

Also, again for all the fellow PhDs in Law - you shouldn't be afraid of a lawsuit if you have said the truth cause that's the ultimate protection vs slander and libel.

No. 885684

Lawsuits cost a lot of money even if you successfully defend yourself.

No. 885685


>"Their videos were up for 3 months"

Exactly. Videos that were up for 3 months all suddenly came down within 48 hours of each other? Is that NOT suspicious to you?

>-insert your mention of unogirl here-

Unogirl mentioned in her first post that she was head-over-heels that he would pay attention to her in the first place and that it hurt when he cut off contact (which Heidi said he did to her, and was doing to holly). He could have told her that Santa Clause approved the relationship and unogirl probably would've bought it.

>"You shouldn't be afraid of a lawsuit if you have said the truth cause that's the ultimate protection"

Yeah? Is it going to protect the person from the THOUSANDS of dollars that it takes to fight a court case? Hell, when it cossts a few hundred dollars for a 60 minute consultation, that money racks up fast.

No. 885688


Keep in mind Jared at the time had no income and 50% of his assets are going to Heidi and she said it will last her only for a year, I seriously doubt that he is that loaded. If you file a lawsuit against someone, you have to pay the original fee to the court entirely on your own, right. And again, why not in the previous months. I'm tinfoiling here, fam, but seems way more likely most of these youtubers were shamed for not reaching out to him (that's what he accused them of, right) in first place. Like Franco's fans started doing by asking for a response? He was easy pickings when he wasn't replying and was mute to the world.

No. 885693


Jared might not be loaded, but his new dumber-than-a-box-of-rocks mistress is flush with her grandpa's inheritance. Seeing how as she sacrificed her reputation for wormdick, I don't doubt for a second that she'd pay for a lawyer/lawsuits in Jared's defense.

>"seems way more likely most of these youtubers were shamed for not reaching out to him"

Nah, the only ones he accused of not reaching out were H3H3 and Philly D, ironically both of whom still have their videos on Jared on their channels - mayhaps because they're bigger channels that Jared can't scare into submission?

>"He was easy pickings when he wasn't replying and was mute"

Dude was easy pickings because he's a fucking idiot and because his mistress can't leave her mouth shut for more than two seconds at a time.

No. 885694


>"If you file a lawsuit against someone, you have to pay the original fee to the court entirely on your own, right."

The filing fee, maybe - but filing fees aren't ridiculously high. It's the cost of a lawyer to handle all of the paperwork, dates, etc. that costs a small fortune.

No. 885709

File: 1572264680198.jpg (188.72 KB, 1080x826, freedomofspeach.jpg)

first amendment is a thing, Jared can't force anyone to take down shit

um the biggest YouTuber of them all did not take down his videos about ProJared and kind of defended him but was mostly nuetral about it.

No. 885713


Dude, First Amendment protects the free speech of people from GOVERNMENT interference. It doesn't mean when you speak bullshit or spread lies someone can't take you to court for defamation. They just have to prove that you lied intentionally in order to harm them, while all you got to prove is that you were telling the truth.

No. 885729

File: 1572271589861.jpg (191.54 KB, 1080x565, Screenshot_20191028-090545_You…)

Bowblax, a relatively small drama channel but still gets raised eyebrows from the likes of Keemstar, has not taken his ProJared videos down, and he was pretty aggressive to him

No. 885741


Oh, there are hundreds of channels and videos still up. And the ones that were taken down weren't taken down within 48 hours, really. We just like to exaggerate here.

No. 885903


>"Jared can't force anyone to take down shit"

Yeah, he can actually. Like other anon said, first amendment just means that you can say whatever you want (within reason) - It doesn't mean that there won't be ramifications for it.

>"The biggest YouTuber of them all did not take down"

You can't use a dude who regularly caters to his white supremacist fanbase as a good example. PewDiePie is a shit example of "WELL THIS GUY DIDN'T TAKE HIS VIDEO DOWN AND HE DEFENDED JARED!"

Someone who is essentially a nazi isn't exactly a great reference.


>"Still gets raised eyebrows from the likes of Keemstar"

You mean the dude who has been pro-projared since the beginning, calling Heidi a whore repeatedly? Of course Jared didn't go after the dude who's on his side.


You're right - 48 hours was an exaggeration, but they DID all start coming down insanely fast and all within roughly the same time frame.

No. 885951

File: 1572304074510.jpg (348.59 KB, 776x1084, Screenshot_20191028-180046_Fir…)

Holly's been plotting to destroy their marriage for the past 6 years, talk about persistence.

No. 885962

Wasn't Pewdiepie's coverage basically, first to say he met Holly like twice and that he doesn't believe she'd be capable of this, then when Holly unlocked her Twitter and posted her cherrypicked screenshot he was like "yeah that proves her story" and that was pretty much it?

No. 885975


I wouldn't necessarily say she was plotting, but I think she's been a legitimately terrible human being for a long time.


>"he met Holly like twice and that he doesn't believe she'd be capable of this"

I mean, in all fairness, Heidi straight up lived with Holly for awhile (iirc) and didn't think she was capable of this.

No. 885976

everyone hid something at first.

Holly was stupid to draw any attention to herself, trying to use her clout to shut up Heidi before things got big. Thinking fame would be on her side, when Heidi has the power of beauty charisma as well as thousands of thirsty whiteknight betas on her side.

Heidi hid polyamory at first because she knew people would not be as sympathetic if they knew she was dating other men during the time of her marriage. To the general non-tumblr types, polyamory is just cheating with permission. But I have my opinions on poly, you can have yours, personally I have no interest in it.

Jared hid the details of why they were divorcing, but at the end of the day marriage is the number#1 cause of divorce.
He could have been honest from the start "We are getting divorced because I cheated on my wife and she found out", then it'd seem like he is bragging about it.

I think everyone made mistakes here, the biggest was any of them making any sort of public posts. Sure they may have good intentions, but when you start a war, there will be destruction.

No. 885977

This looks like a serial killer profile

No. 885980


>"Heidi hid polyamory at first because she knew people would not be as sympathetic if they knew she was dating other men during the time of her marriage."

No, Heidi hid the poly because that has no baring on the fact that Jared went and fucked someone that he explicitly told Heidi that he wouldn't….oh, and that someone happened to be married to someone else herself who ran in the same social circles.

>"Polyamory is just cheating with permission"

Except it's not, and that successful poly relationships are a lot more complicated and are NOT the get-out-of-jail bang-who-you-want card that Jared and his stans are trying to make them out to be.

>"Jared hid the details of why they were divorcing"

And straight up made it out to be a mutual parting, when it is anything but. It doesn't help that within minutes of him posting it on twitter, his mistress went and publicly put her two cents "I'm here if you need me, I'm sorry you're going through this even though I've been wanting yall to split since at least December" post.

>"I think everyone made mistakes here, the biggest was any of them making any sort of public posts"

I don't know, I think Jared's TRUE downfall was the shit he tried to get away with in private i.e. the seven nudes blogs and fucking fans at cons.

No. 885982

Asking your partner to be polyamorous is this.

"You aren't good enough, you can only fulfill some of my needs and I need someone else to fulfill the rest of my needs".

Isn't that the reason people cheat, because their primary partner just isn't enough?

No. 885995

>I wouldn't necessarily say she was plotting, but I think she's been a legitimately terrible human being for a long time.

If Holly goes to prison for all the sick and twisted shit she did (both related and unrelated to marriages) that would be bittersweet.

Either that or wrapped in rubber and locked in a padded cell.

Just lock her up.

No. 886022


Probably, but in poly relationships, there’s discussion, respect, and agreement. Heidi was willing to open the relationship and asked for respect and communication in return - neither of which Jared gave her. That takes it from poly into straight up cheating on his wife.

No. 886032

That may be true.
But Heidi's own lack of transparency throughout the scandal, omitting information that would put more blame on herself, never talking about her own extramartial relationships during her stream, contradicting herself multiple times, and being caught lying makes me doubt that communication and transparency was a courtesy she always provided Jared with during their marriage.

That is speculation though! We have proof Jared did in fact lie to and gaslit Heidi for months. Did Heidi ever extend that courtesy to Jared at some point? We don't know for sure.

In any case it's best for both of them that the relationship is over now.

Although I do miss the good old days seeing them in photos and videos together where they looked so happy together. But usually when couples make out their relationship to be that way on social media it's because behind closed doors it's usually the opposite.

No. 886065

File: 1572320806110.png (34.68 KB, 538x292, Screenshot 10-28-2019 21.06.32…)

last social media interaction, welp

No. 886075


>"Heidi's own lack of transparency"

What lack? The fact that she didn't mention that they were poly which is no one's business because what Jared was doing in fucking Holly was NOT poly?

>"Never talking about her own extramarital relationships"

Maybe because it doesn't matter. Jared clearly condoned her having a LDR with this other person, which is what happens in a poly situation. Fucking someone your wife has explicitly said "Hey, please don't" isn't the same as having a relationship with someone that your husband is apparently okay with.


Probably because, at first, it was a harmless in character relationship. When they made it a real life deal, that crossed several lines.


Ironic. ProPedo is the epitome of Small Dick Energy™

No. 886087

File: 1572325048740.jpg (435.72 KB, 1080x1790, Screenshot_20191028-233138_Twi…)

Everything that happened between Jared and Holly

Whatever happened between Heidi and her partners
-Doesn't matter not relevant, she can take as many Ds from other guys as she wants as long as Jared approves (which is fault on him as well)

I accidently deleted.
So she supported it at first.

But in her own stream she says she was [[trying]] to be supportive, but was actually uncomfortable with it. Maybe don't pretend to support something you are against?

Then she gives them space to talk in private and then flips shit the next day because she doesn't know what happened.
Hindsight is 2020 of course. But maybe she should have just, talked with them? She also mentions in her stream that Holly was like maybe violating Ross's boundaries.
I feel like the conversation that happened that night should have been the three of them together, or maybe wait until all FOUR of them got together to talk.
Transparency and Privacy are opposites, don't offer complete privacy and then expect complete transparency.

Why didn't Heidi ever speak to Ross once? She doesn't confirm or deny directly speaking to him about this. She complains in her stream about "They aren't clearing this with all parties", even though she didn't even communicate to Holly's spouse. Maybe she felt it wasn't her responsibility, though it would be curteous nonetheless.

My guess is that she thought if she did tell Ross herself then Holly and Ross would break up and then it would bring Holly closer to Jared, which is what eventually happened.

So who is at fault?
All of them, except Ross.
Open Relationships and love triangles almost always end in disaster, monogamy is the best way to go, Heidi said it herself.

Actions, whatever the intention may be, will always consequences. The only one who basically did nothing was Ross. He won the game by just not playing. In that same spirit, so will I.

No. 886092

Don't get me wrong. Hoelly Cuntrad is pretty at fault here too, mental health doesn't excuse her shitty actions. People try to say mass shooters are "just mentally ill" and "need help", yeah they might just have mental problems but they are still a menace to society, just like Holly Conrad. I hope she does gets life in prison for scamming cancer patients and then rots in the lowest depths of hell.

What I would probably done differently in the situation.

-If I was Heidi, demand Jared leave DCA or I leave the marriage. If Jared choses DCA over Heidi then it should be obvious where his priorities are.

-If I was Jared, leave DCA and cut off Holly for good, that is if my wife happened to be my priority over my career.

Sigh what could have been.

-Holly, I don't do love triangles and honestly couldn't care less about other people's relationships, especially if they are just friends and not family. I can't be bothered to play "Captain Save-a-Hoe", call me selfish I guess.

Easiest way to get friend out of abusive relationship: Don't be there friend

((As if telling the fucking married side-hoe to stay away from her husband is abusive))

If Holly stayed clear from Jared's marriage then we wouldn't have the May 2019 shitshow, DCA would still be around, Jared would be in Normal Boots and this thread wouldn't exist!

So basically this shitshow happened because Jared wasn't committed to his wife, and Holly couldn't stay out of their marriage.

But additionally because Jared wasn't satisfied with being married that he had to run porn blogs and trade nudes with dozens if not hundreds of fans, of course at least one underage liar was bound to crawl in. But he did apologize about the power imbalance, of course, as if his 500k+ sub count at the time the blogs started wasn't a good enough indicator.

No. 886095



It's not that people give a fuck, it's that hoelly can't leave her mouth shut for two seconds and constantly waves their relationship around like she won a prize for anything other than #1 Supreme Dumbass of 2019.

>"But maybe she should have just, talked with them?"

Right, because it had gone so well thus far when Jared told her he would break it off with Holly and then proceeded to meet up with/fuck her after each of his therapy sessions.

>"She also mentions in her stream that Holly was like maybe violating Ross's boundaries."

I think in her texts with Holly where Holly specifically says "I'm going to tell Ross everything", implying that she had been hiding it from him, it proves that it wasn't "maybe" but that she was definitely violating Ross's boundaries.

>"Why didn't Heidi ever speak to Ross once?"

Because Jared had convinced her that Ross was mad at her for preventing the Jared/Holly relationship from going forward.

No. 886101

nice effortpost, wk.
the marriage has ended and this has no point but keep digging digging digging for that tidbit that proves Heidi somehow did or didn't do something.
Jared had complete agency over flashing his dick around btw.

No. 886113


It would have meant she was hiding if it wasn't a text literally sent the day after she was surprised with the proposition during that walk in the woods. All of them - Heidi including - explain that Holly didn't know the talk was gonna happen in advance and was surprised by it. So something happens during the night when you are out of town and you are traveling back to your husband the next day, you have party planned in the evening, yeah sure - "gonna tell him after Ana's party".

No. 886118


I don’t buy it. I don’t care WHO the party was for, but if I suddenly discovered I harbored sexual feelings towards someone that was NOT my husband, telling him would probably take priority over a fucking party.

No. 886121

maybe jared wanting to pork her was a surprise, but it's practically a given she was emotionally cheating on ross long before that.

No. 886132


That's your priority, but for a couple discussing possible polyamorous hook to another couple that lives in a different state discussing it RIGHT ON THE SPOT might not have been that urgent. After all, it is not a discussion or conversation that is decided on the moment - it usually takes some time and thinking on all sides.

No. 886135

>I don’t buy it. I don’t care WHO the party was for, but if I suddenly discovered I harbored sexual feelings towards someone that was NOT my husband, telling him would probably take priority over a fucking party.
Probably because that sounds like a conversation best had in person

>maybe jared wanting to pork her was a surprise, but it's practically a given she was emotionally cheating on ross long before that.

Wanting to, and intention to do so are so different. And Heidi in her stream admits Jared wasn't going to make a move on Holly because "she's not in an open relationship"

>Because Jared had convinced her that Ross was mad at her for preventing the Jared/Holly relationship from going forward.

She was just taking Holly and Jared's word for it, and by extension would also be hiding their relationship from Ross if they did pursue something. Which Jared didn't want to pursue until Heidi suggested they escalate.

No. 886136

I don't get why people are still arguing about all this crap as if theres only two states you can come out as after this 0% trash or 100% squeaky clean.

Everyone involved is a fucking nutcase dumpsterfire who I'd never go near in a million years.

Just never date youtubers, cosplayers or internet "personalities" because theres only three reasons that they got into it, to get attention, have sex, and live an easier life.

What kind of nutcases does all of this drama shit publicly on Twitter?

No. 886137

I mean if they intended to have sex without permission of their spouses, wouldn't they have just… done it sooner?
Assuming they didn't of course.

No. 886148


Okay so it goes like

mid to late 2017:
Jared and Heidi go polyamorous.
Diath/Strix ship becomes a thing. Heidi supports it, Jared keeps doing it because she thinks his wife is okay with it.

February 2018
1) Heidi tells them "You have permission to do whatever you want to", that this means is entirely up to interpretation.

2) Jared and Holly go on a walk. Holly tells Jared she is madly in love with him.

3) Awkward breakfast next morning

4) Holly goes to Anna's party

5) Jared and Holly supposedly start sexting about the ways they'd bang each other, which If they were both just scumbag cheaters they would have did with or without permission anyway. Strange this wasn't mentioned in the chat logs between Holly and Heidi.

But don't get me wrong Heidi was free to pull the plug for any reason, especially after finding out Holly loved Jared more than she loved Ross (p.s. she didn't).

6) Heidi says "No" because they supposedly started sexting while pending permission from Ross, understandable.

Heidi - Well she made some wrong choices maybe, she watched it happened, wasn't sure what to do. But she was just on the sideline.

Holly - Loving someone that isn't your married spouse is always pretty shitty. She is going to get karma for all the bullshit she put Ross through I hope, that 3 month intermission period wasn't enough she deserves worse.

Jared-Kinda seems like he was just undecided and uncommitted to either of the two, Heidi even says this in her stream.

Ross-Didn't deserve this BS.

No. 886149

They were still emotionally cheating well before they apparently had sex and exchanging nudes/sexting so it's moot anyway.

