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File: 1705256652469.jpg (123.82 KB, 640x521, 1700625836678.jpg)

No. 926623

New thread since old thread is about to lock

Old thread: >>>/pt/res/918599



>Previous thread developments:

-Still spergs out over misgendering
-Still insists she's being raped by a ghost
-Confirmed from the cow's mouth that she's taking over the counter, Walmart testosterone
-Claims food businesses are putting estrogen in the food anytime she eats like shit and gets sick after
-Got an interview at Walmart, but even Walmart doesn't want her
-Ebegging for "basic needs" followed by posts of "look what I got" on tiktok with cheap cosplay items and hotel rooms
-AO3 account filled with tranny shota/little boy rape stories was discovered thanks to her hints and obvious tags
-Given prescription for vraylar, but won't get refills
-Tried to donate plasma, but rejected because she "hears voices"
-Suicide baiting
-Sudden fixation/obsession that she was sexually assaulted by someone as a child.

>New Developments:

-Cowtipper by the name of Emily outs herself after not censoring the screenshots she posted to lolcow.
-Refused to follow doctos orders for dealing with her heel spur and instead got surgery to treat the heel spur despite being jobless
-Within days of Pixy announcing her surgery, Debbie, PT's mom, mentioned on Facebook that she had 3 bags of jewelry go missing.

No. 926640

File: 1705295448668.jpg (732.62 KB, 1440x2336, MTXX_MH20240115_000910486.jpg)

Gonna post some shots from her sketchbook tour video she posted, there are just some of the pages that caught my eye.

No. 926641

File: 1705295508400.jpg (745.41 KB, 1440x2428, MTXX_MH20240115_000944846.jpg)

Not sure what she means about kicking her leg up or what that implies

No. 926642

File: 1705295553061.jpg (825.58 KB, 1440x2447, MTXX_MH20240115_001020123.jpg)

"Fuck you kris" in the top corner of this page

No. 926643

File: 1705295664999.jpg (751.92 KB, 1440x2455, MTXX_MH20240115_001043872.jpg)

"Strange raw ass/felt like cum inside"
I really wonder why she wants to be raped by her dad so badly… so strange. Can't help but feel like ot turns her on at this point, like a reverse oedipus complex.

No. 926644

File: 1705295712072.jpg (915.75 KB, 1440x2438, MTXX_MH20240115_001121321.jpg)

No. 926645

File: 1705295753140.jpg (768.12 KB, 1440x2434, MTXX_MH20240115_001140293.jpg)

No. 926647

As I've understood she's drinking a lot, so no wonder she's feeling "drugged", is she that dumb really?

No. 926649

maybe she lifts her leg like a dog to piss and thinks that makes her male because male dogs do that.

No. 926654

it actually says:

"Fuck you KRis, you can dress as powergirl"

so I am assuming her brother suggested she cosplay as Powergirl sometime in the past and this triggered her since she hates females now and is totes a boy.

No. 926658

The Kris she could be talking about could also be the guy with the trex arms that she used to fuck, but rejected her after catching feelings for a red headed stripper

No. 926663

File: 1705339950377.png (183.22 KB, 1080x562, 1000014853.png)

She mentioned that she can't afford public transportation on one of her replies to this post.

No. 926664

File: 1705339986991.png (382.65 KB, 1079x1259, 1000014851.png)


No. 926665

File: 1705340134388.png (301.11 KB, 1079x1395, 1000014852.png)

No. 926667

File: 1705342923981.jpeg (327.23 KB, 828x585, IMG_4418.jpeg)

She’s fixated on how her sleeping with her leg up as a kid means she was raped

No. 926675

File: 1705350340833.jpg (1.04 MB, 1440x2636, MTXX_MH20240115_152639870.jpg)

Still doing the awkward hand thing insisting it makes her a man

No. 926676

File: 1705352211478.mp4 (7.58 MB, 576x1024, 2ec40e498f8d7281ff6722684563d3…)

It's even funnier in action. Full vid

No. 926686

File: 1705362037454.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1859, 1000014856.png)

Her latest tiktok is her eating a banana with the caption "Help me…"

No. 926697

am I overthinking it or does her change look different here? idk some pages look neat, then sloppy during her tard rages?

No. 926698

No. 926744

File: 1705452221721.mp4 (787.55 KB, 576x1024, 434daf9032b2d48017a6643c63450c…)

She's like one of those toys where you press a button and hear one of 5 different phrases

No. 926750

she's playin' the hits

No. 926753

kek based off the sounds in the background you can tell her family is in there and exposed to her broken record bullshit
I wonder if they just ignore her at this point?

No. 926756

File: 1705479410526.mp4 (2.21 MB, 576x1024, 5645e694423f3181f7b1969489bf61…)

Caption: Help me
shocking, never heard her use that phrase before

No. 926757

File: 1705479500633.jpg (54.46 KB, 1080x742, Screenshot_20240117-031213_Tik…)

Comment under "Help me" vid kekekekek

No. 926759

File: 1705479763787.mp4 (3.76 MB, 576x1024, 120a47c65094b3987ba56bcf79679a…)

Caption: Something here in my room
She's really been on one these past couple of days. Ngl I've been loving it. Cmon nonitas let's throw on our most comfortable pajamas, grab a big bowl of popcorn (extra butter), and enjoy the shitshow!

No. 926760

File: 1705479964853.mp4 (3.26 MB, 576x1024, 9b1a66ae6fe234c082f1d2587ff3d2…)

This one is so fucking bizarre/absurd that it deserves to be uploaded in full.
Enjoy anons! Kek

No. 926762

File: 1705486006648.png (880 KB, 1290x2716, StitchIt_20241701050723_303.pn…)

Recent fb shit featuring that retard Emily

No. 926774


This one is amazing, thanks tiktok anons

No. 926784

The fuck is the queen even doing now? Like, what's even the point of posting if
These are her replies? She's such a weirdo, most narcs just enjoy the questions and act like they're being interviewed for a documentary about the most miserable person on earth, but she just, says the same shit over and over again, maybe PT is actually suffering brain damage or some shit.

No. 926799

I'm sorry to ask to be spoon fed, but I have made an attempt to find out how to upload a video here, and I'm not sure how. I have a recording of a tiktok she made where she was crying and screaming but I think she deleted it quickly cause nobody here mentioned it. Please don't ban me, I usually post a lot of screenshots but video files are one thing I haven't attempted.

No. 926801

You can post mp3 files now

No. 926807

File: 1705589405002.png (72.62 KB, 1080x509, 1000014952.png)

No. 926808

File: 1705589633796.jpg (305.82 KB, 1080x1921, 1000014954.jpg)

No. 926809

File: 1705592276067.mp4 (2.76 MB, 576x1024, 36d08aa762f86cbf8877531b32fd88…)

More lethal injection sperging
She's so obvious kek

No. 926810

I guess she's afraid of her weird ass borderline pedo fanfics to be discovered.

No. 926811

My thoughts exactly. Perhaps she realized how gross she is and in her delusions is fearing the consequences.

No. 926813

So this is the state of her off Vraylar, huh. God it's hard not to alog about the state of mental health care in this country sometimes.

No. 926814

File: 1705602874937.jpg (91.85 KB, 1080x487, 1000025746.jpg)

There's Facebook in the afterlife

No. 926816

File: 1705609174928.png (786.85 KB, 750x837, girl.png)

Some man is talking in the video, but I don't know how to rip videos from facebook.

No. 926818

Sounds like her dad is making fun of her taking selfies

No. 926819

File: 1705610733946.mp4 (11.73 MB, 576x1024, caaba409fe5de133065d032d447cf8…)

I feel like this qualifies as milk kek no sage today ladies!!!

