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File: 1705978717570.png (21.11 KB, 275x165, IMG_1960.png)

No. 927094

>New “Viper Model” pic, same old crusty cumrag clothes, ratty polyester extensions, abysmal editing and shitty plastic backdrop >>875718

>Vicky to the rescue, how generous of her to offer up time out of her hectic schedule to replace Amber Heard in Aquaman >>876397
>Another one of her tattoo victims stops by, 10/10 delicious, absolute flavourtown >>876506
>Clearly back on the booze, immediately after the surgery she had that definitely wasn’t fabricated >>877404
>Icky Vicky now available in HD wallpaper, praise the lord >>878142
>Imagine being proud that you’re a misogynistic piece of shit, at the brown age of almost 40 >>878496
>Nobody, especially surgeons, thinks you’ve had surgery >>879918
>More excuses for not working, just give it up Vicky >>880301
>Claims she dumped her boyfriend of 1.5 years, immediately starts fishing for scrote attention on Facebook but is totally happy being single >>881791
>You don’t have any clients or close friends, Vicky >>884157
>The projection, my fucking sides >>884977
>Icky’s new hobby while “recovering” seems to be leaving rambling, grammatically incorrect and ultimately pointless reviews of doctors and restaurants on Google >>887268
>Makes some random old dude’s death all about her >>887606
>Announces taking a break from social media to “heal up”, we’ll see how long this lasts >>889047
>Returns as soon as she has a new boyfriend to show off… >>892030
>…only to post about how much she loves being single five minutes later >>893163
>Muh “sometime mabye good, sometimes mabye shit” Mensa IQ >>893699
>Showing her true misogynist colours yet again, at least e-whores make money from showing their crusty holes on the internet, Vicky. Keep posting your catastrophically shooped unwashed pussy lips and pancake tits for free >>894622
>LARPing as Megan Fox (but remember Vicky did it first!) while telling cringey boomer “jokes”>>895783
>I don’t even know where to start with this >>896669
>Reveals yet another boyfriend, file under “images you can smell” >>896946
>Tags a picture of him as Ronnie Radke, her followers are so fucking retarded that they think it is actually Ronnie Radke >>896971
>Vicky, how is this Halloween outfit any different to what you wear every damn day? >>897174
>Yet more sperging about OnlyFans, stay mad Icky >>897491
>Her assistant was kind enough to let all her adoring fans know that she’ll be taking another break from social media >>897761
>Victoria Bella Morte blames a woman for hating her child and killed the baby even though it was Victorias ex boyfriend that murdered the baby >>897975

>Victoria trying to convince people she doesn’t use drugs or have mental health issues >>989357

>Vicky’s public google reviews are found where she goes on and on about soy sauce and McDonald’s not being up to par cause she totally use to be a chef. >>898460

>Victoria writing many reviews about walk in clinics and hospitals for medication looking like she’s doctor shopping for more pills >>898777

>a Vicky heritage moment was posted when she said isis told her their plans for world domination >>898845

>Vicky going on about she doesn’t like talking about being sick when that’s all she does while being vague and posting her hospital braclets >>899174

>Victoria still stating she’d never sleep with your man unless she hates you >>900147

>icky trying to claim she isn’t a groupie while calling herself a groupie >>900178

>ickys Quora profile bio is.. something >>900560

> another unhappy client of Victoria stops by that will never get their money back >>900733

>Victoria on Quora talking about 15 year olds and their sex lives >>900958

>Victoria speaking as her assistant again saying she’s too sick to answer work emails but can date and take selfies


>ickys vague posting trying to gain sympathy abiut her illness and how she might not make it >> 901504

>Victoria saying if she listens to music it’s usually something she wrote? >>901575

> celebrating being single >>906771

So of course she’s posting her vagina flaps out right away on Facebook >>908339
>and her requirements to date her >>908441

>the beginning of victoeia telling everyone her boyfriend beat her up>>908445

>and the ems beat her up which she caught on tape that she never shows >>908502

>takes badly about girls with OF butt posts her nipples on Facebook, sucking her finger where her dad can see >>908638

> posting her self naked in bed, rubbing her face, saying RIP, grandma>>908737

> always goes on about how she has millionaires in mansions, trying to date her but then posts about her ex-boyfriend being a schizophrenic that beat her up >>909180

> she had women warn her about this boyfriend, but she hates women and just wants men’s attention so dated him anyway, and got her ass beat up >>909191

>anon found the boyfriend that beat her up and it’s a 24 year old emo kid from Hamilton >>909195

> she’s too lazy to work, but has Dylan Pound town over to take mirror selfies while they hold each other >>909717

> she was so ill and in pain she was in a wheelchair but now she’s taking mirror selfie’s whipping her head around with her ass cheeks out licking a knife, >>901396

> Victoria shooting her shot with Dylan Pound town to be shot down >>911130

> blasting her ex-boyfriend’s mental health issues for attention >>913512

> the movers from Guelph. Movers were treating her poorly because she didn’t want to date them.>>913917

> another loser Victoria dated and is blasting online like she isn’t the common denominator between all of these losers men >>914610

> make several posts about how she doesn’t want to keep a man that’s why she hasn’t been able to in her late 30s even though she was engaged>>914635

Latest Milk:

Her edits get more unhinged every day, even though she’s been photoshopping her photos for 2 decades>>918269

Going on about how many times she’s been proposed to, but is too much of an ice queen to go through with it. Aka she needs a therapist. >>918411

Answering creepy question about relationships to kids on Quora>>918429

Vroom photos spread eagle on her bed for a low quality tattoo magazine >>918663

Claim she has knowledge of healing herbs medications hunting with long range weapons, AND a long distance medal winner>>918880

Realized she’s too lazy to photoshop her photos so now she just uses AI>>919140

Her AI boyfriend appears and she’s answering “him”>>919179

Posts a photo which seems to be her looking like she’s on drugs>>919397

Lives in buttfuck Hamilton, in what appears to be government housing. Calls her neighbours porch monkeys >>919621

Claims that black people don’t take care of their kids because of the media >>919676
… and refugees have aids>>919677
But she’s not racist cause she gave a person of colour jewelry once>>919704

Has her ex blocked cause he’s a crazy person that does drugs and stalks all his exes ( keep your standards high) but is seen talking publicly to that ex on Facebook >>919705

Starts to lose the number one spot in the inked originals scam so she starts to claim it’s for charity>>919769

Vicky got threads. Of course her neighbours hate her cause she turned down the superintendent>> 91936 >>910018

Tattooed one person, probably because she was about to get sued. The lion with the sever underbite >>920389

Pretending she can rap>>919945

Talking more about her methhead neighbours >>920631

She’s turned down 1000 men in one week on a dating app>>920739

One of her worst edits yet>>920762

“I actually like to play with the balls the most” is a line she used while playing pool with her ex boyfriend’s youngerbrother. The ex bf that murdered the baby>>920831

>>920846 information on her ex that killed the baby. He’s currently serving his sentence

>>claiming she beat up her ex so bad while he was having a mental health crisis that he may lose use of his arm>>921341

Her landlord of the cracked she lives in turned off her heat>>922508

Her ex bf that lost the use of his arms CARRYING A TREE ON THE BEACH>>922527

>923003 Victorias ex that killed the baby was sentenced and ick goes online to say the mom did it and everything said in court was a lie even though her ex apologized

Her AI boyfriends profile is open, a video of him making out with icky is posted>>925057

Vicky graces us with her presence to bash Jackie that has returned her in years>>925258

>>925886 icky admits she was pretending to date someone so guys would stop asking her out, she was making out with a mannequin head in her ai bfs profile



Professional Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/717Viper717
Personal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/victoria.emma.5680
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/modelviper
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@717viper717


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No. 927095

File: 1705978922402.jpeg (512.01 KB, 1290x2451, IMG_1962.jpeg)

No. 927096

File: 1705979050127.jpeg (244.52 KB, 1290x1352, IMG_1963.jpeg)

She changed her name to vi vi and she’s going on about “ how bad it was” even though she got a 150 pound dog and was going out, on dating apps “ turning down 1000 guys”, playing pool.
Something tells me she’s getting hounded by someone for their money back

No. 927097

File: 1705979241954.jpeg (99.44 KB, 1290x450, IMG_1964.jpeg)

“Just looking for hot fun” is this an ad for sex on Facebook?

No. 927098

File: 1705979567896.png (9.28 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_1977.png)

Vicky put up a new singing video kek

No. 927104

lmao probably a combination of being hounded by people she’s stolen from and being retarded enough to think that changing handles will stop us from finding her shit to cap and make fun of. Never change, shingles

No. 927105

File: 1705991008351.jpeg (998.71 KB, 838x1498, IMG_0731.jpeg)

A reminder that this is a 38 year old woman

No. 927106

File: 1705991152642.jpeg (Spoiler Image,325.39 KB, 725x564, IMG_0730.jpeg)

How does someone who posts this shit for free sperg so hard about how much she hates onlyfats whores? Is it because she knows that she couldn’t get away with cat fishing people for money? She’s so embarrassing

No. 927109

is that..a dragon ball??

No. 927111

File: 1705998812862.jpeg (725.65 KB, 828x1531, F5C6C6CF-416E-4282-8612-307408…)

Same pic but with the weird caption. Brain tumor era?

No. 927112

The screen cap is from a video she posted edited with some faggot anime audio and visuals

No. 927113

A brain tumour would explain a lot but I’m 99.99% positive that she’s making shit up

No. 927114

Can you post the video? Some of us are blocked kek

No. 927116

She’s back now because posting less on socials and changing her handle again has her feeling confident

No. 927117

Enjoy the turbocringe, nonita

No. 927119

If you now you now? Kek
Is this supposed to be Misa from Death Note? With a Dragon Ball? She's definitely too old for this

No. 927126

File: 1706014571587.jpeg (187.77 KB, 1290x920, IMG_1980.jpeg)

“Dealt with that a lot of the past” so icky has never been dumped but he’s been cheated on a bunch. So she stopped fucking them so they would leave her. Jfc

No. 927131

Shes so toxic lol. All of her NLOG tendencies and she's too stupid to realise withholding sex as a bargaining chip in a relationship doesnt work, and scrotes won't "dump" you until they've found another girl they can fuck on the reg.

No. 927138

Omg new Vicky thread ty OP!

Oh my fucking god NTA but I just snorted water as I watched this

No. 927144

File: 1706028335912.jpeg (220.16 KB, 828x1792, 6BB21F80-DE9C-4124-B6C1-D8E5AE…)

No. 927147

Kek, what the hell. Imagine being insecure about having armpits

No. 927155

She drew her own shadow that's so fucking funny

No. 927159

File: 1706044287040.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1153x1770, IMG_8442.jpeg)

her body completely different in both of them. You can see her guy here more. Looking bloated as fuck. The editing on the arm has me rolling. This dress is so fucking ugly it reminds Me of those prom dresses/semi formal dresses that were worn in 2005

No. 927163

File: 1706050190983.jpeg (239.97 KB, 1290x1365, IMG_2482.jpeg)

Dragged the flower all the way in to cinch her waist.

No. 927165

No clavicles or muscle definition but she's trying to convince people she's skinny and a Kung fu master

No. 927166

File: 1706052939138.png (3.8 MB, 2389x3030, ViCollage.png)

Omg thank you, nonna, for the new thread! I was laughing so hard at the latest milk summary even though there's some typos. Here are some Victoria pics I had saved when we didn't have a thread.

No. 927168

Wow the bottom left shows how fucking fat and wide her manly face is. Surprised she posted that

No. 927170

thanks for the new thread!

what is the point of this other than to look at herself and vent her crotch while doing the usual gross face touching and word chewing. her brows and lips look like my first dollar store barbie, fucking yikes.

claiming to have been “deathly ill” with vague mention of brain scan and not losing her hair is somehow a new low for her. is this in addition to her alleged fucked up neck, chronic illness, fucked up wrist and whatever other medical crap she’s claimed to suffer lol.

