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File: 1597609080559.jpg (730.55 KB, 1121x1414, clown_car.jpg)

No. 790714[Reply]

A thread to discuss Shane Dawson and all the milky youtubers he hitches his wagon to, the ongoing Jeffree/Shane saga, Karmageddon as well as past and future projects. Previous series/collabs include:
>The Truth About Tana Mongeau
>$10 Million Celebrity Mansion for a Day (Kathy Griffin)
>The Secret World of Jeffree Star
>The Mind of Jake Paul
>Investigating Conspiracies (Brittani Louise Taylor)
>The Return of Eugenia Cooney
>The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star

Required Reading/Viewing:
>Shane Dawson sexualizing young children thread: https://twitter.com/misshemlock/status/1276465876607229952
>A comprehensive list of Jeffree Star's many controversies: https://tinyurl.com/y6fqpkg9
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No. 795203

worth pointing out he just got a mclaren senna which retail for $750,000. It's just a super coincidence that he got a huge government loan at the same time for roughly the same amount, though kek

No. 795347

what is wrong with mods to redtext this, which is actually explaining how jefree got his loan and not the sperg in here WK jeffree? This is fucking retarded and so are the jannys

No. 795382

The sperg probably got butthurt and reported it. Idk how the mods choose who/when to ban bc I’ve been banned for posts I didn’t even write lol

No. 795386

how is this derailing? it's talking about Jeffree specifically in regards to the loans? Do the farmhands not understand their own rules?

i feel like they just ban who they dont agree with kek

No. 796281

File: 1600444623039.png (260.58 KB, 1308x679, fkjdgkjdfng.png)

This bitch is really putting out new merch right now lol. Didn't even know he put out new merch - there was no advertising for it or anything if I'm not mistaken. Saw an instagram tea account post about this and I had a good laugh

File: 1547168531216.gif (2.21 MB, 440x440, camgirl.gif)

No. 624348[Reply]

Current Main thread: >>>/pt/563425

Previous Stream thread >>>/pt/569199

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun, momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun

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No. 637400

This isn't new to anyone but me, but it just fell into my head like an Acme anvil: she refuses to display her own nipples publicly in these streams, yet openly displayed Kay Bear's without permission in a public bathroom. Those two specific facts have never lined up to me until now, and it genuinely made me feel nauseated. She doesn't merely have predatory instincts when around other peoples' bodies, she sets different standards for her own, which should tell all of her current "friends" one important thing: an obese sex offender thinks she's better than you! You're just squeeze toys.

Sorry for the long-winded and obvious shit, but I've never quite analyzed how fucked up it actually is when the specifics are sifted. But then again, you have to be a hypocrite to function as a human after gross misdeeds, so my comment is doubly obvious.

No. 637434

I can't tell if you're a newfag or an oldfag being obtuse for no reason.

No. 637688

Wtf I knew she packed on weight but that much??? Yikes

No. 638358

Has anyone upload last stream yet?

No. 794769


File: 1599668608531.jpeg (53.23 KB, 770x770, 19FCE435-A1A5-4B35-BC55-B01012…)

No. 794550[Reply]

Does anyone have information on Drrty pharms/Wolfe Margolies? I know he got locked up and is currently doing 20 years. I just want as much information on him as possible. Any screenshots or weird info you have on him is appreciated. His Instagram/YouTube/and last fm are the only social media he still has up(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 794551

File: 1599668869018.jpeg (480.58 KB, 750x738, B1A5F579-2880-49C4-9911-3E0638…)

Here’s a picture of him in Israel from December 2018

No. 794552

File: 1599668907900.jpeg (54.16 KB, 568x568, A97DC21E-E6BC-4A2A-85F2-7A0BA1…)

His mother, Liz Margolies, with Joe Biden

No. 794554

File: 1599669051020.jpeg (24.5 KB, 604x457, F061318D-2ABC-4AE3-9A17-FFFABA…)

Photo of Liz and Wolfe from 2008

File: 1594231251372.jpeg (271.02 KB, 1212x1187, 1593486367810.jpeg)

No. 784721[Reply]

19 year old "beauty guru" with subpar make-up skills. Has around 1 million (fake) followers on Instagram (fluctuates with when they can buy new bots), 11k (fake) followers on Twitter and 10k (fake) subscribers on youtube.
Has around a 1% engagement on instagram, but those likes and comments appear to be from bots, fake accounts, and engagement pods. Never gets any RTs or likes on twitter aside from her mom. Doesn’t get much more than 1000 views on her Youtube videos. Some brands, such as Colorpop and Laura Mercier have, however, fallen for her snafu and send her PR. Recent drama channels exposing her have garnered more attention as of late, but the views die off quickly and return to bot numbers soon after the hype dies down.

