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File: 1642180373299.jpeg (263.11 KB, 1282x1268, 943432E0-E304-4364-AFEE-38985C…)

No. 864461

Vicky is a middle aged scratcher from Buttfuck Nowhere, Hicksville, Canada with an exhaustive recorded history of stealing deposits, cancelling appointments, and giving disastrous mangled tattoos to her clients. One of the reasons why this thread exists is to warn anyone who happens to Google her name prior to getting a tattoo from her.

Vicky is also a washed up “scene queen” who likes spending her free time reliving her glory days on MySpace by getting hammered and posting poorly shopped thirstpics and embarrassing videos on her various personal and “professional” social media accounts. She then posts the resulting DMs she gets from random horny old men and neckbeards, the sorts of DMs normal women ignore or are repulsed by, seemingly as proof of her desirability - despite, of course, being perpetually single for pretty much her entire adult life.

Vicky exhibits a plethora of curious behaviours such as pretending to be British, pretending to be wealthy, pretending to be a super-fit ninja, pretending to be educated, pretending to be a model and pretending to be the one and only woman who likes/does "X", and of course, pretending to be unbothered by criticism.

Latest milk:

> still has a boyfriend she’s too embarrassed to post online that she calls “G” Someone has pitted him as a guy 10 years her junior named “Gabriel” >>>/pt/

> has started working out of her cat piss infested apartment cause she lost her tattoo shop.

> continues to talk badly about OF girls >>>/pt/841230 cause she “morals” even though she continues to steal deposits, and posts close ups of her vagina on tiktok and fb.

>>> tattoo updates still being shared to show how badly her tattoos age. >>>/pt/841553 >>>/pt/846147

>>> old classmate posted a photo of her in high school to show how little she looked like her MySpace shoops. >>>/pt/841576

>>>started an online shop we here she resells goth garbage from Ali express >>>/pt/841230

>>>Changed her name to viper to hide from her former self. >>>/pt/859861

>>>Was called out on her old shops google reviews for stealing deposits and not delivering. Started to say her “assistant” will be taking over her social media.

>>> made an Instagram for her totally real photographer, astral 7 photography.

Old milk:

>Has ANOTHER new boyfriend. Is too embarrassed to show his face.

> was interjecting herself into mr poundtowns relationship to the point of him being no existent in her life. >>>/pt/827710
> kicked out of her last “salon” she tattooed out of and is still taking money from people.
>has nowhere to work.
>got dragged on tiktok to the point of shutting off comments
>won’t stop talking about penises of ufc fighters
>Jackie came with the MILK. >>>/pt/829023
>too much to go over, but Victoria’s cat pissed all over her couch and Victoria was too broke to pay for it. Begged Jackie to stay at her place cause she can’t pay her bills.
> Victoria is still so delusional she thinks she look like Megan fox when she wears a cheap black wig.
> Vicky creates a new Instagram account for her tattoos, has hardly any followers and ends up making it private >>>/pt/820656
> Continues to post egregiously shooped pics that are looking more and more like an overinflated sex doll with less and less resemblance to her actual self >>>/pt/820676
> Despite being an award-winning Michelin star chef who has cooked for celebrities as far off as Timbuktu the only thing she seems capable of cooking are Yorkshire puddings (which would explain why she’s so fucking huge) >>>/pt/820908
> Joins TikTok, looks fatter than ever >>>/pt/821095
> Posts a video to “prove” her fake Versace bra is real >>>/pt/821108
> Spergs incessantly about how she doesn’t want to be skinny, hard fucking cope for being a ham planet >>>/pt/821012
> Is so ~ not bovverrrred ~ by lolcow that age continues to post about us on her social media, claims she fucked her ex after he left her for her former friend >>>/pt/821407
> Claims she is booked until April, which is clearly bollocks as she spends all day doing fuck all besides posting grimy selfies on social media >>>/pt/822022
> Still making up r/thathappened tier tales about how other girls’ boyfriends want to bang her and how everyone is jealous and crazy (the fucking irony) >>>/pt/822051
> Still claiming that everything posted on lolcow is lies and that we edit her photos to make her look worse because we’re “intimated” by her beauty (my fucking sides, I cannot with this delusional fat retard) >>>/pt/823263
> Insists the only people who post here are the same group of four girls who she’s had a falling out with in real life >>>/pt/823270
> Bunny is true to her promise that if Shingles mentioned her again she’d return to the farm to share more anecdotes, such as Vicky getting kicked out of houses for being dirty >>>/pt/823340 texting Bunny begging to hang out >>>/pt/823358 and most hilarious of all, how she threw a shit fit over not being able to make pasta on a fucking camping trip >>>/pt/823482
> Her shoops are becoming progressively more insane, indicating that she must have a lot of spare time on her hands >>>/pt/823740
> Claims she looks ~ soooo young ~ despite looking like a 50 year old lot lizard >>>/pt/823999
> Vicky gets called out for being a catfish on TikTok >>>/pt/824095
> Someone who got a tattoo from Vicky stops by, namefagging up a storm while not telling us anything we haven’t heard before >>>/pt/824267
> Another Ontariofag who has had the displeasure of meeting Shingles comes forward confirming everything said about her her >>>/pt/824770
> More bullshit about how every man wants her, every woman is jealous and scared Vicky will steal their man and how she’s an ~ untouchable ice queeeen ~ >>>/pt/825345
> Another person Vicky has mangled with her scratching pays us a visit to share the extent of Vicky’s butchery to her skin >>>/pt/825779
> Some scrote posts her nonsense to a body building page, Vicky uses the opportunity to screech ad nauseam about how she doesn’t edit her body, which is an insult to anyone with functioning retinas >>>/pt/827243
> People on social media point out that Shingles is a retard for bashing sex workers when she does pretty much the same thing as them but for free >>>/pt/827341

> The quality of her shart tier work has somehow deteriorated further >>>/pt/799820 >>>/pt/799789

> She produces a tattoo so atrocious that it deserves its own line >>>/pt/805503
> A calf is born: introducing Xameron “the contrarian” who gives us a coked-out 18,000 word screed at 1am about muh zero sugar energy bars >>>/pt/800078
> Cameron goes off on some other irrelevant bitch named kayla for seemingly no reason >>>/pt/800090
> To the surprise on precisely no one, cameron looks like this >>>/pt/800296
> He returns later to call us the obsessive losers after writing an entire novel about how Vicky wouldn’t suck his dick >>>/pt/800376
> Congratulations! it’s twins! a second calf, Kayla (when you order Trisha Paytas on Wish), is thrust upon us >>>/pt/800605
> Cameron comes back yet again to sperg about phone chargers, Vicky’s fridge, and a tonne of other retarded shit >>>/pt/800642
> Kayla also has a sperg for the ages, posting nonstop on Facebook and to anyone who will listen to her >>>/pt/800822
> Onlyfans era Vicky is imminent, even though she loves screeching about how much she hates sex work to all and sundry while posting porn lite to her “professional” profiles for free >>>/pt/805696 >>>/pt/802843

Her past milk is approaching Tolstoy levels of documentation so here is a pastebin of that: https://pastebin.com/SsvpzQy0


Professional Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial
Personal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/victoria.emma.5680
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/missvictoriamurder
Twitch: https://m.twitch.tv/videos/451633048



No. 864470

File: 1642186490975.jpeg (475.93 KB, 1283x2155, A4C452EA-8675-4F63-A49D-35F1EC…)

Sold 96 skirts already guys.

No. 864478


vipersdropshopping dot com.

No. 864486

File: 1642204307120.jpg (195.99 KB, 1080x1441, Screenshot_2022-01-15-12-50-34…)

The terms of service have me rolling. So professional.

If I didn't know better, I'd read that and see red flags and look into the store and owner and be put right off. What a clown.

No. 864494

Holy shit lol good find. That is absolutely hilarious.

No. 864515

Would actually be a threat IF she was selling shit. She got 4 measly like on her post adverting this dead end venture

No. 864519

File: 1642238465419.jpg (398.49 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2022-01-15-22-19-39…)

She changed it already.

No. 864530

Bless you for making a new thread, anon. Entrepreneur Vick is too funny.

Probably Vickper herself bought one of those skirts so she could practice her River Dancing again. Hopefully, she bought it in a large enough size to where she could zip this one up lolol

No. 864534

File: 1642253783118.jpg (319.82 KB, 1080x1276, Soundslegit.jpg)

This has to be my favorite part. Basically what you see on here probably isn't what you'll get.

No. 864538

I just had a stroke reading this

No. 864539



Kek There's nothing couture about cheap made in China dropship clothing. Her stupidity is astounding.

>>864534 She can add all the disclaimers she wants. If she sells something, which she won't, a consumer can issue a chargeback for item(s) not arriving as described, which anything that comes from AliExpress is notorious for.

No. 864541

Did she literally just write “whatever I post on here I will send you whatever I want and you can’t do anything about it, only in vickyspeak? How does she not get flagged for blatant dumbassery?

No. 864547

File: 1642275181629.jpeg (124.22 KB, 1282x590, 83607BBC-D6E6-4CC1-BBCB-8E8DBE…)

“Glad to see g back on your account” I think this guy was just saying “ I like seeing his quotes” and she came in 3 times throughout the day to verify that g isn’t typing on her account. I guess reading lolcow about how her assistant is her boyfriend got to her kek

No. 864548

File: 1642275375438.png (486.27 KB, 1284x2778, E1E05F0B-7F30-435D-A760-A6F9A6…)

(Insert information) Jesus Christ Vicky.
Can’t even proof read her website. I’m totally sure any of these people will get their stuff

No. 864554

File: 1642277799008.jpg (43.32 KB, 720x720, img_1_1642277723605.jpg)

New Viper pic lol

No. 864558


Oh! I wanna meet lonely MILFS in my area! clicks picture
Sorry anon I thought that was clickable. All joking aside didn’t she already post this one months ago?

No. 864559

kek at the bottom left. she doesnt even try anymore

No. 864562

Now that is a brick house

No. 864570

My eyes burn, this can’t get worse.

No. 864572

File: 1642284857628.jpeg (212.12 KB, 1282x1638, 5AED58CB-1D2D-4B88-B162-9B6B3E…)

Is icky missing teeth or did she shop them out on accident

No. 864573

Christ, this is just bad.

Like ‘facialabuse.com’ ratchet bad.

No. 864574

So it went from one she obviously wrote herself to >>864519 >>864534 which look like just random copy/paste from elsewhere. The second one in particular is fucking strange for a wannabe retail site. Wonder where she lifted it from and how drunk she was to think it made even the least bit of sense.

No. 864588

File: 1642292697510.jpg (131.49 KB, 1080x868, Screenshot_20220115_192437.jpg)

What is going on here?

No. 864590

what, you mean she isn't at some nondescript tropical location lol.

i think she's poking her real boob for some reason and the shoop just exaggerates it. also lol that shitty cross tattoo being her cleavage.

No. 864600

How have I never noticed how wide her neck is? It's like the same size as her head. She's a linebacker

No. 864607

Just wait for her to model the store clothes KEK

No. 864608

File: 1642335844820.png (316.14 KB, 828x1792, 123E3181-0E91-4F2F-B606-7D44B9…)

This privacy policy isn’t even completed, she just copy and pasted and didn’t read through it, or is too drunk to realize she needed to remove/ reword parts. This is hilarious. Where will the customer reviews be?

No. 864609

Vicky is so lucky that she can visit the TurquoiseAsFuck Isles, where
cheap lingerie doubles as a swimsuit, and Dr's office quality fake Ivy grows.

We're all so jealous of you Vick.

No. 864610

File: 1642341540243.jpg (911.98 KB, 2560x1920, 22-01-16-07-55-15-008_deco.jpg)

Her item descriptions are like throwing darts on a board. Sometimes they list a bunch of random shit, like this shirt, which inexplicably has an age range for it??

No. 864637

File: 1642378647843.png (6.51 MB, 1284x2778, 9BB1B813-9ABC-47E1-B26B-74520B…)

No. 864638

Not sure about the "girl Angel" part, I see a double chinned dude taking a hit from a weird rectangular bong.

No. 864642

File: 1642384185632.jpg (84.28 KB, 720x1178, IMG_20220116_184907_158.jpg)

Here's the other side, the girl angel part.

No. 864656

Ham hock arm, wonder where she got the inspiration

No. 864657

File: 1642427134913.png (352.17 KB, 720x1155, loljk.png)

Imagine defending gross dudes' "jokes" like this. She's a cool girl tho!

No. 864667

I love how she's "anti harassment" unless you are in her inner circle.

No. 864671

she conveniently pulls that bs when ppl call out her shoops, lies or shitty tattoos, but if it's a ~bromingo~ then it's "just joking", typical narc.

No. 864678

Lol. Section 3 is illegal. You are required by law to represent your products accurately.

No. 864682

that’s because it’s literally from the aliexpress description. she’s using a plug-in to pull products directly from there and not even bothering to rewrite the description.

No. 864694

File: 1642469130332.jpg (87.08 KB, 720x925, IMG_20220117_182305_838.jpg)

Oh man. This already looks like a mess. it's going to be an indistinguishable black blob in a few years.

No. 864700

It already is a giant blob kek. Literally cannot tell wtf it is

No. 864701

File: 1642472226832.jpeg (704.26 KB, 1282x2201, 10EDDCB8-B7AF-4DE7-AE65-02A99D…)

Her totally legit shop has an Instagram now. Tragic

No. 864702

File: 1642472346843.jpeg (307.06 KB, 1283x1609, 504AAC8E-000C-44A1-A6BD-C3793F…)

A real artist would be able to make every part of the tattoo recognizable. So what the fuck is this. Icky. No amount of white is going to fix this

No. 864703


NTA but "viper_model" makes me laugh so fucking hard

No. 864706

File: 1642479111657.jpeg (436.16 KB, 1170x2135, 2D15EB1C-5BBD-4A73-980A-90E1AA…)

the linked website in the bio take you to this…

No. 864709

viperscouture dot com dot com.

No. 864732

I just noticed her new IG name hahahaha I already knew she changed it to viper but now viper_model?! My sides…

No. 864733

Probably because this Mensa level brain surgeon typed .com.com kek

No. 864734

File: 1642518532134.jpg (108.95 KB, 720x1174, IMG_20220117_202632_737.jpg)

>When clients reschedule for medical reasons, we treat them with kindness by blasting private messages across social media

I've never seen any tattoo shop or artist act this way lol. Very professional.

No. 864736

>you're deposit

And I'm sure for every one of these "kind" replies there's 100 more where she's telling someone to kill themselves or keeping deposits because "thems the rules"

No. 864828

Anti vaxx pro "medical freedom"
my body my business!!!
Shares clients private medical information publicly

No. 864868

File: 1642688250428.png (7.85 MB, 1284x2778, E9F31AC5-B6E7-48D5-9AB2-70D1C4…)

Icky, drinking yourself stupid by the time you’re 35 Is kinda your own fault though.

No. 865070

File: 1642732854224.png (1.82 MB, 1284x2778, 6FBA459E-0674-4E0C-8B99-3C10CC…)

Wasn’t this girl saying like yesterday that nobody touches her? Isn’t she mother Teresa? Now all the sudden she has a dick list? Imagine lying so hard you don’t even remember your own life story.

No. 865174

File: 1642862220455.png (2.4 MB, 828x1792, FFB58A3F-7534-457F-ADF9-669F35…)

She’s really just that vain, she doesn’t mind the dead hair looking awful?

No. 865175


So is she just buying this crap and reselling it or is she pretending she made this ? Honestly I don’t see how she is making much on it either way, and I wonder how many people she’s screwed over on this stuff.

No. 865177

File: 1642867455925.jpeg (416.48 KB, 1284x1427, 12D48CF4-B6F6-4870-9843-0C17DC…)

“Sold out.” New arrivals inn stock”
What? Getting two likes on every post but selling out fast.

No. 865179


Lmao isn’t this picture from 10 years ago

No. 865183

File: 1642871705166.jpg (243.34 KB, 990x1333, IMG_20220122_121047.jpg)

Just about anon! Pulled it from her photo library on her "Viper" page kek, there it is 2013! which is even funnier when you see on her IG couture page that not only is she using it as her profile pic, but also under her "new arrivals" pinned story. God this broad is fucking stupid

No. 865188

File: 1642873154053.png (2.28 MB, 1284x2778, 20AEE3A9-35F0-40A6-B700-8A887E…)

“Please tell me I’m a good person”
Her reselling clothing, damage control era is in fully effect.

No. 865189

File: 1642873195925.png (8.82 MB, 1284x2778, AE059844-2612-4ABB-85F1-AFF336…)

Also giving tattoos and clothing away.
It’s going well.

No. 865190

Haha I love that she's trying to show a return as some kind of flex, it's a normal business practice Icky

No. 865193

This was put up 16 hours and there’s not one comment on her photos. Jfc. Whe. You base your whole aesthetic on being an onlyfans girl, nobody cares about your shitty clothes ick

No. 865197

I have a suspicion she's either a) sitting around waiting for someone to order one of her crappy pieces for 60 bucks; then she orders the cheapo version of the item from Amazon and ships it to them or
b) reselling a lot of her used, worn out "costume" stuff from ages ago, like that flattering spiral steel boned corset (ugh)
I just can't see her getting her shit together enough to even have an inventory of any kind, or any kind of plan. This "shop," like everything she does, is all lies and she's going to scam anyone who orders from her, one way or another.
All the pics of the clothes are just screenshots from random online clothings stores, terribly hodgepodged together. She definitely doesn't even have an inventory.

No. 865198

File: 1642878758003.jpeg (224.58 KB, 1282x1117, 03EBC694-3240-4C12-A74E-9A9F85…)

She’s drop shipping from aliexpress. So she’s made a website to promote Ali express’ shitty goth clothing. So she’s probably making a small profit on selling Chinese clothes.

No. 865199

File: 1642878993364.jpeg (201.81 KB, 1282x1523, 5D36004E-469A-44F2-A1FF-DBB0FA…)

It’s literally the laziest business ever. People order from her( she promotes) and she orders from where ever. Money must be TIGHT at Bella morte studio.

No. 865200

Where are the customer reviews?!
If she’s selling out like crazy, there would be so many people ranting and raving about the products. Where are the live models showing off on insta at a shoot?
Once again, a half baked idea drunkingly executed.

No. 865201

File: 1642879575648.jpg (176.62 KB, 682x993, IMG_20220122_142435.jpg)

Randomly picked 2 of her product photos to reverse image search. That's exactly what this is kek

No. 865205

She’s not selling out, where ever she’s buying from might be. The products she’s selling are being sold on 100s of other sites form the same manufacturer. She’s a glorified ad space. It’s common in the alt scene and the clothing

No. 865206

File: 1642880388032.jpg (117.73 KB, 765x835, IMG_20220122_143845.jpg)

Not only selling cheap Chinese crap but trying to swindle people too, look at the price difference from her shop to a 10 second Google search I did. Someone needs to report this clown, but then again if you're dumb enough to fall for this, I guess that's your problem lol

No. 865218


Horrible business practices, horrible taste, horrible person. It all checks out.

No. 865229


The moron is dropshipping from China. The sizes are all going to run xxsmall. If she even sells anything she's going to have her hands full of returns.

No. 865237

File: 1642900326853.png (3.72 MB, 1284x2778, EED6FAB1-9A13-4546-859F-6C205E…)

Some other stuff in her site. Kek. She’s selling garbage from China. You’re almost 40 ick

No. 865241

So Couture.
Can she have standards, for literally ANYTHING?

No. 865298

$14 for a bubble pop toy? You could get that for under two at a regular general store kek

No. 865376

Love how she advertises something as Cyberpunk when it is not. Looking forward to future lawsuits for infringement

No. 865388

You can’t be sued for using the name of a genre.

No. 865389

File: 1642956914822.png (1.46 MB, 828x1792, F3413A4B-1FAD-4087-A180-93356A…)

I missed this one.

No. 865390

File: 1642957080117.jpeg (279.24 KB, 825x1612, A4CB2D0E-078E-43D0-A210-CD9A77…)

Also when you look up the company, these are the first images and it led me to here, I have some bs to share about store
Sage ?

No. 865393

just type "sage" into the e-mail field (and leave all the others blank as you did) and spill the milk

No. 865394

File: 1642958141069.jpeg (439.09 KB, 828x1584, AEA8576F-DAAA-4E82-B41D-32BD57…)

Ok. Sorry, I read the rules but oops
My friend shared the link to the shop and I noticed how everything looked….. fake? So I emailed and this is the interaction. It was not professional? Then I reversed searched the images and realized it’s a hoax and also I found this site.
This is the convo

No. 865395

File: 1642958169229.jpeg (384.28 KB, 828x1316, 43313AF7-35D9-43A9-9F12-8168E4…)

No. 865396

I just don’t get why you wouldn’t have customers showing off the products. Also there is not a google business page? Apparently there is a lot to read here? My friend and I are laughing so hard

No. 865398

She didn’t even answer your questions lmao
What is with the anime emoji- so professional.

No. 865402

File: 1642961848803.jpg (31.95 KB, 709x216, christy.JPG)

I forget I follow Vic. Every time she pops up on my feed I come here and I'm amazed to see she's managed to make herself MORE cringe every thread.

No. 865403

What are you people not understanding about this? This isn't a legitimately clothing store she's basically using her website to clone AliExpress and drop shipping from China, it's already been figured out

No. 865404

It’s not that they don’t get it, it’s that vicky thinks it’s going to work. People want proof of a trusted service before they buy, and she’s done nothing to support that.

No. 865415

cReAtIvE aDvIsOr

Also, 1984 cyberpunk is dead. Nobody wears any of this garbage. How are you going to pay these Instagram models? With cheap Chinese fidget spinners? Kek this is gold

No. 865421

File: 1642974095279.jpeg (245.6 KB, 1282x873, 634A21A2-630D-48DF-83F9-3EBFC5…)

She’s edited it to say “design cool tattoos or fashion for you” so yeah she’s trying to play it off as she creates these clothes

No. 865422

File: 1642974205928.jpeg (249.97 KB, 1282x1081, D948E2CE-F55F-42FB-A31B-376DD5…)

“If you’re disrespectful I’ll fuck your man” she has like 3 conversations she has

No. 865428

Sage for grammer fag, but I like how her entire brand is Vipers Couture, not possessive (Viper's), just a couture collection belonging to more than one viper. But, you know, she's super ssssmart.

No. 865431

While you’re completely correct, it’s just making me smile a little seeing you typo “grammar”

No. 865432

No. 865434

I find it interesting she’s in a LTR and has actually been getting worse. First her “assistant” then this stupid fake store and her tats at least in the pictures look even WORSE than before. This guy she’s with must be a catch to influence her so positively…

No. 865442

File: 1642982156786.jpeg (324.67 KB, 1282x1271, DC2D8D58-A3DF-45AF-B3A1-F47AA4…)

So instead of contacting her clients if she can’t make it due to “being in recovery” they have to contact her? Much professional.
She’s been in recovery for like a year now.

No. 865476

>I’m not like that
>but I’ll cheat with your man when you piss me off

No. 865505

What is this mysterious illness she’s been recovering from?

No. 865512

She’s a recovering alcoholic.

No. 865555

that would require her to actually quit drinking. recovering from a perpetual hangover, maybe.

No. 865563

I mean it is pretty cow like behaviour to turn into a munchie, my guess was that she had covid (isn't that what we figured out about a year ago, especially when she admitted it after the fact to brag about being immune or some shit) and she was getting positive attention and asspats from vague posting about it with some of her neckbeards showing a sincere concern for her health. I get this continues as a cover for her to continue being completely unprofessional (like asking her clientele to confirm their previously scheduled appointments with her ahead of time, so she can decide to cancel last minute, but keep the deposit).

No. 865564

Wtf haha she outdoes herself every time she posts. Who on earth would publicly admit to sleeping with another woman's man on their BUSINESS PAGE. And she wonders why guys think she's a sex worker.

