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No. 1703226

Last time on "The Moo is Coming From Inside the House" Edition…

>Holly tossed around the idea of writing about her experience with the drama and when it didn't get a lot of attention, she just never did >>1226766

>the defenders continued trying to slander Heidi as an adulterous whore in an attempt to get everyone to forget that Jared had a nasty habit of sticking his dick in anything with a pulse >>1311229
>Jared remained mostly silent on the drama for MONTHS while Holly still regularly revictimized herself and pushed the 'I did nothing wrong' narrative >>1356497
>Jared eventually moved on, spurring rumors that they finally split up >>1598430
>All in all, everyone shut the fuck up about the drama and people generally forgot they existed
>just kidding, Holly sperged out and accused her ex-husband, Ross, of marital rape. >>1702638

Social links:
>Jared Knabenbauer/ProJared:

>Holly Conrad/Commander Holly:


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Our last thread devolved into nonstop infighting, bait, and garbage as white knights infiltrated.

For the quality of future threads:
-IGNORE BAIT. Anons who post random milkless potshots at Heidi or Ross are trying to spark infighting. Ignore and report.
-STOP posting stans on either side. They aren't milky and it shits up the thread.
-Common interests between Holly and Heidi are not milk. Two people liking popular things is not proof of copying on either side. Bringing it up causes infighting.
-STOP nitpicking Holly. It adds fuel to her claims that she's being bullied for no reason when people bend over backwards to try to find things to nitpick at. She has given us plenty of milk on her own. Let it flow.

No. 1703228

It's really crazy if you read all the comments about Ross today and you look at what everyone on this board said about him a couple years ago. It's like night and day. I've never watched his stuff, so I don't have a personal opinion, and I bet that it's more that the ones who never liked him are vocal today and the ones that liked his work are waiting for his statement, but if you just go back and read what was said about him previously, it's the complete opposite.
Thanks for making the new thread btw.

No. 1703230

>i was maritally raped for years on end.
this is terrible, no one deserves this, very sorry to hear this.
>so that means sabotaging another woman's marriage, bashing the shit out of her when it all came to light, and doubling-down/victim complexing whenever i'm called out for my bullshit is okay!
now what in the goddamn…

No. 1703236

Holly is a notoriously massive liar, I don't know why anons are suddenly jumping to her defense (or at the very least giving her the benefit of the doubt) now that a moid is involved.

No. 1703238

Not a chance in hell Ross is going to be making a public statement about this. I don’t think people are even publicly calling him out right now in his comments or asking him to respond. If he can ignore the situation, he will.

No. 1703245

That's what I'm saying. Don't doubt her 100%, but don't believe her 100% either considering she has a history of lying her ass off to write herself as the victim.

No. 1703246

as he should. it's a lot easier to say "He's a rapist!" than it is to prove that he's not.

No. 1703248

Probably because moids forcing unwanted sex in relationships is extremely common therefore it's likely to be true. It doesn't diminish the reputation she's cultivated for herself as a shithead liar, but it doesn't justify the alleged actions.

No. 1703250

This whole thing is genuinely so uncomfortable and I feel like nonnies are bristling at the label spousal rape more than if it happened, so it’s easier to call Holly a liar than to give the benefit of the doubt that at the time neither of them knew it was not real consent
After everything she’s said about how she has felt about sex she may as well have been saying it openly this entire time IMO but whenever she realized there was a term for what happened she likely could just…straight up not talk about it while Jared was trying to keep/rebuild online connections Add on that Ross continues to get more and more attention which is making nowhere safe from seeing his literal face

No. 1703253

I don’t trust Holly fully but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. She has a massive victim complex and still owes Heidi an apology but she doesn’t deserve moid abuse.

No. 1703258

Remember her "boundaries" shirt with a crow and a knife when Heidi kept mentioning Jared and Holly is really ironic about now. Holly has a huge history of lying and scamming (cancer patient). Let's not forget how many sex pests she's gotten behind. She even sided with Kobel, didn't she? Her friend bluebird didn't have Holly's support either. I might have some of these names wrong, but has she ever sided with her women friends in gaming?

No. 1703263

Holy shit anon I had nearly forgotten about the cancer patient thing, thank you for the reminder. Her track record is complete shit when it comes to telling the truth, about scrotes or anything else really. And someone in the last thread made a good point - she doesn't have any as far as we know local friends, big twitter dumps like this are her way of venting. I think she's desperate for people to feel bad for her and is absolutely willing to lie about it, just like she's done a million times before. She's shown many times she's fine with lying so long as it garners sympathy.

No. 1703265

>therefore it's likely to be true
Confirmation bias isn't going to lead anywhere useful. It's just going to derail.
Fuck the benefit of the doubt. This bitch stole from cancer patients. She's conveniently dropping this when it looks like Twitter is going to shit itself so she doesn't have to face any questions or pushback. It's transparent as fuck, and you gullible tards are walking right into it.

No. 1703271

I'm over here praying to the milken gods that she'll start dropping stuff about wormdick, please holly, we're waiting

No. 1703273

Are you that weirdo who a-logged in the last thread?

No. 1703279


Money says one of two things is happening here: (1) PedoDick has too much dirt on Hoebag for her to speak up against him or (2) she'll turn on him when people don't immediately cancel Ross's career.

No. 1703280

Truly she is a narcissistic lying bitch who does terrible things (repeatedly with 0 remorse) and has been an absolute doormat for ugly horny nerds
Take away the whole chickens thing and those things make up the majority of who she’s proven herself to be as a person so I’m guessing the majority of people won’t be distracted from her past because she’s been treated like a dick pillow

No. 1703293

Kind of feel like if he does say something it'll be vague like, "Some things are being said about me, I'm contacting lawyers and plan to take these accusations very seriously". Then she'll either double down, cry broke and claim she can't "fight financially like he can" or just go silent. How would she even prove this btw? The best thing someone can do when accused like this is go to the law. Usually this makes them shut up. What can he say, "I didn't do that" okay well she said he did.

No. 1703295

That's just it. She can't prove it either way. Ross could easily claim libel as the tweets are evidence enough of his claims, Holly would have a much harder time proving that he did anything other than "Please take my word for it"

No. 1703297

Her best bet would be to contact her cell phone company and get the old texts and look for one where she says, "Why didn't you stop while I was crying?" or something similar, with him acknowledging the situation in the affirmative.

No. 1703298

She has repeatedly backed other male creeps in the past, so apparently rape is only bad when it happens to her

No. 1703304

theres more proof of Holly being a shitty manpuilative person then Ross being a rapist. With that said, I'm going to wait until what happens next before I write any idea off.

No. 1703305

Ross is a dickhead who doesn’t care about people’s bodily autonomy or personal safety. At 5:50 in this vid Dan and Arin start discussing Ross getting Arin high on weed for his first couple times. Ross got Arin so fucked up on edibles knowing he wouldn’t be able to handle it because Dan warned him repeatedly not to, and then the next time he purposely put on weird conspiracy videos to trigger a bad headspace for Arin. With friends like him, who needs enemies. Idk why anyone’s calling for this moid. He clearly gets off on others’ discomfort

No. 1703306

It's a not-insignificant leap from "Imma fuck with my friend while high" to "I'm a whole-ass rapist", anon

No. 1703307

This massively schizo reach aside, no one's calling for him, people are saying Hoelly has a long standing history of lying for attention

No. 1703309

It's not like her story is outlandish though. A scrote expecting obligatory sex 3 times a week regardless of her enthusiasm was standard for marriages and people only started seeing it for what it is recently. Her wording wasn't even dramatic or really accusatory - she said she let herself be used, let him pressure her, lied there and let it happen, etc and said to set boundaries instead of doing that. It's a very common dynamic that most women are unfortunately familiar with.

I can't stand how she's using it to circle back to boohooing about being cancelled though. Valid points, believable story, questionable motives because once again it all comes back to her belief that people online owe her unending and unconditional (monetary) support no matter what she does. Get a real fucking job and suddenly being cancelled doesn't matter and neither do the opinions of strangers.

No. 1703315

This people can sit around all day and find shit that justified why they thunk he did it or didn't. We don't know, I no reason to believe either one of them,but Holly has her rep and up until now I've never seen anyone say anything crazy about Ross, if all you have is random old Game Grump clips and people have actual current tweets and proof of Holly being a shitty manpullative person I don't know.
Hopefully he attempts to clear his name and the only way I see him doing so is doing what Vinny did, say you're getting lawyers involved. To a lot of people that speaks volumes, but at the same time, I feel like if Holly had any proof she'd posted that and it's hard to "prove' what she's accusing him of.
Then again who knows? I've only heard of Ross because he does streams with Jerma or Vinny, I assume maybe he's more popular now and if this did happen, it may hurt her to see him be so beloved knowing what he did. OR she wants to hurt him for some other reason, who knows.

No. 1703317

File: 1668822830974.jpg (306.28 KB, 1080x1781, 3.jpg)

anon, the fuck you mean her wording wasn't even dramatic or accusatory??

No. 1703318

"My ex husband had sex with me, even if I didn't want it. Don't take marital rape" sounds pretty accusatory to me.

No. 1703320

I've spent a lot of years on lolcow, but saying fucking with your close friend while on edibles is "getting off on others discomfort" and that it makes one a rapist may be the most insane leap I've seen from a farmer.
Yeah and it's not like Twitter is a sinking ship or anything and she toootally won't hop off the platform the minute this story gets called into question. Some anons are so gullible it makes you wonder if they own a timeshare.

No. 1703321

Does she have a substance abuse problem? These don't read like sober tweets.

No. 1703322

I love that she pulls the "but I'm the one who's a whore!" bit like, Holly, babe, we're not calling you a whore for fucking your husband. We're calling you a whore for fucking PedoDick while he was still married, despite his then-wife's objections.

She has a history of getting drunk and rage tweeting like this, only to delete it or backtrack when she sobers up.

No. 1703323

>Been on LC for years
>That's the most insane leap I've seen from a farmer

Did you just learn to read today?

No. 1703328

Accusatory was probably the wrong word to use. It was an accusation obviously but what I meant was her tweets were more focused on her own role in the situation and how she was 'letting it happen'. Marital rape is the correct term for what she was describing but I wouldn't consider that dramatic at all. It's sadly a very mundane, typical experience even if it's rape.

No. 1703329

File: 1668823694549.jpg (39.41 KB, 658x386, Capture.JPG)

Didn't see this tweet talked about so thought I'd post it, didn't her animator grandfather also leave her a house or something? If she burned through that and the inheritance too she's even more retarded than I thought, that's Tuna level stupid.

No. 1703330

Her house in Seattle is currently valued at just under a million dollars. She's full of shit.

No. 1703331

I don't like Holly, but are we really defending a creepy little moid this hard rn? Martial rape isn't some rare thing, something like 15-25% of women experience sexual abuse at the hands of a partner.

No. 1703332


Yeah, same. If the breakup from WormDick triggered this last sperg, she’s got to have more to spill.

No. 1703333

Bingo. If she's that hard up for money, she could always downgrade to a smaller house but she'd probably have to get rid of the birds.


It's not that we're defending Ross. We're just pointing out that hoebag has a history of being histrionic and overdramatic and downright lying about shit and then playing victim when called out on it

No. 1703334

how many times do people have to say it - no one is defending Ross, Holly is simply just a serial liar

No. 1703336

Okay cool, so men should just rape known liars to get passes on it then or?

No. 1703339

Do you have reading comprehension? No one is saying that.

No. 1703340

So there's nothing stopping her from selling that home and living in a small house with a big yard for her birds? Once again she's lying about her situation. No wonder people don't believe her.

No. 1703343

I find the accusation to be particularly suspect in light of these follow up tweets too. “Waaa I’ve lost everything I can’t possibly lose more” when everything she has publicly lost has been a nearly direct result of her actions and she is purposefully painting Ross as a image obsessed, vitriolic figure with power who is looming over her, ready to strike. It’s totally bizarre and seemingly unhinged. I worry for anons who think calling her into question over this is tantamount to victim blaming. Maybe it’s true. But also maybe it isn’t. Most likely the reality is somewhere in-between. Either way, Ross has a whole lot more to lose than Holly at this point.

No. 1703345

File: 1668824364047.jpg (90.81 KB, 680x848, signal-2022-11-18-21-17-06-197…)

No. 1703346

What proof do we have of him being a rapist? Show me some and I'll move firmly into the 'fuck Ross, no not literally' camp

No. 1703348

Hey nonnie, did you get an education at any point? Were you ever taught about the boy who cried wolf? People, women included, are not exceptions to being called into question if they have a history of being histrionic liars who exaggerate and twist past events for their own benefit.

No. 1703355

Yeah, and she just lost wormdick. If it were anyone else I'd be willing to give them the benefit of the doubt but, Holly spent years painting Heidi as this evil crone despite her being the other woman in that situation, along with her history of histrionics and outright lying. If this did happen to her, she needs to take this to the police. Not fucking relying on the court of public opinion to take down her ex-husband, because as of right now this just comes across as a grift, obvious ploy of garnering sympathy from the internet, and lashing out at her ex-husband after getting dumped by wormdick.

No. 1703370

Don't worry nonnie we're just seeing real time why men are never held accountable for their fucked up behavior. It's easier to call Holly a hoebag and demand proof of Ross forcing her to have sex (like wtf would that even look like?) instead of realizing even very mentally ill, historic, dramatic, bpd ridden (and the list goes on) women can and probably are most likely to get abused or taken advantage of sexually. They will die on the hill that Holly is an evil cheating lying harpy because they're projecting women they probably hate irl onto her and thinks she deserves it. Disturbing to watch but it's so common scrotes get away with actual murder when theres a woman to focus the venom onto. Women are so conditioned to pit ourselves against each other from childhood and everytime we fall in line and join the sea of scrotes parroting the same bullshit.
>"Where's the pRoOF"
>"I'll believe Ross is a bad guy once I'm given the most definitive proof"
>"she's a liar look how she loves to lie (proceeds to list issues that aren't actual lies but are perspective based)"
And the classic
>"Even women can lie about being raped!!"

Just like a reddit comment thread in here. What does Holly have to gain from this? Since when is society automatically sympathetic to sexually abused women? The me too movement gets criticized and shit on constantly, she lost her lgbtq cred because she's no longer ace, everyone who thought she was a bird mom now just thinks she's unstable and mentally ill, all the gamer bros and Ross fangirls (which he has plenty of after that situation) are going to think she's even more of a lying cheating "hoebag". Jared broke up with her and she probably realized all this time what the root of the problem was in her spiral. It wasn't being ace, or wanting to ruin a marriage for the prize of Jared it was her mental health slowly deteriorating because she was convinced she needed to force herself to have sex with a man over and over when she didn't want to.

No. 1703373

> even very mentally ill, historic, dramatic, bpd ridden (and the list goes on) women can and probably are most likely to get abused or taken advantage of sexually.
The thing is that it happens to women like this way more often. Mentally ill women are easy targets for abusive moids. This is like feminism 101. Nonnas will screech about how ebil all moids are but won’t even entertain the idea that a woman they don’t like can also have been a victim.

No. 1703374

She doesn't have to prove it to anyone. She doesn't even have to being her story to the attention of people who disagree with her. She could hire a therapist and live a healthy life with her birds, away from creepy scrotes, and not post and delete very serious accusations on twitter.
The thing is that she did post and delete very serious accusations on twitter after having completely tanked her own reputation, so understandably some people are going to remember other things she did (some of which she did to other women) and wonder if she's continuing that behavior now.
Again, you can believe women and still wonder why this particular woman has decided to come forward at this particular time in this particular way. You can dislike the predatory men in the situation without forgetting how Holly bullied Heidi. You don't have to be on any one public figure's "side"- all of them are kinda a mess.
I think it's rather simplistic to dismiss the carefully worded dissent in this situation as internalized misogyny. Half the comments aren't even saying that they don't believe Holly. They're just saying that her being hurt doesn't excuse the way that she hurt others, yet she is spinning this situation inside her marriage as "the reason she's being called a whore" when the reason she's being called a whore is because she slept with a married person that she was not married to.

No. 1703376

I mean this in the kindest way possible, you probably should get some help. You are being unnecessarily reactive and seem deeply emotionally invested. Anons here have been very clear that Holly has a pattern of behavior that makes her claim suspicious. No one is defending Ross. Very few are even saying that it’s not possible what she’s saying is true. It is just as unreasonable to say that we must unequivocally embrace what Holly is saying because it pertains to sexual abuse or else we are all gender traitors who are sucking Ross’s dick. Asking to make that leap doesn’t make you any better than what you’re accusing others here of.

No. 1703378

She came forward because she's mentally ill and her boyfriend that everyone is calling her a whore over broke up with her. It wasn't a spiteful post talking about how much she hated Ross or Jared, it was deleted in the span of an hour and it was messy and it seemed like she was drunk or having an actual mental breakdown. Nothing about it seemed calculated. She didn't use it to excuse "hurting Heidi". Everything read to me as a hurt mentally woman crying out for someone to understand the type of pain she herself is going through in the most unhinged way possible. But its not normal and sane to be struggling with extreme mental illness and people who hurt people once aren't forever condemned to never be hurt by those same people. I was a staunch Holly hater when the threads first surfaced but I'm more of a women struggling from moid abuse sympathizer tbh.

No. 1703379

She really should hire a therapist, then. This twitter posting is so self-destructive.

No. 1703384

Agreed. The only thing posting to Twitter is going to do is get her more criticism. There's no fix the public can even make for her I just think she's too far gone to realize how deeply she needs psychiatric help instead of spiral posting on an already insane platform.

No. 1703387

Exactly. None of us are saying "Holly is 100% lying" - We're just looking at the situation critically and saying "She could be telling the truth, or like with other things, she could be utterly full of shit. Who knows?"

No. 1703388

I absolutely agree. Every time something goes wrong in her life, Hoebag spurges out and then sobers up and has an "oh shit" moment where she desperately pleads with the internet to forget what she just said

No. 1703420

I'm sorry but Holly's statement reads to me as a narcissist trying to cope with them looking bad after being shitty to their exs. Through this whole situation Holly has complained about Heidi and Ross not getting criticism, if she was willing to not only talk down to Heidi but partake in Jared's abuse of her, what makes her unable to lie or stretch the truth to try and redeem herself now? Notice she takes the "I'm speaking for women and other victims" approach and glosses over the fact that she was cheating with a married man and was all amicable with Ross until he stopped kissing her ass and defending her from "the cancellation." Idk its convenient to play victim right now then let it slip that you are single. If theres one thing Holly has shown she is super salty when she looks bad or is in the wrong; majority of people who talk about her and wormdick critically bring up both Heidi and Ross why wouldn't she take the chance to look like a victim when she already has multiple times in the past. This is giving me "I have nothing left to lose, I ruined my life for predator who left me to flirt with doppelgangers of his ex, everyone hates me for talking down to people sticking up for women who were cheated on and hurting my ex. How do I make everyone else look bad by lying my way out of being the shit stirrer who fucked everything up?" Also it's a stretch to take the quote from >>1702882 as any proof when they are taking a quote completely out of context and ignoring that Arin was referring to how hard Ross' Mario levels were because they were considered some of the hardest levels, it's the same as when people call those who love Dark Souls sadists. I get that moids do fucked up shit everyday but everyone agrees why now? What changed that she felt the need to say it now? As a woman there are plenty of times I had sex without wanting to and wasnt pressured to do so, I didnt make it obvious that I didnt want it and did so to relieve my partner, I don't believe it is rape because I have literally endured actual rape. Call me an asshole for not automatically believing Hoelly Ms victimblamer supreme, but I do not put it past her to take a similar situation to that and try and make the person into a monster. The reason she is deleting is that that was probably an impulse lie and now she realized she can't walk it back, though it feels she is trying to by switching from "hes a rapist" to "it was a toxic marriage for us"

No. 1703473

Did she ever tell him she didn't want to? I know it seems like a dumb question but with her you have to ask.

No. 1703484

I mean, to be fair, if it DID happen, it's still technically marital rape regardless of if she verbally said no or not; The absence of an explicit "yes" is not adequate consent.

I still think it's weird as fuck that she only decided to bring it up when Jared bailed. She knows she can't outright attack Jared because that'd be as good as admitting that this whole shit show was for nothing. Can't go after Heidi because she ain't said shit about the drama for awhile. Next best thing? Go after Ross who has remained silent the entire time and is likely to remain silent now too, letting her shit spew unchecked.

No. 1703504

I'm also on the fence about her recent outburst. She has a habit of crying wolf, and we all know how she turned Heidi's every breath into abusive behavior in her story. She and Jared both tested the waters in throwing Ross under the bus during the initial drama without the payoff they hoped for, and the timing for this is really weird. Big HOWEVER though, her story isn't unheard of and some anons have made good points on even if it would be slightly true it explains why she threw herself at Jared. Her habit of muddying the water in her favor is really making it hard to take a true stance in this new revelation imo.

No. 1703512

Nonnie, Hoelly is known for picking an choosing whatever victimizes her. No one here gives a fuck about Ross. Back when the meltdown was happening, she framed Heidi to be an abusive whore to protect Pedojared and deflect from her cheating. Now she is appealing to feminism and the role of women in straight relationships. Even if this is real, she she is bringing this up just to become a victim again, not because she cares about women or marital rape. I think nonnies are bothered because of this instead of a moid getting accused. And her constant lying about her money situation, bringing up an irrelevant thing that bothers her (people calling her a whore for cheating) really shows what truly matters for her is to remain a victim.

No. 1703522

I think that Holly told the truth because it's something that happens often to women, as for why now, she's visibly spiraling and I guess revisiting old trauma.

The sad thing is that how you say things is more important that what you say. There are cows who get away with big lies because they tell their "stories" confidently. Meanwhile Holly got anxious and deleted the tweets, for most people it looks bad because if it's true why try to take back what you said? (again not me but many people think that way)

No. 1703530

It also doesn't help that people can't tell if she's sober or not in her tweets. I believe her to an extent as well, but I can't deny she chose to release this information in the most unhinged way possible. It's unsurprising that people don't believe her.

No. 1703540

>"She's visibly spiraling and I Guess revisiting old trauma"

That's some shit you deal with in therapy, not on twitter to thousands and thousands of people where you KNOW you're opening a can of worms that, for all intents and purposes, she seems wildly ill-equipped to handle.

No. 1703542

She's constantly talked about how she has a therapist, she's gone through many therapists actually, so it's clearly not working out for her in general.

(maybe because they keep trying to suggest healthy coping mechanisms and maybe not being so obsessed with what people think of her on the internet and that's just not an acceptable option for her)

No. 1703549

most likely cos she’s a narc

No. 1703572

Now that Jared has officially left her, it's pretty obvious he never planned on sticking around for good. I'm sure he told her it would cause too much drama to post photos of her on his socials, but it seemed more like he hid the relationship because he didn't see it lasting. Holly is naive and I wouldn't be surprised if he used her as free rent and a place to recover after the drama. I wonder how much she spent on him

No. 1703640

File: 1668871835994.png (196.13 KB, 538x279, nice-guys-before-and-after-bei…)

This ross creeper ticks all the boxes:
-weird gnome like evil smile
-self proclaimed "sadist"
-tries to stay clear of controversy like its uranium

Any woman knows the type, the only ones defending him are desperate handmaiden and undercover scrotes.
He's the kinda guy you accidentally get into a relationship with 17 because you don't know better and who'll become a little stalker-psychopath who demands sex while stomping his little feet.

If anything it's pretty clear holly has a type (weirdo sex-pervert creepster)

No. 1703643

You clearly type like a scrote (or a troon for that matter, same thing) and your entire logic-circuit seems to be wired in "male reasoning" tier.
Yes holly is a terrible person, that is clear.
But it does NOT mean not to trust anything she says ever, even a shit person can be a victim of abuse - especially since she seems to be the kinda chick to latch onto abusive types.
This isn't as black and white (to quote you the "bitch" lied once - so now the council of men has decided to never trust her again)
You seem to be unable to grasp that nobody here is defending her or saying all the terrible shit she did is suddenly ok.
But this "she lied about X so now its ok if she gets raped" shit is straight out of the incel playbook.

No. 1703645

Be a moid elsewhere. It's clear you're a man and you see yourself in that ugly rape goblin sadist midget.

No. 1703646

>I can't clock this obvious abuser as abusive so its clear he is innocent

No. 1703648

> Marital rape is the correct term for what she was describing but I wouldn't consider that dramatic at all. It's sadly a very mundane, typical experience even if it's rape.

Holy scrote batman. Are we having invasion of the moids in this thread all of a sudden?

Guess rape is fine now because it happens often.

No. 1703652

Stop samefagging sperg-chan

No. 1703656

File: 1668872629669.gif (1.05 MB, 500x200, tumblr_o0spl4AzX11v0yxafo1_500…)

Pretty sure we had some invasion of weird-ass gamegrumps parasocial anons from 4chan, they have the weirdest mancrush on ross and think that ugly little mishappen goblin is "handsome".
I've heard that IRL from a 4chan dude at my anime club 10 years ago.

Meanwhile any normal woman can immediately clock this guy as abusive just from awkward body language and ugly goblin face.

He's basically like a pocket sized jared.

No. 1703657

This so hard.
I don't know if the people defending ross are delusional handmaiden or undercover scrotes, but it's fucking hillarious.

No. 1703660

Gaslighting scrote spotted.

No. 1703661

>reeeeeee scrotes

No. 1703662

Go be male on /r9k/ you clown.

No. 1703664

>weirdo ugly sex pervert e-celeb gets called out as a rapist
>the parasocial incel nofriends squad from 4chan shows up to educate us how women are "bitches" and deserve rape if they are known liars
Really cool.

No. 1703668

>Parasocial nofriends squad
Stop projecting faggot

No. 1703680

She really just needs to get offline and stop associating with people who have an online following. Holly should do the right thing and unplug indefinitely.

No. 1703685

kek why have anons here become so retarded that any post with a "lets wait until the details come out" opinion is labeled as a scrote behavior.

No. 1703688

I’ve finally been accused of being a scrote because I had an opinion nonnie didn’t like lol. The last time I got talked down to for being blunt was by an actual scrote who was mad I was hurting his feefees by not couching my words. Really makes you think huh

No. 1703692

>>1703656 Apparently I'm a man or autistic because the body language just looks like two nerds interacting? What am I supposed to see here?

No. 1703696

go be a hateful incel nerd on /r9k/ you loser

No. 1703698

All troons btw.

No. 1703702

Damn, when was this gif? Holly looks 15 years younger

No. 1703716

Guys no one is defending rape. A couple comments are wondering if Holly is telling the truth due to her history of not telling the truth. 100% of commenters here think martial rape is bad.
Did that happen? =/= justified assault
>kek why have anons here become so retarded that any post with a "lets wait until the details come out" opinion is labeled as a scrote behavior.
It's really weird to me how these comments all come in waves and their main argument is that anyone who disagrees with them is a brigading tranny.

No. 1703721

Agreed. They're either trolls, or they have zoomer brain rot from tiktok.

No. 1703724

File: 1668876747190.png (74.36 KB, 1080x675, Screenshot_20221119-114831~2.p…)

Well this didn't age well

No. 1703775

File: 1668880642218.jpg (132.15 KB, 750x800, Er3qG1sWMAIl6an.jpg)

Neither did this

No. 1703790

It’s genuinely funny to me that anons questioning Holly’s credibility are seen as scrotes are handmaidens. Holly is just not a credible person. Almost every thing she does is to make herself look better or to gain sympathy.
When I read her tweets about it my thoughts weren’t “oh Ross would never do that” it was “Holly has a history of throwing people under the bus to prop herself up so I don’t think I trust her 100% on this”
If I’m wrong in this case, then I’m wrong. However, it’s not abnormal to question her motives when she has called people abusers for simply telling her she can’t fuck her best friend’s husband. She was also constantly trying to frame that Ross was okay with her sleeping with Jared. Now she’s admitting she cheated with Jared but it was because her ex was a rapist? I feel bad for questioning her credibility but her history makes it hard to trust her claims.

No. 1703794

>seething scrote troon mad at being found out
Nobody questions holly is a shit person.
But with her taste in men its more than likely that her self-admited "sadist" pest of an ex is in the same ballpark as jared when it comes to slimeball rapists.

No. 1703797

I was gonna say careful anon, don't make too much sense or you might get called a troon, but it only took 4 minutes

No. 1703798

also ponder this for a second:
Its likely she kept her mouth shut over her ex being a rapist exactly because she's a bad person and a handmaiden for slimeballs.
Its just that she now feels like throwing him under the bus because her jared ticket has gone away.
if you dont wanna be clocked as a troon maybe stop making it so obvious you're one

No. 1703800

>everyone I disagree with is a troon
Get help, anon

No. 1703804

Can’t wait for Jared to come out in enthusiastic support of Holly like she did for him

No. 1703814

File: 1668883185185.png (547.58 KB, 567x720, everyone i disagree with.png)

Are you here just to name call or do you actually have something to bring to the discussion?

No. 1703827

KEK. I for one am eagerly awaiting the second twitter drunken twitter meltdown she has when Jared doesn't notice her.

No. 1703836


Yeah, where’s ProDick’s “I’m here for you” tweet lmao. Oh wait, he’s too busy liking thirst traps and calling himself a slut on social media.

