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No. 995988

Last time on the "It's been 84 years…" Edition….

> Trash Witch Coven, move over! Holly rebranded her company to "We Crowing Hens", once again changing everything based on her latest fixation. A section of the website mentions 'Courses' that she's apparently going to offer in the future; Educators everywhere wept.

> Holly still attempts to brand herself as "Forest Witch" until people draw similarities in her attempting to turn into Heidi; She backtracks within just a few hours.

> SadOldMagician, one of Holly's biggest supporters and husband of another supporter GeraldoGuacamole, took to tumblr in an attempt to defend Holly - but really just came off looking like a huge simp. Since the three regularly go on nature hikes, we can only assume it's a matter of time before Holly moves in to wreck another marriage.

> Holly posts a picture of her chickens in front of Jared's wall of NES games, once again trying to publicly stake her claim and make clear that they're still together (spoiler alert: no one cares)

> ProJared brings up a bottle of wine from a retreat that he was "saving for a better day", claiming that Heidi allegedly stole it, despite the fact that it was marital property and therefor part hers as well.

> Adam Koebel decides to temporarily quit streaming, but not before writing lengthy post about how hard this has been ON HIM with next to no consideration for anyone else. Internet loses their shit - but fear not, Holly was right there to tell him "Never stop making art!".

> Another day, another "Woe is me, I have a bad brain" pitiful picture from ProJared via Instagram. Said post coincides with what WOULD have been his anniversary with Heidi and with Heidi signing the last document in their divorce.

> Heidi is focusing primarily on her business while both Jared and Holly seemingly struggle to do anything that doesn't circle back to them being victims of Cancel Culture(tm)

> Ope, it turns out Jared learned nothing as he is now streaming a sex-based game on his twitch that he now KNOWS is viewed by minors. He is also sent nudes by a fan and rather than saying "Please don't do this", he just mentions that that's not what his BUSINESS email is for (y'know, after screenshotting it)

Image Credit: >> 993623
Thread Credit: >>995973

Previous Threads (The ProJared Saga Begins):
1: >>785476
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Character Descriptions and Stats:

Jared "the Wormdick" Knabenbauer
>Known for having a gaming youtube channel where he reviewed games
>Formed "Waffle crew", the D&D group that would soon turn out to be a dumpster fire
>All hell broke lose when his ex-wife revealed he has been manipulating, abusing and cheating on her
>Soon after, other victims of his started leaking chat logs and nudes
>Turns out he was soliciting underage porn
>Went into hiding
>Throughout DCA, his D&D character, Diath, was having an on-going romance with Strix, his co-player Holly Conrad's character
>Turns out they were also involved IRL, cheating on their spouses
>Holly is currently whiteknighting him on twitter, while he is trying to manipulate his side-pieces from the shadows
>One of his side-pieces fell for it and now is changing her initial statement, trying to get on his good side (even though he ghosted her before)
>Heidi accuses Jared of threatening legal action if she speaks up. Unfortunately Heidi casts “Absorb Elements” just like she did for his initial divorce statement. Jared takes an extra 1d6 damage on her next melee attack.

Strength: 5
Dexterity: 5
Intellect: 15
Stamina: 10
Luck: none
Charisma: send noOds

Holly "Manic Pixie Butterface" Conrad (current power-level):
>Got into D&D, started thinking she's literally Strix - her character
>Cheated on Ross with Jared the Wormdick while trying to manipulate both Jared and his wife
>Once Heidi (Jared's wife) revealed her as a side hoe, she locked down everything and checked into the tumblr hospital
>After getting back on the net, she started autistically defending herself and Jared, claiming she never cheated and Heidi is literally Hitler
>Professional victim, her NPD can be seen from space
>Emotionally abused Ross, claimed she never felt love until she met Jared
>Claims to have not cheated on her ex-husband despite his refusal to make one comment about the situation in her defense
>Can't stand even tiny criticism about herself, reads her lolcow thread though
>Compared Etika’s suicide, a popular black YouTuber, to her own suicidal ideation by showcasing they both received clown emojis as “bullying.”
>Suffers backlash from the black community, Etika’s fans and Twitter
>After being called out for taking advantage of a person’s suicide, Holly infamously deflects criticism by tweeting, “I’m sorry. I’m mentally ill.”

Strength: uwu
Dexterity: uwu
Intellect: 4
Stamina: 100
Luck: ran out
Charisma: clown emoji

Holly Conrad’s Previous Stats:
>Holly is a “talented cosplayer/craftsman/special effects artist and well respected in the community”, even appearing on Syfy's "Heroes of Cosplay"
>Was one of the main focuses of the 2011 Documentary "Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope" (directed by Morgan Spurlock)
>Originally gained notoriety for her Commander Shepard/FemShep cosplay
>Married to Ross O'Donovan, beloved animator and member of the GG Family, from 2012 to 2018
>When it came to Arin/Suzy vs Ross/Holly most people preferred Ross and Holly, because they felt less fake and Holly was famous separate of Ross, not riding her husband's coattails like Suzy.
>Was best buds with Jared's wife Heidi, another talented and respected cosplayer/craftsman
>Apparent tragic backstory = quirky anxiety uwu. I don't really know the whole backstory on this one, not sure if it really matters.
>But was apparently close to her grandfather and inherited his house(?) in Washington(?) when he passed away which was in theory part of the reason she and Ross amicably split. Jared and Heidi just also happened to live in Washington.
>Other speculated factors included Holly being asexual (lmao), the toxic GG fan-community, "having codependency issues", and wanting to leave LA while Ross wanted to stay
>Publicly their divorce was mutual, amicable, and came as somewhat of a shock….OR WAS IT?
>Basically all this drama is so juicy because Holly "quirky manic pixie dream bird gurl, asexual anxiety, luvs animals so obviously wouldn't hurt anyone uwu" Conrad was the surprise plot twist villain we never saw coming

For More On Holly Conrad:
>A History of Holly: >>838840 (Source: PULL)

Strength: uwu
Dexterity: 20
Intellect: 17
Stamina: 22
Luck: 100
Charisma: Not Suzy

Heidi of the House O'Ferrall, Hell Hath No Fury, Giver of Zero Fucks, Destroyer of Careers
>Non-lewd cosplayer, talented craftsman and elf
>Produces tutorials and shows her work in progress pretty in depth
>Has a degree in Theatre/Costume Design
>"She had sex with my husband", top 10 anime deaths of all time
>Married to Jared Pedodick Knobslob
>Was in a poly relationship with Jared
>Claims Holly was the reason it didn’t work out
>Outed Jared’s infidelity and set twitter ablaze
>Working on her current divorce and perhaps a defamation against Holly Conrad for trying to claim she had BPD and that psychologists have deemed her “unfixable”
>Has started to become more vocal on that drama since Holly’s Etika sperg
>Claims emotional abuse by Jared and gas lighting, and also seems to insinuate her enjoyment of sex has decreased
>Blocks overtly sexual cosplays because of the ProJared controversy
>Currently living alone in a new home and trying to start up her business and craft in a way to support herself
>Accuses Holly of being vindictive enough to have done everything in her power to end her marriage and happiness

Strength: 90
Dexterity: 71
Intellect: 82
Stamina: 64
Luck: 20
Charisma: Zinfandel

Dan Pirro from the Honorable House Pigeon
>Dedicated white knight of Jared and Holly’s that created a campaign to prove #heidingthetruth
>In direct contact with Holly Conrad Flying Monkey

Jessica Slater from the Honorable House Pigeon
>Holly stan and dedicated “sister”
>Runs a clearly objective truth blog on tumblr while putting down Heidi on twitter

Participation Trophies go to the following for their dedication:
>BorkScorpion, RainbowTressym, TigerNightmare, UnicornHoodlum and others
>May or may not be sockpuppet accounts
>Tier 3 WKs, to be mostly ignored
>Autism awareness is sometimes being aware of who to avoid

>Jared Knabenbauer/ProJared:


>Heidi O'Ferrall/AtelierHeidi:


>Holly Conrad/Commander Holly:


>Normal Boots:


The Expanded Universe:

**Game Grumps
Previous GG Threads:**
>Jon vs Dan speculations, are the Suzy nudes real or fake, blah blah blah, old news. Seriously, don't ask to be spoonfed this old dried up milk. Go read about it on your own.
>There is a whole subreddit dedicated to GG Rule 34 where they sexualize the girlfriends/wives as well as the grumps called r/polygrumps. Suzy once long ago tweeted in support of polygrumps, but it seems like an especially toxic corner of their already toxic fanbase. I doubt she would confirm that support today.
>GG sells a merch line called Game Gyaru "based on Arin and Danny, reimagined as female characters inspired by the anime series Dirty Pair, named Arina and Daniella respectively". It's a blatant tracing of the characters from "Dirty Pair" that they did not initially acknowledge.
>GG release body pillows of Dan and Arin. They sell out very quickly. It's gross: >>792883
>Guess what Jon's an even worse blatantly sexist/racist person than we ever could have imagined

Suzy "the Goose" Berhow:
>Has a history of scamming fans by buying cheap jewelry from China and the likes and reselling it to fans with an absurd markup as her jewelry line or as one anon put it: "creating a really expensive jewelry line that involved very little effort on her part". Arin has to come to her defense when people find out.
>Previous threads over the years were mostly about Suzy's "thyroid-related" weight gain and absurd styling choices, scamming, and how she's a ~rEaL gAmEr GuRl~
>No one seems to really have complaints about her current styling choices since she lost weight and the skunk stripe and adopted a more natural look (it's much closer to her twin sister Jean's)
>Suzy was a "model" when younger, and will still constantly repost the same pictures from her past over and over again, in case anyone forgot
>There sometimes seemed to be some unspoken tension between Suzy and Holly. Suzy seemed to give off the vibe of being uncomfortable not being the only cool gamer gurl in the GG group, especially when up against a girl that seemed to prefer and respect.
>Seems plausible that she prefers being the female center of attention given the theory that JonTron's swift and dramatic departure from GG was due in part to some beef between Suzy and Jon's girlfriend at the time. IIRC this is still all just speculation. (Jon's too big of a topic, read that one on your own for the full backstory)
>A/N: I would be kind of surprised if she showed any support for Holly at all, but maybe that's just me

Katie (Most recent GG drama unrelated to PigeonGate 2019 ):
>Suzy claims she and Arin have been together since 2002. Arin's mysterious deviantART ex Katie shows up from an apparent cryogenic sleep after 10+ years and throws an insane hissy-fit about how Arin was pursuing HER during that time and she turned HIM down.
>Thinks Suzy poisoned Arin against being her BEST FRIEND despite the fact that she was married, disappeared from the internet, lived across the country, and was definitely leading Arin on for some time. Arin seems to have bought her some gifts in this time.

Game Grumps:

>Suzy Berhow/Mortemer:


>Arin Hanson/Egoraptor:


>Dan Avidan:


>Minor cow Katie, rejected Arin way back when and regrets it now that he's famous:


About Dice, Camera, Action:
>DCA is/was a popular D&D livestream DM'd by Chris Perkins (WoTC story designer)
>It's cast consisted of Holly Conrad, Jared Knabenbauer, Nathan Sharp and Anna Prosser
>All of them turned out to be cheaters, hooking up with each other and breaking marriages/engagements

>Wafflecrew/Dice, Camera, Action:


Filed Under “Other”:

Ross O’Donovan
Do Not Bother Ross O’Donovan
>Game Grump and animator
You May Support and Subscribe at:
>Ross O'Donovan/RubberNinja:

Reminder from Mods:
>Subjects have to be 16+ to be discussed on lolcow. Do not include Holly's 15 year old friend’s face or social media posts here.
>This is also a reminder that cowtipping is also against the rules, do not contact the girl or her parents because of her relation to Holly.
>Keep whiteknight posting to when they actually spill milk.

No. 996019

Next time can OP please cut out the same repetitive filler that's been a wall of text for over a year? The character stats aren't funny anymore, the "npcs" are barely active, and the "file under other" hasn't been relevant for a long time. Just tired of this repetitive copy and paste where the op never waits for feedback

No. 996046

Good thread pic choice, though.

No. 996105

There's time for OP or you to repost and get a mod to delete this one (scrolling past that part is quite annoying)

No. 996111

I agree with the other anons, there's a lot of unnecessary shit in the op.

No. 996126

do we really even need to include the grumps/suzy/ninja sex party parts? i don't think they've been talked about at all in the last thread, this might as well just be a projared / holly thread.

No. 996128

True, any talk of them gets steamrolled by the minimally important tweet/holly ugly discussion du jour

No. 996145


Holly and Jared have been the prime focus of this thread for over a year with almost no grumps milk, and if the Grumps do produce in the future it probably won't be related to these two chucklefucks. I agree that it's past time for them to be separated. Either their own thread as a couple or a DnD cows thread to include people like Koebel etc that were also heavily discussed in the past thread.

Some anon has jumped the gun on like three threads in a row with no wait for discussion, and the recent summaries are full of nitpicking. Also "Ope" makes you sound like a midwestern mom OP

No. 996340

I second the DND cow thread

No. 996613

agreed, the game grumps need to be separate because the connection has long gone and is obviously never going to be made again.

No. 996716

File: 1593222060847.jpg (310.26 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200626-213728_Chr…)

I like his new trend of being annoyed by people sending him sexual messages… as if he didnt encourage this behavior for YEARS to the point of literally fucking fans.

But yeah, Jared, you are so sexualized and harrassed uwu

No. 996737

It's like he's blatantly trying to ignore all of those "mandatory, send nudes" posts he made before it blew up in his face. Legitimately no one has forgotten those, PedoDick. There is proof everywhere, but yeah, you and the mistress can continue pretending like we're wrongfully sexualizing the shit you've done.

No. 996740

honestly this new trend feels like another form of manipulation. he's pretending to be annoyed and is doing it publicly so he can have something to lean on when he does find new fans to fuck and swap nudes with.

a normal person would just block and delete. this is him leaving a trail to protect himself going forward when he feels comfortable enough to go back to being a sexpest.

No. 996745


That and he's desperately hoping not to get caught up in the sexual predator purge happening at Twitch right now. If he loses his channel, he is done.

No. 996753

manipulative people like jared just love calling attention to things for seemingly no reason, just so they can control the narrative that follows. he's not doing this for stupid, unaware reasons.

i don't think this guy is a master manipulator or anything but he definitely knows how to make himself seem pitiable in order to get his way. heidi even pointed this out and it's why she still defends him when people call him a predator.

No. 996758

Yeah, without his channel, he's not an "e-celeb that just got caught up in the fame" - He'd just be your average, garden-variety potential-pedo that lurks around younger people, asking if they want to see his Sailor Moon cosplay.

No. 996761

Also, if he didn't want to risk getting sexual/lewd messages, why the fuck would he answer a question about his underwear of choice? Dude did this to himself and is once again trying to be a victim of circumstances out of his control. Get fucking real, PedoWorm. If I were more cynical, I'd think this was Hoelly or BlueJay sending him these so as to give him the chance to be the victim.

No. 996766


Maybe he is just salty because he knows that that person doesnt actually want his gross nudes and is trolling

No. 996774

it's probably a guy who asked him this or a girl who doesn't meet even his standards. this is the perfect way for him to weed out the undesirables.

No. 996955

File: 1593264949689.png (1.29 MB, 624x3192, darkgalaxies.png)

No. 996960


Its refreshing to see at least one member of the TTRPG actively against Jared. Sometimes it feels like this thread is the only place where people ever call pedodick out

No. 997015

And wouldn't you know it, "borkscorpion" is right in the comments going "NUH UH".

No. 997051

File: 1593273851380.jpg (142.26 KB, 1080x390, 20200627_120208.jpg)


So sick of the "His whore exwife made up the false accusations to ruin his career"

Heidi didnt come forward about being a minor he sexted

Heidi didnt come forward about being a fangirl he fucked at a con

All Heidi did was tell her truth about her emotional abuse and experience with cheating

There is so much fake news about the situation, Jared is so fucking lucky about that

No. 997072

I don’t understand why it matters who first revealed he was soliciting fans for nudes. He still solicited fans for nudes! He still normalized it amongst he’s (some of which were underage) fans and took advantage of them so he could get off and maybe hook up. He’s still responsible for that and hasn’t apologized or acknowledged how messed up of a situation it was that he helped create and normalize.

All this deflection crap from fans and such just make him look like a creep who doesn’t think there was anything wrong with it… (lbr that’s probably exactly what he thinks)

No. 997136

it's good to see how Jono phrased the ProJared stuff as how he got nudes from his fans, some of who were underage.

because even though he didn't actively seek out nudes from underage fans he still sought nudes from fans and got nudes from underaged fans who lied about their age. all of that IS true. people like to forget or intentionally obfuscate the controversy by saying Jared proved his innocence when the only thing he proved was that he got nudes from fans who lied about being of age.

ProJared is only innocent in the fact that he wasn't actively seeking child porn. he just accidentally acquired it and jerked off to it because teenagers lie and he didn't really care to think about the potential consequences of soliciting nudes from fans.

No. 997154

File: 1593283298548.png (200.5 KB, 1190x598, gj.png)

a bit old, but i got a chuckle out of this. I know a lot of people dismiss jp's shady dealings as him being a business first and foremost, but it doesn't really match kobel's lefty soft boi persona to cross a picket line like that. also I've been curious what the fallout with steven was about, and I think this is the best explanation we're going to get

No. 997190

They must be quaking now that a lot of the biggest streamers have admitted themselves that the allegations against them are true. Noticed Holly's only liked the tweets about the cancel culture part of the twitch scandel and not the part where some of the 'scandels' are actually true and men with large platforms really can be scumbags like her boyfriend sometimes and those few absolutely do deserve to be 'cancelled'.

No. 997222

Holly doesn't care about what shit you pulled, she just wants to crusade against the bad cancel culture uwu

No. 997288

File: 1593293163302.png (535.93 KB, 1250x1884, anna.png)

No. 997289


I noticed this, too. Jared is liking tweets about people apologizing to him, and Holly is liking tweets just about cancel culture.

Neither acknowledges the elephant in the room, which makes it seem as if they have no intention of ever facing that reality.

I am glad that most people older than 20 who aren't incels can see beyond their manipulation tactics. I keep hoping it's just the vocal minority of angry trolls and young impressionable men who make it seem otherwise.

No. 997308


Wow, Anna comes across as a huge asshole. Not a good look. I'm loving how everyone in Holly's friend group is getting exposed lately

No. 997312


It still blows my mind that people like Anna and Holly use their positions/clout to essentially silence victims just to insulate their abusive social circles, only to turn around and act like they're against abuse.

No. 997313

In some ways, Anna is more disgusting than Holly. Tweeting at someone calling her out, then adding that this person is not responding, so "anyone reading this, keep in mind that my side is more nuanced than what she said."

All the OP wanted was Anna to acknowledge that she's failed in the past. No wonder she and Holly match so well — never take responsibility, only double down on being a victim of "more to the story."

No. 997319

Which definitely explains Holly & Jared's behaviour right now, according to:

Holly probably thought her cosplay-superhero story would get everyone off her case, but tbh, all it did was remind me that she was a better person back than.

No. 997320

They want to be the only victims in the room because it makes them feel special.

No. 997322


I wonder if Holly will come to Anna's rescue like she does with her 'boys'…

No. 997324

Considering Holly's internalized misogyny, my money's on no.

Then again, Anna isn't blonde (and therefore EVIL), so who knows!

No. 997326

Tough call, Anna does enable her shitty Strix fantasy but Anna also keeps her head down and doesn't set herself on fire going to bat for shitty abusers like Holly. Anna is also a conventionally attractive woman and former Ms Oregon though so I'm going to say no.

No. 997330


Holly always reminds me of the quote "the road to hell is paved with good intentions".

If you're a good person who does good things for a bad cause, then the end result is still bad overall.

No. 997334

It's no surprise Anna is a piece of shit. She enabled the affair of Jared and Holly, cheated on her own husband with Nate, and then publicly rubbed that relationship in everyone's face. Now her ex husband is dead and she didn't even seem to care and instead immediately went back to pushing her merch with the dude she cheated on her husband with.

No. 997355

File: 1593298195819.png (189.94 KB, 720x833, 20200627_184017.png)


Damn, the replies to this are fucking golden!

>"In addition, if you tried to make amends doesn’t mean someone has to trust or forgive you."

>"These are the repercussions of your actions

No. 997362

File: 1593299254365.png (146.36 KB, 720x771, 20200627_190342.png)

If only Anna's former co-workers could actally learn from their 'mistakes'…

No. 997391

Isn't this pretty much what Jared did to Chai, btw?

No. 997442

Suddenly makes so much sense why she's still sticking so close to Holly and Jared.

No. 997451

File: 1593306644739.png (35.69 KB, 594x383, 2020-06-27_21h03_30.png)

Glad other people are seeing the patterns here too.

No. 997458

File: 1593307383270.png (223.33 KB, 720x901, 20200627_212017.png)

No. 997476

File: 1593308347683.png (171.57 KB, 720x874, 20200627_213837.png)

No. 997491


Describes Holly and her circle of friends. I'm glad the public is finally seeing it

No. 997546

Anna can go fuck herself. There doesn't need to be a reason that Mary came forward with her story, even if it WAS resolved in satisfactory manner - It doesn't negate that Anna's first instinct was to hold a meeting and accuse her of overreacting.

No. 997565


Hopefully this will stick on her since cheating on her husband with Nate didn't (for some reason?)

No. 997571

The cheating didn't stick because she was smart enough to keep her mouth shut and head down, whereas ProDick and Hoelly screamed about it to anyone who would listen (or at least Hoelly; PedoWorm was too busy letting her take the primary damage to her rep)

No. 997572

File: 1593319392159.png (169.57 KB, 720x1026, 20200628_004045.png)

…Protecting someone from the consequences of their actions is doing a big disservice to them in the long run.

No. 997578

The thing is Holly doesn't view what Jared is doing as wrong, and these arent' consequences for being a liar, manipulator, and sexpest - It's just that unfair cancel culture by his evil whore of an ex! /s

No. 997581


I think Holly is fucking delusional when it comes to Jared. She is so dickmatized that she doesnt see anything he did as wrong. that and she probably only knows about it from what he has explained to her, I doubt she saw the whole operation, especially in its prime. it's not like Jared was like "hey look at this hot fangirl I'm about to bang", I'm sure the way he put it to Holly was "yes I receive nudes but its only for body positivity uwu, besides, we are Striath, we are different"

Holly just seems too jealous to be totally on board with him sexting and fucking fans. Maybe I'm wrong because she obvs knew about it but if she loses her mind being jealous of Jared's literal wife I dont see her liking his fan fucking behavior

Then again she is still good buddies with Scarlet Moth who admitted to sexting and sending nudes to Jared, so who knows. Does seem funny that he has reached out and sent nudes to SO many of Heidi and Holly's friends. Must always be in the back of her mind when he interacts with other female creators/cosplayers. I hope it kills Holly inside knowing that Jared was talking to literally dozens of attractive women while she was sitting at home crying about his marriage every night

No. 997588

It's not just Jared she's delusional with, it's anyone she likes.

Adam Koebel's abuse was very easy for ANYONE to see, it happened on a livestream and was archived on YouTube.
She still wouldn't take him to task.

Her friends can do no wrong.

No. 997602

It's funny because in the end, Holly was a good human shield. She was loud and drew much of the attention away and seems to have been affected by the fall out a lot less over all. Though, I suppose she wasn't the one trading nudes with fans in the end. Wonder how long Jared will stick around with her now that the divorce is actually final.

>I hope it kills Holly inside knowing that Jared was talking to literally dozens of attractive women while she was sitting at home crying about his marriage every night
Bu…but she won, anon! She overcame all those awful, abusive, beautiful women who were just using him! Diath, I mean Jared, Is finally her's! What a prize! kek

No. 997624

iirc jenny nicholson pointed this exact thing out WAY back when jared released his bullshit "statement". i have no idea why it went ignored but perhaps that should be quote tweeted to every moron who can't stop screaming about how jared was only viewing CP by accident

this is so scummy it's borderline beautiful. i've said this before and i'll say it again: this whole """community""" of DnD performers who get their heads blown up and start considering themselves celebrities above minor inconveniences such as accountability, the whole ass community, is cancer and should be tossed out lol

No. 997632

File: 1593328622748.png (74.72 KB, 526x469, Screenshot at Jun 28 02-16-20.…)

Looks like ProPedo's stans are already on the offensive - one created a countertumblr to TrashWitchCoven, attacking Heidi while trying to defend ProPedo and Hoelly.

No. 997713

Whos JP?

No. 997715

I mean i dont like anna either but was she supposed to wear black and cover her head for seven years to mourn her ex husband? Shes still a self employed woman who needs to sell her merch..
On a side note, did her ex-husband started dating the ex-fiancee of the guy anna cheated with or i allucinated that? Not that it matters, just, what a fuckfest if its true lol

No. 997718

The guy who ran the RollPlay channel where Adam Koebel sprang that creepy sexual assault in one of his games.

No. 997719

File: 1593342110378.png (888.11 KB, 640x1136, 364BC40D-D5CA-46BE-A32F-70BB57…)

I’ll just leave this here

No. 997731

File: 1593342874448.jpg (429.09 KB, 1079x1612, Cringe .jpg)


No. 997733

Also known to be pathetically thirsty before he finally bagged his current wife and is being accused by kaitlyn of abuse and grooming. He confirmed that he was boundary crossing, controlling, and used her as an emotional crutch but wrote off the parts about pressuring her via not letting her bf come around and 'grooming' her. Kaitlyn's own behavior is it's own post, just wanted to cover the JP info.

He's trying to retroactively justify his sex pest actions by normalizing sexual content in his feed now despite the fact that his primary outward facing persona was always much more family friendly.

No. 997734

Oh fuck the both of them so hard with a rusty spiked bat.

No. 997736

Oops forgot to add that he was accused of retaining a cast member despite being made aware of them sexually assaulting/raping someone (no one has said who the cast member was yet but it's no Kobel).

No. 997740

File: 1593343853919.png (386.42 KB, 826x550, u4.png)

No. 997743


Ha this was the first thing I thought of as well. She really doesn't learn

No. 997745

The sheer irony in calling them "clout chasers" when his biggest supporter is fucking Keemstar.

No. 997750

So is there a secondary thread for game grumps? I cant believe that in this wave of nerd flavoured metoo nothing has come up against either dan or arin - after years of saying suzy was the only girl he ever had sex with, he casually mentioned once he had sex with other girls and suzy knows, i wouldnt be surprised if they are poly and he has a pool of thirsty fans to choose from

No. 997752

Good for them if they are - As it is, there hasn't really been fresh GG milk in awhile.

