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File: 1574661047611.jpg (40.16 KB, 554x140, 1574645905979.jpg)

No. 897566

Last Time on the "Karma's a Bitch" Challenge…

> Holly tried to market a series of ultra generic mushroom art pieces as "custom art" at $30-$50 a pop

> Jared posted a photo wearing Holly's merch, leaving everyone to wonder if it was photoshopped or if he truly is a stick figure come to life

> Jared proclaimed that he beat cancel culture….and proceeded to lose 1000 subscribers on YouTube again

> Holly brought her emotional support pigeon onto a plane; Everyone in coach simultaneously contempalted hurling her out of the plane at 30,000 feet

> JonTron got married, Jared told him 'Congrats' and everyone speculated that Arin was upset at not getting invited (there's no proof of this, though)

> Arin, the guy who makes a living from playing video games, literally called video games a "chore at their core", making him nearly insufferable

> Holly lost her shit, started slapping people with the "Ok Boomer" memes and insisted that "mistress" is a sexist term that shouldn't be applied to her

> Arin tried to make a public appeal to have his fans send him their pokemon cards under the guise of it being for a video, instead of just buying his own - the tweet coming after he openly talks about a renewed interested in "the Pokemon cards"

> Dan emerges as a competitor in the "Who Can Be the Sleeziest Guy to Bang a Fan?" competition

> ProJared stans continue to attack WoTC, Anna, Nate, and others about the fate of DCA

> WoTC bitch slaps them back into reality as Holly finally admits that DCA has been officially cancelled and begins seeking other avenues to "tell their story"

Image Credit: >>897471
Thread Credit: >>897560

Previous Threads (The ProJared Saga Begins):
1: >>785476
2: >>804540
3: >>808888
4: >>812124
5: >>816967
6: >>820703
7: >>826388
8: >>829410
9: >>836081
10: >>841369
11: >>852741
12. >>861615
13. >>866222
14. >>881371

Character Descriptions and Stats:

Jared "the Wormdick" Knabenbauer
>Known for having a gaming youtube channel where he reviewed games
>Formed "Waffle crew", the D&D group that would soon turn out to be a dumpster fire
>All hell broke lose when his ex-wife revealed he has been manipulating, abusing and cheating on her
>Soon after, other victims of his started leaking chat logs and nudes
>Turns out he was soliciting underage porn
>Went into hiding
>Throughout DCA, his D&D character, Diath, was having an on-going romance with Strix, his co-player Holly Conrad's character
>Turns out they were also involved IRL, cheating on their spouses
>Holly is currently whiteknighting him on twitter, while he is trying to manipulate his side-pieces from the shadows
>One of his side-pieces fell for it and now is changing her initial statement, trying to get on his good side (even though he ghosted her before)
>Heidi accuses Jared of threatening legal action if she speaks up. Unfortunately Heidi casts “Absorb Elements” just like she did for his initial divorce statement. Jared takes an extra 1d6 damage on her next melee attack.

Strength: 5
Dexterity: 5
Intellect: 15
Stamina: 10
Luck: none
Charisma: send noOds

Holly "Manic Pixie Butterface" Conrad (current power-level):
>Got into D&D, started thinking she's literally Strix - her character
>Cheated on Ross with Jared the Wormdick while trying to manipulate both Jared and his wife
>Once Heidi (Jared's wife) revealed her as a side hoe, she locked down everything and checked into the tumblr hospital
>After getting back on the net, she started autistically defending herself and Jared, claiming she never cheated and Heidi is literally Hitler
>Professional victim, her NPD can be seen from space
>Emotionally abused Ross, claimed she never felt love until she met Jared
>Claims to have not cheated on her ex-husband despite his refusal to make one comment about the situation in her defense
>Can't stand even tiny criticism about herself, reads her lolcow thread though
>Compared Etika’s suicide, a popular black YouTuber, to her own suicidal ideation by showcasing they both received clown emojis as “bullying.”
>Suffers backlash from the black community, Etika’s fans and Twitter
>After being called out for taking advantage of a person’s suicide, Holly infamously deflects criticism by tweeting, “I’m sorry. I’m mentally ill.”

Strength: uwu
Dexterity: uwu
Intellect: 4
Stamina: 100
Luck: ran out
Charisma: clown emoji

Holly Conrad’s Previous Stats:
>Holly is a “talented cosplayer/craftsman/special effects artist and well respected in the community”, even appearing on Syfy's "Heroes of Cosplay"
>Was one of the main focuses of the 2011 Documentary "Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope" (directed by Morgan Spurlock)
>Originally gained notoriety for her Commander Shepard/FemShep cosplay
>Married to Ross O'Donovan, beloved animator and member of the GG Family, from 2012 to 2018
>When it came to Arin/Suzy vs Ross/Holly most people preferred Ross and Holly, because they felt less fake and Holly was famous separate of Ross, not riding her husband's coattails like Suzy.
>Was best buds with Jared's wife Heidi, another talented and respected cosplayer/craftsman
>Apparent tragic backstory = quirky anxiety uwu. I don't really know the whole backstory on this one, not sure if it really matters.
>But was apparently close to her grandfather and inherited his house(?) in Washington(?) when he passed away which was in theory part of the reason she and Ross amicably split. Jared and Heidi just also happened to live in Washington.
>Other speculated factors included Holly being asexual (lmao), the toxic GG fan-community, "having codependency issues", and wanting to leave LA while Ross wanted to stay
>Publicly their divorce was mutual, amicable, and came as somewhat of a shock….OR WAS IT?
>Basically all this drama is so juicy because Holly "quirky manic pixie dream bird gurl, asexual anxiety, luvs animals so obviously wouldn't hurt anyone uwu" Conrad was the surprise plot twist villain we never saw coming

For More On Holly Conrad:
>A History of Holly: >>838840 (Source: PULL)

Strength: uwu
Dexterity: 20
Intellect: 17
Stamina: 22
Luck: 100
Charisma: Not Suzy

Heidi of the House O'Ferrall, Hell Hath No Fury, Giver of Zero Fucks, Destroyer of Careers
>Non-lewd cosplayer, talented craftsman and elf
>Produces tutorials and shows her work in progress pretty in depth
>Has a degree in Theatre/Costume Design
>"She had sex with my husband", top 10 anime deaths of all time
>Married to Jared Pedodick Knobslob
>Was in a poly relationship with Jared
>Claims Holly was the reason it didn’t work out
>Outed Jared’s infidelity and set twitter ablaze
>Working on her current divorce and perhaps a defamation against Holly Conrad for trying to claim she had BPD and that psychologists have deemed her “unfixable”
>Has started to become more vocal on that drama since Holly’s Etika sperg
>Claims emotional abuse by Jared and gas lighting, and also seems to insinuate her enjoyment of sex has decreased
>Blocks overtly sexual cosplays because of the ProJared controversy
>Currently living alone in a new home and trying to start up her business and craft in a way to support herself
>Accuses Holly of being vindictive enough to have done everything in her power to end her marriage and happiness

Strength: 90
Dexterity: 71
Intellect: 82
Stamina: 64
Luck: 20
Charisma: Zinfandel

Dan Pirro from the Honorable House Pigeon
>Dedicated white knight of Jared and Holly’s that created a campaign to prove #heidingthetruth
>In direct contact with Holly Conrad Flying Monkey

Jessica Slater from the Honorable House Pigeon
>Holly stan and dedicated “sister”
>Runs a clearly objective truth blog on tumblr while putting down Heidi on twitter

Participation Trophies go to the following for their dedication:
>BorkScorpion, RainbowTressym, TigerNightmare, UnicornHoodlum and others
>May or may not be sockpuppet accounts
>Tier 3 WKs, to be mostly ignored
>Autism awareness is sometimes being aware of who to avoid

>Jared Knabenbauer/ProJared:


>Heidi O'Ferrall/AtelierHeidi:


>Holly Conrad/Commander Holly:


>Normal Boots:


The Expanded Universe:

**Game Grumps
Previous GG Threads:**
>Jon vs Dan speculations, are the Suzy nudes real or fake, blah blah blah, old news. Seriously, don't ask to be spoonfed this old dried up milk. Go read about it on your own.
>There is a whole subreddit dedicated to GG Rule 34 where they sexualize the girlfriends/wives as well as the grumps called r/polygrumps. Suzy once long ago tweeted in support of polygrumps, but it seems like an especially toxic corner of their already toxic fanbase. I doubt she would confirm that support today.
>GG sells a merch line called Game Gyaru "based on Arin and Danny, reimagined as female characters inspired by the anime series Dirty Pair, named Arina and Daniella respectively". It's a blatant tracing of the characters from "Dirty Pair" that they did not initially acknowledge.
>GG release body pillows of Dan and Arin. They sell out very quickly. It's gross: >>792883
>Guess what Jon's an even worse blatantly sexist/racist person than we ever could have imagined

Suzy "the Goose" Berhow:
>Has a history of scamming fans by buying cheap jewelry from China and the likes and reselling it to fans with an absurd markup as her jewelry line or as one anon put it: "creating a really expensive jewelry line that involved very little effort on her part". Arin has to come to her defense when people find out.
>Previous threads over the years were mostly about Suzy's "thyroid-related" weight gain and absurd styling choices, scamming, and how she's a ~rEaL gAmEr GuRl~
>No one seems to really have complaints about her current styling choices since she lost weight and the skunk stripe and adopted a more natural look (it's much closer to her twin sister Jean's)
>Suzy was a "model" when younger, and will still constantly repost the same pictures from her past over and over again, in case anyone forgot
>There sometimes seemed to be some unspoken tension between Suzy and Holly. Suzy seemed to give off the vibe of being uncomfortable not being the only cool gamer gurl in the GG group, especially when up against a girl that seemed to prefer and respect.
>Seems plausible that she prefers being the female center of attention given the theory that JonTron's swift and dramatic departure from GG was due in part to some beef between Suzy and Jon's girlfriend at the time. IIRC this is still all just speculation. (Jon's too big of a topic, read that one on your own for the full backstory)
>A/N: I would be kind of surprised if she showed any support for Holly at all, but maybe that's just me

Katie (Most recent GG drama unrelated to PigeonGate 2019 ):
>Suzy claims she and Arin have been together since 2002. Arin's mysterious deviantART ex Katie shows up from an apparent cryogenic sleep after 10+ years and throws an insane hissy-fit about how Arin was pursuing HER during that time and she turned HIM down.
>Thinks Suzy poisoned Arin against being her BEST FRIEND despite the fact that she was married, disappeared from the internet, lived across the country, and was definitely leading Arin on for some time. Arin seems to have bought her some gifts in this time.

Game Grumps:

>Suzy Berhow/Mortemer:


>Arin Hanson/Egoraptor:


>Dan Avidan:


>Minor cow Katie, rejected Arin way back when and regrets it now that he's famous:


About Dice, Camera, Action:
>DCA is/was a popular D&D livestream DM'd by Chris Perkins (WoTC story designer)
>It's cast consisted of Holly Conrad, Jared Knabenbauer, Nathan Sharp and Anna Prosser
>All of them turned out to be cheaters, hooking up with each other and breaking marriages/engagements

>Wafflecrew/Dice, Camera, Action:


Filed Under “Other”:

Ross O’Donovan
Do Not Bother Ross O’Donovan
>Game Grump and animator
You May Support and Subscribe at:
>Ross O'Donovan/RubberNinja:

Reminder from Mods:
>Subjects have to be 16+ to be discussed on lolcow. Do not include Holly's 15 year old friend’s face or social media posts here.
>This is also a reminder that cowtipping is also against the rules, do not contact the girl or her parents because of her relation to Holly.
>Keep whiteknight posting to when they actually spill milk.

No. 897568


I'm just glad that Heidi is finally clapping back to the people blaming her for PedoDick's career going to shit.

I'm just willing to bet that Holly pulled the "There's no official word yet" thing in an effort to rally her flying monkeys into harassing WoTC, as if that will somehow convince them to give the overgrown children DCA again.

No. 897569


>I'm just willing to bet that Holly pulled the "There's no official word yet" thing in an effort to rally her flying monkeys into harassing WoTC

…Because that's worked so well up to now.

No. 897570


Not saying it would be successful - But considering this is the person who thought PedoDick was somehow an improvement over Ross, I'd say she doesn't exhibit the best judgement ever.

No. 897571

Hey mods - I done goofed in the OP and said WoTC made the cancellation of DCA official. Can y'all go ahead and edit that part?

No. 897598

File: 1574675269403.jpg (210.05 KB, 813x469, infidelitea.jpg)

so apparently there are DCA tea blends:
jared: https://www.adagio.com/signature_blend/blend.html?blend=138365
>This warm, homey tea evokes the strong, steady, protective presence of Diath, the rogue who would do anything for his friends. It includes Spiced Apple Chai (a timeless duo of apples and spice; juicy and pleasantly sweet, like warm applesauce, with a clean, refreshing texture); Chestnut (a comforting reminder of the season of giving, perfect to share with a few close friends); Chamomile (a beloved herb from Egypt's Nile River Valley; aroma of freshly cut apples, calming floral-sweet flavor); and Cloves (one of the strongest spices, pungent and sweet).

holly: https://www.adagio.com/signature_blend/blend.html?blend=138370
>This black tea has elements of sweetness and spice, which is very on-brand for everyone's favorite dark-clad, flame-wielding trash-witch. It includes Earl Grey Moonlight, a nod to Strix's crescent-staff (the comforting flavors of vanilla and cream combine to soften the citrus notes of traditional earl grey); Forest Berries, a nod to her time in Barovia (a comforting, sweet, earthy aroma; deeply fruity flavor); Blackberry, a nod to her baking skills (floral-fruity and bakey aroma, like fresh berry scones); and Cinnamon, a nod to her fireball (warm and spicy).

both of which note that:
>this blend is in a 'ship
>Diath Woodrow has hooked up with Strix.
>Let their love steep in your cupboard and get 10% off when you purchase both 3oz pouches.

No. 897599

Eesh. Good thing it's fan-made.

WOTC might C&D this stuff since it uses their logos and stuff without permission.

No. 897606

File: 1574677773548.jpg (201.42 KB, 824x472, missed opportunitea.jpg)

>the bitterness of Ku Ding Cha evokes infidelity and gaslighting
or something

No. 897608


The bitterness evokes the natural essence of disappointment and regret - pairing quite shockingly with the dustiness and spitefulness of the Strix blend!

No. 897651

File: 1574692191443.jpg (68.14 KB, 925x696, Capture.JPG)

>DCA finally canned for real.

ding dong the witch is dead

Imagine your own house constantly reminding you of your failure lol

No. 897658


Now you KNOW she's going to sink her claws into Jared even more than she already has since he's all that's left of her precious Diath/Strix ship

No. 897659


I can't imagine the Strix suit gets washed often. The whole room must reek.

No. 897663

And Jared and Holly planned to have sex in their cosplay.

oh my god

No. 897665


I mean, the woman has a cat, chickens, and a fuck ton of pigeons. She probably just reeks by association (grew up on a farm, chickens fucking stink unless you clean their enclosure frequently)

No. 897671

Waiting for the actual confirmation from WotC, but this would honestly be the sweetest gift for both of those cheating bastards. Can you imagine Holly and Jared's narc rages if other players played their self-inserts since they're owned by WotC? They were so smug in all of their retarded replies and WotC was probably watching it all.

Her house looks like it smells of stale air, moth balls, fart, and filthy animals.

No. 897683

So Hoelly realises it's just a matter of time until Jared wants to ~open their relationship~ right? Especially since I don't remember any kind of actual statement from either of them that they're dating/together. Wouldn't be surprised if he's already sleeping around, but I guess she's too uwu innocent sof bird mom uwu to realise that if a guy cheats with you he'll cheat on you too.

No. 897685

No, apparently players remain sole owners of their characters.
Check Jared's post here:

No. 897687


I still think Holly will try to sell the "UWU I'M SUPPORTIVE OF JARED SLEEPING WITH OTHER WOMEN" bit in public, but secretly be seething and go back to posting some vague "How do I live when my heart is torn out" bullshit tweets.


That's even worse then. There's literally NO excuse now that Hoelly and PedoWorm can't just take Diath and Strix to another show instead of harassing WoTC to keep DCA

No. 897690

Yeah but remember, their egos probably can't handle not being an official D&D game and not having Chris Perkins for a DM.

No. 897694

Really wish a big YouTuber would go harder on Jared for all of this shit, feels bad we only got H3H3 now.

No. 897702

File: 1574700235232.png (61.11 KB, 880x231, cowjuice.png)

Ahh the sweet sound of trying too hard in the morning.

I love that he picked the ugliest picture of them together to for this. She looks like his child bride and he's the only one who's smiling.

He's been trying so fucking hard since the scandal broke it's almost embarrassing. Sure, this will shut us and rantgrumps up about how weird your relationship looks and quell your new rep as a pump and dump king.

That's why you're in New Jersey going to Tool concerts while stashing her in a hotel so she doesn't contaminate your fun times with her girly shit.

No. 897705


They look like a couple that got together during the 80's rock phase and just never really left the 80's mentality behind.

No. 897720


That's Dan to the nth degree, but Ash worships the 70s.

I wouldn't call him out on this shit if he hadn't gone 0 to I want to talk about how much I love my girlfriend in obvious connection with the scandal. In summer her said her best quality was that she wasn't using him, now all of a sudden he wants to be one of those guys who struts around with his girlfriend's picture on a homemade teeshirt?

No. 897728

LOL at NSP trying to crowdfund their video with cheap pins. Hey boys you just sold out an arena and had two successful world tours maybe next time don't blow whatever you made back on them.

No. 897764

File: 1574710742017.png (29.59 KB, 572x278, bawwdca1.png)

I'm guessing this is why WotC waited to let everyone know. It's been 6 months - should be long enough for the tantrums to blow over. Now, there's only 2 or so people bitching at them.

(Of course I could be wrong later…)

No. 897767

>doesn't seem like too much to ask

They're a business that stresses on having a good reputation. It's a lot to ask to allow back two people with terrible reputations and one of them possibly being a pedo. It's far too much drama. The allegations alone is worth washing their hands of Jared.

No. 897782


Unfortunately, not. There's still plenty of people on twitter and on Heidi's instagram, still blaming her for ruining Jared's career (I'm assuming due to the cancellation of DCA)


Exactly. Even with the allegations proven false to some degree, Jared's a liability with his reputation and Holly continuously running her mouth and threatening suicide is an even bigger risk to carry around.

No. 897791

If WoC brought DCA back, I feel like a lot of the people would tune in solely to see cringe from two cheaters larping their "forbidden love". It isn't pure roleplaying anymore since it's tied to real life drama. Add in the fact that ProDick was running a porn blog and Hoelly is constantly having narc meltdowns on Twitter , it makes sense why WoC doesn't want that shit as a part of its brand anymore.

No. 897794


I'm just waiting for the screeching about "WELL ANNA AND NATE CHEATED TOO!!" to start because we all know the world is out to get ProDick and his adulterous side piece.

No. 897799


I wonder if it ever occurred to these people that WotC might've witnessed questionable shit from/about Jared as well?

No. 897800

you mean they wouldnt be super psyched to give platform to a man who by his own admission asked for nudes and slept with fans?? those PURITANS

No. 897802


PRUDES! Cowards! How DARE you refuse to put your entire company at risk for some gamer-dude!

No. 897803


He proved that he was totally 100% innocent of the accusations! B-but DON'T YOU REALIZE THAT DCA HELPED CURE CANCER??? DO YOU WANT PEOPLE TO DIE YOU HEARTLESS PURITANS?? /s

No. 897818

WOTC will never allow them back. They are VERY adverse to drama. No amount of screeching from DCA autists will change that. Jared and Holly should've thought about that instead of banking on the goodwill of a massive corporation that doesn't actually care how pretend suicidal Holly will be if she doesnt get her way.

Any way you cut it, Holly and Jared's conduct was 100% unprofessional and WOTC has every right to let them go. People have been fired for FAR less than what they did.

No. 897819

gotta love the way he proved it too
"i didnt do it"
ah well sorry i didnt consider it from that angle

No. 897822


Correction: He said "I don't see myself doing that…" & several "I don't remember"'s - FLAWLESS! TOTAL VINDICATION!!!

No. 897823

You make a good point there. Jared and Holly were colleagues and some companies have policies against coworkers dating in any capacity. Who knows if wizards had anything in place like that, but you shouldn’t have to have a clause for your already married employees to maybe not fuck each other? They brought this upon themselves and deserve to face consequences for their selfish actions.

No. 897835

File: 1574720928142.png (66.52 KB, 500x493, Facebook-58989b.png)


No. 897837

It's not even that but how they conducted themselves after the fact. Holly spent the next 2 months sperging, threatening suicide, defending an alleged abuser, attacking anyone who even vaguely disagreed with her, constantly brought up her connection with WOTC/DCA and overall acted like a fucking moron - publically. No company would want their name attached to that, let alone the whole "2 married people having an affair in the workplace" shit.

No. 897839

Add in the fact that she straight up accused underage victims of lying and her scamming a cancer survivor out of money… Who would want their name attached to that? It's easier and less messy to cut ties.

No. 897844

File: 1574721697277.png (14.69 KB, 602x148, CommanderStrix.png)


No. 897849

Good, the cunt deserves to have her dreams crushed for doing the same to other people.

No. 897856

Can this bitch not exist without tying her entire identity to some fictional character?

No. 897862



Looks like Jared's got his work cut out for him here.

No. 897867

Without the whole Strix/Diath thing there’s no way he’s going to stay with her, that is if they’re even exclusive. Jared was inconsiderate of Heidi’s emotions and mental health. Hoelly is completely neurotic and likely 100 times worse every day than Heidi was during the time when she was breaking down and threatening DCA because of Jared’s cheating. Without their little forbidden romance there’s nothing keeping him with her other than suicide threats.

No. 897884

No. 897886

I suspect they aren't exclusive. He was still fucking other girls after Holly confessed he was her one truwu love, why would he suddenly become monogamous now? Nothing has changed except his wife is out of the picture. And Holly will allow it no matter how much it kills her inside because she has to prove she's a "better" partner than Heidi.

No. 897887

File: 1574725463170.png (90.56 KB, 830x430, ross wedding.png)

She doesn't deserve Ross

No. 897897

File: 1574726239881.png (53.73 KB, 502x522, pjgotoffeasy.png)

Nice to see some people waking up to that bullshit video.

No. 897905

Jared is a downgrade in literally every way.

No. 897921

File: 1574728336518.png (34.59 KB, 588x328, heidimadeitup.png)

>"Heidi basically admitted in the end she made it all up to get back at Jared for divorcing him."

Fucking where did she say that?

No. 897928

File: 1574728557673.png (54.52 KB, 576x426, myson.png)

I'm fucking dying laughing at these tweets!

No. 897937

File: 1574729974520.png (128.24 KB, 584x892, mysonshitshimself.png)


>"My son is a close friend of Jared's"

>"My son has seen the messages between Holly & Jared"
>"He's told me there is zero evidence that Jared abused anybody."

Your 'son' also apparently shits himself & you believe a vaccine made him autistic. He either does not exist, or you're a really terrible parent.

(Sorry for the derail, but holy shit THIS is the type of people Jared/Holly are showing their convos to???)

No. 897975

poor Ross. he really deserved better. had to live in pigeon shit and a "trash witch" home.

No. 897982

eugh, can you link where he said "her best quality was that she wasn't using him"? That's just 40-year-old abuser for "she lets me ignore her 95% of the time except when I wanna fuck."

No. 897983

File: 1574738000908.png (50.6 KB, 584x738, jaredwon.png)

I guess this tweet aged poorly…

No. 898012


She didn't say that - These tryhards are just scraping the barrel for some sort of vindication for defending a fucking emotionally abusive pedophile.


Drop the proof or gtfo, Mom.


>"They can say vaccine injury isn't real"

Literally no one says that - They just say it's not as common as anti-vaxxers make it out to be.


Yeah, he sure won alright. Now he's stuck with the well of insanity that is Hoelly Cumrag, forever stuck under her thumb lest she either (A) off herself or (B) drop the receipts that ProDick is in fact as creepy as everyone over 12 years old thinks he is.

No. 898086


>forever stuck under her thumb lest she either (A) off herself or (B) drop the receipts that ProDick is in fact as creepy as everyone over 12 years old thinks he is.

in that aspect nothing really has changed in his personal life kek

No. 898093


Again, Heidi saying "I'm having suicidal thoughts" is NOT the same as Holly's "IF YOU DON'T STOP, I'LL KILL MYSELF AND IT WILL BE ALL YOUR FAULT"

No. 898105

Not to mention even Jared didn't say she threatened suicide to him.
Her shitty 1-800 therapist said it to Jared in hopes of making him be gentle with her.
If Heidi told Jared she was suicidal, it was only to make him aware she wasn't okay. Not as a threat.

No. 898113


Heidi said she was institutionalized before for suicidal tendency on recommendation from her therapist. And then months later her therapist warned Jared that she will use suicide threats when he decides to leave. Not sure what you guys are white knighting here. It's in the texts Heidi gave us?

No. 898137

Heidi quietly institutionalizing herself for suicidal thoughts vs Holly’s huge twitter spectacle isn’t comparable. If you’re having suicidal thoughts you absolutely should seek help, which Heidi did, unlike Holly who couldn’t do so without immediately posting about it on twitter. We wouldn’t have known about Heidi’s situation had Jared not started it, forcing her to show texts that proved her side.
Holly claims to be a mental health advocate but no amount of therapy helps her because instead of working on her shit, she continues being an awful person. Either her therapist sucks or she’s not listening. Therapy only works if you let it.

No. 898172


>"Heidi said she was institutionalized before for suicidal tendencies"

Pal, there's a difference between the two. Heidi did it at the urging of her therapist because she was having legitimately thoughts of suicide. Holly did it to avoid the ramifications of being a cheating-ass piece of trash.

Heidi told her therapist, a mental health professional. Holly told the internet, and only when it gained her sympathy - not because she wanted to be open and honest with her fanbase.

No. 898203


That's the thing. She didn't announce it like Jared & Holly did, because she was still (privately) going through all this shit a year ago. She stayed quiet about it like a good little separating-wifey until she found out why Jared was being so distant.


Also THIS.

No. 898207


>These tryhards are just scraping the barrel for some sort of vindication for defending a fucking emotionally abusive pedophile.

The same kind of people have been insisting that "Holly & Heidi were NEVER friends" It's ridiculous.
Then again, I see what they're trying to do; they're trying to keep everyone from actually looking into it & coming to their own conclusions. - You know, like Jared & his stans keep insisting.

No. 898210

File: 1574801210330.png (37.4 KB, 510x512, whynosubscribe.png)

Yeah, it's all Tumblr's fault he's losing subscribers on Youtube! /s

Even before the drama hit, the guy was barely uploading to Youtube.
He polished it up for that 'return' video, then he uploaded like, one or two more videos & skipped right back on over to Twitch, which seems to be his new 'home' now.

Plus, Youtube probably flushed the bots out of his subs.

No. 898213

File: 1574801527292.png (31.95 KB, 488x448, tumblr1.png)


Speaking of Tumblr…

This person couldn't be more right.
A couple years ago I tried to watch one of his reviews, & it was just so… dull & uninteresting. I guess I just don't see the appeal.

No. 898214

The PAX Unplugged event with Nate and Anna got updated, Perkins confirmed as DM.

Foregone conclusion but it's nice to have confirmation.

No. 898225


I'm on tumblr regularly - There is only ONE active blog against Jared. Contrary to whatever narrative he's selling, tumblr is not full to the brim of Jared Hate (at least not in the easily searchable tags)


His content used to have a twinge of that funny gamer dude mentality (I use Until Dawn as an example since it's really the only vids of his that I watched) - but now that you know the shit he was doing behind the scenes, it's just sad and pathetic.

No. 898226


I hope that ices Jared's balls. Not only are Nate and Anna guilty of cheating on their spouses too, but they got to keep their career and are flourishing with Perkins still as a group because they knew how to keep their fucking mouths shut.

No. 898230


Inb4 Jared & Holly's stans & WKs start screeching about how Nate, Anna, & Chris "BETRAYED them!"

No. 898242

>Holly claims to be a mental health advocate
At this point it's pretty obvious it's nothing more than a brand for her.

She's a spoiled heiress trying to be Ally Sheedy's character from The Breakfast Club.