No. 1703877

Honestly Ross just seems pretty autistic to me, I dunno if he is diagnosed or not but he seems like a typical aspergers nerd

No. 1703985

That's all most of us are saying. We don't give a fuck about Ross, but jesus christ, how about we don't destroy someone's life with nothing beyond the accusation of an ex-wife who is known to lash out when upset and then apologize and admit it was a lie when she calms back down

No. 1704030

Tinfoil but what if shes projecting the embarrassment and anger shes feeling for Jared onto Ross because she knows the Wormdick fandom she rebuilt will turn on her regardless if she was to say what really happened. Let's be real she married a bland milk toast nerd who can't fuck so she said "I'm a little ace bean who fucks anyway" to cope with the fact she wasn't enjoying the "corpse sex." Nonnies be real how many pick me "one of the guys" "other women don't get me" bitches go out of their way to fuck the entire friend group then get angry when no one actually liked them because they were attention seeking and talk shit about literally everyone. Notice how Holly is silent about the Sexpests she cosigned with thus far, if this was truly her calling out rapey moids why is she not going after the ones there is proof of? For the people uninformed Ross has been moved on with Giwi and the moment they got together and Ross wasn't coming to her defense Holly switched tones real quick. Holly has always struck me as the kind of person who wants everyone to adore her and if anyone isn't kissing her ass she throws a fit. That's exactly why the moment Jared was choosing her over Heidi she was ecstatic and head over heels for him, she knows she's homely and most other women she sees as competition are far out of her league. I've been part of the cosplay community for long enough to know how many women just like Holly base their entire life on needing to "be better than all those sluts who guys only look at because shes naked, why don't they look at my cosplays?" Why do you think Fem Shep is her most well known cosplay but she was trying to be her D&D character 24/7. The reason so many of us are suspicious of her claims is because she immediately tries to jump on a soapbox speaking for all women when her entire career she has done nothing but demean other women and question possible victims.

No. 1704037

>if this was truly her calling out rapey moids why is she not going after the ones there is proof of?

Because she can't center herself as the true victim if she's defending other woman, only if she makes it about HER.

No. 1704084

That's the joke of it all, she's talking about never letting yourself be pressured to please your partner, never silencing yourself just because the other person is "bigger/famous. Sounds an awful lot like Heidi's situation when this all started, yet Holly participated in the slandering and worked the angle of "no actually Heidi was a big bad monogamist, I freed Jared! We went on a walk together and had more chemistry than they ever did!"

No. 1704091

File: 1668900214019.jpg (104.08 KB, 1801x462, holly.JPG)

Seriously. Never forget how Holly attacked Heidi when Heidi was speaking out about her own martial abuse. Imagine if someone posted something like this about Holly's allegations about Ross. "Why didn't you leave him Holly??" She would absolutely lose her shit.

No. 1704100

This tweet right here is going to wind up being her undoing. She can legitimately never expect claims of her being abused to be taken seriously after pulling this shit as a "Gotcha!" in her pursuit of wormdick.

"If you were so scared of your abuser, why would you go back? I mean, I stayed married to the dude who I allege was regularly making me a victim of marital rape, but that's different"

No. 1704103

>"Survivors typically avoid their abusers out of real fear, the way Jared has, and I have - except three years from now, I'm going to publicly accuse my ex of abuse and rape and then immediately delete the tweets and walk it back to just being an abuse situation vs outright calling him a rapist!"

No. 1704115

File: 1668902658969.png (39.92 KB, 597x421, hollyconradnov18.PNG)

No. 1704124

>tfw you project all your doubts onto the woman whose life you just ruined because you’re in denial that you jumped from one bad relationship to another

No. 1704128

Wait a minute what? She drove 22 hours away from an incredibly toxic marriage…..only to start fucking someone else's husband who was, ironically, in an incredibly toxic marriage all their own. That doesn't negate the fact that Hoebag stayed with Ross after he repeatedly raped her (according to her) and only left when her urge for wormdick became unbearable. She didn't 'flee' to get away from her alleged abuser - she fled in pursuit of wormdick.

No. 1704132

It's this >>1704091 that ultimately puts me on the side that i just don't find her reliable on anything. She is abusive.
It makes me think she is lying (or exaggerating) about Ross because how is she trying to say that while she was in the middle of fleeing an "abusive marriage" she was capable of telling Heidi that it was impossible for her to be a "reeal" victim since she managed to step foot into her own home??? Not because I don't think she's capable of being a complete hypocrite, but because I don't think she would've tweeted something that could be outed by Ross or anyone else. she's desperately trying to prove that her failed relationship with p3dodick was absolutely "necessary"

No. 1704135

Yes, this. She may very well be telling the truth about Ross, maybe they DID have sex repeatedly with her not being into it. It's just very suspicious that for years, she hasn't said so much as a peep about him being abusive and the minute PedoDick is out the door, she sperges out and calls Ross an abusive rapist and once again tries to center herself as the one true victim - and extends exactly zero of that energy towards other abuse victims and in fact, went to great lengths to defend the ones accused of abuse (Remember the Adam Koebel situation??)

No. 1704136

Exactly yes, that's what I was getting at with >>1704115. It wasn't a needed tweet to her thread but it shows that still, subconsciously or not, she sees physically leaving as the key factor in whether someone is a "real" victim. Like she still needed that one jab to Heidi in a thread that already takes 0 accountability.

No. 1704221

She's probably not even lying about the ross stuff itself, but about the context. That ugly manlet seems like the type of moid to whine and bitch until he gets his way, and since he looks like the kinda guy that makes vaginas dry up with spergy behavior she probably didnt feel attacted to him anymore, after the intial e-celeb chaser rush wore off and she realized what she got into.
So he nagged her for sex until the reached and agreement of "every third day sex to keep our relationship alive" or some shit and she didnt enjoy it and ended up feeling violent and but got emotionally blackmailed into doing it.

That's why I suspect a lot of the people doubting her here are (very male) incel spergs from 4chan, because they assess this with such a male-centric view of sexuality. ("errrm he akshually didnt drag her into a side alley and have his way with her, fucking bitch lied")
Almost everyone I know has a story about staying together longer than healthy with some clingy weirdo moid out of pity who endlessly begs for sex to an extent where it feels like you're being violated if you end up giving in.

The healthy thing would be to just fucking end it the moment you're not attracted to him anymore, but we all (at least the actual vagina havers here) know it's not always that easy.

No. 1704230

Or they're doubting her because, again for the millionth time, Holly has been known to be full of shit before and they simply want some kind of proof to back up the claims.

You can support a person and still say "I'm going to need more proof before I decide that they're a super shitty person"

No. 1704233

>"we all (at least the actual vagina havers here) know it's not always that easy."

Speak for yourself, nonnie. If I was actively sobbing every time I had sex with someone and that person didn't notice, I'd be out of there. I wouldn't wait three years and then publicly screech that he had raped me repeatedly.

No. 1704238

I have all the sympathy in the world for her but if she can't accept that she was wrong before towards Heidi nor develop empathy and growth in terms of the situation then she isn't going to be redeemed in people's eyes. It's like how nobody gives a shit about the school bully being treated bad at home. A bad situation doesn't give you carte blanche to do shitty things to others

No. 1704239

>akshually where ish the proofff where ish the reciepts
moid spotted
Relationships are more complex than this you moid freakazoid.

You guys are so easy to clock with your complete unawareness of how people and feelings work.

Pretty sure people aren't denying she isnt a piece of shit, but arguing against this "hurr what a BITCH women always LIE about RAPE where is the PROOF! if she didnt liek to get FUCKED why didnt she just leave??? lololoL" moid-talk that invaded the thread.

No. 1704245

>arguing against this "hurr what a BITCH women always LIE about RAPE where is the PROOF! if she didnt liek to get FUCKED why didnt she just leave??? lololoL"

What the fuck has happened to lolcow that asking for proof before dousing someone's life in gas and then striking a match makes everyone moids?

Nobody is saying Holly is out and out lying about it. we're just asking that you all treat her claims with the same respect that any other rape accusations would be treated - with a healthy level of cynicism until proven otherwise.

No. 1704246

my sister in christ, your blindness to your own hypocrisy by screaming everyone who disagrees we should immediately believe that Holly was raped weekly during her marriage because woman and anyone who disagree equals man is wild. You are apparently unable to understand nuance because almost EVERYONE who's stated their very reasonable ambivalence has said we're not defending Ross. Please schedule an appointment with an optometrist, I think you're only able to see black and white.

No. 1704247

FDS has rotted the brains of so many nonnies they'd rather defend a cow than side with a man.

No. 1704248


oops, he just addressed it on stream

No. 1704249


No. 1704250

Ross just briefly addressed the accucations. He claims they are false and Holly was incrediblely abusive herself. He says he has many witnesses and text messages to proof it but hasn't provided anything as of yet. He is considering legal action.

No. 1704253

File: 1668914290692.png (51.93 KB, 538x234, chrome_dJHBfHTaaT.png)

I don't have a recording of it yet (hopefully he keeps the vod up) but Ross just stated that he was emotionally abused by Holly, as some anons speculated in the past, and that her accusations were a continuation of this abuse.

No. 1704254

Wow, thanks anon. I hope he goes nuclear and drops everything he has

No. 1704257

$100 says that's why she immediately deleted the tweets where she outright called Ross a rapist - because she KNEW that shit was going to get her sued.

No. 1704259

But that's impossible anon, Ross is a man and Holly is a mentally ill woman! You are actually literally murdering Holly (and by extension, all women) by not believing her! lol. I hope if true, he does whatever he needs to prove his innocence and she suffers some actual consequences for this.

No. 1704260

That seems to be where Holly has fucked up. She went full tilt "ROSS IS A RAPIST!" with zero evidence of any kind of manipulation or abuse, whereas Ross is just sitting back with "I have proof, but I'll be letting my legal team handle it vs the court of public opinion"

No. 1704263

Didn't Holly herself admit to emotionally abusing him in the past? This is starting to look like it's going to end badly for her

No. 1704268

File: 1668914742094.png (302.89 KB, 500x588, tumblr_pfbhc2XTnY1vqe0f7o1_500…)

How many of "BUT HOLLY WOULDN'T LIE!" crowd forgot about this gem?

"We love each other very much!" is quite the contrast to "He raped me regularly and was hella abusive!"

No. 1704270

I’m actually so curious to see how they texted because all I feel we’ve ever seen of Ross is his persona, in older videos where he’s interviewed at 19, back when he still had a full blown aussie accent, he seems so much more chill and relaxed compared to the stiff awkward character he grew into and/or hides behind publicly

No. 1704272

File: 1668914995241.png (64.32 KB, 325x202, Screenshot_2.png)

Shoutout to the time Hoebag thought it was awful of Heidi to do the EXACT SAME THING that she just did herself.

Rules for thee, not for me, eh?

No. 1704274

Yes, and there have been times himself where Ross has implied Holly was emotionally abusive before in a podcast with some of his friends. Some anons dug all this stuff up when the Holly/Jared drama first started blowing up. Seems like the Holly defenders forgot about that or are new as fuck to the thread and think every anon is a scrote for distrusting her claims.

No. 1704287

You getting clocked as a male effortlessly really caught you off-guard, huh?
Again with the incel logic.
Nobody is DEFENDING holly. She's a piece of shit.
But there's also no reason to defend her ex.
He's not magically a good person, because she's a piece of shit.
Both can be shit.
You don't always have to take sides you m o i d.
This pathologic compulsion to be TEAM A or TEAM B is such a male trait. That's how I can easily clock you guys.

No. 1704290

Funny how that works as soon as a man is making claims.

No. 1704293


learn to sage.
>"now all the handmaiden and moids in this thread are going to believe the guy no questions asked?"

We're just tickled that we might actually get evidence beyond "I said it so you guys should totes believe me! If you don't, you're a traitor to women everywhere!"

>"If she was so abusive why is he cuddling it up with her?"

So, let me get this straight: You think it's okay for Hoebag to cuddle up to her rapist, but NOT for Ross to cuddle up to someone he claims was emotional abusive to him? You don't get it both ways, either it's okay to cuddle with your abuser or it's not, regardless of gender

>"There's also no reason to defend her ex"

Other than the fact that someone is calling them a rapist with zero evidence. Also nobody is defending Ross, we just saying not to trust 100% either way until more info comes out.

No. 1704295

Nobody's saying ross isn't also lying. Unlike you, nonnie, the rest of us have critical thinking skills and are able to wait until evidence comes out before we believe one side or the other.

No. 1704296


Oh no, Mr. Ben Shapiro owning me with facts and logic.
You are a M O I D.
Simply by implying that there is no inherent power-difference between men and women.
So this self-proclaimed "sadist" had no issues staying close to his terrible abuser (towering two heads over her)?
By being ignorant that there is a clear power-difference between men and women you give yourself away as a scrote immediately.
Now go be a troon and penis haver all you want on 4chan /r9k/ where you can sperg all day about the evil SJW bitches who make up rape cases (but they deserved it regardless for being bitches, amirite?)

No. 1704298

Please lurk more before posting newfag. There has been plenty of breadcrumbs that were posted about Holly being abusive to Ross. Him coming out and saying it is not news to anyone who has been here since the milk started flowing or to anons who know how to read.

No. 1704299

> no you dont get it I have to defend the honor of this one weirdo scrote because I just have to
Compelling argument, really.

I'm sure he will personally invite you to his discord and give you a digital pat on the shoulder for being his best parasocial friend.

No. 1704301

Posts probably made by him, wouldnt surprise me if he is lurking this thread going all
> nonnie nonnie Im just such a vagina haver like you guys, arent women bitchens and deserve rape? lmao we totally should always believe men nonnie nonnie nonnie

No. 1704311

at this point, it’s clear it’s primarily one or two people who is claiming everyone who wants to wait is siding with Ross, so i’d just ignore. coupled with them forgetting to sage constantly it’s probably a newfag, nuance is lost on them.

apparently ross has streaming issues and a lot of people missed what he said, pissed i missed it, but it sounds like he didn’t say much besides saying holly is the abusive one.

No. 1704312

File: 1668917222031.jpg (231.72 KB, 1170x1763, Fh2yXM3WIAE1k3k (1).jpg)

> people stop talking about projared's wormdick, diminishing hairline and crack addict like appearance because holly cant help herself and tries to drag a third party into her horrorshow

Even in seperation she still serves the progeria jared.

No. 1704313

Go be a moid on 4chan you clown.

No. 1704314

Agreed, they’re so pro Holly to the point where it’s nonsensical. A ‘lil suspicious if you ask me. I won’t take the bait anymore. Excited to see the milk flowing again and can’t wait to see what’s next!

No. 1704316

File: 1668917453441.jpg (114.26 KB, 1367x715, ross.JPG)

Nobody is "pro holly" for simply not brushing off anything a woman says because she is a terrible person.
This is moid logic and you're giving yourself away as a scrote by insisting on this black and white view of the situation.

Also it's known ross sends out his followers to clean up his image.


No. 1704320

literally who?

No. 1704321

does anyone have the stream link/time?

No. 1704322

File: 1668917922702.jpeg (226.86 KB, 1242x1299, 0558381E-FEE0-44B5-AC46-2BDB2F…)

and guess what? this person supports Pedodick and multiple other abusers that holly has befriended. seems like she’s not the best of character too. we can play at this game all day

No. 1704325

Again with the moid guilt by association.
If ross is innocent he can clear his name no problem. He just gotta present the reciepts.
It's a win-win for everyone looking for milk.
If ross is innocent holly is even more shat-on. If ross isnt as innocent as he pretends to be, there's a new cow in the story, producing more milk.
How anyone can clutch pearls over this and defend the maiden (male)'s honor to such a feverish degree like it's happening in this thread is a bit odd and certainly not typical of this place.

No. 1704327

>and guess what? this person supports Pedodick and multiple other abusers
>and multiple other abusers
Multiple? Now you gotta show how that boomer lady supports "multiple" abusers.
Are you from the ross-defend scrote squad?

All I'm seeing is some older woman looking out for the mentally ill little sister figure she found.
Questionable behavior or not. But she seems to support holly's claims and seems to know them all IRL.

No. 1704328

His VOD is currently unpublished so you can't go back to see but it happened near the start of the stream. Hopefully he fixes it once he's done streaming

No. 1704331

can we fr get mods in here because wtf is going on? it’s hard to even discuss incoming milk when every 3 seconds a scrote accusation comes in. how are we troon moid loving scrotes if we also hate pedodick and believe heidi??? we are waiting to hear more and leaning toward skepticism on her part due to her compulsive lying history. ross could be a grade A weirdo but we’ll have to see the receipts

No. 1704339

You mean like SadOldDouchepickle who created a tumblr just to defend Jared and Hoebag? Wine harder, scrote.

No. 1704340

>"If Ross is innocent he can clear his name, just gotta present receipts"

Actually, it's on the one making accusations to back up said accusations with proof.

No. 1704356

So we default now to not believing women over men? Glad we cleared up this board is down bad with the patriarchy. Fucking whorebags better watch their mouths if they can't being the receipts of their abuse. Shoulda filmed it, am I rite fellow uterus enjoyers?

No. 1704361

Since we have some newfags, here is old milk backing up the claims that Holly is abusive herself. >>830089

No. 1704366


No, we default to hearing both sides, to expecting more proof of an accusation than "I said he did it, so he did it, the end".

You don't get to claim someone should be believed by default just because we're all women. Way to set feminism back 100 years…

No. 1704367

A couple of drops of old milk I remember.

-Ross really wanted a dog but Holly was steadfast in not bringing one into their household because birds I guess. But she couldn't set a boundary for sex?
-Holly publicly supported that weirdo that simulated assault during a D and D session (which left the female collaborator in question very uncomfortable.)

I feel like order anons in that it's not about believing a man over a woman but how the woman in question has proven herself unreliable and mentally ill. She's repeatedly thrown people under the bus and exaggerated facts.

I feel like the only reason she chose go lash out at her ex husband and not Jared is she probably doesn't want to give Heidi the satisfaction. But his departure has clearly enraged her and she wanted an outlet.

No. 1704369

Ross also originally didn't want any cats because he was attacked by one as a kid. Holly brought two home anyway and it took him years to bond with the cat he kept in the breakup, but Ross having a dog was apparently too much for Holly. So more or less she outright just didn't respect his boundaries.

No. 1704372

Theres clearly one very rabid holly lover itt that show up, reply to all anons not sucking her ass in multiple samefag posts, and then leaves. Girl, your posts are easily identifiable because you just throw the word MOID around like it's going to convince everyone else that Holly is a uwu bby permavictim. She's not gonna fuck you.

No. 1704375

File: 1668923634925.png (18.88 KB, 582x165, 1562004793212.png)

Ross is a moid and naturally shouldn't be trusted but honestly holly has had a MASSIVE history of abusive, lying and manipulative behavior not just in relationships, but friends. Remember, she was friends with heidi before she fucked her husband and went on a character assassination tirade, before that she talked massive shit about jessica (her cosplay company partner if anyone watched cosplay heroes) and tried to fuck her over as well. If you go deeper into it I'm sure those patterns keep going on and on and on. Holly is a classic 'woe is me' victimizing cunt. We all know someone like that.
I'm sure maybe there's some elements of truth to what she says, I'm sure he's a goblin of his own. But I also don't think it's as severe as she's making out to be. I know all of us nonas hate to deny another woman of that sort of trauma but you can't deny the massive patterns of YEARS of her accusing AWFUL things of every single person she's encountered for pity points and victimization.

>>1704361 just posting the screenshot itself here from your post

No. 1704384

i really like your switch from 'well, he needs to PROVE he is innocent!' to 'what, you want receipts that he is a rapist moid??? nice one WOMAN that doesn't support WOMEN'. your logic is completely flawed.

women are capable of being evil too, and Holly has a lovely track record or being woe is me and self victimising.

it's like picking sides with the Johnny Depp case, i don't think either one of them is the evil one, i think they are both fucked up people and Johnny is a junkie that acts like a junkie.

what proof do you want Ross to post exactly? screenshots of Holly giving consent on their bi-weekly penis inspection day? how would that look?

No. 1704385

That's what I'm saying. She publicly supported Adam Koebel who forced a rape victim to essentially relive that - Where was all of this "assault = bad" energy from her then??


The irony is that PedoDick tried to compare what he went through to what Johnny Depp was going through IIRC in that whole "See? He's innocent and getting cancelled just like I was!" kind of thing.

No. 1704414

I don't even know either, some newfag is shitting up the thread trying to warp the scepticism as handmaidenry when… It's not? Terminally online chicks like Holly need to realize that first you go to either the police or a lawyer with your rape and abusive marriage allegations. Twitter lynching comes after or when there are no options left. If her husband really is the abusive monster she claims he is, then she needs to do that so that 1.) justice can be served through the proper channels and 2.) so that no other woman can be a victim to this sort of predatory and sick behavior she's accusing him of.

No. 1704415

No. 1704416

File: 1668928449203.png (34.73 KB, 616x240, Screenshot_5.png)

She's so close to being self aware

No. 1704419

Interesting fact: This person is followed by BorkScorpio, Denica, SadOldTurd, GeraldoGuac, ScarletMoth - all the top Holly/PedoWorm defenders, in addition to Holly herself. They're not exactly an unbiased third party.

No. 1704426

the only thing that makes me want to believe holly’s accusations is that ross is an animator. animators are unhinged

No. 1704435

File: 1668931370894.png (33.92 KB, 595x262, Screenshot_16.png)

Holly, a couple years ago: Public shaming is wrong!

Holly, like yesterday: Anyway, my exhusband Ross is a fucking rapist!

No. 1704459


Agreed, the thread is turning to shit with this infighting. If we don't immediately believe a woman who is known to slander other women and protect pedo abuser moids we're moids or troons? Women can be evil too what the fuck happened to lolcow?

No. 1704464

Yeah catching up on all this idk this kinda just feels like an extension of her abuse towards Ross. She dropped him (luckily for him) for her new toy and now that her new toy left her she is returning to her old and is mad that he is happily in a relationship and moved on. how do I get my Ex that I abused for years to notice me? I know! accusations!

I hope the fuck he sues her, idk what Giwi is like but hopefully she is stronger than Heidi, because looks like Holly has her sights on a "new" man

No. 1704485

anons fully believing her and getting mad at anons who take everything she says with a grain of salt, you should be aware that she would never do the same for another woman

No. 1704496

>Ross also originally didn't want any cats because he was attacked by one as a kid. Holly brought two home anyway and it took him
Lmao what a faggot

No. 1704497

Who cares?
Wow almost as if eceleb infighting is more entertaining than defending some moid I've got no connection to.
Y'all acting way too much like you got an stake in this, instead of enjoy the fallout.

No. 1704498

File: 1668943596463.jpeg (127.88 KB, 1172x1302, 04AE5040-3BD2-403F-98A9-D81CB9…)

But would she rape another woman like Ross did? Would rather defend a potential liar handmaiden than this creepy ugly fuck

No. 1704500

That's a stupid and self-centered way to determine if something is true or not

No. 1704501

i'm not making any assumptions as to whether or not she's being honest, but i am leaning more towards believing her than not. i'm just saying i wouldn't confidently screech "scrote" at anons having any doubt, especially when she herself has thrown an assault victim under the bus. like this is who they're so passionately defending? it's weird and this whole discussion should be toned down on both sides

No. 1704502

Ross committing martial rape against Holly and Holly being a manipulative toxic bitch aren't contradicting facts. Both can be true at the same time. Stop infighting over retarded shit.

No. 1704515

Scrote-defenders go back to 4chan. You're not fooling anyone with your odious scroteshit you troons

No. 1704518

The anons lacking reading comprehension are just being willfully obtuse, I can see where their frustration come from but screaming moid just negates what they are trying to say.
I know I'm just preaching to the choir here, but honestly 95% of anons ITT agree that it most likely happened - the question is whether she is telling the whole truth, or if she is skewing it and in that case how much. This is Holly's habit of crying wolf is biting her in the ass, people questioning her is a consequence of her actions. This is not a hard concept to grasp.
On second thought, I wonder if one of the moid screeching anons is that magician fella (or whatever his nick is) actually trying to integrate for once. Haven't seen him attempting to crawl up Jared's or Holly's asshole in a while.

No. 1704519

Because some people on this website legit believe that every single moid is just like how they think they are. It's a little exhausting at times. Yeah, we all hate the majority of moids but believing a notorious liar and someone who throws others under the bus for her own gain spout stuff with 0 evidence, is not it.

No. 1704520

>the question is whether she is telling the whole truth, or if she is skewing it and in that case how much.
Aka you think she lied lol

No. 1704539

Ntayrt, some of you really struggle with reading comprehension. You're dumb af anon.

No. 1704565

this is key. Holly admitted to being abusive toward her ex to Jared of her own volition to “prove” that she can recognize abuse. and who does she claim to have been abusive to? ross. i usually don’t think men can truly be abused (still don’t, idc) but it’s clear holly even saw herself as an instigator.

how does one leave a relationship saying
>i was the abusive one
>i left it in an unhealthy way (cheating)

and not gain suspicion? we would have to be idiots to not hold a magnifying glass up to her. Again, we aren’t women hating dick havers if we also support heidi. that’s not being acknowledged

No. 1704571

doesn’t look like he fixed it nor is he gonna. the tweet discussing the stream is gone too. i’m confused, barely anybody got to see the stream and now it’s gone for good, why even say anything? maybe it was a warning for holly?

if he goes the legal route he won’t be able to keep saying things. i wish he would just drop the texts anyways

No. 1704577

File: 1668955545282.jpg (84.77 KB, 1793x496, 327665.JPG)

The tweet is deleted, but I found this recap under the replies. Can any anons who managed to catch the scream confirm that Ross said Holly was mentally unwell?

No. 1704580

it's funny reading clearly new anons to this drama, because if I recall correctly the early threads were pro-holly, then heidi came out about the cheating and the threads were mostly pro-heidi (but definitely anti-jared) in between the stupid whiteknighting waves (holly and jared are victims to evil heidi!!)

but like, so holly is stirring the pot with this RANDOM accusation. not saying it didn't happen, but this was literally years ago. being left by wormdick required her to explode in some direction I guess, but this one? I agree with the earlier statements of "take this to your therapist, take legal action" if she wanted ANYTHING except attention – but I honestly think she has no impulse control at all, was emotionally broken by being dumped, let THAT ONE out, and now is like oh nooo please pretend I didn't say anythinnggg I'll be ruined and silencedddd

reminder that holly is a mentally broken bitch permanently on a "please stop hating me, woe :'(" bend, who functions 100% on emotions rather than facts, KNOWS she's mentally ill and milks it in order to get out of any and all issues she's caused

No. 1704626

Some of you are really fucking manipulative

No. 1704632

Thanks anon. I wonder why he deleted the vid? Maybe he's waiting on legal advice.

No. 1704635

Nigger made a stream that didnt work and the only place where the content of the stream was discussed is this thread?


No. 1704647

Ross did indeed state that Holly was mentally unstable in his statement about her. I wish I would have recorded it but maybe he will post it on twitter.
I do not think Ross will drop proof in regards to this, so anons hoping he will might as well stop hoping. Even when Holly and Heidi were name dropping him 3 years ago he stayed away. Maybe friends will back up his claims if this blows up even further but since no one takes Holly very seriously anyway this will blow over. I highly doubt Holly will push it since people have mostly left her alone.

No. 1704659

Calling out people for their inability to understand the most basic logic and reasoning isn't manipulation.

No. 1704675


didn't even spell 'canceled' right

No. 1704682

this is the most newfag take yet. the early threads were anti-holly and anti-jared even BEFORE the cheating allegations?? it was speculated that a they had an inappropriate dynamic way before his divorce tweet, as some threads just talked about their creepy self-insert role play with DCA. check the thread recaps

No. 1704683

samefag but agree with the rest. also it’s just clear there are suddenly holly fags flooding the page and it makes me wonder if she’s talking to her little support crew to come in here and fight

No. 1704742

More like sudden flood of parasocial game grump fans trying to save the reputation of some weirdo scrote and due to their scrote-innate inability to see the world in anything but black and white not understanding that entertaining the idea that her marriage was fucked up with a total weirdo sperg husband is not pro holly at all like hushing it up is.
Now go back to 4chan and be an incel there you fucking clown.

No. 1704751

>parasocial parasocial parasocial parasocial parasocial parasocial parasocial parasocial
>scrote scrote scrote scrote scrote scrote scrote scrote scrote scrote scrote scrote
stop samefagging retard, or at least diversify your vocabulary

No. 1704755




this is all literally the same person oh my god

No. 1704757

File: 1668965470371.jpg (69.25 KB, 948x711, jRAXM1T (1).jpg)

Oh no, not the heckin wholesome self-proclaimed "sadist" gamegrumperino, why do women have to be such bitches and lie about rape?

No. 1704759

>oh no she called me out for being a parasocial scrote incel, what am I gonna do?
It's exactly two of you parasocial ross stans shitting up the threat with your feverish and fanatic defense of the retard who was crazy or perverted enough to marry holly.
Just see yourselves out.

No. 1704761

kek when have I ever defended ross. Being able to recognized patterns (holly being a liar, your retarded posting style) doesn't make me a scrote, or a game grumps fan etc

No. 1704763

Just stop responding to the schizo. They like the attention

No. 1704767

Agreed. They can't be reasoned with and they're just going to keep regurging the same inane, baseless word vomit. Let them scream in to the void.

