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File: 1491422822828.jpg (77.18 KB, 510x341, G9PtEF6.jpg)

No. 366110[Reply]

If you don't have the material, time, or experience to make a new thread about a subject you want to discuss, use this thread to see if other farmers are interested in making and joining one.
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No. 378263

Is there any milk on Andi Autumn? I see her on Instagram all the time and she's cute but I get kind of snowflake-ey vibes from her the same way Dakota does for me

No. 378284

This is dumb and sounds like a good way to spam the website with non-cow nonsense and decrease traffic since people won't want to post anymore if at any moment a dumb thing they said could warrant their entire history being outed.
Sounds like you've taken things personally before and are bothered by not knowing who's who. Tough shit, it's anonymous. Admin gave us a gift with that Mystery thread, but that's because she was an obnoxious bitch and blogposter.

I suggest you be the first volunteer!

No. 378297

i agree with this fully.
if u wanna go somewhere like that just join kiwi lol

File: 1493235267030.gif (1.28 MB, 320x270, 1493206984305.gif)

No. 376801[Reply]

-Drew claims Greg has been emailing Billie to get her back

-Lainey joins Gregma in making a pointless patreon

-Billie is selling Gurgs old clothes to see her boyfriend lol be mad

-Lainey streams on younow and is asked about emails, anons perpetuates rumours of recent April emails, Lainey cries and quickly leaves

-Gerg sperges out on younow, producing much hilarity, verbally attacks Drew, Billie, the people commenting in chat

-Drew uploads video laughing at him and his unstableness, more bitch slapping at Greg, no further emails have been leaked but the milk was plentiful rergardless

Previous thread: >>>/pt/res/374296.html
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No. 378517

oh ffs that shooped image is making fun of "magma cum laude" which is why the person put it in there

No. 378518

finally someone being able to read ffs

No. 378519


i love this one! onion and greaselord are good, but grugly sounds just right!

No. 378520

can someone educate me on us-american namechanging laws? wasnt their last name daniel like a year ago or something?

No. 378521


most people won't know cause that's an american thing. most farmers aren't from the US, check out the thread "what languages do you speak?". yes, most posts are on english but still. knowing english =/= knowing every useless detail about american culture. anon you're the only one who sounds ignorant here.

File: 1492721594274.png (648.6 KB, 640x872, 1492670822927.png)

No. 373404[Reply]

Thread #1 >>>/snow/93507
Thread #2 >>>/snow/131172
Thread #3 >>>/snow/151227
Thread #4 >>>/snow/167361
Thread #5 >>>/snow/176096
Thread #6 >>>/pt/310703
Thread #7 >>>/pt/320406
Thread #8 >>>/pt/331309
Thread #9 >>>/pt/342518
Thread #10 >>>/pt/351721
Thread #11 >>>/pt/356684
Thread #12 >>>/pt/362065
Thread #13 >>>/pt/367369

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
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No. 378417


Also Mariah's autistic that's why I said she's justifying it by thinking like >>378409

No. 378449

Magot did well the first few monthes Venus run away.

No. 378492

File: 1493444963884.jpg (71.83 KB, 450x450, full.jpg)

Ayy lmao.

Only pic of her on her Mariah Novak MySpace. She actually has a Mariah Mallad MySpace account but it's private. Damn wish I could see the sperging but what can ya do.

No. 378494


She has so many online accounts, it's like she's taken catfishing to a whole new level lmfao.

Three Twitter accounts we know of, a Rooster teeth profile, two MySpace profiles, two deviant art profiles (she went by Mariah Novak on there too) a photobucket account, some random rp blog, two Tumblrs, you can tell this girl was born and raised on the internet.

No. 378514


It's obvious that she kept having to delete and create new accounts after starting shit with people.

File: 1492050671489.jpg (58.49 KB, 640x640, 17332515_1696323703717842_3373…)

No. 368757[Reply]

The Ride Bum Edition!

