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File: 1557489582360.gif (184.25 KB, 220x132, 1557420969333.gif)

No. 804540

In the last episode, our protagonists ProJared (formerly of Normal Boots) and Holly Conrad (ex-wife on Game Grumps' Ross O'Donovan) were thrown into the midst of a media shitstorm after ProJared's poorly thought out divorce announcement prompted his soon-to-be ex-wife Heidi to expose his affair with Holly. Twitter immediately responded with their own experiences with Jared being a creepy perv. Highlights include:
- Jared creating several NSFW Tumblr accounts to post his lewds and submissions from his fans, including several underage girls. Heidi initially agreed as long as he didn't post his dick, which he did anyway without her knowledge. After closing the NSFW Tumblrs, he created a NSFW snapchat and continued the same shit.
- Jared soliciting more sexual images from said underage fans.
- Jared using his NSFW Tumblr and Snapchat to talk to girls and convince them to sleep with him at cons.
- Holly and Jared being seen making out at a con
- Holly divorcing her husband back in September and very shortly after moving to Seattle where Jared lives
- Peanut Butter Gamer making a fool of himself by telling people not to trust Heidi's statements until they know the whole truth, then apologizing for running his mouth before he knew the whole truth
- ProJared losing over 100k subscribers on Youtube in the span of a day and dropping back under one million subs, as well as getting de-verified on Twitter
- PBG dropping back under two million subs on Youtube after his tweets supporting Jared

Previous thread: >>>/snow/785476


Heidi O'Ferrall:

Holly Conrad:
https://www.instagram.com/commanderholly/ (private)

Ross O'Donovan:

Suzy Berhow:

The Let's Player formerly known as Egoraptor:

Dan Avidan:

No. 804549

I didn't know who any of these people are but the milk is too good! I watched the Goblin Bitchs Holly just chatting thing on twitch and her mental health Mondays. Lol. Bitch maybe it's not all your meds making you feel bad the past couple of months it's the infidelity you ugly bitch!

No. 804553

Reading through the caps of the reddit thread where OP recounts their experience of sleeping with Jared and fucking
> PeenJared
killed me. I hope that's what he actually calls it, it's embarrassing how bad he is at dirty talk.


It's sad how much more into him she seems than he is into her. I really hope she finds happiness after this is all over.

No. 804556

File: 1557491245829.gif (3.05 MB, 320x180, MakesYouThink.gif)

No. 804557

File: 1557491355384.jpg (49.18 KB, 493x434, 7.JPG)

this didn't age well

No. 804558

Oh no, this actually breaks my soft heart

No. 804560

Yet Holly wants to claim Heidi is a rando. Keep trying Holly!

No. 804562

File: 1557491519418.jpg (137.28 KB, 1087x847, conspiracygrumps.JPG)

seems conspiracy grumps were noticing things way before the announcement

(context of the thread was about projared's videos being taken down from game grumps channel)

No. 804563

What's the twitter thread linked in the next to last comment?

No. 804566

Heidi's inital tweet responding to Jared's announcement.

No. 804567

File: 1557491982319.png (38.54 KB, 584x338, 1557378207970.png)

Reposting Holly's tweet referring to the drama before she privated her account.

Seeing her acting like Heidi's good friend only to say "hyperbolic statement of someone you don't know" makes me so sick.

>~i've never hurt anyone in my entire life, i only want happiness for everyone uwu~

get dunked on you narc bitch

No. 804568

No no I mean the one linked in SafariDiscoLion's comment

No. 804569

ProJared Live Sub Count Drop (Day 2)

No. 804571



she is taking about taking a break (dated february 2019). Will post caps in a sec

No. 804573

File: 1557492224504.png (32.97 KB, 800x220, Screenshot_2019-05-10-05-42-19…)

No. 804574

Anyone following Holly/ has access to her private tweets?

No. 804575

File: 1557492284199.png (216.17 KB, 605x1445, screencapture-twitter-AtelierH…)


pardon the clumsy screenshot but this is the tweet

No. 804576

Yes but she hasn't tweeted anything since those two.

No. 804577

File: 1557492380354.jpg (16.22 KB, 729x62, jk.JPG)

kiwifarms lol

No. 804578


While Jared will net a hefty paycheck from the huge number of views he is getting, Heidi will receive half of it in the divorce.

No. 804579

I've been thinking about it since yesterday and I still can't figure out how anyone would pick Holly over Heidi

No. 804580

File: 1557492560808.jpg (7.59 KB, 200x200, 1480717943440.jpg)

So there is speculation on whether Heidi and Proskelly were in an open relationship at some point.

Could this have been what started his relationship with Holly? Do you think they might use this to defend their actions like
>Heidi knew we were fucking and was okay with it until I divorced her over twitter!
Also how much did Heidi know about the exchanging nudes with fans and having sex with them?

I'm not trying to attack Heidi btw, I don't know anything about her and want to give her the benefit of doubt, just want to know other anons tinfoils.

No. 804582

I think they would've used this defence sooner, but Heidi probably has text message evidence where one of them is like "shh don't let heidi find out ;)"

No. 804585

This has already been addressed, they did "open" it up a bit in that she said he could exchange lewds with fans. No nudes, no sex, and certainly no Holly or children. This is what Heidi referred to as "open" and I don't agree with the use of that word in this case, but if she talks about it, it's THAT. She already stated that certain things were never consented to by her, that includes full nudes and sex. Also only one of the girls who sexted him has said that they also talked to Heidi about it, and in that case they compared notes and found out that even though they has talked, Jared still went over the line without telling Heidi or telling the girl that Heidi set certain boundaries. For all the other girls that have come out so far, they just trusted Jared and never double checked with Heidi.

No. 804586

File: 1557493541248.jpg (118.03 KB, 985x511, rd.JPG)





I KNEW that somewhere on reddit holly's tumblr posts were discussed. I have the links but I can't see the content, of course. Although I do remember holly's tumblr has been AWOL for much, much longer than the past couple of days. Because I wanted to go back and find the very posts discussed in the thread. And I came up with an account that looked like it was taken over by spam or by a bot.

I wondered why she had given up on her tumblr. I thought maybe she just wanted to drop it. This was before the divorce, by the way. It was just an empty wasteland of a blog.

If anyone knows of a way to see those posts, feel free to try

No. 804588

Same anon but wanted to add that I'm guessing that Jared pressured her into using the word "open" even though it didn't line up with the conventional meaning of the word because then he could technically tell girls they were open (while not telling them about Heidi's boundaries which is the fucked up part in this bit). He probably asked for it to be open in the sense he wanted to sleep with others originally, but she said no or tried to discuss the specifics too much and he ended up just being pushing and chipping away at boundaries until he got permission for what he could and called it "open" anyways because he's a gas lighting shit that wanted to twist words so he could get what he wanted.

No. 804589

You're saying that with hindsight. Just a week ago most of us loved her. Go see the top of the last thread for proof. Heidi is lightyears prettier, ez, but Holly has other qualities that can be extremely endearing like her passion for birds and l33t costume design skills. At least that's how any rational person might assess her. Jared just always wants any hole he hasn't tapped yet.

No. 804591

As someone who watched DCA, I can't believe that this is actually happening. The whole thing with their characters was that they were in a mutually unspoken "true love" deal that could end the world if they got together but they chose to be together anyway because their love was just so strong. They encouraged the fans to ship their characters, they even got the other players in the game to encourage the "fake" romance. I just feel bad for the other members who have been lied to and were basically encouraged to cheer on their not-so-fake-anymore relationship.

No. 804592


This is the main reason why I find so much humor in Holly getting exposed

was never a fan and always thought people gave her a pass and white knighted her for the same things they'd shit on Suzy for

No. 804593

File: 1557494348279.jpg (77.33 KB, 1080x981, f19e1aeb-4eab-4cd0-ba6f-e183ee…)


No. 804594

> Jared just always wants any hole he hasn't tapped yet.
Reading the reddit caps it definitely seems like he's a guy who likes the chase more than the girl.

I can't remember the name, but I watched a movie once where in one part of the story a girl goes out with a rich older man and he buys her dinner first and it's nice, but on the second date he doesn't want to hang out or talk at all and just wants to bang, she gets upset and he ends up raping her. That's what I thought of when Jared told his fan "There's no need for formalities this time."

No. 804598

So, why all the immediate backlash and unsubscribing from the fans?
Don't get me wrong. I think it's a good thing, but usually, I see trash heaps in communities like this going on about "innocent until proven guilty", "She's probably not innocent either", "All of this is ALLEGED, she could be lying guys", "We don't know what problems they had in their relationship", "No proof, fuck off" all the time. Why the almost unanimous agreement that he's trash? I'm not naive enough to think society, especially online society, is just that decent, so what gives?

No. 804599

At least Uno girl insisted that it was 100% consensual both times but yeah this whole thing makes it really look like the thing that turns him on is to use his fame and status to pressure girls into sexual stuff. So many famous people who get exposed for sexual misconduct are like that, they get hard on using whatever shred of power they get to manipulate people with less power. Not that I think that's what happened with Holly because they're about on the same level but maybe it was the thrill of cheating on his wife and getting away with it that caused it in part.

No. 804602

I think it was the immediate response from fans with stories and pictures of his behavior that really made it look obviously true from the beginning and left little room for argument in his favor.

No. 804603

Holly was equally as toxic and they fueled each other's egos and convinced each other that they were both clever, smart, and powerful enough to manipulate people and get away with it.

Shitposting here but antphrodite explains the Jared situation: https://twitter.com/antphrodite/status/1123652948536561665

No. 804604

The fact that dickpics he sent to his fans were posted immediately. There was irrefutable proof pretty much from the get go. These kinds of situations are usually a he said she said kind of thing.

Even if he didn't cheat with holly he still cheated on her.

No. 804605

Might be the ample amounts of unsolicited dickpics going around in Twitter that make people think that maybe, just maybe, this guy is an asshole.

No. 804606

Wait, they were friends??? Holly really had the nerve to call this girl "some rando" who couldn't be trusted when they were supposed to be friends? For a uwu soft bean self care bird mum uwu she sure is fucking cruel.

No. 804607


So ProJared's reddit posts are pretty interesting. While I understand him and Holly characters were rping some romance and maybe he was posting as his character, you'll notice he would often compliment fanart of Holly's character with "SO CUTE!" or "GORGEOUS" or "SHE'S HOT!".

Idc if this was all part of their dnd shit or w/e, I say it's crossing the line a bit. Haven't looked into much yet, just wanted to share. Sorry if this was already posted about.

No. 804608

i'd allways says flirting in dnd is a tad too far, atleast between player characters as they're essentially just the players self-inserts

No. 804609

I get it, sis, I get it. We're all sick and tired of witch hunts. Especially those of us that watched #kickvic play out.(Which coincidentally also involved many washed up has beens).

But then there are some reasons why this particular case is different. for starters neither Jared, nor Holly have denied any part of it, and silence always reads as an admission of guilt - at least in the public eye. That so many can also produce corroborating evidence up to and including dick pics leaves less room for reasonable doubt than our new girl Heidi has room for either's bullshit.

No. 804610

They were very close friends, Heidi considered her one of her best friends at some point. Not only have they gone on many trips together, they've worked on projects together, streamed together, shot videos together (holly deleted the ones on her channe but you can see some on Heidi and Jared's respective channels), played DnD together (off camera), hung out all the time together, and when Heidi's house flooded Holly was the first one she called and Holly and Ross immediate took Heidi and Jared in.

The fact that Holly is trying to blow her off as a nobody while also saying "uwu you guys know me I'm an innocent bean" is INSANE. I can't understand how people still have sympathy for her.

No. 804612

Yeah, exactly. Especially when one is a married man rping a romanced with a woman who isn't his wife…and I have yet to see him compliment fanart of Heidi's character, I'm only skimming so maybe I missed ones but, it only seems to be one of Holly and his character and fans seem to really ship them. How did they not find that weird?

No. 804613

You can absolutely have romance in DnD without it being irl romance though

No. 804614

Good rule of thumb for cishets: if you wouldn't roleplay flirt with your same sex friends you shouldn't roleplay flirt with your opposite sex friends.

No. 804615

I think you can (personally wouldn't be comfortable with it) but, isn't it going to far commenting how cute/hot/gorgeous fanart of the character your rp romancing when you aren't in character?

No. 804616

Both Jared and Holly have been shady before, so this is believeable because it's not new. Jared with his fucking nudes blog and Holly with being such an insufferable bitch in the cosplay community she got basicay iced out a few years ago. She repeatedly tried to claim other's work as her own when she did her big Mass Effect group. She stopped cosplaying because she got the hint that everyone fucking hated her.

No. 804617

File: 1557497555294.jpg (74.48 KB, 515x686, D0uBOCMU0AAxxs9.jpg)

>holly and jared at the beach

No. 804619

For sure. If you want to compliment a fan for their efforts what you say is that your CHARACTER would fall in love with that artwork.

No. 804620

Where can I find more tea about Holly's cosplay days drama?

No. 804624

Can someone post caps of holly getting backlash on Twitter from those 2 tweets

No. 804628

They're still up on her page if you wanna look and take caps

No. 804629

her Twitter is private

No. 804630

Is it? I can see it just fine

No. 804633


if you were following her from before then you can see it, otherwise it should still be private to anyone who wasn't already following

No. 804636

Okay, I can take some caps then, what kind of thing are you looking for, there's heartfelt declarations of disappointment and there's memes

No. 804637

criticism and backlash, if there's any. thanks!

No. 804638

File: 1557501171799.png (75.09 KB, 634x419, Capture d’écran 2019-05-10 à…)

No. 804640

File: 1557501223954.png (239.83 KB, 634x540, Capture d’écran 2019-05-10 à…)

spam filter being uncooperative

No. 804642

File: 1557501321169.png (74.13 KB, 634x404, Capture d’écran 2019-05-10 à…)

No. 804645

File: 1557501469618.png (116.95 KB, 635x560, Capture d’écran 2019-05-10 à…)

please website let me post I swear it's not flooding

No. 804646

File: 1557501503153.png (175.96 KB, 619x601, Capture d’écran 2019-05-10 à…)

it works when you ask nicely

No. 804650

>But we don't know you Holly. You are also a random person on the internet.

Fuck yes someone said it to this fake bitch

No. 804653

File: 1557502410232.png (77.38 KB, 588x211, 377baa78-9385-48e0-8841-bd0fcf…)

No. 804654

this has been spread around so many times with varying degrees of truth. can someone confirm if this is indeed fake or real?

No. 804656

File: 1557502948917.jpg (42.3 KB, 806x332, gsgfgfdgfd.JPG)

It seems fake to me, doesn't fit the theme of the playlist.

No. 804657

okay, thank you. little on the nose otherwise, lmao.

No. 804659

definitely not real, it's just the Beach Scene! one with a fake title

No. 804663

File: 1557503664977.jpg (177.35 KB, 720x655, IMG_20190510_234034.JPG)

With all this going on do you folks think Holly and Jared are gonna show their fug mugs at the upcoming D&D event? Or are they gonna hole up and hide away from all this?

No. 804664

The D&D episodes he did with GG are deleted but is there any place to view them?

No. 804670

I hope they show up to get shit on

No. 804671

Wait, Mica Burton!? I was wondering where she went to. I need to see Mica and Holly together. Please let it happen.

No. 804672

File: 1557504450618.png (553.26 KB, 505x677, holly_&_jared_at_the_beach.png)

No. 804675

shark eyes and fake smile.
i would die if someone i loved looked at me like this.
you can see her heart break a little.

No. 804678

Are you saying this because Mica has milk or just because you want to see Mica?

I hope Holly shows up and gets the cold shoulder from everyone, fans and hosts alike.

No. 804679

Fuck, man. Now that you mention it it's heartbreaking.
She clearly smiles with her entire face and eyes, while he looks fucking souless and dead.
And to recover she immediately turns her entire head away.


No. 804682

I wanted to see….but now I want to know about the milk.>>804678

No. 804685

File: 1557506000120.png (270.81 KB, 1366x631, first_link.png)

All but the last link have archives. The first one you linked is a generic post about anxiety.

No. 804687

File: 1557506166814.png (1.09 MB, 1366x1991, second_link.png)

The second link has a long post that I only skimmed. It has a part in it talking about how her dad's girlfriend called Holly's wedding a sham during the ceremony/reception, which is rather interesting in light of recent events.

No. 804688

File: 1557506227418.png (319.19 KB, 1366x631, third_link.png)

And the third link is about how she feels being in Ross's shadow.

No. 804690

File: 1557506659019.jpg (31.15 KB, 550x535, world-s-smallest-violin-550x53…)

No. 804691

I feel like MAYYYYYBE Holly's internalized anxiety and fear had something to also do with the fact she was CHEATING ON ROSS with her BEST FRIEND'S HUSBAND.

Maybe she felt so horrible about herself and her life cause she felt scared she would be caught. (I say that instead of guilt cause she obviously had no remorse)

No. 804692

Not if they get kicked from the event first which most likely will happen.

No. 804693

But these are from 3 years ago, her sleeping with Jared is presumably only something that’s happened within the last year.

No. 804694

It's kinda funny how suzy hasn't said anything because she's usually nosy and sticks up for her friends. She worked with holly for years she can't act like she doesn't know anything.

No. 804695

File: 1557507433552.png (389.69 KB, 1082x261, yikes.PNG)

Was reading about Holly's character and saw this lol

No. 804698

I honestly feel like her silence and the rest of the Grump's silence (as well as quietly deleting Jared off the channel) means they do know and saw this coming. They're probably just trying to stay out of the line of fire but I feel their inaction so far actually tells us a lot.

No. 804699

Probably wise on her part tbh. This shit is sooooo messy.

No. 804700

What about those tweets from Heidi back in February saying she had been dealing with something bad for almost 2 years?

Just because they went public doesn't mean this hasn't been happening privately for a while now.
Ross went inactive for a long time from 2015-fall of 2018 and I think they filed for a divorce at least 2 years ago. I think they might have been trying to save the marriage and then Heidi found out about the affair with her husband.
Heidi said somewhere they had been going to therapy. I think this is a whole 3 year deal.

TLDR Speculation:

>Holly is fucked up because of her family, Ross probably got short with her over something and probably raised his voice

>Holly victimized herself and ran to Jared for comfort
>He used her for sex
>He manipulated her and kept her as a thrill fuck.

No. 804708

>he manipulated her
the only thing I doubt here or at least don't want to push because this seems like it'll be Holly's way to get sympathy.

I bet she's going to cry mental illness like she always does and use the fact that Jared now has a known history of using his power to get nudes of fans and claim he did something similar to her.

What is different is while fans are vulnerable because they idolize their 'youtube idol', Holly was in his friend group and basically internet community/business relations and I'd argue they're on the same "e-celeb" status (not very popular but, known by enough. which is why it's such a big deal. if Holly was some rando girl, this be less talked about).

I think the dnd shit was a big part in this, like they both got way into their character's romances and the fanart they started wanting to get with each other, I doubt it was just him manipulating her.

I'm not trying to defend him, I just don't see her as that innocent in all of this.

No. 804718

I've seen the DnD argument before, but their romance appears to have started even before that. Holly is just a shitty person.

No. 804719

I wish Heidi would release more info about the texts on that phone. Whatever she found, was enough for her to put out that scathing tweet about Holly's nudes. If she felt Holly was more of a victim I have doubts she would have gone that far.

The whole thing about Holly thinking Jared and Heidi had an open relationship and Heidi was fine with them fucking sounds like BS too. Holly sounds like she was emotionally involved for one thing. More than just fun sex on the side.

Also, she had enough self preservation to not give out any public indication that her and Jared were fucking. Which means they were actively keeping a secret from Heidi. For over a year.

No. 804724

wishing that someone had archived all of Holly's asexualilty posts on tumblr.
she really milked that for awhile until i imagine being bombarded with asks about Ross.

Remembering JUST before Suzy's Etsy Scandal, her and Holly did a video together about how to run an etsy kek

No. 804725

When do you think it started?

No. 804729

File: 1557511316832.jpeg (800.92 KB, 1125x1894, 2D790931-72FE-42A7-BE53-3D6F8A…)

If anything, Holly was pursuing Jared. Jared is just a deplorable dude who will stick his dick in anything that moves.

No. 804730

Yeah, I really think Holly and Jared are equally at fault here, but Holly might try to spin it into him preying on her

No. 804733


When Jared started appearing in more of Holly's photos on social media in the last 2 years, especially right next to her while playing best buddies with Heidi. He has a few similar photos on Instagram himself looking awfully close with Holly. Not OP but I reckon this started maybe in 2017 them built up into a full blown fuck fest affair soon as her divorce to Ross went through in Fall 2018.

No. 804735

File: 1557511719791.png (1.19 MB, 1052x1316, smut fanart.png)


I find it so cringy when people make DnD characters that are basically themselves.

Anyways Holly and Jared commented on a fan art of their DND characters fucking about how much they love it. This was in 2017


No. 804736


Yikes this is really cringe.

No. 804737

I gotta say, it is pretty damn good fanart

No. 804738

he definitely was preying on her. She's super insecure and has the mentality of a hormonal 16 year old. She went to HIM for validation.
She was fine with having sex and cheating, or she would've played the victim then. I figure the evidence Heidi and Ross was found was irrefutable and showed undeniable consent on both sides.

Holly is not as bad as Jared, she only wanted a fling, but she was still wrong, and she really fucked up.

No. 804739

idk about that, i'd be flattered as fuck if i was the artist and the guys i was drawing commented on it like that

No. 804741

"this gives me ideas"


No. 804743

have these photos been deleted bc I couldn't find them

No. 804746

File: 1557512312294.png (114.33 KB, 577x384, when even the pigroach is dunk…)

No. 804747

I would compile a screenshot list if had time but if you scroll through Holly's and Jared's Instagram there's photos where they're always by each others side. Considering they "worked together", those business trips to cons and D&D events must have been fun in more ways than one.

No. 804751

It is nice art and well done for the artist probably feeling great about it. Now we know of Holly and Jared, this D&D fucking fantasy probably was part of it with a shadow of doubt.

No. 804752

File: 1557512938439.jpg (43.07 KB, 540x540, tumblr_plr0aph4A91wnmc5x_540.j…)


this truly is sending me.

No. 804753

Holly rubbed me the wrong way for longer than I would have admitted but this is something I absolutely did not see coming. I think this milk has taught me that narcissism and 'low self-esteem' are two paths that horseshoe out into the same place when it comes to the need for validation through cheating.

No. 804755

Holly stans get out. They're both abusive shits. If it was just insecurity maybe apologize to your ex best friend, or at least don't discredit her and suppress her. Maybe don't participate in the year long (or maybe longer) smear campaign to slowly isolate her and turn people against her behind her back. Maybe ask your loving husband for a bit of support instead of slandering Heidi so you can suck Jared's dick.

No. 804760

when you get swung on by DSP and the blow actually lands, that's when you know you've sunk as far as you can go

No. 804761

File: 1557514062535.png (309.74 KB, 720x480, 1371678487668.png)

>has the mentality of a hormonal 16 year old
but is also asexual? Got it.

No. 804762

This is probably the worst part of it all. That Holly actively took part in making Heidi's life essentially crumble apart. Imagine being that much of a desperate cunt to willingly do such a thing for the sake of some fish eye narc's dick.

No. 804764

Holly's Instagram is private, and I only saw one picture with her in it on his entire Instagram

No. 804765

Ah shit forgot she's done full damage control and gone private, I've followed her for a long time so her stuff is still visible. That guilt is mighty strong.

No. 804768

I wonder if Jared or Holly will ever come out to make a statement? Do you guys think they would throw each other under the bus and they aren't saying out of fear of what incriminating things the other person might say?

No. 804769

post caps of her and jared together

No. 804771

i don't think either of them are going to say jack shit about this - at least for right now. they're probably just going to go dark on all their social medias for a few months until it blows over and people forget, and then come back. holly in particular will say something about her "mental health uwu" and how she's "getting better now", and jared will probably either not mention his infidelity at all, or say he's going to therapy/"trying to change."

No. 804772

This whole thing has made me aware that she's probably got a case of abuse-brain sexuality. She has mentioned she was sexually abused by her mother when she was younger, so she probably just has a disturbed relationship to sexuality all around.

No. 804774

File: 1557515646550.jpg (106.17 KB, 1000x847, 1543462111771.jpg)

holy shit lmao first shuwu and then this, what a day!

No. 804775

Did she say that? I'm gonna ask for receipts on that one

No. 804778

File: 1557516725682.jpg (30.74 KB, 321x241, photovisi-download.jpg)

Sorry for the shit quality, but here's what I could find of their "friendship".

No. 804780

>Holly only wanted a fling

what are you talking about? Heidi stated that Holly's texts are basically all her begging Jared to leave Heidi because she's abusive and that Holly was a better partner. She was in it for the long haul, not just a "fling." She literally betrayed her best friend because she was hungry for Jared's dick, she's just as bad as him.

No. 804784

I swear this is so odd. Jared literally looks like he enjoys himself around her but not Heidi, as posted up above of the gif of both of them.

It wasn’t until today that I even bothered to look at the GG thread but damn, this has been a Wild ride.
Anon, has she posted anything on her insta yet after all this went down?

