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File: 1610156165570.jpg (1.04 MB, 828x1062, 1606796219111.jpg)

No. 1126099

Last time on the "Waaah, cancel culture" Edition…

>Jared pondered aloud why his Instagram explore tab is always full of hot girls, unaware that Explore picks out recommendation based on your own browsing/follows/likes. He's still horny on main.

>Jared also gave more attention to a streamer who looks suspiciously like Heidi on her birthday than he did for Holly's birthday… or any other happening of hers.
>And then he shared posts about abusers to try and throw shade at Heidi, but it just as easily applies to him.
>Meanwhile, Holly posted about asexual people sometimes agreeing to be sexual even though they want to because they're people-pleasers. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.
>Holly also claims she was just "caught in the crossfire" of the drama as if she didn't actively push for Jared to leave Heidi, excused his nudes blogs and spent his entire self-imposed exile digging her own grave defending him.
>Holly also whined about her bird hoard getting sick and how the drama ruined her, as if she's not still a homeowner in Seattle who can afford enough real estate for a bird hoard in her backyard. She also tried to suggest that it was haters who poisoned the birds.
>SadOldMagician kept sidestepping his "Heidi and Ross deserve each other" comment.
>Ross hit like on some comments pointing out "cancel" is sometimes just people not able to deal with accountability.
>Despite complaining about her dire financial situation, mere days later Holly was adding an injured pigeon to her hoard.
>Jared e-begged for Gamecube games because all he had was shitty shovelware.
>After starting his own Tumblr specifically to cash in on drama attention, SadOldMagician whined about drama talk.
>And despite Holly and Jared's careers being so hurt by the mean old dwama, they still managed to afford/get donated a PS5 on launch.
>Jared whined about missing cons, as if any reputable con will risk having his sex pest on the guest list from now on. Made even funnier, he accompanied this post with a pic of himself from a con it's known he slept with a fan at.
>Holly posted a horribly jaundiced selfie, then quickly deleted it.
>Jared continues to think he's some sort of supermodel and not some gangly weirdo slowly turning into a fishman. Including showing off a shitty women's bracelet off of Wish and claiming it's men's jewelry.
>Holly whined again about lost followers, as if it's still the drama's fault and not that she fails to post anything of value.
>Holly then posted more woe-is-me about cancel culture and how it's "traumatizing".
>Jared alluded that Heidi once posted a selfie of them together then got angry everyone just talked about him (r/theneveryoneclapped)
>Holly went back on long pityposts about cancel culture, her loss of followers, the loss of DCA (which she called her JOB)
>CallMeCarson got outed as a pedo. Jared had ONE thing to do right in this case: keep his mouth shut and keep his presence away from the drama. He still went and drew attention to himself.
>Holly kicked off 2021 by bringing new merch with Boundaries branding, because of course.
>Way too much focus on Hored simps in the thread. Dial that stuff back.

Quick Synopsis of PigeonGate:

>Jared "the Wormdick" Knabenbauer was a semi prominent personality on the gaming side of youtube. He was involved in many communities such as NormalBoots, Game Grumps and Dice Camera Action as a member of the D&D campaign "Waffle Crew".

>In May 2019 he released a tweet saying he and his wife were separating and to give them space…except he hadn't told his wife and had her blocked the entire time.
>His then wife Heidi O'Ferrall proceeded to reveal to the public he had been gaslighting and abusing her for years, and in the twist no one saw coming, was cheating on her with his DCA co-star, previous cosplay juggernaut Holly Conrad.
>It was revealed through internet sleuthing she had also been cheating on her husband Ross O'Donovan of Game Grumps fame before their divorce. Although it was at first amicable, the joint tweet discussing their separation has since been deleted and Ross refuses to hardly utter her name.
>Holly checked herself into a mental hospital from being cancelled too hard
>Fans came out of the woodwork revealing Jared to be a sexpest who had been soliciting nudes for years, some of which were underage.
>Holly came back to throw herself to the wolves by trying to equate her suffering at being cancelled as to Etikas suicide (didn't work, she got dragged harder). Jared went into hiding to try to salvage his image.
>Jared released a video, "You've Been Lied To", to youtube detailing the "true events" and successfully manipulated his way back into his fans good graces.
>Heidi spoke her truth on a regular basis and stuck to her guns, and Holly tried to mental gymnastics her way into everyone loving her again.
>Jared and Holly moved in together and continue to this day to baww about Heidi being an evil witch and being cancelled including releasing a shirt saying ~CANCELLED~

For More On Holly Conrad's Dubious Past:
>A History of Holly: >>838840 (Source: PULL)

Links to the Clowns Involved in this Circus:

>Jared Knabenbauer/ProJared:


>Heidi O'Ferrall/AtelierHeidi:


>Holly Conrad/Commander Holly:


Ross O’Donovan
Do Not Bother Ross O’Donovan
>Game Grump and animator
You May Support and Subscribe at:
>Ross O'Donovan/RubberNinja:

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No. 1126107

nice thread pic, op

No. 1126149

It was the most acceptable thread pic suggestion in the previous one, though I must admit its meaning is lost on me.

No. 1126155

i didn't read much of the previous thread, but wtf did she dress the pigeon

No. 1126159


To give Hoelly the meager credit she might be worthy of, a lot of people "dress" their animals if they have wounds/stitches/scabs that they mess with so as to give them time to heal (IIRC, that bird had some kind of skin issue).

No. 1126163

Munchausen syndrome by proxy is a mental disorder where a caregiver makes up medical problems with the person under their care. It's a way to get attention (look at my poor child/grandparent doctor! oh community please donate money for these expensive medical bills!) and afaik always abusive to the dependent individual. Look up the case of Gypsy Rose.

So if it's still ambiguous, the joke is that Holly uses the condition of her birds to get money and attention

No. 1126167

File: 1610160395047.jpg (35.32 KB, 400x300, s-l400.jpg)


The pigeon is wearing a 'bird diaper' in this pic. It's basically what people put on pet birds when traveling so they don't shit everywhere.

No. 1126174

File: 1610161492145.png (77.63 KB, 732x528, imsomessedup.png)

blaming internet boolies again for why she can't get off her privileged ass and make content

No. 1126175

sorry for sameposting but I realized in my explanation I missed the bigger picture. It's not just the money and attention on twitter. It's the animal hoarding and animal abuse having so many wild pigeons in a tiny coup.

No. 1126181

Ah, I see, thank you.
I was familiar with Munchausen Syndrome but not by proxy, now it makes sense.

Jeez, she wasted no time giving this thread some milk.

No. 1126182


Welp, this definitely explains what Jared saw in her - vulnerability & insecurity: his two biggest kinks.

No. 1126187

File: 1610162769985.png (23.13 KB, 500x87, tumblr_93daac7fdf72a39c3e6ce32…)

Hey Holly, why don't you Quote Tweet this person & give them a piece of your mind about "Cancel Culture", go ahead!

No. 1126214


Haha, yeah. The problem is that Hoelly will never take accountability for what she did, and neither will ProDick. Accountability for your actions culture is really what it should be called.

No. 1126232

Maybe she could ask Ross where he got his Vtuber rigged

No. 1126491

What is creative streaming?
Is it crafting? I know a lot of craft streams will just have the camera set up so their hands and worstation are the focus. No facecam to worry about.

Or is "creative streaming" like "mental health monday" and it's just her playing video games and complaining about how her neighbors have anti-cock bias?

Swear to god, she both really wants the spotlight but can't handle anything that comes with it except the praise.

No. 1126533


Probably an "art" stream. She just wants to doodle some shit and post it on twitter expecting people to clap their hands.

No. 1126548

This reeks of desperation for ass-kissing from her fans. "Two years…calling you disgusting and ugly" - Nah, bitch. We called your ACTIONS disgusting, your BEHAVIOR disgusting. You're the one who has insulted yourself more than just about anyone else.

No. 1126550

She could do like a bunch of streamers do and just have the camera livestreaming the game while she does voice-over. She's making this way more difficult than it needs to be - Even her existing fanbase wasn't watching it for her appearance, but for the content she was streaming

No. 1126601


You do realize at least the last three threads on this were mostly us posting insta/twitter pics and calling her ugly, right? I don't like the shit she does either but don't act like she doesn't have one point with that "threads calling me ugly".

No. 1126611

You mean the threads that she wouldn't have seen if she didn't regularly peruse them LOOKING for negatiave shit being said about herself?

Let's also not act like half of the posts going after her appearance were people poking at her, KNOWING she comes here and not because they actually think she's unbearably hideous or something.

No. 1126637


My point still stands. Holly said that threads calling her ugly had affected her mentally. No, she shouldn't be seeking out this shit, but acting like it's excusable to do that because "we know she's looking at these comments lol" doesn't erase the fact of these threads doing the thing she called us out for.

No. 1126649


She says that she comes here as a form of self-harm. That’s on her and she really needs to get some help if she’s still doing that shit.

No. 1126745

Yeah, and she's mentionning art, so we know she was talking about the last thread.

No. 1126845

File: 1610212858267.jpg (227.66 KB, 720x712, Screenshot_20210109-121856_Chr…)

Flashbacks to the reaction to his tweets about Spoony

All the super antiSJW anticancelculture folks that have been drooling over Jared for the past 2 years have finally realised that -gasp- he is super liberal, a fact he never kept concealed

No. 1126846


I'll admit, this is kinda hilarious. I knew this would happen eventually.
This is what happens when you stan someone for just one reason.

Let the in-fighting begin!

No. 1126851

Wait, Spoony? As in Noah "The Spoony One" Antwiler? Or some other Spoony I'm unaware of?

No. 1126853

File: 1610213647799.png (33.32 KB, 582x284, jaredwasaleftist.png)


tbh, it's on his right-wing followers for not looking into his views before deciding to support him & put him up on a pedestal.

No. 1126856

Oh god, I can't wait for the first time BoyWonder there grows a pair and tries to buck up against someone expecting his incel mob to be there to have his back and they're just….not and he has to finally face reprecussions for being a sex pest.

No. 1126862

File: 1610214282957.png (33.99 KB, 580x408, annoying.png)

Isn't "Targeted Harassment" against Twitter's TOS?

No. 1126865

I love that fruityass acts like Heidi tweets about it non-stop. It's really going to be something when ProDick finally bails on Hoelly and they all turn yet again.

No. 1126867

File: 1610214710590.png (42.92 KB, 590x414, shutupheidi-.png)


I know right?

God, look at her! She just will not shut-up about it!!!!

No. 1126870

File: 1610214893730.png (33.49 KB, 582x318, likeifucrieeverytiem.png)


>when ProDick finally bails on Hoelly…

Oh no! That would break their lil' heart! They cry every tiem they think about these star-crossed lovers & how they've been so wronged!

No. 1126876


Hahaha, oh this is just rich. I remember when some crazed right wing nutbag was standing up for Hoelly too, and she was just letting him even though both her and ProDick are liberals. After the Leafy thing, is anyone surprised? They shouldn’t be.


It is, and it should be reported.


It’s amazing that this person thinks that Hoelly and ProDick have lost followers just because of the cheating/divorce thing. It must be nice to be that blissfully ignorant to not realize that he’s also a sexual predator.

No. 1126882


Ah shit I meant leafy, my bad


A) Heidi barely ever tweets at all and very rarely does about the drama. Maybe he has her confused with Holly

B) there are people on twitter who genuinely believe the earth is flat, there is no convincing everyone on that platform of anything- especially something that's objectively wrong like Jared being 1000% innocent

No. 1126884


Holly doesn't want a facerig avatar because she's anxious, she wants a facerig avatar because of how popular VTubers are and wants people cooing over her cute avatar like the hololive girls.

No. 1126893

File: 1610216970581.png (122.36 KB, 444x620, oh yeah well uh amber heard.pn…)

>"…just like, oh yeah! AMBER HEARD."

When all else fails, just keep bringing up a current abusive celebrity to hammer your point in, still ain't gonna do shit though.


They're probably one of those people that think that Heidi was behind everything, including the pedophilia accusations.

No. 1126896


Oh no doubt they think that. Everything that Hoelly and Pedodick have suffered is all because of that evil Heidi!!

No. 1126899

File: 1610217378602.jpg (85.58 KB, 500x360, halp.jpg)

This person is so goddamn late to the scene, they don't realize that Hored's stans have already changed the narrative in their favor more than a year ago.

They are actually hurting Jared & Holly with their efforts. Hell, if they keep going down this road, they might end up getting into legal trouble. I'm sure their mom will regret giving them her account when she receives a cease and desist in the mail.

No. 1126904

The judge ruled in Amber Heard's favor because Depp was an abusive twat too.

No. 1126928

File: 1610219567672.png (199.54 KB, 452x486, MAGA-Holly.png)

I think I remember this person vehemently defending Holly before

No. 1126930

Yep, I've gone toe-to-toe with them. It's hilarious to watch the incel/mgtow crowd that defended them slowly realize that they were defending the liberals that they hate so desperately and turn around and snap on them.

No. 1126934

File: 1610219777794.png (67.24 KB, 450x620, butmaga.png)


Holly is trying to be civil with them.

No. 1126935

File: 1610219839959.png (51.97 KB, 444x464, butmaga2.png)

No. 1126940

File: 1610220160233.png (19.1 KB, 444x284, misinformation.png)


>"It is REALLY DANGEROUS to allow anyone to be become the arbiter or what is "misinformation"."

Looks like they REALLY want Holly to completely agree with them on this despite "Agreeing to disagree"

No. 1126952

File: 1610221099448.png (199.16 KB, 440x524, butcancelculture.png)

…And this is why you don't get on your soap-box to preach about 'Cancel Culture'…

No. 1126955

Oh holy fuck me sideways, the irony in Hoelly accusing ANYONE of "abuse of power" is richer than Elon Musk.

No. 1126958

>"He was…shaming others, being a bully"

Trump likes you and is your best friend…until you no longer serve a purpose and then he'll slander you to anyone who will listen.

Sound familiar, Hoelly?

No. 1126988


One tweet:
>"Slandering and shaming him is not ok"

The following tweet:
>"He was…shaming others, being a bully"

Make it make sense!

No. 1126996

File: 1610223688830.png (56.57 KB, 972x360, plssteponmejared.png)

Imagine existing solely for the purpose of trying to convince people of something they're never going to believe anyway…

Good god, their bio alone is beyond pathetic.

No. 1127016


Oh yeah, that was the MAGA who was defending Hoelly when everything went down. Guess they’re back!!


Ingram Idiot is just an embarrassment. That account he’s trying to convince always calls out Pedodick, nothing he says is going to change his mind.

No. 1127079


tbh I'm happy someone is willing to put up with Ingram's bullshit.

No. 1127085

I will never get over how Holly routinely calls Trump a bully. He's the fucking president of the USA, he's not some jock who's mean to you but doesn't ultimately have much power other than being a bit higher on the social ladder of your school. He's so many things that are 100 times worse than being a bully. Calling him one is so juvenile and shows how stuck she is in her schoolyard drama mindset.

No. 1127144


Yeah, he’s not a bully, he’s a threat to America and national security. It’s quite the difference. Minimizing it to him being just a bully is how we got to where we are in the first place, and is not helpful.

No. 1127186

No. 1127188

File: 1610236371331.png (203.17 KB, 1015x1033, ingramtruthblog.png)


This guy must load up that "truth blog" every day and jack off to it, it's his only response to anything saying mean things about hored.

No. 1127202

Hey, SOM, what happened to not letting your stooges push that BS truth blog anymore? The hored stans come after lolcow for just rehashing the same arguments over and over, but you're all out here pushing the truth blog that no one has cited in like six months all over again.

No. 1127220


It's hilarious because HOF is more recent than that truth blog. Still full of shit, but the truth blog has been stagnant since 2019. But people still cling to that old blog like it's the end all be all argument against hored haters.

No. 1127260


It’s all the same people who keep insisting that the reason why Hored are cancelled is only because of the marriage stuff, and not because of ProDick soliciting nudes from his fans. They just love clinging to that outdated garbage blog.

No. 1127266


Because with the constant news of streamers turning out to be predators, they're losing ground on defending him, so they just resort to dismissing them.

No. 1127275


I think hored stans prefer linking the truth blog because at least HOF had the decency to say the nudes exchange was wrong for Jared to do. But that doesn't fit in with Ingram/fruityass/SOM insisting Jared did nothing wrong, so they link the truth blog instead. The truth blog twisted facts and jumped through hoops to either hide what Jared did wrong, excuse his actions as something okay for him to do, or find some other way to make Jared look like such an innocent victim of evil Heidi's lies.

No. 1127282

at this point i think it's someone who's getting off to seeing posts about themselves

No. 1127293

File: 1610246704651.png (183.53 KB, 994x758, truthblogcalledout.png)


Ingram and his 30 alt accounts will post that truth blog like it's such a great gotcha, but he doesn't realize the only people paying attention to what it says is him and fruityass. That blog was set up by a hored stan to make hored look innocent, but they're the only ones stupid enough to fall for it.

No. 1127523

Same can be said about >>1126174

No. 1127612


She has admitted that she comes here as a form of self harm and she’s responded to posts seen here on via her Twitter.

No. 1127615

File: 1610299096491.jpg (566.9 KB, 1020x1693, Dnd.jpg)

Holly says most of the DnD community has blocked her

No. 1127626

Evidently not enough of them if AcqInc still welcomes her on and the community manager for DmsGuild (and former DnD social media manager) put her on their stream list for DnDBlockParty last summer.

No. 1127641


I mean they all saw and listened to her slander someone for months and months behind the scenes for daring to be married to who she wanted and they saw how she took that slander public and tried to smear Heidi's mental health- I don't blame them for not wanting to be her next target

Not to mention all the pity me bullshit like when Etika killed himself, god forbid that out of the hundreds and hundreds of DnD content creators they want to associate the ones who arent proven to be shitty people

Even then, let's say they all believe her and think that Heidi is an evil slut and that her and Jared are innocent smol beans: even then, what she did was unprofessional. She was actively sleeping with her cowoker/cohost during their show and using the plot of the show to further her romance with the man behind the scenes. They were using cons and events to meet up and fuck (not to mention Jared using these events to fuck fans but this is about holly) that is SO UNPROFESSIONAL. Why would these companies want to employ someone who did all that and got busted for it publicly? Why employ someone who took advantage of their last gig to sleep with a married man and turn the plot of the show to be about her affair?

There are so many people deserving of a role like DCA. Holly had her fucking chance, she had a show for 130ish episodes and a huge fandom and years in the spotlight. Then her actions took it away. Why should she be immediately rewarded with more opportunities when there are smaller, more deserving content creators desperate for a break out role(roll lol)?

DCA is gone directly because of her and Jared's actions. They can blame Heidi all they want, but that's like blaming a victim of assault for the assailant having to spend the rest of their life in jail. You cant blame the whistleblower for someone else's mistakes, even if she is an evil elf whore who dared to marry someone you love uwu

No. 1127644

Does she think if she whines about it publicly, the community will be shamed into letting her back in? The way she constantly mentions her drama is why professional contacts cut ties with her. If she hadn't overshared about the drama and her feelings, she probably would be working by now. She's the one who always reminds people that she's unstable and dramatic.

I don't think she understands that in business you get one shot. If you screw up, there's a line of younger and more talented people who will eagerly fill your position. She expects the community to just take her back and give her back her old job. It doesn't work that way in real life.

No. 1127656

Ok this has to be holly or Jared on a sock account, right? If not I’d be concerned if I was them because being this obsessed with z-list celebs internet squabble is incredibly unhinged, like damn

No. 1127669

it wasn't "cancelled" because of the initial scandal Hoelly - it was likely "cancelled" because of your continued poor behavior. You flip the fuck out at any and all given opportunities and have shown little to no growth; You're a PR nightmare for a company large enough to create something like Baldur's Gate. Once someone is signed on, they more or less have to deal with it but they're not going to willingly work with someone who throws themselves headfirst into scandal repeatedly.

No. 1127672

I think that's exactly what she's counting on - If she guilts them, she'll eventually find someone dumb enough to feel bad for her that gives her a chance (that she immediately jeopardizes like that YT thing she lasted all of….idk, 1 episode of before spazzing out about being on her phone).

She could absolutely still make a comeback if she'd just shut the fuck up with the "woe-is-me, my career is over because I'm an adulturous whore who is defending a sex pest!" bullshit.

No. 1127679

File: 1610303951213.jpg (188.6 KB, 996x574, Lol.jpg)

This is her saying WOTC has ghosted her when a fan asked if she would be making a new show DnD show.

"Emails" plural, how many times has she emailed WOTC?? She makes it sound like wayyyy too many times. I would fucking LOVE to read those emails. They must be insane.

No. 1127682

Even if it was just a couple of emails, she CANNOT possibly be surprised that they want fuck all to do with her when (A) she used the show they hired her for to fuck her coworker behind both of their spouses back, (B) she spergs on a regular basis, and (C) didn't Jared burn the bridge with WOTC like six months ago with a freakout of his own?

When is it finally going to sink in that her continuous twitter meltdowns are doing more harm than good?

Also love the "just trying to survive" bit. Bitch, you live in the expensive ass PNW with your horde of animals and have worked just sporadicly for about a year and are still getting by. Spare me the bitching until you're standing in a line at the food bank like half of your fanbase probably is at this point.

No. 1127685

Her disengenuous "heart" emoticon is so obnoxious. Like, obviously she does not "love" what she's saying, she's throwing it on the end of a complaint to seem uwu soft and innocent. Fucking gross.

No. 1127687

This last tweet is just…embarrassing on so many levels. Does she not realize this? Honestly, at this point I'm questioning whether or not she has a humiliation fetish.

No. 1127690

Not a humiliating fetish as such, but she def post dumb shit both hoping her stans pat her ass and that people criticize her so she can keep playing victim.

No. 1127702

File: 1610306551838.jpg (306.55 KB, 1043x953, 942.jpg)

Maybe the company didn't email you because not only did you lose them time and money, but you embarrassed them? Just a thought?

No. 1127703


Shane Dawson and his :,) vibes

She is still stuck in 2016 with her uwu pastel witchy internet lingo

No. 1127705


Hell, look at it from WotC's perspective : Why bring someone back who isn't much of a draw on her own (nevermind the public meltdowns) and whose boyfriend will undoubtedly use the situation to try to have inappropriate sexual relationships with the fanbase again? Considering how much time WotC has spent trying to rehab its image over the last decade to be more than crusty-ass basement dwellers, they're not gonna take the risk.

No. 1127707

If Holly acted like a professional and took her career seriously she would not be this poor. Kek.

No. 1127709

>"It was because of the drama, like everything else"

Oh fuck off with that, Hoelly. IT wasn't the drama, it was your reaction and how you handled it (which is to say you had several meltdowns and checked yourself into a mental hospital).

No. 1127776

> "It was because of the drama"

And who exactly caused the drama, Holly? Who was the source of that drama? Who, while married, slept with another married person? Who used WoTC's official D&D livestream to flaunt their cheating and exploit artists into drawing them together? Who constantly brings it up, going so far as to attempt to make a profit off it with merchandise?

Who was that again?

No. 1127865


Hoelly really believes in her mind that she didn’t do anything wrong and that the reason why she’s become unemployable is because she got caught up in “drama that doesn’t involve her” huh? I wonder how it is to live being so delusional.

No. 1127899

(D) TTRPGs are booming in popularity and any company like WotC has their pick of funny, charismatic, and much less predatory players/hosts. People are clamoring to become RPG influencers.

Especially for a company that is trying to shake it's former problematic image. Why would they keep giving opportunities to the same two shitty white people over and over again? Make room for some new voices that don't abuse their power.

She's clearly well off, she's just too fucking spoiled to admit that.

No. 1127924

She's always been well off enough that she's never really had to worry about being employable. She can burn her bridges whenever she feels like it.

No. 1127926

Never mind that companies are probably looking to diversify their base. Holly may say she’s pansexual ace or whatever color queer she wants to be for the day, but she’s still just some basic white woman with a witch aesthetic who’s a former trustfund kid.

Holly is nothing special besides the connections she had and only got lucky with her fanbase the same way Jared did: right place and the right time. Holly could have easily played smart and stayed off Twitter and not respond to Heidi calling her out as the other woman, but she didn’t, doubled down, and is now paying the price for making a PR nightmare for herself.

Her failing career as an Internet personality is all on her and she’ll never own up and take responsibility for anything other than her birds.

No. 1127930


>Holly could have easily played smart and stayed off Twitter and not respond to Heidi calling her out as the other woman

Like they said about Heidi, if she had kept her big mouth SHUT, then she wouldn't be in this position(uwu).

No. 1127949

File: 1610324998026.jpeg (349.25 KB, 828x1429, AD1E4E55-BE3F-43D8-879B-0AC405…)

Lucas from Canada must not be very smart to send so many games for free to a sex predator. I do love how ProDick says “games that were taken from me.” They weren’t his to begin with.

No. 1127951


"Games that I lost or were taken from me crying emoji"

How dare Heidi take her own possessions with her in a messy divorce when poor Jared wanted to use them as props :((((

No. 1127961

Oh my god the shipping from Canada to the States is pretty harsh, Lucas is a massive sucker.

No. 1127988

Is it necessary for iNfLuEnCeRs to show part of their face in EVERY photo they take? Call me nitpicky if it is, but when I take photos of additions to my retro game collection, I only show the games. Because that's the subject matter. I would never pose like that.

Also, I can't get over how creepy his forehead and nose wrinkles look. Why? Why was that necessary?

He was whining on twitter a few days ago about how working at gamestop suckered him into trading in his gamecube, ps2, I don't remember what else, collections. And iirc Heidi has been selling her collection and it's been mostly sega console games, ps1 games, and handheld console games (gamegear, gb, gbc, gba). So maybe he just means gamestop? I dunno. Credit where it's due?

No. 1127996

Then he's a fucking idiot. Anyone with any experience in 'gaming' knows that gamestop blatantly rips people off and gives them a fraction of what their stuff is worth; Mr. ProPedo should have known better.

If he DOES mean Heidi, that just means that he's back to milking the drama for sympathy and for more free shit from suckers like Lucas who paid at least $30 in shipping alone.

No. 1128037


Nah, if he meant that he wouldn't say taken, he would say games that he sold. "Heidi stole my property" has been part of Holly and his defences from the start ("she stole the dolls I made him!" - Holly)

If anything him saying this taken thing is just sympathy bait to encourage more people to send in games, aka "I had so many games taken from me in my divorce, please send me more"

But the gamestop selling point you brought up makes me wonder if he is angry about Heidi selling all of her property she got back from him, because we know if not him then that Holly stalks Heidi's socials like crazy and would know she is selling it all

No. 1128041

Considering Hoelly had no problem posting that post Heidi made about the divorce on a private facebook, we can safely say that yes, Hoelly is stalking it so she can continue trying her hardest to emulate her to keep Jared's attention.

No. 1128051

File: 1610332415133.png (163.34 KB, 828x664, 1610332376475.png)

No. 1128056

He sees you when you in your cosplay, He made Sailor Moon obscene - He'll ask you if you are 18 so he has deniability

Just like overused Christmas carols, ProPedo will never fully go away, will he?>>1128051

No. 1128061


This is what my sleep paralysis demon looks like. Thanks for the nightmares anon!

No. 1128076

It's like the anti-Chris Hansen. I shudder each time I look upon it.

No. 1128538

File: 1610385725650.jpg (164.5 KB, 1080x1080, lol.jpg)

> I'm not welcome, and blocked by a huge part of the community

Aww, is widdle Holly Conrad upset that the community set some BOUNDARIES and decided not to let abusers and enablers exploit their power anymore?

No. 1128580

File: 1610388460766.png (261.56 KB, 456x383, Screenshot_177.png)

And here she was, so damned proud of being CANCELLED…Yet now it's problematic when it actually has real world ramifications.

No. 1128625

File: 1610391083664.png (216.19 KB, 1028x966, ingramharassmentalts.png)

It brings me great joy to see Ingram called out for what he does. Dude made a bunch of alts to attack "the haters" but didn't think anyone would ever call him out on it.

No. 1128813

File: 1610401388069.jpg (349.8 KB, 538x1428, Screenshot_20210111-164204_Chr…)

She is really on a roll lately

No. 1128816


She's so pathetic and idiotic. Does she not understand that it also applies to her rabid fanbase that attacks Heidi at every turn. But no, she only thinks of herself and no one else.

No. 1128819

Heidi was attacked recently?

No. 1128824


Hahaha she's been hilarious lately. I suspect she's attempting to rebrand herself as "inspirational", judging by all the guru and mental health ppl she's recently followed on IG.

No. 1128844

It's been literal years of this now and she has 0% growth since day one of this mess

No. 1128845

Because responding to trolls by specifically telling them how much they bother you is the best way to make them go away!