No. 997776


Holly's gotta make sure Jared knows his place at all times, huh?

No. 997782


I checked out that "HeidiOFans" tumblr. Looks like any one of the core Jared stans desperate to start a fight. The only thing they can reply with when called out is "lol u mad bro". Not really worth giving them any more attention than they already got.

No. 997797


Ding ding ding

I thought about posting about them here yesterday but I think we should all agree to just ignore them. They even made a long dramatic post about how soon they would get attention and that they were so scared of lolcow finding them. All I'm favor of never giving them the attention they so desperately want?

Also, that username… yikes. "I'm all for Jared fucking fans because body positivity but women are whores and what do whores use? Only fans!" Clearly that dude needs to grow up and stop posting lolcow screenshots

No. 997806

>but women are whores and what do whores use? Only fans!

That's a poor conjecture. Her name is Heidi O'Ferrall. Heidi O'Fans. It's a shit blog, and I agree that we should let the fire starve by not giving it any oxygen, but don't say stupid shit like that, it's kind of cringe.

No. 997808


Genuinely confused about what he's complaining about. He's mad Dr Disrespect has stans? That people are commenting and trying to figure out what happened? That some other youtubers are supporting him or even just talking about it?

I know that he's just a miserable person who constantly complains, but what even is he trying to say?

No. 997809


That's fair, I didn't consider that. I just figured it was supposed to be an only fans reference since his stans have mentioned her starting one in the past and she even replied to someone on Twitter about it a month or two ago

No. 997840

File: 1593359166004.png (63.46 KB, 588x546, clout-chasin.png)


>"clout chasers leeching in the replies"

You mean like this one?

No. 997841

File: 1593359276038.png (113.7 KB, 586x474, 1yearofmentallyill.png)

Also WHAT?

No. 997848

Ah, the "Etika's suicide is just like the clown emojis I'm getting." saga.
So long ago now.

No. 997857

Ah, the OG Clout Chaser, the "Let me take this mentally ill man's suicide and turn it around to make it about me"…..It was a more innocent time.

No. 997864

Holly really did "I'M HERE TOO" to someone else's suicide

No. 997872

>tfw it's been one fucking year since you wrung yourself out making a social pariah of yourself for some noodle dick
>and he still won't shout you out when you appear in his twitch chat

No. 997879

Makes you wonder if she regrets not just shelling out for a quality vibrator and keeping her reputation/career intact instead of doing the equivalent of lighting herself on fire for some sad hipster dick. I mean, she quite literally ruined any chance of becoming famous and getting the adoration of everyone and for what? Someone who's willing to fuck anything with a pulse? Shit Hoelly, all you had to do was send nudes, not nuke your entire life.

No. 997880

Considering she's being welcome back to the D&D with the #dndblockparty that's being organized by a lot of people officially involved with the D&D brand, she's still got clout to go around sadly.

Everyone on that side forgave her instantly.

No. 997885

Yeah, they might have forgave her, but she still gets to live the rest of her life being known as little more than "Side Ho to an adulterous potential-pedophile". I truly do hope her shittiness keeps her up at night.

No. 997888


I mean, she's making a craft on a livestream that currently has only like 150 people watching on Twitch. That's scraping the bottom of the barrel. Her rep took a huge hit, regardless of whether the DnD crew still associates with her

No. 997892

In terms of non-Critical Role D&D streams, 150 is a lot.

Shit like "D&D Communitea" and "DMsGuild Design Dash" are lucky if they get fifty.

No. 997898

File: 1593365680996.png (180.12 KB, 365x285, yogscast.PNG)

Nah 150 is still shit. Look at the Highrollers stream right now on the yogscast they have 6K+ right now. There are a lot of dnd streams with thousands of viewers

No. 997900

holly used to be legitimately famous, for her 150 subs is literal shit kek

No. 997914

This. Holly had +270,000 twitter followers, the love of the community, and was the rising star in DnD. Now the highlight of her career this year is making a craft -not playing DnD or even being interviewed- on some nothing charity fundraiser stream. Sure, she still has friends in the DnD community, but you can't say her career wasn't absolutely destroyed compared to where she started

No. 998009

And all for a guy. Geez. Being fun babies must be nice.

No. 998011

*trustfund babies

No. 998046

Yeah, especially when she was married to Ross and in the Grumps circle, she was liked by a lot of people who thought she was better than Suzy. Plus she was praised as as someone who was pansexual (at the time) and a gamer, so she had fans for that too. Pretty sure a lot of those same people are no longer around to praise her for anything anymore.

No. 998061

I wonder what her next label will be, i feel like asexual is kind of out of fashion. Transness is VERY in, but going full male would be committing too much, so my money's on nonbinary woman she/they

No. 998065

I was just getting ready to say that. With the listing of her pronouns, it wouldn't at all surprise me to see a desperate pride month grab of "I've decided to come out as NonBinary". Her and Jared's new fanbase will eat her alive, as transphobic they all are.

No. 998076

She had the she/they on her Twitter bio before she revamped and tried to ape Heidi's forest witchy stuff before going back to a Strix catchphrase.

No. 998114

File: 1593386161115.jpg (352.79 KB, 1080x1331, Ew.jpg)

Regardless of all the other shit Holly and Jared did, I hate how they hurt Ross. I still see comments like this and it's so gross that people rub it in his face that Holly left him for Jared. Leave the guy alone!

No. 998116


I wonder if Jared's little comment earlier was about him?

No. 998122


Even worse will be the Jared stans coming in to say "It wasn't cheating because Ross was ok with it!"

No. 998125


Wait, were Jared and Holly making fun of Ross? What the hell?


The worst part is that Holly and all of their central group of stans are probably actually victims of Jared, too.

They're all nice people who are being manipulated by their compassion. Holly is someone with a clear savior complex who seems to feel emotions way too much sometimes.

Doesn't change the fact that they're also hurting other people by trying to silence any conversation about Jared's behavior in the past.

No. 998127

According to Holly's PULL thread, she didn't seem all that nice to begin with. She did some pretty crappy things and hurt people before ever even getting with Jared.

No. 998132

Yep, she tried to gaslight people who had negative experiences with the Heroes of Cosplay production and swindled a cancer survivor out of like two grand that was paid up-front for a cosplay piece.

No. 998154

> Wait, were Jared and Holly making fun of Ross? What the hell?
Probably a mix of 1.) fear that him being vested in drama might mean him being comfortable with getting into drama himself and possibly speaking up and 2.) wanting to subtly undermine him in case he does come forward he'll already be a little discredited.

not saying that ross is into drama, but i think if holly and jared were smart they would fear him a bit since he can easily debunk their whole web of lies, and they tend to react to people they can't control very poorly and illogically.

No. 998209

Jared and Holly are living together. They're both registered to the same address.

No. 998214

Well thank god Ross upgraded to a well adjusted high value woman that treats him well and with respect instead of some embarrassing pick me.

It'd be a shame if he actually took that jab to heart.

No. 998224


Been trying to tell people this lol, they've been living together for a year. But what do you mean by "registered"?

No. 998230

Pretty ironic that the guy who had all the financial power in his last relationship and used it to manipulate his partner is now in the opposite position.

I hope he enjoys Holly holding him hostage by the purse strings AND all the dirt she'll screech across the internet if he ever tries to leave.

No. 998235

His auto insurance, and ID are all registered to the same address.

No. 998240


Imagine sharing the home you own with your sex pest boyfriend who won't even acknowledge you in his twitch streams and pretends you aren't together online. For free.

No. 998263

No wonder Jared seems so dead inside kek

No. 998285

File: 1593404260174.jpg (465.36 KB, 1355x1581, 1037460173.jpg)

But he still openly associates with the equally toxic/talentless storytime animators.

Ross is a great guy and talented animator, it's a shame he spent months on his latest cartoon could barely get 300k views but STAs can shit out their "animations" almost constantly (mind you Jaiden/James hire animators now, so it's not even their work!) and break well over a million views easily.

No. 998338

How come JaidenAnimations is considered toxic? I don't mean to defend her just curious to what happened.

No. 998345

File: 1593408645559.png (298.48 KB, 1820x833, 5983476.png)

>But he still openly associates with […] talentless storytime animators
>he spent months on his latest cartoon could barely get 300k views but STAs can shit out their "animations" almost constantly (mind you Jaiden/James hire animators now, so it's not even their work!)

So the guy who busts his ass to make his art high quality is also the one who enjoys the company of the ones who laze around and put no effort in. and you're mad because…? If he wants to hang out with people who don't try as hard as him, who gives a shit.

I'm interested in those toxicity receipts though. Assuming you're not pic related, that is.

No. 998349

File: 1593409228918.png (1.64 MB, 1012x928, hellodarknessmyoldfriend.png)

>No wonder Jared seems so dead inside kek
Good thing Holly saved him from that sooper dooper abusive relationship! Look at how much he's thriving by her side! wow.

No. 998365

Holy shit!

No. 998377

>auto insurance
i didn’t know insurance was considered public record. is that a US thing?

No. 998390

Yo, I hate Jared and Hoelly as much as the next person but isn't it kind of fucking creepy to be looking into someone's auto insurance, ID, and home address?

No. 998451

Yes, it is. I don't even know where anon'd be finding that info.

No. 998455


Unless that anon has access to a database that we don't, I would place my bets on "made up proof to sound right".

No. 998456

While I find it 100% believable that they live together, I am hesitant to believe that anon's claims on where they found it.

No. 998457

Does it even matter if they live together or not?
Doesn't really change anything about their relationship, does it

No. 998462

Beyond enjoying the mental image of Holly’s birds shitting all over Jared’s game collection and filming setup while he tries to hide their relationship online, I personally don’t really care what their living situation is.

No. 998469


Yeah I'm not buying it. IF he did move in she must have sacraficed a big room for him so he could have his game collection/set plus his streaming set up. We all saw her house in that apartment tour thing she did, there really isnt much room

No. 998472

File: 1593430280274.png (4.95 KB, 773x78, 2020-06-29_07h29_32.png)

The place has a basement, that wasn't shown off in the tour.

Entirely possible Holly just wasn't using it, and Jared set up down there.

Where he belongs, with the rats.

No. 998476

kek, she's exactly that kind of sjw

No. 998484

File: 1593432459892.jpg (765.33 KB, 808x2849, Bruh.jpg)

What the fuck is wrong with Geraldo

No. 998511

what does STA mean?

No. 998522

also nonbinary woman is the perfect label for those cis chicks who didnt enjoy playing with dolls and hate pink and in their minds this means they have gender dysphoria lmao.

why am i not suprised she was already a she/they

No. 998525


I was thinking about how she had she/they in her profile because yesterday i hopped in her part of that dnd stream and it said she/her by her name for pronouns so maybe she realised that people wont be happy with her pretending shes nonbinary for clout

No. 998573

Storytime animators.

A new breed of animation that began to take over in the late 2010s. Traditional newgrounds style animations (i.e. the ones made by Arin Hanson/Egoraptor), could go viral in youtube in the late 00s but in the early 2010s the algorithim shifted to favor minutes watched/upload frequency. Luckily for the talentless STAs, their form requires little effort (especially since they are able to hire animators now…) and can be produced in a short time frame.

No. 998593

File: 1593448019591.jpeg (220.9 KB, 1263x325, 1828BC97-AB0A-4849-92BA-284548…)

Jesus, Jared is more of a pussy than the fucking cat is.

No. 998640


Gasp, Aries abused Jared too!

I'm honestly just really glad jared didnt try to keep Aries. I know he was Heidi's cat before she ever got with Jared but I wouldn't put it past him to claim that Heidi was too unstable to take care of him

No. 998642

I stg if i had a "fan" like this I'd be investing in a handy dandy restraining order
She does this on both Jared's and Holly's crap, it would be borderline psychotic if it weren't so pathetic lol

No. 998645


Inb4 Jared gets all "I never like that furball anyway!" & attempts a photo-op with Mojo.

Speaking of, I wonder how Holly's cat & birds respond to his presence, if they actually do live together…

No. 998646


…Or he'll just claim that Heidi abuses her cat too…

No. 998648


…Didn't Jared disapprove of Charlie & Chai sharing art/fics of GG ships?

No. 998652

Yep. One of his biggest arguments to their unreliability as "victims" was that they were creating lots of GG fan content, along with commissions. He considered it a sign of them being mentally unwell and thus couldn't be trusted.

No. 998680

And yet Jared was all for fans drawing art of him and Holly's DnD smut and him as a succubus, does he think they're mentally unstable too? Or is it only cool when it benefits him?

No. 998683


> Or is it only cool when it benefits him?

Jared and Holly in a nutshell.

No. 998684


Obviously the latter. It's no surprise he encourages this behavior & only judges it when it makes him look bad.

No. 998686


Honestly I think Holly rewarding her with friendship has made her double down with her fangirling. Her and her husband honestly seem to think they are influencers in their own right just for being SUCH big fans of two Z list youtubers. She has learned this past year that if she defends and replies to everything they post that they might give her a crumb of acknowledgement

No. 998688

Her and her husband have gone on a couple of “nature hikes” with Hoelly so it’s not like they’re 100% wrong

No. 998689


Has anyone ever called Jared out for queerbaiting? He has been doing it for years now

No. 998694

it's not queer baiting because gay men have enough self respect to not be attracted to the lowest of the low like him. apparently he is great for holly though, so good for her.

No. 998703

I don't think saying "this is beautiful" about a fanart image of oneself is queerbaiting simply because it includes his "persona" or himself kissing a fictional male character. Jared isn't pretending to be sexually attracted to anyone who presents as male or another gender identity.

I hate Jared as much as the next person, but unless there is evidence that isn't complimenting fanart for fan points, I don't think queerbaiting is something that is applicable to him.

No. 998759

Wasn't there a time when he was encouraging people to draw gay Asagao fanart though?

No. 998783

1) he's a real person and therefore cannot "queerbait" anyone into believing he can decide on a whim to bang dudes for representation
2) he could be bi/pan. In my heart od hearts i want to believe the rumor of him coming too son in a threesome with two other guys lol

No. 998789

straight men can queerbait

No. 998804

Yeah ofc they can, but queerbait what? That in the season finale of the projared show he's going to make out with austin cograve aka pbgamer?
He's a real person, not fiction

No. 998956

File: 1593485907388.jpg (157.37 KB, 1080x417, Screenshot_20200629-225755_Chr…)

More of the annoying bad brain day dialect… please I'm begging them just speak normally and not all uwu

No. 998971


Old news and I don't want this dude getting any more attention, but what are the odds that sadoldmagician got mad that nobody paid attention to his "ask a pj2 mod" tumblr that he made the heidiofans one to openly attack Heidi while pretending he's still on Holly's "be kind" brigade?

No. 998976


i don't care if she calls it "a bwainy wainy booboo" as long as she stops positioning herself as some kind of a mental health expert.

No. 999030

Bold of you to assume she'd stop doing that.

No. 999086

This is just screaming of desperation for asspats. Why else would you announce to the world when you're having a "bad brain day"? Just log off like any other human being with an ounce of self control.

No. 999088

This is the woman who less than six months after having to check herself into a mental hospital, thought it appropriate to try and sell mental health tips on patreon. I don't think she'll stop fancying herself as some kind of expert any time soon.

No. 999134

File: 1593513904593.jpg (218.82 KB, 1080x839, Lol.jpg)

Apparently bad brain days mean searching your own name

No. 999142


Holly has a weird narc issue where she needs to be an expert in everything she does. Cosplay, Dnd, mental health, mushrooms, conspiracies. She can't simply participate, she has to make "courses" or youtube explanation videos. Even her twitter posts can come off as bossy. She'll never stop.

No. 999163

Andnot because of thoughts of self-harm or suicide….
But because she needed to hide from the mean internet.

No. 999576

File: 1593549089887.jpeg (517.28 KB, 1296x795, 1CD4EA93-C2C0-4AE7-B454-876DE6…)

Oh, fuck off, Hoelly. You belonged just fine until you defended your sex pets of a boy toy that may or may not be a pedo. Not surprised to see her #1 stan right there, ready with the asspats

No. 999613

Boohoo, the D&D community doesn’t like that you openly support sex pests who use their status in the D&D community to prey on and sexually exploit fans and players. How intolerant of them!

No. 999639

You guys know the Hi Namesearcher account is just a meme and doesn't magically know when people search their name on twitter right? It's just a bot that picks a name at random from their list and inserts it into one of their prewritten tweets. If you look back at its timestamps you can see it tweets at the same times every day, like most bots.

There's no way to find out what other users search on twitter. People get outed as namesearchers (or searching some other phrase) based on interacting with tweets they likely wouldn't have seen otherwise, or other incriminating behavior.

No. 999659

Considering Hoelly has admitted before that she looks up negative tweets about her as a form of self harm, the bot - albeit random - isn't that far off.

No. 999665

Oh yeah, their list of names (linked in their bio) is of people who are known namesearchers, I just wanted to point out that the bot's tweets don't really mean anything/aren't milky.

No. 999702

You're right, but it's funny because Holly blocked the bot and its almost become a meme within itself

No. 999796

File: 1593557482771.jpg (463.13 KB, 1080x1480, Screenshot_20200630-184930_Chr…)

In Holly's likes

She really does have a hard on for people rightfully getting cancelled, huh? Not at all surprised that she feels bad for Shane, tbh I'm just surprised she hasnt openly come out in support of him since she loves trash men with pedophilic tendencies

No. 999800

It's funny because TRS latched onto Holly HARD specifically because of his own hang-ups with cancel culture.

In other words, one of the targets of his shitty drama channel masquerading as a mental health channel clapped back at him and he couldn't handle the backlash.

No. 999832

Really? Hadeel is IN the inner circle, she's in the Friday Ravenloft game on the official WOTC channel, which is produced by the D&D social media manager. She's about as "in" with the community as one can get without being officially involved in game or adventure design.
Freakin' drama queens…

No. 999970


Honestly I think Holly just sees the word "cancelled" and stops there, I dont think she reads into anything besides the fact that she found a fellow victim uwu

Still so funny that she tries to make herself out to be the big "cancelled victim" of the drama when Jared AND Heidi had it wayyyyyyy worse than she did. Yeah she got lots of shit but it was nothing compared to what the other two got and still get. I bet it annoys jared hearing her whine about it

No. 999978

File: 1593567042811.jpg (103.19 KB, 1080x748, 20200630_212852.jpg)

Didnt she say she wasnt Asexual like she thought she was because Jared awoken feelings that she, an adult married woman, had never felt before?

No. 999992

Maybe a tiny bit, but he probably still thinks Holly got it worst than his ex, because in their eyes Heidi is nothing but an evil vindictive harpy who the internet wrongfully sided with.

No. 1000006

actually the demi flag not the asexual flag

please give up holly, you make this scene worse

No. 1000307

lol, isn't this the "I'm straight but want to be included ''sexuality''"

No. 1000333

no no, it's its own special lgbtqa+ label, NORMIES are horndogs who want to bone the first person who comes their way and think about sex CONSTANTLY, demisexuals ONLY want to experience MAKING LOVE to one person after getting to know them and developing feelings; see, totally a unique experience exclusive to them

No. 1000341

i literally never heard of an explanation of demisexuality that would actually make it sound like it's its own thing instead of just people making shit up so they can be included in the lgbt+ community. i don't get why she just doesn't go back to pan if she wants that, is she so repulsed by women she can't even lie about past crushes to get a pass?

No. 1000343

that's the thing, i don't think she's lying on anything she's saying, she wholeheartedly believes all of this shit, when you spend so much time on the internet you start to.
Oh, sometimes i think women are kind of hot? must be bi.
The honeymoon phase passed VERY quickly with my ex and i had no intention of having sex with him, and in the midst of this boredome rpg-sex with my male married friend made me wet? well, i'm falling in love with my friend so i must be demi.

No. 1000428

File: 1593617918433.jpg (134.16 KB, 1080x423, Screenshot_20200701-113815_Chr…)

Who do you think Jared was thinking of when he liked this tweet?

No. 1000432

"My ex was suicidal once and it was totally a manipulative tactic, and my own behavior and mistreatment of her had absolutely nothing to do with it!"

No. 1000456


What gets me is that Heidi literally tweeted last summer at Holly that she had seen all the texts Holly had sent Jared saying she would kill herself if Jared didnt leave Heidi

No. 1000460

File: 1593621746960.jpeg (529.99 KB, 1305x780, 9FBC9F64-BB83-43FB-9281-536AEB…)

Fucking oof.

No. 1000475

I really gotta praise Heidi for not backing down from speaking her truth on the matter, despite multiple people acting like SHE'S completely in the wrong.

No. 1000533

File: 1593630573834.png (124.85 KB, 720x359, 20200701_150727.png)

The whole thread explains quite a lot, tbh.

No. 1000535

File: 1593630651819.png (226.51 KB, 720x872, 20200701_150543.png)

No. 1000540

kek she's absolutely right i'm sick of seeing polyamory considered LGBT

No. 1000543

File: 1593630901777.jpg (239.13 KB, 1080x706, 20200701_150931.jpg)


Jared seems to sexually identify as polyamorous. "I didnt cheat on my wife, but I did tell her that I refused to close our relationship because I decided that my identity is being polyamorous"

Like someone said last thread, Jared's biggest advantage is all the fake news about how their poly relationship worked. His fans think that she opened it just to bang a bunch of black dudes but didn't want him doing the same thing. In reality she gave it a shot and decided it wasnt for her, she shouldn't be antagonized for changing her mind. People are allowed to revoke consent

Also like Heidi said he didnt ask for a divorce until months after she wanted to close the relationship. He didnt say "if we can not have an open relationship then I will have to end this because that is what I want" instead he lied to her for months about having agreed to closing it and guilted her for requesting him do so while he had multiple physical affairs and a serious emotional one

Also I'm sorry but with how much of a jealous pick me Holly is there is NO WAY that she will be okay with polyamory. I know that the "anonymous source" scarlet moth told the petition owner months ago that Holly and Ross had an open relationship (they also said that that their marriage was abusive for HOLLY, think about that) but there is no fucking way. She claims to be demisexual yet is in a relationship with a sex addict who identifies sexually as polyamorous. I'm sure their relationship will end sooooo great

No. 1000546

Many of the replies said it best; Jared just wanted a haram

No. 1000547

File: 1593631314844.png (308.82 KB, 720x937, 20200701_151602.png)

There it is; the reason she went public with all of this.

No. 1000571

Heidi is beyond criticism post #6,595

No. 1000572

Legitimately no one has said she is beyond criticism - She has said as much herself. The difference between her and Hoelly is that she recognizes she did wrong; Holly still, to date, has refused to accept that she's fucked up at all.

No. 1000577

>I know that the "anonymous source" scarlet moth told the petition owner months ago that Holly and Ross had an open relationship (they also said that that their marriage was abusive for HOLLY, think about that)

Yeah I did, and that's a load of bull. Ross was in therapy and super depressed for MONTHS after the divorce. He would stick up for Holly whenever she was wronged and said so many times of how she loved her. Unless they both hid his abuse really well or the extent of the abuse was "annoys her in a childish way", that'd have to be other way around.

No. 1000582

You called someone an asshole for giving a legitimate criticism, albeit in a shitty way. So yes, that equates to "Heidi is beyond criticism".

She could have made this take without implying that people who identify as "poly" are in the wrong.

No. 1000584

Deleted the post b/c it's just some rando attempting to argue semantics with Heidi.
My apologies.

No. 1000585

Well, I didn't do that, so okay. If you're going to attack Heidi for apparently making cold takes about poly, I should see you going after every single person who has called Heidi a whore who broke off poly because she was jealous that Jared was getting laid.

No. 1000591

Have you seen anyone say that criticisms of those people are unwarranted here? No? Then you know I agree with that.

But nice whataboutism, trying to avoid admitting it was a bad take, I see. You know, that whole "beyond criticism" thing I mentioned before, it really seems like you're trying to justify that.

No. 1000593


>Ross was in therapy and super depressed for MONTHS after the divorce

I saw many Jared+Holly stans telling people that Ross "seemed happy after the divorce", & then I remember exactly this & I fucking see red, because they're trying to rewrite & sugarcoat everything for those less familiar.

No. 1000641


Jolly stans think that Ross is their #1 shipper. Fucking delusional

No. 1000877

They really weaponized his "leave me out of this".

Also, it's Hored not Jolly.

No. 1000922

it makes me so mad that they turned him into a cuck, as if he was super cool with 'his wifes boyfriend' and they just got away with it. Good on him for staying out of it though, otherwise they would've painted him into an abuser too.

No. 1000980

I still think there was some truth to the insinuation they were an open couple and he would fuck around, esp if she was using the excuse of being asexual to never have sex w him.
Then again it would be an heidi situation, poly doesnt mean "i do the fuck i want and you have to be ok w it" and holly still breached his trust by dumping his ass for a turd with googly eyes glued on top lol

No. 1001033


Yeah but in the texts between Holly and Heidi she literally told Heidi that Ross was okay with her hooking up with women but not men, and that was AFTER her and Jared's infamous walk and she called Heidi abusive for revoking consent

No. 1001042

This. It always got me how Holly said "Oh, I'm going to tell him everything" to Heidi about Ross when like, he's the FIRST person you should have told - not your boyfriend or boyfriend's wife.

No. 1001068


Especially because it wasnt "I'll tell him" it was "I'll tell him after we are all at our mutual friends party next week" I feel like she just wanted more time to sext rp with Jared before Ross potentially cut it out

Maybe Holly told Moth that Ross was abusive for the same reasons Heidi was; he said no

Also does anyone know the date of those messages/the walk/when shit went down? I wonder if the DCA episode following it was awkward or weird between those two. Also when are we gonna get a DCA Hored cringe compilation lmao

No. 1001081


Obviously tinfoil, but here's a theory about how the events might fit together:

- Holly and Jared confess their feelings Feb 2018 during their "walk"
- according to Heidi's stream, Holly and Jared immediately begin explicitly sexting before Ross is even aware that Holly wants to be poly
- Heidi gets mad, revokes consent for this reason
- Holly calls Heidi abusive for getting mad and raising her voice. Jared is pissed by this accusation and tells Heidi
- Holly slithers in with the "I thought you would hate me because you're sooo nice and pretty" apology. Holly promises to tell Ross what's going on, after an upcoming party
- Instead of saying, "I love Jared but not you" to Ross, she instead tells him that Jared is being abused by Heidi and she's soooooo worried and they need to get involved
- Ross is then manipulated into visiting and supporting Jared because he thinks this is an abuse issue and not just them setting him up to be chucked. Allegedly tells Jared about Holly's history of abusing him but "it's better now" so he just wants to support a friend who is supposedly going through the same experience
- Jared, having how heard from two "concerned friends", tells Heidi that Ross is on his side and that they are all just concerned about her abusing him
- Heidi begins feeling confused and isolated as Holy successfully triangulates the issue and begins adding more minions to the "save Jared from Heidi" campaign.