No. 1704774

I get this is lolcow but Jesus, the shit-flinging in this thread is insane.
People who believe Holly aren’t gullible or stupid, they’re women who know that marital rape is extremely common and that even mentally ill women who’ve done shitty things get sexually abused. Mentally ill women are often even more susceptible to sexual abuse because people demonstrably don’t believe them when they say something about it. You don’t have to be pro-Holly to believe that something like this could have happened to her.
That said, I understand why some people are hesitant to believe her because of her track record of lying and scamming, and throwing people under the bus for her own benefit. I don’t think that every single person in this thread being skeptical is a moid, although some posts in this thread certainly smell like moid. I saw an anon here refer to marital rape as “being used as a dick pillow.” Fucking really? And If you’re waiting for proof or more information to come out, I don’t think you’re going to get it because unless it was filmed or there were witnesses, or physical evidence like a rape kit, rape is notoriously hard to prove or disprove and it’s why so many women who are raped don’t go to the police. At this point, if the rapes happened and Holly wanted to go to the police I don’t think there would be anything they could do for her, unless she and Ross had text conversations about it, or she confided in a friend about it at the time or something.

No. 1704781

File: 1668966477495.png (564.67 KB, 530x645, sisddwalz.PNG)

>All I'm seeing is some older woman looking out for the mentally ill little sister figure she found.

Ya know, I had never seen this denise person, and idk why a "random" poster in here would seemingly know that they have a "sister" like relationship since denise isn't famous or anything. But funny enough, denise uses those exact words! isn't that Interesting!

sorry i know i shouldn't be feeding the troll, but this coupled with how close the crop is in >>1704322 has made me realize this is probably Denise herself.

No. 1704837

File: 1668969415730.jpg (41.67 KB, 640x480, Scarebart.jpg)

Huh… Is the holyfag ITT really just one of her mutuals who thinks infighting and spamming'll meme these threads into being pro-holly? If I had the autism, I'd want to analyze each of her mutuals posting styles unless it's 100% denise sperging. Can mods check the samefag's IP? god this hasn't been said in forever

No. 1704845

I kinda doubt this old lady is arguing with herself on an imageboard. I think that rape is just a really sensitive topic and some people, specifically one angry anon is taking people being skeptical of Holly way too personally.

No. 1704853

i fucking think so, no one else in the thread new they were like “sisters” or even knew they had much of a relationship. she’s a complete nobody, so how did she just so happen to drop that so fast? lol weird.

maybe. but ya know old people use this website too, believe it or not.

No. 1704863

take your meds bpd chan

No. 1704877

Wow. This thread has turned to utter shit. No one is going to provide "proof." Rape is a crime that's notoriously difficult to prove, especially martial rape and especially after the fact. I don't think anyone here is pro Ross, but it seems like a few anons who don't believe Holly are hell bent on calling them 4chan moids or something. Seriously, anon, calm down. I know we're a bunch of radfems here, but the issues is really trying to understand what the fuck Holly is even doing. Lying? Exaggerating? Truthful? Everyone here (except maybe one or two scrotes) has pretty decent points. Whether she's lying to herself because she needs to save face regarding her failed relationship with Jared. She changes the narrative to "I SAVED JARED FROM HEIDI" to "I SAVED MYSELF FROM ROSS" could be likely. Just as likely is that she's 100% honest and had sex with Ross every few days because he ignored how she felt about it and she gave in. Could be that she was all in, and Ross being a Moid couldn't understand that she didn't like it despite saying it's ok. Maybe she cried and he was too retarded to notice and thought he was intentionally raping her? This whole accusation has a huge spectrum and could fall anywhere with Holly. Stop getting so pissed at each other.

No. 1704895

File: 1668972966600.png (92.85 KB, 505x656, denise.png)

Funnily enough in the comments under Holly's twitter thread Denise had an interaction with a skeptical troon
Was gonna say I don't remember a "Denise" coming up when Holly+Jared's friends were defending them back in 2019 but a quick search of her handle+"Jared" shows a lot of deleted tweets arguing in his favor with others. Not trying to tinfoil whether she's here or not but really, where did she come from?

No. 1704945

Agreed. Marital rape like she described, where the wife isn’t into it but lets it happen while it doesn’t even occur to the husband to wonder whether she wants it or not, is so common that I have zero problem believing it happened to any woman. This probably happens in most straight marriages at least once. I’m reminded of that study where if they asked men if he’d ever committed rape practically no one admitted it, but when they asked if he’d ever had sex with an unresponsive woman a majority of men said yes. Most men don’t even see this as rape at all. Many of the women it happens to excuse it as well, because admitting to themselves that their husband would disregard their humanity and use them like that is too painful to think about. Holly likely doesn’t have proof because who keeps documentation of standard sexual interactions with their spouse? There aren’t going to be “why did you do that” style texts if this was a normalised part of their marriage. So yes, I believe she could be telling the truth. No, there’s not going to be proof either way. No, this isn’t going to “ruin his life”. I doubt it will even make a significant dent in his following.

That said, Holly is an emotionally unstable, abusive and manipulative person who’s very invested in being seen as a victim at all times. She’s probably raking this up now because of the breakup with Jared. She wants to lash out but attacking Jared would open up a can of worms she doesn’t want to deal with, namely that Heidi (and lolcow) was right about Jared being a gaslighting, stonewalling sex pest who used her and then dropped her like a hot potato when their affair wasn’t exciting anymore. Admitting Jared is abusive would mean admitting that she sided with an abuser against his ex and was complicit in his abuse of her. Even if she tries to maintain that the ex was an evil harpy who deserved it, she must feel the cognitive dissonance there. So who else has wronged her? Who else is to blame for the downward spiral of her life? She probably keeps a mental list of all the harm anyone has ever inflicted on her, some of it real and some of it exaggerated, and pulls from that whenever she feels the need to remind herself and the world of how pitiable she is. She used to talk about her mother quite often but that’s old news at this point. The rape allegation was guaranteed to bring a lot of attention but was also pretty much guaranteed to blow up in her face, so I’m not surprised to see her bring it up only now when she’s probably having a mental breakdown and doesn’t have anyone around to reign her in. The picture she’s built up of herself in her head is crumbling and she’s so desperate to regain control of it that she’s willing to light herself on fire in the hope that everyone will feel bad for her again and she might burn someone who’s hurt her in the past.

No. 1704950

File: 1668978075779.png (464.18 KB, 1080x1864, Screenshot_20221120_154318_Twi…)

>Admitting Jared is abusive would mean admitting that she sided with an abuser against his ex and was complicit in his abuse of her.


No. 1704997

Yeah in the context of announcing a breakup, we love each other very much is meaningless, usually eceleb/celeb breakups are announced in such a way to minimize hate armies.

No. 1705038

File: 1668984731019.png (32.74 KB, 585x274, Screenshot_12.png)

except that Ross put out a tweet either that day or the next, thanking people for the outpouring of support and Holly chimed in with "This is so hard :( :("

One would think if Ross was as abusive as she now claims he is and was glad to be away from said abuser, she wouldn't be on his tweets, lamenting the breakup. It gives the same vibes as the "sorry you're going through this" reply to ProDick's divorce announcement.

No. 1705042

The early threads were mostly about Suzy, so whenever Holly was mentioned it was mostly as the other, “better” girl (enough that there was speculation she was selfposting)
IMO it’s most likely something like this, where Holly was uncomfortable with whatever sex life they had but bottled up her resentment until now

No. 1705043

No. 1705047

Consider this:
She's a mentally ill doormat.

Almost going off topic:
This is also a huge issue in "kink" relationships where the "kink" is mostly the guy being a abusive piece of shit who gets off to torturing women and the women gets gaslit into going along and then after a breakup realizes what she was doing.
Society has kinda created this image of women being the smartest AND always wearing the pants.
But in reality its often that you get the shit manipulated out of you by "nice guy" moids and you don't even realize this, because your self-image was boosted that you actually believe youre in control.

If you ask me - men are way more manipulative than women and know to pick their prey well.

No. 1705053

Yup. Women outright objecting to sex and having that respected is a sitcom trope. If a guy doesn't feel like having sex it is NOT HAPPENING, while with women, it happens a lot. I'm a prehistoric fag who was taught that if you're drunk and some guy "takes advantage of you" it's not rape. I'm around Holly's age it might have just dawned on her that it's not okay for a husband to have sex with you if you're not into it. I don't know Ross at all or have watched Game Grumps and I know all the "sadist" stuff is just from gay gaming jokes. I doubt that little beta is some 50 shades of gray, but definitely sounds like a dude that needs to convince a woman to have sex with him. The only thing that I think would be unfair if Holly just had sex with Ross, letting his retarded maleness think she's into it and starts screaming about he raped her and lies about sobbing and crying. She does strike me as someone who would consent to sex then expect a dude to know she's uncomfortable with it. I remember when Heidi talked about Holly's nudes and Holly looked really uncomfortable in them. I wouldn't be surprised if Jared was the real one fucking with her consent and convinced her to send noodz. We won't hear about him until another 3 years maybe?

No. 1705063

>"We won't hear about him until another 3 years maybe?"

I'd imagine it will be a lot sooner, if Ross actually goes through with legal action. If she sperged out about "He's a rapist abuser!" with no provocation, imagine the meltdown when she gets held to the wire for it.

No. 1705087

Holly is a pathological liar and scammer but anons are still trying to weigh this up?
She lost Ross. Then she got pedo jared and took all the heat while he stayed under the radar and kept picking up other women (somehow) It didn't last long and he dumped her. So she's taken all those hits and is now watching her very important twitter burn down. She can't go against Jared because obviously. So she burns Ross.
It doesn't need a thousand essays of vague truisms and sperging about scrotes. She's full of shit and anyone enabling that here is fucking retarded. I hate how twittery this place is now.

No. 1705088

The most credible thing about the entire rape accusation is how professional this guy is about the entire thing.
A proper abuser would ignore it until it goes away and avoid drawing too much attention to it by denying it or being upset over it to avoid any dirty laundry or other people coming forward.
Abusers and psychopaths are always VERY careful about their public image.
It's how weinstein, john k, etc got away with their shit for so long. They just never adressed it, shrugged it off and made the accusers look crazy or even targeted mentally ill people in the first place because nobody would believe them anways.

To a normal person rape is kind of a huge fucking charged accusation. Especially when it's from an ex-wife and not just some rando.
Just smiling and ignoring it away is the sus way to handle it.

No. 1705090

>Holly is a pathological liar and scammer
Well you see, nobody is actually denying this.
It's just that even liars, scammers and terrible people can be victimized.
Especially if it's mentally ill women, who are statistically a insanely high risk demographic for rape and domestic abuse.
I don't see how one cancels out the other to a degree where you're all up in arms over other anons merely entertaining the thought and speculating if there was marital rape - which is a VERY common thing and something guys just brush off as "lol she is like a dead fish in bed lmao" "she's my dick pillow lmao she liek doesnt move while fucking and just takes it silently, she so bad in bed lmao"

No. 1705092

I just hope he does do something about it. If it's not true, then make some noise about it. But at the same time I know it's hard to prove this kind of thing, especially for a woman and a mentally ill one such as Holly. However, I cannot think of what Ross can do but say, "I'm talking to a lawyer, I'll fight this".
Maybe Holly can find someone who can say, "yeah she told me this" or texts or something. Martial rape DOES happen a lot, but also, she could be being her shitty self and lying. I think he's handling it a decent enough way so far and I really don't have much of an "opinion"on if it happened or not yet.

No. 1705095

File: 1668990252324.jpg (127.22 KB, 1389x920, screencap.JPG)

Holly already got someone claiming that her story is true.


No. 1705096

i think the main crux (and probably what's biting holly in the ass if what ross did is true) is that she used the "perfect victim" model to crucify heidi, and now she is no longer the perfect victim even in her own book. If heidi had tweeted any of the things holly tweeted after a breakup that was allegedly abusive, she would be calling her a liar. and she did, even when heidi had some pretty credible evidence. heidi entering her own home was used against her, while holly was tweeting "this is so hard uwu" at the man she now says maritally raped her. I completely agree that many women don't recognize they've been raped until later on, but we can all see how fucked and ironic it is.

again, i think people in thread are generally willing to believe Ross is also a typical moid capable of violence, but to see a woman FAIL at realizing how she is now in this predicament for the same impossible/misogynistic standards she placed on Heidi..it's so annoying to see. How do we stand up for a woman who continues to be even more violent toward another woman socially? Heidi stopped tweeting about shit awhile ago, but Holly still occasionally boohooos about it

No. 1705099

well hopefully if it goes to court, she's there. I'm sure Ross has a gaggle of people as well.

No. 1705104

Holly is objectively a shit person and that clouds people's eyes, everything we know about Ross is game grump shit. I think even for me it makes me go, "hmm".
It's like if Shayna got hurt by some scrote, I'd feel bad but at the same time, i'd think of all the shit she's done, promoted and said, and think, "Oh so only when you are actual a victim it matters? it's not uwu?" but thats so cruel.
Thats what makes it hard for me to even "pick" a side. Regardless of how shitty Holly may be, it could be the truth.

No. 1705106

>but to see a woman FAIL at realizing how she is now in this predicament for the same impossible/misogynistic standards she placed on Heidi..it's so annoying to see
Nobody here is "failing" to see it, most people are just smart enough to realize her constantly crying wolf does not automatically make abuse, if it happened, ok.
Moid logic would be: "lmao bitch lied she can get raped."
Also the type of marital rape she's talking about is the "non violent" type by societal standards and near impossible to prove, unless they somehow filmed themselves in bed or she got the reciepts of them agreeing on the "sex schedule".
She lied a lot about heidi, everyone sees the irony in her not being believed now, still we're all probably smart enough to realize that a bpd nutcase like her is always the prefered type of victim for abusive or weird men.

No. 1705112

I would disagree that him going on livestream to address it and trying to discredit her by calling her “mentally unwell” was a mature way to handle it.

No. 1705113

Let's ask Holly what she thinks of women who make public accusations against men in power, shall we? From June 10th 2022, S4 E8 of Spooky Scouts:

Holly: "Not to be a b-…not to diagnosis this person, but Amber Heard gives me…again, not a psychologist or a psychiatrist or whatever, not diagnosing her, but gives me very, very strong mentally ill vibes. And I feel as if she is doing this…I mean, she was doing it all for attention. And she was doing it- and she's an abuser. Like a bad person and she put it all on blast and tried to get attention. And so, it's on purpose because it comes back to this narcissistic thing of humanity where it's like….someone who wants a ton of attention puts it out there and attention through social media verses solving the problem on their own, in a personal space, in a personal bubble so no one has to experience it. She wanted people to experience it!"

Kayla: "I just wish they weren't livestreaming all this. I'm like this is nobody's fucking business at all."

Holly: "That's what I mean. She made it people's business which was a selfish and egotistical thing to do, because if she actually cared and didn't want the attention, she wouldn't have done that. Like, she would have solved it personally instead of making it a big spectacle. And then now he's suing her, AND HE HAD TO, because otherwise he wouldn't have had a job anymore."

a bit later in the conversation

Holly: "I don't know if it's going to help anyone [publicizing the trial] except for seeing that men can be abused as well, which is a very important thing to talk about, but men can also experience these things as abuse from a partner. But, like, it's…it's just not anyone's business. And it's not improving the world around us. It's just making me feel bad for people."

Is there anything left to say? Holly thinks women should stay silent when men in power abuse them, because men could lose their job. Holly says when men are attacked, they have no other choice but to sue. Except, you know, when Holly makes a public accusation. Then it's fine.

No. 1705114

That also seemed abuser-ish.
Just brush it off casually as "she's crazy" in a pre-recorded video of him playing pokemon or some shit?
Really fucking odd.
And then he deletes it when he realizes how it drew too much attention on the matter or came over as oddly composed or weirdly disinterested?
Certainly not a normal people reaction when you get accused of fucking rape by your ex wife.

No. 1705116

she is and she's said that herself as well. It's not like he's just calling her this out of nowhere

No. 1705117

omg once again use your reading comprehension, i said HOLLY is failing to see it. my fucking god. nowhere in that did i say her experiencing real abuse is ok. it's just hard to fight for someone who is denying the reality of another woman, while demanding other people to see her reality. she has obviously been abused in her life, and it wasn't ok. nowhere did i say she deserves to be raped. and yes i know rape is hard to prove and i'm not placing the onus on her to have some kind of tangible record of it.

intentional bad faith interpretation is getting annoying.

No. 1705118

It's also awfully convenient to just brush it off as "bitch's crazy".
Certainly sus as fuck, this whole shrugging it off stuff and being all hush hush about it.
Especially if it's not some random-ass groupie but your ex-wife of all people, no matter how mentally ill she is.

No. 1705121


holy fucking shit, Holly is word for word talking about herself here wtf

No. 1705122

File: 1668991160850.jpg (44.91 KB, 999x370, Fd1AmDnaEAEOMco.jpg)

Gotta bring back this classic

No. 1705124

Who says anyone has to "fight" for her? Let her fight for herself. But als let the moid prove he didnt rape her (probably as hard to prove as her proving he raped her) or make a statement that is not him brushing off a rape accusation casually while playing pokemon.
Or rather while playing a pre-recorded clip of himself playing pokemon, which makes it even more sus in how awfully constructed "casual" it went over.

No. 1705127

She is not mentally well, correct. However, as has been reiterated in this thread by anons multiple times, that doesn’t mean she isn’t telling the truth. Mentally ill women and girls are especially susceptible to sexual abuse BECAUSE people are less inclined to believe them.

No. 1705128

This person started interacting with Holly after Holly moved to Seattle. There are no interactions with her before 2019. I wouldn't really trust her judgement on Ross.

As uncomfortable as it is to hear him call a woman mentally unwell, he's not wrong about Holly being mentally unstable. She's often used her mental illness as a way to silence criticism.
It also doesn't help her case when Holly herself has told wormdick that she was emotionally abusive to Ross. Ross has always been avoidant when it comes to Holly. If that's due to fear of her outing him or fear of her wrath has been yet to be seen.

No. 1705129


I don't think she realizes she's talking about herself. She's trying to dunk on Heidi, again, but inadvertently incriminates herself.

No. 1705131

File: 1668991443374.jpg (67.96 KB, 700x394, 52384207_303.jpg)

Cue Harvey Weinstein firing up a pre-recorded clip of himself playing fortnite and proceeding to call all women who accuse him of misconduct as mentally unwell.

No. 1705132

>he's not wrong about Holly being mentally unstable
No shit nancy drew. You came up with that shocking conclusion all by yourself?

No. 1705133

KEK nona thank you for the laugh i needed it

No. 1705141


Mentally ill vibes? Holly said that about why someone's accusations shouldn't be taken seriously? I'm fucking dead

No. 1705147

>She made it people's business which was a selfish and egotistical thing to do
she's so stupid. It was Depp that wanted it televised. She's such a pick-me she's almost a stereotype at this point. Glad her ass got dumped by earthworm jim.

>she would have solved it personally instead of making it a big spectacle

lmao says the woman that live-tweeted her affair.

No. 1705149

anon can you please post a clip for posterity

No. 1705152

File: 1668992306521.png (457.24 KB, 1080x2135, Screenshot_20221120_154518_Twi…)

>It also doesn't help her case when Holly herself has told wormdick that she was emotionally abusive to Ross. Ross has always been avoidant when it comes to Holly. If that's due to fear of her outing him or fear of her wrath has been yet to be seen.

No. 1705157

>"Just smiling and ignoring it away is the sus way to handle it."

Dudes not ignoring it - he said he's thinking about legal action, which is what Hoebag SHOULD have done VS going public and then immediately pulling the "omg im so scared they're gonna come for me now!" routine that is her M.O.

No. 1705159

To be fair that in itself reads like incredibly manipulative gaslightey shit.
>whoa you think I just raped you? Maybe thats just your trauma acting up, I wouldnt rape you, you know I love you - lets get you to admit that you need to change, etc yadda yadda
Any girl who's ever been in a relationship with a abusive softboi knows the kinda armchair therapist speeches they need to give.
Not your job to fix or therapy your partner, also not your job to therapy against their will.

No. 1705161

How do you think she could prove something like this in a court of law? Genuine question.

No. 1705162

He played a pre-recorded clip of himself playing pokemon with a little monologue in front that says she is mentally unwell and then he went back and purged it entirely from twitch possibly after he realized how much of a sociopath that shit made him look like by not adressing it properly but trying to casually play it off by bundling a staged casual gameplay video with it.
If he hadnt fumbled up the playback people wouldnt even have realized it was pre-recorded lmao.

No. 1705163

Gee, I wonder why someone who is a close friend and has personal connections with Hoebag would automatically take her side. They're not biased at all!

>Moid logic would be: "lmao bitch lied she can get raped."

Not one single person since the news has broke has said that. We're all being rightfully sceptical, which you interpret as us condoning marital rape, which hasn't been said by anyone in this thread.

No. 1705167

File: 1668992763257.jpg (33.86 KB, 622x486, smugtoss.JPG)

>anon's face while """she""" is sceptical about crazy women and their constant rape accusations

No. 1705170

I have no idea. I know that screaming it on twitter before immediately walking it back three years after the alleged assaults happen, coincidentally coinciding with a big break up? That ain't it.

Where are the 'constant' rape accusations from Hoebag? She's mentioned it a grand total of once when she tried to publicly dunk on her exhusband three years later.

No. 1705171

Not even violent rape is taken seriously in court, even with the reciepts, medical documents as proof, etc.
Rape is incredibly hard to prove in court. Even more of it's marital rape, which is nigh impossible to prove. You just need the scrote to say "well we're in a kink relationship and kinda like it rough, it was all consentual".
And judge goes "ayup, checks out to me, seen rough porn on the internet, sluts like it brutal"

No. 1705173

NTA, but go easy on her. I also thought you were saying the same thing until I read it again. You didn't word is awkwardly but maybe it was a sentence you got lost in? But agreed on the absolute lack of empathy and insight Holly has. Her mental illness shield is more of a double edged sword.

God, Holly is a genuine bad person.

Holly said her twitter is dead and it's dying platform so that's how she mustered a little bit of courage to go after Ross. Some part of me thinks she's angry that he's the only one in the divorces that got out unscathed? Other then his fellow moids laughing about him getting cucked.

Is that how you see it? He pretty much said she was "WILLING" to change, not that he forced her and even tries to accuse her being abusive because of trauma. He sounds more like an abused woman championing for her abusive moid. Not trying to defend Ross, just how the tweet reads. Holly is 100% emotionally abusive and manipulative so I don't doubt she fucked with his head a lot. And I'm actually enjoying the discussion in here as long as I ignore the sperging. You think you'd get this kind of discussion in a forum that isn't dominate by women? Anons are being quite insightful without the hate even if they believe her or think she's full of shit.

No. 1705179

I was at the live, this is only half true. The message about the accusations ross played was supposed to happen at the beginning of the stream with a blank background but failed. Chat was on emote only. After this happened ross got on mic and exasperatedly said "its been a rough day and i dont want to think about it" and preceeded to play pokemon. Once ross realized the message didnt play he paused the game, went to a black screen, played the message, and then resumed the pokemon.

Im not posting any more on this shit hole website but I do want the info to be accurate

No. 1705180

>He sounds more like an abused woman championing for her abusive moid.
That's what makes it so sus. Abused men usually don't talk like that. Abusers who learned to parrot the stuff abused women say talk like that.
There's entire armies of understanding uwu softbois out there who learned to talk like that + give the therapist speeches about someone being "willing" to change, etc.
It's all gaslightey shit if you ask me.
Because it's not the job of the partner to give therapy to his mentally ill wife. That's where you enter brainwashing territory.
Because if the male partner himself (even if not intentionally) is the cause of some of the mental problems acting up or getting worse he's the last person that should do anything shrink related on their partner.

(also in b4 someone with bad reading comprehension accuses me of denying that men can be the victims of domestic abuse - they absolutely can be, but it's playing out a lot differntly than when women get abused)

No. 1705181

>Im not posting any more on this shit hole website

intruder alert

No. 1705182

Told y'all it was some parasocial gamegrumps fan defending the honor of his make-believe buddy.

No. 1705183

They start yammering about it around the 46 minute mark.

No. 1705184

Ah yes, pokemon and adressing accusations of rape.
Go hand in hand like earl grey and lemon.

No. 1705186

He played a pre-recorded sound bit. The screen wasn't showing anything but the live chat. His statement was more or less:

>My ex has levied some heavy accusations towards me. My ex has emotionally abused me for years and this is a continuation of that. I have had a rough day yesterday which is why I did not stream. I have many witnesses and messages to back this up. I've been looking at different avenues on how to address this including legal action. My ex is mentally unwell, please do not harass her. That's all I have to say about it, I just want to play Pokémon with Giwi.

We can nitpick all day on what his intentions were when he called her mentally unwell or if her purposely made it to where the VOD isn't available. People did tell him the VOD wasn't available and he said he would fix it. The only thing we know is that Holly accused him of marital rape and deleted it shortly after because she was afraid of being cancelled.

No. 1705187

and you sound like a twitter person whose same fagging up and down this thread.

No. 1705190

I don't get why Holly can dump this how she wants too, and anybody questioning the ways and hows, and whats get people mad, but the way Ross is addressing it is getting picked apart, neither of them went about it in the best way if you ask me.

No. 1705192

He deleted the tweet where he announced this live, is that normal for him to do when he streams? That along with the vod still being unavailable makes me think he’s intentionally trying to conceal it.

No. 1705193

It's one or two of heauxbag's delusional defense squad from twitter brigading the thread - happens every time she does some dumb shit. Nobody is saying either said is 100% or 100% wrong, just saying we need to wait for more proof

No. 1705194

you all cant give ross shit for deleting the stream and calling it 'sketchy' when hoelly herself deleted the initial accusatory tweets right away too.

Either deleting something makes it sketchy and is indicative of someone trying to lie/hide something - or it doesn't.

No. 1705195

I mean, keep in mind they were married so Ross got to experience the sheer crazy that is Holly behind closed doors. It wouldn't surprise me if their marriage was such an emotional rollercoaster, I'm talking Holly suicide baiting him whenever she's upset kind of shit or overexaggerating suspicions he might've had about her cheating as "muh emotional abuse", he just got numb to her antics. If I were a moid, I'd be fucking embarrassed that my mentally ill wife left me for Projared.

If she can't prove marital rape, she could try to get him with abuse via a therapist who can tell the court "Yes, Holly shows signs of an abused woman." If she's willing to pay, medical brain scans that verify she suffers from PTSD due to the abuse. Knowing Holly, if abuse did occur she would've said something to friends, they would've noticed something was up, or she would downplay things that come across as red flags via text or anecdotes that might hold up in court. If Holly had messages saved from her time with Jared, I refuse to believe she wouldn't have capped or saved messages from Ross.

No. 1705196

Yeah, he deletes every live announcement. It's pretty common for most streamers to delete them.

No. 1705198

You’re not going to get proof. It’s a notoriously hard to prove crime. I don’t know how you haven’t gotten that through your head.

No. 1705199

Legitimate question: Would a CT scan or MRI show PTSD? Considering holly was selling off some of her grandpa's shit a while back, I can't see her affording that kind of test (and no insurance is gonna cover a "I need to prove I'm nutso to nail my ex in court" scan)

No. 1705200

I mean it's an understandable response. He's tired, feels like it needs to be addressed, isn't taking it THAT seriously because it's same old Holly. And frankly, other than it being shitty, why would he be stressed, Holly won't be believed by anyone than us, the same site she thought was evil because we were the only ones to be pro-Heidi even after Jared's pathetic "YOu Werrreee lied to!" video. I mean Ross will loss nothing and if untrue, I'd be stressed but I'd want to comfort stream with my partner too. And because the atmosphere is particularly acidic today, I will preface you that I'm not pro-ross. Never was a fan, he draws ugly monster girl animation things that's creepy and he very well could have committed martial rape.

No. 1705203

>fagging up and down this thread.
And you seem to have trouble containing your inner moid, you troon.

No. 1705205

>I don’t know how you haven’t gotten that through your head.
Because it's one or two (probably very male) game grumps fans deliberately playing stupid and making bad faith arguments that ironically reveal how little they think of women making claims of sexual violence.
"lmao just show me the proof you got raped, I'll wait"

No. 1705206

PTSD can actually show up on brain scans! I don't know if it'd show up on a CT or MRI as I'm no medfag but, Ariande Grande ended up getting a brain scan after the whole bombing happened that revealed she did have PTSD from the incident. I know Holly isn't exactly rolling in cash but, I'm sure she could grift or set up a GFM for it if she was desperate prove: "Yes, I was abused by my ex-husband.""

No. 1705208

Do you know where you are? "SAME-fagging" is said a lot here right? Do you know where you are?

No. 1705209

She ALREADY has PTSD due to an abusive childhood. Lawfag >>1705203 (we use fag a lot here, anon. Stop being a newfag. We especially use fag when talking about troons bragging about stealing cis women's moids) and Ross's attorneys would let you know that she had it prior to their marriage.

Even if Ross HAD PROOF, if consulting an attorney, that attorney would NOT let him release anything to the public.

No. 1705210

It's very obvious that you are same-fagging in this thread, accusing everyone of being a "Game grumps" fans, when I've mostly seen REASONS why people believe what they believe. No one is just going, "Ross is a good boy, he'd never!".

No. 1705211

Yeah, pretty obvious where this is you intellectually dishonest invader moid.
(And it's not 4chan. lol)
That being said, didnt you wanna leave 5 minutes ago?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1705212

>Even if Ross HAD PROOF, if consulting an attorney, that attorney would NOT let him release anything to the public.

Nah, that's actually just the old game grumps mafia MO of never adressing any controversy and just letting it blow over.
That's how egoraptor can still pretend to be the non-controversial smolbean when there's hours of him shouting NIGGER available.

