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File: 1428372269614.png (987.63 KB, 1600x800, brianna wu.png)

No. 76768[Reply]

She seems like a popular topic around the internet these days. Anyone want to talk about her here?
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No. 391093

I just hate this bitch so much. I also hate the term PoC.

No. 391097

I still don't know how that term is perfectly okay. It's the same as calling someone "colored". That shit didn't fly in the 50s and 60s, but it's okay now.

No. 397122


He got a puff-piece made out of bullshit from CNET today.

No. 397206


It's the modern day White Man's Burden. Only difference is that the guys behind the first were at least honest.

No. 397222

File: 1497562931518.png (26.41 KB, 213x254, scruff.png)

who the fuck are these journalists writing about shit they know nothing about

also, toy and games section, kek

File: 1430440265417.png (197.33 KB, 725x539, SICKNICKFUCKYES.PNG)

No. 82265[Reply]


Nick has finally been arrested >>91613

Hello everyone. I couldn't find the Nick Bate thread in the catalog, so I thought I would start a new one (but for some reason I thought there was already a thread here–sorry if there is)

Nick Bate

New video of Nick Bate masturbating with his own own shit as "proof" that he didn't molest his sister:


He also sent this to the female detective investigating him.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 264599


I hope too, anon, but idk if inmates can stand the stench for enough time

No. 266633

Showers are mandatory in prison ;)

No. 266661

Teenage Mutant Binga Gurtles

No. 267075

idk my cousin's boyfriend went to prison for statutory rape. He showered with his cloths on…so yeah. I'm hoping he get shanked or at least beat up on a regular basis like James Holmes.

No. 506862

Lmao, I’ve never seen a clusterfuck of a human this bad. My question is this, 1. did Nick send the fap vid because he’s retarded and thought it was actually good evidence, 2 retarded and autistic because he sent this thinking it was good evidence and wouldn’t turn anyone against him, or 3. He is perfectly mentally capable and sent this shit to get one last sick kick before he gets murdered in prison(necro)

File: 1411437740689.gif (836.65 KB, 400x200, tumblr_static_0000000.gif)

No. 14341[Reply]

Surprised there isn't a thread on this loon yet.
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No. 204647

File: 1447688821449.png (309.22 KB, 427x587, Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 15.4…)

Ok nevermind, I did overlay the images. And of course, they match damn near exact.

No. 204695

So she's really not an artist, but an attention-whore whom associates herself with being artistically-inclined. Okay, she's really got no talent and should just stop. Lol.

Being able to recreate an image and actually drawing with no reference is two different things and she doesn't have the skills for the latter so she's just a hobbyist at best.

To be honest if you really wanted to troll her just tell her she's a shit artist with no soul and she'll get hella mad. Lol.

No. 204768

I hope someone does troll her with that. Because apparently she charged $50 for a portrait. Like, way to rip people off….

No. 204800

This scares me, all she did was make the girl uglier lmao. >>204647 Someone should ask her to show a drawing process of her drawing people lol. She shows her random doodles she does but she will never show herself drawing people.

No. 204814

She looks like a peruvian stripper

File: 1436721444805.jpg (77.1 KB, 500x333, tumblr_inline_nm3klmq5A01trres…)

No. 136666[Reply]

I'm surprised there isn't a thread for this whore yet. This is big on dumblr right now.

> Founded The Leelah Project: A fake charity for transgendered people, using the death of Leelah Alcorn in order to scam donators out of $14,000 and cheat trans people out of care packages

> "Famous" for resembling Ruby Rose
> Pathological liar about everything from her ethnicity to her job
> Claims to make good money from modeling and working at Nasa (read: attending NasaSocial) but begs for donations all the time
> A nonbinary special snowflake who is fine with being called she/her but not a girl/woman (wut)

Her current blog: nonbinaryfruitcake.tumblr.com

More info: https://kiwifar.ms/threads/alex-yrigoyen-the-leelah-project.10751/

Blog calling out her shit, complete with proof: http://exposingalex.tumblr.com
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No. 504355

File: 1523515241668.jpeg (110.83 KB, 750x853, 39265209-8D1D-47EA-9C59-6190EF…)

No. 505052

Do yall think she’s pretend to be half Japanese and told her husband she’s ~mixed Asian desu~? I feel it in my bones

No. 511656

No. 511657

Snapchat heckbabe

No. 513659


>and cheat trans people out of care packages

Good. She LARPs as "one of them" and rinises trans loving retards of money, what is the problem?

File: 1408400389390.png (77.66 KB, 304x184, zoe-quinn-youtube-ubj-304.png)

No. 7781[Reply]

Surprised nobody is talking about this cunt considering 4chan, Tumblr and every other only game journal aside from Kotaku is blowing up about.
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No. 49912

humblebrag? "I am a female in tech"

holy shit you're retarded

hey guys, I'm a male janitor in a male dominated field. /humblebrag

No. 49913

Holy shit, did you just bunp a month old thread to say the same shit everyone else did?

