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File: 1487298372415.jpg (9.64 KB, 320x180, amber.jpg)

No. 352777

In the new video Amber mentions her friend behind her, 'talking to some dude.' then she goes, 'Goals!'. Must be getting desperate for someone to take care of her. She knows that housing situation isn't going to last, no matter how much she protests otherwise.

No. 352780

Oh thank you anon for starting a ne AL thread! It was just getting good. Hey Dana! Come back! The milk must flow….

No. 352782

I will say she's looking better.

No. 352792

High praise.

Learn how to make threads, OP. Provide links, introductory information and also the previous thread link.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW5ncBWqvyyUYo1evh1iFCA

Previous thread: >>>/pt/304962

No. 352809

I tried to link her YT, the system kept giving me an error. I dropped the ball on linking to pt 1 and 2, however.(Newfaggotry)

No. 352812

Some info on Big AL for the new people:

500 lbs hamplanet, vlogs to document her "weight loss journey" but gets fatter by the minute.

Films "Mookbongs"/Mukbangs as an excuse to binge. Ate an entire bag of Cheetos in one sitting in the last one. Gets butthurt every time someone criticizes her for her food choices because she knows what she's doing and everybody deserves a cheat day/year.

Has only 32,000 subs but pretends to make bank on YouTube. Constantly eats out, goes on Walmart shopping sprees, furnished a new apartment with cheap crap and bought 63 Christmas presents for her (now ex) girlfriend alone. Refuses to spend cash on anything important like getting herself the help she needs. Quit her job because sitting in the chair hurt her, but was supposedly fired idk. Youtube is her only source of income.

Has animals she can't take care of. Has 3 cats and one dog, the dog is fat and anxious all the time because it never gets walked. Her ex who lives with her smacked a dog in the face in one of her videos and it caused some drama. Has a baby kitten she is supposed to spay now but apparently she's too lazy.

Constantly blows smoke up her own ass because of what a loving and giving person she is in her own mind. Bought two gift cards for a random homeless lady around the holiday season, then wanted to give it to some random stranger when she was no longer there. Walked up to some random stranger and started telling her the long ass story of how much of a hero she is, then called her a bitch when she didn't want to accept the cards and listen to her sob story.

Lies all the time, mostly about dumb shit like I haven't eaten all day before consuming 800+ calories in one sitting, but some lies are really vile. Accused another ex gf (Kasey) of raping her when it's not true, also claimed that her aunt abandoned her because she's fat when in fact it was because of her attitude.

Last but not least, constantly mooches off of other people and cannot ever be alone. Supposedly dated 20+ guys during her teenage years, then went full lezzy and moved in with her first gf at age 18 (this is the one she accused of rape so if you would like to hear how much of a good housemate she wasn't, I recommend checking out her video). While she was still with Kasey she already started flirting with what would be girlfriend number two, Krystle. She sent her an iPod as a present while she was still with Kasey. After her first relationship ended she moved in straight with Krystle and her family, didn't work, didn't pay rent and didn't contribute anything. Stayed with her parents even after they broke up, until she met gf number three, Destiny. Moved in straight with her family, had a job for about 3 months but otherwise didn't do jack shit either. The two of them eventually moved to a place of their own but are broken up now and still live at the same place. Whines about how Destiny took away her future by breaking up with her because she's so dependent on other people. Is now suddenly pretending (?) to be into guys again cause she's been single for a month now and she's getting desperate.

What happened recently:

>Destiny broke up with AL, supposedly because she wanted to work on herself and be single or something.

>Destiny immediately started hanging with some other chick (Dana), are officially in a relationship a month after the breakup

>Dana is a landwhale too and much uglier than AL although she edits her pictures to shit. Immediately joined a FB hate group against AL, started posting selfies with Destiny and gloating about how she's hers now, liking anti-AL stuff etc.

>On Valentine's day, AL decides to film herself drinking an entire bottle of wine, then goes on Younow where she drinks two more bottles of beer. She knows Dana joined the hate groups and says she "did her wrong", seems bitter af about Destiny and Dana. Also retweets some anti-Dana shit.

>A few hours later she snaps Destiny and Dana sitting on the couch in her apartment, they brought her chocolates and Dana is supposedly a great person and all the shit she said/retweeted was just because she was drunk you guys.

>AL said she's not interested in the D, but keeps calling guys cute, says she would date Bruno Mars, how it's "goals" to text a dude etc. Somebody is getting desperate for a new caretaker.

I hope this helps, OP is a little sparse.

No. 352864

File: 1487348395690.png (1.36 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9046.PNG)

I like this lip colour but what's up with how intense her duck lips are? You don't need to purse your lips so hard girl

No. 352865

i like the sunglasses a lot but yeah she tries too hard.

No. 352866

>the reflection of her arm in the glasses
Holy shit. Her arm is double the size of her hand.

No. 352867


woww her arm fat sag begins legit right after her wrist.

No. 352868

without the duck lips you wouldn't be able to see her lips at all

No. 352952

I can't stand the way she talks, always overusing whatever twitter hashtag's "in" atm, like #goals. It makes her sound retarded. She's so annoying.

No. 353039

She's got that overgrown baby thing going on like all fats.

No. 353040

Like, literally!

No. 353044

If you watch some of her early videos, it's like watching a different person (aside from the fact that she's about 160lbs slimmer). Her personality is so much more mellow and easier to watch. I can't watch her videos now without wanting to slap her across the face.

No. 353223

If Destiny is rarely at their apartment due to her full time job and juggling Dana's needs once the lease is up she just needs to get the fuck out. AL can get a place that is within walking/transit distance to everything she might need. As far as their mountains of belongings, they'll just have to deal with that shit because this is getting moronic.

No. 353293

Isn't their lease not up until late in the year? I don't think they'll make it that long.

No. 353297

September I think is what AL said. the only reason they're still living together is because AL has no where to go, so they're using the lease as an excuse

No. 353335

New video. AL (or Saint Al as she is portraying herself) says she won't kick Destiny to the curb. It would be nice to think that this is because of maturity but I'm guessing it's more about needing a driver.

No. 353400

File: 1487559658129.png (2.02 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6454.PNG)

From a recent snap of Destiny's. What a catch.

No. 353408

Damn Dana has some C cup back titties going on.

No. 353439

She's a humpback landwhale.

It's funny how AL thinks she'd even be able to have any power over kicking Destiny out and is being such a good person for not doing it. One of them has a gf, a licence, a car and a job. The other earns ~1K a month by being a laughingstock on Youtube and otherwise contributes nothing. It's not like she could afford the townhouse, four animals and her 4K+ calorie a day diet. The quality and frequency of her videos has already gone to shit because Destiny is no longer around to drive her to places, and she has nothing to really vlog about being stuck alone in the house 24/7. I bet she really regrets quitting that job now (assuming she did quit and didn't get fired).

No. 353442

File: 1487574026482.png (1.34 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9362.PNG)

Why??? That's so many burgers?? Just wtf is this a normal American meal??

No. 353443

File: 1487574087694.png (1.26 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9360.PNG)

No. 353444

File: 1487574143109.png (1.22 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9361.PNG)

No. 353445

File: 1487574195461.png (1.24 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9368.PNG)

No. 353446

So their. Ooh in Lexington together? Wherever that is..

No. 353447

File: 1487574291377.png (1.25 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9363.PNG)

No. 353448

No looks like either sliders or microwavable White castle burgers

No. 353450

File: 1487574403670.png (1.46 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9369.PNG)

No. 353451

Also no respectable restaurant stacks those sliders like that… Like wtf?! Usually its on a long plate with like three in a row not fucking stacked on each other like that w that huge side of mayo ew

No. 353452

Still looks like a lot. Usually you just have 2 sliders?

No. 353453

Yup that's what I was thinking! Is she at a buffet?

No. 353454

File: 1487574584408.png (1.25 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9370.PNG)

No. 353455

File: 1487574640965.png (1.08 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9367.PNG)

Ugh her tongue looks gross

No. 353456

Yeah I'm disgusted. But then again shit tier restaurants like chilies or ruby tuesday will overload you with food hence why america is so fucking fat. A typical plate is like 1300 calories its absurd.

No. 353457

File: 1487574677058.png (1.04 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9365.PNG)

No. 353459

File: 1487574758992.png (1012.19 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9364.PNG)

She was singing in this one. It was a video but I can only screenshot

No. 353460

File: 1487574801926.png (1013.75 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9366.PNG)

No. 353461

Has she changed the way she does her hair?

No. 353462

She keeps shoving her tits into her Snapchat pics and it's seriously annoying

No. 353463

This is definitely a Ruby Tuesdays hahahaha jfc

No. 353466

For a lot of Americans that is a normal meal. Those are large sliders, with fried chicken rather than hamburger, and a person of normal weight who was not ravenously hungry could eat two and feel very full, especially if they had fries along with it.

Those sliders are similar in circumference to a McDonalds hamburger or cheeseburger (the ones we now consider kid size and not the Big Mac or Quarter Pounder) but the buns are fluffier and the meat is fried and breaded. She easily has over 1000 calories in just the sliders.

But yeah, a substantial number of people in the USA find this to be a normal meal. Amberlynn must be eating between 4000-5000 calories a day to be at her current weight. This to her likely just feels like an appetizer before her main meal.

And I don't think Destiny likes her new cow because she's somehow better looking than Amberlynn. Dana has an unappealing face and her body shape reminds me of a water buffalo. This was not a change based on looks.

Destiny is probably into Dana because Dana works, doesn't rely on Destiny to do everything for her, isn't a shopaholic, and is still capable of showering daily without a struggle. Dana could have a second nose growing in the center of her forehead and an anus where her navel should be and just being the tiniest bit self-reliant makes her more attractive to Destiny. Factor in that Dana doesn't deliberately humiliate Destiny in videos or broadcast every little thing they do on YouTube and Dana becomes the better choice for someone who had been dealing with AL.

No. 353467

>is this a normal American meal?

You know damn well it isn't, don't act obtuse. You see how big she is, how do you think she got there?

No. 353470

its fucking cheesecake factory what do you expect

No. 353471

File: 1487577912277.png (5.39 MB, 1242x2208, Photo Feb 19, 22 41 18.png)

can we just…

No. 353472

Lol idk man Ive never been there and don't eat that shit but any retard would know better not to stack burgs. The bread will peel off and shit. Sage for no contribution. I just don't understand how some ppl go to these pig traugh places to eat shit and pay $$$ for 2000 calorie meals

No. 353473

Its like listening to someone blow up a balloon with all the bloat in this pic. Prob all the sodium coursing through their veins from din din

No. 353493

File: 1487585810768.png (1.54 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9426.PNG)

Hanging out with destiny and everyone again..

No. 353494

File: 1487585964959.png (1.27 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9424.PNG)

Why? Just why??

No. 353495

File: 1487586049132.png (1.61 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9421.PNG)

She's gonna accidentally squish that dog to death one of these days

No. 353496


Isnt twinky overweight too?

No. 353497

As the originial OP of AL i feel so proud to see how far this topic of her has gone

Glad this hefer has been outed

No. 353500


Wonder how many metric tons are represented in this picture?

No. 353506

over 9000

No. 353536


No. 353571

when your squad is too fat to fit all their faces in a group pic

No. 353585

File: 1487615921424.png (1019.81 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9483.PNG)

Well your a whale so your half way there..

No. 353608

You just know Destiny doesn't GAF and she's kissing Dana on their group outing/at group gatherings.

No. 353641


That's probably happening and it actually makes me kind of sad for AL? Like, it's her fault for putting herself in the situation but also Destiny's slow ass is definitely slobbing on Dana's huge face in front of AL with no shame and that's just too weird. Ew

No. 353683


do you have any more milk on the Kasey drama regarding rape? i've only been around for Destiny drama

No. 353685

Some Youtubers made some very good videos chronically what happened with Kasey and Amberlynn. 'Amberlynn and rape' ought to bring them up. –Someone else (than quoted)

No. 353689


Destiny used to be cute when she was skinny imo. she should lose weight and try to find a normal gf. its depressing that she broke up with some ugly landwhale just to date some other ugly landwhale. i get it that she can do much better with her current looks, but damn girl. you're better than that… take some time to yourself, get better. this is just sad.

i've noticed not everyone here likes her, but she's not a hopeless case like Amberlynn imo.

and if she did lose weight and started dating normal people, i think it would destroy AL.

No. 353708

I recommend checking out Kasey's videos on the matter. His Youtube channel is called Kasey with a K, he has two videos in response to AL: A rebuttal to Amberlynn and Evidence. In the rebuttal video he talks about how Amber came to live with his family because she had no place to stay, even though they didn't have much cash either. She didn't do jack shit around the house and apparently also abused Kasey/got physical with him. She was not supportive of his transition and also started talking to Krystle/gf number two while she was still with Kasey. She sent her an iPod as a gift or something and apparently AL threw a tantrum because she didn't get the one she wanted. She also put lovey dovey stuff about Krystle on her FB while still with Kasey. Apparently she also messaged Kasey when she started seeing Destiny, because she was never intimate with Krystle but wanted to bang Destiny, and pretty much asked about being smelly because she didn't use to shower every day kek.

In response to the videos, AL took down the rape accusation and uploaded some kind of slam poetry where she pretty much said oops I used the wrong word and now everyone hates on me, woe is me. Idk if these two videos are still up/mirrored somewhere.

No. 353715

Facially speaking AL is prettier than Destiny imo, but she is far too delusional to ever lose weight unless she starts therapy or something serious happens to wake her up. I don't really know if Destiny has the potential to be cute, but a lot of people look really derpy when they're overweight so maybe there's hope lol. She'd definitely look better if she got a flattering haircut and stopped dressing like a preteen boy though, that's for sure.

I don't think AL cares too much about who Destiny dates and how they look like, she never seemed to be that into her in the first place. Like in the get drunk with me video she even said she fell in "love" with Destiny when she said that she loved her. Pretty telling imo. She's just the kind of person who can't ever be alone, she always needs someone no matter who it is.

No. 353748


I actually prefer Destiny looking goofy to borderline cute/attractive. She's comic relief this way.

No. 353882

so apparently destiny and dana got a dog together
is she gonna smack this one around as well?

also does that bring the dog total to 3? twinky, this dog, and the dog that was smacked on livestream?

No. 353916

People bring up that AL is facially better, as if she's just a floating face or that thing from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. There's a huge body connected to that head. And we're really thinking about what she would look like, if she were thin, which don't count because it's not reality. Not to knock AL, we all struggle with something..Might as well say Dana would be slightly more attractive without that hump in her back, but it doesn't remove the hump.

No. 353995

does any of you think AL would look really good if she lost weight? I think she's a super lazy ass and is full of excuses, so I can't see her losing that much weight, but still… i wonder if she'd look good. I think her face isn't bad at all. she has nice hair and would probably be at least pretty.

No. 353996

Yeah, I think she would look really nice if she lost weight. She doesn't have a bad looking face at all and if she lost some weight, I think she would look really pretty.

No. 354007

I'm pretty sure the dog she smacked in the face is not even theirs. She defended herself on Twitter saying "the owner" told her to give it a smack if it tried to bite any of the cats. Tbh I'm more upset that nobody in either household is going to walk the dogs because everybody involved is too fat to move.

I used to be so confused about people saying that AL has a pretty face because I was no idea how you can even tell anymore. She's pretty much past the point where your facial features disappear under the lard. But judging by her older videos she does have the potential to be pretty. Too bad she won't ever lose weight.

No. 354008

Christ they haven't even been together a fortnight. A dog is almost as big of a commitment as a kid. I guess maybe not when you live impulsively and happily lose or give up animals left and right.

No. 354011

I agree she'd look cute if she lost weight, she even looks young for her age even with all that fat

No. 354030


i think she'd actually be super pretty. she has a rly cute face and great hair. it's a shame, if she even went for one walk a day, she'd lose weight.

i'm sure her body doesn't WANT to be carrying that much weight, any kind of exercise/cardio would help in a big way.

No. 354031


ugh, yeah i feel bad for her too. it's all so fucking creepy and incestuous almost.


oh my fucking GOD seriously? what the fuck is wrong with these bitches. the way they treat dogs is bloody ridiculous.

No. 354038

File: 1487767762918.png (2.02 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6463.PNG)

No. 354039

This looks like Kaydee Konstantino is kissing an anaemic Oompa Loompa

No. 354046

Made me burst out laughing! 10/10 and a gold star anon!

No. 354047

No. 354050

You mean the ghost of Kadee Konstantino.

No. 354059

Latest Smash or Pass video.

No. 354060

Can you supply a roof over her head and drive her around? Smash.

No. 354071

Tfw you smashed Destiny but think Lady Gaga is not good enough for you.

No. 354074

It's really starting to show that Destiny doesn't drive her around 24/7 anymore. The quality of her videos has really gone to shit, and it's obvious she has nothing to film because she doesn't do shit all day.

No. 354156

Her being housebound will accelerate the search for a new driver / trough. Bitch could go for walks with Twinkie and do vlogs outdoors, but that would take effort.

No. 354166

AL, here are some ideas for your free time:
>> cooking show, just cook your sorrows away! want some soup? put that entire bottle of chiken broth and some ketchup to boil girl!
>> mukbang just after your cooking show! is two videos in one!
>> All you can eat buffet experience as a BIG GIRL! Get your girl Destiny to drive you to some disgunting buffet and let your own desires take you through a journey of flavors and vomit.

I think is time for Al to GO BIGGER with her videos because this is the last chance of sucking some milk from her own drama

No. 354220

Passed on Sade (singer) but said smash for Miley Cyrus. Wow. She has bizarre tastes.

No. 354231

It's like she was at the peak of drama with the break-up and Dana and she fucks it up by not regularly posting during that time. What's the point of dank drama if you're not gonna cash in on it? I thought you wanted to be the next Trisha Paidass, Big AL.

No. 354244

You people obsessed with her being pretty if she lost weight are freaking weird.

No. 354248

She gets out of breath from standing up. She has to use the disability scooters at Walmart because shopping is too much effort for her. There is no way she would film herself going on walks because it would confront her with the reality that she cannot move anymore. If she really wanted to keep up the Youtube is my job sharade she should get back to being a weight loss channel, keep a video diary of what she eats, do some small exercises she can still do at her size etc. She could do videos about different kinds of diets people do and try them herself, give going vegan/vegetarian another chance etc. It'll give her something to talk about, and maybe she'll even lose another 15 lbs in a year or so. If she was smart she learned to drive herself because she needs it for her "job".

Pls elaborate how it is weird to say somebody would look better if they took better care of themselves. That's a fact lol

No. 354255

>Pls elaborate how it is weird to say somebody would look better if they took better care of themselves.

Not the anon you're responding to.
Because she's not on lolcow because she's obese, she's on lolcow for being an attention whoring moron youtube personality with drama.
Swipes at looks always seems trite because if it's not about one thing, it's about another thing. Someone could always stand to change something about themselves because very few people are 10/10 model attractive anyway.
If she lost weight, then it would be about her facial features, boobs, etc. Look at other lolcows with average bodies and see how people find other shit to pick at..

No. 354261

She's racist that's why. I remember a few off the wall comments in her earlier vids

No. 354262

I know what you mean. Comments about looks get on my nerves too because a lolcow's entertainment factor comes from the drama they cause online, not the way they look. It's like being entertained by someone dangling keys in front of your face tbh. But at the end of the day we're on an image board dedicated to making fun of people so there's going to be a lot of nitpicking. Nothing any of us are talking about here is of much value, we're all here to point and laugh at the freaks in the circus.

I don't think people saying she would be pretty if she lost weight is criticism, though. Quite the opposite, people are admitting that she has the potential to be pretty even though she's kind of a shitty person, as opposed to criticizing everything about her because she's a shitty person. I found it quite refreshing tbh. Weighing three times as much as you're supposed to is also not a small nitpick by any means. Holy shit you should never do that to yourself, no matter how many HAES tumblrinas/fat fetishists/chubby chasers tell you it's beautiful.

No. 354268

To me she'd be disgusting no matter what so maybe that's why I see the weight as the least of her issues.

No. 354288

To me, her unattractivness doesn't come from just her physical appearance, it comes from what her appearance represents: lack of self respect and self control, and lack of any kind of ambition or will to be independent. Jesus, I feel guilty or awkward when someone tries to help me with ANYTHING, even my own husband or parents, so I can't imagine being in her situation where she literally cannot perform basic life functions without relying on someone else. That shit is for when you are old and on your way out, not for when you're in your mid 20s ffs.

No. 354308

You know you're troubled when you'd rather risk contracting an STI than shag a black person lol.

No. 354322

to all those saying she'd look pretty if she lost weight:

she'd look fucking weird. She'd have pounds and pounds of extra skin and even with skin removal surgery she'd still walk like a fat person (waddle) due to her skeletal system taking a major hit for YEARS. She'd be HEALTHIER and that's the important thing.

No. 354329

To me, I just think it's an unfair comparison, how it's always X (Dana, Krystle, whomever) against the ghost of fit Amber. Using, she'd be attractive if thinner as an argument of how she's the better choice lookswise.

No. 354367

new vid up about being friends with destiny and dana

No. 354375

nevermind, it addresses nothing, boring

No. 354378

She's trying sooooo hard to prove how well she's handling the breakup and how mature she is. Who the fuck would want to be friends with someone who joined a hate group dedicated to you? Like can you be any faker?

No. 354396

massive click bait aside, kudos to this Mary person for forcing AL to walk up and down that boat ramp. She needs more exercise in her life and someone to motivate/insist that she do it.

I mean sure right before that they went out and ordered TWO fried appetizers and followed it with a steak 'n carb feast, but baby steps?

No. 354404


look at the discolouration on her knuckles, yikes.

No. 354416

All that effort toward her eye makeup yet she neglects the brows…

No. 354471

Yeah it's an easy swipe at her to make fun of her weight. But to pretend like it isn't an issue at all is equally bizarre. She is frighteningly obese. Like Maury Povich quality obese. Just as many people watch her for the shock and awe of her hamplanet propotions as they do for her lulzy drama. People love to watch people who appear carved out of lard. It makes them feel better about themselves. To ignore this as part of her "appeal" on YouTube is to delude yourself. You are so much better than everyone else because you only focus on her shitty attitude and not her weight. Puhleeze. It's like pretending you don't notice that someone is swimming with oozing, festering leprosy on their damn face. It's so very BIG of you to be so blind to such glaring disfigurement. Bless you, bless you for it eyes rolling

No. 354494

>You are so much better than everyone else because you only focus on her shitty attitude and not her weight.

Is there a reason why you're being so specifically personal about this?
Not saying HAES shit isn't stupid and all, but not every obese person I've ever met is anything like Amber. The fact is if she weren't such an attention whore personality she'd have never made it to lolcow status anyway. Having a shitty attitude is the reason why cows, flakes, and mistakes land here. Nothing else. Or this website would be filled with innocent uggos and fatties who did nothing wrong except post their pictures on the internet.
You seem upset and I'm not sure why. All I said was that her weight is tertiary and a tired way to bring down a cow, and it's true.

No. 354520

Someone uploaded a copy of the abuse video Amberlynn deleted. She took it down right after Kasey put up his rebuttal video and if my memory serves me correctly here AL had it up for months prior to that.

That slam poetry video you're thinking of was never deleted, it's still up on ALs channel.

No. 354521

Here's Kaseys response. Might as well have it in the new thread too.

No. 354523

And this is the video Kasey released shortly afterwards with evidence. After this AL went quiet on youtube for a little while and when she returned she had just moved in with Destiny in their current place. She said she deleted a bunch of video clips and before her brief absence she had been putting up videos were filmed the previous month.

No. 354536

I very cleary said it's combination of the two. She's a twofer.

No. 354922

Krystal(or is it Krystle?), anyway, she's coming to visit. According to the new video. She's driving to stay with AL then AL is driving BACK with her to stay with Krystle, then Krystal is coming back with AL and staying some more.

Are we taking bets on whether AL ever leaves Krystal's home when she visit? She may have a hard time getting rid of her.

No. 354923

FatAl ain't moving once she's back in Virginia.

No. 354956

Ahahaha I can't wait for this shit. How is Krystle's family agreeing to this? Yeah, she'll never go back to Kentucky.

No. 354961

With that title I thought she was going to show us her makeup routine. She irks me with those clickbait titles Also why did it take her 40 minutes to do her makeup? She doesn't even use that many products.

I'm undecided as to whether she'll try to squat at Krystles house indefinitely. On one hand she'd probably like to stay there again if Krystle and her family allowed it. She'd get driven around much more than she is now at the very least. On the other hand I doubt she would abandon her pets and her mountain of crap. It would look super suspicious if she tried to bring all those animals, a literal ton of body sprays and her scarf tub for a week long (or however long) visit.

No. 354993

Oh fuck no she brought up something about there being a ghost. If she starts making up fake ghost stories like loeylane she'll get no mercy

No. 354994

I KNEW that she was going to try to get back with krystal. i know they've been "friends" ever since they've broken up.. but i think that AL still has feelings for her.. im excited af to see how much of a mess thats going to turn out to be

No. 354995

also who tf is paying for their apartment? dustin isn't even staying there and AL cannot possible make enough off YT to be paying the rent

No. 354997

I bet she's going to pull a similar stunt she did with Kasey. She's going to go back to Virginia with Krystle, then suddenly Destiny will move in with Dana and she'll have no place to go back to and will be forced to stay with Krystle and her family who pay everything for her while she has no job and sits at home mookbonging herself closer to death.

No. 355006

I'm pretty sure she only superficially cares about these things. She needs her pets as props because she likes to portray herself as an animal lover and a kind person. If she actually gave a fuck about any of them, she would make sure their needs are met. Neither Rarity nor Jax have been spayed even though they should be. Twinkie doesn't get her nails clipped and nobody ever walks her. She's okay with Dustin smacking a puppy in the face. Such an animal lover you guys. The excuse will probably be that she didn't want to remove the animals from their home environment.

And as far as her things are concerned, lezzbereal she has so many that she wouldn't miss 90% of them. She buys all the cheap plastic shit because she's compulsive, spending money makes her happy and she doesn't do anything else with her life. Not because she really wants/needs any of it. Ambaby buys a necklace, maybe wears it once or twice, tosses it into the hoard and it's never seen again. If she had to part with her belongings it would be a good excuse to hoard even more shit afterwards.

Or she could always manipulate Dustin into sending her her things. They're still best friends 5ever after all. Krystle also sent her a box or two of stuff when she moved in with Destiny iirc.

She's so needy that I'm sure having someone to baby her takes priority over both her animals and her Walmart treasures.

No. 355300

File: 1488181322253.png (749.1 KB, 850x473, 24318d21397b65815b9aa861c3fbe2…)

No. 355329

Seems to me both Dana and AL have back humps.

No. 355372

File: 1488221307491.png (1.28 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9774.PNG)

Ugh the way she's holding her stomach…

No. 355373

It looks like a mother and sister son kek

No. 355374

*mother and son

No. 355375

File: 1488221428558.png (1.09 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9771.PNG)

Who's that in her sunglasses reflection?

No. 355376

File: 1488221480945.png (1.03 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9764.PNG)

No. 355377

File: 1488221537489.png (1.05 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9765.PNG)

No. 355378

File: 1488221583787.png (1.2 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9766.PNG)


No. 355379

its so funny to see post-break up AL, hair is always done and nice, her makeup is always done and her outfits seem even more put together

No. 355380

File: 1488221669717.png (1.61 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9773.PNG)

I hate her gross tongue out selfies so much

No. 355381

File: 1488221719993.png (1.23 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9768.PNG)

No. 355382

Who's the girl she's with?

No. 355384

File: 1488221802296.png (1.44 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9769.PNG)

She kept zooming in on her face on this snapchat video

No. 355385

File: 1488221840740.png (1.31 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9767.PNG)

No. 355386

File: 1488221893367.png (757.38 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9772.PNG)

Isn't this a show aimed at teenagers?

No. 355387

File: 1488221950862.png (1.21 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9770.PNG)

She looks like her son ew

No. 355388


Holy shit this is the only person I've ever seen hang out with her who's not a landwhale herself. She looks like a fragile little child among Big AL's elephant herd.

Judging by Ambaby's desperation on Snapchat, she'll probably try to groom this chick into her next feeder/chauffer. Run, normal-looking girl, run far away!

No. 355417

omg dustin looks like a literal fish……….

No. 355427


Nah, anon, she's fat, too. Notice the lack of collarbones. She's just not circus-freak tier fat like the rest of them so she looks normal by comparison.

No. 355432

New video has comments disabled. I wonder what happened.

No. 355445

She's probably getting sick of people telling her that the quality of her videos has gone to shit and that she uploads really infrequently considering that Youtube is supposed to be her full time job. Sucks when your chauffer is on strike and you're alone at home 24/7 sticking out your tongue and tits on Snapchat.

No. 355460

Why would she even feel the desire to watch Magic Mike if she's so gay? Future "I'M BISEXUAL?" video coming soon?

No. 355466

Either trying to increase her chances of finding a new feeder or awkwardly trying to relate to her straight friends by pretending to have the same likes and interests.

No. 355481

clocking those adore delano lyrics, no wonder she's up to her third chin in drag slang.

No. 355503

File: 1488249554772.jpg (44.43 KB, 451x392, lol.jpg)

>>> humpback landwhale

No. 355511

and now she is saying on her younow stream that she is gonna stay with Krystal for 3 months, like WTF! she really is something else

No. 355516

In the beginning of the video she talked about having gall stone attacks and pain flair ups from her slipped disk. I bet that's the reason why comments are disabled. She doesn't want to hear people telling her to lose weight or take better care of her health.

3 months?! WTF, Oh there's no way she's going back to Kentucky once she gets to Krystals house! I hope Destiny doesn't rely on her for any rent or bill money because she won't be getting any after she leaves.

No. 355538

From her younow broadcast:

Someone asked her if she would date a bisexual girl and she said no because she dated bi girls in the past and they left her because they missed guys (maybe they just wanted a excuse to break up with her). She stated her ideal girlfriend is only into girls. I think some people were giving her shit for saying no to bisexuals.

