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No. 971736

Last time on the "#BeKind" Edition…

> Legitimately nothing has changed - Not a single thing.

> Katie / K.T. is still fucking crazy

> ProJared is STILL trying to paint himself as the victim, begging for views on his FFVII video because he was "in such a dark place last year"

> He attempted to call out Joe Exotic apparently for saying "That bitch Carole Baskin" and then claiming to be anti-bullying.

> Holly is STILL playing the "woe is me, not like the other girls, uwu bird mom" card. Her "Mental Health Mondays" are now essentially just her streaming Animal Crossing.

> She also supported the DM of Far Verona during his scandal in which he essentially forced a sexual encounter on another player's character and was rightfully called out. Holly declared "You're a good friend and a good person" and then when called out for that, declared "I was literally molested as a child" as if that made her supporting a predator okay.

> Holly made some masks for people to use against COVID-19 and when called out for them not being effective, her Ass Kissers attacked the person because, in Holly's words, "It sucks trying to do something to help" and "At least applaud us for not taking the masks from first responders", implying that we should thank her for doing the bare minimum in not being a selfish twat.

Image Credit: >> 969117
Thread Credit: >>971734

Previous Threads (The ProJared Saga Begins):
1: >>785476
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Character Descriptions and Stats:

Jared "the Wormdick" Knabenbauer
>Known for having a gaming youtube channel where he reviewed games
>Formed "Waffle crew", the D&D group that would soon turn out to be a dumpster fire
>All hell broke lose when his ex-wife revealed he has been manipulating, abusing and cheating on her
>Soon after, other victims of his started leaking chat logs and nudes
>Turns out he was soliciting underage porn
>Went into hiding
>Throughout DCA, his D&D character, Diath, was having an on-going romance with Strix, his co-player Holly Conrad's character
>Turns out they were also involved IRL, cheating on their spouses
>Holly is currently whiteknighting him on twitter, while he is trying to manipulate his side-pieces from the shadows
>One of his side-pieces fell for it and now is changing her initial statement, trying to get on his good side (even though he ghosted her before)
>Heidi accuses Jared of threatening legal action if she speaks up. Unfortunately Heidi casts “Absorb Elements” just like she did for his initial divorce statement. Jared takes an extra 1d6 damage on her next melee attack.

Strength: 5
Dexterity: 5
Intellect: 15
Stamina: 10
Luck: none
Charisma: send noOds

Holly "Manic Pixie Butterface" Conrad (current power-level):
>Got into D&D, started thinking she's literally Strix - her character
>Cheated on Ross with Jared the Wormdick while trying to manipulate both Jared and his wife
>Once Heidi (Jared's wife) revealed her as a side hoe, she locked down everything and checked into the tumblr hospital
>After getting back on the net, she started autistically defending herself and Jared, claiming she never cheated and Heidi is literally Hitler
>Professional victim, her NPD can be seen from space
>Emotionally abused Ross, claimed she never felt love until she met Jared
>Claims to have not cheated on her ex-husband despite his refusal to make one comment about the situation in her defense
>Can't stand even tiny criticism about herself, reads her lolcow thread though
>Compared Etika’s suicide, a popular black YouTuber, to her own suicidal ideation by showcasing they both received clown emojis as “bullying.”
>Suffers backlash from the black community, Etika’s fans and Twitter
>After being called out for taking advantage of a person’s suicide, Holly infamously deflects criticism by tweeting, “I’m sorry. I’m mentally ill.”

Strength: uwu
Dexterity: uwu
Intellect: 4
Stamina: 100
Luck: ran out
Charisma: clown emoji

Holly Conrad’s Previous Stats:
>Holly is a “talented cosplayer/craftsman/special effects artist and well respected in the community”, even appearing on Syfy's "Heroes of Cosplay"
>Was one of the main focuses of the 2011 Documentary "Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope" (directed by Morgan Spurlock)
>Originally gained notoriety for her Commander Shepard/FemShep cosplay
>Married to Ross O'Donovan, beloved animator and member of the GG Family, from 2012 to 2018
>When it came to Arin/Suzy vs Ross/Holly most people preferred Ross and Holly, because they felt less fake and Holly was famous separate of Ross, not riding her husband's coattails like Suzy.
>Was best buds with Jared's wife Heidi, another talented and respected cosplayer/craftsman
>Apparent tragic backstory = quirky anxiety uwu. I don't really know the whole backstory on this one, not sure if it really matters.
>But was apparently close to her grandfather and inherited his house(?) in Washington(?) when he passed away which was in theory part of the reason she and Ross amicably split. Jared and Heidi just also happened to live in Washington.
>Other speculated factors included Holly being asexual (lmao), the toxic GG fan-community, "having codependency issues", and wanting to leave LA while Ross wanted to stay
>Publicly their divorce was mutual, amicable, and came as somewhat of a shock….OR WAS IT?
>Basically all this drama is so juicy because Holly "quirky manic pixie dream bird gurl, asexual anxiety, luvs animals so obviously wouldn't hurt anyone uwu" Conrad was the surprise plot twist villain we never saw coming

For More On Holly Conrad:
>A History of Holly: >>838840 (Source: PULL)

Strength: uwu
Dexterity: 20
Intellect: 17
Stamina: 22
Luck: 100
Charisma: Not Suzy

Heidi of the House O'Ferrall, Hell Hath No Fury, Giver of Zero Fucks, Destroyer of Careers
>Non-lewd cosplayer, talented craftsman and elf
>Produces tutorials and shows her work in progress pretty in depth
>Has a degree in Theatre/Costume Design
>"She had sex with my husband", top 10 anime deaths of all time
>Married to Jared Pedodick Knobslob
>Was in a poly relationship with Jared
>Claims Holly was the reason it didn’t work out
>Outed Jared’s infidelity and set twitter ablaze
>Working on her current divorce and perhaps a defamation against Holly Conrad for trying to claim she had BPD and that psychologists have deemed her “unfixable”
>Has started to become more vocal on that drama since Holly’s Etika sperg
>Claims emotional abuse by Jared and gas lighting, and also seems to insinuate her enjoyment of sex has decreased
>Blocks overtly sexual cosplays because of the ProJared controversy
>Currently living alone in a new home and trying to start up her business and craft in a way to support herself
>Accuses Holly of being vindictive enough to have done everything in her power to end her marriage and happiness

Strength: 90
Dexterity: 71
Intellect: 82
Stamina: 64
Luck: 20
Charisma: Zinfandel

Dan Pirro from the Honorable House Pigeon
>Dedicated white knight of Jared and Holly’s that created a campaign to prove #heidingthetruth
>In direct contact with Holly Conrad Flying Monkey

Jessica Slater from the Honorable House Pigeon
>Holly stan and dedicated “sister”
>Runs a clearly objective truth blog on tumblr while putting down Heidi on twitter

Participation Trophies go to the following for their dedication:
>BorkScorpion, RainbowTressym, TigerNightmare, UnicornHoodlum and others
>May or may not be sockpuppet accounts
>Tier 3 WKs, to be mostly ignored
>Autism awareness is sometimes being aware of who to avoid

>Jared Knabenbauer/ProJared:


>Heidi O'Ferrall/AtelierHeidi:


>Holly Conrad/Commander Holly:


>Normal Boots:


The Expanded Universe:

**Game Grumps
Previous GG Threads:**
>Jon vs Dan speculations, are the Suzy nudes real or fake, blah blah blah, old news. Seriously, don't ask to be spoonfed this old dried up milk. Go read about it on your own.
>There is a whole subreddit dedicated to GG Rule 34 where they sexualize the girlfriends/wives as well as the grumps called r/polygrumps. Suzy once long ago tweeted in support of polygrumps, but it seems like an especially toxic corner of their already toxic fanbase. I doubt she would confirm that support today.
>GG sells a merch line called Game Gyaru "based on Arin and Danny, reimagined as female characters inspired by the anime series Dirty Pair, named Arina and Daniella respectively". It's a blatant tracing of the characters from "Dirty Pair" that they did not initially acknowledge.
>GG release body pillows of Dan and Arin. They sell out very quickly. It's gross: >>792883
>Guess what Jon's an even worse blatantly sexist/racist person than we ever could have imagined

Suzy "the Goose" Berhow:
>Has a history of scamming fans by buying cheap jewelry from China and the likes and reselling it to fans with an absurd markup as her jewelry line or as one anon put it: "creating a really expensive jewelry line that involved very little effort on her part". Arin has to come to her defense when people find out.
>Previous threads over the years were mostly about Suzy's "thyroid-related" weight gain and absurd styling choices, scamming, and how she's a ~rEaL gAmEr GuRl~
>No one seems to really have complaints about her current styling choices since she lost weight and the skunk stripe and adopted a more natural look (it's much closer to her twin sister Jean's)
>Suzy was a "model" when younger, and will still constantly repost the same pictures from her past over and over again, in case anyone forgot
>There sometimes seemed to be some unspoken tension between Suzy and Holly. Suzy seemed to give off the vibe of being uncomfortable not being the only cool gamer gurl in the GG group, especially when up against a girl that seemed to prefer and respect.
>Seems plausible that she prefers being the female center of attention given the theory that JonTron's swift and dramatic departure from GG was due in part to some beef between Suzy and Jon's girlfriend at the time. IIRC this is still all just speculation. (Jon's too big of a topic, read that one on your own for the full backstory)
>A/N: I would be kind of surprised if she showed any support for Holly at all, but maybe that's just me

Katie (Most recent GG drama unrelated to PigeonGate 2019 ):
>Suzy claims she and Arin have been together since 2002. Arin's mysterious deviantART ex Katie shows up from an apparent cryogenic sleep after 10+ years and throws an insane hissy-fit about how Arin was pursuing HER during that time and she turned HIM down.
>Thinks Suzy poisoned Arin against being her BEST FRIEND despite the fact that she was married, disappeared from the internet, lived across the country, and was definitely leading Arin on for some time. Arin seems to have bought her some gifts in this time.

Game Grumps:

>Suzy Berhow/Mortemer:


>Arin Hanson/Egoraptor:


>Dan Avidan:


>Minor cow Katie, rejected Arin way back when and regrets it now that he's famous:


About Dice, Camera, Action:
>DCA is/was a popular D&D livestream DM'd by Chris Perkins (WoTC story designer)
>It's cast consisted of Holly Conrad, Jared Knabenbauer, Nathan Sharp and Anna Prosser
>All of them turned out to be cheaters, hooking up with each other and breaking marriages/engagements

>Wafflecrew/Dice, Camera, Action:


Filed Under “Other”:

Ross O’Donovan
Do Not Bother Ross O’Donovan
>Game Grump and animator
You May Support and Subscribe at:
>Ross O'Donovan/RubberNinja:

Reminder from Mods:
>Subjects have to be 16+ to be discussed on lolcow. Do not include Holly's 15 year old friend’s face or social media posts here.
>This is also a reminder that cowtipping is also against the rules, do not contact the girl or her parents because of her relation to Holly.
>Keep whiteknight posting to when they actually spill milk.

No. 971752

thank you for this profile picture anon i'm wheezing

No. 971755

Has anyone else noticed ProJared and his mistress constantly liking DCA related tweets but never see the rest of the DCA group doing the same?

No. 971761

Perkins has been hitting the Like button on a lot of em too.
He's totally okay with all this skeeviness, what happened to Heidi doesn't affect him personally.

No. 971763

>Jared moved them to Seattle (where Heidi had no family or friends)

Seattle, Washington is not such a bad place, it's the same city where wholesome souls such as Leafyishere and Onision live!… hmm okay but!,

Still the previous city they lived in (Los Angeles, California) is known to destroy people's mental health. Take example Bobby Burns >>>/snow/735087 who like Jared moved to LA so he could be closer to his online career, but being there was damaging to his mental health so makes sense he would leave. There's many horror stories of people moving to LA in pursuit of fame and the red carpet only to end up with a drug addiction and manic depression.

Since they would have probably broken up sooner or later, it was probs best for Heidi they moved to Seattle, a much more tame city.

No. 971768

glad to see Heidi living her best life one year later, doing what she loves.

No. 971782

I'm surprised neither Jared nor Holly explicitly tweeted out about being unfairly cancelled or losing their beloved show, save for a vaguetweet from Holly about "being back on her feet".

No. 971784

Hey are Arin and Oney on bad terms, if so, why?
Please tell me it's not because of that stupid SrPelo carton.

No. 971787

Pretty sure it's just because Arin distanced himself from his edgier self/animations and has some "sjw-esque" point of views that Oney thought made Arin a self righteous hypocrite. That's all I can really get from it all tho.

No. 971855

Arin made a post calling out "problematic behaviour" (aka any humour whatsoever) in animation, especially newgrounds, and it pissed a lot of animators off since that's where his fame, fans, ect. first came from as well as himself acting the same way not too long ago. People pointed out he was being hypocritical and a massive up-his-own arse douche.

No. 971869


Honestly, I'm kinda proud of them for refraining from any grandstanding on the 1-year anniversary of their fucked-up actions being exposed - People seem to forget the important detail that this shit had been happening an entire year before Heidi came out about it last May.
People also seem to forget that Jared blocking Heidi before posting his divorce statement; where he spoke on her behalf, was what kicked this drama off in the first place.

No. 971870

File: 1589131201746.png (34.47 KB, 396x644, wheresheidisnudes.png)

If true, this is pretty fucking disturbing.

Also Heidi wasn't even the one who leaked Jared's nudes in the first place, wtf?

No. 971873

File: 1589131328362.png (28.25 KB, 328x618, wheresheidisnudes2.png)

No. 971910

File: 1589136680815.jpg (53.89 KB, 1210x380, PJ2.JPG)

I have access to this discord and searched "Heidi" "Nudes" "onlyfans" "Atelier" and "revenge" and couldn't find anything that looks like this, also tried to figure out if there was some kind of code being used to make it hard to search but there's a lot and my desire to read those people chatting is not very high.

I couldn't find this stuff in there. Maybe she's in some secret chat that's not even in the verified channels.

They talk about Heidi a couple times a month and adamantly defend Wormdick's masturbation addiction, but no mention of doing anything to her, mostly just pretending they don't hate her and acting like they "wish her the best".

pic showing one of the search results

No. 971912

Is the discord text only? Because I could imagine they may have been talking about it rather than typing it out.

If not, it seems like the whole revenge porn was more of a shitpost that just got taken too serious.

No. 971915

Those sub-forums might also be the source of it. Shouldn't just be checking the main General.

No. 971917

There are voice channels, but I haven't ever seen anyone use them and I used to check in regularly.

No. 971923

File: 1589138392142.jpg (114.68 KB, 1209x612, PJ2.JPG)

The search function checks every channel at once, no need to be in a specific channel, example:

No. 971930


The person on the right reminds me of the person on Twitter last May who said that when they sent Jared a nude on that tumblr all they got was a "Good job!" and they had no idea other submitters were getting sexted/sent nudes/fucked at cons

Like, honey… maybe you're just not his type

No. 971993


IIRC, you can also set channels to 'private' in a server.

No. 972002

Right, but given these things aren't in public channels, how did this person hear about this stuff? Either they themselves are in those channels or they know someone who is. The way it's phrased in the ask is it's something they found publicly.

No. 972003

Maybe they're a mole who made it into a private channel?

No. 972004

tinfoil but what if the truly "verified" people have access to an inner circle? since consistently the discord is considered "harmless" even if it's filled with idiots, there must be a tight-knit group of users who know who each other are, and verify they are indeed against heidi and not just a "spy"

god this sounds fucking dumb as I'm writing it, I just remember days when I would branch off into smaller groups from forums and we all knew who we were and we could easily tell who felt what about X/Y subject, because we either shared social media or we just spoke about shit enough to seem legit

definitely dan and that other batshit lady that kissed holly's ass all the time, they'd be all up in the VIP club. Also how are they going to acquire heidi's nudes? Even if they try shouldn't someone warn her on twitter or whatever to protect her accounts?

like there seems to be a disconnect, someone says "I heard x group of people are planning on leaking nudes" and nobody seems to think "where did they get them from" and "why isn't anyone saying this to the person who will get leaked"

No. 972009


Could also be a bunch of trolls looking to scapegoat PJ2 if their plan to 'avenge' Jared fails

No. 972011

File: 1589150535853.png (18.13 KB, 436x280, SadOldMagician.png)

Apparently, one of the mods contacted 'Procancelled' on tumblr

No. 972026

File: 1589152213981.jpg (21.48 KB, 223x426, PJ2.JPG)

My understanding of discord is that in order to have channels show up only for certain people is through rolls. The only people who have multiple rolls on there are the admins it looks like, here are the rolls I could find after looking through about 20 people on there. Turns out I only really needed to look at two. Given that, it looks like the only special rolls are for mods. Searching mod doesn't show anyone being recruited as a mod in months. I don't see how this theory holds water.

No. 972033

You can edit a text channel by role and by user. Same with Voice.

You can autosync the channels/categories to only show for certain roles/members, also.

No. 972083


Jared's type seems to be anything with a pulse that is willing to sacrifice any and all self respect to tell him his dick isn't actually as curvy and weird as it seems.


Was in the discord back in august - can confirm that they are skeevy as fuck about potential trolls coming in if they say anything positive about Heidi and negative about PedoWorm/Hoelly.

No. 972084


Of course SadOldMagician, one of the most pro-projared/holly people, is going to defend their shitty discord.

No. 972090

No, Jared definitely had a type, and he'd give generic "Good job!" to those not to his liking and engage the ones that aroused him more in order to get more nudes and sexually charged convos.

No. 972092

File: 1589161218141.png (28.11 KB, 686x126, Screenshot at May 10 20-40-23.…)

Good god, the DCA stans are so fucking overdramatic aren't there?

The question was "Do you think DCA will come back or is it gone forever?"

No. 972094

Neither "SinJared" nor "Etika's suicide is the same as me getting clown emojiiiiiiis" are lies.
It's time these dimwits started realizing.

No. 972098


Exactly, for Jared "body positivity" was a way to filter out women he did want to fuck

That's another reason the blog really bothered me, it was supposed to be a body positive space so of course the majority of people submitting were insecure and probably excepted just a generic comment on a good feature of their body and general positivity and instead got a youtuber they obviously were a fan of aggressively flirting and sexting them. The whole body positivity thing was a complete lie, 100%, yet his stans make it out like he was a hero for encouraging positivity uWu

On tumblr you can submit to another's blog which just means they can post (with or without their own comments) what you sent in, be it text or a photo. So these people submitted it there then would be DMed by him, it's not even like they were dming him nudes

It just frustrates me that he didn't just make a blog for nudes but also marketed it as place for insecure people to submit their bodies anonymously and have others complement and build them up, because that's not what it was. It was literally just a place for Jared to find fangirls he deemed fuckable

No. 972156

>>972011 is no one going to point out that the admin of the PJ2 discord and subreddits flat out doesn't know how to use discord and barely uses reddit?

No. 972167

I don't think that last one is the admin but the actually user of the tumblr blog. The first text was submitted to the blogger, then the tumblr user updated it with saying to keep it civil when asking Sad question.

No. 972171

File: 1589177806615.jpg (659.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200511-021132_Tum…)

After realizing that the only way SadOldMagician would be able to submitted on tumblr is to have his own blog, I found out that he actually does. With his own face as the icon

Ladies and Gentlemen, the mod of the PJ2 discord.

No. 972172

umm, am i the only one who doesn't find this "disturbing" or even half real? i'm sure that troll felt really fucking smart when he asked heidi to make an onlyfans but the fact remains that
1. heidi isn't stupid lol
2. the PJ2 squad legit don't have the balls to pull something like this off. KF, maybe, i could see that. the best the PJ2 morons have done is scare two minors off the internet and made fools of themselves in heidi's tweet threads. mostly they're content jacking jared/holly off and generally being pathetic in their hugbox.

it just looks far more likely that instead of someone "hearing about this on a super private discord that a select few have access to where they do sex magic rituals and baby sacrifices" the troll just made it up/wanted to goad heidi because onlyfans is somehow a hot topic nowadays.
it's also notable how vocally feminist heidi is and how she generally speaks about stuff like dressing for herself and being disgusted by the male gaze etc. i'm sure whoever made that tweet thought it was the smartest/quickest way to get a rise out of her. disgusting, yes, but not necessarily dangerous

No. 972179

I agree. If they were going to do something disturbing, I'd imagine they'd be stalking her or her friends and family in real life.

No. 972223


Nah, that's what anons do kek

No. 972247


being petty here, but ..

>trying to wreck Heidi's career

>ruin her crafting career

what career?

No. 972265

I'm so curious about how the dynamic cheating duo feel about everyone else going on to do TORCH. It must be so awkward? Like they knew they couldn't get away with continuing DCA without them so they made a whole new show instead lmao.

No. 972296


Well, they might have announced the show but in reality, it is not being made right now or being streamed. So it's still the same thing, isn't it? DCA fans that might have stopped whining about the end of DCA when their attention is grabbed by something new, don't have this. There is no running show now on the official D&D channel. It's a full stop right now.

No. 972304

I mean there's Tales From The Mists on Fridays but that show is boring and only airs because it's produced by their social media person.

No. 972356

Considering Nate and Anna cheated as well, it probably secretly infuriates Wormdick and Holly. I wonder if Anna feels guilty at all. She cheated on her husband, got away with it, her "friends" who did the same thing got crucified (due to their own stupidity to be fair), and now her ex husband is dead. Meanwhile she gets to continue being one of the big faces of the WotC DnD scene, has a clothing line with Nate, and gets to live a happy, public life with him unquestioned. It's everything Holly probably wanted with Jared. I guess pretty people do always win, Holly.

No. 972365


It had nothing to do with Anna being prettier than Holly, though, and everything to do with the fact that Anna/Nate were smart enough to not get caught publicly. Holly, when caught, when full public temper tantrum and meltdown rather than keeping her head down and letting it pass.

No. 972376

lol anon i think the other one meant that's exactly how holly's going to take it.
"it wasn't the fact that i got caught with my pants down"
"and it wasn't the fact that jared LITERALLY got caught with his pants down"
"the pretty people always win!"

No. 972419

I think Anna probably feels partially responsible, considering her & Nate divorcing/breaking up with their respective partners to be together most likely inspired Holly (and possibly Jared) to do the same.
Anna probably feels like she set the bar for Holly, but Holly fucked it up, so Anna sticks around out of sympathy for Holly & Jared.
Nate, on the other hand, always seems to be preoccupied with his own career. He probably also feels partially responsible for this shit too, but doesn't want to burn any bridges, so he stays quiet about everthing.

No. 972693

Do we know when Anna and Nate's infidelity started? I know Geoff and Anna separated in fall 2018, but "The Walk" happened in very early 2018…

No. 972787


Both couples' characters on DCA had relationships and honestly after listening to Heidi's stream it seems like all 4 of them got WAY too caught up in DCA and the fictional relationships on it.

I think that both couples started one after another and definitely encouraged each other. And we all know how above and beyond Holly went to tell every single mutual friend she had with Heidi that Heidi was an abusive monster hurting poor little Jared and that the only way to save him was to fuck her at cons and after his therapy sessions.

I'm sure Nate and Anna both thought Heidi was Strahd or whatever the DCA villain of the week was and that Jared/Holly were Diath/Strix fighting for their love uwu.

Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if all 4 of them threw out the "my partner is abusive" or "my partner who obviously isnt okay with this totally is okay with this guys" excuse.

DCA fans always go on about DCA being special for the story and roleplaying the cast did and it's like yeah I'm not surprised considering all 4 players were unhealthy obsessed and living
vicariously through their characters

No. 972806

Wow, is this whole debacle still going on?
Did something interesting happen since september?
Did Heidi follow through with her veiled threat of leaking nudes?

No. 972856

Heidi never threatened to leak nudes.
She (briefly) mentioned them, but she never posted them online, because she knows that's illegal.

No. 972867

Exactly. Any money she makes from crafting isn’t personality-based. It’s her shop and maybe some cosplay judging gigs. Nudes being leaked wouldn’t even put a hiccup in that. Half of all cosplayers now have onlyfans.

No. 973167

File: 1589334359934.png (54.56 KB, 1136x418, kf1.png)

Someone over at Kiwifarms is really interested in Heidi's income…

No. 973183


Uhhhh anyone with a brain can see that it's not intended to be a major source of income. It doesn't even get promoted on social media.

No. 973336

File: 1589375777861.png (1.24 MB, 1234x1168, we crowing hens.png)

holly rebranded her "trash bitch" line.
AND made sure to grab the tumblr before anyone else could use it to broadcast holly's sins lol (just checked)

what's the point if everything's going to look the same as your previous """brand"""? oh right, burying your sins like you've done a million times before

No. 973355

She would post them if it wasn't illegal.

No. 973359


I think she knew the trash witch coven, in addition to being associated with schemes like being shittily made and ripping people off, was now associated with that tumblr that keeps nailing her ass to the wall.


Why would she do that? Unlike Hoelly, she's moved forward from the drama and is now doing her own thing.

No. 973365

Well Strix is retired so she has to double-down on the birbs.

No. 973377


Let's see how long it is before she tries to make merch for Animal Crossing and gets hit with a copyright infringement from Nintendo

No. 973380

Haha. What a terrible name and rebrand. Trash witch was kind of edgy at least. Holly whims are so terrible. She could have at least done Ravens or other things that gather in the young teenies trying to be witches while Mom is shopping for groceries.

No. 973385


I seriously read it as "growing hens" and I had to squint and REALLY read it to figure out she meant crowing.

What also irritates me is how sloppy that logo is. She could have at least cleaned it up or made it a vector, the lines are not connected smoothly, the white outline in the beak only barely fills in the area and it looks sloppy to see little triangle gaps, ugh

It's just like holly, sloppy and no effort

No. 973413


The grammar is driving me up the fucking wall. "We crowing hens" - No, you're two hipster douchebags who think being edgy is a good substitute for having an actual personality. Good on ya, Hoelly Cumrag.

No. 973448


tbf, I think it's supposed to be like "We Three Kings", because everything she does usually has some kind of medieval flair to it.

No. 973450

File: 1589389638423.png (14.86 KB, 422x244, trashwitches.png)


Yeah, last I checked, Ko-fi wasn't about collecting large sums of money. Then again, it probably changed since I last heard about it.

But hey, anything to make it look like desperate 'e-begging', right?

No. 973468

The grammar is correct in contemporary English. I can't understand why it would "drive you up a wall".

Other examples of the structure:

We the people
We select few

I'm genuinely curious what you think the "correct" grammar would be

No. 973476

Grammar discourse aside. The new name is interesting to say the least. Hens rarely crow and only do if in an all female flock. Is she trying to amp up the feminist angle again?

Definitely sounds more like a podcast on modern day feminism ran by a bunch of "old hens" rather than a hipster clothing line.

No. 973489


It "drives me up a wall" because it sounds fucking stupid. Doesn't really require further justification.


I think it's just her newest obsession. When she was going with the Strix 'trash witchy' theme, it was "trash coven". Now, Strix is gone and she's just left with her pigeons and chickens, so now it's "We Crowing Hens".

No. 973491

That's not the grammar driving you up the wall, then. That's the style driving you up the wall.

You claiming it was the grammar does require justification, as grammar has defined rules. You claiming the style is annoying does not.

Thanks for the clarification.(stahp)

No. 973499

Heidi is pretty feminist. I doubt she would post the nudes. Maybe the sexts? But she seems like the type to censor images.

No. 973599


feminist, not really. Anti-patriarchy - yessir.

No. 973630

If she's finally giving up on Strix then her relationship with Jared is going to slowly die too. It seems like once there is no more gimmick to keep her interested (like Ross being the Garrus to her Shepard or whatever the fuck) she stops caring.

No. 973643

The difference here is there's a point of vain pride in them staying together, as well as the fact that a bad breakup could lead to mutually-assured destruction.

So they'll likely stick together even as they become more and more miserable. Jared will cheat, Holly will break down and suicide-bait, but they'll never split.

No. 973727


Oh, they'll for sure split. Jared will find a newer, younger, more-willing-to-do-whatever-he-wanted plaything, and attempt to pass it off as a mutual parting of ways like he did with Heidi, but Hoelly the Eternal Shitbag of Crazy will blow up harder than Mount Vesuvius and release all sorts of his secrets.

No. 973729

They might hold out for a couple years in sheer spite, but eventually both of them will move on to new people. We already know neither of them have any qualms with cheating. Jared will start another body positive porn blog and Holly will find a new autistic roleplay fetish to act out with some other unsuspecting sucker. It might take awhile, but their relationship definitely has an expiration date.

