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No. 890095

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24 year old “family friendly pet mom” YouTuber, her insane controlling mother, and her obsession with mental health and addiction recovery advocacy.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/882127

The basics:

>Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after “rehoming” them. Fails to give proper enclosures to many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.

>Taylor left sober living after rehoming around 12 of her pets to be “back with her animals” living at her mother’s house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room and taken care of by her mother.
>Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.
>Taylor has established a pattern of promising to upload, and making terrible excuses relating to poor internet connection or tech issues, or flat out vanishing for weeks to months, returning to announce another come back video which is totally coming

Taylor’s Social Media Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/taylorndean/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@taylorndean
Jen’s Links (mind the fakes; don’t fall for the parody accounts and old accounts of hers that have been taken over):
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tamonandpumbaa
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/jenjenmouse1

New Milk
>“Logs back onto” social media after disappearing for over a month >>882137
>Obligatory munchie update. She has another temp heart monitor, this time gunning for a POTS diagnosis. Her heart is so bad she “might end up in a wheelchair” >>882138 >>882976
>Still hanging with new bff Cassie >>882156
>Cassie was dating a meth head who lives in a shed >>882142 >>882144 (Taylor at the bar with the shed meth head >>882147 )
>Goes on a full bender, posting shaky bar videos and selfies night after night while being “too sick” to sit down and film >>882278 >>882492 >>883091 >>882980 >>883294 >>883351
>Says Cassie has been sober “longer than her” >>882499 anon posts a picture of Cassie with actual heroin from march >>882595 meaning Taylor has been sober for 4 months at most, not 11+ months like she was claiming.
>Jonny exposes texts between him and Taylor on his instagram, the messages make it sound like she isn't sober and hasn’t been for years >>882980 he quickly deletes the story.
>Her heart is apparently so bad she picks up a plastic tub and almost dies >>883266 completely ignoring the fact she's been posting herself partying for a week straight, I guess her heart only acts up when it's convenient for her.
>Admitting she hasn't been sleeping >>883315 >>883474 super sober queen behavior.
>Taylor and Cassie live stream >>883405 generous recap (ty livestream anon) >>883513 and video archive >>884016 >>884035
>Says on stream she pissed in fast food cups and kept them in her room because of depression
>Goes on multiple rants addressing the haters, seems almost manic >>883362 >>883365 >>883367 >>883464 >>883465 >>883466 ect…
>Accidentally confirms her relapse by saying she's “several months sober” in july when in february she was almost 10 months sober >>883769 If she didn’t relapse she would be well over one year sober, not just a few months.
>Promises more videos after saying she wouldn't do that anymore >>883872 that sure lasted long.
>Proving she still lurks >>883879 >>883886
>More lying about editing and uploading videos that don't exist >>884126 >>884183 Same old self sabotaging cycle
>Manically rants at haters AGAIN >>884183 >>884212 >>884223 >>884243 >>884246 (she interacts with this thread more than her actual fans)
>Gnarly meth sores peaking through filters >>882292 >>885556 >>889737 >>889738
>Anons solve an age-old cryptozoology mystery! >>886599
>Even more empty video promises >>887241 >>887242
>Coincidently rants about losing weight and posts a creepy wannarexic vid after JCs new gf being skinny is brought up >>889102 >>889161
>Goes on a narc rant after dying her hair, says she's going to reveal the new amazing, innovative, color in her comeback video >>888429 >>888430 >>888431 this doesn't make any sense because according to her the videos were already filmed and edited weeks earlier.
>Reveals part of her hair hours later on instagram >>889258
>Says a new video will be up “this week” >>889148 then “just a few days” >>889259
>Aaaaand to nobody's surprise the upload date changed from just a few days to the end of august or the beginning of september >>889740

Old Milk:
>Last video uploaded 6 months ago “my snake is genetically his own twin” >>866225
>11 months since she first talked about the zen habitat video >>852040
>I guess she forgot about the moth video >>863239 >>862884
>Admitted she has no idea where tate got re-homed to >>866833
>Talks about moving out >>867511 >>866325
>Claims 9 months sober on February 2nd ‘22 >>866921
>Out drinking while “sober” >>868797
>Gifted her clout chasing friend her spam account >>868821
>Tits out 4 turning 25 >>871384
>Deleted her JC call out video >>872667
>Befriended JC her self proclaimed abuser and rapist for “closure” >>875532
>Fans upset she let her abuser back into her life >>875660
>Reconnected with her drug pal Cassie >>876592
>Meth ranted about having “five pages of video ideas” and making a filming schedule (obviously nothing came of it) >>876600 >>876601

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No. 890096

File: 1661827530896.jpeg (1.05 MB, 3464x3196, D6CC2BB3-ABB3-45AD-963A-F07D10…)

Sorry it took so long. Also I couldn’t decide on the thread pic so im just gunna leave this one here.

