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File: 1600389316434.jpg (63.96 KB, 392x828, 1600106466676.jpg)

No. 1040699

Last time on the "How is this still a thing??" Edition…

>Penny Arcade started shadowbanning comments that spoke critically of Holly on their Vampire game

>Jared walked back his "nobody likes cancel culture" attitude when Leafy got banned, because he's a shitty hypocrite like that

>Jared bitched about "internet bullies" in a video game review about fucking marbles

>Holly claimed to take a Twitter break, but that just meant she was using the WeCrowingHens account more

>Jared turned 35, spent his day begging for money on Twitch and posing with chickens for Holly.

>Holly herself puts a zillion times more effort into her public birthday wishes to Jared than he has for her.

>Turns out Jared is still holding some of Heidi's property hostage and ignoring lawyers, prompting her to call him out on Twitter. Jared simp SadOldMagician tried to WK, got ratio'd.

>After a few weeks of Holly dolling herself up for selfies and adding Strix back to her Twitter bio, it came to light the garbage people at Penny Arcade are bringing her back for their Acquisitions Inc at the official D&D event DnDCelebration2020, which is happening this weekend.

Quick Synopsis of PigdeonGate:

>Jared "the Wormdick" Knabenbauer was a semi prominent personality on the gaming side of youtube. He was involved in many communities such as NormalBoots, Game Grumps and Dice Camera Action as a member of the D&D campaign "Waffle Crew".

>In May 2019 he released a tweet saying he and his wife were separating and to give them space…except he hadn't told his wife and had her blocked the entire time.
>His then wife Heidi O'Ferrall proceeded to reveal to the public he had been gaslighting and abusing her for years, and in the twist no one saw coming, was cheating on her with his DCA co-star, previous cosplay juggernaut Holly Conrad.
>It was revealed through internet sleuthing she had also been cheating on her husband Ross O'Donovan of Game Grumps fame before their divorce. Although it was at first amicable, the joint tweet discussing their separation has since been deleted and Ross refuses to hardly utter her name.
>Holly checked herself into a mental hospital from being cancelled too hard
>Fans came out of the woodwork revealing Jared to be a sexpest who had been soliciting nudes for years, some of which were underage.
>Holly came back to throw herself to the wolves by trying to equate her suffering at being cancelled as to Etikas suicide (didn't work, she got dragged harder). Jared went into hiding to try to salvage his image.
>Jared released a video, "You've Been Lied To", to youtube detailing the "true events" and successfully manipulated his way back into his fans good graces.
>Heidi spoke her truth on a regular basis and stuck to her guns, and Holly tried to mental gymnastics her way into everyone loving her again.
>Jared and Holly moved in together and continue to this day to baww about Heidi being an evil witch and being cancelled including releasing a shirt saying ~CANCELLED~

For More On Holly Conrad's Dubious Past:
>A History of Holly: >>838840 (Source: PULL)

Links to the Clowns Involved in this Circus:

>Jared Knabenbauer/ProJared:


>Heidi O'Ferrall/AtelierHeidi:


>Holly Conrad/Commander Holly:


Ross O’Donovan
Do Not Bother Ross O’Donovan
>Game Grump and animator
You May Support and Subscribe at:
>Ross O'Donovan/RubberNinja:

Image Credit: >>1038655
Thread Credit:

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>This is also a reminder that cowtipping is also against the rules, do not contact the girl or her parents because of her relation to Holly.
>Keep whiteknight posting to when they actually spill milk.

No. 1041067

Any anons planning on watching Strix's return today?

No. 1041111

Great job OP
…except…pigeon doesn't have a D in it.

No. 1041170


Nah, if she follows trends, someone will inevitably say something she deems to be mean and I'll just watch the typical Twitter sperging

No. 1041314

Blame the last OP, I just ctrlC-ctrlV'd the synopsis and links.

Here's hoping there's enough she hasn't blocked yet, and the criticism isn't drowned out by the praise, that she reacts to it.

No. 1041359

If we're lucky, WOTC put a gag order on any Diath references.

No. 1041379


I genuinely feel bad for anyone who has to play in a game with the trash ditch AND Anna Sexual-Assault-Apologist Prosser, those two are terrible at sharing the screentime in their DnD games. The whole first season of DCA is just them interrupting each other while Jared and Nate barely pitch in

No. 1041423

I only feel bad for Xavier Woods.

Krahulik and Holkins are colossal-grade tools and I really hope Jeremy Crawford gets paid handsomely for his DMing duties.
Never seen a bigger pair of obnoxious players with cringe merpaderpahyerp humor in my life.

No. 1041470

File: 1600499528919.jpeg (330.55 KB, 756x1440, 90BAE9E5-9557-432D-A19B-BAC877…)

This is what gets Jared’s dick hard? Everyone has their kinks but… yeesh.

No. 1041478

Only insofar as he's stuck with her ass now

No. 1041537


I didn't realise how manly her hands are.

No. 1041581

he’s the definition of a scrote - i’m pretty sure he’s one of those men that could get hard from looking at a raw chicken breast

No. 1041606

Literal soyface

No. 1041629


Clearly you dont understand their totally unique character dynamic where the generic dude flirts with the Clueless woman who has no idea he is flirting. Not to mention their epic backstory together where… he found her poor and lost in a city and helped her or whatever. Very unique story telling, people

No. 1041634

i thought she was making a generic irritating soy face but then i looked at the eyebrows.
i know she's obsessed with strix but what the fuck is this level of mania jesus

No. 1041641


What gets me is that you know she took all these new Strix photos in her yard with Jared

Good thing he has so much practice with photography, you know, something he always did for his wife even while being "abused"

It's a shame they couldn't do a Diath photoshoot, too lmao

No. 1041652


I always wondered why people were so enthralled with their story when it just sounds like the most watered down, generic garbage. I mean, Jared’s character was basically him wearing that stupid blue shirt with some added leather on it, lol. Why people actually got into that and followed it, I’ll never know.

No. 1041689


What I love about this round of Holly Conrad's Forced Comeback is that the reception is lukewarm at best. No matter how many times she and her pals try to make her relevant again, it always ends up failing.

No. 1041692

If this lukewarm comeback fails she”lol blame it on Strix not being with her one true love and the fans will eat it up.

Kinda pathetic really.

No. 1041709


Idk I feel like the reception has been super warm, everyone is drawing Strix fanart and celebrating le epic trash witch's return. I haven't seen any negative responses besides this thread tbh, as much as I hate to admit it

No. 1041729

File: 1600540201354.jpg (541.59 KB, 1079x1534, IMG_20200919_193114.jpg)

Looks like Heidi finally got her stuff back

No. 1041736


>Strix also seemed very knowledgeable about devil contracts all of a sudden, and was obsessed with uncovering Omin's deal with Asmodeus, even making the offhand remark that her own "soul is owned by about 4 different devils at this point".

each inch of jared's wormdick is canonically a separate devil? (rimshot.wav)

No. 1041738

File: 1600541605949.png (31.65 KB, 590x262, gotitback.png)


>"I was literally gonna let him keep these solely out of good will"

He was probably hoping for that too.

No. 1041739


"I'll send your stuff too"

Yikes, heidi…

No. 1041740

In one stream Jared was asked if he was planning on getting back into photography, to which he replied that it was never a hobby of his, but an "obligation." Oh how the turn tables

That's the only thing I'm curious about - since she's using a developed character, will Diath still be part of her influence and backstory? It feels like a very tight rope to be walking unless, like others have suggested, ProPeePee will be added as an additional player (or special guest) down the line. Otherwise, his mention would just be Holly reminding the audience of her boycotted boytoy who's no longer allowed to sit with the cool kids. Seems disrespectful, but creating a new character for her preconditioned audience to fall in luv with would take effort and a step out of trash witch's safe space dumpster.

No. 1041742

File: 1600541714700.jpeg (20.73 KB, 266x314, B9B5931F-0EF6-42F5-93E0-B5C322…)

good for her. I can hear the teeth gnashing from here as Jared angrily packed these up in a box and hoely screeched in the background about how her “abuser(tm)” is still in their lives ruining her good news

No. 1041743


That's such bullshit, Jared was far from the only photographer Heidi ever worked with and clearly he did and still does like taking pictures. What a stupid throwaway petty thing to say, "obligation"

Maybe that's what he used to tell Holly when she would flip out over his and Heidi's photoshoots when they were still married lmao

No. 1041744

File: 1600542007605.png (309.1 KB, 594x582, likeaphoenix.png)


Sounds like either one was trying to make the other say 'uncle', or one or both of them just have shitty lawyers.

No. 1041746

File: 1600542206548.png (256.07 KB, 596x508, beforejared.png)


No. 1041749

File: 1600542484363.jpeg (321.91 KB, 828x668, AB029D2A-9123-4D8B-B50F-97CEEF…)

her savagery knows no bounds. how much mud slinging do we think happened behind the scenes between them and their lawyers? I wonder if they were hotheads who yelled at each other during mediated meetings?

No. 1041750


That easily half his gamer dude wall in those boxes. Did she play most of the games for him when he needed footage as well? Is he like a gamer version of Walter Keane where Heidi literally did everything except be the face of the "brand"?

No. 1041751


Would you go ahead and send back your ex’s stuff out if the goodness of your heart if he clearly hasn’t given you the same courtesy to where you’ve had to sic your lawyer on him for seven months? Can’t blame her for holding onto whatever it is she had.

No. 1041753


Especially when he allegedly lamented about being broke recently.

No. 1041754

File: 1600542931807.png (43.6 KB, 478x472, oldgames.png)

>"my divorce cost me 12 thousand dollars "

But I thought only the man gets 'divorce-raped'!

No. 1041756

sage for obvious reasons
I remember on kiwifarms (sorry lol) back when they were more on Heidi's side, they joked about how Jared was gonna be a broke SOB and would he even go do a real world job. He could, most people don't know who he is but dudes like him would never get a real world job. Sorry out of the loop here, what did he do for money after the blow up of Heidi's tweets? Was it bird lady who financially took care of him? what a pube.

No. 1041757


But couldn't you turn that same argument around on her? Why should he return her stuff when she hasn't returned his? It kind of goes both ways

I think they both had petty motivations; he wanted the games for his game wall and maybe just because he was ashamed to admit so much of his collection wasn't his and she wanted to keep the tokens of affection his mistress gave him while he was actively cheating.

Of course I'm more sympathetic to Heidi, but I think using the "why should she do it if he didnt" is an little silly when it goes both ways

Y'all think she is sending back the Diath costume?

No. 1041760


I wonder if playing video games was an 'obligation' to him too?

No. 1041761

yikes. how much is her collection worth? I have no concept of the video game market but it feels like she won’t get anywhere near 12k for them

No. 1041762


Well, Heidi was the one who made the Diath costume. She probably did it as an act of love too.

No. 1041763

File: 1600543848919.png (32.71 KB, 584x264, games.png)

No. 1041766

You just KNOW Holly was having a mental breakdown while Jared packed those games into the boxes.

No. 1041773

Probably referencing that necklace or whatever the fuck SadOld was bitching at her about. Maybe she’ll throw in a cheap bottle of wine too to make up for “stealing” his castle retreat wine…

No. 1041793


I hope she burned that shit.

No. 1041797


The Striath-spum sizzling in the flames…

No. 1041833

some rare editions of games or even just really sought after games can go for literally thousands but it really depends on what she has in there. if she had even one or two super rare games she could get a lot

No. 1041852


Bitch sounds and looks like a rejected Jim Henson muppet

No. 1041871

Heidi has really good taste in games! Glad she got her stuff back.

I love her

No. 1041874

I see a lot of old ps1 games in there, including Lunar. That Galien puppet is pricy now since it was only included in the pre order set of Lunar back in the day. She can definitely get a few thousands for her collection. I just sold my shit two years ago for about $1,500 and it wasnt even half my stuff

No. 1041898

I just want a picture of Jared's game wall post-sending the games back so we can have a before & after comparison. Were Heidi's games what he was using as a prop?

No. 1041906


Right? Maybe he’s not the game aficionado that he tries to make himself out to be. Maybe it was all a lie. I wouldn’t put it past him.

No. 1041907


Like someone mentioned before, Heidi's shelf of pretty potions being used as the background in his DnD videos.

No. 1041923

File: 1600570042264.png (372 KB, 597x426, 2020-09-19_22h47_33.png)

She had more!!!

Guess Jared just wasn't as "Pro" as he always claimed to be.

No. 1041928

File: 1600572227839.png (53.03 KB, 450x574, shipping.png)

No. 1041929


He had ALL that of hers and was bitching over one necklace and a couple of affair dolls? Jesus christ. That is SO MUCH stuff he was keeping of hers.

No. 1041931


Yeah, at first it was like, 2 boxes of games, now 3 more boxes have arrived - some even containing entire consoles???

No. 1041932


What a fraud he is, omg. Half of his game room was probably Heidi’s stuff.

No. 1041933

File: 1600572668376.png (31.93 KB, 588x304, consoles.png)

He has his own apparently…

No. 1041934

Perfectly normal behavior for a 35-year old man.

No. 1041935


Perfectly normal behavior for a 35 year old man who was apparently abused and battered by her*

No. 1041936


But… she made him feel guilty!!!

No. 1041938


No, this is the behavior of a petty manchild. It’s all about control.

No. 1041957

File: 1600579139969.jpg (614.29 KB, 1080x1772, Fulfilled.jpg)

Reposting from previous thread: proof of Jared being "obligated" to do photo shoots

No. 1041958

He's just projecting his CURRENT frustrations on his ex.

No. 1041984

Including an original NES console which, if you can find a working one, aren't that cheap.

No. 1041985

It's like he forgot that all of these instagram and twitter posts exist, like people can't go back in time and see that he actually WAS legit happy with Heidi and is putting on the false "I'm happy….I guess" front with Hoelly. You made your bed, ProDick. Go lay in it.

No. 1042000

You can't see Heidi's left arm here because Heidi was holding him on gunpoint while he was forced to write that caption. Yes this is a proven fact and r/projared2 approved

No. 1042012


I know (close sources) that they had lots of duplicates between their collections when they got married so sold them off. It seems a bit bitter that she would consider they sold off only his games and all that is left is hers, especially since the income from the sales was used by both. Also, how come "he doesn't respond to lawyers" switched to "i wanted to avoid using lawyers" and "i just found out we are having a divorce" (the tweet that broke the news in May19) with " i was considering giving him those if we handle ut amicably but then i got blocked" (even though she already had explained to her friends on Facebook that he cheated and abused her so it wasn't amicable). Is this history being rewritten now?

No. 1042013

"Close sources", who Jared himself, screechin' Holly, or SadOldTwit?

You're otherwise either bad at: a) linear time or b) reading comprehension.
He didn't respond to lawyers. She wanted to avoid using the mail and just having a 3rd-party exchange of property through lawyers.
She didn't "find out we are having a divorce" from his tweet (which was May 9, not 19), her tweet says:
>In recently learned that my husband @ProJared has been fucking @HollyConrad behind my back for months. I have no idea what announcement he just made because he blocked me.

She offered to let him keep them if he kept things civil. He opted instead to block her and put out a blatantly false statement.

Show me where the story got rewritten.

No. 1042014

if she takes your idea of tossing in some replacement wine, i REALLY hope she makes it a white zinfandel lmfao

>show me where the story got rewritten
it got rewritten every time poojared or hoelly threw a bitch fit in front of their """friends""" to the extent that they felt obligated to come defend the manchild on a fucking forum, anon
every time i see someone say "move on heidi it's been months", i remember these posts on lolcow that are still somehow trying to flip the narrative and make heidi into a dick-taking whore harpy who murdered seven children

No. 1042047

She genuinely has a couple thousand dollars worth of items across those boxes just at a glance. I'm a collectorfag myself and even ignoring the sentimental value, the actual value probably far exceeds anything that she might have of Jared's. Pretty disgusting tbh.

No. 1042048

and yet, regardless of value Jared had to return her stuff before she would consider returning his. His shit has no value to her, she probably could have returned it very easily. Yet she waited until he made the first move.

No. 1042051

Aww, poor baby Jared had to eat his pride and perform his rightful legal obligation after refusing to compromise or communicate. It's so sad how it makes him look like the petty controlling fuck he actually is, considering that the items he was refusing to relinquish have both significant sentimental AND literal value and thus have way higher priority for being returned. It truly makes me wanna cry seeing him begrudgingly acquiesce to entirely fair demands only after it gets brought into the public eye, rather than just communicating like an adult through private legal channels like he should have been from the start. Poor baby, so sad. Why don't you go lick his asshole more somewhere else?

No. 1042052

Yes, because when someone has thousands of dollars of your things and they won’t respond, you just hand over the only things you have of theirs that may motivate them to?

No. 1042055


Exactly. Plus it sounds like Heidi was going through her lawyer, wanting to set up a third party exchange, but Jared just wouldn’t respond. He wanted to keep her stuff because it was the last thing he could use to have some sort of control over her.

No. 1042059

and if she had given the stuff he would have literally no excuse. But she gave him an out by not giving him that shit. In stead she required him to do something first. She's sounding less like an abuse survivor by the minute.

No. 1042060

File: 1600610602208.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200822-230156.png)

Watched a little bit of his stream last night and he was a total piss baby. Giving Heidi back her personal belongings really took the smirk off his face.

Who wants to take bets on an incoming bad brain post on his socials.

No. 1042064

He has literally thousands of her belongings, wouldn't respond to lawyers to make an exchange through neutral third parties and sent everything unannounced to be left on her doorstep only after she publicly outed that he was ignoring her.
How the fuck are you still twisting she was the bad guy here?
She was very likely holding onto stuff so they could be exchanged simultaneously so no party was disadvantaged: he took that away from her by sending it unannounced yesterday

No. 1042065

>the woman should always have to give in to the man's demands, no matter how petty and childish
>standing up for yourself means you're no longer an abuse survivor
What the fuck? Go away you fucking chud.

No. 1042071

the mental gymnastics is real

No. 1042075

When has she ever acted as anything other than a strong woman who was scorned? Get off her dick already. She "had to" send people to @ him to get him to do it? What the fuck is her lawyer doing? Sitting on their thumb? You want things done don't rely on email.

She just wanted to sell the shit anyway.

It amazes me that she can continue to act like a cow and have a public meltdown monthly and you all still think she's just some uwu hurt girl who just tried her best. She's got you all hook like and sinker.

Just because Holly is a cow too doesn't mean Heidi isn't.

No. 1042078

>She just wanted to sell the shit anyway.
What does it matter what she does with them? They're hers. It's not like they were being put to better use by Jared hoarding them out of spite.

No. 1042083

What matters is if you're just selling it anyway why the fuck is it such a big deal that it's delayed?

He's dragging his feet and not communicating about it? Big deal, at least you don't have to interact with him. That man you supposedly are afraid of.

He sent it in stead of a drop off to your lawyer? At least you didn't have to pay your lawyer $500 to hold a package for 30 minutes.

I'm so fucking tired of you supposed farmers giving this bitch a pass. She earned maybe a year of leeway for the shit she went through. You can't use that excuse forever.

No. 1042089


Go the fuck away SadOldSimp or anons on Heidiofans’ blog. I swear to go you’ll do anything to defend that sex pest.

No. 1042095

Calling a spade a spade. They can all be cows anon. No matter how shitty the worm and rotten apple are, that doesn't make Heidi free from criticism.

Maybe you need a refresher that this isn't a Heidi Stan forum. She was given a pass, but those don't last forever.

No. 1042097


Heidi might have said in the past that she was afraid of upsetting Jared or something, but I don't remember Heidi ever saying she was 'afraid' of Jared…

…But Holly did say she was "afraid" of Heidi.

No. 1042099


Dude, relax. It's an anonymous board - Some people will 'take sides' & some won't.

No. 1042100

We need a Heidi stan containment thread.

No. 1042101

No, no we don't.

No. 1042102

Right? Did you catch him making reference to having to pay a good amount of money to be 'left alone'? He has to learn to cool it with the passive aggressive comments about "The Drama" and straighten up his sulking ass in front of the camera, unless he feels validation in chat's pity.

No. 1042110


So now both he & Holly have whined about wanting to be 'left alone'.
Why couldn't they do this shit last year again?
I get that they were both reeling from "the Drama", but you'd think that would give them a better incentive to just mail Heidi her stuff back so that they can finally wash their hands of her.

That's what gets me, why did they have to go through legal channels to do this in the first place?

No. 1042116

Wasn't February/March when the divorce was finalized? That's when they would have first known whether they had to give her that stuff.

No. 1042117


I didn’t know that gaslighting and abuse had a statute of limitations of a year on it…

No. 1042120


This is probably one of those people that tell her to "Get over it" on twitter…

No. 1042122

File: 1600616249701.png (20.22 KB, 596x256, amnt.png)


Yeah, that makes sense…

No. 1042124


Yeah, the same people who tell Heidi to ‘get over it’ on Twitter, but are instantly sympathetic to Hoelly and Pedodick whenever they lament that they ‘just want to be left alone!’ Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 1042128


You’ve obviously been privileged in not having to deal with a gaslighter and a control freak, because that’s exactly what people like that will do.

No. 1042133

You are being more of a cow than Heidi could ever hope to be. Please do keep going off about how unfair it is that a gross sexpest with control issues is rightfully being targeted with hate while your particular hateboner for Heidi goes unsatisfied. It's very pathetic and laughable.

No. 1042143

Not really doing any favors for dispelling the Heidi stan accusation anons. Does it make you sad when someone calls her out? Are you gonna cry if it continues?

She could have tweeted that she got the shit and not complained that he did it in a stupid way. You got your shit. You are rid of him completely. But no, gotta complain about something.

No. 1042153

>I-I'm not a pathetic ball-licker, y-you're all pathetic ball-lickers!!!
Good comeback, chud. Go away now.

No. 1042155

Holly was also "afraid" of snake and clown emojis. What's your point?

No. 1042156

They want to be "left alone", yet they allude to it at every single turn. I'm dying to see how Hoelly re-spins the Striath love story now that it's just Strix.

No. 1042157

You may admit that Holly is a cow too, but haven't you seen mention Jared, that fucking guy that accidentally got nudes of minors and jerked off. Fucked girls and ghosted them. Has embarrassing pictures of his gross dick all over the internet because he sent them to anyone he could. What about that cow?

No. 1042163

I know it’s been said to death but I’ll never get over how hideous he is. Even Holly is too good for him, looks-wise. I can’t believe he had so many women fawning over him, even if he is somewhat famous

No. 1042171

They're all cows. There's just a dedicated group of Heidi stans that constantly "Yas queen" her every utterance in here, I don't see anyone claiming the other two aren't cows.

No. 1042175

When Heidi does something milk worthy, she'll get shit for it. Until then, people are going to tape the infinite well of shit that is Holly Cumrag and ProPitifulPedo. And for the record, no - making a post about how her ex who was "so afraid" of her tried to steal $2000+ of her video games and systems isn't milk - It's just honest to god facts.

No. 1042178

She's supposedly afraid of them, anon. And at this point she's gotten so many passes for mentioning how much Jared hurt her every month anyone claiming something she does "isn't milk" just looks like another stan to me

No. 1042181

File: 1600620906748.jpeg (29.8 KB, 567x349, 1586454551596.jpeg)


You could tell he was biting his tongue a lot of the time.

The main rants I heard were the whole rent wasn't where his money was going.

Also his whine that he can't really make the pet project videos he wants to do. He needs to make videos that people really want to watch and make a profit from them.

I've been popping into his streams to see how much he really seems to be hating it right now.

I got gifted a sub from a fan and noticed that sadoldtwatface gifted 100 subs to random people. I wonder how many of his die hard minions gifted subs? I'm never going to give cash to him so I wonder how many people will drop off in October.

No. 1042183

>She's supposedly afraid of them, anon.
Where the fuck are you getting this from? Holly is the one who constantly talked about being afraid of "big bad abusive Heidi", I can't think of a single time Heidi has ever said anything close to the same. Did you get confused and read the wrong name every time it was mentioned? Even if she was actually afraid of them, how would her behavior here be milky in the first place? "OMG she said she was afraid of them but then she talked a bunch about her feelings publicly!!!! so milky!!!!!". Is talking about your feelings publicly automatically worth ridicule to you? What are you, a 12 year old boy?

No. 1042193

File: 1600622504498.jpg (445.71 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200920-111746_Twi…)

Mostly it's her characterizing it as "fighting for her life" that makes me draw that conclusion.

Personally I find her blowing up about incredibly unimportant video games that would go to small claims court as if its an affront that it came slowly and was delivered not his she wanted. Especially after she's expressed an intent to move past it several times. Thus it's milk.

Add on to that she's not gone a single month without talking about them? And this thread is full of brown nosed apologists?

Top level comedy for me.

No. 1042197

I won't lie, sometimes I have to roll my eyes when Heidi continues to vague tweet about him unprovoked, but I also know that Jared was a scheming, manipulative piece of shit and, even though it doesn't give Heidi a pass to do it for the rest of time, she was the one who was gas lighted and went through the despair of wanting to fix a marriage with a man who pretended he was in love with her while fucking his side piece and manipulating their friends into believing Heidi was psycho. The people itt screeching "B-b-BUT HEIDIIIII" need to take a good look at the situation and realize that Heidi may be a cow to you, but Holly and Jared are 100× worse. We're not "Heidi Stans" for understanding how years of psychological abuse can cause someone to lash out.

No. 1042198

I think whoever defends Heidi is just as hysterical as her and that's why they do it. I don't take their posts seriously.

No. 1042200


She wasn’t complaining, she was pointing out something she noticed. Damn, you all are really trying hard to find something to go whine to heidiofans about, aren’t you?

No. 1042202


Hi, Gavin White.

No. 1042205


"fighting for her life" & "I'm afraid of them" are two different sentiments, anon.

No. 1042207

Oh man, one comment where you misinterpret the meaning of a single part of a sentence out of context and then equate "fighting" with "fear" totally makes your accusations true and doesn't just make you look like an illiterate retard. So weird how you also consistently minimizing the significance of things that would bother Heidi and express minor negativity towards Holly but refuse to acknowledge any wrongdoing on the side of Jared. Totally doesn't make you look like a Jared fanboy at all! No no, you definitely fit right in here, chud.

No. 1042208

Heidi is barely a blip and easy to ignore compared to Jared and Holly who are better known in the video game/cosplay/DnD circle.

