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No. 841369

Last time on the Curse of O’Ferrall Campaign:
>Heidi takes no prisoners: >>840582
>Holly’s wks have been discussed last thread until Heidi’s mic drops; nothing of interest except hilarious hypocrisy. See previous thread for inceldom
>Heidi unlocks new achievement when tweeting @Projared with a viral video of a kid dressed up as an influencer apologizing and suggesting he could use some inspiration from it
>Heidi claims that “they” have been telling her behind the scenes that they could say anything they want about her and it would be in her best interest to keep quiet along with legal threats from Jared
>Holly retweets a YouTube video entitled “The Tragedy of @ProJared: Uncovering the Truth”
>Heidi is unblocked by Holly for some reason
>Heidi rages on Holly’s tweet of the Youtube link; refers to messages sent to Jared regarding her constant harassment of Jared and suicide baiting in an attempt to end his marriage with Heidi
>Calls out Holly for being “obsessively hateful”
>Quotes Holly’s text to Jared, “why hasn’t this relationship ended yet”
>Idle Champions replaces Diath (Jared's DCA Character) with a new character “Xander". Evelyn (Anna Prosser's DCA Character) remains.
>Jared’s five wks would like to take legal action against Idle Champions for internets theft
>Ross & Holly's Divorce will be final 7/22: >>840621
>Radio silence from Jared continues as of 5/17

Pigeonshit and Wormdick: A Love Story
>Popular Youtuber Jared Knabenbauer announces his divorce to semi-well known cosplayed Heidi O’Ferrall
>Heidi responds by saying Jared had blocked her and announced the divorce on his own, speaks of him having multiple affairs, the main one being with her former friend and co-star of Jared’s D&D group, Holly Conrad
>Holly Conrad was also previously married (pending divorce) to Ross O’Donovan, popular Game Grump
>Multiple fans of Projared show an alarming amount of sexts and nudes that were exchanged between them and Jared
>It was revealed Jared ran around seven porn blogs in the guise of “Body Positivity”
>Jared had at least three minors allege that they had exchanged nude photos and sexts with Jared
>One minor released an apology Jared had sent to them admitting his guilt
>Said minor’s information is suspected to have been given to Jared by Holly
>Minors have since disappeared from the internet due to the full force of drama and legal recourse this revelation has propagated
>After an internal investigation, Jared is fired from Normal Boots
>Holly has accused Heidi of abusing Jared throughout their marriage
>Heidi has accused Jared of abusing her throughout their marriage
>Heidi had come out that her relationship had been open, but Jared continued to cheat after she closed the marriage. One of the reasons the marriage was closed was none other than Holly Conrad and her exclusive emotional feelings for Jared
>Holly has tweeted vitriol about Heidi and minors involved with “THEY’RE LYING. I’M SORRY”

Previous Threads (The ProJared Saga Begins):
1: >>785476
2: >>804540
3: >>808888
4: >>812124
5: >>816967
6: >>820703
7: >>826388
8: >>829410
9: >>836081

Character Descriptions and Stats:

Jared "the Wormdick" Knabenbauer
>Known for having a gaming youtube channel where he reviewed games
>Formed "Waffle crew", the D&D group that would soon turn out to be a dumpster fire
>All hell broke lose when his ex-wife revealed he has been manipulating, abusing and cheating on her
>Soon after, other victims of his started leaking chat logs and nudes
>Turns out he was soliciting underage porn
>Went into hiding
>Throughout DCA, his D&D character, Diath, was having an on-going romance with Strix, his co-player Holly Conrad's character
>Turns out they were also involved IRL, cheating on their spouses
>Holly is currently whiteknighting him on twitter, while he is trying to manipulate his side-pieces from the shadows
>One of his side-pieces fell for it and now is changing her initial statement, trying to get on his good side (even though he ghosted her before)
>Heidi accuses Jared of threatening legal action if she speaks up. Unfortunately Heidi casts “Absorb Elements” just like she did for his initial divorce statement. Jared takes an extra 1d6 damage on her next melee attack.

Strength: 5
Dexterity: 5
Intellect: 15
Stamina: 10
Luck: none
Charisma: send noOds

Holly "Manic Pixie Butterface" Conrad (current power-level):
>Got into D&D, started thinking she's literally Strix - her character
>Cheated on Ross with Jared the Wormdick while trying to manipulate both Jared and his wife
>Once Heidi (Jared's wife) revealed her as a side hoe, she locked down everything and checked into the tumblr hospital
>After getting back on the net, she started autistically defending herself and Jared, claiming she never cheated and Heidi is literally Hitler
>Professional victim, her NPD can be seen from space
>Emotionally abused Ross, claimed she never felt love until she met Jared
>Claims to have not cheated on her ex-husband despite his refusal to make one comment about the situation in her defense
>Can't stand even tiny criticism about herself, reads her lolcow thread though
>Compared Etika’s suicide, a popular black YouTuber, to her own suicidal ideation by showcasing they both received clown emojis as “bullying.”
>Suffers backlash from the black community, Etika’s fans and Twitter
>After being called out for taking advantage of a person’s suicide, Holly infamously deflects criticism by tweeting, “I’m sorry. I’m mentally ill.”

Strength: uwu
Dexterity: uwu
Intellect: 4
Stamina: 100
Luck: ran out
Charisma: clown emoji

Holly Conrad’s Previous Stats:
>Holly is a “talented cosplayer/craftsman/special effects artist and well respected in the community”, even appearing on Syfy's "Heroes of Cosplay"
>Was one of the main focuses of the 2011 Documentary "Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope" (directed by Morgan Spurlock)
>Originally gained notoriety for her Commander Shepard/FemShep cosplay
>Married to Ross O'Donovan, beloved animator and member of the GG Family, from 2012 to 2018
>When it came to Arin/Suzy vs Ross/Holly most people preferred Ross and Holly, because they felt less fake and Holly was famous separate of Ross, not riding her husband's coattails like Suzy.
>Was best buds with Jared's wife Heidi, another talented and respected cosplayer/craftsman
>Apparent tragic backstory = quirky anxiety uwu. I don't really know the whole backstory on this one, not sure if it really matters.
>But was apparently close to her grandfather and inherited his house(?) in Washington(?) when he passed away which was in theory part of the reason she and Ross amicably split. Jared and Heidi just also happened to live in Washington.
>Other speculated factors included Holly being asexual (lmao), the toxic GG fan-community, "having codependency issues", and wanting to leave LA while Ross wanted to stay
>Publicly their divorce was mutual, amicable, and came as somewhat of a shock….OR WAS IT?
>Basically all this drama is so juicy because Holly "quirky manic pixie dream bird gurl, asexual anxiety, luvs animals so obviously wouldn't hurt anyone uwu" Conrad was the surprise plot twist villain we never saw coming

For More On Holly Conrad:
>A History of Holly: >>838840 (Source: PULL)

Strength: uwu
Dexterity: 20
Intellect: 17
Stamina: 22
Luck: 100
Charisma: Not Suzy

Heidi of the House O'Ferrall, Hell Hath No Fury, Giver of Zero Fucks, Destroyer of Careers
>Non-lewd cosplayer, talented craftsman and elf
>Produces tutorials and shows her work in progress pretty in depth
>Has a degree in Theatre/Costume Design
>"She had sex with my husband", top 10 anime deaths of all time
>Married to Jared Pedodick Knobslob
>Was in a poly relationship with Jared
>Claims Holly was the reason it didn’t work out
>Outed Jared’s infidelity and set twitter ablaze
>Working on her current divorce and perhaps a defamation against Holly Conrad for trying to claim she had BPD and that psychologists have deemed her “unfixable”
>Has started to become more vocal on that drama since Holly’s Etika sperg
>Claims emotional abuse by Jared and gas lighting, and also seems to insinuate her enjoyment of sex has decreased
>Blocks overtly sexual cosplays because of the ProJared controversy
>Currently living alone in a new home and trying to start up her business and craft in a way to support herself
>Accuses Holly of being vindictive enough to have done everything in her power to end her marriage and happiness

Strength: 90
Dexterity: 71
Intellect: 82
Stamina: 64
Luck: 20
Charisma: Zinfandel

Dan Pirro from the Honorable House Pigeon
>Dedicated white knight of Jared and Holly’s that created a campaign to prove #heidingthetruth
>In direct contact with Holly Conrad Flying Monkey

Jessica Slater from the Honorable House Pigeon
>Holly stan and dedicated “sister”
>Runs a clearly objective truth blog on tumblr while putting down Heidi on twitter

Participation Trophies go to the following for their dedication:
>BorkScorpion, RainbowTressym, TigerNightmare, UnicornHoodlum and others
>May or may not be sockpuppet accounts
>Tier 3 WKs, to be mostly ignored
>Autism awareness is sometimes being aware of who to avoid

>Jared Knabenbauer/ProJared:


>Heidi O'Ferrall/AtelierHeidi:


>Holly Conrad/Commander Holly:


>Normal Boots:


The Expanded Universe:

Game Grumps
Previous GG Threads:
>Jon vs Dan speculations, are the Suzy nudes real or fake, blah blah blah, old news. Seriously, don't ask to be spoonfed this old dried up milk. Go read about it on your own.
>There is a whole subreddit dedicated to GG Rule 34 where they sexualize the girlfriends/wives as well as the grumps called r/polygrumps. Suzy once long ago tweeted in support of polygrumps, but it seems like an especially toxic corner of their already toxic fanbase. I doubt she would confirm that support today.
>GG sells a merch line called Game Gyaru "based on Arin and Danny, reimagined as female characters inspired by the anime series Dirty Pair, named Arina and Daniella respectively". It's a blatant tracing of the characters from "Dirty Pair" that they did not initially acknowledge.
>GG release body pillows of Dan and Arin. They sell out very quickly. It's gross: >>792883
>Guess what Jon's an even worse blatantly sexist/racist person than we ever could have imagined

Suzy "the Goose" Berhow:
>Has a history of scamming fans by buying cheap jewelry from China and the likes and reselling it to fans with an absurd markup as her jewelry line or as one anon put it: "creating a really expensive jewelry line that involved very little effort on her part". Arin has to come to her defense when people find out.
>Previous threads over the years were mostly about Suzy's "thyroid-related" weight gain and absurd styling choices, scamming, and how she's a ~rEaL gAmEr GuRl~
>No one seems to really have complaints about her current styling choices since she lost weight and the skunk stripe and adopted a more natural look (it's much closer to her twin sister Jean's)
>Suzy was a "model" when younger, and will still constantly repost the same pictures from her past over and over again, in case anyone forgot
>There sometimes seemed to be some unspoken tension between Suzy and Holly. Suzy seemed to give off the vibe of being uncomfortable not being the only cool gamer gurl in the GG group, especially when up against a girl that seemed to prefer and respect.
>Seems plausible that she prefers being the female center of attention given the theory that JonTron's swift and dramatic departure from GG was due in part to some beef between Suzy and Jon's girlfriend at the time. IIRC this is still all just speculation. (Jon's too big of a topic, read that one on your own for the full backstory)
>A/N: I would be kind of surprised if she showed any support for Holly at all, but maybe that's just me

Katie (Most recent GG drama unrelated to PigeonGate 2019 ):
>Suzy claims she and Arin have been together since 2002. Arin's mysterious deviantART ex Katie shows up from an apparent cryogenic sleep after 10+ years and throws an insane hissy-fit about how Arin was pursuing HER during that time and she turned HIM down.
>Thinks Suzy poisoned Arin against being her BEST FRIEND despite the fact that she was married, disappeared from the internet, lived across the country, and was definitely leading Arin on for some time. Arin seems to have bought her some gifts in this time.

>Game Grumps:


>Suzy Berhow/Mortemer:


>Arin Hanson/Egoraptor:


>Dan Avidan:


>Minor cow Katie, rejected Arin way back when and regrets it now that he's famous:


About Dice, Camera, Action:
>DCA is/was a popular D&D livestream DM'd by Chris Perkins (WoTC story designer)
>It's cast consisted of Holly Conrad, Jared Knabenbauer, Nathan Sharp and Anna Prosser
>All of them turned out to be cheaters, hooking up with each other and breaking marriages/engagements

>Wafflecrew/Dice, Camera, Action:


Filed Under “Other”:

Ross O’Donovan
Do Not Bother Ross O’Donovan
>Game Grump and animator
You May Support and Subscribe at:
>Ross O'Donovan/RubberNinja:

Reminder from Mods regarding Holly's young friend:
>Subjects have to be 16+ to be discussed on lolcow. Do not include her face or social media posts here.
>This is also a reminder that cowtipping is also against the rules, do not contact the girl or her parents because of her relation to Holly.

No. 841375

Thank you, anon. The old thread reeked of pathetic WK tampering.

No. 841376

Whoops. Put Strike's instead of Strikes. I wouldn't have posted this if a new thread was up, but there weren't updates and it was particularly bad.

No. 841381

Thank you, that last thread was complete shit

No. 841397

So is this the new thread about Hoe-lly and PedoDick or the other one?

No. 841402

This one, I guess the other thread can be for Jared/Holly's flying monkeys unless/until it gets locked.

No. 841404

In that case, I'm vaguely interested to see how the 22nd goes down, if that's the official finalization date for Ross and Hoe-lly's divorce.

I know Ross wants to stay out of that, and I respect the shit out of him for that - but we all know Homewrecker can't keep her mouth shut for five minutes.

No. 841411

God bless u anon. You really pulled it all together.

No. 841414

File: 1563678163289.png (292.79 KB, 718x450, dontbotherross.png)

Moving this v important image over from the previous thread.

No. 841424

We moving things here now? That's kinda confusing.

Anyway, just wanted to do one quick sage to agree. Thank you for the new thread. Too much WK tampering on the last for sure. For a depressingly boring and dead discord with absolutely no substance, I feel like we sure did get baited into this one.

No. 841425

Reminder to keep whiteknight posting at a minimum unless it's milky. Reeing about how dumb the whiteknights are is pointless when the focus isn't and shouldn't be on them. Posting their arguments with others will be considered derailing.

(For clarification, anything bringing in new information is considered milk.)

No. 841429

File: 1563681578075.png (244.01 KB, 1561x1539, pull.png)

crossposting from PULL

No. 841430


Oh but Holly isn't the jealous Heidi-type! /s

No. 841440


No, she's the "I'll boil your rabbit in a pot of boiling water - YES I KNOW THAT ISN'T VEGAN FRIENDLY, QUIT BEING SO MEAN!" kind of type.

No. 841441

I hope Jared enjoys his new life with his clingy, insecure, suicide baiting girlfriend. Surely she won't abuse him just like she did to her ex!

No. 841442

He doesn't from what Heidi seemed to imply about their last conversation and texts between Holly and Jared. Holly is Jared's prize for playing stupid games with his wife. And he will not be leaving Holly as easily as he did Heidi. This milk has only begun.

No. 841443

And pretend to be pregnant with his baby. She's already baited suicide, so why not a fake pregnancy?

No. 841444


Please - Hoe-lly is like a praying mantis that just eats their mate's head when they're done having sex.

No. 841446


I mean… Did you all see how he followed her submissively in that video?

No. 841447


He may not leave but he’ll cheat on holly every chance he gets

No. 841449

You know Holly reads these threads and then shows Jared and goes "THIS ISN'T TRUE, IS IT?" He'd never tell you the truth, Holly.

No. 841450


Well, once you stick your dick in crazy, there's no going back to being normal, I guess

No. 841452

Which is karma in his case. He cried wolf on Heidi and now he's dick deep in abuse and crazy with Holly.

No. 841455

File: 1563684471454.png (293.33 KB, 588x516, Screen Shot 1.png)

>some interesting writing and art
I'll bet

No. 841457

He'll just say he's poly and Holly with grimace through her tears and pretend to be ok with it while suicide-baiting on the inside.

Are they even an official couple?

No. 841458


It'll just be more of her "WOE IS ME" shit, like the piece she allegedly did after Keemstar did his first bit on her and PedoDick's drama.


On the inside? When has Hoe-lly ever NOT publicly mentioned her suicide baiting so as to garner sympathy from even more people?

For someone who is reportedly so "pro mental illness awareness", she sure does lack the awareness in not triggering everyone else with her suicidal talk.

No. 841460

Oh boy, if you get her $30 tier she will give you a mental health tip.

No. 841461


Hoe-lly's #1 mental health tip: It's totally okay to continue to drum up sympathy for a situation that is entirely of your own making.

It's okay - You're mentally ill.

No. 841462


"Something something, self-help, something…"

No. 841463

I have no idea, I think they are only because Jared probably only has Holly for now to get his dick wet unless unogirl wants him too. But Holly seems insecure by constantly smearing Heidi in a negative light and doing so will not fix Jared's reputation since most people just don't like Jared mostly because he seems like a pervert not because he was a cheater.

No. 841466

Mental Health Tip #2: If someone wont let you have sex with their husband, they are abusive and mentally unfixable.

No. 841467

File: 1563685528124.png (31.51 KB, 581x126, Screenshot_145.png)

It's like she actually think she's living out a real life episode of Charmed or something.

When is she going to grow up?

Also, big fan of the "I drew some art about keeping boundaries!"

You….you mean like the boundaries you and PedoDick continuously violated with Heidi that you then labelled her as abusive for having?

No. 841469


Mental Health Tip #3: The more the mental wound scabs over, the less attention you'll get for it. It's best to continuously pick at it, so as not to let people forget that YOU are truly the wounded party getting picked on.

No. 841471

File: 1563686076200.png (86.28 KB, 583x283, Quackery.png)

Is she for real?

No. 841472

It's pretty obvious by her thirsty posts that unogirl wants to be his cumrag again. He still has her as an option when Holly's acting like the side ho from Fatal Attraction.

No. 841473


Well, Hoe-lly IS about as awful a person as sixpenceee, so it makes sense.

Neither one of them is great at owning up when they fuck up and instead choose to double down on the stupidity.

No. 841474


>unogirl wants to be his cumrag again

Of course she does - Why else would she suddenly flip the script and be on his side again after he reaches out exactly ONCE?

>when Holly's acting like the side ho from Fatal Attraction

Bold of you to assume that PedoDick is waiting for that and won't fuck anything with a pulse when the urge hits him.

No. 841482


Holly's aversion to traditionally 'pretty' women is so juvenile and insecure. Has anyone else noticed that she will only like/reply to pictures of women if they're Ramona Flowers alt types, with short blue hair and/or non-traditional looks. Just because someone is beautiful doesn't mean that they're your high school bullies.

No. 841484


>She will only like/reply to pictures of women if they're Ramona Flowers alt types

Haven't you ever wondered why 2-3 of her closest friends/roommates all look nearly identical to Hoe-lly, right down to the weirdly short black and green hair?

She's so insecure about her looks that she can't even stand to be friends who someone who MIGHT fit the mold of "pretty"

No. 841485

Makes you wonder how she really feels about Anna Prosser.

No. 841486

I got the feeling Holly didn't like Anna but tolerated her as Holly got to know her better. I mean I get being insecure but it's weird seeing a woman seven years away from forty acting like a teenager mentally.

No. 841504

So I'm assuming, then, that the guest character or player was an attractive woman?

No. 841515

File: 1563701181044.jpg (204.44 KB, 900x1200, DiLGR6jU8AAxLVt.jpg)

you can feel holly's insecurity oozing out of every picture of two of them together

No. 841517

Mental Health Tip #4: B E K I N D

No. 841518


She looks like she's about two seconds from doing one of those fake "omgosh Im so…you're just so pretty and im so goblin like….You're WAY too pretty!" things that she probably thinks is flattering but just comes off as creepy and ultra insecure.

No. 841519


Mental Health Tip #5: If someone seems upset with, just constantly tell them it's because of how pretty they are. Others may say it sounds passive-aggressive, but that's just because they're abusive!

No. 841520

File: 1563701559441.png (905.85 KB, 502x968, kek.png)

No. 841522


Remind me again how ANYONE would be willing to ruin their life for the lizard-looking douche that is Jared?

Also, notice in both this picture and the one posted above that Anna has her hand casually on Holly's back, while Holly is treating Anna like a leper or something.

Don't worry, Holly - You can't catch the pretty anymore than Anna could catch whatever it is you have.

No. 841524

Jesus christ Jared.

No. 841525

God why does she make that face. Can she not smile normally?

No. 841527


Jared looks fucking miserable in the picture next to Holly, but with Anna, he's at least TRYING to smile (some people are just awkward as fuck when forcing a smile, I can't hold that against him)

No. 841528


That's the "Uwu I'm so quirky and funny - look how quirky I am!" go to face. It works for Zooey Deschanel - not so much for insecure homewreckers.

No. 841529

Literally making the soyboy face lmao.

No. 841530

I used to know a girl who made this face all the time who was definitely the uwu i'm not like OTHER girls type. Thankfully she seems to have grown out of it but Holly is thirty whatever and seems emotionally stunted and stuck in high school

No. 841531

That's what I thought, too. He looks completely exhausted. Not physically, per se. He looks drained (yeah, I understand that attending a con can be crazy, but this seems kinda different).
I'd almost feel bad for him if he didn't have so much stacked against him.

Holly isn't a witch: she's a goddamn emotional vampire.
The only person's emotional well-being that matters is her own. We can clearly see that in her previous exploits.

No. 841532


>She's a goddamn emotional vampire

She wants to suck something from Jared, but it ain't his blood…

No. 841534

File: 1563705338228.png (97.44 KB, 350x387, 76BB5C3C-E0FC-4CE5-A513-FCE9D8…)

I’ve never watched an episode of DCA and I don’t know if I can bear to but is Strix as obnoxious as Holly portrays her to be in every single pic I’ve seen of her cosplaying this character? From character descriptions and fanart I assumed Strix to be more of a ‘dark’ character or at least more unsociable and withdrawn, but Holly makes her look like the annoying fuzzy animal sidekick in a kids’ movie.

Meanwhile Jared looks like a cross between an earthworm and a Babblong. Fascinating how they both chose to abuse and then ditch their much more attractive and likeable partners for each other.

No. 841536


You know how they say that abused kids tend to grow up and find equally abusive partners?

That's how Jared and Holly have found each other when their first marriages crashed and burned - They're both equally abusive and awful , while Heidi and Ross are sweethearts.

No. 841544

File: 1563709070785.jpg (55.39 KB, 1023x682, 1558280680626.jpg)

Ross is a perfect cute nerd husbando.(we have seen this image enough, thank you)

No. 841545


That's what I'm saying - Ross is the epitome of a Really Chill Dude™ and Heidi is pretty chill herself.

Jared and Holly are terrible people, judging by everything they've done (and how they continue to react, at least on Holly's end). It makes sense that Holly and Jared would look at their good partners and be bored, but would look at their equally awful counterpart and be into it.

No. 841555

probably drained "by his own demons"… Hoelly is a soul-sucker but he probably has issues up to his beak. She's just the molting cherry on top

No. 841563

what awkward photos. Jared's 1000-miles-stare and Great Value adventurer costume (thanks, anon) standing either stiffly in the background or lost in the front and probably another plane of existence entirely and sporting a soulless smile, Holly's autistic expression only having eyes for him in the first, blending into the background and looking like a blind granny demoness on drugs (the lantern is nice though) and Anna is a noble show-woman from Vegas with a scruffy, plastic bleach-blonde wig and too heavy make-up either third-wheeling them or being awkwardly sandwiched between them.

No. 841574

File: 1563718826006.jpg (668.53 KB, 2048x2048, DV8UwVtVoAATY4b.jpg)

it keeps happening

No. 841582


Does she have a normal smiling photo?

No. 841587

the hell of it is, even her normal unsmiling face is miles better than whatever this autistic shit is
i'd tell holly to love herself but what's the point? she hates everyone else too much

No. 841588


>i'd tell Holly to love herself but what's the point? She hates everyone else too much

The kicker is that she claims to have this "woe is me" attitude because everyone hates her, when in reality, everyone hates her BECAUSE of this attitude.

No. 841595

Holy shit anon he is literally a Babblong

Didn't Holly hate Jessica at one point too? Jessica seems to be the more conventionally attractive out of her friends, everyone else looks very homely. Holy shit… she's exactly like other cow narcs like Nemu, always befriending ugly people to make herself feel better and the prettier ones she'll talk smack about behind their backs, but then act like they're BFFs.

No. 841605

File: 1563724535840.jpg (218.97 KB, 500x704, anna_prosser_miss_oregon_sc2_i…)

Never 5get that Anna Prosser was Miss Oregon too, lmao. Considering her reaction to the blonde shepard being more popular than the black haired one was
>this is just like highschool!!! the popular blonde girl wins!!! waaaah
because she thought the one with black hair looked like her, I can't even BEGIN to imagine the whining and insecurity she was having behind the scenes. Wonder if that played into it at all? Like Jared sitting next to both of them and still paying any attention at all to Holly is probably all he needed to do?

Also how mad is she that Anna turned out to be a cheating homewrecker as well and seems to have had little to no consequence vs Holly. I bet she's fuming
>This is just like highschool!!! The popular pretty girl wins!!! and I get bullied!!! waaaah
and doesn't think her horrible attitude comes into play at all.

No. 841611

File: 1563725338619.png (1.49 MB, 1152x1436, 988dcb5cc.png)

It's 1000% this.

No. 841612

Luckily she has having an affair with the other dude. But I do wonder how much she limited discussion between Jared and Anna. To be a fly on the walls of DCA privately.

No. 841615

I’ve been talking in the discord server. Trying to fool them in getting Reddit verification

No. 841617


i don't know anything about how discord works so pardon the stupid questions. can you see the files/conversations that have been shared before you joined? also, can you see the member list and is holly on it?

No. 841620

Strix is basically a trash gremlin, she isn't withdrawn per se but more socially inept, terrified of most people in a way, and reacts to most external stresses by screeching and panicking. She also hates herself very deeply and she doesn't hide that at all. She'd be an annoying sidekick if she was friendly, which she's not. So yes, pretty obnoxious. I found her bearable in the first "season" but knowing what I know now taints a lot of what I considered funny back then, and her relationship with Diath who she was only good friends with at that point in the story.

No. 841621

The Social Network deserved to exist as a movie just because it contains those lines

No. 841624

Yes, when you're added to a channel you have access to everything that has ever been posted there. And yes, you can see everyone who is currently a member of that channel. The only thing you can't see is if a person isn't part of the channel anymore and never posted or deleted all their posts.