No. 890099

Ty anon!

Still no upload at the end of August, so surprising

No. 890135

Fucking excellent recap anon. You so sassy. Best thread thank you for making it I'm addicted to her milk.

No. 890181

In before she can't post in September because the ~algorithm~ tells her it's a bad time

No. 890190

I cba to go looking for the proof, but hasn't she claimed in the past that September (or October) is the worst month for her migraines? Sorry if I'm confusing my cow lore.

No. 890197

I spit out my coffee and nearly choked on it when I saw the thread pic. Beautiful work anon.

No. 890200

Tinfoil: she keeps pushing back the videos date because she stopped using meth a few weeks ago (she’s probably still using less destructive drugs) and is waiting for her meth face to clear up before filming. She hasn’t uploaded in 6 months so I think she’ll try and squeeze a video out before the end of the year just for extra $$, probably one of her stupid ranting update videos.

No. 890205

Gah I m so bored that I actually want her to drop her video asap so we can have some milk to talk about !

No. 890209

File: 1661967268741.png (963.58 KB, 1170x2532, 72C30ECC-5E13-4FFE-9723-9B5750…)

>>890190 yep that’s her who complained about migraines in September/October. Here’s some tweets. I looked through and the last time she tweeted about migraines was in February of 2020. Now that it’s been brought up again, let’s see if she posts about “muh awful migraines” being the reason she’s pushing back her already filmed and edited videos she claims she has.

No. 890212

I actually have a theory that her cycle is based on payday. She gets paid then meth binge for "productivity", goes out a bunch, spirals ends up depressed in bed no usable content created and then the next few weeks she can only afford the fent, or is sick/barely staying well or mama dean is funding or some shit like that. I haven't gone through and checked but she has a pretty consistent pattern at this point

No. 890229

Agreed. It's too consistent of a cycle.
How often does YouTube pay? The cycle I also think is
1. Come back from a long hiatus and promise us she's "still there"
2. Explain she's suffering from ___ < (insert multiple conditions she made up or have convinced herself she has that always immobilize her when she has to film)
3. Discuss extremely inconsequential self important narc information that NOONE cares about (her hair, her piercings, her weight, never her pets)
4. Swears she will be getting back to a schedule soon and she's found the key to unlock all the motivation/ has multiple videos filmed/ has someone helping her.
5. Hypes up the videos that she clearly hasn't created
6. ????
7. ???????
8. Profit

Aaaaand disappear

I think we've all mentioned that we'd watch her content even if it was just junkie rambling. Some content better than no content. If she just patched over to "daily vlogs"
Or "get ready with me" or "going to a grocery store" or "filming at the bar with friends" she won't have to fancy edit it and attest will have some viewership.

She's useless

No. 890244

YouTube pays monthly. They pay for ads watched on a video, so as long as people keep watching her old videos she doesn’t need to raise a finger and she’s still going to get a little money from YouTube. That’s why anons think she hypes up “new videos” so fans watch her old ones in anticipation, her views go up, and she makes more money with barely any additional effort.

No. 890305

I remember last year she promised a video the first week of September, I think she said it would be uploaded on the 4th and that never happened. My bets are this will be a repeat of last yr.

No. 890354

incredible job anon! the title… the picture… the recap! chefs kiss

she's probably waiting for her meth face to clear up as well as attempt to drop weight and look skeletal before she uploads. she's really a wannarexic, it's so weird.

No. 890415

She has been completely radio silent for the past two days. I wonder if she'll disappear again and ghost everyone after pretending she was actually going to upload a video in September. She's such a joke.

No. 890418

I know Taylor is a pretty boring cow but her ability to lie to and manipulate her fans and treat them like complete shit with seemingly no remorse makes her one of my favourites. She really is a heartless bitch who only cares about herself and getting high.

