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File: 1421415419802.jpg (117.63 KB, 454x543, Peasants.jpg)

No. 40500[Reply]

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No. 136974

>bumping a month-old thread to call people jelly
You should know better, anon.

No. 137005

kek, now we gonna make fun of her.

No. 137077

Lulz :3 no really

No. 137107


summer lolcow is here, they don't know better anon.

No. 137140

Hej Johanna. :D

File: 1427132310640.jpg (120.4 KB, 478x720, image.jpg)

No. 67197[Reply]

Amor Hilton
a.k.a. Nicole Friend, Amor Hilton is a self proclaimed model/dj/producer/actress/scene queen/celebrity… you name it, she's probably pretended to be it.
Amor Hilton's are the epitome of an attention whore. To classify as one, a person usually must take slutty "modeling" pictures, cake on a pound and a half of make up daily, have no self respect, do a obscene amount of drugs, and do basically what ever it takes to get known… because any publicity is good publicity, right? She went out with Trace Cyrus hoping for fame, filmed various pornos and then pretended that she was tricked into it, got a pimp daddy to get her a boob job because she had gross pizza looking tits, It seems she's now a lesbian too. Do you guys remember her?
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No. 802957

File: 1604270830653.jpeg (1 MB, 1536x2048, 3C70AA9A-6128-412A-BB5D-F5F594…)

Just got this off some guys Facebook profile who seems to be dating Amor at the moment(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 802967

her feet look a bit fucked but she looks a lot prettier nowadays

No. 803676

>put out to pasture


No. 803677

Using the name field probably.

No. 803678

Necro you dummy

File: 1539916944428.jpeg (279.17 KB, 1242x1017, 1539155045176.jpeg)

No. 589795[Reply]

Thread Image Credit: >>586933
Previous Thread: >>>/pt/586025
Onion Thread Archives: >>>/pt/511709

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/ Lainey/Taylor Avaroe, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

>Still no public updates on Tractorgate as of October 18th, 2018.

>Greg dropped the Character bs on his twitter >>586032
>Is still trying to stir up drama with trans youtuber Kalvin Garrah >>586067 >>586077
>Caps detailing an ex’s experiences with Greg and Lainey are dropped. >>586120 >>586145 >>586231 Greg and Lainey avoid and delete/block any commenters mentioning her.
>Lainey and/or Greg copyright strike Kalvin’s transtrender video, revealing her youtube network to be Fullscreen Inc. >>586263
>Brings up AJ’s “apology” in his #HimToo video >>586415
>Megan (rxbootyslayer) is outed by admin for self-posting and trashing Lainey and friends in onion related threads. >>>/snow/708131
>Lainey makes a video about why she won’t date anymore (subject to change). Implies that her ex is lying in the video. >>587356
>>Replies to Lainey’s private twitter make it apparent she had a shit birthday. >>589307 Some anons speculate it’s because Lainey and Sarah are no longer friends. >>589317
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 595412

I'd be willing to bet that a lot of his issues with temperature sensitivity, facial inflammation, oily/dry skin, weight gain, etc (as well as Lainey's hair loss and anemia) are directly connected to their shitty diet. It's super common for vegans and vegetarians to end up having hormone and thyroid dysfunction because they're consuming such high quantities of gluten and soy; and in their case it's even more extreme, since everything else they eat apart from those two things are sugary, processed crap, and eating out every other day.

No. 597174

Does anyone know when/where the hearing will be and if anyone can go? I'm from Gig Harbor and have no life lmao.

No. 597402

That's not common at all, stop making shit up. Most people, vegetarian or not, are not as fucking incompetent or lazy as the Onions, at least not in adulthood.

No doubt their shitty diet causes a lot of their physical and even mental problems, but it's not a common thing. It's because Gurg and Lame are abnormally retarded.

Those poor kids though. Kind of wish Billie did let Gurg run off so Lamey would move back with her parents who might make them some decent meals.(necromancy)

No. 597424

I agree with you, the best lainey could come up with in her “eating super healthy for a day” video was eggs and a fruit smoothie. Their diets are so fucked anything that isn’t frozen or freeze dried is seen as a super food.(necromancy)

No. 597425

File: 1429836511612.jpg (548.68 KB, 1280x1920, 1424704003075.jpg)

No. 87759[Reply]

Looks like we're in need of an Annie thread.