No. 927175

She’s an alcoholic and it got so bad she had to get medical assistance. Vague posting it’s cancer related in regards to keeping her hair makes me so irritated as someone who’s lost lots of family due to cancer. In a hospital gown but wearing extensions talking about keeping her hair when she has an unfortunate hairline already is really just something. My ex was an alcoholic and all the treatment she’s receiving relates to all the shit he had to do too. Maybe put the bottle down and get your life together with the limited time you have left you old pathetic drunk bitch

No. 927216

She probably had an MRI. You'll get one pretty quickly and easily if you complain about a headache enough.

No. 927222

She will say the tumor is what caused her to tongue a mannequin head

No. 927230

Is she on tiktok? I think this middle-aged deuche needs serious mental health intervention but seems like even her family have had enough, and daddy don't care.

No. 927250

The filters the no pores

No. 927270

New TikTok video addressing the “stalkers”(learn2embed)

No. 927272

File: 1706324718966.jpeg (902.26 KB, 1170x2023, IMG_0771.jpeg)

Still going on about how she totes looks like Megan Fox, never change Shingles

No. 927283

It might just be the filter(s) but she looks absolutely obliterated kek I wonder what she looks like without anything to obfuscate the stark truth

No. 927291

Is this dumb bitch trying to say "if you Know you Know" but made its a yeah/nah situation instead? fucking KEK!!

No. 927294

Image so edited it looks like she’s standing in heavy fog.

No. 927303


For someone who goes on about it so much, she really doesn't resemble Megan Fox at all, especially in that movie. I don't see Megan looking like a back alley hooker who just left the drag club.

No. 927309

File: 1706409561827.jpeg (232.69 KB, 1170x649, IMG_0773.jpeg)

Oh she is LURKING. Sorry the comments about how you’re posting your unwashed snatch for free doesn’t make you any better than whores who charge for it on OnlyDegens struck a nerve. Keep seething you crusty hambeast

No. 927310

She's literally the least bisexual person there is

No. 927311

Bitch we can't see your body and tattoos through your editing either

No. 927317

She dresses like a cheap whore when it’s freezing outside also where she lives there’s no beaches. Every time she calls herself a model I cringe so hard.

No. 927325

File: 1706477349696.jpeg (385.79 KB, 1290x2444, IMG_2791.jpeg)

Lurking hard

No. 927326

File: 1706477571144.jpeg (255.66 KB, 1290x2110, IMG_2792.jpeg)

The comments she left on her new video. Shes a muse to some, you guys.

No. 927335

amusing, more like

No. 927361

File: 1706581358150.jpeg (274.98 KB, 1290x2147, IMG_2838.jpeg)

Glad she’s finally being honest with herself. Having that dungeon on the side of Guelph highway doesn’t mean she should be respected as an “artist” and she never was

No. 927406

Her face is wobbling around in every fuckin frame of this video that filter is holding on to dear life thinning out her fat face. She looks nothing like Megan Fox. She has a fat chunky flabby body with saggy tits a hooked nose and Jay Leno chin accompanied by rot mouth. Even with all the filters in the world she looks like garbage. Every time she puts on that awful cheap crusty wig she makes this comparison and it’s so fucking embarrassing. Can’t believe this is someone pushing 40 posting this. Get a job you worthless lazy cow.

No. 927417

"My heart doesn't have room for you, my throat does". That's the first and last Vicky video I will ever watch. What a moron.

No. 927628

File: 1706927287075.png (1.01 MB, 1080x2133, Screenshot_20240202-164041-679…)

It's insane how much Victoria hates women as a whole. She's posted this before. Victoria doesn't have a thigh gap and she feels a certain way about it so she always posts "science" saying women with thigh gaps have large vaginas? It's so fucking weird.

No. 927629

yeah and the chafing vagina of the big thighs is sooo much better

No. 927633

i love vicky. shes so petty and stupid for no reason at all lmao. “uh actually if you have a thigh gap you have a loose vagina :)” like where the fuck did she get this from??

No. 927637

Is she thinking fat pussy with thigh gap = loose pussy? Lmao. Vicky is a product of her era too, MySpace scene girls and EDs overlapped heavily and thigh gaps were very important. Then you also had that early/mid-00’s emphasis on being a skelly with giant boobs. I love cows who would rather put hours into shoop than exercise and diet, but her issues with weight prob come from booze primarily.
Kek right she is insane. I wish she livestreamed, it would be amazing.

No. 927746

File: 1707220483499.jpeg (154.39 KB, 739x1393, IMG_9010.jpeg)

Posted a slow mo video in the same cheap prostithot attire. You can see the pillow warping around in the background as she moves. Doesn’t even work and can’t even keep a neatly made bed. Her pillows are fucking disgusting

No. 927755

This look emphasizes hold old she is kek

No. 927789


What in the sex shop school uniform hell is this?

No. 927793

Her life is honestly extremely pathetic and bleak. She has no friends to hangout with she doesn’t go out anywhere unless it’s to the crusty pool hall. Never goes on trips to places. She has no job or real life work experience to even obtain one. She sits in her rented room all day alone putting on ratty cheap wigs and the ugliest clothes to take photos all day and post them online for validation from bottom of the barrel Men. Every day is the same for Her. Being alone and sitting online talking to uglies making up elaborate lies about herself. Almost 40 and nothing to live for. Makes 0 effort to change or try to make something of her life. The only important thing is putting on clothes from aliexpress for crusty Men online

No. 927816

Yeah, I don't understand how she doesn't get bored of this.

No. 927901

She's not very smart

No. 927965

File: 1707605172256.jpeg (166.72 KB, 1170x649, IMG_9143.jpeg)

Pretty sure She doesn’t know one Chinese person

No. 927969

File: 1707612458411.jpeg (299.55 KB, 1170x1894, IMG_0858.jpeg)

I wonder what prompted this

No. 927989

File: 1707658890352.jpeg (551.55 KB, 1290x1694, IMG_4366.jpeg)

All the name changes, making her profiles private. Shes probably getting her ass handed to her for stealing deposits again.

No. 928007

We made her mad bc we called her old, kek!

No. 928037

She always does this and it doesn’t last long because she craves attention too hard it’s the only thing that matters to her. She goes private when someone is coming for her

No. 928076

File: 1707797309893.jpeg (778.52 KB, 828x1306, IMG_5479.jpeg)

Caught in the wild


No. 928077

File: 1707797364272.jpeg (178.14 KB, 828x753, IMG_5478.jpeg)

Like another nona said she’s just so stupid and weird the mind boggles

No. 928108

>tfw you and your brother are also abusive

No. 928109

I pop in every now and again, surprised this thing is still active…but it's the fucking editing for me loool. Progressively as she ages it becomes worse and worse.(sage your shit)

No. 928131

File: 1707926779681.jpeg (306.54 KB, 1290x2150, IMG_4520.jpeg)

She’s a tech queen now because she unjammed a $34 portable camera from Walmart.

No. 928142

Weird how her laptop was always broken so she couldn’t mssg people back about missed appointments or her phone was busted but now she’s claiming to be a tech savant. She can’t ever keep up with her lies she’s so pathetic and cringe it hurts. So many talents and such a genius but has no job or income at her age. Wild.

No. 928144

Ew her nails look crusty(eww not saged)

No. 928147

this has been one of her weirdest brags when it’s something she never actually shows herself doing. can’t put together a comprehensive sentence but wants ppl to believe she can reassemble things “with no manual” into working order lol.

No. 928149

File: 1707972759578.webm (10.22 MB, 1080x1920, 10000000_1407635453191529_6669…)

I downloaded the video the other night. Her fake accent is sorta back.

No. 928155

i'm so confused about what she's trying to show off. she's saying the card is jammed, so she opens it up, and then it cuts to the card being on the table but she's still pulling the motherboard out for some reason? also what's with the star trek music?

No. 928159

File: 1708011086096.jpeg (403.93 KB, 1290x2253, IMG_4654.jpeg)

The one that she wants… is this old guy …?

No. 928188

I like how she always love reacts her own posts like a true narcissist licking her own asshole. She’s alone every year on Valentine’s Day because nobody with a brain wants to be with Her old psychotic ass. Must make Her seethe seeing happy couples posts all day with their families and significant others.

No. 928240

File: 1708041423069.png (782.5 KB, 1080x1980, Screenshot_20240215-073630-974…)

This made me choke on my spit laughing earlier.

No. 928327

File: 1708108978200.jpeg (140.97 KB, 1170x1480, IMG_9386.jpeg)

Wonder what she’s bitching about now. Probably some scrote didn’t kiss her ass enough and left like they all do.

No. 928330

File: 1708110752677.jpeg (220.92 KB, 1290x2029, IMG_4783.jpeg)

Also changed her other profile to whatever this is and that she’s from New York. Wonder if someone wants to take her ass to court. Hopefully for the defamation saying that girl killed her own daughter and not Vicky’s ex like he’s in jail for

No. 928361

lmao she probably has a bunch of people after her for stolen deposits, what a pathetic existence

No. 928368

File: 1708194723528.jpg (547.32 KB, 1061x1428, SmartSelect_20240217_193334_Ch…)

Kekeke that pf is the dumbest ai I ever seen.
What in the mangled hands is this bs? How can she be so bad w ai when she spends so much time prompting?

No. 928385

File: 1708225468309.jpg (1014.89 KB, 1564x1564, 1000012789.jpg)

When ever she brings out the party city wig and makes the comparison I just wanna post this so I will

No. 928387

That's not ai that's a pic of her and her bf

No. 928392

She changed her Instagram handle to @v33.v1p3r so ya she is trying to hide from someone if she’s changing everything
The audacity of this fat clown in costume jewelry and wish clothing trying to compare herself to Megan Fox is omega cringe and an insult to Megan Fox.

No. 928393

File: 1708260101792.jpeg (689.29 KB, 737x1213, IMG_9456.jpeg)

This is what I think of every time she makes these claims

No. 928402

lol i love when she can't hold the fake posh british accent and her natural tomboyish voice comes through.

she's proud of herself for knowing what a motherboard is so of course she has to show it off. that's the oldest trick in the book for pretending to be a tech whiz. seriously all she had to do was get some tweezers or a pair of pliers to remove the memory card. it looks like it was jammed with crud anyway, so this could have easily been avoided by keeping her stuff clean.

No. 928671

File: 1708525468198.jpg (253.31 KB, 1080x970, Screenshot_20240221_142605_Fac…)

Would appear she is hiding from people like you all said.

No. 928674

Every. Time.

What do we reckon? Dumped, chased for cash or both?

No. 928813

“I’m a private person” girl literally posts sub par only fans content for free and constantly posts her whole life on socials. She’s far from keeping her life private(sage your shit)

No. 928899

It's always the most attention seeking people claiming they're "private", kek.

No. 928980

File: 1708891940847.jpeg (129.04 KB, 1290x1118, IMG_5595.jpeg)

Chased for money. She still changing her pfp on Instagram and made it private. She’s probably still posting there

No. 929019

File: 1708988479090.jpg (800.61 KB, 1080x2269, 1000004530.jpg)

She isn't posting on her insta at all

No. 929028

I never viewed a single story as my lurking account and she blocked me.

No. 929036

Hopefully she in rehab and taking up therapy.

No. 929047

She's currently in the middle east brokering a peace deal and karate-kicking hamas. Totally legit photos by Frankie to follow.

No. 929075

File: 1709054226276.jpg (296.38 KB, 1080x2270, 1000004536.jpg)

I feel like she's lurking. She posted this bizarre, filtered, short clip of herself as an "update"

No. 929079

is that a hospital bracelet?

No. 929098

Looks like a $4 smart watch from temu

No. 929109

File: 1709076522577.jpeg (165.71 KB, 1290x1167, IMG_5641.jpeg)

The caption of this fat filter is “ if you shame women for their bodies, I don’t want to know you”

Yet sitting around with her online friend calling overweight people jaba the hut. Vicky, take more time off the internet. You haven’t worked on yourself enough.

