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File: 1518130284351.png (823.63 KB, 605x686, trappedinpurgatory.png)

No. 498020

Most well known for her cal-arts rant, where she bitches about how hard it is to get in while claiming to have gotten in. Also known for giving shitty advice to impressionable beginners.

Tumblr: http://hollycbrown.com/

Mirror of aforementioned Cal-Arts rant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvnD-9XOs5k [DL][Archived Copy] [DL][Archived Copy] [DL][Archived Copy]

>21 year old "freelancer" (lives at home with her mother and runs an online shop selling ugly art)

>Salty Youtube fujoshi artist that claims that her art is superior because she went to art school
>Constantly preaches that art takes hard work, claims to always practice and study but her art hasn't improved in over two years
>Whines about being a starving artist with no money, yet has enough money to buy a new Mac computer and a Cintiq tablet within the same week, then sold said cintiq because she got sponsored for her shitty shitty art
>When faced with genuine criticism, she replies with "it's my style hurrr get over it!!"
>Whines about nobody buying from her online store, but when people do, she whines about having to package and ship off her items
>Pandering to the Musicals crowd to get more Youtube $$$
>Claims to be the only non tumblrina artist and is a textbook tumblr fujo
>Generally insufferable and shitty person

In the previous thread:
>Holly backtracks on her animation goals and starts the 100 days of making comics challenge
>Her lack of tact massively backfires on her as people get pissed about her constantly shitting on everyone
>Holly BALEETS most of her videos and posts two rants about how she's "Done with the drama" and "won't say anything again ever"
>Opens commissions to make money instead
>Deletes those videos too and decides to just go back her regular video and abandon any critical thinking altogether

Is Holly literally autistic, or have the years of being a shut-in just eroded her social skills? Will she ever stop deleting negative comments? Let's find out.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/480758

No. 498025

>decides to just go back her regular video

Fucked up the OP I guess, I'm sorry anons.

No. 498125

Holy shit. I just watched her most recent video where she “explains” what a professional is and I wanna fuck somebody up. HOW is she so entitled that she believes the amount of money you make constitutes being a professional??? Like what the fuck. The amount of money you make in the art field is dictated by your skill/hard work which then ALLOWS you to makes money. Not the other fucking way around.
At this point I think she doesn’t make art because she likes it rather because she wants to make money. She brags and brags about how much she earns and then lies to her fans who will start to believe that being a mediocre shit like her is good enough to be a professional.
I would say I fear for the future of her channel but I really don’t give a shit.

No. 498131

Didn't see this posted yet.

No. 498132

What I fear is the young artists who watch her and think she's the hottest shit. :( Like I'm genuinely worried for the audience that is being nursed by her shitty opinions and "tips"

No. 498138

They already think that, judging by the comments on her videos.

No. 498146


Exactly, which is why they go looking for people like Holly to validate the way that they feel.

The only thing is they're going to have to unlearn a LOT of shitty habits and behaviors.

The best anyone can do at this point is set a better example and lead by that.

No. 498156

What artists on YT are actually good to follow? I used to watch holly but now I can’t stand her videos

No. 498158

Remember kids, holly never spreads false informations, she expresses her opinion!

No. 498165

I watch people like Proko, Whyt Manga, WLOP, and JNAME 제넴.

Honestly, at this point, I don't think Holly will ever outgrow this "I'm a 'professional', therefore everything I say is gospel" mentality, especially if she never takes critiques seriously and sees anything that isn't praise as "hate."

Correct me if I'm wrong, I don't think she's finished any project she's started, so the fact she claims to be professional is even more laughable. Yeah, professionals will have some projects that never really take off, but has she actually finished one thing she's started?

No. 498166

File: 1518139119198.png (96.26 KB, 623x681, ofcourse.png)

A comment she liked on her recent video. Of course. At least someone else had some sense there. Good lord.

No. 498168

I've just been blocked by Holly on her Twitter account. Apparently giving any kind of feedback warrants an immediate ban, but her fans still found time to attack me.

They are just as thick headed as she is.

No. 498169

Ugh I can't believe I actually used to like her. I REGRET buying her shitty art, and I got to say that art book she made was so underwhelming to say the least.
also a small side note, she included a wonky nsfw image of her underage characters (damien and simon) sucking eachother and I am disgusted…

No. 498172

So technically, she's peddling child porn… What the actual fuck.

No. 498174

I follow proko, sinix, ahmed aldoori, and RossDraws. Good people who upload quality videos

No. 498175

Also the only comment besides this I saw her respond to was someone joking about "con artist" shit and her saying "edgyyy" like of course she doesn't acknowledge the asskissers. I won't be surprised if she deletes that subcomment pictured.
Absolutely disgusting

No. 498178

Yes not accepting critiques is exactly what makes you a professional

No. 498180

What does she have against Butch Hartman?

No. 498182

Holly just please stop and learn to take criticism you're just making an ass out of yourself
saying something negative in a helpful manor wont kill you

No. 498183

has anyone watched this? i can barely understand what this bitch is saying between all their gasping breaths and shitty microphone, but it seems abjectly useless.

No. 498186

He kind of sounds under 16 though

No. 498189

That isn't a he anon

No. 498191

No. 498193


OT but Terri aint shit, either. And she's always coming off as a tryhard. She's been all over Holly's twitter comments and youtube comments trying to get more views from the residual drama. All she draws is ducks and mice with puckered lips.

I hope Holly gets more and more critique the more shit she slings around without thinking. Actions have consequences.

No. 498195

>muh cissexism
Yeah no, I can't stand Holly but this girl just seems like yet another underage tumblrite. I really don't agree with the people who called Holly racist/homophobic either, this stuff just gives her more ammo to call everyone who calls her out on her bullshit a "butthurt SJW".

No. 498201

Yeah? They're deviantart says male. Still sounds young for a girl too though.

I'll say what whatever pronoun you want though idgaf.

No. 498203

yeah, there's more shit to rag on holly for besides perceived "cissexism". they do have a follow-up video also that exactly no one cares about.
also they refer to themselves being "holly's age" in the video. i'd have given them some leeway otherwise, but they're just as embarrassing (if not worse… that art, yikes).

No. 498210

Oh damn, yeah that's the other reason I thought they were younger. It's one thing to be that bad in your 20's, but they're selling it and have a bunch of "support me" links.

Although I have a feeling they might be lying about their age to see or sell nsfw art.

No. 498211

god who fucking cares about this irrelevant rando. can we stay on topic?

No. 498214

it's a reaction video on holly's shit from a holly supporter. the topic is holly; they are a fan. we've linked and discussed (briefly) similar instances in previous threads. deep breaths, buddy.

No. 498219

File: 1518142668926.jpg (129.35 KB, 900x1200, DVjF9nMUQAESnE6.jpg)

Sure, have some new Holly art.

Is it just me or is her anatomy actually getting worse?

No. 498221

this is new? christ. gotta appreciate she's trying to draw fingers, though, i guess…?

No. 498225

This happens all the time, she just gets lazy(er) and starts drawing tube men.

No. 498229

I can't stop thinking about the fact Holly took on 25(I think?) commissions, and she only posted one. I thought she stated that she had completed five, and I really want to see the other four.

I wonder if she is still working on commissions between drawing her own stuff and making YouTube videos or not.

I don't know if I'm supposed to sage this either, but I did.

No. 498237


I was wondering about that too. Maybe she's just quietly doing them without posting them and sending them directly to her clients. because she knows we'll probably tear 'em apart, lol.

No. 498240

Bet you anything she'll do this round of commissions then turn around and complain about 'her experience with commissions' and how much she hated it.

No. 498246

this bitch is just as embarassing as holly is, especially if they're the same age.

No. 498256

She's got a serious case of Liefeld going on in that bleach bottle hand. Like holding it was an afterthought. I notice that a lot in her drawings, items looking like they were drawn in later after the hand was finished and she's just too lazy to change it. Like the wallet holding hand she drew. No one holds shit like that!

No. 498306

File: 1518147697660.png (68.03 KB, 792x398, terri.PNG)

All Terri draws is furries lmao
I'm truly baffled at the way her fans think

No. 498315

oh god, what did Metalocalypse to deserve this? Holly stop right now.

IDK but I can see that she would make a RYM fanart and it will be totally hilarious

No. 498318


Milk em' here

No. 498319


Terri is always kissing Holly's ass and seems to have the same shitty opinions as Miss Holly. All her drawings are ducks and mice with titties lmfao

No. 498324


Not to mention that Greg Land is infamous for tracing and recycling images. (He traces over porn for fucks sake) No wonder this person is defending Holly, they admire trash.

No. 498339


Lol this is what I've been saying, Terri is just a tryhard with furries with puckered pouty lips, they all. look the same. She kisses up to Holly and it's so pathetic.

She's giving terrible advice about critique too, so it's no wonder her and Holly's art are samey and bad. Neither of them take the critique that probably tells them to study the basics.

No. 498359

I had to go look through her IG just out of morbid curiosity and you're right. Its all the same shit. Goddamn, all of Holly's fans are dense and unoriginal.

No. 498386


all that shit is on topic why does it need to be saged

No. 498397

Sorry this isn't milk but I was laughing just now looking at old thread and thinking about Holly's thought process
>Everyone knows hands have a heel - but when I draw my hands with their heels it looks weird for some reason? I guess I'll just try to draw hands mainly from angles where the heel is on the other side…

No. 498398

Read the rules

No. 498421

I think you have to have an image or an embedded video related to the topic to not have to sage your post.

No. 498430

nayrt and not a regular of this thread but you need to be posting milk not to sage, something new on the topic.

No. 498443


thank you, I was under the impression it just had to be on topic, I appreciate the responses!

No. 498452

File: 1518156027226.jpg (2.46 MB, 940x6470, nitpick.jpg)

A sort of critique of the first five pages of Paranormal Plague

No. 498461

>I watched a Japanese cartoon like this once!
Wow Holly, so clever and original… totally not an overused dead joke.
How can anyone like this writing and style? It's so bad and inconsistent.
I read some comments that say they love her style and art and it's their favorite but… how?

No. 498469

So, if they’re trying to “cure” the paranormal in this comic, why is she video taping it? Maybe to gather information on it but it’s just not clear, this entire comic is a mess

No. 498484

Her comic pacing is the fucking worst jfc. Also are Damian and Hershel two different people?? Because I’ve been following this for ages and if so my mind is blown.

No. 498487


Lmao maybe she has her own little universe where everything is connected, like all the movies are trying to do.

No. 498488


woops her comics don't flip very well either, I just tried it. Lotsa tilt. But it's easy to tell that happens without flipping it.

No. 498501

The difference between the two is one looks like a girl, though I think she redrew him?

No. 498505

Istebrak is great if you like youtubers with a no nonsense attitude and actual work to back it up with!

No. 498513

It’s the first 5 pages. I’m going to wait until atleast the first chapter is out before I start critiquing the paceing/story. Meanwhile I have more than enough milk with the awkward art.

No. 498528

It's about Holly for sure.

No. 498541

File: 1518162232153.png (23.37 KB, 1218x128, Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 23.4…)

Look at what Holly is doing to these children's mindsets

No. 498543


that's also what bothered me, like, if your demographic is mostly minors, don't tell them to draw porn. that's literally what she said in the video and I dunno why she insists her demographic is adults.

No. 498544

While there is nothing wrong with drawing porn, people don't pay that well for poorly drawn porn. Also, selling porn is a pain? Some payment methods ban buying porn, and you could get into trouble for selling to a minor or something.

No. 498548

Jfc for the longest time I thought Damian was a young Hershel wtf. I can’t get over that same face syndrome video she made christ they’re all the same person

No. 498552

Do you not understand? Would you be fine with me coming up to your little 9 year old sister or whatever and saying
>Hey do you know what porn is? It's something that people who like cartoons like. If you like drawing cartoons you can draw porn and make money!

No. 498553

44 views 500 subs is this you anon

No. 498556

Listen, if my 9 year old whatever came up to me asking me what porn is I would probably laugh and remind myself to tease them about it when they were older.

On the other hand, if my 9 year old whatever knew what porn was enough to make art of it I would have bigger problems than them watching Holly Brown.

No. 498557

Nope, I wouldn't be praising Holly one bit. Just ran across it since she reviewed Baylees book I checked this video as well.

No. 498560

Lol, you've obviously never been on Furaffinity. People most definitely will over pay for poorly drawn porn.

And they don't have any trouble selling it really. Paypal is pretty efficient, as long as you aren't putting anything in the invoice that would allude to it being smut.

No. 498629

Istebrak is worse than Holly imo, even if her work is better.

No. 498631

I didn't even realize the inconsistencies, lmao. She really doesn't seem to improve her storytelling skills at all.

>If you make money you win, no need to improve hurr xD

No. 498674

Wait, does she have drama attached to her as well? From what I've seen she is just really harsh but her advice is sound.

No. 498894

Does anyone have the video where Holly Rage quit youtube?. I want to see the meltdown.

No. 498918

Sage your shit, anons

No. 498930

File: 1518202704689.png (11.71 KB, 854x478, lol.png)

I wanted to watch the CalArts rant video and it appears to be dead….
Thanks, Holly

No. 498936

Can the anon who saved the video pls repost it?

No. 498937

from other anon on last thread. And also you can't open on safari, so use chrome


No. 498940

Thank you!

No. 498976

No. 499022

She comes up every once in a while forums like these

Still there isn't much valid milk besides her destroying a tablet, baiting tumblerettes a bit, and sometimes being a downright mean to get her point across. I can see why some dislike her.

Other than that she's been accused of being a far right trump supporter, which (while irrelevant) isn't even true. She's a refugee!

No. 499159

File: 1518218208381.jpg (35.65 KB, 1004x246, LzDCIU3.jpg)

From her "there's millions of art jobs" video.

>"You know what'd really make you money? Making smut that panders to trans and lgbt ppl! That's where all the cash is."

While it'd be very milk-worthy, that's a terrible idea.

It's bad enough that Holly is a shitty fujo-art goblin. She better not touch this topic with a 30 ft pole. She wouldn't be able to handle it. It's bad too because you know she's thinking about it, because she 'hearted' the comment. what a garbagewoman.

No. 499165

not to mention accidentally selling it to a minor. And also her "sex" scenes are a total disaster with all of the wonky anatomy and wont sell as much cuz it's off putting. Would this affect her when she's looking for a job and the recruiters see her type of art and personality?

No. 499169

I can’t stand watching her so I haven’t even bothered with the new video, but please tell me she is not such of a garbage person to say she would make porn to “pander to trans and lgbtqa people”?!? Wtf

No. 499172

Honestly that isn’t really pandering to LGBT or the tumblr crowd. The thing about Holly and her fans is that they seem into things that are shouted down on tumblr (fetishizing trans people with porn ect) like it’s definitely on tumblr but they tend to get hate and flaming from a majority of the site. That’s why they all complain about SJWs cuz having a controversial interest like fetishy porn and taking on asshole personas is like inviting call outs. (Not saying I agree with the mentality but I do post art on tumblr and see it often enough)

No. 499176

Sage for ot but I’m honestly predicting Holly ends up like rcdart on Tumblr if she keeps her bs up

No. 499201

File: 1518220995050.gif (157.24 KB, 370x294, 1517185024394.gif)

I think she might be glorifying conventions a little too much, participating in artist alleys is 100% hard work and pressure not to mention there's a shitton of competition.
I mean, it's one thing to actually get into the artist alley at conventions and a completely different thing to sell at one.
No con with an AA jury would want her wonky art, and even if she did get in I highly doubt her stuff would sell very well.

No. 499215

Yeah she mentioned in a video once that when she went to a convention her prints barely sold (they were mostly ghibli if I remember)

No. 499221

>That's where all the cash is.
This person is lying or delusional.

No. 499225

No. 499297

She probably wouldn't get so many "sjw's" if she didn't act like an expert on gay guys/relationship's and just admitted to being fujo.

No. 499304

OT but I'm upset that SJWs basically killed old fujo culture. It has morphed into something completely unrecognizable. Guess I just feel nostalgic for that branch of weaboo trash.

No. 499308

File: 1518228946425.png (416.56 KB, 998x934, Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 18.1…)

Over 1 hour fucking long…
Also that guitar perspective is just too odd looking. She could've dug a bit deeper to find a similar position…

No. 499357


Is she literally just tracing it?

No. 499435

She tried skewing and then tracing

No. 499464


To answer your question anon, no, there are plenty of people in the art industry who also draw smut. Of course it's separate from the rest of their work, but it's never been a dealbreaker.

The problem here is her handling subjects with all the finesse of a bull in a fine china shop, while trying to profit off people who fetishize the groups of people this commenter is suggesting she makes comics of.

No. 499616

Boring normie chick likes Metallica. Nobody is surprised lmao

No. 499771

Holly takes a super long time drawing these characters. Her work flow and drawing technique is irksome.

Also Metalocalypse is over. Not coming back. It’s so unsurprisingly cringy for Holly to be one of those fans of a show that’s never coming back.

No. 499783

She will eventually challenge or piss off the wrong person and they will take her down a peg. It will be interesting to see who it will be though. Sage if this is OT

No. 499819

"Old" fujo culture is still around, just don't go on tumblr.

Although I wish it would just fucking die already

>I want to be a con-artist

Someone with no tact and no contacts should never attempt that sort of story, and it's far from "a niche market untapped by anyone". Not that Holly would know, since she doesn't actually read any comics.

No. 499836

>>Have you ever looked at someone and go yeah, you smell like dick.
You mean you?
Also the comment about having a sensitive nose due to growing up surrounded by cat piss… you'd think someone like that wouldn't let their room look like a shitpile

No. 499843

That's fun because actually when you're used to strong smells your nose tends to be LESS sensitive.

No. 499926

>how do you spell juice
god this bitch is worse than any esl student I have ever met AND english is her 1st language

No. 499995

File: 1518294983589.png (765.22 KB, 1046x688, Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 12.3…)

Bless Holly's fan who makes her OC's look more bearable

No. 500127

I went through this fans art because I was curious. They have a much better understanding of anatomy and structure than the person they admire. I hope Holly doesn’t hinder their progress with her tube people.

No. 500130


I get the feeling most of Holly's fans have a wide range in how skilled they are, but tend to lean on the 'better' side. The only hope is they grow out of her quick enough. The faster they do that they faster they can find better resources.

No. 500178

I’ve been a fan of hers for awhile and now I’m unlearning giant jaws and tube bodies. I hope her fans don’t end up doing what I did

No. 500180

Same thing, anon. I used to draw giant chins to because of holly

No. 500181

sorry, *too

No. 500195

Honestly curious, how old are you guys/How long have you been drawing? I didn't think any of her poor anatomy choices would actually impact people this much.

No. 500204

I wonder if she needs glasses… or really loves jay Leno.

Look up a book Figure Drawing by Micheal Hampton, if you are having anatomy trouble. He breaks it down well. Sage for OT

No. 500206

if you're gonna sage, then actually do it.
For those who don't know how, it's literally just writing the word "sage" in the email slot.

No. 500207

Looks like someone else made a video about Holly.

No. 500211

This is very well spoken and they are correct in their points. It’s nice to see more creators speaking out.