Most of this info was given in Heidi's tell-all stream, but the real tinfoil is Ross' missing perspective. This is just an idea about what might have happened to justify Ross supposedly "supporting and visiting Jared" early in the drama, but later completely withdrawing and supporting no other players.

No. 1001084

This timeline is innacurate.

>- according to Heidi's stream, Holly and Jared immediately begin explicitly sexting before Ross is even aware that Holly wants to be poly

>- Heidi gets mad, revokes consent for this reason

Heidi revoked consent the day after the walk and said it was related to them not answering their phones that night. It had nothing to do with Ross being informed from what Heidi said in the text that day telling Jared he wasn't allowed to go after Holly.

No. 1001089


+ plus they had been sexting before the walk, just under the guise of "Strix and Diath rp", and didnt Heidi say they were planning on banging in costume without Ross knowing?

No. 1001106


Disagres, watch Heidi's stream again


Yes, and she mentioned in the stream that the costume sexting happened between the walk and before Ross was informed, which was the final straw (or maybe one of them)

No. 1001129

I don’t know if she ever clarified what the “last straw” was, but the lack of communication during the walk definitely freaked her out, but the decision that they couldn’t be poly anymore stemmed from the general lack of communication and respect for the married partners involved

No. 1001145

File: 1593718789351.png (354.14 KB, 532x1296, No mention of Ross.png)

This is what she talked about the next day, and all of their stories line up saying that she asked to end the poly arrangement that day.

No. 1001169

File: 1593720514542.png (40.99 KB, 584x378, falsememories.png)

>"your twisted false memories"

Well, that's a new one.

No. 1001182

The messages in this screenshot actually line up with Holly's accusations of abuse, according to the video at 46:00. The abuse accusation was a direct result of the convo where Heidi revoked consent and yelled at Holly (38:10). All these events happened back to back so it's easy to confuse the order.

Explanation of the walk starts at 37:00. She goes on to mention that they didn't even know if Holly and Ross had an open marriage until that point.

48:30 she starts mentioning Holly's marriage

"Another disclaimer – I have no idea what his experience was like, I can't speak for him… all I know was that I watched Holly taking advantage of a situation that had not been cleared with all parties"

51:00 "I said no before he had an opportunity to say yes"

51:37 - she mentions the reason she yelled at them was because they were explicitly talking about banging in costume before Holly had a convo with Ross about opening their marriage. "If you'll do it to another person in this situation then you'll do it to me. And that is the point where I pulled the plug"

55:15 "so it's actually this day that she accused me of abuse"

It's a complex situation to explain and she gets ahead of herself at points and has to clarify or go back in the explanation timeline. Just watch it though.

No. 1001192

Moth? Who's Moth?

No. 1001194


ScarletMoth, one of Holly's fans/friends

No. 1001246


Shes also the "anon" source that went to the petition owner last summer before Jared's video came out. She claimed to be a former twitch mod of his who had sent nudes and sexted him before despite being asexual and said that Holly's claims of Heidi's abuse were accurate, that Ross had know about and supported Hared, and that Holly and Ross's marriage was abusive for Holly at times. She shared personal texts between herself and Holly with the petition owner to post but Holly reached out to him herself to ask him not to share them

No. 1001294


She also pretends like she knows Ross personally, despite Ross never talking to her personally.

No. 1001314

Someone should ask Melissa how those memories are false. I'm genuinely curious about her logic in this one.

No. 1001332

funny, considering Ross doesn't follow Moth (or unfollowed her?) I have no doubt Holly told Moth all that though, considering she thinks everybody who doesn't asspat her blindly is abusive.

No. 1001334

She's also another abuser enabler like Holly, she basically cancelled her RPG game when she announced delays due to "technical difficulties" that turned out to be one player quitting because another player had let an abuser go scot-free elsewhere.

Birds of a feather.

No. 1001343


I just cant imagine it doesnt freak Holly out knowing all these mutual friends of hers fucked/sexted Jared explicitly

No. 1001357

Poor Heidi. This shit must have been so frustrating to deal with. Jared is trash

No. 1001373

Ross and Heidi were following Moth until they were informed she was the "anonymous" mod who tried to act like Ross and Heidi were the abusers.

No. 1001494


It's sad how many people on Hared's sides reasoning is "Well, Holly told me!"

No. 1001498

File: 1593786260087.png (120.81 KB, 720x718, 20200703_101514.png)

Context: Recently, many 'top players' in the competitive gaming scene were accused & confirmed to have been grooming and/or having sex with underage fans/players

No. 1001499

File: 1593786385726.png (120.77 KB, 720x654, 20200703_101433.png)


…And I'm glad someone actually pointed out how familiar these recent incidents are with this whole thing.

No. 1001504

Any time now the "he didn't get them ALL back!!" brigade should storm into this guy's replies. I just don't get it - Even if you don't believe Heidi, he STILL used his fame to get fans to send him nudes and fucked AT LEAST one of the fans at a con where he was supposed to be working, not getting his rocks off.

No. 1001549


Honestly I wonder what the alternate timeline is if Heidi had stayed silent about her abuse and Jared got the easy divorce he wanted. DCA would be going strong, him and Holly would probably be offical now, and in this moment in gaming culture he would be getting cancelled like everyone else is.

No. 1001552

With how things are going today, Heidi probably didn't even need to say anything in hindsight.
Although she'd probably snap from Jared's stans begging her to defend him despite being divorced from him.

No. 1001555

File: 1593794026357.png (234.29 KB, 720x801, 20200703_123138.png)


This person voices a similar concern:

>"I'll never forgive gamer fandoms for having no moral backbone"

It's also a good reminder that 'mob mentality' works both ways.

No. 1001557

File: 1593794226597.png (207.97 KB, 720x840, 20200703_123644.png)

Louder for the people in the back!

No. 1001579


Jared is just lucky that his scandal was at a time where no other influencers were facing those consequences, and he is also lucky that he got a huge anti feminist group of men to circle jerk about "false accusations" in his name

No. 1001584

File: 1593797895158.jpg (334.04 KB, 1440x1661, 73716161.jpg)

>Jared is just lucky that his scandal was at a time where no other influencers were facing those consequences

No. 1001600

Oh hell, I could STILL see some of the more idiotic stans try this when his skeezy predatory behavior happens again. "Please, Heidi - you have to still have love for him SOMEWHERE! You kNow he wouldn't do this!"

No. 1001683


I meant for fanfucking gamers, but fair point

No. 1002078


If/when that that happens, all Heidi needs to say is "Oh, now you want me to speak up?"
& literally nothing else.

No. 1002331

File: 1593914638976.jpg (1.21 MB, 1229x2325, 271HDHEH1836.jpg)

No. 1002336

Assuming it was about Ben? the editor making sexual jokes about Jacob Sartorious or whatever and implying he had his nudes
Jacob being a minor

No. 1002381

Someone in the replies is trying yo get the dan scandal going, bless her soul. That is one tower i feel like will never topple, everyone loves that singing toilet brush too much

No. 1002423

I really don't get why people like him, even besides his creepiness his showmanship is lacking. He is stupid, unfunny, boring, and doesn't even play games 90% of the time.

No. 1002425

He bounces off of arin well, but for sure his appeal is the "big brother" vibe, reassuring and sweet. You often forget he's a 40 y/o, he really sounds and acts like a goofy dude pushing 30.

I dont particularly like his singing either, he may have perfect pitch but when he hits those notes he becomes so nasaly i cant stand it.

No. 1002429

yo this board is a fuck but i'm here and i'm the real life brother of Chai so AMA faggots

No. 1002430

Proof or gtfo fag

No. 1002431

believe me or don't. i'm just interested to find a whole year long chan thread chain about my family.

No. 1002433

Sure ill bite. How your sibling doing? Are they telling the truth re jared, swapping nudes while chai was a minor?

No. 1002434

100%. i'll start off by saying that despite the memory loss he suffers as a result of the axonal brain trauma, he's still trustworthy for major details and would not lie about this to gain anything. he's been an egobang stan since i introduced him to game grumps as a preteen. there's not much else that needs saying there really.

No. 1002435

File: 1593940556962.jpeg (493.21 KB, 1301x841, 730A00A7-BF88-4991-916F-F60AAA…)

Holly “Be kind and positive!” Cumrag, everyone

No. 1002472


Did he go into hiding because of pressure from outsiders? I feel like a lot of people take that as some kind of admission of guilt, even though to my mind it obviously isn't.

Also, did he ever contact anyone else who was affected by Jared besides Charlie? If so, do they have any plans to come forward with more information in the future?

I hate that Jared used your brother as a scapegoat to make his case. I'd love to see him get some justice, but I don't know how to support him.

No. 1002480

Holly, is this healing?

No. 1002494

So on top of not having proof of being his brother, you dont have proof he actually swapped nudes with jared after disclosing he was underage?

Sure, jan.

Tbh the most unbelievable part of chai swapping nudes is that he looks not at all like what jared likes lol. No offence but he looks like a chubby little boy and so far theres no indication that was what jared's into. That's the major reason why i do believe that if chai wasnt straight up lying, was either exaggerating or delusional.

No. 1002497


I'm not the brother. I'm someone asking the brother questions. Sorry if that was confusing. I have no idea if his brother has any info about the nudes, that's why I was curious.

And I don't think we can tell based on how the person looks. Heidi and Holly are two very different people, for example. It could also have been a power dynamic thing more than just a desire for nudes of a specific type.

No. 1002509

Yeah, "i'm the real life brother of chai" is a real vague statement, along with responding in first person, of course im the one who read it wrong /s

Im bored and i want to believe you but you lost me at a brother who doesnt find at all odd his little 11 y/o sister (at the time) ships egobang, later comes out as trans and exchanges nudes with a grown man

No. 1002531

I think you replied to the wrong post there.

No. 1002537

Lol you're right, my b

No. 1002641


Remember, Jared seems to have a fetish for vulnerability.

A disabled kid with self-esteem/body-image issues would seem like a perfect target for someone like him.

No. 1002651


Exactly this. It's about power, not attraction.

Reminds me of Shane Dawson constantly making edgy remarks and asking fans to twerk for him etc. It's not realistic that he's individually whacking it to every single person. It's about the power he feels that he can make them do something embarrassing.

No. 1002653

Where do you get the "fetish" for vulnerability? From the reliable proof we have he surely likes to be the one in control and be adored, so he bangs fans, but none of the girls that spoke up and released infos said anything about him specifically singling them out because they were in a frail state of mind.

I don't like Jared, he abused his power and i am 100% sure he'd do it again if it wasnt for the scandal, but so far he doesnt look like a full on predator.

Dan, on the other hand……. That i could believe

No. 1002712


I recall Heidi saying something in her video along the lines of Jared being the type to look for 'broken' girls, & that she was one of those when they met.

No. 1002718

Holly's "insecure" nudes she sent to Jared was likely her playing to that type for him.

No. 1002771


For sure, and Holly makes sure that everyone & their mother know about her "fucked up childhood"

No. 1002814


I think it's less "I like insecure people" and more "I like that insecure people are more likely to sext/fuck me for validation"

No. 1002827

I seriously doubt this person has any connection to chai, but I have heard from a few sources of hat Chai stopped posting because he was being pursued legally by Jared and most likely couldn’t afford a lawyer/ his family made him go silent out of fear.

No. 1002858

File: 1593995442100.png (26.29 KB, 580x236, clout.png)

OT, but relevant

No. 1003019

Jesus can you imagine having a kid so stupid he ends up joining a bandwagon for attention and maybe donations and then the guy rightly so retaliates and you have to pay for legal fees

No. 1003029

File: 1594023466429.jpg (57.54 KB, 750x697, a4c.jpg)

Thanks for reminding me of this savage burn.

No. 1003048

You're clearly unfamiliar with a SLAPP.

No. 1003064

True, youre right.
Still dont believe chai was telling the truth, with the amount of underage fans the guy had i find it weird that only a couple (not even girls) came forward with no substantial proof.
Didnt one claim to maybe have misremembered and ooops my bad guys?

No. 1003065

Chai and Charlie are trans/NB so physically they were female when they submitted the stuff.
There was also the account on Reddit but that's the one I actually doubt.

No. 1003069

So i was trying to refresh my memory re chai&charlie and i ended up on the JHH truth blog (i know it's pro-projared trash, but it's well organized lol), and i read about what a Lying Cunt Heidi really is, because she threatened Jared and by extension all of NB careers for revenge!!! …. With what, if she was lying and jared is perfectly innocent of all his wrongdoings? Cheating is scummy, but not illegal. But sure, heidi is the lying bitch, SURELY jared never did ANYTHING remotely dodgy that would sink both his and NB boats…

No. 1003072


> "Your twisted false memories"

That my friends, is gaslighting.

No. 1003100


Yeah but anon, gaslighting isn't aboose if Holly or her whiteknights do it! The only aboose comes from Heidi and her scary yells after being gaslighted

No. 1003215

Most people do, since the one on reddit was very "FUCK JARED" until he reached out to them and then magically it was "He's misunderstood, you guys"

No. 1003219


>"FUCK JARED" until he reached out to them and then magically it was "He's misunderstood, you guys"

You can not convince me that Jared simply 'reaching out' caused that one to flip so quickly.

No. 1003228

Well, he either "reached" out by banging her with that curved worm dick one more time, or he threatened her with a defamation lawsuit too. We won't know until he missteps and we end up going through this all over again.

No. 1003240

No, not Unogirl.

There was another account, ProJBurnerAccount, that claimed to be underage and that Jared knew that fact.

That one is a less believable than other accounts because of how many perversr revelations Jared supposedly told them compared to anything anyone else came forward with.
It's the source of the "standing naked in front of his window" and "prematurely ejaculated during a threesome with two men" claims.

No. 1003253

Ah, I think I must've had the two confused. Yeah, that one is still not widely believed because what dude is going to admit to cumming too soon during a threesome, let alone a gay threesome when he wasn't openly out?

No. 1003260


Didn't they just post & dip though?
I don't remember seeing anything else from them afterwards.

No. 1003262

File: 1594071633296.png (42.04 KB, 588x410, imchoosingkindness.png)

No. 1003264

Pretty much - They dipped when they started pushing that bullshit Jared/Heidi truth blog and DanTheMan started hyping the info that he never did release since Holly asked him not to.

No. 1003266

Never forget that Holly admitted that she only started saying Heidi was abusive after Heidi yelled at her on the phone for fucking PedoWorm. Heidi was abusive for being angry, but Hoelly was just the poor mistreated saint.

No. 1003267


Yup, they posted and claimed all this stuff and then never again. Even their receipts were dubious.

At least Charlie had some screenshots even if they did lie about their age.
Point is he shouldn’t have been asking for nudes from fans of any age which would have stopped him from receiving underage ones.

It’s especially gross that he used the body positivity guise to weed out the fans he thought were attractive so he could message them further for sexting/con meet ups vs telling the “ugly” fans good job and then ghosting them.

No. 1003268

File: 1594071832058.png (40.58 KB, 586x358, thanksguys.png)


Jeez, tell me something I didn't already know, Heidi!

No. 1003272

She's been talking about them a lot lately. She needs to take a vacation from thinking about them.

No. 1003277

File: 1594072758140.png (129.89 KB, 588x606, butheboughtheracar.png)


(see pic)


There's been a lot of controversy going around involving popular Youtubers/Gamers/etc predating on their fans and/or abusing people lately.
I think that people should take a second look at this whole situation & what Jared has done to improve himself one year later (besides insisting that he's the victim).

No. 1003279

"I bought you a car, Heidi. You can't be upset with me. It's like a rule or something."

For fricks sake, you buy shit for the ones you care for out of the goodness of your heart, not to use to prove some point when you fuck up. I feel like 95% of his fans have never been in a stable and loving relationship if they think this is a good excuse to not be mad.

No. 1003280

I love that the tool brings up Jared buying her a car like (A) it's unusual for a husband to buy his wife things and (B) it's unusual for the partner with the bigger and/or sole income to purchase shit like that. Considering he offered her the car as more of a "hush shut the fuck up pls" thing…

No. 1003282

There is a subreddit called rantgrumps that is basically trying to ruin game grumps over this, who have been bringing it up repeatedly. They clearly are blowing things out of proportion because they just want the show to die. His tweets were stupid bullshit jokes but this whole situation has been the worst side of the cancel culture. Cancel Jared and a million other people over their shit, but this situation is just stupid.

No. 1003283

Given Ben posted an apology about it, I think the grumps agree that his comments were inappropriate.

No. 1003289


I'm pretty sure he owed her a car since they shared one and he was leaving her. If he told her he wanted to be her financial provider he doesnt get to act high and mighty when she needs necessities for living on her own

No. 1003309

He "bought her a car" in the sense that she used their shared bank account to pay for it, I'm pretty sure she clarified that part.

No. 1003375


ben is an adult man in his 20s or 30s who sent harassing messages to a kid to send nudes. and then his gut reaction when people found out about it was to get mad and block people pointing it out instead of reflecting on it and being like "yeah okay i can see why that wasn't the best move."

joke or not, the whole thing is fucking weird. i'm past the point of giving randos the benefit of a doubt. there are better editors out there that also don't send creepy messages to minors for "fun." i'm failing to see how telling a kid to share nudes is humorous but then again i'd be hard-pressed to find a time in which i could consider anything ben has done as "funny."

No. 1003432

It’s clear to me that it was meant as a joke, since it was tweeted publicly, and repeatedly. It’s certainly not appropriate and isn’t funny, but it was meant as a joke, and the intent is what really matters in this situation.
That said, the more important issue in my mind is what it says about everyone involved. Why does Ben think it’s okay to joke like that? Why does Arin think it’s okay to keep him on as editor?
I think people trying to cancel GG over this are ridiculous, but in my opinion Arin should fire Ben. It’s really not a good look at this point. Like you said, there are many people who could edit, and Ben isn’t even that good.
I’m sure Arin doesn’t want to cave to pressure, but at this point he really should for the sake of his brand. Even if the controversy is unnecessary, it’s bad for business.
I just don’t understand. GG is a Company. Ben is not their friend. Just send him on his way.

No. 1003481

huh, maybe it's because i LOATHED supermega's style of editing and all of their fuckups, but i really enjoy ben's, it's non intrusive and most of the time a fun easter egg to find (well, ok, mostly it's dick jokes but you know, GG aint high art).
The true king was og Barry, hope he's doing ok.

>> I just don’t understand. GG is a Company. Ben is not their friend. Just send him on his way.

it's the same reason why it was Arin apologizing for GG, instead of the corporate GG account: GG's appeal is the "two big brothers playing games with you", right, sure they scream and cuss a lot but they're also "sweet" and positive and they are the bestest friends! Everyone at GG is a friend! I bet that if GG were to fire Ben, people would make it an absolute nightmare for Arin and maybe giving a second chance to an edgelord is better than the headache that would entile

No. 1003508

I think because she finally signed the divorce papers recently she can talk about it a lot more freely.

No. 1003516

File: 1594117023817.png (1.13 MB, 1080x2220, sketch-1594117028826.png)



I think arin is a bit soft-hearted and felt like it would be unkind to fire someone whose mom just died. I don't agree with that decision but it sounds like Arin. It's only a matter of time before other creepy stuff Ben has done/said comes to light and he gets let go. Like he posted creepy tweets to/about a minor for 4 years! That means he started when jacob was 13. Who in their right mind thinks that's ok? And funny at that? At best he just looks like he is weirdly obsessed with a teenage boy. There has to be other edgelord attempts at humor floating around.

No. 1003526

Amazing that a guy with "penis" in his twitter handle is a dick lol

Damn what an edgelord. Who is this jacob sartorius guy? Why does he keep trolling him?

No. 1003543

File: 1594124957513.png (48.66 KB, 586x662, power.png)

>"When you give someone the power to do what they've always wanted to do, then you see exactly what they've always wanted to do."

No. 1003544

File: 1594126363065.png (44.72 KB, 586x630, sendnudes2.png)

Friendly reminder that people really should re-think the whole "Projared is innocent!" thing…

No. 1003553

The only people who still believe that PedoDick did nothing wrong are going to keep believing it until he GROSSLY goes over the line (as in literally fucks a minor or something) or attacks one of their other favorites. If they don't believe he did wrong by now, they're not likely to change their minds.

No. 1003578

File: 1594132814209.jpg (484.84 KB, 1078x1358, Screenshot_20200707-103929_Chr…)


I'd like to say that the only people who support/believe Jared are completely uneducated on what actually happened and only picked up bits and pieces from the memes, but unfortunately plenty of his fans know everything and just dont care

Also, did anyone else see Holly's new insta post? Thoughts?

No. 1003579

"I'm the victim! Poor me! Mean comics were drawn about me which is worse than abuse and gaslighting. Also don't forget that I had to see clown emojis. I am always the real victim, poor me."

No. 1003582

File: 1594133030812.png (5.02 KB, 322x140, descisions.png)


Best reply I've seen to that post so far

No. 1003587

Thoughts? It's just more of Hoelly's "Boo hoo me, I'm not like other girls, pls tell me I'm the prettier one!" bullshit. Making dramatic posts like that on insta and once again alluding to the drama scream insecurity and "please give me asspats". It's desperate, and it's fucking ridiculous for a grown ass 30+ year old woman.

No. 1003588

I also love that she mentions the people on the internet who claim to be "kind and tolerant" when that is literally her entire schtick - "#BeKind unless I want to fuck your husband and then you're an abusive, mentally ill, unfixable cunt"

No. 1003590

I hate that women are judged by their appearance, not their content, but that is the way of society and media, Holly. You chose a career that involves being visible, and yeah, people are going to evaluate you based on your appearance.

Definitely the best response. Holly can look like a sack of potatoes or a supermodel; it's her actions that make her disgusting.

No. 1003610


Especially since before the drama no one would call her unattractive even if that's what they believed, because she seemed really sweet and that would be fucked up. But now that everyone knows shes a huge piece of shit then what's holding them back?

No. 1003638


…uh, did she post this before or after Heidi posted about feeling pretty for the first time in a while?

No. 1003646


After, of course

"Oh, you felt ugly after your husband left you for me and made you feel like shit for a year+? Well what about ME"

No. 1003650


>After, of course

Oh god, the whole 'skinwalker' thing just keeps becoming more believable by the day, doesn't it?

No. 1003656

Imagine being with someone this fucking negative. I'm beginning to think she's an emotional vampire.

That's some passive aggressive skill right there. Holly is a one upper. Comes with the "pick me" types.

No. 1003682


"Comics" there was one comic, that shadman one that you had liked, Holly. If you dont know who shadman is ask your boytoy Jared, I guarantee he is a fan

No. 1003720

You know it just kills her inside that a vast majority of people agreed that Heidi was way more attractive and Jared was downgrading.

She does have a haggard face but her attitude has made her look 100 times more hideous. Even she is far too physically attractive to be with Jared though. He looks like a fucking monster. They are probably close to equals on the personality spectrum though.

No. 1003737


Love how she writes this post in a pseudo-confessional tone so that her audience feels totally connected to her insecurities… then she's gotta optimize that shit for maximum interactions at the end! Like share and tag someone that inspires you!!!

No. 1003739

Exactly - It's essentially begging her stans to comfort her and tell her how pretty she is hidden behind more of her "#bekind!" shit. She's also got comments limited so the only ones you see are the ones from her adoring stans, no one else.

No. 1003740

>it's essentially begging her stans to comfort her and tell her how pretty she is
And Heidi's post is different because…?

No. 1003749


Tbh I think Heidi is way out of Jared's league and that he is way out of Holly's league. Atleast he (somehow) has confidence

No. 1003753

Wtf kind of childish take is this? this serves nothing, and is pathetic. Jared and Holly are ugly personalities that just want to protect their precious internet image instead of owning up to their abuses of power and protections of those that abuse their power

No. 1003761


Probably expecting people to say she's their source for fashion, or she is just running out of ideas to rip off from other fashion lines.

No. 1003768

Because Heidi doesn’t typically mention self confidence issues. Hoelly has pretty much made a living off of “uwu not like other girls”. It’s also fucking creepy since her fuckbuddy used body confidence as a cover for his potentially pedophilic nude blogs

No. 1003769

File: 1594160665014.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1343x2048, 650ED08E-8578-48BE-9BE2-6B78AF…)

Holly back on that “I’m so sad, look how depressed I am guys” train

No. 1003770

I find it weird that she seems to be saying she was confident with a great self-image until the drama. She's always seemed somewhat insecure (almost everyone is, it's not a bad thing), especially with her upset around the 'prettier' femshep and intentionally choosing to play and portray herself as conventionally ugly characters - e.g. trash witch. It just feels wrong that she's writing this post about her insecurities and essentially saying 'This whole issue has made me hate how I look' as if she didn't have issues with her appearance in the first place.

Maybe I'm being overly critical or reading it wrong but it just feels disingenuous to me. If she'd said that it had made her feel worse, I'd understand wholeheartedly, but to imply it only stems from the drama feels like yet another attempt to make people feel bad for disliking her.

No. 1003783

lmao we knew she'd blame Heidi for any of Jared's current issues, but now it's even funnier that she's pinning the blame for HER personal problems as well.
She's been facetuning the shit out of her eye and cheek bags even before she targeted Heidi. Compared to the pics where she smooths out almost everything, she looks like a completely different person.

No. 1003791


Tbh I dont doubt she was insecure because I mean look at her. If you watch any of her streams she is always hunched over and nervously chewing on her hands. Plus she was doing DnD shows with very classically gorgeous women like Anna or Erika Ishi

I'm sure she has always been insecure- or atleast since her Ross divorce- but the one thing that kept her going was knowing that Jared picked HER, but now that everyone knows about her fuckery and roasts her it became a lot worse

No. 1003795


>but the one thing that kept her going was knowing that Jared picked HER

Which makes it pretty funny now that we know Jared only picked her because Anna wasn't available…

No. 1003796

File: 1594168865817.png (194.88 KB, 880x551, um.png)

Hey Unsolved Mysteries, I've got an idea for your next season!

It's the mystery of how this bitch still has any clout.

No. 1003809

I knew we'd get this. It feels honest, when your husband is fucking everything that moves and leaves you for another woman, to feel unattractive. Plus, Holly is a pity party, while Heidi is saying "I'm okay, I like this."

No. 1003844

If you knew this was coming you could have at least prepared an actual answer, in stead of a deflection.