No. 841625

Have we ever seen Anna and Jared together without Holly? I don't think she lets them be alone at all.

You realize the mods of the Discord/Reddit lurk here, right?

Also there is a new post on PJ2 filled with incel logic and digging up LJ posts of Heidi from high school. The op even talks about how he trusts no women.

No. 841637

anon, be careful when revealing this, they lurk here(this isn't a chatroom)

No. 841640

You idiots need to stop announcing your attempts on getting info from the flying monkey club. Just spill the milk when you find it and let their paranoia build from wondering who the leak is.

No. 841644

File: 1563729563967.jpg (Spoiler Image,121.85 KB, 384x571, Holly_Strix.jpg)

Holly submitted the most unflattering Strix picture of herself to an article where she knew she'd be featured with more attractive cosplayers, like Chloe Dykstra. Spoilered because no one will want to look at it more than once.

It's obvious she compensates for her insecurities by making her DCA self-insert ugly. Then criticisms of her looks in Strix cosplay become praise for doing such a good job playing "Let's Pretend I'm an Ugly Trash Witch (When Really I'm Cute UwU). If she's not in cosplay, then she compensates with the ridiculous "I'm too quirky to smile and look straight at the camera" faces.

No. 841648

These comments didn’t stop feeling like a transparent attempt at being baited into joining a discord by white knights between the failed thread and this one.

No. 841649

Can you stop talking about getting in the discord you are shitting up the thread. Either give the milk or shut up flying monkey.

No. 841653

>one comment saying they're in the discord
>five comments saying "don't announce this"
>"you are shitting up the thread"
never change, lolcow

however i would love to know if there are any screenshots/caps/texts shared on discord that haven't made it out in public yet. also if holly is a member of it, and if so, how often does she interact with the members

No. 841664

Love especially the
>you are shitting up the thread. Either give the milk or shut up flying monkey.
post isn’t saged. Poetic cinema.

No. 841700

This is even too kind because her character is either
1. Cowering in fear
2. Screaming in fear
3. Yelling about making pies
4. Being gross aka trash witch

No. 841708

I thought you were talking about Holly but then I went back and saw that you said Strix. Strix really is nothing but a self-insert. Girl doesn't have a creative bone in her body.

She looks like an embarrassing grandma chaperoning her daughter to prom.

It is pretty autistic to announce that you're baiting in a place where the people you're baiting will see.

No. 841733

File: 1563741992094.jpg (1.16 MB, 3024x4032, 5mtx07ku2ob31.jpg)

Huh. Seems she's attempted to exploit emotionally vulnerable people for her own gain before. Fancy that.

Maybe that's why she claimed to only ever be attracted to Jared and not her own husband. It's because Jared probably gave in (or led her to believe he gave in) to her every whim and went along with whatever she wanted to do. She likes having power over people weaker than her, because she herself is so phenomenally mentally and emotionally fragile.
It seems like anyone who corrects her, challenges her, or calls her out on her own shortcomings or misdeeds gets demonized in her own mind.

Besides, if Jared was being so "abused" in his relationship with Heidi, you try to help them out and get them to a better place. You do NOT have sex with a confused & emotionally vulnerable person trying to leave a relationship. Unless you're a fuckin' monster.

Think about it: she essentially is continuously admitting that she took advantage of an abuse victim.

No. 841738

>Besides, if Jared was being so "abused" in his relationship with Heidi, you try to help them out and get them to a better place. You do NOT have sex with a confused & emotionally vulnerable person trying to leave a relationship. Unless you're a fuckin' monster.

Heidi called her out on THAT early on but Holly's fans ignored the heck out of it.

No. 841741


But don't you know? You must free a man sexually in order to rescue him from his bitch of a wife! uwu


No. 841757

File: 1563745734736.jpg (152.81 KB, 1200x1657, clownin.jpg)

The discord is very boring, just a bunch of wk's sucking Holly and Jareds dick. They did recently ban the clown emoji though.

No. 841764

File: 1563746899394.png (26.8 KB, 564x341, HeidiGoingToCourt.png)

Odd how barren the discord apparently is when you see WKs saying shit like this like it's definitely going to happen…

No. 841794


I'd like to know what kinda shit they have on Heidi that proves that she's 100% the perpetrator in this situation, since they act like they're so sure that what they have on her is absolutely going to bury her.

No. 841796

It's been like 2 and a half months and most people have forgotten about it by now. If they had the dirt they would have dished it when it was relevant. Plus many people still associate Jared as 'pedo creep' so IDK how they're gonna win with anything

No. 841802


Unless of course this is all just another way to gaslight Heidi into having a public breakdown; notice how they're keeping tabs on her s, since they know how 'mean' she looks when she's upset.

We're watching a bunch of grown-ass people torment a broken & traumatized woman here. I hope that Holly & Jared realize that.

No. 841809

I have a feeling Haggy keeps the circle directly interacting with her very small and those pawns share with others privileged enough. She knows how to handle her flying monkeys, I'll give her that.

No. 841840

I'm sure Jared and Holly do realise that, which is why they're fine with saying nothing.

No. 841845


And they'll have to live with that for the rest of their life knowing that they did this to, not just her, but several others. They can try their hardest to convince themselves that they didn't, but they know they did.

No. 841862

Holly didnt exactly keep quiet, Holly's fake uwu mental health persona cracked and showed her true abusive self who clearly is not mentally stable with control issues and not respecting boundaries. Holly likes to blame Heidi for all her problems, no Holly you made yourself look bad. If she was smart she would of had went to a PR firm in the beginning to handle her mess but probably wouldn't allow that because of her control issues plus she probably thinks she could manipulate people like she always done in the past.

No. 841865

Speaking of, guess who's divorce is final tomorrow…

No. 841866

File: 1563756460980.jpg (904.1 KB, 1200x800, diath-featured.jpg)

No. 841868

That’s what I mean. Holly carries this “uwu ugly hag” persona and then is surprised that everyone thinks of her as little more than an ugly hag

No. 841869

File: 1563757088916.jpg (43.01 KB, 630x630, 3991953_0.jpg)

How does Propedo's face legit look like the moon emoji?

Also, holly is always pulling such retarded faces. those two lying, cheating uggos belong together

No. 841870

Heidi or Holly's? Either way, Heidi and Ross get to try their best to move on and found better people. They both deserve better. Wish nothing but the best for them after dealing with this traumatic experience.

No. 841871


Holly's. Ross will finally be legally free from her!

No. 841876

File: 1563757925140.jpg (47.43 KB, 400x300, IMG_2583.JPG)

The moon doesn't have a nose like Jared's. Holly thinks by degrading her appearance it means she is homely therefore innocent, when there are plenty of people who are just ugly inside and out.

No. 841879

I think Anna's ex husband just died

No. 841880

Not sure how relevant this is- it is somewhat DCA related…

Geoff Robinson (Anna Prosser's ex-husband) just died after a "sudden illness". He wasn't that old- apparently 33.
Seemed like they were still amicable after separating in Oct 2018.

Kinda shocking, didn't know much about the dude but it always sucks to hear somebody so young has passed.

No. 841881

File: 1563758920905.png (60.32 KB, 591x581, 9874981.png)

So I know this is technically mostly a Holly thread and sorta DCA, I feel this somewhat fits. If not, sorry. Geoff (Anna Prosser's ex) has died suddenly.

No. 841882

File: 1563759042423.jpg (571.29 KB, 1080x1852, 20190722_022945.jpg)

Anna's Instagram post regarding Geoff

No. 841902

wow, holy shit that's tragic. Don't think we'll be hearing anything related to anna anytime soon.

No. 841904

Looking forward to Holly making this about her

No. 841905

File: 1563761025127.png (79.58 KB, 604x640, RIPGeoffRobinson.png)

No. 841910

they were all friends from the looks of it, since all of their significant others were in DCA and well.. yeah you know.

No. 841911

File: 1563761338182.png (49.36 KB, 452x432, ChristinaVee1.png)

This seems to have deeply affected Christina

No. 841912

They probably became close in the aftermath of their respective spouses doing the horizontal mambo together.

No. 841913

If that's true, then I'm glad they were all able to console one-another.

No. 841915


Him, Heidi, and Cristina were a support system for each other after their partners cheated on them. Her response is really sad. This whole thing is sad. He was a beloved figure in esports. Starcraft specifically.

No. 841916


yup, they all started following each other and liking each others posts when shit hit the fan, as well as just supporting each others work/hobbies.

No. 841921

File: 1563762556194.jpg (479.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190721-212805_Twi…)

jfc, this is just so, so sad.

No. 841924


Friendly reminder that Dan Pirro went after this poor woman too…

No. 841926

Nice fucking going, Dan.

No. 841929

Jesus H., that's just so sad. My heart breaks for Cristina right now

No. 841930

No doubt they were trying to bring down Geoff next. They've tried to attack every public figure who has supported Heidi thus far.

No. 841935


>"We didn't get our happy endings"

Fuck. That solidifies this >>841912

No. 841940

dear god, this is terrible. i can imagine this poor woman's grief, i hope her other friends are there for her

dan has a fucking problem. he's on holly's twitter day in and day out literally telling people he'd "be in line for pissing on their corpse" while hoping she fucks him some happy day. he's starting to look like a fucking sociopath.

No. 841943

>literally telling people he'd "be in line for pissing on their corpse"

That was actually that Matt Lawson dude, the one who has the two twitter accounts and is usually more offensive on the other one. But yeah, still crossed one hell of a line with that one.

No. 841951


No. 841955

oh - my bad anon! they're all beginning to merge into one malevolent entity with how they all sound literally the fucking same


it's up on holly's "pigeon shat on me" tweet

No. 841961

really says a lot how heidi has a supportive friend circle and holly has jack shit. really makes me think.

No. 841965

File: 1563765607272.jpg (263.5 KB, 946x2048, EACsecrU8AEVmyf.jpg)


Cristina seems to have been friends with him or close with him since before all of this drama went down and prior to the divorces. No one was divorced yet as of Feb of this year, right?

No. 841967

File: 1563765696807.jpg (184.87 KB, 946x2048, EACsecrUYAAy5NP (1).jpg)

And another from Feb 14th

I actually feel WORSE for Cristina now because it seems like their friendship was genuine and not just a product of a cheating spouse support group.

No. 841970

File: 1563765811772.jpg (283.35 KB, 1080x1005, Screenshot_20190721-202256_Twi…)

Wow, these guys have no tact huh?

No. 841973


Well they learn it from the best

Has holly posted? I’m waiting for her to make this all about her

No. 841976

File: 1563766096856.png (71.32 KB, 603x595, Anna.PNG)

With how unfiltered and quick-to-tweet Cristina is when she's in the heat of the moment… I find it somewhat telling that she isn't going after Anna for tweeting about this (like we would expect to see with Holly/Heidi). It makes me wonder if maybe Anna hadn't been cheating on her husband; but Nate had unrequited feelings that Cristina found out about or something.

I'd expect Cristina to have gone on a tirade against Anna about her tweets regarding Geoff given how visibly upset Cristina is at his passing.

No. 841980

Cristina may be unfiltered but I think she has more than enough tact to not make her dear friends death a spectacle about his ex wife cheating on him.

No. 841981

>> 841965

Jfc, my heart breaks for her… this is absolutely awful. What a terrible way to find out your friend has died (from what's been said, it sounds like they were more than acquaintances?). I wonder why nobody contacted her directly before making it public-public.

No. 841983

I don't know… she publicly tweeted about Nate/Anna immediately after the Holly/Heidi/Jared news broke. She doesn't seem to be one to hold her tongue in any circumstance when she's heated; even if she deletes the tweets moments later.

No. 841984

Anna and Geoff announced their divorce in October. A little while after Holly and Ross announced theirs and around when Jared claimed he tried to leave Heidi. Cristina and Nate were already broken up I believe.

No. 841985


It’s possible that she just got missed in the fray. When notifying people of someone’s death, it’s real easy for a handful of people to get missed in the notifications

No. 841986

That's pretty different than someone dying. Going after your shitty ex for cheating on you is one thing. Bringing it up after your friend dies is another.

No. 841987

Cristina has plenty to keep her occupied. She’s heartbroken. Keep in mind it took Heidi coming out for Cristina to come after Anna even under the table. This “Cristina is explosive” narrative makes no sense.

No. 841990

"Explosive" isn't the right word. "Unfiltered" is more what I would say. I've followed her for a long time (before any of this ever came to light) and I've seen TONS of times where she'll go into these "stream of consciousness" tweets about one issue or another; which usually ends in her deleting a lot afterwards. It isn't exclusive to just drama or negative things, either. She just NEVER seems to hesitate tweeting out EXACTLY what she is thinking at any point in time.

Though, another thing that I'm kind of noticing is the similar phrasing between Anna's statement >>841976 and the statement on Geoff's page >>841881 - It almost feels like Anna might have written it. I wonder if they were actually still somewhat close or at least cordial.

No. 842005

She was still his wife, right? I don’t think the divorce would have been final yet. It wouldn’t surprise me that she’d know ahead of people.
That said, her statements felt… scripted? Idk it may just be in comparison to Cristina’s but hers sounded like.. obligatory. I hope I’m not projecting?

No. 842009

>MLP Icon
>degenerate male


No. 842015

you're not alone in thinking her statement seems perfunctory. that said, it's not really fair to judge only based on this, because she seems a larger/more public personality than the other DCA numbskulls, and far far more adept at PR. sure the statement seems calculated but being a public personality usually means you put out statements more like this and less like "i was proteeecting a friiieenndd uwuu"

i mean, i totally understand cristina's grief, and it's a terrible, terrible thing to see her publicly break down like this, but had she had someone managing her public image i doubt that's the kind of tweets she would be sending out

No. 842016


Has anyone looked up the date of their divorce?

No. 842023

File: 1563769940510.jpeg (722.82 KB, 1125x1454, 11F2D7F9-500C-40DB-9879-ACB889…)

More obvious things that show that Strix is a self-insert and Holly is self-absorbed.

It feels lifeless (no shitty pun intended) and unfeeling but we can’t imagine what Anna may be possibly going through. She may be devastated, she might not care. It probably was written by a PR agent.

No. 842028

>"not the time" to post a respectful message when a friend dies
time to order more tendies from your mom upstairs.

No. 842031

I agree with this. She's nice, but she definitely tweets everything she feels.

What I want to know, is if this will prompt jared into coming out of hiding and tweeting. This was his coworker's husband after all.

No. 842032

Tbh it seems like they are trying to mirror the reaction people had when Holly responded to the Etika suicide? Except they are obviously too stupid to realize that this is different given Heidi actually knew the man and isn't using it for personal gain in an unrelated situation like Holly and the "clown emoji" argument.

No. 842033

in WHAT way was this statement "not the time" ?? She KNEW him?? And I bet these fucks defended holly during the etika fiasco.

No. 842034


I think the person saying "not the time" is responding to the one going "Ok"

No. 842037

Yeah, the "Not the time" guy is saying that to the dude who said "Ok".

No. 842043

This is a horrible loss for all involved.

Between her irrational need to make everything about herself and today being the divorce finalization date, Holly is sure to make this an absolute shit show of a day, that’s for sure.

No. 842057

I'm wondering that too. Even Ross had something to say, and I don't think he had as clear of a connection to him as Jared or Holly. (Unless behind the scenes.)

Sickening, but if Jared wants to break his silence, this would be the perfect opportunity for him because it'd be somewhat of a shield from the hate.

Whether genuine or his own gain, I wouldn't be surprised to hear from Jared on this.

No. 842059

File: 1563774925453.png (426.17 KB, 587x655, damn.PNG)

Damn seeing how upset she is really hurts. I had no idea they were so close…

No. 842062

File: 1563775273385.png (67.41 KB, 605x599, ross_anna.PNG)

Ross even responded to Anna's post.

The only people who have yet to issue a statement (that I assume knew Geoff in a similar capacity) are Jared, Holly, and Nate. Though Jared hasn't tweeted in over a month and Nate rarely uses Twitter. Really REALLY shocked we haven't heard from Holly yet though. Maybe she has more spite towards Anna (and Heidi supporters like Cristina) than she lets on.

No. 842063

I did notice one of the photos Cristina shared was from Valentine's Day. It's sweet that they came together on probably their first Valentine's alone since their partners left.

No. 842064

there's no way holly is going to tweet, i bet you anything she's "got PTSD from the last time i tried to be kind about someone's death UWU"

No. 842065

You're giving her a LOT of credit

No. 842066

at this point, her twitter is an incessant cycle of 1. generating drama and 2. trying her hardest to distance herself from said drama. even an absolute moron would learn after 2 months of the same drill kek
it's shitty as fuck to not pay condolences for the death of someone you knew just to avoid backlash, but it's all she's got at the moment so i'm like 90% sure she'll cling to it

but hey if she proves me wrong, more milk for us, yes?

No. 842068

Absolutely. I'd be VERY surprised if we don't see a tweet from her in the next 12-24 hours. My bet is on a vaguetweet along the lines of "uwu really sucks that I can't even tweet about the loss of a friend because the internet hate machine will crucify me for making it about me uwu"

No. 842070

Where do I put money on that?

No. 842071

She's obviously a very skilled manipulator. She's been practicing since childhood, and clearly hasn't learned (through therapy and personal growth) that it's not okay to treat other people like shit just out of personal insecurity.

Geoff wasn't a woman, though. incels don't care about tearing down other men. only the women who have "wronged" them by embracing their own sexual autonomy and rejecting their creepy advances.

>my valentine
ouch. I don't know anything about him, but this one really hit. I feel so bad.

No. 842073

Jared shouldn't say shit right now if he is smart. It'd take the attention away from Geoff's death and it'd be incredibly transparent of him to try and take advantage of a tragedy.

No. 842076

He would get obliterated if he tried. Because he's already tried to manipulate the public, people will assume that he's using his friend's death to worm his way back into the spotlight.

No. 842090

I don't really want to have to say this but I kind of feel bad using Geoff's sudden death to push this stupid shitshow. I was a big follower of Geoff even before I knew about Anna and everyone else, and he always seemed like such a genuinely nice guy. It seems wrong to use his name like this.

No. 842091


I imagine it'll be more like "Geoff, it's a really rough day today and I could really use your support, but you're gone now and I'm all alone"

Y'know, find a way to work in the divorce and somehow turn Geoff's death into something affecting her and only her (even if the two spoke mere words to each other over the years, she'll make it seem like he was OH SO IMPORTANT to her)

No. 842094

To use his name like what? No one's doing anything and most of the conversation is about Cristina's grief. There's nothing wrong with that.

No. 842095

I mean to use his name to add and theorize about what next inevitable fuck up Holly or Jared are going to pull out of their asses. It's a fresh wound. Feels counterproductive for a guy who seems like he was close friends with these clowns.

No. 842096

Alright, yeah, actually it's going kind of off-topic. Let's keep this thread back on track.

No. 842097

You're right, it is fucked up. However, at least one of the two you mentioned has already used someone's death (also tragic) to make herself look better, so it's not too out of place to assume that she would do it again. I don't think that Jared will, but Holly is already guilty of it.

No. 842098

Yeah, I'm at least glad Hoelly at least had at least one braincell to delete those tweets. It's the least she could do. It'd definitely be hilarious if she hasn't learned her lesson, though.

No. 842099


I wouldn't say "hilarious", but it would definitely be par for the course with her antics.

Nevertheless, as cheesy as it sounds, my thoughts are with those who actually KNEW Geoff because, from the sounds of it, he was actually a pretty great guy and will be missed.

No. 842100

Sounds like they were all pretty close. I'll give them that. Must have had the patience of a saint.

No. 842105

Heidi made a tweet saying she should have messaged Geoff. Did anybody catch that? She deleted it.

No. 842108

What did she mean by "she should've messaged Geoff"?

No. 842109

Don't know. I just remember reading it. It was in response to something, but it wasn't connected to Heidi's original response to the news. An old conversation?

No. 842110


It could also just be the words of someone who just lost a friend - sort of a “we should have talked more” kind of thing

No. 842111

What'd she delete?

No. 842120

File: 1563786513229.jpeg (33.25 KB, 500x370, A52673F7-3F2B-46F0-AFD2-1D3636…)

How is it off topic? DCA’s a part of the thread, and obviously Holly and Jared were wrapped up in all the cheating.

I totally get where you’re coming from, but at the same time there are elements of this thread that are a complete anomaly for this website. Like, this place hates everyone, but to see everyone so vehemently rally around and support Heidi is….dare I say, heartwarming? Comforting? Same with this situation, rallying around and supporting those who cared about this person who seemed to have been much loved and certainly didn’t deserve what he had to go through. The fact that farmers see and are moved by two people connecting over a traumatic situation is again…a heartwarming anomaly. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this site so protective of people,
and ready to pounce at those who try to disrupt the necessary healing (and now mourning) process.I don’t think we should try and limit that empathetic vibe. Anyways, pic related (this thread, currently)

No. 842122

This is heartbreaking. One of the only worse things than finding out a close friend has died is learning it from a public announcement on Twitter.

No. 842124

Fuck, I'm actually tearing up. They obviously relied on each other after their breakups to convince each other they could find happiness again and to have that ripped from underneath them is absolutely tragic.

No. 842128

If they were in divorce proceedings, it makes sense that Anna would have already drifted away from him emotionally and be less deeply affected than a close friend. Plus, you're comparing very different stages of grief. Anna likely knew as soon as he passed, and maybe knew before that that he was hospitalized and in critical condition. She's had time to go through the denial phase. Cristina was tweeting right as she found out and was in a denial and panic state. People also deal with grief differently. Overall I don't think it's fair to judge Anna's emotional state on the few tweets making up her statement.

No. 842130

The one where she says she wish they could have gotten to know each other better?

No. 842134

I didn't see it but it's not like I was constantly refreshing Heidi's tweets. I first checked Geoff's twitter when this >>841879 posted here and just later saw one tweet from Heidi that's still there.

No. 842139

File: 1563790836157.jpg (24.86 KB, 539x154, 35.JPG)

>me being alive is enough, uwu

No. 842141

All the tweets pertaining to Etika. Wonder if she'll be smarter about it this time.

No. 842142


If holly has an IQ of at least 1, she’ll keep her “woe is me” mouth shut today.

Unfortunately, after seeing how she handled Etika’s Death (and she didn’t even know him), I don’t have a lot of hope for that

No. 842148

This stuff applies to people who are actually ok human beings, not piece of shit homewrecking abusers. You're not entitled to being loved because you ~exist~. If you treat people like garbage then they will dislike you. She's so hellbent on the idea that other people HAVE to forgive her and HAVE to accept her, or they're bad and wrong.

No. 842152


They were together for 13 years and she cheated on him months before his sudden death. That's gotta be affecting her emotionally.

He was streaming Friday night and didn't let on that anything was wrong, so it seems unlikely he was hospitalized. Did he ever talk about health issues? This whole thing is weird, fuck.

No. 842158

Do you think it could be mental health related? Sorry, my mind gravitated there when I first heard of his death but I didn't want to bring it up. It could be just a sudden health issue like a heart attack since heart attacks are the most common in sudden health related deaths.

No. 842162


Yeah, I do. His family was religious and he had a strong dedication to keeping up appearances. Even when he was deeply suffering internally.

Maybe it's an illness like they said. But without details, it sounds like a cover story. 33-year-olds don't suddenly drop dead very often and it always seemed like Geoff was a healthy guy.

No. 842182

I don't think it's right to theorize about his cause of death. What's said is said. Let'd just give him the respect he deserves imo

No. 842184

can i ask why? this moralfagging is a bit much

i don't see what's wrong with wondering how a healthy and active thirty-something is suddenly very dead

No. 842185

File: 1563806540273.png (280.89 KB, 1256x1070, fuck off wk.png)

and of course

No. 842186

Nayrt but I agree with >>842182 to an extent, not judging anyone but it just feels disrespectful personally to speculate about it. His family likely have their reasons to keep it at "sudden illness". I don't want to pry further.

No. 842188

Hoelly's WKs manage to be even trashier and more disrespectful than her. How can they look themselves in the eye in the mirror after saying things like that?

No. 842191

File: 1563807099293.jpg (230 KB, 1178x1049, holly.jpg)

the trash bitch has been online.

No. 842194

Of course she has. She's smart to keep her mouth shut this time, if only her rabid WKs had the sense to do the same.

No. 842202


It's fine to wonder - It's another to publicly speculate when they've been dead for less than 24 hours. Give the family and friends some time to grieve without running off with "Well, was it suicide?? DID THEY OFF THEMSELVES???"

That shit ain't cool and is borderline Holly wk territory of insensitive.


She needs to leave her mouth shut. This isn't the time to make herself be the center of attention if she ever has hope of having a career or friends in the industry again.

No. 842216

Yeah this time I don’t really fault her. Best to share her condolences privately. If there’s any chance she comes off as selfcentered and shitty in private at least nobody should bother her on Twitter.

No. 842217

Good. It's one thing she's done right.

No. 842219

File: 1563809813453.png (25.28 KB, 597x195, Screenshot_147.png)


>Nobody should bother her on Twitter

Nah, they're all too busy harassing Heidi for expressing sorrow. One of the first comments I saw was this one

No. 842222

What a fucking asshole, holy shit.

No. 842231

File: 1563810606557.png (32.21 KB, 579x290, Screenshot_148.png)

Fuck me running, she's actually doing it.

She's actually doing the "woe is me" shit while her friends are mourning the death of another friend.

Holly has hit new levels of scumbaggery and is possibly the worst person I've seen in a very long time.

No. 842233

wait what's the context, can you post the thread?

No. 842234

File: 1563810712151.png (78.07 KB, 615x629, Screenshot_149.png)

No. 842236

I get that they're referencing the Etika incident, but jesus christ, today is NOT the day for the "I'M SO SORRY, I'M SO DISAPPOINTED IN MYSELF" routine.

Shut the fuck up and just support someone that isn't you for once, Holly.

No. 842240

>I made a shitty apology. That means you can't be mad at me anymore

no one owes you forgiveness for anything, Holly. If the only reason you apologize is because you want/expect to be forgiven, it's not a real apology. You say you're sorry because you feel sorry for hurting peoole. Those people are allowed to remain upset for however long they want, because you still HURT them. The apology doesn't mean the hurt should just go away. You're being manipulative.