No. 926821

File: 1705611301920.jpg (987.81 KB, 1440x2328, MTXX_MH20240118_155330060.jpg)

I don't think he's making fun of her so much as asking why she keeps taking selfies, which is a valid question from someone who's older when someone keeps whipping out their phone 100x a day to record themselves for no reason.

Also, a post thanking her "molesting, alcoholic" dad for being there for her. I'm assuming when she says the last few days it's because she's been on another mental breakdown the last few days.

No. 926827

File: 1705619155026.png (86.55 KB, 1080x516, 1000014972.png)

Comment on this made me lol

No. 926828

She deleted this lol

No. 926845

File: 1705629580157.mp4 (12.28 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cmis3f7og65lsb13m6…)

Never saw this one posted.

No. 926848

its insane to me that her parents have to try and go about their day to day life hearing this and >>926809 for hours, just tuning it out like background noise.

No. 926850

Looks like she deleted this one.
Can't find it on her tiktok.

No. 926851

Of all the things to be crying about, she bawws over not being able to go to a convention. Not because she doesn't have money, a job, or her car. She's a fucking child.

No. 926853

File: 1705639895756.mp4 (4.34 MB, 576x1024, Towed Car.mp4)

Her car was towed. Perhaps it sparked >>926845?

No. 926857

File: 1705648475017.jpeg (315.01 KB, 1170x621, 297B5D7B-CFC7-45F6-9B59-C71D64…)

The plot thickens

No. 926859

File: 1705649463551.mp4 (6.93 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cml1q37og65t543pa1…)

Detrans announcement

No. 926860

Being trans/a man wasn't getting her enough attention, I'm prophecising the return of PixyTeri at long last

No. 926861

That or the video of her in the car with her dad was him taking her to pick up her prescription

No. 926870

Clearly she’s just trying to get people to tell her to keep doing the trans thing but tbh I’m hoping this is the end of her delusion. She’s put herself in a worst spot crying about her pronouns than she ever was before.

No. 926871

Oh wow! I did not see this coming

No. 926872

lets hope this sticks because I'm tired of the tranny tard meltdowns

No. 926874

I find it so funny that she immediately put on a dress because of course woman=dress and girly clothes.

No. 926875

File: 1705682615263.png (934.43 KB, 1080x1865, 1000014985.png)

IAWTC and also think she's doing this because it's getting her some attention here >>926857.
It's the same tiring "Am I dead?" posts otherwise

No. 926877

Holy shit, stunpled onto this thread via an unrelated search. I can't believe PT is a troon now.(sage your shit)

No. 926879

Not anymore, you missed it. She JUST detransed, kek.

No. 926880

Just watched some of her new vidoes and holy shit she is unhinged. I always thought she just got out of internet spot light and maybe had a happy ending. I didn't think she was this nuts(sage your shit)

No. 926889

Doesn’t surprise me to say the least. I knew she wouldn’t last long as cosplaying a male.

No. 926890

Was going to say maybe some mood stabilizers/anti-psychotics are in action…

But the wanting children post is giving psychosis for some reason.

No. 926891

File: 1705699231023.mp4 (5.15 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cml4tnfog65i6j3m15…)

She seems extra psychotic rn she’s posting a lot of weird TikToks, even more than usual. It’s hard to tell if she’s acting crazy for attention or not in some

No. 926892

Well…good for her, I guess. “Ashton” was a fucking eyesore, and hopefully that’s the last we’ll see of “him”. She looks happier in these few pictures than she ever did dressing as a genderspecial packer-toting clown, and I hope she does feel less aggressive and at odds with everyone around her without veins full of Walmart testosterone.

I’ll believe it when I see it though, and I give it six hours until the next “I’m dying!” post.

No. 926893

I'm predicting a DID saga for her next

No. 926897

>I don't wanna die
She does this every week.

No. 926900

heheh do you think its cute hehehe I don't wanna die. jfc

No. 926902

>no car
>confined at home
Only in America

No. 926926

Had the same thought with this sudden flip, another trendy problem to have online. Alters arc incoming

No. 926927

File: 1705732712638.jpeg (209.13 KB, 828x1412, IMG_4443.jpeg)

people are trying to encourage her to keep up with the the trans shit

No. 926954

Hilarious how easily people will say "no if you like wearing this gendered thing, it means you're trans!" But when people start to return to their real gender it's all just lies and promising those urges are wrong

No. 926955

It rubs me the wrong way how one of them talks like they know PT better than herself
>You know you don't want to be a girl
and also they're simultaneously acknowledging that PT IS a girl which is hecking transphobic in my opinion. Someone should tell PT she can be GNC woman and wear whatever the fuck she wants, be it dresses or those ugly cosplays.

No. 926957

File: 1705789859646.png (159.66 KB, 1080x617, 1000015011.png)

No. 926958

File: 1705790179981.png (118.41 KB, 1080x794, 1000015012.png)

How can she go to a con when she doesn't have access to her car?

No. 926959

File: 1705791228208.mp4 (10.11 MB, 576x1024, 1036d1f573fe9b89b6fb9d6ee3201f…)

Quickest detrans to retrans in history

No. 926961

Transgender is NOT a mental illness and we should listen to every tranny. This man (male) is clearly more in touch with reality than we could understand. Trans rights are human rights guys. I'm super cereal.

No. 926964

She looks BAD for her age, but kudos for her for not abusing filters like all the other cows out there

No. 926966

File: 1705801562352.jpg (90.09 KB, 1080x525, 1000007874.jpg)

…how long has she been incontinent? Someone asked her in the comments if she was peeing a little or a lot, and she said "emptying a lot". Foul.

No. 926967

I've noticed the hair petting in one video now it's all I can focus on in every single one. Even movements are stuck on loop.

No. 926970

She posted a very alarming video to her FB where she’s just repeating why am I dead over and over. Her dad is in the background threatening a grippy sock vacation.

No. 926971

Wish he would… She really needs professional and Devine intervention.(sage your shit)

No. 926972

File: 1705806315747.jpg (47.91 KB, 855x900, 1000041442.jpg)

Looks like that ugly ass cow-tipper hasn't gone anywhere(sage your shit)

No. 926973

>that hairline
>those brows
>duckface bathroom selfie
are we sure that asshole is female

No. 926974

File: 1705807532589.mp4 (1.94 MB, 634x1150, RPReplay_Final1705806679.mp4)

>”you better quit saying stuff like that or I’m gonna call the cops and they’re gonna take you to the mental hospital”

No. 926975

Grippy socks time. Sounds like psychosis :((:()

No. 926977

File: 1705810698675.mp4 (1.88 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cmm9jqnog65o07u9vn…)

No. 926978


Mentions pregnancy in video above(sage ur shit)

No. 926980

Not only is she too insane to have a healthy pregnancy/be a mother, but she's getting to be too old at this point. The older she gets the higher risk the pregnancy. But please God don't let this retard go out and purposely try to get pregnant

No. 926981

That's really the better looking pics in her profile tbh the rest of her pictures are truly ugly(sage your shit)

No. 926983


if i were her parents i'd be terrified this mental case would murder me in my sleep. she needs to be institutionalized

No. 926984

her parents need to call the cops. hopefully she has a meltdown in front of them so they can see how retarded she is. this 'I'm dying', 'I'm a man' and 'oh geez I think I'm pregnant' shit is irritating af. can only imagine how her parents cope with a tard daughter who is too stupid to get off her phone to use the bathroom, pisses in bed, doesnt help, and think this means shes pregnant. lmao wtf

No. 926995

how the fuck are her parents dealing with her? they should either throw her ass or put her in some institution, where the fuck did this lethal injection shit come about

No. 926996

I'll tinfoil that her parents threatened to put her to a mental hospital before and mentioned antipsychotic injections that she now thinks are lethal injections or some shit.