No. 1705214

Please. Don't drag me into your retardation, I just wanna speculate what she could bring up in court regarding her abuse claims if marital rape is out of the question. Instead of clogging up the thread with:

No. 1705216

How is it retarded? I'm telling you how those claims would be shot down immediately. She doesn't have anything other than her own words and maybe testimony from friends. Like most rape cases it's he said vs. she said.

No. 1705217

>I just wanna speculate what she could bring up in court regarding her abuse claims if marital rape is out of the question.
And that's the kinda shit that clocks you as either a moid or a troon, you retard.
Because every woman KNOWS how impossible to hard to prove this is.
By playing oblivious you're giving away that youre either the biggest handmaiden traitor out there or youre just a fucking incel dweeb poorly masking his moid stench.

No. 1705218

Nah, Holly's not poor. A quick google search shows me her house is at $877,000 right now. She's made $180k since buying it a few years ago, so technically she's made more by simply buying a home than a lot of people do working full time.

You could make the argument that she's close to being cash poor though. Holly used to buy a ton of expensive high end clothing, but now she only shops at thrift stores. She's burning through whatever savings she has left. If she sold her property and bought cheaper outside the city while reinvesting the profits, she would be fine and could invest in brain scans. But for some reason she fucking loves Seattle, so I think she'll stay "poor" for the time being. Or she could get a job, but I don't know if she has the capacity to hold one down after so many years of not working.

No. 1705221


>she would be fine and could invest in brain scans

"Congratulation your brain is all messed up. You're a crazy retard"
She doesn't need to sell her house to hear that.
Also what's most likely burning a hole into her pockets is her animal hoarder habit. Which is a total mentally ill woman thing to do and will fucking ruin you financially if you cant keep it in check.

No. 1705223

..what? now you're making up hypotheticals that absolutely nobody can prove. Holly allegedly told Jared she was abusive towards Ross, and convinced him that's how she can recognize abuse. Ross insinuated that holly was abusive toward him as well. Years later, holly says he raped her. Holly is also a known liar and emotionally abusive person (toward heidi). That's all we have. maybe he did it, but with what we have, we can't make wild ass hypotheses like that

No. 1705224

But can it tell which PTSD is caused by her abusive stepdad and which PTSD is caused by her abusive mom and which PTSD is caused by her ex and which PTSD is caused by her wormdick's ex and which PTSD is caused by her cancellation?

No. 1705226

Fuck off moid, your insistence that rape needs to be "proven" in court to be legitimate gives you away. lmao.

No. 1705227

It's like in dr. mario, you stack the different colored braincells with jareds face next to the ones with ross' grimmace.

No. 1705233

File: 1668996628967.png (199.25 KB, 622x427, Screenshot_19.png)

To those of you shouting that we're handmaid troons for not believing holly - are you really going to pretend that heauxlly herself didn't tell us not to believe everything someone on the internet that we don't know says?

No. 1705235

That's where she'd have to also shell out for a therapist to figure out, "Yes, Holly did experience a lot of emotional abuse in her marriage." Alongside her brainscans that show she is a battered woman, who might have a tendency to get with abusive men. It's all hypothetical though, and no doubt an expensive route if she did wanna go down it.

No. 1705237

except no therapist is going to say "Yes, this person experienced a lot of emotional abuse in their marriage" because that therapist is only getting one side of the story, typically one told to make the client look better.

also, there isn't a brain scan that is going to definitely prove not just that a woman was abused, but that she has a tendency to get with abusive men.

No. 1705238

>Heh checkmate, this mentally ill woman said dumb shit so now you gotta change your entire life experience and personal stance regarding sexual assault and how hard to prove it is

Go away, be painfully obviously a male elsewhere.

No. 1705240

that mentally ill woman said that 'dumb shit' in an attempt to negate another woman's experiences with abuse - one whose husband she was trying to fuck, which just proves that heauxbag has a history of "this is bad when it's happening to me, but not to you!"

We get it, you want to defend your "uwu birb mom" but be realistic: She's done some fucked up shit, and people aren't exactly out of line in doubting what she says.

No. 1705241

Legit question, are you mentally retarded?
You can literally have a broken nose, bruises on your neck from getting chocked and your entire cervix lacerated and still not get justice in court when your abusive bf says you like it rough and he didn't hear the safe word because he got tinitus.
This brainscan and therapist opinion talk is entirely delusional and stupid.

No. 1705242

No anons itt who believe Holly are saying they agree with her rabid pickmeism. Not sure why you’re trying to push the narrative that there’s Holly stans itt because it’s clear there isn’t. We’re just saying that shitty women and pickmes can be abused.

No. 1705252

Even if these people believed Holly they would say "well she deserved it", they have to find a way to mock every little thing.

No. 1705253

Can't we all just agree that the whole group is a mess and they make a lot of bad decisions? That's why they have a thread

No. 1705255

Please do continue to tell us you're not one of Heauxlly's defense squad, raiding the thread in her defense. Literally zero people on this thread have said she deserves to be raped; Being skeptical is not the same as telling someone they deserve it.

No. 1705256

As much as I genuinely dislike Holly and do think she's a massive pick-me. The odds are pretty likely that she was abused, something like 25% of women report being sexually abused by their male partners in their lifetime. I don't get how anons can get so blinded by their dislike for a cow that they would side with a creepy moid.

Hoenstly makes me wonder if a few of them were the same ones who would always rattle on about how cute Ross was or how lucky Holly was to marry him, how stupid she was for leaving him etc. Like it just makes sense that there was something seriously wrong with their relationship enough for her to want to flee states away and into the arms of a creature like Jared, who was also pretending to be an abused spouse.

No. 1705258

>"it just makes sense that there was something seriously wrong with their relationship enough for her to want to flee states away and into the arms of a creature like Jared"
There was. PedoWorm was living in Washington, it makes sense that she'd want to move there to continue their "Diath/Strix IRL" love affair. She also IIRC tried to spin some tale about she needed to live in the trees for her mental health. There were several reasons for her to move, not necessarily this "I was running to avoid my abusive ex!" narrative that she has said nothing about until just now.

No. 1705259

>Hoenstly makes me wonder if a few of them were the same ones who would always rattle on about how cute Ross was or how lucky Holly was to marry him,
Probably this + moids who over identify with him because they also got cheated on by some bpd nutcase and now live through him.
Everyone knows at least one spergy moid who can't shut up over some dumbass oneitis that broke his heart (lol) and will immediately latch onto any guy in the public eye whom they perceive to have been slighted in the same way.(sage your shit)

No. 1705261

I mean to be fair there really is no good way to combat rape allegations, it's not something that can just be talked away.

No. 1705262

Point went over your head, moid.
That anon was saying that it takes two for a dysfunctional relationship to catastrophically crash and burn.
Not some "well akshually she should have said this and that" pillpull, as if anyone here is actually expecting a giga level retard like holly to have any kind of consistency.
But any proper woman (which you're not) knows that going "AH HA! FOUND A CONTRADICTION WHY ARE YOU SMILING ON THE PHOTO WITH YOUR ABUSER?" and trying to look for gotchas in the history of a woman, let alone a obviously mentally ill one, to debunk her claims of abuse is scrote and incel behavior of the worst kind.

No. 1705265

Well if you're addressing it in a pokemon gameplay video to show how causal you're about it is obviously sus.
At least a strongly worded statement clearing things up might be in order.
It's not like her accusations were vague. She made some pretty precise claims.

Also in b4 it comes out the "mental abuse" she did towards him was some scrote shit like withholding sex. lmao
I've heard that described as "torture" by a dude once.

No. 1705266

>That anon was saying that it takes two for a dysfunctional relationship to catastrophically crash and burn.
In the case of rape, it does not take two to have a relationship crash and burn. It all falls on the rapist at that point.
The anon you're replying to is saying that Jared was a catalyst for Holly wanting to move to Seattle. Until a few days ago that was a common belief.

No. 1705269

You're kinda missing the point again.
Wormdick was probably the reason she decided to move, but to be as desperate to latch onto an obvious abuser sex pervert to escape your marriage there gotta be something fucking off in the first place.

No. 1705270

until NOW, it's a common belief. If it was simply to get away from Ross, there are thousands and thousands of other cities she could have moved to - she just so happened to pick the one her wormdicked lover happened to be living in? c'mon now

No. 1705275

Why must it be one or the other? Probably a mix + she's mentally ill + her type seems to be "weirdo creep with abuser vibes"

No. 1705276

Sorry, I just do not believe her claim of trying to flee from an abuser. Holly is a notorious liar. I'm going to be weary of anything she says.

I agree with you. Other than Jared she could have moved for work as well. WOTC is based in Seattle.

No. 1705279

Regardless of her claims or not it's a reality she "fled" her marriage and ross. What went on inside their marriage and especially their bedroom is he said she said. She claims he forced her to have sex with him on a strict schedule regardless of how she felt about it. That's the facts right now.
If you're not the type to believe things like this can happen in relationships you probably don't get out often.

No. 1705296

I stated I am weary Holly's claims because she has a history of lying, not that marital rape does not happen. We can go back and forth all you want but there are plenty anons who are hesitant about believing claims Holly makes because she accuses everyone who slights her in any way as an abuser.

If she's telling the truth, I hope she heals from this and stays away from predatory men.

No. 1705306

Holly got with Ross because of self insert cosplay. She got with Jared for D and D self insert cosplay. She's a fucking creep.

She was authentically into Jared. She wasn't having an affair with him because she was abused, but because of her weird sexual larps. She also loved the idea of being picked over a prettier woman. Ross factored little into her being into Jared. I know it's weird, but Heidi is head strong, pretty and was really into him too. It's definitely not his looks, but women don't put a lot of value in that or at least all the women that hooked up with him. I, myself, can only see fucking Jared if it was to end world hunger, I'd be able to gouge out my eyes before and was able to an hero afterward, but hey, women like what they like. I can't say she's lying or telling the truth about martial rape, but she definitely is lying about escaping him. I'm guessing this revelation is new to her for her to post it and delete it quickly.

No. 1705308

Been a while since I've had anything to say about Holly drama. It kills me to not immediately call her a liar, but I do think there's some grain of truth to what she said. But as with everything Holly does and says, she wants you to fill in the blanks in a specific way that didn't happen by using dramatic language. By coming out of the gate calling it marital rape, she wants you to believe Ross forced himself on her while she cried and begged him not to or something. Being pressured into sex can still be considered rape, but with a much less violent connotation than she wants you to picture.

That's all I think happened. Ross is an average moid who wanted to nut regularly and Holly didn't have a compatible sex drive. This lead to him getting a little sex pesty until she probably caved in. Who knows, maybe she (to preserve his feelings or some shit) never let on that she would rather crawl out of her skin than fuck him and made it seem like she was happy and willing each time he asked. It happens in long term relationships more often than you think. As for the "he ignored my crying" thing, again, I feel like Holly had glassy eyes or something ambiguous and Ross probably has a different story of the events.

I'll admit I used to be in the "Ross is a literal angel bean who can do no wrong" camp but I've slowly come around to realizing he's got jerkass/pest tendencies with good PR and optics on his side. But I don't think those tendencies include violently forcing a crying holly to take dick. And I completely believe him when he called Holly mentally ill because that is abundantly clear to all sides of the drama. I can't see him being the pouty foot stompy type when being denied sex. He seems more calculated than that. Holly however seems like the one to kick and scream when she doesn't get her way.

No. 1705336

Yeah, it seems more likely they both weren't sexually fulfilled in their marriage. Ross pressures Holly into sex she's not interested in because he's bad at it but does so because moid logic is "If the sex is good that'll save our dying marriage!". It doesn't, but Hilly's a pickme supreme who wouldn't say it to his face, so she cheats on him with Jared while romantacizing the fuck out of him because of BPD and DnD shenanigans. Like a dumbass, Heidi falls for the "open relationship" meme, Jared out here thinking he's some handsome sex god because fangirls keep propping him up aaaaaannnnd tl;dr everyone was a massive dumbass but Jared and Holly came across as so smug and insufferable, along with having a somewhat relatable experience anons ended up finding her a lot more sympathetic. If Ross really did do what she's claiming now, I feel like that would've been her angle during the whole cancelling - "My ex-husband was a creepy abusive sex pest!1! REEEE HEIDI WOULD NEVER UNDERSTAND!!" or even just used it as a gotcha against Heidi because she's THAT kind of person but, who knows maybe Prodick had her blinded.

No. 1705338

>"Ask me anything!"
I'd rather not…

No. 1705402

File: 1669023825732.jpg (173.6 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20221121-040115_Chr…)

Ross has talked about enduring abuse that hits every note of Holly's abusive bullshit
Time stamps are 3:42 5:34 7:16 10:43 12:47
(Ignore the portions with Mr.Wobbles he's an insufferable moid)
>>1705152 this post is from June 2018 3 months before they split right around the time Holly and Prodick started fucking around.

When Ross and Holly were together Ross moved into her granfathers house, he was financially dependent on her and when she moved he was scrambling to find a home.

If Holly cheated with Prodick to get away from Ross why did they focus so hard on reiterating that he consented to them being together? If everyone consented and she was completely in the right why is she now saying that she was wrong for the way she left? Why did they need to make sure everyone knew that it was an amicable split and that her and Ross were still close friends until he refused to attack Heidi with them?
It's a huge jump to go from "we are best friends who still deeply care for eachother, I miss him and what we had but I needed to move fof my birds (I mean boyfriend)" then suddenly change it to "I needed to get away from this controlling rapist monster, I cried every time we had sex and the only way I could get away was to cheat with an even worse already married sexpest. Just ignore that the last time I mentioned my ex husband before I announced our break up was me praising him for watching my animals for me while I'm away cheating on him"

No. 1705410

They were all cheating on each other lol there’s no innocent party in this story

No. 1705412

Again playing rape detective with the "ermmm akshually if she was raped how come she interacted with her abuser???" and the intellectual dishonesty.
She is a mentally ill woman + couple interactions are not always logical.
Stop giving yourself away as an obvious moid by trying to gotcha a woman who claims she was sexually abused.
Everyone here knows Holly is not emotionally consistent, like BPD people tend to be and that she's also sort of a terrible person.
That being said:
Simply trying to brush off a woman complaining about marital rape with obvious moid logic and facts ("hehe if she disliked having sex with him why did they stay together? Checkmate whores!") is not the big W you think it is.

No. 1705442

Ross's statement is posted on his twitch now if anyone missed it

No. 1705446

Recap: Ross says Holly's claims are entirely untrue. He has avoided talking about Holly because he was severely emotionally abused for years by her, and this is a continuation of that exact same abuse. He has many witnesses and texts that prove everything she's saying is untrue. He says Holly is "very mentally unwell" and asks for people to leave her alone. He says he is considering legal action. He says it s extremely painful to be accused of this.
His last line is: "I just want to move past this for good."

No. 1705451

Imagin being emotionally abused by Holly. I think she's too weak and unstable to pull it off with normal people at least. So Ross is a complete retard.

No. 1705460

I dunno anon, I believe they both could have abused each other. I feel like she could have threatened to self harm.

Honestly Holly and Ross always had a fucking weird relationship dynamic on camera. She seemed to absolutely loathe him whenever they were together, like visible disgust in her face looking at him. It was basically the equivalent to how Jared looked at her. She said it was a joke when Jared looked at her with hatred…was it a joke when she was like that with Ross? Who knows, all this people are fucking freaks

No. 1705463

I'd love to see those receipts but unless Holly goes nuclear he won't have to show them and he knows it. He put that fact out there to scare her. She has to know she comes across as insane in certain text exchanges.

No. 1705474

File: 1669043300153.jpg (301.6 KB, 938x1106, Screenshot_20221121_100451.jpg)

i know holly is obnoxious and tends to lie but picrel is the textbook definition of a man who likely would commit marital rape.
the fact that holly may exaggerate some aspects of their time together and may have emotionally abused him so she could get some of that nasty prodick can coexist with the fact that her ex husband likely committed marital rape. some of you need to learn nuance.
either way i am looking forward to all of the coming milk

No. 1705475

File: 1669043715477.jpg (149.64 KB, 900x1200, FE7nEsGXsAYR5Pc.jpg)

He's either a retard or a manipulator.
Considering he's a self-styled "sadist" he was either overcompensating on that end and is a total fool who got played by a low IQ mentally ill woman or he's playing the abused spouse part now that accusations from his functional retard ex-wife are coming up.
Yeah, his bad juju is VERY close to that of every abusive pornsick softboy manipulator encountered in almost every millennial peer group.
They all got a very specific chronic masturbator "jittery" vibe to them and you know they'll be pushy about sex like a kid demanding a toy in a toy store, while still having that aura where you dont know if he gonna snap or burst into tears. (Also the type to claim they were emotionally abused by withholding sex "WHAT ARE WE EVEN MARRIED FOR IF YOU DONT WANNA FUCK?" etc)

No. 1705478

File: 1669043979513.jpg (195.92 KB, 1242x1233, 38c2ca6ec5e1ac422a79b15d29b9f0…)

>She seemed to absolutely loathe him whenever they were together, like visible disgust in her face looking at him.
Yeah, I can remember when people talked about them as some sort of "perfect couple" that I always thought their photos looked super fucking awkward. Like she looks like she wants to flee the situation or her body with awkward fear grimmace smile and he's either hoverhanding her or gripping her so hard as if he wants to tear out her flesh.

I feel very vindicated, because I've been telling people those two are most likely super messed up, way before the jared shit.

No. 1705479

Maybe I'm misremembering but was it ever proven that Ross married Holly for a green card? Because they've never been romantic with one another. They always seemed like friends or roommates but never husband and wife and never with any visible chemistry. That could explain why Ross stayed with someone who abused him. The marriage had to look happy on paper.

No. 1705480

>"hehe if she disliked having sex with him why did they stay together? Checkmate whores!"
Then why she expected Heidi to do that? Just walk away from your abuser gurl. She can dish but can't take. Eternal victim who attacks every other woman "in her way". Reap what you sow.

No. 1705485

>Then why she expected Heidi to do that?
Why do you think whatever dumb shit holly managed to cook up with her mental illness and low IQ is in ANY way relevant to the objective assessment of sexual abuse?
Abuse does not get better or worse if it happens to a shitty person for herself even argued against her best interest (most likely because she's mentally ill and kinda dumb).
That's the entire fucking point here and you (probably moid or just straight up retarded) seem to be unable to grasp it.
Rape is NOT a thing that goes under "she can dish but can't take", because she herself is irrelevant to the subject at hand.

Because if you start sorting women into the bad ones that can get raped because they are shit and the good ones who dont deserve rape you're tethering VERY, VERY close to incel rethoric.
So you're either a broken brain handmaiden or a scrote/troon, who has not the slightest idea about sexual power dynamics between the sexes.

No. 1705488

That seemed to have been a theory why they seemed weirdly sexless/she seemed to actively loathe him and not look attracted to him in the slightest but was never substantiated.

But makes for some speculative scenarios:
>weird e-celeb nerd marries mentally ill "geek girl" for green card
>convinces her they'll have to have sex on a regular schedule to make it believeable or she'll go to prison for marriage fraud
>she buys it because she's dumb
This would require her to be comically stupid, like screwball comedy levels of stupdid. So it's not every likely.
But who knows what kinda fucked up shit those idiots had going.

No. 1705492

Anons who are vehemently defending the idea that women are always victims with 0 exceptions and should never be questioned based on their previous behavior either have BPD or have never been painted black by a cluster B. All it takes is a quick google search about false accusations and BPD to see how common it is. I definitely agree that Holly shouldn’t be called a lying whore or something but anons acting like it’s literally impossible for her to be exaggerating due to her own need to control the narrative and be a perma victim are as crazy as Holly. Also, posting unflattering pictures of Ross with fantasies about how nasty he is is super weird and non-compelling.

No. 1705498

File: 1669046693782.jpg (309.92 KB, 1466x1040, wedding.JPG)

Same anon, they always had that weird body language. Even in their wedding photos they look like they don't want to touch lol

No. 1705500

This, and tbqh Holly is not the kind of person to "suffer in silence", she's loud, messy, and stupid. I just can't see something like this happening to her and her not screeching to the high hills about it. She'd use it as a shield against any criticism and as a way to invalidate Heidi's experiences during her shit marriage with prodick.

No. 1705502

And your incredibly nuanced take is that this man is obviously the poster boy for marital rape because… you think he's ugly?

No. 1705505

be careful kek, the "you're a moid" anon is complaining on /meta/ that you're white knighting

No. 1705507

There's a anon who just accuses everyone of being a scrote or moid, this thread has has going in circles, with weird stories connected to pictures of ugly Ross to prove he did it/probably didn't, but constantly shutting down any tweet or posts about why nonnoes think it didn't happen or explaining why they question Holly. There's really no conversion to be had. Because this many nonnies refuse to discuss it normally without the weirdness or "your a moid" posting. It's best to just try to report

No. 1705510

That's Holly??? What the hell happened to her, wow. I like her dress, but what the actual fuck is Jessica wearing? The red collar with that print…do you think Holly picked that out for her as her maid of honor dress? If she did I'm dead

No. 1705511

Agreed. I’m still not fully convinced of either side but the absolutism of Ross being a rapist because he’s kinda gross looking and jokingly called himself a sadist on a comedy YouTube show is really grasping at straws. Holly doesn’t have a lot of credibility in the first place but the fact that Ross doesn’t sperg out online doesn’t fully prove anything either. I don’t think we’ll ever get the real story though.

No. 1705518

I think it's less she suffered in silence and was more convincing herself she was into it until she made the leap to wormdick. Which is why I believe Ross pressured her, but it was most likely an uncommon thing and/or she always made it seem to him that she was fine with it or liked it.

No. 1705520

File: 1669047641812.jpg (217.07 KB, 1242x1236, b7543188077435082d6204ee66bcbe…)

ikr anon, she looked just stunning in some of their wedding pics. almost hard to believe this is her

No. 1705522

Holly from the Heroes of Cosplay era and Holly now seem like 2 completely different people. Not just in looks but attitude. Holly hadn't gone full uwu smol bean I'm so stupid yet. I'm not sure what caused her breakdown to go from relatively normal to mentally ill bird hag but I'm betting it's genetic since Holly famously curses her mother.

Speaking of Jessica Merizan, she must have wised up because I don't recall her interacting much with Holly since the HOC days.

No. 1705523

File: 1669047741254.png (848.53 KB, 977x1920, Untitled28_20221121112056.png)

Where is Jared defending/supporting Holly with the same energy she devoted to him? She was apparently facing her own horrible abuse at that time but put all her energy into protecting him from big scary Heidi and making sure to discredit Heidi by painting her as unfixable, mentally ill, lying etc etc.

No. 1705524

kek but adding onto my reasoning, she'd be acting differently if it did happen.
>cue warpath to cancel Ross
>and trying to get Jared to defend her
>In true Holly fashion, gets high on the sympathy people have for her >starts getting cocky and flipping her shit at any critcism
>escalates into full blown twitter meltdown where she reveals personal info or says something she shouldn't have
>give it a minute
>realizes she comes across as fucking insane
>locks down twitter for a bit
>deletes any tweets that make her look crazy
>unlocks and start retweeting about healing from abuse, being kind, liking the occassional tweet shitting on ross

No. 1705526

Of course he’s nowhere to be seen in this drama because he’s a walking barely-sentient penis and only cared about Holly when she could provide him with extramarital sex. Men will never go to bat for a pickme the same way that pickmes do for them.

No. 1705529

I'm absolutely shocked by her old appearance anons. I didn't follow her back when she was on Heroes of Cosplay, is it worth watching to see the difference in her personality and looks?

No. 1705538

she's posted about her/they've interacted on facebook a while back ago, but outside of that yeah nothing. They had a falling out because holly basically abandoned their shared company and put a lot of burden on jessica. There's screenshots of the fb posts in the suzy/gamegrumps thread a while back ago. They're still technically 'friends' but honestly even back then nonas were wondering how because holly really fucked over jessica from the posts.

No. 1705543

I think Holly is holding out hope that Jared will come back. I wonder if he stopped interacting with her or answering her texts recently, or she started realizing Jared that has fully moved on, so her going after Ross was a way to get Jared's attention. She could even be doing all this without fully realizing why she's doing it. But regardless, I think the reason she hasn't popped off at Jared is because she wants him back, and thinks he could come back.

No. 1705545

This makes the most sense.
>Holly’s BPDchan thoughts are going fucking crazy without anyone around to abuse
>Get mad about past relationships and pick something personal she probably “bonded” with Jared over when they first started dating
>Go nuclear on Twitter and drop bombshell hoping Jared will back her up on this very vulnerable thing
>Never does because he’s a loser
>Wallow in how stupid and embarrassing you look after revealing something so personal to the world just to get no response
I wonder now if Jared severely exaggerated how bad things were with Heidi to make it feel like he and Holly had something in common and that they were both going through the same stuff. That’s why she went so hard for him online because she could relate and now has egg on her face because Jared just doesn’t give a shit about anything but getting his sick wet.

No. 1705546

I think these two posts make the most sense in what's going on in her head.
Holly is wallowing in her own misery after being dumped by worm dick, started revisiting past trauma, lashed out hoping Jared would go "oh no, what have I done?! I left someone so important in her weakest moments when she needs me the most!" and come back to her since that's how it goes in fiction, and if you haven't been in a truly healthy relationship that is kinda what you base romance on even as an adult. It's honestly depressing to see.

No. 1705547

All the scame scrote/troon btw who thinks women deserve rape for being mentally ill and got some weirdo crush on ross.(then don’t reply to him)

No. 1705548

>I'm not sure what caused her breakdown to go from relatively normal to mentally ill bird hag
Marriage with ross happened. That's what's up here.

No. 1705554

File: 1669050068213.jpg (206.86 KB, 1424x1335, thebobo.JPG)

Heads up this "the bobo" scrote is probably the guy samefagging to defend ross ITT.
Just so you got a mental image of who you're arguing with when you try to convince the ross-stan that even shitty women dont deserve rape.
Some wacko game grumps fanboy.

No. 1705555

You’re the only one sperging here kek.

No. 1705557

Only one I see with moid like reactivity and ape adjacent reasoning is you sperganon.

No. 1705558

Can we stop doing this thing where we speculate on who’s posting in this thread based on twitter posts? It’s schizo shit unless you have concrete evidence.

No. 1705563

Samefagging troon/moid.
It's getting old.

No. 1705567

It's quite obvious that it's him because he started retaliating towards the fat woman defending holly with the shit he has to hear here ITT. (creepy moid, parasocial)
It's such an obvious displacement activity.

No. 1705571

File: 1669051036733.jpeg (91.04 KB, 1284x468, 28873C0A-637A-4820-8C06-F849CB…)

Are you some moid trying to bring attention to himself? This guy is a 14 follower nobody. Go take your antipsychotics and lie down

No. 1705577

spotted the ross troon

No. 1705584

Agreed, and it's fucked up that people are willing to run wild with an accusation like this based on armchair body language analysis with a touch of projection. None of us have any insight into what actually happened in their relationship and never will unless evidence is produced. Some of you really need DBT

No. 1705603

You're armchairing too right now

No. 1705604

My two cents is she was probably emotionally abusive but he was also probably coercing her into sex. They were together a long time and I'm sure over the years their communication broke down entirely. Just because they were publicly amicable for the duration of their relationship and the initial breakup doesn't mean those things didn't happen. Of course celebs wanna put out a positive image. I don't wanna blog but it's incredibly easy for otherwise happy or confident seeming people to "allow" marital rape to happen to them over a long period of their mental health deteriorating. We're probably never going to get any hard facts, just more he said she said.

No. 1705611

>unless evidence is produced
Dumbass scrote still insisting that in order to prove marital rape "evidence" needs to be produced.
Go back to 4chan already or to r/gamegrumps or whatever scrote shithole you crawled out of.

No. 1705616

100% agreed.
This clearly isnt black and white. Even a emotionally abused guy can be sexually abusive in a broken marriage, etc.
Breakdown of communication in long-term relationships between millennials is such a common occurence.
Millennial couples would literally turn into frumpy and confused boomers after 1,5 years of relationship or marriage in their early 20s.

Seen that happen often enough.

No. 1705645

File: 1669053021635.jpg (410.98 KB, 1987x1386, ross.JPG)

Tinfoil time: Holly was only attracted to Ross when he dressed up as Garrus. She wasn't able to find anyone else interested in fulfilling her fandom sex fantasies so she settled on him. I don't think Holly is interested in sex unless it's fandom related. As their relationship progressed and she moved onto new fandoms, she realized she wasn't actually attracted to Ross outside of cosplay and began to hate him for forcing her to have non fandom related sex as "themselves".

Ross says they were only friends until he was willing to put on a very uncomfortable Garrus cosplay that everyone else had refused to wear. Immediately after that, they got together hahaha how romantic!

No. 1705646

Saying that we don't know what happened in two internet celebrities' relationship isn't armchairing, anon. It's objectively true. Even if you spend every waking hour analyzing every piece of their content, all you have is a parasocial relationship at the end of the day.
A firm stance on whether something did or didn't happen should hinge on more than a single off-handed tweet that amounted to 'btw i got raped' from an unreliable narrator when the accusation is this severe. It doesn't cost anything for you to not take a stance on whether this thing did or didn't happen between two people who don't know you exist, and it costs a lot if people decide to raise their pitchforks and the accusation turns out to be false.
I know how shit it is when people don't believe women who were sexually assaulted, but the solution isn't to reflexively believe and get up in arms over every claim without taking any context into account.