No. 898245

File: 1574804898572.png (47.33 KB, 480x614, tumblr2.png)

>"Holly's infamous reply to his announcement was them setting the foundations, so that around now or maybe a few months from now they could come public like "she helped me after my divorce and I realized we were meant to be""

Yeah, they would totally go for the twee "He/she was there for me when no one else was!" crap.

Holly had it all planned out & then Heidi suddenly 'awakened' & threw it back in her face. She really thought Heidi was gonna suffer in silence & 'keep it private!' like she had been doing for a year.
They both took advantage of Heidi. Full stop.

No. 898246

>because they knew how to keep their fucking mouths shut.

That's exactly why. WotC hates drama and will avoid it at all costs.

No. 898285


thing is, i don't think this is to quell the suspicions of fans as much as it is to pacify ash. just a weird vibe i've been getting, like there's a lot of "honey baby darling sweetie" going on behind the scenes from him to convince ash that NO, he's 100% NOT a middle-aged man with a sex addiction who pumps and dumps young blondes just like her.

No. 898290


No links, but he said it at the Game Grumps Live I went to. The second compliment he gave was that she was her 'own person'. Then he finished with 'plus, I love her and she loves me.'

Arin ended up comparing Suzy to a statue of a goddess.

No. 898291


I wouldn't be shocked if she knows what's going on or someone tattled to her that he was flying at least two other girls in and out of LA along with Ash on alternate weekends during the early stages of their relationship.

It might be that or he might be panicking because the last Ninja Sex Party album just failed.

No. 898294

Inb4 Jared says that he wasn't 'kicked out' of association with WotC, he just "gracefully stepped down" from his position.

No. 898394

I remember an anon saying that it would be hilarious if Chris, Anna and Nate continued without Holly and Jared and that's exactly what happened. Fucking hilarious. Jared, look into the mirror and tell yourself you beat cancel culture. In fact, do it on camera.

No. 898405

Careful anon, he'll bring out the sad bug eyes again and send Holly into another sperg.

No. 898418


She's due to have another good freak out any day now; It's been a week or two since her little "I GAVE THAT CANCER PATIENT THAT I RIPPED OFF HER MONEY BACK….well, not me because I'm scared of money but still…YOU CAN'T KEEP REMINDING ME OF BEING A FUCKING IDIOT!!" sperg.

No. 898431

>s-scared of money uwu

When is she going to realize that acting like a toddler isn't cute when you're in your mid-30s?

No. 898433

File: 1574837550219.jpg (633.7 KB, 1080x2131, IMG_20191127_004925.jpg)

I'm living for Ross being friends with/doing things with people who are openly friends with and support Heidi yet maintaining radio silence about Holly and her hijinks

No. 898436


(Sipping White Zinfandel Intensifies)

No. 898444


Considering that their divorce is final and he didn't say a word to stop the harassment she was taking in the summer, I doubt she cares. She wasn't following him on Twitter when this started only him her, remember?

No. 898461


Especially since he was still following her. IIRC, blocking someone on twitter would unfollow you on their end. So Holly wanted to sperg out and unfollow Ross, but didn't block him so he could still be able to see her tweets.

Tinfoil, but I could see Hoelly the Eternal Idiot do it, thinking "See Ross? I'm SO MUCH HAPPIER with Jared than with you!" but didn't imagine the shitshow that followed his announcement.

I agree - I think it's hilarious that all of the exes of DCA are back to their careers, picking themselves up and moving on while ProDick and Holly are still stuck in the past and have no official jobs lined up on the horizon.

No. 898588


That is some autistic level tinfoiling you're doing there, Anon.

Besides, Jared's the only one who has ever awakened sexual feelings, remember?

No. 898589

Holly is filthy rich, she doesn't need a job. She only wants one for the validation.

No. 898596


That's what I'm saying. She acts like "Oh woe is me! My income is halved - I'll have to be a barista!", as if the majority of us don't know she was left hundreds of thousands of dollars when her grandfather died (if not millions; I don't know if anyone knows the actual amount)

No. 898601

Dan's releasing a "sensitive" "romantic" album of acoustic covers with the Super Guitar Bros and I'm chuckling at his bad timing.

After Under the Covers 3 died on the charts I guess serious, sensitive balladeer is the only way for him to go now.

No. 898679

This makes me so happy to see after everything Ross and Cristina have been through.

No. 898680

Even beyond the inheritance, her grandfather's house in LA she and Ross stayed at sold for a million dollars IIRC. She can currently afford a house in Seattle, afford the care for a fuckton of birds, and afford to pay 100$ to take a pidgeon on a plane.
Her bank account is definitely in the seven figures.

No. 898722

File: 1574911951955.jpg (178.49 KB, 717x437, wow.jpg)

cinematic parallels

No. 898723

god that comment on his statement didnt age well. acting like she wasn't directly complicit/actively fucking him the entire time. she's such a conniving piece of shit, it's so unreal she managed to fool so many people that she was a decent person.

No. 898726

It's like >>898245 said, that was totally the setup to "I was there for him when no one else was and now Striath is canon IRL be happy for us and shower us with adoration and approval you guys uwu".

No. 898736

Because CommanderHolly, ProJared, and even AtelierHeidi to an extent, are internet personalities.
The image you see in their videos, photos, or who you may see in person speaking at a convention panel, is not who they really are.
It's their brand, a character, their public persona, not their true identity.

No. 898741

It was definitely calculated. No doubt mostly by Holly, since she is the one who is the most fixated on maintaining her innocent uwu birbmum persona, hence the whole "you guys know me! I would never!!!" shit she tried to pull after Heidi went off. The worst part is that it would've worked too. But Jared fucked it up with both his shitty statement and pre-emptively blocking Heidi, and the rest is history.

No. 898760



No doubt Jared & Holly are going to end up subconsciously contradicting one-another in the future when it comes to drama.

No. 898762

btw, the stans are still going with their "Maybe if enough people talk about how much DCA means to them, then WotC will bring it back! ~uwu" crap:


It's also kinda funny because most of the replies are by people saying they just miss the DM but cannot wait to see him do something else.

No. 898763

File: 1574921463260.png (65.08 KB, 564x546, PJ2Alert1.png)

Hey ProJared2, you got another shit-stirrer among your kind

If you wanna 'Stay Positive!" & "Don't Attack People!" then maaaaaybe you should do something about the people dwelling on Heidi & dragging her up every few milliseconds, no?

No. 898765


Honestly, they should just make a rule that no one mention or pay any attention to Heidi if they really want her to fade into obscurity.

No. 898766

God, how emotionally stunted are these people? "DCA saved my life!", "DCA turned me from an introvert to a person with friends!", "Everything about DCA has become inspiration in my own life!", "Such a big part of my life died when DCA stopped!"


No. 898769


The funny thing is that the OP was just making a positive post about watching Jared's content again & actually feeling unbothered by the drama, but this Aeolys person just HAD to unload all their current grievances about Heidi onto them specifically.

Good job staying 'positive' /r/ProJared2!

No. 898776

File: 1574927244972.png (38.34 KB, 582x424, dcaconfessions.png)


These people really need to get a clue

No. 898777

File: 1574927555883.png (377.5 KB, 592x400, yallareannoying.png)

No. 898791

I think the best part is they were baiting fans about the ~*phone call*~ Jared got and putting the cart before the horse, because it never dawned on them that their oh so important selves could ACTUALLY be cancelled.



No. 898816


That’s why I left the PJ2 discord. They can say they’re for positivity all they want, they dogpile anyone who doesn’t kiss Jared’s ass.

No. 898916

What were you even expecting from that cesspool anyway?

No. 898923


Honestly, at first, it wasn't so bad. But the more Jared tried to sell the "I BEAT CANCEL CULTURE!" rhetoric, the worse they got too.

No. 898925


I'm almost positive that they use their D&D characters as some kind of sexual stimulant at this point. They both care way too much about Strix and Diath and getting to "tell their story" for it to be otherwise. Wonder if their sex lives suck since the game ended.

No. 898927

Pretty sure Heidi said they wanted do have roleplay sex in their costumes.
Wouldn't surprise me if they'd done it already.

What's likely causing issues is the lack of fan adoration here, there is no DCA for the fans to tune in and stan hard for the IRL Striath.

No. 898940

The fact that Holly is so desperate to have it back is pretty indicative of that. She finally "won" Jared her first and truest love so why does she need some RP bullshit as a crutch still?

No. 898963

Imagine WOTC owning the copyright on your sexual fantasy.

No. 898965

Because she wasn't in love with Jared, she was in love with Diath.

No. 898973

On reddit Ross talked about how he wore that Garrus cosplay at comic-con and him and Holly started dating after that. I wonder if Shepard x Garrus was her ship and she projected that shit on him, lol.

No. 899004


Worse than that, Jared is likely more in love with Strix than her - if he actually is in love with her at all, versus just fucking her.

No. 899005

Irl Jared is not the mysterious, suave generic misunderstood adventurer with a heart of gold like Diath Needsblown, duh anon. Jared irl lame af.

No. 899006

Oh shit, you might be on to something.
>a fuckboi loving anything but his dick

No. 899012

File: 1574990897624.png (15.42 KB, 584x174, dca-manbaby1.png)

I have never seen such an immature fanbase, and I've seen the Voltron fandom…

No. 899017

As soon as Jared brought up the call with Greg Tito, Greg's account was flooded with @'s whining about the show.

Emotionally stunted pissbabies.

No. 899085

Y'all are gonna kink shame me but i find Dan very fucking attractive even if he is a piece of shit i wanna hate fuck that man so bad

No. 899104

Sometimes I think people here don't know how money work to make such stupid statements. She inherited a house, which they sold while she was still married. There hasn't been a sign that she has any more money than that and she likely used most of them to buy a new house. But even if ahe was rich, she was working every fucking week up until the May fiasco - multiple streams a week, convention appearances, promotional work and cosplay. Unlike fucking entitled Heidi who thought job was something you do only if your husband is not rich enough to support you, Holly was working all the fucking time and that barista statement was said as "I will go back to being barista if I have to, I actually liked it a lot" not as a putmedown. Heidi has a degree in theatrical costume design that was paid for with Jared's money, but refuses to work for someone because she finds it beneath her to follow the orders of someone she thinks is not as good as her. And that is almost everyone. Even now she is trying to sell trifted clothes that she brags she finds at Goodwill for 30$ or more a piece and fucking teacup candles that she hasn't even tested if they will break when the candle burns for longer (they will). Not to mention the hobby faery houses that is the most niche entitled thing one can be collecting or depending on people to be buying - that has no practical purpose or function, pure decoration. She whined to her therapist that her lawyers let her down and her divorce money would last her only for a year! ONLY FOR A YEAR, anons, then she would have to find a job?? And you are pissing against Holly for being sad that she can't work when she actually want to? You are as fucking entitled little spoiled bitches as Heidi is.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 899105

Awww someones a angry little troll

No. 899124


Cool Holly fanfiction

No. 899125

I mean, by all means, get that scrawny dick anon. If you're barely legal blonde skinny girl you probably have an honest chance at it

No. 899126

And you know this how? Are you friends with either of them, or just reading their posts and deciding one is a hard working upstanding citizen and the other is a harpy leeching off of a poor man's finances?

No. 899128


it is all information that has been posted here and the farms, dug up from Heidi's own words, streams, twitter and tumblr. You got to be more specific about your question. All of this info is here already, just some anons are pretending it doesn't exist.

No. 899134

What i mean to say is: why are you deciding one is bad and one is good? They both make money through unconventional means (streaming and terible diy projects etsy shops).
Heidi did rely on Jared's finances, sure, but apparently that was because Jared's encouraged it. Im not saying that wasnt careless but i recognize i wasnt in her mind to see what was the thought process behind that decision.
Holly has definitely more of a narcissistic character so i guess performance and streams were more on her wavelenght and ended up making money out of it. But if she didnt like being front and center dispensing "mental health tips", can you honestly believe she'd be a barista? Working retail, the most "eat shit and like it" job out there?

No. 899140


Heidi literally said that she didn't work when Jared's channel started making enough money "because the money I would bring home wouldn't change the level of comfort we live in". Not even to support her own hobby interests. You say Jared encouraged it, but if your spouse says something like that you are either supportive or not supportive and guess which one would have been abusive at the time? He was signal boosting her super niche and boring streams (crafting is a boring stream, interesting only at timelapse video or for very few people interested in it professionally) up until October 2018 even though she was barely streaming and for large period of 2018 he wasn't even boosting his own DCA show. You are making it as if giving her the opportunity to not work was abuse? She could have still worked and put the money away in her own bank account… oh wait, one of the things said to the therapist was that Jared would have had to help her open a bank account?! Cause a 30-year old person without one or not knowing how to open one is definitely not spoiled off living from their shared account.

No. 899142

used to follow her socials back when she was in the thick of her mass effect phase and yeah, she definitely shipped shakarian, lol.

No. 899147

Oh no no, i never said that supporting her financially was abusive. Im saying i dont know then personally to say "she was content with leeching off his finances" nor "he was starting to plant the seed to control her emotionally and financially". I think that was careless on her part but there are people who are content tending to their house and shared spaces and be dependant to others, im not going to look down on her because things ended badly for her. I dont hate holly either, btw, but PERSONALLY the fact that she worked looks like more a byproduct of her personality (liking being adored and revered and performing) rather than a sensible decision to be indipendent.

No. 899149

File: 1575023044485.png (42.01 KB, 734x264, hollygarrus1.PNG.f8fb320729870…)


Super old, but yeah she used to. It's actually pretty sad that she only made a connection with Ross because he wore that costume. He deserved a lot better than to be emotionally/physically tossed to the side once Holly got into DnD.

No. 899151


yeah, deciding to work if you don't have to is totally a product of someone's personality - except people usually look at it like a virtue. Only here though, this would be a sad attempt at ghost milk.

No. 899155

Hey, for all thE Ross thots in here: he DEFINITELY had to roleplay as Garrus at least once for holly.

No. 899180


>"Even if she was rich, she was working every fucking week up until the May fiasco"

And? That doesn't mean she's not a spoiled fucking rich girl. That just means she knew she couldn't live off of Grandpa's money forever and that the chances of making money off of her college degree in medieval what-the-fuck-ever didn't stand a real big chance of earning her a lot of money in the future. Not to mention that the very fact of her majoring in something like that means she had enough money to blow.

>"Unlike fucking entitled Heidi who thought job was something you do only if your husband is not rich enough to support you"

You clearly don't understand that financial control is something an abusive person LOVES to assert over their partner. Jared worked, Jared controlled the money because he knew a financially dependent Heidi would be a lot more likely to not question the stunts he pulled.

>"Even now she is trying to sell trifted clothes that she brags she finds at Goodwill for 30$ or more a piece"

You mean like Hoelly's no-effort "cursed" t-shirts that required .5 seconds of design work that she's selling for $20 - $50?

>"Not to mention the hobby faery houses that is the most niche entitled thing one can be collecting"

Again, Hoelly tends to Pigeons and Chickens. You want to talk about niche hipster bullshit? Look no further than Hoelly Cumrag.

>"would last her only for a year! ONLY FOR A YEAR, anons, then she would have to find a job??"

You mean like Holly's rants that her income has been halved which will force her to be a gasp barista?

No. 899182

>Not to mention that the very fact of her majoring in something like that means she had enough money to blow.

Oh, not only that. She studied it in Scotland. Pretty sure grandpapa paid for all that.

No. 899201


Nice try. Grandpa left her house, not money and she and Ross were living in it until they divorced. Why was she working before that if she was so rich? She in fact put her medieval degree into use in her tabletop/cosplay career and was making money with it, unlike Heidi who can actually make very decent living designing and sewing costumes for theater or tv/movie productions but she would be earning too little to compare to her rich and working husband.

> You clearly don't understand that financial control is something an abusive person LOVES to assert over their partner.

Except she was working before and she stopped working the more money Jared brought home. She was offered jobs too, the only one she accepted was for Nintendo, everything else was below her. Even cosplay competitions she complained that she doesn't do anymore because they don't allow her in the amateur ones anymore.

Holly might be selling stamped shirts (like million other places on the internet) but at least the shirts are new and good quality. The clothes Heidi sells are literally from good will and salvation army, she even shows photos when she scavenges there. Not saying that makes them bad clothing, but it makes it used and discarded and then up-cycled. But buying something for 3$, washing it and trying to sell it for 40$ as part of your mori style selection is the worst sort of business out there.

Holly tends to Pigeons and Chickens and doesn't sell them as a business or attempts to make a living out of it. If anything she gets some donations for "keeping pants on pigeons" but I seriously doubt that it covers the food, time to clean and medical care her pets get. She is taking care of them, not trying to make money to live out of it. Heidi on another hand is trying to market the fairy houses and she spends huge amount of her time on it, which shows in the price tag too.

Holly is trying to work and said she will keep on working, even if she has to go back being barista, which she liked but had nothing to do with her career. Heidi on the other hand is complaining that she will have to find a job (or another rich spouse) within the year or SHE WILL BE FINISHED. If you don't see the difference, no wonder you are white knighting her so hard.

No. 899205

YIKES. I used to think Jared would be the one to dump Holly, but now I'm thinking that it's going to be the reverse as soon as she finds a new love interest in whatever bullshit she RPs/self-inserts next.

No. 899212

i think this is one of the most egotistical and retarded things i've ever seen. tea. for your oc. that you sell to other people.


No. 899223


Not her store, not her tea, she ain't selling these. It's some fan-made stuff.

No. 899233

Dude Holly is a spoiled rich narc hipster girl, you are acting like she wouldn't see working as a barista beneath her. Holly also probably had more work and job connections with her Grandpa's help than probably Heidi so of course she going to have better job opportunities than Heidi. Being a costume designer is a very competitive job especially in California and sometimes if you don't have good connections companies are there just look for ways to take advantage of you by taking your designs and wanting you to work for them basically for free.

No. 899237

Oh no, she sells upcycled clothes personally curated to the aesthetic she markets.

Holly was up til recently selling "mental health tips" on a postcard for 30$ a month.
Now she's selling tacky mushroom sketches with blotches of watercolor for 50$ a month.

No. 899238


Dude, Holly has worked as barista before multiple times and all the times saying how she loves it, what the fuck are you talking about? Look in her twitter ffs, stop taking stuff out of your ass. Even at the height of DCA she was still saying how much she loved doing that.

Even Heidi admits she wouldn't have been able to have been full-time artist for the past years if it wasn't for her "famous rich patron" to provide for "all her needs". What are you even trying to spin this into?

She was happy to not have to work and indulge her hobbies and did not consider it for a moment egoistical or financially stupid. Now that she finally has to make the monthly budget herself and she is realizing how expensive her hobby it is (and it is a hobby, because she is not making money out of it) she might come into the grown-up world of not having a sugar daddy, where you got to work for a living.


Patreon is not a store, anon. The benefits you get from different level are entirely optional reward for you giving patronage to someone.

No. 899240

>This willing exchange of money for goods or services is pure and perfect but this other one is right out of Satan's playbook!

No. 899241


Patreon is donation service intended to give patronage to artists or creators you like. The rewards they give back are optional, can change and subject to the artist.

Store is where you pay for a specific thing you order and you get it in the way you ordered it. And Heidi's store isn't wrong, but she is doing exactly what you are accusing Holly of doing except WORSE. The irony is totally lost here that she is the one selling old clothes for a huge known mark-up without changing them one bit and for prices higher than the original and new clothing of the other store, but you guys all drool over how Holly is trying to make a buck.

No. 899243

I really dont see why you're arguing opinions anon.

You think Heidi is bad for doing what she does (despite it being a niche that a lot of people are into and seems to sell just fine) and you think Holly is a hardworker.

Others in the thread see it a different way.

It is undeniable that there are thousands of couples where one person is the 'bread winner' and the other tends to the house and their hobbies. If Jared didnt like it he could have easily withheld the monetary support from her. Just because you're married doesnt mean your spouse automatically gets access to your money

It's also undeniable that Heidi did get professional jobs and to this day has a high standing of craftsmanship in the cosplay community which Holly simply doesnt have despite what you think.

People like and buy Holly's stuff and people like and buy Heidi's stuff. Get over it.

But just because you dont like Heidi's stuff doesnt make it dumb or not worth the money people spend. If you look on etsy similar items sell for similar prices and there is a big enough market for it that people are obviously buying her things.

The same way you can 'choose' to put things on patreon you 'choose' to put things on a store. If you dont give people the patreon rewards that you have on your tiers and people complain you can lose your patreon, same way how many stores work.

People are giving someone money to get a specific item. If the person doesnt want that item you can back someone through patreon at any price and simply click that you do not want the rewards.

If someone is backing Holly's patreon to get one of her mushroom paintings? they're paying for that item. Same as in any store.

Upthrifting has also been a thing for decades. Just because you dont know about/understand something doesnt mean it's bad.

No. 899249


Check etsy, anon. All of the things Heidi is offering that are there are there at at least half the price. And I am perfectly okay with her selling her things and people buying them. I hope she can make her shop successful and moves on. But she says herself it is not the case and what she is doing is not enough and her store is not sustainable.

Heidi has excellent craftsmanship. But she doesn't do commissions. People were asking her in the height of the drama so they can support her in some way and she flat out refused. Where do you think she will be getting those money to live with? Store that is unsustainable (her words) full of items that take a lot of her time to make, her old costume photos? She said she ain't doing competitions, she ain't doing commissions, she doesn't want to work a proper job, what is left?

No. 899250

You can get older and not want to work jobs anymore when you were younger. I don't see Holly working as a barista now, all I see her is trying to bring back DCA and products that have to do with her self-insert and misery. I don't check Holly's twitter anymore because honestly getting updates of a narc's tantrums isn't my cup of tea. But when I read her tweet a while back about working as a barista I took it as she didn't want to work that kind of job anymore.

No. 899251

File: 1575047419197.png (29.31 KB, 584x136, coffee.png)


Re-read maybe?

No. 899254

I read it wrong but I still doubt she would want to work as a barista now. She would have to work that job now for it to be believable to me. Plus Holly tends to give emotionally charged statements to try to prove a point just like her "You know me!" tweet because she thinks people will find her statements more believable about her "truth" in working her working a job that she still probably sees beneath her that she supposedly loves.

No. 899255

To clarify her tweet comes off as "I'm telling the truth you guys!! I'll even work a minimum wage job that is beneath me to prove I'm telling the truth!!"

No. 899266


>"Grandpa left her house, not money"

And how the fuck do you know? If the dude left her an entire goddamned house, he probably left her cash, too.

>"Why was she working before that if she was so rich?"

Because she wanted to pretend that she wasn't that rich so she wouldn't catch flack for being a spoiled rich bitch.

>"would be earning too little to compare to her rich and working husband."

Exactly how much money do you think Jared was earning? I don't doubt they were comfortable, but they were likely not even close to "rich"

>"She was offered jobs too"

Again, how the fuck do you know? If this is you Holly, you're doing a really poor job of not showing your bias.

>"at least the shirts are new and good quality"

Ha. Good quality? Then why was there at least one incident of someone demanding a refund because their shit fell apart after washing it once?

>"doesn't sell them as a business or attempts to make a living out of it"

Her entire career is based off of being the bird woman. Nice try.


>"all the times saying how much she loves it"

If she loved it, she wouldn't have spit it out as a "Look, I'll have to go back to being a barista!", she'd have said something like "Hey, I'll get to go back to being a barista, which is fine"

>"Patreon is not a store"

It is exactly a store. You "donate" money to someone and receive a benefit/reward in return. Is that not the exact definition of a store - You giving money, them giving product?


>"All of the things Heidi is offering that are there are there at at least half the price"

Okay, and? I could go to customtshirt.com or whatever and make the same bullshit 'cursed' tshirt of Holly's for a fraction of the price, too.

No. 899270


Holly's tweet about going back to being a barista is super overdramatic. She talks like barista would be the only option for a 30-something with a degree and relevant skills in the entertainment industry. It's intentionally infantilizing, like she's being thrown out on the street for telling her "truth". Realistically, she could find work in her field with her connections if she wanted a job that's not in the public eye. The barista thing is an intentional overexaggeration of how dire her situation supposedly is, with a hint of "but I'm okay with it" for extra martyrdom.

The same girl just tweeted "money scares me" a few days ago. She doesn't know how to handle taking care of herself and regularly plays that card for sympathy.

But go off I guess.

No. 899278

>Why was she working before that if she was so rich?
Because it's something she enjoys? Elaine from Seinfeld is a literal billionaire and even she still works.

>She in fact put her medieval degree into use in her tabletop/cosplay career

Yes. Because she already had money. Those that work paycheck to paycheck because they're not wealthy heiresses don't even dream about doing anything so risky.

>Holly tends to Pigeons and Chickens and doesn't sell them as a business or attempts to make a living out of it.

Which again, is an indication that she has money to burn.

No. 899280

Holly is such a lying sack of shit. “I’m sick uWu, I need pictures of pigeons to keep me alive.” Then she goes to fucking Leavenworth the next goddam day. How do people fall for this shit.

No. 899286


holly knows perfectly well how to take care of herself, she just plays up the victim card for the audience.

she sold her house, moved to another state, purchased property, decorated her house, and lives alone taking care of 50 pigeons. she clearly knows how money works and how to manage it, but now all of a sudden she's a 30 year-old woman who is """scared""" of money. if she was as incompetent as she portrays herself, she'd need a carer.

having watched that video of her and ross getting taco bell and excerpts of her in "heroes of cosplay" paints a completely different picture of the sort of person she actually is. she isn't some kind of delicate, wilting flower who struggles to stand up on her own two legs; she's a perfectly capable person who has rewritten the script so that she doesn't have to own her shit.

No. 899304

File: 1575054273586.png (151.18 KB, 726x500, hollygarrus2.thumb.PNG.fbff2e1…)



No. 899307

Didn't she go to Edinburgh specifically because of an obsession at the time with Harry Potter? She sure has a pattern of living her interests.

No. 899309


I mean, she has the money to do it…

No. 899310

I think that in her mind, Holly truly believes she isn't well-off. She inherited "just a house, not money" as though that's not something that most people in the world can only dream of. As though the ability to sell that million- dollar house and buy another in a different state isn't a huge privilege beyond most people's wildest dreams. She also moved from one extremely expensive area to another, so it's not like it was a downgrade chosen for practically.

That is an insane amount of wealth and privilege compared to most people's lives. But I guess she's mad about being called wealthy because she's not wealthy "enough" to warrant that label in her mind.

No. 899312


Not even just buying a house, but buying a house in LA and then one in the Seattle area which is notoriously expensive when it comes to real estate.

She can afford to tend to 50 birds (and their subsequent vet care, because I don't know the laws in Washington, but around here, pets have to be licensed or Animal Control comes after you with fines out the ass), god knows how many chickens, a cat, etc.

No. 899330

No. 899332

File: 1575057821216.png (41.15 KB, 580x518, toxiccupcake.png)

Oh look, infighting.

No. 899335

Fucking hilarious considering the pedestal she places Holly on.

No. 899343


She didn't buy the house in LA, she inherited it from her granddad who was living in LA for 50+ years and got the house when the boomer market was entirely different. Her granddad wasn't rich, he had a house and career in the animation movies.

No. 899350


>"Her granddad wasn't rich"

Dude was a longterm animator for Disney. He did just fine, Anon.

No. 899405

File: 1575065869522.png (289.6 KB, 926x222, cowjuice3.png)


To be fair to Dan, he will fuck women who aren't blonde. My friend had bright pink hair and she was one of his weekend things.

Speaking of Dan Dan the Pump and Dump Man, notice how Ashley's only wonderful and lovely when she's doing something that he likes or wants to do. If she went to Jersey with him for Thanksgiving, he didn't think that was worth acknowledging. But following his dumb, childish whim? That makes her a goddess.

No. 899409

Is that the appeal of Dan? That he's a 5 yr old boy in a 40 yr old body? It's like robbing a cradle and a grave at the same time.

No. 899412

Ok that reminded me I always had the weird vibe the Dragonslayer collab with comicbookgirl19 was 100% because Dan had a thing for her. I get that they were acting but the way he looked at her always gave me a weird vibe.

sorry if this is too tinfoily or has been said before. I'm curious if she's ever said anything about him though I haven't looked into it.

