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File: 1434745099374.jpg (84.81 KB, 413x369, 8229.JPG)

No. 124317[Reply]

Did anyone else notice the Fahrlight thread was gone? Her drama was totally legitimate so I can't see why it would be deleted. I clicked on the thread to read the rest and then it was 404'ed and gone, and disappeared from the catalog?

ITT: discuss how she shaves her hairline to look more like loki and also her weird pedo comic. also how weinery it would have been if the thread really was deleted and it's not just an error on my end.
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No. 125280

she's "officially" 33 as far as I know but judging from the look of her hands and her wrinkly eyes and eyebags I'd say late thirties…..

That, or she has a horribly unhealthy lifestyle

No. 137162

what, nothing new?

No. 137985

For the people asking what's up with this chick, here's a few of the things I remember

-Photoshoped herself relentlessly in her lolita outfits
-Took photos of people laughing at her in lolita to "raise awareness about harassment" that turned out to be staged
-Got ultra obsessed with The Avengers when the movie came out and cosplayed Loki, claiming she was the best
-Took photos of her costume and literally photoshopped parts from the movie poster photo of Loki onto her costume
-I think she entered this picture in a cosplay contest on facebook or something

She really lost it around the time she started cosplaying Loki.

No. 137996


Didn't she also at one point try to get an ID photo taken when she was cosplaying Loki?
Although for her, she was no longer cosplaying Loki, but Tom Hiddleston.

No. 138148

I think that happened after /cgl/ banned straight-up gossip and drama threads, and I've never actively followed her. But it doesn't surprise me, she was obsessed with ~being Tom Hiddleston irl~

No. 115959[Reply]


I honestly don't know if there's anything I can say that you can't read there. He's not an occasional cow, he's a fullblown snowflake. I love reading his rambles and laughing about them, but here's a rundown, screenshots to follow.

>Thinks he's a god/demon/worthy of worship

>Requests not to be called male/man/FTM
>"Zeke. Hy/hym. 19. UK. Trans. Queer. Autistic. Insane. Cult leader. Demon God."
>proceeds to tag himself as above
>Has a virtual "Shrine" for asskissing
>Is another fake spoonie
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No. 117418


But that anon never sees her so who knows

No. 302997

I've known Zeke in person for about 17 years. Let people be their weird selves on the internet and fucken leave them alone. Zeke is an amazing person who while not without his own struggles and issues has been an amazing friend and a pretty amazing/hilarious/creative person to be around.
You lot and others actually bullied him offline, like, seriously, why do you care so much about someone you've never met to the point of harassing and dedicated message boards and death threats? This being someone who found solace and a welcoming community online.

No. 302999

File: 1475491081047.png (99.03 KB, 206x251, 1471541193966.png)

>bumping a year old thread
stop googling yourself you self obsessed faggot

No. 303005

This isnt him, cocknugget
I hope he hasnt seen this fucking thread, I stumbled upon this and got angry, as you would when you see strangers attacking someone you care about for no reason.
Let people be, ffs, why do you care about other peoples pronouns and shit, just cos its online it doesnt mean its your problem(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 303748

I'm kinda surprised noone here has made this joke yet but…

Hy/hym? As in "hymen". As in vid related?

File: 1432691123144.jpg (382.59 KB, 1000x1500, tumblr_nnqc9mzGzx1uqq258o1_128…)

No. 111353[Reply]

She is the bastard offspring of Euthanizeallwhitepeople and THISISNOTJAPAN. You thought THEY were the silliest? You haven't seen BronzeBun.


BronzeBun's mission is to re-photoshop photos of pale-looking KPOP stars, basically "darkwashing" to compensate for the supposed "whitewashing" of the stars' skins.

The weird thing is that she's outraged only over the manipulation of the boys' skin complexions. All other image manipulations get a pass from here. She doesn't care that they use lenses to change their eye colors, or that they get surgery to change the shapes of their jawlines, or that they bleach their hair.

The weirdest part of this is that a huge number of Koreans are actually pale. They're certainly not orange.

Well, as you'd expect, there's a heavy overarching evaluative context that isn't Korean. It's really about American identity politics being projected on East Asia.

Bun is apparently the new Jun. See:
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No. 298245

This could be…

No. 300181

Looks hapa to me (as a fellow hapa). That said, aren't there plenty of k-pop MVs with White models in it?

No. 300182

>All these North American scum tumblrina girls with mixed race love to lean on their non-white backgrounds.
Because White is the standard, obviously.

No. 300227

>a goofy subculture that only exists among American teens.

are you an idiot? not the entire western world is american. some of the most prolific weeaboos are european, for example.