No. 842243


Plus apologies don't mean shit when you continue to do stupid shit without thinking and then think that as long as you apologize later, it's all okay.

You have to learn to not be such a dumbass later, and it's clear that Holly hasn't learned that lesson and clearly doesn't even have a shred of sympathy for what anyone else is going through besides herself.

No. 842244


I’m surprised she didn’t go back to “I have mental illness” excuse

No. 842245


Give it time, the day isn't over yet.

Someone with as little self awareness as she is will definitely run a little long at the mouth eventually

No. 842247


True true

Do we have a bingo card of her excuses she loves to use?

No. 842251

File: 1563812042373.png (83.4 KB, 647x349, Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 12.0…)

Do you even know what you're apologizing about, Holly? You said it yourself that apologizing just to placate "is not sincere or kind." Of course people aren't going to believe you if you don't actually take responsibility for the apology.

No. 842255

File: 1563813241484.png (112.85 KB, 837x611, bingo.png)


Look at that, we all have several bingos.

No. 842256

File: 1563813299921.png (32.74 KB, 614x312, Screenshot_150.png)

>Well, I asked them to stop once - that applies forever, right?

Fuck off, Holly. Not today, genius.

No. 842257

It's like she honestly thinks we don't all know that Dan was going to release a fuckton of evidence AGAINST Holly

No. 842258

File: 1563813538646.png (281.22 KB, 1224x1198, Screenshot 2019-07-22 at 10.07…)

yo can we stop tipping?
just because farmers weren't impressed with the discord announcement doesn't mean you go running off to holly to try and shake her.

No. 842263


I mean, if you want to go after Holly, go for it - but bringing up the discord is like continuously tapping a dry well.

No. 842273


Can confirm. It's boring as hell with the same WK pandering that we've all heard before. Nothing going down that we don't know of. Plus it's basically the same bE kInD shit. They banned the clown emoji, ffs. Move on.

No. 842274

ngl I think if Heidi is allowed to comment back on people saying this kinda stuff to her then Holly does too, I don't think she's really doing anything wrong here. She wasn't the one to bring it up this time.

No. 842275


>She's really doing anything wrong here

Besides once again playing the martyr - but yeah, I guess that counts as doing nothing wrong.

No. 842276


Anon's got a point. We get it, Holly, you're fucking opressed. We got other shit to deal with.

No. 842277

I'm kinda surprised Holly hasn't acknowledged Geoff's death at all. Not even a support tweet to Anna. Tinfoily, but considering her and Anna got matching divorces, I wouldn't be surprised if Holly somehow vilified Geoff and claimed he was abusive to Anna too. It is her M.O. She probably shipped Anna and Nate's characters too hard also.

No. 842278


She probably learned her lesson from last time and kept it under wraps this time. For once.

No. 842280


For now. Narcissists always have a way of bringing any situation right back to themselves.

No. 842283

Oh my god. The discord again. Whoever the fuck is cowtipping, fuck off.

No. 842284

she did say she was only sorry about her timing when she jumped on Etika's death. not that she shouldn't have said anything at all. So she's probably just going to wait a few days to a week before making it about her. she doesn't see anything wrong with that, just the ~timing~

No. 842285


Holly may just be spending the time to triple check what she’s going to tweet won’t be too awful sounding

Normally I’d be fine with that but if you have to spend this much time to express condolences…

No. 842292


Right? It takes all of two seconds to type "So sorry to hear of Geoff's passing. He will be greatly missed, my thoughts are with his friends and family"

Who has to take 7-14 hours to think of that??

No. 842294


Someone who's incapable of writing a sentence that doesn't refer to themselves.

No. 842296

They probably told her not to considering that shit with Etika.

No. 842298


Since when has Holly ever done as someone else asked? I mean, Heidi asked her to not fuck her husband and look how that one worked out.

Holly does whatever the fuck she wants and then expects everyone else to clean up the destruction she leaves behind.

No. 842303

was it on the same conversation thread? all tweets after holly's are gone

No. 842304


It was, but I think they got spooked into deleting it. Denica and her crew gunned HARD for them and now most of the posts are gone and apology post is on their twitter

No. 842305

OMFG you summerfags this is the reason you don't cowtip. making people like dan, jessica, denica look better than you - i hope you're proud!
>do not prod the cattle
>observe from a distance
>harvest milk
it's not that hard lol

No. 842309


Cowtipping is bad, but not nearly as bad as defending a pedophile. At least the tipper still has that advantage.

No. 842316

File: 1563818733852.png (89.55 KB, 467x504, Capture _2019-07-22-13-03-21.p…)

The zabb account doesn't exist anymore, but people are still going. I understand people want answers but Holly isn't going to respond to anything honestly anyways.

No. 842317


People are just incredibly sick of the "I'm a good person! I asked them to stop making fun of her once! I'm totally sorry and deserve harassment :( " schtick.

No. 842320

not to mention this kind of legitimizes her wolf-cries of "harassment!"
this helps no one and it's kind of a rather scummy thing to do, just making fake accounts day in and out to bombard someone who doesn't address you while you're instead forced to apologize to her watchdogs.
i know this is lolcow but still kek

No. 842324


The whole thing is ridiculous at this point. If you want to confront Holly, I get it - but creating account after account each time a new one gets blocked or called out is such overkill.

No. 842328

If anything can come out of the recent death of someone close, it's a chance for some introspection for certain people.

I'm glad Holly at least spoke up to one of her WKs, (Instead of just going "We don't know him" like cowardly Dan over there)
If she really did tell all these people to stop harassing Heidi weeks ago, then that makes all these WKs look really scummy & only proves that they really don't have Holly & Jared's best interests in mind.

No. 842330

some farmers feel the need to defend heidi and prove holly wrong. i get it.
however, that is not what lolcow is for. the site, let alone this thread, is not the heidi defense squad. heidi is a grown ass woman who can defend herself. holly is a grown ass woman who can defend herself. we are all just spectators enjoying the bumpy ride.

No. 842331


I don't buy her "but I asked them to stop!" routine. The way I see it, if she didn't really want to get into it with Heidi, she wouldn't have unblocked her on twitter and then immediately shared that bullshit biased video so that she knew Heidi would see it.

No. 842339


Oh I agree, she most likely said it just for the sake of going "See? I told them not to do it, so it's NOT my fault! uwu"

…But if these WKs even care about making Holly & Jared look good, then they'd stop harassing people & acting like they're officially speaking on her behalf. Aside from it looking embarrassing as hell, it makes Holly look like she's only pretending to be 'over it' when she's actually instructing them in-private (Which Jared's apparently been doing given the Unogirl-shitshow)

No. 842340

I guess I'm still surprised that Holly hasn't mentioned the divorce being finalized even once yet.

On one hand, I'm glad she isn't trying to make Geoff's death about her - or trying to "steal the spotlight", so to speak, back to herself.

On the other hand, I'm just waiting for that shoe to drop.

No. 842341

She had an open campaign calling Heidi a liar, horrible person, "unfixable," mentally ill (ironically), and an outright abuser. Now suddenly she didn't ask for all this animosity directed toward's Heidi? Huh? BU….BUUUUUUUT…SHE DID IT FOR TRUTH.

No. 842342

File: 1563820580757.png (64.58 KB, 759x259, mentallyill1.png)


C'mon now, you remember the cardinal get-out-of-jail free card, Anon

No. 842344


Well, don't forget that she & her WKs have been pushing the idea that she & Ross have been "Broken up since February 2018", so I doubt she'd want to bring up anything about her divorce in general.

No. 842348


I don't know, she still brings up her Mom every chance she can work it into the "I've been abused before, that's why I'm mentally ill now!" conversation, and that was YEARS ago.

No. 842363


Ross still doesn't follow Heidi though…

No. 842365

People on KF keep bringing up Heidi's "relationship" with Nulyu and I firmly believe that relationship was entirely half assed and basically just Heidi giving her close friend moral support and hope. Nulyu is a fakeboi, I think we all know about how desperate a lot of them are when it comes to society and relationships. I really think Heidi just felt bad.

No. 842367


Fuck that and don't bring up Nulyu. He deserves privacy as much as Ross.

No. 842369

I think it's because Holly told Ross, Heidi is an abusive person without including to tell Ross that she also wants to fuck Jared and dump him. Ross saw how Holly was affected severely by Heidi's "abuse" of a Holly's dear friend so of course Ross wasn't going to like Heidi. I know Ross hates Holly's mother because Holly told him how her mom abused her so I can see Ross hating Heidi too from Holly's smear campaigns.

No. 842376

Ross is trying to avoid drama. If he began to follow Heidi after all of this it'd put unnecessary attention on him.

The fact that he spoke out about it, thanked people for support, and asked for his privacy without even mentioning Holly or saying she didn't cheat on him is the more telling part. He could have easily said "Holly and I were already separated at this point" but he didn't because it isn't true.

No. 842377

Speaking of KF what grosses me out that they try to say because the minors have porn blogs it means they can't be groomed. Plenty of underage boys had pornblogs on tumblr that does not mean they can't be groomed by an adult. In fact it makes it easier for predators to guilt any minors and pressure them into sexual situations because they have porn blogs.

No. 842386

Just another complex of inceldom. So desperate to get their dick wet, they can't stand the idea of their pursuit of sex would ever lead to consequences. It's sad they can't respect tiny rules such as interacting sexually with people your own age, or at fucking least not under 18.

No. 842392

Fuck off to your fakeboi thread with that garbage. No one wants it here. This sort of conjecture is more boring than following Holly’s WKs.
Besides, if Heidi pitied anyone, it was Jared. Nulyu is at least attractive.

No. 842404

>defending troonery
Are you lost?(Derailing)

No. 842419

File: 1563827402654.png (147.12 KB, 596x600, NotTheTime.png)


>"Not the time"

…Later that same day(Derailing)

No. 842420

not that anon but, it's obnoxious when gender crit posters can't comprehend different views and derail threads. Whine about trannies on /ot/ or Blair white's thread or some shit, you aren't getting extra brownie points for it here for it.

No. 842425

Just because you think trans men can only be loved out of pity doesn't mean everyone else shares your transphobia.

No. 842434

This isn’t the place to debate about trans people/politics. Stay on topic.

No. 842463

Well, it's now late afternoon and Holly hasn't said anything about the divorce or about Geoff.

Color me surprised.

No. 842481

The funny thing is, at the end of the day, Jared's fate is completely out of everyone else's hands. It's not up to Heidi, Holly, or any of his WKs, no matter how much they try to 'correct the record'.

No. 842483


The people who say "I just want to clear the record!" don't realize that in the process, they're just making themselves and whatever side they think they're representing look even worse.

No. 842487

It's only 3pm in Washington. Plenty of time left in her day to do something stupid.

No. 842525

This is heart breaking that I find another on of my favourite sc2 caster dead from this forum. Holy shit.

I fucking hope Anna kills herself. The shit she put Geoff through, and he was too nice of a guy to say anything out in public of her cheating. This is bs that she gets away with it and he is literally dead(calm down)

No. 842527

No. 842528

File: 1563839782934.jpg (37.32 KB, 500x498, wtf3.jpg)

No. 842529


Jesus christ, dude - Not cool

No. 842530


Woah woah, let's not go wishing death on others like that

>The shit she put Geoff through

Care to elaborate?

No. 842531

Buzz off, edgelord

No. 842534

This stupid bitch is actually insufferable

No. 842536

File: 1563841584238.jpeg (48.85 KB, 540x516, 1557384778655.jpeg)

It's time to go outside, anon.

No. 842554

Geoff was incredibly sick and was hospitalised not that long ago for an infection. He missed out on casting a few tournaments and only 2 weeks ago he had to cancel another to the Netherlands.

I guess the surgery didn’t work. I’ll try and find his post about it on Twitter. He also stated it on his stream and also to Rotti who was one of Geoff’s closet mates.

And I hope Anna suffers with her guilt. Though, she seem utterly heartless anyway.

No. 842557

I still have a tinfoil going that WKs changed tactics and trying to stir shit here by spamming ott "theories" about what Holly might spew next and posts like >>842525. Along with the discord baiting. It's been kind of ridiculous since the start of this thread.

No. 842561

I really wouldn't be surprised since they've been grasping at straws for a while now.

No. 842563

File: 1563843624849.jpg (36.04 KB, 640x443, bigyikes.jpg)


>I hope Anna suffers with her guilt

Calm it down, edgelord. We get it - Anna is a terrible womenz in your book, but jfc, you wished her to kill herself and now hope she suffers.

Get the fuck over yourself, jesus.

No. 842567


Is it possible to make an anon into their own personal cow because fuck me running, if you aren't gunning for it…

No. 842573

Imagine if this is holly saying this and this is why she's been quiet about it

No. 842575


Then she's an even bigger c*nt than I've given her credit for.

No. 842583

Holly is a cruel, vindictive cunt but why would she wish Anna would kill herself? Just because she's prettier? lmao.

No. 842585

File: 1563845438942.jpg (231.9 KB, 1054x748, divorceopen.jpg)

Holly's not going to say shit about her divorce. First of all, in her mind the day they announced the split on Twitter is the day it was final because that maintains her mental narrative of "I never cheated on Ross".

Secondly, today was the earliest it could be final, but it's still unresolved. After she mailed Ross the divorce papers in March, he never did anything. So she submitted a form on July 12th to prove the divorce is uncontested, but it was rejected. She must have missed something else she needed to file, or filled it out wrong. Neither of them are using a lawyer, and apparently Ross's participation in this process has been "Want to divorce me? You go do that. Not my problem!" since he never filed himself, and never signed and returned the paperwork from March.

No. 842586


Nah, Holly just talks about killing herself, not anyone else.

Note: I hate Holly with just about every fiber of my being and I still wouldn't wish on her what Anon wished on Anna.

No. 842587


This is also why I don't understand the narrative that Holly's side has of "Jared wanted to file for divorce but Heidi wouldn't give it to him!"

Like, you don't have to get your partner to "give" you a divorce. If you want to be divorced, you go down to the courthouse and file the fucking paperwork - it's just that easy. If Jared wanted to be gone, he could have been gone ages ago.

"But…but…Heidi threatened to ruin him so he had to do it this way!"

Well clearly this way didn't work out too well for him either, did it?

No. 842602

File: 1563847610433.png (27.04 KB, 752x230, dumb bitch.png)

In Holly's recent likes on Twitter.

Oh, it's not like Jared was her LEGAL HUSBAND or anything. Not like there are LEGAL RAMIFICATIONS one can have for cheating on their spouse.

Yet she still doesn't understand why so many of us don't support her. It's not 'controlling' or 'abusive' to treat your husband like your husband, and create boundaries about what you do and don't accept in a relationship (especially about cheating). Bitch, what the fuck

No. 842608

Isn't that what Jared did? Isolate Heidi from their mutuals, blocked Heidi and announced their divorce on his own via twitter while painting a picture of the caring husband trying to respect her "privacy" while also mentioning mental health to set up the narrative that she's the one with problems?

No. 842611

Denica being a dense shithead and Holly approving? Wow, shocking. Where's the milk?

No. 842615

>people keep trying to take away jared's choice to solicit underage nudes and cheat on his wife uwu

No. 842616

File: 1563850349537.png (329.06 KB, 500x385, goodforross.png)

shit, dude. thanks for breaking this legalese down.

makes it really seem like Ross was NOT on board with the divorce, and when Holly sent him the papers, he didn't want to deal with it. she forced it on him because of her need to be with her one and only ProBoner. if it was truly an amicable break, why wouldn't he just sign and send them? seems more and more that she cheated (even though we kinda been knew) and he just fucked off out of her life to let her scramble together whatever scraps were left after she ruined everything.

No. 842624

Enough with posting WK shit when it's not milky. We know Holly hinges on every dumbass tweet her moron fans make. I swear if I have to see Denica's full on autism stare one more time for no reason imma snap.

So what's the benefit of Ross refusing to sign the paperwork? If he has a serious gf it doesn't seem like he is hoping for reconciliation. Is he just making it hard for her because she sucks? lmao.

No. 842625

File: 1563853114479.png (84.98 KB, 637x527, Screen Shot 13.png)

Visa/Greencard stuff maybe? To which I say…..by all means, get SOMETHING worthwhile out of Holly, even if it's just a lil extra time to sort that all out. Not sure how any of that works.

No. 842631

That's a good point, it definitely doesn't look good to immigration if you get divorced from the citizen you're married to only a few years after moving. I don't know if they would revoke his PR but better safe than sorry I guess. It sucks that he'd have to tether himself to her for as long as possible just to not get deported.

No. 842635


From what I've heard, Ross took the whole divorce really rough (Sleeping on other's couches, being sad/depressed/mopey) while Holly was hopping on that PedoDick within a mere few weeks.

It really tells you which person gave a fuck about the marriage and which never did

No. 842636

To add onto that, she was trying to ruin PedoDick's marriage in the process. "Why isn't this marriage over yet? I'll kill myself if you don't end it!"

Marriage means absolutely nothing to trash bitch.

No. 842640


I already think Jared is a fucking idiot, but he will truly be the biggest idiot of all time if he doesn't drop her like a sack of a heavy bricks.

As sad as it is, the world will eventually forget about the underage inappropriate pictures (or at least move on from it) and he'll stand a chance of rebuilding his career. If he keeps Holly Hindsight around, though, she's just going to continue lighting fire to the kindling of a career that he lays down.

She's a cancer to anyone who hopes to be a respected member of the community.

No. 842643

They are trying to shit on Heidi for maybe meeting up with her ex during A-Kon last month (not even confirmed) yet they are perfectly fine with Holly riding Pedo's dick a month after she announced her separation. It really is something.

No. 842644


>"People keep trying to take away Jared's choice & voice in the matter As if he was her pet or property."

> Liked by Holly

Well, Holly has definitely been
treating Jared like that recently with all this speaking FOR him & organizing shit to make damn sure he stays by her side…

Did you see how submissive he looked in that video with Holly? It looked like she had him on a leash ffs.

No. 842645


A month ago, they were separated. Why should Heidi remain alone forever while Jared's over there, trying to fuck the crazy out of this Glenn Close-in-fatal-attraction wannabe?

No. 842647

Along with the pathetic Unogirl.

No. 842648

Funny how I keep seeing them ironically cite "Do as I say, not as I do!" when it comes to Heidi

And yet…


No. 842650

no. he's got a permanent resident card (green card) that isn't affected by his marriage, I don't think. hasn't he been living here for longer than he's known Holly?

an anon in past threads said the only reason he hasn't become a fully-fledged citizen is because he'd have to give up his Aussie/Irish citizenship as a result.

No. 842651


Why couldn't he just become a dual citizen? I don't know anything about immigration, but you always hear about people with dual citizenships to the US and their home country

No. 842654

US doesn't recognize dual citizenship. I don't know about Australia though, your home country can still recognize it but it can be an issue since US won't. I had to deal with that recently, it's a matter of what benifits you.

No. 842655


Well, that is some bullshit. I think I'd rather risk deportation than being attached to Holly for even one more minute, though.

No. 842660

The US has recognized dual citizenship since '67, there's just very specific criteria and procedures in place to allow it.

No. 842664

Depends on the country you're from. It's pretty stupid but that's how it goes. This was 4 years ago?? When I became a citizen I mean, Australia is a white country lol they might have an easier time, I'm from south America. But like I said, their a benifits to still being a citizen to your home country. America is overrated and keeping his citizenship, Ross I mean, might be more beneficial for him.

No. 842665

His career is in the US, I don't think he's willing to risk losing it just to placate his psycho future ex-wife. I wonder if they are not talking at all though? If he's sending the paperwork back and doing absolutely nothing to facilitate the divorce it makes me wonder if Holly is shrieking at him in his DMs to sign and he's just leaving her on read. Regardless of his reasoning it's pretty funny that he's left her to do all the legwork while she desperately tries to finalize their divorce before her cucks catch wind of them still being married.

No. 842667

She can't plan her Strix/Diath theme wedding if she's still married after all.

No. 842668


Probably. I mean, she's shrieking at ProPedo "WHY ISN'T THIS RELATIONSHIP OVER YET?" about his marriage to Heidi, so I can't imagine she'd be much more pleasant to Ross.

No. 842669

A-Kon is also the biggest con in Texas, where her ex lives. Of course he’s going to go? idgaf whether or not they are banging now, but him being at a con in his home state and hanging out with someone he knows is such weak evidence.

No. 842671

He already is a dual citizen, of Australia and Ireland. I don't think a triple-citizenship is a thing. So if he wanted to become an American citizen, he would've had to give up one/both of his other citizenships.

I would imagine a lot of guilt tripping and woe-is-me-ing from her. But Ross could just come back with "bitch, you made your bed, now lie in it." it's her fault she's in this mess and has no one to blame but herself.

No. 842672


I think Ross is playing nice because (A) he's genuinely a nice guy and (B) with as crazy as Holly is, I could see her turn him in to the authorities and purposely TRY to get him deported so she could live her weird pedomarriage out with Jared in peace.

No. 842678

He's not really playing nice, though, at least not behind the scenes. He's refusing to cooperate with the divorce proceedings, making it a longer/more tedious process for Holly to get to where she has no red tape between her and a life with the pedodick. (Not that Jared cares about that, he's just a sex addicted pedophile.)

No. 842679

That would be an issue with conflicting laws in your own home country in regards to dual citizenship, not the US. You swear an oath to renounce your previous allegiance, but this doesn't actually affect your citizenship, what it means is you swear to follow the US naturalization guidelines.

No. 842682


The funny thing is, Jared doesn't care about Holly nearly as much as she thinks he does.

No. 842685

Yeah, but I mean, doesn't the guberment investigate that stuff pretty thoroughly? Like, with marriages involving citizenships don't you like have to PROVE you're in a real committed relationship with the person even if you're married? Like you have to provide wedding pics (i.e. an actual wedding, not just a courthouse quickie) and they interview friends/family who know you both that can vouch for the validity? Literally all they'd have to do is accidentally google her name to find more than enough proof that their relationship was real, which is partially why their split was later revealed to be so scandalous.

They got married in 2012, this post >>842625 is from ~2015. Meaning even after being married for 3 years, he was still jumping through the immigration hoops.

I get that Holly's a nightmare, but his is a pretty ignorant point of view tbh. Now is the worst time is recent history to have your status questioned in any way. Total tinfoil, but if anything this to me reads as extremely heartless and ignorant of her to not consider the danger she may be putting him in, especially as someone she claims to still care about. In my head I'm picturing Ross being like
>well, the woman I chose to pledge my lifelong love to may have betrayed me, humiliated me, psychologically abused me and broken my heart….but AT LEAST she would never force me into a compromising position that could directly result in me being thrown in a literal cage by ICE or forced to leave behind the life I've spent years building with the possibility of not being allowed back. No one would be that cruel.
>what's this? a letter for me?
and holly being like
>I need this divorce asap because it's really hard on ME to have to keep feeling guilty all the time :(((
>ur abusing me by forcing me to face the consequences of my actions
>self-care is freeing urself from the marriage you destroyed, so you don't have to feel guilty while you continue to fuck your friend's husband uwu
(again, all wild speculation)

No. 842688


>don't you like have to PROVE you're in a real committed relationship with the person even if you're married?

Not really. They just look at the legality of it in terms of the ceremony being official, being presided over, having the legal paperwork, etc.

>I get that Holly's a nightmare, but his is a pretty ignorant point of view tbh.

Why? If I was being made absolutely miserable with someone who constantly threatened to kill themselves, I'd do whatever I had to do to get away from them and the whole situation.

No. 842704

Sigh. It’s already said upthread, Ross is a dual citizen of Australia and Ireland. The US doesn’t let you have triple citizenship, and I doubt the other countries do. He didn’t marry Holly to stay in the US, he’s been working here for ages. He’s been working with the grumps and mentioned on videos since way before Jon left which was 2013. Holly has nothing to do with him staying in the US for work.

No. 842705

Ffs leave Ross out of this already.

No. 842706

What if you don't have money for an "actual" wedding because one of you isn't allowed to work in the States due to your visa limitations?
From experience I can say that immigration doesn't care unless you look fishy. If you live together, look like you love each other and all that they're probably not going to look further into it past casual questions about your situation.

No. 842710

No one's going after Ross, calm down. It's just interesting that he's refusing to cooperate with the divorce proceedings despite being done with the relationship.

I agree it's probably not an immigration thing, he's already got PR and was living/working in the US prior to marrying her. He probably just doesn't give a shit. Either that or maybe she's making unreasonable demands? I don't know how divorce in California works, is it no fault like Washington?

No. 842711


Him dragging his feet doesn't feed in to Holly's bullshit "He was totes okay with me fucking pedodick!" story.

Maybe this is Ross' way of "sticking it to the man" so to speak - and good on him, if that's the case.

No. 842713

I imagine this is just the most passive way of payback he can deal for years of an abusive marriage that ended with her cheating on him. And it definitely indicates that their separation was not as amicable as Holly tried to paint it as being.

No. 842728


The "Proof of Service" is when the 6 month wait period begins in CA. So she wouldn't be able to file to finalize the divorce until September, which is why the judge rejected the movement to award a default judgement.

No. 842735

Bingo. He's just going along with her because she's desperate enough to fuck his pigeon ass.
Everything is on Holly's terms. She wants all the control. We've seen the video of them in Vegas. Who was leading? Holly. We've seen her poorly twist narratives left and right.

No. 842738

"if you want a divorce, do the work"

No. 842743

question - is there any way holly can claim ignorance about the "proof of service" wait period clause? because otherwise it looks like she's showing undue haste to get divorced lmfao
i wonder what's lit a fire under her ass! i mean, if they're separated already, they're in different states, what is a mere 2 more months?

No. 842747

What guilt, she had nothing to do with his illness

No. 842749

He met Holly while he was only visiting and moved permanently later, which is when they started dating.

