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No. 836081

Last time on the Curse of O’Ferrall Campaign:

>Holly is still (unsurprisingly) playing the victim card.

>Holly is also blocking people who dare to even compliment Heidi on Heidi's twitter posts.
>Heidi comes out and states that Holly has been manipulating Jared all along. >>830160
>Jared is still lurking in the shadows, refusing to speak publicly but is still talking to Uno Girl.
>A Holly whiteknight (Dan Pirro/SweetestRads) is claiming to have 64 screenshots that allegedly prove Jared's innocence/abuse and that Ross was never cheated on.
>Dan also states that Ross was mad Heidi didn't want Holly fucking Jared.
>Dan later backtracks and states that Holly did not want him to post the screenshots yet after receiving backlash for bringing Ross in the drama.
>Turns out some random twitter user (@BrianSirk) called out Jared for being a pedo a month before it was revealed (and a few days before Heidi found his old phone with containing the nudes of his mistress).

About DCA:
>DCA is/was a popular D&D livestream DM'd by Chris Perkins (WoTC story designer)
>It's cast consisted of Holly Conrad, Jared Knabenbauer, Nathan Sharp and Anna Prosser
>All of them turned out to be cheaters, hooking up with each other and breaking marriages/engagements

Jared "the Wormdick" Knabenbauer
>Known for having a gaming youtube channel where he reviewed games
>Formed "Waffle crew", the D&D group that would soon turn out to be a dumpster fire
>All hell broke lose when his ex-wife revealed he has been manipulating, abusing and cheating on her
>Soon after, other victims of his started leaking chat logs and nudes
>Turns out he was soliciting underage porn
>Went into hiding
>Throughout DCA, his D&D character, Diath, was having an on-going romance with Strix, his co-player Holly Conrad's character
>Turns out they were also involved IRL, cheating on their spouses
>Holly is currently whiteknighting him on twitter, while he is trying to manipulate his side-pieces from the shadows
>One of his side-pieces fell for it and now is changing her initial statement, trying to get on his good side (even though he ghosted her before)

Holly "Manic Pixie Butterface" Conrad (updated from last thread; see old milk for past history):
>Got into D&D, started thinking she's literally Strix - her character
>Cheated on Ross with Jared the Wormdick while trying to manipulate both Jared and his wife
>Once Heidi (Jared's wife) revealed her as a side hoe, she locked down everything and checked into the tumblr hospital
>After getting back on the net, she started autistically defending herself and Jared, claiming she never cheated and Heidi is literally Hitler
>Professional victim, her NPD can be seen from space
>Emotionally abused Ross, claimed she never felt love until she met Jared
>Can't stand even tiny criticism about herself, reads her lolcow thread though

Anna Prosser and Nathan Sharp
>Remaining members of the waffle crew
>Their D&D characters also had an on-going romance
>Meanwhile Anna was married to Geoff Robinson
>Nathan was engaged to a well-known voice actress Cristina Vee
>Nathan's engagement got suddenly called off at the same time as Anna stated she is divorcing
>Cristina Vee tweeted (and deleted) few tweets that revealed that Nathan was cheating on her with Anna and also became instantly friendly with Heidi after she tweeted about Jared's infidelity.
>All in all, these people who are in their 30s decided to ruin their marriages/engagement because of a D&D game romance

Previous thread >>>/snow/829410

>Jared Knabenbauer/ProJared:


>Heidi O'Ferrall/AtelierHeidi:


>Holly Conrad/Commander Holly:


>Ross O'Donovan/RubberNinja:


The usual suspects:

>Suzy Berhow/Mortemer:


>Arin Hanson/Egoraptor:


>Dan Avidan:


>Game Grumps:


>Normal Boots:


>Minor cow Katie, rejected Arin way back when and regrets it now that he's famous:


Summary of the old milk (cheese?), courtesy of anon:

Suzy "the Goose" Berhow:
>Has a history of scamming fans by buying cheap jewelry from China and the likes and reselling it to fans with an absurd markup as her jewelry line or as one anon put it: "creating a really expensive jewelry line that involved very little effort on her part". Arin has to come to her defense when people find out.
>Previous threads over the years were mostly about Suzy's "thyroid-related" weight gain and absurd styling choices, scamming, and how she's a ~rEaL gAmEr GuRl~
>No one seems to really have complaints about her current styling choices since she lost weight and the skunk stripe and adopted a more natural look (it's much closer to her twin sister Jean's)
>Suzy was a "model" when younger, and will still constantly repost the same pictures from her past over and over again, in case anyone forgot
>There sometimes seemed to be some unspoken tension between Suzy and Holly. Suzy seemed to give off the vibe of being uncomfortable not being the only cool gamer gurl in the GG group, especially when up against a girl that seemed to prefer and respect.
>Seems plausible that she prefers being the female center of attention given the theory that JonTron's swift and dramatic departure from GG was due in part to some beef between Suzy and Jon's girlfriend at the time. IIRC this is still all just speculation. (Jon's too big of a topic, read that one on your own for the full backstory)
>A/N: I would be kind of surprised if she showed any support for Holly at all, but maybe that's just me

Holly "Manic Pixie Nightmare Girl" Conrad (Backstory/Pre-Divorce):
>Holly is a talented cosplayer/craftsman/special effects artist and well respected in the community, even appearing on Syfy's "Heroes of Cosplay"
>Was one of the main focuses of the 2011 Documentary "Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope" (directed by Morgan Spurlock)
>Originally gained notoriety for her Commander Shepard/FemShep cosplay
>Married to Ross O'Donovan, beloved animator and member of the GG Family, from 2012 to 2018
>When it came to Arin/Suzy vs Ross/Holly most people preferred Ross and Holly, because they felt less fake and Holly was famous separate of Ross, not riding her husband's coattails like Suzy.
>Was best buds with Jared's wife Heidi, another talented and respected cosplayer/craftsman
>Apparent tragic backstory = quirky anxiety uwu. I don't really know the whole backstory on this one, not sure if it really matters.
>But was apparently close to ger grandfather and inherited his house(?) in Washington(?) when he passed away which was in theory part of the reason she and Ross amicably split. Jared and Heidi just also happened to live in Washington.
>Other speculated factors included Holly being asexual (lmao), the toxic GG fan-community, "having codependency issues", and wanting to leave LA while Ross wanted to stay
>Publicly their divorce was mutual, amicable, and came as somewhat of a shock….OR WAS IT?
>Basically all this drama is so juicy because Holly "quirky manic pixie dream bird gurl, asexual anxiety, luvs animals so obviously wouldn't hurt anyone uwu" Conrad was the surprise plot twist villain we never saw coming

Heidi of the House O'Ferrall, Hell Hath No Fury, Giver of Zero Fucks, Destroyer of Careers
>I've followed Heidi for years for cosplay stuff, so I can only speak from that perspective but I don't think there's really much else to say about her
>I think some people in the cosplay community found her kind of cocky, but she didn't seem to really rock the boat too much
>She's a much more detail oriented and talented craftsman than your average costhot. Produces tutorials and shows her work in progress pretty in depth (not as common with cosplayers these days, so I think she's appreciated for that)
>IIRC she has a degree in Theatre/Costume Design, so if she's cocky her work quality at least backs it up
>Personally I followed her for a long time for cosplay stuff without ever even knowing who she was married to or who ProJared was. Can't speak for others, though I'm sure it didn't hurt her popularity
>"She had sex with my husband", top 10 anime deaths of all time

Jared "Pigeondick" Knabenbauer
>I've actually never really known or cared about ProJared or NormalBoots before this, I just wanted to call him a Pigeondick.
>Maybe someone more informed can give a backstory, though again I'm not sure if it really matters
>big yikes >>804556

Previous GG Threads:
>Jon vs Dan speculations, are the Suzy nudes real or fake, blah blah blah, old news. Seriously, don't ask to be spoonfed this old dried up milk. Go read about it on your own.
>There is a whole subreddit dedicated to GG Rule 34 where they sexualize the girlfriends/wives as well as the grumps called r/polygrumps. Suzy once long ago tweeted in support of polygrumps, but it seems like an especially toxic corner of their already toxic fanbase. I doubt she would confirm that support today.
>GG sells a merch line called Game Gyaru "based on Arin and Danny, reimagined as female characters inspired by the anime series Dirty Pair, named Arina and Daniella respectively". It's a blatant tracing of the characters from "Dirty Pair" that they did not initially acknowledge.
>GG release body pillows of Dan and Arin. They sell out very quickly. It's gross: >>792883
>Guess what Jon's an even worse blatantly sexist/racist person than we ever could have imagined

Katie (Most recent GG drama unrelated to PigeonGate 2019 ):
>Suzy claims she and Arin have been together since 2002. Arin's mysterious deviantART ex Katie shows up from an apparent cryogenic sleep after 10+ years and throws an insane hissy-fit about how Arin was pursuing HER during that time and she turned HIM down.
>Thinks Suzy poisoned Arin against being BEST FRIEND her despite the fact that she was married, disappeared from the internet, lived across the country, and was definitely leading Arin on for some time. Arin seems to have bought her some gifts in this time.
>Claims any of this is important at all because she was Arin's inspiration for a character "a woman being beaten and raped but wanting Egoraptor to be her knight in shining armor even though she's an ex-assassin"
>Now obsessed with Arin/Suzy/GG, obsessed with the notion that Suzy is somehow copying her every move and personality trait (again, despite the fact that she just now reemerged and Suzy was probably ~13 when all of this started)
>Consensus: Arin was a dumb teenage boy who was probably involved with both of them, the situation makes Suzy look incredibly sane. Also it's been 17 years who gives a shit. (Guess what: Katie does)
>Obviously overshadowed by current milk, but I just feel like we haven't seen the last of Katie. Probably in like 5 years she'll catch up on the current drama and have a real hot take.

No. 836084

File: 1562900262169.png (225.61 KB, 1125x511, image0.png)

Uno Girl continues to be a dumb fangirl.

No. 836088

Great summary of new events, OP! I had one I was working on, but I like your summary better. I also edited a bit of the introductions, I'll make the next thread since this one took awhile to get going. Let's see if we move as quickly as we did with the previous threads. Things have slowed down if it hadn't been for Pirro.

YOU WERE FUCKED THEN GHOSTED. This girl. She seemed so sad when she told her story of how much she was infatuated with Jared and how he ignored her and all he needed to do was send her a quickie and she's balls deep again.

No. 836090


Consent happens in advance, always.

No. 836096

File: 1562901445022.png (69.92 KB, 1152x230, spook.png)

great thread anon! thanks a bunch

meanwhile holly is planning to return to streaming? i'm kinda certain this is a ploy to cry harassment again while mostly she's going to be ignored

No. 836098

Didn’t unogirl already say Heidi told her she didn’t know about the second time they banged? I’m not buying that Heidi was cool with it after the holly situation…

No. 836105

File: 1562902476833.png (322.28 KB, 1376x1016, Screenshot 2019-07-12 at 9.03.…)

oh my god, this woman is a massive bitch just not ready to let go of her 5 seconds of fame

No. 836107

File: 1562902554946.png (269.31 KB, 1238x846, Screenshot 2019-07-12 at 9.03.…)

No. 836109

oh ho ho now she's an expert on all things jared. what a sad sack hanging on this guy's every word when all he's done is fuck you and ghost you. there's nothing in here about him telling holly anything, how delusional.

again, jared cannot claim he's innocent based on this.

No. 836110

She looks and sounds like a fucking idiot in her defense of Jared. She still has yet to address him leading on and fucking Holly and that it might not be a good idea to be on sexual terms with him again while not identifying what kind of relationship he has with Holly right now. But hey, the girl is thirsty for weasel dick so let her and Holly fight over it.

No. 836112

There is no doubt in my mind she is exchanging flirtatious messages and possibly nudes again with Jared. She even admitted they don't talk about Holly. Jared is letting Holly take the heat in public while he lines up other girls in the background.

Also pj2 has a Discord where they bash Heidi and "investigate" constantly. Unogirl is in there, too.

No. 836121

Jared asked her to not to share them to further incite Heidi. This girl was stupid enough to believe this despite the fact that Jared gave Holly screenshots to share with the world and this girl even admitting she has seen screenshots is just as bad as her showing them at this point.

No. 836122

Why am I getting a sneaking suspicion that 'Unogirl' could also be Holly, Denica, or our pal; Dan Pirro?

Does 'she' have screenshots to prove she had a conversation with Jared yet?


…It's funny how willing Holly & Jared's WKs are to base their current mission on nothing but hearsay.
If you're going to go on this long-winded investigation to find 'the truth' then you better be ready to doubt any accounts that refuse to show proof of an interaction. If you can dismiss Chai & Charlie for not showing any more proof, then you'd better keep that same energy with Unogirl.

No. 836124

File: 1562904268972.png (81.97 KB, 1120x268, Screenshot 2019-07-12 at 9.31.…)

pic related from her "clarification" post about jared reaching out to her and her wanting to correct misinformation out of the goodness of her heart. this is the reason she gives to not want to post screenshots

but i don't think she and the dan pirro dude are the same, maybe most of these insane WKs do 'collaborate' on the best way to clear our heroes' names uwu but just look at the language this moron uses in today's caps:
>it was actually me he said it to
>I am the one who slept with him
>I have such and such messages
>I don't believe he did this
>did you look at my post here

more likely for it to be holly kek

No. 836125

It's certainly not Dan. Dan is very clearly suffering from some sort of mental disability given how he writes online.

No. 836126

dangit lol >>836124 is for you

>If you can dismiss Chai & Charlie for not showing any more proof, then you'd better keep that same energy with Unogirl.
keep up, anon, we only disbelieve and ridicule actual victims in this house

No. 836127

>keep up, anon, we only disbelieve and ridicule actual victims in this house
They're talking about the Holly whiteknights.

No. 836128

I'm not surprised at all that she's there. He ghosted her ass after hitting it and quitting it now she's throwing herself into the fire and will end up making things worse for him. All over some dick. She must be hella desperate cause she sure comes off that way. She seriously believes that Jared is going to finally give her her moment to shine and be his girlfriend but that's not his style.

The desperate cumrags are the ones throwing themselves under the bus for a guy that looks like someone squeezed his head with a machine press, made his eyes bug out, and now he's stuck that way.

No. 836131

anon… so was i
when in doubt, just read it with a /s

i think "All Over Some Dick" should be the official caption of this entire clusterfuck lmfao

No. 836133


> He ghosted her ass after hitting it and quitting it now she's throwing herself into the fire…

>She seriously believes that Jared is going to finally give her her moment to shine

Just like he did with Holly. Anyone else see the pattern?

I bet he promises a lot of great things to string them along, probably slips them some money, or pulls some strings to get them into conventions or exclusive events.
Then he'll fuck them over, literally and figuratively.

No. 836139

I don't believe he promised unogirl anything. She is a desperate groupie who just wanted to fuck her favorite Youtuber. The second encounter was describe as him basically going to her room, fucking her, and immediately leaving. Yet she still believes he is a good person.

Never trust male feminists btw.

No. 836145


Either he's paying her, promising her something big, or she just has incredibly low self-esteem & he's buttering her up to cover his tracks.

No. 836152


>isn't that giving consent

No, consent is "Yes, you may go fuck unogirl at EGLX", not "Should the opportunity arise, let me know" and then not letting her know, you ignorant hag (not you, Anon - unogirl)


It'll definitely be a cry of harassment when her stream is equal measures "we love you bird mom" and clown emojis out the ass.

No. 836153

At the very core of it, they don’t believe in the concept of Jared being in a position of power above his fans because somehow the young fans have equal power just because they were willing (it’s consent!!!!) to partake in his disgusting nude blogs. They think he’s the victim if he has underage nudes because the 14 year old tricked him, the thirty year old.
>But then he totally apologized what more does the mob of haters want!!
Like it means anything.
And god that uno girl. Hi. You’re a clown emoji.

No. 836156


>jared reached out to me to apologize

So that makes his wild abuse of power okay? My bad - I'll get right on explaining to the governor of every death row inmate that they should be pardoned because most of them have said they were sorry.


ANd I don't get it. His curvy dick can't be that good. You could get a good sex toy that has to be on par or better - and has less of a chance of ruining your reputation when the guy you bragged about banging is eventually locked up for Child Porn.

No. 836157

She probably has absymlly low self esteem, which would explain why she keeps wanting to milk her 15 min of fame. She's suddenly "important". Same goes for Holly. What sad girls.

No. 836159


Heidi hasn't said shit this far - It's Homewrecker Holly's loud mouth he should be worried about being incited.

No. 836161

File: 1562906951463.png (242.63 KB, 1100x1152, Screenshot_1.png)

How long will it take for Holly to ree about Heidi potentially selling the Squid Kid sculpt she made for her?

I'm giving it a day.

No. 836162


If by 'important' you actually mean an easy lay, then yes. Anyone who honestly believes PedoWormDick's lies enough to crawl into bed with him again is naive and dumber than a box of rocks. It's just a ploy to get you into bed because homeboy is too cheap to just buy a sex toy or a medium-range hooker.

No. 836163


I could see the Homewrecking Idiot buy it and try to wear it herself to prove to Jared that she's just as good as Heidi

No. 836166

watch holly say something stupidly hypocritical like "i considered her such a good friend and now she's selling off something i did for her! what a bitch!" and get absolutely ripped apart lol

No. 836168


If I were Heidi and I wanted to be extra salty, I'd burn that shit, post a pic on twitter and say something like "Taking out the trash"

No. 836169


Considering Jared encouraged someone into modding a 'Body Positivity' Blog that he ended up using as a spank-bank (See >>835050 ) It's fairly obvious by now that he preys on people who are insecure & have little to no self-esteem.

He uses people.

No. 836174

No anon, you don't understand. He placated her by saying some meaningless words about how he knows he abused his power despite only being upset that he got caught. He is an angel!!

These people are so delusional. Jared is not a victim. He cheated on his wife. He made unwanted advances at PushingUpRoses. He looked up nudes of Pamela Horton immediately after meeting her at a gaming event and randomly showed them to other men without warning. He then never apologized after he found out she knew about it. He ran several porn blogs cloaked as body positivity spaces when they were really fap collections. He did this on Tumblr despite Tumblr being a site full of teens who often lie about their age. He sent people unsolicited dick pics on Snapchat.

I've watched these wks try to discredit Heidi, Pamela Horton, Pushinguproses, Cristina Vee, Jessie Pridemore, and every victim of Jared's degeneracy. I've seen them use the fact that Heidi and Jessie spoke out against Vic Mignogna as a knock against them despite Vic having a reputation that spans over a decade of him sexually harassing women at conventions. They'll do anything to bring down strong women unafraid of a man. They love weak willed women who "stand by their man" no matter what. It fulfills some weird power fantasy for them. It's just so fucking old.

Sorry for the rant.

No. 836188


That's just it - They're going after strong willed women because they're living out their weird fantasies. None of them would have the balls to walk up to a living, breathing woman in real life, let alone to challenge her - so they're living out the dream on twitter.

No. 836191

File: 1562909015196.png (8.75 KB, 285x200, Screenshot_83.png)

Homewrecker changed her bio again to include a bit about aliens…..because nothing screams "I'm of sound mind!" quite like Homewrecking Holly's declarations that it's either the fault of her being mentally ill or aliens!

No. 836197

Or it’s just edgy PNW bullshit

No. 836199


She's in her 30's now, It's time to grow the fuck up already.

No. 836200

I'll be shocked did Holly doesn't say something on twitter about it. She doesn't seem smart enough to figure out how to shut up.

No. 836226


Not for any length of time, at least. She's quiet now, but she was quiet a few days ago too and then it blew up with Dan's bullshit "I HAVE SO MANY SCREENSHOTS THAT HOLLY TOLD ME NOT TO POST NOW OH AND QUIT TAGGING ROSS EVEN THOUGH I EXPLICITLY KEEP INVOLVING HIM" bullshit

No. 836241

Yeah, Holly looks incredibly stupid after Dan outed her for putting the brakes on the 64 screenshots. It exposes her of being aware they exist and the narrative he is painting. It also shows that she has direct contact and control over one of her most unhinged wks. Any time Dan acts out now we know Holly condones it. The fact that the Ross update on his petition still exists despite Holly knowing Ross wants to be left off speaks volumes about how shitty she is.

No. 836248


>The fact that the Ross update on his petition still exists despite Holly knowing Ross wants to be left off speaks volumes about how shitty she is.

The kicker is when Dan was on twitter yesterday asking that other WK to delete the post in which Ross was tagged. Like, making posts including him - regardless of if he is directly tagged or not - when you know he wants left alone is super shitty.

Holly could speak out at any time and tell them to quit it and leave him alone, but hasn't. (hi homewrecker, lets assume your wk buddy is still roaming here)

No. 836268

If she asked for him to tell her beforehand then no, that's not consent lol. If he asked and then THEN she said yes, that would be consent, which she could withdraw at any time before the act occurred.
Why are sidehoes always so braindead.

No. 836273

File: 1562925196497.jpg (822.61 KB, 1924x1864, rampant whiteknighting .jpg)

I went through old GG threads looking for Holly milk (cow-ish shit that she might've posted but deleted in the past) and while I haven't found anything interesting, I stumbled upon rampant Holly white knighting instead.

There were posts that were positive about Holly (compared to Suzy back then) but then there is also this. Looking back at it, some of these really feel like self-posting (or it could be a rampant WK).

Seeing that Holly revealed that she reads lolcow, I'll always wonder if she used to self-post to portray herself in a more positive light.

No. 836275

Man this is disappointing, I'm just here for fap material and all it is is tired drawn out petty arguments. All of these fuckers should just get away from the computer until, like, next spring. Holly, heidi, all of em.

Unless they've got fap material leaked, then hog squeezers unite.(no boys allowed!)

No. 836278

File: 1562926678844.jpeg (29.68 KB, 268x261, 1523110899150.jpeg)


what the fuck is wrong with you, go elsewhere

No. 836281

File: 1562927234076.jpg (86.27 KB, 612x945, 898.JPG)

Also Holly is "birbitarian" and doesn't have problem eating meat other than pwecious birb meat….so why was she making a scene at the sushi restaurant again?

reported for obvious scroteposting

No. 836285

i'm guessing someone told her something like "yeah right you'll be dating jared when fish can fly" and she took it too literally

i kid, i kid. but is it only me who cackles in glee every time another part of this bitch's uwu perfect mask chips off and falls down?

yiiiiikes. some of this is definitely holly herself, a lot of these read so similarly. jesus christ i wish whoever it is goes on another rampage upon wormdick's imprisonment and gets outed by the mods lmfao

No. 836295

>edgy PNW bullshit
not entirely sure what you mean but if anything bigfoot is a PNW thing, not aliens. she probably latched onto aliens after her trip to area 51.

No. 836301

>Holly so cute
>Holly 10000x times cuter than Suzy
>so cute

Yeahhhh, I believe the self-posting tinfoil.

No. 836307

File: 1562932533749.jpeg (105.82 KB, 1300x650, is-this-a-pigeon-meme.jpeg)

No. 836327


Hey now, we can't possibly expect someone who thinks PedoWormDick is a good lay or thinks that his 'apology' was legit to know what consent means (I mean, I'm impressed that someone that dense could even manage to spell 'consent' correctly in the first place)

No. 836328


Agreed. The only person who needs to obsessively point out how cute Homewrecker Holly is and how much better she is than everyone else is Holly herself

No. 836331

while I don't disagree with the possibility of Holly self-posting to praise herself, but I also feel that a lot of people were praising Holly as an excuse to shield themselves from being called sexist as they continued to tear Suzy down

No. 836342


I genuinely stood up for holly in the past. She seemed like a very awkward but kind dweeb and she seemed authentic compared to suzy. When people would say people hate suzy because she is a girl I would often point to holly to show that there are female grumps who we don't hate. I've definitely seen her true colors since then.

No. 836354

I live in the PNW. Aliens are definitely a thing up here. There is a whole building in Seattle shaped like one, even…

So yeah. Edgy PNW bullshit.

No. 836357


I definitely think she's doing it to seem more edgy - like fucking her supposed best friend's husband while being married to someone else herself wasn't "edgy" enough.

Homewrecker Holly is about as "edgy" as that kid we all knew in high school who wore black hoodies and thought that made them unique.

No. 836369

>You could get a good sex toy that has to be on par or better

Isn’t that basically what Heidi did with her cosplay buddy? She’s one step ahead kek

No. 836376

Maybe she'll go to that Area 51 raid and get shot by the army

No. 836389

I honestly feel like these WKs could be Jared socks, at least unogirl. It just seems all too convenient, and what better does he have to do with his time?

I’d compare writing styles properly if I had the time, but you can definitely draw comparisons.

No. 836390

>Ross is such a lucky duck
>best girl
>Nice legs and I'm assuming cute feet
Sounds like a man tbh

No. 836404

I don’t really think so tbh
Though dan is convinced that chai is a Heidi sock kek

No. 836431

Heidi tweeted about unogirl, so she's not a sock. I'm too lazy to track down the cap, but it was posted in a previous thread.

