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Townhall May 5th 8PM GMT. More info here

File: 1442081753483.jpg (26.54 KB, 309x208, tumblr_inline_mk02s44TFt1qk9cv…)

No. 179029[Reply]

Asedetheros is a major internet tough guy who rants about overthrowing the government and is a "pro-life" , gun worshipping, racist libertarian. this is his main blog: http://asderathos.tumblr.com/
and this is his rant blog : http://thoughtsandreplies.tumblr.com/AboutMe

Asderathos constantly rants and raves about how ebil big ubbermint is and believes that civilians sj
hould have acessess to all the same weapons that the military does. Yes you read that correctly . He also has a raging hateboner for all muslims. He is also a major weeabooo.

his youtube:https://www.youtube.com/user/asderathos/videos
His facebook:https://www.facebook.com/asderathos
His Twitter: https://twitter.com/asderathos

His deviantat account: asderathos.deviantart.com/

No. 179466

I think it's funny how many of these guys claim to be libertarian but are also pro-life, and then are racist but weebs. Don't they see how stupid and contradictory that is? Clearly not.

No. 179494

File: 1442185715494.jpg (132.66 KB, 592x592, fedora.jpg)

It's even better when they are all about "logic" and "feels over reals" when their logic literally makes no sense.

File: 1443275614283.jpg (67.31 KB, 630x355, image.jpg)

No. 185673[Reply]

She's thinks she Kiki kannibal and the real Kiki is actually coping her for years.

Pull members phone this girl parents and they praised and supported her actions.

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No. 185708


a crazy, autistic email she wrote to kiki, top kek stuff, but like I said old news

No. 185735

she is a diagnosed schizophrenic who doesn't take her medications regularly and that is when she runs off with her delusions.

No. 185750


The hell…this girl is legitimacy sick. She really isn't a cow. Besides as it has been said she hasn't been around over a year.

No. 185758

>tfw laura is way more likeable than kaka

No. 185850

You know, if all of Kiki's 'stalkers' behaved like this I would completely understand her constant histrionic fits about them… hell, I'd even feel sorry for her. This Laura character is bonkers.

File: 1403568341517.jpg (39.97 KB, 488x391, moo.jpg)

No. 1[Reply]

Welcome friends.
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No. 143

File: 1403582548659.gif (493.9 KB, 300x224, UESSAY.gif)

Murica fun fact: Always a party in the U-ESSAY

No. 261

I'm a bit relieved about the change because sometimes the admin seemed like a weenie.

Also-Stamina Rose? As in…after some googling, a song from Ghost in the Shell? I always thought the name was weeby and super arbitrary and confusing. :p Minor, but I didn't like it.

No. 298

It was, but as far as animus go, GitS isn't that weeby.

No. 283559

File: 1466661300975.jpg (5.41 KB, 167x200, Dat feel _78d9b078f639ee2d38c0…)

No. 283915

File: 1466758987745.webm (9.57 MB, 605x340, rooftop.webm)


All my feels
RIP red##

File: 1456610313240.png (37.69 KB, 388x350, sindy.png)

No. 242649[Reply]

No. 242709


No. 242714

Learn how to properly set up a thread.

No. 242716

It's obviously just Sindy herself.

No. 242757


surprised she's not reviving her existing thread

File: 1430152667670.jpg (35.36 KB, 460x549, image.jpg)

No. 89469[Reply]

can we have a thread about these guys?
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No. 89724

The reason why she changed her name is that she had all her payment accounts registered under that and she made huge depts with those, she tries to disappear so they will never get their money.

No. 89726


That isn't really a scam.
I myself owe a lot of money to utility companies because I physically cannot afford to pay them, and because I'm poor my credit is ruined.

I moved away to escape their bullshit myself too.

No. 91351


I'm sorry to hear that you are poor and are running awat from debt.

No. 91367


Not sure if concern or snark, but being born into and growing up within poverty sometimes you just don't get dealt such a great hand in life it leads you into vulnerable situations.
The utility debts are stuff I ran up when I was living alone between the ages of 15 and 21. I was nowhere near equipped to deal with that kind of stuff yet.

What matters is that I'm trying to get myself an education now so that I don't have to live that way any more, but I still retain that running up debts isn't a scam, sometimes it just happens.
Life can be cruel to those that didn't get the best start, but billionaire companies don't give a fuck about the sorrows of one individual, so I don't regret not paying them, they can afford it and their prices are revolting. Heating and access to water should not be considered a luxury in the year 2015.

No. 137652

Nick Bate is dead since he got arrested.

File: 1436911060519.jpg (42.98 KB, 491x586, ADF-top.jpg)

No. 137724[Reply]

He grew up on the East Coast of the United States and originally enjoyed the carefree life of a gay college student and anime appreciator. A series of setbacks in his personal life led him to seek solace in cosplaying, and by the middle of 2009 he had established a pattern of behaviour whereby he would adopt the attributes of the characters he cosplayed, in an attempt to bring meaning and motivation into his directionless life. Dressing up as Sakura from Naruto led him to realise he was in fact a woman, and China from Axis Powers Hetalia turned him into a Communist overnight. This all took place against a backdrop of constant conflict with his mother, whom he lived with and occasionally beat up. By 2011 he was finding his domestic situation intolerable, and left home to stay with a succession of leftists and LGBT persons in Philadelphia, each time getting thrown out when they got sick of him. Having exhausted all of his support on the East Coast, he went West in 2012. Unfortunately this did not lead to an improvement in his situation, as his new acquaintances were no more tolerant of him than the ones he left behind. Today he divides his time between Oregon and California, sleeping under a wide variety of bridges. Incurably narcissistic, ADF has written about himself at length, allowing the conscientious reader to build up a detailed, albeit heavily biased, picture of his life. Below is the Lolcow Wiki's attempt to disentangle the truth of ADF's life from his self-mythologising.
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No. 138797

>"I'll make you come back to the village with me, SAWSGHEY"

No. 138805

From /cow/

you guys know about robert wayne stiles, right? He and Ahuviya used to be friends until robbie was even too crazy for him.