No. 842750

It's a long and complicated process to gain citizenship. Being sponsored by a company helps with getting a green card but I don't think they can help citizenship along.(derail)

No. 842755

Immigration actually looks pretty closely at your marriage. They can ask for pictures together, proof that you live together, proof that the spouse who is an american citizen can financially support the other spouse for several years, proof that you dated before getting married, etc. If anything about it is suspicious, they'll investigate closely to determine that the marriage is not just for immigration reasons but truly a commitment to each other, and if it's not they may refuse to grant residency to the non american spouse.

No. 842756

I mean, most people getting a divorce just want it to be over, so filing stuff too early isn't much of a red flag compared to everything that's come out. Plus most people getting a divorce don't know all the details of the process, and neither Ross nor Holly have attorneys, so ignorance is likely.(samefag)

No. 842763

He's a busy guy. Probably not a priority.

No. 842801

If people were willing to run it, then I could write a quick a dirty script to help compare his tweets. It would only be worth the effort to me if multiple people were willing to run it for both Jared and Holly though.

Code would be unobfuscated so that people could double check it for security, obvs. You'd need to keep a browser tab open and let it run in the background, it would be constantly scrolling to get older tweets so if you use a potato to browse the internet it could slow you down after a while. I think if you just let it run to archive back to sometime between 2015-2017, that probably covers all the potentially milky things, but if someone was really dedicated they could search back to when they first joined twitter.

No. 842890

File: 1563907476821.png (12.88 KB, 282x264, bedridden=nonudes.png)

Old milk but I saw this on Tumblr & thought this anon was ridiculous.

No. 842928


The way that everyone is attacking the accusers is absurd. "Well, the minor lied!" Yeah, that's what minors do. They're kind of assholes about it - but Holly giving their contact information back to Jared so that he could again reach out to them? That crossed the line into predatory behavior.

PedoDick is going to have a real hard time claiming the "I didn't know they were minors! They lied about their age to purposely trap me!" defense when he was eventually told they were minors and still chose to reach out to them for a second time.

No. 842934

And apologized for it. If he did actually check to make sure everyone was of legal age, then what would he have to apologize about? As Holly obnoxiously says, "I'm not going to apologize for something that I didn't do!"

No. 842949

Weren’t there three people who related their experiences of being underaged and solicited for nudes?

No. 842951

Well they MUST be lying because they didn't post their 'evidence' & air their trauma publicly /s

No. 842953


I think Jared honestly thought saying "18+ only please" and asking them ONCE about their age was sufficient, which it just wasn't. He could have asked for something like a picture of their id with non-relevant information (like address, name, etc.) blacked out, so he could just see the photo and date of birth. Or, he could just have NOT solicited nudes from ANYONE and just used the widely available, free, non-pedophilia porn like everyone else.


There was at least two, but both have since deleted their blogs which the WKs take as proof that they were lying (when it was probably because of the constant harassment)

No. 842961


>both have since deleted their blogs which the WKs take as proof that they were lying (when it was probably because of the constant harassment)

Also bear in mind that one might be taking Jared to court over it & was informed by their lawyer not to speak publicly about it anymore.

Honestly, the WKs fixation on the minors is low-key terrifying. What if it happened to an underage relative of theirs? Would they be so demanding & dismissive towards them?

Oddly enough, Jared's apology to one of them not only confirms that he had received nudes from them, but wouldn't him (or Holly) going around on this 'apology tour' count as witness tampering of some sort?

No. 842998

Here, have a thread of sanity from twitter:
https://twitter.com/samiisquared/status/1152594454664089601(Read the Farmhand warning about whiteknight posting)

No. 843003


Watch how dan will be the first one to tweet back

No. 843004

Who is this person?

No. 843005

idk, just someone pointing out the obvious

No. 843008


"Akshully… (posts links to heidijaredhollytroof.tumblr, /r/ProJared2, & change.org/pleaselikehholly&jaredforme/jareddidnothingwrong/pleasenoticemeholly.com) Pls read it's important!"

No. 843020

File: 1563920754288.jpg (688.16 KB, 1080x3769, IMG_20190723_163226.jpg)

"see I'm a good person!!!" while the comment was unwarranted so was her response days after the fact

No. 843023


"Look how much hate Im STILL GETTING guys!!!"

No. 843025

>"Who else would do it?!"

Oh I don't know, other rescuers? She acts like she's the only one who saves pigeons. She's far too self-righteous to truly care about those birds.

No. 843027

This reeks of self-post

No. 843034

File: 1563921821190.jpg (6.95 KB, 306x163, imsoproudofthiscommunity.jpg)

No. 843035


THat line of the thought (the "If I didn't save them, who would???") is one frequently used by adopted/foster parents that eventually abuse the shit out of their 'children'.

Trust me, Homewrecker, there are plenty of avian sanctuaries around that could tend to the birds. Plus, they're pigeons that are frequently in the wild anyway (not like they're giant parrots that are not native to the area), so I'm sure they'd be fine.

Please note: I'm not advocating they be taken away - but who is tending to them during her repeated mental hospital stays or trips to Vegas with PedoDick? Birds get stressed pretty easily with any change in environment

No. 843037

It doesn't really matter. I knew she couldn't last for more than 24 hours without pulling a "UWU THE INTERNET IS BEING MEAN TO ME" post publicly.

She could have just ignored the post but instead chose to publicly call it out to rally her WKs for support.

No. 843044

>Holly signalling her flying monkeys to save her since she such a uwu victim.

No. 843047


This! She unblocked Heidi so she could see that she posted that bullshit video, Heidi gave her the most epic of smackdowns, and now Holly is desperate for someone to coddle her and reassure her of her victim status when - once again - it was HER that stirred the pot back up in the fucking first place.

Reality check: You're not being a bad bitch by calling out the "haters", Holly. All you're doing is proving us all right - that you're really a cowardly little girl who can't fight a fucking battle on her own without a horde of flying monkeys ready to attack those who dare oppose her.

No. 843048

File: 1563924724350.png (15.21 KB, 575x137, Screenshot_152.png)

As if she isn't the one that constantly stirs it back up. To date, outside of her hospitalization early on, she has only remained silent on the issue for a grand total of 9 consecutive days.

No. 843059

I don't use twitter enough to know the in and outs of how blocking functions, but wouldn't it take a lot work to find out which people blocked her and which didn't?

No. 843060


Yep - You don't know if someone has blocked you until you go to their page or attempt to comment/retweet one of their posts.

The only way she could know is if she goes to numerous different comments, can't share/comment, and then goes to their blog and checks them out.

Obsessive much?

No. 843065

File: 1563926580317.png (15.74 KB, 585x109, Screenshot_153.png)

She's actually going into the likes on someone else's post/comments and then examining their blogs to find out if they like her or not.

Out of all of the pathetic, attention seeking behavior that Holly has exhibited thus far, this has to be nearly the top of the list.

No. 843066

I also thought, if Heidi was blocked, she wouldn't see Holly liking tweets that have Heidi's name tagged in them but unblocked, Holly's name will pop up if she likes a tweet by Heidi.

No. 843070


Now that part I'm not sure of.

No. 843072

She is so deeply mentally unwell it’s horrific that she gave out mental health advice to impressionable fans for so long. She has zero grasp on how to be emotionally stable or how to act like a well-adjusted adult.

No. 843075

On the bright side, Jared is now stuck with this psycho. He wanted to be a victim of abuse by a psycho so badly and now he really is.

No. 843076


I wouldn't wish abuse on anybody (been there, done that) - but I do think that Jared needs a reality check in the worst of ways if he thought that Heidi was truly abusive.

If you think your wife saying "no, don't fuck someone else" is abusive, get ready for "I'll kill myself if you don't do XYZ and IT WILL BE ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!!!"

No. 843078

Don't forget constantly checking his phone, videos, friends' blogs, tweets, and just about every aspect of his life like she's doing now.

No. 843102

File: 1563930588594.png (66.96 KB, 480x688, HeidiAppreciation.png)

I hate to compare, but at least Heidi appreciates the people who go out of their way to reassure her that things will work out for her.

Holly on the other hand has an entire horde of stans & WKs ready to defend her every move whenever possible, yet she still seeks out hate. I guess just supporting her isn't enough. It's a shame they don't see how much she takes them for granted.

No. 843110


>at least Heidi appreciates the people who go out of their way to reassure her

Not even that - She acknowledges the GOOD, ignores (mostly) the bad. Holly is doing the polar opposite in that she only ever really acknowledges the bad, not the legions of good. It comes off as incredibly ungrateful.

>It's a shame they don't see how much she takes them for granted.

That's the thing - most of them, outside of being misguided by Holly's BS seem to be pretty decent people who honestly think they're doing good in trying to be supportive and positive. Holly is abusing that kindness like nobody I've ever seen before and it's going to CRUSH these people when she (or Heidi or Jared or Ross) inevitably fucks up and lets the truth slip

No. 843112


Also keeping track of how many people have you blocked or not totally doesn't make you look insecure at all! /s

No. 843118

File: 1563932306578.png (267.06 KB, 588x612, Likes.png)

Heidi's current likes: "Sometimes people call you bad to feel better about themselves"

Holly's current likes: "CANCEL CULTURE BAD" + video about how "we're all human", "people make mistakes", etc.

No. 843119


"Cancel culture is bad…..unless I want to fuck your husband….then #YOUAREABUSIVE"

No. 843121


"We all make mistakes… like sleeping with a friend who's having marital issues, but who cares if I make it worse? I WANT SOME DICK!"

No. 843122


“Cancel culture is bad unless I want to use it cause I have mental illness and my birds and did I mention my mom?”


No. 843123

"I know that I'm asexual, but I will kill myself and harass the hell out of you if you don't give me some dick!"

No. 843124


"No, see, it's totally fine that I fuck him because he was abused - No, that's not a gross abuse of someone already in a delicate situation! Y'know what? I was just curious #pleasetellmewhatIdidwrong #whydoyouhateme #areyouallbpd?"

No. 843127

File: 1563933223985.png (15.46 KB, 580x132, ActualMesssage.png)

The funny thing is, the person who made that video elaborates on why she made it; Try not to 'cancel' people for "small things" or "something they did 30 years ago"

No. 843129

You see… Jared can't be held accountable for his actions because he was being abused and not in the right state of mind to make good decisions. Btw it's totally okay that I slept with him while he was in this state!!

No. 843130


But….he made me feel things that my own husband couldn't make me feel! WHAT DID I DO TO MAKE YOU ALL HATE ME????

No. 843132

Pigeons care so much about what humans say about them on Twitter.

No. 843133


and can only possibly be taken care of by ONE person in the entirety of the world and that person is the one and only Homewrecker Holly Conrad

No. 843153

This isn't true, you can have citizenship in two different countries. He can get US citizenship and doesn't have to discard his Canadian citizenship.
You just couldn't then use your Canadian passport to enter/leave the country etc.

No. 843174


We covered that last night - that there might be an issue since has citizenship to Australia and Ireland already. Either way, it was all speculation as to why Ross was being resistant and making Holly do the legwork on the divorce

No. 843181

She's still selling mental health tips for $30 on patreon

No. 843193

File: 1563939127244.png (71.18 KB, 353x549, hollyhiddenlore.PNG)

wow i thought you were kidding but it's real. christ, i hope her mental health tip is "go to an actual fucking therapist" instead of listening to her brainless ~mental health trash bird witch~ posturing.
i know Holly's got some truly awful WKs, but i just feel bad for her fans that aren't insane. i feel bad for her younger fans when they eventually realize that she's a piss poor role model.

No. 843200

How can you be a mental health advocate but stick the advice behind a $30 price tag?

"I won't encourage you until you pay me. Until then, suffer well."

No. 843221


>A statement of encouragement

Statement #1: If your friend says "Talk with my husband - wait, you aren't respecting my limits, this needs to stop", Fuck him anyway! Consent Once = Consent Forever (apparently)

No. 843223


I'm fine when the person charging is someone who is licensed or trained. I am not fine when it's someone who claimed another person (who might not even be mentally ill) was unfixable and did serious armchair diagnosing - oh, and openly threatens to commit suicide whenever things aren't going her way.

That's a Jim Jones level mistake waiting to happen.

Hopefully none of them drink the koolaid

No. 843225

This. I hope she will be called out on that before she does any actual harm with her half-assed mental health advices. She doesn't know shit about mental health nor has any degree in the field. Or even work experience.

No. 843228

I'm the anon you're replying to and you're right, only professionals should be paid for it. As you also said, she's not a professional and shouldn't be paid for it. She's also too mentally/emotionally unstable to give advice to anyone. She should know the quote, "Help yourself before you try to help others."

No. 843239

this bitch is insane. i have no more hopes for an epic meltdown from her – she does this calculated hate campaign thing targeting herself as soon as she sees the attention pan away from her even for a second. this is so deliberate and so incredibly bitchy i can't even kek

she is all kinds of stable – just a ghastly, ghastly person.

also can i just say about the pigeons - i'm glad that they're getting a comfortable happy life, but of all the bird causes she could have nominated herself to, why the fuck pigeons? pigeons are just as fine left to themselves, the biggest danger they face is probably crows. so her "defence" or her alibi of being a good person, rather, is that she cares for pests that will survive literally anywhere? (i say pests because so many buildings where i live have desperately adopted measures to keep out wild pigeons it's got so bad)

far be it from me to deny anyone advocating for the cause they feel the most, but this… weaksauce holly, doesn't magically make you an angel

No. 843258


>i have no more hopes for an epic meltdown from her

I think it'll just be lots of mini-meltdowns, unless Jared/Heidi/Ross drop a bombshell of information (with proof) that she just can't explain away with "HEIDI WAS ABUSIVE!!!"

No. 843278

I mean.. are there pigeon rescuers? Im not saying pigeons deserve to die but they are not abandoned domesticated animals like dogs or cats who need and thrive with human companionship….. I still cant believe Ross wanted to put his dick in Holly even after learning this hobby of hers kek

No. 843337


There's general avian rescues, and I'm sure somewhere there's someone who specializes in rehabbing pigeons, but as another anon said pigeons typically do quite well when left to their own devices. Even if the ones Holly rescued hadn't been rescued in time to get medical care (which is sad, don't get me wrong), it's not as if the entire species would go extinct or something. She's not single handedly saving Pigeons all over the world.

The hobby itself is fine - Acting as if she is the only person in the world who could possibly tend to a sick/injured bird is not.

She's placing WAY TOO MUCH self importance on herself.

No. 843339

File: 1563968051387.png (359.76 KB, 879x605, Screenshot_156.png)

Hey Holly Homewrecker, people aren't mean to you just to feed into cancel culture and it's not because you're mentally ill.

It's because you're a fucking idiot who treats other people like shit, uses them to get what you want and then discard them off to the side without so much as a thought for their thoughts/feelings, and do the very things (like cancel culture and armchair diagnosing) that you would rip someone else apart for doing.

TL;DR: People hate you for being a two-faced idiot.

No. 843343

I just think it's really telling that 99% of the time, Heidi's posts are about something cosplay, Aries, or positivity related - while Holly's are almost always passive-aggressive posts about being wronged, cancel culture = bad, boohoo types of posts.

For someone who preaches positivity and 'be kind', she sure does wallow in a vat of self-pity a lot.

No. 843348

I know that this is derailing, but is Holly like a cursed name or something? Between Holly Conrad and Holly Brown (YouTuber artist with her own lolcow threads) the name Holly is beginning to turn into the name for 'mentally-unstable, woe-is-me and fuck the haterz' harpies to me.

No. 843350


Eh, only Holly I know offline was a very bookmouse-ish type of person who read Miss Manner's books for fun.

I think it's just the internet Holly's.

No. 843355

>Stigmatizing mental health is bad! Heal, don’t hurt!
Also Holly:
>Heidi has BPD and is unfixable! Multiple therapists told me so.

No. 843376


Holly: She's unfixable

Everyone else in the history of forever: Well, if that isn't the pot calling the kettle unfixable, Ms. repeated-mental-hospital-admissions

No. 843380

File: 1563974087360.png (46.69 KB, 564x275, Screenshot_158.png)

"So many adorable pigeons to meet"

Fam, they're fucking pigeons, please calm your fucking jets. That's like saying "So many adorable sewer rats to meet!" - They're JUST about as common in most places

Then again, sewer rats might be right up your alley - You're both just as dirty…

No. 843385

Don't drag innocent animals into this fam.

No. 843386


You're right, I shouldn't drag innocent animals into the gutter, even if that is where trolls like Holly live.

No. 843390

On the bright side, she doesn't give them the same kind of love that she does to weasels.

No. 843391

1. sage non-milk please, this thread is dead until holly starts shit again. let it lie
2. i don't know if we want every update on holly's life, and her twitter is currently public. this clogs the thread
(sorry for minimodding but this is shamefully thirsty)
(or is this a self-post? has holly gone too far?)

what is worth noting is that if this is her first public event appearance after the SHTF moment, it's in october
she is really, really hedging her bets isn't she kek

No. 843392


>i don't know if we want every update on holly's life

Considering this is a thread about Holly and what she'd doing, I felt it appropriate to discuss something she's doing here.


It's because that's a "OnE oF a KiNd lOvE!!#!1"

No. 843396

I don’t believe holly is actually that into pigeons because of some feeling of compassion or whatever. It’s purely a quirk. Idk how it’s in America but here in Europe pigeons are EVERYWHERE. We even call them rats with wings, they just shit, breed and never die. It’s all just quirk and a shtick boring pale white girls with terrible bangs use, “oh I’m into insert ugly non endangered animal uwu”. When she writes shit that she’s at least saving them and implying no one else would it’s laughable because she thinks she’s special uwu quirky girl that’s so adorable uwu … you ain’t strix, you’re just a boring rich girl that feels entitled to attention and you’ll pull anything out your ass as long as it makes you seem special.

No. 843398


They're pretty common here in the US too, depending on where you live (They seem to be way more common in metropolitan areas like NYC, Chicago, and probably the PNW where Holly lives)

Like, great, you're helping an injured animal - I'm not knocking that. I'm knocking the fact that you've made it your entire personality and are acting like you're some sort of diety or some shit for doing something that anyone with spare time and cash for frequent vet visits could do.

No. 843404

They're pretty much pests in the US too. I'd put them on par with seagulls.

>acting like you're some sort of diety

Exactly this. She only does it because she wants saint credit. With saint credit, people will ignore your wrongdoings because "she could never do such a thing!" Proof of this is when she said, "You guys know me, don't believe some stranger on the internet." Funny how she contradicts herself in that same line as she does every other time she's trying to make someone look bad to make herself look good. Thankfully the majority aren't as naive and retarded as she seems to think.

No. 843406


Very contradictory like the whole "If Heidi was abused, why'd she come back?" followed immediately by "It takes 7 times for an abused person to leave their abuser" bullshit.

It's like she has short term memory less or something and can't remember what she says from one second to the next, so she just blatantly contradicts EVERYTHING.

No. 843407

File: 1563976984884.png (470.11 KB, 881x608, Screenshot_159.png)

I would have more sympathy for Holly if she wasn't constantly liking shit like this, once again painting herself as the victim of cyberbullying.

Like, bitch if you don't like what people are saying, block them and move on instead of continuing to wallow in your victimhood.

You made your bed with pedodick, now fucking lay in it.

No. 843412

She's so tone deaf. Liking tweets that make herself look better instead of tweets of support and love for Geoff. You know, her friend that fucking died.

No. 843419

I don't know how friendly she was to Geoff, if he was in the DCA victims' club. Or maybe after Etika she's decided to not interact with anything concerning his death.

No. 843425


I feel like when someone dies, it doesn't necessarily matter if you were close enough. You can still like tweets or even make tweets of love and support, even if you didn't know them well personally, especially if you have numerous friends who WERE close.

No. 843427

Cyber bullying is bad, mkay? and no one should be cow tipping this mental case. But plenty of people who like and hate Holly told her to take a break from the internet instead of victimising herself. Holly is a hyprocrite when she is still engaging in proxy abuse towards Heidi.

No. 843432


I don't think anyone is advocating for Holly to be cyberbullied or cow tipped - but I also think she almost asks for it to a degree, as she uses it as a form of self harm (which is just A+ behavior for someone selling their mental health advice on patreon like she is)

No. 843436

Not just self-harm but also fishing for victimization.

No. 843437

Yeah, she could at least like some of those tweets to not look like a bitter asshole. It looks as if she's not doing it because he sort of supported Heidi.

No. 843440

Shitty people sometimes do good things or have good intentions. Holly seems to at the very least make genuine efforts to help sick and injured animals. Whether or not that's motivated by some selfish desire to appear "concerned" or "caring" is a pretty much moot point so long as the birds are adequately being taken care of. If you find some evidence to the contrary, then that's worth noting, but otherwise this tinfoil hattery about motivations is pretty obnoxious.

No. 843441

Holly lives in Seattle, where you can’t throw a rock without hitting at least five pigeons.

Most of the birds around here have some disease that causes them to lose toes too, so Little Miss Bird Mum should ideally be too busy “saving” them all to pout on the internet.

No. 843443

Did you miss the past few threads of Holly having a savior complex?

No. 843445


Hiya Holly/Denica/Unicorn/Dan

>this tinfoil hattery about motivations is pretty obnoxious

Do you just not understand the point of lolcow or…?

Holly very clearly does things that either makes her (A) look so good she gets pure praise or (B) look so bad that everyone rushes to her defense.

It's not that awful for those of us who've followed her bullshit to say "Hey, this feels off"(hi [cow])

No. 843448

File: 1563981895984.jpeg (783.98 KB, 1125x1722, 6B1F498E-2C45-4724-9C20-B55A8F…)


No. 843462

She has no personality and uses being a “bird lady” as a placeholder for that void.

To top that off, pigeons are commonly disliked birds so it probably just goes with her “trash witch” aesthetic because they’re not like those OTHER birds.

No. 843492


it could also be birds don’t really talk back and releasing the ones that don’t get along with holly is as simple as letting it fly away

Of course I could be wrong about this and maintenance for birds can be challenging as well

No. 843506

People don't normally just keep wild pigeons unless they're injured and can't survive on their own. Most of the pigeons in these rescues are ex-racers (who can't be released) or doves that are released for funerals and weddings (and also shouldn't be released).. The issue isn't that she's rescuing pigeons (that's probably the one good thing she's ever done with her life), it's that she's acting like she's the ONLY one capable of it. Palomacy, which she always advertises, makes it very easy to foster for them because they'll cover the costs of fostering and vet bills. Holly isn't the only one helping, she just thinks because she's done one thing she's an expert on the matter. If anything, her pigeon situation almost looks like hoarding. I've lost track of how many she has out in her coops.

No. 843508

I read that it was 50 or so pigeons which does sound like hoarding. It's much like her pretending to be an expert on mental health and wanting to be paid for encouragement/mental health tips all because she has experienced mental health issues.

No. 843529


Not to mention that Pigeons are, as many other posters mentioned, commonly called "rats with wings" or are associated with dirty, trash kind of things.

Holly couldn't be pulling the "I'm not like other girls!" card any harder if she actually tried.


That's what I've been saying all morning - It's great that Holly's helping an injured/sick animal, but it's not something that elevates her to a god-like status. It's just something that decent people do sometimes, not something to do for recognition


50 is borderline hoarding, depending on how large of an area she is keeping the birds in.

>wanting to be paid for encouragement/mental health tips all because she has experienced mental health issues.

That line of thinking of hers is going to get someone hurt.

No. 843533


The kicker is that someone in the discord today (I KNOW IT'S AWFUL) mentioned that they expected Heidi to start begging for money at any time, with not a shred of self awareness that their Homewrecking Queen is doing the exact same shit.

No. 843534

The projection is so strong that anything they predict Heidi will do might just be Holly's next course of action.

No. 843537

Sorry I deleted because I checked out that it's to help her pigeons. I mean, I'd like to nitpick her attitude that she's such a humanitarian, but that's been done to death. I mean, whatever, she can help a buncha birds that are so dumb they manage to get run over constantly in my town because they don't move out of the way. I mean helping any animal is nice I guess.

But you're right about how they ridicule things Heidi might do while Holly actively does it. If Holly was a saint she'd use her own money since, as anons said, they're fine living on their own (unless being run over).

Ironically, Heidi had posted how she needed to start a business and work since she can't just hang around on twitter and get paid. Meanwhile, trash witch was whining about outing the "TRUTH" killed her finances.

No. 843538

>I mean
Sorry…typing like a tard today.

Also - I'm kinda excited to see what Heidi will start. I'm into her aesthetic and forest girl stuff. I hope she does more craft stuff to sell online.

No. 843552


Trash birds for a trash witch.

[I hope I'm not late]

No. 843554

this is genuinely getting ridiculous lmfao

>heidi is making and selling clothes

>heidi is making and selling crafts
>heidi is trying her level best to manage a solo life
>holly is whining about not being able to stream
>holly is whining about possibly going back to being a barista
>holly is facing the terror of a normal self-accountable pedestrian life
so naturally that means:
>heidi is desperate for money and will beg soon
>holly is the personification of respectable self-sufficiency

it blows my fucking mind anon

No. 843588

God I hate that video, not surprised she liked it

No. 843602

She'll do well if she starts selling those little houses. They were really cute.

I can almost bet you that this is the reason why she chose pigeons.

No. 843605

Back when she lived with Ross, she kept a pidgeon (or few of them) inside the house and they'd attack Ross.

Good luck in forcing PedoJared to deal with your pidgeons, I'm sure he totally won't be running off to some other side ho.

No. 843725

I think she has an aviary for them now, so Jared would be safe when he visits for the required amount of booty calls it takes to keep Holly on the hook.

No. 843757

Can you imagine living in a bird shit covered house because your wife is uwu not like other girls uwu… Ross wtf were you thinkin mate lol

No. 843758

File: 1564030468768.png (28.71 KB, 890x234, Screenshot_161.png)

Area 51 is a big thing right now, so it's possible this is nothing - but knowing Holly's affinity for "show me them aliens", it's a pretty funny coincidence.

No. 843761


Pretty sure she gave her pigeons "pigeon pants" when they were indoors (they looked like cloth diapers) to prevent pigeon crap from going everywhere.
I think most of her pigeons have been kept outside in an aviary, which at least could be hosed down.

I don't think her cockatiel had pants though, but I'm not sure if it's because their poop is more manageable or that they just wouldn't tolerate the pants.