It's almost as if people are forgetting about her…and she's begging for negative attention and uwu pity me points because (to her) it's better than no attention. That never goes wrong!

Reminder: Holly is almost 35 and is completely fine working a career as a professional victim on the internet.

No. 1128853


This post reads to me more like her trying to hype herself up and scare off her internet bullies. She is trying to throw it back and say that the trolls are the true pathetic ones and that she knows they are losers etc. She just is really bad at sounding tough and scaring trolls off lmao


I think one of the main reasons she isn't growing and is doing so bad is that the fans that weren't scared off by the drama were by her new content. She completely has stopped with gaming and DnD stuff (except the very rare stream, and not everyone prefers their content live on twitch) and has been pretty focused on Spooky Saturday and posting nature hike/videos. She can post whatever the hell she wants, but she can't be suprised when people who subscribed to her for one type of content arent into the other.

No. 1128855


Self replying because rereading her post I see her talking about "toxic-shame" which sounds EXACTLY like what she was doing to Heidi the minute she said no and revoked consent. All she did was shit talk a woman to her husband and start a whole abuse narrative because she was insecure and upset that she couldn't have what she wanted

No. 1128860

It also reads as her trying to convince HERSELF that she's blameless. An innocent person doesn't spend years writing tweet after tweet about how "the bullies have toxic shame, not me!"

No. 1128864


Not to mention the second to last tweet implying that her trolls have an unhealthy parasocial connection with Heidi and are defending her without all the correct information.

She has been on the "you dont know her! You know me, guys" train literally from the start: we get it, Holly, you have more clout than your boyfriends ex-wife. We should believe you because we KNoW YoU and she is a STRANGER, unlike you uwu

No. 1128880

File: 1610405095880.png (19.98 KB, 519x270, Screenshot_178.png)

She gets that she can remove all of the comments she wants, but that she'll never truly be free of that "scarlet letter" as long as she keeps bringing it up, right? Even if she DID manage to pull in new viewers, she's continuously alienating them every time she brings up the drama all over again.

No. 1128883

Self-replying - I had a post drafted with that screenshot before seeing the hoelly ones. Turns out Anna and Nate are still sticking with their cheating buddies too, so not ALL of D&D has abandoned them. At least Anna and Nate were smart enough to keep their shit on the DL.

No. 1128887

Besides her new content being sparse and unrelated to Dnd/gaming, I think the average person gets tired of her constant complaining and victimizing herself. People have enough negativity and shit to deal with these days. There's only so many times the average follower can listen to a privileged white woman with an expensive home in Seattle complain about how she was held accountable for partaking in an affair before they hit unfollow.

No. 1128900

File: 1610406815745.jpg (442.96 KB, 1020x1535, Rws.jpg)

When you're so bad at youtube that the Rewired Soul is giving you advice, it's time to find a new job

No. 1128951


Something, something… if you keep running into assholes, etc.

No. 1128966

oof. the only worse person that could have replied to this is jeffree star or shane dawson lmao

No. 1128973

if Keemstar thought for one minute that bringing the crazy of hoelly cumrag back into his life would boost his numbers, he'd do it in a heartbeat (even after his initial reaction)

No. 1128976

Boutté has been on her since day 1, hardly surprising he'd be in her replies.

No. 1128981


Yep, & her stans LOVE him

No. 1129008

Loving that nice big “you deserve worse but this will do” as if to suggest that the person didn’t mean the worst she deserves is being deplatformed.

Also that parasocial comment, heidis following is nothing in comparison. Not to mention her and Jared leveraged their parasocial connections to harass Heidi (sadold?). And Jared literally used he’s parasocial relationships to get nudes and fuck fans but yep, you’re the victim holly.

No. 1129037

File: 1610416516236.png (33.26 KB, 590x492, troll.png)


Possible new Ingram account? You decide!

No. 1129038

File: 1610416608980.png (38.74 KB, 590x446, troll1.png)


…My money's on 'Yes'!

No. 1129041

File: 1610416864729.png (54.88 KB, 444x606, feelsnotreals.png)

…Because he kept stringing her along & continued leading her to believe that they could still work things out.

No. 1129045

File: 1610417092897.png (38.87 KB, 442x434, trustme2.png)

>Source - "Bro trust me, ignore the evidence that proves the exact opposite, she said this so it MUST be true"

Yeah, it's not like you say anything like that- OH WAIT:

No. 1129053

It upsets Jared stans SO MUCH when just ONE person says that they dislike him lmao.

They cannot fucking cope.

No. 1129071

why does this dude keep sharing private parts of these peoples' lives? seriously, if i was jared or holly i'd second guess anything with homeboy because he puts of fucking blast the first chance he gets

No. 1129073

Because he wants to remind everyone that he knows Jared and Holly personally, which gives him, idk, super special friendship powers™.

No. 1129081

Whenever heidi is brought up or is hated people lose their absolute shit, just look at any of the past threads. I see people attack jared and holly constantly and I don't see shitstorms comparatively.

No. 1129090

That new Ingram account is projecting hardcore. This is like what, the sixth account that popped out of nowhere to name search Jared and harass random people for the crime of not liking him. That over the anger limit person seems to be the most sane of the bunch, they don't tweet at Hored they just say the truth about Jared and the white knights come running to them after they show up in a name search.

Good on them to try to mitigate their harassment to others, my only criticism is that they hyper focus on Heidi too much which takes away from the real fucked shit Jared is unapologetic about.

No. 1129099

Literally just stream without facecam? People do it all the time? It's pretty obvious she's just looking for an excuse to pity party and try to jump on the vtuber bandwagon all in one go.

Also, I'm sorry, but isn't she in her 30s? Some strangers on the internet think you are ugly. Who cares?

Can't wait for them both to bleed more followers. They could only court the incel/far-right crowd for so long.

Imagine throwing it all away for some mediocre wormdick that hardly acknowledges you publicly. It's no wonder she constantly laments about it and is so desperate to hold onto him. Literally a consolation "prize". kek

No. 1129100

This might come back to bite Nate and Anna publicly now that people know that they still associate with a sexual predator.

No. 1129105

Eh, probably not. I don't think being part of that weird predatory duo makes SadOld nearly as popular as he likes to think.

No. 1129113

Holly posted on twitter that Anna got her a xmas gift so he didn't really give any new information

No. 1129207

What kind of fucked up shit have you done in your life to relate to and defend this gross creepy weirdo? Like i understand the losers defending him think that theyre adding to his innocence but in reality from the rest of the world it looks like all the entitled predators aggregate together into a group of morons. The constant spazzing out and loitering on every single platform to argue and project onto heidi just screams "all of this is fueled by misplaced guilt"
When they do this shit the other person isnt like "oh ok thanks, projared = good now", theyre just like "yeah hes still a predator, and youre probably guilty of some fucked up shit too or you will be in the future"
Even if heidi was a raging bitch, hes still just the absolute worst lmao. Hes soooooo repulsive to women w any shred of self esteem its crazy to think constantly policing ppls public opinion of him would do anything but make YOU fall in the same category as him.

No. 1129215


Damn anon I don't like Jared either but you need to switch to decaf or something.

No. 1129242

Idc about jared but heidi is fucking annoying. You can either be a pure, innocent victim or you can be mean, petty bitch: pick one. I don't feel bad for her.

No. 1129276

You make it sound like victims of abuse need to be completely free of guilt to be valid? Not a good look.

No. 1129342

Who would have thought that Heidi fucking up with the relationship but then learning to move on and leave the drama behind instead of constantly victimizing herself and just blocking trolls instead of encouraging them would result in less direct hate comments?

But yeah she still gets shit on from time to time. There is definitely a constant stream of people shitting on her that don't at her (and I know the Holly stan's latest cry now is that "if they don't at her it doesn't count" but it's still bullying in Holly's book since she was so bent out of shape over lolcow when it was all on a separate site and not even on the same platform as her).

No. 1129350

> complains about parasocial relationships
> "you guys know me"

holly really knows how to keep the milk coming

kinda grinds my gears that Anna got so much sympathy when her ex passed considering she cheated on him after she rode his coat tails into ttrpg content.

No. 1129410

To be honest, everything to do with those people got really weird. It was almost incestual, with Nate and Anna's ex's getting together. It was huge larping community. Not saying what happened with ex's wasn't fucked up, but people understand affairs happen and bad feelings are meant for those involved. Jared and Holly like to tell themselves the affair is what put a big nope on their careers, but it was the nude sharing. Not to mention that Jared did jack off to minors. He was just "LIED" to about it. All Jared stans are individuals who wouldn't be absolutely disgusted by having jacked off to children. SOM and the rest are scum.

No. 1129413


The stans vehemently defending this shit is NOT a good look for them.

Tbh, I have a feeling that if it weren't for the pandemic, lockdowns, etc, there would be a LOT less white-knighting from either side, but oh well…

No. 1129414

Yep, him using his platform to hook up with fans and solicit nudes from them is scummy and an abuse of power. This is why they were canceled.

No. 1129421


It seems like no one really understood exactly how damaging these kinds of parasocial relationships could be until this year, when there was a metric ton of cases being brought to light.

I can understand Jared & Holly's fans not really understanding it because they've now conflated this subject with 'cancel-culture', unfortunately…

No. 1129426

>because they've now conflated this subject with 'cancel-culture', unfortunately…
It's more like when everyone and their mother tried to cancel EVERYONE the last few years for no reason at all, little reason (OMG a guy called a girl a bitch!) or an actual reason (Vic Maggot) that it pretty much lost meaning. This is why "cancel culture" became a thing.

No. 1129430

File: 1610467937525.jpg (239.7 KB, 1060x2162, Cope.jpg)

Tinfoil: Jared told Holly he was far too traumatized from his last marriage to ever marry her and he needs to be his true polyamorous self, and this is pure cope. I believe she would marry him in a heartbeat.

No. 1129434

This post means nothing, anon. It's a social stigma that when a woman reach a certain age it's always asked: "Why do you have no kids yet?" "why aren't you married yet?" etc. Especially from asian backgrounds lol (not saying hoelly is obviously just the pushy parent shit related to this.)

No. 1129483

Yeah, hoelly, a "life others don't understand" means you can dye your hair pink in your 30's - not that you can fuck whatever married man happens to get your ladybits wet, regardless of what his wife thinks.

No. 1129635


except holly WAS married??? she got married just fine to Ross, and was always open about not wanting kids, that never changed

like let's not pretend holly is a paragon of unorthodox procedures unless you count getting your new boy from fucking your friend's husband and ditching your own, kek

No. 1129692

Don't forget that Holly is so self centered that she only talks about things that link back to her in some way. It always comes back to how she feels or how she's affected by it.
She's been with Jared for a few years now, which is the typical timeline where people start to expect adults will get married. She doesn't have the type of parents or extended family that would push for it like you described. Her mom's dead and her dad is a distant alcoholic – it's not them pressuring her lol.

It's not uncommon for stans to overstep boundaries by asking "when are you getting married" or "when are you having babies". She has a rabid fanbase that ships her and Jared, who were both conspicuously married to other people. So it's not unlikely that some of them are expecting their faves to make their relationship more "real" or official than the previous ones.

Or maybe she's just projecting her insecurities, as usual. After all, she's usually trying to convince herself when she preaches.
>[sob] it's okay that he won't marry me! Others don't understand us!

No. 1129829

yeah. this is a projared/holly thread and not the heidi thread

No. 1129983

It's a response to a comment about "pushy parents" bringing this stuff up.

No. 1130009


As far as I can tell other anons empathize more with Heidi but have no actual attachment to her, if there was milk she would be absolutely torn to shreds in a moment on here.

There’s a bias but it’s something that can be shattered like it was with Holly who was generally well-liked before.

There’s no rule about posting or criticizing Heidi and since everyone’s anonymous what does it matter. Anons who want to post about Heidi should be less emotional when anons react to it negatively or say they don’t care.

No. 1130038

Hoelly has brought up her parents and the "trauma" they inflicted on her multiple times. It IS relevant when we're discussing why she is the way she is. GTFO with the white knighting

No. 1130062


Just make a Heidi thread already, damn.

No. 1130077

File: 1610510383297.png (44.37 KB, 588x384, hd.png)


>if there was milk she would be absolutely torn to shreds in a moment on here.

For example, if she kept making sassy 'clap-backs' to anything Jared or Holly posted or grandstanding by now, I probably would have lost all sympathy for her. The last time she brought it up was late summer I think…

I might be biased, but she seems a lot more direct & down-to-earth compared to the other two. No bullshit.

No. 1130124

You'll be hard pressed to find anyone here who won't admit that Heidi has also fucked up during this whole shitshow, but the thing here is that she admits it and has apologized - no "I'm sorry you took it that way", just "I'm sorry". Hoelly and Jared are stuck in this perpetual cycle of "I'm a victim PSYCH I beat cancel culture" and it's just exhausting.

No. 1130125


>The last time she brought it up was late summer I think…

Last time she brought it up was literally last month when she complained that the games she's selling reminded her of her marriage. Y'all just excused it and every other time she brought it up because she's the victim so she can bring it up wherever and however she wants.

Let's face it, Heidi could tweet about Hored all day every day and this board will lap it up. Just because she brings it up leagues less frequently than Holly doesn't mean that (A) It doesn't count when she does because "Holly talks about it more" (B) It's okay for her to bring it up but not Holly or (C) Heidi will never bring it up again.

I can guarantee Heidi's gonna bring it up in some variety in the future but you'll excuse it because she's "not as bad as Hored". Y'all give Heidi a free pass for whatever she does while throwing Hored into a fire for doing similar because "Hored is bad so everything Hored does is bad". So Heidi isn't milky like Hored but as much as y'all claim she's not perfect y'all gonna keep ignoring and making excuses for her and excuse yourselves for doing it with bitching about Hored being worse so it's okay. Go ahead and ban me I'm fucking done with the Heidi whiteknighting.

No. 1130129

>"So she can bring it up wherever and however she wants"

I mean, her husband did carry on a very public affair under her nose while his mistress spent many months screaming that she was an abusive psychopath to anyone who would listen. I would think that, if anyone gets to bring up the scandal, it would be the one most directly affected.

>"It's okay for her to bring it up but not Holly"

Holly caused 75% of this (the other 25% was PedoDick's inability to keep said PedoDick in his pants and away from his fans). She doesn't get to make herself into a victim when she's literally the one who caused most of it and then actively seeks it out when she wants to self-harm.

>"Y'all give Heidi a free pass for whatever she does while throwing Hored into a fire"

First of all, no the fuck we do not. She fucks up, she rightfully gets called out. Her posting about selling her own video games isn't milky. Also chill with the fucking melodramatics, Holly. Noone is throwing them into a fire, unless it's Hot Bench the next time they do something legally iffy.

No. 1130135


Ntayrt but if you’re that bothered by a thread that has literally nothing to do with you maybe it’s time to take a step back, I don’t even mean that in a catty way. It shouldn’t elicit a response like this that people have a negative response to Heidi posts. I get it, the commitment some anons have had to Holly’s ex has been abrasive at times but it shouldn’t…genuinely bother you.

Anons are telling you, myself included, that we don’t really care if there’s Heidi milk. 1-3 people might reply to WK Heidi, but the rest are lurking or have nothing worthwhile to add on to what has been posted. Even when anything Hored is posted.

No. 1130136

>First of all, no the fuck we do not. She fucks up, she rightfully gets called out.

Point out one time these threads have "rightfully" called out Heidi that didn't immediately deflect to "but Hored".

>Her posting about selling her own video games isn't milky.

The post I was responding to talked about the last time Heidi brought up the divorce. I didn't say it was milk I was saying she brought it up more recently than what >>1130077 said. But back when Heidi brought up the divorce/drama several times a week for almost a year after Jared came back out of hiding, y'all were eating that shit up. And don't act like y'all won't praise her for being "down-to-earth" next time she does bring it up.

No. 1130143

>"Heidi brought up the divorce/drama several times a week for almost a year after Jared came back"

Yes, how dare she talk about her divorce that she personally was involved in and affected by while Jared and his mistress continued to slander her to anyone who would listen. What a fucking twat. /s

No. 1130154


Last year was the aftermath, so of course the wounds were still fresh.

I personally don't give a shit how much any of them brings it up, since it affected all three of them the most.

Also, this is an anonymous imageboard. Some of us have been here the whole time. Some have left. Some are new here.

No. 1130156

>"It affected all three of them the most"

Again, Jared and Holly brought this on themselves - Jared with the running of the nude blog while fucking anything with a pulse, and Holly with her inability to not fuck married men outside of her own marriage. Heidi fucked up in opening an already uneasy marriage to a poly situation, but she was trying to keep her marriage together while Jared strung her along on lies.

Jared and Holly don't get to bitch about being affected when they are the reason it all went to hell in the first place. That's like lighting yourself on fire and then complaining that you got burned - Of course you did, dumbass, have some foresight.

No. 1130455

File: 1610561596449.jpg (164.37 KB, 720x412, Screenshot_20210113-131331_Chr…)


No. 1130460

File: 1610561856132.jpg (96.98 KB, 720x299, Screenshot_20210113-131530_Chr…)

Holly: we first slept together in October 2018

Jared: got divorced in spring 2019


Holly honey you can deny the groomer part but you cant say you didnt sleep with a married man. If you weren't the other woman then why did he have to keep you a secret and sneak to see you after therapy sessions? Why did he have to have a whole separate phone for you?

Oh wait! Because heidi was an abusive monster! I forgot you two planned your get out of jail free card ahead of time, my bad

No. 1130478

File: 1610563020490.png (10.75 KB, 590x202, marginalized.png)


My thoughts exactly.

No. 1130485

File: 1610563512774.png (31.76 KB, 476x436, neitherdidi.png)


Hm… maybe she's saying she herself didn't cheat, but Jared possibly did?

No. 1130488

File: 1610563731122.png (43.85 KB, 478x518, goodpoint-.png)

This person makes several good points.

No. 1130490

File: 1610563808433.jpg (299.84 KB, 720x1038, Screenshot_20210113-134656_Chr…)

She sure is feeding us this week. Everytime this thread slows down she starts sperging like clockwork.

Nobody wants you to be completely silent, Holly, they just realise that whenever you talk about it you make things worse.

Doesnt she have a boyfriend she can talk about this with? And a therapist? And a bunch of friends???

No. 1130494

>Holly: melts down every day this week, like clockwork.
>Some obsessed anon, yesterday: but why aren't you criticizing HEIDI?!!

No. 1130502

File: 1610564780950.jpg (211.01 KB, 718x767, Private.jpg)


Bye bye, birdie

I just dont get why she tries to come across as so tough and above her trolls when she always folds for them anyway.

"Criticize me so you dont attack others" goes private

No. 1130506

Honestly, I think she really shouldn't have used a 'trendy' term to describe her situation ("Cancel-Culture") that has already been run into the ground by so many whiny rich fucks that it has lost all meaning.

"Harassment" is a timeless word that cuts straight to the point.

No. 1130511


lmao typical Hoelly, she lashes out and when she can’t take the blowback she makes her tweets private. She always does this, and then she cries about her follower count going down. People just don’t want to deal with that bullshit.

No. 1130514

Is "The capitol riot is actually about how I'm a victim," going to be the sequel to "Etika's suicide is actually about how I'm a victim"?

No. 1130523

Are there any undercover anons following her? Wonder what her privating announcement is after she literally just posted telling people to call her whatever they want and shame her all they want

Correct me if I'm wrong but the next step in the cycle will be her coming back and announcing a break from twitter, promoting her insta and using the wecrowinghens account to like anything Jared tweets, right?

Also in Jared news he replied to Jirard saying he can text him any time to game together and was totally left on read: no replies or even a like from mister completioninst lmao. Maybe he realised that being friends with Jared while still buddying up with Ross is weird and disrespectful as hell

No. 1130528

>after she literally just posted telling people to call her whatever they want and shame her all they want

What is this referring to?

It really seems like she's getting worse. We're years past the original scandal and she's having more tantrums now than she did six months ago. I wonder if her relationship is falling apart and she's looking for someone to blame.

No. 1130529


I mean… she quote RT'd someone with a blue checkmark & 826.6K Followers…

iirc, last week she quote RT'd someone with like 1,900 followers, so there was much less of a pushback…

No. 1130532


I would show you the tweet but she is privated lol

Basically she ended her tantrum with something along the lines of "call me a cheating whore all you want" before she went private. again, can't find the exact wording

No. 1130534


>"Maybe he realised that being friends with Jared while still buddying up with Ross is weird and disrespectful as hell"

Jared @'s & name-drops a lot. He did it even more after his comeback, but it seems like his friends don't want their relationship with him to be public.

No. 1130539

>"Extremely-rich….or content creators"

Does…does she not realize that she fits two of those categories? Even if she's not "extremely" rich, she still doesn't worry about where her next meal is coming from like a fuckton of people are since Coronavirus fucked everything up. The privilege is LEAPING out on this one.

No. 1130541

She's insisted from day one that she never cheated, that they waited until they were both free and clear of their respective spouses. That's nothing new.

No. 1130543

I love that she says to hold people accountable, but when people have tried to hold her and Jared accountable, she FLIPS out every. single. time.

>"I'm tired of being silent"

Bitch, when - since this has started - have you EVER been silent? The fuck?

No. 1130544

she locked before I screen capped

transcript: Call me an ugly cheating whore, shame me, use my tweets against me where I say I’m mentally ill. I have nothing to hide and nothing to lose anymore. Have fun.

No. 1130545

File: 1610567907422.jpeg (349.59 KB, 1329x636, F10D5AF9-B09E-407C-80D9-66DEDA…)

I’ve got you, anon

No. 1130546


"I just can't do this again", she says, as she proceeds to meltdown YET AGAIN for the zillionth time in the last six months.

No. 1130550

Post the whole tantrum, please!

I also really want to see responses to her "marginalized creator" claim. Pity she went private before that got traction in actual marginalized communities.

No. 1130553


Is this the part of the cycle where she heads over here?

No. 1130555

That's all she's said so far. All of the comments replying are just the typical asslicking "We're sorry you're going through this hoelly! You don't deserve it!" that is what she's looking for when she has these meltdowns.

No. 1130556

She never stopped being here, Anon. Why do you think her tantrums typically mention shit that we've brought up here?

No. 1130557

>"I'm tired of being silent"
>Has literally never shut the fuck up

People tried to hold her accountable from the start, and she has never tried to take any accountability for her own actions. She's doing the same "I'm sorry, I'm mentally ill" routine she has every time she is confronted. She always has to make herself a kicked puppy with dramatic wording like "I made a mistake trying to stand up for myself"

No. 1130559


>"There were too many coming after me."

That'll happen when you quote-retweet a blue checkmark. Or anyone with a following.
Live & learn I guess…

No. 1130560


The whiplash from her posting to trolls saying call her what they want and that she would rather take it instead of others having to and then this is outstanding

That second tweet…. ugh. I hate how she infantizes herself

No. 1130561


True, true.

No. 1130562

I can't fathom how retarded she is. She has to know by now that this is what happens every time she brings it up, so why does she keep doing it

No. 1130564


You’re the hero we need, anon!! Thank you for your service.

No. 1130568

File: 1610568826210.png (20.33 KB, 440x306, notpewds.png)

Last I heard Pewds was on Holly's side.
Guess no one told these two…

No. 1130570


Meanwhile im sure Jared is locked up in her basement on his computer "working" instead of comforting or helping her through this mini crisis

What are the odds that she let's him live there rent free and that's why she is so impoverished? I doubt he helps pay for the bills or anything, maybe that's why she is so stressed about finances

No. 1130573

She's 'stressed' about finances because she thinks it makes her more relateble to her fanbase (like billionaire politicians staging photo ops at county fairs).

No. 1130579

Lol anons assuming Holly has rich people money always make me laugh. I've never seen her post something that indicates conspicuous consumption beyond the house she owns. Are we sure she didn't spend all of her money on that?

No. 1130581

File: 1610569489161.jpg (105.57 KB, 676x229, 20210113_145815.jpg)

New banner

No. 1130582

She inherited Granddaddy's disney money. You can hop right off that "Hoelly is poor just like us!" train.

No. 1130583

Count my vote for next thread pic

No. 1130585

Not poor isn't the same as rich anon. Ya'll have a tenuous grasp on how money works, don't you?

No. 1130589

This means jack all. it's like saying Bezos personally has a trillion dollars just because Amazon broke that milestone. Learn how finances work, anon. She inherited money but it doesn't mean she has millions to casually toss around in liquid assets. I'd assume the people posting here had more grasp of life than the ones that constantly get shit talked about lol.

No. 1130591

File: 1610570071092.png (960.95 KB, 875x980, find-the-difference.png)

No. 1130594

I changed my mind. This is gold.

No. 1130596

Anon, your grasp on money is broken. No one has Jeff Bezos money what the fuck kind of comparison is that?

As an amerifag let me clear something up; owning your own home, being able to fund the vet bills of a flock of birds and randomly being able to check yourself into a mental health facility on a whim are a good hint that money probably isn’t a big deal for her. Of course she can’t buy a plane on a whim but she does own a home in what, Seattle?

No one owes her their support financial or otherwise. Her throwing tantrums about suffering financially are laughable because, well everyone is and they don’t own homes in Seattle. So yeah, anons are going to be over it when she complains about the financial hit, especially when she’s the one that stopped creating content? Her problems are her own and she needs to stop looking to blame someone else.

No. 1130597

I know it's hard for her to ignore them, but if she just 'mutes' her haters & leaves them hanging, they'll just end up looking like idiots.

No. 1130602

She doesn't seem to ever do much, but always seems to be able to buy whatever she wants and do whatever she wants, including running a floundering cosplay business that didn't even take a guillermo del toro job seriously, dedicate huge chunks of her space to DnD or crafting or pigeons, despite living in expensive cities, and change her hobbies on a whim and go all out on supplies. I used to be a fan and I remember once she bought a vacuum chamber and a bunch of other expensive resin casting supplies on whim saying she was going to start selling toys, and only stocked a handful before moving on. The rate of her spending doesn't really match what she's done over the years, pre DCA her youtube channel wasn't even that big and was a handful a cosplay videos with decent views and a bunch of lets plays with abyssal views.

I don't think she's from generational wealth, but she's definitively well off enough that this isn't ruining her financially like she claims.

No. 1130603

raises hand I'm in

No. 1130605

Remember the dry spells this thread went through including when people were resorting to posting about some shitty overpriced cardigans? It would have died so easily if she let it. Jared is dumb (and still a predator) but not this often, she single handedly keeps this thread going.

No. 1130608

In her head, I think it is. Like you said, she's used to spending money on whatever she wanted whenever she wanted and she might now finally be at the point where she has to ration it a bit (still far better off than most people, if she can afford the damned birds).


That's what I've been saying. If hoelly just shut the fuck up, we'd all have gotten bored and moved on months ago, but like clockwork, this thread dies down, she cries about being cancelled and it starts it all back up again. She thrives off of this shit

No. 1130610


She has been so well off for so long that she thinks what she is now is poor when it's still way more well off than most Americans right now

Imagine how much money she would have if she put effort into her job and actually made some content instead of using the "I cant be motivated to work because of the DrAmA" excuse almost 2 years later. Fucking grind, record let's plays or crafts or witch shit and post more often and fucking work, that excuse wore off a long time ago.

You'd think someone whose job is being an online personality would be going all out during a pandemic where everyone is online consuming content all day

No. 1130614

'tHeYyYy might come for meeee!" lmao give me a fucking break. Go outside and step away from the computer, birdgirl. People are dying.

No. 1130617

She is the truest definition of those kids in elementary school who always challenged you to a fight but the minute you actually stood up to them, they started to cry and made you out to be the bully when really they started the whole thing.

No. 1130627

File: 1610571985752.png (73.54 KB, 594x708, Screenshot_180.png)


Holly: -sits on twitter, liking posts that give her nothing but compliments while crying about being 'harassed'-

No. 1130639

File: 1610572554085.png (11.64 KB, 565x102, Screenshot_181.png)

Guys, she's doing it again. She's literally tweeting to see how long it takes to get hate comments or for someone to post the tweet elsewhere.

Y'all stans want to tell me again how Hoelly isn't asking for this shit??

No. 1130643

>She's literally tweeting to see how long it takes to get hate comments or for someone to post the tweet elsewhere.
To be fair at this point it'd be harassment if what you say is true lol

No. 1130644


You mean like it was when she took a post Heidi made on her PRIVATE facebook and released it to the public of THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of her followers in an effort to slander her?

Those in glass whorehouses shouldn't throw stones, Hoelly.

No. 1130645


Wasn't it "research" last time she did this?

No. 1130646

That's what she claimed but that 'research' never led to anything but more of her bitching about the internet, on which she chose to make her career and carry on her affair, being mean to her.

No. 1130647


Oh, so now she’s trying to see which of her followers she needs to block based on how they respond to that tweet? lmao.