Also, Holly could 100% throw Jared under the bus to ascend to an even higher victimhood and probably even get away with it. Jared couldn't, but he'd be propped up by the MGTOW/redpill crowd even harder than he already is. Their dumbest, most damaging mistake was ACTUALLY staying together after the allegations came out last year.

No. 973730

File: 1589430493172.png (129.06 KB, 1284x538, they crowing hens.png)

lol anon i was wondering about the "crowing" thing too. i kept asking myself if it should be clucking.
of course everything holly does comes with its own pathetic peal of irony

No. 973732

I'm not 100% on the "younger"… Heidi is two years younger than Holly is.
The "newer" and "more-willing-to-do-whatever", though? Totes.

No. 973742


>Their dumbest, most damaging mistake was ACTUALLY staying together after the allegations came out last year.

Pretty much.
I mean, she already gets weirdly hostile when she announces where she & Jared photograph each other.

No. 973963

File: 1589479526720.jpeg (602.29 KB, 1115x1364, ABB8D905-8055-4211-82C3-EC7728…)

Jesus, these puss babies really can’t handle anyone criticizing Jared and Hoelly can they?

So much for #bekind, eh?

No. 973987

File: 1589482218816.jpeg (762.91 KB, 1280x1439, 7944B85F-BC9A-48E0-AFBC-F30714…)

One of the big Holly flying monkeys is out in force

No. 974005

He already tried on Procancelled pretending to be unbiased until it was revealed he's in regular contact with Holly.

No. 974013

File: 1589484042067.png (9.92 KB, 500x182, thetrashwitch.png)


Something to think about…

No. 974019


Why do I get the feeling that SadOldMagician & the rest of these flying monkeys know little-to-nothing about who Jared was before DCA?

No. 974026

They most definitely knew nothing of Holly.

No. 974030


Makes me suspicious about Holly suddenly deleting all of her videos with Ross in them a couple months ago.

No. 974031

There's an opportunity on that blog for you to just ask him about it - why don't you do that?

No. 974032


"People who were ACTUALLY cheated on"

Jesus christ what's with Jared and Holly's community going above and beyond to gaslight Heidi about her own relationship?? I'm sure Mr. Magician thinks that he is an expert because Holly DMed him once or twice to congratulate him for being such a good white knight.

Even if you 100% believe Heidi was an insane abusive person you cant sit there and say she wasnt cheated on (or Ross for that matter). She literally closed their marriage and Jared continued to fuck not only Holly but fans too. And before some stan says he never fucked Holly until October 2018 (when by the way he was still telling Heidi he would work on their marriage, October was when HOLLY was divorced, not Jared) like she said, he still sexted her and fans constantly and obviously carried on an emotional affair.

You can forgive them for cheating, fine, plenty of celebs have been caught and forgiven, but you dont get to say that Heidi was never cheated on. Jared did NOT dump her the minute she revoked consent and closed theirrelationship, he left her over a year after that, a year that consisted of him fucking anything that moved and telling Heidi that he was working on their marriage and that she was abusing him for even being a little suspicious of his behavior.

That's another thing, Heidi spent that year being gaslighted like crazy. She was constantly being told by her own husband that she was abusing him and she was desperately trying to change and fix whatever he said she was doing wrong. She was being told that even attending the same con as him and his mistress would result in divorce and was being completely ghosted by all her and Jolly's mutual friends because of all the stuff Holly said behind her back.

I just genuinely dont understand how someone can look at ALL the facts of the situation from ALL parties and still think that Jolly were the abused ones.

No. 974033

Try "Hored" instead.

No. 974038


Hored is great, I just like Jolly because they are both so clearly happy in their perfect little relationship (/s)

No. 974040

I must have missed like 98% of what you claim here. I know about Hored telling her that she was abusing him and her trying to fix it, but when has anyone said he threatened divorce if she ever went to a con with them?

Where do you get the idea he was constantly fucking around? Heidi only ever claimed he cheated with Holly.

No. 974041


Heidi said it in the first few days of the shitshow - It was some con in texas (I can't remember which right now) and Jared said "If you go, I'll divorce you" which hit Heidi hard as that's when he was still giving her hope of fixing things. She ended up spending the weekend in the hotel room.

No. 974042


There've also been several fans come forward that have evidence of them having fucked around, so…..nice try.

No. 974046


Not to mention that as a cosplayer cons are huge for Heidi, she probably had lots of plans with friends and photographers. Plus isn't she from Texas? It's really shitty to not even let her attend separately from him

No. 974047


I remember a fan coming out at first and saying she went up to Heidi at a con because she was one of the fan's favorite cosplayers - but Jared gave her the stinkeye the entire time for not acknowledging him before Heidi. Dude is suffering from Napoleon Syndrome - He has to be the biggest, most popular. God forbid someone get more attention than him.

No. 974048

File: 1589486130891.jpg (76.3 KB, 752x501, breakup.JPG)

I'm sure you could name one of them, then, I know of a couple before "The walk" but none after.

Ah, you're talking about this tweet. Threw me off because she wasn't talking about a divorce threat, because she was saying he never asked for/threatened divorce until February.

No. 974050


I'm sorry, how exactly is someone "demanding I not go" NOT them being a giant fucking tool? How is Jared demanding Heidi NOT go to something that could have furthered her career NOT a form of manipulation?

"She wasn't talking about a divorce threat"

So you think it's possible for Jared to say "I'll break up with you" and for it to mean something OTHER than divorce? Sorry to break it to you, but married couples don't just get to 'break up' and stay married, fam.

No. 974053


The convention was actually Twitch Con in October 2018, which Heidi and Jared were both planning to attend for their own work. One week before the con, he told her he'd divorce her if she went. She stayed home, Jared went to Twitch Con and fucked Holly there for the "first time" if their story is to be believed. Supposedly Holly believed that Jared and Heidi were "broken up" while Heidi waited at home heartbroken, afraid, and unable to attend a con she'd announced months before.

So basically, even if Jared had lied to Holly, she was totally cool banging a guy who "broke up" with his wife a few days before while the wife was still fully dependent on him, sharing a home and a bed.

No. 974054


Pretty sure Heidi consented to the first time Jared fucked Unogirl but not the second time.

No. 974060


>Demanded that Heidi not attend Twitch con

>Went to go fuck Holly at Twitch con

Gee, I wonder why he did that?

No. 974070


yeah, it's almost like he knew he was fucking up by parading his mistress around in public where his wife could have easily had confirmation for her suspicions.

Huh. How 'bout that…

No. 974072


Was there a DCA event at this con? Maybe one where they were in costume?

I just know that Heidi said in her stream that Holly and Jared had been planning for months to fuck in costume even before "the walk", I wouldn't be surprised if they fucked in character the first time to make it extra special uwu

Maybe that's why Holly doesnt consider it cheating, it was Strix and Diath boning, not her and Jared

No. 974074


It's fucking insane to hear holly tell her own version of this, where it "wasn't cheating" because they "broke up" days before. Fam, how do you get to the point that you're fucking a legally married man DAYS after a supposed breakup, and that's supposed to be both true love and not cheating? It's not like they had a one night stand, it was supposedly the culmination of a deeply meaningful connection that had been developing for nearly a year. That's emotional cheating at the VERY least, and physical cheating if you're not stupid enough to believe Jared.

No. 974078


Because in Holly's eyes Heidi had been abusing him since the minute she closed their relationship, so Jared "breaking up with" Heidi days before Twitchcon was a huge success and breakthrough for him, he had been trying to escape for months. Remember, Heidi was a terrifying force controlling and being evil to Jared every single day of his life (in Hollyland)

I just wonder how after twitchcon he broke it to her that he didn't actually break up with Heidi like he said he did at the start of the weekend.

No. 974080


Cue Holly's "It takes at least 7 tries to leave an abuser" tweet.

No. 974081


Followed up by her "If Heidi was abused by Jared, why did she go back to the house to get the rest of her stuff?" tweet.

No. 974082

File: 1589488401883.jpg (167.53 KB, 744x1008, 786f9c02-1fdc-4b41-8b15-e3b5eb…)


Dont forget what she said in the tweet right before that one

No. 974084


I still can't get over the distinct lack of self awareness in posting those two tweet within minutes of each other. Either it's hard for an abuse victim to leave or they should run away screaming and never look back - You don't get to have it both ways, Hoelly.

No. 974085


Also looking back at the second one its hilarious that while talking about a supposed abuse victim she has to throw herself in there too, cant forget how Holly felt!

No. 974086


Well, yeah - it IS all about her, just like Etika's suicide or DCA's cancellation or….

No. 974087

She probably tried to say that Heidi didn't try to leave in the first place

No. 974089


"I worried about my boyfriends marriage constantly, it was so painful for ME. I was so powerless, I couldn't even text him all day every day"

And is it just me or is she trying to claim Heidi abused her as well as jared at the end of that first tweet?

No. 974090


No, she agreed that Heidi tried to leave (IIRC) but was pissed at the idea that Heidi (who had no income since Jared threw fits about her going to cons where the affair would be found out) had needed to make a few trips to the house to move things because a car can only hold so much shit at one time. She claimed that if Heidi was TRULY abused, she apparently would have just left everything she owned behind, I guess.

No. 974091


Yeah, I just responding to this post:


>I just wonder how after twitchcon he broke it to her that he didn't actually break up with Heidi like he said he did at the start of the weekend.

She was most likely convincing herself that Jared was attempting to "Leave for good" but somehow ended up 'back in Heidi's abusive clutches'

No. 974092


Hell, Hoelly straight up said Heidi abused her for awhile and then texted Heidi and was like "Oh, I only said that because I was mad at you for yelling at me over the phone. Even Jared said I went too far"

No. 974093


Also, I'm sure Jared packed her stuff up and sent it with the movers, and I highly doubt he got everything of hers into those boxes. I guarantee he atleast tried to keep the Diath costume, too.

No. 974095


Heidi yelled at her & it hurted her feelings. So yes. 100% Abuse. Electric chair. /s

No. 974097


Jared also didn't want Heidi going to Twitch con because that's where his friends were, you know, the ones he's been feeding this 'abuse' story to…

If Heidi went, she probably would've seen them giving her the stink-eye or quickly pulling Jared aside the moment he stepped away from her.

No. 974247

File: 1589506866524.png (12 KB, 468x158, sadmag.png)

This anon brings up a good point…

No. 974251

File: 1589507347417.png (72.28 KB, 498x1176, SadOldMagicianTumblr.png)

Looks like SadOldMagician wants to be the antithesis of trashwitchcoven

No. 974256


You know, there's an easy way for SadOldMagician to stop this; He can make a PSA disavowing anyone seeking nudes/inside-info of Heidi…

No. 974258

File: 1589508740529.png (11.22 KB, 506x283, SadOldVirgin.png)

Kinda funny how he let himself open to that self-own.

No. 974307


His tumblr kind of seems like a grab at some clout/fame. "Ask the projared2 mod anything! ask me stuff! Be interested in ME for being a projared fan!"

Also seems weird that he feels the need to make his own blog and AMA a year+ later after the drama, so much for moving on. Youd think anyone on Jared's side would stay far away from the website Jared used for his nude farm

No. 974308

the sad thing is, he's holly's IRL friend
so it's very likely he actually believes he's important enough to be the authority on this trashfire

to think this dumbfuck has the balls to call chris-chan sad lmao

No. 974310

Not sure about IRL, the way he acts and obsesses he's probably an "internet friend" like GeraldoGuacamole.

No. 974312

iirc, the both of them attended holly's pathetic "art show". it was in the old threads.

No. 974341


>"Holly saw that was bad think and apologized for that; She is able to self reflect"

It's been 3 hours and I still can't stop laughing at that. If by "able to self reflect", he meant "still be unable to recognize and take responsibility for literally ANYTHING a year later" then yeah, Hoelly's a pro at that.

No. 974389

Seriously, when has Holly usefully self reflected even once? The only reason she backtracked on calling Heidi unfixable or comparing her uwu clown emojis to Etika's death was because she was getting criticism for it and to Holly all criticism or anything not explicitly licking her ass is aboosive yells.

No. 974465

It's hilarious to me that there's an opportunity for you to anonymously get him to answer this stuff, potentially getting a look at just how deluded he is, but you don't do it.

No. 974468


Maybe people have already asked him that, but he didn't 'publish' the answers?

No. 974469

Doubt it, that would be something to make fun of him for. Screenshot your ask and then show that he doesn't answer it.

No. 974497

lol fuck off
bring milk or stfu

No. 974503

What is cowtipping?

No. 974507

He isn't a cow. Doesn't meet the criteria of this website.

Also cowtipping requires harassment or brigading. There's an open invitation to ask any question you want.

So… Cowtipping is not this.

No. 974510


Purposely asking someone a question to get a certain reaction is definition cowtipping. Anyway, we all know his answers would be "Holly did no wrong, and Jared is just misunderstood. Heidi the Whore is evil and must be eliminated!"

No. 974513

I welcome you to review this site's definitions. I think you'll find it doesn't say that.

No. 974518

File: 1589568686837.png (95.09 KB, 450x608, pj2roles.png)

No. 974519

File: 1589568716234.jpg (208.23 KB, 1280x1247, tumblr_6ccf22fc12b7ef0880ffd29…)


The Screenshot

No. 974525


Low quality bait. "Why not go there and ask him yourselves" okay pjstan why don't YOU go and ask? What's that, you don't want to?

Sadmagician may have statcounter on their blog which will track public IP, browser, device, OS version and what pages the person clicked. No thanks.

No. 974527

it's so hard to get a VPN these days. You want me to do it for you? Give me the questions you would ask. I just don't believe this tinfoiling about a nude exchange and targeting Heidi. I'm the anon who has access to it

No. 974529


Anon with all due respect, I repeat my question: why don't YOU ask them? If you've browsed this thread you can guess what we'd want to ask.

I don't have any questions, personally. I don't really have anything to ask from them, I really don't know what I could ask them that could benefit this situation or provide clarity.

I don't interact with any of these figures on social media. And even if they did have secret servers (which I am POSITIVE they will, maybe not on discord, but somewhere) they sure as hell wouldn't tell us the truth.

Sadmagician is just trying to play the honest politician by being all "ask me anything, I'll be transparent with you" and I would guarantee he will never be truthful. To an extent? Yeah, what's safe or palatable to say. but never honest.

No. 974531


My whole thing is, what's there to even ask him? He's a literal no one and holly basically broadcasts her entire pathetic love life via twitch or twitter. Jared is by now completely irrelevant and his videos struggle to break even 200k views. What can this sadoldmagician guy tell us that we're desperately missing in this picture lol

No. 974538

That's the problem with conspiracy theories like this, anon. And why they serve no real purpose other than to claim someone is bad without evidence of them being bad:

There is no evidence that would ever convince these people otherwise. This theory presented is the some tinfoil helmet levels of conspiracy theory.

Even if you know the answers will be completely disingenuous that's still an opportunity to learn something. For example: how are they dodging the question? What kind of proof are they using? What aren't they answering?

Here's what I can derive from what is discussed here that people are going on about:

- Are there hidden channels?
- Do people there plot against Heidi?
- How many people are in there?
- How do they keep a lid on it, given there's no screenshots of them talking about it, and it would be very easy to sneak in a mole?

Even if he were to give 100% honest answers it would just circle back to "well we can't trust him"

And the cycle continues, pointlessly.

Until this shit is actually shown with even a little bit of proof that what is theorized is what's happening, why do you even buy into it?

No. 974543


I do not trust them, anon. Simple as that. The screenshot itself says that to unlock additional servers, you need to show your reddit username and have a "good standing in the community", I can guess what that means.

I do not trust people who would scurry off to a private discord and have additional servers hidden behind a trustwall. Say what you want about this thread, but at least they are public and anonymous.

No. 974545

Did anyone else noticed they apparently have "gender assigned roles" for their discord? Why the fuck would they need that??

No. 974546


>"Without evidence of them being bad"

They're still supporting a dude who solicited nudes from his fans and cheated on his wife while actively gaslighting her. That's evidence enough for me.


Like TrashWitchCoven said in that post though, things might have changed - but if so, you'd think they'd have changed the rules or at least updated that page, no?

No. 974549


I'm the anon you replied to with the changed rules etc

My issue is that the discord server didn't happen organically. This was not a place that was once a fandom or it was a natural gathering of fans; this was made with a specific purpose in mind. And as such it has a specific way of handling things. And it's led by specific people, who have specific opinions. And it's using public profiles on reddit as proof of your beliefs. It's not "hey we see that you are saying things here so you seem legit", it's "I want to see that you are REALLY who you say you are, I want to see your public profile that wasn't created 10 minutes ago", get outta here with that 1984 bs

If they had nothing to hide then they wouldn't have those rules in place. End of story. No additional servers, no REASON to require verification. Is someone harassing a user? Kick them out of the discord. Handle the situation like any online mod would.

This place is public and open. If there are any offspring private groups from this thread I am not in them and they are not advertised, either. Anyone is welcome to browse this thread and the old ones to check.

You don't give trust out freely just bc someone is taking questions. You earn that trust, and it's not being earned by being shady.

No. 974550

File: 1589572365824.jpg (38.96 KB, 1024x340, Rules.JPG)

Here's the start of that rules post, there's no edit indicator on the post, so it hasn't been changed since August of last year. It's probably just not something they have thought to change.

>>They're still supporting a dude who solicited nudes from his fans and cheated on his wife while actively gaslighting her. That's evidence enough for me.

You know for a fact they don't believe this, they think they are defending someone who doesn't deserve it. There's no reason to believe they would outright lie, or even try to hide it.

>>you need to show your reddit username and have a "good standing in the community"

I mean, unless you know someone who was rejected, it's impossible to tell if it's just a "you haven't been a dick" rule. It's not hard to create a burner reddit account and pretend to support their shit for like a week.

No. 974552

Just to be clear, this part of the rules DOES have an edit indicator, but the part that lists the channels linked above does not.

No. 974568

File: 1589574096825.jpg (507.07 KB, 1079x2032, Screenshot_20200515-131918_Chr…)

So instead of trash witches, they're forest witches. How about that.

Holly wrote a lengthy blog post about "forest bathing", as well as this incredibly try-hard "about" entry where she talks about living without "common shame".

No. 974573

She's also been setting up a desk for sewing/crafting streams….

No. 974574


Good god, her entire "about" page is so fucking "hipster tryhard". She speaks of learning to look for answers in herself rather than in others - which is directly contradicting to the bit where she blocks anyone who says anything against her.

No. 974575


She's still trying to be Heidi - spoiler alert: the crafting community doesn't want her around.

No. 974577

Good lord, I cannot stand people like her who find the longest, most flowery & pretentious way to say "I fucked up, so I want to start over."

No. 974578


There's also an empty section on the site called Courses. What kind of classes do you think Holly will teach?

How to be Completely Shameless
How to Forget Your Guilt by Slamming Your Head Into a Wall
Victimhood 101
Victimhood 201
Victimhood 301…

No. 974581


She might be trying to get into the same hobbies as Heidi so that she can keep tabs on her from afar.

Either that, or she wants to completely replace Heidi in Jared's life.

No. 974582


>"A hen crowing is seen as bad luck, but a rooster failing to crow at dawn is an omen of death."

In other words; "Give me one good reason why you haven't called me back yet, Jared!!!"

No. 974583

>Be Kind, Be Human

No. 974595


It'll probably just be a replacement of her "Mental Health Mondays" where she cures people's bipolar and manic-depressive disorders by forcing them to watch her play Animal Crossing for 1-2 hours.

No. 974612


Boy howdy she sure do like using lots of words to say nothing. Maybe she should spend more time practicing her creative writing, instead of spending it getting high and laying down for Jared to get his two pumps in.

No. 974613

Is that all "Mental Health Mondays" is???
Just a generic gaming stream?

No. 974620


Just about. She might have focused on mental health tips before - but afaik, it's mostly just been animal crossing since it was released last month.

No. 974624

File: 1589579470974.jpg (15.58 KB, 532x320, 35429611_10216407273401582_351…)


watch her get over her "PTSD" of cosplay so she can impress Jared..

oh wait, she WAS cosplaying for over a year, as Strix, but she didn't have PTSD for that, hmm

No. 974648

Sounds like she's about to start her Corona-inspired ecofascism phase.

No. 974650


Recent forest obsession? Check

Recent mushroom obsession? Check

Setting up a sewing/crafting area? Check

Making masks? Check (though Heidi is actually capable of making functioning masks, Holly just makes half assed edgy ones and loses her shit whenever someone points it out)

She absolutely is trying to become Heidi, it's insane. My guess is that shes trying to emulate her because Jared has become more and more distant/detatched and she thinks that acting like the woman he loved enough to marry may inspire him to care more. It's weird to me that she is so OBSESSED with being Heidi while she simultaneously tries so hard to portray her as an unfixable abuser. If Heidi abused Jared so much and made his life miserable why do you want to be her so bad, Holly?

Heidi literally has a costume she made called "Forest Witch" a year+ ago and now here comes Holly trying to claim that title for herself.

Didnt she announce on stream MONTHS ago that she was planning a DnD stream with Jared? Who wants to bet that her new character will be a forest witch uWu

No. 974668

File: 1589587529042.jpg (694.58 KB, 545x657, VsWrrGy.jpg)

Heroes of Cosplay anon here figured ya'll get a kick out of this. Apparently Holly always looked old and frumpy. It's been a trip and a half watching this shit.This was definitely during her Mass Effect phase. According to her she always watched Apollo 13, MIB, and Galaxy Quest on repeat as a kid. Can an anon clarify for me whether or not Holly can actually sew, or rather could back in '13? Because she was claiming she sewed a bodysuit for a contest, but I was sure I heard she couldn't sew worth a damn.

No. 974670

Yeesh. I think Holly is a clinically narcissistic asshole but stooping to digging up kid photos and calling a picture of a little kid ugly and frumpy is pretty low…Especially knowing that she was probably being abused around this age. You do sound like the type of person who would be on HOC though, so I buy it.
And wow., she watched mainstream sci-fi as a kid? Got her!

That said she is definitely trying to absorb Heidiisms and make it seem like it was always her brand (+chickens). The woman isn't capable of a single original thing that isn't based on some derivative hyperfixation.

No. 974671

Kek. This whole thing sounds so painfully pretentious.

Ngl, I thought you tinfoiling anons were reaching, but it definitely reeks of Holly trying to do what Heidi does, but BETTER. It's not quite on the level of that one Emalee/littlefawn girl at least, she's a little more subtle. She must really feel like she's still competing with Heidi even though she "won".

No. 974674


>If Heidi abused Jared so much and made his life miserable why do you want to be her so bad, Holly?

You'd think that she would avoid reminding him of his ex-wife who (allegedly) put him through absolute hell, right?

No. 974679

Not to wk, but she looks like a normal child you fucking weirdo.

No. 974683

I mean, "digging up" might be a stretch, it's possible this is a photo she presented for Heroes of Cosplay, and anon just screenshotted it. Haven't watched the show to confirm but Syfy competitions like that often used older photos of participants, I remember that was a thing for their Face-Off show.
That being said it looks like a normal dorky kid's photo. I'm about Holly's age and my parents have plenty such bad photographs of me from Sears photo sessions and the likes.

Super-duper-tinfoil but what if Jared made some off-hand comment about how "sometimes it was relaxing just watching Heidi craft and sew" and Holly went into panic mode?

No. 974685

File: 1589590521729.png (31.04 KB, 518x572, som-sanswers.png)

>"My experience with talking to Holly is that she is honest to a fault, and has only ever been a sweetheart to me and everyone I’ve seen her talk to. "

So you're biased. Why can't you just admit that?

>"She has never wished harm on anyone, even the most hateful people to her, and just hopes they get their anger under control some day. "

Sounds pretty detached & condescending, tbh.

>"She wouldn’t be able to manipulate someone out of a wet paper bag."

No comment.

>"She goes out of her way to attempt to please more people than deserve it…"

Like when she slept with Jared?

>"…at the expense of her own mental health."

Then she needs actual help. Not a gaggle of yes-men that behave like the fucking flying monkeys from Wizard of Oz.

No. 974688

Jesus fucking Christ you wks it's literally what she submitted to the show and she looked like a 35 year old Karen that's all no need to get all pearl clutching.

No. 974691

File: 1589591003384.png (30.33 KB, 596x294, druidslikeitdirty.png)

FYI: SadOldMagician & GeraldoGuacamol are husband & wife. They met through Holly/DCA, so of course they're obsessed with DCA/Striath to the point in which they've become personal human-step stools for Holly & Jared.

No. 974697

1: Are you describing a kid as frumpy? 2: She doesn't even look frumpy. She's wearing a comfortable looking sweater, her hair looks clean and combed and she's happily smiling. Go back to watching HOC and don't post here. >>974650
Maybe Jared misses Heidi. Can't say that he loved her with the way he treated her, but I doubt he's finding girls within the same league as Heidi.

No. 974700

A lot of discord servers have gender and/or pronoun roles for their users so you can just click someone's name and check so there's no confusion over misgendering or whatever. The roles can be color coded as well so you can find out someone's gender/pronouns at a glance.

However in a pj2 server… lmao

No. 974702


Kinda with the other anons on this, there's plenty to give Holly shit for, but she really just looks like a normal dorky kid in that picture and it's not milky enough to post.

No. 974711

Yeah, and I'm sure you were the pinnacle of cool at age twelve with your anime dragon flame shirts and convertible cargo pants.
Childhood photos, dorky or otherwise, aren't milky.

No. 974724

Okay, that makes sense. I think it just threw me off since I read it not as being able to see their pronouns but as if they certain roles, like being a mod, based on that person's gender.

You're right thought I find it a little hypocritical that they want to make users' pronouns visible yet they attacked Chai and Charlie with transphobic comments.

If I remember correctly, the stans made comments saying that "oh you can't trust them since they have they/them pronouns in their Twitter bio" yet Hoelly has they/them pronouns in her Twitter bio.

No. 974812

this right here is why there's no point to asking the loser anything. either he's obsessed with holly to the extent of making shit up, or holly presents a completely fake face to him.
i reiterate. the PJ2 morons don't have the balls to go as far as anons here are thinking lmao

No. 974827


>"Honest to a fault"

Excuse me while I laugh myself into oblivion. Honest? Are you fucking kidding me? She lied to her husband for MONTHS and Heidi for YEARS (since she still hasn't admitted the truth). Yeah, that's one honest queen y'all pj2 crowd are stanning.


Well, that shit makes more sense, if that's true

No. 974838

>"she goes out of her way to attempt to please more people than deserve it"

Because she's a narc. She can't handle not being adored. This isn't out of pragmatism or unrequited kindness, it's because her ego needs everyone to think good of her.

Emotionally stunted sadfaces like Sad and Gerald won't realize that, though.

No. 974923

File: 1589641292647.jpg (235.96 KB, 828x1154, 5d068bb4-34fe-452f-ac50-55ffed…)

See guys!!! Look! Jared and I ARE together! He lets my chickens roam free near his games and piss and shit on them. It's twue wuv uwu!

No. 974930

I'm sure she's just posing the bird. Looks like it's flapping trying to get away, but that dander and feathers can't be good.

I'm more impressed at Holly subtlety trying to tell people she still has Jared. Frankly they're gross unapologetic assholes and deserve the abuse they give each other. I hope they stay together for a long time. Enjoy losing out to pretty girls on twitter alone, Holly, when Jared likes photos of girls that are more attractive than you. Maybe you can suicide bait him into likes?

No. 974931


This is proof that they live together. You don't bring your pet chickens to someone else's place, especially during a pandemic.

No. 974932

You misjudge how retarded Holly is. I can see her strapping him into a car seat. But if they do live together that's pretty fucking funny.

No. 974935


Holly definetly still lives at her place since her recent picture of her new streaming setup was her house. I cant imagine Jared moved in since the house is pretty small and I doubt there is room for him to have his own space for his huge game collection and recording area. This lady really did just bring her chicken over to her Boyfriend's house during a pandemic to flex on twitter

No. 974956

I wouldn't put it past him to move in with her after selling his house (if he did sell?) since buying a new house on your own is rather expensive when your youtube career is failing.

But it is possible they both have their own houses, which is pretty odd after their narratives throughout the entire situation. And for someone who wanted the flaunt her relationship so much, she sure is quiet about the state of things. I imagine if they immediately moved in together she would be bragging left and right.

No. 974970


Holly definitely seems like the kind of friend who shows up at your house, unannounced.

No. 974971


Because she thinks everyone should be graced by her presence.

