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No. 286955

So what do you guys think about this cow?
>21 year old "freelancer" (lives at home with her mother and runs an online shop selling ugly art)
>Salty Youtube fujoshi artist that claims that her art is superior because she went to art school
>Constantly preaches that art takes hard work, claims to always practice and study but her art hasn't improved in over two years
>Whines about being a starving artist with no money, yet has enough money to buy a new Mac computer and a Cintiq tablet within the same week (both things cost at least 2000 dollars)
>When faced with genuine criticism, she replies with "it's my style hurrr get over it!!"
>Whines about nobody buying from her online store, but when people do, she whines about having to package and ship off her items
>Slowly starting to pander to the Heathers/Hamilton crowd to get more Youtube $$$
>Generally insufferable and shitty person

No. 286957

File: 1491664847381.jpg (94.95 KB, 950x919, gross.jpg)

Her art is so blocky and weird. I can't describe it but it's just…off.

No. 286961

I noticed that she took down/privated the Calarts video? Does anybody know why?

No. 286962

Her "cure" to same face syndrome is to draw in a generic comic book style, not a generic anime style. This girl still looks boring and bland, the only thing that's different is that she's not drawn in an ~*animu*~ style.

No. 286976

File: 1491667386607.png (82.36 KB, 622x712, 1491533302129.png)

Oh my god finally, I called that she would go full /snow/ and there she is. Some people might argue there's no milk but she's getting milkier than some threads we have here with how she's (not) handling critique, shit talks other artists while being mediocre herself, constantly shits on the audience that's bringing her the bucks in her blogs, etc. The other thread in /ot/ was all discussion about her anyways.

Uploading her latest bs.

She probably got too much hate, she always whined about not wanting to look at the comments in that video because it was the one with the most heated comment section. That video is how I discovered her myself btw, it's infamous.

No. 286985

File: 1491668429318.jpg (533.04 KB, 858x1000, tumblr_onof7viOHz1t1hwwoo4_128…)

The Calarts video is how i found out about her, too. She claims to have been accepted into Calarts but come in, this clearly is NOT Calarts-worthy art.

No. 286998

File: 1491670257783.jpg (329.39 KB, 624x871, stilllooksbetterthanyourshit.j…)

>lmao stupid anime right?!! constantly mocking anime especially by using generic kids' manga as an example makes me a professional i swear!!

No. 286999

the fuck?? the yugioh style is nice and consistent in my opinion, it's a hell of a lot nicer than her art style. she shouldn't be shitting on a style that's CLEARLY better than hers.

No. 287001

also the yugioh manga is like 20 years old at this point lol. what a bitter hag.

No. 287003


Ah yes. The first manga volume of a late 90's manga (and Takahashi's second work?).

Is this fool serious?

No. 287014

File: 1491671850935.jpg (721.91 KB, 1168x1600, tumblr_ocs6d3iRsB1vebx47o1_128…)

If u ever feel bad about ur comic work look at this

>That paneling mess overall, can't tell them apart

>That shota guy becoming progressively tiny
>Whatever the fuck that last panel is. Looks like there are three different sized dudes in the room

No. 287020

I wouldn't call yugioh generic kids manga.

No. 287028

File: 1491673109896.jpg (136.73 KB, 1182x1182, C76otg7VQAAisWv.jpg)

Aren't you glad she doesn't suffer of the same face syndrome herself as proven by pic related?

No. 287030

This is goddamn hideous. Those speech bubbles hurt my soul, I guess she doesn't know that you're supposed to do the text first and make the fucking bubble around it. Also that font is awful, if she wants to make the text so flowing she should at least write it by hand. God. Her use of black and gray is pretty good tho, but that is the only positive thing about this. I bet she uses arrows to point the reader to the next panel or some shit. Does she seriously think she's a professional? Yes, I'm buttmad!

No. 287035

File: 1491673517626.png (238.2 KB, 581x580, screenshot-twitter.com 2017-04…)

>bitch actually thinking her ~comic~ is any better

fucking lol someone's needs glasses or an urgent reality check.

No. 287036


HOLY FUCK. I thought it had two big panels, not four omg the structure is so baaad and it's so crowded lmao


The Jay Leno's chins, man. Lol her art is truly ugly, and she talks like she's Jim Lee or something…

No. 287038


It looks so flat

No. 287039

File: 1491673751359.png (18.27 KB, 640x108, screenshot-twitter.com 2017-04…)

>blaming translation's lettering on the mangaka


No. 287046

How can someone make proportions this fucked up and the poses this awkward?

No. 287072

She gives all of her characters the same lopsided potato face that she has. Truly unfortunate.

No. 287085

File: 1491680062343.png (227.92 KB, 580x570, why.png)

>amateurs comparing their comics to Go Nagai's

kill me

No. 287092

>Making fun of Go Nagai and putting their shitty web comics over his work
Honestly these bitches have literally no self-awareness

No. 287094

I wanna die. Just because Heathers animatics are on trend rn, compared to others this is fucking awful.

No. 287100

An animatic using the same song, alot more expression used and you can understand where shes going. H.C seemed to concentrate on showing HEY LOOK BACKGROUNDS and absolutely none on the expressions, the strong focus of musicals.

No. 287102

I think this is almost just as bad as it's just still images of 2 second sketches and sometimes just a white screen, but the end sequence is by far superior to Heather's. At least it tried to create some sort of an atmosphere.

No. 287108

It's by no means a great animatic, its pretty sparing as you've pointed out. Its not that shitty melting style tho fml.

Heathers the movie had great ideas but boy is it confusing/lacking at times. The climax of it feels so half assed, funny but half assed. The musical does so much better with it and building atmosphere and stakes to what they do (also J.D.'s insanity has more of a build up?).
What gets me is tumblr LOVES this musical, even though it's an edgefest and uses vocab they fucking hate, musicals always do seem to get a free pass.
Offtopic as fuck sorry, this is who H.C. is pandering too tho.

No. 287109

Holy shit I meant to type "Holly's", fuck me.

No. 287111

Honest question… isn't this a joke? This reads as someone taking the piss out of their own art like, "if you think that's bad, look at some of my old stuff"?

She can't honestly be posting this as though it'll blow people's minds how amazing it is…?

No. 287112

went on a rant about Heathers Im sorry anon.

No. 287116

Craig Thompson's art and Lucky Penny's art is on par with hers apparently. Good to know. (I don't think she actually disses Lucky Penny but she does say her art is better in a later video).

No. 287118

File: 1491683633699.jpg (339.99 KB, 1536x2048, C7VmIhUVAAAILYu.jpg)

It's allright anon, I'm kind of indifferent towards that movie and I'm really dumbfounded by all the Tumblr love towards it. I guess it's the GRRL POWER factor but you'd think they'd be triggered by all the suicide, "fatphobia" and gay jokes in it

Anyway I can't even tell which way her lower body's supposed to face here

No. 287121

Tumblerinas gravitate towards movies like this and Mean Girls because it lets them vicariously be the bullies that gave them a hard time in school.

No. 287122


Oh god, that leg isn't even attached to her body.

No. 287149

How can she say anything about lettering? Have you even looked at your own comics, Holly?

No. 287155

tbh buying 4k worth of shit is probably Holly just swimming in debt

No. 287158

>tbh buying 4k worth of shit is probably Holly just swimming in debt
Holly still lives at home with her mom and brother, her sister has moved out and is pregnant (according to her). She was complaining about her sister "being dumb and not having money" so Holly had to buy a bed for her, but if Holly is so smart and rich, then don't you think she would have moved out by now? What a hypocritical bitch.

No. 287160

I think she mentioned that in a vlog, she doesn't want to move out because there's no point, she still pays rent at home

No. 287177

File: 1491690198773.png (345.05 KB, 479x596, UGH.PNG)

You know she's gonna jump on that Hamilton shit too

No. 287184

How does that make sense, if your paying rent at home you should definitely move out since your paying anyway? especially looking at her vlogs that house is disgusting

No. 287185

in one of her vlogs i think she just straight up said that shes doing the musical shit for views

No. 287188

She's likely paying half of what she'd be paying for an apartment. That said, if everything adds up she totally would have enough to just move out.

Also, notice how many cats she has and the fact that the carpet is filthy. Now imagine how bad that house must stink.

No. 287191

File: 1491691269686.png (503.17 KB, 701x569, a7c16c4e89bfe7622aa2628d108ad7…)

oh my god

No. 287196

God, I can just imagine her making a statement like
>B-but the noses are slightly different it's not the same face!!!111
It's like she's drawing her own face over and over again

No. 287209

this is comically awful,
like i feel weirdly sorry for her in a "wow you poor, deluded idiot" sorta way. it's amazing how cocksure she is of this flaming garbage.

No. 287210


I wish I could spam that pic all over her YT. Unfortunately…
Also, whenever I see the bitch she drew on that sameface video thumbnail, I feel an urge to punch it. Even her characters are annoying as fuck.

It's more about the musical than the movie, really.

No. 287218

File: 1491693999092.png (351.15 KB, 306x697, stoppatengen.png)

this is axel ash levels of spelling fails on top of being unreadable and having 0 flow. absolutely 0 thought was put into the layout of anything she does, and covering panel breaks with speech bubbles is the stupidest choice in the world

glasses guy looks like someone took kamina and horizontally squished him (pic related)

No. 287233

Whose mouth just hangs open like that? Does she know how to make any other expressions?

No. 287237

File: 1491696423705.jpg (135.96 KB, 940x529, NGDhrkX.jpg)

Makes me think of pic related, which is not a good thing. Punchable faces ahoy!

No. 287247

No. 287269

kek she really is projecting her ugliness into her characters

No. 287285

File: 1491701608325.jpg (144.24 KB, 549x586, heathers authors note.jpg)

>H.C seemed to concentrate on showing HEY LOOK BACKGROUNDS and absolutely none on the expressions, the strong focus of musicals.

which is extra funny esp when you consider that the authors note in the script for heathers doubles down on the "focus on the emotions, not the extra details" thing and REALLY drills it home.

i genuinely don't understand it. would it kill you to do a little research holly? idk, if i was gonna create something just for the popularity points i'd at least get to know the material so i don't look like a total fucking idiot

No. 287287

File: 1491701800652.jpg (32.17 KB, 272x316, [muffled chipmunk noises].jpg)

>and camp (less, please!)

No. 287386

i'm probably going to be in the minority here, but I like Holly's personality (for the most part). I listen to her videos as background noise when I'm drawing. I fucking HATE her art though, it's so ugly and empty, and that Dead Girl Walking reprise animatic made it click in my head why I never liked her art. i appreciate her for being no bullshit but fucking jesus christ, if you're doing an art channel where you basically talk down to people you need to have good art in the first place ffs

No. 287412

What point is there to her no-bs attitude when she had EXTREMELY thin skin? It's like one of those playground bullies that would push everyone off the swings but would burst into tears the second someone called them a dummy.

I think she mentioned in a video somewhere that her aunt was her mom because her real mom was arrested and her aunt raised her or something? Does anyone know anything about that? I'll try and find the video when I get my laptop.

Also can someone please tell me how it's physically possible to not improve after 2 years of practice? I mean, you've GOT to get better SOMEHOW, right? Right?!

No. 287442


I'm wondering the same thing too. If she was serious about being an artist for a living, she would have shown some improvement in two years. It seems like she draws a lot but she's only drawing what she's comfortable with and not pushing herself to do any better. :/

No. 287470

I honestly wish she would stop focusing on pandering to an audience and focus on improving her artwork because goddamn this is ugly.

No. 287471

>authors notes says that heathers is supposed to be heavily emotion-based and not to put focus on backgrounds
>holly shits out an animation that's nothing but backgrounds, people are drawn so poorly that even their emotions are unclear

How do you fuck up Heathers of all things?? How?!

No. 287473

I like how she's covering the bottom of the page where the art is at a level her lazy butt will never achieve

No. 287487

Didn't she make a video about how her art sucks. Like she knows her anatomy is bad but she is too lazy to improve or doesn't want to take more time on her art?

No. 287491

i agree, shes a whiny little bitch and thats why i dont bother looking at her twitter or anything, i just watch her videos and try to ignore what shes really like.

there's this artist on tumblr who's pretty well known in the south park fandom who has similar stunted development with her art (the art styles arent alike but theyre equally mediocre in my opinion), however she doesnt throw a hissy fit like holly does whenever someone gives her actual criticism. so it's not just holly, but… it's weird how some people don't improve, sometimes my art improves after as little as a day ?? and i know holly draws all the fucking time so how after all of that practise could she be so fucking stuck ????

No. 287498

You'd be surprised Anon, I once followed an artist in like 2007 for their art style, they went on hiatus for a while, and resurfaced in 2016 drawing exactly how they did almost 10 years ago. It's baffling but some people just plateau off in their art if they don't branch out or try to improve enough

No. 287499

>Add-on to this.
I have a friend who sketches frequently and I've known her since 2008?

To this day her art style is exactly the same as it was back in 2008, same wonky anatomy and weird stiffness. Which is weird because my art has improved leaps and bounds since then because I can compare where I'm at now with then (because I drew our characters together back then) and I think it's a mix of lack of effort, reusing the same techniques (even if they're bad), stubborness, and not taking any foundational classes (i.e. life drawing etc.)

No. 287504

I've been watching her vlogs b/c I like listening to her voice and she's kind of funny. But it's always a little jarring when she turns the camera towards her face.

She only recently admitted she has a problem with making the arms to short on her characters after someone brought it up on her insta. It was kind of crazy to hear about considering she's gotten so butthurt over over simple critiques like that in the past. I think she's only willing to admit to/work on one art problem at a time. Which makes her improvment progress slower.

No. 287507

Who was the artist? Just kind of curious, I definitely have some artists I'd idolize pre-2010 but these days haven't improved one bit since then.

No. 287508

>But it's always a little jarring when she turns the camera towards her face
fucking kek

No. 287517

Does anybody know Baylee Jay? She's another mediocre YouTuber with a arrogant attitude

No. 287519

Go to the artist thread on >>>/ot/183490, don't hijack the Holly thread with her.

No. 287593

If anyone likes Holly for her asshole personality, Istebrak is also abrasive, but she's actually good, and teaches art, so it's better.

No. 287825


True, but I kind of feel that's like comparing apples and oranges? Sure this thread points out how bad Holly's comic/cartoon style is despite art school etc, but in the end she is drawing cartoons and fan art.

Istebrak makes technical digital paintings and critiques other people's attempts at the same thing. Great to watch if you want to learn realism and rendering, but just really boring if you're into cartoons.

No. 287873

Istebrak actually has some helpful line art and character design critiques. Also, I used to think realism was boring and didn't apply to me because I'm into comics…but damn I really didn't know two shits about values, perspective, of anatomy. Moving away from comic tutorials can be helpful because I can't really think of any that actually hammer the fundamentals. Istebrak made me realize that I was a tard for not doing my value studies because they were "Too boring."

Unless I'm mistaken? Are there cartoonists I should be following? I'm honestly interested in listening to artist across mediums.

No. 287892

I'm a cartoon artist as well, and i do think looking at realism and those kind of tutorials are really helpful. You need a good solid ground in realism to make good cartoon designs. You kinda just need to know what to take with a grain of salt for whatever style your going for.

No. 288132

(person from b4 who said they liked holly's personality) I've seen some of Istebrak's videos and she's not really my thing, I am interested in technical stuff but her videos tend to be too long and spacey for my taste if that makes sense. Anyone got any recommendations for people who make content similar to Holly's ? if that's okay to ask. newfag here lol

No. 288140

Like similar how so? Like blunt but shorter videos and least spacey? I feel like it's hard to find someone good at art, is blunt, and has charisma.

I used to videos like Holly's but I felt cheap and dirty doing them. I wonder if other artists feel that way? I also sanitized my opinions on other artists as not to make enemies in the industry.

No. 288154

Yeah I meant shorter (or at least less livestream-y) videos with similar personality, granted you're right, it is difficult to find people to fill that. The majority of artists on YT are just annoying.

No. 288245


She says she's trying to lose weight. Most of her blogs show her diets pretty shit tho (nachos/soda/coffee/ravioli etc. but she showed one salad with lots of dried fruit on top?) Her college is online and her job for now is yt, makes it hard to imagine she moves around enough to compensate.

It's pretty hard for artists to lose weight but I don't even know if it'd help that much. Does losing weight make people's face less lumpy?

No. 288255


I haven't been watching him for too long but he's kind of like a breath of fresh air. Obviously into anime, but has a handle on the fundamentals like anatomy and perspective. Tons of content but his videos are long like istebrak's, sorry. It's easier to skip around his videos and still keep track of what he's getting at.

No. 288276

This is way better, thank you. I don't mind long videos, just spacey ones.

No. 288332


another anon here, and thank you for this recommendation <3 this dude seem super chill and he also seems to know what he is doing.

Sage for not being about Holleno

No. 288338

just dont see how she can be so arrogant and cunty when her art is terrible

No. 288364

File: 1491816968172.png (377.73 KB, 1073x450, Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 11.2…)

Its funny that Holly mentioned her style was exactly like Naruto b/c she was rlly into that show. Like she said she mastered it and everything. Last time I checked Naruto didn't have jacked up anatomy.

Back to her art style, she has less experience (1-2 yrs) w/ digital art so that explains why it always has that messy painterly no lineart look accept without actual rendering. When I first started digital my work had the same finish. But while I actually saw the muddiness as a serious gross flaw, she sees it as a legitimate style.

No. 288400

This makes me miss Holly's incoherence. Maybe I just like pain….huh.

No. 288625

>Your art is, like, too amazing

welp that pretty much shows who her audience is

No. 288627

>I spent too long making a thumbnail and I feel obligated to show you it

Anyone else get kind of annoyed when artists make these disclaimers?

No. 288648


THAT took her awhile?
She complains that her digital speed paints get less views but in all honesty this thumbnail shows that she really isn't able to polish it up any more than this atm. She does it all on one layer as well, which would be fine if you were going to render it later, but all she does is leave it in a blocky mess.

No. 288657

I wonder if this is still her plan. She wanted to be an art teacher, wut?

(Also this colouring make me want to throw up)

No. 288736

She would be so shit at teaching, not only can she only draw ugly and wonky anatomy, but she's also terrible with people, she says she hates them and hates kids. That plan would never work out.

No. 288814


Unfortunately, you don't need to even be a good artist to be an art teacher. All you need is that teaching degree. However, she also says she would want to teach at an art school. Maybe she means one of those art high schools like the one she went to, but it's laughable to consider if she was talking about being a professor.

No. 288816


Her students would likely have better art too and would wonder why in the world were they being taught by this chick. Holly says that her art teacher in high school couldn't draw that well either, so I guess it is a little more realistic for her after all.

No. 288834


I don't trust her opinion on who can draw and who can't. This girl lives in a glass house and loves to throw stones.

No. 288947

did she draw that fucking cigarette backwards or does it just for some reason have no filter and he hasn't tapped it in 8 minutes?

>does it all one one layer

No. 288982

jfc, does Holly even enjoy making her art?

She always makes it seem like she's trapped herself doing it and never sounds like she's having fun in her vlogs; it's always either complaining about making money/needing it, plugging her terrible webcomic with "boohoo, I spend so much time on it," or just plain bitching about other people. This video fucking has all three for god's sake.

also related: does the way she ink trigger anyone else? the lines are so damn uneven and she goes over the same line multiple times like she's sketching ffs.

No. 289034

Glad she got her own thread. I used to like her but her looking down on every other artist, while claiming to be "no bullshit" got old.

I know it got brought up in the artist thread about Holly having beef with Baylee Jae, but was it confirmed? I could have sworn that Holly was kissing Baylee's ass at some point.

No. 289045

File: 1491893397264.png (Spoiler Image, 249.74 KB, 383x366, ohman.PNG)

>36 mins
wew lad

the fucking gay comic she's making tho the characters are so ugly and dont even get me started on the chins and anatomy

No. 289057


Her inking triggers me as well. But not only that, the way she bitches about doing thumbnails infuriated me. Doing thumbnail sketches help A TON when laying out comps for comics and illustrations… Which explain her piss poor compositions in her pages.

Who actually buys this crap anyway? She doesn't seem to enjoy making comics and bitches about whoever made the front page of that webcomic site, like she deserves a spotlight lol

No. 289081


Rn she's finishing her first comic book ever Purgatory and at this point she keeps repeating phrases like "I just want to get it over w/ so I can work on Paranormal Plague (her next comic idea)"

If she's so bored w/ it why doesn't she make it more interesting? I've been reading her comic and its pretty fucking boring. Two gay boys in a religious cult. They're in love and she expects that to tantalize you considering they're in a religious setting where gay stuff is a no-no. Thing is, there's not even anything that suggests anyone is going to know about the relationship. No tension of them possibly getting caught, so what's the point of this setup? wtf

Holly instead rests all of the drama and character development on the MC being molested by an old guy.

No. 289086

>When you've been following Holly for some time
>Wondering why she keeps on talking about how to write gay characters shit over and over when her comic's main pairing is clearly het
>That shocking realization that no, that black haired chick is actually a dude and you think you're going blind.
>That moment you realize that no, she's just that bad at drawing.

I almost want to read her comic to see if she's at least done the narrative/writing right, or the characters are cool. Almost. The plot sounds bland af though.

wtf is going on. What am I looking at. Why is half his dick brown. Why does the bottom (?) look like he's in pain in the top panel. None of this makes sense to me.

No. 289087

Sorry for samefagging, but is it just me, or does Holly really resemble Ashe in a lot of ways?

>Draws shit tier art, thinking it's amazing

>Shit yaoi comic with shittier art
>Lives in a freaking mess
>Blissfully unaware of how not attractive they are, but are still super fucking smug anyways

I mean, I just came from the ashe thread so I might be a bit biased, but…

No. 289090


Right? As much as I like fembois, Damian is zero percent masculine and couldn't even pass as a ftm. Her excuse for giving him rlly thic thighs & legs is that he is chubby when she explicitly makes a tutorial telling ppl not to give bois feminine lower bodies.

No. 289091

She said she wanted to try to get into storyboarding now? which is why she made the Heathers thing.
Holly shits on many artists behind their back or in her streams, so it's hard to find, but then tries to act nicer and backpedal in front of them. She'd get a bunch of shit from fans of the other artists, specially since they cross over channels sometimes.

Her streams are something else, constant burping, slurping saliva, and when her brother interrupts the stream it gets really fucked up. One time she was arguing with him while her friends were on skype shitting on him too and the entire audience didn't know what the fuck to do with themselves. It's really uncomfortable, starts around the 1:37 mark and at 1:50 but it kept going for the whole stream everytime he'd show up.

Her edgy underage friend is really fucking annoying, she only made shit worse "don't be a bitch Dylan" "don't be a cunt" how do you say this shit about some guy you've never seen?

No. 289118

dreamworks face

No. 289194

>"I just want to get it over w/ so I can work on Paranormal Plague (her next comic idea)"

It's kind of unprofessional to whine about this in her videos, but getting bored and angry and frustrated with your projects is the unfortunate truth of being a professional comic artist, even if you are working on the most amazingly interesting thing ever, so I would cut her some slack here. She shouldn't whine about it to her audience and potential employers, though. Can't say anything about her comic, because I really can't stomach to read it

No. 289247

I don't get why she hates her comic so much. I've been working on a comic I don't really care about for about 6 years now. Like, it took me 4 years to even start seeing an audience.

Meanwhile she's been working on this thing 2 years? and wants to give up? Does she realize you can work on multiple comics? I've got three on the go right now and I work full time. Fuck off.

So triggered.

No. 289256

Oh godly anon, how do you even manage all three at once? How did you even start? I'm asking because I'm really interested in starting a comic on my own, so…
(And I see people like Holly and I think to myself, if this bitch got 100k subs on youtube, maybe I can gain an audience too.)
But damn anon, where and how did you get the motivation to keep on trucking for FOUR years before you got an audience?

sage for derailing.

No. 289259

She sounds like a miserable bitch. You're trying to stream and seem somewhat credible, yet you're going to bitch at your viewers and then make everyone uncomfortable with your hatred for your brother?

Anyone else get a little creeped out when she started muttering obscenities after his second appearance?

No. 289266

Oh god, I was so uncomfortable when she started muttering to herself. So unprofessional.

And I don't know, anon, I just really love art!

If it made me as miserable as Holly I probably would have quit after a month. I realized early on into my first comic that I had my head up my ass and people didn't owe me shit.

I give myself a pretty rigid schedule and do huge buffers. Honestly, I'm nothing special. I work a graphic design job so I'm not exactly drained after a day of work. I sort of just add a new project anytime I'm not feeling challenged.

Also to not derail, have another triggering video of Holly using vinyl on her silk screens because she can't understand emulsion. UGH. Who lets you have nice things?