No. 500231

Yeah, she stayed on topic and didn't cuss the entire video. I hope more creators speak out against Holly's actions.

No. 500238

>97 subs
self post?

Solid points though, I think a lot of small creators are trying to get views by cashing in on the drama now, but it's nice that people are speaking up.

No. 500240

Curious, if I watch Holly's videos with adblock on, does she still get that sweet sweet youtube ad revenue? I don't want this cow getting money if I watch her shit

No. 500241

Not directly no, but interacting with her content will affect how much it appears in recommended videos to a certain extent (watching the whole video, disliking, commenting etc).

No. 500244

Not a self-post. It popped up in my recommended while watching the Connie Daidone video. Probably because I've been searching to see if anyone else made a video on Holly.

I agree with a lot of the points brought up in the video though.

No. 500247

It's good but I'm getting pretty sick of the "More on that later" hook, especially when it's something that seems self explanatory.

No. 500271

File: 1518314531309.png (478.06 KB, 844x743, hcbrown feet.png)

If I see another straight tube leg, broken ankle, underside of a crudely drawn shoe ever again I'm going to fucking scream

No. 500286

make that the next thread pic to continue on from the busted hands pic from last thread

No. 500289

I was in 11th grade and I pretty much looked up to her because of her college vids and self made merch business. I’m tempted to post some of my “holly inspired” art because it’s just as wonky, but I’m not sure if that’s against the rules.

No. 500305

File: 1518317826234.png (137.73 KB, 312x314, Capture.PNG)

Uh, I think I've been drawing seriously for five years? I won't say my age, but here's a god awful drawing affected by holly's wrath

No. 500311

Oh man. We had a whole discussion about her feet in the first thread after she posted her enamel pins >>297481. I remember that she reblogged this picture >>298233 two days /before/ releasing the designs and I tweeted it to her and she replied something along the lines of "haha yeah, I'll fix it for the next one". Her reply doesn't exist anymore since she purged her twitter a while back.

I'm happy that YouTube wasn't that big when I was in high school, I think you can get influenced pretty easily.

No. 500317

I found she was starting to influence me in how I made videos and commentaries. I deleted them because they were so negative, I guess that's an example in how her own negativity spreads.

No. 500363

File: 1518323938812.jpeg (224.85 KB, 750x934, 7C4625AB-6DED-4601-80C3-99F9EB…)

My own holly inspired art from the time

I compleatly ignored her color theory videos, which I wonder was a good thing or not. Abused my brush pens and almost bought that one from Japan she recommend

No. 500369

File: 1518324515406.jpg (22.56 KB, 474x691, th.jpg)

Damian's hair looks just like this clit vibrator.

No. 500376

File: 1518325527050.png (18.26 KB, 300x195, 911.png)

lmao it does

this is actually pretty cute even with the larger chin

No. 500432

Never forget.

No. 500458

Omg this is adorable anon despite the chin like >>500376 said. Though now I'm curious - did you ever grow out of the big chins or…?

No. 500491

Another anon here; I honestly love to draw very big chins but I balance them with other features; I do not think a big chin is necessarily (nesissarily?!) bad.

I think the problem is the lack of knowledge of general anatomy, from Holly at least.

No. 500501

That is one godawful balloon. The words aren't centered, the font is horrible and there is not enough room. I bet she draws the balloon first, and she doesn't plan where to put it in the layout.

No. 500510

If you see her comic process, yeah that's exactly what she does.

She mentions in the last sketch dump video that she can't draw without reference and if you see her process it's honestly fucking terrible. She draws the barest of bases, which are basically a bunch of mishapen forms for the bodies, without any regard for anatomy, proportion or even balance. If it looks wonky, which it always does, she does some weird frankensteining. That's why her figures always look so stiff, off balance or like they're floating in mid-air. She has mentioned Kim Jung Gi a lot lately and maybe she thinks she can get away without proper guidelines? The thing is Gi had to study anatomy and prespective to achieve his current level.

This is what happens when you think you know everything and refuse to learn even basic shit.

No. 500512

Nah she can draw great speech bubbles! You’re just an hater.

No. 500543

My fucking sides

I agree, I don't think the big chins are the issue, she just doesn't integrate them into her faces well.

No. 500551

She cuts half the skull off and doesn’t allow for the the curve of the neck. Tube people. The figures look like they’ve been sucked up a tube.
Actually, she doesn’t really draw natural curves at all. Which is probably why her drawings look so stiff.

No. 500601

I haven’t been drawing much lately, so probably not. I’m taking proper art classes soon, though

Thought that makes me think about holly again. She really needs to grow out of the no critique unless it’s complements phase. If she lurks here, she’s insanely subborn.

No. 500611

Yeah honestly if you have a proper grasp of form, anatomy, and proportion you can stretch the limit on anything and have it polished and stylized. Holly’s chins remind me of Hanna Barbera or Disney. Roger from 101 Dalmations has a massive chin but he is so pleasantly stylized it works. I’ve always thought Holly’s art looks like a mix of old Scooby Doo cartoons and Yu-Gi-Oh, but without the technical skill to make it work.

No. 500633

Just the idea of Holly comparing herself to KGI is making me lose my shit.

No. 500635

I wonder if Holly has read Sanami Matoh's Fake or her other yaoi works, Holly's massive chins kind of remind me of Matoh's earlier work.

No. 500638

File: 1518372452927.jpg (19.21 KB, 234x360, 5uiqdv.jpg)


…I accidentally posted before adding a picture and sageing

No. 500661

File: 1518374642717.png (127.29 KB, 810x584, Screenshot 2018-02-11 at 12.42…)

Oh boy.

No. 500670

Her fans are so stupid jfc.

No. 500693

I think she may also have a huge influence from Mars who make the comic Long Exposure.

No. 500704

Guys who's Stell Er? Their dedication into tearing apart holly's fans is heartwarming.

No. 500719

File: 1518379446625.png (343.07 KB, 782x579, mars.png)

Now that you mention it, I can see it. Honestly, mars makes some pretty questionable anatomy choices too but it's not offensive to the eyes for me, I guess the fact that Holly's comic is also so poorly written and she has such a terrible personality really makes everything even less enjoyable.

>"Calm down ya SJW"
what a sick burn, really got em

I think Holly's diehard fans are lost causes, if they can't listen to a calm and reasoned argument about their "QUEEN", then they won't make it out of chin hell anytime soon.

No. 500728

At this point I'm starting to get more annoyed with her fans than Holly herself because they are acting so clueless without even bothering to consider out look up the legitimacy behind the arguments used against Holly. Like there have been so many people saying stuff like "Missed the drama so I don't even know what happened but I support you holly, no matter what! <3"

It annoys me so much that all Holly herself let her viewers understand from the situation is that people were throwing extreme and ridiculous accusations at her and that people are just overly sensitive and "got triggered" and that's all there is to know. Then her fans took that and are now under the impression that that's the main issue. Even though it's not. I wish someone could make them realise that there are plenty of people who have pointed out holly's faults and addressed their points in a very well constructed and polite way, yet holly constantly silences and ignores them and doesn't even mention them when she talks about "the hate she gets daily" and that's why her fans are so ignorant.

Like so much for being "honest" with her viewers while she herself keeps silencing and covering up her shit constantly.

It's seriously driving me mad that instead of giving her viewers the full picture and then allowing them to choose which side they are on, she paints a picture of a victim. Like she did nothing wrong. And I can't tell whether she actually thinks she hasn't done anything wrong or if she's just trying to come of that way to cover her ass.

I dunno. Just pisses me off that everyone who speaks against her is called a "hater" yet apparently Holly can do no wrong. And I know it's not that big of a surprise since teenagers are impressionable but that's exactly why I worry that soon there will be a bunch of mini hollies following her example and ruining their own reputations too because they think it's acceptable to say anything they want and how ever they want.

No. 500731

At least some of her viewers found this thread and were open to what we had to say. But yeah, the blindly listening to what Holly says is infuriating, but people will make excuses for certain people's behaviors because they're afraid that their idol might not be who they through they were.

No. 500733

That. That exactly. That's what's the most infuriating! People just patting her ass without no knowledge OR objectivity on the matters.
She tends to do this most of the times though, she takes things personally like the jake parker issue, or the storyboarding drama.
She constantly make things appear way worse than what they look like and then almost never admits being at fault. Yet people blindly nod at everything she says and are ready to justify her behaviours because she's honest and blunt, and she expresses her opinions.
People need to realize that there's more to life than being a "hater" and that one can express opinions or go against somebody even if they are not "hating" on them.

No. 500741

File: 1518381554208.jpg (62.4 KB, 500x464, CyUYKafUsAI_Ax3.jpg)

Too bad that Holly, unlike that artist, can't draw any expressions except pic related.

No. 500744

But–but that's what defeats same face syndrome!

No. 500745

Jesus Christ, my eyes! But now that you mentioned it, all of her characters have the same snarky, ugo facial expression.

No. 500753

Imo the quality of your content attracts the appropriate demographic. Someone who's stubborn, childish and self-righteous will attract immature people who lack critical thinking skills or are very impressionable/young.

She didn't even show any screenshots or document anything that happened beyond "call-out culture!! People got triggered!!", I don't understand how you can defend someone based on literally no information whatsoever.

B-but anon, that face shows that you're ~edgy~ and not like those boring, vanilla artists on YouTube! ("Disney")

No. 500755

I laughed but I also want to die because I'm quilty of using the famous "eyebrow raise" for WAY too many expressions myself and I'm trying to learn away from it and use other ways to emphasise an emotion and make it interesting since when you think about it, not that many people do that eyebrow thing in real life.

No. 500757

Maybe she can’t draw her characters with different expressions? Like she has the set model and really can’t break it? It does happen to some artists. (Not making excuses for her)

No. 500758

You gotta do expression studies and practice exaggeration, making it up will make you hit your limits very quickly.

Kind of like that caricature class that Holly is bullshitting herself through because she "doesn't like caricature"

No. 500761

All it would take is some studying and Holly would have a better understanding of facial movements and emotion. But Holly takes criticism so personally. She really has to learn how to separate herself from her work.

No. 500775

Correct anon, but she would have to pull her head out of her ass first.

No. 500858

No. 500869

File: 1518391348621.png (209.21 KB, 862x764, Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 15.2…)

redrawn and still looks ugly af. When will she get rid of that extreme anime hair

No. 500870

Put glasses on and it’s Simon

No. 500871

"Don't Procrastinate your homework"
What is grammar? What is choosing a case setting?

No. 501071

File: 1518406260660.jpg (107.42 KB, 735x653, 20180211_222903.jpg)

i tried as best as screen write on my phone would let me. his stupid fucking cartoon fish mouth hair drives me nuts.

No. 501103

holy shit you actually made it make sense for once. I always wondered just what in all hell she was trying to do, if it was just long sides like your pic or if it was supposed to be a sculpted or something.
Even Simon's hair doesn't make any sense now with those gross looking tentacles in the back. Somebody teach Holly how to draw without big blocky shapes for once and teach her about flow.

No. 501182

Even the little fucking lemur is doing it oh god

No. 501184

Oh nice it doesn’t look like fangs and spikes on her head!

No. 501191


My fuckin sides, that's way better than fuckin' Flying Buttresses over there.

No. 501215

I have some news for you… It's guy

I think this whole weird hair thing was a part of Holly intending Damian to be confusing in case publishers won't print a gay comic, so she could always say it's a girl in a het relationship or whatever.
This hair pisses me off so much, it's ugly. There are better ways to make a character androgynous, even the plain long hair would've been a better choice.

No. 501229

Simon has Kaiba’s hair and Damian has Marik’s.

No. 501234

File: 1518419788438.jpeg (123.72 KB, 640x640, 96B9DC47-1B76-495D-8CBC-2932F6…)

No. 501235

Yes, if their hair was sculpted from deflating dough.

No. 501240

Lol I didn’t say she did it well! Honestly ok I thought of this the first time I saw her stuff, and then I find out from watching her videos that she used to be into Yugioh fanfiction and shit.

No. 501243

I just don't understand how Holly ever thought that hair looked good. I'm imaging it on someone in real life and it's just
so bad.
Not only your bags, but your entire head of hair sticks up at two points, then you smooth the remaining out over your ears and curl it at your neck. Also your hairline looks like it has gills.

If I could I would make a 3d model of his head just to see how fucking retarded his hair would be in space.

No. 501247

I wonder if all the stuff she hates is stuff she used to like ore secretly likes.
She rags a lot on Naruto/Yugioh and the art for it. Pretty sure she was a rabid fangirl for each series.

No. 501250

She thinks it makes her zuper different and ~unique~, like giving a character retarded bangs and a massive chin with a stupid sneer will cure same face syndrome.

No. 501252

She drew an entire page of Naruto fanart in her sketchbook slam she’s full of shit lmao. She’s a weeb that rags in weebs while forever weebing.

No. 501258

File: 1518420915591.png (204.39 KB, 398x341, sonic squint.png)

But there are so many unique hairstyles you can come up with that don't look like a fucking clit vibrator >>500369
I see unique anime hairstyles ALL THE TIME from newer shows. And they look good.

It's not even original… like, "Simon" is ripped from gurren lagann down to his stupid fucking glasses (which really don't fit the character or the universe or even look good on his face). A shy repressed gay kid in a medieval cult… yeah let's give him robot fighting shades except make the shape even worse by drawing them like even THEY have a long chin. Not to mention they are in the same shape and place as his awful triangle dough bangs, just making ugly tangents all over his face, god I could go on about his retarded glasses forever.
I am convinced holly has the worst fucking aesthetics in the world, and the only reason she's semi-decent at color theory is because she copies color pallets from tumblr and also adds color wash overlays on everything she does digitally.

No. 501308

File: 1518427441254.jpg (240.02 KB, 1000x1000, fujoface.jpg)

I was inspired

No. 501319

File: 1518428427518.jpeg (132 KB, 640x469, A0CD99B7-C885-4F81-AF3E-80C39A…)

Can you cut yourself out of your own life?

No. 501320

Is that cum or drool dripping from Damien's mouth??

No. 501332

Seeing how even his cheek is dirty, I’d say cum.

No. 501335

Yeah, porn was posted a few threads ago.

No. 501342

she even does the DreamWorks face for her porn…omg…

No. 501344

She said recently "that's the joke of my channel, I bash animal even though my art is obviously anime inspired "

Does anyone find it funny though? It just seems like just hung the lampshade so she wouldn't be criticized for it anymore.

No. 501355

Holly is the joke of her channel

No. 501418

plus mars kind of tries to draw things in an "ugly" style? not sure how to describe it but the artist has said something like that before

No. 501467

Mars is better with cartooning, that's why their drawings are more pleasing even with an "ugly style".
Holly would very much benefit from a cartooning course.
I'm not sure if she has ever ranted about cartooning or if she deems herself a master of it already, but it would help her with the stiffness in her drawings.

No. 501509

This may actually be why she hates her caricature class so much…

No. 501544

File: 1518458387662.png (729.84 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2085.PNG)


I really wanted to attempt to keep her style-ish while combining with parts of what's popular amoung Tumblr web comic and make sense of whatever the tom fuck her porportions are and here's what I've got. After ten minutes drawing on my phone. I hate her design it's hard to work with the glasses are just like a superhero mask

No. 501553

This is not an improvement, just a different flavour of weird and misshapen.

No. 501575

as politely as possible: DON'T DO THIS. it caused derailing and arguments in past threads.

tl;dr: your art is not any better than hers, you look like an egotistical dumbass for thinking it might be, and people are gonna just tear you to shreds. if your art was decent, you're risking career suicide by posting on a known hate site.

can we start having this as a rule included at the top? jfc

No. 501581

Thank you. I remember one of the earlier threads getting derailed because people kept posting ‘improvements’

No. 501582

I know there was a discussion like this last thread, but can I just say, I think Holly can benefit from an art school? Maybe one that has more merit to its name?

And the only reason why I bring that up again is because there are so many things she wants to do but she has no idea how to do it.

>she WANTS unique characters with definable features and shapes

>she WANTS to do well made comics with good stories
>she WANTS to do industry worthy storyboards

>BUT she has no idea how to do character design, paneling, flow, narration, composition, framing, and she constantly breaks the 180 rule

Look, a lot of artist can learn all these things by just putting time and effort into learning this. But if you can't do this shit on your own, Holly, maybe you need someone to physically sit you down, teach you, and make you take assignments in which HAVE to get critiqued on so you can finally learn and understand.

No. 501585

it did, and the consensus iirc was redlines are good as long as they're showing technical flaws, pose redraws/complete redraws miss the point entirely and turn into derailing and insults and butthurt. satirical art (think the godly art anon in the momo threads) seems to be ok tho.

No. 501587

No but Holly really does think that only thing she needs or can do to improve is draw a shit ton of stuff when it actually is about actually thinking what you are doing. I've just completely lost hope for her improving.

No. 501588

It's all good I won't post anything else like this. Sorry guys. I also am not hurt or offended if no one likes it or wants it. I did it for me to play with her character and to see how her design translates. I thought it would be neat to see. Thought I'd share for comparison to see her character in something else.

No. 501589

counterpoint: you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. if she isn't willing to accept that she needs improvement in those areas and goes to seek it genuinely of her own motivation, all she'll do is make more videos bitching about the classes/teachers/etc.

slight blogpost, but i'm a totally self-taught hobby artist who does a lot of character design and thumbnailing, at honestly around her talent level. the internet has a PLETHORA of material to teach you how to draw anything you could possibly want to. it's not that the information isn't available or there's nothing to teach it to her, she just won't take it.

i can totally see the temptation! and it's a good practice to do redraws imo, just don't post it here. remember at at the core, this is a hate site full of bitchy harpies and you don't want your OC posted here.

No. 501602

You are right, the internet is so full of helpful tips from amazing artists that her excuses for not improving are redundant. Her own stubbornness is holding her back.

Funny story(slight OT)! Professors usually have connections in the industry they are teaching in. She is shooting herself in the foot every time she bitches about her teachers/classes or her homework. She even has made it public knowledge that her assignments are beneath her. Now would you want someone like that working in your studio or doing a freelance job for you?
It's like the people who post a bunch of hate about their job on Facebook and don't understand why they get fired the next day.

She is cautionary tale anons.

No. 501623

File: 1518464330929.png (32.12 KB, 1038x157, Capture.PNG)


What you said reminds me of this comment I saw on a rant video done on Holly. Like how can you be so blind as to not see that's exactly what the person you idolize is doing?

No. 501644

It is surprising how many people will turn a blind eye to the horrific behaviours of their idols.

No. 501650

File: 1518466541083.png (1.06 MB, 1178x772, Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 12.1…)

oh god…she's creating more merch….this time it's pencil pouches

No. 501652

Who tf would buy this

No. 501653

File: 1518466971826.png (58.92 KB, 1174x274, Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 12.2…)

Does she even know what's aesthetic and what's not

No. 501690

Fucking proofread before hitting post Holly christ

No. 501960

No. 501972

File: 1518560143545.png (586 KB, 604x828, Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 8.11…)

Holly acting like she's so special for doing the challenge while doing a bit of art homework. You know most people doing this challenge also have jobs.

No. 502001

What is it with her and 90-degree butts

No. 502024

Is she proud of this? Because it’s seriously ugly.