No. 974976

completely agreed lmfao
i don't think this would have made jared very happy. sadbaiting on stream in 3… 2… 1…

No. 974999

File: 1589651444403.png (44.29 KB, 730x190, archaic.png)

Kind of OT, but this post from chumplady reminded me of Holly when she cries "Misogyny!" any time someone calls her a 'mistress'


…Also friendly reminder that 'Side-piece' is gender-neutral

No. 975004

He didn't sell a house, he and Heidi were renting when living together.

No. 975013

Wait, what? He couldn't even buy his own house in WA? Didn't he try to present as being well off/rich?

Holly, you fucked up going after him. Especially after Heidi took her share lol.

No. 975032

I'm positive she is quiet about things because Jared told her to be. She tries her best subtly show proof that her and Jared are together and he doesn't reciprocate in any sort of way. She wants the attention her and Ross got but with Jared. I'm sure part of the reason she fell for Jared is because she became obsessed with all the Strix/Diath shipping. Now the ship is dead and she is with a guy who doesn't even acknowledge her publicly. I'm sure he tries to reassure her that it's for her own good, but it's really because he is ashamed and wants to try and build his dead career back up without the affair baggage.

No. 975036


The kicker is that some of those games are probably worth some money now, and Hoelly and is just letting her little cocks peck around on them.


I think you're forgetting that Hoelly once bought an extra plane ticket so she could sit her pigeon next to her on a flight. Her stupidity knows no bounds

No. 975037


If that were the case, he could have told her to shut the fuck up back in May/June of last year and saved themselves a lot of time, trouble, and potentially even saved DCA. I dont' think he'd suddenly start to care about her going off the rails a year later.

>"Build his dead career back up without the affair baggage"

Good fucking luck when every time you turn around, he's begging for views because he's been so depressed over the last year.

No. 975107


>he's begging for views because he's been so depressed over the last year.

I mean… he barely submitted anything the year prior…

No. 975119


From what I remember pretty much all of late 2017/2018 was him making community posts on YouTube about how he was in a super dark place and was struggling to make content. I remember I unsubbed then because he didn't make any videos and was just another inactive account on my subscription list (just like the commanderholly channel) seems like they both abandoned YouTube once DCA got going

I guess having your wife be suspicious of your fuckery and your mistress spamming you all day every day about how abused you are really takes a mental toll

No. 975194

Yeah, he was in a super dark place because he had a porn addiction and was a sex pest that didn't want to take responsibility for it. Boohoo. DCA was one of the only thing keeping him relevant and now that's dead so his career will continue it's downward spiral. To think, if he could just keep his dick in his pants he would still be supported by WotC and be getting paid to go to big conventions where D&D weirdos fawn over him. But alas, he is another worthless scrote who can't control himself.

No. 975218

If he was in such a "dark place" why were ProJared Plays so consistant? He'd either film them exclusively for that channel (paying an editor to focus on the highlights), or just post a full stream from his Twitch onto it.

I'm pretty sure he was just content to coast on Twitch subs and ad revenue from his LP channel and all the adoration from DCA, since it meant he didn't have to script, film and edit anything, but now that DCA is dead, he has no choice but to go back to it, but the boost in subs he got after his "redemption" are just "WOMZ ARE EVIL" types who won't actually watch his content.

No. 975238


He was probably getting paid well enough doing DCA that he didn't have to worry about YouTube that much. I imagine they all got a cut of the money it brought in, including merch.

No. 975244

I never thought of DCA as a paid gig… but it suddenly makes sense.
Nate wasn't there out of love for D&D, he was there for the pay, explains why he always did the token minimum and skipped on so many shows.

No. 975265

that's hilarious that he was doing the minimum and now he's moved onto the next show while Holly and Jared, who were so into their DCA roleplay they both destroyed their own marriages for it, get left in the dust and chicken shit.

No. 975599


> destroyed their own marriages for it

I'm internally screaming every time someone tries to push the narrative that this show is somehow responsible for the end of the marriages. If a relationship is unhealthy, if a marriage is doomed, anything that works like a catalyst for change - new job, new city, new close friendships or anything that gives a new perspective to look at your own relationship - will make it crack. And then pretending that the relationship was healthy before and just cracked because of the catalyst is just finding excuses.

No. 975609


Nobody is solely blaming the show for the shitty marriages - but it definitely gave them an avenue to cheat behind their spouse's backs rather than working on their active marriages.

No. 975625

No one is saying the show was the only reason, anon. We all know Jared cheated on his wife with other women than just Holly.

No. 975666

Agree with these, anons. Just hilarious that DCA was an avenue in where the ENTIRE CAST ruins their marriage or soon to be marriages with each other. I wonder what Chris Perkins was thinking? I know he's still friends with them, but still. He was the only sane one in that shit show as they're fucking around and he's in the ground as a fly on the wall.

No. 975687


He was probably thinking that it's not his business what other people are doing in their personal relationship and was happy that his team was happy with each other.

No. 975692


Didn't Jared recruit all the other members (besides Chris) onto DCA? Well well well, isnt he quite the little matchmaker

No. 975704

File: 1589818839188.png (344.43 KB, 720x974, tumblr_6a03ccd117fb0ebe8ff34bd…)

No. 975705


I love how Jared made like Chai/Charlie drawing GG porn was something to be frowned upon, when he encouraged his own fanbase to make shit like this.

No. 975711


Except it stopped being "personal" business when they used their business to do it. When their actions affect his financial livelihood, he had every right to step in and say something.

No. 975744

I doubt that he knew about Jared's seven porn blogs and his lewd snapchats, I mean, even his wife didn't know. He probably knew that there is something between Jared and Holly, but either he didn't know how far they are gone in their relationship, or thought that it's all consensual between everyone, and therefore couldn't predict the amount of drama that will follow. That said, I'm sure that all this "If Diath and Strix will be together the world would end" was his attempt to step in and prevent their constant flirting in game, because it was unnecessary and derailing.

No. 975765


I always assumed he was fed the "Heidi is abusive and I'm saving Jared" narrative from Holly and didnt doubt it since he was really close with Holly especially out of the group

No. 975766


>"thought that it's all consensual between everyone"

I'd be very, VERY surprised if a company as large as WoTC didn't have some kind of No Interoffice relationship clause in the contract to prevent this very thing.

No. 975788

I doubt the players are employees, I would suspect they're contractors. I imagine the contract does have termination clauses related to external conduct but I seriously doubt there would be a relationship clause.

I also doubt they get/got any profit sharing or merch shares. Most likely it was a flat rate contract for X number of episodes on Y schedule. Easily terminable, flexible, and probably really "poorly" paying. 30 ~1 hour appearances over the course of a year from people with no broad recognition? Probably made them less than $20k a year. A good chunk of money for most people, but you're going to need other work to get above the poverty line.

Chris is the only one that's a straight up employee of Wizards. He does a daily job and probably got the additional contract to run the games.

In short I seriously doubt relationships were in breach of their contracts. I would guess the only one who actually had their contract ended was wormboy because he had the nudes thing which was bad press.

No. 975828

>I would guess the only one who actually had their contract ended was wormboy because he had the nudes thing which was bad press.
I think so too. It’s possible Holly was cut off because of her twitter antics but I think it’s more likely she was offered a spot in their new show but refused to continue without Jared. It would also explain why she was relatively gracious about the new show being announced whereas Jared was openly bitter about it.

No. 975830


I lean more towards her being cut off. Her tweets during and since the scandal broke have been PR nightmares. It's probably more likely she took the announcement of the replacement DCA better because of all her hugbox orbiters that work with/for WotC than anything else.

No. 976153

If she was cut off, it was definitely more amicable than Jared since Strix was not taken out of Idle Champions and Jeremy Crawford got to drop references to the character in Acq Inc games.

I'm also leaning towards the theory that she just refused to return without Jared.

No. 976190


Do we know if all the fanart of zex demon Jared was drawn by adults? I cant imagine that with that art style and it being on tumblr that they were all 18+

No. 976191


From the art that I've seen, it's highly likely that they were mostly teens, and some mentally stunted women.

No. 976200

Oh I'm sure it was awkward as shit for him. Even if he is only involved with these people professionally and nothing else it would still be really fucking weidd to see the entire cast use his roleplay game as an avenue to cheat on literally all their spouses.

Just imagine if 4 of your seemingly likable coworkers got to know each other at your monthly book club or some shit and started banging. No it's none of your business but it's still uncomfortable.

No. 976210

Perkins very much strikes me as a "don't care unless it affects me or my friends", since he didn't really know any of the spouses, it's no skin off his back.

No. 976406


Somewhat OT, but Keemstar is currently being destroyed on Twitter. I wonder if Holly and Jared will come to his rescue and speak about how awful cancel culture is once again. After all, model human being Keemstar did side with them! He is getting decimated for his comments about Etika. Yet another thing him and Holly have in common!

No. 976408

File: 1589931321100.jpg (46.25 KB, 593x559, bensucks.jpg)

The current Game Grumps editor has been up to some shit.

No. 976440


They're probably on an anti-H3H3 kick, because Ethan didn't roll over & lick Jared's taint when Jared posted his 'return' video.

No. 976526

File: 1589958404307.png (200.17 KB, 550x309, Blog_Mar20_OldChampion.png)

>her poor hygiene ability
I forgot about their characters being in Idle Champions and this is funny all over again.

No. 976529

File: 1589958580678.png (312.21 KB, 500x492, dcaidlestrix.png)

Also enjoy that one of the other first results is an official gif of Strix heavily crying?

No. 976639

Her character backstory got way more depth than others in the waffle crew, even diaths backstory is almost based entire on the fact that he's her 'friend'. I wonder if holly didnt shower for days in prep for her in-cosplay cheating.

No. 976798

File: 1590013971054.png (22.73 KB, 595x346, 2020-05-20_18h31_40.png)

Between her presence still in that game and tweets from the PA/AcqInc wad like this one, it's pretty clear the door is really wide open for Holly to be welcomed back in the WOTC ring, and either she hasn't yet out of some loyalty to Jared or because everyone's waiting until the drama's more forgotten.

No. 976907


I wonder how often she passive aggressively reminds Jared she threw away her life for him. Every time he needs a bit of space I'm sure she goes into full suicide baiting mode.

Of course he deserves it though. He can find out what it's like to really be in an abusive relationship.

No. 977023


I absolutely think that's what happens; I think anytime Jared finds himself thinking about leaving, Hoelly pulls the "B-but I gave it all up for you! Do you want me dead? Is that it?" card and Jared being the spineless turd that he is, caves every time.

A wife that simply asked you not to bang a coworker isn't looking so bad now, is she PedoDick?

No. 977268

>A wife that simply asked you not to bang a coworker isn't looking so bad now, is she PedoDick?

lol what a leap.

No. 977334


What’s the leap? He went from Heidi who said “hey, don’t bang Holly, but you can bang others” to “I’ll kill myself and it will be all your fault” Holly.

No. 977384

But Heidi was banging dudes in matching cosplay across the country.

No. 977391


…with her husband's consent and permission. He was banging Holly clearly without Heidi's consent and against her permission. And Heidi ended her side thing once she closed their relationship. Her cosplay dude is irrelevant to Jared cheating on her.

No. 977394

Did Heidi ever actually bang anyone or was it just the emotional fling (while the relationship was poly) with the FTM cosplayer?

No. 977398

This. It's constantly brought up, but it was hardly even a fling, even their sexting revolved around her getting fucked by Jared and the FTM cosplayer wanting to watch. It's not in the same ballpark. It's not even the same sport.

No. 977402

No idea, but given she was "exploring her feelings for women" I would say it's likely she at least had one experience with a woman as part of the arrangement.

No. 977405


Again, Jared was aware of the guys/gals/nb pals that Heidi was involved with. He demonstrated that he wasn't willing to extend her that same courtesy, so she asked for mono and dropped all other partners. He continued to fuck at least Hoelly, if not other fans, behind Heidi's back.

Yeah, I can def see how she's the bad guy here /s

No. 977407

I never opined on that, some other anon brought it up. I just seriously doubt that in what? 3-4 years being poly she never had anything other than long distance "platonic"

No. 977427

>3-4 years being poly she never had anything other than long distance "platonic"
>being poly

That's the point. It doesnt matter.

We're only aware of the one and nothing other than some randos obsessed about her totally sleeping with a black dude which there was no proof of.

No. 977519

>lol what a leap
>proceeds to reach so hard they probably sprained something irl

No. 977645

File: 1590153496308.jpeg (665.96 KB, 828x926, EC8C992E-8728-4FE4-A34B-C15E93…)

Girl, you already skinny. Quit that dishonesty shit.

No. 977679

File: 1590159529176.jpg (60.46 KB, 769x481, Petty.JPG)

Anon, that's the curve of a chair behind her. You already petty, quit trying so hard to find things to criticize

No. 977686

Of fucking course she plays the ukulele.

No. 977696

All of her birds seem so angry and annoyed with her. When the chicken started biting her and Holly blames it on her nailpolish? Sure

No. 977704


I noticed that too. They were all so mad. She was acting like it's cute and quirky but why are they all so mad?

I'm dying over her making her triumphant return to youtube on her birthday with a video of her birds attacking her.

No. 977711

I thought that was common knowledge even back when Ross and her started dating in the GG days.

No. 977715


Hoelly is the Seattle Hipster that all other hipsters aspire to become.

No. 977723


Stood out to me that she says she now looks down on influencers/YouTube culture and also kind of LA? Maybe I'm reaching but that whole bit to me seemed to be her shading her old Grumps/L.A. friend group

And like, if she wanted to change her channel name to something more genuine why not make it her name? Naming it after your merch brand while also saying you changed it to be more authentic just seems funny to me

Shes super special guys, shes AUTHENTIC unlike other online personalities uwu

Also funny that she took a page out of Jared's book and made a comeback on her birthday

No. 977724

File: 1590166190402.jpg (113.91 KB, 1080x416, 20200522_124954.jpg)

And they say love is dead

No. 977725

It's hilarious that this is being ignored here

No. 977735

wow look at that bare fucking min. nothing like "happy birthday to my wonderful gf holly". must eat her up inside.

No. 977737

The only real relationships are those that you perform online for other people, apparently.

No. 977738

File: 1590167922425.jpg (559.16 KB, 1080x1081, 20200522_131914.jpg)


Holly's post for him for comparison

No. 977742

Then i guess they are perfect for each other.

No. 977746

There was no follow-up whatsoever? I was waiting for the actual milk.

No. 977747

Oh, so "The editor for grumps might have sexually interacted with a minor" isn't milk, but "Holly's birds are acting like birds" is.


No. 977748

I never said that. Feel free to provide some fucking context to the situation.

No. 977750

I don't know the context or how to find it, which is why I'm asking why exactly it's being ignored in favor of this shit. I have no idea who these people are or where the accusations might be. You people have dug shit up in the past, why aren't you doing it now?

No. 977752


Ben sucks and made very not funny edgy jokes asking a minor vine star for nudes. Ok? He sucks, hes been needed to be fired every since he joined the grumps. He isnt funny and made a bad, super inappropriate joke, what more do you want us to say? It's not like grumps has made any official statements on the matter to discuss

No. 977754

Okay, not extremely informative as to the extent of his "bad joke", who exactly is the minor, what was said, why is he targeting this person for these shitty jokes? I don't know that shit, and it's far more interesting than what's been talked about after that:

- Hoelly's birds are acting "angry", which all bird pets do frequently.
- Lol they send each other minimal messages over social media, bad relationship
- She plays ukulele, what a hipster.

No. 977768

Do your own research if your so interested then. Nobody's required to spoon feed you. Anons don't want care about Ben's drama, so they're not commenting on it. End of.

No. 977800

File: 1590179670648.jpg (150.28 KB, 709x593, SmartSelect_20200522-195521_Tw…)

Wonder if Diath will be back too

No. 977834

She's been saying that for like a year now.

No. 977845

>do your own research

It's an imageboard. nta but you can't just describe stuff like you're writing in a diary. Post caps of whatever you're talking about.

No. 977848

this person and the person mentioned are literal whos. saying “up to some shit” gives no context either, boohoo so sorry you can’t get ppl to care

No. 977852

File: 1590186024394.png (332.38 KB, 2048x1056, Screenshot_20200522-181605.png)


Her comeback seems to be doing as well as anything else she does.

No. 977885

As much as I love watching you guys burn Holly and Jared, this actually peaked my interest when it was posted ITT.
Does he do anything except editing the Grumps' videos? No surprise if it never escalated if he kept himself behind the scenes before and after this.

No. 977902

Ngl, I didn't know who Jacob Sartorius was so I didn't read this as "game grumps editor requests nudes from a minor" initially. Definitely super creepy given the kid is only 17 now and still looks much younger than his actual age. Does anyone have any receipts of the original Twitter post requesting the nudes or the reddit post dragging him for the tweet?

No. 977924

3000 people were reminded they were still subbed to this dirty birdy and noped out… but she still had almost 11k in new subs. If she didn't buy those subs, she's doing okay.

No. 977927

The 11k is from new views, not subscribers. Her subscriber count is on the left column.

No. 977930


Like other anon said, the 11k is new views, not new subs - but I wouldn't be surprised if she was buying subs too. I remember looking a while back and her and Jared both lost like 1k subs and magically gained them all back a day or two later.

No. 977934


someone needs to remind you, I guess, youtube money depend less on subscriptions and more on views.

No. 977936

File: 1590198848569.png (7.15 KB, 685x27, Screenshot at May 22 20-54-25.…)


Yeah, because those extra 11k views are really keeping Hoelly afloat /s

No. 977937


my mistake 14k - I mistyped.

No. 977971

Five figure views on YouTube ain't gonna make you that much money, especially when it's cumulative across the channel.

No. 977972

ot but i have birds and can't wear nailpolish because it scares them
probably the first thing she hasn't lied about

No. 977976

You'd think, then, that someone who's owned birds as long as she has would know this and do as you do and avoid them.

No. 978006


Considering that she hasn't posted youtube video in ever, this is a start. Her channel was never that big, she was always larger on twitch and social media than youtube.

No. 978070


A start to what? Hoelly isn't producing any truly new or unique content that couldn't be found elsewhere, and outside of the core fanbase she already has, TBH she's not really interesting enough or lively enough (for lack of better term) to draw in a new crowd.

Whatever income she's making now is pretty much the extent of what it'll be, if she still plans on riding the "uwu not like other girls, dark and spooky bird lady" aesthetic.

No. 978157

File: 1590261410810.jpeg (655.13 KB, 1335x1534, CABB3127-9481-45E8-AD9E-4C7FD2…)


No. 978168

File: 1590262719137.png (44.87 KB, 596x476, 1043533852044.png)

Kind of an interesting contrast with Holly and her "Someone took the charging station I wanted, people are so cruel!" victim laments.

No. 978190


Honestly if I were her I'd be worried about it being a rabid incel fan more than it being Jared. I hope her address wasnt leaked/discovered among that special group of ProJared stans. I wouldn't put it past them

No. 978234


But she's such an evil, unfixable, abusive, and vindictive person./s

No. 978236

Wouldn't put it past them to joke about it in their secret discord, and someone (Holly) leaks Heidi's address for the crazy incels to actually do it.

No. 978262


if it had happened it would have been months ago, literally everyone has moved on, even amazingly Holy.

No. 978265


>"even amazingly Holly"

Yeah? Is that why she was still selling the "Cancelled" and "Boundaries" shirts up until like a week (maybe two) ago?

No. 978266


She has not moved on. I was following her on Twitter and while I would occasionally like a nature pic I otherwise wasn't interacting at all. Then this past Monday I liked one of Heidi's posts and a few hours later I realized Holly blocked me. She's still trolling Heidi's likes to block people.

No. 978271


Why would anyone be this obsessed with their boyfriend's ex wife? It makes no sense

No. 978274


Right? The tweet I liked was just a picture of Aries, too. It wasn't anything insidious. This happened right as I was starting to come around on Holly and now I'm here.

She's so fragile.

No. 978276


blocking people that follow her and at the same time interact with Heidi might be the most healthy choice she has made in her entire twitter timeline.

but allow me to doubt the "i've followed her on twitter for a while and just this week i liked a photo and she blocked me and now suddenly A YEAR AFTER ALL THE GARBAGE PILE THAT EXPLODED I'm starting to come around on my opinion about her just because she blocked me and I immediately ended up on lolcows" kek, no need to make up the story anon. We all know why we are here.

No. 978280


probably because people are still buying it and it is a stocked product that she has to sell or otherwise will entirely lose the money put into it? You know. Cause that's how business works.

No. 978282


is it still available to buy on their "new" website?

No. 978287


It's true.

My stance a year ago was that Jared was the only asshole. Then Holly threw all her tantrums and I soured on her as well but I never unfollowed. She's had the good sense to be silent for a while now and I was thinking that maybe she's growing and she might be ok after all. She proved me wrong. Most of my time on this site is spent looking at Selena Gomez's drunk business. I hopped over to this thread after.

I don't think stalking Heidi's likes is healthy at all.

No. 978289


it can be a block script/app she uses. Either way, this is probably not the place to comment about unhealthy like stalking hahahaha

No. 978290


It could be, and that did occur to be BUT I am not convinced it was a bot/script is because I found out I was blocked because I noticed I didn't see a Mental Healthy Monday is live post and went to go check and saw "holly has blocked you." and it turned out the stream was postponed and when she streamed on Tuesday she said "some mental health stuff happened and it was just really hard."

Your other point is 100% fair though.

No. 978296


If that were true, it would have auto blocked AJ pritchett, the embroidery guy. He follows and interacts with both of them.

No. 978299

>Most of my time on this site is spent looking at Selena Gomez's drunk business

You get 20% off when she hits her next kidney milestone.

No. 978300


>You get 20% off when she hits her next kidney milestone.

I've already got 6 punch holes out of 7!! Any day now!

No. 978305

I think it depends whether you are lucky or luncky enough to be there when she decides to go on her sprees. I only recently unfollowed her, and I have replied to Heidi via tweet a couple of times, especially the day Heidi's stream had gone live, and I can still see Holly's profile. I wasn't active when the whole drama happened the first time so it's not like Holly would recognize my username or anything, I think I just slipped under her radar

Haven't Holly and Heidi blocked each other though? If she wanted to find whoever interacts with her she'd need to go in incognito or a 2nd account to see the tweets/replies/likes and then go back to her main account to block that person

Just sayin', I think just silently blocking is one of the healthier things she's done, but it still sounds like too much of a process.

No. 978350


Spoiler alert: 9 times out of 10, stores like Hoelly's don't just keep a stock of the product on hand. They order it from the manufacturer as they receive the orders via the website. Besides, if she truly moved on, one would think the first thing she stopped doing was profiting off of the drama and keeping around a constant reminder of it all.

No. 978352


No, not that I can see. The only thing she's selling now are these sweater things.

No. 978359

I just watched her vlog and she comes across as so unstable and unhinged now.

She is preaching this whole peace-loving martyr schtick so hard and was going on and on about being okay with people unsubbing because she would never EVER force people to do things they don't want to do. It was like some weird freudian slip.

Also, her birds attacking the shit out of her hand is hilarious. Even they hate her.

No. 978364


I don't think it's so much that people hate her - it's just that she's a human version of a train wreck. We all know it's horrific to watch happen, but we can't look away. To see someone spiral so out of control and for what? Some weird curvy worm dick that may or may not be a pedophilic sex addict that will FOR SURE move on to the next new thing eventually, leaving her as the wreckage in his wake. It's just honestly sad at this point.

No. 978458


it's been one year now and he is officially divorced and also returned to work. If he hasn't done it by now, how long should we hold our breath for.

No. 978520


He was married to Heidi for a few years before he bailed for his mistress. If a marriage license wasn't enough to keep him faithful, then there's literally NOTHING keeping him from doing the same to Holly. He may never bail - I don't know. Nobody is suggesting that you 'hold your breath', we just don't have real high hopes for a relationship that started based off of them cheating on their respective spouses.

No. 978529


He's only with her because she's crazy about him and strokes his fragile ego. Once Heidi stopped being the cool wife, he bailed. He'll do the same when he find someone crazier, younger, and more dependant than Holly.

No. 978549

No she doesn’t lol. She comes across like she’s doing what she likes and in a place that she’s happy with

No. 978575

stop wking the pigeon princess and get some help anon

No. 978643

She comes across as really uncomfortable while recording and even admits she's scared of internet feedback. Well she's gonna get it and has no choice but to tough it out. I'm thinking she has to try this despite not looking like she wants to b/c she's no doubt worried about money. That, or she could be playing up the "uwu I'm so scawwed but I'm doing my best despite bullies becaws i wanna help evwyone" bullshit for pity points.

Also, she oddly felt the need to awkwardly point out she was alone in her house, to let us all know she was properly social distancing. Or she wanted to dispel rumors that Jared was living with her? Don't know what good that does.

No. 978645

File: 1590361730455.jpg (172.7 KB, 717x733, 20200525_110607.jpg)

St. Jared who blessed us with wormdick has totally moved on guys!! It's only that evil bitch Heidi who always brings up old drama!!!!!

No. 978649


Was this tweet in any way referencing Heidi? Cause I am not seeing it. If anything, he is being sassy to Keemshit and by the amount of likes and retweets, people are eating it up.

No. 978655


Yeah I mean who would stoop so low as to have their militia of rabid orbiters attack, smear, and attempt to cancel anyone who opposed their narrative.

No. 978674


That's been her schtick this far - relying way too much on the "uwu I'm still here despite the people pointing out how much I fucked up! Aren't I just so tough and brave?? Please??" card.


Considering how many times Jared accused people like H3H3 and PhillyD who spoke against him of being one-sided and drama mongers? Yeah, I'd say Jared meant that reply in EXACTLY in reference to Heidi.

No. 978675


Also, IIRC, Jared has attacked a variety of YouTubers who spoke out against him and said shit like "Why didn't you reach out to me? This is unfair! You're only getting Heidi's side! You are wrong for not contacting me!", so yeah.

No. 978676

I'm actually kinda glad Jared didn't link arms with Keemstar just because Keem sided with him & Holly after Heidi declined an interview with him…

No. 978679

File: 1590365821965.png (15.51 KB, 602x150, Screenshot 05-24-2020 19.09.59…)

Doesn't Jared owe Keemstar a favor since he is one of the big drama youtubers who were on his side in August 2019? Damn.


No. 978681


No, no, this is good.

Let them fight.

No. 978683

>spends first half of the video whining about how haaaard the last year was and hyper fixating on people who stayed vs left
>eyes looking in opposite directions and can't even control her face/mouth while preaching that she would never EVER force people to do things they don't want to do and how she is an advocate for people doing what makes them happy
>bitter as hell

Did you even watch the video?

No. 978754

that's it! she just looks so damn uncomfortable facing the internet that i have NO clue why she forces herself to make appearances this often. she could just as easily have gone the heidi route where she doesn't always stream her face, doesn't force herself to stream on a schedule, doesn't need to be the face of her own brand. holly seems to be desperate to still be called a youtuber? i don't get it lol cut yourself some slack you stupid fuck.

also probably completely OT/unnecessary but there's so much else that holly could be doing. she has different skills (admittedly she's left them way in the past) and a certain aesthetic sense. with the correct marketing and sensible production, people will follow anyone. so many faceless/unknown people actually manage to develop a brand and following without sacrificing on reputation, and their mental health seems to be far more stable lol. what good is a "persona" if it doesn't let you function?

No. 978790

File: 1590396280699.png (412.26 KB, 640x1136, 01C5DE96-8824-402B-ACEF-E2C426…)

Wormdick still having a pity party on insta.
Bet this will have his army frothing at the mouth

No. 978791


Such a whiny fucking pissbaby.

No. 978793

>Throwback to that time I visited an actual castle that was part of a wine vineyard. They had one of those massive, long dining tables with the fanciest chairs at the head for the kings, queens and lords!

>In April 2018, I went on a week long "internet break", which in actuality was me going to a therapy retreat called The Hoffman Process, located in Nappa Valley, California. The process was incredible, changed my life, and helped me identify so many things about myself and who I am, while also learning to be more in touch with my emotional self and what my emotional truths are. I was cut off from the world during the week, no phone, no internet, no electronics, etc. I emerged a better person, being, and had more self-love than I ever did before. It helped me learn how to stand up for my self, my truths, and to not let myself be abused, manipulated or taken advantage of. It changed my life for the better.

>At the end of the retreat, they encouraged us to take the weekend for ourselves and do something for our self. I always wanted to go to a castle, so I went to a wine castle. It was awesome! Full on underground dungeon, castle walls, and actual pieces of castle imported from Europe because the owner was crazy rich. I ended the adventure by purchasing a celebratory wine for my self, though that was sadly taken from me. Still, I cherished the growth j went through and choosing to better my self, and I'm proud of me for doing something for myself for once!

