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File: 1717449627427.png (58.54 KB, 378x506, Screenshot_2024-06-03-17-16-15…)

No. 934752[Reply]

A thread dedicated to girls who thirst after serial killers, mass murderers rapists, etc. calling themselves things like "Columbiners", "Holmies", ect. Girls lusting after the Columbine shooters is especially common. Post blogs, pics, ect of mass killer fangirls.
(Note: there was a thread dedicated to this community on /snow/ but it got moved to /pt/ and when it got locked, no one made a new one, so that's why this thread is in /pt/.)(shit OP with no info, old thread was locked by mods not by post limit, this should be in /snow/)

File: 1612296121148.jpg (309.47 KB, 720x1500, 1611755903226.jpg)

No. 819689[Reply]

Coverage of Miranda Constable / Mira Nagayama / Lina / Miriam Al Fas / Kanadajin3 / whatever else she can think of continues.

> Is still against anything to do with China at all costs.

> “Is totally still in Japan, guyz!”

> Is always most holier than thou, everyone else is haram.

> Is slowly turning to an Alt-Right. I foresee the Muslim fading in a few months to a year.

> Now openly homophobic and antisemitic.

> Saudi Arabia is now too haram to move to.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 934172

She really has not changed one bit. I wonder how many men she’s scammed to pay her debts? I wonder if KM ever got his money back?
It's so funny that people mention her now and then, but this particular video triggered her enough to write 17 pages of defensive word vomit.
Imagine being so delusional you convert to Islam to become a better person yet you still can’t own up to your shitty behaviour.
I miss her snowflakery

No. 934192

The only thing we know now is she’s not dead. Who cares. She’s a dead cow.

No. 934469

She's used to places like lolcow talking about her but it must sting for a youtuber to do it. It cuts deep because she really wanted to be a popular Japanese youtuber no matter how much she denies it. Though for her to look up her old screen name in the search to see if anyone made a video about her is crazy. She found it pretty fast. Makes me wonder if she searches up her name constantly. This guy barely has 4k views too.
Wonder if she searches up her ex friends too like Rachel and Jun

No. 934597

She always did. Would find and report stuff about her within 24hrs back in the day. Then, just like this time, would write a 4000+ word essay saying how much she doesn’t care about people talking about her. She really cares a lot about telling people she doesn’t care. And also constantly checking her name to immediately post those screeds to make sure you know she doesn’t care.

A lot of effort about things she doesn’t care about.

No. 934734

It’s a true shame. She was the first Jvlogger I ever watched and the fact of the matter is that she chose to make some mistakes.

On her reply back she is outraged that Unrested got the blackface part wrong (I don’t think he did, but I can’t recall all of it) and completely skip over all the other $hit she did without taking accountability for anything.(sage your shit)

File: 1706451013861.jpg (244.48 KB, 720x1429, melted.jpg)

No. 927314[Reply]

Remember to visit https://lolcow.farm/info and https://lolcow.farm/rules before posting; anyone failing to do so will be exiled to The Hovel to think about what they've done. Each miserable, grimy plushie in Luna's pile contains the eternally tormented soul of an anon who forgot to sage.

Previous Thread: >>920554

The Basics:
>Luna is a 27 year old “sober” heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief, and on/off “sex worker”
>Claims to have overdosed 9 times
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive besides make shitty art and write cringeworthy “poetry”
>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun; the most noteworthy illnesses include BPD and an elusive eating disorder
>Started dating her (now) 43 year old “fiancé” Matthew (also known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”; they’ve now been together for 8 years and he clearly has no intention of marrying her
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but spergs on the internet about how vile it is to do so
>Loves to share her grimy life with all and sundry, including awful photos of her (now dead) cats laying in filth and used needles, unwashed clothes, layers of dirt and mystery stains on every surface of her home, et cetera
>Constantly buys cheap garbage on Amazon with her dad’s credit card while complaining about being penniless

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 932539

I second >>929130 kek

No. 932548

File: 1714968263491.jpg (347.36 KB, 1080x2140, IV change.jpg)

She's been there for almost 2 weeks, should've gotten it changed every 3-4 days, not daily like she has.