No. 502035

What's amusing is how she fails to follow her own art anatomy advice…Yikes.

No. 502045

File: 1518563102111.png (25.43 KB, 942x137, notLikeOtherGirls.PNG)

Not sure if this has been posted before but I was surprised to see this under a Jordan Peterson video earlier and cringed so hard.

No. 502050

even in her homework the boobs are so close to the collarbone its disturbing

No. 502071

Her face is so fricken muddy that it looks like she has a mustache. Did she reference this off of a live model or a photo?

No. 502073

What is she even trying to say here? She should really go outside and interact with people in real life…

No. 502075

I had to re-read that 3 times because her grammar is shit and I still couldn't get a sense of what she's trying to say besides that she doesn't relate to women???????

No. 502157


Oh Jesus she's such a fucking clueless turd. How does she think she understands the mentality of other women when she literally never leaves her house, interacts with anybody other than her 12 year internet fans and has no friends?

Not stating anything new obviously but she is clearly a deeply unhappy, miserable person who can't look inwards for the reasons why, so it has to be everyone else. Or women, it seems. Don't see her making any dumb sweeping statements about men.

No. 502252

No. 502258

File: 1518575535836.jpg (105.79 KB, 604x604, 1518209991031.jpg)

>I don't want kids because it's my choice :)
>but everyone else who doesn't want kids is being programmed to
This is common with Holly, whenever she does something "wrong" it's ok, but when anyone else does the same as her, they're the one with the problem.

No. 502261

She has no self-awareness christ. She’s literally that ‘I’m not like OTHER girls’ stereotype but…an adult. ‘All my friends are bois cuz I just can’t ever get along with girls. Maybe it’s cuz I’m so blunt and honest. uwu Most girls are just zuper fake, I would know u3u’

No. 502263

Lol what? Like the anon bellow said, she's trying to be that "I'm not like other girls" sterotype, only more obnoxious and mean spirited.

No. 502264

This is extremely disappointing because Twist3dDisast3r seems like honestly a nice person and yet is friends with Holly.

The art level difference is also just frustrating to watch.

No. 502271

File: 1518576018332.png (68.71 KB, 280x485, 13eee927a733ac023175f6ab8517dd…)

Holly just can't draw anything in perspective, or forshorten anything. Every pose she draws looks like a paper doll with pivoting joints. The only thing she ever tries to draw in perspective are feet, which ends up looking like broken triangles on a stick
That Metalocalypse sketch she drew said this dude's empty hand was "forshortened". It's not, it's just rotated.

No. 502274

They're pretty alright, they're the kind of blunt Holly thinks she is. Can't possibly see what they see in her.

No. 502275


I always kinda liked Michie too. It's kind of sad to see she's all buddy buddy with Holly. Granted I sometimes don't agree with her, but she seems way more respectable then Holly is and Michie actually has some skill in what she does.

No. 502278

Read her last sentence "Most girls say they don't want kids because their feminist ideology"
Holly not wanting kids = her choice, she is special and different
Other women not wanting kids = lying to themselves and indoctrinated by feminism

No. 502279

But anon, she's super speschle artist who is married to her shitty art, she's too good for kids.

No. 502280


Basically 'I'm not like other girls' I'm not like those nasty feminists, i'm a cool girl.

No. 502281

Even though she shit talks people both behind their back and in plain sight and is a rather mean spirited person. Holly is anything but a "cool" girl

No. 502284

Ugh, at first I thought Holly's comic process wasn't that bad because she seemed to have a good grasp on her thumbnails, but watching her redraw each character's expression like 10 times tells me all of that is bullshit. The character's expressions should be one of the first things you think about, considering everything is based off of them! Like, not just the dialog, but what the characters are doing and why. She's drawing a shocked face and then a blush-y face and then an angry face for just one panel; you should've made up your mind a LONG fucking time ago who your characters are and how they would react if you're putting pencil to paper.

No. 502285


She doesn't actually have any friends though, boys or girls. She strikes me as the kind that would try and get involved with any male friends and fail hilariously.

No. 502286

When TwistedDisaster sketches she uses guidelines and structures and all that good stuff to get the proportions and dimensions right. But Holly seems to do almost none of that most of the time. She just dives right in or maybe draws like circle or a stick figure and then goes over it.

And granted once you're experienced enough you become better at free handing it and you don't have to do every single guide line but I think Holly could really benefit from putting more time into her base drawing instead of just winging it like she seems to do.

No. 502287

Holly comes across as very self-involved and self-centered. The world is seen through a narrow Holly-centric lens and everything she thinks is just fact, and everyone else is fake or wrong. She really needs to leave her house more often than twice a year for cons she loses money at cuz no one that isn’t stanning her blindly would want to buy her shitty art.

No. 502288

In the stream, Michie left, and Holly just said "And in this stream, you see Holly Brown actually DOES talk to people and HAS friends. Except not really."

It seems kind of rude and mean to say. as if she's using michie just to prove she has a life.

No. 502293


I hope she comes to her senses and drops Holly like the dead weight she is. We'll see if she can keep her as a 'friend'.

No. 502300

I'm surprised she didn't over that giant deleting everything tantrum.

No. 502317

"Except not really" what the fuck? That's really rude.

I'm a fan of Michie, and I was surprised yet not surprised when I saw the stream pop up with Holly in it. They're similar but Michie is an actual mature adult. Was pretty sure she'd have rethought her friendship with Holly when she had her fit the other week.

No. 502364

File: 1518583662456.png (1.7 MB, 1158x1212, Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 20.4…)


No. 502382

The cynical side of me really thinks that these two are just using each other for mutual benefit (if I were in Michie's position I can't say I wouldn't be tempted to use Holly as a stepping stool), but it's not unbelievable they would be friends. Holly seems to fit in with the Twisted Disaster crowd a lot better than with the Baylee Jae crowd. I never thought to compare the two before, but seeing them side by side, Michie is clearly a better artist even though her style doesn't appeal to me at all. She clearly understands shape and form better, and draws with confident lines. Not even to mention that she treats her career with a lot more maturity.

No. 502395

I actually felt bad during the stream, because she was putting an honest effort into drawing and understanding Holly's characters and Holly was just making a joke of hers.
Michie handled it gracefully though (if it bothered her at all) but I know Holly has mentioned thinking that other people's characters are shitty to her, and I just felt like that mentality really showed itself tonight. Her commentary, her inability to take it serious or put any effort into her half was just really sad.
I hope that Michie earned herself a few new followers at least.

No. 502405

How can Holly be proud of her OCs compared to others when hers are some of the ugliest I've ever seen.
It's not even that they are drawn crudely, it's also that they're just ugly outright.

No. 502427

why be proud of making a character into a moldy nerd with cystic acne? does the slime give him the power to extend his chin when he does the dreamworks face? he looks like he's about to tell me his favorite my little pony while he strokes it jfc

No. 502446

Holly’s OCs omfg. They are so flat and underdevelopment, and they all have the same damn fucking face with giant chins and endless sneers. She has the character writing abilities of a middle schooler.

No. 502561

OT, and anow unpopular opinion but I'm not a fan of michie or her style. she comes across a but disingenuous to me idk. but she is way more tolerable than holly.

No. 502566

What…?? Hands don't get foreshortened, there's literally not enough length to a hand for it t get foreshortened.

No. 502571

You’re kidding, right?

No. 502663

File: 1518624440247.jpeg (17.41 KB, 250x246, 66E44C74-CF59-469B-9AB2-A11C5D…)

No. 502707

What is that thing? a glass of manure?

No. 502713

File: 1518628270601.jpg (193.86 KB, 800x500, holly.jpg)

OT but Holly's art looks like Gakuen Handsome. Pic related.

No. 502714

It's a terrarium she has in her room, she talks about it in a video about filling up sketchbooks.

No. 502715

I agree, though I don't have a problem with Michie as a person, she is mediocre at art. You can draw under sketches and plot your figures out as much as you want and it won't make your drawing any better if you're uninformed and don't understand the form you're drawing in the first place. She just mimics bad tutorial techniques and calls it a day.
Everything she does is wonky, but… I guess this isn't about Michie.

I still feel bad for her in that live stream. Holly is not someone I would want to do an art trade with, even if she was a better artist. But she should have known better too, if she has really watched Holly at all…

No. 502722

I completely agree about the quality of TwistedDisaster's art, she's mediocre at best and how she gets so many commissions is entirely beyond me. Some of her other shit is pretty cringy too (that "yes artists can scam other artists" video was so asinine), and her shading/coloring makes me viscerally upset. Just because she's better than Holly doesn't mean she should be lauded.

She definitely should have known better. Even if the stream was planned before Holly's little tantrum (doubtful), I would have severed ties with someone with such a fundamental lack of professionalism. But enjoy the views I guess, Michie…

No. 502730

File: 1518629514588.png (114 KB, 823x852, bb5e0dc36c4e281e1a5d4975d5787e…)

I decided to make fanart.

No. 502743


That sure is one glorious neck

No. 502752

File: 1518630801254.png (313.2 KB, 1145x808, 001bc3d26e4eea4625d2d95e1e5204…)

Last one, no more.

No. 502757

File: 1518631154136.jpg (139.42 KB, 842x842, CWpiPRP.jpg)

Anon this is amazing.

No. 502758

Are you sure you didn’t just leak some of Holly’s sketches? This is very convincing.

No. 502768

Read the rules and board culture before posting, and just write "sage" in the email field.

No. 502772

On it. I’ll delete my post.

No. 502781

Alright, any advice for somebody who doesn’t want to end up like Holly? You guys seem like you’d give honest answers, and my art is pretty average at best.

No. 502784

Just do everything opposite to her. But like literally if you can't tell who is skilled enough to give advice you are kinda out of luck here.

No. 502815

Well, I'm pretty sure everyone here can agree that Holly's biggest problem is that she's too self centered to change her ways, so I say be open to challenging yourself (in real ways, not like her stupid sketchbook slam thing), be open to critique (both from others and from yourself), and don't be afraid to acknowledge you have faults. The second you say to yourself that you don't need to get better is the second you die as an artist, and Holly's proven that point time and again.

No. 502819

I think the hypocrisy with Holly is what angers a lot of people.
Being open and accepting of critiques is a huge way to improve as an artist. You don't have to use everything people tell you but not being a complete asshole will definitely allow you to go farther than her.

No. 502821

Her ego will be her downfall.

Just try not to allow confidence to become arrogance and you should be ok original anon.

No. 502879

My advice to you anon is to draw from life and read up on form and proportion. Holly is stuck in a mindset of knowing the basics well enough to move on and concentrate on her style or 10 different new things that she is instantly an ‘expert’ at because she has deluded herself into beleiving she is a professional. She has a ruedementary grasp on basic anatomy among other things. She is a beginner who thinks she’s an expert. Do not be arrogant. Draw real people, and THEN draw them in a style you develope.

No. 503084

File: 1518649953631.png (1.39 MB, 1176x1212, Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 15.1…)

Those giant hands and lopsided face. Would people even purchase this with the exception of the oddball of her fans

No. 503104

I think she's trying too hard to keep the shape of the hair recognizable. Now Ed's bangs just look funky because she's unwilling to mess with the shape to give them believable movement. small nitpick i know but its just frustrating

No. 503121

She knows “Yaoi Hands” is a bad joke thing right? The hand should not be larger than the skull! Ugh. Fix your shit Holly. Fix your shit.

No. 503186

I am pretty sure Holly is looking into all of this convention stuff and button pressing, because Baylee Jae just attended some con and said that she made good profit.

No. 503203

Gee, can't wait for Holly to complain about having to do simple customer service tasks.

No. 503217

I swear if she makes fun of the people who come to her both I will lose my collective shit. I can’t stand people who rip down their fans and supporters like that.

No. 503317

I feel like she's trying to do some kind of perspective on the hands here, but it obviously isn't working, especially with the hand resting on the opposite arm.
Notice she put that damn V shape a-la-Damien in his bangs as well.
Agreed with all the responses you got, but: take risks with art, try new things, don't put yourself in a rut, experiment!! Another thing that Holly proves is that repetition/consistency does not guarantee nor equate improvement.

THE HAND. Oh my god. I'm dead.

No. 503318

File: 1518664537864.png (1.5 MB, 1172x1210, Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 19.1…)

Yes, Holly. You can obviously tell especially by the hair

No. 503322

She hasn't fixed her art lean. Look at that head and how… off it looks.

No. 503338

His upper body is so short…

No. 503367

>being on model looks better then her Original art
Holy shit I keked TOO hard!
maybe she should practice manga style to get rid of that art lean

No. 503369

File: 1518669142228.jpg (517.09 KB, 527x527, nKiHPhO.jpg)


I flipped the image. It's deliciously bad. His forehead is gonna topple over.

She (Michie) gets commissions because she's on FA raking in closed species adopt money. And I can tell you the only reason she's popular now is because a drama bs video of her's blew up. Leeching off holly's a strategy of her's at best. Holly will prolly be a topic of one of her videos soon enough if it gets too bad.

No. 503378

I'm actually curious how much fan art she'd end up selling, only for her to bitch on about how nobody wants to buy her stuff with her OCs on them who have all of 6 pgs of a comic out.

No. 503424

These are hilarious. They're a perfect satire of her style.

No. 503437

not an artist so i was looking up art lean and the first thing that comes up is the chick from that livestream, at the start of the video i just assumed she uploaded one of Holly's videos: same dirty ass nails, same depression voice

No. 503440

the arm that stops in the leg YES

No. 503465

this is fucking gold, my fucking sides, the fucking tiles

i dont see how she expects to compete in the fanart market with people infinitely more talented and creative than her but ok

No. 503475


Guys if we're going to talk about TwistedDisaster's vids, do it in the general YT artists thread not in holly's thread, this really isn't contributing anything besides "twisteddisaster is mediocre/better than/worse than/similar to holly sorta."

No. 503685

why do ppl wear that dumb ass glove like why?

No. 503689

It's so their hand can glide across the screen more smoothly when they're drawing (and I'm assuming it decreases grease/smudges as well)

No. 503692

pretty much. screen tablets also tend to get warm/hot in use so it protects from that and stops you getting sweat all over your screen.

we all know they look stupid, but it's an unavoidable stupid.

No. 503917

File: 1518719092550.jpg (358.75 KB, 920x1200, FULLMETALALCHEMIST_EXHIBITION_…)


>"too on model"

>this bitch is so fucking delusional she thinks she's on par with hiromu arakawa


No. 503972

That hair height difference is killing me lolol.

No. 504038

Whyyyyy does she always jam the eyes together right on either side of the nose
It looks so awful and it's such an amateur mistake

No. 504059

No. 504092

Copying Baylee Jae on the convention thing aye?
Also she needs to quit having the camera mic so close to her mouth

No. 504096

wow that floor is disgusting

No. 504123

she's fucking joking, right? she doesn't really think this is so identical to the original art that people would confuse it for being official……right?

No. 504124

Why can't her or Baylee just be consistent with these challenges. Holly acts so high and might about these challenges but she's never as capable as she says she is.

I'll be honest I was liking having the making comics as back ground noise for drawing, rage fuels me that and it's hard to find people talking about webcomics on youtube. Finding the other 100 days people too vloggy.

But seriously compare what she's saying now to what she said in the first video. Such a hypocrite.

No. 504142

so half her art is gonna be plain ugly, and the other half will be technically illegal to sell and ugly to boot

No. 504147

poor cat doesn't deserve all that abuse at the beginning ffs. if you put a plant on a level a cat can get to easily THEY WILL EAT IT
cats are dumb, we have to work around them, not give them flak for being cats

No. 504152

I think she meant more along the lines of, “Is this too generically ’animu’ and therefore not recognizibly my art cuz fan art hurr.”

Little does she know her art sticks out for more than her shitty style of giant hair and fucked up leans. Yeah don’t worry, we def know it’s you Holls.

No. 504166

She could fix the lean if she just put down a proper foundation before drawing. Instead she spurns basic art critique and insists drawing an amalgam of misshapen potatos is a proper way to set her piece up, and wonders why her work has the same mistakes a high schooler makes. This is basic shit, people.

No. 504374

I find her self-righteous opinion of fanart very annoying. Like her doing 50/50 is the “right” way to do fanart, which in itself is “lowering” yourself because ideally you should have none. Fuck off Holly.

No. 504503

>poor cat doesn't deserve all that abuse at the beginning ffs.
What abuse? She slightly shouts at her cat and then swears at it a bit but… that's hardly abuse when it's an animal. She got its attention to stop eating the plant.
Unless the abuse is having the plant on a level the cat can get to, then yeah that's pretty negligent though not directly abusive.

Holly has a lot to criticize, but she seemed like a fairly normal cat owner there.
I don't have time atm to watch the rest of the video beyond the point she stops showing her cat, but I had to check.

Basically yeah.

No. 504636


imo it's refreshing to see Holly do something about her cat destroying her shit unlike another person on here who is notorious for her cats climbing all over her artwork and destroying her supplies…

No. 504645

Why do so many artists have cats that they let just run their workspace. It's annoying, and a little OT but maybe it's cause i ain't a cat person, it's just a recurring thing i noticed. Like if you don't want them all over your shit, keep them out of that room?

No. 504652

As someone who owns cats, I don't get it either. Along with being annoying, the products could be dangerous to the cat's health.

No. 504706


Watched the part with the cat and I gotta say - I wouldn't call that abusive or even negligent. Her plants didn't look to be ground level, the cat climbed up on the shelf. Anyone who's ever owned a cat knows they can and will perch on any surface no matter how small, so I can't give her flak for that. As long as she doesn't have like lilies or plants that are specifically poisonous to cats i dont find it to be that big of a deal. Isn't her workspace her bedroom? My cat knows how to open my bedroom door so I can see it potentially being difficult to keep her cats out. (Obviously she needs to keep toxic stuff put up)

Basically seems like a petty thing to pick on. Saged for cat talk.

No. 504858

I'm the anon who wrote the cat post
Oversight on my part, I didn't mean real animal abuse, like hurting etc. She's just being so rude to her cat for something that is essentially her enabling the cat.
Sorry 'bout that

No. 505148

File: 1518808104713.png (58.18 KB, 1174x256, Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 11.0…)

Good role model. Def does not have children as demographic

No. 505151

File: 1518808179183.png (1.51 MB, 1152x1244, Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 11.0…)

Again with the foot sticking out like that…and that horse is so wack. It's like a lump of flour sack with legs poking out

No. 505155

Where would she lose it if she never leaves the house…

No. 505156

The horse's hind legs lmao looks like it's jumping straight up, it's so derpy

No. 505159

Ridiculous nitpick but why would she write her L's like that? It looks like it says "Hoiiy is totaiiy cooi". Also yeah she cannot draw horses.

No. 505169

She can't fucking draw people either. WTF is that on the horses back?

No. 505173

Fair point! I love how we can see the bottom of this dude's foot, too. She has to have a footwear fetish or something, it's every fucking picture…

No. 505176

Honestly I think this horse is one of the most expressive things she's drawn, as far as "dynamic character posing" and gesture goes.
It's still very stiff, that's the sad part. The human riding it looks terrible though.