Oh sweet Pelor this is so hilarious considering what a complete weenie he actually is.
April 2018. Over a year before the divorce and drama, and he's saying he came out of it ready to "not let himself get abused, manipulated or taken advantage of". Yet it still took him a year to choose his qwiwky uwu sidepiece over his wife and file for divorce proper.

"Proud of me for doing something for myself for once", WOW, considering how often he values his own gratification above all else…

No. 978800

File: 1590397727386.png (207.86 KB, 572x406, 1558647118647.png)

I wonder…

No. 978802

hahahaha anon thank you

No. 978808


August 27th is when he posted his return video. So Keem saying this then is like umbrella after the rain has passed.

No. 978809

File: 1590399951813.png (50.79 KB, 910x708, 2020-05-25_05h39_18.png)

A Spooky Saturday podcast episode went up the next day, leading to another 1K sub drop.

And she decided to purge a bunch of videos judging by that drop in views.

No. 978811


The Hoffman retreat is a scam and a half, too. 4000+ dollars to sit around and have ministers with no training/experience in mental health tell you how your parents fucked you up. It's almost a cult.

Which is even more absurd considering her took his ex to a free trial psych because he is too much of a coward to handle anything. Nobody should even feel the slightest bit bad about her taking his 20 dollar bottle of wine.

No. 978813


free trial psych? I thought it was just the first session of a couple's therapist they were trying out, nothing about it being a free thing. Where did you read that?

No. 978814


All the GGs went there if I remember correctly in a similar period. Probably where he got the reference.

No. 978815

Yeah, I was going to say, that retreat has a reputation for being poorly run and the people involved not having the appropriate qualifications.

No. 978851


>"Ex stole it"

Fam, it's a marital asset. It's not stealing when it was 50% hers anyway, you absolute tool.

No. 978852


I love that Hoelly called Heidi telling her cat "bragging". It's literally a joke you absolute twatwaffle. You have your flock of cocks, and Heidi has Aries.

No. 978853

Ultimate lol. This guy is using his fans for nudes under the guise of body positivity while dismissing those that actually need positive comments and fucking the ones he finds attractive. He jerks off to minors and is having an affair with a married women while cheating on his wife and HE NEEDS TO LEARN TO LOVE HIMSELF MORE. Whoa. If Jared could be any more delusional and worm dick-ish I'd explode.

And a bottle of wine he deserved when things "got better." When he finally had the balls to divorce his wife after lying to her and refusing to communicate and carry on with the one person she did not want him with. He's crying about not being able to have a stupid bottle of wine. He still has more income than Heidi and he's crying about that?! His mistress majored in castle shit. Just go there again.

No. 978863

Both him and Holly are like this. They have no empathy for the people their actions have hurt and the only “fault” they’ll admit to is being too uwu hard on themselves uwu. Self-absorbed people championing “self-love” like it’s a revolutionary development instead of their default state of being.

No. 978868

Buy yourself another bottle, you pathetic manlet. “Oh, wah, wah, my wife stole my souvenir from a brainwashing weekend!”

No. 978884

Money says Jared's just pissed because he and Hoelly are back to losing over 100 followers everyday and took hits to subscribers again.

Every time either of them loses a little popularity, they go back to bitching about the drama and how they're the true victims.

No. 978885

How dare that Jared say something mean on a reply to a comment where maybe 100 people saw it, including you lot.

Remind me again why Heidi's Facebook post wasn't public?

No. 978891

Confused as to wether this is a dig at Heidi but her post was private and only Facebook friends could see it. Jared posted that comment on his public Instagram knowing his huge fanbase have harassed Heidi in the past. No comparison.

No. 978892

The post proper is full of allusions to the drama and even mentions the "theft" of the wine.

No. 978902

Him and Holly both have such massive victim complexes. Their arguments must be something to behold!

"I paid a lot of money to see some fake therapists that my mistress recommended out in wine country. What I took from this is I get a free pass to be a piece of shit and carry out an emotional and then physical affair because my wife won't let fuck my coworker. I take zero responsibility for any of my actions because I'm mentally ill"

No. 978910

I can't imagine the hell of being married to such a pretentious prick that he comes home from his expensive Napa Valley self-masturbatory retreat with a bottle of wine and proclaims "this is my special feel better wine!"

I'm convinced the only reason he is with Holly is because he is allowed to treat her like shit and walk all over her, then use her as a cock sleeve when he is horny.

No. 978913


Heidi's post wasn't public because it was no one's business. She had her facebook set to private, which is where it should have stayed. ProPrick keeps posting his digs in a public fashion on his public social media pages where he KNOWS his stan army is going to swoop in at his defense.

No. 978915

He’s acting as if this was some exclusive wine that had a special vintage year. That winery sells their bottles online he can just buy another one!

No. 978916


I can only imagined how it felt for her to see her private Facebook posts shared publicly by the woman who did everything she could to destroy her marriage. It must be so nerve racking and upsetting to know that one of your friends screenshotted your posts and sent them to Holly.

Question is did they see the posts and send it to Holly because they were one of the friends of Heidi's that Holly obsessively convinced to think she was evil and abusive OR was Holly asking everyone she could that had Heidi on Facebook to send her any and all status updates. Knowing how insane Holly is when it comes to stalking Heidi (literally going through the list of people who like Heidi's posts to block them) I wouldn't at all be surprised if she has eyes on ALL of Heidi's social media

No. 978920

I'm pretty sure Jared provided all the ammo to Holly. Remember, he hid away for months while he allowed Holly, a woman with suicidal tendencies, fight his battles for him. It was probably one of his friends who screenshot it for him and he just passed it along to Holly like everything else.

No. 978948


Yeah, right, it wasn't public, it was private with 300+ reactions from friends and industry contacts and colleagues of her and her husband. If it happened in 2020, would have been closed down for social distancing irregularities.

No. 978970


Wow, a whole 300+? Man, after having a joke told at his expense, Jared must really know how Heidi felt when he let his mistress call her an abusive whore to her THOUSANDS of random ass fans! /s

No. 978991

File: 1590437977235.png (738.48 KB, 954x618, internetbreak.png)

Jared opens up about his 'internet break' back in April, 2018

No. 978992

File: 1590438101525.png (26.54 KB, 326x434, internetbreak-cont1.png)


(Description continued 1/2)

No. 978993

Lmao, did anyone even notice when this happened?

No. 978994

File: 1590438213603.png (30.78 KB, 334x456, internetbreak-cont2.png)


(Description continued 2/2)

No. 978995

File: 1590438381778.png (14.08 KB, 308x214, sheSTOLEit.png)

No. 978999

File: 1590438788000.png (24.04 KB, 428x346, twc1.png)

Trashwitchcoven on tumblr had this to say about it

No. 979005

File: 1590439722652.png (47.86 KB, 438x652, twc2.png)



> "I think the only reason Jared is bringing it up now is because he’s once again seeing a decline in followers on twitch, twitter, and instagram"

Good point.
Trying to make Heidi out to be a thief, I see. Maybe he didn't get what he wanted from the divorce.

I also noticed that this ties in with Holly's whole "she TRIED TO STEAL HIS GOLD PLAY BUTTON." hysteria.

No. 979010

What the fuck is his icon? I can't fully make it out but it looks like he's dressed like Jesus just without the beard.

No. 979013

File: 1590441595029.png (438.33 KB, 962x572, gram.png)


It's from one of his photos.

No. 979017

He could have shared his whole self fellating story without bringing up the wine he claims was stolen from him, but he needed to make sure to paint himself a victim once again. He didn't come out of that retreat a better person. He continued to run porn blogs, solicit fans, and cheat on his wife. I'm sure he didn't divulge that stuff to his fake therapist though.

No. 979019


Lol I have been to the winery he is talking about. It's a known tourist trap and their "celebratory" wine is like $50 I think their most expensive is $200 iirc. It's not even the companies main winery it's just a place for napa tourists they made.
Everyone from the area knows it's novelty wine. its so hilariously sad that he's making such a big deal about it.

No. 979021


Yup, his bitch whore abuser ex STOLE the one thing that he brought home from his monumental life-changing trip. It was SYMBOLIC!
…And it was then that he knew, that he must escape her Eeeevil clutches! /s

Fucking hell, did Holly write this?

No. 979023


Also, I'm gonna take a wild guess & just say that he either left it behind, or he told her to just take whatever she wants, & was all surprised-pikachu-face when he found that she took something he actually sorta kinda wanted to keep.

No. 979036


The whole idea behind the retreat is basically "everyone is at fault, but nobody is to blame". So all it really does is reenforce narc leanings anyway. So it's not surprising the Grumps/Jared all jumped on it.

No. 979070


Who do you wanna bet was the first person he called when the retreat was over? I'll give a hint: shes a crazy bird lady who thinks shes a DnD character

No. 979074

File: 1590450312730.png (51.85 KB, 612x422, napala.png)


Wonder if she recommended it to him?
iirc, She was still living in California at this time…

No. 979085


I can only imagine how that conversation went with Heidi

"I'm going to go to a midevil castle place that's only a few hours away from my mistress you are suspicious of and I also will be completely off the grid so you can not talk to me. If you have any problems with this AT ALL you're an abusive monster. Forget the fact that Holly is a midevilist and recommended this to me"

No. 979097

File: 1590455463334.png (24.45 KB, 316x374, wheresthewine.png)


I love how even the positive commenters are telling him that he can just get another bottle of wine.

No. 979106

Jared made it public to thousands and even today hundreds of people give her shit for it, remember when the biggest argument against Heidi was she didn't keep this stuff private between personal friends? Except she did do that but now all of a sudden she's evil for that too.

No. 979113

The narc/martyr complex really shines through in that photo. kek.

No. 979120

I wouldn't be surprised if they met up after the retreat. He probably told Heidi it ended a couple days later than it actually did.

No. 979132

Pretty sure she met up with him after and maybe even picked him up? remember hearing someone mention that somewhere

No. 979153

Why don’t Jared act like an adult for once and call Heidi and ask if she still has the bottle and that he would like it back?

No. 979166


Because he's full of shit. If it truly meant THAT much to him, he could have stated that he wanted it in the divorce or during the court mediation. Instead, he waited and mentioned it to his thousands of instagram followers so that he could publicly play the victim.

No. 979168

Medieval, anon.

I doubt he really cares that much about the wine itself. Being able to paint himself as a victim of an evil thieving ex is more valuable. What else does he have to cry about? Boohoo my ex wife wouldn’t let me fuck my married coworker. Boohoo my ex wife publicly corrected my equally public lie about our breakup and then a bunch of unrelated people outed me as a sex pest and I lost my main gig. Her taking a bottle of sentimental grape juice allows him to get sympathy from people without immediately raising uncomfortable questions, and “bitch ex wife taking my stuff in the divorce” is a popular trope with misogynistic men anyway. This is not about the wine.

No. 979184


they divorced and split assets, dude. So cute of you to think that wine is still in the bottle though. LOL

It sounds as if he knows the wine is not expensive and it was very symbolic and that's why Heidi took it. Cause she knew it's just gonna hurt but he won't be able to complain cause everyone and their mother would say "Just get another bottle".

No. 979209

Or more than likely it wasn't that meaningful after all but he just wants another thing to whine about muh bitch ex wife stealing from him.

He blocked her on twitter where he revealed the divorce, splitting assets is far from unreasonable. Go back to PJ2.

No. 979232

File: 1590496202901.png (256.13 KB, 540x303, 55455445.png)

all her birds hate her except the one in the cage inside the house kek. it was so painful watching her interact with them and they all pecked the shit out of her. then it looks like she has no attachments to her chickens cause she trades them around like nothing. holy shit hoelly you are a mess

No. 979270

He is making such a big deal out of wine just so he could get more WKs, it's so stupid. I would understand if she took something _actually_ important to him, but a fucking wine…That he 'saved for better days'… Sounds like an excuse to make a post / complain about her doing well

No. 979278


Is she doing well? Last thing I read was that someone shat on her doorstep and also someone offered to mow her lawn cause obviously it was in a bad condition.

No. 979344

I think she's doing okay. Yeah, finding shit on your doorstep isn't great, but someone offering to mow her lawn sounds kinda generous.

With people still quarantining, it's pretty common to see a few overgrown lawns, which I assume is what's wrong with her's. Some of my neighbors have be offering to mow lawns for anyone that might need help.

Unless I'm wrong and it's a completely dried up and gross, I feel like Heidi's getting by okay.

No. 979362


Looks like he wanted to break out his 'celebratory wine' yesterday & then found out it was gone, so now he's pouting about it.

No. 979397

Her shop is doing well and she is getting back into making cosplays so she seems to be doing pretty good. Also, no longer being married to an philandering ass who looks like a cross between Ellen DeGeneres and Earthworm Jim is the definition of living well to me.

The fact that Heidi gets to sleep every night not having to worry about Jared cheating on her is probably a massive relief. I'm sure the end of the marriage was extremely painful but after a while you realize you are better off. Holly on the other hand probably lays awake at night wondering who Jared is texting.

No. 979402

>Holly on the other hand probably lays awake at night wondering who Jared is texting.

She is more likely awake all night spam texting him when he is not replying

No. 979414


>Holly on the other hand probably lays awake at night wondering who Jared is texting.

I don't think they've reached that point… yet.
Wait until she starts telling him 'no' (which she probably hasn't done yet). Then he'll start looking for 'a way out'.

No. 979501


Not sure how quarantine is excuse for overgrown lawn, you are actually stuck at home and have nothing else to do but home improvement.

No. 979516


What's with this whole "Heidi has an unkempt lawn and is lazy" narrative? What proof is there that he lawn was ever bad? Because someone was going door to door asking for work or was just offering to mow lawns to be a nice dude? Just seems like a reach to try to use Heidi having someone else mow her lawn as an insult to her. You think Holly and Jared mow their own lawns? Such a weird thing to be hung up on, y'all are really hung up on trying to find Heidi milk

No. 979517


dude, no need to get all defensive, Heidi said she didn't do it and the lawn needed tending wtf?

No. 979532


>"Obviously it was in bad condition"

That's not what it means at all. Maybe this dude was offering his services to get some extra cash and Heidi said "Sure, here's $30-40, go to town".

No. 979543

I meant it more as to explain than to excuse. The quarantine has been proven to effect people to either use this time to be productive or to fall into a bad depression state. I've definitely had moments of feeling little to no motivation during all of this.

I think the whole thing about Heidi's lawn make me feel like we're trying to deep dive into a pool that's only knee deep. Not saying anyone actually is, but I don't think it's really a big topic that needs to be discussed.

No. 979547

Why are we talking about someone's lawn?

No. 979550


For some reason some anons think that Heidi paying someone to mow her lawn is milk and means that shes a lazy bad person

No. 979577


This is hilarious because I guarantee if Holly tweeted about somebody offering to cut her lawn, all of you would be shitting yourselves ranting about how it proves she's a terrible homeowner. Call me a wk all you want, you know you would talk about the state of her lawn for the next month over one tweet about someone helping her out.

No. 979589



Even the bait is boring here…

No. 979611

More likely a couple anons would comment and potentially nitpick her lawn, and then those posts would be buried in a day or two. It ain't that serious. She is the primary subject of this thread after all.

The only thing I can think of that is maybe somewhat comparable is the whole Holly letting a chicken shit around her house? I can't think of anything else that seemed terribly questionable about her home keeping otherwise, but I could be wrong.

No. 979614


No, we wouldn't because the only people who give a fuck about having someone cut their lawn are the people desperate for milk. Anyone whose been here for five seconds knows better than poke Hoelly for milk - she'll produce it all on her own when she gets desperate for attention.

No. 979664

Considering her "return to YouTube" video caused her to drop 5k followers, I don't think we're gonna be waiting long.

No. 979737

File: 1590558102412.png (22.93 KB, 438x352, thetables.png)

Well, well, well, how the turntables…

No. 979761

Seriously, all that talk about how much he's grown followed up by him being petty and taking digs at Heidi a year later. How do ppl fall for that??

No. 979762

I mean untending lawns are kinda a thing right now, people on twitter talking about "natural lawns" with varied flora. Idk if that's what she was going for though

No. 979783

Considering how many people fell for the “hE’s InNoCEnT bEcAuSe hE sAiD sO” I’m pretty sure they’ll accept whatever this goose-looking asshole says

No. 979854

File: 1590587998071.png (34.89 KB, 595x210, finglawn.png)


enough with the fucking white knighting the woman is saying she didn't tend it or didn't have the tools to, stop fucking trying to twist it into something. She's ONLY lived in that house for a year. If she wanted to take care of that lawn, she would have. Jesus.

No. 979911

File: 1590597387989.png (678.99 KB, 1366x768, Untitled.png)

jared's probably sucking off turkey tom's dick right about now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRKaozyhxAw

No. 979931

lawns are highly overrated anyway.

No. 979952


I'm sure Jared & his fans just love being reminded of this incident…

Also, wasn't Keemstar's little "Drama Nation" a factor in spreading this shit in the first place?

No. 980044


Drama channels are one of the many things wrong with YouTube, but Ethan was absolutely right in his assessment of Jared. It's absolutely gross for someone to run porn blogs just so they can hand pick which of their fans they want to exploit sexually.

No. 980206

File: 1590646153269.png (1.09 MB, 1361x607, forestwitch.png)

>So instead of trash witches, they're forest witches. How about that.

No. 980294

File: 1590676516042.jpg (47.98 KB, 500x462, 5f7283165edf70ce1bd0920b109d91…)


Jesus. When you see her haircut actually drawn there's no denying what a Ramona Flowers wannabe she is.

No. 980296

File: 1590677945707.jpg (323.89 KB, 1080x891, 20200528_105827.jpg)


I wouldn't be surprised if Holly thought Heidi copied HER. Holly seems like the type to think that because of Strix she is the owner of all witch things under the sun

Does anyone know when she changed her Twitter description? It stood out to me since she used to never want associated with Heroes of Cosplay (the show she claims gave her PTSD) or her costuming past and now shes advertising it.

No. 980298

She's such a copycat cunt. I can't wait for the fallout when Jared finally leaves her creepy ass.

No. 980308

To be fair, Ramona Flowers is pretty much THE paradigm used by manic pixie hipsters everywhere.

No. 980310

File: 1590680868595.jpg (85.52 KB, 1067x374, Screenshot_20200528-084625_Ins…)


Uh….I'm not sure when Holly changed her Twitter bio, but Heidi has had this on Instagram for a long time.

No. 980311


That's recent - within the last month. Probably figured she couldn't keep leaning on DCA since it was officially cancelled. I like that she brings up the emmy like she personally won it all by herself and that it wasn't a team effort that she happened to be a part of (that she hasn't really acknowledged in a good long while).

Also just a huge fan of her bringing up the "I'm a secular witch" bit when 99% of her actions are pretty much the polar opposite of what most people believe (Ex: The whole "You get the energy you give" thing that would invalidate her being a perpetual victim)

No. 980313


Holly really is doing everything she can to be like Heidi huh. Her fans should really sit and think about this, but they have no critical thinking skills to see this womanchild is obsessed with her boyfriend's ex wife.

No. 980315


Maybe she thinks that if she can become Heidi 2.0 for Jared that he will love her as much as he USED to love Heidi (it seems like at the beginning of their marriage Jared and Heidi were really solid)- maybe even enough to marry her

It's just insane to me that she constantly pushes this narrative that Heidi abused not only Jared but her too (hilarious, btw) and that Heidi is a monster who Holly and Jared are TERRIFIED of… yet she is constantly trying to become her

reading how she throws some crafting credentials in her new description proves it even more. She has spent like the past 5 years being done with cosplay and crafting yet suddenly now she is embracing it again. "You think you are crafty and artistic, Heidi?!? I won an Emmy! I was on TV! I AM THE BETTER CHOICE, RIGHT JARED?"

No. 980372

Probably the drop in subs hurting her ego so she has to remind people of past achievements.

No. 980432


The funny thing about her Emmy claim is that she was an intern on the show Titan Maximum for Adult Swim, which ran for a month. For the episode that won the Emmy, she contributed a grand total on 1 design for a background character.

They gave her a contribution "award" and she calls it an Emmy.

No. 980434

Was just going to comment that.

It's hilarious she has to grasp at such a claim to fluff her IG bio. The fact that she really has nothing else to brag about on there really highlights how low value she is.

Holly, I thought you hated liars and dishonesty?

No. 980549

kek. good catch anon. I'm starting to wonder if it's subconscious from her lurking on heidi or if she's really doing it on purpose at this point.

Now that you mention it, she has kept so quiet about the cosplay/costumer thing for a while now. Her lording her "emmy" for costume design, rebranding herself as a forest witch, the sudden interest in embroidery, etc. Down to the incredibly similar quote in her bio to Heidi's, it's all very bizarre. She's become like a watered down version of the littlefawn/emmalee girl skinwalking her partner's ex to become a "better version".

My favorite part about the whole thing is that Heidi was the one who told him that she wouldn't take him back when he was whining about how he "didn't know which one of them was manipulating him". She didn't want him anymore and Jared was dragging out the whole process of leaving Heidi for a long time. It's really no wonder Holly must feel like she's still competing with Jared's memory of Heidi. He never actually made the call to "choose Holly" himself rather than Heidi got so sick of his shit that Holly was the one left over after the dust settled. What a prize Jared is.

Really just the cherry on top tbh.

No. 980569

Oh boy this is like a "greatest hits" of the most blatant falsehoods that keep being parroted by kiwiturds.
Haven't you twits figured out nobody is buying your BS?

No. 980572

File: 1590714998575.jpg (124.26 KB, 1080x616, 20200528195856.jpg)

Heidi did say she wouldn't take Jared back. But they had been broken up for 2 months at that point and Jared was the one who ended the relationship.
And in the breakup stream from Heidi, she said Jared agreed very readily in helping her move out.

Besides Heidi was cheating on Jared with multiple black guys at a time anyway

No. 980574

File: 1590715130262.png (38.18 KB, 1061x227, brainlet.png)

Nice rewrite, still couldn't resist the urge to utter falsehoods nobody is buying, could ya.

No. 980575

Oh good, you reposted. What happened to your "heidi is pregnant with a black baby" claim? Even you realized no one would buy that literal nonsense here?

Beautiful, anon. Thank you.

No. 980576

How many times do we have to go through this bullshit? Either present evidence of Heidi's supposed cheating with multiple guys or shut the fuck up. Your racist whining is tiresome.

No. 980579


B-but Jared broke up with Heidi in OCTOBER, that's why it was totally okay for him to bang Holly all across the country and after his weekly therapy sessions uWu

How Holly believed him and still does now that she can compare her story to Heidi's I'll never know. I think shes just willfully ignorant to his lies and probably writes off anything Heidi says as abusive and lies. Compare notes, Holly, he lied to you just as much as you had him lie to her

No. 980581

I always love that they throw the "oh well it's obvious Heidi was seeing other men/cheating on Jared" and yet they have no context or evidence that may prove their claims.

The reason we know Jared was using his blog to get nudes from his fans is because we have actually proof that it happened. We didn't believe it was true because Heidi said so, we got other people backing up Heidi's claim with proper proof showing she's right.

No. 980585

It wasn't even Heidi that brought it up to begin with! Her announcement just made all of Jared's other transgressions blow wide open.

And also it's hardly ever just "seeing other men", it's always "fucking multiple black men".

No. 980593

Stop responding to the obvious troll.

No. 980612

I'm sure this is the same anon who tried to say Ross' girlfriend is black. Not that it matters at all, but she isn't.

No. 980676

i dunno why y'all salty, i personally love it when "black bf/gf" anon comes back to the thread kek
great to see he's upping his game up too, it's gone from "one black boyfriend" to "multiple black partners" and now finally "black baby jared wasn't going to raise"
absolutely charming

No. 980681

but holly you didn't win an emmy, stop lying

No. 980769

all hilarious considering how we have a timeline of the one boyfriend we know who’s staying in her life (romantically or not) for the duration of this. if she was hopping boyfriends like they claim, would he stick around?

Welll I guess holly did..

No. 980787

Anyone else getting the vibe that they might be close to a breakup? It's like Holly is trying to be more… real lolololol… but she isn't pushing her identify towards being the side ho with the happily ever after ending anymore. Not only that but Jarad's posts seem to be focused more toward gaining back a relationship with his viewers on Twitch and other social media platforms.

I say the honeymoon phase has hit it. I didn't notice any gushy or sappy posts between the two when it was Holly's birthday, more focus on hug box fan art. She's TRYING to sound more mature in her updated Twitter bio but… keep trying girl you'll get there lol

No. 980814

anon they've been 'close to a breakup' the entire time, if you even believe they're actually dating. Holly's the only one who thought Jared was leaving Heidi to be with her and not just so he can fuck whoever he wants.

No. 980824

Come on, he publically posted a generic happy birthday to her on Twitter, they're clearly close to tying the knot!

They were pretty touchy-feely at her art show.

No. 980855


Were THEY touchy feely or was SHE touchy feely

I wouldn't be surprised if she amped it up for the fans and friends there

No. 980892


I feel bad for Heidi, this is classic narc skinwalking, which is grating enough on it's own but is probably going to be 100 times worse when Holly's fanbase will come around and accuse Heidi of copying Holly in the future.

Holly's craftsmanship has always been shitty, even in the HoC days. If you watch the Pacific Rim short behind the scenes the costumes were falling apart almost instantly, and any costume that did have some good work done on it she got help on, like the Blathers and Brewster ones where Evil Ted basically made the foundations for each.

I'd love to see her try to make a Diath costume for them to have roll play sex in, pieces would be popping off it and her shitty Strix costume left and right and it would really set the mood for their garbage pile of a relationship.

No. 980905

I wouldn't be surprised if Jared is stringing Holly along so she pays for shit for him since he's not doing well financially or career wise. Probably going to milk that cash cow until he gets his bearing or gets sick of her. He is probably scared of her doing the same thing Heidi did but worse since she is more needy and histrionic. He probably feels stuck. Lol it's what he deserves. A prison of his own making.

No. 980912

For any interested this is the winery in question and he can totally buy a replacement online

No. 980918

Holly is gonna see the link and love bomb him with some wine presents to make up for the evil actions of Heidi.

No. 981069


Heidi's had that Insta bio for at least 4-5 years, why does Holly choose now to copy it?

No. 981072


Exactly. Heidi's used that bio for literally years, Holly must have thought that if she waits long enough, it doesn't count as copying. She didn't IMMEDIATELY copy Heidi's bio, she waited a few years, it's different!

No. 981094


I really don't think it's been that long but it's definitely been up for 6 months+

No. 981096

i think heidi's "forest girl/magical" fascination started around the time she was trying to set her mori shop up, which happened some time in 2018. So it definitely has been at least 2+ years.

No. 981122


Exactly. I've seen that line about making the world magical on Heidi's instagram for about 2 years, but for some reason Holly chooses now to imitate it. Maybe she thinks she's rubbing her "victory" in Heidi's face? "Ha ha I got your man and your forest magic what are you going to do about that?"

No. 981131

Anyone else notice that she removed Strix from her bio? Meanwhile, Jared still has Diath in his.

No. 981150

Theory: She's removed Strix from her bio because she "actually never really felt connected to" the character she's been playing for a decade and "forest witch" is who she really REALLY is inside!

No. 981184


I wish someone would just make clear to Hoelly that you can polish a turd all you want; At the end of the day, it's still full of shit. She can change her persona as much as she wants, doesn't solve the problem which is her as a person

No. 981189


Probably because it's been a year+ since she has produced any Strix content and people are forgetting about her

Shes always saying how much she misses strix and that she will be back but… it's been a year. Even if she does bring her back she missed the golden time to do it. I'm sure some stans will cream their pants when Holly and Jared start a DnD stream in 2022 but at this point even the fans of moved on

No. 981199

Oddly enough, I think Jared is probably more delusional about the future prospects of Diath than Holly is with Strix. Holly doesn't think very highly of herself. She probably realizes that she "hit the wall" and is considered old by "female on the internet" standards as fucked up as it is. She is trying to find new things to make her special but I think she probably realizes she'll never experience growth as a creator again.

Jared on the other hand has a massive ego and has a reputation as being an arrogant prick. The fact that he tried to tell WotC that this scandal where he took advantage of fans could help DCA somehow just further proves that. His channel is dead and his future in DnD is over but he most likely thinks he can bounce back.

No. 981217

honestly if holly was a good person she would have called jared out as soon as heidi came out with her side of things and ended things, they could have teamed up and had their little "witchy coven" but hey why be a good person and have solidarity with other women when u can have projared's dick. i do think she copies heidi but i do also think she also likes that aesthetic and im not too involved in everything so i dont know all the details but i feel things could have turned out so much better but in the end of the day we all have to lay in the bed we made and i'm not jealous of what lays in holly's stinky sheets.