No. 926997

In her mentally ill logic kinda makes sense, I was tinfoiling it was about how she is now trans and she's been reading some "they want us killed" troonshit online

No. 927000

File: 1705847967759.mp4 (4.22 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cmmaj8nog65v8dpfm4…)

Someone’s sitting in the room :18

No. 927002

Why does she keep filming her chest and picking at her clothes revealing more and more cleavage

No. 927007

Man I always figured her meltdowns kist happened in the privacy of her own room, but I should have known better with PT.

No. 927008

Because those are her mom's clothes and she's trying to make them fit her body more.

No. 927010

in her gender-retarded (and horny) ways she probably thinks this a normal feminine thing to do? if shes paying attention to her boobs, may be she thinks shes a woman again? based of her rants

No. 927013

I don't know dawg, but has anyone else noticed it seems she may be bunking on their living room couch now? She's been mostly posting tiktoks from their couch, with a pillow and blanket as though that's where she's been sleeping. Maybe she's just ruined her own bed completely with the pissing herself business. Makes me harken back to Deb's post on FB about Sarah shitting in the yard… like she acts like an untrained animal off and on with her psychosis.

No. 927014

File: 1705861953761.jpg (258.06 KB, 1080x1317, Screenshot_20240121_133334_Chr…)

According to Debbie PT is getting better….

No. 927017

Probably means because she's wearing a dress Debs thinks sarah has given up on trooning out. Not that she's mentally better because she's cray cray

No. 927028

File: 1705886794316.png (337.14 KB, 1080x1465, 1000015048.png)

No. 927030

lbr like most of us, were hoping the detrans thing sticks lol

No. 927033

File: 1705893238614.jpg (988.46 KB, 1277x1201, TP.jpg)

I think you’re onto something, anon. That would explain the toilet paper in the background.

No. 927041

Was she really rejected from donating plasma because they thought she was schizo? Do they think mental illness is spread through transfusions?

No. 927042

No kek they just don’t want people who aren’t in a sound state of mind (actively hearing voices as she admits to them) making decisions about their health

No. 927048

Is she standing in/on top of the couch in this clip? How her parents are able to ignore this adult sized toddler is beyond me kek

No. 927049

She's changed her fb since yesterday. She put her real name on it and changed her gender to female.
So glad her make believe tran phase is over.

No. 927057

That's so gross if true… But yeah, her room probably smells like piss and her parents either don't have enough to replace the mattress atm or she's there in case she has another accident. Really hope she doesn't get a UTI and then we get futanari reee'ing about how she's growing a penis because she refuses to wash her coochie.

No. 927061

File: 1705958654525.png (403.77 KB, 1080x1335, 1000015071.png)

She's bought tickets to that con she's been crying about not being able to attend. Wonder if she got her car back or her parents let her borrow their car?

No. 927062

So instead of putting the money she made towards a credit card payment, she buys small convention tickets. Great priorities Sarah. Can't wait for her to bitch and moan about being "disrespected and harmed" that weekend

No. 927063

I can't help but feel this is just another ploy for attention. It's very abby brown esque.

No. 927066

Detransing is the only thing that has gotten her any attention and ass kissing recently kek. Can't let anyone escape the compound. She going to add "Uwu am I a woman?? I don't wanna die" to her rotation of stock phrases until people get sick of that too. Maybe she will try being a furry for attention next.

No. 927071

File: 1705965794547.jpg (1.05 MB, 1440x2790, MTXX_MH20240122_181937841.jpg)

From a recent tiktok… I always had a hunch she walks around her parents house without pants since you could kinda tell she wasn't wearing them in some of her outdoors painting videos but…. sports bra and diaper/disposable underwear. The horrors her parents must witness on a day to day basis.

No. 927107

This just lends to my tinfoil that her parents have completely accepted their daughter will never be on her own and have resigned themselves to letting her live with them because they know she has no better options. Mental health access in Texas is a complete joke, and her boomer parents probably think it’s better just to wrangle her as best they can. PT was publicly known as the town bicycle for years, her dad’s own coworkers knew of her antics, and now she’s just the town loonie. I’m only curious if Deb and Michael have set up any sort of care for her after they pass, if she’ll be foisted off on one of her brothers when they’re no longer able, or sent to some sort of care home, PT’s future is fuckin bleak if something doesn’t change.

No. 927124

jfc stop blaming Texas when the bitch was on a sample of vraylar. that med was doing wonders for her until she stopped for some reason; she either didn't go to the pharmacy, too expensive, who knows. but she is her worst enemy because her parents cant force her to do anything. this tranny shit really fucked her up because it intensified her persecution complex and is yet another hurdle from her getting some type of job because the pronoun retardation. she could probably get state insurance but oh no her real pronoun and gender would assault her. shes holding herself back.

No. 927130

>This just lends to my tinfoil that her parents have completely accepted their daughter will never be on her own and have resigned themselves to letting her live with them because they know she has no better options.
This isn't a tinfoil, it's pixy lore. It was pretty much confirmed years ago when her brother's (now ex) wife Nyan was anonposting and said the parents wanted him to look after Pixy when they died. The whole family are fucking insane, even if they were in California this would happen because nobody in the family takes mental health seriously and they care more about outward appearances to strangers.

No. 927134

Out of curiosity I looked at the retail price of brand name Vraylar. A one month supply is over a thousand dollars and there currently is no generic version available in the US market. Due to the cost, even if PT has insurance, there's a good chance insurance won't pay for it. So I wouldn't be surprised if she stopped taking it because the sample ran out and it's too cost prohibitive to refill. Which is really fucked and for all PT's bullshit, isn't her fault. It's a shame because vraylar did seem to really help PT's delusions.

No. 927141

File: 1706026954932.jpg (Spoiler Image, 343.45 KB, 1080x1669, Screenshot_20240123_102329_Chr…)

No, you can actually qualify for a price reduction through sites like goodrx. Picrel.

No. 927142

She probably told them she is a proud gay man. Men who have sex with men (MSM) are usually restricted from donations, and women who report having sex with MSM are also declined. They're taking precautions to avoid disease.

No. 927143


Two things can be true - Texas IS shitty for mental health care thanks to good 'ol governor hotwheels and PT can be an obtuse retard who refuses to listen to better judgement.

this. Many times, with expensive scripts, it isn't uncommon for your doctor or pharmacy to direct you to the web for discount codes and/or look for them for you.

No. 927145

The coupon/assistance option is true, and it is also true that providers typically help patients access affordable medication. However there is commonly fine print with the manufacturer coupons that limit the total amount of refills you can get with the reduced price, some limit the refills over X amount of time like the course of a year. For what it's worth I'm not excusing PT's extreme lack of initiative to find solutions to any of her problems, just observing that the US medical/medication system certainly doesn't make things easier. There's no disputing that her mental issues require medication.

No. 927150

Cant really understand what her dad is saying to her

No. 927151

Looks like her dad has HAD it with her bullshit today. He comes off as an asshole, but I also can't imagine being in his shoes and living with this every day. Someone needs to blow dart her and send her off to a facility at this point for treatment, she's not getting anywhere staying at home. I think he said something like "go talk to yourself Sarah. Nobody wants to listen to your ass."

No. 927152

File: 1706034374921.jpg (884.54 KB, 4096x3072, MTXX_PT20240123_132507539.jpg)

Her LARPing friend seems to be checking out too, I wonder what it's like to be an outsider and innocently stepping into the dog shit pile that is PixyTeri

No. 927153

Jesus, the way he came in so suddenly made me think there was a dog barking before he started talking.