Maybe Holly draws animals better because she hasn't learned to symbol draw them for long enough yet like she learned for people.

No. 505184

I think it's just the one thing the "learned" how to draw in perspective and does it because she thinks it makes her art look more 3d. The problem is, she doesn't understand anything in 3d space, so she just ends up symbol drawing feet at an angle. That's how we get the infamous broken triangle foot syndrome

No. 505189

After following Holly for a few months, I actually want to befriend her.

No. 505192

Structurally that foot is not as bad as her other ones, but it doesn't make sense with that pose. ugh

No. 505198

Maybe she is learning, if just a little. Learning what looks broken, but not actually learning to think in 3d.

No. 505222


Why does she draw random lines on her forms where they don't necessarily belong? It's especially obvious on the horse…Is it supposed to denote musculature? define shape? I think she just puts random lines in her forms to trick herself into thinking she can think in 3D space…

No. 505245

underrated post

That dude's profile looks eerily similar to the horse.

No. 505305

Those commenting on the symbol drawing are forgetting the best part of how lazy she is. She made the reference zine a while back for herself so she could copy the feet and hands from it instead of using IRL references.

Also that horse. She squiggle over the silhouette over and over but never attempts to contour any of the forms of do any form on constructions. She obsessed with outlining.

No. 505645

That’s one of the most idiotic things she’s ever done. If you’re going to create a reference book, use fucking photos instead of badly draw things away; otherwise you will end up copying your mistakes over and over again fossilising your learning curve. One of the reasons she keeps being that crappy is that even when she looks at references she just doodles the fuck she wants and calls it a day, instead of actually thinking in 3d or studying the shapes and space.

No. 505702

Finally a fucking video that isn't 20 minutes long. I can't even hate-watch her for very long because her voice gives me a headache…

No. 505764

i love how she says she was trying to be as least offensive as possible while also trying to offend anyone who tried to say anything against her that made actual sense. so now shes being the "bitch youtuber" when im pretty sure that was her staple anyways before her two day bout of sadness where she put all of her videos away from the public.

so basically, now that people were calling her out for being a bitch, which she was already flaunting, she's gonna come back at them with being a bitch? the only difference is that she's actually saying it. god, holly's fucking logic, man

No. 506050

I think repugnant hypocrite suits her better. Personal opinion.

No. 506276

No. 506320

File: 1518895244230.png (110.25 KB, 682x268, lol.png)

No. 506337


This is all assuming she'll get a spot in artist alley. Has she even secured one yet?

No. 506419

I can't believe she still has a flatter after how she treated them.

No. 506424

lmfao why does she have a label for that

No. 506433

Uhh, am I missing the joke here? I thought it was normal to date your sketchbooks?

No. 506437


It's the fact that she spelled "February" wrong. There's nothing wrong with dating the book.

No. 506440

Why is Holly so bad with money? I don't get it. She's about to drop 45 dollars on a fucking cardboard box, and everything else she wants for her convention is 50-100, even the damn card holder is like 30 bucks, plastic sleeves for 30 bucks.
And 105 for a table skirt? I just…
She spends so much money on shit she probably won't even use. She has so much expensive equipment in her room that she never uses, trashes, or both.
Oh, I didn't even notice. lol.

No. 506450

I just found out she bought a standing desk and by the way she talks about it, it sounds like she doesn't even use it because she calls it the biggest waste of money in her life.

No. 506453

All that money wasted will come back from her con sells and then at the end she won't have any money made kek

No. 506457

Jesus, this girl needs to get a hold of her spending!

No. 506461

If she didn't pile junk on her desk maybe she could actually use it easily?
Yeah, she spends mad cash on so many things I wish I could buy, but never uses them or treats them so poorly they become unusable.
She just threw away a bunch of expensive printer ink because she handled her CISS improperly and broke it, then just threw away all the ink inside. I am just baffled how she wastes so much. And all the ink was spilling in the trash over what looked to be a Japanese artbook, something I wouldn't throw away.
Didn't she grow up extremely poor? Shouldn't that teach you to treat everything you own with dignity? Especially expensive stuff?

No. 506464

File: 1518903426119.jpg (29.24 KB, 640x640, 1511522807865.jpg)

Holly is literally going to spend 50 dollars on a cardboard box and some file folders.

No. 506525

She's probably not going to make much from the con like Baylee did because her art is really unflattering minus the fan art that's like 1/50 chance someone will buy one. Baylee's art is not that great, but it's more flattering to look at than Jay Leno, Dreamworks face art

No. 506569

I still can’t get over the table cloth. Like fucking christ that’s ridiculous.

No. 506572

File: 1518908522008.jpg (150.65 KB, 736x1621, zSHGAGA.jpg)

I really wish people would stop implying that any of these other run of the mill youtube artists are "slightly better" or more informed than Holly. If you hate Holly so much that you can't even be objective about this, that's a problem.
All of them are bad.
I don't know how these artists sell anything, frankly.
A little OT probably, sorry.
But yeah, more on topic, Holly is probably going to be bitching about how bad this con experience was, and how much merch she has left over in the end.

No. 506578


jfc that midoriya fanart is gods awful.

No. 506579

Baylee is probably on equal level to Holly. Actually, Holly may be more technically skilled as she ventures out to draw things other than cute bug-eyed girls standing in a neutral position. I think when people say "better", they mean "more appealing to the general public".
Holly probably has one of the least appealing style of the youtube famous girl artists, because she doesn't draw cute things people would buy, she draws giant-chinned men.

No. 506580

>That braid
Oh god, Holly, just look up "braid" on google instead of just drawing random clumps of squiggles. Is it really that hard?

No. 506610

Yeah that's what I meant. I never meant that Baylee has better technical skills or anything like that. Just that it's not appealing to look at to the naked eye like Holly's.
Who's the artist for the first one? I've never seen a fan art so stylized that you can't really tell who they are…It's so…unflattering to look at…

No. 506612

What are those random squiggle lines next to his head on Holly's????

No. 506613

Idk who they are but that is god awful. It’s a poorly executed mix of all the current trending bs quirky styles with the worst coloring jfc. Please don’t tell me they have a large following I think it might depress me lol

No. 506626


I think it's michie's handicraft. yikes.

No. 506636

Yep, that's her. Twistedisaster or whatever. I heard her talking on a recent stream about her experience with Holly. She's a total Holly fan girl and was really worried about making Holly not like her.

(The video is the Holly stream that was talked about early. Figured to post it here if anyone wants to torture themselves. I'll try and get a timestamp of the other stream I mentioned.)

No. 506642

Wtf I’m honestly surprised she can do better than that Midorya, it is so bad

No. 506646


Well she's certainly got the right username because holy shit that art. Why's she so concerned about Holly of all people liking her, unless she's trying to rake in the views and subscribers. She's way better off than Holly is with the way she treats ppl. I wouldn't want to be associated with Holly at all unless I was really that desperate for views/subs.

No, she can't draw boys.

No. 506647


Sucks for her, Holly hates anyone who might even remotely be a better artist or more decent person than her.

No. 506649

File: 1518913796247.png (56.47 KB, 1174x220, Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 16.2…)

What savings?

No. 506651

How does she say she's poor if she buys expensive stuff constantly?

No. 506653


Guys I'm not gonna fault her for spending money on a general household necessity/appliance. Honestly…She does need to be smarter about her purchasing when it comes to art supplies and shit she don't need, but it's not necessary to be asking about her savings. Stupid purchases are stupid purchases no matter what. She shouldn't be complaining about having to spend money on necessities though.

No. 506655

If she's spending 50 dollars on a cardboard box, 100 on a tablecloth, buying expensive art supplies and gadgets all the time, and still had the money to buy a washer/dryer unit, is she even 'poor' like she says?

No. 506666

she probably thinks if she doesn't own a mansion she's poor. ive seen people like this and it's fucking stupid

No. 506667

Buying general households is fine, but it's the fact that she complains and claims that she's a poor art student and then buys all sort of shit wasting money.

No. 506720

File: 1518919878141.png (40.72 KB, 1934x174, Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 18.1…)

A lil OT, but I was reading this Artist Alley 101 thing and this part made me remind me of Holly kek.

No. 506728

Animefest is a first come first serve con so her chances of getting in are decent as long as she remembers when apps open. As for SanJanpan it'll be a lottery with probably 1K people applying so her chances are much slimmer. Hopefully she gets into to neither because I don't want the chance to hear her god awful voice.

No. 506740

If she does get into either of those, then please spill any milk if you get any.

No. 506744

Watched most of the video.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm like 85% sure she said in one of her vlog videos (that she took off) after San Japan that she was going to do 11 x 17 prints, and that she thought her prints didn't sell well because they were a big size. The dude next to her was selling prints that were smaller and they were selling like hotcakes, apparently. If that's the case…it sounds like she's not learning from her previous con experience.

Also, as someone that practically lives at Artist Alley, you really don't need all that stuff for it, especially if it's at an anime convention. You really only need that stuff if you're in the main exhibit hall, or if you're in a place like a business expo.

No. 506755


she's absolutely not learning from past experience. she's printing them at 13x19 now because "that's what her printer prints at" does she not know that you can adjust the size of paper your printer prints? Also, she thinks the 13x19 prints will sell well because "nobody else sells that size".

Doesn't holly understand that people, esp the kids and teens that go to these conventions have limited wall space and cash? they want to buy lots of smaller prints to fill their wall, not one big print (esp if the art on it looks like deformed goblins)

No. 506757

she could literally make her own table skirt for like $10… but of course that takes effort so fuck that lmao

No. 506763

13x19" is such a weird dimension, like no shit nobody else will it because it's not a standard size?

No. 506772

Yeah, good luck finding an affordable frame that size. A lot of people like to frame their prints with cheaper frames from IKEA for example. She could just cut her paper to any size, I feel like she has a good cutter somewhere in her room anyway.

No. 506778

File: 1518924310875.png (377.7 KB, 1182x610, Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 19.2…)

This stupid kid. You could literally make one or find others for cheaper!!

No. 506781

People really pay 50$ for that??? You could probably find cheaper ones in plastic maybe

No. 506784

She bought it.. just wow.

No. 506816

>Didn't she grow up extremely poor? Shouldn't that teach you to treat everything you own with dignity?
you're thinking of like migrants from poor countries. Multi-generationally poor people in rich countries are more famous for foolishly using any money they get to buy plastic baubles >>506778

No. 506817

Has she never heard of a file cabinet? If she saved her money she’d have something that would last a life time

No. 506821

File: 1518926816969.png (420.8 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180217-220307.png)

Absolute bitch, someone was trying to save her money and she adds that smart ass question mark. Sorry people don't understand why you're wasting your money when it's not necessary at all???

No. 506885

>>506821 Step one: Go to Aldi's. Step two: get free boxes buying groceries there - no need to pay so much for storage boxes. :S

No. 506893

File: 1518930680401.png (54.61 KB, 1178x214, Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 21.1…)

Here comes more ugly merch..

No. 506904



No. 506924


No. 506970

sage, but i've never understood fangirls who like to 'mother' their favourite male characters, for example Holly has said 'they're my gay sons' and now she's said 'my angry boy'. I've seen this alot not just Holly, idk maybe it's just me but I think it's weird. It's like a fetish.

No. 506982


>It's like a fetish

Bit of a fucking reach there, mate

No. 506991

No. 507010

Actually sage if you're going to sage. Also, it's more of a way saying they feel close with them and not so much of a fetish.

No. 507026

It obviously is a perversion though? Whether or not you want to be super specific about fetish. I mean imagine a male artist talking about how much i honestly love my liddle lesbian daughters i draw. Farmers hate shadman but this and any fujo artist is just female shadman

No. 507029

Eh I think there's a different standard for women. They have maternal instincts and whatnot. I can genuinely believe a girl would have maternal love towards a fictional character where a man probably doesn't.
I think Holly talking like a doting mom to anime people isn't really cow material. So many girls do it.

No. 507036

do you forget that she draws them fucking and sucking and grinds her gulch to it? So you're saying she feels a 'doting motherly' instinct toward the characters that she draws with cum bursting out of their mouths and slobbering dicks, and you think that isn't more gross?

No. 507039

I'm not saying she's not nasty. But Shadman is way more gross. I don't believe he has any "motherly" instincts at all, whereas Holly probably has some.
Super OT.

No. 507041

I keked to that hard, seriously Anon that was good :.)

No. 507042

I meant the way you described it but you get what I mean

No. 507043

I am legitimately scared for Bakugo.

No. 507052

Well this should be interesting, I can't wait to see how she's going to butcher this one

No. 507067

At least she seems happy? And she'll be leaving her house for a change… Except I have a feeling that she's only happy because she thinks she's gonna be making loads of money because being a con artist is "so easy".

No. 507075

But did she not say that she doesn’t want children as she is not programmed to like other girls?


No. 507180

Yeah, I don't know how well she's going to do. Her art is unappealing (like noted before as shit as BJs art is it has market appeal) so I don't know who will buy it it. Her prints aren't creative either, art like hers would probably sell better as comic/story driven illustrations with shit jokes.

And selling graphic novels is hard. I do at conventions and you need to hustle hard and schmooze with the crowd to actually get it in their hands.

Like she's complaining about expensive stands because she'd be scared to touch them. It doesn't matter! Label everything clearly and be a friendly person. When someone comes to your table the objective is to get their hands on your comic book. Like use a solid pitch, offer it to them to flip through.

Holly won't be able to do any of this. And she makes it harder to cover costs with each shit purchase.

No. 507207

agreed. people that say that shit are weirdos

No. 507215

Oh my god you idiots it’s just a popular meme wtf are you people talking about. ‘’My son’ is not a fetish it’s a joke. Fucking christ she fetishizes gay bois for sure but don’t make into an incest fetish ya fucking plebs. Bakugo is like 14 and she’s 22 who cares if she calls him her boy jfc complain about shit that matters.

No. 507228


Thank you, god sometimes you people can be stupid. I hate Jolly as much as the next person but reaching much?

No. 507244

Quick question- could she not just find a regular cardboard box and make dividers for it? I understand if this is for important document archival purposes, but I don’t think she needs to drop fifty bucks on a fancy cardboard box when a regular one could do. I mean, I don’t know much about cons but something isn’t adding up here.

No. 507270

She’s an idiot. You can make the same damn thing with cardboard and cheap balsa wood. And the table cloth can be made for less than $10. She could have gone to Walmart and got her entire set up for $40 but the dumb bitch ain’t about to leave her house lmao

No. 507272

Her bullshit excuse about not wanting to spend two (PLUS even lmao) hours on a fucking cardboard box divider only to ‘fuck it up’ really speaks of her intelligence. C’mon Holls. Two hours on a cardboard box? Starving artist my ass. Bitch is a middle claas brat.

No. 507287

Ok haha what? Female characters get it too it’s a meme like anon above said. It denotes favoritism. Your fav is your son/child. It has nothing to do with Fujos even if they use it frequently. Female characters are called, my child, bae or my wife. It was even referenced in Steven Universe. It’s just a meme it has nothing to do with uteruses and maternal instinct???

No. 507290

No. 507400

why are we still on this fucking subject.

Anyway I can't wait for holly to make back none of this material, assuming she'll be able to snag a spot at all. Someone mentioned earlier one of them is first come first served, but tbh, even if she did get a table her designs and colors are so stiff and bland and she's going to be up against a LOT of good skill.

She bought all this stuff and she still has prints and merch to consider.
Hell, she's still got merch she's yet to even make.
Chop-chop, Holls, lol.

I've seen the odd 1 or 2 less skilled artists get tables at events and get no foot traffic. Same for good ones, too. Where the table is in the con is also a huge factor that she might have little to no control over unless she's willing to fork over extra for a prime spot like some places let you do.
None of this is stacked in her favor and she keeps on making poor decisions.

No. 507417

File: 1518982473486.jpg (269.15 KB, 1080x1920, PSX_20180218_133407.jpg)

Goddamn it Holly, why don't you sell the shitty books you already have first

No. 507422


More importantly, why doesn't she finish the projects she has first. Like. Finish another issue of Purgatory and finish the first issue of Paranormal Plague before you decide to drop 5K on some bullshit you prolly wont use by the time you're done with any of it.

No. 507436

she'll buy it and never touch it, like the rest of her hoard

and then complain about having no money

No. 507476

File: 1518985017180.jpg (2.12 KB, 104x125, 1496904542918.jpg)

Hi my name is holly brown I just keep buying expensive art supplies and shit i don't need because my stupid ass doesn't realize its not the tools that make me better its how i use the tools!maybe if I just keep buying expensive shit I can keep calling myself a professional even though i know very little in every single thing I "think" i know about art

No. 507524

Oh for fuck’s sake.
Seriously? Considering how many books she prints, with 5k she could easily complete two series. It’s not like everybody who self publishes buys MACHINES, print on demand services and real printing places exists for a reason.
You can easily attend a convention with 2/3k in books. You can do It with LESS than that, depending on the conventions you will have virtually no customers for sketchbooks or comics unless it’s a place that’s just that. I e self published comics conventions or stuff like that. And from that 2k you’re going to take expenses off really easily.
She’s buying all that super expensive crap when the only thing you need is a little taste and basic stuff. I would have invested in a banner instead, and it would still have costed less. Like fuck it’s your first convention and you have more stuff than actual publishers. The hell?!

Also fun fact: if you order your prints, they already come in boxes. You create the dividers and use the same box the prints were packaged in. And I can assure you it works perfectly.

No. 507545

When the truth bomb hits!
Being a professional is way more about your attitude and how you handle situations when under pressure.

No. 507560

All of this! You want to keep your overhead as low as you can so you can turn a profit. Yes at some shows you may lose money but usually you are networking at these events trying to gain followers or meeting other industry professionals/artists. I just think her whole attitude towards cons is abysmal. As a fan I would be insulted by her shitty attitude.

No. 507575

All of this is very good.
Especially the last line. That's what I see a lot of artists using whenever I buy something from them at artist alley. They either use that or something they've made themselves.

No. 507580

omg if she actually does get an art booth at san japan she is going to get blown out of the water there, there are so many other greater artist that print in 11X17 and know what they're doing. you do not need all of these expensive cardboard boxes and whatnot. just really good quality art that does not look cringy af and an organized set-up.

No. 507591

File: 1518991087538.png (234.04 KB, 1178x552, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 13.5…)

We all know how this is gonna end. She's complain about making them, breaking the machine somehow, or not properly make them to end up complaining even more while losing profit.

No. 507593

File: 1518991132608.png (1.83 MB, 1168x1208, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 13.5…)

She keeps making merch for customers that dont really exist yet

No. 507606

omfg holly no on in a con will give a flying fuck about your OCs, what is she thinking???

No. 507613

Especially at an anime convention, of all places. She'd probably do better at comic or indie artist conventions, but I don't know how the con scene is in Texas.

No. 507632

She could at least pick images that go together. Everything together looks weird and out of place. I'd rather buy an art book with less sketches that looks thought out and cohesive…

No. 507649

The fucking cat omfg look at that?? How can she think those front legs are okay? Who tf would buy this shit??