No. 303577

I've been 5 feet away from B.A.P
They looked pretty pale to me. I'm sure a lot of the time pictures aren't white washing it's just the lighting or the flash on the camera.

File: 1433328500295.jpg (10.16 KB, 236x236, 1c6b54ef1d6ba10c41f7e217a2ff22…)

No. 116227[Reply]

Gay God? Well of course.

GayGod has a horrible past on the internet, which you can read all about here: https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Gay_God

But since I've only witnessed his bullshit recently, I thought I'd show only his recent attentionwhorey antics.

Quick summary;
>Matthew found himself an 18 year old boytoy whilst he is 25 year old(the age diffrence doesn't really matter at this point)
>They have a (seemingly) good relationship for 2 years until Matthew starts talking shit about his boyfriend on twitter

>in the meantime they had made cutesy video's but Matthew would upload video's with the title '' WE BROKE UP '', and then put ''jk we're together'' in the description box, to gain views

>then he makes melodramatic videos like this one (and a bunch of other one's) Video is called "UPDATE"
>then he admits in some video's that he was pushing his 18 year old boyfriend to adopt children with him, which that(+some other factors, like matthew talking shit about his boytoy on twitter) lead to their breakup.
>Matthew goes cray and wants to adopt a child on his own
>makes a ton of video's where he says that he wants to commit suicide
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 116229


No. 116231

he looks like Rainbow Dash

No. 116232

Oh this guy. I never knew there was much drama but saw that they broke up.

I can't really contribute though since I'm more into watching the videos and not following twitter.
They did say it was because Matt wanted babies and was so much older and he wanted Nick to have his own 'fun' haha, but there's also people saying one of them cheated but, idk man.

Haven't really cared about him since emo was still cool though.

No. 116249

Geez havent heard about him in a long time. Sounds like an incredibly codependent relationship

File: 1423270606781.jpg (703.57 KB, 1200x800, tzp__malon_singing_by_adella-d…)

No. 47078[Reply]

/cgl/ used to like to talk about Adella a lot. I don't see much from her these days, but this:
popped up in my news feed. And I was thinking that she's probably not involved and it probably really pisses her off.

Anyways, Adella thread I guess?

Her Zelda project:

Adella's personal pages:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 47351

No. 47380

I remember she was posting hate messages about PL on cgl and people kept fighting back because hardly anyone has problems with PL but her.

No. 47381

>that fanart

And she tries to make it happen in the photos. How weird is it for that dude who is Link and her husband?

No. 47382

This is beyond any regular shooping. It's a bunch of amateur level filters and overdone retouching. Whoever did it has a terrible eye.

No. 47423

Her crappy photoshopping reminds me of Linkinspirit.

File: 1403851635351.jpg (3 KB, 160x90, weenus desu.jpg)

No. 426[Reply]

Weenus/Venus/Penus Angelic thread

On her last video she (magically) dressed in a kawaii frilly Bodyline duressu. Does that mean she's coming back to milking the dolly image? Gosh she's so desperate for it yet I can't help but feel like it's the only thing she has…She got no one except her crazy mother.
I also feel that before,she was a carefree weaboo doing cooking,"kawaii" stuff,.. and it was much more fun to watch than her "~i'm shy and slow ^_^~ look at me stuffing my face with candy" boring act
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No. 40261

Margo should stop posting drunk.

No. 40266

Venus has not commented once, so idk what you are on about.

No. 40270

People that are online friends with her said it was only a joke by her mom, hence the post is by margo because she wants to get grandchildren already because she herself got venus with a that young age.

No. 40271

File: 1421351236007.jpg (41.06 KB, 492x219, tumblr_nhpnwnkL8c1srti12o1_500…)

Pretty much.

No. 40273

File: 1421351345188.jpg (121.05 KB, 470x577, tumblr_nhpnwnkL8c1srti12o3_500…)

File: 1440045195759.jpg (57.7 KB, 500x500, 1439524517073.jpg)

No. 165094[Reply]

New tumblr thread since the last one got flooded and autosaged.

Talk about:
>triggered by pomegranate because of gore
>cultural appropriation according to tumblr
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No. 169967

File: 1440615944266.jpg (28.66 KB, 358x221, lynn.jpg)


I hate to burst your bubble, anon

No. 169970

greenteaneckochan every cleaned up her act.

Like I remember maybe three years ago the guy that she was living with said they were no longer together so I wonder what happened.

No. 169973

Oh my krishna. This bitch can't be real.