No. 843762


I feel like "pigeon pants" are on par with those diaper things that people put on horses in parades - Like, short term, it's a good idea, but it'd be pretty humiliating to make an animal keep a diaper on 24/7 because you (the person who chose to own said animal in the first place) refuse to clean up after them.

No. 843763

Just 1 smallish bird's poops aren't that big of a deal (I have a small parrot and it can just be wiped up with a paper towel). For all of Holly's faults, I don't think she's living in a TND hoarding-esque situation with her pigeons, they seem to be well cared for.

No. 843765


Well cared for or not, there's absolutely NO reason for one person (and her pedo boy toy) to have 50 birds.

No. 843766

totally agreed. it's so weird. if you're choosing to keep animals, let them live the way closest to their natural lifestyle maybe? it's not quite on the level of feeding cats "vegan meal substitutes" but still weird enough that i'm questioning holly's animal care sentiments now

i do think that when she first moved to seattle, she made a huge deal about finally having a sufficiently large coop for her birds. like maybe if you had a more manageable number of critters you wouldn't have had to run a poultry-farm-level operation?

a lot of anons have estimated she has around 50 birds, we've already left "not that big of a deal" far behind lol
how do we know this, by the way? has holly ever mentioned this, or is this just an educated guess

No. 843768

The thing is, they're an invasive species. Unless she's saving super fancy pigeons, she's just supporting a devastating impact on the ecosystem.
Which I guess sums up her personality if you think about it.

No. 843769


Honestly, no bird expert here, but they look like regular ass pigeons, IMO.

Not knocking her for helping an injured/sick animal (to a degree, that's actually pretty cool of her), but when you get into 50+ birds, you have to realize that the 'too much' gene is taking over. There's just no way that she can possibly keep an eye on each bird individually to track their progress, health, etc. Shelters and avian rescues struggle with that many and there's numerous people whereas it's just Holly

No. 843770

File: 1564032977829.jpg (31.74 KB, 590x235, 2019-07-25_01-35-37.jpg)

Granted, this was in 2016. Who knows how many she has now.

It's from this: https://ca.audubon.org/news/meet-youtubes-resident-bird-nerd

No. 843771

I didn't realise she had so many, yikes. Seems like a lot for 1 person to care for.

No. 843774

>they're not exactly America's favorite bird, but finds this judgment a bit shallow
the sheer projection my lord

No. 843775


Gotta love it when Holly "UWU I CANT STAND TO BE AROUND ANYONE PRETTIER THAN ME" Conrad starts saying it's shallow to not like pigeons.

Well, if anyone's going to know something about being shallow, I guess it's her…

No. 843776

It’s shallow that people don’t like pigeons??? Even though they are a pest-like bird? God this bitch wants to be so different and unique “uwu I care for them bc I’m not shallow!! I see ugly things and I can find them cute!!! Uwu!!!” It’s a fucking pigeon. there’s actual animals out there that need our help and that are being killed off, like pit bulls for an easy example. But she has 45 birds that she think are her spirit animals. She genuinely thinks she’s caring for a bird that has been cast aside because there are other more cute and popular birds. The self insert on a pigeon is sad.

No. 843777

Maybe her next attempt will be a self-insert roach. They're just misunderstood.

No. 843779


>actual animals out there that need our help and that are being killed off, like pit bulls

"Pit bulls are killed (wrongly) for being aggressive - my poor little uwu trash birds are unfairly discriminated against! It's so shallow!"

>she genuinely thinks she’s caring for a bird that has been cast aside because there are other more cute and popular birds

Pigeons have been cast aside because they're an invasive species that is not even remotely close to being at risk of extinction. Go to NYC for 20 minutes, they're fucking everywhere.

Most people would rather worry about shit that matters - environment, war, poverty, hunger, homelessness. Take care of the big shit first, worry about the little shit later.

Holly the Bird Mom is over here, focused on saving pigeons.

No. 843780

oh don't forget that if it's a cause that can actually make a fucking difference – for example, that indonesian foundation that recently for whatever reason picked her as an ambassador – her "support and activism" is limited to pathetic retweets. she wouldn't even write a single word from her side and she's a fucking ambassador. it's a small organization, they get barely 20-50 likes on their posts, and the ones holly has retweeted have received around 100-200 likes.
it's fucking pathetic that she can harp on day and night about
>pigeons are misunderstood!
>rats are our friends!
>look at my borbs! who would care for them if not me their literal mother???? i'm going bankrupt caring for them!! not my fault i have fifty of them!!
and as soon as it comes to something that counts as legit action, she clams up. holly conrad is not a good person.

No. 843781

samefag but i'm dying anon
"pit bulls are ABUSIVE because they screamed on the phone – i mean they BARKED at me! the horror!!"

No. 843782


This. If she's that fucking concerned about the bird issues in Indonesia, her ass would be on a plane, ready to fly out there and get hands on to REALLY help, as well as making her own posts to draw attention to the issue.

There's talk and then there's action - Holly is all talk.

No. 843786

Tangentally related but the funny thing about Holly being so asspained about pretty girls is the fact that she doesn't HAVE to be ugly. If she didn't style herself like a fucking autist and didn't make stupid faces every time a camera is pointed her way she would look fine. She could even get her lazy eye fixed with some surgery or therapy. It's not like she's fat or disfigured, she makes herself ugly by choice. It's like she hasn't grown out of being an ugly duckling in high school and instead of acting like an adult she chose to make it her entire identity so she could play the victim about it forever. Her insecurities are literally self-made.

No. 843789

Worst part is sure she could have had this little quirk that would have been endearing if it was genuine. She uses those birds like fucking accessories , as a badge to say “yeah but I save birds!!! I can’t be bad.” Like how shallow isn’t it to use living creatures as a means to look better as a person? I dislike pigeons but even I find that to be shitty.
Best part is that Heidi also has a quirk like her forest girl aesthetic and all that so no wonder Holly is that hateful towards her. Not only is Heidi prettier than her but she also has interest and talents that are unique and make her seem interesting so suddenly Holly’s birds aren’t the main attraction so Holly can’t compete with her anymore. Getting pedojared is her biggest accomplishment to “sticking it to the pretty popular girls”.

No. 843792


Yeah, she gets to know she ruined her career over fucking someone's husband who also exchanged nudes with minors

Take THAT pretty girls!

No. 843795

I always wondered how that amount of pigeons could possibly be cared for. Would it even be possible to ensure that many pigeons are tame?

No. 843817

File: 1564051613143.png (1.08 MB, 945x1006, Screenshot_20190725-054056(1).…)

Seriously, Holly could make herself look pretty by changing a few things. She already tried to make herself out to be a pretty nerd girl by wearing clothes that show her belly. Just the way she poses her body in her selfies you can tell she's trying REALLY hard to look pretty.
The thing is, she literally can put in the effort to look how she wants to. She's already got the body type she wants, she just needs to change her hairstyle, learn to do her makeup differently, and wear more clothes that accentuate her curves. She acts like she needs to be a whole other person, it's literally not that hard.

No. 843826

She need to get a better hair stylist for one, those TERF bangs ain't doing her any favors

No. 843836

File: 1564056287180.gif (3.18 MB, 600x600, source.gif)

I used to think she did her shitty hair herself, but I saw on IG that she does actually have a stylist….

Yeah I agree her clothes definitely aren't the problem, she dresses like an edgy nerd girl, which is fine. But the hair, eyebrows and makeup are what kill her appearance. ESPECIALLY her brows.

I went looking on google to see if she does have any pics where her makeup/hair are less shit and found this. Holy FUCK the strabimus in full force. I don't get why she doesn't get this fixed; most of the time glasses or therapy does the trick. It's not like she couldn't afford the surgery, either. Not like it's affected her ability to be Popular Online or attract men, but she's so insecure about her appearance it seems like a relatively simple fix.

No. 843839


Which eye are we meant to look at…

No. 843842

File: 1564057058485.jpg (78.44 KB, 550x386, Holly-Conrad-1 (1).jpg)

Samefag but I think she looks quite cute here, the hair helps.

No. 843845

I think the glasses hiding her eyebrows goes a long way also, they're not doing her any favors

No. 843846

In the end it doesn’t matter how she looks or changes her appearance.

We all know she’s ugly on the inside and that she’s never going to make an effort to change that.

No. 843847

File: 1564057815167.png (746.23 KB, 1196x591, holly brows.png)

They wouldn't be too hard to fix either

No. 843854

This is the hardest spot the difference game ive ever seen. Is it her right eyebrow?

No. 843868

The difference is more obvious in the thumbnail, both brows are longer so the inner ends aren't quite as far apart, they're less round and a bit lower.

No. 843873

I honestly don't think she can handle that many pigeons, especially after the Jared situation because she spends most of her time online looking for her and Jared's names on Twitter to pick fights.

It seems like the crazier she got, the less effort she put in her appearance. Lots of her old photos were really pretty but it seems to have taken a sharp nosedive somewhere in 2018.

Her eyes could sense her crazy a mile away and clearly tried to find an exit. Too bad they couldn't work together.

No. 843876


Well, she certainly can't say she spends her time doing streams - There's been ONE in at least a month and even then, she had someone helping moderate/run the whole thing. I get she isn't on DCA anymore, but one would think she could find SOMETHING D&D related to do.


That's just it. Holly could be the sexiest creature to ever walk the planet Earth - but she's shown just how ugly her personality is, which will outweigh physical looks every single time.


See here, she's actually really pretty, even with the lazy eye. The problem is she makes the godawful "uwu im so goofy" face in every single picture and then wonders why everyone asks if she's mentally challenged or something.

No. 843886

File: 1564065707676.png (435.37 KB, 598x760, Screenshot_163.png)

So, two of Holly's most recent liked posts are about some show called "Tuca & Bertie" - Color me behind the times, had no idea what it was about so googled and found this explination on tumblr

> It’s a show made by an incredible woman ABOUT women, dealing with things such as sexual harassment and misogyny in a mature, real way.

There is a certain level of irony in Holly being upset over losing a show that discusses sexual harassment while still being madly in love with ProPedo who has sexually harassed women on numerous occasions (like the whole looking up nude photos of someone and then openly showing them off to other dudes directly in front of the woman)

(Saged for no new milk - just ironic)

No. 843898

Holy hell, she looks really pretty there.
I feel like it's the hairstyle that makes her look not too great usually tbh(besides the dumb faces that she makes)

No. 843921

File: 1564072867028.png (701.29 KB, 508x870, Screenshot 2019-07-25 at 10.07…)

i'm not sure i see what the other anons mean by calling holly "really pretty/really cute", she is average at best. let's not ignore the super heavy filtering and posing that goes into most of her selfies, all her non-front-cam pictures show clearly how blunt and round her features are.
pic related – what is this lmao

she just mostly knows her angles and is clever about tilting her face/filtering herself to hell.
however, i agree with >>843846 , she could look like a 9/10 supermodel and i would still hate her guts because of how absolutely, irredeemably awful she is

No. 843924

>But the hair, eyebrows and makeup are what kill her appearance. ESPECIALLY her brows.

I think the worst of it all is the unavoidable crazy coming from her eyes.

Can't fix that.

No. 843927


One of the characters in Tuca & Bertie is also a survivor of csa.

No. 843936

Tuca and Bertie was a really good show. Actually dealt with things with some measure of NUANCE, Holly. Makes me wonder if she actually watched it or just thought “oh no a bird show was cancelled! This is an attack on me because that’s my brand!”

No. 843979

Looks like an Animatronic, holy shit. Two eyes and not even one of them is looking in the right direction.

No. 843985

She probably only cares about the show getting canceled because there’s birds in it. Most of Holly’s interests are pretty shallow.

No. 843990

She did give them pigeon pants. In the video she has the pigeon in a diaper.

No. 843992

File: 1564083182538.jpg (43.42 KB, 551x223, 2019-07-25_15-31-30.jpg)

One of the things I don't understand about Holly's "abuse" from her mother is that she's very wishy washy. In a lot of articles, she seems to enjoy time with her mom, but on social media she often spouts verbal and sexual abuse. You'd think that birds would trigger the hell out of her since it reminds her of past-times with her mother and how easily she screams abuse with a raise of a voice.

No. 844034


I found one article where Holly said:

>"My Mom has had MS since I was born,” Conrad explains, “so she can’t walk and hasn’t been able to walk for my whole lifetime"

And an instagram post of hers where she says

>My actual mother suffered from mental illness and MS, she stopped walking when I was 3 years old

Apparently, Holly's been a fucking liar for a while now - when the little lies (like about her mom never walking one minute and walking until she was 3 the next) worked, she just progressed to major ones.

No. 844039

>later in life was incredibly abusive and mentally ill


>And my mom has always been so supportive

And then we have more contradictions…

>My actual mother died a few years ago, I'm not sure from what and I'm not even sure where.


>she ended up moving to an assisted living home

Jesus, Hoelly, get your story straight

No. 844084

Maybe she has two moms? Adopted/Auntie type and bio mom? Might explain the strange word choice of "actual mom."
Also sounds like she's confusing the stories between two different women.

No. 844097


She doesn't.

No. 844108

It’s common with people who have parents with degenerative diseases that mess with mind and personality, like dementia and alzheimers, to say they “lost their real parent years ago” to a disease.

I’m not too familiar with MS but that’s probably what she meant.

No. 844121

What the hell kind of image is that for a thumbnail. She looks like she’s trying to eat the bird.

No. 844144

File: 1564109644325.jpeg (86.78 KB, 750x426, 77F423B8-A8B9-4E62-B2CF-D6BCD8…)

This is off-topic, (not Holly related) but has anyone else been following Arin’s new public fascination with drinking? He had a very holier-than-thou attitude towards drinking/drugs a few years ago, and now that’s out the window. He’s been streaming drunk and tweeted this recently.

No. 844147

File: 1564110466396.png (99.17 KB, 220x205, eyeseeyou.PNG)

No. 844149

I'd feel bad about making fun of her lazy eye if she wasn't such a terrible person.

No. 844157

Please let this face be the next OP image. It's strange how it's pretty much what she's doing now, trying to keep an eye on everyone to see what they're saying about her.

No. 844159

I think he just had no interest prior to this, I have friends who didn't start drinking until they were late 20's/early 30's bc they aren't as uptight.
Plus with Ross being more of a presence (along with the other young workers) and them liking to drink, he might feel a slight pressure? Since Dan doesn't drink either he didn't have much of a reason to try before.

No. 844162


She says "actual mom" about her bio mom and in that article speaks of her grandma who was more of a mother figure to her growing up - but in the examples used above, she's talking about her bio mother both times.


That would seem feasible, but Holly will praise her mom has being supportive every time and then in the next article, talking about how she was a caretaker not a daughter and that it was all abusive.

No. 844176

MS can cause some cognitive decline e.g. memory lapses and trouble concentrating, but it’s generally very mild and nothing like Alzheimer’s. It doesn’t really affect the personality either. From personal experience, it’s more like dealing with someone who’s very tired and understandably frustrated with their situation than someone with any form of dementia. Of course it’s possible for MS to be comorbid with substance abuse or another illness that affects cognition, but MS on its own does not cause the kind of dementia you describe.

No. 844184

File: 1564119196556.png (420.3 KB, 593x407, Screenshot_164.png)

Out of 55 replies, there was only one iffy comment - so Homewrecker must be back to blocking anyone who dares say something she doesn't like

No. 844189

Okay, I'm no longer convinced that Holly isn't the admin of the fucking discord. She and another person went toe to toe for the last like 20 minutes, with the admin arguing that she wasn't being hostile when she so blatantly was, ending it with

"I wasn't being hostile, I'm sorry if you took it that way"

Which is an 'apology' that is right up Holly's alley.

No. 844191

Why does she try to look ugly? Why cant she just wear false lashes and have long bangs?

No. 844193


Because she's not like oThEr GiRlS!!1!!

No. 844196

Either that or the admin is also a big narc like Holly, which I wouldn't be surprised about. You should check out forums about narc parents, they say extremely similar stuff it's so odd since none of these parents know each other.

No. 844198

She doesn't even have to get false lashes, just having longer bangs to hide her comma eyebrows would help her immensely.

No. 844199

Well apparently her mom crashed her wedding and upset both her and Ross so either she had other shit going on or was indeed an alcoholic. I don't remember the details.

Or just some mascara and someone who knows how to wax her brows. She's had these sperm comma brows since forever. Do they actually grow like this or has she managed to not improve drawing them on in like a decade.

No. 844203

That's probably one of the only truthful things about what her mom did to her and that's only because Ross was there to witness it. The list of illnesses she said her mother had though…that's suspect because she lies a lot.

No. 844206


Don't really doubt the mental illness part, as that can run in families or even the MS - but when one minute, it's "She's never walked!" and the next it's "She walked until I was 3" - or "She was super abusive" to "She was super supportive"?

The severity of the illnesses is definitely in question.

No. 844208

It's her flying monkey club, Holly is still angry at Heidi and wants to destroy Heidi without looking bad. But like another anon said people who are toxic themselves probably can relate to Holly more therefore take her side therefore it might not be her, but I wouldn't doubt it is Holly.

No. 844209


Yeah, that was a real shitshow. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Holly at all, which let's face it, probably is. Calling it.

No. 844224

let's have some caps so we can all decide

No. 844226

it was a really retarded discussion on the morality of outing someone's nudes online.
one genius started talking about how "celebrities have it so much worse than literal nobodies if their nudes get leaked" and the other genius, who also goes by u/wiklr on reddit, started a rant on how that is absolutely wrong and misguided, and wanted "facts and citations on this? any names?"
the first dude started exclusively responding with "why are you so hostile dude what's wrong with you"

>goes on for a solid while

>everyone else is facepalming and asking for a timeout
>the wiklr person, a moderator of the discord AND incidentally the projared2 subreddit, refuses to take the personal tiff onto DMs
>everyone is cringing
>wiklr ends with "I wasn't being hostile, I'm sorry if you took it that way"

i don't want to post caps because there is nothing to be gained from it except an elevated blood pressure

doubt the wiklr person is a sock. she has a fairly long presence on reddit (since 2015) and her posts show interests and language that differ widely from holly's.
just a loon lmao

No. 844227

thanks for explaiining. we're not all going to go to the discord so it reads a bit like baiting to post shit from there without including caps.

No. 844229

>doesn't want to post caps to avoid getting triggered
>would rather remember things off the top of her head and type it all out instead

No. 844231


Nah, I'm gonna have to disagree. I looked into u/wiklr too a while back when I saw the subreddit and it seems like a pretty reasonable Alt if anything. I don't think it's TOO far off from Holly, but whatever.

Saged because who cares about that shit.

No. 844232

agreed, actually. not to mention that if the mods are dedicated and lurking here (both of which let's face it yeah), they can try to pinpoint which members log on after a vaguepost is made here and identify those as lolcow anons. might be useful to keep in mind for the next time we want to tear our hair out over the stupid things that go on over there?

just looking out for fellow anons but the world is your oyster if you'd rather i didn't

No. 844234

Yeah okay no let's not tip ourselves here. If you're in that boring-ass discord, good for you, but please don't bother giving the unmilkiest shit possible.

No. 844237

This! I would like more milk without being involved with in their flying monkey club but most talks about the discord have been pretty unmilky and just manure.

saged because it is shitty(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 844240


Agreed. If it's milky, by all means go ahead and tell us about it, but sorry, I don't have the fucking time of day to listen to you guys come up to us with what a bunch of flying monkeys are screaming in the WK hole.

No. 844241

sage is achieved by typing 'sage' into the email field, not by blogging about it in your post.

No. 844252

I don't think it was necessarily holier-than-thou, he had just never gotten drunk or done any kind of drug before. I guess he decided to try and ended up liking it. Has he talked about experiencing them for the first time? I remember him talking about never drinking before and now he talks about alcohol and weed, but I don't know if he ever talked about the turning point on the show

No. 844262


That was not her mom, it was her dad's wife (different person). Apparently her dad got remarried after she was an adult and I don't think she has a relationship with this woman.

She described her dad as "dumb, really dumb" from doing so many drugs or something.

No. 844293

perhaps try to read the site info and rules before you post here? if you're so "confused"

No. 844294

Agreed. We aren't supposed to be talking about them anyway unless it's milky and anon was just wasting our time.

I think she strongly resents him for leaving and that's why he's "really dumb". She used to praise him in articles too up until he vanished with no goodbye.

No. 844298

Samefagging, I meant to say that she said he was a great guy until he vanished.

No. 844325

File: 1564155472266.jpeg (405.85 KB, 1242x1829, 60DA4989-6AAC-4D03-A31F-B33A27…)

saging for no milk, but this is hilarious

No. 844336

This crazy bitch is the last person who needs to cover mental health topics. She's too unstable and should leave that to someone who can control themselves.

No. 844337

File: 1564157846155.png (82.37 KB, 601x586, Holly.png)

I can't tell if the trolls are getting better or her fans are just that oblivious.

No. 844341

"the abyss will also gaze into thee" kek

omg, i'm so happy she's taking requests! i hope she covers "how to gaslight someone until they explode and then call them unstable/BPD", but if not, she can at least try "refusing to take responsibility to avert your eyes from your own monstrous actions"!

No. 844345

"How to use someone's suicide to your own advantage"

No. 844346


"How to gaslight 101: Making Yourself the victim in EVERY situation"

No. 844352


"how to sincerely apologize and take responsibility for your own harmful actions"

or better yet, "How to stop being toxic/abusive to those around you because of your mental illness"

No. 844355


Holly could never teach that class.

After all, "she's sorry, she's mentally ill"

No. 844362

"How to pretend you are feminist but still passionately hate women who are more attractive than you."

"How to make it seem you are into social justice while having a personal incel army."

"How to be asexual and then desperately beg a pedophile to date you."

No. 844367


Why, those classes sound amazing - Now if only she could offer "How to Ruin A Career in 10 Minutes or Less (while blaming everyone else)"…..

No. 844369

File: 1564161265170.png (35.74 KB, 594x133, Capture d’écran 2019-07-26 à…)

some of these sound like they really could either be a dig or an honest suggestion

No. 844374


Probably super salty passive aggressive suggestions - and tbh, living for it.

No. 844378

lmao people do not like her anymore

No. 844384

File: 1564162200590.png (17.4 KB, 220x247, Screenshot_165.png)

Found DanDan the Man in the discord he claims to not be a part of

No. 844409

Hey Holly: talk about how people who are abused can come to inflict similar abuse onto others! Especially onto those close to them!

Pain that isn't overcome is transferred.

No. 844426

Sage for non-milk, goddammit.

What discord is that?

No. 844428

That swordofHeidi is a parody account of a supposed Heidi fan. I guess they need to manufacture hate to keep making Holly to look like a victim.

No. 844429

File: 1564167868608.png (38.23 KB, 608x327, holly 3.png)

No. 844433

File: 1564168096909.png (155.06 KB, 750x1029, IMG_2716.PNG)

No. 844436

File: 1564168455092.png (149.93 KB, 750x886, IMG_2718.PNG)

No. 844445

What does that have to do with what he said, Holy? He's not wrong.

No. 844448

File: 1564169905788.png (782.27 KB, 1080x1315, Screenshot_20190726-143713(1).…)

>not specifically about my situation
I'm fucking cackling. Holly's made like 20 tweets that have ruined many things.

No. 844451

File: 1564170245116.png (22.22 KB, 598x212, holly6.png)

Learning to take a hard "No, don't fuck my husband" would've been an even more useful one.

No. 844456

she's not so subtly trying to make this mental health monday stream into a "woe is me" pity party for herself.

It's not even a widely applicable topic for most people. A lot of people deal with mental health problems and want to learn good coping skills, things of that nature.

But the topic of large internet hate mobs is such a niche topic. Unless you're a big social media influencer with a huge following, but most of her audience is just regular people with smaller followings.

No. 844461

Oh fuck off. It's an antecedent very much relevant to the current situation and may open further discussion.(learn 2 sage; lolcow.farm/info)

No. 844465

File: 1564171958648.gif (2.85 MB, 498x269, 2dc5797785.gif)

No. 844466


Poor Jon Ronson has been getting tagged in defensive tweets about her situation for months, the guys book on the subject is great but he's actually talking about people that make -one joke- in bad taste and lose their job.. not her shit where she defends herself til her last breath

No. 844467


the pj2 subreddit's discord


"I'm not going to deal with the drama stuff - except I'm going to TOTALLY indirectly bring up the drama stuff"

Jesus Christ, Holly - just say you're going to do an "UWU IM A VICTIM" mental health stream and move the fuck on.


You. are not. a mental. health. professional.

I don't give a fuck if it's a stream or not - You're still selling "mental health tips" on your patreon and that's disgusting and fucking dangerous.



Bitch, considering your 'situation' is purely twitter shaming, it's REAL hard to believe this.

No. 844469


That's the thing, though. I honestly thing Holly think she's done no wrong, or if she has, it's only been one little thing rather than a build-up of several BIG things.

No. 844471

File: 1564172913004.png (20.69 KB, 604x267, Screenshot_166.png)

Holly's liked post

We get it - You want to hop on Jared's PedoDick. You could tolerate everyone else if you really had to, I guess.

No. 844472

File: 1564172980769.png (24.16 KB, 617x245, Screenshot_167.png)

Oh, the fucking irony…

No. 844474


Seeing how she glosses over things always reminds me of the 'narcs prayer' or whatever they call it:

That didn't happen.
And if it did, it wasn't that bad.
And if it was, that's not a big deal.
And if it is, it is not my fault.
And if it was, I didn't mean it.
And if I did.
You deserved it.

No. 844475

People keep drawing lines like "Heidi's doing her career thing, but Holly can't?"

I think Holly could come back, do her streams, and move on with some semblance of a career…..if she would just DO it. She keeps asking people on her twitter what they think, what she should do, etc. whereas Heidi just fucking does it, regardless of what other's thihnk.

No. 844478


Every bit of this. Holly knocks her Bio Mom for the narc like tendencies, but jesus if she didn't grow up to be identical. Everything is always Heidi's fault and what is actually Holly's fault is just everyone overreacting or she didn't mean it (because she's mentally ill)

If you look up narcissistic, there ought to be just a huge picture of Holly's goofy ass face listed.