No. 1130648

File: 1610573228222.png (14.85 KB, 607x149, Screenshot_182.png)


She should start with whoever the fuck this is. If this person means Jared, no worries - we've all already seen his dick, hard pass on that one. If this person means Heidi, why do they think Hoelly would care?

No. 1130649

God how embarrassing. I can't imagine being a 34 year old she/they.

I love how she started typing like a tumblr dom and having her YA hero moment with her liberal use of dramatic periods and ZERO heart emojis or deflective, self deprecating language and then the minute somebody criticized her it was right back to bleating and crying. Fucking hilarious.

Kek didn't she get clowned super hard for this last time?

No. 1130650

"Testing something" is just a fun way of saying "baiting lolcow to post this so I can feel justified in my self-victimization"

No. 1130652

I mean, we know she roams here. She knows the thread exists. The only thing she does in baiting posts like this is draw her new, maybe unaware fans to the….what 28 threads of what-the-fuck-ever we have on her and Jared now.

No. 1130654

File: 1610573476889.jpg (107.92 KB, 980x743, havefun.JPG)


I got it. I think she deleted this one though.

No. 1130657

lul is she just going to block everyone who doesn't reply with asspats? she hs no way of knowing who is who

No. 1130661

That hasn't stopped her before.

No. 1130663

Love how she finishes self-flagellating by insisting that she's doing everyone else a favor by becoming a martyr for them

>I am a victim and your hero

No. 1130667

Is she even anyone’s favorite cow? She’s not even the only cow.

Holly you’re not a martyr, please stop.

No. 1130674


You forget the best part!!! She tried to paint herself as a victim and martyr and then immediately went private

No. 1130676


Cancel-culture Jesus will unprivate in 3 days.

No. 1130678


>cancel culture jesus

Fucking hilarious, anon, well done

Think it annoys Jared when she gets this way when they both know damn well he had it way worse than she ever did?

No. 1130700

File: 1610576183416.png (20.22 KB, 588x141, 359ac015-977d-4bc5-9b60-853163…)

No. 1130702

File: 1610576223845.png (205.76 KB, 596x511, 0559b1e8-6d0e-473c-921d-dc1e61…)

From Tumblr LMFAOO

No. 1130704

If it wasn't clear, this person apologized to Holly and she blocked her

No. 1130732

File: 1610577050393.jpg (96.32 KB, 720x547, AllIsForgivenIGuess.jpg)


And now that TWC blog is posting that Holly reached out and they cleared the air… throwback to holly reaching out to creepshow art

No. 1130781

File: 1610579561707.png (44.22 KB, 741x300, iamtopkek.png)

"you're the top kek"

No. 1130798

File: 1610580283283.png (126.82 KB, 732x540, lmaogetbodied.png)

No. 1130803

she really doesn't see the irony in obsessively visiting this thread, does she?

where did the anons crying about heidi go? they seemed to evaporate as soon as her break down started. maybe she doesn't just obsessively lurk, but posts as one of her many methods of self harm, and getting told off triggered her hard.

No. 1130804

How can you be as online as Holly and not understand the context of top kek which is basically lmao

>You're the lmao

No. 1130814

File: 1610581039718.png (150.27 KB, 1202x810, lol.png)

and where is her partner during her break down? oh yeah, tweeting at that streamer that looks uncomfortably similar to his ex wife

No. 1130820

What a coward. "bu…bu…buuut I can't show myself on cam!" Yeah, and you never will if you insulate yourself.

Super ironic someone is whining about Heidi and a salty tweet about her selling her shit to remove bad memories about her marriage and we have this meltdown. It goes to show the people who hate Heidi here are not farmers, but Hoelly friends. "Y'all ready to say Heidi is soooo down to earth." By comparison - yes. Holly is a fucking freak. She's an emotional vampire that feeds off of pity from others. She's toxic af. Imagine a person complaining about cancelculture because the man she cheated with traded nudes and jacked it to minors, while trying to victimize herself. Imagine this same person, having free money from her Grandpa, sure she may not be mega rich, call herself marginalized. A white woman with inheritance, social media presence and does NOT WORK A JOB. What the fuck are we supposed to relate to when she whines about a god damn show that involved her sexual fetish live and gaming?! Whine about Heidi all you want. It's boring. It will always be nitpicking, but tell me we're not getting a milkmas here with this white trust fund baby that was able to, at least, spend half a mil on a house on Seattle. If you're not an amerifag, then you certainly don't know how much houses go for in Seattle compared to average incomes in the US. Holly is more definitely well off to not have a job, have tons of birds, and afford a house in one of the most expensive cities in the US. I've never known a person to move Seattle without having inheritance.

No. 1130822


At this point she probably just gets off on the drama she stirs. Playing the perpetual victim is the ultimate roleplay for her.

No. 1130824


What’d she do, block all her followers? What does this even mean? She really has lost her fucking mind this time.


lmao, ProDick doing what ProDick does best, ignoring Hoelly for egirls.

No. 1130827

Jared never loved Holly, lmao. So much for being his attack bird.

No. 1130829

Now THIS is a Top Kek, Holly. Enjoy.

No. 1130831

Idk if it’s anything that can be looked up or if she’s hinted at it before, but besides the actual money passed down-wouldn’t she also come into custody of Disney stocks? Maybe other stocks, too?

It would explain how she lives. Utilities, day-to-day living costs, bird costs (I’m sure she hired someone to make the enclosure as well), it would make the most sense if she had a stable and secure income.

I can’t wait for the day mods expose her post history.

Side note-Has anyone ever even called Holly a “whore” or “slut” besides herself?

No. 1130833

jared is probably stonewalling her so she needs to turn somewhere else to fulfill her incredibly unhealthy emotional needs.

>ProDick doing what ProDick does best, ignoring Hoelly for egirls.
this is the man you risked it all for, holly, you could have made out like nate and anna had you kept your mouth shut. cheating isn't a good luck but also something that could have easily been overlooked in a couple a months, yet you decided to go to town setting yourself on fire for a sexpest and making your ties to an abuser very, very public

No. 1130836

File: 1610581868098.jpeg (411.02 KB, 730x908, FAE308B6-4333-4CBE-A552-666952…)


this is a nitpick but i follow the person who called her a cuck and one of the people arguing in the comments called holly a ghoul, i’ve never seen her use that insult before so she was definitely lurking

i also find it weird that the user said “anonymously” when the other persons face is clearly visible

No. 1130847


>Has anyone ever even called Holly a “whore” or “slut” besides herself?

The majority of these threads have been calling her "Hoelly" and "Whorelly" lol

No. 1130854

as a play on words, but rarely has anyone come straight out and called her a whore or a slut with the exception of hoelly herself.

No. 1130860


You'd think a monster spooky obsessed lady like Holly wouldn't use Ghoul as an insult

No. 1130862

she wants to latch onto the sexist and easy to dismiss insults so that she doesn't have to address people who discuss her actual actions and hold herself accountable

it's easier to maintain her narrative if all her ex-fans are just 'bullies' rather than people disgusted with her actions

No. 1130866

It's almost like Holly interprets everyone pointing out how she cheated with a cheater as slut-shaming

Incoming "ghoul" merch in five… four… three…

No. 1130867

more like incoming talk of how heidi is just trying to be holly any time she even vaguely mentions ghosts

No. 1130879

File: 1610583349377.jpeg (58.33 KB, 640x625, 23B3378C-DE15-424F-9444-657B00…)

Ew, as if. Her “fans” are just as bad as her “haters” for making shit up like this.

Jared is under the desk crying to another girl about how Holly is abusive and scaring him.

This is amusing because besides the hair, at least in the icons both users look the same.

Yeah, there’s a huge difference IMO. She seems to be the one calling herself a cheating whore, etc. It’s so frequent that it seems more that she’s hoping it will be something that catches on in this thread.

She thinks so highly of herself despite not even having her own thread in Snow, she’s hardly relevant even on this site but feels it’s on par with being Kanye West or a mistress of the previous President Clinton.

I was being nice before ITT but she must be upset that nobody wants to defend her here, besides herself. Any time I feel neutral about her she slips into this agressive “IDC I’m not going to be a silent victim” mode, followed by her prostrating victim tweets.
At her big age she’s here screenshotting LC like how other anons screenshot her tweets.

No. 1130881


When will you bullies realise that Holly has a trademark on unique interests like… nature, and horror. Anyone else who likes that stuff just wants to be her, duh. Sorry, Suzi, you Holly wannabe

No. 1130889

>i-i'm sowwy

shut the fuck up holly. this little pity party is so transparent; it's obvious you just want your various simps to fall all over themselves telling you what a good person you are

No. 1130897

File: 1610584205254.png (6.17 KB, 289x157, Capture50.PNG)

This is from her patreon. I went to look at it when anons were talking about her money. I didn't snip it then, but it was $14_1. I think $1471? I don't remember. Immense regret now. Look who lost patrons in the past ~4 hours. She's so pooooor you guys we should pity her :,((((

No. 1130899

even if it were $1500 a month, it is well below the federal poverty guidelines. Lolcow really doesn't understand money.

No. 1130902

you're acting like patreon is hoelly's sole source of income and it isn't.

No. 1130903

It's not that the idiots here doesn't understand money, they're just so hung up on harassing people.
This is an imageboard, show receipts.

No. 1130904

Common fuck sense is my receipt. If hoelly was only making $1500 or less per month, she wouldn't have a house in the PNW with a horde of birds that regularly get vet care. On just $1500 a month, she'd be lucky to pay her basic taxes, utilities, and food for herself and PedoWorm.

No. 1130905

not to mention the ad revenue she gets from the YT channel, as well as proceeds from her "clothing" shop

No. 1130909

Would she also get a cut of whatever WOTC makes from her character? I think they made some little figurines of the wafflecrew minus Jared. Maybe got paid up front for that or gets residual checks or some shit. Or has an annual contract with them for doing events and things like that. We don't know how many pots her hand is in. And she certainly will play off that fact.

No. 1130910

And her livestreams which most likely runs ads and the subscribers to that twitch channel. And her live in boyfriend who also has a youtube channel and twitch channel

No. 1130917

File: 1610585590953.jpeg (122.68 KB, 1080x1080, 64AEC650-438A-4DB3-8FA6-88BADE…)

Googled the Min wage for Seattle and she’s making twice as much from Patreon than a person working 40 hr weeks makes despite hardly doing anything at all. That’s not even including her shop, anything extra when she streams, etc.

What a terrible life, she must really be struggling after losing everything to cancel culture. I mean, it wasn’t her that got “cancelled” because that was Jared-but less people like her now! Strangers are mean to her! She can’t help but keep up with this thread because it’s how she hurts herself!

No. 1130920

Every time she mentions here, like clockwork, lmao

No. 1130921

Seattle minimum wage is 16.69

40 hours a week is 160 hours a month.

That's $2670.40 a month. I'm not saying she's poor as fuck or anything.

But she certainly isn't pulling in "rich people money" like the cows here are implying.

No. 1130923

Does she own a home in a notoriously high cost of living area? Yes. Does she own NUMEROUS animals and manage to get them all veterinary care? Yes. Can she get on a plane when she pleases a take a trip somewhere? Barring covid, yes.

In the state of the country today? That's "rich people money". And yet she has the absolute gall to call herself a marginalized creator as an upper-middle class white woman. That is why people are pissed.

No. 1130927

My bad, thought Patreon was weekly.
Regardless pic related in reply was for Holly.

I think it would depend because we don’t know how much money she had to spend from her inheritance (especially if she was working before and didn’t have to use much), what her actual income is besides Patreon, her shop sales, etc. Did she own a house when she married Ross?

Considering he was staying with friends he might have just moved in with her. If she had been the owner of that house, she most likely would have made enough from that to buy a house in Seattle-right?

I’m a Canada-fag, so I’m just assuming the area she lived before would be similar if not more to what she bought.

This as well, Jared moved in with her so it makes sense that he’s helping with general living costs.

No. 1130933

Her channel's views are terrible and she hemmorages subs with every upload, but twitch and her overpriced Cult of Personality store are what adds to her Patreon.

She was getting paid as a performer very likely, as well as payment for con appearances.

The miniatures got cancelled despite someone saying they were going to 100% come out last fall.

Grandpa Lanpher died in 2011 and Holly married Ross in 2012, so she already had that sweet inherited expensive California home.

No. 1130935

That is nowhere near "upper" middle class, anon. Again, you folks clearly have no grasp of money and it's laughable. 29% of her age group in Seattle metro area own a home. This only proves that she at one point had more money than average people. Owning in Seattle is also saving you money. So while she spent a lot to get there, that means she has a far lower daily/monthly cost of living.

She also has only traveled once since the drama that I'm aware of, and she had plenty of opportunity in the 10 months before COVID, so you're tacking on completely useless data.

Just admit "we don't know if she has money or not, beyond $1500 a month", that's not much to ask. There is nothing indicating she even has a stable lifestyle.

No. 1130936

>"Just admit"
Get bent. We KNOW she has money beyond that patreon money because she FOR SURE gets money from her YT videos and her Crowing Hens store. I have no screenshots but it is know that YT'ers make money from ad revenue and as much as we give hoelly trouble, she DOES still have a decent following on YT.

No. 1130939

I don't doubt Holly makes enough money to comfortably support herself but maybe she's struggling because she is supporting Jared also. He's the one who lost a bunch of career opportunities and is left with YouTube essentially (and he's struggling there). She's probably reduced to being his sugar mama.

No. 1130940

For which videos? Is this really a sticking point for you? Does she have to be wealthy for it to be okay to make fun of her antics?

The average youtuber makes $0.002 per view, you do the math for her 12,000 views in the last 30 days.

No. 1130941

>We KNOW she has money beyond that patreon money because she FOR SURE gets money from her YT videos and her Crowing Hens store
No one is posting pictures showing proof of this. If we know why is it such a big deal to post her earnings? Her channel pulls in abysmal numbers and unless she's in a generous network she is making dog shit on her channel. Everyone proclaims what a failure her shop is, so now it's a success to keep her afloat? It's okay to milk a cow but damn at least keep the narrative focused. Like it's not that big of a deal, people readily post jared's nudes, why not something relevant for once?(stop)

No. 1130943

> Grandpa Lanpher died in 2011 and Holly married Ross in 2012, so she already had that sweet inherited expensive California home.

No shit? Damn.
I had no idea it was so recent, so most likely he funded her schooling abroad while he was alive (unless her parents did) and she’s lived an extremely cushy life then is pretty fair to say?

No. 1130944

Also maybe Jared was ordered to pay alimony and a good chunk of his earnings are going to Heidi. Holly might really be supporting a broke has-been degenerate

No. 1130955

File: 1610588859098.png (9.64 KB, 586x174, marginalizeduwu.png)

Okay, this was kinda funny

No. 1130973

File: 1610591032696.png (223.32 KB, 594x496, tweet1.png)

Okay, but some of these reactions are gold.

No. 1130986

too bad most of the hate she encounters happens when she name searches herself or obsessively stalks this thread, locking isn't going to do jack shit when the haters aren't the problem

if she wasn't sitting on a good savings/inheritance then she is a dumb ass for buying in a hcol city and having so many expensive hobbies including hoarding animals. who cares if it's 'cheaper' to rent in seattle (ignoring that it's still a privileged to be able to cover the upfront costs and buy in a competitive market). newsflash: she doesn't have to live in seattle there are plenty of cheaper places to live with tress.

plus sad old simp and guac probably are gifting them money hand over fist to stay friends.

No. 1130996

when will she realize namedropping lolcow won’t do her any favors.

No. 1130997

File: 1610592778460.png (5.74 KB, 456x150, -marginalized-.png)

This showed up when I searched her name. Oof.

No. 1130999

File: 1610592952132.png (34.62 KB, 584x288, margerinized.png)


I guess this was what she meant by "Marginalized"…?

No. 1131000

tbf he also does twitch where som donates hundreds of dollars regularly

too bad her good friend and sjw extraordinaire adam kobel isn't here to condescendingly explain how a white woman who owns a house in seattle is actually marginalized

No. 1131005

Who does his art? Terrible likeness.

No. 1131006

white girl holly wants to be marginalized so bad it makes me angry. i’ll never forget her making etika’s suicide all about her.

No. 1131008

File: 1610593785144.png (35.8 KB, 732x261, rulesfortheenotme.png)

whining about somehow being gaslighted despite thinking it perfectly fine and acceptable for her and jared to repeatedly gaslight heidi for months

No. 1131009

File: 1610593812732.png (43.61 KB, 588x398, nuthinwrong.png)

"Everyone makes mistakes, & what happened is none of my business, so…"


My god… her fanbase will truly be her downfall.

No. 1131010

File: 1610593854886.png (1.03 MB, 1190x872, pouroneout.png)

Reupload. He's not longer Diath Woodrow. RIP, pour one out for the homeboy

No. 1131011

Did this person miss when holly was dragging Heidi through the mud for her mental illnesses?

Also is it her mental illness getting her marginalized or her actions? Because pretty sure mental illness isn’t a get out of jail free card for when you sleep with your friends husband while being married yourself.

No. 1131012


RIP Generic protagonist with a tortured past #39,427,699,224,156

No. 1131013

holly: takes the time out of her day to make her account protected for the sole reason of weeding out and blocking anyone who posts on lolcow/anywhere else

also holly: refuses to take responsibility for her own actions and stop hurting herself by exposing herself to a flame while complaining that it burns

for the love of god, holly, we used to root for you. Please dump Jared, get therapy and stop making being a victim your career.

She keeps saying that everything and everyone have pushed her out. That she got PTSD from cosplay. She doesn't do videogames anymore. She doesn't do "witchcraft" or DnD publicly. It's not ALL of those things that are wrong, it's you!

Every single thing Ross mentioned in his "recognizing abuse" talk in the vrchat checks out with Holly. She displays these symptoms daily on twitter. It's so sad and pathetic.

It's easier for her to block the "meanies" until her twitter following is just a hugbox of support, that is not mental strength Holly, that's some fucking fragility.

No. 1131016

This is what she does though, she'll weaponize mental illness as a shield for herself any time she comes under fire for anything, but also has no problem trying to use Heidi's mental illness in order to demonize her and as proof she's an evil unfixable abuser.

No. 1131017

And I repeat: >>1131005

No. 1131019

She seems to not know what actual gaslighting is despite helping and encouraging Jared to gaslight his ex for however long their emotional affair was before his marriage ended.

No. 1131020

oh lord, holly really got to him

No. 1131022


>Every single thing Ross mentioned in his "recognizing abuse" talk in the vrchat checks out with Holly.

Fuck, I remember that one bit:

>"provocative behaviors with other individuals that the person (you) might feel competetive with"

No. 1131024

I know it’s been brought up often by anons in old threads but what was the post where Ross explicitly mentioned Holly used to be abusive but then she worked on herself? Great load of good that did her in the long run.

No. 1131025


IIRC it was Holly herself mentioning this for herself (within context of being with Ross), like "I used to be abusive and got help for it" but it would be so long ago in a past thread I wouldn't even know where to start looking

No. 1131029

File: 1610595191870.png (38.69 KB, 578x378, abusedross.png)


I got you fam

No. 1131031

File: 1610595309713.png (42.2 KB, 588x308, June-2018 tweets.png)

No. 1131032


iirc jared also mentioned it at some point (said holly know about heidi's abusive behavior because holly 'used' to be abuse and therefore was an expert but also blameless)

in all of her mental health blabbering she hasn't even hinted once at working on holding herself accountable, it's is ALL about minimizing 'anxiety' (which is the vague label she places on all her bad feelings including rage and being too horny to stop herself from throwing herself at a married man.

my guess is she just told ross that she was getting help for her anxiety, and that her anxiety made her a bitch, but didn't do any real work and ross was too in love to call her on it.

No. 1131033

well damn she used to be self aware. I’m willing to believe that at one point she had been actually trying to get better and keep her mental health and abusive behavior in check, but I there’s not an actual off switch to stop yourself from having abusive tendencies. it’s like being an alcoholic, where you don’t get better you just stay sober.

Holly’s clearly stopped putting in any effort or work and for the past two years she’s been publicly spiraling.

No. 1131034

Funny that he’d mention being featured on Nickelodeon when Nickelodeon scrubbed all evidence of his cameo when the scandal hit. Not a good look when you were called out for receiving nudes from minors. Even if that wasn’t his intention he still got nudes from minors because he was actively soliciting nudes from fans in hopes of fucking them at cons.

No. 1131035


But anon "His demographics are MOSTLY adults!!"

No. 1131037

File: 1610595799955.jpeg (566.85 KB, 828x1527, 8A71E9E7-AAA2-4FC7-9565-C0A90B…)

I haven’t ever searched or even googled Holly Conrad before now but was curious if this was true and it is. The tweets under the search are great also kek

Also while searching her on Google after I saw pic related under recent mentions on tumblr and I am blown away that everyone has conveniently forgotten Holly posted screenshots of Heidi’s private account. How absolutely convenient.

Her using abuse buzzwords is also disgusting, she has no shame at all and I doubt she has much empathy for people. It’s only wrong if it’s people doing it to her, she’s even made Jared’s exposing as something that victimized her more than anyone. She doesn’t even let her own boyfriend have the “victim” spotlight during the fall from grace.

No. 1131039

oh word thanks anon. I take back what I said about self awareness. it seems like she only ever frames things around how she feels and her feelings and only includes how it effects others as an afterthought. funny she’s no longer friends with anyone who apparently supported her back then.

big surprise.

No. 1131043

File: 1610596141968.png (34.97 KB, 592x318, imaniceperson.png)

tbh, this is pretty much what Heidi did.

No. 1131047

File: 1610596500493.jpeg (66.21 KB, 850x827, 1606032232185.jpeg)


her "private" tweets, bitch this wasn't a separate private twitter that got leaked (hey remember Suzy's private twitter account that got leaked?! hold on I gotta grab my old tinfoil hat out of the closet that it was actually Holly that leaked that shit back then, I bet Holly still fucking hates Suzy)

this was her public twitter that she just shut down to stop non-followers talking to her. I would agree about leaking/sharing if this was a separate, intended private account, but this ain't it.

They are so pressed. And it wasn't just locking to take a break. Step away from the phone/computer, take up a hobby. Learn to knit. Get therapy. It was specifically put on lockdown to weed out "spies" like she's got some fucking government intel to protect.

No. 1131050

File: 1610596570265.png (141.22 KB, 605x603, 1578279766518.png)

I remembered Holly having a similar meltdown roughly one year ago, where she admitted to reading lolcow. So I went back to old threads and found the source…This is January 5, 2020

Girl has literally made 0 progress in the past year.

No. 1131052

Nah. If Heidi produced milk, I'd be all for it. The video game thing was a lil sip and seems to be her final interaction with Jared? She's straight up boring at this point and it feels like people are just grasping at straws to "but HEIDI" us in the threads. She's becoming irrelevant now that the divorce is finalized.

She just never quits does she? You think she'd realize these fits never get the reaction she wants and learn from it? Instead it's the same cycle over and over again. Can't wait to see her ask her followers what she's doing wrong and how she can stop losing followers for the umpteenth time.

It's honestly like she's desperate to be the victim. The martyr complex is strong with this one.

Congrats on being topkek anon!
This shit is too fucking funny at this point.

And here we are again. "topkek"

No. 1131058

File: 1610597611540.png (21.15 KB, 585x278, harassingpoc.png)

Reminder that all that person did was call her a 'cuck'…

No. 1131068

File: 1610598578850.jpeg (458.35 KB, 828x957, E7D69202-D786-4B11-8CFD-4134FF…)

Re-posting because it only registered to me after that her unnecessary general “plural” before she talked about her drama but the original could be applied to Heidi who people make multiple alts to reply to any comment that talks about J/H/H saying everything was made up and Heidi fabricated every single thing about it.

She also said cheating scandal, not “cheating” scandal or false cheating scandal-interesting.

No. 1131069

I'm pretty sure she's trying to do what Heidi did and go on a righteous rampage and get asspats for it. Except it won't work because she's not in the right in literally any way. The only thing that she has going for her is that she's not Jared, she's just Jared's patsy.

No. 1131074

File: 1610599117280.jpg (159.04 KB, 400x540, itsallcomingtogether.jpg)


she really makes it too easy for us, sorry for poor job

No. 1131081

Strong contender for next thread pic.
For title, "Call me an Ugly Cheating Whore Edition"

No. 1131082


Haha, this is amazing anon.

Wasn’t Hoelly recently crying about losing followers? Looks like after her latest sperg fest she’s down 6k. But yet she still wonders why people leave.

No. 1131090

Oh I’ve met you Holly. You’re absolutely as shitty as these strangers have been able to surmise. I’m glad people are seeing it now.

No. 1131112


No. 1131130


Lmao anon I love this. Great job.

No. 1131142

if she stopped oversharing on the internet about the scandal, people wouldn’t dogpile on her as much. If you keep posting about controversial stuff like “cancel culture” or whatever, people are gonna come at you for it. If she needs to post about it online instead of telling a therapist, why not just create a secret private account that she only lets her closest friends follow

No. 1131151

I’m fucking dying at some of the comments from people on Twitter. Like, does she NOT realize that for every ten asspats that she gets, she’s chasing away people who somehow didn’t know the original scandal? She’s doing this to herself.

No. 1131260

Her account is still locked. I thought it was against Twitter's TOS to be verified and have a locked account? Or did the rules change

No. 1131273

Holly was the one to bring up accountability in the first place, they sure love reaching to paint this thread as some kind of violent conspiracy with their elementary school reading comprehension

Despite saying "I'm sorry" every other tweet, she never uses the words with any meaning. When she says "I'm sorry" all she's ever really saying is "have pity for me" to her asslickers.

No. 1131279

That's the thing. After the initial hit of lost followers from "THE DRAMA" she could have recovered easily if she just handled it like an adult? Go ahead take some time off, block the trolls, move on and go back to creating content? She would likely be moving back into an upwards swing by now instead of constantly bleeding thousands of followers every month.

No one except maybe a half dozen of the worst jared stans want to see you dredge up the same old shit week after week.

Anyone else get similar vibes between Heather Sparkles and Holly?

No. 1131307

I actually feel a little bad for Holly if this is how Jared treats her. She fucked up big time yesterday. But she obviously has a lot of unresolved issues and she's getting worse because she doesn't have a stabilizing presence in her life anymore. Ross and the Grumps seem to have kept her from going off the deep end. Jared obviously ignores her so she turns to twitter as an outlet for her pain.

Holly will justify him ignoring her/tweeting at the Heidi lookalike during her breakdown to herself as: "I was bad so I deserve to be ignored". I bet he freezes her out a lot and she just takes it because she has no self-esteem.

I'm probably letting Holly off the hook too much. I know she choose him and it's what she deserves, but he comes across as such a scummy, manipulative piece of shit and she's clearly blind to it. Their relationship feels pretty gross.

No. 1131324

It was never against Twitter ToS. It's against branding/celebrities from doing so though. Since you can be verified for numerous reasons.
It's just a post, literally nothing is happening in it or shadiness going on. You see people do this all the time to the point it ends up being a meme.

No. 1131326

Nothing I can prove without saying who I am, but I want her to know when she reads this board that it’s not all strangers like she wants to pretend it is.
I’m just yet another person she won’t talk to anymore out of “fear” even though she should at least try to be accountable. She’s “afraid” of whoever won’t kiss her ass. It’s pathetic.

No. 1131333

> I talk about RPGs and CHICKENS
no you don't you tweet about the drama and how victimized you are, that's what people follow for.

i've followed her throughout this whole thing but she doesn't tweet about rpgs outside of crying about losing Strix/DCA/her Baulders Gate cameo. she never posts just general rpg content by itself. sometimes she posts some nice bird content (but it's mostly her munchausen by paultry where she begs for pity bc of a sick bird she horded).

No. 1131343

> She's becoming irrelevant now that the divorce is finalized.
exactly. ask yourself if anything heidi did now would be relevant had she not been married to jared. NO. she slipped a few times (and those times were talked about) but for the most part her participation in the drama is over. holly on the other hand has a milky history that spans back way before DCA, and actively keeps the drama alive and will not address her enabling and abusive behavior. ppl follow her because she keeps tweeting self victimizing bullshit.

there's been a lot of talk on bipoc art twitter about not cancelling smaller creators because the power dynamics are different, i bet she read about it and just inserted herself as a white woman like she always does

amazing, it's really early in this thread but i'll still vote this for the next thread pic and title

No. 1131378

>have fun posting screenshots of chickens and pigeons

Oh, Holly. If that's all you posted, this thread would not exist. Delusional.