No. 886163


close enough, except the "supposedly sexting about the ways they'd bang each other" was in the phone conversations Heidi found which dated starting in October 2018. So that makes 6 not fit anymore.

No. 886170

Not even the parties involved are doing this level of forensics on their respective divorces. It's pure autism at this point.

No. 886286

i just learned (the old news) that heidi and jared were together for 8/9 years. i already felt for her wanting to save the marriage but fuck, almost a decade and people still had the audacity to be like “the crazy psycho wouldn’t let it die!” i hope heidi finds long lasting happiness in her future

sorry for no contribution/light blogpost

No. 886292

I am sure Jared still thinks about her too.
The amount of time they spent together.
The minimal but memorable contribution she had to his career.
On YouTube he seemed most productive 2014 and 2015, the first year they were married.
His own hesistance to just do the divorce much sooner.
He was hurt too I am sure, he just had different coping methods (one of them was Holly), and does a better job hiding it.
But Heidi admits the last time they were in the house together he was in tears.

But well, it just wasn't meant to last forever.

No. 886303

>Everyone involved is a fucking nutcase dumpsterfire who I'd never go near in a million years.

ye. I have sympathy for Heidi because she really did get fucked over by people she trusted (husband, best friend, even her shitty therapist) but everyone involved is crazy and that's that. the milk was fun while it lasted but I don't think there's much else to say now.

No. 886350


>"I'm sure Jared still thinks about her too"

Probably about the way his career wouldn't be in tatters if he'd just listened to his wife and (A) quit doing the nude blogs after a certain point like she asked and (B) refrained from fucking Holly.

>"He was hurt too I am sure"

The dude's downfall came by his own actions. He doesn't get to claim that he's "hurt" when he caused so much harm to others.

>"Heidi admits the last time they were together he was in tears"

A lot of emotionally abusive people use tears as a manipulation tactic, as a "You can't be mad at me for hurting you - Look how sad I am!" kind of thing.

No. 886353

>>"You can't be mad at me for hurting you - Look how sad I am!"
Sounds like Hoelly to a T

No. 886357


It is absolutely Hoelly. After all, when people got pissed over her Etika post, she pulled the classic "I'm sorry, I'm mentally ill" card, as if that made it okay.

No. 886444

File: 1572395533721.jpg (927.38 KB, 1080x1656, interesting.jpg)

thats where she'll be tommorow

No. 886448

How about don't be a stalker.

No. 886462

how about she not be a worthless, lying manipulative abusive whore.

No. 886464


And? She's a shit person, but she should still be able to go out and do things without someone like you displaying borderline stalkerish behavior.


Fucking yikes.

No. 886472


you think birds give you clout? see a specialist, anon. And learn to sage.

No. 886473


Abusive, sure. You're acting like a raging incel that was declined by their love interest though. As shitty as Holly is, she didn't do anything against us personally and you releasing her location? Yikes, my guy.

Also what does that picture have to do with anything?

No. 886477

Log off the internet forever, stalker anon.

No. 886482

File: 1572398901681.gif (7.01 MB, 718x404, 975dac4da877f1d7e7484b06beb10a…)

sorry I was just trying to be edgy

No. 886495

Who's side are you on anyway?

No. 886509

I’m on the side of not being trolled by stalker edgelords, thanks.

No. 886524


On the side that keeps the cow producing milk and people outside of jail, hospitals or cemeteries.. I didn't think that this will need to be spelled out for the newfags here.

No. 886527

File: 1572404345758.gif (1.26 MB, 500x277, 95a.gif)

>cow producing milk
Damn so you are saying the best we can do is just watch?
Lame but good point I guess. I have been trying to follow other internet dramas but this particular one has
plot twists
character development
excellent storytelling.

So far the holy trinity has provided months of entertainment, but sadly the story is done. Enjoying 2019's drama while it lasts until 2020 comes back and the only thing trending is politics and the election.

No. 886551

>>Damn so you are saying the best we can do is just watch?

Yes. Don't cowtip is the first rule of lolcow. That means observe from the sidelines without getting involved.

Trying to get anons to run to a cow's location to stalk and harass for a drop of milk is not only against the rules, but also pathetic.

On another note, I personally find Heidi's sperging the most enjoyable in this cow hat-trick. Her relevancy is fading and she can't help but "feel the need to vent" to try and stay in the limelight for a bit longer. Jared acting like nothing has happened / is annoyingly smug and deluded as if he's gotten away with it and everyone's forgotten and he's some kind of hero for "beating cancel culture". What a shit show kek.

They're all so self-important thinking theyre all the underdog hero of the situation, but at the end of the day are just a bunch of ugly nerds airing their flaws and mental issues online to try and get people to like them, when really they are all sealing their own fates on the same sinking ship of being known online as "that person who cheated on / that person who got cheated on / that homewrecker" for ever.

No. 886552

The best milk comes from organic cows doing their thing. Scaring up the milk taints the milk.

No. 886553

File: 1572410131533.jpg (3.98 MB, 2851x10580, connectingthedots.jpg)

Okay I will make a different version with links and citations, for now I made one with just graphics.

Soon I will discover the truth!
Soon I will find out why the 2 relationships with these 4 individuals who don't even know I exist broke apart and then my life will be complete!!

Fuck trying to find the cure to cancer, I will spend the rest of my life trying to get to the bottom of this cheating scandal!

No. 886559


>"I personally find Heidi's sperging the most enjoyable in this cow hat-trick. Her relevancy is fading and she can't help but "feel the need to vent" to try and stay in the limelight for a bit longer."

Or she's, y'know, venting about things affecting her life, like the fact that her husband with a public career couldn't keep it in his pants and publicly flaunts his relationship with his mistress on a regular basis.

No. 886583


Sure, that's the reason to explode the scandal in May. But now it's October and they have been in divorce proceedings for at least 5 months now, closing to 6 and she mocked and laughed at her husband and his public career for cheap likes already in June (or July) when she didn't think he can pull off a return. At this point he ain't flaunting, he is just living without Heidi's permission or approval. Remember how he blocked her in May? She should stop checking in on him with her alts and possibly block Holly (if she is still unblocked) too.

You know things are getting wrong for her when she is doing the exact thing we were laughing at Holly for 3 months and saying "She should stop tweeting and get off the internet and stop looking for hateful messages"

No. 886584


Okay, pj2 Stan. Let me know all about “moving on” once Hoelly quits selling T-shirts and trying to profit off of the very same scandal that she caused.

No. 886587


Wait, so now Heidi's mental health is depending on Holly doing something right? A bit cruel sentence there.

No. 886600

"He's living his life without her permission!!!" sounds like such a male post. If you like unwashed pencil dick Jared so much, kindly vacate the thread.

No. 886627

Kind of agree but once Heidi released those texts with her and the therapist she stopped being sympathetic.

No. 886630

agree with who, newfag?

No. 886631

The general opinion.

No. 886638

She was being aggressive because her husband who she loved had been emotional manipulating and lying to her for months. Then when she thinks he is out of her life for good he comes back and finds out as soon as she gets off a plane while on vacation.

>But she threatened his career!

-Yes neither are blameless here. Jared could have possibly found a way to formally break up with her first but unfortunately he simply couldn't wait to put his dick into something, I don't even think it had to be Holly specifically.

No. 886655

"the general opinion" lmao. I love the people who come in here trying to make Heidi look bad when, in actuality, the only two garbage people here are Jared and Holly. Stop WKing the fucking troglodyte.

No. 886661

That may be.
The thing is everyone in the holy trinity plays the victim.

Always pointing out what the other person did, not enough taking responsibility for what they did.

Heidi hid the fact she was used blackmail and was dating a black male.

Holly initially denied even being involved when she knew damn well she played quite a role (But I think Jared lied to her about what Heidi knew). "Heidi doesn't want me to have sex with her husband - yikes she is so abusive!".

Jared denies being a cheater even though he is for all intents and purposes and denies the emotional abuse he put Heidi through.

No. 886706


Gotta say, doxxing your own therapist that you have spent the previous months praising for "calling me on my bs" is still a twist of the knife I didn't think Heidi would stoop to.

No. 886714

She might have been reffering to her local therapist.

If she is using a long distance therapist for very close distance problems, I wouldn't reccomend that. She probably can't afford a local one though.

No. 886738


>Heidi hid the fact she was used blackmail and was dating a black male


No. 886742

Guys, just calm down. I'm sure the next time one of this lot says/does something fucking stupid then all the fanfic posts will die down.

No. 886743

2 hour long stream giving information about her relationship with Jared, Jared's relationship with Holly.
Then basically zero about her own extramarital partners.
Or who's idea it was to go polyamorous.
I just think it's really bias.

But Jared is worse for manipulating all the normal boots fangirls tricked into thinking he is attractive from playing asagao academy

No. 886746


>They're all so self-important thinking theyre all the underdog hero of the situation

That'll happen when you're even slightly "e-famous"

No. 886750

None of Heidi's extramarital partners begged her to put an end to her marriage to be with them & only them. (From what we know)

No. 886760

Not to mention Heidi clearly tried to include Jared in her poly stuff.
The texts that Holly tried to "gotcha" her with.
Meanwhile Jared just went and fucked whatever girl he wanted and didn't want Heidi involved in anyway other than a solemn "okay you can"

No. 886763

Good point. We do know her anonymous friend is the one who encouraged her to leave Jared's bedroom.

But not like Holly were she was hell-bent on making it happen. She had a personal interest in Jared's cock.

anyway a bit offtopic from that

Jared, I just don't think he had or even still has strong feelings for Holly. If he did they didn't superceed his feelings for Heidi and ending his marriage and relationship much sooner. Heidi said Jared "treats her as badly as he treats me".

No. 886764

How am I not surprised that they’re racist, too?

No. 886765

probably because she knew people like Keemstar would call her a "whore" for having sexual relations with other men besides her husband, regardless of them being polyamorous.

No. 886766


>Heidi hid the fact she was used blackmail and was dating a black male

/pol/ cares about this?

No. 886796


>"Heidi hid the fact she was used blackmail and was dating a black male."

An emotionally manipulated and abused person lashing out isn't blackmail - and what the fuck does the race of her poly partner have to do with anything?


Releasing her first name isn't doxxing. What anon did up there with releasing Holly's exact whereabouts? THAT was borderline doxxing.


Because it doesn't matter whose idea it was to go poly. When Heidi said "don't fuck this one specific person" and Jared did it anyway, it crossed the line from poly into just straight cheating.


Or moved from another state just to hit that worm dick.

No. 886920


Doxxing how? Posting completely censored conversations that share a first name and no other personal info? Anon, you're completely making shit up

No. 886965

So Holly is at the Night Market with Jared being very PDA hugging each other. So I guess he isn’t ghosting her.

No. 886971


I don't think anybody thought he WAS ghosting her - just that, like Heidi said he did to her, he might withhold attention from Holly when she says/does something he doesn't like

Besides, at this point - having blown up his marriage, his career, and what little reputation he had to start with - it'd be an idiot move to already drop the mistress who you did all of that for after just a couple of months.

No. 887007


Fact is that anons here managed to find who Sara was just from those conversations - Heidi didn't censor important stuff, including the kinda automated replies that linked to the possible app that this therapist is part of, gave her first name and city where she was located in… Not so difficult to narrow things from there.

No. 887018


So it’s Heidis fault that the internet is full of creeps who want to pretend to be amateur sleuths?

You can’t accuse someone of doxxing when all she did was list Sara’s name. It’s not on her that the internet doesn’t know when to stop.

No. 887019


Even Jared who posted that first text on his video had only a first letter there, not her full first name. Pretending she didn't do it on purpose is just dumb - she censored all other third-party names in the conversations - so it's obvious inconsistency.

No. 887026


>"Pretending she didn't do it on purpose"

Again, all she published was the lady's first name - and it's a super common first name, at that.

>"It's obvious inconsistency"

She finally starts publishing names because everyone was on her about hiding shit - and now she's getting shit for showing too much?

People like you just aren't going to be happy with Heidi, no matter what she does - but will praise Holly for publishing private sexts between Jared and Heidi.

No. 887031


No one figured out her actual identity. Someone posted a wrong guess, that's it. This argument is stupid.

No. 887043


I think that anon means it is inconsistency in the texts released - she censored other names there but not this one.

No. 887050


>"Inconsistency in the texts released"

It literally does not matter. She released the texts that had anything to do with the shitstorm. What - do y'all want her to release conversations she had about lunch that day or her issues with her parents or something?

>"She censored other names there but not this one"

For all we know, "Sara" okayed the release of her name.

No. 887054

Heidi didn't even say what text therapy app she used. Someone else did.
Heidi didn't doxx anyone. That's like saying you doxx yourself by posting selfies with 1 floor tile showing

No. 887100

She didn't even give her therapist's last name. Plus, it's not like Sara is such an uncommon name…

No. 887103

Plus, Holly's done plenty of favors for him that she'll be more than happy to hold over him the very moment he starts to lose interest in her.

No. 887107

Got any proof of that?

No. 887151

I didn’t take a photo of them that’s kinda fucked up. I also don’t want to compromise myself. The posters for the event say that Trash witch coven was gonna be there but it was Just Holly and Jared, no Kayla.

No. 887167

Just hugging?

No. 887171

File: 1572563529867.png (685.23 KB, 577x599, look twitter i'm a bird.png)

>honk honk wait no don't tweet clown emojis at me uwu

No. 887173


The headpiece honestly looks like one of those precut glue-and-stick kind of crafts that kids do at summer camp

No. 887271

File: 1572579613525.png (1.82 MB, 1053x1592, Screenshot_20191031-233830~2.p…)

No. 887275


It would probably be a relatively cute costume, if we didn't all know what kind of crazy lurks beneath Holly's "I'm so uwu sweet!" front.

No. 887276


It would probably be a relatively cute costume, if we didn't all know what kind of crazy lurks beneath Holly's "I'm so uwu sweet!" front.

No. 887295

File: 1572584803431.gif (2.37 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

I mean….it's a character that terrorizes everyone around them and feels entitled to what's not theirs and just causes general destruction so I guess it's accurate? That fascinator looks awful though.

No. 887299

File: 1572585306269.png (501.17 KB, 470x634, suzythegoose.png)

How did we get here folks…..Suzy the goose dressed like a swan and Holly dressed like a goose? And Suzy is the one I look at and go "haha, cute, good for her" (obviously I know she's dressed as Bjork but I'm trying to make it like, poetic or something). I wonder if Holly's mad because only SHE'S allowed to do a bird thing!!!

No. 887301


Probably - after all, she's apparently the only Fem!Shep that was allowed, leading to her temper tantrum when they picked the one that didn't look like her ("IT PROVES POPULAR GIRLS ALWAYS WIN LIKE IN HIGH SCHOOL")

No. 887303

File: 1572588242473.png (404.63 KB, 661x806, 2019-11-01_02h02_02.png)

Ugh, Wizards of the Coast actually plugged Hoelly's brand in the interview with her skincrawler in the new D&D Dragon+ mag, complete with that cringe Cancelled shirt.

Nice to see how desperate Kayla is for Holly's approval that she'll just draw up whatever she even so much as ponders openly about. Hopefully one day she realizes just how much she's being used.

No. 887304


>"No-one was making the kinds of clothes they wanted to wear"

Yeah, because the rest of us actually give a fuck what we look like and would rather not wear a softer version of a literal trash bag if at all possible.

>"Here you go, I made it, let's put it on a shirt"

Well, when you have gamer girls selling their bath water, I guess Hoelly could be doing worse…

No. 887330

She's obsessed with birds and cosplaying and this is the best she could come up with for a goose costume?

No. 887334


A bit far fetched to say obsessed with cosplay, since she hasn't really worked at cosplaying characters that aren't hers in a very long time.

No. 887343


And even then, wasn't it when she stole that money from a fucking cancer survivor who wanted to do a cosplay for charity?

No. 887353


>Wizards of the Coast

…But the real question is: Will DCA be coming back?

No. 887354

Oh, nevermind. They were actually interviewing Kayla.

No. 887401


>"No-one was making the kinds of clothes they wanted to wear

I fucking cackled out loud. These shirts are so generic, do they hear themselves?

No. 887411

No one was making the clothes they wanted to wear because they’re just random ideas slapdashed together on typical clothingwear.

Kayla’s such an idiot. These designs and concepts are typical of every white girl who adopted a hot topic witch aesthetic in their early teens. It’s just LOLRANDUM11!!1 but instead of cookies it’s birds.

No. 887412

File: 1572623859912.png (34.57 KB, 381x225, sb1.png)

>A bit far fetched to say obsessed with cosplay, since she hasn't really worked at cosplaying characters that aren't hers in a very long time
That's….still cosplay though? She's wearing the costume of a character, why would it being "hers" not make it cosplay? She's was literally the focus of a documentary about cosplay and appeared multiple times on a TV show about cosplay, she had a cosplay production company, the reason she got famous was for cosplay, and her only ""job"" for the past decade was basically being a cosplayer (until she was then able to leech off Ross and do nothing). It's extremely far fetched to say she's NOT obsessed with cosplay.