No. 927169

Damn. You would think they could get her sanctioned and locked up on a ward somewhere atleast. She will either 1. Hate it there and knock the BS off real quick. Or more likely 2. Continue on with her bullshit and milk the situation all she could.
She would see it as free housing though and she would like all the attention she could get from round the clock staff and residents.
What a bleak ass life.

No. 927172

for the millionth time, this is not a thing in texas, especially not for someone who is not actively hurting anyone. she would get a waste of taxpayer's money check-up from some random cop and they'd say she's fine and leave her.

No. 927177

That being said, it has now been an uncharacteristically quiet stretch for her, almost 11 hours now without posting to any channels.

I'm betting something has happened.

No. 927178

File: 1706082107572.jpg (81.52 KB, 899x766, 123.jpg)

No. 927179

I'm thinking the same. Just a gut feeling. This silence feels out of the ordinary, but I guess only time will tell.

No. 927186

Not going to post because it's public information anyway and I don't want to dox, but a call was made for a "mental health emergency" at Pixy's address yesterday right around when she stopped posting. So, there's our answer.

No. 927190

sarah is not going to be involuntarily committed because she is not a danger to herself or to others and has not committed a crime, but even if she were to find herself in a texas state psychiatric hospital she most certainly would not be receiving constant attention from the staff. those institutions are notoriously rife with neglect. patients with real medical issues have died because they weren't properly supervised or were outright ignored even when they were showing signs of distress so i suspect no one would take sarah's frequent "help me i'm dying" tantrums very seriously.

No. 927191

File: 1706103339001.mp4 (4.76 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cmnuuk7og65v8dtrpc…)

People in the comments of this video are starting to call her out for attention seeking instead of getting help

No. 927192

ngl I did laugh when her dad popped off. The man may be an asshole, but it's obvious he's had it. Based off her behavior in this vid I truly believe she was attempting to antagonize him into reacting. Looking over her shoulder, starting the BS "I'm dying" routine with him in the room, she's fishing for attention and sympathy since her followers are also checking out on her.

No. 927193

File: 1706106217813.png (497.43 KB, 1080x2910, 1000002042.png)

Fuck cowtippers, but here's our answer. She's in the hospital.

No. 927194

I chuckled too, I don’t even blame him becuase hearing “I’m dying” 500 ti es a day would get on anyone’s nerves. if only she’d “die of embarrassment” wake up from this attention whoring shit

No. 927199

I honestly feel bad for her parents…..I always have. They are extremely limited in tools and knowledge when it comes to dealing with a child like this. They've never given up on her though.

No. 927200

>She is the best person I know.

Meanwhile she's been doing here damnedest to convince herself that her dad molested her and hasn't hesitated to post those insinuations on the internet for everyone to see, with some "I wish my parents were dead" posts mixed in for good measure,

No. 927201

Her whole family is just as delusional as she is.

No. 927208

She probably doesnt have access to her phone for a while then, huh. What a twist. Happy 2024, fellow farmers

No. 927211

I hope she gets the help she needs. I'm skeptical she would ever stick to a treatment plan, but hey. It's better than using tiktok and facebook to farm attention.

No. 927212

Don't buy her moms attitude, she almost certainly is part of the reason why Sarah is the way she is. Remember the recorded video of her mom screaming at her that she stinks and comparing her to an animal. If its really that bad she should have been placed in a group home when she was younger, but her parents didn't do that.

No. 927214

File: 1706143748317.png (324.69 KB, 1080x2394, 1641261388371.png)

Debbie is even less consistent than Sarah.

No. 927215

jesus, so that's where PT gets it from. people like this disgust me on a visceral level. grow up you stupid fucking hag.

No. 927223

File: 1706168727736.jpg (677.88 KB, 1080x2798, 1000006710.jpg)


Comments on that tiktok

No. 927225

I wonder if she is developing cotards syndrome

No. 927242

She has retard syndrome

No. 927276

File: 1706326507089.jpg (541.77 KB, 1040x1991, Screenshot_20240126_223624_Chr…)

"She's the best person I know"

No. 927279

lmfao(low quality post)

No. 927305

File: 1706398239569.jpg (479.19 KB, 1440x1846, MTXX_MH20240127_183145976.jpg)

Assuming this is in response to Sarah's many accusations that her parents FORCE her to do things. Specifically this time about her saying her mom forced her to tan.

No. 927308

Has her mom ever addressed the rape allegations?

No. 927321

File: 1706463605375.jpg (318.27 KB, 1437x1443, MTXX_MH20240128_124032596.jpg)

I bet Sarah's really glad she used her last dollars to buy a pass for Victoria Comic Con instead of paying her credit card now, it was this weekend but instead she's in the looney bin.

No. 927332

She never would have been able to handle comic con in her current state anyway.

No. 927334

It still would've been kind of interesting to see her sperging though, I hope she calms down a bit anyways, it's not that fun to make fun of someone that's actually sick.

No. 927340

I wonder if she’s in a state or private hospital. If it’s state, it may scare her enough to stop annoying the shit out of her parents

No. 927345

Sarah is getting her mom's car. Also Debbie tagged a Pixy page and not Sarah's personal fb. Lol, boomer.(this is an imageboard, sage your shit)

No. 927346

File: 1706555732200.jpg (399.77 KB, 1080x1664, Screenshot_20240129_141037_Chr…)


My photo disappeared

No. 927350

And we've come full circle to why Sarah is so entitled. Because she's had everything handed to her and not had to ACTUALLY work to earn something. Her old car broke? Parents hand her jobless ass another one. Spent too much money on takeout and shitty cosplays this month? Parents pay her credit card monthlies. It's no wonder she can't be independent at almost 40 years old. I'm not saying she shouldn't ever get help, but she refuses to be independent and will continue this way until her parents die then who knows who's going to take her in and supply her gimmies.

No. 927354

i don't even live in texas but if i did i think id be okay with PT being fed and housed in exchange for being able to go to stores and fast food establishments without seeing a middle-aged woman in tweedle-dee cosplay threatening suicide while pantomiming cumming onto the mcdonald's cashier

No. 927362

File: 1706585328082.jpg (343.36 KB, 1440x1283, 1000041446.jpg)

At this point I think it is very clear that PT is suffering from severe mental handicap. She's mentioned schizophrenia on her own and I'm sure that's only paired with an array of other issues not limited to general crippling autism. She's not exactly capable of being accountable and independent

No. 927368

surely she wouldn't be allowed to drive with untreated/poorly controlled schizophrenia…right?

No. 927370


She also says she's a man and inersex and that she has DID, come now.

No. 927371

You would be surprised what kind of assfuckery people with untreated/poorly controlled schizophrenia can get up to completely unhindered.

It's not pretty.(pointless comment, no sage)

No. 927374

lol who is going to stop her, you think a cop is gonna stop her and diagnose her or some shit? welcome to the real world, there are tons of people on the road who probably shouldnt because its too much of a hassle controlling who can drive

No. 927376

There's so many lolcows who biggest problem is their enabling parents and Sarah is one of them. I don't know how morons can claim she's totally crazy because she does xyz when she's never had to face any consequences for doing xyz. Of course she blows her money on stupid shit and refuses to work, why would she(or anyone else for that matter) when knows mommy and daddy will let her stay at their house and eat their food and give her a car when she needs one.

No. 927379

what's moronic is looking at the trees of "she gets to live with her parents" and ignoring the forest of no career, no friends, no partner, no car, multiple mental illnesses, and cries 8 times a day. nobody normal would actually want to give up their adult independence to live like PT just because she doesn't pay rent. that's completely idiotic.

No. 927383

If Chris Chan is legally allowed to drive anyone can. He literally thinks he’s jesus and can see Magi-chan and talk to “him”

No. 927384


And yet we have loads of NEETs all over the world sitting on their gaming chairs, that smell like ass, playing video games and anime for 15 hours a day.

