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File: 1580391037836.jpeg (232.66 KB, 750x1178, D1D4896D-DC71-4BAC-A30C-46C320…)

No. 753753[Reply]

Fahr Sindram / FahrlightLoki Anonymous 4 years ago No. 156500


Fame-thirsty cosplayer with delusions of grandeur, tries to conceal that the only publisher that prints her "manga" is actually owned by her family.

Denies photoshopping, begs for donations for rent, vet bills, and now she claims to be trans and gets donations for all medical costs relating to it, threatens suicide if followers don’t donate.(shit thread)
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No. 813194

That pic also gives an idea of how Lurch looks to Luna

No. 813316

the fuckin delusion

No. 816277

File: 1610820648981.png (1.52 MB, 828x1792, E0D8ED77-EBF0-4A29-981A-2A4D6A…)

No. 816278

File: 1610820675967.png (368.69 KB, 828x1792, 15263B19-5062-4391-A5C1-E78AB5…)

No. 816307

File: 1610844042786.jpeg (19.79 KB, 272x275, 722E667B-ADB4-4726-8C3F-FAE408…)

Literally reborn as Tom Hiddleston, not a coincidence at all. Amazing.
>and then everyone clapped

File: 1567426030891.jpg (1.87 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190902_200512066.j…)

No. 696127[Reply]



>Dasha is outed by lolcow admin for posting 142 times in one thread alone >>>/pt/519998

>Posts included doxxing Mina via a photo of her passport, unreleased semi-nude photos stolen from Mina’s phone, rumors about Mina being a sugar baby, implying Edwin is a kiddy fiddler for dating a 20 year old, and praising/defending Dasha
>Edwin makes a video about the nonsense, alluding to her posts on lolcow
>An old clip resurfaces of Dasha saying "Sieg Heil, mein Führer!" while doing a Nazi salute >>>/pt/525575
>Dasha reacts by deleting her Twitter and making her Instagram accounts private, and announces she is getting “phone therapy” for her depression
>Dasha’s true form is revealed in pics and videos shot for a pluggednyc campaign >>>/pt/532499
>This was particularly delicious vis a vis her addiction to extreme shooping and the fact that she was also caught out editing Mina’s photos >>>/pt/533091
>Dasha and Cyr conspire to take down Edwin’s videos and ultimately have his YouTube channel deleted as revealed in leaked voice messages Dasha sent to her flying monkeys >>>/pt/534251.
>Someone who may or may not be Dasha assumed Mina’s identity and succeeded in getting Mina’s YouTube channel taken down (it has since been reinstated) >>>/pt/536040
>Cyr himself has yet to comment on the situation, leaving his attack dog NetNobody to whiteknight him against Edwin on Twitter >>>/pt/546541
>Videos released by “Anonymous Person” attempting to discredit Mina and Edwin >>>/pt/535521 sound suspiciously like Dasha putting on a British accent >>>/pt/536537
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 816219

Whats up with this fancy apartment shes taking recent picture in. She hooking? Crashing at a mates? I doubt she can afford this on her own with her "modelling".

No. 816257

Same place she’s lived for a while.

No. 816274


I’m pretty sure it’s the place she moved into with Cyr after they left the apartment they had shared with Edwin. My tinfoil is that Cyr is still paying her rent there because he’s a pussy.

No. 816310

It’s yungbae’s apartment. He’s some kind of musician(?), so yeah she just moved on to another e-list celeb to mooch off.

No. 816389

Post caps

File: 1609366159824.png (2.54 MB, 1984x1062, Peridot.png)

No. 811813[Reply]

19 year old "beauty guru" with subpar make-up skills. Has around 1 million (fake) followers on Instagram (fluctuates with when they can buy new bots), 11k (fake) followers on Twitter and 10k (fake) subscribers on youtube.
Has around a 1% engagement on instagram, but those likes and comments appear to be from bots, fake accounts, and engagement pods. Never gets any RTs or likes on twitter aside from her mom. Doesn’t get much more than 1000 views on her Youtube videos. Some brands, such as Colorpop and Laura Mercier have, however, fallen for her snafu and send her PR. Recent drama channels exposing her have garnered more attention as of late, but the views die off quickly and return to bot numbers soon after the hype dies down.