No. 981225


holly has always taken a specific aesthetic she's "into" at that point and it encapsulates her. she had that space/sci-fi vibe in the early days, and then in her pastel years (which were arguably where she became most well known at least from the GG perspective) she was all soft colours and flower crowns and pastel pink hair, and now she's into the dark witchy/forest aesthetic, to nobody's surprise. Even her intro changed: in the past it used to be a more edgy intro with the chains and metal music, and then it changed to her playing ukelele with her chibi-esque avatar and she sings "commander holly plays! with friends"

I don't think she only JUST started copying heidi, I think her entire "witchy"/nature phase was inspired by heidi, just subconsciously.

Suzy also likes the witchy/coven vibe so there you go, that's two women in close proximity to Holly that she compared herself to. In the beginning Suzy was the dark goff queen and Holly was the pastel uwu soft girl, and Suzy's jewelry (dear god, remember when THAT was the hot tea of these threads?) was all death-themed.

Also remember that video where Ross/Holly are playing and Suzy is there too and Holly and Suzy get into a pity party match over who had it worse in school and who got bullied more, but everyone hated Suzy because "poor holly was a REAL victim! Suzy just faked it for attention!" Oh how the turn tables

No. 981228


To be fair, all of these aesthetic styles have been widely popular. It's not like any of these girls invented them or pioneered the styles. So it's not unreasonable that they each just like what they like, and tastes can change over time.

However, I agree that Holly in particular seems to base her entire personality off of her current aesthetic, to the point that it seems really forced. Like she latches onto certain motifs (birds, d&d, witchy shit) or catchphrases and then makes a BIG DEAL about how it's "her thing". She has to obsessively flaunt it like she's different and quirky for being into "her thing" even when it's relatively popular. It's hard to explain, but she's very very aggressive with her branding.

The other two have had a little more consistent style evolution over time. And even if it's deliberate, it doesn't seem as forced. Idk if that makes sense.

No. 981231


oh definitely, neither of the 3 invented or popularized it. Although now you mention branding, we used to mock Suzy for doing exactly the same thing, latching on to motifs and making it "her thing" (remember those godawful Jeffrey Campbell boots she kept wearing, black milk clothing, when she used to hawk herself as an artist but never showed anything for it, buying nerdy clothes and either not caring about the series - zelda, or being so ignorant you wear it backwards - bioshock)

Holly was too loner and weird and saw that her nerdy interests that are "uncool" as a kid are now super hot when you get into fandom/nerdy spaces so she had to make it her entire identity, and Suzy was an identical twin in a family of like.. what, five? six siblings? and wanted desperately to be an alt model and her mother told her she'd never make it, and used her "uniqueness" even in school (that old photo floating around of suzy wearing full lolita, the fact her winged eyeliner was a staple even THEN), and it's eventually how she snagged Arin way back in the day

For a hot minute Suzy kinda cooled off (when she let her hair be brown and she only wore casual clothes and barely no makeup), but she's back at her dark goff queen vibes. No shade to that, you do you. I just don't think Holly ever had a cooldown period where she stopped trying to be a persona

No. 981253

Heidi made tweets about the current situation in Minneapolis (and really across the US) at noon. Now, miraculously Hoelly wants to chime in as well - despite her having just said back in January/February that she didn't want to donate to the australian wildfires because everyone else was doing it.

I guess she's all about activism if it can win her some Woke Tumblr Girl points.

No. 981257

>Holly doesnt think very highly of herself

No Hoelly thinks VERY highly of herself. Sure it's an artificial front she puts forward but she has a gigantic ego with nothing to back it up. That's why she's clinging to her 'Emmy' and being featured on 'syfy' and not that she was on the train wreck that was HoC.

Holly thinks she's great and any time she makes something that's also great and unique and special.

Someone who doesnt think highly of themselves wouldnt brag about basically stealing a married man nor would they sell the chicken scratch doodles she was doing for such a premium. Holly's actions says that she definitely thinks very highly of herself and the only reason she isnt 'where she's really supposed to be in life' is because of her 'mental health and people abusing her and mysoginists that dont think she can get places cause she's not an stereotypical attractive woman'

It's a different flavor than Jared's blatant pride and ego but she definitely thinks highly of herself.

No. 981296


yeah australian wildfires is totally the same as black people being killed by the police in the US for US people. No difference.

No. 981304


My point was that Holly didn't want to save the thousands of lives that were at stake/affected by the Australian Wildfires because god forbid she do something that was popular with other people - but she's totally fine with cashing in on the current troubles so that she can appear as Woke as possible.

No. 981321


Holly has proven herself time and time again to be a textbook covert narc.(armchairing)

No. 981338


>honestly if holly was a good person she would have called jared out as soon as heidi came out with her side of things and ended things, they could have teamed up and had their little "witchy coven" but hey why be a good person and have solidarity with other women when u can have projared's dick.

Probably because right after going after Jared's throat, Heidi immediately attacked Holly. Not only announcing that she was complicit with Jared, but also shaming Holly's appearance in her lewd messages to Jared. Say what you want about Holly's looks, just don't expect anyone to have your back immediately after hurling insults at them and getting a mob of random anons going on the attack.

No. 981351


>"After hurling insults at them"

Hoelly deserved every bit of what Heidi said about her. Don't want someone to talk about your nudes? Maybe don't send them and then continue fucking their husband.

>"Getting a mob of random anons going on the attack"

You mean like Hoelly does every single time she gets upset? You mean like Jared does by saying shit like Heidi "Stole" his bottle of wine?

No. 981353


That wasn't even the argument I was making. I was replying to someone wondering why Holly didn't team up with Heidi, and my argument was "Why SHOULD she?" I never said she didn't deserve what she got or she never did the same thing.

No. 981389

Yeah, "Why didn't Holly side with Heidi?" is a weird take considering how complicit Holly was.

No. 981416

File: 1590902785338.png (48.71 KB, 815x688, WeCryingHarpies.png)

Just checked Socialblade out of curiousity, Holly put up an Animal Crossing LP on her channel on Wednesday and it led to yet another 1K drop.
And her views don't get much of a boost from new videos.

No. 981428

kek at this
however, this just cements that holly has genuinely nothing to offer to a mas audience. she's not winning over anyone with cutesy animal crossing LPs because everyone's playing animal crossing on their own. she's not crafting anymore, she's not even creating art on a consistent basis anymore. what exactly does she want people to watch her channel for? making a "public comeback yayy!" video was probably the stupidest thing she could have done because the people who followed the drama were reminded about how awful a person she's been, and the people who didn't give a shit were reminded about how completely flavorless her "content" is

No. 981517


I really think if Holly was better educated about abuse, though, she would have bailed on Jared the second people started coming out in waves to talk about their experiences. Maybe she wouldn't have sided with Heidi, but she for sure shouldn't have kept backing Jared.

Sure, men are abused, too, but when you have dozens of people chiming in with different experiences that aren't his "crazy" ex-wife, then maybe… I don't know. He's the problem? And not everyone else?

That's not even deep diving into his public rhetoric that's out there for everyone to see. She doesn't see it right now, but she will someday. I actually just feel sad for her that she's stuck with someone so blatantly abusive, especially considering she has a history of abuse in her family.

But considering the kind of weak defenses she expects everyone else to believe from her, I guess it's not too unexpected that she believes those same weak arguments from Jared.

They're stuck in a bubble of delusion with one another, and someday it's going to burst and they'll have to deal with the consequences.

No. 981530

I think she knows but she's the type that romanticizes abuse

No. 981531


Yeah I think people who think this way and wonder why Holly and Heidi didnt team up against Jared dont know the whole story.

Holly wasnt just the other woman Jared was sleeping with, she was actively doing anything she could to ruin Heidi's life. She was spending months/years telling Jared to leave Heidi for her and she had told literally every mutual friend she had with her that Heidi was an insane abuser who should not be trusted. She went out of her way to slowly cut off Heidi from her own community simply for… yelling at her over the phone one time? Telling Jared she wanted a closed relationship?

Holly clearly had an unhealthy obsession with both Jared and DCA. To her, the scariest thing in the world was everything she and Jared did coming out and ending DCA. She knew Heidi had the power to do so (Heidi knew too) so she did everything she could to discredit Heidi instead of just stepping back and realizing it was her and Jared's actions that would cause the end of the show, not the whistleblower who called them out.

Heidi and Holly HATE each other. Heidi because Holly went out of her way to destroy her marriage, constantly manipulate her husband into thinking hes abused and letting her save him, and for constantly slandering Heidi. Holly because… Heidi was married to who she wanted and said no. Sure, now the drama has added more reasons for her to hate Heidi, but that was initially all it took. Someone told Holly no for once and she lost her shit.

I dont even feel a little bit bad for Holly for Heidi's biting back and calling her out at the beginning of all this. It's like Holly thought that she could get away with all her fuckery because she did it behind closed doors and then once Heidi said something publicly it was "too far"

Not blaming that Anon, alot of people havent really looked into it that deep (especially when it comes to Heidi's side of the story, you know, because woman are evil) and usually I also lean towards the "scorned wife and other woman team up against douche cheater" narrative in cheating scenarios but that could and would never happen in this situation

No. 981587


I think the bitterest part of it is that Holly and Heidi hating each other is exactly what Jared wanted. He somehow managed to manipulate them into fighting each other publicly, and that made everyone focus on both Holly and Heidi's negatives while mostly ignoring him after the major drama died down.

No. 981610

File: 1590945274030.png (6 KB, 901x68, UnsubSaturday.png)

Another of her Spooky Saturdays podcast went up late last night and like clockwork…..

No. 981621


Wasnt it an episode on fucking WWE wrestling? I get ther Kayla is super into it and Holly is starting to like it to but just because you found your new special interest doesn't mean you have to force it into everything you do. Fans of spooky stuff dont want to hear a pair of twins babble about wrestling for 2 hours

No. 981641

I'm a fan of pro wrestling and all, but mostly it's a bunch of oiled up failed footballers doing a combo of pretend-slap, live stunt show, improv and choreographed dance.

I can't fathom how it'd feature on a "spooky" show unless it focuses on some of the scary gimmicks like Kane, Undertaker, Boogeyman and the likes.

No. 981731


Exactly. She started the show during her whole spooky alien I wanna be Suzy phase and now shes already phasing out when the show is starting to take off/be pushed on to other platforms

You think all the horror fans who are willing to look past the drama to watch this (very shitty) show wanna hear about fucking wrestling and mushrooms? Instead of Spooky Saturday it should be Holly Saturday

I understand constantly going through fixations, trust me I do, but maybe dont change your whole output and personality every time you find a new obsession

No. 981798

And that's what's ruining her chances at staying relevant or popular online. If they had called their podcast something more generic, then they'd be able to talk about whatever they want. But because it's called "Spooky Saturday", the listeners expected to hear talk about horror/spooky stuff, not wrestling or mushroom.

Though I kinda hope Holly gets into wrestling. Don't really know why, just think it might be funny

No. 981802

Is anyone else watching the Epstein series on Netflix and feeling sick to their stomach at the similarities between it and Jared's case?

I know Epstein is much, much worse, but the way he got away with his abuse even when it came to light and the FBI investigated him makes me feel nauseous when I think that Jared could be back to abusing younger women in the same way now that the drama has died down.

He's still very obviously trying to ingratiate himself with young, aspiring female youtube channels by signal boosting them on twitter. And people still associate with him even knowing what kind of person he is. It's like history just repeats itself over and over again, and no one is ever going to hold these kinds of men accountable for their abuse of power.

So much for Holly's "he would be in jail if he was really a bad person" argument. I guess she's going to be his ghislaine maxwell.

No. 981836

File: 1590977332317.jpg (281.99 KB, 984x1154, 827171617.jpg)

Heidi is only subscribed to a handful of channels on youtube and one of them is The Right Opinion.
Shows that she has class. sips tea

No. 981843

No, plus ImAllexx (one of the first people who came forward with the allegations against Jared) pulled back his initial statement and apologized.

No. 981847

>So much for Holly's "he would be in jail if he was really a bad person" argument. I guess she's going to be his ghislaine maxwell.
As an abuse survivor whose abuser supposedly avoided consequences, you'd think Holly would fucking know better.

No. 981853


Didn't TRO throw his support behind Jared after he released his video?

No. 981854


iirc, LadyPelvic recently did a collab video with PBG, you can guess who set them up together…

No. 981855

Not neccesarily, he just said he was wrong about him. and talked about it a bit here

No. 981861

TRO kind of sucks. His video on Jared concentrated way too much on his marriage and not on his abuse of power with his fans. OT, but he recently released a video on YandereDev, who has a history of getting nudes from teenage girls and being an overall revolting person, and he sat on the fence throughout the entire thing and only really talked about how he was a crappy dev.

No. 981888

File: 1590988683165.jpg (133.87 KB, 709x496, SmartSelect_20200601-171719_Tw…)

The absolute irony in her liking this post kek.

Headups holly, you're fucking someone elses abuser.

No. 981946


What does this have to do with anything?

One big thing about Epstein and Jared is that they can both manipulate their way out of even crowds of people coming out with evidence against them.

In Jared's case, the evidence was a bit more nebulous, so all it takes is him saying "well, I never did that and I can't remember this person" for them to believe him.

If you watch the episodes with Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz, you can see that they use the exact same "I can't remember this girl" excuse that Jared did.

Yet, there are multiple witnesses and photo evidence to suggest otherwise.

These kinds of men are all full of bullshit, and it's honestly depressing that so many people believe them.

No. 981967

I'm going to be honest here: I don't think Epstein is really capable of manipulation right now.

No. 981971


You'd be surprised at the number of people who will defend even a dead man. His actions have manipulated people that are still alive, and his death isn't going to change that.

No. 982001

What you mean there is influence. Also, it really was just meant as a joke.

No. 982005

TRO is a coward. For someone who claims to be analytical and looks at all the information to make an informed opinion, he kowtowed to criticism and never bothered trying to re-examine everything, particularly with Jared's bullshit video.

"A lot of people asked if I'd make a new version of the video, but in the end, I just didn't feel happy trying to redo it. I have very conflicted feelings on the whole situation and his video; it wouldn't feel right to me picking through the topic with distance and a level of superiority, knowing that I could have done better myself. I didn't feel comfortable putting myself in that position at that point. So I think sometimes you have to take the L and move on and take it as a learning experience."

Basically, he messed up once and doesn't feel it's right to try again with an air of "distance and superiority," even though that's his whole channel in a nutshell.

No. 982561


Trust her to make it all about her abuse again.

No. 982579

Went to read Jared's BlackOut teitter post and it was deleted, any idea why? Did it say anything bad?

No. 982580

I listen to the podcast that he does with J aubrey 'Susans Boys' and I was surprised to hear that he clearly has a stutter on the podcast which isn't present (or at least isn't noticable) in his TRO vids. He comes across as quite nervous when he stutters and commenters under the podcast episodes are always commenting on how he sounds short of breath at times, which is true. He comes off as confident and cocky on the scripted TRO channel but then quite the nervous type when he's talking on the spot.

No. 982596

ntayrt but i always thought his speech impediment was really obvious. he mispronounces certain words in a tongue-tied awkward way and the way he cuts up his audio kinda drew more of my attention to it

No. 982646

He may have taken it down because someone let him know that the blackout posts 1) don't do anything and are generally considered performative and 2) clog up the BLM tag and people's feeds in general, blocking/drowning out actual useful information about what's happening. Nothing shady, that was actually the right move for once.

No. 982825

She's incapable of not making every tragedy about herself

No. 982906

File: 1591224586301.png (380.08 KB, 614x931, 02629.PNG)

Game Grumps are a top trend on twitter right now after these tweets

No. 982909

I wonder why people aren’t doing a pokimane and post the video of arin and suzy happily saying the n-word with a hard R in the comments.

The fact neither of them address this makes them forever sketch

No. 982912

File: 1591225981163.jpg (508.83 KB, 1080x1478, 72751715572.jpg)

meanwhile, Jon's stance…

No. 982930

Has she yet, though?
I'd like to think even Holly is smart enough to keep her harpy ass out of this one.

No. 982972

except arin has addressed it multiple times + in writing (pretty sure he alluded to it again during his sr pelo spergout?) I genuinely believe people are capable growing up and understanding the racist jokes they told in their ignorant youth are not ok.
These posts are still weak as fuck though. either make a pro BLM statement or don't, but this attempt at wishy washy crowd pleasing is fucking stupid. Racists already hate GG for being SJW cucks or whatever and aren't worth pandering to like this.

SUZY on the otherhand….I won't pretend to know for certain but I don't think she has every properly apologized for the times she dropped the N-bomb and got caught.

no surprise here since he's married to a white supremacist! He's worse than the others and doesn't even try to pretend not to be.

No. 982992

his wife’s a white supremacist? i haven’t heard about that, since when?

No. 983000

They’re just making shit up. There was even a time where she claimed to be asian.

No. 983022


idk anon it's not that deep. GG IS a brand, at this point. It stopped being about two guys on a couch a long time ago.

When brands make statements, people will call it clout chasing. When brands make donations, people will call it tax evasion. When brands take an action, people will say "but where were you when X?"

Simple solution is that GG twitter specifically says "all the people here at Game Grumps […]" IF they all agree to it, or they make individual statements on their personal twitters.

For once I actually understood what he meant. He wanted to make sure that what he said was heard and not considered a hollow brand support post that will get drowned out the next day in memes. So he asked how best to approach it. Isn't that what we're told when we're unsure how to proceed, to ask?

What difference would it make if every single person in the company supported BLM personally as opposed to as the brand? It's the people that make the brand.

correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the strainer on the head just the pastafarian thing? Is there something insidious about this insta post or was it just an irrelevant pic during a chaotic time?

No. 983232

During Supermega's charity stream last night, the guys kept on making ProJared jokes alluding to his penis and 17 year olds seeing it. They danced to his theme song, named their Roblox character over him, and Matt couldn't go on Jared's Twitter because Jared actually blocked him.
Didn't watch the whole thing, but pretty interesting that someone so close to the group got blocked by Jared. I wonder who else he blocked

No. 983241

Is there a VOD somewhere? The stream isn't saved on their channel

No. 983248

File: 1591289232870.png (429.41 KB, 587x812, jontron.PNG)

No. 983249


No. 983251

Aren’t these bitches aware that game grumps is full of racist rats who say the n word?
They are so blind until shit blows up like this.

No. 983255

I think it's kind of telling that Jared and Holly are both being relatively quiet about the protests, while Heidi is retweeting black voices and support links on twitter. Shows what kind of people they all are underneath everything.

No. 983262

have you apologised for being white today yet?

No. 983273

Nice bait anon. Holly was definitely the SJW type before the Jared scandal broke. Now that her fanbase is made up of an awful lot of >>980572 types, she's less vocal about it. It actually is pretty telling tbh. kek.

No. 983298


Yeah, pics or it didn't happen!

No. 983306


Supermega is another reason I don't buy Jared and Holly's story. They both were friends with Holly before everything and even talked about having her on the podcast a million years ago on an episode Ross was on. Yet now they still joke about Jared, which clearly they wouldn't if their close friend Ross said not to or that it was all lies, nor would they if they were still close with Holly. They know more about it than any of us ever will and they STILL shit on Jared

Holly straight up burned every single bridge she could of on her way to Seattle

No. 983320

File: 1591300861843.png (691.31 KB, 1558x854, BLM Posts.png)

You don't have to lie to sell them as the bad people here, anon, you're preaching to the choir. They all have their most recent Tweet/retweet either talking about police brutality against black people (Hoelly), decrying "All lives matter" (Wormy), or boosting a black person's business (Heidi). If anything, Heidi is the least active because the pictured tweet reply is from today but the retweet of the original thread was on the 31st

Reposted - messed up attachment

No. 983323


Retweets always display the date the original tweet was made, not when the person hit RT.

No. 983325

Doesn't really matter, I'm not saying any of them aren't doing enough because who the hell am I to judge what is and is not enough contribution to the movement?

No. 983353


I mean, that is peak Boomer bullshit, right down to the crappy clipart.

No. 983384

I think they’re being sarcastic, however Suzy has made comments about black people in the past regarding modeling/working in retail. Them jokingly saying the n word back and forth was just a part of it

No. 983390

sorry i was referring to jon’s wife, suzy has been iffy with racial slurs but i wouldn’t peg her a supremacist lol

No. 983400

Do you have any proofs/caps of Charlotte being a supremacist? Not saying I don't believe you this is just genuinely the first I'm hearing of this

No. 983402

Couldn't find it saved, but if you go on Matt's private Twitch (mhwatson2) and go on his clips, the clip "projared donated", "Add a title (required)", "Projared traitor to America" , and probably more have them talking about it. "Projared traitor to America" is where they mainly mention being blocked, reference what happened, SinJared, and his penis.
Agreed, Supermega has the luxury of being close enough but still not the main group to be able to joke about it and give an insight on the ordeal. And they're response to all this is pretty damming

No. 983411

Yeah, and Ross was watching and promoting the stream. I doubt they'd joke about that shit if Ross was actually on good terms with Jared and Holly.

No. 983438

File: 1591316059214.jpg (138.22 KB, 1080x400, Screenshot_20200604-201353_Chr…)


Update: she changed it so it's not copying Heidi anymore and instead is her shitty Strix catchphrase

Will she ever stop browsing this thread?

No. 983464


would be weird since he's persian, but then i guess it's possible if he hates himself enough and his wife "not like other arabs" him

No. 983505

“Persians are the real Aryans, we’re purer than Europeans” is a thing in the US Persian community

No. 983528

>I called my dad
>I asked
Her message reads super weird tbh. Was it in response to something and I'm missing additional context or is she really virtue signaling through her dad's work with inmates while low key making it about her?


No. 983568

File: 1591333122114.png (108.18 KB, 877x567, hollydadblm.png)

It's missing context, since it was first in a series. Here's the next two, so it makes a bit more sense.

No. 983572

strange they don't joke about Holly since they were closely aquainted with her and must have more info on her.

No. 983578

And risk having to deal with her public suicide baiting like she does whenever a public person gives her the slightest bit of criticism?

No. 983594


They probably don't want to be accused to picking on a mentally ill suicidal woman. Jared on the other hand is just a plain narc prick who very little people feel sympathy for outside of MRAs. Jared and Holly can't even act like victims about it right now since they'll be accused of bitching about something so petty and small compared to what is going on in the country right now.

No. 983656


Shes too busy martyring herself by posting pictures of the forest and her chickens "for all those who need this right now uwu" like shes doing everyone a favor. She lives in Seattle, she could protest. She could go support. If she doesnt want to fine, nobody has to, but posting pictures of the magical forest walk with your two biggest stans (Guacamole and OldMagician) you took a couple miles away from huge history making protests is a lil tacky imo

Honestly surprised she hasnt whipped out the old "I stand with BLM because I also faced oppression when I got caught last year uwu"

No. 983665


>Shes too busy martyring herself by posting pictures of the forest and her chickens "for all those who need this right now uwu" like shes doing everyone a favor.

I hate Holly as much as anyone else here, but seriously, anon? She's NOT playing a victim for once, and you still have a problem? If she's not playing the "uwu victim of all the hate", let her stans drool over some chicken pics. Maybe she'll finally learn to want positive attention for a change.

No. 983689

Does anyone think its kinda sad? How deprived of real friends do you have to be to hang out with your boyfriends subreddit mod.

No. 983692


To be fair, they are fans of her, too. Still really sad and weird. I guess it just seems like shes rewarding their insane white knight behavior when the drama happened with special one on one time. It kind of sets a precedent for all her other stans to follow: worship and defend me enough and we might become actual friends.

But hey, atleast shes only chilling with her fans and not soliciting nudes/fucking them like her sex addicted boy toy

No. 983704


The pandemic is still on. Don't they have a baby?

No. 983724

Agreed. I think she at least learned a bit from the whole "Let's make a black creator's tragic suicide about me & my haterz!" incident from last year.

She's also a classic hipster at heart; protesting, like encouraging donations/charity for Australian bushfire-relief back in winter, is "too mainstream" for her at this time.

No. 983732

Did you forget Jon's racist discourse from a while ago?
He hates immigrants yet his parents were immigrants, it's weird.
He lost fans for it iirc.

No. 983753

I'm not surprised Holly has no boundaries and also uses her fans as some sort of emotional cum rag like Jared used his as literal cum rags. Those people probably go home and talk about how cool and amazing it is to hang out with Strix! Then they go on Twitter and name search Jared and Holly to defend them both. Holly is basically offering them the privilege of being friends with her in exchange for them being her internet defense squad.

I wouldn't be surprised if OldMagician had some hard-on/crush on Holly and is living out his weird scrote fantasy by getting his wife in on it.

No. 983869


a baby? who?

No. 983873


I see no baby in any of either Guacamole's and OldMagician's posts anywhere.

…Unless if you consider Holly to be their baby.

No. 983880

File: 1591405623338.png (248.83 KB, 1080x1372, Screenshot_2020-06-05-21-00-09…)

I don't know what this asshole at trashwitchcoven was trying to pull, but I'm laughing at whatever it was.

No. 983884

Is this the same dad that abandoned her?

Why do I get the feeling he only said those things to get her off his back?

No. 983894


It’s likely the pregnancy fetish anon at work again.

No. 983939

Call me a callous cunt but this reads like everybody claps at the end. One conversation with your kid won't change years of ignorance to or tolerance of racism. He's probably learning how he's suppose to think in the current political climate through Holly, if anything. She phrases it like she enlightened the man to the fact that black people don't like being targeted by violent and racist police officers. Omg Holly is so wise haha I can never take this trash witch heap as sincere or genuine at face value. She was out feeding pigeons but can't be bothered to show local support for the movement? Has she actually ever interacted with anyone not Caucasian?

No. 983953

Yeah, like what was this meant to prove? He's been working for decades at a jail where he consistently saw black inmates being treated like shit comparatively to white ones and only now he's realizing it's racist? She even says the guy voted for trump just 4 years ago.

No. 983974

She's just another white person inserting her ~struggle~ into the conversation. It's so annoying. You don't get a gold star for trying to educate your parent, you should be doing that anyway.

No. 984016

Would bet solidly this is the same dumbass who keeps posting here insisting Heidi's every mundane action is milk we aren't addressing.

No. 984318


> this reads like everybody claps at the end

Kinda like those "This morning, my 2-year-old just asked me this very poignant, eloquent, & thought-provoking question about today's society…" anecdotes that are usually written by family-blogger types…

No. 984503

Does Holly know JK Rowling is receiving backlash again? Sound the alarms, a rich white woman is getting CANCELLED

No. 984769


Oh, she wouldn't dare speak out against transphobia when her and Jared's staunchest incel supporters are the ones who spent the better part of 6 months tearing Chai/Charlie to shreds.

No. 984799

she retweeted someone else calling out JK Rowling so her fanbase can't actually say anything to her about it. Remember, she's not going to defend other women, she just calls them abusers for being prettier than her.

No. 985014

follow up on the skinnyghost scandal, he's quitting streaming. the post is too long to screen cap but the tl;dr is

> yeah I messed up but

> people are still angry and that's unfair
> my shows got cancelled and that's unfair
> my trust in this community is shattered


No. 985015

double post because I forgot to add that there's also a lot of self flagellating talk about how hardcore his work ethic was

No. 985018

I love how he equates people being abusive to the reason that all of his shows/upcoming projects were cancelled. You know, it wasn't because his actions were repugnant and traumatizing for the people involved.

Like, yes, receiving death threats over the incident is bullshit, but his message isn't at all apologetic or repentant about what happened. Not once does he say he's sorry for what he did.

Makes sense for Holly to defend someone like this. Right up her alley for creating victim status.

No. 985026

Yeah, he's just constantly downplaying his actions as "just a mistake" and saying the only reasonable responses were "he made a mistake but that happens" and everything else blew things out of proportions.

No. 985029

not to mention anytime someone else was 'toxic' in the rpg community he'd call for them to be deplatformed via unsubscribing or cancelling their shows (aka exactly what happened to him).

not milk but related, jp is also canceling rollplay as a result: https://medium.com/@itmeJP/all-adventures-come-to-an-end-f4016198e586

No. 985034


Seems like Holly and her friends are all the same in that regard, even the ones who work for WotC. It's never their fault for things going south, it's always some outside force and they all just made innocent mistakes.

No. 985133

File: 1591709275096.png (1.78 MB, 1188x1182, sadold.png)

Not exactly milky but I don't think it's been mentioned that SadOldMagician white knited Holly enough to enter her circle of real life friends.