No. 929135

I’m pretty sure this hypocritical alcoholic retard shames a women’s appearance and body any chance she can get. She has no girl friends or girl groups she hangs out with either because she’s an insufferable women hater and awful person.
Nice to see the filter kept her true form beak of a nose tho

No. 929206

Ouu I'm so glad I stayed away from her. Body shaming isn't the cute flex she thinks it is. And literally no one looks like this filter

No. 929207

It's funny how she thinks everyone's bf likes her or something lol my man after seeing lolcow was the one who told me to stay away from her and that she seemed like bad news and that i probably wouldent get my deposit back but she can keep dreaming. Dude at this point no one fucking likes her kek

No. 929222

I always forget how manly and chunky her hands are. Bloated alcoholic sausage fingers

No. 929228

File: 1709246345603.jpeg (332.05 KB, 1290x1563, IMG_5701.jpeg)

Girl really said she likes the soft filters

No. 929230

She's always lurking. Her post reveal taught her nothing.

No. 929256

File: 1709265614289.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1170x2128, IMG_9885.jpeg)

>only soft filters
Proceeds to use AI photos trying to pass it off as real and uses the heaviest filters in existence. Stay mad and hating yourself, Vick. Over explain and try to justify your insecurities some more. It’s so entertaining in a cringe way where I want to peel my eyelids off.

No. 929398

File: 1709528357561.webm (7.7 MB, 720x1280, 64689377827595744_n.webm)

Can anyone translate this Xanax speak?

No. 929399

Kek what is this new accent? People that truly that don't give a fuck, don't announce it.

No. 929401

I thought she ran away because she owed money or something but now I genuinely think she might have had a stroke

No. 929404

The same old bra that doesn’t fit with her crusty leather jacket isn’t the look she thinks it is. Reminder that She is turning 37 this year posting stuff like this.

No. 929406

File: 1709566335522.jpeg (369.6 KB, 1290x2159, IMG_5781.jpeg)

Sounds like she’s trying to do a Romanian accent?

No. 929410

File: 1709577448520.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1163x1995, IMG_9989.jpeg)

>I only use soft filters
>muh icy eyes

Those contacts look awful and her eyelash is glued on all fucked up. Looks like she just porked back up again too. Lookin wide

No. 929427

File: 1709652018696.webm (1.34 MB, 720x1280, VictoriaMentioningMethAgain.we…)

No idea what accent she is going for now. It's really weird on the words "stone" and "shows." Idk who she's making these videos for. All this shows me is that Victoria surrounds herself with meth heads.

No. 929449

File: 1709684361541.jpeg (751.08 KB, 1170x1933, IMG_0057.jpeg)

Fucking kek

No. 929453

bringing out the “dual accented” bullshit while trying to shade other ppl lol. i like how she added all that other crap to justify her slurry speech cos she totally doesn’t drink or do drugs.

didn’t she give herself some shitty ~makeup tattoos~ not too long ago? guess they’re the disappear/reappear type like her face dots.

No. 929458

For the boyfriends of other woman who turned her down and she's still salty about it. Kek

No. 929466

She's probably like 8 years behind on her taxes.

No. 929468

File: 1709699018035.jpeg (248.58 KB, 1290x1892, IMG_5845.jpeg)

She’s almost 40, and guys that are 21 aren’t younger?

No. 929475

File: 1709705409061.webm (11.49 MB, 1080x1920, VictoriaSlurder.webm)

Another slurring video about how many guys want her.

No. 929477

Omg is she trying to fake a Russian accent now hearty kek! I wonder if she told some scrote she's a Russian model or something lmaoooo that or she really did have a stroke

No. 929480

Making fun of older guys who are single when she’s an old hag herself and single.

No. 929485

it sounds more like she’s doing a bad impression of Sniperwolf? the weird pausing, the nasal tone.

No. 929488

File: 1709738873490.png (192.83 KB, 1080x1105, Screenshot_20240306-082935-790…)

This woman is unreal. Some guy posts a laughing emoji and she launches into a paragraph about how funny, kind, and savage she is.

No. 929493

everytime someone posts her conversations, i am reminded this woman has the emotional and mental capacity of an insecure 14-year-old.

No. 929494

File: 1709752774909.jpeg (370.01 KB, 1290x1874, IMG_5866.jpeg)

So her ex is just as retarded as she is. She said 10-20 is too young. That being said, mentally 18 to 22 isn’t a huge jump like she’s saying. Shes just a 40 year old predator cause no mature man her age would deal with her

No. 929518

i’m guessing her reasoning is that a 22 yr old would be done with college and getting started on their career whereas an 18 yr old is just getting started on that area of life. but she’s never been to college and has no career to speak of so really by her logic she’s mentally 18 years old.

No. 929525

What form of autism is this? I've always found her deeply inspirational for satirical purposes but I don't understand what causes this behavior especially at her age

No. 929596

File: 1709942711833.jpeg (359.45 KB, 1289x1056, IMG_5957.jpeg)

Her exes were all on drugs recently, everyone in her neighbourhood is a drug addict, she’s taking in people off the streets. What does she expect when everyone she surrounds herself with is a crackhead from Hamilton?

No. 929604

The fake accent is fucking sending me, holy shit. Her simps validating her cringy behaviour as usual. Fairly certain she’s wearing contact lenses, definitely using a heavy filter… “light” filters… yeah, right.

No. 929620

The reason I don't feel bad for participating in this thread is because Icky blamed her ex's gf for 'planting' CP on his computer, as if a woman would even know how to access such material, top fucking kek.

Such a pickme and you know she doesn't truly believe that in her heart of hearts.

No. 929621

And blames her exes new girlfriend for killing her own child even though Vicky’s ex is in jail for it. Shes a pos

No. 929706

I love these woe is me everyone wants me posts but they’re all crack heads that hang outside the local convenience store, nearing 40 this really isn’t the flex she thinks it is

No. 929715

File: 1710223667459.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1991, Screenshot_20240311-203536-965…)

Wtf kinds of drugs is she taking???

No. 929719

Yes there is a huge difference between 18-22 mentally but not in a way that matters when you're pushing 40, the fuck. I'm 29 and 22 are children to me. She's so gross

No. 929729

ah yes the beloved pick me statistics of how big asses and semen retention make smarter stronger babies. pulled directly from peer reviewed social media at the prestigious trust me bro university research center.

No. 929733

She’s coping for having fat bitch thunder thighs again and we all know she will never have children.

No. 929757

File: 1710299855075.jpeg (400.1 KB, 1290x2079, IMG_6006.jpeg)

Also coping with the “shadowbanned” caption with not one like or comment in 3 hours

No. 929770

Those ham hock arms!

No. 929795

The hambeast uses the same backdrop allot she's so obsessed with herself

No. 929800

File: 1710426162939.jpeg (308.49 KB, 1163x1003, IMG_6030.jpeg)

Ai vs real … there is no way either one of these is real

No. 929801

File: 1710426352320.jpeg (310.36 KB, 1290x2189, IMG_6032.jpeg)

Rejecting old men on Facebook is her only accomplishment and she’s going to be 40.

No. 929802

File: 1710426486468.jpeg (154.86 KB, 1283x708, IMG_6035.jpeg)

Digging in the dirt tan

No. 929806

lol the size of her upper arm in the "original" >>929800
vs the size of her upper arm in this pic >>929757

No. 929807

She shooped the one on the right so heavily the sword is just bending into her face. She made her face so small and her neck massive kek she looks like a fucking retard I don’t get how she can horrendously edit herself and think “ya that looks good” and posts it willingly

No. 929809

>wiggly jaw
>hair blending into the wall
>melting lips
>no nose, only a nostril
>anachan upper arm that's wider than her forearm
>no boob on the left, huge boob on the right
>sword is about an inch lower at the end than it would be if it were properly lined up
>iris is oblong and cuts into her eyeliner

She's gotten better at PS, I'll give her that, but everything I listed was what I noticed just at a glance.

No. 929816

i like how the shirt touches her arm in the ai version but not the ‘real’ one and why is her head/neck so far back lol.

No. 929834

File: 1710472824766.jpeg (187.14 KB, 869x461, IMG_0403.jpeg)

Th stretched and warped ear fusing with her jawline from pulling her jay Leno chin up too much

No. 929850

This is fucking wild. Absolutely wild. I don’t know who is more retarded, Shingles for trying to pass off the image on the right as real or her neckbeard followers who believe her egregious lies

No. 929908

File: 1710726052279.jpeg (202.93 KB, 1290x864, IMG_6111.jpeg)

She’s literally going to be 40 in 3 years. So no, not tomorrow but you’re pushing 40 typing like a 16 year old with no job or education.

No. 929910

File: 1710726425520.jpeg (266.71 KB, 1282x1431, IMG_6112.jpeg)

“I age like a vampire”
“I get mistaken for for mid 20s”
Sure you do.

No. 929930

She posted 9 gifs on this post. She’s completely unhinged and can’t cope with the fact she’s old and worn down kek. 40 in 3 years and can’t handle it. Lying about her age arc when.

No. 929943

File: 1710779583620.png (227.03 KB, 1080x946, Screenshot_20240318-093501-426…)

Multiple edits on this one too. Here's my favorite comment, lol.

No. 929960

She is so stunted that she uses this defence for every single situation. “I’m just so hot and everyone wants Me everyone is jealous!!!” You age like milk in the sun. Fried hair and the hairline of an old man but go off. Skin looking like hell. Nobody is jealous of an unaccomplished old chunkster who has never had a steady income in their life while living in a basement room in a crackhead city. Pathetic. Only “Men” She can land are meth heads in their early 20s kek. Doesn’t even have any friends just weird uglies on Facebook that blow smoke up her flat ass.

No. 929966

File: 1710798548282.png (1.97 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_6113.png)

“I just got hotter in my opinion.” The cope is unbearable. Even if she did look like her photoshopped photos, it doesn’t matter. She mentally hasn’t aged a day since high school.
Get a job sticky

No. 929972


Most people over 25 and everyone over 30 does not care about the shit she’s bragging about. Most people have actual stuff going on in their lives, have found happiness or at least direction.

Just fly bragging about trash, annoying to everyone else in the room but not worth a second thought.

No. 929977

File: 1710809274276.jpeg (416.94 KB, 1290x2373, IMG_6125.jpeg)

She couldn’t open her eyes all the way cause she was too drunk. Now she’s pill popping.

No. 929978

WHAT is going on with that makeup? Her eye and lipliner is so wobbly (even with the potato image quality) it looks like it was applied by someone with palsy. Yikes.

No. 929979


No. 929983


she sees to well to open her eyes??? what???

No. 929985

I believe this is Icky speak for "I am such a supernatural special badass princess that I have inhuman eyesight and I can see in the dark so I don't even have to open my eyes all the way"

No. 929987

Do 40 year olds in Canada use crush as a common description for being attracted to a person. I mean teenagers have crushes right? I’m so confused because she uses that a lot and it just says to me that she has never had anything more meaningful outside of a crush. It’s sad really seeing that she is way closer to 40 than a high schooler. Well maybe not mentally but definitely physically.

No. 929989

File: 1710818931552.jpeg (248.25 KB, 839x653, IMG_0528.jpeg)

Her eyeliner and crusty ass lash falling off is sending me. Someone come get their drunk aunt with Parkinson’s

No. 929992

I am 32 and haven’t had a crush in over 10 years. She thinks someone would be jealous that their crush likes her lol if anyone I knew liked her I would think they were a moron. I have guys on Facebook who like her pictures and can’t help but think what losers they are, anyone who associates themselves with her has nothing going for them(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 929994

night vision and aging backwards… seriously?! Low quality videos, heavy makeup and editing/filters to the point of having no skin texture isn’t “aging like fine wine”, she’s so delusional and so are her “fans”.
I’d love to see her post a makeup free video that isn’t edited and is of decent quality, she never will though, she’s perfectly happy lying to her followers and herself.
She’s clearly deeply insecure and requires constant validation to feel good about herself, she doesn’t seem to care that it’s coming from ugly old men. Also who talks like this about themselves? There’s being confident then there’s being conceited, she obviously can’t differentiate between the two.