>Her mom Laur creates all her fan accounts on IG. Many of them pretends to be grossly exaggerated versions of minorities.
>Claims she has her own beauty brand coming out in 2020 (@lilleejeancosmetics) UPDATE 7/2020: This turned out to be just a new blog launch called @lilleejeanbeauty as her associated IG account was renamed as such
>Went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab and made some customs Lipsticks (as anyone can do) for herself, claimed they were a collab and that Bite would release them for purchase. Sperged out on IG and cancelled them when they told her to stop claiming it was an official collaboration (https://www.instagram.com/tv/BwaDTX1gyDc/?igshid=3t86d935d62o)
>Had a billboard of herself in Times Square for Covergirl, pretends she did an actual campaign with them, when in reality it was a campaign where anyone could upload their picture to their homepage and then get their picture on the billboard.
>Her batshit insane mother uploaded an obviously shooped picture to her IG (@lrtrueman) claiming Lillee went to the MET ball. It wasn’t until after the reddit call-out they began to claim it was fan-art.
>Her mother also posted an obviously shooped “Teen Vouge” cover with Lillee on the front page.
>Somebody on r/beautyguruchatter made a thread about Lillee Jean. Her and her mom sperged out, made multiple accounts and spammed threads.
>Most likely buys used palettes for her videos. Has new videos for sets that came out weeks ago. Lillee and Laur read here everyday while denying they do so.

MAIN ACCOUNTS AS OF 2020 (updated December 2020)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 816259

File: 1610811619171.jpg (88.69 KB, 1300x957, XC2HR9.jpg)


She looks like is wearing one of those novelty pacifiers

No. 816263

She needs to fix that fucking teeth for once…all her photos are disturbing.

No. 816264

>>815546 talking serious, is she autist or retarded? I never saw an adult talking English that bad. I don't understand what she says. And it's her natal idiom…

No. 816265

you don't give a fuck about your pets. you let your cat being in pain and die. and you took advantage of the death for gain some more views, likes, fame or people feeling sorry about you. when the cat was dying you were doing stories and videos like if nothing happened. you do not deserve or have the right to have more pets. animals are beautiful, friendly and kind, and you are the opposite. i hope one day you will suffer like that innocent and poor cat that you left alone when dying.
what you do is so disgusting.

No. 816315

I also want to mention, before Lillee ever posted about Bella's sickness or anything like months ago, the small glimpses of videos you got of her cats showed what kind of environment they were living in. They were both overweight, not grossly obese as some cats I have seen, but they were large, which isn't healthy. And they always looked dirty and dusty from constantly rolling around in whatever filth was in Laur's house. I'm not expecting everyone's houses to be spic and span and perfectly clean just to house a pet, but I have a feeling they never really "kept up" with the dirtiness of their place and the cats were probably living in a semi-gross environment. And to see Lillee feeding her new cat on a shelf is really apparent of that. Poor things.

File: 1605143189408.jpg (261.22 KB, 1066x1065, pt.jpg)

No. 804526[Reply]

New PT Thread, old thread (>>>/pt/361385) hit posting limit and it's been almost 2 months and no one has made a new one, so I guess I will

Previous thread developments

- Relationship with parents got worse
- Videos were posted publicly involving her breaking down/screaming at her parents
- Apparently threw something breakable/made of glass at her father and he needed medical attention
- Police may have been called but no charges made
- She left home and stayed in a hotel
- Like all co-dependent abusive relationships, she went back home and the cycle of abuse continues

New developments

- Just reposted her gofundme on her facebook asking for money to help her bills/move out
- Seems like literally nothing has changed
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No. 816213

That's just pixy acting childish, and apart from the stalking that happened years ago none of these things make her a bad person.

No. 816234

Sorry, someone correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t she once say she was glad Hiroshima was bombed or something along those lines? Why are you trying to make her out to be such a nice person, when she’s not?

No. 816255

also "why are people not over 9/11 yet??? it's been a year already, come on!" but maybe it was her being a legitimate autist with no empathy or imagination

No. 816269

I was there. The problem wasn't a change of mind, it was that she was going to use the money to buy junk online before Japan. Pixy argued that it was okay as long as she still planned on going. /cgl/ just wanted to get her there to break her delusion anyways, but she wanted to blow the money and would have never of went.

No. 816370

I hope that Sarah can make her dream of going to Japan. That being said, I don't think she would really like what she sees there.

On that note, does anyone know if Sarah ever leaves her current town or has ever been outside of Texas? Maybe she should try that first before going to another country

File: 1559435040101.jpg (57.97 KB, 317x445, marge.jpg)

No. 666399[Reply]

After 3 years of playing the South Korean visa system, our favourite illegal alien has finally been apprehended and sent to prison, and will most likely be facing deportation.

She was confirmed to be trying to apply for refugee status in SK several weeks ago.

She recieved a deportation order for illegal for-profit activity (likely prostitution) instead as per >>663735 and >>663719 and >>663902

She is currently awaiting deportation to Hungary at Hwasong Foreigners' Shelter, and is speculated to be making fish noodles to make up for the money needed for deportation.