No. 1705660

You told people they "need DBT" how do you who in this thread needs DBT or not?

No. 1705674

Telling women they need DBT is classic gaslighting scroteshit btw.
>oh she is mentally unwell - don't listen to her
Very ironic, considering what everyone is discussing right now

No. 1705684

File: 1669054324597.jpeg (90.12 KB, 720x480, ar7kYiL.jpeg)

Pretty sure you're onto something there.
This also mirrors the hot&cold BPD relationship dynamics. Where the BPD nutcase will be attracted to a very specific detail on their partner, fill the rest with hopes, dreams and delusions and when that tiny detail they projected so much onto, changes they start to be repulsed by whatever partner they got themselves involved with in the first place - thats when the sex stops, which confuses the partner, because BPD are very eager to initiate a lot of sexual contact in early phases of the relationship, when you're barely out of the "being friends phase".
That's probably where ross got his "emotional abuse" from.
When she realized he wasnt actually garrus, but just ugly old ratface-ross and that's when she clammed up and he started begging for sex.

Cracked the case.

The only photo of them together where she looks legit happy/overjoyed is when he's in full body cosplay with a fucking mask on.

No. 1705705

I mean, flipping out and accusing everyone who isn't willing to immediately take out their pitchforks over a tweet of being a scrote for who knows how many posts is kind of unhinged, but I suppose replying to you is just egging you on so I will leave you to it(stop)

No. 1705706


I've never seen this photo before and it's by far the happiest she's ever looked with him. Oh god I wonder if they had sex in their costumes afterwards, vomit.

No. 1705708

Yep. 100%. People with this PD are extremely predictable and follow an almost creepy consistent pattern of behavior in close relationships. Didn’t she also accuse her mom of sexually abusing her?

No. 1705722

All this cosplay era Holly stuff is just showing what a huge opportunity she had to be a pro cosplayer and she threw it away…for what exactly? She was everywhere 12 years ago being contacted by big names for her cosplay work. It's like she latches onto fandoms and hobbies like she latches onto men. Everything is fleeting.

No. 1705731

Yes because you totally know how many posts I've made or which posts I've made.

No. 1705740

Your way of typing is incredibly recognizable.

No. 1705749

And the Strix/Diath cosplay with talks of screwing in costume. Nonna you talk a convincing argument.

No. 1705793

File: 1669058410960.jpeg (37.52 KB, 680x378, fetchimage.jpeg)

>Jared ends up hitting up Holly with the angle of "Yeah I know my wife is pretty crazy too… :("
>Strix/Diath becomes her new obsession
>Ends up projecting all of that onto her relationship with Jared
>The cancellation just sends her into further delulu mode because now she can larp as "Us against the world!" "Star crossed lovers never meant to be!"
>Even if Strix/Diath died she can still cling to the idea that her and Jared really are persecuted lovers
>He hates her
>Full denial
>They breakup because he's tired of his side piece
>drunk and spiraling
>Last ditch effort to make herself out to be the smol uwu vulnerable bean Jared has to save
>It'll be just like with Heidi only this time our roles are reversed! uwu
>Ignored because Jared's an asshole

No. 1705827

This is just retarded.
Holly has a history of making these kind of accusations or claiming muh trauma. She has an attendant history of getting called out on it and backtracking because "I'm mentally ill". And she loves being the uwu broken nerdgirl but didn't think to air these accusations until it looked like Twitter is about to collapse and she won't have to face too much pushback. Classic cow behaviour and bpd to a tee.
It's about as black and white as it gets. The only blurring of the lines here is these responses clutching at straws.

No. 1705880

The fact a shitpost like this is so accurate makes me real sad for Holly's choices in life

No. 1705894

>"I feel like she could have threatened to self harm"

We already know she uses her "I'm having a bad brain day!" shit to get people to back off i.e. in the early days of the drama when she checked herself into a mental heath facility and felt the need to show the internet her hospital bracelet - despite the fact that she also had friends calling her in said facility to give updates on what was being said about her

No. 1705899

You'd think she'd have gotten the hint when Jared packed his shit and moved out. I still think she hasn't declared open season on pedoworm because (a) he knows some shit that could potentially ruin her or (b) she knows that after going so hard at bat for this worm, she can't very well walk it back now.

No. 1705923

File: 1669065210827.gif (100.53 KB, 380x420, Holly-Conrad.gif)

You bet they had. Pretty much a given.
Her vagina probably dried up after ross insisted on not wearing the costume anymore and that turned into the "emotional abuse" because she is "mentally unwell" lmao.
She just gave him the cold shoulder, because she wasnt really that into him in the first place but wanted to fuck the blue alien bird-man.

How did she even get this notorious and the corporation's darling cosplayer?
Because even back then she wasnt that much of a looker outside of flattering angles and there were better cosplayers around.
Did she have connections?
It's BPD things. She'll need a new guy to latch onto from where she could safely shit on pedoworm. Right now he ironically did the one thing that makes BPDs go crazy hot for someone, it's removing themselves from the BPD while they're still primed onto them.

BPD have this thing where the more their partner is "into" them the more distant they will grow and the more repulsed they will grow of the partner.

But if a BPD dude pumps and dumps a BPD girl or does some early lovebombing and then grows distant and removes himself FIRST it drives every BPD girl crazy with lust for him.

That's 100% where the rape accusations against ross come from. She grew distant to him (normal in the BPD dating cycle) and he being a spergy nerd virgin couldn't tell what's going on and felt emotionally abused and started to pressure her for pussy access again in his desperation to not lose the steady sex he thought he was entitled to from now on until they reached some sort of "deal", which she agreed to despite already feeling repulsed by him - because shes dumb as rocks.

No. 1705974

He never stood up for her, like not even once. even when he was dating her. she went on a whole campaign to defend him, and he was nowhere to be seen because he convinced her he's an "uwu abuse victim"

No. 1705999

File: 1669068417798.webm (3.01 MB, 1920x1080, AT-cm_6OsmSEpxEdouZS6ja-opYw.w…)

posting the clip for archival purposes

No. 1706015

>pumps and dumps
who tf talks like this?

No. 1706016

That is kind of giving off "this is a prewritten statement by my lawyer and not an off the cuff remark so she can't pretend I'm revictimizing her" vibes.

No. 1706024

He'd be an idiot not to seek advice from a lawyer in this situation.

No. 1706025

I think the people hyping up her D&D cosplay and Jared trying to fuck her during her dressing like a
blind homeless person phase made her think "dudes will fuck me even if I look like a garbage can? I can finally stop trying." And of course wormdick left because he was a typical bed hopping moid who is probably telling his fuck buddies exactly the same shit he told her to rope her in, probably "she smelled as bad as she looks."

Agreed nona, not to mention they were telling their stans to ship Ross and Heidi and say they were meant for eachother.
From the beggining Hoered and Hoelly struck me as 2 narcissists who bonded over talking shit about their current partners and getting hot and bothered over the other being willing to break their marriage for the other.

Also Holly's recent outburst reminds me of Onision, Aaron Carter and Trisha Paytas' outbursts, the moment you aren't doing what they want you to do you are the biggest monster they have ever met.

No. 1706032

Agreed. If he did it, if he didn't do it - I don't particularly care. I think allegations like this need to be handled properly and ranting on twitter and making it a public spectacle just rubs me the wrong way.

No. 1706035

>Hoered and Hoelly struck me as 2 narcissists who bonded over talking shit about their current partners and getting hot and bothered over the other being willing to break their marriage for the other.

That's exactly it, nonnie. You'll notice Jared had absolutely no issue with flaunting diath/strix when it was still secretive and fun, but when it became very public and no longer sneaking around, it lost its luster of fun. Jared stopped posting about Striath/Heauxbag altogether while Heauxbag still regularly dragged herself over the coals in his defense.

No. 1706107

A lot of people. You've seriously never heard the phrase 'pump and dump'?
I'm excited for the potential legal arc, there is no fucking way Holly won't flip her shit on twitter about it kek.

No. 1706116

Well there's only two options:
Ross is saying the truth how she's full of shit and emotionally abused him for years, sees the writing on the wall and goes full nuclear on her, setting the record straight and making super fucking sure no rape allegation stigma sticks on his persona.

Holly is actually right and they hush it all up in game grumps fashion, maybe pay her off and make her sign some NDA and none of them will ever mention it again, people who ask about it will get permabanned.(tinfoiling/ sperging)

No. 1706122

Or three: everything is murky and too difficult to parse out and lawyers make money but not much comes of it

No. 1706126

I wonder who Ross's witnesses are? The rest of the grumps?

No. 1706130

>there is no fucking way Holly won't flip her shit on twitter

She'll refrain if a lawyer puts out a potential gag order, which I'd imagine would be one of the first things that happens.


Oh, the sweet sweet irony that would come from it being Heidi.

No. 1706131

Yeah I don’t know what he means by witnesses. Does he mean people who saw Holly get emotionally abusive? Because that isn’t the same thing as having witnesses to the actual crime he’s being accused of.

No. 1706132

Your Honor, we would like to call the uhaul truck full of pigeons to the stand

No. 1706134

Unless they're fucking in a crowded room (whereas all the witnesses to said alleged marital rape could be held liable), it'd have to be witnesses to the emotional abuse.

No. 1706139

Witnesses to emotional abuse you say? Like how Holly went after Heidi by saying there were witnesses to her emotional abuse?

Oh how the turn tables.

No. 1706146


Having the game grumps as character witnesses for proper sexual conduct towards women is like having the KKK as character witness against a black dude.

No. 1706148

>Your honor my ex wife is a total bitch and my buddies Dan and arin can vouch that I never raped her

No. 1706173

you sound like a moid, that's what i was hinting at.(infighting)

No. 1706175

Just cause you change your typing style doesn’t mean we can’t clock you schizo

No. 1706184

ngl this sent me into orbit KEK

god this. im not gonna lie, I think she's a typical semi-comphet sufferer who is so internally misogynistic she'll never realize that she probably only likes the proximity of men due to an intense need for external validation. im not even saying she'll ever reach the conclusion of liking women, she's too far gone now, but i sometimes wonder.

No. 1706188

>"im not even saying she'll ever reach the conclusion of liking women, she's too far gone now, but i sometimes wonder."

She might be closer than we think. Does anyone else remember the "I'm marginalized, queer women are marginalized and I'm demisexual!" debacle?

No. 1706191

KEK, my sides nonny

No. 1706212

File: 1669079726220.jpg (127.14 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20221121-201041_Chr…)

I don't think he would reach out to the Game Grumps, more likely that he'd go to shared friends, Heidi, Heros of Cosplay members, members of DiceCameraAction that had falling outside with Holly, etc.

Also you'd be surprised how much weird sex goes on at cons and cosplay meets, it's not out of the realm of possibility there where third party witnesses or participants to their sex life.

Holly probably would date a woman just for the woke points, not to mention she was on a "I'm pan" kick for awhile

No. 1706214

I feel like we’re reaching the I can fix her era now that Jared’s flown the coop

No. 1706219

File: 1669079920484.jpeg (333.35 KB, 1319x960, 1616379488147.jpeg)

Found this gem in a previous lc thread (about a year ago). Hoebag had alluded to people acting poorly and "Oh the stories I could tell" and then immediately deleted it and claimed "I'm just walking away, living my best life, unphased by drama!"

Sound familiar to recent going ons?

No. 1706234

File: 1669081047114.png (754.99 KB, 1488x1190, garaksdressshop.png)

This isn't necessarily milk but I didn't see this mentioned in the last thread. When that vague tweet and delete-fest happened that March >>1706219 anons said in thread she should just make a private twitter if she wants to vent about drama without catching heat. Lo and behold this private account is made a month later (found it from that Denise lady's account). While the tweets are obviously private, SadOldSimp and co's replies are public. They never mention any names but refer to a toxic "He/him." Latest tweet seems to acknowledge Ross's potential legal actions

No. 1706236

File: 1669081376015.png (28.55 KB, 527x337, chrome_5FLw3KqRid.png)

this is 100% Holly's account lol

No. 1706237

Deep Space 9? That's 100% Holly. Good fucking catch anon

No. 1706243

Someone drew art of a chicken and Kayla tagged this account. Coincidence? Sure. Would I be shocked if it were anyone besides Heauxbag? Also yes.

Phenomenal catch, anon.

No. 1706244

Holly is 100% going to change her url or tell her simps to stop replying to any tweets made by this account.

No. 1706245


Damn Denise, you're one mean bitch. Not in the least bit surprised that Holly's inner circle talks like this when they think no one's looking. So much for ~kindness~ uwu

No. 1706246

Nonnieeeeeeeee you are AMAZING. "Die mad about it" wow so uwu smol bean kindness lol

No. 1706248

File: 1669081766729.png (17.35 KB, 584x126, Screenshot_24.png)

I mean, because there are SO. MANY. people who just happens to lose their shit over chickens and birdcare and hang with the same group of people. /s

No. 1706250

Even if they change the url, if anyone can track these tweets, it'll auto redirect/change to the new URL.

No. 1706252

Good find but wish there was something juicier in the replies because I doubt she’ll be using that account now

No. 1706253

File: 1669081867510.png (355.87 KB, 456x674, BInGO.PNG)

and bingo was his name-o, fucking nice catch anon. Taking as many screenshots as possible without refreshing my page. I suggest everyone here do the same.

No. 1706260

plz tell me that tone indicator was ironic?

No. 1706262

File: 1669082062095.png (17.84 KB, 590x137, Screenshot_25.png)

Kayla really wasn't even trying to help hide that heaux is behind the account, was she?

No. 1706263

Holly is live right now, so we have a little time before she deletes.

No. 1706264

File: 1669082335890.png (121.31 KB, 510x672, garaksdressshop2.png)

I wish so too, which is why I saged that post. Here's something that ties into her Amber Heard projections >>1705113

No. 1706266

Holly is a notorious lurker lol. She's probably doing something about it while she's in her D&D session.

No. 1706267

File: 1669082564816.png (15.66 KB, 444x165, hollyacct4.PNG)

Ok this is final confirmation, this is definitely a jab at Ross. "Blunder from down under," get it, because he's australian.

No. 1706269

>Gross O'Manchild…Blunder from Down Under

Dude's name is Ross O'Donovan and he's australian. C'mon now

No. 1706275

File: 1669082820713.jpg (193.01 KB, 1755x1471, denise.JPG)

It's still an excellent find. I laughed seeing how her little group seethes hatefully together in private.

This is so embarrassing my god

No. 1706278

Is she on cam?
Live reaction of Holly finding out

No. 1706279

File: 1669082905526.png (13.09 KB, 538x113, chrome_aTorBEnL1d.png)

They've also mentioned Holly's cat in replies.
Seems like she's been trying to claim that Ross is an abuser for at least a year.

No. 1706280

Are they calling him gay or is this a food thing

No. 1706281

Sounds like they're calling him gay (sausage = dick) with a porn/sex obsession (the fleshlight bit)

No. 1706283

Better archive everything very quickly

No. 1706284

Wow, look at all those flying monkee.

No. 1706285

I’m guessing she was triggered by his birthday

No. 1706294

Oh wow looking at every tweet that @'s that account it's pretty clear she posts lolcow screenshots on there to whinge about, too.

No. 1706297


I'm fucking crying, nonnie. She used to just blatantly bitch about lolcow on her main, but I guess that'd destroy her "uwu innocent birb mom" persona if people found out she was still lurking on boards that she knows dislike her.

No. 1706299

That would be such funny poetic justice, but I recall Heidi tweeting that she doesn’t know Ross and had no idea how he actually reacted to the poly situation (just that she was told he was ok with it).

Or am I remembering that wrong?

No. 1706300

I'm tinfoiling that Holly is mad that Ross is in a seemingly happy relationship and has built a community after he left Game Grumps and kept himself out of their drama. After all why does he get to be successful and happy when she's not?

No. 1706303

She seemed distracted by her phone, and did that nervous tic of putting her hair in her mouth.

No. 1706305

I’m watching her be anxious too nonny, when I first joined she was looking down for so long that I thought her hair and headphones were some kind of costume/mask

No. 1706311

Where is the livestream?

No. 1706312

No. 1706314

File: 1669085163580.jpg (158.04 KB, 540x842, 20221121_214453.jpg)


No. 1706315

it's taking me a bit, but I'm almost done saving everything. Should I just post em here or maybe make an imgur link? it'll be at least 20 screenshots.

No. 1706316

Probably just an imgur link, unless anything is immediately relevant to shit that's going on in the thread

No. 1706318

Post them on imgur

No. 1706319

Idk if sausage is about him being gay, like maybe that's one of his favorite foods and Holly has gone full BEC.

But the fleshlight? Holly gets mad when he wants to fuck her. Holly also gets mad when he fucks a fake vag instead of her. Fucking pick a side you don't get to be mad at both.

No. 1706320

that's the second time this person has threatened physical violence wtf

No. 1706321

this is the kind of unhinged behavior that holly would say is way too far. what happened to "be kind!"

not to mention, most of these people don't even fucking know him.

No. 1706323

Why tf does this even occur on Twitter? Group chat? Discord? Literally any other private place? Tweeting vitrol from a terribly hidden sock account is so on brand for Holly though. Bitch is dumb as hell and addicted to Twitter.(sage)

No. 1706325

I don't think that one is about Ross since DanDan The Man Pirro said dude needs a hobby and Ross has several very public hobbies.

No. 1706326

omfg, this is the most difficult thing to listen to. how do people ENJOY this shit my god???

No. 1706327

Who knows. You'd think they'd at least be smart enough to have a private group discord or something. She does shit like this that can be easily linked back to her (or, in the event we're all wrong, sounds just fucking like her) and then wants to be shocked pikachu when people connect the dots and call her out

No. 1706329

a private group-chat would infer that she must have similar interest in their lives. these are her sycophants. all of these tweets read like fans, not mutually interested friends. this is what people do when they want validation with zero reciprocity

No. 1706331

Exactly. Holly doesn't want friends, she wants unconditional support, endless praise, and to never be questioned or challenged.

No. 1706335

File: 1669086332016.png (25.12 KB, 837x122, Screenshot_26.png)

I'm losing it. I have no knowledge of deep space 9 or Garak, so I googled it.

Heauxbag could not have picked a more fitting representative for herself.

No. 1706339

File: 1669086657089.png (947.72 KB, 1333x575, hollynov2122.png)

No. 1706340

That's the face of someone who knows they just stepped in a steaming pile of shit

No. 1706342

kek I'm dead anon

No. 1706343

It's amazing how this is completely her own doing. All she had to do was not be a raging bitch, and not encourage her fans to bully and mock her ex husband. Now the entire groups looks awful and that's on Holly. This is the kind of shit a therapist is for, not your fans

No. 1706357

File: 1669088203874.png (1.37 MB, 2073x1025, hollysfriends.png)

I'm trying to find an old post from SadOldSimp's anti-Heidi blog where he implied Ross was abusive then backtracked when a follower asked him to elaborate, but in the meantime here's some gems from Pickle boy

No. 1706359

File: 1669088539291.png (56.06 KB, 517x575, Screenshot_27.png)

Here's one where he said he didn't hate follow Ross, which knowing what we know about heuxbag's sideblog, is just point blank lying

No. 1706360

I have a question, sorry if I sound stupid but I actually don't use texting. How does one yell at someone through text? Is it in ALL CAPS?

No. 1706361

Pretty much. That whole crew tends to think that Heidi having said "Hey, maybe don't fuck this other person" is abusive, though.

No. 1706363

File: 1669088687957.png (11.29 KB, 526x270, Screenshot_28.png)

Here's another one, nonnie. The only other post about Ross was SadOldDick saying "No answer I Give will be enough" when someone asked WHY he hated ross

No. 1706364

it's amazing how they made a completely irrelevant take without addressing anything the person said.

No. 1706396

Fascinating to me how during the time Holly was on stream no one seemed to get "clocked" by the moid/parasocial schizo.

No. 1706402


I won't say it was heauxbag, but it definitely feels like one of her defense team/mods who were likely tied up watching her stream. That, or the admins finally permabanned them.

Either way, I'd still hedge my bets that holly is too busy panicking about her little shittalking sideblog being discovered to do anything else right now.

No. 1706421

So her private Twitter is just her own little lolcow forum for her to bitch about Ross?

maybe Jared left her because she is not only scarily obsessed with his ex but her own too.

something very pathetic about constantly tweeting about your ex so long after the fact, and to have your "friends" who never knew the guy replying with their own digs. she is so fucking weird.

she can't ever turn on Jared because nobody likes her and all her fans are Jared supporters who support her for him. you think sadoldsimp will still like her when she shits on his God? she put herself in the same situation she did with Ross/Grumps where she is only famous my association… probably because she fucking sucks and is boring

No. 1706439

Not saying her allegations are true because god knows, but having someone abuse you sexually tears you apart, especially when there’s jack shit you can do about it in terms of revenge, legally or publicly in her case since people hate her. So I cant really fault her for not being able to move on. IF it’s even true

No. 1706454

SadOldSimp will probably still be on her side since he and his wife seem to spend way more in-person time with Holly (though that was admittedly before the hored split so who knows now).

No. 1706456

File: 1669098830817.png (59.38 KB, 517x126, Screenshot_29.png)

also living for the flip flop in belief. When people accused PedoWorm of being a pedo, Hoelly claimed "These accusations have legal ramifications and therefor no one can comment or share info publicly" - but she now has no problem accusing her ex of being a rapist in a very public fashion.

No. 1706486

File: 1669100708597.png (1.53 MB, 1581x1224, helly.png)

Did a little digging on Holly's other socials to see any connection to this person Denise who is chiming in for her >>1704316
>>1704322 >>1704781

From what I can find Denise works in Seattle as per her Linkedin
Denise is the mother of Callum Walz which Holly has pictures as far back as 2018 with.

Its once again strange that there was exact wording of "little sister figure">>1704327 because Holly specifically says shes Callum's "adopted witch aunt"

Of course Callum here either was or is a Game Grumps fan going so far as to cosplay as Dan.

Either Denise has been friends with Jared which is unlikely due to her only talking about him after Holly started fucking with him. Or she met Holly through some other third party whether it be gamegrumps work or D&D regardless Denise here has 0 interactions with Ross on twitter before "the cancellation"

There is 2 interactions Between them and Jessica Marzipan but both are after the divorce so it seems like shes trying to befriend Holly's preexisting friends.

No. 1706508

>…mental illness and low IQ is in ANY way relevant to the objective assessment of sexual abuse?
It doesn't. Just relevant in amount of sympathy from people. Don't pretend to be shocked.
>because she's mentally ill and kinda dumb
She could've searched mental help, this scapegoat has carried her far enough already. "IM MENTALLY ILL"´, yeah and not even trying to get better. Just using it as a shield.
>Rape is NOT a thing that goes under "she can dish but can't take"
"Again", no one is saying she deserved it, just that she doesn't deserve support as she could not give any support herself. She is stupid, mentally ill, and pouring it all on twitter for everyone to see. It is disgusting behaviour on her part.
"You reap what you sow" refers exactly, and only, to the support part. Sure she got raped, I got no problem believing that. But I also have no sympathy for aggressive handmaidens that actively attack other victims publicly.

>So you're either a broken brain handmaiden or a scrote/troon, who has not the slightest idea about sexual power dynamics between the sexes.

Or I just won't support women who hate other women.

No. 1706546

you think she fucks those birds?

No. 1706584

File: 1669120146125.jpeg (648.97 KB, 1288x1662, 8C6C8421-FCFE-4A9B-BACC-0A8573…)

Kind of ironic she’s telling dnd fans to not be sexual or creepy, considering that’s how she got into her last relationship

No. 1706590

Even more ironic considering she vehemently defended the scrote that forced a sexual scene on a SA victim in his group. She lives by the rules for thee but not for me mindset.

No. 1706667

Hey, isn't 15 an age where the photo should be anonymized?

No. 1706670

They are currently 18 these are old photos that are directly on Holly's page, it was saying that Denise was not featured in any photos with Holly but Holly features Callum since 2018

No. 1706696

Hate Hoelly as much as the next person and Denise has been her weird stan since 2019 shitting up Twitter but its bizarre and unnecessary to include Denise's kid in this thread. I'm reasonably sure that's a violation of rule 3.2 but its up to the farmhands to decide.
>3.2 Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.

No. 1706713

it's an old photo. Same reason why it's ok to post pictures of cows when they were a kid because they're not a kid right now.

No. 1706733

File: 1669137438065.jpg (213.42 KB, 537x717, 20221122_121349.jpg)

Except that is not their real name they are a trans person that Holly isnt actually related to, in fact I was showing proof that Holly has a really weird relationship with this person that they still post with as of this year

No. 1706752

So put this person on the appropriate tranny thread, then? if they're cow-worthy and of age.

No. 1706763

Nonnie they aren't posting about the kid to make fun of them it's literally just to explain how holly knows her deranged mom chill

No. 1706764

wee bit defensive huh nonna? it's relevant to the topic, DDWalz (Denise) is this persons mom and a huge defender of holly.

the immense defending in here and referring to Holly as a "little sister" figure to Denise, which none of us could have inferred them to have, is definitely suspicious. it doesn't even sound like she knew Ross like she claims to have?

No. 1706771

Mostly I was trying to make fun of the above poster who seems to think that this is a safe space for trans identity

No. 1706773

>referring to Holly as a "little sister" figure to Denise, which none of us could have inferred them to have
Yeah no they definitely blew their cover there.

No. 1706795

the best part about these cows of this ilk (childish older millennials/Xers who still dye their hair and use DnD for inappropriate escapism) is how predictable they are on the internet. they don't alter any of their speech, account handles, or other shit that outs them.

No. 1706800

We are all very aware that troons are not welcome here this is more talking about Denise's severe mental illness to let her kid hang around an adult should just met, let alone post only the kid and not Denise. Makes me think that Denise is one of those sycophantic stans when it comes to her D&D hobbie or that she is a desperately lonely cow who's so depraved of friendship she jumped to settling for a role in the Hoelly defense club

No. 1706815

Here is the Clip of the statement from the livestream he deleted.


No. 1706831

ok, here's all 27ish screenshots


only one or two things i've left out in case it was just like a "wow!" or "Yay" kind of tweet that didn't reveal anything. I think date matching is going to be the next thing to do to figure out context. I'm kinda sad we found this now, because im sure she would have bitched about any potential legal proceedings on her private in the coming future.(integrate)

No. 1706884

File: 1669149129592.png (962.56 KB, 1386x690, Screen Shot 2022-11-22 at 3.31…)

can't figure out how to stream record but supermega gifted ross 100 subs on twitch in their newest video, can't help but think they're bringing him up just for the drama

No. 1706885

Good work anon

No. 1706892

With how many replies that mention Ross from 2021, I really just want to know what has been going on in the background. It seems like shes been venting about him for awhile. Which makes the most recent tweets not this "out of nowhere" drama. Something has been building.

No. 1706905

NTA I think if I remember she talked somewhere before about it eating her that he got out okay when he’s not a good person either. During the Heidi Holly shit. I’ll see if I can find it.

No. 1706906

I think last year was probably the beginning of the end between her and Jared, and it caused her to start venting about ross all these years later.

No. 1706927

I think Ross is doing some event with Jaidenanimations on twitch? But supermega has poked fun at the Projared situation before so I don't doubt it either

No. 1706941

File: 1669154510882.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 97.96 KB, 1179x192, 99C09F8B-3888-49CC-818C-6BE0BF…)

She clearly dreamed something that involved Ross trying to hurt her birds and then complained about it like it was traumatizing lol. Does his cruelty know no bounds?!

No. 1706948

File: 1669155095602.jpeg (196.42 KB, 1226x372, A185D6D7-BEB4-44E8-9879-12F587…)

Really wonder what this was in reference to.

No. 1706949

Based off the context with the surrounding tweets, my best guess is she’s claiming ger uncle calls her when he’s drunk and she doesn’t like it.

No. 1706955

I thought her father calls her drunk? And I've never seen anyone who trauma dumps as much as Holly

No. 1706961

You’re probably right, I’m now questioning why I was so certain it was an uncle hahah

No. 1706976

just stumbled on this thread, i wanna thank yall, i was so confused when i saw hollys tweets.

yall do some good work with the reciepts(learn to sage lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1706985

File: 1669158945030.png (3.74 MB, 2285x1966, hollysfriends2.PNG)

Piecing together some things:
Most of the people in these caps interact with each other (follows, like posts, comment). Some of these interactions predate the Garak account but started with Holly and/or Jared related tweets as far back as 2017 with Kayla (artist who Holly commissioned for her witch shop).
Ultimately she'll probably scrub the Garak account but Holly's proven herself time and time again unable to keep quiet/personal info to herself

No. 1706993

Looks like Denise is the one with the weird thing about sausages >>1704316

No. 1707017

File: 1669161472070.png (114.36 KB, 303x581, diath.PNG)

this is soo off topic, but has anyone SEEN the description for his character from DCA??? "He's 28, but appears 18" jfc im gonna barf. I never actually was a DCA fan, so this is so bizarre to me.

this is how you know they're in denial of aging and love to live in a complete delusion.

No. 1707022

Please go back to twitter

No. 1707059

File: 1669164956649.png (28.23 KB, 583x242, Screenshot_31.png)

Theyre still chatting on the garak twitter - Wonder who "she" is? Maybe Pedodick really WAS cheating on heauxbag before they separated?

No. 1707061

Raeraesenpai? Personal tinfoil. He smiled way too genuinely in their photos in IG.