No. 890423

This has got to be the most hilarious thread pic I’ve ever seen for her threads. A plus anon. I commend you. Unless anyone knows of a funnier one from TND’s threads

No. 890488

funny how the thread before last, the thread was literally about to be locked and we figured taylor may graduate lolcow. but of course once she lurked, she freaked out about not being talked about so she started being more active. now look…. everyone knows she gained massive amounts of weight/has edema whatever and is similar to a thumb-thumb/big foot. if only she wasn't such a desperate attention whore, she coulda got away with mysteriously disappearing. now she's probably on myproana asking "tips" on how to develop anorexia because she's insecure and wants to be tiny and sick

No. 890506

Not to nitpick but I agree with the weightloss thing. She has a good bit of fat right where her halsey tattoo is that wasn't there before which just doesn’t seem proportional with her arm. I’ve never seen bra straps cut into her like that so im also guessing just like with everything else she’s trying to speak the weightloss into reality

No. 890562

This has been the longest radio silence we’ve had from her since she randomly returned back to instagram hanging out with tinytweaker. Did she croak? Rehab? Hiding from her video promises? What are we thinking here’s

No. 890563

I still can’t believe that’s Taylor in the thread pic. Like damn she let herself GO. I know a lot of anons in here think she’s always been ugly, but I actually thought she was very pretty pre Jonny and even for a little bit while they were dating. And the fact that she was high enough to think she looked okay to get on a livestream looking like this…. Yikes

No. 890564

The state of her calves tho… is what shocked me the most. They have never been that swollen and puffy, so she must be shooting up only in her legs. They literally look like they need to be amputated, and they WILL be very soon if she doesn’t stop destroying her entire body.

Praying mama Dean finally out her foot down (that part is very doubtful tho)
My guess is she caught Taylor and/or Kassi doing drugs finally, or found their drugs or needles or spoons, a meth pipe, anything. Cuz you can only hide the kind of severe drug abuse and crazy antics for so long. I’m almost positive she got caught. She was out of her mind. I hope she kicked that nasty leech Kassi out and forced Taylor into rehab. (Even tho forcing someone to get clean never works) or she probably gave her an ultimatum and said go to rehab or get the fuck out. So it’s possible she’s living on the streets now, also possible mama Dean took her phone away or turned it off so she can’t contact her dealers. I’m just wondering what the hell she was doing/is possibly still doing to pay for her drugs. Prostitution? Kassi has always given me prostitute vibes, maybe Kassi has shown her the ways. Idk who would willingly fuck Taylor now tho, I hope she doesn’t mention she didn’t shower for MONTHS. That can cause so many different bacteria or fungal infections, like BV or yeast infection. Barf.

And lastly… and hopefully what happened is they got arrested. Maybe Taylor needs that for her rock bottom. Does anyone know how to look up San Antonio mug shots? Has anyone seen Kassi or Betsy posting on instagram?

No. 890572

my best guess is taylor is feeling very insecure that anons caught wind of her tree trunk legs and hunchback body. i seriously think she'll return after she "lost weight". she's probably on a meth binge right now trying to get skinny

No. 890574

But I thought she was so excited about her new hair.

No. 890599

File: 1662342653881.jpeg (135.47 KB, 946x2048, B8303613-15C1-4C69-94B0-0DBBAA…)

POV: you're taylor asking Kassi if she has any drugs to make you lose weight fast

No. 890600

File: 1662343989733.jpeg (95.42 KB, 828x1234, 48111F50-86EE-4C9C-98E0-F79D49…)

Is this a recent picture? Because there’s a syringe on the counter behind her.

No. 890602

Lol that’s a cig.

No. 890613

Adderall 20mg extended release

No. 890615


No. 890621

Are you fo real? my god, it’s a cig 1000%

No. 890625

Where/when was this posted?

No. 890626

Putting bets that Taytay will announce another fake return for halloween now at this point..

No. 890629

I feel like we (farmers) are pretty much the only people who pay attention to her at this point. I also feel like if she was on a meth binge right now she’d be manically sperging on instagram stories, she’s probably doing heroin
I’m one of the anons who think she was very pretty before the fat ginger hobbit got his grubby paws on her, this thread pic simultaneously has me cackling and depressed, she truly is a walking anti-drug PSA

No. 890647

that's honestly pretty bleak. imagine going from being a family-friendly almost household name in the pet tube world to your only audience being farmers that you try to impress by frying your hair different colors

No. 890650

That’s the reality of heavy drug use.

No. 890657

5 days into the new month and she's radio silent. Who could have seen this coming?

No. 890710

File: 1662452150784.png (3.34 MB, 750x1334, 084A50E1-8136-4BBA-8E2C-84F10F…)

So here’s Betsey with Louis. So Taylor is alive, and she’s gonna fucking die if her parents keep enabling her and letting her use in their house. I remember when we all thought JC would die, but now it’s Taylor. I’m sure all those infections that she had in the hospital from using have came back.

No. 890711


So yesterday Becky posted that photo then both her and Taylor followed a band and its four members. The band played last night at the same small venue they have gone to before. So obviously Taylor's feeling good enough to go party just not upload vids.