She said her and Destiny no longer share a bed. She said she sleeps in her bed which is in her room and that they have separate rooms. Someone asked what she missed the most about being in a relationship with Destiny. She said she misses feeling loved by someone else emotionally and physically.

Someone asked if Destiny and Dana have PDA when they are all out together and she said yes. Someone asked if Dana is an upgrade or a downgrade. AL said upgrade but didn't elaborate beyond saying that Dana is a sweet girl.

Someone asked if she had a crush and she said she does. Al wouldn't answer any questions or say anything more about her crush. She said in the future she's not sure if will have her next girlfriend featured on her youtube channel so much (smart idea but where will she get her content?).

She starts telling the story of how she noticed Destiny was becoming distant and how they broke up. She begins by saying that Destiny usually called her when she was on break from work but one day she didn't. She talked to Destiny about it and she said that the bosses were talking to her during break. AL says that sounded odd to her and that she can tell when she's being lied to in a relationship. So she calls Sharla at work to see if the bosses were in fact talking to Destiny during her break and they weren't (poor Sharla getting dragged into this shit at work). They have an argument about this and Destiny begins staying out later and hanging out with Sharla after work sometimes for hours to avoid coming home at night. She says they didn't like going to bed angry and that one night Destiny said she was going to sleep in another room if they couldn't get past this. AL said she was trying to work it out with her and in frustration asked if she wanted to break up and Destiny said yes. AL said she still thought they could get through this. So they were distant for a little while and then one day they had been getting along and were sexual together. AL thought that meant they would be getting back together but it didn't change anything and they stayed broken up. She was tearing up during this conversation but said she wasn't sad anymore over the breakup but that she was emotional since she had never talked about how it ended before and said she was lied to. Someone remarked that she was looking better post breakup and AL said that after the initial pain and heartbreak she started to feel free.

Someone asked her where she would live if had the resources to live anywhere and she said she would stay living here. She said she actually does miss some aspects of living in Virginia but that Kentucky and Virginia aren't that different. Someone said no one lives in Kentucky on purpose and AL said I do, I know where everything is around here and I really like going to Lexington.

She said Dana will appear in a future vlog and that it will probably be the video after the next one she puts up. She then said she's not sure if people will like the next video she's going to upload. (foreshadowing?)

She talked about a bunch of mukbang channels she liked but said she can't watch people eat desserts for some reason. Then she asked if people wanted to see her do mukbangs again but only for entertainment purposes and not to make fun of her. She said she's been eating mostly vegetarian food lately but that she hadn't eaten in "forever" and that she was hungry.

Someone asked her about getting to 100k subs on youtube. AL said she'll get to that number one day because her subs continue going up and have never went down. She would periodically mention her viewer numbers on younow and said she would stay on until she had over 20k. She ended up staying on for 2 and a half hours and said she had over 21k viewers. By the time I started watching her younow she had been on for over an hour so please feel free to add anything interesting that I missed.

No. 355547

Lol so much for Destiny breaking up with her because she wanted to work on herself.

Seriously, that story is creepy as fuck. When you've reached a point where your partner can't even go to work without having to check up on you on regular intervalls, what even is the point in dating them. Like wtf is the point when you have so little trust?

I love how everything in a relationship is all about me me me for Ambaby. I don't date bi girls because they'll leave ME. I miss Destiny because she showed ME affection. I flipped my lid because she didn't call ME. She should peobably consider therapy before dating someone again kek.

No. 355699

File: 1488315407751.png (1.15 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9821.PNG)

No. 355701

File: 1488315762524.png (1.38 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9822.PNG)

No. 355702

File: 1488315825870.png (1.38 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9823.PNG)

No. 355703

File: 1488315881583.png (1.42 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9824.PNG)

No. 355704

File: 1488315955584.png (963.07 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9825.PNG)

No. 355705

File: 1488316003023.png (1.13 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9826.PNG)

No. 355713

to be fair, a shit ton of lesbians don't dare bi women, no matter what. yes, its unfair and i hate it being bi sometimes because girls dont wanna take you seriously since they assume will leave for a guy eventually, but thats how it is. still, yeah, AL needs therapy.

No. 355734

I feel like it really eats her up that she has to hang around Destiny and Dana, and I don't 100% blame her. I could never do something like that, it would be death.

She's going to fuck Destiny over with that condo when she goes back to VA, but she needs to get out tbh

No. 355737

>wilted green onions and cilantro

That shit has been sitting under a heat lamp for 5 minuets tops.

No. 355747

Gonna be honest, look-wise, i think AL has potential. Destiny looks like an ugly 12 years old guy.
If AL lost weight, she'd be very pretty imo

No. 355748

>she said no because she dated bi girls in the past and they left her because they missed guys (maybe they just wanted a excuse to break up with her).
Or maybe they left bc AL was shit? I hate how AL seems to think that she's never the problem.
It's so weird. You know how narcissists may hate themselves and project their insecurities yet at the same time, they can be arrogant and they think highly of themselves? Kind of like a "I think im shit but im still so much better than you lol"
AL strikes me like that tbh

No. 355751

you're not forced to date bisexuals but i find it sad how some lesbians are so insecured about themselves that they think just because youre attracted to both genders that the girl will leave for guys

No. 355763

Tbh I'm just mystified where all of her supposed partners came from. She was with Kasey at age 18, then went straight to Krystle and then Destiny. Before that, she supposedly went out with more than 20 guys, AND she has also been with bisexual chicks who left her for men??? How tf does that even add up lmao.

No. 355799

I feel bad for that woman trying to get with Amber. Why? She's almost 500lbs and has serious psychological issues and struggles with her hygiene. Then, some people are caretakers. That's what they do, take care of people and try to 'fix' them, give them the love they think they need. Only to get nothing but manipulated because people like AL don't want to heal, they want to get over on you. I saw the woman's Twitter posts over on Kiwi.

No. 355841

Totally agree, anon. I think her face is pretty and she has really nice hair (she does need a better haircut though). she'd probably look super qt! Too bad she probably won't ever drop the extra pounds.

No. 355931

File: 1488370220626.png (1.84 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6506.PNG)

No. 355967

Just hanging out in Walmart with my ex and her new gf.

No. 355970

It's really quite sad. When Sharla's not available she has to subject herself to Destiny & Dana's PDA, and just being around them in general, in order to get out of the house and go out to eat or restock her pantry with food.

Since Destiny is obviously done with AL she really should just be like "I'm not a part of your life anymore, so you are going to have to learn to take care of yourself now." and stop shuttling her around to various food establishments.

No. 356003

I've seen worse in a Walmart tbh

No. 356007

did anyone watch AL live last night? anything interesting?

No. 356028

Haha. New video, finally they're in their environment. A nasty shitty trailer.

No. 356031

Density's special ed movements while playing guitar hero sent me over the edge

No. 356032


No. 356039

I'm so triggered by how OBESE they all are.

In the beginning of the video AL is wearing a choker and you can barely see it because of her neck fat. Then by the end of the video she shows her choker collection… Just…No! They look awful on her.

I can't help but to confess that I do like AL despite everything she's done/said and her sad behavior, but goddamn… Seeing those chokers made me want to puke

No. 356054

Not that anon but bisexuality was a trend for a while and a lot of straight girls used to call themselves bi when really they were just experimenting and most of the bi girls I know all ended up with dudes. I can understand how lesbians are wary of them lol.

No. 356055


I could also see many bi women as they mature and want families choosing to settle with men because it's the easiest route to having children

No. 356056

Things might be different now but I'm in the age range where what you just said was basically my experience. Girls were trendy bisexual just to hold hands and drunk kiss other girls but past groping each other's chest they wouldn't be interested.

Getting involved with a bisexual was a 50/50 shot of being heartbroken when they ditched you for a guy because you didn't want threesomes with the dude she was using you to bait.

No. 356109

What about all the girls who will ditch you for another woman? People forget about that. My previous relationship, 'Oh I'm not sure if I'm really bi..' and waffling back and forth, only to have dated women since. It goes the other way, as well.

No. 356111

It's funny at 7:19 the dog exhibits the same, 'get that camera out of my face' reaction as people. He/she was clearly annoyed.

No. 356152

>most of the bi girls I know all ended up with dudes
Men who are attracted to women vastly outnumber women who are attracted to women. Statistically speaking, most bi women (and bi men) will end up with someone of the opposite sex simply because the dating pool is so much larger.

>Then by the end of the video she shows her choker collection
It's amazing she can even find chokers big enough for her tree trunk of a neck.

No. 356158

I get so freaking depressed watching AL. geez. I'm a sad fuck myself but she's trying way too hard to seem okay with everything

No. 356237

Someone uploaded it in three parts. So AL says she is talking to someone in the same state.

No. 356238

She hates cooking for herself, damn that's another major obstacle if she is ever going to get serious about weight loss. And at nearly 500 pounds she shouldn't be drinking regular soda ever.

No. 356240

She talks about going to high school drunk/high or refusing to even go until her senior year. She was sort of pressuring her friend to get on the stream with her.

No. 356241

Wait, is this new? Is she drinking?

No. 356242

I'm pretty sure this is from the night before last. I don't think she'd been drinking before this stream.

No. 356246

I think this is the last part of the stream. Destiny got bothered by some of the rude comments towards her. I'm feeling bad for her again AL seems to like that her supporters hate Destiny.

No. 356247

I reckon AL's sexuality is irrelevant at this stage. Referring to her as "human" is now problematic in itself. Harsh? Perhaps… perhaps not.
I'm going off on a tangent here but I just watched some shitshow called "the kyle files" about the heart attack grill in the USA.
Crazy? Yes. Truth? Yep. Someone who gets irony and is laughing all the way to the bank? Oh yes.
People -HISTORY BITCHES- will always fuck themselves.
AL is at the point of no return. Makeup, hair oil, and pouting at angles into a cam will not stop the inevitable. This girl is on a one way train to immediate death. Call it good fortune or bad fortune… she will be immobile long b4 the inevitable.
I don't feel bad for her. I've seen too much of god damn entitled fat cunts claiming opresshun and hardship. You have unlimited access to 1. food. 2. literal physical freedom. 3. the internet. 4. stupidity……. and the fact I don't need to go on.
Al is a lesson in Americas dream mentality.
Shut the fuck up and stop chomping down on illiterature

No. 356335


Go back to 4chan, edgelord.

No. 356340

I wondered if she was talking to someone 'local' after she made the comments about KY not being that different from VA, which is b.s. because I've heard her complain about KY (I hope I'm not mixing my states up) and it was obvious that she doesn't really want to be there. But, if her next meal ticket is there..

No. 356467

Fat c*nt thinks she's 'too much of a nice person' on YouNow. Yeah, cos nice people make up stories about being raped. Nice people live off people (Krystle's parents) for years not working. Nice people allow animals to be abused. Fuck off you useless planet.

No. 356473

She's live on younow. Not too interesting so far but people have been telling her to kick Destiny out. I have serious doubts that she makes enough to fully financially support herself. Also hasn't Destiny sort of kicked herself out since she's hardly ever there.

No. 356476

Someone asked her about her previous comment of Destiny having anger issues towards her. AL said she does but also that Destiny has never abused her. AL said she has been abused in only one relationship (I guess she's just sticking with that lie about Kasey).

She was talking about prank calls and videos and said she likes them but laughs too much to make them herself. She said she had an idea about pranking Destiny but can't pull it off. Someone asked her to prank call Sharla but AL said she can't since she's at work. Later she mentioned that she'd like to guest Sharla on the stream but can't since she's at work (it must suck when all your friends have full time jobs and can't entertain you whenever).

Someone asked her if she uses shine spray on her hair and AL said she doesn't. She said she was going to film a sushi mukbang earlier but dropped all the sushi on the ground and said the 5 second rule wouldn't work with that. Someone commented that she probably ate it anyway, she said she could show the trash if people didn't believe her. She said she doesn't like to eat fruit much and that she has to really be in the mood for it (omg that's sweet food that's ok to eat on a diet wtf?).

Someone accused her of being biphobic and she said that's impossible because she used to be bi herself. She pulled an Onion and looked up the dictionary definition of biphobia. Someone asked her if she would ever consider being in a relationship with a guy if she met one who was great for her. She said a lot of people have been asking her about that and she reiterated that she's not into guys.

She said she's going to a hotel this weekend but didn't say why or with whom. She said it was advertised as a hotel suite but that she will see when she gets there.

She was with Cash but mentioned that the other pets were around when people asked about them. So I guess she's on puppy sitting duty for Destiny and Dana at her place. She'd been on for over an hour by the time I started watching so I think I missed most of it.

No. 356712

It feels like Dana is copying AL's music snapchats. Stupid thing to nitpick, I know but… lol.

No. 356713

It's not really relevant lol. Why would we think about bisexual women leaving their male partners when we're talking about a lesbian who doesn't feel comfortable dating bisexuals? This isn't some LGBT afterschool special, we're all just gossiping here.

No. 356770

It's a free flowing conversation and it is relevant because, she may date a woman who leaves her for another woman like Destiny did. Destiny, as far as I know, isn't bi, but the next one she days very well may be.

It has nothing to do with an after school special. We're just discussing the logic of her thinking

No. 356813

I see her supporters going on about how much prettier she is than the other one, but I'd bet $$$ that Humpback can wipe her own backside without the use of a stick and a rag. No amount of potential good looks can make up for not having good hygiene.

No. 356880

I feel so sorry for the new puppy Cash, Destinys gonna abuse it and its going to be left alone. I desperately wanna call animal protection such a cute puppy shouldnt be subjected to that sort of abuse same with her cats and twinkie. It makes me so sad

No. 356946

Isn't Cash an Australian Shepherd mixed with a Great Pyrenees according to Destiny on YouNow? That's gonna be one huge dog and something most dog owners would think about before committing to raising an animal.

No. 356967

Yes, they will end up with a huge high-energy working dog that will probably develop some issues because he's been separated from his mother way too early and his owners both work and leave him alone 10 hours a day. They are both hamplanets so you know he'll never get walked after work, either. As soon as he's no longer cute and fluffy and starts wrecking shit he's going straight to the pound if he's lucky, or Destardny will take out her anger issues on him.

I don't really give a fuck if these "people" cheat on and take advantage of each other (even though Dana's and Amberlard's fake ass friendship is highly amusing) but the fact that they get away with neglecting and abusing innocent animals is aggravating. If you love animals, good for you. But if you do not have the time and resources to properly take care of them, DO. NOT. GET. PETS. These poor babies deserve better.

No. 357046

According to snaps, they all stayed in a hotel together last night… and they went swimming. AL even got into the pool (which, I gotta give the girl credit for even trying) and there's a video clip of all of them kind of clinging to her and moving slowly and laughing.

No. 357128


Honestly I cant believe they chose a dog that would require a lot of excercise and attention. Puppies naturally require a lot of nuturing but dogs still need love after they grow up. These fucking whales arent going to give that dog the love it deserves just like her other pets. I know it is not allowed but someone should alert animal control, save those animals while they can still be readopted into new homes.

No. 357140

She's on younow with messy spacebuns right now.

No. 357143

Amberlynn said on younow that she has a date next saturday

No. 357150

I hope she vlogs it

No. 357154

File: 1488751218671.jpg (67.57 KB, 554x512, c.jpg)

AL is a Miley Cyrus fan and she said on younow that one of her brothers tweeted about her. This and Trisha Paytas acknowledging her is only going to encourage her to continue being a fat fool on the internet.

No. 357189

AL continues to say that she makes a lot of money from youtube, even more than Destiny. Someone asked her how they divided up the money from their joint bank account after their breakup. AL said she knows how much she made and she knows how much Destiny makes so she took her money out. Immediately after that someone asked if Destiny has to buy her alcohol since she doesn't have ID and she said yes. So how the fuck can you open a new bank account if you haven't had an ID in months?

Later on Amy Slaton was brought up and AL insists that she makes way more money than she lets on. She did say that she was open to meeting Amy and making a video with her.

No. 357308

oh my god Dana's latest snaps showing AL sitting in the front seat. Her seat is SO far back that she's basically sitting in the back seat herself, yet her body still fills the entire space between the seat and the dashboard.

What's worse is that there are 3 people also crammed into the back seat that look like they are being totally squished.

No. 357315

What is Dana's Snapchat?

No. 357316


No. 357317

Too bad no one grabbed a screen shot of that. I don't really do Snapchat

No. 357366

On Amberlynns snapchat they had all the whales in the pool like christ it was like an aquatic reunion

No. 357370

File: 1488785604930.png (625.41 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-03-06-07-30-50…)

Thank you
>>357317 I got this blurry one.

No. 357371

File: 1488785705784.png (442.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-03-06-07-30-40…)

No. 357474

You came through! Wow, seeing is believing. Maybe we should start a campaign to get her on 'the show'. I think the network might listen, she has quite the YT following. Ratings would be good for her episode. She needs the honesty, only the doc on there can provide.

No. 357491

Seeing how big she's become is absolutely depressing. I binge watched some of her old YT videos this weekend and damn.. she wasn't even fat compared to how fat she is now. I mean, she was fat, but she had a neck and she didn't have two huge chins yet. I know she won't but she needs to drop the extra weight. At this point she should go for surgery.. sadly.

You know when people lose weight and that makes them change their behavior in many areas of her life? I really wish that would happen to her. She could live a truly happy life if she wasn't so lazy/obsessed with food. I've come to really like AL despite all the shit concerning Kasey and the way she complains about life, has tons of support, but never better herself. Idk. I think she is captivating someway, idk why or how, so I get the hype and how "bigger" YouTubers like Trisha are noticing her.

I'm one of the people who thinks she's not truly gay (probably bi instead) but goes for girls because they're allegedly easier to control/convince of things or is kinda afraid of men. It's also easier to get with a fat lesbian that almost no one wants than with an okay guy personality wise.

Get your shit together, AL. Lose the weight!!

No. 357496

People like her will never get better. She has all the resources she needs to lose weight and yet she chooses not to. Says she doesn't want professional help because it supposedly doesn't help. Says she hates cooking and eats out all the time. Admits she's addicted to diet soda but thinks it's okay because it has no calories. Has a dog but refuses to take a walk with her. Blocks you if you point out the shit she eats isn't as healthy as she thinks. She either secretly enjoys being a landwhale because it gets her attention and can be used as an excuse why she doesn't do anything, or she's too immature to understand that you have to be self-critical and work hard to improve yourself. Either way she won't ever be at a healthy weight. She's way too delusional.

No. 357541

Surgery won't help. For one, it requires psychological counseling before the procedure is done. It takes several months. Unless you go out of the country to do it. Two, if your mind hasn't changed, you'll still have the same habits and issues that made you morbidly obese in the first place. I've literally seen people make themselves sick after the surgery because they continue to overeat. They ended up gaining a bunch of weight back. We just lost a youtube due to complications from going out of the country for the surgery and being 500 lbs at one point. She lost a LOT of weight but put a bunch back on. Not all of it, though. Still continued to be depressed and once she tried to continue to lose weight and wasn't able to deal with her childhood trauma's thru food, the depression became severe and she actually became suicidal. Died in her sleep due to organ failure complications of being obese for all that time, even though she wasn't anywhere near the 500lb she once was.

If Amberlynn got the surgery, she'd still be AL, except she's gotten the 'last resort', she'll regain the weight and have even less hope than before since they're not going to ring that weight loss surgery bell twice.

The YT I spoke of above had a husband. There are plenty of easy to manipulate chubby chasers out there. I don't get where people think men are so complicated and hard to control. My sister in law and other brother's girlfriend are overweight…my brothers are NOT. The one brother, his wife is bigger than Dana but not as big as AL. They're (the guys) not unattractive either, but the one girlfriend is (the other's wife is not). I do agree that her sexuality is up in the air. Probably bi but prefers women.

No. 357580

"We just lost a youtube due to complications from going out of the country for the surgery and being 500 lbs at one point."

Are you talking about bigcouz aka kianna?
That woman is alive, hiding out in some shack somewhere laying in bed munching on Safeway rotisserie chickens celebrating her most recent GFM scams and double insurance fraud by faking her mothers death and her own in one week.
She'll be back.

No. 357595

ha ha she seems interesting

No. 357599

Last night AL was on the phone with Destiny when she started a YouNow broadcast. She seemed annoyed with her and when she got off the phone she explained that Destiny was supposed to take her shopping after she got off work but that now she wanted to bring Dana and Dana's friend along with them. AL said that annoyed her because she "had already discussed" with Dana that she wanted to get some white storage container things, and if Dana and her friend came along there would be no room for her stuff.

Soon after she made a general statement that the "car situation" was frustrating. The comments exploded with people telling her to get her license and get her own car with YouTube money, and she pretended like she didn't see them. Then someone asked why she uses Destiny as her car service and she said "Destiny isn't my car service, but when she's going to the store and I have stuff that I need I will tag along."

The denial is strong with this one.

People also asked why she doesn't use Uber or bus lines and she said her town doesn't have either, and that she's sad about the bus because she loves riding busses and people watching.

No. 357600

Also from the broadcast: AL talked about her date on Saturday. It's with a girl who is "not a girly girl" which to me means she's another butch since she's said in the past she's only attracted to butch girls.

The new girl is 16 days older than AL and suggested they go to a restaurant to eat and talk "a lot" to get to know each other. AL says she's scared about the date. People asked her all night long how she was planning to get to the restaurant and she ignored all of the questions. She said the girl is aware of her YT account and when asked if she would be okay "long term" with AL filming her, the girl said yes and understood that was her job.

I think that was all of the semi-interesting stuff. Oh, she did say that Destiny is hardly home at all and that soon she's planning on staying a full week with Dana. Then she kinda got choked up and said she hates being alone.

No. 357611


I don't think her daughter could keep the front up this long. I think she's really gone. I'd like to think she's just hiding out, on the run from the law behind her court case.

Can you imagine Amberlynn gaining the weight back like she did? Kianna actually did lose a lot of weight and only gained part of it back. AL doesn't have the self control to even lose big after the surgery. They literally eat out every single day.

No. 357612

Why does she feel so entitled from Destiny to drive her around? Just because she's going to the store doesn't obligate her to pick up AL and take her with her. Such entitlement.

No. 357766

>It's also easier to get with a fat lesbian that almost no one wants than with an okay guy personality wise.
I don't know, I find this a bit questionable. There are plenty of men with fetishes for huge women and a willingness (if you can call it that) to be controlled by them. Just watch "My 600 Pound Life" and you see almost all the women have men who are at their beck and call. If she just wanted someone to use she should go for one of them.

No. 357791

can we stop acting like AL is only a lesbian because men don't find her attractive. There's a fetish for everything and believe me, there's a fucking shit ton of chubby chasers. She either actually is a lesbian because it's an actual thing or she's intimated by men for whatever reason.

No. 357793

OP here, can someone add me to the FB group? Name's Amy and I just sent a request. Thanks.

^Good point. The majority of the women on the various 'fat' shows, whether it's a weight loss show or something like My 600lb Life, most have men..even when they're too big to wipe their own @$$es.

No. 357828

She jumped from foster home to foster home, then moved in with a string of girlfriends. She never had to do anything for herself (apart from pointing a camera to her face and going yas gurl slay slay, which I guess counts as a job in the world she lives in). At this point she's probably so used to people metaphorically wiping her ass that she thinks it's normal having a caretaker at age 26.

No. 357845

to reply click on a post's number

No. 357878

^Thanks for that tip.

It's hilarious, remember my post 2 posts up asking to be added to the group? Someone on Kiwi think I'm secretly Amberlynn. lol I think it's because of where I've lived. If I were PRETENDING to be someone else and didn't want anyone to suspect, why would I list FL and Kentucky (including my place of work) on my profile? Wouldn't I have pretended to be from California or Rhode Island? People are stupid.(blogpost, newfag)

No. 357889

>remember my post 2 posts up
That's cute lol

Also, if u were also asking someone from kiwi to add you, u shouldn't have ur place of work listed tbh….

No. 357899


what group are you guys talking about???
Is there some milk i somehow might have missed.

No. 357902

They're talking about a FB group dedicated to Amberlynn and Amy Slaton. Pretty much all the tea also gets posted here or on Kiwi eventually so there's really no point in joining unless you want front row seats.

No. 357990

After more than a month we got a new weigh in. SPOILER ALERT she lost 1.2 pounds and is pleased with that! She's really showing the haters who thought she's been gaining weight.

No. 357997

That's like the difference in taking a shit.

No. 358000

agreed, it's like being in this thread only ur real name and info are displayed for all to see. no point in trying to join esp. if we have ppl on the inside already to relay info

No. 358005

thats an old video, you can totally tell she still has the cold sore on her mouth, it amaze me how she thinks she is so smart that she can deceive people lol

No. 358008

I agree it is an old video. Not only does she have a cold sore on her face, you can also tell that she's not wearing the same black shirt throughout the video. The lace mysteriously disappears when she steps on the scale.

Also lol she's "lost" a pound. If she keeps up the good work, maybe she'll be healthy in 30 years. If she lives that long. At this point she might as well give up and jump on the HAES train. She's already in denial that her back issues are a direct result of being as heavy as three people. Weight loss is obviously too hard for her.

No. 358071

I swear, Destiny gets uglier every time I see her. Dana's latest snapchats… jesus she is an unfortunate-looking human being. How does she even see when her eyes close into little slits when she does her chihuahua/sloth smile?

I'd screenshot but I'm trying to avoid the banhammer.

No. 358090

So she basically lost nothing? Your body -/+2lbs throughout the day on average anyway.

She's fucking huge, she could be losing 10lb+ per month not 1 just by eating less. That's not something to be proud of Amber. Her TDEE to maintain that large a weight must be near 3000 calories. She can't justify that.

No. 358093

Lose weight fast with this diet trick!!! Wear as light clothes as possible, take a shit, don't eat 3 hours before weighing self, make sure ur not PMSing…. weigh self… LOSE ONE POUND!

There's so many fucking factors as to why she could've lost one pound. Plus she said herself the scale fluctuates constantly with her weight so???????

No. 358098

>implying she could go 3 hours without eating

No. 358101

What I find funny is that she states that My 600-lb Life is one of her favorite shows and she watches all the time.

A recurring theme in EVERY single episode of that show is Dr. Now sends the patient home after their first appointment and puts them on a 1200 calorie diet, saying they must lose between 40-60lbs in a month. He says that at their current weight they would EASILY lose that much in a month, and that tells him that they are serious about changing their long-term habits. He won't approve them for surgery otherwise.

Often, the patient comes back a month later and has barely lost anything and he reams them for it when they try to lie and say they stuck to the diet. He even talks about the sheer number of calories it takes to maintain that high of a weight and if they were actually cutting their calories like he said, they'd be melting.

So AL has said she watches that show religiously, she hears all of that, yet she still gets excited about a 1lb weight loss. I weigh 118lbs at 5'7" and I've taken shits that weigh more than 1lb.

No. 358112

thats an old video, you can totally tell she still has the cold sore on her mouth, it amaze me how she thinks she is so smart that she can deceive people lol

she must be eating close to 6000 (if not more) calories to maintain close to 500 lbs, if she eats 3000 she would lose weight xD

No. 358137

ew oh my god chihuahua? i can never unsee it now. fml

No. 358187

Why does it matter if a bi girl ends up with a guy? There's no difference. In the end, you're just very insecure to think that your partner will leave you for whatever gender, girl or boy, theres no difference lol

No. 358190

Didn't she receive an invitation to go on that show?

No. 358191

that like/dislike ratio haha

No. 358194

It's sad how she's so self-destructive tbh

No. 358217


i agree, its the stereotype of "every women who is a lesbian is just ugly so men don't like her". its silly.

No. 358268

Lmao, now she claims on Twitter that she's down another 20 pounds. So it took her 5 weeks to lose one pound, but then she loses 20 pounds in one week? Seems legit. Maybe I should try the Texas Roadhouse diet and order three different fried dishes in one sitting.

No. 358279

File: 1489150162309.jpg (51.03 KB, 575x255, 20.jpg)

I had to see for myself lol. I wonder if we'll get another video with the talking scale confirming this?

No. 358298

I bet you that she's measuring that 20lbs from where she started at the new year, so from 489lbs to 469lbs, so really just another couple pounds from her last laughable weigh in.

No. 358359


not to be pro-AL but she didn't say another, she just said 20. Pretty sure she means 20 total.

No. 358425

>Lost a pound in a day.

So I'm assuming she took a huge dump.

No. 358459

So in this vlog they had their one night at a hotel. She doesn't really show us much except for the hotel breakfast, their pizza hut boxes when they leave the hotel and their stop at Hooters on the way home. We also get to see less than 20 seconds of her walking Twinkie to prove that she does that I guess.

No. 358475

She also proudly proclaims that she hasn't slept beside Destiny for about a week and a half! ONLY! Bear in mind Destiny and AL broke up January, I think?

She is truly pathetic and doesn't even try to go for mediocrity. She just scrapes at the bottom of the barrel and calls it a success.

No. 358580

File: 1489258019138.jpg (33.96 KB, 612x388, saturday.jpg)

She was going to go on a date with her new crush tonight, looks that's been cancelled.

No. 358591

How convenient.

No. 358712

Okay forgive my absolute retardation but I thought a while back Amberlynn and Destiny were sleeping in completely separate bedrooms? Was that just a theory that got talked about as fact or did they eventually start sleeping together?

No. 358790

According to AL they always slept together in the same bed, even after breaking up, because AL has abandonment issues. However, they do have two different rooms in the house so that they each have a space of their own. The Destiny-cave is supposedly for her Star Wars toys while AL vlogs in hers. Tbh a lot of people made a huge deal out of that when AL first said that, but I think it's one of the saner things they have done. They used to be together 24/7 because they had the same job, the same circle of friends and AL doesn't have a licence and needs Destiny to drive her around, so having some place of retreat that is only for yourself and your own hobbies and interests seems nice. Even in a healthy and happy relationship you want some time for yourself and not be around the other person 24/7.