Yes, it's been discussed to death already, this is literally ancient milk. Go read the PULL thread synopsis if you need to be spoonfed her history.

So I went to try and look at Suzy's twitter (I don't follow her and I couldn't remember what it was) and when you search "Suzy Berhow" on twitter the first thing that comes up is this twitter account that's all shooped nudes of Suzy? I wonder if she's uhhhh aware

No. 887413

File: 1572623937720.png (Spoiler Image,478.67 KB, 1028x549, sb.png)

The account
>(not real Suzy)

No. 887421


Saying she is "obsessed with cosplay" when this was her job is stupid. How is Heidi not obsessed with cosplay, oh right, that's what her job is. Get a grip.

No. 887442

men are sub-humans holy shit this is gross

No. 887448

File: 1572629672793.jpg (400.39 KB, 1080x826, Screenshot_20191101-121506_You…)

From Jareds infamous D&December 2019 video.

Most of the background was designed by Heidi, you can see the progress on her instagram probably more on twitter with enough digging.

Yet he was balls deep in Holly at this point.

No. 887450

File: 1572629772991.png (593.16 KB, 1080x1549, Screenshot_20191101-123201(1).…)

So I was curious about Suzy's locked account and apparently Katie caught wind and thinks any criticism of her obsession with Arin is from Snooze. I'm not sure if anybody posted this another thread so I'm saging.

No. 887451

File: 1572629860313.jpg (196.54 KB, 1080x1799, sketch-1572629834155.jpg)

Heidi still credits Jared for the photos he took.

Jared didn't even acknowledge Heidi's work here.

No. 887459

>Holly's done plenty of favors for him that she'll be more than happy to hold over him the very moment he starts to lose interest in her.

Like what?
Holly published info that made people question Heidi's narrative.
But many drama channels did cover the polyamory and it was generally accepted both partners had some blame in it. But nobody was willing to go anywhere near the pedophilia allegations except for the Truth Blog (CupcakeValkyrie) and bernietxt(because they are edgy kids who welcome death threats), she shared the video thats about it.

Heidi made Jared's Diath costume yet he was still wearing it past October when he was fucking Holly.

Plus unlike when he was done with Heidi, Jared had to go through the process of divorce and moving her out.

When he breaks up with Holly all he has to do is block her number (oh and block her on Twitter!) and that's it.

No. 887520

How likely it is that Heidi is refusing to cooperate with the divorce at all? I mean, she claims to want to move on and divorce him but no movement at all since July - it just ain't the way things go if the two sides want to split up.

She complained to her therapist that she will be able to live only for a year with what she gets from the divorce (her 50% I assume or whatever better deal Jared has offered her) but if she doesn't get divorced yet, she is not getting those money soon, right? So how is she gonna finance herself? Is Jared required to pay for her expenses while the divorce is ongoing? Anyone knows about this?

No. 887536

Not an expert personally, but my guess is it's neither Jared or Heidi's priority to escalate the divorce proccess.

Heidi settled down and married Jared at a young age so she doesn't have much serious adulting experience.

Jared while more experienced, probably doesn't have the interest in speeding it up (I'm guessing). He wasn't in a rush to get it started back in October 2018 so I'd imagine even now he isn't in a rush to finish it.

No. 887560

Love the irony of her acting like Suzy is out of line when Katie's been sperging nonstop for months about her husband who she hasn't spoken to in 15 years and begging to fuck him. I guess I'd have a psychotic break too if the dude I strung along for years then discarded turned into a millionaire. Also didn't she just say she was leaving Arin alone?

No. 887570


That’s exactly how it goes. Divorces are long and often complicated, not to mention that there are guidelines in place wi5 mandatory waiting.

No. 887574

>slutty mother of two

that's a woman

No. 887589


Mandatory waiting period expired mid-August, but there hasn't been any movement since a month before that.

No. 887610


Just because the website hasn’t been updated doesn’t mean that things aren’t moving forward as they should.

No. 887638

No one said Heidi wasn't obsessed with cosplay? We literally weren't even talking about Heidi? You whiteknights will really take any discussion of Holly's flaws and try and turn it into
>BUT HEIDI!!!!!!
stop being so obsessed with her, it won't make Jared love you more

No. 887655

Maybe they're engaging in a fierce custody battle for Ares.

No. 887679

Heidi has a good amount of white knignts too.
Like Treesicle who blindly defended her in his first two videos.
Or the more low-scale ones like someone named SwordOfHeidi who was spamming revenge porn
Her WKs are just as bad and would likely act rashly if rejected by her

No. 887696

Christ, you're literally doing it again. No one said Heidi didn't have whiteknights, no one was talking about Heidi
>Holly's cosplay is
>Holly's whiteknights are
>No one's talking about Heidi

Right, because no one can lie about anything in their fake twitter bio where they're pretending to be someone they're not, using fake photos. We should definitely believe it when they say they're a mother of two. You should call CPS with your evidence anon.

No. 887697

Who the FUCK looks at swordofheidi and sees anything but a troll?

No. 887715

File: 1572666932981.jpg (1.1 MB, 1497x998, couplephotos.jpg)

Even though their relationship was very unstable, toxic and miserable behind closed doors, Jared and Heidi sure did a good job at making it look like the opposite was true when showing their relationship to the public. They knew they were like a king and queen and had to set a good example for their fans.

Jared and Holly's couple photos will never look this cute. They haven't even posted a photo of them kissing each other yet, and I feel like that may never happen at least not for awhile. Not that they are under an obligation too. I don't even show off my relationships to social media personally, because it's well personal.

No. 887737

File: 1572676079930.jpg (614.17 KB, 1080x1920, MOV_0081_000008.jpg)

Sorry for the cryptid tier pic, but they are hanging in the Marriott lobby at Blizzcon. I about had a heart attack when they walked in.

No. 887748

Isn't Ross there too? Hoo boy…

No. 887758


god he fucking looks like one though

No. 887768


That's not how public court records websites work, anon.

No. 887780

Right, because it’s easier to blame Heidi for allegedly dragging her feet, rather than accepting that shit happens and a public record website might not be completely up to date.

No. 887789


Not saying she is dragging her feet, just that if there was any movement on the court case it would have been in the public records. Just see the how many times Hoelly had to request and send documents to Ross and everything was marked in there.

No. 887820

He might have been upset at first, but you can't have bad blood forever. Besides he js probably there with his new girlfriend, maybe they will go on a double date or something.

No. 887828

They only look good because Heidi is attractive. Imagine Holly in these and you'd kek yourself into oblivion.

No. 887872


>Even though their relationship was very unstable, toxic and miserable behind closed doors, Jared and Heidi sure did a good job at making it look like the opposite was true when showing their relationship to the public.

Or maybe it wasn't toxic and miserable when these pictures were taken. The cute photos stopped around the time Holly entered the picture


Oh sure, let's just brush aside abuse and trauma because hey, new relationship! Let's double date!

No. 887880


>maybe they will go on a double date or something.

And the most autistic post award goes to yet another Holly and Jared fan.

No. 887890

"Oh, what's a little emotional cheating, actual cheating, and forcing me to couch surf because you had to get to that weasely dick as early as possible and basically making me miserable for months between friends? Wanna double date?"

No. 887901

File: 1572717027165.png (292.79 KB, 718x450, dontbotherross.png)

This is in such poor taste, they really have no shame? This feels like when your ex shows up to a wedding that you guys RSVP'd to back when you were still together and you thought they would have the common sense to not show up and know they're not wanted, but they do and even worse they brought the homewrecker with them.

>but you can't have bad blood forever
Why not? Why can't Ross have bad blood forever? There's no conceivable reason why he ever has to be ok with this, she's earned a life time supply of vitriol and then some for what she put him through, she deserves no forgiveness. It doesn't even seem like Holly has tried to make amends? She's never apologized for what she did, she's just denied she did anything wrong and then whined when people haven't forgiven her because "muh mental illness I deserve it im queer". Holly gets to be traumatized by her ~sooo tragic past~ her entire life and use it as an excuse to be a terrible person, but Ross is supposed to have gotten over this trauma in 5 months? Absolutely fuck off with this.

>And the most autistic post award goes to yet another Holly and Jared fan.
seconding this nomination

God, Holly could never, she doesn't have the range. This just made me realize that Holly "#1 master professional cosplayer" can literally do like….2 looks and that's it
>space bitch
>trash goth
Heidi is literally cosplaying a character that looks like Holly, and looks better than Holly ever could lmao, what a mindfuck.

No. 887903

You're right, no double date. How about a triple date with Jared&Holly,Ross&HisGF, and Heidi&Jeremy!

No. 887913

Why are you this much of a creep

No. 887915

File: 1572718373506.jpeg (80.87 KB, 640x665, 358BD438-2531-44B4-ABA8-55AC32…)

So what happened to Holly’s photographers original account?

No. 887917

unless she was having sex with that photographer then they are not a character in this story

No. 887946

The tweet anon posted is older than the leaving Arin alone one

No. 887949

Not even just the trauma of the events leading up to the divorce, but the trauma of being married to Holly in itself. She even admitted she was abusive to him and Ross has alluded that she suicidebaited him constantly. You don't just leave a relationship like that unscathed.

No. 887992

Yeah, Jared's got it all pat-down on his side, but we know by now just how determined Holly is to live out this shit-stained fantasy…

No. 887993


Probably looking to get a photo-op with him to go "See? We good!" so that they're fans can spam it to anyone who's concerned about him.

(Sage for tinfoil)

No. 887996

Is that Jared next to her??? He looks ill…

No. 888009

File: 1572726526411.jpg (202.55 KB, 1080x739, Screenshot_20191102-152852_Twi…)

She might be abusing Jared now as well

No. 888015

>but she and her ex overcame it

LOL I can't believe Jared and Holly really tried to sell this angle when they were already actively cheating on their spouses with each other. The sheer audacity. Compulsive liars really don't have any scruples eh?

No. 888028


Vote for thread pic for next thread

No. 888149

I cannot, for the life of me, understand how you could be sexually attracted to this man, but not Ross.
are you retarded, or just autistic?

No. 888154

>are you retarded, or just autistic?
I'm optimistic

No. 888158

File: 1572744693234.jpg (92.92 KB, 1080x311, Screenshot_20191102-203051_Twi…)

and he started streaming hours ago.
Unless they were checking out around this time instead of in.

No. 888299

optimistic for what? an abuse victim ""forgiving"" their abuser? are you ok?

No. 888538

File: 1572831834421.jpg (231.93 KB, 810x1012, IMG_20191103_194329.jpg)

Heidi updated her profile picture, same costume she had in previous one except the photo was taken by herself and not Jared.

No. 888549

File: 1572834795864.jpg (658.14 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-212810_You…)

Sage for minor stuff.

Ghoul grumps has been a fan favourite for years. Last year they just plain old forgot to do it, so they did "nightmare before xmas" to try to make up for it which comprised of scary christmas/winter themed games. This year they phoned it in completely. It started on a later date than usual, they reused their backwards messages, and they even used the nightmare before xmas heads in the thumbnail instead of ghoul grumps heads. They were completely lazy with it this year and it feels like they only did it because of the outcry last year.

No. 888570

they didn't even forget last year, Arin straight up said (in an episode that came out well before Halloween-time) that they could have done it but didn't feel like it. he said it wouldn't matter. He didn't realize other people actually did care, a lot. just another example of how out of touch they are with their fans… so many people love ghoul grumps.

They also said they don't like to play scary games so they don't enjoy it, but like, SkiFree and fucking Tungulus are not scary games. It's not like people want to watch them play P.T. every year. Even the Blair Witch game they played this year was pretty boring, mostly because Arin is so amazingly bad at anything other than Yoshi's Cookie.

Ghoul Grumps is a lot of fans' favorite time of year, and it seems like they do the absolute bare minimum, just enough so they don't have to directly communicate with their subscribers. I unsubscribed and am only returning every week or so to watch Phoenix Wright. They're lucky that game has a following they can take advantage of

No. 888578

File: 1572841778183.jpg (58.4 KB, 1080x684, 0_facebook_1572841459566.jpg)

Correction this is actually the first photo of Jared & Heidi together [Oni-Con 2012]. There may be some earlier ones out there but this is what I found.

Sage since not relevant to current events.

No. 888628

Not like GG ever gave a shit about their fans. They couldn't even run a garage sale without fucking it up and ruining it for everyone, despite having done so many tours and public events in the past decade.

No. 888678

File: 1572883691057.png (497.66 KB, 600x1394, holly and jared sitting in a t…)

nice to take a break from this shitshow, return to it and see the BiRd CoUpLe still being total cunts.
all is well with the world

(apologies for the size. just wanted to fit it all in one ss)

No. 888703


I love that she says disproven, when the only thing that was disproven was him blatantly asking for nudes from minors. He might not have asked, but he still received them from at least Chai/Charlie and god knows how many others - and all because PedoDick wanted to run a porn blog with his fucking username attached.

also just crazy big fan of the "THATS SEXIST" thing. Like it or not Hoelly, you fucked a married man - That makes you his mistress. Would you prefer side-piece? Side-ho? Adultress?

>"Oh shit, he's tweeting from prison"

Fam, I wouldn't be too keen on bragging that your Man got away with jacking it to nudes of minors.

No. 888712


When do you think Hoelly is going to realize that at 35+ years old, she's borderline boomer herself?

She's like the literal Baby Boomer who hears a new younger catch phrase and manages to ruin it.

No. 888742

Nice to see they embraced being openly shitty.
Gotta play it up for their new GG/CG fanbase after all.

No. 888762


Dude, Boomer generation is way older than 35, but also the meme does not refer to literal generation but the way that generation ignores facts and arguments when arguing on the internet and pretends to know everything.

No. 888767

so… like holly?

what i love most is she's acting like a boomer meme herself when she keeps calling other boomers for legitimately no reason kek
it'd be innocent if she wasn't so hatefully smug

No. 888783

File: 1572891056492.png (166.13 KB, 800x840, Screenshot_2019-11-04-13-08-40…)

It's ridiculous how many people are still citing Jared's video as proof of his "innocence".

No. 888792


It literally only proved that he didn’t directly ask the minors for their nudes - not that he didn’t receive them (or others)

No. 888859

Yeah, they're trying to gaslight that no minors ever did it at all now.

No. 888914

No. 888935

Mistress is not sexist. And Hoelly using the term boomer makes me laugh when she is nothing but a wealthy spoiled old maid with her creepier bf. Both of them are so ugly and delusional, and their white knights don't help with their delusions either.

No. 888950

Can she go back to photoshopping put her boomer 33 year old wrinkles and jaundice, and peddling her Great Value witch aesthetic?

No. 888951

I won't really defend his actions but

1) Trading nuded with fans is an abuse of power, but this was intended for consenting adults. It's questionable, but not illegal. If NB/GG/WoTC want to not work with him again for that reason I can't blame them.

2) He technically kind of sort of in a way but not neccesarily I guess you could say cheated on his wife. It happens, nothing to be proud of but it happens.

3) Holly isn't mentally ill, she's just a dumbass. I don't defend any of her actions in this.

I don't have the time or interest to WK for them on Twitter. But I will be sure to watch Jared's FF5 review when it comes out. Idk about Holly, she's never been a particularly interesting content creator, before she piggybacked on Ross's fame and now it's Jared.

No. 888960

Insisting that it was all 'disproven' & 'debunked' is just their way of saying "Nothing to see here folks! Move along! (Because you might actually find something if you keep looking/ask more questions…)

No. 888961


Again, calling 33-year-old a boomer just shows that your are a moronic teen. 1980s count the start of the millenials, followed by gen z in the mid/late-1990s. Educate yourself.

No. 888964

That person should've just corrected themselves with the gender-neutral term "side piece" & ended it there.

No. 888965

Oof. Yelling "Sexist!" is not going to bode well for Holly given Jared's new following…

No. 888968

We know, and as much as I personally hate the boomer meme when it started in the chans, the meme meaning of boomer can be used against people like Hoelly. Hoelly is also acting like a try hard using the boomer meme.

No. 888974

Anyone else feel like Jared seems just a bit too cocky for someone who's been (supposedly) cleared of some very serious allegations?

Also, you'd think that if he actually learned his lesson, he'd be taking the necessary steps to prevent this kind of incident from happening in the future…

No. 888977

not running a porn blog or having any sort of sexual interactions with random fans might be helpful, which I assume he hasn't been doing recently.

No. 888978

Haven’t been up to date since ages on this but holy shit, Jared looks like way too skinny and dead inside after all this.
I still don’t get it how he and Holly still continue to take on the role of the victims while Heidi still has to suck it all up and gets totally treated like the only crazy Person of this whole group.

