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File: 1684350452822.jpeg (883.6 KB, 2573x3428, FacesOfMeth.jpeg)

No. 914454

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26 year old “family friendly pet mom” YouTuber, her insane controlling mother, and her obsession with mental health and addiction recovery advocacy.

Previous thread: >>890095

The basics:
>Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after “rehoming” them. Fails to give proper enclosures to many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
>Taylor left sober living after rehoming around 12 of her pets to be “back with her animals” living at her mother’s house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room and taken care of by her mother.
>Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.
>Taylor has established a pattern of promising to upload, and making terrible excuses relating to poor internet connection or tech issues, or flat out vanishing for weeks to months, returning to announce another come back video which is totally coming

Taylor’s Social Media Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/taylorndean/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@taylorndean
Jen’s Links (mind the fakes; don’t fall for the parody accounts and old accounts of hers that have been taken over):
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tamonandpumbaa
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/jenjenmouse1

New Milk
>Went on an internet break in september
>Changes her name on youtube >>897669 indicating she’s “uploading in a week”
>Does not upload in a week
>Returns from her break in late november promising a new video explaining everything >>899382 >>899386
>Posts selfies edited to make herself look 20 pounds thinner after anons commented on her weight >>899408 >>899407
>Crazy meth sperging >>899413
>Her explanation video doesn't get uploaded when she promised it would >>899457 she starts making excuses >>899501 >>899460
Joking around with the man she calls her abuser >>899579
>After 10 months she actually uploads a video. “i've been stuck in a depression for 3 years” >>899589 (it's half an hour of her deflecting responsibility and playing the victim)
>Video recap (ty anon!) >>899631
>Shows off her absolutely disgusting living conditions >>899585 >>899612
>Admits in the video she didn't leave her bed for days, was pissing in cups, keeping them in her bedroom and wasn't brushing her teeth or showering >>899622
>Posts a picture holding what looks like a pipe and swiftly deletes it >>899706
>Posts more horribly edited selfies to make herself look skinny >>899836 >>899833 ends up deleting them
>More meth sperging >>899874 >>899873 >>899875
>Lies about her sobriety drug >>900041 anons who have experience point out the flaws in her story >>900080 >>900075 >>900059
>Her fans are upset about the fact she’s friendly with her self proclaimed abuser >>900301
>Tries to justify taking down her jonny video >>900559
>Classic “that's what blue eyes look like in the sun” junkie sperg >>900872
>MORE over sharing meth sperges >>901087 >>901086 >>901085 >>901084 >>901083 >>901082 >>901081 >>901455 >>901449 >>901473 >>901577 >>901570 >>901798
>Wanted to get another video up before the end of the month but didn’t because she's lazy >>901806
>Ghosts again in the new year after saying she had multiple videos lined up and ready
>Comes back a month later claiming six months sober and using her totally real “health issues” as an excuse to why she's been absent >>906761
>Says she's uploading “right now” >>908389
>Does not upload
>Absolutely ruins her hair >>909455 >>909463 >>909526 >>909637
>Goes on a manic sperg about how everything is different now and she's so changed because she got a boyfriend >>909315 >>909314 >>909312 >>909311
>Enter: Zack Skogen, said boyfriend >>909853 >>909846 >>909845
>Says she's “herion free” for 8 months >>909904
>Posts a video >>910109 its a rushed, low effort “educational” video about her snakes.
>Video recap (ty anon!) >>910170
>Posts more super methy unflattering pics >>910205 >>910218 >>910203
>Rants about her abuser >>910350 >>910343 >>910339 (guess jonny’s back to being the bad guy?)
>Boyfriend bought her a pet frog >>910397 >>910418 >>910413
>More crackhead selfies >>911014 >>911012 >>911011 >>910890
>Uploads again (to everyone surprise) ”going to my first reptile exspo in 5 years” >>911099
>More super boring, seemingly rushed content that doesn't stand up to her old videos
>Turns 26 >>912142
>Wants praise for doing the bare minimum >>913201
>Proves she's still horrible at taking care of her pets >>913435

Old Milk
>“Logs back onto” social media after disappearing for over a month >>882137
>Obligatory munchie update. She has another temp heart monitor, this time gunning for a POTS diagnosis. Her heart is so bad she “might end up in a wheelchair” >>882138 >>882976
>Jonny exposes texts between him and Taylor on his instagram, the messages make it sound like she isn't sober and hasn’t been for years >>882980 he quickly deletes the story.
>Taylor and Cassie live stream >>883405 generous recap (ty livestream anon) >>883513 and video archive >>884016 >>884035
>Says on stream she pissed in fast food cups and kept them in her room because of depression
>Accidentally confirms her relapse by saying she's “several months sober” in july when in february she was almost 10 months sober >>883769 If she didn’t relapse she would be well over one year sober, not just a few months.
>More lying about editing and uploading videos that don't exist >>884126 >>884183 Same old self sabotaging cycle
>Gnarly meth sores peaking through filters >>882292 >>885556 >>889737 >>889738
>Coincidently rants about losing weight and posts a creepy wannarexic vid after JCs new gf being skinny is brought up >>889102 >>889161
>Goes on a narc rant after dying her hair, says she's going to reveal the new amazing, innovative, color in her comeback video >>888429 >>888430 >>888431 this doesn't make any sense because according to her the videos were already filmed and edited weeks earlier.
>Says a new video will be up “this week” >>889148 then “just a few days” >>889259
>Aaaaand to nobody's surprise the upload date changed from just a few days to the end of august or the beginning of september >>889740

No. 914455

File: 1684351307665.jpeg (203.55 KB, 2868x2598, B396148C-4231-410F-9A46-766D4F…)

Sorry I slacked so hard on getting this thread up, I’ve been trying to post it for a few days but it kept reloading the page before it reached 100% and telling me I didn’t make a post? Anyways, potential video today…

No. 914458

Thank you Nonna! I'm sure it's rinse and repeat with her. It's 3pm in Texas and nothing. Then again, she's a lazy slob who has nothing better to do so who knows, maybe she wakes up at 9pm these days. Highly doubt it tho.

No. 914461

I honestly forgot she existed. So we have either 1 day or 3 months til her video uploads. It will be her same shitty containers, bone dry water dishes and shaky footage.

No. 914463

File: 1684361081229.jpeg (326.35 KB, 1170x1963, 5486B4B0-E738-4DC0-BE98-4FC0FE…)

This is a few weeks old, but im confused. I could’ve sworn she didn’t have her license, so why does she own a car kek?

No. 914490

Jfc she's such a manipulative, lying, loser. No one asks her about when she's going to upload a video anymore because no one cares. All I ever see are comments saying to "upload when she feels ready". But she still feels the need to constantly lie about a video upload, it's pathetic.

>>914463 In what world does she have money to move anywhere much less cross country? Must be kinda nice to be somewhat delusional and carefree kek

No. 914492

Tbf that was probably back when she was making decent money. All blown between drugs and JCs teeth. Kek

No. 914493

I guess she’s been asleep for a day and a half.
>I was totally going to upload but then I woke up and my heart went crazy, I couldn’t even stand up without passing out so I obviously had to go to the hospital and definitely couldn’t tap my phone screen few times to make the video live bc I had the worst case of fAtIgUe anyone had ever seen.
…Or some other munchie bullshit.

No. 914497

I was guessing it was going to be some “mY LApTop EXPLODED miD uPLoaD GuYz” bullshit again

No. 914513

Nowadays she doesn't even explain what happened. Even her fans know there was never a video, there's no need to explain anything.

No. 914514

File: 1684473183036.png (113.43 KB, 711x734, star.png)

Shocked no one posted this. This cat is obese.

No. 914515

I think it was probably from last year(?) when she was best buddies with that psycho Athena(??) girl who kept posting about herself here. I remember Athena bragging that her and TND were going to move to LA together or something.

No. 914521

why is she always dressed like she's going to a rave when she's probably just going to the store or somethin

No. 914528

File: 1684504480194.png (20.53 KB, 132x251, Screenshot_20230518-190246~2.p…)

saged bc maybe i'm tripping and it's just shadows, but does this look like a massive bruise that's been edited for cover up to anyone else? You can see it in several of the newer instagram pics she has but this one is the most obvious. To me, anyways.

No. 914529

Yes you're right

No. 914532

I doubt she’s going anywhere, she gets all dressed up so she can go take selfies then retreats back to her dumpster bedroom to lay in bed all day.
Mega embarrassing seeing her spew her sobriety shit while having the most obvious track marks ever kek.

No. 914537

File: 1684530784075.jpeg (268.58 KB, 1170x2134, IMG_4312.jpeg)

New video out

No. 914545

I don't understand her new hair at all. What is this

No. 914546

her hand tremor is so noticeable in the shots of celia where she actually has to hold the camera. shaky as f

her face is so gaunt

No. 914547

Looks like arctic fox black dye which is notorious for fading into a million colors, and then black extensions.

No. 914548

actually as im watching this further theres a shot at around the 15:26 mark where you can see her entire body shaking???

No. 914549

Can she please just put on sleeves? She has ac. The bruise on her arm is so obviously displayed when she knows everyone is looking for any marks on her. Of any sort. Its on purpose.

No. 914550

File: 1684548860014.jpg (192.14 KB, 1750x1079, Forthecontent.jpg)

Samefag but….not a great reasoning for doing that

No. 914554

She can't be still at all, her hands are bad but in the later shot outside even her legs are shaking even though she's sitting in a stable position

No. 914576

>lil family emergency
She really cannot help herself can she

No. 914594

This for sure. She must love the attention because she could even just put a bolero top on or something if she really needs to show her cleavage still yet she is always sleeveless. Such a simple solution to her problem if she doesn't like people debating about track marks.