No. 804786

hey guys guess
who has
made an appearance

No. 804787

File: 1557518005192.png (43.39 KB, 629x331, 9af7205d9a8983fa97cba511145357…)

No. 804788

File: 1557518005392.png (1.59 MB, 949x1257, GameGyaru.png)

Helpful Links not listed in OP:
>Correct insta for Arin: https://www.instagram.com/egofaptor/
>NinjaSexParty insta: https://www.instagram.com/ninjasexparty/
>Ross O'Donovan insta: https://www.instagram.com/rubberninja/
>Heidi's Website (where she has pics of all of her and Jared's cosplays: http://www.atelierheidi.com/
>Arin's Ex Katie's twitter: https://twitter.com/dropsofviolet

Game Grumps:

Normal Boots:

Otherwise good new drama summary OP. I know you just copied and pasted the OP links from the last one, but I think it probably needed to be double-checked/cleaned up since there's so many more players now (too many unnecessary links for some people, not enough/incorrect for others. It's also weird to list Arin, the spearhead of GG, as "The Let's Player formerly known as Egoraptor" when you've used real names for everyone else….and he's still known as Egoraptor. Just a weird disruption of the info). Since it's still a continuation of previous GG threads, it might also be helpful to include some previous context for stuff that might pop up again (people were already asking to be spoonfed easily accessible info in the last thread):

Suzy "the Goose" Berhow:
>Has a history of scamming fans by buying cheap jewelry from China and the likes and reselling it to fans with an absurd markup as her jewelry line or as one anon put it: "creating a really expensive jewelry line that involved very little effort on her part". Arin has to come to her defense when people find out.
>Previous threads over the years were mostly about Suzy's "thyroid-related" weight gain and absurd styling choices, scamming, and how she's a ~rEaL gAmEr GuRl~
>No one seems to really have complaints about her current styling choices since she lost weight and the skunk stripe and adopted a more natural look (it's much closer to her twin sister Jean's)
>Suzy was a "model" when younger, and will still constantly repost the same pictures from her past over and over again, in case anyone forgot
>There sometimes seemed to be some unspoken tension between Suzy and Holly. Suzy seemed to give off the vibe of being uncomfortable not being the only cool gamer gurl in the GG group, especially when up against a girl that seemed to prefer and respect.
>Seems plausible that she prefers being the female center of attention given the theory that JonTron's swift and dramatic departure from GG was due in part to some beef between Suzy and Jon's girlfriend at the time. IIRC this is still all just speculation. (Jon's too big of a topic, read that one on your own for the full backstory)
>A/N: I would be kind of surprised if she showed any support for Holly at all, but maybe that's just me

Holly "Manic Pixie Nightmare Girl" Conrad (Backstory/Pre-Divorce):
>Holly is a talented cosplayer/craftsman/special effects artist and well respected in the community, even appearing on Syfy's "Heroes of Cosplay"
>Was one of the main focuses of the 2011 Documentary "Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope" (directed by Morgan Spurlock)
>Originally gained notoriety for her Commander Shepard/FemShep cosplay
>Married to Ross O'Donovan, beloved animator and member of the GG Family, from 2012 to 2018
>When it came to Arin/Suzy vs Ross/Holly most people preferred Ross and Holly, because they felt less fake and Holly was famous separate of Ross, not riding her husband's coattails like Suzy.
>Was best buds with Jared's wife Heidi, another talented and respected cosplayer/craftsman
>Apparent tragic backstory = quirky anxiety uwu. I don't really know the whole backstory on this one, not sure if it really matters.
>But was apparently close to ger grandfather and inherited his house(?) in Washington(?) when he passed away which was in theory part of the reason she and Ross amicably split. Jared and Heidi just also happened to live in Washington.
>Other speculated factors included Holly being asexual (lmao), the toxic GG fan-community, "having codependency issues", and wanting to leave LA while Ross wanted to stay
>Publicly their divorce was mutual, amicable, and came as somewhat of a shock….OR WAS IT?
>Basically all this drama is so juicy because Holly "quirky manic pixie dream bird gurl, asexual anxiety, luvs animals so obviously wouldn't hurt anyone uwu" Conrad was the surprise plot twist villain we never saw coming

Heidi of the House O'Ferrall, Hell Hath No Fury, Giver of Zero Fucks, Destroyer of Careers
>I've followed Heidi for years for cosplay stuff, so I can only speak from that perspective but I don't think there's really much else to say about her
>I think some people in the cosplay community found her kind of cocky, but she didn't seem to really rock the boat too much
>She's a much more detail oriented and talented craftsman than your average costhot. Produces tutorials and shows her work in progress pretty in depth (not as common with cosplayers these days, so I think she's appreciated for that)
>IIRC she has a degree in Theatre/Costume Design, so if she's cocky her work quality at least backs it up
>Personally I followed her for a long time for cosplay stuff without ever even knowing who she was married to or who ProJared was. Can't speak for others, though I'm sure it didn't hurt her popularity
>"She had sex with my husband", top 10 anime deaths of all time

Jared "Pigeondick" Knabenbauer
>I've actually never really known or cared about ProJared or NormalBoots before this, I just wanted to call him a Pigeondick.
>Maybe someone more informed can give a backstory, though again I'm not sure if it really matters
>big yikes >>804556

Previous GG Threads:
>Jon vs Dan speculations, are the Suzy nudes real or fake, blah blah blah, old news. Seriously, don't ask to be spoonfed this old dried up milk. Go read about it on your own.
>There is a whole subreddit dedicated to GG Rule 34 where they sexualize the girlfriends/wives as well as the grumps called r/polygrumps. Suzy once long ago tweeted in support of polygrumps, but it seems like an especially toxic corner of their already toxic fanbase. I doubt she would confirm that support today.
>GG sells a merch line called Game Gyaru "based on Arin and Danny, reimagined as female characters inspired by the anime series Dirty Pair, named Arina and Daniella respectively". It's a blatant tracing of the characters from "Dirty Pair" that they did not initially acknowledge. (Pic related: Top is GG, Bottom is Dirty Pair)
>GG release body pillows of Dan and Arin. They sell out very quickly. It's gross: >>792883
>Guess what Jon's an even worse blatantly sexist/racist person than we ever could have imagined

Katie (Most recent GG drama unrelated to PigeonGate 2019 ):
>Suzy claims she and Arin have been together since 2002. Arin's mysterious deviantART ex Katie shows up from an apparent cryogenic sleep after 10+ years and throws an insane hissy-fit about how Arin was pursuing HER during that time and she turned HIM down.
>Thinks Suzy poisoned Arin against being BEST FRIEND her despite the fact that she was married, disappeared from the internet, lived across the country, and was definitely leading Arin on for some time. Arin seems to have bought her some gifts in this time.
>Claims any of this is important at all because she was Arin's inspiration for a character "a woman being beaten and raped but wanting Egoraptor to be her knight in shining armor even though she's an ex-assassin"
>Now obsessed with Arin/Suzy/GG, obsessed with the notion that Suzy is somehow copying her every move and personality trait (again, despite the fact that she just now reemerged and Suzy was probably ~13 when all of this started)
>Consensus: Arin was a dumb teenage boy who was probably involved with both of them, the situation makes Suzy look incredibly sane. Also it's been 17 years who gives a shit. (Guess what: Katie does)
>Obviously overshadowed by current milk, but I just feel like we haven't seen the last of Katie. Probably in like 5 years she'll catch up on the current drama and have a real hot take.

No. 804789

File: 1557518129824.jpg (35.56 KB, 474x438, 5.JPG)

No. 804790

File: 1557518150963.png (319.58 KB, 653x843, 1.png)

Stamper tweet.
Wow just wow.

No. 804793

Yeah I copy-pasted stuff from the previous thread so it's not the cleanest, I was focused on the PeenJared drama

No. 804795

File: 1557518428036.jpg (43.38 KB, 586x472, twit.JPG)

No. 804797

File: 1557518574378.jpg (166.03 KB, 960x1200, D6OurozWkAAg3k3.jpg)

No. 804799

File: 1557518633447.png (22.92 KB, 607x119, Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 4.03…)

No. 804800

File: 1557518741841.png (79.06 KB, 720x817, Screenshot_20190510-220445~2.p…)

Happy 800.000

No. 804802

File: 1557518811221.png (410.68 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190510-150312.png)

Fucked up trying to post this so hopefully it works now but I found it amusing.

No. 804803

To be fair he used to be very loving towards Heidi until the last year-ish or so (not sure on the timeline, I didn't take detailed notes on it because I didn't know this was all going to blow up!) But he used to look happy in pics with her and mentioned her and praised her all the time as well as complimented promoted her work. He also made it very obvious he was married (ex, linking her in all his bios) and all his fans knew about her, it's nothing like it was recently. As sad as it all is, I do believe that it was a happy marriage for many years before Jared and Holly decided to take a steamy dump on it.

Bless your heart.

Is this the signature Smeg "Dreamworks Eyes"? Makes me gag.

No. 804806

the cows collide

No. 804807

lmfaooo i forgot about this crazy bitch, still trying to get close to arin

No. 804808

The most ambitious crossover of the century.

Thankfully Heidi seems smarter than to take that bait "especially with that "I know those guys" clout drop. At least I hope she is, because if not she'd be walking away from one abuser right into the arms of the next.

No. 804811

File: 1557519296500.gif (1.37 MB, 498x278, tenor (1).gif)


>i doubt thi`ll actually be seen

Oh, sister

No. 804812

File: 1557519344256.jpeg (43.25 KB, 712x646, D6OvVLuWwAI2rO3.jpeg)

No. 804814

File: 1557519535268.jpg (80.55 KB, 582x553, 67.JPG)

No. 804815

File: 1557519560205.png (67.44 KB, 634x365, p4ct49hnq9x21.png)

No. 804816

Katie should contact Holly instead and ask her about homewrecking tips and tricks.

No. 804817

It's okay Jared, you can just abuse your wife until she is broken and agrees to a TRINITY with your blue haired pigeon fucker girlfriend.

No. 804820

I know mutuals with Heidi and apparently it's been really Rocky since at least February which was katsucon so it's been at least near a year

No. 804821

File: 1557519891081.gif (884.73 KB, 245x260, 1409006876124.gif)

>I know a few people
>I'm here to talk if you ever want to
omg she's so thirsty for attention

No. 804822

File: 1557520056302.png (955.6 KB, 660x1397, untitled.png)

No. 804825

She didn't want a fling, she wanted another life raft. As deplorable and unreliable as we know Jared to be, he was still the most functional and noteworthy person in her sphere that would give her the time of day - if only for coochie access.

No. 804830

File: 1557520709147.png (1.33 MB, 835x793, cute couple.png)


looking back at tagged photos it's so obvious that something was going on.

No. 804832

Seeing her icon in these threads really makes me feel like the Jurassic Park kids when the T-rex peers into their jeep

No. 804833

File: 1557520737597.gif (9.38 MB, 350x233, 324568990.gif)


>omg she's so thirsty for attention

Imagine if it comes out that Jared send dick picks to KT too.

No. 804835

oh god, that would really be the cherry on top

No. 804837

It's not about picking a woman. it's about projared having an inflated ego (being a typical male) and thinking with his dick. he was able to get sex from both these women (as well as fans) and he kept going until he was caught. He's absolute trash.

No. 804839

Is it bad to say I think Holly/Jared has better chemistry then Ross/Holly

No. 804842

God stamper is always right.

No. 804844

With that chick from Reddit saying she had hooked up with Jared, it makes me wonder how many other girls he was dipping his peen in.

I'd get an STI test so fast if I were them.

No. 804847

A lot of girls settle for nerds because of "shared interests" and because they think they're funny. Hasn't your friend ever gotten a crush on an ugly ass dude and shown you a picture like, "Isn't he cute??". The standards for men are low, these people are like a High School anime club and they're dating/fucking eachother because they're birds of a feather.

Holly is a grown ass adult and can make proper decisions, she knows right from wrong and if she felt empathy for Heidi at all she could have said no at any point. They fucked because they wanted to, it's really that deep.

Holly and Jared are both in their 30s, with a 1 year age difference. I feel like she's being infantilized as this helpless little creature despite her whole "Your wife is so mean, come be with me instead I'll treat you nice! Look, here's my tits!"

They're both gross. Jared seems like a sex addict, which I'm sure any ugly weirdo would be if they were able to be. He's taking the lead for creepiest abuser, though.

No. 804848

File: 1557521612517.jpg (Spoiler Image,74.13 KB, 884x1024, D6OxTVaUYAAnxtx.jpg)

The replies are so brutal it's amazing.

No. 804852

"sex addict" makes it sound like he's not in control of it, I think he is in control and just chooses to be a piece of shit

No. 804859


Jared is yet another nice guy ™ and male feminist that puts the cake.

Then they wonder how girls don`t go for the shy nerd type who go out of their way to Whiteknight, they are overcompensating for being manipulative assholes and will eventually Rise Up.

Holly is yet another argument against the manic pixie girl type. This story is really about the dawn of 00s nerd archetypes.Evn KT is like the sad afterstory of the KH, nightmare before christmas faux goth girls that never grew up.

Is like when the hippie era ending with the Manson murders, like the facade comes crashing down and its a grotesque and compelling spectacle. Normies must feel vindicated for looking through the bs all along.

No. 804861

>Normies must feel vindicated for looking through the bs all along
Because "normies" don't pull shit like this, at all, ever. lol

No. 804863

Eh they are two ugly people that crave attention of course they'd cheat. There's really nothing else to'm.

I'm just wondering who leaked the nudes lol

No. 804865

LOL it's the same old entitled narcissistic manbaby cheater thing across the board - he's not responsible for his actions. at. all. OFC he's an "addict" and not in fact a serial cheater and a major sleazebag who finally got caught

Watch them try and make Heidi look bad or like a crazy bitch so it's all her fault and totally not uwu cutie Holly and Jared's uwu

No. 804866

The ones of Jared? He literally sent them around to dozens of fans so they weren't hard to find lol

No. 804868

What confuses me is how anyone would want to fuck the weaselly gobshite. He's not attractive or charismatic at all, and I've seen better knobs on lavatory doors, lol

No. 804874

File: 1557522950083.png (75.67 KB, 511x800, ProJaredtweets.png)


Of course it happens with normies too, like whenever a bible thumper conservative is found with hookers and blow, is fucking beautiful. The best milk.

I am refering to the irony of building a subculture and a persona around moral standards that ends up backfiring. You might as well not bother with the fake identity politics and pc shit to begin with.

No. 804895

Slightly OT. I noticed a lot of people are comparing Pidgeongate to what started Gamergate, except the sexes are reversed. I am well aware Zoe's a fucking cow and even had her own thread in /pt/, but I think it's hilarious seeing people who are anti-GG hop on this and not trying to be the virtue signalers they are.
Holly's always had an unlikable personality to me. She definitely felt more fake than Suzy, I can't point out exactly why. I just had a gut feeling.

>so many little details

God bless you, DSP.

No. 804899

jfc just started the new supermega podcast episode and their intro music is projared's intro song. i haven't listened to the full thing yet but i'll inform you guys if they discuss it at all. sage because it isn't really milk, just funny to hear them throw subtle shade like that.

No. 804900

Matt and Ryan got out at a good time

No. 804905


Jontron seems to be doing well, he can look at this and be sassy from afar since he is not involved and is updating with consecutive videos for the first time since forever. He seemed to have landed a good deal and his own drama seems to be wearing off a bit. i wonder if it is just build up before he fucks up again.

No. 804908

Yeah I'm waiting for the wafflecrew to respond or something they've been quiet since the start

No. 804914

My bad for the phrasing.
I was using it more in the sense that he was on a greedy power trip that escalated the more he had access to people, rather than saying he had an uncontrollable problem. I think he’s a wheedling, manipulative vampire like Nick Robinson.

No. 804922

nice compilation! I was so stunned by all the memes at that point, I didn't think of that.

No. 804926

This. Can we keep from infantilising her? She could've told a shrink about her urge to homewreck but she didn't and she dedicated a lot of will and time to wrecking this marriage. Mentally ill people have agency. She is as much a pos as he is.
If the roles were reversed, nobody would cut a male homewrecker slack for his mental illness and rightfully so

No. 804933

True. Sage for blog, but I used to feel really attracted to men in relationships. Going to therapy really helps and there is no excuse for homewrecking imo.

That said, Projared is 1000% more sleazy and guilty.

No. 804940

That, and you know, you do not have to act on your attraction. You got a little crush on someone that's in a relationship? Keep that shit to yourself and go buy a crate of dildos or something if you're that desperate for a dicking.

Then again, knowingly fucking a pedo like Jared is on a whole nother level.

No. 804941

The thing is, I'm more surprised at him cheating within his own circle than I am with him sexting teenagers

No. 804943

don't shit where you eat.

and yet…

No. 804954

How did Jared even lose his verified checkmark? Like it happened within hours of the drama unfolding, I dont even think we had proof of the nudes shit yet before it was gone.

No. 804955

Ethan and hila are talking about it on H3h3 podcast, thought was interesting coz there friends with JonTron

No. 804956

Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think he ever had one.

No. 804965

Funny how if he wasn't fucking around with Holly he could probably keep this scandal under wraps for a few more years

No. 804966

File: 1557531193697.png (31.3 KB, 221x221, proj.PNG)

Now every time I see these photo, I can only see Jared

No. 804973

>This story is really about the dawn of 00s nerd archetypes.
Damn, that's insightful.
All groups of people are full of shit like this, but it is truly spectacular when a group that prides itself on being above 'normie' shit and so much more complex/deep/unique/intelligent/morally righteous is revealed to be no different than anybody else, and if anything worse. In the case of nerd culture it's always fun to watch a bunch of emotionally-stunted, vapid imbeciles reap the consequences of refusing to grow up. Hopefully the community continues to hold them accountable; it seems like this might be unlikely in the case of Holly, a 30-something adult woman who seems to be getting a pass from many people because of her ~uwu mental illness uwu~
>You might as well not bother with the fake identity politics and pc shit to begin with.
The moral posturing helps them prey on women and girls. The average woman would not trust a meme-spouting /pol/ addict, but she might trust a woke feminist.

No. 804976

He did actually have one.

Also I guess this week is killing youtubers and their careers cause James charles is also now being fired upon this week just keeps on giving

No. 804977

ouch that didnt age well

No. 804978

Just an update on how bad this has affected everyone, the bleeding just won't stop

No. 804979

File: 1557532128682.png (1.35 MB, 1622x970, Screen Shot 2019-05-11 at 1.44…)

No. 804987

I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who had a bad feeling about Holly from the getgo. My ex has/d a big crush on her for her ~uwu smol bean mpdg~ schtic and she always rubbed me the wrong way but I chalked it up to jealousy.

No. 804988

File: 1557533528148.jpeg (741.51 KB, 1242x1548, 105BDF9A-27B9-4909-AB12-EB2015…)

No. 804990

>I was focused on the PeenJared drama
So you're a newfag who doesn't understand how any of this works, but felt the need to make a sloppy thread about the new shiny drama that you didn't even bother proof-reading? And you can't even sage your post?
>I'll make the the new Game Grumps thread!
>But instead of Game Grumps in the Game Grumps thread, I'll make it about Jared
>Hmm…well there's been 9 previous Game Grumps threads, but Jared's penis is the only thing that really matters now

People in the last thread even specifically said to keep it a Game Grumps General thread, not a Jared/Normal Boots thread and you did the exact opposite of that.

No. 804993

I first saw her on that god awful Heroes of Cosplay show and she gave me bad vibes from the start. Her attitude was haughty and unlikable.

No. 804994

Actually he didn't even have to avoid Holly, if he was just more respectful about how he released his divorce statement this might have all been avoided for him. Heidi already arranged to move out and agreed to the divorce. She had been tweeting back in February about how she had gone through some rough shit (she didn't say what but it's clear now that it was Jared and Holly's abuse) for a year but was trying to move on and focus on herself. She specified she wasn't going to talk about specifics in public as she didn't feel it was anyone's business. That is until Jared decide to publicly perpetuate his abuse of her by handling the divorce "statement" in a terrible way. He preemptively blocked Heidi and all of her friends, waited until he was out of town so she couldn't even try to talk to him privately if she wanted to, and released a bullshit statement that sounded like it spoke for both of them when she never gave her consent and he didn't even warn her, and it forced the "this is an amicable split and we're still friends!" narrative on her that was obviously false. This was the last straw for Heidi and it is what caused her to go public (and subsequently many of his victims followed suit).

He basically looked at Holly and Ross's divorce statement and said to himself "Hmm, how can I get all the ass pats they did but also abuse Heidi as much as possible all in one move?" Had he just been decent about one fucking tweet he'd still have a career right now.

But hey he probably ran it by Holly first at least, right? I'm sure she totally gave, like, a lot good feedback. He probably was with her when he posted too, for emotional support and so she could be there first to respond wink, wink. It was toootally worth it I'm sure.

I may be getting a little too into this because I had an ex just like Jared but never got the satisfaction of getting my revenge so I'm living vicariously through Heidi. Bless this woman for how she handled everything, once he crossed the line she went scorch to earth and didn't flinch once this entire time.

No. 804996

File: 1557534426302.jpeg (106.42 KB, 640x870, D611B2DC-D288-4E60-AEC4-38C24C…)

the comments of any posts with holly and Jared on IG are flooded with this

No. 805000

This is so relaxing to watch.

No. 805002


Thats good, these people exploited cheap, low effort , low quality content and made youtube benefit spam machines rather than creators. The rise of lets players meant downfall for animators and content creators who actually put effort but can´t upload 5 times a day.

I don´t much care for them

No. 805003

File: 1557534732675.gif (1.86 MB, 540x304, giphy_1.gif)

Dang, ya'll are good. I've been following the GG threads for years now and never paid her much mind. I was just too blinded by the Goose to notice I guess. When I found out she and Ross were split I was so bummed that the last GG thread was locked and dead, it seemed so surprising to me. That or she tricked me with her dumb Kermit voice.

(I was just looking for a silly kermit gif but you know what, this one feels right. This is essentially what Holly and Jared called their fucking anyways.)

No. 805004

Saged for off topic and gay, but this is why I love you guys.

No. 805005

It's really amazing. I'm so glad Heidi just fucking laid it all out there, tagged them and all, and let the floodgates open with no remorse. Not only does she get the catharsis of her abusive ex getting dragged through the mud but her one tweet allowed other victims to come up and tell their stories. Honestly this milk has given me hope for humans because now one more egotistical fuck ugly male has lost all his power and can't hurt his victims anymore. I hope all of the 'open secret' abusers start shaking in their boots because women have made it clear that we will not take it anymore.

No. 805007

Oh great, now I'm wondering if he ever sent dick pics to Tamashii as well. She's a girl with a shitty background that also likes some nerd shit, so it almost seems dead certain.

No. 805009

I feel like Ross and the rest of the Grumps probably knew for awhile but I feel really bad for him; this whole fiasco probably brought back a bunch of emotions.

No. 805019

It seems he only came onto fans and left other youtubers alone (probably didn't want to risk his victims having a platform). The only reason he got with Holly was because she was so aggressive about perusing him.

No. 805020

i hadnt heard that holly was supposedly “asexual” so i did some digging, sorry for the copy & paste, i’m on my phone

cork-bored asked:
Sorry if this is like, rude or not okay, or you’ve already answered this (if so ignore/tell me!!! I’m sorry!!!) but what’s your sexuality?? I’ve noticed you’ve been reblogging a lot of pride stuff lately and I’m just curious!

commanderholly-deactivated20180 answered:
It’s not rude! I actually have been thinking a lot about this recently and I’ve been meaning to post something about it, so this sort of prompted me to do it.
Last year around this time I came out as pansexual. I thought because I didn’t see any difference between gender attraction wise, that I identified as that. Recently I’ve had to do a lot of self-reflection on my sexuality and I read this book: https://www.amazon.com/Invisible-Orientation-Introduction-Asexuality-Generation/dp/1634502434/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1522824422&sr=8-1&keywords=asexual+book
It’s a book about being asexual and I realized that that describes me MUCH better than pansexual alone. Especially being Grey-asexual/demisexual. I still don’t see any difference in gender, but when I read this book it was literally like everything I’ve ever felt made sense. Growing up I never had crushes, I only felt anxious when people pressured me into needing a partner. My first kiss was absolutely terrible because I felt like it was something I HAD to do. I had no connection to this person and felt nothing except anxiety. I felt wrong, and broken, and like I never understood what others were experiencing when they talked about sex. I remember my first boyfriend even asking if I liked physical touch because I didn’t understand so intensely. I didn’t talk about sex with friends because I didn’t understand it and it just wasn’t interesting to me.
Now this doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy physical sex as an act or romantic relationships, I’m in one. I have felt very occasional sexual desire, but not linked to any physical look. What I experience is VERY much so not often and very much only in response to an emotional connection with the other person or situation. Sometimes it’s confusing or brief or incredibly intense and then gone. But I don’t walk around the world and think “oh that random stranger is hot and I feel something for them” that just doesn’t happen to me, ever.
My whole life I’ve been told I was wrong, a prude, etc. But finally, at 31, I’ve started to understand my sexuality and that I’m not broken and that I’m ok.
I was so confused growing up, and felt so isolated and strange. I’m making this post so you know that you’re ok if you grow up and feel confused like I did. You’re not wrong, and you’re good no matter what at whatever age or place in your life you’re at. Don’t let anyone tell you what you experience is invalid. <3


No. 805027


why she gotta make everything so fuckin dramatic. I too am like, "demisexual" and it's really not that deep. I just feel more attracted to someone when I have an emotional connection with them, yikes. If you didn't like someone back then, you just didn't. Clearly she liked something in Ross enough to marry him I guess, but the way she talks is like other people are hormonal sex beasts that ogle at everyone and think about fucking them. She alluded to an abusive person in one of her posts and I have a feeling it's that same ex.

Big woop Hooly, so you didn't like your abusive ex so much. You aren't broken, you are more normal than you think. A late bloomer who values emotional connections, bitch you ain't special

No. 805031

File: 1557537494943.png (79.58 KB, 584x1067, holly.png)

capped it for ya

No. 805034

I'm starting to see these soft uwu quirky behavior Holly was playing up as a huge red flag. Nobody is actually like that, and they're almost always using it to cover up how shit they are.

No. 805035

File: 1557537791097.png (167.68 KB, 566x900, certified psychatrist holly.pn…)

I was kinda curious if Volpin liked any tweets in this whole fiasco as I know he is friends with Heidi on some level but also is a male feminist that had an affair while gas lighting his wife and "jokingly" brought one of his multiple mistresses onto panels as the "Volpin Props Community Manager". Found this little exchange from just a couple of weeks ago that made me giggle. People are delusional for ever thinking Holly was a good source of mental health advice. Mental Heath Mondays were so gross, glad she'll never be able to do them again, good riddance!

No. 805038

No kidding. It's also become a kind of mating call for cows. It shows up in so many of them and they all attract each other and breed more.

No. 805041

I am so fucking happy to see the milk finally flowing from Holly on this thread. Suzy was always lulzy but it was a matter of time before Holly was exposed for being so two-faced with her dumbass Manic Pixie narcissism.

I went to a party at their house once with a friend who knew Chris / Oney and she spent the entire night getting drunk and whining about how Youtube sucks and she doesn't make as much money or have as much clout as Ross/GG, and simultaneously gloating about how much better she was than them. She treated Ross like absolute shit too, throwing a few temper tantrums so the guests would pay attention to her. Left a really sour taste in my mouth especially since the community seemed to really like her apart from GG shit.

No. 805042

Isn't everyone more attracted to people that they have emotional connections to? All of that could be easily understood and summarized with "bisexual with low sex drive".

Anywho, all of that is why I'm not yet fully convinced that she really wanted the PeenJared, per se. That and there were probably hundreds of nerdy horndogs sliding into her DMs that she could have fucked instead. Nah, what she wanted (IMHO)was someone close and safe that could her love her paternally, and thought trading sex to an already married pedo was the way to go about it. Not excusing her behavior, just armchair psychologizing it.

No. 805043

File: 1557538723873.jpg (62.95 KB, 911x401, rossholly.JPG)

this person should have bought a lottery ticket, damn

everyone called OP crazy/far fetched in the comments (they weren't important so I didn't include them)

No. 805044

I thought about this a lot when I found out they were married, but hasn't Ross been in this country since he was like 12?