This level of pettiness is normal for both sides of a divorced couple and is eyeroll worthy on both sides. You see it all the time.

The reason why anons here tend to let things with Heidi slide is of the three is because her milk is 1% milk compared to the whole milk Jared and Holly provide.

No. 1042210


What doesn't make sense really is how Jared can plead poverty and then spend up to a thousand shipping Heidi's shit, or how SadOld can talk about not having a job and still be able to gift hundreds of subs per stream. You'd think two people who are supposedly broke would be a little more frugal with their money, but I guess it pays to suckle off their S/O's while they follow their internet f-list fame dreams.

No. 1042212

sage for no contribution but my god put that behind a spoilers tag, some of us want to sleep tonight

No. 1042214

I'd bet Heidi's games were in better condition than his and he was the one who suggested selling the dups in the first place. Fuck off.

No. 1042215

Are you ESL? You never return something first if the other party proved to be irresponsible time and time again. You either return at the same time in person or use a third party (mutual friend, lawyer, family, etc.)

He's not gonna sleep with you.

No. 1042216


Interesting that someone who was previously unemployed (and working for Jared for free as a Twitch mod) has the $$$ to gift 100 subs to random people. Sounds like Jared’s got SadOldSimp wrapped around his pinky.

No. 1042221

File: 1600626097232.jpeg (47.44 KB, 598x598, 09EA820D-312D-4E64-87B6-30391A…)


There were people gifting subs in the 100s this was my second time getting a freebie

SadOld and a few of the usual suspects seem to gift often

No. 1042222

All of you are too busy sperging that you didn't even read the full sentence.
"Fighting for my life to be taken seriously"
has a whole different meaning to "Fighting for my life"

No. 1042225

Yes and that's why it's dramatic.

No. 1042252

Why not? His bar is low enough. Holly is the proof.

No. 1042261


I think Jared and Holly are just over exaggerating when they say they are so poor uwu. They still are making bank from their pathetic audience, just not as much as before. They are just spoiled youtubers who are upset they cant live the same bougie lifestyle as they did before the drama, they still are more rich than any of us, they just aren't as wealthy as they were before, boo hoo :,(

No. 1042282

They do it cause it riles up their stans. The downfall of their careers is solely because of their own actions. Jared in particular. He neglected his YouTube channel for months in favor of DCA and sexting/fucking fans. I remember when I was subbed to him and wondered where he went so I just unsubbed and went elsewhere. He doesn't care about his followers/fans on YouTube he just came back cause he can't do DCA anymore and his DnD videos didn't get as many views. So no I don't feel bad for him that's what he gets for neglecting his main sub base.

No. 1042289

She's replying to Alex from Beard Bros who seems to fully support her, which makes it really weird that Jirard was so quick to gift subs to Jared after his apology video and delete his comment that basically shit on Jared.
Jirard either really has no backbone or Jared threatened to sue, but at least Alex is willing to show where his morals lie

No. 1042290

I don't know what's going on with the Hored fandom but Heidi mentioned something about how she took private nudes of herself and they're freaking out trying to find them. What does this how to do with the divorce drama? Nothing. That's incels for you.

No. 1042293


If she took nudes, so what? Doesn’t mean they’re out there to find. Unlike Jared’s, and I still wish I never saw them.

No. 1042295


That’s actually really interesting to know. So Heidi wasn’t the one who destroyed his career (as he claims), he had his own part in it? Hilarious. I guess he’s learning the hard way that those successful streamers out there are successful because they stream consistently to keep viewers engaged. Jared strikes me as the type who thinks he’s entitled to not doing a lot of work but deserves to have money just come flowing his way.

No. 1042300

File: 1600639468940.png (17.28 KB, 529x140, chrome_ftKAls3IB6.png)

>Heidi mentioned something about how she took private nudes of herself and they're freaking out trying to find them

it was deleted super quickly too. I didn't get to see the first part.

No. 1042301


Jared just gives off vibes that he is still living in 2012-2016 youtube, times have changed without him keeping up with his content and presence

No. 1042304

Sounds like it was just a wife giving her husband some spicy pictures to liven up their time together.

No. 1042310


What a slut, doesnt she know only Holly and teenage fans can send him nudes?

No. 1042311

Months? More like a fucking year his channel had no new content. He can cry all he wants about dwindling subs on streams. That's what he gets for neglecting his base for a year and putting all his eggs in DCA basket and then ruining it by not keeping his dick in his pants.

No. 1042313

The fact that Hored's fans went looking for her private nudes is creepy as af. Criticize Heidi in relation to the drama all you want don't go searching for her private nudes or asking if she has an onlyfans. What does that have to do with Holly or Jared? Incels I tell you.

No. 1042328

I looked around and couldn't find anyone looking for nudes or an OF. I did see them talking about her tweet where she mentioned nudes. Anyone care to share a screencap?

No. 1042335


Plus you already know he is the type to be really pushy about nudes

No. 1042417

She deleted all the tweets mentioning nudes but made a follow up one saying no one should bother looking. I don't know if she said this in response to someone or in general.

No. 1042433

File: 1600661003741.gif (57.8 KB, 500x280, 6916b2cfb006a627e12795ed1ba0a1…)


this is so funny lmao
there's a few people in the world whose whole day goes south if lolcow anons refuse to buy into their Heidi The Evil Whore narrative.
imagine being this desperate to see this one woman say uncle. these anons come in here and literally plead others to accept heidi has at some point in her life done SOME small wrong and therefore is a ginormous cow of evil and terror. are you taking it personally when she says she's been deeply hurt by this scumbag and his manly sidewhore? are you going to tear your hair out if she overshares on twitter? is it that painful to read one sad woman's tweets when she's just doing her best to cope? what the literal fuck

No. 1042444

Nope, just tired of people like you sucking her ass like it makes chocolate.

No. 1042455


Which doesn’t happen, but thanks for playing.

No. 1042457

For real, not the anon you're replying too, but shut the fuck up already. If you were arsed to read the dozen past threads, you'd see that there's been numerous times when anons frequenting this thread have made a point to say when Heidi was doing something wrong or manipulative, and the majority of other anons have agreed with them, and many times Holly has been rightfully defended when it comes to Jared's gross behavior. You just can't stand the fact that people aren't eating Holly's ass and giving her asspats for crying "muh mental illness!" on twitter whenever she's called out for her manipulative behavior. At least, unlike Holly, Heidi has admitted her faults numerous time and owned up to her part in the fiasco, while understandably speaking out about the abuse she's recieved just for continuing to fucking be online.

If you hate this thread so much, the anons here, and the majority opinion held, hide the thread or fuck off somewhere else. If you want a thread where you can screech about how much of an evil, vindictive whore Heidi is and be surrounded by a hugbox of people wishing her harm, go to kiwifarms, better yet, the comment sections under Jared's tweets.

No. 1042464

File: 1600665836409.jpg (181.32 KB, 720x565, Screenshot_20200921-012350_Chr…)

Has anyone read Holly's campaign?

Saw this in response to her announcement post and it got me curious; is that the moral? You cant help everyone uwu, sometimes the people you try to help are the really abusers all along!!!!

That sounds like the most on brand Holly bullshit possible

No. 1042484

TBH, that could just as easily be an attempt at Hoelly bracing for Jared inevitably breaking it off "I tried to help Jared, but trying to help him just hurt me! My compassion hurt me and those around me!"

No. 1042487


sageing bc not directly relevant but I am not surprised Alex would support her. Of all the beard bros/normalboots people, Alex is the blunt, honest one and the one person I could see cutting through everyone's bs. Brett maybe, but I feel like Brett tries to find the middle ground in things so he'd probably not have a clear picture unless he knew them both very well. Alex's only flaw is that he is opinionated as fuck and sometimes is factually wrong about something but keeps insisting he's right until he gets called out, but he seems able to consistently trim the sides of any issue and get right to the heart of it and he will not give a shit if one of his friends disagrees with him on something

Jirard disappoints me with his behavior even now but I honestly do think Jirard is not malicious, just dumb. He hates confrontation and picking sides, and Jared was a close friend of his more directly than Heidi. As far as Jirard is concerned, it was the pedo allegations that got him kicked off normalboots, not the divorce and the drama that followed, so as soon as Jared "cleared his name" of the accusations, he extended an olive branch to Jared to let bygones be bygones

I think in the YT circles, not the fans, the divorce was just personal drama but the pedo allegations were the bigger issue. They both coincided but they were essentially separate problems and youtuber peers treated it that way too. Of course there is a narrative thread that connects them when you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, but messy relationships get forgotten eventually, they were less likely to forgive the allegations

Jared and Cryaotic are flips of the same coin; sex obsessed creeps who cheated on their longterm partners, crossed multiple boundaries, wanted to stick their dick into anything they could, and Jared streams on Twitch casually while Cryaotic recently got banned

No. 1042488


read that as "Lendadick" at first glance.


No. 1042520

File: 1600674208479.png (915.22 KB, 749x1076, SQUAWK YOU KNOW MAGIC UWU SQUA…)

oh geez, she wrote the foreword for the humblewood campaign setting (and "additional contributions").

>Humblewood is a campaign setting for 5e in which you get to play as Birdfolk and other woodland creatures.

No. 1042571


holy shit this reads like a C- middle school essay

No. 1042575


It sure does. Her whole ‘You know magic!’ thing just makes me think of something you’d kneel down and tell to a grade-schooler, not other adults.

No. 1042586

Considering her fanbase mainly consists of emotionally-stunted neets, it makes sense.

No. 1042591

screenshot it then.

No. 1042598


You only need to go to heidiofans on Tumblr to see this shit, it’s not hard to find.

No. 1042622

Imageboard, anon. Post images.

No. 1042659

We don't take kindly to anons asking to be spoonfed. Find it yourself.

No. 1042663

I looked for it anon, and couldn't find it. But if you want your claims to not be taken seriously you can keep being shitty about it.

No. 1042664

I'm a different anon. I just can't stand people like you who think everyone else should sift though all the threads for you. Like I said, find it yourself. It's there.

No. 1042668

"It's there". I'm sure, you couldn't possibly be misrepresenting it. I looked, can't find it and without further information as to at the very least WHERE it was said I'm not going to find it.

Now, you could provide that information and I'll do you the huge favor of providing context for everyone else. Otherwise I'll just assume you're lying because I can't find it anywhere.

No. 1042679

Do us all a favor and just assume I'm lying so you can stop shitting up the thread. No one is going to spoonfeed the projared fans that come here.

No. 1042701

She is such a painfully average writer. Holly really lucked out being born with a legacy relative who already had an in with the industry.

No. 1042706

And she's even managed to blow that, considering her 'career' is now guest spots on low-ranking YT D&D shows since she couldn't not fuck her coworker who equally couldn't keep it in his pants. The long term sustainability off of that is unlikely and with one cardigan running people upwards of $100, I can't believe that We Crowing Hens will sustain her for long either. Was the wormdick worth it, Hoelly?

No. 1042742

She probably thinks that, considering how obsessed she is with him and seems to be completely convinced that what she is experiencing is tru luff. Jared on the other hand must be regretting everything.

No. 1042811

Regret? Doubt it. He's miserable, but he's blaming everyone else for it.

No. 1042823

No, not EVERYONE, just Heidi. After all, if she had kept her mouth shut, he could have kept the cool gamer wife and banged Hoelly on the side. /s

No. 1042847

Oh no, I'm sure he has plenty of bitterness to go around for Ross, the Grumps, Charlie, Chai and everyone else who came forward about SinJared.

No. 1042945

File: 1600744026355.jpeg (95.01 KB, 828x867, 77FE86A9-5088-4A8E-88F0-2A8E6D…)

So she’s doing this again? She didn’t learn her lesson last time? Holly is the last person anyone should be taking any sort of mental health tips or advice from.

No. 1042946

She hasn't stopped in a while, Anon. The only difference is what game she plays under the guise of "mental health monday" while offering little mental health advice other than "see a doctor if you're having issues", which is really the only advice she's qualified to offer, Ms.I-fucked-someone-else's-husband-and-can't-handle-the-blowback

No. 1043011

ross and the grumps didn't touch the scandal with a 10 foot pole, what are you talking about

No. 1043062

They deleted all their collaborations with Jared.

No. 1043079

that's not a comment, that's just distancing yourself from a controversial person. Arin himself told he doesnt hold a grudge against did you know gaming for never having him back when whenever he showed up he would bring with him the sperging rage of jon's fans.
No people at game grumps, especially not ross, ever said anything at all about jared and holly scandal, they're smarter than that.

No. 1043085


the subtext of that move IS a comment, though. Like yes, in some things Arin can be surprisingly reasonable and chill about, but they removed the vids before any big scandal erupted, which left some fans wondering what's up. They didn't comment a single thing not on their brand twitters, not on their personal twitters, when Jared and Holly got in hot waters.

Ross' silence speaks volumes but it's understandable given he was directly part of the initial equation. The overwhelming silence from ALL of them speaks even louder. Arin has no issue speaking his mind about issues or topics. Suzy would like a post or tweet that would vaguely support one "side".

Arin has shown repeatedly that he is fiercely loyal to people he considers close to him, seeing as he keeps hiring friends as coworkers and then not having the balls to fire them when they do a bad job (remember that editor Kevin?), Arin and Suzy got firsthand a glimpse at Ross' true feelings about all this while it was actually happening, since he was crashing on their couch a lot. Even if Holly or Jared felt justified, they saw their best friend immobilized and drunk by grief and sadness and that can really paint a picture for you as opposed to Holly's "you should believe me, I'm good" tirades

No. 1043101

oh i'm sure they had an opinion, but i dunno, i guess no action to me doesnt equate to the same twitter threads that people would write about jared, the worst one being two people accusing him of trading nudes when they were underage.

what did kevin do? i never follow any drama (Well, apart from this one) and i was even surprised about ben unsavoury tweets. All i can remember about kevin was him being rather unfunny, did he "joke" about swapping nudes with a minor too?

No. 1043149

Anyone see Heidi's abuse thread from last night? Wonder how long until Jared or Holly sperg like they always do whenever Heidi brings it up

No. 1043154

File: 1600791301795.png (69.98 KB, 470x558, Hthread1.png)

Here it is

No. 1043155

This bitch is annoying.

No. 1043156

File: 1600791472374.png (62.69 KB, 584x500, Hthread2.png)

No. 1043158

I like Heidi, don't get me wrong, but this needs to stop. Tell this to your therapist, not the internet.

No. 1043160

I am on the fence on this. I feel part of the twitter thread is justification for her possibly having hurt others behind the scenes, but as an abuse survivor myself it feels nice to see someone share their own experiences.
And honestly - going through emotional abuse leaves your mind shattered, and sometimes you just need to get the thoughts out somewhere, ANYWHERE, so I totally get why she is doing it as well.

No. 1043162


Maybe she already did?

Thing is, shit like this is just gonna go over people's heads. It's all about blaming it on everyone but yourself these days!

Unfortunately Hored stans are just going to complain about her 'playing the victim' more, so I hope she isn't thinking that she has to appeal to them whenever she writes stuff like this.

No. 1043163

Oh boy, Mental Health Tuesday!

No. 1043165

File: 1600792944983.png (38.72 KB, 588x472, oversharing.png)


To be fair, it's more helpful & insightful than Holly's empty platitudes…

No. 1043169


You’re annoying.


It is definitely much more helpful than anything I’ve seen come from Holly, for sure.

No. 1043171


I think Heidi just is aware that alot of the people that still stuck around following her this long did so because they experienced something similar to her abuse, its just a lady talking about her experience to help other ladies with a similar experience

No. 1043196

Heidi has long said that telling her side of the story is a healing process for her. >>1043154 This is more about her taking accountability for herself than anything. >>1043155 ProJared2?

Maybe this is why tards can't understand why this forum is mostly on Heidi's side or at least don't consider her a cow.

Holly: Etika was killed by clown emojis like meeeeeeee. Cancel culture is bad. I WON'T APOLOGIZE. I DID NOTHING WRONG. SORRY I'M MENTALLY ILL.

Heidi: I've messed up sometimes. I've had boundaries violated and now I have to make sure I'm not doing the same. I'm trying not to hurt people, but I may have.

Holly is nefarious in the things she does. She uses her vulnerability as a shield. Heidi is upfront and blunt. She can be petty, but not any more petty than Jared. Jared and Holly have campaigned actively against all the allegations, why Heidi just tweeted shit. Heidi DID NOT START any of the pedo allegations, so only said that Jared was fucking Holly behind her back and cheating. Then we got into this poly garbage we can't agree on. There's always a few consistent things I get offended by:

Holly using a black man's death for ass pats.
Jared jacking off to fans nudes and abusing his power.

Heidi? Making our Jared's cheating was worse than it was. She allowed some of it and some of it wasn't allowed.

No. 1043200

If she's so upfront and blunt, anon. What did she do, who was affected, and when did it happen?

She's just better at being vague and making a word sandwich that seems like it means something without actually saying anything.

No. 1043248

i mean, that's her own and the people she hurt business? she's vaguing, but squarely putting the blame on herself. When holly vagued her it was to talk shit about heidi without admitting it. am i missing heidi's fault here?

No. 1043269

"I recently overreacted with a friend, that's what made me realize I had a problem" or something along those lines is a perfect example of how to actually admit fault.

It answers all three of those questions while still being vague.

For the life of me I cannot read these tweets by Heidi and say what might have prompted her to talk about it today. Was she reflecting on her marriage? Did she do something recently?

No. 1043285

Why do we need to know…? She was talking about self reflection.

No. 1043296

"If I'm gonna tweet about abuse recovery that needs to include ways I'm checking myself."

The who is less important than the what in this case, of course. She doesn't have to necessarily include who it affected if she doesn't want to, but specifics of what she did are important to checking herself. "I hurt others" isn't a what. If you can't at least admit how you them you aren't checking yourself. Admitting who you hurt is just an additional step that helps people change negative behaviors.

You have to be able to detail exactly what went wrong to fix any problem. Your mechanic only being able to tell you "the engine doesn't run" doesn't do anything compared to "the starter is shot"

No. 1043315

Then that is owed to the people she hurt. Not to the Twitter public. Talking about the process of checking oneself on her own Twitter is not an invitation for people to demand specifics? She doesn’t need to confess her sins to strangers it doesn’t affect.
We complain about Jared and Holly not acknowledging their wrongs because they make it clear, regularly, that they don’t think they’ve done anything wrong.
Also, Heidi said she didn’t think Jared was a pedophile in her stream. Holly has never admitted she lied about Heidi being abusive. What Jared and Holly have done to Heidi, they did publicly and invite strangers in their fan base to abuse her. If they are to apologize, it would need a public element.

No. 1043326


>this bitch needs to stop oversharing UNLESS she is giving enough specific info for me to condemn her for something

No. 1043330


Yep, exactly. Although maybe Holly’s finally come to terms that she and Jared will always be the bad guys in the situation? Or maybe it’s just that she’s stopped melting down on Twitter about it. As long as there’s people like SadOldSimp and Gavin White our there to make sure that everyone knows that Jared was ‘abused’ and that Heidi is a hysterical banshee, then I’m guessing they haven’t learned anything.

No. 1043343

And how do you know she isn't making amends for something public? You don't.

And again, to quote her: "If I'm gonna tweet about abuse recovery that needs to include ways I'm checking myself"… "That's my responsibility"

In what ways is she checking herself, again? This just reads to me as a bunch of waffling about how she's not really at fault and none of what she actually did.

No. 1043367

You're just being purposely obtuse because you have a vendetta against Heidi and the anons in this thread that like her. Self-reflection doesn't have to be triggered by anything new, some people can actually analyse their behaviours and who they've become just because…they want to become a better person, especially after they've been the victim of gaslighting and such.

That's why Heidi mentioned she's "checking herself". She doesn't want to become so defensive after what she's been through that she hurts others. That's the difference between Holly and Heidi imo: Holly thinks she's justified in hurting others because she's been hurt herself, whereas Heidi doesn't want to repeat the cycle of abuse.

No. 1043375

You know an awful lot of their internal dialogue anon. I'm glad you've projected yourself onto Heidi and feel good about it. However, that doesn't make what you assume to be her motives true. They can both be shitty people. I promise.

No. 1043423

Looks like a Jared stan made it into the thread & decided to waste everyone's time sealioning. Just ignore them already!

No. 1043426

ntayrt, you are correct, not only can jared and holly be flawed, heidi can also be flawed, but to sit and bitch about her expressing herself on social media is just reaching for reasons to be bitter and it comes off completely wrong

shes in pain. shes had to sit and be in a shitty marriage where she wasnt allowed to talk to friends, go to events, or be more than a trophy cool gamergirl wife for jared. she got to watch the person she loved go fuck other girls using a twisted form of consent she never agreed to.

after being alienated for such a long time, without having a voice to say anything, im sure it feels good to be able to publicly say how she feels and thats all shes really even doing here. but youve twisted it into some huge argument with enabler anon that shes being petty and lying and shit. nobody here is sympathetic towards your cause.

also to add: if she tried to solve the property debate through lawyers, it can be brought up against him in the divorce case that he didn't reply to her or her legal channels and randomly sent it on his own after stalking her social media. he is not in the right and his pettiness will get him in legal trouble, more so than heidi ever will.

No. 1043440


Kevin didn't really "do" anything drama worthy, he was just a godawful, shit for skills editor. Consistently made mistakes, didn't edit out empty footage, didn't have a personality in the videos (Barry used to "talk" via text and it had some personality in there), and he was even sloppier in Suzy's channel. There was one video where like in the middle of its duration he just left out a black screen and the sound of Suzy opening a bottle of soda and gulping it down.

Yet Kevin stayed over a year and eventually left, as I recall, he wasn't let off or anything. Everyone who works around Arin in some way is a friend from before that he's helping out

No. 1043477

My patience for the "she's in pain" argument ran out about 5 weekly tweets, retweets, and likes ago. She's holding on to her shitty past and you all are enabling it.

No. 1043485

File: 1600831413616.jpg (307.91 KB, 720x989, Screenshot_20200922-232413_Chr…)

He wishes

War flashbacks to all the totally inaccurate sexy Diath fanart

No. 1043506


Oh no, she admitted she struggles with self doubt after being gaslit for a year by her husband and his fuckbuddy. What a fucking bitch /s

No. 1043507

Holly coming to terms with it would imply that she acknowledges some kind of fault - and she doesn't. To her, she and PedoDick are the victims and everyone else are the attackers against them, including those he got nudes from or fucked at various cons.

No. 1043509

And Holly blocking anyone who has anything to do with Heidi is….her moving on? despite the fact that she would have to be stalking Heidi's likes/posts/those who like her posts to know who to block?

No. 1043528

I'm hearing, "She needs to move on when I say so," and that's like peak manipulative behavior. Good job

No. 1043535

The funniest part is that this is the “ugliest” one I’ve seen of these filters

No. 1043584

>She's holding on to her shitty past
She literally JUST got some of her possessions back within the last few days. This is not only "her past", its also her present.
Sucks things aren't moving along to your personal timeframe, anon. Really can't imagine how frustrating this must be for you, when your parasocial relationships don't manage to stick to your schedule.

No. 1043598

The issue is, oversharing is a trauma response. She’s stuck in her own cycle right now and she’ll be circling like this forever until she is able to recognize it as a symptom.

Other people may feel they can empathize with her story, it’s what a lot of people go through (sadly), but she needs to overcome this. If she had a proper therapist or even a diary/journal it’d be much healthier than this.

No. 1043601


who the hell dictates when a stranger is supposed to just "move on" from their divorce and the trauma due to an abusive relationship. are you a qualified therapist, anon? no? lol then take a fucking seat. watching holly's "mental health mondays" doesn't make you an expert, sorry you had to find out this way.

No. 1043664

and this is your personal problem because?

whenever i see him post literally any picture of his face, i recall heidi's tweets about him being genuinely fucking delusional and miring himself in lies lmao
that has to be the only explanation behind such confidence

No. 1043726


Once again, I didn’t know that reacting to abuse had a statute of limitations on it…

No. 1043727


Oh god, this is just horrible and delusional, lol. He wishes he looked as good as this. Instead he’s got thinning hair and he’s digging through pigeon shit. That’s his life now.

No. 1043753

>The issue is, oversharing is a trauma response
So all the cows featured here are traumatized? Maybe they are, but they're still cows.
There's a huge double standard on this site where people are on two sides: "it's a trauma response let's ignore it uwu" or "idc they're still cringe, let the milk flow". I've seen people being a-logged for less in other threads. But I know you will say "they're different people".

No. 1043772

Let me explain this to you so you can maybe grow your critical thinking

>So all the cows featured here are traumatized?

No. Just because two people are coughing doesnt mean they both have Covid.
You seem to want to nitpick people's specific actions and behaviors as a sure sign of something not proven. We KNOW Heidi went through a publicly messy divorce where the mistress with more than twice her followers called her an 'unfixable unstable abuser' which would obviously be traumatizing. If she wants to publicly vent about what she's feeling you can like it or not but that doesnt make it 'milk'

Holly on the other hand we know has a track record of lying and specifically damaging herself for attention (See: Heroes of cosplay where she made a costume out of material she was supposedly 'super allergic to') and trying to build herself off of other people's misfortunes (see: making etika's death about herself) It's BECAAUSE Holly is a bad person who had people fooled why the heat wont die down because even though it hasnt died down she's still trying to act like a 'uwu good girl mental health bird guru magician'

No. 1043777

File: 1600879429576.png (841.98 KB, 898x611, asagaoTwit.png)

That reminded me of the dating sim Asagao Academy that featured him as the super sexy confident rich family character that all the girls swooned over. Couldn't recall the name and found an old tweet that aged like kiviak lmao

No. 1043821

>Let me explain this to you so you can maybe grow your critical thinking
Ntayrt but seek help anon, you obviously need it after opening a two paragraph sperg with that grandiose assertion.

No. 1043988


Just look at any Diath fanart. Literally it is always some hot anime dude and Jared is like "OMG it's me:))))"

Same with Strix

I'm pretty sure a dozen threads ago people pointed out the inaccurate fanart and edited it to look the the actual Hored and it was hilarious

No. 1044287

Even the anime filter couldn't hide his droopy eyes, long face, and bumpy beak nose. It did manage to give him a chin tho. kek

I can't believe this Heidi shit is still going on days later. Heidi has cow potential, but with time passing, she's running out of new milk to provide in this situation. She got the last of her shit from Jared, great. Do we really need to go in depth about trauma response and is she or isn't she a cow for the 50th time? I'm sure the jared/holly wks that occasionally wander into the thread are loving it at least.