I guess Denica and other actually DO have a reason so try so hard. If they yes man enough online they might just get the chance to do it in person too.

No. 985143

File: 1591710823739.png (480.06 KB, 1186x1292, asdfasdfasdf.png)

one of adam's old cast mates might be hinting at another table top person sexually assaulting them

No. 985144

File: 1591710974541.jpg (180.03 KB, 970x2048, EaB6Mp4XYAI6IGN.jpg)


can't find the youtube video she referred to, so she either didn't make it or deleted it

i always wondered why she never did another rp show after swan song, i assumed it was because she got shit on so much for being a conventionally pretty skinny blue eyed blonde by all the fan boys but now I see that might have made her adam's type to pick on

No. 985148

>taking sexual assault allegations with a grain of salt and pointing out that the girl only had 300 subs
Wow, bluejay is really a disgusting piece of shit huh? No wonder she and Holly got on so well.

No. 985152

File: 1591713462483.png (134.53 KB, 1184x864, hfkdsf.png)

Kinda funny she was so ride or die for Holly but didn't want to speak up to protect her sex pest boyfriend after riding his coat tails. Probably because she had more knowledge his past antics this time around.

Don't worry even through all of the current events she still found the time to make an announcement about her lewd photos.

No. 985153

Is it any surprise Roll20 pre-emptively gave her the boot when they booted Koebel?

No. 985154

File: 1591714101846.png (145.59 KB, 1170x838, cancel.png)

Wow, missed that part. I assumed she'd get off scott free like Anna and Nate. She must have really been causing a fuss behind the scenes to get booted too. Hope she wasn't harassing poor Elspeth seeing as she treats victims so poorly if her boyfriend is the abuser.

No. 985162

How is he nearing 30 and still hasnt learned a thing?

No. 985168


Jesus christ this is SO fucked up. What is with this niche of quirky DnD ladies who are die hard for creepy sexual abusers? That whole group/community seems disgusting, good to know Holly is friends with someone who treats victims like that.

No. 985172

Wow…I have so much to say, but I'm almost speechless. He doesn't even attempt to be sorry. He uses this experience to feel sorry for himself and play victim. He excitedly rapes a character and traumatizes a D&D player as everyone watches in horror, yet he spends every word in this man-child exposition to discuss his hardships as a creator. It's really eerie how similar in thinking he is to Holly.

No. 985177

considering roll20 has bent over backwards to appear inclusive to the point of telling the top 5 ttrpg youtubers that they won't partner with them because they don't need more white men, it seems unlikely to me that they'd fire a woman for a man's actions unless that woman was actively enabling the abuse/harassing victims into silence

tin foiling here but i think she's worse than she appears

No. 985211

File: 1591723195290.jpg (30.66 KB, 552x298, supmiss.JPG)

Insert Jared n Holly stans yelling "She just can't let it go!"

This tweet did make me chuckle though.

No. 985220

Holly and Jared both have no boundaries with their fans. They use them sexually and emotionally for their own pleasure. No wonder they ended up together.

Why don't you get a job? So many people like her think they are too unique and special to work a conventional job. If you are hurting so bad financially maybe your dreams of being a boudoir model aren't gonna happen. Yeah yeah, getting a job during a pandemic sucks ass but lets not pretend she would be trying to get a real job if covid didn't exist.

No. 985222


Is it just me, or do Jared stans now pretend to forget that Heidi is even there? Even during the whole "my ex stole my wine" bitchfest he had, nobody made a big deal over it. They're doing the classic child's move of ignoring someone they don't like to hurt their feelings. Do they think Heidi is going to be mad that they're all "whoops forgot you were married to my hero for all those years!" I'm sure Heidi's glad to be ignored by the likes of that lot.

No. 985223

They all say the same thing too, 'Yes you abused someone but people shouldnt be so mean to you about it!!!!!'. Theyre just like bootlickers.

No. 985225

Honestly it's probably better for her that they're just pretending she never existed. Maybe if they keep it up Jared won't try to bait them with whining about her anymore, either.

No. 985255

File: 1591730104622.png (1.22 MB, 1080x2578, image (3).png)


While we are on the subject of this douche again, here was Heidi's take on his whole situation. Honestly I'm all for Heidi going full out against the shitty DnD community that SkinnyGhost and Jared/Holly are part of, from what I can tell that whole group fucking sucks and seems way to eager to play the victims.

No. 985258

Pretty much everything she said in the first two tweets applies to Holly as well and she's right.

No. 985260

It applies to both Holly and Jared. They want to screech about Cancel Culture = bad and how it affected THEM, but they have given ZERO acknowledgement to how their behavior hurt others and eroded the fanbase's trust in them as creators.

No. 985282

File: 1591734373195.jpg (39.22 KB, 704x324, IMG_20200609_162529.jpg)

Fascinating parallels in imagery between Jared's "you've been lied to" and this.

No. 985297


He's already given a pretty thorough attempt at an apology. Of course, plenty of people are/were quick to dismiss it.

So he apologized, and then in order to avoid doing it again stepped down from doing public things. This is exactly what people asked of him but it's never enough, is it?

No. 985307

File: 1591737515146.jpg (529.41 KB, 1079x1642, Screenshot_20200609-141256_Twi…)


And yet by the time he got to writing his "moving on" blog he wasn't even willing to specify what he did wrong. He just makes vague statements glossing it over while asking for sympathy.

The lengthy apology includes a lot of promises of things he will do in the future. How has he actually shown these changes to his audience between then and now? That's a hard thing to do, sure, but he needs to figure it out to win back any trust. It's not gonna be accomplished in 1-2 months laying low on the internet. Quitting doesn't give him the opportunity to do it over time either.

If he wants to quit that's absolutely fine, of course. It's just coming off like a complaint that he wasn't instantly forgiven and reinstated.

No. 985308

So, because some people didn't believe his "I'm sorry," he decides not to also include his being sorry in his "moving on" blog as well. That suggests his original apology was constructed to sound contrite, but it is as empty as Jared's video. There is a difference between saying sorry and being sorry. Based on the difference between his post and blog, I think it's the former.

No. 985309

Well, given all of his jobs were taken away, how exactly was he supposed to show that he has changed?

How can you draw these conclusions? Why does another apology belong on a post about his plans to stop doing anything public in the future? Especially when you don't believe his first apology. He realizes you won't believe any apology he gives, even him deciding he doesn't belong in the public eye. And guess what? He was right, because here you are, STILL giving him shit.

No. 985310

You don't get to make a bullshit "apology" about having had a character be raped and spend the entire time talking about how YOU were affected - and expect everyone to forget. His "apology" was a piss poor attempt at sweeping it under the rug to salvage his career, but in the "me too" era, that shit ain't going to fly.

No. 985311

File: 1591738124166.jpg (73.88 KB, 1298x919, 20200609_140725.jpg)

Double post but here's the main part of his apology. He recognizes that it's gonna take a long time and lots of work for him to become a safe DM. He says he'll be working on this for the rest of his life.

Two months later he's like, "since you all haven't gotten over this yet, I'm out"

No. 985313

How exactly was he supposed to show that he has changed? Well, for starters, he should probably stop running away from his problems by quitting rather than sticking around and show that he's putting in the effort to ACTUALLY change

No. 985315



No. 985317

File: 1591738475628.png (850.71 KB, 677x2048, Apology.png)

Point out to me how this ISN'T him telling others he's sorry for his actions. Please, tell me what an apology even IS to you if this isn't. Of course he's going to talk about himself. That's called framing.

Things can't happen outside the public eye. If it's not public it doesn't happen.

What exactly is he quitting? Streaming, looking for new jobs as a public DM. That's it. He's already lost every other opportunity to do things publicly. How the fuck is that "running away" to you. To me that's "accepting defeat".

No. 985329


So I realize this is neither here nor there, but that is not the same structure. Your two examples aren't even the same thing (in the former case "the people" is an appositive phrase clarifying which "we" is being referred to, and in the latter "we select" is describing which "few" are being referred to.)

The omission of the verb "are" in that sentence is a corrupted grammar, though yes it is used in contemporary American English, notably in AAVE (African American Vernacular English.) This omission is also quite prevalent in the American teenage population, and on the Internet, particularly in adults attempting to maintain a facade of being With It, and/or Hip.

No. 985334

There's "framing" and then there's "OMG I HAVE ALREADY SUFFERED!!! Fuck the sexual assault victim that I retraumatized by raping her character!". He did and is still doing the latter.

To me, he is still running away by quitting streaming. Rather than sticking around, maybe streaming a different game or starting a new DND campaign with new people, he is instead choosing to leave the internet while making sure that we all know that this is our fault rather than a cowardly act by a man who refuses to face up to the ramifications of his own actions.

Also, he didn't "lost every other opportunity to do things publicly". A handful of projects got cancelled because they want nothing to do with the scandal. There's literally nothing stopping him from starting over again on his own - except for the fact that it wouldn't benefit him to not play the victim.

No. 985335

>>>I'm sorry that I hurt the cast

I figured you wouldn't actually define what would constitute an actual apology for you, then you wouldn't be able to move those goalposts infinitely.

>>>he didn't "lost every other opportunity to do things publicly"

Please, tell me a single project he's still going to be a public face for.

No. 985337

Oh god forbid that the industry doesn't immediately move on and continue using Adam as a public face - How dare they expect him to have a waiting period where he actually works on himself! These things take time. The fact that he put in MAYBE a couple of months of waiting before deciding it was pointless and leaving the internet in a huff speaks volumes about how much guilt he REALLY felt over his actions (Let me spoil it for you: He didn't feel any and his apologies have been bullshit ass-covering from day one).

Also, "I'm sorry I hurt the cast" isn't an apology for doing the awful thing in the first place. It's a "whoops, I hurt your feelings with the hurtful thing. I'm sorry your feelings were hurt - not that I did the hurtful thing"

No. 985338

"I'm sorry I hurt the cast" is telling the viewers he is. He probably apologized to the cast privately. Do you see them calling him out for it? No. It's just you and Twitter demanding your pound of flesh. Because you… deserve it for some reason.

Also, what to you constitutes appropriate reconciliation for him? He's leaving the public eye. He has extricated himself from even having the opportunity to do this again. If he wants to run away, why the fuck do you care? You got what you want, the piece of shit is gone. But you can't resist the urge to get that one last dig in. Fuck being consistent. Fuck being honest about what you want. You still have yet to explain what exactly it is that you want. What would be appropriate recompense. Because you just. want. to. hate.

No. 985343

BlueJay, when are you going to get around to replying to Kaitlyn about you silencing victims?

Man, Jared and Adam get to sit by the mentally ill pick mes fight their battles. Must be nice.(hi cow)

No. 985344


The fact that he tried to frame it as "creative risk" tells you everything you need to know, really. He doesn't care about what he did, only that he got called out for it. So now he and his trust fund girlfriend are trying to get as much sympathy as they can for being horrible people.

No. 985359

So, no answer on what would constitute a "real" apology. And now a "Hi cow". Why am I not surprised you are afraid of accountability?

Speaking to that callout of Bluejay: why did Kaitlyn post dm's but leave out Bluejay's response?

No. 985376

this was discussed earlier in that thread already, it's a better sorry than anything from holly and jared, but if you considered it in context (his video apology with jp was crappy. he spent his time responding to tweets that ass patted him instead of accepting real criticism or focusing on bettering himself both before and after this apology, and this apology was in a thread that addressed the far verona cancellation first, and in the past he specifically frames himself not as just a good DM and ttrpg reference but also a moral anchor that was wise enough to preach to to others about crating safe tables and also host his own relationship advice show) makes it sound less sincere.

that being said had he actually done the work (which his blog post does not address AT ALL) i'd still welcome him back, but he hasn't so who cares if he quits

he still had his own twitch and yt channel (but good god don't continue hot for teacher, just do table top stuff) and based on jp's post it honestly sounds like he could have kept going with rollplay if he wanted to, but he didn't so jp called it quits

kaitlyn said she stopped talking to her, so it can be assumed that she didn't reply

No. 985380

File: 1591748322942.png (166.99 KB, 1178x794, jp.png)

fuck i hope dodger didn't know, she was on the same show as kait and jp

No. 985386


>Well, given all of his jobs were taken away, how exactly was he supposed to show that he has changed?

He could be writing blog posts about the work he is doing behind the scenes to educate himself. He could go into more detail about what he's doing with this accountability partner, whatever that means. He could use his platform to share his journey to becoming a more understanding and safe DM, if that's something he's really taking seriously.

Instead he wrote a blog post about how everyone is mean to him and it's not fair. That's why people aren't taking his "moving on" blog seriously. He's showing his priorities.

No. 985394

I don't know if he is sincere or not. I know it doesn't look super sincere when you spend half your blog going on about how you've been hurt, and then your girlfriend feels the need to publicly admonish people and wave away your own wrongdoings in a twitter reply. He could have easily reflected on the abuse he received at a later time. She could have told him all that shit privately instead of finger wagging people for being mean to him because "uwu everyone makes mistakes"

No. 985400

File: 1591751548411.png (34.7 KB, 442x348, mustdefentdjared.png)


Aaaand there it is.

No. 985402

There's always one braindead Jared stans that rolls through, like if they suck Jared's dick hard enough against his ex, he might just give them a shot to suck it IRL

No. 985404

File: 1591752068577.png (129.93 KB, 1186x604, asdasd.png)

so i guess jp wasn't the one who assaulted her at pax but he did abuse her and then cover up her assault with a cd


No. 985405

File: 1591752093225.png (70.15 KB, 1418x286, asd.png)

No. 985406

File: 1591752184275.png (140.39 KB, 1416x872, adsa.png)

No. 985407

File: 1591752307294.jpg (711.68 KB, 2411x1853, zaiembegstatement.jpg)

So there's this document going around by a man named Zaiem Beg, talking in detail about how "Wizards of the Coast purports to be inclusive and diverse when in reality they have a long history of racially discriminatory behavior, avoiding accountability through a culture of secrecy and fear."

His statement is centered around racism, but this section about content creators rocking the boat really stood out. (1/2)

Full document:

No. 985408

File: 1591752532726.jpg (437.25 KB, 1080x1060, Zaiembeg2.jpg)


Within the statement, he basically said that Wizard's content creator partners will not speak out against racism, or share his article, out of fear of being blacklisted.

A lot of big name DnD people have been tagged and challenged to share, so it's obviously getting around.

I'm curious if someone like Jared is butthurt enough to share the article to spite Wizards, knowing the bridge there is already burned.

No. 985409

File: 1591752585255.png (88.84 KB, 581x302, Screenshot at Jun 09 20-29-41.…)

Adam: I'm quitting the internet since they won't forget that I allowed rape in a session where I was DM

Holly: Never Quit Making Art!

Seriously - fuck both of them with a rusty spoon.

No. 985410

Is she fucking serious? That won't fly with the type of audience she seems to attract

No. 985412

if anyone cares to dig there's a lot of speculation in the comments of this thread and even some reciepts, but idk if it's best to post here since it's a lot of sc2 drama and only partially rollplay drama. too off topic?

No. 985413

Yes it will. They believe every single word she'll write.

No. 985416

Never stop defending predators

No. 985418

File: 1591753620052.png (36 KB, 580x386, fuckup.png)


Take notes, Adam, Holly, & Jared.

No. 985438

File: 1591756682864.jpg (632.49 KB, 1080x1118, 20200609_193648.jpg)

From Bluejay's Patreon. She totally cares about consent, guys, which is why sexy pictures are more expensive. I don't think I've ever seen a sex worker reach for this justification.

No. 985441

Consent is about as important to bluejay as mental health is to Hoelly, the "You're an unfixable abuser with BPD" Queen. It's all virtue signaling, backed up by empty lies and words. I appreciate the thought behind trying to earn an income, but people will go get free porn off of pornhub or youporn before they get guilted with "Consent is important!" while trying to PAY to see nudes.

No. 985446

File: 1591757562837.jpg (Spoiler Image, 346.93 KB, 1080x3058, bloojass.jpg)


Bluejay: "I won't show you my ass unless you CONSENT! (with money)"

Also Bluejay: [publicly posts entire ass for all followers]

No. 985459

Yikes, what a group of characters, huh?
Gotta protect those predators!

No. 985463

File: 1591761358507.png (16.07 KB, 594x180, elspethkilledadam.png)

Of course Adam's stans are responding to this news in a predictable manner…

No. 985474

Right - because it's the victims fault, not the man who forced the rape on her character in the first place. How dare she /s

No. 985482

Harassing abuse victims? This person must also be a Jared and Holly fan!

No. 985536

she did absolutely NOTHING except leave the show quietly and make ONE concise, well spoken video on why only after a huge influx of people asked her why

if she didn't leave people would also use that against her "well she didn't leave so it wasn't that bad, if it was REALLY bad she'd leave so fans need to stfu about it"

you just can't win with holly fans oops i meant jared fans OOPS i mean adam fans

No. 985555

i'm sure there'd be interest, maybe just sage to be on the safe side? gotta love that this shitty "muh tAbLeToP" community has moved beyond producing milk to just being straight up balls-out predators

not to derail but anon what the fuck?

No. 985565

File: 1591795382135.jpg (286.65 KB, 1079x967, Responseletter.jpg)

Elspeth retweeted a link to a very well-written response letter by this guy Jaron. Tl;dr he breaks down why Adam's statements are full of deflecting bullshit. Link to the full thing: https://twitter.com/JaronRMJohnson/status/1270411674441449473?s=19


Maybe this thread could evolve into DnD cows over time. It seems like there's some real trends among shitty people in this community.

I went digging for Bluejay milk yesterday and there's some funny/ oblivious stuff out there if anyone's interested

No. 985569

Please share the Bluejay milk, she's basically just Hoelly 2.0 at this point.

No. 985574

File: 1591797830712.jpg (296.18 KB, 1080x1634, numberonebluejay.jpg)

Here she is pretending to be more popular than the bluejay bird, but actually telling on herself for name searching. The clock icon means those are past search terms she's used, not the natural top results for bluejay.

She was responding to someone else showing actual autofill searches for their screenname.

No. 985584

File: 1591800570505.png (2.03 MB, 3835x1474, blyejay721.PNG)


her old tumblr

No. 985595


That last bit SCREAMS Holly. Constantly hounding after another guy because you're bored and want him to fill whatever void you have… no wonder these two are best friends. They can dismiss victims and go after other men together, bestie goals!

No. 985601

File: 1591804312751.jpg (469.41 KB, 1702x1610, bj.jpg)

There's this running theme in her recent posts about being self-conscious of posting lewds. A lot of creators have expressed a similar sentiment, but she's hammering it home so hard by constantly reminding people of how they could better spend their money instead of sending it to her. I understand feeling conflicted, but it's something she needs to work out internally instead of projecting this guilt onto her audience and asking them to make her feel better about it.

>if you popped a boner to my lewds you should also sign a petition about an unjust death

is not what anyone wants to see when they're trying to jerk it. Most likely they're looking to take a break from the news.

She can still share the petition without tacking it onto her sexy picture like it's relevant. The only connection there is the guilt she feels for asking for support when others need it more. So she's putting the responsibility on the viewer to prioritize other things over her content. It just feels really half-assed and guilt-tripping in this context, alongside complaints that she's been losing income due to global events. Idk, if it's this much of a problem for her then she should work out a way to find alternate income instead of posting all about it like someone else will swoop in with the solution.

No. 985607

I doubt she feels that bad or self conscious about posting her patreon. I feel like it's just a built in defense if someone was to accuse her of being insensitive at a time like this.

She seems disgusted with her boyfriend so her solution is to go pester someone else for affection? Is she another one of these poly people with extreme boundary issues? Maybe Holly picked up some tips from her. They are roommates, correct?

No. 985611

>6 years ago
how long has(had? i dunno) she been with koebel?

No. 985612


No, Bluejay and Holly are not roommates. That was misinfo in an earlier thread. Beej lives in her own place which is featured in her recent self photography.

Her photo skills are actually pretty good and the lewds are above average. She should just own her boudoir content with confidence instead of this weird apologetic insecurity.

Anyway, I originally went looking to see if she's responded to these kaitlyn tweets at all, and she's been off twitter since those accusations came out.

No. 985629

Is she…. seriously whining about people not subbing to her lewds because they lost their jobs to COVID-19 closures? what a heartless hag.

No. 985665

She's been off twitter because the last few tweets/replies are just her bitching about how upset she is at having been "fired" from her DND show. Like, how shocking that the show doesn't want a rape/abuse apologist on there! /s

No. 985666

This just cracks me up. Like, people who pay for boudoir pics are not signing up for a guilt trip - be it to sign petitions or to think about all of the other things they SHOULD be spending money on. She's chasing away her own clients so she can point and say "See? No one is buying pics!" like girl, no, they're buying them - just from other people with less guilt tripping

No. 985721

File: 1591827459263.jpeg (259.66 KB, 435x1394, EDF2A490-3F97-4A2B-B1E9-A14231…)

Hoelly is legitimately charging $10 a month for updates on her fucking birds.

No. 985722

File: 1591827556715.jpeg (234.59 KB, 469x1212, DA699BE5-B001-4517-84BB-2487BB…)

I was wrong, it gets worse, she’s charging $50 for a fucking sketch/piece of art. Just one a month. I know way more talented artists who will draw something besides mushrooms and crazy eyes for $20-30 - and it will be what you want, not whatever trash witch feels like throwing together

No. 985759

Think that's bad? She used to have a 30$ tier that just gave you a postcard with a doodle or a "mental health tip".
She did away with it shortly after it was discussed on here.

No. 985766

That sounds like what this tier is - A doodle of her latest "magical" obsession, sans mental health "tip". I don't know if any of you were on tumblr for the sixpencee heals bullshit but that is exactly what hoelly was trying to pull

No. 985770

It's pathetic, but she's nurtured enough of a cult of personality that they eat it up.

TEN PEOPLE sending her fifty bucks a month each.
And I'm sure Geraldo and Sad are both paying members, despite being her IRL friends now.

No. 985863


why does he have to write anything at all? being an internet personality is an unstable path to success and fortune. he knew the risks and still forced his rape fantasy on his audience and an unconsenting person. he fucked up an opportunity most people would dream to have because he's a creepy weirdo with no boundaries and now he has to go out and get a real job like normal people. boohoo. no one is obligated to forgive him or accept his apology or like him or feel pity that he now he has to participate in society like a regular person like 99% of the people reading his apology.


that BLM tweet is so tacky "i know there's social unrest but what about me, my needs" like bitch just post your work, no one cares; your audience shouldn't feel obligated to perform the emotional labor of patting you on the hand and telling you you're still a good white person. it's not up to other people to decide your ethics for you; put up your work or don't, but don't push the responsibility onto OTHER people to make you feel okay about what should be your own decision.

No. 986028

The thing is, promoting black businesses in favor of your own, white owned business is only one way you can help. If you don’t have the money to set aside your business or donate, you can protest, contact local elected officials, reach out to black friends, colleagues, and collaborators and put them in touch with your own business contacts to help them get ahead. Offer to be a reference for jobs. There’s a ton of non-financial contributions white people can make, and her boohooing about potentially being criticized for running her business makes me think she was never interested in helping in the first place.

No. 986092

Plus, who the fuck is going to see someone selling their pics on OnlyFans or whatever and be like "Fuck this bitch for trying to earn a living!"? No one. BLM has bigger things to worry about than some seattle-area hipster selling ass pics.

No. 986109


I think part of the issue is internalized misogyny and shame for doing sex work in a male-dominated tabletop geek community. She's not very forthcoming about what it actually is. Sure, the photos are more artsy than the average butt pics but that's still exactly what they are. She's commodified her body as her job, which most of the internet takes in stride, but not her niche nerdy community. So she's coy and acts like it's high art instead of just selling boners to horny nerds.

It seems like she's kinda not-like-other-girls about it instead of embracing the fact that she's a sex worker and doing it with confidence. So her insecurities are compounded by constant worry of how she'll be received.

Related, I'm 100% positive Holly judges her for it but pretends to agree that it's cool because she's not like other boudoir models.

No. 986200

I'd definitely be interested.

I realized only afterward that it was "crowing," not "crowning," and it totally can be read the way the first guy was suggesting lol.


It's virtue signaling. I would bet any amount of money that she's making no effort to contribute, aside from letting everyone know that she just "desperatly wishes she could :,("

No. 986282

She's back but just posting selfies and ignoring the fact she helped silenced a rape victim, you know, like the true feminist that she is. It a shame that the girl who called her out has a smaller following, these bitches only respond to whoever can get them more clout for their mediocre patreons.

No. 986413

> It a shame that the girl who called her out has a smaller following

Not just a smaller following, but also not enough money to defend herself from JP who apparently sent her a cease and desist when she started mentioning this years ago.

No. 986447

A cease and desist would be easy to prove. Why is it 'apparently' when this girl could just post a picture. Do you people have 0 skepticism?

No. 986840

File: 1592061321532.png (86.68 KB, 1280x693, tumblr_2ba8fbc9c9d76b0799bedea…)

From Procancelled on tumblr:

>"I think the best way to stay out of a sex scandal involving fans is to not have any kinds of sexual relations with fans but that’s just my take Jared.

>Also this is just hilarious given everything."

Also, note the date this screenshot was taken: December 12, 2018

No. 986856


Haha says the man who had sex with fans at conventions at least a year prior to that and started soliciting nudes well before that.
For someone who was concerned about getting neck deep in a scandal he sure did nothing to prevent that.

No. 986867


He posted stuff like this multiple times. In one, he said something about how it wouldn't be a big deal if news of his exchanging lewds got out because he'd take it in stride, or something like that. It was in a previous thread.

Kinda shows that he felt invincible even when it should have been obvious he was playing with fire. This is delusional to pretend he was totally in the clear, and everybody else is just "misinterpreting" it.


C&Ds are typically confidential. Her mentioning that she received one in a Twitter response to someone else is iffy, but unlikely to get her in trouble. Posting the full thing with info of the sender and the lawyer they used would be a MUCH bigger problem and almost definitely lead to trouble.

It's not that there's no skepticism, people are unsure what to believe. But your proposed "solution" is naive.

No. 986915


>he said something about how it wouldn't be a big deal if news of his exchanging lewds got out because he'd take it in stride, or something like that.

…And now, he goes on & on about how pretty much everyone & anyone who questioned his behavior is 'bullying'…

He probably thought that the whole scandal wouldn't get that much attention, then bailed when he realized he was wrong about that.

His flip-flopping between wrongfully-treated hero who just barely survived marital-abuse AND cancel-culture & an invincible untouchable bad ass that could care less, because "haters make me famous!" - is very telling. He was going to 'take it in stride', but then everyone RUINED his plans by… reacting to his actions.

No. 987130

File: 1592110263763.png (579.65 KB, 673x823, anna-perkins.png)

Both Chris Perkins and Anna are going to be on this charity live with a lineup of various B and C list actors.

Ngl, it's funny seeing all the other DCA people move on and keep career building. Was wormdick really worth it Holly?

No. 987183

david harbour and deborah ann? damn. what a powerhouse.

No. 987184

don't forget Shaggy anon!
this is amazing lmao. i wish this would trigger a public meltdown from jared/holly about losing their whole fucking careers over con sex, it'd make my week

No. 987198

They didn't lose it over sex - just the rantings and ravings of his whore of an ex and of internet cancel culture, Anon! /s

No. 987449

File: 1592179227826.png (51.49 KB, 1334x931, 7e179a80-7dc9-46af-a425-017037…)

From Jared's old blog via ProCancelled on tumblr

It's crazy to me that he didnt end all this nude stuff because he realized it was wrong but just because of tumblr's whole "no more NSFW" deal

Also, this was totally when he was "with" Holly. The only way this doesn't bother her is if she just never saw it and only heard his (lies) weak explanations

Heidi mentioned that she saw evidence of Jared and Holly discussing the blog and potential scandal on his old phone, I cant help but wonder if they were preparing for it to blow up, maybe this was after Holly and all his coworkers recieved the email from Chai?

No. 987810

File: 1592253007224.jpg (49.42 KB, 620x419, ironic.JPG)

Wasn't Holly the one unfollowing a huge list of people who liked a post made by her boyfriend's ex-wife? Yeah, who has that kind of time?

No. 987860

following problematic people and not calling them out condones their behavior holly and gives them a platform when they really shouldn’t have one. but we all know she loves to be different and quirky so why wouldn’t she support a shitbag when everyone else openly hates them, that’s ultimate “not like other girls” moves!