No. 1003849

It's not deflecting to point out that Holly just HAD to drop a "woe is me, my body is ugly" post like MAYBE 24 hours after her fuckbuddy's now-ex-wife (whom he left for her) posted one about feeling pretty - that's just acknowledging the truth. Heidi was being authentic about her struggled, Holly was doing it to prove that she still has it worse and to get her stans to rush to her defense. Anyone with two iq points can see that Hoelly is still stuck in some sort of weird competition with Heidi, despite the fact that she got her end game of being with PedoDick and getting Heidi out of the picture.

No. 1003873

File: 1594198508738.jpg (34.95 KB, 628x248, delusions.JPG)

How does he not get that he's Amber Heard in this situation?

No. 1003895

not surprising that in a situation like heard/depp where so far the proof about heard abuse are verbal while depp are well documented of him drinking and throwing bottles and being violent against her, he'd side with depp and take his word at face value

No. 1003898

Those two situations are not even comparable. Stop.

No. 1003907


The guy wishes he was Jonny Depp.

No. 1003908

File: 1594208477397.png (378.68 KB, 720x802, 20200708_074040.png)

Now they can be together lol

No. 1003910


Personally, I think Sky Williams can be more comparable to Holly in that he's the enabler in this situation…

No. 1003913


The Amber/Johnny situation becoming so public must have been Jared's wet dream. Now he can just vaguely insinuate that they are the same without having to explain himself or justify his own behavior.

No. 1003914

File: 1594209869055.png (279.46 KB, 584x1320, skyissorry2.png)


I hope the folks in the replies also see that he was (predictably) one of the ones who flipped after watching Jared's video.

Must've hit too close to home I guess…

No. 1003916

File: 1594210103633.png (40.72 KB, 584x386, skyisnotsorry.png)


…And not without taking a swipe at Chai, no less.

No. 1003921

Incel MRAs always love this case cause they can rage out at Amber Heard as much as they want to at real victims and use her as a scapegoat for why other women are lying. He's pandering to his fanbase well. It's been over a year now, so these incels aren't just Jared's new demographic but his demographic.

The thing that always gets me about anyone who reacted positively to Jared's video or anything he and Holly have said about the nudes situation since is that it's boggling there are all these grown adults who think the response of a gown man upon finding out that he's accidentally been sexually involved with minors should be anything but to examine how that happened. He needed to apologize for taking advantage of his fans, and talk about ways to change his behavior that he could be held accountable to follow through on. Instead people want to accept the scraps of "lol yeah i got off to the nudes but they said they were 18 checkmate I beat cancel culture."

No. 1003923

File: 1594212213771.png (160.37 KB, 588x602, jaredlikedthat1.png)

No. 1003934

Most of the women championing Me Too have been exposed as liars/projecting their own issues onto their partners for a shred of clout but ok(bait)

No. 1003938

File: 1594215032716.png (187.46 KB, 600x676, thread.png)

A good thread:

>"…Saying “Don’t pick on Heidi” then “It’s all her fault.” He was manipulative and disgusting.

Yeah, pretty much.

No. 1003984

Nice bait, fuck off

No. 1004002

Why do all well known youtube predators have that weird "I'm a goldfish with bulbous eyeballs pointing in two directions and dead inside" look?
An anon in another thread pointed out Shane's eyes looking like Onision and now I can't stop noticing it.

No. 1004009

Too many of them have roots in Innsmouth?

No. 1004079

It's still funny how Anna and Nate were cheating on their partners at roughly the same time as Holly and Jared did, but there wasn't any major drama because everyone involved managed to act like an adult.

No. 1004151

Man, it's almost like ending the relationship and not soliciting your fanbase for nudes and not trying to paint the spouse as an abusive harpy and doing things like a goddamn adult when you're in your 30s means you can avoid a WOTC blacklist and career-ending drama.

No. 1004202

She probably would have said no, too. Jared looks like an eldritch horror.

Kek, pretty much this.

No. 1004216

i hate the replies on this post, it's just uninformed kids and shitty neck beards parroting that jared did nothing wrong.

No. 1004255

Those are the same people who wouldn't hesitate to call someone else out for doing the EXACT same thing, if Jared started the call out. The blind, "we stan" mentality of D&D neckbeards is just ridiculous.

No. 1004268

File: 1594251296069.jpg (255.99 KB, 1055x728, Screenshot_20200708-193342_Twi…)

Sage for no milk.

Someone is spamming this at Jared and I am screaming.

No. 1004273

Lmao at the anon on /ot/ currently exchanging nudes with this bird looking ass dude.


No. 1004322

Exactly what Jared wants.
"Nothing more to see here! Nope! Nothing to reconsider!"

No. 1004335


>Jared looks like an eldritch horror.

I guess that's what Holly sees in him.

No. 1004397

Just checked, if it's true then that's fucking hilarious!

He sure is a 'changed man'! lmao

No. 1004420


Probably what he's gonna have to do in a year or so when his receding hair moves him from a Spoony to a Doug Walker.

No. 1004449

To be a "changed man", he'd have to recognize that he did anything wrong in the first place - something he has not fully done in the year since it all came out.

No. 1004586

Well i hope anon leaks that shit lol

No. 1004605

If they are living together do you think Holly ever walks in on him jacking off to a prettier girls nudes then goes on twitter to 'self-harm'. Thats the bed shes made for herself.

No. 1004615

I feel like she's been depressed lately because she's realizing Heidi's truthbombs about Jared not staying monogamous are becoming reality. She's probably spiralling. Like Lainey, she doesn't want to give Heidi or the ~haters the satisfaction of laughing at her stupid ass so she's going to blame the backlash last year for why she's feeling insecure. She thought Heidi was the only obstacle to overcome but she didn't realize when a man gets with his mistress, it only creates a vacancy.

No. 1004901

File: 1594334156572.jpg (722.3 KB, 1047x1065, 123r.jpg)

How has no one posted this yet?

No. 1004904

hahahaha holy shit jared looks like he'd rather be anywhere else. That 1000 yard stare.

No. 1004906

>>1004901 The face that launched a thousand ships… In the opposite direction

No. 1004908

What's drier: their skin, that beach, or me after seeing this pic?

No. 1004909


Does Holly use foundation that's way too yellow-toned for her, or is that her legitimate skin tone?

No. 1004911

Man, how much more hipster can you get than drinking Angry Orchard, eating Wheat Thins, on a beach in the middle of a global pandemic with the woman you destroyed your life to fuck?

No. 1004918

I didn't realize GeraldoGuacamole was MtF.

Holly looks like she smeared clay all over her face.

No. 1004930

>Ben's editing is non intrusive
His thumbnails were so bad GG had to apologize for them bc the reddit was so pissed about how clickbaity they were and so weird you couldn't even tell what series they were. And this wasn't a GG decision since Matt and Ryan confirmed the editors make the thumbnails
tbh he seems like a tryhard edgy guy who thought working with GG would get him a pass on anything. His editing is non intrusive bc he has nothing to contribute humor wise

No. 1004932


Not a mask in sight. Common sense is just non-existent. They all deserve each other

No. 1004936

inb4 holly takes people pointing out their lack of masks as a personal attack

No. 1004938


Pretty sure that's her legit skin tone. She's been getting more and more yellowish over the last few years.

No. 1004940

Jesus, Holly looks like a slab of ham from that angle.

No. 1004945

The jaundice is kicking in.

No. 1004968


Thanks, I hate it!

Is anyone else bothered by the fact that being their hardcore stans has earned them double dating privileges? He says he understands why his nude blog was wrong because of the power advantage then turns around and becomes BFFs with his two biggest defenders who literally still tweet at Heidi whenever she mentions her trauma

Is this the most PDA we have ever seen out of Hored?

No. 1004970

"Come on fans! Tell me we look cute together!!!"

Jared looks so tired & defeated lmao, you just know she's wearing the pants in this relationship!

No. 1004972


And just as I predicted, it's all her!
Jared just sits there & takes it, which is not at all what he hated about his previous relationship! /s

No. 1004973

So, just out of curiosity, who's ig is this from?

No. 1004976

File: 1594344506442.png (406.89 KB, 470x696, wannajoinmyfreegiftcardgiveawa…)

Gotta get those clicks elsewhere I guess…

No. 1004977

Jared looks completely dead inside. I'm sure it crosses his mind often that just a few short years ago he had a hot cosplay wife and was able to exchanges nudes and fuck younger women. Now he is stuck with a crazy person who probably constantly asks him for validation and reassurance. And he can't leave her because his career is dead and he can't afford to live in Seattle without her.

Truly what he deserves.

No. 1004978

File: 1594344675380.jpg (55.83 KB, 943x509, gjcfcj - Copy.JPG)

No. 1004979

Supposedly according to /ot/ there's still some chumps still dumb enough to keep exchanging nudes with this pest.

No. 1004981

More like gotta send those dicks elsewhere. I fully expect him to learn nothing and get inappropriate on insta.

No. 1004982

File: 1594344805704.png (53.55 KB, 476x656, 10yrsolder.png)


Also lmao at the thirsty fan in the replies

No. 1004984

I just checked the instagram post with this same photo. He fucking tags the clothing brands and labels it as #mensfashion. Does he seriously think this is a good look?

Which thread is it in?

No. 1004985

File: 1594345060785.png (16.04 KB, 468x210, reminder.png)


Gotta love how his fans keep bringing it up

No. 1004986

kek, underrated comment

Absolutely their skin btw, they are aging terribly.

No. 1004987

File: 1594345573372.png (6.98 KB, 474x170, sadoldfart.png)


Look at SadOldMasturbation making the Holly-face!

Speaking of…(see pic)

That's not very 'Kind' of you bud, you should listen to your wife's words:


No. 1004989

File: 1594345941759.png (925.92 KB, 958x618, gerardoinsta.png)


Nvm I found it.
Of course it's from GeraldoGuacamole's Instagram…

No. 1004999

Do you think theyre all fucking each other yet? Bets on geraldo being the next Heidi for holly cumrag to villainize and be jealous of.

No. 1005004


Well, she is a lot easier on the eyes compared to Granny-Conrad.

No. 1005006


I can just smell this photo…

No. 1005009

Confessions thread.

No. 1005010


Follow me on Instagram so you can see me post my hate comments I get and pose for self pity pictures!

No. 1005014

He can also limit the comments there, whereas on twitter, you really can't stop people from point out your….short comings (short of blocking them, but if you do that, how will you play the victim??)

No. 1005021

Is she? She looks like a dude to me.

No. 1005026

Also just a huge fan of the fact that they couldn't just take the picture and have it to enjoy amongst themselves; No, they had to immediately slap it onto instagram because how else would the world know that they were apparently all besties now?

No. 1005038

Ah, gotcha. Im not a GG fan in the sense i am on the subreddit so i had no idea. Clickbait thumbnails are a youtube truism so i understand where he would come from by opting for those instead of a recognizable series format, but i do agree that sometimes i didnt even understand what game it was supposed to be lol. I dunno, i personally found more annoying the many many screw ups supermega did, like leaving the editing jokes hanging ("hey matt, do this thing!" And then nothing, not even a joke answer) or audio sections repeating or missing entirely. I know they were overworked but, eh.

No. 1005039

Hored as a couple name is great, it sounds like a Shera villain ahah

No. 1005071


I don't think the person on the left is GG. You can find pictures of her that she's posted on her twitter and she looks nothing like that person.

Also man, Jared does not look healthy… It looks like the life force is literally being sucked out of him.

Has he ever genuinely smiled before? I feel like I've never seen that. It's always either a smirk, an angry face, or a goofy picture. I don't think I've ever seen any of his expressions reach his eyes.

No. 1005107

I don't think he has since all of this blew up last year. It seems like he barely smiles since he's been with Hoelly and Hoelly has been looking like she's one pearl clutch away from being on her deathbed. But misery loves company and they both deserve to be miserable together after the shit they did.

But they do snort pigeon and bird poop left on their bed on the daily so it could be that too.

No. 1005130


It looks like Holly saw the camera and immediately leaned onto him to make sure everyone knows they are in love uwu, he looks surprised and annoyed

No. 1005136


Yeah, Holly comes off as very handsy, & Jared often looks uncomfortable.
I'm starting to understand the whole 'boundary issues' thing now…

But it's okay for a woman to completely disregard a man's personal space after all! /s

No. 1005140

Well of course. The internet has to know that she won.

No. 1005145

File: 1594394533572.png (358.57 KB, 893x822, anonpls.PNG)

No. 1005146

File: 1594394630471.png (157.39 KB, 860x528, anonpls2.PNG)

And then there's here the anon said it was still ongoing for those who didn't see it in the other thread.

No. 1005147


As much as I want to believe this there is no proof, not even blurred out messages or anything

I love the idea of him still doing this while he is living in Holly's home, talk about Karma

No. 1005152

Agreed. With no proof I can still believe it. You can't teach an old dog new tricks, and ProSkinnyPenis has been consistently looking worse for wear. Even in his streams he gets pretty gloomy and defensive out of nowhere. Hoelly is not his happily ever after unless she is as depraved as he is underneath at all. Doubt it, though. She boring.

No. 1005159

We definitely have to take it with a grain of salt until she posts some proof, yeah. If it's true though, I wonder if it'd really be secret from Holly or if she's given him her permission to keep creeping online prove that she's such a cool girl and not like his stuck up ex wife!!1

No. 1005181


I mean Holly knew more about the nudes/fan fucking then Heidi did. Heidi even said in her tell-all video that when she found Jared's old phone and all him and Holly's messages that they had discussed it at length

It's so weird to me… clearly shes insanely jealous, but only of Heidi and not all the hot egirls?

No. 1005189


>>hot egirls

Where anon

No. 1005195


I assume that since he was using his blog to filter out the ugly people and find the hot ones to sext that he was messaging hot egirls

No. 1005197


I think you are overestimating how hot they are

No. 1005208

Look at who he's stuck with of late.

No. 1005209

I’m guessing more attractive than hoelly not that that is very high in standards. Anyone normal looking. He was going for much younger girls and for whatever reason decided to piss that all away for granny Conrad.

No. 1005215

it's fair to be skeptical, but i could understand why she wouldn't post blurred out messages if it were true. op seems to want to keep it going and holly obviously lurks here and would cry to jared about it until they cross references the screen shots and texts and outed op

again not saying it's true just possible.

i think the dnd fame and fantasy made up for her looks. iirc quite a few of the girls who admitted to sexting him were pretty cute.

i wonder if jared thinks of these people as friends at all or if holly initiates all this shit and he just goes along. i know he abuses his fame for nudes from fans, but i can't imagine it's nearly as fun to hang out with creepy super fans he's not looking to fuck. they spend so much time harassing heidi on twitter, I wonder if that's what they talk about to him when they hang out.

No. 1005218

File: 1594403509133.jpeg (111.05 KB, 750x753, ronjonson.jpeg)

From PULL:

>"Even Jon Ronson who wrote the book on it is removing himself from the mess that anti cancel culture has become. Considering she tried to drag the poor guy into her mess I can’t imagine her being too happy about his recent tweets."

No. 1005222


it seems like he doesn't even know how to dress himself without heidi.

heidi mentioned that gifts were a love language for her and because of that she took a lot of clothes she gifted him back and sold them on her store shortly after the separation. they were nice pieces. a bit hipster-y but subdued. stuff an actual adult wouldn't mind wearing. now he looks like a slobby child.

No. 1005223


>Jon Ronson who wrote the book on it is removing himself from the mess that anti cancel culture

If you're talking about 'so you've been publicly shamed' it's not really anti cancel culture. Hell, I seem to remember a part where he exposes some guy who was stupid enough to talk to him after he digs up some dirt.

What I got from the book was 'never talk to cops OR journalists'.

No. 1005226


Honestly Holly was pretty cute before she Strixed herself. The black hair and witchy aesthetic combined with how much the drama aged her has made her look pretty terrible

Look at pictures of her with her colored hair during Heroes of Cosplay/Game Grumps, she certainly isnt gorgeous but she had a cute pixie girl thing going for sure

No. 1005229

File: 1594405390617.jpg (40.81 KB, 720x642, FB_IMG_1571384490381.jpg)


You hit the nail on the head there.

I'm the op from the confessions thread.

I thought I'd only get the obligatory love yourself girl reply.

I honestly didn't think it was that big a deal since I've said it's all consensual.

I'll probably keep sending nudes until I find someone but for now its just a little fun.

Plus I don't want to be harassed by Holly's demented fans

No. 1005230

He's taking fashion tips from fellow unrepentant sex pest and fashion victim Vic Mignogna.

No. 1005232


Hey nudeanon! Just curious, when did it all start? Were you already exchanging nudes with him before the divorce drama last year, or did that clue you in that he was willing?

I'm wondering if he ever took a break or if it's been pretty much continuous.

No. 1005233

Has he mentioned anything about Holly? Does she know anything?

No. 1005237


Honestly, I cannot speak for anyone else here, but texts with the date should be enough. You could censor your name
I want to know if Jared is actually changing his behavior.

>I don't want to be harassed by Holly's demented fans

I was going to type "You're anonymous, they can't touch you" but then I remembered that Holly doesn't give a shit about boundaries & probably grabs Jared's phone whenever she can…

Even though it would probably be better for Holly - the sooner she finds out Jared is just using her, the better.

No. 1005240

Jared probably has a second phone or something Holly doesn't know of where he keeps all this sort of stuff. He hid a ton of shit from Heidi and we have no reason to believe he's not doing the same to Holly.

No. 1005241

>Holly doesn't give a shit about boundaries & probably grabs Jared's phone whenever she can…

If that's the case there's no way she doesn't already know about what he and anon are up to.

It would go a long way to even post a screencap showing that you've talked to him at all. Leave out dates/times and your username and show that there has been an interaction, at least. Otherwise this really just sounds like you're trying to troll.

No. 1005242

Supposedly from what anon said (I think) this is on his main instagram account, which means it would be impossible to keep it off any phone she knows about without weirdly not having instagram on his primary phone, while she knows he uses it a lot.

No. 1005243


Started before the shit storm.
It was a gradual thing really just chatting then getting flirtier as time went on.

I'll be honest I took the lead and was quite flirty but it wasn't like straight up nudes after just saying hello.

I'm not sure if Hoelly knows and I don't know how many others there are so I'm not outing myself to the wolves.

I'll say this though I don't think he's really getting much at all from his hag I think things may be really boring in the bedroom.

Also I type like this because I'm on a phone with a tiny screen and I'm not wearing my contacts.

So apologies because some asshat was complaining in the confessions thread.

No. 1005244



Is this why he's in his best dressed noodle suit asking for people to join his instagram? It's his send nudes smuggle box.

No. 1005245


No, the date is still important as "4 hrs ago" can occur at any time or year.

No. 1005246

Anon is claiming to be afraid of repercussions, this would at least prove they have talked to him without giving any information they can use to find anon.

No. 1005247

Why ruin this soy milk? We know he's a sex addict so if she's trolling us who cares? Not like he isn't already ruined and likely to still be sharing nudes anyways.

What makes you say things are boring in the bedroom?

No. 1005259


I've dealt with poly couples that want a third and most of the time they're OK knowing about flirting and sex sessions but they don't want threesomes. That's just from the people I've dealt with.

You'd be surprised the majority of poly relationships that get dull very fast.

Judging from some of things that have been said between us he seems very keen to try and find girls that will be experimental.

Sex pests tend to go in great detail if they've had threesomes and like to compare notes.

I think he has banged a few fans but hasn't had luck finding people to do a group session.

No. 1005261

I saw one of his old fans who he traded nudes with claim that before he made his divorce announcement he tried to convince them that Heidi was crazy and abusive, possibly to keep in contact with him.

Did he do this with you, anon?

No. 1005262

so are you like holly and go after couples specifically? you sound dreadful

No. 1005263

>sex pest

Does he act like that with you? Does he come off as desperate? How do you feel about Heidi?

No. 1005264


Has he ever talked to you about Heidi and Holly?

Do you know if he actually moved in with Hoelly?

No. 1005265


No he never bad mouthed Heidi to me that might be one of the few redeeming traits.


Nope I don't go for couples it was an experiment to see if I'd fit in the lifestyle but it wasn't for me. Ended on good terms and it was consensual for all involved. We actually discuss and honor boundaries.

Also are there really people feeling sorry for Hoelly??

I thought lolcow would love the fact that she's getting some bad karma her way.


No actually just flirty and curious really.

I'm happy Heidi has removed herself from the shit storm and is thriving. I hope she can overcome the trauma and live her best life.
I sincerely hope that Hoelly's demented fans leave her alone. She made some mistakes but doesn't deserve the abuse.

No. 1005267

are you going to offer any hard evidence you actually had contact with him? all these anons desperate for anything they arent even questioning the legitimacy of this.

plus you also sound like a total asshole. flirting and sending nudes with him but blasting holly for it and sending your condolences to heidi?

No. 1005269


Thanks for sharing anon! I hope you don't get outed. Let Holly read this and have to wonder if it's true, try to guess who might be shit talking her, and pester Jared about the nudes lmao.

No. 1005274


I garuentee Holly lurks here still but not Jared, so there is no subtle way she can bring it up lmao

Not to mention a lot of her fans lurk here to (Hi Magician!) But something tells me they wouldn't wanna tell her that Jared is possibly cheating

No. 1005275

So have you been given any indication that Hoelly is OK with Jared exchanging nudes with you or do you think your relationship with Jared is a secret? I personally don't care, but I think it's a little funny that you congratulate yourself for being an ethical poly but are OK with a little e-cheating just because holly deserves it. (Though she totally does.)

In any case, would love to see a cap of Jared's name in your DMs with everything else censored out. surely you could manage that without pointing to who you are. And let's be real he is probably exchanging nudes with at least 2 or 3 other girls.

No. 1005276

Remember unogirl outing him because she was mad about getting ghosted? Then Jared messaged her and all was forgiven, and she was even received by the pj2 cult with open arms. Who knows, they might be sharing nudes to this day. You'll be fine if you spill.

No. 1005288

File: 1594412481789.png (42.41 KB, 640x228, ManipulativeAF.png)


Yup! IIRC Jared fucked her at a con the first time with Heidi knowing and being cool with it, then he kind of stopped talking to her, then he hit her up again WITHOUT Heidi knowing (while he was "with" Holly before the divorce), had rougher sex with her at another con, then ghosted her completely

My question is when he reached out to her again to have her switch sides did he get her to do it with manipulation or with legal threats?

What is so attractive about this man that he has this girl completely dickmatized

No. 1005298


Wait, so he wants to have a threesome with you and another person? I'm guessing he doesn't mean to include Holly in the group sex part of things.

Also, you seem like you really dislike Holly. Just curious, is there a reason for that?

No. 1005299

The reasons for a lot of the things they're saying are pretty clear, I'd say.

They're lying.

No. 1005301

Congrats nudeanon, you've attracted the Holly stans. They don't post often but they're aggressive and belligerently stupid when they do.

No. 1005303

This is an imageboard anon, do you see any actual images that back it up?

Or are you samefagging nudeanon to make your lie more convincing? Hmmm

No. 1005304


I'm actually not a holly stan, I'm just curious to be honest. But I'm sure it's only a matter of time until they find this thread.

No. 1005315

Is there a reason you don't know how to sage?

The Unogirl situation was so pathetic. He literally threw her away and forgot about her existence until he needed her, and she immediately ate it up. I wonder if she'll have a change of heart again when she realizes he only used her to clear his name. Maybe she is still sexting him though.

No. 1005323

Nudeanon should post blurred screenshots. Who cares if Holly gets pissed because she literally had it coming.

No. 1005326

As much as I don't want them in the thread doing it, I look forward to them shitting their pants over this just like Holly will.

No. 1005328


IF nudeanon isnt full of shit, either

A: Holly knows and is okay with it, which completely goes against what she said last year about how she had spoken with him about how it is wrong to have sexual interactions with fans


B: Holly doesn't know and will find out from what nudeanon has said already, it's not like they are talking in code, so why wouldn't they just post evidence? Are they worried that he will ghost them, do they want his skinny dick pics that bad?

No. 1005332

why is it that asking proof of anon thirsting over jared make people holly stans? you guys are retarded to accept a handful of easily made up posts that provide literally no info other than they are poly, jared fucks randos and sends nudes and holly is a crazy bitch. its all info that has been rehashed over and over and there has been nothing new accept some random polyfag saying they did something. christ you guys are gullible.

this bitch is lying.

No. 1005373

I agree this is way too easy to fake. It's amusing knowing Holly used to stalk these boards and may see someone saying Jared is swapping nudes with fans, but even then I don't think she'd care because at the end of the day she just hated Heidi.

Unless Jared got serious with someone else and dumped her or started ghosting her, Holly will still play cool girl for him and his sexting.

No. 1005383

File: 1594429353969.png (54.36 KB, 600x512, jared alax.png)

Forget Holly, Jared has a new soulmate in this 'cancelled' gamer who just made a very similar 'comeback' video one year after allegations were made against him

No. 1005418


> I'll say this though I don't think he's really getting much at all from his hag I think things may be really boring in the bedroom.

It's because they aren't Strix and Diath anymore

No. 1005432

The dumbest part is they could still be. There is literally fuck-all stopping them from gathering up friends and playing in a home game, or even setting up a regular streamed game on either of their channels.

But they're total narcs so it just won't be the same without the official D&D stamp of approval and Chris Perkins DMing and Anna stanning the ship and all the DCA stans worshipping them.

No. 1005436


Odds are, what's stopping them is the fact that Jared doesn't have his Diath outfit anymore. Hoelly probably just does the bare minimum cause it's not her real true love while Jared wants to get it over with to not look at her haggard O-face any longer.

I get Jared probably wants to keep their relationship as mysterious long as he can (are they or are they not, he will never tell! coy smile n shit) but honestly he should just flat out say what they are and get the backlash done and over with.

No. 1005437

File: 1594443525793.png (292.45 KB, 714x400, f21d13214a26532fd94aa9bd3c0170…)

Why is Jared dressed like a 12 year old boy from the early 2000's? Like the kid with the dumb little finger skateboards.

Gotta try to get your in with Z list internet celebs somehow.

Good ol Dennis system at work.

No. 1005449

Are you gonna post proof or not

At least learn to sage ffs

No. 1005458

Everybody needs to stop giving this anon attention until they post proof. It's so easy to sit behind a computer, hop on an imageboard and pretend you're recieving nudes from Jared to get attention from anons, and if that's what you're doing, get some self respect.
Not Hoelly stan, just sick of people LARPing as Jared's lover for internet points. Proof or gtfo

No. 1005469

who gives a shit if she's lying, it's the first real milk we've been given in month. if anything we should thank her for giving us hope lol

No. 1005470

"real milk" in the sense that at least i'm having fun speculating, not actual drama. maybe i'm just using these forums wrong

No. 1005482

Should we wait for proof? Sure - but it's not a stretch to imagine that someone who has already been caught running 7 nude blogs and snapchat accounts, sexting with fans, fucking at least one in person at a convention, has gone right back to doing it now that the main shitstorm has passed. He caught minimal ramifications from doing it the first time, there's even less to stop him now that Heidi is gone and Hoelly is about two seconds from pulling a GoneGirl on him.