No. 1131381

File: 1610638554655.jpeg (791.06 KB, 1125x1621, B4C5D390-E1AF-431C-8719-609A28…)

I think the closest we’ll get to accountability from her is this weird ass hypothetical

No. 1131395

Every single thing Ross mentioned in his "recognizing abuse" talk in the vrchat checks out with Holly. She displays these symptoms daily on twitter. It's so sad and pathetic.

How ironic that this was way more helpful than Holly's mental health monday shit

No. 1131402

tinfoil: It's Suzy

No. 1131408

>Ross and the Grumps seem to have kept her from going off the deep end.
I don't feel bad for her. She hated being seen as Ross's wife and she was extremely abusive to him too. I'm glad people are seeing this unhinged manipulative behavior publicly.

No. 1131410

Yeah, it's almost funny how she outs herself. To quote oldsad "they deserve each other". Wonder if we'll ever see Jared pull the same "she was abusing me" narrative in regards to Holly once the pandemic is over and he can actively pursue new pussy at cons again.

Remember when Suzy was all the talk of the old Game Grumps threads and people actually seemed to like poor uwu smollbean Holly? My, how the times have changed. kek

No. 1131423


Can’t say I feel bad for her either. I wonder if ProDick is treating her the same way he treated Heidi, ignoring her and just trotting off to do whatever he wants. If I was her, I’d feel pretty dumb begging people to watch his videos when he seems to have no problem @‘ing egirls. She should have known that if he treated Heidi one way, what would make her special to be treated any differently?


Oh he probably will. It worked once, why wouldn’t it work again? But yeah, they’re both garbage humans who deserve each other for sure.

No. 1131425

it wouldn't surprise me to learn Holly's been following lolcow since the Game Grumps thread started. I wasn't in the fandom but on here I know Holly got all the love and Suzy got all the hate so I could see her reading lolcow in the past as an ego boost.

No. 1131426

File: 1610643210057.jpg (28.28 KB, 275x231, lol.jpg)

sorry you've not familiar with healthy relationships, anon, but normally when someone has a supportive partner and they are also having such a bad break down that they are destroying their own career very publicly, they could also count on having their partner's full attention and not have to share with rando egirls.

> She hated being seen as Ross's wife
now someday in the future she'll be the abusive ex jared vague posts about being mad that all their instagram comments were about jared.

No. 1131433

he definitely treats her the same top kek

> what would make her special to be treated any differently?

her delusions of grandeur and narcissism. at least that's why she thinks she's so special

No. 1131441

>Wonder if we'll ever see Jared pull the same "she was abusing me" narrative in regards to Holly
A leopard doesn't change its spots, and he feels like he got away with it once, so really it seems more likely than not

No. 1131444

Voted for next thread pic

No. 1131495

idk, i agree he's not likely to change but i also think holly was more responsible for the the start of the abuse narrative and he jumped on after he realized that heidi wasn't going to be a doormat anymore.

he seems mostly like a super avoidant and passive boyfriend who gets annoyed when asked to consider his girlfriend's feelings, and more likely to tune out/ignore/hit on other girls until she calms down. but it didn't sound like he really wanted to leave or completely tank the relationship until he had no choice to

but who knows, maybe he's been paying attention and studying, and will take a play out of the holly conrad play book for his next break up. they really deserve each other

No. 1131496

File: 1610648888709.png (351.6 KB, 744x870, askdjf.png)

No. 1131497

she really needs to do some research into why white feminism and white female tears get shit on so much

No. 1131498


Once again, I also want to bring up that she quote-retweeted someone with 827.9K Followers, so her tweet was bound to end up on people's TLs

No. 1131510

She can't admit to ever being wrong, can she? She's lucky she's still on private because those tweets are a bad look

No. 1131513


Demisexual people have a very different experience being "marginalized" than most LGBT+ people, especially Demisexual people in heterosexual relationships. Like, it just is weird to me for her to lump herself in with people marginalized over sexuality when her sexuality has nothing to do with her drama or anything? If she says "I am only sexually attracted to people I am emotionally attached to" nobody would commit a hate crime or attack her for that, I'd even argue a very large percent of the population feels that way but doesnt feel the need to attach an oh so special term to it in order to feel like a special part of the LGBT+ community

Has she ever recieved hate for her sexuality? Has she ever been denied business or harassed or physically attacked for being publicly checks notes attracted to people she is close with? Fuck no

This reminds me of how Heidi implied that Jared tried to use polyamory as a sexual identity, like he and Holly are unhappy being "boring" cis white people so they feel the need to label themselves as something more special

Women she can argue for, sure. But she has to realise that she is on the top of the pyramid for that: white, cis, skinny, above average wealth. Relatively compared to most women she would be on the "least marginalized" end of the scale

The one thing she could pretend to be marginalized for is mental health, so why she threw up demisexuality and femininity as her defences for calling herself marginalized is beyond me

"Women are marginalized" so you identify as a woman, not they/them. Got it. Might wanna fix your bio, hun.

No. 1131514

All of this. She wants to be oppressed so bad, her entire personality anymore is just pure victimhood.

No. 1131526


Exactly. No, people aren’t coming at her because she’s demisexual, they’re coming at her because she’s crying about cancel culture again, over her own personal choices. She didn’t have to cheat on her husband and be the mistress to an emotionally abusive sex pest as they bonded over their weird RP together. That is not a good look. But here we are, about two years later and she’s still whining and crying about it all over social media and even has the audacity to blame it on marginalization and not that she made some extremely shitty life choices which in turn ended up damaging her career. No wonder people are talking.

No. 1131533

File: 1610652182701.jpg (11.14 KB, 180x280, hollysfinances.jpg)

> Owning in Seattle is also saving you money.
statements this stupid make me believe that it must be holly or someone who knows her irl defending her here. i could totally see her being so out of touch to say something like this while defending her wealth and then som eating it up without question

anyways, sure economics anon, the problem with the economy is that millenials choose to rent instead of buy and not that shit is fucked such that only the rich can buy a house in a city like seattle anymore.

No. 1131537

My lord you people are dense:

Having money at one point to buy a house does not guarantee having money now. She ain't fucking rich. She's just crazy.(stop)

No. 1131541

the point people are making is that her whining about money isn't justified. her making stupid money decisions doesn't negate that, she had the means she just choose to be reckless and guilt her fans afterwards.

No. 1131542

File: 1610653829705.jpeg (109.36 KB, 828x893, 60EC814C-9AF3-4E5A-8C55-AC2577…)

Privating to avoid those big meanies on lolcow! How’s that working for you, Holly?

No. 1131546

People know this, they just want to trash on her, which is fine. People who use a computer or phone to post here I guarantee aren't swimming in riches just because they bought a computer at one point/leasing a phone now.
Funnily enough this is pretty much harassment now given the reasoning she went private and people continue to try to milk her, it's not even milk at this point, wait til she says/does something actually stupid.

No. 1131553


how many people is she gonna block until she has nobody?

No. 1131555

I hope you or whoever is giving you screenshots is someone big enough/close enough to her that she doesn't even think to block them

No. 1131557


That’s what I’m wondering too. How can she even tell who’s from LC? There can be people who tweet/reply/lurk and they don’t even mention LC on their account. She’d have to just basically block her entire following to make sure she got everyone.

No. 1131559

She can't aside keeping an eye on who tweets to her/then immediately comes here. Otherwise she's using the same logic as people here who think you're defending holly/jared when you don't say anything bad about them 24/7.

For example:
This screenshot popped up immediately after she posts this and only a handful of people replied, she can put two and two together if she's not completely stupid.

No. 1131562

It's hilarious to me that she's trying to claim demisexual as a totes kweer marginalized micro-identity so she can avoid criticism. Holly, you're not queer and you're not oppressed for getting to know people before you fuck. There is nothing subversive or queer about your relationship beyond the fact that it's interspecies.

No. 1131563

the cost of a phone or computer relative to the average american income is nothing compared to the initial and ongoing cost of buying a house in seattle on a whim because your married fuck boy moved there.

No. 1131568

File: 1610655422506.png (38.28 KB, 601x188, hollytw.png)

keep trying

No. 1131569

she can't, this is all for theatrics and not to actually move on


top kek

No. 1131570

Please leave the poor girl alone. Think about how you would feel if you had this any time you posted anything online.

It’s schoolyard bullying on steroids.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1131573

You don't have to interact with her to get screen shots. So there's no way for her to get rid of her anon followers. She's firing in the dark.

Idk about TOS, but she can lose her verified status on Twitter if she stays private. Apparently one can also lose verified status just by not tweeting, because the whole point is that they want verified accounts to be more highly visible than others.

No. 1131574

Bullies huh?
Hi holly. if you changed and grew as a person this thread would die. but you won't change, so the tread stays.

No. 1131577

It's interesting both Heather_explores and Holly are both trying to do a lolcow extermination at the same time

No. 1131584

I just don’t get how she can think that out of the 200k followers she still has, that she’s “got them all”. She’s making it worse for herself by talking about lolcow to such a big audience

No. 1131585


omg lol.


Yep. If she learned self restraint she could just not come here and blissfully live her life doing whatever it is that her career is now.

No. 1131591

Good work not saging and putting more eyes on the thread by bumping it to the front, top kek

She's putting on a show for attention and to look like a victim. She knows perfectly well she can't get them all.

No. 1131592

>queer women
>I'm demisexual
Is she being serious? She's queer and marginalized because she's a heterosexual with extra steps?

Just stop checking the thread and ask your simps not to tell you about it so you can ignore it, it's that easy Holly

No. 1131593

are you also telling that to the stans that create alt accounts to trash on holly's ex friend or name search and defend holly and jared to randos?

No. 1131594

Would love to see a Heather and Holly crossover. Or better yet, Holly and Lillee Jean could start an anti-bullying campaign together. That would be incredible.

No. 1131595

Nah, she's a Karen, through and through. Next step is her asking for the manager of twitter and lolcow to complain.

No. 1131596

Idk how any of you could live with yourselves, clearly you’re driving the woman to madness and desperation. Wtf is your end goal? This is one of the saddest things I’ve seen. Just let the woman create in peace and do what she loves. Is has ZERO effect on each and every one of you.

No. 1131600

She mentions it to her audience intentionally, because people will swarm here and make posts like >>1131570, she's desperate for people to come here and defend her because she can't handle a space that doesn't praise her in some way existing

No. 1131603

And if she stopped coming here and name searching herself on twitter then those things wouldn't affect her either… but she can't. Not our problem.

No. 1131604


Pretty much. This is an anonymous gossip forum/picture board. If she can’t handle people talking about her when she’s made her whole life in the semi-public eye, she shouldn’t come here. And her mentioning LC only gets more people curious, I know I didn’t know about this place until she cried about it on Twitter. But she’s admitted she comes here for self-harm. Not my problem.

No. 1131611

Exactly, there's no more "end goal" here than any other place of gossip. Do these angry twitter people go into stores and lose their shit over tabloids existing? As long as public figures have existed, people have gossiped about them. If Holly truly can't handle that, can't handle any gossip or critique of what she airs publicly, then she shouldn't be a public figure. Nothing here stops her from creating or living her life, it's her choice to stop her life over it. She doesn't get special privileges no other public figure has. If this is the life she wants, she needs to be able to stop giving a shit, cause if you are famous people will publicly discuss what you make public, and it won't always be praise and asspats. That's the business, that's life.

No. 1131631

So much tone deafness. Holly you responded to a tweet made by a WOC calling yourself marginalized. Peak Karen moment.

No. 1131634

Exactly with racial tensions at its highest since last year, why the fuck did she think making a tweet like that to an Asian woman with a following that big would end well for her? The response she got had fuck all to do with lolcow at point.

No. 1131635

File: 1610658802053.jpg (15.73 KB, 723x279, 22228295_10214817193049159_123…)


it's because she associates the word marginalized with "shunned" which are two different things

she is not marginalized because she is not in a group that faces discrimination. While "demisexual" may not be as common, nobody would argue with you if you said you preferred an emotional connection before doing anything sexual with someone. She's mentally ill clearly but her actions reap their own consequences and she has resources as well as a support system to get help and is not lower class, unable to afford therapy or medicine. She lives in her own house with her own hobbies, interests and passions that she makes money off from, is with an affluent youtube, has an absurd amount of birds which only empties her wallet (which makes her whine), and she's a white female with a following who will support her and give her asspats

There is nothing marginalized about her

No. 1131637

Holly is a public persona and this is a place where we discuss public personas so of course we are going to talk about her and post caps of her public social media. If she can’t handle criticism when she is in the public eyes with several thousands of followers then she has the option to step down from being an “influencer”. If she is so emotionally unstable that the thought of having people discuss her public meltdowns then she should simply not have social media, and that goes for anyone and not just Holly.
We are not responsible for her health, she is a 30+ woman, she is responsible for herself and there is no reason to coddle her.

No. 1131638

File: 1610658881985.png (21.1 KB, 592x236, conradcrusader.png)

Guess her younger fans are gonna start throwing themselves at us…

No. 1131639


You can't control how other people see and talk about someone, no matter how badly you want to. IDK if you're Holly or one of her fans but either way you're not helping.

No. 1131648

What happened to practicing kindness? Not bullying? Lol Holly and her stans are too much

No. 1131649

And that's why Holly will never stop mentioning lolcow, this is exactly the response she hopes for

No. 1131654

File: 1610659645032.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, Holly.png)


Besides, I along with I'm sure most other anons have and will never tweet at or interact with Holly. Ever. I gossip about her here and that's it, it's not my fault she obsessively reads this thread. She is a huge fan of contrapoints's video on cancelling and I know in that video Natalie gave tons of links and information on ways to block yourself from visiting certain websites. She can stop reading here if she wants, surely she must know that She will never be able to guilt everyone into never speaking ill of her again, especially on fucking tabloid gossipy sites like this.


Surely Holly must understand that fans like this and SadOldSimp are the reasons she will never take the steps needed to move on. She and her new close friends- friends she made after they worked hard to defend her online incessiently- are constantly in this thread monitoring what us gossipy bitches are chirping about and all it does is expose her to shit that's bad for her. Maybe having friends who feel the need to text you every bad thing strangers say about you is not the best way to cope.

Holly, dude, you gotta drop your toxic ass friends like SOM. He has a whole blog dedicated to his responses to this thread, corresponding with drama blogs, and answering questions with insider info he has from knowing you personally. Isnt that fucking weird? I dont know man, I just like it when my friends treat me like a normal person instead of a perfect idol. There is alot she could do to improve her current situation and she just… refuses.

No. 1131667

File: 1610660271213.png (50.31 KB, 557x577, Screenshot_193.png)

looks like hoelly's back in damage control mode

No. 1131671


that’s exactly the response she’s been hoping for, she’s been obsessively namedropping this forum so that people will search it up

i said in the last thread she was furious that she couldn’t send her brigade of morons to suppress the people calling her out, and now she’s pointing them to the thread to fight her battles for her, unfortunately no one here gives a fuck if a bunch of idiots start sperging about mental health and we’ll continue calling her and her cretin boyfriend out either way

imagine being in your mid thirties whining on twitter about online gossip forums you actively seek out and read through so that a bunch of kids/other mid thirty year olds will “troll” it for you lmao

No. 1131676

Big Karen Energy right there.

No. 1131677


That just got me thinking about how many of those whiny messages sent to heidiofans is actually from Holly. Don't know if she loves that blog for coddling her or hates it because it's not being mean to her like she wants.

No. 1131688

the fucked up part is that from what I can tell, twc was trying to give hobag a pass by saying that the matter was settled and she still went full victim mode

No. 1131690

Tinfoil: this is actually the anon that posted Holly’s tweets

No. 1131731

File: 1610663637993.png (208.03 KB, 2048x1078, Screenshot_20210114-173146.png)


It's pretty pathetic how obsessive she is about living in a bubble. Imagine spending an entire night blocking followers you think are from this site.

No. 1131742


What's the method? Block anyone who shows up in the activity of her tweets posted here? She probably has blocked quite a few real fans

No. 1131750

I wonder how many were blocked and how many got fed up with her shit and unfollowed

No. 1131817

Holly's Twitter is one again public. Unfortunately, she was smart enough to delete her claims of being marginalized before she went public again.

No. 1131820

youd think shed realize that she can't just scrub her fuckups off of the internet.

No. 1131821

A serious wtf to white women. What is it about well-off liberal white women that has them fucking over POCs? >>1131497 Holly is the reason why academics can't articulate the injustices that happen to groups who face discrimination without being laughed at. A dumbass like her comes in and says "well I had to google it, but yeah! I am!" Maybe she's 1/15 Cherokee.

And isn't Demisexual just a Christian ideal of no sex without love? She's not queer! She's never dated a trans person and doesn't know the taste of pussy either.

No. 1131829

She used to say she was full blown asexual, and then I think she also at one point said she was pansexual. But since she’s only been with two cishet guys, going so far to claim that Jared awakened her sexually, she still wants to call herself queer when really she’s just your typical straight woman with bad taste in straight men.

No. 1131832

not wanting to fuck unless he gives you the good heart feelings too doesn't make you queer, hobag.

No. 1131842

File: 1610668730329.png (59.73 KB, 450x630, DavesWasHere.png)

>"HOWEVER the level to which she has gotten shit over this compared to the almost creepy amount of support the other female party is downright miserable."

>"The even weirder part, …is that the male party seems to get little to no crap anymore."

No. 1131845

File: 1610668815107.png (139.68 KB, 644x706, Screenshot_201.png)

shit I think twc snapped. cue incoming lawsuit in 5…4….3…

No. 1131846

File: 1610668897867.jpeg (179.76 KB, 750x501, AF5DC4B6-4845-41D1-9A34-4437E4…)

yes holly, the big scary anons on a gossip forum are LITERALLY stalking you by screenshotting and discussing tweets you post publicly onto your twitter account with over 200k followers

she constantly throws around big words with negative connotations and her followers are so desensitised to her manic bullshit that they automatically flood her with mindless enabling no matter how stupid and delusional the shit she’s saying is

No. 1131847

oh fuck off, using your public tweets on a public website like twitter is not stalking.

No. 1131855


>"Literally stalking me."

You posted stuff online, people looked at it & responded to it.

No. 1131856

File: 1610669418190.jpeg (226.28 KB, 750x433, 61B671BA-EE2C-4A9D-9E24-BCD35A…)

samefag but even one of holly’s dedicated whiteknights has told her to stop lurking on here, i wonder if the people who have enabled her from the start are getting sick of seeing the same shit over and over again

No. 1131858


This just in: Following an online content creator online is now "Stalking". More on 'This is some bullshit' news at 9…

No. 1131860

I think what gets me is the asslicking in her replies telling her to create a private twitter and only tell people she knows personally about it. The stans gets that that means they won't see her on twitter anymore either, right?

No. 1131861


Don't start backing away Denica. You contributed to this.

No. 1131862

Telling her to stop caring about the gossip is one of the only truly nice things these clingers-on have ever done for her

No. 1131865

her and dan pirro and sadold and the list goes on. This very much feels like all of the GOP backing away from Trump now that he's getting just a smidge too crazy for their liking. You can't encourage someone's BS for months and months and months and then pretend like you had nothing to do with how bad it got.

No. 1131866


Holy shit, TWC better be careful. I get the vibe that Holly thought she would back down and delete her blog the minute she messaged her because of her clout alone.

Not suprised she stalks the tumblr blogs too, even if she didnt I'm sure SOM sends her every little post

No. 1131868

File: 1610669768422.png (19.79 KB, 300x250, A1695F48-7516-477B-A4A1-FC115D…)

Are you ok anon? Do you think holly shares your understanding of money? Owning a house is a mark of wealth especially when that home is in Seattle, one of the most expensive cities in the US with a median house value of 800k.

It’s milky when she bitches about losing funding from fans when she’s practically stopped creating content for them and isn’t owed that financial support in the first place. If she was really hurting for funds you’d think she’d sell up and buy a house somewhere cheaper and start re-homing her multitude of birds or creating content again. The fact she’s not makes her financial comments disingenuous to a lot of people here.

Also thank you for the spit take of a laugh I had when I read your comment comparing buying a cell phone or laptop to purchasing a house.

No. 1131869

apparently twc was ready, judging by the number of posts she has about the legalility of recording messages. Hoelly might finally have barked up the wrong tree.

No. 1131872

Meanwhile Jared's getting along just fine.

Fuck, this dude really ruined her life.

No. 1131874


Good for her. Glad that not everyone will bend over for uwu messages like creepshow

No. 1131877

File: 1610670220531.jpg (327.51 KB, 1050x1294, Lolll.jpg)

There is some absolute gold in Holly's replies. I'm dying

No. 1131878

absolute genius
anon, you are the top kek

No. 1131879

good fucking luck pursuing that in court. First of all, she'd have to sue lolcow to get our user information (which I doubt they'd give up without a fight since nobody's lives were threatened), and then she'd have to sue each of us individually. The judge would laugh her out of the courtroom.

No. 1131882

If posting here means someone has no life to her, then what does it mean about her or SOM etc.'s lives for lurking here obsessively to respond for years? Dozens of people can flow through a thread like this over a couple years, but their asses seem to have been stuck in here the whole time

No. 1131884

File: 1610671030878.jpg (274.96 KB, 1061x1351, Update .jpg)

No. 1131891

File: 1610671772323.png (97.1 KB, 641x625, Screenshot_203.png)

the girls are fightiiiing. How stupid is hoelly, truly? She did this shit using her business page, too

No. 1131913

File: 1610673225278.png (186.89 KB, 504x636, urgoin2jail.png)

Aww, they're threatening the TWC blog!

No. 1131916

I can't believe how well we are being fed today.

No. 1131921

What is going on in Holly's personal life that she felt the need to start fights w/ twitter, tumblr, and lolcow all at the same time? Where is Jared? Her friends??

No. 1131923

she has no 'real' friends, thats the problem. She has morons who were manipulated into being her staunchest defenders that think she does no wrong, but she has no one who will bitch smack her and tell her she's being an idiot.

she's just bored. everyone's focus has been on the capitol and we all know she thirsts for the attention to be on her - good, bad, and everything in between.

No. 1131925

Uh-oh. We're in the danger zone.

No. 1131927

oh jesus christ that will never not be funny. that's gotta be next thread pic

No. 1131943

File: 1610675049438.png (17.67 KB, 596x217, Screenshot_208.png)

Holly when someone runs a blog with proof of her being shitty: JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!

Holly when her fans threaten to doxx said blog: whats up Im jared, 19, never learned to fukkin read

No. 1131972

File: 1610676741646.jpeg (37.08 KB, 640x374, 9F7CD037-1353-4C66-9CA1-CD3473…)


>Poor girl

She’s not a girl, she’s not poor, she’s not a victim to anything but her own shitty actions that go beyond being a mistress~ into things like scamming cancer patients and being abusive to her ex-husband.

I hardly care about the scandal or even sticking up for Heidi. That’s probably not even the biggest factor why people continue to dislike her anymore.
I have a strong feeling that people are just disgusted by the person she revealed herself to be publicly. Just a manipulative, self-centered, 30-something woman who is constantly toxic to her followers.
She doesn’t care about exposing her fans to drama, she doesn’t care about protecting them from Lolcow (especially the younger ones who could be exposed to triggering content of other threads). She just does what she thinks will benefit her. Literally, anything she does is to benefit her. Financially, socially, you name it.

She breaks down and acts out to worry her followers. They comfort her instead of finding a healthy way to cope. She could be working on things in therapy, spending her days peacefully with her pets, living happily day-to-day offline with Jared, indulging in her hobbies, and streaming with mods who weed out the negativity.

She is a grown woman who is fully capable of making informed, proper choices. She just refuses to. Which is why you’re here, because you’re a bleeding heart type who got manipulated by a stranger online.

I live happily without worry. I sleep well at night knowing I don’t have the callousness that’s needed for the narcissistic and exploitive way Holly lives.

She can put the blame on “bullies” all she wants, but she will always be the true source of her own misery. If it wasn’t LC, or Twitter, or YouTube comments-it would be more cantered again on be the people in her life. Doing her “friends” dirty, triangulating everyone around her, abusing her partners, the list (unfortunately) goes on.

No. 1132065


>there's still lolcow people in here

the moo is coming from inside of the house

>copyright infringement
somewhere in the world, a lawyer just died of laughter

No. 1132068

File: 1610686828404.png (25.79 KB, 985x245, sorryimmentallyill.png)

I wanted to see how many followers in total she has lost since the scandal broke. Her quote of 45k is actually much closer to 60k at the moment. Her account had peaked at 270.6k just the month before. At this point I wonder if she's ever actually going to recover.

Also, found this while looking up her twitter stats and got a good kek. Notice ANXIETY, ill, sorry, shame, shaming, etc. all being major keywords for her.

No. 1132085

>At this point I wonder if she's ever actually going to recover.
If you mean solely in terms of followers, I sincerely doubt it. Those are wife-of-a-Game-Grump numbers, not professional victim numbers. Not even DnD Star numbers.

>the moo is coming from inside of the house
Omg anon I'm dying

>what is going on in Holly's personal life that she felt the need to start fights w/ twitter, tumblr, and lolcow all at the same time?
I'd bet money that Jared is neglecting her. They live together, so she's crying and having breakdowns while he actively ignores her in the same space.

Her most recent "I'm marginalized" tantrum doesn't even apply to Jared. If she's so intent on proving that cancel culture is real for "marginalized" creators "like her" she's not even remotely thinking of her own straight white cis male partner who has lots of wealth and clout on his own. Kinda sad. Someone else recently mentioned this, but I bet it's super annoying to him that she makes the worst experience of his life into her own story of victimhood where she is the main character and the one suffering the most.

No. 1132090


At least now she's defending herself instead of just throwing herself into the line of fire for a guy who definitely wouldn't do the same for her when given the chance…

No. 1132102

File: 1610691393858.jpeg (911.77 KB, 1282x1323, 40B37656-9476-45A5-967A-CA09AD…)

Back to thinking she’s some kind of badass for blocking people, rather than too much of a coward to face the reality that she did a shitty thing

No. 1132116

Imagine Holly being all "All of D&D betray me I fed up with this world" when the writer of the official D&D comics tweets at her still.

Her victimization fetish is eternal and infinite.

No. 1132259

Either that or they will try to say that Jared "sends dick pics to anything with a pulse" Knaubenbauer is also a marginalized demisexual kweer because he was never in ~twu wuv~ before they rp'd as Striath

No. 1132278

since she clearly doesn't have the control to stop coming here and reading about herself she oughta just leave all social media. Threads get real quiet when there's no insane "boo hoo I'm such a victim" posting every few days. But obviously she can't do that either.

No. 1132334

The reason why she won’t quit social media is because she has become so used to getting money from being an internet celebrity and not doing any actual work. She doesn’t want to be a normal person with a regular non-media industry job. The only way to survive as a public figure is to have a social media presence, and Holly still clings to her Twitter account because there are crumbs from her days of actual relevancy which have long since passed entirely by her fault.

I hope she’s reading this because honestly it is so sad she takes 0 responsibility in fucking over her career opportunities in DnD. Jared was the weaker of the two of them in terms of creativity, Strix may have been annoying and lazy and Holly a weak role player, but at least she had an aesthetic. Diath was a boring as sin character made by the most milquetoast commonplace white boy you can find ten of in the TTRPG community within one foot of a convention table.

Holly joins the echelons of white women who simp for the basic white boy they’ve been fucking who ruin their career for no reason. She’s no doubt a horrible gaslighting chronic victim but had she at least acted like a mature adult and didn’t spend months following the cheating scandal falling on a sword over and over for Jared she’d still have had a career with WOTC. She’s had ample opportunity to move on and ignore and mute the hate she’s gotten from the fallout, but just keeps going back to self harm and ruin herself even further.

At this point she’s better off trying to find a admin job in Seattle or working at a coffee shop to put money into her hobbies.

No. 1132337

all she has to do is hire a social media manager and then never touch that shit again. hell, she could probably get someone to do it for free like a twitch mod.

she doesn't even have to read comments or engage. schedule tweets to promote your "brand" and boom, done. she can also limit who can respond to her tweets, so there's no excuse to put up with griefing anymore.

she has so many options available to her that still allow her to keep an online presence but also keep her away from negative comments. but she won't do them. she doesn't HAVE to tweet about the past. she doesn't HAVE to tweet about her victimhood. she doesn't HAVE to tweet her awful takes and then have a meltdown when people tell her it sucks. she treats twitter like a therapist and then can't handle it when wow, it's nothing like a therapist at all, who knew.

i'm 100% convinced at this point she does it for attention and gets off on being a victim.

No. 1132378

The problem is that she doesn't want one. It's not that she CAN'T avoid negativity, she actively goes out of her way to find and create it. She will never give up control of her accounts this way because she's not trying to be practical about growing a brand or business. (Related - have you noticed that her business accounts basically never post? She uses them to contact her haters like TWC, but only advertises a product maybe once or twice a month. She's not even trying.)