Just because Sarah is a woman doesn't mean she isn't a NEET herself, sure she had some jobs here and there, but I've lost count of the number of times she said she doesn't even want to work. Loads of people tried helping find a job with her degree and she said no, because it would get in the way of her hobbies. She cries all the time and throws tantrums because she wants to stay at home and watch anime, spend her time writing fanfic, and buying shit cosplays on her parents dime.

I suppose all those incel NEETS are schizophrenic too kek

No. 927386

This, so much this. She lies a lot for attention, she spends most of her time online. She very well may have some mental illnesses, but she's also a lazy spoiled brat.

No. 927387

File: 1706643948834.png (434.1 KB, 1080x2031, 1000015339.png)

More replies

No. 927391

File: 1706647872513.jpg (515.69 KB, 1440x1708, 1000041805.jpg)

I just noticed this and checked out the tagged page I am WEEZING.

No. 927392

File: 1706648031098.jpg (992.9 KB, 1440x1906, 1000041807.jpg)

This being the second album you see on the page. On display for all Debbie's family and friends to see… yikes. But I am glad that PT is getting the help she so desperately needed Jfc

No. 927445

fucking hell her mom linked to this page, christ lmao

No. 927450

File: 1706710987014.jpg (525.01 KB, 1080x1333, 1000000012.jpg)

Your face when she treated her daughters sexual/gender identity as a phase/cosplay and she was right.(pointless comment, lack of sage)

No. 927456


I have a sinking feeling about this. Being trans is the most attention Sarah has gotten in years. Also, people called her out a lot less on her bullshit because of the trans card.
I really do hope she's done being trans.

No. 927458

File: 1706725372618.jpg (413 KB, 1080x1584, 1000006805.jpg)

For her sake, I hope she's right.

No. 927459

File: 1706725805595.jpg (91.9 KB, 1080x396, 1000006807.jpg)

No. 927462

Yeah, I hope the detransition saga sticks. Really tired of the TIF phase.

No. 927463

i would not be surprised if she treats it like Abby Brown's emo phase - just resorts to it in between other bids for attention, as a default.

No. 927467

She's such a boomer, using indian giver. kekk
Anyway, I wonder what's next in the PT saga. Is her trans phase truly done?

No. 927469


Looks like we might find out on Thursday or Friday. I know she's an attention seeking moron, but I do hope they put her on some medication. Knowing Sarah she'll stop taking her pills and revert to her retard phase

I do think it's hilarious that she's been wanting to go to a psych ward and wants to leave immediately after she's locked up.

She definitely wants to leave to go to that convention she bought tickets for. She also has a new car waiting for her.

No. 927470

The con was last weekend, so we'll probably see her whining about how sad she couldn't go due to being in the loony bin.

No. 927471

Glad to see Debbie realising Sarah can't leave the house without a car. They want her to get a job or at least be out of the house instead of waddling around in her pissy adult diapers but then left her with a broken car for awhile, not sure what they were expecting to happen

No. 927472

NTA but your reading comprehension is absolutely fucked. And your reply is a mess.
>ofc she's mentally ill
>but she made bad choices
>just a lazy

Retarded take anon. Do better for our queen.(infighting)

No. 927570

Not an indian giver but also not humble enough to support her mentally ill daughter without outing her charity for the internet kudos.
Why can't parents just be nice to their kids they helped fuck up?

This woman is an emotionally immature parent and a narcissist. Does anyone really wonder where Pixy's oversharing and victim complex comes from?
I hate her parents so damn much.

No. 927595

File: 1706901408007.jpg (425.34 KB, 1440x2440, MTXX_MH20240202_141049693.jpg)

She's out of the psych hospital

No. 927598

File: 1706901902325.jpg (1.21 MB, 1440x2029, MTXX_MH20240202_141357683.jpg)

No. 927599


No. 927600

File: 1706902597606.jpg (288.5 KB, 1440x1475, MTXX_MH20240202_141124314.jpg)

No. 927608


I still want to know what exactly happened that was so bad she was put away for 9 days, given that she’s been unstable (at the very least) for as long as she’s been online. What was the final straw?

No. 927609

File: 1706910414368.mp4 (5.91 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cmulru7og65t545afa…)

She’s back on tiktok talking about her psych ward experience. She deleted most of the sperg outs she posted

No. 927610

File: 1706910632930.mp4 (5.51 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cmulqnfog65jg46lrr…)

She’s also back on the tranny wagon

No. 927613

I’m laughing so hard at her TikTok about missing the con.

She was going to enter the cosplay contest, and she was pretty sure she was going to win.

Imagine how but hurt and insulting she would have been to the winners and judges after she wouldn’t even place.

We missed out.

No. 927614

Oh to be a fly on the wall and see Debbie’s face after her Facebook celebration.

No. 927619

File: 1706917195383.jpeg (162.23 KB, 828x648, IMG_4528.jpeg)

They’ve got her back on schitzo meds at least

No. 927621

And Pixy's telling everyone she's on schizo meds. I think Debbie is the one saving face here, her literally crazy daughter screaming about being in the loony bin and how she's a man does lend a certain credibility to the troon phase being part of Sarah's mental illness. As we all know it is. She wants asspats without having to lift a finger for them, that's what trooning out gets you.

No. 927622

So did she lie to her mom about being a woman to get out?

No. 927623

the first few seconds are like a stan twitter reaction video lmfao(non-contribution)

No. 927627

What lotto numbers should I play??(non-contribution)

No. 927652

They don't keep you locked up for being a troon.

It's really hard to be forced to stay in a mental hospital if you're an adult. Either they thought she was an immediate threat to herself or others for those 9 days, or she chose to stay that whole time.

No. 927662

File: 1706992524124.jpeg (130.61 KB, 1232x336, IMG_6480.jpeg)

She’s refusing the medication so here comes the “I’m dying” posts again

No. 927663

File: 1706994268677.jpg (502.93 KB, 1440x2382, MTXX_MH20240203_160444754.jpg)

Yep she's said it on tiktok. Out for one whole day and she's already refusing to take her schizophrenia med in particular.

No. 927665

Homeless people in a nutshell. Schizos feel "normal" off of meds despite the distress they are in and the distress they cause others. They feel like the medications are mind altering. They'd rather feel like themselves than in a medicated state that's more stable. It's a sad reality, but Sarah's there. She likes her attention fishing and she's never going to be homeless as long as her parents are alive. She absolutely has no incentive to brave through horrible side effects of mood stabilizers.

No. 927693

If it's true that the Queen is taking testosterone, I can guarantee that the full-body itching, sleeplessness, and especially incontinence are all side effects of cross-sex hormone therapy in women.(medfagging, no sage)

No. 927696

File: 1707106095391.png (357.42 KB, 1080x1439, 1000015496.png)

No. 927698

Tinfoil, she told her mom she's totally not a tranny and blocked her from her now tranny Facebook to keep acting shizo online.

No. 927711

She's not on testosterone. She buys "testosterone booster" supplements from Walmart which are just herbal elixirs (ashwaganda etc.).

No. 927719

Study after study after study show that ashwagandha really does increase testosterone, and the supplements you can buy off the shelf usually have upwards of 10 times as much ashwagandha that's used in those studies. It's not the typical placebo affect horseshit you see from other supplements, she really is doing hormone therapy on herself with no oversight.(medfagging)

No. 927733

ashwagandha effects whatever hormone your body naturally produces, so for men it effects testosterone. The over the counter testosterone booster she’s taking only works if you have testes.

No. 927736


She has old italian lady hairy lip.(nitpicking, not even saged)

No. 927737

File: 1707195414541.mp4 (6.58 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cn0mqkvog65v8dsruo…)

Crying because she has to pay taxes and doesn’t want to get a job

No. 927756

Who is calling her any of this? kek. Delusion, come through

No. 927757

Is she new to life?! You always have to pay taxes, even on unemployment. They literally ask you if you want to take out taxes before receiving unemployment. She should just get on disability on this point.