No. 888981

He is a nerd with an ego and an inflated sense of worth on top of his insecurities.

No. 888985

I’m not the first anon, but thanks, I’m good
Anyway. Less FaceTiming, more getting back to off-brand generic witch shit.(emoji)

No. 889012

File: 1572914121261.jpg (205.17 KB, 1080x818, Screenshot_20191104-182732_Twi…)

Heidi is a victim of Jared's cheating but also polyamory, much like communism its an utopian idea that involves sharing, but humans by nature are not made to do such.

Holly is a victim of her own stupidity, she would have saved herself alot of trouble by just not meddling in Jared's relationship, and just staying quiet on social media throughout everything. I doubt any reasonable person is going to sending Jared death threats over cheating, but for pedophilia…

Jared, is a victim of his own horniness but also lies. C&C in different instances either lied or bent the truth for their personal (and financial) gain.

also pic related: Holly gave birth to the rats

No. 889030


Jared ain’t a victim of fucking anything. He made his own potential-pedophile bed, pissed in it, and is now having to deal with the fall out.

No. 889031


Also how do you figure financial gain? Chai and Charlie have gone into hiding, locked down their internet presence. The only one trying to make financial gain off of this shit show is Jared and Hoelly

No. 889092

it's just another case where Oney Plays handles it so much better than Game Grumps. they had two episodes a day of Boney Plays, a couple series with Zach, plus limited edition merch.

No. 889120


Stuff like this is why Holly has to find D&D work through shitty patreon streams and why neither of them will get picked up on anything WOTC official again, regardless of how many people they know on the inside.

No. 889122


That's what I wish someone would knock them upside the heads and yell at them.

Like, okay - go ahead and be a fucking smartass about the fact your boytoy jacked it to nudes of minors, Holly. That is NOT going to help your cause of bringing DCA back, and is in fact just proving that they did the right thing by distancing themselves from you and your probably-pedo-boytoy.

No. 889138

You'd think that, but given just how fucking many people officially involved with D&D still follow Holly on Twitter and interact with her, I'd almost say the only reason SHE isn't back is because she's refusing to do so without Jared.
(side note why does Penny Arcade even need a Patreon? Is their Megacorp still just not making them rich enough?)

No. 889159

Good to see Holly is still in the manic honeymoon phase of their relationship since her man got off with no real repercussions. Jared's gonna have a real fun time once the giddiness wears off.

No. 889160


If the giddiness was going to wear off, I expect it would have been when she was actively getting death threats (not that I condone them) early on, when she realized "Oh shit, the public isn't as head-over-heels for our uwu feelings as we are!"

When you look up "clingy psycho female", you'd see her picture.

No. 889199

>You're dating a creepy pedophile
>The word mistress is sexist!
Oh wow, she sure showed him.

No. 889211


what i don't understand is how quickly everyone dismisses the fact that even if jared did not send dick pics to minors, he still encouraged pictures from them.

what i also don't understand is why everyone forgets that even if you leave aside the whole minor-creeping bullshit (since it's welcomed some conflicting information), this jackass literally admitted to creeping on fans VIA USE OF TUMBLR PORN BLOGS (plural)

why is this acceptable and forgiven. the predatory degeneracy on display jesus and everyone is just brushing it off like "what do you want the man to do? starve?"

No. 889220


The only ones who've forgiven him are the nerdy incel fanboys who WISH they were in Jared's position before the scandal (making money from playing video games, married to a good looking woman who says "Hey, if you want to fuck other people? Go for it!", getting essentially unlimited nudes from his fans, fucking random fans at cons)

Anyone with two working brain cells doesn't want fuck all to do with ProPedo

No. 889222


I know it is unpopular opinion but maybe the 900k+ people still subbing to Jared fall into the following categories, which is why they are okay with still subbing and (some of them) defending him on Twitter:

1/ The exact fans that asked him to send him nudes. They don't see any problem with what happened except the "THEY LIED" chorus when someone mentions the minors. Personally I find it moronic that the same people yelling on twitter "stop defending him he won't fuck you" also don't forget to say "he fucked fans". Stop reminding them, ffs! Just gives them hope!

2/ Fans who didn't care enough for his personal life as long as he didn't get into "real" trouble - meaning actual law enforcement or courts got involved. Half a year after the fact it is quite difficult to argue that there is an investigation when there is no shred of any document that there is and the only other big youtube celebrity that faced similar scandal was arrested within the month when the first victim spoke to authorities.

3/ Assholes that are like "I separate content from creator and don't fucking give a shit"

There ain't no way to make sense to these people if they didn't find it in May-July.

No. 889224

File: 1572946191971.png (43.49 KB, 709x463, Screenshot_359.png)


>"900k+ people still subbing"

You realize the vast majority of those are probably bots and/or people who sub to boost numbers and then never again watch a video, right? If he was getting even a fraction of those 900k subscribers to watch his videos, he'd be making more than $60 a day (spoiler alert: he's getting on average, less than 20k views a day)

>"The exact fans that asked him to send him nudes"

Not to sound like a parent here, but if they asked him to shove Holly off of the brooklyn bridge, would that somehow make it okay for him to do so? He's a 30+ year old adult who should've known better than to send pictures of his weird dick to some randoms on the internet, especially when he has a modicum of fame attached to his name.

>"it is quite difficult to argue that there is an investigation when there is no shred of any document that there is"

Gee, I wonder why the police/feds might not be spreading the word that they're investigating someone, which would give them a way of deleting and/or hiding evidence and/or manipulating his accusers. Strange….

No. 889233


>Gee, I wonder why the police/feds might not be spreading the word that they're investigating someone, which would give them a way of deleting and/or hiding evidence and/or manipulating his accusers. Strange….

That's exactly the reason why we know there isn't anything going on. Because in cases of cybercrime there are immediate warrants for going through his digital data, which in Washington are public record. Because 6 months after the fact whatever was there is already deleted - not only by him but by those two twats that didn't want to go to the authorities.

No. 889237


He hasn't put out new content on his main channel since last year (not counting the scandal video or updates). I'm expecting a jump when he post something just because people are trash.

No. 889238


He hasn't put out new content on his main channel since last year (not counting the scandal video or updates). I'm expecting a jump when he post something just because people are trash.

No. 889293

Well alot of people were "fans by extension". Like people who are fans of the Game Grumps and Ross may have seen him on Grumpcade and subbed to him because they were like a friend of a friend.

The allegations might be cleared but the GG fans are not going to resub because of the cheating scandal/Jared is probably never going to work with the Grumps again.

Not that its a problem for Jared, JonTron is fully independent now and is doing great.

No. 889296


Considering that Jared called out Arin and Danny for making fun of the situation in his return video and hasn't mentioned GG once, while everyone else (NB, PBG, TheCompletionist) is unprivating the videos with him again, I think he won't work with them even if there weren't bridges burned. And if he is 900K and he was just over 1M before, if all those 100K are GG fans that just can't swallow it - good for them. But it doesn't seem that it hurts him that much. His audience is different and recently GG hasn't been on their top game either. Maybe the split of fandoms is for the best for everyone, except us trying to farm this drama.

No. 889298


Right, but it's made more complicated by the fact that the minors are in another state - Plus, cyber crimes like that (esp. that cross state lines) tend to go through federal agencies, not state (Plus, didn't at least one of the minors live in a whole ass different country?).

I'm not saying that there ARE any charges, but it's a bit ridiculous to assume that we, the general public, would know 100% about an investigation that is ongoing.

No. 889317


Pretty sure someone doxxed that Charlie was living 30 minutes away from where Jared and Heidi used to live before they separated. So that's some BS.

No. 889319


Right, because nothing screams "WE SHOULD LISTEN TO THIS PERSON!" quite like a good ole' fashioned doxxing.

Also, y'all are just being naive if you think a dude with SEVEN porn blogs stopped at lewd conversations with just the two more-vocal accusers.

No. 889322

i don't remember where i saw the caps (most likely on KF. i can look for it) but charlie OR chai did say they're preparing a case and are in talks with a lawyer. i'm not saying they can't be lying, just that if things haven't gone down yet it doesn't mean they won't in the future.

question – is it possible that the reason a federal investigation isn't taking place, or is slower than expected, is that chai/charlie (don't remember which) is no longer a minor? i mean, the point of concern was sexual behavior being directed towards minors. if they're no longer a minor then the government kind of sees them not as much in "danger" anymore?

No. 889330


both of them are not minors anymore, but this is totally not a reason why there wouldn't be an investigation, especially if there is a threat that the influencer would do it again. Which was the case with that other dude that got arrested, investigated and sentenced.

I find it funny that it is so easy to believe that Jared made all those other youtubers take down their videos with legal threats and he wouldn't do that with the CC team. Especially when he had THE RECEIPTS. CC got their 15 minutes of fame and paypal donations, their favorite GG stars tweeted at them, all dreams come true, now they are both privated, deleted conversations and accusations and at least one of them has repeatedly created fake accounts to drop the trail of people following him for the drama. But sure, they are totally gonna sue the shit out of Jared. In 20 years when it no longer will mean a shit.

No. 889337


It depends on statute of limitations, which runs anywhere from 1 to 5 years, typically. It doesn't matter that the person in question is no longer a minor.

>"if they're no longer a minor then the government kind of sees them not as much in "danger" anymore?"

But the crime still took place when they WERE a minor - again, it all boils down to evidence and statute of limitations.


>"Jared made all those other youtubers take down their videos with legal threats and he wouldn't do that with the CC team."

Because most of the youtubers who took down their videos were relative nobodies.

>"CC got their 15 minutes of fame and paypal donations"

Right, because a couple of hundred of dollars in donations (IF there were any, which you do not know one way or another) is really worth the death threats that came their way.

>"now they are both privated, deleted conversations and accusations"

You mean like your lord and savior PedoDick deleted the porn blogs?

No. 889366


>You mean like your lord and savior PedoDick deleted the porn blogs?

In fact if he hadn't deleted the blogs once he found out that there might have been minor nudes on them, he would have been breaking the law. So that's the ONLY thing that he did right.

No. 889534

File: 1573004775643.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1383x1398, 8BB1A35A-9768-4116-8202-C8351F…)

Back on that “why are you doing this to us?!?” Bullshit

No. 889537

>their favorite GG stars tweeted at them
Wasn't it just Suzy, who is basically a Grump-in-Law?

No. 889549

File: 1573006961271.png (18.82 KB, 589x143, Screenshot_361.png)

Is this where we're supposed to feel bad for her?

"I don't believe in compassion from others anymore"

Bitch, you fucked a married man while being married yourself. You are wholy undeserving of compassion, you ignorant sow.

No. 889553

Holly, you reap what you sow.

No. 889570

File: 1573013168275.png (2.52 MB, 1234x1372, original art.png)

sooooo. in this thread where people are just tripping over themselves trying to lick holly's taint, there's one fan who's talking about how super excited she is to receive art from holly's top patreon tier, and…
it's a print of the same shit holly gifted kayla kek

it's an actual fucking print, everything lines up completely.
what's wrong with that though? it's completely fine with sending your 50$ patreons prints if you so wish and if they're fine with it and if –
… if it was promised.
uh oh, get fucked, i guess?

No. 889571

You sure this isn't from the 30$ "print or sticker or whatevs" tier? I thought the 50$ tier original art was "one of these nigh-identical shit mushroom paintings."

No. 889582

Things worked better for them when they played the victim after all

(They actually didn't but maybe Holly's just working a cycle at this point)

No. 889583


Guess she's not all smiles lulz & sarcasm anymore…

No. 889584

If she was doing streaming and videos for all those ~charitable reasons uwu~ then why does she demand support and profit for them and throw a fit when people aren't paying her for it?

No. 889588


There's an easy solution to this.

Bite the bullet & admit that you -maybe- might have cheated. Will you looks 100% 'pure & wholesome uwu' after admitting it to your fans? Of course not, but we've already seen that you could probably livestream yourself laughing at a freshly-dead corpse & your fans would be more than willing to forgive & forget all of that just for the sake of keeping you happy & feeling secure.

No. 889589


It's like she grew balls for an hour, realized that smartass didn't fit her "I'M THE VICTIM!" mentality and reverted back to "UWU BE NICE TO ME, THE MENTALLY ILL BIRD MOM!"


Hell, at this point, admitting that "Yeah, we cheated" wouldn't solve it for her. She's spent WAY too fucking long playing the victim card that any sympathy she MIGHT have been able to milk expired a long ass time ago.

No. 889591


Yeah, but you know her & Jared's fans. They'd be willing to forgive her for A N Y T H I N G.

They could film themselves taking a dump on someone's grave & their stans would be cheering them on & defending them all the way.

No. 889592


True. It's the same group of fans who accuse Heidi of coming forward as her doing little more than trying to profit - while patting Holly on the back for creating an entire fucking clothing line, centering around the drama in an attempt to make a LITERAL PROFIT (y'know the same shit they got pissed at Heidi for)

No. 889594

Whenever she doesn't have a snappy retort she just retreats back to victim mode lmao. In this case she can't refute this person's post because she already admitted herself that Jared abused his power so she can only snivel "wuh-why are you doing this to ussss???"

No. 889599


Right, & now she's being all "Im losing compassionnnnn guyz!" as kind of a dogwhistle to her ultra-sensitive uwu fanbase

No. 889600


Well, that's just it. She knows when she goes into this ultra-sad-and-depressed modes that it rallies her fanbase to rush to her support. She gets off on all of these geniuses tripping over each other to be her #1 fan.

No. 889611

This is still the ugliest $50 I've ever seen and you don't even get to pick what you want for that price either (RIP doggy)

No. 889612

File: 1573018876567.png (19.01 KB, 591x141, Screenshot_363.png)

Maybe that's because you used your character as a cover for you fucking one of your group members behind both your husband and his wife's backs?

No. 889614

File: 1573018952720.png (33.73 KB, 595x327, Screenshot_364.png)

Fuck me sideways

"Circumstances you have no control over"

You had literally all of the control over not fucking PedoDick until both yours and his divorces were final, you ignorant fuck

No. 889615


Pretty much this. For years Holly has been pulling shady shit, only now she doesn't have Ross or the Grumps to help shield her. She's got her throwaway sychopants and a boyfriend who is just as bad, if not worse than, she is.

No. 889617


and those same people will throw her ass under the bus the first chance they get. She's honestly dumber than anyone has given her credit for if she thinks Jared would EVER come to her defense the way she has for him.

No. 889623

Yeah uh…nothing about her current situation just happened out of the blue. She carried on a 2 year emotional (later physical) affair with her best friend's husband and people rightfully think she's a bad person for it. She must still seethe about the fact that had Jared not handled his break up in the worst way possible, no one would've found out and she could've kept playing everyone's geek darling indefinitely while finally having the wormdick of her dreams, consequence free.

No. 889629

Can't believe Satine is stanning for this shit when she was so quick to disassociate with Zak S. Holly and Jared are as awful as he is.

No. 889631

File: 1573021966459.png (123.17 KB, 1071x551, pwease gibe cards.png)

You can literally buy cards yourself, Arin, instead of asking for your fans to scrounge up shipping costs for you to get them for free.

No. 889632


They could legitimately buy a lot with any number of cards in them on ebay and pay like….idk, $5 shipping.

Dude is essentially pulling a "Oh, you want content? Well, you'll have to provide the materials then while we grace you with our presence"

No. 889633

i mean… i guess it's a way of generating engagement? kinda like "we'll feature YOUR cards in our video, be interested!" maybe. if it is, it just looks a bit desperate - just make better content people actually wanna watch.

if it isn't it looks scummy as shit

No. 889634

File: 1573023113960.png (134.05 KB, 1080x554, Screenshot_20191106-005016(1).…)

Also more confirmation it's more of a me thing than a we thing. Arin just wants some free cards, kek.

No. 889645

>millionaire asking fans for free cards


No. 889657

Has arin always been like this? I've been following these threads mostly for holly drama, but ever since he started doing game grumps I feel like arin has fallen from grace.

Somehow, Suzy has just been getting better though.

No. 889658


lol “muh anxiety! I feel unwelcome! T^T Compassion doesn’t exist anymore!” Wow, maybe should have thought about that sooner.

This girl betrayed the trust of her husband, her friend, and slept with said friend’s husband, and has the audacity to rant about compassion. Sorry, those crocodile tears won’t garner any sympathy over here. That shit doesn’t work anymore.

No. 889663

He's always been kind of shit but he definitely gets shittier as the years go on.

No. 889679

File: 1573029809088.jpeg (233.54 KB, 1374x485, 0B319EB5-8405-4942-87B9-BEF047…)

Oh, the irony in Hoelly liking this tweet

No. 889680

File: 1573030053361.jpeg (307.68 KB, 1536x546, 6D260335-3467-49B3-B17C-74432F…)

Shit, they all really view him as some sad innocent dude in need of protection from the big, mean world dont they?