No. 890712

File: 1662452612892.png (1.61 MB, 864x1381, Screenshots_2022-09-06-04-23-0…)

Moocher Kassi just posted this. If this chick is still allowed to live with Taylor, then Mama Dean is out of her fucking mind. Look at that hand.

No. 890715

File: 1662454754284.jpeg (43.09 KB, 750x190, 755E5CEA-3F33-45A2-9868-E4F6C8…)

LMAOOO. Taylor is already high as a kite when she logs in, that is the only time she logs in. Fans calling her out on enabling her. It’s fans like these who keep letting Taylor think her current behavior is totally okay, is enabling.

No. 890717

At first I thought she wasn’t posting vids cuz she’s insecure about her looks, but she’s secure enough to do her makeup and go out partying dressed like a prostitute. Taylor is such a lazy liar. There probably isn’t even any videos filmed, her wanting to have two ready before she uploads just another excuse and buys her time. I can’t even believe she has any fans left, commenting positive things on her last post. How are they that dense that they can’t see what’s really going on?

No. 890718

Fans calling her out are NOT* enabling her

No. 890739

File: 1662480397450.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1125x1402, BE0EBA9E-E5ED-45AF-BDAC-121226…)

why is this chick taking pics in a hoe outfit with a child? seriously what the fuck(off-topic )

No. 890740

File: 1662480428075.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1115x1397, F13FB738-A11C-4B65-B373-E5D184…)

brooo…. who's gonna tell her that a snaggle tooth does not mean she's a vampire lol

No. 890741

Don't start with the Anthea crap

No. 890746

I don’t think that’s a picture of Cassie, it looks like one of her friends. It’s still super suspicious that a “clean” addict is hanging around somebody who’s obviously still using, I think Cassie’s just tired of keeping up the sober act.
Just report it and move on she always self posts in this thread and the Jonny one.

No. 890750

it is a photo of her though. tattoos match up.

No. 890753

Holy shit you’re right. Damn, those are some nasty tracks.

No. 890764

It's from a long time ago. Look at the beginning of her Instagram photos… that was when she was using she was tiny and had an eating disorder.
She's either doing it to get a rise out of the farms or she's feeling nostalgic.

No. 890765

I check the tats as well, because beyond the awful tracks I thought this chick was too thin to be kassie. She’s got the junkie version of the warped tour tan..

No. 890766

This is what I figured, no way would she be able to lose that much weight thag quickly.

No. 890767

That’s honestly so upsetting. Many people who recover from eating disorders end up putting on a ton of weight. With everyone in the thread making fun of her for being big I could imagine that severely triggered her. Maybe her and Tay will end up restricting together. Honestly a huge shame, she doesn’t even look bad while big, she has a very pretty face.

No. 890769

before checking if the tattoos matched up i honestly thought it was a new meth head boyfriend of hers. she’s so much prettier now?

No. 890771

Jesus Christ

No. 890772

Athena stop self posting. No one cares about you. Why do you try so hard to be a cow? It’s pathetic.
I wish mods would reveal all her posts like they did with Emzotic, we already have that one post for proof where she posted tweets from her own twitter account. What a dumbass attention whore.

No. 890773

Notice how as soon as someone brought up Kassi and Betsey haven’t been posting, they both posted. I suppose they are reading the threads now.

No. 890774

File: 1662496253857.jpeg (420.28 KB, 1936x1936, 57A43A4C-5BAF-45F7-9265-789A8B…)

“Very pretty face”

….where? She looks like the junkie version of the wicked with of the west.

No. 890775

File: 1662497161028.jpeg (15.73 KB, 241x224, BE586BEC-0759-4754-B681-9987C7…)

Probably bait, I get the vibe she loves the attention she gets from this site.
I actually think she’s really cute, in like a retarded child kind of way.

No. 890781

Obviously cherry picking 2 horrible photos of someone means they are definitely -100/10. True anon.

No. 890783

nta but she filters the absolute fuck out of her posted pictures, so using two candids is pretty fair. and she literally looks like shit throughout that whole live stream it’s not like it’s just one bad frame kek?

No. 890784

Clearly they are both drinking/using coke/using meth that night and are coming down or way too high to care what they look like. Kassi looks like she was on molly or something she was all red under her makeup and her eye makeup was very very smudged. She's pretty for sure, but it was a bad bad look. She seems to use makeup to obscure her looks to something less desirable as we've all discussed before. She has to know it doesn't do any favors.

No. 890791

Dude stop posting this photo edit of Cassie any time someone has a different opinion than you.

No. 890792

Not even worth fighting them anon, they lose their shit and spam the thread if you think she’s pretty. Imagine going crazy over anons thinking an addict is pretty.