No. 359137

File: 1489377598449.png (1.29 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9982.PNG)

No. 359140

File: 1489377639904.png (1.48 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9981.PNG)

Ugh there both so fucking ugly

No. 359141

File: 1489377695919.png (1.7 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9979.PNG)

What?? This is from amerlynns snapchat

No. 359142

File: 1489377726908.png (1.64 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9980.PNG)

No. 359143

File: 1489377784338.png (1.64 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9978.PNG)

No. 359145

This looks pretty yum tbh but it's something you share with others/a platter but al would probs eat it all herself kek

No. 359161

Destiny looks like an autistic 13 yr old boy…

No. 359163

Amberlynn just got on younow like 10 minutes ago.

No. 359171

AL is guesting Sharla on younow and someone asked if she and Destiny are still friends. Sharla said no and AL make comments about staying out of it and not saying anything even though we all know she lives for this type of shit. Sharla said #1 She didn't like the way Destiny treated AL after the breakup. #2 she was not a nice person and they had words. #3 She said she made amends and washed her hands of Destiny and she is done with her. AL said she does not do drama (LMAO). Sharla said she blocked Destiny on all social media because she is not her friend in real life. Someone said something about them still working together and Sharla said they don't talk at work and when she sees Destiny she turns around and walks away. After all this Sharla said it's boring to keep talking about Destiny and Dana and they are over all that.

No. 359175

I don't know how you watch these younows, I tried to watch for 5 minutes and I wanted to mute them immediately, kuudos

No. 359180

Sometimes I fade in and out and just wait for her to say something interesting lol. I get so annoyed when she guests Sharla because they both start shrieking so much and acting really dumb. I gets headaches listening to them together and I imagine how irritating they would be to hang out with.

No. 359210

AL had her date tonight but she told everyone she wasn't going to give any details and that some parts of her life are private. Later when Sharla was on she told her that her date asked AL if she was pretty enough, she said yes. AL said her date told her she looked even prettier in person (of course she shared that little detail). They went out to eat and saw a movie. I forgot the movie she said she saw but later she said she still wants to see that 50 shades movie. AL and her date were hanging out and she said her tummy started growling and she was self conscious but her date asked her if she was ready to go eat now and AL said yes. She said her date was "good" and that they needed more time to hang out and get to know each other. AL said that she used to have no standards at all in relationships and that after Destiny she does now and that she wants someone who can live up to those standards.

A commenter said Dana looked like Shrek. She then got a little shady about someone who joined a hate group about her. Someone asked her if she and Destiny have decided how they will split up the furniture and AL said she bought all the furniture. She said Dana and Destiny were out the day before (wouldn't say where) and were recognized and that person was pleasant but wished they saw Amberlynn too.

Sharla was the one who did her eyebrows on snapchat the other day (these >>359143). Al and Sharla were talking about double chins and AL said she doesn't really have one and she has to push her chin in to make one appear. Then she said well not too much for someone of her size. AL showed Rarity Grey briefly and she has gotten bigger since I saw her last, still very cute. I've gotten the impression lately that Twinkie is her favorite pet.

Someone was asking AL about college and she said she went but felt pressured into it and all she got was a lot of debt. This part kinda pissed me off because she went to college because Kasey's mom told her to get a job or go to school which is not unreasonable at all. Maybe she wouldn't have an attitude about owing money if had actually completed her degree and had the ability to get a decent job. All those shopping trips aren't helping her pay off that debt by the way.

AL at one point said she was going to leave real quick to get a drink. She came back with soda and funions (I had a giggle fit lol). Someone must have said something about the soda because Sharla got defensive and said AL could drink whatever she wanted and water doesn't quench everyones thirst and if a diet pepsi quenches your thirst you can drink it. AL started eating the funions and apologized for the noise. Some people must have said some shit about the funions because AL got defensive and said it was a small bag and only 100 calories. She said if someone gained weight because of that then they have a problem (let's just pretend she's not close to 500 pounds and practically housebound lol). AL said she's been losing weight lately and asked Sharla to confirm. Sharla said oh yeah she's been losing a lot of weight! Amberlynn said she might upload a new weigh-in tomorrow.

Sharla was getting tired and had to go so she said bye and finally left, it was after 3am. AL said it's boring without Sharla and a commenter said you could actually try to answer our questions. AL spent the last few minutes answering basic questions really quickly and read out some hate comments. She said she wasn't getting her hair cut any time soon and that she is interested in a lip plumper. I'm not sure if she meant injections or one of those glosses that gives some temporary fullness. Someone suggested ombre hair and AL seemed into it. Someone told her not driving isn't the end of the world. AL said there really ins't public transportation in her area.

No. 359233

>water doesn't quench everyones thirst

I wonder how people used to survive before the invention of Pepsi lmao. These people are all so dumb and unhealthy. Jesus take the wheel.

>AL said that she used to have no standards at all in relationships and that after Destiny she does now and that she wants someone who can live up to those standards.

Lemme guess: driver's licence, car, animal hoarder, willing to help her pull up her pants every morning, enabler/feeder, willing to be exploited on social media and filmed at all hours, well-paying job or enough cash to afford 4,500 calories in food/day + daily Walmart hauls, no sense of shame, below average IQ or extreme pushover, place of their own, tolerant of AL's extreme clingyness and various mental disorders… I mean yeah, these are some pretty high standards tbh.

>all she got was a lot of debt.

It's almost as if she shouldn't have bought 60+ Christmas presents for her autistic son. It's almost as if there would have been a better use for that money.

Didn't she also hint at Destiny having moved out? I couldn't watch it myself but I heard that she did.

No. 359402

AL is live again on younow.
If you go here when she's not live you can see captures from previous broadcasts.

She said something about Destiny moving out but later she played it off as a joke to get a reaction out her viewers. She has said she likes living alone multiple times since the breakup so who the fuck knows with her! If you go to her younow and watch the captures from yesterday there is a really long one (about an hour and a half) so if you have the time and a lot of patience you can see a lot of what she said.

No. 359424

When she got she said she was feeling depressed and someone said depression is usually set off by something. AL said she was feeling lonely and wanted to go on younow to talk to people.

She mentioned the lip plumper again and said it was those suction things that Dana recommended to her and now she's obsessed with the idea of it lol. She said she started filming a mukbang in a restaurant with Sharla but they couldn't do it and cut off filming after like a minute. She said that will be in a future vlog. She said her mukbangs are usually the amount of food she would have eaten anyway which does not surprise me. When she was talking she said her mouth felt sore because she just got done filming some videos and felt like she had been talking a lot lately.

Someone asked about tattoos and AL has always said she wanted some one day but today she went into detail. She said she hasn't ever gotten any because she's afraid of hating her tattoos in a couple years or so. She said she's glad she didn't get the tattoos she thought would be a good idea when she was younger. She said at one point she had wanted a star behind her ear and also had wanted to get the lesbian equality symbol. Now she likes the idea of getting just an equal sign on her finger (very original) like equality for everyone or something. She thought about getting a kitty tattoo but now she likes dogs more so she might something for Twinkie. Someone said get Twinkies paw print and she liked that idea. She said she likes tiny tattoos but later said if she were skinny she would probably have a full sleeve. She said she saw a squid tattoo on tumblr that she really liked but wasn't sure if it would look good on her. Some people were telling her that squid tats were hipster and that they're hipster unicorns. She didn't seem to know that. She said if she ever gets 100k subs she will get a youtube tattoo of some kind since youtube means so much to her. She wasn't sure if she could ever get that many subs.

She started talking about youtube and people have been asking her why she calls it a job if she doesn't upload too often. She didn't really answer that specifically but talked about much youtube means to her. She said it made her feel good to have people to talk to and people who cared so much about her since she doesn't have family. She got really emotional and was crying when talking about this. I'm not a complete asshole and I felt for her but I don't think it's too healthy to rely so much on internet fans for most of your positive acceptance in life. She said she used to feel like she had family with Destinys family but not anymore. I'm sure Destinys family was nice enough but they didn't all approve of AL right? She said everyone would be talking about Amberlynn crying but that they were happy tears.

Someone asked why she likes Dana so much. AL restated they were definitely broken up when D&D got together. She went on to say that Dana is so nice to be around and emphasized that she has never done anything wrong towards her to make her not like being around her. Less than 24 hours ago she brought up the hate group thing again but ok Amberlynn lol. She even said she doesn't know why people don't understand that she's ok with their relationship and that they're all friends. She says she doesn't judge other peoples relationships and she's always tried to break up amicably in the past. She went on about this topic for at least a few minutes. Someone brought up that she still depends on Destiny and AL said she doesn't depend on her for anything. She emphasized not money or transportation, not a thing. She said if people think she has to use someone for a damn car than they can stop watching her videos. She said she has several friends who have cars. She went on about how giving she is and that she would give her friends the shirt off her back and if Destiny ever needed anything she would help her out. Which she said she has done recently but she wouldn't say what she helped her with! She doesn't like when people judge her for her friendship with them and when people are rude and say hateful things she just thinks they are miserable and want to spread their misery. Someone asked if Destiny would get Twinkie and AL said hell no Twinkie is my baby.

No. 359431

File: 1489444171452.jpg (91.78 KB, 888x427, comment.jpg)

She left for awhile to answer the door and when she came back she said it was a pizza guy who had the wrong house number. She mentioned how one subscriber talked to her and looked her in the eyes and said I don't know why you get the hate you do. AL said she has made mistakes in the past but that she owned up to them and that people should let her move on. She said has forgiven herself for those things in her past. A lot of people in the comments were giving her this or that type questions that weren't too interesting really. Later she read out this comment (pic related) and was kinda sassy about it and said she talks how she talks.

Someone said something about chemtrails and AL said Destiny got her believing that. Someone commented that chemtrails don't mean anything and AL said it's true everytime she sees chemtrails it rains the next day. She said the plains are putting out something to make it rain but to google it because she can't explain it well.

Someone asked if Destiny ever called her fat and she said no. Someone asked if she felt responsible for Destiny gaining all that weight. AL said no she didn't make her eat all that food and that it isn't Destinys fault that she gained weight either. Please let's all remind her of this when she and Destiny are no longer friends and she wants to try to shift any blame in her direction. Someone asked her if Destiny ever gets upset about her streams like the one last night. AL said no and that Destiny is too chill a person for that and that she understands the ins and outs of this sort of thing. Someone made a comment that people think AL puts Dana in the vlogs so she will get hated on. AL ignored that because she doing the press 3 if you're a fan sort of thing. AL said the name on her birth certificate is just Amber. So I guess Lynn is her middle name? Libby came on and AL has guested her. The first thing Libby said is why do people call you guys other names like Dustin. AL said it's because of homophobes and that it's actually cyberbullying. But then she said if Destiny weren't gay she wouldn't dress like that because that's butch lesbian style, like her new haircut. She said she doesn't like being called Dustin.

No. 359437

Lol at this bitch talking about bullying. That YouNow with the Troll Twins Sharla and Ugly Sharla was a masterclass in bullying. We know you read here Amberlynn - I hope Destiny dumps your planet a** and stops taking you on excursions. Let the Diabetes Twins do it for her.

No. 359441

I'm sure I'm gonna sound like an asshole but I think AL likes to hang out with Dana and film her because she knows she's hideous looking and maybe that makes her feel better lol. that's just how many people are.

No. 359451

One of AL friends is on YouNow saying she was 165, but hanging with them all the time and eating like that everyday, she gained a ton of weight. And now, she's back down since they moved away.

Are we surprised?

No. 359458

Libby, that one. Amber seems mad that she said that.

She's only about to turn 17. Why was AL hanging with teenagers?

No. 359461

File: 1489448832226.jpg (92.68 KB, 884x403, CARBS.jpg)

Libby was talking about her recent breakup, AL asked if it was for real or a makeup/breakup thing. Libby talked vaguely about some issues but she ended that by saying he's 20 and that's too old for her She said 19 is as old as she should go, since it's 3 years difference. AL then answered a commenter and said they are 10 years apart. So Libby is only 16, soon to be 17? AL said she met Libby through Destiny and that Destiny was a friend of Libbys sister. At one point Libby showed her a potted tree she had got recently and somehow AL moved onto the topic of weed, idk how. AL said if she lived in California she would probably smoke weed all the time but that she doesn't want to live in California again because she doesn't like the weather.

Libby talked about all the reactions AL gets she said one day she watched some videos made about AL and seemed to think all of that was insane. People were mentioning stay negative and Amy Slaton, one person said Amberlynn and Amy Slaton are 2 youtubers he would like to slap.

AL told Libby that Destiny is hardly ever at their place and that she's used to living with other people. Later on in the broadcast AL asked Libby if she remembered all that stuff with Kasey. Neither of them said anything about that but I'm curious about what she's talking about and what she said to other people about Kasey.

Libby said she's lost 25 pounds since AL and Destiny moved away. AL talked about how they would go to Walmart together with Destiny and get ice cream and snacks. Libby said her family eats pretty healthy and that sort of thing was a welcomed treat(she's a kid though). AL admired Libby's family for eating healthy and AL asks what they do and said she needs to cook more. Al said she's prefers whole grains over white bread but she doesn't really buy bread. But she also eats out constantly so I guess she won't just make a sandwich for lunch when she's home by herself. A commenter said something about them being boring. AL said they can't be lit all the time. Libby called them out a bit for saying mean things when she's not being healthy enough so they shouldn't complain when they talk about healthy eating. Libby said she hit her highest weight when AL and Destiny were hanging with her every weekend. AL said she only gained 10 pounds after moving to Kentucky, she said she gained about 60 while living in Florida. AL said Libby motivated her to get healthier foods at when she goes to the grocery store tomorrow. Libby says she doesn't blame the weight gain on them because she could have chosen to not eat those things.

Al talked about how she had been on for 3 hours and Libby said what do you talk about for so long? AL said she chats and answers questions so Libby said I'll answer some questions. She talked about makeup and showed off a drawing of hers. She seems pretty chill. Her dad interrupted to say something and a someone left this hilarious comment (pic related) lol.

No. 359479

Earlier someone asked Libby if she thought Dana was pretty and Libby said she only saw Dana once but thinks everyone is pretty. AL said she thinks Dana is pretty. I thought it was shitty that AL read that particular question out loud though, she should have left Libby out of all that.

They were all talking about Libbys dad even the commenters were making dad jokes and someone in the comments knew his name. That freaked out Libby a bit and AL told her they probably found his name through facebook. AL didn't seem too bothered and said she thought about getting rid of her facebook but she gets all her news from there.

Al said she had been on for nearly 4 hours but that's way better than 10 hours at her old job. Someone brought up DVTs and AL said that you can get those from sitting too long as she explained to Libby like sitting at school for 8 hours a day. She completely forget that people walk throughout the building during school hours to get to their classes which is way more activity than AL gets on the average day.

AL told Libby her date last night was good but her new crush moves slow like molasses. She said she's liking that but it's very different from what she's used to. They were playing smash or pass from suggestions in the comments and AL found a way to mention that when she was bisexual she liked black guys but that was in highschool. Libby said she would like to visit Kentucky to see them and meet their new friends. AL mentioned to Libby that she could meet you know who. Libby called the guy she was referring to a gross redneck and said he tastes like cigarettes. AL said spill the tea and asked if she kissed him? Libby said he was pushy and she felt taken advantage of saying how gross he tasted. Libby said he could be seen in ALs moving out video. AL kept asking questions about the type of kiss and Libby said I don't want to talk about it he's gross.

Libby seemed surprised and curious that you can get paid from younow and AL said she'd tell her how much you can earn from bars later. People in the comments were suggesting that Libby could do youtube or younow but Libby is not sure what she would do that would be entertaining. She talked about the kinds of comments AL gets and isn't sure how she would deal with that. AL told Libby that she gets recognized in public all the time and that she loves it. People in the comments were saying that Peter Monn came on and is talking crap about AL and Destiny, AL said she wanted receipts. I've heard of that guy but never seen any of his videos before. Someone said Trisha was on younow too and she would guest with AL if she would just say hi. AL freaked out and said I can't, I wouldn't know what to say. Libby was encouraging her to talk to Trisha but AL said I need to go, I have stuff to do. So as AL finally got off of younow she said it wasn't because of Trisha sempai noticing her and that she really does have things to do like walk Twinkie and eat.

No. 359599

Wow you powered through that stream AND summarized it in detail, thanks for that. I can't stand to listen to the Hamberlynn drone on in her annoying voice for even 10 minutes, so props to you.

No. 360036

Has anyone seen her snapchat? She's quitting Younow apparently.

No. 360058

File: 1489613184021.jpg (15.94 KB, 539x960, tmp_1646-FB_IMG_14896107241146…)

Not exactly what she said…

No. 360062

I misread it, sorry anon.

No. 360408

File: 1489703990588.png (1.66 MB, 640x1136, IMG_0519.PNG)

Fucking kek

No. 360409

File: 1489704017966.png (1.07 MB, 640x1136, IMG_0520.PNG)

No. 360410

File: 1489704063236.png (1.08 MB, 640x1136, IMG_0521.PNG)

From destinys snapchat

No. 360428

File: 1489706957701.jpg (17.73 KB, 423x249, dustinirl.jpg)

No. 360536

Kek its like a mirror

No. 360548

I think it's Dustin's confidence that wrings in the girlpigs. She acts a bit like she thinks she's a hot af fuccboi, not all insecure like most fatties. Bet she doesn't act shy in the bedroom about her body either which I guess may surprise and impress a hamplanet.

No. 360567

Sure Hamber, I bet you didn't eat any of that. I'm sure you haven't eaten all day.

No. 360594

She's so eager to insinuate that she's "eating so little rly everyone else is a fatty did you see the weight destiny gained? Did I mention this is diet btw? I didn't eat all this soup btw only a bowllll saving the rest for laterrr btw totally walked earlier.. I'm only having one of these!"
Do you think she makes up these health-based lies to her friends off camera too or the acts just for her online persona and irl she's a full-on no-shame glutton?
>constantly eats all day every day
>"I'm very familiar with nutrition, I know how to moderate. I've literally been starving myself. I've been losing weight."
>gains 100+ lbs in year
Does she say these things for show or is she in denial? She never outright says she's skinny but she tries so damn hard to project on camera that she lives like a skinny girl. Even if she doesn't eat ever she's still a hamplanet. No matter what she says, as long as she's extremely morbidly obese, no1currs or believes any of it besides her.

No. 360660

Tbh I'm convinced that she's legit delusional at this point. She already has mental issues and she lies so much about the most mundane bullshit nobody even cares about. That's not normal. I'm sure she's lying to herself as much as she's lying to others. She refuses to count calories (says it's "not natural" for human beings to do that, as opposed to weighing as much as three people which I guess is fine kek) because she doesn't want to face the reality of how much she really consumes. She's probably so used to inhaling food throughout the day that she doesn't even notice how much it adds up to. She also keeps saying she doesn't eat right away in the morning, and if that's true she probably waits until her blood sugar breaks down and she goes into a feeding frenzy. The fact that she tried to pass off her sodium soup with three different types of carbs as healthy on Youtube shows she doesn't know jack shit about food. She probably thinks she really does eat like a sparrow because she has no idea what she's doing

No. 360666

Sorry for samefag, hit post by mistake.

Also wanted to say that I don't doubt she's the same irl. Hamberlynn only hangs out with enablers. Every single friend she has is a landwhale herself, and/or stupid af. They probably believe it when she says she mysteriously keeps gaining weight because they do not know anything about nutrition themselves and probably don't understand where their own weight gain comes from.

For example Sharla parrots everything AL says. When people on Younow got pissed at AL for chugging diet soda, she kept bitching about how AL lost weight (sure Jan) and water doesn't quench everyone's thirst (lolwhat?). For a diabetic shr's impressively naive.

Not a single person she hangs out with is healthy, or critical of AL. All they do is cart her around to feed her more garbage and go yas gorl slay slaaaaay.

No. 360773

We got a new mukbang, wonder if she's still losing weight lol.

No. 360780

probably a lot of us have watched 600lb life but the eating the people on the show do is pathological - they'll do any mental gymnastics required to keep eating the same way.

No. 360806

File: 1489801654429.png (1.5 MB, 1366x768, bebsis.png)

There's something honestly amazing about the ZERO SUGAR PEPSI placed right in the front of the camera shot. Amberlynn is totally losing weight and dieting just look at this healthy beverage she drinks while she shoves taquitos and shitty processed mac and cheese down her gullet.

No. 360831

I haven't watched it, but let me guess: she talks about how she literally hasn't eaten all day or how the food she's eating on camera is all she's going to eat all day?

No. 360858

Iirc she said in one of her weigh-ins that she is not actively trying to lose weight at the moment, but she also said it was her new year's resolution to lose 100 lbs this year, hence all the fake weigh-ins. I am looking forward to her stuffing her face at Texas Roadhouse and becoming more and more swollen while simultaneously claiming she's magically losing all her weight without trying.

It's so obvious she's given up. Ever since Destiny broke up with her, she's becoming more and more vile. She obviously thinks she's hot shit with her childish glitter makeup, greasy hair and chokers disappearing in her fat folds, now that her viewers keep telling her how ugly Dana is and how she's the prettier whale. As long as she can still get enablers, dates and asspatters irl she is not ever going to change. I wonder how much longer she has left before she keels over and goes to the great Walmart in the afterlife.

No. 361009

File: 1489864171313.png (1.57 MB, 640x1136, IMG_0751.PNG)

No. 361010

File: 1489864228121.png (1.22 MB, 640x1136, IMG_0752.PNG)

No. 361011

How am she not look at this and realise this is a lot of food and a lot of unhealthy food at that…

No. 361012

What even is that

No. 361015

I think it's shrimp with sriracha (or ketchup?) and quinoa?

No. 361020

White trash style shrimp doused in sodium sauce with a side of Twinkie's dog food #goalz

No. 361030

Off topic but there should really be a thread on lolcow for the western "Mukbang" youtubers. I haven't come across even one that isn't gross (I watch mukbang vids..)
Saged for ot

No. 361088

File: 1489878900448.png (316.07 KB, 861x379, Screenshot 2017-03-18 19.13.27…)

apparently big AL's aunt just reached out to her (minutes ago) on Younow. She asked her a couple of questions and Tammy got them right…

No. 361094

File: 1489879423728.png (428.52 KB, 928x539, Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 00.1…)

Her auntie is on fire.

No. 361095

File: 1489879495632.png (392.19 KB, 943x550, Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 00.1…)

No. 361098

start one in snow, especially as you've seen some of them?

No. 361138

Seconding this. From what I've seen they're mostly just gross, overweight slobs.

No. 361142

From a younow she did like a week ago there was someone named Tammy claiming to be her aunt trying to talk to her then. The people in chat were asking if that was actually her aunt and told AL to talk to her and AL said that person was probably just a troll and ignored them. So I guess that really was her aunt then?

No. 361260

File: 1489957390167.png (1.23 MB, 640x1136, IMG_1009.PNG)

No. 361261

File: 1489957454565.png (709.22 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1010.PNG)

No. 361262

File: 1489957513243.png (1.47 MB, 640x1136, IMG_1011.PNG)

No. 361265

Why do they look like they're going to prom?

No. 361266

That some super sped head tilting.

No. 361269

File: 1489958375669.png (1.12 MB, 640x1136, 1489957513243.png)

How does anyone look in the mirror and see a literal circle for a body every day and say "I don't need to make any big changes to my diet"

No. 361272

that's also her "idgaf about my value as a human being and the fact that my heart could give out at any second" face

No. 361316

Amberlynn uploaded a new video but it's so fucking boring I'm not even going to bother linking it. She shows some pillows and more chokers she bought and then she goes to a craft store with Mary who's there to look at flowers since she's going to get married. Also she admits on youtube for the first that Destiny is hardly ever there so she's working on her room. That's it!

No. 361339

It's the same fucking hairstyle she always has!
Ohemgee, so sorry, gurl, my hair is lookin a mess righ nao lezbereal. plays with strands fat giggle

No. 361341

File: 1489973170159.png (1.51 MB, 640x1136, IMG_1012.PNG)

No. 361342

File: 1489973338400.png (762.97 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1013.PNG)

No. 361344

File: 1489975181307.jpg (156.64 KB, 1150x794, downsyndrome.jpg)

All I can see every time I see a new Destiny pic…

No. 361425

Downs kids look better than her

No. 361558

Someone in the comments in her new video said that Mary is a homophobe who doesn't believe gays and lesbians should not get married. Hence when AL said "I want to get married one day" Mary says "….good luck with that". Comments speculate that now with Destiny not being AL's personal chauffer/feeder AL is desperate and will rely on Mary to drive her around and go to chili's. .. CAN we discuss. Being gay and having a homophobic friend… what

No. 361585

Yeah, AL said before that Mary is not supportive of gays, but she also seemed annoyed af in that one video where Mary was moving into her new apartment while AL didn't lift a finger to help her and kept filming her. I'd like to think she meant good luck finding someone willing to marry a vapid morbidly obese leech who cannot do anything for herself. Good luck finding a wedding dress you fit into.

It's funny now most of AL's friends seem to tolerate her rather than like her. She hangs out with the ex, the ex's new gf who openly drags her ass online, a bunch of high school kids and the openly homophobic redneck. The only one who really seems to want her around is Sharla, and it's hard to say if it's because she's an attention whore who wants to weasel her way into AL's YT video, or if they connect because they're both as vapid, unhealthy and annoying as each other.

Either way, gorllll needs to love herself and maybe make some genuine friendships with people who are NOT asspatters and enablers, but I suppose that's not easy when you bring nothing to the table.

No. 361644

What is Destinys Snapchat?

No. 361665

Honestly at this point I wouldn't be surprised if AL's "Friends" have a secret group to sabotage her. I mean Dana was in that hate group and it always seems like AL is desperate to stay friends with those girls while they're trying their hardest just to tolerate AL. It's kind of like the middleschool mean girl shit, they probably have a group message on their phone where they plan things or say things without AL.

Anywho, I think she needs new friends who have the better goals. Someone who can push her to make right dietary and financial decisions.

I wonder if someone like that approached AL to be friends with her and took her out to eat salads and taught her how to fiscally plan… what would happen.

Would AL be annoyed at not getting her way or would she start to change? Hm

No. 361671


No. 361691

I wouldn't really say they're out to sabotage her, they probably talk behind her back though. No idea for what reason they keep her around, but it has been speculated that AL probably pays for their meals/shopping trips etc and that's why they let her tag along. It shows how much of a leech Al really is though. Any sane person would not want to be friends with anyone who is so openly against you or the things you believe in, so it speaks volumes that AL still calls these people friends. It's almost as if the only standard she has is licence, car, stable income and a place of their own.

I think she would 100% be annoyed if she ever met a "good friend". I don't remember where she said that, but I'm pretty sure I remember Destiny saying AL literally yells at her if she doesn't get her way. Something like "I'm 24 years old, if I want to eat out tonight I'm going to eat out!" She's an overgrown toddler, an Ambaby if you will. If she met a skinny/healthy girl who did not talk in teenspeak and cared enough about her to want her to be healthy too, imagine the chimpout if they went to a restaurant together and she said something along the lines of "Amber, maybe it's not a good idea to order nachos, fried pickles and a huge steak in one sitting. That salad there sounds pretty good though, what do you think? I'll have one, too." She'd bitch endlessly about how she hasn't eaten all day, about how everyone deserves a cheat meal, about how she lost a whopping 23 pounds in the last 2 years (after gaining like 150 or so), and how it's okay because it fits into her calorie budget just like diet soda, which is totally okay because it has no sugar and no calories.

She only hangs out with enablers, but that's how she likes it. Even her Youtube shows she can't handle any criticism whatsoever. All the feedback she wants is yas gorl slayyyy. I think the only friend she ever had who cared about her weight loss was Krystle.

No. 361692

>Any sane person would not want to be friends with anyone who is so openly against you or the things you believe in, so it speaks volumes that AL still calls these people friends. It's almost as if the only standard she has is licence, car, stable income and a place of their own.
Perhaps she's reliving a dynamic she experienced in the foster care system (but not one she openly recognises).

No. 361694

Maybe. I don't have any experience with foster care (thankfully), but I heard some kids get used to strangers caring and providing for you. Like when she was living with Destiny's mom and people on Younow, Snapchat etc. were asking her how much rent she paid to stay there, her reaction was "wtf why should I pay rent???" She also threw a fit on Younow a while ago because Destiny was supposed to pick her up and drive her to Walmart so that she could buy some storage boxes, but then she wanted to bring Dana and her boxes would not have fit into a car filled to the brim with 3 landwhales.

It's like she has no shame about depending on others for everything. She seems to think it's normal that others do everything for her while she contributes nothing. This might be something she learned in foster care, and since nobody ever seems to push her (hard enough) towards independence, she hasn't matured a bit.

No. 361748

I remember the part out the storage boxes she wanted to buy. She was so dismissive of the idea that Destiny could go shopping in her car with her gf without being required to bring AL along. She was so entitled and demanding about it. She thinks the world owes her something. She has an obvious personality disorder and I've seen people in the common who have it mention it under her YT videos. If they're self-aware and getting help, what's AL's excuse? She's in survival mode and she'll never get out of that and actually form non-user relationships until she gets intensive therapy. But, she shuns therapy because, 'it doesn't work', as if what she's doing now does work.

No. 361761

>She has an obvious personality disorder and I've seen people in the common who have it mention it under her YT videos. If they're self-aware and getting help, what's AL's excuse?

Yeah, about that. People with personality disorders often don't realize they have any issues, even if it's obvious to those around them. They think they can do no wrong, that's part of what makes them so hard to get along with. AL doesn't like being told that she's wrong (thus the occasional turning off YT comments), which is probably also why she feels like therapy doesn't help her - she lacks the introspection to analyze her own behavior and work on herself. That's why she openly gets pissed at Destiny for not dropping everything to cart her around. She doesn't think it's selfish, she genuinely feels like Destiny did her wrong and she's the victim.

No. 361774

so what WOULD work?

By no means am I trying to be a whiteknight or save AL's poor ass, but lets all be honest. Everything she does is getting old.

Surely, the trainwreck was entertaining for a bit, but seeing it go in circles and circles. It's really disconcerting and annoying. Now I would like to see content of her actually changing.

She should know youtube is about Balance. Sure have a trainwreck, but balance it out with a positive outcome..