She will never distance herself from the haters. It's not good enough to block them out and never see them. She can't stand the idea that they exist, and that they're out there somewhere talking about her. Until she fixes herself internally, she'll never have any amount of peace online.

Tl;dr: it's not everyone else, it's her.

No. 1132382

She really is trapping herself in a negative life when she doesn't have to. She's still talking to Jared, still whingeing about the drama over a year after it happened, still posting about anti-bullying/anti-cancel culture shit every day. She clearly keeps her social media because its the only way she can get a torrent of pity and ~virtual hugz~ every time she has a little cry about the bullies, when if she'd just left it be she could have completely moved on and gotten actual therapy, not Twitter therapy.

Plenty of large internet personalities have been faced with scandals and successfully rebranded/recuperated their careers. She should take a page from their books and get the fuck off social media until she's put in the effort to relaunch her shit/get someone to manage it if she's so keen on schmoozing off her dwindling fanbase.

No. 1132383

Tinfoil but, at this point I am convinced that at least one of the followed cows is in her inner circle. It's probably Geraldo or SOM. Think about it, encourage drama, post screenshots, Holly spirals, comfort Holly, Holly gives them attention. Didn't one cow go to her art show and post shit?

I can't wait for it to come out and make her spiral.

No. 1132402

she definitely gets off on the drama, even with the latest events of privating and blocking people she could have just done it inconspicuously and made a vauge comment about it if asked (influencers I follow do it form time to time just because, and plenty of random people are doing it now because of current events) but she really had to make a circus out of the whole thing and scream it from the rooftops. the goal isn't to actually purge hateful people from her feed, it's to victimize herself for attention again.

what i'm confused about is why is she so obsessed with lolcow specifically? pull was still up when this started and they were not kind to her and her thread there was more active than the one here was. kiwi was on her side for a bit but flipped eventually but was still harsher to heidi, and posted all her sick pigeon tweets (which were mentioned but not posted here) and her wks got shot down even harder when posting there. there are multiple forums, why is this one the one she calls out by name?

No. 1132419

Jared is marginalised and kweer because he’s ~polyamorous~. It also wouldn’t surprise me if he comes out as nonbinary or genderfluid at some point citing his interest in fashion and that one time he crossplayed as a Sailor Scout for gags.

My personal tinfoil is that she used to lurk (or even post) here before the drama and remembers a time when GG threads liked her. Maybe she thinks we ought to be on her side and feels betrayed that we aren’t.

No. 1132421

>Jared is marginalised and kweer because he’s ~polyamorous~
Oh right, how could I possibly forget that he is constantly oppressed by his own horniness?

No. 1132422

Her obsession with lolcow is pretty strange. The hate she got yesterday was from followers of the larger creator she attacked on twitter. But apparently, in her mind, the hundreds of people calling her out on twitter are also all users on lolcow…somehow.

Maybe she doesn't know there are many other places on the internet that talk about her?

I think most people agree that she lurked here back in the day. I remember she mentioned that she read internet "hate" sites about her in an interview wayyy back before the drama even happened

No. 1132424


>" hell, she could probably get someone to do it for free like a twitch mod."

Unfortunately, it looks like most of her close friends just have to reply to every single bit of negative feedback, & none of them seem capable of just quietly weeding out & deleting that shit. SadOld might have been considered for it, but him constantly relaying all the hate to her & his bragging & flexing says otherwise.

What she needs is a 'silent protector' of sorts; someone who can manage her Social Media without adding in their two-cents or posturing ridiculously.

…Or she could just make a private 'venting' account like Heidi apparently did. - This seems like the quicker, easier option, imo.

No. 1132426


Huh, I guess she could've reached out to Suzy to sympathize with, but…

No. 1132434


Meanwhile besides her mom's death (which was a shame), Suzy is thriving and minding her own business, even if she is not QUITE as involved with creating her jewelry since she outsources the creation, but whatever, she's got holographic stickers and merch and she's doing her own thing

not gonna lie sometimes I miss her mortemer makeup channel lol. She could have been a very sweet bubbly personality on Youtube if her past behaviors weren't so insufferable

also Holly kept a lot of her victim complaints on tumblr at the time. Holly was also active and doing her own thing. I saw a random pic on google if you search "holly conrad" where she was out of the pool and her hair looked boyish short, it actually suited her more. I think she could pull off that edgy androgynous haircut

No. 1132463

File: 1610737579877.jpg (22.63 KB, 300x300, holly-conrad-1.jpg)

I thought Holly's hair was cute before she went jet black. This was one of my favorite looks she did: the color really suits her and the cut was flattering.

No. 1132465

Yeah the jet black makes her look like a washed out heroin junkie looking for their next fix. She really leaned hard into the “Trash Witch” aesthetic and it did her no favors

No. 1132498

her eyes look like she's lining up two different pool shots at once

No. 1132504


probably because she's scared of of the other ones, Kiwifarms hosted the dox for that Dream Minecraft youtuber recently and I might be remembering this wrong but on the game grumps Kiwi farms thread someone found the address of one of the game grumps parents house so she's probably very aware of that

No. 1132528

wow she looks..normal here? the haircut is kind of whack but the color looks so much better. black is too jarring on her

No. 1132542

File: 1610742899360.png (22.42 KB, 500x118, tumblr_inline_n9cxefY0Zi1r5p4f…)

I was wondering what those 'Cancelled' t-shirts reminded me of, then I finally remembered…

No. 1132544

Glad someone screengrabbed this so we have some history of her scrounging around for marginalized points after getting called out by POC for the millionth time.

She may have deleted it on her Twitter but her white feminism is never getting forgotten.

No. 1132546


She used to be super cute in like 2014-2016 with her short pastel hair looks but now she has committed herself to skin walking as Strix which doesnt suit her well, unfortunately. Her light pink hair was her best look imo


I wonder what offends her more: us talking ill of her, of Jared, or of Strix/DCA. I'm sure reading that some people found Strix's shrieking and crying annoying hurts her more than any Shadman art or Hoelly nickname

No. 1132551

File: 1610743209423.png (208.18 KB, 582x480, urmarginalized.png)


Her fans tell her that she is as well.

No. 1132556

File: 1610743337503.png (59.24 KB, 588x498, urmarginalized-2.png)

No. 1132559


That article applies to people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Hobag lost her job because she fucked her married coworker and then had (several) very public meltdowns.

No. 1132561


That's why she latches onto the current "trendy" sexuality - first, asexual and now demisexual. She calls herself 'queer' just because she has to have emotions for someone before she gets wet - you know, like a solid 80% of every sexually active person.

She is 110% not some kind of icon of the queer community. We don't want her faux ally bullshit, trying to co-opt our struggles.

No. 1132573

Strix is a Holly self insert that she apparently themed her entire house around, so talking ill about Strix is in the same category as talking shit about her tbh.

white women in the games and TTRPG industry are marginalized on paper, but in recent years more and more white women are making a name for themselves in the scene and POC creators are still on the outskirts.

She has to know why people gave her shit for referring to herself as marginalized because she has 0 friends who aren't also white like her. But she can never admit to being wrong and needs her supporters to handhold her whenever she gets called out for saying stupid white feminism shit.

Girl we all remember what you did when Etika died. That's not something people are going to forget.

No. 1132588

File: 1610744296360.jpg (37.58 KB, 680x593, 148.jpg)


but she's not marginalized because of her sexuality….. nor did she lose her job from the big capitalist company……

she literally did everything herself to herself

No. 1132592

The word "marginalized" always has a specific context. There are some situations in which a white woman could be called marginalized, for instance if you're talking about the job market and only taking gender (not race etc) into account.

Holly called herself marginalized in a specific context as well: she's supposedly a "marginalized creator". This implies that she's at a disadvantage in YouTube/social media in general.

This is absolutely NOT TRUE even if other situations exist where she might accurately be called marginalized. Context matters.

No. 1132596

I mean, one of her last remaining friends is Anna, who is literally a beauty queen Miss Oregon. That is some white ass friendship she has there.

No. 1132607

At the end of the day Holly is just a straight white woman who inherited her rich grandpa's cash, who's "queer" because needs to be emotionally invested in a guy before wanting to fuck him. The exact kind of straight white woman who slaps "she/they" in her Twitter bio to make her seem a little less straight.

No. 1132668

File: 1610749652991.jpg (259.82 KB, 720x1310, Scam.jpg)

I realise this is nitpick but I just am surprised she didn't give some people the art they paid for at that show

No. 1132670

You joke, but I feel like I remember Heidi tweeting something that alluded to Jared believing that polyamory was a sexual orientation.

No. 1132684


"She | they" in the bio is the calling card for cis women who don't want to appear cis for clout, but still comfortably identify as women in society.

Same with "demisexual." It's a preference, not an orientation: you're either asexual or you're not. Either you want to have sex with people or you don't. You can call yourself whatever you want but considering yourself "queer" because you have a low libido and an otherwise completely normally and socially acceptable level of attraction to others is gross and exploitative of the LGBT movement.

She's an ordinary straight white girl. Idk why that's so difficult for her to accept.

No. 1132750

Not trying to white knight, but there are definitely non-cis "she/they" users out there. Holly calls herself a woman on the reg though, so I doubt the included "they" has anything to do with her gender identity.

Definitely agree on the demisexuality front. She isn't marginalized for not being attracted to random strangers. I mean, I could certainly feel pity toward her for, by her own admission, only ever being sexually attracted to Jared–but not for the reasons she'd like.

No. 1132757

I wouldn't go that far with the pronouns in the bio thing, but the "I'm asexual until it gives me license to fuck my married coworker, then I'm demisexual!" is absolutely her attempt at being LGBT+ because she thinks it adds something to her uwu not like other girls personality. She knew she'd get shit for fucking jared when she claimed to be asexual the entire time she was married to Ross, so suddenly "I'm demisexual and queer, which makes me as marginalized as this POC that I'm trying to speak over"

youd think after black twitter came for her over the Etika mess she'd have learned, but guess you can't teach old bitches new tricks.

No. 1132785

Why are you surprised? She didn't give a cancer patient the costume she paid for, what makes you think she would give her fans art they paid for.

No. 1132796

File: 1610757700591.png (30.61 KB, 604x474, hofanon.png)


This you anon?

No. 1132823


Probably. There’s that one anon that just always has to go back to HOF to bitch about LC because they’re bored as fuck I guess.

No. 1132831

File: 1610759997661.png (154.7 KB, 651x707, Screenshot_216.png)

No. 1132832

File: 1610760024481.png (64.89 KB, 650x443, Screenshot_217.png)

I think holly went after the wrong person this time holy fork

No. 1132841


This is like when she went after Creepshow for using her name/situation "for profit"

No. 1132845

you would honestly think she would have known better than to risk sending someone messages that could be tied to not just her name, but her business tumblr. Once again, she has the chance to make a clean break and create something new and untained by the drama and she instead uses it to track down those who speak against her to play the victimcard.

No. 1132855

File: 1610761465053.png (29.44 KB, 476x392, bigotry.png)


Oh god these people…

No. 1132856

>"You can have white privilege and still be marginalized"

Yeah, except most of us are smart enough to not find a post by a POC and trying to speak over them about how marginalized we are.

No. 1132863

So does this person just not get that Holly's demisexual and not bi/pan/aro/ace, or…?

No. 1132871

>actually, you're a victim of people telling you you're not a victim

Holly will always perform whatever mental gymnastics required to land back on her victim status

No. 1132881

File: 1610765021826.png (894.03 KB, 1149x629, Screenshot_218.png)

$75 for a torn up leather bag? the fuck?

I guess I can't say much since hobags fans are actually shelling out that kind of cash mid-pandemic for something they probably could have found for a quarter the price elsewhere.

No. 1132882

She mentioned she wore it as Strix. that's probably why it sold so high. Someone is gonna buy that bag and do unholy things with it, i bet

No. 1132893

Do any of her simps think she's physically attractive, though? This seems more like a LARPing nerd purchase. But I'd love to see her reaction to it being defiled

No. 1132904

Holly came out as pansexual in 2017 and has blogged about her attraction to women. That might be what people are referencing here. I tried to find her old tumblr post about it, but the link I have is no good. Her tweets about being pan are still up, though.

No. 1132907

So, in the last three years, she's been asexual, pansexual, and demisexual. She's either sexually attracted to everyone, no one, or just certain someones.

All of that toxic bird shit must have corroded her last brain cell.

No. 1132929


damn she sold a literal piece of garbage for $75. i'd respect the grift if she weren't such an asshole.

No. 1132974

The fact that she referred to herself only as demisexual as proof she’s marginalized and not pansexual goes to show that she’s probably not identifying as pansexual anymore because she realizes she actually only likes men but still wants queer brownie points.

No. 1133066

I don't even buy the whole demisexual thing either. She really comes off as the kind of girl that would fuck any dude who compliments her enough and gives her attention at this point.

No. 1133096

"Demisexual" aka massively insecure to the point that she can't get outside of her own fear long enough to feel confident having sex. The role play allowed her to feel special and confident because they were "Diath and Strix meant 2 B uwu" and she could pretend to not be herself long enough to get off.

She latched onto Jared because she needed the role play to believe that they had a special bond she couldn't have with anyone else. That's why she felt so entitled to him. She "needed" him because he was the "only one" who turned her on by playing pretend with her. Nevermind that she had already dated and married Ross for years. He wasn't a DnD influencer that would pretend to be their characters 24/7 with her.

I wonder if/when her delusion around this will wear off. Like if it will ever occur to her that Jared will fuck whoever makes him feel special and powerful too, even if it's a random egirl. You're not some special treasure to him, Holly, he's just going along with what you say because you're unstable and terrifying.

No. 1133156

File: 1610810445183.png (649.44 KB, 1450x970, SheDugHerselfaHole.png)

This whole reaching out to the tumblr blogs is such a bad look for her. She thinks everytime she reaches out (aka attempts to intimidate) her critics that they will immediately back down and delete their criticism and it's so gross. I'm so glad TWC didnt bend over like creepshow. Not to mention that she is once again using her brand accounts for the drama instead of keeping it professional.

ALSO if she doesnt understand tumblr messages all that well she should ask her basement dwelling boyfriend, I'm pretty sure he knows his way around the tumblr message system

No. 1133160

Didn't she post on tumblr regularly for years? And we're supposed to believe she still doesn't know how to use it?

Also, why is she using her business account to participate in drama?

No. 1133165


Yeah, that’s what I’m wondering too, I thought she did a lot of her fandom interaction on Tumblr for quite some time in the past. So she should know how messages work. Although sometimes Tumblr’s notifications don’t show up. Either way, Holly really needs to get herself some help, and not from the “friends” who enable her in this shit by buzzing in her ear whenever anything negative is said about her. This is a really bad look for her, reaching out to the one person she can knowingly contact in order to intimidate them, just because she can’t suss out anons here or who might be following her on Twitter or Insta. Get some fucking help, Holly. This isn’t healthy.

No. 1133189

This, for real. It is absolutely mindboggling that Holly thought it was appropriate to become close friends with former hardcore DCA stans. Look what happened with SOM: the guy created a public blog where he talks about HER LIFE and reveals personal information about her past marriages and current relationships.

SOM's blog gets mentioned here in passing, but every single time it blows my fucking mind that she thinks this is a normal 'friendship' thing to do. "Yeah, my friend blogs about my divorce and how he doesn't like my ex. No big deal." This is the wildest fucking thing to me and it shows she's become so detached from the real world she's mistaken fans as friends. Leaving the internet, getting a normal job and regular friends would help her immensely. Despite her past history, I still find myself rooting for her to dump all her gross orbiters and get her life together.

No. 1133260


what is this boomer talk of "tumble" she used the platform for years! she used to talk about her past and her life there. she used to post about her fucked up parents, and her grandpa being in a home, and how her channel revenue goes towards his care, and how her dad wanted her to be a blonde surfer chick and how she hated being associated with just game grumps instead of her own thing

why is she acting like she's never seen this platform before? I'll give her that she maybe doesn't visit often enough to see a notification but I don't get why she's acting like she never saw it bc she doesn't know how it works. Just say you have been avoiding the website and didn't see it, that's at least a legitimate reason.

No. 1133271

File: 1610822540599.jpg (213.14 KB, 720x1112, Screenshot_20210116-134238_Tum…)


The blog that posted the screenshot on the left seems to think it is Kayla doing damage control

No. 1133277

Asking out of pure curiosity:
How many people that post/lurk these threads were fans of Holly before they found they found lolcow?

Since nothing came out of this >>1131638 (except that one poster that may or may not be Kayla or Holly herself) I wonder how many attempted attack dogs actually took a further look instead of "trolling" our dumb lil forum.

No. 1133282

File: 1610823346708.png (8.87 KB, 1052x74, cl-1.png)

Saw this & thought of ProJared

No. 1133301


>what is this boomer talk of "tumble" she used the platform for years!

The only plausible reason I could can see is that "E" is right next to "R" on the keyboard so… possible typo?

No. 1133306

autocorrect on phones can also sometimes change tumblr to tumble (like when it swaps 'fuck' to 'duck'). One would think she knew how to spell it properly considering it's one of the websites that cost her and her boytoy their fantasy life.

No. 1133322

File: 1610825292945.jpg (248.65 KB, 539x1540, Screenshot_20210116-142823_Tum…)

No. 1133365

I still don't really believe it. Hoelly went on some bpd breakdown sperg out using the business account so now it looks like kayla is having to pick up the pieces. makes you wonder if holly knows how much irreperable damage she does to her last remaining source of income when she uses a business page for this

No. 1133373

This means Holly is still watching this page (or namesearching tumblr) and immediately responding to what's posted here.

No. 1133376

not necessarily. anons have been reporting back to twc about it being kayla instead, so hobag really just has to be watching that blog.

No. 1133445

“You know me” was the thing that had me unsub from all her socials and is also how I found lolcow

She’s her own worst enemy in all this honestly

No. 1133447

ProJared is literally just cleaning video game cases for his twitch stream. Listening to wack video game music, I have no idea why people are subbing actively rn

No. 1133450

File: 1610834628330.jpg (433.65 KB, 1020x1402, 1.jpg)

New tweets incoming. She seems embarrassed of her actions lately

No. 1133451

File: 1610834687857.jpg (413.55 KB, 807x1396, 2.jpg)

No. 1133460


…And now she's escaped into the arms of another narcissist (Jared).

No. 1133492

Holly once again refusing to take responsibility for her own actions.

No. 1133494

Well, people tend to pick partners who perpetuate the abuse they received as children. It’s just familiar to them.

No. 1133502


Yep. She always conveniently has something to blame, other than herself.

No. 1133538

Cool Holly so if you’re not a narc you’re going to someday take back what you said about Heidi while you were gaslighting her and then later making people hate her for no reason other than acting like a hurt and upset human being, or no she had it coming?

I’m never going to be over her apologizing for what she said about people with BPD being unfixable but not apologizing for saying Heidi is unfixable.

No. 1133545

>I always say if I'm showing signs of it please tell me

What? She blocks everyone who tries to hold her accountable for her actions or points out her narc behavior

No. 1133559

Was never a fan of her because I've been well aware of her antics in the cosplay community for years. I actually lurked the suzy thread because I was a fan but I love drama, and couldn't understand why everyone was so pro holly on them. Seeing her downfall was a blessing.

No. 1133560

Holly's week:

>I'm a victim of cancel culture in pro DnD >>1126174

>I'm a victim of cancel culture via YouTube comments >>1128813

>I'm a marginalized creator >>1130455
>and an ugly cheating whore

>I'm a victim of lolcow and TWC >>1131542

>I'm a victim of being told that I'm not really a victim >>1132855

>I'm a victim of my parents and that's why I act out >>1133450

This is what she chooses to spotlight on her massive public platform. No matter how many times she claims it's just rpgs and chickens. She is obsessed with her perceived victimhood and can't stop broadcasting it to the world. She needs EVERYONE to know and agree with her, and she'll obsessively seek out those who don't. Even if some of this stuff is genuinely a struggle, she's completely focused on it and wants everyone else to pay attention to her woes as well.

This must be exhausting. At least she took Tuesday off.

No. 1133562


So far she has apologized to everyone BUT Heidi.

No. 1133569


These really just feel like a blatant grab off of twc to be honest. She goes off on twc, twc responds to an ask bringing up how she struggles with her own childhood issues, and now magically hoelly finds a loophole to talk about HER childhood trauama?

That or a bs attempt at once again playing the sad victim.

No. 1133572

because she's a big meanie abuser and you don't apologize to abusers, anon. duh /s

No. 1133576


Gee Holly, did you ever think that Heidi might have had issues with her parents as well?

No. 1133591

File: 1610846213621.png (333.4 KB, 900x1223, E1AE4F5F-0E9D-47D7-A18E-0D9C94…)

TL;DR at the top because I’m just talking about married men in general cheating but playing the women off each other so he comes across helpless or responsible for what’s going on. Don’t waste your time reading it because the long short of it is Holly is as stupid as she is narcissistic and we all know that.

To be fair this is absolutely worst case for any scenario so it’s gonna sound extreme but bear with me that I’m not tinfoiling that anyone was in danger kek

Situations like J/H/H remind me of Chris Watts (Less Scott Peterson because of personality type, I guess), because Jared was acting/texting the exact same way Chris Watts was. Shanann was as exasperated, emotional, and confused as Heidi was via texts. I hate to compare the two because a pregnant woman and her two very young children were murdered in one case while nothing like that happened to Heidi so it could be read as if I’m saying Heidi was or could have had her life at risk cause of some stickbug, beak-nosed nerd in a SHEIN hoodie and matching SHEIN empowerment bracelet-but the similarity of the texts is specifically what I mean since it’s a publicly accessible example of both sides-when usually in every other occurrence we get to see only one maybe or cherry-picked pieces of bigger convos.

Again-not saying or implying Jared is capable of murder, but I wish “the other woman” like Holly would read shit like that. How far married men go to continue cheating so they begin to lie, triangulate, manipulate, do a stonewall then love-bomb cycle, and say a different story to both women he's seeing so that they both think it’s the fault of the other woman. Not only with texts as examples sent from Chris to Nichol vs Chris to Shanann, and how Shanann was confiding in people-but if Holly read more than forums or cancel-culture books she might be able to get a couple of brain cells together to realize she was messed with emotionally and mentally as Heidi was.

Like, even in the bits of convos J/H/H put out of texts shared between both parties it was obvious Jared was telling each woman respectfully that the other was crazy.

Telling Heidi that Holly was saying she was emotionally unstable, pushy, misunderstanding everything (Including boundaries), crazy.

Telling Holly that Heidi was emotionally abusive, mean, crazy.

This is nearly every cheating story where the guy is married but he wants to have his cake and eat it too.

Holly just thinks she won, or that she saved poor Jared. If he’d said no to Holly on the other hand and kept dragging his marriage out as long as possible, Holly would still be saying she’d want to an hero or otherwise hurt herself while also drinking wine alone tweeting about wanting to help her abused friend.

It’s frustrating because it’s always the same old story, I bet before she turns 40 Holly is going to want to be checking Jared’s texts and DMs in the DL.

No. 1133598

>"checking Jared's texts"

You know she already is, though she will always publicly play it cool. "See? Heidi wouldn't let him explorer his feelings for other women and I will therefor I am the better partner but also please love me forever those other women are all manipulative and abusive"

No. 1133614

I doubt she's spoken to a therapist in literal ages. If she was actually getting help from a therapist, she wouldn't have lost her god damn mind and acted like a psycho obsessed with being a professional victim.

You're a narcissist, Holly. It's the one thing that you and Jared have in common and why neither of you genuinely care about the other. You're both too busy smelling your own farts.

No. 1133623

File: 1610848891515.jpeg (415.48 KB, 828x1045, DA065F56-4231-4025-BD99-D824A8…)

You’ve got a good point, she’s his Hillary Clinton but she thinks she’s his Monica Lewinsky

Wonder how she really feels when any number of PYTs are giving him a good brain day in one place while she goes off to another place alone to have a bad brain day

No. 1133880

File: 1610879641838.jpg (184.62 KB, 680x584, f7b.jpg)

what Holly hasn't realized is that she threw herself into the flames for a guy who would never do the same for her

Jared is Jared, and if it wasn't Holly, it'd be someone else. I think deep down she knows this and this is why she's making such a fuss, otherwise all this was for nothing. Jared is not Holly's soulmate, and he would never act like she did for him. Jared could replace Holly in a heartbeat

And that's pretty sad. I've been in that situation before, bleeding out for someone who wouldn't give a shit for you. It ain't worth it. Jared has no redeeming qualities. I'm not even talking about appearance, like if Jared was a good person through and through nobody would care. Even before his big boom he wronged other youtube creators in the past who got left behind now while he skyrocketed. He hypocritically judged Jontron while not able to accept the same heat himself

Not only did he stay quiet during the worst of it, he has picked up all her terms, idioms and behavioral quirks like victimhood and sudden emotional "enlightenment" which you bet he NEVER used before, because he never needed it! He lives in her house, she takes all the heat and he just shuts up and then sometimes waxes philosophical about his "victimhood"

Girl he ain't worth it, Jareds are a dime a dozen. You mean to say it's worth all this for a sex obsessed guy who juggled two chicks while married to one, slept with other fans, send his dick pics everywhere and had multiple tumblr NSFW blogs?

No. 1133885


Same person just adding that while married to Ross she NEVER used her sexuality as a victimhood thing because she never WAS marginalized for her sexuality! She didn't have jobs denied to her, she was not socially shunned from her friend circle, she was never assaulted, kicked out from home or abused because of her sexuality. And she knew that Ross was loving and supportive

She simply mentioned her sexualities in passing but it was never a cause to be singled out. Because she wasn't. She talked about her past on tumblr like it was a diary, and she attributed her traumas to everywhere else; cosplay communities, her parents, an abusive ex she had in the past before Ross (she mentioned this on tumblr somewhere sorry I have no idea where to find that)

Now when all she has is this naked chicken of a man she has to take up shield against everything because everyone is against her. She was still shitty back then but she didn't have excuses, only herself. Now she will find excuses everywhere to justify and rationalize her decisions that clearly backfired

No. 1133958

File: 1610896521989.jpg (109.77 KB, 750x883, ListenToTheShirt.jpg)


You know hes trash when even the gossip forum dedicated to bitching about you is telling you to dump him

No. 1133968

it’s true. if we do take Holly at her word about seeing a therapist and the fact that worrying about being a narcissist is a sign you’re not a narc, then she’s gotten herself emotionally involved with another narcissist like Jared.

Jared clearly shows no remorse and manipulates his emotions to best appeal to who he wants to manipulate. it’s why he was able to string both Heidi and Holly along, and how he was able to bring his pump and dump Uno Girl back on his side. it’s also how he’s able to get his remaining fans to send him shit. Jared’s as smart as a lump on a log but I do believe he has a sort of charisma about him that manipulates women to fall for his bullshit. he took advantage of Tumblr’s body positivity movement to get nudes from fans and he took advantage of his fame to fuck fans at conventions. he’s slimey.

Holly is a chronic victim and being with a guy like Jared probably fills the same hole her pigeon hoarding does. except pigeons are actually defenseless creatures who need someone to help and care for them and are hated and misunderstood by a lot of people because they’re pretty filthy and overpopulated. Jared is a grown ass man who was financially responsible for himself at his then-wife. but Holly sees Jared as someone just as vulnerable and needy as her pigeons so she wants to take care of and defend the integrity of a guy who does not deserve it.

I’m sperging but Holly if you’re reading this: Jared is playing you and using you, just like he did with Heidi. Get him out of your life if you actually want to try improving yourself, otherwise if you’re not a narc you’ve decided to become emotionally and romantically invested in a narcissist.

No. 1133973


I still believe that the only reason Jared left Heidi for Holly is because Heidi (finally) stopped taking his bullshit without question, & Holly still (willingly) does.

No. 1133976

File: 1610898625351.png (33.83 KB, 584x288, myfault.png)

No. 1133988

Holly, panicking:
"I've made an ass of myself for the thousandth time online in front of my followers. Here's another excuse. Please don't unfollow me. Please. Wait … where is everyone going … ?"

No. 1133995

Jared has obviously been a negative influence on her and is a toxic person on top of being a sexpest. Heidi seems to be doing a lot better with him out of her life, even if she’s had to relearn living independently post-divorce. She even mentioned having a better relationship with her parents post-divorce. Holly is also a shitty person based on her past and current behavior, but if she actually is committed to being better she needs to drop him.

If she is actually seeing a worthwhile therapist I hope she sees the light eventually that Jared has done nothing but bring more negativity into her life. But it’s up to Holly to acknowledge she made huge mistakes and fell for the guy through roleplay and manipulation.