No. 1045798

File: 1601151200067.jpg (192.28 KB, 1398x788, wecrowinghens.jpg)

I can't stand her art style, but this seems like a really reasonable price for a pin, imo.
Also, what's up with her spooky Saturday? Did it get cancelled this week?

No. 1045811

wow, finally one thing priced reasonably after the $100 cardigan fiasco, she's my hero /s

Her streaming schedule has been hit or miss since she came back several months ago. Any time she's "having a bad brain day" or thinks she's about to catch flack for something she sperged out about on twitter, she cancels that week's stream (there has been one occasion when it was cancelled for Kayla, but mostly cancelled on Hoelly's behest)

No. 1045891


Even if they aren't cancelled she is always filtered beyond belief, her eyelashes are floating entities separate from her being whenever she is live

No. 1046797

File: 1601248750485.jpg (190.41 KB, 720x1159, InstagramThotCaption.jpg)

This man really thinks this is a serve, huh?

No. 1046809


He really does, and it’s so laughable and sad. Who lets him dress himself?

No. 1046826

File: 1601251480822.gif (4.26 MB, 444x250, 51C557DB-2C46-4081-A86E-B43C15…)


Why am I getting Spider-Man vibes

No. 1046834

And why is Holly a bad person? Was she born like that? I'm not saying she isn't but you don't know her past, maybe she hides some trauma is what I was saying.

No. 1046846

Nope, only heidi can have trauma, don't you know anon.

No. 1046848


We know her past and it seems that she’s a shitty person who never learns.

No. 1046873

File: 1601258857839.png (746.29 KB, 666x527, Prodweeb.png)

Because he is 100% dorky-looking Peter Parker who thinks he's hot shit.

No. 1046913


he's more of a Willem Dafoe than a Tobey Maguire, anon

No. 1046914

He still dresses and struts like Emo Parker.

And Willem Dafoe isn't nearly as creepy as he is.

No. 1046924

'you dont know her past'

Are we talking about Holly 'scammed a cancer survivor, was proven to be a shitty liar on national television, cheated on her husband/was someone else's mistress, constantly gives people dogshit mental health advice to young impressionable fans just for a quick buck, made someone who she had no relation to's suicide about herself' Conrad?

Holly gets shat on and no one takes her 'uwu I'm mentally ill' excuses because she claims to get therapy and portrays herself as a mental health advocate but then spouts shit like 'Heidi is mentally ill so she's unfixable' so by Holly's logic she herself is also unfixable. I dont know what's so hard to understand about that.

No. 1046975

can the anti-heidifags just stop already? whether you're jared/holly fans or just plain hate heidi, its not really milk or a considerable contribution to come in and screech about how she isnt a survivor per your standards.

its not even interesting to read anymore

every. single. time. someone makes a case against heidi they lack both the knowledge and the context of the situation to properly rag on her and make shitty points as to why the entire PROJARD/HOLLY CONRAD THREAD should be about HEIDI (who is NOT IN THE TITLE, and therefore ISNT A COW TO BE DISCUSSED beyond whats relevant to projard/holly drama) and how shes the mean whore who fucked 74 black dudes and sold jareds pwecious wine meaning she could NEVER be abused!

and like >>1046924 said, >>1046834 might have some more trauma or shit she doesnt tell the public but its not a reason to be a raging cunt for her entire professional career as a dnd/cosplayer influencer, dude. its not a reason to fucking homewreck an entire failing marriage.

i dont even understand why jared/holly fans think that heidi is more responsible for the divorce than jared or holly. if jared and holly loved eachother sooo sooo soooooo much jared would have properly gotten divorced and given heidi proper closure or something more than the twitter drama shit. like not in any point or in any context are those two so traumatized that they could not have even done THAT from the very beginning.

honestly also can anons just stop trying to dogpile the new "FUCK HEIDI LMAO" posts that filter through? they aren't thread relevant, just report for infighting b8/offtopic and move on. who fucking cares

No. 1046988

>"You don't know her past"
That may explain her shitty behavior, but it doesn't excuse it. To date, she has taken ZERO responsibility for her actions and shifts the blame onto literally anyone and any thing else. Abuse isn't a license to act like a flaming nutjob when something doesn't go your way - it's not a "get out of drama free" card.

No. 1047011

Why I don't understand is why is Holly the Homewrecker not grateful? She got her ostrich man hybrid thanks to Heidi starting the divorce process. Why didnt she call her a malicious manipulator when Jared and Heidi were still married?

Why lash out now that she got was she got wanted? Surely true love won in the end?

No. 1047183


Because she’s seen as the bad guy, and she doesn’t want to be seen in that light. Which is why she and ProDick have pushed the ‘Jared was abuuuuuused’ narrative. No one wants to be the villains in their story, but they are very, very much the villains.

No. 1047206

Because Heidi ruined their clean wholesome narrative.

It was going to be Jared with an amicable but still hard divorce, Holly's "I'm so sorry you're going through this. I'm here if you need me." reply tweet, this was all going to lead in to a "I was there for him in tough times and now IRL Striath is a thing" and all the DCA stans would applause and WOTC would promote them as a flagship couple and then Heidi went and ruined that con.

No. 1047261


That, and you often see people saying "Cheating is never okay unless if the cheater was being abused!"
It's like an exception to the rule.

No. 1047264


You must be new…
Holly never misses a single chance to talk about her past; her abusive mother & alcoholic father, etc.

No. 1047346

I think some people also forget how intense their and their fans' non-stop harping on Heidi when the drama was at it's height last year, it was pretty unsettling to watch imo.

Especially how Jared sneakily released his "you were lied to" video the exact same weekend Heidi went to her first con in forever, which led to her having to go home early because people harassed her following that video.

No. 1047364


Or how intense their slander was behind the scenes. They spent the months leading up to the divorce/drama telling mutual friends and colleagues that Heidi was aggressive and abusive. Not only did she have to deal with Jared telling her she was abusing him and gaslighting her about his affair, but she had to have so many people randomly just ghost/drop her because of whatever Holly whispered in their ears.

Holly led a literal smear campaign behind the scenes and then acted like Heidi was a monster for making it public

No. 1047373

All the while Holly was pretending to be her best friend to her face. This is the kind of scheming you expect to happen in movies, not irl. I don't understand how Holly can't look back on all of this and not see what she did was bullying.

A friend of mine that was also following these threads commented that it was almost as if they were pushing her to one day harm herself or even worse. It's very over the top to think of it like that now, but how it was back then it almost felt plausible since some of the attacks was a bit too well-timed with other instances and almost felt calculated.

No. 1047399

File: 1601319788418.jpg (321.29 KB, 1200x675, itsyou.jpg)

Holly's fatal flaw is that she genuinely thinks she's a good person only because she suffered. "Bullying builds character" and all that jazz. She is exactly one of those mentally ill people who don't realize they are seeping their toxicity out onto people around them because they are too preoccupied with their trauma to see how it affects everyone else

It's really easy to fall into that trap; you grow up in an environment that seemingly abuses you for no particular reason, no responsibility of yours, which means you're a good person in a bad situation. I'm sure when Holly was a child she was different. But she grew into this person who finds it easier to blame the world whenever something bad happens instead of looking inward in case the blame resides in herself, too. And she will rationalize herself as the heroine, the good person, the aware person, because it's easier to pave the road to hell with your "good intentions" than it is to see what you're actually doing, which is damaging and toxic and abusive.

Anything she does is prefaced with "I'm a good person, so" and thinks that magically all her actions are justified and all fallout from them is just the punishment that good people get for being good. I will bet she really feels like she's the Elphaba "no good deed goes unpunished" in this equation, someone who can see above the smoke and mirrors (she was apparently the only one who saw Jared was in an "abusive situation", after all, I don't think anyone actually spoke ill of Heidi before Holly developed feelings, how coincidental that the abuse narrative was born when Holly's sexuality did as well) and knows clearly what needs to be done.

And she believes that merely admitting she was "abusive in the past" gives her credentials to speak on it as though she's actually changed in any meaningful way. She's so brave for admitting a weak moment in her "good person" career!

No. 1047426

File: 1601322998680.jpeg (133.35 KB, 640x1136, B929E56F-7161-42B0-8883-0FFF97…)


These gave me a chuckle

No. 1047442


They’re saying what a lot of us out here are thinking!! Now, let’s see how long this ‘outfit of the day’ thing lasts.

No. 1047466


>Holly led a literal smear campaign behind the scenes and then acted like Heidi was a monster for making it public



>I don't understand how Holly can't look back on all of this and not see what she did was bullying.

Personally, I think she knows what she did, she's just been scrambling to distract herself from all of it.

No. 1047508

That's on par with a dude hitting you with his car, saying "I hit someone with a car", and then proceeding to run people over again in the future. Hoelly's admitting that she was abusive in the past doesn't mean shit if she's still being abusive in the present.

No. 1047912

im kind of mad at the women who sent him nudes because I feel like they're directly responsible for me having to look at these pictures.

I used to think he must be self aware about how unattractive he is but maybe his ego really was inflated from all the thirsty nerd girls.

No. 1047918


So true. I’m also mad at them because I saw his dick and him dressed up as Sailor Mercury. If it wasn’t for them, my brain could be less scarred right now.

No. 1047924

There's no correlation with that, unless you say that about literally anyone who post them being themselves in pics, I've seen numerous people dressed way worse "strutting" and I doubt they got nudes lol.

Jared's always been kinda like this, people are just paying more attention now outside of his occasionally posted video back in the day.

No. 1047997

He probably suffers from what I call "the late bloomer fuckboy syndrome", typical nerd that didn't get a lot of attention from women when they were younger becomes famous on the internet, and suddenly women are thirsting after him so he takes the opportunity fuck around while he is still somewhat relevant.
It's a pretty common pattern with a lot of nerdy streamers/yters (especially ones that first seemed down to earth).

No. 1048547

Man, not only is he ugly as fuck, but he's dressed like a douche autistic.

I think the handkerchief neck thing is him letting Holly dress him. Or maybe it's his mask? I'm just laughing at his attempt or Holly's to use fashion tips and not look in the mirror instead. He's doing a monochrome look, a french tuck, casual t shirt with a loose but structured jacket. The jeans are also an attempt at being a little fashionista. You can throw tons of tips together, but sometimes you're fashion blind. This would look retard on another man, but Jared's looks are what make it extra hilarious.

No. 1048783

File: 1601509198942.jpeg (176.81 KB, 640x845, 371E8A92-4B17-4972-A797-929529…)

Our sexy fashionista

No. 1048806

File: 1601510974181.jpg (168.45 KB, 720x1064, 20200930_200847.jpg)


It's the skinny arms for me

I wish I had a quarter of the confidence that mediocre YouTube gamers have

I'll say this about Hored: they truly are a looksmatch

No. 1048822

that one anon in that unconventional men thread must be drooling over her screen rn

No. 1048823


They really are. Also HOW is that a "vibrant" piece? It's just black and white, isn't it? Is my screen getting that wrong?

No. 1048837

God, him using the word 'vibing' like a 20 year old undergrad who is drunk from the weekend's bender is too much. Sir, you're a grown ass man. Grow the fuck up.

No. 1048838

I dunno, maybe the weird gray patterns that make it look like he walked through a massive cobweb add vibrance to the thing?

No. 1048840

File: 1601514212192.jpeg (66.29 KB, 1024x720, 40742BDA-429A-44E1-BE2E-A0D7A5…)


Nah I’m good those clothes are a turn off

No. 1048844

He could get better arms by lifting soup cans at this point. You know, it's healthy to have at least some amount of muscle on your body. He really has no excuse. Men put on muscle easily, especially when you're at his starting point.

No. 1048856


Wow. Just when I thought his fashion sense was bad enough, it gets worse.

No. 1048905

i love you anon

No. 1048916

literally avoid any man wearing this. yikes. He looks like he's aged 10 years in the last one year.

No. 1048930


I love how, in both pics, he is trying to pose to make his shoulders look broader. Like if you can't look bigger through layers or light colors maybe you should trying gaining some weight and then hit the gym.

Or just accept that he's built like a 13 year old since around the same age of the female fans he tries hooking up with.

No. 1049101

File: 1601541822626.jpg (78.08 KB, 720x987, 20201001_044344.jpg)


Jared: guys my ex ruined my life and income I am so broke please dono and sub :,(

Also Jared: spends $70 on the world's ugliest pants

There are some nice pants on there but of course he picked out their worst option lmao

More proof that Him and Holly are totally fine financially, they just bitch because they aren't AS rich as before and cant live the same super bougie youtube lifestyle

No. 1049138

What's wrong with his arms wtf

No. 1049160


When your gf has thicker arms than you

Queue that picture of her flexing and screaming at the camera

No. 1049182

It's an ad. He got paid to wear them.

At least read shit first.

No. 1049187

File: 1601554869874.jpeg (74.52 KB, 636x494, B04CCF73-7334-4AB0-89B5-332CCA…)


Don’t get me wrong I’d ride him into battle if he didn’t have a shitty personality
Whoever is dressing him needs to get their eyesight checked

No. 1049210

He's starting to develop the Armored Skeptic dreamworks face

No. 1049213


That doesn’t change how horrible it looks on him.

No. 1049236

What do you think of his sailor outfit anon

No. 1049245

It's ok to have wrinkles and pores, man.

No. 1049311

File: 1601570524693.jpg (587.26 KB, 1050x1539, SmartSelect_20201001-111343_Tu…)

Imagine this being your claim to fame sadoldmagician. Being friends with a mediocre video game reviewer who's most well known for destroying his career by soliciting nudes.

No. 1049332


When did he tweet at Heidi? And I hope he had enough sense to delete it. I’m sure Heidi was smart enough to insta-block. Sad that he’s fully committed himself to defending someone who used their internet fame to solicit nudes from fans.

No. 1049334

File: 1601572028884.jpeg (199.99 KB, 828x1176, 3EDA650D-6F9F-4298-940D-38D20D…)


I saw this as a reply to SadOldSimp’s post about the YT Play Button, things that make you go hmm.

No. 1049346

Who’s gonna get custody of Sadoldsimp when the break up finally happens?

No. 1049371

Nah, it's still up.

No. 1049403

> talks smack at Heidi
> apologizes to Jared

this dude can fuck off into a volcano

No. 1049419


Guy creeps me the fuck out. Would anyone be surprised if we hear of Heidi having to get a restraining order against him.

No. 1049420


Yikes. Then he’s obviously not as sorry as he says he is. Imagine defending a guy who didn’t have the decency to abide by what he signed and finally only did the right thing when he was being called out on it by the internet.

No. 1049446

File: 1601580970371.jpg (130.43 KB, 720x1280, YeahOkayBuddy.jpg)

For some reason I'm craving attention and validation, thanks Instagram!

No. 1049455

Kek he sounds like Holly.

No. 1049459


Sometimes I think the Trash Bitch hi-jacks his socials

No. 1049460



Believing that "misinformation" is the ONLY reason someone could hate you is delusional, Jared. A bunch of reasonable people looked at your public behavior and came to their own conclusions. You are not the only smart person among poor little misinformed sheep.

No. 1049483

>"A normal person would never share with strangers"
Then maybe, hear me out, he shouldn't have tried to pretend the divorce was mutual when really, it was so he could fuck his equally still-married coworker despite telling his wife that he wanted to work on their marriage. Also, sadold, it's a bit late for the "I told Jared I wouldn't make his private life a spectacle!" routine when that's been your claim to fame that you won't shut up about for MONTHS.

No. 1049485

That's….that's not how instagram works, bud. Their servers don't save shit for a year without reason. Pull for sympathy elsewhere.

No. 1049505

File: 1601587153065.png (28.67 KB, 944x331, sadoldwordsalad.png)


This was my favorite sadoldreply, from someone asking what he thought of some anon telling heidiofans to kill himself. Sadold just vomits up a garbled pile of words that basically says "I know more than you haters ever will so you better shut it".

No. 1049506


Oh, I’m sure that’s what happened Jared. eyeroll

And misinformed? I’m pretty sure I wasn’t misinformed over the fact that you used your internet fame to solicit nudes from your fans. He really does sound like Holly now.

No. 1049516


I like that it's been so long that he had to say "a little over a year"

He knows a year ago today everyone was on his side and championing him as the cancel culture king, so he had to say a little over to get the sympathy

It's hard for me to believe this glitch happened convenient enough to be over a year instead of just a year

He is so pathetic

No. 1049564

…You're an idiot if you believe that. It's why Snapchat eventually changed their storage method, because people could pull up shit from 2+ years ago.

Yes, DMs are infact, saved. I've had this happen with someone who blocked me and people I blocked their DMs normally disappear, but over a year later, they suddenly appeared again. It's "soft deleted" for you but stored on their servers.

Do you not understand why people are bitching about privacy laws and data collection these days?

No. 1049638

I find it hard to believe that it just-so-happened to happen to ProDick when his internet fame has once again died down and people started to move on. If you don't honestly see the repeating pattern he and Hoelly have of "Stir the pot, revel in the fanboys rushing to our defense, it dies down, lather, rinse, repeat", that's on you.

No. 1049648


It's the fact that he said they randomly resent those messages that gets me. We all know he blocks plenty of people, am I supposed to believe that he randomly got notifications and repeat messages sent to him that happened to be from just over a year so it could be from the drama?

No. 1049654

His braindead stans will actually buy into and as delusional as some of them are, I'd bet they're going to blame Heidi for it somehow. He would have likely gotten ALL of the messages from the past year, but only the ones about the drama will get him the attention he so desperately craves since he sank his career for some nudes and trash witch cootch. A pocket pussy and porn hub would have been cheaper and less pathetic, but to each his own, I guess

No. 1049679

idk why anons arent pointing out how pathetic it is for jared to bring it up, you know the big bad awful hate he received a "little over a year ago", regardless of whether or not it was saved and resent

like who cares ur feelings were hurt? its like shayna. i dont think your video game autist incel fans give a shit, jared

No. 1049720

Is it really that difficult to understand that he got all of his old messages returned to his inbox and that there are probably a lot more from that time than any other?

No. 1049746


It is pathetic. Just another way to stir up a pity party in hopes of getting more followers/Twitch donations.

No. 1049752


"No one knows Jared like I do!!!!"

Look out Holly, I think SadOld might be moving in on your man…

No. 1049782

Yes. Because most people, when instagram glitches like that, don't immediately take to their insta stories to bemoan how awful it is for them - They go "Huh, this sucked" and move on with their lives, not go on sympathy fishing expeditions.

No. 1049799

Also to note that the only way it would really effect him is if he went out of his way to contact these people as IG has a 'safe inbox' thing where only people you follow or that you've spoken to show up in your normal inbox and then you have a separate 'folder' where people you dont follow go into and if he noticed hate messages there's literally a 'delete all' function for that folder.

No. 1049801

This depends, since he likely had interaction with a lot of the people who later talked shit etc when it all went down.

The "message request" section is only for people who don't follow you/you don't follow, especially if your page is private, which his is not.

No. 1049803


holup, Holly literally put herself in a ward and posted pics of her hospital band, to publicize her self-pity party

No. 1049805

File: 1601613722437.jpg (57.03 KB, 998x308, SmartSelect_20201001-233647_Tu…)

Yeah right. Remind me how she got that one person to remove videos on her again? Was it the "muh mental health card"?

No. 1049807

If Heidi did this none of you would call it for what it is lol.

Trust me anon, if people LEGIT do have mental issues or feeling a certain way (suicidal) they check themselves in, if they have a following they let people know. It's normal.

You can't be admitted without actual issues.

No. 1049810

Yes clown emojis sent her there.

No. 1049812

File: 1601614102162.jpg (221.61 KB, 1054x1746, SmartSelect_20201001-234533_Tu…)

I guess that IG story worked on some idiot fans. Time will tell if its effective enough to get his paypigs to open their wallets.

No. 1049813

Also the whole "Etika killed himself because he was being bullied and I'm being bullied with clown emojis so if you don't stop and I kill myself, it'll be all your fault" bit - but I guess we all just hallucinated her public meltdown, eh sadold?

No. 1049815


"never suicide baited" my ass. If I am a "mental health guru" and legitimately suicidal I am NOT going to post about my desire to die on social media to a platform of presumably fragile individuals who may be triggered at my pics of hospital bands and implications of me wanting to kill myself. You either know better to keep that shit to yourself because as a "mental health guru" you don't wave around your suicidal tendencies and you take care of it privately because it's SUICIDE, or you just state you need a break off social media, done and dusted

Oh also her tumblr used to be FULL of her woe is me posts whenever someone was mean to her, if you think this behaviour is new to Holly, I have news for you, it's not lol

No. 1049816

If she did it to get the public to leave her alone, we absolutely would. When she talks about mental health, it's to take stigma away and say "Hey, this is happening". When Holly talks about 'bad brain days', it's as a way of excusing her shitty behavior and to get a 'get out of jail free' card to be an asshole.

No. 1049843

- scams a cancer patient
- gets into drama with heroes of cosplay
- has a fit on twitter because blonde Shephard won instead of her own
- stole someone's important witchcraft objects from an altar in the forest
- self-admitted to be abusive to her husband and friends
- is shown on video to be grumpy and unsupportive of husband
- has pity-match with Suzy on video about who suffered more in school
- did not act transparent to her husband about her affair with Jared
- would sext and send noodies to Jared while still (legally or not) with his wife
- used etika's actual suicide to complain about the internet
- overcharged for artwork or "mental health tips"
- called Heidi unfixable
- supports other online abusers from the DnD community
- "heidi is abusive" narrative began when holly's sexual feelings for jared began

- dumped his original circle of internet co-creators because his ego was bruised and inflated
- was flirtatious to multiple online female presences whether they wanted to or not
- create multiple nsfw blogs and encouraged fans to send him pics, creating a power imbalance
- blatantly showed favouritism when he liked what he saw and was cold when he didn't
- was lying to his wife and was commissioning nsfw art of his and his dnd coworker's characters
- refused to actually make a choice and kept juggling both at the same time
- chased down other online creators who made videos that went against him
- is shown wearing merch that is publicly mocking his ex wife who he asked to be "treated with respect"

- wanted clear boundaries of their poly relationship
- wanted transparency for their actions
- wanted to preserve her marriage
- ???

let's recap: every single supporter of holly's story is directly connected to holly herself. not a single soul from anyone not immediately connected to holly has attested to heidi being abusive. not normalboots, not jirard, not a single soul who orbited around jared more than holly. not once was heidi ever theorized or tinfoiled to be abusive, no milk on her, not even from jared himself. there are no old tweets, no con juicy stories, nothing

the only single common denominator in this shitshow of a situation is holly conrad. Someone who self proclaimed to have been abusive, someone whose ex husband alluded to be abusive, someone who has shown public immaturity, notlikeothergirls-ism, disprespect for other people, inability to listen, and a stunning amount of narcissism. someone who was dropped like a hot potato by the game grumps, by the Polaris people like jesse cox, dodger, by anyone who was in closer proximity to holly that could have known her more. someone who sells mental health tips and yet publicly airs her mental health laundry instead of having the wisdom to know maybe it's not a good idea when your entire audience is built off of supposedly being sensitive

but yes, sadoldmagician, it's heidi that's the true evil in all this. Not at all the people with consistently poor actions in their CV, and bigger audiences. Not at all the people who proclaim out loud to be kind, but will not reign in their toxic fans who attack other people. not at all the people who rewarded their most ass-kissing fans with prime time presence which is power imbalance 101.

No. 1049924

As if the public didn't contribute to her mental issues. I'm not defending her, but some takes ITT are ridiculous.

No. 1049927

It's not the public's job to coddle Hoelly Hindsight. If her mental health is THAT fragile that facing the consequences of her own actions is enough to tip her over the edge, then maybe a career in the public eye isn't for her. She admitted to regularly using negative comments as a form of self harm, so no, she gets no sympathy for her self-indulgent twitter sperging.

No. 1049973


Fuck yeah, anon

My favorite bit is that SOM is like "they never did this bad stuff, they told me they didn't so they didnt!"

It's like saying "I know the evidence is there, but that guy told me he did not kill that dude, soooo I believe him"

No. 1049981

I mean, she didn't care much about how sharing those minors' contact info with Jared would mentally impact them, and that's without even touching the Heidi shit or her ex husband. If she wants everyone around her to be mindful of how their actions impact her mental state constantly, she should try having an ounce of regard for others first.

No. 1050079


but didn't Jared actually showed a screen of their original mail to his coworkers where the minors demanded he apologize to them (hence contact them)? part which was cut off from later similar emails to other people?

No. 1050207

he did show that

No. 1050239

No. 1050682

You really aren't even trying to hide it, are you? kek

No. 1050741

What a champion that he's milking his friendship with a e-list celebrity for social status points, wow. "I promised jared i wouldnt make his life a specticle" -> keeps on talking about how he has secret info about the specticle

No. 1050825

File: 1601741288574.png (767 KB, 1334x750, F6BB4842-F1DA-4FBA-BF05-45B3D1…)

This is the request for an apology in Chai/Charlie’s email to the Game Grumps. They sent a similar version of this email to Normal Boots that omitted this request.

No. 1051071

That could have meant a public apology where Jared said "My bad" without having a direct means-of-contact to Chai/Charlie. It didn't mean that they wanted him to know their personal phone number/address/email address/etc.

No. 1051073


Yeah, that’s what I’m picking up from that too.

No. 1051100

Exactly. The point is that they DIDN'T contact him. Their info should never have been given to him, given the severity of the claim. The only reason someone would would be for damage control of some sort.

No. 1051108

Yes but you implied that she doesn't have actual issues and just managed to check herself in to "get the public to leave her alone" like she was faking.

No. 1051115

Oh no, Hoelly has plenty of issues - but the timing of her admission (immediately, within HOURS, of her fuckboi releasing his divorce statement and her fucked up 'I'm sorry you're going through this' tweet?) screams that she used it as a way to avoid the public backlash heading her way. Every time she says or does something that blows up, she pulls the "I'm sorry, I'm mentally ill" card to avoid getting in trouble.

She might not be faking, but she's sure as hell abusing it as an excuse to be shitty human being with no repercussions.