No. 889690

That's like the exact opposite of what she does.

>no one would've found out and she could've kept playing everyone's geek darling

I don't think this is true because as soon as she made her relationship with Jared public, after they both recently were divorced, people would be suspicious and do some digging. Also, Heidi's freak out was inevitable imo, regardless of how Jared handled the divorce announcement.

No. 889701

File: 1573038201199.jpg (383.57 KB, 1080x1554, wofp163x5rw31.jpg)

>house party is a porn game


No. 889723

>It’s just muh mental illness making me feel this, right? My actions don’t really have negative consequences, right?

No. 889734

Because calling out cows is funny?
An extremely misogynistic porn game, yes. No idea why they thought it would be an appropriate lets play, but they went ahead with it anyway - and then underaged fans voted for them to be in the next update.

No. 889738

It's cool how Holly never shows compassion for others and admits she's "shut off" that part of herself, but still uses it and "kindness" as buzzwords to make people feel sorry for her. Why she would expect compassion from others is beyond me, when she admittedly can't offer it herself and thinks some premium beer as a gift is an adequate apology for going beyond someone's relationship boundaries.

No. 889740

This is genuinely hilarious, the first game was campy and dumb in a way that wad impossible to get offended by. Hope the sequel is as "good" lol

No. 890023

File: 1573097601006.jpg (497.98 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20191106_123309.jpg)

Here is Jared, Pamela Horton as well as some of the Grumps.

Wonder how Pamela had a bad experience with Jared?
Maybe it really was someone else and she forgot, cons can be mentally taxing sometimes.

No. 890348

I think Pamela came out publicly saying she mixed Jared up
Jared is too smarmy and "clever" to do what she described so publicly. He's more into doing it via tumblr/snap. Altho I don't doubt someone did, obviously it did happen with someone.

No. 890381

Arin says he's going through personal shit right now (he starts the video by saying so), and sounds quite sad. Any ideas on what happened?

No. 890398

Depending on when this was recorded, it might be about Suzy's mother passing away in October. She battled cancer for a long time, and it seemed like she and Suzy had a complicated relationship (When Suzy was younger she portrayed her mother online as pretty abusive and alluded to that in a number of ways, but as she's gotten older the posts about mom have been mostly positive.) so I would imagine that makes losing her even harder.

No. 890475

File: 1573182780696.png (469.91 KB, 1440x1397, Screenshot_20191107-210531~01.…)

This man is infuriating.
Causes all his own problems and he acts all "this song is so me I was cancelled remember that? RIGHT IN MY FEELS"

No. 890478


But remember kids, HEIDI THE WHORE WONT STOP BRINGING IT UP - Jared and Hoelly never do that!! /s

No. 890482

File: 1573183858662.png (66.06 KB, 774x386, image (78)_1.png)

He is just being supportive of a friend.
>But remember kids, HEIDI THE WHORE WONT STOP BRINGING IT UP - Jared and Hoelly never do that!! /s
Oh I don't card who releases more information, tea is tea and I'll drink it. But Heidi hasn't even alluded to the time she was with Jared in weeks. She might say one more thing when the divorce is finalized I'm guessing.

But damn I would have pay good money to see how Heidi would have responded directly to Jared if he never blocked her, why'd you have to rob us of that Jared?

No. 890540


>”why’d you rob us of that, Jared?”

Because he’s a fucking tool who only has a spine when he is the one controlling the narrative. He knew if Heidi caught wind of what he was trying to sell, she’d have the power to flip the narrative back to telling the true reality (that he’s a cheating probable-pedophile)

No. 890557


As if him blocking her somehow stopped her from replying to him, tagging him or taking control of the narrative from the get go. Short memory in here.

No. 890736


Never said it did - I just think Jared the Eternal Genius THOUGHT it would stop her.

No. 890748

File: 1573238718606.jpeg (985.51 KB, 1668x1920, D1D185C4-4A5A-4004-B2C7-15AEA6…)

The video has been taken down for now, but someone on Kiwifarms said they will be reuploading it later.

We’ve been known with Dan being a creeper though, had my own little experience with him way back in 2015 when I was a late teen so no surprises here.

No. 890755

lol i fucking knew it, someone so obsessed with sex while also trying to be an harmless teddy bear ought to be a scumbag. He's the classic case of the nerd who got "hotter" later in life and wants to squeeze any opportunity of getting his dick wet.
Wouldnt be surprised if he's an open relationship with the 24 year old he's with

would you mind sharing the experience? should we be having a countdown for when Dan is inevitably exposed for the teen-fucker that he surely is? (not saying he's a pedophile, just that I'm sure that we'll have a "sir she told me she was 18 i swear!!!" moment in the near future FOR SURE)

No. 890792

He's a middle aged dude who is dating a girl in her 20s with a reputation for sleeping around with younger women, especially at shows. I would be more surprised if he somehow managed NOT to have an "but she said she was 18" moment.

No. 890796

but anon, he's so sweet, so untouchable! he spoke of his mental illness issues in the past, that makes him relatable and digesting hours upon hours of edited content is basically like knowing him for real! /s

No. 890829

File: 1573251506354.jpg (31.77 KB, 393x558, 48364458_2248491311828117_7068…)

on the one hand I hope we get some milk out of this situation, on the other hand the bullet points sound so comically exaggerated I can't believe anyone wouldn't put two and two together.

Anyone who is familiar with Dan knows the plaid shirt, he loves Rush and prog rock, he is (or used to be? idk he's mentioned in recent videos about a change of heart especially since dating Ashley) a womanizer who has lots of casual relationships, like you would have to be legit 0% fan of GG to not connect those dots.

Power to Kati if those incidents are true and she basically just switched up the names for the sake of "anonymity" but I personally would not want to have risked that especially on a small play nobody really cares about, it's one thing to write about shit in a blog or whatever but this is her job, her career, not a side blog. Either she is a TERRIBLE scriptwriter who can't make up stuff to save her life or she is straight-up playing with fire hoping somebody pulls a pepe silvia.

Not gonna lie, I'm not defending Dan because I find it hard to imagine he's simply so drama free for over a decade. I've just been hoping that he's been a decent dude. If you sleep around with consenting adults and don't treat them like trash then that's not my business, you know? Of course he would get so much more attention now, no doubt about it, but he wasn't married ((coughjaredhollycough)) or invested in anyone.

No. 890845

Didn't know you were talking about Dan or something Grump-related. Changing the subject/name, but it helps not to confuse people.

So both Jared and Dan sleep with their fans. Of course

No. 890846

if >>890792 is saying he's been hooking up with fans (especially ones half his age) at shows that's the same kind of grossness Jared was pulling with his "I am funny internet man, send nudez plz" tumblrs. Yeah it's not illegal if it's between consenting adults but it's still a kind of fucked abuse of power situation.

Honestly I don't know what to think. I stopped watching GG years ago when it became just constant "poopy peepee dick farts" but back in high school I was definitely one of dan's teenage fangirls. I think the pedestal fans have put him on as "uwu sensitive sexy singer" means his popularity has always been a trainwreck waiting to happen. Anything that comes out and proves he's not the perfect guy they thought he was will cause a riot.

No. 890847

Welcome newfag, the GG in the subject title stands for Game Grumps, also it was easy to figure out if you read more than 2 posts.

No. 890853

no doubt GG fans would defend him on the ground of him being a ROCKSTAR so of course he fucks groupies, and marginally more attractive than jared (even if, yikes, age is not being kind to him). Also, as a previous anon said, he's not married, but i would put money on his current relationship being open.

No. 890860

in the GG conspiracy video i saw reposts of oneyplays and i watched the clip where they throw clear digs at arin and dan acting all friendly and cuddly saying shit like "you're my best friend and i value you!" as fake bullshit. I never expect two people working together being best friends, that's actually a terrible idea, but I would love to know if arin actually hates saying shit like that (as the tone always implies) or is just shy saying them out loud lol

No. 890861

>sings about boners to fans young enough to be his kids

you're right tho, unlike jared he doesn't look like a foot and has a nice voice, which helped when gg was just commentary on games. now that he's even older and gg are doing more visual stuff like 10 minute power hour his popularity might be running out

No. 890868


I absolutely agree with you. Especially the position of power. Dan's got an immense reach and teen fangirls would faint at the idea of banging Danny Sexbang. IRL they wouldn't give a shit about Dan Avidan.

I mean you hear rumors here and there about the teenage fans but there was never even a removed tumblr blog, or an anon confession, anything to grasp. I hadn't seen any personal accounts (even if it was fiction) saying he treated them like trash or abused them or whatever, so I thought "ah well it's probably just fabricated nonsense". So I just hoped that he would have common sense and decency to act like a mature person and he would avoid very young girls. Wasn't it that he had some weird mathematical rule about the limit of age he'd date/sleep with?

I did think Ashley's age was weird especially when I found out I'm older than her, significantly. My headcanon was that Dan is reaching a stage where he finally found the value of a serious healthy relationship and wanted to settle down and he found Ashley.

But not gonna lie he does make very intense jokes and/or comments here and there. From the Sexbang persona you could say fine it's a character, he's meant to be a sex crazed loser who can't get women, but even Dan once said the line between Sexbang and Avidan is beginning to blur. I honestly feel like all those years of smoking weed 24/7 and playing Morrowind fried his brain.

Coincidentally Kati deleted her twitter and instagram. I read it on the rantgrumps post. Not surprised.


it can backfire, being friends, but if you're gonna spend hours of your day solely talking to one person, it should better be a friend. Bad example = super best friends play.

No. 890873

File: 1573255210389.jpeg (292.77 KB, 1283x599, 914E3226-6DAE-46B7-8901-2D5317…)

For the love of it, Hoelly, get the fuck over yourself. The only thing you lost was the ability to have a live action cheered-on version of your fucked up affair - and if losing that means you lost yourself, that’s on you for whoring it up with a married man

No. 890878

Brian is better looking than Dan and JonTron has a better voice than Dan. Fite me.

No. 890881

dan sounds makes my nose vibrate when he sings, i have no idea what note he hits but sure, even screeching goose JonTron is better than that lol.
…brian is 100% DILF material and I'm going to hell for admitting it

No. 890891


Dan is more my type because I like the skinny long haired rock guys with leather jackets etc, but I would have needed the patience of a saint to deal with Brian. Imagine being in such a well regarded career like science etc and being respected by your peers just to give it up playing a mute ninja assassin in a sex-themed comedy band. I can get NSP being a side project for fun and letting off steam sure, but he had to gamble a huge risk. Not to mention he couldn't just jump back in the field if he changed his mind. He is basically locked in now as Ninja from NSP.

I've said it before, I prefer NSP in its early days, when the budget was shit, the cast were their friends, and it truly did come off as someone with zero dollars trying to seem better than he truly was. Now that they have the budget for fancy music videos and do whatever they want, he's stuck in this solo harmony vocal vibe that sounds fake. The clips are meant to be cringy but now it's genuinely cringy. The budget means they can hire Suicide Girls to dress scantily instead of just bringing normally dressed friends and having fun with it. Sorry Dan, but you can't be Steel Panther. But he's not even got the lyrical wit of Tenacious D, either.

Kati apparently lied about Holly AND Dan though, so I wonder what gossip she has about Holly. Saying that Dan is a sleazy womanizer while initially shocking is like "yeah… and water is probably wet". Even with his uwu cinnamon roll persona the fans shoved on him (though he never really asked for it), he was always sexual and crude. Holly though tried her hardest to be uwu. And now she looks like a garbage bag.

No. 890892

yeah Kati hasn't been the most honest person in the past so im not sure why everyone is willing to take her at exactly her word. im sure theres a grain of truth to some of the stuff in the play, but alot of it im willing to bet alot of it was played up for drama and writing. and yeah, dan is a sleazebag, but i'm failing to see where the shock is coming from…?

No. 890893

off topic, but i wouldnt say Brian risks not being able to go back to his science carreer if SNP goes south: where i'm from there's this talented architect who's pretty famous in his field (he has a tower in the middle of the city named after him) and up until a couple years back (the band has disbanded) used to tour and guest star in a super huge comedy-rock band as his super-hero persona in green spandex lol
brian is fine, expecially if he's as talented a scientist as it seems to be. i know no one cares but i thought it was an interesting tid bit.

No. 890894

where was proven she lied, though? i thought they had a falling out cus she talked shit behind her back (which means also exaggerating, not straight up lying), which given the circumstances (DAN FUCKING STEALING HER GF) i now think it'd be pretty justifiabl

No. 890896

i didn't say the word lying on my post, i said less than honest which meant the full out exaggeration.

No. 890899


reading more into the thread itself, lemme just link it https://www.reddit.com/r/rantgrumps/comments/dtciec/kati_schwartz_dans_exclose_friend_releases_a/

some people have seen the show already, and some say that the play itself is a collection of stories from her life, not necessarily ONE person being John. That WOULD make more sense, although after that you have to figure out which parts are about Dan and which aren't

Apparently she monologues word for word a post from her old blog https://thingskatiwrites.com/2018/01/10/first-blog-post/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app

Honestly all of this is just making me scratch my head in confusion. Your two friends help fund your play to become reality. You (allegedly) talk shit behind their back and flee the state, running off and talking about being a bad person (her words). Then you go and write a play/stage a play where the main "villain" is one person whose traits, likes, and experiences completely match up to the one friend who also helped fund you. I'm just. I can't even.

Look I get that we don't all want to do "calling out posts" and maybe this play was really her way of processing what happened and helping her heal and find a voice, but I honestly could find so many better ways to get your story out. Her deletion of social media is a common tactic now in 2019 but damn Kati, if you ARE right, stand your ground. If you have the balls to stage a play insinuating Dan walks around with his dick out all the time ready to bone every vagina out there, have the balls to stand by your play and your statements, even if they aren't directly from your mouth and they are fictional characters on a stage.

"The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred." lmao do you need this disclaimer before your show, Kati? cause otherwise you may end up with a spicy legal action from Dan.

Like Kati if this is true then respect to you, I can understand it would be hard to speak out against Game Grumps Dan. And who would believe you? But you'd have gone about it in the weirdest way possible. I can finally say in 2k19 that there is a theater play that's shade AND tea about an online personality lol.

No. 890908

File: 1573259290840.jpg (145.07 KB, 1080x753, 20191108_182721.jpg)

well Jared did a good job at verbally manipulating Heidi into thinking there wasn't cheating (though she suspected it).
He should have done a better job at hiding it, maybe deleted the text messages and nudes would've been a good idea. Tinfoiling, maybe he wanted to get caught(??).

Also isn't Ross somewhat in the D&D scene? It would be poetic justice if he got huge in WoTC surpassing Holly in fame and ruining her chances of ever returning.

No. 890919

>maybe he wanted to get caught(??)
You give him too much credit, he's just dumb. Or masturbated on some of the sexts.

No. 890935

Considering he kept asking for a divorce beforehand I think at the very least he didn't care if he was caught. And it worked, she wanted the divorce once she found out he was cheating for certain.

No. 890968


>”asking for a divorce”

I hate this. You don’t have to get your wife’s permission to get a divorce. If he’d stated several times “I want a divorce”, he could have went and filed at any time instead of giving his wife false hope, stringing her along until he could block her and try to convince everyone that she’s an evil, vindictive whore while he’s been fucking Hoelly Cumrag behind her back for months.

No. 890969

File: 1573268251028.jpg (236.57 KB, 1080x809, Screenshot_20191108-204227_Img…)

pic related: Even though the day Heidi confronted Jared about the cheating was effectively their last day as a couple in any sort of capacity and probably as traumatizing as the day she found out, I think this exchange was the comedic saving grace.

Anyway going over this again

We don't know if any of this is true, but if it is…
-Jared lied to Heidi for almost a year about this, okay.
-Jared was lying to Holly, of course.

I think Jared created different personas, one he had around Heidi, just himself, Jared. When he was with Holly, Jared was no more, he was the human rogue Diath Woodrow who could do anything.

No. 890972

Additionally, what I personally find interesting is that Heidi doesn't state whether or not she read Jared's journal?

She went through his phone, and his computer (where she discovered the allegations), but not the journal?
My guess is she did but there wasn't any information of value to her, maybe to Jared but not her.

No. 890974

File: 1573269692735.jpg (347.03 KB, 1522x1300, FL Divorce 201 Petition for Di…)

The last page of the divorce form Jared could have filled out and filed at any time. He wasn't under any obligation to get Heidi to sign it, it's optional to do so.

No. 890975


Exactly. Divorces move smoother when both parties agree, but it is not mandatory (otherwise, abused people would have no hope in escaping their abusive spouses)

No. 890977

Sometimes the abuser is the one who does try to end the relationship first though, even if they were the more controlling partner during the duration of it.

Like, Holly leaving to Washington and continuously sending Ross the divorce papers (you made him wait 5+ years for sex that never happened, so you can wait for that divorce).