No. 836481

I stanned Holly for a long time and I'm sure at least one of those messages is mine. With all this that's gone on it's been a long road for me to come to the realization that she is really mentally unwell and hurtful to people. I kept wanting to give her the benefit of the doubt. I think a lot of people have gone through this too. For me, she just seemed very likeable and maybe even similar to myself. But seeing her lash out for this long, the things she's said, what she's done – I think most rational people who were fans of her have left or at least really reconsidered how they view her.

No. 836516

What better does he have to do with his time? How about pumping and dumping all the braindead bitches like unogirl who worship him, under the guise of 'feels bad, want to make it up to you'?
Of course it's convenient, he's trying to shore up his defences for the shit that is coming his way and muddy the waters publicly.

No. 836530

Yeah, I wouldn't say I stanned for her but I did really think she was sweet and likable at one point. Even after the cheating allegations originally came out I wasn't firmly against her. It wasn't until she revealed all those private texts between Heidi and Jared and tried to paint Heidi as abusive that I really turned on her. The messages where Heidi "threatened" to expose Jared's affair and end DCA were very clearly not from a place of malice. Heidi was a woman at the end of her rope who had spent months being gaslit by her husband her former friend. As someone who has been in that situation between I recognized it all so well. Someone like Holly who is so unwilling to take any blame or admit any wrongdoing in a situation is always suspect to me. Her actions throughout this whole thing are so classic narc. I'm sad I was blinded by it before.

I wonder how she'd feel if private messages between her and Ross got out? Especially since she abused him. Imagine what a monster she'd look like.

No. 836541

I’m sure she equally looks like a monster in the caps heidi has but is too composed to post willy-nilly like the flailing tard holly is

No. 836545


Same here. When the scandal first came out, I suspected that Jared just talked Holly into sleeping with him & she gave in. Then she came out with this ludicrous story of trying to 'save' Jared from his 'abusive' wife… by helping him cheat on her.

…Not to mention "I only wanted to save this poor, downtrodden man from his controlling bitch of a wife!" is such a classic-adulterer saying - confirming that he lied to both women just to string them along.

No. 836570

When she said she told Jared he was being abused and told him he has to leave Heidi while admitting that she sent him countless articles about abuse…yikes. She basically said everything she could to make herself look bad.

No. 836571

File: 1562960770076.png (15.69 KB, 872x168, JaredHollysighting.png)

Take with a grain of salt, but someone at PULL claims to have spotted Jared & (possibly) Holly at a restaurant together.

No. 836577

probably true. they have been spotted multiple times together and there is a pic of them together in vegas. they could even be living together for all we know.

No. 836579

Honestly, I'd believe it. Everyone says Jared has moved on to his next side ho while simultaneously wondering how he got so much action. I think most of his action was of the internet kind, and the number of girls he got with IRL is pretty small. Only UnoGirl has come forward, so I doubt there are hundreds more keeping quiet. Plenty of people came forward about sexting him, but those people aren't available to him anymore. So, really all he has now is Holly. This is a guy who tried to keep both Heidi and Holly for as long as he could. I really doubt he's such a player he's got tons more in line. Manipulative, yes. But a chick magnet? Hardly.

Given that though, I'm surprised they haven't just decided to own it and tell everyone "it's true love bitches."

No. 836586

The kind of person Holly is, you'd think she would talk about or even reference hanging out/going on a date with Jared on her twitter.

I doubt it was her.

No. 836587

She didn't mention hanging out with Jared when she was in Las Vegas.
She's purposely not mentioning much about him since, you know, he's an alleged pedophile.

No. 836590

Well, Holly more or less has. She tanked her career for him and stood with him against the kids who came out against him. If that's not a declaration of devotion I dont know what is. Too bad Jared is a pedo maggot who would not and has not exonerated or defended any woman he has taken advantage of.

I feel bad that Uno chick hasn't realized she's been utterly used (twice) and jared only reached out to get more people to to wk him. Bet holly secretly resents her too, knowing the worm would fuck anything willing that came his way, even now.

No. 836593


Nah. I think she knows her relationship with him is forever tainted.


>She's purposely not mentioning much about him since, you know, he's an alleged pedophile.

Yep. She's definitely keeping him around by pulling some strings legally. I mean she gets away with a LOT just by who she's related to/other connections.

I wouldn't be surprised if she's got Jared in the palm of her hand right now due to promising she'd find ways to get rid of those pesky pedo allegations…

No. 836598

When someone said she saw them together the day of her area 51 visit I wasn't sure it was true but this one is pretty undeniable

No. 836605

No. 836618

File: 1562964264374.png (39.57 KB, 576x568, danspam1.png)

Keep spamming Dan, you look real credible & not desperate in the slightest!

No. 836620

File: 1562964452735.png (241.18 KB, 584x720, danstalkschris.png)

Dan out here totally not creating more drama for the people that he wants to 'help'

No. 836625

File: 1562964925032.png (243.49 KB, 1136x781, lmao.png)

No. 836626

Dan has an unhealthy obsession with DCA and gets very defensive when he is called out about it. I imagine him and Cupcake are working on their hit piece on Anna's ex husband next since he is also friendly with Heidi.

No. 836630


Yeah, except a sex toy typically won't get your reputation ruined when it turns out to like naked pictures of minors

No. 836631


Inb4 the storm of WKs comes back calling this 'proof' of Heidi's 'abuse'….

No. 836632

Lmao something had to have happened recently. Holly is uncharacteristically quiet. Removed #wafflecrew from her Twitter. Now Heidi is brazenly shitting on Jared. I love it.

No. 836633


>I kept wanting to give her the benefit of the doubt

You lose the right to "benefit of the doubt" when you start threatening suicide as a means to control people. Even mentally ill, that shit is not okay, full stop.


Yeah, here's the difference though: Ross isn't a braindead, soulless piece of trash. He'd never let those messages get out.

No. 836635


With PedoWormDick, it could have been literally anyone. Lord knows that dude can't keep it in his pants (We've all seen shit that cannot be unseen that shouldn't have been seen in the first place; Ain't nobody that needs to see that)

No. 836636


Goddamn Heidi - You salty, and I'm fucking loving it.

No. 836637

Based Heidi is back at it again

No. 836638


Based Heidi = the hero Gotham needs right now.

No. 836640

"he was dating someone too! no names but i swear all this info is legit!" bitch who. if that were true holly would have outed them as a desperation move.

No. 836641

File: 1562965711311.png (65.13 KB, 588x444, Ricolodean.png)


It begins anew

No. 836642


Fuck off, Rico. Your salt ain't shit compared to Based Heidi

No. 836643

She fears no man

No. 836646


Also Inb4 Holly makes a 'statement' video instead

No. 836648


Yeah, Homewrecker Holly - Maybe give that video a watch and learn how to make an apology WITHOUT threatening to off yourself in an assholeish bid for sympathy

No. 836649

File: 1562966108190.png (77.65 KB, 580x548, FemShep.png)

When the clap-backs are even hotter

No. 836650

File: 1562966158533.png (22.11 KB, 371x203, Screenshot_84.png)

I need to shake this man's hand.

The replies are….fucking golden. This is what we all needed today, I think.

No. 836651

File: 1562966200370.jpg (77.6 KB, 542x857, Capture8.JPG)


If they are together then it makes this situation even more hilarious.

No. 836654


>Are people not allowed to talk about things anymore?

Not when everyone except you knows that PedoWormDick talks with his dick and not his mouth. But hey, whatever delusions you need to feed into to get through the night, Homewrecker.

No. 836655

File: 1562966293987.png (38.26 KB, 584x376, fuckthatguy.png)


>The replies are….fucking golden.

That they are!

No. 836659

Now that's the fiery elf ex-wife capable of destroying careers.

I, at first, talked about how Heidi shouldn't bring it up, but anons had good points. >>836655 I'm with this person. "Hey this is just a lowblow…nevermind fuck Projared."

No. 836660

File: 1562966483485.png (88.17 KB, 592x636, notjealous.png)


>"Holly doesn't seem like the psychotic jealous/Heidi type."

No. 836663

>when they only met in person ONCE to fuck and he immediately ghosted her
"remember that time i jacked it to your nudes, fucked you one time and never spoke to you again because i didn't think you would be relevant? haha fun"
Is holly actually this delusional or is she just accepting any help she can get (even from a fan who would obviously stab her in the back to fuck jared again)

No. 836664


Except it turns out Heidi didn't have to destroy shit because soliciting nudes from minors is actually pretty fucking creepy and damaging all on its own. I mean, fucking something that looks like it just crawled from the sewer didn't help - but nah, the pedophilia sealed the deal for PedoWormDick.

No. 836665

Do you think that something happened? She's tweeting at Jared out of the blue, I think she knows that something's up.
Yes please, new milk come soon. The Holly whiteknights are just boring.

No. 836666


>Holly doesn't seem like the psychotic jealous/Heidi type

You're right. Heidi never threatened to kill herself to get people to do what she wanted - and then checked herself into a mental facility to avoid the consequences for her actions.

No. 836667


She probably caught wind of PedoWormDick planning a comeback tour or something, maybe an appearance on the homewrecking whore's "Spooky Saturday" or whatever the fuck she mentioned the other day.

No. 836670

Of course it's Jared's own actions, but the timing of her response and the minors were at the same time, thus ensuring that Jared was fucked.

No. 836672

File: 1562966861084.png (17.33 KB, 707x397, Screenshot_85.png)

NExt up in Dan's portfolio: Sly comments that indicates he's also in contact with PedoWormDick

No. 836673


PedoWormDick was fucked the minute he started running a porn blog full of potential minors when he is a semi-public figure. That shit does NOT end well for those with the BEST intentions and we all know his only intention was getting his dick wet.

No. 836674


He wants to be personally involved so badly

No. 836675


I wonder if anyone's told him yet that neither Homewrecking Holly or PedoWormDick will be sucking his dick anytime soon for the amount of kissing up that he's doing.

No. 836677

File: 1562967065072.png (170.72 KB, 588x560, dan.png)

Hi Dan!

No. 836680


How you doin, Dan? Have you talked to any actual humans off of the internet lately - ones who DON'T have a vested interest in lying to you so as to protect their public image?

No. 836681

File: 1562967178406.png (18.62 KB, 581x138, Screenshot_86.png)


No. 836684

File: 1562967218810.png (15.2 KB, 579x138, Screenshot_87.png)

Fuck him up!

No. 836686


If Dan is sitting on SO MUCH vital evidence, then why doesn't he just post it already?
Fuck what everyone else says! (It's not like these people know what consent is anyway)
You wanna 'save lives' or not, Dan?

No. 836690


Remember in UnoGirl and the WKs eyes, consent means somebody said "yeah that's fine" once, which Homewrecker Holly apparently told Dan was okay since he got the evidence in the first place.

Post the shit out of all of that "evidence"

After all, one can't revoke consent on something they're no longer comfortable with, right?

No. 836691

Try being called an abuser for months by your husband's mistress and staying quiet, Danny boy

No. 836692

File: 1562967796401.png (13.9 KB, 588x200, TickTockMan10.png)


Remember, we shouldn't be holding Jared accountable for his abuse of power, but we SHOULD hold Heidi accountable for trying something, then backing out! /s

…Also you got the wrong woman, Holly is the 'eternal victim'. Try to keep up!

No. 836695


Man, those words probably hurt Heidi SO.MUCH. what, with it coming from a twitter user who calls themselves "tick-Tock man" who doesn't even have a profile image.

God, how will she ever go on!

No. 836696

File: 1562967938505.png (163.26 KB, 588x572, MaddimanDr.png)

Here come the WKs to accuse her of'playing the victim' despite Holly doing so every other day for 2 months straight…

No. 836698


Yeah, she's being such a victim, with the whole "i've mentioned it once or twice in weeks, while Homewrecker Whore Edition mentions it on average of every 2 days"

How fucking dare she keep bringing up that her husband both solicited nudes from minors and fucked someone while completing disregarding his wife!

No. 836700

File: 1562968248626.png (141.49 KB, 592x779, Screenshot_88.png)

This poor ignorant incel of a WK is trying so hard to make Heidi the bad guy without realizing that literally every thing he's saying could also be applied to Homewrecker Barbie.

No. 836702

File: 1562968359783.png (34.63 KB, 595x256, Screenshot_89.png)

This guy is running to be the new Dan

No. 836703

The words 'legal threats' are definitely going to have the WKs buzzing

No. 836704

File: 1562968410548.png (15.01 KB, 575x141, Screenshot_90.png)

She went full feral mode today and I am living for this.

No. 836706

File: 1562968502982.png (16.7 KB, 575x148, Screenshot_91.png)

So that's why she's going off, PedoWormDick is still pulling shit offline.

Fuck that dude and his weird dick and apparent fetish for ignorant homewrecking whores (who have bird fetishes)

No. 836708

She's also apparently aware of the "evidence" Dan has, so….

When do you want us to start singing "O Danny Boy", bud?

No. 836709


I don’t get his logic

You’re not a victim anymore once you throw shade? Like there’s a clause somewhere that says victims can’t insult the abuser?

Not sure who said it but it’s a bit hypocritial that Heidi is expected to remain silent and mature all the while holly gets to say whatever she wants

No. 836710


His career is over. In a year or two he'll be back in Wisconsin working the night shift at Wal-Mart. He is probably trying to get out of paying Heidi her share of their money.

No. 836711

yeah, i wouldnt even sell it. i'd just throw it away tbh

No. 836716


His career is over. In a year or two he'll be back in Wisconsin working the night shift at Wal-Mart. He is probably trying to get out of paying Heidi her share of their money.

No. 836718

File: 1562968955453.png (64.58 KB, 759x259, mentallyill1.png)


Because she has her automatic get-out-of-jail free card, remember?

No. 836719


Oh I forgot about this, silly me

Here I thought her card was “my mom abused me”

No. 836720


Don't send him back to the midwest, we don't want him either.

People 'round here don't take too kindly to pedophiles who cheat on their wives.

No. 836722

File: 1562969079212.png (40.98 KB, 576x356, asagao.png)


No. 836724


I didn't watch the asagao academy videos - Someone who did want to spill on what he said that were trademark sociopath comments?

No. 836725

File: 1562969282566.png (59.32 KB, 580x564, mentallydraining.png)

No. 836727

Man, I would give my left tit to be there when Homewrecker Barbie catches wind of all of this. Her dramatic overreactions are full of enough hot air to sustain the Earth several times over.

No. 836728

File: 1562969307088.png (63.49 KB, 576x416, noonecares.png)

No. 836730

Heidi out here reminding pj2 and Twitter trolls that Jared is irredeemable in the eyes of the public outside of their echo chamber.

Hi Wiklr. I know you lurk here. Your subreddit is a cesspool full of pedo apologists and misogynists.

No. 836731


"Jared & I were Abused WAAAAY longer than U have!!!"

No. 836733


You can't use words like "apologist" or "Misogynist" - They're too damned dumb to understand words over five letters long.

Y'all are some idiotic incels who are taking your weird "revenge against pretty women" bullshit out on Heidi. It's old, it's tired - and Homewrecker Barbie ain't going to suck your dick when all is said and done. Move on, chads.

No. 836734

Men are so fragile and pathetic

No. 836735

Hey dude? Could you at least sage your commentary that doesn't include new info? This thread has been so good about that, but your insults are really repetitive and not really contributing, despite the bumping.

No. 836736

Yeah, i need to know what he said. Poor Heidi is really taking all this well. Jared, holly and so many whiteknights are fucking her over.

No. 836737

Apparently cupcake has caught wind and is replying to a shit ton of people on Heidi's thread and calling her the Real Abuser (TM). These people are absolutely unhinged.

No. 836739

Everything she's saying can be redirected back to Holly too.

No. 836740

File: 1562970033125.png (72.47 KB, 576x696, moralwinning.png)

People seem to forget that continuing to be complicit with Jared's behavior would have benifitted Heidi greatly.

She gave it all up to tell the truth.

No. 836743

File: 1562970576010.png (65.02 KB, 584x444, scam.png)

Ummm did Heidi scam people?
I know Holly has…

No. 836744

So is Heidi /our girl/?

No. 836745

She is REEEEing pretty hard today. She knows no one takes her Tumblr seriously and this positive reaction to Heidi's tweet is a direct knock to her shitty hit piece.

No. 836746

she has her flaws, but she tries to own up to them

No. 836748

Also, she doesn't pull the "I'm mentally ill" card

No. 836749

It's clear we've picked a side. Just your run of the mill non pedophile side. Plus being assaulted by Jared's dick picks that were in every position he could think of were a clear indicator this place wouldn't think kindly of him. It's really /Antijared/

Fairly fascinating. Looks like Jared is "healing" by using his lawyers to take it out on his soon to be ex-wife. Let's see how much side piece Holly can keep her cool under Heidi's uwu abuse.

No. 836750

File: 1562970921027.png (27.68 KB, 580x312, besttake.png)

I applaud this person here!

No. 836751

I think they’re confusing the two.

No. 836753

File: 1562971032294.png (52.69 KB, 584x436, cheating2.png)


No. 836754

Yeah I'm fairly comfortable picking the side of the abused wife, minors, people assaulted with unsolicited dick pics on Snapchat, and sexually harassed industry women who spoke out against Jared. Enjoy your wormdick pervert and suicide baiting birb mess, guys!

No. 836755

File: 1562971190648.png (78.22 KB, 584x684, dectective.png)

More evidence that Dan is working for Holly

No. 836756

File: 1562971580303.png (305.9 KB, 600x724, niceonecupcake.png)


'Defending the innocent' by making passive threats at people. Nice one, Cupcake!

No. 836757

lol Jessica stoppped responding to my tweets once she ran out of arguments(No one cares.)

No. 836759

Doesn't change the way Holly used a black man's suicide for her own benefit, Jessi. Even if Heidi as an ultimate mastermind abuser, it doesn't negate Jared's disgusting behavior and porn blogs nor Holly's cruel words about Heidi's mental health as a mental health advocate. I think she forgets that most of us thought Holly was cool and we have to eat those words in the old GG threads. It's not hard to admit you're wrong, at least if you're not Jared.

No. 836760

File: 1562971927342.png (60.32 KB, 580x576, moregoodtakes1.png)

The clap-backs continue to be golden

No. 836761

File: 1562972053349.png (67.5 KB, 584x468, healingclown.png)

Of course the WKs added clowns

No. 836762


Well there comes a point in the future where Jessica and everyone that was explicitly and expressly in the vocal support of holly and will have to choose between admitting that their were mislead or just deleting their posts and hoping nobody remembers

No. 836763

File: 1562972131342.png (56.95 KB, 588x408, polyamory.png)

No. 836764

Didn't even Holly say no clowns? Lmao.

No. 836767

File: 1562972340266.png (76.63 KB, 576x676, gf.png)



No. 836768

Small tip to yall so you don't lose credibility: not everyone who harassed or disagrees with Heidi is a holly stan.

No. 836774

No one gives a shit about credibility of THIS SITE or its members. And we're aware of scrots in KF that hate both Holly and Heidi. Projared and Holly are scum and if you go out of your way to piss on Heidi you're most likely a pedo apologist.

No. 836776


You have to wonder if she also understands that the person ashamed will be her when she realizes that she openly defended a pedophile.

No. 836779



No. 836781


Small tip to yall so you don't lose credibility: If you're not seeing how fucking wrong Homewrecker Barbie and PedoWormDick are in all of this, there's no hope.

I take it back, you've already lost all credibility.

No. 836788

File: 1562973555960.png (73.23 KB, 590x680, neverforget.png)

No. 836790

File: 1562973689446.png (48.41 KB, 584x520, asagao1.png)

No. 836793

File: 1562973904931.png (47.66 KB, 588x380, MaddimanDr1.png)


Take a god damn seat MaddimanDr

No. 836795

File: 1562974084088.png (49.98 KB, 592x436, cupcakelies.png)

I hope Heidi responds to this fucker to shut their shit down.

No. 836797

Her sources are a conversation between Holly and one of her friends where Holly regurgitates whatever lie Jared told her about Heidi. Since Dan has seen the 64 screenshots there is no doubt Cupcake has as well since Dan is her pet tard.

No. 836804


The only "evidence" is Homewrecker Barbie claiming that Heidi screamed in Jared's face - which, let's be honest, if I found out that not only was my husband fucking my best friend but that he was also soliciting nude photos from minors?

I'd do a whole lot worse than just screaming.

No. 836807


>I know more about it than you because I was apparently so far up PedoWormDick's actual dickhole that I know everything ever said or done since the beginning of time

No. 836814

>mentions it on average of every 2 days
It was pretty much every single day for a month while Heidi shut up about it for a month and just recently started talking about it again.

The fact that the whiteknights think that she should shut up about things that HER husband did to others and to her is appalling. His actions make her look bad too since she was the one married to him. He publicly humiliated her a month and some weeks ago. Her own husband. Who the hell wouldn't still be angry? It was a marriage not a freshly made relationship. Secondly, there are many child porn cases where the unknowing spouse shares the blame too. I'd be more surprised and suspicious if Heidi wasn't angry. The way people are acting towards her grieving is fucking ridiculous but they want to pat Homewrecker Holly on her flat ass for going crazy for the amount of time over the same issue as Heidi for…being sad? But the wife of the relationship in question can't be upset? What fucking nerve.

>Heidi was still fucking in an LDR

You see, Heidi constantly mailed her pussy to her boyfriend.

No. 836818


>they want to pat Homewrecker Holly on her flat ass for going crazy for the amount of time over the same issue as Heidi for…being sad?

That's the part I don't get. They're telling Homewrecker Barbie that it's okay to be sad, to need time, to move on - but will look at Heidi who is legally married to that assclown and be all "tough tits, man up and move on, you whore"

>Heidi constantly mailed her pussy to her boyfriend

See, that's why she had to be with PedoWormDick for so long. She needed all of his money because shipping pussy across state lines is fucking expensive. /s

No. 836820

File: 1562975559524.png (15.12 KB, 594x110, Screenshot_93.png)

Over an hour later and still golden…

No. 836822

File: 1562975921861.png (33.61 KB, 592x272, stahp.png)

Heidi: (Finally has enough confidence to tell her abusive ex to go fuck himself after years of abuse)

Twitter Randos: "oMG wHy Do U kEeP dRaGgInG tHiS oN???"

No. 836824

File: 1562976011052.png (15.9 KB, 580x172, TheFakeSteven.png)

…And there it is!

No. 836828

File: 1562976753805.png (59.63 KB, 588x420, healing.png)

Get fucked White Knight

No. 836830


>>Heal and move on!

>>ok I’ll make fun of him and take his abusive power away from me

>>no, not like that

No. 836832

File: 1562977131490.png (59.35 KB, 576x540, MaddimanDr2.png)

I love how this one WK keeps getting owned by someone new every time I look

No. 836833


But Homewrecker Barbie consistently bring up her ex husband (who has asked to be left out of REPEATEDLY) is a-okay

No. 836835

File: 1562977419758.png (199.37 KB, 588x432, Screenshot_94.png)

I'm calling it now - Homewrecker Holly will spend no less than 20 consecutive minutes bitching and moaning about how awful the internet is, how she can't even find any joy in the stream, and about how abusive Heidi is being and why she just can't understand why Heidi hates her so much (spoiler alert: it's because you're the whore who fucked her husband and then labeled her abusive)

No. 836837

I'm surprised that the Change org petition is still up. Partly because it's such a nonsense waste of space, but also because it's a petition to say that people support a person who is accused of soliciting child pornography.

No. 836838


I just want to know why the petition was created in the first place - What's it's purpose other than screaming "WE SUPPORT A POTENTIAL PEDOPHILE!"? What, if they get enough signatures, the feds won't be able to investigate the allegations?

They aren't honestly THAT stupid, are they?

No. 836839

File: 1562977776478.png (79.39 KB, 580x640, MaddimanDr3.png)


>"yes but holly gave evidence before holly did"


No. 836841


Everyone's getting fed up with this "read the tumblr! it proves it!" shit.

The only thing that bullshit projared tumblr proves is that there are people out there with entirely too much time on their hands that couldn't cut it with the actual police department.

No. 836845

Damn, that last tweet killed most of Holly's whiteknights' defense.

No. 836849

File: 1562978523234.png (42.55 KB, 580x356, christina.png)

Christina Vee has spoken!

No. 836850

Already 15k likes on Heidi's tweet kek

No. 836851

File: 1562978918328.png (55.71 KB, 584x428, KeonHaywood.png)

>"But what about your proven lies and manipulation?"

What "proven lies" Oh, you mean Unogirl, who refuses to show screenshots?

No. 836861

>other mistress

HAHA. She was a pump and dump. Not a fucking mistress. People need to stop trying to make this girl seem important.

No. 836864

> "proven lies and manipulation"

citation needed, re: all of Holly's WKs

No. 836870

File: 1562979509997.jpg (277.18 KB, 1629x1623, jared-vegas.jpg)

I don't remember us having that here at the time so caps

No. 836872


I love that this WK casually drops "the other mistress" as if that's normal for a married man to have several mistresses and Heidi is supposed to be totally cool with that.

No. 836873


When is that from? Because that definitely looks like Homewrecker Barbie next to PedoWormDick.

No. 836876

No. 836878

God, they look like frumpy white trash.

No. 836879

File: 1562979870654.png (57.16 KB, 584x460, StefanMolyneux.png)

Yes Heidi, be jealous that you cut that abusive trash out of your life!