No. 899417

File: 1575066616158.png (106.39 KB, 804x299, cowjuice4.png)

Kati, you fucking fruit loop, no one made you delete all the shit about your play and go into hiding. What the hell did you "survive", people making fun of Dan or Rantgrumps dragging you a little?

No. 899421


I have it on pretty decent authority they were a thing for awhile but she dumped him.

No. 899457


"Pretty decent authority" don't mean shit around here. Put up or shut up - Evidence or it didn't happen.

No. 899458

Is it just me or does the way Dan wrote this sound very impersonable? Like he has to compliment his girlfriend for going on a road trip with him? Maybe I'm overthinking it. Either way he's totally trying to prove that he's a good person/partner instead of someone who prefers to string girls along and have one nightstands.

No. 899467

It's not just you. That insta post sounds like it was written about an intern or a business partner or something. I don't follow him so maybe it's just a matter of trying to keep things professional on his 'work' social media, but it's super awkward and if all his posts about her are like that then…yikes

No. 899477


He's trying like hell to convince people he's not "the old Dan." Is this having an effect on his career? He's been trying way too hard for it not had had some kind of effect on it.

No. 899481

I have always wondered why he wouldn't try to keep that business relationship alive. She's pretty legit (as far as I know) and does a lot of things Dan probably wishes he could do. Her content is really well produced for not having an insane amount of followers and she seems to have some great industry connections.

I wouldn't be surprised at all if he fucked where he ate and ruined some opportunities for himself.

I doubt we will get any proof unless the allegations escalates or shit hits the fan for him.

No. 899483

I hope Arin is making him feel gross for it, he acts so progressive, yet his buddy is a fucking creep

No. 899484


90 percent of his posts about her sound that stiff and mannered.

No. 899493


Exactly. People who are happy and in love don't need to post about it every 2.5 seconds to convince everyone that they're happy and in love - That's how 99% of Dan's posts are coming across lately

No. 899496

File: 1575074653970.jpg (686.95 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20191130-134341_You…)

He's trying way too hard and I've noticed that he's only started playing it on thick since those allegations have come out. I guess he doesn't really know how to talk about a woman in a genuine or romantic way since he spent most of his adult life being a manwhore so every post about her sounds like it was written by her dad, not her long term boyfriend.

Also off topic but is their new "office" someone's house or something??? Could they not afford the lease on the old office anymore or what? I noticed it in their more recent Grumps videos like 10MPH and it's kind of distracting.

No. 899504


He did promote her athleisure clothing the other day, but they definitely aren't buddy buddy anymore on their social media.


He's gone from weird nonchalance about their relationship to bringing her up to tease her or complain about something he had to do with her to babbling about "the lovely Ashley" like he's been paid to by the Ashley Corporation.

No. 899505

I'm really starting to believe the tinfoil that the reason the Grumps avoided talking about Projared was because Jared knows too much about Dan.

Come on Jared, spill the beans! How many VDs has Dan got?

No. 899509

File: 1575076089266.jpg (671.8 KB, 1080x1733, Screenshot_20191130-140422_Ins…)

I mean this is how he used to talk about her just a few months ago. He's never really been romantic or mushy, which wouldn't be that weird on it's own but the 180 he's done in the last few weeks makes it especially jarring.

No. 899512


The Grumps are still close with Ross - They refuse to re-upload any videos featuring Jared.

Matt & Ryan were also friends with Ross - They currently aren't fond of Jared.

Ross also worked with Jirard on Mario Maker up until Jirard started publicly supporting Jared again…

No. 899513


LMAO he once literally compared her to his sister, he's undeniably terrible about it and sounds insincere every single time. It's like he wants to say "Ash is a warm, young, convenient hole who doesn't get mad when I leave her behind at home for weeks if I take her to Disney Land every once in awhile because she's starry eyed over landing Danny Sexbang."

That's Brent's house; they're "waiting for the permit to their new office to come through" and have been for months.

No. 899514


LMAO the infamous "Really good person" birthday post, and that after she made a post for his birthday that said "I love you honey."

No. 899516


Kek in September even he was like "I'm so lucky to have this person in my life!" Now he's running around his comments taking about how she's a keeper. The only change in the situation was everyone finding out about his pumping and dumping.

He'll probably propose at Christmas and proceed to have a hilariously short marriage and a very long divorce.

No. 899517

File: 1575077359044.png (95.4 KB, 597x481, cowjuice5.png)

They're putting out NSP kid's shirts.

No. 899519

File: 1575077911253.jpg (7.07 KB, 250x127, cowjuice6.jpg)


No. 899520

>only started playing it on thick since those allegations have come out

sage for tinfoil but is he maybe just using her as a beard?? like "I can't be a sexual predator, I'm in a happy committed relationship! :))"? could explain why he seems to have so suddenly changed his mind about having an actual relationship and making it public, especially with how hard he's been doubling down since people started talking about what a creep he is. plus it might explain why he talks about her like he's her creepy uncle or some shit

No. 899523

Jared & Heidi were that way for to the better half of their relationship too. Keep the intimacy alive, never stop trying to win their heart, since there will always be people out there trying to do the same.

No. 899525


I've actually been wondering about that. But I don't think so. I think they're both rushing into things and that their relationship weirdly strains at the edges, but they're probably genuine in some way.

No. 899532

I think they are a genuine couple. I mean apparently they've been together for awhile, and he only made it public earlier this year because it's a serious relationship. It's just that she is also a very convenient rebuttal to the gross sexpest accusations and he's definitely using that to his advantage. And I'm sure she doesn't mind because he's being publically affectionate for once, even if it's super awkward and forced because he has no idea how to act as a boyfriend.

No. 899546


What's interesting about that is that she's been ignoring him more often on Instagram since this started. Usually she's the one who tries very hard while he's weirdly aloof with his comments and likes. Makes a person wonder if they fought over fuckgate, or if she only found out that she was seeing other girls during the early part of their relationship.

No. 899564

Just glanced through her IG and you're right. The last time she mentioned him or posted a pic together was 6 November. The creeper allegations came out a couple days later. She didn't even mention him in the pic at the museum she took him to yesterday.

No. 899567


She's liked a couple of his comments, but hasn't commented on his post since his I Love My Girlfriend post, not even the ones where he's mentioned her.

No. 899579

I mean, he is a geriatric. My dad is the same whenever he sends emails. When he was Ashley's age they didn't phones at all.(Blog)

No. 899592


>"having sex with Garrus"

"Asexual" my ass

No. 899593

She's only asexual when it comes to normal people the real world. But if she can pretend she's in fantasy land fucking her exotic rogue/alien/whatever husband then she's a whole freak.

No. 899599

So Jared chose to be with the girl who fell for him over a roleplay fetish instead of his wife who loved him for he is?

No. 899600


Doesn't explain why he can sincerely compliment his relatives and female friends but with Ash he sounds like a robot.

No. 899605

Reminds me of Onision’s “my spouse is an awesome human”.

Jared created seven porn blogs to collect fan nudes and slept with his fans because he’s a sexpest, not because his wife “stopped trying to win his heart”. Don’t blame his fuckery on her not trying hard enough.


No. 899609

Or maybe he made it public when he stopped sleeping with other people

No. 899700


That's my best guess. They seem to have exchanged "I love yous" somewhere around last November. He was still fucking my friend and a couple of other women in July of the same year.

No. 899703

File: 1575131131450.png (398.13 KB, 806x444, cowjuice7.png)

If Kati actually knows that Dan did something I wish she'd come out and say so. This wishy-washy nonsense is fucking ridiculous.

No. 899705

File: 1575131253815.png (133.22 KB, 798x214, cowjuice8.png)

The bottom of the post.

No. 899709

I wonder if he's being tepid because he's afraid of riling up his fans? It might be a valid fear to think if you come on too strong about your gf, she might get harassed. I agree it seems super weird and impersonal but maybe he thinks he's being careful by acting neutral

No. 899714

it's nice that the proceeds are going to a good cause, but i wouldnt want my kid wearing that shirt.

No. 899717


>"If you come on too strong about your gf, she might get harassed"

When you're in a romantic/sexual relationship with a public figure, you're going to get shit regardless. The way he's doing it now, though, is leading everyone to speculate that it's all fake and a show.

No. 899727


The fandom responded gleefully to him being with Ash in January, there's no reason for him to be that tepid about her in August. The sudden I LOVE MY GIRLFRIEND stuff seems to have happened in direct reaction to the scandal, and ramped up in reaction to Under the Covers 3 doing poorly saleswise.

No. 899728


The only other option is that he proposed and they're keeping it under cover, but no fucking way would Ash not be blabbing all over Facebook if he did.

No. 899771

File: 1575144742226.jpeg (320.05 KB, 601x831, 313EF052-692D-46D7-9311-9849B3…)

So Jared released a new video on his channel and Holly has retweeted it. I really hope the video fails but knowing his newfound fan base of MRAs and Incels it probably won’t.

No. 899774


>share with your enemies

rolling my fucking eyes he’s trying way too hard. Hes pathetic.

No. 899781


He looks so dead-eyed in this new photo, it's really creepy. And the awful lighting makes him look so much older and tired than before. Jeez Jared, hire a real photographer

No. 899783


He keeps reviewing older games and trying to profit, not realizing that (A) anyone who played older games either likes them or hates them and gives zero fucks about his opinion or (B) are too young to be into that specific genre.

Also, of course Hoelly retweeted it. She’s desperate for the world to know she still has something to do with him. Spoiler alert: no one else wanted him, Holly. He’s not a prize. He’s the consolation trophy that is given to the person who loses.

No. 899807



Oh damn. Jared only wanted her to get his dick wet. She only wanted him for fantasy RP-sex. This relationship is gonna SOAR… and crash.

No. 899814


They're trying so hard to act like they don't care about the haters that it's blatant that they care about the haters.

No. 899816

File: 1575151409368.png (324.27 KB, 411x347, cowjuice9.png)

Ash just buried this under a solo pic like she used to do when Dan was lying to the world about them being together. No wonder why when they both look tired and strained.

No. 899821


I mean you could easily tell that was the case when Jared started liking tweets bashing h3h3 for standing by his statements about Jared being a creep, knowing that h3h3 is a bigger Youtuber, so Jared can't scare him into submission.

Many of his stans suggested that he take legal action against Ethan, but Jared shut right up soon after…

No. 899829

Damn, sis needs some sleep. She looks almost as old as him in this pic. Why would you even post this

No. 899841


If they truly didn't care about the haters, Holly wouldn't sperg out every couple of weeks when someone says something she doesn't like (like her recent freakout over the allegations she scammed the cancer patient with the cosplay)


>"Suggested he take legal action against Ethan"

For fucking what? Pointing out that Jared the eternal creep wildly abused his fame by jacking it to nudes his fans sent in?

No. 899859


Looks like she mostly wanted to brag about going to the Met even though they both look pissy and like she doesn't want to be there. The fact that he hasn't bothered to take her there in the year since they've been serious says a lot about their relationship.

No. 899860

I like how she smiles with her mouth closed while Dan usually is showing his teeth.

No. 899861

He looks like shit in that thumbnail, did he always have such a bad receding hairline?

No. 899872


No, his hairline is noticeably worse.

No. 899884

Trying to get into the retro gaming community.

No. 899885


"See guys? RETRO games! No underage audience here!"

No. 899893


His hair's been receding severely over the last year


She has major horse teeth and seems to be self-conscious about them.

No. 899896


He's always been in the retro community, and this video is the 5th in sequence where he reviews every main final fantasy game. It's not a publicity stunt, it's perfectly on brand for him.

Whether or not it's enough to sustain him into the future remains to be seen. His reputation has suffered with long time fans and who knows if his knew MRA fans actually give a shit about his content. But his videos aren't what makes him a cow, just his behavior with women.

No. 899898


I was just making fun of how his stans insist that he doesn't have any underage viewers at all because he reviews old/retro games.

No. 899907


The retro gaming community is still relatively small - and Jared's reputation as a creep who preys on vulnerable fans precedes him.


That got me too. It's like they're ignoring the fact that his creepy behavior took place on tumblr, where the average age is the 13-18 age range.

No. 899908


…And the fact that he had been soliciting nudes since 2014/2015.

No. 899919

And that retro reviews don't only attract old audiences.
Seriously, he's in that similar boat to people like AVGN and Nostalgia Critic, despite a focus on older games, their format still appeals to a younger crowd.

No. 899940

File: 1575175912939.png (188.59 KB, 1226x776, new_room.png)

sage for tinfoil but jared mentioned filming in a new room. did him and Holly move in together? I don't see why he'd move his filming room to a different room in own house, seems like a lot of work for no reason.

Also kek at him bragging about beating cancel culture and not being bothered by the haters but still changing his branding and intro song. sm teasing him with his song probably really got under his skin and now it triggers him like the clown emoji triggers holly.

No. 899947

No he moved out of the house he lived with Heidi in.
Into Holly's house?
I don't think so, unless he was struggling with money and needed to.

Though if that wasn't the reason I feel like Jared probably wouldn't move in with Holly if they were just bf/gf, since him and Heidi didn't move in together until getting married.

No. 899949

I wonder if it bothers Holly that Jared's first video back is a retro jrpg review (a hobby he and Heidi bonded over a lot and started dating because of, but one that Holly has never expressed interest in) instead of him jumping straight into D&December (a series where she can shamelessly insert herself and make gratuitous cameos for the sake of gloating cuz she "won").

No. 899952

File: 1575178026404.gif (1.54 MB, 323x233, dcvcozy-796d38f7-68ca-4d52-882…)

No. 899954

File: 1575179103791.png (30.72 KB, 476x488, tumblr3.png)

No wonder Jared's stans scream at everyone to "Stay away from Tumblr!" Looks like it's one of the few places that makes people think…

No. 899955

File: 1575179306578.png (30.21 KB, 472x484, tumblr4.png)


>"When she snapped back, they were shocked because she had kept her mouth shut for so long."


No. 899958

File: 1575179620908.png (100 KB, 472x562, tumblr5.png)


>"…but all the replies insisted that Jared was a married, good man and that he would never cheat on his wife"

THIS is why he stayed with Heidi for so long. She was a prop used to boost his image.

No. 899963

He bonded with Holly over retro RPGs as well.

No. 899966

Heidi didn't cosplay before meeting Jared, IIRC.
So maybe he encouraged her to cosplay so Heidi could be his trophy wife.
Likewise, Heidi seemed to be okay with this. Validation, self-esteem, in addition to her actually wanting to cosplay.

Being able to publicly show pride in your spouse is always healthy for a relationship, as long as its genuine and mutual not forced
cough Dan cough

No. 900011

File: 1575196145881.png (358.09 KB, 347x596, cowjuice10.png)

Remember that time Dan said he hates musicals?

No. 900079

The first characters she cosplayed were his favorites, so probably

No. 900096

Nope. Not at all. In fact it would really surprise me if he did. Either way there's nothing milky in someone doing something they'd otherwise not enjoy just because their partner was into it.

No. 900102

File: 1575221756243.png (854.22 KB, 880x930, cowjuice11.png)

>Ash: Dan let me share this important musical that means a lot to me with you.

No. 900108

They’re just doing couple things anon, there’s nothing milky about this at all

No. 900109


He's mentioned it on Grumps a couple of times. He doesn't like any music that doesn't have 'a guitar' in it.

The problem with that is that every single time he's participated in something that's important to her but means nothing to him - like watching every Disney movie in release order - he's bitched about it on Grumps in a passive aggressive way.

No. 900111


True enough. I'm just waiting to hear him complain about it on Grumps.

No. 900121

I said jrpgs, learn to read and learn to sage.

No. 900123

Does the J part really matter?

No. 900196

They're pretty different genres.

No. 900297

At this point I'm pretty sure a big part of his family is from Innsmouth, jfc.

No. 900335

>like watching every Disney movie in release order - he's bitched about it on Grumps in a passive aggressive way
Not surprised. That must become tedious at some point considering the amount of movies

No. 900362


At one point she showed him a short and he said that the animators drew in an animal that wouldn't have existed in that period of time in that place and she told him to be quiet because he was ruining the movie for her.

I can't blame him for his sarcasm, but this is deadly serious shit for her.

No. 900394


in her defense, it is the basis of her career, and i can absolutely see dan talking down to her and being a passive-aggressive ass about it.

he's pulling all this "my love uwu" bullshit on instagram since his recent scandal, but half the time he mentions her on game grumps it sounds like he doesn't even like her. girl needs to stop being dan's child bride and find an age-appropriate boyfriend who will find her antics cute and quirky. their relationship is just made creepier by the fact that ash comes off as some dewy-eyed ingenue; i high-key bet this is one of those relationships she's going to look back on in her 30s and cringe.

No. 900434


Between his passive aggression and her know it all tendencies, they are lowkey messy.

I thought I was the only one who picked up on that. He was a dick about her on that podcast they had, too.

No. 900472

File: 1575276763611.png (151.86 KB, 360x450, Funky_Kong_Artwork_-_Mario_Kar…)

All you low lives are just mad he recovered from his fiasco. Hes ugly, a pedo and fucking a clown and yet hes still a better person than the lot of you.
This forum is poison for the mind, yall should hope you get cancer so you can die early and happy in your own little fake drama world where people are once a shit, always a shit. Part of growing up and maturing is learning to accept that things and people can change for the better even at their worst.
You will never ammount to anything of revelvance and you are all jealous, sad idiots who need a fucking hobby.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 900768

File: 1575337423541.png (141.5 KB, 466x338, signthepetitionagain.png)

Looks like it's time for 'Round 2' I guess…

No. 900771


Ugh, gross, he's trying to turn it from his shitty D&D stories into a social media thing. Probably to appeal to WOTC to please let him go back to official streams.

No. 900772

File: 1575337867105.png (286.52 KB, 536x622, dcafans2.png)

DCA has such nice fans…/s

No. 900777

Do these kids not get that everyone but Holly and Jared have moved on and no one wants to be involved with the DCA shitshow anymore?

No. 900897

File: 1575359448563.jpg (3.95 MB, 2192x2936, dd2018vs2019.jpg)

With Heidi vs. without

No. 900913


She took the fake potion bottles… (shakes fist) Damn that gold-digging WHORE!!! /s

No. 900916

Wow, he aged like a decade in 1 year. I know we rag on his looks a lot but he honestly looks like he's got a wasting disease.

No. 900917


Yeah well, selling your last few remnants of a soul to continuously dip your dick into the Hoelly Cumrag well of crazy will do that to you

No. 900927

He looks exactly the same. Hasn't even changed his shirt. Maybe its the weird shed that's making him look worse.

No. 900934

I'd love to say she's a woman with great taste, but then again she chose Jared.

No. 900936

He does have a wasting disease, it's called Holly Conrad.

The lighting is definitely much worse and doing him no favors but his hairline has receded a good inch.

No. 900966

I'd say maybe back in the day he wasn't he wasn't such a prick.
But maybe the difference is that Jared was her prick.

No. 900993


>still changing his branding and intro song

His previous branding was designed by Arin Hansen

No. 901059

File: 1575402545677.png (75.74 KB, 584x718, no sex positivity.png)

>"Seems like pretty bad practice to preach inclusion but shun sex positivity."

>"What I do understand is that without fans, without our money, your business isn't viable."

Just take your ball & go home already.

No. 901066

>I’m not comfortable supporting a business that doesn’t approve of its employees exploiting fans for sex

Wtf was wrong with DCA that it attracted people like this?

No. 901067

File: 1575403557313.png (72.22 KB, 408x684, maturedcafans.png)

It's nice to see some more mature DCA fans on the subreddit

No. 901070

Yeah, Satine Phoenix is polyamorous and is still a D&D brand ambassador. Jeremy Crawford is gay, they just hired DC as a narrative designer. Their officials and hosted streams feature NB folx. WOTC is fine at promoting sex positivity.

Cheating on spouses, soliciting nudes from fans and banging some at cons behind your wife's back, that's not sex positivity.

I can't tell anymore of they're just that developmentally stunted or if they're outright deluded now…

No. 901071


B-but… soliciting nudes from & sleeping with fans & coworkers is a 'special' kind of sex positivity!


No. 901072

File: 1575404030870.jpg (349.04 KB, 1080x1481, Screenshot_20191203-141226_Red…)

Damn there was a heated arguement in the Scott the Woz subreddit over a lighthearted joke about ProJared.


Ofcourse the PJ-stans and haters have to vent somewhere else since PJ2 subreddit doesn't allow it anymore.

No. 901073


They should just get banned for 'brigading' at this point.
Every time someone on reddit says "I personally don't think Jared isn't 100% innocent…" literally the same handful of users suddenly come crawling in to 'educate' them on why they're 'wrong' & to stop resisting the allure of ProJared the Untouchable.

No. 901077

File: 1575404972901.png (394.8 KB, 560x422, ProScott.png)


Also Scott the Woz is, for whatever reason, doomed to forever be associated with Jared

No. 901081

But wandering wormdick is the most oppressed sexuality there is!

No. 901098


>"Seems like pretty bad practice to preach inclusion but shun sex positivity"

Inclusion is for POC, LGBT+, disabled people - not ignorant cuntwaffles who think it's appropriate to fuck a married man while being married themselves.

>"for products that only became popular through the players you turned your back on"

Jared and Hoelly did not single handedly make D&D famous and popular - nice fucking try.

>"Without our money, your business isn't viable"

JFC, again you handful of rabid fans do not single handedly make up the entirety of the D&D fanbase.


To be fair, it is an overused joke - a funny one, but still overused.


That poor soul (tbh I don't know who Scott the Woz is)


Right up there with being called a mistress for fucking a married dude. DON'T YOU KNOW THAT THEY'RE THE MOST OPPRESSED PEOPLE EVER, ANON?? /s

No. 901099

Even Gary Gygax himself was an infamous sex fiend. D&D has been about gross polygamous nerds having gross nerd sex from the start. They're just not gonna brand it like this when it's also a corporate trademark they'd still like to market to kids.

No. 901101

>without our money

That's cute, they think DCA mattered when shit like CritRole exists.

No. 901102

>He does have a wasting disease, it’s called Holly Conrad.

anon i fucking cackled holy shit

No. 901103

After Holly made that post saying that you can enjoy D&D without being attached to the DCA brand and how she is enjoining playing her other game. FFS Geraldo you are going against her wishes.

No. 901105

I'm expecting a full on Holly meltdown soon - With DCA being more or less gone now, her career is pretty much shit (since whatever podunk show she's on now doesn't have even a fraction of the following that DCA had) and Jared will grow bored of her neurotic bullshit now that it's not bringing him any positive attention

No. 901108

Was watching the latedt gg episode about the dandy and arin is not wearing his wedding ring confirmed. Is he getting a divorce as well?ive never put any thought into the presence of rings but you guys actually made me wonder lol

No. 901112

Possibly, I will research when I have time.
But isn't Arin like super clingly? When they "broke up" as teens or something, he sent Suzy a written letter like everyday.

Suzy, likewise seems to cling to his fame, doesn't really have her own notariaty outside of the GG. She just sells goth merch and stuff like that.

If there is problems then those are likely well behind closed doors.

No. 901114


>"those are likely well behind closed doors"

It seems like everyone else in the GG/DCA circle seemed to have enough common sense to not air their dirty laundry publicly or - if they're going to cheat on their respective spouses - to mostly keep their head down and power forward.

ProDouche and Holly are the only two who publicly air their dirty laundry on the regular.

No. 901118

File: 1575410069221.png (1.15 MB, 844x560, ring.png)

He isn't wearing his ring in these pictures either and they do look very much like a married couple, so I wouldn't read too much into it.

No. 901127

File: 1575410921741.jpg (493.03 KB, 1080x1309, Screenshot_20191204-090819_Ins…)

Agree, if they were staging pics you think they'd very deliberately make sure rings were present. Maybe he is getting it resized because his finger got too fat or something, although I've noticed Suzy hasn't been wearing hers either so maybe they're getting new ones? Who knows.

No. 901129

>ProDouche and Holly are the only two who publicly air their dirty laundry on the regular.

So did Heidi, however…
She did say multiple times that she did not consider herself a public figure before the scandal and didn't care to be one.
In her case, like she said in those texts about DCA
"I'm ready to go down this ship tbh!"-along those lines

Knowing that exposing the cheating would ruin their reputations, but her own actions during the marriage could ruin hers as well. But she was prepared for it.

Besides like she said when she had jobs as a Cosplay Guests they didn't even pay very much. So it's extra income but not income she will miss.

No. 901141

I feel like, ideally, when you are 30+ the priority of both partners is probably stability rather than intimacy.

You can have an unhappy yet stable marriage, which I'd imagine is tolerable at a certain age and level of maturity. But in the case of Jared+Heidi, Holly+Ross, it was both unhappy and unstable.

Unless Arin+Suzy is unstable and dysfunctional behind closed doors, I think they'll learn to live with it.

No. 901156

probably getting them resized since suzy & arin have both lost some weight recently (her more so than him). i'm also not a fan of snoozy but i gotta admit that she is looking pretty good after losing weight.

No. 901168

File: 1575414187913.jpeg (22.68 KB, 554x554, images (35).jpeg)

I literally can't remember the last time Suzy wore her ring, so if theres trouble in paradise then they've been larping as a happy couple for years. But I think it's probably not that deep and they just don't want to wear them every day. (Also I always thought her ring set was kind of clunky and very un-Suzy, surprised she didn't go with a black or salt/pepper diamond like Safiya did.)

No. 901172


Heidi made it public to defend herself and her image - also so that ProDick couldn't put forth this "It was mutual!" when it so clearly was not. I'm not saying that make it right, but Heidi had a reason whereas Jared just wanted to be able to fuck his side piece with no strings attach (and Holly just couldn't keep her fucking mouth shut).

>"Knowing that exposing the cheating would ruin their reputations"

Exposing the cheating didn't ruin shit. The cheating is what ruined it. It would have came out sooner or later anyway.

>"but her own actions during the marriage could ruin hers as well."

What actions? The actions of being in an LDR with someone her husband approved of - or the actions where she was so desperate to save her marriage, she told her husband he could generally fuck anyone on Earth but Holly (and then he went and fucked her anyway)?

No. 901176

Imagine your wife giving you free reign to fuck any girl you want except for your mentally unstable, haggard married coworker with an ongoing identity crisis - and you fuck her instead anyway. lmao.

No. 901178

File: 1575415485459.gif (11.01 MB, 640x392, tenor(2).gif)

>"It was mutual!"

Jared told Heidi he wanted to break up with her in October '18
Jared then did break up with Heidi in February '19
Heidi "broke up" with Jared in April '19
Jared filed to divorce Heidi in May '19

No. 901196

File: 1575417886468.png (414.96 KB, 605x623, OverFinished.png)

And there we have it.

No. 901199

Late to the party here, and I know he's being 'jokey' or whatever but how shitty would it feel if your long(ish) term partner just referred to you as a "really good person" on your birthday lol. Who said romance is dead?

No. 901208

Good for them. No one says you can't have loved DCA or had a lot of fun with the show, it's that you should at least understand why the fuck it's not coming back. If you're mad, blame Jared.

No. 901210

KEK! Everyone with sanity and respect called it. This is what happens when you shit on your job just to bang a coworker. Hope bitch granny was worth it, Proturd.

No. 901213

File: 1575419748009.gif (881.49 KB, 220x166, tenor (2).gif)

Welp I guess I have my entertainment for tonight.

No. 901215

Finally some new potential milk.

No. 901217

Oh yeah, the infants are losing their shit.

No. 901219

Please share.

No. 901220

File: 1575420250280.jpg (331.56 KB, 1080x1031, Screenshot_20191204-114305_Twi…)

At least Holly isn't acting like WOTC killed her whole family with this announcement, but her fanbase sure is.

No. 901221

Kek at how Jared and Holly were replaced.

No. 901222

File: 1575420355142.jpg (438.8 KB, 1080x1458, Screenshot_20191204-113927_Twi…)

Double post but case in point. (Twitter isn't loading profile pics for me.)

No. 901226

I have watched the DCA on-stage shows and found them [[mildy]] entertaining. Most entertaining was Twitch Con 2018 but obviously they had a very high budget for that particular show.

Still for DnD in general, I don't see how anyone can be entertained by watching 4 or 5 people talk to each other on webcams for 2 hours.

No. 901228


I guess it makes sense that they waited until they had something to replace DCA with to announce it's ending.