No. 865565

As an Ontariofag that has come here for a while, I can say for certainty no dude has left there girlfriend for icky. So she’s a cum rag for shitty dudes with low standard and morals? Yeah. That info is for your professional page.

No. 865590

She says this all the time. She thinks it makes her sound like some all powerful seductress who can get ANY man so watch out and don't be bitchy to her or she will steal yours. She doesn't realize it just makes her sound sloppy and pathetic and like she chases after dudes in relationships.

No. 865602

I actually think this is a genuinely good photo of her, its a shame she doesnt look like this irl at all though.

No. 865663

File: 1643148112037.png (12.92 MB, 1284x2778, 4748A5C1-8F23-4CD8-935D-2DF40A…)

She self tanned her body and not her face. She gained like 75 more pounds. And she said this outfit is on her website. The mess continues.

No. 865664

File: 1643148255216.png (13.87 MB, 1284x2778, C2149C70-746C-419E-AEDB-92977B…)

Same fag, but imagine telling people you model for 3000 An hour and posting this shit. Her self tanner is so splotchy at her hair is piss yellow

No. 865668


"I've lost weight"

…according to this, even heavily edited, you gained weight, Vic.

No. 865670

??? She photoshopped on her ugly ass belt? If you look where the belt should go around her waist it’s gone LOL

No. 865673

I think it looks like that bc she photoshopped herself a brand new waistline

No. 865674

>hiding large arms with worse extensions

No. 865675

File: 1643154746727.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1125x2046, 693F7D85-D428-4E34-8A6F-6B9840…)


The more you look the worse it gets. She needs to put the bottle down for once in her sad life

No. 865680

File: 1643157895288.jpeg (167.41 KB, 1282x992, C95C3DB0-FA25-48E4-B7EF-7CA6D2…)

The rock is also growing into her wrist. She’s been doing this for like 20 years and still can’t get it together. Kinda like her tattooing. Take a class

No. 865684

Her whole shadow has disappeared from her edited thigh on the left - doesn't match the shadow from her elbow or her wrist on the right.

No. 865686

File: 1643168638493.jpeg (64.08 KB, 401x604, B0C9D0DE-3268-45E3-9627-2E33F9…)

Looks like she just grabbed something out of the laundry basket, what’s she’s wearing is filthy. Also the bra under clothes she’s supposed to sell, next time maybe get a model with perky boobs who’d actually dare to go outside in a bikini instead of shooping herself there, still photoshopping cleavage because the bra alone wasn’t enough. So sad to see someone this old still base their value around male approval thinking men see her as anything other than a cumrag. Also was she for real speaking about weight loss when she genuinely have never looked bigger, even with her real pancake tits out she was much smaller than this (pic rel)

No. 865701

File: 1643201527914.jpg (1.07 MB, 2560x1920, 22-01-26-06-48-37-350_deco.jpg)

Top quality professionalism. You can order one that fits you, ORR you can order the same size as the model which likely won't fit you!

No. 865702

its so ugly. no one wants this

No. 865707

I love that one local anon asked about if the products are handmade and all of a sudden they are? Kek

No. 865709

You can order custom size clothes on AliExpress. Again, that's all this is.

No. 865710

File: 1643214635851.png (1.4 MB, 2066x1560, Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 11.2…)

I'm so curious what she would send if you actually spent $70 on this. also what the fuck are these measurements?

No. 865713

are we absolutely sure she’s not just getting rid of her old clothes? It’s not like scamming & misrepresenting products is new to her. I can easily see her emphasizing the elasticity so much because she plans to just send them hers no matter what measurements she’s given. Not that she’ll have any buyers.

No. 865714


Well maybe champagne escort guy would buy them, if they were unwashed and recently worn. I don’t trust that a man who only has one bottle could afford that price however.
If I was better with shop I would change all measurements to reflect truth

No. 865717

I want to see the Vipers Couture tag/label on these fine, brand new and handmade garments

No. 865732

File: 1643240660092.png (1.68 MB, 2048x1414, Screenshot_20220126-174134.png)

Much professional. Uses screenshots to advertise her filthy overpriced cumrags.

No. 865733

File: 1643246258505.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1125x1891, C4D17EC5-48C1-4AA5-8459-51BD37…)

I’m fucking wheezing. Also nobody would pay $70.00 for this literal garbage

No. 865735


Samefag but she shooped herself sinking into that fake bike backwards because the speedometer is behind her. She’s so stupid it hurts

No. 865737

Delusional woman KEK

No. 865744

I like how the other products have your typical model photos, then there's the ones where Vicky butts into, very over the top and cringey in comparison.

No. 865748

Omg I never noticed this the last time I saw this picture…it ALMOST makes me feel bad for her. But nah she’s crass.

No. 865761

File: 1643288641585.jpeg (281.38 KB, 1135x1752, 7FE7CED5-F478-4906-9326-BA61CA…)

At her prehistoric age.

No. 865763

File: 1643293302171.jpeg (1 MB, 1170x2181, 8C1E309B-ACD0-42FC-9607-8F3BEA…)

I always reach for my tulle petticoat when I want to be taken serious as a business person

No. 865764

File: 1643293512718.jpeg (469.69 KB, 1283x2467, 31967915-B4BB-474D-8577-90423E…)

“Designer, luxury items”

No. 865765

File: 1643294377772.jpeg (1007.94 KB, 1170x1546, B1034333-434A-452B-AED4-BE32F1…)

we all know this is a drop-shipping scam but I can’t get over Vicki claiming these items are designer and handmade for her shop but still using the Ali Express images kek

No. 865767

>luxury, designer items
>hoodie that says daddy on it

i’m crying, what a window into her mind. and it’s so funny how defensive all of her descriptions are, like she’s expecting to be questioned, that’s always a sign of a legitimate business.

No. 865768


36 year old trying to look like a young e-girl. Tragic as fuck.

No. 865775

It there places to report scam businesses in Canada? She’s nothing but a really bad scam artist.

No. 865809

Its not a scam. She's just drop shipping made in China garbage, and if someone is dumb enough to buy from her inflated prices then it's on the buyer.

No. 865839

god I love that the descriptions are in all caps, it really sounds like defensive yelling lmao


it's the hard stop that gets me

No. 865868

Well technically everything not naturally occurring is "designer" because it's designed by someone lol. You have to be a paying customer to lay a complaint about ecommerce because you can't really prove she's selling knock offs of her own musty clothes just based on the website. You have to prove the physical product doesn't match up to her advertising, or that she didn't send it at all. Sadly dropshipping cheap shit isn't illegal, but shipping times are going to be killer from China rn and she'll probably get negative reviews if/when any of these things actually sell.

No. 865905

Actually, designer is a specific term referring to high end, famous names. It's short for "designer label" because the brand name is important.

No. 865915

File: 1643427209786.jpg (123.46 KB, 720x940, IMG_20220128_203224_566.jpg)

Victoria claims she designed this. #gothclpthing

No. 865926

this is just thotty """baroque""" shit you get at clothing shops in ghetto malls.

No. 865947

File: 1643468827957.png (5.44 MB, 1284x2778, 03CB5E56-E3A2-473E-9286-F1FA5F…)

No. 865948

File: 1643468872520.jpeg (419.67 KB, 1283x2420, A33521F8-DA29-4B37-B03C-E57DDD…)

She just posted a new tattoo and holy shit

No. 865955

it looks like a bruise. this won't heal well at all if it looks like this new.

No. 865963

These pics are obviously stolen from somewhere like the etsy store in >>865947
I swear I've seen these on Shein or one of those cheap drop shipping sites

No. 865965

hmm, interesting. is it possible that that's one of those printing services that use mockups? I wonder if she actually did draw that since the quality looks like the shit she usually draws

the quality ofc will be terrible because those services always are, but I'm wondering if maybe she actually did draw this one

No. 865974

File: 1643481558619.jpeg (306.95 KB, 1282x897, C42B2886-67B9-43F7-9336-592EBA…)

If by coexisting icky means living on the same planet, then yes. Doing a collab and having similar style? …. Icky you’re the dollar tree rip off version if anything

No. 865977

Step aside, everyone, Vick invented Filigree. She's been drawing in that style since she was a kid, and has been tattooing it on people for 13 whole years! Those Baroque people had a great ssstyle, similar to here's (but not as good, as we all know), and if they ever want to collab, Vicky would be down!

No. 865978

this bitch really tagged versace I'm deceased

>I designed this years ago before I knew what versace looked like

versace is still a babeeee though

No. 865983

I'm fucking dead.
I'm willing to bet my tits the design she claims she drew is royalty free clipart she found and slapped on a cheap bathing suit she found on a print and ship site.

No. 865987

File: 1643486561973.jpeg (82.15 KB, 640x640, E9A2939D-B8E6-4E54-B705-AC7B4E…)

Saged because I know this has been brought up in these threads before but she’s ripping off Ryan Ashley. And she can’t say she doesn’t know who she is because she was on tattoo master the show icky said she was offered a spot on.

No. 865994

Anyone who believes her is actually retarded.

No. 866001

Why doesnt IG take down these images? Its nudity and disguisting esp how fat she is

No. 866005

>Vicky acting like she’s some sort of threat to Versace’s existence
KEK the alcoholism is really starting to take hold.

No. 866031

It's simpler than that. She's just lying. She didn't design shit she just found something in her tacky style at aliexpress and is now claiming she drew it lol

No. 866044

guys she clearly did draw the print. it looks just like her shitty tattoos, its even asymetrical when you could have easily done a horizontal flip in the middle. she drew it in photoshop and sends it to be printed in a premade swimsuit.

No. 866071


the fact that this frumpy human cigarette thinks she’s even worth a blip on Versace’s radar and is already “willing to coexist” is top tier delusional. the “I was actually designing stuff like this before Versace and they’re copying my style” is insane and I genuinely believe she’s detached from reality. Vic really thinks she’s the center of the universe, a ~totally unique intellectual sex bomb kill bill type bikini babe~ and anything that comes close to her narc perceptions of herself is “copying her because she’s been doing it forever”. Her world view must be so small and sad to have this wildly inflated view of herself and I feel so bad for her. Mentally healthy people don’t think like this.

She is mentally and physically stuck in the 2008 MySpace era and desperately clinging to relevance with ~fat booty pix~ but even her ability to photoshop herself is stunted in the early 2000s. People know better than to fall for that now, the edits are obvious and the more time she spends sitting on her ass fabricating a lavish life for herself the father away she is from being the person she sees herself as, and that image is fragile as fuck. Which would explain her immediate rage at anyone who exposes a candid or speaks out against her.

This woman needs psychiatric intervention and if she doesn’t get it soon she will either end up in an institution or prison. She’s already violently threatened unsatisfied clients who have spoke out against her.

It’s not 2008 and you can’t fool the general public with shoddy photoshops and white lies anymore vic, time to grow up!

No. 866074

File: 1643584436151.jpeg (36.11 KB, 512x512, 3963FF14-F9BE-4921-A66F-798337…)

>if Donatella Versace ever wanted to collab with me I’d be stoked

No. 866088

File: 1643592166230.jpeg (219.91 KB, 1284x953, 289895E1-D964-4429-8844-D97570…)

New tattoo. The face is taking a hard right. I can not believe people pay her.

No. 866092

File: 1643593924341.png (673.32 KB, 600x778, 732.png)


it's just her art-style, anon.

No. 866115

Literally, everything about this "wolf" is wrong and I'd rather be an amputee, than walk around with that on my body.

No. 866151

I audibly gasped at this…creature. How did she royally fuck this up to this extent? This is going to end up in every single inkshaming group. She should be arrested for this its a crime.

No. 866192

File: 1643734850096.jpeg (119.37 KB, 1281x559, F90C76F0-304B-47EB-904A-97A48E…)

She’s such a narc that she can’t fathom that some people are humble and don’t need all eyes on them. The fact that nobody cares about her anymore must kill her. She has less than 500 followers on tiktok and less than 8,600 on Instagram.

No. 866193

1. Being famous would suck
2. You aren't famous, Vic

No. 866204


Says the old hag who constantly seeks attention and based her whole life on lies to make her seem more appealing. Nobody with a brain is jealous of a fat broke old bitch with rotting teeth

No. 866218

File: 1643769615527.png (729.9 KB, 720x1805, akskiehdhr.png)

Lol Vic thought this was a swastika.

No. 866221

File: 1643770343116.png (4.42 MB, 1242x2688, D02141A4-971C-4E54-AE52-DEC913…)

Way to confirm she just buys cheap shit off AliExpress

No. 866224


> as a clothing store owner

Fucking kek

No. 866227

glad she confirmed she's using the service where indian dudes just plug in tags and it pulls all the products. also even walmart doesn't just order whatever grab bag of bullshit products like vick does.

No. 866229

Dumb question but isn’t it a swastika? Not used in a nazi context but another symbolism?

No. 866232

the swastika part is just the shape itself, it doesn't have to mean anything. she's just doing this because there was news about swastikas on ottawa.

No. 866233

samefag on flags in ottawa. sorry for being a dirty phoneposter.

No. 866243

Oh ok so that’s what I thought. She doesn’t know that shape has more than one meaning. Ty for replying

No. 866249


it's a buddhist cross, noni. mostly in fashion because one of Tokyo Revengers characters has one on his jacket (called manji there). the inverted one is a swastika.

No. 866251

“Every store except designer buys bulk and marks up the price” I though her store was totally designer?

No. 866252

File: 1643812688240.jpeg (88.84 KB, 1284x408, 89263A94-0335-42AD-A4F5-EBA5A1…)

The name literally has eBay and pants is it too. Edgy is just a word. Vicky it may not mean it OVER HERE BUT it’s been sold in ASIA you fucking muppet. Tell me you’ve never left your butt fuck town in Canada without telling me.

No. 866253

File: 1643813042250.jpeg (52.74 KB, 1282x298, 8676BA4F-8E43-43A6-ADCC-7E9340…)

Over on her dads account. Over HERE KKK means something icky. Kek.

No. 866268

I always thought Sticky Icky was just a run of the mill narc but I think she might actually be psychotically delusional. I don't think she knows deep deep down that she's full of shit, I don't think she has any awareness at all. She literally believes everything she's saying. Her family needs to drop her off at the psych ward cause this girl is severely mentally ill. Sorry if this is armchairing or whatever but for some reason that post really highlighted how out of touch with reality she actually is.

No. 866282

Ah this is the eternal question. “Maybe she’s born with it maybe it’s maybelline”.

If she wasn’t such a garbage human it might be just pitiful. As is it’s pretty pitiful and pathetic.

Nah she’s not delusional she just has enough people that pretend online to believe her shit that she thinks people actually believe it

No. 866290

There’s been a turn lately. Like, she was always nuts and making up stories to make herself sound cool, but I think she’s been drinking her own kool-aid for a while. Not sure about psychosis though. I think on top of being born stupid she’s just so isolated & drunk she’s losing track of how normal people behave, and what is and is not true.

Plenty of people have posted about meeting her and noticing something was ‘off’ only after some time, so she must’ve been sorta functional at some point. But now I really struggle to imagine her doing something as simple as grocery shopping without weirding out everyone around her. People with these issues who don’t work on them get worse, not better.

not delusional?? in what world?

No. 866297

Sorry what I meant was delusional in a medical way. She’s totally deluded for sure. Sorry I wasn’t clear with that

No. 866298

I agree that she has always been a liar, and I agree that there has been a shift in her behavior lately. But to me that shift looks like actual detachment from reality. There is a different quality to her lies recently imo, and I don't mean they've become more believable. Excessive alcohol consumption can trigger psychosis, and so can drug use which I wouldn't put past her given how defensive she gets about it. Either way it'll be interesting to watch her for the next little while, this drop ship scam development has been pretty funny and her tattoos are looking worse than ever.

No. 866303

File: 1643852272911.jpeg (919.84 KB, 1170x1935, 576B80A7-4222-41B2-8E5E-6E28E1…)

It’s the time of the month where Icky puts on a black wig and pretends she’s Megan Fox.

No. 866306


why are her nails always absolutely caked in filth? tattoo ink and hair dye is no excuse, there are ways to avoid that. Jesus wash your hands with bleach and a scouring pad for the love of god.

No. 866316

File: 1643861311869.jpeg (142.12 KB, 1284x670, C4953868-514C-42BB-9A79-8A4D67…)

She said this… on a photo of herself. Girl is totally fucking out to lunch. She said she was at a party and someone offered her meth and heroin and she said “gross don’t do shitty drugs” and Jackie came here and said she did coke at her place. If she’s still hanging out at places as of recently that has meth, she’s probably doing drugs. Even if not often it’s very clear she has some mental issue so that’s amplifying it. She’s selling stuff off of Ali express and thinks she’s the same calibre as Versace. Something ain’t right here kek

No. 866317

honestly, i think she's just stopped giving a fuck about herself.

No. 866318

So I watched this video and usually she tries to do the “fuck me eyes” but she looks HIGH on downers holy

No. 866319

File: 1643861958266.png (759.01 KB, 1466x1008, bounce_around_swastika.png)

Here's Victoria's new take on the not swastika necklace lol.

No. 866331

>I’m only a nazi when I go jogging

>most prefer to be famous
In what world? Being famous seems like actual hell and I don’t know a single person who wants to be famous.

No. 866337

So just a bit of info on how her shop is run. Shopify is a e-commerce website that you use to create really idiot proof websites (obviously idiot proof). You can go advanced but retards like Ick can choose a free theme and get it happening in a week. In her case probably the month she was larping as her assistant. You can install an app like Oberlo or another drop shipping app then just log into Ali express and select products. This installs the product, pics, reviews etc directly on your site. You just choose the price. When someone plsces an order she doesn’t even have to order and post it, she clicks a button and it places the order on AliExpress with her customers details and they send it to the customer. She just collects the money. So many of those egirl, goth and aesthetics stores do this, but none as badly as Vick.
I am betting the bodysuit is a different product. I think she made that abomination herself with that elastic and is now selling them alongside AliExpress trash. I bet if you buy one she buys elastic from Amazon and sews it together.

No. 866341

File: 1643894309523.jpeg (146.42 KB, 1282x563, BC5DDE2F-BA38-4A4D-9B14-DBC92A…)

Icky is part Buddhist now guys. Kek. This girls is on drugs. I don’t care if it’s tinfoil or armchairing this girl is smoking crack kek

No. 866344

I'm a quarter Methodist myself, on my mom's side.

No. 866348

File: 1643898616298.jpeg (135.27 KB, 1282x583, 608CEC96-192F-4110-B256-DC1A70…)

Clearly it’s a race. Let me just google it a second.

No. 866349

File: 1643899006007.jpeg (266.87 KB, 1282x960, 8B575226-A2E6-440F-9C68-741183…)

Icky edits are my fav

No. 866350

Thank you for the clarity, anon!

No. 866351

>part Buddhist
>I find the symbol of Buddha to be most symbolic

I’ve said it before, but she’s legitimately intellectually delayed. She has reduced cognitive abilities. She wouldn’t score anywhere near the average on a cognitive analytic test. In essence, she’s retarded.

No. 866352

he brings up the OK hand gesture as a comparison and she just breezes right past it, I have never seen her grasp an analogy or anything that isn’t 100% literal in all the time I’ve been reading these threads

No. 866353

LOL this is amazing. I love this new store designer, Versace coexisting, part Buddhist Victoria. I really missed her milk for awhile there.

No. 866354

The return of Victoria is like a speed run into dumbassery. I have to wonder what the other half of her is if she’s only half Buddhist?

This has to be the dumbest thing she has ever said IMO.

No. 866357

Victoria just discovering the right facing swastika really shows how out of touch she is with fellow tattooers and the industry as a whole. This has a been a huge issue within the industry for years because of how much tattooing borrows from Buddhist imagery. Lots of white guys claiming to be Buddhist so they can draw & tattoo swastikas.

No. 866374

You'll feel real retarded once Viccy scores that fashion collab with Versace any day now.

No. 866403

ten bucks says this bitch pronounces it ver-sayce

No. 866407

Versa Chi.

No. 866416

File: 1643943551195.jpg (512.97 KB, 1079x1642, IMG_20220204_155908.jpg)

What a moron.

On top of this, the OG Buddha didn't want his image to be admired, revered or symbolised. There's so many other symbols she could have picked - a lotus, dharma wheel or even a parasol.

There's no part Buddhism, you ever commit to it to reach enlightenment or you live your life loosely inspired by the Eightfold Path/Four Noble Truths which doesn't make you half or full Buddhist. It's like saying you're half Catholic because you disagree with same sex relationships.

How could she even begin to follow any of pic rel?

No. 866417

File: 1643943769660.jpeg (310.43 KB, 2400x2400, BB2131EF-200B-4600-AC36-92A2BA…)

I dEsIgNeD tHiS

ya, we can tell

No. 866420

On Par with a kid when they give you a crayon scribble and say "I drew this"

That's great, Vic. We're proud of your less-than-Deviantart quality.

No. 866422

cant believe ppl let her carve shit permanently on their bodies when her work looks like this

No. 866424

File: 1643949748373.png (7.88 MB, 1284x2778, 2E797529-AFD1-4D33-B1E7-842421…)

I’ve seen these “venom” face covers everywhere. Hers just looks like shit, per usual.

No. 866427

File: 1643959471139.png (513.73 KB, 2048x1463, Screenshot_20220204-012017.png)

She makes my brain hurt.
Use this coupon code to receive free shipping on orders over $50, but that's only for use by tattoo clients. Posts exclusive coupon code in comments for anyone to use.
Not that she's making a sale but it outlines further how fucking retarded she is. And who the doesn't offer free shipping on medium orders anyways?

No. 866430

kek she’s probably stupid enough to think the code will somehow magically differentiate between her scratch shack clients and others.

No. 866466

The fact that she has 0 likes on this shitty design on a page with over 90,000 totally real followers is telling

No. 866488

Slightly old milk, but I just learned that a prominent anti vaccine doctor instructed her followers to bathe in borax. Soooo that might explain a few things about Vic. I bet she is legit telling people she has been vaccine injured lmao!!!!!(no1curr)

No. 866558

File: 1644035783148.jpg (146.08 KB, 1080x1350, 273255686_665401197825912_7313…)

Lol what a mess

No. 866576

I love how this fat retard spergs about muh old school morals and being above onlyfans whores but posts shit like this for free on her so-called professional pages. If she wasn’t such a sped she’d realise that she could make money from this shart tier porn because coomers have no standards, look no further than Shayna for proof of that

No. 866606

File: 1644069052486.jpeg (101.22 KB, 1282x600, 5A75335A-BF85-4F4C-B5FA-5313AB…)

Either take the joke or ignore it? This girl …

The caption “bikini available at..” like a $3000 an hour model that doesn’t show the clothes?

No. 866607

File: 1644074945912.jpg (58.57 KB, 595x590, Screenshot_20220205_102805.jpg)

Ummm…what's going on with Vic's eye?

No. 866608


The way she shooped her back inwards is sending me. Whole body lookin like a funhouse mirror

No. 866609

File: 1644075140991.jpg (155.63 KB, 1071x956, Screenshot_20220205_103136.jpg)

Also this. Like is she even trying anymore?

No. 866610

New favorite cow. Momokun dried up months ago but watching Vicky edit her Facebook posts 6 times in a day gives me life. I've never seen anyone cling to the tryhard personality so desperately in their 30s

No. 866611

File: 1644075674390.jpeg (397.31 KB, 1284x2001, 44CA3325-ABFC-4990-81CE-F45F30…)

Imagine being 35 trying to convince kids on tiktok that there’s no filter on this part of your video.

No. 866614

The video is like 1fps as well, any normal person would go ah my phone’s messing up I’ll take a new video but this is the best she can do? She’s posting this powerpoint slideshow without any embarrassment?! Extremely pitiful

No. 866638


Can’t live on fat alone. This threads good for salt and Luna is good for empty calories.