She’s pretty get over it.

No. 890798

pretty people can’t be addicts, duh anon

No. 890801

Does anyone have the original tree trunk legs pic or a link to the post? I skimmed the last couple threads and couldn't find it

No. 890803

>they lose their shit and spam the thread if you think she’s pretty
This is exactly what YOU’RE doing . You’re all autistically spamming the thread with your own useless opinions on this crack heads appearance, it’s not one sides fault. Idk how many times we have to go in this circle before anons realize arguing over beauty on lolcow is like trying to herd cats.

No. 890804

I made one post pointing out they repost that pic, boo hoo. Good job doing the same thing.

No. 890806

Nah girl some of you are real mad she’s prettier than you AND a fat junkie.

No. 890810

It’s so annoying, it happens like clock work every time she’s posted. They all sound so retarded going back and forth like it’s some sped debate club.

No. 890811

Cry about it

No. 890812

I hope taylor starts lying again soon because i cant stand these bitches when the milk dries up. I even removed JC's thread link from this op in hopes the weirdos who infight 24/7 would stay over there but to no avail apparently.

No. 890813

“Prettier than us” oh my god LOOOOL

No. 890824

the milk only dries because the cow tipping retards itt scares them away. They’re milky as hell and then get y’all shitting up their comments and dms.

No. 890905

It’s just fucking bothersome to see your diy edit that you happen to post on a number of occasions. It would be nice if you printed and framed your edit so you can stare at it all day, instead of make us all see it over and over.

No. 890907

Why the fuck is kassie even posted when it has nothing to do with Tay tay. If they are at the bar togther i get it, but some anons bring her up so randomly

No. 890913

Self posting likely, gotta get that sweet sweet anon attention!

No. 890929

livestream nona here - im fairly certain her or taylor posted the screenshots about the two livestreams they did. No one else ever reported on the first stream and no one at all reported on the second one despite someone posting about each when it was happening. I’m not the one that posted the ss announcing. It could be a lazy farmer ots just that there was several sus posts then as well

No. 890976

File: 1662645442072.jpeg (257.94 KB, 828x1544, AE7051AC-2F77-498D-B430-60E113…)

Can we all just silently have a mutual agreement to ignore posts about debating cows and their circle friends’s “beauty” and any mention of athena? (Ironically this post too) Yes. Great. Lets move on.

Also on an important side note.. JC is in texas.. I love for them to meet up and rekindle their relationshit.

Brownie points that it spiral into causing milk between syd and layna would be a chef’s kiss of drama.

On an

No. 890989

ohhh they are sooo meeting up and getting high together lmaooo damn taylor ur retarded as fuck

No. 891221

They are not doing either of these things, stop spreading false information. They are not even meeting up together

No. 891238

How the fuck would you know kek. You know one of them irl?

No. 891251

why not? they're probably shooting up heroin as we speak kek

No. 891255

He’s states away from texas now. It looks like him and his gang were just driving through. He doesn’t even have texas dates on his tour.

No. 891271

Chill the fuck out Kassi

No. 891301

File: 1662861476082.jpeg (196.21 KB, 750x1334, 39EB0985-87A5-4A2E-8772-A10874…)

on her latest IG post (which is still a very old post) … wtf is this

No. 891322

Yup they’re fucking as we speak. Like 2 beach whales wrestling.

No. 891324

This is a picture of the mountain in El Paso so he was absolutely nowhere near Taylor.

No. 891327

File: 1662870505398.jpeg (385.76 KB, 1428x1656, 127B8E53-1B26-4CE9-8457-781227…)

This whole interaction is gross. It's just a
stupid jc fan trying to suck Jonny's ass.
Pretty sure he’s just passed through Texas. Either way he's in Florida right now so I doubt they're hooking up lol.

No. 891391

Jonny is sober.. he’s on the Vivitrol shot. You cannot relapse on it. It blocks opiates. I’ve been on it. Taylor may not be sober but that doesn’t mean Jonny is gonna pay her a visit way out of his way to do a drug he can’t even feel? The whole “they are meeting up to fuck and get high” is so stupid, ignorant logic but y’all have fun believing that .

No. 891434

Absolut Kek

No. 891453

Taylor, I know you read here:

Your vid's don't have to be perfect.
Plz don't worry about editing
I've been on lolcow for like 5 years and it's probably only 5-7 anons that need to get laid and I'll take my bant for saying that's.

You have the opportunity to come the fuck back hard. Don't lose it!! Dontbget discouraged. Focus on your positive YouTube comments. Every week you don't post a video is another few hundred followers you lose. Just post a simple video.
Doesn't even need to be monetized yet.