Jared, if we are to believe he abused Heidi (personally I don't think he did but I won't discredit Heidi's words either), is the one who tried to end the relationship in October, did end in February, and filed for divorce in May.

No. 890978

AYRT, I wasn't excusing his behavior at all. I only meant that he didn't mind getting caught because it would've forced the issue since he was too much of a pussy to take responsibility and do it himself. It's pretty obvious he is terrified of confrontation, as indicated by releasing a divorce statement without consulting her and blocking her immediately afterward, then hiding for months while Holly fought all of his battles.

No. 890980


But why wait from October to May? If he was THAT miserable and had no intentions of actually giving the marriage a fair chance, why not divorce back in October?

No. 890981

He was hiding because of C&C/Pedophilia allegations.

He was prepared to address the cheating situation, because he would be addressing the truth.

Addressing a lie, especially one that was spread so far and out of proportion? Not as easy.

No. 890982

>you made him wait 5+ years for sex that never happened

Wait what? Did they really never have sex their entire relationship? Is this confirmed somewhere? I thought the whole asexual uwu shit was only in recent years.

Because he's a coward. He was definitely trying to figure out how he could get rid of Heidi with the least amount of resistance. When she told him she wanted to work on their marriage instead of agreeing to a divorce the first time he brought it up, he wussed out. Agreeing to try to fix things gave him a cover while he went back to the drawing board to figure out another angle.

No. 890997


The minors lied about their age (which, shockingly, is common when a minor thinks they’ll get one on one attention from their favorite celeb) - but rather than admit that he put himself in a position where this had a likelihood of happening, Jared went on the offensive.

“You can’t believe them, they have memory issues. But I don’t REMEMBER x,y,z - trust me!”

Double standards,much?

This could have been avoided if he didn’t show his dick to everything with a pulse

No. 891020


that's what drives me crazy about this assumed innocence he's managed to convince his stans of. 2 vocal accusers lied about their age (which like you said, shocker) and JAred, Holly, & their wk's have somehow turned that into "COMPLETELY ABSOLVED OF ALL WRONG DOING, EVERYTHING PROVEN FALSE! POOR JARED IS A VICTIM UWU"

Hell, I think it's been mentioned before, but them saying they were 18 doesn't even prove that Jared believed it. He knows his age demographic and still used his name as a platform and means to obtain nudes and engage with fans in a sexual way. He's an adult and knew what he was doing the entire time. The quick "oh btw, u 18 rite?" always reads like a fast attempt to cover his ass without any other effort.

No. 891033

He went off the grid till PJ2 and the "truth" blog gave him the narrative to work from, he's a coward, and he's also a lazy fuck (hence why he needs to pay an editor to do basic cuts on his gameplay videos).

No. 891068

They had sex. Her asexual stint didn't happen until later in the marriage. And they talk about sex stuff in some let's plays
I think Holly "became" asexual when she was over the relationship. Then Jared's magic dick cured her

No. 891069

not saying ross has any fault in this, but i keep thinking about that anon that assured that he had a few skeleton in his closet as well. At this point, i'm just giving for granted everyone is poly and fucking whoever lol. I wonder if they were already an open couple but the fact that his asexual wife fell in love and on top of the dick of one of his closest friends was what broke ross, much like Heidi and Jared

No. 891083

not OP but I can share my own experiences with Dan. https://pastebin.com/yUHvaK6a

No. 891085

currently reading this and YIKES. sorry you had to deal with such an asshole, anon. hope you're better now

No. 891087

"he tried to give me $10,000 to send me to a weird celebrity therapy program"
i mean
hope you took the money and fucked up his hotel room lol

No. 891094

OP here, it's okay if you ignore this but your name doesn't happen to start with an M? Don't wanna write the whole name just in case

No. 891095

never slept with dan but i can vouch that he messages 17/18 year old girls that are emotionally vulnerable and obviously enamoured with him. i spoke to him a few times and met up with him at conventions after he recognised me but nothing happened, although he is a master manipulator with the way he talks.

No. 891097

Dan indirectly manipulated me to "look like his dream wife" for years, when I barely spoke English and sure as fuck wasn't legal. He also kept pressuring me into "trying things out with a woman" and do some weird mommy-daddy shit with me.
I can't wait till his ship sinks one day, been hoping for that since 2016

No. 891114

I'm not going to lie I always felt Dan was an creep. He's r/niceguys and seems to LOVE the attention he gets as a 30+ man from his obviously young female fanbase.

So I'm not surprised that people are accusing him of shit, he seems the type.

No. 891115


>"he tried to give me $10,000 to send me to a weird celebrity therapy program"

This is probably the same celebrity therapy retreat Jared went on. It was recommended to him by Arin, Ross, and Holly.

No. 891116

Wait wait wait.
Please elaborate on the mommy/daddy shit. Does he have a little fetish? Does he pretend to be the adult? That would explain why he so often refers to himself as daddy

No. 891128

can you imagine the pr nightmare that would ensue for the gg
I dont hate arin but his current B R A N D is one of wokeness for sure, how can you justify basing the success of your show on such a scumbag? he HAS to know about all this shit

No. 891137

Threesome, I was the youngest involved and he and the other girl played "my parents".
He really does prey on damaged woman. I've had issues with my real parents at the time, which he knew and he kinda turned it into a weird fucked up sex thing for some reason.
He has some weird shit going on in his brain

No. 891138

I never noticed Dan calling himself "daddy" but he sure did a couple times in the newest episode (blindfolded Mario)

No. 891139

ahahah what the fuck that's lame as shit. can you imagine calling lanky, tired and wrinkly faced danny avidan "DADDY" and mean it.
I know kinkshaming is bad but damn. Hope you're doing better now anon, and i mean, fucking better people

No. 891142

There's an episode in the first GG bloodborne lets play where he kinda slips up over dating a sixteen year old girl in Texas but plays it off as a joke. If I find it i post it, but I think someone already brought it up in previous threads

No. 891149

File: 1573333668707.jpg (128.28 KB, 1280x720, D61AQxdW4AER2jB.jpg)

>This could have been avoided if he didn't show his dick to everything with a pulse
If I'm not mistaken isn't there only like one existing photo of Jared's reproductive organs? And the one person he sent it to is one of Heidi's close friends and by extension someone Jared thought he could trust.

No. 891156


This is true, he only received nudes (some from minors) and didn't send his own to mostly anyone he interacted with. But when I think of Holly and Jareds' retorts like >>888678 it's wild cause it's as though they believe him putting himself in a position to easily view illegal nudes due to his unquenchable thirst for his fans is any better. It still makes him gross and pathetically irresponsible at the very best.

No. 891167

No. 891170

File: 1573336073518.jpg (43.94 KB, 1075x164, Screenshot_20191104-212923_Dis…)

Lewd =/= Nude

No. 891171

Yeah, because that second tweet mentioning the erect penis is totally a lewd that isn't a nude.

No. 891215

Well in case you needed more reason to hate on Holly in her livestream she talks about the occult and how much she loves it then in the same breath chastises an Armenian family for doing a sacrifice for a ritual and say their son dying was karma. WTF?!

No. 891238

Oh no, see, her occult is the Hot Topic occult. Goth fashions and nondescript "magic" that just comes from dreaming about it REALLY REALLY hard and maybe cooking a few mushrooms.

No. 891277

File: 1573352682161.jpg (559.1 KB, 1080x1470, Screenshot_20191109-202212_Twi…)

So if Jared and Holly get married, do you think he will be bragging about her the same way he used to brag about having Heidi?

No. 891297

Would be funny to see him try given she looks like a goblin.

No. 891299

Well Holly could go the gym for six months and come out with a nice toned busty hourglass figure, but that face, damn gonna need thousands in surgery to fix that.

No. 891301

Not styling herself like a schizophrenic bag lady would be a start.

No. 891306

This sounds disgusting, but not shocked at all if this describes Dan. Everyone in the fandom (when i still cared in 2013 ) loved him and thought he was such a nice guy, but he's a legit creep who is probably a predator. He's been vocal about his interest in girls much younger than himself. gross af

No. 891308

Old NSP videos were legit my jam. It feels bittersweet, because the older videos were low budget and genuinely amusing and silly. Like something you'd do with friends for the hell of it. Once Brian and Dan become close to GG, i knew it was downhill from there.

No. 891334

File: 1573370408485.jpeg (143.71 KB, 1285x541, 88B29D2F-4328-47D0-AAC7-B90CCF…)

Quick, someone with access to Slate, listen to this and tell me if it gives you the cringe projared vibes that the headline gave me

No. 891335

See, Jared doesn't even have the excuse that his wife disliked sex because they pretty clearly had an active sex life. He was just so greedy that apparently that just wasn't enough

No. 891343

File: 1573375212575.jpg (225.83 KB, 1080x781, Screenshot_20191110-023832_Twi…)

Yes, and they stopped in June last year. As for why we don't have an answer.
Sometime the spark just dies out.

No. 891367


So gross that she even felt the need to tweet that. The amount of people hounding Heidi for a reason to vilify her and boost Jared up has to be insane

No. 891379

>If I'm not mistaken isn't there only like one existing photo of Jared's reproductive organs?
Only one that I'm aware of, but I'm like 99% sure I remember seeing that particular pic posted on 4chan at least a year or two before this whole thing blew up. There was a reason why it suddenly circulated everywhere within a day of the news breaking…

No. 891432

Someone above said it best - he was a late bloomer who's making up for all the tail he never scored in high school. No one should be at all surprised but, DLS, my old Dan lady boner is still disappointed. He plays the part of the ~nice guy~ so beautifully, even after describing getting sucked off by a hooker in a Walmart parking lot. Call me a prude but in hind sight anyone who's as fixated on sex to that degree (even for the lawlz) is probably some tier of deviant.

Personal opinion; he's a fake ass fuckboi taking advantage of his position to solicit sex. The most I'm willing to believe for the time being is that he's manipulative but everything sounds like… regretful consent? If the predator/grooming angle is to be played further it's going to need something concrete. Regardless of his slimy ways, those are some serious allegations that should not be tossed around.

Genuinely curious if this Dan The Van Man Avidan narrative will gain traction or just be swept under the rug by the fandom like literally everything.

No. 891462

It's how we can get it publicised without anyone being put at risk. Because I don't think this should be ignored.

No. 891465

Unfortunately even bringing it to light you see how “well” that went with Jared. People cared for a bit, but he’s made almost a full recovery minus some minimal harassment and about 100k subs that still haven’t come back. Game grumps fans are even more delusional, it’ll likely be swept under the rug unless Dan does do some shit with a minor and legal action is taken.

No. 891479

on rantgrumps people are already saying 'where's the evidence' but it's so frustrating because it's no necessarily something that can be proven. in the past i've tried to warn people that i've heard things about him and the response was always 'he would never do that'. its frustrating.

No. 891484

Okay I watched most of the reupload of her play but had a hard time figuring out who the other characters were supposed to be, namely Ellen. Is Ellen Suzy?

No. 891496

>getting sucked off by a hooker in a Walmart parking lot

I haven't followed gg since 2016, where/when the fuck did he talk about THAT?

No. 891523

I just watched it all. I thought maybe Sharon was Suzy and Ellen was Holly (although maybe it's just because I couldn't imagine anyone else slamming their head against a wall primal screaming who was also an illustrator) actually but pretty much any guess is a tinfoil since it's fiction and they could represent a combination of people or something.

No. 891525

Yeah unless someone has concrete proof, which like another anon said hard to obtain/doesn't necessarily exist in this scenario, I kind of think making public accusations is a bad idea. Only if because GG fans are fucking insane and whoever the victim(s) would get harassed so, so badly. All the pieces of shit you saw crawling out of the woodwork to bat for Jared would be 100x worse for Dan, in far greater numbers.

I am also iffy on the grooming thing, mostly because why would Dan have to? I think he's scummy for being a sexpest and pursuing younger women (and even scummier if it's true he sleeps with fans) but it seems like he gets puss thrown at him constantly cuz he's a "rockstar" so I guess I can't imagine him needing to take the time to groom anyone.

Also what did Kati lie about Holly?

No. 891538

Oh yeah duh, it has to be Holly. I thought Sharon was Suzy at first too, but that's likely it. Ellen = Holly, Sharon = Suzy

Kati said that Ellen had a multitude of insecurities that made Ellen interpret what Kati did as so hurtful, but I didn't catch what Kati actually said/lied about. Was that stated?

No. 891545

? There's so many people who have access to so many women, who groom young girls and shit like that.

No. 891569

In the play Kati tells Sharon that Ellen said she "wanted Kati to disappear" which Ellen reacts poorly too. I think that was the lie.

To tinfoil a little further maybe Kati kind of threw "Ellen" under the bus to give an excuse to why she was distancing herself from the group. Like she didn't expect Ellen to ever hear that but was just trying to give Sharon a reason as to why she wasn't around as much??

No. 891610

File: 1573434503894.png (152.31 KB, 601x742, 1570078924766.png)


this exact incident is mentioned in her blogpost. Same names and all. In the blogpost it was the domino that started her emotional distress where she drove off to a tulip farm etc.


the head slamming against a wall MUST be Holly because wasn't it Holly mentioning in a tweet how she'd punish herself as a child by slamming her head on the floor when her parents were still together?

>>875873 here it was, also adding in the picture to spare anyone going back a thread

No. 891611

I saw the post over on reddit and came here and im pretty shockes that with the post being up for 3 days, it hasn't made much of a dent and is being pushed out of the top posts on rant grumps considering Kati removed all of her social media once stuff came out. Something about how it hasn't made a significant dent or raised any alarm bells is a little disturbing. I use to watch gg back in the day and i remember seeing her involved with the group so this is all so bizarre- its not some rando off the street

No. 891612


I felt confused trying to decipher the characters last night due to the actors playing multiple roles but can anyone clarify if it was suggested holly or suzy slept with dan too? Or were those other people?(including katis ex)

No. 891618


in the reddit post someone claims that it's not quite 1 character = 1 real life person, but it's more of a collection of stories from her life that are heavily inspired by people she knew. This muddles things a bit but she's definitely added enough signifies to Jo(h)n's character that you can guess Dan is at least an inspiration. Making John a mix of people and stories from her life makes things not only muddy but also very murky as far as accusations go. It's pretty obvious Dan is part of John. But if he was 100% from Dan that could potentially get her in trouble? Maybe her mixing it up is a way to say "look, dan didn't do THIS, therefore it's not about dan"

this is assuming that comment on reddit is true. I honestly have no clue, haven't seen the play yet. I'm STILL perplexed as to why she would choose to include those people in her play when it's those people that made her well known in the first place. Dan and Holly gave you the grumps fans who liked her and followed her, she'd have been just another actor otherwise. She's either got balls of fucking steel or she's an idiot who thought she could get away with it.

No. 891632

Well i mean to that point, to ask why someone would speak up on someone who brought them some fame, its not really that stupid of her, because wanting that fame and wanting his validation is kind of what got her into that mess. Doesnt matter if he provided her with opportunities (most abusers and manipulators do, thats the dangling effect) if all of this is true, shes very brave. But to muddy the waters and mix the characters, i feel, could be interpreted as her either doing it out of fear (so she is half confessing they did it but also saying its a mix of characters so she won't have to deal with repercussions, or it really is just a mix of bad experiences with people. who really knows, but her removing her social media does raise questions

No. 891633


I don't want to downplay how terrifying it is to speak up about someone who has treated you like shit. I've been there. I just feel a theater show where (let's be real) most of the audience will be GG fans who kept tabs on her, especially with her deleting instagram and twitter pretty damn quickly, it just seems weird. I'm not implying she's lying about it, but I feel like she maybe lacked self awareness about how this situation would go down. After all she is indirectly accusing a very popular well loved youtube personality of being a sex creep. Especially in this climate it's a heavy accusation, even if it is probably true.

It's also now a talking point. Bad buzz or good buzz, she deleted the social media where someone could harass her, and she's got a show now to perform and no doubt people will either pay for tickets, or watch it online somehow.

I guess what I'm tryna say is conviction of her self is lacking. If she is not ready to handle the tsunami of troglodytes (as another anon pointed out, Jared got an army of idiots and he's not even CLOSE to the level Dan is on the popularity scale), maybe a play wasn't the right outlet for her right now /shrug

No. 891643

For real. The idea that only people who can't get laid become sexual harassers, rapists or abusers is completely retarded. Powerful, wealthy and attractive people who would have no problem finding people to have consensual sex with otherwise do fucked up things to people because it excites them or simply because they have no respect for the people they're victimising. Don't know what kind of weird bubble you'd have to live in to not recognize that.

No. 891683

pastebin OP here, friends alerted me that this was spread to reddit and they asking for "proof" so here you go fuckos (sorry I can't figure out how to embed an album, newfag problems): https://imgur.com/a/JLQj2Dl

context: this is him inviting me to his hotel room at a convention where we would sleep together for the first time, I was a fresh 21 years old (apparent by my bragging about drinking, wow so cool)

looking back at this now it skeeves me the fuck out that he knew I had been drinking and still chose to invite me up to his room with obviously some kind of sexual plans in mind. he also did order room service to get me another drink once I was up there so. the whole thing is a big yikes. not accusing him of anything rapey, I definitely consented it's just……power dynamics, ya know?