“Middle aged women in your area” ad vibes.

No. 866643

File: 1644085399816.jpeg (459.09 KB, 1281x2220, AE47B709-3FAD-4079-B273-30A7D6…)

She’s part Buddhist now.
The noble 8 fold path/ Buddhist belief system.

“Right work (do something useful, avoid jobs which harm others).”
Literally scratches for a living. I guess that’s why she’s “part”

No. 866646

File: 1644085506898.jpeg (376.55 KB, 1282x1895, 5EDC91F4-77D9-47B3-AD95-196D65…)

Same fag. But HOLY SHIT. Like how is she this dumb? She’s gotta be autistic

No. 866651

why is this on a blanket? this sort of the thing is usually set up as part of a garden or on a small tabletop.

No. 866654

File: 1644089175178.jpeg (254.99 KB, 1284x1621, 63919258-FEC2-4BFC-865D-6F961C…)

Well like everything else it’s cheap and from aliexpress. She’s doing it to be totally cool zen Buddhist chick online, not cause she actually gives a shit

No. 866681

Lmao at her raking her dollar store zen garden on her bed.

No. 866682

This is what baffles me the most about Vic every time. She transcends autism or plain low IQ levels of "not getting it". I'd read a case study trying to explain her level of tard just so I could wrap my head around it. Like, most cows, no matter how dumb they are, you can at least vaguely concieve their thought process (or lack thereof). Vic has always just been one big wtf.. I've met literal schizophrenic meth addicts off their meds that follow a coherent train of thought better than her

No. 866700

File: 1644119199031.jpeg (247.05 KB, 1283x1432, D8ADB611-7F52-4BDF-9F9C-43158B…)

Yep… she’s selling them now from her aliexpress hoarding shop.

No. 866718

"My shop now sells them thanks to you"

…what even lmfao. Her brain is straight up BUNGLED. Did she snort or drink herself into some sort of legitimate retardation? She's getting worse and worse as time goes on. Maybe it's a good thing she's living with her parents.

No. 866741

She doesn’t live with her parents. She lived with her mom for a bit during the pandemic.. that’s probably why she’s getting worse.

No. 866808

I wanna see the markup price she out up for this one

No. 866933

So Vicky’s online store is top ten percentile in the world, my sides hurt. Of course if Vic is selling one of each item, and not all the stock “available”

No. 866958

File: 1644363041119.jpeg (407.26 KB, 585x999, 734CCDA8-6D9C-46FB-BAD0-40372B…)

First time commenting on here. I remember being barely a teenager around 2007 or so and seeing her on MySpace and thinking she was so naturally beautiful and that she was so cool and unique by the things she would post. I didn’t know about photoshop and it never occurred to me she was a total narcissist even then. I think I’ve gone through every thread on here since finding this page and it’s incredibly sad to see that she hasn’t changed, in fact it seems like she’s been going downhill in every aspect since her MySpace heyday. I remember when she was actually modeling, albeit for some shitty clothing line but it was an actual job. And the radio show she did with her guy friend. It seemed like she had real friends back then but I don’t see any trace of them in her life anymore. I feel bad for this woman because it seems like she’s in extreme denial and lacks any kind of self reflection. So desperate to make money and be internet famous, that she’s permanently fucking people up with her tattoos and regularly scamming people. She needs to get off the fucking internet and get some help, I can’t imagine 15 years from now and she’s still doing this shit? I can’t imagine her having a healthy relationship, having a successful career, real friends, or being truly happy in the future with the way she is now.
Victoria if you read this, I used to look up to you as a young girl. Now I’m cringing at you on a forum called ‘lolcow’, embarrassed to have ever thought you were someone worth admiring. I’m not a stalker or jealous of you, just someone who used to genuinely like you.
Medication and therapy can do wonders. Shut down your social media for a while and get some help girl. The only future I can picture for you now is dying alone in a nursing home because you have absolutely no one and nothing. Or maybe you’ll drink yourself to death or turn to drugs before then. You have potential, you just need to grow the fuck up and get psychiatric help like people having been saying for YEARS.(no1curr)

No. 866963

>please for the love of god sage your blogposts

No. 866968

File: 1644376436917.jpg (71.86 KB, 643x820, 0a1.jpg)

No. 866984

This is a total vanity metric and means fuck all. Firstly it's top 10% in traffic, not sales, and because her site has only been up for a few weeks, the fact is she's spamming her followers with links or her moid who set it up for her is running Google ads right away. Fact is 90% of Shopify stores lay dormant or take months to get off the ground. Lastly traffic doesn't mean sales at all, especially with her crazy markups and trying to sell women's swimsuits and kid's toys to her audience of musty scrotes. I'd be shocked if she's made more than 3 sales from pitiful scrotes guilted into it by "my site sells this now because of you."
t. Freelance Shopify dev who can guarantee whoever set this up for her did it in an afternoon after going down a Reddit rabbit hole about how dropshipping will make you millions with no effort

No. 867000


Why the fuck is she playing with sand on her bed. Pig

No. 867067

File: 1644466756408.jpeg (244.55 KB, 1282x839, F6B8F1C0-4EDD-4BD6-BB7F-3981C9…)

Someone brings it up somehow? The fuck.
Her choice of lifestyle is selling aliexpress knock off clothes and scratching people. All while never leaving the country, getting an education or logging off Facebook. This status has 4 likes in 2 hours. This is the page with 100,000 followers. Okay girl with your bought followers. Maybe try comparing yourself to other adults with real lives?

No. 867079

File: 1644468733354.jpg (113 KB, 1280x635, IMG_20220209_215130_065.jpg)

Vic edits are my favorite thing.

No. 867080

File: 1644469166829.jpeg (84.7 KB, 750x385, 59D28811-D04C-4AF9-A1B5-6D2C09…)

Sage for nonmilk but I saw this and thought of vEE BeLLA MOrTe

No. 867084

Vicky could choose to feature real Aliexpress reviews on her amazing top-tier 10% website, but then people would know the products are literal trash made by child labor

No. 867085

File: 1644471504165.jpeg (10.68 KB, 267x189, 48F6814B-0EF8-4FB1-A98F-9A8DD8…)

same anon but we need to be fair to them—their craftsmanship and overall quality are leagues beyond ViPeR’s craft elastic tied-ham nightmare

No. 867087

who is she even speaking to? does anyone even actively follow her other than us and a bunch of very gullible men?

No. 867104

i don't know if she still lurks as much as she did in the past, but sometimes she will read something about herself and get mad and then go and sperg about it on her facebook.

No. 867194

File: 1644588127260.jpeg (430.46 KB, 1282x1828, 6D962685-2A1F-4433-A739-274437…)

No likes cause he followers are mostly bought / fake and nobody cares about her aliexpress store

No. 867203

“Do you have a man in your life that’s a total D-bag but he just can’t find a nice shirt to go out to the bar? Do you need to advertise that fact that his idea of fun is a case of Molsen and domestic abuse? Then this is the shirt for you!”

No. 867204

File: 1644594466798.png (607.84 KB, 2048x1832, Screenshot_20220211-093900.png)


The post had 10 likes and zero comments until this guy came along.
Up to a staggering 16 now.
How embarrassing to have such little engagement with 8500+ followers.

No. 867207

Why does this piss me off so much? And imagine being proud of designing this absolute monstrosity, my sides

No. 867210

File: 1644601940717.jpeg (84.52 KB, 1282x710, CF185803-F1A6-4350-93A1-0B7905…)

Victoria edits are the best. Came back to say “your Facebook is erroring” everyone’s FB is broken but yours icky. Only you have the real numbers.

No. 867268

Any Ontariofags remember bi-way? This Samurai shirt would be on special there. Oh so CoUtUrE

No. 867304

File: 1644706980959.png (1.56 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20220212-170018.png)

What is this hideous shit? She filtered this poor geishas face and hands like show does her own. No one wants to wear your piss poor artwork Icky.

No. 867307

Her taste is so bad it should be studied. She has a real penchant for finding the tackiest, ugliest clothes I’ve ever seen and she thinks it’s so badass and classy, it kills me.

No. 867320

File: 1644715102387.jpg (100.5 KB, 720x1035, IMG_20220212_181739_026.jpg)

She changed her FB work profile pic to a picture of this t shirt. Why is this so goddamn funny to me?

No. 867321

I cannot begin to count the ways this burns my eyes.
So dismal, that she doesn't even take the time to do it right. Just like the ink, it's all rushed and poorly executed.
At least the clothing isn't permanent!

No. 867323

File: 1644715954352.jpg (121.06 KB, 720x407, Screenshot_20220213-013208_Fac…)

She's getting rid of her cats

No. 867327

compulsive liar much

No. 867329

Did she take this down?

No. 867332

She’s had one of those cats for over 10 years. I don’t know about the other one.. chances are she can’t afford their medical bills anymore. Money must be tight over there

No. 867333

How does one randomly develop a sensitivity to cats you’ve owned and been around for over 10 years?? Like yea allergies can happen randomly but in this case all she’d have to do is take some Benadryl for a few weeks on and off and she’ll be fine ?

No. 867335


As much as I hate to give some credit to Vicky for whatever reason she has at least she’s trying to rehome them and not just set them loose or into a kill shelter. I don’t believe her reasoning but I don’t care if she is at least going to find a decent home.

No. 867338

i feel the same, most other people would just throw them outside and bounce sadly.

No. 867347

The screenshot shows the post as being friends only. I can't see it either.

No. 867348

>they are usually 600 plus to buy but I will give them free to a good home

I think it’s weird to talk about your pets like you’re listing a camera for sale, but at least she has a heart and she’s making an effort. A low bar, but hey.

No. 867356

They probably shit in her zen garden.
It's sad that she's trying to rehome her cats, but truthfully, they're probably better off somewhere else.

No. 867362

Norwegian Forest Cats also contain less of the protein that causes allergies so while not hypoallergenic, they're less likely to cause allergies. What a fucking liar. She should just say she's homeless and can't crash with her cats at rando's homes. Plus, as they age, their vet bills become more expensive. A narcissist like her should never own pets anyways so good on her for getting them rehomed.

No. 867367

File: 1644771508769.jpeg (192.51 KB, 1282x639, 39A41928-2566-4934-920F-9AADF7…)

Not here to wk but…. They have a double coat like husky’s. The chances of her suddenly having such a reaction that she has to get rid of them is low. Is suspect that she’s all the sudden selling shit clothes and needs to get rid of her elderly cats

No. 867384

>At least the clothing isn't permanent!

was thinking the same, she just poorly slapped a bunch of stuff together like how she ~designs~ tattoos, complete with necklaces that defy logic. guess this is a better outlet since a shirt is easier to get rid of than her "ink".

No. 867399

File: 1644845105458.jpg (491.04 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220214-071720_Sam…)

A Vicksace original! (Totally not inspired by Versace, because Vicks been drawing like this since she was 2, but if Versace wants to collab, then they can message her with the word 'INKED')

I love how she is just too proud to mirror her shit. Her drunken free hand is definately better off on shitty clothing than permanently embedded on someone's body.

No. 867407

File: 1644857161162.jpg (57.83 KB, 720x742, IMG_20220214_094446_044.jpg)

Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a sweet armpit sniffing story from Victoria.

No. 867413

File: 1644858669703.jpeg (169.75 KB, 1282x828, 1BDF9E33-1F7C-482D-8DFB-03FC98…)

“She can message me with the word inked” LOL

Less defects in offspring if you like your partners stink. Jesus Christ this girl is fucked

No. 867414

File: 1644858832336.jpeg (122.06 KB, 1284x477, 136950E0-A14D-4D0B-AC15-F9A0A5…)

What…… nobody uses Facebook anymore and you’re irrelevant. That might be the reason nobody is liking your shitty posts.

No. 867415

nice big ol black seam running over the design, very high quality

No. 867416

She chooses the most awkward ways to try to dispel rumors about her. That time Bunny came in and said Vic was kicked out of her apartment for being so unhygienic means she is next level disgusting.

No. 867417

"It's not a musk, reee! I don't stink and I'm genetically more perfect than others!"

Happy Valentine's Day, Vicky. Enjoy your lonely day drinking and "designer" clothes.

No. 867424

File: 1644868514496.jpg (Spoiler Image,77.43 KB, 960x960, FB_IMG_1644868366416.jpg)

Happy Valentine's day anons
Here's a picture you can smell.
Nice man feet.

No. 867426

I'm surprised she posted this, looking porky as hell vicky

No. 867428

File: 1644869566355.jpeg (376.3 KB, 1283x2128, E932AC0E-CEC4-48B3-A8A6-DA465A…)

She posted this in her stories. Your stuff is from aliexpress girl. That’s cheaper than Walmart.

No. 867429

File: 1644869660252.jpeg (255.35 KB, 1283x1687, 58FEECFD-12ED-4AAF-9B06-44921F…)


No. 867435

For someone who’s totally legit there irl on the sand, she sure does stay sandfree. Maybe her skin is too pure the sand doesn’t dare stick

No. 867439

File: 1644888209000.jpeg (165.49 KB, 1029x1425, EAE7B5FC-2223-406F-829B-AA43A4…)

The fingers edited into the sand has my rolling

No. 867441

File: 1644889830736.jpeg (267.98 KB, 1284x1682, 0517E2F4-BB9D-4DDB-9A1A-ED0E96…)


It’s the cankles, double-wide feet and and shoop-mangled toes for me

No. 867443


sage for double post, but the way she’s been shooping “muh icy eyes” is looking more and more like the milky stare of a 3 day old trout in the grocery store seafood display

No. 867444

Saged for no milk, but it makes me sick that she posts these photos on Facebook … where her dad followers her

No. 867453

Girl if you ever had "offspring" it would be considered a geriatric pregnancy at this point. Good thing your womb is pickled. Also, we all know you smell like shit because you smoke and don't bathe.
My favorite thing about this sloppy bitch is her crunchy plastic hair extensions that don't match her chin length chemical haircut.

No. 867454

Girl if you ever had "offspring" it would be considered a geriatric pregnancy at this point. Good thing your womb is pickled. Also, we all know you smell like shit because you smoke and don't bathe.
My favorite thing about this sloppy bitch is her crunchy plastic hair extensions that don't match her chin length chemical haircut.

No. 867457

File: 1644899182921.jpeg (151.24 KB, 772x928, CC6B9455-B075-4BC6-9969-ED16C0…)

The fact that she’s still comparing Covid mandates to the holocaust and saying what the vaccines “really do” is retarded. Shocking no… but the only chronic illness this girl has is brain rot

No. 867462

Beached whale vibes

No. 867479

She's dropping lots of hints about developing "sensitivities" like to her old cats, and also her favourite perfumes in the armpit huffing post . Maybe these are clues to whatever mystery munchie disease she's suffering.

No. 867481

Probably got post covid asthma and will milk it for the next ten years. Can't wait for her to hop on the munchie pipeline and land at pretending to have DID!

No. 867482

to me she looks like she has ~icy~ cataracts, which would explain so much

No. 867483

She can change her name, but she can't change being a fat retard.

No. 867506

So her ig profile now says she’s booked till June.. how is that possible when the vast majority of tattoo artists in Ontario are only booking 2-3 months at a time like who is actually booking with this donut?

No. 867568

it's easy when she only has 3 days a month open for bookings.

No. 867594

File: 1645029258196.jpeg (377.08 KB, 1253x1680, F2C097C9-B1E7-45B4-9174-1A620F…)

Woof. The prices in this garbage.

No. 867599

Fellow artist here.

The reason ick is getting rid of her cays is because the health board was called on her. She was told she needs to find a legit place to work or to get her dumpster fire of a home up to standards in order for her to work. Well let's be real she will NEVER get into a shop so what is the lesser of 2 evils? Ditching her cats. That's why she is magically sensitive.

No. 867601

is this an educated guess or do you know this somehow?

No. 867606

Wow, what an ethereal queen, who wouldn't want this shirt that looks like a really bad acid trip?

No. 867607


Shit travels in the industry

No. 867609

Proof or gtfo. Icky isn't even "in the industry" and she has little to no friends to leak such info

No. 867611

She is known when her butchered clients go to real professional artists who know what the fuck they are doing to fix her fuck ups.

No. 867626

Facts. Ontario fag here. People in this area know of her. She’s pissed a lot more people off than is said here.

No. 867642

Exactly. I have no photo proof. I just have fixed enough botched shit to know plus we all talk. So stfu with your attitude. Don't ask for milk then bitch when you get it

No. 867645

Unconfirmed milk is always a little disappointing but I’ll take it for what it is. I have no doubt artists in the area are aware of her but her output doesn’t seem very high, is she more prolific with her scratching than what she posts?

No. 867654

File: 1645056327875.jpeg (175.09 KB, 1282x769, EB0A6EF9-65AC-42A5-A0B7-5D6E78…)

Healthcare in Canada is free. And if you find a doctor that’s good, request them? Make an appointment with them. This post makes her sound like she’s doctor shopping for pills tbh.

No. 867656

File: 1645056453128.jpeg (373 KB, 1283x1359, 774BFCA2-54BC-4EA5-A1CD-E429B9…)

So she was on lolcow and made the 50 cent thing about her 100%. “Their doctor” so yeah… girl stop smoking, drinking all the time and lose weight and you wouldn’t be sick all the time.

No. 867676

I know her designs are ugly as sin in general, but it would've worked a lot better for her if she released similar designs as a collection instead of being all over the place. It would've worked better for promoting her "brand"

No. 867699

nothing worse than unemployed, tax-suckling grifters who criticise Doctors

No. 867700

>Healthcare in Canada is free
Maybe by “medical professional” she means quacks like naturopaths and chiropractors

No. 867701

Both of those are over $100 a visit. So that’s possible, but I doubt very highly. She probably went in thinking she knows more than the doctor and they got annoyed more than anything.

No. 867704

I believe ya because over all these threads we’ve seen her work, and we’ve seen her get called out irl by people she’s fucked up. It isn’t a stretch at ALL to think maybe the government finally got around to being tired of her shit. And with her “diversifying” and now trying to be some fashion store owner, plus name changing and so forth it doesn’t surprise me at all. So thanks for the milk. It took long enough for someone to officially tell her to fugoff

No. 867710

That and the fact that she’s “fully booked” until June, makes me think something happened. Her old shop was still up on the “health inspections” website in Guelph until recently and now it’s gone.

No. 867741

File: 1645134204264.jpeg (201.72 KB, 1284x728, 57D7C85E-32A3-43DD-B878-BD59FC…)

So… she’s fully booked from May until June…? What does this even mean. Girl is taking a full year off for an “illness” aka got busted by the health department kek

No. 867746


So what is realistically the outcome of her getting caught by the health dept and being told to piss off? I mean she’s going to try to continue tattooing even without them giving her a clear bill but what happens when she gets caught? (Sorry I’m not familiar with any of that and know we have some tat artists ITT)

No. 867754

File: 1645141666893.jpg (112.45 KB, 720x1171, IMG_20220217_162730_321.jpg)

>me, the answer is me but also cosmetic enhancements are fine too

I love how she can't help posting about herself.

No. 867757

>i'm natural
>bleaches hair to straw, adds shitty extensions
>slaps on gross dated makeup
>kills pix with side splitting terrible editing

she wants a specific body type and pretends she ~naturally~ has it but carries such a hate boner for women that actually get work done.

No. 867759

She can’t afford it? She clips those nasty $100 synthetic hair tracks to her head and she wants to have anyone believe she doesn’t have surgery solely because she’s perfect? Girl come on.

No. 867843

File: 1645275556539.jpg (411.68 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220219-065221_Sam…)

No. 867848

File: 1645281224134.jpeg (351.67 KB, 820x2140, F2B00DAA-30D5-49A0-B6EC-C6429D…)

She must be drinking. $800!? I’d love to know what she’s actually sold.. if anything

No. 867851

Idk what I love the most: the price, the fact that it looks more like a ghost, the line weights being all over the place, the dollar sign having 2 lines, the bad photoshopped in diamonds, or the crypto sign (ie: the 'B' for bitcoin or whatever) not being on the actual fucking crypto coin

No. 867890

File: 1645305389226.jpeg (457.11 KB, 1125x2328, D03349AD-BC27-4C64-BDC0-D89F6C…)


She priced this at $1,000 in her currency (Canadian). She’s so delusional

No. 867892


this is so so embarrassing, even for vic. she’s really trying to cash in on the crypto douchebags with this. it looks like it was made by a third grader.

making shitty dropship tshirts doesn’t make you a designer, millions of stay at home moms do it every day, and 100 times better than this trash.

No. 867894

god I really can't get over how ugly this is, it looks like something you'd find on a boardwalk or in a walkway mall kiosk

No. 867895

Even if she made a mistake…? Did she mean $100 Canadian? Cause you know sure well that sh wouldn’t sell anything at $10 kek

No. 867907


Looks like she took my advice from >>867676 but that's not quite what I meant. I didn't mean the same design on different items, I meant having multiple different designs done in the same style.

But nice to know she's still lurking.

No. 867952

At first I didn't know what those "stripes" were until I looked closer and saw they're supposed to be nails. Now it looks like she's picking her nose. This is the ugliest design I've ever seen. It's like a middle schooler being inspired by Tom Hardy from the 2000s.

No. 867953


Think it's meant to be a fan. But yeah it's hard to tell. Always a sign of quality artwork lol

No. 867986

File: 1645407523409.jpeg (379.84 KB, 1253x1990, 8B4BB55E-2DBC-4BBE-8A81-96B8C1…)

Flashing your vagina on Facebook for your dad to see is fine, I guess kek

No. 867988

File: 1645407917137.jpeg (243.2 KB, 1284x955, 99513C85-5531-4148-9AC6-BFA6C8…)

No. 868001


Butter hog Vic makes this status at least 4 times a year. Has to keep up the illusion of being sooo in demand and popularrrrrrr.

No. 868004

That’s hilarious to me cos I’ve had her as a fb friend for YEARS (when I actually was stupid enough to think she was cool) and I have literally never interacted with her and she’s never removed me

No. 868006


Hmm, nope. She's still friends with the most desperate simp I know who lives on the other side of the world and would never get a tattoo from her. He made it through the last cull she did too. Weird, I've never seen her interact with him.

No. 868021

So, Vicky's ex Adrien is now dating Melynda Moon, who is an actual alt model and has been known to make fun of Vick online. Adrien is probably so embarrassed of this phase in his life. But in his defense, I'm pretty sure she was an adult who stalked him home from his job as a teenage produce boy. I'm guessing he just wants to wash that whole thing from his memories.

No. 868026

I thought he was married to Vickys ex best friend? To be fair, the dude is 30 something, still dresses like an emo kid and looks like he hasn’t washed his hair in weeks.

No. 868054

They broke up.

No. 868056

File: 1645486372707.jpeg (157.28 KB, 1282x628, 61784CFB-33E1-4C54-99A2-0861CB…)

Pardon..? 140 IQ. This girl is getting worse. How many times does she have to post about deleting people she doesn’t interact with? Like do it and move on, you’re almost 40 icky.

No. 868073

People on Vick's friends list exist

No. 868083

File: 1645502222307.jpeg (224.43 KB, 1282x895, BC34C18F-0BC6-400B-99DA-51C8A2…)

I enjoy your funny.
So many messages from people saying thanks for keeping me even though we don’t talk and I’m not a client. Kek. I swear she just puts up these messages to make her neckbeards feel special

No. 868099

>I enjoy your funny
Says the woman who literally doesn’t understand humor on any level.

No. 868103

Because she lets her "assistant" log on to her Facebook now? This girls life is just stories. God.

No. 868115

It's honestly not the first time she's pretended to have staff. In the past she made a big deal about needing a personal driver, but it's because she doesn't own a car and hasn't passed her G2. She's also racked up big debts with the local cab companies.