NO, not the bullshit weighin video where she has to sound like a pig being drowned to stand on that industrialized scale that's probably used to weigh meat at the butchers.

Like Shaycarl, he was a religious trainwreck in the beginning. But he also lost weight and had it together for a bit and then had a bigger wreck with that cam girl.

All I'm saying it, I want to see different content. Some positive ones, even if she has to bitch and moan. I want to see her wake up on a decent time and cook herself an oatmeal and walk around the block 3 times.

So she denies therapy, is surrounded by enablers … there must be something there…

Just for the sake of different content

No. 361790

I know what you mean I'm getting bored of amber now too

No. 361800

time has made me a legit AL fan despite all the bs in her life and her own flaws. As a "fan", I'm bored af. I think that seeing her start a REAL weight loss journey would make her channel way more entertaining… but we all know that she won't ever do that seriously. it's a shame, really. she could change her life, show da haterzz and boost her channel all at once.

No. 361803

The one thing that really makes me not want to watch AL anymore, apart from her killing herself with food, is how vapid she's become recently. Two years ago she used to talk like a human being, now she talks like a human Instagram account. And ever since Destiny left her she's become even more of a cunt. All that shade she throws at Dana is hilarious considering that in the past she tried so hard pretending to be a nice person.

Tbh I think AL is at a turning point now. This is the first time in 7 years that she has nowhere to go. She jumped from gf to gf but the chick she's currently talking to (Becky) said she wants to take it slow, which either means she's not really that into the hambeast or at least not as much of an easily manipulated idiot as her past gfs. Destiny effectively moved out and she's alone in a house with four animals she can't care for. Speaking of the house, it's a mess now so it's obvious she can't keep it clean. She's also pantsless most of the time so probably can't even dress herself without help. Without Destiny, she likely doesn't earn enough to afford her lifestyle much longer. She needs a new caretaker quickly, but that's not going to happen. Out of her 4 main friends (Destiny, Dana, Mary, Sharla), three are openly throwing shade at her and/or appear to be fed up. Yes, she's still surrounded by enablers but the question is how much longer they want her around.

Imo Amberlynn doesn't lose weight because it's hard and would not benefit her. She's too fat to work, sit and drive so she has all these things done for her. Her morbid obesity gets her attention on YT and despite everything she still manages to make friends and get dates. Sure, if she were at a healthy weight she'd be more comfortable, and she'd actually have a neck to put a choker on. But I suppose she'd also be expected to grow up and do things for herself, so the cons outweigh the pros.

The only way I can ever see her lose some weight is if her enablers got tired of her bullshit and she had to step up and take responsibility for herself. At the moment things don't look so good for her, and I know that this year she will visit her ex Krystle for a whole month, who is the only person who actually wanted AL to lose weight. If she gets desperate enough I can see her attempting to diet again so that she can stay with her. Either way her chances are small unless she gets her head out of her ass. People like her usually fail.

No. 361817

File: 1490128515409.png (1.28 MB, 1304x696, j4d3A8i.png)

>>Two years ago she used to talk like a human being, now she talks like a human Instagram account.

your whole post is on point but this ^ made me kek. she has to stop with YAAASSS and GOALS, fuck. that shit is ridiculous, especially when you stop to think she's 26. and her chokers trigger the fuck out of me, she needs to stop getting them. i remember she complained about people saying fat girls shouldnt wear chokers, and i know some fat girls that could rock chokers, but in her case its true. if you dont have a neck, dont wear a choker. most of the time you can't even see she's wearing one, jesus.

No. 361823

Idk, if she said shit like yas and slayyy when she's alone talking to the camera it would still be annoying, but at least it would be somewhat self-ironic, "this is how we're supposed to talk on the internet, right u guise?!?". But she also does it around her friends and it makes her sound like a shut-in who only socializes through the internet and forgot how actual human beings communicate with each other.

Tbh if she wanted to troll by wearing chokers even though she has no neck and they look like shit on her I wouldn't be so bothered. I mean she has to walk around like that, not me. More power to her. But her choker obsession started like three weeks ago and she already bought so many. She won't even be able to wear all that cheap plastic shit before the fad dies down and she'll toss them into her already impressive jewelry hoard, never to be seen again. It blows my mind how someone in their mid-twenties can be that impulsive and irresponsible. I'm sure she also has a shopping addiction at this point. Whatever helps her fill the void in her life lol

No. 361851

Didn't she start wearing chokers after an anon pointed out you can see the brown neck ring of the beetus? Proof that she lurks?

No. 361894

you get to that size through pathological eating and enablers. even someone who drives her around, allowing her to avoid learning to drive or facing any issues over her weight re. getting licensed, is enabling her.

she's probably not ready to give up the eating so no amount of diet attempts will work. I've just watched that 600lb ep with 'james k' so maybe I'm more pessimistic than normal.

No. 361907

File: 1490147625820.jpg (24.16 KB, 436x440, proxy-4.jpg)

If she wanted to hide her beetus she'd also have to start wearing gloves and cover up that hole that's been in her arm for 9+ months. That tiny little band around her neck/chins doesn't really help all that much.

I think she wears chokers because she's a troll/loves to sabotage herself. People say fat girls shouldn't wear chokers because you need a neck for that, so she wears them anyways because she knows it'll get a reaction out of people. And not only does she love wearing them, she has to buy 40,000 in a single month because people also regularly give her shit about her spending habits.

I'm sure she lurks. She repeatedly set up fake FB accounts to infiltrate the AL group, so of course she's going to read what people say about her on forums/imageboards where you don't even have to sign up, especially because people always post info from the group. She already explained away the massive gash on her arm by saying she had OCD and compulsively picks her skin, which is why the wound doesn't heal. I suppose her "strategy" for the skin discoloration is not bringing it up and hoping that people don't notice. She's still in denial.

AL, if you're reading this pls don't be stupid and at least get some medical assistance. You're friends with two diabetics so you should know how dangerous this shit is when it goes unchecked. Don't address it online if you're that ashamed of it, but please consider that you're already killing yourself by being 500 lbs, you really don't need diabetes-related complications to help you out.

No. 362085

As a former foster kid, I actually feel pity towards her abandonment issues. The system can really fuck with your sense of belonging and being wanted. That's probably why she needs to constantly be in a relationship.

No. 362160

Breaking news, Destiny took Jax with her. She said she had more of a connection with the cat so she didn't want to be unfair. The other animals are hers though.

She also claims a lot of haters message her on social media apologizing for the hate, and saying it's because they're unhappy with themselves. She thinks when people give you shit it's always about them, not about you. Just letting all y'all now that you have severe personal problems lol

No. 362184

I got 99 problems, but the 'beetus ain't one.

No. 362240

pretty much

No. 362308

Not yet anon, not yet.

I hope one of her baes will drive her to the hospital once she starts having issues.

No. 362478

her lips are dry as fk. She needs to drink more water

No. 362498

Really large obese people usually need to drink way more water than the average person, and AL seems addicted to soda, which in itself is pretty dehydrating… In the end she needs to change her eating habits, that's it, no matter how much she tries to normalize her obesity. I'm not even trying to be mean, it's just depressing to see her killing herself on camera like this.

No. 362533

Like 3 Youtubers have died in the last months from obesity. It's amazing how you can go from living a regular life, albeit being obese, to your heart just giving out on you or your other organs. It's all about procrastinating and putting off the weight loss, until you realize it's too late and you've abused your young body for too long. None of these people were old, one was really young, actually the guy. It's a shame.

No. 362536

which ones?

No. 362592

Farmers thoughts on her latest video, pls?


No. 362598

^^Kianna, Jasper Daze and a third I wasn't as familiar with, but I was subbed to the first two..Kianna for years, and Jasper for months. What's sad is, any medical issue that you may have that's unrelated to your weight, because exacerbated by it. Who knows what AL might be predisposed to that she's making worse because of her size.

No. 362633


Anywho, I just watched her last video. Her last 2 eating videos and her portions are insane! She'd likely only be 'regular' fat, if she had the crappy food she does but for one person.

No. 362653

so i guess she's just saying fuck it to this weight loss diet-y stuff eh ???

No. 362726

File: 1490346488945.png (173.84 KB, 712x691, pearlchu.png)

>some quinoa is "good" and some quinoa is "bad"

No. 362742

Awww cute, she thinks heating up frozen food is cooking. Sometimes I wonder when's the last time she had a green leafy vegetable.

Hard to say. She keeps tweeting/snapping about how she has to get her shit together, and she keeps faking weigh-ins so I suppose she is still somewhat bothered about her weight. But then you see her portion sizes and how many times she's eating out, and it's pretty obvious she's given up.

She either really thinks she's the Queen of Moderation and underestimates the amount of calories she consumes in a day, and thinks one day she's going to wake up skinny if she wishes hard enough. She keeps bragging about how much she knows about nutrition but it's obvious she's really clueless.

Or she does have moments of clarity where she knows she's screwing herself, but then she remembers that losing weight is harder than binging, so she eats like a pig while halfheartedly trying to convince everyone around her that she's really truly honestly cross my heart and hope to die still losing weight somehow.

No. 362795

Here is the snapchat conversation you're referring to where she talks about getting recommitted to weight loss. She seems more concerned about getting cute and follows it up by saying she might feel differently by tomorrow lol.

I think she is genuinely clueless about healthy eating and nutrition regardless of how much googling she has done on the topic. At her size if she consistently maintained even a relatively small calorie deficit the weight would be falling off of her. That she ever called herself the queen of moderation tells us how delusional she can be.

No. 362843

This. Someone her size could eat a whole pizza and a pint of ice cream every day and still lose weight which just goes to show how incredibly lazy and uncommitted she is

No. 362849

Yeah, that's the one. Sorry, should have linked it. Tfw realization finally hits you but then you're like nah. Change is hard.

Anyways, iirc the only time she ever lost weight was when she was living with/off Krystle's parents, ergo when she ate what other people put in front of her. There's no way she knows anything about nutrition. Everything she eats is saltier than the dead sea, but somehow she's still proud of the processed crap she "cooks" (for lack of a better word) and claims on YT that it's totes healthy. She also has no concept of normal portion sizes and it's blatantly obvious. Remember that plate she wolfed down during her last mookbong? 1,400 calories.

To be fair her stomach is likely stretched to shit and she has got to be hungry 24/7. If you and I ate a whole pizza we'd be full for a day and a half, but for Big AL it's likely just a light snack. That's why people like her really really need to learn how to cook if they want to lose weight. Cook and count calories, that's step one. A lot of processed food is calorie dense but not really filling, like a shitty little hamburger that will make you feel hungry again in an hour and a half but still has calories out the ass. If you eat vegetables on the other hand, like a proper salad with a homemade sauce that doesn't add unnecessary calories, and no extra bullshit added like corn or guacamole, you can eat comparatively huge portions, not go hungry because veggies take longer to digest, and still create a calorie deficit.

Like seriously, she doesn't even have a job. She could stand in the kitchen all day chopping vegetables. She has absolutely no excuse except lazyness.

No. 362851

She guested on Bitching and Eating's last live stream. They've openly supported people who mock her before now. Why is she so desperate for friends?

No. 362878

If she won't get a proper glucose tolerance test she should at least go to a pharmacy and buy a home glucose monitor… they aren't even that expensive compared to all the money she spends on stupid shit from Walmart.

Amber, because I know you read here, here is what you do:

Take a blood sugar reading as soon as you wake up in the morning, before eating or drinking anything. That number should be below 100 mg/dL. A reading up to 125 means you are prediabetic, and above 125 typically means you have full-on beetus.

Now eat a meal, preferably one that's higher in simple carbohydrates or that has some sugar so you can test what your body is capable of… so yeah, go ahead and eat a plate of pancakes and syrup or whatever. Then wait one hour, without eating or drinking anything else in the meantime. Take a blood sugar reading, and that number should be below 140.

A healthy person with a functioning pancreas will never see their blood sugar rise above 140 even after a giant sugar and carb loaded meal.

I'd take back everything vile I've ever said about her if she can prove that her blood sugar is consistently within normal ranges, but that will never happen.

No. 362880

I estimated her calories to be 3.400 to maintain her current weight. That means she is eating for three people of her gender and height!! How does she afford this much food? I can barely afford to pig out once a week but she is pigging out every day! Is Youtube really paying off this well? Her vids suck

No. 362887

She's earning ~$1,000/month tops. Plus a few bucks from Younow. She's either on some kind of government assistance, constantly mooching off of other people or maxing out credit cards left and right. She's trying so hard to pretend she's loaded with her Walmart chic but she's really not.

No. 363089

Are you implying that a normal woman her height only needs 1,100 cals a day? Because that math doesn't add up, lol

No. 363101

I think her height is 5'3 I'm not sure if it's true. A woman who sits around all day doesn't burn many calories.
I'm 5'5 and I burn 1450calories from sitting and doing nothing all day

No. 363119

Idk how fat you are anon, but women don't need more than 1,200 cals a day unless they are incredibly active

No. 363124

or tall…which AL is really not.

No. 363138

I don't know how comatose or midget or muscular dystrophied you are but generally women aged anywhere up to menopause can maintain healthy weight on significantly more than that. 1200 is usually for weight loss unless you have unusually low BMR.

Sage ffs

No. 363146

^^I have to disagree. I'm a bit taller than average and I'd feel like I was starving on 1200 calories a day.

No. 363218

Dude we have to use the fact that Amberlynn never moves or execises in our calculation. I estimated the calories for a small woman who never moves away from her sofa, waddling to the toilet is not an exercise.
Healthy women who exercise lightly 3 times a week and/or go to work burn more calories on their days off too but like I said I estimated calories for a small woman who just sits on her ass all and waddles in the kitchen or toilet

No. 363225

It doesn't change the fact that your estimates are poorly calculated.

No. 363299

1200 is weight loss for most people. Just using an online TDEE calculator with a rough estimate of her height and weight says she's maintaining her weight at about 3390 calories a day
This is starting to derail the thread, bring it back to talking about AL and stop arguing about stupid shit

No. 363300

If the 1,100 calories/day were meant for a hypothetical skinny Amberlynn, they make even less sense. If AL lost weight (which lezzbereal will never happen), it would probably involve a fair amount of working out, and she would probably build up quite a bit of muscle mass from carrying her 500+ lbs around. She's too lazy to suffer through the mild discomfort of physical activity or restrictive eating though, so it's a moot point anyways.

Either way, who cares. The point was that she overeats, which I think we can all agree on. It's hilarous that she's eating portions that big but still steps on the scale expecting a weight loss.

No. 363310

> It's hilarous that she's eating portions that big but still steps on the scale expecting a weight loss.

And we can't forget that's just what she shows us. Like around the time she had a job she would make videos showing the lunches and snacks she packed for work and it would't be much food even for someone slim. There has to be more snacks, binges and little bags of funions that she would never want her audience to see.

No. 363315

Don't forget about "I haven't eaten all day", which makes a glorious return in her latest vlog.

If dis bitch ate the way she thinks she's eating, she'd be the Walmart version of Eugenia Cooney.

Tbh at this point she should just smash up her scale/put it out of its misery and jump on the HAES train. They would fucking love her because she pretends to eat like a sparrow and yet she's the size of a whale. Other landwhales love that because they want to justify their own unhealthy lifestyles by saying they can't get thin anyways because muh genetics.

I always gave AL credit because unlike all the other fat cows she at least acknowledges that she has an unhealthy relationship with food and is fat for a reason, but if you don't do anything about it what's the point? When you're going to die of heart failure at 35 anyways, you might as well go out with a bang and eat 20 donuts a day.

No. 363614

"Don't forget about "I haven't eaten all day", which makes a glorious return in her latest vlog. " She's so absurd with that. I remember she said that in the pizza eating video, how eating carrots wouldn't be healthy because there's no enough calories, as if too few calories are her problem. Three 'big slices', her own phrasing, is what she eats just to, 'get something in' her stomach. A normal person will eat a snack or a piece of fruit, make a deli sandwich, something normal. Then she declares, the diet pills, 'must be working' while she's cramming the 3rd slice in her mouth. One of the most ridiculous things I've ever witnessed.

No. 363621

The reason she hasn't eaten all day is because she's still "digesting" whatever she chowed down on right before she went to sleep or else had a middle of the night snack.

No. 363630

Her old pizza video makes me rage like no other. She had just started taking the diet pills then and claimed that they were making her not hungry and not wanting to eat anything. While stuffing those 3 slices of pizza into her mouth she stated several times how she didn't want to be eating. She's so goddamned stupid that she didn't realize that the whole POINT of those pills is to kill your appetite so you can more easily lower your daily caloric consumption.

I'm not saying I think those pills are a good idea for anyone, but I was eye-rolling so hard at her not feeling hungry at all yet still stuffing her face with a high calorie food.

No. 363635

That just goes to show that fat girls only do mookbongs to have an excuse to binge.

AL keeps saying she has to overeat because she's filming a mookbong, and she has to film a mookbong because people request it all the time. Then when people get bitchy she says she hasn't eaten all day or it's okay because it fits into her calorie budget or everybody deserves a cheat day. Gurl has had enough cheat days to last a lifetime and yet she keeps pretending like she's such a dainty eater. It's ridiculous.

She has the choice to say no and not eat like a pig. But it's what she wants to do. Shows how serious she is about her weight loss journey.

No. 363642

A sparrow eats twice its body size in food a day.

So calling her appetite sparrow like is accurate.

No. 363648

File: 1490639209993.jpg (33.48 KB, 600x148, drnow.jpg)

I saw this hilarious comment from her grocery haul video.

No. 363655

30 pounds? As if that's gonna happen. Time to have a sore back forever, Amberlynn.

No. 363762

Oh god I can hear his voice so clearly.

No. 363810

Same lmao

No. 363813

Holy shit, how do you people survive? I eat well around 3000 calories, if you include my beer intake. And I'm 5'4 and 99lbs. I'm starting to think I have thyroid problems.
Sage for blog post.

No. 363839

Whoa. I'm the one who said I would starve at 1200 calories but at 3000, I'd be about to join Amberlynn! Maybe as a teen/20 year old, any later than that and my metabolism had already slowed down, and that's as an athlete (bball). As a kid, though, it was fun to eat anything and not worry about where it was going.

Dr. Now would tear Amber to shreds. He's the Iyanla of the obesity world, he's heard every tired excuse 10,000 times already.

No. 363888

New video and she finally admits that Destiny has moved out even though she still has a lot of stuff still there. She tells us that she still sees Destiny and gets rides from her sometimes. She says she has friends who will drive her around too but even without all those people someone without a license can still get around fine using a cab or something which is something she has never mentioned actually doing. She said she might work on getting a car and learning to drive. Please enjoy the glittering highlighter on her forehead and the stack of syrupy pancakes (omg butter scraped off!)she ate in addition to a big meal.

No. 363926

Dr. Now in the comments is killing me

No. 363971

She can't possibly learn to drive at her present weight. Even if she could fit behind a steering wheel, how is she going to move her legs to find the pedals , especially with her "slipped discs"?

No. 364028

She sounds pretty mature when she says living alone will be good for her and she wants to learn how to drive, but we all know she's already looking for the next feeder behind the scenes, and as soon as she finds another person to live off of, all of that will be forgotten.

Sharla really sounded like she wanted to hang out with her that night. Pure joy. And why the fuck would you film your ex gf pulling up her pants in public and post it for the world to see? Ewww. These people have no shame.

No. 364067

Why does Sharla hold her fork like that? She's done it in two videos now, so it definitely wasn't a one-off thing. It annoys the hell out of me.

No. 364080

Because she's a hillbilly who hasn't been taught proper table manners. In one of AL's v-logs she's eating egg drop soup and ends up with more egg on her face than in her mouth.

Every single friend AL has is the definition of white trash, but they have zero shame. They're so fascinating to watch.

No. 364082

File: 1490793266546.jpg (278.26 KB, 1500x808, stock-photo-proper-way-to-hold…)

AL, please show this to Sharla. I don't even see how it's comfortable to hold a fork like that.

No. 364159

It's the ultimate sign of peasantry. My esteem of a person drops the second I see them holding cutlery this way.

No. 364237

Sharla's shade tho. That was glorious when she did the inventory of FatAl's meal. Well played, Miss Diabeetus 2017. Next time, bring the other Miss Diabeetus so we can watch you all mangle the cutlery.

No. 364351

I watched a couple old videos today and damn, how can a person change SO MUCH in 2-3 years? Not only size wise. Her whole personality has changed and it's fucking sad. Yes, she never seemed super fun or interesting but she seemed likable and now she's a yasssss ball of lard.

No. 364358

2-3 years is a lot of time to change, especially if you're still rather young. The sad thing is that she changed for the worse in every way imaginable. She's fatter. She's unhealthier. She's less mature. She's dumber. She's more arrogant. She's lazier.

It really shows that Krystle cared about her and wanted her to get better/lose weight, but Destiny didn't give a fuck, and neither do any of her other piglets, so AL stopped giving a fuck, too. And with all those Youtubers acknowledging her, she's getting more and more arrogant about her "Youtube job".

And yet all her enablers in the comment section still think the "haters" are the bad guys. Yas gorl slayyyyyyy.

No. 364394

it IS a big change though, especially when it comes to her size. yes, she was super fat before but not how she is right now. she can barely walk. its pretty sad. she was so more human with krystle and idk, it seemed like a strong relationship despite all the shit that went down

No. 364490

New video, haven't watched the whole thing yet since it's ~30 mins. but first few minutes in and it's amusing how many loops she jumps to defend every little thing

No. 364491

File: 1490916681792.png (17.87 KB, 309x152, calling4dr.png)

also lul at this in the comments section

No. 364499

Does she do the duck face to hide how fat her face is and hide that double chin?

No. 364517

"I have some skinny friends" - in her latest video

uh, who? all your friends are 200lbs+

I mean I guess "skinny" it relative?

No. 364638

I'm guessing she's talking about Libby who unsurprisingly lost quite a bit of weight after Dustin and Hamberlynn moved away. Or maybe her neglected cats are her skinny friends idk.

No. 364696

Destiny was less fat before she got together with AL. It's like she infects people with her fatness.

No. 364710

To her hanging out = pigging out. Every time she says in a vlog that she'll hang out with X today, the very next shot is of that person's face buried in a plate full of fast food crap. She's such a shallow person that her only interests are food and spending money on cheap shit. To be fair she's reached a point where she's getting winded from standing, so she's disqualified herself from a lot of activities she could be doing.

She'd be so much healthier and happier if she'd get into a different social circle. But she's given up anyways so whatever. She seriously needs to defend her binge eating though. It's so annoying. Like just eat the pizza, nobody believes that you haven't eaten all day and literally never eat.

No. 364833

File: 1491018397013.png (384.59 KB, 844x518, Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 10.4…)

People on YouNow (the Youtube stream part) are saying that this is her "new boo". Anyone else got any info?

No. 364873

The only thing I know is that they were supposed to have a date on a Saturday, then AL said there was a change of plans and she'll hang with Sharla instead, but then she went on a date anyways? She said afterwards that the date went well, the chick said she looked even prettier (fatter) irl, but she wanted to take it slow and get to know AL before they start a relationship. Ever since then she never said anything else about dating someone so either the chick wants to take it really slow or she's not that interested. AL never said who she was talking to, but some people on Kiwi messaged Becky to "warn" her about AL, and Becky responded that she doesn't do drama and AL knows that, and at the first sign of something fishy happening she'll be out.

So yes Becky and AL are talking somehow, but nobody knows if they're a thing/still hanging out. I'd recommend not harassing Becky on social media because she really doesn't deserve getting shit just because AL sucked her into her gravitational field.

No. 365261

She looks exactly like Destiny without glasses. Jfc.

No. 365323

If Becky has a zero tolerance policy on drama she won't be the magical lesbian in shining armor to rescue AL from taking care of herself and paying rent. I wonder if AL is chatting up other girls too just in case?

No. 365606

AL tries so hard to convince everybody that she's soooo independent now, "lol u guise I used to be a u-haul lesbian but not anymore! XD", but it's obvious she's really bothered. Left to her own devices, she's completely screwed. She hardly vlogs anymore because she's housebound unless her friends take pity on her and drive her around.

I don't know if she's actively talking to other chicks but I'm sure she's not going to wait for Becky if something/someone else comes up. I know Krystle is visiting her this year and then she'll go stay with her for a month or so. I bet she's not going to be leaving voluntarily. After all Krystles parents loved her and cried sooo hard when she finally moved out, so it would be really selfish to make them go through that again amirite?

No. 365753

New video. She shows us some more cheap Walmart jewelry she bought and then she bought a bunch of stuff from TJ Maxx. She made a sludge soup and eats it out of a paper bowl. Later in the video Destiny and Dana are at her house and AL tells Destiny to say hi because "you still have some fans who love you".

Yesterday she uploaded a short, low effort what I ate today video. Muh full time job.

No. 365820

I'd hazard a guess that Dustin has more fans that FatAl. FatAl just has hate watchers, feeders, and a few stans that equate being a slovenly trough dweller to 'keeping it real'.

Dustin at least has people who enjoy her running FatAl off the Hot Mess Express Track.

Oh and where was Al when her kindergarten taught her how to use the safety scissors? Those photos in the frame looked like they'd been hacked at with plastic knives.

No. 365990

You can so see the diabeetus taking over her eyes look swollen and black, and not to mention her fingers and arms. Get some blood work Amber lez be real you dying gorrlll

No. 366019

"This is why I'm okay without cho ass." Yeah, unless you need a ride. The way she keeps inserting herself into Dana's and Destiny's relationship tho. You can basically smell the awkwardness.

And lol @ her thinking she and her gang of piglets have "fans". All she does is eat and shop, does she really think that warrants fans?

To be fair I don't know if she has panda eyes because she's too lazy to wash off her makeup or because of her beetus. Her neck and knuckles are definitely fucked though.

No. 366099

This just in, she said on Younow that she's still dating someone, but she's not her girlfriend. They both decided not to talk to anybody else. So I guesa Becky didn't escape yet.

She has no interest in foreign countries because she's scared of traveling. Gorl is scared of everything except the beetus.

She also started bawling because people were mean to some other landwhale mookbong youtuber called Wendy and she quit YT because of it. Literally compared pigging out on cam to art, said telling those whales to eat a salad is like saying your painting sucks or something. Was all self-righteous about it because omg how can people mistreat others because of the way they look?!?

Is still convinced all h8rs are unhappy with themselves or something, and the only reason why she's hated is because she is misunderstood. Says she wished she could call her haters/hang out with them and "treat" them/buy their love. More convincing herself she's a good person pretty much.

She's still online but I can't take the gorls and lezzbereals anymore.

No. 366192

hi Dana
Al is bad but Dustin is the worse

No. 366220

File: 1491441396414.jpg (89.67 KB, 840x468, sloppyaf.jpg)

>Oh and where was Al when her kindergarten taught her how to use the safety scissors? Those photos in the frame looked like they'd been hacked at with plastic knives.

IKR? It doesn't look like she even really tried.

No. 366232

Wendy quit? I wonder how long that's going to last. People tend to find they miss that YT money more than they thought they would. I like her show, she seems like a decent person.

No. 366309

AL herself admitted on stream that she already "quit" YT about 8 times before the asspat withdrawal became too strong.

It's so funny how nowadays everyone wants YT as their full time job and make money eating food or some other ridiculous bullshit that does not deserve any recognition whatsoever, but as soon as they get the tiniest amount of backlash they immediately break down and bawl. So professional. Imagine a store manager quitting because they had to talk to an angry customer and just ~cannot take the negativity anymore~.

No. 366491

I dislike how she never puts effort into her videos and her youtube "career" is a fucking joke but i truly empathize with her on her abandonment issues. Fear of abandonment is the worst tbh you cling onto people that you shouldn't because you think it's better to be with them than to be alone (because they hate themselves) and you dont know what a healthy relationship or friendship should be, etc

No. 366605

Why do people call Destiny Dustin? Is she trans?

No. 366957

Because they joke about her looking like an autistic 12 year old boy

No. 366971

Those pictures of Twinkie… Poor mutt looks like he's in a hostage situation. #prayfortwinkie #fatalwillsquashhimandheknowsit

No. 367106

I just looked at Danas Snapchat and they are at a pizza restaurant. There is a clip of Destiny eating breadsticks that made my stomach turn. She chews like my toddler.

No. 367315

Oh my god I hadn't watched any of her videos in months wtf happened!? I used to love the way she talked but now it's so cringe ugh! I like the frame and bedding stuff she bought but I'm so mad at the way she cut the photos out for it..

No. 367468

File: 1491790804560.png (2.37 MB, 750x1334, downloadfile.png)

A little update for everyone who's wondering, Becky is still around.

Dana and Destiny now have a total of three puppies: The australian shepherd mix, a chihuahua and a beagle mix. Plus Jax the cat who I guess is now an outside cat after not having been fixed and having been an inside cat for all his life. These people have been dating for 2 months and aren't home for 10+ hours at a time. Now taking bets how long it'll take before all of their animals are either dead or abandoned.

No. 367761

I think it's funny how Amber is trying to make it seem like she wants to do things different this time and take it slow, when in actuality she's simply being forced to by the new potential girlfriend. If it were up to Amber, they'd be shacked up already. Around the 15:00 mark

No. 368020


she. wants. a. g. wagon…
i just want her to get better but honestly mentally, it has been a downward spiral.


i hope if A.L. is lurking she sees this video.
Same issues, cant fit in to cars or anything.


get less chips

No. 368021

sorry I should have posted YT link better

No. 368029

yo, I fucking hate pet hoarders. HATE THEM. almost just as much as people who physically abuse/ neglect their pets. its a whole different kind of abuse and its so fucking terrible to see animals just collected as accessories but never get the care they need. just over these fat ass whales that can't even clean and wipe their own asses thinking they can properly care for another living thing

No. 369969

We should show her some diabetic gangrene. Slayyyy

No. 370318

amber said that twinkie has her own perfume that amber uses on her lol wtf

No. 371979

AL got a friend to drive her to Krystles house for a short visit. I wonder if Krystle was shocked to see just how much bigger AL has gotten? She still has the same dingy bra though. I had to laugh at her delusion about looking too young to go into the liquor store but aren't those places very strict about carding anyone who looks under 40?