No. 1707064

File: 1669165213060.png (41.92 KB, 603x229, Screenshot_32.png)

saged because not holly related - but I lol'd that Jared liked this post

No. 1707066

File: 1669165300786.png (29.17 KB, 592x205, Screenshot_33.png)

and I oop.

No. 1707068

Well remember she "freed" him from the shackles of monogamy so it'd only be fair for him to be exclusive for her, his side chick

No. 1707071

File: 1669165452920.png (68.17 KB, 615x561, Screenshot_34.png)

Uh….I can't tell if PedoWorm was liking these about Heidi, or since this was not long after he moved out, he was liking them about Heauxlly

No. 1707078

Yeah, it's a mix of spite and projecting all of her frustrations about Jared onto Ross because unlike Ross, her and Jared were literally soulmates… It's okay that Jared's not rushing to her defense this time, it's just not his style. Unlike that piece of shit Ross, Jared knows what it's like to overcome adversity! Unlike that blunder from down under, Jared's always been super understanding! He even LOVED the pigeons and everytime Holly forced him to take selfies near their coop didn't look like he wanted to kill himself. Jared is everything that awful piece of shit Ross could never be, kek.

No. 1707080

he's probably liking tweets as a form of support. half-assed but still something. More than he's offered Holly in their relationship though.
Honestly, I would be more surprised if Jared didn't cheat on Holly.

No. 1707082

These were liked several weeks ago - back in October, judging by the dates of other liked tweets that came after this.

No. 1707083

kek this makes me think about the birthday post she made for him one year of him with the birds that gave off 'my hostage takers/captor is holding the gun to my head off camera' vibes

No. 1707085

She's probably just trolling now the account's been discovered

No. 1707086

I'm probably being slow, but if she gave him the out/defense of polyamory and being ok with an open relationship (unlike Heidi because she was painted as the mean bitch who was possessive) is it really cheating? Obviously in a regular relationship yes, someone liking thirst traps from OF girls and being flirty to fans would be cheating, but this is the sort of sexpest behavior Holly was defending when she was doing damage control. I just don't see why (assuming some of these tweets are about him) she's blindsided

No. 1707088

File: 1669166538185.png (26.51 KB, 540x299, chrome_dWoVANT1iE.png)

or talking about some reality show. I don't think SOM would be up for shittalking Jared.

No. 1707093

File: 1669166799893.png (37.37 KB, 267x154, Screenshot_35.png)

flashback to two years ago when heauxbag said "trial by twitter is wrong!" yet now expects twitter to behead ross for his atrocities

No. 1707106

File: 1669168015765.png (1.64 MB, 1012x928, 1593409228918.png)

Hush, nonna. Jared loved Holly. He was thriving with her.
This. Anons would constantly notice him following and propping up twitch streams that suspiciously looked like Heidi, no way he wasn't seeing anyone on the side or at least flirting with fans in his DMs.

No. 1707109

ngl its kinda true and i bet holly does fit into this description. not that he has much to brag about, last i heard he had a normal upbringing and is still a walking shit stain.

No. 1707110

File: 1669168655300.jpg (233.59 KB, 1752x1694, diath.JPG)

I love Diath fan art because it never looks anything like Jared. Frankly I'd be offended if I was Jared lol

No. 1707111

Probably some show or similar, I wouldn’t read into anything from that twitter for a looong time

No. 1707113

Because with her magical thinking she thought her love would be enough to get him to stop thirsting over any woman who comes within 20 feet of him.

No. 1707115

I watched episodes of DCA early on before getting bored of it. At some point during Curse of Strahd (so long before the cheating) he died and Holly tried to use a potion of rejuvenation on him but all it did was de-age his corpse a decade, so that's why he looks 18 despite being 28 years of age.

It really had nothing to do with Jared really really really wanting his character to look young but be the same age he was.

No. 1707127

well they do pretty much plan out their scenes, large scale DnD campaigns with an active audience will start pre-planning significant events with their GM (the smart ones do) since it’s financially irresponsible to rely on improvisation completely.

No. 1707128

Wow potion of rejuvenation on a dead body, Holly sure is the cool geeky girl who loves ttrpgs!

No. 1707131

She's been venting about him since the initial drama. His image as a decent guy and refusal to engage meant it always blew up in her face. Now she's struggling with a lot of big feelings because earthworm jared left her so in her mind she crosses out "jared" and writes in "ross".

No. 1707132

File: 1669171409242.png (74.46 KB, 286x290, uu4wfbhl8oq41.png)

>potion of rejuvination
>on a corpse
So… Just how bad is Holly at DnD?

No. 1707138

>earthworm jared
i choked on my drink lmao

No. 1707152


I looked up Strix' character page on D&D Beyond because I thought that maybe Holly was intentionally playing her as "uwu stupid uwu" enough to think rejuvenation and revivification are the same thing… Strix's intelligence score is 16.

Her charisma's also at 20, despite Strix being canonically nasty in every conceivable way.

No. 1707168

They're both really into making their characters their self inserts huh? Last night in the middle of her anxiety tics she was unnecessarily personal with her moves, like she was saying stuff like "Strix is gonna be tough, because she IS tough, and y'know she's gonna be back because she ALWAYS does no matter what people throw her way" all while her voice sounded wobbly

No. 1707176

I remember reading somewhere that Jared had been working on Diath since high school and in typical teenage fashion, he likely made the character after himself; Unlike most other people, he never grew out of that stage and continues trying to larp his fantasy life.

I just want to know what happened to Heauxly. For all intents and purposes, she seemed to be a somewhat-strong, put together person back during her cosplay days. What cued her downturn to "Sad, uwu innocent birb mom who is just mistreated by EVERYONE"?

No. 1707178

>takes a feat that can either boost char or int
>chooses int
>as a sorcerer
I'm not saying she needs an overly optimized build or anything but… what the fuck?

No. 1707188

shes always been very self conscious and nloggy even back in her cosplay days. she got mad that people voted on facebook for femshepard to be a pretty blonde because they didn't vote for the one that looked like her. she was weird about other femshep cosplayers too.

No. 1707189

Odds are she already had her CHA maxed out by the time she took that feat.

No. 1707213

Probably about The Bachelor since that's trending/airing tonight

No. 1707231

Holy shit anon, this has reminded me that I came across Heidi's private account a while back basically by accident. Took me a minute to remember how I found it, but Salemkittie's replies got me back there!

I just grabbed screenshots of everything, it's hard to piece together if any milk is in here but maybe some enterprising anon can find something


No. 1707243

File: 1669186497375.png (30.15 KB, 586x133, Screenshot_36.png)

The only thing I'm seeing so far is MAYBE this tweet (not from heidi btw) about flaunting demisexuality and declaring oneself "one of the queers!", which is potentially about Heauxlly's debacle of where she declared herself marginalized.

Most of the replies are people congratulating Heidi on her business success and wishing her well. I am nearing the end of the screenshots and have seen MAYBE 1-2 questionable tweets, but nothing to the level of Heauxlly's defense squad bashing ANYONE involved.

No. 1707246

Im going to level with you. The fact that you're just bringing this up now that Heauxbag is getting shit for having a private twitter reeeks of being one of her defense squad trying to shift attention off of her, as is their M.O.

No. 1707248

I get that, I worried nonnies might think so. When I first came across it I actually reviewed what was on there and didn't see anything, and it seems like from what >>1707243 is saying there still isn't much. Just didn't feel like reading them all and trying to figure out what they might be reacting to

No. 1707269

I think one of the reasons why Holly made a private twitter other than that one anon that suggested it was because Heidi had one. Heidi made hers in August 2020, and Holly's was made in April 2021. Hoebag is still probably obsessed with her kek

No. 1707271

That ones a little bit of a stretch, Anon. It's more likely that Heauxlly thought nobody would ever find it (despite literally no one trying to hide it) and couldn't figure out how to use a more secure discord instead.

No. 1707272


How do you know that's Heidi's account tho? Nothing I see is really proof they're replying to Heidi. Yea sure >>1707243 looks like it's talking about Hoelly but it could also be some of Heidi's mutuals talking, of course they'll be mad at the person that did everything she could to ruin Heidi's life.

No. 1707276

There were some tweets that were suggestive of it being Heidi's account, just in some of the activities mentioned. However, it's mostly supportive "You're strong, you can do this!" kind of tweets vs heaully's friends with the "I want to slam his face into a keyboard for the lulz!!"

No. 1707286

Nonnas, the better way to archive all of this is by using internet web archiver like wayback machine.

No. 1707287

that doesn't work if it's a locked/private twitter. I tried to archive hobag's private twitter yesterday and while it technically saved the url, it just shows a "There's nothing here!" redirect page from twitter.

No. 1707288

Not really, Holly sorta skinwalked her during and after the drama, some anons speculated about it a little bit in the other threads. And I don't know how she thought nobody could find her private twitter when there's a dedicated discussion about her here that she aware of. Guess she's just dumb and addicted to the attention she gets on Twitter.

No. 1707310

I don't think this is Heidi's account, I think it's just her cosplay/shop owner mutuals and one has a locked account. Nothing looks like it's Heidi's account specifically. Heidi moved on from Holly's toxic shit after she kicked Jared out, and Holly blocked Heidi anyway, so suggesting Heidi is keeping tabs on Holly's meltdowns years after she moved on from that drama is pretty shitty to say.

No. 1707313

So what if it's "shitty to say"
In the other cow threads everybody is fair game yet Heidi is protected. You don't even try to be subtle with the WK-ing.

No. 1707329


Heidi isn't "protected" she's just not milky. She's off living her life and you're so mad at her not being a screeching drama obsessed attention whore like Holly so you're tinfoiling randos in Heidi's social media circle as being her "super secret account" because someone said something that kinda sounds like it's talking about Holly (and we haven't confirmed that, either.)

No. 1707336

That's what I think the nonnie above who pointed out the suspicious timing of the release of this new sideblog was getting at. Heidi ain't been milky in some time, but now that Heauxlly is back to being a fucking idiot, her defense team is trying to drag Heidi back down too.

Even if it is Heidi's side twitter, there was nothing milky on it. She's allowed to rant just like Heauxlly is allowed to rant. The difference is that Heidi isn't out here encouraging her followers who joke about physically assaulting those they disagree with.

No. 1707435

Or accusing Jared of rape. Meanwhile, regardless if it's true or not, Holly dropped a bombshell on twitter then scrubbed it… Meanwhile Heidi just got the standard: "omg you can move past this heidi!" cheerleading squad during her divorce soon as that relationship "opened up", should've been when everyone left.

No. 1707461

File: 1669217408518.jpg (173.2 KB, 1079x580, Screenshot_20221123-082705_Chr…)

It does kind of seem like WK-ing when there's this that absolutely proves its not just "some cosplay mutual"

No. 1707482

I see nothing wrong with that - and yes, I'd be saying the same thing if that were all SadOldDouche or GeraldoGuac or Kayla were saying to Hoebag. There's a difference between a friend saying "Yeah, that is a fucked up situation" and "I'M GOING TO SLAM HIS FACE INTO HIS KEYBOARD FOR THE LULZ!"

You all are out here, trying to wring the last few drops of milk out of the towel to make it look like Holly isn't the only one doing shady shit. It has nothing to do with WK'ing for Heidi and everything to do with the fact that she's just not a source of fresh milk at this point.

No. 1707487

ntayrt but what happened in January 2021 that proves this is Heidi? I'm more than willing to believe it, but I'd love to get some cross-references to public posts these might refer to (or something as obvious as talking about "Gross O'Manchild")

No. 1707533

Do you REALLY think Heidi is the only person who dealt with bullshit that people bring up later on?
Examples of other similar situations: BunnyAyu/LaynaLazar, Jessi Smiles/Gabbie Hannah , Basically the half of the 'Makeup Youtuber' scene. I dont pay too much attention to the cosplay scene currently but it could even be someone affected by Leon Chiro's BS. If this is the ONLY thing that seems to align it's still 'possible but also could be anyone.

No. 1707555

Sorry but out of context this could be anyone talking about anything. And even if it IS Heidi's private account, I think its reasonable and smart even for "known" creators to have their public, curated accounts and a private one to use like any other Joe Shmoe. The problem is when people like Holly and those she surrounds herself with use it to be aggressive shitbags and get caught. If she or her sycophants had half a brain cell each they'd just make a group chat to talk shit in… But as someone else pointed out, Holly probably wouldn't enjoy that because its not as one-sided and she'd be expected to engage with them as equals.

No. 1707557

I don't really doubt that it could be Heidi's account, but like what other anons have said; what does it prove and why is it relevant? What is the point? At least Holly's showed some possibly shady behavior that contradicts her entire online persona, not that I think it honestly matters THAT much in connection to previous discussion, except I think honestly it may or may not strengthen the possibility of her accusations from what I see by her follower's responses, but we don't know what's been said on it and a lot of her defenders tend to be a bit…intense, so to say, so I'm going to leave it here.

No. 1707635


The problem I have with Holly's statements has nothing to do with whether they're true or not. My issue is that she seems to be implying that if people had only known the full story earlier on, they wouldn't have canceled her. No. All of her actions since the original drama broke have been the things she was 'canceled' for, and anything within her relationship with Ross has absolutely nothing to do with it.

She also says "no one deserves to be canceled and lose their job over what happened in a relationship, even if it was terrible" right after saying "but I'm the one who's canceled. I'm the one who's a whore." She seems to want Ross to be canceled instead of herself, despite saying how no one should be canceled for things that happened in a relationship.

I also find it exceedingly ironic that she says she's been scared of speaking out against someone with a much bigger following, but she seems to have extended none of the same empathy towards Heidi who had the smallest following of her / Jared / Holly.

I think the most honest thing she says in all of this is "I just don't want to be seen as a monster anymore." This is her MO. She is so desperate to be seen as 'good' and 'right' that she will throw anyone under the bus to make it happen.

No. 1707667

File: 1669232587738.png (91.73 KB, 640x593, Holly.png)

I honestly don't believe Holy in this whole thing, she constantly lies about things to make herself the victim, she immediately deleted it even in the middle of her drunk ranting, she also during the time she was married to Ross claimed to be asexual and/or demisexual but had a sexual affair with Jared and from her behaviour if it was something that happened she most likely would of used it to victimise herself more during the original Cheating scandal this woman was saying anything she could to try to get people to take her side as well as repeatedly lying to do so, as a Rape victim myself I understand how hard it is when people don't believe you or blame you for it but I really cannot believe her in this situation she has lied about a majority of what she said in the Cheating scandal

No. 1707687

Even under the assumption she's telling the truth, she was still doing it vaguely enough to lead people to assume Ross violently assaulted her as she sobbed, instead of what it sounds like happened (she didn't want to have sex/felt asexual, he wanted sex, he may or may not have pressured her until she agreed on a sex schedule and she didn't enjoy it… Which is still not a good situation for either of them, frankly, but its insulting to rape victims to say those two situations are one and the same). And again, it all reeks of her usual pattern of deflecting, lying, and trying to paint herself as this tragic victim who is unfairly beaten down at every turn. The most telling part is how it all circles back to her feeling like people treat her like a "monster" and being "canceled for being a whore".

Its frustrating because even if she's being truthful she's muddied the waters so badly with both her current and past actions that it makes it seem like the attention seeking ploy actual rape victims are constantly accused of. She is the poster child for moids who think #metoo is a front.

No. 1707698

File: 1669235041385.jpg (291.11 KB, 1762x1430, 90118734257.JPG)

I'm still baffled by her timeline. Here in June, she's saying "Ross saved me from myself I owe my life to him". Then a few months later, divorce and absolute hatred of Ross. She seems to be very up and down emotionally with people: either intensely loves or hates them. I'm not there's middle ground with her and she has a propensity for re-writing the past based on how she's feeling in the present. So, it's difficult to know what actually happened as these things make her quite the unreliable narrator.

No. 1707720

Guess that's why she surrounds herself with yes men who don't sign her paychecks

No. 1707755

Mentally ill gonna mentally ill

No. 1707763

Samefag sorry for no sage

Anyway that's 100% Heidi's private. The talk of the shop, the fact that Salemkittie remarks about being "halfway across the country" which lines up with where they both currently live, and the talk of bunny and strawberry merch. Heidi is known for her bunny merch. But like other nonnies mentioned, it doesn't matter. Heidi's private twit is more like a private chat about her life so she doesn't have to deal with randos butting in. Holly's private twit seems to exist as a private (kek) place to bash the fuck out of Ross and not much else.

No. 1707787

This combined with her behavior to follow read like someone performing to keep her situation temporarily comfortable and redeem herself publicly/privately because she was starting to have consequences for her behavior (possibly Ross bringing up separation originally), which triggered her, but then getting restless in pretending she's changed and ultimately needing an out because she didn't actually want to work on herself and perceive herself as the problem. Considering how she has acted throughout the affair arc, it seems like it would be a pretty big sacrifice for her ego to even post this, and could have been the beginning of a spiteful resentment building.

Knowing we generally do not openly describe relationship coercion as rape due to the social backlash, I believe her, but I don't think she actually gives a shit about other people going through it and clearly doesn't "believe women" herself. She is also well aware of the consequences of making your personal life public. If she has a long history of sexual abuse or intense emotional abuse I could see the pain of struggling with boundaries and denial coming through with pent up resentment. But if she's so focused on mental health why not talk this through with a therapist, who would advise you that oversharing to the internet is not the move unless you're trying to call out/in an abuser you want community enforced accountability for. That action should obviously be much more organized considering the risk of legal ramifications. She already wrecked her rep over one moid.

No. 1707801

File: 1669241543937.png (1.13 MB, 529x3023, hollydefenseforce.png)

Holly's inner circle are still arguing under her tweets. I highlighted some interesting parts/parts that could imply they've been lurking here. Still no real concrete proof they know Ross was abusive just that Denise has actually met Holly irl so she must be an objective authority on Ross!

No. 1707803

I'll be honest, it does seem like it could be her account since she is following all of those people with her public account. But again, nothing in it is damning, nobody is making statements like "run him over with a truck!!"

tons of people have private accounts, and hers seems tame and normal.

No. 1707805

File: 1669241935441.png (911.08 KB, 1973x693, DazadoopGarakalt.png)

Since they interact with each other almost exclusively when defending Holly I found another person who's on her alt so that's about 7/16 people identified from the private's follower list

No. 1707809

isn't it fascinating how none of these people have similar standing to her in the industry? they're all nobodies. literally her fan club. at least heidi's private twitter has other cosplayers/creators with actual followings talking to her

No. 1707812

I agree. I believe her to an extent as well, but I wish she would have taken the time to write out a thoughtful, well-articulated statement that really called out the abuse and the abuser. The way she backtracked made it look like she's lying. I wish she brought the same energy she had when standing up for a gross man like Jared to stand up for herself.

What's wild is that outside of her hugbox, the only other community on the internet that seems to somewhat believe her is lolcow. But her maniac tweeting and deleting and using the moment to whine about being canceled (the same thing she did with Etika) only made people dislike her more. Ross is now getting even more support, and if he is an actual abuser, all she did was prop him up while tanking her own credibility. It's annoying how she handled this, as it could have been a moment to support women who are affected by martial rape, but unfortunately Holly is not interested in being a friend to women: >>1705113

All she did is reinforce my belief that she's the ultimate pick me and she hates other women. She only stands strong when defending men and attacking women. Attacking a man? Nope. Defending herself? Nope.

No. 1707834

File: 1669243664468.png (48.19 KB, 452x465, rossabusivequestionmark.PNG)

wait so was sadoldmagician and holly referring to Ross as abusive as early as 2020?? Sorry if this is old milk.

No. 1707841


Holy shit, this is unhinged.

One of my exes cheated on me during a really difficult time in my life. He was also incapable of genuine empathy. He choked me during sex when I laughed because he thought I wasn't taking him seriously. He regularly told me that he didn't find me attractive. He did so many things I would consider abusive looking back.

Yet, it still bothers me when people shit talk about him and use absolutes to describe him, because I recognize he had his own struggles with trauma and mental health that likely contributed to his behavior. He also wasn't a one dimensional caricature of a person, and had plenty of good traits.

Holly seems to describe people she dislikes in these weird, 1D caricature type ways and fosters her friends' hatred of these people.

It's like reading a group of high schoolers trash talking someone they dislike. No nuance or room for empathy / emotional maturity.

Especially weird when you consider most of them probably haven't spent real time with half the people she talks about.

I get being supportive of your friends and giving them space to discuss their experiences, but that doesn't require this kind of gleeful hatefulness.

No. 1707847

you sound genuinely sound like a braindead pickme, also chill with the reddit-spacing, newfag.

No. 1707888

Yeah this seems to clearly be Heidi's account, idk what everyone else is on saying its not. The timeline of people replying "I can't believe they lasted this long" even lines up with holly hinting that jared dumped her.

No. 1707908

It's funny that it's only Holly and her fans/Jared's mods going with this Abusive Rapist Ross claim and not Jared himself. When Holly called Heidi an abuser and said she rescued Jared, he was yucking it up and agreeing. But he never said anything like "I saved Holly too!" did he? Even when PeanutButterGamer jumped in to defend Jared all he did was criticize Heidi for making the affair public. None of the GG or NormalBoots crew, who spent WAY more time with these people than Denise or SadOldSimp, had anything to say/slip that Ross wasn't innocent himself

Not sure about the year but these were the Tumblr posts your cap is referring to
it'd make sense though since that's late 2020 and the private account was made a couple months later to exclusively bitch about Ross

No. 1707953

File: 1669249445980.png (40.18 KB, 652x433, weirdofreak.png)

no surprise that the guy who was desperate to be friends with Jared and obviously was thirsty as fuck for Holly would say that, this guy had a whole tumblr pretty much devoted nonstop to talking about it for what 3-4 years? and Holly started ignoring him because of that, he also abandoned the blog after the both of them stopped giving him attention, he had serious stalker energy

No. 1707958

File: 1669249632694.png (66.49 KB, 662x691, weirdofreak2.png)

samefag not sure if this has been posted in relation to this new milk but that creeper also posted this

No. 1707963

>"could imply they've been lurking here"

We been knew that Heauxlly and her pals regularly lurk in here. That's why the admins are so careful about posts that feel like cowtipping.


I'd be careful, nonnie. This is dangerously close to dragging in people who have minimal shit to do with the shitstorm

No. 1707971

SadOld was saying shit like "I just hate that punk" about Ross but when people asked him to elaborate, he pulled a Heauxbag and kind of backtracked into "Oh, no answer I give would be seen as good enough"

For once in his life, Jared is doing something right in keeping himself as far away from the drama-spouting one he stuck his dick in.

No. 1707973

SadOld is the same dude who on his tumblr IIRC said something about "Hate a person all you want but why does everybody have to know about it?" but is openly supporting Heauxlly in publicly roasting her ex.

No. 1708042

Guessing “Dazadoop” is just a rando stan since her name seems to be based on Barry Kramer’s “Razzadoop”

No. 1708237

Majority of abusers are not abusive literally all of the time, intermittent reinforcement is how many of them keep their victims around. I feel like Holly is projecting all of her terrible traits onto Ross but venting in absolutes about abusers is not unhinged. You’re allowed to be angry

No. 1708359

Sorry, I should have been more specific. I think it's more letting your friends talk about how they want to "bash (ex's) head into a keyboard" or making up nicknames to put him down that feels wrong than just speaking in absolutes. Feels very juvenile to me. Maybe it's also how one dimensional she makes people sound that is off-putting to me. It just doesn't sound realistic. Real people aren't that cartoonish and villainous.

No. 1708384

Sadold's tumblr was so fucking creepy, not only did he use it to bash Heidi and Ross, but he then stalked other blogs and gaslit them into also bashing them. One iirc didn't even know who Ross was other than he was on GG, but Sadold convinced them to hate Ross just for leaving Holly's abusive ass. Good that he got bored of it and stopped posting, but that doesn't mean he isn't anon commenting on those blogs to keep the gaslight up, would be his MO to keep stalking people but saying that he isn't.

No. 1708447

Yeah it's completely immature. It's embarrassing that a 36 year old woman is so insecure and lonely that she has to use her platform to create a parasocial fan group that shits on her ex husband from years ago who wants nothing to do with her. You're confused by it because you're a normal person who understands boundaries. She doesn't see what she's doing is unhinged and obsessive because she was stunted by her childhood trauma and never emotionally developed past that age

No. 1708456

Nta but it's not different from how people talk on LC, and we don't even know these people.
Honestly if someone hurt you/your friends you can say what you want about them.

No. 1708460

i think anons bitching on lolcow is different from her situation as a public figure

No. 1708472


TBF this wasn't supposed to be her as a public figure. This is a private account that got tracked down, and it might not be exclusively about Ross. Holly likes to piss and moan about anyone saying something other than blatant ass kissing, she could also be complaining about that privately. All we have is the replies with no context, though a handful of them are obviously about Ross, we can't say for a definite fact that's all she talks about there without infiltrating the group.

No. 1708533

tinfoil but I think what really happened is Holly always thought of herself as 'better' than Ross and the fact that she left him as an emotionally drained husk helped her cope through her loveless 'relationship' with Jared. Even when he got popular through the grumps she thought of it as 'well I gained my popularity by myself! I built MYSELF up as a STRONG INDEPENDANT WOMAN!' vs Ross 'only being popular through the grumps' but now that BounceSMP is blowing up and he's more popular now than he ever was with her or the grumps.
She's seething and wants to take him down a peg.

Also I could definitely be misremembering but didnt Holly tell Heidi that her and Ross weren't sleeping together and that was part of her 'Ross is totally okay with me doing this'

No. 1708856

It is incredibly different. Reason 1: We're all anonymous here. We aren't using a public platform to shit on our exes to thousands of followers. Reason 2: As much as we shit talk people, we don't typically advocate for violence.

No. 1708862

File: 1669333637660.png (177.6 KB, 697x540, Screenshot_40.png)

There's this one where Holly pulls the "Ross cares about me and I care about him" card

No. 1708869

File: 1669333884756.png (105.39 KB, 620x347, Screenshot_41.png)

There's also this one where Holly says "He loves and respects me, and I disrespected his trust" about Ross in regards to the initial talk between her and Jared. Funny that at this point it was 'he loves and respects me' and now it's 'he didn't respect me, he raped me repeatedly'>>1708533

No. 1709062


Jared claims that he 'bonded' with Ross & that Ross gave their relationship his blessing.
…I wonder who's side he'd be on here…

No. 1709071

Honestly looking back at these maybe Holly is attacking Ross because Heidi and people on her side were asking for people to not harrass him or send him questions. Even in the threads on here for most of them there has been a disclaimer saying not to bother Ross. I'd bet anything Hoelly was talking about him like this from the moment people started to say that she hurt him, she's so invested in her "I'm just so small and sweet bird lady" schtick that the moment people see her as anything but that she flips her shit, as is apparent from her stan replies reading out like a dad threatening his daughters first boyfriend with a shotgun or "They minorly inconvenienced you? do you want me to kill them?"

No. 1709073

File: 1669346733789.png (27.62 KB, 524x230, rossisempty.png)


Flying monkeys, activate!

No. 1709078

File: 1669346929516.png (48.05 KB, 588x286, rossisevil.png)



Damn, 'Denise Walz' here is going IN on Ross!

No. 1709094


Wow, he finally admits that Holly had been emotionally abusive towards him. Reminds me of that interview that he did with Syrmor a few years back

No. 1709097

And this slandering of Ross is EXACTLY what Heauxbag was counting on. I hope he nails her to the wall with a defamation or slander lawsuit.

No. 1709107

After literal YEARS of bemoaning 'cancel-culture' 'public-shaming' & 'mob justice'
My how the turn tables…

So it turns out that Heidi was just collateral damage all along…


No. 1709116

File: 1669349998868.png (34.29 KB, 576x262, abusers.png)

So this aged like fucking milk…

No. 1709124

Why are you reposting shit thats already been posted in this same thread? You're clogging it up.

No. 1709134

To be fair to that nonnie, a lot of it is relevant again with the added context of Holly's new allegations of abuse/marital rape.

No. 1709136


The complete irony of them saying Ross discards people when Holly was the one to discard him (and in such a devastating way). Poor guy. Seems like overt projection, like when Holly said that Heidi had BPD.

No. 1709451

So Holly and her fans have been bitching about Ross the entire time? kek so much for the narrative that Holly and Jared were sooooo happy together. I hate Jared but imagine finding out your partner has curated a group of internet weirdos to complain about their ex husband years after their divorce. Like why are you inviting the internet into our personal business Holly? Can you not?

No. 1709457

This is important and bears repeating. No one here is saying things like "I hope holly gets run over by a truck" or "I hope holly kills herself". We are critical of holly's actions and motivation and wish she would better herself and do more self reflection that doesn't involve throwing her ex to the wolves she keeps on hand. You know it says a lot when fucking nonnies on LC are more mature.

No. 1709513

>"like why are you inviting the internet into our personal business Holly?"

tinfoil but I think that's the reason Jared never publicly bragged on Heauxlly or their relationship (in addition to losing the fun aspect of it being secretive). He made a handful of posts about her in the 2-3-4 years they were together while she posted about him and what they were doing/if they were together on the regular.