No. 289319

File: 1491941992358.png (298.87 KB, 445x450, 1475392869975.png)

this was so cringe holy shit
ugh her friends are just as horrible and that muttering was just.. ugh

No. 289432

The way she swore under her breath like that… Holy shit, I wouldn't be surprised if she starts hearing voices and shit. Fucking scary.

ALSO, who the hell holds a sword like that? What kind of swing (with the sword) is Jack doing? How is this- fuck whatever, I'm done being triggered by this psycho.

No. 289453

guys, guys, maybe she's just stuck in her chuunibyou phase and thinks swearing is cool and edgy!
No really, I think she thinks that swearing like that will add to her whole "tough gal" facade and make her look cooler to her preteen followers. Considering what I've seen so far and her general immature, childish mentality, I wouldn't put it past her.

No. 289462

I'm willing to believe that, it reminded me of the edgy kids in my middle school classes who would sit alone, swear to themselves, and then look around to make sure people were watching them. Also it made me feel bad for the poor kid when she called him "worthless". Does anyone know how old her brother is?

No. 289465

I know! I felt so bad for her brother too. I understand not everyone is best friends with their siblings, but swearing at them, calling them worthless, and mocking them with your internet friends (who don't even know him!) is fucking awful.

Anyway, I'm not certain, but I assume her brother is around 18-20. In her stream, she mentioned that all he does is smoke weed, so he's probably in his teens at least. She also complained about him being in the house and how he should move out already, which is fucking rich coming from her.

No. 289483

>I'm willing to believe that, it reminded me of the edgy kids in my middle school classes who would sit alone, swear to themselves, and then look around to make sure people were watching them.

This!That is exactly what she reminds me of, maybe she just really craves attention since her family life doesn't seem very good
>mfw I know people who still do this in their early 20s

No. 289516

File: 1491952747652.png (247.12 KB, 280x405, tumblr_m6yr0yCorU1qjjuyw.png)

She said at around 1:40:00 that he's 25. I don't get why she hates him so much and went on mumbling for hours about him just going to ask her a question. She is a mega brat and all that unnecessary swearing is super cringe-worthy. Maybe she should smoke some weed with him and chill out.

No. 289520

Ah I understand how annoying an older brother that can't function for themselves can be but I cannot imagine EVER calling my older brother worthless in front of my audience and criticizing him with my friends. It says a lot about her friends, too – if I was that blatantly mean about my brother to my friends they'd probably tell me to fuckin relax rather than egg me on.

No. 289526

File: 1491953629522.png (111.66 KB, 250x250, IMG_6483.PNG)

holy shit that muttering under her breath, calling him a stupid motherfucker after he asks a question like she's about to blow a gasket over livestream.. yikes. clearly it's a race to the bottom in this family

No. 289540

this bitch infuriates me. thinking shes better than fucking johnny wander artists? holy shit for real.

also she really is so far up her own ass regarding her art, how good it is, etc. If she's good why the hell havn't I heard about her until I discovered her thread here? Also did she ever post her obvious rejection from a publisher?

No. 289554

She's mentioned before that her brother had to go to court for something? I don't know, I still feel like she's probably way over reacting. This guys just sounds like my roommate.

No. 289558

File: 1491956467520.jpg (880.29 KB, 1000x1333, IMG_0473_original.JPG)

Made it to 20:55 and the only thing that can be said about her is that she's a salty cunt. Even more so than some of the users here. The way she goes on and on about "fuckin fuck this and fuckn fuck that" is just so annoying and embarrassing as well.

Her comic art and anatomy is horrid, especially with her ego/attitude. Some of the things in her store aren't too bad, but when it comes to her comics is any quality goes down somehow? Also she doesn't clean her gross nails for the product pictures (pic related).

She treats her friend(s) and viewers/ potential customers like garbage and she has the gall to spew about how to get people to buy your things? Wow.

Not sure if this will be a big post, but damn, I've only just been introduced to her and i already dislike her eugh

No. 289567

Have you read that comic? She uses fancy panels for everything so you can't tell what the fuck is going on. The sex scene is pretty hilarious.

No. 289579

She has to work on her observational skill and actually do life drawing. Crazy how she was accepted to Calarts. Her drawings lack structure and depth, which is amazing considering her pride. I can't believe I'm finally seeing a thread about her

No. 289589

Off topic I know.

Do you mind explaining further on how her drawings lack structure and depth?

Learning things like that is neat.

No. 289593


She wasn't accepted, was she? I only remember her talking about trying to get in, but AFAIK, she never really got in..

No. 289596

it's critique though, right? So not all THAT off topic…

No. 289599

Not same anon but if you ever watch her sketch you can see that she doesn't plan or map anything out. All her characters end op looking off model and wonky. Like if you look at them from panel to panel they do not look they same.

She's curbs this a bit by having "a style" meaning she's made up a bunch of symbols that read as different things. It's why she only has a handful of expressions and poses. Just look at her pose book. She obsessed with making symbols and looking at models as a way to cheat at art and not have an actual understanding of the underlying structure as a model.

Depth, I'm not sure. It could be her flat and lazy perspective work of her lazy attempts with values, colour, and lighting. Anything she does is a shortcut. Just look at her how to draws, it's all just "cheats".

In addition she's awful at design work. I don't at least a dozen designs of something before actually putting it in an illustration let alone a comic book. She HATES planning and calls people who edit scripts "childish."

No. 289605

>editing scripts

the fuck…

No. 289636

If she edited scripts, she wouldn't have people sending her corrections on her comic pages.

I'm working on a comic and character consistency throughout the pages makes me nervous.

No. 289647

>She HATES planning and calls people who edit scripts "childish."

What does "editing scripts" mean in this context? sage for dumb

No. 289651


It's not dumb, anon. Maybe like this (example: comics)?


No. 289675

Same anon here.
From the comic pages posted here, the line weight and variation is mostly uniform. Typically, linework in the foreground should be thicker than in the background. Not to mention that she is inconsistent with perspective like in the last panel >>287014, where the floorboards should be receding into a single vanishing point.

You can all tell by the bad anatomy and the melting faces that there is no sense of structure. For example, look at the right arm on this character >>286985. The fingers shouldn't be wrapping around the pole like that. Also the figures are very stiff, just not enough exaggeration and expression for cartoons.
She does a lot of symbol drawing like one of the previous anon said. The eyes and mouths are like stickers.

Her designs are all the same, same kind of body, same hands, same faces, like a lesser johannathemad. Simply put, everything lacks variation and experimentation.

She spends a lot of time drawing, but creating art requires a lot of planning and thinking, I'd say like at least 60% research and idea development. She doesn't do that. Time and effort mean nothing, only the results. Unfortunately like many artists, she skipped a bunch of steps when she should be going back and learning fundamental skills. She's not advanced enough to be attempting the things she's doing because she's just misleading beginning artists with her rants and 'tips'.

In the Calarts video, she claims that she was accepted but chose not to go. Not sure if anyone can back up that claim?

No. 289702

>accepted but chose not to go

ehhhh judging by her work and her attitude I'd say that's bullshit

No. 289714

Who's Ashe, i must know. sage for off topic

No. 289718

I really hope someone scans this. I want to see how bad her porn is.

No. 289721

I used to hang around artist circles for years and I saw a lot of different artist types and went through plenty of phases myself, but ultimately chose a different career path, partly because of the awful people like Holly in the artist scene. To me Holly is one of those artist types that has a huge superiority complex and absolutely hates being challenged, but at the same time she acknowledges that she's not reaching the bar even high enough to be considered mediocre. Which is why she is so defensive about criticism and facing her flaws. She reacts so aggressively to thumbnailing and other means of editing/planning because it would make her think about all the things she's doing wrong and she clearly doesn't want that, even if it would mean improving. To her, improving seems to be scary for the reason I stated, it would make her face her flaws.

She also thrives on putting other people and ideals down because to her, offensive is the best defense. If she's already attacking something she (in her mind at least) puts herself in the position of an authority figure. I'm guessing all the bullshit about not being able to work because "it's taking away from her art, boo" is related to her superiority complex, she thinks she's entitled to live out her non-profit comic dreams and not sink to the level of people working part-time at fast food chains and grocery stores.

Ergo, I think it's extremely important to pull bitches like this off their high horse because as you've noticed her followers are very young and impressionable. If they'll assume this toxic mindset they'll end up like her and spread it even further.

>That shocking realization that no, that black haired chick is actually a dude and you think you're going blind.
Yyyeaaahh, I think being a blatant trap fetishist kind of disregards her rants about writing believable gay characters.

And once again the characters look extremely wonky and at the same time they share an almost identical face. And once again the hands look like claws. She repeats the same mistakes over and over again. And holy shit I thought anons were exaggerating her nails but fuck that's gross.

Symbol drawing works when you're figuring out measurements and practicing poses but Holly's characters look like she literally just inked over the symbols without giving them depth or curves. I'm seconding the anon who said she needs to do more life drawing because she seems to have zero sense of composition. The reason her poses look so awkward and stiff is because no normal people move like clothing store mannequins. It's not enough to know basic anatomy, you have to have some sort of sense about real-life limb/body movement. That Heathers animatic she made pretty much revealed how she has no idea how people move.

And I guess the lack of experimentation and variation comes from the superiority complex I talked about earlier. She's dug herself a nice little hole to stay in and she's not coming out.

No. 289723

you can read it online, just google "prince of eros". you have to make an account if you wanna read it on tapastic though.

No. 289725

Oh my god, thank you. I think I'm going to regret this though.

No. 289726


Lmao I bet she's lying. This chick's sketchbook is MILES better than anything Holly could ever produce and she got rejected.

She has a thread on /pt. The thumbnail is of a fat chick on a blue wig and black clothing. Also, to sage you gotta write "sage" on the email field.

No. 289731


>That Heathers animatic she made pretty much revealed how she has no idea how people move.

Rich b/c in one of her videos she rants about her old art school for giving more scholarships/opportunities to animation students than illustrators and has the gall to say animation is easy when she's only managed to shit out a couple gross gifs and one animatic.

She herself wanted to study animation but ultimately chickened out b/c of competition and the fact Disney switched over to 3D stuff.

No. 289743

You'd think she's make some effort for the cover but the title isn't even centered and there's 3 hands showing for 2 characters and they look exactly the same.

There's simply no weight to them, it doesn't even look like they're interacting together. I'm guessing they're lovers but the shorter one seems to be pushing the other's hand away gently.

It's crazy how little effort she puts into her stuff. She could ask two people to hold a pose to at least have a reference, how hard is that?

No. 289744

File: 1491988305390.jpg (8.17 KB, 320x320, why.jpg)


>those hands

No. 289745

She's nicer to those cows than she's ever been to her viewers lmfao her voice completely changes. She relates, being a lolcow herself


What bothers me the most is that she wants to rush Purgatory only because she likes her new Paranormal Plague OCs better, even if the story is way less developed. It's like she made Purgatory when she was in this strong fujoshi kick and now she's over it and keeps bitching about it because she wants to draw her new so manly OC. Not shitting, Paranormal Plague has three main characters but she keeps obsessing and developing pretty much only the guy and she even made a self insert marysue to be his girlfriend. And this is what she wants to drop Purgatory for.

>"Cell-shading is the laziest shit ever"

>Cuts corners mid way in her own comic

She's not going to color Paranormal Plague painting it like that. She would take forever, and the coloring's still ugly. I thought she wanted the comic to be very 80s and bold… of course she wouldn't research for her color scheme.

No. 289748

File: 1491989299564.jpg (28.51 KB, 259x386, Animorphs_32_The_Separation.jp…)


Paranormal plague's concept is basically animorphs and yet shes even worse at drawing animals than humans.

No. 289750

File: 1491990149734.jpg (36.68 KB, 331x543, image.jpg)

This guys face tho, I can't believe she has the audacity to complain and put down other artists with her stupid friends when her art looks like this
>that Dorito chin
>weird eye

No. 289753

Sorry for asking, but what is Paranormal Plague even about? Is it seriously about people who turn into animals or…?

I kinda want to send her the link to this page just to see how she'd react and watch her sperg out in her own little conceited way. Juuuuust a little.

No. 289763

this bitch's art reminds me of senpai club but significantly less charming

No. 289776


>Is it seriously about people who turn into animals or…?

Well she hasn't started it yet but she has explained in a video the concept being a group of college students who investigate mysterious activities/fight crime in a city where some people randomly have the ability to shape shift into animals b/c of a 'plague' hence the name 'paranormal plague'

Actually sounds kind of cool, if only she had the technical ability to illustrate it well and wasn't a obnoxious person

>I kinda want to send her the link to this page

Nah, its way more fun and spontaneous for ppl to discover their dedicated hate threads when googling themselves and then freak out publicly

No. 289826

Seriously, it's just animorphs with more crime. I didn't think that there was anything more upsetting than the regular animorphs, but I guess we'll see.

No. 289837

Agreed on the link thing.
But doesn't 'plague' signify something like, negative? Like the bubonic plague or something?
I really don't think Holly has the necessary writing skills to pull the plot off, esp. when she's only developed her bishe mc. I tried writing a complex story by only developing the characters and six years later I'm still no where and I highly doubt Holly has the perseverance.
Looking forward to seeing this comic flop.

Fucking kek'd at the video anon. Thanks for the share.

No. 289863

Why is this girl even getting this much attention when her stuff is not only just bad it's ugly??
Is it that easy to pander with fujoshit?

No. 289908

her obsession with SELL SELL SELL, I MUST SELL THIS, THIS WILL SELL, is so gross. like, have some goddamn dignity, even if I did like her shit I would refuse to buy because of her disgusting attitude.

also, I went and read her entire shit purgatory whatever and I have no idea what the fuck is going on. like, what the hell.

her fucking SUPERIORITY COMPLEX as well is the biggest turn off as well oh my god. especially when her only skillset seems to be fucking buildings. the only thing I can see her doing is fucking backgrounds (with improvement of course)

No. 289922

At first glance I liked her backgrounds, but honestly they're flat and perspective is all over the place.

Honestly, yes. This audience is one of the easiest to pander to. Though, if you really want to make bank and sell lots, pander to furry fandom. Fujoshit will get you a bunch of preteen girls with no money. You'd be surprised how many rich furries there are willing to spend ludicrous amounts (industry rates) on their fursonas. Holly isn't even selling out in the right way. Yeesh learn to shill better.

In other words, Fujos beg for discounts while furries shower you with tips.

(Also if you actually draw adult gay men instead of lady boys you can get a chunk more change from a smaller but richer audience).

Related video: Holly getting screwed over by the shitty audience while simultaneously being the worst at basic art business practices.

No. 290004

File: 1492028860779.png (163.28 KB, 1210x642, Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 4.23…)

Manga studio didn't immediately fix all her problems?! I'm so shocked.

Why does she think buying art supplies will fix all her problems? She talks about her brother's 'get rich quick schemes' when she's constantly buying stuff like it'll actually make a difference to her art quality.

No. 290051

>3 cans of diet soda

No. 290092

Paint tool sai. You can get it for free if you aren't retarded. Does she not realize this?

No. 290096

>blames people making her paychecks possible once again

No. 290122

blatant stupidity aside dear god what an absolute shit attitude

No. 290150

I don't think sai works on apple. Also $25 is chump change for a program.

No. 290161

right? she's always mentioning that she's trying to lose weight

I guess she probably gave up

No. 290204

I have it on my mac and it works fine. shes just an idiot

No. 290247

who the fuck doesnt use SAI at this point honestly. it's the easiest paid (aka not shit) art program to get for free anyway ??? she uses photoshop and something tells me she isnt paying for it so she musnt be totally retarded

No. 290269

i genuinely thought at first that you squished the face like in >>287218 but then i scrolled up and fucking loled

i think it was in the thread in /ot that i said that all her faces look like the halfway point on an animorphs cover anyway so, appropriate?

the pic the thumbnail of this vid is from has to be the absolute shittiest thing she's ever put out. that character's fucking hair makes me want to punch everything in a four foot radius every time i see it

No. 290274

that characters hair triggers me so much, i always think all the characters she draws look like they are wearing a helmet but that one is just so fucking ridiculous

No. 290372


Oh no, she IS paying for the full adobe suite. Her online art school 'requires' it she said. It's her excuse for getting a Mac b/c she couldn't use all the programs on her Macbook Pro

No. 290373

she buys shit more than any artist I know. I know quite a few professionals and seriously, she burns through cash like crazy- and I feel like she hardly sells anything? aside from those sketchbooks she makes (which I gotta admit is smart).

like, does she think getting a cintiq will make her… popular?

No. 290375

She is so lazy she wont read the user manual to learn the techniques and tools. It's on their website, in fact - the examples and tutorials are right there, on the front page as advertised. She's not spending any time learning and trying new things…but that was expected, I guess.

No. 290385

I swear to god that character looks like that one Jesus painting the old lady fucked up and turned into a meme.

No. 290450

It's me, I the artist who can't figure out how to install sai.

No. 290475

I think she's just fallen into the delusion that buying better art supplies automatically makes your art better. Like just 'cause she bought a cintiq her art is automatically professional-tier or something.
Most people tend to grow out of this delusion by the time they start practicing and realize that no, money won't buy you skills but nooooooooooooooo not Holly, not after sketching pointlessly for two years with no improvement.

No. 290516

like people who buy expensive cameras and suddenly now they are a ~photographer~

sage that just pisses me off so much lol

No. 290528

it infuriates me because ive been saving for like a year for a cintiq because for a job I need to move to digital and this bitch- I can't

No. 290535

Does anyone know what she talking about with the digital line quality? Is she seriously zoomed in and tying to perfect her lines?

Like I'm triggered by how she's colouring and the fact she's got only 5 layers. But does she realize if she uses a large canvas and doesn't zoom in 1000x she'll get smoother lines? It's like that cintiq is the same size as your sketchbooks. It shouldn't be a hard transition.

But oh wait, fuck learning a new thing. Holly is a prodigy genius.

No. 290612

File: 1492113491615.png (21.21 KB, 834x122, holy talks shit abt my cartoon…)

Not sure if anyone here watches the Pizza Party Podcast but on the most recent episode I noticed our dear art goddess Holly commented to talk about how Butch Hartman's (Creator of Fairly Odd Parents) coloring is atrocious. I don't like a lot of things about his style either but I found this pretty rich coming from her. Especially the "other artist in the same age range" part since practically any artist in college (Hell, even high school) has more skill than her

No. 290621

File: 1492114517353.jpg (39.21 KB, 500x276, 1-Poetic-Justice-quotes.jpg)

Holly just belongs in the trash at this point

No. 290693

Wow this chick has a lot of nerve.

No. 290699

does she have legitimate anger issues? i don't know how she has the energy to be that infuriated all the time.

No. 290717

>goth cheese skin

am I thinking of someone else because I have no idea what she means by that, and I'm not a fan either, I think

No. 290727

I noticed in a recent vlog she has a lot of SI scars. why the fuck hasnt she clearly gotten therapy yet

No. 290743

I found Holly through her response to baylee jae's art block video, and she didn't seem that bad. The artwork she was working on was actually pretty good, too.

I don't know what the hell happened since then. Maybe she's finally gone off the deep end

No. 290745

File: 1492132778739.png (1.85 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3127.PNG)

Pic related:

No. 290754

shes good at copying- like if you look at her figure studies for school, she can copy pretty good. and she has an ok grasp of color. but when she draws without looking at a model she just cannot. plus, either she looks in a mirror too much for facial reference or just is too comfortable in that style, because her faces/expression are horrifying.

also her story telling is atrocious, plus her general attitude is just aggravating. she also a problem saying she hates a certain thing then in the next second, doing that exact thing. its tiresome

No. 291370

this is pissing me off so much. "I wanted this tablet so I could colour faster. I'm not good with my Intuous because I don't use it enough" holy shit this bitch just wasted like a thousand bucks on something she'll probably barely use when she already has a functional tablet and her reasoning is "I'm too fucking lazy to just learn how to use my intuous"

kill me

No. 291634

"I think bad panelling is a product of digital art."

I'm so fucking triggered. My paneling can walk circles around hers any day. Fuck off. I know a thousand digital comics that can walk circles around her shitty comic on a bad day.

No. 291644

…where the fuck does all this unwarranted self importance come from??

No. 291656

from her subscriber count probably, she thinks 100k subs = good at art
it doesn't help that her fans pretty much enable her and her bad attitude

No. 291660

Shes eating on her fucking cintiq, wtf!!! she literally only got the thing a week ago

No. 291674

File: 1492201748950.png (12.98 KB, 747x99, e5y656.PNG)

Not even surprised at this point

No. 291830

I haven't bothered to unfollow her on instagram from my art account so I saw her instagram story. She implied that there is a sex scene in her comic with a 15 year old? Am I the only one a bit creeped out by that?

No. 291835

This isn't ugly enough to be Holly's art. Try again. Though I do give her points for the slack jaw the rest of the head is not potatoey enough.

No. 291844

File: 1492221902466.png (262.25 KB, 335x455, grdgttj.PNG)

she got the mouth right at least

No. 291858

she's so stuck up her own ass about traditional art- with the new art book she got for fmab she acts like its impossible to recreate traditional effect digitally. is she an idiot? people have done that for YEARS

No. 291859

I use my cheap Chinese knockoff tablet as a coaster sometimes but a fucking Cintiq?!

A shit ton of professional mangaka composite and arrange panels digitally. Literally what is she saying.

I've never paid attention to the artist YT scene so I've never heard of this person, but my body is 70% salt right now.

No. 291863

thanks for the heads up, there's no way I'm watching that

No. 291866

what tablet may I ask? if it works good as a wacom i'd love it

No. 291873

Huion H610 Pro. I had Wacom's Intuos 3 and Intuos Pro (basically the Intuos 4), both medium-sized models, prior and the Huion is extremely comparable in everything but hardware (it feels cheaper, unsurprisingly). The drivers are extremely stable and have never crashed on me, however.
Here's a thorough review of my model:

I dunno how familiar you are with digital drawing, but if you want to size up/splurge, there's also a massive tablet also by Huion (the Giano) that I heard really great things about.

No. 291875

Not that anon but I'm selling my 13HD in favor of a Huion h610 Pro (not a display tablet). I line with SAI and it personally gives a me a better experience without the parallax. The parallax on small cintiqs is ridiculous imo but I know many are fine with it.
Plus I like the rougher textured surface than the intouses I've owned
oh shit lol

No. 291888

Oh lol, I'm the Huion anon you're replying to! We're in opposite situations. I was looking to get a Cintiq (specifically a 13HD!) because while I love sketching and painting on my Huion, doing clean lineart feels really unintuitive on a non-display tablet. If the parallax is that bad, I think I'll have to wait for the newer gen of Cintiqs to get devalued, then.

Apparently there's a newer model of the H610, fyi to you two:

No. 291916

File: 1492234680964.png (11.3 KB, 749x98, justgiveup.png)

No. 291918

they're not wrong but
here we go lol

No. 291920

I decided to try and read her comic and the first thing that I notice about it is that it sounds like it's been drawn first and written later. Like she's drawn the speech bubbles and is just trying to fill them without even thinking about it. For some reason I can't save the images but look at page 17 and 18 https://tapastic.com/episode/391666

No. 291921

>three panels for two lines of dialogue
>subject isn't even actually doing anything warranting three panels

She really needs a beta reader or something for the dialogue, though. Maybe it's the pacing or something but everything feels disjointed. Comics is probably one of the hardest mediums, but as you said, it just feels like she started drawing with no foresight regarding writing, pacing, or storytelling.

No. 291925

File: 1492236201960.png (237.98 KB, 642x592, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 2.02…)

for some reason this panel makes me die laughing every time. this entire thing is a joke

No. 291959

I wonder if Holly will have another twitter tantrum

kek even her own characters don't know what's going on

No. 291964

>it just feels like she started drawing with no foresight regarding writing, pacing, or storytelling.

isn't this exactly what she does, with all her complaining about how "childish" planning is? lol

No. 292039


Her writing videos are a gold mine of bad advice (then again which one of her videos isn't?).

Purgatory looks like a lot of comics I like, but only at a glance. The edgy black and white gay comic about occult shit. I find they always get confusing and their creators tend to get their head up their ass with symbolism and such. I know one creator that confused their audience so much at the end of their comic they had to summarize the whole plot to make it comprehensible.

No. 292043

File: 1492263231953.jpg (420.29 KB, 1220x804, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 9.27…)

"Don't brag about how much time and effort you put in. Brag about how rushed your project was! :D Then no one can critique you because 'lol, i didn't even care anyways.'"

No. 292064

I don't understand why Holly acts the way she does. For the quality she produces she makes good money and has a stable fan base.
I mean, I really wish I could produce the low quality she does and not disappoint my own followers. She should be really happy.