Damnit just post a vid. You promised you had something. Atleast one person thinks you might be sober

Don't let these bitches keep you down.("hi cow" level: pathetic)

No. 891455


No. 891474

This was probably Jonny, did y’all see what was posted in his thread about him standing up to her haturz commenting under her recent photo?

No. 891479

Dude it totally is omfg

No. 891482

>Every week you don't post a video is another few hundred followers you lose. Just post a simple video.
>Damnit just post a vid. You promised you had something
Absolute gold. Even the people going out their way to encourage her are calling out her gross behaviour.

No. 891496

File: 1662986670292.jpeg (191.56 KB, 1242x848, 41F00CBC-605B-44DA-AA42-F70877…)

The comment has changed?

No. 891497

For me the whole comment thread is still there, that’s just another reply. He’s really going back and forth with haters in his exs comments now kek.

No. 891510

Listen to your mommy, Taylor. Bills gotta be paid at the Dean household

No. 891575

File: 1663055827160.jpeg (416.51 KB, 750x938, 96D5F25E-426D-47DB-AA5C-1E083A…)

Kassi looking better than Taylor (posted on her IG a few days ago)(derailing)

No. 891576

File: 1663056257448.jpeg (212.42 KB, 741x1144, A27378FF-F620-48DD-AF03-61F9E1…)

Taylor and Kassi about to be high as fuckkkkk

No. 891577

File: 1663056407394.jpeg (70.13 KB, 750x266, 9E33F9E4-BA48-40D8-A96B-BB488B…)

Yikes, she was at 300k followers just last week when I checked

No. 891594

Yuup pretty.

No. 891608

Can we all agree to report the non milky Cassie posts. The pattern of her coming here posting her selfies, and derailing with the whole pretty/ugly debate is clear as day. She’s just as hungry for attention as that junkie sloth looking bitch who’s always self posting here.

No. 891609

File: 1663085124359.jpeg (58.03 KB, 828x344, 91A2A449-E727-4E45-9B46-86582A…)

she lost 23k followed this year according to social blade. she’s probably been losing her most dedicated fans first because those are those ones that are going to remember the dates she promises be most upset when she ghosts like this. I wonder when shell finally slither back from her “internet break” and what fun excuse she’ll have this time. I’ll never forget the time she tried to use a shooting a few blocks away as a reason to why she couldn’t upload her already filmed video, like hearing distant gunshots somehow prevented her from hitting a button kek

No. 891612

Just ignore

No. 891687

File: 1663112974239.jpeg (344.58 KB, 1242x1852, AD972068-748A-4761-8CC4-B6DD76…)

She also posted a photo with track marks all over her hands and wrists. Gotta wonder what Taylor’s look like rn(derailing)

No. 891820

I gotta say now that I’ve been forced to view the kassie photos I am somewhat impressed by how quickly she’s managed to lose weight. I guess that’s what literally injecting meth will do to you…
yow wee taylor has really jumped the shark yall

No. 891846

taylor isn't returning until she's smoked enough meth to lose all her tub, that's what's going on right now guaranteed.

No. 891898

File: 1663259032378.jpeg (611.04 KB, 1125x2000, 351C3030-65A6-431F-A6BE-BA5F43…)

Tay makes an appearance on Betsy’s story

No. 891899

She looks like a fucking clown. The hair does nothing for her

No. 891900

I like how she made a big deal about how she had never seen this hair color combo before and how original it is. It’s literally just red and blonde split.

No. 891902

She looks so flat chested. And not to mention that hideous hair that's "never been done before." Gee, i wonder why? She looks like a female Ronald McDonald

No. 891903

wow, this ruins the hair reveal everyone is waiting for (sarcasm)

But I would like If Taylor could turn her life around and care for her pets, But it's weird that she thinks we are invested in her new hair instead of her animals. She literally wanted to make her hair a "reveal"?

No. 891909

Red and blonde was her super unique never been done before hair moment? Wow I’m shaking it’s so innovative. Good to know she’s out having fun while her fans are keeping themselves up at night wondering where tf she is. I’ve been following her shenanigans for at least 4 years and I’m still dumbfounded that she acts like this huge mental health advocate then turns around and treats her fans like NPCs who’s concerns and emotions don’t matter. She’s a massive narcissist that’s been surrounded by enablers for so long she can’t even feign being a considerate human anymore.

No. 891911

Good.. god.. the fucking hair.. taylor.. why… is like a new form of self-harm kek such a disaster. Like she needs new friends that will stop gassing her up to make poor fashion choices like this

No. 891914

Do you think she's disappeared because of her hair disaster or because she's on a meth binge? It's probably both.