No. 927760

for the last time, someone like pt can't get on disability in the state of Texas. they would take one look at her crying over her achey foot and send her to McDonald's to get a job application.

No. 927769

File: 1707252589385.png (518.74 KB, 1080x1972, 1000015536.png)

No. 927770

File: 1707252941729.mp4 (6.15 MB, 576x1024, 1000015539.mp4)

Pretty sure people didn't force you to cosplay as Tifa or R. Mika, Sarah

No. 927771

While anecdotal, in my experience with a few loved ones, non-compliance with severe mental illness medication stems from one to two issues: either the meds work to where they feel normal and think incorrectly that they no longer need it (not realizing it's the meds) and stop, and/or, the side effects from the medicine are too much so they stop without consulting with their healthcare liaison. Anti-psychosis medications in particular can have some really rough side effects. In PT's case though, she isn't a reliable narrator so for all we know her alleged side effects stem from her other severely neglected health issues and she's using it as yet another excuse to just be a miserable sod. Medication is only one part of the equation, the other part is an inner desire to improve herself/her life and that just isn't something a pill can fix.

No. 927775

File: 1707263032876.png (380.74 KB, 1079x1189, 1000015543.png)

No. 927780

Another "Guess I'll die" moment instead of doing any sort of physical therapy to help her healing.

No. 927794

File: 1707329653491.jpg (764.05 KB, 2230x1080, Picsart_24-02-07_19-15-53-437.…)

No. 927795

File: 1707329730773.jpg (102.82 KB, 1080x523, IMG_20240207_191327.jpg)


No. 927798

File: 1707339480112.png (988.25 KB, 1080x4633, 1000015567.png)

She wrote a whole entry about hating her boobs and about her stomach dick

No. 927800

every day I'm amazed at this woman child's delusions

No. 927806

File: 1707350754438.png (21.02 KB, 939x101, Untitled.png)

a wordsmith

No. 927807

>my rocking
>my thrusting
Are we still doing this humping bullshit

No. 927808

>until I mature
As if that will ever happen, I really hope she stays afraid of the surgeries and all that stuff because I'm certain that she will die if she gets her breasts chopped and her uterus removed, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't be capable of handling the post-surgery after care if she can't even shower daily. Also
Gross, I wouldn't let her have children at all, even adopted ones, she's too insane to take care of anyone, she can't even take care of her own ass.

No. 927814

Why doesn't she do anal if she's such a gay man scared of pregnancy? Granted, I think the real issue is that no one wants to do PT in her current state. It also just ocurred to me how she owns packers and strap-ons and no binders? Isn't that the holy grail of ftms?

No. 927838

>I was going to be pulled out from the inside
>I used my insides
the body horror and intense creepiness in all of her writing on this subject is so interesting. i would really like to know why she thinks men laugh when they get boners

No. 927859

File: 1707422560560.jpg (807.23 KB, 1079x1919, 1000004368.jpg)

The absolutely disgusting mattress and floor in these pics

No. 927860

Her calves are extremely hairy. PCOS?

No. 927866

She doesn't really need to worry about accuracy at the weight she's at.

No. 927870

that mattress probably explains why she was sent to the psych ward.

No. 927871

Surprised she's talking about tanning this casually.

No. 927872


No, she is taking the gas station hormones, remember? Maybe they really are doing something.(learn to sage)

No. 927879

File: 1707455247101.jpeg (126.41 KB, 800x1100, IMG_2901.jpeg)

get ready for gerudo link

No. 927932

You are a psychopath if you sleep in your bed without sheets and a mattress pad/cover on it. Nasty ass bitch…

No. 927938

File: 1707541356397.png (155.12 KB, 1080x599, 1000015741.png)

No. 927947

>I hate being only a manhole
Fucking KEK

No. 927950

I love how she’s calling herself pale when she’s more sun kissed than 99% of the userbase here lol

No. 928003

File: 1707685803266.jpg (485.88 KB, 1440x1771, 1000042359.jpg)

Obsessing over the comments on her new car post. Guessing this is her uncle?

No. 928015

KEK they've clearly had about enough of her

No. 928019

lmao "No Excuses." should be the next thread title. But in all seriousness these cows need a real fuckin dose of reality like Franklin.

No. 928021

File: 1707707431694.png (323.56 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240211-201105.png)


No. 928023

> Add comment…
You need to stop.

No. 928024

Damn, frank selfposting ? Kek

No. 928025

Oops,guess Fanklin can add self-snitcher to the list of things wrong with him. You're wasting your time anyway, PT does as PT has always done. Complain and do nothing to better any of her situation.

No. 928026

Ok so confirmed not her uncle I guess lmao
What a dumb idiot. Why do cow tippers do what they do? It's like they can't help themselves. Then they want to flock here for their own flicker of attention and potential praise. It's pathetic and weird. PT is clearly out of her mind, I think we are well beyond the days of expecting her to function as a normal adult in society or hold her to the same standards as your average citizen. She's been sighted wearing adult diapers for fucks sake. It's one thing to be on here observing through the looking glass but to go onto her socials to actively bully her is fucking weird. Get a life.

No. 928027

istg this moron is either just asking for a ban or literally mentally handicapped like that amy cowtipper upthread. "forgetting" to crop the pic, each post reading "1 second ago" just screams intentional

No. 928029

File: 1707713961534.jpeg (128.34 KB, 605x773, IMG_4655.jpeg)

PT truly has the ugliest and most retarded cowtippers

No. 928031

File: 1707715036968.mp4 (3.05 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cn4nmk7og65gt8kkl0…)

This is the tiktok that faggot Franklin T. Epperson-Baker was responding to

No. 928032

fat ugly attention seeking man snarks fat ugly attention seeking woman(pointless comment without sage)

No. 928033

The fact that PT will just as readily accept a FB friend named "Ugandan Sonichu" just makes Franklin look like even more of a retard for using his name and face to lay down epic boomer truths on a baglady who thinks she's haunted

No. 928035

This fucking took me out anon.

No. 928036

how did a boomer faggot scrote find this site kek

No. 928046

File: 1707767302759.png (986.35 KB, 1080x1729, 1000015829.png)

No. 928055

File: 1707775064974.png (119.5 KB, 1080x700, 1000015836.png)

She's now scared of food.

No. 928056

wtf ew, get out of here creepy old gay man

No. 928063

File: 1707780009569.png (99.57 KB, 1080x538, 1000015853.png)

No. 928068

guess his big boy job filing taxes isn't enough to keep him entertained, he needs sarah too.

No. 928071

I swear every day she wakes up and just throws a Dart at a board of fears. Today I fear: Marriage, ghost marriage, rape, ghost rape, cannibals, etc.

No. 928084

instead of accepting help in improving her cosplay shit or transitioning she blocks those people. there were a few i havent seen in the comments anymore for a while now.

No. 928100

File: 1707862482348.png (109.66 KB, 1080x753, 1000015896.png)

No. 928102

Remember when she thought she had a chance with tite kubo

No. 928103

Is this her openly saying she wants to date kids

No. 928104

lol. No! When did this happen?

No. 928118

probably she means she wants to be in her twenties and date someone in their twenties, but Pixy is capable of a hell of a lot of ick

No. 928122

File: 1707893787731.png (220.94 KB, 1080x1234, 1000015905.png)

No. 928123

I think it's more like she wishes she was permanently 18 years old so she could date someone who is like a pre-wall twink in his 20's.