No. 844493

File: 1564175512745.jpg (83.57 KB, 640x959, q4ey7y9rinc31.jpg)

This is really what gets me.
She believes that just because her INTENTIONS were good (in her own mind), then the hurt feelings and fallout caused by it are irrelevant, because she "didn't mean it like that" or "didn't intend to hurt feelings" or whatever.
Unfortunately for her, good intentions alone are not enough to make our actions moral or excusable.

There are plenty of examples of good intentions having shitty results and consequences: Prohibition, introducing non-native species to an unfamiliar ecosystem, Zero-tolerance bullying, those ladies who "restored" that historic painting of Jesus, etc.

Holly needs to fukkin realize that her own feelings are not the only thing that matters here, regardless of her intentions.

She planted a shit-tree, and now she's upset that it's dropping shit on her.

No. 844506

File: 1564177762277.png (27.83 KB, 480x325, Screenshot_169.png)

Friendly reminder that Holly's mental health counseling (the $30 tier) could be construed as illegal in the state of Washington since she's not licensed or employed under an agency as an agency affiliated cousenlor

No. 844511


Even if she doesn't view it as "counseling" and instead just as mental health tip, it's honestly the biggest rip off in the history of forever.

$30 for what? To be told "keep your chin up!" with the same generic message that she sends to any other person dumb enough to pay $30?

No. 844520


If her mental health streams are viewable to subs only, this could be considered as her taking a fee

No. 844525

"Mental health tip"?

>tip - noun

>1 : a piece of advice or expert or authoritative information
>2 : a piece of advance or confidential information given by one thought to have access to special or inside sources

I think the law applies only if you're claiming to be a professional if you're unlicensed.
However, if she's made claims now or in the past about being a "mental health advocate" and the like, I dunno.. seems like it could very much come back to bite her.

Thirty bucks for an encouraging word, tho? What a bargain! GG, Holly! What a pal!

No. 844526

File: 1564179334629.png (37.32 KB, 592x342, holly4.png)

No. 844527


There's just so many people in the replies to her tweet with legitimate mental health issues (PTSD, depression, anxiety, etc.) that are substituting some wacko with internet access for a licensed/trained mental health professional.

Personally, Someonee who in the last six months spent time in a mental hospital for suicidal ideation, is the LAST person who should be dolling out any kind of advice, other than where to find the best FroYo.

Her "tips" are going to get someone hurt.

No. 844529


It's mind boggling that these people are going to pay $30 for what they could get for free from google.

No. 844530


Gaslighting 101: Why the man who received the nudes is ACTUALLY the victim, and the minor is the one who should be branded a criminal.

You'd think SOMEONE would have the wherewithal to step in and tell Holly what a shitty idea this is and that it WILL wind up coming back to bite her.

No. 844534

I mean..people pay costhots $1-400 for what they can get on pornhub..what's so mindboggling about people wasting money? Lol

While he's not a 'victim', it is actually 2 fold, since anyone underage is technically distributing child porn, which is illegal as fuck, so you actually CAN get someone in trouble especially if they don't know.

For those who lack reading comprehension: No I'm not saying Jared didn't know.

No. 844542

ntayrt but i agree. she has so many young and impressionable fans, as do many gaming/DND internet entertainers. she's really objectively not a good role model for mental health.
i think the intention of destigmatizing mental illness by talking about it in public spaces is good, and people should do that whether or not they're licensed as a counselor or whatever. what i hate is that she uses mental health as her entire brand, and implies that she's any kind of authority to help other people >>844436 lmao god what a fucking dismissive reply
i just don't understand when people want their mental illnesses to be their entire personalities. the point is that you're a person with human tendencies (good and bad), just like anyone else, despite your illnesses. i feel like this mental health "advocating" she does is some weird way of her compensating for personal issues she hasn't worked through yet.
sorry if i'm psychoanalyzing too hard lol, but as i've followed this cow it went from being mildly entertained to being actually upset by how she uses her platform

No. 844551


I think it’s…mostly cause holly needs something that makes her special otherwise it upsets her mind goblin on her average she is so as a result she leans towards that whole “mental illnesses” advocate

Like take a look at how upset holly got when female Shepard polling contest result was leaning towards the design that didn’t look like her

No. 844554

lol @ them calling Holly his girlfriend. she fucking wishes.

if they are still seeing each other, you know that shit won't last.

Someone cleared this up in the last thread or two: if a minor is sending CP to another minor and that second minor/their parents press charges, the first minor can be charged with distribution. If a minor is sending CP to an ADULT, as was the case this time, it's the responsibility of the adult and not the minor.

No. 844583

Furthermore (different anon) even if he thought they were 18, that’s still supremely young. His obvious grooming tactics (only responding if the person is sexual/provides nudes) show he didn’t care about just chilling and being body positive. He rewarded people who provided him sexual images and messages. His fans had a gateway to their fave youtuber if they showed tits. Whether underage or very young adults, that’s fucked.

No. 844613

Watching ProPedo’s Until Dawn playthrough and he says “personally, I would look at someone else’s cell phone”

Well, that aged as well as sour milk…

No. 844649

File: 1564199304107.png (569.34 KB, 557x832, hollyscareeer.png)

>People keep drawing lines like "Heidi's doing her career thing, but Holly can't?"
Right, what career tho?? Heidi studied sewing, her career is sewing. She's continuing sewing. Holly's career was "be likable enough on the internet that people pay you". Holly can't do her "career thing" anymore because she was fired from that job for being bad at it. Why is that so hard for people to understand? If your job is to drive your own car for Uber, and you crash that car and destroy it beyond repair, you don't then go to Uber and scream

No. 844658

Future thread pic, please. This is genius, anon.

No. 844660


Agreed - especially if Holly DOES try to bring back her disastrous mental health mondays

No. 844699

i hope it does come back to bite her but it's also on her fans a bit, if they want to pay 30 dollars for a postcard saying "keep your chin up!" just because this bitch will send it, then they can be my guest. it is scummy though, it's similar to the worm dude asking fans for nude and them obliging happily while feeling like HE was the one doing them a favor. this is just a little more sfw.

i'm fucking howling anon

No. 844724


No. 844730

Omg Anon dont you know holly is totally a birb mom full time and thats a very hard time consuming job? People should totally pay her randomly for this very hard sacrifice to help the poor helpless birbs!

For real though, why does holly act and talk like she is 16 still?

Also I love that pic too and I third this gotta be the next thread pic

No. 844752

She should just get a career at a coffee shop like she said she’d be happy to have, or work at an active wildlife conservation center. The Seattle Audubon Society is hiring.

Holly would probably benefit from having a job offline and with her experience with and love of birds she could definitely do something along that path.

But she’s too much of a narcissist to even consider a career offline because she won’t be an internet celebrity.

No. 844759


That's pretty much exactly it. When she initially pulled the "I'll have to go back to being a Barista!", she said it like it was a mortal sin or something so far beneath her, when it's a job that would pay the bills if she was that worried about her income being halved (again, she's living off Grandpa's money; The only ones buying that "I'm poor" bit are her wks)

No. 844764

And with minimum wage being what it is in Seattle, on top of tips she would earn, going back to a barista would net her more income than her shitty Etsy store.

No. 844769


in no way defending holly, but pigeons actually are formerly domesticated animals who were considered to be excellent pets until the mid 20th century - their drop in popularity was a result of the suburbanization of the US and cities coming to be seen as dirty, etc. so they're more like feral cats than wild animals.

No. 844771

I completely agree. Being a barista is beneath her now that dirty bitch, I mean witch and great value adventurer have a world to save. Making coffees for people or getting her self-inserts's dirt pie tickled in an imaginary world? It's easy to see which one Holly would pick.

So…still an annoyance pretty much.

No. 844773


If she had 1-2 pigeons, I wouldn't say shit. She has 50 fucking pigeons - That crosses the line from "this is a kookie pet but whatevs" and into the "Whomst the fuck needs that many flying rats??"

Also, feral cats are trapped, neutered, and released most of the time (some are sent to be barn cats); Someone doesn't hoard dozens of them while patting themselves on the back like the Patron Saint of Cats. Hoelly Homewrecker thinks she's some sort of god for keeping entirely too damned many and has made it the only "interesting" thing about her.

No. 844775

… after several days of useless fucking sperging about the pigeons, the thread was finally moving on. Why did you do this, anon?

No. 844779

At least it wasn't "Look at what useless white knight #65 had to say!"

No. 844798

Well, some people actually do that with feral cats too. They just don’t have an internet full of ass-patters to show off to and are normally shut down by concerned family/neighbors or eaten by their hoard after they die.

No. 844812


Nobody just has 50 feral cats - That's a situation where animal control needs to be called immediately as it is an unsafe environment for THAT many cats (let alone feral ones) to be in one area, neutered/spayed or not.

No one is being unfair to Holly here; We don't care that she has a hobby, we care that (A) she's essentially hoarding animals at this point and (B) she acts like she's one step from sainthood for doing it.

No. 844813

File: 1564245131922.png (22.28 KB, 601x231, Screenshot_170.png)

Holly once again trying to pull the "uwu I moved for the trees" line of thought - when there are literally trees EVERYWHERE (like pretty much the entire state of Montana, for example) and she just HAPPENED to end up within a short car ride of her PedoDick lover??

No. 844822

We barely see her around nature, just photos of her looking sad for sympathy points.

No. 844825

sage for no milk but this interview is from a year ago

the comments really didnt age well

No. 844826

Does she let her pigeons out to fly, or are they all cooped up all the time? I only ask because pigeons have amazing internal GPS senses, they remember their roosts and return to the same place as long as they can. that's why they were used as messenger birds until the postal system became faster+more accessible. If she's keeping them locked up all the time, I'd say that's definitely hoarding, but if they're free to come and go, that's pretty okay as long as she keeps the roost clean.

Something tells me she keeps them locked up because "uwu I just love them too much to risk them getting hurt, even though they're wild animals!!! who cares if it makes their lives boring and sad and small? I need to keep them trapped so I don't feel so lonely, no one loves me but my birbs~~~"

No. 844830


That's the thing. She claims to need to be around trees, yet you never see one picture of actually in the vicinity of a tree (and Washington is kind of chock full of them; hard to miss 'em)


If they're injured or sick, I could understand keeping them "locked up" where she can keep an eye on them and ensure that if they're sick, it doesn't spread - but unless all 50 are somehow sick and injured at the same time, it just wouldn't make sense other than to fit her "uwu I'm saving the birds from big, bad mother nature!" narrative

No. 844873

I’m the anon who brought up feral cats. Just wanted to clarify that my statement was in no way a defense of what Holly is doing with pigeons.

She simply doesn’t have friends or neighbors who care enough about her to confront the hoarding.

No. 844976

It really depends on what kind of pigeons they are. I'm under the impression they're domestic pigeons and were once kept as pets, meaning they aren't wild and should not be allowed to free fly without supervision, and not all pigeons have a homing instinct, either.

Fun fact, most wild pigeon populations you see today are actually just feral domesticated pigeons. They aren't really "wild animals" anymore than a feral cat is. They can handle themselves alright but they were specifically bred for work or companionship at one point until they escaped or were abandoned. They're now considered pests much like feral cats are because they've carved out a niche that was never meant to exist for them.

Sorry for pigeon sperging, but Holly not letting her pigeons free fly isn't abuse if they were bred as pets. The hoarding definitely is, though, and she would need a rather large aviary for all 50 of them to get ample exercise. I don't think we've ever seen the size of her aviary or coop.

No. 844982


Not sure if she’s shown how the birds are being housed in Seattle, but she has a video tour of the coop they used in LA

No. 844993

Mumkey Jones will be publishing a video basically ripping right off Bernie's within the next few days.

No. 845005

Ok this might be going too far down the autism pigeon hole but this is what I found for aviary sizes from here: http://www.pigeonrescue.org/birds/creating-an-aviary/

>An aviary 12′ long by 6′ wide by 6′ tall or more will house about 10 pigeons

Obviously kind of hard to eyeball it from a video, but while looking on youtube for aviaries I did find a video the builder took of Holly's aviary when he built it. If there were indeed 40-50 birds in there, it's probably too small. Here's hoping the one in Washington is bigger.

No. 845008

File: 1564277982701.png (187.51 KB, 595x404, Screenshot_172.png)

Someone pointed out that the amethyst was actually something Jared bought because of the relationship between Diath and Strix

So that and the evil witch comment?

Double zing - Point goes to Heidi

No. 845009

File: 1564278130927.png (53.65 KB, 597x452, Screenshot_173.png)

Yeah Holly

Keep playing ignorant about your actions as if the internet isn't crawling with screenshots of you playing the victim and weaponizing your mental health.

No. 845015

Her deflecting with questions is getting real
old. She’s like a toddler.

No. 845021

>>844825 Anon, if you are linking to YouTube, put it in the box labeled YouTube when you submit.

"It's fun to play a disaster of a person." -Holly Conrad aka Strix
Straight from the cow's mouth at 2:17.

If any nonmobile anon feels like it, I'd live for a clip of that.

No. 845027

Strix looks more like a Hagraven than a tiefling.

No. 845033

She's based on the older 2nd edition Tieflings which were more varied in appearances than the monotonous 3rd/4th editon-onwards version.

No. 845040

It was an insult.

No. 845041

She's so exhausting. I don't know how Ross put up with her for half a decade without killing himself.

She literally just looks like a human. I would've never guessed she was a tiefling without knowing beforehand, thought it might be because it's a bad cosplay.

No. 845050


On another site, I heard this technique referred to as sealioning - a type of trolling or harassment which consists of pursuing people with persistent requests for evidence or repeated questions, while maintaining a pretense of civility. It may take the form of "incessant, bad-faith invitations to engage in debate".

That fits Holly's M.O. to a T.


It's easy to ignore feelings of wanting to kill yourself when you're constantly worried about someone who openly threatens suicide on a regular basis.


Based on the thumbnail, she looks like a worn out junkie who has had one too many handles of vodka in addition to her daily heroin.

No. 845051


On another site, I heard this technique referred to as sealioning - a type of trolling or harassment which consists of pursuing people with persistent requests for evidence or repeated questions, while maintaining a pretense of civility. It may take the form of "incessant, bad-faith invitations to engage in debate".

That fits Holly's M.O. to a T.


It's easy to ignore feelings of wanting to kill yourself when you're constantly worried about someone who openly threatens suicide on a regular basis.


Based on the thumbnail, she looks like a worn out junkie who has had one too many handles of vodka in addition to her daily heroin.

No. 845054


On another site, I heard this technique referred to as sealioning - a type of trolling or harassment which consists of pursuing people with persistent requests for evidence or repeated questions, while maintaining a pretense of civility. It may take the form of "incessant, bad-faith invitations to engage in debate".

That fits Holly's M.O. to a T.


It's easy to ignore feelings of wanting to kill yourself when you're constantly worried about someone who openly threatens suicide on a regular basis.


Based on the thumbnail, she looks like a worn out junkie who has had one too many handles of vodka in addition to her daily heroin.

No. 845085

File: 1564292954359.png (19.27 KB, 553x154, Screenshot_177.png)

Apparently Jared the ever eternal pussy is hiding out in another state.

How's that move working out for you, Hoelly?

No. 845086

he's been in nevada most likely, since that's where holly met up with him. endless supply of hookers which is handy. I'm sure holly prizes the trees over anything !! inb4 she says she needs the desert and sells up again.

No. 845089


Well, area 51 is there and she wants "see them aliens"

No. 845122

File: 1564308172923.png (22.53 KB, 585x157, Screenshot_178.png)

I see we're back on a self-rightous "I JUST WANT TO HELP….UNLESS YOUR NAME IS HEIDI AND THEN YOU'RE AN UNFIXABLE WHORE" kick again

No. 845123

Holly's help is sexual healing, it has helped Jared recover from his abuse./s

No. 845124

Yeah cool, 30 bucks for telling people that they better go see a real therapist, is this bitch serious or really really dumb

No. 845125


No, no - this is her Mental Health Monday

She does mentally ill people the biggest gift of all: Telling them "Go see a therapist" for free!

It's honestly disgusting how she's preying on vulnerable, legitimately mentally ill people to get her warm fuzzy feelings now.

No. 845230


Giving people 'resources to get therapy' People can google search local therapists or even better ask their fucking doctor

No. 845242


That's the thing that gets me. She can preach "mental health positivity - get help!" all she wants, but when she constantly says shit like she knows Heidi's mentally ill because of the doctor or whatever, that's just going to scare people into not seeing a counselor (since apparently they run their mouths - which isn't even KIND OF the truth)

No. 845246

File: 1564338638715.png (118.61 KB, 591x437, mhmtopics.png)

it's good that she doesn't try to be random peoples' therapists (at least according to her), but it's still so weird to me that going to internet "celebrities" on twitch dot tv for mental health help is normal now. this should not be a normal relationship to have with someone on the internet. holly should know that.
also lol @ Holly trying so hard to justify this mental health monday shit when her own viewers want her to help them with their personal problems:
original tweet: "I want to bring back Mental Health Mondays soon, are there any topics you’d like to see covered?"
pic is a selection of replies. how the fuck could Holly cover a topic like…. postpartum depression? or LGBTQ+/gender identity issues? just….. lol.

No. 845247


Exactly. Outside of saying "That's a mental illness, see a counselor/therapist", how in the fuck is she supposed to cover shit like gender identity disorder (which isn't even the term used in the DSM anymore, now it's listed as gender dysphoria)?

No. 845250

Hilarious considering her friends intentionally attacked all the trans people involved in this situation too. She’s not even an ally.

No. 845253

I don't think Holly uses mental Mondays to help others, it's really for her facilitate her own self placating "group therapy" for her own mental health related issues. While at the same time stroking her ego for thinking she is doing this for others when she really is doing this to justify her own unhealhy behaviours from others that also have no therapy experience in helping her or others there seeking Holly's help and advice.

No. 845256


She's the bitch that everyone else in group therapy fucking hates because it's all about her, all the time (rather than helping everyone hence the 'group' part)

>thinking she is doing this for others

I still can't understand what exactly it is that she thinks she's doing. If someone wants to see a mental health professional, they will - Someone going on a stream and saying "Hey everyone, go talk to a counselor mmkay?" isn't going to do a thing.

No. 845258

I have a source close to Holly that says Jared will have a jury trial in the next month.(obvious bait)

No. 845260


Put up or shut up, Anon.

Evidence or it didn't happen.

No. 845261


Can't give any or I'll blow my cover. Look out in a week or two.

No. 845262

File: 1564343206454.jpg (25.3 KB, 375x523, 1429232793650.jpg)

No. 845264


Give us some details then. What does this mean in context? What has he been charged with exactly?

It seems kinda early for a trial but idk how these things work. If he's on trial, wouldn't that info be publicly available somewhere?

No. 845266

It would be public information, most court dates are. Especially if it has a Jury. Pretty sure this is just another whiteknight just trying to stir the pot.

No. 845268


Blow your cover? Seriously?

Just don’t say anything next time unless you can back it up.

No. 845269

Exactly. If you're going to come here saying something like that at least bring some proof.

No. 845271


I just did a cursory search for Jared's name in the Washington State Odyssey Portal. The website does not allow screenshots, but there is only one hearing connected to Jared's name: the divorce.


Knabenbauer, Jared
Cases (1)

Case Number - 19-3-01109-31
File Date - 05/13/2019
Type - DIN Dissolution of Marriage with No Children
Location - Snohomish

No. 845276

lmao i love it. "source close to holly" like, discord level close? kek

this so much. it feels more and more like holly's one of those people who do everything for heinously selfish motives and think they're actually, legitimately doing it for the good of the world. this charade of ranting on stream for hours about how everyone should "go to a therapist. next" is just an excuse to A, virtue signal and B, make it all about how hard poor lil trash bitch has it.
the cherry on top is just her absolute lack of not only professional training but also basic human empathy.

No. 845278

So it's one of the whiteknights just trying to stir the pot again. I wouldn't doubt if this is the same dumbass trying to push the discord here.

No. 845282


I won't believe there's a trial until I see evidence, but what would lying about it accomplish? Jared, Holly, and their white knights all insist that there is no crime and he won't be charged with anything. Why would they lie about it to stir up opposite rumors?

If anything, saying that Jared is going to trial sounds like wishful thinking from someone who wants to see it.

No. 845283

The anon got banned for baiting.

No. 845287

They want to throw a bunch of garbage in the pot in the hopes of confusing the conversation. That’s why Holly keeps sealioning everybody on Twitter. They just want to tire people out.

No. 845292


This is a weird way to find out Holly screenshotted my twitter reply lmao

Yeah my words were unwarranted, but it's fun to know that it got to her and that she replied to a tweet made purely out of a spite.

No. 845312


Way to out yourself, Anon - not that hard to track down a tweet lmao

Also, ain't no need to tip that cow. Give it a few days and she'll stay something even more stupid all on her own.

No. 845320


Eh, I'm a neet nobody. If someone wants to dox me/harrass me I'd be glad to waste their time.

Also, wasn't tipping as I was unaware of this thread until today, but I'll remove myself from the drama and just watch now because hatereading Holly's unfiltered twitter and interacting with her fans probably constitutes self harm lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 845326


>interacting with her fans probably constitutes self harm lmao

At this point, it probably does - though I'm concerned for their backs with how far they're all bending over backwards in trying to defend Hoelly while demonizing Heidi for the same thing.

No. 845541

File: 1564404435313.png (376.94 KB, 587x402, Screenshot_180.png)

Holly: I need to be in a place with trees!

Also Holly: -goes to the beach, which she could've done by staying in California, mentions absolutely nothing about trees in numerous months, doesn't go hiking or anything unique to being around trees and nature-

No. 845549


Are we taking bets on whether Mental Health Monday will happen?

No. 845552


If it does, it'll be about as entertaining as her "spooky saturday" bullshit - which is to say that it was incredibly boring. If I wanted to watch someone with no personality talk to the camera, I'd watch a bullshit informational video - not Homewreckers who want to hold themselves as some sort of moral authority.

No. 845576

She’s within a 40 minute drive of some of the most beautiful hikes in the state, too.

No. 845581


So far, all I've seen is that she drives out to the fucking desert with Area 51 and has gone to the beach. For someone who claimed she HAD to be around trees, it's like she's going out of her way to avoid the actual goddamned nature.

No. 845586

She did go through a phase of posting almost nothing but trees and forest photos when she came back from the hospital but it seemed very orchestrated as a response to people pointing out that she moved for Jared.

No. 845593


That's my point. For her to claim that she moved for the trees, you'd think she'd be out experiencing that nature more instead of repeatedly going out of her way to avoid it.

Instead, she spammed a bunch of pics like you said which comes off as super unauthentic

No. 845663

File: 1564427426201.png (382.76 KB, 597x531, Screenshot_183.png)

Holly fans when Heidi posts an update/picture of Aries: OMFG why is she deflecting? #fuckheidi

Holly fans when Holly posts a picture of the cat that she hasn't mentioned in months: -cricket noises-

No. 845669

File: 1564428733670.png (30.59 KB, 572x223, Screenshot_185.png)

So, about that whole "spread kindness!" / "Cancel culture is bad!" thing, Hoelly….

No. 845681


Is that Holly's discord?


anon, few threads ago we said to leave the pets out of this. Is the milk that dry?

No. 845682

Not that anon but that was two anons and unless staff says otherwise, people can talk about what they want. They aren't complaining about the cat, they're complaining about reactions when Holly and Heidi posts photos of cats. Heidi gets abuse for mentioning her cat while Holly gets none.

No. 845707


No, it's in the PJ2 discord that I have strong tinfoil suspicions Holly is hiding in (and KNOW that some of her biggest, most vocal supporters frequent)


I'm the anon above - and I didn't say shit about the cat itself. My problem is like that last anon said. Heidi gets shit on for sharing pics of Aries (which she does regularly) but it's okay for Homewrecker to post a picture of her cat (which, honestly, not a great pet for someone who has so many birds since cats and birds are notorious enemies, but it is what it is)

No. 845784

it's pointless nitpicking since we know she moved for the wood in jared's pants only.

No. 845844

it kinda is dry. holly seems to have finally learned to shut up, heidi is busy doing her own stuff, projared is still absconding. it'll take a while for things to progress on both holly's divorce and jared's charges (if there are any). let's take this lull, i'm still not over how this one woman single-handedly managed to create enough drama for like five threads in two months kek

No. 845889

More than that, this is the 8th thread created since the drama broke. Granted, a lot of it was clowning on Jared before Holly went nuts and showed her true colors.

No. 846002

File: 1564504030814.png (2.43 MB, 1693x2048, Screenshot_20190730-092111.png)

Apartment therapy just ran a spread on Holly's home and an interview in which she goes over some of the reasons for the move. It's one of the more cringy interviews they have done.

>confirms grandpa's house paid for Seattle home

>Crashed with a "friend" the first couple of weeks
>Strix costume is a centerpiece

No. 846006

Aside from the crazy birds and Strix costume, I honestly really like the space. It's a beautiful home. too bad it doesnt detour from the fact Holly is an insane lying bitch. Also sad she sold her grandfather's house

No. 846007

File: 1564504863407.jpg (34.67 KB, 996x135, 2019-07-30_12-39-26.jpg)

Cringy is right.

A divorce that she wanted so she could hop on a dick that belonged to someone else's husband. It should have said, "Holly Conrad wanted to start over but with someone else's husband, so she divorced hers." Also, the homes for her pigeons are hella small for that many birds. They have almost no room to even fly.

No. 846011

File: 1564505173333.jpeg (200.26 KB, 451x440, 8332B1F4-B873-4B7C-8438-3C8BF7…)

The absolute state of her eyebrows though

I like the black house paint but something about the furnishing lacks harmony and I can’t put my finger on why.

No. 846013

Has the divorce even been finalized?

No. 846019

If Holly's doing interviews, she might be staying quiet because of incoming traffic. Don't want to look like she lost her mind for two months straight.

Oh god, she even looks like she's gone senile. Her beady eyes are too close together while her eyebrows look like they got a divorce. Why in the world are they so far apart?

>something about the furnishing lacks harmony

To me it looks like she just moved in and had finished decorating. It doesn't look lived in. I understand cleaning for the sake of an interview, but everything just seems too clinical. Doesn't she have a cat and a weasel?

No. 846022

She looks like she's doing an Andy Rooney-quality Asian impersonation.