No. 891915

She’s fluffing up her hair like kassie, who called skin walking 4.0 ?

No. 891916

She’s always been flat chested

No. 891921

Ikr, you can find a million examples on google images. She said she could only find two.

No. 891929

If she had an ounce of sense, she'd dye it black with some dark brown low lights, buy elf ears and cosplay the fairy from Ferngully. That would be such a cute aesthetic for her with her big blue eyes. Crysta didnt do meth,but she did fall in love with a basic bitch, loser human who's literal job was to destroy her entire life.

No. 891930

Dark blue, not brown.

No. 891941

does anyone else feel secondhand embarrassment from her desperate attempt to prove she's alternative? no matter how many times she dyes her hair, does weird makeup or wear dolls kill clothes, we all know she never had an emo/scene phase and was the driest most basic bitch growing up. it's just so weird i don't get it

No. 891951

betsy posted a pic of her and lil aaron… i guess he opened for sueco at a show last night. was that who was going to “help” taylor back in the atrium house days, or was that a diff “lil” sound cloud guy?

No. 891983

tbh i think when she gets a few dollars to buy herself drugs is when she gets online. Probably goes home to do them cuz she doesn't want to share. When she's broke i'm sure she tags along with friends to get her fix for free so she's not really worried about being online and facing her fans. The bitch has no ounce of shame in her. Her whole life is embarrassing

No. 892002

File: 1663351417454.jpeg (359.72 KB, 1294x2048, 6899AE3A-BF9A-4183-B833-456FAC…)

When Taylor said there were only “like two other examples” of her new hair on google pretty sure this was it

No. 892255

Just dropping in to say I think she’s faking celiac disease.

She apparently eats whataburger all the time. Wtf does this bitch eat at whataburger? Whataburger uses a shared fryer for their fries, so those aren’t celiac safe. Basically nothing at whataburger is celiac safe. The burgers can be served plain or on some lettuce but most celiacs wouldn’t risk getting cross contaminated just to eat a lettuce burger. Something tells me she’s not just getting a drink and some apple slices.

Also, YEARS ago, many threads back, homegirl claimed to have gotten glutened while at Disney world. I believe this was her excuse for missing a planned fan meet and greet at a con. I call fucking BULLSHIT because you would have to fucking go out of your way to get glutened at Disney world. There’s not a single place on earth that is more celiac/food allergy friendly than Disney.

Sage cause sour milk but fuck this lying bitch. If she had celiac she’d talk about it way fucking more and milk it for attention and pity.

No. 892260

It came out she was dope sick at Disney.

No. 892261

if I remember right I think anons looked into it and found that one of the fast food places she frequently got fries from used the same oil to deep fry nuggies and fries, meaning they’re contaminated because of the breading on the nuggies. She tends to lie a lot but the lies are based in very small truths, she probably has a mild allergy and exaggerated it to life threatening, if she even eats a molecule of gluten she’ll die, Celiac disease because that’s her M.O.

No. 892263

I agree 100% I really think she just over exaggerates for attention. Being “sick” is also a way people in active use make excuses to not show up for things or do things because they’re too busy being dopesick or high af. Or doing whatever they need to in order to get the drugs. If you’re “sick” all the time you don’t need to show up for anyone.

No. 892271

lmao sour milk or not your whole response here cracked me up nonnie. i think it's safe to say taylor is giving up on her "comeback" esp after outing herself for looking like a beached beluga whale

No. 892285

I'm still confused as to how doing meth made her get fatter.

No. 892293

She's likely always faked medical issues to compete with her brother (one-sidedly) for the parents' attention. As much as I think Mama Dean is a narc, she didn't need that much extra burden on her from Taylor's self-imposed (then fictious and now real) medical issues.

No. 892294

If you’ve ever heard of coke bloat, taking stimulants in general such as Meth causes blood pressure to rise which for some results in edema (or water retention). She hasnt become directly fat cause its not distributed over her entire body but key points like her ankles (legs in general). She most likely has been on her feet alot during the throes of a meth high cause where you swell depends on where the water ends up pooling in your body.
Then when she suddenly starts sleeping for days on end the water might migrate to other places making her face or arms swell, dehydration will also exacerbate the symptoms and our girl chooses vodka over water.

No. 892296

I guess none of us should be surprised that she’s been faking celiac disease this whole time. I guess she assumed nobody who actually has celiac would ever call her out on her shit.