No. 928128

Wtf why is she posting links to end of life care lmfao. I know she thinks she's dying but this is just a random info link

No. 928129

File: 1707924600995.mp4 (3.03 MB, 576x1024, 1000015911.mp4)

STOP IGNORING ME now on Tiktok

No. 928135

psychotic people think everything they see and hear is personally directed at them

No. 928146

File: 1707962885108.png (86.58 KB, 1080x479, 1000015976.png)

No. 928182

kek, this is banner material.

No. 928231

kekk never change, queen

No. 928232

anyone else notice this bitch will hit your dm's even if you have the slightest activity on her tiktok

No. 928234

It’s the same on her fb

No. 928295

its why shes easy to troll tbh

No. 928420

File: 1708283890760.mp4 (4.28 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cn955pfog65t540nk5…)

This is getting so old

>Goodbye everyone… #goodbye #finalgoodbye #crying #itried

No. 928426

File: 1708284461805.jpeg (347.25 KB, 828x1154, IMG_4715.jpeg)

It’s because no one is interacting with all of the TikToks and status updates she made in the past hour about being cold

No. 928429

File: 1708285199487.png (96.49 KB, 1080x594, 1000016073.png)

A comment on one of her recent tiktoks. No dreams of working towards a better future for herself. Just cosplay and painting.

No. 928453

She deleted the suicide baiting vids

No. 928456

>love in Disney

No. 928486

File: 1708295889397.png (883.17 KB, 1080x4122, 1000016086.png)

No. 928487

File: 1708296340422.png (991.05 KB, 1080x4675, 1000016088.png)

No. 928504

kingdom hearts…ftm shit…obsession with kiddy rape… suicide baiting…the fucking name. anyone else getting major soren hayes vibes?

No. 928506

What's with her and suing people? She won't stop saying that she wouldn't mind suing people as if that was the worst thing that could happen to anyone kek.

No. 928507

I wonder if the queen is skinwalking soren or if this happened genuinely and kingdom hearts ruined autistic girls by making them feel like they needed to Troon out.

No. 928527

She also deleted some Facebook statuses and some pictures of her ass she posted on Instagram

No. 928534

I wonder if it's her projecting, because she's scared to death about being sued over not paying her credit cards and so since that's world shattering for her she thinks it holds the same weight for other peopls

No. 928536

Is this because it dropped like 20 degrees in Texas over night lmao

No. 928545


No. 928550

With how autistc she is, those plans are the best hopes for her future

No. 928558

she's a karen. she learned it from debbie

No. 928563

File: 1708368793242.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1449, 1000016076.png)

From one of her deleted tiktoks.
>Cold body temperature male

No. 928580

File: 1708383983408.jpeg (34.37 KB, 828x233, IMG_9732.jpeg)

She also posted a TikTok about this today and as always comes across as desperate faking since everyone is “ignoring” her

No. 928582

There's no such thing as "mini seizures" which is why she's being ignored. If ANYTHING she's having "pseudo seizures" aka psychologically induced fake seizures. It's just more attention seeking schizophrenic hypochondriac behavior. She stopped taking her schizophrenia medications as soon as she got out of the psych hospital and surprise surprise "suddenly" a million and one health problems start up again

No. 928587

File: 1708391175471.png (69.75 KB, 1080x476, 1000016126.png)

Yet another attention seeking dying post

No. 928588

File: 1708391199297.png (471.24 KB, 1080x4324, 1000016127.png)


No. 928597

Can you imagine her fatass flailing around then looking around to see if anyone noticed. .

No. 928620

she says this nearly everyday at this point. isn't she tired?

No. 928635

File: 1708472765390.png (106.42 KB, 1080x488, 1000016167.png)

Still bitter about missing a con.

No. 928640

File: 1708475176516.mp4 (10.46 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cnajq2vog65is3s3jg…)

Her hair just keeps getting worse holy shit

No. 928641

File: 1708475330633.jpeg (793 KB, 828x1312, IMG_4749.jpeg)

No. 928647

File: 1708477724644.png (114.56 KB, 1080x404, 1000016168.png)

I wonder what could have possibly triggered her into unfollowing an AI group that she had to make a public announcement.

No. 928659

File: 1708485686234.jpg (17.66 KB, 320x240, Mrs--Swan-mad-tv.jpg)

First she looked like Stewart and now she looks like Miss Swan

No. 928661

File: 1708490903277.png (150.51 KB, 1080x529, 1000016171.png)

Speaking of cursed AI

No. 928667

Idk but tbh she really needs to stay away from some of that dark content. I see her on occasion reposting some genuinely disturbing imagery. That can't be good for her mental States.

No. 928672

She's going through all the Mad TV characters. lmao

No. 928677

The color is better at least. Why doesnt she go to a barber shop? A short haircut/fade is like $20 tops

No. 928697

now im no expert so sorry if its an easy answer but how did pt ended up being so paranoid schizo? it seems like as years go by she gets more and more deranged and from what i can remember she didnt really had a shitty childhood/life

No. 928709

I personally don't think she's schizo, imo it's more of a mixture of lying for attention (narc/munchie) and her thinking she's a dramatic anime character

No. 928723

Didnt debbie confirm she actually does stuff like shitting on the garden?

No. 928791

File: 1708643000978.png (309.26 KB, 1080x1208, 1000016236.png)

No. 928800

>I hate being sedentary
>is fat

No. 928806

She could google "sitting upper body workout" but she won't.

No. 928809

Didn't she say she didn't want to go to Disneyland bc she'd get "too jealous of the performers"?

No. 928820

File: 1708659648089.jpg (105.34 KB, 1280x970, IMG_20240222_193110_155.jpg)

She's claiming fibromyalgia now KEK

No. 928886

Maybe it's because she has a shit diet? Or because she barely moves? But of course it has to be some illness and not her being a slob.

No. 928891

Bad news Pixy, it's terminal boneitus.

No. 928922

File: 1708792174424.png (202.02 KB, 1080x1480, 1000016269.png)

No. 928955

>The Earth is Untrusting

She can easily fix 'Jobless' and 'Broke'

No. 928959

File: 1708823701788.jpg (702.86 KB, 1080x1993, MTXX_MH20240225_121523091.jpg)

No. 928960

File: 1708823743803.jpg (649.8 KB, 1080x1832, MTXX_MH20240225_121604072.jpg)

This just came up on my feed

No. 928961

terminally online idiot is unhappy, news at 11

No. 928967

>The strange sounds of bird calls, wind chimes, and neighborhood children screaming in the distance.
>Pats head and feels her string-like hair while staring shell-shocked into the camera.
>"Well sigh I dyed my hair… it'll fade back to dark brown. I went with solid black because I couldn't find a dark brown that would work in blonde hair, to cover all the blond, so it's dark now, I like it, I need it cut though because it's really really long, and I want it cut above my ears - like right here, I guess I could even cut it myself, sighs but it's back to almost normal - closer to my natural than it was, so… it'll fade back to dark brown. But anyway! sighs"
>Grabs dead piece of straw-like plant from behind herself in a choke hold, rips it while furrowing her brow, squinting her eyes, and glaring at the ghost she sees beyond the camera."
>"I'm just… stressed… and sad… because… obviously, I'm ageing, and it makes me mad.
I unironically cackle at most of PT's videos that are like this. I feel like she has such good comedic timing. The part where she ripped that leaf off at 0:36 made me giggle like a retard.

No. 928992

On a side note, does anyone know what she ended up doing with all her previous cosplay, coords, and over the top girly clothes?? Did she sell all of them, throw them away in a furry or do you think she maybe even still hung on to a few??

No. 928993

Psychotic disorders can get progressively worse with age sadly, unrelated to childhood/life experiences. Living with Debbie can't be helping either considering how much they work each other up.