Old one: >>>/pt/360570

>creater of the Poop Brooch
>bandwagon cosplayer
>genderfluid, bisexual, has a phobia of CIS men
>pathological liar
>produces horrible DeviantArt yaoi with incorrect anatomy
>stalker of cosplay groups
>makes copy cosplays of people that she hates to 'out-do them'
>has dragon spirit split personalities
>has a magical third eye with chakra reading abilities

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 378378


it looks good at first glance from the thumbnail but then you zoom in and the longer you look at it the worse it gets

No. 378457

How did she make the cutest girl in Overwatch look like lena dunham?

No. 378459

I'm triggered that the yellows don't go well with one another along with the color of the wig.

She should have taken the picture closer to the house because the road kind of ruins the picture (besides she, herself, ruining it all on her own).

No. 378505

I don't understand why the fuck you would even use brocade for an under layer. And can't even be bothered to hem it even remotely close to the same length. So much mo way wasted on this fabric only to end up a hot mess… but what else was I really expecting.

No. 378506

It took me three days to finally catch up through all of these ash threads and holy fucking shit. I've been out of the loop since her threads began dying off on cgl years ago and was alerted in another thread that she is in fact still doing this shit. What I'm about to say is completely useless so feel free to skip over it.

Earlier I posted that ash must use the shitty nyx super fat eyeliner and that's why it looks bad, but then people said she could be layering it. When catching up with this thread I saw her say she was using katvond's. Take it away from her is shes gonna do it that shitty

In the previous thread she was talking about twin dragon ocs that were born two days apart. She likely took this from Diabolik Lovers, where the triplets Ayato, Laito, and Kanato, are all born three days apart. Despite them being triplets. And yet theyre still triplets despite looking nothing alike.

I'm mad as hell despite not having money shes going to all these cons somehow anyways. I've had to cancel the last 4 katsucons I was supposed to go to because a life event popped up.
Finally if she ever does Yui again I'm almost tempted to bring mine as well just to see how she reacts to someone else doing Yui.
>inb4 "I'm the REAL YUI bc I was abused"

File: 1492676324429.jpg (282.71 KB, 1600x900, IMG_1211.JPG)

No. 373154[Reply]

Old thread maxed out >>370733

The story so far, completely unbiased kek:
>Cyr's roommate and frequent partner in videos (and fellow youtuber) Edwin was kicked out of their apartment with his girlfriend, Mina (who is also Cyrs ex and cyrxdasha's polyamo lover ♡)
>Edwin leaves behind a teen angsty note and takes Cyr's vlogging camera
>Dasha releases a periscope, earning her the name Putin after yelling at the camera for an hour about the hurt Edwin and Mina caused her
>Dasha harasses Mina with her 12y/o minions and bad photoshoop twitter memes
>Minions shit up thread v1.0
>Screenshots from last year released. in the screenshots mina implied that she was only still with cyr and dasha for youtube notoriety
>also releases evidence of Mina's fake accounts used to harass her way back in 45 B.C. after haxorzing Mina's phone in the bathroom (which is being debated as to have actually been Dasha's second phone)
>Edwin shadily appears on younow with Cyrs ex bffe and Dasha's arch nemesis, Onion to discuss the situation
>Mina and Cyr still remain very quite on the situation
>Cyr comes out as an alcoholic and disappears off social media due to bereavement
>Dasha uses this time to further bash Mina for being a bad vegan and lovey it up with her asian friend to one up Mina's Mexican that supplies her avocado sush
>Edwin and Mina release a video explaining how Dasha manipulated everyone in the household for her own enjoyment and threatened to fuck up Edwin's life after he told Mina that Dash the trash deleted her instagram
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 378448

I think Cyrs psychotic break down is near, especially since he's lost his friends, the dramas killed his yet and all the minions keep shipping dasha with simon, it's only a matter of time before Cyr's ego is completely crushed and he feels completely emasculated and second best to simon kek. Wouldn't surprise me if this cuckolding is "pay back" for 'Mina' making those edits and for Cyr 'cheating' on Julia with Mina, even though it was Dasha instigating the situation lol

No. 378453

I dont know but I think its looking back

No. 378465


Just saying that some anons who follow this thread hate all of them equally and would rather not dogpile on just one asshole (Dasha).