I’m also not surprised that she has half assed her celiac ruse this whole time. If she actually had celiac she would have gone on a rant about her brother eating her gluten free snacks, or her family cross contaminating her, or how she got glutened by Jonny cause he ate a pizza and didn’t brush his teeth/wash his hands before kissing her or sharing a joint with her or whatever the fuck. Celiac is serious and she would have shown off her special gluten free toaster and gone on and on about how haaaard it is to be a special snowflake who can’t have gluten and how sad she is to watch her friends eat fast food without her.

I guess a reason she didn’t lean into this harder is because in addition to not thinking anyone would realize, leaning into celiac without actually having celiac would be a COLOSSAL pain in the ass.

No. 892298

There's more than celiac as well, like her EDS that magically only appears when she's on a drug binge. She has a whole list of diagnoses that she randomly brings up and alternates between whenever convenient: migraines, PMDD, I think even CRPS at one point, and many many others. And that's just the physical ones, she's gone through the list of popular mental illnesses as well, now mostly inching for that ADHD dx to get legal stimulants. It's hard to keep up with her insane amount of lies.

No. 892299

Taylor being a munchie is not a revelation of any kind

No. 892301

You're right nonna, just wanted to give the summary to original celiac anon who seems a bit behind on the lore, or for any newfag disgruntled ex-fans who wander here from her sporadic ig spams. Her current saga has overshadowed her old antics (the munching and animal neglect), but I feel like those were what made her a cow, not so much the drug stuff. A lot of her remaining stans seem to think that if she would just stay sober, she could "go back to normal", but they don't realize that her "normal" was never good to begin with.

No. 892371


I think that brings up the question of if Taylor is a Munchie, or if her mommy gave her the idea that she's so sick uwu. Like, did this behaviour originate with Taylor, or is her mom the one to blame for the start of it?

No. 892443

Would explain, not excuse.
She is an adult woman now, time to grow up and actually go to therapy. But our Taytay would never.
Also someone said they thought meth addicts were skinny. Only when they have to choose between food and meth. Taylor doesn't, she is fed and warm and well doped up. What a life.

No. 892467

It’s a big appetite suppressant for some, but when you do eat, it’s shitty, carby food with no nutritional value and you can still put away 2k+ calories worth of soda while geeked out of your mind

No. 892486

This would make sense for EDS but not really for celiac disease? EDS is pretty easy to fake or convince yourself you have it if you’re a munchie, but celiac is a physical reaction to gluten and anything that’s been cross contaminated with gluten. Maybe tay’s even more retarded than I’m assuming and literally never did any research into her supposed condition. If her mom is the one who told her she’s celiac, you’d think mama dean would have done some research and would take the chance to be seen as a martyr for all the sacrifices she has made to ensure Taylor doesn’t get glutened. When you are living with someone who actually has celiac, the ENTIRE household has to be conscientious about it. Many times if someone in a family has celiac, the entire family will go gluten free because it’s just easier than dealing with the constant worry of cross contaminating your loved one. Is there even a gluten free section of the kitchen for Taylor?

If she actually had celiac disease homegirl would, at the very least, be immensely uncomfortable anytime she ate her beloved Whataburger fries.

I think the biggest tell is that her munchie ass has never ONCE shown us her gluten bloat belly. That’s something even non munchie celiacs are known for showing off simply due to the inherent shock factor of it. I also feel like she’d be the kind of person who would take a pic of a handful of hair she lost due to being glutened. If someone actually has celiac and is a munchie there are so many opportunities to munch on about celiac symptoms.

No. 892529

Remember in her “I got kicked out of rehab” video where she said she ordered a non gluten pizza cuz she was craving it and ate the whole thing? Yeah seems sus

No. 892552

Meant to say NOT non gluten

No. 892589

Oh fucking kek.

No. 892915

I’ve always known Taylor doesn’t have it because I live with someone who does. Gluten free house baby, I hate it. She’s eaten wheat and would make out with Jonny after his wheat beers.

No. 893066

Maybe she meant September 2023? Kek. She’s been gone over month now, same old same old useless junkie bs.

No. 893102

My guess is that her super cool and original hair faded bc she was too lazy to maintain it and now she can’t film.

No. 893194

cow(unsaged shitpost)

No. 893666

So after saying she wasn't going to promote any more upload dates because she doesn't stick to them, she gives another range of dates and misses them all… kek, give it up?

No. 893707

File: 1664670448046.png (3.21 MB, 750x1334, B542446E-BC6C-4EDA-A0A5-13F23C…)

Is her hair red and blonde like Taylor’s?!

No. 893747

That is honestly so fucking funny. Yeah Taylor your hair is real original

No. 893821

the “one and only” example taylor was talking about

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