No. 1134013

File: 1610901038752.jpg (153.65 KB, 720x435, SoundsFamilar.jpg)


At this point she has left her marriage, her friend group, her grandfather's home, her DnD career, her career and her mental health behind for Jared. She even moved him into her house and dedicated a huge part of her space to be his for his channel and collection. She has given up so much for him that I think she feels that if she left him she would have nothing. Which of heartbreaking since he likes his anime witch waifu Strix way more than he ever truly loved her.

The worst bit is that she has Heidi boxed as a psycho ex who only spreads toxic lies when she should be looking at what Jared did to Heidi critically. She has all the warning signs right in front of her but refuses to recognize them because she refuses to recognize Heidi as a human with trauma who went through some shit. Once she views Heidi as a human (like she presumably did when they were literally BFFs before Holly decided to fuck Diath) she will begin to see the signs, but she never will because Heidi is an evil abusive slut who stands up for herself and expresses anger in frustrating situations

No. 1134042

For all Holly’s claims to feminism and wanting to claim being marginalized because she’s a woman who gets slapped with a red letter for missteps, she sure has an easy time hating women and villainizes them the exact sexist ways society pits women against each other.

No. 1134074


meanwhile she truly could have just told Jared "if you are unhappy in your marriage you should communicate and/or leave", you know, like the friend she claimed to be at the start "I'm there for you"

Instead she did what she does best: she taught him how to be a victim. Jared had no trouble sleeping with fans, flirting with fans online, asking for nudes or flexing the boundaries of his polyamory with Heidi. He never saw himself as a victim because he clearly wasn't one. She never considered Heidi might be upset that her husband and friend are being dishonest with her

Then lo and behold Holly comes along and suddenly what is a conflict within a marriage not only becomes her business by involving herself with the husband, but she also twists the narrative so that she is "saving" the person she cares for as opposed to butting in to something, a relationship, that existed long before she came along

And Jared, the madlad that he is, when he commented on twitter something like "we are with you Holly, you do you", or some milquetoast encouragement like that, what he's REALLY saying is "yes, keep getting all the heat for sacrificing everything for me, really appreciate it!"

No. 1134108


To be fair, the general consensus of the public is "Cheating is unforgivable… UNLESS you are in an abusive situation."
Unfortunately, claiming that your spouse was abusive/controlling has become a sort of 'Get Out of Jail Free card' when trying to justify cheating on them.

If anyone asks for 'proof' you could just show the texts from when tensions escalated during the breakup - which they did.

The claims of Heidi's apparent abusive behavior go as far back as the breakup - specifically when things (predictably) got ugly. And… that's it.

No. 1134156


>"To be fair, the general consensus of the public is "Cheating is unforgivable… UNLESS you are in an abusive situation." "

This is why Holly refuses to see the red flags with Jared or take accountability for all the fucked up things she said about and did to Heidi. She genuinely believes that Heidi is an abusive monster because she has built it up so much in her head as a defences mechanism. She straight up refuses to see the truth of the situation because then she would have to come to terms with the horrible shit she has done these past few years when it comes to slandering Heidi and manipulating Jared.

It's like how she is always posting mental health guru shit about Guilt on her insta stories: I think she deep down does feel guilty about what she did, but she refuses to allow herself to validate and analyze that feeling because she refuses to view herself as a bad person or even just someone who did something really shitty.

The times she does say she feels shame and apologizes are for things that came from the fallout of the drama like the Etika stuff or the marginalized thing, etc. She apologizes for that and feels shame for that, but not for the other stuff she did to Jared, Heidi, and Ross.

No. 1134194

the 'if you worry about being a bad person then you're a good person' advice is trash and honesty the sign of a really bad and dangerous therapist. i believe she does go to therapy like she says, but i don't believe she's self aware enough to find a good therapist that will challenge her and actually address her real issue instead of letting her victimize herself further without question.

bad therapists will absolutely enable bad behavior and make it worse.

No. 1134253


Tension started specifically when Jared and Holly went on "the walk" for hours through the night apparently without their phones while Heidi waited around for some basic honesty and then both proceeded to lie to her and gaslight her than nothing is going on

That was a clear point in which it went from "eh but okay" to "this is not okay" and neither Holly nor Jared were willing to include Heidi in this because it specifically crossed the boundaries she had set

No. 1134256

File: 1610915220333.jpeg (423.01 KB, 828x857, 4ABAEAF8-6321-4454-A6E7-298CCD…)

Funny enough I went looking for her Psychology Today article and it showed me shit like pic related.

I figured that if her relationship sours At any point, she’ll have all this foundation over time to explain why she ended up with Jared and how that made her the victim again

No. 1134321

>Even before his big boom he wronged other youtube creators in the past who got left behind now while he skyrocketed.
I heard murmurs of this when the affair came to light. Was this pre YouTube and Normal Boots?

Besides Jared being a narc, Holly still is did pretty terrible things recently without Jared's influence. If she wants a redemption arc it's going to take more than just leaving Jared. Like right now, she still didn't apologize for trying to speak over an Asian woman. The only reason why she's seems apologetic is because her bullying and manipulation didn't work this time and she didn't have Jared or his fans to back her up this time.

No. 1134405

>she still didn't apologize for trying to speak over an Asian woman.
Wait I missed this when did this happen?

No. 1134452


yeah it was pre normalboots era, this is a podcast video talking about projared at the time of the scandal coming to light but they also mention how they were partners/friends with jared before his big boom

tl;dr he was salty when someone else was funny and he basically ditched them when it became convenient to him, but i would recommend a watch if you want a third party account of jared that isn't normalboots

No. 1134453


Here you go, anon.

No. 1134465

…….You guys are aware Jong is also a dutch surname and Molly Jong-Fast is a very, very white woman herself?

No. 1134505


Regardless, Hoelly’s not marginalized for being a white woman and pretending that she’s queer, although she’d like for everyone to believe she is. We’ve already been over this.

No. 1134521

Don't know if it was mentioned here earlier but H3 went on another small rant about Jared recently while comparing him to Carson. [Starts around 53:27]
Just thought it was funny after Jared responded to someone defending him and Carson with a shrug emoji not long ago. Birds of a fuckin feather, really.

No. 1134591


I'm glad to see that Ethan hasn't just caved to the Hored stans - He, like TWC, pretty much told Holly and Jared to fuck off, that their manipulative, harassing guilt won't work.

No. 1134594

File: 1610939887547.png (371.24 KB, 581x401, Screenshot_222.png)

Who knew that antique stores were essential in the middle of a pandemic? This goes right along with ProPedo going to garage sales - Do the stans want to insist the antique store was outside too?

No. 1134597

Jong was her mother’s ex-husband prior to marrying Molly’s father, Howard Fast. Erica Jong kept her ex-husband’s surname because that was how she was known when she became successful as a writer. Both Jong (née Mann) and Fast are of European Jewish ancestry.

No. 1134598

Jonathan Fast is Molly’s father; Howard was her grandfather.

Allan Jong, Erica’s ex-husband and no relation to Molly, is Chinese-American.

No. 1134599

Still talking over an ethnic minority, just not anyone of Asian descent.

No. 1134613


I love it. Only because it adds more context to a pattern of behaviors over time. Other wise, I don’t love it, the story was painful to listen to

No. 1134629


ProDick has video on his Insta story, it sure didn’t look like it was indoors to me. So I guess Hoelly needed to sell some of her junk in order to… buy more junk? But yeah, definitely not essential shopping for sure.

No. 1134650

>she still didn't apologize for trying to speak over an Asian woman.
Still talking over an ethnic minority

This is ridiculous. Holly is a terrible person and said something very dumb, but she is allowed to disagree with somebody on Twitter without it being a race issue. I'm not defending her awful take at all, and she's not a marginalized creator, but please don't pretend that it's inherently wrong for white people to quote tweet and disagree with an ethnic minority. This is a huge reach when there's already so much to critique about Holly in general.

No. 1134663

>please don't pretend that it's inherently wrong for white people to quote tweet and disagree with an ethnic minority

I think it's more about her claiming to be marginalized on a post from an actual marginalized person and generally making the entire situation about her

No. 1134664

File: 1610947594147.png (217.02 KB, 1010x990, ingramasshole.png)


Not to mention the rare time someone speaks against hored on twitter, they get people like Ingram running over to screech "HEIDI BAD" in their face hoping to make them back down.

No. 1134673

File: 1610948464290.jpeg (117.05 KB, 366x368, EB2E444C-367E-4F63-BE26-A5C0DE…)

Ethan is the top kek for this

Summary for anons who don’t want to watch

>E: “This makes me think of the ProJared thing where everyone’s like ‘ProJared is innocent~’ even though he had a forum called SINJARED where he exchanged nudes with fans! I mean wrap your brain around how sick THAT is. That makes Callmecarson look like..“

>Offscreen person: “Yeah, tame..in comparison..”
>E: “..Dude, ProJared is the R. Kelly of fan sexting”

No. 1134894


Ethan’s got a valid point though, why did Jared get forgiven and why the fuck does he still have a platform? Just because so many people are insistant that he’s innocent? But it’s not true, he’s not innocent. It’s so gross that people have just let this shit slide.

No. 1134918

even a retarded clock is right twice a day

No. 1134932


>Hila: "I did find it super weird that people just… let him off the hook on that. I don't know…"

>Ethan: "Because all these shit-tier commentary channels were like 'He raped a girl!' they latched on to this ridiculous drama story that ended up not being true."

>Offscreen: "Right. And then it all kind of got conflated…"

Yeah, Ethan is actually right on this one.
The sensationalism of most drama/commentary channels went in hard & talked like Jared had a bunch of teens locked in his basement or something, & when that turned out not to be true, they turned around & blamed it on his accusers as if they themselves weren't 'hyping' up the story like it was some kind of True Crime shit.

It doesn't help that you've got Hored stans lurking around on Twitter & Reddit & hammering into anyone who doubts Jared that "Every single part of this controversy was LIES & Jared is 100% innocent & the whole thing - pedo accusations & all - was deliberately orchestrated by his whorecunt ex-wife because she's just jealous of him, his fame & success!"

No. 1134937


Shit like this only proves Heidi's point that Holly made her out to be this 'cartoon villain' who only lives to revel in the pain of others.

No. 1135061

File: 1610998324695.jpeg (42.68 KB, 862x162, B73C7526-75F5-4174-9BA8-FBE21D…)

The Hobag Defense Squad is once again on HOF, trying to defend her.

Notice that these people always go after to HOF to talk shit about TWC and never to TWC herself?

No. 1135068


Because HOF enables them by posting literally anything they have submitted to them whether it’s complaining about LC to bitching about TWC. If HOF is really just about how horrible Heidi’s fans/stans are, then they should just stop posting all the shit that SOM, etc keep submitting to their blog.

No. 1135101


Of course she is still communicating with SOM and using him as a mouthpiece.

Even the people in this thread that can't stand her beg her to drop Jared and SOM. Kind of sad, she doesnt have any real friends to tell her and she wont listen to us (obviously)

Cant pretend I dont feel a little bad for, she dumped her supportive friend group that were willing to call her out and help her improve and now has a bunch of toxic wannabes who use her for clout and money and clearly are keeping her in the drama instead of helping her move on. I would rant more about how fucking creepy SOM's behavior on tumblr is but I'm preaching to the choir, yall already know he is an obsessive toxic mess.

No. 1135110


Actually pretty funny how Holly went off talking to TWC and SOM but left HOF ignored. HOF must be realizing what a waste of air he is after trying that hard to defend Hored only for senpai Hored to never notice him.

No. 1135114

No, no anon you don't understand. He didn't intentionally seek minors out therefore it was okay that minors ended up being sexually exploited by a grown man misusing his platform. /s

No. 1135126

Because even Holly knows it would be such a bad look for her to interact directly with a hate blog about her current partner's ex wife. That's why she sends out her minions like SOM to do her dirty work

No. 1135128

The fact that Holly saw the other blog including SOM shit talking her ex is more evidence that she doesn't want to move on.

No. 1135280


Anyone else notice that Holly hasn't mentioned Heidi by name?
She always says 'That person" when referring to Heidi now…

No. 1135284

>why did Jared get forgiven
Considering how the dude can't even go to starbucks without people here calling him the worst person in the world and any thing he does that basic people do (including you) people constantly remind he "solicited nudes from fans! cheated on his wife! etc." proves the opposite is true lol.
Funnily enough in the eyes of the law this does actually matter, just like if someone underage sends nudes they ARE in fact distributing childporn.
No point in doing so since it's the equivalent of a dog whistle to rally her white knights if you do.

No. 1135291


This bait just keeps getting more boring every time.

No. 1135304

File: 1611015174337.png (47.8 KB, 622x622, 4D283634-7449-4219-9ACF-EDB48A…)

No. 1135307


Must be Gavin White/Pzyko Path/Ingram Idiot again, lmao. Nice try.

No. 1135317

File: 1611016014016.png (47.58 KB, 474x504, fame-corruption.png)

No. 1135324

Why does every wk and person in their circle pretend lolcow threads/any criticism of these people existing anywhere on the internet is equivalent to the entire public opinion of them? They make internet gossip such a defining part of their lives

No. 1135347

File: 1611018601017.jpeg (1020.07 KB, 1189x1357, 8E258FB2-7CCF-4B69-B2B9-AEA143…)

Aren’t these the same people who scream that Holly doing something like Heidi is purely coincidental, but when Heidi talks about ANYTHING (even when she doesn’t mention Holly or Jared, even vaguely), it’s a big conspiracy again?

No. 1135355


I say let those dumbass HOFers whine about Heidi and us over on that useless and insignificant blog. Keeps SOM and the maybe three other people actually taking that blog seriously out of our threads and into a blog nobody supports or cares about.

No. 1135360


You know, any normal person would see Heidi's post are coming more from a place of sympathy and/or introspection, but of course these people are… different

No. 1135362

Still talking shit about Holly, I see. It's time for this bitch to Shut Up.

No. 1135369

File: 1611020837281.png (51.27 KB, 480x536, novids.png)


Yep! She's definitely talking about Holly! These posts have nothing to do with the fact that she hasn't uploaded on Youtube or Twitch in nearly a year!/s

No. 1135370

This also reads like she's explaining why she isn't as active on social media anymore. She wants to focus crafts and posting on Twitter 24/7 hinders that. That or Holly's meltdown earlier sent some speds into her DMs.

No. 1135374

>That or Holly's meltdown earlier sent some speds into her DMs.

Shit I stand corrected, it really had nothing to do with Holly. I guess she has moved on.

No. 1135378

This is such a neutral sentiment, just about every single Youtuber and streamer ever bitches about burnout at some point. What kind of obsessed psycho interprets this as being about Holly?

No. 1135380

File: 1611021534408.jpeg (626.49 KB, 1221x1350, 8815C2B9-BDFF-41FE-B6A9-5E95B1…)

The last part may be the single greatest backhanded sentiment that I have read in my entire life. Take notes, HOF

No. 1135388

>just about every single Youtuber and streamer ever bitches about burnout at some point. What kind of obsessed psycho interprets this as being about Holly?

Ask HOF or that 'not' SOM anon.

No. 1135392


Agreed. At this point, HOF is just a LC hate blog where they whine about everything posted here. They can all just keep to themselves.

No. 1135414


Exactly. HOF thinks he somehow has the rights to start that dumb blog where he "invites people to talk about the drama" when really it's "Sadoldmagician whines about lolcow calling out hored and complaining about Heidi existing but pretending to be five different people".

No. 1135416


I'd take a guess that either Guacamole or CupcakeValkyrie is the one running that blog.

No. 1135432

I think Guacamole runs the other blog that likes everything HOF posts. sixteen quartz they were made around the same time too. They are the only HOF follower who likes when SOM posts about Hored.

No. 1135541

It's not neutral when you consider that Holly and her are pretty much enemies.

No. 1135577

Enemies? They’re not 12 year olds on the playground. Just because Hobag is a passive aggressive twat muffin doesn’t mean that Heidi thinks about her just as often

No. 1135578


anon you know that Holly is not the only person on the internet, right? especially NOT the only person who gets into drama

holly isn't an "influencer"

this "enemies" thing is giving me too much draco malfoy energy

No. 1135595

Even if this were about Holly’s situation and not her own + general observations, it would mean she’s being very sympathetic to Holly. She’s empathising with influencers who feel drained and stressed out by the content creation grind and pointing out how bad this can be for someone’s mental health without judging them. If that’s “enemy” behaviour then maybe I ought to declare war on Heidi too.

No. 1135627


Its stupid for anons and HOF to pretend that Heidi's tweets are about Holly. Like insanely stupid. Heidi was with Jared for 5 years which spanned his career. She was with him before he blew up and while he was on the rise. She was with him in LA doing the influencer rat race. She was there in the background for all sorts of youtuber shit, of course she is going to have opinions, especially now that she has left the scene.

Besides, I'm sure she was getting questions about streams or blogs often, so this seems to be her response to that. She is just keeping her followers informed. Out of the 2 ladies in this drama it's hilarious to me that people think Heidi is the obsessed stalker one

What next? Heidi is tweeting pictures of her cat to spite Holly because her cat is cuter than Mojo? She is selling black clothes in her store because she is obsessed with Strix? It's been 2 years and in case some people forgot Heidi is the one that is alone and out of the relationship. I doubt she sits there all day plotting ways to subtweet Holly and win Jared back

No. 1135646

I’d say it’s good that they go out to do things offline (Safely and within reason, obviously) that fill up their time. Who truly cares they went to an antique store? Sometimes when I see these kinds of things posted I wonder if it’s their own lil buddies doing it so they can bond over the more trivial shit posted ITT. Maybe use it to cozy up to Holly and Jared when the free subs just aren’t doing it as well as they used to. Like how people who steal your shit are the first ones that jump up to help you search for it.

Who needs enemies when you have friends like SOM who dedicate free time to staying all over LC replies (Whether directly or via HOF), reading whatever is posted on drama blogs on both “sides“, and with such intense commitment. There’s no way these people are that fucking dense that they would think they’re doing something that is benefitting Hored. We could be watching Holly, and maybe Jared, get Single White Femaled in real time.

HOF and SOM are consuming everything for the same reason anyone is-for entertainment. Though I’ll be honest it makes it some SICK shit to do that to people you claim you like. Enjoying the gossip so much that you’d create or contribute to drama blogs without even attempting to hide it. No matter if they we’re to swear to be biased in favour of Hored the very existence of HOF is to gossip about drama surrounding Jared, Holly, and Heidi.

Despite the milk I often wish Holly would put on her big girl pants, or have Jared dust off his sailor scout skirt for one more mission, and would ask people “defending” them to politely stop the constant interactions that only help further drag it out. Even when forums have pretty much lost interest. Should probably start with the obsessive psycho with the several alts.

Imagine thinking you’re supportive or helpful but are literally unable to stop bringing up things as Holly says that the entire ordeal has and is hurting her? They see her boundaries and stroll right over the line without any hesitation, but want to act like they have moral superiority to LC anons. Absolutely beautiful.

No. 1135675

I hope she actually stays ON with whoever her current trauma therapist and her psychiatrist are. It’s been said before therapy only works when you’re open to it. And maybe, she ought gain enough self-awareness to stop treating her public Twitter acct like a horcrux journal for external validation.

No. 1135806


She wont be able to work through it in therapy if she isnt telling her therapist the truth of what happened. Hopefully she is being honest about the situation during these sessions, but something tells me she has spent so much time building her and Jared's story that she has actually 100% convinced herself it is all true

No. 1136022

File: 1611085049102.png (12.33 KB, 612x131, 140625346_740227333589624_7747…)

Slightly off-topic, but sometimes we need to realize that outside of Jared's protective bubble of loud mouth sycophants, that he's still a joke and pariah. Here's the top rated comment on a reddit thread about the NY Mets general manager harassing a report with 60 unanswered messages and a dick pic.

No. 1136025

sexually harassing a female reporter*

No. 1136042

There are a lot of well known shitty Jareds, though, so I’m not sure if that’s a reference to this particular Jared. This name is cursed.

No. 1136066

I'd argue that it is because it's on reddit and it involves dick pictures. The only Jareds I see referenced is Subway Jared and ProJared. But agreed - cursed name.

No. 1136087

To be fair, rather than 'anons' plural it's probably just bait-chan again

No. 1136338

To be fair she might be telling the therapists the truth, since she lets strangers do the lying for her and Jared. If anything she just leaves out the shitty shit she did and just talks about what actually happened to her, regardless of her viewing herself as an innocent victim a good therapist is likely to encourage Holly removing herself as much as possible and to do No Contact with LC.

On the other hand, the therapist could suck and prompt Holly to only talk about how she feels as a reaction to what happens during her average day so she can be empowered that she is multi-dimensional while writing her some k-pins.

No. 1136523

Even in parts of the commentary community outside of their bubble, people see Jared as a sexual predator and a joke. Mister Metokur in his most recent streams still roasts him and major Youtubers like H3H3. Only retards like HOF and SOM flip their shit when this is pointed out to them.

No. 1136691

If holly ever flipped a switch and took responsibility for herself in its entirety, she would have to have massive balls. I mean compared to now it would take a certain iron clad will that she just doesnt even consider let alone covet. She would have to a) cut off jared immediately, throw him on his ass and be cool with the fall out b) see heidi as a person and victim who still took agency over her life regardless of what happened to her c) go against all the couple dozen of fans she has left who treat her like the shackled, slandered poor girl victim she made herself out to be d)get a literal job and keep it, long enough to get off the internet

She doesnt even have the backbone to do one of these things for a week let alone all of them point blank as a lifestyle pivot. Her biggest pivot is changing her hair color. When she gets mad she plays victim and when she gets over her feelings its back to "yay chimken pot is topkek!" She cant even own her own narcissism without acting like a toddler to distract from that reality.

If this is the worst place ever according to her, im pretty surprised how nice you guys are when it comes to straight up no bs advice. But i dont think she has the brass lips for it. Shes just gonna keep getting dumber and more belligerent and itll be someone elses fault

No. 1136707

Also sorry dp but fuuuuuuuck the douche who came in to act like the 1400+ she gets from patreon for doing literally nothing somehow makes her below the poverty line. You're a fuckin idiot. Poverty line or not no one here or in her dumbass circle is getting that kind of support from ANYWHERE to even compare it to what the poverty line is. Shes doing JUST FINE financially for the kind of moronic crap she wastes her time on. Imagine being this chaotic and still being guaranteed 1400 a month thanks to peoples misguided pity. There would be a lot more narcissism on display. That on top of inheritance, owning a home, and she does literally nothing but obsess over public opinion of her. I wonder how fast all that behaviour would end if the patrons pulled out. Shes basically getting paid to act like this from my pov theres nothing poor or pitiful about it.

No. 1137171

>"see heidi as a person"
>implying that heidi is a person

No. 1137595

So apparently Ryan Haywood has been banned from Twitch, which begs the question: why does ProDick still have a platform?

No. 1137604

Is she actually arguing that "demisexual" is a real orientation, much less implying that it's just as marginalized as being gay? Fucking delusional.

No. 1137680


Yep. That’s exactly what she was implying.

No. 1137739

Going by the definition of what demisexual is, it’s like an accurate-ish term coined in light of the Ace/Aro discussions getting the spotlight in the past decade. It does seem to describe how a sizeable chunk (not necessarily majority) of the population actually experience their sexual attraction towards other people, gender identities aside.

TL;DR: Demi is real. Marginalized, it is not.

Sage for discourse but kinda nitpicky, anon.
Altho, I’m glad there hasn’t been new milk from the Birb Witch. Too soon to say, but maybe she’s actually doing something helpful for herself for once.

No. 1137750

It’s been less than a full week since she went after TWC and us “top kek”, Anon. Let’s not jump onto the SHES ALL BETTER bandwagon just yet.

She’s just in the portion of her cycling where she’s trying to pretend she didn’t just lose her shit on her business account again.

No. 1137781

Holly usually has a period when she keeps calm after sperging out (sometimes just a week, sometimes an entire month), idk if it's because she's embarrassed or because she just got her anger/frustration that triggered her out of her system but she is most likely going to be milky again in the foreseeable future.

No. 1137863

Sorry for the delete, haha, my question abt the average duration of the dips and peaks in her observed cycling was answered.
Will read first next time.

No. 1138069

It doesn't help she claims to be marginalized as "demi" when she's only exclusively dated "cishet" white dudes too. Totally not just your average straight girl with a tired libido cause of psych meds or anything.

No. 1138702

Agreed, anon. First of all, narcs can play the victim extremely well as we've seen. That, and just because she's saying this doesn't mean she actually loses sleep at night wondering if she's the asshole after all. Chances are this is, if anything, another attempt to deflect criticism.

No. 1138712

What the fuck, these people need a life. They're far more obsessed with stale drama between people they've never met than they could ever accuse Heidi of being.

No. 1138781

… yeah. Every one involved in this thread is a person. Some are also cows, but they're people. I understand the larping fantasy games you guys play makes it easy to hallucinate but point blank: a human being is a person. What a stupid thing to challenge. It just shows that ppl who know holly and jared are shitty can easily concede that heidi is a flawed person but much less than those two hags. But the 3 ppl who wk haggy and hagred can only do that by vilifying heidi into something less than human. Do you also have to argue that the earth is flat to defend the gargoyle twins? Youre such a top kek for that

No. 1138800


I find hored stans just as annoying as you do, but when/how did any of them act like Heidi is less than human? Saying that she's stalking Holly with a secret alt twitter is fucked for them to say, but that doesn't suggest she's some subhuman creature. If that were the case, the threads here are calling hored subhuman just as much.

No. 1138810

NTA but they are literally replying to a post that said Heidi wasn’t human.

No. 1139073

File: 1611325437563.jpeg (196.81 KB, 826x1220, 53CD6400-EF10-48EA-8ABD-FA537F…)

Really Holly? Even though you or Jared haven’t admitted that you’ve made any mistakes, and you keep crying over cancel culture and say that all of this is part of “drama that I was dragged into” even though you were very much part of the drama? I find it very hard to believe that you’re working on anything other than getting people to pity you.

No. 1139109

there seems to be a regular here who never reads the full thread of replies, this stupidity has happened multiple times.

No. 1139253


Not to totally defend the anon in >>1138800 but the post they were replying to looks like they were taking an obvious bait post and using it to say all hored stans think Heidi isn't human. Saying "the 3 ppl who wk haggy and hagred" seems to say that at least.

No. 1139336

I hope she enjoys sacrificing what is left of her "career" online in order to play martyr for her self righteous battle against "cancel culture". She still hasn't learned from prior interactions. kek

No. 1139401

Sexually exploiting people which left one woman traumatized and cheating and abusing your husband is an innocent mistake anyone could make. /s

No. 1139441


>which left one woman traumatized

Heidi sure bounced back quick. She was ready and willing to @ hored on twitter to go on the attack immediately after kicking them out, she's definitely better off ridding herself of those pests, but I'm getting tired of people talking about Heidi like she's broken or some fragile flower when she's risen above hored's antics and moved on like they no longer exist, unlike hored who continue sitting in the misery they made for themselves.

No. 1139528


imo i was happy to see heidi @ing jared and holly and even their stans, they love to say heidi is faking being a scared and sad woman but she proved herself as being the exact opposite of that.

No. 1139656

she can be both strong and traumatized. The reaction to trauma doesn’t negate that it happened. She’s certainly better off now, but she probably would have been best off if the man she married didn’t become a sex pest and then coral his million huge fan base against her when she didn’t play along with his narrative.

No. 1139675

I mean, she literally was the one that made the drama public, so she does share some brunt of what happened. Jared made a statement they were divorcing, she opened the flood gates, he literally said nothing or did nothing after his statement and then people started passing around HIS nudes in the chaos. No matter how you feel about the dude it wasn't 100% him.

No. 1139699


…you’re seriously defending this guy? Here in this year of 2021? lmao. ProDick is a garbage human who did a lot of gross shit, end of story. But nice try.

No. 1139700

Pretty sure that wasn't a defense in context of the post responded to but for some reason people lack reading comprehension here.

No. 1139706

File: 1611366040249.png (342.07 KB, 601x633, oof.png)

She always seems to lay a bit low after public discourse. I give it til after the weekend since she's in her element right now based on this tweet so she has no reason to garner sympathy.

No. 1139707


Love how whenever someone points out Heidi had agency in the drama anons get so antsy to defend her they just assume it must be shitting on her and defending Jared. >>1139675 didn't say anything about Jared being worth defending they literally just pointed out Heidi was the one who made it public knowledge.

No. 1139727


A private FB post isn’t public knowledge but nice try. These PedoDick defenders get so tiring. The messiness of all of the divorce drama doesn’t excuse him from soliciting nudes from his fanbase, dunno why they can’t seem to grasp that concept. And if he didn’t want his nudes passed around, maybe he shouldn’t have mass Snapchatted them to anyone with a pulse.

No. 1139738


>A private FB post isn’t public knowledge but nice try.