>Her mom Laur creates all her fan accounts on IG. Many of them pretends to be grossly exaggerated versions of minorities.
>Claims she has her own beauty brand coming out in 2020 (@lilleejeancosmetics) UPDATE 7/2020: This turned out to be just a new blog launch called @lilleejeanbeauty as her associated IG account was renamed as such
>Went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab and made some customs Lipsticks (as anyone can do) for herself, claimed they were a collab and that Bite would release them for purchase. Sperged out on IG and cancelled them when they told her to stop claiming it was an official collaboration (https://www.instagram.com/tv/BwaDTX1gyDc/?igshid=3t86d935d62o)
>Had a billboard of herself in Times Square for Covergirl, pretends she did an actual campaign with them, when in reality it was a campaign where anyone could upload their picture to their homepage and then get their picture on the billboard.
>Her batshit insane mother uploaded an obviously shooped picture to her IG (@lrtrueman) claiming Lillee went to the MET ball. It wasn’t until after the reddit call-out they began to claim it was fan-art.
>Her mother also posted an obviously shooped “Teen Vouge” cover with Lillee on the front page.
>Somebody on r/beautyguruchatter made a thread about Lillee Jean. Her and her mom sperged out, made multiple accounts and spammed threads.
>Most likely buys used palettes for her videos. Has new videos for sets that came out weeks ago

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 794094

File: 1599437642826.png (368.3 KB, 1292x1856, 1.png)

The backpeddling is hilarious. Lillee was starting to run out of milk so I'm glad we have the twitter callouts around.

No. 794098

Dees needs to get her children under control. The new callouts are shit.

No. 794099

This call out just copies others’ tweets and has nothing of value to add so probably just stirring shit

No. 794103

She goes from middle aged mom instantly into elementary school down syndrome child when she smiles.

No. 794107

File: 1599443024912.jpeg (163.85 KB, 750x400, DC263EBC-38DB-4907-89A9-AAA37D…)

Laur didn’t get the memo

File: 1599333352913.jpg (46.34 KB, 1232x210, lolcow.JPG)

No. 793839[Reply]

Checked out the Discord for the Men Drawing Reddit. It's just a server where the admin wants people to lick her asshole because she's such a loser anywhere else.

She's also a major cockworshipper. Men overrun the sever and only a few ladies who kiss her enormous ass are mods.

No. 793850

Use the Reddit Hate thread in /ot/.


File: 1422828730733.jpg (33.83 KB, 480x525, 6193_330003267129770_428379250…)

No. 45587[Reply]

Ophelia (Although she changes her name, personality, friends, interests and life story every two years) is a MFC lolcow like non other. Prepare yourself children, for the lolcow of all lolcows

420 posts and 70 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 755124

annie aren't all your posts supposed to be nametagged since that whole thing with you sending yourself rape threats on here

(there really is nobody else this could be)

No. 755178

>(there really is nobody else this could be)
I'm not, but what makes you think that?

No. 771951

Isn't she a traveller too?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 773616

lmao i posted in this thread 5 years ago and just had a weird memory of it existing

i can't remember how to tripcode because chans r gay but lmao

No. 793803

File: 1599309825556.jpeg (831.15 KB, 1242x1217, EBC105BC-52D4-44A0-802D-C7821C…)

sorry to necro but
>pissing in people’s drinks amidst a pandemic

File: 1598737724075.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1043x1432, 423C74C3-E5C9-43B1-95A3-51CA85…)

No. 792810[Reply]

This guy has been pretty easy to enrage. A self-proclaimed Writer, MRA, and openly homophobic/racist