Links to social media, although she hasn't posted for several weeks:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/margaretpalermo/?hl=en

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/margaretpalermo

Twitter: https://twitter.com/margaretpalermo?lang=en
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 814776

>I think Margo put aside a lot of prospects from her own life to focus on building Venus' youtube fame

And that is on Marge, and only Marge. It's one thing wanting to support your kid when her YT channel took off, but it is one entire different thing to have her be your only source of income from then on (and sometimes borrow her clothes and do embarrassing ~kawaii~ dances so you can be just as uwu as the daughter you want to skinwalk).

No. 814816

Why isn’t she just trying to get better and focussing on a new path? She can even get rid of her mental issues and make a new baby that she won’t try to exploit. They’re both so weird.

No. 814835

She doesn't want to get better; Marge can't even suss out that she's mentally ill in the first place.

And if she had another baby - which is thankfully out of the question due to her age (45) and having only one ovary left - she would do the same thing all over again, hoping to live off that child's income and control their whole life minute by minute.

No. 815963

File: 1610710513941.jpeg (175.54 KB, 828x1439, F3603FB7-7116-41A5-800E-8AE3A6…)

Oh lawd… not agro magro putting this poor vulnerable old lady at risk for no other reason than to act like a dramatic train wreck on the timeline. Nobody fucking cares that you abused your daughter and now she makes money selling nudes.

No. 816271

File: 1610818763694.jpeg (194.48 KB, 957x1013, 69C5DDA0-40D5-4FE4-A94E-4C85FE…)

noooo, anon…Margaret is the one who was abused, terrorized and even BEATEN for years by the ebil psychopathic bullying murderer VEENOOS! She begged for help but no one cared, and VEENOOS continues to attack and bully her to this very day!

Oh and marge is totally not extorting her daughter, merely asking for a SMALL PART of what VEENOOS stole from her to be returned. Totally reasonable and only fair!

File: 1436142854421.png (1.59 MB, 890x1472, Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 5.39…)

No. 132833[Reply]

Sup ladies? Is Peter Coffin paying a new girl to fake as his wife or is this the original horsemaw with heavy plastic surgery?

I'll be including pics where she forgot to stuff her bra. We're over at /cow/ if you need us.
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No. 815665

i honestly read the whole thing as a humble brag. she could just stop posting her tits lol

No. 815701

She's right tho. She is unremarkable and boring, which is why she's into the whole bimbo thing in the first place. She's not confident about her ability to maintain people's interest otherwise.

No. 815941

Her toon render really picked up on the fucked-up lip fillers lmao

No. 816003

If the Q shaman guy gets arrested she should become his prison pen pal. It would be the perfect situation from her, she would get to hot girl LARP with a right-wing bad boy without worrying about him ever coming to see her irl.

No. 816174

Qbacca is arrested and in jail already, but at least he’s getting his organic food

File: 1529666322565.jpg (1.31 MB, 1920x2560, dasha.jpg)

No. 534019[Reply]

Summary of last thread/s:


>Admin outs Dasha for posting 142 times in this one thread alone >>>/pt/519998

>Posts included doxxing Mina via a photo of her passport, unreleased semi-nude photos stolen from Mina’s phone, rumors about Mina hooking, Cyr being an innocent non-cheating angel, alludes to Edwin being a pedo for dating a 20yo, and defending Dasha
>Edwin announces a new video about her fuckery, hinting at her lolcow posts
>an old clip resurfaces of Dasha yelling "Sieg Heil, mein Führer!" while doing a Hitler salute
>Dasha reacts by going dark, deleting her Twitter, and privating her Instagram account
>Dasha announces getting therapy for her depression
>Dasha's visa state remains unknown
>Lettie releases then rapidly deletes her attack video on Mina, featuring many violations of trust and privacy by showing DMs. Admin kindly backed it up at https://vimeo.com/274760360
>Dasha implies to a minion that she is suicidal form this exposé >>>/pt/530675
>Edwin releases a video revealing Cyr has now paid him the money owed from the court case, and goes in on mutual friends who supported Cyr’s version of events.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 537767

New thread is up, friends: >>>/pt/537641

No. 545285

File: 1531218727231.jpg (13.43 KB, 320x259, 35526036_1087548428059708_5605…)

No. 552773

Dash is pretty, so what is she's a little bit chubbier than Mina sometimes.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 584714

This makes me feel so bad because people have told me I look like her before. But I don’t overly edit my photos to the point of looking unrecognizable…(necro)

No. 815117

She is creepy and her face looks like a plate. She has a personality of a dirty dishrag, and she tries so Hard to be Mina. Mina is dress up artist and so creative and so good at that, and that bitch is a desperate copycat. Idk I think this obsessio started before Cyr cheated on Mina, because I know person like this and how obsessive and creepy these people can get. Getting a partner of her victim of the obsession to cheat on the victim is like some kind of sick "win" or "proof" that they are better than the victim. I know since I am victim of this kind of creep. First step is copy the victims style. My creep did exactly that. She changed her entire style to copy mine, and fucked my boyfriend. That is not all, only little part of her behavior. But if you ever encounter person with obsessive behavior to you, RUN.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1610391792516.jpg (93.11 KB, 827x705, 1.jpg)