No. 868220

File: 1645642127232.jpeg (159 KB, 1125x503, 9437A42A-6235-49E9-B3F5-AB9EB3…)

What the hell is she on about

No. 868261

Probably sad the Freedom Convoy of white supremacist "honkies" are finally out of Ottawa

No. 868271

Vickie, the patron saint of methed out truckers.

No. 868274

Viper the manatee is talking about binge eating, duh. How many sleeves of cookies you think she puts away in a single day?

No. 868283

Ok libtard

No. 868379

Ok, loser. What's the matter? Big mad because you got your bank account frozen for donating your fast food server paycheck to literal nazis? Kek newsflash, just because someone doesn't want to side with white supremacist retards, doesn't make them liberal.

No. 868399

Only leftists and libtards believe this garbage and angrily regurgitate cp24 rhetoric. Find God

No. 868400


Go back to /pol/

No. 868402


ia anon. Vicky is retarded but she isn't wrong about the covid scamdemic

No. 868405

Ntayrt but for the love of God plz take the Nazi sperging back to Twitter

No. 868413

Were you there? Shut the fuck up and show some respect for people like Holocaust survivors who actually dealt with real nazism. This is insensitive as fuck

No. 868503

File: 1645946233550.jpg (88.39 KB, 535x1024, 1645251311010m.jpg)

I really hope you aren't Canadian because I don't want to believe people in my country who aren't twitter bots actually believed that stupid shit

No. 868535

File: 1645988148867.jpg (519.41 KB, 1300x1389, holy shit you're retarded.jpg)

"Mein KOMPH or however it's spelled." How is she actually this dumb??

No. 868572

File: 1646023492521.png (540.86 KB, 1040x662, Screenshot_20220227-234152.png)

Vick explains the situation in Ukraine. Thankfully she took the chance on illuminating us, even though we likely can't comprehend. Such a vast cosmic intellect.

No. 868574

that has to be the single most retarded take I’ve seen on the Russia/Ukraine situation
golf clap for Vic

No. 868583

Wow….just WOW. That’s all there is to say to this.

No. 868590

So Russia invades Ukraine, and somehow that means Canada is starting a war with Russia? Is she trying to become a retarded QAnon pundit? I cannot even with this fat retard. No wonder she needs to scam with her Aliexpress site.

No. 868663

File: 1646093249365.jpeg (399.96 KB, 1125x2185, 5BA5E996-4E3F-4839-917C-DF943A…)

Looks like she’s locking her profile down. All her photos are now private. Changed her name to vee venum (lmao) all posts are private as well. Profile picture is not of her anymore.

No. 868665

File: 1646094220940.jpeg (249.67 KB, 1283x1508, 32087761-2447-49B4-846F-F9F6B5…)

And in real boomer fashion she uploaded this photo 7 times. She does this every so often and then comes back crazier. I hope she stays away though, this thread will die but at least she’ll have little to no platform.

No. 868673

i really think she's going off the deep end. she must be drunk 24/7.

No. 868685

File: 1646108345761.jpeg (283.76 KB, 1283x1892, 2ECD9F25-0C6F-4428-95FF-224864…)

Her garbage store is getting 3 likes in 4 days, she’s tattooing once a month. She’s a nobody online now. Tinfoil but I think this girl is popping pills and using her mysterious “illness” to get drugs from doctors. She said she was hanging out at a place people were offering her heroin and meth so it seems like her life has hit rock bottom. I’d hide too

No. 868686

File: 1646108842355.jpeg (182.91 KB, 1282x906, FC733B3B-2B11-42F3-B3AE-635169…)

Vipers couture scam mark up prices.

No. 868699

>Customer's order is incomplete and he asks Vicky where the $60 hoodie is
>The other items arrived early! You're so welcome! Another happy customer!
This couture boutique should probably admit to dropshipping from different suppliers and tell customers they can expect items shipped separately. But I guess when you have one customer a year it's not hard to keep up with the complaints kek

No. 868838

File: 1646231975081.jpeg (238.86 KB, 1282x1486, E4A3C4A5-5123-4076-B968-741466…)

It’s the boomer energy for me.

No. 868904

Did she delete her work Facebook (the Miss Victoria Murder one) or is it private?

No. 868910

File: 1646321359789.jpeg (248.14 KB, 1283x1677, 42F858A6-303B-4F1D-A3A3-407BD4…)

You mean viper? Girl has like 10 facebooks to post her old man memes.

No. 868913

Yeah that's the one, lol. My old bookmarked URL doesn't work. Can you drop the link? It isn't linked in her first Facebook anymore, which was how I was getting to it recently.

No. 868915

No. 869075

File: 1646525231871.jpeg (231.71 KB, 1282x1332, 3EADD3EC-B46B-4B29-843F-2B4EFC…)

So she locked her profile and all of her photos just upload this? I won’t believe for a second this girl hasn’t started using drugs kek.

No. 869083

I feel bad for her, in her youth she was naturally normal / thin enough (just not enough to be skinny / thin by the 2000-2005 standards so she was average) but now she is a full on chonkster. It’s painful to watch. Why do fat women like her look so obnoxious and like giant toddlers when they try to be sultry / seductive? Her age is showing so much it looks like she’s playing dress up and allowed her 5 years old to pick her wardrobe.

No. 869095


I lost count of how many times she wore this ill fitted outfit. Shoop is atrocious as always and she’s wide as hell. Close to 40 trying so hard to cling to her youth. Can fully see her gut she shoved into the skirt that’s about to burst. What the fuck is up with her face? Her teeth are disgusting she should close her chapped lips

No. 869285

File: 1646694107635.jpg (138.44 KB, 720x754, Screenshot_20220307-230005_Fac…)

No. 869287

File: 1646694152822.jpg (112.04 KB, 720x898, Screenshot_20220307-230049_Fac…)

"Did he race"
"No he was a champion" wtf haha

No. 869300

“I still think it’s cute to see people drinking around me”
“Not that I had a problem or anything…”
If she quit drinking it’s only because her and her bf are coked out selling aliexpress clothes to pay rent.
Didn’t do a very good job deleting people it looks like

No. 869311

she’s full of shit of course, but if this is how she acts sober she’s got bigger problems

No. 869314

Only people who have alcohol problems talk about how long it’s been since they’ve had alcohol.

>It’s cute people still drink around me

Her weird narc way of saying she’s super cool and in control when people drink around her?

No. 869348

File: 1646757701458.jpeg (176.23 KB, 1125x473, EDA4A445-4396-41FC-A940-F9CE36…)

Here comes Vicky commenting on a junkies status. Why is she involving herself with people she has over 10 years on in age. What a fucking loser. The women she tagged isn’t even the guys mom she needs to log off and stop arguing with something she knows nothing about. She’s always on this meth heads page.

No. 869362

It's always narcissism with this bitch, she projects so hard

No. 869367

Skinny non smokers who don't drink don't post statuses like this…

No. 869381

File: 1646788354036.jpeg (116.44 KB, 1284x522, 57967426-1DAD-42A1-987E-20488B…)

Vicky : build up women.

Also icky, calling women shitty moms publicly even though she can’t properly take care of cats.

No. 869387

File: 1646789312455.png (8.93 MB, 1284x2778, CCB4CB87-AC8E-48C1-8C49-CA625A…)

Well this is the brennen in question but I guess the comment she put up was taken down. This guy is a child ..? Why is she shit posting for him? Kek

No. 869390

File: 1646790076093.jpeg (427.88 KB, 1282x2613, 3AA1514D-19DF-43AC-B14F-0D3A22…)

No. 869396

is this not the same bitch who constantly brags about banging other women's men when they piss her off?

No. 869441

Is this kid a minor? What is her relation to Brennan and was there a response?

No. 869659

Vic hasn't updated her shop in a few weeks, so either it's a dead in the water project, or since it was mentioned here, she'll bust out a bunch of new shitty designs just to show us haterz that she is a sooper serious fashun dezigner.

No. 869670

Ha, I suspected the phase wouldn't last long. It seemed like a manic alcohol-fueled misadventure and she'd give up pretty quick.

No. 869673

File: 1647102045217.jpeg (277.89 KB, 1281x1351, 14671439-BFC5-4BE0-B646-1C45B5…)

It’s going to last about as long as “Bella morte clothing”

No. 869674

File: 1647102362864.jpeg (284.36 KB, 1279x1038, 3A0BA600-BF82-40A9-9DBD-AB39BC…)

Booking in for summer 2022. Girl has like 4 clients and no social media

No. 869685

Nta but i missed this nightmare… wow just looking at the advert you can tell shes mental.

No. 869733

She was always a heffer if you find pictures from the toxic vision fashion show from a decade ago you'll see what I mean. She never has looked like her photos. In person she looks like a cheap blowup doll with fake hair.

No. 869745

Every time I see it I just blink my eyes in disbelief, I cannot believe a grown adult would choose to call themselve Vee Venum. If a 12 year old called themselve that it woul be cringe but nearly 40? It's beyond the pale.

No. 869825

Is it supposed to be a play on venom? Because all I can hear is VEE-Numb. It makes me think all the booze finally pickled her for good.

No. 869857

why does she have that shitty memoirs of a geisha pic as her banner?

No. 869964

Holy shit is she actually with brennan McGrath? the dude is an absolute loser. He has at least 2 possibly 3 kids he doesn't pay child support for, and a fentanyl addiction(namefag)

No. 869966

File: 1647390081505.jpeg (115.29 KB, 1282x497, B6D8E122-4EC3-40AE-B0BF-B22B1E…)

Not sure if they are together, I don’t think it’s him tbh. Seem to be good friends as she’s always on his shit. Seems like a friend she would keep

No. 869988

She’s not with him

He’s 25 and she’s 35. Love that her friends are always way younger than her. Nobody her age wants to be around a high level loser like her

No. 870022

File: 1647447057496.png (585.47 KB, 1005x626, Screenshot (335).png)

Sorry if this is old milk, but I was looking for cosplay resources and I found this. I know we all saw how horrible Vicky looked in her suit, but I can't remember if this was posted.

Vick, that isn't how Amazon works. Nobody's gonna use your shitty photoshop to promote anything. Ever.

No. 870026

File: 1647450737923.jpeg (122.84 KB, 370x499, B8CF69AB-9DD6-4606-82C8-A047D3…)


Imagine shooping yourself to hell and back and still looking like faces of meth mugshots. The multi toned greasy piss hair and crazy eyes is what does it for me

No. 870062

This is hilarious and no, nobody has posted this. Does Vic have any more Amazon reviews? Can you link to her page if so?

No. 870081

I already checked her page and there were no public reviews.

Seeing her in the wild while I was just going about my day was a real treat. Glad you nonnies like it.

No. 870085

>You may use this photo to promote your product if you want
they don’t. also this stinky ass needs to stop buying garments she can’t wash

No. 870088

Why does her massive gut look like a dong(namefag)

No. 870159

Is this what she means when she said she’s a model? She begs Amazon to use her photos? I thought she was $3000 an hour. This is embarrassing, even for her.

No. 870239

Im a psychotic meth addict.
But this bitch just crazy

No. 870336

Having a sword on a spaceship is certainly a design choice

No. 870486

It's supposed to be pronounced "Venom"??? So is "Vee" supposed to be pronounced as "Veh" or…? This numb cunt really only lives on the internet, doesn't she?

No. 870521

Part of me wonders if she did this because her exes new gf dressed as zero suit at the 2012 Fan Expo and had an article about it on GeekGirls

No. 871021

How do you know this much detail

No. 871130

File: 1648082793877.png (4.02 MB, 1170x2532, C4359FDB-7A9E-486A-92B4-497575…)

Pretty simple Google exercise anon.

No. 871132

"Simple Google exercise" literally no one knows who this is. Ick posted her Amazon review in 2020. I doubt this has to do with her exes "new gf".

You do seem to know them though. Do you have any milk, or what's the deal with posting this? The Samus article is from 2014.

No. 871158

Reeks of self post but ok, no one cares enough to stalk Icky’s exes exes?

No. 871191

File: 1648165206746.jpeg (182.14 KB, 1282x948, B8D6DB8A-E4A0-45CC-86CB-37E7D6…)

I’m with you, self post.

So Vicky has locked down all of her pages for a while now. Her tattoo page still looks like this with 100 followers and she hasn’t posted on her AliExpress clothing shop since March 3.
Considering how trashed her reputation is in the tattoo community and everywhere else for being a scam artist I get why is she would want to hide. Unfortunately for her all of her business ventures are dead in the dirt. It’s the age of social media and if she wants to gain any new clients this is not the way to go about it. Having 100 people follow you on your tattoo page isn’t going to cut it

No. 871226

But, anon, Vicky is booked for years to come, remember? So many people flocked to her page to message the work 'inked', that she doesn't even need new clientele.

No. 871617

File: 1648429794422.jpeg (497.38 KB, 1284x2070, 7B676028-8894-4DEE-B764-F8672B…)

too much to note, but I’ll leave this here (vickys quora bio)

No. 871619

Hahahahahahahahahaha… Wtf is this

No. 871621

I wouldn’t be surprised if she was a narc specialist considering she’s one of the biggest narcs there is. Jfc
That photo and this bio would automatically make me think it was a troll.

No. 871622

File: 1648432950735.jpeg (651.17 KB, 1242x1928, 7FF71607-4234-407F-8D60-C3ABAD…)

Vicky was able to “completely cure” someone of Cotard Syndrome …how? The most effective treatment for this extremely rare disorder is electroshock therapy.

No. 871624

Probably by electrocuting them with her cheap AliExpress tattoo machine.

No. 871625


>I am a tattoo artist of 13 years and a model.

almost 40 and still trying to push the whole I’m a model bullshit when she takes photos of herself and does a piss poor job of editing them. Tattooing for 13 years and nothing to show for it. Just a basement scratcher scam artist

No. 871656

She's literally insane.

No. 871667

This fanfiction is hilarious. She sat in on all her psych classes, but skipped basic English apparently.

No. 871676

File: 1648479944110.jpeg (65.81 KB, 1282x415, F1FF55AB-3DF0-40C8-BD5D-308738…)

Her answers to these always kill me

No. 871686

kek she’s an expert on narcissism alright, but not for the reasons she thinks. Her delusions of grandeur are getting wilder and wilder

No. 871702

File: 1648501230525.jpeg (88.08 KB, 1282x427, D2638C15-6DE5-47C1-8EEF-CD06F6…)

So she cured someone’s cotard syndrome even though she had no prior knowledge of what it was…?

“I wonder who asked this” you can literally click on the question to see this wasn’t even asked her specifically kek. Her exes are running for the hills ain’t nobody want her back

No. 871766

Hi melynda. I remember years ago your IP address getting outed on a gossip site about bunny when you were dating her ex lol. You asked how she felt about her ex dating a rEaL moDeL. If you frequent your partners exs gossip page and have to tell people you’re a model, you seem just as insecure and delusional as Vic lol. Just not interesting enough to have your own thread sorry. If you can get any milk from vics ex tho that’d be cool

No. 871841

File: 1648596152155.jpeg (106.02 KB, 1284x602, 56683677-3E3D-4AFB-A574-A95B93…)

Sound like girl is about to disappear off the planet.

No. 871852

I'd say good riddance but we all know Viper / Vee Venum is an attention whore who will never leave social media. Her locked down echo chamber is where she gets all of her validation from crusty, low rent white trash. She will continue to be a scratcher tattooing out of her filthy apartment while scarring people for life and giving them the lifelong gift of hepatitis. She has zero marketable skills at almost 40. Those FB "ink" deals is the only source of income she has.

No. 871862

Wonder if she got wrecked by health board or something.

No. 872137

File: 1648741188284.jpg (374.58 KB, 1074x2079, Screenshot_20220331-113754_Ins…)

Hey y'all

Remember Victoria's super personalized all free hand and custom tattoo she did of the tiger lady.


No. 872139

File: 1648741880205.jpg (556.71 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20220331-114952_Chr…)

No. 872380

File: 1648905613899.jpeg (60.58 KB, 1282x388, 1845727C-553F-4163-9364-9A887C…)

Wasn’t she just saying how in love she was and how amazing her boyfriend was 2 seconds ago? Now she’s cheering she’s single.
Being this happy when you have a breakup everytime means you only date losers. FYI icky. This isn’t a “flex”

She wouldn’t even show the guys face, the embarrassment is real.

No. 872381

File: 1648906218776.jpeg (154.58 KB, 1282x898, AF613A90-61AB-4C63-95E8-D61C30…)

And her books are closed. She hasn’t updated her tattoo or clothing Instagram. I’m going to say her boyfriend got sick of babysitting a lazy narc with health violations.

No. 872401

>gets dumped
>gets shutdown for violations
>store is still up!!!
Like girl, stop. Its time to stop. Go to rehab and do the work. No one thinks youre amazing. Everyone sees the physical and mental illnesses you neglect to treat. No one wants to support business with scammers.
Theres not a facebook status in the world that would change that. Log off icky, its time

No. 872418

Did she change her FB url again? The 717viper717 link doesn't work anymore.

No. 872420

I would be shocked if her now ex doesn’t come here and drop tea. She seems to have gone off the deep end and that’s saying a lot for her. Now she’s publicly cheering that she’s single after he sat with her ass while she complained about being “chronically ill” yikes

No. 872610

File: 1649087759328.jpeg (113.22 KB, 1284x567, 1E66B7B9-E357-4F04-ABC8-A0C086…)

Kinda like your shop got shut down for health inspection. There was cat piss everywhere and that’s why you really had to get rid of your cats and you still can’t work out of your apartment, right Victoria Shingleton?
You had cat hair everywhere cause you don’t own a broom or a vacuum and you finally got reported. Seems like you’re projecting.

No. 872614

Good god. Bitch, you’re not having open heart surgery, hand sanitizer and clean gloves are fine for a blood draw. Can’t believe she brags about being a mean piece of shit when she has no idea what she’s talking about. I’m glad the nurses/phlebotomists didn’t tolerate it lol.

No. 872615

samefag, lmao they’re gonna shut down the whole hospital you guys

No. 872616

She deleted whatever you guys are replying to. What did it say?

No. 872623

She was getting a blood draw and the nurse/whoever used hand sanitizer instead of a full hand wash. Vicky rudely demanded she ‘wash her fucking hands,’ nurse got annoyed and handed Vicky over to I’m guessing the lab’s unofficial Noncompliant Patient Wrangler, who was like ‘so you’re refusing to have your blood drawn’ when Vicky repeated herself. She even tagged the hospital lol. She just gets off on demanding things from people that aren’t actually required and acting like it’s a travesty and they’re so negligent. Idk why it was deleted, it really showcased her nasty attitude. People who give healthcare workers shit while knowing fuck all about healthcare are really the worst.

No. 872631

File: 1649092744839.jpeg (453.73 KB, 1283x1649, D7FFABC3-F17D-47CE-9091-A0F344…)

There you go. It’s also been edited 9 times over the course of an hour adding more and more to the story.

No. 872640

This is a tiny hospital in Fergus Ontario. The staff have been completely overworked throughout covid and she is causing issues (when they wear gloves BTW) other this? She is literally one of the dirtiest ppl I have ever seen. She cares about that but not all the drug she smokes? She is control hungry from being such a loser.

No. 872676

sage goes in the email line, anon. And remember, Vic isn't vaccinated so I'm sure she's part of the community that's worked this hospital to the bone. Fucking Vic, phlebotomists aren't fucking surgeons, they don't need to scrub down or have a completely sterile environment. They already have cleaning staff that comes in at night that does deep disinfecting, cleans surfaces and uses gloves. In all my years of getting my blood drawn, they have never touched the puncture point even with their gloves. If Vic had the medical brain she thought she had, she would know that blood draw has such little contact time that there's zero point of infection. She's trying to apply her tattoo knowledge to a different field and it's retarded because the amount of contact time is incredibly long. For the 50 hour sessions she does, I'm surprised she hasn't caused sepsis yet.

No. 872693

Oh my god I’m so glad this thread exists. I was one of her unfortunate tattoo victims (I was 17 at the time) and she absolutely mangled me. Glad to see other people know about her bullshit.

No. 872695

It's a tiny hospital and isn't it the new one, as well? Like, it hasn't been there too long and to get a new hospital at all there was a shit show to begin with because they've always been broke as fuck as understaffed.

Also, this retard can't possibly believe she actually made such a cool badass point, right? Like, slamming a fucking phlebotomist(incorrectly)… that's her flex? Oh right, she "went to online Harvard and Yale for science". My bad. Victoria Emma Shingleton, phlebotomist extraordinaire! Fergus phlebs are quaking.

No. 872698


Not to mention the fact that she’s literally just wrong. Sanitizer is the preferred method unless your hands are visibly soiled. She’d know that if she knew literally anything about infection transmission.

No. 872723

Tell us more anon! What was she like in person? How bad did the piece heal? Did she block you afterwards?

No. 872738

File: 1649203594201.jpeg (559.27 KB, 515x923, 9957DD0A-0C82-4EA5-852F-F9E1BF…)


It was honestly pretty awkward. I went with my now husband to visit her cuz they were friends at the time. She loved in her moms house and idk if her mom thought that tori and my husband were meant to be together or something but she was PISSED when I showed up too. It was pretty awkward the whole time. When it came time to tattoo me (which she did in her moms basement) I had wanted emarosa lyrics across my chest. She said I was too small and what I wanted was too many words, so I panicked and picked lyrics from a random song instead. I can honestly say that aside from it being my chest, the way she tattoos just hurts so much more than any other artist I’ve been too. Pic attached for the way it healed vs. The cover up I had to get. I know it’s my fault for going to a scratcher while I was underage, but living with that monstrosity across my chest for like 8 years was honestly so damaging to my self esteem. I’m glad other people realize how horrible she is.
Shoutout to Cody D’Amico from Barrie for fixing this mess though.

No. 872740


I admire your honesty

No. 872741

Nona no offence but that coverup is gnarly too, you really need to start picking better tattoo artists

No. 872743

Glad I'm not the only one who thought it.

No. 872755

Aw it’s freshly done it that pic cut nona some slack

No. 872760

Holy shit that was you?? Sage for semi blog but I remember seeing that on his page and thinking wtf at that prison tat and thought you were like 40. as if Vick did that and it looked like that after 8 years. But Cody is awesome so good on you. Also was she insufferable the whole time and did she smell like shit?

No. 872768


I don’t really remember her smelling bad tbh but I was definitely surprised at her IRL life vs. the way she presented online. She’s very much a pseudo-intellectual and anyone with half a brain can see that. She drank the entire time we were there but was otherwise pretty unremarkable.

No. 872773

File: 1649220778446.jpeg (34.19 KB, 584x395, E2074699-F149-4691-99EA-011EE4…)

ay this looks so much better anon, good on you for owning your mistake.

No. 872781

I mean, it's not my taste in tattoos either but it's not badly done and it's fresh in the picture.

No. 872782

that's super weird, vicky's mom totally thought you were taking away her opportunity to get at your husband. they're both losers lol thanks for sharing anon.

No. 873090

File: 1649385670250.png (110.5 KB, 1080x841, Screenshot_20220407-223415.png)

Haha. Vick is back over at her old tattoo shop's page making stupid comments on old reviews. So convenient that all these jealous bitches without boyfriends happen to have paid deposits

No. 873105

Everything is about men in Vicky world.

No. 873127

File: 1649424989057.jpg (449.61 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20220408-093608_Chr…)


No. 873146

File: 1649436365917.jpg (433.32 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220408-153256_Fac…)

No. 873150

Is there a dollar amount in which taking money for services you never intend to deliver becomes criminal? I know the people she’s scamming have civil cases. It’s wild she can continue to steal deposits from people with zero repercussions.

No. 873203

This pic could be from anytime. Assuming it is even her hand. No other context, just "sick". No fuckin way anyone believes this. How can someone be this slimy, and stupid

No. 873205

Didn’t know they had black fuzzy blankets at the hospital

No. 873209

That’s defo her hand. I have seen them in person many times. But how much do you wanna bet it’s just saline in the IV

No. 873211

I’m sure it’s her, the mole matches up with other pictures of the back of her right hand upthread.