No. 901229

I hope Holly Cumrag is crying in a face of chicken feathers.

They deserve it too.

>I will not stand for this
Then have a seat, dumbass. It's hilarious that these retarded stans think they can actually change anything.

No. 901232

File: 1575421730546.png (291.13 KB, 600x600, dcablackmail1.png)

Let us bring in the salt…

No. 901234

File: 1575421781333.png (121.66 KB, 592x548, dcablackmail2.png)

Denica makes a very fitting response considering her past behavior

No. 901236

File: 1575421927409.png (21.3 KB, 572x168, empathy.png)

>"Empathy is what makes humans greater than just animals.

Show some compassion."

How about you guys show some compassion for the people affected by Jared & Holly's swarm of rabid stans?

Or were you too busy celebrating your hubris?

No. 901239

not milk but pretty good statement. wonder if shell be able to keep it up. Possibly, considering shes friends with a good chunk of the remaining/new cast

No. 901240

File: 1575422031344.png (26.49 KB, 576x204, notenough.png)

They wanted 'closure', but of course it wasn't enough for them.

No. 901242

File: 1575422240106.png (307.01 KB, 590x558, borkbawws.png)

No. 901243

File: 1575422267418.png (11.21 KB, 572x112, closure.png)

You harassed WotC for an announcement. Now you have it.

No. 901244

They deleted this tweet. Guess DCA fans are lurking? Also I feel bad because this person has to be a kid and losing a parent is pretty traumatizing but this level of emotional response to a d&d show being cancelled is incredibly unhealthy. At least Holly and Jared are going to be continuing their story, who cares if it's not under the official Wizards banner?

No. 901245

File: 1575422463563.png (63.32 KB, 596x404, spittintruth.png)

Shut tf down

No. 901246

File: 1575422541441.png (17.15 KB, 604x201, ObjectiveValkyrie.png)

More totally objective commentary from the totally objective owner of the totally objective truth blog (ignore the fact that she's also a personal friend of Holly's).

No. 901248

Totally worth it, huh, Jessica?

No. 901251

File: 1575422775738.jpg (72.06 KB, 437x500, Screenshot_20191203_191936.thu…)

This is like his divorce announcement all over again…

No. 901252

File: 1575422783250.png (16.45 KB, 601x204, MaddestRads.png)

Dan Pirro is also big mad.
(I really hope that amount was like, over a lifetime, because if that's how much he spent during the three years of the show's run, YIKES)

No. 901253

File: 1575422874280.gif (354.99 KB, 245x170, stop_dont_come_back_willy_wonk…)


< WotC rn

No. 901256

File: 1575423066579.png (24.11 KB, 498x178, dcareddit1.png)

>"More people are mad at them that currently support the brand"

Gonna need you to back that up, chief.

No. 901258

File: 1575423184885.png (16.17 KB, 494x128, brave.png)

God bless this lone brave soul on the DCA subreddit

No. 901259

lol was his reasoning "now that people know I will sleep with literally anyone, they'll all tune in hoping I'll throw them a bone"? Per usual he sounds like a complete jackass, even Holly was pretty gracious in her statement and encouraged everyone to continue supporting the rest of the crew. So glad WOTC finally washed their hands of this degenerate.

No. 901263


But you guys, he totally rallied for it to come back. HOW COULD THEY NOT GIVE IT TO HIM??? /s

No. 901264


So, in other words, they’re a business and not a weird fetish delivery system for shut in nerds. Got it.

No. 901265

>they're just a brand
Yeah no shit. How many times do retarded fanboys need to learn this lesson? Corporations don't give a fuck about you feelings if it doesn't turn a profit. Just because it's a nerd brand doesn't mean it's any different from any other business.

Official D&D merch is ridiculously expensive, wouldn't surprise me at all that a neckbeard would drop thousands on it without blinking.

No. 901267



And he just had to add that "Wizards wasn't interested" in there.

No. 901268

>More people are mad at them that currently support the brand than there are non-supporters that threatened to boycott them.
Oh yeah, that's why D&D's tweet is totally getting ratio'd.
(it's not)

No. 901269


>Oh yeah, that's why D&D's tweet is totally getting ratio'd.

(it's not)

Watch Dan-the-Mad-Rad here try to rally together a mob of angry 'fans' to make damn sure of it…

No. 901273

This is wonderful, from Holly's statement I almost thought that he would address the situation in the same manner but Jared just couldn't help himself.

No. 901274

Compare his response to Holly's >>901220
He chose to act like a huge cunt about it and closed the door to WotC completely. Holly gave a fake but professional response which leaves the door open for possible chances with WotC in the future Jared's response has always been "blame the other person for my shitty actions".

No. 901275

File: 1575424482230.png (20.14 KB, 578x170, boobaaw.png)

>"Disappointed that the company is taking a “safe” alternative without considering what good the continuation of the game would be in terms of fighting cancel culture."

Fuck your agenda, Caitlyn. People have families to feed.

No. 901276


He hasn't learned shit from this whole debacle. Holly should just dump him. She's trying to be careful & he just doesn't give a shit & just blames everyone else.

No. 901277

ProJared doesn't disappoint. and if only he could have shared how a guy who is completely guilty of having sex with fans and using his fame for nudes would have made the show "more successful" Jared's ego is so big he had to throw in that it's Wizard's loss. Shit like this is why we empathize with Heidi despite her pitfalls. Living with that must have been agony. How can someone so ugly have an even uglier personality?

No. 901278

Ol' wormdick seriously needs to hire a publicist so he stops sounding like a bitter retard every time he posts, or at least let Holly handle it since she surprisingly demonstrated the ability to be civil. Nothing about congratulating his former coworkers/friends on their new show, just a snide remark about WOTC designed to inflame his supporters. I'm sure they're relieved to be rid of him officially.

No. 901280

File: 1575424844987.png (983.51 KB, 1603x2048, Screenshot_20191203-205712.png)

No. 901282

Can't imagine why the mods would delete comments where the show's host is called cowardly, short-sighted, etc.

No. 901285

Oh fuck! Holly is learning how to stfu and act like an adult and it's Jared who can't control his uwu's. Please burn more bridges with professional outlets that you used to love, Jared.

and support doesn't need to include insults to the creators, you sex addicted parasite.

No. 901286

And death threats. Jared is only making things worse for himself because companies talk to each other and word will spread. Other companies won't want to work with him.

No. 901288

File: 1575425182045.png (40.86 KB, 578x384, meanwhile.png)


>Shit like this is why we empathize with Heidi despite her pitfalls.

No. 901289

The mod removed their comment - wow, great way of showing respect to all the fans. The DCA community seems just as toxic as Holly and Jared.

No. 901290

>"safe" in scarequotes
It's a business. They made an informed decision about profits based on weighing the reactions and general public atmosphere regarding similar issues with the goal of upholding company reputation and support. They don't need to martyr themselves to help out poor cumbrained Jared who couldn't stop himself from using his public platform to entice underage fans to send him spank bank material.

No. 901292

File: 1575425310058.png (57.71 KB, 622x459, BlueAsInSadJay.png)

So wait, that Jared was using his fame to solicit nudes from fans and hooking up with them at cons was also a false allegation?
Because that's enough for any public/entertainment company to axe somebody.

No. 901294

Exactly. They're mad at a business for acting like a business.

No. 901296

File: 1575425474805.jpg (343.88 KB, 1080x1212, Screenshot_20191204-131003_Twi…)

found this in the comments lmao

No. 901297

Regardless of how you feel about the decision to cancel #DiceCameraAction, seeing DCA subreddit actively delete and suppress support of Wizards and their other shows is frustrating and infuriating.

No. 901298

Keep it up WKs! I'm sure any companies looking in your direction are gonna love to see these tweets!

No. 901299

Diath was the most forgettable character. You could change his name to anything else and he would still be Great Value Adventurer™.

It's a support group that gets by on adult tantrums.

No. 901300

>Jared IS Diath
Holly has entered the chat
>they could lose Strix though
Holly has left the chat

No. 901301

We'll see… the lead mod on the DCA subreddit also started the D&D Presents subreddit, so he might remain supportive.

Would suck if that subreddit turned into a "you can't even say it's better than DCA" crap-hole.

No. 901303

Exactly, this is how any big corporation would reward two employees who disregarded their professional boundaries and brought the company into disrepute by making terrible decisions. Hardly loyal, are they?

Actions actually have consequences in the real world, evidently Jared and Holly thought this would not apply to them.

No. 901304

I was just making fun of Jared's comment and far deluded they are in support of self serving bullshit.

No. 901308

I think it was mentioned before. But Jared could have simply deleted the sexts and nudes he had with Holly from his old phone.

Next time you cheat, maybe do a better job hiding it.

No. 901310

As satisfying as it is reading these responses, I certainly hope that Heidi finally got a good lawyer by now just in case Jared tries to do something…

No. 901311


It's because he wants to blame literally everyone for the ending of DCA but himself. Hell, he'd even throw Holly under the bus if he thought it'd help his image.


That's just it. Even if WoTC wanted to extend another show to him in the future, he done blew the shit out of that bridge.


"Suppress support"

It's because it isn't support of the show - It's a rabid attack YOU induced by riling up your fanbase. Support is "I'm sad it's over, but I support the cast", not "I tried to save it YOU GUYS REFUSED!"


Other companies would never want to work with him anyway - The scandal of using your fanbase for nude fap material is something that literally NO decent company can afford to have attached to them.


Of course they did - The PJ2 subreddit is just one big circle jerk of Pro-ProJared bullshit. The mods can deny it all they want, but when shit like this happens? Yeah, we all know better.


"two of your loyal cast members"

That were fucking each other off-camera. Yeah, how dare the show not continue to be their weird softcore porn material!


>"he would still be Great Value Adventurer™.

I fucking love this, Anon - especially since Holly (or Heidi? Idk) said it was a character that Jared had been working on since childhood and he STILL never managed to make it interesting.


Jared literally can't do shit, as long as WoTC never comes out and says "We cancelled it because he cheated on his wife".

No. 901317

The deleted comment was from the DCA subreddit, not PJ2. At least it's reassuring that not all of the fans are supporting Jared blindly.

No. 901323

I just love everyone on wizards' tweet, screaming that they should've had more notification than a secondary tweet. Like, I got notified that my insurance was dropping my doctors via a newspaper articles, but they want personalized, individual notification about a fucking youtube show getting cancelled?

How fucking delusional are these fans?

No. 901325

I know, anon.

>he done blew the shit out of that bridge.
I'm glad that he did. He's constantly showing his true colors and gave a "I'm better now" after his fake apology. Lo' and behold, he's right back to being an egotistical cunt just like before because he didn't get what he wanted. What could he have possibly brought to the table that would entice WotC after that scandal that he and Cumrag caused?

>That were fucking each other off-camera.

Indeed. They also got their fans involved in a nasty attack on someone one of those "loyal" cast members was supposed to be loyal to.

He even played his character generically. There was nothing noteworthy about his character. The character's outfit had no personality just like Jared himself, but it is a self-insert after all. His ego is far too big for what he was working with.

No. 901327

File: 1575427536543.png (18.66 KB, 578x166, Screenshot_402.png)

Jesus christ, they're now comparing cancelling DCA to apparently strangling a human baby to death.

Just…..what the fuck

No. 901328

I think the funniest part here is that the same people screaming "CANCEL CULTURE = BAD" are now actively attempting to cancel WoTC and this new show.

It's ironic.

No. 901330


>He even played his character generically. There was nothing noteworthy about his character.

But anon! Diath has rope-scars on his neck from when he was unjustly hanged or some shit /s

No. 901331

File: 1575428139140.png (40.31 KB, 580x326, shootthemessengers.png)


Oh blow me

No. 901332

File: 1575428156911.png (2.64 KB, 220x229, download.png)

No. 901333


It only took a few hours for the "THIS IS ALL THAT WHORE HEIDIS FAULT!" to begin.

It couldn't possibly have been jared's unique inability to keep his tiny curved dick in his pants. Nah, it's definitely Heidi's fault

No. 901334

File: 1575428249145.png (44.63 KB, 588x342, flaseinfo.png)


Maybe you should follow your own damn advice Mearmar

No. 901335

File: 1575428339603.png (83.05 KB, 572x598, dcastans1.png)

No. 901336


The only thing that was disproven was PedoDick actively asking minors for nudes. He still asked for nudes (he admitted to this), he still cheated on his wife (since they're still technically married, it's still technically cheating to fuck another woman)

No. 901338


>"Jared is in the right here"

To publicly slander the company that gave him his start?

Yeah, real genius move, bud.

>"This will probably become a PR nightmare"

Yeah, as would employing a dude who abused his fame and solicited nudes from his fanbase.

No. 901339

He cheated when Heidi asked him to stop fucking Holly, and Holly admitted Ross did not know about Jared. They are still both cheaters no matter how you look at it.

No. 901340


Surprised they didn't compare it the Holocaust, tbh.

No. 901341


I refuse to go any further into the tweets. One can only handle so many braindead versions of "BUT THE FANS! THIS SHOW CURED MY DEPRESSION AND CANCER AND ENDED WORLD HUNGER!" tweet.

No. 901343

File: 1575429119913.png (44.66 KB, 580x360, clickit.png)

Everybody acting like Holly & Jared are Jesus or something…

No. 901344


>"All due to vocal and drama-seeking people"

Thank goodness, they've finally recognized that Jared and Hoelly are just idiots trying to cash in on their 15 minutes of fame.

No. 901346

File: 1575429256531.png (39.33 KB, 578x300, nate.png)

Meanwhile, Nate just wants to move the hell on…

No. 901348

A lot of retarded incels are throwing fits right now, but in a few months they'll be supporting the new cast and show with, "It wasn't as bad as I thought." and I hope they feel like utter shit for the attacks, but doubt it. If they were actual fans of DCA then they would continue because two of the cast members are still there. These people are clearly rabid fans of Hoelly and/or Proturd, but not of DCA.

No. 901350

Funny thing is how of these crybullies were on Chris' tweet praising him for being a 'class act' throughout this whole thing.

Maybe y'all should take note stans…

No. 901351

It speaks volumes that Jared is the only one of the DCA cast members to not handle the announcement gracefully. I’m sure WotC do not regret their decision at all.

No. 901354

Especially not after he threw them under the bus.

No. 901358

File: 1575430241743.png (55.65 KB, 598x516, dcaornothing.png)

>"DCA is what started snowballing interest in DND shows"

That's a pretty bold claim there, Dan. Got any proof to back that up?

No. 901360

Could have sworn that was Critical Role.

No. 901364

File: 1575431139513.png (53.58 KB, 584x596, jsyk1.png)

No. 901367

Style and Grace only applies to marriages and not business deals, apparently.

No. 901368

File: 1575431300136.png (39.78 KB, 580x530, jsyk2.png)

No. 901369

File: 1575431512480.png (362.13 KB, 596x630, bam.png)

Shots fired

No. 901371

File: 1575431736378.png (61.55 KB, 586x652, jesse.png)

I love how the reply literally proves their point here.

No. 901374


Yeah, it couldn't have been anything like Stranger Things (a massively popular series) that introduced D&D to the younger generations - Nope, definitely Jared "PedoDick" Knabenbauer.

No. 901375

And TAZ.

No. 901376


…Despite his stans screaming that his audience is MOSTLY ADULTS!!!

No. 901380

File: 1575432877002.png (100.93 KB, 578x618, straws1.png)

Time to start dogpiling Greg Tito I guess…

No. 901381

File: 1575432936935.png (34.47 KB, 584x340, unacceptable.png)

No. 901382


Here's the clip


That title:

>"Lol funny cancelled joke in a stream that he cancelled the most popular streamed game they have"

No. 901384

Well Jared now has the choice to either
1) Become a powerful one-man army like JonTron
2) Become another Boogie2988

Guess we'll see where he goes from here

No. 901385


He's got his recently-acquired incel-army, but for how long?

No. 901386

For a dude claiming that he beat cancel culture, ProDouche sure is reacting poorly to being literally cancelled

No. 901388

File: 1575433484781.png (324.14 KB, 572x568, juststop.png)

Good lord, I've never seen anyone put this much energy into being upset over a fucking show being cancelled.

No. 901395

lmao Jared wishes he was as popular as Jontron so he could weather this storm. Jon was already enormously popular before he got "cancelled," Jared barely had a million followers and almost a quarter of them abandoned him overnight. In the youtube gamer funnyman world, he is a complete nobody.

No. 901398

File: 1575434259190.jpg (90.38 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault[2].jpg)

Except Jared is a non-virgin incel.
H3H3 explains it in the first podcast he did about Jared
I forgot which one
"This dude is smashing the incel movement, this gollum looking dude is out here breaking marriages. The problem is you, not the girls" -Paraphrasing.

Also since I mentioned H3, why is he the same age as Jared but looks 15+ years older?

No. 901399

File: 1575434290918.png (74.9 KB, 584x720, nobad.png)

Some of these fans are rock-stupid, I swear…

No. 901401

File: 1575434357948.png (58.72 KB, 598x604, notlikepewdz.png)


Still, it's nice to see people clap-back at these dumbasses

No. 901408


Oh he's definitely not being jokey. This is the same guy who replied to a picture of his girlfriend sitting on a bike at Madame Tussards by saying that "two of his favorite things" were in the picture. People roasted his ass for calling her a "thing."

The way he acts towards her makes no sense.

No. 901410

Literally no one cares. Wizard and Hasbro isn't going to give a shit about a random stan's incel rage.

H3H3 is probably laughing his ass off right now.

Yeah the first dozen screencaps proved that.

No. 901412


Jared's control issues are pouring off of this Tweet.

No. 901415

Boohoo. Sorry Jared, you lost. Spin the narrative however you like, no respectable company is ever going to work with you again. Hope the trash puss was worth it.

No. 901416

File: 1575437427555.png (54.25 KB, 588x412, shut up jessica.png)

>"He also stopped doing it of his own accord because he realized it wasn't healthy, "

No, he stopped doing it because he got caught.

No. 901417

When did he stop the blog? Was it before or after him and Holly had The Talk?

No. 901418

File: 1575437730371.png (543.67 KB, 539x258, clip Screenshot 2019-12-03 23-…)

Cupcake has pronouns in the bio, which basically removes all the credibility of him and his truth blog.

No. 901419


If I remember correctly, he deleted his main blog in April - 1 month before the controversy. He was still posting tons of porn & his cheeky "Send Nudes" prompts to spite Tumblr's NSFW-ban

No. 901420

Ofcourse Jareds fans are incels and his only female fans aren't actually female, except Holly.

No. 901424

File: 1575439114731.png (50.19 KB, 522x412, nateisdone.png)

Nate is just done with this fanbase's shit.

No. 901425

He stopped posting after Tumblr bombed it's self, he made only one post after and it was along the lines of "are people still here? If so send nudes."

No. 901426


Yep. Jessica's lying about him ceasing that behavior

No. 901428

File: 1575440087026.png (23.22 KB, 532x390, lmao2.png)

The replies are staring to get spicy!

No. 901429

I would feel bad that the new show has been totally overshadowed by Jared rallying his legally retarded fans to fistpound and screech, but Nate and Anna aren't much better I guess. They just managed to carry out their illicit workplace affair quietly enough that WOTC didn't care….which says a lot about just how badly Jared fucked up.

No. 901430


"If I can't have an affair & still succeed, then NO ONE CAN!"

No. 901431


I know it's probably aimed towards the rabid stans, but I'd like to think this is an indirect hint at Jared to shut the fuck up and be a mature adult for 2 damned seconds.

No. 901432


But remember, Jared never asked people to send him nudes! /s

No. 901433


That's just it. If Jared and Holly had at least kept shit under wraps until the divorce was finalized, MAYBE it would have been alright. Instead, Holly went on a three month long spergfest while Jared remained mum - and now they're just flipflopping roles.

No. 901434

Again, it's almost like WotC knew from experience with Jared that he could no longer be trusted…

No. 901448

I wonder if Holly's statement is a sign that reality is setting in now that the adrenaline rush from drama and wormdick is wearing off. She has been working in partnership with various brands and people in the industry for years, and now maybe she's realizing that having a sustained public tantrum is not professional, burning bridges with a brand in an industry you work in is career suicide, and shit-stirring to overshadow your fellow professionals' success is bad sportsmanship. Jared on the other hand doesn't have a professional bone in his body and it shows. He must be a nightmare to work with behind the scenes.

No. 901452

He also went public with the divorce and blocked his wife. Hoelly's tweets on that announcement was the last straw pretty much. It was a milky three month sperg and now Jared is doing it because for once, he didn't get what he wanted.

Indeed. I imagine they did their own internal investigation but not a huge one. Soliciting nudes from fans, especially at conventions is a huge no for a company that wants to keep a clean image.

>Jared on the other hand doesn't have a professional bone in his body
Or a creative one.

No. 901457


Yeah the nudes from fans is the main thing his rabid stans ignore. From WotC's position Jared solicited nudes from potential/current fans of them, not just fans of Jared. Given that he admitted to doing as much in that shit video he made it's really not hard to figure out why they ultimately pulled the plug. Imagine a parent, or group of parents, finding out that an entertainer under contract with WotC had gotten nudes of their daughters and potentially had sex with them at a con he was representing WotC at. It'd destroy every bit of the image the company has been trying to over the last 20 years or so.

No. 901458


Why do u hate 'sex-positivity' anon??? uwu /s

No. 901460

File: 1575445492274.png (75.33 KB, 534x684, k0sherpicklegetsowned.png)

Looks like logic has finally stepped in

No. 901462

File: 1575445762103.png (46.2 KB, 588x564, Cuocaketantrum.png)

The best response to Jessica's tantrums yet!

No. 901466


Cmon mate, dont be lame like that. She's an idiot and that goes beyond her gender or her bio lol

No. 901468

Getting fired from WOTC was probably a big wakeup call for Holly, she has been pretty subdued for the last couple days so it's obvious that the official decision was handed down just recently. That is a pretty big stain to have on your record. It is in everyone's best interest to forget the petty grudges and move on, but Jared is too fucking dumb to realize it. Holly might be able to salvage her career from this mess but Jared is a lost cause. He will never be more than a small time youtuber and he's never going to be sponsored or employed by anyone in the industry again.

Exactly. In the eyes of the law and the parents it looks like an employee preying on kids, it's a lawsuit waiting to happen and one WOTC/Jared would never win in a million years. He is a walking liability to any company.

Aren't Holly and Jared still using the DND ruleset for their own game? lmao

No. 901469

Cus cheating is shitty, but it's personal.
It doesnt require a galaxy brain that a big corporation is not going to give you platform to exploit the fans. That's the type of behaviour they're willing to put up with if you bring more money and prestige even after this type of shitstorm.
So the DCA fans should really be miffed with Jared for being a mediocre showman, really. Lol.

No. 901475


Can holly even save her career or what’s left of it at this point?

No. 901476

>Holly admitted Ross did not know about Jared
fuck me, I totally missed this revelation. I hate her even more now.

No. 901485

Publicly she still insists she never cheated but privately she talked about not knowing how/when to tell Ross about Jared. Apparently Ross had previously said he’d be okay with her seeing another woman but Holly didn’t know if he’d be okay with her seeing another man. I don’t remember if this was before or after they slept together but there absolutely, undeniably was emotional cheating happening on her part.

No. 901487


she said it literally the day after they had the talk in the woods and accompanied with "I need to talk with Ross first" as she was traveling back to LA. Dig deeper. Even Heidi says they didn't sleep together until October from when is her evidence for their affair. By then Holly was already separated from Ross and living in Seattle.

No. 901498

Before Hoelly and Pedodicks shenanigans in May, I hadn't heard of DCA. I had heard of Critical Role and TAZ however…

No. 901499

In the months before their talk, she and Jared had been carrying on an intense emotional affair. They BOTH admitted to having tension and a deep emotional connection. This was the whole reason Heidi made them talk it out in the first place. Emotional affairs are still 100% cheating, and arguably worse than physical in some aspects. Holly was also participating in writing smut of their RP characters (which was the vehicle for this affair in the first place) which is incredibly unhealthy when you are married to someone else. They may have not had sex until she was divorced, but they still cheated jn literally ever other aspect and Ross definitely did not know until it was too late. All of it is here: https://m.imgur.com/gallery/61PBric

No. 901511

He's gotten so used to his fanbase licking his asshole all day long and touting him as this big hero who beat cancel culture that he can't handle a reputation-conscious company not doing the same. What an entitled baby.

No. 901528

Hahahaha. I can salt my steak with the tears from their dumb fans. Glad they made the official announcement.

No. 901533

I know anons have said this, but holyshit, they must be stewing after seeing Nate and Anna keep going with DnD. rofl this is what happens when you do stupid shit and air out all your dirty laundry, Jared and Holly

No. 901534

That's such a dumbass statement. It's been proven time and time again that many animals showcase empathy. But i cant expect their fans to be smart. Glad DCA is over.

No. 901565


Heidi's facebook was relatively private and confined to close friends and family. Jared made his announcement on twitter where he had hundreds of thousands of followers (if not millions; I don't know the official count). Hoelly chimed in, calling Heidi an abusive whore to HER thousands and thousands of followers.

Heidi pointing out the truth of what happened to close friends and family (maybe a few hundred people) on facebook isn't on the same playing field as Hoelly and PedoDick spreading blatant lies to their rabid fanbase.

No. 901566

Doubt it. I can see her or Jared an hero'ing at any moment. As much as I'd like to see that happen, it'd be much more satisfying to see them grow old and miserable.

>dirty laundry
1. Heidi on Facebook (To her popular friends on FaceBook and those close to Jared): My husband had a sexual relationship with someone else during our marriage and we're getting a divorce.
2. Jared on Twitter: My wife and I have filed for divorce
3. Heidi on Twitter: My husband had a sexual relations with someone else during our marriage
4. Jared: My wife had sexual relations with someone else during our marriage
5. Heidi: Yes but!!!
6. Holly: Well uhhh

Anything you say or hide can be used against you in the court of public opinion.

It just went on and on from there

No. 901569


where is the part with jared blocking heidi before announcing their "amicable" divorce and holly commenting on his tweet telling him she's there for him

if you don't want to be accused of airing your dirty laundry, you probably shouldn't block your wife to lie to your fans and then have your mistress comment on the tweet about your divorce

No. 901579


let's not forget Holly immediately deleting her tweet of support when she realized she wouldn't be able to push her "HEIDI WAS BEING ABUSIVE!" narrative if she said "I'm sorry you're going through this" about them finally splitting up.

No. 901592

I was covering the basics, not the specifics.
I think all 3 of them made mistakes, not neccesarily in private persay, but in trying to win the court of public opinion and the narrative.

Like in Treesicle's ProJared part 2 it ended with something like

[[Yeah well if Heidi and Holly go at it again we aren't going to cover it… it's just juicy gossip… the pedophilia is what matters]].

Like I said before. Whatever you say, do, or even hide will be used against you.
Because unless you right a 400-page novel or autobiography, it more and room for speculation, which comes from personal judgement.

Clout helps, but facts always win.

Initially, Jared announced the divorce and didn't give us the specifics. It begs the question of why.
Until his wife came out and revealed it, with one reason behind it being Jared having an external sexual relationship. We are led to believe at this point, that Heidi herself did not have another sexual partner. She didn't confirm or deny it granted. Though the leaked snapchat texts do show Jared talking about them being poly and Heidi's [then] boyfriend.

Holly of course, jumped ship. So much for "Here if you need me!"

Jared comes back. Revealing that Heidi also had an external sexual relationship. If we have the right to know that Jared another sexual relationship, then surely that means we also have the right to know that Heidi had one as well. Right? Heidi hid this fact, it begs the question of why.
Yes she said "It wasn't relevant because we were poly and it was agreed upon". But I understand that personally, but to everyone else it begs the question of why someone would hide this and only explain it retroactively. Which is what all 3 of them had a bad habit of.

Part of me thinks that Holly did ask Ross to come along to Seattle but he knew what was going to happen and was "Yeah that's gonna be a no from me dawg"

No. 901596


>"but in trying to win the court of public opinion and the narrative"

That's the thing, though. Heidi was never trying to win the court of public opinion - She just wanted to clarify that shit wasn't as hunky-dory and amicable as Jared was making it out to be. This wasn't a dude who was concerned with his wife's mental state - this is a dude who wanted to fuck another woman with no strings attached.