No. 929995

It’s not that she doesn’t open her eyes fully, she has small eyes and makes them look even smaller by surrounding them with heavy, dark eyeliner and eyeshadow. She never changes her makeup look, it’s so ugly and dated. You’d think with how often she wears and how long she’s been doing it she’d be good at it, but this is just a total mess.

No. 929999

File: 1710852574360.jpeg (148.99 KB, 1290x790, IMG_6126.jpeg)

What is she yapping about? People using photos from when she was 16? Is she talking about lolcow

No. 930000

File: 1710852699979.jpeg (152.26 KB, 1290x890, IMG_6127.jpeg)

Admitting to being a master manipulator isn’t a flex.

No. 930001

File: 1710852803057.jpeg (76.8 KB, 1290x566, IMG_6128.jpeg)

Not being dumped cause you only date drug addicts*

No. 930015

No wonder no one stays with her.

But she has openly admitted to being cheated on which is worse

She just likes to think she's the hottest thing ever but in reality she's just an average pushing 40 yr old woman clinging on to shitty trends and manipulation tactics

She's STILL probabaly obsessing over my man… she claims every one is stalking her but ive had my profiles for private for years because of this my man who was the one who WARNED me about her. She also likes to date my friends to prove to the world she isn't 300 pounds but the fact is she's shaped like a fridge and people literally LAUGH at her personality after meeting her and the fact is we don't think she's 300 pounds we just don't think you look like the edits sticky stay retarded.

No. 930016

You know if she wasn't such a manipulative cunt literally no one would care. Ever think there is a REASON for the feedback you get sticky?

No. 930017

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

No. 930018

Why do you associate yourself with the scrotes who like her photos ew. I know you can't answer but just think of the bottom of the barrel people you have on your Facebook for abit. Just sit with that.

No. 930019

What's funny is there is literally a pic of Kim Kardashian who's ass is literally made of plastic. Lol

No. 930020

Also sticky, we say your pushing 40 which means almost 40 retard We arent that far off. You can polish a turd but in the end it's still a turd.

No. 930021

The AI version looks way more proportional(sage your shit)

No. 930035

Lol not sure why you’re trying to diss me, I don’t even interact with these people but good call probably worth a delete on my part(sage your shit)

No. 930037

What the fuck does this even mean? I’ve read it several times and I still don’t understand what she’s saying. Did she have a stroke while typing?

No. 930041

Wtf. She's my absolute favourite cow. She is the biggest narc of all and has zero self-awareness. It's honestly astonishing, she needs to be studied for science.

No. 930042

she has super sonic sight cause they’re light silver green and shimmer in the sunshine with a crystalline aura. don’t you know brown eyed people can’t see in the dark cause they absorb all the light? only true final fantasy aryans can see 10 miles through brick walls.

No. 930044

She can’t be studied for science because: A.) She’s so brilliant she innately knows all the answers to all her extraordinary conditions (even though she isn’t formally trained) and B.). All the male scientists fall in love with her and try to date her and all the female scientists are jelly so they classify her as “fat, stupid and uninteresting” out of spite.

No. 930046

File: 1710947430716.jpeg (291.49 KB, 1290x1893, IMG_6138.jpeg)

Icky, your eyelash is hanging on with a prayer. Wash your face.
And hermitting everyday all day/ living off of tax payers must be nice

No. 930047

File: 1710947642450.jpeg (174.62 KB, 1290x788, IMG_6141.jpeg)

Of course it’s the woman’s fault and she should work on herself so she doesn’t hurt him again.

No. 930048

File: 1710947778496.jpeg (227.48 KB, 1290x1159, IMG_6140.jpeg)

Someone who has been POISONED? She dates such sketchy ass dudes that her first thought was poisoning

No. 930069

Why does she do this, why does she use everything as a prompt to write poetry about her OC (herself.) I desperately need to know what kind of autism this is, I have been wondering for years.

No. 930089

File: 1711059173456.jpg (181.06 KB, 1070x1071, IMG_20240321_151545_466.jpg)

Wow, vampire queen

No. 930104

Nice 2007 prom dress Vic. How many times is she going to post these god awful edits in this tragic outfit? Imagine being a shut in and putting on ugly dresses and shitty make up just to take photos in? You can pull that waist all you want with photoshop but the gut pouch follows with the fat face, double chin, and warped dresser doesn’t lie. Her weave looks extra crunchy and ratty. Editing her tv is the cherry on top. She really thinks she did something here

No. 930105

File: 1711080284310.jpeg (154.06 KB, 710x411, IMG_0703.jpeg)


No. 930123

Kek - all that editing and she still looks like she has meth mouth.

No. 930132

The way she makes her upper arms and shoulder so tiny yet her lower arms are way bigger always gets me

No. 930145

File: 1711161510644.jpeg (343.78 KB, 1290x1734, IMG_6243.jpeg)

She wrote a caption about not fucking over her friends by hitting on Vicky. The background of the conversation changes when she “tells them off” and this conversation makes little to no sense.

Again icky. These things wouldn’t happen if you hung out with people that weren’t losers.
But she probably made this up. This conversation looks as real as the mannequin head she was making out with.

No. 930148


It almost doesn’t even matter if this is real or fake. It’s psychotic, baby behaviour either way .

No. 930152

Why can't she just use wattapad to write her fanfic like every other mentally stunted tiktok user

No. 930158

File: 1711218578528.jpeg (291.61 KB, 1290x1162, IMG_6250.jpeg)

The last person she said “yes” to was an active drug user, that had some psychotic break and beat her up. What kinda guys is she saying no to

No. 930190

not to be cruel, but in what world was she ever in the vicinity of any kind of man that would ever consider marrying her? every fling she's had so far has been with literal low value bottom feeder males. i have never seen her once with anyone who isn't either an alcoholic, on drugs, or legit canuck trailer trash. she tries so hard to brush it off as that she's this femme fatale ice queen who tramples on men's hearts when really she can't bag anything better.

No. 930207

She can't meet high value men due to her own problems, but if she lived in a city with a higher population she might have been able to trick a nice guy into staying around short term.

I'm not in the Guelph alt scene like half of this thread so maybe I'm missing something, but she's a Small Town ho who never left the Small Town. If there were any high value men in Guelph, they would have left long before meeting Vicky in a bar / crackhead houseparty, and if by some miracle she'd ended up with a decent boyfriend, she would have ruined it by cheating on him with a z-list band's bassist thinking it'd be her ticket out of small town canada. Everything about her screams clout-chasing loser who is happy to fuck people over to "be somebody." Which would have been extremely off-putting for any man who didn't just want an easy lay.

It's hard to find a good guy when you're a chronically unemployed scam artist who only meets people at house parties and you act like a total psycho the whole time.

No. 930220

She looks like a broke Russian woman trying to look fancy for a holiday card

No. 930231

File: 1711415448567.jpeg (203.85 KB, 960x958, IMG_6311.jpeg)


No. 930232

File: 1711421264805.jpeg (440.63 KB, 1270x2131, IMG_6313.jpeg)

The ham arm, the blurry side and the boob.. whatever the fuck is going on there.

No. 930233

It looks like she shopped in her cleavage or something? KEK

No. 930235

LMAO whose face is this?! Are her super special unique ~icy eyes~ that can see in the dark and shoot lasers actually ugly turd brown without the party city Halloween contact lenses?

No. 930238

No it's just that her eyes change colors depending on her mood, duh! Despite the smile she must have been feeling dark and dangerous, so her eyes because super dark looking. Or that's what I imagine she'll add to her fanfic about herself if ever asked. Or she'll say she's wearing contacts, who knows with this loon

No. 930622

The makeup dosent hide the fact she's old

No. 930632

File: 1711547226125.jpeg (331.5 KB, 1290x2283, IMG_6319.jpeg)

“Alone” drinking and pretending you amounted to anything? Checks out.

No. 930637

File: 1711566164076.jpg (513.58 KB, 1080x2340, 1000015347.jpg)

No sticky your just an used up old hag and acting a fool. It has nothing to do with anyone else boyfriends or how you look or how their girlfriends look is looks all that matter to you? Why are you STILL obsessed over people who REJECTED YOU literal YEARS ago you fucking stalker you call every one a stalker but fail to see the REAL stalker is you would literallt stalk my profiles when i was 15 and you were like over 10 years older than me you know how many people literally removed their social media because this bitch is a literal fucking stalker who stays stuck on the same topic for literal years but your so delusional you think they still want you? Girl if they wanted to they WOULD if HE wanted to he WOULD how many other girls boyfriends are you salty rejected you and how many of their girlfriends probably have jobs and families do you think anyone even rememebrrs you or your famous? Maybe on lolcow your the biggest cow on here I rest my case No wonder You'll die misreble amd alone I love to break it to u but we all AGE its natural it will be said again by me this time no one is jealous of a welfare bum assistance failed career fried cant grow her hair past her shoulders photoshopped to shit loser looks dont matter that much and the fact Vicky can't just stay in her lane and accept shes just as average as the women she insults if not worse off. Have u ever seen Vicky next to an actual normal looking girl? Did you know things with penises actually have people attached to them and can actually tell the truth did you think dating my friends and stalking me wpudlent backfire? shit Vicky no one wants someone who's been ran though by like a bunch of drug users go seek validation somewhere else. Like she really wants every other girl than her to be 300 pounds and is so stuck on thay delusion but that's simply not the truth Vicky. Not everyone who hates you is "aging badly" you can tell yourself that but it dosent make it true keep lying to yourself vic your no better than anyone but you'll never get that you'll never even understand what im saying Vicky because the bleach from your hay looking hair got to your brain before the truth did.

No. 930638

Same person as last post but just came here to say no one is jealous of a jobless hag I remebr that post she posted when u have a baby u get fat and die sooner well same as when your like 15 years older than the people you literally chose to stalk date surround yourself with. Vicky. Your a fucking preditor and everyone knows it. If you wernt so predatory to other women and an actual fucking cancer on society literally no one would even notice you but I guess any attention I'd good attention huh fucken idiot probabaly woudlent even read that as sarcasm

No. 930639

And men to^

No. 930641

And don't think your a dangerous sticky also being a preditor is a bad thing and makes you the weakest in society every one can see through it even if they don't say it.. they do

No. 930642

Sorry guys my spelling was literal ass ^ I'm to tired to care. Been a long day.

No. 930643

File: 1711566655099.jpg (180.34 KB, 1080x2340, 1000015346.jpg)

No. 930647

Icky is a predator. She preys on mothers grieving their murdered child, young men on drugs and young girls on the internet. Shes a twat

No. 930648

File: 1711569930651.jpeg (523.28 KB, 1290x1459, IMG_6323.jpeg)

“Miss you” to the cat she threw out to replace with a German Shepard. Kek. Wonder why she had to turn the comments on to this post

No. 930653

Everything in this photo looks filthy. The couch , the dusty dirty floors, the walls even have marks and filth. Stinky lazy bitch

No. 930664

File: 1711603330316.png (579.34 KB, 822x2043, Screenshot_20240327-222217-537…)

>My Vipers

Oh man. Victoria is big mad at this anon >>930637

No. 930670

“Few years past my 20’s” GIRL you’re at least 36-38 AHAHA

No. 930672

No fucking way is this 37 year old claiming to be in her early 20’s now. Lying about her age by claiming to be 13 years younger than she actually is. She posted her ID in earlier threads and her year of birth said 1987. Fucking loser predator creep
>my vipers
What the fuck OMEGA CRINGE

No. 930674

I missed that! Didn’t someone who knows her irl come on here and claim she was actually born in 1985 too? Either way, she’s definitely closer to 40 than 30. There’s no shame in getting older, lying about one’s age is so cringeworthy

No. 930675

>I got into a car crash and had medical issues
GURL WHAT? This is the first time she’s mentioned this, she’s been super vague about her “medical condition”, I feel like if she really was in a car wreck she’d have milked the ever loving fuck out of it(no pun intended, kek)

No. 930676

And she liked her own post, turbokek. This is why shingles is my favourite cow

No. 930677

She’s been “healing” since 2020. This is just an excuse for her to be a lazy bitch and live off the government getting welfare. She’s never had a real job in her whole life. She was just a shitty scratcher and scammer and now she doesn’t even do that

No. 930678

That (obviously edited) leg tattoo is so fucking crooked.