Since most of Vick’s cowdom lies in the insane stories and lies she comes up with, it’s funny how little we actually know for sure about her. Her real day-to-day life is kind of a mystery. I really wanna know what this idiot does all day and what her mysterious illness is. She’s either exaggerating or embarrassed about the truth, maybe both.

No. 873215

my money’s on liver trouble but honestly it could be the mange, just look at her

No. 873218

Can’t she be professional for 2 goddamn seconds? She’s drank herself retarded and actually think this response makes her look anything but unhinged. Kek.
Also love how she left this alone until her boyfriend left her. Vicky; get therapy holy shit

No. 873220

Tinfoil but seems like she’s detoxing from drugs or alcohol

No. 873279

File: 1649533611431.jpeg (266.25 KB, 1282x1318, 8337A2B5-1F4B-4085-B3C5-E283D8…)

Looks like she went back and responded to a few reviews from awhile ago. She also has a new 1 star with nothing written from Natasha wells. I really have a feeling this “I’m sick” shit is a cover up.

No. 873292

Can’t respond to people she takes deposit money from but CAN respond to ancient negative reviews. Totally sick BUT NOT CONTAGIOUS YOU GUYS LOL

No. 873316

The way this idiot always has to tell people she's "totes not contagious" whenever discussing her mysterious health problems never fails to make me howl. Like who would even just automatically assume you are contagious? I do now only because you've protested so much about it. Don't worry Vic, I'm sure the losers you date and fuck all have herpes already anyway

No. 873456

also starting to believe this

No. 873476

Considering how manic she's been here lately, I wouldn't be suprised.

No. 873575

It’s probably pretty reasonable to assume it IS contagious. Lady doth protest too much.
My bet is on STD.

No. 873606

Yeah I think she's protesting too much, but not cause she has an std. I think the reason she keeps saying she's not contagious is to deflect from all the rumours that getting a tattoo from her is a health hazard. Same reason she posted about her tantrum with the hospital. She's trying to construct a flattering picture of how hygienic she is

No. 873698

File: 1649860639940.jpeg (85.84 KB, 1073x504, 9F635AA7-75AC-4D85-9FF7-4CECE2…)

The ham posted this at ten pm last night and must have promptly deleted it. I caught it just in time. She’s probably afraid to go back to emerg after being such an awful bitch to the staff. No one wants to help you, Victoria. You’re an asshole.

No. 873706

I’m sure her followers are only the best and brightest

No. 873707

Pandemic caused increases in alcoholism among women. I'm sure drug abuse has increased as well. I'm sure Vicky has increased use of both. If it was any other disorder that wasn't embarrassing she'd be posting all about it.

No. 873724


But Vicky I thought you inked many doctors and people in the medical field who have praised you for being soooooo sanitary. Girl can’t keep up with her lies

No. 873742

File: 1649885466987.jpg (59.81 KB, 720x368, Screenshot_20220413-222947_Fac…)

Wonder what it is

No. 873749

Maybe to remove her head from her ass? Wait nvm she’d never allow that.

No. 873759

I don’t think it’s anything. I think she fucked a bunch of people over cause she took a bunch of deposits and didn’t want to work cause she had a bf. She’s a clingy bitch, she made up this sickness aka she was drunk all the time. She gets surgery right after they break up.
She starts posting more frequently as soon as they break up.
She’s stops posting on her shit goth store when they break up.
This is the same loser that lied about getting top secret plans from isis in a cab, and getting kidnapped to get out of work.
She’s full of shit and always has been.
She’s a drunk, that’s all that’s wrong with her

No. 873790

Lmao what surgery, bitch picked a lie that’s going to be extremely easy to verify considering all her almost naked selfies and ugly tattoos that would have been destroyed by incisions. She is manipulating her ex with pathetic stories of surgery, like “I am so poor, you should feel bad I had surgery and told you nothing, look at me”, and she’s trying to manipulate fans at the same time. If she had any real health issues that aren’t an STD / drug abuse embarrassment she’d talk about it 24/7 making herself a victim and speak up about some sort of oppression / awareness of such illness.

No. 873935

cows call everything from stitches to a colonoscopy ‘surgeries’

No. 873991

Agree. Nothing happened. That IV pic could be from any time since she's had access to a phone. There's no context, no hospital bed selfie. She's lying out her ass again to evade doing her job or having any responsibilities. She's a lazy narcissist alcoholic who thinks everyone is stupid. Anons need to stop believing her even a little bit.

No. 874190

File: 1650244655123.jpeg (246.38 KB, 1282x1411, D4976D04-DDAD-44E6-9D27-745847…)

“I adore men, I’m pretty much a man cause I like martial arts. Please pick me, I’m single now. I’ll play video games with you so you won’t need other friends, we can hang out every single minute of everyday and I’ll suck your dick”
How is this a 40 year old woman?

No. 874225

Because women can't be into these things alone, no these are totally masculine only activities.

No. 874859

File: 1650804656227.jpeg (600.1 KB, 1283x2214, 5840F8E0-EBAF-4CF9-9FA2-277DD1…)

This isn’t the worst thing Vicky has ever done but it’s going to heal as a big blob black mess for sure. She has a lot of clients and is fully booked until the summer but it doing 50% off cause she’s better?
Didn’t she have surgery like 5 days ago?

No. 874925

Well I hope it's supposed to be a dwarven character because it has a teeny little arm.

No. 874939

>mostly healed
>just a finish up

Funny way to say “I touched up the entire tattoo because all I do is hammer in black ink”.
Kek that tiny widdle hand tho

No. 874971

File: 1650898032499.jpg (46.75 KB, 720x510, Screenshot_20220425-154419_Fac…)

No. 874979


This porker has a new “love” every other month. Which youth did she trick this time into being around her

No. 874991

Yea.. buying men’s “love” totally works out every time. Especially when you go online and brag about it.

No. 874995

Didn’t she just say she was single? She’s in love again?

No. 875007

declaring that you bought something for someone like that sounds so.. weird..

who cares if you bought it for him? do you own him now? is the game some kind of ownership contract?

No. 875031

Welp we better pack it up, all the haters are decimated, Vicky just casually dropped that she has at least $80! Thriving mansion queen!
… Well, at least she used to have it, before blowing it on a new scrote.

No. 875507

File: 1651261325566.png (252.53 KB, 1125x2436, IMG_3216.PNG)


Looks like someone couldn't afford their shopify bill lol

No. 875509

Nice catch, anon. That's so funny. We will now never be able to get overpriced hot girl clothes and "Daddy" boxers.

No. 875520


But I thought she sold 96 of those plaid skirts! How could this happen?! /s

No. 875718

File: 1651376937255.jpg (109.07 KB, 1080x761, 279442683_152150557308190_5371…)

"New" Viper pic lol

No. 875721

now this makes me think shes bigger than what i thought, the fucking wrist is bigger than her legs kek and why is her face so white in comparison to her body?? what a laugh!

No. 875723

So is she supposed to be laying in front of an empty fish tank? Kek because that’s what it looks like.

So much to pick apart here but my favorite thing is the one huge bowling ball tit.

No. 875733

File: 1651393531214.jpeg (893.16 KB, 997x1563, 13DA40DB-B438-456B-A231-925156…)


Lmao I’ve never seen someone hate their body so much. I don’t blame her tho. Love the hair melting into her side. Her body looks like pudding this is such a bad over edit

No. 875747

File: 1651415431299.jpeg (905.7 KB, 1125x1235, 15A721E2-3D42-4A0A-8A5C-668BD6…)


“Astral 7 photography”

Still trying to convince everyone it’s a totally real professional photoshoot and not a self taken shooped disaster

No. 875756

File: 1651425161578.jpg (57.5 KB, 563x406, 7aadaa5862b393d18d082924d96ec1…)

It looks like something airbrushed on a tacky ass van

No. 875774

It's bizarre how she keeps the fold where her calf and thigh meets, but eliminates the rolls where her armpit/braband spillage and torso would be. We all know Vic's beyond hope (she's sitting on a windowsill with a beach backdrop in the most awkward and unnatural pose) but she could really be doing something here for herself if she keeps going in this direction. You know, beachballs and eyeliner darker than all the other blacks in the photo aside.

No. 875792

rip frankie, we hardly knew ye. can't stop laughing at the plant not concealing the shitty extensions.

No. 875844

File: 1651499782111.jpeg (763.28 KB, 550x2035, 782E6511-3FB2-4FF2-A554-93091A…)


This is…..something

No. 875923

File: 1651534733440.jpg (65.36 KB, 720x920, IMG_20220502_163749_755.jpg)

Victoria not understanding jokes is like my fifth favorite thing about her.

No. 875937

i'm still convinced she's like autistic or something. she cannot grasp the concept of comedy or regular small talk at all.

No. 875941

Her abnormally giant Mensa brain is just so full of science and physics and aerospace information that there's no room left for jokes, cut her some slack kek

No. 875949

Honestly it’s my favorite thing about her. It makes me laugh so hard that she has zero concept of humor or jokes, and the person always has to explain themselves and walk her through it.

No. 875962

Either she’s autistic or she really is showing that way below average IQ

No. 875970


She wears the same bra as much as Luna does kek

No. 875989

She reminds me of the drag queens who are constantly told “less is more”. Why is that tacky piece of faux ivy there? Why is she wearing that puka shell necklace likes it’s 2002? Why is she using that same backdrop in a window when she’s in Guelph, not the Caribbean? Oh and of course the excessive photoshop.

No. 875994

File: 1651597006115.jpg (274.12 KB, 1080x2083, Screenshot_20220503-125359_Ins…)

The best part is that photo is over a year old seeing as she posted from the same "shoot" in January 2021

No. 875996

File: 1651597069956.jpg (165.78 KB, 1080x1639, Screenshot_20220503-125210_Ins…)

And again in May 2021.

Gosh she's so0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0 busy -_-"(emote)

No. 876185

Pulling the classic fat girl pose. Taking up angle shots to hide the unshoopable gunt.kek

No. 876397

File: 1651894020598.jpeg (86.74 KB, 1282x405, 1584625D-665B-4262-9F6D-CE0DF4…)

Icky offering to take over amber heards role in aquaman

No. 876404


No. 876436

File: 1651936461571.gif (931.35 KB, 332x224, E76E14FD-2DA7-4C87-A012-51E19F…)

No. 876438

The delusion level here is not even funny, she is legit retarded and needs a caretaker

No. 876439

I would love to see two cows compete, like LJ and Icky here, for who can bullshit the most about their non-existent career success. The many mansions, the "teams" and "assistants"

The really sad part about that is that Icky is around 10-15 years older than the other cows I see thinking this shit is convincing or anything beyond extremely pitiful.

No. 876446

File: 1651941407267.jpeg (83.02 KB, 1282x365, 1701D089-0C2E-4745-80B2-1CD65A…)

I keep seeing her in the wild giving her totally professional opinion about amber heard / Depp. It’s great.

No. 876447

File: 1651941832919.jpeg (175.02 KB, 1284x998, A4DD2B5D-C9BF-46C4-9700-D3D028…)

It’s weird that she has so much Facebook armchairing happening about the amber heard case. Didn’t icky hit her ex adrien? She makes up these elaborate stories herself about abuse and cheating while she’s stealing from people and marking up bodies with no training. The projection is real.

No. 876450


God I wanna see those replies to this retarded comment

No. 876468

File: 1651956838091.jpeg (269.92 KB, 1283x1494, 6A9DAC16-B981-4A8B-8591-151371…)

Not photoshopped at all.

No. 876474

File: 1651957245013.jpeg (125.65 KB, 1282x757, 87C19A22-55FD-442E-B90F-053912…)

“We are jealous of everyone who has never met you” girl needs to have her wifi password changed. Natasha wells where you at?

No. 876493

Who the hell is "we"? Someone take her glass away, her brain is cooked.

No. 876506


Right here.

I never asked her to do a back piece seeing as I've had my back fully done for over 5 years. I also don't understand why she is talking in multiples seeing as she is the only one who worked there when I did meet her. Over 12 years ago.

Since I know you read this vistoria
The fact that you actually think that people sit and stalk YOU out of everyone in the world is the biggest joke I've ever read online. You legit are the most pathetic meat puppet to walk this earth. I defended you until you gave me a reason not too. Your work is shit. Your "professionalism" or should I say lack there of is shit. You're fucking bat shit crazy with a side of fucking delusional and your narasistic personality makes people legit hate you.

You ruin people, steal from people and lie to AND about people. You're a keyboard warrior who actually believes their own lies. You and your "we" can go fuck yourself.

Enjoy sitting in your tinfoil hat you daft cunt.

If you wanna run your mouth, grow a pair of balls and say it to my face instead of hiding and pretending to be your own assistant.

No. 876508

Omg this is excellent tea. I'm so sorry you got tattooed by her. Victoria has claimed many victims. Can you post a pic of your tattoo? Or describe it?

No. 876640

Vicky's lack of getting jokes makes me want to think she's autistic, but no she's just really fucking stupid.

No. 876780

File: 1652154991542.jpeg (70.37 KB, 600x600, 853933D9-A664-44AB-AECD-0D3ECF…)

“Enjoy sitting in your tinfoil hat you daft cunt.”

10/10, delicious

No. 876935


What my tattoo looks like now is irrelevant seeing as it no longer exists. However I have been brought up in the past on here. It seems someone had come along pretending to be me, sharing my instagram and a false story of me meeting victoria, along side posting photos that are redially available on my Instagram seeing as it's public.

I am the one who had the black put birds on my leg. With this being said I also knew victoria before getting tattooed by her thanks to a handful of mutual friends from the dirty shwa. (I'm talking MySpace "famous" days).

My tattoo story:

It's really nothing special. Like all the travelers before me it was just a straight shit show.
I first went to a legit shop that she worked at in Fergus, however that was short lived because she was quickly fired for being a bust. (Starting late, taking 13 years to tattoo a black blob, wasting product. The normal shits and giggles.) That was when she moved into the ever so high-end hair salon tattoo parlour. (This was where it got fun).

When she started here everything turned to even bigger shit.

We never started on time. Always took her about an hour and a half to set up. She wrapped everything in cling wrap. I'm talking the massage bed, her gun, parts of my leg, her arms, etc. Yet she placed her unprotected laptop on my body just above where she was working to "reference" while she worked away the best ahe knows how. Scratching in black to hell and back. (Not sure why she needed a reference for a black out backgroud but okay)
She wore gloves that didn't fit her hands, she had on what was supposed to be a white tank top (spoiler it was cream at that point), her bra was old and fairly worn out (she was excited to have an other large breasted client eye roll). Her skin was breaking out (can't hate, hormones suck like that) and her teeth were nicely stained in the shade of coffee and cigarettes. (Yum).

My boyfriend at the time drove me and while I got "inked" he read some fantasy or science book which you best believe she tried to know something about it (she didnt). That was when she turned to me and started talking about space. Reality is she didn't know shit about space (my brother is a space engineer so I know a few things and a few things) at that point I was just so tired of her digging out my thigh that I just stopped listening . (She kept talking). When I said I was done and was ready to head home (7 hours later) she said okay one more thing. . . WHITE!!

AT this point I wanted to die so yeah. That's really the end of that story. All in all she wasn't anything to write home about. Just an other average wannabe.

The "banning" she is talking about is because I talked shit to Emma the horse girl about her not going back to victoria to finish her shit tattoo. Emma didn't listen. Told victoria. I said sorry and that was the end.

As for the friends story.
I knew Eric quest extremely well. He was friends with her. Whenever she came to shows in Toronto no one knew who she was nor did they care she was there. She NEVER went anywhere near the stage. She always hung out at the bar or was outside smoking. Like I said before no one payed any attention to her because outside of MySpace she was irrelevant.

As time went on, everyone in the Toronto scene grew up except for her. We all moved on with life but she stayed the same. Clearly she has not changed because she seems to think people actually care about her.

New flash.

Ppl don't.

No. 876971

Her placing the laptop on your body to use as a reference is so hilariously unprofessional of her, she almost reminds me of a TV character because damn.

No. 877064

saran wrapping the bed makes me think it was a porous surface. If it was a non-porous surface, she could just lay a drape sheet down which is much cheaper than wrapping an entire bed, multiple times a day. gross vicky. I’m cackling over her saran wrapping her own body parts…she probably thought it looked professional but in reality NO ONE does this. You’re just wasting cling wrap.

No. 877072

File: 1652362595063.jpeg (403.81 KB, 1283x1835, 5EA29874-B2A9-4F59-9DCA-00B66D…)

I honestly wonder if icky is so mentally unstable and believes everything she says or she just lies to sound more interesting

No. 877311

I think she’s mentally retarded enough to just not understand the world and that words mean things, and she just lives in her mental fantasy land and has 0 idea about real life and other people. She’s like what, 80 IQ? Self-absorbed, her rants make no sense whatsoever, she’s preoccupied with super neanderthal shit, I’d bend towards she believes what she’s saying in a way.

No. 877382

File: 1652678188653.jpg (35.06 KB, 720x588, IMG_20220515_221534_496.jpg)

Victoria drunk posted this on both her accounts.

No. 877390

Cute 1am posts to make in your mid 30s.

No. 877404

File: 1652702187833.png (903.12 KB, 1284x2778, 9D913541-F2FB-4FEB-B087-258909…)

This girl just gets more insane the older she gets.
Lucky for you icky, doesn’t seem like any man wants to deal with you for too long either.

No. 877406

File: 1652702277561.jpeg (182.17 KB, 1282x998, C702C909-3089-4998-B6CE-29F6EF…)

Two am.. she had her surgery and got right back on the bottle kek

No. 877415

fav thing about veevikivenumm by far is the way she does these rapid fire demented ass edits on her facebook status. to be fair, though, she is a true wordsmith. The extra Zzzzzs really helped me understand on a deeper level what she's all about (for the sheets and snacks). is "mufuckah" or "mufuckah'" correct, though?

No. 877417

File: 1652705391614.jpeg (253.83 KB, 1211x1817, EEB9EB6F-45DC-4CDA-AFCC-8444CD…)

And this. I swear she’s autistic.

No. 877424

Her multiple Facebook edits, her sword videos (which sadly we haven't gotten any new ones of in awhile), and her blogs about her icy eyes that reflect light amazingly are my top 3 favorite things about Victoria.

No. 877447

Don’t forget her “2 hands wide” waist!

No. 877541

she has a unique combination of low iq and narcissism you don't see often in lolcows. definitely one of my favourites

No. 877849

File: 1653016570488.jpg (643.05 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220519-200907_Fac…)

Spotted in the wild

No. 877924

File: 1653099865005.jpeg (485.56 KB, 1282x1960, DE3266EA-CB6B-4FFD-88AD-72E93D…)

Not even hiding that she steals tattoos anymore

No. 877934

Her copies are always badly proportioned and terrible linework but these are going to be even worse because of all the intricate thin lines.

No. 878053

File: 1653233045665.jpg (367.65 KB, 1440x2726, spicy.jpg)

Asked for spicy memes. Her boomer followers had to dig into their myspace vault to dig up some dusty gems.

No. 878142

File: 1653318608700.jpeg (795.92 KB, 1151x1442, 92AC4E00-D3B0-4334-9B9B-989778…)

She made this cringe her cover photo. There’s an HD wallpaper link for anyone who wants to use it!!! Fucking embarrassing

No. 878155

I'm surprised she's not obsessed with 2077 as she was with Final Fantasy. I could see her brag about being as smart as Alt and getting kidnapped by a big corp for a secret project lmao

Guess she doesn't have the attention span or pc to actually play/watch it

No. 878159

File: 1653335575133.jpeg (799.85 KB, 1025x1248, 73875FC1-320B-42AC-9168-DD8C74…)

New shoop wearing the same shit. Her fried hair sticking out on the left side looks extra crispy.

No. 878163


I wish she'd give that goddamn party city tablecloth, dollar tree vine and puka shell necklace a rest already. Everything about this photoset screams poor.

Imagine having a corner of your house dedicated to dressing up in Ross lingerie and pretending you're on vacation.


No. 878167

These photos are well over a year old, I’m wondering if she gained a ton of weight or is in rehab or something because it’s unusual for her to not pump out new photoshop nightmares constantly. She’s not busy enough with tattooing and she surely isn’t employed so. Hard to believe that she didn’t take a nosedive physically as her online image is what rules her ego.

No. 878225

I think you meant “ballin on a budget”

No. 878236

File: 1653406201631.jpg (41.32 KB, 720x681, IMG_20220524_082646_781.jpg)

Another favorite thing about Victoria is her obsessive need to explain to Facebook men that she does NOT have a penis.

No. 878242

love when people compare her to trannies she gets so insecure

No. 878262

Her inability to recognize/understand a joke makes her unaware that other people get that it’s a joke and she’s so worried they’re going to think she’s a tranny kek

No. 878324

File: 1653523296692.jpeg (179.83 KB, 1282x737, 1E6156AF-8EBC-43E4-B31F-0899BA…)

Says the girl that calls women publicly “whales” but I guess it’s okay to call women names when you don’t like them. Just like it’s okay to sleep with their bfs kek. Sounds like icky gained ALOT of weight again.

No. 878496

File: 1653756253209.jpeg (158.92 KB, 1124x606, 1BBB26FE-956C-4D62-8A00-A0F62B…)

Girl. You’re pushing forty. What an embarrassment.

No. 878502

Who has time to do shit like this? That’s lowkey sociopath behavior

No. 878505

Eeesh. Way to advertise that you're a piece of shit. Why is any of that necessary?

No. 878510


Women who are secure in themselves and their relationships don't do this shit. Whatever festering dick was inside Venum Vee / Vick is perfectly capable of ignoring /blocking unwanted messages.

However Vicky is painfully insecure so I could absolutely imagine her lashing out at anyone who so much as says hello to her trash of the week.

No. 878513

Women who AREN'T secure with themselves and their relationships don't do this shit. This is just next level pickledbrain shenanigans. I have a feeling she'll get extra milky once 40 hits. I wonder what a mid life crisis would look like on her.

No. 878516

File: 1653787622793.png (160.79 KB, 1080x975, Screenshot_20220528-133135~2.p…)

Saw Vick in the wild today

No. 878517

File: 1653787648825.png (737.08 KB, 1080x1488, Screenshot_20220528-133143~2.p…)

The post she was replying to

No. 878519

i saw that comment today!! i should've looked closer at the name.

No. 878521

Wait….is she saying a wooden log flew into the windshield of the car she wasn’t driving? Kek she’s perpetually 14.

Yikes. That’s some mean girl shit. We just observe and laugh. Vicky straight up plays psychological mind games on women because they flirted with her man? Seek help.

No. 878568

File: 1653845881021.jpeg (138.4 KB, 1124x983, B5F19B1E-1CB1-40DE-BCC0-4AECCA…)

No. 878569

My bad. I cropped that poorly.

No. 878570

File: 1653846916983.png (970.63 KB, 1284x2778, 754B66D9-032A-4764-AEF0-EFFF51…)

She edited this over 24 hours… and she said past relationship. So she’s not even with this guy anymore but seething that woman use to talk to him online? Girl. Get a job.

No. 878571

File: 1653847078571.jpeg (195.97 KB, 1250x1171, 6E46D1BF-A83F-4AF9-BA6A-287A02…)

Dylan and her just need to date already.
And we get it Vicky, you’re an Angel until people look at you.

No. 878585

Does anyone have an old screenshot of when this guy's Facebook profile used to say "Mayor of Pound Town"? I'm sure I have it somewhere but it would take me ages to find. Thanks.

No. 878627

File: 1653949610859.jpg (93.65 KB, 720x1119, IMG_20220530_152609_589.jpg)

Victoria telling on herself here.

No. 878631


Posted on her “business page”. Amazing.