No. 836880

Even if Heidi was cool with it, and Jared goes to all his wormsucking pump and dumps to prove it. No one will feel comfortable hiring or promoting Jared in media or watching Jared unless he was a porn star or involved in sex related work.

No. 836881

File: 1562979934650.png (87.58 KB, 618x833, 2019-07-12_21h05_10.png)

Oh shit Heidi is done taking crap from these WKs.

No. 836883

Still know more than she does, Jessica???

No. 836885


Maybe Jessica hopes she can delete posts and nobody remembers

No. 836886

File: 1562980098440.png (57.77 KB, 592x360, HeidiResponds1.png)

No. 836887

who would want to be the mistress of Sir Sleazeball Jared Knabenbauer anyway? Who would delude themself about that prestigious position lol

No. 836889


But he was NICE to her anon! /s

No. 836890

File: 1562980235117.png (35.62 KB, 603x407, 2019-07-12_21h10_37.png)

No prisoners.

No. 836895

Wreck them! This is why we like Heidi. She doesn't do this shrinking violet manipulation act saying "you are free to think what you want!" then go on a tirade of how horrible a human being another person is then say "peace and love."

Gotta love the fucking bombs Heidi is going to be dropping because of dumbass Jared's attempts to save face. Because he blocked Heidi and attempted to announce their divorce without her she shat all over Jared and called Holly and pathetic nudes out.

Now is round two where he pissed her off and she's letting everyone know what kind of texts and manipulation Holly went through to get pedo dick. She's a grade a fucking homewrecker. At the start of this I thought Holly was just delusional with her D&D pairing, but this runs deeper.

Fucking beautiful.

Go ahead WK, let's get more milk and drag Holly.

No. 836900


I mean it really helps that Heidi isn’t ending these with excusing her behavior as mental illness or her mom abusing her or “what did I do wroooooong! tell me!”

No. 836905

heidi really went in and took no hostages. can't wait to see holly spin this to make herself a victim

No. 836906


That dude is creepily obsessed with repeatedly commenting on Heidi's sex life ("He is in bed with his new gf"…"will not help you alone tonight in bed")

No. 836907

File: 1562980811573.png (91.1 KB, 580x636, KeonHaywood1.png)


Y'all WKs are putting a little too much faith in this anonymous 'mistress'

No. 836910

File: 1562980885732.png (57.38 KB, 580x360, KeonHaywood2.png)


Aaaand now we're getting more invasive!

No. 836911

Go to bed, Stéfàn Molynéüx

No. 836912

File: 1562980923469.png (56.31 KB, 599x538, 2019-07-12_21h21_57.png)

She's telling him off too.

No. 836913


I could absolutely hear Homewrecking Holly shout "WHY ISN'T THIS RELATIONSHIP OVER YET?" in a very foot-stomping tantrum kind of way. That wouldn't surprise me in the least.


Heidi's done fucking around. I support her 110%.


>consent to the affair

I was unaware that a onetime pump-and-dump constituted an affair.

>you admittedly had two affairs

She had ONE ldr that ended the minute that it became uncomfortable and when she requested monogamy rather than poly.

No. 836915


>were you afraid that Holly and jared were connecting a lot more emotionally?

I mean, considering the homewrecking whore told a married man "I was asexual but you make me not asexual anymore. I don't even have these feelings for my own husband"?

>you keep blaming her when you helped facilitate

And she asked for basic fucking decency that neither Homewrecker Barbie or PedoWormDick could bother to extend her. Game over.

No. 836916

File: 1562981049112.png (15.79 KB, 547x131, Screenshot_95.png)

SHIT - take no prisoners, Heidi

No. 836920

File: 1562981168537.png (20.38 KB, 598x173, Screenshot_96.png)

It's like she took a break for dinner and is back with more salt - I'm fucking living for this.

See, Homewrecker Barbie? This is how adults have conversations and arguments - no mention of "this is gonna make me kill myself and its all your fault!"

No. 836926


Keon went back to the whole “holly provided evidence first!”

No. 836927

File: 1562981391322.png (328.26 KB, 595x612, Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 7.29…)


No. 836932

File: 1562981658191.png (81.95 KB, 604x564, HeidiStrikesBack.png)

No. 836934

File: 1562981712495.jpg (213.17 KB, 1067x635, Imsorry.jpg)

Timeline checks out. Love that emotional manipulation she's shoveling at Jared for not breaking up with Heidi yet! She has a pattern apparently


No. 836935

File: 1562981801120.jpg (219.04 KB, 1073x742, AndIOop.jpg)

Also from December

No. 836937

>Go put that in your truth blog
powerful words, I wonder will she flip-flop and go back on her word and fake-apologize like our mysterious, dark, sensitive witch queen?
Oh snap

No. 836939


If by 'winning it', she means repeatedly bringing it up as a weapon and wildly diagnosing people, then yes.

No. 836943

Well, Homewrecking Holly is online now (or within the last couple minutes) because she's still liking posts

What are the chances that she's actually going to keep her ridiculously stupid mouth shut?

No. 836944

File: 1562982092102.png (15.89 KB, 564x126, Screenshot_98.png)

Exactly. Just because you know what the words mean doesn't mean you're qualified to apply them to others, Homewrecker.

No. 836946

good addition
peep that woe-is-me-attitude and vague, manipulative narrative

No. 836948

File: 1562982357404.png (41.3 KB, 564x160, Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 7.45…)

No. 836950

File: 1562982388458.jpg (703.27 KB, 1564x1564, Immentallyill.jpg)

I wonder if nighttime was hard for her back then because she knew that Jared was at home,possibly in bed with his wife

No. 836951

A new era of milk has begun in the projared saga! I'm definitely going to start making the next thread!

The farm is abundant these days, fellow farmers. Let us toast this bounty.

No. 836952

>Birbhag: UwU if I claim Heidi is abusive, manipulative and is crazy first no one think I am.

LOL I bet Pedodick wanted to pump and dump Birbhag but she probably went all, "You fucked my pussy, please be mine only so I don't look like a dumb pump & dump cheating homewrecking slut!" UwU

No. 836953

By "start" I mean I'll just save the text. I'll wait till this one properly gets autosaged.

Imagine asking an internet rando "you seem kind" to help you with serious domestic abuse questions. It was just Holly trying to vague harass Heidi. She was playing with fire back then.

No. 836954

none of this is going to get Jared off the hook for underaged noodz, my dude.
tinfoil: they're all pedos themselves

No. 836955


Nah, probably more like "You fucked me, so you're mine now - Love me forever and be mine so that I don't have to kill myself because uwu im mentally ill and that's everyone else's responsibility to tap-dance around, not mine"

No. 836957


She sounds more like a privileged white woman upset that she can't have what she wants right away, TBH.

No. 836958

release the caps Holly, cmooooooon! we know you want to.

No. 836959

imagine suicide-baiting since Jared won't fuck you enough

No. 836960

Heidi dropping the truth bombs

it's eery because you know she was miserable just because she didn't get her way all of the time

No. 836961

Hey everyone! Remember what Ross said… constantly threatening self harm when you don't get your way is a sign of abuse!

No. 836962


Now I gotta watch that stupid bullshit on Saturday on the chance that she can't keep her jaws from flapping and spilling the tea.

No. 836964


Hell, we all knew he was talking about the Homewrecker. The only ones blind to it are her WKs who think she's going to suck them off in gratitude (and judging by her choice in dudes coughPedoWormDickcough it might actually be a possibility)

No. 836965

File: 1562982935996.png (32.9 KB, 580x256, shutupdenica.png)

Brilliant tweet (bonus of Denica lying)

No. 836966


Today. Today she was tweeting about birds.

And on July 8th, she was openly asking why people hated her and what she had done - Y'know the same spiel from the last month.

No. 836967

File: 1562983153453.png (25.14 KB, 606x224, Screenshot_99.png)

I feel like that "fatality!" scene of the Mortal Combat games

No. 836968

File: 1562983383854.png (47.12 KB, 618x421, 2019-07-12_22h02_54.png)

Oh dang, that is some good call-out.

No. 836971

I’m practically salivating at Heidi’s responses.

Often times the person I’m rooting for doesn’t respond to the haters with succinct, logical rebuttals that farmers will often articulate perfectly in threads (ex: almost everyone that’s ever ‘debated’ Onion gets off target). Heidi has broken that pattern and I’m fucking here for it. Calling out the hypocrisy, manipulation, lack of understanding of consent. I also love her being outwardly and unmistakably petty and turning pedojared into a joke. No passive aggressive bullshit like uwu Holly pulls. As someone who was a bystander watching a a similar situation unfold irl, I’m disgusted by Holly and people like her. They really believe their own horseshit.

No. 836972

This deserves a chef kiss.

No. 836975

File: 1562984043077.jpg (88.96 KB, 1023x852, depositphotos_5562284-stock-ph…)

Fuck, I've been waiting for Heidi to start standing up to these losers. Holly has to be fuming.

No. 836976

File: 1562984145851.png (86.31 KB, 616x779, 2019-07-12_22h15_34.png)

Gets even better when Cristina joins in on the fun.

No. 836979

File: 1562984333130.png (49.14 KB, 588x372, ItsAllSoUgly.png)

You really gonna try that, huh?

No. 836983

File: 1562984585246.png (34.72 KB, 576x264, SALT2.png)


No. 836985

But it does. Look at the people in the threads going crazy at her comments. Some people just to get wrecked.

No. 836986

Some people just need to get wrecked.*

No. 836987

File: 1562984794304.jpg (213.11 KB, 1077x572, Bed.jpg)

I verified my tinfoil.

No. 836990

File: 1562985125432.png (94.79 KB, 584x700, KingLoxx.png)

>"She’s the only one keeping this going at this point."

>"She really needs to just let it go she “won” just leave lol"

No. 836991

why does this rando bring up his own ex? could it be A HURTING BUTT? male gas-lighting back-row commentators are idiotic

No. 836992

File: 1562985273935.png (64.98 KB, 580x588, KeonHaywood3.png)


No. 836993

File: 1562985377352.jpg (356.55 KB, 1080x989, Screenshot_20190712-203530_Chr…)

The timing of Ross liking this makes me go hmmmm…


No. 836994

This is 1000% hoelly

No. 836995

File: 1562986052815.png (74.53 KB, 592x560, shutupdan5.png)

No Dan, PBG & Furst did NOT retract their statements because Jared 'called them off'. They retracted their statements because NB put out the official announcement that they fired Jared after receiving evidence the he did indeed exchange nudes with minors.

No. 837001

File: 1562986417427.png (81.7 KB, 712x580, troofblogg.png)

Looks like Jessica is BIG MAD

No. 837003


If you go to the petition these days, the number of signatures is slowly rising, but the comments on it are all still from a month ago.

Is it possible Dan is using bots to get to the required number of signatures?

No. 837004


Would that surprise anyone at this point?

No. 837005

Our man just up and faked texts claiming Ross had a gf while Holly was banging Jared. I don't think using bots is below him. Anything to protect his birb kween.

No. 837007


What's going to happen, exactly, if the petition gets its signatures?

No. 837008

Nothing. Dan has said that it's only to show support for peenjared and Holly. Nothing more. He made it because that way he can keep posting it over and over whereas with a poll or something he wouldn't be able to do that.

No. 837013

File: 1562987370891.png (30.31 KB, 576x264, Denicastupid.png)

…And Denica continues to be an ignorant moron.

No. 837014

had mutuals with ross and acquaintances back then and he did not have a gf before the split lmao. heard he was miserable.

No. 837017


Good lord, July 22nd cannot come fast enough…


No. 837018

It's pathetic defamation of Ross, continually being put through abuse because of Holly's actions. There is NO FUCKING REASON to believe Ross had anyone. Especially based of Dan Perro's "research" and anon conversations with totally true screenshots he can't show.

No. 837021

Denica is an actual person. Unfortunately.

No. 837023

After Jared continues to fuck with Heidi legally? He awoke a sleeping giant. Heidi's tweet only gives reasoning to why Heidi "changed" her tune. She's probably doesn't want people to hate Jared, but she wants him to fucking own up and to defend herself against months of Holly's assault on her character.

No. 837025

File: 1562988191820.jpg (36.82 KB, 360x480, lovestory.jpg)

The world ends, Heidi turns to dust! Strix and Diath live happily ever after with 1000 pigeons… until Strix tragically contracts Bird Fancier's Lung, and she wastes away with Diath at her side.

No. 837026

Holly, Jared, & their WKs have been trying their hardest to bait Heidi into saying something regrettable.

No. 837027

I swear she's trollshielding or egging Holly on for the memes. Why else would she self-post here?

No. 837028

Maybe this is old tinfoil but I actually think the loudest WKs are people who were actively participating in the blogs and Snapchat. Maybe some of them victims. Maybe some of them fucking MINORS. Or pedos like you said. Instead of admitting how fucking gross and weird it all was, they refuse to admit their part and double down on how “ok” it all was. Sound like someone else we know?

No. 837029

700 signatures, many of which are fake, vs 20k+ likes on a tweet shitting on PedoJared. The public has spoken.

No. 837030

File: 1562988974489.png (91.36 KB, 580x664, KeonHaywood4.png)

This guy needs to just stop sticking his nose where it shouldn't be.

No. 837031

Holly claims to have been on Prozac for years (which can cause loss of sex drive I might add) and is then cancelling the effects by drinking alcohol, idiot

No. 837032

File: 1562989163777.png (40.8 KB, 606x147, Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 9.37…)

Not sure if this was posted yet, but it's pretty great. Heidi realizing how scared they were of her because of how guilty they were. No wonder they worked so hard to break Heidi.

No. 837033

File: 1562989189181.png (26.25 KB, 580x272, KeonHaywood5.png)


I think we found Dan & Denica's equally creepy successor…

No. 837039

File: 1562989852468.png (36.88 KB, 608x448, heychrisfox1.png)


So we're just gonna ignore the fact that Holly has been deleting tweets like crazy for the past few months?

No. 837040

File: 1562989921426.png (83.01 KB, 592x712, heychrisfox2.png)

No. 837041

File: 1562990008337.png (16.97 KB, 576x140, heychrisfox3.png)


Thanks chris, no one asked.

No. 837042

So how is he defining what is aggressive? Also, Holly deleted all the Etika tweets correct?

No. 837044

Only 69 tweets from Holly? Obviously didn't go back that far. Wonder what he defines as "related". Were Etika tweets "somewhat related" or completely unrelated, according to him?

No. 837046

what a fuckin autist lmao

No. 837052


I've been on high enough doses of Prozac to drop a horse - and one of the first things that a doctor and the pharmacist who fills the script will tell you is that you DO NOT drink while on the anti depressant. The same as a tweet someone posted from Homewrecker earlier from december where she mentions being suicidal, but "it's okay I took my meds"

Prozac (and most other antidepressants) takes 4-6 weeks to build to therapeutic levels in the system. Taking one pill when you're feeling bad isn't going to do shit - unless she means a fast acting drug like Ativan or Xanax, in which case she REALLY should not be drinking as those drugs mixed with alcohol can fuck with respiratory function.

No. 837053


>waiting on proof of gaslighting

Fam, you typically cannot prove gaslighting - that's why it's such an effective manipulation and abuse tactic. It makes a person doubt their own sanity, let alone make it so they could potentially prove it to anyone else.

No. 837054

This is a pretty shitty way of calculating it. Of course Heidi has had more tweets. She is answering questions and explains things as fully as she can. However there are less instances of her speaking out it. She puts out 20 tweets and then shuts up for a month. Holly was going on day after day at one point and couldn't stop calling Heidi an abuser.

No. 837055


Yeah, you can't call it an even comparison when Homewrecker Barbie is constantly going on splooge fests and then deleting it when someone tells her how bad it makes her look.

No. 837057


>I did some flawed math, misinterpreted the concept of sample seizes, then decided to ignore the numbers anyway because of my feelings

No. 837059

How about he adds up all the tweets Holly has liked from her WK shitting on Heidi and see what the pie chart looks like then

No. 837060

We should also probably include Dan's ramblings towards Holly's count since he's proven he's in contact with her and posting all this evidence with her blessing.

No. 837062

File: 1562992156070.png (1.09 MB, 1080x757, Screenshot_5.png)

Spechie's boyfriend intervenes with his shitty take.

No. 837063

Can’t speak to a girlfriend, but can confirm he was miserable. He is definitely doing better since January, but IDK how this recent dragging might be affecting him. The narrative being pushed by the Holly camp is certainly a stretch of the truth, but I don’t want to insist I’m close enough to know the full workings of their marriage.

No. 837064

He has even said himself many times on his stream what a dark place he was in last year. He is very open to how he wasn't mentally well. He talks about what he has learned in therapy as well. He said the other day he was feeling great lately. He is going to concentrate on streaming more and he went out to celebrate that with his girlfriend. Anyone with decent deduction skills can see that his marriage and Holly's infidelity/abuse is what brought him down. She is trying to do that to him again now but it seems his new girlfriend, his friends, and his therapy is working wonders.

No. 837073

Why do people keep using MEN plural? As far as we know Heidi had one LDR with a man.

No. 837074


Let's evaluate everything that their queen Homewrecker has going on:

*Fucking PedoWormDick

No. 837075

File: 1562993305672.jpg (148.73 KB, 1080x527, 39e39b65aa4633f8f905a4b848001d…)

no anon didn't you know? she had 2 affairs? and she fucked a man _all the while up until yesterday? there is proof that everyone who visits the "truth tumblr" can see, also which the projared2 hivemind automatically becomes aware of upon typing the words "uwu holly did nothing wrong"

No. 837076


Because it makes her sound like a promiscuous whore if they use the plural version.

They'd rather lie about Heidi being a whore than acknowledging that Homewrecking Holly is the one true whore in this situation.

No. 837079

Go tell your girlfriend to stop tracing other people's art.

No. 837090

File: 1562994563345.png (379.39 KB, 1110x1286, Screenshot 2019-07-13 at 10.38…)


No. 837092


Bless you beedlebuddy

No. 837093


First of all, I need to shake that person's hand. Well timed slam, my good dude.

Second, I love that when confronted with how fucking wrong he is, the WK starts using words like "ad hominen", "methodology", "reticent" as if the use of the words makes him sound smarter and not like an absolute tool.

No. 837096

File: 1562996014300.png (1.16 MB, 1024x768, dLnBnZY.png)

Spechie fucking drove a girl to attempt suicide and told people she self diagnosed herself with depression but most people just have "angst" and not real depression. While also claiming other's shit as her own.

But Tim "can't get views without clickbait" Hatten thinks Heidi is the fucked up one here.

No. 837099


When someone says something as pretentious as "So that's all you got going for you?" like this assclown did, I automatically think worse of them than the person they were talking to.

No. 837101

File: 1562996852229.png (98.51 KB, 580x724, WKpearlclutching.png)

Cry harder incels

No. 837103

File: 1562997366655.png (91.92 KB, 463x534, Capture _2019-07-13-00-51-31.p…)

Ah yes, Jared posting his dick all over the internet is Heidi's fault now. His Snapchat and possible 7 open blogs were all Heidi's revenge porn.

Also guys this thread is all wrong. Apparently Holly's fans haven't been going to Heidi's Twitter and mocking her.

No. 837104

Is this undeadwizardry's alt?

No. 837105


>engaging in revenge porn

How the fuck do you get revenge porn out of what Heidi did? She's not the one who waved Jared's dick all over the internet (I'd really like to slap whatever genius did that - Nobody needed to see WormDick) or solicited nudes from minors or abused his public image to get fans to be his -insert convention here- pump-and-dump skank.

>she NEEDS him to make an admission to have any hope to not end up in jail

What would Heidi go to jail for? Slander? The same could be said about Homewrecker Whore who has been slandering Heidi and calling her abusive since LONG before this blew up (and even admitted in texts to Heidi that it was a mistake to call her that).

PedoWormDick is the one who should worry about jail. I hear Pedophiles aren't treated so nice in jail.

No. 837106


>Holly's followers don't go to Heidi's twitter and harass her

You mean Dan and Unicorn haven't been all over her twitter today? Man, maybe we're ALL mentally ill and just hallucinating all of that.

No. 837107

File: 1562997674161.png (14.77 KB, 525x117, Screenshot_100.png)

WK know assuming that Heidi's lawyer dropped her, even though zero has been said about lawyers

They're almost as delusional as Homewrecker Barbie when she buys into PedoWormDick's "only you, baby - you my one and only side whore"

No. 837108

File: 1562997687517.jpeg (79.91 KB, 919x492, E2D9CC0A-5950-4CA8-AB42-3C0EA1…)

>engaging in revenge porn
Heidi never posted anyone’s nudes but okay.

No. 837110

File: 1562997909332.png (18.67 KB, 1314x131, loser2.png)

He is bragging about it on pj2 also.

No. 837111

File: 1562997970720.png (20.78 KB, 587x166, Screenshot_101.png)

This dude is just a winner all around

No. 837112


>validation thot

Holy shit, the lack of self awareness is burning my eyes.

He is the real life version of "If she breathes, she a thot" meme

No. 837115

File: 1562998115735.png (5.06 KB, 657x57, Screenshot_103.png)

I'd love to meet a judge who sees a dude who used his fame to get unassuming fans into bed, and also solicit nudes from minors - and thinks "Y'know what? This is such a chill guy, fuck that dude's wife. She should've let that wormdick roam to his heart's content!"

No. 837116

I like how he posts on the Boogie hate threads on SamandTolki yet he wks for the female Boogie. Amazing lack of awareness.

No. 837117

File: 1562998164096.png (15.45 KB, 743x188, Screenshot_104.png)

She posted maybe two pictures of Aries after this afternoon and yet to the WKs, that's "as many as possible"

No. 837118


Oh boy, time for a consolation-fanfic!

No. 837119

Probably a WK from KF. The lawyer stuff was talked about on there.

No. 837120

Uh, except she always posts pictures of Aries no matter what she is talking about?

No. 837121

File: 1562998356518.png (11.25 KB, 879x118, Screenshot_105.png)

These dumb motherfuckers need a reality check

For a split second, I legitimately could not figure out if they got Holly and Heidi mixed up since this all applies to that Homewrecking Idiot.

No. 837123

Heidi's not going to jail incels, get over it. No-one goes to jail for making salty tweets about their ex.

No. 837125

"cat pictures generate the most likes and validation!!! blatant crowd manipulation!!"
>likes on the wormdick callout: 31k
>likes on aries' pics: 1k and 1.4k
ok stay salty

No. 837126


I love how this moron accuses Heidi of "fishing for relevancy/clout" & calling her a "validation thot" when he immediately jumps onto reddit to brag about telling her off to like-minded losers

No. 837127


They do however go for possession of child porn (and guess what incels? Even if he deleted it, the cops are going to be able to trace his interactions with underage fans considering the apology tour he's apparently been going on)


I love personally that they're knocking Heidi for apparently wanting validation - but what the fuck would they call it when the whore shared her art a few days ago and repeatedly pointed out "This isn't for praise!" (which means it was most definitely done for praise)

No. 837128

PJ2 isn't really about Jared. It's a Heidi hate sub, and almost everything they post negatively about Heidi is a direct description of Holly. It's not really a wonder why the no one listens to them.

No. 837129

>wins in the divorce
outs himself as a 12yo. there's no winning or losing here there is a division of assets 50/50 and a dissolution of the marriage. fucking retards honestly.

No. 837130


Anytime now, I think they expect PedoWormDick to pop up and pull some 12 year old "Nannernannerbooboo, I won, you lost, suck it, Heidi!" playground bullshit.

No. 837131

I just can't, they're so fucking immature and stupid. This is a massive deflection from the uncomfortable pedo business. Time caught up with R Kelly and it will catch up with Jard, if not now it will happen one day.

No. 837132


That's just it - They all push this "HEIDI IS A WHORE" shit because it deflects the attention away from the fact that PedoWormDick is most likely going to have to register as a fucking pedophile if this goes to court (There's just too much evidence piling up for him to walk away with no ramifications - and no, wk's, the "I was mentally not great!" is not a valid defense)

No. 837133


Oh if only Heidi had kept her mouth shut & continued to be complicit ! Then everyone wouldn't be all sad & we wouldn't be hearing from these stupid 'minors' & most importantly, DCA wouldn't be on 'permanent Hiatus'… (sobs)


No. 837136

I'm on my phone so I can't get a proper screenshot but holy fuck, undeadwizardry getting destroyed in these comments is amazing.


No. 837138

His hot girlfriend loves hearing his big words

No. 837140

File: 1563001845980.jpeg (528.4 KB, 1065x1643, gluv446bby931.jpeg)


No. 837141

>Wow, woman who is justifiably mad about getting cheated on, you act just like my insane ex
Imagine telling on yourself like this.

> I don’t want to insist I’m close enough to know the full workings of their marriage.
Well that already makes you more credible than 90% of the "heidi-truthers".

No. 837144

File: 1563002484381.jpg (437.53 KB, 1071x1408, 2947723.jpg)

Ross just liked the tweet that Heidi retweeted that started all this.

No. 837145

File: 1563002496914.png (5.07 KB, 548x80, Screenshot_106.png)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but when you are married in Washington, everything is 50/50 - There's no such thing as "this isn't community property!" since everything is 50/50

No. 837146


There's the confirmation we've all been waiting for. Short of coming out and saying "My whore of an ex wife is an abusive piece of trash who doesn't understand apologies", this might be the best thing we're going to get from Ross.