No. 1005529

Not to mention that him directing fans from his twitter to his insta lines up if he i indeed using his insta account as a replacement for his porn blog and sliding in fans' dms with it. It's not like these ideas are coming out of nowhere, he's done these things before and has never been willing to take any responsibility for his actions or learn anything. If he thinks he's always been right he'd have no reason to stop being a sex pest because his incels will always tell him he's done no wrong.

No. 1005541

It's not even milk if there's no proof to back it up. And just because Jared is a fucknut who cant keep it in his pants, doesn't make it true, honestly. If we want real milk this anon has to give us proof. Speculation is not milk, otherwise we're just giving attention to a bored anon who wants to look special on an anonymous message board. I want milk as much as anybody else but this ain't it.

No. 1005573

File: 1594496581103.png (240.59 KB, 1268x660, Screenshot (6).png)

This caught my eye on /g/

No. 1005588

I hope someone posts proof. It’s not far fetched that he’d be using Instagram to swap nudes.

No. 1005590


Well that explains why he recently promoted his insta on Twitter

No. 1005604

File: 1594503927872.png (214.92 KB, 586x564, Fated_Oblivion.png)

Oh look, another fool to report…

No. 1005605

anon i don't like people calling heidi a bitch just as much as the next person but there's no point in name searching her just to get upset and reporting small accounts who don't matter at all.

No. 1005610

Actually believing he only slept with holly lmao. Jared was the one sleeping around and collecting nudes. He only settled for holly because of the scandal and even then its likely he’s back to soliciting nudes and trying to filter out the ones he wants to fuck.

No. 1005612


I just find it interesting how much these folks change up the narrative…

No. 1005613


That person sounds so resigned to their partner exchanging nudes with him. Wow.

No. 1005614


Imagine if you found out that your partner is chatting with… that

No. 1005625

Once again, Jared stans just switch the names up.
Heidi never even slept with another man!

No. 1005646

I love it when these people only use the narrative of "B-BUT SEXUAL INTERCOURSE!!"
Yeah, dumbfucks, believe what you want about who was having sext with how many people, Jared was exchanging nudes with multiple people online.

No. 1005663

Look hoes back

Taking bets on which other person in this series does Holly try to ruin the life of!

No. 1005665


lmao, she still gets work, but Jared's still blacklisted.
Bet Jared's so glad he brought her into the D&D scene now…

No. 1005673

Vampire the Masquerade is actually a really good fit for Holly, considering how she tries to be the real-life equivalent of a fishmalk!

No. 1005682


So is DnD presents just cancelled? Wtf ever happened to it

No. 1005683


It came out right before the Pandemic really took off, so that probably messed with their production somewhat.

No. 1005686

The D&D offices have been mostly closed and this was where Perkins was going to set up.
He's a boomer, he can't figure out how to use Zoom and stream all on his own from home.

No. 1005707


She's been a part of the Penny Arcade DnD side projects for years. It's just now they're trying to push for her come back to a community that's either forgotten about her or knows about her bullshit in the scandal. Which falls in line with the PA guys anyway because they're shit people who constantly prop up shit people.

No. 1005711


How long till Jared crashes a game of hers "on accident"

No. 1005713

There's a reason Jared blames Heidi for encouraging a relationship with Holly; It's because Jared doesn't really like Holly. Notice how he's never gushing about how much he appreciates her…

He's playing his cards more carefully. That way when things go south with Holly, he can just tell her it was all her & from what we've seen, he would be right.

No. 1005716


I do think that he did care for Holly during the affair, because come on he was literally dating her on the side according to Heidi's livestream

HOWEVER I think the think that made him care so much for her was DCA. They were forced to be together atleast once a week for the show so even when he did try to distance from her they still were hanging out for hours every Tuesday, not to mention the frequent trips to cons and events (without Heidi)

Besides that, they were OBSESSED with Strix and Diath, like insanely obsessed. They were roleplaying behind the scenes, writing smut for their characters, commissioning porn, both drawn and written. They also had a huge fanbase shipping Striath

But now with DCA being long dead, I could totally see present Jared not caring for Holly much now that the only thing interesting about her to him is gone

No. 1005717


Yeah, plus she was some easy-pussy for him.

No. 1005745

>someone who has already been caught running 7 nude blogs and snapchat accounts
Wondering if this is why anon can't show proof. Jared used lots of unrelated usernames on his sideblogs, since, you know, they were a secret. So unless they want to show conversations or pictures, which would immediately out them if Jared sees the leak, they have no way of showing us its really Jared.
But also, anon hasn't used this as an excuse, so this is just my hopeful tinfoil.

No. 1005773

underrated post, should have shopped Heidi's face onto Mac tho

No. 1005806

Im sure that she would be easily identifiable by jared if she leaks nudes, if he has half a brain he has started sending unique pics to his pen pals for just this purpose. Im sure it's not legal to divulge nudes without the consent of the other party, and she risks to be involved in fines at the very least. At least thats what i think. No idea what she could leak to let us know she aint full of shit, im relatively new to these types forum

No. 1005807

Everyone here talks a lot about how holly would go nuclear if she found out about his side pieces, but has she ever said that she was against poly? Didnt they discuss his fan-fucking in the text heidi found? I think that holly is jealous of jared as heidi was, as in she wants to be his primary, but doesnt particularly care if he sexts or bangs fans

No. 1005831


I think it has less to do with whether or not Holly approves of polyamory & more to do with Holly coming to terms with the fact that she's not Jared's one-and-only.
Remember, she did tell Heidi that she wanted Jared & only Jared. She might be 'cool' with it now, but she won't be when Jared's no longer available for her, because he'll be too busy with another member of his 'harem'.

No. 1005837

Yeah that's what i mean, SHE only wants jared, but she never gave any indication that she wanted HIM to be monogamous. I dunno, im very vanilla e not at all poly, but i guess i can see the difference between a fuckbuddy and a significant other, which is what holly wanted to be and heidi was opposed to

No. 1005846

File: 1594558490255.png (841.27 KB, 1200x600, EcmY3bCXYAYSVkc.png)


Guess which one is Holly's character.

Yes, the one that looks like recolored Strix

No. 1005847

i'm guessing the one hunched over but i'm going to say the dog for pun about "bitch" purposes

No. 1005851

Also what a coincidence that her "new" character has flaming red hair…..like a certain someone who happened to married to her fuckbuddy….the trend of trying to BECOME Heidi continues

No. 1005857


I feel like that's the only reason why she hasn't went ahead & dyed it red already.

No. 1005858

I think it was her plan to make a ginger character so she could dye her hair ginger without any questions… Even though its still about Heidi

No. 1005863

Well, yeah, she would definitely look for an excuse if/when she does it. Something along the lines of I've never had red hair before so I wanted to try it!" or "I just wanted to know what I'd look like with red hair! uwu"

No. 1005880

She has dyed it a similar shade of red before, and honestly it looked better on her than the haggard Strix black.

No. 1005888

File: 1594565730851.png (146.03 KB, 590x482, accountable.png)


No. 1005891

Except again, "getting it right" would imply that Hoelly has at any point accepted responsibility for ANYTHING from the last year and she hasn't. Every time she gets the chance to step up and say "Yeah, I fucked up, my bad", she pushes the blame onto anyone else. Hell, she'd roll on PedoDick in a heartbeat if it meant she didn't have to admit she was wrong.

No. 1005893

File: 1594566412990.png (23.12 KB, 590x174, publicshamingagain.png)

More "Stahp Public Shaming" retweets as well

No. 1005895

She lost any footing on the "Heidi publicly shamed me!" front when she started labeling people as unfixable abusers with BPD despite having no access to their medical records or any sort of psychology/psychiatry education. When are her and PedoDick going to realize that them bringing up what happened over and over again is why they haven't been able to move forward in their careers? It's hurting, not helping, at this point.

No. 1005901


Reminds me of how Heidi "slutshamed" Holly by simply saying that she had sex with her husband and sexted him nudes

But Holly posting private sexual texts that Heidi had sent to her own husband? Not sluthshaming at all, nope, just evidence of how aboosive Heidi was for… also partaking in their open marriage

No. 1005902

Apparently it was slutshaming to say that Hoelly looked insecure in the nudes she sent Jared, despite the fact that Hoelly herself has said god knows how many times that she's insecure and has issues with being confident in her body. Nah bitch, slutshaming is sharing someone else's explicit messages to their husband and trying to use that as a gotcha. Nevermind the fact that Hoelly released messages between Jared and Heidi that she herself was not a part of, potentially breaking the law

No. 1005907


And then she turned around and said that Heidi releasing all her texts after Jared's video was manipulative and evil

Atleast Heidi was actually part of the conversations she shared

Also the messages Holly shared were not at all incriminating lol literally just Heidi being flirty with her own husband, who had consented to the relationship shes talking about? What a slut. Besides we know how much of a sex pest Jared is, you really think that those messages made him uncomfortable when he was showing all his fan nudes to Heidi and showing her uno girl before he left their hotel room to go fuck her? If Jared DID have a problem with it then hes just a huge fucking hypocrite lmao

My guess is that Holly was so jealous when she saw them that she saw them as way worse than they were

No. 1005908


Don't forget that Holly had the gall to bring up the legal consequences of revenge porn earlier in that very same thread.

No. 1005910


I think it just kills her knowing that Heidi still has all the messages she and Jared had sent on his old phone. Of course Heidi won't post them, but knowing that she has them at all eats Holly up inside

No. 1005916

File: 1594570363122.jpg (165.35 KB, 1080x436, 20200712_121152.jpg)


If she's cool with it then she is a total lying piece of shit

No. 1005929


I know everyone thinks it’s Gangrel (or “Dogfood” (the red haired one)) but Holly even confirmed that she plays the Toreador “wine aunt” aka Elizabeth so it’s the one all the way on the right.

No. 1005952

White people all have the same stupid opinions on public shaming. They never get this incensed about racist trolls.

No Holly your shitty BLM pennant doesn't count.

No. 1005985


Interesting, considering the former looks exactly like Holly

No. 1006011

File: 1594583370294.jpg (26.2 KB, 617x195, lol.JPG)

I feel like this is part of the problem. So many abusive people still do good things like donating money to charities. But doing good things doesn't mean you never have to face the bad things you've done.

No. 1006019

Poor decisions is dying your hair black when you're pale so that you end up looking like a washed out heroin addict - not willfully and knowingly exchanging nudes on a platform frequented by minors, indulging in sexual conversation with said fans, and then fucking at least one of them in a hotel room. Unless he tripped and fell dick first into random fans vagina, that wasn't an accident.

No. 1006020

Yes, let's ignore the blatant gaslighting, manipulation, and abuse of power, jared and focus on what you've done right, which is……what again?

No. 1006027


He defeated cancel culture! Epic gamer moment

Also isnt Eugenia's tweet in defence of Shane Dawson? I'm sure he and Holly are both very sympathetic towards him right now, knowing their judge of character

No. 1006077

God she looks like she aged 10 years since her last DCA appearance. I dont know if it's that abusers or white people or both that age like milk, but dang karma hurt this one bad

No. 1006103


Remember DaddyOFive?
I remember when they were being called out for child abuse they'd complain about how "everyone's focusing on the bad parts instead of all the good moments…"
Just more textbook abusive behavior, tbh.

No. 1006172

Surprised at the comments not ripping into her more. Then again it has so few views that the like ratio isnt even half yet.

No. 1006175

She has always said publicly that she disapproves of the nude exchange. I might go search for her tweet in previous threads, but she pretty much implied Jared was in a bad place because of Heidi and with HER (Holly), she can finally start working on getting Jared better. She's an utter fraud. That's why I wanted to milk the fuck outta the anon saying she was still exchanging nudes with Jared. Because you know it would drive Holly crazy and probably start realizing she isn't going to "save" Jared from being a sexpest. In the end, Holly is going to get trolled and we'll just have taken what anon said with a grain of salt while knowing that nudes are still being exchanged anyways.

No. 1006182

I doubt if anybody was actually exchanging nudes with Jared, they'd come here to gloat about him. I anon was just bored and wanted attention. No doubt hoelly is still going to get played by the man where, but I'd still take it all with a grain of salt without proof

No. 1006204

She looks mad that she isn't playing Strix in something.

Even with only 20 comments the Jared WKs immediately come out of the woodwork to defend him.

No. 1006255

I'm surprised that they're still coming here to white knight seeing that they have PJ2, KF, and now Heidi onlyfans blog.

No. 1006271

she looks like shes on the verge of tears and is the most haggard i've seen her yet

No. 1006274

File: 1594624365197.png (1.07 MB, 1248x663, courtofcups.png)

Honestly, this seems like such a huge drop from DCA. Holly is by far the biggest "celebrity" on the show with the biggest following. Jasmine, the host, has a small following and the rest might as well be random people off the internet. I suppose beggars can't be choosers though and she's desperate to get back on whatever show will take her?

Still funny in comparison to seeing Anna and Chris getting booked for things like >>987130

No. 1006276

>Still funny in comparison to seeing Anna and Chris getting booked for things like >>987130
christ almighty i forgot about this. how depressing that must be for holly lmao i wonder if she resents the two of them for getting away with cheating but she couldn't

No. 1006277

That's the kicker - Her and Jared absolutely could've gotten away with cheating on their respective spouses too if they had just learned to keep their mouths shut until they were in the clear. Instead, neither one could (or would) wait until their divorces were finalized, and Jared just HAD to try and paint his separation from Heidi as mutual. I'm willing to bet that if it hadn't blown up at that point that the nude blogs never would have been revealed - at least not at the same time so that he had two shitshows to manage at once.

No. 1006286

i'm not going to touch the rant grump /r with a ten feet pole, but has anyone commented on the fact that SJW adjacent Arin just played AssCreed Valhalla sponsored by Ubisoft, which is currently in a shitstorm of bad press for fostering for YEARS an environment of abuse, sexism and racism? the news that the creative director resigned is fairly recent but the reputation of being an absolute shitshow is well known; i guess abusers money still pay the bills

No. 1006287

i'm watching it right now and he sounds so dead inside

No. 1006288

apparently her character is supposed to be a “vampire wine mom”? which is interesting because what I’m getting from this design is stinky shut-in

No. 1006296

that's the face of someone who suddenly misses that gg fame-by-association she used to resent.

she is so unabashedly glued to her phone for this whole appearance too, kek nice comeback

it's already been discussed, she's not playing the red headed character she's playing the character on the far right

No. 1006301

File: 1594631947952.png (1.31 MB, 1606x820, Untitled 3.png)

this pic basically sums up the whole video. holly stares at her phone the whole time while having no chemistry with the rest of the cast who are actually making an effort to be engaged and pay attention to the people sitting at the table with them.

you can actually hear her phone thunk on the table a few times/her laugh at random times probably because of a wormdick text, here's one instance- https://youtu.be/DlJhlWfAn-s?t=126

i'd hate to play with her if that's how she treats cast mates that aren't famous enough

No. 1006310


She's so incapable of sitting up straight it looks like she's about to slide under the table

No. 1006316

Total aside but it's mad disrespectful to be on your phone during D&D. It's one thing if no one in the group really gives a shit, but most groups do, else they wouldn't be playing a table-top RPG in the first place. I imagine that everyone else is at least slightly annoyed even if they won't say anything about it.

No. 1006319

Does she need a fucking booster seat or is her posture just that bad?

No. 1006340


Is this the same vampire dnd show she was doing on patreon months and months ago?

No. 1006342

>vampire wine mom
So that stereotype is fine, but being called “GG mom” was so horribly sexist she lashed out at fans over the nickname.

I think so. I certainly remember seeing >>1005846 posted months ago.

No. 1006344


I hope someone in the comments is brave enough to call her out, that's so rude and she isnt even subtle

Clearly she knows she has more clout than any of them and she knows she can do whatever she wants, you know shed never do that on a Chris Perkins show

No. 1006366

File: 1594655274902.jpeg (293.32 KB, 750x790, DFAB111B-D766-44C1-9C3E-7C1019…)

An hour after you posted this, someone on youtube granted your wish. They were kind about it though. Guess it wasn't very subtle

No. 1006367

That is beyond rude and…professionals do not do this. What the hell? It's not a game with friends, it's someone's creative project. Holly always manages to treat people terrible. #bekind

No. 1006371


Well it's not DCA and Jared isnt there so why would she even pretend to care?

You'd think she would be grateful for the opportunity granted everything that happened, but clearly she doesnt view this game as good enough for her

I watched 2 seasons of DCA, never was she so distracted by her phone. Yeah, she disgustingly chewed on her hands and fingers, but she atleast paid attention

No. 1006376


Don't worry, Holly treats her friends badly too! She can hardly get through any conversation that isn't about her. She's distracted and not listening, just waiting to interject.

It's why she can only be friends with her army of "mini me"s. You have to basically want to be her, and defer to her at all times. She can't be friends with women who confidently have their own thing going.

No. 1006379

She also said those calling her a "mistress" were being sexist - Clearly she only lashes out when it paints her in a negative light, despite any truth behind it or not.

No. 1006382


Would she rather us call her a gender neutral term for what she is like cheater or adulterer?

No. 1006385

She's such a massive hypocrite lmao, if someone worked with her or Jared and were as rude as she is we would never hear the end of how terrible they are. But she's allowed to sit on someone else's show on her phone.

No. 1006388

She's acting like a teenager that can't put their phone down which is both on par with the age range PedoDick is apparently into and with previous Hoelly Cumrag behavior.

No. 1006390

I think they wrote like that to avoid comment deletion

No. 1006424


worse yet when she does decide to tune in she does almost nothing to further the plot, she just screams in jokes about herself. she used to be a barista so when they go to a cafe of course she has to ask for a super fancy italian drink to flex her knowledge. random npc wears a college sweatshirt? she wonders out loud if she can become an art professor there even though her character never mentioned an art background. no one paying attention to her? she randomly put on sunglasses to look OH SO QUIERKY! she said she's a Victorian woman and drew her with her pinky out, sipping tea, yet she basically plays her like strix (randomly yelling out, wandering off to steal snacks, and being too ditzy to know what a credit card was). The only time she tried to use a skill was when she rolled once to snap a barista out of a glamor because she wanted a better latte, and that had no effect on the story. everyone else was carrying her while she was trying to be quirky

bummer i actually like the other cast mates and really want a vtm show to watch as there are far too few and most suck, but it's distracting to have someone who doesn't care at all at the table

No. 1006426


>everyone else was carrying her while she was trying to be quirky

I guess that's just the Holly Conrad character trademark!

No. 1006440

That's so cringy. I've been in D&D groups before where everybody has their role and their moment to shine every session, but there's always that one person that constantly needs attention and to be at the forefront of the group, so they just start doing random shit that has nothing to do with the story or what's going on. Reminds me of Kelly Eden when she was LARPing.

No. 1006442


But she was a victim of cancel culture! She's been through so much! We need to help her shine again! /s

No. 1006445


Its because all the attention Strix got, she was the star of DCA and fan darling

Now it's the only way Holly knows how to play

No. 1006446


Fucking hell, there is a reason you don't reward obnoxious behavior.

No. 1006490

File: 1594676486457.jpeg (215.56 KB, 575x874, Ec1a2LZUwAA3etF.jpeg)

Is this the only pose she knows?

No. 1006500

File: 1594677593318.jpg (26.92 KB, 617x241, relatable.JPG)

Isn't this the girlfriend of Adam Koebel? The one who was kicked off the game she was on because of her association with him. It's so sad if their relationship doesn't work out after all that.

No. 1006503

File: 1594677761567.png (114.02 KB, 1422x484, lol.png)


Don't worry, Holly found a more rude one and responded! Surprised she waited a whole 4 hours after they commented.

No. 1006505

File: 1594677823455.png (50.64 KB, 592x560, twuluv.png)


Bluejay is also one of Holly's bffs, guess Holly's gonna have to dump this one too…

No. 1006510


Yet you never had to draw during DCA

No. 1006512

She's lying her ass off. At one point she literally picked up her phone, giggled and then put it back down and kept picking it back up. This is just another pathetic "sorry I'm mentally ill" excuse.

No. 1006515


Cue "I was uh…using a drawing app on my phone" when most/all of her doodle drawings are usually on paper lol

No. 1006517

she's into 'relationship anarchy' like kobel so it might not be him but damn would it be amazing if it was.

they've been together for quite a while and seem more stable than holly and jared though so I'd be suprised tho

lol she should reawatch the timestamp from >>1006301, she was clearly giggling at an inappropriate time and put her phone down hard enough to make a distinct sound. some of the others are taking notes/drawing, especially the person playing charlotte, but it's really obvious they're moving their arm with a pencil in hand and are still paying attention, not just zoning out for chunks of time.

No. 1006518

If her anxiety is so bad being on a livestream, she needs to find a line of work that results with her NOT being on a livestream. Now she'll just pass off any future behavior with "Well, I have anxiety and since you all threw a fit about me being on my phone…"

No. 1006519

Also that phone wasn't big enough to draw on, even with a stylus. I refuse to watch but can someone else see if she was using a stylus or her sausage fingers to draw on a small 6-7 inch screen?

No. 1006522

She's so bad at lying to cover her own ass.

No. 1006523


Maybe her anxiety stems from not being able to facetune herself into a totally different person when she's in front of a live camera.

No. 1006553

File: 1594683185935.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1300x1461, 4857E42E-814A-4684-8E77-8E95E2…)

Maybe she’s going with wine mom to comfort pedodick over that wine Heidi allegedly “stole”

No. 1006555

File: 1594683403752.jpeg (228.33 KB, 1275x398, 2A43DBD2-7EAC-485D-9165-6B1910…)

Why is she STILL pushing the idea of mental health Monday when it’s literally just an animal crossing stream? Just call yourself a let’s play channel and move on, Hoelly

No. 1006575


Just popped in for 20 minutes. No mental health discussion at all, just Animal Crossing talk and gameplay. She needs to rebrand it or get back on topic

No. 1006602


'Mental Heath' has been a popular topic for the past 5 years, so it's no surprise Holly wants to cash in on it.

No. 1006603


In some of her streams a while back, people were sharing really deep personal problems in the stream chat and all of them got ignored. But they seemed to be subbing because they needed a place to talk about mental health issues and believed that mental health monday would actually be about mental health topics. I hope she changes her branding, as well.

No. 1006604


God damn, Holly Conrad really is just another Sky Williams…

No. 1006645


Interesting that she doesn't just take the note and apologize – it has to be that the person calling her out is mistaken, actually! She's way too kind to do the thing she was obviously doing. It must be that he's not seeing what he's seeing. Don't worry, Holly is here to tell everyone what is really happening. Don't trust your eyes, trust Holly!

No. 1006646

Is anyone else noticing that, more often than not, she's using her business page to comment on things or to host her livestreams rather than using her personal YT channel?

No. 1006653


I'm pretty sure that is her channel and she changed the name of it

No. 1006684

File: 1594698948580.png (162.08 KB, 1127x756, Dingdingding.png)

Someone is getting defensive. And of course, Scarlet Moth is right there to snap back first.

Got a hearty chuckle out of that comment from Holly.

No. 1006688

That's the point, though. Why is she conducting 99% of her online activities on a page that has her business front slapped on it rather than her arguable more well-known name?

No. 1006689


>"Your comment & language was taken directly from lolcow."

Always good to know that she still reads here obsessively!

No. 1006691

I mean…Hoelly actually has a point for once. It was word-for-word something that was posted here less than six hours ago. It's true though, no one is going to draw on their phone sans stylus and even if it WAS to help with anxiety, it's still rude as fuck to do when other players were giving it their all. If she has that much anxiety playing in a group setting, she needs to find something else to insert her boring as fuck self-inserts into.

No. 1006694

She never stopped. Back when the drama first hit, she admitted to using negative tweet replies and negative comments about her as a form of self harm, and what better place to get that than lolcow where we don't let her get away with her "woe is me" bullshit? The kicker is that she STILL fancies herself to be a mental health guru when the reality is that she's never more than one bad day away from rechecking in to the mental health hospital.

No. 1006695

As if using the examples from lolcow makes them any less true. Geez Holly, that's your only defense? Just apologize—oh wait, that's right, you're the guru of "don't ever apologize or take responsibility for your actions."

No. 1006700

Classic Holly diversion tactic. Put all the focus on the exact details not being correct (I WAS DRAWING, NOT JUST ON MY PHONE!!!) and give a false apology (sorry it LOOKED like I wasn't paying attention) instead of just acknowledging the truth, which is that she was distracting herself with something, not paying attention, and was being disrespectful to the rest of the players and the DM.

No. 1006701


She probably read that comment and thought "huh, didnt I just read that on lolcow a couple hours ago?"

No. 1006702

Scarlet Moth, Jessica Slater, SadOldMagician, the whole crew of "parasocial rewards for sealioning for Holly" is up in this.

No. 1006705

this is literally so fucking sad. doesn't this motley crew understand the streisand effect? bringing attention to it by commenting a rebuttal is just going to get more people to look at the action and then see what a bunch of randos all agree is a bad move on her part. it's not that serious holly, just take the criticism and move on and get your minions to stop dogpiling anyone who has any sort of critique or more people will start to resent you.

No. 1006707


The gang's all here!

Really a pathetic lot huh?

No. 1006712

That picture she linked is of a pencil drawing. It sure didn't sound like she was setting a pencil down (or even dropping it) in the timestamp >>1006301 gave.

I've followed this thread since the drama kicked off last year and it's still baffling to see how Holly lies about the smallest of things.

No. 1006715


Right like that picture tweet isnt some gotcha, she could have drawn it any time between doing the show and posting it, or even before the show recording. What a silly, weird thing to lie about. Like, the proper response would be not to lurk in the video comment section to reply to criticism and instead take it to heart and improve your behavior

No. 1006719

You know, if being on camera makes her so anxious that she needs to "sketch to calm down," so much that she frequently doesn't look at the other players or the camera, then perhaps she shouldn't be on this type of show or game. There is nothing wrong with being anxious or having ways to handle it, but when it's distracting and bothering the audience, it is an issue. Scarlet Moth in here like "it's fine that she's being disrespectful to others; she's making herself feel better!"

No. 1006721


>it's still baffling to see how Holly lies about the smallest of things.

That'll happen when you receive nothing but praise & then fuck up real bad.

No. 1006733

It really does no favors for her she just looks super top heavy. She's not fat by any means so why she cant just pose front forward.