No. 805046

No, he went through high school in an Australian Grammar(boarding) school, and only expanded his horizons elsewhere slightly before Arin set him up with the Grumps. That's why his early Gamer Tonight vids were able to be featured on a low effort Australian Video Game review show.

He was also only able to first shake hands with Holly as a fan because he flattered her in saying he moved all the way from Down Under just to meet her.

Like, I know he still looks 12ish, but he's actually much older.

No. 805047

File: 1557539993764.png (196.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190510-215836.png)

I did a little digging and he's a dual Irish/Australian citizen. In 2015 he mentioned doing some "final immigration stuff" paperwork, and says he is a permanent resident green card holder. not sure if his marriage would aid in securing permanent resident status (I'm not educated about immigration stuff like that) but I've attached a relevant tweet

No. 805052

She's literally gone awol. If she thinks going private and removing negative comments will magically fix things she's a fool. This will affect her and all of her social media status for a long time. Waiting for the moment she just starts blocking her own followers or deactivates completely.

No. 805058

File: 1557542137179.png (16.22 KB, 576x176, wut.png)

"Everyone makes mistakes uwu"

No. 805059

White knights trying to get into her pants now that Jared is getting arrested.

No. 805061

Ah yes because fucking someone else's husband is such a "oops, my bad!" moment. Anyone who's been cheated on knows this isn't some little childish mistake moment. Her white knights are fucking pathetic.

No. 805064

I just started reading this for fun, dont know these people besides lurking the suzy thread occassionally, how the fuck is holly seemingly completly fine with all of this

What the fuck is up with the ugliest dudes getting a little clout and becoming street whores?? And cheating on their legit caring and way too forgiving wives that love them for what is holly, a fraggle rock gremlin troll?

No. 805066

right??!! makes no sense how progeria got this much play he looks like a worm became human

No. 805067

If he already was a permanent resident with a green card, then he wouldn't need to marry someone to stay in the country. Non-Citizens will marry when they need to get the actual green card. Their spouse is essentially a sponsor.
Being a dual citizen from 2 different countries can validate this. If he were to become naturalized in the US, he'd forfeit both of his Australian and Irish citizenships to become a US citizen.

No. 805068

The only thing that would help her significantly now besides time is giving a real explanation of what happened, if she really thought him and Heidi were already separated, etc. The internet is going to keep going buckwild over this and leaving her fanbase in droves otherwise because she is making herself look guilty by stomping her feet and then running away.
Of course it's an emotionally charged situation so she's freaking out but fans of her, Jared, and Heidi are all going to want a real explanation if she has one. Ultimately Jared is way more responsible for what happened as the married man but given how Heidi said Holly manipulated him into wanting to leave Heidi for Holly (which admittedly is a little dubious given that Jared was already a piece of shit cheater who didn't need much motivation to neglect his wife), Holly needs to give a real answer other than outright denial since there is already proof they did have an affair so total denial like "you can't just believe her!" doesn't work here at all.

No. 805069

Actually he's able to keep one extra citizenship.

No. 805070

Hot guys can always score in high school with little to no effort and so get over it quickly or avoid that lifestyle completely. Ugly, resentful, maladjusted betas miss out until they're older and so work hard to make up for what they think was owed to them.

No. 805071

Nah, did you see her original response to all this? She can't put together a mature, compassionate response because she's not a mature or a compassionate person. Her best bet is to keep her foot in her mouth. People trying to humanize Holly here should stop, it's clear she was never a nice person and deserve the hate.

No. 805072

Damn don't insult Fraggle Rock like that anon. She looks like your stereotypical Tumblr SJW at most. A cunt inside and out is all Holly ever will be.

She went from this innocent pigeon D&D playing witch geek girl with a solid fanbase who really cared about her, especially when it involved her thoughts on mental health, to absolute narcissistic back pedalling damage control piece of shit in a matter of a few days. What an amazing downfall.

No. 805073


No. 805076

Honestly Heidi was done such a huge favor. Her husband was always a bottom feeding sex addict and pedophile, holly is just the tragically ugly back stabbing snake who has now exposed just how disgusting she is on the inside too while she swoops away Jared before he continued to play Russian roulette with stds and his ‘wife’. They both ended up playing themselves and Heidi has legit nothing to miss and should be stoked she didn’t waste a second longer of her time on either one of them. I hope she gets do therapy for good measure but she’ll obviously learn a lot and be able to live a much better life.

No. 805077

It amazes me just how well she maintained that facade. Even after the questionable divorce with Ross there still wasn't much bad will towards her. If it wasn't for all the dickpics Jared's sent over the years, then maybe he could've succeeded in discrediting Heidi, and we would'Ve never found out just how terrible Holly is.

No. 805078

Fuck she was sooo jealous of Ross, of course people like him and GG more then you.

Anything else anon? How did people react to her? Did anyone say anything about how she was acting?

No. 805080

it's kinda crazy how she managed to convince so many people without giving any evidence on her own. usually when stuff like this happens there's always a loud group asking about evidence 24/7.

No. 805081

Even if they had a chance with her what makes them think her homewrecking ass wouldn't fuck around behind their back too? Pathetic, indeed.

No. 805083

They're probably all fucking each other in their friend group. Like the drama club in high school. Or the clarinet section in the marching band…

No. 805084

She did a good job of hiding behind her online persona for all this time. I remember watching that god awful show "Heroes of Cosplay" which she was in and even though it was obviously heavily scripted, she came across as really full of herself even then.

No. 805085

You'd think they care if she did? They're not looking for a relationship. They just want an easy lay. If their dicks rot off, so be it.

No. 805087

I feel sorry for Heidi having to see sexually explicit photo exchanges between him and Holly. Finding nudes of the woman he's fucking behind your back sounds like a nightmare. Of course she won't provide receipts but I definitely take her word for it on what she's fount because neither of the scumbags have denied it. Narcs are so good at disguising themselves and then eventually they crash & burn, which is exactly what happened.

No. 805089

At this rate, knowing Jared had sexual contact with underaged fans is worse than him fucking Holly. What a creep.

No. 805092

Watching this whole Jared/Holly thing blow up has validated my suspicions of something between them since I started watching his Let's Play channel with his Miitopia videos where he eagerly names an important character after Holly, who I at the time assumed was his gf/wife until I learned otherwise. Each step of this whole shitstorm (Ross and Holly's divorce and her moving to WA and then Jared's divorce "statement" before Heidi blew the lid off of the situation) has been a wild ride.

No. 805102

File: 1557547129448.jpg (46.89 KB, 300x471, abstraction04-1263501875.jpg)

I am putting my tinfoild hat on and kind of waiting for this to end with Heidi being implicated in some milky stuff as well. They all seem to come from the same barrell and there is something fishy about the whole thing, the GG obviously know some shit, these guys might as well have been running a sex network and all fucking each other. Everyone´s trying so hard to save face and keep their PR that we are likely not getting the whole picture, even from Heidi.

No. 805105

i recommend not trying to find this art unless you're into the real freaky shit. Heads up

No. 805108

i recommend not trying to find this art unless you're into the real freaky shit. Heads up

No. 805111

File: 1557547457561.png (59.5 KB, 583x374, these tweets aged well.png)

No. 805118

I'm with you. I think everyone has a little dirt on everyone, which is why this whole debacle came out so suddenly after being glossed over for more than a year.

No. 805121

Exactly. Jared set the "piece of shit" bar pretty high.
Being a somewhat catty cosplayer is peanuts compared to him and even Holly at this point.

No. 805122

This is so rough. I agree that he must've known at least a month ago when GG hid all of their ProJared videos, but I wonder if it goes back even further than that.

No. 805123


There was already something sketchy when jontron left GG, these guys have been smart enough to not kill the cash cow by leaking shit, they know they depend on their public persona but they must be drowning in milk since years ago.

No. 805127

imagine being in your 30's and still trying to define yourself with identities that only a teenager would need to figure out who they are. how embarrassing, talk about a failure to launch.
>I too am like, "demisexual" and it's really not that deep. I just feel more attracted to someone when I have an emotional connection with them, yikes.
…so you're a normal person? Why do you need a fucking label to describe being sexually attracted to someone when you're romantically attracted to them?
They use 'quirkiness' and mental illness to absolve themselves of responsibility for the mistakes that they make, despite the fact that everybody has idiosyncrasies and despite the fact that mental illness (and childhood abuse) are experienced by a huge proportion of the population in America and other Western countries. They portray themselves as fragile to give themselves and others the illusion that they have depth and in order to manipulate the people around them.

As a general rule of thumb you should never trust somebody who brings up their health condition(s) incessantly outside of communities centered around those conditions. It tends to mean that being sick or damaged is a huge part of their identity and it'll bleed into how they think and act in a very negative way. Of course there are exceptions like severely disabling or terminal illness, but otherwise it's a good idea to approach with a high degree of caution.
tbf, what option does she have? She's going to get shit on regardless of whether or not she takes a break from social media; may as well lie low and let some of the heat die down.
Whatever baggage Heidi has can't be remotely as bad as her husband's given how forthcoming she was about the dirty details. She obviously isn't worried about retaliation

No. 805132

This hurts me to know that she loved him still until he broke up with her. Damn. His loss.

No. 805134

File: 1557554603558.jpg (76.1 KB, 666x499, qdtfo.jpg)

No. 805148

I personally find the fact Heidi was "OK" with him swapping nudes with random girls on the internet to be highly suspicious, she also goes in on Holly more than Jared in her announcement (the bitta slut shaming about her nudes) and the clearly untrue statement about his big penis.
The GIF posted upthread - you can see he has literally zero real emotion about her but she's still sitting contented. I think she was totally smitten with this weasel and chose to overlook absolutely everything - was probably even going to stay together with him had he not decided to divorce. Her idea of a "rough patch" is a little rougher than most.
So it's likely there is some dirt on her in terms of how she condoned the nude swapping, her awareness of the ages of the people involved (everyone knows Tumblr is full of teenagers) and what exactly was said between Jared and Holly in the texts. Her posting this all on Twitter was a stategic power move but it was fuelled by the fact she still cares about/loves him and was ensuring the "new" relationship with Jared and Holly was not going to start off smoothly.

No. 805150

>goes in on Holly more than Jared in her announcement
i have no idea what you're talking about when she had like tens of posts detailing what a cold, gaslighting bastard jared has been to her, and maybe 2 posts about how holly wrecked the relationship.
>everyone knows Tumblr is full of teenagers
i think it's fair to give anyone a pass for believing that their husband won't ask minors to send him nudes. that combined with the fact that he was lying to the fans about heidi's involvement, and lying to heidi about the nature of the pics he sent/received, makes me kinda not agree with you about dirt on heidi.

No. 805151

File: 1557560096052.png (238.9 KB, 1166x792, Screenshot 2019-05-11 at 1.04.…)

i can't stop laughing

No. 805157

>Heidi was "OK" with him swapping nudes with random girls on the internet
A depressing, desperate attempt at being a 'cool girl' who tolerates disloyalty and infidelity (to an extent) is not suspicious, it's par for the course for many women in shitty relationships with manipulative men.

No. 805158

File: 1557562732705.jpg (161.14 KB, 1077x590, Screenshot_20190511-041618_Twi…)

KT tries to insert herself into recent events, and remains genuinely crazy

No. 805159

File: 1557562756782.jpg (467.62 KB, 1075x1240, Screenshot_20190511-041506_Twi…)

No. 805162

You have no idea what people will agree to if they're insecure, and the other person is willing to exploit it. I've seen a guy convince and pressure other girls that fighting the patriarchy means getting into an open relationship with him, resulting in him having a different girl to suck him off for every day of the week, basically just becoming a mormon polygamist under the guise of #feminism. Of course it blew up in his face when some of them wised up.

No. 805163

> is a total brat at parties
kek, not surprising at all.

Kinda wonder if Ross was too successful for her and that was a factor in her getting "comfy" with Jared. Jared technically was bigger than her still, but not to the extent that GG was, and his fan base wasn't nearly as fanatical and outspoken.

No. 805167

Hold up, what's the milk on Volpin?

No. 805168

Heidi knows what's in the texts, she knows what Holly's been doing and it's been suggested Holly drove the gaslighting efforts. She can be as mad at Holly as she wants. She was in love with Jared so her feelings would be more complicated.

No. 805170

What is it with you newfags not reading rules or even bothering to ctrl+f? The post even said what he did, surprise hes a cheating shitbag too but it has nothing to do with the GG/Jared milk besides adultery, go to the cosplay thread for it.

No. 805178

Holy shit dude it's not that deep, we needed a new thread and nobody else was doing it. If it's that important to you that all the words be in the right order next time maybe do it yourself instead of sitting on your ass waiting to criticize. You can make your own thread to your specifications when this blows over, in the meantime I put the information that was currently relevant.

No. 805179

File: 1557569079899.jpg (159.37 KB, 1920x1072, uv0ma3wypf821.jpg)


> …so you're a normal person? Why do you need a fucking label to describe being sexually attracted to someone when you're romantically attracted to them?

how did you manage to skip the fact I used quotation marks on purpose, and my entire post was about saying that it's actually normal and she's just being overly dramatic as if the rest of the world are hypersexualized thrust motors who only want to dick or get dicked?

If you weren't being specific to me then the label exists because sometimes you can see a person over ahead and be like "hmm they look good" and you become interested to flirt or start up a conversation, etc, or how someone might sleep with a stranger because ~sexual chemistry. For demisexuals it means they kinda blank out the world completely but having that emotional connection with someone allows them to "see" that person in that context. I dunno anon, I didn't make the term, I was just a confused youth who was also a late bloomer like Holly, but I'm a grownass woman now and I don't give a shit about what people think of me

It's ironic that the "demisexual" who doesn't really "get" sex and attraction is the cheating one, and with Phineas. You'd expect Ross to cheat because he wasn't getting fulfilled in the romantic/sexual department.(no1curr)

No. 805180

Jesus fucking Christ, quit making this site tumblr. Demi isn't a real thing. She's just bi with a low sex drive.She didn't cheat with anyone because she was horny, she did so because she was lonely and needy and manipulative and shit. Ross wasn't the one that cheated, because even if he was probably hella sexually frustrated he was still the sort of bloke that considers other people.

No. 805181


I'd sage if you're planning on spouting inaccurate bs. If the very concept of discussing something is "making the site tumblr" then you better get off the damn internet then, because you have tunnel vision. I'd also look into reading comprehension classes so you can understand what I've said for two posts now.

I explained what it is based on other peoples' descriptions and feelings on the matter. From the very start I said she isn't a special snowflake and she's more normal than she thinks. I'm sorry the word demisexual triggers you, should look into that btw.

No. 805183

chill out bitch no one fucking cares

No. 805184


How bout you stop making shit up and whining about shit you don't understand

Do that
Do that challenge nonny

No. 805194

File: 1557573815938.jpg (132.75 KB, 1227x909, 80.JPG)

Holly's subreddit turned against her.


I really hope she doesn't come whining to Ross and make him her personal tissue.

No. 805195

Who is this kissing Holly’s obese ass all the time? Since the Suzy days too, why would anyone be a fan of Hoggy?
Has she ever been caught self posting?

No. 805196

Just like Jared's. Pure poetry, although hers is more serious disappointment while his is mostly memes

No. 805198

Some people are just too easily tricked by the "uwu soft manic pixie girl" facade. They think she's cute (not my opinion, it's theirs), and in their eyes a cute girl who is a mental health advocate can do no wrong, because "uwu back off guys she has anxiety!" They feel like admitting she fucked up is stigmatizing ALL mental health problems, because holly primed them to think that way.

They can't accept that sometimes people are both mentally ill and just plain old bad people at the same time, and that doesn't have to mean that all mental ill people are bad. I'm sure Jared has something wrong in his head, it doesn't give him a pass though, and Holly sure as hell doesn't get one either because her streams "uwu helped my anxiety one time during finals".

Also I'm sure at least a few of them are just bad people who are vicarious defending themselves and whatever horrible things they did in their personal life by defending Holly.

No. 805199

holly is such a third wheel in this video

No. 805200

We have a new person coming forward about being groomed by Jared last year when she was 15. She posted anonymously to protect her identity but she said she has contacted the DOJ about it, PedoJared might be in jail soon: https://old.reddit.com/r/ProJared/comments/bn4u78/i_was_also_groomed_by_projared/

No. 805201

I personally think people used to white knight Holly as a means to "prove" they're not sexist for hating Suzy. Like a "SEE I DON'T HATE WOMEN BECAUSE HOLLY IS GREAT"

I never got it because you could accuse Holly of the same shit Suzy was always accused of and made fun of for.

Suzy was always ragged on for being ugly and having an annoying, then turn around and say how cute and hilarious Holly's potato looking goblin ass was. Suzy's goth obsession was cringey, but Holly wanting to fuck birds was endearing. Suzy was a feminazi bitch for talking about sexism once, where Holly literally said that calling her mom is sexist and no one cared.

The only difference between Suzy and Holly then was that Suzy's reputation was in the shitter and Holly was clean. My, how the tables have turned

No. 805202

File: 1557575248617.jpg (456.81 KB, 640x1136, Inked-IMG-0396-LI.jpg)

Since this is an imageboard, I'll post the actual caps of her convos with Jared.


No. 805203

File: 1557575310468.jpg (629.93 KB, 640x1136, Inked-IMG-0397-LI.jpg)

No. 805204

File: 1557575405604.png (230.31 KB, 574x687, suzy.png)

This is the first instance I've seen of GG interacting with the situation (outside of Ross saying "please leave me alone"). I wonder if Ross asked all the GameGrumps at the start of the situation not to comment because it involved Holly/might have involved him being cheated on. Maybe Ross and Holly made a private agreement to not talk negatively about each other and that extended to the rest of GG? I didn't think Ross had a role beyond getting played by Holly, but now reading other people's theories is making me wonder.

No. 805205


This makes me think

>Katie praised for being better than Suzy

>Turns out Katie is a crazy narc bitch that can't move on

>Holly praised for being better than Suzy

>Turns out Holly is a insufferable narc bitch, cheater and a homewrecker

At the end Suzy is gonna end up being a saint of game grumps.

No. 805206

File: 1557575475041.jpg (371.25 KB, 640x1136, Inked-IMG-0398-LI-Moment.jpg)

No. 805207

File: 1557575593936.jpg (550.26 KB, 640x1136, Inked-IMG-0399-LI.jpg)

No. 805209

File: 1557575694555.png (79.96 KB, 886x638, reddit1.png)

No. 805210

Holly's fanbase looks like they're more betrayed over the entire ordeal, while Jared's fans are absolutely livid. Maybe Jared's fans are mainly guys, while Holly's are mostly girls, idk. It's still a huge 180 to immediately go from "quirky birb mom mental health advocate" to #double homewrecking cheater/Jared's enabler"

I think they're whiteknighting her because they really want to give the person they've looked up to for all these years the benefit of the doubt while they reconcile all this shit. I guess the main difference between the subreddits is that Holly's fanbase seems to have been built up as a supportive community for everyone involved, while Jared's wasn't nearly as intimate. Not condoning any of the bullshit Holly pulled, but commenting on what it probably feels like for her fans.

No. 805213

lol holly deleted her "I'm here for you jared" tweet but not the "don't listen to this internet rando you don't know, but also, you guys know me i can do no wrong" tweets.

guess she's doing damage control, dropping the pedo (obvs can't keep him around), but doubling down on all that discrediting and suppressing heidi stuff.

No. 805215


I think the difference in anger is because although Holly is a homewrecking two faces snake. in the end all she did was cheat. which again is bad on its own BUT Jared also coerced teenagers into having sexual interactions with him which is on a whole nother level.

What Jared did doesn't excuse what Holly did but there is just more to it.

No. 805216


Lol, she thinks that's gonna work.

Her tweet is screenshotted everywhere, has been mentioned in thousands internet drama videos.

Discrediting Heidi and calling her "someone random on the internet you guys don't know" isn't gonna work either, especially when you have evidence such as >>805199 where she's obviously pretending to be a good friend to Heidi.

No. 805218

>we are poly and she's seeing someone else

No. 805219

File: 1557577715658.png (16 KB, 250x391, 1411930255190.png)

>he did know my actual age
If she has a text of this than she better use that as proof because that'll be the most fucked up thing he's done so far. I 100% believe she was 15 it's just scumbags like proskelly will always claim to not have known the age of the teen they were talking to.

I wonder how Holly feels knowing she was trying to win over a pedo? They totally deserve each other.

No. 805220

File: 1557577736650.jpeg (301.08 KB, 750x801, 6A6F8EF4-A8A8-444A-A09E-07340E…)

>he also had a threesome with two unknown men where he prematurely ejaculated

I can’t stop laughing

No. 805221

In terms of prosecution I don't think it even matters if he knew her age or not.

No. 805222

I don't think Holly is over. Not by a long shot.

Whereas what she and Jared did was morally bad, it was still between two consenting adults.

She only has to say that she is very sorry for what she did to Heidi and then REALLY throw Jared under the bus.

Jared is in deep shit and Holly could easily turn the narrative into her being manipulated by him. Her crying how Jared said he only loved her and cherished her and wanted to be together with her would be enough to get some sympathy.

The reason why she might have gone this quiet is because she is also finding out she was getting cheated on by Jared with random girls. You can't be mad about that if you are a homewrecker yourself, so she keeps her profile low.

No. 805224

File: 1557578347684.gif (768.24 KB, 500x340, 1411596392928.gif)

>he also used to stand in front of his open window completely naked
Imagine just having an average day, walking out to do errands or some shit and you look up and have your eyes assaulted by ProPerv and hiss 11 year old body and he's flopping that tiny wiener out in front of his open window.

No. 805225

File: 1557578429309.png (50.02 KB, 1546x216, Screenshot 2019-05-11 at 6.10.…)

the person made a report. i so hope he rots in hell.

No. 805226

You're probably right. Considering what Jared is being accused of is downright criminal, sleeping with someone's husband pales in comparison. Even if that someone was a close friend, and even if she tried to act like she doesn't know Heidi.

What she did is still fucking disgusting and I doubt she'll ever totally live it down, but I'm sure some people will be willing to forgive and she can have some sort of career still, thanks to that.

Jared is probably done, though.

No. 805229

At least she can't preach moral and feminist values to others, not enough idiots to believe her anymore.

No. 805230

File: 1557579234430.jpeg (113.66 KB, 960x960, 87A1CCCA-61AD-43F7-B6AC-E1D7CD…)

>make fun of his pubes because it’ll piss him off
>premature ejaculation
This is the cow that just keeps on giving

No. 805232

I swear to God, do normal people do roleplay like this? Or is it always
the creeps

No. 805233

"Normal people" do this all the time. Normally it's never broadcast to the world, hence why it seems like only creeps do stuff like this.

No. 805236

File: 1557580590796.jpg (286.27 KB, 1396x804, projared.jpg)

Even though she can't show his acknowledgement he knew, there's still the tricky issue that she's presently 16. He's in strife.

No. 805238

She can present that face to the world but Holly and at least one friend saw the texts and know that version isn't true.

No. 805239

absolutely. there's also corroboration in this thread to the fact that he didn't need to know she was in fact underage in order to be prosecuted. i'm so incredibly proud of this girl honestly, the chances of this absolute piece of shit going to jail have risen significantly imo

No. 805240

She'll be in deep shit as well too if she sent any nudes, because that's distribution of child porn, which is far bigger of a charge than Jared will get if they never met or anything.

As much as people want to see Jared go down, the people doing the sending that happened to be underage is in deeper shit.

No. 805241

I've seen it happen myself in a court, where knowing vs not knowing the girl's real age only had an effect on sentencing - the guys were all still guilty. This was in Australia, will be interesting to see if CA takes the same view.

No. 805242

someone else had asked the same question in the thread and brought up the anecdote of two teens prosecuted for filming themselves in the act.
see >>805225, according to her he is the guilty party and not her, going by her state laws. i might be wrong though, non-US anon here who doesn't know jack shit about your laws sorry

No. 805246

Yeah it's tricky when its 2 underage teens, because they're both technically breaking the law but both are within the same age frame/same age that they'll get charged based on parent's decision to press charges.

A 16 year and a, say 26 year old? That's automatic charges of statutory rape as well as child porn distribution (from the 16 year old.) "Grooming" carries a charge too but only if they've met up for sex and there's actual physical evidence of it taking place.

No. 805247

File: 1557581503035.png (683.42 KB, 676x1186, Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 10.3…)

it's a bit hard to believe that this idiot fucked up SO bad that i'm having to say "at least there's no evidence that he fucked the younger fans"
and feeling relieved at that

i hope we get some news soon on how the report pans out, really

No. 805249

thanks, I had to head out but I felt like this needed to be posted

No. 805250

In California (assuming that's where the messages took place/where charges would be made) a minor will only get hit with counseling for sending illicit photos of themselves, and that seems to only be if they're exchanging them with another minor. If the minor sends them to an adult, the adult is the one who gets penalized. I highly doubt the 16 year old is going to be prosecuted in any way, especially if they come at this from a grooming angle. For the same reason survivors of child porn are not penalized for their roles in illicit films, obviously.

No. 805251

Double post, but forgot to add: Jared will probably use the excuse that he didn't keep the images (since they were shared on Snapchat) but the proof that he was clearly sexting with and requesting nudes from other minors would be used against him regardless. Just an opportunity for him to escape full-on child porn charges. He'd still get marked as a child predator if the case went through.

No. 805252

Whether they can get him or not on this girl's testimony, they can use that testimony to subpoena his electronics and his phone/email/DM records, and based on everything that's come out I'm willing to bet there's really bad shit in there. This is far from over.

No. 805257

Jared's victims can report him online if they're unable to do so in person to law enforcement

No. 805259

I know this will never happen but I wish Jared, Holly and Heidi would clear everything out at the Jerry Springer Show. With Ross as a special guest lol

No. 805261

forensics can recover snaps and stuff. data recovery can blow whatever shit excuse he will give away. he could have told the girl no when he found out she was 15 but he kept on with it willingly.

No. 805268

Sort of. Unless they lied, Snapchat won't have that data stored similar to KiK, which is why so many people use them.

In the forensics work I've done, you can only pull up so much from the user side of things. So it's very possible, but it depends on how deep things have to get and how much risk is involved with snap inc.

No. 805270

anon someone should drop that into the subreddit before it's archived forever

No. 805277

It only matters if he knowingly kept it. If it's something like sc, he can say it was just sent to him which he has no control over and can't be prosecuted as harshly for. the sexting which shows him clearly involved would matter more in that case.