No. 914646

just her thumbnail alone for the vid is scary af, what is going on with her cheeks?

No. 914651

Taylor has become a pretty boring cow. Are there anymore interesting junkie cows with threads on here? Besides Luna, JC, and Lilboweep? (RIP)

No. 914660

It’s not even that she’s not milky imo it’s just not fun watching someone gradually decline into worse and worse addiction. I couldn’t even get 5 minutes into her last two vids because her face shape is getting so bad, she’s looking like a long term user and it’s gross. This is most likely going to have the same outcome as LBW because nobody around taylor seems to give a fuck about her sobriety & safety, including herself.

No. 914662

Do you guys really think she's about to hit a year sober? Weren't there some contradictions to her sober times documented last thread? I want to believe her just because I can't see someone lying about being 11 months clean, that's pretty shitty….

No. 914672

Literally no one here thinks she is about to hit a year sober. Her last video shows several bruises along her arm, she is still actively using. All of her dates are lies.

No. 914673

She isn't even close hitting one month sober, so doubt. Imagine believing her on her soberity timeline.

No. 914689

File: 1684858465043.jpeg (474.42 KB, 3461x2698, 61713494-688B-4B19-B3C5-25C482…)

lol. of course not.

No. 914724

Yikes, she looks terrible. In the video you can actually see her picking scars peeking through her foundation and I’m not sure what’s going on with her cheeks but it’s giving bucull fat removal or whatever that ugly surgery is called

No. 914725

tbh i've got bruises still on my hips from muscling that will probably never go away, they are several years old. not sure if bruises are an accurate indication to how sober someone is, especially if they used that spot several times, bruise like a peach aka have "banana skin". i've also got arm bruises from iv use that took several months to go away.

butttt it's TND, so i see where you guys are coming from. she still looks rough, especially in the face and eyes and in her videos, so i don't think she looks sober. i just wanted to say something about the bruising.

No. 914729

The whole “maybe they’re old tracks” doesn’t even make sense. In the green dress pictures and video she uploaded in the same outfit (on march 11th) those bruises aren’t there. How could she get new bruises in the ditch of her arm within the last 2 months while supposedly being sober for the last 11?

No. 914787

File: 1684991019493.jpeg (200.06 KB, 1170x2046, IMG_4368.jpeg)

No. 914788

Maybe she edited them out previously due to insecurity and now she doesn’t care? Idk though just playing devils advocate. I don’t believe she’s sober either it’s just a sick joke to all her fans in recovery looking up to her for claiming to almost be a year sober and ass patting her

No. 914803

File: 1685027720756.jpeg (149.67 KB, 1179x1810, 2DA6771D-7D16-49FF-AA21-288236…)

Her hand at 15:14 is a mess of track marks. Those ones near her thumb look fresh.

No. 914814

But anon it’s just a bite mark

No. 914817

Playing devil's advocate sounds like wk-ing and your point was completely moot, stop.

No. 915014

she’s “about to upload” 5 days ago

No. 915015

At some point she’s gotta accept that this whole social media thing isn’t happening for her anymore. In the last six months she’s uploaded more than she has in the last 3 years combined (that’s not saying much ) yet she’s still losing followers as steadily as ever. I know people on this site can be harsh but her new videos honestly suck, the last one was just her tweaking tf out while reading the wiki page on hog noses, it’s tragic.

No. 915021

File: 1685413308360.jpeg (103.75 KB, 1170x2103, IMG_4459.jpeg)

Today’s instagram story meth spurg is about the number 21 for some reason, her ugly phone layout and her shitpost Pinterest home page

No. 915022

File: 1685413372179.jpeg (170.07 KB, 1170x2056, IMG_4460.jpeg)

No. 915023

File: 1685413428410.jpeg (258.52 KB, 1170x2019, IMG_4461.jpeg)

No. 915028

File: 1685451122896.png (227.28 KB, 828x1792, IMG_6094.png)

using the L word now with her bf

No. 915035

Are we surprise? She is the queen of codependency. Its more shocking that they haven’t move in yet.

No. 915037

File: 1685475045669.jpeg (85.91 KB, 1169x632, IMG_2407.jpeg)


No. 915045

unemployed activities

No. 915059

It looks like what would happen if you let a crackhead design it.

No. 915109

File: 1685646888184.jpeg (128.41 KB, 1170x2090, IMG_4546.jpeg)

I am not looking forward to the massive novel and crackhead selfies she’s going to post when she hits “one year sober”

No. 915112

she's so exhausting.

No. 915113

notice the text at the top says “heroin free” not just “sober”. you know this sneaky bitch is still using meth or whatever else she can get her hands on.

No. 915119


Oh yeah, she’s definitely switched over to meth these days. While meth doesn’t have the hardcore withdrawals that heroin has, once you start fucking with it, it’s hard to feel the same energy and lifted mood without it. It fucks with the dopamine in your brain as well as causes damage/changes to your heart’s physical structure as well as the electrical component over time. Then you’re talking arrhythmia, heart disease, sudden cardiac event, etc.

No. 915159

Is she just gonna post her sober progress every single day? She did it again just now. Apparently at 364 days

No. 915169

>About to upload the next vid
>11 days ago
Love her pretending she’s sober while still acting like the lazy lying junkie she’s been for years. You look like an idiot Taylor.

No. 915171

File: 1685899529624.jpeg (85.02 KB, 828x1433, IMG_0729.jpeg)

Guess so. That’s the only reason I believe she’s sober (from heroin, like the screenshots say) now, even though her sober date probably isn’t accurate, because she’s so fixated on this. She’s literally counting the seconds that she’s been sober, so it’s not like she’s actually out there living her life in a healthy or constructive way that’s not centered around being a junkie. Relapse inevitable when she realizes 365 days isn’t some magic number where you suddenly don’t feel cravings and don’t get back the past 6 years you’ve squandered.

No. 915181

Couldn’t agree more. She thinks hitting a year will change her life and be some huge magical movie moment. In reality she still has no plan for the future, she’s still screwing up her YT career, she’s still mistreating her pets, she’s still compulsively lying and now she doesn’t even have heroin to blame it on.

No. 915184

No, now it will be brodick x and meth as the doc as her excuse.

No. 915209

File: 1685962072885.png (343.19 KB, 828x1792, IMG_6143.png)

just like Luna, Taylor has purchased her very own sparkly sobriety chip from Amazon

No. 915222

Isn't one of the first rules of sobriety to not count the days ahead as a part of your milestone? Purchased chip aside, she's not doing any of the work and it's shown for years.

No. 915234

Damn she’s actually so crazy, this is a new low even for her. This is like celebrating that you quit alcohol and replaced it with crack. You’re not fooling anyone Taylor, sobriety isn’t sobriety unless it’s total sobriety.

No. 915290

That’s stupid, purchasing your own one year coin. You know god damn well she isn’t going to any meetings. But there are plenty of people who follow her that don’t know anything about NA and will somehow think that you genuinely can’t get a coin/key tag unless you’ve actually been sober. Her “from heroin” is such a give away. I mean she could be doing oxys and shit still. As long as it is not heroin.

No. 915297

File: 1686146338530.jpeg (924.03 KB, 3464x3464, A97CF6CC-BC69-4B0D-BADE-059060…)

for her to claim a year clean is insane

No. 915301

so she’s really claiming she was sober during this train wreck
lol sure.

No. 915375

I don't know if I even believe sobriety from heroin because she still shows her injection points. Is she shooting meth then? What's the point in celebrating sobriety from just heroin? She's so delusional. She should not be aging like that, and she looks like she's dying. She's clearly not sober from something that is seriously fucking her up so what's the point in even bringing it up on social media.

No. 915381

File: 1686254829213.jpeg (6.94 KB, 183x275, IMG_0386.jpeg)

the semi-monoboob in the right photo is giving Cabbage Patch doll ass

No. 915383

holy crap i only just noticed just how bad the photoshopping on her chest is in that photo. i saw it mentioned before but didn’t really register it until this doll analogy nonnie

also, her eyes are so freaky. she’s got doll butt boobs and bride of chucky eyes(unsaged emoji)

No. 915408

Even when she's sober enough to film a video once every 6 months there isn't any life left in her eyes anymore.

No. 915423

Just out of curiosity, does she still say she has BPD? Also surprised Trailer hasn’t gotten into a they/them pronoun phase to make herself so speshul just like Halsey

No. 915540

It’s been almost 3 weeks since she was “about to upload” her next video
And a week since she was going to upload a sobriety video “in a couple days”.
But dw guys she’s definitely doing soooooo much better now.

No. 915546

File: 1686604037127.jpeg (343.58 KB, 1170x2005, IMG_4646.jpeg)

Just as expected we got a paragraph of rambling and selfies for her “one year sober”

No. 915548

File: 1686604672910.jpeg (439.25 KB, 2048x2048, FF85167E-C624-446F-AF58-17B0DD…)

No. 915550

File: 1686605706464.jpeg (15.97 KB, 1170x228, 929069CE-6273-4BEE-864E-DF9984…)

literally everyone and their dog knows you’re not actually sober in the true sense of the word you attention starved manipulative junkie. don’t even get me started on her buying her own sobriety chip, this dumb bitch thinks she can buy sobriety.

No. 915554

She’s clearly still struggling with addiction and still acting like a sneaky addict. No one who’s focused on recovery and sobriety would pull this “sober from heroin” shit. Also it’s probably nothing, but since she lies about everything it’s worth noting she moved the date, last week it was June 5th ( >>915209 ) and today it’s June 4th.