No. 1051116

but also yeah, she did "just manage to check herself in". You walk into a hospital, say "I'm feeling suicidal" and you're going to get a MINIMUM 48 hour psych hold, especially if you have a history of mental illness. Hoelly has practically made a living off of being mentally ill, so I have no doubt that she knew just how to present herself to get admitted.

No. 1051122

It's really not that simple or straight to the point lol. She doesn't have to be an actress, if you have a record you GET admission priority and taken seriously.

The 48 hour hold is mainly to look into your record and keep an eye on you just in case, but if random person #8372 says they're suicidal with no record or even medical problems, they can't just say fuck off basically.

The timing I would suspect, but if you have a history of mental illness, there are things called triggers that, despite who it is, should be taken seriously.

No. 1051128

Triggers are serious yes.
"Holly Conrad fucked my husband" is not a trigger.

No. 1051129

And her triggers, in that case, appeared to be getting forced to face reality that she is the side ho who was fucking a married man behind his wife's back….and the public she chose to make a career in doesn't typically look favorably on homewreckers.

No. 1051233


not the same anon, but because I went spelunking in older threads, here's the posts with Jared's DM apology to Chai, where he says that someone close to him notified him about the situation


and here's further down in the same thread where there's screenshots of messaging Holly about it


included "normal" links as well just in case

that "someone close to him" being Holly

No. 1051459

File: 1601815208927.jpeg (280.19 KB, 640x936, 23532C17-D994-4381-A9BD-794148…)

Back in his insta hug box and love how the dark circles under his eyes have completely vanished after a fan commented that he’s aged 10 years due to the drama

No. 1051465

Hence the lens flare. You can tell that the circles are still there, he's just doing that coy hipster posing shit. I'm honestly surprised he hasn't just taken a page out of Hoelly's book and started to filter the everloving shit out of his pics

No. 1051482

File: 1601818170081.gif (203.93 KB, 245x160, 83600f9bd8882dabed45b3c4063129…)


sorry but he still fucking looks like the bird from mulan

No. 1051531

He living in a basement or something? Where are those windows at?

No. 1051561

On one of the other walls? What kind of house you living in that has windows on every wall?

No. 1051580


The circles are still there!! If he thinks this is hiding them, then I don’t know what to tell him.

No. 1051599

He's had to set up in the only available space Holly had: her basement.

No. 1052058

and of course you'll be greeted with complete silence now that you've managed to produce something resembling actual receipts on the timeline of holly tattling on chai/charlie to jared lmao
like clockwork, every thread. these anons (possibly unemployed and living off the wife's salary while focusing on their "full time work" as a twitch moderator) come in here to point fingers in all directions, just to get thoroughly BTFO'd. it's baffling.

sometimes i get the feeling this is the guy who dropped that log on heidi's doorstep

No. 1052160


it's sad cause this shitshow is about a year old, and the GG threads were following from the start

we have a year's worth of screenshots, receipts, tweets etc. I think there is very little that isn't archived at this point

just because someone forgot something doesn't mean it didn't exist at some point

just like jared's defense of himself being "oh look they deleted their tumblr" doesn't mean the incriminating evidence didn't exist at some point, in fact it's highly convenient for Jared to have the blog deleted.

Cryaotic should have taken a page from the Jared sexpest handbook lol

No. 1052162

Is anyone else getting the message that you must me 18+ to view Jared's insta?

What's that man planning on posting lmao

More strict about his fashion posts and pity stories than his NSFW Tumblr

No. 1052183

It's so he can feign innocence next time a minor comes forward with stories of him being a gross sex pest "See, guys? I HAD THE 18+ ENABLED! THEY LIED!" once again shoving the blame for inappropriate interactions onto the minors rather than accepting he's a creepy and inappropriate 30+ year old adult.

No. 1052190


Didn’t he say he was thinking about starting an OF? Maybe he’s going to use his Insta to advertise for that. I’d hope that he’s learned his lesson and won’t be playing with fire again, but I kind of doubt that since everything always seems to be everyone else’s fault.

No. 1052196

>It's so he can feign innocence

You hate jared but stop being a dumbass. Unlike Tumblr, if you PURPOSEFULLY view a page tagged at 18+ and you're a minor that is on YOU for sure, just like even on tumblr people LIED about their age.

Jared is no saint but outside of doxxing people he only had to go on their word they were of age because looking at any archived version of his tumblr(s) you can see he said you're free to participate if you're an adult and you'd be lying if you think everyone under 18 looks like a 10 year old.

You -literally- have to be 18+ to sub on adult oriented OFs. He's not playing with fire, I guarantee every other creator has underage fans throwing themselves at them or other sus stuff going.

Look at the smash community lately.

No. 1052217

anon you did a lot of mental math, but forgot that vetting people for their age is no excuse for being a sleazy piece of shit who took advantage of his fans, had inappropriate interactions with them regardless of age, and along the way, produced some of the worst horrors my eyes have had to witness

i don't even think it's a question of age anymore. if jared's encouraging his (now less than) 1mil fans to be inappropriate, if he's subjecting his hundreds of tumblr followers to extremely NSFW discussions and later pictures, then that's already bad enough even without adding the pedo conversation

>i guarantee every other creator has underage fans throwing themselves at them

in what world does this give PooJared a free pass for ANY of what he did

No. 1052223

>but forgot that vetting people for their age is no excuse

It's no excuse, but it's like trying to sue 2 adults for having sex in a hotel you run after you find out they did so, despite being consenting adults in a hotel you have to be 18+ to stay at.

>i don't even think it's a question of age anymore.

As sleazy as needledick is, you realistically can't condemn adults consenting to stuff, that's why regardless of status, literally the only thing he could have done would have inevitable doxxed a shit ton of people (especially when things blew up like how it did.)

>in what world does this give PooJared a free pass for ANY of what he did

In the world that people thinks that's what that statement implies, I assume. It's more like saying there's a shit ton of shady shit going on people are finding out about from virtually everyone these days. It's a big reason the smash community blew up recently and why people tried throwing Dan under the bus not too long ago.

So you can't really say someone launching an OF is playing with fire if said "fire" is related to being shady somehow. There's nothing inherently wrong with doing OF.

No. 1052279


>It's no excuse, but it's like trying to sue 2 adults for having sex in a hotel you run after you find out they did so, despite being consenting adults in a hotel you have to be 18+ to stay at.

this is the dumbest analogy i think i've ever read, is your comment satire

> why people tried throwing Dan under the bus not too long ago.

no one tried to throw dan under the bus, he lied down in front of the tires

No. 1052282

Pretty sure in the case of Dan people decided to interject into his life and pick apart everything.

No. 1052288

>"You can't condemn adults consenting to stuff"

I absolutely can and am. ProDick slapped his name on the blog rather than running it anonymously because he KNEW that people would be less inclined to show their tits to an internet rando. This isn't two adults consenting - that's an adult abusing his name and fame to coerce another adult (and apparently some minors idk) into giving him sexually explicit images of themselves. Also, quit with the doxxing shit. Unless Jared slapped these people's ID's all over the internet, they wouldn't have gotten doxxed at all.

No. 1052337

Lets say for the sake of this discussion that Belle Delphine, a girl who has been exploiting sad lonely incels for years now, accepts nudes from one of those fans as part of her OF interaction with them. They're paying her to indulge in their fantasy and she has the option to say no.

Is that still wrong?

Her name is on the OF. She has fans outside of her NSFW content due to her being such a meme. Many of them are likely underaged.

No. 1052354

big difference between a paid service that's meant to be horny and someone asking for nudes for the sake of 'uwu body positivity'

No. 1052358

Except people literally post nudes etc and women posting being hairier than most men I've met in the name of body positivity. It's the same as anon said.

Only difference: one is a woman doing it.

No. 1052361

Right, but in response to Wormwood talking about opening an OF it was implied that would still be wrong, so I asked the question. I am interested where the line is drawn between "it is okay to accept fan nudes" and "It is not ok, regardless of age".

No. 1052366

Seems to be: "It's fine, but it's projared, so it's not fine."

Basically, people's hatred for him outweighs logic. In the example of belle, she's an even bigger name than jared and equally as shady lol.

No. 1052371

It’s amazing how people are presenting their totally valid and logical arguments to you and you’re swatting them away with “nah, I don’t agree with that because I want to suck Jared’s dick”. If you’re not going to listen to anything anyone who disagrees with you has to say, how about you just stick to the pro-projared subreddit, or the discord, or twitter, there are plenty of places where your obsessive love for him will get the asspats you’re searching for, dude.

No. 1052373


Look if Jared wants to open an OF then that's on him, nobody can stop him. At least his nudes will be behind a paywall

There is a HUGE difference between giving out paid-for content to consenting adults, and ASKING for nudes on a very public platform (which is full of young people), with zero legal protection, and having such a big name for yourself

Belle Delphine was a zero before she became big. Jared was already someone and the very fact he was that someone is what separated him from "uwu sex positive kinky youtuber uwu" to sex creep who asks women for nudes on the internet. Take away his clout, and that's exactly what he was

No. 1052377

I don't think you're addressing an argument that was made. I think you're interpreting other anon saying "on paper the Tumblr blog isn't doing anything strictly wrong" as "it was okay for Jared to attach his name to it". Which I don't think is what they're trying to say.

He's sleazy because he attached his name, not because he used tumblr to exchange nudes.

No. 1052380


It's totally possible I misunderstood!

I think an element of both is sleazy, but it's only because they are always gonna be tied together. No matter what, he's always gonna be ProJared asking for nudes. The reason they are connected is because if he wasn't Projared, but just a rando, the amount of nudes he'd receive if he made the same requests? Ehhh, quite likely a lot fewer than he got. The reward the nude-givers got would also be a lot less, since if he was just a rando, it'd probably be women who are into exhibitionism, sending nudes to strangers, women who are more likely to do it anyway (whether jared asked or not). But when ProJared, the content creator you're such a fan of asks for nudes, and possibly compliments you or finds you sexy?!!? that's such a confidence boost!

Which is also why it was even ickier when he clearly did not like the nude and would reply like "thank you for your courage in sharing". If you didn't know what replies other nudes got you'd probably think he's being generally kind and uplifting, but knowing that some folk not only got nudes in return, but sexting, and even one night stands?

The whole thing reeked. At least if he was a rando, the likelihood of women getting upset from that situation would be a lot less than it is now.

No. 1052406


Oh, his replies depended on whether he liked the nudes or not? (I’m sure that probably meant whether he could get off on them or not.) Ick, ick, ick. That just adds a whole other level of grossness to this thing.

No. 1052409


You would have to go SUPER far back but yes his replies to nudes would absolutely depend

There were some nudes (I'm pretty sure the reply is either screenshot or archived here) where he was very polite and like "thank you for sharing"

And then others he'd reply back and flirt and as we saw from that con girl who banged him at the con hotel, well… he clearly liked HERS enough

No. 1052432


no more like he treated people like shit and then people came out and said "yeah he treated me like shit."


> Is that still wrong?

actually, yeah. it can most certainly be argued that it's not ethical even in that context.

but you're comparing apples to oranges and i'm not going to sit here and explain the obvious difference between having an official OF account and soliciting nudes on tumblr.

No. 1052731

File: 1601957280326.jpg (371.72 KB, 1072x1731, SmartSelect_20201005-225931_Tu…)

That anon shouldn't flatter themselves. That shitty blog gets 3 notes on a good day. And the only reason why we know it exists is because they spent most of a year fighting with people on this thread while obsessively combing through hundreds of posts that trigger them.

But yeah sadoldmagician you know so much. What reason they have to lie. Now he's gonna tell me that Ross wasn't abused on cheated on. Cause what reason would Holly and Jared have to lie about that?

No. 1052735

Yes, because talking to people who are still close with Jared AFTER everything went down are really going to say anything bad about Jared?? SOM is such a tool.

No. 1052738

Jared also knows about this blog too. Man, for a guy who wants to keep his private life private he has a strange way of showing it. Letting his fan friend answer questions about his private life to strangers on the internet.

No. 1052744


Do we know Jared is aware of it, or did sadold start taking "moderator for Jared" fan mail on his own? I'm not doubting you, but I would think sadold would jump at the chance to say Jared approved of him starting a Tumblr on his behalf.

No. 1052745

File: 1601959384235.jpg (101.47 KB, 1055x830, SmartSelect_20201005-234337_Tu…)

Took like 5 seconds to find.

No. 1052759

If he knows about sad's blog then it's clear what he means by "move past the drama". Jared wants everyone that isn't on team Hored to stfu forever about anything they did wrong. Not them of course though cause they still need that sweet pity.

No. 1052764

Can he make even one reply without dropping in the fact that he knows Jared PERSONALLY so he knows the truth? I mean, Heidi knew him personally too and look how that worked out for her - He threw her ass to the wolves the first chance he got to make himself look like the true victim.

No. 1052768

File: 1601964117666.png (106.52 KB, 530x456, 1 yearlater.png)

Someone's late to the party…

Also Heidi wasn't the one who made the 'swapping nudes with minors' allegations, but sure.

No. 1052812

Nah, but the hardcore stans are CONVINCED that Heidi somehow forced Chai/Charlie to lie about Jared and convinced them to make up the allegations. You could probably try to pin World War II on Heidi and the stans would nod and be like "Yeah, that sounds about right"

No. 1052843

Honestly if I was Jared I would be worried that SadOld will one day kill me and try to wear my skin, his obsession is almost scary even as a supposed “friend”

No. 1052855


SadOldSimp really is pathetic. I’d rather be a part of the ‘middle school bully forum’ than actively defend a sexpest who used their internet fame to solicit nudes from fans.

No. 1052918

Didn't he only set up his simp tumblr because someone on here was trying to say their discord was being used to exchange nudes and harass Heidi?

No. 1052981

see all i'm reading is "context doesn't matter, it was two adults and nothing else about the entire circumstance is important"
so… no

again, you just don't understand the context of it all
>i'll pay you to look at my dick
>i'm a horny ass, send me your naked pictures
do you literally not see any difference here

(fwiw i think it is still completely wrong, and i'm baffled you need this spelled out, but this is not the thread for that discussion)

go back to the twitch chat bb

No. 1052984

do you think him and geraldo RP as jared and holly in bed lmfao
or would it be striath puke

No. 1053052

maybe i missed it but i don't see a lot of geraldo publically setting herself on fire for jared or holly, at least not to the point that sadold is.

now sadold and uno girl, those are two simps who would have a grand old time rolepalying as hored in bed, a real simp party.

No. 1053190

Oh jesus jared and hoelly are playing baldurs gate 3 on twitch and the bitch just won't shut up squealing. Sounds like Kermit on HRT

No. 1053204

Oh, Strix is back?

No. 1053207

OH MY GOD REALLY? They're playing a game? How fucking novel.

No. 1053208


Not to argue but if she's annoying you that much why watch? All you're doing is making them think they have more fans than they actually have and makes them want to keep streaming.

No. 1053216


I was going to see how pissy Jared gets he's been worse lately and its quite amusing when he can't fake being content with the love of his life.

No. 1053270

File: 1602024186579.jpg (398.06 KB, 720x1560, LearnToMakeDifferentFaces!.jpg)


What do you mean? Totally content

No. 1053285

he looks like he's actually wasting away into a lich

No. 1053293


Hide the pain jared

No. 1053382

Why did he post that picture?! My god just look at his fucking hair line. It's already reseeding so why bring more attention to it. Karma's a bitch huh Jared.

No. 1053385


more like Balding Gate 3

No. 1053386


No. 1053399

File: 1602033525258.jpg (9.05 KB, 251x251, 1531515084175.jpg)

LMAO im dyin anon

No. 1053401


Say what you want about rocky beginnings but you gotta admit they are cute in that "two ugly nerds in high school found each other" kind of way

No. 1053419


> they @'d swampborzoi before, but sure, blame Heidi for the underage allegations…

No. 1053425

Hard no. They look like they belong on a charity website for helping addicts get off the streets.

No. 1053433


I find it interesting that Jared had posted on his Twitter that he was co-streaming, but he didn’t even mention that it was with Holly. And now the tweet is gone! I was going to screenshot it but I was too late to do so.

Also, I just recently caught wind of the Ryan Haywood/RT drama and it sounds a lot like a certain sexpest we all know about…

No. 1053452

Oh, Geraldo was AWFUL about publicly defending them a few months back, but fell into the background when SadOld started doing it for her.

No. 1053454

Yeah, if you take out the "abusing fame to get nudes of fans, some of whom were minors", "gaslighting our then-spouses", "fuck anything with a pulse that shows a faint interest in me" thing, they might make a somewhat cute couple.

No. 1053476

What a complicated way to say that they deserve each other

No. 1053489

Misogyny, unfortunately.

Holly and Jared suck, but it's not because Holly doesn't want to squeeze out 2.5 crotchlets with him.

No. 1053503

i'm just glad they're with each other now instead of ruining other people's lives kek

No. 1053520


That is such an unflattering shot of Holly.
She looks like a Drag Race contestant when they're told to get into "Quick Drag" for a mini challenge.

No. 1053525

Kek. I can't stand Holly's attempt at being charming and interesting and Jared is such a little bitch.

Whoa! Nightmare fuel. Holly looks terrible but Jared is on a whole level of hideous. The lighting makes him look balder and like his eyeballs are trying to run away from his head.

No. 1053536

File: 1602049862210.jpg (65.64 KB, 500x561, tumblr_m8vpbsG1XR1r1ejw2o1_500…)

Made me think of a lovely quote from Roald Dahl

No. 1053538

Her hair keeps looking more and more like a ratty-ass wig someone dug out of a dumpster.

No. 1053594

File: 1602062413010.jpg (360.28 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20201007-122109_Twi…)

No. 1053596

File: 1602062469620.jpg (342.82 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20201007-122104_Twi…)

No. 1053643

I have fucking ptsd seeing this all over gossip forums

No. 1053644

oh my god what is she on about now.

No. 1053645

please don't hold it against us, mandatory children literature is as far as most of us got. some books don't even have picture in them

No. 1053659

How is this related to this thread?

No. 1053663

I think it's a Gamegrumps thing…..

No. 1053683

Why does she always pose to show off her lazy eye?

No. 1053684


I am so out of the loop, if someone can explain, please…

for a second there I thought that was Kati, Arin's batshit "ex"

No. 1053685

yeah she's arin's "ex", as in, they were e-dating for maybe a week and kt is still sad she isnt the one living off his thousands of dollars. one of her classic moves is claiming Suzy copies her style and that arin is still in love with her but he's in denial about it, but she's clearly actually not well in the head though if she thinks someone actually stole her likeness without her ever sharing any pic of herself lol

No. 1053698

File: 1602078507312.jpeg (108.16 KB, 798x1700, 0EBF9C6B-5D26-4709-AE6D-8390B1…)



No. 1053702

I mean, going for that aesthetic it's actually nice since it does have that old-timey look to it.

..oh wait it's holly can't compliment.

No. 1053714

> they were e-dating for maybe a week
lol even that is putting it generously. arin had a massive crush on her for a couple of years but she strung him along and kept him as an orbiter, they never dated, not even e-dated

just pointing it out because i find it deliciously ironic that he's now rich and famous and she's thirsting after him so hard.

No. 1053716

oh i said dating because some time ago in an episode he said that he had another almost girlfriend before suzy, but it was brief and nothing serious and he talked with the girl and they both agreed it didnt count. i always assumed that was katie so… basically he never even aknowledge her? lmaooooo

No. 1053722

She literally looks bored in the photo? Also old timey look where? Her ugly basic hipster hat or her half assed attempt at some vintage/antique dress?

It's a picture that does her -10 favors and just demonstrates she has no way how to dress herself.

Obvi sage for fashion sperging.

No. 1053743

her tired, sad face really fits the aesthetic though

No. 1053769

File: 1602085381220.jpeg (499.49 KB, 1125x2436, 6B268B72-FCB8-4C12-8725-5D8547…)

I went to see what was kt talking about and she definitely lost it.

No. 1053771

File: 1602085408779.jpeg (447.56 KB, 1125x2436, EB4DA154-88E3-4437-B477-95587D…)

No. 1053772

File: 1602085551792.jpeg (839.15 KB, 1125x2061, 11A205D4-612A-43DC-A35D-B016C4…)

No. 1053779

File: 1602086712568.jpg (548.21 KB, 2263x1848, 20201007_085941.jpg)


KT has also started releasing audio files of herself rambling about different topics. In this one, she is literally giddy that "I'm a Sandman character!" She talks at length about how the artist, Nick Robles, must have been studying her closely to copy her likeness. She considers it a romantic "grand gesture" that he replicated her so perfectly, implying that the artist has feelings for her. She truly believes this.

I guess after not getting enough attention and the artist not acknowledging her, she switched it up to say it's stalking and makes her uneasy. Now she's trying to get attention for being a stalking victim instead.

The tweet for this audio file also includes pic related. I can only guess she made this? It's very obviously copied from Suzy's style, but KT is obsessed with blue butterflies and probably thinks that Suzy somehow copied her.


No. 1053796

I forgot how hilarious KT was! She was the main source of keks in this thread before the Jared drama broke.

Lol at how the only thing in common is hair color.

No. 1053798


Just wanted to say this- literally all they have in common? This girl is absurd.

No. 1053818

wait what's the connection? that the artist replied to suzy once? so in her head that means the artist must know of her because, still, in her mind, suzy is so obsessed with her she must be talking about kt 24/7 and must have done so to an artist she probably interacted with in that singular tweet?

—- this is kinda sad, it's making me uncomfortable. this is why mental health care is a human right, holy shit.

No. 1053819

Holy shit she's even using a bunch of alt accounts to boost her Likes on these….

No. 1053822

She says she doesn't know.

She mentions her hair, her moles, her crooked mouth and her nose. She concentrates on how his dialogue is in purple and that's her favorite color even when she was 14! She always writes in purple ink!

No. 1053823

lizzie borden core

No. 1053825


The artist didn't even reply to Suzy. Matt Mercer replied to Suzy, and he also knows the artist. So KT believes that Suzy convinced Matt Mercer to convince Nick Robles to create a character based on KT…. for some nefarious reason.


No. 1053826

no no, the artist made a tweet in which he mentioned Matt Mercer (who ig gets @'d like 500 times a day but nevermind), WHO HAS maybe once replied to Suzy

so she says she, or rather "we found the connection"

the connection being Suzy who is obviously ruining her life by somehow… encouraging Nick Robles to stalk KT and steal her likeness for a Neil Gaiman book character illustration…

i'm dying welcome back KT i missed ya crazy girl

No. 1053827


That dress looks like a cheap Wish outfit

No. 1053829

oh my god. the level of delusion.

No. 1053840

File: 1602092734171.png (220.18 KB, 1132x780, Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 11.4…)

She should definitely sue.

No. 1053841

"kinda silly on me for thinking someone would do such a thing" she's almost self aware

No. 1053842

Big "Charlie Day in front of the conspiracy board" energy.

No. 1053901

god forbid they copy her purple

No. 1053909

File: 1602101404008.jpg (580.45 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20201007_211107.jpg)

No. 1053923


This is my vote for the next thread pic

No. 1053948

File: 1602106079231.png (593.71 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20201007-152726.png)

ohhh my god, I forgot how batshit katie is, so glad she's still making the rounds

here's her deciding, without even reading the source material, that her ideas are sooo much better than what the dude who 'stole her likeness' came up with

No. 1053949

File: 1602106110322.png (1.37 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20201007-152707.png)

and her rendition lmfao

No. 1053953

This reminds me of one of those old early photos where people were too caught off guard by the flash to actually smile. That, or an old photo where they'd actually photograph a dead person that was propped up to look alive.

No. 1053955

I don't know shit about KT or the whole situation but a character having blue/purple hair like she does is NOT a theft of likeness. She gets that, right?

No. 1053956

She's really into herself so much she retweets people talking about how beautiful ruin is. She really thinks she looks like a 20 year old modelish looking guy with a chiseled face, high cheek bones and mono lids. She has this plain white woman's face of a 30 year old. But they both do use the color purple…

No. 1053960

File: 1602106933883.png (171.53 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20201007-154145.png)

older tweet but honestly goes to show she's worth keeping up with since there's no brakes on her crazy train

No. 1053981

She's straight up schizophrenic

No. 1053997


I like the KT milk quite a bit but it honestly doesn't fit in this thread. This is not a GG thread and hasn't been for some time.

Does KT warrant her own thread? Milk would be slow, but she's clearly on her own wavelength and no one is interacting with her. She's completely separate from Jared and Holly though, and having KT posts trickle in every 6 months is just confusing.

No. 1054000

As much as people seem to enjoy talking about the subjects of this thread, it kind of seems like these cows are pretty close to done producing.

No. 1054010

GG and KT don't produce enough milk on their own. They did during Suzy's jewelry scam, but she's definitely calmed down. Suzy lost weight so we can't even laugh at her weight gain and we've already discussed old milk. Even if Suzy was as bratty as ever, she's still not bad enough to hold her own as a cow. KT is a damn interesting cow, but she's so much of a nobody it almost cancels out her antics.

Jared and Holly are pretty solid even if the scandal has dried up. We know they'll be some sperging as Holly stops making excuses for Jared after enough time from his divorce passes and she realizes that Jared is just a guy who uses women for sex. We're all on standby to see her get what she deserves. I also like to see Jared's bitterness about losing his career.

So I guess, GG drama, KT on her own and Projared/Holly stuff are all things that aren't really related to each other but we keep it here because it at least keeps the thread active.

No. 1054022

I guess I've been sticking to the Hored situation because when it comes to KT, I cannot understand nor relate to anything she says, holy shit.

No. 1054031


Thread topics get separated for readability, not based on how fast the milk is. Currently, there is no way to recap KT's antics unless you want to skim through 20+ threads of unrelated people.

She might not be prolific but she's definitely unique. She's completely unrelated to Hored and posting her here just confuses people. GG were removed from the title + OP several threads ago for a reason. None of it is relevant here.

No. 1054073

File: 1602123664613.jpeg (312.28 KB, 784x1613, 368DB9EB-8C9E-451D-832A-3C8CFC…)

I don’t think dying his hair is going to help…

No. 1054083

File: 1602124652952.jpg (35.57 KB, 480x320, tumblr_lh3cjbD04B1qdvr4s.jpg)

bald jared era?

No. 1054086

Definitely going to get himself a muscle car and a 19 year blonde girlfriend.

No. 1054097

Did he lower his hairline with photoshop?