No. 507707

File: 1518996119168.png (237.93 KB, 750x1334, E872506C-50CE-4E6D-B1D0-BD0A64…)

From Tumblr

No. 507708

File: 1518996166256.jpeg (185.91 KB, 750x1167, 05310DED-8B3B-4439-8191-39DAEA…)

No. 507712

waow. So much ass kissing in a post. Reminds me of those posts middle schoolers would make and get butt hurt easily when someone goes against 'em. These types of people won't open their eyes until Holly insults them personally

No. 507719

It makes me sick how blind people are. Ugh.

No. 507741

>recognizing the potential bad and working around or with it is a great tactic for life and Holly has expressed that

I have no idea what else these kids watch, but there are other artists that have expressed this notion in their videos. They might not deliver it in an assholeish way like Holly does, but several of them do deliver it in a serious manner. But I guess if they're not cussing, it doesn't count.

No. 507746

She can't spend 2 hours making a divider box for her prints and drops $50 on a cardboard box, but she's willing to sink hours into making books for herself with this expensive equipment? What a waste of time and money. Why is she tweeting about all her purchases anyway.

No. 507747

Well, I mean she has no one else to tell this to lol

No. 508086

File: 1519010697532.png (1.95 MB, 986x1392, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 19.2…)

oof. These are such random sketches/paintings

No. 508090

The vegetables look ok. But those are not people so.

No. 508131

does she expect people to buy a book of her random doodles?

No. 508166

Is she that desperate for money? Because I think at the end, she's gonna end up with less than what she had in the beginning lol.

No. 508231

File: 1519023759687.png (1.2 MB, 1176x892, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 23.0…)

So where's that lighting coming from?

No. 508232

I don't know why anyone would buy an online artist's sketchbook when they post literally all of it anyway. I can understand if it's all new, unpublished stuff, or if you're a really good artist where you'd want a physical copy to gawk at/take the pages out of, but Holly is obviously not doing either of those things. What a waste of effort.

No. 508259

Y'know this isn't really that bad for Holly, the coloring is actually pretty nice. If Holly would just get that salt stick out of her ass she could potentially make some nice shit

No. 508269


yeah you gotta leave a bit to the imagination. But if none of it is appealing then. That's a problem. It'd be cool if there was a running theme for each sketchbook (even if it is random comic ideas) or if she shared some of it and left the rest to sell digitally. She's just shooting herself in the foot because she seems so obsessed with physical copies of product that won't move lol.

No. 508279

File: 1519030533760.png (1.4 MB, 1172x1190, Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 00.5…)

RIP everything

No. 508280

No. 508284

I am internally screaming and crying, but in a bad way. I was prepared but not prepared for this.

No. 508287

Lol I’m uncomfortable. They babies ya freaky fujo.

No. 508295

Are these characters underage? I will report her to the police I don't care.

No. 508296

It's called My Hero Academia, not My Hero University. Of course these fucks are underage in America.

I dunno why, but the art does look less holly-ish to me. Maybe that's just me.

No. 508298

If I recall, they are both 15.

No. 508300

How do you report someone for that? Just wondering

No. 508302

While you guys are seizing over what a depraved person Holly is for drawing two teenagers kissing, you should go and report/boycott all these companies for being depraved too.
Cause how dare draw teenagers kissing. So gross!!

No. 508305

stop being a fucking prissy anon, the characters are teenagers. pretty sure drawing teenagers kissing isn't fucking child porn lmao.

on another note, the style looks less like holly's at a glance, but if you look at it more than 2 seconds you can still notice the horrible anatomy… she draws the characters so 2 dimensionally. that's not how people kiss, holly

No. 508310

Cannot unsee huge chin on Bakugou.
Also, I know they're supposed to be kissing, but the longer I stare at it close-up, the more it looks like Bakugou is sniffing him.

No. 508312

remember to report it to the FBI and NSA as well

No. 508316

File: 1519038363717.png (74.9 KB, 198x380, OAgzggh.png)

And Chris Hansen

No. 508330

You mock because you're a little bit into it yourselves and want it to seem harmless. It's not the same as Disney or whatever because it's explicitly made for sexual gratification. Yeah the drawing she posted doesn't cross the line enough to do her in - if that's where it stops, she's safe but otherwise..

No. 508332


>implying there aren't a shit ton of fanarts of anime boys shipping out there

so as to not digress the thread any further, does anyone know what happened to her animatics? did she ever finish it or??

No. 508334

I wasn't mocking, I'm actually from Interpol, you should definitely give us a call

No. 508337


Don't be like that, anon

No. 508338

File: 1519043894989.png (875.33 KB, 720x829, 20180219_063324.png)

I know for a fact Holly reads Long Exposure, so it kinda caught me off guard to see that kiss pic. I have a feeling she heavily referenced this panel. (The LE art style is kinda abrasive at times too, but hollys is worse)

No. 508380

It’s a different kiss, they’re both poorly executed but it’s not referenced at all.

No. 508388

The mouths look similar even though the head positions are different.

No. 508391

No. 508395

Everyone else is freaking out but I am impressed at Holly's restraint with the left boy's chin.

No. 508426


>Re-iterates she's only posting Making Comics videos once a week

>Says people need to stop being assholes about fanart
>Thinks doing fan art is the best way to reel people into buying your original work
>doesn't go to comic conventions because "comic conventions are just 35 year old men"
>wah wah going to cons is so expensive
>plan to do Hamilton fanart and SU fanart
>discontinuing the black and white sketch compilation in favour of making her own coloured ones
>wonky FMA fan art took her over 6 hours and she's going to make giant fucking prints of it to sell for $10
>invites her audience to split hotel rooms with her for cons (can you fucking imagine)

She actually bought that fucking book press I am speechless especially after whining about how expensive it is to go to conventions and dropping so much money on needless shit for conventions she hasn't even been accepted into yet.

No. 508435

I’m not caught up with the show yet, but aren’t the two characters enemies? Like one horribly bullied the other? I hate it when fujos ship enemies just because they’re both boys. Of course the horrible bullying one put the other through would only result in them sucking face. Fujoshis only care about fetishizing gay guys.

No. 508438

File: 1519056333833.gif (59.12 KB, 400x276, skew.gif)

"skew" is a very helpful tool just sayin'

No. 508441

unfortunately thats not nearly enough to fix the garbage fucking composition or poses. is she trying to go for something dynamic? no one fucking looks like that when they punch holly.

No. 508447

>doesn't go to comic conventions because "comic conventions are just 35 year old men"

Wtf? Has she ever been to one? The comic scene
has become younger and at least 40% women (at least in my country, could ofc be different in USA), the average age might be 35 but the age range is like 10-80 in my experience. Professional comic artist my ass.

She just wants to go to anime cons because kids with bad taste go there to waste their money

No. 508450

Who's actually gonna buy her fanarts? Is her style appealing to the public of anime cons?

No. 508461

I live in Europe so things might be different here, but comic conventions have a really huge variety in demographics and artist alleys/self published comics are filled with young artists working with several styles. Definitely the best place to sell your COMICS, otherwise is just random merchandise done with fan arts in mind. Especially in my country you cannot be accepted in artist alleys/self publishing if you sell fan arts (in most cases) and if you don’t have original products.

No. 508589

File: 1519065683225.jpeg (119.91 KB, 957x946, D0F7041F-0AEA-4F5A-AC5D-BE35EC…)



No. 508610


samefag but can an american/texan farmer please share a hotel room with her and document the experience it would be pure gold

No. 508632


Awfully tempting but I doubt is enjoy the weekend at all. Can only imagine how horrible a room mate she would be.

No. 508649


a front row seat to the impending disaster that is her (potential) artist alley blunders would be worth it….

No. 508690

Imagine how nasty the hotel room will end up based on her own room and the constant burping and complaining. Not sure if it’s worth the waste of money lol

No. 508767

File: 1519075264700.jpg (214.8 KB, 800x450, 1494259324413.jpg)

1.Holy shit i cant wait for holly's fan art video I wanna see mare backlash lol
2.Holy shit she actually bought the book press WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY!
3.Now all of a sudden she realizes she can't make money off her actual shitty gay characters and has to make "Fan art" I also thought i heard a crak in there about not being a real artist if you make "fan art"

No. 508803

in her video she says that she took more than six hours like holy fuck. She could save time if she actually used the paint bucket tool instead of scribbling it in all by herself

No. 508857

Regular con-goer here. You're not off the mark. It's similar in the US, at least on the western coast cons. It's said that you go to anime conventions to sell fanmade stuff, and comic conventions to sell original stuff.

Also, unless if it's a huge one or one in a good area (Bay Area cons are good because the attendees usually have disposable income), most anime conventions are attended by teenagers that have little to no money and gawk at prices. This is talking from personal experience. Yes, the attendees at comic conventions might be "older", but they're more willing to give new stuff a chance and they're more likely to have money to blow.

No. 508870

File: 1519081949823.jpg (284.18 KB, 1080x1920, PSX_20180219_171150.jpg)

So Holly confirmed for lurking here?

No. 508878

>tries to convince people she's not a fujoshi
>uses the term BL

We were already pretty sure she lurks here. This is just more confirmation.

No. 508894

There was also a tweet to her yesterday from somebody threatening to take legal action. But I'm pretty sure she and her other fans lurk here too. I hope she takes some of the advice here, but that's wishful thinking.

No. 508900

File: 1519083259254.png (44.7 KB, 602x510, why don't you take a seat.png)

Wait, is this you, anon?

No. 508902

Well, honestly wanting to call the police for a fanart of fictional underage fictional characters kissing is extreme bullshit, she’s sadly right about that. Sometimes you guys do not realise what’s really wrong and what’s a personal preference and in that you are so close to holly it almost hurts.
All the real shit she does is enough, reaching will only make us look like stupid people thinking underage people are not allowed to kiss.

No. 508909

That's true. But I'm still disgusted by her porn drawings with her underage characters. I wouldn't report anyone for that, but it's still messed up even when they're close to 18. I think people are just not freaked out by that because Holly is female and in her 20s and not some old dude, but there's really no difference.

No. 508911

Tbh, after taking a second look at that twitter it just seems like a /pol/ parody account to me. I think some people are just trolling at this point, I seriously doubt anyone here genuinely thinks Holly is a "pedophile" or whatever

No. 508923

All of this. I really hope that twitter is trolling.

No. 508924


Nah wasn't me - I actually hadn't seen that tweet until now. I don't usually lurk in her mentions.

No. 508926


I'd wish someone would fuckin report Shadman/Shadbase. That fucker is disgusting. He actually qualifies for drawing child abuse, Holly is just questionable tbh

No. 508933

This sounds like a troll. Holly's art is ugly, not illegal.

No. 508978

It should be illegal. No one should suffer seeing her art.

No. 509090


Stop being a pussy the FBI and police literally dont give a fuck about two fictional characters fucking whether they're underage or not. Otherwise you'd have every naruto and anime artist sitting in prison.

back to holly, i doubt she's going to sell much even at animefest. i am texas based but even i dont want to take that risk of rooming with her.

No. 509092

I like seeing people troll Holly. I think Holly enjoys having shit to rant about.

No. 509115


No one sensible is trying to “call the cops” on her for her 2D drawings lmao it’s a meme and definitely applicable with how fucking deplorable her art style and attitude is towards others who draw the same shit. So ugly it should be fucking illegal.

No. 509271

>I will be monitoring
>I will press criminal charges
>" "fictional" "
Is this a troll?

No. 509319

File: 1519114627656.png (775.02 KB, 1166x776, Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 00.1…)

No. 509329

Ok but I can’t watch her videos any more just purely on how irritating her “um” is - if you listen every time she says it it’s the exact same tone and it’s like she has a soundboard for it and just presses it at the end of every fucking sentence.
It’s so grating! I get it’s a natural part of speech, I’m not saying it shouldn’t be in her videos but she says it so often that it stands out as unnatural.

New drinking game - take a shot every time she says umm

No. 509331

I don't want alcohol poisoning.

No. 509332


holy fuck lmao, those fucking lips???!!!! how can she not see how horrible that looks, it looks like they're smushing their faces together,what the fuck

No. 509337

the cops aren't going to do anything about shitty anime teenagers, doesn't this animu have fucking attempted gangrape in it? as long as the characters don't resemble actual, real people (think shadman getting sued by the baby wolverine actress) it's not illegal. just gross.

also they're just kidding jfc.

No. 509423

File: 1519136450500.png (477.91 KB, 800x627, 14124_2.png)

No. 509494

File: 1519144821289.png (1.5 MB, 1172x1020, Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 08.3…)

This is just a nitpick, but it drives me crazy when she says "idk" like a 100 times in a sentence. Do you know or not know, Holly???

No. 509599


>almost 130 likes

god is dead


>attempted gang rape

In bnha? No, it doesn’t, lol where the fuck did that come from???


It’s because she’s insecure. She’s unsure of anything that she does so she just tries to barely save face with “um idk um lol :)”.

No. 509601


Forgot my sage, my bad.

No. 509626

File: 1519150711374.jpg (224.27 KB, 900x1200, ew.jpg)

How does she even work with all that clutter? I'd Imagine that with all that she'd have to be constantly be moving shit around just to do something.

No. 509648

Woah she’s really proud of those ugly wrong skull studies…

No. 509652

it looks more like she drew the skulls to match her wonky head shapes.

No. 509664

To me, this is just a lazy way to fill a sketchbook. Redraw the damn thing. Why destroy an old sketchbook and fill your new one with shitty old art? UGH. For someone who preaches about how important sketchbook work is, she definitely doesn't practice what she preaches.

No. 509712

I agree with her this time lmao what was with the overreactions from anons and that person on twitter? Anyway this drawing is ugly

No. 509731

I mean… look at her floor. I think she just pushes it from her desk if she needs room. I also don't understand why she's constantly saying "I'm cleaning my room and throwing my shit out today". No, Holly, you've been saying this for years and we've never seen your room in a clean state.

No. 509946

Hollys the kind of person who uses filler in her speech. She always said that she wasn't very interesting. I guess you're right, Holly.

No. 509955

I have noticed a trend with YT artists giving tips on how to fill sketchbooks for the sake of filling sketchbooks, sometimes this shit is such a waste of good paper

No. 510012

drawn porn of minors isn't illegal you fucking morons.

No. 510029


GTFO Shadman

No. 510034

calm down sperg, i'm not condoning it i just think you guys are being stupid.

No. 510038

i can understand doing it for one or two pieces you REALLY love, or sticking in pieces done on loose paper, but destroying an entire book solely to stick it in a new one? nah fam you lost me.

No. 510041

It’s a weird line between actual sketchbook practices to improve your work and art journaling make it pretty and textured.

No. 510044

Sticking in loose pages would make semi-sense.

No. 510052

another thing i've done and seen others do is to stick a piece next to its reference (when you can, obviously)

No. 510058

File: 1519174733103.png (Spoiler Image, 167.37 KB, 494x478, 2758879c-b991-4b55-a948-b502a1…)

my bad, then gangrape scene is from a spin off and not the actual bnha manga, but my point still stands.

she can't be looking at actual skulls when drawing this. surely they're from memory and no one can be that bad at replicating something they're looking at. the high schoolers in my VPA program could do better skulls than this.

No. 510062

She used a fake unrealistic skull with crappy spine and made it even more ugly and unrealistic. She bragged quite a bit both of buying the thing and the Marvellous practices she was creating

No. 510232

File: 1519185600062.jpg (187.85 KB, 1073x1241, PSX_20180220_215849.jpg)

No. 510240

…the making comics videos were mainly targeted to people who make comics?

No. 510241

Apologies, forgot to sage.

No. 510248

Is her video editing process just as inefficient and awful as her drawing process? Because her making comics videos are pretty fucking basic so far as video editing goes. I have no idea how it can possibly be eating significantly into her actual drawing time.

No. 510256

honestly wouldn't be surprised if it were, all she should need to do is throw the video clip in there, shorten it, then record the audio on top. it really shouldn't be taking her as much time as she claims it does.

No. 510265

I thought these videos were just to show off the challenge… Who would wanna learn from her shit tier drawings/advice

No. 510274

Honestly, I sell my original comic books and am a convention artist based in Texas and can usually pull a grand, even at anime cons. It all just really matters how well you market yourself and what you sell alongside your books.

I can't say for sure how good of a salesperson Holly is, but she really just seems like the kind of person to sit and draw at her table, expecting people to just stop and buy everything instead of interacting with passersby. Very asocial.

No. 510319

File: 1519191166666.png (1.57 MB, 1172x1210, Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 21.3…)

No. 510321


Should've been no different than her stupid sketchbook slam challenge. Then again those were minimal effort on her part, scribbling some lines and highlighting stupid shit.

No. 510325

those ass cheeks are so uncomfortable to look at…because Holly

No. 510327


Probably a gross and accurate representation.

No. 510346




This exactly. Maybe she should just know her threshold for discipline/work she's willing to do. She's always biting off more than she can chew and throwing money into a bottomless pit. She never finished the sketchbook challenge and now she's copping out on this. And these are like the easiest videos to make. You can shit them out in 20, 30 min, tops. But she's telling us she can't even do it once a week?

>muh but I work so hard

Yeah but you don't work smart and I think that's what really matters here. I just think she lost interest because now she's losing her shit/obsessing over convention bullshit.
…Don't forget to actually finish you comic issues first, holly.
and make fan art.
and make merchendise.
and figure out the book press.
And get those pencil cases made.

No. 510353

So long for committing and being accountable. Maybe she shouldn’t have dedicated a fullfucking video about it and coming off as a bit more humble and real :)

No. 510395

Ok so she officially gave up on the challenge.
What, weren’t monthly challenges stupid because easy as fuck? She’s doing it the stupid way like everything else, she could have posted quick updates or made shorter videos or simply post pictures on social media’s stating her progresses.
Challenges she made fun of, such as inktober and mermaid, were done with daily videos as well but of course since she was not partecipating, those were crappy challenges; because she needs real challenging stuff. Except she can’t deal with them. I would like her to admit she was wrong shitting on that kind of stuff and acting high and mighty about what’s a challenge, what’s not a challenge and what’s commitment.
Hell she didn’t even make it to the 31 days that are the minimum for “stupid useless challenges that don’t challenge you at all”

No. 510398

No. 510421

In here she says that 10 hours is a ridiculous amount of time to work on a comic page, but… that doesn't really seem like a ridiculous amount of time to me? I don't know a lot about it, but from a quick 2 minute google that seemed pretty average for people working on webcomics. Does anyone with more knowledge have any input?

One thing I can think of that may be eating her time is that she's working at a ridiculous DPI (don't remember what it was, but it was way above standard for no real good reason) which is causing her to get caught up on details that won't even be legible in the printed size/whatever size people are usually viewing the page on their phones or computers.

That traced hand looks so ridiculous among all the shitty paw hands she draws. It's so obvious.

No. 510428

I heard from a comic grad student that it sometimes takes about 7-11 hours for them. Depends on the page and how much detail and how fast you work at.

No. 510429

File: 1519201799145.png (51.92 KB, 1508x146, Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 00.2…)

I thought she was making one video per week, which gives plenty of time to draw, record, and edit since theres nothing much going on for her.

No. 510436

File: 1519202654292.jpg (126.63 KB, 493x314, ZH5ZxyJ.jpg)

I hate this fuckin hair-dangle shit she does. Sorry this is just a peeve of mine.