No. 915560

File: 1686619873018.jpeg (311.72 KB, 2048x2048, 664C0038-3015-4CD2-9731-A86E6D…)

No. 915564

I really wish her ‘fans‘ would call her on the
>from heroin
shit. it’s not exactly inspiring to trade heroin for meth.

No. 915565

lmao the chinese resellers selling punch-engraved anorexia spoons have moved on to making "sobriety bullets." Tackiest thing I've ever seen, it's a $3 aliexpress pewter trinket being sold for 10x its value on Etsy, you'd have to be high to think this is worth buying. She paid $35 for this.

No. 915582

File: 1686693511238.jpeg (1.12 MB, 3464x3464, 6CAEA2E0-7847-43AF-AF92-B46963…)

No. 915583

wtf is she wearing

No. 915584

wtf is she wearing

No. 915585

wtf is she wearing

No. 915586

she’s not even a creator anymore she just uses her social media to post “accomplishments” to scrounge up validation when she’s running low, it’s hilariously pathetic. Quite a far cry from the pet tuber queen who made hundreds of thousands a year. Can’t wait for her one year “sober” video where she sits on her high horse, pats her own ass for 30 minutes and then gives out cliche advice like she herself is not still addicted to literal meth lol.

No. 915600

File: 1686708749060.jpeg (192.32 KB, 828x1426, IMG_6243.jpeg)

No. 915606

The color suits her (duh) but her face looks so gaunt, reminds me of those 'real life ghost' images.

No. 915723

Agree, she always looks better with brown hair. I just wish she'd do a deep condition and like… comb it. It's so ratty.

No. 915726

File: 1687024049398.jpeg (239.07 KB, 1170x2061, IMG_4683.jpeg)

She’s at another reptile expo and I’m really hoping she doesn’t impulsively buy another snake she can’t take care of

No. 915740

File: 1687038497686.jpeg (719.3 KB, 3464x3464, CF5C8854-54AA-4657-B979-938572…)

Big sperg about her future.

No. 915741

>I'd love to go back to college
Girl with the drugs you did, you're probably never going to learn anything new ever again

No. 915742

Seriously bc she doesn’t treat her pets well from the jump. She went against so many recommendations when getting a pet at an expo when she bought the frog, all things she should know by now. For example they were only 2hrs away from home and instead of going straight home yet they spent the night in a hotel where instead of leaving it alone they were handling it and taking pics of it with flash which I can imagine would be stressful for the frog. I get maybe mama dean was too exhausted to drive back but at least leave the frog be. Can’t remember if she had an enclosure ready, but it’s always what Taylor wants over what her pets actually need.

No. 915747

Ya know, if she really committed to sobriety and education, I could see her being an employee at the Snake Discovery reptile zoo/store. She's not business owner material, but if she was truly sober and wanted to learn, she'd probably do well working for someone she respected in the reptile field.

No. 915748

She should probably add “get entirely sober” to her list but I guess everything is hard without the extra motivation meth gives you kek
If she did have an enclosure ready for him, you know she wouldn’t show it anyways. She can’t show her enclosures because anons always point out what she’s doing wrong and for some reason taking criticism and improving her care is worse to her than letting her pets live in subpar conditions.

No. 915757

She’s not sober, she’s clean. She really needs to study the vernacular if she’s going to try and be a harm reduction advocate. Drinking alcohol means you aren’t sober. Other drugs that aren’t your DOC are still drugs and means you aren’t sober. Who is she trying to fool? Herself.

No. 915774

>Once I get my living situation in check
So never? I don't really understand this like just go back to your parents while you go to college? Because she is incapable of even making youtube videos no less keeping a well paying job down. She should've went to college for zoology a looong time ago. Her google university knowledge is nowhere near enough to try to educate people about animals like she tries to its so embarrassing.

No. 915779

This! She currently can’t even keep up with her YouTube channel and we’re supposed to believe she’s going to upload on time and consistently enough to make money to move out, go to school and still keep doing YouTube to pay her bills, all the while taking care of her hoard of animals…sure kek. I can totally see her pulling the same shit she does with yt at school
>I was going to hand in my assignment but all my computers and laptops broke at the exact same time, so I couldn’t!

No. 915787

You have one new message sent at 2:15 A.M.
"Hey it's Taylor, I can't come today, I'm so depressed I'm peeing in cups"

No. 915793

File: 1687130282699.png (580.06 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_4693.png)

Am I the only one doubting she “found” this spider at the expo and is just trying to cover up the fact that she impulsively bought another animal?

No. 915794

i hope it’s a made up story. i’m probably taking it personally because i breed jumpers but finding a creature loose at an expo and just taking it home is so weird to me, imagine if it was any other animal how messed up that would be. “i found this snake loose an an expo so i guess it’s mine now!”

No. 915808

Who just takes home a loose animal at an animal expo? If she didn’t buy it, she pretty much just stole it.

No. 915837

File: 1687212957876.jpeg (151.26 KB, 1169x1417, 2C634FA6-CD8C-470D-8D7D-B6E5C1…)

(samefag) she apparently did everything possible except looking for a booth that sold jumpers and asking if it was theirs or at the very least asking if it was native and could be released. how did she even keep a loose spider smaller than a nickel with her at an expo ? i’m leaning towards she bought it and had to make up a fantastical story about how she saved it or whatever because she’s a compulsive lair and can’t help herself.

No. 915838


Sage for autism but if I saw an errant spider I would just squish it.(bait/non-contribution)

No. 915852

It’s the moths all over again. It will be dead before she can make a video about it.

No. 915853

This is so similar to her "we just found someone giving away neonatal kittens and I graciously took them home because I'm a savior" story from the JC era and post number one. In a world of uncertainty, Taylor Nicole Dean doesn't change one bit.

No. 915890

File: 1687311889069.png (302.97 KB, 828x1792, IMG_9700.png)

As if she could tell the sex of a spider

No. 915893

Not that it matters but it looks like a young female phiddipus pius, they are native to Texas.

No. 915900

You’re a piece of shit(infighting)

No. 915929


Getting some skim milk but I’ll take it.

No. 915964

>I didn't even consider it could be anything but a wild one
There are commonly different kinds of spider breeders at reptile expos but ok.
I find jumping spiders inside occasionally and it's not a big deal but as always why make up a story? It wouldn't have been hard to find the breeder and ask. Her stories are always so weird.

No. 915965

Samefag but you can identify jumping spiders just by looking at them from above extremely easily before even picking it up. She never knows shit about her "hobbies". She should just let it go.

No. 915966

>It wouldn't have been hard to find the breeder and ask
This is the part of her story that makes no sense, youre at an expo with literal experts on jumping spiders so like go and ask one? Tinfoil: On her story the other day she showed a specialized plexi glass enclosure made for jumping spiders. Most pet stores in my experience don’t sell that kind of habitat as jumping spiders are still a niche pet, they have to be ordered online and I doubt it would’ve come that fast. She probably bought it from the same booth she bought the spider from.

No. 915978

Also the way it just hangs out on her hand suggests its captive bred. Wild jumpers are going to run away and try to avoid you.

No. 915980

looks like taytay is going back to her "i need this animal and i need that animal and i want that and i want them and i want those animals" phase, jesus fucking christ.

No. 915981

Yuppp. I give it two months tops before she stops posting about it and hopes everyone forgets because it’s dead, like the moths. Why not talk about the animals we haven’t seen in over a year (mushu, twisty, bindi, echo, the hedgehogs, her “new” cow fish or the whole salt water tank) instead of obsessing over a new shiny play thing.

No. 915982

No way that saltwater tank is still up, they are so high maintenance and require a lot if time, money, and brain power.

No. 916071

File: 1687787573659.jpeg (852.97 KB, 3464x3464, 2D780AEE-10C0-4835-92DC-A32D3E…)

more sperging from the early hour of the morning

No. 916072

I also noticed the video of her new pet spider is gone from her feed, wonder if she already killed it kek.

No. 916110

She always says the same thing when updating about a new video - it will be about either her sobriety/addiction or enclosures. Every time. I don’t even know if she’s actually followed through on any of it at this point.

No. 916111

File: 1687873218614.png (68.93 KB, 828x1792, IMG_6447.png)

No. 916115

File: 1687881646002.jpeg (211 KB, 2048x2048, 7C51EDF3-3AF6-4A34-99B7-D8FC31…)

video is dropping in ~30 min she says

No. 916126

new vid

No. 916128

so one thing is different, which is that she is ready now. Wow we've never heard that before. No therapy, no rehab, no change in habits, no exercise, no new friends besides exjunkies and junkies. Not that I'm one to say how people should get sober. But I wouldn't bet my money on this one. Again I hope she stays sober but this unfortunately feels like just another "I'm a whole new person"-video again. We've seen those already. If she really wanted change, she could start by making a new personality besides the drugs or the animals she abuses. Idk go dig for rocks or something, join a local history group, learn to knit. P.S that spider is a female, it's really easy to tell… If you do your research before getting a pet.

No. 916130

I love how her videos can take 2 weeks to upload and 30 minutes.

No. 916131

Yeah sorry I just don’t believe she’s sober, even if I disregard the fact she’s lied about being sober countless times before, she’s throwing up red flags left and right. I believe she’s heroin free based off the fact she’s been patting her own ass for a month now, but her saying over and over how much better she’s doing doesn’t prove anything when she not acting like she’s better. She lied about this video this (and others)
being uploaded like a month ago, she has no life, no other responsibilities or commitments yet it took her that long to simply sit down, film, and upload a very basic video with minimal editing.