>"Initially, Jared announced the divorce and didn't give us the specifics. It begs the question of why."

Because he wanted to maintain his public image, to be seen as a decent guy and not a guy who was fucking a married woman behind both his wife's and the other woman's husbands backs (not to mention that he was friends with his fuck buddy's husband)

>"We are led to believe at this point, that Heidi herself did not have another sexual partner."

We weren't led to believe shit. Heidi having another sexual partner was never the issue. Jared fucking someone that Heidi explicitly said "hey, please don't fuck her" was the issue.

>"If we have the right to know that Jared another sexual relationship, then surely that means we also have the right to know that Heidi had one as well. Right?"

No, because again, Heidi having a LDR wasn't the problem. Jared fucking the ONE SPECIFIC WOMAN he was told not to and then that woman up and moving to the same state and leaving her husband WAS the problem.

>"to everyone else it begs the question of why someone would hide this and only explain it retroactively"

Because it literally did not matter. Jared never displayed a problem with Heidi having another partner. He never said "Hey, dont' fuck that person" or "Hey, I don't like this, please stop". Heidi DID express her discomfort of Jared/Holly to Jared and he told her pretty much to get fucked and continued seeing Holly anyway.

>"Part of me thinks that Holly did ask Ross to come along to Seattle"

I doubt it. Bringing her husband would've definitely interferred with her plans to have a relationship with the only dude who apparently ever gave her sexual feelings (and ONLY with him)

No. 901599

>Heidi was never trying to win the court of public opinion

She kind of did as time went on, but it wasn't even close to justifying the hell storm that was sent her way. How can you be a "fan" of a person while sending death and rape threats to a person he used to love?

No. 901601


Exactly. Heidi's initial twitter burst was NEVER to come out on top, but to clarify things. Sure, she fucked up along the way - but I find it a lot easier to side with her since her reactions line up with those of someone who has been in an emotionally abusive relationship but is finally free.

Jared has from day 1 been in it to make himself look good, like the poor wounded dude who just got shat on at every turn. It didn't feel right from day one and his "You've been lied to!" video and reaction to DCA being cancelled just confirmed that he's a piece of shit.

No. 901605

Jared was also manipulating people from the sidelines during the months he disappeared to make statements for him. He said he didn’t want to further stoke the flames of the fire by posting evidence, so he sends screenshots of texts to hoelly so she can do it for him.
At least Heidi put all her own stuff out there rather than have anyone do it for her. All she did was ask for evidence of her husband being inappropriate with fans and was met with overwhelming response. Then Jared use’s that to get people to change or take down statements against him, likely with the threat of a lawsuit. He’s a coward.

No. 901608

File: 1575479271767.jpg (222.87 KB, 1080x1385, Screenshot_20191204-110611_Twi…)

>She just wanted to clarify that shit wasn't as hunky-dory and amicable as Jared was making it out to be.

And then Jared revealed they were at once polyamorous and that it wasn't as simple as Heidi made it out to be.

Yes. But again.
Being polyamorous, boundaries, agreements, those are all just words, it's he-said/she-said.

Having an external sexual relationship, is an action.

Heidi having sex with someone else (even with Jared's approval) is an action.
Jared having sex with someone else (with or without Heidi's approval) is an action.

SOME may argue that their actions are more relevant than their words.

Which is why we got reactions like this.

No. 901623

Being poly doesn't excuse yourself from cheating or magically make you not be cheating. Poly relationships can have even more rules and boundaries than a typical monogamous relationship. If he was going behind her back yes, that still is cheating regardless. We've been over this so many times lol

No. 901627

All you are proving is that you don't understand poly relationships - or maybe even relationships in general.

Words set boundaries and state what actions are and are not acceptable.

Jared stated that it was acceptable for Heidi to have an LDR with her cosplay buddy, she even included him in it and he at no point said that it had to end, so it's clear that it did not cross his boundaries.

Heidi stated that it was acceptable for Jared to have sex with other people so long as there were no feelings involved and she was made aware. Holly made it very clear that she had feelings for Jared and they did not involve Heidi enough to make her comfortable, so she called it out and made her boundaries clear: no sex or emotional affairs with Holly. Jared and Holly went ahead anyway on both respects, stomping all over Heidi's clearly marked stipulations.

Jared, in being married to Heidi for nearly a decade, had a duty to her to try and make her comfortable as she had to him, and they would communicate verbally on how to achieve this.

And despite all the clear communication, Heidi's actions demonstrated a clear respect and understanding for Jared, while his actions showed quite the opposite. Words mean a lot when you actually understand and listen, and you show that you have done this by acting accordingly.

No. 901632

We HAVE been over this so many times, right?

It seems like the Jared and Holly stans keep coming here trying to turn the tide back to supporting them - just a heads up: it ain't gonna happen. We've seen it all and been through it a billion times by now and most people here agree: it was cheating, Holly shouldn't have tried to use mental health as a weapon/shield and Jared shouldn't have been using his fans as a personal spank bank.

It's important to share differing opinions but when the general consensus in a given place doesn't match your own thinking, and all you want to do is have everyone agree with you, you gotta read the room and move on. There's always ProJared2 if you want to meet likeminded fans of the gruesome twosome.

No. 901633

I wasn't talking about my opinions. I honestly don't give a shit about the three stooges, they are basically fictional characters as far as I am concerned and their debacle was an excellently written tragic love story.

Anyway I was talking about public opinion.
Extramarital sex is still sex, polyamorous or not. So when you are have had extramarital sex during your marriage and chose to withold that fact, you can't be too shocked when it's weaponized against you.

The kiwis would not have had an incentive to doxx Lover boy had Heidi mentioned that and him from the start. Granted Heidi's narrative would not have been nearly as strong or would have garnered the same sympathy, but then she couldn't be called out for hiding it.

No. 901637


>"That it wasn't as simple as Heidi made it out to be"

Yes, it was. Jared never objected to Heidi having another partner - If he had, I'd be calling her an asshole for not cutting it off. Heidi DID object to just that one specific partner of Jared's and that is the ONE person he fucked.

In poly, if both partners don't consent to a specific other partner, it becomes cheating (and by consent, I mean "I'm okay with you two banging", not jared's "Well, she said no, but I wanted to so I did it anyway - but she was fucking someone else too!")


>"an excellently written tragic love story."

It wasn't even excellently written fiction. It's a grown man who decided he didn't care about his wife's comfort, who wanted to fuck his side piece with no strings and got pissed when the entirety of the world got bothered by that.

>"So when you are have had extramarital sex during your marriage and chose to withold that fact"

She didn't withhold it and was actually quite open when people started digging (which just resulted in her ldr getting harassed and forced into locking social media down). She just didn't publicly state something that wasn't relevant to the matter at hand.

>"The kiwis would not have had an incentive to doxx Lover boy had Heidi mentioned that and him from the start."

Yes, they fucking would. That's the KiwiFarms M.O. - doxx fucking everyone.

>"but then she couldn't be called out for hiding it."

Yes, because Heidi not publicly talking about her LDR that her husband approved of is even KIND OF similar to her husband's mistress leaving her husband and moving nearby so that they could fuck whenever they wanted.

Nice troll attempt, PJ2 stan.

No. 901643

People are actually reporting the Grumps to the FTC for their Dendy stunt.

No. 901644

calling them the three stooges isn’t hiding the fact that you’re an extremely obvious jared whiteknight

No. 901649

Um nope dude, he's still a shekel trading pedophile.

And I wasn't even attacking Heidi, just criticizing.

No. 901667

How has it been half a year since the drama spilled and people STILL refuse to understand how poly relationships work.

Dendy stunt? What did they do?

No. 901678

Ahahahahha people are such assholes!
What did arin do wrong though? Is it illegal to own stuff like the dendy cus it's all pirated roms?

No. 901679

H3H3 is a merchant as well, that's probably why he went easy on Jared the first time around but showed no sympathy after his response video where H3 is one of the channels he called out.

So is Dan, wouldn't surprise me if he prefered the younger side but more research would be needed on that, but is he definitely a sleazy perv.

No. 901684

lmao nate trying to redirect this about holly and jared when he cheated on the podcast too with the other co-host. thank god DCA is dead, it was just an area for people to have affairs publicly

No. 901685

File: 1575491912699.gif (9.58 MB, 480x480, giphy.gif)

CupcakeValkyrie contesting the end of DCA (2019 colorized)

No. 901686


Yeah but here’s the difference: Nate and Anna kept their fuckin mouths shut, unlike Hoelly and PedoWorm

No. 901692

Well that and, people cheat, it's a shitty thing to do but it's normal.

Pedophilia, taking advantage of your fans and getting them to trade nudes with you, is way different.

>spank bank
I accidentally read as sperm bank, what a plot twist it would be if it turns out Jared has a bastard kid out there, he doesn't seem like the type to take precautions.

No. 901695

When I first read that troon's PedoWorm defense blog, I was like no way is this written by someone who had "female" experiences. In the beginning I actually thought it was PedoWorm pretending to be a girl.

No. 901701

File: 1575495392034.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, 2BFB3EC8-C0A1-4773-8285-631D6C…)

Oof Katie

At least she seems to have made up with her ex-California clique?

No. 901702


This has to be tongue-in-cheek

No. 901703

Sticking with Jared is 100% gonna fuck up any potential career Holly has

No. 901704

File: 1575495839023.jpeg (41.71 KB, 750x247, 66D83B7D-456F-4511-A218-D22DFC…)

No. 901705

Lmao #forgiveness ahaha

No. 901706

Considering Jared's recent behavior, Holly might as well mend some of those broken bridges.

No. 901709

Im not in the know with todays lingo, is the fire supposed to be youre on fire guuuuurl or is it more go die in lava you backstabbing lying shit?

No. 901710

It means she’s doing lit af shit basically, it’s a sign of being proud of someone

No. 901712

Gotcha, cheers

No. 901713


No, Katie and Holly have both been excommunicated by the Game Grumps crew. This is just Holly reaching out to someone else who feels burned by them to say, "see, the same people hate both of us! They must be the bad guys!" Even though Holly personally had a falling out with Katie where she called Katie a crazy selfish manipulator. Kek

No. 901714


> Even though Holly personally had a falling out with Katie where she called Katie a crazy selfish manipulator.

Hilarious. Watch her try this shit with Heidi in a year or two.

No. 901716

>it was just an area for people to have affairs publicly

most TTRPG groups are, sadly. seen it happen in a bunch of tables I've played over the years.

lol homegirl is gonna need all the help she can get. she is actively tanking her career and reputation by virtue of staying with Jared. getting booted from WOTC is the first real tangible consequence she's had and unless she distances herself from that retarded sexpest she can expect more of the same.

No. 901718

I can see her trying to garner sympathy coming out and saying
"Jared abused me!", assuming that isn't already true. Or trying to form the Anti-Jared club with Heidi, but the latter has probably long apathetic at this point.

Holly "The Alleged Side Ho" Conrad may be a homewrecker but I am assuming she isn't a pedophile and won't have nearly as hard of a time finding work.

No. 901754


It doesn’t necessarily matter if she’s a pedo or not. When she’s defending Jared’s potential pedo allegations as hard as she is, it looks just as bad on her.

No. 901774

File: 1575504753802.jpg (42.87 KB, 480x270, jared-heidi-divorce.jpg)

>Which is why we got reactions like this.
Heidi refused an interview with Keem and THAT is exactly why he posted this reaction.

As for the rest of your points, pic related. Their divorce has nothing to do with why he lost his DCA job, and continual efforts to marry his own independent actions with his fans to his divorce with Heidi are disingenuous, at best.

No. 901778

Heidi could at least give us more information about her relationship with the black guy she was dating and how it compared to Jareds other relationships.

No. 901781

This man is like 32 years old. holyshit, such a little bitch ass child

No. 901782

File: 1575505708872.png (354.84 KB, 600x342, collage.png)

He wasn't black, don't think Heidi is into that sort of thing.

But nulyu is the only confirmed poly partner.

No. 901783

File: 1575505727578.png (35.48 KB, 588x332, lol7.png)

More salt

No. 901785

>Diath was the most forgettable character. You could change his name to anything else and he would still be Great Value Adventurer™.

Must accurate depiction of Diath ever. rofl

No. 901787

File: 1575506008068.png (39.37 KB, 582x296, Nateexcite.png)

I actually feel bad for Nate. He clearly wants the community to welcome this new show with open arms & to feel his excitement, while Jared keeps grasping for more shit for the fans to be mad about.

No. 901789


He's really trying hard to make that hashtag work…

>I've put a lot of thought and heart into a character that I can't wait for you all to meet.

Meanwhile the newest hot take from the Jared/Holly crybabies is that this show is doomed to fail because it's a rushed replacement instead of being beautifully curated from the perfect diamond like DCA was.
Like… WOTC had six fucking months to prep shit up… and considering how completely non-involved Nate was in the narrative during the first arc, DCA started out just as unplanned if not more than D&D Presents is.

No. 901793


I love tweets like these. Jared admitted that he ran at least the one blog and receieved nudes of his fans. Regardless of if they were minor or not, that's still some seriously sketchy behavior.


>"He's really trying hard to make that hashtag work"

Yeah, too bad he can't even spell 'boycott' right.

No. 901794

Like clockwork, there’s the /pol/(probable)scrote who keeps making a big deal out of having heard Heidi had a black partner. You alright? Why would it even matter and what would that imply to you?

>don’t think Heidi is into that sort of thing
IIRC going by tweets in which she indicates/comments in passing about being attracted to someone, she has expressed interest in people pretty much all over the racial/gender spectrum.

No. 901802

File: 1575508445969.png (153.23 KB, 494x654, tumblr7.png)

Tumblr pretty lit right now

No. 901803

>Heidi had a black partner […] what would that imply to you?

Lol not even surprised the PJ2-stans are racist as well.
But skinny white guy gets cucked by big black guy generally makes for an entertaining story, let's be honest lol. I'm not racist but it's still funny to me.

But I couldn't care less about who Heidi or Jared were dating, certainly care less about their skin color.

No. 901805

File: 1575508606985.png (192.48 KB, 474x492, cancelled.png)

Also this is fucking hilarious

No. 901806

File: 1575508716240.png (1.01 MB, 1506x750, idiot.png)

>I beat cancel culture!!!!
>show gets cancelled
>b-b-but :(((((
Time to update the shirt line I guess. Not as cutesy and ironic when it's for real, is it Jared? I'm not the best at shoop but I tried my best to help them update the design in this trying time.

You could look at the whole situation as a neutral stance from Wizards honestly. They're not saying "we support Jared" and they're not saying "We disavow Jared" they're literally just saying "nah, n'thanks" to the whole situation, which is a perfectly reasonable response. Jared is the one trying to frame it as a personal attack on him. I would LOVE to hear actually hear his explanation for "how it could be far more successful than it ever was", because he for sure doesn't actually have one unless his pitch was "The Gang beats Cancel Culture lmao!!". You know he's talking out his ass here to try and make it seem like they're the idiots for missing out on this once in a lifetime fantastic investment opportunity! It's not a bad tactic, I just don't think he's smart enough to actually strategize in that way. I think he's just stupid enough to believe his own bullshit. He's very Trump-like in that way where he seems to honestly believe saying you did something is actually the same as doing it. It's probably inconceivable to him that maybe his "success plan" was shit or that maybe Nate and Anna want nothing to do with them now, therefore it MUST be Wizards taking a stand against him personally, there's no other explanation!

No. 901807


>"or that maybe Nate and Anna want nothing to do with them now"

I'd love to think this is true too Anon - but considering Anna tweeted "I love you" back to Holly like….maybe six hours ago, I doubt it.

No. 901808

This is honestly the best outcome and most fitting punishment for these assholes. Thanks WOTC!

No. 901809

File: 1575509034908.png (15.18 KB, 430x244, tumblr9.png)


>I would LOVE to hear actually hear his explanation for "how it could be far more successful than it ever was"

Someone on Tumblr already took a guess

No. 901810

File: 1575509065010.png (115.02 KB, 822x695, 2019-12-04_20h22_55.png)

Anna is still 100% behind DCA. She popped into their Discord server and was playing up the crowd.
Someone on the DCA subreddit summed her up.
(part 1)

No. 901811

File: 1575509114005.png (87.43 KB, 831x480, 2019-12-04_20h23_10.png)

No. 901813

If Jared didn't start his crusade then he could possibly get another job with WoTC somehow. But looks like he'd rather burn the bridge without a chance of that over a show about as dragged out as the Simpsons.

No. 901814


>"Scared to be open about anything on the internet"

Fam, just don't solicit nudes from your fanbase and you'll be fine.

>"Anna and Nate had not been vocal about how this process has affected them"

GASP - You mean they acted like adults rather than putting their every thought on the internet?


>"reminding people that we don't know the whole story"

Nor do we need to. Jared ran a nudes blog where he used his name 'SinJared' to get fans to send in naked photos of themselves. Period, full goddamned stop, it's creep behavior.

>"While I admire Nate for taking the high road, it seems a little too passive for my tastes"

God forbid he not want to make a public shitshow and risk his new show to defend a potential pedophile. Fuck that guy, amirite?

>"If the petition's final numbers are to be believed"

They're not. You know damned well that it's the same handful of fans making new accounts so that they can sign repeatedly to boost numbers.

No. 901823

It is funny how the poster read Nate's tweet about being about the hate DCA got when it was clearly aimed at the vitriol the DCA dweebs were throwing at WOTC and the new show, and also quite likely Jared's angry tantrum.

No. 901824

So Jared and Holly's RP romance is defunct.
DCA is done.
The DCA fans probably won't tune into the new series, but how many hardcore DCA fans are out there, like a few dozen?
Compared to the thousands of casual audienced who will watch it simply because it's D&D.

No. 901834

Yeah I went to look at the petition and was shocked to see it was over 30k or something. I'd never even heard of it before all this and I'm a huge CR fan and have played D&D for years.

This shit is a blip on the radar for WotC. Even if the new show flops, it doesn't matter. D&D is extremely popular right now, regardless of whether 2 adulterers are playing it or not.

No. 901838


It's okay anon, I guarantee you at least 50% of the people who signed that petition did't even know what DCA is either.

No. 901841

I assume the numbers are inflated by spergs like bork and denica and people who are fans of Holly/Jared but don't know or care about DCA and just wanted to show support.

No. 901842


Don't forget the millions of chuds & incels that signed it 'to combat cancel-culture!'

No. 901843

Nothing to assume there, it is REMARKABLY easy to pad out Change.org petitions.
It's part of why they're so ineffective.

No. 901846

File: 1575513174602.png (13.67 KB, 570x108, heidisfault.png)

It was ALL Heidi! /s

No. 901847

File: 1575513393576.png (19.9 KB, 576x194, heidisfault2.png)

No. 901851

Oh shit, what happened to PJ2's "We're winning."

No. 901852

Fair, though considering the whole backstabbing lot, I wouldn't be surprised if Anna was the type to tweet "omg sooo pretty i miss u let's hang out!!" and then turn around and to Wizards and say "Keep her the fuck away from me", you know….like girls do.

Honestly, what reason would Anna possibly have for publicly supporting DCA continuing other than keeping in the good graces of the remaining DCA fans (aka Jared whiteknights)? They're starting their own show where the setup is exactly the same except Jared and Holly have been kicked out so they don't need DCA anymore, and there's no way they've forgiven Jared and Holly. It's completely their fault that their dirty laundry got pulled out as well. Think about it, if it wasn't for Jared and Holly's shenanigans Nate and Anna probably would have gotten away with it. Anna and Nate had both publicly separated from their partners months apart, if they just laid low for a couple of months they could easily have pulled a bullshit "I wasn't looking for love…but one day I woke up and realized….it was right next to me all along" storyline that DCA fans would cream their pants over. Without Heidi setting the stage, who knows if Cristina would have ever felt confident enough to tell her side of the story. Their merch store only opened a few months after Pigeongate, and it would have had to have been in the works for months before that. They were really all lined up to be a beloved internet couple right in time to debut their merch….and they would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn't for Jared and Holly! Why on earth would she want anything to do with either of them?

Clearly fans were already starting to doubt/turn on her just from the mere implication that she was distancing herself
>I hope people won't boycott our new show :( that would add a lot of pain to the already pain
is proof enough of her real priorities (and how easily DCA fans are manipulated apparently). That doesn't say "100% behind DCA" to me, that just says that she has basic common sense for business. WotC probably sent her in to try and steady the boat and do some damage control, which was clearly a smart move because all she has to do is post a frowny face and the pitchforks get lowered. If Anna and Nate took an anti-drama stance and distanced themselves, the Jared/Holly stans would attack them for not being supportive or believing the "lies". If they tried to take a morality stance, they would get attacked for being giant hypocrites and just bring more attention to their dirty laundry. They're birds of a feather handcuffed together at this point (which is the least they deserve). There's no safe way they could possibly walk away from them, this is the only option that makes sense.

No. 901853

lol she didn't even do anything. wotc's decision had nothing to do with heidi bitching on twitter and everything to do with the fact that jared was running a porn blog that kids can and did stumble on, while very publically being an employee of theirs.

No. 901864

File: 1575516053073.png (1.19 MB, 1270x1066, gg.png)

Honestly though? What a huge compliment to Heidi, they really think that she went and Gone Girl'd Jared huh? She set out to do this? Planned every detail out over the course of months? She's that cunning and forward-thinking? God, if that were true I'd only applaud her more.

>I hope she's fucking happy
This is so funny cause like….yeah, she probably is? Is she supposed to feel bad that her cheating scumbag ex got fired for cheating on her? What does this person expect lmao like
>well you got your wish the man who killed your son is going to jail for killing your son because YOU called the police on him I hope you're fucking happy
Yes, that's the appropriate outcome actually? What's there to feel bad about?

No. 901878

File: 1575517273841.png (11.06 KB, 588x94, griftdotorg.png)

Wait, so was the whole petition also a grift? Thousands of dollars donated towards…. what, exactly?

The ISWV parallels just keep on piling on, jfc.

No. 901880


No, this person is just a reactionary idiot.

No. 901888

File: 1575518962266.png (65.49 KB, 592x590, flaso equivalence.png)


Ah yes, the Brain Trust of Jared's current fanbase…

No. 901904


I read through some of the comments left on it once and there was a ridiculous amount of "Well, so-and-so told me to sign!" or "Because Cancel Culture needs to be stopped!"


The main petition did allow for people to donate money, but who the fuck thought throwing money at a petition that had literally NO connection to WoTC was a good idea? They deserve to get scammed out of their money if they're that fucking dumb.


First talk of "Well you could kill a baby too!" and now comparing an attempted assassination of a US President to Jared getting called out for preying on his fans.

A+ comparisons, PJ2 stans. Just well done.

No. 901926

File: 1575526291298.png (18.63 KB, 697x172, Screenshot_404.png)


Jared's YT: -drops 4k subscribers in a five day time span-

No. 901927


also, yes, he regained 1k of them, but still an impressive loss for someone who "beat cancel culture"

No. 901932

Honestly the more I read from Jessica the more I'm conviced she's genuinely retarded. I don't think anyone here noticied it but in Jared's first comeback stream (I can't find it now) she donated $200 to his dumb ass.

No. 901934


Hell, I'd bet that original $200 and roll of tinfoil that she's one of the idiots who sent PedoDick some of her nudes and is pissed that people are finally starting to point out that he was actually just a giant creep, taking advantage of his fans.

No. 901936

File: 1575528884973.png (64.88 KB, 588x616, j-e-hall.png)


Just when I thought BorkScorpion, Jessica Slater, Denica & Dan were batshit insane enough… a challenger approaches!

No. 901937

File: 1575529001417.png (27.66 KB, 590x298, morostriggered.png)

So much for Jared's detractors being the hysterical & oversensitive ones…

No. 901938


I just can't get over them screaming that the evidence was fake and Jared was proved innocent.

The dude fucking admitted that he ran the porn blog. Even taking the pedo allegations out of the equation, he was still up to some seriously shady shit.

No. 901940

File: 1575529419439.png (194.96 KB, 466x602, j-e-hall1.png)


This person is a fucking riot

No. 901943

File: 1575529649470.png (31.32 KB, 470x346, doomedcouple.png)

Good to know their stans are still rubbing one out on this '''power-couple'''

No. 901944

File: 1575529984196.png (80.39 KB, 572x650, notawitchhunt.png)

lmao at MattLawson here failing to reel in another member of the ProConrad army

No. 901951

File: 1575532345918.png (56.34 KB, 536x604, pj2-3.png)

I guess I'll never understand the appeal…

No. 901952

File: 1575532477606.png (48.58 KB, 574x514, pj2comments.png)

Look at all this positivity!~uwu

No. 901953

His face expression makes him look like a thinner faced hunchback of notre dame.

No. 901960

File: 1575533633290.png (61.64 KB, 498x398, tumblr8.png)

No. 901967

Heidi forced him to make all those porn blogs and tell his fans to send him nudes! She’s an evil manipulative mastermind sorceress who started planning all this out years ago! She’s DCA’s final boss and WotC is letting her win!!1

No. 901971


Well, she supported the start of it and directed her friends to send him nudes so don't make her a saint. If your spouse does this and you are like "I'm 100% behind you babe!" how the fuck do you claim to have any honesty in the marriage?

No. 901972

Because it was her friends, people she and Jared could trust, and people they knew for a fact were over 18.
And Jared only sent a dick pick to one of them, which still was a bad idea on his end. Poor horny bastard

No. 902031

Sorry for derailing, but are peopld actually angry at arin for making a 3 episodes mockumentary for the dendy mistery game that ended up being an ad for their new game? Like…

No. 902056

In my opinion H3 looks younger and better than Jared.

He’s a father so I guess that has something to do with you seeing his as looking older.

No. 902058


I actually enjoyed the ruse but yeah, people are losing their minds as if it's betrayal of the century.

No. 902060


these are the same fans who still use "he tried to leave heidi but she wouldn't let him!!!" as an excuse for his infidelity. even though both heidi and holly posted texts showing that their emotional affair has been going on well before october 2018, going as far back as february 2018.

so he decided to leave her after 6 months of having an emotional affair with someone else, but that doesn't count, because reasons.

No. 902063

>he tried to leave heidi but she wouldn't let him
It doesn't neccesarily justify the cheating but hearing both sides does at least provide something essential when making a final judgement, which is perspective.

No. 902066


Yeah, the perspective that a grown man claims he had to fuck his mistress behind his wife's back because his wife "wouldn't let him leave"

No. 902068

That may be, gotta put the dick in something though B.

No. 902070


Then buy a fucking fleshlight or hire a hooker - Don't stick your dick in the ONE woman on the face of the Earth that your wife explicitly said "Hey, I don't care if you fuck another woman, but not THAT woman"

No. 902078

And he did fuck at least one fan, maybe more that Heidi seemingly didn’t care about. He could have kept doing that, but no he needed to make his D&D ship come to life by sticking his worm into hoelly cumrag.

No. 902095


he was having an affair another woman BEFORE he decided he wanted to leave. what the fuck is the perspective to gain here except to further cement that pedojared is a liar and a creep???

he didn't have an affair because she "stopped him from leaving"; he was having an affair well before he told her he wanted to break up. just because you brainlets from pj2 can't comprehend the concept of time elapsing between february 2018 and october 2018 doesn't mean that the rest of us are obligated to ignore it.

No. 902118


if there was emotional affair it started because Heidi demanded of him to reveal his feelings to Holly. You can't unring this bell. Heidi herself clarified there was no physical affair before October.

No. 902120


Yes anon, because talking out your emotions and having an emotional affair are the exact same thing, and is exactly what Heidi was expecting out of that. Lord help her if she actually expected Jared to acknowledge the feelings and handle them like a mature adult after making promises that he would work to fix their marriage.

No. 902123


Heidi "demanded" he talk with Holly because she was sick of them pretending that there were no feelings and making her feel like she was crazy for seeing the tension between the pair. That's a reasonable thing for a wife to say "Let's get it out in the open instead of pretending this isn't happening"

When Heidi said "Don't fuck her" and he fucked her anyway, he crossed the line into cheating - full goddamned stop.

No. 902124


Jared has said that he's had problems dealing with emotions in the past. Heidi was probably encouraging him to be more open about his feelings in general.