No. 928994

Either she held onto them but doesn't wear them because muh gender, or Debbie tossed them out back when PT was better. Being too fat to wear something has never stopped her in the past so it's not her size.

No. 928995

She used to sell her cosplays and clothes regularly. That's how that PT skinwalker got his hands on some of her stuff like the Shampoo cosplay.

I know the color is better than the piss yellow bleach but this is the worst she's ever looked. She looks like Lord Farquaad

No. 929027

File: 1709000403208.jpeg (120.66 KB, 828x1521, IMG_4792.jpeg)

kek she’s such a child

No. 929037

Kek. Let's see how long it lasts this time

No. 929058

Bro this is the type of shit I'd do at 14 then get embarassed for doing it at 15. (and I'm autistic) She is 38 and yeah her MO never changed in the decade and a half she's been a cow but I still manage to get surprised by her arrested development

No. 929065

Iirc she was talking about the "pooping pose" and not that she was literally shitting outside. It sounded worse than it was because she has that classic boomer FB style of breing over dramatic with no self awareness and thinking everyone has the same context you do

No. 929072

File: 1709049668665.png (920.81 KB, 717x2204, 1000016332.png)

No. 929086

basic human right kek she's so stupid

No. 929091

File: 1709070385675.png (48.15 KB, 1080x400, 1000016339.png)

Not even 24 hours and she posts this. Been reposting sad quotes during that time too

No. 929107

Maybe she's practicing for when she gets the rotdog installed.

No. 929110

Hang on can you back up a minute?? Did you say PT skin walker and can you expand?? With images please??

No. 929113

File: 1709076967439.jpg (291.33 KB, 1440x1183, 1000044180.jpg)

It's prob the lingering BV……..

No. 929128

Considering her family seems like the kind of family that tells her that she looks like shit when she looks like shit and such, do you really think she seriously believes she has a random illness that's slowly killing her? Like for real? Or is she coping knowing that all of the decisions she has taken so far has lead her to have a shit health, both mentally and physically?
Like I usually have some sort of tolerance towards anyone under 25 years old being ignorant or straight up retarded, but PT isn't in her 20's anymore, I really doubt anyone can be this delusional.
Then again, this could be just her mental illness.

No. 929146

man, i can only imagine the fucking smell this beached whale gives off

No. 929148

Google mitchal verley pixyteri. Some kid/now drag queen bought pt's cosplays from her and used it to make parody videos.

No. 929150

He wasn’t really a skin walker, he was making fun of her in parody. That’s not what a skin walker is.

No. 929176

File: 1709166127267.png (802.52 KB, 1080x1349, 1000016388.png)

She's wearing a dress in her new profile pic. Is she back to "Sarah" again?

No. 929179

Nah, this is an attention grab. She’s going to use it to show she’s being made a victim and dress like this. Hence the sad face. Like “look at what they’re doing to me”

No. 929189

I'm inclined to believe she is actually shitting outside since PT mentioned offhand in one of her FB posts that she was "going to the bathroom outside" to avoid her parents, but I don't recall where it is in this thread

No. 929191

Yes, I remember this as well, although I think she brought it up in messages that a cowtipper shared? Either way, she's pissing/shitting outside.

No. 929192

I remember this too. Her mom is not an imageboard user, there's no way she would be referring to "pooping poses"

No. 929200

PT talked about using the bathroom outside here >>922467 and Debbie's post is here >>720025 She was literally shitting in the yard.

No. 929221

File: 1709226885956.png (145.53 KB, 1080x731, 1000016408.png)

No. 929223

thanks anon. it's odd to read back on the thread from 4 years ago and see people rightfully seeing this as a "oh fuck, she's crazy" tipping point when today's anons are weirdly desperate to argue that she is taking shits outside like an animal and crying 50 times a day for fun

No. 929224

Newfags need to re-read pixy physically assaulting her parents several times, begging her dad not to turn her into a hotdog, the photos of herself licking markers she’d masturbate with, Debbie bragging about taunting her with “you’re actually a lizard, we bought you from petsmart, you only see a human when you look at yourself in the mirror” because they know she’s a nonsensical, paranoid mess.

No. 929233

>Debbie bragging about taunting her with “you’re actually a lizard, we bought you from petsmart, you only see a human when you look at yourself in the mirror”
it's always nice to remember that her parents deserve having to deal with her craziness

No. 929252

File: 1709259418089.jpg (739.2 KB, 3484x3268, 1000000257.jpg)

Not my screenshot, but it's totally her last night on earth guys

No. 929259

that’s some eric andre level shit

No. 929275

File: 1709312284267.jpeg (87.68 KB, 1169x588, 304A1CD3-76EF-4A3D-BD3E-D7C2B5…)

No. 929276

The fucking state of this woman

No. 929277

File: 1709317946446.png (114.29 KB, 1080x559, 1000016429.png)

looks like it. Let's see how long until she's back to Asston

No. 929278

And she insists she doesn't need her schizophrenia med that she was sent home from the hospital with. I don't know HOW MUCH medication can help her but she barely had time for the meds to fully take effect before she got out of the facility and stopped taking them, a lot of meds take time to build up in your system for you to see the full effect, but ever since she got out I feel like she's been actually worse than ever lately. It's kind of hard to watch at this point honestly.

No. 929282

PT is doing so much random shit now that if you told me that someone put a random bot in charge of her account I would believe you.

No. 929288

Why do I get the feeling she just popped a squat and shitted? She's definitely gonna need a new mattress

No. 929293

I’m on meds and it took a whole month for them to fully help, the first week was the roughest but my doctor told me to stick with it because there was dawn on the other side and he was right.(sage your shit)

No. 929295

File: 1709346894516.mp4 (2.74 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cnggvuvog65vn41p11…)

She’s definitely been especially unhinged lately, she’s spent all day making and deleting videos, i saved a few knowing she’d delete so I’m gonna do a small dump for posterity.

No. 929296

File: 1709346922769.mp4 (5.44 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cnghn87og65kjnriip…)

No. 929297

File: 1709346948656.mp4 (4.84 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cngjq9nog65uvgfeoo…)

No. 929298

File: 1709346988431.mp4 (2.23 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cngnh4nog65o1vgj2k…)

No. 929299

File: 1709347012006.mp4 (2.02 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cnh0uh7og65i718m2t…)

No. 929300

File: 1709347117775.mp4 (2.84 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cnh2bjnog65thjr74s…)

No. 929301

File: 1709347144217.mp4 (3.51 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cnh2ce7og65grupe00…)

No. 929302

File: 1709347187366.jpeg (810.23 KB, 1058x1202, IMG_7589.jpeg)

No. 929304

She really didn't need to post this but you could say that for literally anything she posts nowadays

No. 929309

Guess this kinda goes without saying— but this has reached an entirely new level of insanity with the pooping the bed thing. People don’t just lose control of their bowels unless they’re in a very dire health condition (ex laxative abuse and severe anorexia, Crohn’s disease, the very elderly…) and I feel terrible for people who have to go through that. For Sarah to do that deliberately as a ploy for attention, using the excuse of having “leg stiffness” and seizures is such bullshit. She has NEVER had a seizure. We know this because you know her mom would be posting about her poor daughter’s epilepsy all the time. So she literally just laid there, pushed one out and started crying, then proceeds to post all about it on Facebook and TikTok for attention. I’m sure she burst into her parents room right afterward saying she “had an accident” then proceeded to have a “mental breakdown” so she didn’t have to clean it up. I feel sooo bad for her parents. They have to deal with this insanity every single day and she wonders why they “don’t want to be around her.” THIS. Enough is enough!

No. 929311

Chris chan shits himself all the time too, and like Sarah he also graduated from uni and is allowed to drive around. I guess lack of bowel control might be a retard thing.

No. 929325

She deleted the post

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