No. 1054120

Both Holly and Jared have aged 10 years. big yikes

No. 1054122

He is a 30+ year old man desperately trying to recapture his youth, but it's just making him more creepy than he already is

No. 1054126

what a beautiful man. i especially like how the whites of his eyes show above his pupil on the left, and below on the right

isn't he 35 now?

No. 1054130

Yes, he is 35.

No. 1054210

Did you say the same about literally every other streamer/gamer/anime/etc youtuber who did the same?

No. 1054213

Probably - but more so when it's a known sex pest who has been accused of having inappropriate sexual conversations with people who may or may not have been underage when they began.

No. 1054284

tfw Holly thought she was his early midlife crisis but he's just getting started

No. 1054447

sage for no new milk just wanted to provide context, but Holly didn't scam a cancer patient she scammed a group who goes into hospitals as characters. She used the money they gave her for her first Mass Effect costumes and gave them shoddy half finished shit they had to rush complete for the event they'd commissioned her for.

No. 1054451

Because that's somehow better??

No. 1054455

Never said it was anon, I just knew the context behind from being an old fag with friends who worked in LA when it went down and figured lolcow would want the behind the scenes. Holly is a massive snake who has a lot of bullshit behind her.

No. 1054525

You spoke of Holly and Jared, everything is automatically you trying to defend them unless you're absolutely trashing them.

Don't say negative about heidi though even if a situation warrants it.

No. 1054528

eh, i'll bite. do your LA friends have other infos?

No. 1054532

File: 1602185166178.png (110.21 KB, 1188x530, etika.png)

sage bc it's kinda old but i don't think it was brought up yet

kt is tagging etika, using his situation for her own benefit even though it has nothing to do with her, just like holly. our cows are colliding!

No. 1054534

hashtagging* idfk twitter

No. 1054562

Nothing that hasn't already been stated she was pretty well known for being an elitist bitch and skinwalking fem shep. I do know during filming for Heroes of Cosplay she and producers begged Ross to pull Grumps in for ratings but he refused to be involved beyond being listed as her husband. In the second half of the show for the Canada con her big build skeksis with her friend was technically disqualified as it was just a hotglue drape mess only allowed on stage because of the show. It was a bit of a hot topic among them that the show was hellbent on portraying her and her friends as underdogs when they were awful people to those privy.

No. 1054567


I remember finding out that HoC had a lot of drama and buzz about Holly and her friend because of some ancient, ancient threads somewhere discussing the show (as it was being aired). I am almost certain they were referenced in PULL (rip that was a good thread) but I'm sure someone could find them again if they really searched

that and those tweets of her bitching about femshep votes clued me in that she's always been a problematic person, she just began infantilizing herself in her pastel uwu phase where she wouldn't say bad words and talked like a toddler

No. 1054574

Oh yea there was a lot of talk when it was airing on how awful they were. I dunno if it's on tumblr still but the doctor who group who the show portrayed as cruel to Holly and her friends came out and said Holly was one of the main instigators trying to goad them on camera.

No. 1054606


I've been trying to find the links back then, I'm pretty sure it was on /cgl

here's the indiegogo campaign for the costume that Holly and Chloe bailed on

and here is an archive of a thread discussing cosplayers in general but they do touch on the show and Holly a bit

TL;DR if anyone wants old discussion of HoC they would likely find it there or on tumblr, or by googling hoc/holly and filtering through tons of results, all the posts and ranting are still there I believe

No. 1054625

Welp my info was only half she was a cancer survivor too. My apologies it's been so long, I just remember the gist because I was pretty pissed they'd stolen from people who volunteer for the sick.

No. 1054658

I'm trying to dig around… This is an older one where Holly tries to gaslight people with grievances with the show. I recalled more activity from Holly but Tumblr threads are ridiculous to dig through so this is the link I have rn:

Also found this re: the Doctor Who debacle, but no names are named:
This "confession" seems to confirm Holly had a strong active hand in it though:

Just like with Jared, just like with Adam Koebel, Holly sides with the abusers.

No. 1054806

File: 1602214271041.png (68.33 KB, 1190x258, Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 8.32…)

Lmao she's so fucking delusional this is amazing

No. 1054889

File: 1602229134342.png (925.91 KB, 1734x1244, pull1.png)

No. 1054890

File: 1602229249519.png (676.54 KB, 1678x1156, pull2.png)

No. 1054891

File: 1602229650934.png (323.8 KB, 1618x1062, pull3.png)

Gotta go, but you get the idea.

No. 1054892

bless you pull-anon, I wasn't able to find the webarchive version of her thread, and while lolcow threads has a pretty deep collection of screenshots from current and old events, the pull thread is (imo) the best summary of many years of Holly's antics

No. 1054905

There is now a separate KT thread so that anons can catch up with past milk and enjoy the ride.


No. 1055038

OHshit I remember the HTTYD thing she did, I wonder if it's still up on tumblr but the show caused a lot of issues because Holly and her idiot friends had dry ice effect that just billowed out on what audience they could gather causing breathing issues.

No. 1055042


Didn't they also use a material in one costume that made the person wearing it sick (due to allergy IIRC) because they were in a hurry?

Hoelly has been the pro of cutting corners and still expecting maximum payout since day one.

No. 1055092

Oh you're thinking of Jessica's 'wool' allergy in which she even came out after the fact and said it wasn't so bad. She claims the show made her play it up with 'throwing up' and acting like she was gonna die. but I dunno both her and Holly were complete bitches to a security guard who told them they couldn't sit in the middle of the hallway where the elevators were. I remember Holly after the fact in the confessional made a stink that no one else besides their cow friend Becky came to check on Jessica.

No. 1055095

piggybacking off my own comment but Holly also had a binding blunder where she used ace bandages and then claims she made it too tight and that she couldn't breathe and everyone rushed around until Ross just cut her out of it. Just remembered because it was a hot button topic as ace bandages are awful for binding.

No. 1055102

You're the anon that insists on always mentioning Heidi? You're kind of obsessed. We're talking about Holly, old drama and you're like "oH YEAH HEIDI!!!!" She's not going to be a thing. Accept it.

No. 1055240

Bold of you to assume it's only one.

No. 1055252


It’s probably SadOldSimp or Gavin White.

No. 1055581

Say Heidi three times in the mirror and SadOldSimp will show up and REEEE about her

No. 1056074

File: 1602377849797.png (15.76 KB, 582x164, scandals.png)

With every new 'funnyman-gamer uses his fame to bone fans' controversy, the name "ProJared" is whispered…


No. 1056083


Yep. And this is why men like them don’t deserve to have a platform.

No. 1056089


That thread is heartbreaking. Did she come out about it last year?

This is why I cant forgive Jared for the blog. It's a creepy abuse of power

No. 1056106

She did. I guess it was overlooked because it wasn't UNDERAGED GIRLS ZOMG.

There's an awkward split where 7 and 8 of the thread are both replies to 6, if you feel the story suddenly ends at 7. It's a 17-post thread.

No. 1056180

The kicker is that the stans will write this off because she was a legal adult - despite the fact that it's gross, predatory behavior by ProDick. "She consented" like bruh, yes, she consented but under certain circumstance that Jared misled her on.

No. 1056211

File: 1602398335632.jpeg (129 KB, 828x648, 05568CAE-2CDC-4B13-9386-75F4E0…)

Anyone notice the similarities between this streamer and Heidi? Hmm…

No. 1056212

File: 1602398378339.jpeg (103.9 KB, 719x735, 58B65CC5-CE86-466B-9ACD-84A2D5…)

No. 1056215

Isn't she the one who he rejected even though she was 18 and told her to come back when she was 21?

No. 1056222

The doctor who story makes me so fuckin sad and angry at the HoC show and Hoelly for being such a cunt
I remember watching that show when it aired and even the cut and approved version of the show made everyone look like total jackasses and some outright incompetent

No. 1056251

Nope, it's the lesbian he strung along promising her that Heidi was totes interested too.

No. 1056333

Oh, right. The one that wants to fuck Heidi. What a world we live in

No. 1056390


I'm sure Holly is totally cool with this collab and didn't threaten to kill herself or cry for sympathy at allll

No. 1056394


I still just find it interesting that when he co-streamed with Holly, he took that tweet down later. But this one still stays up on his Twitter.

No. 1056398


Meh, that was a stream announcement. He and most streamers delete those once the stream ends. This is a video for his gameplay channel, so makes sense he would leave it up.

Something about the way he is snuggling up to a small handful of young pretty indie twitch girls makes me very uncomfy. Especially since he sexually identifies as polyamorous. I cant help but see him promote and stream with these women and think "is he gonna hold this over their heads?" Like "hey babe I gave you so many new followers will you send me a pic?"

No. 1056417

I get your concern but this is LITERALLY no different than other streamers doing this, which is you follow a lot on twitter you'll see this is beyond common but it's usually the "cute little indie streamers" snuggling up to the bigger names.

>Especially since he sexually identifies as polyamorous; "is he gonna hold this over their heads?"

That's not what being poly means nor is that his goal in this regard. I dislike jared but that's a TAD BIT too obvious to try to pull in the public, especially when you're now constantly being pegged as a predator.

No. 1056422

He really has a type doesn't he, or is this just him trying to regress to a time where he wasn't shacked up with the slightly younger version of the homeless pigeon lady from Home Alone 2?

No. 1056434

Oh wow, she looks just like Heidi.
Then again, Heidi did say that he was into redheads…

No. 1056477


If I was Holly I’d be a little worried. Cheaters gonna cheat.

No. 1056526

i mean, i feel sorry for her and honestly fuck jared and fuck ryan, hope they never work again. But really, cybering with consenting women is abuse? dogpile me but it honestly seems a bit overdramatic. As far as i recall it's not like Jared got her nudes and then threatened to release them to the public or destroyed her life, right?

No. 1056534

Yes, according to anons here, consent means nothing unless its lesbians/enbi giving it to each other, especially adults consenting.

>got her nudes and then threatened to release them to the public or destroyed her life, right?

Hilariously enough, people were defending up, down left and right heidi/holly should sue if their nudes got released but people were GLADLY spreading jareds like the laws don't go both ways.

No. 1056535

oh no dude don't get me wrong, it's not like if you're 17 and 364 days you're an untouchable little baby and the second you turn 18 BAM you're a full grown adult and good luck making bad choices!
It's entirely possible he was slimey and she felt gross once she realized she wasn't as special as she thought she was and he completely took advantage of the power dynamic, but… abuse? that's not abuse, right?

No. 1056537

Yeah from what I heard he's always been kinda skeezy but no its not abuse, just regret from making bad choices..we've all been there at least once in our life..ESPECIALLY growing up.

No. 1056538

also, and yeah, i don't like the guy and i still feel like people shouldnt have released the dick pics, but those were sent via snapchat, which is kind of like a group chat with strangers, right? not a private little naughty present for a singular person. Maybe i'm wrong but to me it's basically like posting it on your facebook wall and then being surprised if people share it..

No. 1056540


eh i don't think her story is as tragic as painted here, but after reading it, i do recognize the power imbalance at play. except it had nothing to do with his fame as a z-lister and more to do with the age difference.

jared is in his 30s and this girl's story screamed "i am a dumb kid." and yeah, sorry, 18 might be legal in terms of the law, but if you get to be 30 and don't look at an 18 year-old and go "oh look, a child," there's something the fuck wrong with you. so for me it just cements the idea that jared is super scummy.

No. 1056577

Really? Have other streamers been caught literally with their pants down?? Have they also been caught fucking fans, running multiple porn blogs and manipulating their followers for tit pics?

Jared is a creepy sexpest and has proven that time and time again. Him collabing with someone who looks eerily like his recently ex-wife? Sus as fuck.

No. 1056580

When it comes from a place of unequal power (an e-celeb and just a random person) is absolutely abusive and manipulative. Money says yall were the same people who have no problem going after clinton for fucking monica lewinsky, but now because it's Jared, it's okay?

No. 1056635


Yep. And just because other streamers do it, doesn’t make it right.

No. 1056653

Based on a lot of recent drama especially within certain fighting game communities? Yes actually lol.

No. 1056859

holy false equivalence, batman. Jared is not the president of the USA lmao, afaik being mildly entertaining on the internet talking about 30 year old videogames is not the same as having the keys to a nuclear arsenal and using your charm as the literal most influential person in the world to get a blowie from a 20 year old intern.

I'm sorry for her and jared was wrong, i'm saying that ABUSE is kind of a strong word for this particular case, especially cus she didnt go through hell because of his interaction with jared, like Lewinski did because of her affair with Clinton.

No. 1056860

*her interaction with jared, english is not my first language, etc etc

No. 1056877

You want to argue over the term I used, fine. The point is that Jared KNEW he was a relative e-celebrity. He KNEW that fans were more likely to send in nudes if they knew he was behind it (why else would he have slapped 'SinJared' on it? If it was just about body positivity, he could have ran it anonymously).

Also, you claim this person didn't go through hell and I'd agree that what she went through isn't the same as what Lewinski went through - but have you not watched the ravenous attitude of his fanbase? They've straight up sent Heidi death threats, despite her also having a public following. You honestly think they wouldn't do the same to some random who spoke out against their favorite?

No. 1056880

oh i 100% agree jared is a piece of shit in that regard, lol. never said otherwise.
and i agree that she must have felt terrible that she couldn't say anything (if she didnt) because of the potential backlash. my point is, i dunno, semantics i guess? it does make me a bit of an asshole lol.

yeah you're right. at the end of the day i don't know either of those people, feeling that awful can't be fun

No. 1056904


Not casting doubt or anything because it makes sense, but this is the first time I heard about Heidi getting death threats. When did that happen? Anyone save a screenshot?

No. 1056907

It was literally all over her twitter when it first broke and the stans rushed to her aid. I'd imagine she also got some vile shit in her inbox before she thought to disable it. Let's also not forget the "shitty underwear on her doorstep" which I GUESS could have been a fluke, but also screams someone sending her a message

No. 1056951


It was probably SadOldSimp. He’s the type of creep I’d imagine would do something like that.

No. 1056981

Shit on a doorstep one time only screams "a drunk/high person went through here"

A message would repeat.

No. 1057104

File: 1602526976753.jpg (98.66 KB, 1064x849, SmartSelect_20201011-160350_Tu…)

I'm supposed to feel sorry for this bitch? Because I don't.

No. 1057115

Pretty sure that's not the point.

No. 1057122

No I'm pretty sure it is.

No. 1057128

File: 1602529289864.png (47.73 KB, 590x518, quote.png)

Ayyy Our boy got a shout-out in reference to recent events!

No. 1057134

also there's no more porn on tumblr, so where's the value for jared

No. 1057143

oh shit I thought this was Heidi for a second before lurking more.
Is this another Shoe/Kiwi situation.

No. 1057236

Boohoo, dude got caught running porn blogs and faced consequences. How sad for him. /s

No. 1057240

Eh, there's still plenty of porn on tumblr, you just can't run a nudes blog called "SinJared" anymore. If dude's that desperate for people to see his worm dick, he can get an only fans like everyone else

No. 1058483

Honestly no..most porn/thots moved to twitter/onlyfans/patreon. It's a literal dead platform unless you were NEVER there for porn and "body positivity but I just wanted to show off my tits" in the first place.

No. 1058543


Yeah, exactly. To my understanding if you try to post porn on Tumblr now, they’ll make it so that your blog isn’t easily viewable.

But anyway, I don’t feel one bit sorry that Jared “never wants to see Tumblr ever again.” That’s his own damn fault.

No. 1058617

IIRC from archived posts, he had pretty much abandoned the platform and nuked his accounts right when Tumblr started the "no porn" policies.

Once Tumblr stopped being a source of sexual thrills for him, it no longer had a use.
So of course he wants nothing to do with it anymore.

No. 1058621

>IIRC from archived posts, he had pretty much abandoned the platform and nuked his accounts right when Tumblr started the "no porn" policies.

TBF this was literally most of tumblr's userbase.

No. 1058663


I dont think that's true because that girl's tweets up thread mentioned that once he deleted sinjared he messaged her on his regular projared account to continue the sexting and such

I think his main account kept going a little bit so he could keep in contact with his favorite sexters

My guess is that his main account was deleted once those emails from chai and Charlie went around but im not sure

No. 1058666

File: 1602695159649.jpg (219.53 KB, 720x1202, See.jpg)

No. 1058742

So they both led her on then? Or am I misinterpreting the "Heidi submitted a post on SinJared" thing?

No. 1058798

File: 1602705644704.jpg (239.99 KB, 1060x1080, 20201014_145234.jpg)

Wtf is wrong with these Jared fans? He did sleep with fans and ghosted them. I forgot her name. And the only time they stayed silent was after Jared privately "contacted" just like those popular videos from smaller Youtubers disappeared after he "contacted" them.

No. 1058840


This is the same guy who seems to vehemently think that Jared is innocent of everything. He solicited nudes from his fans, that is a cold hard fact that even Jared admits.

No. 1058867

No. 1058875


No, Heidi just submitted a post to the blog saying she was okay with it because people kept asking her "hey do you know your husband has a nude blog?" Heidi never sexted or interacted with the people that submitted to the blog.

Jared led her on saying Heidi was into her and stuff because she was gay and he knew he wouldn't get nudes unless he led her on using Heidi.

No. 1058979


Oh wow. If Heidi did indeed have all this information, no wonder Jared is paying alimony. Aside from all of the Holly stuff.

No. 1059017

It's the same reason he ran the "body positivity" blog with his name attached; He knew he'd be more likely to get nudes if people knew he was the one behind the blog, so as to get his attention.

No. 1059019

To be fair, tumblr was >FULL< of body positivity blogs, whether you were famous or not. It was a "safe space."

No. 1059021

Exactly. If people were really only in it for body positivity, they could've posted their pics to any other blog. Instead, they went to the one that they knew would - at the very least - get their pics in the hand of their internet favorite. At minimum, it was a stupid move on Jared's part. At the most, it was a blatantly manipulative abuse of his e-celeb fame.

No. 1059037


Jared had sex with fans regularly at cons.
Gavin White doesn't know shit.

No. 1059042

The thing is if it was a true "body positivity blog" and there was nothing sexual why did it have the name sin in it? No matter how he tries to spin it, it's gross abuse of power. Especially since he proudly considered a feminist at the time. There's no way he didn't know what he was doing was wrong.

No. 1059045

Not surprised most Jared stans, especially Gavin White, think the only issue people had is what he did with Chai when its more than just that. I wonder how he'll recact when someone hits him with the info that he was fucking fans?

No. 1059061


He’ll claim that it’s fake or try to blame Heidi somehow. That’s all that basement dweller ever seems to do.

No. 1059067


Also if it was about body positivy and sharing your body publicly why did he take it privately to DMs? He used the blog to select certain bodies he liked. When the drama broke people said "I didn't know he was sending nudes back and fucking people, I sent my nude he said good job and never spoke to me again"

He literally just used the body positivity as a way to pick and choose which bodies were good enough for him. Does he find you attractive? He will DM you and get sexual. Does he not find you attractive? He will say good job, post your nude, and never speak to you again.

Not to mention the times fans dmed wanting to talk about DnD or FF- THINGS HIS CHANNEL IS ABOUT!- and he would respond "mandatory send nudes"

Dont worry guys it was alllll just a big joke, right?

No. 1059183

File: 1602752232634.jpg (136.22 KB, 720x819, 20201015_045828.jpg)

This lady is craaaaaazy

No. 1059190

Oh godddd my eyes rolled so hard they fell out of my head.
If Twitter is causing so much “uwu ANGUISH” then uh, idk, close your eyes?? Log off? Don’t go on twitter? Jesus Christ, people. Nobody is forcing you to look at fucking social media, lol

No. 1059243

She gets off of twitter when she says something dumb or does something dumb, lets it all die down (in this case, it was the announcement strix was coming back), and then reappears a few weeks later just to repeat the cycle again. This is nothing new.

No. 1059248


She sure fucking is. Who’s going to be the one to tell her that magic isn’t real?

No. 1059265

File: 1602765445256.jpeg (148.29 KB, 1057x307, 164F5983-BF89-4E85-8A1E-332D6F…)

Fucking zing.

No. 1059279

File: 1602768391769.png (374.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201015-133554.png)

Projared fan art is making a comeback

No. 1059280

File: 1602768481430.png (547.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201015-133634.png)

No. 1059296


I see nothing but the truth there.


Ugh. He sure as fuck doesn’t deserve any fanart of him to be made ever again.

No. 1059332

The sad thing about the Ryan Haywood situation is that he treated his victims the exact same way that Jared treated Unogirl, right down to losing interest & ghosting her to him suddenly 'reaching out' to 'reconnecting' after the shit hit the fan.
Unogirl even declined to show any part of that convo at his request, just like Ryan had recently been pleading his victims not to say anything.

No. 1059381


Why does this give me Dennis Reynolds vibes?

No. 1059392

She can't get enough of that sweet, sweet self-victimization

No. 1059421

Right, how dare a woman talk about the fact that her husband fucked anything with a pulse? What a fucking bitch! /s

No. 1059625

Objectively, ProJared is not a handsome or attractive person. His face is very unbalanced and has lopsided features. Heidi is a standard definition of "pretty" – so I don't see the issue here

sages for not adding anything

No. 1059644


He wishes

Help where is the J.A.R.E.D. System meme from a few threads back?

No. 1059651

File: 1602814048253.png (1.21 MB, 1568x1438, 1561860598171.png)

No. 1060302

File: 1602915362043.jpg (216.44 KB, 810x2228, Closeyoureyeshaha.jpg)

What obnoxious people. First, the desperation he has to be popular again ain't cute. Second, they really are that meme where they fall off the bike and blame Heidi for it.

No. 1060303


“Left her for a good reason” LOL. Sure Jared. Heidi was the one who had to file the papers. They really are insufferable, obnoxious people that don’t deserve to have any sort of platform.

No. 1060337

Man, look at that desperation for a boost in relevance and revenue.

And yeah, "good reason". Wanted you to be faithful rather than dip your dick in whatever you fancied. Didn't want you having gross RP sex with the frumpy harpy that keeps screeching ABUSE.
Much good reason, very smort.

No. 1060411


sooper mental health guru holly slipping up once again and telling someone to die angry because they said words on the internet. she makes it so blindingly obvious that the only mental health she cares about is her own

No. 1060423


So much for "I care about Heidi's mental well being" or whatever the initial line was that he used to pretend to give a fuck.

No. 1060427

>die mad about it
But Holly, don't mean words on the internet kill people? That's like you double clown emoji'd him!

No. 1060437

If you actually been on twitch you'll know it's literally a meme between LITERALLY every affiliate and partner saying to sub with twitch prime. Some people have even custom parody ads for it.

No. 1060453

And if YOU have been following Jared, you'd know he's been desperate for views, follows, and subs lately since he and Hoelly bitched about his income being halved because of the drama.

No. 1060503


Holly "the hypocrite" Conrad strikes again

be kind uwu

No. 1060507


She is such a reply girl

Her responding to his stuff about Heidi just goes to show how much she inserted herself into their relationship

I wonder if it annoys him that every single time he tweets anything she's in the replies with a generic gif

No. 1060516

File: 1602951127462.png (Spoiler Image,833.85 KB, 640x1136, 51891B93-8196-4078-944E-589DD9…)

Sometimes Twitter provides some cheap giggles

No. 1060523


I give Holly another week before she throws her next tweet tantrum.

No. 1060535

File: 1602953599022.png (122.04 KB, 720x678, 20201017_125230.png)

No. 1060536

Won't even take that long, I bet. Legitimately ANY time Heidi gets attention, Hoelly loses her mind because it's another reminder that while she got Jared in the end, she was his second pick when his first choice walked away.

No. 1060537

Her "situation" went public because her married fuckbuddy ran his mouth to make his divorce seem mutual, when in reality, he was sticking his dick in anything with a pulse that would hold still for 5 seconds. Here's an idea, Hoelly: Don't want to be called a homewrecking whore? Don't fuck married men.

No. 1060538

File: 1602953728013.png (206.48 KB, 720x1003, 20201017_125320.png)


Bonus #BeKind + some more Mental Health 'Advocacy'

No. 1060544

File: 1602954581397.png (56.93 KB, 594x516, GavinWhitecriesHarassment.png)

I expected Mr. Gavin 'AnimeDoom' White to have very little self-awareness, but holy shit

No. 1060546

Someone needs to tag @badlegatakes on that 2nd tweet.

No. 1060547


Also, how the fuck is this dude not suspended yet? He's said way worse shit than that Matt Lawson dude who actually did get suspended…

No. 1060548


No no, you don't get it anon! JARED left HER! Not the other way around!!!

…At least I think that's the current narrative…

No. 1060549

File: 1602955414755.png (161.39 KB, 596x536, hollygovote.png)

No. 1060554

Bold words for a pair that never do any good for anyone but themselves.

No. 1060555

File: 1602955922129.png (28.76 KB, 586x322, deletedtweet.png)


I wonder what she said here…
Is there any way to search deleted tweets?

No. 1060559

File: 1602956371111.png (11.18 KB, 564x106, gavinwhiteharassment.png)


Literally every other tweet is shit like this

No. 1060560


lmao such overreaction from holly just makes people want to troll her more

>but holly, tell us about THE WIFE

No. 1060561

File: 1602956575524.png (13.26 KB, 568x126, citationneeded.png)

>"she took advantage of it dating multiple men but he did nothing until SHE insisted on him being with someone else."

[Citation needed]

No. 1060563

File: 1602956676156.png (9.36 KB, 558x98, entrapment.png)


Just keep on making those baseless claims, Gavin!

No. 1060565


>"Jared never did anything with his fans"

Dude, one of the fans that he slept with literally shared convos about it.

Is this bitch actually trying to re-write history here?

No. 1060573

It’s funny that they can’t bring themselves do defend him for what he actually did, so instead they make up a more innocent fantasy version of him that they can feel good about defending. They’re inadvertently admitting that his actual behaviour was shitty and indefensible. I wonder how Jared feels about that.

No. 1060580


She even ended up DEFENDING Jared (even though it's quite obvious Jared successfully manipulated her into it)
Then again, I guess He wouldn't want to admit anything that could even slightly incriminate Jared.