No. 138813

I'm gay, and these people piss me off to no end. All they do is perpetuate negative images of LGBT people and stand in the way of progress by making these idiotic statements about "oppression." What a fucking joke. Acting as stupid and abrasive as this isn't going to help anyone or anything, it just makes you look like a massive cunt and reflects negatively on LGBT people as a whole. Fuck you.

No. 138816

I'm a communist genderqueer pansexual.

I tell people I'm bi because I don't give a shit and I don't want to explain what pansexual means. I don't even bother mentioning the genderqueer thing.

My pronouns are: I don't fucking care.

And out of respect for the LGBT movement, I would NEVER pull my socialism into it because then people won't take you seriously in the real world.

People like this are fucking stupid and don't give a flying fuck about their cause, they just want to be another special snowflake.

No. 144102

File: 1409560412520.png (377.55 KB, 500x573, tumblr_nb5q484UkF1syikizo1_500…)

No. 11191[Reply]

So apparently LedaMonsterBunny, egotistical scenebitch extraordinaire, has committed Internet suicide and deleted her entire online presence.

Anyone got any extra deets? All I could find were fans boohooing and screenshots of Leda also boohooing on cam.
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No. 71246

Frank is like a manifestation of what every generic tumblr weeaboo wants. I doubt he's actually the same person on the inside, unless he's actually that mentally immature.

On another note, creepy finally addressed it.

No. 71254


He's probably more bearable in real life, how else could he land a girlfriend otherwise?
Unless she's her own 'kawaii animu princess' tumblr girl herself.

haha what does Ladybitch expect?
She'll always be branded as a Leda Clone

No. 71431

Her new video

Taking about why she left

No. 180341

Attack on Titan was popular on tumblr. You get a lot of people saying they love anime when they've only watched that anime. You go to talk to them about what seems to be a shared interest and then there's nothing else there. Yes, I'm salty about it.

No. 184030

Everyone has their first anime. I can never talk about Ashita no Joe or Galaxy Express 999 or Kinou's journey with most anyone who says they like anime. I remember once seeing someone calling Slayers old school and complaining that most people only knew Guren Lagann.

File: 1434771914433.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, DvdZvKTa.jpg)

No. 124500[Reply]

Weeb who was in porn. go knocked up. addicted to cocaine. got kid taken away
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No. 124752

At least her skin seem to have cleared up. Still the same saggy tits though.

No. 124782

All I remember is that she had a kawaii blog with the URL dollydollydolly or something. Also Yukapon was/is friends with her and someone speculated "Sharing career tips?". Funny how that worked out lol

No. 124784

Tbh if she's trying to get her life back on track from something as serious as drug addiction, then why make that harder? I feel like a situation like this where someone is trying hard to be on the right track and be a better mother, then they're at least doing something right. At this point Raven is more worthy of this attention. If you really wanna talk shit about someone then go do it about someone who ISN'T trying to better themselves.

No. 124788

wow that page is written cringeworthy and shit tier.

No. 124799

first of all, there's a thread for her and bringing up old shit ain't fun boring af

File: 1469970876721.png (260.34 KB, 605x1180, image.png)

No. 293258[Reply]

I haven't heard anything about fatwarriorgodess in a while. Is there any news on her? Did the kids get to safety? Has she been posting under a new name?

(Not sure if this should be on /snow/ or /pt/, sorry)
10 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 293934

This combined with how long she kept it up makes me edge towards it being real. She may have been fucking around at certain points (the OP example being pretty fucking out there) but a lot of it seemed legit.

No. 294384

only /fit/fags and robots use the term 'balloon up', usually to refer to women who get fat after they get married/have kids.

No. 294858

Nah that's pretty common phrasing.

No. 294864

I started the FWG thread on Staminarose, and then here. Because of the food pics she posted, I'm inclined to believe she was legit. On the other hand, the way she just kind of dropped off the face of the earth once people stopped caring about her blog makes me wonder if it was just a troll who got bored when they no longer garnered attention.
But yeah, "Dana", if real, is a fucked up person and some of the things she's done/said are wild. This isn't even touching the time she allegedly helped her SO literally rape a girl and talked about the whole thing on her (private, password-protected) sex blog. Wish I had all the caps I saved on this hard drive so I could dump it and relive the keks with you guys.

No. 294916

If you can find them plz do share.
I need my daily dose of rage.

File: 1424830336297.png (171.85 KB, 1465x332, Untitled.png)

No. 54448[Reply]

>Posts on CWCki defending wizardchan
>Was regular poster on Wizardchan, to the point where he was well known
>Banned from posting on wizardchan due to his posting on CWCki
>Immediately set as a moderator by CWCki to feel better about self
>Becomes administrator within a year.


No. 54463

File: 1424832740039.jpg (1.47 MB, 1896x8744, Exmod_thread_part1.jpg)

No. 54465

File: 1424832805530.jpg (1.55 MB, 1902x7979, Exmod_thread_part2.jpg)

No. 58328


Hmm? That wasn't me that posted that, the photo is right though.

Also I thought this board was for female lolcows.

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