No. 1709561

File: 1669399731779.jpeg (384.46 KB, 1323x1113, F095614F-C8E2-4265-9415-13D7E7…)

Well, she had the chance to make Hive a drama free, happy platform (because she said she likes it for the lack of drama) but she just couldn’t contain the sad “woe is me” for the less than a week that she’s been there

No. 1709564

File: 1669399826301.jpeg (748.88 KB, 1414x2038, 0C12C7B7-F845-438D-B7D3-72AE44…)

It’s okay though, Kayla and sadolddouche are there to reassure her with asspats on yet another site

No. 1709581

No. 1709587

nonna, im with you in the spirit of we can totally talk about holly's antics, but let's be real, this is a gossip site. sometimes its critical, sometimes we just like calling her heuxlly kek.

This place exists to talk shit about people who deserve it, not to provide the best moral correction.

No. 1709605

lol of course they are. They love being her emotional tampons.
What's she crying about now? Her alt being discovered? Jared leaving? No support over the Ross thing? Not being redeemed in the public eye? Or all of the above

No. 1709622


Starting to think that this is why Jared left recently. Especially after talking in an interview about how supposedly 'understanding' & 'supportive' Ross was when he checked on him.

No. 1709624

One post in 25 threads over three years from what is quite clearly a troll who raided the thread. Yeah, I can see how that's indicative of LC nonnies as a whole.

who knows. she also said something about "I'm 'I threw my shoulder out playing too much pokemon' years old" which is some shit my 18 year old nephew would say - not a 32+ year old adult.

No. 1709629

you'll also note that in the post you tagged, the admins were quick to shut that shit down so I'm not getting what you're trying to say, nonnie

No. 1709639

lol that's generous of you nonnie, she's 36. do you mind posting a screenshot? a lot of us don't want to deal with hive

No. 1709647

File: 1669403735095.jpeg (339.21 KB, 1251x975, 801DCF21-4092-4212-9C52-FCF346…)

I don’t blame you, hive runs so slow for me too

No. 1709760

File: 1669409433726.png (263.89 KB, 1080x574, Screenshot_20221125-154457.png)

Great idea Jared! Definitely create a side social media account for "slut" things. That's never ended poorly for you before! Why not rename your hive account sinjared?

No. 1709768

This is the most online shit I've ever read

No. 1709770

He's getting to cocky for his own good. Girls, prepare yourself for a Jared sex scandal 2.0 in the coming year.

No. 1709771

Holly follows Jared on Hive but he's not following her.


No. 1709784

File: 1669410681465.png (59.34 KB, 592x502, DDWalz.png)

Denise Walz out here making DAMN sure that Holly gets sued for defamation

No. 1709808

Any game grumps/Ross fans know if sausage is his favorite food or something? It seems pretty specific, she's mentioned sausages in a weirdly derogatory way a couple times when talking about him.

No. 1709867

Was she the bed they fucked on? She’s likely scaring away clients the more she speaks kek what a weirdo

No. 1709878



She's usually involved in marketing…

No. 1709884

Any intel on who created their hive first? I wonder if Jared did one before Holly and she only created one because he did.

No. 1709925

Holly made her Hive account first. Originally neither of them were following each other but seems like Holly wants to keep up appearances like she did with Ross in the beginning. I

No. 1710162

I love how she's acting like she was this super close friend long term of Holly meanwhile from what we know she only met Holly after the affair was probably already happening since we only have proof of their 'friendship' from about 2018, DCA started in 2016 and the affair came to light mid 2019.
Also where's the proof she 'knows Ross'? We have pictures of Holly with her kid but Ross is the one who still has long term lasting friendships. Where is this supposed proof of Ross treating people like 'objects'? The ATM comment also seems asinine since, unlike a certain bird-lady, Ross has fairly consistently worked. If he thought of her as an ATM why would he bother working?
Its almost like she wanted to brag about 'irl Strix/Diath' to someone and felt validated to justify it through shit talking the dude she was cheating on.

No. 1710186

It's like the unhealthy power balance of bosses being friends with their employees - yeah, you can be friendly but at the end of the day, the boss is still in a position of power above the employee.

These people are convinced that they're best buddies with Heauxlly without realizing that she will forever be in a position of power over them. Using them as her defense squad of yes men is a gross abuse of that power.

No. 1710255

File: 1669462154663.png (202.66 KB, 1080x860, Screenshot_20221125-170442.png)

More confirmation from Holly of the breakup

No. 1710257

File: 1669462574034.png (256.37 KB, 1080x1806, Screenshot_20221125-192152~2.p…)

Jared did an AmA on IG

No. 1710258

File: 1669462614620.png (256 KB, 1080x1736, Screenshot_20221125-192206~2.p…)

No. 1710259

File: 1669462748934.png (1.35 MB, 1080x2126, Screenshot_20221126-062242~2.p…)

Holly must have seen his AmA

No. 1710291

boi, ain't nobody that desperate for weird skinny boy dick that is already readily available online for free.

$100 says it's Heauxlly because no other human on earth is that desperate.

No. 1710314

Is he sending these to himself? He’s one of the ugliest men I’ve ever seen in my life and that’s saying something. How anyone who doesn’t have an alien-bird-man fetish can want to see him naked is beyond me.

Finally. So when is she going to apologise to all the women she accused of lying about him?

No. 1710315

He’s so pathetic

No. 1710321


ew, he's almost 40. and holly is devastated over losing this? come on

No. 1710333

That would honestly be one of the most redeeming things she could do right now, to come out and say "Hey, look, I was wrong and I apologize" but she won't do it. She can't play the perpetual victim if she admits fault in literally anything.

No. 1710425


We’ve all unfortunately seen him naked and I cannot believe that there are people out there who want to see more. He’s got to be sending these to himself because no one wants to see that.

No. 1710447

File: 1669482440876.jpeg (136.86 KB, 828x1426, 941585EC-1134-4296-8B1D-8DD92E…)

And who tf is still sending this guy nudes/lewds? At this rate the earthworm will be bringing back the sinjared blog, ugh.

No. 1710458

He really learned nothing from his cancellation huh

No. 1710472

"Y'all too shy", shouts the man who literally got busted for running a nudes blog where he more or less abused his fame to see his fans naked.

He's like an antibiotic resistant strain of gonorrhea - crazy unpleasant but just won't go away.

No. 1710502

he never. fucking. learns.

also, these read like he sent them to himself

No. 1710505

this is huge confirmation. it can't be about ross, this doesn't read like reflecting on something from that long ago. she felt duped by jared clearly, and she was.

No. 1710552


what would he have learned besdies that he can be a total sex pest moid and the internet will still band together to cheer for their little male abuse victim

No. 1710724

If he does go down the OF route I hope it will be Onision style so he ends up degrading himself to the point he becomes even less of a joke than he already is. But he is most likely just your run of the mill exhibitionist that believes he is gonna earn a pretty penny by showing off his skeletor body while getting his rocks off.

No. 1710831

File: 1669502091068.jpg (22.96 KB, 917x132, fjsjkhrgbj.JPG)

says single now lol

No. 1710849

>the tags
>the anime pfp

No. 1710855

the pfp looks like an anime matt watson

No. 1710882


No. 1710884

what the fuck are these tags

No. 1710908

i mean his audience isn't even close to half of what it ever was. sure he was already slightly on the decline, but the end of DCA was devastating for him and way more dudes were in support of Ross compared to any of the three involved.

No. 1710988

She knows deep down (and probably has been for awhile) but also simultaneously is holding onto some hope that he’ll act like how he did when he was lovebombing her again

No. 1710991

File: 1669509429731.jpeg (168.7 KB, 900x1200, EF793C94-0C4B-4592-8AF7-0E1293…)

Jared wishes he could be as ugly cute as Matt

No. 1711032

Kek it does make me laugh that he probably doesn’t like Matt for the whole noob dude thing lol

No. 1711035

>daddy didn't get his hole pics on discord, kitten

from what i remember matt and ryan have always been disliked by holly. she always seemed annoyed with them (kek, and here they are way more successful than she or projared will ever be)

No. 1711048

Holly seems like she didn’t like anyone she was associated with in the game grumps era lol not even Ross. Their relationship was described as “her being the grumpy wife that has to take care of Ross or he’d be dead without her” and Ross being the goofy husband. It’s so weird to think they were ever married or even liked each other

No. 1711062

I will forever kick myself for not posting this one vlog in the GG threads before all of this went down of Holly and Ross going to Taco Bell. All of the comments kept creaming themselves over how cute they were together but Holly seemed so aggressively pissed off over having to go to Taco Bell with her Husband kek. She kept snapping at Ross over the dumbest shit. I used to only periodically watch GG and had heard about how adorkable Holly and Ross were but this vlog was the first time I had seen them interact and it made me so uncomfortable. I’m always super wary of any couple, famous or not, that people love to go on and on and on about how perfect they are together because they almost always aren’t.

No. 1711083

Weren't they only married so Ross could be a citizen? And Holly loved being the center of attention for being the "cute, sensitive picked on one."

No. 1711087

Anon I remember that video too, is it gone forever? I think it was on Holly's channel at some point. I wish I could remember what they were doing in the vid so I could look for it. Playing pokemon go maybe?

No. 1711090

She either privated or deleted all of her videos with Ross. The one that sticks out the most in my mind was one where she was giving Ross fake cosplay tattoos and the comments were all fawning over their manchild husband/nagging wife dynamic.

No. 1711095

It was a vlog of Ross and Holly going to Taco Bell for a secret menu item that turned out to be one the naked chicken taco or whatever. It was sponsored content and Taco Bell was very obviously paying for Ross to make the video so I thought it was super odd that Holly was so negative throughout the entire thing. It starts off with him filming Holly I’m her game room and she’s pissed at him, he’s filming them driving and she’s complaining about how much she dislikes LA, and once the taco is reveled she keeps going on and on about how disgusting it was. I dont know if its just my selective autistic photographic memory or just how confused the video made me that made it stick with me so hard but. I just really removed being super put off by Holly’s attitude because while the Taco Bell thing was a dumb promo they were still getting decent money off of it and the fact that she couldn’t hold her tongue for one video was surprising.

No. 1711105

I also remember this video vividly because it was so obvious to me how much she could barely contain her distaste and annoyance with him lol. It does look like she privated that one (though lots of other videos with Ross are still up), but I did manage to find this gifset someone made from it on tumblr, and you can definitely see the aggravation all over her face in all of them lol


No. 1711107

This is the one! All of the comments were talking about how cute their dynamic was and it just confirmed my suspicions of all their fans being 13 and under correct.

No. 1711108

Yesss that's right I remember she was annoyed the entire time and hated the food. It really was how you described it. I scrolled through her videos and couldn't find the vlog. My other favorite vlog is gone too, when she steals the book from the witch house in Ireland. My tinfoil theory is she was cursed when she stole the book and that led to the downward spiral of her life

No. 1711123

I went looking for that one recently too! It always stuck with me because it was such a fucked up thing to just like… help herself to someone else's grimoire? A book that they were clearly using in this space and she leaves a fucking feather behind in its place as an exchange? I accept this tinfoil that she's been cursed since she pulled that shit lol.

No. 1711141

I don't honestly think Jared ever love bombed. Heauxlly gives off the same energy as a kicked puppy who relishes in the slightest bit of positive attention. PedoWorm could've bought her a kitkat from the gas station and she probably just about wet her pants in glee.

No. 1711146

It was more that the grumps fans started almost lovingly referring to her as the group mom and she found it distasteful and hated it.

No. 1711147

That was rumored, but never confirmed. Either way, once he was employed by a US company, he likely could've gotten a work visa instead of counting on a marriage visa.

No. 1711267


he never love bombed her, just Strix, hence Holly wanting to he her 24/7; it was the only time Jared was ever interested

No. 1711268


IMO that gives some proof that she was abused at one point. I got out of an abusive relationship where the guy I was with convinced friends that the abuse he did to me never actually happened and he was actually just joking, so if I complained about the way I was treated, I was laughed at for "taking a joke too seriously". I got away from that but that situation will completely fuck up your perception of what is a normal nice thing someone does regularly and what is a declaration of feelings for you. You could've given me a fun size Milky Way during that time and I would think of you as my best friend. It took years and years and at one point changing therapists (first one was shit and gaslit me into believing that the abuse wasn't real and my ex was really just joking, therapists are human too and they fuck up like anyone else) before I got my brain straightened out. Doesn't mean Ross abused her, she could have been abused by family and latched onto Ross because he showed basic kindness, and then when that relationship started dying, she latched onto Jared for the same reason. Either way, she seems to me that she hasn't found the right therapist to work through her past abuse and is still in that "kindness equals friendship" state of mind. Would also explain why she has SOM and company so close to her side, they're being nice, so she thinks of them as friends.

No. 1711279

You’re right anon. Holly has said in the past that she was abused by her mother. She also has an alcoholic father but I can’t recall if she considered him abusive.

No. 1711299

>"That gives proof that she was abused at one point"

which we knew, as she's been pretty open about her Mom treating her like shit as a kid. The problem is that, at some point, we can't rely on the "She was abused" knowledge as an excuse for continued poor behavior. At some point, Heauxlly has to man up and say "Look, I did/said something shitty. I made that choice and I'm sorry" instead of blaming anything and everything but herself and her continued actions.

No. 1711321


Could also show that she's telling the truth about Ross abusing her, and it hasn't sunk in yet that Jared did too.

It's not uncommon for abusers to get into a relationship with someone from an abusive family, it's easier to pull the person in with a little niceness to show they're not like the family they were in, and then gaslight them into thinking the abuse they're being subjected to now is normal or expected in a relationship, or that they "now realize their family was right" and they "deserve" the way they're being abused. Given how open Holly is about her mother abusing her, it wouldn't be surprising if Ross pulled her in while she was recovering from the abuse of her mother, only for Jared to pull her in using the abuse of both her mother and Ross to convince her that he loves her.

I could be wrong, but if I'm right it's sad that she's being blamed for being abused.

No. 1711332

So, we're just going to continue on with the "poor wittle heauxlly can do no wrong because she was abused and everyone else is just abusing her too and taking advantage of her!" game? She bears NO responsibility whatsoever?

Okay then, nonnie.

No. 1711335


I said nothing remotely close to that. I said she might be telling the truth about Ross, nothing in that post is trying to say she did nothing wrong.

No. 1711345

Sure it's true she's lied about things and tried to put others down in the past, but she hasn't really accused anyone of doing an awful devastating thing like rape. I think people want some kind of validity to the claims but personally I feel that it's genuine. If it's true that she has bpd, it would most likely point to a bad relationship with sex. I do see the tweet as a bpd behavior, not because it's used as some lie like some other anon said, but as a very late confirmation of what she coped with before by ignoring/justifying, that the sex really was just solely for the man's pleasure, and her a dissociated object. I think she is lashing out because she feels dissonance, now that everything's gone those things are rightfully coming into mind, and she is definitely affected by rejection which is why she always has that thing with cancel culture or whatever. Just my thoughts I could be wrong, it's just so early to say much. I don't doubt that scrote was weird though.

No. 1711411

Didn't she accuse Ross of raping her every three days for years? That's about the most devastating accusation you could make

No. 1711427

Hoelly stans fuck off and take your mental gymnastics with you. This fucking thread.

No. 1711459

File: 1669555288069.jpeg (57.52 KB, 736x838, misinterpreted.jpeg)


Imagine a few people saying "Holly might not be lying about this" and it shatters your entire world view so hard you become a sperg. Literally nobody said Holly is innocent or even a decent person, all I see is people saying if she's actually telling the truth this time, maybe calling a potential rape victim "Hoelly" isn't a good look on you, regardless of what she's done wrong.

No. 1711461

She accused Ross of marital rape. Literally in just the last thread. They had a schedule of having sex 3 days a week or so. Some of those days of she may have consented to and others she may not have. He apparently didn't notice her crying one time. That's a big accusation. Point is she's crying abuse now but when another woman does she calls them crazy and unfixable, hence the doubt on her accusations.

No. 1711467

there are implications here that suggest to exonerate her because of said abuse though. Everybody knows she was abused in childhood at least, and i’ll be honest a sex schedule is something i’ve heard scrotes doing in the past so i’m not even in denial that ross could’ve been abusive in that way, but her incapability in seeing women as victims (unless it’s HER) leaves us also unable to fucking care. doesn’t help that she’s a prolific liar and opportunist. she made another person’s suicide about her.

also the goal post is being moved see >>1711345
>she didn’t accuse anyone of any thing aWfUL like rApe

yes she did, she said ross raped her, verbatim. and she accused heidi of being an abuser, which is also huge. She helped DARVO heidi and that’s crushing for a victim. Holly is abusive herself, doesn’t mean she’s incapable of also being abused, but we’ll maybe start caring about her real victim hood once she apologizes.

No. 1711470

NTA but she obviously meant that even through all Holly’s lying in the past, she never accused anyone of rape before this. That anon then goes on to say that she believes Holly’s claims, so obviously she knows Holly accused Ross of rape. Maybe learn to read before trying to dunk on someone top fucking kek

No. 1711473

yeah no sorry still ain’t clear, there’s a reason why multiple anons read it that way + anon’s mention of believing said claims against ross doesn’t explicitly mention the rape part either, she made multiple claims not just the rape.

goal post is still being moved, because she HAS falsely accused someone of something really awful; calling heidi an abuser. that’s a huge lie to make, it’s not insane for anons to lean toward skeptical or just not believe it until more stuff comes out.

No. 1711519

Jared unfollowed Holly on instagram too

No. 1711525

>but her incapability in seeing women as victims (unless it’s HER) leaves us also unable to fucking care.
This right here makes you just as bad and selfish as her.

No. 1711539

>"calling a potential rape victim 'hoelly' isn't a good look"

Fam, ain't one person in this thread calling her hoelly or heauxlly because she might allegedly be a rape victim - but nice try on making this one more thing that people are being unfairly harsh on her for.

No. 1711540

Jared posted another weirdly sexual fan message last night. The message went on and on about how good looking he was and he agreed with it. I didn't screen cap and of course when I went back he'd deleted it.

No. 1711543

fucking what? A nonnie saying "You didn't care when others were abused but now we're supposed to care that it's happened to you? GTFO" does not put them anywhere close to as selfish as the woman who (a) fucked a married man, (b) released sexts between said man and his wife in an effort to slander said wife, (c) made a man's suicide about her, (d) regularly supports gross dudes cough adam koebel cough

go simp elsewhere.

No. 1711546

I'm just waiting for the next nudes scandal where he will attempt to use those as proof of "See? People WANTED me to send nudes! THEY were soliciting them, not me!" when everyone with an iq above 1 can tell that he is sending them to himself.

No. 1711552

ok whatever helps you sleep at night. extending grace for those who refuse to extend grace to others will never help them learn the gravity of their actions.

No. 1711557

wait was this said a few threads ago or is this new?? if so, i wonder if he disagrees with the ross claims. women only have each other at the end of the day, and she threw away all of her female solidarity in favor of moids. if jared feels more sympathy for ross than her, than i fucking hope that’s a wake up call for her.

No. 1711559

(e) provided an abuser with the contact information of his underage victims in an effort to silence them

No. 1711591

It's new. Since after the Ross allegations

No. 1711596


(f) told a woman saying she was abused "If she were really THAT scared and abused, why would she go back to the house she shared with her abuser?" and then followed it up with "It's hard to leave an abuser, it takes on average of 7 times to do so!"

No. 1711610

You only like victims if they are perfect and this is why mnay victims don't speak out. This is why Holly kept it a secret and deleted the tweets shortly after.
You hurt people.

No. 1711611

File: 1669568348332.jpeg (126.65 KB, 1125x612, EDD8DF74-0931-41D8-ADAF-46E331…)

(g) told victims that if they really cared they wouldn’t bring it to the public and would deal with it in private. said speaking out is a need for attention/revenge (projecting much?)

they seem to follow each other on twitter but not instagram now

No. 1711612

asking someone to not abuse others and to admit to their abuse FIRST is not asking for perfection. this is not a heard situation, stop trying to make it out like it is. she is still pushing harm against other women as we speak. stfu.
>you hurt people
why does this sound like her crew? not trying to hi cow but please learn2integrate.

No. 1711615

How do you know that's why Holly kept it a secret and deleted the tweets? That's assuming a lot, unless you know her.

No. 1711617

yeah I think it's one of her crew. "perfect victim" line sounds familiar too

No. 1711622

this. also to pull out the “there is no perfect victim!!” about the women who pushed the explicit OPPOSITE for yeeaaars is what’s hilarious. Holly believes whole heartedly in the perfect victim myth. she doesn’t fit into the very strict guidelines of what makes a person a victim and we are simply hoping she realizes how impossible that fucking standard is. not giving her an easy pass is not denying anything bad happened to her. she held up very fucked up patriarchal standards that have affected women all over in her industry. she doesn’t get a shortcut now unless she admits what did was wrong.

No. 1711630

>"deleted the tweets shortly after"

That or she realized that openly, publicly calling your ex a rapist with exactly zero proof other than "I said he did it so he did it!" was not a great look and opened her up to a world of legal trouble.

No. 1711661

if holly was sooo scared then why would she:
-wait until Ross is literally at his MOST successful and surrounded by the MOST popular people he's ever been to talk about this?
-constantly and repeatedly cape for other sexual abusers PUBLICLY and loudly since the divorce?
-downplay another woman's abuse, mental health and married life, who used to be her 'best friend'?
-lie about that same woman constantly and call her an abuser?
-constantly say that people who out these kinds of things online are scum and terrible and definitely the worst people?
-easily talk about her other past traumas and constantly talk about things that she thinks make her a victim?
- >>1708862 say to Heidi how much they cared about each other and that he's understanding to the point that he would be okay with her falling in love with Jared when she had EVERYTHING to benefit if she told Heidi that Ross didnt care about her and Jared was 'the only person that cares about her'

Holly is wallowing because she realizes that she's lost everything now, other than her little lackey hugbox. No Ross. No Jared. No DCA. Barely a following since most of it is ghost accounts since she can often barely break 1k likes (especially on twitter). Make it make sense.

It's like Oli London now trying to claim that he was pressured to pull all of his 'Kor/ean' bullshit.
You dont get to bat for one team avidly and consistently only to turn around and claim that actually you were totally on the other team all along with no apology or repercussion?

If Holly came out and said this along with 'I'm sorry how I treated Heidi, I'm sorry how i treated other women suffering from men' or gave a reason other than 'twitter's dying teehee' I might have been willing to believe her.

No. 1711675

On top of that, the reason most people give for not believing her elsewhere on the internet is because Holly complained about being cancelled/disliked in her deleted statement. People pointed out that she was doing the same shit she did with Etika. Using a terrible situation to complain about people not liking her and to try and manipulate the situation for her own gain to make herself look better. She comes across self serving because she is. It's not a surprise she was not taken seriously. The way she phrased her tweets made it appear she was attacking Ross because she was angry and jealous at being disliked. It's no one's fault but Holly's for how she chose to present this information to the public.

No. 1711685

It doesn't matter what she believes, that's part of her being imperfect to begin with? Like I said, you're all sinking to her level. To each their own but I'm above that.

No. 1711696

>"I'm above that"

You're so "above that" that you return to a thread an hour after your initial post to continue arguing your point.

Nobody is saying Heauxlly is 100% innocent. Nobody is saying Heauxlly is 100% guilty. What we are saying, however, is that she is expecting a level of sympathy for her claims that she is not willing to extend to other people. She wants to dish out the non-belief and "You're not a real victim because you're not acting how I personally think you should!" but she can't take it when it's said about her.

Tough titties, this is the internet. She made a claim and now she's being asked to back it up.

No. 1711728


I'd be leaning towards believing her, its not even an insane claim given most moids feel entitled to sex. But the context in which she released this info, coupled with Ross's very strong response to not engage and legal up, plus the way she herself frames it and then walks it back, makes me doubt she's being entirely truthful.

I'd be 100% more likely to have believed her right off the bat if she had admitted she herself perpetuated and defended abusers while talking down to, gaslighting, and sharing the contact info of victims who try to speak out. If she said she was wrong to do that and apologized sincerely, before talking about her own experience with Ross and without a shred of "so now you can all stop saying I'm a monster and cancelling me!!!" It still may shake down differently in court but I wouldn't have let the fact that I don't personally like her stand in the way of believing a victim and I'm sure lots of ladies here feel the same.

No. 1711735

This. I don't even doubt her entirely because marital rape IS so common, but when this is the same person who was telling Heidi "I want to be your friend! I'm so sorry - it's just that you're so nice and sweet and it makes me nervous" while going behind her back to tell PedoWorm that Heidi was actually abusive and awful, I struggle to take Heauxlly's words at face value.

No. 1711749

Imagine if Holly brought the same energy to attack male predators that she used to attack Heidi. Remember that long ass response tweet to Heidi she posted with screenshots and spicy descriptors like howled and SCREAMED in all caps? Where is that energy for Ross, Jared, Adam…? Instead we get Ross is too scary, Jared is a good boy I'm going to close my eyes to his obvious sex pest nature, Adam is my friend I don't care he abused my bestie Bluejay choose kindness!

No. 1711756

and that is why people are struggling to extend kindness and empathy to Heauxlly right now. She has shown time and time again that she thinks other women = liars/abusers in almost every way, but now that she wants to pull a "Me too!", we're supposed to trip over ourselves to believe her every word?

No. 1711976

Holly unfollowed Jared on instagram sometime this afternoon…did she read about it on here? kek

No. 1711978

she must’ve. way too on the nose kek. very interesting to see that it’s jared doing it first. he is building the distance and maybe even preparing for backlash if she ever says anything (i highly doubt she’ll out right claim he was abusive or toxic, she has too much to lose)

No. 1711983

Her ever coming out against Jared is likely dependent on how well (or poorly) these allegations against Ross go down. If he actually does haul her into court - as he should - it'll likely send her into another twitter spiral, and honestly the only person left for her to be a victim of is PedoWorm. It'd be mutual assured destruction; I'd hate to think how much shit PedoWorm has against Hoelly

No. 1711991

she also unfollowed him on hive. she did find out from reading cow KEK

No. 1712312

I have a feeling that Holly was still following him because she thought they’d get back together. After all they were soulmates kek

No. 1712345

If I were GeraldoGuac/SadOldDouche's wife, I'd be watching my ass right now. Hoelly hasn't been single in years, she's always down to steal someone's husband and entire personality…

No. 1712425

A SOM/GeraldoGuac/Holly poly arc would be insane but milkier than imaginable

No. 1712430

I'm the anon that wasn't clear, sorry about that. I did mean that she hasn't accused anyone of something as bad as rape in the past. I'm not really sure what you're trying to argue here but it's fine. Calling someone an emotional abuser isn't the same as calling someone a rapist. And in reality she was saying that shit because of pedodick, who very easily manipulated thousands of people to do the same.

No. 1712436

>"She was saying that because of PedoDick"

the emotional abuse part? Because Heauxlly herself told Heidi that Jared reality checked her at one point and said "That's incorrect, she's not", which led to Heauxlly's repeated apologies and the "I'm sorry" beer she gifted her.

Don't get me wrong, Jared is trash and is responsible for like 95% of the initial drama, but Heauxlly is a grown ass adult who thought screaming "HEIDI WAS ABUSIVE!!!" would get the internet hate train to shift onto her, VS the mistress and adulterous husband. At the end of the day, the responsibility is hers and hers alone (unless she became a ventriloquist dummy with Jared's hand up her ass, making her say those things)

No. 1712463

You're just ignoring the fact that she is literally in a relationship with him though. I'm sure she couldn't have another opinion of Heidi lol. I just think it's more nuanced than "she's an adult". She is very obviously someone that can be easily swayed and controlled by someone like Jared as she took him at his word multiple times even when faced with the opposite by a lot of people many times. She obviously has issues, just saying I don't think we can really blame her entirely on that even if what she was saying was gross and stupid. At the same time, I'm not really sure if she will ever admit she was wrong, like another anon said it would mean she would admit to cheating/lying/supporting a real abuser. I just never hated Holly that much she just seems pitiful and has untreated mental illness.

No. 1712470

>"She is literally in a relationship with him"

was. She was in a relationship with him.

>I'm sure she couldn't have another opinion of Heidi lol

Why not? Did her capacity of free will automatically shut down because she was fucking good ole' wormdick? WAS THE DICK THAT GOOD??

>Just saying I don't think we can really blame her entirely on that

Sure we can. She is an adult. She is a big girl. She made the big-girl decision to lie about her fuckbuddy's wife being abusive. Was that decision influenced by shit Jared told her? Sure, but at the end of the day, Hoelly is a somewhat-functional adult in full control of her own actions.

>I just never hated Holly that much

Criticizing her for her idiotic actions doesn't mean we HATE her, nonnie. Holding a person accountable for their words and actions does not equal hate.

>has untreated mental illness

She's said before that she's in therapy. If she's not telling her therapist the entire truth of where her mind is at, that is - again - entirely on her. Mental illness can't be 'treated' if you hide the reality from the ones doing the treating.

No. 1712482

I still think she wants him back/is holding out hope he's coming back. Which is sad, because Jared was absolutely miserable with her and is now clearly much happier being his true slutty self.

No. 1712485

it's probably the realization that she sank her life and career for a dude who readily chucked her to the side once he had his fill.

No. 1712488

It's sad. I don't think he could ever subconsciously respect her after she did that. Holly doesn't understand men and naively thought she was making a sacrifice for true love. He saw her as an easy and pathetic mark that wanted their relationship to work so badly she believed everything he told her. I'm sure a lot of their relationship was spent with her crying and anxious over insecurity, wondering why he was so withdrawn and silent. I think it's too hard for her ego to admit she got played, that it wasn't love on his end, and that she threw away her life for a loser.