No. 916136

is she showing off her bangs or her tits

No. 916144

What tits?

No. 916145

Fr the only time she has tits anymore is when she does the push your arms close together pose. She admitted that weight loss made her loose fat is the worst places, I believe she said
>heroin took my tits
Or something equally retarded.

No. 916151

File: 1687916611550.jpeg (367.19 KB, 2048x2048, 779A13BB-41FC-4D28-9CE3-5AA979…)

she’s lurking

No. 916159

why do you think it's a female dumbass? You wouldn't have to "think" if you opened the first fucking wikipedia article about jumping spiders. Also wax worms are not good food for them. Fuck this gets me every time, she has not done even the slightest research. Fuck you Taylor.

No. 916193

She’s still lying and pretending she was a DGD fan saying that she can’t process her relationship with Jonny because he was just such a ~huge part of her childhood.~ Yeah okay Taylor. Syd’s obnoxious but at least it’s apparent she actually listens to post-hardcore bands since she’s been drooling over Burt McCracken as long as she’s had a social media presence. Taylor got 400 ugly tattoos in a span of two years to try and retcon her entire upbringing and I still don’t think she’s ever actually been to a concert.

No. 916212

Any updates on the spider? I bet its abdomen exploded

No. 916219

The way she looks at the camera sometimes makes what she is saying look so dishonest and sketchy. It's surreal being back at this point again, where "everything is different this time." How and why? She is not changing anything. Like another anon said, no attempt at a job, no going outside, no therapy, etc. Sobriety isn't something you can magically wish into existence by sitting in a shitty room and doing the same crappy things you always did. You have to do new, healthier activities, and stick to them. She's so full of shit.

No. 916251

the cleavage in the photo… are you blind? whether she's pushing them together or not that's what i was referring to
like why show off your bangs when your cleavage is the main point of the photo

No. 916252

no way she's one year sober, how would she explain the you now stream with kassi then?

No. 916253

she’s herself admitted she’s only sober from heroin. not meth, coke, alcohol or whatever else she’s using these days.

No. 916406

Boring fucking cow. Why even keep a thread for her at this point. Jonny is boring too. No more fun cows.

No. 916409

File: 1688671900312.jpeg (510.13 KB, 3464x1739, 9A50B57C-4AA3-42F1-AD59-ADF646…)

No. 916413

>>916409 I wonder if it has anything to do with her talking about being a heroin addict

No. 916424

File: 1688689081636.jpeg (441.44 KB, 2048x2048, FD399A28-B79D-4F36-B94E-A67D4D…)

No. 916462

“Waiting on it to upload to YouTube!l
“Waiting on monetization”
“YouTube is deciding if it’s as friendly”
Every. Single. Fucking. TIME. We don’t care about all of the steps of the progress just upload you fucking lunatic, she’s a broken record and I’m pretty sure is retarded or has no brain cells because she posts the same shit all the time. Even with the “this year is gonna be my year!!!! Everything is so much better!” She’s fucking annoying bro and a sad ass cow with nothing going on in life or upstairs.

No. 916483

i've never seen another content creator on any platform do this, it's truly mind-boggling

No. 916502

“i’M dOiNg So MuCh BeTtEr NoW”. she’s actually such a joke.

No. 916550

File: 1688884279402.jpeg (537.14 KB, 1170x2073, IMG_5009.jpeg)

>why is nothing on YouTube simple lol
Idk it seems to be simple enough for literally every other creator on youtube

No. 916554

It's really simple, when you're not lying. Every time she "relapses" her 4 fans ass pat her, why not just admit she's high? Ngl though, I'm more disgusted at her parents for allowing her to live with them.

No. 916569

Even if we believe the audio was glitched why did it take her days to come out with the problem instead of taking a minute to post this on instagram 2 days ago? Her lying is so fascinating to me, how do people she knows irl respond to her always pulling this bullshit? Maybe that’s why she has no friends, it would be so uncomfortable to be around someone who lies constantly and I’m sure she doesn’t take criticism well. I always got the feeling that aggy dude stopped hanging around her because he saw through her act, I remember once when she showed texts between them and he was dead ass like
>just upload when you say you’re gunna upload
She desperately needs more people in her life that hold her accountable for the things she does and says.

No. 916586

New Taylor vid. She looks even more horrendous. Did she sleep in her previous video's makeup for 4 days straight?

No. 916588

girl go get your hair fixed by a professional. brown box dye is not even remotely masking the years worth of arctic fox abuse kek.

No. 916592

What is up with the frog plushie??

No. 916604


I sat through some of it, different time points.

Her hair is fucking fried to hell, split ends galore. She doesn't seem to be taking care of herself much, going by looks.

She sounds pretty bored and unenthusiastic the entire time, except when talking about Tofu "regressing" from the """work""" she did with him as a young animal to make him more friendly with holding and interaction.

She claims in the video that her shaky hands are from "recovery." I personally don't think she's actually sober, but maybe she does have permanent damage. I have no idea, not a drug expert.

We don't really see the snakes in the enclosures, and can't say I'm a fan of either. I don't know much about kingsnakes, but the ratsnake setup (for Tofu) is kinda ass and really far from what most ratsnake owners and breeders would recommend.

No. 916606

>talking about Tofu "regressing" from the """work""" she did with him as a young animal

so she’s preemptively lying about why tofu isn’t socialized at all because she knows people will be able to tell it’s actually tofu 2.0 that she never socialized to begin with after she killed and replaced OG tofu and was too strung out on heroin to take care of any of her animals… got it

No. 916607

That nose jewelry is so distracting and dumb, it looks like dangling snot

No. 916624

Lmao yeah and when she acknowledged her shaky hands (caused by active drug use) in the past, it was because of her EDS. Interesting.

No. 916630

when the camera is off of her and it's showing the cage her voice is so different? like she's not talking in her natural voice, there's no texas accent, sounds like she's trying really hard to put on an "influencer voice" if that makes sense? literally sounds like two different people speaking in this video

No. 916634

Hoooow is she still squeezing that snake like a toddler? Also, if it's shedding "all the time", it's probably not a "growth spurt" like she says but probably sick, like parasites or something. Snakes try to heal themselves by excessive shedding when they are sick or hurt… Maybe a broken rib from her squeezes, who knows.

Also, wow that cat got health problems again, who would have guessed when 4 cats share one litter box omfg. How can we keep telling her these things for YEARS yet she learns absolutely NOTHING? How??

No. 916638

>How can we keep telling her these things for YEARS yet she learns absolutely NOTHING?

Because she doesn’t actually give a shit about animals or their well being lol? All the YouTubers that got famous off the “feeding my unnaturally large hoard of pets” videos see pets the same way family influencers see babies and kids; as props that get them views. She has way to many pets to keep up with and care for yet she is actively acquiring more, it doesn’t matter if they die well before their life expectancy and suffer from severe neglect because at least Taylor’s happy and getting more attention.

No. 916724

She never stopped having shaky hands as far as I remember it's been happening since she started drugs. So another lie.

No. 916850

File: 1689625176610.jpeg (959.66 KB, 3464x2076, 0E0AFCBA-CD0C-4086-9547-D1E871…)

Big story spam 1/2

No. 916851

File: 1689625222794.jpeg (1.15 MB, 3282x3198, 6CC61FB0-7DBD-49F5-8640-6783F0…)


No. 916856

File: 1689638580341.jpeg (888.88 KB, 2924x2643, 15525EDA-1BAB-4F86-BB0E-BE7ACD…)

she’s already on her way to killing that poor jumping spider. overfeeding jumpers causes bloating (exactly like her picture) and it can lead their abdomen rupturing which kills them.
>tee hee look how fat she is
i genuinely hate this bitch so much

No. 916862

>when I got her
Nitpick but this wording really sells to me she made up that story and bought this spider. “When I found her” “when I picked her up” or “when I rescued her” but she can’t help but lie about the dumbest shit.

No. 916928

Impeccable pet care as always, Taylor. I've never seen an obese spider before but of course, why not, an obese spider to go with her obese cat, dog, and snakes.

No. 916945

I snorted kek

Unfortunately though, the reason you've never seen an obese spider is because their abdomens rupture when they get too much food. This one is ready to blow.

No. 916994


Jesus Christ she can’t even keep a bug alive. This is giving me flashbacks to the hedgehogs in the closet.(sage your shit)

No. 917048

She's so retarded it's not that hard to ID a spider given its location or just use inaturalist.
> Hard to ID cause can't see the full length of its legs.
Just look at its damn eyes idiot. I'm sorry it's ~ocelli~ but you didn't have actual biology education to know that word.
That one anon called it after she posted about feeding it.
She needs to give up on the spiders. She comes off as so tryhard and just wanting to be quirky because she pretends to know anything. She needs to shut up and just go to school.

No. 917146

Fly and a wax worm is way too much. Wax worms should be fed in moderation and only to fully grown adult jumpers. A fly or two a week is plenty sufficient and they should only be fed when their abdomens have slimmed down. Posting this here bc we know she lurks and I don’t want her to kill it

No. 917227

Very courteous of you anon

No. 917250

File: 1690493146901.png (274.17 KB, 828x1792, IMG_7460.png)

new video coming soon (maybe)

No. 917263

The spiders dead, I forgot to grab a screenshot of her story talking about it though, maybe someone else got it.

No. 917276

Did the jumping spider die or did the unidentified one go? They both looked pretty bad so neither would be surprising

No. 917285

It’s the unidentified one that she was calling a tarantula sling that died
(This one) not the jumping spider.