No. 1006739

I'm not sure why people feel the need to pile on the Youtube comments about her staring at her phone. Instead of one person pointing out how disrespectful it is, now Holly can play the victim and dismiss the actual valid criticism by saying lolcow is brigading the Youtube comment section.

No. 1006741

Anon, Holly would play victim regardless of if someone commented on the YT video or not - that's just her M.O. at this point. God forbid she just step up and say "You're right, it was disrespectful, it won't happen again". Nope, she had to do a long, mopey reply about how she was stimming to ease her anxiety so that she could once again pull her "I'm sorry, I'm mentally ill" card.

No. 1006747

File: 1594708605305.jpg (408.37 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20200714-183038_Twi…)

Grant Imahara passed away and she makes one (kinda) sweethearted tweet about him and then the next two making his death about herself and her anxiety. Like????? She had me in the first half not gonna lie. She has not learned from the Etika situation at all.

No. 1006749

"*Except for Heidi and Ross, who deserved everything they got."

But really, when people die we tend to think of our own mortality. I don't really see the problem with what she said. Unfortunately, I don't think she means a word of it because she is a narc.

No. 1006755

Kek, I made that comment here and someone cowtipped like a dumbass. Nice to see that Hoelly still reads here though. She and Harlet Mutt need to take a break from the farms. Constantly looking up every negative thing about her is clearly aging her faster than her lazy eye can drift away.

Can this narcissistic granny looking piece of shit stop making other people's deaths about her, ffs. Someone died Hoelly, it's not about you, it's never been about you, the world does not revolve around you. Be a good mistress and stay in the shadows where you belong.

No. 1006759

Jesus, this really is just a repeat of the Etika situation - one vague "i'm sorry he's dead" tweet followed up by how it affects HER and how HER anxiety is bad and that SHE has been suffering. Holy christ, you'd think she'd learn eventually, but nope. She just keeps topping up that "I have no self awareness" tank.

No. 1006760

Thinking of one's own mortality is fine - making tweets about you and yourself in relation to another humans death? Fucked up. It's not the first time she's done it, either.

No. 1006768

These people are unhinged, who can be a public figure while taking every comment so personally and assuming everyone who doesn't baby you is from here.

No. 1006769


If I recall correctly, she would frequently draw during DCA. You could see her doing it on the livestream and she would post the drawings occasionally. That being said, she definitely was on her phone during that video, not drawing like she claimed.

No. 1006770

File: 1594712667029.png (51.96 KB, 1300x270, onebraincell.PNG)

So even people who don't know her found it frustrating and BorkScorpion still needed to jump on it because it doesn't MATTER if Hoelly shows professionalism guyz!! I wonder what the other cast think of Holly and Jared's incels personally minimodding the comment section on their show.

No. 1006773

File: 1594713291409.jpg (189.35 KB, 1076x1076, h.jpg)

No. 1006775

I love that every single comment is hate to Holly, despite the fact that many of them preface their comments with "Not trying to hate, just distracted by the girl who seemed to not be into it". Also, how is it lying when there is literal fucking video evidence of her dicking around with her phone at least 75% of the time? She spent more time "coping with her anxiety" than actually participating.

But, once again, Hoelly gets to play the eternal victim and anyone who dares say anything against her is just a bully who is lying and abusing her. You'd think she'd get tired of being a perpetual victim.

No. 1006782

This is why she's never going to get invited to bigger games anymore. She and her retarded ass lickers can't stop being embarrassments. If she can't take critique on her performance that multiple people saw, then she needs a new line of business cause this one isn't for her. She's been doing this for far too long to play the "muh anxiety" card and not telling the minions who she's clearly ranting to in private to chill out because the other members of her team might get caught in the line of fire too (They make it so obvious that she's pissed about the comments when they start commenting around the same time).

She only cares about her victim status and everyone not tripping over their feet to kiss her granny ass. If she gave a single shit about the other players, she'd muzzle her hounds.

No. 1006784

Exactly. If she can't handle some criticism on her 'performance', then maybe a line of work that puts her in the public eye regularly just isn't for her. Then again, how would she ever be 'uwu not like the other girls' if she were exactly like every other human being who has no discernable talents and would probably be unknown outside of who she happens to be associated with at the moment.

No. 1006786

I was wondering if the people she's working with were seeing her responses. Freaking out and accusing every comment she doesn't like of being from lolcow, and begging people who weren't even being hostile to leave her alone…even if the channel/other players are on her side in general I'd imagine this wouldn't be the best look for her in terms of professionalism. She's so embarrassing.

No. 1006788

Between being on her phone the entire time and then reacting in a hostile manner to any comment she declares to be against her? It makes the whole production look like amateur hour, rather than the actions/behavior one would expect from someone who brags about having won an emmy on her profile.

No. 1006790


It's also kinda fucked up that she changed her YouTube name to her business name and is responding the way she is. Kayla was/is clearly doing a bulk of the workload for their joint projects. Holly repays that by using WeCrowingHens to get into internet arguments.

No. 1006791

>I'm not sure why people feel the need to pile on the Youtube comments about her staring at her phone.
Because maybe not everyone who found it disrespectful or distracting are from here lol. And its not on the viewers to read through every comment to make sure they write a 100% original comment on a video. If people are bugged by it, they're gonna talk about it.
Yeah its shitty that she got an in to talk about Lolcow because of that one comment that took too much inspiration from a post here, and now she gets to bring it up with every other comment criticizing her. But that's not related to the amount of comments that are being posted.

>"sometimes it helps with my anxiety"
Ah, this explains when, on Family Feud, Steve Harvey takes time when contestants are answering to stim with his squish ball! Its not distracting anymore. Thanks for explaining it!

This is so fucking funny
>how dare you watch the video that was posted with your eyes
>just look away, its that simple

No. 1006796

File: 1594716638755.jpg (116.9 KB, 1300x957, patient-crying-next-to-her-the…)

Is lolcow in the room with you right now, Holly?

No. 1006824

Lol so she still reads this thread. She’s probably getting so defensive because she could see that Jared is likely swapping nudes behind her back. Nudeanon might have made that up their scenario for attention, but I don’t doubt that it’s something he is actually doing.
Her career and reputation are ruined from defending/fucking pedoworm for nothing.

I hope they drop her from the campaign because her behavior both on stream and in the comment section are so wildly unprofessional between herself and her flying monkeys.

No. 1006835


You know Holly, some people just won't like you, & there's nothing you can do to change their mind. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you can move on.
This whole "I know why you're here!" crap just makes you look paranoid & using your newly-renamed brand to get into arguments is not only unprofessional, but now you're dragging unwilling participants like Kayla into it.

No. 1006836

>No matter what I do, you find me and lie about me.
geez, these people went out and found you on the show you promoted over and over? must have some real fuckin' sleuths on your trail.

No. 1006839

there's a shitton she could do to make people like her and change their mind, but that would mean owning up to her mistakes and not being a victim player abuse enabler fuck. why would you even use the "some people will just never like you" argument on lolcow, especially on hoelly?

No. 1006845

I might be screaming this into the void, but just on the slight chance that Holly is monitoring this thread:

Holly, I once really enjoyed your content. I’m not big into gaming, but I was an avid watcher of DCA and your arts and crafts streams. They were chill and you had vast knowledge of fantasy and medieval themes, which spiced up watching you sew cosplays.

I think it is REALLY NOT OKAY that you are trying to be some sort of mental health guru. You don’t have any actual scientific knowledge on mental health issues. If you want to be an advocate use your influence to get people to seek actual professional health. You went to university for gods sake, you should know the value of actual science! People shouldn’t get help from influencers, they should get help from actual doctors. I think it is potentially really bad for children how you trying to paint yourself as this authority on mental health.

Also I think it’s bad how you are trying to be this mental health advocate while simultaneously keeping up this whole which shtick. I get it’s about feminism. I get it’s a neat look. But it makes you look like one of those nutcases who’s trying to sell you healing crystals to heal cancer. It’s an unprofessional look for a self proclaimed mental health advocate.

I frequent this site to keep up on the actions of influencers, because there are some really bad eggs out there. And during this whole drama you said some bad things and acted really stupid.
But deep down I was always ready to give you a second chance, once the drama calmed down.
But I have now come to the ultimate conclusion, that you are the one, who will never let the drama calm down…
You should have just taken the criticism, but instead you reminded everyone on youtube of the past drama.(no one cares)

No. 1006851


That's what I was thinking. How embarrassing to the other players and the host channel who posted this to have her freaking out defensive in the comments

Holly, dont you think its possible that if people here noticed you on your phone then genuine fans of the content you're in also did? You're not doing yourself any favors by acting paranoid and thinking every negative comment ever about you is sent by a lolcow secret agent

And if you WERE drawing then just shut the fuck up. Stop replying the same thing to every comment. Why are you even in the comments? Just move on and make it obvious in the next recording that you are attentive and drawing, sit up straight, and chill the fuck out

No. 1006852

people cowtipping are drying up the milk, she was clearly texting but there's no point in harping on the drawing thing because there are a lot of legitimate reasons someone might keep their hands busy with drawing or notes during a game and you're all just giving her crazy fans more ammo to claim she's being bullied for being mentally ill and not for being an awful person.

Also since she lurks here she should review the timestamp >>1006301 posted, it is only one of multiple instances of blatantly typing, also it takes place before jasmine describing the coffee shop to them. jasmine is asking them if they want to describe the coffee shop themselves or if she should describe it herself. No one else was laughing, they were all listening to the questions jasmine was asking. it was rude and out of place.

No. 1006854

If anything, the fans of this channel who checked out the comments to see if anyone else was also bothered by her behaviour have now found out she has more than a year’s worth of gossip threads documenting her and her pet sexpest’s bullshit. Good job, Holly.

No. 1006855

love how she already knows all the details from the lolcow thread specifically without anyone directly bringing it up, despite there being many better known gossip forums out there. no mental health guru would tell you it's okay to obsessively lurk in places like this, especially not in your own thread

choose kindness, holly

No. 1006856


Exactly. All she's done is point anyone who doesn't know who she is directly to the years' worth of milk over here. Good job, Holly. You'll never be free of the drama if you keep acting like this.

No. 1006858

If being on a live stream makes Holly so anxious that she ruins the experience for the DM, other players, and viewers, then maybe she should consider NOT BEING ON A FUCKING AND LIVESTREAM. It's not some new, crazy concept that you can play a campaign without it being livestreamed/recorded. There are plenty of other people who would love to be in a Penny Arcade campaign but Holly is selfishly taking up a spot she clearly doesn't care about because it's not DCA.

No. 1006861


So much desperation in this message. Holly the best thing you could have done was suck up the mentions in the comment section and not reply to any of them. Instead, you are damaging the reputation of your own brand, allowing people to dig up dirt on your previous drama, and also show a weakness in your character.

You are a 34-year-old woman. Close the laptop and step away from the internet. Also, get some therapy because you need it

No. 1006863

Yeah. The last lolcow shoutout she made is how I found this thread. I've always found it strange that she's just pointing people to a safe place to vent about her.

No. 1006867

ITT: A bunch of people who have clearly never played D&D criticize someone for how they play D&D.

No. 1006873

This ain't it, chief

No. 1006874

Been playing D&D and other tabletop games for years, having someone getting continually getting distracted by their phone and not paying attention ruins it for everyone and might get you kicked out of the group if you don't shape up.
Looking at your phone is not a part of the roleplaying experience.

No. 1006876

Prepare yourself everyone, we are going to get a wave of Holly stans shitting up the thread soon. Let's hope they have some new ammunition this time

No. 1006877

Well I'm sure glad you are all here to speak on behalf of the castmates who were playing with her and didn't care what she was doing.

If there was a problem they would have talked about it. This was up for months on PAs patreon but you guys super sleuthed something people that were there hadn't even noticed!

No. 1006878

Doesn't audience perception matter too? The players might not care but the audience can still see it.

No. 1006880


>This was up for months on PAs patreon

You actually think that the people here would want to pay to watch that?

No. 1006881

I imagine if she was on her phone like you claim, they would have talked to her about it.

You are assuming you know what happened and using that assumption to criticize. You could have asked a cast member other than her, but no, let's just run with a theory based off of sounds we can hear, despite the crew not even looking at her, despite the sounds of pen scratching on paper when she looks down, despite her saying what she was doing. We know better.

No. 1006888


I'm sure she had a great time during that session & I'm not gonna say anything on behalf of her co-stars.
My issue is with how she's handling the comments. If she knows that the other players were fine with it, take comfort in that. No need to get all defensive about it.

No. 1006889

> they would have talked to her about it.
Yes, because talking to holly "sorry I'm mentally ill" conrad always goes well and won't come back to bite you in the ass when she feels spiteful enough.

honestly holly pointing people to this thread was a good move on her part, this thread is going to be completely derailed by the influx of randos on both sides

No. 1006890

>I imagine if she was on her phone like you claim

There is literal video evidence of it, scroll up a bit and you'll find a time stamp.

No. 1006897

This thread was on the rails before?

Yes, a whole few seconds in an hour long video is proof she was on her phone the whole time because you can hear an unknown object clicking.

I actually went through the effort of skimming through that video, and that timestamp is the first time she seems "distracted", the next time is 19 minutes later.

I'm sure you also skimmed through the actual video though and didn't just take anon's word for it before saying she's "clearly distracted by her phone" though, right?

No. 1006898

I just skimmed the video and I think it's less that she's obviously on a phone and more that she's slumped into the table and has her eyes downcast the entire time. She really does stand out from the others who are engaged and making eye contact with one another. I have anxiety so I know that sometimes it can come across as rude at times but when you're on camera performing you do have to have some body awareness.

No. 1006900

This is live D&D, the performance is in character actions, not what the players are doing. How much live D&D have you actually watched? Edited D&D for sure has people looking at camera/each other the whole time, but most live D&D is looking at character sheets and listening.

No. 1006902

>imagine if she was on her phone like you claim, they would have talked to her about it.

It's literally ON VIDEO with hundreds of views, it isn't a claim and even other viewers commented on it. Holly and her stans can keep gaslighting though, I guess. That's literally all she's doing by claiming people are liars for saying what can be seen with their own eyes. Guess she can't let her abusive behaviour get rusty!

No. 1006903

>now you're dragging unwilling participants like Kayla into it.

And the people who she was playing the game with. That's all she ever does is bring innocent people down with her because she's a miserable cunt who wants others to suffer with her.

Her paranoia that "you're from lolcow! You're all from lolcow!" because multiple people saw her doing something disrespectful is going to make her look worse than she already does. I'm looking forward to the saga where Jared uses Hoelly's extreme paranoia against her and cries abuse so he can finally be free of her like he did with Heidi. Carry on with the paranoia Hoelly, you're doing great.

No. 1006905

I have played D&D and this is exactly why I don't typically watch it. Because it's very boring to watch unless it's edited well. In this video, the DM and other characters are doing a great job and I liked their parts because they were engaging and interesting to watch. The only weak one in my opinion was Holly.

No. 1006906

She was the weak one in DCA, too.

No. 1006907

If it's literally on video you can show that it was a phone and not a pen, then. Again, I skimmed this video personally and while it's clear she doesn't make eye contact a lot and frequently looks down, it is far from clear that she's distracted by a phone.

She never had to ask for something to be repeated that I saw, she interjected regularly, and she looked up relevant information from her character sheet.

No. 1006910


The fact that anyone who dares to criticize her then gets dogpiled by her ever-vigilant defense-squad isn't a good look either.
First of all, you already know they're biased, because they're her bffs - automatically invalidating anything they have to say, and secondly, it gives you the impression that she's the type that you have to walk on eggshells around, because everyone's rushing up to either do damage-control, or to make sure you don't cross her.

No. 1006911

So if a fan is giving their money or ad revenue to D&D players to watch professionals perform, it's expected that the players will be distracted, unengaged, and have a hair trigger temper to any critique about how they did? That's supposed to be the norm? Cause if that's the case it's weird Holly is the only one doing that

No. 1006913

As established nobody here paid for the service. If you did and you feel you have been cheated out of your money go ahead and lodge a complaint. But like with many things, Lolcow presumes to speak for others because they don't like a person.

You don't like her performance? The show is already done, criticisms won't change the episodes that were already shot. Don't like her response to your criticisms? Don't watch the show. It's not like you were going to watch it before.

No. 1006916


> Lolcow presumes to speak for others because they don't like a person.

Lolcow isn't an entity anon, it's an image board. Literally anyone can post here, just like you're doing right now.

No. 1006917

And that makes that statement false how? Is that not exactly what is being done here? I don't give a shit if it's individuals or an entity, that is what this thread is doing right now.

No. 1006918

File: 1594741379786.png (19.65 KB, 640x168, sadoldyt.png)

Okay, but why were you even here, SadOldMagician?

Why didn't you just go cheer Holly up or help her take her mind off of it?
Why are you adding to the negativity?

It would be pretty upsetting to find out that Holly doesn't even check here anymore, but her so-called 'best friends' keep telling her about this thread & what people have been posting about her…

Newsflash: Gossip forums exist, & sometimes, they're not very nice.

No. 1006920

I didn't pay for it anon, it's that SHE'S getting paid for it but acting this way. If Holly's behavior is as normal for a pro D&D player as anon was saying, it makes no sense why she would be the only one doing it.

>The show is already done, criticisms won't change the episodes that were already shot.

Wow someone should tell Jared to stop streaming then, cause nothing he has to say about a game will change anything that's been developed. All media critique is obsolete now, people should just stop being critical of anything they watch and just look away and never say shit if they don't like something, right?

No. 1006921

Hahaha, thinking I'm that whipped boy. I just think this is by far the wateriest milk that has graced this thread.

No. 1006924


Some of us have different opinions, anon.
Personally I could care less about what Holly was doing in the video, but I still think that her & her close fans/friends behavior in the comments sets a toxic precedent for the D&D/TTRPG community.

No. 1006925

Do these people think that anyone with a real job gets to bring their uwu smoll drawings and phone to work to cope even though we're in a pandemic and anxiety is high? No, because they would be fucking fired. This is Holly's job, and she isn't the only person out there with a job AND anxiety. If she can't do it then move the fuck on for someone who can. But she has to be above everyone else and get special treatment, and anyone who points it out is "organizing against her."

No. 1006926

i promise you this woman is not seeing a mental health professional, and if she is, she's lying to her therapist about what she's doing. the fact that she's still continuing to read lolcow and exercise these acts of self-harm and leap to validate herself is proof of that. a therapist would have been working with her from day 1 to stop that shit and providing her with exercises on how to do just that.

all she's doing is reading self-help books and allowing her friends to enabler her. her friends suck just as much as she does because all of them keep sticking their nose in the drama instead of helping her redirect her energies to something more constructive.

her comments show someone who is mentally unhinged. she will not do the work to better herself. she just reads self-help books and applies the advice based on her mood while her shitty friends stand by and enable her.


it's pointless. she does not and will not care. i have a parent with narc tendencies and holly reminds me of her. the blatant refusal to self-reflect, accept criticism, or take ownership of her mistakes and instead make excuses and deflect blame are classic traits.

the problem is that holly believes she is qualified to provide a space for and guide people suffering with mental illness. she does not care about the potential harm it might cause because it does not affect her; it's slacktivism meant to elevate her own ego and make her feel important and like she's "contributing" to society or making the world better while being all talk and no action.

if she actually cared about her fans and her viewership, she would stop conducting mental health streams and put forth the effort to receive a proper education and certification in counseling. but she won't do that, because it's not about other people, it's about her.

i tried the same thing you did before and it just made me realize how selfish a person she is. what she is doing is dangerous. these people deserve better. but instead of taking the criticism at face value and exercising even the bare minimum of empathy for her viewers, she just covers her ears and goes "lalala" because any criticism, no matter how well-intended or valid, is "hate" to her.

No. 1006927


And this is why I'm apprehensive about sharing any screenshots I have of my conversations with Jared.

No. 1006931

I get what you mean nudeanon, but she's just a screeching asshole who thinks she's somebody cause she has money and can leverage her victimhood complex well up to this point. She can't really do anything but hammer her keyboard at you and cry about it.

No. 1006933

can you guys for once not engage for shitty boring hoelly stans, they are not even entertaining, they are just dragging out a shitty conversation

No. 1006935

That anon never claimed that you were them, but great way to draw attention to yourself. No one cares who you are.

This. It's less what she did in the video now and more of how she and her asslickers responded to it. Hoelly keeps whining about mob mentality but keeps on doing it.

No. 1006936

As we all know anon, seeing a therapist once cures all of your problems, well said.

No. 1006937

This does raise the question of why so many people in Holly's inner circle are here. Does she ask them to come here? Or do they just come here on their own out of curiosity?

>>1006926 She reminds me more of a BPD friend than my narcissistic mom, but they have similar tendencies. I think that's why her language sets off so many alarm bells in my head. I've heard the same types of arguments before.

No. 1006939

Holly has more to lose if you post it than you do. If she knew about it, then she lied about what she said about influencers abusing their power with fans and is in hot water. If she didn't know, she'd just get BTFO'd by the proof and maybe taken down a peg.

No. 1006940

Don't be afraid of her. She's absolutely nothing to be afraid of and her whiteknights will most likely get banned (and posts possibly exposed) if they try to ruin the milk. Hoelly Cumrag is nothing more than a hagraven who's only abilities are whining and screeching.

No. 1006943


>Does she ask them to come here? Or do they just come here on their own out of curiosity?

That's what I'm wondering.
It would be really shitty of them to keep reporting to Holly about what people are saying about her here if she is actually trying to avoid this shit.


>her whiteknights will most likely get banned (and posts possibly exposed)

Boy would I love to know how often her flying monkeys post & exactly what they post here. Might even open Holly's eyes on how toxic they really are…

No. 1006949


>>It would be really shitty of them to keep reporting to Holly about what people are saying about her here if she is actually trying to avoid this shit.

She's been rewarding this behavior from the start. Aggressively tracking down haters and arguing with them= Holly friendship points. They are eager to prove how loyal and attentive they are at damage control.

No. 1006950


I'd say a majority of her minions are seriously unhinged

No. 1006952

Imagine how much less of a mess this would have been if Holly reached out to the person who uploaded this video to delete and get rid of comments like that if the language reminds her of what she reads on lolcow.

She’s just drawing attention to this site and also making the comment section to that video more embarrassing than it needs to be. If she wants to continue to make money off playing DnD she needs to be smarter than this. Sure people on lolcow would criticize her deleting comments but people unaware of this site would be none the wiser.

No. 1006953


You mean "Good Mental Health Advocates uwu", anon /s

No. 1006960


imagine how much less of a mess it would have been if holly just ignored it and went on with her life.

instead she's made it clear she's obsessively reading and engaging with "hate" comments on here and on youtube, as well as involving her friends (or the other way around). yeah that sounds normal.

No. 1006961

File: 1594744555905.gif (1008.62 KB, 500x255, VioletWateryInganue-small.gif)


I'll make sure to "Be Kind" next time I send a picture to Jared(comes to /ot/ to brag about her exceptional tastes )

No. 1006962

post proof or sage your shit fag

No. 1006964


Honestly, I think her ''friends'' are curious to see what's going on, and posting something preachy about the horrors they see here makes them feel like they are lurking for some higher cause/with better intentions.

No. 1006965

No one is going to believe you until you post proof. Stop pretending to have milk.

No. 1006973

It's amazing how often things like this are claimed without an image attached. Imageboard anon.

No. 1006976

>just look away if you don't like what she's doing onscreen, you don't have to see it
That is not what that image says like… at all.

No. 1006979

nta but >>1006770 I guess

No. 1006984

Anon >>1006976 was correct, I misunderstood what that comment in the original image was saying. My bad.

No. 1006985

Can you please stfu and go away if you're not going to post any proof? You can't just come here and continually vague post about conversations with Jared and exchanging nudes with him every single day if you don't show proof. And if you're not going to show proof, just stop talking and learn to integrate.

No. 1006992

I know Holly claims she is poly, but she isn't going to sleep with you, bro. You just get to be an emotional support tampon since Jared lacks so heavily in that department. I wonder if the tiniest bit of doubt comes into your wife's brain when she sees you staring at Holly when you hang out though. Poor woman.

No. 1007012

Can you please stop behaving like trading nudes with a man who has jacked off to minors is something to be proud of?
I personally believe you may not be lying but we don't care anymore, your act is getting stale.

Learn to post in this thread without drawing attention to yourself and talking about your personal sex life like the rest of us.

No. 1007034

Are you…seriously bragging that you still talk to Jared? Here? On this thread? The literal bottom of the list of people who would even care or find that impressive ??? Dude, no one cares.
Like we know he still has people he talks to in his inner circle and obviously they watch this thread too, so it's no surprise you're here. No one is gonna beg you for details when you clearly aren't providing any. There's no carrot dangling satisfaction you can get here, it's so bizarre you still claim this shit is all

No. 1007069

Now I'm thinking Jared is the one posing as his own e-girlfriend in order to create rumors about himself+wind up Holly.

No. 1007070

File: 1594761260290.png (1.08 MB, 1825x2048, Screenshot_20200714-170331.png)

Holly is currently going on a rant on Twitter again. What's wrong with saying Heidi's name though, Holly? And it wasn't just that you called her unfixable, it's that you started and continue to wage some kind of idiotic smear campaign on her with your pals on discord while at the same time to try to skinwalk as her.

No. 1007072

Kinda hard for anyone to give her any feedback about her behaviour when she blocks anyone who has ever spoken against her

No. 1007073


Holly, hun, stay the fuck off this forum

That whole thread is just direct responses to things we critizice her for… that have nothing to do with the drama. Except the unfixable comment, theres no "apologizing" for everything she did to both Jared and Heidi

It's like every time this thread slows down or has bad milk she brings us up again to boo hoo on Twitter

No. 1007074


King of hard to accept any of the apologies shes giving when they aren't genuine

Saying "tell me what I did wrong so I can apologize" is like saying "I don't think I've done anything wrong so tell me what you think I did bad so I can give a hollow apology"

No. 1007078

This. She just wants to issue some fake apologies to make people feel bad before being blocked, shift the blame, keep asking what she did wrong like a child and pity party about people being "boolies". Just shut the fuck up and take care of your fucking birds, Holly.

No. 1007080

man, this is just sad….I get that she's desperate for lolcow to leave her alone but the problem is it doesn't matter if she apologizes at this point. (Plus, we all know she will double down as soon as she gets over this outburst and go right back to insisting she is blameless.) this kind of self-defacing public groveling is difficult to watch. Its pathetic AND ineffective. Girl needs to respect herself, even if nobody else does.

At the end of the day, nobody is entitled to a platform or career online and she needs to accept that if she is chooses to be a milky public figure people will continue to prod her. Even creeps like Nick Robinson can thrive after a scandal by ignoring negativity and chugging along. It cant be that hard.