Unless she's aware she's total shit, and that is why she has this need to bash every artist that's better than her. It's like she can't relate to her fellow peers.

If she does read this thread my advice for her struggles with digital is keep adjusting that pen pressure and clipping layers and the paint bucket tool can help color a whole comic page in no time.

I honestly don't know how she struggled so bad with coloring with her program and blamed her followers for her incompetence.

No. 292090


At least I am genuinely curious how much time artist spent on a piece. I think it's interesting because some artist can do very detailed work in just couple hours. Some spend even weeks doing a piece, when for someone else that's unheard of. More hours doesn't mean more quality, she's right about hat, but why be asshole "stop saying shit like this" just because you're not interested. Others can be. Oh but others are irrelevant for her, sorry I forgot.

No. 292098

God. Her attitude reminds me of 12 year old I'm so dark and hate the world me. Art skills were probably on the same level too. lol.

Also "how long did that take you?" Is probably the most common question I get.

No. 292236

new vid out titled "stop hate-following and gtfo"
kek even her own fans are starting to hate her

No. 292241

File: 1492287861295.png (67.89 KB, 768x400, dfdsfd.PNG)

called it

No. 292249

>someone offers Holly criticism about her comic and how she would do in the business industry
>"you dont work in the comic industry!! liar!! you dont respect me!! wooow you're such an expert!! i shouldnt even bother responding to you!!"

i love it when she just dodges criticism and instead goes to insulting the critic with elementary school playground insults. very professional.

No. 292267

Does she not see her constant hypocrisy and negative attitude? Why does she have to be so fucking mean spirited and whiny all the time to begin with? And why do people find this admirable?

Wow, if she gave lip like that to her art teachers it's no wonder she dropped out of art school. She clearly can't handle criticism at all even if it would help her improve.

No. 292279

a fan commented how, she's being persecuted like Onision. I mean, that's probably the last sign Holly, being compared to a fucking sociopath

No. 292289


I like how she didnt even understand their comment.
They said if holly feels like she cant have opinions due to critique thats on her and she doesnt have a spine for her own opinions on things.
Like no where in the comment did they say that holly isnt allowed to have opinions or she cant teach people things because shes garbage or anything like that.

so i have no fucking idea where she even got that.
it seems like she just ranted on that person and accidentally blamed them for her insecurities

No. 292291

also… she does know people can find her videos without… following her? oh my god she's ridiculous

No. 292292

File: 1492292188261.png (109.06 KB, 814x744, plsholly.png)

No. 292294

wow. She can't even read.

No. 292295

also that other person wasn't a master or whatever - they were offering simple critique. this bitch I CANT

No. 292296

The ass kissing in the comments is wild, I don't know how people can stand her anymore. She's getting cuntier by the day, and a bigger lolcow with every new bitchy video she uploads, is she self aware at all?

She keeps complaining about 12 year olds but look at the comments, literally every single one of her fans is 13. And that's because her nasty mean attitude only appeals to edgy preteens. She's as immature as her audience.

No. 292297

she also completely LOOSES HER SHIT when people give like, simple crits. like, holy crap, and IMMEDIATELY assumes its fucking ww3 with implications. calm your tits for fucks sake

No. 292303

File: 1492293392060.png (37.89 KB, 748x187, savage.PNG)

>a fan commented how, she's being persecuted like Onision


No. 292304

File: 1492293566170.png (40.62 KB, 814x273, oni.PNG)

>sweet baby like holly

No. 292310

File: 1492294340424.png (1.05 MB, 1094x1252, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 6.09…)

Um….You've made the background lines thinner and your characters not longer express or look their age. Good job???

No. 292327

What kind of vaccine did this woman take to become this fucking immune to any sort of criticism?

No. 292344

I feel like she fishes for pity comments with all the talk of how poor she is and garbage im pretty sure thats all her sales is pity buys its frustrating

No. 292345

File: 1492297068684.png (16.19 KB, 757x97, Screenshot (71).png)

No. 292351

File: 1492299309911.png (998.9 KB, 1100x1240, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 7.34…)

Holly sure is busy messing things up today, huh? She's decided to make her comic red now.

No. 292355

The OP image annoys me so bad. It looks like it says "Face Angies".

No. 292364

Why oh why can't she at least centre her text nicely in the bubbles. There's just no explaining that away.

No. 292366

File: 1492300980959.png (42.53 KB, 577x324, SOEXTRA.PNG)

She deleted the comments holy fuck

No. 292371

>like wow excuse me for having emotions and opinions on what people should be allowed to say, oh fuck how unprofessional of me
Well.. yeah. It is unprofessional to throw a bratty bitchfit after being challenged professionally. What the fuck is her problem? Doesn't she realize how badly she's embarrassing herself?

No. 292375

The fucking doorknob panel is in this. I'll never get over it.

God she's such a child. No wonder why so many can't catch her livestreams, they're all at school.

No. 292377


I'm actually surprised she didn't delete my comment (yet) but it looks like I did annoy her enough to post that apparently. I called her "unprofessional" in my post but I was also trying to be helpful. She only focuses on the negatives. How can someone live like this?

No. 292381

File: 1492302705438.jpg (29.6 KB, 599x337, what the.jpg)

she deleted these tweets too

No. 292395

File: 1492304952668.jpg (31.52 KB, 278x270, dull surprise.jpg)

I can't get over her character's long ass faces and apparent lack of skulls.

No. 292421

has holly never used a doorknob before? what the fuck

No. 292422


>speech bubbles over the gaps between panels

>sometimes obscuring them completely


seriously tho why does she bother giving a character glasses when she isn't going to bother to draw the damn lines straight >>292395 much less figure out how they look from an angle. looks like a weird superhero mask or something on top of making his expressions so hard to read from a distance.

No. 292424

File: 1492309595815.jpeg (34.37 KB, 650x488, image.jpeg)

No. 292467


I can't even tell which is the newest and which is the oldest??

Like the upper one has nicer people but the lower one is more readable so I don't know which one is supposed to be the improvement??

No. 292516


I started reading her comic awhile ago and I'm sad to see she change the characters so much, they were actually cute in the beginning
and she thinks its an improvement?? tf

No. 292533


So the lower one is the "better" version?

lmao at the perspective

No. 292597

To be fair only Simon was cute. Damian's 'design' repulses me on every level, and that's ignoring the fact that no one can read it. I thought he was a girl wearing a weird helmet at first.

No. 292599

Showed this to my colourblind friend, she can no long see the comic lol.

I'm jealous now, because it's giving me a migraine.

No. 292619

There's no form of colour-blindness where you wouldn't be able to see the comic anymore. But yes, it's giving me a headache from looking at it too long.

No. 292666

has anyone ever noticed that in all her videos she has the same jazz music track playing? call this a nitpick if you want, but its already annoying listening to her slurp up saliva and breathe into the mic, we dont need to hear the same boring music track over and over again.

No. 292703

File: 1492371689599.png (536.39 KB, 862x596, Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 3.39…)

I also just realized that she's basically living in just as much filth as Ash. And is also living with her parents.

No. 292718

the most annoying thing is her constant trash talk of successful and actually nice artists- she bought lucky penny and the only thing she could say was her art was 'better.'
bitch please i've met yuko & ananth and they're the nicest, most helpful people ever. yuko could fucking draw circles, literally, around this bitch.

No. 292726

File: 1492374693297.png (584.61 KB, 800x584, 1491318945-lucky-penny-ananth-…)

>the only thing she could say was her art was 'better.'
What the fuck Holly? This comic has a million layers more depth and energy than her shitty work. Why is she always so ridiculously hateful towards other artists? Does she think badmouthing others automatically makes her more talented than they are?

No. 292727

Did she say this in a Youtube video or on Twitch? I really can't believe this bitch would have the audacity to say that her own art is better than anyone else's, I really want to hear it come out of her mouth.

No. 292729

>the only thing she could say was her art was 'better.'

In what video did she do this?
Holy shit, Holly has some nerve. This comic is miles better than that pile of shit she calls Purgatory.

No. 292737

argh I cant remember, but I was binging hers- im pretty sure one of the 2016 ones, maybe in sept? Ill go back thru and find it I was like FOR FUCKING REAL BITCH? oh my god

No. 292738

Oh, gross. Yuko seems like an absolute sweetheart, I used to read her slice-of-life webcomic during my bus rides home in high school. Holly's egotism just baffles the utter hell out of me. I guess I'd…kind of get it if she had the talent to back up how nasty and boastful she is (not that it'd be anymore justifiable), but she's just so hilarious awful. I just don't get it. What even makes a person this dense and bitter?

No. 292740

Oops, I meant
>hilariously awful*

No. 292762

File: 1492379027063.png (494.25 KB, 983x627, Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 11.3…)

I think its just watching her insist on doing things the hard way when she could be using her time more efficiently, like say getting her comic done quicker like she wanted or actually improving her anatomy and other glaringly obvious flaws,

that makes me frustrated as an observer

No. 292765


The video linked in >>287116 is where she said it, I think.

No. 292778

I couldnt find it but I remember she went to like, Borders or some shit and was like, this is so basic my art is way better. I almost broke a window because Yuko is one of my art idols. the entire thing is ridiculous.

I really believe she thinks if she buys fancy supplies she'll become better, when no she does not.

No. 292848

was curious bc art, checked her out, realised i just can't listen to her. her mouth is filled with spit all the time. her art is so goddamn bad. seeing people like her sell art kinda helps my own self-esteem though, heh.

No. 292850

i absolutely fucking hate this character, especially their hairstyle. Its like an awful generic anime protagonist whose head and hair has been stretched vertically until it looks uncanny valley.

No. 292860

Whoa, learned something new today. Asked her about it, I guess she has something else with her eyes apparently? Like she has trouble with high contrast particularly red on white. She always has to get the teachers to not use red on her papers or on the whiteboard. She said she tells everyone colourblind because it's quicker.

Either way the comic is now an impossible nonsense to her (though I guess it was before too).

No. 292867

Here's the video, starts at 13:14 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDDnmO_7_QM

No. 292871

Samefag but at 30 seconds in here she's talking shit about another artist's facial expressions. How can she talk shit with a straight face about other artists when they're leagues better than her?

No. 292875

This is amazing compared to her shit. Just look at how much more interesting these 2 pages alone are. And it doesn't hurt my eyes.

No. 292880

the fucking delusion this chick has. her art doesn't have style, it just looks wrong and unfinished. and the fact that she has the balls to criticize better artists because she thinks her work is better??

No. 292886

File: 1492395041795.jpg (82.29 KB, 575x571, the-sculptor---david.jpg)

Wtf is she even talking about. Those expressions are an awesome example of subtle yet simple stylized art. Holly, you really aren't in a position to comment on art…I just…you don't understand the most basic shit. How are you confused about these expressions? I haven't even read this and I can feel the emotions and intent.

(assuming I got the right artist here, lol)

No. 292890

At the beginning I thought she was just rude, but she is so delusional. Her art needs so much improvement and she could just put what she thinks is true in positive words, like 'hey, I think my drawings are just as good as this amazing book, let's submit it somewhere' instead of saying it's shit.

Did she ever hear back from any of the publishers? Also, kek at the double page spread she's so proud of at 14.25, you could never print this because the dude is right in the middle.

Ah, makes sense! But as you said, she's not missing out (in this case).

Yeah, I don't get why she said that. Her expressions all look the same.

No. 292966

Wait so she claims to have been accepted to Calarts but then what was her reason for not going?

No. 292970

Money I believe. She couldn't pay for it so she didn't go.

No. 292972

I wish she went to school.
It could either help her or just provide some more hilarious delusional raging.

No. 292984

for it to help her, she would need to accept help. she'd just rage about how her professors were full of shit and couldn't recognize her obvious talent until she quit

No. 293011

She is/was in school (not sure if she's still going, but as of October of last year, she was in school)

No. 293024

By "school" they meant Calarts :v

No. 293029

All the characters look like mouth breathers omg

No. 293045


She never went to calarts, she went to this other random art school for one year before she quit

No. 293119

Her inking is trash for sure but thats such a glaringly obvious thing compared to how shes making her mechanical pencils commit suicide with each line she draws. YOURE NOT SUPPOSED TO HEAR YOUR PENCIL SCREECH WITH EVERY LINE YOU MAKE. She handles it like a child and its really disturbing that shes been to / is in school yet cant sketch without most likely harming both the paper and her pencil. Not to mention
'Fucking' 'fucking' 'FucKING' 'fucken' 'fuggin' 'fuckinn'
Even her cursing vocabulary is as bland as her comic and art style.

No. 293121

I'm sorry anon I have very little knowledge in art, but what does it mean for your pencil to screech and why is that bad (besides potentially ruining the pencil?)
I mean, aren't some cheap pencils just build really badly? (but then again, I highly doubt Holly would buy anything cheap with the way she splurges on everything. what is saving money.)

Not defending just genuinely curious.

sage for OT

No. 293128

It means shes very heavy handed when she draws. While shes sketching you hear how awful and loud the led is when it hits the paper and while it can be a number of things, you also see how dark her pencil lines are and no matter what type of led you use, if theyre that dark while sketching from start to finish, its ultimately from being heavy handed, this also means you damage paper (but tbh thats just nit picky bullshit and just hurts her when shes trying to erase shit and/or scan later)
its just very juvenile and means she also has a hard grip on her mechanical pencil which hurts your wrist / strains fingers etc which again isnt good.
Basically its just amazing that even her sketching is sub par, horrific and excuted in the dumbest and most childish of ways.

Also dont worry I understand wanting to know why thats an issue, its aiight anon dear

No. 293136

Please no leave musicals alone already Holly

>Meanwhile she's been working on this thing 2 years? and wants to give up? Does she realize you can work on multiple comics?

This is kinda funny, she has multiple videos in which she talks about she can/tries to work on multiple projects at once.
(For reference, one of them is the one I just embedded and she starts talking about that 5 minutes in)

No. 293152

she talks about how she shouldnt work on one thing forever, and not have a focus on one thing…
But shouldn't it be good to atleast have one project be your "thing" while having other projects at the same time?
She sounds like such a generalist with no focus.

It honestly seems like she has no actual interest? Everything she does is just to get paid or whats popular she literally has nothing i would say is original or "her"
(not counting the bad art/art style)
She really needs to find something she actually likes and try to get better at that thing

No. 293154

File: 1492439923159.png (451.57 KB, 856x530, Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 10.3…)

You can see what it looks like when she tries to erase things here. It doesn't really work, gets streaky and wrinkles the paper. This way, she couldn't redraw things that often without ripping the paper/ the structure breaks and you're not able to draw that well on it anymore.

No. 293155

is anyone else bothered by the mechanical pencil she chooses to draw with?
Whenever i see a artist use this cheap pencil they are ALWAYS heavy handed

No. 293159

"You can't just have 1 thing and expect it to sell."
Bitch, you just jealous that I can sell one graphic novel and make beyond cost at a convention. That's the power of QUALITY over quantity.

I've really gotten rid of clutter at my con tables and focus marketing efforts on my newest graphic novel these days. Multiple skews isn't inherently better, it can confuse and overwhelm and makes it clear you chase gimmicks and trends rather than having your own space with staying power.

No. 293171


She's young so I don't think she knows much about comics. If she finds this thread I suggest she doesn't cheap out with her paper. Thick, multi media paper with a smooth texture and literally says "erases easily" should solve her erasing issues.

Also she can draw her comic in a blue pencil first and do the final lines with a dark pencil. A blue pencil (Light blues) won't show well when scanning and whatever does show can be cleaned up digitally for a completely smooth look.
Heck, some programs even cleans up dust for you.

No. 293188


Her erasing really triggers me…

No. 293200

Ha! That's nothing, go to 8:00 of this video. And then remember she inks her comic on a light table.

(She's stopped doing this nowadays, but she still used to do this)

No. 293216

What. The. Fuck. That is the most idiotic thing I have ever seen

No. 293232

Wtf how did she go so long inking over that much pencil before realizing that was a bad idea?

No. 293264

Non-art/comicfag here, why is this so stupid?

No. 293309

File: 1492458291109.jpg (309.87 KB, 720x1238, Screenshot_20170417-122436.jpg)

You're right, this is worse! Is she actually filling in the black with more pencil??? And then she complains constantly about how long it takes to finish a page when she's doing something so unnecessary! Most artists mark black areas with "x".

Also, I don't know about you guys but her comment on this person's post irritated me.

No. 293318

She is so dumb. She has said that the reason why she does the blacks on the comic and doesn't just mark the areas with X is because she might sell the original ones in the future. That is so stupid because she is wasting so much her own time when she could just do it digitally and when the time comes to possibly sell the pages, she could fill the blacks traditionally and nobody couldn't tell the difference.
I feel like she just wants to do more unnecessary work just to say and "proof" how hard she works.

No. 293320

It's just unnecessary and a waste of pencil lead
she could simply put a small note/or an "X" where it's supposed to be all black but instead she just fills it in with a shitton of pencil/that she's gonna go over anyway with ink

No. 293333

The reason why most artist shade digitally is because it will increase the risk of smudging. Pages don't age as well either. Instead you keep the original pages and put them in a portfolio with clear plastic, and print the final beside it for comparison… I mean that's what I do.

No. 293335

Kind if related but what happened to her other fujo friend donniedraws?
It looks like she deleted all her youtube stuff

No. 293344

Also if she really wants to still do this and go fast….GET A BIGGER PENCIL. She does this on digital too, she works with the smallest brush and then wonders why greying takes her forever. She's also fill bucket averse.

No. 293345

>slap a different name on him so publisher won't notice he's a boy
>as if editors don't exist and won't notice a BL story going on
If a publisher doesn't want to market a gay couple, why would you sign with them anyway? None of this makes sense. It's not even clever or sneaky. It's just a weird way to undermine her own story.

No. 293346

Wow, she really doesn't give a shit about her comic at all, does she? I mean, someone who actually cared would not plan their comic ahead so that they could alter it just to get published. Besides, wouldn't changing her character into a girl make the whole thing pointless since the main character being gay was supposedly a major plot point or something?

No. 293430

….she is an utter complete idiot

No. 293435

editors usually don't like yaoi stories because they have little substance and the whole story and world seems to focus on the two fucking. Changing the characters gender wont do anything.

Stories that do involve two romantically in love males are very compelling with an interesting stories

Either that or the yaoi is pure smut for the sake of smut, but the sex scenes are amazing.

so she has no story and doesn't have the anatomy skills to draw a steamy smut comic.

No. 293464

Maybe she was reported for all the shota she draws? Who knows now

No. 293492

File: 1492472592749.png (14.88 KB, 594x104, gegf.PNG)

that's what I was thinking, She even changed her tumblr and instagram name
Funny, her and the Holly gang are always talking shit and act tough but once confronted or called out
they run or make an 8 minute video on why you're wrong

On another note maybe the reason Holly is so bitter is because she doesn't have any irl friends. Or maybe because she's so bitter and abrasive, it's difficult for her to make some. She's a mystery

No. 293504

she is also OBSESSED with mentioning how theyre young teens and Simon gets molested by an older man. I remember my skin crawling when she was cackling over 'the good part coming up' with Simon being molested.

She is seriously deranged. It's also super fucking rude that she's so pro LGBT but she's willing to change a character just to get published. honestly I just think Holly is a fame hungry cunt

No. 293511


i mean shes been going after whatever is the popular tag of the moment lol i dont even think she really "likes" art. all she wants is fame and money

No. 293512

annnnnnd in her newest video she's already saying how she doesnt want to redo the shittier first half. give up for christ's sake

No. 293614

Her comic's pacing is even worse than the art. The main characters arguing about sharing a bed is somehow dragged out for ten goddamn pages. I can honestly say that Sonichu has a more gripping storyline than Purgatory.

No. 293621

is she really criticizing Scott McCloud….Scott fucking McCloud…the successful comic artist who's written several comics and won awards for his work? the nerve she has.

if someone had used the same exact critique against her work she'd lose it

No. 293703



>the good part


Holly, you alright?

No. 293716

It's one thing to write in events like that in a story, another to call it "the good part". Yikes.

No. 293779


No. 293806

Does anyone else get triggered by the sound of her heavy breathing in videos or when a lock of her hair just covers a bit of the camera like bitch how hard would it have been to tie your hair back before filming?

No. 293861


Ugggggg. Triggered.

No. 293907

She actually changed the pages to the red versions… This bitch.

No. 293926


i fucking hate that shes also jumping on taz now like fuck off

No. 293941

What is up with those shadows and folds? Isn't she a 'professional'. Why does she make such bad noobie mistakes?

No. 293973

>Taako's hat's not even on his head. It's just hovering in the air
>the mixing bowl, and everything on the table, is misshapen
>he shadows are completely nonsensical in a lot of places

She has no understanding of 3 dimensional space. These are the kinds of mistakes you'd expect from young children.

No. 294015

She drew lots of shotacon porn and dicks on her youtube vids, so it was a matter of time before she got reported.

No. 294016

IIRC Donnie made a rant video that got reposted on /ic/ and torn apart. Maybe that contributed to her deleting fucking everything.

No. 294017

A good rule of thumb is to take everything Holly says as the opposite of true. She seems to love insulting and criticising artist who are objectively better than her. It's like a defense mechanism.

No. 294018

can someone take a screencap or something, I don't want to watch her videos and get an aneurism

No. 294026


In the video she says that she's scanning her pages, and AUTO TRACES them in illustrator. "That's how you get clean lines".

No. 294035


I fucking called it in the YouTube Artists thread! I knew she live traced her stuff LOL

No. 294042

File: 1492543123049.png (342.79 KB, 951x612, x.png)

>when ur shoulder is dislocated and your forearm cut in half

She surely makes me feel better about my art.

No. 294051


WTF is going on with those hands? It's like she doesn't know how hands function.

No. 294076

File: 1492545292217.png (23.69 KB, 407x96, heh.png)

lol i hope she does.

No. 294083

The way she draws eyes just bugs me so fucking much. There's no effort, just a circle and a tiny black dot. I guess that's part of the reason all the people she draws look so soulless, eyes are the window to the soul after all.

No. 294085


tbh I am super light handed and when I am using textured it makes the sound no matter what, unless it's like super super invisible thin light line. Bot trying to defend her or anything because yeah, as shown in >>293154 her paper is smudge hell.

Just saying so some people don't get insecure or whatever, you can make sounds when drawing.

Sage for bullshit.

No. 294087


I used to feel so self-conscious about my anatomy because that's not my strong suit. I got so self conscious because of her videos bashing bad anatomy, and now I see this. I don't feel so bad about mine anymore! At least I'm trying to better my anatomy and can admit that I'm not the best at it.

Sage for rant

No. 294092


textured paper*

sage again for samefagging

No. 294181

is bottom guy freaking out because one of his hands seems to only have 3 fingers on it? why is he throwing the live long and prosper gesture like a gang sign?

i guess top guy's face of pain is because his face is sliding off and it's taking his shoulder with it

No. 294233


Holy shit anon, I didn't even notice both shitty hands on Hamilton (The bottom guy) lmao

Glad to see Holly is making us all feel better about ourselves.

No. 294235

File: 1492562142035.jpg (704.08 KB, 458x2400, highlights.jpg)

Personal favourite highlights from the update today.

No. 294243


Holy fuck, his mumps on the third pannel.

Also, it does looks like she's kinda fetishing abuse with some of those lines, but I may be wrong…

No. 294244

the clearest sign that she knows nothing about anatomy are those lumpy mashed potato faces, holeeeeee

No. 294246

is this the molestation she talked about

No. 294251

It took me a minute to realize that panel 5 is supposed to show the kid leaping up and away… read it at first as him wearing a weird cape… Still not completely sure.

No. 294256

i looked thru her other yaoi one
that arm god damn

No. 294262

File: 1492564465930.jpg (Spoiler Image, 198.57 KB, 940x1169, 40c74afe-5a70-4b33-ae74-aad6b6…)

some of it, it looks like
I think they were pointing out the flaws like how some of the text is just squished into the speech bubbles

No. 294264

File: 1492564782059.jpg (14 KB, 236x288, 66d1346af175da245aa2af9003824c…)

Every time I see Holly's art, I immediately think Don Martin… Except Don Martin knew how to draw.

No. 294270

File: 1492565244986.png (99.92 KB, 1113x652, IMG_5670.PNG)

I feel bad saying this but uh…

No. 294271

File: 1492565294537.png (101.55 KB, 1213x920, IMG_5671.PNG)

Did she use her own face for reference for the old molester guy? The resemblance…

No. 294287

What in the fuck is that hand in the top left corner

No. 294292


she's trying to write a 'serious' scene, but those fucking glasses make everything comical. seriously. what the fuck are those glasses i'm unreasonably mad about them

No. 294308

im crying what is this update? rape fetish exposed oml

No. 294313

File: 1492568803635.png (1.11 MB, 1456x624, heysonulookgood.png)

all of her characters look like they want to come onto the shotas

No. 294344

File: 1492573519429.png (227.48 KB, 362x348, tr4567.PNG)

Tell me about
God, look at his face!