No. 902132


People are reporting the video to the FTC so yeah people are that pissed. To be fair to them, the gaming division blows and it looks like they farted this one out because they couldn't figure out a way to get people to pay for it aside from lootboxes, but reporting the funny gaming man because he tricked you with his commercial is a bit much.

No. 902147

What about being a man makes everyone totally turn a blind eye to the fact Jared solicited his fanbase for nudes?? How is that not creepy even if they were 18… 18 is still a fucking TEEN and barely even out of high school for this grown ass man to be asking for tit pics. They literally do not have the same developed fucking brain as a 30 year old man.

If Heidi was caught soliciting nudes from her fans it would be ALL these spergs could talk about and how its sooo gross and creepy. People weren't mad at Jared for his extramarital affair only - it was everything else than came forward afterwards that made him the internet clown. All the projared dick milkers already tried to say Jared FUCKING HIS FANS was okay because "Heidi said it was!!"

His tumblr was called "sinjared" big brain knew what he was doing was wrong or else why put "sin" in there. Stop trying to fuck your vulnerable fans and maybe you wont have sexual misconduct allegations against you - its like small influencers/youtubers like Jared and co just CANT help themselves. "It's not fair I cant relive my high school fantasies of fucking all those teen gamer girls that would shrug me off usually!! I'm a big shot youtuber now I deserve to exploit my fans!! " ffs

No. 902150


why do people (aka anon, pedojared stans, etc) who clearly have no business being in a committed relationship act like their opinions are insightful or intelligent

in the real world where people have basic decency, there are two acceptable ways in which that could have gone:

(1) jared: "holly i have feelings for you but i'm married and i'm dedicated to my wife. i'm sorry, but we can't talk anymore."

(2) jared: "holly i realize i have feelings for you and i want to pursue them, and therefore i am leaving my wife," at which point he files for divorce, like RIGHT AFTER, not after a fucking year passes.

instead he hemmed and hawed for 6 to 8 months playing both women because he's manipulative trash. holly regularly begged him to leave her. he wasn't committed to holly; in fact, he told heidi what holly was saying about her behind her back and then yelled at holly for saying mean things about heidi. holly is not "end game" for jared. he did not want to end up with her. he just wanted to have his cake and fuck it too.

jared is a terrible, terrible person and there is no excuse for his behavior.

No. 902232

I see your point, but Boogie2988 is way more popular than Jared but I doubt too many girls are in a rush to exchange nudes with him.

No. 902275

File: 1575592703343.png (11.94 KB, 401x101, Screenshot_405.png)

I think he's trying to appeal to the older generations that look back on things like ms-dos with a sense of nostalgia, but he's going to have even worse luck - since the people that are old enough to remember ms-dos didn't believe in shit like poly relationships or fucking other women while you're both still married.

Dude needs to quit trying to make a comeback and accept that his career is effectively over - and that he blew it all for a cheap and easy lay.

No. 902276

File: 1575592776913.png (77.09 KB, 600x470, Screenshot_406.png)

Because if anyone knows about 'classy', it would be Jared "I fucked my wife's friend / friend's wife and jacked it to nudes of minors" Knabenbauer

No. 902277


> people that are old enough to remember ms-dos

how the fuck old are you, anon, 14?

No. 902278


29, actually. MS_DOS hasn't been big in terms of gaming since the early 90's - and tbh, the people who have time to watch longer streams aren't really going to be big into watching streams of 30+ year old games.

No. 902284


ms-dos games were big way after the early 90s and many of them are still played. that's how the whole GOG site started. And tbh, people that like to play these games but don't have time to play them gladly watch such streams while having dinner or lunch.

No. 902293

incels are so fucking pathetic.

No. 902302

He lacks so much self awareness it's scary.

No. 902303


Nah, that's just classic narcissist behavior - "It's okay for me to make fun of everyone else, but they better NEVER make fun of me! THAT IS CROSSING A LINE!"

No. 902306

File: 1575597522774.png (143.19 KB, 642x682, pull2.png)

(Pretending to be shocked)

No. 902308


I love that Matt Lawson is continuing to act as if he really knows Jared and Holly, and not just the front they put on when interacting with fans.

No. 902310

>b-but Heidi
Jared ran his own porn blogs featuring fans, end of. Heidi and their divorce have fuck all to do with his current loss.
I imagine, based on his current graceless tweets, Jared's been insufferable about this behind the scenes to his "employers" as well, thus securing his unemployment for all eternity.

No. 902311

Jared vs. Holly, the race downhill, who will get there first?

Both are shit out of a career, but Holly still loaded with inheritance. So definitely Jared.

No. 902312


>"Heidi's narrative is flimsy"

Heidi's narrative the entire time has been "My husband fucked Holly Conrad while we were married after I explicitly asked him not to". She has provided text evidence between her and Holly, showing that Holly engaged in - at the very least - an emotional relationship with Jared before she had divorced Ross.

How is that flimsy?


Jared attached himself to the most mentally unstable woman, put her in a position for her to literally destroy him with proof of their affair should he try to walk away

Yeah, Jared shot himself in the foot.

No. 902327

Jared's absolute lack of chill over DCA compared to Holly putting a professional face on is so telling. This man is his own worst enemy.

No. 902371

He'll continue to believe/defend that what he did was all in the name of sex positivity and self love until the day he dies.

No. 902374


Meanwhile, anyone with a shred of common sense will know he's full of shit. If it wasn't for him to get jerkoff material, he never would have attached his name to it.

No. 902383


Holly doesn't have nearly as much money as people here seem to think she does. Maybe she will be a barista before long?

No. 902386


>"doesn't have nearly as much as people seem to think"

She could afford to buy a house in the PNW, in addition to the upkeep and veterinary care for 50+ pigeons, 10 chickens, and a cat. Considering that a standard routine vet visit and rabies vaccinations for just the cat would run probably $150-$200, She's not exactly hurting for money either.

No. 902603


>"Jared is not neccessarily as malicious as the narrative against him portrays"

Dude slapped his name onto a blog where he received naked pictures of fans under the guise of body positivity instead of just running an anonymous blog. He knew damned well what he was doing.

>"While I do think he is at least a half-way decent human being"

He fucked another woman while being married to his wife who had asked him specifically not to fuck this person. He convinced his wife for months that she was imagining things and saying shit like "You questioning me hurts ME" which is emotional abuse 101.

There is literally nothing decent about Jared.

>"Jared is the victim of his bad descisions."

While I know what you're trying to say, Jared ain't a victim of shit. He made stupid choices and now he's facing the ramifications - That doesn't make him a victim.

No. 902665

File: 1575668763357.png (46.11 KB, 644x496, pull3.png)

They just started streaming the new DnD show today

No. 902669


I mean, to be fair, it pretty much IS DCA without being officially DCA - they just got rid of the problematic shitstains that are Hoelly and ProPedo.

The others shouldn't have to suffer or lose out just because those two idiots couldn't keep their fucking mouths shut.

No. 902670

File: 1575668948824.png (196.95 KB, 582x604, dndp-salt1.png)

I'm guessing #DnDPresents-salt is gonna become a new thing now..

No. 902671



Jesus, quit being crybabies for two seconds. If Jared wasn't intent on burning the last remaining bridges to the D&D world with WoTC, his fans' over-the-top dramatics would be sealing the deal.

No. 902675

File: 1575669309919.png (282.42 KB, 578x460, dndp-cast.png)

Now there's TWO tieflings in the cast.

No. 902678

File: 1575669487606.png (53.13 KB, 582x266, holly-dndp.png)

Never thought I'd say this, but props to Holly for taking the high-road here.

She's still liking the tweets bitching at WotC, but at least she's not being a passive-aggressive twit about it like ProDiddler

No. 902681

She has to pretend to be professional to worm her way back in.

No. 902684


Exactly. She's starting to realize that siding with ProDick isn't going to pay off in the long run, so she figures if she acts nice and supportive and like she can keep her mental state together for five minutes, they may at least ask her back in a guest-star capacity.

No. 902686

Has anyone cleared up whether or not Strix belongs to WoTC as intellectual property? Either way good move of her to hold out for any possible chance at continuing to do something with the company, especially since chances at long-term things between her and Jared aren't great. Being a witch-obsessed nerd with a (partial?) degree in medieval studies and then losing out on your job with WoTC has got to sting, though it's a well-deserved loss.

No. 902689


Yep. The way Jared immediately started burning that bridge should be a wake-up call for her.

No. 902691

>Being a witch-obsessed nerd with a (partial?) degree in medieval studies and then losing out on your job with WoTC
And decorating her entire house based on it. It's a shame that she didn't believe in karma enough to be cautious before losing her job when she was running her mouth on Twitter, but as this anon said >>902689 she definitely got that wake-up call now. Her chances of getting back into WotC's good graces are higher than Jared being faithful to her.

No. 902694


> It's a shame that she didn't believe in karma enough to be cautious before losing her job when she was running her mouth on Twitter

…Or the The Wiccan Threefold Law

No. 902700


Yeah I don't believe this act for a minute, because we've seen it before with how she handled this drama. Considering she hasn't been on anything officially endorsed by WotC since DCA, it's probably safe to say she's on the same blacklist as Jared.

No. 902701

WotC probably watched their social media the whole time, too. Jared went MIA to do sneaky shit in private but Holly went full retard in public. That looks bad on a company.

No. 902702

In a recent stream for the sims she talked about how she isn’t really a witch she just likes the aesthetic and believes in being positive to everyone/belief in positive energy blah blah blah. Ironic as she does not practice 3-fold law and has put a lot of negativity out there. A few “witches” on twitter called her out for that.

No. 902710

>Holly went full retard in public. That looks bad on a company

So is the general consensus that it's Holly's online behavior that got her booted from Wizards? She seems to think it's the cheating scandal, which she's absolved herself of.

There's a million reasons to boot Jared, for every part of his conduct since the divorce announcement. It also looks absolutely ridiculous for them to still claim that they didn't cheat, so maybe Wizards really doesn't want to promote characters whose story will forever be regarded as a cheating scandal.

No. 902712

>which she's absolved herself of.

No. 902714


Meaning that she doesn't believe she or Jared were cheating on their spouses, and pretends that the infidelity is "false allegations"

No. 902716

It's what I think. She used a person's suicide to make herself look like the victim. To make matters worse, that person was well-loved and very popular.

On top of that, she wouldn't shut the fuck up about Heidi being the greatest evil to touch the galaxy since Hitler. To make matters worse, she used her fans who are also WotC fans, to attack Heidi. I'd say that her online behavior caused her to lose her job a lot more than her "helping" someone with her vagina. Jared most likely lost his job for soliciting nudes from fans, those fans being WotC ones and they absolutely cannot have someone with pedo accusations being a part of their team. A lot of underage kids go to conventions to see them play.

No. 902726


>"which she's absolved herself of"

No, the hell she has not. Absolved would imply that she had proven her innocence, and if anything, she's just focused on the fact that mistress is misogynistic rather than on proving her innocence after the texts between her and Heidi came out.


>"she doesn't believe she or Jared were cheating on their spouses"

She could believe that Santa Clause is real - It doesn't make it so.

No. 902730

I am glad Holly the cancer patient(s) scamming homewrecker/wrecker is out, still I wish were replacement was someone more attractive than her and not even less.

Though Penguin seems like a step up from Jared so that's good at least.

I can't help but think there was more qualified candidates out there for this, maybe Wizards doesn't have the budget

No. 902731

>>902678 to be fair the reason she has to say "be nice to them" is because of the shit storm Jared and she created as well as wipping their fans into a frenzy to attack anything

No. 902735


i think it's because they view him of was of their own. It's their friend or it's them if you will.

They see it as they themseleves have succeded ie get the "girl" and make a living playing games

That's why they take the attacks as personal or don't want to belive the horrible things he did

No. 902747

>I can't help but think there was more qualified candidates out there for this, maybe Wizards doesn't have the budget

Holly is probably seething because she thinks Mica is some kind of fake nerd girl. At least when it comes to DnD

No. 902755

>more attractive than her and not even less
Pretty sure there is no existing woman less attractive than Holly Conrad.
Only someone just as trashy as her inside&out could tolerate being with her, like Jared.

No. 902759

>maybe Wizards doesn't have the budget

They definitely do, but I have no idea why they chose the people that they did. Maybe Nate or Anna recommended them, but Mica's pretty cool.

No. 902768

File: 1575679166147.png (466.48 KB, 474x662, sponsorjared.png)

Jared's been hunting for sponsors

No. 902772

File: 1575680176826.jpg (335.88 KB, 996x2048, ELJIgMtU0AIrHXe.jpg)

Potential pedophilic tendencies aside, he's dressed like a total serial killer.

No. 902773

It looks more like he's happy to find a bathroom. Also, they said "@ someone" and this idiot didn't even bother.

No. 902774

Worse. He's dressed like Emo Peter Parker… but like an even lamer version with a stupid-ass scarf.

No. 902776

Oh my, I missed the opening like 10 or so minutes so I'm catching the VOD.
Anna assumes people here are DCA fans, Chris asks "Are you?" and there's some piping up, but it really wasn't much compared to the cheers they continue to get throughout the panel.
"Honest and true" DCA fans are a minority compared to people just interested in a flagship D&D stream run by Perkins.

No. 902778

>DCA fans are a minority compared to people just interested in a flagship D&D stream run by Perkins.
Not to get off-topic but that goes for almost any fandom really.
Like every Disney Star Wars film so far has had calls to boycott since TFA, yet they all do exceptionally well financially.
Yes the hardcores will go to twitter and other social media sites to vent their frustration, but the majority of [casual] audiences don't care.

No. 902782

Oh yes, that's pretty much the point I'm making. Full-steam DCA/Holly-Jared stans are really nowhere near as numerous as they'd like to think, and the majority are just hyped for a new flagship show.

No. 902784

The difference between Star Wars and a D&D stream is that nobody really cares if two of tens of thousands of people involved somehow in Star Wars are scumbags, whereas having an affinity for the people in a stream is like nine tenths of the appeal.

No. 902786


Chipotle has enough of a problem trying to shake the bit from a couple years ago where they kept having Salmonella outbreaks or whatever. They don't need to take an alleged pedophile on too.


He's dressed like your stereotypical Seattle hipset. Maybe Holly really is rubbing off on him…

No. 902791

File: 1575684342434.png (57.02 KB, 576x492, getoverit.png)

It's nice seeing them being told to "Get over it already"

No. 902814


I "love" that they're still blaming Heidi and calling her the abuser - when, again, 99% of this is due to Jared's thinking that running seven separate porn blogs was somehow better, smarter, easier than going to pornhub like everyone else

No. 902815

Or, fuck, go to Chaturbate or Streamate or something and pay someone for some anonymous one on one cam-fap.
But that's not enough of a power trip for ol' Jared.

No. 902819

File: 1575690064018.gif (334.25 KB, 220x220, proparker.gif)

Holyshit, you're freakin spot on, anon.

No. 902824

Agreed. She's proven on Twitter to be a two-faced bitch and a PR nightmare. The fact that she's liking Tweets bitching about DCA's cancellation shows she's not going to move on any time soon.

She no doubt regrets freaking out all over Twitter, but the girl is a classic narc incapable of being a genuine person outside of doing things that only benefit her. The only thing she's learned is that she's got to do a better job of hiding her true colors.

No. 902833

Plus Jared never explicity stated she was an "abuser", he may have implied it but he didn't describe her by that word.

No. 902834


The only one who said anything about Heidi being abusive was Holly - who even told Heidi in texts that she made it up because she didn't like that Heidi yelled at her.

Even if she hadn't told Heidi she made it up, you can't really take the word of the mistress who is currently trying to fuck the woman's husband as gospel. She has everything to gain by making Heidi look as crazy and awful as possible.

No. 902881


I believe there is someone that dug up posts from the DCA discord from very long before the scandal where one of the team replied to a fan question and clarified that they own their own character's rights, not WOTC.

No. 902972

File: 1575736389758.png (41.32 KB, 609x347, cowjuice12.png)

I have no idea what the fuck Arin is doing but Jesus, this fanbase is dumber than a box of fucking rocks.

No. 902976

File: 1575737539689.png (101.53 KB, 500x500, new-chipotle-logo-in-jareds-dr…)

No. 903000

I feel like the Game Grumps fanbase is just infatuated with Arin and Dan themselves, rather than the [boring] content they make.
Which baffles me since Arin is a douchebag, and we now know Dan is a pervert who bangs fans.

No. 903001

It's this weird thing nowadays when no matter how mediocre or horrible a person's content becomes, fans remain deluded that they make the greatest things ever.
Pewdiepie, Game Grumps, Nostalgia Critic….

No. 903022

>Dan is a pervert who bangs fans.
>Arin is a douchebag

They should bring Jared back since he just lost his job and he'd fit right in.

No. 903044


Completely accurate, and this is why the audience is so upset about him lying about this.

No. 903097

What an ass. “My mom made me do this” what is he, 12? Grow the fuck up. Be mature and either fake it and write something nice about the book/your uncle or don’t post anything at all. How transparent can you get?

No. 903128

File: 1575761424919.jpeg (656.8 KB, 1242x1650, 9A62B8E1-A182-4F37-B856-BDDF41…)

Pretty sure it’s just a joke considering that the amazon description says it’s a game grumps book. It’s probably just a marketing ploy or some shit

No. 903134

File: 1575762676760.png (6.32 KB, 517x74, Screenshot_415.png)

Just got this anonymous message on tumblr and honestly, they have a point. Jared just wants to keep bringing Jared up in the hopes that WOTC caves, like a petulant toddler

No. 903161

File: 1575770799749.jpg (160.85 KB, 1080x1179, 20191207_200129.jpg)

WoTC owns Diath Woodrow, but he's still Jared's baby.

This is very common in the entertainment industry where an actor is recast or character killed off, but they take a sense of pride and personal ownership of the character, likewise there is fans who see it as so.

I would compare it to Samuel L Jackson, who despite his character definitely being killed(?) on-screen, insists he is still alive. because because he thinks "I am Mace Windu". https://www.slashfilm.com/samuel-l-jackson-says-mace-windu-alive/

Not WKing for Jared, but I can see why he leaves it in his bio.

No. 903172

Jared himself has claimed the DCA performers get to keep all rights to their characters proper.

Makes sense. Nobody would want to create a character to get personally invested in only to hand complete ownership over to WOTC. Wizards probably needed to offer this up to even get participants for their streamed shows.

No. 903190

Why would WotC even care about his boring, super generic character?

No. 903192

Honestly, that's probably why they let him keep it.

No. 903201


Definitely a joke, when they signed with CAA they announced the title of this book.

No. 903203

File: 1575783938295.png (89.23 KB, 590x900, idontgetthejoke.png)

No. 903212

Gg fans are so dense, lmao

Arin is a marketing genius in having TWO deceiving marketing ploy in a row though, i guess "well if they have to be pissed at me, at least they'll be in the same timeframe and they will forget in 1 week"

No. 903213

Then why even promote it?? Trying to make himself look better by saying his uncle is an asshole, when he's really just stupid for promoting it so half-assedly for a person he doesn't like in the first place.

No. 903217

Learn to read this thread, anon. It's a Game Grumps book. It's a joke. There's no real uncle. Look here:


No. 903218

I swear some anons are just as stupid as the GG fans who think the Uncle joke is real
Arin posted a video saying "my uncle keeps leaving voicemails about promoting his book" and it's him doing a joke voicemail as "uncle"
There's no milk, just another subpar GG product.

No. 903219

I'm a different anon but I've read the thread and this still doesnt make any sense. Ok there's no uncle so whats the point and on top of that how is this a gg book is this like an extended universe or…?

No. 903221

it just doesn't make sense even for advertising. The description doesn't sound game grump related either. it does literally sound like something someone's uncle wrote even though that's not clearly the case.

No. 903225

This is SO fucking funny holy shit. Gamer funnymen fans are seriously just the lowest common denominator.

No. 903229

>Gamer funnymen
Not even. Arin was actually pretty funny funny back in the day as an animator, not being afraid to use dark or edgy humor. And not a great lets play commentator, we were at least hearing the thoughts of someone we knew was a talented artist.
He was deserving of our time, now he hardly is.
I would compare him to Jared where he is not that entertaining on his own, but has good chemistry with the people he usually works with.

No. 903232

File: 1575792988381.jpg (289.28 KB, 1096x405, rtweet.jpg)

I dislike how creators like Holly and Suzy retweet the people who buy their lame shit.

It kind of creates a false sense of connection between the consumer and seller. The seller being a famous content creator, which in their case I don't even think you can necessarily call them that but that's besides the point.

"They noticed me for 2 seconds out of their day!!!"

No. 903238

her face is irritating

No. 903239

He is such a loser.

No. 903240

By extending the joke he makes fans feel intelligent and connected for being in on it, and sharing that laugh with him also makes them feel better about purchasing the product.

No. 903241

File: 1575796002365.jpg (792.42 KB, 742x1707, 1stbreakup.jpg)

repost of 903236 with some additional context added in case the photo is shared.

No. 903244

we're not your twitter army

No. 903246


I thought she said he forbid her from going to that Twitch Con and she was distressed because she knew he was seeing Holly there. Is this another take on the story?

No. 903247


Didn't the messages between Jared and the therapist show that Heidi wasn't even in the same city as him on the first days of November? Same messages where he says directly to the therapist that he wants it all done. That's some very mutual agreement, right LOL

No. 903248


Yeah, between him and the therapist it is clear that Heidi is in another city (Atlanta Heidi mentioned at some point I think?) because he demanded they have space apart and she was threatening to return earlier than agreed on. That's what made the therapist reach out, right? Mutual agreement, my ass.

No. 903250

I would assume any "mutual agreement" would just be him placating her to keep her off his back so he could fuck around without his phone blowing up.

No. 903252


Yes, "mutual agreement to stay together" always includes "you will now go away to another state for at least a week and give me space".

No. 903253

File: 1575801521009.jpg (444.02 KB, 569x1073, atlantacheating.jpg)


Also I could have sworn there was some text floating around where Heidi says Jared has like multipersonality disorder or something like that, if it was on the imgur it must've been taken down.

No. 903254


Please, while he was keeping his mouth shut Heidi tweeted at least twice that he never broke with her, they just had conversations. Then when he comes back and uses 2 minutes of his 40 minute video to address this, she is suddenly "he suggested, but it didn't happen". Am I the only one getting strange vibe from the "how does a suggestion for break up doesn't just HAPPEN?". Isn't this the same person that said the same day that this "conversation" was actually him threatening that he will break up with her if she goes to Twitch Con? And then said that the February was the official break up because he finally used the right word combination? Even though she said to her therapist that he said directly in couple's therapy that he doesn't want to work on the marriage and wants it ended?

No. 903255


If you dig far enough in the treasure throve that the texts with her therapist are you can find amazing stuff… like her telling him that he is in "breach of contract" for trying to divorce her and she "wants reparations".

No. 903257

It seems like every time he tried to dump her, she begged him to stay and he agreed, then just did whatever he wanted because he had already mentally and emotionally checked out. It wasn't until February that he actually managed to nut up and end it for real, instead of giving in to Heidi's histrionics.

The Twitchcon story doesn't add up though, for sure. Either she's remembering a different instance where Jared kissed her goodbye and went to fuck Holly or she made it up.

No. 903259


Or the February story. Didn't she also say to the therapist that he broke up with her when she tried to pressure him that he was abusing her with his lack of attention and interest and she was actually shocked because it wasn't the outcome she was looking for when she said that to him. And in the texts that she sent in August 2019, not the earlier ones, to the therapist she described all the different ways he was trying to break up with her before that but she wouldn't let it happen? Like with the couple's counceling?

It's like she said "We ain't over until I say we are over" and just wouldn't take any other thing for an answer for half a year. Wasn't discernment therapy also mentioned?

No. 903260

Yes. The only thing that could make Heidi want to leave was to do something that she wouldn't be able to forgive, which was cheating. Jared's trump card was to just let himself get caught.

He could have just been blunt "I am fucking Holly and don't care what you think", which would be him dumping her for another girl, which would upset her of course, but at least it's honesty.

But hiding it from her and letting her find out on her own accord, that Jared was cheating and hiding it from her, would make Heidi want nothing to do with him.

Probably not, it's not like Jared is some mastermind. This is the guy who attached his brand+name to several porn blogs and took word at face value to confirm ages. And even now shows his "style and grace" attitude by burning bridges with WoTC. So ehhhh

No. 903263


Yeah, this wpuld sound reasonable, right? Except MindFallMedia in his story supporting Heidi at the start of May said she told him of the cheating already in October/November and how Jared would not reconciliate or try to work on their marriage. So she already knew of the cheating way before February and he was not cooperating already then. This cracks a bit the idea "cheating was the last straw".

No. 903264

what's the object of this level of nitpicking exactly?

No. 903265

I like how people think it's so odd that a woman fighting for her marriage and not just ending an emotional and legal bond on a whim is odd.

Anyway, while Heidi suspected Jared and Holly were having an affair Jared continued to lie to her and say Holly was just obsessed with him. She didn't have concrete evidence they were sleeping together until she found Jared's texts on his old phone.

No. 903266


Trying to find non-existent gotchas in Heidi's story so she can people can say she's just as bad as the guy who solicited/groomed his fans for nudes and sexual favors.

No. 903267

It kinda seems like he wanted to get caught, but he is honestly pretty dumb. Maybe he left his sexts for her to find, or maybe he was just stupid enough to not delete them. I think ultimately he was content to string Heidi along while fucking around behind her back because it was the easier than having to deal with a divorce, but both Holly and Heidi became increasingly difficult to placate.

No. 903269


"I just want this to be over" is "content to string Heidi along" in which universe, anon. This was said to her therapist on 1st of November and in front of her face (confirmed by Heidi) as well at some point during their shared therapies.

No. 903271


And yet he didn't leave their shared home until many months later and continued to give her false hope and lie about Holly.

No. 903273

Then why didn't he just pack his shit and leave? Why didn't he serve her with divorce papers? Why did it take him until February to officially call it quits and move out? Actions speak louder than words. He can say all he wants he wants to end it, but if he continues to live with her and be affectionate to her then he's sending an entirely different message to his wife who was very desperate to save her marriage. He objectively strung her along.

No. 903274


how was she going to pay for that home on her own, anon? not to mention "their shared home" was also his workplace.

No. 903277

There was nothing stopping him from serving her papers back in November when he was so "desperate" to end it. Staying in the house is one thing, but making no move to separate legally is another.

No. 903278


but supposedly there were lawyers, right? Even Heidi mentioned them. The "serving papers" is last thing to do, when you can't agree with the other person on the terms of the divorce. It doesn't mean there weren't attempts to settle the divorce before.

No. 903280


The PJ spergs are sad Jared didn't beat "cancel culture" and still doesn't get his precious DCA back so they've decided to come infiltrate again, huh?

No. 903281


if he swims or drowns from now on, i really don't give a fuck. but if you are taking Heidi's words for gospel then you got to take all of them and she's spun a lot of stories.

No. 903282


not only did he not attempt to actually divorce heidi, he continued to show affection towards her at times and on NYE told her things would get better with them. he strung her and holly along for as long as he could, leaving just enough deniability so he could continue to tell both women he wasn't involved with the other one any longer.

No. 903283


the only affection that he has shown according to the text messages Heidi dug up and showed between the two of them were him bringing her food. He wouldn't even reply "I love you too" when she would message him that. And those are the ones she chose to show that he was still affectionate. Seriously?

No. 903289

The truth leads to and changes nothing here, doesn't matter.
Though think he may have been more affectionate when Aries was sick because it was an issue that made them work together.

No. 903290

So Heidi was away in Atlanta for the period right after they talked about their marriage (or he tried to break up the first time, depending on which side you believe) and she wanted to come back earlier - they were communicating - and he didn't want that and her therapist contacted him twice - 1st Nov and 7th November. So there are at least 2 weeks when they weren't together, they were communicating about this over phone messages and Heidi didn't find anything condemning enough to prove that he "agreed to work on their marriage" in them to show it? Instead released texts from her to third parties that were not present on the situation where she is retelling what is happening? So nothing in her texts with him from that period already could be used as a proof that he had committed to work on their marriage and didn't want to break it off.

No. 903296

the proof is that he didn't leave lmao. you're still not getting DCA back with this b-but Heidi spiel, because the divorce has shit all to do with it.