No. 805293

File: 1557587377931.jpg (35.26 KB, 500x680, t2woqb1ctix21.jpg)

More choice memes from the subreddit

No. 805294

the thing is she didnt condone nude swapping. she agreed to letting him have the nude blog on the pretenses of body positivity and only letting his fans of age submit stuff to the blog. she didnt want him sending nudes though.

No. 805295

File: 1557587496788.jpg (59.61 KB, 960x946, 58ldrhtr8ix21.jpg)

No. 805300

File: 1557588506503.jpg (72.5 KB, 800x532, FAYsXzL.jpg)

No. 805310


i have this theory that he was originally the one who seduced holly and made her feel special like all these other girls are saying. i don't think she knew he was soliciting nudes and having sex with other girls.
that's not to excuse her actions, she definitely cheated on her husband with her good friend's husband and if what heidi is saying is true she also had a hand in convincing jared to be with her instead of heidi and turning him against her.
iagree if she's smart she can play this out as being a victim of jared as well, while still owning up to the shitty thing she did to heidi.

No. 805311

I can't believe Holly went that fucking far to even say that lmao. Unbelievable, like she had nothing to do with it at all of course.

No. 805314

Except the girls coming forward are much younger & vulnerable than Holly, that were blinded fans who wanted Jared's attention and got caught up in his sexual Snapchat fantasies. Holly, a fully grown woman in her 30s, had a husband and knew exactly what she was doing. She was far from "seduced" by the fish eyed fuck. The fact she's done a runner from social media and is trying to brush everything off like it will just so easily vanish into thin air speaks volumes of what sort of person she truly is.

No. 805315

And she posted that AFTER Heidi called her out. Not long after so she may not have seen it but still.

No. 805316

She should have just kept quiet, not even said a word. But of course narcs find it really difficult to do that.

No. 805317

If it's similar to what I went through in high school, she was in a vulnerable place and Jared started giving her compliments, and it escalated from there. He tells her how unhappy he is in his relationship, and she becomes angry at that relationship, thinking she's so much better because of all the attention he's giving her. She tries to break them up because in her head, she's ending his unhappiness and also they can be together, when really, she should've known how much of a tool he is, not engage, and find another guy. When you have low self-esteem, you'll do a lot of shitty stuff.
Even if that's what happened, she's handled it really stupidly. She could've gotten out of this relatively unscathed, but that shitty post cemented her in this shitstorm.

No. 805321

Wah wah wah :’(
stop infantalising her. Shes a grown ass woman in her thirties who wanted to feel better than someone else by fucking their husband, going so far as fucking a “friends” husband. Well jokes on her flabby ass, he was fucking lots of others at the same time, she should get checked for STD’s

No. 805323

Can we stop acting like Holly is some "uwu innocent cinnabun who doesn't know better"? Fuck her, honestly. Jared is the shittiest by far, but Holly is also shitty in this situation. You don't fuck a close friend's husband and come out of it innocently.

No. 805324

Also, anon, you were in HIGH SCHOOL. Holly is a GROWN ASS WOMAN IN HER THIRTIES. She should know better, she isn't a fucking teenager anymore.

No. 805325


She was married and had a husband that cared about her.

Being manipulated over your low self-esteem is bad and it could make Holly appear in a more sympathetic light but she was still in her 30s, adult and in a marriage with a caring husband. Bitch just wanted to feel more special than her game grumps husband.

"You know me, i'm a good person and would never do this - don't believe some rando." + "i'm sorry jared and i'm here for you~" is where she truly revealed her own narcissism.

Also the whole "we are breaking up so Holly can move into the state with trees" was scummy as fuck and now everyone knows what that meant.

No. 805326

File: 1557592663999.png (931.98 KB, 1425x1686, Screenshot_2019-05-11-10-36-43…)

Even shad

No. 805327

>said she was stupid and has the mentality of a high schooler
>stop infantilizing her!!!
but the most important thing is that she's fat, right anon-chan?>>805323
where in my post did I say she's innocent? I called her stupid, and what she did was super gross.

No. 805328


not all the girls. i don't think jared had an age preference, some of the girls were underage and some weren't. they were all vulnerable though, and i think holly was in a vulnerable place that jared took advantage of. again not defending her, because like you said she is a grown woman who was married and slept with someone else who was married and she should have known & done better.

No. 805329

That move to Jared's state was the holy grail of this. That desperate for his dick she moved to the exact area he lived in. Jesus christ.

No. 805330

Image thinking you're better than Jared when you draw child porn that panders to pedos like him

No. 805331

I bet it's not similar to what you went through as a high schooler because Holly is a grown fucking adult.

No. 805332

This is good, but I wish it wasn't drawn by him.

No. 805333

Good idea but he didn't really highlight Holly's worst features, other than her hairstyle it doesn't look like her

No. 805334

Comparing a grown ass woman to a highschool girl is the definition of infantalizing you fat retard

No. 805336

Definitely not in a vulnerable place. She wanted to see if the grass is greener on the other side as its obvious this affair happened during her marriage to Ross and that is all there is to it. Holly is a cunt, end of.

No. 805338

>Shad morally grandstanding over adultery and pedophilia when his entire career is based on pandering to adultery and pedophilia
>Holly is a bad person therefore she’s fat
It is true though Heidi could do way better than that worm man and Ross is lucky to have gotten Holly out of his life.

No. 805341

this guy has no business judging anyone for being a sexual deviant

No. 805350

Maybe you were just a bitch who tries and swings it positive tho

No. 805351

Where is this from? Looks cool

No. 805355

I used to think like Liz, and all I can say is people who think like Liz have never been cheated on before.

Obviously more fault is rightfully attributed to the cheater.

But tone-policing and shaming women who've been abused by unfaithful men is just shitty

No. 805357

Artist is Kago Shintarou

No. 805362

>Also the whole "we are breaking up so Holly can move into the state with trees" was scummy as fuck and now everyone knows what that meant.

Could someone elaborate on this, please? I have a dumb flu brain rn and I dun get it.

No. 805363

Ross deleted the divorce tweet. The one that goes "Life drags you in separate ways, Holly wants to live somewhere with trees etc…"

No. 805365

I was offline for a few days and I come back to this. I thought it wouldn't get worse after it came out that he was sending nudes to underage fans but holy fucking christ. Holly did Heidi a favor by homewrecking, I'm glad she got out.

No. 805366

File: 1557597730925.png (446.19 KB, 648x1080, trash witch.png)

No. 805367

File: 1557597868731.gif (1.34 MB, 268x350, tld.gif)

No. 805368

i think i'd rather get cheated on than have to live with 50 pigeons tbh

No. 805370

Surely 50 fucking pigeons counts as animal hoarding. Surely.

Not like TND levels of batshit fucking impulse buying animal acquisition but hoarding nonetheless.

No. 805374

File: 1557598576363.jpg (130.7 KB, 517x827, 12.JPG)

Found this post on tumblr, does anyone here know more about the highlighted part?

No. 805378

this art by shad is literally just bait and clinging to twitter trends desperate for relevancy. It's not that deep.

If Holly was in the public eye with a career at stake, a mental health advocate who serves as a rolemodel and if she was Heidi's GOOD friend who had her trust, she should've had so many moments questioning this affair if there is anything redeemable about her character.

Leaving the question: How do you betray your friend like this over and over and over and turn around to play friendship and not end the affair out of pure emotional exhaustion? and how do you pretend to be a rolemodel and not wonder if you deserve to be seen as such with that skeleton in the closet? how can you kid yourself this won't come out and don't consider that maybe you should do better if only for the sake of your career?
literally, don't project your highschool experience onto her

No. 805379

File: 1557599172935.jpg (77.09 KB, 952x450, D6Iv1_sUUAYdtKE.jpg)

that's what one of the people that called him out said on twitter https://twitter.com/swampborzoi/status/1126516324581007360

I assumed that the projared/game grumps videos were put on private because of the cheating scandal but maybe it's because they found out about him talking to minors and knew that it would come out?

No. 805380

This whole timeline doesn't make sense tho?

No. 805381

> I did a dumb thing when I was in high school.
Holly is 30 years old. Sure, what you did was a bad move, but Holly doing it at 30 is a different level of stupid and gross. Similarly, I think a 16 year old boy exchanging nudes with 16 year old girls is dumb and a bad idea, but a 30-something dude doing it is a different level of stupid and gross.

Also Holly has shown to be more active in the abuse than you seem to believe, so stop fucking defending her actions and reasoning.

No. 805382

File: 1557599670515.gif (468.28 KB, 226x309, pop.gif)

Holly enabled his pedo abuse? I am so ready to watch her go down with the pedo ship. It's satisfying to see Jared get taken down, but I was low key a little annoyed that Holly would probably get off scotch free in the long run because because her fuck ups paled in comparison to his.

What parts are wrong? Spell it out.

No. 805383

I may have misunderstood because esl but I thought the affair began earlier + heidi found the phone earlier as well.

No. 805385

File: 1557600225992.png (68.05 KB, 666x548, 1.png)

No. 805386

so I guess this blows every excuse for Holly to say she was manipulated by him ie "she didn't know what kind of person he was!" out of the water. She could have used the pedo shit to really throw him under the bus if this wasn't evidence she's complicit in it.

No. 805387


Holly reminds me of laineybot now, why do all ~smoll bean anxiety uwu~ bitches act the same?

No. 805388

I hope they mention the names of the other people they contacted who didn't go to the cops with the evidence provided. If one was PBG that would really be the cherry on top of this milky sundae.

No. 805389

File: 1557600979701.png (169.54 KB, 540x368, 78.png)

Here is another post recalling Holly being a scum

No. 805390

JFC. So Holly knew he was a pedo and did nothing but go to him and ask "Is this true? No? Okay" and go back to fucking him.

No. 805391

File: 1557601136669.jpg (14.55 KB, 400x157, tumblr_po2yg3JQPH1vtk1kqo1_400…)

Not only that but gave the contact info/email of the underage victims to Jared without their consent.

No. 805392

Yeah this is infuriating, they're all pedo-covering scum. Deleting videos is not enough when he's a predator.

No. 805393

My sides are in orbit holy shit.

No. 805395

hoooly shit Holly is cancelled, for real this time

No. 805396

File: 1557601413780.jpg (180.89 KB, 456x810, 7.jpg)

Now that she has shut down everything, I've been browsing her fan blogs and there is a lot of gold in there

No. 805397


Thought she just made certain things private? Did she go full purge?

No. 805399

No, most of it is actually private but I never followed her so I can't access it.

Here is Holly giving an interview for "Asexual Artists"


No. 805404

It's gonna be great seeing these scrambling pedo-covering rats try and explain this, this is going to be a shitshow pedo bust for the ages.

No. 805406

File: 1557602594723.png (31.28 KB, 584x332, 1.png)

so we can confirm Holly was not attracted to ProPerv's 11 year old body and small penis, then what was it (assuming any of her asexuality shit is true)?

No. 805407

I feel like this asexual shit is just like lainey's "uwu im hip I'm an LGBTQ+ anxiety tumblr drawing I'm pure and wholesome!!" To cover up that she's a disgusting whore

No. 805412

Claiming to be asexual is a good cover up for what she was up to all this time. It's probably a load of bullshit, like her entire online personality.

No. 805414


As far as I know, the US won’t make you give up other citizenships. I have 3 total, and I become a US citizen the most recently and I did not have to give up any citizenships I already had.

No. 805416

I never really believed the asexual thing since Ross semi-admitted he and her did sexy talking online before marrying and she herself made a lot of sexual jokes and implications
This might have just been an excuse to stop fucking Ross when she got tired of him and wanted Jared/someone else.

No. 805420

Why tf does anyone act like Heidi is hot shit in comparison to Holly? Look at the girl without any makeup and photoshop, they're literally the same

No. 805424

I'm not saying Heidi's being overdramatic, but why does Akon need to plan safety at the event?

No. 805425

She clearly stated that she did not feel unsafe, just that they preemptively reached out and offered to make arrangements. Read the tweet you dingus.

No. 805427

They don't need to, they just reached out as a courtesy. Stop asking dumb questions.

No. 805428

Maybe they don't, but they wanted to make sure, it's pretty thoughtful

No. 805429

Apparently she conquered that phobia

No. 805436

Or Holly doesn’t /didn’t give a shit about anyone but herself.

No. 805439

Since sidjared is being outed for clearly breaking the law, shouldn't youtube delete his channel then?

No. 805440

And actually, holly too for also knowing about this and not going to the police?

No. 805442

Maybe they will but it's a bit early, they don't do something like that without evidence

No. 805447

They also don't plain bother to get around to it if the Youtuber is a big enough name. See for reference Logan and Jake Paul making a circus out of the corpses of suicide victims, for instance.

No. 805448

File: 1557608285865.jpg (66.14 KB, 540x540, tumblr_otelmgV1iC1v6xzpwo1_540…)

this didn't age well either

No. 805452

Probably because Heidi doesn't look like a cross-eyed hobo granny.

This. Not to mention PervJared or Holly Homewrecker might have some retarded fans who would try something dumb. It's better to be safe than sorry.

No. 805458

I totally get that but considering how highly illegal this situation became, I hope youtube does the right thing or gets major backlash for not deleting their channels.

Both of these losers need real repercussions for keeping this quiet, what better way than losing everything.

No. 805459

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think pbg stopped siding with projared once pedo accusations came out

No. 805460

Youtube usually takes down channels if the channel owner is officially sentenced (austin jones, daddyofive) or if it makes a big enough stink. But like >>805447 said if the channels make enough money for youtube they'll let them stay up until the last possible moment. Even with an international media/internet shitfest scandal of a situation it was STILL profitable enough to not delete the video; Only take off his monetization temporarily and kick him off google preferred after he tazed a dead rat on camera.
But projared is not as big or popular as youtube's golden boy, so we'll see. I for one am eagerly awaiting for this pedo to lose his channel.

No. 805463

I think he just redacted his statements/deleted his tweets and apologized to Heidi, but no explicit "Jared was in the wrong" was ever said by PBG.

No. 805465


>this art by shad is literally just bait and clinging to twitter trends desperate for relevancy

You just described most pupular artists on instagram tbh

No. 805466

File: 1557611266877.jpeg (200.28 KB, 750x1091, 40C518C9-1E54-4188-AF67-099124…)

I mean, he didn’t specifically say Jared was in the wrong, no. But the way I read it was that he defended what he thought was true, but now he’s seen the actual truth he doesn’t agree with it

No. 805467

File: 1557611364461.jpg (321.08 KB, 1080x892, ehphxqyl05x21.jpg)

Did anyone else regularly watch Holly's mental health mondays? I used to watch most of her streams and rememebr one last month where she was (actually, not metaphorically) crying through the entire stream and kept repeating that she didn't know what to do because people in her life she cared about "refused to help themselves" and that she wanted to help them and fix them but couldn't.

I had just assumed it was in regards to her fucked up family situation but now I'm tinfoiling it might have been about Jared if she knew about all the pedo shit.. or the sabotaging that Heidi was talking about ("refuse to help themselves" = not leave his wife that Holly was spinning as bad?)

No. 805468

File: 1557611389637.png (81.23 KB, 584x373, Capture d’écran 2019-05-11 à…)

No. 805472


Jirard is so cinical, its almost like he had his pre formated response for a situation like this just lying around his desk in case of a contention being needed.

Makes me remember how he threw Greg under the bus, he is a corporate style sociopath. I actually sort of believe PBG went full retard and jumped the gun because he thought he was defending a friend without fact checking anything, it has that candid sort of feeling to it, but GG and Jirard just went in full PR damage control, completely cold and that also makes me think they have know some seedy shit was going on for a long time.

No. 805473

With how it all developed and how fast he was to suddenly "apologize" even still just a hour before being a condescending dick, I don't believe him. All his fans showering him with "Oh you're so mature! WE FORGIVE YOU" are just so willing to ignore that he's most likely lying just to stay in good terms with his company boot.
He only posted this after his team posted a formal statement.

He's not really sorry at all. He probably still doesn't believe Heidi and only said this to not seem like he's attacking the victim any longer to save face.

No. 805474

File: 1557612225477.jpg (39.26 KB, 553x330, 566.JPG)

This was posted by Heidi's friend

>while she was married for at least a year

so she definitely cheated on Ross

No. 805475

File: 1557612542708.jpg (80.43 KB, 1280x720, projared-holly-divorce-heidi-y…)

>jared's face when Newsweek has a story about his penis, pedophilia.


No. 805480


The corporate way the others reacted is more fishy actually, like how long have they covered it up that they were absolutely ready for something to leak? they have laid the ground to vaseline their way out of it in such a premeditated fashion because they already knew all about it.

No. 805482

I mean they did get an email in April. It isn't like Jirard had heavy contact with Jared anyway, so maybe he was waiting for the investigation to be finished
Of course NormalBoots didn't do shit until Twitter did the investigation for them

No. 805489

Game Grumps clearly know alot more shit, deleting Jared's videos literally just a month ago without warning was definitely them trying to save face while the storm slowly brewed.

No. 805491


jared is the one who requested his videos be removed; they didn't do it randomly or of their own accord

he probably knew something would get out and a storm was coming, but i doubt the grumps knew everything

No. 805492

>jared is the one who requested his videos be removed

thats very odd and hard to believe.

No. 805494

SAME. From what I can gather the time line and speed at which all the photos/dick pics ect came out pretty quickly tipped it all in Heidi's favor. It roughly works out

> Ross and Holly divorce in Sept 2018 bc Holly wants to move to Seattle, Ross wants to take a job in LA, APPARENTLY

> Jared is booted from Normal Boots and his videos are taken down late March/early April
>Jared and Heidi start removing each other from their social media (bio's ect)
>Jared posts the "statement", Holly replies v quickly
>Heidi almost immediately lets everyone know Jared's blocked her, and her friends let her know what the statement says. She refuses to corroborate the statement, and puts the cheating/nudes/ect accusations out there publicly
>Immediate response is mixed in the first couple of hours
>A couple hours after people start to come forward with stories. Some of her friends corroborate her claims, loads of other people post their own stories, and actual photos start to surface. We're all bombarded with his dick and it's a nightmare.
>Tide turns, Jared is now clown central, with his own subreddit leading the charge

Best I can tell (I don't live in the US, idk what time is there) most of this happened really late, and the initial reaction was from a much smaller, concentrated amount of fans/outsiders, who decided Jared could get fucked pretty quickly. By the next morning, the whole drama was pretty much out there, so by the time the greater twitter community (or whoever) got the story, all the details were there and it was pretty easy to see the bullshit for what it was. Add on all the pre-statement details and it seems pretty clear? As opposed to info trickling out over the day this kinda just all got dumped straight up. Holly really didn't help the situation either by immediately trying to turn the tide in her favour with that "she's just an internet personality, I'M your FRIEND" tweets.

No. 805495

already booted lmao

No. 805497

In my eyes, he clearly changed his position on the drama when his subcount started to tank

No. 805498

What kind of response are you expecting? Jirad consistently handles this kind of drama better than anyone else in their retarded circle. He’s not gonna be an idiot and come out of the gate swinging like PBG. Not airing out all your personal feelings online doesn’t make you a sociopath, it makes you a decent human being lol.

And what do you mean he threw Greg under the bus lmao. Greg left the company, offered no explanation, Jirad told his fans Greg left, said it was personal, and left it at that. Then years later Greg decides he doesn’t want his videos still online, demands Jirad delete them, and Jirad tells his audience that Greg is making him do this, and it’s not up to him. If Greg wants to provide anymore of an explanation, the ball is completely in his court. It’s not up to Jirad to defend the guy.

No. 805499

I thought jared was removed from normal boots two days ago? I think it's weird too but maybe Jared just doesn't have a strong enough fanbase to defend him. He already made himself look guilty by blocking Heidi and Holly replying directly to his tweet before running off made it more convincing.

No. 805500

We’ve already gone over this

No. 805501

Where did you hear that? Jared said he wouldn't make it, but what about Holly?

I thought so too. I could have sworn that they dragged their feet about it when they got the email and only did something about it recently.

No. 805502

50 now? Damn. Would have guessed like 12 or something.
If there's a decent sized aviary for them, and they're intentionally being bred for sale/squab that's cool. If(what I'm thinking is more likely now) they're all just crammed into sad cooing shit filled cages she'll need animal welfare agencies called on her ass as well.

No. 805503

Apparently Jared AND Holly got replaced on the DnD Live website. I can't find it but posts are on Twitter about it.

No. 805504

File: 1557617250541.png (31.33 KB, 596x224, 60c6f4dcd40136ac65e7bdf05d8c67…)

>Greg left the company

Thats a way of putting it.

Jirard simply got a better deal for his channel , decided to go solo and left greg out, Greg got salty of gerard being an hipocrite with his video explanation and then remain to make profit from his old videos featuring him.

No. 805505

Fair enough, I missed this tweet.

No. 805506

To her credit, she takes good care of the pigeons. She isn't breeding them but she's rescuing them, and when she lived in LA they had a big loft for them, I didn't pay attention after she moved but I expect she has something similar.

No. 805508

If they were on there before, they certainly aren't now. Their DCA co-stars and DM are still listed as part of the event but for different things, Anna Prosser is hosting the event, Nathan is there with the show he DMs for and Chris Perkins as WotC's story designer, nothing listed for DCA itself, it's just mentioned in passing in their bios. Maybe the page has been archived and you can see what has been changed.

No. 805510

Whether she's really someone that's asexual or not we do know she's a Narc, which implies she might at least pretend to be highly sexual for the sake of male attention.

No. 805511

Jared was only removed after the scandal. I have no idea how people are muddying up the timeline so much when it just happened 2 days ago. Same with the "Jared asked gg to remove the videos" shit. Pure speculation being passed around as fact.

No. 805516

File: 1557618625708.jpg (412.7 KB, 1080x1610, IMG_20190512_014825.jpg)

Here's what the page said when it was most recently archived, neither Jared nor Holly was mentioned by name but they did remove DCA from the list of guest shows

No. 805519

Only part of the last one(it's still up on twitch), and only since the controversy. What's sad is that she talked about techniques that could really help some people, so hopefully someone else will pick up the mantle of something similar once she's purged.

Also of note, I suppose, she mentioned out of seemingly nowhere that personality disorders are a million times harder to solve than regular ol' brain weasels like depression, OCD, etc. You'd have thought nothing of it at the time of recording, but given recent evidence it suggests she's probably on the very high end of sociopathy scale. The kind of person that eskimos would deal with by sitting them on ice floats and pushing them into the sea.

No. 805520


Just after Greg left is when the channel got an overhaul (better graphics, editing, new office, new crew) . It was all part of the plan. So is understandable for Greg to be upset, imagine working for that long as a duo with your best friend, suddenly new money comes in, you get the boot and an extremely condescending video response by Jirard washing his hands of the whole thing to top it off.

The fact that he waited a while to ask for the removal of the old content is not am asshole move on his part, if he did it just after the fact it would have killed the channel but now theres dozens of new videos without him so its really just him not wanting to be asociate with Jirard publicly anymore and not have Jirard make more passive income from that content.

No. 805525

Eh, you say that as if they're not also corporate entities with businesses on the line. Anyone that's serious about making a career out of youtube, or w/e should probably also treat it as a professional career.

No. 805528

Interestingly, Game Grumps has removed every video they've done with Jared, but a lot of videos they've done with Holly are still up, which makes me think they didn't remove Jared's because of the cheating. It seems to back up the theory that they removed Jared's because of the underage victims who contacted them a month ago.

No. 805531

File: 1557620139200.png (31.51 KB, 502x559, commentikkicon2016.PNG)

out of curiosity I was watching some of heidi's youtube videos and guess who I saw…

No. 805533

shadpedo is literally the last person on earth to judge Jared and Holly.

No. 805535

It's disgusting seeing her comments and how Heidi thought of her as such a great friend only for this shit to happen. You've got to be a special kind of cunt to betray someone like that.

No. 805537

Why? She's not wrong. Compare any cluster B with someone with a mood disorder like depression and they're whole different ballparks, pointing that outdoesn't make her a sociopath. That said I wouldn't be shocked if she is cluster B of some sort, considering her upbringing. She's definitely a very, very fucked up person.

No. 805538

He's kind of on higher ground tho. He draws it not acts on it like Jared/Holly lol

No. 805540

It's not what she said. It's the way that she said it.

No. 805542

>He draws it not acts on it

That we know off

No. 805543

dude, no. That doesnt mean shit. he's still a disgusting pedo baiting asshole.

No. 805544

File: 1557621079441.jpg (307.8 KB, 1200x800, bubbles.jpg)

No. 805545

I'm waiting for the moment his shit is called out on on a large scale, but that's for a whole other thread which I'm surprised he doesn't have yet.

No. 805547

File: 1557621572757.jpg (267.72 KB, 1300x1733, XLhO4gm.jpg)

No. 805548

File: 1557621605724.png (41.41 KB, 584x346, striath.png)

No. 805550

Whoever made this is amazing.

No. 805552

I know we just started this thread, but for vote for next OP. This is art, anon

No. 805553

Being asexual has nothing to do with the lgb community. This person sounds as much as a tryhard as Holly.

No. 805554


No. 805555

people try to constantly shoehorn asexuality in the LGBT community and it's fucking obnoxious. anyone who thinks being "asexual" is even remotely on par with being gay is a delusional tumbltard.

No. 805558

Imagine having a hottie like Ross and cheating on that with Earthworm Jared.

No. 805559

File: 1557622846692.jpg (45.36 KB, 493x335, dungeons and jareds.jpg)

you can play along at home to find out just how asexual Strix really is with these Dice, Camera, Action! character sheets:


No. 805561

(former) holly fan here. I know no one cares probably but I think you're spot on. myself and my friends who I met through that community don't have a problem writing off jared. he was always just sort of a weird guy who was a little funny but mostly just skeevy. holly on the other hand seemed so wholesome, and her content was very personal and based around things like mental health, her rough past, and to some extent social issues. I think people are having a hard time because there was really zero indication that she would do something even remotely like this. she always seemed like a very honest, down to earth person.

plus, jared was soliciting nudes from fans (some of them minors) and we have absolute proof of that. so he's done.

No. 805564

Nothing to add, but imagine being Jared's mom and reading all about this on Twitter

No. 805565

Yeah even though pedo is worse than being a whore, with Holly it still feels like more of a betrayal because she first billed herself as an uwu genuine tweetheart that would go the extra mile. With Jared we always knew he was some sort of pervert, and only wanted him to not be a fullblown criminal deviant.