No. 814859[Reply]

Queen Of Spade is a dangerous individual who is known for targeted harassment, swatting, doxxing and false accusations. This thread will document everything.(>>>anti-o thread)
11 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 814877

File: 1610392770231.jpg (231.56 KB, 1080x2220, 13.jpg)

Why QoS Got Banned (Official)

No. 814878

Altercations With Queenofspade's Video

No. 814880

File: 1610392964203.jpg (1 MB, 1440x3120, 14.jpg)

Is qos saying that ladyvalkyrie is an alt account?

No. 814882

File: 1610393043077.jpg (76.23 KB, 828x1792, 15.jpg)

Would you look at that, the one crying harassment is the actual harasser. Interesting.

No. 814883

File: 1610393120574.jpg (52.42 KB, 680x516, 16.jpg)

Anytime anyone talks about her - censoring is a great plan!

File: 1553699276817.jpeg (422.5 KB, 2224x1668, 74824EC8-7416-4B9D-96B5-09FAE0…)

No. 648757[Reply]

If you are new, please make sure you read:
https://lolcow.farm/rules before posting.

21 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/635136
The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1135 posts and 224 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 654120

yea she just bought it. Now way it's 4+ months. I don't even understand why shes got tons of pets already. After a certain point it becomes a chore and a hassle to take care of that many animals. Is she even enjoying them at this point? It's like these idiots who have 200 guitars, except these need care as a living being. Just because you got a pet that made you happy doesn't mean get 50 pets will make you 50x happier. Just like drugs it gets fucking boring after a point, so just quit before you hurt yourself. She's chasing a sensation in her mind she's never gonna get again. I mean fuck, how many animals does she even have at this point?

No. 654123

File: 1555530672425.png (49.16 KB, 573x500, discord1.PNG)

says the guy who threatened to flush down a kitten down the toilet

No. 654127

Johnny needs to get on a long term maintenance methadone program. He’s been using for too long, his brain is permanently damaged and he’ll never be able to be fully clean. Maintenance will keep him on a safe, steady dose of opioids which no long term side effects.

Taylor just needs to stop. She’s not an addict, she’s a casual user. All her drug posturing and pretending she somehow become the worlds biggest junkie in four months is a joke. She doesn’t even know what she’s doing. If she wasn’t feeling high towards the end it’s because jonnny was cooking her weak as fuck shots to keep more for himself. I know junkies 20+ years in who still get high on a 50unit shot.

I just hate that she’s essentially trying to gain sympathy by almost glamourizing drugs to her ten year old followers. Anyone who has used can smell her pseudo junkie bullshit lies from a mile away.

No. 654135


Apologies on it being a little bit late.

No. 814769

great thread(necro)

File: 1610005218527.png (472.2 KB, 464x407, wut.PNG)

No. 813923[Reply]

As requested by many in >>/pt/763213

>constantly mentions her time working for Star Magazine as if its of any merit

>known for her celebrity analysis videos/dating advice videos
>displays heavy narcissistic personality red flags within every single video
>implies that cheating is alright so long as you're honest about it
>recently moved to Montana this year and is now acting as if its her native ground and telling people that they can't come to HER state
>Preaches about empowering women and self identifies as a predator
>makes so many contradictory statements, like she gets mad about "douche fuck boys" but openly discloses with pride she has cheated on past boyfriends
>made a statement about how she could defraud a company and wouldn't feel bad about it
>claims to be bisexual yet there's been no proof to this
>is super country, then super new york, then super cali
>is all over the place in terms of personality and doesn't seem to understand herself
>now claims to also know everything about guns because she moved to Montana
>mid-life-crisis low cut tops and the blur filter/low quality camera to hide her "age"
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 813924

No. 813925

No. 813931


Thanks for the thread!! I was waiting on this one lol

>implies that cheating is alright so long as you're honest about it

Correction: she said it‘s fine to cheat as long as you don‘t tell your partner about it, cause it‘s a personal issue you should deal with yourself and you shouldn‘t make them feel bad about it

It‘s … a little insane.
Could maybe add the witchcraft thing and her using it as some sort of „don‘t fuck with me i‘m a powerful badass witch bitch“-narrative that she likes to perpetuate

It‘s so funny how she always pretends to be a bad bitch with no conscience who fucks ppl over, but will cry rivers and scream for empathy and pity when others fuck her over

No. 813955

There already is a Shallon Molester thread made. Idk why a second one is needed before 1200 posts.

No. 813972

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