No. 378470

All their respective flaws aside, there's no milk without Dasha. It'd just be another YouTuber who cheats on all his girlfriends and his weird little freeloading friend, and some instagram chick who lives in London and we may well have never heard of if Dasha didn't invite her to LA. Yawn.

There's no point scraping up reasons to bitch about the rest of them when most of the milk comes from Julia.

No. 378491

Here is Cyr's new collab video with Keemstar.

File: 1491773505386.jpg (16.17 KB, 281x215, gfQeotJ.jpg)

No. 368493[Reply]

/r9k/ tripfag who came to the lolcord with her autistic boyfriend, getting into slapfights over her advocacy of the pullout method and farmers calling her out for sperging about JonTron's weight gain. After she fled from the Discord, she promptly went on /r9k/ to bawww about getting burned because she chose a drama channel of all places to make female friends.

>I fucking hate women. I want to gas every fucking normie woman on the planet. No wonder /pol/ and /r9k/ exist. If this is how the average woman acts towards a man, NO FUCKING WONDER. This entire experience has made me lose faith in humanity, who the fuck is this mean? Women, apparently. Just WHY?


Ex-girlfriend of /r9k/ fuckboy Oscar >>231026 who leaked her nudes.
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No. 378469

t. male opinion

No. 378472

Don't validate mystery's self-image of ugly. She's obviously not as bridge troll tier as she thinks and just milks her "ugliness" for pretty princess points.

>in b4 robot get off my board ree

No. 378478

you're a low tier male no one cares. low tier males fuck almost anything. they're crazy

No. 378479

imagine being boring enough to look like another person

No. 378507

Ok but we don't care if that means randos want to fuck her.

File: 1476239765954.jpg (210.22 KB, 1200x1800, Cuhyes1UkAAWCuv.jpg)

No. 305679[Reply]

Looking Like a 60 Year Old Woman With Fake Tits Edition

shitty Canadian cosplayer hooked up with a beta-as-fuck cartoonist, and killed him via cat allergy, while getting a greencard and a place to stay in Austin out of it.

now she sluts around Los Angeles, kissing Game Grumps and Markiplier ass.

last thread: >>257458

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No. 378239

File: 1493419799406.jpg (147.28 KB, 1200x1800, C-iLsZ4VYAAKW3k.jpg)

I can't tell if this is a really awkward pose or if her back is just really that crooked

No. 378446

This trend of straight girls pretending to be gay needs to fucking stop.

No. 378467


And here I thought it died out 10 years ago

No. 378513

That's because the oldfag guys who were into it back then are exactly who pay for her patreon.

No. 378515


But why her?

I mean seriously there's like thousand of patreon girls and I bet one of them is a legit lesbian

File: 1490249164537.png (363.28 KB, 548x590, Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 11.0…)

No. 362302[Reply]

Margo's holed up in student goshiwan in Seoul. She recently celebrated her 42nd birthday by setting up her OutcallMassageSeoul website (3 am "outcall massage", anyone?) and ranting at Venoos for strangling her while Margo was just innocently trying to visit by opening the door with tools.

Margo's been nursing pink eye, and took a photo of herself doing a home perm… and now she's wearing head wraps. She promises more veedeeoos as soon as her poop eye is better.
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No. 378387

My bad, Ferenc Jr. IS younger than Zsu.

Rest of it stands, though - it's pretty clear how the parents interact with Margo.

No. 378391

>>Margo is what she is because her brain was organically fucked at birth.

Narcs need two things to become the way they are: genetic structure and environment. Psychoanalysis isn't necessary to state this; it's a fact.

saged for we're bored and this is speculation.

No. 378419

File: 1493431793093.png (26.79 KB, 584x92, Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 7.09…)

Back to Margo in the current time line: she's waiting for a miracle in her moldy, hoarded goshiwan.