No. 805571

Apparently he's been reported to the feds for child porn lmao

No. 805572

I don't know any of these people but I have been enjoying the trainwreck. I don't know how such a lizard man managed to pull something like this but I'm hoping there's more to uncover

No. 805576

>she talked about techniques that could really help some people
Does that really mean anything coming from a 30-something woman who still lets depression and anxiety disorders (i.e. conditions that millions of actual working women have to and do manage) make up a huge part of her identity and cripple her life to an extreme degree? It doesn't sound like her 'techniques' are so helpful if she can't even function on a normal level, let alone stop herself from doing easily-avoidable horrible things that can be prevented with basic decision-making skills. It's kind of fucked that she was considered some sort of authority figure on how to overcome mental illness, even before all this shit was exposed.
>I don't know how such a lizard man managed to pull something like this
If you have an audience then you can punch well above your weight regardless of how nasty you are

No. 805577

Anon those illnesses are already crippling or can become crippling at any time in your life, it doesn’t matter if you’re 30+ She shouldn’t be giving mental health advice because she’s not a fucking doctor and has no idea what she’s doing. Stop with this myth that being a high functioning mentally ill person qualifies you to give this kind of advice, even if she had it together and wasn’t a hypocrit it would still be grossly irresponsible and dangerous for her to play “doctor” on YouTube to a bunch of mentally ill teens. (Anyone with an illness can go from high functioning to non functioning and have very little control over that, it’s not a fucking qualification it’s an illness) Someone having cancer doesn’t make them qualified to teach other people how to treat it , goddamn. If anything her mental health Monday’s just speak to her delusion, narcissism and need for real medical intervention by a psych and a shrink.

No. 805579

>holly whiteknighting
christ, no wonder people hate "woe is me i have generalized anxiety and depression like the rest of the millenials pay attention to me!!" cluster b types.

No. 805581

I mean, her mental health tips were pretty simple. it's not like she was telling people what drugs to take. she just gave general advice that any functioning adult should already know, like eating well and going outside or whatever. I don't think anything she did or said was really dangerous in that regard.

in retrospect though, it DOES seem like she was just doing a lot of that to fill a niche and get views. I doubt she cared very much about mental health issues when she was willing to take part in emotionally manipulating one of her best friends. I think her time as a mental health advocate is well and truly over, even if she does come back to the internet eventually.

No. 805586

No. 805588

I'm looking at her last Mental Health Monday stream and from that it makes sense why fans are prone to WKing her. Her entire brand is built around making this wholesome little friendly, comforting nerd community. She's got a little bird singing on her hand on stream like a Disney princess, cute music and memes, often does a goofy cartoon voice, and so on. In this stream she talks about equality for women and supporting other female creators. No wonder her fans are completely blindsided and struggling to absorb the information that everything they knew from her was just a gilded facade and underneath was a woman who would lie about being asexual while cheating on her husband with her friend's creepy husband and actively protecting his pedo actions.

No. 805600

yeah it's so hard to believe that she managed to be so convincing. she even managed to be pretty well liked on gossip sites, and they usually hate everyone for no reason. I can't believe she decided to risk it all for some creepy asshole

No. 805614

Imagine being on some random news site and finding out your son is pedo that's been sending nudes and fucking fans

No. 805620

There's a reddit post in r/gamegrumps about the removed projared videos, and the normal boots statement says they received the initial email about jared's nudes ect on the 4th of april. Point still stands, there was shit coming out BEFORE the statement Jared put up

No. 805628

Honestly just watch Heroes of Cosplay. I used to think it was edited for drama but it seems like Holly’s rude and awful personality is real.
Polite sage, catching up with the thread.

No. 805632

Honestly, this is a good thing. The sooner people start to realize that everyone has demons - EVERYONE - the sooner we might move past this uwu fragile smol bean softboy/trash girl shit that's somehow managing to stick with people even into their 30s instead of just being a cringey phase from their late teens/early 20s.

No. 805634

We know what she looks like. We know what she acts like. We know she hasn't killed herself(as of a week ago). Just these facts alone should tell you the techniques she knows do work. Stay tuned to find out if she's still kicking along this next upcoming Monday. If yeah then her mods will have a hell of time in keeping the chat civil.

>In this stream she talks about equality for women and supporting other female creators.
That should have been the tell, I reckon. Actually supporting women that are struggling in the industry will always be badass. Merely proselytizing about it is empty virtue signalling. What trash people do to cover up the stink.

No. 805635

File: 1557644320159.jpg (32.45 KB, 632x566, 9AlUPWr_d.jpg)

Holly was always radianting cow vibes

>Called mom of gamegrumps

>Gets intensely butthurt most likely because it goes against her manic pixie dream girl persona

>stop it guys, that's SEXIST!!!1!1!1

No. 805636

Wait, how is that sexist at all?

No. 805639

No. 805640


Thats literally the worst thing they could say to her, she just wanted a teenage fantasy character forever. Mom implies adulthood and responsabilities.

>im a mighty forest hag

>A.K.A, im a fake character i just made up

No. 805642

I am pretty sure I saw a recent news article that yes they actually do. There is still stored data, but it is more difficult to find. A forensics team has no problem either going through the phone's storage and recovering it, or requesting it from Snapchat's servers.

According to the minor he did keep it and use it to get hard during live streams. If he saved it to his phone or to his computer for this purpose, it will be found having been there even after having been deleted again.

No. 805648

File: 1557647318182.jpg (401.9 KB, 1440x2160, Tw1.jpg)

From the Twitter of a girl CommanderHolly collabs with on Twitch. She's been sub-tweeting about this since Feb 6th 2019, so this public blowup has been brewing for a while.

No. 805650

File: 1557647388706.png (366.47 KB, 1440x1499, Tw2.png)

No. 805665

It sounds like she’s being a holly shill, even going so far as to say holly might have been manipulated into it

No. 805666

I get why it would be, it's like if you're a girl you either a fuck interest or a mom. Happens a lot with gamers and their cavemen view of women.

No. 805671

Fair enough. Just saw it as a mark of respect, like she seemed to be way more mature than the rest of them. Same as how Ninja Brian would be the Game Grumps dad.

No. 805672

That's how I saw it too.

No. 805677

I don't know her or any of the GG interactions and stuff so yeah. Could be either! Not important anyway.

No. 805679


LOL never have I ever seen someone called "mom" as a sign of respect. Get real. Maybe your own parents, tops, but someone you're not related to? Yeah, it's either "woman I want to fuck" or "woman that's not fuckable thus irrelevant" with these troglodyte types. You respect someone you call them by their name.

No. 805681

Really? I hear it a lot in these types of communities. Like someone at conventions who always remembers Gatorade is a “con mom”. It’s definitely evolved into a term of endearment for someone who seems well-put together and keeps things grounded. I didn’t see it at sexist at all.

No. 805682


Sounds like you've never been on the receiving end of it. It's a whole thing of desexing women once they're a certain age, expecting them to do emotional labour, and putting them firmly in one category socially. Whether that's sexist or nah is up to you, or just plain shitty and stupid.

Digressing from the topic of this thread, though.

No. 805684

I'm laughing at all the replies
>So smol!
>So pure!
Not anymore kek

No. 805687

File: 1557662846436.jpg (367.61 KB, 1656x1242, il_fullxfull.1780873742_alvp.j…)


she's credited as the artist and model for most of Holly's crap on etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TrashWitchCoven

No. 805689

Yeah, she designs a lot of Holly’s art and only recently started collaborating with her on stream but has been doing dnd/strix art for a while. No wonder she’s shilling, she just lost a huge chunk of her bread and butter now that Holly’s in the toilet

No. 805690

Either way, the point remains. She heard a common joke and with multiple interpretations and then only considered the one that she was able to take offense at. Spending any amount of time with someone so humorless and sesnsitive would be absolutely exhausting.

No. 805691

It's crazy, because she built up an entire fanbase on being so wholesome. She had this 'love who you are, no matter what' attitude. If Jared manipulated her, it would have been a huge scandal against him, but she was equal in the cheating by knowingly doing it and fucking over both Ross and Heidi while lying. She really could have turned this around by going 'i had no idea. i'm so sorry i hurt you both' but her twitter responses sealed her grave. I still think she can come back with proper apologies, but jared is done.

No. 805692

Was Ross aware she was cheating on him and chasing rat guy, or did she convince him she really needs to move to the "state with trees"?

My tinfoil:

>Holly cheated on Ross with Jared way before their divorce and wants to move where Jared lives. Ross can't do that because of his job. Holly is probably like "Okay" but she pulls out the anxiety shit and cries every day because she totally needs more trees or some shit, making Ross feel bad for her. So she asks for separation and he agrees because he feels guilty thinking he's at fault for making Holly miserable. They separate, make that separation tweet and Holly moves to the exact place where Jared lives, content that she basically gaslit her whole fanbase and everyone still thinks she's a great person.

Her plan for her and Jared was to get rid of Heidi and then slowly pretend they fell in love after the divorce. That's why she tweeted "I'm here for you" to Jared, and implied Heidi is a lying "rando" while she's a "lovely tweetheart". She thought she was gonna be able to gaslight everyone again since she's so adored among her fans. Good thing it backfired to her butterface.

No. 805697

For context the first time I was ever exposed to Holly was Ross's Guild Grumps project. To be put things bluntly it started off as a disaster. Dan dropped out to work on Ninja Sex Party shit. Arin zoned out and went into a coma. Suzy was being Suzy. Only Barry was a trooper. Nothing was going anywhere except it into the ground until Holly came in to salvage things. First she taught Arin how to actually play his character(over spamming all his keys like a room of spastic monkeys attempting to type Shakespeare), and then she started showing them all the other cool things they can do in game together that weren't dying in raids or grinding. She stepped up like a mom might and looked badass while doing so.

No. 805698

File: 1557665402927.jpg (64.93 KB, 586x600, trashwitchspring.jpg)

I just wanna say i love you all, anons. Thanks for understanding why any woman would consider the term mom offensive from a fanbase or community. It's really obvious why no woman wants to be called mom unless they're an actual mother.

Speaking of Holly's clothing stuff. She was just recently claiming to be working on NEW stuff for Spring/summer. I wonder what's gonna happen with that? I wonder if she'll put it on halt? Her last update was right before the scandal

No. 805700


Right?? This whole "mom is a positive affectionate thing" is fine – if you get that it's not ONLY an affectionate thing. It can be, sure, if you're in on the joke, but much like "bitch" more often than not it's not fucking nice to be called that.

It's cute that the people on these boards have never apparently seen sexism first-hand, but that does not mean shit doesn't exist.


I kind of have been wondering about Holly's game plan through all this. Did she want Weaselboy for her own? Was she chasing the thrill of fucking over her husband and her "friend" while getting Jared's puny peen? Was it an ego trip? Or did she really think she'd get more positive attention for being Wifey II after a Tragic and Unforeseen Breakup?

No. 805705

File: 1557667751020.jpeg (96.91 KB, 894x894, 843B2388-19DE-49E2-A510-7AFA2D…)

Probably a lot of components going on but like someone else said their in-game romance was cheered on by fans. Sort of a chicken and egg situation but I would wager it’s related. With Holly’s move out of the pink flower crown uwu image and fully into the hag/bog witch persona I wonder how much she just thought she was Strix IRL. At the very least she probably thought an eventual public announcement of their relationship after the previous divorce waters were cleared was viable. In Holly’s mind they weren’t just fuck buddies as evidenced by her telling Jared that he’d be so much better with her than Heidi.

No. 805711

File: 1557669200931.png (412.79 KB, 572x586, do you still have it.png)

No. 805712

File: 1557669245722.jpg (67.86 KB, 591x570, several months later.jpg)

No. 805714

I hang out in a lot of roleplay communities and this sort of thing happens a lot. People will roleplay being in a relationship, one or both of them wind up catching feelings and it ends diasterously 9 times out of 10. Most roleplayers just aren't capable of the detachment required to interact with one person intimately for an extended period of time without their own emotions getting involved. So yes, I'm sure their characters being a couple contributed at least partially.

No. 805718

One thing I still can't believe is the fact that Jared blocked Heidi so she couldn't see his statement or something?

Just what did he think would happen? Like I do honestly wonder what would have gone down if he just hadn't blocked her and gave her the reason to go full hellfire on him.

No. 805719

File: 1557670453151.jpg (384.52 KB, 894x894, 1557667751020_mr1557670433650.…)

I fixed Jared's self INSERT character.

No. 805725


Her fucking voice though. How did people find this adorable??

No. 805726

Anon, a lot of times you block exes, it's not strange at all, especially when you KNOW exes and their friends can AND WILL spread BS about you, so could it be because of that? Sure, but it's not strange at all to block someone you used to be with.

No. 805728


I felt like ProJared's actions and words were a little contradictory.
Waiting until you're out of state and then blocking Heidi… so much for "style and grace" lol

No. 805729

Its not bs anon.
Probably easy to self insert into her life since she is more plain and tubby compared to other e-celebs and mentally ill uwu~ So thats why she was considered “cute”

No. 805730

This sudden obsession with calling Holly fat is ridiculous. She is nowhere near fat or even chubby.
Us fatties don't need her lumped in with us.

No. 805731

File: 1557672718166.jpeg (232.4 KB, 894x894, 0AEE51D6-EAB1-466C-B094-03C3F3…)

You forgot Holly

No. 805732

The point I think is more people tend to block exes because of that, no one said anything about Jared's situation being BS lol.

If you look at Heidi's tweets during this, she said TECHNICALLY they already broke up in February, so you'd have to go back to see exactly when the block happened, so hopefully someone kept track of the time frame.

No. 805733

Stop taking shit personally, i dont have a fit everytime someone calls kota manfaced even though my head is sqare as a lego block, because it isnt directed at me

No. 805739

It's more that it's a stupid and untrue nitpick. You can see her ribs in some pics of hers.
She's a cheater and manipulating hag. There's no need to make her ugly by implying she's a chunker

No. 805740

The block happened the day of the announcement. Also yeah, it's normal for normal people to block exs, but in the context of this situation it's fucked up and he clearly used it for shitty reasons beyond the normal ones, stop defending him. Plenty of people also get divorced, it's normal, it doesn't mean that the specifics of how Jared went about it weren't a cluster fuck.

No. 805741

there was an interview with Holly regarding their dnd shit and she said her and Jared were close friends before it and he got her into doing the Dice Camera Action thing because "he knew I was into dnd like him". I think they were messing around before their characters started being shipped hard but, probably secretly used it as an outlet for their cheating. I don't know enough how most dnd games are played regarding romances but, it sounds like they purposely meant to have their characters have a romance to get off on what they were secretly doing.
Shut up fatty.

No. 805744

File: 1557673895593.png (30.21 KB, 875x288, 1.png)

No. 805753

there is alsways going to be one anachan in any gven thread calling the thinnest girl fat. and we tell them to go away, it's not that serious.

No. 805755

Most DND groups don't really do romance except between group members who are already dating/married IRL with maybe the exception of some playful joking about a character's crush on an NPC because of how awkward it is to look your friend in the eyes and pretend you're romantically/sexually attracted to them even if they're speaking with different mannerisms and pretending you're in some fantasy world. I can see how the Dice Camera Action webcam setup where they didn't play in person could make romantic roleplay significantly less awkward but then also lend itself to boundary pushing.

No. 805764

File: 1557678039512.png (1.07 MB, 1440x3999, Capture _2019-05-12-11-19-41.p…)

Real talk I think she needs to keep her mouth shut until investigations are done with Jared. There is no way she can bounce back fully but her career isn't over

No. 805776

Not much she can do after that ~I'm here for you~ tweet anyway.
If she kept her mouth shut completely, people would be so much more sympathetic.

No. 805782

of course she'll shelf it, who will want to buy her merch after this?

No. 805790

>especially when you KNOW exes and their friends can AND WILL spread BS about you
But there's no point in that when the information will still get out to other people lmao
Blocking someone because they are your ex is understandable, but blocking someone because they will say something won't stop them from saying something it also won't magically block others from seeing it

No. 805792

Sage bc not interesting but Holly ribbed ne wrong ever since she tweeted She had „PTSD from cosplaying“ and then started a shit storm towards me After asking her how the fuck she got PTSD from dressing up as Blathers from Animal Crossing kek

No. 805793

you absolute mad lad kek
post caps if you can, i am already howling at the image

No. 805794

File: 1557681576919.gif (1.92 MB, 260x146, EE6E7E44-0BF2-4388-8182-A4DD6C…)

Is this Jared and Holly

No. 805796

The official Dungeon and Dragons twitter have stopped following Jared, so he's most likely dropped. But they still follow Holly.

No. 805815

I wouldn’t want to be associated with a peter file either

No. 805817

File: 1557683747341.jpeg (398.25 KB, 1234x1818, 512CCCB7-5F93-40E9-8272-5F580B…)

Even now her most recently liked tweet is still some guy wishing projared well.. this was only 2 days ago it was posted so she knew at that point. Snakey.

No. 805819

Anon, blocking someone doesn't magically make them not spread BS about you. You're retarded.

No. 805820

That’s them alright.

Feeling curious, I listened in to Holly’s last mental health Monday’s stream. Yeesh. It seems more like she’s just ranting on her mental health state than actually being informative about it. 1, she listed off the meds she’s taken in the past and how they didn’t work 2. Hopeful about beginning on Prozac because it should take care of her OCD (she claims to have looping thoughts like anyone with anxiety, just not rituals). Says she hasn’t been diagnosed with it yet. Ok. 3. Talks about how she’s terrified of being perceived as flirting when she’s just being friendly because she’s asexual. She was getting along with someone and someone gave her his number. She went into the car and cried (????). oh woe is me, it’s so hard being asexual. 4. Someone in the chat asked about sex being good for mental health. Doing things that are pleasurable are great for mental health, holly said. Hmm…
That’s when I stopped watching. It’s all so funny under a different light

No. 805822

File: 1557684508846.jpg (36.83 KB, 453x359, 898.JPG)

She used to whine on social media whenever she'd get slightest criticism and had anxiety because she wasn't liked by literally everyone.

I wonder how she feels now.

No. 805824

>she’s terrified of being perceived as flirting when she’s just being friendly because she’s asexual.
Yeah, reminder she was sending nudes to Jared. I guess she was just trying to be friendly lol!

No. 805825

Those reddit posters must be 15. Heidi has his phone woth the msgs/nudes. The hide and deny ship has fuckin' sunk.

No. 805826

Sure but since there's legal stuff involved anything you say can be used against you, so shutting up is the safest option.

No. 805831

>conflating flirting with sexual attraction (since apparently asexual just means…fucking after the third date? Sorry lol "no sexual attraction but you also enjoy fucking cuz that makes sense")
>Stating that sex is positive for mental health as if it isnt like saying its healthy to binge on fast food whenever youre sad (aka abuse another gluttonous medium to delfect negative/probelmatic emotions or behaviours)

Shes been like this since the first Suzy thread and its why I have never liked her and knew she would end up like any other "mentally health is my social media presence" person. Being ousted for being a manipulative selfish prick who was just projecting the whole time.

No. 805833

I like how the internet's definition of a mental health expert is basically a coward who can't set boundaries but can cry loudly about all their problems that result from not setting boundries. Just tell the dude you're not interested jfc. If he's pushy after that, THEN maybe there's something worth crying over, but being so brittle you need be the victim in every possibly situation is not admirable or healthy, and no one that deep in mental illness should be running weekly mental health advice streams.

I agree most of the time it's better off left out of the game because so many nerds are emotionally immature, but I think there are cases of other famous table top players pulling it off well. For example Dodger was dating/engaged while on a show with DJ Wheat who was married with a kid, and their characters had a serious relationship in game but they were never weird about it to the extent that Jared and Holly were, never made weird comments on fan art, or hammed it up to bait the fans, or felt the need to fuck, and even when fans were shipping it hard they kept it classy in game and only let the relationship be as relevant as it needed to be, they didn't let fans or players push their boundaries. They were just adults about it and kept control of the situation.

No. 805838

>Did anyone else regularly watch Holly's mental health mondays? I used to watch most of her streams and rememebr one last month where she was (actually, not metaphorically) crying through the entire stream and kept repeating that she didn't know what to do because people in her life she cared about "refused to help themselves" and that she wanted to help them and fix them but couldn't.

Awww she's such a lovely and pure ~tweetheart~. She wants to fix other people who are being bad with her pure heart. But they won't listen to her and it makes her cry. She's ready to help anyone! Remember when those underage girls asked for her help over being groomed by her creepy fuckbuddy who is also a married man? She totally helped them by—–oh wait, nevermind.

No. 805841

Speaking of Holly's friends and how she recycles/drops entire friends.. back on heroes of cosplay wasn't her partner on it like her literal best friend? I vaguely remember them talking about being very close for a long time. I'm kinda curious on her thoughts about this but I have a feeling Holly dropped her a while ago since I haven't heard her mention her in a lonnnnng time.

No. 805842

Yeah, Jessica Merizan, they started a company together (there was some old drama with that too).

Jessica eventually became best friends with Chloe Dykstra after Holly recycled her. Coincidentally Chloe also had a moment in the news not too long ago when she came out against he own abusive bf (though in the long run nothing happened except Chloe got pushed further out of the geek-sphere). Both Chloe and Jess left cosplay because of "toxic people". In Chloe's case I think it was her ex, in Jessica's case I think it was Holly. I've been looking at their old stuff because I'm pretty sure there was a stream where they said Jessica was the one with a rough past who had to deal with addicts/negligence in her family as a kid, not Holly, but it seems that the only steams that got archived from that era was their "crabcast" streams, but I recall seeing it in a crafting stream not a crabcast stream, so I guess the evidence is gone.

No. 805844

File: 1557688283328.png (136 KB, 960x267, poorross.png)

Link if you find anything interesting. I've been trying to dig some things too.

Also read this post from Ross… Poor dude knew Holly was cheating.

No. 805846

At this point it's a certainty, he won't come out and say it because he wants to put it behind him but you can read between the lines

No. 805848

So this is a hard confirm? Because holy shit she is a cunt.

No. 805849

Poor guy but he is better off.

No. 805851


As awful as it may sounds, it’s nice that wherever I go online about this subject the general feeling about Ross no one has anything bad to say about him

No. 805852

I'll try but at this point I doubt I would find anything new. Jessica has retreated from the public eye (she did mention a shit child hood with drug addicts/CPS in her goodby post but that deson't prove that Holly didn't have that too), plus Holly's fans have always suffocated any drama surrounding her. Even when they scammed that VA with cancer they blamed it all on Jessica even though Holly was the main fabricator and had an equal role in the business, and the VA didn't want to cause a fuss so she didn't talk about it a lot even though it was fan donated money.

No. 805853

>Even when they scammed that VA with cancer they blamed it all on Jessica even though Holly was the main fabricator and had an equal role in the business

More tea on this?

No. 805856

People like Holly love to use "anxiety" as another word for guilt.

No. 805858

I think some anons mentioned that the law about this is different in their state? It was mentioned in the last thread.

They may as well drop her too, though. She's going to get a well-deserved boo when she comes on stage from here on out and she's not blameless in the sticky situation that she and Jared put DCA in.

No. 805859

File: 1557689782605.png (29.55 KB, 720x222, wut.PNG)

Well I really hope she doesn't mean what I think she means and read more into it. Both her and Chloe seemed to vague tweet support for holly talking about how cancel culture is stupid.

That's really sad all things considered since Chloe also some what recently had to deal with her massively controlling/abusive and manipulating ex that she also posted publically about. I'm surprised they aren't on Heidi's side since they've been through something similar.

No. 805861

Going from memory here but you can search the cgl archives for more details and proof. Basically one of the Bioware VA's who had recovered from cancer wanted to collect donations for various projects, one was to get a Mass Effect cosplay done so they could do a charity event for children with cancer. They took $400 in donations and paid crabcat for suit (this was when Holly was basically known only for her femshep cosplay and was claiming to be the official famshep cosplayer because Jessica worked at Bioware), which crabcat never delivered on. The VA had to scramble to put together a shittier cosplay at the last minute and never got their money back as far as fans know because the VA never publicly spoke about crabcat again.

No. 805863

Sage for absolute lack of contribution but wow this shit is so lame. Is there some sort of social media underbelly full of 'mental health gurus'? If so then they should get their own thread

No. 805864

Damn. With Chloe's post about her abuse she stated that she didn't want to cancel her bf, she just wanted to share her own story for her own recovery and healing, which is similar to what Heidi said when she first spoke up (before the pedo stuff came out). If this is about Heidi (I'm not sure it is but it's very suspicious) it's bonkers that neither one sees the similarities between Chloe's and Heidi's posts. Chloe and Jessica never struck me as nice, in fact they both seem kinda catty, but I wouldn't wish the abuse that Chloe described on either of them. It's so sad they're so heartless towards other people's pain.

No. 805872

File: 1557691121398.jpeg (113.61 KB, 674x680, 51BE312E-63F9-41E9-AE9B-721895…)

Satchell is no longer a part of Normal Boots. He does not want to be associated with them after the whole Jared fiasco.


No. 805873

Good for him

No. 805874

Yeah there are especially twitch streamers just this week one created a patreon just to make money helping others with mental wellness but they have zero medical training

Seriously it's a huge thing

No. 805875

File: 1557691304362.png (231.87 KB, 584x413, Capture d’écran 2019-05-12 à…)

The comments are full of people crying over how toxic cancel culture is. You'd think she'd be able to relate given the similarities to her own experiences but it doesn't look like it.

No. 805878

Good response, but I wish he also called out how the NormalBoots administration/legal team had been notified of pedo activity over a month before the scandal broke and slept on that info. With or without Jared, it's not a safe community if that is their response to such information.

No. 805880

Correct, their particular state it can't be used against them, so while Jared is indeed wrong and getting what he deserves, we literally only are going on Heidi's words regarding Holly. "I have texts/nudes!" but there's no proof of it. Heidi's friend "confirms it" - In normal circumstances people tend to not believe he said she said situations.

The only reason it's being believed is because it sparked the movement against Jared with others coming out ACTUALLY showing proof of at least that side of the story (snapchat/tumblr sexting.)

But as of right now, it's only people trying to piece together "huh..now that you think about it jared and holly does seem awfully chummy!"

And before some dumbass claims I'm defending anyone, no, it's not defense, I'm speaking as a third party to the whole situation because the only other implication is Holly "going dark" which is indeed damning.

No. 805882


what gets me about her attitude is that this revelation isn't something someone did 10 years ago and it surfaced today, it was a longterm and ongoing damaging thing that was happening until basically now, how can she not see the difference?

No. 805883

Legal investigations aren't done in a day, anon.

No. 805885

I find it stupid when people compare this shit to actual toxic cancel culture where the cancelling is "they looked in the direction of someone I don't like" rather then being a literal cheating pedo like with this. Go cancel the latter with all you can.

No. 805886

The way people are bashing Holly looks are really toxic tbh. It's not about looks and even if it was cheating by itself is wrong and looks should not be something that make it better or worse.