No. 891695

Right, I don't have a story to tell in terms of the others that have come forward, but I have spoken with Dan. He called me a friend, but seeing the other receipts from pastebin OP and on Reddit, I am starting to believe that he may have intended to do similar things if I didn't live so far away (I like in Europe).

I started speaking to Dan in Nov 2013 after he openly talked about his OCD in a GG episode. Of course I was lowkey crushing on him and this was what motivated me to message him/add him on Facebook. I was 17 and incredibly naive. I shared my mental health story with him. On his birthday in 2014, I made a little gift for him and sent it online. In 2015, I flew out to MAGFest and when I met him, he recognised me. We messaged a few more times about random stuff. RTX 2015 comes around, I fly back out there, I say hi to him on the Friday at the autograph session, then we messaged during the con. Saturday is when he invited me to hangout with him. I brought my friends along. Again, I don't know his intentions but looking back it was obvious I was enamoured with him and with every glare he would give you, every gentle touch of your shoulder, every close hug, every pet name like 'my dear', 'lady', 'peach', if you were a sucker you fell for it. He knows the power he has.

Again, nothing happened, but when I was back at home and said I wouldn't be out in the US again for a bit, communication halted.

The blocked out names are people that also knew Dan. We'd bonded over the fact he'd messaged us so I brought them along so I wasn't nervous. (Yes, those people were both young women and were 18-21 years old iirc?)

My screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/AAlCs6D

No. 891706

Dan isn't obviously creepy unless you really pay attention, so if he is guilty of pedo shit/grooming it's going to be so difficult to get people to believe it. Unlike our resident pedo sexpests Jared and Onion, he's relatively good looking, a musician, an extremely popular youtube gamer man, and he puts on that wholesome teddy bear persona all the time that people go nuts for. Hell, even in pastebin anon's screenshots he's STILL doing the wholesome uwu thing even though he was literally inviting someone half his age to bang in a hotel room. Also the whole complacency in general around old famous men having sex with 20 year olds doesn't help.

If these allegations DO gain traction, I can already hear the jealous hoard of pickmes who will scramble to defend him. "But she was legal!" "She wanted it!" "He's h0t and famous who wouldn't wanna bang him???" etc. Just ignoring the fact that, best case, he's abusing his power to fuck women young enough to be his kid.

No. 891709

Girls on twitter are already chimping out. I doubt they'll change their tune if these end up being legitimate.

No. 891714

Please post screenshots, I need a good laugh.

No. 891718

File: 1573453006537.png (350.96 KB, 1433x1145, Untitled.png)

Well, since you asked nicely…

Also, most of these people seem to be at least 20. That's insane.

No. 891719

Holy shit arent u guys afraid youre gonna get recognized by dan himself? Dont think it's legal to disclose private conversations without the consent of both parties. You guys have balls of steel.

>> "Arin would have put his foot down if anything was happening!!!!!!"

Oh sweet child… GG is being kept alive by the "chemistry" between arin AND dan, have you seen arin's soll episodes? They're a struggle to go through. Do you think it'd be so easy to let go of your golden egg goose?

No. 891720

No, I get it. It wasn't a safe environment, and it could have gone far worse. Maybe if you were sober you would have turned him down, but then maybe if he wasn't only thinking of one thing he wouldn't have even asked.

No. 891721

Don't worry about it, anon. Most places in the US have single party consent laws for sharing recorded messages. If he didn't want people knowing he's a skeeze he just shouldn't have been a skeeze.

No. 891724

That's nice to hear. Fuck him up girls!
Just stay safe though, internet sleuths are ruthless and can deduce a full name from a pixel

No. 891727

His inbox is probably filled to the brim with identical messages.

No. 891731


It can be legal, depending on where they are. Some states only require the consent of one of the involved parties.

Creeps who act like pervs in private but super sweet to the public should absolute be exposed for that shit. Go get ‘em, y’all.

No. 891735

>one of the accusations is by a bitch who stalks arin
I’ve barely been following along but this person is confusing two different women, right? Accusations-Kati has worked closely with Dan and appeared in videos whereas stalker-Kati only knew Arin a long time ago pre-GG and has been twittering into the void since then.

No. 891750


They're definitely mixing up the two different Kati's.

No. 891782

>>891695 OP here
I've tried to tell people what he's like in the past, and the tweets in >>891718 were exactly the responses I got from my friends. Fan culture is scary dude.

No. 891797

I rly just got sick of people on reddit saying there was no proof so it must all be made up. it was either these shots or post his phone number lmao

No. 891843


Posting the phone number would absolutely have crossed the line into illegal, so good thing you didn’t lean that way

No. 891850

Sorry if the tweets made you upset, just know that there was never a way to make them go "hmm, Dan is a bad guy, I can't stan him anymore!!" because these fuckers are too dedicated to a guy who probably wouldn't blink if they disappeared.

Okay, exaggeration, but still. It eventually gets to a point where you have too many fans to give a single shit about.

No. 891913

Reading up on all of the stuff involving Dan, I'm not surprised that I'm unfazed by a lot of it, even if it is hearsay. My guts feeling about that dude that he was just a bit TOO nice and chill did put up a red flag.

Although this does make a lot of Dan's stories a lot more sinister in hindsight

No. 891948

You know, if all of this stuff abt dan is true (and it's harder to believe a sex crazef loser wouldn't take advantage of his young fans) i can totally see why jared was extra pissed at the grumps for making fun of his situation: dan was basically doing the same thing but getting away with it lol

No. 891949

File: 1573506865619.png (113.41 KB, 595x996, Mar 11 2014.png)

wow the Dan stuff really isn't surprising. it's pretty cringey considering how old Dan was at the time of these allegations. he really should've known better (a running theme)
this is a bit of a reach, and i'm a big Leighton fan, but i always thought it was concerning that she was a Dan stan before she got involved with the Grumps. i think she was around 17 in 2014. tbh these are perfectly innocent tweets, and there are much crazier/thirstier fangirls out there… just a bit heavier with this stuff coming out now

No. 892015

I guess it helped that unlike Jared, Danny's considered super attractive and talented with his music, so of course Danny could get away with it

No. 892026

Well and Dan didn't set up a tumblr seeking out his fan's nudes
Not to defend him but he wasn't as manipulative or scummy as Jared. Not to his scale at least.

No. 892064

not a whole big thing, but something i noticed in retrospect. i went to see nsp in concert a while back and my sis and i got vip which got us a q&a with dan and brian. my sister, who had just turned 19 the day before, asked a question. i think it was something along the lines of “how do you guys keep your young energy for all these years” or something (lowkey calling them old). i cant remember what brian said but dan look at my sister in the eyes and went “idk, i masturbate a lot so maybe that helps.” and like gave her a thumbs up. my sister kinda fits the “girl dan would probably try to fuck” look to her (someone mentioned him targeting women with long blonde hair before, which she had at the time). it’s probably nothing but reading all this it seems creepy looking back on it. i havent asked my sister how she felt about it, so maybe she didn’t find it as creepy as i do, but i’m willing to report back after i talk to her.

i don’t really think dan should be outright cancelled over this, considering he (hopefully) hasnt done anything illegal, and he just seems like a creep and a fucking major dick. hopefully his new girlfriend made him turn over a new leaf. but i’m very proud of the people coming forward. expose him for what he really is and keep kicking ass!!

No. 892126

>considering he (hopefully) hasnt done anything illegal
>>891114 is an anon who said they were having sex while she was still underage

No. 892156


These are so fucking fake, it's ridiculous.

No. 892208


Dan's responses include two spaces after the period, whereas OP's have just one. Anyone who took computer or typing classes in the 80s or 90s will understand the significance of that.

The Facebook messages from the other user show the same pattern.

That is a consistent and unnecessary level of detail; they could have created fake messages with one space after the sentence, and everyone would have been none the wiser. When you consider the average age of GG fans, most of whom are too young to even be aware of this anachronism… it pushes these accusations more to the side of legitimacy.

No. 892226

You have to be legitimately retarded to do the shit Jared did. The bar is so low it's on the fucking ground.

No. 892235


if this story with Dan is true and so obvious to people around him, the GG staying quiet but apart from the HJH drama in May makes so much sense. They piled a bit of laughs when Heidi was strong, to make sure she doesn't explode towards them, but didn't post anything explicit against Jared or Holly either because both of them would probably have first-hand observations of this behavior and would have buried them in their own hypocrisy. So keeping their mouth shut and staying away was a self-preservation thing rather than just shunning.

No. 892236

Eeeh we have our very first dan stan in the thread denying a very obvious truth!!! Lets celebrate! Welcome! Youre a delusion idiot!

No. 892238

Oh, for SURE. The parallels between dan and jared are incredible and i bet the gg was praying every possible god that the same accusations wouldnt leak for their best golden boi

No. 892240

i almost forgot about this lol, second this, what do you mean he bragged about getting sucked off by a hooker? are you sure he wasnt referencing what happened with hugh grant a billion years ago and riffing off of it? i remember something like that maybe in the odissey or galaxy playthrough

No. 892325

this is the cringiest convo ever

No. 892330


this is so creepy. He kept mentioning getting mobbed. was he that popular in 2014/2015?

No. 892333

id say those years were the heights of GG, and dan was taking off with nsp and doing 2 shows, both GG and steam train, right?
alsoyou know how nerd fans are, even if they were like 5, it would still feel like a mob being assaulted by overweight smelly dudes shouting "GODDAMIT ROSS!!!!" at you

No. 892413

File: 1573581155493.png (587.71 KB, 936x450, lolololol.png)

This is the most embarrassing attempt at damage control I've ever seen in my life.

Hey Danny boy does Ash know that until around mid summer '18 you were fucking at least two other girls plus her?

No. 892416

admittedly I might be getting too invested in following this drama but does that seem like a lowkey dig on the women making allegations?? Yikes if true dude

No. 892428

You guys are reaching lol it seems a pretty innocuous self grandizing post.

No. 892431

Lol okay I’ll remove my tinfoil hat. Will never not be creeped out by their age difference though especially since she apparently started as a fan

No. 892433


correct me if I'm wrong but didn't she meet him through connections? my own assumption was because she's an animator she probs came through ross or allie or other background GG people, and she became a fan later? I don't know much about her actually

I've seen her instagram and it seems kinda vapid and shallow but I guess I shouldn't judge by someone's insta because she may only upload boring pics

No. 892435

oh, for SURE. their age gap is creepy as fuck and, wow, a man proudly dating a girl half his age turns out to be a scumbag?? N O W A Y!!!
I hope she's ok though. I can't care less about Dan, probably wont get cancelled over this, but at least I hope that she doesnt go through what the other anons have.

I went to her insta as well to see her work but it's just… pics of her being cute. Eh, that's what insta is for i guess? kinda disappointed cus i always take for granted that artists use instagram as a art sharing platform lol

No. 892444

She's very shallow and Disney obsessed and has an awkward sense of humor but I always thought that was because she's so young.

Dan said that he met her when she asked to animate a Ninja Sex Party video. They met and set aside the video idea to date.

He's never this affectionate toward her on his social media. I'm still going with this being a pr move.

No. 892461

Wait, how old is she? Don’t tell me she’s like 20.

No. 892466

she’s either 23 or 24. she graduated college in 2017.

No. 892469

Ashley is pretty and should not be wasting her youth and energy on this creepy old fart

No. 892471

I hope she at least get some few advantage out of it: arin has good connection in the animation industry and dan HAS to be rich (if he was wlling to shill 10k for a girl just to get her off his case lol), i'd run his wallet dry and let him have his gross threesomes in the meantime lol.
Gotta wonder if this whole relationship is kind of a pr agreement to begin with? for a dude who was VERY vocal about strongly disliking seeing the same person for more than 2 months, this relationship has been apparently going on for a while

No. 892476


I don't know if his infamous aversion to commitment is a byproduct of other things. In the playthrough of A Link Between Worlds, where he played, they actually stopped the series midpoint because at that time dan was going through a rough breakup and he couldn't handle playing the game and acting cheery. It sounded like it'd really affected him, so I assume he's had serious relationships mixed into casual hookups

but he'd never really expressed desire to settle down until recently as he's dating ashley

No. 892479

ah, i didnt know. fair enough. always wondered why that playthrough died down, the game is pretty easy and very enjoyable.
where was it stated there was a break up? just curious

No. 892482


during the playthrough itself he never mentioned the breakup; he just was kinda… dull. Not making a lot of jokes, distracted, and the series just stopped. Everyone was like ???

It was only a long time later during another playthrough that he mentioned that period of his life and he oftens mentions the game since he played it during that time, so it's ingrained in his memory. He's mentioned that he wasn't happy when playing the game due to a breakup, and he said he kinda wanted to replay it to do the game justice, but that he also has such strong connotations he doesn't know if he can.

Apologies for not remembering exactly when he mentioned this! I watch a lot of GG. I'm afraid I can't provide receipts because their library is huge and I couldn't even begin trying to find it.

No. 892484

no worries about not remembering the exact timestamp lol, thanks for the reply

No. 892487


He's said he wanted to settle down with other women. There was a woman he wanted to marry in New York who dumped him and the serious breakup mentioned above. Ash is his third or fourth serious relationship.


She just turned 25. They've been dating since late 2017 at the latest.

No. 892568

Phone's shit and won't link but its during one of their sleepy Pokemon episodes, Rubble Rubble Part 69. Starts around 9:30. It's not a gory description or anything but it always stuck with me, probably bc it's not really played off as a joke.

No. 892575

I'm very certain that was a joke. I could be wrong, but it comes off very jokey

No. 892736

Oh wow it doesnt read to me like a joke at all ahaha it sounds like he was too tired to realize maybe it wasnt the most pg13 thing to say.
Also i used to think his obsession with threesomes was a joke too and, well, weve seen how it turned out.
However, t's pretty easy to forget GG is an edited show and SOMEONE would have removed the bit if it was completely truthful. However however, in the past they didnt edit out stuff like slurs and nudity so i wouldnt past them to just do the SLOPPIEST of jobs lol.

Tl;dr: sounds really earnest actually

No. 892763

And Dan is 41 or older at this point? that's disgusting. It's always guys who date this far down. Girl, love yourself and get away.

No. 892783

He turned 40 this year, and he looks every bit of it no matter how much his fans gush that he looks ~so youthful~ or whatever. They are literally blinded by big hair and hot topic band t-shirts.

No. 892803

He definitely looks his age. I can't see Dan as someone taking care of their skin or diet. But yeah, anyone calling him youthful is delusional. he's immature

No. 892827

He has talked about food related stomach issues and stuff he can't eat so I'd think he maintains some kind of diet

No. 892829


There's a difference between BEING youthful and ACTING like a juvenile douche. These people screaming about him being "youthful" clearly can't tell the difference.


That's giving him too much credit - More than a handful of people with stomach issues still eat a diet of pure bullshit.

No. 892837

What makes me disbelieve this story is because Dan is open (if not a little ashamed) about how he didn't lose his virginity until he was 22 or something. And it was with a friend.
If Dan was the type to hire a hooker he probably wouldn't have stayed a virgin that long. Also Dan never had trouble getting girls after that.
I understand he's a gross old man with a gf young enough to be his daughter. But the tinfoil about a Walmart blowjob is ridiculous.
All this being said, I haven't been able to watch GG since reading the stuff against Dan. It feels gross to see him being "innocent" and goofy while this is looming over.

No. 892843

Well, you know, he said he lost his virginity at 23 but did all the other stuff with previous girlfriends, just not sex. Maybe he'd find sad doing the full intercourse but felt a bj was ok? Also, who cares, it's not the end of the world to go to a sex worker for a service. Its the otehr stuff thats icky

No. 892873


Sad to be the one to tell you, but when you lose your virginity has nothing to do with how you act or view sex after the fact or how much you become dependent on it. There are people that become sexually active super early and by the time they are in college they already "know better" and are picky about who to have sex with or when, and there are the reverse cases too. No relationship whatsoever.

No. 892876


lmao he hit the wall over the past few years. His hair's a mess and he looks bloated and tired all the time.

No. 892885

File: 1573667036332.jpeg (599.88 KB, 1404x1304, E682BC21-4AE5-4D7A-96A5-73B4EA…)

Big, hearty “fuck you”, Holly

No. 892902

I know for a fact Leighton was only 19 in 2017 because I was tangentially involved w them socially at that time and creeped out by the fact that she was a teen. That means in 2014 she was 15/16. Gross.

No. 892903

If Ashley would be his daughter he would've been 13…

No. 892950

Why? Isnt this a one sided crush on her part? Was she a girlfriend of dans?