No. 1712498

File: 1669638358755.jpeg (132.53 KB, 750x749, 309277403.jpeg)

It's funnier when you compare it to Jared's ig photos

No. 1712499

The "funny" part is that Jared's not even particularly ugly but he is the exact reason that you can't give a worm-looking dude a chance because now he thinks he's gods gift to humanity.

No. 1712500

File: 1669639311107.png (456.39 KB, 1074x2105, 43211.png)

What do you mean anon, he's sooo hot

No. 1712501

My question is How did he NOT know that his followers on SinJared were minors? That anon, if not sent by himself, reads like some shit a teenager would say "You're sooooo hot!".

I just hope the next minor he sexts publicly roasts his ass with receipts because let's face it nonnies - this man didn't learn a singular goddamned thing from the months of "getting cancelled".

No. 1712509

He’s so ugly I want to a-log, I hope his stupid sex pest ass actually gets cancelled next time he sticks his worm dick where it doesn’t belong.

No. 1712564


In a way I can see why Holly thought Heidi was abusive. Heidi screaming at Holly, even though it was because she was at her wit's end, would easily come across as abuse when she grew up with at least one abusive parent. And after the divorce and drama started, Heidi was bashing Holly over a year after, at one point publicly saying Holly should unblock her on Twitter and personally apologize to her, knowing this would send people to Holly to demand Holly comply with what Heidi said. I can see why Heidi did everything she did, but I can also see why Holly sees it as abuse.

No. 1712575

File: 1669646960157.png (358.36 KB, 1013x561, 78665.png)


lol holly was never his type. look at his obsession with rae rae. he is a very sexual person, just not towards holly

No. 1712610

Nonny he is particularly ugly. He’s so ugly to me, like 2/10.

No. 1712617

File: 1669650493278.png (168.83 KB, 973x339, saffronette.png)

The KF whiteknight from the last thread >>1630757 says that Jared only sees her as a "little sister"

No. 1712620

>"Heidi screaming at Holly"

It was reactive to the fact that Holly was fucking her husband, despite Heidi making it clear that she was not okay with it.

>"Heidi was bashing Holly over a year after"

She fucked her husband, publicly smeared her as abusive, released sexual texts between Heidi and Jared that were not hers to share.

Going through abuse as a kid is not an excuse to decry someone's clearly stated boundaries as abusive as an adult.

No. 1712622

You will never be able to convince me that Jared's not super into her because she looks damned near identical to Heidi. You just won't.

No. 1712623

He's repulsive. Like it's the whole package of his ugly face and his hideous body. Plus he's balding.. What kind of men are around you that you consider him not to be particularly ugly kek.

No. 1712624

He also said he and Heauxbag were only coworkers and look how that one panned out.

No. 1712625

I didn't say I found him attractive at all - just don't immediately want to puke when I look at him.

No. 1712689

If Holly sees yelling at reasonable circumstances abuse, it’s wrong and that’s on her. Covertly bashing someone behind the scenes and then being surprised they confront you about it is in fact being an idiot. Holly was telling Heidi’s HUSBAND for a year that Heidi is abusive way before the yelling. I think fucking your friends husband is abusive anon. Gtfo

No. 1712703


Honestly kind of hoping that someone calls his ass out at that tiny con that he’s hosting a panel at.


Same, there’s no way he just thinks of her as just a sister. He probably just tells himself that since she lives halfway across the world from him.

No. 1712714

Or, and I'm almost hoping that I'm wrong for Rae Rae's sake, it's just another predatory behavior by ProDick - lure her into a false sense of security of "Oh man, he's a nice guy, he calls me his sister, he's like a brother" and then hitting on her/pulling a "You would never be into a guy like me….unless…??" kind of thing.

No. 1712825


Both of them established that Holly started calling Heidi abusive directly after Heidi called her up to yell at her. In fact, the exact quote Heidi yelled at her was "I want my husband to think of me instead of you during sex", which is obviously a reasonable thing to want, but imagine someone calling you up and screaming at you because of what their spouse is thinking about like you have control over someone else's brain. You can't tell me if that happened to you, you wouldn't think of them as either abusive or not quite there mentally.

No. 1712828

File: 1669666026581.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1794, Screenshot_20221128-150404.png)

Jared's fashion posts are my favorite part of this thread. Is that highlighter around his lower eyelids?

No. 1712832

It sure looks like it. Also, why does he have to try and look as miserable as possible in every. single. picture??

No. 1712836

>"imagine someone calling you up and screaming at you"

I don't have to, because I'm not going to fuck a married man whose wife has very clearly said "Please don't fuck my husband". If I did what heauxlly did, I would absolutely take my just desserts because I would be the one in the wrong. Go simp for poor wittle hoebag elsewhere.

No. 1712841

Ugh I thought it was just shine from being sweaty? Oily? But when I zoom in I think you might be right. What a bizarre picture to take and then deem good enough to put on social media.

No. 1712847

Normally I'd agree that if your husband cheats on you and you yell at the mistress and blame her, you're crazy. Your husband is equally if not more to blame than the "other woman". But in this case the mistress was her "best friend" and she's been feeding him a story about Heidi being abusive to encourage and excuse the cheating? Nah, Holly got what LESS ire than she deserved.

No. 1712851


This isn't correct. Holly was telling Jared that Heidi was abusive for months way before that phone call even happened. You can see it in her posting about wanting to 'help a friend in an abusive relationship' on Twitter near December 2018. In retrospect, it's really obvious what she's referencing. The phone call happened in February 2019. The phone call was WAY later in the timeline, so can't be blamed for Holly thinking Heidi was abusive. If anything, the phone call led to Holly apologizing to Heidi for calling her abusive behind her back for so long – so the complete opposite of what you're postulating here.

Considering that RaeRae changed her twitter banner photo to herself with another guy and they stopped interacting for a bit after Twitch Con, it seems pretty obvious that Jared was way more into her than she was into him. Guessing he might've been rejected by her, hence the weird 'sister' thing.

No. 1712875

Holly is so full of fucking shit. Heidi was abusive was just a narrative she needed to see herself as a good person while fucking someone's husband in cosplay. Now Ross raping her is the narrative she needs so she can rationalize destroying two marriages, her career and still ending up alone. And I mean this is even if Ross was martially raping her. She only saw it as a problem when her dick left.

No. 1712878

Lmao the mentioning of“and more importantly clean out the
closet of some old ones I don't wear anymore” has me cackling cause he’s probably throwing out the ugly maternity sweaters holly picked out for him.

No. 1712892

>"She only saw it as a problem when her dick left"

Bingo. I'm not denying that Ross may have maritally raped her, fuck if I know, but it's next level suspicious that for three years, she didn't say one fucking word about it. If it's truly about warning those associating with Ross, wouldn't she have spoken up before now?

No. 1712894

Maternity sweaters, kek anon that had me dying. I also read his post as subtile shade at Holly

No. 1712901


he's really out here wearing unblended highlighter that looks like he applied it with his fingers…

No. 1712903


I’m pretty sure that sweater is the same old ass sweater that he’s been wearing for years upon fucking years, but there he is again pretending he’s some sort of fashionista kek. And that highlighter… what in the actual fuck. He literally just smudged that on and took the picture.

No. 1712907

It looks like when you first learn how to put on makeup and know fuck all about blending that shit in. At that point, PedoWorm, just use a fucking filter like everyone else.

No. 1712957

I'm going to puke. His whole narc thing is such a transparent cope. If you're bothered by your appearance you can compensate by developing a likeable personality, or just by becoming a manipulative shit stain to get whatever you feel you're entitled to because you're so pressed about not having things handed to you for your looks, I guess.

No. 1713210

This is giving myspace circa 2006 "I'm so artsy and emotional." Which is a lot when you're talking about… sweaters.

No. 1713253

File: 1669696388646.png (126.38 KB, 351x644, sinjared.png)

I think he is testing the waters about bringing back the nudes blog. He is posting and deleting stories. I was able to save this one yesterday before he deleted it

No. 1713269

That's nothing new, nonnie. He's just being more brazen about it these days. PedoWorm McSmallDick learned fuck all from his last experience with nudes.

No. 1713282

he actually should start an OF. those seven weird middle-aged moms are exactly the boost his little ego needs

No. 1713288

except, let's be realistic: it's going to be the same minors he got in trouble for the first fucking time because any adult who TRULY wants to see the WormDick knows you can just google that shit for free.

No. 1713309

File: 1669700455394.png (131.25 KB, 196x350, Screenshot_47.png)

I'm fucking screaming. Went looking for a post I remembering seeing about the old SinJared blog and instead found a forum full of super horny gay dudes who admit that they were the ones sending Jared the anonymous "START AN ONLYFANS!" shit on Insta.

Tell me these vague "i'm in the bath, presumably naked!" posts aren't him testing the waters to see if he can get away with nudes again tho

No. 1713315

Nonnie! PLEASE post the milk!

No. 1713316

File: 1669701685258.png (61.46 KB, 1109x725, Screenshot_48.png)

I got you, nonnie

No. 1713318

Be aware if you go in that thread too far back, you will see uncensored Jared dick and lose another shred of humanity and will to live.

No. 1713324

Oh my god. This explains so much. I knew there couldn't be that many straight women in the world willing to throw themselves at him.

No. 1713325


Ew, who does he really think wants to see this? No one wants or needs to see his stick legs in some bath water.

No. 1713335

KEKKK this makes so much more sense. thank you for this anon

No. 1713352

At least OF is paywalled and age-verified unlike sinjared's "you 18 right wink wink nudge nudge".

No. 1713354

Antithesis of the female gaze. Literally what do these deranged women see in him? Is it the uniquely curated aesthetic and tastes? The dashing good looks? His clever wit? Maybe his magnanimous, humble, and compassionate nature.

No. 1713355

You can't tell me that he wasn't testing the waters. When women want to make an insta story post about taking a bath, they'll take a picture of the tub full of water - PedoWorm is out here, proving that he's in the bath (and presumably naked as a jaybird) and trying to play coy with the "Haven't had a bath in ages" shit.

No. 1713390

File: 1669716013256.png (125.78 KB, 358x598, onlyfans.png)

Jared already made the account, but he hasn't uploaded any content… yet

No. 1713393

its gay men noni, dont blame it on us

No. 1713430

I assumed the replies asking for nudes were from trolls trying to get him to ruin his life again. But Jared is proving to be one of those creeps who physically cannot stop themselves from sending out nudes. He's going to keep pushing and pushing until he humiliates himself again. Tbh the posts he's putting out now are already pretty humiliating, he's just too narcissistic to realize it

No. 1713556

whatever raetard is, after viewing her insta the hairstyle she wears reminds me too much of shaytard

No. 1713561

File: 1669732183528.png (565.51 KB, 1080x1417, diemadaboutit.png)

I knew I saw Holly post a die mad about it gif somewhere and I finally remembered. When Jared was shitting on Heidi and Holly had to chime in like the try-hard pick me she is. Just SO embarrassing for her, especially now he's left her ass too.

No. 1713563

That is the exact same gif used on the garaksdressshop twitter - only difference is that the private twitter one is rainbow. Heauxlly didn’t even try to cover her tracks lmaoooo

No. 1713577

Seeing how she treats other people who were supposed to be her friends and how she behaved towards Ross in that Taco Bell video confirms to me without a doubt that Holly was a bully to Ross, and anons who are debating that he might have been abusive to her are playing right into her hands.

That doesn't mean that Ross wasn't coercive or that he wasn't a flawed partner. I think that scenario is entirely plausible. But I do think her saying what she said when she did was her defaulting back into bullying Ross because she's abusive and it's what she does.

People are saying that she won't turn on Jared in the same way because it would mean that everything she lost to be in a relationship with him was all for naught, but I think there's another piece to the puzzle there. Holly sees Ross as weaker than her. But that dynamic isn't present with Jared. She won't go after Jared because she's actually scared to. He has always had the upper hand over her.

I don't think I've ever seen a person who so dramatically needs to excise everything from their life and start over anew. Her friends suck, her taste in men sucks, her internet addiction sucks, her animal hoarding sucks, her refusal to just get a regular job sucks, her obsession with making herself look ugly because of her insecurity sucks. Isn't there a specific kind of therapy that's supposed to work with people who have BPD? She needs whatever that is.

No. 1713607

DBT. But like any therapy, she has to actually be honest and willing to change her shortcomings. None of this "I'm sorry, I'm mentally ill," bullshit. She's apparently been in therapy already for years and is still the way that she is, so either she has the world's worst therapist or she's been manipulating and telling half-truths to then too, but even then most therapists see through that eventually.

No. 1713641

File: 1669738452450.png (346.4 KB, 1080x1989, Screenshot_20221129_111138_Chr…)

Holy fuck, I bet Jared thought they were all coming from horny women and he probably felt so good about himself. Nope, just gay moids kek

No. 1713642

I'm really happy knowing Jared is probably lurking this thread and seeing this lmao

No. 1713643

Ahaha thanks for this anon. Jared is an idiot

No. 1713678

I don't know which option I like better - that he was sending them to himself or that they're all horny gay dudes who can't be bothered to search up some free gay twink porn.

No. 1713713

Yeah that makes sense, gays are often into straight dudes even if they’re ugly as sin.

No. 1713721

File: 1669741681948.jpg (371.33 KB, 2942x1369, saffronette.JPG)

Saffronette already posting pathetic cope kek seems like Jared is big mad about this

No. 1713731

File: 1669742287432.jpg (90.86 KB, 751x1024, FGM_uXZXsAIb8f8.jpg)

the cope oh my lord

No. 1713738

"I highly doubt the gay men claim, despite there being a forum full of self-identifying gay men saying that they did it"

Cope harder. WormDick isn't as popular with the ladies as he likes to think he is.

No. 1713739

Saffronette is annoying as fuck. Pretty sure she was posting here when Kiwifarms was down too. Kek

No. 1713740

>"who cares cause now we got Markiplier making one for charity"

Here's the difference: Markiplier didn't run a nudes blog, sext with minors, fuck someone other than his dedicated partner; He also is donating the proceeds to charity, where as PedoWorm is donating the proceeds to his "please replenish my sweater stock so I can model them to my 3 loyal asskissers" fund.

No. 1713744

>but if you give them out for free that's too weird I guess

Yeah, who'd've guessed people'd be more okay with a system that requires solid age verification to prove one is of age to view the content over the honor system of "real quick, you're 18 right?"

No. 1713746

Wait, you're telling me Saffronette is NOT Jared or SOM? I find that difficult to believe lol

No. 1713748

She’s a black girl who is in a relationship with a drug addicted kiwifarmer

No. 1713757

Same, especially with the "there were THOUSANDS in his inbox" comment. How the fuck would anyone who isn't Jared or one of his staunchest defenders know that?

No. 1713764

And how do they know Jared's exact motivations for having an only fans (which are of course completely innocent!)

No. 1713767

File: 1669743811923.png (31.44 KB, 738x490, Screenshot_49.png)

Got curious, looked up this terrions dude. He used to be over on the farms too, simping HARD for furries and possible zoophilia, constantly seeking out nudes with the same wording used on the gay "PLEASE SHOW US YOUR WORMDICK" site.

PedoWorm just attracts winners.

Screenshot is proof of username

No. 1713768

File: 1669743904145.png (44.98 KB, 1011x304, Screenshot_50.png)

No. 1713776

File: 1669744503301.jpeg (676.05 KB, 960x1363, 3BDBC4F8-D36B-4A72-A8B2-A27502…)

Not posting her face but this is publicly available.

No. 1713778

I'm dying over the fact that two of PedoDick's horniest fans are bi/gay furries and not the women he is so desperately lusting over.

No. 1713791

Kek going in her media tab and she defends one of the dragon maid loli characters with big boobs. Jared really knows how to attract them

No. 1713819


Don’t forget too that he’s only vaginasexual and not attracted to dicks at all, so he’s probably even more big mad that it’s just gay moids who are puffing him up kek.

No. 1713821

Nah, I think at one point he tried to pull the "I'm bi" bit too, which is fine whatever, but he's literally only ever went after women. I think PedoWorm honestly thinks its women tripping over each other to see his weird curvy dick - I blame Heauxlly for convincing him that he's so sexually attractive by throwing her entire life away for her shot at the wormdick.

No. 1713831

I’m sure he’s one of those “bi/pan” guys who’s into women (female), enbies (female) and men (female).
God he looks like a fucking cryptid and I can’t even scroll past pictures of him without feeling uncomfortable. How is he attractive to these men? Will they simp over any old bird carcass as long as it’s straight and “slutty”? I genuinely don’t understand.

No. 1713874

"Holly sees Ross as weaker than her. But that dynamic isn't present with Jared. She won't go after Jared because she's actually scared to. He has always had the upper hand over her."

I think this definitely might be a part of it. Ross is emotionally stable and has a secure attachment style, so him showing her normal love and care actually made her become uninterested in him. Jared otoh has an avoidant style and never paid much attention to her as his partner, so Holly with the anxious attachment style was always left chasing after him. She never had an equal partnership with Jared. That being said, I absolutely think she could split Jared black under the right conditions and then all bets are off. Also I'm sure their friend group dynamic is complicated, because it's still not clear who gets to keep which flying monkeys in the breakup. That might also be contributing to Holly not saying anything now.

No. 1714005

The projared thread on that gay website is locked. I think they caught us laughing.

No. 1714006

Eh, a lot of websites tend to lock down when lc or the farms get ahold of them (both of which happened in this case).

Not a big deal, nonnie. We'll just have to wait for ProDick's Dick Shot Extravaganza to hit the fan and start producing milk.

No. 1714049


I don’t get it either. He’s not attractive in the slightest, and him acting like a teenager on his Instagram when in reality he’s pushing 40 makes it even worse.


I’m wondering who gets custody of SadOldSimp lmao.

No. 1714081

kek she gets custody probs by default unless ProPedo comes to her fan squad with "holly abused me…" which i can see him coming out against her in some kind of way.

No. 1714085

I can't stand ProDick but can you imagine if actually tried it? "Heauxlly has been abusing me for years, and I was manipulated into saying x, y, z thing". The mutually assured destruction would be fucking delicious.

No. 1714194

File: 1669771662012.jpeg (291.69 KB, 828x1251, 9E4F3776-75A5-4854-978E-3C3264…)

I don’t think I’ve seen anything as awkward as this reel in some time, yeesh.

No. 1714199

It's giving "I refuse to accept that I'm nearly 40 years old and will likely throw my back out doing shit like this for an insta story"

No. 1714214

File: 1669773159610.png (818.83 KB, 509x856, 03489579342.png)

He didn't do a very good job censoring the street sign. If you refresh the clip it's right there plain as day with no sticker over it.

No. 1714226


That’s freaking hilarious. Now let’s see if the non-existent throngs of ladies are going to be throwing themselves at him now that they know where to go kek.

My next question is how is he affording rent at these million dollar townhomes? He’s got to have a roommate or something. Unless he just happened to save up so much money living rent-free at Hoelly’s the past couple of years.

No. 1714237

omg, that street sign goes to such a specific neighborhood in WA, did he just doxx himself KEK

No. 1714244

If he does live in this area, he moved pretty fucking far away from Holly's neighborhood

No. 1714254

To be fair the whole “markiplier is doing it” isn’t the save they think it is. Markiplier making an onlyfans is just as disgusting and degenerate. It just comes back to, why does everything have to be about mens sexuality? At least if propedo makes an OF everyone’s age is vetted, small mercies. Hope he enjoys his legion of male fans.

No. 1714257

Can confirm the dox. Matched up a staircase from his older pictures to a staircase in the neighborhood on google maps

No. 1714265


i'm sorry but what do these people even do? run a low-tier youtube channel? have a now-defunct podcast and sell products where half the art was made by someone else?

it just boggles the mind that these people probably spend 10-15 hours a week working and can afford a lifestyle in one of the most expensive cities in the country in what appear to be nice areas, and yet holly still wants to complain about not having enough money???? girl maybe stop being terminally online and put that time and effort back into your business.

No. 1714286

If he invested his money really well from the height of his popularity, he could probably afford it, but since he's probably still paying alimony to Heidi and his channels have never recovered, it seems like it wouldn't be a smart financial decision. I know some of his old Youtube friends live in the Seattle, maybe he's visiting/living with them?

No. 1714292

I think he said he's in an apartment now in one of his Insta posts.

No. 1714303

who filmed this? maybe he has a roommate

No. 1714318


He took down the reel kek. If you look at his other Insta pics that are from his residence, you can see it matches up pretty well to the background of where he’s at, so I think it’s safe to say he does live there. Still wondering how he affords to live there if he doesn’t have any roommates.

For someone who edits videos/photos as their job, you’d think he would have figured out how to make sure the street sign stayed hidden in the video.

No. 1714368

File: 1669788161354.png (433.58 KB, 550x806, chrome_mKexlFoOh3.png)

found an interesting reply on holly's private twitter
either this is bait or something happened

No. 1714373

That's already been discussed here, nonnie - like, less than a week ago.

No. 1714379

the second reply has not, just the top reply about someone kissing a girl and thinking it would be fine >>1707059
i added the first reply for context

No. 1714394


i wouldn't take anything they say amongst each other seriously at this point. i'm certain they already know people are looking at their conversations.

No. 1714402

File: 1669793307166.png (258.79 KB, 360x524, raerae.png)

Rae Rae uses "brother" to refer to her male friends. This is the guy on her Twitter banner

No. 1714408

File: 1669794768300.png (820.44 KB, 1004x864, lillate.png)

He reuploaded it, but with a proper censor on the street sign this time. Either someone cowtipped him or he's lurking maybe?

No. 1714447

Aww they're all probably lurking. Holly, Jared, SadOldMan. Seeing who is winning the cow war.
It's still Heidi.

No. 1714456

Him re-uploading confirms the dox kek. It only took him what, a few months to dox himself? I'm honestly surprised by how reckless and stupid Jared's been acting recently. Almost like… he's learned nothing from his past cancellation

No. 1714465


How’s he going to get all that sweet egirl pussy if they don’t know where to go? Joke’s on him, all he’s going to get is gay moids kek.

No. 1714466

She has mentionned at least once simce this drama started that found herself a new therapist so there's the answer to that.

No. 1714490


If this isn’t bait, it’d come to the surprise of absolutely no one. Dickworm who cheated on his wife cheated again? Shocking, I tell you.

No. 1714522

i would tend to agree but i feel like they would troll with obvious trolling replies like “whOa and then yOu wEnt to the MooN!” instead of this kind of drama.

No. 1714524

Nah, it's bait.

I'm shocked Caroline didn't threaten to violent beat anyone this time

No. 1714564

Yeah, that figures. Narcs hate it when their therapists figure out they're full of shit and start making them actually work on themselves instead of wallowing in victimhood. They tend to drop that one and move on to a new one so they can keep saying "SEE? I GO TO THERAPY, I'M PUTTING IN THE WORK" but not have to actually face any of their own issues.

Slight blogpost but this happened when my dad went to therapy as well. As soon as the therapist started to see he wasn't just a reasonable, victimized man being held hostage by his crazy wife and daughter he stopped going.

No. 1714581

Well, at least with this latest self-induced drama, she hasn't tried to check herself into the mental hospital again to manipulate the internet into feeling bad for her while still having her buddies give updates on the negative things being said.

No. 1714582

You lose them how you get them.
It would be so poetic if a few months from now, Jared releases a one-sided statement about their super amicable mutually agreed upon breakup and Holly responds by airing all his dirty cheating laundry. Normally I’d think anyone would have too much self-awareness for that but he’s currently proving he’s stupid enough to repeat his worst mistakes and she wouldn’t be able to pass on an opportunity to remind everyone how pitiable she is. Unfortunately Jared was never public about their relationship so it’s more likely that he’ll move on quietly and pretend it never happened. Maybe Holly will be the one to release the statement this time.

No. 1714586

I still think it depends on how the "my ex is a rapist" bit plays out. If the internet moves on as quick as the internet is prone to doing, she'll have to do something else drastic to get attention and short of an apology to Heidi that would cause widespread heart attacks of surprise, the only trick she's got left in her bag is "JARED ABUSED ME!!"

No. 1714595

This honestly makes me sad for this girl, because it's clear she is about to become a victim of abuse once again unless she can somehow see who Jared really is. Jared's kind of abuse is insidious and long-term, so during the lovebombing stage he'll probably seem like such a 'nice guy' in comparison to her ex. He'll present himself as someone who understands what it's like to be abused and therefore can't be an abuser himself, even though the exact opposite is true. People who have been subject to abuse are more likely to get sucked into another abusive relationship, which makes her an easy target for Jared. I hope someone in her life can tell her to avoid a relationship with him, but she seems to already be somewhat socially isolated.

If they are talking about Jared, it wouldn't surprise me if he tried to kiss the Heidi 2.0 girl at the convention and that's why things were weird between them for a while afterwards. But it's probably not that because of the college educated comment from SOM on the same post.

No. 1714600

File: 1669823989295.png (118.9 KB, 1080x862, Screenshot_20221129-221319~2.p…)

Also, if these were posted around the same time, then I'd say he's giving the idea of selling his nudes serious thought. The man has such an embarrassing lack of self-awareness it's hard to watch.

No. 1714605

Nobody brings up OnlyFans as many times as PedoWorm has unless they're seriously courting the idea and wondering if the internet has magically forgotten about their nudes scandal just a couple of years ago

No. 1714606

Y'know I was thinking about this today and got really mad about because even if Holly is being 100% truthful in every sense of the word here, that Ross raped her every 3 days even if she cried or just laid there being "used", which I still feel is unlikely in that exact context… Even IF thats the case, because of her past behavior and her inability to put her money where her mouth is on it, moids are going to make her the posterchild of "she's lying for the attention" when they want to discredit SA victims. And frankly because of how flippant she is with other victims and how supportive she is of other abusers, its going to be difficult for those that do believe her to feel a ton of sympathy since she only thinks its real when it happens to her. She's literally done more damage to rape victims than if she'd just been publicly quiet about this and sought justice through legal avenues. Which I doubt she'll do, because what she's alleging is hard for either side to prove or disprove especially this far down the line.

No. 1714609

She knows, she just doesn't care. In true narc fashion, the only one who matters in Heauxlly's eyes is Heauxlly (and her birds).

That's just it though, nonnie. You can't wait three years to claim rape because by the 3 year mark, there's no evidence of that happening (barring any texts where Ross may or may not have admitted to it); However, she just handed Ross a libel case wrapped up in a bow.

No. 1714616

Like how "mandatory send nudes" was a joke except not really?

No. 1714619

Exactly like that. ProWorm phrases things with just enough plausible deniability that he can always claim that people are reading too far into it, but anyone who's actually paying attention can smell the pattern a mile away.

One of my favorite movies is "Speed" w/ Keanu Reeves - in it, the captain says "Crazy, not stupid" and I feel like that fits ProDick pretty well. He's crazy, but ultimately, not entirely stupid.

No. 1714649

i agree with pretty much all of this right up until legal avenues. it’s like you said, it’s very hard and often times impossible to prove. anons up thread keep saying “go to the police!!” as if we didn’t just see what happened to heard.

but it’s annoying because holly has effectively told victims to do just that, the impossible, and to shut up online. i think women should be allowed to out moids publicly, it’s just fucked up that she thinks she’s the only one allowed to do it.

No. 1714674

Ayrt and oh I agree with you wholeheartedly in an ideal world. I guess I didn't make it totally clear but I meant the only way this would have been better received by the public is if she had treated it like a crime and pursued it as such, and it would've had to have been much earlier than now. I deleted a whole line about how the best timing for this allegation would've been during or immediately after their divorce. Now the timeline is so muddied and the time when this took place is so far removed that there's not a chance in hell (barring like another anon said some unlikely text exchange where Ross admits to this) she can ever bring a reasonable case forward… Which is just sad if she's being truthful. Maybe she realized this and thats why she lashed out on Twitter but I feel like thats assigning way too much premeditation to her drunken tweets.

No. 1714734

File: 1669837922914.jpg (315.37 KB, 1729x1720, 1.JPG)

New fashion post

No. 1714736

File: 1669837954329.jpg (282.58 KB, 1719x1700, 2.JPG)

No. 1714760

Love the overedited face glow, shitty attempt to blur the background to imitate depth of field, and the look of pain in his eyes as if someone trapped deep inside is aware of his hubris kek. Better watermark these Jared, in case AliExpress steals them to advertise their products, or you become a porn star and people try to catfish using your handsome face.

No. 1714776

what astounds me is the fact that he perceives himself as being hot hot. Like his confidence isn't just a run of the mill "eh i look pretty good" it's like he genuinely cannot go without taking these ugly as fuck editorial shots thinking he's serving something.

No. 1714795

He's like the opposite of Holly's "make myself ugly on purpose so no one knows about my natural butterface" (and there are photos of her looking just fine from before this mess)

No. 1714796

he's truly the male shayna when it comes to reverse body dysmorphia

No. 1714797

Nicolas Cage stank face looking birdy worm man

No. 1714808

Oh god. The only other person in the world who makes my ovaries shrivel up this much just from looking at him is Trump. I don't want to say it's just his looks, because I've dated much less conventionally attractive guys than him. Personality goes a long way towards making him so indescribably unattractive.

No. 1714815

There's something unsettling about his eyes. They're empty even when he's smiling. Also that shirt doesn't fit at all. He doesn't fill out the chest so there's weird folds in the fabric that aren't meant to be there

No. 1714816

>I've dated much less conventionally attractive guys than him
My condolences, anon. It must be hard not having other options because you grew up in Innsmouth.