No. 294345

File: 1492573841293.png (293.91 KB, 573x366, lmao.PNG)

Guess who's a popular bitch

No. 294346

It's all… So ugly

No. 294347

because everyone wants to see how bad it is? lol

No. 294355

File: 1492575028674.png (783.34 KB, 802x494, aaaa.png)

Holy fuck, the arm of the smaller guy i'm dying

tbh i think she references her face for all of her characters. It's the same proportions for all of them

No. 294356

File: 1492575118364.png (155.67 KB, 342x249, kdKkIVW.png)

No. 294357

File: 1492575370071.jpg (118.91 KB, 864x1280, 3213dsdf.jpg)


I knew it reminded of something.

"You like jazz?"

also pic related

No. 294376

File: 1492579566062.png (787.08 KB, 776x536, good god.png)

Shit, I created an account just to see how bad the porn comic is, and it was worthy it. The lines are so shitty and jesus fuck the anatomy.

I normally would feel bad for mocking other people's art, but she does that with other people all the time even though her art is 8th grader tier

No. 294378

the pupils are going two different directions when you enlarge it and im dying

No. 294379

File: 1492580549455.jpg (58.52 KB, 365x500, 51Y6zuyn wL.jpg)

She's almost good enough to get a job drawing DVD covers for older animated movies.

No. 294381


keeping an eye on his face and the other on his dick

No. 294383

Jesus anon, spoil that shit.

>That downsy look on his face

>That off-centered dick.
>That fucking hand gripping his thigh.
>That thumb on his right hand
>That hair that looks like one of ash's "styled" wigs.

I might be nitpicking but holy shit.
Another anon mentioned something along these lines but christ I think the only thing Holly is good for is to make other people feel better about their art.
I mean, I GUESS that's a way to contribute to society??

No. 294392

File: 1492582616228.png (129.04 KB, 277x273, ..png)

this is getting ridiculous

No. 294404

File: 1492586160911.jpeg (56.89 KB, 618x710, image.jpeg)

No. 294405

this is absolutely inexcusable. Holly is the single worst "professional" artist I've ever seen. Her art is terrible, her personality is terrible. Nothing about her as an artist or a person is redeemable. It's honestly taken all the restraint I have not to actively antagonize her online.

I really hope this girl gets her wake up call. I hope she realizes her own hypocrisy and her shortcomings and either shuts up and works harder or just gives up all together. The way things are now, if she refuses to improve and just continues drawing terrible, bland comics and shitting on her fans and other artists, she's going to go nowhere in art or life.

I hope she applies for all sorts of professional positions at well-known companies and is rejected from every single one.

Holly is the most mediocre artist on the internet and does not have nearly enough skill to talk big game like she does. There are dozens of competent, friendly, and consistently professional comic artists I associate with on a daily basis who don't have even half the fanbase she does and deserve it a thousand times more than she does.

sage for rant. tldr, Holly sucks and im triggered

No. 294406

>>294042 burr looks like a constipated gorilla lmao. and shouldn't hamilton have his pistol? i feel like it's supposed to be where he dies but i cant fucking tell. i hate this more than all of her other things combined why cant she leave good things alone

No. 294453

File: 1492600542752.png (75.14 KB, 1192x284, Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 7.14…)

Bonus points: Erotica and explicit content with the express purpose of titillating is banned on tapas. It's against TOS and she shouldn't even be posting it there.

Though there isn't anything sexy about this.

No. 294474

oh yeah def reporting this lol. partially because its an affront to man and partially because the disease must be contained

No. 294491

fuuuuck she can't even write a sentence without poor grammar and spelling?

No. 294529

>The anatomy is fucked
>The foreshortening is fucked
>The proportions are fucked
>The vacant retarded look on his face looks awful and distracting
>The fucking jay leno chin
>The unfocused lazy eye
You'd think that with the amount of shit she gives other artists she'd have some skill to back up her behavior but no, her stuff is grade school tier at best. I honestly have no idea how she thinks she's entitled to the ego she has with drawings like this. And because she has an extremely rotten attitude towards critique, she's not going to improve any time soon.

No. 294554

>I hope she applies for all sorts of professional positions at well-known companies and is rejected from every single one.

though this is certainly her future - and if she manages to get in based on YT views alone she will just as quickly be out the door - but see the cal arts rant for how she'll react. ITS NOT LIKE I WANTED THIS JOB OR ANYTHING, THESE GUYS JUST DONT KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING AND I AM SUPERIOR IN THESE WAYS

No. 294646

she can't do shit but she sure can tell others how to do things

No. 294787

File: 1492641128956.jpg (55.54 KB, 602x544, ByHePjo.jpg)

I thought these were pretty rich coming from her, especially the outlined tweet. You literally act like anyone who doesn't kiss your ass, is out to get you. Quit telling other artists what to do.

No. 294789

keking too hard man

No. 294924

> actually a style or a series of flaws

literally describing herself, 0 self awareness

No. 294929

How do you get this sort of personality when your art isn't even that good? What the fuck?

No. 294932

wait so did she get into calarts or not? i thought she did?

No. 294939

when you get a fanbase that defends your art and kisses your ass all the time

No. 294942

File: 1492658983011.jpg (5.69 KB, 261x142, 1490929608743.jpg)

Yeah something like that, she uploaded an update and it turns out she deleted them because she wasn't feeling sure about her art. Interestingly enough, she mentioned that she received a lot of harsh criticism from a friend and she can't stop thinking about it. Maybe I'm reaching here but what are the chances that that friend was Holly?

No. 294948

She didn't. Unfortunately she deleted the video, but she apparently sent in a sketch book and it was rejected. The response she made about it was basically, "CalArts is so stupid, my sketchbook is obviously the best and they rejected me because they didn't understand my vision and they have no idea how to judge a sketch book" or some shit. The comment section to that video was amazing because everyone called her out for her bullshit and some said that she deserved to get rejected.

I knew I should of saved that video!

No. 294963


Okay, NOT defending Holly but
>Unfortunately she deleted the video, but she apparently sent in a sketch book and it was rejected.

I'm pretty darn sure she said in that video that she DID get accepted into calarts, but opted not to attend b/c money. And she talked about all these other rejected sketchbook carat submissions being so good but didn't get in b/c calarts has very strict 'dumb' regulations.

Her rant was about how calart's selection process is dumb b/c sketchbooks r very personal and junk. The reason why ppl got mad about it is b/c if your applying to a prestigious art school you shouldn't complain about their requirements. That's like a person complaining a job didn't hire them b/c the place didn't like their portfolio.

>the response she made about it was basically, "CalArts is so stupid, my sketchbook is obviously the best

She said the a lot of the rejected sketchbooks were works of art and amazing, she doesn't say hers are the best. Highly suspect why Holly ranted about it after apparently getting accepted tho. Like she cares about all those other ppl who didn't get in.

But yeah, we only have Holly's word she got accepted

No. 294983

I dunno, man. I was exaggerating my last post a bit (I've also been drinking), hell maybe I was drinking when I watched her CalArts video too or maybe I just got so triggered I couldn't pay attention. The one thing I do remember was a comment from a person saying they attended CalArts and they tried to explain to Holly why she didn't get in.

No. 295015


I understand anon, I just try not to spread misinformation when I can help it cuz i like fact not fiction

I remember reading through the comments and there was a lot of ppl accusing her of not actually getting in as her motivation for the rant

So I bet the comment ur referring to either
1) assumed holly bluffed about getting accepted and provided criticism on the holly's sketchbook (In the rant video she was flipping through her sketchbooks)

2) or provided more analysis on why those other sketchbooks from rejected artists didn't make it (i.e. they didn't make sure to fit the criteria enough/ not enough life drawings etcetera)

No. 295344

File: 1492719131132.png (33.22 KB, 652x286, sus.png)


I looked up on Google for the video just in case anyone had mirrored it (I don't know why but you never know) and this came up, seems like a site that had the video embeded or something.
I don't know what to make out of it, I am just really curious to see the video now hahah Makes me wanna ask her why she deleted it.

Either way, I don't believe she ever got in anyway and just lied about it kek

No. 295371

File: 1492721994732.png (255.84 KB, 1438x470, fddsfsdg.png)


googled the same thing after seeing this, and found a thread where they mention holly. according to people there she was rejected, the video was a rejection rant.

this is the thread: https://yuki.la/ic/2821811

pic related. sorry if it's been mentioned before.

No. 295438

File: 1492727762855.png (17.38 KB, 601x219, 1485059292859.png)


Image from that thread, top kek

(saged because i don't know if it was already posted)

No. 295609

so she got rejected… posted a rant, got extra butthurt, deleted it, and is now lying about getting accepted?

No. 295643


No she said she got accepted in the rant. There was even another video she made where she mentioned it titled "Should you go to art school?" where she talks about her art school experience and why she switched to online school.

But I can't find that video either cause she fukin deleted it

No. 295647

File: 1492746752524.png (26.43 KB, 847x135, Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 5.48…)


> according to people there she was rejected, the video was a rejection rant

Its not a rejection rant if in the video she says she got accepted

Not saying its true but the video's intent was rant not rejection rant, which is important for this threads narrative

No. 295650

Why is everyone so sure she got accepted? I don't think she'd make a long, ranting video and delete it out of shame if that was the case. Sounds like she got rejected and lied about it to save face in the video (but, given who she is, couldn't contain her salt to make her lie sound believable).

I mean, why would anyone apply to CalArts if they didn't have the money/financial aid/scholarships in the first place? They wouldn't. It's incredibly competitive, and graduating from there will waltz you through the door of the animation industry. She's definitely lying.

This image sums up my thoughts about it. I get that you're trying to say "she said she got accepted", but we're not arguing that point. We're talking about how it seems like she was lying about it. It was definitely a rejection rant.

No. 295656


Yeah, I agree she was rejected. Not only her art is not CalArts material AT ALL (They are looking for people that really understand anatomy and form, not people that just pretend to do), but

>Waah wahh so many people with great art get rejected because CalArts don't get their STYLE!!!11 for 15+ minutes

>o no but not me i just suddenly started caring about other artists, the shit mouthing them is scheduled to next week's video
>and imma delete this video because i am telling too much truth, mortal ears can't bare it


Video related, this guy has amazing art and still got rejected probably because it still didn't have enough gesture, understanding of lighting, environment and such. (I mean, it did have those things, but I believe just not -enough-.

No. 295722


I was the anon in the /ot/ thread who posted the video of her rejection rant, but I'm starting to think there were a couple videos about this topic. She deleted a lot of her videos when this thread started to take off. I mean, I certainly could not watch all of her videos, because I can barely listen to her bitch, moan, sniff, snort and burp so yeah.

No. 295724

This guy's work is pretty mediocre and not very impressive or unique but it's a hell of a lot better than Holly's. Her admission would probably require her parents to buy an airport for the university so I very much doubt she ever got in and "dropped because of money". She could be either straight out lying or alternatively twisting the truth, but I seriously don't believe her. Who would make a salty rejection video if she was accepted? I'm betting that Holly probably wants to try again but fears badmouthing the school on Youtube would hurt her reputation so she removed the video just in case.

No. 295781

I think another part of this guy's problem is that he isn't showing his thought process on the page. Mediocre is fine if you can show that you think.

Pro tip for anyone trying to get in, show that you have a thought process. I mean, This guy has a lot of studies and character designs but neither are related to one another. Start with studies and then push them into characters, that'll show what they want to see. Just look at all his animal studies and then notice that he doesn't do anything with them. Nothing in his sketchbook really shows a learning process.

This makes me just…there is no way Holly got in with her inability to plan and develop.

No. 296030


Oh, good to know. Not that I plan to study at CalArts, I am not even american lmao but it's good to create a portifolio for elsewhere, I think.

No. 296104

File: 1492812748955.jpg (81.75 KB, 1029x1199, 3k4WtLu.jpg)

She is actually selling this on a pin. Those hands just don't look right at all. I know that enamel pins are small, but wouldn't you at least proof your work?

No. 296116

That leg looks like it was severed, not bent inward. That hair still manages to trigger me.

No. 296127

He looks like an amputee with a magnum dong.

No. 296128

the line work on that left hand/arm is triggering me. i sincerely hope she loses all her business and has to start all over again with proper technique and art.

No. 296133

that middle finger is some optical illusion shit, like which hand does it belong to???

No. 296137

Part of me wants to tweet to her and ask if the hand is supposed to look like that.

No. 296138

gonna guess her response: of course it fucking is it's called style

No. 296160

I used to draw those wings the exact same way during my tween years when I was obsessed with dragons and shit

No. 296168

the ~wings~ don't even have the same number of fingers wtf

No. 296170

ive always wondered if shes seen these threads because sometimes I feel like she alters shit based on stuff she sees here

No. 296178

I feel like if she did, she'd have made four angry videos about us by now

No. 296211

File: 1492822766931.png (160.28 KB, 421x252, Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 2.56…)

the spooky thing she does in her vlogs where she lets us see her reflection in the window in the dead of the night

No. 296213

File: 1492823000050.jpg (7.33 KB, 586x90, PzlMbfr.jpg)

ALL YOU DO IS BITCH. How is she so blatantly unaware of herself?

No. 296316

File: 1492830155204.png (6.91 KB, 512x121, 2017-04-22-001.png)

You don't have a ~style~ holly, you just don't not how to draw at all.

No. 296322

i fucked the screencap, but it was a post in her tumbrl

No. 296329

She infuriates me. She used to just annoy me, but now that I'm seeing the things she says and does, I'm just aggravated. There are so many artists out there who are chill, positive people who actually try to lift up other artists with CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, and they get a fraction of fans and sales that Holly does.

No. 296333

Right? shit is frustrating

Can we just talk about how annoying her fans are? I barely made it through this video

No. 296373

Wow, her followers are just as gross and obnoxious as she is holy shit.

Also, who the fuck gets that confused opening a package?

No. 296404

part of me really wants her to see this and the /ot/ art thread. like maybe seeing so many people pissed and annoyed would wake her up.

but then I remember where I am and who I'm talking about

No. 296410

what would be the best way of getting her attention to these threads? I want to see her reaction, cause she will supply the milk

No. 296414

does she have a speech impediment

No. 296420

idk probably twitter or youtube? or instagram. I know she checks youtube because when I went hard on her she replied instantly each time

No. 296424

Something I still don't get is how she got so famous in a short amount of time.
Even if you say she's pandering to all the fujoshis and shit, there are SO many better artists they can follow. And besides her shit comic, Holly doesn't pander much.
The market is also over saturated, so I don't think that this is a case of being at the right place at the right time.
So what is it?

No. 296431

her same face syndrome and mistakes young artists make videos got pushed out in the recommended feed to people who watched a lot of art videos around the time they came out. i guess a lot of people clicked on them and liked her?

No. 296435

I'm curious about her reaction too but I don't think thats a good idea

No. 296446

I always thought it was due to her association with the game grumps. She still tweets them and shit, so that's gotta get some of their fans going to her for a chance to get closer with the actual game grump group. Y'know, because she's such a cool "birb" mom and so "relatable."

This sounds like an awful idea. Holly had no qualms about name-dropping that other significantly smaller youtuber in one of her recent vids and subsequently having said smaller youtuber receive tons of hate (for something that was true; she said Holly was always fucking negative). I have no doubts she would her video rants would hint about going on here and then she would whine about how we all hate her for reasons. Then she would casually drop the name of the entire site at some point to her curious viewers and we'd get a massive wave of her dumbass underage fanbase that we don't need.

No. 296461

>Holly had no qualms about name-dropping that other significantly smaller youtuber in one of her recent vids and subsequently having said smaller youtuber receive tons of hate (for something that was true; she said Holly was always fucking negative)

which youtuber?

No. 296471

wrong Holly, anon

No. 296486

Okay, this answers a ton of questions that I had. Sorry for the mix up everyone! If that is the case, then I am also really confused on how she gained this much damn popularity.


She even publicly posted the video link when the commenter said to DM it to her, lmao. Around 4:00 she starts on her tangent.

No. 296488

Double post, but I realize I did exaggerate on the "tons of hate" part of my post. However, the ratio of likes to dislikes was pretty absurd, considering the creator's other vids don't get nearly as much attention as that one did.

No. 296492

Does she just relish in being a bitch?

No. 296496

File: 1492845760345.png (141.67 KB, 1150x548, Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 2.55…)

So this happened.

No. 296499

File: 1492846807383.gif (993.29 KB, 451x332, refreshingdrink.gif)

>way to be petty

Look in the fucking mirror Holly

No. 296500

Anyone know what school she goes to?

No. 296503

RMCAD- Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design

No. 296524

File: 1492851685143.png (19.3 KB, 849x357, Untitled.png)



Is this the only school that would legit accept her or?

No. 296525

Also gotta mention that RMCAD has a 47% graduation rate.
…Is this normal for art schools or does it just show how not-so-great this place is?

No. 296533

File: 1492854426341.jpg (37.53 KB, 471x231, onlineartschoolsamirite.JPG)

>Acceptance rate 100%
Lmao goddamn

Also spotted this review about the online classes. And you're paying 30k a year for this shit. But at least Holly doesn't get challenged or required to work hard which probably suits her just fine.

No. 296534

All that bitching must be very taxing for her. Poor soul. I wonder how she gets by with this major work load and zero effort comic. My heart bleeds for her.

No. 296561

someone already made a vid making fun of her

No. 296565


Nice selfpost

No. 296568

How is this chick 23??? I assumed this was a 14-year-old at most.

No. 296598

im surprised a guy would browse this board

No. 296600

we've been through this in this thread.

As this >>289776 other anon said:
>Nah, its way more fun and spontaneous for ppl to discover their dedicated hate threads when googling themselves and then freak out publicly

No. 296604

Holy shot did you draw on her cut scars?

No. 296607

It's a blatant selfpost but I still laughed hard.

No. 296609

this was actually pretty funny kek. The fake scars might have been a bit tasteless though

No. 296629

the bg music did it for me tho kek

No. 296656

Does anyone else get bothered by how often she touches her screens? Or the fact she bought a glove for cintiq but doesn't use it?

No. 296686


brother rant on point, i keked at "You god dam worthless piece of trash, Garage man"

No. 296697


I think its already been mentioned before how triggered everyone is about how she handles her cintiq

Something that expensive and coveted to the art community being manhandled is the equivalent to watching mild child abuse

And the glove thing isn't surprising considering she's never had to use a glove b4 and likes the idea of change but never actually follows through

No. 296744

File: 1492889294411.png (10.13 KB, 240x240, Kanahei-Usagi_pisuke.png)

>P.C. White

this is a masterpiece

No. 296780

didnt think I would laugh but I did. more on point than I was expecting too, hope we get to see a video about cal arts

No. 296868

Oh my fucking god that was hilarious

>I thought 7 of them had died

I can't

No. 296878

File: 1492903429934.jpg (9.65 KB, 250x250, 1426106756092.jpg)

Actual lels.

No. 296890

should've just owned the selfpost dude, this is pretty funny.

No. 297017


Yeah, my only worry is that you drew on her scars, people probably won't take what you say at any value because of it, like


So yeah. Other than that, spot on.

On a side note, I am super happy this thread got a lot of track though, I thought it would flop big time kek Thank you for being a whiny bitch, Holly.

No. 297027

File: 1492922167577.jpg (281.94 KB, 1029x1199, um.jpg)

Whenever I see her art everything looks so skewed so I tried to fix it with the liquefy tool

Sorry I'm shit at photoshop but goddamn the way she draws her heads irritates me

No. 297033


Yeah, still looks like shit but at least your proportions are way better. Especially the head, indeed.

No. 297035

I still have no idea wtf is supposed to be going on with those legs or how am I supposed to see the bottom of the shoe from this angle???

No. 297037

this is perfect

No. 297041

File: 1492925249376.jpg (130.93 KB, 1029x1199, goodbyehelmethair.jpg)

great work with the face, but you inspired me to make one more small improvement…

No. 297048

is it considered bad form to post redraws here? i'm pretty new to the whole image board thing and it seems like posting your own stuff is looked down upon?
sage bc off topic but im redrawing the enamel pin monstrosity and just wanna check b4 i get too far into it

No. 297055


ehh, the most I've seen ppl do is post the bad drawing and redraw over top the corrections w/ red pen

cause if you just draw, like, a fan art of it but better it'll teach ppl nothing of having this particular style but w/ correct anatomy/ proportions an perspective

like, ppl will definitely shit on you if your redraw is just a classic shota anime boy

No. 297059

i'm redlining and then redrawing my corrections to make it clearer what i mean. i have a sort of similar style to hers so i think its reasonable, i dont think mine is as shit though lol.

No. 297061

we do have people who do amazing art (see the momo thread and all of its hilarious cover art) but tbh if your drawing isnt super illustrative of something wrong with the original that wouldn't otherwise be so noticeable or isn't a funny parody, you're probably going to get shit on even if it's not terrible.

presentation is a lot of it - slapping a big ass signature on it or getting happy with the namefagging will get you hated on if not shipped out to pasture entirely.

imo tho it's not worth doing redraws, just redlines. all a redraw says to most people is "look at me and how much better i am" which def crosses into what >>297055 says

No. 297062

oh i get it lol. does seem kind of attention whorey. ill just redline then, thank you :3

No. 297069

in case that reply came off kinda mean - i am always interested in redlines! i've done a few for the ash thread but that just feels like the lowest hanging fruit possible lol

(last post about this, i promise, sry4derail)

No. 297078

There Holly goes again at 4:02, insulting another comic artist's clean word bubbles b/c they're not handrawn and thats "lazy"

> she bought a pdf of someone's illustrated kickstart guide and finds something wrong about it to bitch

No. 297092

>being efficient and clean with your process is "lazy"
Does this bitch grind her own pigments? It's not like her own work is executed properly, low effort or not. I never click on her videos because just the descriptions and that parody are already off-putting enough, but does she ever have something nice to say about other artists? I genuinely don't understand why she's got such an inflated ego, even with a small following. Is this really all she aspires to be? It's fucking sad.

No. 297094

File: 1492932608173.png (653.42 KB, 1850x500, i tried.png)

my half assed attempt at redlining and fixing some shit that bothered me. still looks a bit fucky but i think i improved it a little. sorry for long

No. 297099

it's better, but still super flawed. it's hard to do a redline of something so fucked straight out of the gate.

sage for artsperging

No. 297100

I'm aware haha. It does look bad. My art isn't anything special really, but at least I'm not Holly's age and trying to live off of it lol

No. 297104

I don't think any amount of redlining can fix the fact that Holly's character designs are fucking awful.

No. 297106

File: 1492933807211.jpg (32.36 KB, 212x305, 8f1e75816bbd1a7c14a82cc87c2897…)


kek it looks like lord farqquad now, but good effort anon

No. 297108

it's like trying to put frosting on a pile of shit

No. 297110

It's like she was half listening in art class. "The hair doesn't stick to the skull" doesn't mean that it grows wings and has a mind of its own

anything is an improvement on the original, even unintentional Lord Farquaad lol

No. 297116

File: 1492934881637.png (13.65 KB, 585x100, Capture1.PNG)

She's gonna make an actual animation for Hamilton instead of an animatic, this is gonna be a trainwreck

No. 297120

Good job with the red-line anon. My biggest piece of advice would be to try to keep the line of action next time (and maybe even push it a bit) so your final result doesn't end up looking so stiff/flat.

As for the rest of the chat, I'm almost positive that Holly said she got accepted into CalArts in her CalArts rant because that was the main reason I started following her ages ago. I really wish I saved that video or something now.

No. 297133

why can't she just leave hamilton alone? she draws them so fucking ugly i already want to die. that heathers animatic was bad enough and it was barely even moving

that's very helpful, thank you! i should use lines of action more often. thanks for the advice :>

No. 297139

Pandering to Hamilton fans is good self marketing. I have a feeling that's also the reason why she has been bad mouthing other artists lately. Stirring up drama is always a good way to get more views.

No. 297143

File: 1492939085865.jpg (324.55 KB, 1029x1199, fuck.jpg)

here, since no one else knows what they're doing.

I never even knew about this artist until this thread popped up since I don't dabble too much in the youtube side of the art community but wow she's lazy. There's so many gaps, colors going outside the lines, wonky anatomy. The fucking left bat wing has 2 fingers while the right has 3? Also exaggerating your art makes it interesting and all but jesus fuck that hair, she has no right shitting on other artists with this coming off her pencil.