No. 932577

Depends on how your veins hold up

No. 932585

File: 1715015402272.jpg (230.34 KB, 718x1389, VideoCapture_20240506-100936.j…)

No. 932592

File: 1715022823625.jpg (268.32 KB, 720x1462, VideoCapture_20240506-121244.j…)

File: 1698446404774.png (1.87 MB, 1620x936, clownshit.png)

No. 921722[Reply]

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>916503
Websites: https://momokun.co/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/peachygirlmomo
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, mmallad.jpg (formerly btsmomokun, xmariahmalladx), the ragdollranch (formerly mariahthecatlady, momoscats), peachycollective.co
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@peachygirlmomo
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile (Old, deleted)
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad (Inactive)
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 932081

I vote for this to be new thread pic with the nsfw images out so the thread pic won’t be spoilered

No. 932093


My votes for next thread. Little bit old but this cosplay was horrendous.

No. 932098

Oh, I'm aware of her antics lol. I guess the difference to me is that as deranged and bizarre as Lia's skin walking of Azzy is, they aren't and never were friends as far as I'm aware. Lia and Mariah are. Idk, if someone I knew personally was so obviously trying to single white female me this hard I would probably file a restraining order lol. That said, Lia is such a narc she probably loves Mariah wanting to be her this badly tbh.


Votes for thread pic

No. 932114

File: 1714343089346.jpg (593.03 KB, 1290x2293, 1000014246.jpg)

No. 932115

File: 1714343113365.jpg (557.54 KB, 1290x2293, 1000014247.jpg)

File: 1683357255230.png (760.26 KB, 1080x660, Trials and Tribulations Editio…)

No. 914105[Reply]

Previous Thread: >>>/pt/909346
Onision Thread Archives: >>511709
Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

Onision/Greg/Gregory Daniel/Gregory Avaroe/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been declining ever since. He has a fetish for underaged alternative girls and a good portion of his milk comes from his attempts at grooming these unfortunate victims. He also likes to distract from controversy by faking mental breakdowns and suicide baiting. After over a decade of this pattern of behaviour, he eventually came to mainstream attention through a documentary, and YouTube subsequently demonetised his channel. His wife/spouse/fellow groomer, Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson/Lucas Jackson is a transtrender who has abandoned her Youtube channel and locked down her social media presence to hide away from allegations of sending nudes to underaged girls and helping to lure in new targets of Onision's abuse.


>Onision and Lainey are sued by Regina for sex trafficking and child pornography >>909349 >>909350
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 931659

How are we doing in regards to the reopening of Shiloh’s case? Has there been any updates? Is the ugly Frankenstein finally heading to jail yet?

No. 931661

File: 1713863259957.jpeg (147.57 KB, 782x725, 1713852593752.jpeg)

if it is haba and marsh law firm that had the cumru police dept dust off a 14 year old complaint and turn it into a criminal case Im hoping that we get a similar type press release once the onions are served

No. 931663


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 931667

No. 937529

I can assure you he sees everything that is publicly posted about him. I know of at least 8 alts on Twitter that are obviously him. And that’s not even counted a couple that have been suspended.

File: 1478521895668.jpg (39.78 KB, 719x720, 12742165_10206752637188686_140…)

No. 312257[Reply]

"I'm the nicest, caring-est person you'll ever fucking meet!" -Amy

A morbidly obese 29-year-old Youtube "star" from Kentucky.
She first started vlogging with her somehow even fatter sister,
Tammy, but these days it's pretty much all about Amy.

Her shit-quality content usually includes hauls of various
kinds of Walmart crap, awful makeup looks and reviews, disgusting storytimes,
and random bullshit that goes on in her filthy house.

While she basks in her glorious e-fame, she fails to realize that
people only follow her for the freakshow.

Some highlights:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 922815

Some milk since this thread is a bit behind on it.

Amy and Michael are getting a divorce. Michael filed for it back in March, and "allegedly" was hitting the kids.
Tammy and Caleb are also getting a divorce.

Article here - https://www.theashleysrealityroundup.com/2023/11/14/a-release-from-rehab-a-marriage-on-the-rocks-tlc-announces-return-of-1000-lb-sisters-releases-season-5-trailer/

No. 931153

Wait he was??(necro)

No. 931156

Even if he wasn't hitting them the emotional abuse and neglect were loud and clear in the most recent season of 1000lb sisters. Amy tried to leave with her bank card to go shopping (guess who has the card in his wallet all the time) and when she threatened divorce after he kicked up a stink about being left alone with his kids for two hours, he picked up one of them at random and demanded he keep him if she leaves. Despite not giving a solitary fuck about them otherwise, too busy playing call of doody on xbox or something.