“Poor little pup. What will you do when Trump wins again and
completely shuts down welfare checks, the cost of living soars,
niggers are all in jail, Mexicans can't get their cars started,
and Jews continue not to give a shit, and you're still out of
toilet paper? Wow. That's funny to see dipshits like you drowning
in a fast-running stream without a life jacket. Good luck with
that, stupid, and good hearing from you. Steve“

https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/ihyywm/this_writer_left_me_a_racist_freakout_voicemail/(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 792839

idk this dude seems pretty based i dont think hes a lolcow

No. 792848

File: 1598754559765.png (5.95 KB, 392x136, 4scrotes.png)

>this whole thread
is kiwifarms bleeding into /pt/ again, please consider pic related

No. 792851

are women not allowed to be able to take the integral of a simple function? pls anon

No. 792852

Take your autism back to kiwifarms

No. 792854


File: 1422589549498.jpg (48.27 KB, 236x352, earache.jpg)

No. 44673[Reply]

199 posts and 34 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 790994

this review is the one that tickles me the most. some absolute gems that completely give a good POV of emilie's horrible personality https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1416087927

No. 792277

Courtney Love fan here, can say something more. Read above in 1st part of the post, i wrote how she recorded violins for AS but they never got used. She only got the credit on back & she claimed her vocals are on "Never Gonna Be The Same". Entire record with Emilie's violins went to trash, Courtney Love was forced by the label to re-record everything and throw out decent amount of songs and in effect NONE of Emilie's violins was included on final record. The original version is locked somewhere in the Virgin Records vault. The only known person that has the old record is the producer/engineer from the sessions, Courtney's ex-boyfriend.
I believe EA was asked to pee to fake drug test, cause Courtney was a HUGE MESS back then, she was on coke all the time and had to pass those tests because her daughter Frances had been taken away from her again and she couldn't sleep in the same house with Courtney. The reason why Emilie played only 2 tv shows and 2 shows with Courtney Love and The Chelsea was because the tour had been postponed because of Courtney Love's court problems. She had to go to court in summer i think. Besides, one of the court cases was how Courtney Love got accused of hitting some guy with the mic stand at Bowery show. That was the show that Emilie played with her and EA said it was a press lie. Courtney continued touring later, but without Emilie. But the entire toured was cut down eventually because of more problems & Courntey had to go through enforced rehab and that's where it all ended.
Emilie absolutely stole Dirty Blonde aesthetic. Courtney Love showed her Gothic Lolita bibles AND she introduced her to Billy Corgan. EA became really salty about her, i think more because of Corgan than pee test, cause she hung out a few times with Courtney in 2004 and 2005. That first time she met Corgan, she was meeting Courtney. She was ok with Courtney after The Chelsea but really bitter after 2006. That would make sense because Corgan started dating Courtney again almost directly after Emilie, lol.
By the way Courtney Love is not conscious of the shit EA told about her, she posted her 2009 Opheliac photo on her pinterest once and was rather protective of her.

Corgan was the one who inspired Opheliac. Brendon Small was the boyfriend who drove her to mental hospital in her book. She lived with him when she recorded Laced/Unlaced.
- I'm confused with what you say about suicide attempt at Corgan's lake. She wanted to commit suicide, but came back inside to post some In The Lake lyrics. She didn't try to drown or anything, it wasn't that overdose trial. I don't know if she came to asylum in 2005, but that overdose in bathtub she described in the book was in 2006-2007, when she lived with Brendon Small. The dog who found her was Ernie, Small's dog. She constantly references S__. The only time i think she talked about Corgan in the book was that chapter RICH BOY or something about living with a famous Hollywood guy who was homophobic and racist, that fits just about right.
There's some things pointing to 2006-2007 timeline, it wasn't Willow that found her, it was Ernie. Plus, she wrote about "dirty pink tiles" in the bathroom she overdosed in - and guess what, Brendon Small's bathroom had pink tiles. She showed it in her lessons to be a wayward victorian girl, she had a "Deathklok" tank on. Plus, those christmas calendar videos were shot at Small's office/studio/house.

UNLESS there was some another overdose after Corgan/Jimmy thing, so I'll have to ask, how do you know about this? Someone told you or you're just guessing? I'm not saying it's not true but that's surprising.

Plus i knew that her mother made her Enchant clothes but a year ago Emilie told a sob nostalgia story about that white heart costume from 2004 and told how she made it herself from a thrift store wedding dress, cause she was oh so poor at the time, lol

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 792442


This review is gold xD But i'm soo surprised she (Emilie) didn't delete it. There was an outrage cause she used to delete all negative reviews in the past & crying about "cyberbullying".