No. 297152

File: 1492941284704.jpg (154.8 KB, 1080x1080, a2158fe4-37fe-4e33-8e45-eb8a06…)

anyone else physically feel their sexual organs curling up and retracting anytime she expresses some kind of excitement? on one of her recent videos she showed some of her screen where she was looking at killing stalking, and she squealed and rubbed the screen with her greasy little paws.. it was similar to the gross excited voice she used when talking about the molestation in her comic. why does holly have so many paraphilias? it's so clear that so much of her art is sexually driven, if not driven by the desire for fame and money.

pic is a palate cleanser

No. 297154

File: 1492941461788.png (166.56 KB, 803x643, Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 10.0…)

just painted over it

didn't try to make it neat just wanted to fix it w/ her 'style' in mind
couldn't be fuked to rlly try w/ the wings either but its supposed to be an enamel pin right? Just make it symmetrical! Copy and Paste!!

I think theres major room for error whenever you make a character with no ears, really fucks ppl up
just draw the ears and then cover it w/ hair if you like it that way

No. 297157


the more I look at this the more I die inside

is she trying to do that thing in cartoons where they only have 4 fingers? and the fourth one is the thumb thats hidden away?

No. 297158

File: 1492943367199.png (193.37 KB, 833x467, rip.PNG)

ah you anons are amazing at making that thing look better

>mfw I had to redraw the whole thing just to make him look a little more human

I tried, praying my art will never become as potato-y
as hers

No. 297160

lol no matter how well the artist can draw that hair is still fucking retarded. i hate it to death

No. 297161


awh its cute in your style~! like the foot

Holly said this pin design was meant to be like a school play so that explains why she made the foot so bent (too bent, ouch) its cause he's supposed to be suspended by wires/rope

but since holly takes solstice in her style being unique and "totally not tumblr-y/animu" we wanted to see if its possible to improve her style as it is

she'd be better off drawing anime, because most anime has good proportions/ anatomy / gesture – which is all the stuff that makes her stuff wonky today

No. 297163

>So many beginner mistakes in one photo
Right down to the extended bent foot, fused fingers and the leg being chopped off. I can't believe she's making "tutorial videos" with her skill level being this low.

No. 297164


No. 297165


you can tell she's v inspired by Yugiyo

No. 297211

> physically feel their sexual organs curling up and retracting
someone put it in words

She says she likes girls too anon

I'm not saying bi isn't a thing but always pretty fishy coming from a smelly fujo

No. 297287

How much do you wanna bet it's just her trying to insert herself into her yaoi fantasies?
Not saying every queer fujoshi ever is like this, but I'm willing to bet Holly is into that shit for this reason.
>Or maybe she's realized she's too ugly for any decent guy to be attracted to her so she's aiming for women to preserve her ego.

No. 297300

does she not realize almost all comics use those "lazy" and "ugly" bubbles? she can't even pull off the hand-drawn speech bubbles look

i really want someone to tell her that her not coloring her comic is "lazy".

No. 297318


>here, since no one else knows what they're doing.

fuck, you sound as entitled as Holly kek chill.

No. 297338

>here, since no one else knows what they're doing.
i had to actually go back at look at the original to tell what you did beyond fix the wings and the fingers which you pointed out, and you still didnt fix the most egregious errors (legs and foot) so maybe reevaluate your ego, anon

this one is hands down the best out of all the edits, if solely for thatyou made the leg and foot look right

though all these redraws are making me realize how absolute shit holly's art truly is, wow. you do have to just salt the earth and start anew to make it passable, and nothing on earth fixes that stupid fucking hair

No. 297386

Your art next to hers makes hers look just so awful in comparison. Damn. That right wing is so fucked I can't get over it, like there was pretty much 0 effort put into it.

No. 297431


This one is definitely my favorite one so far, but the leg is still a bit unnatural, imo, it's too pressed against his butt.

No. 297481

File: 1492982910897.jpg (527.85 KB, 940x835, tumblr_oouc04DuEm1t1hwwoo1_128…)

Why aren't we addressing her ad for these monstrosities?

No. 297523

my first thought was "who the fuck would buy these"

my second thought was "well, if i ever see anyone with one of these, i know to avoid them like the plague

No. 297532


thats true, but again i didnt care enough to draw it from scratch I was just spot cleaning

when I got to the bottom of the shirt I thought the hem was rlly weird for an untucked shirt so I just made it straighter

of course if i had to draw it from scratch I'd make a new figure and push the pose more, looking at the ad Holly made for these I guess she meant for Damien (the weird roach hair boy) to seem uninterested/ less eager to act in a school play compared to simon (weird glasses boy) whose PUSHING it

It was just hard to tell the expression she was going for

No. 297703

Shit this looks great. I love how you translated his weird yugioh hairstyle into something actually plausible.

You got a cute style too, I like how you did the face and wings in particular.

Both of these show how much better Holly's would've been if she didn't half ass/break the legs like that.

No. 297705


I mean, cmon, anyone who buys this clearly can't tell whats good art // aka all the Holly fans who genuinely think she's great at art

these are probably straight out of her sketchbook and she didn't put any effort to fix things in photoshop

0 effort into making even the wings on these enamel pins she wants ppl to pay 10 - 15 bucks for

No. 297708

File: 1492988580287.jpg (707.04 KB, 1134x1199, 1492812748955.jpg)

Just out of curiosity I wanted to quickly try something else and see how it would look like with correct anatomy and more movement…. and it still looks just so incredibly ridiculous it's beyond salvation.
What went wrong anons? Is it the pose, weird Krillin-tier proportions, ridiculous 90s animu hairstyle, stupid face expression? I give up.

No. 297713

I used a throwaway twitter account to tweet to her telling her the hands on the helmet headed one looked off, but apparently she didn't see it or just didn't care about it. Kinda wanna tweet with a different account to point out the same thing.

No. 297717

File: 1492989311988.jpg (14.82 KB, 214x214, 1439786069713.jpg)


I'm fucking losing it, my shit is gone, Anon

No. 297720

I noticed her characters all have very short torsos. And the body language just doesn't match up with the facial expression, its just a weird and unnatural pose

No. 297725

if you were gonna put in so much effort, you could have helped the madonna-bra hair too. it's easily the worst part…

No. 297727


The way you drew the pants/foot looks great anon
way more detail/effort than Holly's 'style' would ever allow
the arms look better also but it'd be better just to redraw the torso cuz its so cramped // an important tip in art is to make sure your pose is readable as a silhouette

in my spot cleaning edit I think the hair/ head is a good version of the character looking sane

>bigger gravity defying hair does not make a cuter boy, Holly

No. 297733

File: 1492990476161.png (1.63 MB, 1302x1386, Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 7.32…)

That chin. Also sucking up to Hamlet Machine, god she's so annoying.

No. 297738


hands down the best piece of art in this entire thread

No. 297742


i don't know what hamlet machine is actually like personality wise, I've only read her comic

but at her lvl I bet she'd kek after looking through the rest of Holly's art after this shoutout

No. 297743

the chin is practically half the length of the whole face, just, how can anyone look at that and think 'yes this is good enough to post on the internet'??? where does that jaw attach to? is this the crimson chin's son?

No. 297744


I bet you anything this video is going to be the reason Holly finds out about this thread, if she hasn't already

No. 297746

File: 1492991489345.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 118.55 KB, 425x309, 6a00d8341c51c053ef01348000cdbb…)


reminds me of this condition some humans have

No. 297748

File: 1492991807460.jpg (Spoiler Image, 701.62 KB, 1134x1199, 1492812748955.jpg)

We could change everything to the point it wouldn't look anything like the original, but my point was to see her design just with more advanced anatomy since it seems to be the biggest problem people have with her drawings. That didn't solve that problem through, it still looks weird

I'm done with correcting this since it's not really worth any more time, but I kind of thought this torso is so short because he's bent as we can see bottom of his foot? I probably give Holly too much credit

These facial expressions are just so off and random it's really hard to read what they're trying to convey

No. 297751

This one isn't even bad aside from that fucking chin. How can she look at that with a straight face?

Also I love that her art is giving artfags in this thread additional practice through extensive redlining and anatomy execution.

No. 297753

Wouldn't her style be more likeable if she wasn't so inconsistent? This one isn't that bad.

People can learn from masters but also from others mistakes. How ironic she is actually teaching people something about art outside of youtube tutorials.

No. 297754

This is actually really cute, anon! but god i feel like this character design is a lost cause, i feel like she designed him to be an ugly pig-nosed shota on purpose.

No. 297757

>"feel like she designed him to be an ugly pig-nosed shota on purpose."
Reminds me of how tumblr artists make their characters ugly for the sake of diversity.

No. 297758

Well done! You should tweet it to Holly lol

No. 297761

If his part was towards the side of his forehead instead of directly in the middle I feel like the design would work, sans 5 story tall hair.

No. 297778

File: 1492994597263.jpg (Spoiler Image, 295.53 KB, 1029x1199, doggo.jpg)

I finally understand what that hairstyle reminds me of. Tail is left intact and nothing is really changed except for added paws and head

No. 297797

why am i not shocked she likes that travesty of a comic

No. 297798

I hate it when anons try to get praise from other anons about their shitty art. We're supposed to be focusing on the cow, not you.

No. 297800


2nd anon u were responding to here, yeah I got the bent torso thing too but I think its the short uneven shoulder space that gives me a migraine looking at this piece

high five for hair piece edit~
honestly how in the world does someone make anatomy tutorials when they draw something like this at the size of her hand? and she has a pretty meaty hand

No. 297801


agreed, it derails when too many ppl try it
we tried to warn ppl b4 hand tho
>imo tho it's not worth doing redraws, just redlines. all a redraw says to most people is "look at me and how much better i am" which def crosses into what >>297055 says

No. 297806

Oops, y'all are right.

She's so close to having this look right, but on top of the chin, parts of the face are misaligned in perspective. The brows/eyes are from above, the nose is too abstracted to tell, and the mouth seems to be from below (I don't really see the lips protruding from the face in anime or stylized work except from that angle).

If Holly ever stumbles upon this thread, I hope you don't take these redlines/crits as a personal attack. Use them to improve. You have all the resources (literally, you've got a fucking Cintiq) at your disposal, and these crits should help you understand more appealing stylization and better fundamental work.

What a cute puppy. Improves the design, too.

No. 297809


Its alright, your redline & synopsis is actually informative and not fan art-y
I was the anon who painted over it, not the way to go but it only took me a six minutes b/c Holly dosent rlly do lineart as much as she paints it – won't do it again tho

No. 297811

It's weird because her line-art isn't really that bad if >>297733 is indicative of her digital inking. I don't understand why she inks traditionally then autotraces them, when doing it digitally from the get go looks far superior for her. Especially when she's not trying to ink on a regular graphics tablet.

No. 297814


hm, thats true

my guess based of watching her vlogs is that she's just rlly attached/used to sketching on paper
she dosent like it when things are too 'clean/smooth' evident by the way she always mentions putting texture over her digital stuff and how she hates using the eclipse tool to do word bubbles

No. 297816

Honestly I'm a lil jealous of Holly getting all these free detailed critiques and analysises

besides all the comments on her physical appearance all of this could be extremely helpful, too bad you have to have milk and be problematic to have a dedicated thread here

No. 297820

You could make an art general/ feedback/ critique thread on /ot/. There seems to be a lot of artists here.

No. 297831


I think that'd embarrass ppl actually wanting to strum up a business like Holly by tying their art/style/characters w/ lolcow

its an anonymous site and someone's art is basically their signature/name

No. 297834

Yeah, that's true. 4chan had a good art board where people would post and give good feedback, haven't been there in a while though.

Sorry for the off topic discussion.

No. 297841


probs the latter
she said it herself she's disgusting rn, but is now working towards getting back to her high school weight when she was 'hot'

remember everyone she's almost 22, it's been 4 yrs since her time in HS

No. 297854

this is a perfect example of redline/slight redraw without being 'omg look at how much better i could draw this'. other artnons take note

>>297778 is the best one tho tbh

i agree 100% with >>297831 , it would either turn into bad baggage for a good artist if they were found posting on a hate site or into namefag attentionwhore city. this is just not the place for it. there are places for it, and google will help you find them

PT-tier 'weight loss will not fix your problems' here, between her potatoes-in-a-sack face and awful personality

No. 297856

File: 1493003124293.png (262.33 KB, 972x571, burp.png)

are we still doing this or

No. 297857

samefag to say: anon who redrew the hamletmachine fanart, you shouldn't have deleted :( it was actually informative and not attention-whory and what we need more of

i change my vote to >>297856 as the model to go from then, especially with the post improvement

No. 297869

Yes! That torso was driving me crazy, it was unfixable
Did you want someone to render it like >>297857 suggested

I still stick to my earlier post >>297801 about derailment but It'd be rlly cool if we could fix it for real

No. 297871

pls stop

No. 297876

funnily i am both >>297857 and the anon you quoted in >>297801 and i'm not suggesting someone render it. actually, i'm saying anything other than a redline would be too much and something like this that clearly shows the anatomical problems and how to fix them to less art-inclined anons is useful. like, i can see that it's shit, but having it outlined like this shows me why it's shit.

at least sage if you're just going to bitch. what's your argument against it, anyway? imo it opens up new things for us to go 'holy shit holly is bad at this' at and makes it easier to spot her hypocrisy when she inevitably spouts some shit later


No. 297879

because its useless
there are plenty of places to post your shitty redraws, they just derail the thread here. its been mentioned many times before already
go attention seek elsewhere

No. 297881


first anon u responded to here,
>i change my vote to >>297856 as the model to go from then, especially with the post improvement

^ this sentence was the thing that made me think you wanted the rendering, I didn't read it as you putting your foot down on how we should go about redlining other bad Holly arts

So for other artnons lurking here's the template for redlines:
Lower opacity of og art and outline already existing structure/ don't bother w/ og art commentary except in the text box or bother the facial deets

then improved redlines on the side, capisce?

No. 297883

meh, we've basically covered Holly's shortcomings already nothing else to talk about
we're just waiting on future milk so why not let anons figure the shit out?

save the hate for Holly anon

No. 297885

File: 1493006337609.png (254.87 KB, 857x1025, Untitled-1.png)

how bout fanart then

No. 297886

this is fine

No. 297889

ah, the iconic holly chin

Holly uses big chins to emphasize her manly character's manliness
When she redraws purg she says she'll be swapping out Damien's sailor uniform cuz she thinks its too stupid now, but she still doesn't care about his roach helmet hair

No. 297900


shitty fujoshits with bad personalities who can't take critique travel in packs i guess lol

No. 297903

She should just have him naked with a chin so enormous it will cover any inappropriate underage dangly bits. Removing that silly, tonally inappropriate outfit and keeping true to her aesthetic.

No. 297912


Holly likes story rape, Hamlet likes story rape

Its all coming together

No. 297914

her proportions are so wack and inconsistent
I remembering Holly bitching about Steven's (steven universe) proportions because "he's supposed to be 12 but his body is that of a kids" – she was trying to redraw him for the cover of her mini sketchbooks

and yet her character who is also 12 isn't any better kept for longer legs?

No. 297916

The sad part is that Holly could have gotten better if she actually practiced what she preached. Like she seems to have the work ethic to become a decent artist if she just spent some time really focusing on fundamentals. Unfortunately all the ass patting from her fan base is not doing her any favors.

No. 297917

Steven's appearance even has an in-show explanation (though, to be fair, she might've never seen specific episodes or made that complaint prior to the episodes). I can't tell if she can't really draw her characters' proportions younger or if she's doing it to make them more 'adult' and do more explicit BL scenes?

No. 297918

I don't understand why she didn't just make them 18 from the beginning then. Does their age actually play a role in the comic? The whole story just sounds poorly planned out.

No. 297945


She said she thought a lot of steven universe eps are fillers, so most likely she's skipped quite a few
In her first draft of purg (like 15 pages) her characters were wayyy younger/ elm kids
So the current version of purg IS her older version and now she wants to draw them even older so she's tacked on more story to suit that narrative
She's just doing whatever she wants with little rhyme or reason

No. 297947

File: 1493015554196.png (34.48 KB, 155x120, Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 8.29…)

was thinking about if I knew any characters w/ Damien's haircut
theres the princey from enchanted

No. 297950

Nah, the hair doesn't point high enough and you can still see his ears lol

No. 297954

no ones hair should ever be that high
I meant the guys hair is the acceptable version of Damien's
>sage for too much talk about Damien's shitty character design

No. 297955

File: 1493017119388.jpg (1.82 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0024.JPG)

I hear P.C.White got a new sketchbook and is working on a new video.

Thanks for the support of Polly White! My husband and I got bored that night and ended up creating the video for fun, and honestly, to just talk shit. We don't expect Holly to ever see it, so if she sees it, cool? Maybe she'll actually take a look in the mirror. If not, then at least we made you guys laugh!

No. 297959

wo-hoe! a married couple made the satire vid?

great job guys, I'm tickled pink for that new video

No. 297960

really i meant to type 'pose improvement' and didnt realize i had typo'd it til now… whoops. 'putting my foot down' sounds too strong anyway - it's just my 2c.

i'm not one of the redraw anons but kthx

this is wonderful

your vid was fantastic and i'm glad that you owned up to it being you instead of pretending. keep up the good work.

No. 298172

File: 1493065005570.png (440.21 KB, 485x597, tut.PNG)

Eh this >>297883
,plus it's pretty fun to see how other artists approach to redrawing/editing her art to actually make it look good.
If Holly were to find the thread these examples would hopefully let her see what is exactly wrong with her art.

I'm eager to see how this tutorial turns out since her own comic isn't very good.

No. 298177

File: 1493065675412.jpg (220.66 KB, 485x597, 1493065005570.jpg)

I hate this "Z" panel bs. All pages are read in a z that's basic flow. Holly is awful at flow. I tried to map her tangents and dead ends. Sorry if this is incompressible, but she throws readers in the gutters so often. It's so obvious she doesn't know what she's doing.

No. 298179

File: 1493066692568.gif (305.43 KB, 512x512, calarts animation.gif)


No. 298181

File: 1493066874507.png (332.13 KB, 532x597, edgelordslikeotheredgelordswha…)

Shit, you guys are right. I guess I got too comfortable
I'm >>297158 and didn't even see those previous replies, I'll stop with that redraw noise! ngl tho it's fun to redraw people's stuff and compare them, that character in particular is just so funny looking with his dumb hair I had to attempt it.

No. 298182

Calarts is so overrated rn. She obviously is lying because the hype.

No. 298190

>overrated rn >hype
its weird to talk about since the calarts vid was made and deleted a year ago

No. 298192

also you don't want your art connected to this site

>i agree 100% with >>297831 , it would either turn into bad baggage for a good artist if they were found posting on a hate site or into namefag attentionwhore city. this is just not the place for it. there are places for it, and google will help you find them

No. 298193

wtf is clarence in that is it to show the head shape im assuming? Also idk if the guy behind Gumball went to Calarts, the production is based in europe.

Im probably wrong, the calarts style isn't what gets me about these styles and more the humour. Its all the same screaming, random lol humour and adventure time asthetics. This is mainly Cartoon Network tho, Disney is a different beast.

Calarts is always gonna be hyped but I think this snobbery comes from tumblr kids like Holly being snubbed because she failed to get in. They tell you time and time again, they dont want finished work only. It's sketches and studys of every kind. Holly don't do that shit so she was panned and uses her internet status to now shit on it because "she's too good for that".

Calarts isn't the end all be all, she can apply to countless other unis but Calarts just has status.

No. 298196


Its because her sketches actually look like crap that she insists on rendering them all\
I kind of sympathize w/ Holly cause its clear that she really wanted to be an animator but knows she can't get into that field w/ her lvl of skill, so she settles for comic books she can post edit and even now she realizes the whole first half of purg looks way different b/c she didn't stop to develop herself

No. 298204

File: 1493068316988.jpg (381.69 KB, 1191x1116, Untitled-1.jpg)

I hope that I don't cause trouble with this. But I compare her recent comic compositions with some better ones (tried to stick to black and white comics with similar followings, not sure about the middle one…but didn't attach their names because i don't want to drag there names onto it).

Anyways like I hope this illustrates how haphazard her placement is. It isn't helped by how stupid she is with her bubble placement, or the fact her potato faces have zero eye lines to follow.

No. 298205

I actually like this one. The thin line works better than the over inked thick lines and the colours are muted and nice.

No. 298208

It looks fine at a glance but don't stare too long.

No. 298211

File: 1493068918129.jpeg (10.16 KB, 200x200, thSasukehaha.jpg~c200.jpeg)

I can accept Holly might be okay in the color scheme region But
the anatomy is still jacked tho and she doesn't have a handle on drawing clothes – just look at sasuke's shorts

No. 298224

I really, really, REALLY can't get over the face. It's like Sasuke's twin brother with down syndrome.
Also there's how the left leg looks off (It looks twisted to me? Idk. Can an art anon help here?) and how his hair really does look more like a cockatoo's ass than an actual head of hair.
Also the color scheme is a bit off, isn't it? And how the torso is squished? I don't even know.
>I would love to hear a proper critique from an art anon though.
>Or better yet, redline.

No. 298233

File: 1493071282756.png (176.33 KB, 583x606, Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 6.00…)

I just noticed that she reblogged this two days before she posted about the pins. How.

No. 298323


I think the leg to our left is a bit too short and posed in a very stiff way. Very unnatural.

I think the only good thing about Holly's artistic skills really is her eye for color. She should be a colorist.

No. 298336

I wouldn't go that far. She can make a palette but after that she has no fucking clue what to do.

No. 298337

Her backgrounds are so so and cartoony but I feel like they might be traced?

No. 298341

as someone who knows nothing about this kind of thing, this was cool. her comics have always felt hard to read to me but now i know why. her habit of putting speech bubbles over the gaps between panels is the absolute worst still imo

betcha 10$ she tried to follow this guide, doesnt have the ability to rotate 3D objects in space enough to replicate it, and ended up having to give up and do it the wrong way kek

the bar was set so low, and she's still regressed. yikes…

No. 298373

I think anyone whose been following Holly will appreciate the irony

No. 298407

It's fine to overlap the gutters if you're following the flow of the page but her bubbles are shoved to the side the other issue is she makes tangents constantly. Just look up composition tangents and you'll see. It's great since she talks about that rule all the time.

Composition is very difficult with comics as it requires a strong understanding of gestalt and a lot of film and animation teqniques. You can really se it in the comparison. All the top pages are ashetically pleasing in both the whole composition and in the individual parts. The there's the ability to tell the story through a thought out number of panels.

Like in one page each of these comics creates a better scene than holly can in three pages of her "best part"

No. 298428

File: 1493089628809.png (625.21 KB, 1860x759, diet_sauske.png)

if you're generous and assume he's wearing clothes 80x too large, you get left. if not, you get right. he's a little better because at least he has a flow to his pose, which I'm guessing she 'referenced'

No. 298432

best contribution to the thread

No. 298458

Who's the artist for the comic in the top left? I feel like I've totally seen their art before but can't recall who it is and it's bothering me so much now

No. 298502

I wouldn't bet on it, cause Holly actually seems to put practice into backgrounds especially if its nature, that's the one thing she doesn't find trouble doing
Her architecture can be alright as well but she doesn't like dealing w structural perspective too much

we complained earlier in thread her heathers animatic was mostly her showing off bgs

No. 298504

File: 1493098462347.png (11.63 KB, 580x92, lmao.PNG)

So which one of you was it?

No. 298510


It coulda been one of us… but honestly with how many people she pisses off, it could literally be anyone outside this forum. Other than her teen audience she isn't very loved.

No. 298512

File: 1493100007858.png (63.78 KB, 1174x258, Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 1.51…)

Glad it was reported but jesus christ does she not grasp how fucked up pedophilia is? Just because they're "angsty teens" doesn't mean it isn't any more disturbing to see them drawn getting molested by a 40+ year old Hitler look-alike. She implied the kid got raped, so yeah, I guess nothing too serious right?

No. 298513

It's creepy she did the panels of the assault from the POV of the pedo, and not in an intentional, meta way like Nabakov's "Lolita". It felt like we were supposed to see the victim in the same sexual light the attacker sees him.

Maybe I'm over-reading it, but it feels more sensual (dialogue aside) and that we're supposed to be the creepy guy, rather than be squicked out.

No. 298518

Her referring to that scene as "the good part" def doesn't help.

No. 298526

There's something seriously wrong with her mentally.

Who in their right mind thinks that's an okay thing to say. Like it's completely normal to her and not at all troubling.

No. 298541

Whoever reported; god bless you

No. 298542

i cant fucking stand her attitude and how up her own ass she is, but i cant help feel like you guys extra nitpicky just because you dont like her. her saying 'the good part' is probably how she was excited to break her readers hearts, ive seen other authors(fanfic writers) speak like this. also acting as if fictional media with pedophilic themes shouldnt exist or is some heinous crime on the same level as real life pedophilia is literally stooping to dumblr level

No. 298550

I completely agree. She isn't really glorifying pedophilia and honestly there is a lot more snowflakey things we could focus on rather than over-analyzing her poorly written comic.