No. 169979


Oh man, really? I thought they weren't together in the first place because he wasn't japanese desu

It's kinda nice if she actually got her shit together though. It just goes to show that even the weebiest weebs aren't completely unsalvageable.

No. 170052

File: 1440626291528.png (25.84 KB, 532x647, egg egg egg.PNG)

File: 1440701722757.jpg (10.92 KB, 236x261, 2cf51705b65b5c2f7487f67527fefc…)

No. 170630[Reply]

New thread because trolls fucked up the old one.

Previous thread: >>148816

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dakotakoti
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/dakotakoti/videos
Ameblo: http://ameblo.jp/dakotakoti
Personal blog: http://kotakoti.com/

No. 170636

if anything i feel bad for kota. when myspace wasn't as fucked up as it is today there would be a lot of profiles that would point out her photoshop and make fun of her for being fat. to me it seemed like people who might have known them because they would post unshooped pics of dakota and kiki. and i don't ever hear her bitching about being a victim like her old sister

No. 170641


If anything I've noticed kota doesn't like all that negative attention whereas kaka craves it.

Kota avoids it. I can't say I blame her either. I remember that video of her first trip/interview to Japan and her walking down the street blushing "God… this.. is so embarrassing" and apparently from PULL ages ago, I recall someone knew someone who knew lol someone which worked in the industry and a model asked why she didn't like taking pictures with fans. She said "Ah… well it's just embarrassing I guess". She knows.

File: 1424381574429.jpg (93.21 KB, 431x700, spsp.jpg)

No. 51609[Reply]


Created by /baphomet/ (a /pol/ subsidiary) to piss off Swami (attention whoring tranny owner of /fem/ who uses nudes from /soc/ whores to claim as "herself"), /tradfem/ is a board full of "traditional, pure Christian women" who wish to return to the "old ways" of life.

Threads on the board spout the typical nonsense one would expect from those who live by only Jane Austen and romanticism of the past. Here you will find condescending opinions where these "women" (lol) look down upon modern women for things as trivial as birth control, skin care techniques, nail polish, etc.

Potential lolcows? Absolutely, as the admin firmly bans anyone who comes to the board and dares to disagree with them even civilly. In fact, when there was a thread calling them out on how they copypasted their "experiences" from a baby forum via simple Google search the thread was wiped within twenty minutes.
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No. 171535

I agree, I'm not a feminist, but REAL feminists fought for EQUAL rights, as in work rights, voting rights and so on. Now its about flinging their vaginas in everyones face as if that will make anyone respect them. (basically reverting women back into "objects" then respectable human beings). Walking around nude does not mean we have rights, just way to throw us in a stone age. It's ass-backwards. Thanks to idiocy in the media brainwashing.

No. 171541

>it wasn't meant for neckbeards or males at all
But it was. It was literally made BY them, FOR them in a lame attempt to lure girls. Since they now know that won't work because they're men and therefore total shit at impersonating or gently goading women online, they're now trying out >>145763.
It's an embarrassment, and you're an embarrassment tbh.

No. 171542


Agreed, I am a feminist. But it's embarrassing nowadays, most of the young girls on tumblr know shit all. It's all about "MY UTERUS NOT YOURS U MALE RAPIST CUNT" on badges, arm pit hair with glitter for their zines, showing off their fanny and going on about "ITS ONLY OUR BODY OMG ITS JUST A VAGINA" and then gets upset when people look like you can't avoid that shit. It's fucking retarded.

Anyone else noticed from cartoons, to anime to quotations nowadays on tumblr it's all about like how men are terrible and how women are amazing/better/stong? Not saying women are bad or anything but I get sort of tired seeing this shit. It's all I ever saw on my last tumblr and now thankfully following decent blogs I don't. I swear, that website needs a separate one just to get away from the dickheads using the pronoun thing, angry feminbodies and dumblr dickheads.

No. 171554

Its funny because the 1920's were a liberating time for women, getting the right to vote and being rebellious. Whereas the 50's were considered a "step back" in the women's rights movement.

No. 171559

> That's why we need to keep places like lolcows alive and defended.

It pisses me off so much how there is like no space for girls at all. We can't have our own thing without loser guys invading it. Fucking neckbeards stick their greasy noses in everything like the faggots from /r9k/ that ruined /b/. Lolcow is awesome bc its a place filled with chicks for once and not guys pretending to be chicks. But now /b/ is a shithole thanks to desperate virgins.

File: 1440891758855.jpg (65.76 KB, 513x719, jullaaay.jpg)

No. 171728[Reply]

Question: what starts with a ju and ends with a lay?

No. 171739

Shit thread, OP

No. 171771

We already have a thread on him bro.

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