No. 374776

^I'd give anything to see her parents' reactions and hear if they really loved AL as much as she's said they do.

No. 375220

The friend looks like her new gf (if its who is sitting next to Krystal's aunt)

No. 375344

The Farmers discovered that Krystle's girlfriend used to date FatAl's new caretaker, Becky with the Good Facial Hair. This herd of land whales sure enjoy keeping it in-house.

No. 375405

Sage for OT but people need to get over carding meaning anything to begin with.
Most places have a policy where if someone looks under 40 or 60 they get carded, no exceptions.
It's pathetic of some people to think the cashiers care about validating strangers on whether they appear young. And not that they're just following a dumb store policy that could cost them the job if they don't card. Jeez.

No. 375887

When Amberlynn said she couldn't go in because she doesn't have an ID, I immediately thought that was code for she just didn't want to get out of the car or was ashamed to get out. She's used so many excuses in the past for why she used to sit in Destiny's car vlogging instead of going inside with her.

Do places really card you just for going inside a liquor store? I've never been carded just for walking inside, only when I am the one actually making the purchase.

No. 375974

She's probably lying about being carded as she wanders about. She lies about things like rape: lying about being carded is like breathing.

No. 377954

I can actually buy that people think she's a teen, but it's not because of how she looks, it's because of how she BEHAVES. If someone was waddling around yelling "SLAYY GORL" and "LITERALLY WHO AM I" all the time I'd want to assume they're a teenager too.

No. 378102

Also, when you're her size your features get smoothed over by the excess fat so it's she looks young. It's easy to have a baby face when you're ginormous.

No. 378165

>Do places really card you just for going inside a liquor store?

Nah, she's just stupid and paranoid. Unless that place gets a lot of hits for fake IDs and underagers. Even then, they wouldn't be carding her because she looks oh so youthful. They're carding her because it's policy.

No. 380365

Her milk is so dry now that dustin stopped chauferring her around

No. 380368

what happened between her and sharla?

No. 381119

It's funny that people are pissed at Destiny for calling AL a, 'dumb ass' but what she said was, 'The Mask'. AL had the movie confused and they were explaining it was 'Mask', not the, 'The Mask', and YT viewers misheard. They were being rude to AL, though. I don't understand why they don't just stop picking her up, when they clearly don't want to be bothered. Don't do it, then be rude about it. Maybe they feel this is how they can get rid of her, so it might be purposeful.

No. 381528

File: 1494074531491.png (621.15 KB, 822x1284, IMG_5339.PNG)

This link was left in the comments of her most recent vid. Apparently someone screencapped their DMs with Dana. Not sure where the rest are but hopefully someone can find. I think a very amusing subplot in all this will be when Destiny's beady FAS eyes shift off of Dana and onto another new and shiny whale. Leaving Dana in roughly the same spot as AL, alone and caring for a shitload of animals.

No. 381565

some new videos

No. 381566

No. 381567

apparently her mom has cancer

No. 381568

No. 381584

From what Dana has said, Al is a manipulative c*nt. Gorl better get her licence or she ain't gonna be ea'en any time soon.

No. 381695

Can anyone give a readers digest version of the videos? I literally cannot listen to her yammer for more than a minute or two.

No. 381838

The other screenshots were posted in her Kiwi thread.

No. 382145

I wish people would stop with the, 'Women are easier, that's why she targets women'. You think you have to be gorgeous and thin to get a male Destiny equivalent? Making $10-11 dollars in our and not the least bit cute (and maybe a little special)? I've seen women have men raise children that aren't even theirs, buy them cars, pay their rent..and these women were NOT beauties nor especially smart. But I notice people think in the comments (on AL related forums/YT), even unattractive, poor men are some how unattainable unless you really have yourself together.

No. 382157

People on lolcow have stopped though? No one has said anything in like a month and you're the one bringing it up again. The comment sections in her videos are cancer though, they always come up with stupid theories and analysis.


She tells people that she has a new GF, say they've been together for a month, buy her flowers and chocolate. And says she's going to see her family. The other video i don't really remember much… I think it was the usual "I'm going out to eat with Mary" and the rest of it was her crying about her mom having cancer (yes, it was really sad)

No. 382173

I see you've also been reading the kiwi thread. I agree with you, it would probably be EASIER for her to find men to leech off since the lesbian dating pool is so small, I see no reason to why she has to be faking being a lesbian.

No. 382268


absolutely. i mean, go on any dating site and you'll notice that the male vs female ratio is crazy. she can easily find some loser to date and manipulate. getting attention from a bi girl /or finding another lesbian at all, is waaaay harder.

and i don't think that's she's obnoxious about it either. she's not talking about her sexuality 24/7 or anything like that. she's not getting any money or recognition from being an "LGBT youtuber!". people give her attention cause she's fat and that's it. i don't think she's faking shit.

the problem is that she treats her partners like shit, not that she picks female partners. fuck all that. those posters in the kiwi thread are ridiculous. they act as if she's a straight mastermind pretending to be a lesbian to destroy women. deeeelussionnn

No. 382270


i haven't been watching for a while. did she got way bigger or is it just me?

No. 382279

Agree. They must be clueless straight chicks.

No. 382817

Kiwi cows are triggered by us and getting salty. Like whuuut gorl?!

No. 382856

Tbh completely honest I THINK she might have been starting to lose weight lately, so no (I watch her videos religiously for the sake of curiosity, so I'm not a fan or a h8rrrr but neutral). Some people have commented on how her double chin seems a bit smaller, and I think I can see the difference.

She did seem to gain a lot of weight from 2016 to Feb or March though.

No. 382877

File: 1494430684141.jpg (32.17 KB, 1289x66, Screenshot_1.jpg)

this just in, users on kiwi farm think they are superior human beings to lolcow users. to the kiwis who are lurking here and getting triggered: get the fuck over yourselves. we're all drama hungry bitches gossiping about people online, and you trying to adopt this holier-than-thou attitude is kind of pathetic. I've seen it more than once, not just in relation to this thread.

at least we don't spend most of our time jerking each other off for internet points because we don't have a stupid rating system.

No. 383134

That's kiwi farms in general. I remember when they called themselves raiding a live stream of some Redhill douche and somehow managed to come out looking like idiots. Not even going to mention the 2edgy4me that went on when that girl terryberry or (whatever her name was) killed herself. Saging for off topic.

No. 383415

Someone made a comment over there about how she should seek no or low cost health services. So, she can splurge eating out multiple times a day, buy a bunch of worthless crap, spend a cool G, at least on her girlfriend for Christmas, but the community/tax payers should pay for her health services???

No. 383445

She would have to meet an income requirement to obtain those types of services. If her income was extremely low she might qualify for whatever form of Medicaid Kentucky has. Otherwise she will need to buy her own insurance. For psychological help there are often sliding scale programs where you pay a certain amount based on your income.States have agencies you can go to or call or even get on a computer to find out what is available in your area.

No. 384708

File: 1494944751515.png (140.99 KB, 750x856, IMG_5534.PNG)

Just creeping through destiny's Instagram. There are some real cringey gems of her/amberlynn. I know the ~drama~ has cooled down tremendously but I'm still grossly fascinated by both of them

No. 384709

File: 1494944777618.png (277.8 KB, 750x1088, IMG_5535.PNG)

No. 384711

File: 1494944808213.png (104.27 KB, 750x1067, IMG_5536.PNG)

This one.

No. 384797

There has gotta of been feederism at play behind closed doors

No. 385741

Isn't kiwifarm the same place that made hanging jokes/suicide jokes, when that girl TerryBerry committed suicide by hanging herself?

No. 385743

Never mind someone already mentioned terryberry, my bad.

No. 385775

Well, yeah. I wasn't there, but I read through all 200 fucking pages of her thread, plus most of Mike/GoddessDeziree's thread. At first, I feel like people didn't believe it, but then emphasized it to fuck with Mike.

No. 386878

File: 1495411375414.jpg (88.42 KB, 610x323, friend.jpg)

This girl claims to have known AL when they were kids. I found this in the comment section of this video, you can sort the comments by most recent to see it.

No. 387529

She's not going to share her weight loss journey on youtube anymore because people are too judgmental and that stresses her out. So between this and her camera shy new girlfriend she has even less content to share now. The last time she brought up her scale she said it needed new batteries and that was weeks ago.

No. 388397

I wonder if she's been scouted for my 600lb life. Would love to see Dr Now rip her a new one

No. 389376

Her new girlfriend. She is basically Destiny 2.0

Farmers thoughts on this video?

AL's life has been quite boring and its always more of the same… Diets that don't last over a day, carbs, yasssss gurl, diet soda and asking friends to drive her to Target. I'm hoping this new relationship shakes things up because her life has been very slow…

I wish she'd finally take her health seriously enough to lose weight, at least some pounds, but this new relationship with another obese woman won't help her. Theyre eating a lot of junk together.

Fun fact: the only non obese/fat person in the video is the little girl. Even Twinkie is fat, smh

No. 389459

Didn't she lie and say that Becky was someone called Maggie? I can't remember with all the fuckery and lying.

This herd just swap out partners every few months. I'm guessing, given their girth and lack of hygiene, their ability to attract a mate is limited.

No. 389460

I also want to see Nene and Becky in the same room together.

No. 389463

Plenty of male pig fuckers and feeders around. I'm more surprised the dating pool in Kentucky for lesbians is as big (gorl!) as it appears. Be easier to attract a male to be fair
Who is Nene?

No. 389470

Nene is Becky's ex / Krystal's new girlfriend. The relationship with Becky didn't end well with Becky bitching about Nene's hygiene on Facebook. They're a particularly bitchy herd.

No. 390628


Becky is basically both of Krystal and Destiny merged into one.

Has Krystal's downy miserable sagged face and Destiny's hideous manly style alas baby elephant body to boot.

She certaintly has a type

No. 391208

Does anyone else hate it when Amberlynn starts to grope and touch everything with her hands in front of the camera? I find it so fucking annoying that she has the necessity to point and grab every fucking thing, even stuff that isn't hers. Get your greasy hands out of my sight you pig.

Sage for spergout.

No. 391226

Does anyone here feel as if Amberlynn and Becky probably have no substantial emotional/romantic connection and are in a relationship for the sake of not being single?

No. 391352

It grates on me when she taps her damn nails on everything

Yup. I also don't see how sex is physically possible - though I'd prefer not to dwell too much on it.

No. 392182

Fuuuck the nail tapping I HATE it when she does that

No. 395896

This isn't milk but worth enough of asking here since she is morbidly obese so she could be dead… Why hasn't Amber posted in a week? Did she mention anything about quitting (maybe on YouNow, I never watch it). She hasn't posted on Instagram either.

No. 395903

She said on Snap she's been somewhere with Rafe (new butch boytoy) that doesn't have wifi. If she died, her little entourage would be posting about it everywhere.

No. 395904

she's posted on twitter June 10

No. 395933

No. 396144

She just uploaded a while ago. Rafe is a friend of her gf Becky..Rafe is married to Hazel(aka Hannah). They're a horrifying herd.

No. 432742

Been a while since anyone posted in this thread, but here's her latest video. Kind of interesting, she addresses a lot of rumors about her, including stuff I know we were all speculating about eg her relationship with Destiny/Dana post break up.

She also says she's getting more and more concerned about her health but admits she's gained weight anyway.

Also, she's moved in with Becky.

No. 432766

Null locked amber's thread on kiwi.I hope part of the reason why was because of the useless decisions his mods made. They threadbanned a user and unbanned them right after because they apparently made a wrong judgement. It was cancer.

Anyway, Amber tweeted that she scheduled videos till 22nd, I don't believe it but prove me wrong once Amber.

No. 433266

Null is just salty that he's almost as fat as Amber

No. 433299

I'm coming back over here from the Kiwi thread. Null initially locked the thread but then he created an entire subforum devoted to her. The new section has no rules because apparently their mods hated the thread and couldn't handle moderating it any longer. Now their pathetic dox-happy members are shitposting and threatening to dox anyone who annoys them.

I get that forums have a certain culture to them and that many ended up in the Kiwi AL thread because they Googled her name looking for a place to vent about her. And that made the KF regulars all salty.

So whatever. I'm back here and I hope many of the other who were hanging out in the KF thread end up here as well so this thread can be active again.

for content… in Amber's latest Q&A video the darkness on her hands and fingers is worse than it has ever been. It's terrifying to see.

No. 433934

you all remember how to sage, right?

No. 433980

AL is super milky but almost no one gives a shit about her because they care way too much about dry weebs and pseudo anachans. I'm not and never was a member of KF, and I haven't posted on lc in ages, but it's hard to find a place to discuss AL. I'm not really a haturrrr, and somehow I'm still rooting for her, but it's hard to interact with anyone who watches her videos. Her comment sections are pure cancer.

Latest news on AL:

- moved in with Becky and her roomies after dating/knowing each other for only 4 months
- gave her beloved furbabies/cats to her frenemy Rafe saying she couldn't have them at her new place
- said she wasn't allowed to renew her lease because "I didn't want to"
- is being generally very rude to her fans on YN
- made her fans believe she was serious about weight watchers only to say screw it after only a week

Etc etc

No. 433981

dry weebs, anachans and disgusting uggu (cam) hoes

No. 434355

Your points are fine, and I personally wish this thread was more lively myself. Onision, Momo and Joy are very popular cows right now, I'd say more than the camwhores and weebs. My point was that Josh sperging over at kiwifarms is not Amberlynn news, it bumps the thread without telling us what she's up to, and should be saged.

No. 434363

people were getting pissed because of the whiteknights and a-logs. not that the thread existed but the resulting cancer was an annoyance. with shit threads talking about exceptional youtubers recording elevators and toilets KF is not immune to utter garbage.

the great thing about Null moving the thread to its own subforum is all the retarded posting about how fucking fat she is and how im totally better than her because im only 95kg is basically gone.

sage for KF sperg

No. 434383

Oh I agree with you that that anon should've saged their posts. Momo is a weeb cow though; that's the crowd that likes makes fun of her or likes her.

About KF: I'm not a poster there, so I don't know anything really.

There are tons of milky and interesting things to discuss about AL, but unfortunately this board isn't interested.

No. 462165


Its all going down with Al and no neck beck her girlfriend nowww

No. 462203

>necros an old thread on an IMAGE BOARD with nothing

No. 462235

No. 462239

Ain't nobody watching a 40 minute video. Synopsis?

No. 462240

I'm 5 minutes in and literally all they've covered so far is that Amber wasn't allowed to have her two cats in the place her and Becky live in and so Rafe took them in. They just keep going off on tangents and I don't even know what the drama is about

No. 462320

File: 1510286559137.png (490.36 KB, 1417x1329, Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 8.33…)

I haven't watched that video but I've been following the drama on KF. Basically Amberlynn dumped two of her cats with Rafe and paid her $20 a month to feed and care for them. Even though that's a hideous underpayment for 2 cats Rafe agreed because she grew attached to them and was worried that AL would just dump them at some shelter and they would get separated, which would be awful for the cats since they were bonded.

Amberlynn being the lazy loaf that she is, never had either of the cats fixed. Rafe admitted this on discord, and the chat got together and donated her money to get the cats fixed, paid directly to the vet. The appointment was set up and everything, then Rafe retardedly blabbed to Amberlynn about the appointment via text saying she was going to get them fixed and was that ok?

Amberlynn proceeded to lose her shit, saying that she wanted to "be there for the cats during the procedure", had Becky drive her down to Rafe's place and retrieved the cats. It's clear to everyone involved that Big AL has zero intentions of ever getting them fixed. Lied in the past before that she couldn't get them fixed because there was a law and her cats "weren't old enough" (complete bullshit, no such law existed) but now has retracted that and said they were old enough.

Rafe was upset by the whole thing and posted to discord about how Amberlynn had horrible living conditions for her pets (no surprise there) and didn't take care of them to the point that it's borderline abuse/neglect. AL retaliated by taking potshots at Rafe and calling her house dirty, lying about how much money she would give her, all the standard bullshit that she's known for. The drama left off with her now claiming that there's an appointment to get her cats fixed in the near future but knowing AL, she's going to keep pushing it off and pushing it off, and her cats are never going to get fixed. She doesn't give a flying fuck about any of her animals.

Pic is screenshot of the cats & discord user who offered to pay.

No. 462325

Shit has been going down lately, so I'll try to sum things up from the very beginning around when this thread stopped being updated:

Amber wanted to move in with Becky but she said she couldn't have her cats there, only Twinkie, because the house owner didn't want more animals there. So she dropped them at Rafe's. She kept telling her fanbase she deeply missed them and had contact with them all the time, and that she was paying Rafe money for their food every month. She would often stay at her house and sleep there, and go on YouNow at her house.

Fast forward:

For some reason I'm not sure why, Rafe contacted people in an AL discussion discord group saying AL never really cared about the cats and didn't really pay her, and that AL took the cats with her after Rafe asked her if she could get Rarity, one of ALs cats, fixed for free. Screenshots were posted on kf(? Not too sure about this part since I'm not a poster but I'm sure the screenshots were uploaded to of at this point) which prompted a bunch of people to ask AL wtf what was happening.

AL said she couldn't let Rarity stay at such a filthy environment after getting surgery, that's why she and Becky has to pick her up. And apparently the house owner allowed her to have her cats again, for 30 dollars a month. There's a lot more to the story, but that's my tldr version. In the video above they're basically explaining their side of the story and Becky rages and whines because Rafe betrayed her trust and ruined their friendship.

No. 462326

Damn, anon. I was probably typing my long ass post when you posted yours lol. Ty for explaining things. There you go, lc. I think our two posts together make things clearer and easier to understand.

No. 462360

Honestly, I don't like Amberlynn, but lets not give Rafe any credit. She probably does live in filth and going to a hate group of someone who calls you their friend and vice versa is disgusting.

AL not wanting the cats to get fixed due to Rafe's nasty house is a bit weird only because up until recently, AL was never going to be able to get the cats. Does that mean they were never going to get fixed? I get the cocern to get them fixed on Rafe's end but that girl is nothing but drama and she didn't have good intentions.

No. 462615

It's fucking silly.

If Rafe's house is that bad then why on earth did Amber leave them with her? I'm surprised she didn't leave them with Destiny but then again Destiny lives in a shit hole back at her parents. Remember a year ago in summer when Destiny and Amber were dating still? Amber was freeloading there at Destiny's mothers, its like a cluttered handmade shack. Literal shithole and all her pets were there too among about five other dogs too. AMber didn't mind then?


No. 480486

Are any of you in the AL/Amy Slaton FB group? It's literal fucking cancer. Just some dumb fatties making fun of a fellow fattie so they can feel better about themselves because at least they're not THAT fat am I rite guise??
There's this one morbidly obese 300lbs attention whore in particular who constantly fucking posts updates about her diet and "weightloss". One week after starting her diet she fucking posted a before and after. After one. fucking. week. Literally no difference. And instead of calling her out for her shit the others congratulated her.

1. No one cares fuck off
2. Top-fucking-kek(necro)

No. 481163

That group won't allow new members, I've been trying to join for a while. They act like Hamber and co are govn't secrets It's really annoying.

No. 484336

So is anyone else here still following her? She's lost about 20lbs since her latest decision to lose weight, started a couple weeks back. Averaging 2-3lbs weight loss per week which is kind of laughable considering she's on the cusp of 500lbs.

She's also been sick with the flu twice in a month. With all the flu outbreak that's been making the news and then the reporting of deaths of young, relatively healthy adults, I wonder if it might take her out? Her relative youth has been the only thing keeping her in a state of (questionably) good health for this long. That this is the biggest she's ever been (her claim), the comorbidities that go along with being so obese (that she likely has but her fear of facing reality keeps her from real diagnoses and management) and then being immunocompromised? She'll probably be fine, it was just a thought that crossed my mind watching her latest vlog.

It's also been interesting watching Eric's, her roommate, vlogs. Not only because we're treated to the truth of how massive and deformed she is, but because they, at times, highlight how rude and snappish she can be.

No. 485199

Thanks for the update. I stopped following because the content got a bit dry. So she is still living with Becky? I didn’t think it would last this long.

No. 485964

I didn't think that it would last this long either but Becky seems to have gotten sucked in. She is pretty unintelligent tbh so I'm not surprised.

Just a few updates on the situation:

> Becky quit her job/now vlogs with hamber

> Becky and Hamber have lost around 20-30 lbs each so far this year, with hamber disclosing 2 binging incidents

>rarity still isn't fixed. Hamber continues to blame the vet clinic for not calling her back after months of waiting. She has finally decided to find another vet to fix her cat.

No. 512754

Update: Amberlynn is now 500 pounds. B-but it's ok guys she's working on a new plan and even has a fitbit. She's binged and overeaten this week but she's just being honest with you.

No. 512806

Jesus Christ. When is she going to give up and realize she's not going to lose any weight? Nothing ever changes.

No. 512811

Oh man, I didn't even realize AL had a thread but this is all golden.
She's one of my favorite YouTubers. I've been on a weight loss journey for about a year now (60 lbs down, 20 to go) and every time I want to skip the gym or eat an awful meal I just watch some of her videos. She's such a terrible example, all of her dieting is fads, no real exercise, and I think the most damning thing is that by lying on YouTube she somehow convinces herself that she's made progress and deserves rewards like junk food and shit. I hope we see her get up to 550 within the year.

No. 512848

Phew, the Fitbit's gonna fix everything!

No. 512857

Wow, so many excuses. She just doesn’t want it enough.

No. 512868

An update on this: Rarity is finally fixed, after over a year of the cat being ready for surgery and a year of excuses.

No. 527937

In a recent video, Amberlyn claims to make $10k a month despite living with 3 people, not being able to "afford" weight loss surgery and still hanging sheets with ductape instead of having curtains in her room

No. 528051


fucking kek, I wonder if she still wears that same bra that she's been wearing since she started YT.

No. 528075

I doubt it, there's no way it still clasps around her frame. I'm beginning to question if she still wears a bra cause I haven't seen a strap lately and I don't know that they would make such large banded bras for C-cup breasts

No. 530262

File: 1528838071941.jpg (75.03 KB, 616x686, bra.jpg)

She absolutely stays wearing that nasty depleted bra even with the alleged 10k a month! There was a pic from months back where you can see her from behind in a thin strappy top and she keeps the back band high up near her shoulder blades. She might be able to find a bra somewhere but it would be costly and she'd really need to get properly measured but I doubt she would ever even try to do that.

No. 530283

File: 1528840652250.png (1.77 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1320.PNG)

I found the pic I was looking for, I would sage if I could.

No. 530406

What a strange coincidence that AL had no problem gloating about "LUSIN 15 POUNDS IN 5 DAYS!!" but suddenly around the usual time she gives up on her diet she has decided to be more private about her weight loss….

No. 532383

in her recent video she had becky drive her to mcdonalds to get two chicken wrap things and a sprite while (at least not that she filmed) becky got nothing. How fucking selfish…

No. 532386

Not only that but she quit weight watchers (again). Is anyone surprised?

No. 532395

Eh, the new Weight Watchers is a bit too wacky. I don't blame her for not using it.

No. 532674


She said it's all WW fault because the program allowed her to eat shitty food.

Also, she says that she is/was recently 593 pounds and not the 500 pounds she claimed she was a few months ago.

My 600lb life, here we are.

No. 532735

Okay, yeah, that's not the same as thinking the program is wacked out.

No. 532743

If she knew the food was shit why eat it? Like I can understand weight watchers not being great for people only needing to lose 50 lbs or so who need the extra help on the specifics of what to eat but when you need to lose almost 500 lbs there's no way it can't help her do that. To maintain that weight she'd need to eat so many caloriesher that there's no way weight watchers would let her do that. I don't have experience but I can't believe that any weight management service would let her eat so many thousands of calories

No. 532752


I'm not too familiar with WW, but she explained it that certain health foods will be 0 points, like chicken. So, she would go and eat chicken nuggets from McDonald's or something and count it as zero points.

Also, she said that she usually rewards herself at the end of the day for "doing so good".

Yeah she fucked it all up.

No. 532776

okay but use common sense? obvious chicken nuggets isn't going to be the same health wise/ calorie wise as baked chicken. what an idiot, no wonder she's never going to lose weight

No. 532808

Exactly. I agree that WW is or at least used to be bullshit, because it used to let you count zero points for eating any fruit (and there are several fruits that approach 100cal a piece or more) but to assume that chicken nuggets are free? Ffs just count your damn calories.

No. 532810


anyone know how tall she is? If we calculate her BMI… I'm sure that the calorie limit would be more fruit than even she could eat.

No. 532811


samefag but I meant the calories in the TDEE/BMR whoops

No. 532818

Ok but a quick Google search gives a site that gives ww points for every MacDonald's menu item and it's actually 12.
Either she is dumb enough to not bother checking that different chicken dishes have different health values or she's dumb enough to think it wouldn't make a difference and she could cheat the diet as if it were a game using the points for regular chicken whenever she ate it
Honestly though, if you're on a diet fast food should just be an automatic no

No. 532826

you can eat fast food and still lose weight as long as you count your calories…. which she clearly isn't doing.

No. 532828


yeah but I think anon's point was that she should have been counting the points regardless if it was "chicken" (0 points) because it was chicken nuggets and not a chicken breast, for example. So yes, she failed the program horribly.

No. 532835

Iirc, she's around 5'3

No. 533224

At 5 foot 3 and around 500 lbs… she would have a bmi of like 90? jesus christ thats kind of depressing as fuck

No. 533233

Apparently she's actually 593 so she's above 100 BMI. Either way she's morbidly obese and totally fucked if she doesn't save herself

No. 533773

File: 1529594352977.png (85.21 KB, 750x458, IMG_3359.PNG)

Why is Hamber retweeting shit like this? The only way Necky could be seen as abusive is if you count enabling abuse, but a lot of people speculate that Becky doesn't actually enable Amber until Amber throws fits and such

No. 533796


She's probably talking about the one ex who she accused of raping her.

No. 556172

File: 1533071096358.jpg (43.17 KB, 640x640, Amberlynn_Reid.jpg)

from old thread didnt get to post my bad shoop because thread max.

No. 556173

File: 1533071114423.jpg (45.24 KB, 640x640, AirBrush_20180731162943.jpg)

after (if she wasnt a lardass)

No. 556174


she's still obese, you could have kept this terrible shoop job.

No. 556176

but could you imagine….
if she was healthy one day?

No. 556178

me neither

No. 556181

I don't get the "if she lost weight she would be sooooo cute!"

Hamber would be avarage at best.

No. 556348

shoop op here.
cute is pushing it. she would be average.
but she also wouldnt be on deaths door.
i think its just interesting to think of what she would look like normally instead of an actual planet.

No. 556349

Tbh I think she has a cute little slight pig nose but the fact that she's a literal pig kind of ruins that look

No. 565533

File: 1534705447094.jpg (273.61 KB, 370x1001, img.jpg)

Update on AL

She is currently 528lbs, and has been bed bound for over a week due to depression.

Stopped her anti-depressants a few weeks ago but decided to go back on them recently. Is writing and reading her own poetry.

Claims to not have enough energy to go out to eat, brush her hair or bathe. Stays in her bed-nest because that's where her computer and television are. Still gets up to use the restroom though.

>unrelated but does anyone else think Becky looks like the thumb guys from Spy Kids?

No. 565550

528lb??? wow she is so close to her goal! TLC here she comes!

No. 565560

Also forgot to mention she got a "casting call and audition" for "some reality show" but has not disclosed any further information. Promised to tell more if anything comes of it.

Drove all the way to Kentucky for PRIDE a few months ago but when the day came she was too tired and it was too hot so she did not attend any festivals. Ate at The Cheesecake Factory and shopped at Torrid every day instead.

No. 566139

yup. Sadly looks like Becky has been gaining some weight too. Hamber is so predatory.

Why is this thread fairly inactive? Considering how active she is on youtube. I like watching Amber's drama but it isn't as fun without seeing other people's reactions

No. 566140

also I just recalled she wore a dress from Torrid as a shirt because she is getting so big. Filmed herself "pranking' Becky by saying she did not want to lose weight and wanted to go on 600lb Life, which upset Becky a lot and she said something along the lines of "guess we'll just kill ourselves." Then Amber cackled at her and was like IT'S JUST A PRANK but she is obvs testing the waters.

Also claimed she's going to see a therapist but i'll believe it when i'll see it. she is getting sooo big. the full body shots are scary. she is annoying but i do want her to get healthy, she is honestly going to die if she keeps this up.

Since i follow her a bit i can pop in on some weekends and write up little updates for the thread. it really is quite the circus on her channel

No. 566147

>bed bound
oh here we go!

No. 567660

honnestly at this point you might as well keep up with the drama on youtube. this thread is completely dead with updating her current shenanigans

No. 567770

Kiwifarms has an entire subforum dedicated to her, every time she farts it's pretty well covered over there.

No. 567858

Thanks for the heads up! I’ll definitly check it out, like a few other anons here I’m fascinated by Amber Lynn but she doesn’t seem to garner the same interest as the other cows. It’s not as fun as without the intense discussion.

No. 567914

Big Al was caught making fake YouTube accounts in attempts to White Knight herself. She has names like Damien White, Jennifer Sanchez, Hello Don, etc. She literally was caught red-handed talking like AL when she forgot to switch accounts.

No. 567940

I thought the Damien account was back during the false rape saga?

No. 568412

It’s still there. Iirc someone traced the IP address to big Al.

No. 570505

Nikocado Avocado just said in his most recent video that he wants to collab with big AL. It's at the 32:50 mark and he rambles on about it a lot more.

(Would a kind anon post the video? My phone sucks)

No. 571368


Becky's head, neck, and torso melted into each other, and are now one, basically.

No. 571429


Every one of big ALs girlfriends has gained weight with her. I guess it would be hard not to on her famous 14-different-kinds-of-salt chili.

I legit feel sorry for Becky. Before AL she had a job and weighed like 50lbs less.

No. 589332

File: 1539772999663.gif (1.95 MB, 320x180, MUKBANG_GYM_TALK.gif)

No. 589333

Amber's diet is on track, I see.