No. 846024

This interview was done before the scandal broke out. She had a short video on her twitch stream (now deleted) from the time the interviewers were at her house so they could film her streaming.

No. 846026

File: 1564506945991.jpg (39.32 KB, 704x396, rooney.jpg)

I think you meant to say Mickey not Andy but shit anon I'm dying that is spot on

No. 846033

lol no the divorce isn't even final. if she did this interview before January, she hadn't even filed yet.

No. 846035

karma will absolutely take a toll on your face if you try to get back at women for being "too pretty uwu" lmfao

>something about the furnishing lacks harmony

firstly, the dark-toned minimalist palette coupled with bright, ornate occultish motifs all over the place
secondly, the fucking tattered rags hanging all over the place. imagine having the cash to afford a large house and furnishings and then doing this. i'm seething kek

No. 846036

File: 1564507674321.png (2.03 MB, 1376x774, Screenshot 2019-07-30 at 10.55…)

okay sorry but
this video is insane lmfao
>sweeping steps with a literal witch broom
>"theming the whole house off of my DnD chracter (giggle)"
>wild-eyed playing the uke to serenade alarmed, fleeing pigeons

i hope she legit lives like this everyday, the cringe is unreal lol

No. 846037


It looks like she walked into World Market and said "I'll buy it all!"

No. 846038

>The Remodeled Craftsman of a Modern Trash Witch
Oh god, she identifies herself in public as a "modern trash witch"? She's how old? This is embarrassing.

>wild-eyed playing the uke to serenade alarmed, fleeing pigeons
I'm dying anon, holy shit.

No. 846043

Damn, she really is loaded

No. 846058

File: 1564510778058.jpeg (562.71 KB, 962x847, C3C11F72-DB20-4872-B61B-36B47F…)

She just had to throw in the face too kek

No. 846060


What in the actual fuck is going on with her eyebrows?? I'd like to rescend my compliment from earlier this thread where I said she was pretty. Jesus, that's the shit of nightmares.


>Don't want to look like she lost her mind for two months straight.

Too bad that that ship has already sailed


This couldn't make me cringe harder if that was actually her goal…


Even if she doesn't like her smile and wants to use that as the excuse for her always making that face, why the fuck can't she just grimace like every other functional adult on the goddamned planet?

No. 846063

>"theming the whole house off of my DnD chracter (giggle)"

Explains some of her freak-out. She lost all of what made Strix an actual character, and not just Holly wearing makeup and contacts.
Then her whole decorating scheme reminds her of what she lost. Kek.

No. 846066

File: 1564511437027.jpeg (205.4 KB, 1377x770, E8483D23-B073-45E7-877B-CB7155…)

This sure aged well

That still looks like something out of a portlandia skit

No. 846071


It looks like she lines them up with the edges of her nose without realising that only works if your eyes are actually a nominal distance apart. Because hers are so close her eyebrows wind up starting like a third of the way back lmao.

No. 846072

IS it just me or does it seem like she has a fetal alcohol syndrome face? there's just something really off about the way she looks. more than just unfortunate, almost like there's something developmental in there

No. 846077

FAS looks more like Suzy's face with far apart eyes and a flat philtrum. If Holly is anything more than ugly it's some other eye-related issue that would cause her strabismus.

No. 846083

I know it's beating a dead horse at this point but it's interesting to me how the only ”proof” Holly has Heidi was ”abusive” was a few texts after their affair started behind Heidi’s back, there was no pre-Holly stuff.

Holly is what made Heidi and Jared’s relationship full of toxic interactions, but Jared’s gaslighting and stonewalling is what made him abusive. For Holly to continue an abusive narrative for Heidi is both cruel and unusual, she gets nothing from it at this point. Even the people who believe her are only getting off on the thrill of a discourse adrenaline rush that online fighting gives their otherwise boring lives.

She looks like Snow White and a Dwarf had a baby and it looks like their dad

No. 846084

I kinda agree.
There was a pic of Holly as a toddler in a previous thread. She really did look like she had a developmental disorder.

If nobody posts it, I'll try to find it after work. No idea which thread.

No. 846088

File: 1564514385922.jpg (443.01 KB, 1699x1605, normal_face.JPG)

She can actually look like a normal human when she's not making one of her stupid face expressions, I'd even say she looks cute here

No. 846100

She doesn't look too bad when you can only see her from the side. Completely different story from the front.

No. 846142

It's fascinating that her putrid black soul is reflected in her house. The house actually looked habitable before she ruined it. Trash witch moves to Seattle to homewreck marriages in her lair uwu~~(read the rules; no addresses)

No. 846147


Anon, are you sure that the "after" picture on the right wasn't taken BEFORE the picture on the left?

I can't see Hoelly taking the time to rip out the walls of the front room/enclosed deck space like that.

Chances are the one on the right is the "Before" - and the one on the left is the "after" and that whoever she bought the house from sunk some money into it to sell it faster/for more money.

No. 846149

>Sold Oct 8 2018

She sure moved fast after separating from Ross in September.

This, also why would she have 2 junked cars in her front yard? She only owns a Honda Element iirc.

No. 846160

I really hate how much I want that sun and moon doom divider

No. 846164


That's the crazy part, IMO. She and Ross would have had to IMMEDIATELY sell her grandpa's house (which typically takes a couple weeks to even get put on the market with photos, hiring a realtor, etc.), and the IMMEDIATELY find and then buy this new house (which is, again, a lengthier process).

idk, Maybe they made the formal announcement in September, but this reeks of something that Holly had been planning for awhile.

No. 846175

File: 1564523233355.jpg (230.25 KB, 1503x708, Cap.JPG)

The pic on the right is of the house next to hers. Street view doesn't go right in front of her house.

No. 846182

All that black is really bad for mental health and she should KNOW that. It's tasteful but dark colors like that are super bad to be around 24/7, especially since she doesn't have a job that requires her to leave the house.

Imagine never opening those windows. I bet that place is a dungeon. No wonder she mentally suffers so much. Another instance of self-sabotage.

No. 846199

It's kind of…nice? I mean yeah, some decisions and mixes are bad but she's not an interior designer. The hilarious thing is that Denica tried explaining that Heidi is jealous of Holly because she's so quIrKY, yet all of Holly's shit looks like try hard new age witch garbage you buy at urban outfitters.

No. 846212

Thanks for clarifying, didn't catch that.

No. 846257

Autistic Strix decor aside I do like the house, it's pretty cute. Tryhard, but cute.

No. 846261

Silly anon, don't you know that every witch has a stereotypical black house?

No. 846262

Y'all talking about black being bad for mental health clearly haven't even taken a psychiatry class. lol

No. 846284

Her house is decently cute, lots of potential, but the junk car and dead grass situation just outside her fence looks so bad. She was saying how important it was for her to be able to walk places and there isn't even a sidewalk.

No. 846298

It's not that it's black, it just dark areas in general or staying inside one dark area is bad for people in general especially those with seasonal affected disorders or depression. Being in the dark constantly also affects women's periods and pregancies.

No. 846322

north seattle has very few sidewalks, it's still walkable

No. 846360

Not disclosing the address but Holly sold their old house for $1.2m in November.

No. 846370

let's take bets. is all of the cash money the reason jared was willing to go from flings all the way, to "i'll leave my wife for ya babe"?
A, i wouldn't put gold digging past the creepy bastard after all the other shit he pulled. not to mention, he did say he's moved exclusively to twitch/streaming because it paid better. clearly money is important to this guy
B, all the "jared sent me nudes/fucked me" instances date from before he and holly got "serious" (typing this out is disgusting me lmao)

it's beginning to convince me

No. 846373

And she complains about "lost income"?
Fucking hell.

No. 846374

Fucking bitch is loaded and she really wants to cry about how she has it so hard.

No. 846382

it's boring, twee and predictable, just like our girl. suburban witch lite.

No. 846383


I don't even think it was so much the money; I think he got sick of Homewrecker constantly threatening suicide so he tried to make a clean split - but when you've been fucking someone outside of your marriage who was once your wife's friend, it was doomed to be messy as fuck.

I honestly think ProPedo thought he stood a chance of having his cake (being married to Heidi) and eating it too (fucking Holly).


That's pretty much what's pissing people off. She complains about her "lowered income" but can afford to sell a $1.2 million house and move to an area that is equally expensive while not having steady, gainful employment in any way while most people in her fanbase are living paycheck-to-paycheck.

No. 846384

Money is a great motivator, being with a rich hag that your self-insert character is constantly shipped with, with support in the DCA fandom probably sounded like a good transition in Jared's head. I also think Holly is a very obsessive person who wants things at the moment and her intense obsession of Jared, flattered him. Maybe Jared thought Holly would be easy to control because she was obsessed with him? But Holly might of got more demanding of Jared the more she felt she had more control over him instead then she started to guilt him, suicide baiting and emotional abuse him. I do Holly and Jared honestly deserve each other, but I don't if they are a couple right now.

No. 846393

I really don't think money was a factor, at least not initially. He already had a sizeable income at the time. Holly was just an excuse to escape his marriage. Once shit got real and destroyed his career overnight I'm sure Holly quickly lost her shine, but he's stuck appeasing her so she doesn't spill the beans on how garbage he is.

No. 846399

This was all possibly filmed just before shit went down in May.
The calander up in her office area is on April.

I have to wonder why apartment therapy decided to put this out now tho?

No. 846401

probably just their normal publication schedule.

No. 846406

They always do, anon.
You don't see anyone who's actually poor crying about uwu their mental illness and parading it around like a badge of honour.

No. 846407


I'm pretty curious to see how Holly loses what little bit of sanity she has left when Jared finally does either leave her or comes out publicly and says that they aren't together (and means it)

If she's this pissed when she's technically "winning" him over Heidi, imagine how it'll be when she loses everything - and what kind of bullshit she'll release (unless Jared got her to sign an NDA)


I don't think anyone's saying she should feel bad about mentally ill - but the way she's weaponizing it and using it as a get-out-of-jail free card is just fucking disgusting and delegitimizes the struggles of those who are TRULY mentally ill.

No. 846413

That's what I don't get, if she's got the man of her dreams why is she wasting time making a fool of herself online? Shouldn't she be pretty happy that she finally has Jared to herself (allegedly). She honestly could've spun the situation to be like "I made mistakes but I am deeply in love uwu" and her fans would've eaten it up, and would've done far less damage to her image. Now everyone knows what an insane, spiteful cunt she is.

No. 846416

I wonder if Jared would just announce a new engagement? That seems like his speed to do it that way.

No. 846418


An engagement? Please - this ignorant fucker would "coincidentally" be in Vegas at the same time as UWU Birb Mom™ while denying it the whole time until Hoelly puts a picture out there of them holding hands with wedding rings on (or, knowing her, some sort of hippie witchy bullshit equivilent) "DIATH AND STRIX - TOGETHER AGAIN #SUCKITHEIDI"

No. 846419

I don't think she has Jared anymore and that's probably what made her go full retard. Her outbursts on Twitter not only made things worse for him in the public eye, but during the divorce too since Heidi can and probably is using it all as evidence for alimony or something. Besides naive pussy, there is no beneficial reason for Jared to be with Holly. He can get dumb pussy from Unogirl and every other fool he's still "reminiscing" with. They probably even look cleaner than Garbage Pail Witch.

No. 846422


>as evidence for alimony or something

Hell, her little twitter outbursts gave Heidi a leg up if she chooses to pursue things legally (Holly released texts she wasn't a part of which is #yikes, not to mention the constant libel of calling Heidi mentally ill and abusive when she has no proof but word of mouth)

>There is no beneficial reason for Jared to be with Holly

There wasn't a reason from Day 1 other than a quick, easy lay and the knowledge of "I'm married and my wife lets me fuck other women". Then Hoelly went and caught feelings and the whole damned thing went up in flames.

>They probably even look cleaner than Garbage Pail Witch.

Less likely to threaten him with suicide or hold private knowledge of any pedophilic acts over his head, at least

No. 846433

File: 1564561574352.jpg (1.36 MB, 2774x1350, BroJareD.jpg)


No. 846444

They were seen together though, he probably keeps her just close enough that she won't turn on him and dig him further into his hole

No. 846445

They haven't been seen together since the end of May.

No. 846447


That's what I'm thinking. Even if he lOvEs Holly, she's been responsible for way too much damage to his career at this point (He did 90% of the damage, but her twitter outbursts certainly didn't help him any). He's doing the 'smart' thing by keeping his fucking mouth shut, but she just can't get out of the spotlight for 10 minutes.

I think he knows that at this point, Holly's privvy to too much that could lead to him being prosecuted (especially with the fact of underage nudes and that she gave Chai and Charlie's contact info to Jared), so he's keeping her close to cover his own ass, not because he actually WANTS to be there.


Because people drew attention to the fact that they were together. Some said that they had seen them together and said something to their partner like "Hey, isn't that projared?" and Holly/Jared immediately booked it out of the restaurant. That sounds to me like they're still trying to play the "we aren't together before Heidi and I are officially divorced!" card.

No. 846467

Why is this banned? It's hilarious!

No. 846470

I miss artnon

No. 846510

Some admin decided they hate artanon's beautiful works.

No. 846514


i assure you it's more than just the admins that hate him, especially when he posts the same nonsensical pictures over and over again with only minor variations and spams the thread

No. 846535

no I mean with some other chick. and holly finds out on twitter kek.

No. 846548

Looks like Holly is thanking the Appartment therapy people without realizing how much crap it’s made for her. How did everyone find out her address? Did the article doc her or something?

No. 846558

There are certain research databases that will give you access to people's information, even if they're not listed in the phone book. Places like libraries and call centers subscribe to them. It's kinda gross, because most lay people don't know about it and the hoops to get yourself off them are outrageous.

No. 846573

Eh, it's far too late to pull the "we aren't together before the divorce" card when Holly has already blurted out that they were in October long before he was divorced.

I don't believe that Jared loves Holly, I think he loves the idea of Strix and Diath being together. Jared doesn't seem to be the type to love anyone, he just wants sex and human trophies. I agree with you on the rest of what you said. Holly's responsible for too much damage but until she signs an NDA, he has to begrudgingly keep her around. He should probably put a muzzle on his bitch, though.

No. 846596

Is she just…. gazing at Diath fanart?

No. 846597

Because this incredibly unfunny anon already shit up previous threads with it, and it’s not even OC.

No. 846636


Watching his playthrough of Until Dawn and just the way he keeps focusing on the sex aspect indicates what he thinks about so much in his personal life

>He should probably put a muzzle on his bitch, though

Knowing Holly's penchant for emotional outbursts and then blaming them on being mentally ill, I could see her say "Fuck an NDA" and violate it on a regular basis, knowing damned well she can just throw some more of her grandpa's money at the situation. The only problem is that the same ProJared stans currently on her side will turn when she goes after or harms their precious PedoJared.

No. 846639

>self-identify as vegan, vegetarian, and 'non-birditarian' depending on which way the wind blows
>Cry at sushi restaurant over "murdered" fish
>Decorate bedroom with animal skulls
>Credit taxidermist as one of your home decorating resources

When "Not Like Other Girls" quirks collide.

No. 846641


She's so "not like the other girls" that she has simultaneously become every. single. other girl mashed up into one.

No. 846753

But he was emotionally divorced you see. It doesn't count because he was abuwused!!!!

No. 846760

Tinfoil buuut….
I'm not going to lie IMO it's more likely that Holly would discard Jared, she clearly had no problem with his seeing other people (So that doesn't matter to her, or maybe she's into it who knows) and since he has free reign there's no relationship to seek with him.

No DCA, no popular lover, all she's getting is backlash. He's thrown his career away for nudes and Holly could still bounce back in a way if she discarded Jared and talked about how she was "manipulated" despite orchestrating it all with him.

She needs validation constantly, she got that online so she didn't need Ross, then she got it with DCA and Jared, if those supplies run dry or low she'll be on to the next one.

She has a few more years until 40, she has the house and her pigeon hobby (She lost her "hot cosplay body" clearly, no matter how you view her weight it's obvious she doesn't have the shape she used to back then-and she's never had the face for it so RIP), if she gets her shit together and dates responsibly she might be able to settle down-but if she continues to suckle off her computer for social coddling she's just gonna age behind a screen with nothing else to show for it.

Maybe she'll start a kickstarter for a quirky indie show like Bee & Puppycat or some shit kek

No. 846763

File: 1564613747611.jpg (638.72 KB, 1536x2048, D0yzEtiUwAE_h9z.jpg)

>I'm not going to lie IMO it's more likely that Holly would discard Jared, she clearly had no problem with his seeing other people (So that doesn't matter to her, or maybe she's into it who knows) and since he has free reign there's no relationship to seek with him.

We don't know how, exactly, she feels about him seeing other people, but we do know for a fact she was threatening to kill herself when he wouldn't leave Heidi and is infatuated to the point where she would destroy her image and marriage just to gas him up. This is the guy who she claims made her feel sexual and romantic attraction for the first time - that is an incredibly powerful bond to have, regardless of how retarded she is, and regardless of whether it's one-sided or not. Until he discards her for real, she's not going to stop being up his ass. And 10 bucks if it does come out he's fucking other people, Holly will just pretend she's polyamorous so it's totally fine, even if she's dying inside.

>She lost her "hot cosplay body" clearly, no matter how you view her weight it's obvious she doesn't have the shape she used to back then

What are you talking about? There's nothing wrong with her shape or weight. Her bikini pics were taken a few months ago. She could absolutely cosplay again, but all she cares about is being her self-insert D&D character and clearly has no interest in dressing up as anything else.

No. 846805

I think Holly's body looks nice in this picture but I can't comment on how Holly body looks in general since this is a photo put online to look flattering. I do agree with that anon that Holly is getting to older and being thin doesn't automatically mean you are attractive or cosplay hot. Just like a flabby skinny granny isn't going to be seen as cosplay hot to most people.

No. 846814

There's plenty of out of shape cosplayers doing fine in the scene. It's her toxic mentality and miniscule self confidence that took her out of the scene. She could also easily be an Etsy prop/cosplay maker. She has so many ways to not be in this shitty situation but the level of self sabotage with this woman is outstanding

No. 846818

Dude, if I had a dollar for every skinnyfat out of shape cosplayer I've seen shoving themselves into thotty outfits I'd be rich. You don't have to be a 10/10 toned athlete to cosplay, especially if you avoid revealing ones. Hell, there are even a lot of outright fat successful cosplayers now.

Like >>846814 said it's her own inferiority complex keeping her out of the scene. Has nothing to do with whether her body is "hot" enough.

No. 846826

I'm not saying she can't cosplay and I agree with >>846814 also. I was just agreeing with the earlier anon about Holly getting older. When women get older it is harder to sell as a brand unless she goes to becoming a cooking celebrity or Holly actually going to school for psychology or a specialized bird vet. Maybe I'm ignorant but I don't know any well known older women in the nerdy fandoms that are not actresses and even then most people don't focus on them if they are old, or maybe most fandoms are too young, who knows.

No. 846849


I don't think fandom spaces (specifically D&D spaces) have an age limit - though I do think they got a bigger influx of younger people from Stranger Things bring it back to the forefront.

I do, however, think Holly is in very real danger of becoming the Home Alone pigeon lady with literally nothing else going for her if she isn't careful.

No. 846882

She's only in her early 30s, she's not a decrepit old woman. For example the people on CritRole are all like in their 30s and 40s too and they're like one of the biggest reasons D&D has become so mainstream. This idea that you have to age out of your interests is ridiculous and only retarded teenagers care about "old" people participating in fandom. And as far as cosplay goes, Holly was never even known for having sexy, racy cosplays; her most popular one was Commander Shepard where her body was entirely covered.

The only thing holding Holly back is Holly, 100%. Not her fat distribution or age. She's the one who pigeonholed (lol) herself into having 2 interests, birds and Strix, and she lost the latter due to acting like a fucking moron.

No. 846897

The thing pissing me off is a lot of people involved in D&D in official capacity (social media managers, designers, writers, participants on official streams) still follow her and retweet her so… as soon as Hasbro/WOTC stop paying attention to the issue she'll be welcome back with open arms.

No. 846930

Yes, Holly isn't that old yet I just thought this anon >>846760 was making a tinfoil prediction of Holly's future as Holly eventually will become a 40 year old or older. I don't know how much money she has in the bank or she just has need for public attention in general. I was just agreeing the aspect that it gets harder for a woman to sell her image as she gets older. I was not saying Holly should grow out of her nerdy hobbies and interests as she gets older, but if Holly looking to get money or fame out of it that's a different story. I also agreed to this anon >>846814 already. I'm not a D&D fan so I can't comment on it.

No. 846933

File: 1564628897235.jpeg (917.09 KB, 750x992, 5E86E7DF-1E48-49EF-95D2-350A8E…)

I was talking more around the Rocket cosplay days, there’s nothing wrong with her body-its just changed because she put on weight. People gain weight when they’re happy, you can tell in videos and she has a flattering chubby body (in an almost classic pin-up kind of way) but it's not something to take personally.

No. 846952

I totally get her persona now. She still sees this young, cute alt chick in her mind, but in her mirror she sees Strix the Swamphag.
The cognitive dissonance wreaks hell on her already shitty personality.

Sage for armchair.

No. 846953

>chubby body

uh anon I don't think that word means what you think it means

Holly Conrad's a lot of things but chubby she isn't

No. 846955

Who cares what her body looks like. Her personality and lies will always be worse than her face and those two things will always hold her back. WotC would be shooting themselves in the foot if they let her back even after the drama dies down because she gave Jared a way to contact his underage former fans. Because she's associated with the child porn issue, she may not be allowed back.

No. 846958

File: 1564631616123.png (371.38 KB, 548x631, Screen Shot 9.png)

Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but I was just on the PAX website and decided to randomly click on PAX Unplugged. The ONLY performer they have on their website right now is DCA. It's set to take place December 6-8th, so I wonder if that will actually come to pass, kek. (I wonder if any of our stars will be at PAX West, since it's in Seattle)

No. 846963


>She needs validation constantly

It'll be interesting to see if Jared & Holly's (Diath & Strix's) relationship will stand up seeing as they're unlikely to get the same level of support and validation that they once did.
Their relationship is going to have the added stress of a lot of people not fangirling over them together.

Part of what must've made that relationship exciting to them surely was that most DCA fans were living for it in the roleplay.

I assume Holly also received a lot of popular attention for being Ross' other half. It's probably a tough change for her-

No. 846971

to a fucking T anon

i am never going to understand how some artist goes from this level of skill, to dressing like a heap of rags. the video from twitchcon where she's getting dressed with heidi and jared, i swear i've never seen an uglier cosplay and i've seen some pretty noob-tier fails lmao
this one on the other hand is really legit (if she made the prop herself. did she?)
i guess she just doesn't want to put the effort in if the money keeps flowing in?

No. 846976


Anachan pls go. I know the milk is getting dry but you are really reaching with these insane nitpicks.

No. 847011

DCA were at PAX East so this might just be left on the site from their previous appearance by mistake

No. 847013

She’s Walmart average, sorry i should have walked on eggshells

No. 847041

LOL it is not walking on eggshells to use words to mean what they actually mean you silly goose

Maybe go eat a sandwich or something, you sound a bit tetchy with that martyred BS

What this whole fiasco has done is made me really question Holly's skill as a cosplayer - I wasn't a huge stan of hers or anything but I knew who she was and what she'd cossed. And IDK, it's beginning to look like she's not that talented or creative on her own, and adding that to the oops of "oh I conned a cancer survivor out of money and never delivered the costume" among other things I gotta wonder what her actual skills are like in terms of making stuff.

Now making stuff UP, obviously, she's the queen of THAT kek

No. 847043

File: 1564654698528.jpg (727.67 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190801-061556_Twi…)

Youtuber SrPelo made a video making fun of low quality animated storytime videos and arin had something to say


No. 847044

File: 1564654728122.jpg (644.07 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190801-061620_Twi…)

No. 847045

File: 1564654821445.jpg (554.03 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190801-061627_Twi…)

No. 847046

File: 1564654868921.jpg (483.36 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190801-061641_Twi…)



Oney joins the battle!

No. 847050

Arin truly is the dumbest motherfucker who cannot get off his white high horse after discovering tumblr.
Excessive parodies that pretty much only were jokes of preexisting material was his entire fucking "animation" reel, his NG was edgelord central and even GG is him being a manchild who gets upset cause he doesnt know how to actually play games and insults everything about it including his cohost. (Who can suck a dick too but alas)

No. 847056

Should grab caps of the responses from Oney and Spazkid to his second tweet. Talk about biting the hand that fed you, Arin is literally throwing old friends and the entire genesis of his career (newgrounds) under the bus because he thinks he's "outgrown" it somehow. Sad.

No. 847058

based oney

isn't arin's whole career an unending vomit stream of jokes at others' expense? people are absolutely ripping him on twitter lol

No. 847062

>because he thinks he's "outgrown" it somehow. Sad.
He has outgrown it, Newgrounds was a over a decade ago. People's sense of humor is allowed to change, I doubt anyone in this thread still giggles to the same jokes their teenage self was making. In-fact they probably cringe just like Arin does.

No. 847070

File: 1564659150923.png (92.84 KB, 644x664, EA3YWKqXYAAzFv4.png)

>He has outgrown it
But he hasn't, or at least no more than any other Newgrounds personality has. The only difference between Arin circa Newgrounds-era and Arin circa today is that he's not doing animations anymore. His sense of humor is basically unchanged and he still utilizes the same level of joke quality he always has, Starbomb is a perfect example of that.

Not even the point though. The problem isn't whether or not Arin has grown as a person or not, because of course he has. The problem is that Arin is taking a moral high ground that he doesn't have any right to take. He thinks he has the right to poo-poo someone else's creative effort just because other people used to "make fun of him" in the same way, ignoring that the animation itself is hardly mean at all and that some people it mocks actually helped make it. He's making it all about him and using it as a way to shoot down someone else's creative effort. Not to mention that Newgrounds was probably the most supportive of him of any community he's been a part of and that it's the only reason he has a career in the first place (and how soon we forget the army of egoraptor supporters that would accuse every other animator of copying his style).

All this coming from the guy that once posted this at somebody else.