Wonder how long it'll take before Homewrecker Holly's WK Brigade goes after Ross now….

No. 837147

File: 1563002926895.png (643.96 KB, 1020x296, Screenshot_107.png)

I know I'm late to the party (I have no idea how to sage idk), but does anyone else find it kind of funny that Ross is sitting next to Holly who is essentially the antichrist satan-looking sumbitch in his header? lmao

No. 837148

Those monster girls are adorable. Don't put that evil out there!

No. 837150

it could just be a coincidence, he doesn't follow heidi, right?

here: http://lolcow.farm/info

No. 837153

>those fucking ad dots
I'm sorry, I need to take a second and appreciate this cosplay, it's truly a work of art

No. 837154

Or spamming Jessica's biased "truth" tumblr on Heidi's feed.

No. 837174

the same exact thing can be said about Holly and her birbs/Mojo, every time she says dumb shit she always post pics of them an hour or so after. All of her WKs Keep kicking them selves by trying to bring down Heidi by calling out Holly.

No. 837179

She keeps a portfolio, she needs it with all the garbage coming out of her mouth

No. 837180

Required for what, anyway? Who's gonna look at it? Who will they send it to? The FBI? At least it'll be a good laugh for them.

No. 837191

She's a different person, just hellbent on sucking Holly's dick

No. 837192


No. 837193

File: 1563019894250.png (43.54 KB, 540x208, Capture d’écran 2019-07-13 à…)

OT but the thumbnails are going crazy right now

No. 837194

I bet he also ignored all the stupid-to-offensive tweets Holly deleted when she felt remorse (or rather backlash)

No. 837195

I actually cracked up, what a legend

No. 837196

What do they even mean by "win"? Washington is a no fault state, they're going to get 50-50 and there's no custody involved.

No. 837197

But when Holly posts pics of her birds it's not crowd manipulation because… reasons?

No. 837198

There are a few exceptions to community property, including gifts to only one of the spouses, items purchased prior to marriage and inheritances. Meaning yeah, technically the puppets are only Jared's, but the judge probably won't give a shit whether Heidi took them or not. They're not of significant monetary or sentimental value as far as I can tell.

No. 837199

That's not Holly, just a cute demon girl. Holly wishes she was that cute but she has terf bangs.

No. 837213

Someone reuploaded a bunch of Jared's now deleted videos including all of his Asagao Academy playthrough with Heidi: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNQ1QLgYyLAQgNh2dc3WO6A/videos

No. 837227

Inb4 Jared and Holly hits the user with a copyright strike. I wouldn’t be surprised since Jared’s down to threaten people legally.

Speaking of which, I’m pretty sure that’s why Chai and Charlie deleted their statements. Heidi did say others were getting legal threats.

No. 837231

Should some of us back up the videos?

No. 837238

When in doubt, mirror/archive everything.

No. 837242

Vanity is a dragon girl, not a demon, and has nothing to do with Holly
I'm sure Ross wants nothing to do with any of this. He has a girlfriend and is touring with Scribble Showdown soon. While Holly cries into her Prozac and wine cocktail

No. 837244

File: 1563028459754.png (13.1 KB, 1308x95, seething.png)

PJ2 is absolutely seething. Violent thoughts? Some of these people are seriously fucked in the head.

No. 837248

File: 1563028789225.jpeg (80.16 KB, 720x536, F7FDB3C0-A41B-483D-ABAC-A3A902…)

What a bunch of piss babies. Getting this mad about someone you’ve never even mets relationship? Calm down sperglord

No. 837253

These people aren't just idiots, they're straight up scary

No. 837258

lmao that one needs to be monitored goddamn

No. 837270

Curiously, did anyone ever get a screenshot of AttackingTucans saying (more or less anyway) that she is just milking this because she just posted about needing money or something?

iirc AttackingTucans prob has a loose connection there, I know he's friends with Lucahjin, who herself has been on PBG Hardcore with Jared multiple times.

Maybe Jared's still causing a stir with mutual acquaintances and probably played a factor with all of what Heidi came out with last night?

No. 837273

There's more than one woman involved, please specify who you're talking about?

No. 837280

Plus these are the type of alt right incels who would usually argue "sex with a transman doesn't count as sex with a real man". But in this case pretending to be woke is convenient because she was fucking so many other men anons!

The lawyer thing was a post on PJ2. I looked into it, and as far as I could tell their idea of evidence was a negative review from a year ago that the lawyer responded to. She said she dropped the client for frequently changing how she wanted the case handled, and accused the client of lying in the review. PJ2 interpreted this as "this lawyer will drop you if you lie to her" and tinfoiled that into "Heidi's lawyer severed the relationship because Heidi is lying about being abused." Just more proof of how they make leaping speculations on the thinnest crumb of evidence, then run all over the internet proclaiming it as truth.

Not gonna cap it because it is long and unrelated but here's a link to the review: https://www.avvo.com/attorneys/98201-wa-tristen-key-35686/reviews.html?rating=1

No. 837285

AttackingTucan replied to Heidi's jab at Jared last night. I went to look for it again today but it was deleted. I didn't think to save it at the time

No. 837286

So these types are Jared and Holly's supporters…

No. 837287

So if Jared actually gets convicted of soliciting nudes from minors, what will these clowns claim next. That the judges got manipulated by evil Heidi who is somehow also without a lawyer. Will they blame it on women and feminism? Will they finally get attempt beta uprising?

No. 837288

Probably blame it on conspiracy and how fucked up the law is because in Holly words "I'M SORRY THEY LIED." Then try to say Heidi was responsible to and drove him to engage in pORn blogs.

This has been blowing up. I got several people sending it to me because it's genius. Probably a coincidence.

That cat is beautiful and hilarious. Heidi is probably taking sips of zin, laughing at her cat's antics then posting salt. It's a life to live.

No. 837295

File: 1563035786636.jpg (426.47 KB, 1080x2018, 20190713_112734.jpg)

This is about the only thing I can come up with from the deleted thread. Thinking back now it could have just likely been him as one of those "Everything about the relationship and each party is messed up" mentality. Only really thought of it relating due to minor connections from mutuals

No. 837304

File: 1563037387190.jpg (183.13 KB, 1080x1168, IMG_20190713_120246.jpg)

I'm genuinely so proud of Heidi

No. 837305

sage for off-topic but this is where the costume came from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDynXopke8E

No. 837307

Heidi was representing herself for less than two weeks, and got a new lawyer over a week ago. Not that any of them are spreading that development.

No. 837319

File: 1563039437852.png (76.1 KB, 1169x414, ohdenica.png)

That's an interesting take, Denica

No. 837326

Heidi is strong and scary? These people really hate confident women.

No. 837328

Seriously, nothing is worse than a woman hating another woman for showing strength.

No. 837330

I have no idea how Denica got her Ph.D
Just an absolute lack of critical thinking. Her program must've sucked.

No. 837332

She is certainly on the spectrum and doesn't understand human emotions.

No. 837335

Plenty of morons get their Ph.Ds. They just have to work at it and know their field. When it comes to everything else they can be completely retarded.

Who is "they?" Couldn't be the lawyers because that's incredibly unethical and could result in their State Bar getting involved. Must be Holly and Jared. Sounds like they've been doing that. Jared hit Unogirl up and Holly has been saying that she's in personal contact with therapists who claim Heidi is unfixable. It's absolutely consistent. Maybe Heidi's new lawyer >>837307 is hitting back and why Heidi is suddenly speaking up and Holly shutting the fuck up?

No. 837336


If by PHD, you mean, "prefers Holly's dialogue."

Denica's whole stance is "it's everyone's fault but Holly's." It's almost insane what lengths she goes to support her headcanon.

No. 837338


I'd usually agree, but her being an "investigator" here tells me she's incapable of doing research. She'll get stuck as a postdoc being someone's research slave, which I guess is just desserts.

No. 837341


She can do research - just incredibly wrong, only-confirms-her-bias research with Dr. Google leading the charge.

No. 837347

Especially at the idea that it's Heidi who is jealous of Holly. "I'm so jealous she's into birds and aliens!" WTF is that logic.

No. 837351


My question is what the fuck does Holly have that Heidi is allegedly jealous of. She's tolerable in appearance, her personality is shit and manages to alienate just about everyone who comes around her, she's sank her career into the mud for guy who is allegedly soliciting inappropriate photos from minors and will, in all likelihood, end up prosecuted if not in jail because of it.

I guess the only thing she could be jealous of is the fact that Holly could live off of her grandpa's money and never have to work a day in her life, while Heidi has to still bust her ass to earn a living.

No. 837356

Seriously. Correction to Denica is that Jared chose Holly and pretty much anyone that would let him put it in them over his wife. How is that bragging rights?

>people like her better! Remember when pewdiepie liked her after meeting her TWICE?! Meanwhile all of Ross's family and friends celebrated when he got that "goblin" out of his life. Even Ross won't "confirm" that Holly didn't cheat on him. He just lets his fans rail on her because he knows she doesn't deserve to be defended. Oh and ask Etika's fans how much like they liked her mental health insights on his suicide.

No. 837359

Denica should just say what she really thinks. Holly "won" Jared and she thinks this is a massive blow to Heidi's ego. Meanwhile Heidi is going to have half of Jared's money, new opportunities at love and life, and she won't have to go to bed at night with the nagging thought in the back of her mind wondering if the man she is laying next to is a child predator or philanderer.

Holly will be remembered as the woman who cheated on her beloved husband with a child predator. She'll be remembered as the woman who turned a black man's suicide into a pity party for herself. Those stains won't be wiped away easily. Even if Jared didn't knowingly solicit nudes from minors it's what people will remember.

No. 837366


and that whole "remember when pewdiepie" bit. I'm sorry, but when you start picking the words of a nazi to defend you, the battle is already over and you did not come out on top.

No. 837385

>more known cosplayer
False. First of all it's pretty obvious that Holly hated cosplaying now. That's why she only dresses up like her self insert and even dressed someone else in that costume. Holly is a sham of a cosplayer. Also you can be 'more known' and be a 'cosplayer' without being more known for that cosplay. Meanwhile Heidi is known for her craftsmanship and her ability to go above and beyond for her cosplays and make truly impressive pieces.
>larger fanbase
Not everyone cares about that. Heidi gets hired by Nintendo to cosplay for them and the only connections Holly was able to get before this was DnD because she constantly was around more famous people (her now exhusband, her DnD mates, etc)
>fanbase that barely got a dent
Tons of nobodies doesnt matter if all of your professional partners and connections wont be seen near you.
Also the current -5,611 on socialblade over the past month says otherwise. She's losing more followers almost every day.

No. 837416

>the amount of ads on the video

dude, that's genius. rofl

No. 837449

"Be kind."

No. 837522

Holly's streaming for the first time in a long time, talking about her trip to Area 51.

Chat's sub-only of course, but she's getting a lot of new subs, twitch prime subs and donations.

I'm curious to know how many of the new subs are genuine fans after her being absent for a while, and who's subbing just to try to use chat. Mod team looks to be out in force though.

No. 837533

File: 1563058120462.jpg (106.06 KB, 417x583, don't probe the aliens, holly.…)


doesn't seem like she's looking at the chat, so pointing out that she's already done more than just see them aliens is probably not worth trying to naruto-run past her WKs.

No. 837540

OwO Aliens are totally real guys! I'm so cool 'cause I'm deluded!

No. 837541

Ohhhh this post made me realize why Denica is so rabid to defend Holly… She probably self-inserts into this debacle as the shy uwu misunderstood "weird" girl and Heidi as the popular cheerleader type (despite both being ostensibly on the same level of nerdiness). She HAS to defend Holly and take down Heidi so that she can make whatever bullying she endured as a teen right again.

No. 837547

File: 1563058942153.png (46.87 KB, 576x340, QweenieBae.png)


How cute, a little WK wants to play!

No. 837554

Homewrecker just said she was going to scan and upload this dude's manual to Area 51 on her patreon and said (and I quote) "Don't share it, you guys. I don't want him to be mad - but I want to share it"

Dear idiot patreons, PLEASE turn her ass in for that. That is literally fucking illegal.

No. 837556

The sad reality I'm getting from this stream is that if I didn't know the drama, I'd think she was quirky but pretty chill and probably someone I'd want to be friends with.

However, having seen how wrong she has been about mental health and how emotionally abusive she's been, I couldn't possibly stay far enough away from that.

No. 837560

File: 1563059410219.png (9.83 KB, 420x76, QweenieBae1.png)


>"that she pretty much rammed down his throat in the first place tho"

Qweenie, are you implying that Jared didn't really like Holly to begin with & had to be 'pushed' into liking her by his whore-wife?

No. 837561


Right, because it took so much cajoling for PedoWormDick to get his dick wet by Holly's level of crazy who JUST SO HAPPENED to have a character that JUST SO HAPPENED to be in a lovey relationship with PedoWormDick's character

No. 837563

Correct me if I'm wrong, but was 'going poly' all Heidi's idea alone?Did she really talk an unassuming Jared into it? Because that's what I keep hearing…

No. 837565

Jared has a sex/porn addiction. He didn't need to be convinced.

No. 837566

It was likely discussed at length by both of them, but put out into the world as Heidi's idea
I've seen this a lot in marriages where the woman feels like she needs to allow poly to keep her husband happy. And WK at twisting it into "Heidi already had a gf and forced Jared into Holly's snatch"

No. 837575

I think Homewrecker Holly may have confused the phrase "Spooky Saturday" with "Fucking Stupid Saturday"

It's just them talking about 'aliens' from Area 51 and re-reading some bs "spooky" stories that read like Urban Legends that you'd use to tease small kids.

No. 837577

File: 1563061411197.png (463.88 KB, 475x518, 4gD0yED.png)

jesus her friend kayncli's eyebrows are done just like holly's but even worse.

No. 837582

You guys didn't know Kayla Cline tries her hardest to look like Holly as possible?

No. 837583

File: 1563061738741.jpg (297.74 KB, 1242x1654, il_fullxfull.1804411866_39z8.j…)


at least she changed her hair color, so it's easier to tell them apart on Holly's etsy store.

No. 837584

So… she's sharing confidential info for money? wtf?

No. 837588

Why do people keep thinking Heidi was the one to push for a poly relationship when Jared started his sex blog years ago?

No. 837591


She said she was essentially going to take this pamphlet/book thing that this guy wrote and scan it so that she could upload it on her patreon.

No. 837592


Because it fits their arguments better to make it sound like it was Giant Whore Heidi who FORCED her poor mistreated/abused husband PedoWormDick to stick his dick in anything with a pulse.

No. 837594

Is there literally any evidence towards it other than a he said/she said?

No. 837596


All of the WKs have been saying that Heidi 'pushed' or 'forced' Jared into having a poly relationship, or that she "rammed Holly down his throat"

No. 837597


So… plagiarism?

No. 837599


Nope. It's a lot of Homewrecker's WKs claiming that Heidi had another partner (outside of the one LDR that she mentioned), but so far, I haven't seen any proof of that.


Yep, pretty much. Like, I don't know how she missed that part of the disclaimer in the front of every book that says something along the lines of "You are not to publish or reproduce this work without the written consent of the author", but if she actually DOES post it on Patreon, that's straight up illegal, even if it WAS just some random nutjob in the middle of the desert that wrote it in the first place.

No. 837639

File: 1563066989527.png (18.07 KB, 778x174, Screenshot_111.png)

Apparently, Heidi only calls PedoWormDick her "husband" for notoriety and not because they're still legally married or anything.

No. 837643

File: 1563067213557.png (7.38 KB, 703x97, Screenshot_112.png)

>the information will be embellished a bit

So is Dan finally admitting that he's essentially a lying sack of shit who is "embellishing" a.k.a. lying in order to create more drama?

No. 837649

Except the 'truth' blog really isn't "impartial" because the most recent post is the author acting out emotionally after Heidi put their content into question…

No. 837650

Sh's violating the guy's copyright for financial gain aka Patreon coins under the guise of just 'sharing!' uwu

No. 837651

>Heidi's going to jail guys don't worry, Jared will take care of this
fucken retards

No. 837668

Also legal threats don’t mean legal action. I don’t know what Jared is doing, but I doubt it’s anything beyond a cease and desist or trying to avoid alimony. Petty desperation on the legal end is not the same as someone successfully suing for defamation.

No. 837684

I wonder why his attempts aren't working???

No. 837686


That was my first thought - I expected people in the chat to say SOMETHING about it, maybe "PedoWormDick is already facing potential jail time, do you really want to risk legal issues on your end too?" but the mods must have been on top of it.


He'd be pretty fucking stupid to try and push legal action against Heidi since all she has to do is go "Oh yeah? Well, in addition to allowing his mistress to release private messages while slandering me all over the internet to millions of people, he also received nude photographs of minors and ran blogs where he posted said photos"

Whatever Homewrecker's WK's think Heidi did pales in comparison to what Homewrecker Barbie and PedoWormDick are doing and have done.

No. 837691

File: 1563071773886.png (11.63 KB, 737x143, Screenshot_113.png)

I love that the WKs think saying "Well, he didn't KNOWINGLY solicit nudes from minors" like that makes it okay.

Possessing inappropriate pornographic images of those under the age of 18 (potentially STILL possessing?) is just as illegal as soliciting them in the first place - and on that, you can't possibly say he is innocent.

No. 837692

File: 1563072136403.png (36.53 KB, 591x389, Screenshot_114.png)

Well, random WK is now claiming to be a journalist and Dan "I don't want to involve Ross" Pirro continues to bring him up regularly.

No. 837704

File: 1563072996548.png (97.4 KB, 528x752, Journalist.png)

I love that this 'Journalist' keeps @-ing Ross

No. 837708

Did you really think he was actually sincere with his apology for involving him on Twitter? They all model their behavior after holly after all. Oh noes I’m sowwy I did something byadd but let me continue doing said thing anyway because fuck you
>probably scarlet moth
Kek I like this random guy

No. 837713


>"Probably someone who has worked with DCA"

So, how well do people in DCA know Ross personally & not through Holly?

No. 837733

File: 1563074858508.jpg (686.2 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190713-232450.jpg)

It's Scarlet Moth. Same phrasing as the DMs Dan shared. "Asexual but sex positive"

No. 837735


>"Asexual but sex positive"


Of course!
What is it about Jared that makes these Asexual girls go 'sexual'?

No. 837737

File: 1563075363640.png (32.25 KB, 528x324, ThatScarletMoth.png)


Flashback to when Heidi announced what was happening.

I guess they were expecting Heidi to keep her mouth shut & roll with it.


Looks like Jared was building himself a little DnD-harem eh?

No. 837739

Vindictive and cruel…like bringing Ross into the situation without his consent and trying to leak he was a cuck?

No. 837740

Based on her tweets, she treats Ross just like any Game Grumps fan does, so I don't see why she'd be more credible than… oh I don't know, Ross himself?

No. 837742

Heidi was following her a few minutes ago and now isn't lol

No. 837745

File: 1563076075811.jpeg (516.8 KB, 1243x788, 84616BF9-7E45-47B0-B75F-45D956…)

Well Ross does follow her. Hm

No. 837747

File: 1563076127530.jpg (319.73 KB, 1080x1548, 14827.jpg)

When I Google "scarlet moth projared", this interesting exchange came up. I wonder if Holly was the original post and she deleted it for some reason.


No. 837748

Scarlet Moth was probably a fucking Strix/Diath shipper lmao. Absolutely pathetic.

No. 837750

Heidi and Ross both followed her until a few minutes ago. I didn't get a screenshot. No doubt neither knew she was a snake.

No. 837751


Not to mention the way she includes the whole "I'm a professional sad person" bit.

PedoWormDick has a thing for the sad, insecure ones, doesn't he?

No. 837752


…Oh, but it was HEIDI who forced the concept of Polyamory onto their marriage…

No. 837753


That doesn't mean anything - Ross still follows his homewrecking soon-to-be-ex wife too.

No. 837754

File: 1563076506325.png (51.51 KB, 608x467, Capture.PNG)

No clue who this guy is but I'm into it. I hope he doesn't turn out to be some incel who sides with Holly in the end.

No. 837755

It makes sense she is defending Jared and Holly. Her modding Jared's twitch gave her attention and relevancy. It made her feel important.

As an aside her craftsmanship on cosplay absolutely sucks.

No. 837756

No, he is still following her.
For all we know it could be true that he went along with the polyamory and resented Heidi, all while holly was still making him miserable

No. 837757

He already went after Heidi yesterday. All we can do is glean whatever info we can.

No. 837758

Sorry I worded it poorly. I meant both were following her but now only Ross is. He is doing a show tonight so he wouldn't unfollow her right now and he may not do it at all because that's just how Ross is handling it.

No. 837760

Yep, looking at his twitter now. He is definitely pro-ProJared and Holly, but it's weird he's trying to out Dan. If Dan's fanfic gets torn apart though I'm still cool.

No. 837762

File: 1563077071985.png (106.42 KB, 803x480, 121218.png)

Holy shit. Not sure if this cap has been posted yet in terms of the December timeline >>836881 but I was looking through an older Costhot thread trying to find a specific post and found this one instead. 12/12/18, Same fucking day as these tweets. (not sure about the time difference, but close enough)

No. 837766


>For all we know it could be true that he went along with the polyamory and resented Heidi

True. He could have also been frustrated with how obsessed his wife was with ending someone else's marriage, but wasn't able to express it without Holly spiraling & threatening suicide.

No. 837768

I remember this person posting and trying to get the thread to rip on Heidi and all that came of it was "she can be kinda short with people and uppity but that's it"
I wouldn't doubt it was Holly trying to feel better about her affair, but that's tinfoil at best

No. 837769

She is. She has made countless arts of them and would tweet them both often. I just looked. The interesting part is both Jared and Holly have replied to her on numerous occasions on Twitter. They could have just been kissing her ass because she stroked their egos though.

No. 837770


This post seems like extreme reaching when the "snippy comment" is pretty mild. I can't see why someone would interpret it as offensive unless they were already looking for a reason to.

No. 837774

File: 1563078110617.jpg (487.71 KB, 1072x1600, 484i93.jpg)

Look at the date on this tweet.

Heidi was bottling in her feelings whenever fans asked questions or commented on her marriage for a long time. It fits with the texts Holly released where Heidi was ready for Jared to make a choice and he kept stalling over and over. Seems like Holly, the sexting, and the fan shit were what broke the camel's back. No wonder she came to this point of not giving a fuck.

No. 837775

Didn't you know? If you don't answer questions with a cutesy emote or lots of exclamation points you're a bitch.

No. 837776

And even if it seemed snippy then, given what we now know was going on behind the scenes, it probably took all of Heidi's restraint to keep her answer neutral instead of "How dare you compare my talent to that manipulative whore who is trying to convince my husband to divorce me, gross."

No. 837778

File: 1563078563937.jpg (246.38 KB, 1074x806, 20190713_212910.jpg)

No. 837779

File: 1563078600323.png (18 KB, 787x172, D_AsfdSWkAY4KbF.png)

I would like to point out that Charlie never stated that they lied about their age, only that Jared never asked and they never told him because it was implied they were underage. Every argument they have is weak.

No. 837783

File: 1563079583468.jpeg (365.86 KB, 1668x604, 11EEB1E3-5498-469D-B45D-189788…)


No. 837784


>They give me a bunch of valid responses that I can't refute so it makes me angry!!! Why won't they just eat the shit sandwich I am giving them!!

No. 837785

File: 1563080268743.png (191.88 KB, 1118x1047, Screenshot_7.png)

Heidi and Scarlet Moth interacted several times.
To think that a girl who was her friend ended up making lies up about her and Ross to feel important.
Is she going to pull an unogirl and fuck Jared too?

No. 837787

yes change it to "Jared solicited nudes from minors" and there's a perfectly good criminal case. they're a bunch of pedos looking for a loophole, I swear.

No. 837789

File: 1563080565842.png (261.53 KB, 1108x1128, wew.png)

This tweet did not age well.

No. 837791

She must have felt so special when Holly and Jared gave her attention. Now she is out there spreading their lies. Another pedo apologist.

No. 837795

God what I wouldn't give to see Heidi confront her now.

No. 837801

File: 1563083250945.jpg (60.04 KB, 1220x234, scarletmoth.jpg)

No. 837802

File: 1563083358925.jpg (49.83 KB, 1204x232, scarletmoth.jpg)

just for fun

No. 837804

File: 1563083488952.jpg (204.22 KB, 1310x1172, scarletmoth.jpg)

jk guys!! no really

No. 837805

File: 1563083585250.jpg (141.05 KB, 1204x912, scarletmoth.jpg)

part of this thread

No. 837806

God Jared skeeves me out and this girl clearly got into their good graces by being obsessive.

No. 837807

File: 1563083722025.jpg (196.14 KB, 1302x1016, scarletmoth.jpg)

10/10 would stab in the back with bogus screenshots

No. 837809

idk if she provided fake screenshots. Dan definitely isn't going to release them now. I think she sent him conversations between her and Holly where Holly probably told her a bullshit one sided story and this girl ate it up. I was hoping he'd release them so we could be privy to more of Holly's mad rantings. Also it'd further prove she doesn't give a fuck about Ross since she'd be dragging him into something unwillingly.