No. 378461

File: 1493439280045.png (383.92 KB, 932x598, Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 9.13…)

Holy filters

I assume we'll get a video

No. 378466

i will never get over how absurdly vacuous this woman's nostrils are

File: 1421166649078.png (194.23 KB, 471x337, ruaridoll.png)

No. 39813[Reply]

Blah, blah, blah, you know what to do.
>pic related
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No. 372796

File: 1492630494342.jpg (55.38 KB, 650x501, 650px-ValisKansas.jpg)


I caught up with him randomly on youtube recently, has another new account, has all of about 7 subscribers.

Apparently he thinks enough time has passed that people forgot him, since he claimed that he was never involved in any illegal activities with under-age girls.

Of course I reminded him that the internet exists and slapped a link to the image above.

I hear he moderates Anita Sarkeesian's streams the irony is palpable.

For those of you who are unfamilliar, Valis was convicted of sexual acts with a minor in 2010, although it wasn't a surprise to most of us.

He was a very creepy furfag Let's Player who would often fantasize about fucking the anthropomorphic "women" in the games he played. Had a very creepy air about him.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 372800


I remember this guy. Last time I checked, he still did LP's but that was around a little more than a year ago.
I used to be subbed to him up until I found out he was a child predator, though this was circa 2011.
valis is a great game too come to think of it but alas. .

No. 372802

He chose Valis because of the half-naked anime wimminz, those games were full of "battle thongs" and the like.

Like I mentioned, he is very obsessed with sex and the female body.

The first and only video of his I ever saw was the "bucky-o-hare" arcade game where 15 seconds in he starts going on about the rabbit-woman's "child-bearing hips" I immediately clicked-off and dunked my head in a bucket of bleach.

I guess I was lucky lol.

No. 377934

File: 1493382097819.png (489.58 KB, 500x667, tumblr_m1ay12BN8z1r4cavlo1_500…)

Does anyone know what happened to kayla? She was a famous anorexia recovery blog on tumblr years ago. She also started camming iirc. She deleted her tumblr multiple times and remade. I remember some of her URL's being odolnost. boobsandbread, kayladoeshappy, radiatingkayla, velvetfork, myselfagainstme. She also posted a video of herself doing yoga naked and her mom found out.

This is her old yt https://www.youtube.com/user/kaylatronful/videos

No. 378441


Oh my god blast from the past. Harmony was the second cow I ever discovered as a young teen, right after jessi slaughter. This brings back some prime and old keks

File: 1487298372415.jpg (9.64 KB, 320x180, amber.jpg)

No. 352777[Reply]

In the new video Amber mentions her friend behind her, 'talking to some dude.' then she goes, 'Goals!'. Must be getting desperate for someone to take care of her. She knows that housing situation isn't going to last, no matter how much she protests otherwise.
442 posts and 78 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 375887

When Amberlynn said she couldn't go in because she doesn't have an ID, I immediately thought that was code for she just didn't want to get out of the car or was ashamed to get out. She's used so many excuses in the past for why she used to sit in Destiny's car vlogging instead of going inside with her.

Do places really card you just for going inside a liquor store? I've never been carded just for walking inside, only when I am the one actually making the purchase.

No. 375974

She's probably lying about being carded as she wanders about. She lies about things like rape: lying about being carded is like breathing.

No. 377954

I can actually buy that people think she's a teen, but it's not because of how she looks, it's because of how she BEHAVES. If someone was waddling around yelling "SLAYY GORL" and "LITERALLY WHO AM I" all the time I'd want to assume they're a teenager too.

No. 378102

Also, when you're her size your features get smoothed over by the excess fat so it's she looks young. It's easy to have a baby face when you're ginormous.

No. 378165

>Do places really card you just for going inside a liquor store?

Nah, she's just stupid and paranoid. Unless that place gets a lot of hits for fake IDs and underagers. Even then, they wouldn't be carding her because she looks oh so youthful. They're carding her because it's policy.

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