It's baffling because this particular dude never @'d Jared ONCE until the drama broke. Now, if you search ProJared; there he his! If I were Jared, I would be at least a bit suspicious about that, & I certainly wouldn't be giving them satisfaction by liking their inflammatory tweets calling people 'simps'

No. 1060621

File: 1602962035970.jpeg (127.39 KB, 828x566, DE7534B9-7FEA-4954-A7C0-E2161A…)


Gavin needs to catch up on the sex pest he’s so vehemently defending; Jared had the games and he sent them back to her. Keep up, Gavin!!

No. 1060622


Yep, she’ll be crying and yelling at everyone to leave her alone, I can see it now!

No. 1060625

File: 1602962309279.png (47.26 KB, 582x598, 14yrold.png)

Uh-oh, someone missed the memo about ProJared's channel-demographics…

No. 1060641

HA. I'd love to see a judge who gets to deal with the "But-but your honor! THEY WERE MEAN TO ME ONLINE! I WANT A RESTRAINING ORDER!" People get the literal shit beat out of them but sure, Hoelly, go ahead and get a restraining order because of some "meanies" on twitter.

No. 1060642

Says the one who was selling "Cancelled" shirts less than six months ago.

No. 1060648


Imagine getting triggered simply by someone saying the word "wife"

No. 1060663

Too bad Ryan Haywood really could have used some of Holly's help, all she had to do was pop up & yell "Public-Shaming is WRONG!" & people would think twice about 'bullying' him! /r

No. 1060689

File: 1602967103711.png (19.72 KB, 588x160, internetpersonalities.png)

TBH, I'm glad Heidi didn't say anything to make the recent RT/AH scandals about her & her situation, & instead she rt'd a statement about it & offered support to those affected by it.

I still remember Holly & Jared jerking themselves off when someone compared Jared's situation to Johnny Depp's which was beyond insulting to Depp & what he went through.

No. 1060696


It's funny because the renewed online calling out of Jared is directly inspired by the Ryan situation. Jared's eating shit again because another gamer dude did the exact same stuff with fans he has. He'll never escape it, no matter how many times he and Holly try to change the narrative.

No. 1060704


Yeah, so much for those demographics that people like SadOldSimp and Gavin White keep using to defend ‘ol Pedodick there.

No. 1060727

I hope Holly remembers how stupid she has acted on Jared's behalf when he inevitably treats her like shit. She left Twitter to avoid negativity but swiftly replies to troll bait in record time. She capes for him so hard and he has never done the same for her.

No. 1060728


Yeah, she looks absolutely pathetic here.
Like the annoying henchman who keeps sniveling "Yeah boss! You tell 'em, boss!" only to get swiftly backhanded by said 'boss'.

No. 1060735

File: 1602973209699.jpeg (249.5 KB, 828x1354, 989B20C6-0752-42E1-8C23-3D071E…)

I guess this person doesn’t know that Jared fucked fans too.

No. 1060736



We love a twitter thread filled with glorious misinformation!

No. 1060767


Jared was the one to file the papers, anon, the divorce public record is quite clear about that.

No. 1060777

File: 1602977297347.png (52.99 KB, 466x554, courtsummons.png)


Imagine falling for bait this hard…

Also the bottom reply made me lol

No. 1060790


OMG that last comment, LOL.

Funny how Gavin White is accusing that poster of harassment when he straight up harasses everyone on Twitter if they speak badly of the sexpest.

No. 1060795

File: 1602979244986.png (43.12 KB, 472x574, repliesanime.png)


These replies got me ROLLING

No. 1060801

File: 1602980629877.png (9.73 KB, 562x124, damngoodguy.png)


When you turn out to be the only 'simp' in the convo…

No. 1060807

File: 1602982400793.png (44.68 KB, 592x538, bekind1.png)


No. 1060808


Clearly Gavin White is just a woman hater.

No. 1060812


It's gonna break his heart when he finds out that Jared & Holly are liberals.

No. 1060825


This is so stupid, they were HER games! How is she the bad guy for wanting her own things back?? Was she supposed to just let him keep her stuff to use as props in his mistress's basement?

No. 1060827


Because anything & everything Heidi does is EVIL or a lie according to Hored stans.

No. 1060830

File: 1602985182435.png (136.21 KB, 538x636, newwife.png)


Imagine falling for the bait again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again…

No. 1060831

File: 1602985329836.png (34.54 KB, 526x372, Hollysimp.png)


Yep, he simps for Holly too!

No. 1060839

File: 1602987146517.png (41.68 KB, 470x488, nosex.png)

>"First, there was no sex involved…."

They don't even read their own subreddit.

No. 1060841

File: 1602987490842.png (77.93 KB, 586x490, didyouwatchthevideo.png)

Gavin didn't have a 'witty' comeback for this one…

No. 1060845

Lol I can never feel sorry for these people. This is what happens when you fuck up royally it'll follow you for the rest of your career, better get used it and stop feeding the drama but those egomaniacs never stop so the cycle will continue. Also lol at Gavin White the majority of people that hate Jared are women like on this thread and the people on Twitter he repiles too. He's just projecting cause he simps for Holly too.

No. 1060849


But Anon!… Poor wittle ProJared is the #1 martyr of Cancel Culture!
He's got a brand new success-story to sell!

No. 1060854

So Heidi shouldn't get angry about people harassing her?

No. 1060880


This thread is like 10% pro-Heidi and 90% exhausted with these false equivalences trying to distract from valid criticism against Jared. You are not slapping us in the face with some shocking gotcha, you are flopping your flaccid dick on the ground while everyone rolls their eyes.

No. 1060890

Valid criticism is not repeatedly saying the same shit on every tweet a person makes. That's just straight up harassment, and no matter if he deserves it or not, that fact does not change.

No. 1060964

And? The chicken shit then immediately blocked his now-ex and posted a statement about how much he cared for her, that this was mutual when it was anything but. He also only filed when Heidi put her foot down, I'm willing to bet he did it before she could so he could use it as a power move over her.

No. 1060966

and Valid change isn't a "You've been lied to!" video 8-9 months after the fact followed by several months bemoaning the fact that you lost everything because your victims spoke up instead of remaining silent. What's your point?

No. 1061023

*were, they've liked to many red pilled fan tweets since then for that to fly anymore in woke twitter circles.

Thank you, Heidi is barely even relevant anymore and the "but muh Heidi, you guys never say enough mean things about muh Heidi" shtick that other anon replies to every post to this thread with is beyond tiresome.

No. 1061454

Sage for no milk, but I was checking out that heidiofans blog and it's crazy how often SadOldMagician is in their notes/liking and replying to their posts. It's so creepy that he actively follows a Heidi hate blog on top of using his blog as a insider source on Holly and Jared.

Why would you want to be friends with a dude who is so obsessed with your ex.

No. 1061459


I noticed that as well. I also noticed that SadOldSimp won’t like the posts where heidiofans points out Jared’s/Holly’s wrongdoings or criticisms.

No. 1061470


I'm not convinced that heidiofans isn't sadold's sub blog. He can be petty at Heidi all he wants because there's no name attached to it, while pulling his #bekind bullshit on main. Also find it weird that sadold interacts with heidiofans all the time, but never the other way around.

No. 1061476

File: 1603073848849.jpeg (137.98 KB, 786x678, 3D14D49B-7919-448B-A68F-7AC669…)

Well, this person isn’t wrong about that.

No. 1061482

File: 1603075318890.jpg (363.92 KB, 993x1782, 20201018_214241.jpg)

Old but still relevant.

No. 1061489

File: 1603076089526.png (629.97 KB, 1436x1403, WitchesWereInventedIn2017ByHoe…)

Guys, did you know that Holly invented witches in 2017 when she made her character Strix? Witches are totally her thing and her thing only, Heidi making witch hats in a completely different style during the Halloween season is clearly her trying to become Holly. Pathetic that she thinks anyone has the right to make witch content before asking Holly for permission

No. 1061613


LMAO the reach on that one. I saw the hats that Heidi was making and didn’t instantly think Holly. Even SadOldSimp can make some sense every once in a while I suppose. But yeah, apparently Holly invented witches and everyone else is copying her!!

No. 1061630


I think even Heidiofans is disagreeing with them? They gave a gif reply to that anon, which is hard to gauge what that means, but they also backed up Heidi selling the hats in another reply a few days ago. I don't know what to make of them.

No. 1061632

>Selling witches' hats for Halloween is copying Holly

No. 1061641

Sounds like someone's been reading the thread and is upset that Holly's terrible attempt at skin walking Heidi is obvious lmao

Sadold knows that Jared isn't desperate enough to let him blow him, right? It's getting really sad to see the pick-me groveling.

No. 1061675

File: 1603118812448.jpg (126.22 KB, 720x960, 20201019_104511.jpg)


Nah I think they know how stupid it is yet totally still agree

Holly owns spooky stuff, even around Halloween. God forbid Heidi makes Halloween content to sell!!!

By their logic Holly is absolutely copying Suzy, since Holly never showed much interest in horror and spooky stuff until these past few years. Before then it was all Suzy while Holly was more pastel fantasy and birbs obsessed

I know HeidiOFans hatereads this thread every day, hopefully he will realise how stupid this take is, but realistically he will say we are all being mean and are "triggered"

No. 1061685

File: 1603119614654.jpg (198.12 KB, 720x1501, Screenshot_20201019-105851_Tum…)


More replies to that post.

They do realise that Heidi was married to Jared and friends with Holly for a reason, right? She absolutely is gonna have stuff in common with them. Believe it or not your favorite D lister content creators dont own spooky or TTRPG content jesus fucking christ

I guess Heidi is supposed to abandon all her previous interests and also not get any new ones that have anything in common with her ex's GF

No. 1061699


Jesus Christ, heidiofans and their followers are dumb as fuck. It’s Halloween time, why would Heidi not try to create some Halloween themed items? She wants to run a successful business, right? Never mind that Holly only has a pin and two prints as offerings on her store, so there’s no competition there. The argument is fucking stupid. I didn’t know that Holly is the only one on this planet who has the rights to Halloween-themed and spooky things. eyeroll

No. 1061717

File: 1603122750693.jpg (872.34 KB, 2602x1897, hats.jpg)

The hats went viral because they are extremely trendy. They don't look anything like Holly's ugly witch but they do look like popular depictions of "soft pastel botanical witches" that are all over the art and fashion world. It's ridiculously popular. Just look at the witch art of vickysigh or others in that vein.

Also, the first one was made in 2018 and worn with a costume. It's clearly developed from previous work and popular influences.

These scrote Holly stans have to be totally oblivious to fashion trends to think Holly created her own look to begin with, but it's even more of a stretch to claim the hats are copying Holly. That's like KT levels of "you stole my identity (blue hair)"

No. 1061720


That's not "totally still agreeing", that's saying "maybe you're right, but here's another explanation so maybe you're wrong, believe whichever". I hate heidiofans too but he does occasionally defend Heidi, this looks to me like one of those rare cases that he's at least not TOTALLY hating on her.

No. 1061742

How exactly are these accusations different from this board calling Holly a Heidi skin walker because she started posting about nature more?

No. 1061774

Because Holly's Twitter bio was word for word similar to Heidi's for a period of time. And trying to rebrand herself as a forest girl, similar to Heidi throughout the summer. How the fuck is similar to Heidi making witch hats in the month of October?

No. 1061780

"word for word similar" is two different things, anon. Perhaps you mean to say they were structured suspiciously similarly. I don't see how that's any different than pointing out a sudden uptick in tweets about Halloween is similar to what Holly does.

No. 1061782

You realize this is a widely celebrated holiday, right? That everyone typically starts posting "spooky" things in the month of October?

No. 1061783

You realize that people who are/were friends tend to develop similar interests and ways of saying things, so the skinwalker thing is just as loose as this is, right? They're both suspicious, doesn't make either of them true.

No. 1061787

Also that's an update on a hat she made in 2018. You know before the divorce. It's not uncommon to go back to old crafts, especially seasonal ones.

No. 1061790

I think this is one of those times where it is appropriate to add a red circle, because people are going to be willfully blind to it

No. 1061792

Way to miss how I mentioned that Holly's bio was like was word for word like Heidi's for a period of time.

No. 1061793

Word for word or similar, anon, which was it?

No. 1061821

You do realize your “Heidi is the devil, Holly is innocent” act isn’t going to work, just like it didn’t work the other nine thousand times you tried, right? The argument is very much against your idol, and if you would stick your head out of her ass for five minutes you would realize that.

Saged for, well, obvious reasons

No. 1061822

You got me anon, I'm totally the same exact person, not someone who just isn't convinced this is all that different. Nice deflection though. Is the answer that uncomfortable that you don't want to admit it's not as "word for word" as you claimed?

No. 1061826

We know the Holly asslicker in here is sadoldsimp, will you just go already? You keep shitting up the thread.

No. 1061827

LOL nope. Deflect more though, please. Because the only shit I see is you trying to convince everyone that this is totally different.

No. 1061829

keep trying buddy, i'm sure you'll eventually get everyone here to agree with you.

No. 1061830


Holly's twitter bio was similar to Heidi's instagram bio, not her twitter. And there's no verification of when Heidi changed her insta bio other than a few people going "I totally saw her bio forever and that's how it looked" for all we know Heidi changed her insta bio to look like Holly's twitter and posted a screenshot here herself to get pissed off people going after Holly.

No. 1061835

Witches were trending for a while. Hocus Pocus was in theaters of course anyone that owns a shop would hope on the trend wtf are these Holly stans on? Oh no a clothing shop started marketing spooky stuff at the beginning of October.

No. 1061840

You have a blog stop shitting up this thread. Holly copied Heidi's Instagram bio period.

No. 1061843

Nope it's a know fact that Holly and supporters like you lurk. Holly copied Heidi's Instagram bio and changed it when she got caught.

No. 1061845

Lol what a reach. Where's the evidence that Heidi did what you said?

No. 1061846


Just keep stamping your feet and screaming "no Holly copied Heidi cause I said so!" you're totally convincing me.

No. 1061848


Where's the evidence that Holly copied Heidi? Because everyone said so? My argument is just as plausible as yours.

No. 1061862

People have screenshots of the twos bios. Before Holly changed it to after she changed it to copy Heidi. Now where's the evidence that it was Heidi who came here and posted those screenshots like you claimed?

No. 1061863

File: 1603136513304.png (1.09 MB, 1361x607, 1590646153269.png)

Heidi's been posting about witches tho?

Like, I'm not even a heidi stan, but it took me two mins to find this old post from a past thread. It's October. Of course she's going to be posting "spooky" shit. lmao

No. 1061869

No one cares one bit if you're convinced. You're just annoying.

No. 1061872

Notice that when Holly started rebranding herself as forest witch she did it off season. So of course Heidi's going to start selling spooky shit in October the whole forest witch was her aesthetic 2 years before Holly picked it up.

No. 1061875

They just came here to troll.

No. 1061877

No anon the fact that you pointed this out automatically makes you a Heidi stan in the eyes of Holly worshippers.

No. 1061879


Okay? You have screenshots showing when Holly changed her twitter bio, but nothing showing when Heidi changed her insta? Nothing says Heidi didn't slip a change right after Holly changed her twitter and pretended Holly was the one copying.

No. 1061921

Yes! And Heidi came here to set this up like you said to turn the tides against Holly! Because one thing we know for sure is that Holly doesn't lurk here!

No. 1061926

Where's your proof that Heidi did this? You can't demand evidence, get it, and not provide evidence to support your point. Which you have none.

No. 1061928

So Heidi is making pastel witch hats with flowers and somehow that's a Holly trademark? Heidi has been working hard on her shop, of course she's going to be doing halloween crap. Blame Walmart for skinwalking Holly too.

If Heidi does store related items for Thanksgiving will that mean she's infringing on Holly's bird rights? That's only if she keeps them inside and has everything full of bird shit. Then I'll be willing to say Heidi is skinwalking Holly.

No. 1061929


"How DARE Heidi talk about TTRPGs!!!"

No. 1061930

And we have proof that Heidi been doing it longer than Holly, by two years. What reason would she have to copy Holly and not vice versa? Cause I know you're just coming here to save face for the spastics that follow your blog.

No. 1061933

Lets stop engaging the troll.

No. 1061937

Heidi was talked about in a neutral manner, of course they're gonna keep attacking this person.

No. 1061985

Stfu I was talking about you. You stans have been trying this shit for a year now go back to Holly for asspats.

No. 1062009

File: 1603148584835.png (546.98 KB, 758x942, Neither.png)

Stop sperging out anons, neither of them 'stole' being "forest witches" from the other, they've both talked about both things for pretty much the entire time they've had twitter. Stop trying to imply they suddenly changed.

No. 1062024


And this entire board has been licking Heidi's ass even longer. You'll say "Heidi isn't perfect" but the instant anyone points out a reason she's not perfect y'all start diarrhea shitting yourselves and screeching your deflections of "Don't pay attention to Heidi talk about Holly instead" because you can SAY Heidi isn't perfect but none of you will ever really admit that she's done anything wrong.

No. 1062029


let's say for argument's sake that's true. who gives a shit? this board is about jared and holly. if you want to bitch about heidi go do it somewhere else.

No. 1062033

Holly's been a cow for much longer out of the three which is why we talk more about her, even from back in her cosplay and stealing money from a cancer patient days. If this anonymous board bothers you so much just fucking leave this isn't Twitter.

No. 1062039

The same argument could be made to people who think Heidi isn't cow worthy and complain about other anons pointing out her weird behaviors. If they don't like people denigrating Heidi they can just leave/not comment on it.

No. 1062041

You don't get it anon. Their goal is to shut down all criticism of Holly and Jared. Theirs a reason why Holly kept bringing up lolcow. It was to send her flying monkeys here to troll.

No. 1062043

Point to me anyone saying that the criticisms against Holly and Jared are wrong.

There's an awful lot of whiteknighting for Heidi in this thread in general, and that's not what /snow/ is for. We're here to laugh at cringey fucking people. Personally I think anyone who considers themselves a "witch" is full cringe.

No. 1062045

Because 9 times out of 10 its Hored stans like you trying to brigade. Anytime someone talks about that blog you stans become more active here, we notice this.

No. 1062046

Or maybe every time you bring up that blog it's stupid fucking arguments, I'm here every day but I don't post unless it's stupid shit like this "they're wrong for doing the same thing we did" bullshit.

No. 1062053

Lol stfu and quit lying. You're way more active than you claim. Go back and cry about Heidi making witch hats in October and still being into tabletop games.

No. 1062060

NTA on those ones, but go ahead and try again (here's a hint, I posted pictures)

No. 1062061

File: 1603151231650.jpg (296.94 KB, 1024x1292, SmartSelect_20201019-184630_Tu…)

Lol even other Hored supporters think this is a stupid fucking reach.

No. 1062073

I'm still on this comment. So someone who still has the same shared interest of their ex is proof that that they were lying about their relationship being traumatic? Wtf?

No. 1062079


Looking through that person's account, they do a lot of "shitpost" bullshit. I'm willing to bet they're trolling heidiofans replies hoping to start an argument. One of the earlier posts I saw ofans arguing with them over something that was posted, they only seemed to stop responding because ofans stopped.

No. 1062153

Nah they strike me as one of those "Jared and Holly did nothing wrong!" type of fan so I'm surprised they said something so repugnant. You can even find them in Sadoldmagician's notes sometimes.

No. 1062211

It's so fucking funny how there's these tumblr blogs and they fight amongst each other.

No. 1062330

god forbid someone actively working on recovery can find joy in things that may have previously had negative connotations for them

but it's totally not a red flag that holly admits that twitter is a means of self harm for herself but can't stop setting fires there to the point that even on her 'breaks' she still has to passive aggressively like things on her shared business account

uwu mental health experts, everybody

No. 1062371

>god forbid someone actively working on recovery can find joy in things that may have previously had negative connotations for them

So…what's the excuse for all the hate and "they're not allowed to do this!" when Jared or Holly try doing the same? And you seriously wonder why people occasionally pop in and go "but heidi!" lol.

No. 1062391

Jesus christ can you fuck off? Holly and Jared aren't going to fuck you for defending them on lolcow. And no one here is going to change their minds about what pieces of shit they are. They don't have anything to "recover" from. They were the ones doing the cheating, manipulating, and gaslighting.

No. 1062401

1) they don't have anything to "recover" from.

2) nothing and no one is stopping them from playing D&D at home. We just don't want them on official platforms, and that's 100% what they've been whingeing about.

No. 1062421

the last flakey thing heidi did was post about the games, her celebrating a major commercial holiday by releasing a halloween line is not milky in the slightest, if you're so convinced it is go post on kf about it, they hate women there but even they aren't going to fall for that shit

>Jared or Holly try doing the same

no one cares if they play DnD, people care about them building up their platforms again because they've used their platforms to abuse their power/enable abuse and have shown no real understanding of the problem or remorse. they're welcome to play all the DnD they want in private, no one cares

No. 1062468


Yeah, this is exactly it. They shouldn’t be playing it to profit off of it because they’ve proven that they’re shitty people who will use their influence to take advantage of others. They don’t deserve a platform anymore.

No. 1062517


So you admit that your end goal is to harass them off the internet. You're so bothered by them still having fans and some sort of career on youtube/twitch that you'll stalk them in whatever they do and do whatever it takes to absolutely destroy their careers. Until they have no platform on the internet, their mere existence troubles you. I think lolcow is a cow themselves.

No. 1062538


lmao that’s quite the reach and accusation there. Just because a person thinks that Hoelly and Pedodick shouldn’t have a platform doesn’t mean that they’re harassing them off of the internet. Wowie zowie, please get some help for those insane levels of delusion.

No. 1062546

No, the endgoal is for them to have consequences for their (or at least HIS) actions in abusing fame to solicit nudes from fans. That consequence should be to lose said fame, not give him an avenue to continue that behavior (and Hoelly an avenue to endorse it)

No. 1062547

So Hoelly deserves to be deplatformed because she believes his lies, huh? I get wanting him off, but I don't get why that extends to her.

No. 1062559

No, Hoelly deserves to be deplatformed for labelling and marketing herself as some kind of mental health guru despite the fact that she openly struggles with her own issues including suicidal tendencies (that led to her checking in to a mental health facility), and self harm (which she admitted she uses twitter comments as a form of self harm). She also deserves to be deplatformed for things like backing up someone who openly harassed another creator because "They've got me blocked so…shrug emoji ". When someone spoke out against Adam Koebbel, she told him to keep making art - despite the fact that he forced a rape survivor to essentially relive her trauma all over again. She deserves to be deplatformed for passing Jared the contact information for two of his accusers so that he could reach out and traumatize them even further.

Should I continue or are you getting the fucking hint that Saint Hoelly is a piece of shit in her own regard?

No. 1062564


Or when she ripped off a cancer survivor. Or when she cheated on a well liked internet personality who involved her in everything he did, even putting some of his career on hold, just to help prop her up only for her to return the favor by cheating on him with another dude just to fulfill her need to feel loved through her self-insert ship fetish.

Or literally anything that she's done over the last ten years.

No. 1062568

Lets address some of these arguments for deplatforming, shall we?

- She offers mental health advice, not treatment. Someone who deals with bad mental health is the exact kind of person qualified to give advice. She even gives handy examples of how it's okay if you suck at dealing with your mental health by being awful at dealing with her mental health.

- She didn't know the context and didn't care to look it up, that's what "They have me blocked… shrug emoji" means. You really give a shit what someone who blocks you has to say?

- Lolcow doesn't believe in rehabilitation. I get it. But Hoelly clearly does. I don't see how that means she shouldn't have a platform.

- How do you know she gave Jared the contact information? That's an assumption. They sent it to at least 5 people Jared knew at the time. Hell you don't know that they didn't ask for it to be passed on to him.

- Is the cancer survivor still upset about this? Or are you just rallying behind something bad that might already have been cleared up in private because it's convenient? Would be awfully hypocritical of you if you didn't at least find out if that's what they wanted before you used their experience to hate on someone.

- Cheating is bad. How is that relevant to her platform?

- How did Ross put his career on hold? I don't remember him ever doing anything but what he wanted to do. How did he prop her up? She stopped cosplay while married to him, it really seems like she gave up what she was doing in favor of him.

So we're left with "she believes his lies" because none of these are reasons to deplatform someone without additional information. She's a cow, she produces some juicy milk with her breakdowns and inability to act like an adult. But I don't see how she deserves to be deplatformed for it.(>complains about heidi whiteknights shitting up the thread >post history full of holly whiteknighting)

No. 1062572


I don't think she should be deplatformed exactly, I just dont think she should get special opportunities that other, nonshitty creators deserve more. Like if there was a new wizards show, there are way more people that should get a role before she does. She had her chance, she fucked it up, now she needs to earn another one imo

No. 1062574

Sure, I can agree with that. But that's not what the other anons are arguing for. They're saying she doesn't deserve the audience she salvaged from the depths, or the things she hasn't already lost. That's a completely different beast from "She has to show she's worthy before she gets a better platform"

No. 1062583


Agreed, im just throwing my opinion into the ring

No. 1062652


She’s had her chance many times and fucked up. I agree, bring in some new people and quit giving her so many chances.

No. 1062654

She didn't just tell Koebel to never stop making art, she tried to downplay the action and even claim it didn't count as abuse.

And why are we all forgetting the day after Etika died she tried to use the tragedy for one of her pity parties?

No. 1062674

>"Mental health advice, not treatment"

She was literally selling tips, profiting off of shit that people should be talking to actual professionals about. Someone who was in a mental health hospital because they feared they'd off themselves has no business doing that.

No. 1062676

>"she salvaged from the depths"

She didn't salvage shit. She brings up the drama whenever it is convenient, sperges out when people mention what happened, uses her mental health as a crutch (as shown by the "I'm on my phone because I was sketching for anxiety rather than being present in the thing for which I was being paid" fiasco), and is selling wildly overpriced clothing that was mostly designed and marketed by her "business partner". What 'career' did she salvage again?

No. 1062678


That apology could have meant a public show of "I did this, I apologize", not a one-on-one private message with the person who abused their power.

No. 1062690

So… she needs to be deplatformed, but she has no career?

No. 1062694


nobody here is harassing them and you get banned for cowtipping to prevent harassing the subject of the thread

these stupid niggers like >>1062568 need to stop responding with literal walls of text to retards like yourself. i have a simple sentence to offer you to stop shitposting things like "heidi needing to be criticized" and "ur boolying them off the internet":

heidi isnt the subject of the projared/holly conrad thread.

No. 1062695

It could, but it's still impossible to tell how he got a hold of their contact information, and to say it was definitely her is ridiculous without some way of backing that up.