The twitter posts, dipshit. Nobody would have known about any of this if Heidi didn't start poppin shots at hored, PUBLICLY, on twitter. Jared only said they were getting divorced, Heidi brought the evidence of cheating to the public. Jared is a shithead but don't whiteknight Heidi to the point you forget the reason we even know why Jared is a shithead.

No. 1139791


Nobody is saying Jared wasn't at fault for the whole debacle. This entire argument is over one agreeable fact: Heidi was the one who went public about Jared's shittiness. Nobody is blaming Heidi for doing that, but pointing out that everything kicked off when Heidi tweeted about Jared's cheating isn't defending Jared, like previous posts were accusing.

No. 1139800


Go back to Twitter with your sexpest defending bullshit, Gavin White/Pzyko Path/Ingram Vermillion. Who the fuck cares about a messy ass divorce when Pedodick abused his internet status to solicit nudes from his fanbase, and fucking a fan at a con, something that he should rightfully be banned from his platforms from. Stop derailing with this nonsense bullshit. Who posted what first doesn’t nullify his shitty behavior, so quit acting like it does.

No. 1139806


Are you actually delusional? Nobody in this entire argument has defended propest. The anon in >>1139656 pointed out that Heidi went public about cheating, literally said in the post that she's better off for doing it, but illiterate dumbshits like you can't comprehend that stating a common fact isn't defending a sex obsessed abuser. Go back to kindergarten and learn what words mean.

No. 1139853

Exactly. People think her posting first and then not posting her sadthoughts as often nowadays makes her totally not a victim, when she was. Try applying this logic to women that come out against celebrities that abuse them: it’s not traumatic because you brought the negative attention on yourself or you weren’t traumatized because your public social media profile shows you doing pretty well.

No. 1139865

Ew, Nerdarchy. Fucking neckbeards.

No. 1140113


You fucking neckbeard losers always come in here with the “but Heidi” bullshit. What’s wrong, HOF not giving you attention today?

No. 1140116

File: 1611421489951.jpeg (251.56 KB, 827x1383, 7A5DCC48-8D72-4744-B4DD-79D17B…)

No Holly, you don’t want people to be happy that you’ve made unhappy, you want to silence anyone who says anything negative about you. There’s a big difference.

No. 1140184


she truly cannot help herself from oversharing her life with complete strangers

she also spends most of her time online trying to get others to make her happy by not criticizing or "canceling" her or whatever. she will never grow as a person if she can't own up to the fact that she requires approval from others.

No. 1140186

This entire paragraph is a window into her delusional defense mechanisms.

In situations where she's been genuinely out of line, stomped other people's boundaries, and spead poisonous lies, she can say "oh I'm a good person who wants others to be happy, but it's not my responsibility to make them happy" to deflect blame from her actual terrible behavior.

"I want to make everyone happy" is her way of re-phrasing "no one is allowed to be mad at me for any reason." Because we've seen how obsessed she is with hunting down dissenters. She wants to "correct" everyone's opinions if they don't like her, because she's so convinced she's "good" and they must be "bad" or listening to lies to not see it.

In reality, people are neither wholly good or bad, and we make judgements about each other all the time based on the behavior we actually see. Plenty of people have watched her selfish, delusional behavior and come to the conclusion that she's not that well-intentioned, no matter what she tells herself. But Holly will never stop publicly insisting that she's the pinnacle of goodness, and anyone who disagrees is abusing her. It's insanity wrapped in a pillow of mental health speak, and the fact that she has a wide audience that falls for it is genuinely disgusting.

No. 1140374

I was referring to that one lesbian Jared was stringing along. Someone posted screenshots of her tweets in a previous thread. The way hored still victim blames her is disgusting.

No. 1140552


Didn't realize that just mentioning Heidi, even in a positive light, means wanting that hored dick. You just have no reading comprehension, do you? Why don't you go cry to twc about how the meanie lolcow anons talk about Heidi in a good way but won't defend Jared like you think they do?

No. 1140560

What annoys me about Holly talking about cancel culture isn’t even the fact that she thinks she’s talking about of unfair attacks on “past mistakes” etc it’s that she participated in it so actively. She was throwing out everything she could from receipts to her own opinions for the purpose of “cancelling” Heidi who is undeniably a small creator or whatever.

No. 1140588

Let’s not forget, “cancel culture = bad” can’t apply to Holly’s case bc she is repeating the exact same toxic behavior from her past. No lessons learned yet.

Agreed. I really, really, really want her to see this should be applied to her relationship with Jared bc it’s textbook. It’s RIGHT THERE. But her lie is as plain as the nose on her face. I’m highly doubting she actually does her inner work beyond recognising. I know everyone has their own pace when it comes to processing and owning up their own toxicity, therapist or none, but with a walking red flag in her private life, I can only imagine prolonged suffering before she gains actual empathy again.

No. 1140638

Friendly reminder: I'll take Heidi's amount of 'bitch-ness' over a self-serving narc adulterer and someone who abuses their power to solicit and spread nudes and doesn't have enough spine to leave a releationship.

No. 1140658

Just report those posts or ignore them completely.

Over and over again someone comes to say “Heidi blah blah blah” and then 3 anons minimum take the bait, replying the same things that have been said during the last time.

It just…keeps happening.
Bait, hook, rinse and repeat.

No. 1140816


Yep. You hit the nail on the head here.


I wonder if she even knows empathy in the first place? She seems to only know me, me, me.

No. 1140900

Well if you consider stating a fact and not even shitting on her "bait" then that's a problem more with the bent out of shape whiteknights that try to defend her at every turn.
Pretty much kek

No. 1141154


How ironic that the boundary stomping queen is once again preaching about having healthy boundaries for herself.

No. 1141155

That would imply that Holly ever had "actual empathy" in the first place. From what I can tell of her relationship with Ross, it has been all about her and what benefits her from the get-go.

No. 1141166

File: 1611523292205.png (29.95 KB, 473x321, Screenshot_224.png)

…Since when is Holly non-binary?

No. 1141200

Awhile now supposedly.

No. 1141204


Oh god shit like this is why people in the LGBT community hate white gays. The mental gymnastics to justify why it was okay for Holly to spreech over a Jewish (or non white) person is unreal. Notice how Holly started crying "I'm marginalized" when people started calling her out for her tone deafness. Typical Karen move and her spergs that know jack shit about it are eating it up.(emoji)

No. 1141325


No. 1141391

when she was complaining about being marginalized she literally referred to herself as a woman

No. 1141394

This is exactly why nonbinary as an identity has so many problems (aside from the obvious). There's no one definition or description, and I've seen the term apply to anyone from a gender conforming 'demi-girl' with she/they pronouns, to drag queens, GNC bulldykes, and binary transgender people who like multiple pronouns or kooky fashion. It's impossible to be oppressed just for being nonbinary because there's no meaningful definition or people group associated with it. Ostensibly, Holly is a straight cis white woman, and is treated as such. She's not exactly someone who would be denied a job based on creed.

This too lol.

No. 1141406

I always took Holly's inclusion of "they" in her profile as having nothing to do with her actual gender and everything to do with her being okay with having the singular "they" pronoun used for her.

Which… most people are; that doesn't exactly make her special.

No. 1141588

She should tho. Especially between her and Jared, and also between herself and her public Twitter, lol.

Girl should get a private journal instead reduce chances of milk- oh wait, carry on then.

Also, checked on HOF and trashwitchcoven tumblrs and I gotta say, it’s surreal but amusing that anons on here, posting or just lurking, also ask those blogs for input of the discourse here.

No. 1141589

She’s not even a “white gay”, she’s a regular straight woman and has no business claiming to be part of the LGBT+ community at all. This is such a transparent move.

No. 1141612

ummm excuse me this is blatant asexual erasure. dont yall remember she was asexual when married to an annoying trolling edgelord and then demisexual when she was wanted to bone her best friend's husband? sexuality is fluid! /s

No. 1141620

This exactly. The prevailing discourse on twitter right now is that pronouns aren't inherently connected to gender presentation/identity so, going by their logic, Holly identifying as she/they doesn't even mean she's inherently nonbinary. Calling Holly nonbinary unless she's explicitly stated she's okay with that label is actually misgendering her! /s

The whole thing is an ouroboros at this point, much like Holly's career: she just keeps eating her own tail, but she never learns from it.

No. 1141638

Prompt for next thread pic pls hahaha

No. 1141677

File: 1611575670240.png (218.6 KB, 1042x1040, ingramsfantasy.png)

This guy is literally making things up at this point.

No. 1141687


He really is. Anything to defend his favorite sex pest!!

No. 1141724

Also pansexual at some point iirc. Funny how often certain marginalised sexual minorities keep finding themselves in conventional heterosexual relationships.

It takes some especially douchey mental gymnastics to turn
>stop pretending there’s nothing going on between the two of you when there clearly is, I deserve transparency
>please fuck each other

That’s what you get for trying to be lenient and understanding in a relationship with a sexpest, I guess.

No. 1141952

>>Also pansexual at some point iirc. Funny how often certain marginalised sexual minorities keep finding themselves in conventional heterosexual relationships.

lmao right? sure you're still bi/pan if you're in a het relationship, but if you like dick, fuck dick, want to be in a relationship with a dick… dude cmon, the oppression points are not worth it. leave the gays alone lol

No. 1142022


Gotta love the spergs feigening outrage at HOF over the LGBT discourse happening here. These are the same people that gaslit a lesbian woman who felt she was sexually exploited and lied to by Jared, now all of a sudden they care about the feelings of LGBT people. They could have let that one go and said Jared was wrong for that, but anything to protect their beloved sexual predator. These are the same people that for months attacked and in their words "stalked" twc and other blogs run by queer women who were understandably upset/triggered at someone making a blog to defend a cishet sexual predator whose victims were mostly women and or lgbt.

But real talk though there's no need to devolve into biphobia to roast Holly. The hate she got for that "I'm marginalized" tweet had everything to do with the fact that she was using her "identity" to deflect addressing the criticism she received for making a racially tone deaf tweet to someone with thousands of more followers than her. She could have easily apologized to the lady, deleted the tweet and had been done with it, but she didn't because she always has to be the victim, even when she goes out of her way to start shit with other people.

No. 1142054


>These are the same people that for months attacked and in their words "stalked" twc and other blogs run by queer women who were understandably upset/triggered at someone making a blog to defend a cishet sexual predator whose victims were mostly women and or lgbt.

Anon, I hate the hof blog for existing too, but when you start making shit up to make the blog and the followers look worse than they already are, you make people take what we say much less seriously and makes you sound like that ingram twitter. Anyone can scroll through hof and see none of that happened.

No. 1142129

File: 1611619870445.png (105.61 KB, 720x434, 20210125_190013.png)


No. 1142134

See, comments like this are why it's hard to take anyone seriously that even shit talks hored.
Anons like that seem to make shit up because if something even looks like a defense of hored they get absolutely butthurt even though they probably only ever heard of these two because lolcow.
Kinda yes and no? Cancel culture is considered a thing because 1 person could call a chick ugly and you suddenly have tumblr and twitter trying to "cancel" them or you have a group of people decide a person needs to be "cancelled" because they said a slur 60 years ago. Its lost its impact and meaning ages ago which is why some people legit view it as a targeted attack whether they deserve it or not.

No. 1142146


Yep. Both Holly and ProDick aren’t willing to admire their faults and mistakes, so they both cry about cancel culture. It fits them both to a tee.

No. 1142151

Holly's spergout came the same day impeachment of Trump was announced and some politician whined about cancel culture. I think Holly wanted to go full liberal progressive, but desperately was trying to use cancel culture = bad without sounding a hypocrite.

No. 1142160


Hoelly trying to play the Cancel Culture = bad card is almost as annoying as the people who say we should let the insurrection go because trying to hold people responsible is just going to keep us from unity. Holly doesn't get to say some bullshit with her whole chest (ie: "HEIDI IS AN UNFIXABLE ABUSER!"), realize that actions have consequences, and then pretend like we're all the bad guys for trying to hold her responsible for her words/actions.

If she was really as cancelled as she likes to pretend, she wouldn't even have a platform on which to bitch and moan about being cancelled to her 209,000 followers.

No. 1142163

File: 1611622112025.png (440.18 KB, 565x658, Screenshot_225.png)

wig. snatched.

No. 1142170

Expect all that shit did happen, y'all are clearly new.
Also cancel culture isn't a thing its called being an adult and understanding there are consequences for your words and actions. If people don't like you for the things you did or said in the past just deal with it and move the fuck on. Don't try to gulit your critics into silence or publicly shame your employers into hiring you again. These are things that Hored has done.

No. 1142175

It might just be me but I notice that the people who whine the loudest about cancel culture are people who have an ongoing history of being scummy people.

No. 1142176

oh god, do you remember Jared's public sperg out a few months back, burning whatever bridges remained with the professional D&D/WoTC community within like….a month or whatever of Holly/Strix being invited back?

No. 1142192

Holly still having 200k followers who support her is actually a flex

No. 1142196

Yeah - what a flex to show that there's over 200k trashy ass moronic people who throw their support behind someone who defended a dude who abused his fame to solicit nudes and then, within a year, supported a DM who forced a sexual assault victim to roleplay a sexual assault live.

She's sure showing us plebes /s

No. 1142208

>within a year, supported a DM who forced a sexual assault victim to roleplay a sexual assault live.

I don't think she ever even reached out to the girl either she just defended the guy and told him to never stop making art. Cancel culture > victims of sexual harassment according to Holly.

No. 1142215

IIRC, she told him he was a good guy, good friend, etc. as if the person he forced into the uncomfortable situation was a BAD person for coming forward with her experience. She couldn't be more of a "pick me, not like other girls uwu" if actually she tried harder.

No. 1142794

She was also openly defending him and saying what he did was just "a mistake" and not really abuse because she suffered real abuse.

No. 1142896


Wow, WTF. Holly sure is a horrible person with a shitty track record to boot.

No. 1143032

File: 1611712856218.png (147.54 KB, 584x626, Screenshot_228.png)

cue the Holly stans, screaming about Heidi coming for her brand

No. 1143040

In no way supporting Hored, but is Heidi serious with this? She's making Holly look like an amazing artist

No. 1143042

Girl, chill. When she slaps it on a sticker or print to monetize it, then worry about her skill level.

No. 1143043

The tweet's media is a time-lapsed progress video and the screenshot here is showing the piece still being in progress.

No. 1143063

File: 1611717576333.jpeg (82.53 KB, 827x1020, 529DB12D-7F73-4F19-B3B2-E654E6…)


Here’s the final product.

No. 1143090

Anon you got absolutely bamboozled

No. 1143142

its a screen recording, you fucking dolt. >>1143063

No. 1143146


Eh, even hored stans know that mushrooms/forest stuff is a common interest between Heidi and Holly. I never saw them whining about Heidi copying Holly's forest walks, why would a mushroom drawing be any different?

No. 1143147


Sorry to dp, I meant to say "nobody thought Heidi was copying Holly's forest walks" but I fucked up my phrasing.

No. 1143153

Did you miss how they freaked out over how Heidi “copied” Holly when she sold witch hats during Halloween?

No. 1143159


I never saw anyone "freaking out" over it, but I saw a debate over it because Heidi seemed to suddenly be into a similar thing as Holly (IMO it was a bullshit debate, big deal Heidi made witch hats on fucking Halloween) My problem with >>1143032 is the implication that Heidi is "stealing a brand" just because she drew a thing that everyone knows both H's are into. It's not like Heidi is drawing chickens and pidgons along with the mushrooms, she's clearly not copying anything.

No. 1143408


Then go over to HOF’s blog, you can see that people did indeed “freak out about it.” Not going to post screenshots here though, it’s basically become a LC hate blog so I’m not going to waste my time scrolling through it.

No. 1143553

People are talking about here, which it doesn't happen. No one cares about places like that.

No. 1143614

File: 1611779714868.png (69.18 KB, 791x605, hofheidihat.png)


I did look at hof, this is the closest anybody got to "freaking out", and it reads like a bait post someone sent in so they can screenshot it over here and complain about hored stans using it as proof. In fact there's a fucking lot of obviously troll/bait posts over there that are obviously sent in just so people like you can cry "hof is a hate blog!" Most I see there is people disagreeing with hored being shit people which who cares about that?

No. 1143630

File: 1611780807907.png (528.1 KB, 2048x1078, Screenshot_20210127-205249.png)

sage for irrelevant but this could literally be a tweet about Holly

No. 1143657


Damn, that so is Holly, lmao.

No. 1143685

File: 1611783925422.jpg (40.08 KB, 720x255, Screenshot_20210127-164532_Tum…)


Isnt this the same ask that SOM replied to? Maybe it was him doing his fake anon asks/submissions that are clearly him

No. 1143686

Describes her to a 'T'. I've never met another person who was all "BE KIND….to me - fuck everyone else and if you send me any more emojis, I'm going to kill myself like this beloved internet personality and IT WILL BE ALL YOUR FAULT!" quite like hobag

No. 1143688

You can almost always tell which submissions are SOM sending them in under 'anon' because he likes them as HOF posts them.

No. 1143721


I remember when SOM was neck and neck with that sixteen quartz for liking every post HOF made. It wasn't until we called him out for having HOF post alerts on that he finally cut back to only liking certain posts. Now SOM just pretends to just conveniently see what HOF is posting when I'm pretty sure HOF is the only blog he follows.

No. 1145149

File: 1611930672888.jpeg (51.37 KB, 827x225, 996A1FFE-36FD-4BD1-9EEB-071329…)

Nobody’s worrying.

No. 1145151

Unless he bought all of those comments and likes on IG, looks like plenty are. Kinda why no one posted here in days even when he was in hospital, it's not really milk nor can you spin this into a negative.

No. 1145165


Well, we all know that Hoelly and ProDick live off of pity likes/subs. Didn’t stop him from losing followers on Twitter though.

No. 1145304


I feel like this time the pity is actually kinda warranted? Medical emergencies suck no matter who you are.

No. 1145328


Last I heard he had teeth extracted, so it's not like this is out of nowhere or anything…

No. 1145634

Because, stick with me here, nobody cares. People not posting here isn't indicative that we were all scared or worried - ProPedo using this as a grab for attention rather than just handling his health issues like every other adult on the planet isn't that interesting.

No. 1145635

File: 1611972201067.png (10.25 KB, 272x193, Screenshot_229.png)

It was his wisdom teeth, which tbh, I'm surprised his dentist let slide into his 30's. Mine started hinting about yanking 'em when I was barely 20.

Also, here's why he was in the hospital. He was going above the recommended dose on Tylenol and made himself sick from it. It wasn't a medical emergency that came out of left field - He ran out of the prescribed pain meds (which means he likely took more than recommended of that too or was too much of a chicken to call the dentist and say "I need a few more") and damn near overdosed on tylenol, of all things.

You don't get sympathy for a health issues THAT YOU CREATED, ProDick

No. 1145653

File: 1611974121652.png (177.5 KB, 1077x704, dentistreccomended.png)


>It wasn't a medical emergency that came out of left field - He ran out of the prescribed pain meds (which means he likely took more than recommended of that too or was too much of a chicken to call the dentist and say "I need a few more")

His dentist told him to take the Tylenol, which means they were expecting the pain to outlast the prescription he got. Call me an empathetic asshole, but I kinda understand why that happened. If your face hurts to the point you can't even function, you get desperate to do something to make it go away. I've taken over the recommended dose of Tylenol for severe migraines, not to the point of needing an er trip, but not something very smart of me to do looking back on it.

No. 1145681

That's serious. You can really mess up your organs with too much tylenol, especially over an extended period of time. I hope he doesn't want to eat kimchi any time soon.

No. 1145683

Damn, so he ODed on Tylenol? RIP to his liver I guess. How easy is it to take too much Tylenol? Iirc 3000mg over 24hrs is max dose

No. 1145693

Tsk. Shame on dentist for not explaining the every 4 to 6 hr rule for Tylenol intake if pain persists. Or better yet, shoulda started him over to a stronger pain killer for the first few days post-procedure before stepping him down to Tylenol.

But also semi-shame on Jared. Shoulda followed up with his dentist if he had questions, but here we are.

No. 1145694

To each their own pain limits, I guess. Or is it could be a funding thing.

No. 1145799


sage because not american but what kind of barbaric methods are they doing over there that you require prescription medication and it was SO bad that he went over the recommended dosage???

I've gotten my teeth taken out and all I got was a pat in the back, cotton wool and I took garden variety painkillers nobody would blink an eye at and you can buy at a pharmacy. I mean sure it's not a comfortable feeling but I lived.

Not in a sense of pain competition but that's kinda messed up. Why is this man allowed to take so many pills so frequently? Why is there no recommended dosage written by the pharmacist or on the box? Why was he left unsupervised with pain meds?

No. 1145827

If it was a surgical extraction, then whilst I begrudge it, he has my sympathy. I had a surgical extraction of back teeth and wisdom teeth and I was taking prescription painkillers for a week after due to the pain and swelling.

No. 1145852

Nah, you’re cool. Pain and pain meds aren’t to be taken lightly. In light of this, I want to point out that this anon (>>1145635) is kinda bait-y in this sense, not at all milky.

Tylenol is an over-the-counter anti-pain/anti-fever medication (it literally IS acetaminophen). Walgreens and every other mega mart with a SUPPLEMENTS SECTION has them by the 500s-1000s pc bottles. We don’t know the first pain meds Jared was taking, and Tylenol is a decent step down but having no other instructions on how to take Tylenol responsibly leads to patient oopsies like these. I don’t wish liver failure on the guy.

No. 1145883


I agree, I'm all for calling the guy out for legit behavior, but >>1145635 made a point of cropping out the important information of his dentist instructing him to take Tylenol just to say "he brought this on himself! no sympathy!" and that's not a good look. He's fucked up in enough ways that nobody needs to make things up about him, and acetaminophen overdose/potential liver failure is no joke.

No. 1145887

Agreed, this is why:
Stated it couldn't be spun into a negative and:
Is just being a butthurt bitch just because it's Jared.Yes you don't have to like him but it wasn't posted because what is he doing wrong other than making a medical oops? What did he do that's considered "milk" in that regard?
>You don't get sympathy for a health issues THAT YOU CREATED
He didn't create anything for sympathy. When you're in such pain not only do you sometimes not REALIZE what's happening but the dentist didn't give him clear instructions, whether you're 13 or 70 it's not always common sense because god forbid you want to drive your head through the wall in between those 3-4 hours of dosages.

No. 1145944


The max dose is 4000mg/24 hours. Which is on the bottle if he had bothered to read it.


This. I’m surprised that the doc didn’t push more for something like Ibuprofen because of the inflammation reduction, Tylenol doesn’t give you that. But if he wasn’t eating much then perhaps that’s why. I am surprised the doc didn’t just give more pain pills, but that’s likely due to the opioid crisis over here too.

And honestly if he was in the ER just for a couple of hours for OD’ing on Tylenol, then it wasn’t that serious. He was likely kept there more for the dehydration from not being able to keep water down. Tylenol is metabolized in the liver, so it would take more than just a couple of hours for it to “get through his system.” And it takes a lot of Tylenol to actually damage your liver, generally more than the 4000mg/24 hour recommendation. Going a little above that limit for a couple of days typically isn’t going to send you into liver failure. We don’t know how many he was taking a day, but if it was truly serious, he would have been admitted to the hospital and administered IV antidote.

No. 1146061

An affluent 35-year-old put off dealing with his wisdom teeth for 10+ years, then overdosed on one of the most common pain relievers on the market. I don't think it's really "milky", just an example of him being very irresponsible on multiple levels. He refuses to deal with major issues until they become much bigger problems…pretty in character.

>You don't get sympathy for a health issues THAT YOU CREATED, ProDick
This phrasing, "you don't get to [do something I don't like]" is something TWC says a lot, and it sounds SO immature and preachy. You don't get to dictate people's behavior, anon. Just critique or make fun of it, but stop acting like you're in control as a moral authority. It's weird.

No. 1146138

Agreed not milky, but you’d be surprised at health-seeking behavior of a sizeable chunk of the population. “If it doesn’t bother me, I won’t address it just yet.” (kek, like the other thing iykwim). This, the cursed excuse heard by medical professionals everywhere, lol.

Not milky, just run-of-the-mill problematic health-seeking behavior.
And also, you know, poor boundaries with your own body’s limits. Very in-character indeed, anon.

Kek, he prolly didn’t. I’m not speaking for everyone but reading the tiny (but important!) text on the bottles and info sheet inserts is not as common sense as more health-responsible people like to think.

No. 1146262


>And honestly if he was in the ER just for a couple of hours for OD’ing on Tylenol, then it wasn’t that serious.

He mentioned he puked a whole lot, possible that he swallowed enough that it could have caused permanent damage, but ended up puking it back out. If that's the case, he might have been in the hospital long enough to make sure the Tylenol didn't get too far through his system before sending him on his way. I agree they probably didn't give him more prescription pain pills because they'd be concerned about addiction to them.


>This phrasing, "you don't get to [do something I don't like]" is something TWC says a lot, and it sounds SO immature and preachy.

I absolutely agree and I'm honestly getting tired of that preachy "I'm the one who gets to dictate what people are allowed to do and what they should feel about this!" attitude. It's really pathetic when HOF, a blog dedicated to talking shit on LC/Heidi, can sound more mature and less holier than thou than some of the anons on here.


>I’m not speaking for everyone but reading the tiny (but important!) text on the bottles and info sheet inserts is not as common sense as more health-responsible people like to think.

And if someone's in enough pain they can't think straight, some people think "just a few more won't hurt". I've seen and heard about people doing that every so often without needing hospital intervention. If it was just a single extra dose it wouldn't be a big deal, but it sounds like he was in so much pain he wasn't actually keeping track of how many "just a few more"s he was taking, and ended up in the ER for it.

No. 1146330

>"which is on the bottle if he had bothered to read it"

Exactly, not to mention that if the dentist advised him to take the tylenol, I really doubt they just said "Open your mouth, throw in a handful and hope for the best".

No. 1146339

Sorry but where the fuck was Holly lmao just giving him Tylenol?

No. 1146351

This. Don't they normally recommend someone stay with you for at least the first few hours after wisdom tooth removal? She could have made sure he understood the doseage instructions before she left

No. 1146356


> He mentioned he puked a whole lot, possible that he swallowed enough that it could have caused permanent damage, but ended up puking it back out. If that's the case, he might have been in the hospital long enough to make sure the Tylenol didn't get too far through his system before sending him on his way.

This would only work if he had taken a bunch of tablets and puked them back up. If he was taking them more often than he should have, his body would have absorbed them unless he was puking those doses up as well. And in that case there would have been no OD. If he was only in the ER for a couple of hours, it wasn’t that serious. Period.

> It's really pathetic when HOF, a blog dedicated to talking shit on LC/Heidi, can sound more mature and less holier than thou than some of the anons on here.

lmaooooooo. HOF mature? Sure Jan.

No. 1146362

>And in that case there would have been no OD
D..Do you even know what ODing means?
>If he was only in the ER for a couple of hours, it wasn’t that serious. Period.
Just judging by what you wrote you clearly have no idea what you're talking about nor have you ever been in enough pain to even come close to dealing with this kind of issue. Once you hit your 20s and get your wisdom teeth removed come back and complaint if your dentist didn't properly help you with aftercare meds.

>lmaooooooo. HOF mature? Sure Jan.

Proving their point with your post lol. If you didn't fail basic comprehension you would see they said "than some of the anons here" not in general.

No. 1146442


> D..Do you even know what ODing means?

I do. Come back to me when you’ve got your pharmacy degree and several years in acute critical care under your belt.

> Just judging by what you wrote you clearly have no idea what you're talking about nor have you ever been in enough pain to even come close to dealing with this kind of issue. Once you hit your 20s and get your wisdom teeth removed come back and complaint if your dentist didn't properly help you with aftercare meds.

And this has to do fuck all with knowing what’s serious and what is not. I have seen people OD in the ER, I have made meds for people who have OD’ed specifically on Tylenol in the ER and they typically get hospitalized if it’s legit serious. It’s metabolized in your liver and takes longer to get through system than stuff that gets metabolized through your kidneys. So a couple of hours in the ED? It’s not that serious, and the time was more likely for running a couple bags of fluids because you can’t push those too fast.

> Proving their point with your post lol. If you didn't fail basic comprehension you would see they said "than some of the anons here" not in general.

That’s bait, mate.

No. 1146498

This is assuming they’re living together tho. Was it ever confirmed? I might not be lurking enough yet.
All I’ve see so far are IG caps of them hanging out together and the OP recap of the last 5 or so threads that included the bit where they moved in. Will deffo lurk more on my end.