No. 878740

File: 1654094808030.jpeg (531.82 KB, 1282x1824, 489EAAF6-DF26-45C4-8B89-45DCEA…)

“Meaning nobody gets inked” you mean your last remaining clients will go else where and realize you’re a scam artist.
Tinfoil but I think she probably started drinking again.

No. 878741

File: 1654095200505.jpeg (136.41 KB, 1282x679, D63174AC-8282-40FA-84D8-0F718A…)

She hasn’t posted anything about tattooing. And her tattoo page is still sitting at 40 posts from months ago. She’s either in recovery, sitting on disability or welfare.

No. 878742


Was just about to post this. I am certain she relapsed, yep. That was my first thought.

Honestly, despite being such a shitty gargoyle, people would actually have a lot more respect for her if she was just honest - she'd get all the attention she wants as well. But instead she's a self hating addict.

Good luck with that, Shingles.

No. 878774

>Rudeness of any form about reschedule due to medical reasons will result in loss of deposit

aka, holding Miss Veenulum accountable for disrespecting your time will result in the loss of your hard-earned money. What a joke.

No. 878780

File: 1654122688205.jpeg (222.46 KB, 1282x911, 9A00B441-5DC8-44A7-9AEC-8BF3C3…)

This “I’m too sick to deal” has been going on since January 2021. Seems like icky gained a lot of weight and became lazy during the pandemic. She’s always had a drinking problem, so that probably amplified including her declining mental health. The pandemic was a monkey time for most, but this girl has no friends or family she still talks to.
What clientele she has left should probably get the hint.
What sickness do you go on medication, get surgery and need physiotherapy for like 2 years? Any anons have an idea? Or it’s all a lie

No. 878781

File: 1654123109903.jpeg (253.84 KB, 1282x945, 7111A466-F07C-4CC3-B274-80F61F…)

Well she just milked people for a 50% off “I got better” deal in April so I guess she paid her bills and doesn’t wanna work anymore.

No. 878789

Someone local mentioned on here she was shut down by the health department. I bet she’s still shut down by them and is just dragging out the illness charade. She hasn’t posted any new garbage tattoos she’s done because she cant.

No. 878798

>>878740 tinfoil but maybe she's got carpal tunnel? would explain why her recovery is taking so long. Using the tattoo gun incorrectly and over stressing her wrist.
after a little research it is a common condition in the tattoo industry, poor posture and awkward angles contribute, but the condition can be avoided, she's poorly trained, so I'm not surprised she hurt herself. Likewise, an injured back (another common injury among tattoo artists) could explain the lack of photos.

No. 878803

Tattooers spend most of their time hunched over clients, it’s a joke within the industry that their posture resembles a shrimp. Most professionals Vicky’s age already have serious back issues. I don’t believe for one second that’s what’s going on with Vicky though. Professional tattooers dealing with legitimate health issues would either refund deposits or stop taking appointments. Vicky’s just stealing clients money.

No. 878828

And they’d say what’s going on with them. She vague posts and doesn’t actually come out with what’s happening. Sorry but if you are taking peoples money, you better have a damn good reason why you aren’t refunding it or providing your shitty service.

No. 878829

Remember the time she was kidnapped and no showed a client? Had no proof and also cancelled on that client cause apparently one of her friends that doesn’t exist had cancer?
It’s been said before, but I’ll say it again.. whoever gives this scratcher money after all this time deserves what they get.

No. 878857

God this reminder makes me want to revisit all the old Victoria threads from the beginning. That was insane. Not only did the fake friend have cancer but Victoria was spewing vitriol at her client for "making fun of a cancer patient" when nothing of the sort was ever implied. Good times lol.

No. 878868

I don't deny she has/is stealing deposits.I agree with you. I was more suggesting that her prolonged stint of not uploading any tattoo work or selfie's could mean she's damaged her wrist… or, maybe her immune system is failing her after years of boozing, chain smoking and bleach baths.

No. 878903

File: 1654280532728.png (2.24 MB, 1558x1416, Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 2.20…)


Looks like this is new .

the weird baby teeth she did on some persons grandpa tho …


No. 878905

Is that… Stephen King?

No. 878908

“Someone’s grandpa” kek that’s Stephen King

No. 878913

File: 1654288297468.jpeg (226.53 KB, 1282x1486, AE004286-C220-414F-BF80-F28C4B…)

“I love this photo of me so much. Just something about it” the fact that it’s you and you’re a Narcissist?

No. 878914

File: 1654288575514.jpeg (183.02 KB, 1126x1132, 041A0C8D-3285-4D74-B1F1-CC452B…)

Icky responses are my favourite. Fishing for those compliments. Needs to hear she’s a badass, natural ninja babe.

No. 878916

File: 1654288890011.jpeg (46.41 KB, 648x430, 122C0531-A5DD-4473-8E4D-D6FEB3…)

Icky changed her profile pic on Instagram. This is an old photo. I remember it well cause it’s by far the worst photo she’s ever posted in terms of makeup, lighting and photoshop.
You can always tell when ickys single cause she starts posting selfies again everyday looking for her next 22 year old she can prey on

No. 878940

to be fair, Stephen King is a few people’s grandpa, but none of them are getting bad tats from Vicky

No. 878984

>there's just something about it
yea maybe the fact most of your face is hidden so you didn't need to spend 6 hours in Photoshop warping it

No. 878989

giving off those jersey shore auntie vibes

No. 879014

File: 1654370424633.jpeg (615.22 KB, 1282x2243, D58FD838-FAD0-4749-8C49-7874A8…)

Nobody says how frustrating it is to heal? Literally anyone with a job and hobbies could tell you that? Telling on yourself icky?

No. 879016

File: 1654372122205.jpeg (60.84 KB, 1282x435, 264E38D0-83C9-4443-A4B9-4A6918…)

Maybe if you didn’t cuss out the staff at the hospital in your town and all those doctors you tattoo weren’t figments of your imagination, you wouldn’t be in this mess kek

No. 879023

File: 1654377848008.jpeg (144.39 KB, 1282x1116, 1752B470-E1AA-416D-8D0A-0753D8…)

Can’t keep men, clients or friends but it’s always everyone else fault. On the other hand, if you date 22 year olds at 35 you can’t expect much?

No. 879024

Could have sworn she’s mentioned she’s an amaaaaazingly fast healer

No. 879042

I am a grammar nazi, that statement made me dry heave.

No. 879311

File: 1654622323761.jpeg (141.52 KB, 1283x939, DE8EBDFF-3541-4EA5-83A1-297924…)

Due to medical break. Didn’t she start this store during her 2 year medical break?

No. 879313

More like closed because she couldn’t pay the paltry amount to keep the site up

No. 879335

File: 1654646699285.png (302.8 KB, 1284x2778, B8A29505-EB9D-48EF-974B-A0FE04…)

Her sites been offline for at least a month now. It’s about $29 dollars a month to run one of these drop ship sites so she clearly can’t afford it.

No. 879345

I don't understand how she can even keep up with these LARPs. She reminds me of Lillee Jean, albeit even less motivated.

nice comma splice for a grammar nazi, kek

No. 879421

Hard to afford $20 when your shop's monthly income is $0

No. 879471

File: 1654775890737.jpg (356.21 KB, 1080x1278, Screenshot_20220609_075550.jpg)

Of course this lazy piece of crap would be sharing this. I'm pretty sure this new policy refers to employees of corporations and businesses not having to feel obligated to reply to work emails or texts outside of a 9-5 work day. I don't think it applies to self employed hogs who are trying to steal deposits and not do any work, but of course Vicky is going to use this as another example of how she's so "aboosed" by her clientele because they're inquiring about appointments at night or on the weekend.

No. 879473

File: 1654777343694.jpeg (220.86 KB, 1284x1289, F0831362-F4E3-484E-985A-90286B…)

“Don’t message me if your taken” icky back at it again looking for a boyfriend on Facebook.
This is a never ending cycle with her. Posts overly photoshopped thirst traps on Facebook, message 22 years olds, they date, get bored of her very quick. Rinse and repeat.

No. 879474

NTA but what's wrong with the comma?

No. 879507

It needed a semicolon or a period instead of a comma. She should have typed 'and' after the comma if she was going to use one.

No. 879713

File: 1654915303579.jpeg (57.56 KB, 1284x348, 9597FFDF-6113-4FA6-BE89-34D7F3…)

For the love of his please be quitting tattooing

No. 879808

We can only pray. Not only is she terrible at quality tattoos, she can’t even manage her supplies properly. She has been known to use CHAP STICK lids. I’m not joking. She’s so lazy and wouldn’t order her supplies in time and would resort to putting the tattoo ink into those lids instead of the disposable little cups, yet she screams how hYgEnIc she is. No wonder she was finally shut down by the health board in Ontario.

No. 879830

File: 1654999917664.jpeg (352.98 KB, 1284x1913, 5F013AF0-28AB-45A1-8DAC-533D82…)

Her work page banner. Kek. Like even if it’s a mistake, it’s embarrassing… you’re an artist are you?

No. 879832

People hire her for her skills, not her looks, anon! How dare you say she's not a professional

No. 879852

how unprofessional, also just look at that tassel melting into her body kek

No. 879891

File: 1655048022700.jpeg (286.08 KB, 1283x1812, ABFD75B1-25B2-45BA-BD72-DCE0FF…)

Wasn’t she cheering that she was single again like 30 seconds ago.Jesus h Christ.

No. 879918

File: 1655070807757.jpeg (125.19 KB, 1282x654, A1BD5EBB-7AA9-44B0-9A44-80B26F…)

Nobody,especially doctors, think that.

No. 879926

Vicky back at it with her dry pussy energy. I've never seen such a crusty nobody need so much validation in my life.

Secure women don't need to post statuses about their looks, sexual encounters or how desired they are Vicky. They are too busy being successful or in a happy relationship with themselves and/or others to post about such trivial bullshit. You are going to die alone with nothing to show for it except edited photos and shit tattoos you left on those you've scarred for life you miserable bitch.

No. 879931

File: 1655080679907.jpeg (214.56 KB, 1282x1125, 3A7905D0-2E12-4FD3-B01A-224E89…)

Like she quit smoking allegedly .. what like 6 months ago? And drinking it drugs? Like you mean you don’t “anymore” icky. If that’s even true:

No. 880145


Someone needs to do this to Vicky(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 880220

File: 1655248706212.jpeg (208.82 KB, 1281x1472, B66DDD63-2B0E-4E3B-B09A-83D2AB…)

“Aw this was so cute” like what almost 40 year says that one their own weird videos?

No. 880249

this is such a weird insult against herself. If anyone told me they thought I’d had plastic surgery I’d be super offended. Plastic surgery is supposed to look natural and not noticeable (no shade to the nonnies who have had work done) and for someone to say “WOW LOOKS LIKE YOUVE HAD WORK DONE” would piss me off.

No. 880258

File: 1655287282549.jpeg (148.16 KB, 828x738, 368CDFBE-D78A-4459-BD87-173B5E…)

kek she’s not even lip synching in time, this is so embarrassing. shit like this has me convinced she’s genuinely retarded. speaking of retarded, how fucking dense are her neckbeards

No. 880259

File: 1655287631516.jpeg (631.62 KB, 828x1519, F79309DB-56A5-428A-ABD8-82E73D…)

Since when has she lived in Toronto?!

No. 880265

Never. She couldn’t afford Toronto. People that live outside Toronto often say they live here to sound cool and when I say people I mean like… 17 year olds and she about there

No. 880270

Probably made up, but I like to think they were asking about previous procedures for her chart and she thinks it’s because they’re blown away by her natural beauty and can’t tell the difference kek

No. 880301

File: 1655337091787.jpg (224.27 KB, 1440x1550, messagnerbrokeikeepdeposits.jp…)

Stealing some more deposits.
Professionals use email and other more reliable forms of communication other than FB messenger.

Awaiting to hear what shop she's working out of.

No. 880302

The only logical reason I could think of for not being able to use messenger is cause she has no space on her phone. Which would make sense cause her camera roll is probably full of her “modelling” photos.

Also the fact that her clients have NO other way to contact her but Facebook is so sketchy kek. “ I’ll let you know what’s happening in the next weeks to come” like what?

No. 880317

File: 1655359618668.png (180.38 KB, 1440x1390, Screenshot_20220616-010457~2.p…)

Thought your messenger wasn't working? She's full send, a crayon chewing, retard.

No. 880321

LMAO this is so fucking shifty, anyone who willingly does “business” with this corpulent cunt is as much of a crayon chewer as she is, jesus fuck. How can anyone with a brain look at her joke of a social media presence and think “yes, this someone of good repute with whom I will trust my hard earned money”?

No. 880324

If the point of this post was just to say she's not answering messages until she's "back to work" why not just say that? She always has to start her posts with some weird made up lie. What brand new phones "error" when setting up apps???

No. 880325

Facebook post comments and replies are different than FB messenger for DMs, anon

No. 880326

Imagine actually believing somehow that Vicky works out of a reputable Toronto shop (if this isn't a troll comment), and then she sends you the directions to her flea ridden, uninspected and uncertified apartment in Fergus (2 hours bumfuck away from Toronto) kek

No. 880342

That anon is obviously talking about the fact that Vicky told this potential client to send her a message, anon.

No. 880367

File: 1655416156547.jpeg (321.08 KB, 1283x1681, 99BBBA6A-F984-4639-9D6F-836A23…)

Yeah anon, I think they are saying she said messages don’t work… but then said message me for details 3 hours later. It must be exhausting trying to keep all her lies together to be fair

No. 880580

Wild theory here, but is it possible that she might have some form of autism?

Even the worst narcissist has (more or less) the ability to lead a conversation, and even pretend to care/sympathize during a conversation or even in FB comments, but she has absolutely no social skills whatsoever. She has no understanding of social interaction and seems like a person who cannot read the room for the life of her. Almost like a child whose brain is still developing.

This is btw no disrespect to people who are autistic, just an observation.

No. 880600

Nah, I really don't think so. She's just delusional and has zero self-awareness, on top of being dumb.

No. 880645


KEK i actually think they deserve this. I don’t think this is actually true and it’s yet another of Vicks histrionic baiting but if it was clear in his bio he’s taken and these women STILL decided to message him, they kinda had it coming to be messed with imo, lole

No. 880666

It's her inability to understand jokes or take anything non literally that catches me up. Yet I've met many an autist in my day and it does feel insulting to conflate tism with her behaviour. If she had it, I'd think it'd have to be comorbid with other issues and topped with room temp IQ. I get where you're coming from tho anon because when a cow gets to Vicky's age and is still this baffling it's hard not to try to understand it as some kind of developmental issue

No. 880700

File: 1655727779915.jpeg (313.73 KB, 1281x1792, F5F775C1-E355-46A6-BE01-3E8FF0…)

She was taking deposits up until recently. She even did a 50% discount to celebrate her feeling better, but now she’s off until fall.

She hasn’t put up any new photos so I’ll put money on she’s gained 150 pounds. And she got caught tattooing from home.
She’s going to take deposits this fall, and cancel again. Calling it now.

No. 880701

She lives in an apartment on her own, no? How does she afford it being a NEET? Surely stolen deposits don’t cover all her living expenses. Or is Canada really that cheap? It just seems unreasonable to be living alone with no income

No. 880702

Unless she’s on Ontario works, aka welfare. 1 bedroom Apartments in Guelph are between 1500-2500. It’s far from cheap.

No. 880704

File: 1655730564223.jpeg (251.55 KB, 1283x1455, E8A6E14A-B894-47F7-9838-2981DF…)

Tattoo I haven’t seen done in 2020. That like work though. Shouldn’t have done a close up video.

No. 880722

goddamn where did her hairline go

No. 880737

it’s so blown out. look at vicky hooking her clients up with free shading.

No. 880751

File: 1655774970866.jpeg (498.58 KB, 1283x2189, C034C880-7899-4357-BDF3-A049E1…)

Saged cause it’s super old but this will forever be my favourite icky lie.

No. 880756

I can’t decide who is more retarded, Icky for thinking that her followers would believe that this was taken in Notre Dame or her followers for actually believing that it was. Absolutely wild.

No. 880760

It is iconic kek

No. 880777

File: 1655825434364.jpg (58.43 KB, 720x616, Screenshot_20220621-162800_Fac…)

She just can't help herself

No. 880779

That's what she does she swoops in takes as many deposits as she can and rinse repeat. Does the bare minimum if any tattoo work anymore and the work if she does do is terrible

No. 880788

Hahahah another thing is wasn't the rose window a good 60 feet off of ground level? So she's floating in this pic?

No. 880798

That and 19 meters high. Is she a fucking titan?

No. 880804

Just noticed she changed her name on social media again. Vee Vee on Facebook and viper Vi. Tinfoil but I really think this girl owes someone a lot of money or pissed someone off hard.

No. 880846

I’d bet money on this, it’s not just trying (and failing, kek) to avoid the ~jealous haydurz~ she is clearly running away from something/someone. I reckon Victoria Bella Morte/Miss Victoria Murder/Vee Venum/Viper/Victoria Emma Shingleton, tattooist from Guelph/Fergus, Ontario, Canada has stolen a fucktonne of deposits and is possibly being pursued by the law. Shingles, changing your name on Facebook won’t magically erase your psychotic history from the internet and enable you to evade the consequences. Nice try, though

No. 880851

It is suspicious. Is she trying to D.F.E. her past online shenanigans?

No. 880909

File: 1655931945841.jpeg (180.33 KB, 1282x954, B34B9CB1-ECCD-4DDF-9A37-2E6085…)

Now she’s off for the next 3 months after taking the beginning of this year off. Like I think she’s done one tattoo all year after e begging for 50% tattoo deposit. Something super sketchy is happening. Between this fake illness and changing her name 1000 times on social media. It’s just a matter of time before it comes out

No. 880915

V has caught herpasyphilitaids and won’t be thirst posting for a while. Send money.

No. 880966

Let’s hope that whoever she has pissed off to the point of changing her ~iconic~ MySpace name that she’s clung onto for decades finds this thread and delivers some full fat fresh milk

No. 880983

Funny how her "assistant" also updates status posts multiple times minutes after each other

No. 881035

holy shit i want that milk so bad lol

No. 881080

File: 1656098066154.png (353.26 KB, 1398x1342, Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 2.15…)

just saw this on her business page didn't remember seeing it here…

No. 881081

Kek shes so stupid. She knows shes wrong so she pulls
>youre so jealous of me
So professional icky. You sure told her

No. 881095

How many times has she used this excuse to a well-written, established complaint? Even when she self-posted on her first thread, she only talked about how desirable she was in defense. Talk about a one-track mind.

No. 881105

She’s fucking deranged, I hate this fat retard so fucking much. I really hope she’s on the run from someone who is threatening to fuck her shit up and that it proves to be milky

No. 881106

how does she do it? how are people still giving her money? her portfolio is a disaster, she's destroyed her reputation in the tattoo community in her area, I don't get it? That review, I hope it stays there, at least that person admits they should have done their research, it's also a shining example of how unprofessional she is when dealing with customers. Not to mention the "modelling" photos she posts to her business page, looks like she's selling herself not her tattoo work. I have never seen a tattoo artist behave this way, how embarrassing.

No. 881118

Is this bitch not in her late 30s? This is something that a teenager would cringe about having posted on myspace in freshman year. The fact that she pulls this embarrassing kiddish "h8rs just jealous" shit on her professional business page is just one of the many reasons why she will never be taken seriously as an artist.

No. 881119

kekekek she really seems to think that she fools anyone but herself with these obvious shoops. Even doing this once is embarrassing af, but she's really still living in her delusions after all these years… she's the dictionary definition of a poser & she doesn't seem to realize how transparent she is.

No. 881132

>customer gives valid complaints without even shitting on her as a person
>I hope you find a man

Is that all there is to you Vick? lmfao this alcoholic goblin thinks your entire value is held within the male gaze

No. 881139

And no male with functioning retinas would even give her the time of day she’s too old, fat bad ugly to even keep up with the larp

No. 881317

This is one of my favorite things ever screenshot

No. 881432

“Response from the Owner:
I’m sorry my friend dumped you. I hope you find a man that overlooks that you lie a lot”
Honestly that shit is so funny, god damn it Vickles. I could not have expected less and yet she delivered, what a perfectly ridiculous response to a well written and thorough complaint where none of her valid concerns were addressed. Fr though she shouldn’t be permanently marking people with literally no trace of compassion in her, never mind her skill but seriously.

My guess is that someone submitted her to intervention and now she’s hiding from her place of work. The only problem with that theory is if anyone, anyone at all with a recording device, asked for her story for a “documentary” she would never turn that down. I’m hoping those three months are for a 90 day rehab.

No. 881448

Maybe her mom told her to go to rehab. Would make sense why she was “better” and tattooing then back off again, not posting any new photos and probably doesn’t have her apartment anymore. Maybe she had to go to rehab in order to move back in with her mom.

Tinfoil obviously

No. 881452

File: 1656545967496.jpeg (540 KB, 1283x2089, 599DDE4B-68A8-49D2-8D91-B88F8C…)

Looks like she updated her quora profile.
This bitch has really lost her fucking mind.

No. 881458

File: 1656548606162.jpeg (101.19 KB, 1282x533, 1B0DA739-0C32-4D98-969C-727CA4…)


uh… does she think that people are asking her these questions directly?

No. 881461

Reads like a parody

No. 881472

I have never read something so grandiose and head-ass as this.

No. 881474

The fact that it's clearly a narc delusion word salad about being an expert on narcissism is just … chef's kiss … why I love Vicky

No. 881477

She fuels me

No. 881493

Oh my god hahaha. You can’t convince me that Vicky doesn’t have a significant cognitive impairment/an intellectual delay.

No. 881494

I’ve totally read free online material instead of actually committing to a real education, yet other actual psych students and specialists have gone out of their way to ask me for insight on topics I have no business giving advice on. She’s beyond lost it.

No. 881513

File: 1656599602529.jpg (136.99 KB, 1080x469, Hi Doctor Vick.jpg)

>I was able to completely cure someone's cotard syndrome
Translation: she was in the room when someone came down from a bad trip from whatever toilet cleaner infused crack they sell in Guelph

No. 881526

She's the walking poster child of a failed Narc who has chosen to pickle their brain with alcohol rather than face the fact that she has wasted 15+ years of her life begging for the attention of trailer trash methheads from Geulph with her badass fantasy woman LARP. She hung out with a few bands when Scene was at its peak and she hasn't let that delusion of superiority go since.

Hopefully the rehab tinfoil turns out to be true. I wonder how she'd act if she even had a fleeting moment of the reality of her life hit her. Would she melt down and dig her heels in harder with her delusions to cope?

No. 881533

File: 1656616630014.jpeg (418.41 KB, 1124x1876, 7635D3F8-A096-46F3-A49C-F0727D…)

I’m calling it. She had/has alcoholic hepatitis. Getting through that in hospital makes you lose a ton of weight incredibly quickly. I honestly don’t believe it’s some “wrist injury” or whatever she said it was. That doesn’t cause rapid weight loss. Just be honest, the asspats you’ll get will be unbelievable icky.

No. 881540

lol its so blurred and warped around her belly

No. 881544

did she write “sun” in the sand? such a buddhist babe kek

No. 881551

File: 1656637647083.jpeg (263.64 KB, 1282x996, 26D8E40B-DA58-46C9-8D35-DBC0D1…)

Looks like the wall is moving with her as well. Why did she have to take her pants down past her vag to take this? This is so fuckin weird…
Not showing her face either.. the alcoholic hepatitis honestly makes sense.