No. 931958

File: 1714157143771.png (2.74 MB, 1128x1333, Capture.PNG)

Well I'll be damned. Tammy actually did it. I can't imagine how much skin removal she's going to need though.

No. 931970

Such a big difference to actually be able to see her eyes

File: 1653091815039.jpeg (294.95 KB, 828x1456, 49C8621E-DC10-4AD5-BF65-15123A…)

No. 877915[Reply]

LOKI aka Fahrlight
Lord Amalthean


Continuation of this thread: https://lolcow.farm/pt/res753753.html

Keyes / Raven / Fahr etc is a fame-thirsty cosplayer with delusions of grandeur. A lifelong victim with a constant supply of dramatic stories to tell, from a growing list of “pre-diagnosed” health problems, to various psychopathic neighbors, and everything in between. Fahr/Keyes always has some new drama that is filled with contradicting “facts” and gofundmes begging for money.
232 posts and 59 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 926672

There's now way she didnt just shoop another man's face here or use a male app on hers. kekk

No. 926883

File: 1705691607767.jpg (703.56 KB, 1080x1541, SmartSelect_20240119_201451_Ch…)

How old is she? 50?
Like what has she done to herself?

No. 926885

50 y/olds don’t look like ….. that.

No. 926924

>POV: you’re a piece of chewed up gum stuck under a lunch table

No. 929758

File: 1710303484398.jpg (112.45 KB, 1024x733, 8353069.jpg)

Serving Albanian refugee realness.

File: 1524929580056.jpg (54.35 KB, 500x405, tumblr_p3a2bpELEy1sz94dgo1_500…)

No. 511709[Reply]


This thread will be used to archive all the older threads and their summaries for easy Lolcow browsing.
133 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 839284

10/13/20 - 11/29/20

> more greasy ass shit and shoving dildo's up his ass for shekels on onlyfans

> reposting old body rating videos trying to get attention
> former mod and fanboi Rag Reynolds got doxxed / owned
> new mod mcfly is doing a piss poor job, or great job depending how you are looking at it
> Grainey has a care bear made for the kids, or something
> Greg's balding and aging continues
> Greg becomes even less relatable to the kiddies he craves
> Greg is busted sock puppetting on twitter, here and on kiwifarms
> Onision documentary goes ahead as planned, still nobody cares
> Greg gets asked to do documentary, says no
> Repzion makes more videos about Greg for shekels

No. 839290

11/30/20 - 01/04/21

>>807414 Due to being an ass hat, the only person that is willing to interview greg is Real Stream News.
>>807482 Greg tells Real Stream that he is still stuck on Billie.
>>807544 Greg kicks more pay pigs. (Heezy)
>>807614 Greg attempts to DMCA KiwiFarms.
>>807800 During a Drunken Peasants podcast, Billy the Fridge claims Greg came out with a gun (he was unsure if it was real or fake) and that Greg currently was thinking about working for uber.
>>807868 Always the caring/respectful person. Greg films an injured person at target.
>>808313 Greg writes a blog about 'Onision: In Real Life'.
>>809511 Greg goes on another BPD rant.
>>809753 Greg threatens to sue Discovery.

No. 839313

01/19/21 - 02/16/21

>>816891 Greg's channels become demonetized due to his off platform behavior.
>>816952 Greg links youtube to his own webpage in attempts to prove his innocents and regain his monetization.
>>817330 Greg streams with Crow. He divulges that he and Lainey (questionable) are still holding a torch for Billie. He goes on to state that when Regina said Lainey was 'topless' during a voice call, that just was Lainey showing her bare shoulders and Greg thinks his broke ass is going to be able to sue someone. Lainey is still depressed and is on anti-anxiety/depression medication.
>>817332 Crow flips Greg's 'sexual extortion' story and Greg tries to change it back to him being the victim. The 27 year old he claimed they both dated only had 2 dates with Lainey. Greg accidently admits to lurking lolcow.
>>817677 A Sarah focused episode of Onision: In Real Life is announced.
Anons argue about if Lainey is a victum and if she should be pitied or hated.