No. 917350

File: 1690667409973.jpeg (1.33 MB, 828x14336, IMG_7523.jpeg)

No. 917351

She didn't learn anything about video production in all that time before the heroin?

No. 917426

File: 1690770951070.png (394.3 KB, 828x1792, IMG_7535.png)

No. 917427

How many times has she done this circus? She's totally cursed guys, the whole cosmos is against her uploading youtube videos. Maybe she should take the hint and get a real job if she truly believes this.

No. 917431

Jeez i tuned out on the Taylor thread for a couple of weeks and she's already killed more pets and false promised more videos. It's a neverending loop.

No. 917434

File: 1690777133349.png (168.62 KB, 828x1792, IMG_7536.png)

No. 917438

Magically uncorrupted….

No. 917443

it's a different video, as stated here >>917426

No. 917444

File: 1690811626211.jpeg (637.27 KB, 1170x2161, IMG_1013.jpeg)

Looks like she’s making a “one year sober video” but didn’t she already do that?

No. 917447

File: 1690814334492.jpeg (379.32 KB, 828x5376, IMG_7543.jpeg)

No. 917456

new video is out

No. 917457

File: 1690822546983.jpeg (1.01 MB, 828x6053, IMG_7550.jpeg)

new post to accompany new video

No. 917459

File: 1690823309005.png (351.39 KB, 706x418, taylor.png)

idk if she's skinwalking layna with the whole bangs look but idk why she thinks she looks good with bangs or how she thinks these bangs look good… bangs just don't flatter certain people…

No. 917460

god she's trying so hard to act like some e-girl emo/goth chick and you can tell she's trying too hard and she never went thru an actual emo phase and is late to the party and wants to look cool and deep

No. 917461

File: 1690823764240.png (835.71 KB, 1351x706, taylor.png)

them meth sores tho

No. 917466

File: 1690825848892.png (34.61 KB, 520x256, animalabusecase932.png)

Watched the first 10 minutes and I can already tell that her "daily routine" is non-existent and she does nothing. She couldn't even go out and pretend to be active for the video. She says she still only showers every three days and doesn't brush her teeth everyday because of muh recovery. She has to lay in bed after getting dressed because she is so tired (I'm not joking). She has a boyfriend and is filming at his house while he's at work, and she stays there til the afternoon/night leaving the animals starving at her family's home while she "stares at her phone and computer in silence". Finally, she laments once again her peak era with Johnny when she was so accomplished and had her own place… how many years has it been again ? The rest of the video seems to be her usual ramblings about addiction and recovery, as if she was in any place to give advices.

No. 917467

yeah i noticed the time on the microwave when she was preparing her animals their dinner was 3 in the morning? idk if that's normal, i don't own any reptiles

No. 917470

She’s said probably half a dozen times that face marks and cuts are a tell that she’s using meth because it makes her break out like crazy because the chemicals in it leave through your pores or something. Not that anyone actually thinks she’s sober but it’s just more proof that when she says “sober from heroin” she actually means “addicted to meth instead”.

No. 917473

ale looks so hollow/sad on drugs but ppl are still like ‘so proud of uuuu’ enablers be crazy, especially her mom

No. 917484

I like how many times in her new video she emphasizes that her boyfriend is ‘at work’. That she lives in his house during the day while he’s ‘working’. She 100% conflates filming her crappy, rambling videos with the ‘work’ that he does. Can’t believe I have to pay taxes and she doesn’t. Get a job

No. 917495

I was honestly about to comment on how this is the most convincingly sober content she's posted since starting recovery years ago… then about 19 minutes in she drinks alcohol

No. 917505

Anyone else feels sorry for her in this new vlog or is it just me? I feel like there is a sense of honesty this round and feels a lot less of her trying to be someone she is not/impress the internet with more recovery stories.

No. 917509

she doesnt drink alcohol…. LMAO

No. 917511

still only one litter box for all the cats…

No. 917521

Same here. I honestly see nothing controversial in the new video.

No. 917529

Nta but around the 19 minute mark she says
>I just got home, unpacked, started washing my makeup off all that stuff. Im gunna sit here and have a drink and I might draw a little bit just to relax
Maybe she meant a pop or water but normally when people “have a drink to relax” they mean alcohol.

No. 917541

I think she’s more honest here than she’s ever been but that’s a really, really low bar. She’s still lying but it’s mostly the lies she tells herself, so. It was refreshing to hear her acknowledge that there’s no way for her to be/stay sober and maintain friendships with active users (Jonny and Kass) but then that sort of throws her 1 year timeframe out the window.

No. 917544

She always seems to be wearing the same clothes in the posts of her announcing her new videos that she is also wearing in her video, like she just filmed the video that day or the day before. Wtf is she always ‘working on’? Seems like she has absolutely zero content on hand.

No. 917552

It's pretty obvious everytime that she says a video is coming that she hasn't filmed one yet. That's also why she has said so many times that she has a ton of videos ready to post that we never end up seeing. When she rants about her technical issues, I feel like she's purposefully forcing herself to make a video by publicly announcing some kind of deadline so she really needs to upload something in the days to come because she promised it to her followers. I think that's why she always ends up doing the same video coming soon/technical issues/it's really coming/monetization issues/finally uploads cycle to buy herself some time. This time she almost told it herself >>917426

No. 917576

Are you slow? Do you think she would admit that in a video? You gotta be sharper than that.

No. 917583

It’s because she literally has a head the size and shape of frankensteins monster

No. 917585

In her new vid, she says something about how she usually leaves her boyfriends house but stayed there longer to edit (edit what? She was actively filming her 1 vid then) and says she usually leaves his house early afternoon to go take care of her pets. She puts makeup on at his house, saying she doesn't do makeup every day.

Then it cuts to her home, with no makeup on and different clothes. It's so clearly a different day, because she's not going home to take care of her pets everyday. Her excuse was "I got home and took my makeup off and got into comfy clothes".. But then she washes her face afterwards, before bed. Why would the girl who can barely bathe wash her face twice in a few hours? It's because she didn't. It was days later and she made up a reason as to why she didn't have the same makeup and clothes on. I have a feeling she is probably living with the guy most of the time (hence her weird couch there) and her mom is the one taking care of the animals.(learn to sage)

No. 917586

y are these 2 hair colours so different tho

No. 917599

Wait a minute… it's almost as if druggies are terrible at hiding their spiraling addiction.

No. 917600

Lol the closed captions still say "drug" multiple times. She did a bad job at censoring. I don't know why she expects to be monetized for it though, I don't know if the youtube algorithm might take notice in some way of who is trying to bypass their restrictions.

No. 917676

Did you reply to the wrong post? Admit what?

No. 917735

File: 1691441048343.jpeg (268.56 KB, 1170x2099, IMG_5557.jpeg)

Impulse bought another reptile she can’t take care of

No. 917739

she seems to be getting back into animal hoarding and impulse buying. it fucking sucks.

No. 917757

didn't she buy some snake or lizard "with" Johnny as well? Good excuse to keep hoarding, despite her mom probably forbidding any more pets.

No. 917758

She sure did. It’s obvious the only thing that’s changed is that she has a bf now. Otherwise her day in the life included as much laying in bed time as the first one. She’s taken over her parents entire house with enclosures so I could see that. Sad that she got another crestie after literally giving one away already. She’s still living a completely chaotic life in addiction and hasn't healed or worked on herself at all. She’s repeating her past from the last time she had a bf, only this time she’s the bum. I hope gets some therapy and actually reflects on her animal hoarding. I mean the guy, who she just started dating, had zero reptiles a few months ago now he has 3. Does she think that shit is normal wtf?!

No. 917771

she's TERRIBLY shaky in these ig stories. i tried to upload a video but couldn't get it to work. i know her shakiness has been mentioned forever, but my god it's unsettling.

No. 917785

I noticed that too. Also her tattoos have blurred considerably.

No. 917877

She admitted to injecting through her hands during her addiction in the latest video. Reckon that has caused some damage in nerves that resulted in her shaky hands now

No. 917894

I don't think it does that or my hands would be shaky as well. I think Taylor is just an extra special snowflake and has every disease and ailment known to man kind. But really tho… maybe it's from meth?

No. 918279

i miss when taylor finally admitted to using with jonny. peak lolcow. this thread is so boring now

No. 918445

File: 1692905608642.jpeg (504.5 KB, 2048x2048, AD9AC645-8A34-406E-9302-E236A0…)

showing off the new toy

No. 918818

File: 1693794387443.png (1.7 MB, 828x1792, IMG_0818.png)

Supposedly ‘found’ this cat

No. 918819

File: 1693794434264.png (2.72 MB, 828x1792, IMG_0819.png)

No. 918821

This is ridiculous. It’s not pretty clear he doesn’t have a home. Has she never heard of lost pets? There are Facebook bulletins she can check for local lost and found pets and also the local animal control posts and can check lost pets as well. It would very well be a stray or dumped cat but to say it’s ‘pretty clear’ it’s homeless is pretty clear she is setting up to take it into her personal menagerie.

No. 918822

File: 1693796015384.png (511.26 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8206.png)

August update

No. 918826

Why won't she just take the cat to vet to see if it has a microship? This could be escaped indoor cat that has been wandering for a while. But what would this drug addict know about animals.

No. 918833

Inb4 she “gives” the cat to her boyfriend because shes not allowed to bring any more into her parents house.

No. 918840

So she's going to sell this cat she found on the street to any stranger on the internet who wants it?