No. 930679

Why does she have a huge watch about to slide off her hand? Did she borrow it from Shayna?

No. 930680

Tits looking like a dirty asscrack.

No. 930681

She’s really out here taking words right out of this thread. An anon literally just used the term ‘fanfic’ and a few others. Just gonna throw the term megalomaniac out there and see how Ms. Lady Viperino feels about it.

No. 930682

“A few years past my 20s” she was born in 1987. That would make her 37 this year. She has such brain rot she doesn’t realize she’s almost 40.

No. 930686

>people are sending me multiple mssgs about this!!!

>I’m not bothered in any way

Oh? Is that why you made this long status bitching and complaining? Girls reading her own thread enraged. Nobody is messaging you stfu broke loser stay mad

No. 930687

It took her 9 hours to respond to >>930637. Kek.

She's gonna act like her bullying someone 15ish years ago is an outlandish claim, and then go on about ceo's proposing to her lmfao.

Didn't she claim that ISIS tried to kidnap and recruit her, too? I swear she's the queen of making up the most unbelievable shit about herself.

No. 930688

I didn't say at 40 I said 10 years olderthis was a while ago but she was still in her mid twenties and it WASNT OK

No. 930690

Does she ever take a break from reading this forum or is she just that obsessed with her self. Go touch grass sticky. Ew. It's giving she likes to stroke her own ego

No. 930691

Girl. If he wanted to he would he knows your name. He dosent fucking want you lol no one wants you Vicky

No. 930692

And no I didn't report her we were literally 15 it didn't clue in until I was like why was she trying to talk to us at 15? I realised this when I was older. Sometimes u don't realise someone's true intentions until you yourself are an adult.

No. 930694

Vicky you literally aren't a girls girl. You literally make up stories about everyone. You copy ppls style Unfortunately this isn't made up. You are a gaslighter victoria this is why ppl choose not to come forward. You think you know who I am but you have no idea. And I plan to keep it that way keep guessing though and lurking its a bad look for you.

No. 930695

You ever think literally everyone whos ever interacted with u isn't wrong and it's you. Vicky YOUR actions caused this actions have consequences and you probabaly literally didn't know how bad your effect was on people you can either deny it or reflect. I'm done here. Do better Vicky. U can either sit there and whine about people "making up lies" or just do better. Fuck man actually be a girls girl. Don't PRETEND to be one. U know how bad u look posting this shit? It makes it even worse. Like why so defensive? Lol God man this is stupid

No. 930697

I'll word it better victoria had a preditory mindset and is a stalker different than being an actual preditor I guess but that's still pretty bad she's a fucking bully who expect everyone to worship her but instead ppl just see through her shit. Stop acting like your shit don't stink and people will stop caring I promise you Vicky but this won't get through to you nothing does bullies usually stay bullies(sage your shit)

No. 930698

Last thing I'm gonna say here. People get really mad when u match energies and expose the truth huh?

No. 930699

File: 1711642946616.jpeg (64.93 KB, 1290x297, IMG_6339.jpeg)

So it seems icky lives in the same building or rooming with this guy..?(sage your shit)

No. 930700

File: 1711643043532.jpeg (512.01 KB, 1290x1689, IMG_6336.jpeg)

Or it’s just that he was at her place getting tattooed. So she’s illegally tattooing from her flop house with cheap ink. This was posted five days ago, so she CAN get a job.. she just won’t.

No. 930701

File: 1711643168072.jpeg (125.96 KB, 804x904, IMG_6337.jpeg)

Up close. This looks like a prison tattoo

No. 930702

File: 1711643519406.jpeg (107.56 KB, 1290x461, IMG_6340.jpeg)

She was in a “car crash” five months ago… for a girl that has claimed to heal quickly, she’s sure milking the government

No. 930703

File: 1711644020282.png (121.62 KB, 1272x807, Screenshot 2024-03-28 124158.p…)


No. 930705

File: 1711649049495.jpeg (304.14 KB, 1290x950, IMG_6352.jpeg)

“I’m a few years past 20, buds”
But was 35 two years ago.

No. 930706

Why the fuck would she use a trash bag? Just throwing the thing on top of a sofa when you're supposed to use wrapping paper

No. 930710

File: 1711656879330.jpeg (287.23 KB, 1290x1487, IMG_6356.jpeg)

“Yeah 15 year old quit running your mouth or is adults will beat your ass” kek
It’s icky and her followers that are the cows. Shes a package deal

No. 930718

Imagine being 22 years older than someone who’s 15 and trying to talk big? Embarrassing old hag behaviour. Someone get their old drunk aunt off Facebook

No. 930720

She was about 12 years my Sr but still weird

No. 930724

If ceos are proposing to her left and right why isnt she rich then? Lmao

No. 930732

Her style gives small town dad rock wannabe biker dude in his 60s

No. 930737

I swear that trying to decipher this stinky fat retard’s posts makes me feel like I’m having a stroke, I can never understand what she’s trying to say. The fact that she’s always claiming to be of above average intelligence when she undoubtedly has an IQ that would put her squarely in the “intellectually handicapped” category is one of my favourite things about this bovine excrement

No. 930739

But anon! She is an astrophysicist and worked at the Washington observatory at their summons! Such a smart and skilled intellectual, didn’t you know, she chooses to be unemployed. NASA is begging her to work for them but it’s just beneath her!

No. 930740

The brown shit on the face looks like this person has an in real life burn they are trying to cover up/ incorporate into a tattoo. The whole thing is just a fucking mess and I can’t even tell what is going on in it.

No. 930742

The unaligned mouth is cracking me up

No. 930743

File: 1711766658471.jpeg (381.72 KB, 2083x1179, IMG_8602.jpeg)

I thought mirroring this might make it look better but I was wrong

No. 930759

File: 1711798224063.jpeg (289.04 KB, 1170x1283, IMG_0936.jpeg)

She never owned a bike only her father does. More lies from the book of Vicky. She doesn’t have her M2 license she’s a retard. This was commented under an AI generated photo that was captioned “miss riding”. I never seen someone lie so much to try and look cool to strangers online. Never forget when she photoshopped herself in the bad cyberpunk mash up mess on a bike facing backwards like the stupid bitch she is

No. 930764

I swear Shingles is the most mentally ill cow on this whole site (trannies notwithstanding, obviously). Even Tuna doesn’t tell lies as outlandish as this waddling sped. It’s like it’s physically impossible for her to utter a single sentence without lying.

No. 930775

File: 1711816305590.png (1.59 MB, 970x972, IMG_9524.png)

She traced a photo of Jesy Nelson… badly.

No. 930777

File: 1711819568747.jpeg (240.41 KB, 1290x1099, IMG_6410.jpeg)

I’m none of these people. “Pushing 40” while icky is about to be 37 having imaginary fights with girls in their mid 20s instead of paying taxes and getting a job.

No. 930791


I’ve never seen her hang out with people that are her own age, every party she’s ever been to she’s the oldest one by at least 5 years. So she’s closer to “pushing 40” than anyone she knows. Cope and seethe.

No. 930792

“pushing 40” and being in your late 30s is the exact same thing you dumbass.

No. 930813

Old unaccomplished fats is having a crisis and new lies just dropped saying she’s way younger than she actually is. You were born in 1987 deal with it.
She doesn’t have a solid friend group at all. People drop her quick when they realize how insufferable she is. Every friend she’s hung around with doesn’t last long just like Jackie. That friendship fell through fast because Vicky was a piece of shit and owes her a lot of money even had to beg her to live with her again yet jackie declined. Had to beg someone 10 years younger than her to live with them because she’s a welfare case loser with nothing to her name. I’d kill myself if I had Vicks life at her ripe old ass age. Never posting about hitting goals or life landmarks or enjoying times with friends. All her posts are about how so hot she thinks she is in her delusional mind and bad photoshop edits in hideous clothing calling herself a model. Peak pathetic. Writing paragraphs about how not bothered she is when she’s literally foaming at the mouth while typing with her fat sausage fingers

No. 930820

People can fucking read you know
Don't flatter yourself sticky
No one thinks anyone likes you it's you who's delusional and won't accept that people DONT like you. Tell yourself whatever makes you feel better but it dosent make it true. Keep reading every single post sticky. It's hilarious. When I say if he wanted to he would I mean everyones boyfriends you chase after ever. Which is countless. Desperate slag. All you do is seek male approval. From literally everyones man in general again I say if he or I guess they wanted to. they would. The only thing u remotely got right is my age from reading this page try again lol idiot the whole point of my post is NO ONE wants you. Fucking dense still stuck on someone's man Holy fucking shit this is fucken gold fucking touch grass cow.

No. 930821

My WHOLE POINT being is not every woman is 300 pounds and not every guy is in love with you. Get a job.

No. 930823

Hey - aren’t we about due for Big Vic to assume stealth mode and do a fly by? Tell us we’re all fat jelly hater/stalkers and we should kill ourselves? I’m starting to feel neglected here.

No. 930830

Fucking kek

Without doxxing myself, I spent significant time with her in my teens and she was a monster back then, too. Everything was about status and how the public perceived her. I feel a lot of this is to due with the fact that her mother is a monster too and the apple didn't fall far from the tree. It's fascinating how one person is a literal time capsule of MySpace in 2008. I'm big excited for her to return to tell us all how scummy we are and that her 'shops are candids or magazine cover shoots.

No. 930837

File: 1711924958208.jpg (104.77 KB, 1070x1070, IMG_20240331_154135_234.jpg)

All the comments on this pic are "breathtaking".

No. 930860

What the fuck is she even wearing? Good to see Vick posting ugly edits in ugly ass clothes on Easter instead of enjoying time with friends and family. The makeup is a tragedy

No. 930864

Looking like a ps1 character in the boobs. She got that wet brain, the poor dear.

No. 930900

She's made a lot of bad choices for her look but the tattooed lipliner is top 3 for me. It's way too dark and looks revolting.

No. 930902

File: 1712030337474.jpeg (355.96 KB, 1170x1363, IMG_0373.jpeg)

Spotted in the while. My favorite retard

No. 930903

New Vicky lore just dropped. She has died and seen the after life. Backed up by her own personal medical staff! Friends have also witnessed such wonders!

No. 930904

>die die
Not just die but die times two, so you know it’s legit. She didn’t just die once but twice in a row. No one dies better than vicky. And thank god she heals suuuuuper fast because she came back to life and all her medical friends clapped. She has risen.

Her tattoos make zero sense and now look AI generated. Because this is actually what AI does when it puts tattoos on a person kek

No. 930971

File: 1712146683561.jpeg (189.69 KB, 1290x862, IMG_6482.jpeg)

She has a bunch of Quora answers about dating people almost 2 decades younger than herself. “Even though she looks mid 20s”

No. 930974

Every damn post has to have some line about her looks. Kek I hope she never changes.

No. 930988

>I look mid twenties
Girl you look more like mid 40s with your busted ass and ugly outdated clothing and style
>men who are 40 and act like 16 year olds
You’re also 37 and act 16. She’s honestly such a retard

No. 930994

File: 1712168368698.jpeg (195.98 KB, 1290x1263, IMG_6486.jpeg)

She answers these to make herself feel better about the life she leads.