No. 847073

File: 1564659393885.jpg (545.62 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190801-073539_Twi…)


Here you go anon


No. 847074

File: 1564659459475.jpg (496.79 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190801-073550_Twi…)


>Oney Retweeted


No. 847075

File: 1564659669724.png (41.93 KB, 595x317, Screenshot from 2019-08-01 04-…)

This was the Oney response I was talking about

No. 847089

D&D is going through quite the renaissance lately, from Stranger Things to the Adventure Zone to Critical Role, and the people creating all of that are around Holly's age, some older, even way older people who played the game when it was new and and finding its marks. 33 isn't old at all, it's true that physically signs of aging are starting to appear but as the saying goes, the people who care don't matter and the people who matter don't care. She could do a lot of things if she wasn't dead set on digging herself into an early grave socially and career wise.

No. 847151

File: 1564679099112.jpeg (322.46 KB, 1108x1799, EA5hEqKUcAAm_Zm.jpeg)


No. 847153

File: 1564679120855.jpeg (359.08 KB, 1123x1955, EA5hEqKUwAE6ml5.jpeg)

Arin's response

No. 847157

He’s sorry, but he’ll keep the videos with his hurtful jokes up and monetized regardless.

(Though the “my intent wasn’t to harm” excuse is sounding awfully Hoelly, and they shouldn’t waste their energy trying to explain the jokes)

No. 847158

Has he apologized for specific jokes? All I ever see is "I've said hurtful shit in the past and I'm sorry". I mean, it's good that he recognizes wrongdoing and acknowledges it but still

No. 847166

File: 1564681053580.jpg (28.55 KB, 680x461, 1404662099929.jpg)

Saying "I was an angry kid boohoo" doesn't own up to shit. These dumb youtubers who want to be ad friendly can't be honest with themselves, just admit you like politically incorrect humor but, as a shitty influencer/e-celeb you can't make money without being PC so you have to put on this "words are mean!" front only when it favors you.

May I remind everyone Arin yelled the n word in an old game grumps episode. Yeah, such a "kid". lol like anyone would believe for a second he lives up to these standards in daily life.

No. 847173

Every person on social media now has to be a fucking saint despite that they never could have known they needed to be one all along until the SJW wave hit. Comedians get laughs by saying shocking and offensive shit, what a revelation. Now they all have to grovel on their hands and knees in the same way that rapists and abusers do. He's acting more apologetic than Holly who actively conspired to ruin people's lives.

No. 847174

File: 1564682154743.jpeg (741.88 KB, 1242x1764, 81173F51-78E8-441D-92ED-351AA7…)

Veronica (Oneys Gf) on Jaxxy’s post about Pelo’s animation.

No. 847180

I had a feeling the Oney gang had a big falling out with Arin/GG after they chose to start recording at Oney's place as opposed to the Grump office.
And they frequently mentioned packages going "missing" that were addressed to OneyPlays. I think this stuff goes deep than this twitter spat

No. 847181

He also told an story about how he had to scream the N word after riding in an taxi with an black guy "to get it out of his system" with suzy.

No. 847183

We all know behind closed doors, or at least not on social media public, these types all laugh at the same shit as the old-school newground types they claim they're better than. Arin's retarded lmao.

No. 847188

This is from 14 years ago. It's stupid to bring it up now
It's more appropriate to bring up early GG when he said it, which even then was 5~ years ago
Nobody looks good in this situation. Arin looks like an overreacting, sensitive baby, and everyone responding look like overreacting assholes.
As for the video, it was annoying and unfunny but I wouldn't say it was targeted or hurtful. It was too spastic and bad to be hurtful

No. 847195

The person I responded too talked about an old video. So I just brought up another old video.
Of him doing the same thing the person said he did in another video. I don't see why I can't bring up whatever I want. I'm not asking people to go an burn down his house.

I was just responding to someone with something that was similar.

No. 847201

File: 1564685258488.png (30.45 KB, 756x228, spazreply.png)

Spazkid's response to Arin's "apology". Arin is getting absolutely torn to shreds in the replies, as he should be.

No. 847210

Here's the thing. Arin only got famous for his edgy offensive animations, some way better than others. He's acting like he just got popular for being a random nice guy who likes video games. No, it's his Newgrounds stuff and his Game Grumps shit, especially when he and Jon first started out. It's Arin pretending to be a changed man, when a big chunk of his fans still watch his old NG stuff and laugh. He knows he wouldn't be where he is now without that side of his career. Virtue signaling was a mistake.

No. 847220

I wish Arin would stop pretending he ditched his old NG friends because they're such terrible people when we all know the real reason he stopped being friends with them is because they didn't stroke his ego like everyone else he surrounds himself with, and they actually call him on his bullshit.

No. 847224

>Nobody looks good in this situation.
Stop trying to downplay Arin's fuckup
Everyone is right to call out Arin on his fake bullshit

No. 847227


>everyone responding look like overreacting assholes.

Since when is does it make someone an "overreacting asshole" to want someone to have some accountability for the shit they said or did?

Arin did some stupid shit; You don't get to come back years later and say "But I've changed!". No, you fuckin' didn't - You can paint the outside of a decrepit old house all you want to appeal to those on the outside, but on the inside, it's still the same dumpster fire it was before.

No. 847232


… and? Literally who cares.

No. 847233


Your point being?

We don't humor racist pieces of trash here.

No. 847234


I agree. People aren't overreacting for calling out Arin. No one's being unreasonable in just calling him out for his hypocrisy.

Also just because time has past doesn't mean the person has changed. I feel Arin does the same shit, him & his wife. They just hide it better because it'll be called out.

No. 847236

Not as far as I know. It’s always been very generic “I’m sorry for hurtful things” except for the time he cried over not putting our Ghoul Grumps.

No. 847254


How do you know who his girlfriend is?

No. 847286

Does anyone know the beef between jaxxy and arin?

No. 847287

I think the biggest crime arin committed here was so boost the popularity of an utterly boring and unfunny video, like, i wish it was offending, but it's not even that. Is arin so eager to wk some rando st animator over the great offense "you guys tend to start your animation the same and have a similar style in art and delivery"

No. 847291

this does not matter at all. But lel, I do remember someone in a previous thread hypothesizing that she was, which makes me wonder if someone close to him is leaking shit.

No. 847338


Which would be such a dick move. Ross is the one true victim in this shitshow. He needs to be left alone.

No. 847339

Arin is such a man child. Just damn. Yet, this is the same man who made vile jokes about Mario not 'getting some' from Peach during the Mario Sunshine playthrough. How Mario deserved something for his troubles of saving her. Even Dan was really very uncomfortably laughing through, telling him to stop. It's what finally made me drop grumps.

No. 847340

File: 1564701195419.png (47.47 KB, 600x316, RossWat.png)

There's someone in r/ConspiracyGrumps who kept teasing a lot of personal shit about Arin, Suzy, & Ross for some time:


No. 847341

Hahaha, he aint wrong. Arin wouldnt be a blip on the map without his Newgrounds animations and Awesome series. He's lucky Jon came along to suggest Game grumps or else who knows where he'd be. He sure as hell doesn't draw anymore.

No. 847348

The newgrounds people have every right to be pissed. I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about this sudden burst of people wanting to cancel Arin because he said racist shit years ago
And the extra cringe are the people calling Arin out over the n-word then saying "watch Oneyplays"
Arin was stupid and reacted emotionally to a video and was a dick to people that very recently lived with him (Oney). He should personally apologize to those he insulted

No. 847353

The cognitive dissonance of the idiots cancelling Arin for his "problematic past" WHILE shilling Oney (currently problematic, if you give a shit about any of that) is what's astounding though. I wasn't offended by the video but the Newgrounds people are acting like a bunch of screaming babies considering they base their personas on being hardened edgelords. The core issue is totally unimportant and feels like a scapegoat for personal beef. I'd be more interested in hearing about that than a pseudo fight about shitting on STAs and why being mean is ok/not ok.

No. 847354

What has Oney done?

No. 847359

Oney unapologeticly says racial slurs, supports and is friends with Shadman and if it means anything, is close with JonTron
He's more "problematic" than Arin ever was but GG and Oneyplays fans don't care

No. 847362

Oh, didn't know that. Well fuck him, but I generally was like fuck everyone involved anyway.
They are all fake

No. 847363


I have a real hard time taking an internet random named "imthedog420" seriously, especially when Hoelly's crew have been known to spread false info (like earlier this thread with the whole "charges are coming against jared soon but I don't want to out my source" bullshit.

No. 847375

Who the fuck cares?

No. 847396

Honestly fuck both these men, but Arin is still in the wrong. He's just as morally corrupt as Oney, just hides it with his super woke and inclusive persona because it's trendy now.

No. 847403

Isn't Spazkid friends with Shad too? I thought I remembered him havig his art on his site too.
They're more trash than Arin, Arin is a manchild sometimes but at least he isn't buddybuddy with a literal pedo who draws porn of IRL kids

No. 847404

The best part about Oney is that his two "best friends" who were best known for being on Oneyplays literally dumped him for being a piece of shit

No. 847405

Is there any proof to this? Not trying to be dismissive
Just from what I heard and watched, DingDong and Julian couldn't afford LA anymore and hated doing LPs

No. 847411

I'll try to find it, it was in one of Dingdong's streams, Sea of Thieves I think

No. 847414

I thought Arin (and Suzy) DID endorse Shadman. I found this thread on it: https://www.reddit.com/r/rantgrumps/comments/70bvow/game_grumps_and_shadmanshadbase/ (As a warning there is some really gross pedo-defending in the comments.) But apparently they've bought his merch in the past and Suzy was even featured on his site wearing his shirts.

No. 847415

Arin actually offered to help DD and Julian during that and Oney threatened a lawsuit lmao

No. 847416

Need serious citation because if true that's rich as hell
Yeah I think a year ago/less both of them followed Shad. Internet clout is too tasty to pass up sometimes, huh

No. 847420

nta but I've heard that Oney is also a huge asshole to his fans.
Wouldn't be surprised to hear that he'd treat his friends like shit too.

No. 847424

No. 847428

You haven't been lurking hard enough. Ross is Australian he has family living in Ireland, but not his parents.

No. 847434

you're blathering on about nothing, basically

No. 847436

I'm sure Ross - a full grown man in his 30s living on his own, thousands of miles away from his family, with a thriving career and support system - can figure out how to survive without his family hypothetically disapproving of him dating a black woman.

No. 847446

good lord you're fucking retarded

No. 847447


Seriously doubt it. If you’re going to make bold claims, post proof.

No. 847448

File: 1564721326746.png (345.09 KB, 591x899, daaamnjaxxy.PNG)

I don't know specifics, and I don't know if this was ever talked about publically but Arin had comissioned animations from Studio Yotta in the past and was apparently a shitty client to work with, something something not paying on time, etc. Dunno if that is the root of Jaxxy's beef with the grumps but it's definitely part of it.

Added bonus: Jaxxy dunking on Snooze randomly in the midst of all this SrPelo drama

No. 847465

Did they edit her face to look gray? I believe this pic was posted on a gg thread and her face looked normal. If so, that's pretty low.

No. 847466


I mean…we're not exactly the authority on something being pretty low since some of the anons on this thread have spent the better part of 4-5 threads now, talking about Holly's appearance.

No. 847470

oh wow, 2-3 anons. put us all in jail then.

No. 847471

Ayrt. Fair point, but we haven't tried to pass a shoop as an unedited pic afaik

No. 847476

any reason jaxxy would have a personal grudge with snoozy? or is she just inserting herself in the 'beef' their husbands have, because that's touching cow-worthy levels of cringe. who does this beyond high school kek

No. 847478

Tinfoil, but she being the lead cu artist on yotta, and her husband being the cofounder, shed be in the front line of arin being a shitty client if that really happened, and a shitty person with them being friends with oney

No. 847528

>cow worthy levels of cringe
If you saw any of the threads prior to Polygate, they were all about dogging Suzy's appearance. Including some Voldemort comparisons
Jaxxy is just lashing out at someone she's probably had bad experiences with since Suzy probably backed Arin on shit if he did have issues with Yotta

No. 847536

Snooze is looking good, honestly. Or at least much better than she used to. Having weird features isn't her fault and they look a lot better on her now that she's thinner.

No. 847543

Jared is being used by Charlie.

No. 847544

No. 847546


Where did you find that?

No. 847547


Leaked chats just got posted on the Chan’s

No. 847548

I'm no fan of anyone involved but at least Oney and some of the others don't pussyfoot around being scumbags. People change and that's great but Arin is just a little bitch. He'll spin the victim narrative to appease his ignorant cash cows and sponsors. Like, his apology had nothing to do with what he should have been apologizing for? Someone should ask him how he feels about comedy roasts - should they be banned because not everyone has that sense of humor? The way he's aiming, I guess so.

No. 847549

“Leaked chats” by who?

No. 847550


Charlie on a private twitter account. Screenshots from a Quimm forum.

No. 847551

This is an imageboard too. Share them.

No. 847556


I think this entirely believable. We know Jared sent dick pics to him. Jared has absolutely no legal chance of winning. Charlie on the other hand…

No. 847559


What could Jared sue for? “Slander”? Lmao. Charlie can sue for assault, forced battery, possession of cp, etc. Charlie’s about to be rich and Jared behind bars.

No. 847560


Then show them. Jesus. We don't have time for this shit. Get the goods, put 'em up. We've had enough of that WK baitposting for 8 threads.

No. 847561


Sorry, what? Forced Battery?

No. 847562


Jared’s going to get his ass handed to him in court, crying out while walking behind bars. All those dick pics to Charlie, man, what a bad decision…

No. 847565


Obvious bait is incredibly obvious, anons.

No. 847566


at this point don't think this is even WK bait, this is some anon trying to make Charlie relevant again

No. 847568


Wasn’t it confirmed that Jared sent tens if not hundreds of dick pics to him

No. 847569

“Tens to hundreds”? You mean “hundreds to thousands”?

No. 847570


"confirmed" good joke anon

No. 847571

Man, who fucking cares.


Agreed. We've been walking in circles on this shit since the beginning. We get it, scumbag supreme. If you got the proof or not, this is just boring at this point.

No. 847572


>no actual contribution

>forgets to sage
So why are we listening to this anon again? Obvious bait is obvious.

No. 847573

Exactly. They're probably the same one who came here to say "Ross' girlfriend is black". People keep falling for the bait and not saging makes them look like newfags. Unless they bring proof, why bother entertaining them.

No. 847574


I wish Charlie would leak them all. Then would could measure them.

No. 847575


No matter how many you get, it will not measure to "monster dong" so curb your enthusiasm anon

No. 847577


You are the fucking WK. Nobody speaks like that on this board.

No. 847578

My gut instincts are telling me half the people here are pj2 shills. Fuck off from your shitty sub.

No. 847579


Anon, literally another anon just said the "obvious bait is obvious" line a few posts before me.

Like another one also said, this newfag bullshit with forgetting to sage and dropping the bait is getting stale. We've had enough of that in the past threads already. We don't want to make a new one filled with these WK shills.

No. 847580


We know the lurk here. It’s obvious

No. 847583


Hi. Jared Knabenbauer here. No, I did not send a dick pic to him. Not a single one! Please believe me.

No. 847584

lol cow dot farm

No. 847585

Jesus. Can we actually get something substantial in here already? It's starting to reek of PJ2 shillsposting.

No. 847586

I remember someone saying that Jirard and all other NB members fucking loathe him now.

No. 847587


Why wouldn’t they. He wrecked their business, and their trust.

No. 847589

PooJajewTu subreddit get out

No. 847590

You think Jared will ever make a response video ?

No. 847591


Hell no. What kind of fucking evidence does he have? Read the info anon

No. 847592

File: 1564763732501.png (558.09 KB, 584x530, Untitled3.png)

Bets on how long before she's diagnosing her pigeons with BPD?

No. 847593

File: 1564763777836.jpeg (Spoiler Image,66.99 KB, 750x238, 73D63E2B-D79F-475E-A4FB-1937AF…)

Dicklr discussing us on the “secret” discord.

No. 847596

I think he'll eventually crawl back to social media and try to claim Heidi was abusive

No. 847597


How do you get in that discord? That’s the one with Ross right?

No. 847598

File: 1564764085554.jpeg (88.85 KB, 750x316, 951F427F-9F72-4332-892D-10E28F…)

More leaks. Can’t say. PBG is in their though on an alt.

Also, I think Heidi is? She lurks on there.

No. 847600


ProJared2 Subreddit Discord. The link's somewhere in there, I've never bothered to actually check.

No. 847601

I like what he said. Does he need to go " i shouldn't have said retardniggerfart" for you guys to be satisfied? As for not deleting the videos, he has a lot of fucking videos and who the fuck knows which ones are ones where he says 5 seconds of bad shit in a 30 min video in a 60 part series. Deleting some videos will only open a can of worms where people dig to find these moments and harass him to delete those too. Too much trouble.

I don't like Arin, didn't even like his animations when I was a kid, but I'm kinda impressed he's able to word an apology tactfully.

I'd love to find out more about this. Sounds juicy.

NG babies are insufferable retards that act like the edgy children personae that got them famous literally a decade ago. Hate them all.
>supports shadman
My god, BYE oney.

No. 847602


Didn’t PBG say AntDude was in there too?

No. 847603


tinfoil hat: the anon that tried to derail the fresh GG milk is some Suzy stan or Suzy herself. I heard she lurks here too.

No. 847604


Yeah there’s a whole group. Haedox, Bedhead Bernie, Keemstar (on alt), and Aarontimar.

No. 847607


PBG here! I totally didn't say that. Me. I totally didn't. Nope.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 847608


Yah you did. I have the Twitter screenshot

No. 847609

Does anything actually happen in the ProJared2 discord?

No. 847610


someone better give some screens or yall stfu

No. 847611



No. 847612


afaik, no. it's all a bunch of the same shit holly's WKs usually post and i've been in there for a LONG time. i'd be surprised if they knew shit we haven't already heard before.

not to mention i've got a hunch that they're also grabbing shit from us first.

No. 847613


I am Jared Knabenbauer. First, I would like to disprove the claims I am gay. No, lol. FUCK MY DICK(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 847615

Ok, nobody answered my question except the obvious shill.

I’ll repeat. Does anything happen in the ProJared2 discord?

No. 847617

File: 1564765748066.png (67.29 KB, 780x363, pj2_discord1.PNG)


Short answer: Not really. A little sample.

No. 847618

File: 1564765835073.png (91.74 KB, 799x516, pj2_discord2.PNG)


Here's another.


Surprisingly spot on. We got the victim blaming again. Typical.

No. 847623


THANK you, anon. taking one for the team reading through this

No. 847626


what the fuck, which one of y'all insane PJ2 dickweeds forgot your meds?

there is NOTHING of value on the discord. can we stop these useless caps and applauding it like it's some herculean sewer-trudging?

No. 847627


Tbf it IS trudging through sewers. Ain't anything herculean, though.

No. 847629

That’s not pbg, retard. They were still going on about how mad it made them when he was “cornered” into apologizing to Heidi. They think he threw Jared under the bus because he wanted to stop losing subscribers. They even tinfoil saying that Jared selflessly advised pbg into doing that to save his career and public image. He’s such a gentleman!
Seriously there’s nobody important there. It’s just the same boring discussion happening about the same old shit

No. 847646


You sound like literally every Holly stan. How's it feel knowing you backed someone who has - to date - failed to acknowledge how wrong his actions are? (Jared, I mean)


Eh, they never stopped being relevant to the pro jared squad. They get attacked by the stans on a regular basis.


Not to mention their own reputations, since a lot of Jared's "buddies" spoke out in his defense before the evidence of his being so fucking creepy started to come out by the truck load.


Nope. He's too much of a fucking coward - He'll let Homewrecker spin it again and again until he moves on to the next ignorant dumbass who forgot that vibrators were a thing and that they didn't have to settle for PedoDick.


>understand this on a deeper level lol

What? Do you piss everywhere but the toilet when you're upset too, Holly?

Shit, she can't even make a post about her fucking cat without it winding back around to her.


Wiklr is a fucking idiot who attacked a member of that same discord by pulling a Holly "I'm sorry that you took it that way, I wasn't being condescending even though I totes was"


You just join it, no special requirements needed

No. 847649


Just a lot of accusing Heidi of being the anti-christ or comparing her to Hitler, while simultaneously praising Jared for keeping strong during these rough times


Been in that discord for awhile, honestly it's nothing milk worthy.

No. 847653

So… No caps? I applaud you for not sageing but Lord give us actual milk.

Anon, other people have pointed out both Arin and Suzy were also fans of Shadman, owned merch from him and all that, until recently when their SJW fans started cracking down on them and they decided to go the SJW route as well. They literally haven't changed in private, just on social media they're working extra hard to be public do-gooders.

No. 847672

>check thread and see a bunch of new posts
>oh finally some good milk!
>it's just a bunch of bait and shitposting

No. 847717

The picture of snoozy is from this album of private tweets: https://imgur.com/gallery/8hpppot
"I wish I had the will power to get an eating disorder." Did snooze tweet this shit?

No. 847733

Haha holy shit where did you find these? If you search the username on Twitter a bunch of GG big name friends are seen replying on their main accounts so… they could definitely be doctored but it’s not looking good for Suzy if they’re not

No. 847748

File: 1564783547328.jpg (36.54 KB, 640x777, H5ENuwu_d.jpg)

Now this is some fucking MILK anon. And they're so recent, too lmao.

No. 847751

It's sad if she has an ED. Hope she gets some help. You can tell her weight always bothered her.

No. 847753

File: 1564783929469.png (77.46 KB, 751x381, Screenshot_20190802-170800(1).…)

Also confirmed this is Suzy. She's asking her friends to report this berhow_suzy account for impersonation.

No. 847754

as someone who has struggled with eating stuff i can understand making tweets like this when you're in a bad spot mentally. if thats actually her, it's only milk because shes efamous. sucks that even after you get thin it still doesnt go away thb.

No. 847755

that thread looks like someone posted Suzy's picture for no reason, and then they started dunking on her.

i have some major issues with suzy & her business practices. in particular her etsy store. but this seems a lot like bullying - she hasn't inserted herself at all in the current drama, and these people are dragging her in to make fun of her face.

No. 847756

The account that posted it literally just made their profile just to share those tweets. There's definitely someone in the 10 followers she has with some beef on her.

No. 847764

File: 1564785532123.png (356.04 KB, 1106x1141, Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 23.3…)

Could it be Holly?

No. 847768

Depends on if Holly was still following the account until this account was made

No. 847784


I love the casual "Just hire a caregiver!", as if that's something that everyone can afford financially.

Not all of us get to live off of our Grandpa's money while doing absolutely nothing with our lives except banging married men, Holly.

No. 847815

the caps could have been taken any time between when he tweets were made and now.

No. 847874

>they're doing the right thing in public but are shitty behind closed doors
Sure, I don't doubt they're still shitty when nobody is watching but that's better than openly supporting a pedophile. I'll take that small improvement.

No. 847887

In the thread on Jaxxy's twitter where she calls her voldemort, if you click on the imgr link below it goes to the album. definitely real. its wild someone on suzy's private twitter would leak her shit

No. 847920


but if you google the username it has a tumblr account that's random in some non-english speaking posts, with some anime weeb stuff that doesn't seem like suzy's jive, and the twitter account is now protected

I have a feeling this was a fake to make it seem like Suzy's account, idk

No. 847922

I mean, I have different usernames on Tumblr and Twitter too. That doesn’t really mean anything. And the fact that Holly interacted with that account makes it a little bit more plausible

No. 847924


definitely! and gab too, there is a lot of plausible signs that it's her. But it's also a very specific username (especially the numbers, do they have any significance or are they random?) that I can't see two irrelevant people have just out of coincidence.

I wish the twitter wasn't protected, oh well

No. 847931

File: 1564831881864.jpg (81.44 KB, 635x567, suz1.JPG)

another indication it might be suzy, if you try to find their tweets they show up as unavailable but you can find where others reply to them

gab wants to show them around someday, eh?

No. 847933

File: 1564832299007.jpg (57.92 KB, 601x719, suz2.JPG)

another tweet by gab that was originally to that account

she often called snooze "babe", hmmm

No. 847934


replying to myself because I forgot to add: wasn't it around May or so when Suzy had to go take care of her mother? I'm sure she'd made a video about this, not going into great detail, but saying how it was emotionally taxing on her

No. 847941

also matches up with the date of holly's advice of how to care for someone/"get a caregiver" here >>847764
this is 25 may, that was 24.


No. 847946

So now the question is:
Who’s NiaShaw and how did she get access to those tweets

No. 847955

"Nia" is one of Suzy's friends/ex-friends who either still follows the account or grabbed the screens before their friendship recently ended. She has currently has 10 followers and 6 of them are Holly, Gab, Jimmy Whetzel, Tyler Hutchinson, Matt Watson, and Kincakes, but we're unsure if any of the named still follow her or not. I think Holly dipped so that leaves at least 5 more possible people who could've leaked the tweets. Arin probably isn't following the account given her being comfortable enough to make the ED tweets.

No. 847959


at the moment she has 9 followers. it changed between yesterday and today. when the imgur album cropped up and we were discussing it, I saw 10 followers, but her account is protected so I couldn't see who. Today while checking again, it's 9, someone's unfollowed her, and considering the timing it's probably her

No. 847968

at around 9:26 she mentions being at the artist alley section of twitch con with her table and merch and how it was basically an "8 hour meet and greet" which matches up with her tweet in the imgur album about being at a booth and people talking to her about their life and not buying anything (faux smiles). Twitch con 2018 was October 26-28th, and the tweet she made was 26/10/2018 at 11:09pm which matches up as the night of the first day

No. 847978

This is VERY recent. I checked the followers before making my post. One of the followers is lurking.

No. 847979


Everyone and their brother seems to lurk here. Who cares?

Maybe if they didn't do anything worth hiding or being ashamed of, there would be no reason to lurk.

No. 847984

File: 1564842141075.png (23.93 KB, 586x229, Screenshot_196.png)

>"What will happen to us?"

Well, Homewrecker (and all around shitty person), I can say that "what will happen to you" is that your career is effectively in tatters because you never learned to keep your mouth shut. You praised the art of moving on, but continue to like tweets like this - moving on publicly, but generally hiding how you're still a shit heep of a person.