No. 881552

File: 1656637756144.jpeg (162.16 KB, 1282x970, 192BAC6E-CE95-42B4-9CE6-CEB230…)

On her business page… yikes

No. 881554

File: 1656637877324.jpeg (94.92 KB, 1284x743, 263E248F-E9E4-46A5-8D42-C0EDA4…)

No. 881556


Those saggy tits she already had are probably a horror show now

No. 881557

why is she acting like she’s recovering from ED

No. 881565

good eye, it looks like ‘bye’ to me? I’m sure it’s just something meaningless her alcoholic brain thought was deep…but I’m intrigued anyway lol

No. 881566

Her arm is in the way, and it's creating a dark shadow/contour that makes her body look slimmer. You can see how her back and butt go back well beyond the arm, her arm's just hiding the rest of her. And also the wavy wall. This is such attention-crying bullshit.
(I'm not on board with alcoholic hepatitis. She was probably on a long bender. Or she came down with a bad case of deposit-steal-itis and needed a quick pity excuse, so she is larping being "ill". If Vicks says she had a medical issue, it's probably not true at all).

No. 881573

Reading this for the third time it’s absolutely perfect

No. 881622

We know that she lurks here so she has obviously seen the posts about how she must have really porked up while on “sick leave”, this post making a point of how she has lost weight is almost certainly directed towards us

No. 881682

File: 1656722161436.jpg (84.49 KB, 720x784, IMG_20220701_193301_985.jpg)

>there is many more races in Canada now

No. 881695

>gorgeous of the human race
I’m fucking ESL and have a better command of grammar than this fat retard.

No. 881703

File: 1656726583101.jpg (72.43 KB, 720x1005, IMG_20220701_204808_674.jpg)

What does this mean?

No. 881712

File: 1656732642542.png (8.8 MB, 1284x2778, 4358EBAF-1B8E-4B7E-84CA-B5B1DC…)

This is the post she made before that so I’m assuming she’s an addict and her family has given up

No. 881740

She's been doing a munchie larp and reblogging tiktoks about chronic illness for awhile now, ever since she broke up with her last 23 year old.

No. 881744

File: 1656771864585.jpeg (282.23 KB, 1282x1799, 7B2B9FE7-8031-47B7-B08E-BA5F5F…)

In Vicky’s world 98% of all people are narcs, but she’s mentally sound.

No. 881753

File: 1656778977559.jpeg (116.3 KB, 1281x590, EACDC943-502D-4C45-9EAB-D6CA9E…)

Didn’t she also have a friend that brought her to a party and someone offered her meth and heroin? Hanging out with straight up crackheads in Guelph.

No. 881756

File: 1656781187056.jpeg (183.38 KB, 786x1146, 11ACBCEF-A7F4-442E-BF67-23D029…)

Probably talking about this guy again. Seems like she’s always on his page projecting and giving him unsolicited advice about his life. Granted man looks like a mess, but she’s the last one to tell anyone how to better themselves

No. 881791

File: 1656805231062.jpg (415.41 KB, 1440x3884, dumpsterfire.jpg)

Just going to leave this here.

No. 881793

>Are good in bed and don’t powerslam me, I like rythymn change or I go numb

Is this on her professional page???

No. 881804

Quite a laundry list there. Surprised nothing like “I like tall boyzzz so I feel smol” or “I only like sloppy seconds” popped up. Or you know, someone with passion, drive, morals… things she doesn’t have.

No. 881806

File: 1656809903256.jpeg (135.9 KB, 1282x737, A7565993-094C-46CD-BE75-05791F…)

She edited this to say “I ended the relationship” sure, Jan. Didn’t this dude and her break up and then she was saying she was on in love and bought him video games?

And the POWERSLAMMING?! This girl is drunk af. She’s so happy being single but she’s on Facebook making a list about what she needs in a man. Everytime she’s newly single she writes up these lists. It’s pathetic

No. 881809

File: 1656810346015.jpeg (99.46 KB, 1282x458, 44CC8A51-AFC7-47E3-9702-344642…)

So … she’s 35 years old and her longest relationship was with adrien.. when she was a teenager…? And it was 3 years…? Not a flex. Vicky people your age are getting married, having kids and buying houses. Not writing lists on fb about their pissy going numb from bad sex THE FACEBOOK YOU HAVE YOUR FATHER ON. Jfc.

No. 881833

How about that Mensa IQ, Shingles? I can’t with this fat retard, never before has another human being given me such extreme second hand embarrassment

No. 881835

I think she’s 37. So she’s pushing 40. And posting shit like this. On her “business” page.

No. 881872


No clue. I legitimately cannot tell the difference between the two accounts since she changed her names. Both are littered with the same pathetic thirst trap pics, incoherent drunk ramblings and weak excuses to keep deposits.

No. 881915

I think Vee Vee is her personal page and Viper is her professional one. Still though, lmao.

No. 881940


No. 881943

File: 1656881122479.jpeg (134.02 KB, 1282x881, 421589B9-BF20-4E3E-A675-5914AE…)

Fishing on fb for a partner is so fucking weird icky

No. 882017

>flexing 1.5-3 yr relationship as long term

My God you absolute retard that's nothing for your late 30s

No. 882345

File: 1657116008781.jpeg (688.33 KB, 1047x1594, 8E562575-8D25-4DD6-8732-4FB1B1…)

Your first thread spergout determined that was a lie.

No. 882355

File: 1657124150468.jpeg (166.71 KB, 1284x701, 7EB651A7-9D63-418B-8C35-BE86A1…)

On her post about being a low carb diet for her health. You know what requires you to be on a low carb diet? Fatty liver which can happen from being an alcoholic.

No. 882400

Don’t worry Ick, you will be heavier again because you literally can’t commit to anything, yet alone a low carb diet and basic healthy lifestyle, but keep up the illness facade and hold onto those stolen deposits

No. 882429

File: 1657217288960.jpg (Spoiler Image,59.8 KB, 720x720, img_1_1657217051143.jpg)

"New" facebook pic of Vic from a series she took in 2021 iirc.

No. 882430

The ring and watch over the glove. The single rose whose flower is hidden behind her trunk sale knock off Prada hand bag, The sequin dress paired with all of the above is absolute cringe. She's at least consistent with being trashy.

No. 882441

The fake red bottoms do it for me

No. 882605

File: 1657311364191.jpeg (308.25 KB, 1283x1491, 9FCEBADB-B940-41D3-B1A3-FF6241…)

For sure this is for alcoholism. Girl drank herself retarded

No. 882608

Weird how she goes from needing physio to a neurologist. Name drops random specialists titles to make her illness sound more real to the peoples she’s been scamming

No. 882610

One of my favourite things about icky are these rapid fire nonstop edits to every post she makes, when they're all essentially exactly the same. For someone who spends so much time online, you'd think she'd have figured out how to just delete a post and write a new one instead of editing it 18 times in succession.

No. 882613

File: 1657314526060.jpg (64.9 KB, 1080x475, Screenshot_20220708_170755.jpg)

Noticed this in the comments on the post. What type of father calls their daughter "pet"??? So gross and cringey!

No. 882615

File: 1657314727172.jpg (91.43 KB, 1080x450, Screenshot_2022-07-08-22-11-18…)

Isn't her dad British?

No. 882616

Guess I overreacted then, had no idea that was a British thing

No. 882670

File: 1657330052496.jpeg (158.77 KB, 1282x842, A81F1B22-C938-4FED-9E2A-726DB4…)

Tell us more about what you know about the medical professional

No. 882786

yeah just british slang pretty sure…

No. 882961

File: 1657562910360.jpg (76.15 KB, 720x1172, IMG_20220711_110757_267.jpg)

Lmao ok Vic.

No. 882964

As she posts this like a damn drunk. So how'd you find out they don't mix? Couple of Xanax and Norcos with some whiskey will kill you proper. Wonder if she's had her stomach pumped.

No. 882993

Going to the hospital once for a stomach pump (and using it as an excuse to continue to be a lazy scammer) is the only somewhat plausible tinfoil I've heard here so far for her "medical condition" fuckery

No. 883020

And conveniently all at the same time she was shut down for tattooing in her apartment in Fergus.

No. 883074

File: 1657637744870.jpeg (389.59 KB, 1269x2085, B05632E8-AEF6-42C3-A542-A83C73…)

Icky didn’t get her vaccine. She’s trying to get her dads attention and he wouldn’t approve

No. 883203

Right? Shits still fucking weird as fuck

No. 884157

File: 1658245505471.jpeg (200.93 KB, 1170x535, 0739F6D8-3954-45C1-9415-E5BA13…)

Why do I feel like she does this every few weeks lol

No. 884158

>clients and close friends
Of which she has neither

No. 884274


It's wild how she does this, she can't be deleting that many people or being as selective as she wants people to believe because I've still got two incel mutuals with her that live on the other side of the world and just follow her for the thirst traps while talking smack about her behind her back.

No. 884507

Fatty liver or diabetes, I'm sure it's one of those.

No. 884639

she keeps all the men and deletes any woman who isn’t a potential tattoo victim

No. 884715

I love when retards who try to over inflate how popular they are do this for attention. It's not like Facebook has a follower or friend limit and you need to clean house to keep the ones you want. And she's a nobody so I doubt she even gets that many DMs, except for Guelph or Toronto neck beards looking to get a piece of her stank ass, which not surprisingly, she keeps them anyway.

No. 884739

Facebook limits friends to 5k.

No. 884977

File: 1658728086229.jpg (101.24 KB, 720x1032, IMG_20220724_224630_888.jpg)

Wow Vic is blasting other people's tattoos and saying she doesn't Photoshop hers?

No. 884978

As if she doesn't film with a potato phone camera and doesn't put filters on them.

No. 884990

Sage for retarded but am I the only one who thinks of vaginas when I read "Vee Vee"?
Like, is that not a term that 3rd grade girls will use to refer to their privates because saying "vagina" is uncomfortable? Calling yourself Vee Vee is like deciding to name yourself Vajayjay kek

No. 885067

File: 1658792851646.jpeg (278.15 KB, 1282x1119, 897D77B8-001F-4E88-B690-69D9DE…)

Also bumps up color of work to make it look more vivid and less like a prison tattoo. Right Vicky? Also uploading from a 1997 Nokia so you can’t see the busted details is a trailer park way of photoshopping video but whatever

No. 885069

File: 1658793189567.jpeg (368.64 KB, 1281x1759, BBC6370A-D4D1-410C-B3BA-694DFA…)

The projection on this girl is BAFFLINGLY. I don’t understand what the retard above her is trying to say, but I hope she doesn’t charge $300 an hour kek

No. 885070

File: 1658793421222.jpeg (269.47 KB, 1282x1660, CD668513-96D3-40A5-AE35-97F78C…)

“Make sure you look at a tattoo artists videos to see the quality you’re going to get”

Vicky’s quality: …

No. 885071

>change brightness contrast or tone
Aka make new tattoos look new not 10-20 years old.

No. 885132



Fucking kek. I can’t with this wolfs busted face. So realistic

No. 885467

Its okay guys. It's just gmork

No. 885468

File: 1659066258874.jpg (36.75 KB, 600x397, koPb0HlBn1Ll.jpg)

No. 885752

File: 1659226093820.jpeg (431.98 KB, 1283x1744, 56731962-E40C-4753-8029-56E32A…)

“They don’t effect my life the way positive fans do”
Girl has a Facebook page with a few horny middle aged men and thinks she has fans?
Like you were moderately known 15 years ago on MySpace and have a failed tattoo “career” girl.

No. 885753

File: 1659226191232.jpeg (323.37 KB, 1283x1429, A96E42EE-936D-48F1-B88D-6BD703…)

So she is too old school to have an of but will talk about having threesomes on Quora.. as long as a man in involved. Kek.

No. 885834

File: 1659279171610.jpeg (462.75 KB, 1281x2140, 8BCA0F47-C470-462B-874E-E28A31…)

Vicky’s going to sue cause she won’t stop drinking?

No. 885857

People should sue her for gaslighting them when they confront her about her garbage tattoos and deposit stealing then

No. 885923

File: 1659325497264.png (1.72 MB, 1122x1168, Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 11.4…)

I can’t believe Vicky traced this on someone’s arm

No. 885948

Yeah, right, as if Vicky is bisexual. She's one of those who pretends to be bi to seem hotter to men, although for real bisexual this fetishisation just causes problems.

No. 886113

holy shit tysm for this groundbreaking revelation

No. 886126

File: 1659399055683.jpeg (119 KB, 1281x857, CFC52A55-BEBC-4894-911C-062C3F…)

Kek. People this this deserve her shitty work

No. 886170

No. 886315

You're welcome anon, I'm glad I could help you

No. 887204

File: 1660062436458.jpeg (277.01 KB, 1282x1024, 7BBF8590-0F4D-4C2B-A43A-9B9303…)

“Someone politely asked me if I drank too much” is there a nice way to ask someone if they’re an alcoholic. This post is another “ I’ve been furiously scrolling lolcow and need to respond”
Considering she lost all that weight so fast, she’s talking to a neurologist and was hanging out at trap houses where people were offering her heroin I’m going to say she put herself into some sort of trouble with cocaine.

No. 887205

Smoking and using drugs in a healthy way.

No. 887212

Kek even if someone DID ask her that, there would be a legitimate reason to ask. No one just randomly asks that without cause. So her reputation as a drunk would be rampant for someone to be like “was your liver dying from all the drinking?”

No. 887222

This is such a weird post to make, talks about being sober and laughs at being questioned for being an alcoholic with liver damage, and then ends off talking about how she's "healing" from some mysterious illness. Why not just tell people what's wrong with you? Most people who want to keep their private life private, don't constantly vague post about it seeking attention.

Also, hasn't she been 35 for at least the last 3 years? I could've sworn she was closer to 37 or 38 now.

No. 887225

Right?? Nice way to tell on yourself Vic. Most people's first response to someone's health issues isn't to immediately ask if it's because they drink too much, unless they're, you know, known for drinking too much

No. 887226

File: 1660066987781.png (23.77 KB, 344x289, 16600665047420296.png)

>Turning 35.
Lmao she said that she's older than Christina Aguilera!!!

I know that there's a receipt on her saying that!!!

No. 887227

File: 1660067229588.jpg (77.77 KB, 800x571, please-drink-responsibly-neon-…)

She meant RESPONSIBLY but ya know… She really is a wordsmith so..

No. 887229

File: 1660067600287.jpeg (363.47 KB, 1283x1351, F7153543-FCFF-49BC-A83F-EC14A4…)

Did she just admit to being an addict that goes through withdrawal on your own without any therapy and medical assistant? Jesus Christ. She takes time off social media just to come back and make herself look like a fucking tweaker.

No. 887230

File: 1660067781515.jpeg (194.29 KB, 1284x876, DEC40C43-08E5-470E-A4BB-CDCA05…)

Drinking and drugs aren’t the main issue but they’re slowing recovery and you getting back to work and not sucking on the governments tit.

No. 887246

Are you high or just stupid? She's in her mid thirties. Post receipts before clogging the thread with speculation literally no one asked for

No. 887249

File: 1660073211412.jpeg (136.41 KB, 1281x722, 3A3F0A81-EABC-446B-BE4B-57BBFB…)

The only thing that’s stupid here is the fact that you wouldn’t think icky would lie. Kek. Either she’s older which is believable cause she looks 46 or she was lying here because she’s been totally Christina before Christina was even born.

No. 887253

Does it sound like she's weaseling her way around saying she's not totally sober? It's hard to decipher because this is Vick speak, but this reads like she's been cutting way back since last year. Quitting has to be done on her own terms? Substances have never been an issue for her but she still needs access to the substances for best results? Sus.

No. 887258

We’ll considering she’s complaining about doctors and nurses being totes mean to her I’d assume neurologist telling her to quit drugs all together is why she’s so pissed off at the medical professionals. But she has to do it her OWN way. Notice how she’s only saying smoking and drinking isn’t why she’s fucked up? Not substances

No. 887265

>withdrawn slowly

Um, vick, people who don’t abuse substances don’t have to slowly taper off. They also don’t make a big deal about quitting the substances they are not abusing. Great job trying to sound educated and making yourself look like a real addict instead. obviously I’m not counting psych meds and shit in all this

No. 887268

File: 1660086302646.jpeg (342.85 KB, 1283x1547, 7066FA94-D125-4C04-ADB1-40759A…)

Well I’m sure we can look into what these doctor specialize in. Incoming cause we got some doozy reviews

No. 887269

File: 1660086611861.jpeg (270.49 KB, 1154x1180, 9042886A-4D56-4476-985E-31336C…)

Yeah I’m sure icky. How do you get kicked out of a hotel like this? Kek.

No. 887270

File: 1660086735618.jpeg (241.99 KB, 1282x1071, B54BF5DC-AEED-4AF1-B463-AE1127…)

Imagine giving a bad review because they didn’t give you enough soy sauce. Vicky damages peoples bodies with shit tattoos and people can’t leave reviews but god forbid you don’t give her more soy sauce

No. 887271

File: 1660086802461.jpeg (135.35 KB, 1279x712, 038EAE56-A174-4CB7-B87F-C89F21…)

You’re EATING AT A&W. Jesus Christ.

No. 887272

File: 1660086878321.jpeg (141.4 KB, 1282x583, D5567E2B-D6F9-450C-AD29-560D1B…)

Swiss chalet now. No wonder this girl was so fat. Girl if you hate everything maybe try cooking for yourself and stop eating so much take out

No. 887273

File: 1660086953458.jpeg (174.04 KB, 1282x814, C3580E1C-0F89-47CF-BDE0-D4ED5E…)

“I have trained chefs” but eats at A&W .. fuck right off. I’ve never seen someone lie so much

No. 887274

File: 1660087042925.png (987.33 KB, 1284x2778, 9D8E1DA2-60F8-4BC7-9CFF-7966DC…)

“Saved my life” yep. I’ll say it’s drugs or an OD

No. 887275

File: 1660087165471.png (961.82 KB, 1284x2778, 5A131D45-547D-44B1-90A6-1A5855…)

seizures. Drugs

No. 887277

File: 1660087288151.png (966.17 KB, 1284x2778, AC300B46-81FA-4FEE-B896-B1205E…)

I have on home surveillance…? Like at her apartment building? Sounds like drug induced paranoia to me

No. 887278

File: 1660087371896.jpeg (172.75 KB, 1282x735, E39FDC36-1B97-452A-B779-3E399A…)

So she’s on the edge of death apparently

No. 887279

File: 1660088268322.png (871.34 KB, 1284x2778, 397363B1-1D2D-449D-A7BF-08C36D…)

So reading all her weird ass reviews this one was left 3 months ago? She’s been saying her was sick for longer but she doesn’t brush her teeth?

From all of these reviews it seems like she doctor hopping. There’s more reviews on doctors on her google over the past year.
All family doctors as well.
She seems paranoid, her teeth are infected, she needs neurologists and medication.
Sounds like she’s on drugs 100%

No. 887286

Man what a trip reading these! I've never seen anybody in my life leave so many reviews kek won't tell her followers on social media what's wrong with her, only repeatedly saying she's not contagious and it's not drugs or alcohol but then goes and leaves all of these insane reviews about her care and "gaslighting" doctors and paramedics.

Vick, if this many people are turning you away, not treating you and insinuating you have mental health or addiction issues, they're probably right. You look like a completely unhinged crackhead.

No. 887287

This makes a lot of sense. In Canada, ER trips and public clinic visits are free, you pay nothing except for the cost of any prescriptions picked up at your local pharmacy. Dental care, however, without insurance, is an absolute expensive nightmare. She was likely doctor-shopping, hyping up her symptoms and ailments, all just to avoid going to the dentist. We all know she's not working, she doesn't have the thousand something dollars (or more) to pay for it.

"Botched dental surgery" - girl, just brush your fucking teeth LMAO

No. 887288

Samefag and borderline a-log, but I know this nonce through one of her kidfucker brother's exes. Her hygiene is non-existent, chews gum to cover shitbreath. Probably had a cavity go rancid and get infected, and she quit drinking, smoking, and whatever else to see if it would help. She probably called an ambulance because she fucked over every taxi company in the area and they won't pick her up if she doesn't have the money upfront. Doctor-shopped, gave all of them shit for not knowing as much as she does based on the google search she did, and then went to a dentist like they probably told her and somehow managed to take credit for even that.

No. 887296

Anon, I don’t think you know what that word means. Shingles is a lot of things but nonce isn’t one of them

No. 887305

Can review anon post a link to Vicky's Google review page? These are great.

No. 887311

Kek these reviews are something. I love munchies. Every review she’s dying and either was saved or left to die and told mento illness luv.

Also I died at her claim of training actual chefs. Like their culinary education was terrible but vicky is a god damn expert naturally, and anyone who takes her advice is instantly better at cooking chicken. She’s so fucking unhinged. I wish she was a more active cow.

No. 887330

File: 1660133009793.png (863.96 KB, 1284x2778, 2DF8EEC7-8619-498B-953C-E56C60…)

This review was written before her “I had a botched dental surgery” one. Girl which one is it? You have to brush your teeth

No. 887331

No. 887339

Autocorrect tries to force you to use the correct spelling so she’s obviously insisting that her misspelling is right, muh mensa iq!

No. 887344

Dumb tinfoil but what if she was prediabetic and she had to stop drinking and lose weight for that?

No. 887348

Bold of you to assume that she’s lost any weight. I’d hazard the opposite, hence not posting any retina scorching selfies

No. 887365

File: 1660146381953.jpg (205.03 KB, 541x913, Screenshot_20220810-164506_Fac…)

No. 887373

File: 1660148172362.jpg (70.32 KB, 720x1003, IMG_20220810_091523_140.jpg)

Thanks, anon. These are amazing. Is there anything Victoria doesn't do? She's trained chefs!

No. 887393

Why yes, Nona, apparently there IS one thing Vic can’t do: Stop talking herself up. Ever.

No. 887479

File: 1660223473064.jpeg (252.33 KB, 1283x1839, A3E93C68-010A-4D9F-A7F5-178157…)

She out this up about a week ago on Instagram. I feel like this video is old though? I’m starting to think she’s missing teeth?

No. 887507

File: 1660236395489.jpeg (556.11 KB, 1284x1818, 2FCADCF9-88B3-48D6-B9AB-B526DD…)

It means so much cause she’s taken many Harvard courses on bone cancer on YouTube.

No. 887515

Definitely old.

No. 887569

Grubbing for sympathy … yet still not revealing what is actually wrong with her. Narcissistic, agressive, drunk, lying, terrifyingly shallow. But I never suspected Vick was this much of a munchie.

No. 887606

File: 1660265521115.jpeg (550.64 KB, 1282x1761, FA0F7AF1-8DEE-40AF-9962-253307…)

Speaking of gridding for sympathy. A bunch of pictures from a guy she saw a few times in 2017. “I remember that time I helped you get music legends” like way to make it about you kek this is so strange.

No. 887607

File: 1660265638730.jpeg (527.22 KB, 1283x1774, 45C2486D-012B-4021-8BA1-7136FE…)

Like half of these photos aren’t even of the guy that died, it’s all icky. Kek. Jesus Christ she’s such a narc

No. 887608

File: 1660265748290.jpeg (418.78 KB, 1282x2109, DB67B898-9D94-453C-95B9-2DF369…)

Also jfc

No. 887612

The absolute state of those extensions.

No. 887614

>I’ll miss your sparkly coat and your kindness to me always

she has brain damage. that’s the mystery illness.

No. 887660

For having lived in many mansions, she sure does wear that outfit alot. Even the gross old man can wear different clothes.

No. 887672

This is so fucking cringeworthy, for someone whose life revolves around their image she’s embarrassingly lacking in self awareness. The shit she posts does nothing but scream “I am intellectually handicapped”

No. 887679

File: 1660312847627.jpeg (116.36 KB, 1282x735, 2C4918D8-0671-43FE-AA5E-C6083E…)

Her responses to people on her dead friends post screams retard. Like- can’t tell me she hasn’t been using drugs and killed the last of her brain cells.

No. 887682


Leave it to this retard to "mourn and remember" the loss "friend" with a slideshow of her tits hanging out.