Annie May Chaplin is a /cgl/ tripfag from the UK known for manipulative, obsessive, and crazy behavior. Her activities include backstabbing, stalking, and gaslighting current and former friends, creating a Youtube channel to make tons of "hilarious" bitchy parodies of Venus Angelic, A-Log style, and samefagging the fuck out of every thread that's ever talked about her on the internet. She supposedly once even tried to spread an STD to a girl's boyfriend because of a vendetta she had against her, or fucked him and tried to convince her she had an STD or something like that.

Recently, some people were talking about her in the /pt/ cgl thread and she got caught redhanded making a fake rape threat to herself with a proxy to try and get the thread deleted and erase all the ~mean hater comments~. The delicious dramu starts at >>87247.

Some usernames

Phoxe De La Boxe
Kanina Refinn

Profiles (some are hidden or deleted)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 88840


Hilarious how self-important she is.

No. 144901

So, anyone else think Annie is genuinely attractive?

No. 144902

I don't know, I look a lot like her and I've never thought of myself as attractive, so if there's people who think that, cool!

No. 144903

Maybe Anna Mae (which sounds really American imo) or Annabel May

No. 144904

To be fair, people's bodies don't usually have the same colouring. Although it's usually the other way around, darker face and lighter arms/legs.

File: 1438360970446.jpg (294.68 KB, 1280x1024, MarjanSiklicGGG2010,2.jpg)

No. 147891[Reply]

Marjan Siklic (Croatian: Marjan Šiklić) is a deluded blogger and epic lolcow from Zagreb, Croatia who created Governments Get Girlfriends to introduce the internets to the “new, radical idea that governments have to help certain people obtain a girlfriend.” Marjan’s first act of radicalization happened in April 2008 when he had been previously arrested for detailing his plan of a murder-suicide of some girl who broke up with him back on the Love-shy.com forums. He was reported to Interpol, arrested by the police, charged with death threats, and thrown in prison for a month. Since then, he believes that society has been brainwashed by “The Atheist Cult” (TAC) which consists of liberals, leftists, atheists, and feminists (by his terminology, murderers and psychopaths). For example, he is sickened by the fact that rape is considered worse than involuntary celibacy (incel).

Now Marjan Siklic wants to rise a great virgin army and aims to be a martyr to his cause and believes that a killing spree is justified as society has killed and continues to kill countless pathetic incels. He considers himself a future mass murderer and hopes to follow in the footsteps of his beloved George Sodini. He believes the greatest lie of our modern era is that involuntary celibacy is caused due to personal problems of fucked up men. He thinks it’s crazy for other people to not take responsibility to find him a girlfriend. Apparently, adult male virgins who are too pathetic to man up and get laid don’t deserve to die alone.

Apart from all this, Marjan Siklic is, suffice to say, a sick fuck. Not only is he a manchild crying about society and how his mother won’t fuck him and other such nonsense. He seems to write nonstop about it and most of his posts are tl;dr.
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No. 270560


No. 270561

This crazy "artist" bitch made my country look like a bunch of grass fuckers.
90% of things you see in that video are made up by Abramovic so she can get attention by being shocking.

No. 270563

She and a bunch of other rabid ponces recently claimed that 85% of women in the Balkans get molested. When questioned about where they pulled the number from, they just kept saying 'it doesn't matter, that's not the point'.

I don't know why some people have such a massive hateboner for our country/ies, I mean they're kinda shit but they're honestly not that bad.

Does someone pay them to do this shit?

No. 270571

I'm guessing it's all for attention and exposure which makes more people come to their shitshows and so they earn money.

>In my homeland men fuck grass and 85% of women get molested.

Bravo Abramovic

No. 270653

What's the ten percent that isn't?

File: 1422828730733.jpg (33.83 KB, 480x525, 6193_330003267129770_428379250…)

No. 45587[Reply]

Ophelia (Although she changes her name, personality, friends, interests and life story every two years) is a MFC lolcow like non other. Prepare yourself children, for the lolcow of all lolcows

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No. 816508

File: 1610931600702.jpeg (813.68 KB, 1242x1807, 3EF0E0CF-FDA8-4DBF-80F9-E9E5B8…)

nothing to be pessimistic about. not only are you too fat to conceive, but if you ever did, social services would snatch the poor bugger in an instant.

No. 817234

You should have saged since it's not milk, but I agree she would make a terrible, terrible mother. If there is a god, may god have mercy on that poor bastard if she ever ends up procreating.

No. 818338

Anyone else noticed all the "trad" stuff on her twitter? Is she due a persona reinvention?