No. 931000

Does she think people are asking her these questions? I’ve thought that for a while but she can’t be that retarded right

No. 931004

File: 1712178957930.png (67.68 KB, 1080x420, Screenshot_20240403-141509-948…)

She does. She will answer some questions with versions of "idk" like this one.

No. 931014

i think her using that pic for her fucking quora profile is the most embarrassing part of all of this.

No. 931027

I am almost positive it’s a yes because of how she answers some of these.

No. 931059

She treats quora like those surveys you’d fill out on MySpace bulletins

No. 931140

She feels at peace alone? Ohkay there sticky.

No. 931184

She does not look like she's in her mid twenties at all. Wtf kek

No. 931192

The brown lip liner looks like shit. And "i woke up like this" is just another way of saying you slept in your makeup

No. 931653

Vicky stopped posting across all social media almost a month ago. Girl either couldn’t pay her internet bill or is on the run from someone.

No. 931776

That or she got forced into rehab for her alcoholism is My guess. Probably has the government after Her too because She 100% took that CERB when she wasn’t qualified during Covid.

No. 931779

File: 1713980893392.jpeg (194.23 KB, 1290x1396, IMG_7426.jpeg)

Picking up her meds in a sketchy fucking neighbourhood. No wonder she’s always surrounded by crackheads there’s a lot of government housing around there. Shes probably in rehab, prison or can’t afford to pay for her internet anymore.

No. 931780

If she had no internet she'd just go to a starbucks and use their wifi imo. If she's not posting at all something's up

No. 931781

it’s really not that sketchy lol

No. 931782

By Hamilton standard, I suppose

No. 931989

could she have gotten in actual trouble for once? this is very unusual for her. even when people are going after her for stolen deposits she usually has something snarky to say eventually. she also hasn’t been here lately to bitch at us and a-log.

No. 932085

Honestly think she got kicked out of her apartment is living in a shelter, in jail for scamming (the government) or in rehab.
All tinfoil obviously but she hasn’t worked in years

No. 932089

I dunno, I feel like she’d move back to her mother’s before going to a shelter. But then she is from a white trash family who are probably the type to not help their kids out (that said, she is a piece of shit so her mother would have good reason to refuse helping her out).

No. 932096

Did she delete her Instagram?

No. 932097

No but she hasn’t posted on it in a while either

No. 932166

I can't believe I'm going to ask this question but is she dead?

No. 932171

If she is, she doesn’t have anyone to really notify social media if we’re being honest.

No. 932173

Just came here to say the same thing, do you think something has actually happened to her? What’s the longest she’s gone without posting? Can any of the nonas with Facebook see her dad or brothers pages?

No. 932179

File: 1714446658629.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1170x1843, IMG_1199.jpeg)

Pretty sure her dad would mention it, he posted yesterday about his dead sister, the rest of his posts are about bikes, qanon conspiratard shit and this, supporting a literal neo-Nazi. Shingles really is a chip off the old, racist, retarded block

No. 932180

I work for the coroners office
I'll check if she's been reported(sage your shit)

No. 932184

I honestly just think she’s in rehab because some take your phone away and that would explain why she isn’t posting

No. 932186

Considering how many doctor she was reviewing on google, that’s what I think. She seemed to be doctor shopping. She was probably over medicating, she wasn’t paying her rent like so many other times. Her mom probably wouldn’t tell her come home until she wasn’t sketching out(sage your shit)

No. 932201

File: 1714507919794.jpeg (283.53 KB, 1290x2083, IMG_7639.jpeg)

Looks like she has a 3rd Facebook profile

No. 932202

File: 1714508025856.jpeg (233.24 KB, 1290x1484, IMG_7640.jpeg)

Looks like it’s actually her cause the same nerds from her other profiles are commenting. Hasn’t posted on here since March either

No. 932242

File: 1714575552304.jpeg (362.97 KB, 1290x1274, IMG_7670.jpeg)

This guy posted that she was doing a tattoo for him from her Hamilton shack a month ago around the same time she stopped posting.
She also has been claiming to be too sick to work but she’s keeping deposits since 2021.
I’m not a lawyer, but that sounds like fraud to me. I’m sure she’s been taking deposits, or at least has been keeping some. People seeing her going out to play pool, go to raves that have their money being held hostage are probably starting to ask for their money back.
I’m sure she’ll come back saying she was in the hospital again to scam more people

No. 932253

File: 1714591089244.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1942, 1000005048.png)

Vic larping as her assistant always makes me reminisce on the first thread. God will never give us a greater online meltdown

No. 932269

I yearn for the days of cows passed.

No. 932279

She just can’t help telling on herself can she, kek

No. 932298

God that's was amazing. She pretended to be several dudes who saw her irl and talked about how hot she was and how everyone in the thread is jealous.

No. 932395

This and that time she sent kiwifarms a cease and desist while pretending to be a lawyer that got the Canadian Royal Government (or whatever the fuck) involved, pure grade A milk.

Pls don’t be dead, Icky. You’re my favorite cow. Your milk has never been plentiful, but I believe in quality over quantity.

No. 932488

what if she was kidnapped by ISIS again? maybe she’s back at one of her old alma maters, Yale or Stanford? could she be on tour with Ronnie Radke?

No. 932497

Kek this made me chuckle. Tbh Ronnie Radke is married to a random Norwich chav so Vicky probs has a chance with him tbh.

No. 932501

What an insult to ronnie radkes gf she's actually cute and KNOWS how to do her makeup and dosent photoshop her pics to oblivion

No. 932502

Even in Norwich she could not be considered cute, I'm sorry.

No. 932507

Compared to victoria? Yes. She is. Lol. Maybe she has a bad reputation I don't know but literally a wrinkly ballsack is cuter than victoria though. So yes i will stand by what I said compared to victoria ronie radkes gf is cuter and more normal looking and at least dosent use gimp to edit her photos. Lmao

No. 932510

Compared to Victoria obviously, but even in Norwich she's a 6 tops.

No. 932606

I heard that she re-escaped her ISIS captors using her Highlander-level sword skills, stole a motorcycle that she then did some of her signature riding tricks on and is now back at the Goldendale Observatory teaching quantum physics at an Ivy League level. Just a basic week in the life of Vicky Shingles.

No. 932718

File: 1715133673752.jpeg (325.49 KB, 1290x1637, IMG_7965.jpeg)

My check in to see if Vicky is dead, in rehab or in jail and stumbled on an old post of a guy calling out Vicky. Shes called poc apes recently but I’ve never seen this one before. Shes nothing but consistent

No. 932722

this is actually kind of a stretch. also is that you?

No. 932730

>le sigh

No. 932734

Calling black people apes is a reach. Reaching right into a klan meeting.

No. 932756

plenty of people use that term about fighting, don't make it about race.

No. 932780

Omg I remember that post, what made it bad was her arguing. People brought up how "monkey" is used as a derogatory term and she was TRES MAD.

No. 932783

It's so obvious what she meant

No. 933156

She doesn’t have friends or family so if she wasn’t lying about having seizures and something happened.. nobody would notice. She doesn’t have a job that would be looking for her. Which is actually really sad

No. 933236

She interacts with her inbred racist pedophile father on Facebook and seems to have something of a relationship with him so he’d probably know if something happened to her

No. 933250

She has to be drinking constantly and mixing it with medications. Her rants make no sense otherwise

No. 933268

I still think that she’s either in rehab or put herself into a coma. There’s no way she goes this long without seeking attention as it’s the only thing she lives off of

No. 933319

I just don’t see icky walking into rehab. And like another anon said, she doesn’t have friends and hardly any family, so no one that cares enough to force her into rehab (intervention style).
She’s not dead because people would be posting about it. Maybe she is in jail kek.
It’s crazy that she’s been this quiet. Has her quora also been quiet? Something definitely happened if she’s been off the internet for this long.

No. 933322

No Quora or Instagram posts. Totally silent.
She’s either in a coma ( drinking on medication), jail or she got kicked out of her place and the only way she could go stay with her mom is if she went to rehab first.
Paying rent while on disability or welfare is pretty difficult.
Or she’s getting in serious trouble for stealing deposits for years. She’s not taking time off for healthy reasons. There’s no way.

No. 933703

I agree, her piece of shit father is extremely active on facebook and his whole page is public, I’m pretty sure he’d have posted something if she had kicked the bucket, there’s something else that’s preventing her from posting

No. 933709

Some of Vicky’s past roomies and friends have been here before so I’m sure they would have come here to mention it as well if she died.
Idk how Canadian jails work, but I imagine it’s similar to American jails where you sit in jail if you can’t pay bail (which is usually a fairly small percentage that most people can post unless it was a super serious crime and your bail was significantly high). In which case I imagine she would have posted bail by this point. Unless she literally murdered someone.

Rehab makes the most sense. How many days has it been? 90 days is pretty standard.

No. 933711

File: 1716168168320.jpeg (130.43 KB, 1290x1164, IMG_8438.jpeg)

Her post count has changed considerably. Seems like she’s deleting posts maybe?

No. 933718

Maybe the terrorist taxi driver came back for another go

No. 933780

File: 1716254013889.jpeg (88.76 KB, 1290x830, IMG_8451.jpeg)

Looks like she’s is posting on her Instagram but it’s private. She owes someone a lot of money I’m assuming since at this point she IS stealing the deposits. It’s been 2-3 years and she won’t work but is posting herself playing pool, out at raves, etc. she’s scamming people and on the “run”

No. 933781

File: 1716254295075.jpeg (90.57 KB, 1290x431, IMG_8452.jpeg)

There is a post on Reddit about Victoria scamming people from awhile ago and someone came back a year ago calling her a scam artist. I’m sure life hasn’t gotten easier for her. I wouldn’t doubt for a second she was taking deposits while off “sick” since 2021

No. 933782

don’t you guys know that she’s actually an elite soldier fighting shinra? she had to hide her identity so that no one could know she was training and raising her max stats so that she can turn off the mako reactor. she also got threatened by sephiroth, so of course her life is in mortal danger kek. no worries though, she’s an elite gunblade master and is going to falcon punch her enemies into oblivion any day now…

No. 933820

File: 1716311628457.jpg (697.93 KB, 1080x1961, 1000051825.jpg)

She hasn't posted anything since March 27, seems like she's just archiving and unarchiving posts.
She's been kinda boring lately.

No. 934220

File: 1716746282518.jpeg (792.86 KB, 1170x1609, IMG_1746.jpeg)

She’s alive just not posting. She follows a bunch of young men who thirst trap so if you go through her following and peep their reels you might find her in the comments.

No. 934221

Oh, in your dreams, Vic.

No. 934247


No. 934257

I’d lay low too if I stole a bunch of money from people

No. 934263

I want this tiktoker to get a gf so I can watch Vic trash her

No. 934289

File: 1716840489112.png (768.44 KB, 3537x1960, for richer or poorer.png)

Found her MySpace archived from 2011. I love the clumsy use of words like denote and profound that don't really fit in the actual context cohesively. Never change sticky!

No. 934290

No. 934298

>Unlike the rest of the more well known people on this shit, i am not a conceited asshole, so don't be intimidated to talk to me. I reply to as many people as i can, but please say something intriguing not absent minded (ex. "Hello, how are you?" -_- ) and you are more likely to grab my attention. I left myspace for a liddle while …the whole people recognizing me everywhere thing was becoming a bit much, i never really wanted that.

My fucking sides

No. 934299

File: 1716848075567.jpeg (166.72 KB, 1170x992, IMG_1370.jpeg)


No. 934339

Holy shit she really hasn’t changed. I mean, I think anyone would cringe at their old MySpace page. But it’s extra cringy to know that this is basically the same exact crap she has on her Facebook profile kek.
>some famous rockstar drooling all over me
Never change, icky.