No. 510440

Didn't the challenge required like… 30 minutes of drawing comics a day?

No. 510441

Yes. But this is holly we’re talking about. The same holly who blamed people who couldn’t spend 12 hours a day drawing a comic page on top of a regular job and now she’s claiming 10 hours is way too much. Which is not, really.

No. 510446

File: 1519203446235.jpg (46.96 KB, 199x237, XcC5JfJ.jpg)

quit trying to convince everyone he's a 'swole beef boy', Holly, his muscles aren't even placed right.

No. 510447

She could have just uploaded 5 minutes videos with no audio but she always have to over-complicate things.
It's even more ridiculous because she wants to sell and make her stupid comics (by herself, with a printing press) but she's not willing to devote 30 minutes to draw? The challenge did not require at all to upload long ass videos every day. She's a hypocrite.
And there she goes again bragging about how much she knows about comics when she's ignorant at best

No. 510449

I don't get Holly's big deal with being 'accountable' or whatever her excuse is. That's all she says throughout the video, "Oh, I could stop making the videos but then I wouldn't be accountable!" Then she starts saying she just doesn't want to post on instagram instead because she doesn't want to mess up her 'feed'. That's the opposite of accountable, dude, that's just making up excuses.
Also, it's the goddamn internet and you have 200K followers, nobody gives a shit about being 100% absolutely certain you did something you said. Your audience isn't your mom, and you aren't some big manga studio that has to get a chapter out a week, it's an internet challenge that some person made up. Get off your high fucking horse and just admit that you're lazy and can't prioritize a stupid meme challenge of all things.

No. 510455

By the way, her paneling is awful and amateurish at best. She's not the comic expert she claims to be.
And did she just said the main difference between a comic page and an illustration is the price?

No. 510458


You're right. She's always harping on about 'accountability', she even said it on day 1 of the challenge. She brought up the sketchbook challenge and I don't even remember her finishing it.

And I don't know where why tacked on the rule of "doing comics for 30 minutes for 100 days straight"? She could've batched it and done it in weeks. That's what, 14 weeks? I've seen people do the challenge that way. She could have divvied it up between social media, WIP pictures (because she is always posting consistently over on twitter at least, for what she's working on), and it coulda worked. She could've still been 'accountable'. She made so much shit so difficult.

But honestly I just think she's obsessed with the convention scene right now so she had to drop a few tasks she found less interesting to her. So much for accountability and professionalism.

No. 510463

I think that's Holly's fatal flaw, though. She's always chasing the money but not thinking about what she's doing so she ends up losing out, the more she chases it,
monetarily AND creatively I mean. It's a crapshoot.

No. 510569

Lol, nobody works harder than Holly Fucking Brown, you guys. She works so hard she can't possibly complete this challenge… because working on comics is so much harder than illustration. Don't you know that illustrators just shit out illustrations without a lot of hard work? Not like her comic process, noooo…. illustrators never have to thumbnail or reference or anything like that.

Holly Brown works sooo hard you guys, she works so hard, her job is way harder than those rubes who work in the fucking grocery store, lol, all they do is sit around and collect a steady paycheck.

She works so hard that completing a 30 day illustration challenge like inktober is totally beneath her, so obviously dropping out of a 100 day COOOOMIC challenge after 15 days means she works wayyy harder! Like, totally, my dudes!

She works sooo hard because she needs money,yo, so she can't afford to waste time doing stuff that won't make her money, but don't mention the fact she wastes so much money on cardboard boxes and fucking book presses.

Besides, none of you watching these videos even know anything about what she's talking about anyway. None of you are sophisticated enough to understand what goes into making coooomics enough to be worth making them. It's not like she could use the videos to educate people, lol, who do you think she is, an art youtuber? Lol.

No. 510571

Isn't her "actual" work making webcomics? WTF

No. 510576

slow claps Brilliant Deduction my dear anon.

Her ego and lack of commitment to these challenges will bite her in the ass eventually. You can only shit on everyone so much before people stop caring/watching.

No. 510593

Did she really say that inking one comic page gives you at max 30 bucks? Seriously?

No. 510597

Considering how shitty her inking is I'm surprised if she would even get that for it. Professional inkers make a hell of a lot more money than that. She is clueless about the actual comics industry.

No. 510598

This will never happen, but maybe if she went to comic cons she could actually meet other comic artist and learn something about the industry.

Actually meeting the DC and Marvel guys I stuck my nose up at actually helped me understand a lot… Though I guess all those 30-year-old men at comic cons means she'll never go.

No. 510696


I shudder to think of the inevitability that is her turning 30 and still acting shitty. maybe she'll change her tune with more actual life experience, but that means she'll have to get out more first.

No. 510707


There's so much bullshit it's hard even to breathe.
God, I wish she would stop assuming things about the industry and passing it as a FACT.
She OBVIOUSLY doesn't know anything and yet she keeps on acting like this.
30 dollars per ink is something you can accept only through small commissions or deviantart, and I wonder how she got these prices as she's never had any kind of formation or real job in the industry.
It's not like it's hard, it's not like it's time consuming, it's not like she doesn't have enough disk space (REALLY? You say your flatter should buy an external hdd to solve ram and cpu problems -lol- and YOU don't have an external hdd in which you can store or record videos?!) she just got bored of doing that thing every day. She even kind of stated it. She always says she works on comics daily but I doubt so, otherwise she would be so much further in PP; she works a lot when she feels like it, and since she claimed to work on pages for 12 hours in a row she needs to show 12 hours of footage or something EVERY DAY and that broke her.
She should have stayed humble, not bragging about how if you don't work on a comic page 12 hours per day you're not really making comics and how she works on comics daily anyway. But of course not, she had to rage about the comics because she DIDN'T want to spend that much on them but she kind of shot herself in the foot with the challenge.
Honestly there's so many ways she could have handled this thing from the get go. She just got bored, she wants to watch anime and draw fanarts. Like some other anon said, she right now has another interests and this challenge is having less views than other videos so of course screw that.
BUT STILL. Saying she works MORE than other people is reaching. She does that ALL THE TIME. She just assumes every other job is easier, when in reality she doesn't have real deadlines, she could take things easier as the majority of her incomes are from her shitty youtube videos she craps away. But of course she has to make it look like her webcomic is her main job…? I can't understand that reasoning. She never edits stuff that much and she's not fancy. She just speeds up the video, does a voiceover in one take so that she can be more natural, add a background music and an end card. The longest part is the voiceover and still it takes as long as the video. So…why is she playing the editing card? Minnie Small has really fancy videos and I can see how they take more to create, but Holly is just two clicks away from uploading the video right when she stops recording.

Comic Artist anon, here. Honestly it depends on a series of factors such as how quick you are at drawing, how complex your style is and how quick you are with perspective and inking.
For professional comics, 10 hours is fairly decent, but probably not enough if you count the colouring and shading in it. 10/15 hours should ideally suffice for proper storyboarding, penciling and inking IF you're quick. Of course there are people even quicker and people that needs to add tons of details and that are slower, the european market is not new to people working even one entire week on a single page, because Belgique and France are really serious about backgrounds and accuracy especially if you're drawing historical comics, so you need to work really big and detailed.
Same goes for coloring, depending on the kind of colouring, the deadlines and the details, it can take from one day to one week. If it's a simpler coloring and you work with a flatter, you can even color four pages in a day, and every page is different of course so you can sometime colour three pages in a day and another day you can only complete one. Of course if you have a tighter deadline or if you don't need that kind of accuracy you just go with whatever the pace is better for you, considering that the time you spare on a page (using tricks and shortcuts that help you becoming faster) can help you looking for other gigs.
For webcomics it's kind of different because there's people that uses it as its own medium, and use interactive panels, or use the scrolling option to create suspance, and if you work on a webcomic with the intent of print in mind it's better to aim at what works in print form instead of webcomic.

And yeah it's basically how you approach to a webcomic. Some can complete five or seven pages a week, other can complete only two, but it's again all depending on details and how fast you are.
The 24hour comics day is totally doable, and that makes you create 24 pages in 24 hours. 1 page per hour. With its limitations.

Holly's work though is so sloppy and inaccurate that all that time is literally wasted. She's slow because she doesn't know what she's doing, and she doesn't even plan her perspectives, everything is wonky and she cuts out what personally gives me the most issues while drawing a page: perspective grids.
Placing stuff in perspective, building rooms and cities, takes the most time for me because everything should be drawn using a scheme, grids, and it's something that can be eyeballed IF somebody cares enough to actually understand or practice a lot before; but she just draws something and calls it a day.
For the level of what she is doing she should take no less than two hours per page including the ink.

Some comic pages are quicker to realise than some illustrations, but of course you're not holly and you have a brain so you already know that. Sorry for reiterating.

And EVERYBODY has one. Same hair syndrome, lol.

She actually finished the sketchbook challenge, but she lied about doing it in time. She said she finished it in time and that she only needed to film the sketchbook tour, but she never shower her latest progresses and she took like what, one week? two? to film the video.

No. 510712

I meant to write Belgium, not belgique. Sorry.

No. 510731

This hair is so ugly. She draws all her hairlines as the same jagged line without any thought about the direction or texture of the hair. It just flat out doesn't make any sense here. And the ridiculous way the flyaways float and defy gravity makes them look like antennae.

No. 510748

What about the ears.

No. 510819


Weird that he has "arm muscle" but no shoulder muscles…

I just also wanna say that I personally hate how Holly writes her characters. They always seem to be either the "grumpy emotional one" or "the sarcastic one" or just some stupid archetype with no other definable trait.

No. 510847

>quitting the comics challenge
>”which is sad because I don’t like quitting things”

Holly quits challenges and shit all the time.

No. 510871

Reading helps, you know.

No. 510969

I think you pointed out something important, Holly thinks she works hard because she spends hours on her work but she has to spend hours on her work because she is severely inept at the work she's doing. Her comic pages are not detailed enough to warrant 12 hours. She's just not skilled enough to work faster.

No. 511090

She’s not. She is still a beginner, she doesn’t know how to draw. She doesn’t use grids for anatomy and perspective, she just wings it and hopes going over it 4/5 times until it’s semi-coherent will be enough. Instead she should learn to draw, then make her comics.

No. 511190

dont know much about comic making, but holy shit…can she not cram every single detail into a page? you don't need that much detail in an establishing shot!!! this comic is like the opposite of purgatory. purgatory is a blobby stuffy ink mess and this comic is full of unnecessary details and spaces

No. 511213

Maybe flatting would be faster if holly used the bucket tool? I don't get why she's so averse to using it. Just touch up the imperfections as you see them.
If she thinks it's cheating that's ridiculous. Gradient tool shading is way more cheat-y.

No. 511266

File: 1519285677011.png (634.43 KB, 1182x758, Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 23.4…)

Anyone going here?

No. 511303

Unless I am mistaken it actually looks like she has started using the bucket tool in her most recent video complaining about quitting the 100 day comic challenge?

No. 511435

File: 1519317182862.png (544.1 KB, 640x1136, E78627D3-DB15-414E-9D7B-F92494…)


No. 511441

not only that but the pose! who holds shit like that? ugh, it's so stiff and unnatural…

No. 511442

Why are there asses on the hands?

No. 511445

They look like mangled paws

No. 511450

why does her right hand have a clunge in the middle

No. 511463

Kek. I wouldn’t be surprised if Holly grew up drawing furry art.

No. 511487

File: 1519322137973.jpeg (600.84 KB, 640x872, 7C5208D1-87E0-4E3D-A10E-D2E5AD…)

Okay. At first glance, the first time, I totally didn’t see the blood between Mabel’s and Dipper’s legs, now she’s thinking on selling this? It’s not funny.

No. 511489

The fuck is this shit?

No. 511490

Is there a joke here I’m missing? Also some cons might consider this mature and ask her to cover it? Just a guess tho, cuz this is from a kids show.

No. 511492

IIRC, this is a reference to a joke fanfic "Dipper Goes to Taco Bell" that's a bunch of gross gore/shock humor. It's a few years old and it wasn't funny then and definitely isn't now. Holly just wants to be edgy.

No. 511494

It’s joke fanart for a fanfic called “Dipper goes to Taco Bell” (or something like that). It’s like “two girls, one cup” in that it’s supposed to disgust whoever reads it, it got spread around Tumblr when Gravity falls first came out.

No. 511499

Oh ok thanks for the ckear up anons. I guess some people will get the reference but who would buy this?

No. 511500


It's unfunny and pretty gross. As if her art wasn't disgusting enough. It won't sell. Memes age pretty fast, and pretty badly, especially when it's from a fandom. she's trying too hard to be a 'cool kid'.

No. 511502

Maybe people who understand the reference, haven’t matured at all in the last 6 years since it was popular and still find it funny?

But again, I don’t know what con would allow her to sell it.

No. 511507

Is twice as sad that she wants to sell a fan art from a fan fiction just to flip those who said she draws CP

No. 511530

AFAIK the Gravity Falls fandom has been dead (or at least on life support) the past one or two years. Most have moved onto Voltron or Overwatch, so I highly doubt this will sell well. And depending on the con, they might ask her to take this off her booth. I know that the con I'm going to is family-friendly, so they don't allow stuff like this on display nor sale. If there's fine print for these cons, I hope she reads them.

No. 511546

File: 1519326787316.png (1.38 MB, 1832x808, Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.1…)

oh, so she didnt forget about the animatic..Whats with his arms?

No. 511549

File: 1519327056223.jpeg (138 KB, 900x900, 1BA0ADCF-4A13-4C1B-B479-2272F7…)

Obviously traced

No. 511562

Hahaha omfg

Has Holly ever mentioned print prices at cons being too high? I feel like she might have once but I can’t remember. She’s selling her large prints for $10 right?

No. 511570

Honestly, I think the face is pretty decent…

No. 511578


She's always oversaturating/overlaying her colors, it doesn't look good at all. There's no color harmony to any of her illustrations, or her paranormal plague comic, and she claims she's good at it when she isn't. A lot of her color choices are so tasteless.

No. 511586

That's because she just slaps random colored layers on top of the base; she should study color theory

No. 511592


it makes that color theory video she made so much more hilarious though. God, she's so lazy. She's basically covering up the fact that she can't do color. Overlays and gradients is all she knows and when she's not using it, the colors are bland af.

No. 511600


This is… definitely traced. The face is almost symmetrical, the eyes are different from her usual style and the proportions are actually good. If you had show me this without telling me who drew it I would guess Epsee or someone with actual talent. Who the fuck is she fooling?

No. 511612


Traced, anon? If not that then heavily referenced…but…

No. 511622

We'll just have to wait for the animatic and see how inconsistent she is…whenever that's coming out that is..

No. 511638

File: 1519331565707.jpeg (148.29 KB, 1200x821, image.jpeg)

this is netter than her usual stuff but its still hella stiff. His eyes are differenr shapes, the buttons she draws always look off, AND HIS ARMS WHY

No. 511679

File: 1519334730115.png (576.44 KB, 1036x662, Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 13.2…)

lmfao so much for looking like a "buff" dude.

No. 511682

Looks like someone skipped leg day… or gym day altogether.

No. 511721

File: 1519336496394.jpg (125.98 KB, 960x1200, 47569457698.jpg)

i see no difference

No. 511746

holy crap, i'm dead.

No. 511750


Oh yeah look at that 'swoll beef boy' lmao,

study your anatomy, Holly

No. 511790

File: 1519340466538.png (Spoiler Image, 577.69 KB, 862x850, hershel.png)

I just wanted to do this for fun, pls don't derail thread.

No. 511802


Fun or not do that elsewhere.

No. 511814


Yeah looking at this, you can tell where Holly is lacking. Hopefully if she does she this forum, she sees how dumb she sounds saying that her character is a meat head. Honestly, though we shouldn't be doing these re-draws (especially after what happened last time) this was kind of helpful actually.

No. 511869

Those skulls are so bad it is very sad

No. 511890

The right arm is still messed up and the fists are too small, but the left side+head is an improvement

No. 511916


"I just wanted to do this for fun" no, you wanted to do it to get asspats over the fact that your art is better than holly's, which, if you think about it, isn't really that much of an accomplishment in the first place.

No. 511923

I see the shoulder muscle and elbow aren't in the right perspective, so I fixed it.
I wanted to draw Hershel with muscles, that's all. I have a few more I won't be posting, along with some other characters. I didn't mean to derail the thread sry i'll never post redlines again, only fanart sometimes maybe.

No. 511968

Why would you waste your time drawing fanart of Holly's lame characters. Draw for people more deserving.

No. 511969

Didn't care about Holly's Hershel at all, but when I saw this image…unffh. If he was drawn with that build, I'd read the comic.

No. 511980


No. 511994

here we go again

(at least this time the art is pretty good)

No. 511998

I am strangely fascinated with Holly.
Here are the fixes I made, didn't want to upload and clutter the thread.
A change in color palette is also necessary imo. He doesn't look like any discernible ethnicity, and it messes with my head.

No. 512052

At this point no one cares.

Holly really needs to work on musculature if she wants to call any of her dudes 'beef' though.

No. 512122


whether you upload it or link it, just dont do it. literally no one cares.

No. 512155

I actually like seeing Holly's characters drawn in a proper way. It's there are a thread where people could do so? The one in /ot maybe?

No. 512207

Same Anon as >>511890
He's much improved now, nice work! I agree with >>512155 that I don't mind seeing good redlines/fixes but obviously it can be derailing. Maybe in OT

No. 512228

Whoa it’s crazy to see Hershel not…fucking awkward and off looking. Holly really is shit at anatomy. She draws tree trunk arms with no actual muscles lol

No. 512229


Holly will never be able to draw like that

No. 512240

calm down it's better than Holly's middle-school guess-drawing but it's still way off.
A separate thread for anons do-over attempts might be fun, if pointless

No. 512319

looks nice. At first glance I could't pick out anything wrong with it.

redlines are a great way to learn. I wouldn't mind seeing more redlines of her stuff from people who are skilled artistically

No. 512322

File: 1519370452692.png (1.02 MB, 884x1266, Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 23.2…)

While business cards are fine (although idk if she'll ever hand em out because she never goes outside), why is she buying con things when she hasn't even been accepted yet….

No. 512331

we had a discussion on this two threads ago, people kept posting their (sometimes not improved) red lines and derailed the thread. it's probably best to open another thread for this elsewhere

No. 512348

I'd be interested in a redraw/redline thread in /ot/.

because she has a huge ego. honestly I kind of hope she gets accepted and sees that no one gives a fuck about her shitty ocs from comics she's done all of 10 pages for.

No. 512359


It's going to be interesting to see just how much of paranormal plague she's completed by the time the cons have rolled around, and how much she would actually sell. but rn I can't really see it panning out well for her.

No. 512364

File: 1519377458166.png (579.93 KB, 1184x1204, Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 01.1…)

oh you'll get attention alright! From the shitty art that is

No. 512386

Why she wastes her money like that? What if they didn't accept her at the con?
She's so superficial, all about appearance.

No. 512388

if she does a lot of fanart I can see her bringing in a decent amout of money but shes delusional if she thinks people are going to buy her OC art.