No. 837810

I wouldn't be surprised if she was one of the anons defending Jared when the nudes got leaked.

No. 837815

File: 1563085494018.png (403.02 KB, 1620x893, Screenshot_8.png)

yeah, she's the "source" lol

No. 837816

oh so the reddit went to shit? i tried to get on it a few days ago and it's private. When that flimsy, "hey guys Heidi was abusive too" post came out, I stopped visiting the reddit.

So now they hate Heidi? Wow.

No. 837817

I feel like they're still bogus for the reasons you mention, just not in the 'faked' way.

No. 837819

Lmao these people don't know how to cover their tracks.

No. 837820

File: 1563086187955.png (138.83 KB, 1200x1101, Screenshot_9.png)

no, no they do not

No. 837821

File: 1563086270602.jpg (120.21 KB, 584x721, BEKIND.jpg)

"She asked to be left out of it. bE kInD."

This dumbass is even acknowledging Ross doesn't want to be involved but doesn't tell his buddy Dan to delete his shitty blog post.

No. 837822

All the usual suspects. How the hell did they expect to keep this a secret? Especially when it's so easy to see who were Jared's mods? Holy shit these people.

No. 837823

File: 1563086389431.jpg (207.94 KB, 1312x988, scarletmoth.jpg)

a bit fucking rich, miss Moth

No. 837826

She also follows Matt Lawson, the britfag who tells everyone they're going to jail for calling Jared a pedophile or sending Holly clown emojis. This is an entertaining band of idiots.

No. 837827

File: 1563086578527.jpg (128.15 KB, 1242x870, scarletmoth.jpg)

and one month ago…

No. 837829

It's all just OUT THERE. I don't understand how they can be so stupid.

No. 837831


They've always hated Heidi. PJ2 has been pretty ProPJ/Holly for as long as it's been around

No. 837832

File: 1563086940635.jpg (154.73 KB, 1294x838, scarletmoth.jpg)

cancel culture needs to stop guys, you can't just be treating people's lives like dramas you know

No. 837833


Please, Geraldo couldn't be further up Homewrecking Whore's ass if they actually took a shovel and dug a little further.


They just figure they've gotten away with this shit this long, why not push it a little further?

Luckily, Heidi has had entirely too much of their shit and is starting to call it out - as are numerous other cosplayers/gaming youtubers in the industry who've had encounters with PedoWormDick and Homewrecker.

No. 837834


>I believe it is an open document

So? Just because the information is out there, it doesn't make it less fucking creepy that somehow you ALL know about Heidi's lawyer when it has fuck all to do with any of you.

Also, Dan, c'mon: "Some ambulance chaser"? You think you'd be jumping for joy that Heidi allegedly got a terrible lawyer. It makes for a chance that your hero ProPedo might get away with possessing child porn.

No. 837835

this is a good example of her jumping in on Dan's bullshit for no reason at all. she's probably doing a lot behind the scenes.
my tinfoil: crush on Jared / mixd with jealous of Heidi in a number of ways.

No. 837836

All the pro Holly and Jared people keep saying the allegations against Jared have been debunked. Based on what? Also it feels like people are forgetting that a model came out and said Jared acted completely inappropriate at a con when they met and Googled her nudes and insisted on showing them to his uncomfortable friends. Sounds like a creep to me.

No. 837837

I love how everyone HATES cancel culture when it's against them or agasint someone they like. Otherwise, it's cool. This is all such BS.

No. 837838

I don't know how one of these wks hasn't begged Dan to shut up yet. They already look bad for defending Jared and this guy just makes them look so much worse. Calling a lawyer he knows nothing about an ambulance chaser? His constant spouting of nonsense while he gets embarrassed on Twitter daily? I love it because it's entertaining but holy shit he is special.

No. 837840

PushingUpRoses and Pamela Horton are two women in the industry that have said Jared has acted inappropriately with them. They are rarely brought up but neither woman has a reason to lie and it lines up perfectly with Jared being an absolute sex crazed pig.

No. 837841


I just don't see how anyone can stand by PedoWormDick at this point and not feel their skin crawling. Regardless of if he got the minor porn intentionally or not, he still got it and rather than shutting that shit down, HE KEPT SOLICITING NUDES, only checking in on the minors weeks later when he tried to make his bullshit public statement (if I have the timeline correct).

I couldn't fucking care less if he cheated on Heidi or not at this point (I think he did and I think he's a fucking slime ball) - I care that there are SO. MANY. ADULTS. siding with someone who possessed child porn and didn't immediately shut that shit down while continuing to encourage a situation with a high likelihood of it happening again.

No. 837842

File: 1563087890394.png (12.41 KB, 891x128, Screenshot_115.png)

Apparently July 9th is "as of late" - a whole five days! What a record of not talking shit on your fuckbuddy's wife, Homewrecker! Well done!

No. 837844

File: 1563088063004.png (27.08 KB, 749x250, Screenshot_116.png)

If y'all want a chuckle, go check out ProProJared on reddit. It's so blissfully ignorant of things

"Prayers for Jared!"

Fuck off. Prayers for the underage fans or insecure adult fans that he preyed on.

No. 837845

"Youtuber with minor viewers ran a tumblr and it's gross and is a very unhealthy relationship with fans. Gives the taste of, "Hey maybe if I send him some nudes ProCheating will notice me!"

Reddit guy- "But Heidi…"

No. 837846

File: 1563088243324.jpg (258.63 KB, 1080x713, Asexual-uwu.jpg)

And there it is.

No. 837847


Anyone with half an IQ won't take anything she says seriously. When you're already known for being a twitch mod for the dude, it's HIGHLY unlikely that you'll be anything less than biased.

No. 837848

I know this is a total (Heidi-related) blogpost, but I've been running this scene back over and over ever since this situation blew up, and I've never been able to get it out of my head.

I saw Heidi walk by me in the Dealer's Room at Momocon years ago (must have been 2015 or 2016) and I turned around to tap her on the shoulder and tell her I was a fan of her work. I remembered the guy she was holding hands with looking me up and down and sneering to the point that I thought I must have been MAJORLY inconveniencing them and basically ended up saying "Hey love your work, bye!". I felt really guilty afterwards and thought "Oh, they must have been trying to get somewhere and her boyfriend must have been really annoyed that I stopped them. She was just being too nice to tell me". It wasn't until some time later I even found out who he was and I remember realizing "OH he probably wasn't annoyed that I stopped them, he was probably annoyed that I stopped HER and didn't acknowledge him at all". I didn't even know who Jared was at the time and he didn't say one word to me, but I can't remember what Heidi said to me because his terrible attitude is what stuck with me from that interaction. There's no way I would have ever even remembered he was there if it wasn't for how strikingly unsupportive he seemed in the 2 seconds I interacted with Heidi. She wasn't even in cosplay at the time and I'm not some gross neckbeard dude trying to harass his wife. I was a girl at an anime convention who was just trying to say something nice to his wife, he had literally no reason to seem as threatened/annoyed by me complimenting her as he did.

Any time I saw him in one of her posts or saw him getting attention online after that I would always remember that fucking face he made at me for trying to say something nice to Heidi and think "That dude? Man, he seemed like such an asshole. I guess I must have caught him on a bad day". Now I feel guilty that I didn't try and engage with her more. Maybe I was inconveniencing them, but also maybe it would have been a change of pace for someone to talk to her and not give a shit about Jared for once.

(Just to clarify how it's possible to know her and not know Jared – Heidi majored in Theatre Design/Tech in college, and so did I. I was a fan of hers because it was exciting to see someone else in the cosplay community actually studying and posting about the higher level technical aspects of sewing and garment construction, and taking it seriously as a job prospect. I wouldn't say it's the most common major, so she stuck out to me)

No. 837849

File: 1563088548523.jpg (117.51 KB, 1188x580, scarletmoth.jpg)

BPD crew sticks together, no wonder she's malleable for Jared and so glommed onto Holly.

Did anything big Heidi-related happen around the time of this tweet?

No. 837850


Eh, I wouldn't be too bothered. PedoWormDick seems to have two settings: Hit on 'em until they let you pump-and-dump them, or glare at them until they go away. That plus you were probably out of his ideal age range of less than 18.

Take it as a compliment, Anon, and a perfectly dodged bullet.

No. 837852


Only thing I see on Heidi's twitter from June 30th was that it was the last day of Akon and she was setting up for that last few hours.

No. 837853

I've read in the past that he comes off as rude and incredibly self important at fan meetups. Heidi was his trophy wife and it probably offended him that people acknowledged her as anything other than his wife.

No. 837855

This one is actually diagnosed BPD too. I bet she is the one who told Holly that Heidi definitely has it as well.

No. 837856

She was probably also saying the insulting shit about mental illness was fine because SHE personally wasn't offended which is why it caught Holly off guard when people spoke up against it.

This girl is so sad. You can feel how important she sees herself. Its embarrassing.

No. 837857

So it's clear Moth was Dan's anon who claimed Ross was mad at Heidi for not letting Holly fuck Jared, but is there anything indicating that Moth and Ross were even remotely close? It's disgusting she'd lie about this shit just because she shipped Strix and whatever the other insert was named.

No. 837858

Tinfoil: It's either that or Holly lied to Moth and didn't want that lie to get back to Ross. And that's why they all are trying to be hush hush about the source. The real source is probably Holly but is making Moth the messenger.

Since a) he didn't want to be involved and b) it's probably not truthful information

No. 837861

Seems like she only knew him on a superficial level as Holly's husband. I'm not the best detective but I can't find him interacting with her at all and she is commenting like the typical fan. He probably added her because Holly and her became "friends" and she is Australian.

No. 837862

It's totally this anon. And Holly cancelled the screenshots going out so she had complete say. However she might not care so much what Ross thinks or feels (if he suffers, good right?) otherwise why even try this - but what she does care about is angry people on the internet. She simply can't understand why they all aren't cheering her on.

No. 837863

File: 1563091406393.png (80.09 KB, 468x449, Capture _2019-07-14-02-54-00.p…)

The more I look at it, the more it seems like Moth was just desperate to be one of the "cool" kids, so they used her as the messenger. Pretty much all her interaction with Ross over Twitter is just her replying to his tweets. Sometimes he replies to her. Most of the time, no. She seemed like a fan more than anything.

Late 2017 seemed to be when they were likely friends, if ever. Since that's where most of her responses to him are. She definitely seems closer to Holly though, and VERY involved in Dan's scheme.

No. 837864


This is more of what I'm leaning towards. Holly gets to chatting with Moth one day and it slips out that she was fucking Jared (or at least interested in PedoDick) and had to come up with a quick lie on the spot before Moth would rub her two remaining brain cells together and ask Ross about it.

No. 837865

Poor Ross. If we are to believe Scarlet's tale, he was probably anxious that Jared wasn't fucking his wife.

No. 837867


When in all likelihood, he was anxious because he knew his wife (who had proclaimed herself asexual) was harboring a sexual awakening towards someone he had to work with regularly while maintaining some semblance of professionalism.

No. 837869

File: 1563092189297.png (137.48 KB, 465x647, Capture _2019-07-14-03-11-02.p…)

100%. And the more old tweets you look at, the more depressing it is.

No. 837874


It just gets creepier the more you think about it.

end of August 2018, Homewrecker goes to another state, coincidentally where PedoDick was, without her husband (before anyone says it was for PAX, why wouldn't Ross have went if he was in that same industry, even if just to network?).

October 2018, Homewrecker and Ross announce that they're splitting. You don't go from "Sure, I'll watch your pets while you go have a pow-wow with #teamholly in another state" to "I want a divorce" in less than two months unless something happened.

No. 837878

File: 1563093294617.jpg (442.96 KB, 1080x1441, Abuse.jpg)

More on Ross speaking on possibly (probably) Holly being abusive

No. 837884


I 100% believe that he's talking about Homewrecker Holly and her childhood trauma being a cause for why she's a fucking idiot who wildly labels people abusive today.

To be clear, I don't necessarily doubt her mother was abusive, but that doesn't give you a free pass to call the wife of the man you've been fucking "abusive" for being angry that you and her husband continually ignore her boundaries.

No. 837886

God I feel so bad for Ross, no wonder he's in therapy. I hope he's ignoring all these psychotic wks including him in their delusions on twitter and that it doesn't get to him.

And while he's right that some are probably doing it due to childhood trauma, Holly is just being a spoiled brat at an age that it's just pathetic. You should move past temper tantrums in the single digits not carry it into your 30s.

No. 837888


Exactly. You may lash out after a shitty childhood, but most people have enough common sense to go "Oh shit, I've gone too far, I'm sorry". Homewrecker just continuously doubles down on the stupidity.

No. 837890

Indeed. Holly throws a tantrum about it and the only real responses you'll ever get are, "I didn't do it, it was her!" a million times or "Okay but she made me do it so really it's her fault." She never takes responsibility for her actions, but will gladly give a fake apology when the fire under her ass starts burning her and expects for you to get over it and move on immediately after she pretends to be sorry.

I still don't think that she was actually abused simply because her story keeps changing about it.

No. 837891

I don't know much but from what I know so far I don't think Holly was abused either but instead she wasn't close to her mom because her mom wasn't able to raise her. Holly probably had little patience with her mom and felt her mom was a burden. Maybe Holly has resentment towards her mom being disabled that Holly probably felt that's the reason why her dad left them.

No. 837893


I won't judge what she did or did not go through as a kid, since none of us will EVER know one way or the other

I will, however, judge the shit out of how she's choosing to deal with it as a grown adult who has apparently seen numerous mental health professionals and spent time in an in-patient mental health facility.

At 30-something years old, surely she would have developed some kind of healthy coping mechanism. Instead, it's like she's permanently stuck with the mentality of 10 year old throwing a temper tantrum when she doesn't immediately get her way.

Heidi snapped after MONTHS of being told one thing by her husband and receiving something different.

Homewrecker Holly snaps when you don't immediately do as she wants. It's honestly pretty pathetic for someone her age to be acting like this, regardless of childhood trauma.

No. 837894

Ugh fuck breebun, Ross sure likes to follow the woe is me type doesn’t he?

No. 837895


That's okay - PedoDick apparently likes to fuck the woe-is-me type. Maybe that's why he and Ross got along (outside of the whole "I wanna fuck your wife" part)

No. 837899

File: 1563099235109.jpeg (365.84 KB, 1242x1790, 1EF19793-77AE-4A4D-8E2B-00E6A0…)

It’s like these people have never moved before. If she took any large furniture, as a slim, single woman, she would have been physically incapable of transporting it on her own. I think her tweet (obviously referring to the accusation that she trashed his house) is that she packed up her whole life on her own and in a rush. Movers barely help with shit aside from heavy lifting, in my experience.

No. 837902

are they being purposely dense? is this supposed to frustrate/enrage heidi or her supporters? movers or even close friends won't go through your stuff and sort/pack it for you, especially if you're living in a shared space with someone else's stuff that they're not supposed to touch.
unless you're a neckbeard spitting on reddit you usually have years and years of accumulated things, knick knacks, not to mention all of heidi's crafting stuff, machines, body forms all of which is going to take multiple trips even if you employ movers to do it for you.

>and jared is paying for it.

half the time they make an issue out of heidi taking jared's (their common) money, and the other half they tout it as a huge factor of redemption in jared's favor. i swear at this point this isn't mental gymnastics, it's contortionism lol

No. 837904


I think they're legitimately just that stupid.

>movers….won't go through your stuff and pack it for you

Some do, but they cost way more (and even then, it's a very general idea like you point to a room and say "all of that gets packed and is coming with us")

No. 837922

File: 1563105656168.png (17.73 KB, 599x147, Screenshot_117.png)

These WKs think they're being supportive, but in doing so, they're coming off so fucking creepy. This one in particular writes Homewrecker and/or ProPedo AT LEAST every other day.

No. 837927

Not confidential info, just copyrighted material. Which is illegal because she's sharing it for money (on a paid platform) so it's a copyright violation.

No. 837928

The only evidence is Holly said the polyamory was Heidi's idea and Heidi didn't deny it. Which even if it is true says nothing about what prompted her to bring it up or how Jared felt about it.

No. 837929

Plagiarism would be claiming she created it. It's a violation of copyright.

No. 837930

Periodic reminder that ignorance of the person's age is not a legal defence in WA

No. 837931

>a journalist
>pushes someone else to name their anonymous source

No. 837932

Wiklr admits to lurking here so let me be direct. I know you've never had to move since you likely still live with your mother but when adults move from their house they usually get movers to help them transport the big things, but have to back and forth a few times to pick up small stuff. Especially if someone isn't just packing an entire house but trying to sort through shared assets. It's very likely she also forgot things and when she went to do inventory after the big move and had to return to get more. I know critical thinking is hard when you spend all day modding a subreddit for a sexual deviant.

No. 837933

You sure? Her socialblade shows she didn't unfollow anyone in the past 3 days, unless she also followed a new person at the same time keeping the count even. If she unfollowed her I think it would've been in May after this exchange: >>837737

No. 837935

They're easy prey

No. 837937

Man, they couldn't have known but reading this must've hurt so bad.

No. 837938

If you're a woman on the internet who doesn't spend every waking second trying to please people you're a bitch

No. 837939

>argue that it's illegal/wrong to interact with minors even if he didn't know they were minors
It is both illegal and wrong to send and ask for nudes of minors even if you didn't know they were minors because you made no effort to confirm they were of legal age, yes.

No. 837940

Not only that, she seems to be saying Heidi sent her a present? What a great friend.

No. 837941

@hawkatana with the future vision

No. 837943

She tweets at him often enough: https://twitter.com/search?q=from%3Athatscarletmoth%20rubberninja&src=typd
Not sure if anything in there backs up any kind of friendly relationship between the two

No. 837944

File: 1563110052273.png (63.31 KB, 598x356, Capture d’écran 2019-07-14 à…)

On the other hand, he's only tweeted at her twice, so I don't think she knows him personally at all.

No. 837957

soooo she's yet another pick-me unogirl who just can't help herself but keep bugging her "idols" so they'll tweet back at her. i wonder how hard she sperged when jared made her a twitch mod kek
also now i wonder what came first. did she show him her tits first, or did he make her a mod before then? because that's going to explain a lot about their dynamic

No. 837965

When will these WKs understand that Heidi being the one to suggest polyamory doesn’t mean she harassed Jared into it.

It’s obvious at this point that Jared has some kind of sex addiction, so what started with a nudes blog probably developed into polyamory because Heidi wanted to keep around someone she loved who was clearly emotionally alienating and sex obsessed.

Her relationship with other people was probably to fill an emotional void Jared caused. She was probably feeling unfulfilled too, but by no fault of her own besides probably expecting more from a scummy guy.

No. 837970


Please, these fucking numpties seem to think polyamory = open relationship. Shit like boundaries, consent and trust are too evolved for them. I suppose that's what happens when your only real relationship is with your own hand…

No. 838001

File: 1563121208834.jpg (567.84 KB, 1076x1913, 20190714_091809.jpg)


This is almost definitely the anon. She covered her sn in her question but not in the reply.

>you know magic

Holly's phrase

She also asked the "Did you make Diath's costume?" question on an unrelated post… it was bait. What an asshole.

No. 838003

Calling the movers and having them move stuff funded by a joint account is alone, they think without help means without anyone assisting with labor and not a lonely, friendless experience. Are these people capable of putting themselves in someone else’s shoes at all?

No. 838004

I think she just didn't know, it was long before anything started coming out and there's nothing to indicate she was the one who posted it here

No. 838021


It's hard to think of a reason that anyone else would try to make a big deal out of a "snippy comment" when other cosplayers are running wild with better milk.

No. 838022

A few anons in that thread aren't too fond of Heidi because she seems high and mighty so they probably find anything Heidi said as snippy or bitchy.

No. 838030

Also isn't there pretty strong evidence that Holly goes on lolcow? I'm not saying it was her but she's not above it either

No. 838034

File: 1563126534365.png (57.7 KB, 1054x270, Screenshot_10.png)

She admitted that she lurks, I wouldn't be surprised if she's posted a few times.

No. 838036

Heidi doesn’t mince words and gets right to the point. People with low confidence no matter man or woman hate it when women don’t speak passively.

No. 838038

>Happy 15th Birthday
>proud to be adopted witch aunt

Uhhh are they actually related or..?

Also someone took a notice of it in the comments and Holly WKs attacked them full force, saying shit like "I'm 19 and I'm friends with a 60 year old so what?????"

No. 838040

The only problem with this is that Holly doesn’t fucking know how to pose for a picture without looking like an idiot.

I know people who have close friends whose kids call them “aunt.” Holly just doesn’t deserve to be an aunt, blood related or not.

No. 838043

>We are good friends
>Holly was 32 and she was 14

No. 838045

i'm cackling at the thought that because of her insane defense of wormdick, holly will forever have the question "are you grooming kids for your lover" tossed at her lmao
also, how insecure does someone have to be to make this absolutely retarded face in every single pic with more than one person in the frame? she has got to be the largest pain in the ass to the people around her

No. 838048

Someone posted a clip of one of Jared's streams on pj2. Holly was constantly in and out of it making comments. Now it makes a lot of sense why she said to look at Jared's streams for his wedding ring. She was keeping tabs on him so while he wore his wedding ring until at least February around Heidi he was taking it off so crazy Holly didn't see it. Makes sense given how she was texting him demanding his marriage end too.

Also 15 year old friend? Better keep her away from Jared.

No. 838058

What's wrong with Holly's face?
She looks really weird.

No. 838062

Holly looks like a 46 year old mom with three kids.

Just a young kid posing with her wannabe hip grandma. I'm sorry (not really) but with her lover facing child porn allegations, it's really tasteless to go on and on about your 14/15 year old friend while you're a 33 year old. It's even worse because her lover is facing the music for child porn. That's Onision tier and she should know better. But it's even disrespectful towards Jared so I'll give her credit for rubbing it in his face even if she's retarded about it.

It's funny how obsessed and stalkerish Holly has become over a guy who's moved on to the next cumrag.

No. 838069

She does like Momo, aka "I know I'm ugly so I will pull off weird/randum faces in pictures, so people will think I only appear ugly because of the face I'm making"

No. 838075

Thing is besides the lazy eye if she knew how to cut her hair where she doesn’t look like a TERF wearing a poorly styled wig, she’s not ugly. She’s average.

On that note, hilarious how Holly poses in pictures vs Heidi who actually knows how to pose.

No. 838083

Holly’s 15 year old bud replied to troll under the Instagram post. EXPLICITLY? Maybe they didn’t mean it that way but I still find it concerning. Sounds like another innocent person who’s been thrown into the drama to make her story “valid”. What a fucking asshole.

No. 838084

>holding on to the good

By obsessing over the bad and refusing to make any real effort toward change for the better.

No. 838085

Lol Holly dragging literal 15 year olds into her homewrecking scandal with a pedo. Trashy.

No. 838095

File: 1563136248866.jpg (127.57 KB, 654x409, RUdPyQP.jpg)

>looks like a TERF

No. 838099

Take it to gender-crit, spazz
It's a reference to "TERF bangs"

No. 838100

>look like a TERF

Someone fell for tranny propaganda(Derailing)

No. 838106

Ngl, if I were this girls parents I’d be worried that their daughter is hanging out with a woman who has a boyfriend who sent dick pics to children. Since they’re friends with Holly I assume they believe Jared or Holly isn’t a danger to their kid.

No. 838110

No. 838116

They allow her to be friends with a 33 year old woman so I doubt they're involved in their daughter's life much.

I'm glad that someone said it. That excuse didn't fly for Lainey and Onision when they groomed a 14 year old and it shouldn't be flying with Holly and Jared. Holly called the underage victims liars and supported PedoJared so I really wouldn't put it past her to groom a kid.

No. 838119

>Answers a question

Wow, huge bitch alert!

No. 838120

File: 1563138079632.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1125x1736, 6B614356-C663-4BF3-B0B7-58E158…)

Here’s Holly’s “puppet” of Strix

No. 838123

Jesus Christ kill that thing with FIRE.

No. 838126

Lawl get rekt holly

No. 838127

That looks like a poor man's muppet.

No. 838133

Come to think of it. Jared claimed he was making less videos because he was having "Mental health problems" right?

Was he just actually fucking fans and Holly more and was too lazy to actually make shit?

No. 838134

No, I believe he went to a mental heath retreat. But looking through his Instagram is weird. He was purposely keeping his hands out of shots in late 2018. Sure does help the “Holly is pissed I haven’t broken up with my wife after we fucked each other.”

No. 838139

I think it was Holly causing problems for him. The last time he spoke to Heidi he said that he was feeling manipulated but not sure by who. We know for a fact that Holly manipulates people with mental health and that she was harassing him into ending his marriage and checking for a ring. It could be that Holly's behavior and wanting to keep his trophy wife was starting to take a toll on him like it was during his conversation with Heidi.

It's his own fault though for putting himself in a situation like that by thinking with his dick.

No. 838146

Holly is an emotional succubus so I'm not really surprised. You could see it with Ross. Her roommate openly admitted that Holly's mental problems were taking a toll on their friendship. Jared said he felt like he was being manipulated and stopped creating as much once Holly got involved with him. It's not a coincidence that Ross is thriving and so much happier now.