No. 987893

Holly has REPEATEDLY unfollowed anyone who dare speak negatively against her or Jared, and really anyone who expresses that you don't hate Heidi with every fiber of their being. There've been people who didn't even talk to Heidi, just liked a post, and still ended up blocked by Holly. She can hop off of her non-existent moral high horse at anytime.

No. 987894

File: 1592263586154.png (12.21 KB, 396x57, Screenshot at Jun 15 18-26-06.…)

Also, Holly, you don't have to sift through someone's follow list. If you follow person A who happens to follow Person B, then you'd see as much when you visit Person B's profile. Exhibit A in the attached screenshot.

No. 988339

File: 1592399493720.jpg (115.11 KB, 1080x378, Screenshot_20200617-091027_Chr…)

"Pay attention to how mean your whore wife is after you tell her no, you will not stop cheating on her"

The irony of this retweet… oof

No. 988342

File: 1592400449102.png (1.67 MB, 1834x1212, projared mgbullshit.png)

So… anyone else aware ProSexpest has been playing some weird sex "tycoon" game which is clean for the most part but clearly shows tons of dicks/boobs, features long read-out portions where this ugly worm puts on a sexy voice and reads smut for minutes, and has ads running on most of the videos in the series?

not to mention this game is again, made by some youtuber, whose self-insert features in this game to come up and sell said smut to the player character. i wonder how many youtubers are predators in "it's all cool, it's supposed to be a super long, unfunny, serious joke!" disguise

No. 988354

And of course Holly liked it.

Ew. He really can't help himself, can he?

No. 988356


I saw that some fans on /r/PJ2 were worried about him playing a sexual game but they all told each other that it's okay because he has always been so sex positive and why should he have to change uWu

You know… as if he wasnt involved in a HUGE sex scandal or anything… a sex scandal revolving around his sexual interactions with fans… who he is now playing a sex game for

No. 988358

and you wouldn't guess the warning he's put in his video description:

>NSFW CONTENT WARNING – Do not watch if you are not comfortable with adult themes, nudity, or some premium A+ smut.

just as good as his "18+ only!" """screening""" process on tumblr. christ, this loser.

No. 988360


Even if the game is relatively innocuous he's proving how not-sorry he is. What a terrible choice, completely lacking in remorse or self-awareness, when he could literally choose to play anything. He's leaning into the portion of his audience that still wants to talk about sex with him.

This will just get him more comfortable pushing boundaries again until his next scandal in a few years.

He should have tweeted, "find a girl who will never tell you 'no'"

No. 988368

Yeah, he will keep pushing boundaries once he realizes he can get away with acting like this in public. Holly, who would normally find this kind of thing disgusting, must be pretending she's totally cool with it.

No. 988406

File: 1592413276092.png (97.96 KB, 720x419, 20200617_125913.png)

I like what Heidi retweeted better…

No. 988407

File: 1592413601467.png (219.19 KB, 720x942, 20200617_130506.png)

Uh-oh, she said the H-word…

No. 988420

Especially now that he knows he can get away with soliticing nudes with an army of incels behind him saying "its sex positivity uwu its the teenagers fault for sending in the nudes!"

Jared managed to skate by without the vitriol directed at Holly because he wasn't having public meltdown pity partys and incels love defending their funny man gamer youtubers not trash hags. Imo Jared is worse than Holly. He's calculated, manipulative and a sex obsessed pest. You wouldn't be able to scrub him off the internet if you wanted to because he's addicted to the ego it gives him and addicted to the attention. Jared is like onision with self control. Say what you want about Holly but she's obviously mentally ill and Jared definitely uses her toxic codependency to his advantage.

Jared will return back to his old ways soon enough and no one will bat an eye. Perverts have a knack for throwing away literally everything for underage nudes. Id say they can't help themselves but in reality its just because they get off on the power dynamic. I bet Holly will be team Heidi in a few years when she's been rung out to dry for the next doormat who will excuse his abuse of power.

No. 988430

She's right tho

No. 988436


Holly will never be " team Heidi" she'll just say that she got it "Soooo much worse" than Heidi

No. 988454


Agreed, she hates Heidi with every fiber of her being. If they break up because of Jared's fuckery she will just say it was because of how Heidi abused him in the past. "We would have been perfect if he had not been so abused uwu"

No. 988467

Holly will never, ever admit Heidi was right about Jared. Because then Holly would have to admit that she threw away her career, friendships, and the respect of most of her fans to protect a gross guy who's probably already cheating on her

No. 988469

"I will let her" is so cold, I love it.

No. 988474

I mean, Hoelly can't even debate that she HASN'T because her twitter rage-fueled rants have left behind evidence of her being so pissy that Heidi has never caved and just "let" her have Jared (until the end, that is). This is perfect, she literally has no comeback here that wouldn't leave her looking as tantrumy as Heidi says she's been.

No. 988477

It's not even that deep. Hoelly will never admit Heidi was right because that would mean she was wrong - and no narc is ever going to admit that they were wrong to such a massive degree. Saying "Heidi was right, Jared's a piece of shit" serves no purpose right now, though I suppose she might pull that cat out of the bag when PedoDick tires of how needy she is and moves on to his next flavor of the week.

No. 988544

This. Even if she does turn on Jared, she’s never going to take back her accusations against Heidi. If she ever speaks out against Jared I fully expect her to pull out the old “people who’ve been abused often turn abusive themselves” and blame Heidi for Jared’s behaviour towards her. She’ll never apologise or admit to any wrongdoing herself except maybe being too trusting or too uwu scawed to step in and “save“ him earlier.

No. 988565


Its gonna be 2025 and Holly will still be blaming Heidi for her problems

You "won" Holly, you successfully gaslit and manipulated a married man into thinking he was abused and successfully slandered his (ex)wife to anyone who would listen. You even were able to hold your self harm over peoples heads until they retracted anything bad they ever said about you or your boytoy. Jared and Heidi are officially over, so why are you still so obsessed with her?

It's been over a year yet she still stalks her Twitter likes and does everything she can to copy her style. What's the goal, exactly? Break them up even more?

No. 988588


Honestly he probably wasn't even manipulated that much. He saw it as an easy out for his marriage at a time when his career was getting bigger. The abuse angle was just a way to shut Heidi down should she ever speak up. Having Mental Health Holly screaming about it to everyone they were mutuals with was just an added layer of insulation for him.

No. 988697

At this point, it's beyond obvious that Jared buttered Holly up just to get in her pants, & of course Holly thought it was 'tru luv!' & wanted to take it further & for her & Diath to become a fantasy power-couple irl.

But alas, Jared's marriage was in the way…

No. 988703


Looking at it more; he could be low-key hinting at Holly here, but she's still got those rose-tinted glasses on, so she's none-the-wiser…

No. 988779

File: 1592453807536.png (Spoiler Image, 696.64 KB, 870x766, cantstopwontstop.png)

Is he really posting cartoon cocks on youtube publicly, uncensored? How very onision of him.

No. 988789

Because nothing says "I'm definitely not a creepy sex addict, exposing my minor fans to NSFW content!" quite like playing a smut-based game/comic/whatever on my very public twitch stream. What a fucking moron. This is what happens when people have no real life consequences for being a creep.

No. 988810

It's a dead subject but I still find it hard to believe he went full face cam.
There's no way he sees the same thing looking back at him in a mirror that others have to cope with.

No. 988818

The ironic part is that all of these girls sent him nudes because of the body positivity aspect - but I think he was doing the same thing. His fans tripped over each other to compliment his weird curvy worm dick and dude got off to the adoration.

No. 988828

Gotta remember anon, he thinks he looks like the naked figure in >>988779

No. 988890

File: 1592489531791.jpg (97.93 KB, 1280x367, tumblr_643a0ed644ba40d12b9c9c0…)

Looks like Ross (sort of) snapped…

No. 988919

If this was meant to call out Jared and Holly, I'd be pleased. But considering that Ross said he doesn't want to go back to that part of his life and stay out of the drama, I'm not too sure if it would be calling them out.

No. 988926

I wouldn't be surprised if he was starting up the sex games so he could once again open up a sexual dialogue with his viewers. He is probably hoping to get some nice porny fanart and some lewd messages to pounce on. My guess is Holly isn't opening her legs as much lately so this is his way of lashing out. It's a really bad look.

No. 988943


>My guess is Holly isn't opening her legs as much lately so this is his way of lashing out.

…Nah, Holly just realized she actually has to nurture her relationship with Jared & not just Diath.

No. 988958

This. But I don't think he ever stopped being a creep and kept it up anonymously/privately. Now that time has passed, he's looking to get messages from fans again because he's getting bored. I'm sure he's telling Holly that he's playing these games as a "joke" and she's dumb enough to believe him.

No. 988977

File: 1592499998342.jpg (413.22 KB, 1044x846, 74726161.jpg)

Ross doesn't really shy too far from drama really.

No. 989026

(Same anon)
Oh no, definitely not the drama of others. I mean his own drama of dealing with his former colleague and ex-wife. He made a point to not even bother being a part of it all last year.

Though in his streams he does bring up the subject of how he dealt with emotional abuse in his former relationships. It can refer to Holly since he's never mentioned her ever again since the divorce and has his loving GF now, but it's only speculation on my part since he himself said he doesn't want to go back to that.

No. 989037


I know he never ever will, but I want him to go off. If I were him I would be so fucking pissed that Jared and Holly casually threw his name out saying he supported them and all that.

Say what you want about Heidi but atleast she doesnt proudly say that the person who is staying out of everything is on her side.

Jared just knew that Ross wouldn't want to watch his video or correct him so he threw his name out as a "gotcha"

No. 989042

part of me really wants to shoop his mangy worm on that drawn dude, but that just might be too petty. Plus he's gonna get the exact same shit from his barely legal fans as fanart anyway

No. 989087

File: 1592511195672.jpg (108.7 KB, 1080x492, 20200618_160836.jpg)

Okay but this may seem nitpicky but this is not the first time shes done this. For reference, the post had nothing to do with her nor was she mentioned/tagged, she just felt the need to reply this. She has done this quite a few times, just replying to posts completely irrelevant to her to whine that she is blocked. Does anyone else find it… pathetic? Like who fucking cares? Its not like shes anti blocking, she has blocked plenty of people, so why does she feel the need to victimize herself? It just bothers me, she tries so fucking hard to be a victim

Part of me thinks its because she thinks no one has any valid reason to not see her terrible jokes, gross selfies, and cringey bird posts. That she thinks blocking her is a crime because shes a perfect specimen

No. 989101


Replying to myself because after reading more, it turns out the original post is a guy venting that one of Holly's friends was harassing him during his livestream because he didnt "get" the book he was talking about, and Holly is replying to her friends bitchy response to him. So… Holly's friend was being a gatekeeping asshole and was called out, and suprise suprise Holly is defensive

Yes holly, you're a very good person, #bekind, also make sure to support your bully friend! Jesus fucking christ

No. 989126

I'm glad someone mentioned this because I thought the same thing when I saw this post. She often brings up being blocked in unrelated conversations that have absolutely nothing to do with her. It's very odd and awkward, but then again so is she. I think it's just a sad cry for attention mixed with genuine anger that everyone hates her.

No. 989128

This account is one that Holly follows, and since the quote tweet has her blocked she can't see the context without seeking it out. Maybe wait to see how she responds to being told what's going on before claiming this is milk.

No. 989151

It might not be the most exciting milk, but it proves that Hoelly is once again playing a mistreated victim and hasn't actually moved on to be a good person like she likes to constantly pretend to be.

No. 989153

Why not just… seek it out. Opening it in an Incognito Tab usually does the trick.

No. 989157

I was commenting more on the fact I've seen her do this MANY times and was glad someone else finally mentioned it, and not so much this one instance in particular

No. 989233

Holly’s friends are out there blatantly bullying and gatekeeping nerd stuff and Holly is supporting them while spouting how bullying and cancel culture is wrong. She also guilt tripped creepshow by saying she was bullying but doesn’t see how Denica is being a bully

No. 989279

Did creepshow ever explain why she took her vids down for Holly?
I wonder what made her feel the need to announce that in the first place?

No. 989285

Yes, because Holly reached out to her and told her the video was causing her mental anguish.
She discussed it on one of her videos about deranged wannabe-Keemstar/"online mental health specialist" Chris Boutté.

No. 989386

File: 1592552956427.png (38.33 KB, 558x286, Screenshot_33.png)

Either she knows something or this dumb bitch is still holding out hope that her Diath/Strix truelove story could still come back again.

No. 989387

File: 1592552992819.png (27.67 KB, 592x217, Screenshot_34.png)

She's hinting HARD

No. 989391

File: 1592554527145.png (24.26 KB, 599x395, 2020-06-19_04h14_25.png)

Oh no, the Penny Arcade twits are fully intending to bring her in to Acquisitions Inc., that's been blatantly established by the one that I THINK isn't the rampaging transphobe a while back.

No. 989393

Jesus christ - and people wonder why this behavior continues. When neither PedoDick or his "i'll kill myself if you don't kiss my ass" sideho have legitimately ZERO ramifications for being public morons, of course they're going to keep doing it.

No. 989405

Well, I don't think Jared will ever be invited to participate on any sort of well known campaign ever again. No one is going to touch the dude who uses his platform to sexually solicit fans. Now, I could see Holly, BlueJay, and him trying to start up some shitty misfits campaign that would have a tiny fraction of the audience DCA had.

No. 989410

Honestly, this shit sometimes doesn't matter. I have a friend that works with PR and social media and she saw no issue with working with Logan Paul despite the suicide forest drama. What they see is a product, the same way you look at a tv-show.
Her only reaction to the drama was "they are just faking it to stay relevant"

No. 989424

NTA, I think Logan Paul is also more well known in general by the mainstream. His “brand” is more appealing to represent even if he’s had some “oops” moments in the eyes of the public: Jared is only established in his nerd gamer niche and he’s old(er), easily forgettable, lumpy noodle bod

No. 989434


My guess is that these people knew Jared and Holly really well, but didn't know Heidi at all. These are all the people that Holly spent years telling that Heidi was an abusive monster to Jared even before last May happened, so when the drama dropped they were conditioned to believe Jared/Holly without even looking at Heidi's side of the story.

Either that or their thoughts are "well, she never did anything bad to ME, so I don't care"

No. 989499


>Either that or their thoughts are "well, she never did anything bad to ME, so I don't care"

This. This is their reason.

No. 989540

Anon, you should be putting your psychic abilities to greater use than internet sleuthing.

No. 989669

File: 1592600729728.jpg (225.17 KB, 1080x668, 20200619_170305.jpg)


He reallllllllly wants to be an abuse survivor and advocate, huh?

What do you guys think, does he genuinely think that he WAS abused and thinks that all his behavior was justified because of it OR does he know it's all bullshit and knows that being a Male abuse survivor will get him tons of support and white knights?

No. 989675

He probably thinks he was abused because he was told no and not in total control of his marriage despite being the bread winner. Egomaniac scrotes can't handle being told no. He also has Holly constantly reinforcing the idea that he is an abuse victim. It helps to have yes men around you constantly egging you on about your delusions.

Jared, it's absolutely your fault that your career is in a downward spiral where your videos make almost no money and no one wants to work with you. Your own porn sick disgusting mind did all of this.

No. 989678

File: 1592601634052.png (29.35 KB, 592x313, hijared.png)

You hear that, Jared? They're onto you! Cloaking yourself behind your sex positive, male feminist bullshit.

No. 989681

File: 1592601948619.jpg (57.57 KB, 631x644, nathanpyle.jpg)


I think if Holly wasn't in the picture his porn habits would have gone on the lowdown, considering not many fans would have spoken up. I think eventually Heidi and Jared may have gotten divorced, but it would not have had the same trajectory.

Holly basically gave him an angle he hadn't considered: that he was actually abused, which in his case is code for "being held accountable". I think Holly was basically the creature whispering in his ear that he was actually a victim and she got rewarded for it with his own sexuality and time.

It's almost laughable HOW MANY TIMES Holly has defended the perpetrator of abuse while at the same time claiming to believe and support victims. And even pewdiepie said the same for her: she never did anything to me, so she can't be bad.

I don't know if he actually believes it deep down; I do think he's aware that it benefits him to believe it, though.

No. 989694

I dont know any of them personally so take my opinions with a grain of salt, but if someone is constantly telling you you're a victim you begin to believe it.
And from what i've seen, Heidi seems more based in reality and more level headed than these two, and something tells me her assertiveness comes off as abusive to them.

No. 989698

Both Jared and Holly are spoiled brats who come from money. Of course they're going to see anything that isn't "this is going my way" as some sort of abuse.

No. 989703

File: 1592604369779.png (664.29 KB, 1164x720, Screenshot (1).png)

Jared's having a strop.

Wonder what's set this off?.

No. 989706


Why use Juneteenth as a day to spit out your girlfriends "bad brain" rhetoric and milk those sweet sweet comments? These two are so tone death, its insane

"Pwease feel bad for me guys… again. It's been a couple days, I need to remind yall of my abuse :("

No. 989710


god it's like holly is ghost writing for his account. How out of your mind do you have to be to have your photography device set up at an angle on your surface, put your elbows at JUST the right angle so it's framed perfectly, crumple up your face so you seem tormented, take that photo, crop it, edit it, go to instagram, upload it, write a whole bunch of waffle, and then post it

like how does nobody see how much effort you have to put between the concept and the execution, not to mention all the time you have to rethink whether this was a good idea or not? jeez

No. 989717

Not that I'd ever sympathise with the weasel, but how hard is it to flip it so it's correct…

>It's okay to have regrets as long as you want to be a better person. Sometimes you can't control the guilt that washes over you whenever you think of the mistakes you've made. Sometimes you can't help but hate yourself for the manipulative things you've said for your own agenda. But what's important that you change for the better every day, and make amends with the people you've hurt.

Yada ayda. Anybody worth their salt wouldn't believe tiny worm dick's sentiment, but at least it wouldn't be a victim party and could maybe sway some of the brain dead fans to feel sympathy. Then again, Holly was his cursed partner in crime - self accountability was never an option.

No. 989729


That's really good, but jared doesnt even think he did anything at all wrong, or if he does he certainly doesn't act like it

No. 989738

The whole "having bad brain day" bit is straight out of Hoelly's "I can't be held responsible, I'm mentally ill" bag of tricks. His views and subs must've gone back down, since that's when he LOVES to remind people of his 'abusive' ex.

No. 989741

File: 1592607775087.png (55.74 KB, 605x517, Screenshot at Jun 19 18-01-30.…)

Yep. He lost another 1k subs on youtube, a few dozen of followers on twitch, and took a hit on Instagram too. Time to trot out the story about HIM being a mentally ill victim to garner those sympathy asspats.

No. 989742

As much as I hate Jared, I agree that we all have rough days and shouldn't feel beholden to them. What is incredibly frustrating is how fucking posed his photo is. As anon said earlier, the amount of time and effort it would take to get that shot emphasizes how fake it is. How so many people don't see right through him is maddening.

No. 989743

I mean, he did the same shit with that patheticly "sad" photo he did for the "You were lied to!" video's preview photo. We shouldn't be surprised.

No. 989757

Lmao this picture is a straight up manipulation tactic. This dude is incredibly calculated. I guess you were having bad brain days for the YEARS you ran your porn blog, too? This the perfect example of the "soft boi" persona that men use to try and lull people into feeling safe with them before they violate boundaries.

He probably sees Holly getting invited back into the D&D club and knows he has nowhere to go but down so he is looking for pity.

No. 989760

I sure hope that Heidi looks at these pathetic posts, relaxing with a glass of wine. Any dude you break up with acting like a pissant about it must at least be entertaining.

Also I thought Jared said that he 'beat' cancel culture, why is he still harping on his drama from over a year ago?

No. 989762

Yep! Notice a few days later he was streaming, clean shaven and put together. Happily joking about how he got porn from people and loving the memes. He did the classic influencer disheveled apology video, except he didn't apologize for shit because he is an egomaniac.

No. 989779


It's exactly like his YOU'VE BEEN LIED TO video. He purposely tries to make himself seem broken down, but it's all a deliberate, disgusting act to manipulate hardcore followers/orbiters.

No. 989787

Do you think his shirt is inside out on purpose? Like he is so distraught he can’t even get dressed

No. 989791

It'd be pretty friggin' laughable considering he acts like a wel-functioning creep any other time he's streaming. It's not like Holly who actually looks and acts like a Trainwreck. Unless Jared is a very good actor hiding all of his grief and pain.

No. 989794

File: 1592612719264.png (682.13 KB, 937x541, 0390-548.png)

I think that is just how the shirt is. He has a terrible sense of style. This one is great. XS female nurse chic.

No. 989798

Does anyone else feel like Jared's giving off Spoony vibes in his picture?

No. 989805

I see it. Both are lanky, disgusting creeps

No. 989806

They look pretty similar, but Spoony is somehow infinitely more manly looking. They are also both washed up Youtubers who are most notable for their Final Fantasy content. Now that Jared is publicly melting down he is even more like Spoony. I think Spoony is actually mentally deranged though. Jared is just faking it for pity points.

No. 989807


Love the comparison between this instagram post and him thirsy replying to a big tiddy waifu fanart on Twitter literally the same day

No. 989811

File: 1592615176239.png (192.04 KB, 1440x1049, Screenshot_20200619-195921~01.…)

No. 989818

Ngl I almost thought making cake was a sex euphemism haha. Then again their relationship is mostly lust anyways, I wouldn't be surprised if they used sex to solve their problems with one another.

No. 989826


Just a guess: all of the renewed interest in abuse of power re: Chris D'Elia is making him try to win more sympathy points to get ahead of people catching onto the fact that Jared's actions were super similar to Chris's.

Also, sage for side tangent, but if you have ever read "Why Does He Do That?" it explains why guys like Jared go out of their way to pretend they're the ones being abused.

(There's also an example in the book that is exactly what happened with Jared, Holly and Heidi.)

"Abusers thrive on creating confusion, including confusion about the abuse itself."

Basically, if people are confused about who is the real victim, they'll be less likely to just take Heidi's side. All of it is smoke signalling to avoid blame.

So far, the only indications of the 'abuse' Jared suffered from Heidi have either been him reblogging/liking someone else's posts about abuse or, in this case, Holly writing it for him. I don't see anything that Jared himself has said about what Heidi did to him.

I might be willing to believe he's been abused if he can talk about exactly what that abuse entailed. But until then, this just screams manipulation to me.

No. 989831

It seems like he considers it abusive that she threatened to expose his affair with Holly and take down DCA. Meanwhile the texts actually show a woman who is insanely upset and a husband who is basically icing her out and ignoring her for hours on end. It seems very weird for a victim of abuse to be the one who controls the conversation flow and dictates when he feels like responding. If he was so terrified of Heidi why was he ignoring her constantly and only answering her when he felt like DCA was being threatened? He left the house on trips constantly. He went to stay in hotels whenever he wanted. He controls their finances. He was allowed to go on fancy mental health retreats at vineyards while he had Heidi talking to some quack on Better Health. Really sounds like he was the victim.

No. 989835


I agree. It's the classic "I've ignored you until you snapped, and now I'm going to use this one instance of you snapping to characterize our entire relationship together" move.

I just don't get why so many people buy into his bullshit.

No. 989840

Yikes, this has such a strong onision vibe to it. Anyone remember when he killed his turtle then took that posed "sad" photo of himself next to the empty tank? This is such a transparently manipulative and gross grab for pity and attention.

No. 989842

File: 1592619018469.jpg (837.79 KB, 1080x1473, Screenshot_20200619-200843_Twi…)

This might explain wormdick's meltdown

No. 989843

Well now Jared's free to fuck whomever he wants to and Holly can feel victorious for "winning" the heart of some other girl's man. Win-win for everyone lol

No. 989849

Glad to see Heidi finally be done with this creep. I can only imagine how much she got out of the settlement.

No. 989850

I wonder if Heidi got some money in the end and that's why Jared is freaking out? The juxtaposition of his pity post next to her celebration post is amazing though. Get fucked, Wormdick.

No. 989856

this would have been even funnier if she toasted with the wine she stole from him, kek

No. 989865

So, Heidi celebrates her new beginning, while Jared continues trying desperately to remind everyone that he's the 'victim' here..

No. 989867


No. 989869


He finally realized that he just lost one of his 'toys'

No. 989870


I agree completely 100%, I just want to add that at the time of her sending him those texts he was away on a DCA trip with Holly. He was away with the woman she knew he was cheating on her with and was completely icing her out and ignoring her.

Also I love how her "threats" were just… her saying she was going to tell the truth of what's going on behind the scenes. If the truth of your behavior will get your precious affair roleplay show cancelled then your first thought shouldn't be "the person threatening to whistleblower is the one in the wrong here"

No. 989875

so many simps in the replies of that tweet lol

No. 989877

It seems like he is trying to pretend like the finalization of their divorce is triggering his trauma but in reality it's probably hurting his wallet. He ruined his career and marriage for some free amateur porn and pussy from a psycho.

He wants to keep the problems with his marriage in the spotlight because it is a lot more palatable than the thing that really got him in trouble. Even if he was abused it's no excuse for him using his platform to engage sexually with fans.

No. 989880

I know right? It's so nice seeing Heidi being treated kindly for a change!

No. 989882

He's taking the 'abused' narrative & running with it because it's the only thing that works for these kind of fuck-ups.

No. 989911

File: 1592629719092.jpeg (173.43 KB, 864x455, F4F69369-1647-4032-ACE2-9F82B1…)

And now we know.

No. 989914

"Now"? It was expected for a good while.

No. 989917

No, I meant that now we know why all of a sudden he's back on his "woe is me, I'm the victim, I'm having a sad day" bullshit

No. 989921

File: 1592631172792.jpg (48.49 KB, 583x509, index.jpg)

Get that money honey

No. 989922

Wormdick thought he could be unfaithful and get away with giving Heidi none of the money he made while they were married. He really is trapped with sugar mama Holly now, kek.

No. 989924

heidi: had to move out of the house she lovingly built, on a limited income, cut off from friends/acquaintances, romantic life in the shitter, in a city where she hardly knows people
heidi: i'm glad i have the chance to be moving on

jared: publicly flaunts his mistress, thousands of sympathizers, little to no repercussions faced for literally endangering minors sexually, earned thousands in cash out of his "ordeal"
jared: uwu bad brain i'm soooo hurt

next time some KF scrote comes in accusing this thread of being heidi-positive i'm going to start punching

No. 989929

Idk if it's just me, or do they pick up the "pwoow aboose victim uwu" angle whenever Heidi posts anything about the progress of the divorce?
Like they are either trying to take the glory away from her, or reminding her that she will never truly get away from their manipulation?

No. 989931

Thankfully they're done the divorce and now Jared can cry in his victim corner with hoelly while Heidi lives her best life.

No. 990028

File: 1592663743261.jpg (318.99 KB, 540x1679, Screenshot_20200621-023504_Twi…)

He and a simp also teaming up on someone who called him a sex pest in a previous tweet lmao. Heidi is celebrating the divorce and he's fighting on twitter and sad posting on instagram. I thought he 'won' against cancel culture by plugging those cancelled shirts?

No. 990030

Weird how he's the one who's still miserable and is just choosing to double down on the "uwu I am a fragile sensitive victim" instead of taking a look at himself and why he needs to fight random people online with his incels to get validation.

No. 990051

Which explains why Holly was happily baking a cake while he was sad-posting on insta.

She's got him right where she wants him.

No. 990060

It amazes me how low IQ some of his simps are. Just because he says he didn't do something doesn't mean he is telling the truth. You can't even find that video on his channel anymore, either. You'd think someone who proudly vindicated himself would leave the evidence of it up.

Nothing is going to change the fact that Jared engaged sexually with his fans for years while hiding behind a guise of "sex positivity". In that time he got nudes from minors. They may have lied about it, but anyone with half a brain could have guessed he'd be interacting with teenagers on Tumblr. Teenagers lie, especially for attention from "celebs". It's up to adults to make wise decisions and not put themselves in positions like that. Jared isn't sorry for what he did. He would still be doing it today if he wasn't exposed for it. In fact, he might still be doing it with some of his fans that he groomed into thinking they were his friends. Remember, he didn't only have a Tumblr. He had a Snapchat and exchanged nudes with his mods from Twitch.

Now him and Holly are rewarding their WKs with "friendship". They have learned nothing about boundaries from this experience. They don't realize they have massive influence and power over these people who have spent months defending them and years watching their content. If it hasn't happened already, Jared will cross that line again. He just has less opportunity now since half the internet knows what a creep and porn sick sex pest he really is.

No. 990062

I guess Jared's bs didn't hold up as well in actual real-life court, huh?