No. 822163

She's wearing milkmaid shit now because it's the only thing she's fat enough to pull off

No. 822165

every third post on her twitter is some variation of 'im horny'. it's so nauseating to read from someone that large and grotesque

File: 1547168531216.gif (2.21 MB, 440x440, camgirl.gif)

No. 624348[Reply]

Current Main thread: >>>/pt/563425

Previous Stream thread >>>/pt/569199

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun, momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 637400

This isn't new to anyone but me, but it just fell into my head like an Acme anvil: she refuses to display her own nipples publicly in these streams, yet openly displayed Kay Bear's without permission in a public bathroom. Those two specific facts have never lined up to me until now, and it genuinely made me feel nauseated. She doesn't merely have predatory instincts when around other peoples' bodies, she sets different standards for her own, which should tell all of her current "friends" one important thing: an obese sex offender thinks she's better than you! You're just squeeze toys.

Sorry for the long-winded and obvious shit, but I've never quite analyzed how fucked up it actually is when the specifics are sifted. But then again, you have to be a hypocrite to function as a human after gross misdeeds, so my comment is doubly obvious.

No. 637434

I can't tell if you're a newfag or an oldfag being obtuse for no reason.

No. 637688

Wtf I knew she packed on weight but that much??? Yikes

No. 638358

Has anyone upload last stream yet?

No. 794769


File: 1428372269614.png (987.63 KB, 1600x800, brianna wu.png)

No. 76768[Reply]

She seems like a popular topic around the internet these days. Anyone want to talk about her here?
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No. 391097

I still don't know how that term is perfectly okay. It's the same as calling someone "colored". That shit didn't fly in the 50s and 60s, but it's okay now.

No. 397122


He got a puff-piece made out of bullshit from CNET today.

No. 397206


It's the modern day White Man's Burden. Only difference is that the guys behind the first were at least honest.

No. 397222

File: 1497562931518.png (26.41 KB, 213x254, scruff.png)

who the fuck are these journalists writing about shit they know nothing about

also, toy and games section, kek

No. 820462


File: 1497992177617.png (234.31 KB, 478x297, Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 23.5…)

No. 399285[Reply]

Liveblog your thoughts about the stream here! Here's the link: https://www.younow.com/laineybot
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No. 400079

There's also Lainey's After Debate livestream, where she guested random people after Joy left. It was just posted about 30 min ago.

'Laineybot YouNow 6/20/17 (AFTER ONISION DEBATE)' on The Blargh's channel (58:10)

Also, only semi-related but before Onision talked to Jeff Holiday on YouNow he guested Jaclyn Glenn and Social Repose. They didn't really say anything about the debate but including the link anyway.

'ONISION Guests JACLYN GLENN & SOCIAL REPOSE (YouNow Debate Clip 6/20/17)'
on The Blargh's channel (4:16)

No. 400098

this is def. outta curiousity and saged but why did you use an abra for comparison

No. 400099

Not that anon but she's clearly a boring abra. Can't do anything except cry and run away lel

No. 400110

Cool for posting links but do not link to videos on gregmas youtube. We aren't here to give him views on his drama mongering shit.

No. 400117

File: 1498047892425.png (193.92 KB, 1724x648, socialbladeccomparison.png)

If you look at his social blade this stunt hasn't really helped him….he didn't get that many more views, they were well within his usual range, and his subs took a bigger dive than usual yesterday. All it did was help Joy a whole lot, which has to be the opposite of what he wanted. She gained almost 2K subs yesterday and today has already gotten twice as many views as usual.

File: 1529899434044.jpeg (775.01 KB, 1242x1145, 1529688585722.jpeg)

No. 535385[Reply]

First thread: First >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>531786

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay


Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun

Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, xmariahmalladx

Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 538766

no, she'll just remind people of the very minor, insignificant changes CC made to the outfit to claim she didn't copy it! god, she's like the vanilla ice of cosplay.

No. 538767

258k followers including her beloved cosmom to see Janet's story, beautiful really. Couldn't pick a better cosplayer to do the job.

No. 538768

"She had a different opinion than me. How dare she!"

No. 538769

Honestly this is so delicious, we’ve been hoping a bigger cosplayer would come for her and finally, and even then it was unintentional because moo apparently is curator of lewd cosplay
God I can’t wait for people to see how fucking stupid she is, even susu had the decency to message jennet privately and ask what she meant, and it’s clear jennet isn’t a native English speaker right? So nice way for moo to really twist her words into her narrative

No. 538770


She's so fucking smug it's intolerable lol she feels untouchable because her neckbeards will defend her to the ends of the earth as long as they get to see some tiddy. She's fucking pathetic, I'm living for this sperg out right now lmao.

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