No. 298552

It's not the fact that she had it in her comic, or apart of her shit story plot, it's more of the fact that she doesn't understand why it got reported.

No. 298583

Yeah, I definitely get referring to the horrific shit as the good part. I don't do it as much because my readership backlashes a uncomfortable cringe wave. I feel like she'll probably get through it because it isn't explicit and it is technically diegetic.

The thing I don't get is, why doesn't she nsfw her posts? I don't like to be that guy. But it's pretty easy to do this and the only reason you wouldn't want to is because it cuts down on your ad impressions….then again, I'm one to talk because I constantly forget to turn it on.

No. 298597

File: 1493120119625.png (59.16 KB, 1282x226, Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 7.32…)

Wait, I'm right. It's just been age restricted. Cry me a fucking river, your rape scene isn't suitable for children. Boo hoo hoo.

Also I just realized this isn't supposed to be a girl.

No. 298620

Yeah. I guess that's the dumblr side of the farms leaking out.

No. 298659

oh boy this made my day. this bitch finally pissed me off and I spoke to taptastic- honestly shes lucky as fuck she didnt get it removed. she's gonna get more coming to her soon.

No. 298732

Okay okay, so this might be a bit of a stretch, but I just noticed something.
The main ship of Purgatory really really reminds me of the main ship from this comic. Y'know, cutesy yaoi with the main character coming from a homophobic family and the cutesy feminine uke who's more open and everything.
I don't know, I guess this theme is pretty common in bl comics, but I can't help but to feel this is

No. 298735

File: 1493140740615.jpg (218.77 KB, 1024x749, avialae_promo_thanks__by_llllu…)

>pressed post instead of choose file. How even.
Anyways, as I was saying, I can't help but to shake the feeling that holly's comic is a bit too similar to this one (which is kinda good btw).
IDK maybe I'm nitpicking.

No. 298741

Yeah, I think that's just really common in bl. The homophobic family thing is sooo done to death, it's hard to find one without it sometimes.

No. 298761

Heck darn it, why am I so nosy? I wanted to see if I could find out who reported purgatory and apparently it wasn't hard. Now I'm sitting here like, should I tell her about this or not? Ugh, I agree the criticism on some of the technical stuff here but the mean spirited stuff…it's pretty harsh. Uuuuugh and it doesn't help that my friends have their art posted here comped to hers. I don't want her thinking I was posting here or something, I don't know.

I invited her to a comic critique circle forever ago and she never replied. I'm kind of worried if she finds this that she'll think I was involved.

If you find this, Holly, I had nothing to do with this (assuming you even remember who I am) and I doubt the other artist mentioned troll here either. The offer for my secret comic illuminati critique circle is still open though if you're interested. There's 100% less personal insults and it's open to all levels.

That said, I think I don't want her to find this even if I'm just being paranoid. I'm near certain she wants nothing to do with me/doesn't even care I exist. -m-

But seriously guys, is there really a reason to report her work? Is it really hurting you guys?

No. 298763

Did you go off your meds there anon?

No. 298765

>Heck darn it

No. 298766

Either this is a troll or you're really fucking stupid.
>"I don't think she remembers me"
And if she sees this, she's gonna be trying as hard as she can to figure you out.
>"I'm kinda worried if she finds this…"
And if she does? Aren't you supposed to be a nobody to her? Who cares. I smell some asskissing in progress.
Protip: This isn't how you do it.

Anon, love yourself and find someone else to stalk. Really, do you REALLY just keep constantly refreshing her comics and her page just to see what's new?
And besides, she would have shitted up that comic critique circle with her "facking fucking foocking i'msomuchbetterlikei'mnotaprofessionalbutthisfamousartistssucksandidoitbetter REEEEEE" bs. Thank god she didn't reply.

No. 298768

>*figure out who you are

No. 298771


Why is she upset over this? Her work isn't okay for all ages. It deals with rape, violence and adult relationships…

Ooooh but most of her fans are tweens and teens. I get it. But honestly who pays attention to the age restricted warnings

No. 298773

who cares if she thinks you did? she's a cunt with no valuable opinions and rubbing elbows with her will just bring you down.

No. 298775


Again why assume it was us? Usually anons would brag about reporting it. You honestly just seem like a spazz.
It was probably just some prude going through the yaoi tags and saw a few of the scenes and decided children shouldn't read it. And again, this isn't a childrens book anyway, so why are you chimping out so bad?

If you're that scared of her, she isn't someone you want to associate with.

No. 298776


Yes, this. The worst thing that's gonna happen is that her tween fans will have to create new accounts with fake ages. The woe, the horror.

She is complaining when she shouldn't even be posting porn to tap, it's against their TOS.

No. 298786

I don't know, when you have lots of followers it's easy to lose track of who asked you what. I guess this is all irrational since I didn't assume Cap or Lin had anything to do with this thread. It's just hard since my readers are big fans of Holly and…I don't know I want to build a bridge there for promotional sake (yes, ass kissing).

This whole Holly issue's been bothering me for a while. I said offhandedly that in her breast drawing tutorial that the boobs looked like cartoon feet. Everyone was laughing along until they realized I was talking about Holly. I took it down mostly because I was drunk when I said it and found it unprofessional of me. It rubs me the wrong way when people badmouth other artists…which really makes me question why I'd want to associate with her. It rubbed me the wrong way when she dissed Iron Spike's bubbles in her video about kickstarter. And seeing the pattern of this behaviour….I don't know where I stand.

I don't know. I'm sorry for the weird freak out thing. I really don't have a problem with a large portion of this thread. I agree with a lot of the criticism but I think I was turned off by other small parts. I also think that I'm in a bit of a panic in general because I'm prepping for my kickstarter and I'm a general ball of nerves.

Ug, hope I come off as less of an idiot this time.

No. 298791


Never reveal yourself anon. Holly is exactly the kind of person who would smear your name. But don't support her behavior. I don't think we would bash her art if she wasn't such a prick to everyone else. No one should support her nasty behavior

No. 298801

Yeah anon I highly doubt Holly knows me personally. I reported her comic (and her shit no word yaoi trash) on taptastic because her bullshit finally made me annoyed enough to do so. I've never spoken directly to her tough we run in similar circles.
Honestly if you do tell her think before you do because you might start shit where it isn't happening. I'm not afraid of Holly, but again I know for fact you have no idea who I am.

No. 298808

Yeah, I'm kind of seeing that. It bums me out that she's burning a bridge here. I know I'm not popular by any means, but frick if I don't have shiny publishing connections. I learned early into this that you never really know who knows who, and damn if the comics I started following at 200 subs haven't turned into hits. I know publishing is a competition in some respects, but you don't get far treating it that way. Still, makes me sad….


This makes me wonder if we know each other like just in passing, since these circles are pretty small. Like, I'm sure I must know some people here which gives me solace.

I'm just sort of noticing how no one I follow is following Holly which just makes me wonder how isolated from things she is? I won't tell her about this stuff, because like it's been said the reporting is fair enough. If she does track it down to me I feel less worried than before since when it comes to the people I care about they might not even know she exists.

No. 298863

File: 1493159735145.gif (517.48 KB, 147x162, 115927.gif)

well that was certainly something

No. 298924

File: 1493168007062.png (Spoiler Image, 2.42 MB, 4000x1649, pfft.png)

Sage for redraw (Spoiler for sanity)

But this bothered me a lot.
TLDR: Basically the face and pose don't match well and that's why it's so hard to redraw it well without it looking like a different picture.

The whole character just seems flawed. At first I thought it was supposed to be some form of tumblr fan-art of a supernatural character. The hair is just super ugly and impracticable to have if you can't draw it well at an angle

No. 298938

nice work anon. your "emulated cartoony style" is very nice.
i cannot fathom how holly is successful with her fucking vile art,it looks like something drawn by a 15 year old with aspergers

No. 298958

File: 1493171218712.jpg (40.07 KB, 500x382, GmxedMp.jpg)

those drumstick legs are actually more fucked than the original but your points about the expression are solid

the bar for quality of art in BL is exceedingly low - see pic related/google "yaoi hands". what's the adage, people don't watch porn for the storytelling?

No. 298987

File: 1493173183684.jpg (40.27 KB, 157x271, cad guy.jpg)

not an exact match but this is ALL I SEE when I look at the dude's hair, sorry.

No. 299009

so who is it? someone here?

No. 299018

File: 1493175636031.jpg (15.59 KB, 200x303, o7z9Csy.jpg)

spill if it's good or get over yourself. she's not going to let you lick her asshole for bringing the h8r to justice. the report was completely legitimate to their TOS and it was very likely more than one person who reported it

or just shut up and fuck off instead of making the thread about your 'oh no gaiz my morals uwu' bullshit

No. 299021

anon I dont see any improvements in your redraws

No. 299030

thats the whole point of the post it looks like, no matter how much you try to move things around/improve it, it'll still look off unless you completely change/redraw the whole thing.

there is no saving him

No. 299032

Yeahhh there is no saving this crap. No matter how look at it it's still crap

No. 299033

not that anon but this is why anons upthread were speaking against redraws: people with art that's shitty in different ways will come to flaunt how much "better" they are when they aren't. the art of the redraw is honestly not better even though it's more complex - intentionally-ugly-tumblr-art face and thunderthighs/rubber legs. the leg with the foot view from below is actually worse than holly's.

it's not a matter of that holly's cant be saved - it's a matter of people who can't draw well either acting holier-than-thou, which is just doing the same thing holly does to more talented artists anyway

No. 299038


someone needs to do a redraw of >>298924 so we can descend into meta holly hell

No. 299039

I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but it's so disappointing to see the comparisons of her first draft of purgatory next to the final style she chose.
Her old one had so much more expression and personality. Even if the speech bubbles were really over-the-top, it still matched the look she was going for.
She makes a comparison ~7 mins in and justifies her change as having "a much more understanding of proportion." But her final copy just looks boring and we all know she's still shit at proportions.

I'm kind of salty about the potential there was tbh.

No. 299041

Your art is cancer. Stop anons, thanks..

No. 299043

Sorry, to clarify what I meant: it looks worse.

No. 299046

This thread went to a shit show fast.
Damn, the first draft does look better. It doesn't help that live tracing all of her pages after scanning makes them look 10x more bland and wonky.

No. 299055

File: 1493180422724.jpg (41.5 KB, 512x512, EmmqXYJ6.jpg)

yeah, I can see where you're coming from
the tumblry-stylized one is a bit hard to look at, but I'd at least cut them some slack for making some good points.

I think we should just stop the redraws and stick to red lines, because it's turning the thread into a shitshow.

No. 299057

Is that what she does? I was wondering what awful technique she was using to turn all her lines into skid marks.

No. 299059

I think the enamel pin design was garbage just from the silhouette. Maybe I'm anal but I hate looking at charms or pins that have so many segments jutting out far apart from each other. Full body, more-realistically proportioned pins are also hard to pull off.

No. 299063

i watched her high school sketchbook video and although skill wise she wasn't the greatest, her HS art looks a lot more lively and looser than what she makes now.

But yeah her first draft looks like something i'd choose to read over her current one.
i feel like she sacrificed personality for "correct proportions".

No. 299089

u haven't been paying attention hav u, anon?

No. 299092

i feel like this is what happens when you live in an echo chamber of praise - she shuts out all criticism, so she'll never grow as an artist because there are certain flaws you just need someone else's perspective to see. instead of just stagnating, however, she's becoming lazier and finding new ways to cut corners to pump out more bottom-barrel trash to keep the YT/fangirl machine churning.

No. 299125


Is there any way to remove this adminis? Password isn't working although I never changed it.
(I'm author of op)

No. 299129

just leave it anon, let it be a warning to future shitty redraws

No. 299138

It's no longer relevant I thought it would have been removed regardless.

No. 299142

Why is there so much tumblr-esque drama blogging happening in this thread. Can't we come here and shit talk a smug, stuck-up cunt without some completely different snowflake anons showing up and making it about them?

No. 299212

Probably bc that's the kind of people she attracts as a fanbase.

No. 299274

File: 1493229733472.png (65.27 KB, 806x630, 57656TGYU.png)


Holy fuck, it is so much better. Like, how you lose so much personality in such short period?
It looked kinda Invasor Zim-esque, I dunno, looked like a horror comedy story, something like that.

I am glad people in the comments are agreeing with us.

No. 299280

I'm seriously shocked. How the hell is this done by the same person? Her work is so boring and stiff now I find it really hard to believe that she's been capable of creating something that looks this lively and expressive. What the fuck happened to her? She took like 20 steps backward with her new style.

No. 299431

File: 1493250908632.png (13.38 KB, 584x104, e3e.PNG)

this was kinda sad to read

No. 299432

We talked earlier in the thread about Holly's plan to be an art teacher, but we didn't mention she said she's just doing the degree as a safety net if she dosent become famous enough and b/c of how much student loans she'll have to start paying back
Most of her fans are impressionable young teens who want to be artists one day and think her going to art school is impressive even if its got 100% acceptance rate
They also think its cool shes able to sell her art but probably don't realize they're the only ones paying for it w/ pity buys

video related
> works on "fully animated" hamilton song - triggered
> talks about being very unmotivated in school and doing it only not to disappoint her mom
> decides to finish purgatory digitally crating yet another art inconsistency in the comic (unless she decides to do the whole thing over like this)

No. 299435


Dunno who'd want to see that face in rl

No. 299436

why not just fucking go to cons? like I feel she never markets herself at cons enough to actually get a real fanbase beside her fujoshi dicklickers

No. 299440

I get a lot of secondhand-embarassment/cringe so I don't watch her videos, but the summaries of her videos are really depressing. She sounds really lost about art, and it sounds like she should try doing something else for a while and then reconsider a career in the arts.

I definitely understand feeling unmotivated or frustrated by art, but I don't know, she doesn't really seem to have a goal in mind? Or a driving force?

No. 299446


shes straight up said she wouldn't be able to live if she couldn't do art as her job, working in any other field is beneath her and she just cannot

sounds pretty spoiled but she does suffer from depression and has self harmed which shows how fragile of a person she must be

No. 299459

File: 1493256073499.png (3.6 MB, 2168x1614, 1492227515488.png)

Man, I'm gonna sound like a dick but looking at her art, but I wouldn't have guessed how devoted she is based on how her art progression. I go through into a lot of depressive episodes that halt art activities, so I understand how disruptive that can be towards improving, but she's gotten worse or stagnated at the very least.

It's unfair to compare artistic growths of different people, but when people put themselves through FZD hell or 12-hour-a-day-drawing-NEET-life to the point of developing carpal tunnel or severe hand injuries (pic related) just to git gud, I find it hard to sympathize with her.

I know this thread is about Holly specifically, but I come across a lot of people similar to her, where their pride and Dunning-Kruger-level-of-self-importance just doesn't reflect their actual execution or practice.

No. 299469

> plan to be an art teacher, but we didn't mention she said she's just doing the degree as a safety net if she dosent become famous enough

really, isn't this the plan of every art teacher?

she'll continue to make money as long as there are impressionable fujoshit preteens though

No. 299483

Don't people generally get asked to be guests at cons? Not ASK to be guests at cons

No. 299486

I can understand how she spends 12+hours a day drawing with no improvement. She thinks her current style is "good enough" so she never challenges herself. Challange and doing things you are not comfortable with is how you improve.
She isn't okay with learning real anatomy because that takes effort. She isn't okay with watching tutorials of other artists because others intimidate her. She is intimidated and chooses to project this feeling with pure salt and hate for every other artist.

No. 299491


I don't have depression but what I do have in common w/ Holly is that we both barely get out of the house b/c we can't drive and need to draw
(I still go to my college campus a few times a week though)

I've realized now that's almost like being on house arrest and that I need to get out more to the library or something, not only is it better for overall mental health but you'll have more rl experiences to translate into your art

No. 299492

With all the figure studies she does for school you'd think she'd be able to translate that into her art, right?

I guess the reason why her figure studies look wayyy better than her characters is b/c she rlly is just copying and eyeing the reference and not absorbing any of the underlying structure to it

No. 299506

File: 1493263651472.png (563.23 KB, 722x560, x.png)

I tried reading her comic and GOD. It's so boring and slow. I got to page 50 and nothing fucking happened. I gave up shortly after.

Also, it's such an eyesore. Her decision to make it red against white was so poor. Also, the lines so inconsistent, and often too fucking thick. Everything just mashes together into a big blob, and it's unreadable.

Also, pic related, dat perspective jesus fuck

No. 299511

File: 1493264857869.png (140.44 KB, 694x271, Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 5.44…)


When she tries to scale down her figures it just dosent work, its like they turn into chibis or are just deformed

consistent problem w/ her comics proven by >>294355

No. 299512


When she tries to scale down her figures it just dosent work, its like they turn into chibis or are just deformed

consistent problem w/ her comics proven by >>294355

No. 299514

File: 1493265386264.jpg (771.91 KB, 1600x643, vanishedpoints.jpg)

i may not be the greatest at perspective but i made an attempt to try and draw a grid based on that wonky-ass left panel and just, what happened here

better artnons feel free to correct me, but by my understanding, all lines heading towards/away from the viewer should meet at one (or sometimes two, if you're getting complex) singular vanishing points, and all lines perpendicular to that should be straight and flat across. see left compared to right.

tl;dr her perspective sucks because she doesnt even try but what else is new

No. 299526


No, you are totally right anon. All lines should go to the same point.
I also ain't the best with perspective, but that panel is just… sad.

i really wish someone would redraw it with the correct perspective

No. 299539

Also, she's an artist, she should just apply for an artist alley table. Or apply for a panel if that's what she wants to do. Alley seems like it would be good for her though, she can just sit around and sell copies of her shitty comics and prints and stuff.
It's really not hard to apply for one, just link a portfolio and wait for a response, have some stuff you want to sell and the money for a table. The only reason I see for asking for guest status is to try and get paid/get table space for free? She's not even very well known lol, maybe a tiny-ass con would feature her but they also have to care about operating costs far more so I doubt she would recieve any compensation.

No. 299541


She's participated in artist alleys before

No. 299544

She didn't do to good though, most of what she made/printed for the con went straight into her online shop

No. 299552

File: 1493271879328.png (330.9 KB, 518x800, melty.png)

used an isometric view since it seems to be closer to what she actually drew. obviously I didn't use a ruler so lines are still kinda organic. if you are as wobbly as she is (with something as unforgiving as traditional media) use. a. ruler. the worst offender in her image is definitely hitler's chair leg.

also note how she forgot to give the table legs.

No. 299553

lmaooo i didnt even notice the missing table legs. both of those dudes have to be paper thin to fit in that tiny gap between chair back and table anyway

really, she just has no grasp of 3d

No. 299629

At about 24:20 she mentions making about £500 profit – "£1000 if I hadn't stayed in the hotel"… then goes on to say "a lot of people bought my book, like, six or seven!"

Like she said she made most of the money on commissions but I still don't get that. There's no way she made £500 profit - actual profit, subtracting other costs - let alone £1000.

No. 299651


to be fair it could just be one of those tables w/ a big leg in the center (yeah right)

No. 299767

File: 1493315244355.jpg (51.29 KB, 438x447, wtf.jpg)

Maybe I'm fucking up, but the vanishing points are both on the same side of the picture. If the Earth's horizon is pic related, then they're defying gravity. Not to mention the vertical lines are all going separate/opposing directions.

Objects closest to the "camera" should be bigger than objects further away, but she did the opposite (like the wall's border). Even if you move one of the VPs to the left where it should be, the VPs are way too close together (makes objects look like they're "falling off the page"/distorted).

I don't hate this girl or anything, but she churns out pages so fast, she's definitely sacrificing quality for quantity.

I think the table has reversed T legs (like some school desks), while the chairs have normal "stick legs", but she didn't draw the left side and there's no space for it anyway (the center of the table is very offset).

No. 299785


Thank you, kind anon. We can see that even with your rough-ish lines, it's miles better than her finished product.


>I don't hate this girl or anything, but she churns out pages so fast, she's definitely sacrificing quality for quantity.

This, yeah.

No. 299980

File: 1493336766354.jpg (98.52 KB, 700x664, C-af8tRUwAEAScy.jpg)

Here we go again

No. 300009

not as bad as her other ones, that skirt tho. it has a mind of its own.

No. 300029


Is she screaming because someone broke her wrist or…

No. 300037

I hate how stiff her poses are and it looks like her hand is fucking backwards! It shouldn't be facing outwards like that, would it kill her to look at some references?

No. 300043

>I used to think her art was okay but now…

the face is wonky
the hair is so lazy and alien like (she even made a hair tutorial once wtf)
and the way shes playing cricket triggers me
and I think its safe to say I hate the way she draws shoes + legs (that second leg is way too small in perspective)

Jesus even w/ a cintiq she can't manage to make her art less wonky

No. 300077

She always complained about how "references are bad!!1! dont become dependant on them!!1!" so thats probably why she never uses them. also she keeps buying pose books and figurines, the fuck is the point if she refuses to use references? This bitch doesnt make any sense.

No. 300078

I know this has been said 1000 times over but… her men, women, everyone has the same face. It's just the pedo character has a thicker face… and reminds me of the guy from "hello neighbor."

No. 300086

File: 1493346319784.png (298.19 KB, 800x600, croquet.png)

Sorry for the rough lines, I just wanted to redline rl quick

Dont praise me, lets just discuss what went wrong in the og art

No. 300098


It sounds like you're looking for praise though

No. 300099

here we go again
work on some cleaner lines anon

No. 300108


? welp I don't know what i could've said to make it not sound that way then

Is it rlly that much of an eyesore? Its just meant to demonstrate my points

No. 300111

File: 1493348308820.jpg (73.42 KB, 540x535, 16427529_1349056698470648_5555…)


>right hand is non-existant

>stiff-ass pose
>can only draw one type of shoe that aren't snickers, apparently
>kek at that skirt, she's "showing the haters" cause she said she would draw puffier skirts, still looks awful
>trademark jay leno chin
>the fucking end part of the criket-stick-thingie is flat as shit
>shading all over the place
>etc etc etc

Professional, you guys.

No. 300112

fuck those bitches anon, your art is fine and gets your point across so they're just being cunty, but sage your shit.

No. 300113

tbh its pretty annoying, just trace it over a new layer would be a lot nicer.
Also the point of a redraw is to correct the anatomy mistakes of the original, not to draw a new pose. To me the original upper torso isn't too bad, it's the waist downwards which is displaced.

also also I thought we're done with shitty redraws

No. 300114

yes lets circlejerk again

No. 300118


This is fine to me tho?
It's not like she redrew it completely, like.. Giving it a face with her own style and shit like other anons were doing earlier… I think it was on topic still.
And with good note to boot. I think you're too salty, this is informative.

But that just me, I guess. sage.

No. 300121

so this is a redline instead of redraw? then what i said makes even more sense, you're essentially making a new pose

No. 300127

there rlly wasn't 'much' wrong w/ the anatomy its the pose thats stiff and unnatural and she's holding the thing wrong
but I guess I could've just moved the legs forward, sure
w/ the mallet that far away she would need to be more bent over or she wouldn't have very good balance, anon

No. 300144


>Composition is very difficult with comics as it requires a strong understanding of gestalt and a lot of film and animation teqniques

Oh Hollys an expert on this too, don't cha know?

No. 300152


one time she said to her viewers not to shade in black she does it all the time 4 some reason, even though she knows its sin?

No. 300154


It really irritates me that she can go on and on in videos explaining​things she herself has very little understanding of. How about putting what you know into practice, Holly, since you're such an expert at it.

No. 300164

she has zero sense of body language. even without referencing anything, she could have grabbed a broom and looked at her own hands on it, or posed herself and thought about how her limbs were placed

the skirts are actually more infuriating than helmethair to me now though, the fuck kind of marilyn monroe vent gust is this shit

i'm with the non-hating anons on this, this is a good redline, but skip the "dont praise me" next time bc it sounds like you expected some

No. 300233

ah, sorry! at least u weren't a douche bout it

I just didn't want the responses to start off w the obligatory "great work anon/nice job" from the nicer anons like what happened up thread when ppl were drawing all those shota boys

No. 300285

Why are all of Holly's character's legs so damn stiff? If you held your legs like that all the time you'd pass out.

No. 300330

if you're going to redraw a pose playing a sport, take the 2 minutes you need to look up a bit about it. not hard? (hard for Holly obviously but aren't we better than that?)