No. 839314

02/09/21 - 03/24/21

> Everyone remembered to sage and integrate and we all had a grand old time

> Before moving, Greg put in minimal effort and expense into meeting conditions for wetlands restoration, notably less so than the effort and expense he put into destroying it in the first place: >>828489, >>828490
> Greg keeps spamming emails at Jaclyn Glen's inbox because it's the only box of hers he'll ever fill: >>828546
> And he's very much not mad at her for complaining about it: >>829217
> He also spammed Creepshowart: >>831801, >>831802, >>831803, >>831805
> Greg drags up a nearly decade-old email from Shiloh wishing him luck, just to show us all that he's totally moved on, guys: >>828900
> Andy Dick confirms that not even he wants to be associated with Onion, despite the uncanny physical resemblance with the only person who hasn't yeeted themselves out of his life: >>829513
> Speaking of Lainey/Kai, have we ever seen her in the same room as Social Repose?
> Onision fundraises a whopping $200 towards building his own video platform: >>829954
> In another fit of nostalgia (because there's no new milk), the anti-O who shall not be named allegedly made an FOI request for the police report for that time Greg enticed a minor to cross state lines for the purposes of sex (Shiloh): >>830222, >>830248
> and allegedly received/found said police report: >>832598, >>832783
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 894543


The newest thread.

File: 1447033983234.jpg (37.66 KB, 368x550, tN4qWhR.jpg)

No. 201794[Reply]

Is she a lolcow?

Before anyone accuses me of being a gamergator or whatever, I just want to criticize her style choices. Why would someone think this is an ok modeling pic? Seriously this bra is fug.
489 posts and 79 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 703853

Zoe's Twitter is a little bizarre. She has her original Tweets about Alec, but also retweeted Tweets about another guy, Alex, and another guy, Alexis, as well as retweeting people with the word "Alex" in their names. She basically organized an attack on all past "Alex" in her life, including multiple references to suicide in the original canceling.

Ctrl+F "Ale" and there are 50 results on her page from Aug 25th to Sept 15th, obviously not including the screencapped text posts about the various Alec/Alex/Alexis

Alec: 14 Alexis: 12 Alex: 9 (33 without space after)

No. 821846

File: 1613333975204.png (9.65 MB, 1307x13448, typical.png)

Sorry to necro this thread but there's been a lot of news that's been missed.

Her 'resources for online harassment' ended up with a ton of issues with staff not paid, specifically not helping trans people, or only helping 'famous' people to get her name elevated. Pretty pathetic to use literal victims of harassment for your own gain.


>Among these were complaints about lack of pay and an environment which made transgender staff feel taken advantage of. Though perhaps the worst allegation was that the entire network was designed only to help those who were famous enough to elevate Zoe’s name and status.

She started a kickstarter for a game she claimed she was going to make, raised about 85k, took about big lavish trip to japan, used money to back other kickstarters, and whatever else, then some how 'ran out of money' for her game, and hasn't updated anything to people who backed her in over two years.

>While literally vacationing in Japan, Zoe told the people who’d given her $85k that she didn’t have money left to finish the game. Compare and contrast that claim to the fancy hotel room pictures she was tweeting. Making it worse is that in the months prior, she’d tweeted multiple times about backing other people’s Kickstarter projects.

Recently, a movie that's gunna be made with gamergate as it's backdrop is being made called '1UP' with ellen page and some other actress I've never heard of, and of COURSE zoe quinn has to chime in and is trying to get other shitty gg people like anita sarkeesian to drum up some drama over it. I posted the entire article here as well.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 821849

>Recently, a movie that's gunna be made with gamergate as it's backdrop is being made called '1UP' with ellen page
did you mean elliot page? lmfao

No. 892247

File: 1663710129163.jpg (270.67 KB, 1878x552, game design.jpg)

No. 892270

File: 1643208652460.jpg (10.58 KB, 226x223, sub1.jpg)

No. 865704[Reply]

can we talk about "subliminals" ? mainly the youtube and amino fanbase.
>its about people who think listening to music with subliminal affirmations will change their faces/body/attract stuff(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 865706


Start by making a proper OP and for god's sake put these threads on /snow/.

When will newfags learn how 2 integrate

No. 865736

When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. When the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves.

No. 865740

That was beautiful anon

No. 866161

This is poetic anon(lrn2sage)

No. 869684

Would be careful about making a proper thread for this. A lot of ppl in this community are just insecure underaged girls.

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