Also, given that Jared IS Diath, he sounds like the type to push away unsolicited but well-intended offers of help bc “I’m fine. I can do this on my own.” shrug

Re: HOF can be mature. Kek, maybe sometimes. But generally, nah. Only the times when some LC anon succeeds in pulling off bait this >>1145635

No. 1146585


fwiw hof has defended heidi from the super petty people, i.e. when he called out anons saying she dresses like a grandma, hof said there's nothing wrong with how she dresses. that puts him slightly higher in maturity than the rest of the infamous hored stans.

No. 1147470

File: 1612117363735.jpeg (142.49 KB, 768x1024, 73CE6C1A-79EF-4697-ADA3-ECAAA9…)

Confirmed from them? No, of course not. Too many photos outside of his cave with Holly’s house in the background, though. Most recent one is this, peep his grey mask on the right and it’s getting dark out.

No. 1147620

Honestly, it's a style that works for him.

No. 1147654

It’s ridiculous to need pain killers after wisdom teeth surgery. Wtf

No. 1147678

Actually, not that uncommon. OD’ing instead of just calling your doctor? Now THAT is less common.

No. 1147679

I took it as them being sarcastic because anyone who had major dental surgery knows the pain very well so no one could be so stupid to claim you don't need pain killers after having one of the most sensitive parts on your body cut up and drilled into.

No. 1147687

File: 1612141310645.jpg (65.13 KB, 550x378, wisdom-tooth-problems.jpg)

If by ridiculous you mean ridiculously common, yes. If your wisdom teeth didn't grow in straight (common), then they have to dig them out of your gum and jaw bone to prevent the other teeth from getting damaged. Cutting through bone causes significant pain. That's why anyone who can afford to, should get their wisdom teeth removed before age 25, while it's still comparatively easy and less painful. (though it can still be difficult and painful, just less so before your teeth get "set in place" by age)

No. 1147719

It's standard to prescribe painkillers after surgically removing wisdom teeth. And yeah, a doctor will probably be reluctant to prescribe any more than the initial dose because the pain shouldn't last that long. My healthcare lapsed and I had to wait a few months with an infection and compacted teeth to get mine removed and the initial pain killers got me through just fine. Jared obviously has no pain tolerance and maybe there were complications that made it more painful? It's not incredibly milky, but it takes A LOT of Tylenol to overdose…especially a grown man. The whole situation is too weird to pass that much judgement personally. Teeth stuff can be painful, but come on. After 2 days, you're back to normal and don't even need the opioids you're prescribed. I truly hope he had some complication that made it painful and isn't an insufferable pussy.(no1curr)

No. 1147738

It also might not have been tylenol. I've gotten hydrocodone after having all four of mine pulled [they were growing in extra retarded tho] and I got two days worth of hydrocodone and about 5 days worth of tylenol. So who knows? He could have even been taking over the counter tylenol/ibuprofen with the script. Dumbass thing to do.

No. 1147841

File: 1612157748185.png (50.65 KB, 448x602, cc.png)

A bit OT, but I found this great thread about 'cancel culture':


No. 1147931

Kek, this is lovely, anon.
Too bad current milk isn’t flowing.

The dental debate is getting tiresome, especially, when other anons on here don’t “/s” out of courtesy when they make jokes to avoid cycling the topic.
hinthintlet’s not turn this into another Pigeon thread, thanks

Then again, this is LC. shrug

No. 1148475


i hope those masks are clean because otherwise this is dumb

No. 1148477

Yes..even they're not dumb enough to not wash reusable masks lol.

No. 1148716

File: 1612228509616.png (11.84 KB, 287x186, Screenshot_230.png)

SOM: -defends someone who lashes out and calls their fuckbuddy's ex an 'unfixable abuser with bpd'

also SOM: "The people telling you to delete your blog CLEARLY have anger issues, I pity them"

No. 1148788


SOM going around defending abusers is shitty, but…repeatedly yelling at HOF to delete his blog is also shitty? Far as I know HOF isn't spreading his bullshit to other places outside of Tumblr (as evidenced by people still linking to the truth blog which hasn't been touched since mid-2019) so I don't see a problem with him posting there? If it's considered okay to tell HOF to delete his blog because they disagree with what is posted than it should also be okay for hored stans to tell TWC to delete that blog because hored disagrees with the posts there.

No. 1148835

Legitimately not one single person has ever tried to condone what the person telling HOF to delete is doing - but you have to admit there is an irony in SOM being totally okay with what Holly/Jared did, but having no problem telling someone against them that they have serious anger issues.

Also, no one mentioned TWC. Why is it that any time someone calls out HOF, everyone goes "But….but….TWC!!". We get it - Hored defenders are fine, but those calling out their shit are bad.

No. 1148899


>We get it - Hored defenders are fine, but those calling out their shit are bad.

That's the exact point I was making. Everyone flips their shit anytime HOF says anything directly related to hored/Heidi, but TWC does the exact same thing and that's okay, even praiseworthy. Both blogs have opinions to share, but since one of them is a hored stan blog that one is bad for making posts while TWC is praised just for making the opposite opinion. HOF is bad for saying things we disagree with, but TWC is perfectly fine because we agree with that blog. It goes both ways, anon.

No. 1148957

It's funny how hored's wk's act like they're better than le haterz like they're not also having a grand old time going over the powdered milk of Heidi's divorce. The only interesting stuff happening is the stupid shit Holly says on twitter and Jared's slow spiral into madness. Sad old simp isn't even directly involved, why is he here again?

No. 1148966


>Sad old simp isn't even directly involved, why is he here again?

SOM replied to a post on HOF's blog, and >>1148716 thinks this is new and so posted and unsaged screenshot for nobody to care about.

No. 1149034

File: 1612254125012.jpg (208.1 KB, 1000x1000, 19-27-59-IMG_7369.jpg)

Holly seriously trying to sell literal junk at $25 each. Quarter of 100 bucks for a cheap tiny container with equally cheap shit inside. I can get better quality at a dollar store, this looks like it's gonna break apart in shipping.(shit baiting)

No. 1149037


The arms of the rat/mouse/whatever aren't even attached properly, def breaking apart in shipping.(samefagging)

No. 1149040

The only way that's not winding up damaged in shipping is if she packs it incredibly well, which would likely wind up with INSANE shipping costs on top of the $25 she's charging in the first place.

I ain't going to knock her for trying to make money, but this is something you sell at a swap meet or flea market - not something you ship across the country

No. 1149049


>this is something you sell at a swap meet or flea market - not something you ship across the country

THIS. The """"art"""" in those jars look so poorly assembled they'll fall to pieces if you just wiggle them the wrong way, let alone all the tossing and shoving around it would go through in whatever delivery/mailing system it goes through. And that's the best case scenario, chances are good the people delivering the package are the type to yeet small packages like it's an olympic sport.

No. 1149059


Fuck those things are ugly. And she wants an entire $25 for that? I could find better looking and better built garbage for 50 cents kek.

No. 1149061

This is Heidi's store, not Holly's, and it's not even her art.

No. 1149064


Didn't take SOM long to jump in here to wk for his bff. Now gonna lie and make Heidi look like she sells junk lol. Sorry nobody likes your girl's clearance aisle finds.

No. 1149073

And we have proof people whiteknight for Heidi for without second thought or even first thought lol.

This is indeed from Heidi's store, so yes anons:
Heidi does indeed want $24+shipping for it. Now watch the narrative 180s because you realize it was Heidi's merch and not Holly's.

No. 1149075


>Now watch the narrative 180s because you realize it was Heidi's merch and not Holly's.

Nah, they'll just suddenly whine about how "it doesn't matter" and "nobody cares" now that they found out they were bashing Heidi's store instead of Holly's kek.

No. 1149081

I've seen worse shit being sold for a higher price on etsy. Doesn't matter whose store it is, they're half decent imo. I can see this in someone with a forest themed home have these on their shelf, or even use the right one as a cute christmas ornament (at least in my country some ornaments look like that).

They're still not worth $25 though.

No. 1149084

Samefag, but before someone calls me a Heidi whiteknight - I thought "huh, they're ok I guess. I don't see the issue" before I even knew it was her store.

Good experiment though to see how people rage the moment they think it's Holly's shit, I love ragging on her too but not everything she does is trash (just lazy)

No. 1149089

Nope. This is still some straight bullshit. $25 for a craft that looks like something a kid made at summer camp is ridiculous regardless.

WK harder.

No. 1149090


The jars aren't really my thing, but I'm an "each their own" kinda person. That includes people wanting to buy stuff from Holly. If someone wants to spend $24 or more for some little bobble, I won't judge no matter who's store it was bought from.

No. 1149320

This whole thing reads like a few people aggressively role playing the type of posts they expect to see here, to prove their point.

Taste aside, this criticism is silly. You really think it's impossible to ship fragile items? You think felt will spontaneously fall apart? You think "quarter of a hundred dollars" is a huge amount? Are you five?

And this is just some random item that's not made by Heidi OR Holly, so you're not even insulting their skills. It's hand-felted by some artists in Nepal apparently, so it's already been shipped long distance. Do you get this angry walking into Home Goods or wherever and looking at decorative items you think are overpriced? You need to run to lolcow about it when you see a random object you don't like at Target?

>Now watch the narrative 180s because you realize it was Heidi's merch and not Holly's
Baiting a few people into expressing ignorant opinions is not a "narrative" and it's literally not even Heidi's merch. It's the merch of some international fair trade group that she carries in her store. You can hate it and think it's overpriced and ugly or whatever, but it's completely irrelevant.

This whole farce isn't the galaxy brain move you think it is. Holly's art doesn't actually get made fun of this much on lolcow to begin with, and it's hard to believe that anyone genuinely believed that this was Holly's art. This whole thing seems staged by an anon or two who are desperate to prove that Holly doesn't deserve any criticism on lolcow and it's all a big conspiracy of Heidi-lovers attacking her for no reason. There is definitely a reason, and it has nothing to do with felt mushroom jars.

No. 1149392

Looks like >>1149073 was on the money.

No. 1149395

Why are we shitting on anyone's art anyway? Art is subjective. It's the actions of these people that are the problem.

No. 1149483

I mean, no, not really. Comparing apples to oranges regarding Holly's actual art, and Heidi hosting another artist's work on her site. Do you think Heidi calls the base pricing, or do you think the artist does? Fucking smooth brains in here.

No. 1149836

>This whole thing seems staged by an anon or two who are desperate to prove that Holly doesn't deserve any criticism on lolcow and it's all a big conspiracy of Heidi-lovers attacking her for no reason. There is definitely a reason, and it has nothing to do with felt mushroom jars.

These samefag Holly simps that do this everytime refuse to get that they're the ones keeping the thread active which in turn upsets Holly kek.

No. 1149876


Yup, >>1149073 called it. If that was actually in Holly's store anons would have been completely trashing it and the price. See >>1132881 for a recent legit example, to say nothing about the time almost half a previous thread was all about trashing her cardigans. But because >>1149034 was actually from Heidi's shop now it doesn't look so bad and the price is reasonable. How about nobody should care what either of them are selling, unless either of them are caught literally dumpster diving and selling the results, it shouldn't matter what they sell or who buys it.

No. 1149945

Farmhands red-texted the initial post as bait and one of the responses as samefagging, are any of the other replies samefagging?

Also, what is this trying to prove beyond the fact that an imageboard used largely by women tends to be biased against an abusive cheater and his mistress and more likely to knee-jerk attack them?

No. 1149983

Nothing. Hored stans are bored because the thread was finally dying out like Hoelly screams that she wants, but they just can't stand that one tiny corner of the internet can't stand the bird queen.

No. 1150012

Lol it's THREE QUARTERS of a whole 100 bucks instead of one quarter. People defended Holly's sweaters as much as people defending Heidi's merch. Even I defended Holly's shit so quit trying to make Holly such a victim of lolcow Heidi Chads. "wah wah, you're just mean to Holly!" It's dead in here, SOM. We're reduced to talking about Jared's Tylenol OD.

No. 1150360


You'd think that they'd stay out of it for her sake…

No. 1150752


Yeah, you’d think they would. Instead they just end up riling up the hornet’s nest, kek.

No. 1150868

File: 1612375201284.jpg (765.75 KB, 1067x1706, MaxLandis.jpg)

Max Landis (well known film director accused of abusing and choking out multiple women) wearing one of Holly's canceled shirts! What the fuck!

No. 1150899

Sex pests of a feather…

No. 1150930

She had to know this is the type of person who would wear this shirt, right? Unrepentant, smarmy assholes who deserve to be exiled? Good job throwing yourself in with that lot, Holly!

No. 1151015

>She had to know this is the type of person who would wear this shirt, right?
That's not how that or life works, anon which is why people get shocked when allegations come out about certain people you didn't expect.

No. 1151068

Another sex pest who got cancelled, not impressed

No. 1151179

Pretty sure you're deliberately misreading anon's reply.

God, who could have predicted, some gross asshole is wearing the shirt that was designed for a gross asshole. Wonder if Holly is nervously preparing an apology tweet.

No. 1151181

Considering Hoelly's defense of several sex pests, I wouldn't be surprised if she eventually just leaned in to it and started purposely marketing to the creeps.

No. 1151189

nope, hobag is probably just preparing her regular lashing out so that she can then accuse the drama of following her once again. THEN she'll make her apology rounds and blame her shitty childhood.

No. 1151233

Yes exactly. It's not surprising that actually canceled people would buy "canceled" merch. Does she think most of those people are smol innocent misunderstood beans?

No. 1151272

Yes she does.

And just like with Jared and Koebel I'm sure if she's called out about this she'll also try to frame Landis as a poor bean victimized by Cancel Culture meanies.

No. 1151306


Yep, that’s exactly what she’ll do, her behavior is so predictable.

No. 1151377


I'm all for Hoelly facing consequences, but what exactly is she getting called out for here? Selling the shirts? She's long been called out for that, that milk is so old it's turned to cottage cheese. The situations with Jared and Koebel had direct correlation, she willingly defended them and was rightfully called out on it, even if she did cry victim afterwards. But this is someone who is also a sexual predator who decided to buy her shirt. What is her wrongdoing here, failing to do background checks on every customer to be sure all of them are just her stans buying shirts "for the irony lol"?

No. 1151380

File: 1612401274935.gif (364.92 KB, 360x218, anigif_sub-buzz-6483-151335810…)

No. 1151395

>What is her wrongdoing here, failing to do background checks on every customer to be sure all of them are just her stans buying shirts "for the irony lol"?
Exactly this anon, again if someone "bad" buys heidi's stuff and shows it off no one will bat an eye, but somehow it's on holly and she MADE THE DECISION to sell it to only creeps. Keep up, anon!

No. 1151463

It's not that she decided to sell it to creeps, but that she made a shirt catered to creeps.

No. 1151486

and that she wants to say her life was irreperably ruined by being cancelled yet is out here making a mockery of the whole bit by selling shirts after she accused Heidi of speaking out in an attempt to gain followers and money

No. 1151581

She has a history of defending abusive men. She bent over and went out of her way to defend a guy who forced a girl to rp rape. She made several Instagram posts about how its wrong to "cancel" someone regardless of what they did. So yeah it's safe to say that she meant for people like that to wear it, anti cancel culture spergs hate accountability, nice try though.

No. 1151642

The shirts were already made with bad taste at the time, it doesn't take much brain power to figure the type of people who would choose buy and wear them. I can't believe you people are still whining trying to compare Heidi to Holly.

No. 1151861

it looks like its Fair Trade sourced and handmade which tends to up the price of anything regardless of quality.

No. 1151921

But anon that info doesn't help pwn the lolcow spinsters! Hater!

No. 1151976

File: 1612451012649.jpeg (1.33 MB, 2222x1348, 38EB80AE-6760-432A-A1C3-4F54C4…)

Sage for non-milk but holy lolcows, this is cheap for an art print! Based on the art quality alone, Heidi can definitely sell these for a lil bit higher, like 15-18 USD!

No. 1152231

I mean, it’s 8”x10” print

No. 1152238


Sure, Heidi, you're totally just a random anon who just happened across the print being advertised on twitter since December, and got yourself so excited about it so you "accidentally" advertised it to say "OMG GUYS IT'S ONLY $10!" I'm a little disappointed, ngl.(ban evasion)

No. 1152267

File: 1612472923221.jpeg (55.96 KB, 627x626, D7CC52EC-5BC9-41B8-B731-D7075F…)

No. 1152348

Holly and Landis know each other in one way or another. At the very least they were running in the same circles in California.

A while ago Ross mentioned in a Tweet, that Landis was the biggest jerk he ever met.

No. 1152351

Addition: I just remembered that Ross even said, that Landis was at some house party Holly gave at thier place.

No. 1152431

Same anon.
Is it bc it’s digital art? Compared to a tradwork that’s made into a print?
I think it could be sold in the range of 15 USD at least.

But, nonmilk. Just found it when looking for the felt art jar.

No. 1152444

File: 1612485657766.jpeg (150.76 KB, 827x951, 2EF337E4-7DEB-4896-B6B9-00264F…)

Oh god, please no.

No. 1152482


Dude, you can't charge for what people have already seen for free (and would have to be PAID to get them to willingly see it again)

No. 1152833

Hell I would pay good money to go back in time and never see it in the first place

No. 1152872

Hard same (pun not intended)

No. 1152907

Isn't this the second time he's been teasing the idea of an OF? He could just be joking of course, but I wouldn't surprise if he is at least considering it since every cow and their mother have one now

No. 1152910

I would hope that SOMEONE in his inner circle would be smart enough to go "Hey, remember the sex scandal you were JUST BARELY able to escape with any semblance of a career? Yeah, an OnlyFans is going to be the final nail in that coffin"

No. 1152971

File: 1612530286534.png (709.55 KB, 1242x2208, EF50A2F2-9984-4497-9C9A-386EA2…)

Looks like he took this down pretty fast. He’s obsessed with this low level streamer who looks way too much like Heidi..

No. 1152977


He probably deleted the tweet because the stream ended, he does that with most of his "live on twitch" announcements. The raerae situation is hard to tell, but apparently she's been talking to peanutbuttergamer since early 2019, I'm guess that's how Jared got to know her? I think Jared and pbg pretty much have the same fanbase and friend circles, so it's the best theory I got.

No. 1152984

Like most people who utilize twitter/FB for announcement, it ended so it was deleted. Pretty much every streamer (with an actual following) does this unless they absolutely do not care around tons of dead posts.
Most likely, so it's not an 'obsession' since it's just literal networking and just..hanging with people in a friend circle.

No. 1153096

that’s true I didn’t think about streamers regularly deleting their announcements, maybe he’s not obsessed but it’s a little sus that he uses his platform to help support smaller streamers, who happen to be cute girls, even if they’re dating his friends. He clearly doesn’t care about friendship boundaries (or any boundaries) when it comes to getting attention lol

No. 1153127

Raerae is not dating his friend. PBG is married, so anon probably meant that they have been "talking" as in they are publicly friends.

Idk if Jared is "obsessed" with her or not, but it is interesting that he constantly interacts with and promotes younger, prettier girls while ignoring his own live-in girlfriend. It really seems like he's working on an escape route. If he lets some more time pass and then trades Holly in for RaeRae or another pretty streamer girl, he can get back on track to having his desired "internet power couple" dynamic without the stigma attached to Holly and Striath. It seems like that ideal is what he really wants, not Holly in particular.

No. 1153198

File: 1612548659003.png (196.39 KB, 1076x693, raeaus.png)


>It really seems like he's working on an escape route.

Raerae lives in Australia. If he's looking for an "out" from Holly, he's going to at least look for someone from the same country as he is. I think you're looking a little too hard at this, bigger streamers promote smaller streamers all the time, especially when they're in a friend group like she seems to be.

No. 1153201

>it’s a little sus that he uses his platform to help support smaller streamers
Ironically Jared is one of the FEW "bigger names" that actually support smaller streamers.
Tinfoiling is fine but an "escape route" wouldn't be heavily publicized because even in regards to ending up with Holly it wasn't poised as an "escape route."

No. 1153287

regardless if Jared is looking to jump from Holly to Rae (which hopefully she knows she’s too good for him), I’m sure it’s enraging Holly to no end that she looks eerily similar to Heidi (her aesthetic too)

No. 1153307

While Jared is dumb as a rock with his choices and doesn't seem to really learn that much from his mistakes I think he at least learned to keep it on the down low if he is preparing a backup girl to escape to when the covid crisis is over, so I personally consider the girls he promotes or fawn over publicly red herrings.

No. 1153356

This. I doubt he's planning on staying with Holly long-term, they both seem to lowkey hate each other and borderline tolerate each other on a good day, but when he does bounce, I'd bet money it's a "personal" friend. Bonus points if he tries to frame Holly as that evil bitch who ruined his marriage and infested his house with pigeons.

No. 1153372


SAME. I really wish I could unsee it.


Agreed, definitely a little sus. Probably tinfoil, but I feel like it’s a way for him to take advantage of people again, using whatever streamer clout he has.

No. 1153401

I think he's joking about it to test the waters. He's remembering his former success as fandom sexyman and thinks he can have it so tons of girls are begging to see his wormdick again (or at least paying to see it). Gotta save up for some new viddy game decorations!

No. 1153470


It's crazy how Jared has no money for games and is struggling, but can somehow manage to fork over hundreds of dollars for GME stock(s). His first tweet about jumping on that bandwagon was when the price was almost 300 per share. That's a fairly good chunk of change for a someone who's broke.

No. 1153536

"Mandatory, send nudes" also started out as a "joke" that tested the waters.

No. 1153814

File: 1612599156320.png (12.77 KB, 437x104, Screenshot_236.png)

Why am I getting the jest that ProPedo, Hoebag, and their fleet of braindead defenders would be perfectly happy to be in some weird, communal sex thing in the woods? It just gives off alot of ick vibes.

No. 1154235

This is old but considering he didn't plug the sender's username for some free clout, this probably came from a kid.

How shitty of a person do you have to be to take advantage of a kid. Wow.

No. 1154271


That's a really weird conclusion to come to. There's a lot of reasons there isn't a username to plug, like Lucas in Canada just decided not to include one for some reason. But okay, no username = "he obviously took advantage of a child".

No. 1154305

Look, Jared is shitty but you don't need to make up shit. Like holy fuck people we get what he did already.

No. 1154318


The person who sent the games replied in that insta post, and although there’s nothing on their IG profile, there’s a link to their YouTube where they’re playing piano. You can tell that they are young. Maybe not a “kid” per se, but they look either like a teenager or somewhere around 18. Either way, no matter the age, Jared taking advantage of people for his own gain is shitty. >>1153470 He can clearly afford to buy old games himself.

No. 1154319

>Somewhere around 18
>take advantage of a kid
Pick one, because if you're around 18 and lack comprehension and common sense, you have bigger issues in life lol. Btw other youtubers and streamers have kids 18 and younger sending them stuff all the time. Asking for donations of UNWANTED GAMES especially if they're on a list he's looking for isn't taking advantage.

No. 1154337


It sure is, especially if he can buy the games himself.

No. 1154355

It IS shitty but it's also old milk. I get the Hoelly is temporarily quiet, but you don't have to stir up old shit.

No. 1154667

The duration of behaving thus far is impressive vs. what the threads of last year talked about.
Of course, Holly’s last sperg-out abt LC was just in Dec 2020. Only time will tell.

No. 1154680

I mean, 14 days she brought up cancel culture on her stories though, so it's just likely nothing has happened to trigger her into a public outburst.

No. 1155329

File: 1612743958232.png (188.87 KB, 720x880, 20210207_191928.png)

Of course the replies to this last tweet contain "dId YoU wAtCh HiS rEsPoNsE vIdEo???"

No. 1155348

File: 1612744932257.png (379.29 KB, 720x822, 20210207_192530.png)

He did this to himself, loyal 'stan'.

No. 1155375

Canada's economy is in the pits and poor Lucas doesn't sell his games on eBay but gave it to progeria instead.

No. 1155380

How can they act like we're all just bombarding him when dude barely escaped a sex scandal from sending nudes just to joke about selling nudes? He hasn't learned a single thing.

No. 1155519


Can't wait for these idiots to go cry at hof because lolcow is so mean and they must have sent people to tell Jared they don't like his jokes and how he should totally sell nudes publicly on onlyfans. Hof really needs to shut down that blog, it just gives these crazies an outlet to say "Jared did nothing wrong and lolcow is evil".

No. 1155520

You're not going to survive on selling games, especially if you're not responsible for a house etc because the particular donations he gave him wouldn't pay a month's rent at current prices let alone other bills, no need to be that dramatic lol.
It's almost 4 days old now..it would have happened by now.

No. 1155563


>Of course the replies to this last tweet contain "dId YoU wAtCh HiS rEsPoNsE vIdEo???"

One reply said that. Out of a total of three. And the second of those three agreed with that last tweet.

I get that Jared is a complete shithead and he's an idiot for making jokes like this, but "conveniently" cropping out how many replies there are to that tweet while phrasing a sentence to make it sound like the "hored stan army" descended upon this poor individual en masse doesn't help. This is far from the first time I've seen incomplete/out of context screenshots posted to make him look worse than with full context(like when someone posted Jared's insta about the Tylenol OD but left out the part about his dentist telling him to take it). It makes it sound like we're manipulating screenshots to make Jared/his stans look bad and convinces people that he really is the "innocent victim of cancel culture". That's why HOF got as much traction as he did, because people have pointed out how often out of context and/or carefully cropped screenshots are posted here, and now more people believe HOF's narrative. I want to see Jared and Holly called out for their behavior as much as everyone else here, but posts like this ironically boost the "victim of cancel culture" story they push.

No. 1155600

Nta but wtf? If 1 of 3 replies said that, it means the replies contain that phrase, like anon said. No one manipulated shit, and lolcow does not have a reputation to defend.

Drink some water and go outside.

No. 1155858

Take your own advice because you literally twisted what >>1155563 stated lol.
>Hof really needs to shut down that blog, it just gives these crazies an outlet to say "Jared did nothing wrong and lolcow is evil".
This is worded as if the "joke" received tons of replies to come to this conclusion. Shit like this always happens when hoelly is behaving people try to twist everything to produce milk that isn't there. Oh no jared joked about onlyfans that every one and LITERALLY their mother has so milky! At this point if anyone posts, shares pics with him/them or pays for his/their (if hoelly involved) onlyfans you support what he did. If you don't..you don't and it's time to move on because we all know Jared is a shitstain after 2 years now.

No. 1155904


> while phrasing a sentence to make it sound like the "hored stan army" descended upon this poor individual en masse

lmao holy shit anon, it's not that deep. Why does everything have to be some kind of fucking conspiracy?

It's like everyone forgot that trolls exist.

No. 1155909


> That's why HOF got as much traction as he did

>…and now more people believe HOF's narrative.

No anon. Back in 2019, people ultimately sided with Jared because he made sure he got the last word in. This all happened before the HOF blog even existed.

No. 1155912

Because the intention is clear, anon.
Mm..I'm pretty sure ultimately more sided with Jared not because of "getting the last word" when Heidi's white knights seem to continually "remind everyone" what Jared and Holly did on a daily basis if all they do is post a picture drinking a drink, showing off ugly fashion or just wishing people have a good day. Hell the dude was in the hospital and they tried to spin it as a huge conspiracy and he's trying to diddle kids. Shit like that is why people likely ultimately sided with Jared and HOF came to existence, no one is ignorant to what he did but it's 2 years later what evil has he done or is doing? It's like trying to bring up Heidi's short external relationship now..it serves no purpose to the current narrative especially when the milk is dry.

No. 1155946


This is an anonymous board. Some people here are fucking stupid. I wish some of them didn't care so goddamn much about the trivial shit, but I'm not in charge here.

>…it's 2 years later what evil has he done or is doing?

I cannot speak for everyone here, I'm just morbidly fascinated with the whole situation. The shitty takes, the rabid fanbases, etc. Sometimes I even feel bad for Holly and/or Jared. Some people here don't feel that way. Not everyone here is exactly the same.

How is it so hard to make this distinction?

No. 1155952

>"that every one and LITERALLY their mother has so milky!"

Yeah? has every one and LITERALLY their mother just been proving to be fucking fans on the side, exchanging nudes with legitimately anyone - up to and on occasion, including minors?

No. 1155955

>"Heidi's white knights seem to continually "remind everyone" what Jared and Holly did"

Anon, did you forget the whole ass 'truth blog' that the Hored stans pushed for literal months including Dan Pirro and his "BIG NEWS IS COMING PSYCH Holly asked me not to post it!"?

No. 1155962


I'm starting to think that anon hasn't been around for that long tbh.

No. 1156427


> but it's 2 years later what evil has he done or is doing?

idk still refused to accept the gravity of his behavior and push off the responsibility onto minors?

he's a public persona and no one is required to like him or look past what he did. i prefer to just watch the drama from the sidelines, but if someone wants to throw their commentary into the ring, who cares?