No. 918846

>he's skinny
WHERE? All these years later and she's still never actually looked at that cat obesity chart. He's fine on weight. He clearly doesn't need you to "save" him, Taylor.

No. 918850

Idk she’s been having a rough month >>918822 which means her and her boyfriend probably broke up. Her mental health fully revolves around men.

No. 918861

She's the most codependent person ever so that actually makes so much sense

No. 918863

for a supposedly dirty starving cat who doesn't have a home, he sure looks nice. I'm guessing she'll claim no one wanted the cat and she just couldn't abandon him so he'll become part of her hoard.

No. 918969

boring cow now(so sage your shit)

No. 919137

replace w athena shes milky as fuck(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 919138

You're actually so annoying

No. 919381

Athena is a nobody attention whore that not a single person on this planet gives a fuck about. No one would care to read her thread but herself.

No. 919884

this is athena herself, she even made herself a thread. fucking sad. what kind of mental illness is that?

No. 920044

being a cunt lmfaooo^(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 920499

can we lock this thread

No. 920679

I'm sure junkie qween will crawl out of her hovel eventually, it's not uncommon for her to fuck off for months at a time when she’s struggling. she most likely relapsed on heroin and is too scared to reset the sobriety timer and delete her self asslicking posts about being sObEr FoR oNe WhOlE yEaR so she's hiding in shame. she'll no doubt be back, if not for the internet validation, then for her pathetic measly YT "paycheque"

No. 920838

Sage for tinfoil but while we are waiting for that, does anyone else see the similarities between Taylor and Eugenia Cooney? I mean Tay is morbidly obese in comparison to Eugenia obviously. But her mom enables her addiction to pets and drugs, just like Eugenias mom keeps her anorexic. Both moms want to keep babying their daughters. And they are both fans of Disney lol.

No. 920866

Genuinely I feel for Taylor. I know it was her choice to do heroin and get involved in drugs but she was only 20 years old and ended up dating the worst person imaginable, and now 6/7 years later it still has completely fucked the trajectory of her life. With no hopes of getting better.

No. 920867

Saying this now because it's sad to see her drop off the planet again. Most likely due to drugs.

No. 921544

Same, she used to be my favorite cow and now im just checking the thread hoping for proof of life. I feel sorry for her. Sometimes I watch Snake Discovery, hoping to see some of Taylor's pets end up there. They just got in an emaciated old boa, I hope Taylor's big guys aren't that bad of shape.

No. 921589

She’s still following/unfollowing people pretty regularly. She’s just hiding. Unfortunately because she centred this most recent come back entirely around her being one year sober it’s gunna be a big hit to her self esteem to have to come clean, if she did in fact relapse. I imagine once she gets a few months under her belt again she’ll be back with another “my life lately has been the hardest ever, some bullshit about how fragile her uwu health is, and but I’m ___ months clean now!”. She’s been stuck in this cycle since 2017.

No. 921834

File: 1698632367421.jpeg (366.42 KB, 828x5376, IMG_9133.jpeg)

she lives

No. 921838

And she says she's still sober. Maybe she's just bored of social media.

No. 921849

does this idiot not realize how stupid it is to post the exact amount of money in her savings account. dumb bitch is gonna get robbed.(learn to sage)

No. 921850

reading comprehension

No. 921877

I'll give you more grace than the other anon and explain. That figure is the hypothetical amount of money she's saved by not doing drugs.

No. 921912

damn I really thought she would sober up by now. same cycle same shit.

No. 922225

File: 1699153514460.png (1.56 MB, 1440x1431, Screenshot_20231104-230423.png)

Y'all sure are slow to pick up on the new boyfriend drop(leave the name field blank)

No. 922237

every reply is telling her she looks sOoOo happy!!1! she literally just looks like every other bitch who’s gotten work done. forever stuck in resting bitch face. her lips look cartoonish

it’s painfully obvious that she has veneers in that second photo kek

No. 922239

>>922225 to me they look more like they ARE the deadbeats. Methed out selfies taken just before claiming "the dingo ate my baby"

No. 922244

Is this her parents backyard?

No. 922247

File: 1699214062083.jpg (193.77 KB, 1200x1621, kelsey-kreppel-at-my-policeman…)

he's like cody ko's wife as a man, it's freaky

No. 922254

is this not the same boyfriend she's had?

No. 922258

he's better looking than JC and definitely an upgrade. do you guys expect her to date an Abercrombie and Fitch model? they look cute together. like they go together well

No. 922282

I actually think this is the best she’s looked in a while, she usually looks like she’s undoubtably on drugs and I’d say here she looks as normal as she possibly could

No. 922288

yup anything's better than jonny for sure, i was just pointing out the startling resemblance. like they actually could be siblings

No. 922317

Isn’t this the same dude she’s been with for like a year now? Or does she have a thing for mfs that look like they have an extra chromosome?

No. 922355

don't worry, I see it too.

No. 922507

In what world is three nose rings and a chocolate milk mustache on a man an upgrade lmao

He sure doesn’t look employed(sage)

No. 922722

File: 1699914973204.jpeg (1.22 MB, 828x3584, IMG_D55089A15036-1.jpeg)

she found a spider

No. 922723

File: 1699915041532.png (1.43 MB, 828x1792, IMG_9328.png)

No. 922740

This isnt a new boyfriend you moron, its that wtf.zach guy and he’s been posted about before

In what world is JC not a downgrade to literally anyone? And this bf of hers has his own place, and a job, tay’s last video she filmed was at his apartment and she mentioned her bf was at work.
Three nose rings = not employed but JCs ugly cheap tattoo scribbles not to mention the tattoos on his face, ongoing child endangerment case, and horrifying google search background info on him = employed. Gotcha.

No. 922823

Aesthetics aside he’s basically out of her league, she’s a lazy unemployed drug addict who leeches off her parents and has no aspirations, he’s employed, independent, seems good for her and as far as I can tell he isn’t into hard drugs…. so good for her tbh. Plus literally anyone is a step up from Jonny Craig keeek

No. 922905

File: 1700174901459.jpeg (760.87 KB, 828x7168, IMG_9372.jpeg)

life update

No. 923011

she talks like she's shocked getting off suboxone will give her opiate withdrawal but isn't it literally an opiate? and can you really be sober if you're using it, even for recovery? I don't know enough about it for the last point just curious

No. 923127

I mean, if you're using "Anonymous" programs, then no, using subs or methadone isn't considered truly sober. If she isn't part of a program or at the very least, seeing an addiction counselor several times a week… then her chances of staying sober are pretty slim. So much of recovery revolves around taking accountability. If you don't learn to be self aware of your own actions and take accountability of your choices, you'll never achieve sobriety.

No. 923401

this seems eerily familiar, didn't she blame suboxone for feeling shit some years ago and it turned out later she relapsed? Same old same old.

No. 923408

I still don’t even believe she’s sober, she hasn’t addressed meth at all. It’s been over a year and she’s still holding her heroin sobriety up on a pedestal while ignoring the fact that she admitted she had a problem with meth. Where’s the meth sobriety day counter? You know she’d be shoving it down all our throats if she had one

No. 923499

Meth isn't aesthetic. It isn't "I'm a poor sick widdle girly who is in so much pain from my EDS & fragile medical issues & tiny body that I had to". It isn't artfully tragic deaths at 27. It's bad skin, bad teeth, bad hair, gross sex and the ultimate "trashy" drug.
To Tay, being a heroin heroine is tragic and beautiful. Being a meth addict is Traylor Trash. She would never play up that aspect of her journey for her fans, it's not the "look". Momentarily after rehab bro dick she tried to make it seem glamorous but did not succeed.

Also, when it comes to drug addict hierarchy, they always have someone to look down on. "At least I never was xxx" Pot shames alcohol, alcohol shames pills, pills shame real opiates, opiates shame meth. But there's such overlap it's just silly.

No. 923573

File: 1701117041203.jpeg (1.77 MB, 4000x3000, 9EDB2FD9-8339-44E3-9692-31C543…)

Last nights story, the rest was just blurry photos of the cats.

No. 923598

I'd be more interested in seeing the cats tbh

No. 923659

File: 1701237453566.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1179x10485, IMG_8985.jpeg)

No. 923715

File: 1701309637906.jpeg (921.3 KB, 828x10752, IMG_9596.jpeg)

okay but why was she leaving songs on repeat with the volume all the way down

No. 923716

File: 1701309771004.jpeg (155.42 KB, 828x1792, Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 9.02.…)

lowering her suboxone dose

No. 923906


Another reason I won't believe she's sober is that she is still collecting this unhinged junk. Like I kind of get what aesthetic she is going for, but she's missing the mark and just being weird about it if that makes sense. And it's the same with her clothes and makeup. This isn't what she was like until she started doing drugs. At least her hair is back to brown and it doesn't look too bad.

No. 923961

File: 1701622730767.png (6.41 MB, 1170x2532, BD383745-0B3D-46D7-9ACA-ED07A5…)

No. 923962

File: 1701622754628.png (8.04 MB, 1170x2532, 268C8493-C8B3-4A6A-9026-8EC45B…)

No. 923963

File: 1701622797154.png (7.75 MB, 1170x2532, B2AE236E-0D7D-46B6-8025-B2C0B1…)

No. 923964

File: 1701622853606.png (7.89 MB, 1170x2532, 98187A13-47B6-4DB9-BEEC-AA8F41…)

5 stories to blame the devil her hair is fcked up

No. 923966

She lies about the most random shit it’s actually so wild. If you scroll through the thread in every picture of her you can see the line of where her real hair ends and her her clip ins begin. She just took her extensions out.