No. 1007081

She's probably throwing a hissy fit about the comments on the new PennyArcade video.
Holly, how about you start by directly addressing the entire scandal as a whole, apologizing for it, and then directly address how you, in the simplest of terms, cheated on Ross physically and emotionally? The reason you're irredeemable isn't because if petty drama or even the things Heidi said, it's bevause when you throw fits like this and ask people to tell you what you did wrong so you can apologize, you proceed to deny everything that everyone tells you and then blame it on cancel culture.

No. 1007082

Again with the “tell me what I did wrong!” shit. People have told you time and time again, Hoelly. Your empty apologies don’t mean shit when you continue the shitty behavior that landed you in hot water in the first place.

No. 1007095

File: 1594764522385.jpeg (443.62 KB, 1323x820, 974CEC5A-2CAB-433D-8BF5-FCBF1C…)

I find it hilarious that Hoelly is still dwelling on lolcow and what we say when less than a month ago, she shared this post of things they talked about on Mental Health Monday - the one cut off on the pic she shared says “stop dwelling on past mistakes”

No. 1007096


This is why these threads are still alive and active, even though it's been more than a year since divorcegate happened.

Heidi hardly mentions it other than tweeting about her healing process every few months or so.
Jared doesn't mention it either other than retweeting some passive aggressive shit about cancel culture.

But you Holly, every time these threads start dying down, you provide direct fuel to the flame.

Here is a free mental health tip for you: website blocker apps/browser extensions exist and are popular to use.

No. 1007097

The only people left on her feed are her yes men. She's not going to get any response to a twitter post when anyone who disagreed with her in the past is blocked.

No. 1007098

The thing about apologies Holly is that even if you genuinely meant it, people don't have to accept it or forgive you.

God this just reminds me of Heidi saying she got apologies from Holly via thoughtless gifts and a handwritten card. Girl go to an actual therapist.

No. 1007103

God, she is so passive aggressive and manipulative. It's not an apology if you're guilt tripping people for daring to question you in the first place and don't even know what you did wrong.

The childish, whiny way she talks is such a contrast to Heidi, who always speaks clearly and with confidence in her perspective.

No. 1007127

What good things? She's the one bringing up the drama all the time. She and Jared are the ones who never move on. And has she really learned to be better since then? We can't know she hasn't, but… she's still repeating her same old behaviors in these very tweets.

No. 1007129

File: 1594767393490.png (35.06 KB, 584x301, how the turntables.PNG)

Isn't this kind of a gaslighty way to talk about gaslighting?

No. 1007134

it absolutely is. 'i have only EVER done this! i would NEVER do that! …but if i have let me know even though if you attempt to do so i'll make you out to be abusive, make myself look like the poor traumatised mentally ill victim, and block you immediately.'

she fucking KNOWS she's said these things, otherwise she wouldn't have added that little 'tell me if i have though!'. plus, she literally mentions 'forums' that call her out for doing those things, and we all know lolcow is included. we also know that there are god knows how many implicating screenshots in all of threads. she's manipulative and full of absolute shit.

No. 1007135

It’s very narcissistic, that’s for sure. “It never happened and if it did, you misunderstood it and are bad for bringing it up”

No. 1007136

Right, Holly. WE are the bullies, not the one who fucked someone else’s husband and then publicly called her an unfixable abuser when she snapped after you gaslit her for god knows how long.

No. 1007139

File: 1594767886376.jpg (507.96 KB, 1080x1977, IMG_20200714_180432.jpg)

Heidi responded.

No. 1007140

Good for her. The replies on Holly's tweets are an echo chamber, so now at least she's got one sincere response.

No. 1007148

if holly could control her freak-outs and had said nothing this time, she wouldn't be dealing with Heidi's post rn. Let me tell you, I don't envy Jared today. Bet he's hiding in his streamer cave while holly throws fits.

fucking this. She can't even apologize without shrieking and defacing herself. If she DOES admit to doing something wrong she presents herself as so pitiable and lacking in agency that it is impossible to feel like she accepts any responsibility at all. Can you imagine Ross facing years of this shit? Every apology for emotional abuse was probably incoherent begging and crying before her manic tears dried up and she did it again.

No. 1007149

How can random anonymous people on the internet gaslight someone. That's not how it works, Holly.

No. 1007150


Nice to see that Holly reblocked Heidi

Heidi has a VERY good point. She is the one Holly should apologize to, not her audience. You shouldn't say "hey audience, sorry I publicly misdiagnosed someone" you should say "hey someone, sorry I publiciy misdiagnosed you"

One of my favourite things about Heidi is that she is so good at wording things like this, she is so efficient at deconstructing Holly's nonsense

No. 1007151

you should apologize to Heidi’s ex bf too

No. 1007152

Why doesn't she admit that her and Jared did carry on an emotional affair and both cheat on their spouses? That's a good start. Just because you supposedly didn't sleep with Jared until October doesn't mean you guys both didn't cheat on your partners. Also you openly admitted on Twitter in December of that same year in a drunken ramble that you were suicidal because Jared wouldn't leave his wife. You've both successfully lied to the internet, but you can't handle that you don't control the narrative here.

Also, stop blaming Heidi for Jared being a sex pest who can't control his horniness. Just because you "love" him doesn't mean he didn't do anything wrong. He didn't run several porn blogs because he was being abused at home. He was doing it because he was drunk on attention and power and wanted to get off. You've successfully stunted any sort of growth Jared could have made from his failed marriage by never holding him accountable for his actions. He will do the same thing to you. He probably already is. Admit you will never know every single detail of Heidi and Jared's marriage because you were not there in person to see them interact. You only got half of the story from a man who benefited from lying to you. For a second show a shred of empathy and think how you would have felt if you were Heidi. You slut shamed her by releasing private sexual texts she sent to her husband which you took no part in. You are a complete and total asshole.

No. 1007161

They are SLAMMING Holly in the replies to her own tweets now. It’s gold, but she’s also back to blocking anyone who replies to heidis tweets.

No. 1007165

File: 1594770583633.png (45.87 KB, 582x402, shutthefuckupbork.png)


>"You're just upset that saying it made you look bad."


And yeah, I agree. Apologize to the person you fucking hurt douchebag. Your loyal fans aren't going to give a shit. (see pic) They already hate Heidi & are going to continue carrying on your legacy of torturing her.

No. 1007166

>Why doesn't she admit that her and Jared did carry on an emotional affair and both cheat on their spouses?
tbh it all comes back to this, her absolute refusal to admit wrongdoing because she values dick over doing the right thing.

It's funny because she could have easily spun the situation into something sympathetic and pinned most of the blame on Jared for lying to her about Heidi being abusive, pitting them against each other, etc. A lot of people would consider it wrong to blame the mistress over the cheating husband, and would have forgiven her. But she's the big villain in this drama because of her ongoing stupidity and constant fuck ups, and it's clear you'd have to pry the wormdick out of her cold, dead, cancelled hands. Jared is still worse to me because I loathe cheaters, but he's boring to talk about because he doesn't embarrass himself like she does.

No. 1007167

irrelevant, but you know the hatred is real when you have them muted AND blocked, kek

heidi really is wonderful at stating facts and not falling into the trap of feeling like she has to justify or explain herself. then again, she probably knows how to do it so well because of her sex pest ex husband

No. 1007169

This. Jared has (mostly) kept his mouth shut, but holly insists on hurling herself in front of the train over and over again to defend him. If she just kept her fucking mouth shut, the milk would dry up and we’d eventually all move on,

No. 1007170

how much do you wanna bet it's killing her that jared won't defend her as much as she defends him?

No. 1007171

Still thinking about Jared posing for that shitty picture of him looking sullen on Instagram talking about his bad brain, and his post about how Heidi stole his mental health retreat wine. Kek. He is 100% the big bad in this story but Holly feels the need to always throw herself in the fire.

No. 1007173

It’s probably not. It’s just one more thing she can blame Heidi for (“you won’t defend me because Heidi scared and abused you into submission, I understand”)

No. 1007174

File: 1594771213313.png (8.79 KB, 522x88, nonapology.png)

Pretty much these words exactly. This is just performative shit & btw, BorkScorpion sealioning in the replies is not helping your case, Holly.

No. 1007175

File: 1594771246054.jpeg (296.79 KB, 1301x454, 7D540822-EE00-4A0F-A9E0-D7AB31…)

I’d still bet it was holly posting on his insta, because the “I’m having a bad brain day” bit is word for word identical to a post holly made just 10 days later. Either she thought she’d tap that same sympathy well or she put the wording in his head in the first place

No. 1007180

I'm pretty sure he knows the exact right words to say to get her to leave him alone for awhile. He is probably parroting phrases he has heard her say in order to get sympathy and control the relationship. When Holly needs emotional support or someone to back her up he probably turns on the act and pretends he is too traumatized to step in.

No. 1007181

This is amazingly disingenuous even for a half-assed apology because she tries to side-step the "you lied about me being diagnosed with BPD" by saying "someone else's diagnosis is none of my business". It's more "uwu I shouldn't have brought it up (but I'm not saying it isn't true, I was just wrong to weaponize it) than "I'm sorry I lied".

No. 1007183

That's the other thing I find weird about this whole thing. Heidi is fighting tooth and nail to defend Jared, and meanwhile, he's sitting in his little man cave, ignoring her pleas for the bullying to end, screeching about mean internet forums, and vague tweeting about Heidi. He won't even come to the aid of the woman he destroyed his marriage for. The woman, mind you, that he left his beautiful, grade A cosplayer wife for. Deep down he doesn't truly give a shit about Heidi. He just won't leave her now because he's dug himself into too deep of a hole and would look like a pigshit if he left Holly. He'll probably tell her he loves her, he there for her, and them after she goes to sleep go jerk it to some slutty egirl porn.
And besides, I can't help but feel like Holly knows some true dirt about him, and he secretly feels that if he left her, she would go into a twitter rage and expose him.

No. 1007185

Why doesn't Holly just, I dunno, e-mail Heidi & actually apologize in-private. Or better yet, tell those who keep demonizing Heidi on her behalf to stop? She has the power to pull that off at least…

No. 1007188

File: 1594771937017.jpeg (722.69 KB, 1343x1587, 47E7F6A6-263C-4436-B2C3-31937C…)

When people blatantly forget that there’s evidence of Holly agreeing that Heidi had BPD, and demand evidence that she did so and that she called Heidi unfixable.

No. 1007190


Inb4 bork shrieks "Likes don't count!"

The fact that Holly even humored this line of thinking is fucking dangerous.

No. 1007192

Holly claims to have knowledge from multiple therapists of Heidi's diagnosis. BetterHelp counselors don't diagnose you with BPD, sweaty. Just admit you read about it in DSM-5 and attributed all the symptoms to Heidi because you are a bias cunt.

No. 1007193

Aww yeah! Someone on twitter brought the receipts!

It's also a fresh reminder of the vile & cruel shit that Holly said about Heidi to her massive fanbase.

No. 1007194

I like how she keeps talking about her observations of Heidi. Heidi said she hadn't seen or spoken to Holly since right after she revoked consent. That was February or March of 2018. Before that they were friends and Holly seemed to heap praise onto Heidi. So when exactly did she observe Heidi acting like an abuser? Oh wait, she didn't. She just heard second hand accounts from Jared, who would lie to her with no remorse.

No. 1007195

>I've never said I'm a guru or professional
But you use to charge $30 for mental health advice on your Patreon. You literally charged people for mental health advice. If that isn't online guru level then I dunno what is

No. 1007196

File: 1594772765159.jpeg (424.93 KB, 1343x730, 07E08DCD-81F7-4A4B-AB0D-07A255…)

You called it, Anon. Apparently liking a tweet means nothing now, but Hoelly will readily block ANYONE who likes tweets Heidi has made.

No. 1007197

This is an imageboard. Post screencaps or pictures. This could be deleted off imgur at any time.

No. 1007198

The posts from the img board are already on previous threads here. It’s just reposts from when holly claimed to have first hand knowledge of Heidi being mentally ill and the. From a month later when she tried to walk it back

No. 1007199

File: 1594772894307.png (42.23 KB, 646x365, y22IDwQ.png)

No. 1007200

File: 1594773004820.png (44.72 KB, 636x401, uje2OQS.png)

No. 1007201

Like it or not, liking a tweet is considered an endorsement dude.

No. 1007202

File: 1594773168166.png (16.08 KB, 573x155, bruh.PNG)

I forgot the irony of her saying "people can only fix themselves if they see their flaws."

But she's a modern Mother Theresa, so she doesn't have to worry about that.

No. 1007203

File: 1594773213397.jpeg (731.64 KB, 1326x1226, 8CE6ECEF-E3F8-4E66-87C1-6BFF16…)


Update: liking The tweet isn’t endorsing it apparently.

No. 1007204

File: 1594773277792.png (91.53 KB, 476x680, butnotbpd.png)


Okay, Bork is just grasping at straws now…

No. 1007205

File: 1594773342267.png (155.66 KB, 482x688, justanopinion.png)


Holly seriously needs to tell her WKs to stop saying dumb shit like this, because this is NOT making things any better for her.

No. 1007206

Also it isn't just that they implied it, it's that they used BPD as an insult and Holly, despite using mental health as a topic to boost her stream, liked it. If you're going to claim to care about mental health as a topic, even if you've never claimed to be a professional, you can't validate making fun of entire conditions. Her apology really does just come across as hollow and validation seeking after the YoutTube comment thing.

No. 1007212

Did….did this simp really just compare Holly, who cheated emotionally and physically on her husband and used someone's percieved mental unwell against them, to Mother Theresa, a nun who devoted her entire life to caring for the sick and impoverished?

I can't with Holly's whiteknight anymore. Holly, go get yourself some simps who aren't idiots, please. Before you know it they'll be comparing Jared being called out for cheating and abuse to Jesus being crucified.

No. 1007214

She needs them to be idiots, so they can dogpile every comment section in her defense and never notice she never learns or acts kind like she claims to.

No. 1007215

Anon, Jared was sick and Mother Hoelly treated his illness with her hag snatch
She's just as good, maybe even better, than Mother Theresa

No. 1007216

Holly spending tonight spearing on twitter about how unfair the cruel internet is to her all because a few people noticed she was looking at her phone a lot during a DnD session is why she will always be a prime cow.

No. 1007217

With the way the world is super woke nowadays, why would he even bring up Mother Teresa when its been reported by so many people how awful she truly was? Well I guess the shoe fits, Mother Teresa and Holly are both self serving douchebags.

No. 1007218

It reminded me of her Keemstar inspired "side ho" painting days, a true throwback to peak Holly meltdown.

No. 1007219

File: 1594774070098.png (49.61 KB, 584x466, abooose.png)

She… she knows that painting someone as an abuser just paints a big old target on someone, right?

Also, I hope Bork spills the fucking beans, because they keep claiming shit like

>"You sincerely don't know shit about what actually happened."

Oh really? Tell us Bork. What really happened? What do you know that we don't? What super-secret insider-info do you have that really solidified your decision on why Heidi is the one & only abuser in this situation?

No. 1007220

I love how Holly and her flying monkeys keep telling people to leave her alone yet the people she has direct contact with like Geraldo and Pickle get to internet stalk Heidi whenever they want.

No. 1007221

I'm loving this. Heidi asking for an apology and then getting blocked just proves that Hoelly doesn't really want to let go. She had another freak out and caused all this trouble for herself and Jared after saying, "I just want to move on" but absolutely refuses to move on. She was just getting her foot back into the D&D door and now slammed her foot in it kek. She's doing so amazing at ruining her own future, it's great to see her self-destruct. It's really no wonder Jared ignores the shit out of her if she acts like this over a little bit of criticism.

For the sake of saving your brain cells, ignore what her retarded fans say because their heads are planted so far up Cumrag's asshole that the earwax and shit in their ears will keep them from ever hearing a thing.

I hope she keeps doing it so she can continue producing milk. Her meltdowns are hilarious. I wonder if Jared just whispering "Heidi" sends her into a rage.

No. 1007222

But anon, Heidi sent that private sexual text to her own husband that Holly shared, so incels like Bork know that makes Heidi the evil jezebel who was sleeping with all kinds of men! She's a woman they can really attack and feel justified for doing so, obviously we are just not aware of how bad she is /s

No. 1007223

Oh god, can you imagine pedodick fucking up and calling Hoelly by Heidis name during sex? Instantaneous fit of rage

No. 1007224

I have no doubt bork has a KF account and uses his twitter to WK his favies.

No. 1007225

File: 1594774474118.png (69.24 KB, 396x484, terrified.png)



Holly is not you & your mother.
Heidi is not your mother's abuser.
This just proves that you're going off of your emotions & that you fail to recognize the nuance of this situation.

No. 1007226

I wonder if he's ever slipped up

No. 1007227

Like, what did holly have to be terrified of? Heidi had NOTHING to hold over holly to manipulate her with (she was clearly already fucking heidis husband anyway). You don’t get to claim fear when there’s no way for the other person to hurt you,

No. 1007228

So he's a whiteknight for her like this, has been to this degree for over a year… because he projects all his mommy issues onto Holly? Of fucking course. How sad, what a miserable Oedipus complex-ridden little troll.

No. 1007229

Don't believe Holly when she is apologising there! She doesn't mean and she is doing it under duress! Believe Holly when she is apologising right now! She totally means it this time!!

No. 1007232

File: 1594774986412.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1322x1783, 4B1E5B71-8704-479E-88C6-86E07D…)

When do you think she’ll finally tell Bork to back off and that theyre just making it worse?

No. 1007233

She can't risk getting fewer asspats, so probably never.

No. 1007236


I know right?

The only people making this shit worse are Holly's fans who refuse to admit that their 'Mental-Health Queen' can be wrong sometimes…

No. 1007239

Holly's flying monkeys have been doing her bidding by being the ones to constantly attack Heidi this past year. Holly has fed them info and let them attack her without any sort of admonishment. She directly fed information about her marriage with Ross to ScarletMoth and got her to tell Dan Pirro about how Ross was actually the real abuser. When they were quite easily found out, Holly called Dan off and both Ross and Heidi unfriended Moth.

No. 1007240

File: 1594775422104.png (52.37 KB, 586x488, ct.png)


If Holly was 'terrified' of Heidi then why did she have NO problem telling everyone & their mother that Heidi was an abuser?

No. 1007241

What are these "private sexual texts" people are talking about? I've been following these threads for a while and don't think I've ever seen them

No. 1007243

File: 1594775567110.png (49.54 KB, 584x438, bpdbad.png)

Now her stans have moved on to gaslighting people with BPD who dared to respond.

Call off your fucking dogs, Holly. This is not looking good for you.

No. 1007245

Exactly, the reason Bork claims Heidi says things to Holly but not reversed is because Holly gets her fanbase to do the fighting for her. Whether Bork realizes it or not he's just gaslighting by claiming only Heidi did anything for the past year. Holly is just less honest and more reliant on others to do things for her. Unless all her fans just happened to find those Youtube comments at the same time, the second they upset her.

No. 1007248

File: 1594775971080.jpeg (944.18 KB, 1297x1561, 818F2BD8-8FB0-4FC0-BBB3-02E3A9…)

Ope, now it’s because Holly was going off of her understanding of the relationship between Jared and Heidi, not having spoken to the docs like she claimed

No. 1007249

File: 1594776012391.png (501.19 KB, 994x852, 4750975.PNG)

These texts that Heidi sent to Jared, which he then shared with Holly and she posted.

No. 1007253

File: 1594776268212.png (62.82 KB, 592x564, boom.png)

You know,the sad thing is that if Jared & Holly had just admitted to the cheating, I think less people would hate them now. It would've been much easier to forgive them if they just sat down & said "I fucked up."

No. 1007256

>… by two months of harassment?
Heidi got harassment and death threats, and still does to this day, and lost a years' long relationship, marriage, and her trust in others. But Keemstar was mean to Holly and she had a tough two months on twitter!! Boohoo.

No. 1007257

File: 1594776499302.png (74.5 KB, 580x320, _Pearly_Girl_.png)


Bonus Holly & Jared's "Be Kind" squad weaponizing it against Heidi

No. 1007258

File: 1594776640708.png (56.89 KB, 584x466, empathy].png)

>"Right now you're shitting on every person who's had to leave an abusive partner, feeling like they wanted to die because they'd been conditioned to NEED them."

You mean like how Heidi had been conditioned to NEED Jared because he had financial control in their marriage?

No. 1007259

How had he been conditioned to need Heidi if he was clearly (even in the texts Holly posted between Heidi and Jared) ignoring her and stonewalling her all the time? He seemed to have no issues treating her like shit, so that doesn't really fit with Bork's narrative here

No. 1007261

This dude has some severe mommy issues that he is projecting.

No. 1007265

File: 1594777217689.png (62.4 KB, 586x632, ridiculousstandard.png)

>" It seems a bit hypocritical for anyone to hold her to such a ridiculous standard to begin with."

Ah yes, the ridiculous standard that is the "Mental Health Advocate"

No. 1007267


I have expectations of everyone, especially online influencers who run a show based on mental health. Why shouldn't I expect better of her? Because I didnt consider her fans' feelings when I thought negatively of her behavior?

No. 1007268

File: 1594777428908.png (31.78 KB, 586x268, yourewonderful.png)

Aaand THIS is why Holly cannot move on from this. Years & years of coddling.

No. 1007270

She’s also actively blocking the people calling her out and pointing out the inconsistencies in what her stans are using to protect her. That one that’s been going toe to toe with Bork just got blocked too

No. 1007273

File: 1594777635612.png (155.54 KB, 590x594, fallacy].png)

Bork stop posting this logical fallacy crap when you've already revealed that you feel the way you do because of your own personal mommy-issues.

No. 1007274


The difference between Holly and Heidi is that when Heidi posts about the drama the responses are flooded with people shutting on her constantly, and while yes she has a couple defenders, shes pretty much on her own at home sitting alone

Holly has Jared as well as a whole army of stans that name search her everyday to defend anything anyone says about her ever. Constant, vigilant, OBSESSIVE stans, constantly up her ass,constantly telling her she is a goddess and never did anything wrong

No. 1007276

So she made a thread for people to call her out so she could apologize and get closure then she blocked anyone who called her out? lmao

No. 1007278


Right guys, she hurt the BPD community by comparing them to such an evil fugly slut like Heidi! That's why she is apologizing to them and not the person she falsely accused of having it and being an unfixable abuser

Let me get this straight. False accusations against your boyfriend? Bad! Horrible! Eeeeevil! False accusations about your boyfriends ex? Valid, honest mistake

No. 1007279

She was fine with it up until Bork was told he wasn’t helping Holly move on by defending her on every post even vaguely against her and then bam, blocked.

So much for “tell me what I did wrong!”, eh Hoelly?

No. 1007285

File: 1594778258580.png (156.78 KB, 464x698, bs.png)

>"Heidi just used the opportunity to publicly attack her and levy more accusations without evidence"

Wrong again, Bork. Holly unblocked Heidi to post a link to one of those "The Truth About ProJared" videos. She didn't even @ Heidi or post anything directed to her. It was was very indirect & underhanded of her.

No. 1007287

Nothing Heidi said in that cap was a lie, so all he is really doing here by wk-ing with it is showing everyone what a piece of shit Holly really is.

No. 1007292

File: 1594778761625.png (31.71 KB, 472x378, whuh.png)


Yeah, Bork is really fucking this up for Holly. Her stans in general are giving her a very toxic mindset.

No. 1007294

If Jared was conditioned to "need' Heidi he never would have cheated on her and looked to other sexual partners for arousal. This is such stupid, backwards logic that I'm starting to believe Bork is drunk and doesn't know what he's saying.

No. 1007297

File: 1594779047024.png (40.35 KB, 460x390, tellmehere.png)

Okay, I lol'ed

No. 1007301

Sometimes this shit just hurts to watch, because it could've been so easily avoided if they had just been transparent with each other.

No. 1007302

File: 1594780228942.jpeg (911.42 KB, 1335x1558, 39C84105-D5C5-4D8E-82CA-15899D…)

Of course, she’d like the asspats and none of the ones actually mentioning anything being her own fault. We’re all just big bullies, huh Hoelly? Man, it must really suck to have people saying totally mean things about You just because they don’t like you.

If only you knew of someone you’d dine that to…

No. 1007305

File: 1594781028521.png (244.67 KB, 701x813, 20200714_224253.png)

She replied to something

No. 1007310


I never thought it was an intentional dig at Heidi

What I DID think is how hypocritical it is for Holly to make a shirt with that design. As if she has or had serious issues with people breaking her boundaries in the past, and if she did have an issue with it then I'd expect her to be more empathetic to the person's boundaries she was actively breaking, even when that person told her with clear and direct language that that is what she was doing.

I'd be fun to theorize that she made it about Jared still fucking fans and sexting them even that when they were an "offical" couple during the affair, aka when they were double dating Anna and Nate, but I dont think its about Jared, I think she knows it's a mental health buzzword and wanted to take advantage of it

No. 1007311

File: 1594781374666.png (160.43 KB, 720x699, 20200714_224801.png)

Next thread image?

No. 1007312


I always kinda assumed that "boundaries" was a favorite buzzword from her therapy sessions, because she's so terrible at grasping boundaries that it makes sense the therapist would want to focus on it. But to Holly, she's the champion of boundaries because she talked about it in therapy!!!

And yeah, she's way too dumb to see the irony/the fact that it clearly applies to her stomping all over Heidi's boundaries, even if that wasn't the intention behind the shirt. And even if it came out before the "drama", wasn't it still after the actual event where she apologized for overstepping boundaries?

No. 1007313

Tabbed back in just to see if this had been posted yet lol.

Seeing Bork wk nonstop is so embarrassing. The name fits as Holly's little attack dog though.

No. 1007315

File: 1594781607465.png (64.54 KB, 748x382, bruh.png)

Are you fucking kidding me.

No. 1007317

File: 1594781762569.png (67.93 KB, 582x562, aboooser.png)

No. 1007318


There it is

No. 1007320

Then don't say you're sorry for saying something about someone you consider an abuser! You narcissistic clown. You cannot be sorry you said something unless you feel it was wrong to say it about that person and apologize to them.

She's the most hypocritical POS. The fact that people fly to her defense is maddening and embarrassing.

No. 1007321

File: 1594781888725.png (58.89 KB, 584x522, doubledown.png)


What a fucking piece of work this woman is.

No. 1007323

Holly is seriously out there acting like Heidi is going to show up on her doorstep or something, jesus christ. Heidi has issues if her own, but she's not going to bring harm to you Holly, jesus christ. Just get off of Twitter.

No. 1007324

There it is, the whole point of her making the twitter thread in the first place!