No. 361925


No. 361931

* this isn't the current zoe quinn thread
* you're either shitposting or you really are an idiot

No. 367974

Man this thread is a great flashback to the early days of Gamergate.

File: 1438360970446.jpg (294.68 KB, 1280x1024, MarjanSiklicGGG2010,2.jpg)

No. 147891[Reply]

Marjan Siklic (Croatian: Marjan Šiklić) is a deluded blogger and epic lolcow from Zagreb, Croatia who created Governments Get Girlfriends to introduce the internets to the “new, radical idea that governments have to help certain people obtain a girlfriend.” Marjan’s first act of radicalization happened in April 2008 when he had been previously arrested for detailing his plan of a murder-suicide of some girl who broke up with him back on the Love-shy.com forums. He was reported to Interpol, arrested by the police, charged with death threats, and thrown in prison for a month. Since then, he believes that society has been brainwashed by “The Atheist Cult” (TAC) which consists of liberals, leftists, atheists, and feminists (by his terminology, murderers and psychopaths). For example, he is sickened by the fact that rape is considered worse than involuntary celibacy (incel).

Now Marjan Siklic wants to rise a great virgin army and aims to be a martyr to his cause and believes that a killing spree is justified as society has killed and continues to kill countless pathetic incels. He considers himself a future mass murderer and hopes to follow in the footsteps of his beloved George Sodini. He believes the greatest lie of our modern era is that involuntary celibacy is caused due to personal problems of fucked up men. He thinks it’s crazy for other people to not take responsibility to find him a girlfriend. Apparently, adult male virgins who are too pathetic to man up and get laid don’t deserve to die alone.

Apart from all this, Marjan Siklic is, suffice to say, a sick fuck. Not only is he a manchild crying about society and how his mother won’t fuck him and other such nonsense. He seems to write nonstop about it and most of his posts are tl;dr.
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No. 270560


No. 270561

This crazy "artist" bitch made my country look like a bunch of grass fuckers.
90% of things you see in that video are made up by Abramovic so she can get attention by being shocking.

No. 270563

She and a bunch of other rabid ponces recently claimed that 85% of women in the Balkans get molested. When questioned about where they pulled the number from, they just kept saying 'it doesn't matter, that's not the point'.

I don't know why some people have such a massive hateboner for our country/ies, I mean they're kinda shit but they're honestly not that bad.

Does someone pay them to do this shit?

No. 270571

I'm guessing it's all for attention and exposure which makes more people come to their shitshows and so they earn money.

>In my homeland men fuck grass and 85% of women get molested.

Bravo Abramovic

No. 270653

What's the ten percent that isn't?

File: 1479672774914.jpg (74.24 KB, 539x960, 15178126_175623872902899_31025…)

No. 317502[Reply]

I noticed the last thread about her 404'd, but I've been kind of watching her with a few friends to figure out what she's been up to. I'm sorry if this post isn't fantastic, I've always been more of a lurker.

Last time, she was selling overpriced and low-quality photosets, much to the dismay of her boyfriend at the time. It was uncovered that she had a drug problem possibly spawned from the passing of her father, and was pretty loose with friends if they didn't give her what she wanted.

This time, she has broken up with her boyfriend, and almost immediately after started posting pictures with a scene boy. She is claiming to be homeless, and crying for money by advertising her nudes some more. Unfortunately , with some of the math done, she's already made thousands off of the money, but still seems to be "just a couple hundred dollars short".

She's also posted pictures of herself looking pretty high, and recently got a few face piercings at a swap meet. Possibly getting high with a portion of her earnings?

She is now regretting doing the erotic modelling, realizing it wasn't as glamorous as she once thought.

There may be some holes in my story, as some of her stuff gets added and deleted fairly quickly, and I only check on occasion.

Pic related, it's a recent screenshot of an instagram story she posted where she isn't looking too good.

No. 317527

No links or caps?

No. 319011

I wish there was more info on her. I've been following her for a bit on tumblr and things are looking kind of weird from her end. I wanna know what's happening. Also what did her boyfriend look like? I thought the scene guy was her bf

No. 319044

She has a thread in snow as well, there's more of a discussion there

No. 319047

Thanks, man! I completely missed it.

File: 1531154548467.jpg (24.99 KB, 275x194, adhd.jpg)

No. 544530[Reply]

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Last thread: >>>/pt/542514
Thread image credit: >>543502

The highlights of last thread:
>Momokun was nowhere to be found at the AX convention for Day 2, even with a pass that she had to beg for from somebody else
>Her Susu cosplay has gone down the shitter
>Farmers are still anticipating her response video to being memed so damned hard
>YouTube is buzzing with people parroting the same talking points of her scandal for subs
>Turned back on commenting for her newer IG posts for damage control
>Other cosplayers/fans have published IG stories depicting Moomoo's aloofness towards others, shattering her "positive vibes" facade
>Her blaming ADHD has now been set in stone in the meme lexicon
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 544552

So Mariah is about to blame the accusations on being opportunistic behind-the-scenes personal vendettas.