No. 300600

i watched some of her livestream and she actually didn't look up references until after she drew the pose, then didn't even use it.

at around 1:29:30

No. 300615

File: 1493412620394.png (60.86 KB, 133x233, Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 10.4…)


>gets bitched at for altering pose slightly

>gets bitched at for not changing pose enough

I was thinking about what holly was actually going for in the piece, there are a few angles to play croquet at
yes ppl are very hunched over to eye it better but you don't have to hunch to tap the ball

I wanted to keep the one the legs back, the mallet relatively the same size (there are variations in mallets) to keep the general pose holly was going for: because she wanted Heather to play croquet in action but also show her face and pose

thats why I put: choose play or pose b/c its impractical to do both (hunch over like ur invested in where the ball ends up/ or just lean on ur mallet looking pretty)

No. 300617

ew, i listened for too long
> "poof skirts, I love em!" triggered
> "gay for heather, won't tell my mom I'm bi unless I find a girl i like a lot"
> "but yeh, I'm not getting any D or puss anytime soon"

No. 300619


Asslicker offended us!

No. 300632

ur reaching Holly bitch lvl status
putting so much subtext behind "don't praise me"

sage for being a dumbass and expecting ppl to take it literally

No. 300674

kek but you didn't pick pose or play either? don't get bitchy over us finding your redraw lackluster, you put it up for us to see.

No. 300717

kekety kek, im not being petty about ur nitpicks
Im not sad to hear what could of been improved! As long as theyr legitimate concerns, ur feedback isn't falling on deaf ears

the salty anons were getting uppity just for posting visual aids on an image board

No. 300731

you really need to stop now. if you're so not butthurt, stop replying to every anon who insults you like you are.

seriously, stop. don't even respond to my post. just stop.

i feel like she only made that tiny attempt to look at a reference image because people were watching her, so she can go "well look at me looking at reference images on my stream then"

No. 300838

i think we can all agree…to not post any redraws. redline if you must

No. 301011

File: 1493486003312.png (655.53 KB, 693x1089, IMG_1538.PNG)

If any one wants to read a GOOD webcomics about two gay boys falling in love, read long exposure by smokeplanet. the art is really good,and way better then anything holly has ever craped out, and she actually WANTS to work on it,unlike hollys shitty attitude about her own comic

No. 301121

File: 1493497820212.png (399.35 KB, 559x419, xdgjg.PNG)

I appreciate the recommendation anon

No. 301218

Lol why is she so… SO delusional and unaware of herself I'm dyin scoob

No. 301279

File: 1493514334758.jpg (76.22 KB, 360x540, hpWjY9F.jpg)

To me the ultimate is always going to be http://tjandamal.com/ Absolutely incredible art (peep her scenery, she puts more effort into one panel than Holly has put into her entire comic) with a deep, actually heart-wrenching story and relateable, realistic, non-pandering characters

and it's all free online sooo

No. 301283

Oh god I got so excited when I saw this. TJ and Amal is so good, I'd completely forgotten about it. Thanks for indirectly reminding me to read through it again, anon.

No. 301347

TBH we should post some actual good gay comic suggestions ,seeing so much of hollys comic gives me a headache

No. 301437

Just read all of this tonight, I feel cleansed from how good it was.

No. 301629

File: 1493576344017.png (962.13 KB, 1284x1146, Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 2.12…)

psychic anon

No. 301806

she's streaming
apparently she's dated three bois

No. 301860

She's drawing mpreg of Simon, who's 15. wat

No. 301888

all that fucking chicken scratch
>don't praise me

No. 302062

drawing mpreg
fuck i thought she couldnt get any more disgusting

No. 302110

File: 1493656806732.png (Spoiler Image, 86.78 KB, 598x501, 0a726357725bee63193dfe9ee1f1fa…)

It's suppose to be a 'joke' but she put way more effort in it than I am comfortable with

No. 302643

Something tells me this isn't as much of a joke as she says it is. Holly seems like the kind of fujo that would be into mpreg.

No. 302657

Mpreg makes me repulsed in so many ways and I don't know exactly why. Pregnancy is already terrifying but add in (most of the time) no uterus and no hips and it's even more terrifying.

No. 304502

she did go grossly into detail about how it would work in her stream, makes it even worse

No. 304551

No. 305921

oh boy. oh boy.

No. 308884

the filth she lives in is trigger worthy

No. 308936

No. 309306

So Holly's making a give away cause she reached almost 125k subscribers.

If this isn't a motivation to invest on my own art career, I don't know what it is.

No. 309310

File: 1494438490079.jpg (87.67 KB, 500x445, tumblr_opnw4m3Br71t1hwwoo1_500…)

Like, 124k followers for this kind of art.

Sage for angry samefagging.

No. 309328

what the FUCK is this perspective

No. 309334

Her art aside, the flow on this page is fucking terrible. Floating heads, no tension at all. The lettering is atrocious I'm actually mad because she talks down on everyone and this is what she produces.

No. 309337

Anything digital gets some type of following just because it looks more polished no matter how ugly the art style looks. Kids today…

No. 309348

why does it seem like everyone is drawing fucked up mermaids right now

is drawing a big flappy tail their cop out for not knowing how to draw the human figure

No. 309351

Yes. I see it so much on the "psychedelic art" side of tumblr and the untalented bitches there love to pass it off as "well its psychedelic so its random and fitss xD"

Draw some legs! It's still not coherent!

No. 309359

It's #MerMAY, apparently. Draw a mermaid every day.

No. 309373

That boys spine is broken.

No. 309450

File: 1494446657940.png (587.13 KB, 613x545, 333.png)


Yeah, it's kind of an art "Meme", like Inktober.

Also, >>309310
it just looks like it's a regular boy standing on a lake and a big ass fish is diving behind him. It doesn look connected at all.

And what is this pose.

No. 309471

Good to know Holly still isn't improving
God, if she doesn't get it together her views are going to dwindle like Baylee's

No. 309479

Baylee's views are dwindling? Is she enough of a lolcow to be posted here?

No. 309483

Kiwifarms thread when

No. 309512

Looks like it, she's brought it up recently.
I don't think so, she can fit into the /snow/ category but not as much as Holly

No. 309522

nah, as long as there are stupid artist teenagers w/ even less skills than Holly and still like her edginess shes gonna get views

there are so many 12 yr olds posting 5 second clips of their animated turd memes on yb its triggering
the cancer is no longer being contained on deviant art

No. 311027

Did she seriously spell "tension" as "tention" and "drapery" as "drapey"? Is this chick 12? Although a 12 yo probably knows how to spell both of these.

No. 311075

She can't spell for shit. Even her comics and the printed books she sells have spelling errors because she can't be arsed to spell check.

No. 311171


She can't draw shoes for shit. Those heels look like clown shoes.

Also, who the fuck covers their Cintiq in stickers? Is she 5?

No. 311483

File: 1494626400810.png (67.48 KB, 1186x262, Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 5.58…)

I don't know how to feel about this tweet….like…why did you do this in the first place?

Why did she add piss wash yellow to this?

No. 311621

I'm triggered

No. 311630

i was about to say the same thing, like her mac and cintiq now look like total shit??? why would you put stickers, especially in such a haphazard way… like she could atleast make it look like they were placed in a way on purpose instead of a toddler doing it

No. 313050

File: 1494822653599.png (696.48 KB, 584x572, Untitled.png)


I don't mind the stickers, but I agree she should've placed it better, like, there's no cohesion? So much for being an artist.

Also, the pins arrived.

No. 313054

God, and they're even worse than the illustrations.

No. 313098

ew what the fuck happened to her nails?

No. 313123

File: 1494833645389.jpg (189.02 KB, 1280x720, xkiLz3O.jpg)

The gold outlines really clash. But honestly, the entire concept for these pins were poor from the very start. Fully-body, realistically proportioned art just does not work for enamel pins, especially when the detailing gets that small (like in batshota's hair and the Homestuck-pointy-glasses-guy's entire head). I mean, of course there's exceptions, but this is not one of them.

Her other enamel pins turned out a lot better because of conservation of detail and that they're only heads. The gold trimming doesn't work with her palettes though.

No. 313138

Are the ones in the pic supposed to be the ones that "turned out a lot better?"

No. 313141

File: 1494837133136.jpg (64.25 KB, 597x383, x0nd34444.JPG)

Does anyone even buy these besides her friends?

No. 313174

>"does anyone even buy these besides her friends?"
>first pin I notice is 'I don't think so'

Answers itself

No. 313416

Why would you buy pins of someone's OCs? Especially considering how bad these look.

No. 313457

They aren't even particularly cute or unique looking ocs. Maybe if the characters had designs as iconic as Pusheen I'd buy pins of them, but these characters look totally bland and uninteresting.

No. 313553

how did these somehow get worse

who are these pins supposed to appeal to, people who love punchable faces?

maybe next she can figure out how to draw fucking glasses, that flat |><| bullshit triggers me every time, its like a bad superhero mask

No. 313955

File: 1494930392714.png (27.34 KB, 714x356, asddsada.png)

She's such a bitch to her own fans all the time.

Why even bother answering if it's just gonna be super rude. I mean, if you're tired of that question or something, just delete it.

No. 314052

Fair enough if she has nothing else to do but that person was clearly looking for advice. Just don't reply, damn.

No. 314149

I couldn't imagine being this rude to anyone​ let alone a fan. I want to see her try that in person to someone in Artist Alley (if she ever does that) and see just how quickly she loses business.

No. 314229

>I want to see her try that in person to someone in Artist Alley (if she ever does that) and see just how quickly she loses business.

When she tabled at a con (Sanjapan I think) she said in her vid that she didn't get very much business. Now that could be because of her weird salty attitude combined with her terrible art. Having a shit personality with a shit artstyle is a recipe for failure in this business

No. 314358

File: 1494984348525.png (93.08 KB, 550x358, aaaaaaagh.png)

so why.even.bother.replying

I think I've said it before, I usually like Holly's work with colour, and if she was a normal, nice girl, I'd probably support her as an artist because I think it's important. But she's just so self-intitled and bitchy.

Unfortunately, most of her fans are online ones, so she doesn't need to worry so much about being professional at adressing them. Ugh. Even GalatiBun (or w/e is her handle) is more professional and level-headed than her, and she's fucking 14.

No. 319289

She's planning a Kickstarter…

No. 319316

It's honestly impressive how lazy the designs of these pins are

No. 319608

How does she even have fans? She's so nasty to them. Did she buy likes or something?

No. 319742

File: 1495548190190.jpg (748.25 KB, 1280x1280, adfaf.jpg)

I happened to scroll through her tumblr and jesus, the fucked up arms on the guy on the left.

No. 319783

And I think she redrew those hands.. Since she uses label stickers to cover mistakes so she fix it easily… Oh my. HOW

No. 319804

lol what the fuck? the bearded guy's arms are beyond jacked up. his left hand (our right) should be tucked under his arm. she made it look like he has 3 fucking arms or something. how do you fuck you mess up so bad and not notice?

also, it also might be her sucking, but the glasses kid's left hand (our right) looks like it has an extra finger kek.

No. 319818

She should consider a different hobby.

No. 319894

File: 1495563507735.jpg (72.31 KB, 480x583, fghttj.JPG)

Good to know she's still drawing like shit

Apparently she's making an exclusive cover for kick starter backers, I really want to know who in the right mind would kick start this?

No. 319900

God, I really hate people who feel the need to haphazardly cover everything they own in stickers.

No. 320171

If that is supposed to be Angus…well…sure looks like a 10 year old to me.

No. 325487

File: 1496174880812.jpg (45.83 KB, 397x503, hollyb.JPG)

Nah, it's just under aged fans that just like her "rude,tough" attitude
Which I don't understand because when people come after Holly and call her out on her hypocritical bullshit she chimps out and just deletes the comments

>Even tho she's finally getting her comic published, Holly still can't perspective or anatomy

No. 326145

>>325487 Oh no.. That is terrible. The poses look stiff and don't do any sense no matter what the context is and I cannot believe this is her redraw of the page..
Gotta love those floating fingers in the second panel. and How much longer that other dude is?! So long that they need to look that much up? Wtf.

No. 326156

The thing is that she has potential, she's working a lot and actually doing things instead of just talking about them, which is impressive. But then there's this whole side where she thinks she's the best of the best, claims to be good at basically anything she does (in her vlog from yesterday she said that she's really good at graphic design, which… she's not. That cover is a mess design-wise) and talks shit about every other artist out there. I just don't get it.

But I think her kickstarter is reasonable if she's really asking for around 2k. But let's see, I kind of hope that she fails because she's so stuck-up and terrible as a person and needs a reality check for her art.

No. 326601

File: 1496282585794.png (578.45 KB, 734x468, Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 9.59…)

The summary text of her book is so bad.

No. 326603

this legit reads like engrish, i read it 3 times and still can't understand that middle sentence, holy shit

old guy's arms are a fucking optical illusion. what the fuck goes through her brain to make her take a piece to that level of finish with colour without fixing the basic anatomical mistakes?

No. 326670

im also really torn, her work ethic/ art hustle is nothing to sniff at
but it makes me rlly salty and not want to support her due to everything ppl have mentioned b4 in this thread; attitude, delusions, etc

it feels like all of this would be acceptable if she was in middle school or even highschool, but shes not

No. 326705

Holy shit, I think I've actually met her in person. Reading the summery of her book gave me flashbacks of the card she gave me. I'll have to go look.

No. 326708

File: 1496292011076.jpg (2.27 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_1894.JPG)

Yup it was her.
I remember reading the back of the card going WTF..
Kid was so young and into weird stuff.

No. 326709

File: 1496292138544.jpg (2.1 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_1895.JPG)

No. 326713

Whoa, I love it when anons meet the people discussed here

what was she like anon?

No. 326716


Yes, it's Angus, kek.
It's funny how she covered everything with little pieces of paper to correct it and still fucked up badly.

Simon's hands here have no.. purpose.. at all? Like, it seems like their only purpose is to make the pose looks stiff and unnatural as shit. I don't get her decisions.
The colors are good, tho.

No. 326755

god i hate that stupid glasses so much

No. 327489

She was like an immature CHILD who was pretending to be such a big girl buying all her own stuff. She looked like a brat and overall she just looked pissed off with the world. I got her to smile briefly. But I had to really step up my customer service. It was awkward. The lady behind her was like "well, you tried"

No. 327496

context? are u a cashier or something? where was this at?

No. 327502

Yeah man spill the deets, in a cohesive way

No. 327546

So her kickstarter launched and holy shit…her video is so stiff. I can't stop laughing. And the graphic design skills…


No. 327565

Holly made a gross nsfw ig account

No. 327594

She said that it turned out so well and idk, I believed her because she's been making YouTube videos etc. But this is just terrible.

I should not have clicked that. I also thought nsfw work is not allowed on instagram. And I've only read parts of her comic, aren't the characters supposed to be underage?

No. 327638

Wow… Every picture on there is pure cringe. I wonder if I should report it since her characters are "underage", according to her.

No. 327643

Don't, please. Her wonky porn is too hilarious.

No. 327812

File: 1496432267794.png (414.73 KB, 618x723, purgatroy.png)

It's almost fully funded already.

She misspelled her comic's name a bunch. She said she's spellchecking her pages rn, I wonder how that's gonna go. I wanted to ask her if she'd ever let someone else spellcheck for her but anon is turned off on her blog and she scares me.

No. 327898

File: 1496438699709.png (208.06 KB, 1220x756, Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 5.22…)

I know this is an annoying comment, but it bugs me the way she responds to it. Stop being a bitch.

Or maybe this is me just reading too much into it.

No. 327927

her poses are stiffer than my dick rn

seriously tho has she ever even watched a real live gay porno? christ

No. 328099

Holly's friend: "fujoshis should die"
Holly: Yeah

>self awareness

also later retardation about how ppl shouldn't idolize rebecca sugar even tho they both have been making steven universe references the entire stream

No. 328100

around 2 hours and 24 m
not 2 minutes

No. 328150

I thought the $20 international shipping seemed like a lot so I tried calculating a price. For something in a large envelope over 2 pounds it would definitely cost that much even with first class international, but I don't know what is being shipped out. Isn't it just one book? That can't weigh more than one pound, which costs a little over $10 for first class international.

No. 328286

funded already, damn

No. 328288

No. 328387

I'm pretty sure that's standard now based on more legit kickstarters. I know that it went up recently. The thing that gets me is that she's doing a kickstarter to do print on demand books. Like, why? The whole point of print on demand is that you don't need set up costs.

No. 330121

This lack of self awareness is seriously fucking amazing. What exactly do they think makes them different from "those" dirty fujoshits?

Also, this >>327565 is some cingeworthy shit, weren't her characters supposed to be 12 or something?? What the actual fuck.

No. 338346

"oh my dog I hate him. I just want to strangle the shit out of him"

Wtf is wrong with this bitch and the constant burping and slurping is driving me insane

No. 338442

What drives me crazy is that she always has to use the tiniest brush or pen (digital or not) to fill out giant areas. And then she complaints that it is taking her so long.

But I miss talking about her here, tbh.

No. 338443

She probably thinks using a large brush or the fill bucket is cheating and not doing that makes her better somehow. Even though it just makes her look like an idiot spending tons of money on digital art supplies she doesn't know how to use.

No. 339399

She's repugnant, and if you bring it up to her in a comment she or her underaged psychopants will call you a hater.

It seems to be tumblr's typical line of thought. People (especially women) should be proud and own their repulsive behaviors. She really strikes me as someone who will never find a partner who isn't also a chubby, potato-faced fujo.

No. 340984

File: 1498372791504.jpg (519.43 KB, 1280x1051, tumblr_os31ncEfzS1t1hwwoo1_128…)

Holly deleted all of her tumblr posts and replaced it with these weird aesthetic templates to feature her art.
I cant get over how ugly and cheesy these templates are. sure whatever use these ugly things for one or two drawings but not every single one. She keeps using the same templates but changes the background colors or object placement.
looks like shes gonna keep this aesthetic for awhile:
"hope you guys appreciate the aesthetic I’m going for"

No. 340994


Wait… What?

At first I thought it was kinda neat, but then I noticed that it's all digital? And it became weird and repetitive really fast.

Oh well. At least she's not being a mega-bitch as usual.

What about her contest, tho? Did she anounce the winners?

No. 340997

Honestly, this looks a lot better than her art on it's own. Is it seriously all digital though? Super weird and definitely makes it lose it's charm. I can appreciate the aesthetic layouts, but it's just kind of awkward if it's all faked.

No. 340999

I wonder if the criticism of her crappy personality has finally gotten to her and she's starting to shape up. She's probably too proud to admit it. Either way, her art is still awkward and ugly.

No. 341319

I can't decide if the NSFW is funny or just sad. They all look like they have special needs.

No. 342297

File: 1498591951367.png (1.6 MB, 1235x783, tyson murphy ig.png)

This is stupid.
She said she did this to look "professional", you know real professionals in the gaming or cartoon industry don't even do that. Even if you were going to do these photography templates that anyone online can download, then make your own.
How hard is it to rent a DSLR Camera and take pictures? If she wants to stand out from the crowd then she should make her own shit. Overall she is doing this because her room is a fucking mess

No. 342663

Plus it's not even that hard to learn basics like her templates in blender which in turn she could make whatever she wanted as well as change the angles to her liking. Simple stuff like this only takes 6 hours to learn and produce, and once you learn how to do it the time drops dramatically

No. 343328

Maybe its just my autism, but its seriously annoying how the drawing is visably inked but she's photoshopped pencils rather than pens

No. 343349

Here's her explaining the new choice. Look at what she's comparing herself to, she just took the lazy route as usual.

No. 343361

I had to laugh when she said she wasn't sure if she should share how she did it. She's making it seem as if she discovered/ invented mock-ups? Some of the ones she did turned out nice but most of them look so fake and repetitive.

You can take good pictures with a phone, most artists do. You just need daylight and a clean area. Not hard.

No. 343377

So true, half my job is making mock-ups and I hate it. It's so tedious.

I took a break from making fun of her when I heard about her dad's cancer. Maybe that's why she seems different? Or maybe I'm just reading into things.

Seriously though, her kickstarter is a mess. She hit her stretch goal days ago and never made a new one. She says she just wants to make a profit and like…does she not realize you aren't supposed to make profits off kickstarter? It's all supposed to go into the product.

No. 344023

Whhhhhhyyyy why did she shit stickers all over it, this is making me nauseous just to look at

No. 344044

she sounds like a female chris-chan and looks just about as gross.

No. 344080

I couldn't really watch the video where she mentioned her dad's cancer because of the video corruption (I thought it was weird that she still uploaded it/ couldn't find a way to fix it). I hope he'll be fine.

And yeah, good for her for meeting the goal, but I don't understand why she isn't keeping up with it. And I do understand that she wants to make money of something she put a lot of time in, but kickstarter is not the right place to do so and I don't understand the expectation of making lots of money from a free web comic.

No. 344095

Really hate how she talks to her audience and how they eat her shit.

No. 344109

i just found out about her. her style is so annoying oh my god, its like steven universe or some ugly shit

No. 344128

File: 1498851650047.png (1.22 MB, 689x802, wieojf.PNG)

eughh the guy's hand though

No. 344146

How many times do you think she drew that hand?
Still looks like shit.

No. 344159

how does she keep making the same mistake with the feet? looks like someone snapped the guy's foot

No. 344200

She keeps bitching about artists that are not improving but still makes the same mistakes over and over again. It's so infuriating.

No. 344317

Yeah there's no way she could have gotten accepted into calarts with this kind of art, there's no rythmic flow or sense of accurate and stylized perspective, did she really think she could fool people into thinking she hot accepted?

No. 344326


>dem proportions

>dat foot
>dat cup just hovering instead of being hold
>dat perspective
>dat stiffiness
>dat flat crotch area with flat shirt

Professional, you guise!

No. 344335

It's really sad because there's elements in her art that look good but she just never pushes herself or refuses to actually acknowledge her problems.

No. 344779


all of them are such basic bitch weeb stickers too like we get it hollister u love miyazaki soot things

No. 344858

She's not pushing herself because I don't think she feels a need to push herself. She already has an audience that likes her work as is and she is making a ok wage off her work. The sad part is that unless something drastic happens her style will likely stay the way it is mistakes and all.

No. 345847

The background color is too distracting, how could she think this looks more "professional" ??

No. 346002

This might be nitpicking, but I fucking hate her taste in fonts. Purgatory title font is hideous and that other one she uses in her videos is blinding.


Marked where you can see her using fonts, but really why do they have to be so wonky just like her art?

No. 346055

I fully agree. I'm a graphic designers and I get irritated so much whenever she says how good she is at it. One time I even tried to give her some constructive criticism to help out and she just said something along the lines of "ok? no one asked you" and it just made me mad. I was being overly nice about it and said it was a suggestion and gave reasoning behind it. And it the very fucking video she said how good she is at "graphic design stuff".

She doesn't want to improve.

No. 347367

I was watching one her more recent vlogs and I can't stand how fucking dirty her room is, especially her floor. I feel bad for the cats that have to live in that filth.

No. 347466


She posted a "studio" tour and it's so unsurprising that her room looks like it would smell like cat piss.

No. 347561

haha holy shit this chick. I've seen her all over the place. She keeps saying how if you do art you'll starve, and she bought a fucking cintiq, and doesnt even use it to the best capacity.

she also covered it in tacky stickers, which isn't bad in itself but it made me salty beyond all belief.

No. 347741

I feel really bad for the animals living there and also for those who order anything from her store.. I bet everything has a terrible smell to them.

No. 347806

How the fuck can she get anything done when she has shit everywhere? Ugh

No. 347871

She received a free monitor tablet from Huion.


No. 347885

Cheap Chinese Wacom knock off. Perfect for HC since she's the only digital artist in the whole fucking world who doesn't use hot keys.

No. 348055

Huion's graphics tablets are comparable to Wacom's, but I have no idea how their monitor tablets hold up. I'm sort of salty, because she already has a fucking Cintiq she puts stickers all over.

Also, does she legit not use hotkeys? Does she use shortcuts at least? Don't tell me she manually switches tools and settings with her mouse.

No. 348084


I've heard that Huion's monitor tablets are good, but not as good as cintiq. However, the price-benefit is way better. The only complaints I've seen so far besides the hotkey stuff is that the screen is more reflective, it's made with more plastic and it isn't as sturdy as a cintiq when you put it on your table.

They do try to listen to the feedback and improve tho, so I heard. Instebrak gave up using wacoms and now uses solely Huion.

Sage for tablet talk.

I must also add that I am too very salty kek I hope she gives away one of those monitor tablets? I don't know if she can give away the Huion though, considering it was given to her for free by the company? I guess that's illegal.

But her old Cintiq is doable, I guess. I'd take it even with all the stickers kek

No. 348094

Same tbh, i'd buy it. I've never really seen a non-sponsored review of a huion so i inherently don't trust them.