No. 923968

File: 1701625208909.jpeg (287.75 KB, 1170x1124, 56F0535E-CA1F-40DA-B964-7FA3C4…)

Samefag. Her hair a month ago, with her real hair length highlighted.

No. 923988

Taylor you just don't remember listening these songs on repeat because you were high af you dumb shit

No. 924003

>Ree why can't I have long hair I have to stop bleaching it
>The solution is to dye it again, lighter than my natural hair and heat damage it with daily curls because I'm insane.
I hate BPD girls /nitpick(/ban)

No. 924019

I could’ve sworn she already posted about her fried hair and looking back I was right. she posted pretty much the exact same thing a few months back, selfies included. I assume that’s when she actually cut it because it’s absolutely not any shorter than it was then.
but she’ll use any excuse to take 100 pictures of herself and post them because she’s obsessed with herself, it’s not about the hair at all.

No. 924079

lmao she claims those curls are "natural"
i remember when jc and syd were together and syd finally posted her natural hair, taylor went on a meth rant about how "curly" her hair was and proceeded to show a bunch of pictures of her younger with hair that had obviously been curled and wasn't natural

No. 924080

I'm so confused… does she genuinely think that we all believe her hair grew this much >>923968 from >>889738 within the span of a year or is she posting this to front for her boyfriend? kek
He's not very bright if he couldn't feel/see the hair extensions this whole time lol

No. 924128

Kek don't be silly. These are clip in, not to be left in for significant amounts of time. You can't wash your hair with them in, so I'm sure bf already knows. Plus people with extensions get real protective of their hair getting pulled, partners usually have to be warned pretty early on lmaoo.

No. 924416

File: 1702332768824.png (571.38 KB, 828x1792, IMG_9837.png)

urge to hoard rising…

No. 924422

What’s so different about this snake in caparison to the ones she already owns other than pure aesthetics, and being able to say “look at how cool this particular snake is”. She’s so transparent. The fact she’s even looking at animal listings and prioritizing growing her hoard instead of like, getting a job? Applying for school? Filming a video? Or anything even remotely productive is astounding. 2023, another year she completely pissed down the drain, making practically zero advancements or progress in her life. What a waste.

No. 924432

Everything she decides she wants the second she sees it is somehow her dream.

No. 924460

it’s very expensive compared to her other short tail. that’s the difference.

No. 924504

She already has over twenty animals in her care that she basically never posts about, why add another one that will eventually just get thrown into a plastic tub and neglected once the attention she gets from it dies down?

No. 924574

Because even though she claims she’s growing or whatever, all she ever does is go in a gigantic circle. So now she’s back to running after a man and leaving her horde with her parents to deal with while only giving them rushed, subpar care. It already looks like her pacman frog has MBD, just like the fried one might have had, and she’s already been buying new animals saying she got them with or for her boyfriend, so it’s not even surprising she’s looking at “dream snakes”.

No. 924620

File: 1702523612701.jpeg (950.8 KB, 828x7168, IMG_9905.jpeg)

story dump

No. 924621

does anyone remember what thread the jake saga started im bored and want to read some good milk

No. 924622

nvm i found it i think it starts thread 39. ugh she's so boring now and so is jonny

No. 924637

File: 1702566943865.jpeg (432.02 KB, 3303x1232, 32662D2F-C765-4D37-A682-6CB82B…)

I went and looked the the most recent video of him and his front leg is like curled up under itself in a little ball. Doesn’t look right at all.

No. 924685

File: 1702584266953.png (153.38 KB, 828x1792, IMG_9913.png)

new video (eventually) (maybe)

No. 924715

File: 1702612085426.jpeg (847.75 KB, 1170x1610, IMG_2583.jpeg)

No. 924716

File: 1702612201926.jpeg (290.57 KB, 1162x2048, IMG_2580.jpeg)

No. 924718

File: 1702612332627.jpeg (240.07 KB, 1176x2048, IMG_2581.jpeg)

Is this the dealer she sent nudes to? Bet she let him fuck for free dope. Lots of girls on H do it

No. 924719

File: 1702612374347.jpeg (148.9 KB, 1284x1555, IMG_2582.jpeg)

No. 924748

new video

No. 924754

barely 5 seconds in you can see how rough she pulled him out of her backpack and slapped him on the table, wtf. this is starting out great

No. 924755

she talks about a package she got and really emphasizes the date that it's 10-18-21, funny that's jonny's sober date, she's still obsessed

No. 924756

Lmao anon your attention to detail is astounding. Didnt even noticed the date mentioned, also what 916 on jonny's profile then if the 18-10-21 is his sober date?

No. 924757

916 is sac area code
and to be fair i was just reading earlier posts in his recent thread and saw a pic of his sober date tattoo lol

No. 924758

I just came across this video from Taylor before she started dating Jonny, skip to 2:43 to see and hear how FUCKED UP her and her boyfriend are (who tf was he btw?). Literally the beginning of the video she sounds normal and sober and then it skips to different footage and it sounds like the video is on slow-mo, she's slurring, god she sounds like she's on H or opiates or SOME kind of downer
i thought JC was the beginning to her opiate use? I know she's done coke before but this is NOT how someone on coke sounds

No. 924759

File: 1702678446491.png (999.26 KB, 1366x768, Untitled.png)

who is this man?!

No. 924760

is she skinwalking Layna or is it just a weird coincidence Taylor cut her hair like hers right after Layna got a haircut? >>923964 She can’t be that obsessed with anyone Jonny talks to right?

No. 924763

I feel like it’s common knowledge at this point (I think she even admitted it in a tweet) that she went on a bender right before she met Jonny. As much as she tries to blame him for her drug problem I bet anything she would’ve ended up a junkie one way or another. So yeah it was probably drugs.

No. 924865

File: 1702791300387.jpeg (873.02 KB, 828x7168, IMG_0084.jpeg)

sick snake

No. 924917

I don't know anything about impacted scent glands but she looks thin. It takes a while for snakes to get thin, not just one missed meal.

No. 925157

guys why is the website backwards…. i can't read anything wtf(take it to /meta/)

No. 925217

The scent gland thing is totally something that just happens, female hognoses in particular are very prone to it,. But I agree looks like shes dropped quite a bit of weight which isnt something that happens over night.

No. 925811

File: 1703706599648.jpeg (992.77 KB, 828x3584, JPEG image-4619-88C4-8B-0.jpeg)


No. 925812

File: 1703707398123.jpeg (2.54 MB, 828x8960, IMG_A5C726C930AC-1.jpeg)

TL;DR she's thirsty sometimes

No. 925813

File: 1703708958849.jpeg (1.96 MB, 828x7168, IMG_86E3147894B3-1.jpeg)

still posting, still thirsty

No. 925847

Does anyone know where Taylor was first posted? Like before she got her own thread? Was it somewhere here or on kiwi farms?

No. 925862

those photos are years old lol, why does she keep having throwbacks

No. 925876

Maybe the pettube thread?

No. 925883


So TL;DR according to Jonny and his former bandmates and IIRC one of Taylor's friends?, Taylor was actually on drugs prior to meeting Jonny, and pushed him to relapse on hard shit, begging him to help her try new shit for the first time.

Jonny is a cunt, but Taylor was not a good thing for him in hindsight.

No. 925921

>pushed him to relapse on hard shit
are you implying that jonny could’ve stayed clean if it weren’t for taylor? he was probably dying for a reason to stick a needle in his arm again kek. also, who cares if taylor “wasn’t good for him”? as if he deserves any ounce of goodness in this life

No. 925956

maybe the 30 something year old man shouldnt have seeked out a 20 year old girl? just a thought.
no one or nothing would have been good for jonny at that time other than rehab and the lack of ability to contact women.
of course his bandmates would say that, i'm sure that's what jonny told them.

No. 925960

I'm trying to find the original one she was posted in to even warrant her own thread in the first place but I can't seem to find the first pettube thread, the very first pettube thread's date starts later than her first thread date. thought that was kind of odd

No. 925982

It's been years so maybe I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure Taylor just got a new thread on /snow/ without being posted in any other major threads. I think she just got posted on snow because she was suddenly dating JC and people went snooping after it because she was a big Youtuber and her mother was throwing a hissyfit on twitter about it, but maybe someone exported shit from kiwifarms idk. As far as I'm aware people only got interested in pettube drama on lolcow during her peak.

No. 926001

File: 1704138173868.jpeg (272.4 KB, 828x3584, IMG_0514.jpeg)

obsessing over her 15 minutes of relevancy once again

No. 926003

she came from PULL iirc, her first thread there did amazing and a few months later she got one here

No. 926062

File: 1704225253011.jpeg (677.47 KB, 3056x2717, 0E5BD9B1-8925-4681-A99C-9CB0B5…)

It’s incredible how fast she burns through computers, this laptop is barely a year old. She got it last December:

No. 926152

what is PULL? sorry

No. 926154

File: 1704325772969.jpeg (205.82 KB, 1169x1239, IMG_9601.jpeg)

pretty ugly little lairs. I got my old forums mixed up though, it was actually guru gossiper. picrel.

No. 926223

Does anyone happen to have an archive or re-upload of the "abuse" video jonny put her through? i've been dying to watch it again… i don't think she'll ever make it public again though

No. 926268

File: 1704560719089.jpeg (550.38 KB, 1179x2097, IMG_0188.jpeg)

(this is not milk, sage it)

No. 926272

She was posted on kiwifarms first I believe and then lolcow.