If this all miraculously falls through, she's still absolute shit at timely Patreon rewards and her reputation is scarred from companies cancelling on her. So let's not forget any of that, since her bad patreon management has been on the backburner lately. Maybe we can stir it up again to point out how garbage she is on all fronts?

No. 544555

uhm what's with the pic?

No. 544556

Looks like they saved the thumbnailed version in their haste to slap this thing up.

No. 544558

Can we please try again with this thread lol. And put the recent stuff back at the bottom where it's been?

File: 1490521720131.png (506.72 KB, 643x822, einshine.png)

No. 363295[Reply]

The story of the Weeb-pedo-extraordinaire Einshine continues…

>In early February, Einshine is exposed on lolcow as being an alleged statutory rapist/manipulator/fuckboy by three girls under the aliases Ashley, Wendy, and Lindsay. He is revealed to seduce fans through Snapchat since he's too socially awkward to get girls in real life. Kat is accused of enabling this behavior, as she helps Shine to cover up his relationships and advises him on what he should do.

>Shine never addresses the accusations and announces that he’s taking a hiatus from social media at the end of February. Lindsay announces a video is being made.

>Video ends up being a failure and Lindsay is revealed to actually be SirCutieYuki, who showed signs of being obsessed with Shine years after breaking up with him and possibly abusive. Was also revealed to have sabotaged the girls' efforts to expose him, and used their stories to get her own revenge on him.

>Another girl who was involved with Shine, called Tarah, interjects herself into the drama. She says she used to be friends with Ashley but chose Shine instead, despite Ashley telling her what he had done to her. She attempts to WK Shine, but it ends up just making her look delusional. Recently, there has been some speculation that she sockpuppeted here and on PULL in an attempt to discredit the girls and defend Shine.

First Thread: >>>/pt/347578
Tumblr (Has summaries of everything/evidence): https://shine-phd.tumblr.com
Ashley Pastebin: (15 Year old) http://pastebin.com/2iQJE39X
Wendy Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/GyYU02jW
56 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 383183


Yes, but Yuki fucked it up by them by casting doubt on their entire story by her being fucking crazy. The best bet to expose Einshine is to wait until he fiddles another kid and they come forward. But hopefully his brush with exposure will mean he keeps his dick out of tweens.

No. 386396

Wow this is so fucked up.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 386401

Don't bump dead threads, learn to fucking sage.

No. 408579

Do rh

No. 417963

File: 1501537889676.jpg (99.42 KB, 750x762, IMG_2074.JPG)

I read all of the last thread, tell me if I'm wrong but I don't think this has been addressed yet (if it has I probably missed it)

But In Ashley's story it said that Aki and Joey had been dating at the time due to shine saying that Joey's girlfriend Aki was overweight. In Wendy's post she had started from 2015 when she had just heard about shine, and met him after. Shine had told Wendy about his relationship with Ashley which was before 2015. So Ashley claimed that Aki and Joey had been dating before 2015.

It doesn't add up due to Joey posting a video on his main account confirming his relationship with Aki on the 4th of November 2016 and they said they were dating for around 4 months before confirming it publicly. Makes no sense to me.

File: 1497992177617.png (234.31 KB, 478x297, Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 23.5…)

No. 399285[Reply]

Liveblog your thoughts about the stream here! Here's the link: https://www.younow.com/laineybot
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No. 400079

There's also Lainey's After Debate livestream, where she guested random people after Joy left. It was just posted about 30 min ago.

'Laineybot YouNow 6/20/17 (AFTER ONISION DEBATE)' on The Blargh's channel (58:10)

Also, only semi-related but before Onision talked to Jeff Holiday on YouNow he guested Jaclyn Glenn and Social Repose. They didn't really say anything about the debate but including the link anyway.

'ONISION Guests JACLYN GLENN & SOCIAL REPOSE (YouNow Debate Clip 6/20/17)'
on The Blargh's channel (4:16)

No. 400098

this is def. outta curiousity and saged but why did you use an abra for comparison

No. 400099

Not that anon but she's clearly a boring abra. Can't do anything except cry and run away lel

No. 400110

Cool for posting links but do not link to videos on gregmas youtube. We aren't here to give him views on his drama mongering shit.

No. 400117

File: 1498047892425.png (193.92 KB, 1724x648, socialbladeccomparison.png)

If you look at his social blade this stunt hasn't really helped him….he didn't get that many more views, they were well within his usual range, and his subs took a bigger dive than usual yesterday. All it did was help Joy a whole lot, which has to be the opposite of what he wanted. She gained almost 2K subs yesterday and today has already gotten twice as many views as usual.

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