No. 805888

By legal team I mean their personal lawyers not law enforcement, dingus. They didn't even go to the cops or suggest that the victim go to the cops (because this shit was way above their pay grade), so no time was spent on a real "investigation", just on damage control.

No. 805889

Does Chloe really have the right to make this comment, when she herself was in Heidi's shoes very recently? But ofc when it's her friend on the other side of it, she wants to criticize "cancel culture"? Do I have that right?

No. 805891

Tinfoil hat: Chloe is jelly her post didn't result in her boyfriend's career being ruined so she's angry.

No. 805894

I do agree, even though Holly does look fucking hideous. Her looks shouldn't be the focus, what should be is that she slept with her friend's husband. Not once, not twice, but many times over a long period of time. She also actively tried to split them up if we go by what Heidi says. The point is, Holly knew it was fucking wrong but would act chummy with Heidi as if she wasn't fucking Heidi's husband. It also raises suspicions that because of the time when the affair started and her divorce happened, she could have been cheating on Ross. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a "Let's leave our spouses and be together" situation.

On top of that, she didn't even offer an apology to Heidi. The bitch went to Jared and offered her vaginal support if he needed anything, then called Heidi, his wife and her friend, a rando on the internet. She used "you guys know me" as if Heidi wasn't anyone important, because Holly's the important one and you should believe her. At least that's what the general public should believe in Holly's eyes. That's what makes Holly really fucked up.

No. 805895

She removed comments on her instagram post (the most recent one) and then activated comments again. Thats as much activity i’ve seen on holly so far.

No. 805899

if you are dumb enough to think that internal company investigations are the same as legal investigations then holly wants to tell you about her "legal investigations" that involved giving victims' personal information to jared.

No. 805906

Jesus Christ, Chloe Dykstra of all people does not have some god-given right to criticise "cancel culture" when it's won her such a nice lil career to patch over her delightful personality.

And no, gurl, basically whiteknighting for a kiddie diddler is not a good look.

No. 805930

File: 1557696095547.gif (1.18 MB, 340x192, 1544799179094.gif)


How hipocritical of this types, cancel culture sucks now does it? when is some rando conservative who made a joke 10 years ago then its fucking amazing how much social justice has achieved, but when its me and my buddies? noooooooo

No. 805934

I don't think its fair for holly OR Jared that their looks are being bashed, you don't have to be attractive to be a shit person

No. 805943

Holly has given me bad vibes for years but everyone seemed to lick her ass so I thought I was just being petty for disliking her. I feel vindicated now knowing she's been a huge dirtbag the whole time. Do you guys reckon that the asexuality shit was a front so no one would ever expect her to cheat on Ross?

No. 805946

That's sick. It's really no different than randos pretending to speak on authority for physical medical conditions.
Wasn't there some sort of controversy surrounding the veracity of her accusations? That's a good theory though. iirc people didn't seem to take her accusations nearly as seriously as these, and her accusations were much worse (though from what I remember she didn't have the proof that Heidi and the teens did)
I think what's happened here is that people who aren't involved in nerd culture are hearing about it and astounded by the fact that:
1. An ugly guy has managed to get so much sexual attention
2. He cheated with a woman who looks much worse than his actual wife does in photos

No. 805952

Prior to all this, people who liked Jared had some wild idea that Heidi was horrible or lame compared to him and often called her man-face
It's just the common thing for the bad side to be called ugly for one reason or another

No. 805953

> Wasn't there some sort of controversy surrounding the veracity of her accusations?
Yeah, she got some initial support and companies pulled away from her ex for a hot second, but the tides turned within the day and things went back to normal and she got even less work for speaking up. To be honest, without the other victims coming forward, I expect the same thing would have happened to Heidi, but it really was a perfect storm that brought this all together.

I know she called out Chris Hardwick, but is there another instance you all are referring to? See above, but from what I recall she didn't benefit from the situation at all in the long run. I haven't kept tabs on her since but seeing as her banner pic on twitter is still that stupid diminuendo movie from forever ago it seems like she hasn't done anything of substance since then, so it seems like if anything that the call out killed her career.

No. 805961

I haven't seen gg in ages but from what I remember suzy does all the budgeting/scheduling/managing their collective ADHD
everyone thinks she's a buzzkill but really she's just the entire team's mom

No. 805971

a funny sidenote: I was in her twitch livestream chat a few weeks ago and tried to type something about my husband, and it wouldn't let me send the message. She blocked the word "husband" from her chat. Makes sense, I guess the word husband would be triggering for her for a multitude of reasons.

No. 805982

I never got the Suzy hate but if you said that or anything against Holly in one of the previous threads you'd get your head ripped off

No. 805996

i also wanna know why she quit cosplay, cuz i remember her Animal crossing being the last thing she did before making D&D stuff.

No. 805999

That's crazy. She really went to the extent of hiding the affair aside from doing the biggest thing and DO NOT send nudes.

No. 806005

It's the "I don't hate you because you're fat, you're fat because I hate you" effect. People you despise or that do bad things will always seem exponentially uglier to you.

No. 806007

I mean, literally nothing wrong with that. The BIGGEST THING is to not fuck your FRIEND'S HUSBAND.


No. 806008

I think it was more because she didn't want people asking about Ross. I don't think she's that clever to plan ahead for her twitch chat being drowned in "YOU FUCKED HEIDI'S HUSBAND???"

No. 806010

File: 1557703523934.jpg (90.69 KB, 500x616, 1557554769910.jpg)


Everyone would bypass someone`s shortcomings if they like a person and she has a nice personality, but once a person proves to be an asshole petty critiques are back on the menu.

If you called Holly fat before all this then people would have jumped you, today she is just an asshole. I have a friend who has never heard of Holly but she is a chubby kind of manic pixie asexual girl who likes nerd stuff, she has done no harm to nobody so i can understand how reading some of the comments can be upsetting for people who share those traits but one has to look at the big pictura

No. 806015

snooze has her own set of problems though. this fucking scandal has made snooze appear like a saint just because she did the bare minimum of not fucking someone's husband. just because holly is trash now doesnt excuse suzy's past transgressions.

No. 806016

> PTSD from cosplaying
Wow, people actually took her seriously as a mental health expert when she says shit like this?

No. 806017

Agree, anon. I wasn't saying her cheating was okay at all, but sending nudes is a big DONT DO if you're gonna be a scum bag. She sent lots of physical evidence Heidi can use against her now.

No. 806024

oh for the love of god don't start whiteknighting Suzy now after all the previous shit that's happened in these threads just because of this JaredHolly drama

No. 806028

It sounds like that one bit from Bob's Burgers where the dude "has PTSD" from being in an acapella group.
Iirc she just does PR mostly. She did a lot of the fan involved stuff back in the day. I don't really know what she does now since Ali and some other girl seem to do that now. They have a whole office with people doing that kind of stuff now.

No. 806029

I'm not whiteknighting her, I'm saying that her and Holly did the same shit but Holly was always babied and protected whereas Suzy was ripped apart for doing similar things. I don't understand why Suzy was hated more than Holly when Holly was always incredibly disingenuous with her whole poor innocent wholesome bean persona that she laid on pretty thick online.

No. 806030

>I don't really know what she does now

Coasting and squeezing that extra dough from the brand pushing her chinese merch and stuff like that.

I don`t even criticize her for it. She can just dress up and play scene girl forever while the checks come in, no one in GG is doing any effort, they can literally troll everyone with shitty merch and bad content and fans will buy into it and send more money their way.

No. 806052

Because Holly DID seem decent. Yeah she was a snowflake but she definitely gave a competent vibe in the GG stuff she appeared in, and her love and devotion for birds made her endearing. Her husband seems like a chill nice guy which was more points in her favor (as opposed to Arin being a fat gross retard). Overall there was nothing cow-like about her at first glance and since she wasn't involved in GG I don't think most farmers cared to look into her background too much. She was just "Wife of Ross who seems cool I guess."

No. 806057

File: 1557710591822.jpeg (47.62 KB, 500x357, dorkwedding.jpeg)

i remember thinking how "nerd" tryhard their wedding was. If i remember correctly she based Ross's outfit for the wedding on the tenth doctor from doctor who

No. 806059

Am I the only one weirded out at how old Holly and Jared are to be acting this immature and stupid? They're both like 34. I'm not saying it's unheard of for people older than 20-something to cheat and make terrible decisions (and be pedos) but, I keep thinking they're way younger because this entire thing is so high school, especially with Holly tweeting "i'm here if you need meee" in his divorce tweet, she's fucking 34 and acts like she's a 14 year old dumblr girl.

No. 806065

LOL age is no shield to stupidity. And a lot of people past age 20 cheat - especially once marriage and kids happen.

No. 806066

you need to hang around older people more.

No. 806067

She’s not 34 man she’s 32 but I get what you’re saying

No. 806068

Yeah it sounds like there's a lot of middle schoolers here haha

Age has nothing to do with it, babies. Shitty people are shitty people regardless of their age.

No. 806069

has holly ever not had terf bangs

No. 806073

File: 1557712585577.png (59.78 KB, 1238x885, 1406661416848.png)

sageing cause it's not new information but I found a screenshot going in slightly more detail about the crabcat/VA drama

No. 806075

How in the hell did Holly not get shit for this?

No. 806076

File: 1557713017975.jpg (77.14 KB, 1851x157, cc1.JPG)

going to cgl and looking up "crabcat" yields discourse about the events and jessica/holly at a more relevant timeframe (as opposed to now where it's all old news)

this is just one post out of numerous, so there were definitely people very salty at holly even back then, but I'm assuming that most people who stanned her these years during the uwu cute girl phase didn't know her from crabcat, but rather as Ross' wife

No. 806078

>her crying over people not picking the femshep that looks like her

Why would anyone want a cross-eyed Femshep with terf bangs?

It sounds like Holly just masked her cunt side after Ross.

No. 806079


30s is the new 20s . Specially for the kind of people who didn`t have such a great time growing up.

No. 806081

File: 1557714011005.jpg (64.54 KB, 1825x201, cc2.JPG)

(again not necessarily new but that holly was crying/complaining online for a long time along with anons saying her costume was commissioned by someone else)

never watched HoC so I don't know the specifics tbh but lots of anons saying she didn't even make her costume

No. 806091

To be fair, I'm sure Ross had equal involvement with it. I'm pretty sure he's the one who obsessively likes Doctor Who. They're both legitimately nerds lol.

No. 806092

Yeah their love for the franchise is/was mutual. He fanboys pretty hard here.

No. 806094

The audience might be a big factor in that case too. Jared's fans were probably teens whose arsenal of insults mostly revolve around attractiveness. In viewing threads outside of the streaming community, most of the comments about how they all look are along the lines of 'how did this absolute dweeb manage to lure in teens' and 'wow he really downgraded'. Sort of like how as a kid you'd sneak episodes of Jerry Springer on days off and wonder how any of the subjects could get laid so often and by so many people.
>Yeah, she got some initial support and companies pulled away from her ex for a hot second, but the tides turned within the day and things went back to normal and she got even less work for speaking up.
From what I remember in a non-gaming community primarily full of males, people were initially willing to believe her but skeptical, and as soon as Hardwick released a response the opinion turned completely in Hardwick's favor.

I wonder what makes Heidi more sympathetic than Chloe. imo it could be the strong cheating factor, which is something that the average person has strong feelings about, whereas Chloe's story involved mostly emotional abuse that the average person can't identify with. I also wonder if her disapproval of the backlash against Jared and Holly is the result of the backlash that she got; it would definitely be the most understanding reason behind her stupid reaction.
You're not; it's really fucking embarrassing and hopefully this isn't the new normal.
>Age has nothing to do with it, babies. Shitty people are shitty people regardless of their age.
Shitty people usually express their shittiness in different ways as they grow older and pass different milestones. Though maybe Jared and Holly are keeping up with the bleeding-edge methods of being shitty

No. 806095

>Shitty people usually express their shittiness in different ways as they grow older and pass different milestones.

Cheating and lying are pretty much universal shitty people traits in the adult population. It's not some phase you grow out of if that's the sort of person you are. A cheater's gonna cheat and a liar's gonna lie unless they do some drastic, conscientious life changes. That's why people are laughing their heads of at this "omgz 30somethings like, have relationship drama???" gawping: because it's stupid and naive as fuck.

No. 806096

Ross is actually a big Doctor Who fan and Holly is a Mass Effect fan (hence the cake being the Normandy) , so they combined those two fandoms. I know there's a lot to nitpick, but their wedding was actually really cute and combined both their love of fandoms at the time.

No. 806097

It goes without saying that cheaters cheat and people's fundamental issues don't go away as they age. However, the way that these issues are expressed changes with time as people shift into different life roles. The way that the average cheating teenager in high school would handle an affair differs strongly from the way that the average cheating college student, young adult, parent, elder, etc. would handle an affair. The act itself is indicative of the fact that the person has some sort of issues, but if they go about it in a way that somebody in a younger age group does then changes are that they have issues well beyond the cheating

No. 806099


LOL okay r/iamverysmart. If you say so.

Stupid is as stupid does and age does nothing to change that. Same goes for shitty.

No. 806100


LOL okay r/iamverysmart. If you say so.

Stupid is as stupid does and age does nothing to change that. Same goes for shitty.

No. 806101

File: 1557720107543.png (1.66 MB, 1906x1006, Screenshot 2019-05-13 at 9.26.…)

>i never really knew jared
i somehow doubt that.

honestly it's begun to look really sketchy to me how eager some of the NB folk have been to drop jared. it's like they know things can get potentially much worse than they already are? tinfoiling here but i'm not sure the other guys are as free of blame as they'd want us to believe. this is going to make my freaking year if jared returns to twitter and starts exposing all of his former friends for the same crap lmao

No. 806103

sage for samefag, the dude who's dancing with jared in the instagram video link is satchell

No. 806112


I mean first jontron, then jared. PGB and the manager also tried it when they implied that it was Heidi the abusive one in the relationship (and they only apologized when the NB pr team announced that Jared had been fired)

The whole group seems tainted, jirard was very smart when he started with the charity

No. 806113

I remember all of this stuff. Holly was always insufferable. It's honestly hilarious how she revamped her image with the whole GG association. Back around that time no one really liked Holly. People thought she was annoying from the ME stuff and most people didn't like her through HoC stuff.

It's honestly wild how she revamped her image, managed to create a small fanbase only to completely destroy it.

I always wondered what happened to the other Crabcat person.

No. 806114

thanks for these anon.

With all this coming out you'd think other people would speak up about her terrible behavior in the past now they won't be teared to shreds for her uwu im a anxious smol bean image she was trying to portray all these years.

No. 806116

As you grow older and start a career, get married and intermingle with other couples, have kids and meet other parents, etc. you'll understand. You'll experience the same fundamental terrible behavior but in an age-appropriate form. Cheating is always terrible but there are more immature ways to go about it.

No. 806117

Re-read that whole holly not delivering that ME costume

Christ, how did she even recover from that?

No. 806120

pretty sure she recovered by doing exactly what she's doing right now. go dark on social media, return weeping about how poorly she's been doing, get asspats from legion of fans, profit.

No. 806126


There are two separate legal issues being discussed: the divorce and the underage sexting.

Washington is a no fault divorce state. Heidi's evidence of Jared cheating with Holly is irrelevant.

No. 806127

Yep, I'm the third poster you tagged. The one I was referring to was this >>805764 As you said, Washington is a no fault divorce state so Heidi doesn't have to hide the text messages since they won't matter anyway.

No. 806134

Still valid to say he didn’t really know Jared. You can work with someone or even have mutual friends with them, but not ever hang out with them on a personal level. I don’t think taking a selfie at a hotel, for what I’m guessing was for them being a guest at a con, really counts as like “knowing” him but that’s just how I see it

No. 806142

>If it's that important to you that all the words be in the right order
boy, you really don't understand this website, huh bud? people who don't even know how to sage, the most basic concept of this site, shouldn't be making threads, lmao

No. 806154


Sure Jan. Y'know, I've done all of those things, and you know what? The human beings who are selfish, self-absorbed and cruel - the types who cheat and lie - are still just as shitty at 60 as they are at 30 or 20. Perhaps you will maybe see that once you mature?

No. 806162

File: 1557738260650.png (Spoiler Image,61.58 KB, 600x744, The-scaleless-phenotype-Gross-…)

uh oh another jared nude leaked, view at your own risk :((((

No. 806163

I remember this drama and she left a bad taste in my mouth ever since. Funny that if that BioWare drama happened today it would be so much worse.

No. 806165


Are these all samefag or are there really that many newfags who don't know how to sage?

Can we get extra moderation maybe? It's hard to report and move on at this volume of no sage/armchair/blogposting/newfag

No. 806168

on the flipside, I've never seen it as a "desexing" thing, it's either a respect thing (like cosplay mom) or a seuxal thing (the recent "mommy" kink meme going on w horny guys) This is coming from someone who gets called a "mom". Some people like it and some don't.

uh, no. Plenty of women without children like and embrace the title of a "mom" either for fetish or other reasons

No. 806171

literally same. I even tried bringing up her shady past in previous suzy threads but was quickly shut down. I'm glad to see the goblin get torn to shreds over the internet and people see who she truly is.

I see her being "asexual" as giving an excuse for most guys to leave her alone, and when shes interested in someone (dming ross first if I remember correctly, fucking jared) she'll throw it out the window

No. 806182

File: 1557745588674.png (9.26 KB, 265x33, Capture d’écran 2019-05-13 à…)

Congrats Jared, 200k subs just this week!

No. 806184

Yet people are still feeding him views, giving him a paycheck.

No. 806185

the decrease seems to have slowed down a lot, it looks like his subs will level out around 830k or 820k. i wonder if making a statement/appearance on the internet will make it drop again

No. 806186

File: 1557747469115.jpg (67.99 KB, 497x580, Capture.JPG)

Anyone else has this problem? I'm unable to click on Jared's tweets. Retweet/comment/like counter doesn't show up either.

Did he disable comments and retweets?

No. 806188

File: 1557748352903.png (585.83 KB, 1253x820, ss (2019-05-13 at 09.51.50).pn…)

it's working fine for me

No. 806193

it's probably people visiting to unsub or w/e. it won't amount to much more revenue if so.

No. 806194

kek, money isn't going to matter in jail.

> I wonder what makes Heidi more sympathetic than Chloe.
I think it's that part about Jared being a pedo. I like Heidi more and feel she handled things a little better, but public figures regularly get forgiven for spousal abuse and cheating. The general public doesn't care about nitpicking that kind of stuff nearly as much as this site does. Pedos though? No one wants to touch a pedo. In fact people want to not-support a pedo so bad that they'll vocally stan Heidi even if they were telling her things should have been "kept private" at the start. I'm really glad things worked out for Heidi, but I don't think it was totally her own doing.

No. 806209

File: 1557751938316.png (1.26 MB, 1700x820, tvp.png)

She was a snake, even then, plus getting into a relationship with Ross (they had met shortly before this) gave her a ton a positive PR for no reason. People on CGL were seriously saying that Jessica was toxic and Holly just got in too deep trying because her friend was greedy. There were serious mental gymnastics to protect Holly.

If she didn't meet Ross she wouldn't have the career she has now. Not only did he protect her from criticism when she fucked up just by being associated with her (and she fucked up a lot), but he also introduced her to all her current friends and thereby indirectly gave her all her current opportunities. He also probably financially supported her more than she likes to admit. Back then cosplay was different, she certainly didn't make enough money for the life she lived, and coincidentally she got her huge garage workshop with a lot of fancy equipment when they moved in together. People used to like nitpicking Heidi for being stuck up but I appreciate how she was at least honest about how Jared supported her as a cosplayer.

More proof they don't really care about Heidi: @Cheratomo at twitter, the asagao academy writer and wife of Todd the editor, supported Jared at the start and labeled Heidi as "drama". Now that she's been outed as Miss Editor (to be honest I thought this was an open secret since she did editing work for soem of Jared friends too?) she's getting a ton of support messages about bouncing back from the situation and thriving and moving on. But she didn't suffer at all throughout this, she even liked tweets suppressing the victim, they just want to praise anyone who is NOT the pedo in this situation even if they fucked up.

No. 806223

I think it will drop again if he mentions it on his channel, a lot of people who follow him may not use twitter and so may not know what happened, if he makes an apology video new people will learn about the situation and unsubscribe.

No. 806228

File: 1557758639328.png (22.41 KB, 1126x306, commanderho.PNG)

Comments on all her videos are disabled. She needs to just put out an apology already.

No. 806232

I'm sure it will be a shitshow

No. 806237


maybe the very few people who are only subscribed to his channel and don't read the comments on his videos and don't watch any other youtube videos and also don't have twitter, reddit, facebook, or any other online presence. it's been discussed literally everywhere, not just twitter.

No. 806238

Her subreddit is getting shut down too.

No. 806278

She was always rich my dude how come Ross supported her? Her grandpa was a Disney legend.

No. 806287

That's not what she said. She said she quit cosplay and had minor PTSD from her experience on Heroes of Cosplay.

No. 806288

A few posts here have said that Holly followed Jared to Seattle, but I think it was the other way around. Didn't Holly inherit her house in Seattle? She probably knew ahead of time she'd be getting it, and was telling Jared they could move in together once they both get divorced, but Jared wanting to eat his cake and have it too used the house flood as an excuse to move to Seattle so he could push the divorce off a little longer (they moved before Heidi had found out about the affair so their marriage was still tolerable back then). Also those no fault laws.

No. 806291

They were already planning to move to Seattle before the flood, it just precipitated it.

No. 806299

File: 1557766962809.png (33.27 KB, 586x132, Capture d’écran 2019-05-13 à…)

No. 806307

So, I’m going to call it.

I think Jessica and Chloe might be defending Holly because it’s quite possible that Jared manipulated Holly into thinking that Heidi was a terrible person. Maybe he feigned “abuse” in order for Holly to sympathize with him, and maybe that’s why she went along with the affair ultimately.

If that happened, it’s a pretty flawed excuse and still stupid, but I can for some reason imagine that happening, knowing Jared’s character.

Also, I wonder if Holly even knew about the extent of his fucked up behavior. Heidi knew about the Snapchat shit with his fans, but I don’t think she knew that he was fucking them at conventions, or that he was sexting minors.

Now that the world knows, I wonder if Holly will still stay with him. I’d imagine she’d run for the hills, knowing all of this creepy shit.

No. 806308

Ah, my bad. Still seems really convenient that Holly was slated to inherit a house in the same state. Do you know how long they had been planning to move to Seattle? His isolation o Heidi and affair with Holly had been going on for a while before the floor so it seems like it still could have been a factor to picking Seattle.

No. 806310

Btw, I’m not saying she doesn’t deserve this backlash or that she ultimately isn’t an adult who shouldn’t have made these dumb decisions.

Just wondered if there might be another angle to it.

No. 806312

I'm sure that's what Holly would want you to believe, but seeing the language she uses to defend her self and speak about metal illness, it really reads like she's an active manipulator too. Also two of the underage victims specified that they had contacted Holly and that they suspect Holly gave their contact information to Jared, so it's likely she knew some of the shit he was up to besides cheating even if she didn't know every detail.

Also Heidi stated that although at the start on tumble she had asked to see all exchanged but jared started hiding them, so she didn't know everything. She even specifies that the snapchat was made in secret and she didn't learn until later.

No. 806313

File: 1557768311338.png (293.2 KB, 362x470, Capture d’écran 2019-05-13 à…)

found this while looking through Heidi's blog, it's sad to look back on it now

No. 806314

No, don't white knight Holly, stop right now. She STILL KNEW Jared was married. Full stop.

No. 806315


California is also no fault.

No. 806316

You’re right, I forgot that she forwarded their information to Jared. Yeah, if she knew about all of this, I honestly don’t understand her at all. That is some next level fucked up behavior.

No. 806317

File: 1557768480058.png (28.99 KB, 394x155, Capture d’écran 2019-05-13 à…)

I'm not sure how long exactly but this is from Heidi's announcement after the flood, they had their new house ready so they were pretty far along in the moving process at that point

No. 806319


Wasn’t trying to white knight, just tinfoiling badly.

No. 806320

Every US state allows no-fault divorce; WA and CA are two of the 17 states where all divorces are no-fault.

No. 806323


That is a lot of ifs and buts and maybes to extend sympathy for someone who knowingly fucked her friend's husband – and had an affair with him! And then tried to gaslit and rugsweep that same "friend" publicly.

I don't care a jot if she's "uwu flawed human uwu", that is a major conga line of big fuck ups that most people manage to somehow avoid through not. being. utter. assholes. Stop whiteknighting her.

No. 806332

Holly inherited her and Ross’s house in LA. She bought her house in Seattle.

No. 806341

File: 1557769935738.jpeg (31.94 KB, 498x378, D6OybkzWwAABeS0.jpeg)

I'm gonna call it. You're a white-knight.
If your good friend fucked your partner behind your back and feigned friendship towards you, it wouldn't matter if the ~poor wittle bean~ had been manipulated or whatever and that's a huge if like
>>806323 said.
And ignorance is not an excuse.

Jessica and Chloe are idiots.

I'm living for the dragging of Jared and Holly and all the funny memes and posts itt.

pic unrelated

No. 806344

File: 1557770087431.png (33.87 KB, 598x377, SS2.png)

Looked through some recent tweets, incase anyone gets a cute idea of trying to defend Holly, Whiteknight Holly or assume Jared just "manipulated" her.

No. 806345

damn, I know it's unlikely to happen but I really want to see those chat logs

No. 806348

File: 1557770335823.png (761.64 KB, 674x2027, grandfather.png)

Huh, not sure if this is OT but I didn't know Holly's grandpa was a real deal animator. The Trivia section links to Holly's imdb (since she was on TV/in that documentary) so I assume that's him? Not sure if this was the grandpa she was so close to, but since it says he died in 2011 I would guess so.

Also his old twitter is still up where he follows Ross and Holly (kind of a bummer)

No. 806351

File: 1557770667072.png (147.34 KB, 474x597, Screen Shot 13.png)

Nvm I take it back, it's actually a HUGE bummer. His blog is still up with entries only months before he died, basically talking about how proud he was of Holly.
>In my book of memoirs, "Flyin’ Chunks and Other Things to Duck", I wrote the Afterword about Holly and her future.
>Holly and her future

No. 806367

While that could make sense, it does not clear up the fact that Holly was pretending to be friends with Heidi during the entire time she was having relations with him. It takes a special kind of messed up person to do that.

Believing him/trying to 'save' him is one thing, but a normal person would have either distanced themselves from the abusive spouse or tried to encourage the victim to seek out help instead of getting personally involved to a point where they are pushing for a new relationship to escape an old abusive one. That alone is very manipulative and enabling. (And think about it, if the genders were reversed it would be instantly abhorrent to most.) Keeping up a friendship with Holly at the same time comes across as almost being a sociopath, so for someone who tries to be a mental health advocate, well…

She had very clear intentions which can be seen by both her actions and also how she responded on twitter. There isn't really any way for her to spin things at this point.