No. 1062697

File: 1603242239770.jpg (30.23 KB, 556x194, Capture.JPG)

No. 1062698


People have lost their platforms for a lot less than the shit Holly has done over the span of her internet e-list status. You being willingly obtuse is not going to change the fact that she doesn't deserve to have hers. There are literally dozens of threads on this site going into depth over her bullshit.

No. 1062705

i know this person is a holly stan but

>Lolcow doesn't believe in rehabilitation. I get it. But Hoelly clearly does

meanwhile holly:
> uses her platform to call someone unfixable
> likes tweets armchair diagnosing bpd
> refuses to apologize directly to that person because they're forever an abuser

at least try reading the last few threads before trolling?

No. 1062726

ross is linked too retard want to post him and constantly discuss him

heidis not in the title, shes not in the top of the description, people scrolling by this thread won't see "heidi" it is LITERALLY a projared/holly conrad thread as per states your tab title at the top of your web browser

No. 1062729


>nobody here is harassing them and you get banned for cowtipping to prevent harassing the subject of the thread

Like when this board brigaded Holly's appearance in a Vampire RPG to swarm the comments with complaints about her? Like the anon who stalked Holly's art show to secretly take pictures of her? Just because you say you're not harassing anyone or you believe that YOUR harassment is justified because "she doesn't deserve a platform" doesn't change facts.

No. 1062730

I find it funny seeing Hored stans arguing against them being deplatformed even though Jared argues some creators should, see his leafyishere tweet.

No. 1062733

what facts do you currently obtain that prove every single negative comment regarding your harpy queen is from lolcow?

and anon, most youtubers dont deserve a platform generally, hollys long list of very much recorded and proven hypocrisies and controversies with PROFESSIONAL people (not youtube/twitch!) are reason enough to scorn her for upkeeping a platform

quit shielding her from any form of criticism and trying to insert heidi to deflect lmao

No. 1062735

white knights are so fucking delusional, they repeat the same thing over and pretend lolcow is out to get their favorites

No. 1062737

If repeating the same arguments is delusion, this thread is king of delusion given everything on that list has been repeated in thousands of posts for 18 months now.

At least ragging on Heidi is different.

No. 1062741


Agreed, this entire board will project their actions onto "hored stans" while convincing themselves that their own actions are okay because they're "not like that".

No. 1062743

answer my question if youre going to samefag defend holly

what facts do you currently obtain that prove every single negative comment regarding your harpy queen is from lolcow?

No. 1062749


First of all, the fact that you seriously believe there's only one person arguing against you is laughable. Which is it, does Holly have a flock of flying monkeys that she'll sick after anyone she doesn't like, or does she have one single fan rushing to her defense?

Second, within minutes of a person on this board saying they think Holly was texting during the game (because she occasionally looked down like everyone else was doing lol) the YouTube comments were flooded with people complaining about that exact assumption. You can't seriously sit there and say everyone watching that video who made that comment thought "looking down" = "texting" organically. If so, then I guess the entire cast was "texting", but they weren't called out for it.

No. 1062768


What's really laughable is that everytime Holly makes a Twitter comeback, or needs attention, her stans pop up regurgitating the same shit about Heidi being the real milk. And for what, now? Because she, as a degree carrying dork with a long history of costume creation, dared to make witches hats for Halloween during the month of Halloween?

No. 1062771


can y'all just shut the fuck up? like idc if there are 1 or 1000 of you; i just wanna decompress with stupid drama and you all keep ruining it because you derail the thread with your incessant whining.

fine i get it we all love heidi, we're all white knights who want to drink her bathwater, heidi heidi heidi heidi. you're right, you all win. happy? now kindly fuck off

No. 1062780

I really dislike Jared but somehow my brain thinks he's kind of hot in some photos. I hate my brain. I deserve to get banned

No. 1062783

Bro Holly isn’t gonna suck you off. Some of us like petty gossip it’s kind of why we’re here. And it’s never going to stop as long as we can laugh at these retards. So you really aren’t doing anything whining to us about talking about the ugly witchy object of your wet dreams.

No. 1062804

Are you kidding. “Looking down?” She was laughing at the wrong times, her shoulder movements looked like texting, generally not paying attention. And hell, I watched some DCA and her behavior was different. You’d think she’d be an attentive, performative player since she does this as a career. Honestly it was distracting, and the comments that pointed it out, when I checked, were mildly pointing it out.

No. 1062815


You need to learn to love yourself more, Anon.

No. 1062830

Hored stans and Holly need to accept the fact that she's a controversial figure. When your a controversial figure hatedoms follow, places get flak for hosting you. There are tons of controversial celebrities out there but none of them bitch and whine as much as some of these D list e-celebs about some people not liking them I swear. Holly I know you're lurking or maybe these whiteknights will get it back to you. No one forced you to defend a guy who traumatized a rape victim or defend your friend bullying someone, you did this on your own. And believe it or not people have the right to not like you for it and complain when they see you platformed somewhere.

No. 1062850


I promise you there are strange wormy guys out there who are better than Jared.

No. 1062853

I'm going to bet that those Hored stans who come in here periodically to get dunked on, are only Striath fans. They know Holly as Strix, and are only vaguely aware of either Heidi, or Ross, or Holly's long existence on the internet. Holly has been around so much longer than DnD.

I've been on this godforsaken board for years following Suzy's antics, and I've been a GG fan for a long time. I could not in good conscience defend Holly when you have known Ross for so long; it was clear as day he loved her to death and treated her like a goddess. And even in Holly's videos she was cold or uninterested towards him, although at the time we didn't have a full context of the situation, and it just seemed like not indulging in PDA due to respect. Or she'd use him for things, like asking him to appear in HoC, or making him wear a Garrus suit for her, etc. Ironically didn't she say she chose Garrus as the romance option? Not to mention she boomed because she was Ross' wife, even though she hated being called that.

You can't see the sort of emotional pain that man went through post divorce and say that it was totally legitimate and okay, when you have watched Ross for a long time. You can't see Holly's own tweets self-admitting that she's abusive, and Ross on that VR stream talking about abusive partners, and not connect the dots. You can't tell me it's not shady that every big personality endorsing Holly were directly connected to her and Heidi's singular "problematic" instances are when her marriage is compromised and she is getting manipulated and gaslit.

You can't see the long problematic history Holly has left behind her and think that this isn't a pattern. Once or twice over a decade fine, are missteps. But this is consistent with her personality. She latches on to things and makes them her entire personality. She's manipulative, selfish, and will use her own mental illness to blame everyone else.

It's not about fucking witch hats. Despite what the stans will have you believe, the witch hat thing is just a tiny thing when you step back and look back at Holly's problematic past. But it's super convenient for stans to never actually respond to anything about Holly's fast and hyperfocus on anything recent; witch hats, chai receipts, "who told Jared about the minors". "Show me evidence" bitch the evidence are in the threads.

They don't want evidence so they can be convinced. If they did they would open old threads and ctrl+f like any sane person who is curious. They would browse PULL archives. They would find screenshots, all out there in the open. They want evidence to try and play a "gotcha" or because they are bored, and they don't understand that if there are, for instance, 50 lolcow users in this thread, there are thousands of silent readers, and we do not represent the entirety of the internet, for instance with comments about Holly browsing her phone. Which was right there in the video, I may add, and not a guess.

No. 1062865

i bet you think everyone who doesn't kiss Heidi's ass is a Holly stan, but no, i didn't know about these people before the first thread

No. 1062868


I don't assume anything, but your answer is pretty obvious. "The first thread" was actually a Suzy/GG thread and Jared was only mentioned due to proximity to GG and also because of Holly's "I'll be there for you" tweets. Everything unraveled there, and the first people who were discussing and participating were aware of Holly from before Strix

So you basically confirmed my suspicion, thanks

No. 1062883

nigga wat

on this thread white knighting holly would be making you a minority. not only that, you use the same verbiage and arguments nearly every time you do this. you're right, maybe theres like, two other people but posts >>1062737 and >>1062741 type exactly the same so in this context i can say its literally just you, one single person posting

i mean do you want me to throw your words into a word doc and ctrl f specific words you use over and over again and paste similarity results? is that the autism you need to just stop bringing up such a stupid fucking argument?

i wish we could see unique IPs visited on each thread too, it would reduce infighting sperg by tons

No. 1062894

Thank fuck I'm not the only one. Just don't sext him because it's a slippery slope

No. 1062913

Even KF have had enough of them. I browsed back out of boredom recently and it's a lot of shitting on Jareds "career" and talking about how batshit insane Holly is

No. 1062955


> "looking down" = "texting"

Uh, yeah? What else would she be doing, picking out belly button lint? If you've ever played a TTRPG you'd know that one of the biggest pissoffs in a game is when a player is distracted by their phone. It's self-centered and rude to the other players who are trying to immerse themselves in the game. There's a difference between looking down at your character sheet or down at the table and staring at your lap. Those comments calling her out were not LC-tier. They were pretty polite and some didn't even know who Holly was by name. Not everyone with a criticism is an obsessive hater, friend, and the stupidest thing she could have done was bring attention to the forums in assuming so.

How did the trash queen herself put it? Oh yeah, "Die mad lol"

No. 1062965

>"The first thread" was actually a Suzy/GG thread
The first thread meaning the first thread where the cheating drama became a thing. Since it's that we're talking about.

No. 1062969

If that was your entire take away from that anon's post, it's pretty obvious your just here to "but heidi!" all of holly's bullshit away. kek.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Heidi had/has cow potential, but it's been quickly fading as the situation goes on. She and Jared are divorced, she got the last of her shit. Her occasional ~healing~ post isn't new milk. Her celebrating Halloween isn't milk. Holly/Jared are only still worth watching because of them continuing the charade and their comical cast of twitter/tumblr minions tbh.

No. 1062978

JFC I came here because I thought something new has happened but it's the same retards going at each other with the same arguments they have for over a year.
Jared/Holly are in the thread title because they are larger, milkier public figures than Heidi. You don't have to like any of the people involved. I certainly don't, but I love watching the trainwreck.
Criticism of Jared/Holly is sometimes nitpicky, but often because there is something there to criticize. "But WHAT ABOUT HEIDI?!!? She posts on twitter!!!" is not a criticism nor is it milk because it lacks specifics. Most of the people bringing up Heidi lack any screenshot evidence to back up their claims. Jared/Holly milk is always introduced with a heft side of screenshots. (Still waiting on the proof of those dozens of big blek dixxx Heidi had, btw.)
I do wish Heidi would stop sharing her therapy stuff publicly because at this point, the best thing to do is succeed, move on, and live a good life. It's kinda sad that she is sharing that stuff with the world rather than, I don't know, confiding in a friend or family member or her cat or something.
Polyarmory won't save your marriage, showing your dick to strangers is a bad career move, and your reputation will follow you no matter how many times you change your clothing style.

No. 1062993

Timing. There were 0 negative comments on the video until it was posted here. Odd that suddenly dozens showed up when it was, or that the subsequent videos had little to no similar comments.

No. 1063005

holly stans are just trying to get the thread closed by derailing hard and ignoring every legitimate response brought up to nitpick witch hats. stop responding.

No. 1063010

as one you seem to think is a "Holly stan" I'm supporting it being fucking stupid to think the hats are copying. Just pointed out this thread did the same thing with the "word for word similar" twitter description. Same lack of evidence, same wild assumptions.(ban evasion)

No. 1063018

Ffs can we please stop sharing bad takes from SadOldSimp, heidiofans etc. It's not milky, just pathetic and annoying, and leads to constant infighting about "okay but what if OTHER takes are also bad"

None of these people matter at all, and it's not news that Holly and Jared are using minions because they're cowards. Reposting SadOldSimp here just plays into his illusion that anybody gives a fuck about his pathetic pick me behavior.

It's not worth discussing that other people hate Heidi. It doesn't fucking matter and doesn't provide milk, just infighting and petty accusations of white knighting for either side. Cut it out.

No. 1063025


lmao. The internet is large and vast, and you think that all of the valid criticism on that video only came from here, this one tiny place? Please. Thanks for giving me a good laugh though.

No. 1063074

Let's be real, this thread has been so devoid of milk that all you can do is post instagram pics so you can call them ugly, dredging up old shit that most people, Heidi/Holly/Jared included, have moved on from, while repeating how you're just waiting for Holly's next meltdown that never happens. I'm pretty sure even Holly is laughing at how pathetic this thread has become.

No. 1063075

These guys are under the delusion that Holly is well liked outside of this thread.
Yeah cause defending a guy who re traumatized a rape victim and shrugged when her friends were bullying someone is quick way to make you likable. Clearly the hate she received came from here and only here. You won't find people criticizing Holly or Jared elsewhere nope just here. /s

No. 1063077

No I'm pretty sure Holly is pressed about this thread. Otherwise be here desperately defending her.

No. 1063083

It doesn't make Heidi less of a cow.

No. 1063086

File: 1603303866661.jpg (323.58 KB, 1079x1144, IMG_20201021_191127.jpg)

"But it's just lolcow being mean about Holly on the D&D show".


No. 1063087

File: 1603303894239.jpg (386.24 KB, 1079x1409, IMG_20201021_191111.jpg)

No. 1063091

File: 1603304070266.jpg (325.87 KB, 1071x1082, IMG_20201021_191145.jpg)


At the start of this, KF were pretty much going to bat for Jared/Holly and shitting all over Heidi. Now they're very much on the "They're all fucking insane" train.

I hate to say it but Jareds the most reasonable one in this. Occasionally he'll throw some shade at Heidi but he mostly keeps his mouth shut and I occasionally find myself feeling sympathy for him. Then I remember he's a hypocritical sex pest and it all goes away.

No. 1063101

Defending a guy who re traumatized a rape victim.
Having a meltdown on Twitter and YouTube over being criticized for being on her phone.
Suicide baiting a small YouTuber to remove videos about her.
Dragging 50 dollars of bird feed outside to feed flying rats.
Refusing to condemn bullying because the guy dared to block her on Twitter.
Wearing nail polish even though she knows her birds hate it and complaining about them bitting her.

But what has Heidi done recently that's super milk worthy?
Cause the only thing I can think of is getting into a slap fight over video games. And still talking about Jared. Like the anon above me showed even KF talks more about Holly at times because of this.

No. 1063106

File: 1603305111884.png (456.24 KB, 680x510, fe1.png)

>I hate to say it but Jareds the most reasonable one in this.
>Then I remember he's a hypocritical sex pest and it all goes away.

Honestly, I think a lot of anons are just holding out on when things inevitably fall apart between Holly and Jared. They have been pretty dry of milk as of lately, but there is a pandemic at hand. Give it time for events to become a thing again and we'll see how insecure Holly gets and when/if Jared returns to his old sex pest habits.

No. 1063132

>if Jared returns to his old sex pest habits

Isn't he already sexting with >>1062894 ? So he is currently just a Sex Pest Pandemic Edition (tm), he'll be back to his old ways once everyone can move around normally again

No. 1063142

File: 1603307136271.png (706.89 KB, 2048x574, Screenshot_20201021-150406.png)

He must be really desperate for money if he's shilling this hard.

No. 1063178


>But what has Heidi done recently that's super milk worthy?

How about Heidi posting about Holly blocking her and bitching about "she didn't say my name" knowing her fans would go after her? How about Heidi announcing her games weren't sent to her instead of "going through legal channels" with a court summons like an average person would, again knowing this would send people after him? And then publicly bragged that sicking her fans after someone got her what she wanted? Y'all talk big about Holly sending people after this board but then you ignore Heidi knowing she has the public opinion in her favor and can get around Jared and Holly blocking her by calling out an attack with her "they need to know I'm not happy with them" bitchfits. She has a private twitter but she still airs her personal shit on main.(infighting)

No. 1063214

Lmao Bitch now I know you didn't read my post. Because if you did you would see that I mentioned those things and they were talked about in earlier threads. Lurk more spastic.
And yes Holly sends people here because out of the three she's the only one that mentions lolcow and her personal friend sadoldmagician talks about here too. Also public opinion isn't in their favor? But thought Jared beat cancel culture?

No. 1063221

Here's the rest of my post you ignored.
>But what has Heidi done recently that's super milk worthy?
>Cause the only thing I can think of is getting into a slap fight over video games. And still talking about Jared.

I know you left out the rest on purpose to drive home "we're all Heidi stans narrative" that or you're so mentally underdeveloped that you can't read.(infighting)

No. 1063222


If you had stayed caught up, you’d know that Heidi was trying to get her games via the proper channels for months and months. They had signed lawyer-approved agreements to return property to each other, but Jared was ignoring Heidi’s lawyer. Can’t blame her for lashing out on Twitter when she had been waiting for him to do the right thing.

No. 1063225

Can we all just ignore SOG and the other Hored simps who post here to troll and get a rise out of us? All we’re doing is proving that their efforts will always be successful plus if they were honest about wanting to know why Holly is criticized here much more than Heidi they can read through the previous threads like anyone else would. They’ve proven by sitting here and arguing with us for days on end that they have the time to get caught up.

No. 1063227


I didn't ignore it, I added in what YOU left out. She "got into a slapfight"? She sent her followers after Jared and then bragged about it. And we're all going to ignore Heidi sending her fans to harass Holly for blocking her? Sorry, blocking her and not mentioning Heidi by name?(infighting)

No. 1063239

Bitch plz you did ignore it. You just got mad because it wasn't harsh enough for you. And yes we did talk about it BACK WHEN IT FUCKING HAPPENED. If you wanna talk about old shit already go somewhere else. I'm tired of you constantly derailing the thread, getting us to discuss old shit because of you. Like the anon that posted screenshots from KF about Holly that happened back in the summer. Seriously you fucking spastic.

No. 1063247

File: 1603318858750.jpg (344.08 KB, 1061x941, SmartSelect_20201021-172045_Tu…)

These anons are mad because it's more interesting to talk about Jared and his followers getting triggered over someone tweeting "wife" at him than Heidi liking and tweeting about her failed marriage and friendship for the 10,000th time.

No. 1063249


>If you wanna talk about old shit already go somewhere else. I'm tired of you constantly derailing the thread, getting us to discuss old shit because of you.

You realize this board has been discussing old shit for the past several months now, right? You're just mad because someone also doesn't like Heidi. The moment someone points out Heidi having just as hard of a twitter meltdown as Holly does everyone gets their undies in a knot.

No. 1063251

Heidi wants some attention

No. 1063261

No we were actually discussing the meltdown you guys were having on Twitter over some people tweeting "wife" at Jared and Holly XD. But simp then why are you here just go to Kiwi Farms if here bothers you so much. I know you won't because even they're discussing Jared now.

No. 1063270

Name something new that Heidi has done that hasn't been discussed already?

No. 1063276


I'm not bothered by this place at all I'm just watching y'all throwing tantrums because someone on the internet disagrees with you.

No. 1063279

File: 1603320067694.jpg (Spoiler Image,11.96 KB, 400x225, EbvqwoBUMAMNxqO.jpeg.jpg)

Sure you aren't which why you're here on this man's behalf

No. 1063287

Lol y'all have been doing this for a year. But sure that's the action of someone whose "not bothered".

No. 1063295


Because the ONLY POSSIBLE REASON someone wouldn't like Heidi is because they want Jared's dick. Does it ever occur to you that I was backing up Heidi up until she herself posted text messages showing what a narcissist she really is? Of course not. If you're not Team Heidi you're out to suck Jared off.

No. 1063302

More armchair diagnoses. Why are you assuming I'm team Heidi where did I say that? Why because instead of saying slap fight I should have called her a narcissist bitch?

No. 1063303


Wait where are these messages? From way back when everything began?

No. 1063305

Okay, at this point I'm convinced that both sides of this argument are shills here to shit up the thread. Your arguments are not interesting enough to leave unsaged.

No. 1063313

Does Heidi have cow potential? Absolutely. Is she providing anything milky outwith liking tweets? Not at the moment. Making Halloween hats during Halloween doesn't qualify. If she hopped on the witch hat trend in March, sure you may be onto something but it's reaching during a month where everyone trying to make money is pushing the "spoopy" thing.

Bickering and infighting like this shows just how dry the milk is at the moment. Give it time.
We'll either get our usual 2 pints of semi-skimmed from Holly or eventually we'll tap into that rich whole milk supply from Heidi.

No. 1063314

Talking about Hored having another Twitter meltdown over the word "wife" and Jared fishing for sympathy with the my "IG glitched" instead talking about Heidi liking tweet whinning about her marriage, again is proof that this is a Heidi circlejerk confirmed. Because clearly the ladder is more interesting than the former. /s

No. 1063316


Somewhere after Jared came back, Heidi posted text messages between herself and Holly, herself and her therapist, and herself and an unnamed friend. Heidi basically browbeats her therapist into telling her what she wants to hear.

No. 1063318

Jesus from the preview I thought he'd photoshopped big eyes on him but no.

Also that's some cringe titling there, Final Fantasy don't give a flying popsicle about an unrepentant sex pest.

No. 1063320

With all the controversies surrounding GG and the FGC I think it's safe it unlikely to see him interviewing the President of Nintendo of America again.

No. 1063325


I wish I could bleach my brain of this image permanently.

No. 1063337

File: 1603322782780.jpg (406.04 KB, 1029x929, SmartSelect_20201021-181725_Yo…)

These views wouldn't be so bad but then I remember that he has 889k subs, yikes. His views have been on a steady decline since his comeback. I don't think he's gonna do DnD stuff anymore cause after the initial comeback those ones have some of the lowest views. What doesn't help is that there are other YouTubers out there he has to compete with like Scott the woz who many people subbed to after he became inactive. Oh well did it to himself by not putting his career first.

No. 1064253

File: 1603324761900.jpg (83.44 KB, 899x620, pjyoutubesocialblade.jpg)

No. 1065386

post them

No. 1065413

Wow. So there hasn't been much sub growth either.

No. 1065431


No wonder people keep posting stuff on Twitter about how he’s a failed youtuber. Guess he shouldn’t have been using his fans for nudes.

No. 1065432

File: 1603330251760.jpg (205.3 KB, 1820x632, hollyconradtwitch.jpg)

Please excuse my mediocre cropping. Here's Holly's twitch statistics.

No. 1065434

Wow, I keep seeing this thread update, but it's just been 3 days straight of infighting…

No. 1065441

At this point should there be a Heidi thread to contain the derailment like there is for anti-os? I can't imagine they'd have enough content to keep it going strong, but at least we'd catch a break from all the "but HEIDI" posting.

No. 1065442

Imagine how many inane drama vloggers a Heidi thread could spawn.
The next Creepshow Art munching honey buns, just waiting to upload.

No. 1065456

Would just be Gavin, SadOldSimp, Bluejay and Holly whining about another one of Heidi's likes regarding boundaries. Maybe a random projared stan or two and the occasional incel.

I can't believe he was ever popular. Being as ugly as he is, I always thought he'd be funnier to compensate. I'll never understand the fame this guy got.

No. 1065463

TBF A LOT of people with the same amount or more get similar views aside -the- main set of youtubers or the video is viral lately, they get slightly higher views but no where near what they used to get. A lot of views has been dropping for awhile now. So he's not the only one hit.
>I can't believe he was ever popular. Being as ugly as he is, I always thought he'd be funnier to compensate. I'll never understand the fame this guy got.

Because his content wasn't bad and he also comes from an era of "reviewers" that were distinguishing themselves from each other.

No. 1065495

kek oh my god does anyone else remember jessica merizan coming in here with her weird apostrophes talking about how she had "insider information" and holly did no wrong
ah, the good old days when this milk was fresh as fuck

it's going to contain the nutcases but i'm still salty about the KT drama being separated and then milk completely stopping, so idk really

No. 1065544

It wouldn’t contain them. If anything, they’d samefag up a storm and then use it as ammunition to wk for Jared and/or Holly in this thread.
>see you have a Heidi thread so you agree she’s a narcissistic cow who abused Jared, checkmate farmers!

No. 1065781

File: 1603386184979.jpeg (172.79 KB, 760x718, 954DC675-2CB9-4C3D-8B64-E325F9…)

I found it interesting that both Jared and Holly retweeted this. Maybe the reason that they feel like they have to hide personal stuff is because, I dunno, they both wrecked their marriages? Not exactly a good look for anyone.

No. 1065788

The artist of that comic should know that dense walls of text and shitty art make comics unreadable.

No. 1065790

Asking for noods from fans will gain a fair amount of criticism. Being less personal with fans should be a goal of Jared after this past year.

No. 1065797

Most people hide certain aspects of their life on social media/public view to begin with. I guarantee most youtubers/thots/etc you follow hid a lot of personal information (and continue to do so) to this day especially something that may pinpoint their location if you follow a papertrail. So yes even with them it's not something strange as if you keep up with the latest happenings..there's been quite a lot of issues not ALL stemming from "this guy/girl is a creep and harassed me!"

And no, I'm not defending holly or jared so the usual butthurt crew need not even say it.

No. 1065814

The kicker is that putting SOME personal information isn't bad and actually helps draw in a dedicated viewer base. Using said base to carry on an affair under your wife's nose or to jack it to their nudes? THAT is where ProPedo crossed the line.

No. 1065817

True, but they hide aspects of their lives BEFORE they solicit nudes from fans, fuck some fans at cons, and use their followers to help carry on an affair directly under their spouses noses. It's a bit different than a YT'er not wanting to tell everyone where the live, no?

No. 1065819

If you ask me its pretty strange and ironic the guy who wanted to be so personal with his audience he wanted to see their assholes and jerk off to them is retweeting a comic explaining to all us "normies" why internet creators can't be personal kek.

If Jared didn't want people to pry into his personal life and opinions maybe he shouldn't have tried to pry off the clothes of his teen girl fanbase.

No. 1065821

So… an indication that maybe he learned from fucking up, and that he wants to keep his distance from fans is a bad thing, then?

No. 1065831

He's rewarding defenders with companionship, so no.

No. 1065852

If he were just rewarding defenders with companionship, Gavin White would be living with him by this point. Sadoldsimp was a mod for a while, and most content creators have a closer relationship with their mods through necessity. Can you name any other non-old simp people that are examples? Because one example of something doesn't make a trend.

No. 1065879


Somehow I doubt he’s learned any lessons other than to hide his behavior better. That tweet seems more like a, “Look what you made me do!” kind of thing. Other than the soliciting nudes thing and such, he didn’t seem like he put much of his private life out there anyway, other than calling his ex-wife “anime.”