No. 589428

thats an old gif, she has gained ~40lbs since then. as of her latest video she is officially 575

No. 589442

looks like "moments-before-death"-footage

No. 589443

u mean 545lbs

No. 589450


And she's only 5'3… fuck how is she still alive?

No. 589545

No. 589554


She's pushing 30. I've seen many, many younger people drop dead from heart attacks, etc. from obesity. There was a 21 year old woman on Supersize vs. Superskinny that just dropped dead. She's like a reverse Ashley Isaacs…

No. 589611

Ur Gorl's latest update.
it's so sad and pathetic… like she's fully given up at this point. 71 points for WW plus no exercise and still eating out everyday?
Shee still can't catch her breath while sitting down how many months later?
Hey Necky: you're going to be a widow soon just a very blunt heads up.

No. 589614

I genuinely feel bad for her. She gets attention for this shit, although it's negative, and she clearly thrives off it.

No. 589627

Maybe she’s chubbing up further for the “mysterious” (like we don’t know which one) reality show?

No. 589732

why feel bad if she's thriving off it and enjoys it? shes not just a fat girl, she's a shitty person too

No. 589803

not the same anon but part of me feels bad for younger hamburgerlynn because she really did try and succeed at losing some weight; but the last year its obvious she's given up so i really can't feel bad at this point

No. 589946

Eh, it's still sad to see someone who's clearly given up on their body and now basically makes a living off of people laughing at how fat she is and her continuous failed dieting attempts. Her life revolves around her body and weight.

No. 611108

File: 1544225674726.png (161.38 KB, 2313x1709, Amberlynn 2018 Weight Progress…)

So after today's weigh in, Amberlynn is still hovering around 550-560 lb (& has been since Nov 1st). She started this year at 467 lb, so that's about 90 lbs gained this year alone!!

I was bored & curious so I tried searching for an Amberlynn weight loss tracker graph. Alas, no luck. Apparently I am the first person autistic enough to attempt this, but here's how it turned out.

I probably missed some weigh-ins because she has far too many videos.

Some interesting things I noticed:
- after she hit 500 lbs on April 29th, she lost 7 lbs over a 1.5 month period
- after which she gained 20 LBS IN 15 DAYS WTF (her record for quickest gain)
- she also gained 21 lb over a month from February to March (470→490)

No. 611110

Oh, also forgot to mention - Becky hasn't weighed in in a while, but if she's sticking with the same eating habits, she should be over 290 lb by now!

And Amberlynn is projected to hit 600 lb by April 2019.
Will end 2018 at ~565 lb.

No. 611118

She's FAT, do we need a graph lol.

No. 611332

Come on lol it’s an interesting visualizer of how far and how soon

No. 611535

Becky is well into the 300 pound range and has been for some time. She might've been around 290 maybe a year and a half ago.

The difference however between her and Amber is that she feels shame for looking how she does. When you watch Amber's videos, you can tell Becky is extremely self-conscious. Clearly if YT wasn't how they earned their income, she would want nothing to do with being on camera. She's spoken about it before, specifically how her meds make her feel even more fucked.

Amber will end the year weighing 580 going on 600.
But honestly, after 400 pounds it's pretty much all the same. It only changes how much faster Amber will become more immobile and sicker. She's lost unless she gets bariatric surgery, or some kind of surgery that will make her physically ill when she overeats. Mentally she just can't do it.

No. 611537

how do you gain this much weight in a year without some sort of health condition

No. 611556

pathological eating

No. 611632

>She might've been around 290 maybe a year and a half ago.

Her last weigh-in was 280 and that was late August. The graph only covers 2018, so she started the year around 250-260.

No. 611639

File: 1544327493370.png (2.47 MB, 828x1792, 1695E620-F70A-4AE9-A6C3-D5295F…)


No. 611673

Wow, she can't even rock the FGA, her features are floating on her meaty puddle of a face

No. 611691

tfw your face is wider than it is tall

No. 611813

thank you for doing this, she's so vague about her numbers that seeing it like this really hits home. also becky looks over 300 by now, that gut

No. 611906

>in August
Heh, homegirl has well blown past 300 by now if Amber's gains speak of trend. And in general, Becky looks miserably bloated lately.

No. 611922

File: 1544408946359.jpg (Spoiler Image, 129.49 KB, 1136x610, al2018.jpg)

Her head isn't the only part of her that's almost as wide as it is tall.

I've thought about making graphs before, her weight gain this year is actually alarming even to her "haters" but yet not to Amberlynn apparently. She's barely mobile anymore and her heavy breathing is now the background noise in her videos but she still won't put in serious efforts.

No. 614224

She's had another breakdown. Won't be doing vlogmas anymore. Actually didn't go out to eat since she feels shitty. Like, that's shocking. She'd usually never turn that down but now she's starting to be embarassed to be seen in public. And she has issues with her leg. So, do you think she'll start changing something now? I'd usually say no but this is the first time where the situation is a little different. She's never been this immobile before. She's starting to realize she's becoming housebound. Since it's winter it's dangerous out for her tbh. If she falls on ice, if there are any issues on the road…she's just a helpless heavyass balloon. I'm like, well the situation is getting serious now. She sees that she can barely stand so there's a chance. But then again she did recently stuff her face with unhealthy shit, looking straight at the camera and laughing at anyone who said this was bad. Actually, when I think about it. No, she can't do this at home.

No. 614249

Didn't she complain about leg pains recently? I'm wondering if she's hit 600lbs yet but updates are so rare here.

No. 614265

She apparently had her very first real Dr's appointment in a while in person yesterday due to the "inscruciating" leg pain. No update yet.

No. 614269

I'm curious if she'll throw her whole life away and become bedbound so I keep watching. There's always a little hope that it will get better, but if I'm gonna be real.. I don't think it will. Listening to her talk is annoying though. She actually said that speaking properly is very important to her. But somehow she's never heard of "eaten". She only uses "ate". I had already ate today/I haven't ate yet today.
So "inscruciating" is really on brand.
Also, a chest piece is a tattoo or a piece of armor. It certainly doesn't refer to some cleavage on a gigantic torrid dress that you wear backwards. I wanna be less critical of these things cause no one's making me watch. But you know when something just drives you insane when you hear it?
Also, it's crazy that she still thinks it's ok to eat anything if you stay within your calorie limit. Like, no…pretty sure 3000 calories of McDonalds has a different effect on your body than 3000 calories of actual good food. Maybe refrain from trash food when you're close to dying from it. And I actually think she's already 600 or very close.

No. 614304

I'm wondering if we're watching the bedbound tipping point right now, in real time. Seems like this leg issue is bad and she's been pretending it away.

There is no amount of willpower or dieting that can overcome this level of pathological eating. She needs medical intervention.

No. 614474

>she's starting to be embarrassed to be seen in public
Do you really believe this?
There's no difference in her looks from what she weighed 100 pounds ago to how she looks now at almost 600.
As far as I recall, she's complained about bodily pain for the past year too at least.

She's only coming up with "embarrassment" and "leg pain" as excuses to mask that she is becoming permanently homebound.
How can she be direct to the point without admitting that she was wrong about how bad her weight was/is for years? Doubling down and acting arrogant is her defense mechanism.

Picture this: A normal human can hop out of bed in a few seconds.
Amber needs a few minutes just to prop herself up, gain the momentum to swing herself out of bed, and then lift up over 500 pounds of mass with her knees.
Of course going to the store or a restaurant would seem like gargantuan tasks when she needs so much effort and time alone to get out of the bed, get dressed, and bathe herself for what little she does.
Amber isn't even 30. She's a young woman and she's already worse than most geriatrics.

No. 614660

>Picture this: A normal human can hop out of bed in a few seconds.
>Amber needs a few minutes just to prop herself up, gain the momentum to swing herself out of bed, and then lift up over 500 pounds of mass with her knees.

Oh god anon, thank you for this horrifying thought. The prospect of being so trapped under your own weight that you can barely even stand yourself up is nightmare fuel. But she's just gotten used to it and let it come on slowly like a frog in a boiling pot…
I agree with the other anon that this is where her videos are going to start being more sad than entertaining. She's already started looking a little glassy-eyed as of a couple weeks ago, and in her last video she's started lashing out at the people closest to her irl (Becky, the fag shack). She's going downhill so fast now.

No. 614813

man, even simple things like going to the loo or having a shower must be a real struggle.

And I'm sure the stress on the lower joints would be causing problems like sciatica, bursitis, osteoarthritis etc which are really difficult to manage with meds even at a healthy weight (IME anyway).

I suppose it's like any eating disorder in the way it fucks with brain function and perceptions of "normal" too, so there's all that to try and overcome on top of the fuckload of weight.

What a bloody nightmare.

No. 614815

I've only known about Amberlynn for a very short while. 2 weeks-ish. Do you think Becky is a bit 'special' or do I just feel that way because she looks goofy and is incredibly dull. She just has these glassy cow eyes. It looks like nothing's really going on in there.

No. 614817

she's about as smart as the average American. She's just emotionally 13, very stuck in the past and addicted to nostalgia because her current life sucks.

No. 614824

She made a new video and she didn't go to the doctor's appointment for her leg. What a surprise. The reason she didn't go? She couldn't get a ride. She really said that. She has a live in chauffeur who is always available to take her ass to Walmart so she can buy more plastic shit. But when it's the doctor. Sorry, no time! Yeah, don't believe it. It's been "rescheduled". She's still in pain but don't worry. She has diagnosed herself with a pulled muscle.

She's really insecure about being a YouTuber. She spent like 5 minutes justifying why it's a real job.
Favorite line "I understand that my job is more mentally exhausting and it's not like people waiting and people at restaurants. I understand that's hard. That's physically exhausting. And cops and doctors and surgeons who have to stand on their feet for sometimes 12 hours, 16 hours."
So…she really compared herself eating on camera to people who do difficult actual jobs. Like…she thinks her "job" is mentally exhausting and those aren't. She really thinks dealing with people in the food service industry is only physically exhausting. Dealing with sometimes dangerous people and tragic situations as a cop is only physically exhausting. Being in charge of people's health and lives as a doctor is only physically exhausting.

No. 614827

She made a new video and she didn't go to the doctor's appointment for her leg. What a surprise. The reason she didn't go? She couldn't get a ride. She really said that. She has a live in chauffeur who is always available to take her ass to Walmart so she can buy more plastic shit. But when it's the doctor. Sorry, no time! Yeah, don't believe it. It's been "rescheduled". She's still in pain but don't worry. She has diagnosed herself with a pulled muscle.

She's really insecure about being a YouTuber. She spent like 5 minutes justifying why it's a real job.
Favorite line "I understand that my job is more mentally exhausting and it's not like people waiting and people at restaurants. I understand that's hard. That's physically exhausting. And cops and doctors and surgeons who have to stand on their feet for sometimes 12 hours, 16 hours."
So…she really compared herself eating on camera to people who do difficult actual jobs. Like…she thinks her "job" is mentally exhausting and those aren't. She really thinks dealing with people in the food service industry is only physically exhausting. Dealing with sometimes dangerous people and tragic situations as a cop is only physically exhausting. Being in charge of people's health and lives as a doctor is only physically exhausting.

No. 614831

File: 1545089948615.jpg (63.38 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I think Becky is very slow and has the resting facial expression of a gobsmacked fish, but I don't believe she's a legit retard.
AL's last girlfriend though, Destiny? I'd put money on it. Check out some of her older videos if you get the chance.

No. 614833

Link to video

No. 614837

If she worked 10 hours a day in a restaurant she could eat anything she wanted and not weigh 600lbs.

No. 614844

She's Ambers 'type'.

Holy shit man, she's done for if she won't even get this checked out.

No. 615372

File: 1545242191342.gif (2.35 MB, 480x270, hugnry.gif)

Anyone else use her videos as inspiration to not eat shit foods? Whenever I feel like I want to eat junkfood I just watch her videos and I become disgusted and eat something better instead. honestly helped me drop a lot of pounds(blogposting)

No. 621404

File: 1546710006928.jpg (109.94 KB, 554x554, 201901068061610331529263882.jp…)

No clue what all you anons are on about, amberlynn has always been a skinny legend

No. 621729

File: 1546737213787.jpeg (20.73 KB, 554x554, 5FFD7286-EF90-4827-BA22-0CD2A9…)

Body like a melty candle.

No. 623434

Amberlynn has a new high weight of 560. New year, new highest weight ever. Also she has recently hit 100k subs so soon she'll get the check mark and plaque with her name on it, off of an overwhelmingly frustrated viewer base.

No. 623437

A couple of weeks ago she finally went back to her doctor, she had lingering leg pain she described as "inscruciating". She was worried about a clot but her doctor told her she has poor circulation in her legs. She also prescribed her high blood pressure medication and said she has sleep apnea since Amberlynn has to sleep sitting up. She broke down and asked for weight loss surgery and that she would pay out of pocket but her doctor told she needed to get health insurance. She finally has to admit to herself that she's not doing too well and must change, lets see if these warnings sink in!

No. 623440

If you told me she was over 600lbs I would believe it. I doubt she's going to get the surgery and even if she did she'd just undo all of it by over eating.

No. 623517

I think you need to lose a little weight for surgeries like that. She's never going to change. Eating herself to death.

No. 623618


I really want to see an episode of my 600lb life with Amberlynn

No. 623643

She'd have to admit she's 600lbs first though.

No. 623655

She won’t do it; she’d have to shut down her YouTube for at least a while

No. 623681

Isn’t it too risky to operate someone that is heavily obese? I think I read somewhere that especially anestesia can be dangerous for fat people because high risk of complications etc

No. 625265

File: 1547324945939.jpg (131.06 KB, 720x1080, efe7b9f43d37ecdc133f5b4eecbbb7…)

I only occasionally watch a video of hers, but in one she was complaining about people harassing a nutritionist that wasn't even hers. If she had/has a nutritionist they must not be that good, if she considers you can still eat junk food when you're morbidly obese instead of eating healthy for once.

No. 625377

I don't get why people think normal dietary advice applies to a pathological eater nearing 600lbs. Even the cow herself buys into this at times. She's not getting out of this without psychological and medical intervention, and she has at least stated she wants the medical intervention.

No. 634209

A few days ago AL uploaded a long video where she sort of broke down. She had lost a little bit of weight and then received some mysterious bad news…well she ate her feelings and now she's almost up to her highest weight. But miraculously someone on instagram reached out to her with an exciting new weight loss plan! It's called Optavia which is a MLM that sells packets of "food" stuff for hundreds of dollars a month. It works out to about 800 - 1000 calories a day which AL is confident will be the answer even though she couldn't handle a 2600 calorie a day diet or even weight watchers which gave her tons of points. People around the world subsist on near starvation diets for mere pennies but AL is going to do it for hundreds of dollars because her binges and frequent restaurant trips cost even more than that.

No. 634211

File: 1548871656851.jpg (122.61 KB, 853x568, optavia.jpg)

To give you an idea of the cost. It also comes with online coaching from people who have done the program but who have no medical or nutritional training so yeah it's a bargain!

No. 634387

Mysterious bad news being she broke 600lbs? She has to be by now and if she isn't she will be when she eats double what she should on this meal plan.

No. 634418

I'm wondering if the timing of that news has to do with being knocked back for weight loss surgery? or had that already happened.

Is she going to get sponsored for this or is the fool going to buy it. at least it's not a grape fast…

No. 634545

Credit to Amber's delusions. Tried counting calories, it didn't work guys! She treats this like she's just a little bit overweight and a tweak or two will do it. Just say no to that candy bar. Acts like it's a choice to try losing weight first instead of surgery when we know she won't qualify for surgery with anyone but Dr Now.

No. 634725

Why oh why do I get the feeling she's going to eat the entire month's worth of boxed meals within a week…?

No. 635244

If she ate only fruits and veg, no oils she could drop all that fat. Her body deposited fat to last through several years of famine. In the back of her mind she thinks surgery will undo all the damage, that's why she doesn't get serious about weight loss. But surgery can have bad consequences.

No. 635247

at her size, surgery would be best, even if only to stall the effects of the diabetes she's presumed to have. she's a 'pathological eater' (as dr now calls them), a simple dietary change is beyond her where she is now. she has to make some big changes mentally too. no amount of diet advice or new programs will change that.

just eating fruits and veg with no protein surely can't be that healthy in the long run. dr now makes his patients eat the protein first.

No. 635282

Surgery is her best bet but she'll never get it. For them to give you surgery you need to lose a certain amount of weight and show that you can make changes. Amberlynn would be eating Cheesecake Factory the night before surgery.

No. 635307

and right after, let's face it

No. 635393

File: 1549050282513.png (120.08 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_20190201-094704.png)

She's not getting weight loss surgery, her doctor told her to get health insurance, do a low carb diet and come back for monthly assesments. Shockingly she has done none of those things so she's not on that path.

Nope she paid for this which is why she's justifying that high pricetag. The girl she spoke with on instagram told AL that someone like her could lose 200 pounds in a year so she was like take my money! She's not even youtubing properly by getting free sponsered stuff but then again what weighloss company would want to take a gamble on her? She'll end up binging and making the company look bad regardless of how good it might be.

No. 635564

She keeps denying it's a scam as well.

No. 635604

I'm sure if was able to stick with it strictly she would lose the weight to where she could get the surgery. I just kinda think >>634725 will happen.

No. 635660

If she sticks with it for three days it will be astonishing.

No. 635698


tinfoil but what if she's being paid by someone in this company? In Michaelbepetty's video on it, he said that she was talking like she was doing an ad… "I've tried it all!", etc.

No. 636069

File: 1549167204843.png (116.86 KB, 480x815, food delivery.png)

The gag with this Optavia plan is that she still has to buy other ingredients in order to make the recipes. And it has things like potato flakes… When she could easily save time and money by just getting a subscription to healthy food cooked from scratch, pic related. This would be her answer, because people like getting fast food when they're hungry and not have the time or the patience to cook.

No. 636077

You can eat the food 'as is'. It's just that people do hacks to it because it tastes kinda bad (video related). That's where the waffle irons and cheese sticks come in.

No. 638623

File: 1549778533618.png (1016.09 KB, 2048x965, 38b2049.png)

her new video isnt actually new. she totally binged and is stalling til her replacement shipment comes.

No. 638651

I really wanted a vlog of her making the shitty shakes and showing her meals for the day but I think she's going to cut straight to "I know my body guys, it's not for me but I found this grape fast…"

No. 638680


amberlynn is so underrated on this site. she's such a tragic lying disaster and ruins the lives of those involved with her, lol.

i was excited to see her lying about sticking to the diet when she's obviously gorging herself sick on the regular

No. 638682

I think I'm getting more interested because the housebound saga has begun.

No. 638832

File: 1549843843063.png (83.13 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_20190210-190453.png)

She has a convenient excuse for that, she's made complaints of being sick an awful lot this past year. Also has anyone here seen the news that Beckys mom and sister were upset with someone who is likely AL on facebook? Because tension with a girlfreinds family will certainly make this bedbound saga interesting

No. 638842

inb4 'fountains of diarrhoea made me stop my diet'

No. 638843

File: 1549844762149.jpg (64.03 KB, 856x482, image-w856.jpg)

No. 638857

Here you can see the facebook messages that started it all.

The Zachary guy didn't even dedicate an actual video to the messages, he was live streaming before he going out that night and so many people commented about the messages he read them out loud. Interesting choice from AL though, rather than denying the messages were about her she decided to threaten a lawsuit on the behalf of Beckys sister. Hmm, you'd think Beckys sister would want to reach out to them herself if she's actually going to sue.

No. 638921

hamber rlly gonna threaten to sue when she's lied and slandered plenty of people lol

No. 638925

It's not diarrhea anon, it's waterfalls! /s

maybe her next "program" after this will be drinking Jilly Juice.

No. 639255

File: 1549936837360.jpg (324.17 KB, 913x1000, engaged.jpg)

Destiny and Dana got engaged. I'm sure Amberlynn cares about this a lot, adding the tension with Beckys family and the lolsuits I imagine this must be a stressful time for AL. So…I wonder how that strict diet program is going?

No. 639263

She referred to mysterious “bad news” a couple of weeks ago in a YouNow. Could it be the engagement?

No. 639277

that must be something else, a diagnosis or maybe finding out she can't just buy weight loss surgery, the car, something like that. they've only got engaged now.

No. 639358

File: 1549979162509.png (395.44 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_20190212-083558.png)

The theory that the car broke down is interesting to me, maybe Beckys family helped them out with rides.
Being around Amberlynn more often and driving her to Walmart nearly everyday would lead to some fights. But this is AL it could be her health or even something with her family that upset her, she's not going to ever say.

No. 639413


why do so many lesbians look and dress like men?? if i was gonna date girls i would wanna date some cutie who wears makeup with long hair like me.. but the feminine ones all seem to choose women who are basically men with vaginas. I don't get it.(no1curr about your preferences)

No. 639485

You don't get it because you're not gay. There's nothing to "get," not everyone is you

No. 639670

Quit Optavia after two days - it's amazing and didn't feel hungry at all but kinda binged - it's not enough calories to be safe so quit on the advice of a doctor. Oh and the coach tried to advise how to add more calories into the plan but nah. Amber's going to eat healthy low-cal from now on!

No. 639687

Okay can someone explain why the engagement ring is in a tiny coffin? Seems kinda morbid for two deathfats.

No. 639695

File: 1550055561835.jpg (172.21 KB, 1000x562, imageproxy.jpg)

She'll never change, if only she read the comments on her videos and take them as constructive criticism.

No. 639713

based boyd poster

No. 639719

I wish I could say I'm not surprised but I am. I figured she would have lasted a week.

No. 639997

couldn't even complete her second day.

No. 640105


I'm happy for them. Destiny seemed to have really matured since breaking up with Big Al, and Dana seems sweet. Good for them, mazel tov.

Without seeing the full thread, I thought it was Becky and Al that got engaged and thought there's no fucking way Al would go through with it, she's probably already got another tree branch lined up after Becky dumps her cause Becky is this close to breaking, especially since her family got entangled into Al's narc games, always triangulating like a sneaky narc. Choose life, Becks.

No. 640118

>Dana seems sweet
Wasn't she shittalking al on a fb group a while back?

Her diet cycles are becoming so rapid, is she taking notes from chantal?

No. 641677


I felt this way when she made the new video about quitting, at the end she was still trying to sell people on it like “it really is great!!” which totally contradicted her quitting and seemed unnecessary unless she wants to sell it to other people who are smaller than her so using her logic it would work better for them

No. 643994

>but the feminine ones all seem to choose women who are basically men with vaginas

Huh… Its almost as if same sex couples…. Are into the same sex but still have physical preferences

No. 687790

No new milk?

No. 687792

Amber has started and quit more diets than we can count, including visiting a weightloss doctor and rejecting his plan because "too much sodium" then doing a mukbang of a whole bag of chik'n nuggets with … beaucoup sodium. She's had a bellybutton infection and a wisdom tooth infection. Her twitter is being deactivated and reactivated depending where she's up to in her current 100 Days of Trolling-, I mean -Uploading.

No. 687800

I just checked up on her videos last night after a few months. Just jump to 2:46 to lose faith in humanity.

No. 687901

It looks like someone shoved a bowling ball into each of her biceps.

No. 687995

This is hilarious

No. 688009

It pained me hearing how out of breath she was every time she started talking

No. 688099

You know it’s bad when she can’t even wear her beloved cardigans anymore. She always talked about how much she hated her arms. Now she has no choice but to display them.

No. 688177

I find it somewhat hypocritical the the collective internet throws a shit fit over Eugenia Cooney's eating disorder but clearly this woman is also killing herself and is delusional about her eating habits and surrounded by people who enable her. Is it because as a society we have been trained to regard criticism of morbidly obese as "fat shaming"? And now wanting to help even a friend with a deadly eating disorder is "hate speech"?
I think all those morbidly obese youtubers eating themselves to death in front of a camera need to have their monetization taken from them.

No. 688180

I don't think it's that deep. The average person just doesn't care about or like fat people, nor do they find them sympathetic. At best they're regarded as comic relief, at worse they're disgusting lazy pigs, regardless of why they're fat (trauma, etc). It's a double standard but it is what it is.

No. 688181

I don't think it's that deep. The average person just doesn't care about or like fat people, nor do they find them sympathetic. At best they're regarded as comic relief, at worse they're disgusting lazy pigs, regardless of why they're fat (trauma, etc). It's a double standard but it is what it is.

No. 688182

You die quicker starving than you do obese. To most im pretty sure thats a subconcious reaction, I also know lots of anons and others think Eugenia is being just as manipulative as amber even with the whole 'her mom is the devil' because of how autistic tier Euginia acts about things shes openly doing to herself etc.
Amber is also a very special case because she started out as a weightloss channel, she constantly cries about her weight and life affected by obesity then a day later posts a Mukbang thats monetized.
Effectively making money off if what she admits is an issue, which is part of the internets general vitriol besides the fact that yes most people online will call even bmi 16 people fat and things become very homogenous in these situations.
(she also seems to not have learned after years as a plussized woman not to entertain comments she doesnt like but instead we have a whole meme about her 'haydurs')

No. 688183

You die quicker starving than you do obese. To most im pretty sure thats a subconcious reaction, I also know lots of anons and others think Eugenia is being just as manipulative as amber even with the whole 'her mom is the devil' because of how autistic tier Euginia acts about things shes openly doing to herself etc.
Amber is also a very special case because she started out as a weightloss channel, she constantly cries about her weight and life affected by obesity then a day later posts a Mukbang thats monetized.
Effectively making money off if what she admits is an issue, which is part of the internets general vitriol besides the fact that yes most people online will call even bmi 16 people fat and things become very homogenous in these situations.
(she also seems to not have learned after years as a plussized woman not to entertain comments she doesnt like but instead we have a whole meme about her 'haydurs')

No. 688185

Kinda why I think they should be demonetized. They are basically given incentive to indulge. They are people with low self control. So low that they are endangering themselves. And they are being rewarded for their bad habits.
It's destructive.

No. 688198

She’s caught in a self-destructive cycle that she’ll never be able to break without some form of outside intervention. And that will never happen because she’s surrounded by equally selfish and ignorant people who either don’t understand that she’s dying or don’t care.
A year ago I thought it was kind of funny but I genuinely don’t think she’s going to make it. Every time she begins a new cycle she gains 10 more pounds

No. 688229

Watching back through old vids, I personally think the key to her undoing was getting YT money. Nothing stops her eating what she wants since that money started coming in, and she started growing rapidly and is now surrounded by enablers (like she wants) instead of people who wanted her to change.

No. 688368

well great. we are not the youtube pearl clutching society. r/amberlynn exists for that

No. 689257

Holy shit. Just recently discovered this literal cow and I really wonder why this thread isn't more active?
I've got a few questions:
Is she still with/living with Becky?
What happened to Sharla?
And is "destiny" Destiny's real name?
When I first watched a few AL compilations I legit thought Destiny was her little brother and that Destiny and Becky were the same person.

Amber's really going for them fucking ugly cliche lesbians.

No. 690332

the thread here is inactive because the kiwi thread is so busy, no point in crossposting everything every day. Check out the ALR threads there and search/lurk for answers to any questions.

1. yes, people are theorizing they've moved.
2. isn't mentioned anymore.
3. yes, that's her name.

No. 694752

File: 1566895173249.jpg (178.77 KB, 1262x999, hdupdlib8vi31232.jpg)

Amber and Becky now with normal woman for scale. She's not going to last much longer.

No. 694899


Becky looks dainty compared to AL

She’ll be dead within a year tbh

No. 694900


Look at them LEGS

Even Beckys look tiny

No. 694954

jesus fucking christ. even the feet

No. 694968

Kinda feel sorry for Becky in how her genetics did her dirty. Her no neck moonface is bigger than Hamber's despite weighing 300 pounds less than her.

No. 695078

File: 1567019834586.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1920x1080, B7D1206B-3920-4305-B187-B15BC4…)

No. 695124

File: 1567033407221.jpeg (38.52 KB, 342x400, 0903CD1B-90BA-4DC9-B4C8-1F8E92…)

Holy hell - she’s turned into Violet Beauregard! Just paint her blue and you won’t be able to tell the difference!!

No. 695247

She should do this for Halloween ngl

No. 695788

Amber has "quit" Youtube aka gained all her shekels from completing 70 or so of her planned "100 days of Uploading". She'll be back of course, despite her lies to the contrary. Her subs are rising and so is her YT income. It's not like she's about to get a real job, nor that leech Bcky. She's also been revealed to be still sending money to Destiny and has been acknowledged recently for funding Destiny and Dana to move back to Kentucky.

This isn't a "real" break, it's to cover for various things, like she's hit 600lbs and doesn't want to say, she's probably having to move out of eric and ricky's place etc. Amber did 70 days of nonstop uploads and controversy and has a lot of money stockpiled and coming in future that she can eat through, and she can use this break to take the heat off a bit from the criticism. She's a master troll, I'll give her that.

Like many others, I predict a return in time for the lucrative Christmas/Vlogmas adsense period with (maybe) an admission of 600lb but for sure a new living situation.

No. 695803

Samefag but she shot this on August 19, dropped a hint on Snapchat about how the video was going to ruffle some feathers … then … continued her daily uploads for her 100 days series. So much for actually leaving!

No. 695807

File: 1567300981964.jpg (116.65 KB, 810x1440, amber.jpg)

Aaaaand the love from her audience might be enough to keep her going guys. Don't stress.

No. 695809

File: 1567301210030.jpg (498.34 KB, 1280x720, ALcycle.jpg)

I can't find her cycle chart in here so adding it.

Stage 4 unlocked!

No. 695883

why is she having to move out? did something go down w eric?

No. 695898

there have been rumors of shit going down, their behavior in each others' vlogs have changed and they seem to be like not tiptoeing around each other, but significantly less friendly.

side note, I've been wondering for a while but didn't know where to ask bc didn't want to deal with the discourze, is Destiny the one who goes by Casey now? I heard something about AL "misgendering" one of her exes, and started hearing about some Casey person out of nowhere, but never learned for sure if that was just Destiny's new name or if it was something else

No. 695907

Kasey (sp?) is an earlier partner of Amber’s. I think the chronology is Kasey, then Krystle, then Destiny, then Becky.