No. 512391

>> people think I’m a mean asshole because I don’t share my obsessions

… yeah that’s totally it…

No. 512498

File: 1519399320718.jpg (131.7 KB, 1200x800, back half of the business card…)

Something about this seems really wonky

No. 512499


No. 512535

It’s just cluttered and not attractive at all. A different color scheme and stronger/bolder text while cutting down on the amount of it would read better. And this is a business card or a postcard???

She mentioned wanting “bigger” business cards but this is silly. I’ve rarely kept any card this big unless it was someone I really admired or had great art on it.

It would also just be cheaper to do normal business cards than a run of postcards wouldn’t it…? She’s really jumping the gun with this con prep.

No. 512540

Yeah, the bigger card idea is just dumb in general. Also, didn’t Holly have a bunch of purgatory business cards she ordered a while back? I find it hard to believe she actually ended up using all of those?

No. 512544

Honestly, if it wasn't it would be a misrepresentation of her brand.

No. 512547

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Afing9gUBfM holly: meeeeh no one else likes Hamilton, it's so weird to like a musical about the founding fathers

literally everyone likes hamilton. shut up.

No. 512548

Friend, use the YouTube field

No. 512585

This needs to be more space efficient. She should scrap this and just include her social media handles, a link to the webcomic, a QR code to the webcomic, a small synopsis (which she should look for help writing because she's not good at them), and her personal logo. Then on the other side, have an illustration that gives people an idea of what Paranormal Plague is at a glance instead of a headshot of Reese.

No. 512591

I’m going and live in the area…

No. 512592


the color scheme looks like straight throw-up. God her color choices piss me off…

No. 512612

Graphic Design Is My Passion. This looks like a high schooler's first try at designing in Photoshop. The text is way too big and hard to read at a distance. Everything is too close together. She doesn't understand negative space at all.

The way Holly's preparing for this con really highlights her priorities. Instead of focusing on making appealing prints, she's buying expensive table skirts to attract people, spinning display stands and offering postcards instead of business cards and larger prints because she thinks "bigger is better", when no, people buy good art, not just cheaply priced art. She reminds me of some con artists who have spent hundreds printing their poorly drawn comics into glossy perfect bound books. I'm still going to spend my money on a staple bound zine from a more skilled artist.

No. 512619

File: 1519409133712.jpg (279.13 KB, 1080x1778, PSX_20180223_120330.jpg)

Come read all 5 pages of my comics my dudes!!!!

Has she given up on purgatory?? She barely talks about it and when she does it always sounds like an obligation. She doesn't seem to like it at all.

No. 512621

File: 1519409238640.jpg (287.34 KB, 1079x1713, PSX_20180223_120715.jpg)

No. 512623


She's still working on it, at a snail's pace, because she's clearly stretched herself thin.

…You know, another part of being a professional is knowing your limits, and being honest with yourself on what you truly want to focus in on. Not piling as much work as possible on yourself to make yourself look busier or more 'official'. One completed project is better than 2 half-baked ones.


Also, the fact that she wants pink and puke on the front and all puke on the back boggles my mind lmao. None of those colors are consistent..

No. 512627

She doesn’t like PP either, she just thinks it will sell more because it’s supposedly funnier and in full colour. Purgatory was a mistake to her and soon she’ll realise that PP Is the same. It baffles me how little taste she has, about color, composition and basic graphic knowledge. I mean, okay not all artists have to know how to do everything because nobody is the same level at everything art related, but… this is seriously embarrassing and she doesn’t make up for it with actual good drawing or story or panelling. It’s a total 360 degree failure.

Also I speak from experience: double sided postcards works fine, if they have a decent illustration and a pleasing backing, but they’re NEVER to be done in place of business cards. You slip the postcards inside of your comics as a free print, so that people can find you. People who actually care for business cards have little to no space to carry around something bigger than literally a card they can put in their wallet.
She still fails to understand that you can look professional with minimalistic stuff if your art is solid and you’re q decent person. Instead she just tries to buy professionalism. Failing at it.

No. 512628

File: 1519409635424.jpeg (344.52 KB, 1280x876, 7D955574-8BC7-44A7-9372-A5FCEA…)

Is she planning on having this Hamilton art book done by con time? She mentioned it in an earlier tweet but damn, she really goes for quantity over quality, doesn’t she?

No. 512631

Lovely traced hand there

No. 512634


>Instead she just tries to buy professionalism.

Holy shit, this.


I guess she figures she'd cast a wider net because she's probably aware of/self conscious of how mediocre her art is. So the more she makes, the more she figures she'll sell. But it's all so very unfocused and it might end very badly for her.

And also no matter how much money she makes, it'll probably be a glass half empty situation, and she'll probably blame every other thing except herself for her shortcomings.

No. 512636

All that money… for a 5 page shitty webcomic that no one reads or likes, and a convention she hasn't even been accepted into yet.

No. 512640

>Instead she just tries to buy professionalism.

That's exactly what she's doing. Why work hard on your art when you can learn a few shortcuts and buy expensive equipment to mask your mediocrity. No one that's willing to trace photos of hands on illustrations they're selling cares about their art too much. It's all about making money for her.

No. 512644

Holy fuck this is such a waste of money and mind numbingly inefficient. She would save so much more money just doing small runs every so often or smaller books or whatever.

She doesn’t even know how any of this will work out, there is a learning curve for this kind of thing she now has to squeeze into con prep for a convention she isn’t even guaranteed a spot at yet.

She’s trying to make herself seem pro and know-it-all, but it’s really telling how amateur this all it. This is ridiculous.

No. 512662

If she doesn't get in it will be the cons fault.
If she gets in but doesn't sell well it will be the attendee's fault for being too cheap.
She will never learn from her mistakes because she will always blame someone/something else for her shortcomings.
I understand wanting to be prepared for a show but she is inflating her overhead too much. Certain purchases are an investment for future shows, (stands, easels, tablecloth, etc) but I think she is putting too much on these events that she is not even accepted to yet.
She may have quite a shock and a bit of dept if she doesn't get in.

No. 512669

So I finished watching the whole video and I’m so dumbfounded. The show she signed up for isn’t until august but she is planning on having FIVE BOOKS, plus stickers and prints, to be available to purchase.

Does she not realize how much time, effort, and money this will all take? Not only to just produce the artwork she hasn’t completed yet (a 47 pg Hamilton book and 120 pgs of PP), but to hand create ENOUGH of the five books to have people buy them?

And was really ticked off about her comment about comic conventions not being the place for her special artwork to be sold at because her shit is too ~*girly*~. Comic show artist alleys are just like anime conventions’. Hell, I would even argue she would have an even easier time selling at a comic book convention because anime convention artist alleys are hardcore and those tables have lots of other things to offer other than mediocre prints and stickers and her original comics.

No. 512675


It's all going to end up being added to the landfill that is her room afterwards. This is just another phase for her and when she realizes how much money she wasted, she probably won't try it again for a while and find another thing to try to make money off of with as little effort as possible.

No. 512677


Looking at it, something just feels off. I don't know if i'm the only one but the Iphone looks for some reason bent to me, but when I turn my screen, it's fine. the pictures of the screens were photo-shopped on weirdly too. it doesn't matter how you tilt you phone or tablet, the dots at the top left of your screen are never cut off. Also, i'm 85% sure something is wrong with the way she stuck the screen onto the tablet. the top looks uneven and at an angle that is not aligning correctly with the rest of it. Even if that's just my eyes playing tricks on me, I don't think it was a good idea to tilt the devices. Not going to question why this screenshot was taking at 3 in the morning (the haunting hour), but maybe it's a symbol of how terrifying awful this comic and it's art is.

No. 512752

Shit. It's in August?! I thought it was something in like 2 months or so! Now she sounds more ridiculous.

No. 512753

No. 512756

I fucking hate the fonts she uses. it's supposed to look like manga lettering but any graphic design person (or artist) knows you're not supposed to use fonts like that constantly. It's fine as like a header or something but it looks bad when you overuse it

No. 512766


Is… is her mom really in her 60s or was that just a poor joke?

No. 512776

There's so many references online for nice looking business cards. Why she gotta ruin it with puke color. The entire thing is so smooshed together, it's kind of overwhelming for a card. Even when try buying professionalism, she can't look professional with her sense of taste. This is when friends come in handy, but ofc she gotta be bitchy and push 'em all away.

No. 512783

I'm I remember correctly her mom isn't her biological mother but rather her Aunt so it is quite possible that she is 60.

No. 512853

It's so fucking stupid she's not doing small prints. She's potentially alienating tons of customers; one's who want to support her but just don't have the money to buy books/large prints and others who might like her art a little bit to buy a small print, but not enough to fork over a ton of cash.

No. 512887

I mean at least she did something really nice for her mom. That's responsible at least.

No. 512890

How tacky is she that she's showing how much the washer/dryer are? So she spent $1000 on them, congrats. It's really not that much if you're working and have a bit savings. Any respect I had for her for buying her mom something is gone when she shows the prices.

No. 512905

Plus it's not like her dirty clothes won't end up in those and she washes them separately. So she does gain something from the purchase as well.

No. 512914

File: 1519429195368.png (1.25 MB, 1676x834, Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 15.3…)

There's that 50$ cardboard box. Ive never seen anyone waste this much money. I dont think even Baylee is that dumb to purchase it, or is she..

No. 512917

>my art is girly as shit

Bitch where?

No. 512920

I fucking hate how she describes comic conventions. Girl, you’ve evidently never been to one because it’s not “your jam” so you don’t know what’s about, plus there’s not only superhero comics and SURPRISE you don’t need to know movies or enjoy superhero comics if you’re SELLING YOUR STUFF. You’re not attending as a guest, you’re supposed to go WORK there. Jesus.

No. 512968


Some of these animations were confusing without sound. She has no thought process when creating these…

No. 512975

I see you guys were talking about the dipper goes to taco bell fanart, and im guessing yall dont remember that she said she was gonna post a vid of it on a new channel that wouldn't be connected to her main.

Have we ever talked about this?

No. 512982

oh what the hell? I never knew she had a third channel.

No. 512984


Yeah I forgot about it till now, i just searched the fix on yt to see if she ever even posted it

No. 512985


No. 512993


She must REALLY like this fic to make a video reading it off, and drawing fan art about, and then try to see if she can sell at a convention. Like, she must think it's real funny…

No. 512997

The first one was god awful, like she shouldn’t even share it. Admittedly the second one was much better and had a clearer vision, but the reason she can never finish this shit is because she wants to show off her “animation skills” when she would probably do a much better job and maybe finish something is she just learned some story boarding shorthand. Like… I know it’s an animatic, but we don’t need the flag animated or shown frame by frame the gun twirling.

She’s constantly trying to run before learning to walk. It’s not professional or endearing, it’s frustrating as all hell because it’s so ass backwards, ugh. She talks about these things to learnedly and passionately, you’d think she’d be serious about actually STUDYING how these things work, but nah she just trying to show everyone how pro and smart she is????

No. 513048

My pet peeve is that she always draws the rooms so big. Like the bathroom in the micheal in the bathroom animatic - thats a huge fucking bathroom?

No. 513090

her url for her pinterest is really immature… its the kind of humor I'd expect from kids in middle school not some 21 year old.

No. 513120

Jfc her Pinterest has boards for POSES and EXPRESSIONS and STORYBOARDING that are all dynamic, but none of it translates to her art. Does she just pin stuff for the fun of it?? I thought she was obsessed with collecting physical reference books rather than online resources, so I REALLY doubt she uses the Pinterest properly. Ffs, even I don’t pin stuff I’ll never reasonably use and I’m a fucking mess. Get it together holly ☝🏾

No. 513182

i enjoy red lines of art too

No. 513198

then make a thread in /ot/ about it, no one here cares.

No. 513306

she could seriously use some basic graphic design lessons

No. 513312

Why? She’s already good at it, she said it lots of times

No. 513331

File: 1519486324572.png (64.01 KB, 1182x258, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 10.3…)

Why can't she stick to one thing?

No. 513352

Oh, does she really? Right, nvm then. I guess if she wants to brand herself as tacky, clumsy & juvenile she did a great job with those business cards. I guess the atrocity she thinks can pass for design goes well with her artwork as well.

No. 513381

I used to be a fan of hers and like that she was so outspoken .. but its true that all her videos are just nagative negative negative and it builds up over time

No. 513387

i feel, anon, people who are that 'outspoken' tend to just turn out to be assholes tho.

No. 513389

File: 1519491216168.jpg (525.54 KB, 1076x1835, PSX_20180224_105237.jpg)

"Graphic design is my passion" – Holly Brown

No. 513402

I hated how she put stipulations on the sketchbook slam. Like you should only draw your OC’s or practice things your bad at only. (She made a video on it shitting on people taking the challenge who drew fanart or simple sketching)
She missed the point of her own fucking challenge, to get into the habit of daily sketching. It shouldn’t matter what you draw as long as you’re drawing. Her fucking arrogance pisses me off.
Ot. But part of me wants to challenge her at at her own stupid challenge just to shut her the fuck up. Ugh sorry.

No. 513405

I can’t read that… should it not be in the framed box? I do not claim to be good at graphic design, but this feels very off to me.

No. 513407

Looks like a poster for a middle school play created by a bunch of soccer moms. That text really doesn't go well with that background.

No. 513408

It’s like too much going on visually? It almost creating a static effect, like every thing is buzing.

No. 513411

It's too busy and as usual the pattern, font, and color are a hot puke mess.

She hasn't got any taste.

No. 513414

Or she’s colour blind? Not making excuses for her but her colour choices are so awful.

No. 513415

But didn't she make fun of color blind people and say they can't pick colors well?

No. 513420

I think it may have been in the video where she shit on her flatter?

But yes she has. Hypocrite Brown…

No. 513423

What the fuck are you all talking about?!?! She picks good colours, her color combs are amazing and she has a full understanding of color theory. Heck, she even made a video explaining the importance of color theory and she claims to be great at graphic design so of course she is. Y’all are just jealous.

/ sarcasm

No. 513434

48 song illustrations? But Hamilton has 46 songs? Unless if she changed her mind about only doing her favorite song, or she's doing multiple illustrations from a handful of songs. Even then, 48 illustrations for one book out of five is overkill. And most of what we've seen so far are random sketches from Hamilton…

No. 513436


She's so unfocused. Lol. She wants to do all this work, and then be ready for a convention. Ok.

No. 513449

She's deluding herself into thinking she'll be ready with all this stuff by August, and maybe if she pared it down to just a few things, she might, but even judging by her vlog, she doesn't even know how she'll be getting there or where she'll be staying which should've been the first thing (besides knowing she had a spot for sure) she focused on.

if she really gets her priorities straight she might be ready for next year's con season, but this year? Nah. With all the dumb purchases she's making and all the projects she's trying to push out (not because she's passionate about any of it, but because she wants to turn a buck), She'll only just be barely prepared.

Imagine her having a table next to someone else much more skilled and passionate and prepared. They'll outshine her. Especially with her color choices, the only thing that'll stand out about her is her damn tablecloth but it'll be like nothing but puke is on it because she has no color sense.

She'll be lucky to make back her table, the cost of her trip all her idiotic purchases AND taxes if she's gotta pay any.

Any other con artists correct me if i'm wrong on something, here…

No. 513460

Nah, you nailed it on the head. She’s got too much overhead and she keeps stacking on the costs on. This is not well thought through.

I don’t understand why she wouldn’t have asked others artist who frequent table or at least read a few message boards on it if she’s too insecure to ask. But that would be the logical thing to do.

No. 513474

Because she knows everything and what she think is the best. She mentioned flying somewhere if I’m not wrong: how is she planning on carrying all of that equipment with her?
And her table skirt will look like shit really soon because she can’t treat stuff properly. A stained table skirt is something that would ideally make people walk over the booth

No. 513488

Con Artist here, and you pretty much nailed it. Most con artists I know of prep their art a year in advance, and then start a few new ones up to half a year before the con, so they can keep up with the current stuff. Books-wise, some do 1-2, and most have existing works that they throw into a zine along with non-posted material.

Though it's not unrealistic to put out more new books per year, the people that usually do work at a very fast pace, on top of their freelance/webcomic/non-art-related jobs (Reapersun and Lucid come to mind). Holly works at a snail's pace and is thinking too far ahead into the future when she really shouldn't. She also has to make Youtube videos on top of that, and she complains about how long it takes to make them. She needs to pick up the pace when it comes to drawing and focus.

The fact that she's printing them herself is also not ideal. I can understand prints, but books? In the words of another artist I follow, time is money, and the time you spend making/printing books could be done drawing or improving.

And if she's making charms as she said in one of her videos, she pretty much has to have them in before con season if she wants them finished on time, roughly before May where I'm at. Sometimes people get lucky and get theirs in a short time, but on my end and some others I know, it's been a nightmare, so we try to have our charm quota finished before a certain date.

No. 513494

Stained or covered in animal dander. I love animals don’t get me wrong but it looks very sloppy to have your table setting covered in it.

No. 513504

Yeah, the purpose of having a table skirt is showoff— ehm looking professional, and I can see her just having it covered in lint, cat hair, piss and other stains. Which to me is a huge turn off. I understand things can be ruined at conventions too, especially if the place allows food or beverages, but you can SEE when something is dirty and badly kept and when it’s just accidentally stained.

No. 513516

Has she even applied to west coat cons? I only know of the 2 in Texas, but afaik a lot of the big-name west coast cons have closed their apps or are going to close up their apps soon. Anime Expo might be one of the few exceptions.

No. 513521

No idea, someone did mention a con called Staple in Austin to her though on her ask blog tumblr, though. Don't know if it's a big con or not, or if it isn't, would she even waste her time with it

No. 513586

The graphic itself is not horrible, maybe slightly sloppy, but the typography is pretty much everything you should never do. Three vastly different fonts(that don't even go well together and two of them are an ugly cursive), there's no hierarchy between them and worst of all; it's almost illegible, even with the outrageous drop shadow(jesus christ). She's doing everything that was in vogue a decade ago. Would never fly with an actual paying client. It's a no from me.

No. 513591

I’m actually kind of excited to see her go sell stuff at the con. Can’t wait to hear what sort of problems and shit she’ll complain about lol. Damn, I wish there was someone to capture any milk worthy stuff durin the con to see if she’s like in the videos (drinking soda and burping all over the place) or be a grumpy old lady who can’t sell shit cuz of her personality

No. 513637


Refuse to try and share a room with her but maybe swing by her table if I go, if she gets in. Would like to see her customer service self in action.

No. 513655

File: 1519510882346.png (223.44 KB, 1180x328, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 14.2…)

Dream on, Holly. No way you'd win this amongst a sea of smarter/hard working artists

No. 513697

File: 1519514508308.png (11.68 KB, 584x130, 44b76e0a7ebdadf4f00b2d951ffbba…)

Can we just talk about how much of a sociopath she is ?
>"my dads kicking the bucket"
who the fuck talks that way about a parent she must really not give a fuck about them
>"dealing with my mom when she's emotional is alot"
No shit holly the man your mom married to conceive you is fucking dying and you can't be bothered to consul her AT ALL
I she gets kicked out soon
she's such a self absorbed asshole

No. 513708


oh my fucking god………….. maximum cunt right there

No. 513711

She's basically turning this to
> Poor me, I dont want to deal with all these people, who brought me into this world that I dont care about. They're so annoying blah blah blah

I feel so bad for her parents to have a daughter like this.