No. 1065925

So you're saying it's totally normal to take your staunchest defenders on hikes with your mistress, allow them into your home, hang out with them on a personal basis? Does he NOT see that that behavior is once again crossing the line between content creator/fan?

No. 1065941

The girl who defended me from my bitch bully in high school frequently comes into my home, goes on hikes with me (though no mistress), and hangs out with me frequently, but I'm sure you'll say that's not the same. It's not that weird to strike up friendships with people who have your back.

It would be much more suspicious as "rewarding the biggest defenders" to me if they didn't do a lot of shit together, to be honest.(blogging)

No. 1066021


The thing that I find weirdest is how SadOldSimp will keep gifting subs to Jared’s Twitch. That seems like someone desperately trying to buy someone else’s friendship.

No. 1066047

You two are normal people. Jared is a content creator who, despite what he deserves, still has power and influence and a bit of fame. You and that girl are friends. SOM idolizes Jared, puts him on a pedestal, and thinks he can do no wrong. The fact you can’t see that difference on your own is alarming

No. 1066140


does your friend spend sizeable amounts of their free time searching for comments made about you and involve themselves in your personal conversations in order to protect you? do they have a blog dedicated to discussing the details of your personal life with strangers?

every time y'all come into defend these people you make it clear that none of you have a healthy concept of relationships or how the world works in general. jared and holly's relationship with their fans is truly fucking bizarre to any person who functions in society; if i were famous and had the same fan dedicate their personal time to defend my honor without fail i wouldn't be flattered, i'd be low-key scared because that's some obsessed stalker shit right there.

these people are weirdos who need constructive hobbies, not e-celebs facilitating their lack of healthy boundaries.

No. 1066150

Does she run a whole tumblr to defend you from your "bitch bully" too? Also, this isn't high school, Jared is a 35 year old man. kek

No. 1066331

The milkiest thing Heidi did was fuck a fakeboi.

No. 1066350

As proven with many cows and potential cows there could always be more but this topic isn't about her (even slightly anymore.)

No. 1066693

ngl the fakeboi was way more attractive than her husband at the time. kek

No. 1066784


Facts. I am as straight they come and I could still rather deal with FakeBoi vagina than Jared's weird ass dick.

No. 1066957


Same here. That picture of his dick gives me nightmares.

No. 1067709

File: 1603641645524.jpeg (103.06 KB, 828x467, 0F3526CB-C8ED-4D1E-86B1-DA2072…)

Looks like someone is begging for sympathy again…

No. 1067710

File: 1603641781736.jpg (16.92 KB, 273x350, jaredandholly.jpg)


so Jared is basically the puppet that Holly the ventriloquist uses at this point, huh?

No. 1067723

Sorry to bust your bubble anon as much as we want it to have a deeper meaning but many people feel this way occasionally (I bet even you) and yes weather can make someone feel that way as well. It's not begging for sympathy.

No. 1067738

Ahahaha I mean he's basically right. None of the people who actually mattered in his life like him anymore. He only has internet incel simps left

No. 1067742


For someone who has been monetizing off of his drama, he’s absolutely fishing for sympathy. Especially when one of his previous retweets was something alluding to how he wasn’t going to share bits of his life anymore, but suddenly he’s going on about what’s going on in his head? He’s fishing for sympathy in hopes of people subscribing to his YT/Twitch because it’s worked for him before.

No. 1067757

Talk about a pity post. There was no reason for this other than to get asspats.
If seasonal depression is something you deal with maybe living in a location that is called "the rainy city" is a bad idea.

No. 1067769


Bad brain uwu

No. 1067788

File: 1603650885767.jpg (277.96 KB, 1054x1026, SmartSelect_20201025-132743_Ad…)


No. 1067806

It's almost like having your social circle comprised of enabling fans, sycophant wannabe E-celebs, and people who don't want to be seen interacting with you in case you ruin their public image leads to empty relationships with no real personal connections.

No. 1067883


Yep. This is the bed he made, now he gets to lie down in it.

No. 1067893

I get seeking out a sympathetic ear when you're feeling low, but that's what "real life" pals like SadOld are for. Putting that shit on twitter is just a sad, pathetic attempt at fishing for sympathy.

No. 1067897

Oh, don't worry, I doubt he's alone in it. I'm sure he's moved on to the newest pick-me girl (The ultimate irony would be if it was GeraldoGuac, pushed into it by Jared's simp SadOld)

No. 1068052


Yep. Leave Seattle, Jared.
Trash witch can come with if she wants, after all, she uprooted everything & everyone around her just to be with you! uwu

No. 1068643


Jared & Holly won't leave Seattle. They need to keep themselves in harassment distance of Heidi at all times to scare her into not wanting to leave her house. It's part of their control over her.

No. 1068649

Has anyone ever noticed that holly looks like stephanie lazarus. And jared comes across as the guy in that story.

No. 1068818

File: 1603803726972.jpg (305.26 KB, 1024x825, hollyisthatyou.jpg)


Kek anon

No. 1069012

Seattle is the White Hipster mecca. They won't leave, otherwise people might finally figure out how average, ordinary and just-like-everyone-else they are.

No. 1069030


The fact that one of the major reasons he (and Holly, even though it's clear her main motive was following him) moved there was because of DCA/Wizards of the Coast… lmao. Bet its wonderful still living in the city with all your DnD buddies for a job you lost

No. 1069032

I mean, seattle isn't that bad of a place, amazon aside, it's not that deep lol

No. 1069035

Seattle isn't really that rainy. It's a pretty cool city overall. I doubt it has anything to do with where they are.

No. 1069043


Wasn’t one of the reasons she gave for divorcing Ross was because she wanted to move where there are more trees? lol.

No. 1069175

That's what she claimed. I just don't think anyone knew at the time that 'trees' was a euphemism for "Jared's worm dick"

No. 1069303


At the time everyone thought "I need to be near nature" was low-key bs but Holly had enough good standing in the online community that it was brushed off as "it's not our business, respect their privacy"

I don't have the link anymore but there was even one, and just one guy, on reddit who was like "idk she seems uncomfortably close to projared could they be having and affair?" and he was downvoted to hell with everyone spearing out about how he has a WIFE and he would NEVER.

That dude was a modern day Cassandra.

No. 1069307


Oh yeah, she was definitely cheating. As a former cheater, whenever the excuse is “I just need to be near trees/desert/ocean/whatever,” it’s complete BS. She was just using that to cover up that what she really wanted was to be near ProDick.

No. 1069320

There can be more than one reason to move. Dick and trees, just all sorts of turgid cylinders.

No. 1069519


>turgid cylinders

I love you Anon

No. 1069521

i remember one person on the GG subreddit said something like divorcing over a move/not moving seems weird and there must be something else going on. also downvoted and everyone told them how wrong that was and how even disputes like that can wreck a marriage or whatever

No. 1069640


I wonder how that dude felt when everything came out?

No. 1069649


I’ve been married for many years and moved several times, and I call BS on Holly and her supporters. It’d be different if say, you had to move somewhere completely out of your comfort zone, I could see that causing stress on a marriage. (Moving internationally, having to pick up a new language, brand new friends or support circle, etc.) But wanting to move somewhere else just because you want to, and ignoring job security, money etc, in the place that you’re currently at? That’s just being a selfish, spoiled brat, and if it really did ruin a marriage it was probably deserved.

No. 1069677

All of this assumes they actually had a good marriage otherwise. It's just a PR excuse for a marriage that fell apart for one reason or another.

No. 1069679

File: 1603913295726.jpg (58.79 KB, 1029x404, SmartSelect_20201028-142704_Ga…)

Obvious troll

No. 1069681


Vindicated af, I'd imagine

No. 1069684

File: 1603913606667.jpg (41.9 KB, 980x390, SmartSelect_20201028-135349_Tu…)

I love this "Ross and Heidi are abusive" narrative they keep trying to push. So much for respecting Ross's wishes eh Jared and Sadoldmagician?

No. 1069691


Woahhhhhhhhhh. What the fuck? This is the first time besides scarletmoth's anonymous source info that I've seen someone legitimately close to Hared say something negative about Ross. That's crazy, what ridiculous bullshit do Holly and Jared tell people about him?

I dont know why I'm that surprised, labeling someone as abusive to make themselves look better is literally their go to.

I just thought they all knew better than to say some shit about Ross

Am I the only one shocked about this? Lol. I wish it was enough to make the rabid lovelies attack, that would be some fun

No. 1069720

Holly's been shittalking ross to her simps 100%, probably jelly he has moved on and ignores her

No. 1069730

File: 1603918104969.png (265.55 KB, 1080x593, heidiotrolling.png)


Even heidiofans noticed how trolly that was, but sadolddipshit took the bait anyway lol

No. 1069741

I'm just as shocked as you anon, this Ross-hating seemed so out of nowhere and it seems like SadOld is pushing the envelope more than the other simps have so far. That's pretty bad.

No. 1069754


I feel like SOM crossed the line with this one. He went from having a tumblr to defend his discord from claims of them sexually harassing Heidi to constantly bragging about his friendship with Hared and literally exposing them for talking the same shit about Ross that they do Heidi. They cant publicly slander him like Heidi since he has more clout, but that doesnt stop them from being the fucking sleezes they are.

What is it that ScarletaMoth anonymously told the petition guy? "Holly was never abusive, in fact the relationship was abusive for her at times"

In Hared's eyes pointing a finger at their spouse and screeching "aboose" is a get out of jail free card for carrying out their affair to their friends.

Wonder how Hared would feel knowing SOM lowkey outed them on his precious AskAJaredSimpAnything tumblr blog- not to mention that this is of course yet another reply to HeidiOFans. At this point SOM is their own personal reply girl

I wouldn't be surprised it they think Giwi is aboosive by association lmao.

No. 1069775

SOM is such a weird simp for Jared. (Maybe he's trying to get in on the pedodick wagon, too! /s) Ross literally did nothing wrong and was blindsided and thrown under the bus by these douchebags.

No. 1069777

Since that blog came up again am I the only one finding it weird that Heidiofans is DEFENDING Heidi recently? He's gotten people saying Heidi's store should go under and she's abusing her cat because he's heavy, and Heidio said basically "No, she should be allowed to make money and her cat is literally a breed known for being huge"

No. 1069783

There's no telling what Ross's involvement really was since he refused to let himself be involved. He could have been passing Holly back and forth with Jared and high fiving for all we know. Just because he seems clean doesn't mean he doesn't have dirt swept under the rug.

Dude didn't even get angry when Jared said he was totally cool with it.

No. 1069795


Agreed. HOF has been getting some weird ass stan asks lately and replies maturely pointing out the flaws.

Meanwhile you often have SOM in the replies in support of the anon. Like this example, or when he replied to the original post about Heidi Heidi copying Holly by making hats.

Pretty sad when youre Hored's close personal friend yet you're less mature than a blog dedicated to bitching about Heidi

How long till he deletes his tumblr and makes another apology to Jared/his precious discord/reddit? Or will he double down? Taking votes now

This man is getting wayyy too invested in milking Heidi

No. 1069811

Holly is an ex.
Ex's shit talk.

It's literally not that deep.

This, most people who MAY OR MAY NOT BE INVOLVED will immediately try to distance themselves, look at what happened with Danny, he's hurt literally no one and people went digging around to throw him under the bus for something, so Ross keeping up the "i'm an innocent lil bean and so mature" he could be hiding the most of anyone.

We'll never know.

No. 1069814


Aries is well looked after he has an issue that was making him lose weight and Heidi was worried but he's put weight on and doing well that girl adores her cat so I call bullshit on animal abuse accusations.

I can't wait till Sad Old Simp seriously puts their foot in it and is banished from Horeds fanclub.

No. 1069823

I understand the Heidi hate even though I don't agree. Poor Ross doesn't deserve any of this shit talking though.

No. 1069827

Nobody in the world doesn't deserve just a little bit of shit talking from time to time. The response here to a minor jab are a bit out of proportion, especially given literally none of you know any of these people on a personal level.

No. 1069829


Ross is probably the most passive of the people involved with the GG anyway. Realistically he just wants to do what he does, which is the safest route. But if he had gotten involved no doubt Arin and a whole bunch of others would have too. Which would have turned it into such a much more massive shit show than it was.

No. 1069830

It's because unless it's Jared or Holly, you're not allowed to talk bad or doubt anyone. Since you know, they personally know them too.

Hell you can talk NEUTRALLY and be pegged a "stan" of holly and/or jared.

No. 1069843


Sadoldmagician won't ditch his Tumblr. While Heidiofans isn't popular by any definition, his blog is getting some traction, especially since he's frequently reblogged by two people with decent followings judging by their note counts. I think SOM is latching on to HOF's replies so his "Heidi is evil" story gets passed around as HOF's posts are reblogged.

No. 1069991

>Holly is an ex. Ex's shit talk.

I don't know. If you have a civil, mutual break up and your ex is kind enough not to air out how much of a garbage person you are/were, you probably shouldn't be shit-talking to the point that it gets out to the general public.

We really don't know if he does, but him removing himself from all the drama of it only to have it leak that Holly and/or Jared have been bad mouthing him to sadold and having sadold's dumbass insinuate he ~knows~ more than everyone else isn't really a good look. Not that it's ever stopped them before. kek

No. 1070024

No this is unfair. Ross is going through things, like doesn't his mom have a serve form of cancer or something? He asked to be left out of it. Jabs like implying "he's abusive" are unfair because he won't be able to defend himself right away because he's out of the loop.

No. 1070026


Yeah. His mom has terminal lung cancer even though she has never smoked. And I mean is Ross a perfect angel? There's no way he is, but that doesn't matter . He politely asked to be left out of it and up until now everyone complied. Going after him after 18 months have passed is as low as you can get.

No. 1070032


>If you have a civil, mutual break up and your ex is kind enough not to air out how much of a garbage person you are/were, you probably shouldn't be shit-talking to the point that it gets out to the general public.

That looks more to me like Holly put her trust in the wrong person. Any breakup is going to have some negative feelings, even mutual ones, else why would they be splitting? Maybe Holly talked about some of those feelings with SOM, thinking it was safe and would stay between them, but Sad declared it "abuse" and spread that accusation behind Holly's back. That's why he says it on Tumblr instead of Twitter where they normally talk to each other.

No. 1070047

Oops, Looks like the beans have spilled! Time to get a new bff, Hored!

No. 1070048

Some friend huh?
This man is all but digging a grave for them.

No. 1070142

Even if they want to believe turd sandwich that Heidi was aboosive by saying Hoelly couldn't fuck her husband, Where the hell is the "Ross was abusive" narrative coming from, especially if you believe Jared's lie that Ross supported everything??

No. 1070146

Where do you get that he wasn't angry? He said "Leave me out of it, I'm not getting into it" and hasn't. Him remaining silent to save his sanity and not drown in the mud with the rest of the pigs doesn't mean he's hiding something dark and nefarious, anon

No. 1070169

>Any breakup is going to have some negative feelings, even mutual ones, else why would they be splitting?
I don't know, anon. Ross can be annoying, but Holly played up being asexual during their relationship, married him anyway, then turned around and hopped on Jared's wonky wormdick while still very married to Ross. Those living in glass houses and all that.

At the very least I hope Holly and Jared learn not to trust creeps like SOM, but you know the other old saying, birds of a feather. kek.

No. 1070172

I mean, it could just be SOM doesn't like Ross because Ross didn't "help Holly".

The only laundry aired here is that SOM apparantly dislikes him for whatever reason.

No. 1070238

Ross is the only actually famous person in all this, so that's why it's surprising he would do this. If he keeps it up it's going to blow up in his face, Ross and GG aren't Z-listers like Jared.

No. 1070244

Didn't Jared imply that Ross abandoned Holly at one point in his video?

No. 1070250


I can't imagine that, the man's opening line was "my beautiful wife, Holly" whenever he spoke of her, he lived with her massive bird coop and even had to keep his cat separate because of all her birds, fuck he barely knew her and put on a Garrus suit to help her

he did more for Holly in their time together than Jared has ever done for her and Jared is supposedly her "one" who she dropped everyone and everything for

No. 1070276

There's a difference between not beimg fond of someone and saying all he deserves is that vindictive spiteful fiendish lyimg jezebel Heidi, though.

SOM is implying they are on the same level.

No. 1070278

“Vindictive spiteful fiendish lying jezebel Heidi” Jesus Christ get over yourself, anon. You’re sounding like one of Holly’s simps.

No. 1070286

That's the intent, yes. To mock how much her stans demonize Heidi.

No. 1070290

i know i’ll probably get banned for sperging but it still baffles me that the stans who flock here have conveniently forgotten that even with the cheating aside, jared is a literal pedo who used his platform/fanbase of teenagers for jerk off material, and that behind the scenes holly took his victims’ info through one who had reached out to her and told her what he had done to them and sent it straight to him so he could pester and gaslight them (all of it is documented in thread #2 if the lurking stans need proof, you’re welcome) all while tweeting publicly about being an advocate for mental health and victims of abuse. they are pure garbage without the cheating even being involved.

ross and heidi’s biggest crime was believing their nasty gremlin spouses wouldn’t sneak around behind their backs and fuck eachother while larping as d&d characters

No. 1070304

Being a "pedo" implies you PURPOSFULLY AND SPECIFICALLY seek out underage people and attracted only to minors. There's no way to vet ages without doxing someone. His wife wasn't underage, the person he slept with wasn't underage nor is Holly underage.

Just because a few assholes who were decided to send child porn essentially (which is on THEM not jared) doesn't mean he's a pedophile. He's a creep, that much NO ONE is arguing.

No one in this topic is defending him or "forgetting", you can chill.


I think the point that anon was making was since we know NONE of these people personally we can't entirely write people off since every day it seems we found out more and more shady stuff about people that get "written off as completely innocent" when some even did similar ("keep me out of this.") E.G This current situation with Nairo and the Smash Community.

No. 1070313

>"No way to vet ages without doxxing"
Dude, doxxing implies that Jared got their personal information and released it with malicious intent. He's digusting, but not THAT disgusting. Asking someone for ID verification of their age is NOT doxxing - It's being responsible. If that's doxxing, then the government doxxes us every time we have to file taxes.

No. 1070315

Even if Ross WAS abusive (which isn't likely considering Hoelly would have no problem screaming it from the rooftops if it made her look better), it legitimately does not matter. They were divorced (at least the proceedings had started) and living in separate states by the time the affair officially started. She can't claim fear of someone who (A) had no control over her money or assets and (B) lived hundreds of miles away in another state when she did the shady acts.

No. 1070323

I was one of the cassandras, and I felt pretty good after people started calling me a prophet

No. 1070343

Asking your fans for nudes is gross and exploitative in the first place, and asking for nudes when you know full well that a lot of your fanbase is underage is shady as hell.

There is so much actual porn out there that nobody needs to ask their fans for nudes.

No. 1070359

That's my exact point. IF you're going to risk your career, one would think you'd be doing the bare minimum of verifying the legality beyond a "real quick, 18+ right?". ProDick got off to the power he got from knowing people WANTED him specifically to see their naked bodies and now he's facing the consequences of being a perv.

No. 1070459


Gonna have to disagree with the argument that they were divorced by the time their affair began. They were literally sexting and planning hook ups in costume without Ross knowing anything

No. 1070465

Where does this claim come from again?

No. 1070470

I meant the actually physical part of the affair. Sexting and planning hookups is bad and still emotionally cheating, but I meant the actual "Jared said he was going to counseling but would go fuck holly afterwards" part.

No. 1070480


I understand, I just dont think it's fair to say their affair hadn't started when they had done everything but actually fuck/touch each other. Imo sexting, sexually roleplaying in messages, and commissioning written and drawn porn is cheating, even if they were "in character"

Emotional affair is the perfect way to put it


I'm getting this from a combo of Heidi's livestream and the texts she shared between her and Holly. In the messages Holly literally puts off telling Ross when Heidi mentions it because she had to "survive" someone's birthday party with him first and says that he is okay with her hooking up with girls but wasn't sure about guys. Im not just pulling this out of my ass, this is all old information

No. 1070485

I'm not sure I can take someone earnestly parroting the "commissioning written and drawn porn" thing. That claim came from them commenting on a single post, that someone said was proof they commissioned it… And the comments were "I like this".

The livestream is 2 hours so I can't remember everything, guess I forgot where she said they specifically talked about hooking up in costume while Hoelly was still married to Ross, I'll have to skim back through it at some point.

No. 1070487


I'm like 99% sure heidi said in the stream that the entire DCA cast had a puppet account where they would commission stuff, porn and regular. Maybe I'm misremembering??

No. 1070492

Maybe, again, long stream. I would think, however, that if they were commissioning porn like that at least one artist would have verified that they were commissioned, because while they could use a puppet account, when they paid they would have to give at least a real name.

No. 1070521

Considering the way Jared got unogirl to walk back her anger at him for fucking then running, I have no doubt that if they DID commission porn (which wouldn't surprise me), they locked that shit down and immediately told them to keep their mouths shut lest they go after them for a defamation lawsuit or something

No. 1070903

there was an anon saying that ross wasn't all innocent in all of the shitshow, that he had his own "skeleton in the closet", so to speak.

I have my whole theory about how they had an open marriage in which he fucked around but no string attached, and she didn't because at the time she "identified as asexual", so when she suddenly fell in love with Jared because she was wanted to fuck him, Ross was like "uhmmmm but we said no serious relationships?" and suddenly he's an abusive piece of shit who doesn't let her leave her romantic dreams of fucking a cheating worm.

I hope i'm wrong because it would be just the same story as Jared and Heidi, basically, and that would make for a very boring narrative.

No. 1070954


I dont even think their relationship was super open, I got the feeling it was more of a set up where she was allowed to sleep with women and explore her sexuality because they were a weird LA woke gamer couple and that was the extent of their polyamory. She says she is asexual yes but specifically Demisexual, which means she does have sexual feelings just only for people she has a strong attachment to. I doubt her and Ross's relationship was sexless, nor did he feel the need to open it up to satisfy his urges

No. 1070957

Where are you getting that they had an open marriage/poly? Ross had said at some point that he was okay with Hoelly experimenting with women, which comes off more as a dude trying to be supportive of his possibly bisexual (or demisexual with bi tendencies) wife, and not as a guy who is like "lol yeah, go fuck other people to your heart's content!". Even THAT is debatable since it came from Holly's mouth, who had every reason in the world to lie about her then-husband being chill with her fucking other people.

Why are we bringing Ross back into this anyway? He's asked repeatedly to be left out of it, hasn't mentioned it at all himself. SadOld desperately trying to drag everyone else down into the mud doesn't make Ross milk worthy.

No. 1070991

>He's asked repeatedly to be left out of it, hasn't mentioned it at all himself.

That's why it was brought up as an off comment, since while it's not 100% likely, but why so adamant to be left out of something that technically also involves you? Maybe he IS hiding something, none of us know him personally to say if he is or isn't.

It's pretty easy to see why that comment would be made, anon. You'd easily believe holly has something to hide if she suddenly says to leave her alone, or jared, or even Danny/Arin, but Ross is off limits?

That's usually how the biggest perpetrators get off and away with things for as long as they do. Again, not saying he IS shady, just pretty easy for someone to bring to question why he hastily wanted to be kept out of it given who all is involved.

No. 1070998

>why so adamant to be left out of something that technically also involves you?

Because you're DONE? Because your ex is as batshit fucking crazy as Holly is? Because it's much, much better to move the fuck on than to devote any more time to an energy vampire of her caliber?

Keep digging if you want, by all means, but Ross just is not that milky.

No. 1071007


He was smart. Keep the drama on the down low, and he still has a decent sized internet following and career. Judging from Holly’s past, it seems like she’s likely in the wrong anyway.

No. 1071049

File: 1604075614431.png (17.97 KB, 586x117, Ross-May-9-2019.png)


>"Rather not deal with this"

>"I've long since moved on/have a new life"

No. 1071067

>Why so adamant to be left out of something that technically also involves you?

Because your batshit crazy ex is hellbent on making herself some kind of innocent victim to the detriment of literally everyone around her? Holly CLEARLY has no problem turning everyone that says 'no' to her into some kind of mental torturing abuser. Maybe Ross thought that being done with everything would spare him her wrath.

No. 1071139

chill, i was just answering to another anon asking what ross had to do with it and wanted to share my "headcanon" so to speak. I know it's lame to treat these people as characters but i mean, no one knows them. How do YOU know they weren't poly, and he wasn't fucking around? have you read how thirsty girls have been for him on this forum alone? if your wife lets you fuck around on the account of her being in denial about just not giving a shit about your marriage and going about it being aSeXuAl, wouldnt you bang thirsty fangirls, no strings attached?
i mean i wouldnt, but i'm also incredibly vanilla; but if your headcanon for ross is that he's a sweet monogamous soft boi, mine is that people, especially men, with the slightest littlest bit of power immediately resolve to try and get off somehow lol.

No. 1071144

These are real people, not fodder for your weird headcanons. Even if they WERE poly, it would have to come from Holly or Ross to be milky and not some half-rate simp of Hoelly's who is desperately trying to make everyone else look as deranged and as much of a whore as she is.

No. 1071145

i mean, yeah, even IF (and it's a 100pt arial bold IF) everything went as holly said, that heidi wanted jared back for the money and opposed their relationship and was abusive to both holly and jared, dude still got cucked over for a guy who looks like a worm with a tupee.
I mean, imagine if he even agreed to this at first for Holly's sake, I can't imagine that decision was taken gadly: it reeks of desperation and trying to put some patches on their marriage.
Like… your wife leaves you, sells the house you both lived together to go and chase her One True Love, the One Man That Made Her Feel Love and Lust for The Very First Time in Her Life…. damn, dude that hurts. how can you be happy for her?
you spend the first chunk of your divorced time as a depressed alchoolic on your friends' couch and then you NEED to start hating the other party; forgiveness comes much, much later.

No. 1071237

File: 1604096836397.jpeg (435.86 KB, 828x1539, 6CDE9A58-69B0-4D5B-A858-65AD03…)

Does he really think he’s the epitome of male fashion or something like that? We all know Heidi dressed him, now this looks like Holly’s had to take over for that.

No. 1071281


Honestly looks more like Heidi's style than Holly. Hope holly doesn't freak out and suicide bait over his clothes

No. 1071343


Why is he dressed like my great aunt Miriam? Holy shit.