No. 903302

This. Like the Johnny Dep/Amber Heard situation, I am not sure exactly who was guilty in that situation but still both of them are doing fine with their careers.

Or Slazo/ImAllexx situation where Slazo proved himself innocent against damning accussations.

It was just an adult/adult situation, and Slazo was minor/minor.

Jared put himself into that position to have a adult/minor sexual interaction and is unfortunately facing the consequences.

No. 903303


something that didn't happen isn't proof for anything, anon. Not how proof works.

No. 903305


well, then Heidi not actually filing for divorce (regardless that she claimed she did it in her post on May 7th to their friends and professional contacts on Facebook) when she realized he was abusing her and gathering the courage to leave.. means he didn't abuse her? Is that how your logic works?

No. 903308


No, she confronted him about the abuse in February and was shocked that he would decide to break up their abusive relationship. But even knowing he was abusing her, she still didn't divorce or leave for the next 3 months. So following the logic, there was no abuse?

No. 903313

Isnt she like 22? Kinda creepy she's into so much kid stuff bc it really highlights their 20 year age difference

No. 903315

eh, she's an animator, you're bound to meet someone OBSESSED with disney stuff in that territory. Probably one of the many things she'll look back and cringe in a few years, lol, right beside being the barely legal child bride of Dan

No. 903330


he was having an emotional affair with holly well before he decided to break up with heidi in october. who cares what heidi's story is; the evidence is out there from that both holly and jared unwittingly supplied that jared is a liar and a cheater.

why is this even being debated anymore? he sucks. no amount of nitpicking heidi's story is going to exonerate him.

No. 903331


>who cares what heidi's story is


No. 903333


emotional affair that started as an attempt at polyamory and with the consent at the time of Heidi included (she even "demanded" that Jared confront Holly with his unspoken feelings, right? ). So don't try to make it so black and white when it is extreme shades of shit.

No. 903335


she demanded that jared address his feelings because he was having an inappropriate relationship with holly already. how does that help him at all?

if your partner says they're uncomfortable with your relationship with someone else, you end that relationship. full stop. i get it anon, you're fine with crossing boundaries in your relationship and cheating as long as you can rationalize reasons to excuse it, but other people with a basic concept of morality know that there's no excuse for having an emotional affair with someone.

if he wanted to be with holly so much, why didn't he leave heidi back in february, when his emotional affair started? so it was fine for him to play both women at the same time and downplay his relationship with holly secret from heidi when he knew she was uncomfortable, but also not break up with heidi when he knew holly wanted to be exclusive? unbelievable anyone can defend this crap. is there any better way to announce to everyone that you think it's okay to use people for your own benefit than by defending jared's actions?

No. 903337


they were having inappropriate relationship already? I guess Holly didn't know about it then, because why would she be shocked and confused at the possibility of having feelings for Jared? Or you are ignoring everything else that Heidi has said and shown in text messages and picking only the latest version? In that version btw she happily invited someone from out of state to visit them and demanded her husband offer polyamory relationship to said person. Good one!

No. 903339

Your incel hero just threw a narcissistic tantrum on twitter over his shitty D&D show not continuing and you still come here with "b-b-but Heidi" lmao

No. 903340


tantrum = 3 tweets 4 days ago. Ok, boomer.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 903341


why else would you tell your partner to address their feelings with another person if there were no signs of unaddressed feelings between them???? this is basic common sense, anon

pretty sure they were already fawning over fanart of the two of them by this point, and no one with a brain actually takes holly's "i'm 30 and having a ~sexual awakening~ for the first time!!!!" bullshit seriously, especially when there is plenty of evidence from her own tweet's and ross's own comments that this is completely not true

No. 903349

lmao Heidi isn't even the reason why Jared got fired so I dont know why his sped fans insist on demonizing her about it. they didnt fire Jared for cheating/divorcing, they fired him because he was a walking lawsuit waiting to happen with his 7 porn blogs where he clearly advertised it was him, a known employee of WOTC, and interacting with minors/dnd fans.

regarding the timeline of their breakup we will never know what happened behind closed doors beyond cherrypicked texts. maybe jared was telling her he wanted to stay and was affectionate to her or maybe heidi made it all up. it's irrelevant either way, everyone in this scenario sucks.

No. 903364

Regardless of the cheating Jared publicly solicited nudes from fans and had sex with them at conventions where he was supposed to be working. Would you really want someone like that representing you?

No. 903368


I'm sorry, for a moment I thought you were talking about Dan at the end there

No. 903369


I'm sorry, for a moment I thought you were talking about Dan at the end there

No. 903370

It would have made WotC look bad if they let him stay. They rarely ever let problematic people stick around, especially when pedo allegations are involved. Just the rumor could hurt their reputation, but Jared had also gotten nudes and sex from their fans so there was no way they'd be able to let him stay with or without the pedo stuff.

No. 903374

Tinfoil but some of these posts sound like Holly herself, or perhaps her close friends. This level of obsessive derailing hardly makes any sense. We get it, you're desperate to prove to yourself that you're in the right. But it's not gonna happen here.

No. 903378


>"Heidi's histrionics"

Jesus Christ, a wife saying "This isn't fucking cool, you need to quit fucking this other woman" isn't 'histrionics'

Holly threatening suicide over some clown emojis? THAT was histrionics.


>"just wouldn't take any other thing for an answer"

You realize divorce doesn't require the consent of both parties right? Jared could have put his big boy pants on and filed MONTHS sooner than he did if he was that fucking miserable.


It's not his place to worry about how she was going to pay for it. If you are THAT miserable in your marriage, you get the fuck out and figure the details out later.


>"The "serving papers" is last thing to do, when you can't agree with the other person on the terms of the divorce"

You are incredibly misguided. If a person wants a divorce, they go and file the paperwork to get the ball rolling and have their significant other served. It doesn't require previous sit down conversations.


I've thought the same thing before, Anon - just the similarity in wording and sperging was very "BUT BUT BUT HEIDI DID THIS SO YOU CAN'T BE MAD AT ME!"

No. 903382

I don't want to contribute to this nonsense, but Holly spends her time taking care of birds, not spending time online. And Projared didn't care about his wife like many others. Most people get married casually and don't do it because Love(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 903383

Learn to sage
>Holly spends her time taking care of birds, not online
Take a look at this idiot

No. 903388

Writing sage in your post doesn’t sage it pj2fag.

Jared and Hoelly are pathetic. There’s no reason Jared couldn’t have left. Heidi was “threatening” him? What was she threatening him with if he didn’t do anything wrong? Instead of leaving he continued an affair and was too dumb to not only keep sexts and nudes with his mistress, he kept an old phone where these were all stored in a place where Heidi could find them. He did this to himself. Cheating aside he abused his power to get insecure fans to send him nudes to get attention from their fave and some of those fans were minors whether they lied or not and that makes him scum.

No. 903393


>"Holly spends her time taking care of birds, not spending time online"

Couple things Anon: First of all, she makes her living online so yeah, she actually is online. Second of all, she used to sit and time how long it would take between making a tweet to the first hate comment. That doesn't exactly scream the sane person that you're trying to make her out to be.

No. 903396


Not only that, she specifically mentioned coming to THIS THREAD as a form of self harm because she's obsessed with what people are saying about her. She's almost definitely participating.

No. 903397


Exactly. Holly may be keeping her mouth shut since the DCA annoucement, but let's not trick ourselves into thinking she went from "I use twitter as a form of self harm, anyway my mom is dead lol" into a sudden beacon of mental health and human decency.

No. 903399

She's just doing what Jared did when she was going crazy on social media and doing it elsewhere. Elsewhere being here.

No. 903402


>"he figured if Heidi had more time to withdrawal from him emotionally/romantically then it would be more easier on her mentally."

Right, because nothing says "I give a fuck about my wife's mental state" quite like fucking another woman behind her back for months and then gaslighting her into thinking she's crazy by denying that anything is happening.

>"if he wanted to hold on to the nudes and sexts he could have simply just renamed Holly's contact name"

I'm about 90% sure that you can still figure out who is in a nude picture when you're friends with the person, even if the contact name is changed - specifically if, in said texts, she talks about wanting Diath and Strix to fuck IRL.

>"They divorced like 7 months ago"

The divorce isn't finalized, it was just filed in May and is still ongoing.

No. 903403

File: 1575830273141.gif (12.92 MB, 800x450, thumbsup1.gif)

Repost of >>903398, I was going to add more but couldn't think of anything useful.

This is a pointless discussion but I'll give my input anyway.
1. Jared took along time to file for divorce out of laziness
2. Heidi didn't file because she didn't have the life experience.

Another reason why he didn't file as soon is probably because he figured if Heidi had more time to withdrawal from him emotionally/romantically then it would be more easier on her mentally.
-Which also is similar to thinking that's why he let himself get caught cheating, because it would make her feel "empowered" (but also vindictive) and want to leave on her own accord.

Another reason I think he let himself get caught cheating, is that even if he wanted to hold on to the nudes and sexts he could have simply just renamed Holly's contact name. But it begs more questions like, did he even have a password on his phone?

Speculation is all we have to fill in the unanswered questions, with answers that CHANGE NOTHING!
They divorced like 7 months ago, I am sure they are long moved on from each other at this point. We should too.

>Right, because nothing says "I give a fuck about my wife's mental state" quite like fucking another woman behind her back for months and then gaslighting her into thinking she's crazy by denying that anything is happening.

Yeah bad move on his part I agree. Jared has never really prided himself in being a smart man.

No. 903406

>1. Jared took along time to file for divorce out of laziness
Wishful thinking. Jared most likely didn't file for divorce sooner because he's not emotionally mature enough to understand how to handle the situation tactfully.

There were numerous steps he could have taken that would have resulted in far less suffering for both parties, but he didn't, not the least of which is simply just not getting married in the first place, but that goes without saying.
When Heidi made it clear she was not going to be okay with him having an emotional relationship with someone he was also sleeping with, he could have filed for divorce then and there, but he was too much of a coward to do so. He was also too much of a coward to end the relationship with Holly, and instead chose to lie to both of them in the vain hopes that something would eventually work out.
He could have been done with the divorce process way before he made his twitter post about separating, but instead he blocked his wife and then tried to speak for her in an attempt to protect his public image, while still being legally married and while still being in a sexual and emotional relationship with another woman. These are not the actions of someone who is "lazy" or who is genuinely concerned about someone else's well-being over their own. These are the actions of someone who is selfish and misguided and extremely emotionally immature.

Also, regardless of anything else, he's still a disgusting creep for running porn blogs ostensibly for "body positivity" but actually using it as a way to satisfy his sexual urges and occasionally hook up with fans and such for sex, especially with a community mostly comprised of under-aged individuals.

>2. Heidi didn't file because she didn't have the life experience.

Sure, maybe, but she also clearly actually wanted a happy marriage and wanted to keep living the dream of the "perfect" life, whatever that was to her at the time. Regardless of anything, Heidi made it very clear that she really wanted the marriage to work, and made every effort to do so short of complete polyamory, which she wasn't comfortable with and made clear wasn't okay with her.

No. 903409

Nice galaxy brain you got there to fart out the theory that jared planned to get caught cheating lol

The dude who couldnt resist the immediate satisfaction of getting nudes from fans vs the long lasting ripercussions of that behaviours sure sounds like the type of guy who would 4d chess his way out of his marriage to get both the divorce and let heidi feel empowered

No. 903413

Jared's fans do realize that whether he knew their ages or not, he still was in possession of child pornography right? And he admitted that. They are somehow surprised that WotC and their parent company Hasbro wouldn't want to deal with a dude who opened himself up to receive child pornography? Why give a platform to a dude who has proven he can't be trusted with his fans.

No. 903416

Dude, they can't even understand the difference between being a sex worker (pro or amateur) and a semi-famous person using their fame to get fans to send them their nudes for free.
"Vivid Vidka was a guest on DCA and there's no difference between her adult sex work and Jared soliciting fans for nudes!"

No. 903423


>"he still was in possession of child pornography right?"

That's what's cracking me up because they're defense is "Well, if you get in trouble for unknowingly having it, someone could hack our computers, put kiddie porn on there and we'd get in trouble!"

Like yeah - I'd fucking hope that if someone had child porn on their computer, they'd get busted for it. We could figure out the semantics in court or whatever - but I wouldn't want the cops to go "Oh shit, our bad - you didn't KNOWINGLY have the kiddie porn". Possessing it is fucked up - full stop.


Their big thing on that front is the whole "They were consenting adults!" argument. Like, sure they consented - but there is still a wild power imbalance between a nobody showing their tits to a grown ass man with a relative amount of e-fame attached to his name.

No. 903438


Reporting child pornography that was sent to you requires turning in your device (phone, computer, etc.) to keep from tampering/destroying the evidence for your case.

If Jared had reported it to the authorities, he would probably get some kind of punishment, considering his porn blogs were more-or-less about sharing nudes, cancelling out 'random' or 'unsolicited' nudes being sent to him.

No. 903444

File: 1575840862424.png (86.91 KB, 516x745, EvilGuacamole.png)

I love watching these crybullies get told-off

No. 903445

File: 1575840902886.png (35.51 KB, 528x318, one.png)

No. 903447

File: 1575841492554.png (58.65 KB, 478x744, mj.png)

It's nice seeing some people make sense

No. 903448

File: 1575841545260.png (54.83 KB, 476x622, mjconcedes.png)

No. 903476

> Heidi herself clarified there was no physical affair before October.
sauce? i recall when things came out that heidi mentioned having concrete proof of physical stuff dating back to october (because of the texts on jared's phone only went back to october and the rest were deleted) so heidi wasn't clear on when it started because of the lack of hard evidence that she's seen herself (which is not the same as it never happening at all before october).

i'm shocked to say i think holly might actually recover her career. i think she's the craziest of the three, and i expected her to set her own career on fire, but truthfully most of her crap has been contained to twitter and mostly involving random small accounts (with a few exceptions), not major companies or major influencers so it can easily be forgotten and she can quietly delete her tweets once she moves past this. Most of the articles on major sites only had jared's name in the title, and many sites were, understandably, focused on the pedo allegations. jared will have a much harder time scrubbing this form his search results and public image than holly, and i guess they both realized that considering how much more gracious holly was towards wizards verus jared. so much for beating cancel culture.

some people who were close friends with desmond and blasted boogie and others milking ekita's suicide for attention still follow holly. it just goes to show how easy it is for her shit on twitter to fly under the radar, it was flakey and cringey, but just not the kind of stuff to make headlines.

No. 903489


>"He would probably get some kind of punishment"

As he fucking should. He still put himself in a position where there was an EXTREMELY high likelihood of receiving nudes of minors.


>"I expected her to set her own career on fire"

She pretty much did when she threw her weight behind Jared. She could make a comeback, but not with that 100-lbs of useless curved dick weight attached to her.


Following doesn't really mean anything. Hell, Ross still follows her. A fuck ton still follow her just so that when she inevitably loses her shit and goes private again, they can still see her tweets.

No. 903497

>I would compare it to Samuel L Jackson, who despite his character definitely being killed(?) on-screen, insists he is still alive. because because he thinks "I am Mace Windu".
if fucking Darth Maul survived being cut in half and thrown down a bottomless pit, all bets are off when a character's death is not explicitly shown on screen.

No. 903519

>Following doesn't really mean anything.

Indeed. They probably also know that Holly will harass them with guilt trips if they even try.

No. 903541


The phone texts Heidi got hold of stopped at December because that's when he changed phone. So she had his texts from before October too, but only up to December. Where did you read that anything was deleted??

No. 903542

I had a coworker who watches them and asked me why i didnt like Dan or game grumps. I cant believe they still have such a big fanbase even now. they're both assholes and it's clear Arin is bored with playing games on stream

No. 903546


Didn't Arin just sperg out on twitter awhile back, talking about how playing games was a chore?

My guy, you picked the wrong career field if that's how you feel…

No. 903560

She said that the texts started in October too. There’s too much to dig through, but the exchange on what she found started then.

No. 903580

File: 1575864031635.png (425.45 KB, 477x783, oof.png)

Arin and Suzy are the last line of defense of the OG married couples, don't let us down.

No. 903581

Hi holly(hi cow)

No. 903604

>Heidi herself clarified there was no physical affair before October.
That she knows about.

No. 903632


Yeah, I'm sure you know better.

No. 903633


She said the proof of their affair started then, not that the texts in the phone she had started then.

No. 903634


Besides, even if it didn't go physical and was just emotional, it's pretty fucking bad for PedoDick to have been indulging Hoelly's weird fantasies while they were still married to other people, especially since Heidi had explicitly said to drop Hoelly like a bad habit.

No. 903637


Heidi said to drop Holly later, she was first obviously encouraging it and allowing it - otherwise why propose the polyamory and send that text where she gives him permission to do everything and even indulges their sexualRP fantasy by talking about them as Strix and Diath?

No. 903638


>”why propose it”

Because she was desperate and trying to save her marriage. Also, she said she was open to it, realized Jared wasn’t willing to give her the things she needed to make it work (honesty and transparency), and then cut that shit off.

She stopped supporting it when she realized her husband had no plans on respecting her boundaries. That means he crossed the line into cheating, like a fucking moron.

No. 903642


If you bothered to watch her side of the story you'd find pretty good reasons as to why she decided to indulge Jared and how she immediately rescinded consent when she fully understood the depth of the situation. Or does consent mean nothing to you?

No. 903660

Rewired Soul covers it and explains why to just not go polyamorous.

No. 903674


Again, though, poly relationships can work - but when one side of things refuses to be open and honest with the other, it's doomed to fail.

Jared & Heidi's attempt failed because WormDick refused to quit seeing Hoelly, even though Heidi had pretty much told him he could've fucked any other woman on earth BUT her.

No. 903678

File: 1575902611415.png (30.75 KB, 513x336, Screenshot_3.png)

What was that about letting shit go, PJ2 stans?

"Do better than our exes"

Heidi has moved on. You're stuck with Hoelly, Jared - I think we all know who's coming out on top of that one.

No. 903680

File: 1575902746224.png (19.36 KB, 585x141, Screenshot_1.png)

"I've been a bit in the sads because my actions are finally starting to have ramifications - HOW DARE THEY!"

No. 903683


Ukuele punk is not a pj2 stan, you anodiot, it's the photographer for Holly's store and other more recent photos of Jared. Read a bit before trying to throw your weight around, ffs.

No. 903684

anon please take a break from online while you work on your reading comprehension

No. 903685


Or, genius, you could take two seconds and realize that the "what was that, pj2 stans?" was a sarcastic comment, not me saying that Ukulele_Punk was a PJ2 stan, though tbh, I wouldn't be surprised if they're also a stan since they clearly support Jared and Holly's bullshit.

But hey, that's just me throwing my weight around.

No. 903694

File: 1575905633266.jpg (143.63 KB, 1080x520, Screenshot_20191208-183458_Twi…)

Liking a tweet means nothing. And he could literraly be reffering to like anyone, Holly, assuming they broke up. UnoGirl, whoever he dated before Heidi if he did date anyone before. Or even Nulyu since he is technically Jared's ex as well.

Put with that topic, will Jared do better than Heidi? Maybe not sure. How will Heidi fare going forward?

She once tweeted this, so she probably won't use her learned skills in her career. Guess we will see.

Not taking sides I hope they can both do well doing what they are passionate about.

No. 903695


>"And he could literraly be reffering to like anyone"

Right - because it's such a stretch to think that the guy who has spent the last seven months in the middle of scandal that popped off when his wife stopped biting her tongue would actually be talking about her specifically.

Some galaxy brain takes you got there, Anon.

>"Holly, assuming they broke up."

She would have said something if that were the case. She has an inability when it comes to keeping her mouth shut.


As far as I can tell, UnoGirl was a quick fuck - not an ex.

>"so she probably won't use her learned skills in her career."

People make sarcastic comments about their college degrees being useless all of the time - That doesn't mean anything. Hell, I know people with two college degrees working at mcdonalds - Maybe Heidi was just expressing frustration at the current job market.

No. 903700

Jared from Subway needed a new sponsor I guess

No. 903701

there's no milk whatsoever and yet every day this thread is shitted up with dumbfucks nitpicking at heidi and being willfully obtuse about jared's obvious degeneracy. why is this thread such a dumpster fire?

No. 903714

>Ukulele_Punk was a PJ2 stan
Ukulele has a job and a life, and judging by his appearance, probably not an incel. So no.

No. 903715

That guy's a known fraudster and drama chaser, a wannabe-Keem.

No. 903735


>"Ukulele has a job and a life, and judging by his appearance, probably not an incel"

Prior to May, we all generally thought the same about Jared, so…

Besides, he's still someone who openly supports Jared and Holly - maybe not to the degree that a stan would - but no one who is at all decent still supports either of those two.

No. 903747

Wasn't this cow Pro-Holly when this all happened in May?

The last milk was Jared's tantrum about being officially fired and to make themselves feel better, stans come here to bitch about Heidi. It's not going to get Jared rehired because his reaction towards the announcement put a nail in that coffin (throwing WotC under the bus) so all they can do now is graps at straws for comfort.

No. 903758


>"We're all just out here trying to do better than our exs."

Jeez, Heidi finally starts posting about her store & he immediately thinks she's doing 'better' than him?

Guess he's really trying to sell the idea that Heidi took SOOOOOO much money from him!

Just call up your new sugar-mama if you need a couple bucks, dude.

No. 903759


Yeah, I ain't watching that.
Someone else here wanna give a rundown?

No. 903780

File: 1575921223995.png (226.6 KB, 580x714, nothankschris.png)


>Wasn't this cow Pro-Holly when this all happened in May?

This probably isn't a pro-Heidi video anyway, he agrees with a guy who continues to berate Heidi.

His tweet of the video says

"I watched the 2-hour @AtelierHeidi live stream about @ProJared and @HollyConrad so you don't have to."

…No one asked, Chris.

No. 903793

He's a drama-chaser and armchair psychologist who faced backlash when the subjects of his videos clapped back at him, and he decided he was unfairly target by "cancel culture".
Little wonder, then, that he latched on to Holly and Jared's side so firmly.

No. 903803

Ukulele Punk is a PJ and Holly Stan. He was tabling with Holly and jared at her art show, defends them and took photos of Holly and Jared. He’s a friend of Holly’s and Jareds.

No. 903827

I’ll be really surprised if Arin and Suzy ever divorce. They both seem to be in love with each other and supportive of one another, unlike Ross and Holly where Holly always seemed like she was just barely tolerating his presence.

No. 903838


God, I can almost see the weird Holly/Jared wedding (that idiot would probably try to livestream it on twitch), just so six months down the road, we can watch yet another of each of their marriages implode.

No. 903873

>unlike Ross and Holly where Holly always seemed like she was just barely tolerating his presence.

Was it always that way? Holly doesn't seem like the type to stay with a guy just because she feels sorry for them.

And I heard rumors that Holly suicide bated Ross? For what reason would that be if she did, if she didn't care for him then she probably wouldn't feel emotional enough to self-harm over him.

No. 903880


>"Holly doesn't seem like the type to stay….because she feels sorry"

Nah, she's definitely the type to stick around for as long as the person has a use (Ross is more or less the only reason people knew who she was for awhile, plus he cosplayed Garrus who she was seriously into; Now, she's ditched him and moved on to Jared, who is her DCA love interest)

>"For what reason would that be if she did"

Narcissists frequently lash out in whatever way they think will hurt the other person - If Ross genuinely cared for Holly, the thought of her killing herself would be enough to get him to cave and do whatever it was she wanted him to do.

>"if she didn't care for him then she probably wouldn't feel emotional enough to self-harm over him."

She would self-harm if she thought it'd hurt him, though. It's Emotional/Mental Abuse 101

No. 903881

File: 1575940104063.jpg (688.24 KB, 1694x580, internetmarried.jpg)

Any more I should add to this?

No. 903882


Maybe the spiel between Anna/Nate and their respective partners?

No. 903885

I'd rather not put in Anna, for obvious reasons.

And was more referring to the people more in the gamer circle. Normal Boots, Grumps, Hidden Block. Maybe I'll throw in the people loosely connected to them like MatPat.

No. 903896

all sincere post of RWS videos should be viewed with suspicion, since he's a cow in his own right and believed to lurk here. it's just more bait in effect, in a thread already filled with bait.

No. 903991

Matpat got divorced too? Ive never followed him beside some game theory at the beginning cus they were genuinely trashy fun, then i found the one about connecting a fake game to the actual terrible murder by neglect of a child and jesus christ what is wrong with you mat, making money off that. Making money off of reddit threads is sad but that one was downright disgusting

No. 904061

Where did she clarify this? In her original tweets about October - December texts it sounds ambiguous, could read like the texts before October weren't on the phone or that the texts weren't physical before October.

No. 904095

I'm not Holly, but everyone says "ok boomer" it's the Same bullshit as saying only one couple can get married when anyone can do it.

No. 904097

Sage for farmhand milk, but who tf are the mods kidding when they "ban" someone for posting something that they don't "allow"? Clearly banning people doesn't work and just makes people want to fuck with these loser FarmHandz. They tried to ban my IP address even though I never posted here, buuuut I can still post. There needs to be a thread about how stupid this wannabe ban bullshit is.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 904103

Take your worthless whining to meta

No. 904127


I'm sorry, anon, but I don't think I understand your idea. Are you suggesting that Jared deleted all texts from his old phone BEFORE October (when Heidi has proof that their affair started) but left those three pesky months there out of stupidity?

No. 904131

OT maybe I'm just fucked up but I found it super interesting and it made me look more into it. Each to their own when it comes to it, why else would there be a huge amount of channels that solely focuses on murder and death

No. 904342

File: 1576035023970.png (195.73 KB, 720x989, 20191210_222918.png)


No. 904344

NTA but Jared isn't the brightest crayon in the box so I could see that happening…but it's more likely when he got a new phone in December, he simply forgot to delete his recent backlog of Striath ERP.

No. 904346


After seeing Jared's passive-aggressive attitude towards WotC, & trying to start shit when they denied him, this is… telling.

No. 904445

I'm asking for proof that Heidi clarified that nothing physical happened before October like another poster said. I'm not trying to imply anything.

No. 904448

File: 1576073424446.jpg (42.53 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 904455

Can you newfags learn to sage if you don’t have any milk and try to stay on topic instead of posting worthless things no one cares about? And please spoiler that man’s face no one needs to see that without warning.

No. 904458

This video is about Jared but also his relationship with Heidi and Holly.
He explains how he was able to get a girl like Heidi and still have multiple women chasing after him.

In a nutshell: Fame and Status.
Personality sure, any guy can have a charming personality or "spit game" if they learn, but looks and confidence not mutually exclusive can only get you so far. Social status can also help a bunch too.

Which isn't a bad thing, it's not like Heidi is a "gold-digger" for going for a relatively succesful man.

No. 904461

Weren’t he and Heidi dating before he got a following?

No. 904464

Learn to sage.
And he was moderately popular.
She first was in the same place as him at SGC 2010 where he hosted the cosplay contest. And in another video with Jared he explains it from his perspective as well.
They made eye contact and became facebook friends, so Jared was at least aware of her existence.
And shortly after SGC-2010 is when he started his YouTube channel, though he was also doing Hard News on ScrewAttack as well.

So not super famous but not a complete nobody either.

No. 904538

>Dan on Today's Episode of Grumps: Talks about taking Ash to a certain restaurant which is a 'sign it's getting serious.'
>Also Dan: has been apparently living with this woman for six months, introduced her to his family, introduced her to his fans.

People wonder why the cheating rumors are so prevalent and consistent, this is why. He has no idea what a commitment is.

No. 904540


$20 says they do it in full costume.

No. 904545

File: 1576095772148.jpg (808.6 KB, 1079x1354, youdowngradedude.jpg)

Didn't Heidi keep the Diath costume?
If so I wonder what she'll do with it. Ideally she shouldn't keep it, not only because it belonged to Jared but its also the same costume he wore when he had his affair with Holly and contributed to her divorce.
Burn it on livestream? Roast marshmallows on it? It would be emotionally satisfying but also hard to see a piece of art she takes pride in be reduced to ash.

Sell it to Jared? She said in the texts from April she is only willing to talk to Jared if it's business related, so she may not be above selling it back to him. She's gonna charge a fee for sure.

Unless Jared kept it, but we don't know. Pic semirelated

No. 904552


His shoulders are so fucking narrow and his head is so massive.