No. 806373

Stop trying to spin the narrative to uwu poor little hwolly didnt know she is so naive and a little bean uwu. She fucked her friends husband. She cheated on her own husband. Several times, spanning for several months. Its her fault and hers alone.

No. 806375

That seems pretty believable to me.
From released chatlogs (of other Jared's victims), he was mostly creeping for nudes and sex. He wouldn't mention his wife other than lie that they are in an open relationship.

Holly on the other hand, from what was seen, seems very insecure and is probably jealous as hell of other women. Heidi is a cosplayer and costume maker like her, but also way more talented not to mention more attractive looks wise.

I believe Holly started crushing on Jared during their DnD campaign and when they started their affair, she also got a high of stealing Heidi's husband. It fed her insecurities and false sense of superiority. That's why she wasn't just content with being a side bitch, she wanted to become a main bitch too.

It's not hard to believe she was obsessed with shittalking Heidi while trying to "win".

No. 806379

I just hope any and all of Holly's little friends take note on how she treats her so-called nearest and dearest. (Jared, too, but guys will make endless excuses for their shitty guy friends, even for cheating and kiddie diddling.) I hope they see how disposable and irrelevant "friends" are to someone like her.

I'm just surprised we haven't seen some self-victimising martyr bullshit yet from Ms Mental Health Monday.

No. 806380

Holly was definitely not manipulated by Jared but,what was her knowledge regarding him exchanging nudes with fans and having sex with them? We have some victims claiming Holly was giving him their info and if Heidi knew about his "body positivity" tumblr, Holly more than likely knew about it as well. Did she know Jared was claiming to be in an open relationship? My guess is no because why would she be so forceful in wanting Jared to divorce as Heidi claimed? This doesn't mean she wasn't aware of Jared cheating on Heidi with other women besides her tho. Maybe they just wanted to be degenerate fuck buddies, or even worse, she was helping him prey on fans.

Holly is probably going to twist this as she was also being betrayed and totally didn't know Jared was talking to multiple people but, I believe she was completely aware of it and both were getting off on it while also wanting a "serious" relationship ("I'm asexual so I let Jared fuck his fans since I totally can't be sexual ever"). That way Jared gets to be a disgusting perv and Holly gets to keep her uwu asexuality persona. Or at least, that's what they would've done if they didn't fuck up their plan.

No. 806387

I have a feeling we have heard alot from miss smallbean in this thread, she strikes me as a bitch who would lurk all the drama here and shit on other cosplayers like moomoo in secret, so HI HOLLY

No. 806392

I hope they keep defending her and some of Holly's white knights try to address Heidi. That'll probably prompt Heidi to drop some chat logs of what a vile person Holly was about her. And I'm posting this as someone who found Holly slightly endearing/slightly annoying. I remember just recently someone posted a video of that mystery taco deal with Taco Bell and Ross was ADORABLE while Holly seemed to play the annoyed GF role and I started to wondering if Holly was as likable as it seemed in the GG threads here.

I do love that this sage brings to light the stupid manic panic pixie mental health fairy motif. People with mental health problems struggle and don't uwu on the internet for clout.

No. 806398

What’s the proof that holly sent those two girls info to Jared? Isn’t that just their assumption? They sent her an email and she never replied, then Jared had their info. Did they post the email they sent? People are acting as if it’s a fact that holly sent their contact info to Jared but we really don’t know that.
I wanna see more proof.
We know holly slept with her friends husband and most likely cheated on Ross, but I really wanna see the screenshots of her being manipulative and knowingly shitty.

No. 806402


Yeeeeaaaah, nothing Holly has done has been knowingly shitty or manipulative AT ALL. Jesus Christ on a pogo stick nonny.

No. 806403

Youre either blindly in love with her, or her herself.
Seriously though, how is everything she has done NOT manipulative and knowingly shitty?

No. 806404


Right? Either we have some very special uwu smol bean uwu fans here or Holly herself is lurking in her hiatus.

No. 806410

Tinfoil but we know she posts and browses on cosplay boards herself, and cgl i think, she def knows this place, and who wouldnt lurk and post in a thread about themselves?
Shes probably too retarded to be morw low key and thats why its obvious

No. 806411

Akshually, no, I take that back — by Jove, I've cracked the code!

Poor Holly just happened to trip on a banana peel and completely by accident fell on Jared's dick! She fell on Jared's dick for months and months and months… Of course such an asexual motherly pearl of a mental health advocate would never do something like that otherwise!

No. 806413

How about wrap your head around this fact: while Holly was fucking around with Jared behind Ross and Heidi's back for at least a year, she was also aware of his tumblr. Imagine willingly messing around with a married man who was also sharing nudes with his fans. You have to be a crazy retarded bitch to want someone like that. So the idea that she was possibly helping him prey on fans is not farfetched at all. Plus, explain why those fans who are already victims of Jared would want to drag Holly in on it just for fun?

No. 806423

This isn't a criminal case. We don't need proof beyond a reasonable doubt. This isn't a civil case where we need preponderance of evidence. This is a case of public opinion. And we've got enough circumstantial evidence, along with victims who say it's what they believe with other statements by Heidi who does have proof/evidence of Holly's character. Until we see solid proof that Holly is somewhat redeeming in any of this we can believe what we want. Sorry that's not enough for you, but I think it's previous likely she leaked that shit to Jared and I believe Heidi vs. Hideaway Holly. I swear a lot of whiners are crying about "RUINED CAREERS" based off of allegations, but it's really ruined careers based off of the public's decision not to give subpar shit heads attention and money.

No. 806446

At the end of the day whether Jared manipulated Holly or not is irrelevant. Even if she thought Heidi was the worst wife on the planet - she still chose to have relations with a married man and deserves all of the hate she gets for that.

No. 806455

It makes it even worse that she was fucking a married man like right after she split with Ross or possibly even while they were still together

No. 806463

I would GUARANTEE 100% that Holly scrolls through here to see what people are saying. She's probably been a mess all weekend and I lowkey love watching this trainwreck happen.

No. 806464

She played this game with Ross. That's so messed up.

No. 806465


it would be much more messed up if they played jared's route.

No. 806466

OT but did Holly gain weight or something through the years? I keep seeing people say that she refers to herself as an uWu smol bean and the photos I've seen indicate anything but.

No. 806468

File: 1557783602790.png (36.75 KB, 1259x110, Capture d’écran 2019-05-13 à…)

going through old threads knowing what we know now is very bittersweet

No. 806469

Are you misgendering her, anon?

No. 806472

True. I'm shocked she isn't deleting this video part though, it's honestly hard to watch knowing what we know now, yikes.

No. 806474

It doesn't help either that Chris Hardwick married the heiress of the Hearst family.
As in, William Randolph Hearst and Hearst Communications, which owns a ton of major publications and broadcasting channels. It's no surprise this was swept under the rug, and it would be a crazy uphill battle for Chloe to be taken seriously for any mainstream work in the future

No. 806476


That, and it doesn't help Chloe that she is unlikeable in a generic wet cardboard, blonde mean girl kind of way - or that she has no noticeable talent or personality to market, really.

It's easy to rugsweep someone who's a bit of a lolcow nobody in her own right, and then the Hearst Communications stuff… well.

No. 806479


Add the cherry on top of the shit sundae - Holly was suppose to be a close friend of Heidi's. That makes her garbage.

Then again I'm not 100% sure that Heidi wasn't aware of something going on between them. I can imagine it starting out as uwu flirting, and because Heidi was the cool girl who looked at boobs with her boyfriend/husbando I don't think the idea of a FWB thing between Holly and PedoJarad is far out there. I've seen it in relationships with people who are a little less mature and trying to find their way sexually. The whole "open relationship" sounds fine until the fling with a friend turns into a full blown affair.
Then again again, Holly could have used the asexual card to divert attention away from the fact that she was fucking Heidi's husband. Who knows?

sage for speculation

No. 806480

>Heidi was the cool girl
Reminds me of Gone Girl. Heidi should've framed his ass for murder.

No. 806485

Now youre looking for another way to make Holly look innocent, give up, its transparent as fuck

No. 806488

It was only Holly and the girls themselves that knew they were preparing legal action against him. If their info didn't leak from one of the two girls then it would have leaked from Holly.

No. 806489


You nailed it with Chloe having no personality or talent of her own

It’s a bit weird when she introduces her…and then goes with “my dad invented the lightsaber”

No. 806491


Yep. Her CV is basically "actress" model (a mattress, if you like) who's done some commercials, some porn, and that Wrestling Isn't Wrestling video. And that's it.

No. 806499

speak of the devil(s) sorry for the shit quality but here are chloe, jessica, and holly

No. 806503

Sage for no contribution but I wish for the play on username to be predojared but it doesn't quite grasp the entire situation as nicely as pedojared does

No. 806521

just my own opinion but I have 0 pity for Heidi. Honestly everyone ragged on her for years that her 'fame' was because she married someone famous. She has multiple accounts of bullying and being ugly to other cosplayers and overall just being elitist. Obviously none of these things warrant trauma, gaslighting and your husband cheating on you but shitty people get shitty outcomes in life. Bright side shes gained over 80K followers on Twitter, 20k subs on youtube, 3k on twitch and 6k on instagram.. so at least this scandal will boost her career and get her more gigs and stuff

No. 806523


>She has multiple accounts of bullying and being ugly to other cosplayers and overall just being elitist.

got examples? genuinely curious

No. 806524

>she was also aware of his tumblr.

Heidi was too, she even knew another close friend of hers sexted with Jared and she was okay with it.

No. 806528


forgot to sage my original post mb. but you can find some things just mentioned around 4chan, twitter, and LC over the years. I dont have saved screenshots but there have been posts here and there of people commenting on her attitude. One instance i recall was a con accidentally misspelled her name on a banner or something and no matter what they tried to do she wouldnt forgive them, the poster said she acted bratty and like a diva then she smeared them on her social media when she got home for the con. Shes also been vocal on twitter about newer/less experienced cosplayers not doing certain things because they obviously wont be able to do it well and it looks terrible to her (like satin stitching).

No. 806531

I don't think being catty/bratty about cosplay is really equal or deserving to being cheated on and abusive/gaslit for a year
If anything, maybe this will humble her and she'll be more of a positive force in the community? Or not. We'll see

No. 806536

Yeah no like i said it doesnt warrant the things shes gone through, obviously thats shit i wouldnt wish on anyone. But knowing shes had a history like that makes me less inclined to pity her or feel bad for her situation. But ill keep up on it for sure just to see how messily it all unfolds lol

No. 806543

File: 1557794786125.png (77.84 KB, 604x691, oowfeLF.png)

You mean this? It's her opinion on a technique, she's not wrong, wasn't rude about it, and mentioned multiple viable alternatives. It also has absolutely nothing to do with getting cheated on. If she was being wronged as a cosplayer, you'd still be nitpicky with this, but these two things have nothing in common, so you sound like you're just trying to find reasons to put her down because of her "history" of having higher standards than the average "cosplay should be fun" weeb.

No. 806544

this chick did a really good video on it, didn't realize how fucking awkward it is that they're aged down versions of their adult selves. fucking actually what

No. 806545

dropped link

No. 806547

Man Asagao Academy was a major mistake, huh? I feel so bad for the people who made this, I've never seen a game age this poorly

No. 806554

Get paid, get experience, get exposure, move on. Not all work needs to be work that you're proud of.

No. 806564

Im not putting her down or being nitpicky. I simply said i dont have much pity for her. I in fact said no one deserves what shes going through regardless. But take what you want from my post about my opinion and stay pressed i guess

No. 806565

TIL giving out helpful tips on garment construction is evil!

No. 806566

>degree in Medieval studies

Wow, a worthless degree that's unironically a meme on the same level as underwater basket weaving.

I can't wait until I can go to Seattle and see Holly work at a Starbucks after her career ends up dying!

No. 806568

Yeah. I dont think holly cheating is great at all, but Heidi acting high and mighty when she was okay with fans sending 'lewds' is a whole nother story.

No. 806569

smh get a clue anon. when people get degrees like that they typically do so because they already come from money. holly will likely never need to work in Starbucks given her grandfather is a Disney animation legend

No. 806572

Is Disney Animation legend the same thing as being fabulously wealthy? I thought Disney was famous for paying animators peanuts.

No. 806576

If you're interested in a subject and can afford to study it, it's not really worthless. It seems at least semi valuable for the things that Holly delves into.

No. 806578

hold tight guys the anachan's back

No. 806579

Nobody would say it's a useless thing to study. Just that it's a useless thing to a get a degree in. Get a real degree and read Chaucer on the side.

No. 806581

She may even have been 'ok with it' because Jared made it a condition of their relationship. See how there's no context to that at all?

You're being really transparent.

No. 806582

10 bucks anon is a shitty cosplayer who uses satin stitching and took it personally

No. 806583

She mentioned on her last Mental Health Monday stream that some of her previous medications caused her weight to fluctuate, but at no point was she ever overweight enough for it to be a point of ridicule or a serious health concern.

No. 806584

"I don't have much pity for a girl who was abused for over a year then cheated on with her best friend…. she once was maybe mean, I have no proof of that claim and heard it maybe from someone who heard it maybe from someone who says that maybe he saw her maybe. "

"But take what you want from my post about my opinion and stay pressed i guess"


No. 806592

I'm a day late on this but Chloe's abusive bf was Chris Hardwick, btw. in case anyone liked him for some reason

No. 806596

OT but after reading about Hardwick and all his crazy shit I couldn't stomach even seeing him on TV anymore
Another example of male feminist, nerd boy who's just a garbage snake in disguise.

No. 806597

whoops, turns out it already came up

yeah he fuckin sucks

No. 806599

Also, if she really was innocent on multiple counts she really should've at least addressed something publicly. Staying quiet about being a home wrecker is one thing, but not publicly stating that she refuses to associate with a pido is pretty telling. She could've easily gone public about being done with him once that stuff came out, but by being silent it basically shows not only is she enabling the situation but also comes across as very suspicious.

She probably wants to stay in a relationship with him.

No. 806602

did a mental health Monday thing come out today? I have no idea where to find that. But I would be surprised if it did

No. 806606

Yeah, he was an artist for Disney in its heyday - that doesn’t mean money at all. Disney doesn’t pay its artists royalties, it has prestige but prestige doesn’t equal being rich. He was a well respected artist, but people who think that “legend” equals rich are sadly mistaken.

No. 806609

It did not. Not surprising. The question to answer is whether she's just taking a break from streaming or taking a break from life?

No. 806611


Probably waiting for it to all blow over and resume/pretend all of this didn’t happen

No. 806616

Ross was streaming though. He binged out on McDonalds and drew a Kawaii Monster Girl. Nobody said the H word so good cheer all around.

That's what I'm only hoping for. It's not the smartest bet.

"Local woman found dead in home. Her corpse eaten by 50 pigeons."
That would be the smartest bet.

No. 806617

Source? She stated on stream during a mental health Monday that she inherited her Seattle house from her grandparents (and that her mom pushing her to sell it while she was still alive ) but obv she’s a liar so I take that with a grain of salt now.

No. 806620


The smartest bet would be to not sleep with a married man but holly is beyond that now

Ha I like your headline, would be fitting if she was found in a pigeon costume too

No. 806621

yea I'm inclined to think some anons are sensitive to criticism on techniques. She wasn't being elitist in this post and I looked through some old posts and didn't see anything too bratty or diva like. People are allowed to have their opinions about shit and disagree/agree with things, that doesn't make them elitist.

And honestly even if there WAS a bratty post, it doesn't mean it was okay for her to deal with bullshit from holly/projared and his antics for a fucking YEAR +.

No. 806627

Awww, i hope he archived the stream because i need a happy Ross stream right now.

No. 806630

No. 806657

Can the first part of this post just be the background for every thread on this board going forward pls

No. 806658

File: 1557812504489.png (382.51 KB, 828x613, UNtuNFS.png)

meanwhile holly was liking sexual fanart of her dnd character and jareds

No. 806679

He probably set it so the H-word would ban/timeout/autofilter

No. 806686

oh shit dude, I have a connection to him (someone in his team) so I'm gonna ask them about this. idk if they'd talk shit on their boss but, he knows the ins and outs enough to give us a heads up when Hardwick's shows get cancelled lmao

sage cause this should probs be in celebricows, if I find any milk I'll divulge in that thread.

re: Heidi's degree: if I didn't have to work to live paycheck to paycheck I'd do a useless degree and live my hobby too. seems like a huge nitpick no offense.

No. 806689

It's been said a lot already but some clips of Jared really did not age well

No. 806694

>Holly is the bad guy here, not the creep soliciting nudes from teenagers daily for years on end while telling them he was "poly"

No. 806696

this ain't it, chief

No. 806698

did you just not read the entire rest of the thread?

No. 806704

>only one person can be the bad guy here

No. 806722

I think its because everyone is agreeing Jarrd is a disgusting freak, Holly on the other hand is being uwu excused for being a little fragile totally not fat innocent baby several times(probably by herself tbh) so thats why shes more milky and frustrating

No. 806726

File: 1557829726773.jpg (68.72 KB, 1080x761, 41154155_514136465715973_75176…)

Ross drew what her character was supposed to be (at least in the beginning).

Holly liked and praised fanart where her self-insert was a kawaii witch girl and Jared's was her bishounen boyfriend.

No. 806729

Hmm, makes sense. They really played their affair as an open secret with that DnD show, along with a bunch of other videos

No. 806730

File: 1557830568356.png (1.73 MB, 1324x787, rocks fall, these two die, rep…)

Fanart really does make these two far more attractive than they "officially" are. Gosh, as someone who dabbles in tabletop I'd kill to have so much art for any one of my characters, and for Jared & Holly it doubles as art of their affair.

No. 806731

It's kind of always like that, you can describe the ugliest motherfucker you can imagine and fanartists will find a way to make them Hollywood hot.

No. 806737

Who is her grandfather?

No. 806740

File: 1557833870361.png (11.89 KB, 500x294, ae2.png)

>half-assed hyperbolic statement about a single tweet taken out of context
pic related

feels a bit like some newfag stans found their way here, were sent or it's Holly herself, Keeks and Dasha style. or just farmers who are critical of everyone

it's just so believable that they got off to all this fanart emotionally and physically and to the thrill of the affair hidden in plain sight barf

No. 806741

No. 806745

File: 1557834699409.png (1.58 MB, 1680x2310, jf8ouco707c11.png)

there is just so much fanart…

No. 806746

File: 1557834729264.jpg (86.71 KB, 1080x1080, 44897279_2162699140677814_6963…)

No. 806747

No. 806755

Its hilarious that fanart portrays Jared's self insert character as really toned/muscular while hes like a 90 pound noodle.

No. 806766

At least that one drew her ugly.

No. 806773

She deleted her "I'm here for you." tweet so that's basically the same thing, stop being so hard on her, don't you know she has anxiety? uwu

This. Also, considering Holly claims her parents had addictions and MS to deal with, even if her Grandpa was frugal and saved up or got money form other ventures to pass on, it was probably already spent.

No. 806774

I never watched any of their stuff so forgive me if these are dumb questions, but why is there so much fanart of their D&D characters together? Don't these artists think it's a bit weird to draw pornographic art of obvious self-inserts, especially when they're married to different people? Did Heidi play D&D? Why didn't they draw shippy art of her character with Jared's? Am I just overthinking it and they're just supposed to be dumb roleplaying characters?
I wonder how these artists feel about their fanart now.

No. 806777

my guess is that they didn't know Whorlly or ProPedo had separate partners and only tuned into the D&D podcasts? shows?

No. 806779

File: 1557840174092.gif (494.64 KB, 220x200, tenor (1).gif)

No. 806780

I also recall seeing that it was the Seattle house (and not the LA house) she inherited on twitter. Def feel like that was a factor in Jared planning to move there with Heidi.

It's not even like she pointed anyone out or used example photos. And she explained a better alternative technique. People are just butt hurt that they are shit tier cosplayers. Do these people also hate the cosplayers that always give PSAs on weathering and how un-weathered props look bad?

Ooof, this hurts to see.

No. 806781

reminder both Jared and Holly were encouraging it as well. If you look on their reddit accounts, they would comment on shipping art of their characters, Jared particularly would (while not in his d&d character) would call Holly's character's fanart cute, hot, beautiful etc.

No. 806783

File: 1557840358424.jpg (44.91 KB, 517x529, u.JPG)

No. 806785

The medieval studies degree people were talking about was Holly's degree, Heidi has one in theatre costumes and prop production.Not saying it's a top tier degree, but it's more useful, and considering her career goals it suits them well.

Just because someone fucked up worse means that all her fuck ups are forgiven even though she participated in the abuse of oen of her best friends and also betrayed the trust of underage victims of Jared?

Why is there so much lewd art of this pairing specifically? I don't follow DCA but I follow other RP shows with RP couples and haven't seen as much lewd art as when I searched this pair. They must have really stoked the flames and encouraged fans.

Considering that Jared said this was his DnD character for like 15 years before DCA even started I hope it's ruined for him. Holly too, though I'm not sure how long she played with Strix or if that was an original character for DCA.

Is that from Ross' wedding? Rough.

No. 806787

That still sounds like bullshit to me

No. 806790

It's from a (now privated) episode of Table Flip.

No. 806798

File: 1557842498333.png (264.27 KB, 642x1138, pur.png)

I love pur but I find it suspicious that she said they were never friends. At one point Jared (along with PBG) were in her sidebar of channel. I recall that she removed PBG at one point but kept jared (she had coincidentally commented about feeling jealous of more successful friends shortly after). Now she has removed the list of channels altogether.

No. 806800

Being internet friends isn't exactly the same thing as being actual, real life friends, anon. I think she means they were casual acquaintances. Not unheard of to link your peers and not be best friends irl

No. 806802

I know anon, but with regards to pur specifically she doesn't seem like someone to link people she doesn't know on some personal level, especially after the CA stuff years ago where she she became tired of being involved in a network of people she didn't know personally but was publicly associated with and people were always assuming they were closer than they were. I don't think she did any fishy, just that she glossed over that detail.

No. 806803


No. 806811

File: 1557844570532.png (60.04 KB, 190x270, 1405749988442.png)

>that wii bukake clip

No. 806815

Found super secret exclusive video of ProJared at Indy Popcon having fun with his fans and the rest of normal boots! Good thing Jontron didn't come, he would've ruined it!

No. 806817

seriously, I don't say this often but I cringed

No. 806829

I'd be a little more respectful if this one didn't spend her younger years drooling all over Spoony One's dick. Like, he made a pass at you and he's a married man and you're just now reflecting on that being a skeevy thing to do because it's out in the open?

Sage for ot

No. 806833

>he made a pass at you and he's a married man and you're just now reflecting on that being a skeevy thing to do
To be fair, in the moment you would probably reason that they didn't mean anything by it since they're supposedly in a committed relationship.

No. 806835

Dice, Camera, Action normally streams today at 4pm.

Wonder how they're going to address all of this?

No. 806839

I'm really surprised Chris Perkins hasn't said anything. I guess we'll see.

No. 806841

Actually, since this week is DnDLive it would have replaced the normal stream, but they dropped out of the event, so that means no DCA this week. Maybe we'll get an announcement after the event is over.

No. 806885

Chloe cheated on Chris Hardwick with Sam Witwer, Chris has receipts via text messaging. She’s a cheater just like Holly.

Please refrain to Chloe’s Kiwifarms for now on, this is a GG thread


No. 806901

File: 1557853824186.png (315.96 KB, 720x549, CQKFTsE.png)

No. 806902

File: 1557854084973.png (297.22 KB, 720x532, eUJQDkN.png)

No. 806910

File: 1557855294397.png (176 KB, 364x301, jaredsdick.png)

Not going to discuss that situation in depth, but considering that Chloe and Jess had been vauge tweeting about Heidi's statement I think it's fair to say:

HOLY SHIT what a stupid hypocrite, no wonder they're jealous. I had no idea this happened, but it's fucking comical. The best part is that in both cases had the abusive person (Chloe/Jared) just not said anything, their victims would have not responded and shit would have all gone in their favor. I know some of the underage fans said they were getting ready to come forward, but considering they'd be waiting over a year and they had already come forward to NormalBoots and several creators including Holly and had no real action to show for it, I could see them either deciding to not go through with it (due to lack of support) or getting buried/suppressed when they did. Bless Heidi for starting this, not only is there justice but we're also getting the best memes I've seen in a while.

No. 806914

Game Grumps is going live on YouTube at 2:45 (playing undertale) and I don't think they'll say anything about Jared or Holly but I'll let y'all know, I'm sure some fuckers will send donations with questions attached

No. 806920

thanks anon. I'm hoping for hilarious donations, just as long as they leave Ross out of it.

No. 806928

keep us updated!

No. 806932

File: 1557858725911.jpg (94.19 KB, 733x917, 6AH6qU7.jpg)

No. 806948

If they aren't stupid they should already have words and names related to the Jared situation filtered and their assistant(s) will obviously gloss over anything vaguely hinting at it

No. 806953

File: 1557861883458.png (74.65 KB, 507x368, pro.png)

For anyone left who wants to believe that Heidi is doing this just to be spiteful. The proof of NB trying to get rid of him earlier than her announcements is in the threads.

No. 806956

hashtag confirmed

No. 806962

Proof is in this thread or the fb one? Link it.

No. 806969

Nice selfpost

No. 806982

Link what? There's plenty of people who think that Heidi released information when she did to benefit herself… there's not even that many threads. Do your own work.

No. 806985

>The proof of NB trying to get rid of him earlier than her announcements is in the threads.
that proof

No. 806986

Read the post I was responding to dumbass >>806953
> The proof of NB trying to get rid of him earlier than her announcements

No. 806988


Well she wouldn't be doing it to harm herself, now would she? She's not her husband kek

No. 806998

File: 1557866967719.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, 1557441397696.png)

Okay. >>804120 April 4th was a month before this debacle. While they didn't post it until the 9th, they had obviously already made plans to drop him for inappropriate things.

No. 807001

Their word is totally trust worthy considering that they had evidence of soliciting minors for over a month and didn't go to the cops.

kek the announcement of them dropping jared that happened when the drama was in full swing does not count as proof that they were taking any real action to drop him beforehand. This was also after one of the underage victims posted the emails between themselves and NBs to boot (no pun intended).

No. 807006

This was posted on April 9th?

No. 807009

press [x] to doubt
It really shouldn't have taken a month

No. 807011

not that anon but, I remember it was posted like a day or 2 after Heidi exposed Jared. Then PBG took back his initial doubt on Heidi and a bunch of other normal boots guys made twitter statements.