No. 1007325

File: 1594781962818.png (28.48 KB, 588x284, abooooser.png)

No. 1007326

Is this bitch fucking for real? She's the one who's full attack dog right now with a pack of bitches attacking people too. She doesn't want to move on and she's still speaking poorly to Heidi after literally fake apologizing for calling her unfixable. "I won't apologize to an abuser even though I already did." she's so fucking stupid narcissist. You deserve the grief, Hoelly Cumrag.

Now everyone is from the farms, you dumb cow.

No. 1007327

File: 1594782013522.png (45.14 KB, 580x424, aboooooser.png)

Then leave

No. 1007328

The fuck? Has she gone completely unhinged? First of all, does she expect Heidi to murder her in broad daylight or something after sending her an apology over… the internet or phone? And second, how does "her being an abuser" absolve Holly of the very clear things she did wrong? Despite her (invalid) opinion, she should still apologize to Heidi for her own wrongdoings. Her actions are mutually exclusive of her interpreted opinion.

The mental gymnastics with this one. I can't.


No. 1007329

Then shut the fuck up your "wanting to do better" and "be brought to task when you screw up." People will leave you alone when you either own up to your shit or keep ignoring all criticism and move on. Holy shit.

She didn't attack you. You opened your big mouth on Twitter, asking for pats on the ass for saying something harmful, and the person you were speaking about called you out. Stop starting shit and claiming you're the victim, FFS.

No. 1007330

File: 1594782123685.png (36.16 KB, 582x322, monsterr.png)

>"Just paint me as a monster."

She's doing it again…

No. 1007331

I'm sure Heidi doesn't feel safe when she's been threatened, visible in prior threads with the weird Persona larper Jared stans. But say you don't feel safe interacting with her when she's had to fear for her safety cause of Jared's fanbase. Go for it.

No. 1007332

This is something that's always irked me about her responses. Instead of being specific about what Heidi actually did, she just vaguely insinuates she's abusive and says things about her yelling which isn't abusive behavior on its own. It seems like she knows her experiences won't hold up to scrutiny so she just leaves the abuse up to people's imaginations instead. Maybe if she laid it out for people then they'd be more sympathetic towards her. This just comes across as someone being vague because they're lying.

No. 1007333

She really is completely unhinged.

Okay Gabbie Hanna.

No. 1007334

>"legal council"
>paid for an hour of lawyer time to figure out how to sue and then realized there would be no case

Thank you Holly, once again, for being such an awful, rotten person and producing this endless milk. It's clear you'll never change. Mooing all the way to the pasture.

No. 1007335


Heidi actually tells us what Holly did.
Holly just says that Heidi "SCREAMED" at her once or twice with little to no other details.

No. 1007336

The fact that she's acting like this so soon after a "friend" of hers died just goes to show how up her own ass she is. Just like when she used Etika's death to talk about herself, she's using the day Grant died to talk about herself.

The fact that none of her friends have told her to chill the fuck out and get offline, especially on a day like today just goes to show that she doesn't have any real friends.

No. 1007337

File: 1594782354750.png (56.12 KB, 586x452, monsterrr.png)

No. 1007338

I can't believe she progressed to this over some YouTube comments about her going on her phone. The most mild of critique. Holy fuck.

No. 1007339

I've come to the conclusion that anyone who points out Holly's flaws is an abuser. No further questions asked.

No. 1007340

Exactly. Her request that people take her to task when she screws up was just a call-out to her comfort squad to validate that she's never done anything wrong, as well as give her the chance to discover who actually will critique her so she can remove them. She wants her community to be completely insular, like the abusive piece of trash she is.

No. 1007341

That's the wild part. She's acting like a fucking psycho because of a critique a few people left. I wouldn't be surprised if her group decided to stop playing with her.

No. 1007342


Holly, you are not being "painted as a monster".
You are becoming a monster.

Seek help. Real help. Not just blind affirmations from your loyal fans. You need to fucking rebuild yourself.

No. 1007344

>actual screenshots of her tweets confirming she did all of these things exist.

Pepperidge Farm remembers.

This is a great point. She posts things with a lot of room for people to read between the lines and fill in the blanks on their own by using buzzwords.

Heidi explains specific intricacies, actions, and conversations about the situation and encounters, while Holly just yells "SHE'S AN ABUSER I'M ABUSED HE'S ABUSED I’M AFRAID FOR MY LIFE I KNOW ALL THESE THINGS IT'S DEFINITELY ABUSE."

I can't wrap my head around if she is actually this much of an idiot, or is so fucked in the head that she imagined this fantasy situation so hard she now can't see past it. She constantly contradicts herself to boot.

It's clear she can't keep up with her own lies. Or guilt.

No. 1007345


Ding ding ding

The reason we believe Heid is that she has given us more information. Fuck, she gave us a whole 2 hour breakdown of the whole thing

You, Holly, showed us random text message and make vagur statements about how Heidi makes you feel unfuckingsafe

No. 1007347

File: 1594782797466.png (196.86 KB, 440x712, heidiwasright.png)

All Holly accomplished tonight was proving Heidi right.

No. 1007348

Legal counsel for fucking what?? She has to prove that anything Heidi said was false, which she can’t because Heidi has proof for literally everything she said. Hoelly, however, needs to cover her ass in case Heidi goes after her for releasing those sexts between Jared and Heidi.

No. 1007350

With how obsessed she is with checking this thread, at this point i'm more convinced that a big portion of Holly's hatred for Heidi is because Heidi generally gets support here and she doesn't. I think it eats away at her that Heidi isn't getting shit on here like she does on twitter and it's just been building up since this whole thing started. She hates not being the golden girl everywhere

No. 1007351


It's just… remarkable how she came in all "I want to apologize to everyone & I mean EVERYONE I've ever hurt!" & ended it all with "That person is an abuser. I will not be taking any more questions at this time."

That's like, some reverse character-development right there.

No. 1007353

She fucked herself over by making it clear she just did the apology not to be problematic

No. 1007354

She ruined TWO marriages. Her own and Jared and Heidi's.
It's just getting so tiresome of her calling Heidi absuive when we know she was abusive to Ross during their marriage. Holly cant help but project her own problems on someone else. It's insane honestly

And "leave me alooooone bohoo." YOU MADE THE THREAD ON TWITTER! People commented on that YouTube video and you could have just left a video with less than 5k views on it. It's not like people went into her twitter to harass her.

No. 1007357

I doubt it because she could easily go to the farms or her own discord that just pure shit on Heidi but instead she chooses to this thread

No. 1007358


Imagine getting legally involved with your boyfriends exwife (who was his wife when you first got together behind your own ex-then-current husband's back)

No. 1007359

She caused her own harassment this time too. She deliberately went to the youtube comments to accuse people of being from here and then sent her attack dogs after them too. She can blame others as much as she wants but there is proof that she was the cause this time.

No. 1007360

File: 1594783444942.png (10.92 KB, 576x158, hardtime.png)

Fucking THIS.
Everyone's allowed to lash out except Heidi.

No. 1007362

Twitter literally has the option to limit replies. If she didn't want people calling her out in her thread, she could've just done that.

Surprise, surprise: Holly's just doing this for attention.

No. 1007363


Do we think Holly has reached out to Ross about that infamous emotional abuse VE chat asking him to clarify publicly that it wasnt her uwu and he just shot her down? Maybe she thinks she can still have him wrapped around her finger when she needs it

No. 1007364

Seems like Ross has cut all ties with Holly at this point, tbh.

No. 1007365

Holly today
>Hey everyone I want to talk about and draw attention to what happened an apologize to everyone I may have hurt
Why not just apologize to Heidi?

No. 1007369

File: 1594783889986.png (64.86 KB, 584x380, dicks.png)

Let's see how Jared is handling this harrowing night…

No. 1007371


Ross always seemed to go far out of his way for Holly. He helped her out during HoC, their wedding was Mass Effect themed around her self-insert, and he'd even go after people who wronged her.

Which kinda begs the question : Where's Jared at? Too busy sexting one of his fuck buddies?

No. 1007372

Holly wants to claim Heidi won't leave her alone when all she did was respond to Holly bringing her up. She wanted people to respond to her post with things she's done wrong in the past, but it's not okay when Heidi does literally what she asked for? Okay, keep playing the victim card Holly.

Her half-assed "apology" for when she called Heidi unfixable and insulted people with BPD with just an excuse to get asspats from her wks. The only people who are allowed to accept the apology are Heidi and people with BPD, nobody else. Guess what, they're not accepting it.

No. 1007373

And the YT comments were about her looking at her phone during DND lmao, it had absolutely nothing to do with Heidi or any of this drama. If she didn't sperg out about lolcow and demand people tell her what she did wrong on twitter, she wouldn't have to rehash any of this.

She just can't help herself, she must spend a lot of time reading this thread and seething to react so strongly to something so minor. Lolcow isn't that big or influential of a site, her responses are disproportionately mad.

No. 1007375

I can't stop laughing at how uninvolved he is in the huge explosion of shit over the last 24 hours from Holly

No. 1007376

Not gonna lie, I kek'd at reading "Top Ten Dicks in Gaming" in a very professional YouTube e-mail.

Also, it's striking and hilarious to me that Jared isn't addressing what's going on with Holly and her "bullies" at all. He doesn't give a shit about her. Good job, Holly, I'm sure becoming a public spectacle was totally worth cheating on your husband and getting a man who couldn't give two shit about what your going through.

In all honesty it seems that his silence regarding what Holly is going through right now indicates he still gives a smidgeon of a shit about Heidi, if only to spite Holly.

No. 1007377

He's handling his failure better than his mistress is with her failures at the moment.

No. 1007378

That's what's amazing. This whole thing started because a handful of people in the comments of a YouTube video were negative about her distant behavior during a game of Vampire.
And it cavalcaded into this.

Holly is her own worst enemy.

No. 1007379


I didn't even care what Holly was doing during the video, I just found her responses to criticism so weirdly defensive.

She behaved just like she did tonight; starting out all "I'm sorry, I'll try to do better uwu~" only to switch suddenly within an hour or two all "You are just a mad troll who's out to get me!"

No. 1007380

File: 1594784524889.png (52.61 KB, 460x710, hh.png)

Honestly, it all just seems like Jared went from one enabler to another…

No. 1007381

honestly Holly and Heidi just need to kiss, make up and have intense lesbian sex already, the tension is too much.

No. 1007383

Jared is probably just happy that this public fighting is taking some of the heat off of him.

No. 1007384


This is so well put. Shame this person will have Bork in their replies any second now

No. 1007385

If people have to tell you what you did wrong so you can "apologize" then your apology isn't sincere. All you want to do is get approval and sympathy from other people (usually people not even hurt by what you said.)

No. 1007386

I can't help but feel like that's why Holly does this shit, to keep the heat off of him.
Too bad she seems to be destroying herself in the process.

No. 1007387


And yet Jared isn't even willing to defend her, stick up for her, or show any affection towards her. Sometimes I wonder if she regrets not being with Ross (someone who did all of those things for her) but then I remember it's Holly and she probably thinks Ross is abusive.

No. 1007388

I've noticed a surprising lack of Bork for a little while now. You think she finally put a leash on'em?

No. 1007390


I'm starting to think that she low-key regrets dumping Ross

No. 1007391


Nah, they'll be back

No. 1007393

And he looks really miserable when he's with her. He went from being with someone soft-spoken to full blown manic.

No. 1007394

If Heidi was abusive why doesn't Jared speak up and give the details about it then.

No. 1007401

Because he is scared and was coerced into being dependent on her, duh! /s

No. 1007404


Yeah, especially now that the divorce is completed. I wonder if Heidi managed to get a stipulation made where he's not allowed to publicly call her abusive or harass her on social media.

Or Jared's being his usual cowardly, pathetic self.

No. 1007407

I think I've read something before that talks about the phrase "I'm going to be honest with you". It's an admission that someone wasn't be honest or forthcoming prior to making the statement.

No. 1007408

HA he is such fucking scum of the earth. I hope Holly realizes that Ross would have had her back 100% no matter how it made him look. Jared is continuing to let her harm herself and fight his public battles. You've got a real fucking loser there, Holly!

No. 1007409

I feel it's more likely Jared just doesn't give it shit. He's probably in denial about the fact that fucking Holly Conrad isn't what he thought it would be. He probably assumed his dick would be wet 24/7, and they'd be known as irl Diath with the internet falling at their feet about how cool it was, when in reality, he's known as the guy who exchanges nudes with fans, and Holly is known as the unstable woman who cheated on Ross freakin' O'Donovan with ProJared and can't stop obsessing over his beautiful ex-wife that everyone loves.
How much you wanna bet Jared still jerks it to old pictures of Heidi?

No. 1007410

He won’t have to just use pictures, What with the way Hoelly is so desperately trying to BECOME Heidi herself. She’s Single White Female-ing the woman.

No. 1007411

Yeah, her claims of feeling unsafe because she’s scared of Heidi fall flat when you remember that she moved from another state in order to be closer to Jared (and by default, Heidi) and didn’t say one word about abuse publicly until Heidi revealed what a piece of shit Hoelly was.

No. 1007412

She does think Ross is abusive. She made Scarlet tell Dan Pirro about how difficult their marriage was on Holly.

No. 1007413

Again, allegations that never came out until AFTER she had left and needed to vilify the other person. Anyone else noticing a pattern?

No. 1007415

She has yet to try and refute the fact that she was actually abusive in her own marriage. She denies so much yet she won't even address herself being an abuser. I think it's most likely because it's true and if she denies it she knows people like Suzy and Arin will get involved since they have seen her be abusive first hand. Also Holly confided in Jared that she abused Ross, so if she convincingly lies about it in public she knows Jared will see her as a liar.

So Holly, how come you are allowed to abuse your husband and then publicly slander someone else as an abuser? Only you are allowed to repent for your sins and shed the label of abuser? Growth and redemption are reserved only for people you like? It's disgusting.

No. 1007417


Yeah, one of the few redeeming qualities Arin and Suzy have is how protective they are about Ross. Holly knows this and knows that Arin especially will go scorched earth on her if she tries dragging Ross, since he's done so before with other people. As much clout and reach as she thinks she has, she knows damn well she won't win the fight of the GG community combined with every other fanbase that basically adore Ross.

No. 1007418

I wonder if Holly tried hard to find a way and send a lolsuit to this entire site.


I agree with this anon. Even during Game Grumps days, Holly would sperg on Twitter if someone threw a minor criticism at her. I think she's obsessed with being "universally loved" , can't stand that her facade has cracked and people can see what she really is about.

No. 1007419

Agreed on next thread image, and also contender for a banner.

What Holly says: I'm sorry I said a wrong thing.
What Holly means: I'm sorry I got in trouble for saying a wrong thing (P.S. I don't actually think I was wrong but please stop being mad at me about it, I just want a life with no consequences or accountability.)

The shirt may have been out before the drama became public in May 2019, but the boundaries conversation with Heidi was in February 2018. I bet that shirt was an intentional dig at Heidi long before anyone outside of the situation could know what it referred to, so of course she would keep promoting it afterwards.

No. 1007422

It's funny because she used to be loved on lolcow before the scandal, and she herself probably doesn't know that. Back when the thread was just about Suzy, it used to be that you couldn't say a negative thing about Holly without being shut down. Even if one said something along the lines of "I find her mildly annoying" they'd be met with a barrage of posts about how she was a super sweet bird mom and she was so much better than Suzy.
Oh, how times have changed. To think that during all that she was abusing Ross, the sweetest, gentlest guy in all of this, breaks my heart.

No. 1007423

I do not recall seeing this shirt until well after the cheating and nudes news swept the internet, but okay, Holly, keep telling your version of events.

And even if this shirt came out before the drama, the optics of the release should have made her pull the shirt or at the very least, not have a boundary-crossing, fan-fucker model it for her.

No. 1007424

It's amazing that she acts like all she did wrong was make some social faux pas instead of wrecking two marriages and slandering the victims as abusive.
I'd honestly have some respect for her if she got off twitter and worked on bettering herself instead of posting self-pitying bullshit and getting coddled by her white knights.

No. 1007428


When Ross was doing Stardew Valley streams on Twitch (around July 2018) him and Holly did a small mental health talk (I think while they were waiting for Arin/Matt) and they both talked about how Holly had been abusive in their relationship. He admitted that she was not a good person at times (especially early on in the relationship) and she agreed with him. I'm pissed there isn't a VOD of this stream, because it'd be great to share, especially when people are trying to claim Ross was abusive.

No. 1007429

I am not an internet sleuth but the first mentions of the Boundaries shirt and Cancelled shirt are both in the first-second week of September 2019. Earliest mentions I can find. I guess she may mean the production was earlier but they were both part of her SummerFall collection it seems? So that would be after the drama.

No. 1007430

File: 1594792764641.jpeg (501.91 KB, 1242x1216, 80E3891D-928C-424C-8E89-68BA2A…)

Forgot image!

No. 1007431


B-but anon, she and Kayla designed that months and months before that, just take her word for it

No. 1007433

File: 1594793115374.png (159.25 KB, 471x592, Screenshot_2020-07-15 Kayla Cl…)


The Boundaries shirt did come before the drama, the Canceled shirt came after.

No. 1007435

File: 1594793190844.png (350.54 KB, 720x1160, mememe.png)

Leave it to Holly to say "I, my, me" a total of 13 times in only 11 sentences while addressing someone else's untimely passing. It's obnoxious the absolute lack of self awareness.

She needs a PR agent or a new therapist, can't believe she's actually commenting like this from her business account. Not a great look for her first appearance since DCA and the projared debacle.

Love how she drummed up all this drama from a few comments on a YT video that had absolutely nothing to do with any of this. Went from "I'm not distracted by my phone I was drawing!" to "lolcow is bullying me, you are all from lolcow!" to "I'm sorry I said Heidi was an unfixable abuser, but she is!" In less than a day? What an eventful 24 hours for Holly, no wonder it's been a "bad brain day" for her.

No. 1007438

The shirt came out before the drama was public, but it was still after Heidi said to Hoelly & Jared that they were violating her boundaries in private messages. Knowing that, the shirt feels like it was made to taunt Heidi. Hoelly just never expected anyone to see the conversation that inspired it.

No. 1007442

The "Cancelled" shirt is way more egregious. Jared has showed absolutely no remorse for his actions. They tried to pretend Heidi was benefiting off of the scandal despite her not streaming or running her shop at all during the height of it. Meanwhile, Jared delivers a half assed explanation video, immediately goes back to streaming, and models in a t-shirt Holly is selling to profit off of him exploiting his fans.

At least there is some solace in that fact that Holly probably makes next to nothing from her failed clothing company, and she probably sold a half dozen of those hideous Cancelled shirts.

No. 1007443

She’s also pretty much screwed the pooch on her new business venture too, since she’s now getting into public disagreements on sites like YouTube, using the company name.

No. 1007449

File: 1594797897518.png (326.79 KB, 1440x2560, chSbPkJ.png)


Sorry, I should have specified that it didn't come out after the drama was made public (like some people are trying to claim.) However, it definitely was a jab/reference to what Heidi said in her text to Holly. Especially when you look at the dates that these texts were happening and realize that they were around February 8th and the design was released February 16th. There's absolutely no way Holly can claim that it wasn't related to Heidi.

No. 1007457

I mean even if it’s true that she’s genuinely scared and uncomfortable by Heidi it’s kinda like what did you expect? You’re the mistress and you were the one talking mad shit about her to her husband like I’m sorry but even with everything out of context why should you as the mistress expect the wronged wife to offer you an “uwu soft space uwu I’m here for you!!” type of attitude? Holly is so manipulative and self centered she genuinely can’t see that in some situations other peoples emotions (both good and bad ones) go before hers. Like if you don’t want to be scared of other people… don’t fuck their spouses. Heidi doesn’t owe you safety, Holly, in fact she doesn’t owe you shit but you owe her a massive apology even if not for the fuckery on twitter and the shit talking but at least for adding to the pain of an already hurtful marriage that Heidi had to deal with. You being sad about “I can’t have the married man I want because of his super abusive whore wife that won’t let us have be free from boundaries and doesn’t let me cheat on my own husband” is not only pathetic but also really telling of how spoiled and delusional you are.

No. 1007460

File: 1594801232883.jpg (39.16 KB, 479x402, narcissist nostri qui es in ca…)


Holly really is living by pic related lol

No. 1007465

I just want to know what she’s so scared of. Even if Heidi wanted to bitch slap her into the next millennium, wouldn’t she have done it a year and a half ago when the cheating was first discovered? Is it that she’s scared of Heidi could release sexts between Holly and Jared? I mean, that’s more Hoellys M.O.

No. 1007470

They dont even live in the same state, like wtf is Heidi gonna do?!
Yell at her on phone again?
Holly will just claim that she's gonna sick her evil fans on her, but it's not like Heidi has a bigger fanbase or like, a dedicated discord sever of simps always ready to pounce at the meer mention of Holly or Jared anything

No. 1007472

At this point I’m just waiting for her to send a cease and desist to admin sama since she’s so booty bothered by lolcows existence. Have fun with a SLAPP suit if you try Holly.

No. 1007475

Nah, cause here's the thing, since the fallout of DCA, her fanbase and engagement has plummeted. She cant go to cons anymore (not that anyway is) and most of her friends have kinda soft abandoned her. She's not gonna do it because honestly she fucking loves this attention. Well maybe not love, but needs the attention. Like why else comment of a YouTube video for a minor complaint with no mention of her drama, then bring it back up. THEN go to twitter and make a bigger fuss about it when no one would have cared after a day. She likes the drama to go on so that people can pat her on the head and tell her she's good, she's cared about. No sympathy means no engagement

No. 1007476


being yelled at makes her have bad brain day uwu cheating on spouse was so anxiety inducing so stop being mean and be kind uwuwuwuwuwu

No. 1007482


I really feel like Holly is one of those people where any attention is good attention for her because she's such a self-centered individual.

No. 1007485

water is wet

No. 1007486

I think she's desperate for exclusively positive attention, she can't cope with criticism and gets hyper defensive at any opportunity because she doesn't want anyone thinking they can say she's wrong or bad. And if they do, she'll go full uwu 'just be kind' 'just tell me what I did wrong' because she doesn't think she's at fault.

No. 1007490


It's almost as if he has no solid ground to stand on when it comes to abuse allegations, or he's biding his time to keep his rep while holly distracts everyone with her corroding mental health

No. 1007497

I must say, I'm impressed by the amount of people who called Holly out on her bullshit on Twitter last night. I thought for sure that no one cared & would just excuse it. But there were so many people who made so many good points as to how her 'apology' was insincere & how she should at least apologize to Heidi directly instead of her fawning fanbase.
If only she could take criticism…

No. 1007498

I feel like if that's the case she needs to change her shtick from 'be kind, don't bully' to 'be kind, don't bully, unless you are really sneaky about it.' Or to be kind and not bully but let your minions do it for you.

No. 1007502

It should be changed to "Bully by-proxy"

No. 1007518

no, because the people who run the show (and likely the people on the show) have already be fed holly's narrative the she's the victim, and likely they've been fed that for months.

this is PA not WotC, their pr and hr departments work very differently. if people get mad at pa mike and jerry will just double down out of spite.

this, i know she keeps bringing up the drama but it's clear she doesn't actually want to hear the truth, even when she's confronted with her own behavior in screencaps. she brings up the drama because she knows that it will bring out her white knights to comfort her everytime she feels low because of some minor fucking youtube comments. that's why she only spent time liking comments that called her perfect and told her to ignore the haters after literally asking to be told what she did wrong, it was the validation she was seeking all along.

honestly curious what is going through ross's mind when this happens. i really think that what keeps him from speaking up is that he still has a soft spot for her and not because he just wants to move on, he hasn't shyed from calling others out on twitter.

No. 1007519

Re: ross, could be that deep down he still cares for her. Could be that he knows that if he even farts in the general direction of any holly drama he will be dragged down into it and his internet presence would be a miserable one.

Could he theres also a nugget of truth when some anon suggested he wasn't all that innocent himself, and doesn't want to enrage the internet sleuths. Personally i think that his time with holly must have been so miserable he really REALLY doesn't want to even think about her anymore

No. 1007521


I can believe that. Just very recently, he talked about his trip to New Zealand, the one he clearly to when he was still married to Holly, and tried his absolute damnedest to not mention her by name. And he brings up how suffered emotional abuse in his past relationships, which I can definitely assume one of the being with good old Holly.

Not to mention the several months of therapy after the divorce and the now deleted tweet of the both of them still being friends. If Ross still thought Holly was a good person and friend, he would have stood up for her like he's done before.

No. 1007522

damn, i missed the part where he deleted that tweet. did he talk about his trip on stream or twitter?

staying away is definitely the best bet, i respect that decision, but it's funny to think how holly must fear ross now for how easily he can debunk her lies.

No. 1007530

i honestly think she lacks the self reflection needed to realize she was EVER in any fault.
I'm 100% sure she thinks Heidi was abusive and I would bet money that if Ross ever raised any objections to her True Love with Jared, in her mind he was abusive as well.
Probably it's the opposite, if Ross were to speak out against Holly she would unleash a smear campaign like one you'd never seen lol. My guess would be "i was asexual at the time and he knew so technically every time we had sex he raped me" lol

No. 1007534

If she did go nuclear against him I really think it'll just turn back on her, Ross is really really well liked even on forums like this. He's smart for not even mentioning her name again but that alone speaks volumes to how abusive she must've been.

No. 1007537

Yeah, for all the talk about growing and learning it just seems to be lip service. Her behavior, at least online, never seems to change or develop. She doesn't appear to be good at reflecting on her mistakes enough to learn anything meaningful from them because she always comes to the conclusion she's a victim. But I still don't think she would make an accusation that extreme, plus her and Jared's fans give off strong vibes of not believing that sort of thing from a woman anyway. A lot of them latched onto Jared right after Vic Mignogna, after all.

No. 1007538


I honestly think if Holly attempted to do a smear campaign against Ross that it would dramatically backfire against her. You think Holly supporters are crazy white knights, lovelies can be even worse, and there are way more of them.

I think there is a small part of Ross that does still care for Holly (not love, but fondness/nostalgia), and he doesn't care for drama. Plus, I don't doubt that Holly would threaten to kill herself if he said anything bad about her.

No. 1007541

File: 1594823468619.jpg (782.95 KB, 1439x1983, Screenshot_20200715-103057_Twi…)

No. 1007542

File: 1594823490298.jpg (778.27 KB, 1440x1709, Screenshot_20200715-103020_Twi…)

No. 1007543

File: 1594823533944.jpg (745.75 KB, 1439x1563, Screenshot_20200715-103109_Twi…)

No. 1007544

File: 1594823679202.jpg (357.16 KB, 1440x779, Screenshot_20200715-103452_Twi…)