No. 934375

Kek, aren't Irish people normally crazy nationalists who deny being British?

No. 934382

not northern ireland, but she’s neither british nor irish so it’s a moot point. it’s just vicky being an nlog as always.

No. 934432

Northern Irish people are also really defensive about being called British too tbf.

No. 934590

Just checked lumendatabase out of curiosity and Vicky has filed more dmca takedown requests for lolcow (and other sites kiwifarms, PULL etc) than literally any other cow since its inception, kek.

No. 934608

post caps or gtfo

No. 934609

can we see?

No. 934616

File: 1717249354572.jpeg (506.91 KB, 828x1402, IMG_7217.jpeg)

Nta but shes made over 700 complaints Kek

No. 934618

File: 1717249683945.jpeg (188 KB, 828x1792, IMG_7218.jpeg)

No. 934622

ULTRAKEK this is amazing. She has spent 8 fucking years DMCAing us, what a fucking retard

No. 934631

I think Laur Trumon has the title for that.

No. 934637

i love when cows think it’s all just one person, a “stalker,” posting about them. vicky can’t fathom the idea that numerous people think she’s fat, ugly, and stupid as fuck.

No. 934642


Jesus Christ, I only saw the ones where she was using her legal name, apparently there’s more lmao

No. 934654

File: 1717285997768.jpeg (292.48 KB, 1290x1680, IMG_8866.jpeg)

Not posting since March to come back to post a meme of a guy hula hooping saying “ how to wave not jackhammer his” is so on brand for sticky.

No. 934657

“Blonde haired girl with tattoos that make me identifiable”

Does she think she’s so famous that her tattoos will make her celebrity apparent to whoever is receiving her DMCA complaint? Or does she truly think she’s the only speshullll blonde tattooed woman in the world? Genuinely asking, I can’t imagine someone of reasonable mental function filing a dmca this way.(sage your shit)

No. 934819

File: 1717505942370.jpeg (516.3 KB, 1290x2189, IMG_8927.jpeg)

Heading into her 40s and back to the Miss Victoria murder name.

No. 934956

Her highlights make uncontrollably cringe into another dimension. This dusty hag was born in 1987 and is a legitimate age regressed retard

No. 935176

File: 1717800814950.jpg (243.38 KB, 1077x1915, 1000005582.jpg)

She lives! I was starting to miss these heavily edited/ai selfies.

No. 935209

All those filters and you can still see how crusty and dry those lips are. Bitch needs to drink water

No. 935343

File: 1718015527092.jpeg (1012.32 KB, 1170x1472, IMG_3461.jpeg)

Back to cringe posting. All the filters and make up looks horrendous

No. 935347

Dear fucking god
Literally James Charles with shit eyebrows and dusty ass hair.
Like does she even do makeup anymore? Or did she develop another habit so she can no longer afford it and just uses filters Wtf happened to her hair. Her eyebrows are a fucking mess and those lips look like a butthole and she's squeezing the life out of those saggy melons. The neck wrinkles ft the filterd face what in the actual fuck?! Kill it with fire before it lays eggs I will feel the world is safer once she can no longer procreate whatever child services would just take the kid anyway lmao you think she'd last 24 hours? She looks like a man in drag actually no that's an insult to men in drag because like what the actual hell is this shit?! The bar is in hell friends.

No. 935348

Whoa Nona - are you okay?

No. 935350

This reads like Vic self-posting kek. No one here is this personally invested in the cow.

No. 935365

I'm just observing what I see in the picture she got progressively worse than the last thread. I don't know it was always bad but…

No. 935416

Who’s face even is this?

No. 935520

File: 1718210713619.jpeg (531.52 KB, 1170x1623, IMG_2131.jpeg)

Seeing her in the wild is so funny

No. 935592

She's right though. Free the woman kek

No. 935738

I don't think it's Vicky but probably someone who's known her personally. Their vendetta posting has been going on for a while and it's cringe and annoying. Can mods do something about it maybe? A few examples of their most recent and obvious posts: >>930637 >>930813 >>930820

No. 935869

File: 1718551768604.jpeg (312.28 KB, 1290x1816, IMG_9346.jpeg)

New icky post. .

No. 935870

Imagine being almost 40 and posting this. Looks like she's in rehab, a halfway house, or some kind of community housing judging by the background.

No. 935872

File: 1718567855769.jpeg (127.59 KB, 1290x932, IMG_9354.jpeg)

Almost 40 with a bio like this.

No. 935882

she looks like an insect in this photo. what filter did she use? praying mantis babe?

it really does look like she's in some sort of budget hotel or a halfway house. the dingy window with no reflection and cheap dollar store furniture give it away.

No. 935996

File: 1718761381336.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1170x2386, IMG_3740.jpeg)

This video is…..something. The extreme downward angle. The legs spread all the way out to appear thinner. The weird blowing a kiss to slapping her ass to giving the finger with the most vile plaque covered tongue I’ve ever seen. Her tongue is fucking solid white ffs. Put down the phone and pick up a goddamn toothbrush and mouthwash. 37 and posting this shit is so embarrassing

No. 936002

File: 1718776738560.png (586.8 KB, 1080x1984, Screenshot_20240618-225752-636…)

Victoria has been active on Quora giving her expert advice.

No. 936010

She’s explaining a sociopath, but doesn’t realize she’s explained herself.
Shes been violent with two exes, she still brings up Adrien (15 years later) to slander him on Facebook.
Pot meet kettle

No. 936011

File: 1718804088881.jpeg (101.32 KB, 1290x600, IMG_9431.jpeg)

Expert answer such as:

No. 936012

File: 1718806673590.png (308.25 KB, 1080x1274, Screenshot_20240619-071419-648…)

This one is wild to me. She acts like she's a celebrity, then throws in a paragraph about "legal convictions to your name" lmao, Victoria has such a methy life.

No. 936013

Oh my god with the amount of blur on this I thought she had her mouth agape and the solid white was her bottom teeth (whitened to hell with the filter because we all know they’re brown and rotten), but it’s her fucking tongue, I’m going to throw up. She’s so fucking grody.

No. 936014

Never change, you illiterate fat retard

No. 936015

She’s so fucking stupid it’s painful. Sometimes I wish I had this level delusion, kek. And of course she couldn’t help alluding to that piece of shit who killed his child or his girlfriend’s child and how he is totally innocent. She’s such an insufferable pick me piece of shit, jfc I hate her so fucking much

No. 936044

The fact that she’s got some videos with the fake accent and others without is sending me. Also this is the first video I’ve seen in a while where she doesn’t talk through her teeth the whole time.

No. 936140

File: 1718981059269.jpeg (369.78 KB, 1290x2159, IMG_9503.jpeg)

“ Unattainable chameleon” aka the photoshopped lizard.

No. 936147

Aka the elusive lot lizard

No. 936150

The cheap Walmart bra that’s way too big for her and drawing on cleavage with bronzer is a hilarious touch and so her

No. 936158

Who even IS this? I mean at this point we’re way past “chameleon” and veered straight into “face transplant” category.

Someone take Vic’s access to AI effects away from her.

No. 936207

if i saw this without her name i would have thought this was a drag queen or a tranny

No. 936247

That badly done bronzer cleavage looks just like Mariah Mallads stained ass crack. I think this is art. Cow meets cow - guess the body part edition!

No. 936264

File: 1719120700350.png (45.76 KB, 1115x624, victoria.PNG)

No. 936265

She’s so mentally retarded it’s astounding.

No. 936266


No. 936270

My fucking sides have ascended, she thinks Chris Chan owns lolcor? She is excruciatingly retarded

No. 936275

File: 1719142158743.jpeg (77.32 KB, 485x485, 41E37AD2-3E10-4CC6-BE35-353C6C…)

she actually thinks chris chan, a legitimate retard who can barely function in the real world, owns lolcow.
Vicky, you can always just close your tab and so something else with your life. not our fault you have no friends and scammed people.

No. 936308


>>muh Ivy League education

No. 936310

File: 1719173827948.jpeg (505.04 KB, 1290x2102, IMG_9535.jpeg)

Icky joining the “man or bear” conversation. Of course saying police officers ( which aren’t only men moron) keep people safe and so do firefighters.. so women should choose the men.
Leaving out the her ex boyfriend killed a 3 year old girl of course

No. 936313

File: 1719177675396.mp4 (10.67 MB, 1080x1920, C8jvcoeuWAb.mp4)

where did her accent go?

also this caption kek
>Man vs Bear? The argument when it is within your direct vicinity in the woods.
>There are 20,000 bears in North America, Canada has 19.3 million men. 147 female homicides in one year and 300+ bear incidents in jasper park alone. Do the math.
>Don’t let evil win. Both sexes need to treat each other better.
>Woman are capable of doing horrific things too, and I am not dismissing anyone’s trauma as invalid, it is valid, you deserve justice, you deserve love and understanding and care, but it isn’t fair to vilify an entire gender on some POS. That’s called sexism.
>Some women are h0@k3rs that can pass things, does that mean men have the right to call all women that? Think about that for a second. How you as a woman would feel in that situation.
>If you disagree and are sexist, you are welcome to pick the grizzly bear in real life and see how that works out for you.
>But as always, be prepared, learn martial arts and street smarts, and raise respectful men.

No. 936316

File: 1719178192547.jpg (108.98 KB, 877x1280, IMG_20240623_142347_921.jpg)

Yes she has been saying Chris Chan owns this board and we are all either Chris Chan, a man who she turned down, or women who are jealous of Victoria because our boyfriends flirted with her or whatever. Pic related is from October 2023 but I'm reposting it again because it's just so insane that she thinks this.

No. 936323

she pulled these statistics directly out of her flabby ass. the chance of being murdered by a man in canada is 108x higher than being killed by a bear, and that doesn’t include other forms of violence. 39% of canadian women report experiencing some form of violence by a male in their lifetimes. try again, you fucking idiot.

No. 936325

Honestly I feel like this is either a giant cope or a fabrication to “save face” with her scraggly hick 50 year old / bot followers. There’s no way anyone is this stupid.

No. 936329

File: 1719180842989.png (1.87 MB, 1008x1594, Screenshot 2024-06-23 at 6.03.…)

>my sleepy eyed fox look
girl we’ve all seen your beady little eyes without filters and photoshop, no one on this earth wants to look like you. you don’t even look like “you."

No. 936332

KEK I saw this on the front page and had to know who wrote it and I'd never have guessed it's Vicky. Sleepy fox eyes lmfao

No. 936341

File: 1719187698650.jpg (150.31 KB, 720x1156, Hgh.jpg)

This is her too I assume, how I know is you can request the link and it lead to this thread. The complaint was also made the day before >>936264 was made .
I assume it's okay to post these because you can look at all the complaints made about any site on lumendatabase.

No. 936342

File: 1719187707848.png (21.11 KB, 275x165, 1000019804.png)

Ah yes, 'her' sleep eyed fox look, as seen in the thread pic from her live stream kek doesn't everyone want to look like they need prescription glasses 24/7 just like Sticky?

No. 936344

“My” look. Always with the “me me me, everyone wants to look like me.” not very narc specialist of you Vicky.

No. 936350

Plot twist, icky is the cp spammer.

I’ll bet every time the site went down because the host fees weren’t paid, vicky thought it was because of her kek

No. 936360

sometimes i feel guilty that we’re making fun of a person with special needs, but then i remember that she defends a literal child murderer, and i suddenly don’t feel bad at all.

No. 936364

the three different hair colors, hand on her head, barely moving so the filter doesn’t slip but can see he eyes aren’t actually that color. must be nice to have the time to record opinions no one asked for lol.

for some reason her profile won’t show up for me so thank you for capturing & sharing the cringe.

No. 936369

File: 1719197457100.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1502, Screenshot 2024-06-23 at 10.48…)

she’s so fucking dumb kek. muh stanford and yale education!