Anyway her career is nonexistent. You could pick any egirl discussed on this website and even the biggest cows have bigger career/more fans/actual stuff going on in her lives. All she does now is posting about tarot, plants and ballet classes. She tries to make a living on her stupid asylum oracle (wtf still buys this shit anyway?! i thought everybody interested bought this already). Her insta feed is literally a paradise for boring hippie aunts or housewives. To be really honest, she's just that - a plain housewife. She doesn't work really, no touring, no music, just selling overpriced merch and spending the money on Broadway. (Her Broadway fixation is kinda sick by the way.) Emilie Autumn is just about as much interesting as the plants she posts on her socials.(xD)

No. 792480

Its smart of her to cut out her personal stuff from the book now that she is trying to reinvent it into this musical. The dairies were the best part, it was raw and probably too close to the truth.

Im shocked that she really hasnt done anything besides this musical stuff, and its almost a decade since she made any real music beyond that. Both her and Marc havent done anything after the Devil's carnival either. I guess I cant see how they made enough money to not be working for a decade when there isnt much of a fandom left..

No. 792753

She left some short parts of diaries, they're included in the end of the book, named "Evidence of insanity". She added "Sharpe's commentary" AND one of the the comments are something like "W12A experiences psychosis (etc), schedule ECT session". I can't even tell how fake and in a bad taste it was… That's supposed to be true retelling of events, personal notes, and she adds that? Even with understanding that it's some kind of extra and not truth, it made entire fandom cringe.

I agree it probably goes better with the musical… but there's been too much of editions, changes, reinventions after year, it just feels so forced…
Anyone read "The Gown"? That was truly laughable, 10-pages or so thin piece of paper with "Yellow Wallpaper" ripoff story… Maybe unpopular opinion here but her best literary work was that short story written in liner notes of Trisol Enchant, that tale about broken fairie.

I agree, technically they do nothing. I can't believe they could fund both LA and NY expensive lifestyle from EA's tour money or even Devil's Carnival movies. They either invested in something OR one of them got some huge heritage. If someone from EA's family died around say 2015 and didn't actually exclude her from testament, then she might have gotten a decent amount of cash. Her family is rich. If they recklessly bought a 4 year old a 20 000$ worth violin… Anyway Emilie has no qualifications to work anywhere other than Starbucks and she's too proud for that now. She makes her money on merch though. Someone on PULL counted the amount of cash she made on those crappy necklaces and it was thousands. But still not enough to fund NYC lifestyle.

I don't know why am i still checking her from time to time. I find no fun in it all anymore, except maybe in gossiping about her (although now it's rather saddening, unlike in the golden years like 2009-2012 "fucking patronizing fucking" era). It's just hard to understand how could someone ruin their career so much and still have delusions about big Broadway debut. I can't say if she's literally that delusional or if she just doesn't care about anything anymore.

I've seen some fans speculate if she's going to drop some big news in September. She always announced something new on her birthday, like new album etc. In my opinion they'll only get some new tarot reading/instagram story about plants. Remember when she baited fans to buy Behind The Musical with possibility to win Skype talk with her? I'm surprised that she doesn't offer paid private oracle readings yet, like Veva.(blog)

File: 1594092567079.gif (6.67 MB, 360x270, groomer couple.gif)

No. 784303[Reply]

Previous Thread: >>777882
Onision Thread Archives: >>511709
Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

Admin says: If you don't read the rules before posting, don't wonder why you're banned for a few days. Do the thread a favor and refrain from responding to blogposting and bait. Check the thread before posting to avoid reposting, it isn't hard. >>734887

Don't post anti-o caps unless they contain direct milk we don't already have. A separate thread has been created for anti-o's >>>/snow/941512

Do not post about Lainey in this thread unless her content has some connection to Greg. Attempts at discussing her content that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban. Her thread can be found at >>>/snow/826201

Do not derail the thread about the onion flakes/orbiters unless their posts have some connection to Greg. Attempts to discuss the onion flakes that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban. The flakes thread can be found at >>>/snow/691458

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1208 posts and 226 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 792313