No. 990164

"i'm having a depressive episode, better take out the canon and take an artsy pic for the insta!" jesus he's so manipulative, even after all this time

No. 990166


I hate how smug he is. He knows that his bullshit video worked on most people and its so annoying, and the fact that most people eat it up and support him or atleast think he was innocent is super frustrating. Like, anytime you search him on Twitter it's just people using him as an example of a victim of cancel culture or an example of someone who was falsely accused

No. 990191

File: 1592685805182.png (380.58 KB, 594x612, pjpleaz.png)


No. 990199

The video ended up working on some people but what does he really have to show for it? His job at WotC gone forever. His Youtube channels are dead. He still has to pay Heidi money in the divorce. Him and Holly can't even publicly acknowledge they are in a relationship without people opening mocking them. A bunch of MRA dudes and DCA fan boys doesn't amount to any more views or fame.

No. 990200

File: 1592686899090.png (48.7 KB, 594x436, posted lewds.png)

This person might be talking about Nick Robinson, but I found this interesting…

No. 990208


>"it's never your fault."


No. 990214

Yeah Jared pretty much has a pyrrhic victory in the grand scheme of things. Plus it's worth telling that Game Grumps still haven't put their videos with ProJared back up, or at least the last time I checked….

No. 990264

>Projared's not gonna fuck you dude
I mean… he might. All depends on how horny Codeman's nudes would make him. He's a sex pest after all.

No. 990266

Catch me with these non-existent tears of sadness that ProPedo actually has to face some form of ramifications for being a potentially pedophilic emotional abuser who can't keep his worm dick in his pants. His job? Should be gone forever. His youtube channels? Same. He has to pay Heidi? Good, that's what happens when you make a woman financially dependent on you and then wrongly decide as master of the universe that you can fuck whoever you want against your wife's wishes. Him and Hoelly can't acknowledge their relationship without catching shit? Too bad, so sad - maybe don't fuck a married woman while being married yourself and then try to play it off like you respectfully waited until both divorces were final when there's evidence you didn't.

No. 990349

Too bad almost all of the comments on Heidi's Youtube vids are a cesspool of Jared stans who can't spell for shit.

She should just get someone to delete those comments on her videos for her or something. Incels just LOVE it when their precious 'opinions' get erased! /s

No. 990359


>pyrrhic victory

Well, he did get to celebrate for a bit last August when he posted his video & has been doing victory-laps around the internet since then, but now? Seems like the tables have turned…

No. 990418

God, the parallels with Onision just keep stacking. kek

No. 990425

This is gonna be a little off topic but has anyone heard about this Twitch streamer SayNoToRage scandal? He's been accused of sexual assault and has multiple women coming forward talking about how they're been harrassed.

I've seen one of the top post on Reddit about him was saying how "well he's not a murderer so he should lose his job" and the classic response of how "cancel culture is ruining people's careers."

No. 990430

I dunno what the FUCK that is, but it ain't fashion. Who gives him tips, Vic Mignogna?

No. 990436

Seems more than a little off topic, anon. Might want to try the twitch general thread here >>497011

No. 990505

File: 1592731615823.jpg (350.57 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20200621-211352_Ins…)

Think he's mad just because its a guy sending lewds, I mean he was okay with women doing this to him for years.

No. 990510

Note: He just said that's not what his business email was for - not that he didn't WANT or wasn't STILL receiving the nudes he wanted at a different email.

No. 990512

Also, let's just take a second to recognize how fucking creepy it was for him to screenshot the nudes instead of just deleting them right off the bat.

No. 990567


Revenge porn is only bad when it's of him anon, duh

No. 990585


According to court records, it doesn't seem like the divorce has been finalized. I'm curious to know if this is due to the court not having updated their case yet, or it could possibly be Jared not signing the divorce papers.

No. 990608


lol Dude is spiraling right now. What's the purpose of sharing something like this? "Let me draw attention to the fact that fans are still sending me nudes because they know I have boundary issues!"

No. 990610


It's crazy for to me that he wouldn't sign them or that that is the reason he was upset the other day. Him being upset about having to pay alimony I get, but I cant imagine hes sad about the divorce being final considering he has been with another woman since before it even began and he loves perpetuating the idea that Heidi abused him and that he spent months trying to escape. Shouldn't he be celebrating just as much as Heidi?

That girl must have got some well deserved coin for him to be this mopey


I get the impression that that comment made Holly as happy as can be. Gag.

No. 990613

I was going more along the lines that Jared doesn't want to sign them because "he's a victim" and doesn't feel like he should have to pay Heidi anything. Not that he doesn't want to actually be divorced. Although, now that he's stuck with Holly, I can see him having regrets…

No. 990629


I think she literally wants Jared to be miserable so that she can say, "look, Heidi did this to you but I'm fixing it"

No. 990638

Bingo. Holly probably feels threatened when Jared is in a happy and clear headspace. I'm sure she is really paranoid about him leaving her so the best way to stop that is to make sure he needs her.

No. 990661

Dang you think he’s been getting those hot $30 mental health tips for free?

No. 990692

File: 1592762200893.png (377.48 KB, 588x586, gottem.png)

Looks like Jared's Insta post worked on at least one person…

No. 990700

Narcs hate losing control and looking like the bad guy. Jared and his "that didn't happen and if it did, it was all YOUR fault" mentality are classic narc. Losing Heidi = losing control.

No. 990715


That's what confuses me, clearly he is mad he doesn't have total control over her anymore… yet he was the one pushing so hard for them to break up??

No. 990719

He wanted her to fall apart without him. Instead she is probably doing better than she has in years. Her shop seems like it's doing pretty well. She is crafting and making cosplay again. She goes to sleep every night not wondering if her husband is cheating on her.

Meanwhile Jared is setting up his cell phone to pose for a photo of him crying because of his uwu bad brain. It's fucking pathetic.

No. 990733

I don't think he was ever the one behind wanting to leave Heidi - I think it was Hoelly and her "pick me" attitude who wanted to be PedoDick's one and only. Jared clearly had no problem fucking Holly behind Heidi's back and keeping Heidi on as the cool gamer wife.

No. 990737

Heidi always fell for his vulnerable act. Remember one of those texts made to her therapist where she says what attracted her to Jared was that he's sensitive? I forget the context, but she seemed to be forgiving Jared because he was emotional. He clearly used his emotional openness and frigidness to manipulate Heidi. He does it to his fans. He's probably super depressed because Holly plays the same game and does it better than he does.

No. 990746

Also probably didn’t want it to be a dude

No. 990752

PedoDick is the one taking lewds of himself in a Sailor Moon costume. I don't think he gives too many fucks about gender, so long as he can still jack off to whomever it is.

No. 990776


Nah, he queerbaits like crazy but hes only into his female fans (preferably 18+ but hes not picky)

No. 990813

File: 1592771503031.jpg (64.54 KB, 608x577, doublethink.JPG)

I just don't get this level of cognitive dissonance.

Is he really trying to make people think that him coming forward about Heidi (as a 30+ yo guy with a large and adoring and sometimes irrationally loyal fanbase; and also a girlfriend willing to do all the talking for him) was just as hard as it is for a young girl to come forward about being abused and then have her ex label her as crazy?

This, on top of him being the person who used this tactic on the few kids who did come forward with their stories about him.

He's really reaching here.

No. 990815

This motherfucker is trying to gaslight the entire of the internet audience to think that HE is the true victim and that Heidi is the one being manipulative, despite the fact that, outside of a few minor digs, HE is the one who keeps bringing it all up. Also, just LOVE that Jared's trying to make out like Heidi unfairly labelled him as crazy, when his mistress is the one who tried to label Heidi "an unfixable abuser with bpd"

No. 990818

Poor Heidi. They need to let her live.

No. 990885


He literally ran seven blogs, SEVEN, in order to abuse and groom his fanbase for sexual favors. This post is talking about shitheads like him. Holy fuck the absolute nerve.

No. 990944

File: 1592779426531.png (59.37 KB, 586x596, support.png)


It's not that deep anon.
Jared's just showing everyone that he supports ALL women who come forward about their abuse!

…All except his own (ex)wife of course…

No. 990946

File: 1592779688318.png (407.65 KB, 588x690, proraerae.png)


Also, Jared & this Rae Rae chick are friends.
You know how Jared loves his women; broken & vulnerable.
I believe Heidi said something alluding to that in her stream…

No. 990956


I saw this and it was infuriating. It's like a person who committed a crime trying to casually hide out at the scene of the crime to make it seem like they didn't do it.

It would be funny if so many people didn't fall for it.

No. 990973

Oh cool, now we know who he'll be moving on to when he's done with Holly.

No. 990977


Thing is, almost all of his most vocal supporters are Holly's close friends or supporters. Once he cheats on her, all of that implodes. He might be stuck with her for a long time.

No. 990978

Who said he'd wait until he was done? He was leaning pretty hard on lovebombing firagafox for a hot minute, now he's all up on this Rae Rae, trying to show what a good and supportive guy he is.

No. 990993

Poor choice of words. Should've used "when he's bored with Holly".

No. 990995

he sure does love a longfaced women with a schnaz huh (bonus points for vulnerable and attention-getting behavior)

No. 990996


Yeah Rae Rae's in the same circle of friends/fans as Holly & Jared (SadOldMagician is one of them)

No. 991009

File: 1592782769867.png (18.71 KB, 992x300, doesfollow.png)


Then again, she's also retweeted Arin Hanson

Also, see picture;
>Does @hollyconrad follow @raeraesenpai? nope

No. 991029

It's astonishing, and kind of sickening, that these people continue to support Jared despite claiming to have been victims of abuse and claiming to be opposed to abuse.

No. 991071

The cognitive dissonance is amazing. He does realize that post could have easily been written by Heidi about her experience with him? Him and Holly completed isolated her and lied about her to everyone who would listen. They are evil.

No. 991078

File: 1592786358171.jpg (1.2 MB, 1080x1524, 20200621_203247.jpg)

Would it be petty if I said this looks like absolute shit?

Dont get me wrong, I'm all for BLM, but the craftsmanship… oof. Maybe she was ~intentionally~ making it look terrible to match her whole forest trash witch thing?

Not to white knight but comparing her "art" to Heidi's is hilarious. You can tell which one of them wants to be an artist and which wants to be an influencer

Also it goes without mentioning that this is more of her "uwu forest magic" aesthetic that she ripped from Heidi, who has a store literally called Forest Girl Clothing

This lady "won" a design Emmy yall

Former DCA anons, was Strix ever even a forest witch? I only watched season 1 and there was never any hint at that, I'm curious if we can blame the recent woodsy obsession on Strix or if its all just her trying to be Heidi 2.0 (tho considering how insanely obsessed she is with Heidi it would make sense if she based Strix's forest stuff on her…)

No. 991086

I'm black and I think it looks like shit. I've made stuff better looking than that in elementary school.

And to think I used to like her art and cosplay smh…

No. 991117

>for my window
Then WHY THE FUCK are you tossing it in the dirt first??

No. 991137


For the ~~ forest witch aesthetic ~~

No. 991145

I don't even follow this thread i was just scrolling by and came here to say that looks horrible. This was supposedly made by an adult? And that person is a "professional artist?" That is sad.

No. 991147

Little known fact, anon, but windows have outsides too.

No. 991187

File: 1592796160041.png (21.25 KB, 591x266, 9258.png)

Somewhat related: There is a lot of talk right now in the Twitch community about streamers abusing power dynamics. Some of the biggest Twitch streamers are speaking out about the kind of shit Jared got busted for last year. I'm not holding my breath, but it's kind of a sham that Jared is even allowed on the platform anymore after knowing he solicits fans and does a piss poor job at weeding out/protecting minors at that.

No. 991190


I see a lot of people saying things like "this guy seems like a creep, but let's make sure we don't make another projared mistake".

They're so close to the mark there. So close.

No. 991195

There is a ton of misinformation about Jared for some reason. While some people think it's okay to solicit nudes from your fans as long as they are of age, other people seem unaware that he ever ran porn blogs at all. I saw someone today say "his ex wife set him up saying that he got nudes from minors but she made it all up!" and Heidi had nothing at all to do with running seven nude tumblrs.

No. 991203

Those are the same crowd that's still trying to say that Heidi apparently convinced Chai/Charlie to come forward - that they never would've spoken out unless Heidi told them to and that she planned this whole thing to destroy PedoDick (which she didn't, but whatever)

No. 991204


The number of people who just watched his video and took everything he said at face value is insane.

They think that "oh, this person's memory might be messed up from that time period" and "this other person lied once about their age" = Jared never sexted any underage people ever and that the other side made it all up to get attention and/or spite him.

For people who demand concrete evidence all the time, that is such a flimsy foundation of so-called "evidence" to build a case on.

He just proved that it might not have happened, but only with those two people.

But everyone's acting like he showed a video of the kids saying "we made it all up and Jared never had any porn blogs, sorry".

No. 991207

Exactly. People were like "Jared proved he didn't do it!" and when you ask for proof, they act like his word is as good as gospel. Right, because what POSSIBLE reason would a dude accused of pedophilia have to lie about not being a pedo? /s

No. 991208

People will fall all over themselves to find a reason to believe a man didn't take advantage of a woman.

Also, if his video was such a crowning victory and major trump card, why did he de-list it? Why hide the "facts", Jared?

No. 991211

If some dude who was called out for grooming his fans heart reacted me tweeting that I had been sexually assaulted at 16, I'd be creeped the fuck out tbh.

Strix's background had her growing up as an orphan in some city slums. She spent a couple years in the feywild living with baba yaga because it's Holly, so of course she did. But otherwise Strix grew up in and around cities and held jobs like corpse collection and for whatever reason, pastry chef. Y'know, cause snicketty snooks or whatever. Holly never ran with a forest witch vibe, it was always trash witch until Holly moved to Seattle for Jared, oh wait I mean, "for the trees!". lmao

No. 991394

yeah it doesn't come off as supportive at all, just creepy as shit. especially with that profile picture attached.

No. 991400

I really do have to wonder: WTF does Jared even do, as a person or entertainer, that all of these people come out of the wood-works to defend him? He's definitely not the first, last, or only white dude YouTuber/Streamer that can sit in front of a camera and talk about video games. I've seen other do what Jared can do and better without being a creep to their fans, and Jared's setup still reeks of early 2010's Youtube.

No. 991401

He roleplayed on their favorite show that helped them get over their dad's cancer and their childhood abuse and their social shyness and they made so many friends out of the love for that show and such things will excuse any wrongdoing, apparently.

No. 991409


I think it's not that much about their dumb fans, since there is not a lot of them.

When divorce drama blew up, it reached a lot of people (including me) who didn't know who tf Jared was. But it was super juicy at the beginning, seeing how Holly was caught replying "uwu im so sowwy hope it gets better" and then they both went on lockdown while Heidi exposed them. There was even news about it in tabloids so it did reach a lot of people, including incels.

Then Holly started what she does the best, which is emotional manipulation, got her fans on the side but also got incels on her side too because she revealed Jared and Heidi were poly and Heidi had someone on the side. This was enough for bunch of MGTOWs and incels to start their woman revenge fantasy, ProJared2 sub was made where they tried their best to fabricate and manipulate the story, so their incel hero can make a return.

It sort of did work but not as "glorious" as they expected it to be. Holly and Jared still lost their main jobs, Holly sperged on Twitter numerous times, Jared is sadposting and losing subs while Heidi is getting her alimony and her online store seems to be doing well.

No. 991483

With so many people coming forward with allegations against Twitch streamers, I wonder if anyone else is going to come forward about Jared.

No. 991488

i think some of it is really just dudes wanting to invalidate women coming forward with their abuse story. this is a bit more complex story than usual and there's a lot of misinformation floating around so it's really easy to make people believe the wrong thing if they aren't sceptical and don't do any research on their own.

No. 991505

They probably already have, but Jared either intimidated them into silence or hooked back up with for a quickie like he did with that one chick.

No. 991523

Who would want to admit sleeping with Jared? That is bottom of the barrel. I feel sorry for Heidi knowing how she settled for someone so unattractive.

No. 991546

The shitty thing is the whole Jared story is conflated so badly that people just assume complete and total innocence now.

Jared probably didn't purposely go looking for underage nudes. Jared did abuse his position of power. Jared, as an adult in his 30s opened himself up to receive nudes from minors by encouraging people on Tumblr, a site that a lot of teenagers use, to send him nudes. Jared could have easily ran this blog under an anonymous moniker, but instead chose to do as Jared because he would be much more likely to receive nudes from adoring fans. Minors sent him nude photos. He claims (with some evidence) that he did not know. Now this somehow absolves him of EVERYTHING ELSE?

When people like Asmongold and XQC, who seem pretty fucking degenerate at times, can easily understand abuse of power between a famous person and their audience, but soft boy male feminist Jared claims he didn't realize he was doing anything wrong…that says a lot. I also have to wonder how many other underage people sent him photos by just never came out about it.

No. 991607

File: 1592844621050.jpg (217.78 KB, 1080x567, Screenshot_20200622-124226_Chr…)


This is pretty much the current public opinion on the Jared drama. People think that Heidi made up the cheating, emotional abuse, AND the pedophilia accusations. Somehow Jared and his fans were able to steer the narrative to being that Heidi knowingly lied about everything and that she was the one who came forward about the nudes blog, no acknowledgment of the dozen fans who did.

I think it's mostly just men who didn't look into the situation and just read "woman bad, man good, false accusations" and ran away with it

Fuck, I've even seen multiple tweets claiming that Heidi falsely accused Jared of rape! When did rape EVER come up in the drama? NEVER. But certain men on the internet are OBSESSED with false rape accusations and how they are worse than the actual thing, so they decided that Jared was their new idol of the ultimate victim of evil feminism and false accusations and his "whore" exwife

That's what fucking frustrates so so much with Jared's pity party posts, he has the public on his side! A majority of people are drowning in fake news on his drama and think that Jared is the face of the unjustly cancelled. What the fuck does he have to be sad about? A lolcow thread? God knows if you say anything bad about him anywhere else you get responses within minutes proudly "correcting" you about how Heidi is cartoon villain levels of evil. He won, so why does he bitch all. The. Time.

No. 991614

File: 1592844868401.png (52.68 KB, 589x384, heidi.png)

No. 991621

Watch Holly take a look at this and thinking Heidi deserves to be traumatized because she was "unfixable"

No. 991629

File: 1592845657948.png (38.49 KB, 590x460, misogynywhat.png)


..also kudos to Holly for reinforcing a very misogynistic view on women who come out about their abuse/stand up for themselves! /s

No. 991632

This is one of the main reasons Jared's story of abuse just seems wrong to me. If Jared was abused why would Holly find it appropriate to start a relationship with a vulnerable abuse victim? Why would Jared feel so comfortable to immediately dive into a new relationship with a woman who has admitted to him that she has a history of being an abuser herself? It's been shown that Holly believes that being told "no" is a form of bullying and abuse. Neither of them have shown they truly understand what abuse really means.

No. 991645

File: 1592846284304.png (317.17 KB, 600x607, d0d.png)


That still puzzles me as well. Their stans tried to rebute that with "It was the only thing that could make him feel better at the time, so she slept with him!"

I can just imagine Holly asking sadboy-Jared if there's anything she can do to make him feel better & Jared's like "AAAANYTHING?"

No. 991654

File: 1592846588257.jpeg (171.79 KB, 1274x325, 93EBF397-0936-45E7-BD62-0BC0D8…)

Another reason ProDick is all sad and weepy?

No. 991659

Imagine having sex with a porn addict/sex pest and thinking you are somehow helping.

No. 991678


I love this! I think a big part of why I'm still following this is that Heidi always stands up for herself and says all the things that I wish I was brave enough to say myself.

I'm so glad she isn't letting him just control the narrative, cause fuck that. Women have put up with that shit for way too long.

No. 991744

Between this and Ross mentioning on how he dealt with emotional abuse in some of his relationships (most likely Holly tbh), Jared and Holly having utter gall to claim that they're the "victims" in this is laughable.

And yes I know the situation may be more complicated, but Jared and Holly constantly act guilty alongside victimizing themselves as opposed to Heidi who admitted her flaws and mistakes throughout this whole thing.

No. 991747

That Heidi is living her life and not even giving Jared the satisfaction of pretending that she can't live without him?

Yeah maybe.

No. 991763

This exactly. If we do entertain the idea that Jared was a victim in his marriage then that means Holly took advantage of a victim who was not in the right mental or emotional state to be in a romantic and sexual relationship.

No. 991798

File: 1592859730755.png (168.78 KB, 1206x838, Untitledd.png)

stupid question but I don't know shit about twitter, did they stop showing when a tweet was deleted? I looked at this earlier and saw that there were two deleted tweets that they were originally responding to, but now they're gone and so are the tags to the user they were responding to.

sorry for the dumb question, but I'm trying to cap the rollplay drama kaitlyn and annemunition are going on about today and came across this and I'm really curious what the fuck ubisoft has to do with it, when I google ubisoft no recent drama comes up

No. 991799

the tl;dr is that Kaitlyn had also been involved with R6 community and sponsored by Ubisoft for a lot of events and stuff. some player got turned down by her at an event, and ever since then she's been blackballed by most of the community, and it recently came to light that not only did Annemunition know about these ppl in the R6 community blackballing her, she also believed them and thinks Kait is the lying grooming manipulative bitch they're trying to paint her to be

No. 991800

the stuff with JP and the C&D is actually somewhat separate from the current drama she's been on about, but looks like she has both the RP abuse from JP as well as abuse coming from within Ubisoft and the R6 community

No. 991818


to be fair, kaitlyn is not doing herself much service with the way she's handled the whole thing; i believe her that JP abused her, but i also see someone who might be an abuser herself.

i think it's extremely inappropriate to force involvement from someone who doesn't trust you and doesn't want to be involved, and then parade that person's expectation of privacy in front of your viewers and openly cry on stream because of boundaries that person established. she created an environment that invited her own mod to say anne wouldn't understand sexual abuse because she's ugly and gay, and then instead of apologizing, she gets mad at anne for being upset about it. that's extremely manipulative on kaitlyn's part and honestly sounds like something holly would do, to be frank.

i don't think anne is completely innocent either, but kaitlyn does not come off as a good person to me. that doesn't mean i think she's lying, that doesn't mean i think she deserved her abuse, that doesn't mean that she shouldn't tell her story. but from what i'm seeing, i doubt i would want to have anything to do with her either.

these gaming industry "friendships" just seems to be riddled with toxicity and abuse; i guess that's what happens when you put together lots of people with abysmal social skills and give them a platform.

No. 991824

totally get where you're coming from, her going live for a brief bit today to just highlight anne's responses was definitely not a good look for her.

I was in her stream yesterday, and I think the reason she's blowing up so much and coming after Anne so hard is that she was told by a bunch of people that she should talk to Anne and that Anne would help her somehow, so Anne being cold and distant is a huge shock to Kait's expectations when she approached her.

No. 991825

File: 1592863304844.jpg (155.86 KB, 1080x392, Screenshot_20200622-180028_Chr…)

Dont worry guys, Holly is glad people are speaking out about men just like her boytoy. Also she is a TOTAL hero, dont forget it! Such a badass uwu

No. 991828

And if Jared says he was fine with his sexual relationship with Holly should be really believe that? He was in such mental anguish from his abuse that he couldn't have possibly but in the right mind space to consent to sex with Holly. It's super irresponsible of Holly, a mental health advocate, to accept consent from a distressed abuse victim. Lol, such absurdity.

I wonder if Jared has the guts to show his face on Twitch today with all the sexual misconduct allegations out today. Some of these guys are being accused of the exact same shit he did.

No. 991844

File: 1592864344151.jpg (106.91 KB, 1045x285, Screenshot_20200622-181638_Chr…)


He is too tired uwu that's totally the only reason why

No. 991874

File: 1592866466737.jpg (204.31 KB, 713x712, 20200623_105058.jpg)

Didn't she participate in trying to cancel JK Rowling on Twitter for saying that sex is real? She's so hypocritical, didn't Jared victims email his boss and then they got ran off the internet by his fanbase? I can't believe she's saying twitter activism doesn't matter when that's all she did for the blm movement.

No. 991876


Given how good she is at deluding herself, it's not surprising that she'll dig in her heels to defend Jared.

He's the exception to the norm, obviously. /s

No. 991886

Saving a friend from drunk game dev "getting handsy"?
So that's not OK, but her friend GM can enact a rape scene with his player against her wishes, and that's just making a mistake.

No. 991887

>None of that is true
Which is why Jared is TOTALLY not on WOTC's blacklist, kicked off their flagship show, with his shitty character even getting exorcised from the mobile game.

No. 991889

…And no longer a member of Normal Boots

No. 991896

How is none of that true? Men don't use their platform to do those things? Jared didn't do those things? On what planet does she live on?

No. 991908

I agree, it seems very possible what kaitlyn says is true, but she seems very unstable and is going about things in a really terrible way. It feels like she expects random people to fix this issue for her and is putting pressure on them instead of putting pressure in JP (it makes sense she avoided him for so long if she truly felt she had no legal recourse, JP has a lot of power even if he's not a house hold name, but does not excuse her getting mad at unrelated people for not fixing things for her).

Anne also just doesn't even seem to understand what kaitlyn is talking about. She is talking about her abuse which partly consisted of JP using her as an emotional dump/manipulating her via talking a ton of shit in private, and Anne took kaitlyn saying "JP said this about Anne in private as a way to manipulate me/while using me emotionally" as kaitlyn saying "JP did this thing to Anne that Anne is aware of and is reflective of Anne's experience with JP".

I feel kinda bad for kaitlyn, but she's the one setting fire to her own career. Unless she ponies up receipts and focuses on JP (instead of badgering others to support her) this will only hurt her.

Any interesting tidbits? Looks like the vods were deleted already.

No. 991914

nothing really. Kait got a DM (I missed this part but this is partially why vods got deleted, because it apparently contained personal info). and it led to her receiving a reply from Anne after reaching out in which Anne essentially confirmed that she believed the ppl in the R6 community calling her manipulative and abusive. The thing is, the JP angle is only one facet, and the latest two streams and the current heat on Anne have nothing to do with JP, because JP isn't part of Ubisoft and R6. She showed some parts of the report she had compiled of a ubisoft individual sexually harassing her, as well as giving some of the story of why there is an individual out to get her in that community. she's really heartbroken over the fact that she thought Anne would have her back because through most of the JP manipulation and drama that pitted the two against each other, Kait had always tried to be supportive of Anne, giving her shout outs and whatnot. This seems to be why she's taking Anne's responses so badly and getting really upset over it.

No. 991922


Her problem with this issue is that she is one of those people who think "well he never did it to me or around me so I believe him"

I garuentee she didnt see the extent of Jared's pervyness on tumblr

She wasnt in the game where skinnyghost did that so she doesnt care

Her problem is that she can not separate her feelings for people from other peoples accusations. She never once even considered Jared's accusers, she just immediately sent their personal info to Jared and jumped into helping him covering it up.

Can you imagine if Strix would have been sexually assaulted in a game? she would FREAK THE FUCK OUT. But because it happened to another woman [who she probably resents for being attractive] she doesnt care.

She stands by any abuser as long as they aren't hers. She says believe women unless they come forward about her friends. She says it's never the victim's fault unless they were married to her boyfriend.

She has admitted multiple times that her mental illness makes it almost impossible to empathize with people yet she goes out of her way to act as though she does and pretend she is a mental health advocate

She is such a piece of shit its disgusting

No. 991926

do you know who she was accused of grooming and if that person has spoken publicly about it yet?

i've only been follong the rp stuff so far and it seems really hard to actually get info in the r6 stuff bc people are being vague and deleting shit, even tweets i see now are mostly people rehashing the rp drama to justify siding against kait (ex, she lied about JP so I don't trust her now) but no mention of the current event they are tweeting about

No. 991927

File: 1592870484081.jpg (205.03 KB, 1080x682, Screenshot_20200622-200041_Chr…)

She is right and she should say it

No. 991931

LOL at this point I think she's just trying to get a rise out of Holly/Jareds fans.

No. 991936

You know what? Good for her

No. 991937

Heidi no, she'll sue you or something!

No. 991943

my fucking sides LOL

No. 991948

File: 1592872133526.png (121.6 KB, 720x704, 20200622_202402.png)

No. 991949

File: 1592872262234.png (169.99 KB, 720x623, 20200622_202740.png)

No. 991953


man, holly truly just does not give a shit about victims. her tweet is essentially "don't tell people your story and don't warn others." the whole #metoo movement is an anathema to her.

No. 991957

File: 1592872818113.png (125.3 KB, 720x651, 20200622_203858.png)

No. 991961

File: 1592873025359.png (122 KB, 720x653, 20200622_204128.png)