No. 892953


Damn, how can Holly come SO CLOSE to the truth and not realize that it applies to her. She's the abuser.

No. 893236

It was hyperbole, but he would have been 15
Which isn't a stretch for some small towns but that's neither here nor there.
It's amazing that she doesn't realize this can be turned right back at her and Jared

No. 893305

However I would like to believe Jared wouldn't throw away a perfectly good stable marriage with a great woman just to hook up with Holly while wearing DnD costumes.

Unless of course, their marriage wasn't very stable, and far from perfectly good.
Still! Unless you are [[blood]] family there is no reason to interfere with someone's relationship too that extent. It's not in your place to do that, if someone choses to remain in an unhappy relationship then that is their choice and you have to respect it. And we know how cold and distant Jared was with both H&H, so it's not like Jared was the one chasing after Holly. To get any sort of insight to their relationship in private we would need to see some texts, but from what Heidi describes Jared was the more distant one.

Though it's not like Jared could have simply quit DCA, sigh if only he never joined. Even after the Feb'18 event, WoTC was a huge mint for not just himself but supporting Heidi as well. And Youtube on its own gives creators (even larger than him) a hard time with cash. A whole different topic but you get my point.

Anyone is prone to cheating and having dysfunctional relationships, from burger flippers to A-List actors. People have emotions.

No. 893357

God I am not caught up at all on any of this dan stuff but I just wanted to chime in how validating this is that this is coming out finally. last year I posted on a suzy thread about how I had a source /I couldn't name/ from the grump circle on how dan used to talk/joke(?) about hooking up with younger fans (presumably legal but you know…half his age) and all the dan stans went apeshit.

No. 893360

NTAYRT, but: No, it was one-sided (at least to public knowledge). She just had a weird cringey obsession with Ninja Sex Party/Game Grumps (Dan in particular) before she met them in person and developed a working relationship. She tweeted about NSP/GG a lot in ~2014. Typical nerd teen fangirl tumblr shit, drawing fanart and fantasizing about real life people and stuff. Honestly all pretty tame, just kinda cringey. I just hope that she never got taken advantage of

No. 893364


Nice choice of words there, but didnt all his troubles stsrted when he decided to NOT stay in the unhappy relationship LOL

No. 893378


It's crazy how many people knew about what Dan was doing. My circle of friends knew about it for years too.

No. 893399

On one side it feels like a justified pettiness, dragging out the divorce as long as possible, on the other hand, I wonder if Heidi realizes that the only person benefitting from the prolonged divorce is her lawyer that is on a retainer. All due respect, but she doesn't seem very financially savvy.

No. 893417

Yeah, it's crazy how it "doesn't matter" until it's time to fit a narrative of some kind.

You're about to rile up her white knights with this statement since you said something even SLIGHTLY negative about the infallible goddess, be prepared.

No. 893464


Why would you assume that one person is "dragging out the process" on purpose, instead of realizing that's how divorces go when the two people disagree?

No. 893467

Lol hate on heidi as much as yoh want dude, its ok. The issue this thread is with jared having sex with fans (gross) and exchanging nudes with at least 2 teenagers (yeah sure he didnt know yadda yadda hby dont fucking exchange nudes with fans to begin with).

Doing what? Using and discarding women, or actively going with jailbaits 17 year olds? Do you have receipts?

No. 893486

This is definitively Maureen.

>Talks about eating disorder like in this video

>Got that star in her profile picture tattoo'ed because Dan drew it for her
>Used to hang out with Dan at cons, used to have a NSP fan tumblr at the time

And after Dan dumped her ass, she weaseled her way into the Vinesauce community. She's currently on kiwifarms in the Vinesauce thread and is trying to shit talk former Vinny e-girlfriend sgtfgt

I always hated your guts Maureen

No. 893488

>> 893486

who are you? you seem to have been in the tumblr community back in the day. and if anything if it IS her, then this is some solid proof to her story.

No. 893490

I'm no one in particular. I used to use tumblr back in like 2013 and saw her all the time in the game grumps related hashtags. No milk from me, just wanted to add this lil tidbit in case someone didn't believe the accusations this far. That's it

No. 893495

File: 1573758187535.jpg (39.2 KB, 400x400, qfU6A5KX_400x400.jpg)

Her star tattoo that Dan drew for her

No. 893504

you all are fucking weirdos

No. 893518


The first one and I don't have any proof of my own. My information is third hand but matches what's been posted.

No. 893531

Well i gotta be honest, dans being a womanizing asshole doesnt surprise me one bit, but as long as everyone was consenting… Sorry boo.
I just hope no actual allegations of underage sex ever comes out (and i mean, 16 and younger. Ill never understand how 17 year and 364 days old youre an innocent babu that needs protection and at 18 year old youre legally allowed to have sex with a 40 year old lol)

No. 893548


Maybe because if there was a disagreement it would show more activity in the public records. Instead there is a stipulation sent in the middle of July and nothing after. There was another filed right before Heidi's first lawyer resigned. So if it wasn't completed because the lawyer was missing, after the new one came and the stipulation was filed again, there doesn't seem to be another obstacle. Again, if there is anything -actually- happening, it will be in the records.

No. 893557


The law isn’t based on you “not understanding” why the law works the way it does, sweetie.

No. 893560


I think the point is it's one of the many antiquated laws that makes no logical sense because there's LITERALLY no difference between age 17 and 18, especially in women.

So for people from other countries it can be confusing. It's like drinking, smoking, military enlistment and driving laws. You can be mature enough to kill someone at 18 but god forbid you want to drink before 21! lol.

No. 893579

The legality of fucking teenagers when you're twice their age isn't the issue though. It's immoral, especially if the adult in question is a pseudo-celebrity using their influence to seduce fans. Even someone who's 24(?) dating someone who's 40, they'd be at completely different levels of emotional maturity and life experience. I guess Dan acts like he's mentally stuck at like age 15 but I don't think that really makes up for it. I'm only a couple years younger than Ashley and I wouldn't even consider having a serious relationship with a guy that much older than me, especially not an overgrown man-child with poor hygiene.

No. 893593

I'm a year older than Ashley and I wouldn't date a 40 year old especially Danny's midlife crisis lookin ass. I get it he's "famous" or whatever, but have some self respect

No. 893597

File: 1573778323696.png (59.59 KB, 582x558, ProForrest.png)

I'm guessing Jared is BFFs with everyone in Normal Boots again, but they won't re-hire him for PR purposes…

No. 893606

File: 1573779377417.png (193.59 KB, 448x718, ProLogo.png)

>"Shit you went through…"

-cracks up-

No. 893609

Regardless of how us assholes feel, everyone involved has been going through shit, to the point unless their name is heidi, they get attacked for literally just existing even if heidi does something similar e.g saying "I need to heal."

No. 893610

Yeah, nope. The Jared/Holly stans constantly pull this when Heidi does something like that.
And when Jared and Holly do it, the response is just as overwhelmingly positive from bootlickers compared to the insults.

But hey. Good that you PJ2 twerps finally learned to fucking sage.

No. 893614

Wtf is even PJ2? I see this posted whenever someone gets butthurt.(derailing)

No. 893622

If I remember correctly, Heidi never even set out to get Jared 'cancelled' like Holly & his stans keep insisting. She didn't talk about this shit publicly for an entire year before May 2019. Not a single peep.

The way she cracked & unleashed shit on social media looks a lot like someone who stayed quiet for too damn long & either was told or kept telling themselves not to 'cause a scene'.

Hell, even when she went public, she was still making excuses for him; like how he was so vulnerable & Holly manipulated him, etc.
(While I do agree that Holly was manipulative, the least he could've done was told her to stop talking shit & playing 'hero')

I'm just tired of seeing people acting like Heidi deliberately set out to 'RUIN' Jared's life, when she was probably just fed-up with dealing with his two-faced, performative bullshit.

No. 893641

>shit you went through. least i could do

Why do men like Jared always receive sympathy? he's a lying, cheating scumbag who was caught, but… now he's a poor victim?? he didnt lose anything. He brought this on himself.

No. 893643



They're all in the same tone, like his mother died or something, but nah, he just fucked up & narrowly avoided the consequences.

No. 893679


The experience gap between them is what bothers me too. She's either fearless or stupidly naive and keeps trying to be friends with her new Instagram 'fans'. There's this one wacky as fuck broad who keeps saying that Dan and Ashley's relationship is 'important to her mental health' in her posts and Ash keeps giving them attention.

No. 893693


>"To the point unless their name is Heidi, they get attacked for literally just existing even if Heidi does"

My guy, quit being an incel for two seconds. Heidi still gets an INSANE amount of shit from Jared stans who accuse her on the daily of ruining Jared's life, even though it's his inability to keep his dick in his pants and out of crazy homewrecking whores that ruined his life.


PJ2, otherwise known as the home to the bootlicking idiots who see nothing wrong with a grown ass man running seven porn blogs and soliciting nudes from his fans.


>"Important to her mental health"

Because they know that that's the one sure-fire way to get attention and get what you want. Nobody wants to be responsible for another person's breakdown and/or suicide, so they pull the "BUT MY MENTAL HEALTH!" card knowing that people will cave.

No. 893699

Its in the OP image. If you've been here long enough to "see this posted whenever someone gets butthurt," you've been here long enough to know what it means. C'mon now.

No. 893700

the subreddit called r/projared2 which actually was responsible for amassing most of the "evidence" projared "revealed" against the sex-maniac allegations in that shitshow of his video.
when they're not calling heidi a cunt they're trying to buy real estate deep in jared's ass

however it's become more of an "ok boomer" thing for this thread, i guess? i mean, it's clear projared was a lying, baiting sex creep and if the world was fair he'd be in prison away from all the delicious internet fawning.
it's not fair to assume everyone knows about the creepy things he's done though; the average decent human will look at a guy who very nearly lost his livelihood, got divorced, and months later is still trying to deal with the "trauma" visited upon him by the power of the clown emoji – they'll look at him and say "dang, he must have it bad".
never mind that he's the one who fucked things up for himself and then neatly got away with it, just like dan is now being excused for preying on young vulnerable girls because "it legal tho"

No. 893701


>"It's not fair to assume everyone knows about the creepy things he's done though"

It's literally in the OP of every single GG thread for the past six months, though. There's no excuse to NOT know.

>"who very nearly lost his livelihood….is still trying to eal with the "trauma""

Boo fucking hoo. Dude fucked the well of crazy, fucked his fans, solicited nudes from fans and is now paying the price for it. He gets not one bit of sympathy from anyone with an IQ over 12.

No. 893705

protip. using > implies there's a quote, you don't have to use quotes lmao.

No. 893707

sure. you do realize loads of people come here from twitter and stuff? complete newfags who can't be arsed to read the thread summaries.
plus people tend to be kinder than your average lolcow frequenter – is that your crusade, to set right every idiot whose heart bleeds for jared?
regardless if it's bait or it's sincere sympathy towards an undeserving moron, it's irritating to see everyone unconditionally branded as a PJ2 spy every time someone goes "this is a shitshow on all counts and not only jared's"

No. 893710


>"It's irritating to see everyone unconditionally branded as a PJ2 spy"

It's a joke, bud. Jared's a walking dumpster fire that has shot himself in the foot and should be used as a cautionary tale to all future youtuber nerds.

If anyone comes here and is dumb enough to try and defend his actions, they should go over to PJ2 with the other fucking morons that shouldn't be allowed to mingle with the rest of society

No. 893713

File: 1573802794813.jpg (887.53 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20191115-011909_You…)


They seem so happy together in this video
and around the 1:43:00 mark they briefly discuss how Jared proposed to her, a tear slightly came out of my eye honestly.

For those who don't want to watch they said it was at a convention, sometime in spring 2014.

Damn you Holly for ruining this marriage for your own selfish reasons, though I don't think she is entirely to blame she did still contribute. They probably would have broken up sooner or later or maybe they would have made it work, guess we'll never know.(emoji)

No. 893715

He was constantly cheating and sexting. The divorce is squarely on Jared's back.

No. 893719


Exactly this. As much as I'd love to blame Hoelly Cumrag for ruining their image (and she DID play a part), the blame lies solely on the people IN the marriage - Heidi and Jared, primarily Jared IMO (because it wasn't the sleeping with another woman that Heidi had a problem with; It was the fucking of HOLLY that she had a problem with)

I don't honestly think the marriage would've lasted much longer one way or another (both Heidi and Jared admitted that the marriage was in trouble before Holly), but Holly's constant insistence that Heidi was abusing Jared would have broken it down sooner or later. You can only be bashed over the head with something for so long before you finally snap and say "Fuck it, she's abusive, fine!"

No. 893726

File: 1573807959265.jpg (755.52 KB, 1917x1080, 20191115_025116.jpg)

He just wanted to do a "tap tap" on Holly

"This is why Jared isn't allowed in here"

No. 893732

Yep. Holly is an unapologetic homewrecker but Jared's the one who let her in.

No. 893864


Oh ffs, last negative thing in her mentions is literally week old when she talked about Jared again. Can we stop pitying her as the lost kitten some folk here think she is, when she was obviously pretty happy when the hate train was going in the opposite direction. I mean, we all clapped for that "youtube video apology" stab she took at him in June, right? Look at how humble that was in retrospect.

No. 893897

File: 1573842343548.jpg (54.19 KB, 422x234, 20191115_121618.jpg)


Dude the livestreams are a straight goldmine
Jared says: "Lemme smash" in the chat, while Heidi and Holly are on the camera.
Like who are you talking to Jared??

full video: https://youtu.be/8xA1Y6c9sI8

Anyway I will try to add some insightful critique.
Holly told Jared that Heidi was abusing him since they temporarily lived at their house in LA.
Then Heidi called her out, Holly was like "uwu I am sorry".
But was still secretly telling Jared he thought Heidi was abusive.

So Holly can't even own up to her own words, and still acts this way publicly. Yet Jared still picked her anyway.

even when she does its just empty words like when Logan Paul apologized for the suicide forest thing.

No. 893905


Dude, you are digging through 2+ year twitch clips from time when all people involved were happy with their respective spouses, trying to dig up what? Please, seek help from specialists.

No. 893910

they cost money

No. 893912


There are some accessible options in every state, you got to do something. This is obsession.

No. 893936

It might be easier for me to commit suicide instead.

No. 893942



No. 893945

I will never have a fun, exciting, adventerous life like these internet personalities get the luxury of. The Normal Boots guys, Game Grumps, DCA, Scott, etc. Their lives are infinitely more thrilling then mine. They have a fascinating story to tell, and I just do not.
Even then, we recently learned that behind closed doors they had their own dark secrets and their life was not what it seemed.

I don't see the point in living anymore.

No. 893958


Cmon anon, this aint 4chan. You wont find someone to push you into suicide for the keks. Dont you want to see the day shit hits the fan for dan? Lol

No. 893964


>"when she was obviously pretty happy when the hate train was going"

Yeah, how dare a woman that's been emotionally manipulated and abused for god knows how long be happy when people finally realize her weasel of an ex is actually a piece of shit? What a cunt /s

No. 893969

Normal Boots is definitely all still friends with Jared and there is a lot of proof to support that. They drop him when he falls into controversy, yet once it dies down all of them, including some hidden block members in Seattle, hang out with him irl like nothing even happened. They were all recently at a bar together. Nothing has changed. Him stepping down was for nothing more than pr and I am amazed that people still support Normal Boots as a collective when they've had nothing but bad luck and controversy in a group of guys who all ride off Jirards name.

No. 893972

File: 1573851935111.jpg (482.1 KB, 1077x1688, Screenshot_20191115-160448_Twi…)

Jesus you're right. A lot of these guys don't even make decent content anymore. Are the nb dudes even relevant at this point besides dykg?

No. 893974

File: 1573852130035.jpeg (8.41 KB, 242x208, 0F6A1957-AD1C-4B04-B1D7-841C60…)

No. 893975

File: 1573852313343.jpg (344.37 KB, 767x1650, Screenshot_20191115-150952_You…)

>ride off Jirards name.
He is not even the most popular NB member.
And Jared had more of a personality charm with his audience than Jirard since he wasn't afraid to use edgy jokes occasionaly.

And they kind of ride of JonTrons name since he was the most popular at first.

No. 893985

I can honestly say I've never tuned in to a single episode of the completionist so I agree. The only people I watched was Spacehamster and DYKG and from what I've been seeing via twitter, Jeff seems to be team #SinJared so that's a huge ass yikes. Talk about ride or die.

No. 893992

I wouldn't say that is entirely true.
Jirard did comment under Treesicle's first ProJared video and said something like that it was totally accurate.

I think his out of state friends were quick to throw him under the bus while the local ones who Jared knew better and would have talked with about his relationship problems. Though not sure if he told them about the pedophilia stuff since he never told Heidi either. Less you know the better kind of thing.

No. 893994

Can I get the sauce for that Treesicle post