It's funny because I was the original anon that mentioned everything is remembered on the farms and then some sperg thought I was Tamara trying to switch to slagging Royalblack when I'm just bored of the Onion orbiters coming into the thread and self posting and infighting. I also pretend to not get the unfunny tamara dog fucker joke, even tho the photo was called dog fucker, it said dog fucker and it was a photo of Tamara who has been posted many times itt. I was emphasising how shit the joke was. Honestly some of you guys would be better posting on kiwi farms. Coming to lol cow to make friends, it's a fucking anonymous site, who the fuck are you trying to befriend? Onion orbiters are such boring cunts. Fuck off to twitter

No. 792318

Oh but I am completely on board with you there. I think Greg needs to get rid of all his fans. The more fans he kicks out, the less he makes!
I wish you all the luck in the world with this!
Eh, I never said you were Tamara, but you are now saying it..
But great job at bringing it up AGAIN.

PS Edit: I also adore how you keep calling everyone greg orbiters. I suppose you're right in a sense, we are. We just don't give him money like his patreons are.. we just point and laugh at him.. and his fans. his fans lately more than ever, pointing and laughing at them.

No. 792321

she takes celexa for depression you total tard, it's not an addiction. Your headcanons are pretty messed up

BTW that's a terrible edit, and cat-fishing attempt. You can't find evidence, so you try to make your own to fit your sick fantasy. Gross.

No. 792322

How did she doxx them? Their names have been public knowledge for a while, thanks to Grease including them in the lolsuit against Hansen

No. 792324

New Thread >>792323

File: 1558342975470.gif (3.07 MB, 300x326, 1546448154934.gif)

No. 662950[Reply]

Join us for the ongoing saga of 42-year-old horrorcow Raven Bradley (née Diana Dawn Sparks) and her 32-year-old husband #5 Josh Bradley in their hoard-filled Love That Was More Than Love Shack #3 mobile home in Jacksonville, Florida rural Jonesville, South Carolina.

Raven originally achieved notoriety for her outrageous horror goth appearance and exhibitionism, her immature and aggressively defensive demeanor which alienates everyone in her life, and her relationship with husband #4 Logan who was 16-years-old and 19 years her junior when they became engaged and was a school friend of her son Dorian who is 8 months older. She has disowned her son after subjecting him to a childhood of neglect and many years of emotional abuse.

Each successive relationship is The One™ which will rescue her from her terrible life and give her a "fresh start." Several of her relationships began while she was still married to and, in some cases, financially supported by the previous husband. She has moved across several states and twice overseas to be with men whom she met online. Once she is established in a new relationship she is quick to denigrate the last with accusations of neglect and abuse despite having been the manipulator, an example of how she continually rewrites her personal history to feed her narcissism and validate her victimhood.

Her addiction to finding new love is closely rivaled by her addiction to acquiring new pets, toys, and clothes which she soon abandons in her hoard (or rehomes in the case of her pets) once their novelty has worn off.

As in real life, she exhibits her Jekyll/Hyde personality online: superficially sweet to her sycophantic followers and crassly vitriolic to anyone who dares to disagree with her. An overwhelming number of her Youtube videos are rants directed at people whom she perceives as having crossed her and at "the haters" on lolcow and Kiwi Farms.

Previous threads:
>>>/pt/12332 #1
>>>/pt/20741 #2
>>>/pt/321974 #3
>>>/pt/400701 #4
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1203 posts and 306 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 792862

I was reading thread #12 to reminisce on older milk. This is the thread where Ash came and confirmed everything speculated. Some anon called it back then >>507697 this is exactly what Hagraven said had happened in the latest video.

>She may have also told him they could rent a car and she called earlier in the week, got him off work early, packed, cooler full of sandwiches, pics on the way. When they show up with no credit card, surprise suprise, the person on the phone lied so now she can’t go. She knew all along but had to fool him. Then she tells him the fans said she could keep the money so time for a plushy trip to Walmart.

No. 793960

sorry to necro but are any videos with her and logan saved somewhere? I've only read these threads and I'm curious to see them together.

No. 795592

File: 1600117305577.png (741.26 KB, 640x1136, 81695262-517C-4837-8089-6DD140…)

a new victim?

No. 795631

That poor kitten. I feel so bad for her. Best case scenario is Gravey selling her to someone decent. Don't want to think about the worst case.

No. 795756

Gravy only loves this kitten because it has heterochromia. What a fucking sicko. I wish there was a “do not allow these people to have animals” list, Raven def belongs on it.

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