No. 838154

this is definitely the (ex-)14 yo she was talking about last thread

No. 838156

Christ, this is getting more & more like Onision by the day & I do not like it one bit.

No. 838162

This was 2017, didn't she say october 2018?

No. 838164

those people are assholes
don’t hassle a kid because her parents let her hang out with their shady friend

No. 838178


>involved explicitly

That, or the others are and right and this is absolutely someone that PedoDick groomed/did inappropriate shit with and Homewrecker is keeping her close on the off chance that she flips and decides to go to the authorities.

Homewrecker Barbie knows that if PedoDick is charged/forced to register as a pedophile, she won't be able to bring her 15 year old pal around anymore, right?


Yeah, it doesn't really help PedoDick's case to have his whore continuously bring minors around - especially when there is a VAST age and maturity difference between a 32-33 year old and a 15 year old.


No one thought Ted Bundy or Ed Gein was a threat either and look how that worked out.


It looks like a Voodoo Doll gone wrong.

>Trash witch is learning self love

Apparently self love means fucking someone else's husband while still being married yourself. Who knew?

No. 838181

File: 1563142912915.png (42.29 KB, 596x354, Screenshot_118.png)

Some of Heidi's most recently liked tweets

No. 838195

is there a reason that Holly's hanging with this kid? Does she have a program for young kids, does she know the parents? Or did she just meet an 15-year-old and become her mentor? This is very confusing. There has to be more context, I also think it's fucked to be in the kids' comments about what Holly did.

No. 838197

She knows the parents, they're friends of some sort. Her parents should really vet who she's hanging out with regardless if they are friends with the people she's hanging with.

No. 838205

Oh okay thanks, It is weird and I agree with you.

No. 838210


>Does she have a program for young kids

Yes, it's called "The Pro Plan: Providing ProJared with more potential victims"

How anyone could get a whiff of that scandal and still let their children anywhere near either ProPedo or Homewrecker Holly is someone who doesn't deserve to have children. Their safety needs to come first over some bullshit "he said, she said" drama.


Exactly. There's plenty of people who are great with adults, but particularly dangerous to be around children.

No. 838241

Lainey was good friends with a 14yo too. Just good friends guys, this can totally happen. Just that it turns out she was grooming her all along for when she turned 18…

No. 838243


I mean, what's so wrong about bringing your 15 year old "niece" around a man that is currently accused of possessing pornographic images of not just one, but SEVERAL minors?

Nothing bad could POSSIBLY come from that.

No. 838247

File: 1563150099165.jpg (408.49 KB, 1080x994, Screenshot_20190715-012118_Twi…)

How? What can she possibly do to help?

No. 838248

The way holly looks with that unnatural black hair gives me creepy Michael Jackson vibes

No. 838249


Donating money I'm guessing.

No. 838251


Well, didn't you know how this one random homewrecking thot in an entirely different country could single handedly stop crime involving the bird trade in another country??


Pasty faced white girls shouldn't go with that dark of black hair, especially when the hair is already in shit shape from constant bleaching and redying; You're going to wind up looking like a washed up meth addict - but maybe that's the sad "I'm sorry, I'm mentally ill" look that she was going for…


But…but…the drama and THAT EVIL FUCKING BITCH OF A WIFE HEIDI have ruined her income source!!!

No. 838252

She says its because she knows the parents, but we never hear anything about the parents, only the kid. Pretty freaky. Who even are they?

No. 838262


No idea, but I agree - It's creepy that she's comfortable sharing pictures of the 15 year old, but (presumably) none of the 15 year old's parents.

No. 838276

>She covered her sn in her question but not in the reply.
Huh. Not sure if I buy that it was her who posted it, but you're right, that is odd.

No. 838281

Ehhhhhh look, I know it's in the benefit of shit-talking Holly, but do we have to post this kid's pics here? They're underage. Could have just blocked out their name/face in the post from Holly's insta. She says they're 15 in the caption, we don't need to actually post their face here to get the post across that Holly's a creep. (I'm just picturing them trying to apply to college or something in a few years and this thread popping up with their name somehow. Just feels icky.) She'll realize when she's older on her own how creepy this whole situation is, no need to tie her name/face in with the Jared/Holly discussion though.

No. 838282


She also acknowledges that her "odd question" is off topic and there's no reason to bring it up. Then suddenly the response ends up on lolcow?

There were plenty of Diath/Strix shippers back in December 2018 who wanted Jared and Holly to be together before this mess went public. She identifies as a Holly fan in her bio. It just seems extremely coincidental.

No. 838289

I don't think Holly is actually friends with the parents in any real capacity, seems like they just met because they have mutual interests and live in the same area, no idea if she's a fan or what but I wouldn't be surprised if they met at a con or something. She's a pretty standard Tumblr using teenager which is basically Holly's identity. Still pretty weird even if she is friends with parents considering she seems to hang out with alone with the kid a lot.

No. 838290

I'm like 95% sure this kid's adult relative is a Holly/Jared WK

They were posted a thread or two ago, I just gotta go back and dig for it.

But yeah I'm pretty sure this kid's adult family members know about the allegations against Jared and Holly

No. 838291

Holly moved in with Kate and her mother when she first moved up there.

No. 838292

File: 1563157490072.gif (447.01 KB, 245x179, giphy (1).gif)

This feels like real creepy territory yall

No. 838293

Reminder that subjects have to be 16+ to be discussed on lolcow. Do not include her face or social media posts here.
This is also a reminder that cowtipping is also against the rules, do not contact the girl or her parents because of her relation to Holly.

No. 838301

I think we can give Holly a pass this time for posting photos of that person she knows if they get posted here without thought or consent. And get back to actual milk.

No. 838305

Bringing up the fact that Holly seems closer to a 15 year old than the supposed adult parent she'd be closer in age to is creepy. If it was at least equal, I'd kinda get it, but I've never seen her bring up the parents directly. We only know they're in the picture at all because of Holly's one post defense.

I agree with this. If we truly gotta talk about them, it should at least be censored. They're a kid who doesn't deserve to be dragged into this more than Holly has done already. Any "talk of them" should be focused on Holly or her parents, not herself.

No. 838314

it's been repeated that it's really weird and a bit of a red flag for this huge-age-gap-friendship to exist under these circumstances and that's all there is so far. not really worth tinfoiling and dragging a kid into this thread unless something happens.

No. 838318

She's a trust fund kid in the process of selling her grandfather's 1 million dollar house. She's not hurting for cash no matter how much she whines that Heidi wrecked her income.

No. 838319

"uwu i have to go back to being a barista"
it's really no one's fault holly has no marketable skillset lmao.
i mean her "crafts" literally look >>838120 like she's trying to scare someone out of their house, she's proved she sure as shit can't give mental health advice so her streams are half dead, her teeshirts have literal holes in them – i'm not even sure what she can be asking people for money for

No. 838326

Just another example of Holly being the female Boogie. He is always crying poor about how he'll have to go back to retail then the next week he says he is going to donate his fortune and kill himself.

No. 838338


If anyone in this scenario has bipolar disorder, - It's Homewrecker Barbie. I've never seen someone cycle from "OMG BE KIND UWU POSITIVITY" to "FUCK THIS, THE WORLD SUCKS, I'LL JUST FUCKING KILL MYSELF AND IT WILL BE ALL YOUR FAULT BECAUSE I CAN'T FUCK MY PEDOPHILE LOVER" so fast in my entire life.

No. 838345

Detectives have already called Jessie Pridemore out for having the nerve to speak against noted hero Vic Mignogna. All women who claim sexual misconduct are not to be trusted. I'm sure Cupcake is already getting her next expose ready.

No. 838346

File: 1563167292109.png (96.99 KB, 625x903, Capture.PNG)

So the "journalist" who suspected Scarlet Moth as being Ross' anon friend got their account restricted and is trying to poke at Jessie now. These people are really trying to involve themselves any way they can.

No. 838349


>when people like Heidi are trying to silence or shame others

Except Heidi hasn't shamed shit, she has actively supported those who spoke out against PedoDick. Homewrecker Holly and her merry band of idiots are the ones who have blantantly tried to silence PedoDick's accusers by calling them unverifiable, untrustworthy, etc. She's the one who tried to label Heidi as a whore for daring to have other sexual partners (Ironic considering Little Miss Homewrecker was fucking another woman's husband while telling her own husband that she was actually asexual..)

As far as Jessie Pridemore, the only thing I know is that she has expressed verbal support for Heidi and for those who spoke out against Vic.

No. 838363

File: 1563172002008.gif (1.56 MB, 500x280, 3ef.gif)

I'm sure this is a very noble cause, but that wording just makes me laugh
>crime against birds
>bird crime

Ok but she DOES have marketable skills/assets, that's what's even more infuriating. She's got a house. Not sure if it's actually in Seattle or somewhere more rural but either way that's a HUGE advantage. WA housing is wildly expensive, if she rented it out and just fucked off to some apartment somewhere cheaper, she would basically have a consistent source of income while sitting on her ass. She could even buy another cheaper house while renting out her first, and use the rent from that one to pay off the mortgage on the second. Maybe the house needs some fixing up before it could be rented, but that would just give her a distracting project to work on away from the internet.

OR she could use the rent or money from selling the house and go to bird school or whatever so she could get a real non-internet job in something she actually claims to care about sooo much. She's got a BA from UCSB in Medieval Studies (admittedly, a very stupid major but still and advantage). She could go to school to be a Vet Tech (A what….2 year associates degree? Probably even less with a previous degree, can probably be done online even), specialize in Avian medicine or whatever. She could probably do that all either without student loans, or without having to work throughout or both.

Even if she didn't sell or rent out the house, then she has somewhere to live rent-free. She would just need to work for spending money really. She could work as a seamstress or some other production related job. The money's not great, but she's probably still got her Grandpa's connections (god forbid they google her though). She's got everything she could possibly need to succeed away from the internet and more (more than Heidi or Jared or most of the population). But she's choosing to fail, because if she fails then she can blame it on her mental health and cry on the internet instead of just accepting that she's lazy and spoiled and being a mpdg isn't an actual job (though a barista's about as close as you can get).

If her mental health uwu is really THAT bad and she can't be held accountable for her actions, then maybe she needs to be placed in a conservatorship before selling her house. Sure doesn't seem like she's mentally healthy uwu enough to be responsibly in control of a massive amount of money. And there's statements from her own mouth all over the internet claiming she's not mentally healthy enough to function at all really.

No. 838365

I’ve been a little out of the loop lately, can someone explain the OP pic? Did she really contact the police over clown emojis? lmao

No. 838366

File: 1563172430413.png (37.35 KB, 412x609, Screenshot_121.png)

Saged since I don't know if this was covered in a previous thread

But I looked up their public court records and apparently on the same day the divorce was filed, either Jared or Heidi got a temporary restraining order against the other.

No. 838367


No - it's more of a joke because Homewrecker Holly likes to claim clown emojis essentially are the same as people harassing her into killing herself. The OP pic made it's rounds a while back, not related to PedoDick and his Homewrecker

No. 838368

very well put about the things holly could be doing, but i think the focus is that she's had ages since she graduated college (almost a decade i think) and she's never thought of applying herself. vet tech is an actual job, "birb mom" is just idiocy. just like art director/consultant is an actual job, DnD nutjob is taking your neckbeardism too far. internet points are only cashable insofar as you don't make an absolute ass of your entire personality over some worm dick lol

holly could definitely use your advice though, get off twitter and apply herself instead of painting her internet persona 50 shades of moron everytime she opens her mouth

it's been covered, it's a common thing usually done to prevent fraudulent movement of bank accounts/assets etc
(dunno if i'm wording it right)

No. 838372

Jared threw away his dream job (including a close relationship with Nintendo of America), alienated his beautiful wife, destroyed his brand and reputation beyond repair, and burnt every bridge he had within the game/YouTube industry all for sex with a gross pidgeon lady and pictures of naked teens. It's still so amazing to me. I've never seen someone fall so hard.

No. 838373

I don't think Holly has any drive to do anything meanigful now, especially post college. However, I feel like if there was a natural history museum around she could volunteer there… but given how she cried at a sushi restaurant maybe not…? I want to give her the benefit of the doubt and believe she doesn't really want to be a waste of space but I don't know. I used to volunteer at a museum skinning and prepping bird x mammal specimens for the museum collections but maybe that would be too much for delicate Holly? lol

No. 838374


It happens all of the time. You get dudebros who get a little bit of fame under their belt and get way too greedy. Like in PedoDick's case, he got one fan to sleep with him at a con, why stop there? Heidi let him have discussions with the Homewrecking Skank, why stop at just a walk?

Homewrecker must have a vag made of pure gold or something, because most people wouldn't implode their career AND marriage for a quick lay.


The Homewrecker didn't have any drive to do anything BEFORE all of this if it didn't directly interest her or benefit her in some way.

>I feel like if there was a natural history museum around she could volunteer there

There are plenty of museums around natural history in the PNW - but why would this "genius" do that? She wouldn't gain any notoriety or recognition for volunteering, beyond the occasional passerby who might say "Hey, aren't you that idiot that PedoDick ruined his career for?"

>believe she doesn't really want to be a waste of space

Then she would actively be doing SOMETHING other than the occasional bitch fest on twitter or twitch stream where she talks about aliens. She'd be working on a website or that stupid trash witch clothing line or something.

No. 838378

Although the pic is taken from an unrelated thing, don't forget the WK who kept threatening people with the police and not so subtly saying he could dox them.

No. 838380

File: 1563176109948.png (71.63 KB, 307x310, Screen Shot 6.png)

>vet tech is an actual job, "birb mom" is just idiocy
I think you're confused anon, she has "bird lover" listed as her title on linkedin, so OBVIOUSLY it's a real job

Snoozy would be better at that than Holly, at least she's got some taxidermy experience. Hilarious to think she has a degree in Medieval Studies (I assume that means history) and probably the best she could do at a history museum would be volunteer to cry over dead birds. Not sure what you'd do with that degree even if you had ambitions though tbh, especially in America. Teach? Pursue post grad in England/Europe?

No. 838390

File: 1563179250431.png (6.9 KB, 799x48, Screenshot_123.png)


Apparently, they study a little bit of everything for that degree.

The only degree programs I can find for University of Edinburgh (where Homewrecker's went to school) are master's degrees and doctorate-level.

No. 838399

I thought it was in California somewhere, the house she and Ross lived in before she buggered off to Seattle to be with the pedo. Am I off?
(Still, California rent's probably applicable to everything else described?)

No. 838417

Actually, Edinburgh offers an MA as its undergrad degree. It's a Scottish thing.

No. 838440

yeah this rather cements my thought that holly could combine her inclination for crafts and the knowledge she earned in her degree course, and just work as art director or consultant for cosplay groups/DnD gamers/photographers/smaller webseries until she makes it large enough to go pro with bigger projects.
she could have the kind of cool job most artists hope for, and instead she chose to let her husband earn while she herself stagnated. if i had the kind of flimsy income source she has, i'd have treated my internet face with a lot more care kek

however this is probably enough derailing on this topic, apologies. it's just hilarious to see someone waste all - ALL - of their potential for a roleplay game and some noodle dick.

No. 838442

File: 1563193663643.png (477.44 KB, 1420x484, jared stop.png)

meanwhile, jared is still deleting tweets - it was 9001 a few days ago, then 8999, and it's gone down again today. saging because it's not really milky but is there a way to see what he erased?

No. 838448

It's been said over and over, a restraining order like this is put in place to prevent either spouse from fucking with the other's finances, healthcare, insurance and housing until the divorce is finalized. Nothing to do with threats of violence and I don't think it prevents them from meeting or anything like that.

No. 838449

Happens all the time, predators get a bit of power and they use it to exploit people. Plenty of them get away with it, Jared almost did, but he was sloppy in covering his tracks and messed with the wrong woman. Predators of higher status have people who help them fly under the radar and silence victims in exchange for continuing to make them money. It's easy to control someone when you have all the evidence to ruin their career.

No. 838450

I don't think so unfortunately, you could try going through his account with the wayback machine and compare but I don't think there's an easy tool to do it

No. 838479

He is probably trying to scrub every instance of him telling people to "send nudes" off of his Twitter. It was a favorite catch phrase of his. I do love how the wks like to point out about Heidi or the teens or PushingUpRoses deleting tweets but Holly and Jared have also consistently been deleting MORE tweets and it's ignored. Just more hypocrisy I guess.

No. 838480

Oh my god she really doesn’t know how to pose for pictures like a normal, sane person.

Sorry I just can’t get over how dumbass is her default pose when she’s not trying to fish for pity.

No. 838516

File: 1563208419787.gif (2.93 MB, 500x240, tumblr_p4a2fkM08M1ql1r4ao1_500…)

>she can't be held accountable for her actions
GOD I can only hear this as the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 opening. Applicable to everything in Holly's situation though, so it fits. This is probably how she thinks of herself too.

No. 838518

She always does this weird granny looking gape where she’s hiding her bottom teeth completely, and it always bothers me.

No. 838549

File: 1563213315542.jpeg (482.74 KB, 1242x1582, F86BAF65-EB61-47E0-B082-5170C1…)

Imagine thinking Heidi “criminally trespassed” to…. continue moving out. These people also keep bringing up the Suikoden games as though anything game-adjacent was definitely Jared’s property, even though she’s actually loved the series for years. They were probably her games.

No. 838552

I didn’t notice the fact she hides her bottom teeth while gaping and you’re right. She looks like a grandma. Now I’m going to be even more bothered by that one stupid face she makes than I already was.

Can’t believe she was known for her cosplay when knowing how to pose for photos is part of the hobby. Maybe once they made redhead Shep default she gave up.

No. 838553

>trespassed with the intent to commit crime
>restraining order
yes of course the judges and lawyers are also heidi-stans or absolute blind morons and hence she's getting away with all of this heinous criminal activity. thank god for reddit lawyers, or this evil bitch ex-wife would have singlehandedly brought down the entire US judiciary system!

No. 838566

Next they are going to say she stole Aries from Jared. I'm surprised it hasn't been brought up yet.

No. 838567

People have made that claim….

No. 838568

I must have missed that one. Aries was her cat before she was with Jared. Those games were probably hers as well. Do they think Heidi owned nothing just because she wasn't the breadwinner?

No. 838571

File: 1563216372688.jpeg (293.95 KB, 1241x1823, 6D9B3F51-3B0D-467C-9B2D-65BCD6…)

Yes, talking about incendiary internet assholes like Ben Shapiro is the same as venting about your own abusive ex and his mistress that are STILL trying to shape a narrative against you.
Heidi is not telling people to harass or keep talking about it, she’s responding to baseless accusations and being legitimately funny by poking fun at the situation.

No. 838572

That’s what it seems. They insist she’s a gold digger, despite them meeting while he was on unemployment. He may have been on YouTube, but that doesn’t mean shit if you’re not making anything.

No. 838574

Why don't they rename PJ2 to AntiHeidi at this point? Bashing Heidi doesn't absolve Jared of all the wrongs he's done. While people support Heidi they are also disgusted with the shit Jared pulled that had nothing to do with Heidi. Trying to blame her for Jared being a sex addicted pig with porn blogs and snapchats he used to interact with fans.

No. 838610

This will be turned into gamergate 2.0, where poor gamer Jared got wronged by his evil wife and she is manipulating everyone because feminism or some shit

No. 838613

File: 1563220981069.jpeg (976.59 KB, 1668x1697, 40DF6F35-2AE3-4599-87EE-26C5CD…)

Lmao of this dogpiling on this r/projared mod for calling out the obvious cult like bias in projared2. Bunch of clowns

No. 838618

There's Denica chiming in. These people are seriously demons. They are harassing people online for not giving them what they want. You can't strongarm people into believing you. All it does is push them further to the other side. Not to mention that psycho who threatens people with finding their location through IP addresses. The mods of PJ2 should be embarrassed by that community and what it puts out there.

No. 838664


Looks like the ProJared subreddit has gone private…

No. 838674

I guess the lurkers couldn’t take the heat. Or a certain birb lady has finally realized they are making her side look bad and commanded them to shut it down.

No. 838676

r/projared, not projared2

No. 838680


I thought the original r/projared was privated ages ago and that r/projared2 was created when they locked the first one down

No. 838682

File: 1563230801155.png (15.69 KB, 891x162, Screenshot_124.png)

You mean the way that Homewrecker Holly continues to allow her WKs to bring up and tag Ross even though he's repeatedly said "Leave me out of this"?

Also, why the fuck would DCA welcome ProPedo and the Homewrecking SideHo back? Anyone with a shred of IQ left in their brains is going to create a wide berth between them and any source of potential drama.

No. 838687

Even if Jared and Holly got welcomed back at DCA I doubt Heidi would care. Heidi should be glad Holly wanted Jared to herself, they deserve each other since they are both manipulative. Heidi probably is only reacting to Jared legally bothering her and WKs harassing her still.

No. 838688


Right - Like the WKs are only focusing on Heidi's public reaction, not the shit that ProPedo is pulling behind closed doors. If Homewrecking SideHo is going off about her suicidal tendencies on twitter every few days, imagine the manipulative bullshit she's probably pulling offline.

No. 838689

>Any human being on Earth would have their life ruined if the world knew about their worst moments
why are these guys not on some kind of watchlist?

No. 838690


>Any human being on Earth would have their life ruined if the world knew about their worst moments

Man, I'm kind of worried about what their definition of "worst moments" is if it's enough to ruin their life.

No. 838695

Throwing it out there….how long until Holly makes this horrific Bianca Devins situation about herself like she did with Etika?

No. 838700

Don't worry anon, that'll be safe since there weren't any clown emoji to trigger Holly.

No. 838702

Yeah, but the guy was a "4chan user" according to scandalous headlines. I bet she'll compare it to her getting made fun of here or something. She'll, uh, find a way.

No. 838705

Most people on the DCA subreddit think that Jared shouldn't be allowed back & that they should wait a looong time before allowing Holly to come back.

Even the DCA fans have more sense than anyone on Projared2/ProProjared

No. 838710

Doubtful, she knows that her fanbase now consists of practically 4chan users

No. 838711

Jared's career is over. He is absolutely not coming back to DCA because WotC has blacklisted for less. He'll also never be able to shake the pedo title at this point. The PJ2 sub struggles to get 40 upvotes per post. The sad Tumblr has like 10 notes. The petition has less than 700 signatures and is easily faked. Meanwhile videos shitting on Jared and Holly get between 100k and 1 million views. Heidi's Twitter post the other day has over 50k likes. The tides aren't turning. The only difference is they've surrounded themselves in a nice cushiony echo chamber away from reality.

No. 838713

File: 1563235577552.jpg (309.86 KB, 1077x1606, Screenshot_20190715-200009~2.j…)

Okay and what about the other porn blogs he ran after that? And the fact that he openly admitted to fapping to the photos? And the blog you are talking about was run by dorku who was completely unaware and disgusted he used the photos for masturbating? Jared abandoned it quite awhile before it officially disappeared and left dorku to run it herself because he knew too many people knew about his association with it and he went on to make secret ones.

Also as an aside, that person's post history is a trip. Another insane person who is entirely too aggressive.

No. 838717


Dude, just check out what Dorku-chan had to say about the experience! >>835050

No. 838720

All this does is prove that Heidi had reason to believe that the blogs were about body positivity, effectively proving their point that she was “complicit in everything bad because she allowed it” wrong. They really have no awareness.

No. 838721

File: 1563237014578.png (25.34 KB, 628x492, 7PornBlogs.png)


>"I have seven porn blogs atm."

No. 838726

This completely overlooks the DMs he'd send with fans. No shit the front of his blog looks like simple body positivity. Its literally to lure people in and let them feel at ease.

No. 838730


If they don't allow ProPedo back, they shouldn't allow Homewrecker SideHo back either since she's supported him 100% since the whole thing has gone down.

No. 838731


Whomst the fuck needs seven porn blogs? It's like ProPedo never heard of PornHub or something.

No. 838733

That fact that he has so many proves to me he probably had some really fucked secret fetishes that no one knows about.

No. 838738


That, or he knew damned well that he was doing some shady shit, potentially even that he KNEW he was getting porn of minors (why would he need SEVEN blogs? Couldn't he just post everything on one?)

No. 838741

I’m pretty sure this is sarcasm
He did have at least one other though

No. 838742

She also harassed the hell out of someone, as well as encouraging others to do it too. She didn't give a shit about her career when she was acting like an obsessed psycho and she shouldn't be rewarded for it by WotC.

No. 838743

File: 1563240823971.jpeg (140.67 KB, 1101x466, 2EA9D2C4-5F68-4DB2-A5BA-7D4673…)

I wouldn’t put it past dorku chan to switch back over to Jared’s side, honestly. Holly’s wks most likely got to her, and seeing as she’s posting nudes in a shadbase discord I’m inclined to believe she’s uh, not the best judge of character.

No. 838748


I mean, I'm not against people posting nudes - but when your name/reputation is now intrinsically linked to someone in the middle of a pedophilia photography scandal, you should probably take a break from posting them.

No. 838749

I don't understand how they can see these numbers and not know they're on the losing side. Not to mention that credible people are against holly and jared

No. 838750


But they've got Keemstar & Pewdiepieeeeee… /s

No. 838760

A Shadbase community discord, anon.
Shadman has made loli porn of real children. He’s disgusting.