No. 348106

>She doesn't want to improve.

yet she keeps telling others how very important improvement is

No. 348254

Her drawings are so ugly… I couldn't even finish half the video due to how badly she was drawing
God damn how did she get sent it for free,why couldn't someone with actual talent be sent a free tablet to review?

No. 348283


Huion sent a bunch of monitor tablets to a lot of youtube users, actually. Like Draw with Jazza, Sara Tepe and some others that I don't remember. So I guess you only need to have 120k+ followers on youtube and they'll send you one lol

No. 348311

she just made a video showing her work space the other day

No. 348319


lol just the fact that she had to compliment herself saying "cleaning too much would be disingenuous" like how??? that you picked up your fucking garbage to make your shit look presentable for a video? why is she proud of being a slob

nice to see her month old diet coke cans finally being thrown away tho. i wouldn't be shocked if she had a bad ant problem

No. 348520


her fans just eat this shit up too, all the comments are "i love how real you are" its like, this is being a "real person" its being fucking disgusting. and she admits right at the beginning that her dog pees all over everything! including her cats food and water!

No. 348811

"This is my dog, he pees on all my stuff. I hate living with my mom" then house train your dog and get a fucking job you lazy piece of shit. I hate seeing people whine about things they don't like but then put no effort into changing things for the better. If you're not willing to change then don't fucking complain.

No. 348817

tbh i'm jealous of all the supplies and shit that she has. they're all going to waste though, knowing that holly isn't talented enough to use them properly and will probably throw away the supplies because they didn't work for her is sad.

all of her money that she used on art supplies could have easily gone to funding for an apartment or something. she should stop buying useless shit and move out already.

No. 348846

I literally did exactly this, its not hard to train a dog that has been badly brought up nor is it hard to save to move out when you have a money flow (like she does) all it takes is a little patience which we all know she lacks :/

sage for blogging

No. 348857

File: 1499556565925.gif (568.28 KB, 240x291, 0lyw14.gif)

you can take Holly Brown out of the filth but you can't take the filth out of Holly Brown

No. 348974

I've never watched any of her videos before and I couldn't finish that workspace vid since it's just so fucking boring holy shit. She could've at least made her room a bit more cleaner too instead of showing off how much trash she has in there.

No. 349268

File: 1499605851013.jpg (50.83 KB, 282x329, FB_IMG_1499519501286-1.jpg)

Her comics are fucking boring. I cant stand here bitch attitude. She act like she's some professional artist bitching about other people's art, but when ppl does it to her she goes nuts be petty and make a rant video

No. 349269

Her* lmfao

No. 349524

Also in the Studio Tour she said that keeps her cats litter box in a cabinet close to her desk… Imagine how bad that fucking smells. Gross

No. 349624

Dogs peeing a lot on things, especially things that they see day to day (not brand new things) is the sign of a very insecure and unhappy dog. I feel so sorry for that dog, even the body language in the video was uncomfortable.

No. 349631

That really sucks… Make sense really especially by seeing how HC talks to the dog like it's garbage.

Despite what HC says about herself I bet she's really lazy. There's a video where she's in her mother's kitchen and that looked filthy too.

No. 349652

Maybe when she moves out the place will be big enough for the dog to run around more and maybe find a bit more happiness because as far as I can tell HC isn't giving it to them. She even snaps at the poor thing several times during the video.

No. 349954


Her room is a fucking pigsty. That overflowing trash bin, stacks of boxes all over the place, just clutter fucking everywhere. Her room probably smells like heated up dog piss because no doubt she probably doesn't clean it up.

Is it just me that really hates the way she says gouache? Like, its not necessarily the wrong pronunciation but she still makes my skin crawl when she says it.

sage for rant

No. 349957

her style reminds me of all the "popular" tumblr artists back when sherlock and doctor who and avengers were popular in 2013. (I don't have a tumblr anymore btw.) Just really long faces and blocky awkward anatomy and the fucking chins. I was guilty of drawing like that back then.

No. 350545

Oh my god, 60 page a month is insane…But then again I guess with her quality it isn't surprising.

Also, of course she's dropping out of art school. Even a glorified degree mill is too hard for her.

No. 350567

her disgusting overgrown nails. Makes me gag.

No. 350568

If she drops out, even for a semester, its highly likely she wont go back or will try to go to a different course. (Btw did she ever mention if she heard back from publishers lol)

No. 350590

MewDoubled makes sketchbook tours and similar, she doesn't have a ton of content up but her personality is brilliant and similarly no-nonsense to Holly's and her art style is a lot more easy on the eyes.

No. 350624

File: 1499786749101.jpg (62.24 KB, 1200x341, CrSJuvZUsAAWerc.jpg)

Holy sht she's an asshole, can't take critism and bitch about it online, she needs to be told that her art is garbage till she stop being such a denial trash

No. 350631

Now wonder this snorting sow can't seem to improve her art. Every time someone tries to correct her all she can do is come up with some kind of middle school level reply.

No. 350641

I agree that she can't take criticism and isn't teachable despite the glaring and consistent flaws in her art, but as immature as her reply was, it's exactly what that comment warranted…

No. 350711

Sage for unimportance but her art is really good! If it had some more substance and theme it could definitely be considered into calarts
Definently a refreshing look when compared to holly's stiff and unskillfull shit.

Holly really does need to learn the basics before developing a style since once you know how to realistically draw you can play with the figure and distort it in an asthetically pleasing way while still make the character look "correct" in a sense. I don't think holly ever has really mentioned life drawing classes for models or architecture which is ultimately her downfall here. You learn the basics, study for the genre of art you want to create then after years of practicing and maybe under the hand of a mentor you execute and produce the art you've been learning to properly create all along…

Holly literally just jumped straight in, shat on all the other steps to produce quality art and then has the nerve to get upset when someone points it out

So yeah, watching this person's video is so much more refreshing especially considering how humble and excited she's being about art. You can definitely sense her passion for what she's doing here.

Sage for rant but I hate people like holly who has no consideration towards the amount of work one has to go through before they can even make a living for themselves solely on their art and comics/graphic novels alone.

No. 350712

Sorry samefag here but fuck I forgot to put sage in the email, sorry about that

No. 350779


Yeah, I agree, she's shit but that comment was totally uncalled for. He sounds as entitled as her

No. 350876

I like her videos, she has a 'idgf' attitude but she isn't a cow like Holly. She actually did get into Calarts and is currently on an internship job at Disney.

(Sage because it's not about Holly Cow)

No. 351338

File: 1499894241916.png (397.48 KB, 415x615, 71.png)

here's some art from a week ago
his right foot looks like it was drawn backwards and what the hell is up with that face jesus

No. 351427

I like how his back foot is supposed to still be on the branch of the tree yet still holds no weight at all so it looks like he's just flying in mid air

No. 351462

File: 1499900912989.png (107.65 KB, 206x275, tumblr_oq04gmVDmE1s4s0zko3_540…)


>his right foot looks like it was drawn backwards

IT IS backwards

No. 351612

they say life inspires art, but i'd like if her art inspired her life with this

the backwards foot is just extra killer, like HOW do you not notice such a basic mistake when you're going to render something with as much detail as the tree trunk?

No. 351627

this bitch have never looked at her own feet or

No. 351638

File: 1499916251629.png (63.58 KB, 558x604, VeggieTales-Logo1.png)

his face looks like a veggietales character wtf

No. 351770

For the longest time, I had no idea what that character was doing tbh. I thought he was legit floating and the tree was part of the background until I read that.

No. 351784

I knew her faces reminded me of something. Fucking LOL.

I am low key jealous at how she's pretty good at colour schemes because thats something I struggle with but I'm now starting to realise she uses a lot of the same colours so maybe thats untrue. I've been seeing this >>351338 combination of orange and red a lot

No. 351807

why is TAZ fan art always so shitty? is this the new the new nightvale?

No. 351837

Ehhh, I feel like she does use this color selection as a way to not improve and be like, I KNOW COLOR GUYZ DON'T WORRY cause if you look at her art
anything that doesn't have Analogous Relationship or Complementary Relationship (Which are the easiest to get right, you learn them in elementary school, and also they take up the majority of her artwork ) looks all muddy and not good together, because she doesn't actually understand complex color theory. She's hiding behind the easiest color techniques, which is a bit disappointing tbh If she learned about undertones, saturation, blending combinations, choosing different color pallets so the shading isn't mucky, maybe her painting would be better. Right now it looks super basic.

No. 351986

the left sandal's strap isn't visible so it just looks glued on the bottom of his foot. it's insane how lazy she is at everything

No. 353611

She's selling it for 550… with all those stickers on it, and from such a gross environment? good fucking luck.

No. 353849

No point being so salty fam, i too think her colouring is pretty neat

No. 353944

Not OP but as an artist I do agree in both that her coloring is very hit and miss. She is trying to achieve the muted colors look when some of the time the colors don't really clash right. She has some idea of color theory but doesn't know how to apply them. Honestly though I'm more distracted with her painting turds with her terrible line art, you can always tell he is rushing or lacks common sense

No. 354585

YES ! Finally someone said it, I don't like her coloring whatsoever. It just looks off most of the time.

No. 354925

New video on he vlogging channel. Her desk still looks shit. Gotta feel bad for her animals.

No. 354931

File: 1500417124004.png (1.83 MB, 1334x750, IMG_1614.PNG)

Screen shot of her desk. HC is always moving her camra around so awkwardly that I never get a full view of how much shot she has but this looks so fucked up.

No. 355008


how hard is it for her to just pick up her dirty cups, take them to the kitchen, and put them in the fucking sink? i know 20 steps is a marathon in holly logic but it frustrates me to no end

sage cuz the whole place is a mess im just nitpicking

No. 355009

god, i can smell the cat piss coming off of this image already.

No. 355125

Isn't that the Huion monitor tablet she just got? How the fuck is there a mess piling around it so quickly?

No. 355585


she can't do that bc she's too busy doing art !!!!!11 art > everything

No. 355599

You know this brings up something about her drawing 8 hours and thinking she will improve if she ALWAYS draws the same shit over and over again. If only she was old enough to watch Ducktales as a kid

No. 355629

I hate this more than her usual videos.

No. 355928

I laughed when I saw this. She makes so many anatomy mistakes that I have no idea how she can even think she's qualified to teach it. And of course her followers eat it up.

No. 356074

All her advice in this will make your work so stiff. She really doesn't understand the importance of gesture. I get taking time to study musculature, but that's not even what she's doing…

Quickly sketch the major shapes. That's it. Hell, tracing the major shapes on to of pictures will teach you way more than what she's doing. She needs to get out of the headspace of drawing what she thinks is there and archive instead what she sees! Stop over thinking it!

No. 356128

File: 1500562313595.png (1.78 MB, 1188x1266, Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 10.4…)

I laughed, because guess what. Bitch doesn't make shit compared to me. Still, doesn't matter if she did make more. Would anyone honestly want to be this miserable bitch? Have fun in your piss stained life, Holly.

No. 356176

What I find so funny about this video is that when HB was making Purgatory she talked as if she was too good to under draw anything.
For someone who wants to be a content creator who wants to use drawing skills, Holly sure hates the preproduction stage of creating.

No. 356425


>All her advice in this will make your work so stiff

No fucking wonder why her stupid characters always look like mannequins.


And in the end, it's always about money for her, of course. Nevermind improving your art and/or yourself. That's why your comics are shit, Holly dear.

I'll be here waiting for someone to take her place because she can't fucking improve. And then we will see if she'll still be bragging about money.

No. 356439

File: 1500596516815.png (211.33 KB, 600x420, 332.png)


She talks about anatomy when her own avatar in this video has shit like this. Ok.

No. 356921

Fucking hell! I noticed that too! How can one artist be so dense?

No. 357027

yeah you may make money out of your shitty scribbles… for how long ?

No. 359077

Holly draws boobs so weird and it's funny that she made a video on how to draw boobs. She's so dense it's really funny.

No. 359281

Holy hell yeah she draws boobs as if she's never seen them in her life. She always draws them perky and stuck together, it looks like someone glued two balls together and stuck them directly onto her characters' chest.

No. 359356

File: 1500928230571.png (286.52 KB, 1190x966, Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 4.29…)

Her response.

No. 359378

Wait so is the only money she makes from Patreon and merch sales? She makes ~200 dollars a MONTH on Patreon, does she think that's a lot???? Lmao.

No. 359485

>what a needed critique

Wow what a fucking bitch. And yet her fan still bends over like 'I wasn't criticizing, I swear! It was just a question' You don't have to take that shit from her.

I'm actually almost impressed about how much she just doesn't seem to care about being such a huge bitch and having a reputation for biting her own fans heads off at innocent questions and undeserved superiority.

No. 359571

her new video, it's pretty impressive, I wish she would do more paintings rather than weird looking comics

No. 359579

It's not too bad but it still looks like she's relying on lines and not building tones. But that comes with practice.

No. 359585

I mean, she makes like 1k from youtube

No. 359626

In a video she said she makes like 3k - 4k through merch sales

No. 359721

As much as I hate to admit it, I really like the concept of her comic thumbnail book that she sells. (Especially how many pages are in it.) Anyone have a similar rec for one so I am not supporting her as an artist?

No. 359755


Holly herself said she didn't believe in doing thumbnail sketches for her comic so why is she selling books for it?

I used to have sheets of paper from Blue Line Pro with thumbnail templates on them for sketching but now I just draw rectangles and fill them in in my own sketchbooks. A thumbnail book really isn't necessary and I definitely would not buy something like that from her. Holly is such a hypocrite.

No. 359756


And I forgot to add that the thumbnail sketchbook really isn't even an original idea, lots of places sell them. Just check Google.

No. 359799

File: 1500979340514.png (328.01 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_20170725-113925.png)

Sorry for dragging this up again but idk if this has been mentioned so I'll just say look at mewTripled's video called "My Artistic Journey"… That fucked up wings character she drew isn't even hers lol.

No. 359800

File: 1500979448521.png (193.13 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20170725-114019.png)

And looking at Holly's comments on that video just make pity her

No. 359801

File: 1500979508138.png (191.35 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20170725-114003.png)

Samefag as the first 2 posts sorry forgot to add

No. 359958

Why does she do a piss yellow wash over all of her art?

No. 360326

She's so desperate for recognition from bigger and better artists yet refuses to look at herself and improve anything about herself. She's gross.

No. 360357

Holly is so gross and desperate. I hate going to some random art video and seeing her stupid ass comments and her stupid fans praising her 'good' art

No. 360360

File: 1501023392387.png (Spoiler Image, 1.8 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20170725-185230.png)

Also, peep at her ugly yaoi drawing

No. 360413

how, she doesn't understand anatomy at all. or sex for that matter.

Maybe it's just me but I'm always creeped out by girls that are so into gay sex (and men into lesbian sex). Like… it's not a scenario you'll ever be part of

No. 360418

Would absolutely not reccomend buttsexing while trying to put cookies into a hot oven without gloves on. Not only is this porn ugly, but it's also dumb.

No. 360439

why is he fucking that man's spine

No. 360444

"I make more money than you"

No. 360466

This is so true.

No. 361333

File: 1501122944583.png (904.91 KB, 1158x1096, Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 7.34…)

I guess that last critique got to her since she did change her sprite. Still terrible.

No. 361350

It looks like her but shirts on breast don't look like. You can't really hide this and her other anatomy mistakes behind the "it my style" excuse.

No. 361352

Her teeth and gums reach all the way up to her nose apparently, and it's like her right boob just… deflated

No. 361388

holly doesn't know where the boootyhole is confirmed

No. 361397

>anatomy mistakes
>teeth gums reach all the way to her nose
guys…its a cartoon, the only thing thats off is that the arms are still uneven
side note: I think the lighter shading is a vast improvement, its too bad ppl had to drive her into a corner to get her to realize anything was wrong
Holly has a lot of poor tastes

No. 361406

I agree with you anon, thread is full of nitpickers

No. 361461

My sides are in fucking orbit. Thank you for posting this, anon.

No. 361524

I get what you're saying but I do think that the critiques in this thread are pretty fair. They're not so much "nitpicking" as much as pointing out that Holly still has a lot to learn about maintaining an art career. (Just like how almost all of us who draw do.)

No. 361548

This seems very tedious. No way are they worth the time. Can't you just print them?

No. 361565

yeah you can if you have the right type of shrink plastic. But if she cannot print it, she could make a stamp or stencil? That's something I would do.

No. 361600

Pretty sure the ink rubs off after a few days if you make them the way she suggests…
Feel kinda bad for anybody who actually buys it off her shop if this is the case.

No. 361673

Fucking shrinky-dinks.

I really don't understand how she makes merchandise for a comic that she's barely even started. Also can't believe that people buy this shit.

No. 361744

This bitch also thinks being transgender is a mental illness. Fucking moron.

No. 361798

File: 1501191234190.gif (920.28 KB, 446x374, 1494127849583.gif)

But it is.

No. 361809

it is a mental illness tho…

No. 361818

No, that would imply they aren't responsible for their actions (ie taking their fetishism/jealousy of the female body too far, or being bandwagoning special snowflake sjws). They do this totally consciously, they don't deserve to be spared criticism like they would if they were mentally ill.

No. 361830

File: 1501192999953.png (24.75 KB, 586x216, mmk.png)

bitch is going on about being aware of yourself to improve while being the utter queen of cunty cynicism. she's not going to teach anyone anything if she keeps showing contempt all the time for the people she's trying to give advice to, which is young artists. plus, if she is smart, she'd listen to the well-intended constructive criticism she recieves and know to weed out the others. like a "self-aware" adult would.

kthnx now get back to holly

No. 361861

does sharpie ink cure in the oven? like I know if you use it on ceramic it becomes permanent after baking.

either way this is definitely way inefficient.

No. 362058

I make shrinkie charms all the time to sell.
I wouldn't use sharpie cause it bleeds into the sanded plastic and doesnt have a good blackness to it. Paint markers or paint like markers (a la galaxy marker or even gelly roll) work best. And no matter what material you use you ABSOLUTELY need to seal it with resin cause it WILL rub right the hell off.

I don't think it's a good method for what she's using it for. That shit will DEFINITELY rub off is she isn't sealing it. (and its Holly you know she fucking isn't). If you want to have a more professional charm, just check out acornpress or similar. Don't use shrinkies unless you want it to 100% look homemade.

No. 362138

File: 1501232372024.jpg (24.91 KB, 337x404, a58.jpg)

haha this is fucking hilarious. I'm classmates with the artist that made the video in question and I'm pretty sure we've talked shit about Holly on more than one occasion.

On a related note, months back Holly threw a fit about Calarts and made a bunch of claims about the program that were pretty fucking ridiculous and I tried to call them out about it in a way that wasn't too /aggressive/. She ended up throwing a fit, posted a sloppy animated gif to prove "she could animate", and blocked me before I could get a decent word in. It was frustrating, but honestly I felt more embarrassment for her if anything.

No. 362176

Did anyone save that fucking video? I've been searching archives and stuff for it and I can't seem to find it anywhere, and I wanted to show it to a friend of mine.

No. 362227


Didn't she say she got accepted?. What a whopper of a lie that was.

No. 362367

File: 1501266774282.gif (496.84 KB, 250x140, tumblr_inline_o0kg2t8kHC1r6drr…)

MewTripled is a 3rd or 4th year at CalArts, iirc


Back in the beginning of the year, sketchynatalia made a video called "art supplies for broke as hell artists" here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaDD5lsQ0Uc

In the video, she suggests using cheap graph paper or lined notebook paper to draw on. TBH, this is semi-common advice at least in animation-student circles to increase your mileage.

ONE DAY LATER, Holly uploads "Cheap Supplies Every Artist Needs" here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKyO_mYHFxY

In the video she ABSOLUTELY rips into the idea of using 'lined notebook paper and shit,' and recommends making your own sketchbooks.

cont. >

No. 362369


so then a THIRD bitch makes a video later on drawing in a notebook, and ripping into LemiaCresent for suggesting that kids should skip meals at school to afford art supplies instead of using cheap paper, and holly pops into the comments on this video as well

No. 362370

File: 1501267005431.png (394.38 KB, 1246x1302, Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 1.35…)


which leads to this exchange in the comments, with Holly being ridiculous

No. 362437

Everyone at Calarts that's seen her work knows he's talking out of her ass and knows she didn't get it.

If she ever went here she'd get her ass torn to shreds. The teachers here are pretty brutal.

No. 362451

What's really fustrating with this is despite being a student she still writes comments and post videos about all her art "knowledge" as if she's gotten real work before. (And I mean work as in a studio/commercial art environment.)

It just feels like Holly is playing pretend to hide the fact that she's actually very self conscious about her art. Holly has even mentioned in a earlier video about her not working well with others. So… dose Holly think she's going to make the big bucks on just making her shitty hand made merchandise or will she ever really work in a studio?

No. 363316

Damn, just came across this older version of her comic and it looks so much better than the new one. Most of the comments in that video are telling her that. Sure it seems like a bit of her own version of Tim Burton's style, but I feel everything was stylized better than it currently is.
But I suppose her 'new style' takes way less time to produce and she has mentioned something before about just wanting Purgatory to be done.

No. 363809

we've already discussed this upthread

No. 363946

File: 1501509494570.jpg (93.16 KB, 540x540, tumblr_otygsl8HSH1t1hwwoo1_540…)

the car looks decent but the head on that man oh my god…

No. 364080

File: 1501525027036.jpg (9.27 KB, 275x247, 1495643172615.jpg)


The car is super wonky though. It looks decent at first, but when you look closer…

>that front mirror

>that front wheel
>the perspective is all jacked up

Really, I wouldn't be bothered by Holly's shitty art AT ALL (like, I am no Kim Jung Gi myself) if she wasn't such a snob know-it-all piece of shit. Like she never recognises she needs to improve.

No. 364218

The only reason this thread exists is because of Holly's attitude, nobody would pay too much negative attention to her skills otherwise.
There was a vlog of hers where you can see an address from someone who bought stuff at her store (she acknowledges it and doesn't bother to cover it up when editing), I can't be the only one who thinks this goes beyond being unprofessional into being flat out disrespectful. It's shameful to show this level of disregard for people who buy on your store and support you.

No. 365228

File: 1501689662990.png (2.37 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20170802-111325.png)

I just,, don't understand Holly's art. She makes some really dumb and avoidable mistakes. Look at how big and prominent she drew his adams apple. It just doesn't make sense.

No. 365287


Eh. If the art was attractive or creative enough, I wouldn't give a crap about little nitpick-y anatomy issues. But her stuff is just… so flat and uninteresting. Her choice of colours is nice. That's about it. The guy's stupid expression is the worst part.

No. 365341

She draws people as if she's never seen an actual human person in her entire life. She's always sperging about how important it is to draw from life and study anatomy but she clearly isn't practicing what she preaches- she's just spitting out advice that she's heard other artists giving.

No. 365367



No. 365381

It even has the signature open mouth look lmao It's such a stupid expression why does she put it in her art??

No. 365393

it's literally the same expression as the one from her "how not to draw sameface!!!" video. she sucks so much.

No. 365403

File: 1501703621110.jpg (80.73 KB, 400x406, thatleg.jpg)

I checked out her website and I'm amazed she thought this was good enough to publish on it.

No. 365417

Hey, this ain't so bad by Holly standa–oh. those arms. ooohhhhhh.

No. 365426

I call bullshit. The first thing I've ever noticed about Holly Brown Town is her mediocre art then her attitude.

No. 365430

Why do they all have this unhappy face, like someone has shit in their coffee that morning. It's like every. single. character. Fuck same face syndrome more like miserable bastard syndrome…. you know what they say, artists tend to look like their art and Holly unfortunately looks like an fucked up foot.

No. 365431

There are millions of mediocre/shitty artists out there, but the vast majority of them aren't threadworthy when they have a decent attitude and generally don't act the way Holly and other artist cows do. While it's fun to take shots at the average joe's bad art, it's even better if the artist is a little bitch who can't take anything that isn't praise.

No. 365730

File: 1501735103163.jpg (18.52 KB, 450x321, holy-shit-face-holy-shet.jpg)

bitch, your elbows are supposed to reach the edge of your ribcage, not your actual hips
fuck me up, did she not absorb anything from her online art school lessons?

No. 365732

i think shes overcompensating for when people were telling her her arms were too short
can't believe she made a tutorial on proportions

No. 365737

File: 1501735711272.png (466.43 KB, 1168x699, Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 6.46…)

shes going through all this trouble to redraw all these pages, but all its doing is making them look older

weren't they supposed to be 12

No. 365748

File: 1501736301038.gif (912.49 KB, 240x176, 1501301819956.gif)


Transgenders are a byproduct of gender-dysphoria . . . . a Mental illness. You literally played yourself.

No. 365762

Sage your OT anon.

That arm is insane. It's incredible that she can look at something like this and think that looks right somehow. Even his other arm isn't as messed up.