No. 926356

Her latest video from a month ago
doesn’t even have 50k views (which is weird because her pet videos used to do the best). Every other pettuber from her era has other business ventures to support themselves because even with their consist uploads they can’t survive on just YouTube. Like at this point is it safe to say she fell off and her YT career is dead dead?

No. 926399

pettube itself is dead because the shock value of the 50+ pets videos are gone and now most viewers find people like taylor to be selfish and irresponsible. it's not chic anymore and her thumbnails don't help either.

No. 926466

File: 1704921909337.jpeg (262.43 KB, 1080x1767, IMG_7431.jpeg)

Way late to this, but that’s Aaron Doh. He started off on Vine where he was pretty popular and I guess he does TikTok and crypto bullshit these days.

No. 926772

File: 1705500435178.jpeg (1.91 MB, 828x7168, IMG_A49003D6700D-1.jpeg)

sobriety update

No. 926793

Must be on meth again

No. 926832

not even a minute in and they both sound so fucked up

No. 926837

samefag but she is so awkward in the introduction, it's painful to watch

No. 926849

I don’t know what image she’s trying to project or save at this point, her reputation is garbage and no one believes she fully sober, at the very least she has to be smoking weed, I will never believe this girls not doing anything

No. 927280

File: 1706334761458.jpeg (461.39 KB, 1179x1078, IMG_0769.jpeg)

No. 927281

File: 1706335116737.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1179x13946, IMG_0768.jpeg)

No. 927284

what in the meth? she can’t be serious right now. she doesn’t have it.

No. 927285

All this does is show that she is going to some sketchy place that overdiagnoses ADHD

No. 927286

Easiest way to get an Adderall script

No. 927331

Her content is extremely dated, girl seems forever stuck in 2018. I genuinely think if she stopped with the pet videos and did more lifestyle or recovery shit she'd have a higher chance of getting back her career but alas half the time she's stuck at home doing nothing.

No. 927337

Some of the bigger pettubers from that time are still at least relevant to the core audiences they had and are still getting enough views with their animals to live off and/or have branched out into animal related businesses, she pissed away that opportunity though

No. 927343

File: 1706548568104.jpeg (743.72 KB, 4096x2048, 5DCA6BE8-624C-4E84-A792-D13C14…)

No. 927353

She really did have SO much opportunity with an audience that large, it’s a shame. She went from making tens of thousands per video, dropping 40k on teeth, buying designer animals, living in luxurious apartments to getting high in her parents house, pissing in fast food cups and going on borderline crazy rants. It seems like she’s given up and isn’t even trying for anything better than leeching off her parents, like the fact that she’s spending her time (still) trying to get an adhd diagnosis when she could be working? Going to college? Volunteering? Doing literally anything other than trying to get legal meth?! Shes so blatantly still a junkie whose life revolves around getting drugs and being high, it’s ridiculous.

No. 927547

Pretty sure it’s something to do with her brain being rotted from the drug use. Like you stop mentally aging when your addiction started. That’s why she thinks 25 is so old she’s mentally 20 forever.

No. 927679

How do you not notice this type of thing? She so obviously neglects all of her endeavors and yet still insists of collecting more animals.

No. 927966

did anyone make a new thread for jonny idk how(newfaggotry)

No. 927979

File: 1707629806307.jpeg (359.11 KB, 1179x2090, IMG_1177.jpeg)

No. 927981

File: 1707631370589.jpeg (1.06 MB, 4096x2048, AA2C0DCB-650A-4934-9ACA-C9696F…)

No. 928048

Wait her parents are giving their living space to her animals so she has more room ? If her hoard of animals are an eye sore maybe she should fucking rehome them, or is it dampening her mood having to lay in bed surrounded by all the animals she’s neglecting? Out of sight out of mind I guess. I don’t understand why her parents continue to put themselves out enabling her, it’s sabotaging her independence. I’m almost starting to wonder if she throws tantrums or makes threats about relapsing to get her way, because this is ridiculous.

No. 928049

No. 928062

its been
>I cant wait to tell you whats happening this year
for half a decade now, and spoiler alert, nothing ever happens. she was doing drugs under her parents roof and they still bending over backwards to accommodate her, how privileged can someone be. she can cry all she wants about muh addiction, my life is so hard! but she spent her “worst years” laying around her cozy parents house while they provided anything and everything she needed and all she had to worry about was catching a high. she in for a rude awakening when everyone in the real world doesnt rush to accommodate her like mommy and daddy do

No. 928334

File: 1708111666590.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1170x1886, IMG_0391.jpeg)

She’s been reading LC, lots of discussion about “hooded eyes” in several threads lately, lmao like why did she feel the need to point out what type of eyes she has? I would have never noticed. She’s goofy

No. 928346

Hooded eyes are a popular topic right now, most videos I see about eyeliner on TikTok are girls talking about their hooded eyes, even girls without hooded eyes are like “mah hooded eyes” so I figured she was just hopping on the trend like she does with everything else

No. 928618

She knows damn well what the difference between "clean" and "sober" is, and we've all seen her drink alcohol since June 2022

No. 928665

You can literally see part of her eyelid above the eyeliner, her eyes aren’t hooded at all shes just bad at eyeliner so she’s had to learn how to improve upon it.

No. 928668

Ironically this type of eyeliner looks like shit too, it's way too big and harsh. I know she's trying to be edgy but it just looks bad, at least use brown eyeliner or don't wing it out that much.

No. 928724

File: 1708576198510.png (551.21 KB, 1179x2556, IMG_1392.png)

No. 928726

I could be wrong but I swear she's said she was already on the lowest dose?

No. 928727

not wrong she said she’s been on the lowest dose for possibly the last 2 years now

No. 928773

Don’t feel like going all the way back but she claimed 3 months ago she was getting off of it completely and was only a few mg away from the lowest dose
>I'm almost to the lowest dose though! Only two more adjustments to my dosage to go, and then all that's left is whenever I feel ready to stop taking it
More lies to make her audience think she’s making progress when she’s really just going in circles.

No. 928776

good to know it wasn't just my imagination. maybe one day in the next ten years she will be on the lowest dose

No. 928778

File: 1708635833637.jpeg (1003.47 KB, 3464x2615, 208F54E0-6F26-4B18-8806-B3EB2C…)

tbf it’s hard to keep up when she’s said so many contradictory things. in 22 she apparently switched to the shot form of subs (it’s an entirely different drug called vivitrol). picrel is jc recommending it to her and a rant she went on about it. thats the last post I could find about her dosage, she only recently switch back to the suboxone narrative and has seemingly forgot she ever claimed she was on the injection. her narrative makes no sense when you read old threads

No. 928822


im a pharmacist and there are 4 doses of suboxone (buprenorphine/naloxone) films. 12/3, 8/2, 4/1, and 2/0.5.

a lot of prescribers will write scripts for "half a film" but you really really aren't supposed to cut the films…

No. 928949

File: 1708807353056.jpeg (1007.36 KB, 4096x2730, F14F20B1-52B9-434A-BC11-F2A649…)

No. 928954

I'm so glad she's decided to rehash exactly what she's said about four times previously! Now we know how much progress she's made! But honestly though how many times has she gone around the same circle? Surely everyone in her life must be sick of it at this point.

No. 928956

>if I slow down on lowering the dose l'll stop feeling as sick and can focus on working
she can’t do anything right now, including her very easy job, because her widthdrawsls are SO BAD but she’s also somehow gunna start uploading consistently, get off subs, go back to school, move out and start even MORE projects? oh and somehow this is totally different from all the other times she said she was gunna do these things… and didn’t

No. 928971

She doesn't even have hooded eyes lmao, and her eyeliner has been way better than this before.

No. 928976

The housing market isn’t what it was the first time she moved out and that was when she was at her peak, she’s seriously delusional if she thinks she can move out anytime soon with her one video a year “please bear with me” schedule, her YouTube career is dead even if she started posting regularly. Pettube is dead, there’s a few of them who were able to turn it into a business and kept their core followers but there’s no way she’s making a come back now. What is she going to do? Make the same care videos and all my pets videos for the hundredth time? She needs to go out and get an actual job. And how are her parents still enabling this? It’s insane. They’re going to have her under their roof into her 30s leeching off of them with no job and no contribution to the house. They really failed as parents just letting her walk all over them.

No. 928979

Of course everyone is sick of it, you’ll notice she has no friends. Imagine watching someone you care about go through this cycle, constantly making poor choices, sabotaging themselves, crying about being the victim, never accepting responsibility, never making progress? Addicts with a victim complex are emotional vampires, eventually you have to detach for your own mental health
>They’re going to have her under their roof into her 30s leeching off of them with no job and no contribution to the house. They really failed as parents just letting her walk all over them
They’ve crippled her for life. I’m still astonished they just handed over the communal living room for her pets, any normal parent would’ve been like: you’re 26, if you want more space get a job and move out? But poor little Taylor always gets her way.

No. 929013

File: 1708980985572.png (313.04 KB, 828x1792, IMG_3186.png)

she’s still going on about this

No. 929020

this time last year she made a post about how everything was SO different now and she was totally healed, and here she is a year later still entirely stagnant. at this point she should be embarrassed to post, she’s been saying she’s gunna do something with her life since 2017 and hasn’t done a single thing. like put pinterest down and get a job ffs

No. 929023

File: 1708993750282.jpeg (600.75 KB, 3464x2667, D33F30C9-E1F7-4AED-BD06-5D088B…)


No. 929140

She was probably relapsing here and had a fleeting moment of euphoria in which she really felt that she was gonna get shit done, had to post about it immediately online during that rush, and then came back down.

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