No. 887704

File: 1660324593088.jpeg (126.59 KB, 1281x574, 6FCE3798-11A5-46B1-AE02-BE7A9F…)

To be fair girl, you gave your cat up cause your lack of personal hygiene and unwillingness to eat anything but A&W. Your friends you haven’t seen since 2017 passing away and your grandma being in the hospital isn’t having everything taken from you. Way to make peoples deaths about you though. Jesus Christ.

No. 887708

I genuinely think she mentally hasn’t left the MySpace era. The way she talks, dresses and acts is just so extremely outdated. She’s holding on to her ratty extension for her scene mullet for dear life like her life depends on it. The attention she got as a Z-list internet edge persona in her heyday was probably all she had and she thought could live off that forever. She could’ve become an tattoo apprentice and actually become something but here we are. Now she has nothing.

No. 887711

She has that cringe tranny typing style

No. 887789

omg i cant believe she shared those kek

No. 887799

Literally everyone in those photos is the epitome of white trash, I’m physically cringing at all of it

No. 887863

Her teeth are the same color as her hair

No. 887872


Everyone looks so..sticky. Not one attractive "friend" in the bunch. If these people are VIP, general must be a sight.

No. 888147

>I didn't find it challenging at all
>Substances have never been an issue for me
>I'm not saying I'll never drink again
>none of those caused me issues

People who are 1 year sober don't announce it with pride, then downplay it. She's still drinking.
Narcs have a tendency to make grand announcements about "big life changes" they've made when really they've been at something for 3 days.

No. 888149

kek @ all the food reviews. Big Vicky is gonna transition from tattoo needles to insulin needles soon.

No. 889047

File: 1661199248979.jpeg (81.02 KB, 1284x488, DAF39141-A01A-44BA-AAA3-0AB0D3…)

Opposed to what she’s already doing? She just wants to bring up healing as much as possible. Stop using drugs

No. 889578

heal up from what? wtf this bitch is psychotic, i bet she got called out publicly and now is getting shit for it, a narc cant live without social media

No. 889703

File: 1661521358792.jpeg (753.73 KB, 828x1350, 852A86D4-77A7-47A2-9305-D31974…)

Vic in the wild being a raging cunt part 1

No. 889704

File: 1661521409142.jpeg (414.32 KB, 828x1392, 11720874-FD14-4F65-B547-7F9605…)

And part 2. It’s taking every fibre of my being to not reply in the comments with some of her dodgiest work

No. 889716

whispers Do it anon.

No. 889723


Bold of her to judge someone else’s work that looks better than anything I’ve seen her done and this person has been tattooing for under a year. Vicky felt attacked and just had to sperg out.

No. 889734

It’s a trad tat, you dumb cunt, not realism. This apprentice’s work is a million times better than anything icky has produced. Straight fucking lines, saturated black, finished in ONE session. They had a valid question.The IG algorithm favors faces, lots a tattooers are having to share memes or photos to get their work out there. If she had any peers in the industry, she would know this. Fuuuuuuuck off, Vicky.

No. 889744

How can she talk when her "work" looks like this:

No. 889775

vicky could never apply a traditional tattoo or put in a solid line like that apprentice! her response is incredibly cringe

No. 889776

I’d tell this goblin off but the group is private, shame

No. 889779


I’d love for someone to join it and clap back to Vicky. Especially since she can’t control the narrative by deleting comments calling her out because it’s not on her page.

No. 889785

Guessing she's going to get destroyed anyway. Everything she wrote, especially that sign off, is just asking for it. And the person she's having a shot at already clapped back neatly.

No. 889839


Here’s a link to the post I’m pretty sure the groups quite lax on accepting people. If anyone fancy’s dropping some of vic’s absolute bangers in the comments.

My own studio account is linked to my Facebook so I’d rather keep my distance from this particular cow

No. 889851

Why did she even react this way? Is she that paranoid that she thought this comment was aimed at her? She’s such a bitch damn. No wonder why she doesn’t have any irl friends.

No. 889852

How’s that vacation from social media to “heal up” Vic? You mean taking time away from messaging people back that have given you deposits.

No. 889855

Honestly, this apprentice has cleaner lines in 8 months of practice than Vic has accomplished in over a decade of scaring her clients. This post wasn’t directed at anyone and if you follow artists on Instagram more are including images of themselves, but usually they’re classy and normal versus heavily photoshopped smut like Vic. The apprentice handled this comment in a classy way so good for her.

No. 889856


Anon did anyone else respond? I tried to join but I'm not approved yet by a mod.

No. 890058

Can someone please post an update? This made me want to alog so hard. This is the only time I was actually hoping someone would cowtip.

No. 890202

File: 1661959210604.jpeg (235.15 KB, 1283x2189, E4B54296-72CB-4630-9180-255F84…)

Ick is definitely my favourite cow but it seems to be dried up. She’s shut down her profile again and is on “medical leave” aka she final drank herself into a hole.
Hopefully she’s actually getting mental health help. Just like the milk her clients are dried up besides 2 white trash dudes. It’s been real icky. Brush your teeth.

No. 890252

Personally I think she’s hiding. Medical leave my ass. Removing her photo, changing her name to “vee vee” KEK
If anyone wants to google her current name it’s not going to lead them here. It’s probably why she feels brave enough to comment shit like this: >>889704

No. 890253

Same fagging to point out how all her posts are archived, nothing shows up when you visit her “professional profile”. Her IG is gone and so is her personal Facebook. She’s definitely hiding from someone.

No. 890322

File: 1662071654340.jpeg (156.75 KB, 1081x725, 289C0D2B-9DC0-459B-BA46-4A57B2…)

This was posted last year and is probably my most favourite Vic edit to date. The top she photoshopped on and pretending she’s at some kind of event just sends me. I wonder how fucked up she was when she put this masterpiece together. Sage for throwback

No. 890352

File: 1662084336315.png (200.77 KB, 860x891, 14452BD5-148F-4D59-A53F-26A8C4…)

No. 890353

File: 1662084345529.jpeg (269.33 KB, 1282x953, 4EFEE4B6-6BB5-4CE4-ACC5-7BEB36…)

So the ems was saying this was a mental health issue… probably cause you were acting like a psycho icky and high on drugs.

No. 890400


NTA but she was probably drunk and on the verge of alcohol poisoning/fell or something and refused being sent to the hospital when ems arrived. The way she vehemently denies having any type of mental health or addiction problem is infuriating. Out of all the cows, she's one I find most infuriating.

No. 890417

God I’m still obsessed with this. An icon.

No. 890432

Makes you wonder how mundane her real life is if photoshopping herself into a blurry strangers photograph seems to be the answer to looking "successful" and "fun".

Fucking pathetic. Both her and the blind chodes who praise this level of stupidity.

No. 890443

My fave Vicky pic was one where she photoshopped herself onto a rooftop but she didn’t edit it properly so there’s just someone else’s disembodied foot on it
I can’t find the pic to post but it’s in one of the first pages of the thread

No. 890450

>Dude behind you can't believe a princess is right in front of him
My fucking sides

No. 890454

File: 1662204987233.jpg (337 KB, 716x955, rose window.jpg)


this one is my favorite. just casually laying in front of a window that's supposed to be 13 meters wide and high up off the ground. the only way this picture wouldn't be fake is if she were a floating giantess

No. 890455

This picture is also a favorite of mind.
But just noticed…is she…naked? Is that her hand covering her boob? It looks like a man hand kek

No. 890457

God yes this is one of the greatest edits of all time. Plus the comment she responded to where she said it was a “nude tube top”. Aubrey O Day wishes she could be this genius.

No. 890474

File: 1662232298209.jpg (123.77 KB, 1150x2048, 1602825865133.jpg)

My favorite part of her threads was when Cameron Anthony came in here with his name as "The Contrarian" and posted a novel about how they almost banged and when asked for receipts he posted more walls of text about how we're all mentally ill.

No. 890481


holy shit i forgot about that whole mess with cameron and kayla. that was comedy gold.

founds the start of his rant >>>/pt/800078

No. 890516

Man we had a lot of Vicky side characters show up on lolcow over the past few years. I'm still bitter that mods banned Jacky just for double posting and not knowing how to sage. Cameron was crazy though. Victoria sure knows a lot of methy people!

No. 890544

File: 1662309571973.png (201.55 KB, 324x635, 166230811152628740.png)

No. 890546

File: 1662309734563.jpg (187.06 KB, 1024x768, IMG_3525.jpg)

No. 890596

it was the fact that he outted himself for being a dusty loser in trying to get back at her lol

No. 890630

And this is why Shingles is my favourite cow. This is the longest she’s gone without milky and I truly miss it

No. 890640

File: 1662386314635.png (876.48 KB, 1024x768, A0863792-5AA0-42AB-A85E-61FF45…)

No. 890651


No. 890678

File: 1662425490237.png (296.63 KB, 448x362, 166230811152628740 (1)~2.png)

No. 890700

File: 1662439210914.jpeg (89.19 KB, 640x404, 50870AA8-0C8B-410A-8A47-DE2443…)

This is probably my favourite pic of Icky in the wild

No. 890701

File: 1662439246843.jpeg (7.78 KB, 103x243, 6FBF71C3-9783-4817-A9F6-C6AF86…)

This girl’s face, my sides

No. 890707

Nonnie that was literally the best shit I had ever read 10/10 would read again. I feel like /pt/ moves slow nowadays, I miss it.

No. 890714

File: 1662454176341.jpg (165.58 KB, 1080x2004, 72360586_2574657182586013_5982…)

Cameron’s birthday is in three days. hope u get plenty of protein bars and phone chargers, king

No. 890728


I love how everyone is so young and then there’s old greasy Vicky

No. 890793

File: 1662507663815.png (575.56 KB, 472x1263, Screenshot_20220906-182318~4.p…)

Prt 1/3

No. 890794

File: 1662507694202.jpg (126.73 KB, 1024x1024, ZMWuMrtOS2rJ-_port.jpg)

Part 2/3

No. 890795

File: 1662507780642.jpg (159.4 KB, 1024x1024, xKjOmRF08C9O-_port.jpg)

Prt 3/3

No. 890799

File: 1662509607552.png (196.34 KB, 341x495, 166230811152628740 (2).png)

Hmm rely makes u tink.

No. 890800

File: 1662509761060.gif (61.78 KB, 500x500, giphy (1).gif)

No. 890819

File: 1662520459510.png (99.74 KB, 214x507, 166230811152628740 (3).png)

No. 890945

So I'm tinfoiling Vicky has pissed off the wrong people. Her absence from "tattooing" and lack of her frequent idiotic posts are a bit sudden.

She loves to shit on other people's work publicly when she feels she's in a hugbox. She picked the wrong hugbox in this Facebook group.
There's more I just have to find and compile them.

No. 890947

File: 1662610070812.jpg (913.08 KB, 1440x6194, delete.jpg)

And another conversation, topic wasn't important

No. 890948

Anon ty for this Facebook tattoo group milk and plz post more but your icon of your profile pic is showing at the bottom.

No. 890949

she was messaging shops trying to get artists fired for being mean to her on Facebook?!?! VICKY NO

No. 890950

File: 1662611557855.jpg (842.15 KB, 1439x6443, betch~2.jpg)

Oh shit thanks anon. Cropped it.

No. 890951

File: 1662611618091.jpeg (572.91 KB, 1170x1702, 9EE1653F-1288-4DF4-9C21-570FCC…)


Love that she posted this a month ago and is actively that miserable person.

No. 890952

File: 1662612776779.jpg (469.54 KB, 1440x2854, coworkers.jpg)

Here she's claiming she has "co-workers" , alluding to the idea she's in shop as early as Feb.
We all know this is bullshit.

No. 890954

Is she tattooing out of her cousins spa again? Or sister or whoever it was

No. 890958

Did Vicky ever show the supposed face tattoo that she got? Tried to go back and search but it was around the time that Cameron guy showed up clogging up the thread with his long rants. Just find it curious that it was around the time she started going into hiding.

No. 890991

>I was off during the exposure and every day after as a precaution
Kek Vicky is so transparent she doesn't actually have scheduled clients

No. 891029

It was hypothesized that she had microblading done.

No. 891183

Can confirm this as a hard no. She was asked to leave because she’s terrible to be around. She’s not tattooing because she was shut down by the health board in Ontario, she can’t afford rent in a shop, and she doesn’t drive, hence the vague comments about being ill. She’s stuck in Fergus, Ontario with nobody because she burns bridges and shit talks everyone around her. She’s not a tattoo artist, she has had no shop for almost two years. The fact she thinks she can comment about anyone in the tattoo industry is hilarious

No. 891184

Karen Bella-Morte

No. 891228

File: 1662831632692.jpeg (143.01 KB, 1282x497, 3E2B9AEA-A4CE-4BA8-994B-D57711…)

In the wild. Projection always

No. 891229

File: 1662831675736.jpeg (145.24 KB, 1282x594, FDE31F28-CB87-4E39-B9E7-D6877D…)

Someone was talking about how people are rude to customer service people

No. 891264

File: 1662846956206.jpeg (75.5 KB, 1282x298, 29021EA0-39DC-4592-8F73-67073D…)

Vee Vee in the wild on a meme about girls sleeping with guys on the first date. We Stan a uplifting queen

No. 891265

I guess ick only needs a break to heal up from clients, not criticizing people on fb

No. 891282

Never forget that this is the desperate hambeast who had a strop at Cameron “the contrarian” because he didn’t want to fuck her. The cognitive dissonance on this fat retard is astounding
She’s STILL going on about these specific three girls almost a decade later. I’m surprised she didn’t throw Samantha in there too. What a miserable cow

No. 891354

What I wouldn't give to follow this cow

No. 891681

File: 1663109813721.jpeg (220.17 KB, 1282x1252, 48A4F22C-CEA4-43C8-A33E-B3B2CA…)

So she’s on Quora answering random questions and fighting with people on Facebook for her health.

No. 891682

File: 1663110964126.jpeg (140.4 KB, 1282x926, EA5F3044-4C58-47BB-BBA8-D851AC…)

So she’s been buying her extensions from Amazon. Didn’t she say she spent 100s of dollars on her hair?

No. 891683

File: 1663110994993.jpeg (506.65 KB, 1281x2509, 835C5551-18F8-4F2E-9787-DC70CA…)

$115..? Makes sense why they’re so ratty now. So rich

No. 891714


Woweee big spender Vic. She lied about her extensions costing thousands in the past too which we all knew was a blatant lie by the rats nest that is her head. So seeing this review makes it funnier

No. 891767

File: 1663161846337.jpeg (248.76 KB, 1284x1913, C657C537-3E80-46A0-9AED-682F1E…)

Didn’t this say she was coming back in fall, now it’s just not taking new clients and books closed. She got rid of her cats and changed all her names. Can’t wait for the info to leak that she got caught by the health board.

No. 891863

It’s been months now, I’m surprised no locals have paid us a visit to spill, given how small her buttfuck town is and how everyone seems to know each other, especially in that cringy, crusty metal scene, I feel like words would get around pretty quick

No. 891866

Am I the only one who thinks she’s finally getting psychiatric treatment?

Many psychiatrists are also neurologists (and doctors obv) and she’s been talking about her ”doctors“ and ”neurologists“ so maybe that’s her way of saying “psychiatrists”

No. 891867

I think she’s far too much of a delusional narcissist to willingly get help, the only way I can see that happening is if she was put on involuntary hold and given court ordered treatment, which seems pretty unlikely. I think she’s just in hiding because she got busted by the health department and/or pissed off the wrong person

No. 891887

A lot of people private all their social media before going to rehab. She probably got hit by A health inspector. She’s probably so broke and has to go back and live with her mom. Her mom probably said she needed to go for treatment first. I am an Ontario Fagge. And I know her and her mom have had a rocky relationship. But since Becky has never gotten her life together she’s had to go live with her mom a bunch but always leaves because they end up fighting. It is too proud to get a real job because she’s living in this tattoo artist fantasy. Considering she already fucked herself over at her cousin spa and her brother doesn’t talk to her at all. Probably in years now. Equis mom has probably had about enough with her and asked her to go to treatment Before coming back home

No. 891907

I think that rotten tooth finally fell out

No. 891933

File: 1663285928805.png (25.98 KB, 971x490, Capture.PNG)

I don't know much about this cow, but I like to lurk Lumendatabase to see if any cows try to complain about lolcow, and I recognized the name and so yeah. I don't know if it's milk or important.
Lillie Jean did one on the 9th as well

No. 891934

File: 1663286117312.png (42.74 KB, 860x602, 2.PNG)

No. 891936

File: 1663289571783.jpeg (413.53 KB, 1282x2472, 41694DCB-0358-42FA-B82A-6DC2CB…)

No. 891945

This had been posted before, sage your non-milk
>filed last month
She’s still mad and lurking, kek

No. 891982

>every photo of here of me
Kek I love how retarded she sounds at all times

No. 891989

honestly she’s like 40 now and still lurking kek fucking pathetic

No. 892030

File: 1663565774143.jpg (427.53 KB, 1440x4035, cumdumpster.jpg)

No. 892033

Jesus, she's about as low IQ as her friends.

No. 892037

Is she back with this loser or what? If not, making a picture of her ex her pfp is gigacringe (but very on-brand for Icky). And so much for her break from social media, she must be extra bored

No. 892046

Why does this man have female pattern baldness?

No. 892099

File: 1663615314604.jpeg (160.45 KB, 1170x746, EA9830C0-3B88-4557-BB2F-EC51C2…)


Kek I like how she likes it herself and then again on her “business” page

No. 892161

Fucking kek, this is so embarrassing. This fat retard is the gift that keeps giving.

No. 892179

Doesn't she realize that she loses all rights to the photos once she uploads them onto fb, insta, etc?
Like you don’t even have to read the terms of condition to know this, this is common knowledge.

No. 892207

File: 1663693259636.jpeg (84.73 KB, 867x960, 3C9269D7-A498-47CA-9FEF-2DD011…)

She uploaded this. Looks like an old photo that she had sitting around for editing. Either way she edited her neck out and I’m not sure what’s going on with her chin but she looks like Robbie Rotten from lazy town

No. 892216


must be really old, part of her tattoo on her stomach is missing >>878159

No. 892225

It looks like she tried to Frankenstein a face from a different photo onto that one and it wasn't scaled properly to match lmao

No. 892228

Still with the hole in the glove lmao

No. 892229

Just found this place, it seems mostly about seething over women who have the female genitalia and body you wish you had and roleplay as having on Discord. You will never be a woman and feel free to sperg at me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 892230

Yup, she added a prison scratch sword years ago.

No. 892253

File: 1663716164716.jpeg (172.91 KB, 1170x1639, 610166A0-D46B-4A68-9C2D-C7EF8A…)


This photo is a few years old. Loving her fat gut and rolls squeezed into her bootleg Versace shorts that clearly don’t fit. Like an overfilled sausage. Her cottage cheese thighs give me Luna vibes

No. 892256

File: 1663717397682.jpg (901.85 KB, 2119x3978, Screenshot_20220920-193834_Chr…)

When your phone has a remaster option for photos. Love how you can clearly see the photoshop on both her neck and breasts.

Blurred linesssss

No. 892257

File: 1663717421901.jpeg (30.58 KB, 247x275, 42BE6860-49E3-4B7B-BB8A-34AFC1…)

I think icky is dating this guy. She’s been on and off with a dude ever since this photo and she was posting about “ you’re afraid he likes me” while this dude had a girlfriend.
Sage cause tinfoil

No. 892279

>>891264 she should follow her own advice

No. 892292

Pictures you can smell

No. 892526

File: 1663881030570.jpg (91.53 KB, 720x729, IMG_20220922_140709_229.jpg)

This cracked me up. What is this? This reminds me of those old ppl who use that happy megaphone shouting template to announce a death/funeral info.

No. 892537

File: 1663888945538.jpeg (324.24 KB, 1282x1873, 6A3D42EB-A5AE-483E-8F71-000D6B…)

She’s really working on that “healing “ but ignoring her clients but getting “involved in celebrity gossip

No. 892592


All I get from this post is
I like metal and I’m a gorgeous women and so unique! Meanwhile she’s a fat stinky broke bitch

No. 892623

File: 1663990106461.jpeg (162.93 KB, 1282x858, E05A494A-7ECC-4660-885E-D9E0F1…)

Seems like she’s probably still taking deposits.

No. 892636

Do these people really not know how to use Google? Anyone who lets her near their skin is getting what they deserve at this point

No. 893159

Seems like Vicky has broken up with her boyfriend. The two photos on her insta with him have been removed, and she was sadposting tiktoks about loss lol. But now she's back to thirstposting.

No. 893163

File: 1664404193589.jpg (100.6 KB, 1079x524, Screenshot_20220929-082846_Fac…)

No. 893169

File: 1664407877806.jpeg (315.12 KB, 1283x1841, 755E5FB1-A44C-44DD-8E02-1E051D…)

So she can throw in contacts, colour her hair and thirst trap all over the place but she can’t work. Funny how her bf leaves her and all the sudden she’s feeling better.

No. 893170

File: 1664408090897.jpeg (227.45 KB, 1282x1083, 38CE522C-4545-4F58-8AC8-51DDCD…)

“That’s fine. You hid it well” girl nobody cares about your long winded explanations. You don’t show off your boyfriend cause then lonely old men wouldn’t want to get tattoos from you out of your cat pissed shack.

No. 893171

File: 1664408204842.jpeg (234.93 KB, 1282x1870, 22C02BBF-4282-4117-9752-448ECA…)

The amount of filter on this… holy.

No. 893172

File: 1664408452941.jpeg (485.81 KB, 1280x1587, 0B1DA5D3-674B-441F-AA84-D1C472…)

Weird how her boyfriend leaves.. she’s all better to thirst trap and open up her Instagram. She’s happy being alone but is clearly out her fishing for a new internet bf

No. 893173

File: 1664408785680.jpeg (501.04 KB, 1283x2093, AA48E3B7-34B0-4C9A-BFA5-1D8106…)

Someone also put her on Reddit!

No. 893205

I thought she broke up with “G” or whoever months ago, did they get back together or us this another guy? This doesn’t add up. And “engaged” lmao what fucking horseshit

No. 893208

She looks like Dhavie Vanity, even with all the filters she looks like a clown with Down syndrome

No. 893209

>stalker fan fiction
Yes, with a comprehensive catalog of evidence and multiple people who know you irl corroborating events. You’re beyond help, you fat retard.

No. 893214

File: 1664426617617.jpg (50.39 KB, 1080x271, Screenshot_20220929-144327_Ins…)

no its clearly tape anon

No. 893237

File: 1664462115109.jpeg (210.29 KB, 1282x1234, 814AB221-1139-4350-933C-EC6036…)

Can’t wait until all the people
She fucked over recently come out of the woodwork

No. 893240

File: 1664462404055.jpeg (53.4 KB, 1282x329, 529F66DF-E39E-4D65-8909-C22313…)

New review by icky. Not interesting but what is interesting is this is the 6th different Walking or hospital she has reviewed in the past year. Georgetown is almost an hour away from where she lives. Almost seems like she is Dr. hopping

No. 893258


That’s clearly a wig why does she lie about the dumbest shit ever? This isn’t the first time she lied about a wig being her actual hair. Fuck she is so insufferable no wonder she has no friends


Why is this posted on her “business” page fucking kek I can’t believe this is a real person sometimes.

No. 893271

She lies about the most mundane, insignificant shit too, I know it’s been said ad infinitum but I genuinely believe that she’s intellectually handicapped, possibly actually autistic (and clearly not the the high functioning variety of autist)

No. 893486

Given how the layers in the ponytail falls, it might actually be her real hair, anon. Split-dying is incredibly easy.

No. 893568

The bangs look wiggy as fuck. That being said, she has about 3 real hairs on her hair and it’s all Amazon extensions anyways. Which you can’t dye because it’s synthetic plastic hair.