No. 838764


I didn’t know that - that’s pretty fucking disgusting then

No. 838771

Imagine fantasising that Jared's coming back to DCA, or that he hasn't single-handedly destroyed DCA forever with his shit-stained reputation. Even if DCA came back and Holly too, she wouldn't be able to cope without her boi.

No. 838775

Just a tinfoil but what if the claims of Jared having a discord of minors is related to one of those porn blogs.

No. 838799

When did Roses mention him? I believe you, I just like her and wasn't aware.

No. 838802

File: 1563248927857.png (121.77 KB, 620x914, Capture.PNG)

No. 838806


While we do know holly probably lurks here but if the WKs or holly all of a sudden mentions Roses we’ll know 100%

No. 838807


While we do know holly probably lurks here but if the WKs or holly all of a sudden mentions Roses we’ll know 100%

No. 838812


It would almost have to be, wouldn't it? How else would he have gotten an entire discord chat full of minors?

No. 838818

Oh for sure they lurk. The wks discuss everything from Jessie, Cris, the twitter regulars who argue against them, lolcow and kf. They also make sure their “evidence” doesn’t explicitly show that it came from reading the kf thread.

No. 838826


Dan already mentioned here. He tried to claim Roses flirted with Jared in the past and just deleted all the tweets. He naturally had no proof. Twitter is being stupid for me right now or I'd pull up the tweet but it's semi recent if anyone wants to find it.

No. 838828

her* not here, sorry. Also it's totally a coincidence that any person that speaks up against Jared is totally a liar right?

No. 838830

It's no coincidence that that their defense is "They are just liars" rather than "Jared would never abuse his wife", "Jared would never solicit minors", "Jared would never take advantage of his fans", "Jared wouldn't harass women"

No. 838832

Also an "anti-jared conspiracy" lmao

No. 838835

we've seen this too many times before. fans will go to any length to justify their idol, meanwhile there could be a hundred women accusing him of predatory behavior and the fans would brand every last one as liar.
sending dick pics over the internet is so looked down upon that it's practically a meme at this point, and yet when someone semi-famous does it suddenly it's all "this was between consensual adults". the defense of jared about how "at least there's no written explicit signed-sealed proof that he viewed minors in a predatory way" while ignoring that there is in fact tons of evidence of sexual interaction with minors, which is plenty bad in itself and needs no qualifiers or conditions to excuse it, is probably the worst take i've seen yet. it's just equal parts frustrating and hilarious that the WKs take it even further and call everyone - every last person - accusing jared of misconduct as crazy/liars/abusive/a weird concoction of all three.

No. 838837


That's pretty much my line of thought too. It doesn't matter if PedoDick went into it, knowing they were minors or not; The point is that he possessed the child pornography and instead of deleting it and having NO further contact with said minors, he continued to contact them under the guise of "I hope you're alright, I'm sorry, I'm mentally ill" as if a justification of mental illness somehow makes it less fucking creepy for an adult to have sent a minor his dick pics.

>everyone….as crazy/liars/abusive

That's just a classic gaslighting / emotional abuser move. "People can't possibly think I'm bad if I convince them that the accusers are just crazy/bad/liars themselves!"

All he and Homewrecker SideHo are doing when they pull that shit is proving Heidi right, that they ARE manipulative abusers who will gaslight others if it means they get their way.

No. 838840

File: 1563257818535.png (5.78 MB, 829x14830, prescandal.png)

So, I know we're all supposed to hate PULL or whatever, but the summary they compiled of Holly is too good and in-depth to not utilize. I capped the whole thing (g'bless "Full Page Screen Capture") for posterity, but it'd be too big to post all at once. Here's up until the scandal. I'll try and break up the rest of the summary and post if it seems helpful (might save some text space in the next thread at least)

sauce: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/12725-holly-conradcommanderholly/
(I tried to make the caps as readable as possible)

No. 838847

Deletion wouldn't have solved this. He committed the crime when he accepted it in the first place. There's no walking this back or saying 'oops'. there's no out for saying "18+ guys ;)" on your tumblr.

No. 838848

totally agreed. wearing a teeshirt saying "i will murder you" doesn't give me license to go out and shank people in the gut, then cry "well i didn't actually murder them so this is okay! and i did give fair warning too! it's totally their fault for walking around me" this is not how any of this works lmao

No. 838879

It wasn't privated, submissions were just closed

No. 838880

Posting nudes? Knock yourself out. To a shadbase server? Uhhhhhh yikes

No. 838881

We're supposed to hate PULL?

No. 838922

just rereading about the sorry state of their marriage makes me so sad. hindsight is a bitch

No. 838948

No lol
A lot of Farmers also use PULL and vice versa

The Pull thread has been mentioned here before, btw.

No. 838950

As someone that has worked with both Heidi and Holly, yes, Heidi’s short, but she’s also super clear and very concerned with being professional and not catty, which is refreshing in the cosplay community. Holly is as described here. Super whiny and hard to be around, “nice” to everyone’s face, then complains in private, usually about them being “mean.” Also I hate her voice.
Holly does not need to work in entertainment. She has no concept of building and maintaining relationships and contacts. Once all of her family’s and Ross’s contacts abandon her, she’s done for.

No. 838959

More deets? What was it like working with Holly? If Heidi is "short" she's probably just, as you said, business oriented.

No. 838976


Was this at a con or something

No. 838982

She’s one of those people that acts shy and then never shuts up. She showed up, but didn’t understand getting things done and would interrupt a lot. She was also hard to get ahold of for updates. Lacked accountability.
When trying to just hang out, because I figured “she’s frustrating me because I’m stressed, surely she’s a fun person,” she was just awful. Never seemed like she was listening, just waiting for her turn to speak. You could be having a good conversation going, but if she didn’t feel like enough attention was on her, she’d get screech and interject to derail. Or she’d get sad and mopey, and we barely knew each other.
She’d really passive aggressively “warn” you about other people in the community, by vaguely telling you how awful they were. Then, she was magically friends with them. I kept my distance, but the handful of times we worked together was over a span of a few years, and her behavior never improved.
Worst I can say about Heidi is that she would snip a little when busy, but she was awesome to hang out with privately. I am also a bitch when I’m focused, so it never bothered me. Interesting note, the only time she ever seemed unfriendly was with Jared. He’d be really quiet and standoffish, and she was way quieter when he was around.

No. 839016

God Holly sounds like a real drag. Bitchy and fake as all get out. I'm not surprised that she and Katie had a falling out now hearing all this

No. 839032

Wasn't one of Katie's reasons for leaving Grumps because Holly & Danny were talking shit about her?

No. 839034


it was the other way round, anon. Kati talked shit about dan and holly. We still aren't sure what it was about, and her only account of it is behind a paywall (a mini online book she wrote and part of it was about this incident)

although seeing how holly is now, makes more sense kek.

No. 839037


lmao Holly was probably talking shit about Katie & when she found out Katie was doing the same, she was like "Hey, wait a minute… I'm the only one allowed to do that!!!"

No. 839039

She sounds like exactly the kind of person whose personality never got past her middle school years.

I can see how Heidi finally speaking up against her and Jared’s arrangement made her snap. She probably cringes the moment you directly confront her about anything.

No. 839041

This video always makes it easy to see why Heidi went attack mode on Holly and Jared in her first few posts about the divorce. It seemed like a light and happy video and Heidi busted her ass on Jared's costume so he could play Diath, only to most likely fuck Holly, I mean Strix in that same outfit two years later. She genuinely seemed to enjoy hanging out with the two at Twitchcon and they not only betrayed her but are now making her out to seem like some bitter stranger. It's fucked up, dude.

No. 839050

File: 1563302887031.png (64.17 KB, 588x552, stfuDenica.png)

>"She was upset because her husband didn't text her for the three hours when he was on a date that she encouraged"

Way to make Heidi sound reasonable, Denica.

No. 839053

This has to be one of the worst things Holly has said. She basically admits she was giving insincere apologies and trying to buy forgiveness. You don't apologize to someone if you aren't even recognizing what you've done wrong. Holy shit, it bewilders me that people can take her side.

No. 839059

Someone made an amazing response to Heidi's "Apology Video-Cosplay" retweet:


No. 839069

>there was nothing I could do or say

Except back off from her husband.

No. 839097

File: 1563309306975.jpeg (59.2 KB, 1694x144, 89377311-28B8-40D5-9A4E-5FD965…)

Get a load of these Jared stans. You’d think this is a cult with how much they worship the wormdick thinking they all know him intimately as a person. The guy was a fucking unfunny video game youtuber.

No. 839102


I love that the PedoDick Stan’s are now holding Heidi personally responsible not just for the mental health of her abusive, cheating pedophile of an ex and his Homewrecking SideHo - but for all of mankind, apparently.

Next up in the delusional nut job accusation pile: Heidi did 9/11

No. 839104

This was beautiful haha.

That's asking too much, anon.

No. 839107


Christ holly that’s fucked up to admit on Twitter cause….of course heidi isn’t going to forgive or hear you out with gifts and words

Like out of the illogical things holly could admit this is high up there

Are her usual WKs going with “see! Heidi is being unreasonable! There were gifts!”?

No. 839108

The other day there was a highly upvoted comment there where someone said Heidi stans were unable to separate their own experiences from what happened between Heidi and Jared. How they were self inserting themselves into this and that's why they supported Heidi. Meanwhile I've now seen 3 different people try to say Heidi is evil because they once knew someone who came off the same way as her. Stay hypocritical.

No. 839109

File: 1563310145952.jpeg (505.45 KB, 1305x1137, D90AA523-739C-45B9-897F-34A540…)

Projared2 consensus: he dindu nuffin

No. 839110

I saw a pretty good and simple argument on KF today (I know). Why didn't Jared just run his porn blogs anonymously if it wasn't about abusing his power? He could have easily ran his supposed body positivity nude blogs without ever saying who he was. The fact that he didn't hide his identity proves he was using his celebrity as a means of driving up traffic and getting submissions. Not sure how any wk could refute that fact. People seem to think it's unfair that Jared couldn't exchange nudes but he easily could have without ever risking his career.

No. 839111

"uncomftable"…sorry, I know I am nitpicking but come on.

What is even the point of having a poll like that and posting it on the only positive Jared space on the net? Once again, screaming into their own echo chamber.

No. 839122

Is she still selling the book? I thought she took it down after only a few months

No. 839123

Yes, a very normal date, from 2 to 5am

No. 839125

>I was so deeply sorry… but not enough to stop doing it

No. 839130

>rely on Jared in their darkest moments
blogpost but this ticks me off. If you rely on an internet person you've never met for emotional support, it's only your problem when it blows up in your face. Yeah, watching Game Grumps helped me in some of my darkest moments, but I wasn't "relying" on them or anything like that. They were a distraction, and if they had stopped making vids suddenly, I would've found another, because even in those moments I could tell that they had no responsibility to me. Grow the fuck up and find another unfunny gaming youtuber who isn't a cheat and a pedophile.

No. 839131


Denica has no idea what real romantic relationships are like, so she lives vicariously through her Diath/Strix ship

No. 839136

File: 1563313773770.jpeg (661.41 KB, 1210x1315, 8A0F0303-0B31-4A6F-8F68-BE9FFA…)

There’s so much proselytizing being shoved in so many peoples faces

No. 839163

god do they even do anything with their lives? it’s pretty fucking sad to see the holly and jared tit suckers responding constantly to people who think differently than they do. i wish they would give it a rest, no one with a brain is actually okay with giving a pedophile a get out of jail free card, and to do it so publicly too when their names might be attached to it. great resume addition, supporting child predators!

No. 839177


Because the problem has never been that an adult ran an adult-only blog. The problem is that (A) he did NOTHING to ensure that minors didn't send in images beyond a "18+ only!" as if that has ever stopped a minor and (B) kept the blogs going after knowing that at least one minor had sent him nudes.


The kicker is that a bunch of the people on r/projared2 and on the tumblr have started telling their WKs to stop mindlessly linking people to the blog because it's apparently affecting the credibility when the blog is spammed (Like, you run a "truth" blog on people you've never met and will never know the full details of; There was no credibility to begin with)

No. 839199

This makes me yearn for PSAs to be popular again, but with internet safety in mind. Parasocial relationships arent something you should be putting all your eggs in the basket of. You shouldn't see these people as your friends or vice versa.

Which reminds me, Holly following WKs just for the sake of rewarding them still grosses me out because she's blurring the line of the parasocial relationship. Is she actually friends with these people? Hell no. Will she try to let them think they are? I could only assume so, yes.

Jared also blurred those lines, in much worse ways. And apparently continues to do so, under the guise of apologizing.

The only person who doesn't abuse her power is Heidi. And she has the least "power" out of all 3. I'd expect the underdog (for lack of a better term) to cling onto and encourage fans and WKs moreso than those who already have rabid, longterm fanbases. But its the other way around here. Just pretty interesting.

No. 839222

This more than anything else shows her true colors. Holly claims to no approve of Jared abusing the power imbalance between him and his fans, yet she does the same thing but in a different way. As far as I’ve seen, Heidi has not manipulated her followers into telling her story for her. She defends herself and speaks up for herself when necessary. This is also why Holly’s WKs think it’s plausible that Heidi talked the minors into coming forward, Holly is asking them to do her bidding so of course Heidi MUST be doing the same thing!

No. 839226


>This is also why Holly's WKs think it's plausible that Heidi talked the minors into coming forward

What a fucking bitch, telling minors that they should absolutely call out an adult who preyed on their youth and naivety. How dare she!

For the record, I don't know if she talked them into coming forward or not - but I think they were definitely emboldened by seeing PedoDick's wife come forward and say "Look, he's not the great guy front he puts forward" and slowly seeing more mature, more recognized members of the gaming and cosplay communities saying "We agree, we've also had shit experiences with him."

>Holly is asking them to do her bidding

She's not so much asking so much as emotionally manipulating them with constant talk of depression and her feelings of self harm or suicide. That's some bullshit manipulation tactics if I've ever seen them, Homewrecking SideHo!

No. 839251

She actually has direct private contact with some of them (like Dan) and tells him what he can and can't release. She also tells her followers to report people who aren't nice to her.

No. 839259

ntayrt but
>No lol
I mean there's literally a whole thread in active use in /ot/ dedicated to shittalking PULL but go off I guess.

>The Pull thread has been mentioned here before, btw.

no one said it wasn't? PULL barely works half the time anyways, having a backup of all the caps just makes it that much harder for holly to sweep all this under the rug when PULL dies.

honestly I've been following the GG threads since day 1 and didn't know about half of this shit. We we all so young back then, so blinded by our hate for Snooze, we couldn't see what was right in front of us all along….

No. 839263

Just because there is a PULL thread in /ot/ doesn’t mean everyone here hates PULL. There’s no reason to get so defensive over something so small. Calm down.

Holly’s whiteknight’s obviously are grown adults with too much free time or they’re kids who believe everything that proves that their birb mom isn’t a shitty person. Or they’re incels trying to get attention from her.

No. 839268

File: 1563332112016.png (85.89 KB, 580x444, gudguyjared.png)


"See? Jared's a good guy!"

No. 839271

File: 1563332278809.jpg (25.5 KB, 583x438, 63fb9bc8cb1080551a38c4c3bc3de2…)

>It was alleged that she was taking credit for her cosplays from other people who had helped her (one rumor being she commissioned someone to help make FemShep and she didn't credit them) and she buys her parts from others, disproving her claims of "making all of her cosplays from scratch".
GOD this makes me miss /cgl/'s heydey. Remember when this was the most offensive crime you could commit in the cosplay community? Like "they're not in it for the art, they just want attention!" was the hot goss?

calm down PULLtard lmao no one cares

No. 839274


Also I love how everyone on Projared2 was telling everyone not to spam the tumblr blog, but this genius just continues to do it.

No. 839283


I'd even go so far as to call him one of Homewrecker SideHo's favorites, as this one drew some fanart or some shit and got flammed by a bunch of the people who know how fucking awful SideHo and PedoDick are.

No. 839300

File: 1563336805171.jpeg (36.35 KB, 1125x180, 3BE50F4C-09BA-47D4-AD27-C2D911…)

Has anyone pointed out the date Jared deleted his tumblr? April 13th, 2019.
Close to the dates Chai and Charlie e-mailed NormalBoots and close to the date Heidi found out Jared was messing around with Holly.

No. 839303

Lol i remember watching that video: the quote is from the end and he looked so fake and trying so hard to come off and sympathetic and sweet, i thought maybe he was just a rigid person who had trouble saying mushy end feely stuff. Hindsigh 20/20 amirite

No. 839305


I love that the WKs are quoting that video now, considering one of the first things they attacked on Heidi's LDR partner was the fact that they were Trans. So much for "you're welcome here", eh PedoDick?

No. 839306

Of course. This piece of shit certainly would still be running all his nude tumblrs today if he was never caught. Holly even knew about them and didn't care.

No. 839308


Homewrecking SideHo's idea of calling PedoDick out is by saying "I don't approve of the way he used his status" (essentially, I don't remember exact wording). Outside of that, she's still standing by his side and will dodge comments about him having nudes of minors.

If she TRULY hated the way he used his status to get people to send nudes, she'd openly and loudly condemn that shit on a regular basis.

Words don't mean shit, it's actions that count - and Homewrecker's actions have pretty much proved that she's fine with PedoDick being a creepy motherfucker.

No. 839310

Watching Homewrecker and Ross play Stardew Valley and I just feel so bad for Ross - He seems to be really enjoying the game and having a good time, and Homewrecker's just there, like a bump on a log, bored af.

No. 839311

File: 1563338665743.jpeg (310.61 KB, 1668x743, 019275D0-6947-43E6-AD79-126B1C…)

No, they meant that the blog shouldn’t be spammed outside of any context. Before, a couple of them would post the same link on some of heidi’s tweets that had nothing to do with drama. They have since changed their strategy. Make no mistake, their aim is to spread the “truth” as much as possible. Otherwise their projared2 subreddit and discord wouldn’t even be open to the public. They’re just trying to play nicely to those who are neither pro or anti, but in the middle or out of the loop, in hopes of gaining numbers.

No. 839318

>want people to think for themselves
>it's only thinking for yourself if you agree with me and PedoJared
I don't understand these troglodytes. They say you shouldn't blindly follow a narrative given to you…but are spamming a blog that's insisting you follow their narrative they're giving to you.

No. 839321

Also if you go to their shitty Reddit and disagree with someone they will pile you with downvotes and start an argument with you.

Right now there is a post up calling Heidi a liar for saying she only dated one person during their open relationship. They posted a tweet of her talking about sleeping with women and how Jared was supportive of it. Sleeping with someone is not the same as dating them. They both slept with other people when their relationship was OPEN. Those are relationships. That's sex. Jared doesn't call the cum dumpster he ghosted a relationship either, I'm sure. They are also posting all these old tweets/facebook posts from 2013-2017 of what they consider bitchy things Heidi has said. Uh, Jared was in a relationship with her during that time? He had no issue with her shared thoughts and probably cosigned a lot of the things you are shitting on her for. Not to mention none of it is even bad and just another excuse for them to shit on her.

No. 839335


>They posted a tweet of her talking about sleeping with women and how Jared was supportive of it

What's their point? That, at some point, Jared wasn't a flaming pedophile? That he, much like Heidi when she encouraged him to talk with Homewrecking SideHo (before PedoDick demonstrated that he couldn't respect his wife's limits), encouraged something that made his partner happy?
Knowing PedoDick, he was just using Heidi being into women as premium fap material.

Shit, I could see PedoDick's grand plan having been a threesome between him, Homewrecking SideHo, and Heidi.

No. 839350

Holly seems to genuinely believe that the adult world is like Kindergarten where you get in just as much trouble for not accepting someone's half assed apologies as you do for being a gigantic asshole to them in the first place.

No. 839355

You're right about the first part but Heidi knew about the affair for months before that, did she not?

No. 839356

When Holly said she tried to apologize to Heidi but it was never "enough" I thought oh I guess that kind of sucks, but no one is required to accept an apology. And then we saw over and over on Twitter Holly's version of "apologies" and I thought holy shit, if someone tried to "apologize" like that to me there's no way I'd ever accept their apologies either.

Also, reading through the Projared2 subreddit and genuinely they should just rename to AntiHeidi. They're trying to slut shame her for tweets from 2017, saying that she's only going to start streaming again because Holly did, saying Wotc is participating in cancel culture if they get rid of diath and strix - also it's all Heidi's fault and not pedodick's, someone making a super long post saying Heidi reminds them of all the bad people in their life (some SERIOUS projecting). They hate her so much it's absolutely unreal.

No. 839358


It wasn't even a valid apology - It reeks of "I said the words 'I'm sorry' so you HAVE to forgive me!" rather than apologizing because you're actually sorry or because you actually feel bad. Heidi probably didn't accept the "apology" because she could smell that guilt-tripping bullshit a mile away and knew better.


>saying that she's only going to start streaming again because Holly did

Holly has streamed once - and it wasn't even on her own. She relied on the other girl for the vast majority of the boring ass stream (and tried to pull the "uwu aliens I'm so deep and unique because aliens" shit the rest of the time).

>saying that she's only going to start streaming again because Holly did

This is one case where I will absolutely support cancel culture. If they were to keep those two around, it would literally be like a smack to the face of every underage person who has ever been taken advantage of.

>someone making a super long post saying Heidi reminds them of all the bad people in their life

That is absolutely projecting.

No. 839359

File: 1563357142010.png (50.04 KB, 591x356, Screenshot_125.png)

Apparently, Homewrecker's latest steam is now available on twitch. I didn't think it was all that interesting, outside of her potentially admitting to violating copyright laws (I refuse to pay for that shit on patreon) and saying "I SEENT IT" about a thousand times.

No. 839360

File: 1563357268518.png (15.78 KB, 576x127, Screenshot_126.png)

One of Heidi's recently liked posts - Amen, Heidi.

You can talk someone's ear off, but if they aren't listening, it won't do you a bit of good.

No. 839377

Heidi knew back in December.

No. 839388

No, Heidi suspected. She didn’t find Jared’s phone and confirm it until mid April, before Louisianime.

No. 839397

One thing that really gets me is that Holly didn't start saying "they were already broken up" until quite a while after her initial statements. She didn't make that claim in the first thread, iirc. It's like it took her a while to come up with it, then she started spamming it everywhere.

No. 839405

Yeah the subreddit is really bad. It's starting to look like the SamandTolki of Heidi at this point. Just post after post of vitriol about her. If you point out something bad about Holly or Jared you get a "BUT HEIDI DID THIS" response. It's honestly starting to look like some weird incel breeding ground because of the hero worship of Jared and the hatred of women who spoke out against him. Only subservient women allowed.

No. 839457

It goes to show a lot of men barely tolerate women being closer to equal to men, but the idea of women having any kind of power drives them crazy. Yeah, so rape happens to women. So what? That's how it's always been. But the idea of a woman being able to ruin a career? The idea of women exclusively holding this power drives them absolutely insane. This is a story of how Heidi (not really) called Jared off when she shouldn't have been able to hold any power over him. They rage whenever they think about some nobody destroying a guy who SHOULD hold all the cards.

No. 839460

Not really. They're a small bunch of psychos. Most people are supporting Heidi.

No. 839467

I should say incels instead of a lot of men. They're just so persistent you think it's a large group.

I remember the Connor O'Burst drama (not a fan of btw). Some tumblr girl claimed he raped her, she soon deleted everything, was doxxed then admitted she lied. Well he was pursuing a lawsuit until the incels came out of the wood work to show him support. He saw himself as a men's rights symbol and dropped the suit because they disgusted him. I think incels often show up in any situation to make themselves seem like fans or supporters.

No. 839471

Yet another Yogscast member has just been fired from the company for doing the same shit Jared did. Maybe Jared's incel army can rally around him next since they find absolutely nothing wrong with using your celebrity to get nudes from fans.

No. 839475


not just one, either! (copypasta from reddit because there's no additional value to a screenshot)

>> Answer: Caff, a content creator at Yogs, was outed as having used his position to gain sexual favours/exploit members of his community. Following this revelation Lewis, one of the founders of Yogs, called in an independent HR company to investigate other allegations. The allegations centred around Turps, the CEO, as well as historic claims against Sjin, another Yogs creator. Today Turps announced his resignation in the thread you linked due to him sending sexually suggestive as well as explicit messages to fans who may have been underage at the time of the messages. Lewis also announced today that Sjin will be taking a step back from the main channel whilst the historic claims against him are investigated further.

TLDR; content creators abusing their position to sexually exploit their fans

No. 839477

File: 1563382807883.jpg (51.24 KB, 750x534, D_rZuuGXkAAqyhr.jpg large.jpg)

Saw this on Twitter. From the Yogscast subreddit. People defending Turps the way they defend Jared. It's sickening. These type of responses alone show the power creators wield over their fans. They don't want to believe their hero is a total sleazeball so they excuse anything.

No. 839479

File: 1563383117208.jpeg (178.32 KB, 1339x593, F0857232-A195-484D-886E-731954…)

Yeah. The Jared holly stans would say something like,
> caffcast was coercive while Jared was polite and all parties consented!
>no receipts, no proof. Those victims are chasing clout!