No. 936376

File: 1719202203552.png (298.55 KB, 1080x1211, Screenshot_20240623-210633-702…)

>giant cope or a fabrication to “save face” with her scraggly hick 50 year old / bot followers.

I think you solved it for me, thanks nonna. Victoria is trying to lie to the Roger Zanows on her friends list. She doesn't actually believe Chris Chan is behind lolcow.

Here is the caption to her "man vs bear" video which makes just as little sense as the video itself.

No. 936383

File: 1719208429720.png (87.06 KB, 1080x527, Screenshot001.png)

Miss Critical Thinker doesn't realize bear "incidents" are not attacks. They're just being a nuisance and coming to eat fruit. They aren't murdering women at an insane rate. Human males are.


No. 936408

she deleted this, but kept her retarded man vs. bear reel >>936313. she also changed her username back to @modelviper and deleted her age (36—she’s still posting like this at 36) from her bio.
> https://www.threads.net/@modelviper/

No. 936423

What form of autism does she have that she ALWAYS misses the point? Like that the whole point of man vs bear is that the bear predictably WILL attack you but men aren't EXPECTED to attack you, but they do, and you never know which one will. There ya go icky I spelled it out for you.

No. 936425

This is so fucking funny and big boomer energy. Really showing her old age here. She needs to stop with that horrendous filter her eyes look retarded with the blue filter half on.

No. 936426

File: 1719265105171.jpeg (332.86 KB, 626x772, IMG_0596.jpeg)

Shingles we’ve all seen your real face

No. 936428

File: 1719265359359.jpeg (349.65 KB, 513x885, IMG_0598.jpeg)

>muh fox eyes!

No. 936435

why is so obsessed with filtering her face to death. like shes decent looking…..until she starts talking

No. 936442

File: 1719269222222.jpg (47.59 KB, 476x498, Screenshot_20240625_003354.jpg)

No. 936445

She’s been on “medical leave” for like 5 years now, that definitely isn’t “tattoo ink” under her nails. Looks methy, or just filthy ass, no shower, basement dweller nails.

No. 936447

Also, she wishes. Pretty sure this is at least a 12 year old candid. Can’t imagine what she looks like now, I’m sure she wouldn’t let anyone take a photo of her she can’t edit into space, and likely isn’t invited to many parties anymore.

No. 936472

Where did all of that accent go?!

No. 936482

Victoria disabled Instagram comments on her man vs bear video.

No. 936486

File: 1719331873449.jpeg (489.11 KB, 1290x2353, IMG_9578.jpeg)

Not sure what’s going on above her teeth on the top but it’s really noticeable in this video. I don’t know how to post videos here but she’s doing a scene from peeky blinders, with costumer changes for every character. Time well spent I guess

No. 936488

Her rotten black gums make me sick. Did she tattoo her fucking nose?

No. 936543

File: 1719371269737.jpeg (313.25 KB, 1170x536, IMG_3948.jpeg)

She can’t be serious with this makeup choice. Why the fuck did she put her lash on like that?To make her eyes look longer? MUH SLEEPY FOX EYEZ! The filter makes it even better

No. 936549

aaaand she privated. unbothered queen~

No. 936642

Her behavior reminds me of coconut kitty before she died. Just spiraling, posting nonsensical videos while looking totally zooted.
What does she do all day? Is her mom supporting her? She doesn’t have a job. I don’t get it. How does a 37 year old manage to be such a complete failure.

No. 936713

i think the assumption has always been she’s on some form of benefits but i’ve been suspecting she may be prostituting as well.

No. 936736

I’m not Canadian so I don’t know how it works but does she literally just get to leech off the system indefinitely? They don’t ask her to show she’s consistently looking for work? Maybe her dr shopping is related.

No. 936803

She can get welfare indefinitely but it's like $700/month. If she can convince a doctor/social worker she is disabled she can get $1200. A lot of people on social assistance end up looking for under the table cash.(sage your shit)

No. 936817

for the love of fucking god can we drop the disability shit please. like seriously understand: if these cows look like shit online, how do you think they look and sound like to a professional?

No. 936901

File: 1719761726539.jpeg (102.32 KB, 1179x470, IMG_0574.jpeg)

here’s a link to vicky’s quora profile if anyone needs a laugh. this needs to go in the next op, along with her threads link >>936408

No. 936933

Dear god she is so fucking stupid. I’ve never encountered anyone as simultaneously retarded, delusional and unhinged as her

No. 936935

File: 1719794831972.png (18.26 KB, 733x185, Screenshot 2024-07-01 at 03-43…)

KEK great advise miss "studied over 200 lectures on narcissism". I actually read her bio as being a joke account, but sadly it is not.

No. 936937

File: 1719795175842.png (156.09 KB, 1272x882, Screenshot 2024-07-01 at 03-50…)

This is so wild and retarded I have a hard time believing it's not a blatant joke.

No. 936938

fucking quora?? that place is an eyesore and cesspool

No. 937049

fitting for icky vicky!

No. 937113

File: 1719987771583.png (312.01 KB, 1179x1029, Image.png)

holy shit, she’s dumb

No. 937125

Does she really think all questions on quora are directed at her only? Wow. She has to be on a retard spectrum somewhere. This is absolutely hilarious.

No. 937175

There is no way she’s not genuinely intellectually handicapped. No way.

No. 937200

delusions of grandeur is strong with this one.

No. 937222

File: 1720119369498.png (233.72 KB, 1232x898, Screenshot 2024-07-04 at 2.40.…)

did you know tattoos show that a person is actually rich? vicky should know. she’s tattooed
>politicians rockstars ceos heads of health board doctors lawyers police chiefs every profession you can damn well think of
she must be so rich! she’s been paid the value of designer bags and luxury cars for her tattoos in her little scratcher shack, but for some reason she has neither designer bags nor a car. i wonder if the mystery ailment that put her out of commission for the past year was brain damage.

also, she unprivated her instagram again, but sadly the man vs. bear post >>936313 and whatever this was >>936486 are gone. one of my favorite things about her is when she’s pretending to be a hot science babe, but she only posts IFLscience-tier clickbait garbage, and she clearly doesn’t even understand that.

No. 937250

File: 1720139893723.jpeg (168.33 KB, 1290x685, IMG_9894.jpeg)

“Since I’ve never been dumped”
Didn’t her last ex beat her ass and use hard drugs? You’ve set the bar so low.
Adrien cheated on Vicky and he broke up with her.

No. 937259

If only she hadn't turned down that job offer from NASA years ago, she'd be set.

No. 937260

She prob just took bad mushrooms and just thought she did all that politicians kek

No. 937270

>tattoos indicate wealth
kek sure jan

No. 937319

File: 1720219911916.png (156.61 KB, 1080x670, Screenshot_20240705-174607-857…)

These are so fkn funny

No. 937322

was this the ex who beat the toddler to death, or that weird geriatric man…?

No. 937339

File: 1720232457669.jpeg (469.79 KB, 1290x2431, IMG_9912.jpeg)

“ if this is what I’m going to look like at 90 years old I’m going to be fucking hot. But the problem is I already look like the top one now”

First of all moron, you’re using a free filter. It’s not going to be accurate. Secondly, the top one is suppose to make you look at least alittle younger and you look 40. Which says a lot of the state of you.

She’s completely lost her accent

No. 937341

File: 1720233448683.mp4 (4.21 MB, 720x1280, C9DyNLnPq-B.mp4)

No. 937353

Remove the hand Vic, share that double chin w the rest of the class.

No. 937376

Even with that 19 year old filter she looks like a dusty old alcoholic that smokes a pack a day. Every single one of her posts is LOOK HOW YOUNG I LOOK. I AM SO SO YOUNG TELL ME I AM YOUTHFUL. She hates that she’s and old bitch so much. Piling on filters and clown make up to cope. Pushing 40 and hasn’t done shit with her life and will be forever alone

Kekkkk I wonder if this is about Adrian. Except for she hit him and he hates her. Left her ass for someone normal and beautiful

No. 937388

File: 1720287081842.jpeg (281.62 KB, 1290x2345, IMG_9914.jpeg)

He didn’t ask for a nude and women get this crap on social media all the time

No. 937391

are we defending creepy moids because Vicky is telling them off now?

No. 937397

Nona, are you retarded? >>937388 wasn't defending the moid, just pointing out that Vicky seems to have overreacted. I also thought he was asking for a selfie, but I'm naive when it comes to online dating.

No. 937418

Would that moid be asking for selfies from other random men? He felt entitled to pictures of a woman because he views them as objects. From the looks of it the dude was an stranger, he has no business asking women for any kind of pictures. This is completely unrelated to dating. “No” and “I don’t do that, peace” isn’t an overreaction. I’m glad dude was put in his place.

No. 937437

nta who posted this but i think the point was that vicky even finds this worth posting. most women constantly get messages like this. vicky sees it as proof that she’s desirable. she posted it to brag.

No. 937439


She's not British any more, I guess.

No. 937442

This. I wasn’t defending him at all. It’s creepy and weird. What I was saying is she posts this shit all the time that she’s some goddess that men want photos from. It literally happens to any woman that opens a social media account. Her only accolades are creepy dudes on the internet. >>937391 like relax

No. 937483

>Go find an only fans chick
as if she’s any better, posting her tits for facebook boomers for free

No. 937487

Vicky is just mad she can’t do OF because her body looks like a bowl of pudding and her tits are saggy pancakes. She would never expose herself. She hates young pretty girls so much and it shows

No. 937525

sorry if this comes off as a nitpick, but i noticed her double copula (“the problem is, is that…”). it drives me nuts, but normally i wouldn’t say anything. however, she went to stanford, yale, and harvard, so she should really know better. now i’m convinced she faked her british accent all those years (!) to cover for how stupid she really is, because she’s definitely stupid enough to believe a british accent makes her sound smart. btw, she’s private on instagram again.

No. 937539

It is actually unbelievable how delusional she is. I've met some self-absorbed people in my life but she really takes the cake.

No. 937581


It’s just a giant cope, she’s just too dumb and delusional to see how transparent shit like this is to normal people.

No. 937585

pixyteri is more educated than vicky. has she ever even enrolled in community college?

No. 937601

File: 1720478900317.jpeg (313.08 KB, 1290x1775, IMG_9969.jpeg)

Unhinged icky reviews incoming.

It was on camera in the house. Why the fuck would she have camera with audio in her government housing apartment? Lying or a paranoid crackhead.. you decide.

No. 937602

File: 1720479016373.jpeg (397.79 KB, 1290x1951, IMG_9970.jpeg)

Never cease to amaze me that a woman that has been living off of the government can tell people what they should do for work.

No. 937603

File: 1720479152898.jpeg (162.79 KB, 1290x730, IMG_9971.jpeg)

Why does every pizza place she go to have glass in the pizza…?

No. 937604

File: 1720479211389.jpeg (287.09 KB, 1290x1917, IMG_9972.jpeg)

More healthy eating for the Queen icky.

No. 937605

Dying at all the ‘for a friend’ in every review. Stfu Vicky you have no friends.

No. 937606

Interesting how the multinational chains get 5 stars, but the local mom n pop has glass, allergen and lie pizza.

No. 937611

>for a friend
Kek. The fact that she even feels the need to state this means it was all for herself. Fatty.

No. 937632

she can’t even karen right. what bad review starts with “incredible food”? no wonder the manager told you to fuck off dumbass lmao.

No. 937645

>for a friend
Oh my gooooddddd

No. 937743

she said nothing wrong

No. 937744

No. 937804

>a backpiece costs the same as a luxury car

Absolute bullshit lmao

No. 937818

She doesn't even know how much cars cost because she never even had one. Does she even have a license?

No. 937836

I imagine she needs to maintain sobriety long enough to take the drivers test. So that will never happen.

No. 937955

She never got her license but I wanna say sometime in 2019ish she posted pics of her learner's permit to her Instagram, lol.

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