Holly probably forbids him from wearing the Diath costume Heidi made now. Not that he has a use for it outside of their weird sex rp anymore.

No. 904603


>"I wonder what she'll do with it"

Personally, I'd watch a livestream of her lighting that shit on fire and roasting marshmallows - but lawd, would the PJ2 stans lose their shit over that one.

No. 904623

File: 1576111624101.gif (2.08 MB, 300x362, jared_egh.gif)

Either that or have her new guy wear it, have sex with him on tape, and send it to Jared.

He may or not may not be jealous of Heidi having a new dude but will definitely not be very happy that someone besides him is wearing it. Pic semirelated

No. 904625

It would have to be a girl. Most guys wouldn't fit in something made to fit a manlet.

No. 904690

File: 1576130578280.png (1.26 MB, 681x1928, jurd.png)

God he looks so bad here. Like, I know that she's wearing heels here but he's so disproportionate and weasely that he makes her look giant even though she's obviously not.

This sent me down a weird rabbit hole. Jared said he's 6 ft, but that doesn't make sense. Reggie and Jon's heights look correct, Anna throws me a bit. For more confusion, Ross and Jared appear to be the same height in videos. Google says Ross is 5'9", Ross on twitter says he's 5'11". Holly on twitter says she's 5'6", but also said she and Ross are basically the same height. Heidi says on twitter that she's 5'7", for context. I know this is all nitpicking/speculation but is the answer just…men are insecure and lie about their height?

No. 904703

Men are wildly insecure about their height. They'll lie and fudge it to as close to 6ft as possible. When it's very obvious when someone isn't 6ft
I'd wager Jared and Ross are 5'8" or around there, since that's averagey. Jared just looks taller because he's a glove pulled over a bird skeleton

No. 904773

I’ve met Jared, Heidi, Holly, and Ross in person multiple times. Heidi is about 5’8” or 9”. Holly is shorter and WAY shorter than ross. I’m 5’4” and he towered over me (he held my shoulder in a picture, and my head barely breached shoulder height). I’d say 5’10 or 11” is accurate. Jared is the same way, but I didn’t get close enough to him to be sure. He’s only a few inches taller than Heidi, though, so I’d say 5’10” or 11” too.

No. 904825

File: 1576172345821.png (77.09 KB, 653x688, height.png)

Sorry anon but…..none of that tracks really based on what I've seen, and I've scoured the internet for pics. At 5'4", for your head to be barely breaching shoulder height, Ross would have to be well over 6', closer to 6'5" and he's for sure not that.

Also, Jared claiming he's 6' and Ross claiming he's 5'11" would be a 1 inch difference, and yet I cannot tell who's taller between the two of them in videos/photos. However, Jared's claimed height and Reggie would also be a 1 in difference, and that height difference is obvious and significant. >>904690

>Jared just looks taller because he's a glove pulled over a bird skeleton
A+++ anon. And you're right, I do think that has something to do with it, because truly his proportions are just so odd and make no sense.

No. 904826

File: 1576172377435.jpg (637.44 KB, 1280x1920, 15ed5cc0-afce-4380-947c-43b0e1…)

Heidi in a Q&A once said she is 5"7
Jared is probably like 5"10. Taller than 5"7 but under 6".

No. 904827

File: 1576172416222.png (425.66 KB, 620x575, gg.png)

>Holly is shorter and WAY shorter than ross.
I mean, this is just not true clearly from pictures of them together. They seem a couple of inches difference at most. In my scouring I will also say this: Anna and Holly are hard to use as context, because I cannot find a single picture of Holly in a group setting where she's not hunched over or just posing in a weird way, and Anna (being tall-ish) is often sorority squatting in group pics. I don't doubt Holly is 5'6" standing up straight, I just think she never stands up straight.

If Barry is 5'9" and Ross is 5'11", their height difference should be almost the same as Arin at 6'2" and Ross at 5'11". But it's clearly not. Men saying their height is About X'X" or X'X"-ish means they're rounding up, so I'd put Barry at rounding up from 5'8" and Ross closer to 5'9". (To his credit in the Reddit thread where Barry gives his height, Ross says he's 5'10". It's just on Twitter later he says 5'11". C'mon bud). I'm not trying to pick on Ross at all, I swear, he and Jared just appear to be the same-ish height and it's easier to find clear pictures of Ross than it is Jared.

No. 904829

File: 1576172543806.png (340.89 KB, 589x1824, sauce.png)

>Heidi is about 5’8” or 9”.
I don't believe this either. In the tweet where she said she was 5'7", the context was she was saying how she had no problem being taller than guys and enjoyed it. If she was really 5'9", it would make no sense for her to downplay herself/lie in that context. I think if you go by the notion that Jared is 6', see he's a few inches taller than Heidi, you could assume then Heidi must be 5'9". But if you go by the notion that Heidi is 5'7", see Jared a few inches taller, Jared being 5'9" makes sense. I believe Heidi's word over Jared's in this case.

>Conclusion: Jared is probably closer to 5'9" than 6'0", like he claims.

I think Ross and Jared are both exaggerating (because men), but Jared is probably exaggerating by like, 3" which is not insignificant. Also I wouldn't go through all this trouble if I didn't know for sure Jared's delicate man ego would be bruised by not being 6 ft.

Anyways, here's sauce on everything.

No. 904959

Probably should have clarified what I meant by bracing shoulder height. I’m probably about eye level with his shoulders.

She’s much taller than me, so unless my doctor lied to me last week, she’s taller than she thinks, she wants to be shorter (many tall girls do) or she wears shoes with hidden heels. But even then, she‘s shorter than Jared by at least an inch or two.

Ross also took a pic with a 5’8” friend of mine (who wishes she was shorter, so she’s not rounding up) and he was at least two inches taller.

No. 904979

lmao, sorry anon but unless you post the pics you're referencing there's no reason to believe you're not full of shit, especially when there's so much proof already been posted that contradicts everything you're saying. No one's denying she's shorter than Jared by an inch or two, but if she's 5'7" an inch or two is…..5'8"-5'9". Do you know how to read?

No. 905018

I mean y’all don’t have to believe me, but I’m sure as hell not posting pics that are on my social media (censored or not) on lolcow.
I’m just weighing in here, as I’ve seen them in person quite a few times. But I’ve got no horse in this race; I’d love for Jared to be a manlet on top of everything else, but I just remember him being a long, lanky cretin.

No. 905041

sage for no contribution and i admit the milk is dry as a bone right now but i can't stop laughing at the fact that jared is apparently insecure enough to try and disguise his near-feminine slenderness by exaggerating his height kek

No. 905045

Okay is anyone else creeped out that the Child’s Play auction allowed Holly to attend even though she allegedly fixed the kids who reported Jared by giving him their info and is in a relationship with a guy that solicits his largely underage fan base?

Also figured she back to her uWu trash witch aesthetic and bragging about her generosity by attending the auction despite wailing about being broke.

No. 905046

File: 1576211492126.jpg (84.97 KB, 598x686, heiditaste.jpg)

>his near-feminine slenderness
Yeah, and that seems to be something Heidi fancies in her men.

Though I think it's also in addition to what was said here >>904458 since Jared's social status is how Heidi discovered him, but she was likely also attracted to him (somehow) and his on-stage confidence.

No. 905052

Child's Play is owned by Penny Arcade, isn't it?
In that case, creeped out but not surprised. Jerry Holkins likes her, and charities aside PA is pretty garbage. I fully expect the wangrods who treated Scott Kurtz like shit to be a-okay with a person like Holly.

No. 905076

File: 1576220001623.jpeg (112.56 KB, 614x674, 5F211162-523B-4403-80DC-56A9EA…)

Huh Jared’s there too. I wonder if he and Holly went together and are all over each other like at the art show.

No. 905079

File: 1576221575542.png (1.54 MB, 1420x2048, Screenshot_20191213-021633.png)


Yeah they definitely went together. Like another anon said, it isn't surprising the PA guys are supporting garbage people.

No. 905081

I keep seeing comments on twitter like this. Why do their fans think Holly and Jared are enemies? The whole reason any of this shit became public is because Holly and Jared were fucking. And then Holly became his one woman army on social media for months after the fact. Their fans are so fuckin dumb.

No. 905090

kek CP charity. that's such a great coincidence. of course he'd show up to a CP charity.
(i know what the charity actually is it's just funny because he's a known pedo)

No. 905100

You just know some sad thirsty autistic fan messaged him after he posted that pic with "you look soooo good in that suit" and he replied with "are you in seattle?"

gg holly

No. 905129

Lmao pics pls

No. 905149

I mean of course if jared and holly are a couple, they're still poly. Dont you know it's inherently homophobic and bigoted to have a even resembling traditional lifestyle? Holly based her whole personality on fake queerness and wokeness, my money is on her being "so in love" with jared shes not scared of him going away, and lets him be free to express his own sexuality. Oh no, she doesnt need to do the same! She's ASEXUAL. That doesnt bother her at all.

No. 905154

>shes not scared of him going away, and lets him be free to express his own sexuality

Anon, she will act like it's fine, but will sperg as soon as she finds out he's fucking someone elsem

No. 905171

Lmao I forgot about that “asexual” sexual awakening, Holly’s just a boring ole straight hoe now with a dash of homewrecker, no more “woke” queer points for you!

No. 905173

If Holly gets cheated on and abused it's karma really.
And while nobody is totally blameless in the holy trinity, only one of them scammed a cancer patient so…

No. 905186

> or she wears shoes with hidden heels
She does tend to do this, see her squid kid shoe build where she specifically says she enjoys being tall and likes to sneak a wedge into any costume she can to emphasize that.

No. 905198

I love that he looks so dead-eyed and exhausted. I hope this is his permanent look from now on. I can only imagine the inner turmoil of looking at himself and then trying to type out an "exited" message to match it.

No. 905199


Not trying to defending PA, but you just buy a ticket to get in, it's not an invite only thing. Any nerd can pay to get a seat. It's not something they would ban them from any sooner than they would ban them from PAX (not saying PAX doesn't ban people, just that they're probably not going to ban Holly and Jared in this specific case).

I'd be interested in a PA/garbage webcomics people thread if one starts up though.

No. 905204

Didn’t PAX ban Jessica Nigri for dressing too slurry as a booth babe? Or am I mistaken.

No. 905206

I think letting a guy who admitted in a video that he did get explicit images from his underage fans is a bad move. Even if he says it was an accident uWu)

No. 905220

File: 1576262293538.jpg (477.75 KB, 1080x1702, Screenshot_20191212-201104_Twi…)

Far from relevant but still classic

No. 905229

File: 1576264371110.png (226.82 KB, 617x694, 20191213_135722.png)

What is wrong with these people? I get being a fan but this level is outright scary.

No. 905343

Because they know that being a melodramatic swoft uwu cupcake gets them attention. They see it works well for Hoelly and want the same attention and head pats so they overreact in an effort to gain more followers.

No. 905356

>you ruined Jared's life by sleeping with a bunch of dudes reeeee
"I haven't had sex in a year"
"its ok Heidi ignore the haters"

projared stans are amazing

No. 905357

The intern who is managing the ticket sales for the charity gala isn’t checking to see who’s naughty or nice. They just want to get as many people in the door as possible.

No. 905377

It’s because the melodramatics get them followed from holly herself. makes them feel special because they got noticed by some z-list e-celeb. The most notorious wk’s that have been discussed here are in hollys following list.

No. 905383


"They went together"

…Yet there are no photos of them together?

No. 905385


…Also gotta love how they're 'hurting for money' & all Jared wants to do is "Do better than our exes", yet they're both attending a Charity Auction?

No. 905389

File: 1576283976972.png (331.96 KB, 528x746, heyheidi.png)

"Ugh! Why does Heidi keep bringing it up?!?"

No. 905427

File: 1576292074027.jpg (74 KB, 2272x1080, sketch-1576292070325.jpg)

>"its ok Heidi ignore the haters"
Because those types, not saying that user specifically but ones who try to "Protect women!" are secretly mysoginist and just act that way because they fully expect sex in return.

I think, or hope that she has the word Jared and ProJared muted. But you know Heidi loves a good tweef so she wouldn't do that.

pic related:
like in this interaction here you can tell by Heidi's response she is actually laughing at this person for being an obvious "nice guy"

No. 905475


>"Why do their fans think Holly and jared are enemies?"

So that they can continue to paint Heidi as some evil, villainous whore who kept the two soulmates apart by asking her husband to NOT fuck her married friend.


>"Will sperg as soon as she finds out"

Bingo. She'll pretend to the public eye that it's okay while posting vague "How do I help someone I love so dearly from being manipulated by his underage fans? Clearly, it's their fault, not my grown ass boyfriend"


Those are the same dudes crawling up Hoelly's vag, hoping to dive into that well of crazy, so it's ironic that they're calling all of Heidi's supporters "dudebros" who just want to bang her.


The kicker is that Geraldo is a whole ass grown adult, a married one at that IIRC. The fact that her happiness is solely based off of her pedo adoring PedoDick? Yikes to infinity and beyond.


They don't seem to realize that Hoelly and PedoWorm will throw them under the bus at first chance, if it helps them look better.


At least they're not spamming the bullshit truth blog as much anymore. It's a change of pace.

No. 905493

They're orbiters.
They want to be a character in the story when in actuality they always just be in the audience.

No. 905503

I'm not sure she's obviously laughing at this guy. Considering she thought Jared was a good husband in any way, shape or form we can assume her assessment of males/male interactions is not the best

No. 905588


Considering how Heidi has said she won't do charity work because there isn't anything in it for her.. Heh, I think they are better people in that single direction than her.

No. 905599


No. 905601

I really love how most of this thread is just about how toxic Holly and Jared are but then theres always gotta be one anon trying to steer the direction towards Heidi hate.

No one gives a fuck if you dont like Heidi. The only reason why we even give a shit about Holly and Jared is because one is a toxic milky nutcase and the other is a predator in training. Heidi has zero milk the nitpicking is almost laughable at this point.

Is it just the same three anons coming back here over and over again to claim how "everyone's at fault here…. but Heidi's the worst!" No ones here for your vendetta sperging.

No. 905607

Neither do I? She's an ordinary citizen now (so are Jared & Holly but, less ordinary than she is with their line of work) and probably doesn't have the excess funds.

>Is it just the same three anons coming back here over and over again to claim how "everyone's at fault here…. but Heidi's the worst!"
Holly is the worst IMO.
Jared and Heidi aren't free of blame, but it was an unhappy relationship and it's best for both them it's over now.
Jared at least shut the blogs/sc when a minor got in, it was just really dumb to put himself in that position, not ill-intended just dumb.
Holly is the only one who scammed a cancer patient out of thousands, she should be behind bars.

No. 905617

Was it ever confirmed Heidi and Jared moved to Seattle in an effort to get away from Holly’s crazy but she followed them there?

No. 905619

It's not "dumb"

The blog was called "sinjared" and he met the age demographic that were his fanbase multiple times at cons. He knew how young they could be and still solicited nudes from his fanbase when he could have been like any other dude and watched porn/buy nudes. What's the reason he specifically needed them from his audience?

It's not dumb, its fucking predatory.

I find it hilarious how you seem to think Holly is this vile person and "Heidi also was to blame" but give Jared a free pass because "uwu he shut down the blogs so its okay!!" Kek

No. 905622

Not to get off-topic but they lived in Los Angeles.
Which umm, has nice parts but alot of unfriendly areas as well.

But Washington was practical for Jared to move to, it's where most of his Normal Boots & Hidden Block colleagues live, as well as where the headquarters for WoTC is located.

No. 905633

Way out of context, tard. She was talking about how she couldn't do charity because she needs to support herself. Not everyone is a trust fund baby.

No. 905660

File: 1576355941434.png (171.15 KB, 1248x710, heidi.png)

No, they asked her to either cover up or stay inside the school bus photo set so people outside the booth wouldn't see her. There was some more drama after that, but they never considered banning Nigri (even if they did want to punish someone, she was working for a booth so the company that hired her that would at fault).

I'm not arguing against that, I'm just saying that they probably don't thoroughly research each and every attendee and plus one. That's not how most events are run.

This is such a bad read of what she said that I'm just going to post the original tweet so people can see for themselves. Pj2 stans are really stinking up this thread.

No. 905662

THIS is what these PJ2 anons are whining about? god the banhammer is sorely needed in here

No. 905708

File: 1576364072412.png (113.33 KB, 772x372, HeidiFacebookCharity.png)


The thing I am talking about took some digging, since it's been 5 months since the stuff was posted online. Not sure who dug it up or leaked it, it's obviously from her facebook, although she says she is "writing it publicly" so maybe at the time when it was taken it wasn't "just a private account of 500+ friends and colleagues and industry professionals". Maybe it was KW, maybe those twitter WKs, because it finally ended on PJ2 reddit where I saw it. Here it is, the queen of "doing charity work would be only for my ego" as if the people she would be helping don't count at all.

No. 905717


>"the queen of "doing charity work would be only for my ego" as if the people she would be helping don't count at all."

A person has to help themselves before they can help anyone else - If Heidi's mental health was in the shitter at the time and she had a mentality of "This wouldn't be helping you guys, it would just be me stroking my own ego", it's better that she didn't help. Those in need are in need of help, not judgement, and she was smart enough to realize that her true feelings would show through at the time and help no one.

Also, spare me the "SHE HATES CHARITY!" line of thought, PJ2 stan. Holly offered to donate funds from the 'cancelled' t-shirt to a charity (I think the Trevor Project but I could be wrong) when she got called out on her bullshit, and immediately walked that offer back and deleted all evidence once the public fury died down. She used the talk of "Helping others!" to help her own public image, and then never followed through.

I'd rather support the person who knows their own limits, than the two-faced piece of trash who only even talks about helping others when it will help her own public image.

No. 905726


This was a post from way before the drama, wk. No need to get pissed about putting her on podium, it's your own fault.

She literally says she judges up the poor or needy and that's why she won't do stuff to help them. Not sure why you go for "whatabout"-ism here, but sure. Go ahead. Holly being a trash (witchLOL) doesn't make Heidi non-trash, you realize that?

No. 905749

>I think this is at the heart of my issues, my own rottenness…

No, anon, this is called being self aware and sincere. It's 1000x better than being a fake fuck like Holly who whines about being kind then continues to feel zero empathy for Etika and instead uses him as a shield because she fucked someone else's husband. Seriously, Heidi may not be the best person, but she's a regular human being. Holly is the biggest piece of shit and she can go fuck herself. Goes to show the PJ2 fans like their delusional world as much as their hero, Jared. Someone pointing out an honest flaw in themselves is then weaponized. No wonder Jared and Holly are angels who can do nothing wrong.

No. 905753


"If they walked into my workplace"

How old is this? Talking about feeling bitter toward the human race because of working retail??

No. 905754

No, it was a charity for victims of child sexual abuse, Holly said "I'll do it but only if it's a charity about adult abuse because that applies to me too", then deleted everything like an hour later.

No. 905758

File: 1576370680303.png (271.59 KB, 526x908, 2019-12-14_19h43_04.png)

Found the screenshots thanks to PULL. It was about child bullying, but she went "how about adult bullying too because uwu clown emojis at me" and then deleted it all less than a day later.

No. 905770

Yeaaah, heidi is definitely flakey for being angsty and talking about being "too bitter" to feel sincere doing charity work and feeling rotten inside on her fb instead of whining to her therapist about it, but holly is way worse for being a narc who leverages a charitable self image to purely feed her own supply while harming people and styling her self as a mental health guru who charged for advice on patreon.

Also old, stale ass posts from someone's private fb don't count as milk unless someone is being a cow right now. Sorry anon, but heidi not doing charity work doesn't make her a bad person, and jared and holly buying a $125 dinner doesn't erase their bad behavior.

Imagine if holly wrote this post. All her stans would focus on the part where she calls herself rotten and talks about not knowing how to fix the problem, and would flood her with compliments over her doing nothing but moping around. They'd celebrate her honesty and bravery to recognizing her mental health issues and blabber on about how her she's doing gods work just by inspiring them with her shit art and god awful mental health monday streams.

No. 905772


>"Talking about feeling bitter…because of working retail"

Work retail for five minutes. You'd lose all faith in humanity too.

No. 905773


Like I said way back, Heidi comes off as more of a realist while Jared & Holly seem more like escapists.

No. 905774


Also it's rather sketchy there's no date included on this ss…

No. 905776


In the post she talks about currently working retail. Which she stopped in 2013.

No. 905777

File: 1576374230790.jpg (508.16 KB, 1092x1555, tumblr_c54f5f34d6f0610e2796108…)

A DCA fan speaks out on why Jared shouldn't be allowed back

No. 905779

File: 1576374567204.png (18.48 KB, 448x256, lmao-tumblr.png)

Also laughed at this.

No. 905888

So let me get this straight. This thread has become for the last half year a fan club of this person that is not a celebrity and not a cow and now that DCA is dead and it seems that the actual cows are continuing with their activities, all the fresh milk about GG and the scandal there is being drowned in "but remember they are terrible people?" and "but that noncow is a terrible person too?" followed by infighting?

No. 905895

is there new milk about dan and the rest of the grumps? that was honestly exciting but nothing has come of it

No. 905906

tbh I dont know much about Suzie and Arin but they seem to genuinely love each other. I have my doubts a divorce will be coming between them anytime soon.

No. 905923

These people are successful and independent but they still deeply despise their ex partner.
Nothing to be envious of, besides their cash flow.

No. 905978

Arin seems kind of lazy/idle and unlikely to leave Suzy if he's comfortable, but I always felt they would be the first of that group to divorce.
Looking back over the past six months is wild.

No. 906059

Are these just all self-posts from your own tumblr or something? Like, they're clearly all the same poster because you've named them all like "tumblr1 - tumblr9" and cut your actual username out. I'm not disagreeing with what you're saying in these, but it's just weird to post what are clearly your own replies with
>This person couldn't be more right.
>Tumblr pretty lit right now
>Someone on Tumblr already took a guess

Same with these
>The replies are staring to get spicy!
>Shots fired
They're clearly your own replies because you've only blocked out your own info

And these. Again, not disagreeing with the sentiment, but it's just cringey.

No. 906082

They both seem kind of lazy so I guess it's perfect that they have a steady income without having to work too hard.

I'm sure if Arin's success wasn't a thing it'd be completely different for them.

No. 906102

I don't have any screenshots, but I vaguely remember Arin is intensely afraid of being alone and most likely would never leave Suzy. I think it was talked about somewhere in the first thread

No. 906112

I don't recall how true this is, but I remember hearing that even when Suzy was with another guy Arin would write her sappy love letters because he's never been with anyone else.

No. 906167


I believe Suzy talked about their break in this podcast, not sure if the letters are a part of that though.

No. 906251

File: 1576518833825.jpg (420.11 KB, 1078x1461, Screenshot_20191216-115122_Twi…)

Lol I am nuetral on the marriage+cheating drama thing. I don't think Jared or Heidi are blameless but don't think that they need to have it held against them indefinitely.

Think, have you ever cheated?
Do you have friends or family members who have cheated?
It's nothing to be proud of but shit happens.

No. 906255

>Have you ever cheated?
>Do you have friends or family members who have cheated?
Anyone who cheats is a degenerate and should have it held against them forever. Absolutely disgusting to frame betraying the trust of your spouse who devoted their life to you as “shit happens.”

No. 906256

Dude, chill. Are you using the term degenerate unironically? Lol

No. 906259

I love when projared dick suckers love to claim objectivity just because they see issues on "all sides!!" but then proceed to defend Jared for cheating/soliciting his fans nudes. At this point I feel like anyone saying "all sides are to blame!!" Is just trying to get their foot in the door to start shitting on Heidi for random unmilky nonsense.

Yeah we all know cheaters and guess what? They're universally shitty people. You're not talking about someone in a teenage relationship you're talking about a dude who was married for years and put their spouse through emotional trauma to get their dick wet. Most of the world can see the type of person that would do that kind of thing isn't a stand up dude. Not everyone cheats and if you think that you're as smooth brained as Jared kek.

And since jared stans love to claim that Heidi "did wrong too uwu" - what did she do? What specifically did she do to Jared or Holly that any normal woman wouldn't do after seeing her ex husband who cheated on her try and get asspats from his teenage fans while his mistress gaslights her, calls her an abuser publically and has the nerve to COMMENT ON THE BREAKUP POST.

No. 906314


>"I don't think Jared or HEidi are blameless"

You care to share how Heidi is blameless for her husband's lack of ability to keep it in his fucking pants? She didn't care if he slept with another woman as long as it wasn't Holly - and that is the ONE person he went and fucked.

But yeah, I can see how that's Heidi's fault….?

>"Think, have you ever cheated?"

No. That's not as common as you think.

>"Do you have friends or family who have cheated?"

Yeah, and their asses don't get coddled and reassured that they did nothing wrong. They fuck up and they are made aware of how fucked that is.


>"Are you using degenerate unironically? lol"

Dude solicited nudes from fans, some of whom were minors. I'd say he falls under the 'degenerate' category.

No. 906331

File: 1576528655861.jpg (250.62 KB, 1080x1048, Screenshot_20191216-143629_Twi…)

>You care to share how Heidi is blameless
Heidi even said she isn't blameless.
And personally I am oldschool and not a fan of polyamory, don't understand it and don't care to. I'm monogamous and monotone.

Heidi was still dicks from other dudes while married, with Jared's permission no less but still.
Jared was out there banging relatively young (but of age) impressionable fans, whilst married, plus fucking with another married woman. Without Heidi's permission, there is that.

No. 906335

There is zero proof Heidi actually did anything sexual IRL with anyone. She had some fakeboi internet "boyfriend" and once talked about having a sex fantasy which involved Jared. Jared actually went and screwed multiple people without Heidi around and later without her permission after she said polyamory wasn't working and she wasn't comfortable with it anymore.

No. 906349


>"Heidi even said she isn't blameless"

She meant she played a roll in their marriage not being 100% successful, not as in "It's my fault my dickless wonder of a husband fucked the well of crazy that is Hoelly Cumrag".

>"I'm not a fan of poly, don't understand it"

Good thing that literally no other person on the planet needs your permission to live their lives how they see fit.

>"Heidi was still dicks from other dudes while married"

She was in ONE other relationship - a LDR Jared approved of. Jared fucked NUMEROUS other women, including the one that Heidi specifically asked him not to.

No. 906351

Didnt unogirl confirm that heidi lied on the dates of her meetings with jared so that itd look like they had sex when the poly thing was off?

Also, and im no jared stan, he can rot, but i always found really coincidental how both the pedo alligations and the pedobomb went off at more or less the same time. Weird how no one built a conspiracy theory around that

No. 906352

Sorry meant to say heidibomb, cant delete, newfag etc etc

No. 906361


>"Didn't unogirl confirm…"

Right, because the person accused of fucking a married man would have no reason to lie to cover her fuckbuddy's ass - especially when, initially, unogirl was firmly AGAINST jared?

>" i always found really coincidental how both the pedo alligations and the pedobomb went off at more or less the same time"

Because there's no conspiracy theory to build. When one thing is revealed about a person, people start digging and feeling more comfortable coming out with their own experiences (Ex: one person says "I was abused", it helps another feel comfortable saying "I'm not alone - he did it to me too")

No. 906372

I don't think UnoGirl matters, about as relevant as Geraldo, BorkScorp, etc.

If she mattered Heidi would have mentioned her on the stream.

No. 906389

Exactly. She went on about how Jared abused his power to fuck her and then ghosted her
But the second he reached out (after the drama happened) he's a good guy and "well actually Heidi is bad"
Unogirl is a stupid girl who got ghosted and then breadcrumbed by Earthworm Jared

No. 906391


Heidi herself said she has had multiple female sexual partners since she got married to Jared. Enough with the "no proof she had sex with anyone" stop arguing against Heidi's own words ffs.

No. 906419


They both did it, but I'm assuming all of their affairs weren't with anyone dead-set on breaking them up like Holly was.

No. 906421


The DCA fans got what they deserved for their creepy & disgusting behavior, tbh

No. 906428


>"around the same time…"

Because once Heidi spoke out about his cheating/abuse, people were like "Good thing I never liked that Jared-guy, he was always a bit of a creep…" & then they'd add their account of him being a creep to the pile.

It was like a chain-reaction.

No. 906459


Did any of these partner