No. 807012

Undertale video is last week's one (that was also unlisted at the time) so far doesn't seem to be a part 2, sageing for no milk just info cause I wanted to watch this stream for the game

No. 807015

It really seems like they didn't do much until it went public, despite what they say.

No. 807022

Thing is anon, if they're affiliated with any monetization platforms, Jared would have had to finish up his month REGARDLESS because of contract obligations.

So the timing LITERALLY could be a coincidence.

No. 807041

May 9th.

If this is true, then why was Furst, NB's manager, defending Jared to the death on twitter? Am I supposed to believe that their manager does not monitor their business account and was not made aware of the allegations???

No. 807050

He stated on twitter he was not made aware of the allegations but then who monitors their business email? Isn't that typically the job of a manager?

No. 807055


Seems to me like a run of the mill excuse from someone who drinks frequently and almost never leaves the house due to uwu anxiety. Not unlike Snoozy's claims that her weight gain were thyroid and/or depression related so that people don't suspect she's just lazy / stuffs her face all day.

No. 807064

She inherited the house in Glendale from her grandparents. It has his art all over the inside.
When she first moved to Seattle she spent a long time looking for a place to live so she definintely did not already have an inherited house there.

No. 807066

File: 1557874186229.png (1.66 MB, 751x1068, 2019-05-15 08_44_01.png)

I don't think Holly was a shut-in, she frequently traveled and did stuff. Her depression isn't so crippling that she can't function (or wasn't before the backlash, anyway). I guess her best friend's husband's dick gave her the strength to persevere.

No. 807069

Jacque Khalil does according to their own statement.

No. 807073

Yeah no, for how much popularity and being in the spotlight Holly was, she definitely was not a shut in. She wouldn't have been travelling everywhere and voluntarily showing up on podcasts or events. We wouldn't even know who she was in she was a shut in.

No. 807119

You're a dumb ass and that is still not proof. NormalBoots was barely active and in it's current iteration isn't a monetization platform or CDN of any form. I know it was in it's past iterations, but for the last few years it has just been a group of friends boosting each other's videos. There were no contracts to deal with, no one even uses the normal boots logo in their videos anymore, again because there are no contacts. As of the last few years, it was just a site made by friends to link each other and boost each other, and to occasionally collab under the name for a video or dating sim of whatever they felt like. If you go to their current site all the old content is gone, it's basically just exists to list the personal youtube channels of the members. They fucked up, and your "proof" is shit. They still should have went to the cops and not managed it internally.

Seriously, why are you shitting up the thread with "uwu Heidi is evil and NormalBoots is innocent" garbage? Are you Holly?

No. 807120

Double posting but I wanted to add that I like how your argument was "Well they said they were going to remove him eventually…" and totally glazed over the whole bit about not reporting the soliciting of minors. They had evidence from a victim, not just an accusation. Removing him without reporting him is still fucked up and meant that they only cared about their image and not about victims.

No. 807124

File: 1557888967142.jpg (49.5 KB, 960x720, 60140916_10100156292316096_571…)

projared smash stage

No. 807129

Amazing, truly amazing. Jared can never live this down at this point

Also I've just been watching RubberNinja's streams recently and man I just truly realized that Holly is such a fool. Like I know everyone puts on a persona to show people in public, but man Ross is genuinely adorable, funny, and an alright dude. And Holly gave that up for PedoJared's dick?? Ross was too good for her.

No. 807130


I take comfort seeing that every other part of the internet I’ve everyone expresses sympathy to Ross

It’s nice to see that he is liked that much

No. 807135

Who did he send that original Sailor Mercury pic too. I can't understand the context.

No. 807137

> weak ass proof
anon people already saw this, they don't doubt that normal boots spoke up, they just think that what they said when they spoke up was stupid. kinda like you.

lol who said shit about a contract? are you really making shit up because you can't stand to see your youtube idols get dragged?

he posted it to his tumblr/insta, it was just a "funny" pic at the time while he made a lot of "jokes" about asking for nudes on tumblr but it's gross/hilarous now that people realize he actually was seriously soliciting nudes

No. 807142

File: 1557897965877.png (351.88 KB, 1278x1262, tr.png)

This isn't proof. Also looks like they can't even keep their story straight among themselves, in the statement they said Jaques presumably concluded his investigation and made some moves to remove Jared (doesn't really make sense he'd say no one to anyone else at that point but okay) but then told Shane the "investigation" is on going which contradicts that. Shane even clearly states that the info going public forced them to make a statement. Also, again, why does this Jaques asshat think he can run a "private investigation"? Does he think he's magnum PI? Is he a 1337 hax0r that can get the forensic data from Jared's devices? I can't fathom how he thought it was more appropriate to run a "private investigation" rather than go to the cops. I can understand if the others weren truly unaware but even then they really need to take a good hard look at how dysfunctional their organizational structure is if Jaques could get away with that for over a month with no oversight, and NormalBoots deserves to be held accountable for that.

April 4th to May 9th is more than a month, and that's a pretty shitty theory anyways. When was the last time NormalBoots was monetized? They don't even host videos anymore.

No. 807146

I don't think there was one intended single recipient for that picture, it was a meme for his fanbase. He did a whole 'ProJared' episode talking about Sailor Moon and his childhood and he went on about how much he loved Sailor Mercury.

No. 807148

File: 1557901607998.png (240.74 KB, 1474x803, trashwitch.png)

No. 807150

Oh god. There are some golden moments.
>OH… is that… Holly?
>It looks just like me!
>Wait, Holly, what are you doing with my friends? Is there something I should know?
>And that other girl looks like Heidi!

Though, my personal fav had to be when Ross said
>Jared get the fuck away from my wife, I'll kill you.

No. 807157

How was what they said stupid? Saying any specifics would be an idiot move on their part.

No. 807161

File: 1557907284568.png (721.52 KB, 1901x939, squishy.png)

No. 807164

even with the mistress his noodle ass isn't scoring any hotness points lmao

No. 807165


No. 807166

Not sure if you're joking or not but in D&D squishy means a character who doesn't have many hit points and can't take many attacks

No. 807181

why are you cherry picking so hard? stop being so dense and read the thread. I didn't think I'd need to spoon feed you every little thing that was already in another post, just read the replies to your post and the post claiming that the NormalBoots announcement is poof. I never fucking said they needed to go into specifics, stop pulling shit out of your ass.

No. 807190

might be reaching but Arin makes a "style and grace" reference at 3:30 and Dan just kinda laughs awkwardly before moving on.

No. 807193

I noticed that too, as did people in the comments, but it's literally the only thing any of them say even in their stream last night, so it's like half a drop of milk

No. 807199

Now I want them to do a full cover of Kiss From a Rose

No. 807209


"style and grace" is a pretty common saying and they film these pretty far in advance

No. 807214

don't think it really ment anything seemed like a pretty normal dan-laugh

No. 807221

File: 1557937646304.jpg (15.14 KB, 252x275, 1547514746665.jpg)

>asking someone to prove that they're right is being spoonfed
>watering down their "proof" with insults

haha ok

I've always thought style and grace was a nod to DK 64 and Lanky Kong's lack thereof.

No. 807228

File: 1557938969635.png (66.08 KB, 1162x661, oof.png)

From ProJared's SocialBlade Profile https://socialblade.com/youtube/channel/UC2e0bNZ6CzT-Xvr070VaGsw

The sub losses have trickled down considerably from the last few days because of other drama going around, but damn going from 1mil to 815K in the span of a week is just impressive.

No. 807230

Don't matter really..cuz idiots gave him more views than he's literally ever had in such a short time frame.

No. 807231

once he fades into obscurity, the views won't matter in the long run either

No. 807235

Yeah for the time being he'll get some adsense cash but long term his career is fucked. Subs, views, merch, future collabs will be cut significantly or nonexistent.

No. 807237

Plus, fat lot of good money will do for him in prison
If the posts about him being reported to the authorities are true.

No. 807260

File: 1557943403279.png (570.08 KB, 604x613, f66.png)

Twitter is still going wild. Griffith, I'm so sorry…

No. 807264

File: 1557943731083.png (598.21 KB, 941x634, 3WpKwK0.png)

No. 807277

I guess its common, but most gamers know it from donkey Kong which is a game all three of them know of, pretty sure it was a pro Jared reference

No. 807280

Damn i haven't watched game grumps in a while, I forgot how autistic arin acts when trying to be funny

No. 807290


if you google style and grace you won't even get donkey kong on the first page. regardless, usually they film several episodes of 10 minute power hour back to back a month or two in advance. there is no reason to believe that arin saying he used style and grace is a reference to projared.

No. 807292

File: 1557948443657.jpeg (43.24 KB, 421x387, 6B4DE1F8-CBF9-4A6D-9A4A-116F36…)

Steal muh OC uwu

No. 807312

File: 1557950736384.png (414.18 KB, 722x834, rip.png)

No. 807315

your level of laziness is absurd, even for lolcow.

they're all direct responses to you, you're willfully being ignorant. as I said in my last post, just read the responses to you (although it was already discussed higher up before you reposted the normal boots statement if you bothered to read the thread.)

No. 807322

Are you retarded? What does googling have anything to do with it, its something pretty much all nintendo gamers know, even if it was recorded a month ago with no connection to projared they still probably said it as a reference to donkey Kong.

I agree that it probably has nothing to do with Jared but the googling point makes absolutely no fucking sense

No. 807334


it makes sense in that it's an incredibly common saying outside of the dk rap which you would see if you google the phrase itself, and you know damn well that if that's what they were talking about that arin would break out into song because he's an idiot who loves to sing/rap and has no self control. it's like if he said "leader of the pack" or "funny face", both things that are commonly said outside of the dk rap

No. 807344

File: 1557954528837.png (775.08 KB, 647x517, chocho.png)

Sage for off topic question, but stuff is coming out about RelaxAlax, is there a good, not-dead thread to discuss it in? The only sorta recent one I saw was Youtubers General but that seemed a bit broad.

No. 807345

Interesting how he said "I love creating art with you" and not "I love you."

No. 807349

holy fuck lmfao who even thinks of these??

No. 807353

I don't get tweets like this even if he didn't cheat on her. Who the hell expresses love for their partner via an announcement on a public forum? Is it an e-celeb thing or am I just a bitter hermit?

No. 807355

A lot of people wish a happy birthday to their loved ones on social media, it's not that weird

No. 807358

I get that, its the saccharine praise that weirds me out. Like, I'd just throw them a "happy birthday!" if I used twitter and save the sweet stuff for in person, not in front of an entire internet of strangers. I just don't get social media, I guess.

No. 807373


its not that weird anon

No. 807414

The first one. We just learned that Jared and Holly are scumbags, which is killing their career - but the corollary of this is that being seen as decent, loving, wholesome partner can be good for a public career. The exception to this is when you're being an outright THOT. In that case you pretend you're single to keep the thirst bucks coming.

No. 807429

I got the NB picture from the previous thread, you fucking donkey. Please cry more.

If Jacque was the only one to know, it would be idiotic to publically come out with anything further. It's called damage control. He was quietly dismissed from NB and his stuff with Grumps taken down per his request.

No. 807452

File: 1557970556672.jpg (166.02 KB, 720x639, IMG_20190516_093217.JPG)

Looks like Holly's been booted and there's no sign of DCA anywhere anymore on the upcoming events at the Descent event anymore.

No. 807461

No one is contesting where you got the image, and no one is saying NormalBoots needs to give more details, what people are saying is that choosing to not go to the cops over the course of the month is really irresponsible. What Shane said also contradicts the original statement so it sounds like they're still figuring out Jaques "investigation", but even if we ignore that, details given in the original statement make Jaques sound fishy. Like, if he took a few days just to process the information and make sure it wasn't obviously fake, I don't think it's a good look, but it's still okay in my book, but over a month is really too long to sit on evidence of pedophilia. He's not a cop and can't conduct a legal investigation, he should have gone to the people who could.

No. 807466

I'm with you, the only time I wish happy birthday to people publicly is when it's someone I know I won't actually talk to apart from that. Tweeting at each other while you're hanging out, in the same house or even just texting is so weird to me.

No. 807470

Ross actually makes a good Guts, but i'm dying with the context. rofl

No. 807473


i feel so bad for heidi. your husband cheating on you is terrible enough, let alone with your best friend, and also finding out that best friend apparently obsessively hates you and has been actively trying to sabotage your marriage? i don't even get what their end goal was. wait it out a few months then come to heidi with a sob story about how they've fallen in love and ask her blessing? no matter how heidi and jared ended, there's no viable future for jared and holly to be together, in the very best case for them they'd have to deal with all their friends uncomfortably giving the side eye, knowing holly is dating her friend's ex husband. i really think the whole thing was just a way for holly to feel superior and hurt heidi.

No. 807495

File: 1557989025044.png (605.66 KB, 720x1090, sketch-1557949439875.png)

>there's no viable future for jared and holly to be together
I'm pessimistic, and I believe that they almost engineered a scenario where they could viably be together.

I think they were trying to remove Heidi from the equation entirely, since she's the only one who could have possibly spoken up. Ross doesn't seem like the type to speak up about these things, and as a "company" the Game Grumps' MO towards any controversy is to stay completely silent about it (we still don't know the full details of Jon's departure, or why it's so taboo to mention him at all). If Jared had managed to successfully gaslight her/discredit her via his NormalBoots pals like we saw shortly after he first tweeted his statement, Heidi would've either blamed everything on herself or would never be taken seriously by anyone. I honestly fear Jared and Holly were dangerously close to getting away with it.

>wait it out a few months

Holly's response to Jared was likely laying the groundwork for this sort of that. If their plan worked, I suspect we'd have gradually seen more social media posts about them hanging out together, and their DnD characters would get even more flirty. Give it the better part of a year after the divorce had been finalized (to see if they really still want to go official or if they were just getting off on infidelity), then they could make their relationship public and actually have a lot of support. With the Grumps likely staying silent and Heidi's words falling on uncaring ears if she wasn't too broken to speak up.

>in the very best case for them they'd have to deal with all their friends uncomfortably giving the side eye, knowing holly is dating her friend's ex husband

Jared successfully gaslighting Heidi means that he gets to keep his friend group, Holly gets painted as the woman who "healed" Jared's broken heart after Heidi "abused" him, and DCA fans/Jared & Holly's followers go wild that the two are actually a thing. They'd probably get married a year or so after they first announce they're "dating," to even more applause. Those two would've successfully destroyed two marriages just so they could be with each other. It scares me to think just how close they were to pulling this off; if Heidi hadn't gotten hold of Jared's old phone and seen all the sexts or if Jared hadn't tried to do this all via goddamn Twitter, then maybe he really could have broken her.

This doesn't take into account whether or not Jared could've survived all the child pornography shit, since that coming to light so early on really helped swing public opinion to Heidi's side. If NormalBoots really was conducting an investigation like they claimed, or if even one allegation started trending on twitter like the divorce did, then Jared's other victims would've spoken up. But if he managed to keep sweeping each individual under the rug, then they might not have banded together and come public about their experiences. Jared obviously didn't consider his victims speaking up, so even if he did manage to weather the divorce then he and Holly could've still been brought to justice.

No. 807501

I think so too. If Jared’s one-sided statement and blocking spree hadn’t pissed off Heidi enough to speak out and trigger the flood of victim testimonials, they would have been able to keep the affair quiet and slowly prime their audience for a narrative in which Heidi was the abusive ex-wife and Holly the sweet bean mental health guruwuwuwu swooped in to help him heal and oh gosh wouldn’t you know, they ended up falling in love just like in their fans’ headcanons! A shipper’s dream come true! And good on Jared for replacing his haughty cosplay elitist crazy ex with everyone’s favorite relatable birbmom! #couplegoals

His arrogance is what sunk him. He overestimated how much he’d isolated and discredited Heidi and didn’t expect her to stand up for herself. He also never expected his other victims to come forward about his predatory behavior or that they’d be believed. After all, they’re just random attention-seeking nobodies and he’s a ~Famous YouTuber~. These types always think they’re untouchable and it’s so satisfying to see them be proven wrong.

No. 807505

This, out of all these three involved parties I knew Heidi the best because I'm a cosplayer. I never liked her (still don't despite feeling sorry for what happened to her) because she was lowkey too catty and uppity for my taste, but she was by no means an awful human being that deserved what was coming. Being slightly rude and smug isn't lolcow worthy or deserving of anything else than maybe the mute button on Twitter, she wasn't doing anything outright DAMAGING to the community. In retrospect I've been thinking if her shitty life situation had something to do with her behavior but you never know.

And even if she had a bad attitude, it has nothing to do with what Jared and Holly did to her. Maybe if she was a total bitch and actually abused Jared it would be a notable factor but just dropping stale cosplay salt on Twitter isn't deserving of being cheated on for months and having a predatory lying sack of shit for a husband.

No. 807510

It's been a few days, I think DCA withdrew from the event at the same time Jared posted that he wouldn't be at the Descent

No. 807511

i dunno who this person is but judging by the youtube channel being the first result upon googling, i would post in youtubers general, the few times i've popped in there it hasn't been a particularly fast thread anyway.
if there's enough milk maybe it would be worth making a "gaming community" thread or something in future idk

No. 807513

This is kind of milk?
You know how Normalboots said they knew about the projared situation (as said in their statement on twitter) about the underage nudes thing since april and were already in the process of firing him?

Well (PBG) Austin Hargrave is the (co)founder of Normalboots (alongside Jon) Did he not know about the allegations???
And how did he not know when hes the last of the founders?

Did they bullshit their statement???

Did they not take that email about that to them seriously?

Why would Austin go out of his way to stand up for Jared knowing he was made aware that Jared was already doing deviant behavior like this???

No. 807515

Given how quickly he changed his tune when faced with the evidence of Jared distributing nudes, I can believe he wasn't aware of the allegations. He seems a bit dumb and speaks faster than he thinks but he doesn't seem malicious enough to defend his buddy despite ample evidence of pedophilia. I might be wrong but that's my impression.

No. 807524

I mean he probably only changed his tune because of the backlash. PBG and Normalboots are nobodies now.
What's funny is Jon "left" or like Jared said "kicked out cause they didn't want him holding them back anymore" and Jon is doing so well. He has millions of views on his newer videos.
Looks like Normalboots was what was honestly holding him back.

No. 807531

>If Jared had managed to successfully gaslight her/discredit her via his NormalBoots pals like we saw shortly after he first tweeted his statement, Heidi would've either blamed everything on herself or would never be taken seriously by anyone. I honestly fear Jared and Holly were dangerously close to getting away with it.

Yeah, the whole thing of trying to get Heidi to sign a motherfucking NDA on the whole situation absolutely reeks of this. That's not the actions of someone with your best interests at heart, or aiming at common courtesy. I hope Heidi has a good divorce lawyer and takes Weasel Boy to the fucking cleaners.

No. 807532

Hey anon you wouldn’t happen to have a link or at least the recaps of said encounter? I don’t want to shuffle through all the shit posts of the reddit

No. 807535

The receipts are here: https://imgur.com/a/9CjaFQP but I can't find the story itself anymore

No. 807539

this story from the last thread? >>804348

No. 807592

Yeah, the way PBG tried to shut her down in a joking way and not even seriously reeks of a man who has either been brainwashed into thinking Heidi was a horrible crone or someone who is used to shitting on her himself.
Even if he HAD been fed lies about how horrible Heidi was, it's pretty telling that he immediately went to discredit with a stupid ass joke and not with an earnest "I don't believe this."
Would not be surprised if stuff comes up with PBG next. Not a doubt in my mind.

No. 807641

So I want to play Devil's Advocate a bit for Jacque since I haven't seen anyone else do so. Imagine you're him and you get that email saying that Jared has done something illegal. You're a regular citizen with no legal authority. What do you do?

If you go to Jared, he's under no legal obligation to admit anything to you and will likely go into DFE mode/prepare a defense immediately after. You could fire him for not being more forthcoming but what good would it do when it's just your word vs his?

I'm guessing what Jacque did is contact the police or FBI telling them what he knew, and was likely told "don't do anything that might compromise our investigation" upon doing so. I reported a pedophile to the FBI in 2004 and was told the same, but then was never told anything again (which makes sense; they're under no obligation to share any detail of their investigation with the person who reported it) - I imagine the situation was the same with Jacque.

And if it was, you know what would compromise their investigation? Letting anyone else in NB know what was going on. Even if nobody said anything directly to Jared (and given PBG's autism we know how impossible that would have been), just the way people would have acted differently might have tipped him off enough or made him paranoid enough to go into DFE mode anyway.

TLDR is I don't think NB outside of Jacque honestly knew about the allegations, and I think Jacque is just some guy who was given information he couldn't reasonably act upon other than as a middleman to get that information to someone he thought could do something about it.

No. 807653

That's actually a good point, I think we tend to assume the worst but the scenario you describe is very possible. I'm not going to write it off as fact but it's good to keep in mind

No. 807691

Hard agree. Something reeks about PBG. He definitely has some skeletons in his closet.

No. 807695

PBG gives me the 'nice guy' mentality to the max.

No. 807696

Heidi handled that really well. PBG was basically gaslighting her.

No. 807698


Yep, he was awful keen to talk over her and try to rugsweep the whole thing until it suddenly became politic to stop. He's a twat.

No. 807699


Yep, he was awful keen to talk over her and try to rugsweep the whole thing until it suddenly became politic to stop. He's a twat.

No. 807751


Here is the reposted reddit thread with the statement and updated imgur with even more screenshots.

No. 807767

File: 1558056181050.png (144.1 KB, 500x557, serveimage.png)


oh god just that entire screenshot thread

No. 807790

File: 1558059842635.png (100.77 KB, 860x358, cumwhereveryoucheat.png)

I wonder if Heidi knew he wanted a vasectomy? If she did, she probably didn't realize his real reasons for wanting it. Even worse if he wanted to get it behind her back.

No. 807793

all those awful pictures with his fucking wedding ring…god i can't imagine finding out you spouse said all this stuff and realizing you never knew them and the person you loved didn't exist.

No. 807794

File: 1558060732781.jpg (20.76 KB, 259x390, B2dRbDK.jpg)

this nude he sent might actually be the least sexy thing i've ever seen in my life

No. 807795

it looks like something to send to an online doctor app 'should I go to the ER or nah?'

No. 807797

File: 1558061231264.jpeg (34.99 KB, 640x1003, 28D0028A-9D3B-456B-A967-B4C3AE…)


This one is even worse

No. 807798

why is it that every guy takes nudes like this. it doesn't look good!! your chins are not sexy!!!

No. 807799

lmao he looks like a hyperrealistic diglett

No. 807804


that censorship box is overly generous.

No. 807814

alledgedly not
>>803758 peen warning but obvious tricks

No. 807824

I know guys think they're making their dick look big with perspective using this angle but it just makes it seem like the viewer is Antman and obviously not in a good way.

No. 807825

To make the dick look bigger than it actually is.

No. 807842

ross talks about his ex, it's mixed with another person's story though

No. 807846

File: 1558081558676.png (71.6 KB, 1548x176, Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 1.23…)

also, his comment. The parts of him talking about emotional abuse and "threatening suicide" is honestly pretty telling.

No. 807849

Holly suicide baiting? Shocking. /s

No. 807859

Jesus I didn't want to see this ever

No. 807861

File: 1558089373500.png (76.66 KB, 649x618, 1.png)

No. 807862

File: 1558089808514.jpg (90.32 KB, 960x930, CkXlP3-WgAA7KzG.jpg)

No. 807863

Because being around nature would be better for her birds?

No. 807864

Yeah when Ross started getting into talking about finding controlling personalities similar to what you grew up with and being too chill to stand up for himself, warning of the constant put-down,and the emotional abuse it made me think of Holly and how she normally acted around Ross. At times they were happy I can remember, but then I've seen small moments where it seemed like Holly would just bully Ross for no reason and I wouldn't be surprised if she did emotionally abuse him.

Poor Ross…

No. 807865


I shouldn't laugh because they are discussing serious topics but I am howling at winnie the pooh talking at Jeice, just the silliness of it, sageing for zero contribution


is LA really so terrible for the birds? If she brought her birds to like, Antarctica or something then yeah her birds wouldn't survive there and would be better elsewhere. But surely there is local wildlife in LA naturally present, and she primarily had rescue birds as opposed to her own pets. So why couldn't the birds survive where they grew up?

Not American so I don't know the intricacies of LA but I assumed if birds lived there anyway then the birds she had were fine where they are. She kept them safe, well fed and taken care of.

No. 807875


Leaving LA for the birds always was a piss poor excuse, she's rescuing pigeons which are known for adapting to pretty much anywhere. I'd much rather buy it was for her 'uwu mental health need to be with with the forest and nature' bc LA really is a drag there

No. 807876

I'm sure the air quality is much better in WA but it's pretty clear that wasn't the main reason she wanted to move

No. 807879

>in a supposedly happy marriage
>moves states for the birds, this is a very normal reason to divorce
>not for the dick at all

No. 807884

That excuse is for the birds.

No. 807889

File: 1558099368104.jpg (145.18 KB, 1083x1088, 586873thbhx21.jpg)


is there video/audio proof of her behaviour towards ross?


>quote ross: "my new life is wonderful, if you told me 7 months ago I'd bounce back on my feet this well i wouldn't have believed you"<

you guys think Ross feels lowkey schadenfreude for holly being dragged like this for cheating on him? he hasn't said anything about holly since announcing their divorce and stayed classy throughout. holly being called out like that by the internet has to feel good on some level. like the wronged party has the last laugh after all.

No. 807890

they're fucking pidgeons, you could stick them in the middle of a smog-infested Chinese city and they'd thrive. And depending on where she lives in Seattle, it's not like the birds will see any 'nature' anyway. They'd just be shitting on concrete that has a few more trees in proximity

No. 807899

>you guys think Ross feels lowkey schadenfreude for holly being dragged like this for cheating on him?

its a possibility, i imagine a lot of people would but ross does seem to have a better head on his shoulders. i respect him for not being the type of person who would take to social media to bask in this kind of stuff and for really seeming to mean it when he said he wants to put it all behind him.

No. 808070

It’d be interesting if he didn't even know this was going on or only had an inkling it was.

I’ve considered the idea this is a slap in the face for him and is an incredibly humiliating way to find out/confirm suspicions. Even if he did feel any satisfaction out of it the embarrassment in general seems to outweigh any petty positivity ngl.

No. 808098

File: 1558142602553.png (427.54 KB, 750x1334, 39841A4D-6C93-4358-B176-6D07B8…)


No. 808101

File: 1558142631279.png (422.49 KB, 750x1334, 398E89F6-DD6E-46F5-A3B9-ABB0D8…)


Jared tweeted again

No. 808102

sweet mother of god Jared, it's too late to pivot. ground zero