No. 695908

This dumb asshole is back on youtube already. That's fucking hilarious. I've never left any mEaN CoMmEnTs on her trash channel and I guess there was a barely detectable shred of sympathy there. But that shit's gone. Get that food money gorl. Die on camera type situation.

No. 696045

Think of how many terminal deathfats live without youtube welfare though. Amber has got it good compared to most others in her weight class.
Since Amber cannot change herself, I am not surprised by her decision to stay on youtube being that she's a chronically unemployed and lazy narcissist.
This is the only way she can support her takeout habits and Torrid hauls.
Government welfare would not support her current kind of lifestyle. The difference between her and deathfat women on shows like My 600 Pound Life is that they have husbands or children they can manipulate to pay for everything. She only has Becky, and that dunderhead quit her job too. Becky is only useful for grocery runs and taxi service.

They're fucked if they don't keep the hate viewership on youtube going.

No. 696054

I honestly thought she'd give it a week or two. Well trolled!

No. 696107

Destiny started going by Dusty for a while, not sure if she still does.

Casey was a very old GF as anon says, and who was accused casually by Amber of rape and abuse (archive of deleted video here): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mZMpiAaWFI
Casey found out later and made a public response.
Amber then made the famous "Rain And Petals Eavesdrop, I used the wrong word" poem.

No. 696109

so to sorta summarise:

>films a video about leaving youtube on 19th Aug

>pre-advertises on snapchat that people are going to get their feathers ruffled by this video, which will be up on the 31st
>publishes happy vlogs, weigh-ins etc daily till then according to her already planned '100 days of uploading' (such suicide)
>anticipated bait video is released on 31 as planned, but later than her usual daily one = maximum impact with livestreams etc going on
>the "coming back" video is shot in bright daylight (including a shopping sequence) despite her claim of it being 4hrs after her upload of the controversial video, which should have made it 9pm. in other words, she planned all this. video also has a newly-designed intro. really? from suicide to renewed vigour and a new intro in four hours?
>claims video of her suicide baiting and leaving youtube was not gaslighting since it was her honest feelings in that moment, despite the 12-day lag between its filming and release.

No. 703286

Drama leak going down on KF.
https://kiwifarms.net/threads/how-i-entered-the-amberland-universe-the-backstory.61147/ Tldr

>Ex-wife of the new husband of Becky's mom (Norma) spills tea on cancer fundraider

>Norma has complete insurance coverage through the new husband who is retired navy, gofundme is a scam
>She's abusive, batshit and homophobic
>She tried to guilt trip Eric for not promoting her gofundme
>Becky originally wanted to get with KF leaker's (FrazzleCakes) daughter, is only with AL for $
>Becky harrassed the daughter at her job after she got rejected
>Becky quit working because taking care of AL paid better

No. 703288

>is only with AL for $
>Becky harassed the daughter after she got rejected
>Becky quit work because taking care of AL paid better

It's not that I think Amber deserves a soulmate, but I hope this revelation finally shuts up all the Becky stans acting like Big Al is holding her hostage. It's so obvious why anyone would be in a loveless relationship with Amber if not for the fact that she's sugaring someone into being with her.

Becky confirmed for being a manipulative piece of shit, just like her.

No. 703359

Man, that is a whole Jerry Springer Show right there. Thanks for the tip.

No. 704099

File: 1568584449944.jpg (480.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190915-224020_Ins…)

From Amberlynn's insta

No. 711157

File: 1569709822626.png (29.95 KB, 643x113, Amberlynn_Reid.png)

Not entirely related but I stumbled upon this reference in an article I was reading for college? Didn't she study criminal justice? I couldn't find the article this was refering to and it's probably not hers since she never finished college but it's a weird coincidence

No. 711246

she did go to college for cj but she went to a for-profit school that closed years ago.

No. 711266

That reference seems to be entirely fake. There’s only one author named Eshleman in Wiley’s online catalog, and he’s named Andrew with a book about religion.

No. 720696

the kiwi subform is full of armchairing and self-important wining about how youtube channel xy stole their precious content without giving them a shoutout. I wish the thread here was more active.

in Amber-related news, looks like there's something wrong with Becky, healthwise. several doctor appointments + low sodium diet. Amber keeps mentioning that they are "going through something" in every video. She's dying to exploit her caretakers illness for views.

No. 720703

I wonder what diagnosis Becky got? High blood pressure? Diabetes? (Doubtful) Gonerrea from having sex with her half sister cousin with an added side of musty mouth from Amberlynns Fupa area? BINGO! Lmao

No. 720730

File: 1571614014849.png (71.12 KB, 477x254, h4gsxa7gwcr31.png)

There was a screenshot on the amberlynn subreddit about how it was "something to do with kidneys". The subreddit isn't too bad, it's like the halfway point between the dead thread here on lolcow and the obsessive spergs on kiwifarms. They reupload Amber's videos quickly.

No. 720953

File: 1571680038712.png (356.17 KB, 1108x785, 57687983498315.png)

according to the subforum, Becky's family started another gofundme. this time it's for Becky's stepdad's stroke and mini heart attack (whatever that means).

I have yet to see proof that it's legit though (like Norma mentioning it on FB). anyone could set up a gofundme in his name, right?

link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/7nqgv8-heart-attack

No. 741177

File: 1576517960263.png (22.76 KB, 657x513, Untitled.png)

Slightly meta but the Amberlynn subreddit has been banned.(necro)

No. 743798

Did she really die???(necro)

No. 743810

No. 743813

where did you even get this info? Her roommate has a youtube. Go look for info there. Her reddit has been nuked, she is not posting on youtube, and this thread in dead.

No. 743817

sorry to double post in a dead thread, but Eric uploaded 12 hours ago and she is alive and barely mobile.

No. 743837

File: 1577799755693.jpg (132.6 KB, 552x707, jfc.jpg)

I have no words

No. 743875

oh my God. and she was insisting she's been loosing weight. this is the biggest she's ever been. I'm sure we've crossed six hundo by now ladiez

No. 743890

Holy FUCK. She has been carefully choosing her angles. She will hit 700 this year, if she doesn't die first.

No. 743976


I have typed and re-typed for a while now but I can't put it into words.

No. 744007

Holy shit she's as big as Tammy Slaton.

No. 744021

I know tf. I didn't think fat girl angles could work at her size, but apparently they do. She has at least a foot-thick pad of fat on her back.

No. 744028

and isn't she like barely five feet? her weight somehow makes her look taller but she's practically a sphere at this point

No. 744157

She claims to be 5’3”.

No. 744343


I don't know anything about her, but I feel awful for her. This is no way to live… damn. I could hardly move at the end of my pregnancy, and breathing was hard. I can't imagine what THIS unit of a girl goes through. She needs HELP. it is not too late for her, she can improve this…. why isn't anyone helping her? You have to have a very serious awful addiction to end up like this.

I wonder how much food she is eating to maintain this? At her current size, if she did keto, her body would go insane and think it's starving and she'd lose a lot of weight very rapidly. Why doesn't she just binge on chicken breast and salad???

There's no way she's making it to the bathroom on her own. Who is helping her go to the bathroom, hosing her down and dressing her? I have so many questions

No. 744364

Oh heck, here I go again posting in a dead thread, it's like I'm begging for a 24h ban. Maybe sage will save me.
Listen, I understand your sympathy. I've been following this cow for like two years now. I still feel bad for her. But bottom line is: ALR is conniving, lying, manipulative and delusional. She purposefully surrounds herself with enablers who rely on her financially so she can exorcise control over them. I wish I could direct you to her reddit, but it has been taken down. Go through comments of just a few of her videos and you will see who she is. This size is not the result of people not wanting her to get better or not helping her. She drowns out and ignores people offering helpful suggestions and support. She surrounds herself with "yes" men. She often gaslights her fans. Over the last yer her fans have been begging her to check herself into an inpatient facility, since at this point it's the only thing that can help. She either ignores or gaslights. She also calls all who criticize her as her haters. She uses her LGBTQ status as a shield as well as her size, so over the years many people with valid criticism have been labeled as homophobic or fat-shaming.

No. 744449

don't feel too bad for her if you haven't learned anything about her first. she's not a good person. yes she's killing herself in a slow and unnatural way, but she's also had EVERY opportunity to get help from really great professionals and has shit talked them online instead, lying about their methods and claiming that "she knows what works for her." despite the fact that her weight loss journey has really been a weight gain journey.

there are many videos on YouTube from other people compiling her lies/calling her out/etc. but she's also an eternal victim and they're all just boolies obviously. if you care to learn, just go search for "ALR lies"

No. 744691

I feel you, but she doesn't want help.
She stops every diet etc because she doesn't want to stop eating. She wants to eat herself to death without anyone criticizing her.
I wish Becky would 5150 her because ALR is going to be bed bound soon and that's her ticket to death.

No. 747253


Holy shit she's just a fucking blob. And she wants us to believe she's still at 572? My fucken ass she's a six hundy down to the bones being crushed by the weight of her fat.

No. 747454

>she wants us to believe she's still at 572?
No anon, she lost so much weight ever since she started her super sekrit diet. I bet she's already down a whole pound!

No. 778753

Well, Amberlynn was just diagnosed with uterine cancer. Is it awful that this is the most likeable I've ever seen her? Hope she beats it.

No. 778759

Damn that sucks. Fug

No. 778760

Chemo will definitely help her lose some weight and that could improve her overall health if she beats it.

No. 778764

This was genuinely hard to watch. I knew it would take a huge health scare to change anything, but damn it sucks that it had to happen.

No. 778785


Am I cruel for thinking that it’s kinda her own fault?

Spending endless money on shit that doesn’t matter and IGNORING her body?

Plus I’m not being funny she’s an abuser, neglecter, transphobic and a rapist.

I find it difficult to feel for someone who lies so much tbh too.

It’s shit she’s got cancer (if she has) but I can’t help but think

You ain’t laughing now bitch

No. 778786


And another thing -

If she loses her womb. That’s saving a child from being obese as fuck.

Sorry not sorry

No. 778787


I feel more for Becky and her dying mother

No. 778790

I don't think its cruel to recognize that she brought this upon herself. I think even she recognizes it deep down. She's been ignoring symptoms for years out of fear of going to the doctor and being told something she didn't want to hear, and waited until it got serious enough to not ignore.

She is not a smart person or a good person.

But I don't think you have to like her or forgive her to feel pity for her in this situation. I don't think she's lying about the diagnosis. Her reaction seems pretty visceral and real and she's not that good of an actress (her makeup tutorial Jeffree Star impressions are SHIT). I wouldn't wish a cancer diagnosis on my worst enemy. It is a truly terrible thing, even when its technically your fault. I think it would be cruel to be happy that she has cancer, and say stuff like "you deserve it." Not sure if anyone deserves that.

No. 778792

I’m sorry she’s facing this diagnosis, and I wish her the best treatment and support.

This is why it’s important to see a gynecologist regularly. Amber is 29 and had never seen one.

No. 778797

I feel horrible for her, however…

I get her GP doctor shopping. But what stopped her from going to the gyno? All you have to do is hop up and spread your legs on a bed. Something she could do just once a year. Just like what has stopped her from going to the eye doctor to get glasses as well? She put her health in the backseat out of laziness. Her weight wouldn’t have prevented her from getting her lady stuff taken care of at all.

No. 778803

you don't diagnose uterine cancer from a yearly gyno check-up you walnuts.

No. 778804

Leave the girls and their schrodinger's uterine cancer alone damn it

No. 778805


To be honest, fuck her.

No. 778806

>>778790 Do you know what symptoms she had? I didn't watch the whole video. I know she bled out a few days ago into the toilet.

No. 778807

nta but shes complained of constant UTI's, heavy/irregular periods, suspected (and now confirmed) sleep apnea. plus she lost her 70 pounds from illness, didn't look into that but apparently some kind of infection (im guessing that was the cancer eating her alive)

because shes fat and stinky. she didn't sleep with Krystal for the same reason and i doubt she gets much action nowadays. its insecurity, merged with the lesbian myth that she can't possibly have any STD/HPV/cancer because shes a technical virgin.

nobody deserves cancer but people have been warning her for years and she still continued to eat herself to death. if she actually lost a good amount of weight her outlook now, cancer or not (fucked hormones from obesity possibly caused this diagnosis) would be much better. as it is, gorl let shit get worse and worse without seeking proper healthcare and now here we are

No. 778809

I wonder if it's even safe to have an uterus removal surgery on her. Probably not…

No. 778810

File: 1591341428755.jpg (90.69 KB, 512x326, unnamed (1).jpg)

Wow, who knew a morbidly obese woman would develop one of the most common female cancers that even healthy people get! I'm so glad you guys get to pat yourselves on the back for being right on your call if she dies. /s

No. 778811

we're all transphobic here - do we deserve to get cancer too?

I feel for this cow. Being ignorant and scared of the doctors office isn't really a crime, and I wouldn't wish cancer on my worst enemy.

No. 778812

Honestly, Amber has lied so much I don't believe her.

I do believe she believes it. We have seen time and again how she doesn't listen to what her doctors say.

The list of ailments she has claimed to have a gotten diagnosed with is long and riddled with lies. All her doctors were unreliable according to her. She even admitted to doctor hopping.

Why isn't she doing it now?

Maybe she has a tumour. Maybe she has some malignant cysts. I am ready to believe she got a diagnosis that sounded bad and she worked herself into such a state she now lives in a constant panic attack.

All goodwill Amber had was thrown out of the window after the Becky's mum's cancer scam.

No. 778815

anon this isn't kiwifarms, we don't have a death betting pool here. only 1.5 percent of women get uterine cancer under the age of 30, its not at all common and is in fact much more common fatter women (70% linked to obesity) so what? she didn't see a gyno once in her life, she made herself fat. nobody wants her to die or be smug about her cancer, people just lack empathy over her condition because we've been telling her to lose weight for years.

i don't think anyone personally cares about transphobia except trannies and virtue signalers but as a public figure its smarter not to piss off any of your possible audience, so having it out in the open just further proves how dumb the cow in question is.

No. 778819

here we laugh at retards. and the reactions to AR having cancer are pretty mild/compassionate. are you lost ?

No. 778823


You don’t? The more you know, I guess. I did a quick Google search and said a way to diagnose can be a pelvic exam. Maybe I was thinking of cervical cancer.
My point is, Amber seems to be paranoid about her health but almost selectively. She’s been crying and having anxiety the past month about a twitchy eye yet just assumed her heavy periods were normal because she’s fat and fat girls have heavy/irregular periods. I can see how if they’ve always been heavy, she wouldn’t bat an eye but also how she goes to the literal emergency room over every little health issue, why she wouldn’t go to a gyno to talk about her female health. I think despite being her weight, she just thinks nothing THAT bad could actually happen to her, hence why she’s made a game out of her health for clicks.

No. 778825

I believe so too. I think she always figured because she was still so relatively young, that nothing would ever actually reach the point of being life threatening. A heart attack sure, but she probably figured "at least that's a pretty fast way to go out" Cancer is torturous and slow.

The good news is that a LOT of times, that specific kind is treatable via surgery/removal of infected organs. but it depends entirely on how soon or late it was noticed. I wonder what stage she is? How long has she had the more alarming symptoms?? Well I do remember that it was long enough for her to lose almost 100 pounds which is pretty troubling. Was it that she was actually working out during this time or was it truly the cancer eating away at her? I used to follow her somewhat closely, but gave up maybe 5 months ago or so

No. 778845

most uterine cancer is first detected by gyns reviewing symptoms with patients, then a visual exam, then imaging

you are correct that Pap smears are for cervical cancer, not uterine cancer

but if Amberlynn had ever seen a gyn and told them her period woes, they would have recommended imaging

go to the gyn, gorls

No. 778952

Ehh speak for yourself, I’ve been here for years and have no issues with trans people. I just like watching a slow moving trainwreck.

ALR is one of my favorite cows but haven’t kept up with her the past couple weeks. Hope she gets her shit together,I’m not shocked but also think she has a chance if she can wake up and address her issues.

No. 778953

you've been here for years and can't read the room? browsing the site while you're taking a shit on and off does not an integrated user make kek

No. 778957

nayrt but I've never understood how most of this site is gender critical lol.. I've seen a lot of anons support BLM, mental health equality, and the like, but their capacity for sympathy/advocacy ends at trans people? doesn't make any sense.

back on topic, does anyone think a complete hysterectomy could save her? I can't imagine she's already progressed to stage 3 let alone stage 4 at only 30 yo.

No. 778958

It's about adopting the culture of an imageboard instead of bending it so you can moralfag

No. 778960

Damn! Y'all must be flawless super models.(namefag & u must be a supermodel to post on lolcow)

No. 778964

ok namefag

No. 778968

I dislike Amberlynn as much as the next person, but I'm not rooting for her death. Someone on the snowflakes board died a few years ago, and it was solemn affair. It stopped being funny and was just straight sad.

I hope she recovers.

No. 778992

File: 1591447030481.jpg (222.97 KB, 495x774, stg.jpg)

Yeah, seems like other corners of the internet are still half thinking she's faking/lying on top of lmao'ing and turning it into some grand new scheme for her to just attention whore which is an intergalactic level stretch tbh. Will she probably do a million videos about it now, yes. But I doubt she'll be happy and greedily rubbing her hands together over it, cancer is going to take every penny she's ever seen in her life.

And even though it's one of the lesser dangerous cancer's and just at stage 2 instead of stage 3 or 4 apparently, the problem won't fully be the cancer itself, but her habits and body type. She doesn't have the discipline to have a healthy recovery. Kind of like how that snowflake Angela/Himeka was warned to hell and back about recovering from her boobjob, but ignored it and wound up with permanently disfigured looking tits that put her out of business and made her hate herself. Even if Amber has a successful removal, she'll probably get sick and pass over an infection of some sort.

No. 778994

It is so hard to feel bad for her. I mean that in the sense that she in one breath praises her audience for their support and then goes on a snap chat tirade about how we're haydurs and psychopaths and how the fuck can we sleep at night with how terrible we are, we're all pieces of shit

Homegirl is right, I am a piece of shit because i refuse to feel bad or pity her.

Cancer sucks. She should have seen a doctor about the period issues ages ago. Maybe if she actually took care of herself they could have caught this early and done the steps to thin the uterine walls before they started mutating into cancer cells.

This is why HAES is such a fucking scam.
a 570lbs person, or a 500lbs person cannot be healthy by any definition of that word. Amber, the ever living hypocrite, was always going back and forth between "I know I'm not healthy" and "IM PERFECT YOURE ALL JUST HAYDURS". WIthout the HAES movement, maybe this literal cow would have sought treatment for her chronic UTIs, irregular bleeding, abnormal flow and severe cramping.

Maybe she'd actually be a productive part of society! Exciting.

No. 779002

Semi related, Chantal (a much worse Canadian version of Alr ,for those who aren’t invested in these cows) made a video about alr and the reaction channels.

>bitches about the Haydur nation being hypocrites, boolies , claiming Alr is a monster by using years old drama, disingenuous in regards to Alr’s cancer diagnosis, and being obese themselves.

>also says amber told her about the cancer before uploading the video and that she’s ‘glad’ Amber isn’t receiving hate.

I actually agree with a decent amount of what she said, especially about Charlie gold…to bad it’s coming from such a vile woman.

I’m interested to see if and how some of the reaction channels address everything on their yt channels

No. 779013

Damn girl of you hate someone from the internet so much then maybe you should stop watching her shit

No. 779016

I agree. And I find it laughable that just because she has cancer she’s been absolved of all of the years and years of being a huge cunt she’s done. Weeks ago she was calling everyone who was warning her of her health pieces of shit and now all of those pieces of shit are treating her like the dainty gorl her delusions always told her she was.

No. 779019

not defending amber but the "haydur nation" is filled with people as bad (and as fat) as her. they're only treating her kindly to avoid backlash

No. 779020

Call me when they get crotch rot from avoiding their problems caused being a gluttonous sack of shit their whole lives so I can watch karma get at them too.

No. 779031

>pretending that HAES is responsible for fat people’s existence and logic
well that’s retarded. also learn to sage

No. 779046

Amberlynn has always been a weight-loss account, so she’s absolutely not HAES.

The fact that she never lost any weight until she got cancer doesn’t mean that she’s secretly HAES, just that she’s bad at losing weight.

No. 779052

Vid from from back in December where she describes being kept awake by severe pain, docs kept telling her it's a UTI but several rounds of different antibiotics weren't helping and at points she talks about pain in her ovaries that had started in November.

Reading the comment section, it's a mixture of people telling her to get her health sorted out and waay more comments shouting at her to 'stop wasting the docs time'.. Makes me glad I've always watched her stuff without commenting. Hundreds of people telling her to stop investigating her pain when she now has cancer.. didn't age well.

No. 779054

>Hundreds of people telling her to stop investigating her pain when she now has cancer.. didn't age well.
This is always what happens when a cow actually dies yeah. Everyone goes from being so sure they know more about the cow than the cow does to feeling stupid when news breaks of their body being found and their advice actually being flat out wrong. That doesnt mean the cow is suddenly a great and misunderstood person, but you dont have to like someone to not know what you're talking about when it comes to them. I'm sure a lot of people will try to play doctor at her which she's used to since everyone in her comments have been doing that for years. If she's smart (which she isnt, which makes it dangerous) she should stop looking at comments all together and only seek advice from doctors she meets irl or somehow verified doctors. No more listening to arm-chair-nurses with their google searches and "well I heard from a friend-" stories. Her need for internet asspats will be the death of her if she keeps it up.

No. 779509

You talking about Kacey?

No. 779785

I see a lot of people repeating this, but it's more likely she got diagnosed with grade 2 rather than stage 2 cancer. Amberlynn probably thinks they're the same thing.
She won't know know the stage until she gets scans done. The only thing she would know at this point is the grade, which refers to how aggressively the cells are growing. Grade 2 isn't great, and the chronic utis, back pain, and menstrual tsunami are not good signs.

No. 779865

> and the chronic utis, back pain, and menstrual tsunami are not good signs
I was wondering about the whole eye twitch thing lately, she had a recent vid where she even said she was laying awake in bed feeling like her whole body was just buzzing. She felt 'off' in all sorts of ways leading up to the tsunami of a period, so I do wonder if it has spread beyond her womb.

No. 780065

Pretty long vid but Charlie gold and co are on twitter doxxing other tubers and contacting their dayjobs, making the most reaching claims that people are racists and it's all because this guy had a more light hearted approach to covering amber drama? If you don't hate amber with the same burning passion as they do.. they'll come for you next.

I feel like Charlie Gold has surpassed amber in terms of cow worthiness at this point. For anyone not wanting to sit through the long vid, they found this guys name and address, spread it around twitter, told him that it's his own fault his address was leaked, then contacted his dayjob, found a video of him saying Bonjour to a french man 4 years ago and apparently putting on a french accent is definitive proof that you are ignorant and a racist?? These people are unreal.

No. 780156

>racist for speaking to a French guy with a French accent

Wild. Charlie deserves her own thread at this point.

No. 780243

Agreed, she constantly in some sort of drama these days as well

No. 780297

>>780156 I'm surprised she hasn't yet.

No. 780301

Ah yes, the proud French race. Why are these people retarded.

No. 780304

Didn’t you get the memo anon? Honhon baguette jokes are terrible and racist and make you the scum of the earth. How dare you have a sense of humor.

No. 781029

Why is she eating like this?

She’s dying but she’s still eating.

then again, I’d be the same way shrugs

No. 781036

The same reason she always has. She’s a narcissistic, gluttonous womanchild who has never been really made to be accountable for her behaviors and doesn’t care about the consequences of her actions.

No. 781053

she hasn't had the follow-up appointment yet, so she's stuffing her face as much as possible before then. she knows that the doctor is going to tell her she has to lose weight to beat this pre/cancer, whatever it is. we'll get Phase 1 Dietlynn immediately following that.

No. 781074


Because she’s an addict through and through. Some addicts can get sober, and some OD. No matter if their relationship falls apart, they lose friends, lose their children. Nothing is ever a wake-up call. And nothing will ever be a wake-up call for Amber, either. Not even cancer. The shock was definitely there in the beginning, but I think she rationalizes things/tells herself they’re not that bad so she’s able to continue on with the same destructive behavior. Maybe she read up on how it can be managed, it’s not necessarily a death sentence, etc. and that, in her head, is a green light to continue how she’s been her whole life.

No. 781146

Addiction. Plus she doesn't have insurance so maybe she's trying to rake in those youtube bucks with controversial vids

No. 781205

As a non U.S anon I'm wondering how much she's likely to have to pay for treatment?

People were always pushing her to get health insurance and like most good advice she didn't take it. Becky doesn't work and the channel is their sole income. So is she about to go from having alot of disposable income to being in huge debt over this?

No. 781233

it's hard to say without knowing what her diagnosis and treatment plan are. could be $10,000 could be $100,000+ depending on treatment and its success

No. 781783

damn she had signs

No. 781882

Holy shit, I know I had seen other clips where she mentioned heavy bleeding and clots but these two year old clips are her describing the same 'bleeding out in the shower' scenario that eventually put her in the ER. And her doc saying "give it a couple days and see if it stops"

I spotted Alex is Shook made a vid just addressing what had happened, explaining why his amber reactions have stopped and he was pretty balanced and civil but even under that vid there's a huge amount of comments saying
>She's nothing but a lying bitch
>You can't believe anything that bitch says
>She probably just has pre-cancer but she's exaggerating for attention
>I saw the ER pics and I bleed that much every month!
People really spreading this idea that she either doesn't have cancer at all or 'just has pre-cancer'. I'm going to sit back and see what comes next with her but I really don't know how people can so confidently declare that it's a lie at this stage.

No. 781918

can you really blame them though? it is an insane thing to lie about but i can understand being skeptical.

No. 781929

Talks about having a ct scan. It showed enlarged lymph nodes which may or may not be a sign of it spreading, getting a pet scan next. I recommend skipping the first 9 mins if you just want the cancer update

I said I'm skeptical myself, but I've been subbed to Alex is Shook for a while now and I've seen him go through a bit of a change lately. He sought help for his substance addiction and as he has recovered he's become less bitchy in the reactions. He still has the same audience though so it's just interesting to see the juxtaposition of the calm vid and the ragey comments.

No. 781947

not to WK, because amberlynn is an undoubtedly bad person, but it’s because she’s been so dehumanized by those who watch her regularly. they don’t see her as a human being who is equally capable of suffering, becoming ill, and dying, which is ironic because they constantly concern troll about her having heart attacks and whatnot. it’s a really weird kind of cognitive dissonance. like, think about it from the perspective of if you were just interacting with someone on the street. Even the most hateful person probably wouldn’t tell a random stranger that they’re faking their cancer and they’re actually just a fat fuck who needs to go on a diet, but people feel entitled to tell amberlynn that because of her history and because they’ve reached a point where she is so far removed from them in their mind that she doesn’t even register as a real person anymore. She’s just a caricatures, something that people who are already fat can use to say “well at least I’m not her,” and when she dies, a lot of those same people will probably act very shocked and feign sympathy for her.

No. 781958

I won’t be stunned or sympathic if this Bucket of lards drops down dead

No. 781986

I think she’s a person capable of suffering. But I also don’t feel sorry for her because she can do so many things to change it and doesn’t, and calls the people trying to urge her to get better pieces of shit. She is a terrible cunt down to the deepest depths of her enlarged heart and I’m glad the uwufest in her comments giving her support has died down in reaction to her continuing to troll and clickbait about her cancer.

No. 782112

I'm fascinated by the comments since her diagnosis. The amount of people flexing that they've had cancer and they immediately switched their lifestyle and dealt with their cancer like a goddamn champ unlike this cunt! and then people making up theories about how it sounds like she just has HPV and that's what was in the D&C results… Yes people with female usernames thinking that.. all while calling her the idiot. I mean she is but she has lots of dumb/cunty company there. The comments are gold.

No. 782193

Imagine being such a loser that you feel compelled to compare yourself to one of the biggest wastes of resources imaginable, who has cancer no less, to feel good about yourself. It's like bragging that your IQ is higher than someone with down syndrome's. Oftentimes the people following a cow are more interesting than the cow itself, and that's definitely the case with Amber.

No. 782368


This about sums up the old subreddit and the Facebook group that spends all day trying to dunk on Amber and pretend because they’re “only” 250 pounds and not 600 pounds, they’re not as disgusting.

No. 782422

The vitriol is super extreme too. For someone who's only ever told some lies about her own life that resulted in consequences that mainly just hurt herself, these people talk about her like she punches dogs and kills babies.

Now she might have been truthful about reporting her cancer symptoms over the years, but those same people who've insisted it was all an act are now doubling down and trying to save face by saying her cancer is fake cause god forbid they'd have to admit they were wrong(!!) in assuming the obese woman they hate was lying about everything under the sun. As if it's uncommon for morbidly obese people to have comorbid health issues or something, they just can't stand it. They can't stand feeling like ALR got a one up on them because it turned out she told the truth this time and that they should back off for it. It drives them nuts.

They were all so quick to leap for joy when they suspected she was having congestive heart failure, or speculating when she was gonna drop dead from diabetes or a heart attack. Cancer though? RABBLE RABBLE SHE'S A LIAR RABBLE RABBLE. Idiots.

No. 782461

She lied about rape which caused her ex to be harassed by people. I don’t think that was intended to end up hurting herself do you? She edited a video to make it look like ZM was bullying her, which was a way of lying. She also threw a kitten and abuses her dog via neglect and over feeding, so your comparison to her “punching dogs” is ironic since she does abuse animals.

No. 782567

She announced that she's getting a hysto and when I read the comments other women who've had hystos for various reasons, mostly cancer, were trying to be positive by saying 'Hey, no more periods, it's not all bad'
> Ha! did you hit the wall right after your hysto!
That's what she attracts lately. Lots of that, and it's mostly women.