No. 839482

Jared also hired female mods who he exchanged nudes and sexually explicit messages with. But she was asexual and worships Holly and Jared so everything Jared did was a-okay. Don't worry.

No. 839485

It’s always going to be funny how in the end, self-proclaimed “feminist” Jared and typical Tumblr social justice girl Holly have a bunch of incels as their loudest supporters.

No. 839488

Sage for tin foil irrelevancy.
But have we considered if Gamegrumps Allie could be Ross' secret gf?

No. 839497

I think soyboy cucks better describe the wks. The kiwifarms posters, sure, those are pretty incel. Idk

No. 839505

I don't really think so. Ross' girlfriend lives with him and the way she talks about her makes it seem like she isn't part of GG at all. I think Allie lives somewhere else and has dogs.

Also Ross said since his Twitch is going so well he is going to get a house and him and his girlfriend are going to adopt a rescue cat. A new friend for Orph. He seems so happy lately.

No. 839534

No. 839537

I'm happy for him. Holly keeping Ross on the backburner in case things didn't work out with Jared was one of the things mentioned in previous threads, but now we don't have to worry about that.

No. 839649

If they're already living together I wonder how long they've been dating on the dl.

No. 839679


It doesn't really matter since he at least waited until the divorce papers were filed and the process began - Homewrecking SideHo couldn't even do her soon-to-be ex the courtesy of waiting until they were officially separated before hopping on that PedoDick.

No. 839681

File: 1563416789520.png (21.75 KB, 474x161, Screenshot_127.png)

"Your actions are fire. Be careful not to get burned"

There's never been a more ironic post for Homewrecker to share.

No. 839682

File: 1563416864215.png (492.57 KB, 576x552, Screenshot_128.png)

Holly "I'm Fucking Insecure about how ugly I am compared to everyone else" Conrad proudly describes her look as 'goblin'

and then wonders why other people critique her appearance too…

No. 839683

File: 1563416990066.png (24.82 KB, 476x275, Screenshot_129.png)

Fucking yikes, y'all couldn't be creepier/thirstier if you tried, could you?

No. 839684

File: 1563417083511.png (41.21 KB, 582x344, Screenshot_130.png)

Heidi: -expresses positive thoughts about herself moving forward-

Homewrecker's Band of WKs:

No. 839685

File: 1563417176300.png (12.33 KB, 588x138, Screenshot_131.png)

Also, Heidi apparently "used and discarded" PedoDick.

No. 839687

File: 1563417300139.png (372.53 KB, 896x537, Screenshot_132.png)

That's okay - Maybe Homewrecker's just worried about getting her D&D fix with ProPedo when he finally gets locked up on the whole child porn thing.

No. 839689

File: 1563417919176.png (292.79 KB, 718x450, dontbotherross.png)

>on the dl
Stop, leave that boy alone. Keeping your current partner/relationship at a safe distance from the internet to prevent it from being dragged into the giant public shitfire your ex started =/= being shady. After what he's been put through here if I were him I would keep EVERY aspect of my life on the dl, aka as far from the internet as possible.

Besides, Sep 2018 is just when they publicly announced their breakup, who knows how long before that they had actually split up. That's a tough/humiliating thing to have to announce, you wouldn't put yourself through that if you thought there was a chance it could still work out. It was probably dead and buried by that point.

>heidi should be allowed to be happy
SICK opposite day burn tho

No. 839690

Wait, so did she cling to him far too long because she didn't believe in divorce, or did she use and discard him?
I'm too confused

No. 839692


Anytime we see a WK bring up Ross, they should just get slammed with that picture, Anon.

No. 839696

thank u, i made it for that exact purpose

No. 839702

Didn't mean to seem like I want to know Ross' entire life, my b. I'm glad he has someone that makes him happy through all this garbage.

On another note, has Holly been quiet about the drama since Heidi exploded recently? I wonder if she realized Heidi was telling the truth when she mentioned Holly was still crying about them being together in December and didn't have a comeback for it, so she opted to intelligently shut up for once?

No. 839716

lol holly literally admitting she was using grooming tactics towards heidi.

No. 839718

File: 1563421120656.png (62.51 KB, 1220x212, Screenshot 2019-07-18 at 9.04.…)

can't be said enough - holly's WKs are ghastly

you know anon, this actually makes the most sense. holly hasn't once said "you don't know what happeneeeed stop believing her she's lyiiiinngg" since heidi clapped back for good. but i do see that ever since then her WKs have started harassing heidi with worse words. i think she went back to her private hugbox of minions and told them she can't keep doing the heidi-is-a-liar circus in public so she needs them to do it for her.
sounds just like something this bitch would do.

No. 839722

Didn't she go full quiet right after unlocking her Twitter after she tried to make the tragedy with Etika all about her problems?
That probably has more to do with it.

No. 839726

She almost came out of her shell after that with the Moth screenshot plan but must have sense how the Ross fans would backlash against her. Imagine doing such fucked up shit that you have to plan for the backlash.

No. 839727

no iirc she was still going on about "why do you think this" "why do you believe that" for a solid while.

i think >>839726 is correct and she probably wanted to damage heidi's credibility even more with the screenshots (if there ever were. otherwise the threat of them), but nothing really went her way and since then she's just been quietly uwuing in her corner.

No. 839735

As of Early July (either the 5th or the 9th), Homewrecking SideHo was still doing the “woe is me! What did I do? Tell me why you hate me!” Routine

No. 839737


Homewrecker hasn't said anything about the drama directly since Heidi went off the other day - but she went radio silent for a week about a week ago and then blew that shit up again. It's like she wants the drama to stop, but after a few days, realizes that she craves the attention and stirs the pot back up again.

No. 839751

Yeah she pulled the plug on those Moth screenshots real quick. She was probably going to claim ignorance but it was easily traced back to her. Especially after Dan said Holly gave him the instructions to hold back on sharing his 64 screenshots. She is in constant contact with her top wks and gives them orders. That's how you know she fully endorses those people harassing Heidi. She probably caught wind that Ross was incredibly happy with his life now and felt the urge to abuse him again too.

No. 839752


Yeah, there was no way for those screenshots to come out and have it NOT link directly back to Homewrecker (especially since PedoDick is still in hiding and Heidi has no qualms about just saying what she wants on her own without having her minions speak for her)

>She probably caught wind that Ross was incredibly happy with his life now and felt the urge to abuse him again too

That's more like it. Heidi isn't falling for her shit, PedoDick is keeping mum if he hasn't ditched her altogether - The only targets left are her 1-2 remaining friends or Ross.

No. 839753

oh she totally wants to lash out at Ross, but a toe in the water has been enough to show the feedback she'll get for doing it. it must drive her mad.

No. 839761


I almost want her to go full in

If only because people love Ross and they will not tolerate any bs done to him by holly but Ross doesn’t deserve to be bought back in to her messes

No. 839774

Just wait until Jared ends up in prison or puts her on the backburner so he can keep fucking his fans while Ross remains happy with his gf, she'll try to pull something.

No. 839781


>until Jared ends up in prison

I don't necessarily know if he'll go to prison - I'd be satisfied with him being forced to add himself to the sex offender registry, though. You don't just get nudes of minors and get to walk away with zero ramifications.

>puts her on the backburner

I feel like he already has. I honestly don't think PedoDick expected this whole thing to blow up the way it has - thought either (A) Heidi wouldn't see his post since he blocked her or (B) that she'd meekly let it slide like she had before.

>so he can keep fucking his fans

I think he's going to keep fucking his fans regardless. I could see Homewrecker SideHo justify it with "Well, he's with me the rest of the time, so suck it, other sidehos"

No. 839783

Is there any credible information at all on what Jared is currently doing?

No. 839789


Nothing credible. He put out his bullshit apology back in May, was seen once - maybe twice - out and about. It's like PedoDick literally dropped off the face of the Earth, except when he wants to cause Heidi more grief

No. 839791

Or when he wants to sweet talk his former pumpndumps to change their story…

No. 839792


I don't know if he thinks he's being sneaky by doing that, but remaining silent on his own twitter - or what he's doing.

Sorry, PedoDick. You lost the privilege to fly under the radar when you got nudes from minors and then tried to paint your wife out to be an abusive nutjob for not wanting you to fuck a dear friend's wife.

No. 839793

He's been seen with Holly in Las Vegas and near area 51 so he may be hiding out in Nevada

No. 839821

File: 1563457244129.jpeg (22.57 KB, 640x480, images (24).jpeg)

>Area 51

Are they sure it was Jared? I mean, I can understand the confusion.

No. 839822

You're assuming that's not Jared in your photo

No. 839824


Anon, you need to be careful about sharing pictures of ProPedo like that. The internet has already seen way more of that man's body than was ever necessary

No. 839870


Adding info to anon's tinfoil…

Las Vegas is only a 4 hour drive from LA, where Holly has a house. And in the American SW 4 hours is fairly close. Close enough for spontaneous day or weekend trips.

No. 839872

Pretty sure he’s back in the PNW if he was recently seen (allegedly) at a restaurant in Seattle with Holly.

No. 839896

Yeah. I know people think he dumped her completely already but he certainly hasn't. She has a ton of dirt on him, is a suicide baiter, and rallies his wks for him. He is certainly keeping up appearances with her for the foreseeable future. If he tried to leave she'd threaten to kill herself or expose him. He is basically trapped right now. No doubt he is talking to other women online though.

No. 839902

At 7:51, Jared dig or no Jared dig?

No. 839906

Wasn't the restaurant thing in Nevada in late May?

No. 839941

There was a PULL user who claimed to see them at a restaurant a week or so ago while Holly was in Washington.

No. 839950

I believe there was a tweet or post where someone claimed they witnessed Holly and Jared walk past them in Nevada in late May, but there were no pics of that incident.

No. 839961

The only confirmed sighting is the Vegas one that has video

No. 839987

Yeah, most of the sightings of them together were in May.

No. 839988

Not sure why you think it’s a Jared dig? People say poise style and grace all the time, Jared doesn’t have a copyright on words

No. 839993

Well it kind of became a meme after his "statement", and the way Dan said "don't say grace don't say grace" makes me think he feels like he shouldn't be touching the subject

No. 840007

File: 1563485732438.png (74.5 KB, 580x320, _Pearly_Girl_.png)


"Be. Kind."

No. 840008


Shit like this makes me wonder what kind of things Heidi has seen regarding the texts that uwu wholesome birb-mom sent PeenJared

…Also reminds me of the fact that Heidi never posted them publicly while Holly immediately got revenge by publicly posting lewd texts from Heidi.

No. 840009

You can tell that they're talking about this as a group on Discord cause >>839718 said the same thing.

Honestly, Heidi has shown more respect to Holly than Holly has shown to her. I really wish she would release some of the lewd messages that Holly sent to Jared since Holly clearly didn't give a damn about releasing Heidi's text messages that had nothing to do with her.

No. 840012

Holly already threatened to take legal action if Heidi dared to show any nudes/sexting from her (Oddly enough, she brought up 'revenge porn' in the very same thread as the one where she posted screencaps of Heidi's lewd texts…)

No. 840013

Wouldn't that make her liable to the same thing, though?

No. 840014


Rules don't apply to super-speshul mental health advocate/uwu birb-mom, remember anon?

No. 840026

>what a woman says in a sexual context makes her an object to be used and abused in real life
These people probably think women who wear skirts are "asking for it"

No. 840036

File: 1563489129690.png (108.05 KB, 592x704, HeidiResponds2.png)

No. 840038

god why is everything Heidi says even as simple as "haha yeah" fucking amazing?

No. 840040

File: 1563489279644.png (33.78 KB, 584x340, HeidiResponds3.png)


Who's 'slut-shaming' now eh?

No. 840043

Doesn't inviting Jared destroy scrotes' narrative of "she wanted a poly relationship so she could fuck as many dudes as she wanted, but was mad Jared got more sex than her?"

No. 840044

File: 1563489575146.gif (866.27 KB, 247x174, beautiful.gif)

This is actually want she needed to say. I'm getting so tired of Jared/Holly Wk's

No. 840045

File: 1563489702455.png (39.08 KB, 584x328, WKidiot.png)

And here's a silly WK describing exactly why Heidi hasn't shared the nudes/sexts in the first place.

No. 840046

File: 1563489859464.png (20.36 KB, 572x164, Response1.png)

Another great response

No. 840048

Deleted lmao

No. 840055

There's video of them together in a restaurant in Nevada in late May. Here are some caps as well:

No. 840076

File: 1563495609824.png (144.74 KB, 576x720, pussy.png)

> "Someone threatening legal action against someone else who broke the law"
> someone else who broke the law
> broke the law

When did Heidi break the law?

No. 840079

not really milk, but in ep. 11 of the game grumps Mario Maker 2 LP, they reference Jared's "style and grace" phrase again… Dan asks how people make the levels so quickly, then he says, "…style….. don't say grace, don't say grace!" and they both laugh for a few seconds before changing the subject. I feel like this is the most we're ever gonna get from them, it's so funny. Some of the top comments on the vid caught it too so it's not just me

No. 840083

these retards try to attribute Jared's dick pics being released to Heidi despite them being pics he sent to other people - the actual people who leaked them.

No. 840091


Because it's a woman finally finding and using her voice, rather than allowing others to create some false narrative for her.

No. 840092


Here's the thing that WK needs to understand, though: ProPedo can consent to them being shared all he wants - but he isn't the one who shared them. Homewrecking SideWhore is the one who posted them and she didn't have anyone's consent to share them, nor was she a participant in the conversations.

Little Miss Holly Hindsight just put herself on the line for a Class B felony, should Heidi want to pursue it.

No. 840093

File: 1563496798098.jpeg (777.99 KB, 1125x1648, 68D97DA9-7A73-4D45-8F6F-5574F3…)

No. 840094


Why would Heidi release the dick pics? That dick is not something that 99.9% of the population would ever brag about being attached to.

No. 840096

Just another elaborate form of "Are U healing or hurting???"

No. 840097



Homewrecking Whores don't get to preach "be nice!" when they're the cause for all of the shitshow and drama in the first place.

She made her bed - and now she gets to lay with a pedophile in it.

No. 840099



>"I found answers there but not peace."

Because you're guilty.

No. 840100


Perhaps she should have read a book called “should I sleep with a married man?”

No. 840102


Someone who wildly launches accusations of abuse, negating the very real abuse that people face, doesn't deserve peace.


ANd you open the book to find just one page with just one very bold printed word on it "No."

No. 840103

File: 1563497229308.png (70.03 KB, 572x652, HolbrookKaufel.png)

Here we go

No. 840105


>It wasn't as simple as they suddenly started "fucking behind your back" as was initially presented

Who the fuck even is this douchebag? If he isn't one of the lawyers and he isn't the judge, it's none of his goddamned business if it was "as simple as initially presented"

WKs are fucking wild, man.

No. 840106

Holly is a bully, she the one that posted the texts that didn't even show Heidi as abusive. It just showed Heidi as normal scorn wife with a weasel husband. Holly has contact with her WKs, and Holly's flying monkeys still pester Heidi. The majority of people who "side" with Heidi are not even her fans. I've seen mostly Ross's fans occasionally shit on Holly if anything.

No. 840108


Exactly. Prior to the ProJared tag trending on twitter, I had never heard of any of these people - but when you start looking at the shit that the Homewrecking Whore and PedoDick were pulling, I didn't really see how anyone could NOT want to be on Heidi's side.

Did she handle it great? No, of course not - but when you are pushed and pushed, have boundaries continuously broken and not respected, you eventually just snap.

No. 840109

Again, just more idiots who are mad that Heidi isn't letting Jared get away with this anymore.

Yep. Ross's fans know what's up & they're not gonna let Holly's sycophants talk over them.

No. 840113

File: 1563498595286.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1204x2134, C670145F-5ACF-4E2E-8FAA-936F31…)

The angry wk army is dogpiling on the Diath removal. Stay mad lol

No. 840114


>He's basically been proven innocent

Harassing a trans minor into deleting their story and staying silent does NOT equal ProPedo being proven innocent, Dan.

>The minor allegations were disproven

This just in: If you harass a minor into walking back their story, that means it was disproven! The constant harassment hg ad nothing to do with it - Nope, it was all the kid being a lying shithead. Apparently, it's more feasible to attack the minor, rather than the grown ass adult who should have known better.

No. 840115

File: 1563498908926.png (148.79 KB, 240x359, ss.png)

>The fact that I used to enjoy sex didn't turn me into an object
>used to enjoy
Oof, that's like a punch to the stomach. This makes me so sad, has she said this before? I hope she gets to heal and enjoy it again, but I'd imagine it'd take quite some time. Imagine being publicly traumatized into asexuality by a woman who was pretending to be the patron saint of asexuality. I'm sure that concept alone is triggering enough, since it was Holly's entire personality.
>traumatized by sex
>traumatized by not sex because the woman who fucked your husband claimed to not have sex

Sorry dumb question, is the H for Holly or Heidi here?

No. 840116

Not just that, but not once has she told them to stop harassing Heidi. She wants to talk about shaming, bullying, and being kind but only if it applies to her. She's such an ugly cunt inside and out.

I don't know why we bother giving these retarded whiteknights as much attention as we do. It's only entertaining if they're put in their place.

No. 840117


Here's the thing Dan, just because you & your little group of friends rationalized that Jared is innocent, doesn't mean that he actually is innocent.

No. 840124


More importantly the general public have already written projared off so this narrative of somehow him being innocent is only on dans creepy circle

I mean heck the times Jared shows up in public have been met with “oh he’s here! Maybe he should leave…”

No. 840126

File: 1563499312199.png (96.91 KB, 588x740, IdlechampionsSALT1.png)


Crybullies at their finest

No. 840128

Internet WKs cleared Jared guys, it's all fine! I can't with this level of retardation.

No. 840129



> "I cant believe that people are reporting you for posting this"

Because they're pretty much spamming it at this point, Dan.

No. 840132

The H is for Heidi, and it's from the private texts between Heidi and Jared that Holly "mysteriously" released.

No. 840133

File: 1563499507609.png (52.61 KB, 588x508, IdlechampionsSALT2.png)

No. 840134

jared got fired, deal with it pedos.

No. 840135

Fucking LOL.
I'm willing to bet none of them ever actually played it.

No. 840136

Hard to find peace when you’re so obsessed with going to war, Homewrecker

No. 840137

File: 1563499708344.jpg (312.41 KB, 1292x1052, bye-diath.jpg)

To memorialise it

No. 840138

notice how 'power and influence' is the first topic

No. 840139

Aww too bad WKs, looks like you can't bully a company into silence like you did with those minors…

No. 840141


>Give back Diath this is complete BS on your part

Yeah, how dare a group of people decide they want nothing to do with someone who had nudes of minors and allowed his sidewhore to publicly shame his wife, the one who is allegedly an abusive slut!

>after we paid money FOR HIM

You didn't pay for shit - You paid to watch a grown man create a character that he essentially used to start fucking his wife's best friend, but in an 'under-the-radar' kind of way.

>I can't believe that people are reporting you for posting this

And I can't believe that y'all wks were reporting people for sending Homewrecking SideHo clown emojis, and yet here we are, Dan!

No. 840142

File: 1563500094748.png (38.88 KB, 584x332, getfuckedmatt.png)


No. 840144

Posts like this just really highlight how shitty her deep involvement with her WKs is.

No. 840146


>Were the Diath changes made based on legal discussions with or without jared

Contrary to popular belief, Guy LeDouche, companies can absolutely decide to get rid of someone/their character without it being a legal shit show. It's just like you allegedly being a VO actor - A project you're working on can decide to not use you anymore for being an idiot, and they don't have to clear it with you and your legal team first (It gets a little murkier with a contract, but I'd be willing to bet that if ProPedo had a contact, the company would've been more than happy to buy out the remainder so as to get away from him)

>very 'Guilty until proven innocent'

This isn't a court of law, asshat.

No. 840149

File: 1563500458476.png (42.93 KB, 592x364, WKSALT1.png)


No. 840152

File: 1563500582390.png (38.38 KB, 580x328, Dan1.png)

Aaand we've reached the reason Dan even got involved in this shit in the first place.

No. 840153


They're acting like someone held them down and forced them to buy the items.

Like, what would they do if the entire thing shut down? Would they still demand refunds if EVERYONE was gone - or just because their weird fetish with Diath is now over?

No. 840154

"I want", "I want", "I want" companies are businesses, cunts. No one cares about what you want, especially at the price of their image.

No. 840156

A bit of a tangent, but he looks a LOT more interesting than ProPedo's gross self-insert character, imo

No. 840159

File: 1563500863193.png (84.03 KB, 576x500, getfuckedgeraldo.png)

more salt

No. 840161

How much do we want to bet these cunt waffles thought that it was a good idea when Yooka-laylee got rid of Jontron?

No. 840163


I’ve never seen this much salt regarding a fictional character

No. 840165


This is the same shit that the gamerbros spew whenever Rockstar fucks things up for Grand Theft Auto Online. It's virtual material - The company reserves the right to remove it at any time, for any reason. They may decide to issue a refund, but probably only to the people who bought it within the last two weeks or whatever and didn't get the chance to use it.

No. 840166

Eh, just refund the whiners. Good riddance… you don't need people who support people like Jared playing your game.

No. 840167

File: 1563501112578.jpeg (422.26 KB, 1201x829, 83715417-E6CA-46BA-80E9-AD103A…)

Well that’s rich

No. 840169

File: 1563501149301.png (52.98 KB, 580x492, nojontronpls.png)

From what I've seen, these WKs dislike Jontron

No. 840170


Oh boy we almost got her

No. 840172

Mentioned earlier and discussed that it isn't a Jared reference. It's a Lankey Kong reference that they've been using for a while. All game tubers have (he has no style, he has no grace)

No. 840173

File: 1563501281238.png (20.48 KB, 584x192, nojontronpls1.png)

No. 840176


>"Apologizing is just an empty way to placate people and it's not sincere or kind."

…And that's exactly why Heidi wouldn't accept your apology, Holly.

No. 840178

It's another big inconsistency of hers that she insists she did nothing wrong the entire time yet also insists that one of the reasons Heidi is an evil abuser is "she wouldn't accept my apologies."

No. 840181

File: 1563501834922.png (238.09 KB, 534x800, DanTheHypocrite.png)

Sure Dan

No. 840183

File: 1563502006886.png (73.03 KB, 548x628, peaceorWAR.png)


>"Am I going to practice peace, or am I going to practice war?"

Must be the new "Are you healing or hurting?"

No. 840185

This woman is a Buddhist nun who runs a large monestary and is in her 70's. Don't drag her into this.

Sperg- In the same book she talks about being grateful for everything that triggers or upsets you, because those things/people show exactly where you need to grow. And to have loving kindness for all people, particularly those that you feel have hurt you.
Obviously Holly has some reading comprehension problems.

No. 840186

wew she's straight up admitting her twitter apologies were disingenuous, AND that she doesn't even think she did anything wrong here still. this bitch is like 1 step forward, 40000000000000 steps back. it's incredible

No. 840187

File: 1563502149309.png (56.45 KB, 524x588, DanIsACreep.png)

Good job outing yourself as a total creep, Dan.

No. 840188


>If they haven't, apologizing is just an empty way to placate people and it's not sincere or kind

You mean like when you admitted that you tried repeatedly to apologize to Heidi, bought her gifts, etc. and you just couldn't understand why she didn't accept it?

You're fake as fuck, Homewrecker. Please retreat back under whatever bridge your troll self crawled forth from.


>tearing each other down for half truths

Says the man running a truth blog full of half truths and creating a petition.

No. 840190


That's just fucking creepy. So it's apparently okay that ProPedo sent pics of his dick to minors because "He didn't know!!!".

>I literally just searched the term projared

Imagine having so little to do in your actual offline life that you spend your time searching the tag of a pedophile, just to tell everyone how wrong they are about him.

No. 840191

File: 1563502322080.png (16.94 KB, 581x134, Screenshot_133.png)

I knew her ignorant ass couldn't stay quiet for long about how uwu innocent she is.

No. 840196

File: 1563502528241.gif (147.88 KB, 500x285, f0a44560-ab99-4605-b057-77017d…)

She's so convinced she did nothing wrong and is completely innocent. Imagine being this deluded.

No. 840197


She's not just trying to convince everyone she hasn't done anything wrong, she also trying to convince herself that she hasn't done anything wrong.

No. 840198


I don't even know how she can still play the worn out "I didn't do it, how can I apologize?" card - especially when her OWN WORDS said that she had tried repeatedly to apologize to Heidi.

If you weren't doing anything wrong, Dumbass, why would you apologize repeatedly to the woman whose husband you were fucking??

No. 840204

File: 1563503176227.png (31.96 KB, 536x296, Boom.png)


No. 840209


Silly Anon - You can't ask someone with as low of an IQ or as little self awareness as the Homewrecking SideHo to do those things.

Hell, she probably couldn't find a rational thought if it jumped up and bit her ass

No. 840215

The WKs very recently took to the idlechampions subreddit to scream at anyone reacting to Diath's removal:

No. 840217

And getting rightfully downvoted for it. Nice.

No. 840218

File: 1563503957888.png (16.31 KB, 520x148, baw.png)


No. 840220


>Would you remove Arnold from the Terminator films because of his actual identity?

If Arnold was actively getting nudes from minors, yeah, I'd call that motherfucker out too.