No. 782576

Animal abusefags like you are the worst.
>she threw a kitten!!!!
You mean she took the cat and dropped it behind her where they were sitting? When cats land on their fucking feet and themselves jump from taller heights all the time? It wasn't a baby. You should have a bigger problem with that shitbag Destiny manhandling the cat in that same video making it uncomfortable since you're so concerned with what cats are feeling.
>Twinkie Storr is overfed and neglected!!!
Were you one of the fags calling animal control on her? Because boy were you idiots milky wasting their time and taking away resources for animals going through abuse. ALR has been better about making sure the dog's nails are trimmed. Twinkie actually appears pretty normal and loves ALR. Go worry about animals suffering neglect and abuse that actually endangers their lives, like not being fed at all and receiving cigarette burns.

No. 782584

Yeah I love it when people put dropping a cat two feet onto a mattress in the same category as the rape claims.

No. 782816

False. Only retarded scrotes talk about "the wall"

No. 782831

So glad you guys here agree with this. I had to unfollow the fb groups because they get mad at her for every little thing and it was exhausting to see. I saw someone post a screen shot that had been cropped, therefore taking Amberlynn completely out of context. It was obvious it had been cropped, yet people were commenting acting as if they couldn't tell just to shit on her and call her an awful person?? It's bizarre.

No. 782840

Go look at her comment section for yourself. Then try to tell us that women aren't lowering themselves in the kinds of insults they're throwing at not just her but any cancer survivor who dares to offer some vague words of encouragement. It's pathetic.

No. 805103

Is this still active?(newfaggotry)

No. 805104

I recommend you go to kiwifarms’ subforum for her, lolcow isn’t that interested in fatty doodoo’s antics for some reason

No. 805240

File: 1605653897334.jpg (414.69 KB, 1319x1002, 20201118_095540.jpg)

Or you could update us? A lot of people don't want to give her views that pay for her grocery hauls.

All I've seen lately is that she's on Jenny Craig. It's all so repetitive but I guess we should be glad she cycles in one sense of the word.

Anything else? There's never going to be anything truly new from her until she carks it.

No. 805319

Why ask to be spoonfed? Kiwi has summaries, you don't have to give her views to see updates on here there. If you want this thread to be active then post Amberlynn milk yourself instead of asking others to "update" you.

No. 825435


No. 825622

File: 1615145160694.png (222.66 KB, 701x392, Screenshot (169).png)

For those of you who don't wanna give her views here's what I gathered so far.
> over 600 pounds, her girlfriend helps her shower now. Will tell you she's 575
> Claims to only drink low cal proteins drinks and low cal carb meals. Continues to have videos like cake reviews.
> Says it's common for her to eat things like a whole box of wheat thins and a container of cheese spread as just a snack. Will proceed to have multiple "snacks" through the day like this
> Says she will keep eating until it physically hurts. Claims nothing is her fault because she has food addiction and binge eating disorder.
> says her 2021 goal is to lose 100 pounds before the year ends. Says this while doing a mukbang
> She currently will no longer report her actual weight because she's scared of judgmental people

No. 825630

She's back to 600? I haven't been following her recently but did she gain back the weight she lost after her surgery?

No. 829994

Shes so fat that she didn't even fit those bubbles in the video!

No. 830477

My notes from watching this for the people who don't want to give her the views.

>The mentioned like:dislike ratio is insaaaane. Really shows how her community is feeling and how disconnected she really is from the reality of her situation.

>She immediately makes the same excuse she always does and tries to direct blame off of herself. "The comments triggered my emotional eating, I'm not the only person like this!!"
>She also wants to keep doing youtube, then says people shouldn't be mean / critical of her. Instead of criticizing her, we should do things to make it harder for people to be negative towards her.
>In response to a comment saying they have sympathy for Becky and can't imagine how she feels, ALR turns it around to make it sound like Becky doesn't take care of herself at all which forces ALR to worry more after Becky then herself. More victim / matyr complex bullshit of her being the foundation and only provider for her family.
>Confirmed she is getting professional help
>Whined people are meaner to her than other "failed weight loss" channels and it isnt fair. Said she has no intention to leave YouTube.
>Mini ranted that tough love doesn't work and people should never give tough love. Then ego boosted herself about how she so beautifully and unconditionally loves people, so she could never be mean to someone like that. Guys, she's so nice and supportive and loving and better than us.

I'm mad and wish I didn't watch it

No. 830487

Is she dead yet?

No. 830872

I feel bad for her. She doesn't deserve this dislike rate. She actually has a good personality tbh
James charles is a pedophile, look at her and his dislike rate. He gets more like than amber

No. 830892

Amber has the personality of a 12 year old , if she wasn't a fat cunt no one would watch her channel

No. 830906

I don't feel bad for her, but I understand her. It makes sense why she carries on with the youtube even though her viewership is cruel and no one really likes her.

Imagine if she stopped doing youtube and focused on her health: The one thing that makes her happy–food in excess–would no longer be an option for her. She'd lose all her youtube revenue money. Becky would leave her (contrary to what the haterbase says, Becky is a parasitic thumb and is only with ALR for her money). If she loses the money, she'd be forced to find a job and no place would want to hire a 500 pound woman. Living on disability and welfare wouldn't be anything like her current lifestyle with frequent hauls. The truth is she'd be miserable for years before things would get better like most addicts, and that's bitter medicine to swallow.

ALR could stay on youtube and make genuine attempts at losing weight–kind of like how she did years ago when her ex gf's family cared about her–but everyone knows that's not why she has views. Tons of successful weight loss channels don't and will never reach ALR's views. Because truth be told, people like to voyeur a trainwreck. They love to tune in to hate ALR because they know she's going to fail every diet, come up with every shaky excuse, and parade her body in front of a camera to gawk over. ALR knows this too, but it's at the cost of her shortened lifespan and it's really sad. She'll never snap out of this unless she starts making money from other sources a la the Slaton Sisters via reality tv money and other freebies that come with being an infamous sick person. She's fucking stuck.

No. 830925

bitch has an entire video where she admitted she lied about family members to make them seem like they hate her for being fat and still maintains that her ex abused and raped her when she was the abuser and dating a minor.

amberlynn has one of the worst attitudes and personalities of all the deathfats on youtube. at least nikocado avocado is entertaining and can be funny. alr just does target hauls and whines about haters and her “wATeR WeIGhT”

No. 830940

Are you kidding me? Look at avocado and other fat youtubers, amberlynn is definetly a mature woman. Also her videos are entertaining
Everyone can change, most of reid's haters are prob cat and dog "lovers" because theres a video of she throws a cat and people sperging about "uwu animal abuwse bawd"

No. 830977

It sure is entertaining watching a woman have a cancer scare, get a hysterectomy, gain insane amounts of weight post-surgery and then proudly state she quit taking her estrogen because it'll give her cancer again without asking her doctor, and then watch her go on Lives where she calls everyone who critiques her a "stupid bitch" or an "idiot"

No. 830996

who gives a shit about her ex?
Also AL is cringe as fuck but she isnt a bad person. Shes just a fatty with an eating problem that gets money from people who hate her. Shes one of the tamest lolcows

No. 830997

No. 831007

You do realize she is a massive troll right? Watch any video that reviews her content, she has a system for her channel.
>Does mukbangs and hauls, shows off how fat she is getting
>Gets depressed about said fatness
>Promises to go see a therapist/dietician
>Starts diet for about a week or two
>Goes back to mukbangs

She is also super petty and really mean. Her and momokun have a similar agro personality and they both delete insta vids when they spurg and go off at their fans.

No. 831017

thats what I don't get is how much people truly hate this woman
like people will criticize her "self diagnosed" binge eating disorder as if an otherwise totally mentally healthy human would eat themselves to even 400lb let alone 600lb. it aint rocket science but here we are accusing a quarter ton woman of lying about having a shit relationship with food.

i've followed her for years and years. i'm a covid ICU RN who not only finds her videos good for decompressing after an esp shitty shift but also have first hand knowledge and experience with -actally- shitty, deeply manipulative and hateful humans. i can't help but feel those who actively participate in FB hate groups or feel compelled to leave awful comments on her YT videos are especially lacking in their lives. I am entertained by her and continue to wish good for her but I would never actively or feel compelled to compare my life to hers–not only are they two different paths but i know my life is actually more fulfilling and nicer than her's without having to crunch numbers and leave a comment somewhere.
TL;dr if ur life aint fulfilled (and you sincerely have awful feelings towards amberlynn) quit worrying about ALR and start making yourself interesting and elegant so that you lead a life worth living

No. 831019

Are you lost, Anon? In the middle of patting yourself on the back, did you forget what site you were on?

No. 831033

Yeah look the hate watchers are enabling her as much as you are and as an RN you should know better. If Eugenia Cooney is fair game then why not Amberlynn?

Fuck outta here with your blogpost.

No. 831044

I'd say my life has been pretty successful and ~ elegant ~ , and yet I still hate this dumb, fat, manipulative bitch. It's almost like both things can be true at the same time. I'm sorry you lack the mental capacity to recognize how horrible and disgusting ALR is.

No. 831047

Just here to remind you that she let her dog, who woke up paralyzed, suffer all day alone while she went out to binge at a fucking Chili's. She refused to get help for her incredibly ill dog because she was too lazy to take it to a vet right up the street from the restaurant she was gorging herself at.

No. 831058

What is it about fat fucks that bring out all the asspats and mental gymnastics?

No. 831078


i'm kinda the same way. amber is my comfort cow lol. i usually just have her vids or edits people make as background noise.

it is really stupid how much people hate her, shes just another narc on the internet. her milk isn't crazy at all so i get why this thread is dead, just funny to see comments on youtube telling her to die and this and that just because shes fat

No. 831090

“just because she’s fat”
she made false rape accusations against one ex and clearly pines over another ex in front of her fiancée (and the ex’s fiancée), she treats her animals like crap, and she’s a huffy, scoldy asshole
fat is her biggest health problem, but it’s nowhere near her biggest personality defect

No. 831248

i know thats what everyone says when theyre trying to think of excuses to hate her and act like its not because shes fat lol. shes so tame, even with worse cows like moo i never get the legit hatred some of you gorls feel.

No. 831268

Anon is clearly here bored trying to shit up the thread pretending to be 2-3 different people and a RN.

At least change the typing style if you're going to try to distract from your favorite cow's defects.

No. 831292

i’m so tired of everyone whiteknighting for her bc she’s not an out and out scammer like the slatons or tess holiday. she’s a histrionic manipulative crybaby who happens to have a binge eating disorder. how many times do we have to watch her excuse away her weight gain or claim she’s healthier and smarter than any of her viewers before we get that amberlynn is a bad person who deserves her situation.

No. 831297

she can weigh whatever, idk
fake rape accusations and shitty care of animals are objectively bad no matter who does them

No. 833137

Animals don't know what is going on. So thats not abuse(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 833162

Neglect is a form of abuse. Learn to sage.

No. 833972

Shes just a fatty who lies about losing weight. Thats like all of them.
Shes a compulsive liar. Shes nowhere near as bad as most cows on this website.(unsaged sperging)

No. 833973

And no im not the same anon. Shes just one of the tamest cow on this website.
No one believed her rape accusation cuz shes a liar and i cant even feel bad for anyone she dates because they date her for her money.
Shes ugly, fat and is bad with animals.
Compare that to pedophilia, rape, scamming, grooming, etc which most cows on this website have done. Shes tame and just your average fatty who lies for attention (which you can find on twitter and tumblr).

No. 835316

Saged but anon is kinda right. I've never really seen the appeal with Amberlynn, she just is a dieter who doesn't diet. That's the gist of it. I'd understand if there was some absolute horrorcow stuff on the side but she just isn't really really that much different from any garden variety fat girl in your college or office who talks about dieting but never loses weight.

No. 836324

Maybe she would be my gf, she cute hahaha.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 837020

I think what stands out to people is the 'narc' traits in her because how can you be 500 pounds and still often act like you're full of yourself. A few other deathfats have come along with the same vibe tho. They're the size of a truck but they apply some make up, then eye-fuck themselves in the viewfinder and seem to have no trouble bouncing from one commited partner to another with no downtime inbetween. Weird shit but nothing uniquely shocking.

Was watching one of her livestreams for the first time in a while today. Becky was recounting a childhood story and Amber had never heard it before. It rang a bell for me, in old livestreams the same thing would happen often. How do you spend years togeher, not working, alone all day since covid and probably before, engaged to be married…and you don't know all this stuff from your own partners past? They're the type of stories you'd know already.

No. 840318

Anyone seen the movie trailer for Amberlynn? https://youtu.be/RFl3HWrVh4Q(namefag, embed)

No. 842407

Only bumping this thread while the other farms are dealing with service outages, because this is fresh hot whole-fats milk.

Amberlynn and Becky have broken up. They're livestreaming right now discussing it. Becky has dumped Amberlynn but they say "nothing happened to cause it" and they just weren't happy "like the kind of happy you need in a lifelong relationship".

Amberlynn will be keeping the pets (immediate follow up question: who will be caring for the pets?) and they will cohabitate for the time being until they can both find new living arrangements. Lots of sniveling and Amberlynn clearly panicking that her caretaker is making an escape. Says not even food can cheer her up anymore. Becky is tranquil by comparison. Stream ending soon because Becky has to poop and I'm not sure Livestream links can be embedded anyway but I'm gonna try it

No. 842409

becky is fully moved on already you can tell. amberlynn keeps talking about how she doesn't know how she's gonna go on, what all she's gonna miss, how they'll never kiss again, etc. typical manipulative pity party breakup shit. becky just keeps reassuring amber like "you'll find someone! things will be better! you'll do ok!" lol she's not wavering at all. good for her.

No. 842421

What about their roommates? The two gay guys. Are they still there or did they flee like Becky is doing?

No. 842424

they moved out of the shared house into an apartment in the nearest city (lexington) at least several months ago, maybe more than a year now

No. 842425

ALR and Becky moved out of that house to their own apartment over a year ago, before the pandemic.

right? Becky alludes several times that their combined weight gain is one of the reasons she's leaving. Amberlynn had the woe is me manipulation act turned up to 11 and Becky was too cool for it. Amberlynn saying shit like
> remember when I thought I had a brain tumor? God, there's so much I'm gonna miss about us
> if I ever feel happiness again I'm gonna feel so guilty
> all I want to do is drink to numb the pain but look at my skin, the jaundice, my liver is not doing so great right now, drinking is not a good idea for me
> I feel guilty for not bettering myself when I was with you, now I don't want to better myself because I should have been doing that already
(cue Becky begging her to get better for HERSELF, not for Becky)

No. 842457

honestly being in a relationship with Amber would be like being under house arrest, but with chores and terrible smells

No. 842522

Becky said that she needed to grieve for her mother..thought that was pretty telling. Obviously when you're dating amber you have to put your own feelings aside and concentrate more on ambers struggles, her illnesses, her whole thing with her mom coming back into her life.

I remember thinking that it was odd and uncomfortable when ambers mom came back right around the time becky lost hers. We all know amber wouldn't have any genuine sensitivity about her loss. Too busy rubbing her mommy/daughter reunion in beckys face while she put on a brave face at the time. That whole period was messed up with amber requiring attention because of her weirdly timed diagnosis. Then there was the tik toks she recorded laughing in the car while becky was nearby visiting her moms grave! There was always a battle to be beckys number one priority no matter how much becky had going on herself. I just wish she would move in with one of her sisters or stay with eric. Having to stick around and slowly ease amber back into single life again isn't her job.

Does anyone wonder if the falling out with destiny and dana fits in somewhere with this? She's lost all 3 of her closest lesbos in just a few weeks. Surely there's more going on here.

No. 842545

it would be amazing just in terms of “watching an internet trainwreck” if amber and destiny got back together

No. 842557


Honestly not surprised. Becky posted up in the guest room right when they moved in. I hope her dumbass doesn't stick around out of laziness.

No. 842576

ALR def tries to skinwalk Dana to get back Destiny back still. it’s weird and suspicious they broke up right after them. I hope Destiny and ALR aren’t getting back together. they were horrible together. but to be fair, at least Amber wasn’t close to being an honorary Slaton sister and actually had a job.

No. 842599

I thought Destiny and Dana didn't break up. Dana posted that caption on IG where she gushed over how much she fucks up but that she loves Destiny, and then everyone speculated that they broke up; we never got any actual proof, though.

Dana posted a picture of Destiny on her instagram on June 15. I think they're still together, but correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 842647

canceling a wedding doesn’t usually make for a solid future as a couple, though

No. 842716


Yeah, but that could just have been because the money runneth dry from a certain 600 lb. gorl. But then again, they're white trash, so I doubt they were actually going to spend a whole lot on it, anyway, so maybe that's not why.

I'd say the fact Destiny cheated on Amber with Dana in the beginning says more about their doomed relationship than a cancelled wedding.

No. 842720

why do i get the feeling that they‘re pulling a „nikocado avocado“ and will get back together in the next stream? i mean that could be a stunt to make people watch those godawful streams for a change…

No. 842740


Becky isn't going to get off of her lazy ass and get a good enough job to support her AND her cheap crap/video game addiction.

No. 842951

AL did another stream. This video highlights the most milky parts. Becky is completely over her already kek I'm actually surprised. AL true narc personality really shows here. She's constantly spewing passive aggressive remarks

No. 842985

God I haven’t checked in on amber since the cancer thing. I guess the #freenecky girls got what they wanted huh. Couldn’t even watch it amber is such a terrible partner. It’s crazy Becky managed to last as long as she did.

No. 842991

someone said on yt ALR might be trying a Nikocado Avocado stunt with this and pretending to break up for views and that’s why they’re doing these livestreams. i kinda believe it. ALR is getting so mean and cruel just for no reason, especially for someone who tries to act like such a sweetheart. saying she’s gonna throw out the ring and that Becky’s breaking up with her for a rash when it’s clear Becky’s reasoning was that she’s neglecting her own health for Amber’s.

No. 843013

It's nice to see (mainly becky) admitting things have been rocky behind the scenes for a while. Alot of people thought it was strange that the break up came so soon after the engagement but to me it makes sense. Imo the proposal was them trying to put a band aid on the relationship.

Amber is the kind to chase commitment and 'proof' of the other persons undying love… so similar to how some bpd people react she got her big commitment gesture and it still didn't fill the void she thought it would. I remember thinking that they weren't too excited when revealing the engagement. Something was already off around december when they were buying their 25 days of gifts. Buying things to patch things up. All the gifts and rings and they didn't seem all that happy.

No. 843144

I believe this a 100%. no one should trust ALR. she's soooo predictable.

No. 843155

>someone said on yt ALR might be trying a Nikocado Avocado stunt with this and pretending to break up for views and that’s why they’re doing these livestreams

This. No one should believe a word of it until they actually separate ie. move out and live in different homes.

No. 843180

yeah I'm starting to believe that's the case. Most of her viewers have said how boring she is now that she's bed(couch)ridden. Her viewers are watching foodie beauty since she's batshit insane. ALR was even found watching one of foodie beauty's streams. I really do think this is a way for her to spice up the amberverse.

No. 843183

At first I found it sus that foodie beauty was confessing her drug addiction at the same time ALR was announcing a break up. I feel like foodie is reading her own KF thread to find interesting theories… then turning them into storylines basically. I wondered if Amber was doing the same and both of them were in on it.

At this stage I don't know though. I do think that when it comes to Amber even the most passive or patient partner will dip after 3/4 years. Her relationships have a limited lifespan.

No. 843238

I can’t believe Becky could be that good at acting
Her thinly veiled contempt and impatience just jumps out in those streams
Nominate her for the Oscar for Best Performance by a Leading Thumb if this is a hoax

No. 843257

This, honestly. I dont think either of them would be this good at acting, not even Amberlynn who loves lying. Everytime Amberlynn lies or makes up stories its so easy to tell she is not telling the truth, and I just dont think she would convince Becky to do something like this.
So yeah, fuck me if its real then they both need to be hired in the acting industry for real.

No. 848973

Looks like we were wrong nonnies. The breakup is very real. Amber has moved on to a new mystery girl who she calls “wifey”. She completely hates Becky now as you can see in this livestream highlights video. Kek her “I’ll never get over Becky and I’ll never love again” phase lasted for a month. She also had another health scare. Hope it’s okay that I’m bumping this thread with new milk, kiwifarms is full of scrotes so I don’t go there.

No. 848982

Honestly anon off topic but I miss the amberlynn threads on here, it's been so long. Kiwifarms is so autistic in their cataloguing of her that it's almost impossible to enjoy.

No. 849001

There’s no way wifey isn’t a troll.
An apparently according to her beautiful, fit, stunning, inspiring, motivating, perfect, hot girl interested in amberlynn? Nah. Necky is def as good as she’ll get

No. 849165

Latest livestream 'Pluto' included becky saying that she loves to eat women out but hasn't had the pleasure of doing so in 5 years. Apparently she also confirmed the wiping rumour but was whispering it so idk.

If wifey isn't a troll and is watching details like this be revealed I don't know how she isn't running. That and I don't know how amber and becky are planning on sticking out another few months living together. The tension is high.

No. 849233

ALR is getting catfished at best and even IF wifey were real, what self-respecting person tolerates a long distance relationship with someone still living with their supposed ex?
No matter what airs they put on for the camera, we all know Beckster is still hauling around Amber's ass.
The entire thing is so contrived and stupid, no one should even give them attention for this and imo it isn't over until they move out for good.

No. 849247

File: 1628917455378.gif (581.89 KB, 275x275, tinfoil.gif)

what if wifey is that bella chick that wanted chris to an hero? she's a lesbian so it may check out

No. 849282

she is into poop, animal abuse, and having control over people. it would be a perfect match made in hell.

No. 849335

lmao, that would be funny but ALR says wifey is black tho

No. 849401

not that I think it's true but she could definitely use someone elses pictures. I think it's a troll 100%. who wants to wipe ALRs ass for her?

No. 849443

They facetime each other for hours every day, whoever she's talking to is showing their real face at least. God knows what their real intentions or motivations are though.

No. 849701

File: 1629300076767.jpeg (413.26 KB, 929x733, 1C5C941F-FE03-41F0-889D-927C00…)

Since nobody has posted - this is supposedly “wifey”.
She made an appearance via FaceTime audio on ALR’s latest “wine”stream, where Amber held up a singular bottle of wine and took a few sips, most of them fake, likely to have the excuse later of “I was drunk!!!!”. Like one singular bottle of wine would be enough for her 500+ pound ass.
ALR claimed Becky is quarantined for 2 weeks because of covid but it seems more likely she’s temporarily suspended from Hamber’s content because of the ass-wiping comment.
ALR claims “wifey” (her official girlfriend now) is coming in September but keeps wanting to come sooner.

No. 849707

Good for her, get that lifetime cheesecake factory

No. 849709

Amberlynn is going to ruin her, but she knows what shes getting into

No. 849734

pressing x to doubt that’s her; Amber said wifey was butch and that woman looks femme

No. 849774

not her. Wipey was talking in the live stream last night and she sounded like a dude. No English accent either.

No. 849893

definitely not her. Amber said that it wasn't that Jade girl.

No. 849994

The constantly changing story of whether her and becks were ever happpy or not, in love or not, supportive of each other or not is entertaining if not a little frustrating. Latest stream has her saying she felt trapped with becky even from the very early days but she also admitted lately that becky was cold with her when they first got together. That she pushed her away somewhat and was mean and distant. If you somehow get 'trapped' with a person acting that way in the beginning.. it's cause you clung to them like a motherfucker and ignored signs they were clearly trying to shake you off lol. Yeah sure, becky totally sucked you in and trapped you from day one… that and you 'settled' for her.

No. 850020

File: 1629469312830.png (810.24 KB, 1274x1102, leaks.png)

DM leaks regarding Becky "quarantining"

No. 850021

File: 1629469348396.png (85.2 KB, 1465x686, ehjhvjq3adi71.png)

cont. The person leaking this also dropped this.

No. 850027

Making yourself immobile to own the hayturs, iconic.

No. 850042

The misspelling of Twinkies name is sus, especially given both people in the convo misspelled it the same way. Some people think the video scrolling through messages has a cut it in where they look through the messages, then cut, then you're viewing beckys profile. It's not a smooth transition.

I mean everything included is pretty believable and probably still closer to reality than anything amber spews in her streams. But I think it's just faked by someone who has closely followed her drama for a while.

No. 850044

ALR responded to this and said Necky wouldn't misspell Twinkie and neighbor. I kinda believe that.

No. 850148

3 fucking months? Nah I’m not buying it at all

No. 850200

Amber has the discipline to plan her social media shenanigans and inter-personal manipulations, but the bitch can’t stop stuffing her face before she has to crap her bed instead of going to the toilet?

Fuck this world.

No. 850713

Wipey is there apparently but she doesn't want to be shown on camera and was there on the last stream. Now she can do what Becky did.

No. 850973

tinfoil, but wifey is a troon.
>deep as fuck voice
>works with computers
>amber's comments on livestream about experimenting with dicks and how she will "definitely" give it a try
>her reaction when someone asked how her and wifey can experiment while being monogamous

No. 850980

The sudden urge to experiment is really weird especially since she claims to be a lesbian. Though I always doubted that because she seemed almost proud when talking about her past experiences with men.

No. 851014

Also, in a recent stream some one asked if she would ever be poly and it was a hard no.

No. 851019

Nah, I don't think she's a troon. Her voice is deep, but not male register deep IMO. She sounds like a stud, and I kind of thought Amber being down with wang all of a sudden had more to do with Wifey wanting to use a strap on. I mean, who knows though because could anyone have sex with Amberlynn period? I think Wifey is an autistic butch lesbian, in the style of all of Big Al's past conquests. Building computers and liking ramen are enjoyed by all autists, male or female.

No. 851026

>I think Wifey is an autistic butch lesbian, in the style of all of Big Al's past conquests.
Good business move from Amber hiding her for now, the people make up the drama themselves and she doesn't have to bother attracting attention. Of course they made up something about trannies, people here and on kf are obsessed with them. Rent free etc.

No. 851127


This is NOT WIFEY.

I KNOW this girl and the white girl Issey in real life. They're both successful content creators and artists from London. The black girl, she is no a lesbian. She's straight lmao. She's pissed off because people keep messaging her about this drama and she is staying out of it hence why she deleted her account.

Not wifey.

Stoppit.(retard spacing)

No. 851129

it’s clear no one here really thought she was. chill your ass out.

No. 852003

The subreddit got banned, is there a new one yet?

No. 852031

I wonder if it's related to all the 'is wifey a tranny?' speculation. Tranny talk and her newly changed sexuality are the types of topics I could see taking down the whole sub. Much as KF has its issues I still mainly keep up with her on there because nothing is off limits like that.

No. 852044

the Amberlynn Reid subreddit was removed months and months ago because of cow tipping

No. 852045

No. 852067

There was a new one called AmberlynnReidYT but it has gone private. Don't know why, but I did see plenty of handwringing about how like totally scary wifey is before it shut down. Who knows, when normies dip their toes into cows they always do it with a lot of shame and guilt so no surprise they closed up shop when she cried or some shit.

No. 852070

I’m really wondering what happened and no one is really talking about it from what I’ve seen, weird af.
Wipey saga sucks ass. So boring. Just amber giggling like a 12 year old and pretending to be bi suddenly.

No. 852094

File: 1630947253379.jpeg (593.83 KB, 1242x2131, 1B56F477-09D2-4A22-8D1A-4C0A55…)

Subreddit isn’t banned, it was put on private and you can request to join on the desktop site. Reddit retards can’t fathom that Wipey is just a dyke that likes to strap fat bitches and keep pushing the retarded narrative that it’s secretly code for her being trans

No. 852101

With amber saying we'll never get to see wifey.. I hope things crash and burn real quick. It's no fun having to just guess who or what exactly her new caretaker is. It weirdly reflects foodie beauty and her man right now…
>I'm never going to shut up about this person but at the same time I'm also not going to tell you anything worthwhile about them. God guysss stop asking about them! They're a very private person.
>Tune in next livestream for more minor hints as to who they are though. I'll sprinkle them in.
It's old already.

No. 852133

For now her strategy is working stellar
People find it very fun to guess. And I'm sure she's reading the speculations and playing into them.

No. 852269

Apparently Becky outed Wipey's name at the end of the phone call here around 10:55. And…….she is just an average looking dyke. Not some fitness model.

No. 852282

And she's poly. Which is just ideal given they've said both of them have bipolar. This should be fun.

No. 852291

Amber thinks she’s gorgeous, so therefore a presentable-looking former college athlete is a “fitness model” in her book. And honestly, a presentable-looking woman is an enormous step up from Amber’s exes. Has she ever dated a normal weight woman until now?

No. 852295

So, now it's confirmed that this is Wipey?

No. 852307

wipey being poly makes so much sense. She must have a secret bf and is trying to leech off amber under the guise of a poly relationship. Also Amber said she made a "compromise" if wipey TRIED to be monogamous. Sounds sketchy

No. 852349

Now she's claiming it's all a "joke" and people are harassing the wrong person. If it was a joke why did she just ignore all of the chat mentioning it after Becky said that? Sounds like she just needed time to come up with an excuse and this was it. I'd be surprised if the woman people found wasn't Wipey, it just matches up too well. And Becky didn't sound like she was joking. Weird course of action

No. 852364


I have a feeling wipey is pissed we found out who she is, wasn't hard since Amber is stupid, and is making Amber do damage control.

No. 852376

No one stays a normal weight for very long when they live with someone like Amberlynn.

No. 852428

The way she went off on Becky in those text messages. Yikes. Blaming it all on Becky so Wipey won’t get mad at her.

No. 852437

File: 1631195496009.jpeg (32.39 KB, 358x250, F4E8A7DA-47B2-4EA5-9593-469B3A…)

Wipey revealed.

No. 852440

File: 1631195551485.jpeg (25.13 KB, 250x376, 4F32A36B-0843-41C3-BBA0-F9823F…)

No. 852457

what this woman could see in alr is mystifying
reasonable looking with a college degree and an actual job
is it grift or fetish or both? I hope we find out

No. 852471

File: 1631210739456.jpeg (448.56 KB, 1125x1913, A7D8A85F-3EF0-478C-9FEA-00B209…)

shes's being sued by discover bank, so alr is clearly her cash cow

No. 852478

amber's got a thing for women with fish eyes