No. 513736


I'm not sure but I don't think she has a lot of contact with her bio parents? She lives with her aunt calls her mom too or something. She talked about it in a vlog a while ago

No. 513745

Meh. I get this way when people die too, it's like a weird jokey denial phase, or like not wanting to think about it because emotions are complicated–especially since she wasn't raised by her dad and he's been dying slowly for a while now.

I wouldn't have posted something like this, because it comes off very bad. But I'm not surprise given how immature she is and how little she understands PR.

No. 513765


Eh. I don't really think anyone should read into this as her being sociopathic.

I think Holly admitted that her relationship with her actual biological mom and dad was sorta estranged and troubled to a point where her aunt stepped in as her mom. With all that I think it just speaks to Holly being distant from her dad and also too immature to know how to handle grief properly.

TBH sometimes I feel bad for her because some of the information she puts out there about her past makes me think that she needs to go to therapy…

No. 513887

Holy kek Holly, contain your autism for once in your lifetime?

No. 513967

File: 1519541063299.png (1.13 MB, 1146x1150, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 22.4…)

This might be just me nitpicking, but why does she share so much with the internet.

No. 513969


this is really poor taste. "oh dad'said kicking the bucket, guess I'll take his room"

just. bad form.

She shares it all because she has no filter, and no friends.

No. 514011

What an insensitive cunt. If she doesn't have a substantial emotional reaction to death, I don't care. But broadcasting your cuntiness about a death in the family is really fucking dumb. I hope she gets some backlash from these tweets.

No. 514013

File: 1519546760181.png (65.73 KB, 1170x266, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 00.1…)

jfc she complains a lot

No. 514016

is this like a detachment thin? perform the thoughts into the tweet box, and you don't have to feel them in your head

No. 514024

While this is true there have been positive videos where Holly said she hung out with/ spent time with her biological dad. I won't pretend I know what kind of person Holly's dad is but it's pretty disrespectful to act like this even if it was a stranger dying.

Still, I guess kudos to her for not using her dad's death as a way to get pity points from her audience like may other youtube artists would of done.

No. 514050

She's not very good at graphic design. The composition and look is just inconsistent and unappealing.

People who have a shit relationship with their parents do. It's kinda tassteless to post that verbatim but I get it. We don't know what happened between her and her parents.

It's definitely gross to sort out his shit and plan on moving into his room before he's even dead though.

On the con topic though, I'm genuinely speechless that she bought a fucking book press lmao, is she trying to start a publishing company for her own stuff exclusively? It's like she doesn't even consider the labor cost of printing everything herself and making back the initial investment.

Why does she need printed books of her random doodles that are all on her Twitter/IG? Who's going to buy that? Just buy a long-arm stapler for 15 bucks and make a small zine of themed sketches and print them on your fucking wide-format printer that you already own. What's next, is she going to buy a risograph? A silk screen kit? If she likes making books so much she should just get a job in a print shop or something, she seems more passionate about making merch than making art.

No. 514131

Holly is not autistic. She is a cut and dry narcissist who has very little care for anything but herself. Other people are to be used for her benefit and she gets pissed when they need anything from her. Her lack of empathy in this situation reflects poorly on her and shows just how much of a self centered prick she really is.

Please stop with the autism thing. She’s not autistic. She’s a spoiled brat.

No. 514133

I understand wanting to generate interest for a publication by posting spoilers but I would have held off for a few months to get people interested before the con…

No. 514141


As someone who has an autistic brother this is true. I don't understand why people think she is. Unless you live with someone who's autistic then you understand the nuances and no excuse her shitty behaviour.

No. 514155

If you don't want to deal with them… how about move out?

No. 514158

Exactly, thank you.

I don’t know who started the whole “Holly’s autistic” thing but it needs to stop. She has none of the signs or mannerisms of someone with autism. This is just a lazy excuse for her shitty personality and bad behaviour.
Also her art would probably be exponentially better if she were autistic. As these individuals will usually have an area in which they excel at. Maths, art, puzzles (building things), etc.

No. 514160

File: 1519575666261.png (331.38 KB, 644x447, over9000hoursinphotoshop.png)

I also have an autistic brother and Holly reminds me of him in some ways (especially the lack of social and financial skills, impulsiveness, no interest in self-improvement, etc). Basically, imagine Holly but with a special interest in computers and coding.

Not saying that she is autistic but I wouldn't be surprised if she was. But yeah, it wouldn't excuse her shitty behavior.

(And I'll stop there because armchairing is stupid)

I actually like the concept for this a lot tbh, but the execution is terrible. I made a quick edit but something like image attached would look slightly better and would work for a 3.5x2 business card with rounded corners (sorry, didn't feel like touching the text). Though, I would probably pick a different illustration to feature on the front since it doesn't say much about the comic.

>>512621 should be it's own separate card and have all her relevant social media handles on it (along with portfolio).

No. 514161

Yeah she doesn’t have Asperger’s, she’s just inept.

No. 514163

That would be logical anon.
Plus she may actually have to adult like a normal person.

No. 514165

Sorry, still ugly to me. As for the concept it’s not even something she made up, I’ve seen it done by big companies and small artists tons of times. Not crappy like she did, of course, but showing the device and the app? Pretty basic.

No. 514172

I've seen the concept before too but I still think it's interesting. It all depends on the execution.

I think if she changed the font and color palette it could probably work (either change the green or the illustration). It would passable enough for someone not to throw away.

No. 514174

Lol autistic doesn't mean autistic-savant. There are plenty of autistics who are just strapped in a chair screaming all day. Do you think chris chan's art is brilliant. That said, trait associated with the spectrum/male brain is high spatial intelligence. Since holly can't visualise 3D space let alone rotate it, she's less likely a sperg. I feel like i should take a day off shitting on her since her dad's dying though, whether she acts detached from it or not

No. 514175

@ All the people asking ‘where the austism’ theory came from, it was Holly. Her mother thought she might be and had her take a test and she tested positive. Not saying she is or isn’t or w/e, but if you go back to I think the second thread you’ll see why it was brought up.

No. 514185

Did she delete this? I can’t find it in her timeline. She’s probably received comments about how inappropriate it is to talk about this kinda stuff when your dad’s body is still warm…

No. 514219

No one started it. She took a test with her mom who works with autistic children I believe, and scored really high. She then said that she believes most artists are on the spectrum, which is obviously not true.

Also not all autistics are savants or exeptional in anything.

No. 514235

Let’s just all agree that Holly is bad person who might also be autistic.

No. 514246

Nothing excuses shitty, disrespectful behavior. So let's move on.

No. 514262

Her inability to read people's tone and taking offense to everything sounds highly autistic but it doesn't matter.

Some anon mentioned that she seems to enjoy making merch more than she does making art and I agree. She seems very crafty, like her need to cut up previous sketchbooks to paste into new ones and general need to see everything she's drawn in book form. Why not open a business printing books for other people. She'd satisfy her need to make money and print books. Clearly she doesn't care about drawing when it's not making her money.

No. 514272

Because owning and operating any kind of business would take time and effort.

No. 514283

Because she needs to be the star

No. 514289

That was me and I agree. It's not even just books, she could probably make a buck making buttons, stickers and other AA type merch for other people. She doesn't seem above sinking her time into completely useless ventures, so this would actually be something sensible.

No. 514308


Yeah if it's not about her, she doesn't give a shit.She's very self-serving, even when she's doing herself a disservice.

And when I look at her work as a whole, it actually sort of bores me. It's bland. So it's hard to imagine her art on merchandise, much less it selling unless the buyer was a fan/had mediocre taste.

No. 514398

File: 1519594696430.png (53.74 KB, 1180x200, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 13.3…)

No. 514404

I want whatever drug she's having, to be this delusional.

No. 514405

What a freaking idiot.

No. 514419

It's not that hard if you have a grasp of color theory, but I guess if you pick butt-ugly eyesore color palettes for your characters, then it becomes harder to pull off. Also…difference in skin tone really shouldn't matter when it comes to "color harmony", again, so long as you have a grasp of how light behaves on certain surfaces and how that affects their color. I'm gonna stop myself here otherwise I'm gonna go into a huge color theory rant.

idk, I see "color harmony" in this tweet and look at her work and something tells me she might be thinking of…something other than color theory.

No. 514420

This is actually true though. It's important to have a good color pallet for each individual character but you also have to make sure they look good in a group.
The thing is, you're supposed to plan this BEFORE you start drawing your comic. You;ll save yourself a lot of trouble and a lot of consistency editing in the future.

No. 514421

Forgot to sage and forgot to remove video link. I am a retard.

No. 514449

Roughly a year ago, I used to like Holly's videos and thought about buying her comic, but then I saw the state of her room and her cats everywhere, and decided against it. I'm deathly allergic to cats and seeing them prowl everywhere in her vlogs gave me so much anxiety.

Late to the party, but she does not know how to use Adobe Premiere. There are easier ways to speed it past the limit, if she'd just do her research. Also, that resolution is unnecessary. No wonder she takes so long making her videos.

No. 514464

File: 1519600535607.jpg (89.99 KB, 824x602, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 15.1…)

So…is Holly not aware that her home address was exposed on her vlog

No. 514466

She really chose a table skirt color based on making one of her character's hair colors "pop"…

No. 514468

That is very careless of her. I think she’s done it before though… and then complained when she started to receive awful mail.
I think she does this shit on purpose honestly.

No. 514469


Well, not surprising. She's shown the address of her customers before too. She doesn't pay attention to the things she should.

No. 514471

She tried blurring it out, but forgot to do it on that part. What a dumbass

No. 514474

Flying to AnimeFest (In Dallas) is so dumb when she lives only a 4 hour drive away. Especially considering lugging 4 days of necessities AND her products AND her clunky displays.

Why can't she call her book an Artbook? She doen't want to "sound like a jackass" for having an original name for it but doesnt want to call it a sketchbook or art book??? She's so counter productive.

No. 514478

I looked up her address on google maps and she lives amazingly close to me. If she ever comes to the convention center near here, I'll try going.

No. 514480

Her phone number too. Well now.

No. 514485

Yeah she has flashed my address on one of her vlogs before and its really unprofessional of her to be so careless and allow these mistakes to happen.

No. 514487

yikes..I def would not want to order anything from her if she has that kind of reputation aside from art/personality

No. 514498

She doesn't have a license or a car.

No. 514502

isn't she trying to get a license atm? And I think she's flying anyway, so RIP her wallet

No. 514507

File: 1519602971258.png (907.76 KB, 1168x1120, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 15.5…)

oh jeez…She's gonna waste so much money when its supposed to be the opposite

No. 514550

off topic but does anyone have a working video of holly saying mean things about her flatter? i never saw it and the links in the past threads are all unavailable or deleted

No. 514577

In one of her old vlogs she said she didn't care if people knew her address. Don't know if she was serious or was just trying to act tough.

No. 514581

She didn't care because she used to ship out stuff from her home address but I believe she sends them from the p.o boxes address? or at least that is what I remember her saying

No. 514598

I'd understand if she was living alone, but she's living with her aunt (pls tell me if I'm wrong) and that's kind of dangerous/inconsiderate to her family.

No. 514624

Yes she does live with her aunt and I agree, it is incredibly stupid/disrespectful of her to do. Her blasé attitude is going to get her or her family in trouble one of these times.

No. 514630

File: 1519609683381.png (462.75 KB, 553x543, 6f95f64df5a7c577866f021468b8ea…)

Thats a sociopath like I said before
PPl are disagreed are fucking retarded
Her dads dying and she's calling dibs on his shit , talking about how she cant deal with her mom being emotional while HER FATHER DIES,and constantly talks about how she hope/"knows" she getting into conventions she's applying for.
You guys are right shes no autistic
She's a fucking sociopath Plane and Simple
[Pic Related]

No. 514641

Hence the total disregard for the safety of her family when displaying private information.
100% agree anon.

No. 514652

y'all are saying sociopath, but honestly i think NPD fits her to a tee

> exhibit a grandiose sense of self-importance, need for excessive admiration, and lack of empathy. They may display a sense of entitlement, believe they are exceptionally unique and can only be understood by or associated with an elite few, and/or be preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, beauty, intellect, or ideal love. Nonetheless, the appearance of superiority and arrogance actually masks the thin-skinned sensitivity to rejection, criticism, or defeat. Their arrogant attitudes, behaviors, and interpersonal exchanges primarily serve to enhance and maintain self-esteem. Limited empathic responses are characteristic of these individuals and the motive behind any seemingly altruistic behavior is to enhance self-esteem.

No. 514692

oh shit thanks armchair anon, now we know she's a pedophile and a sociopath!

No. 514701

yea I think she's a textbook NPD. She shows too much genuine emotion to be a sociopath.

No. 515553

File: 1519706822482.png (812.67 KB, 1164x1172, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 20.4…)

Ew..who would pay to look at these forever

No. 515627

Blue haired lady's arm/wrist looks fucked up and and what are those boobs

No. 515703



No, you don't.

what a waste of time and materials.

No. 515704

I used to read this thread for fun now I feel sick of my stomach reading that she doesn't give a shit about her family and the tweet about her dad dying? oh my god… does her fans aknowledged this and are ok with her?

No. 515706


I think she deleted most of them because they were distasteful. And probably before too many people got on her about it. I agree with you though, that it isn't really much fun anymore. Seeing someone treat people like shit and constantly get away with it while having her fans cape for her is kind of frustrating, honestly.

No. 515711

That stuff COULD be her way of coping. It sounds shitty, but in my experience, family get weird when someone is dying. They don't always act reasonably.

It's easy to assume Holly is being a soulless jackass but I really don't think that's the case. She's socially awkward and dealing with death.

No. 515714

Except there doesn’t seem to be any change from her usual shitty self

No. 515961

I see we have some psychiatrists in this thread, so glad you could join us.

No but really, the armchairing needs to stop. The autism too, we can speculate but ultimately there's no way to knnow.

No. 516027

No. 516036

Does anyone else find it weird that she only uses male pronouns to address her audience?
idk, I've noticed it in a couple of other videos and just find it really odd…

No. 516038

She’s one of those fujos that hates other girls so maybe she’s projecting her all encompassing preference for guy friends? Lmao I’m only mostly joking tbh.

No. 516042

God this is insufferable. She's so obnoxious all the time, but her reviews are particularly terrible because she doesn't know how to use the tools she's reviewing. She just keeps hoarding supplies and misinforming people with half-formed opinions on things she literally cannot use.

>reviewing brush pens

>"Yeah these aren't great markers, they're more like brush pens."

No. 516046

That kind of waterbrush is soluble when is just placed on paper or on a plastic surface. By the way, crappy review, did it need 30 minutes?
And why is she so proud of that profile, it’s ugly and misses all of the cranium.

No. 516051

God sorry samefag but I'm blown the fuck away. She complains about not being able to use "watercolors" (it's not the same as a brush you ignorant bitch) in a sketchbook with multimedia paper? Just because it all came in the same package doesn't mean it's all going to work together, Holly. This company was giving you the benefit of the doubt that you're a legitimate artist who legitimately can use the tools they're sending you to accurately review, they weren't aware you're a lazy, uneducated cunt who doesn't understand how to use ART TOOLS. Fuck.

No. 516058

This review is so embarassing, even more so if you compare it to other reviews of the same products.

No. 516072

Sophira Lou just did a review of their products last week and it was a hell of a lot better than this garbage.
I know Holly watches and comments on Sophira's videos. She always sounds so condescending in them too. Like no one fucking asked you Holly fuck the hell off.

I think this may have been one up video to the one SL did… It is a pretty damn big coincidence that the two of them are doing a review of the same products in such a short amount of time… Just saying

No. 516101

Not to wk but she explicitly said that the paper isn't good for watercolor and that the pens aren't like watercolor.
Imo this is slighly better than her god awful huion lightbox review, but I still don't get why companies send her stuff. Guess they don't care as long as they get eyes on their products.

No. 516129


She uploaded a speedpaint. Wtf is up with that composition?

No. 516165

Why can't she keep the frame on one point of the canvas? This gave me a headache

No. 516168


companies often request videos go out around a certain time and often work with multiple influencers at once. I doubt it's to one up sophira

No. 516195

i'm late but i really wanna put in my two cents about this.
as much as i dislike holly i completely understand this reaction. when my parent passed i was in a state where i was so overwhelmed that i was numb and confused, i didn't really react "properly", my family was concerned for me because i was acting like i wasn't phased by it, i was extremely stone faced, i was even talking to my friend on skype and said "i think my parent just died" after getting a call from family then went about everything that night like it was normal, their death eventually hit me a few months later. while the whole "moving into my dad's mancave thing" is absolutely inappropriate and borderline heartless, i think everyone is looking too into everything else in this particular tweet. i don't think holly's annoyed about dealing with her mom, i think she's overwhelmed, it's hard to deal with a mourning parent when you're their child, must be especially weird since her parents aren't together. also it's twitter, she's not going to do some dumb cry typing shit. even i tweeted about my parent's death. i see her tweet as a "heads up i'm gonna be dealing with some shit right now" she definitely used poor choice in words "kicking the bucket" doesn't seem genuine but that doesn't necessarily mean she doesn't give a shit, i think it says more about how little thought she puts into the shit she says which has always been an issue with her. i don't agree with the whole "sociopath" or "autistic" shit everyone's saying about her but she's definitely a narcissist.
i'm not really a fan of holly after i've been lurking her threads for almost a month now but in this scenario i want to give her some slack unless she tries to use her father's death to her advantage like manipulate people into giving her more money because of it or some shit.

No. 516222

File: 1519774731200.png (1.43 MB, 1366x768, hb money.png)

Even if she gets in, there's no way she'll make this money back. I'd be genuinely impressed if she broke even.

No. 516229

She hasn't even factored in hotel costs/cost of travel, and taxes deducted. lmao.

No. 516242

I'm only a hobbyist, so I genuinely have no idea how much people normally spend on their tables, but 4k seems excessive as fuck.

No. 516246


VOMITS I wish she’d fuck off from bnha, the western fandom has enough ugly ass art already

No. 516255

I feel like she just jumped on the train bc its popular and could possibly get her followers even though her art is bad

No. 516256

Ah I must have been zoning out from the sheer idiocy of the rest of the review. Iirc she tested out the pens thinking it was going to be like using watercolor…? But yeah I had forgotten about the lightbox review. Why do companies keep sending her shit? If she actually said anything helpful or meaningful I wouldn't care as much but she barely says anything beyond a cursory "yeah this is… uh. I would use this/I don't use this so I don't know how to review it."

No. 516271

$4000?! I started tabling last year and my upfront was like $300. Wtf.

No. 516273

She may be going for a premium both or on the vendor floor (not artist alley) to garuntee a slot. idk
It will also depend on the show. Some are a lot more than others

No. 516284

looks like she's including the costs of her book… press… thing? which is wildly fucking unnecessary when you can make much smaller, high quality zines for way less money.

No. 516285

ah shit forgot to add that a table skirt isn't needed either, as a strategically placed tablecloth will cover the front of the table to the floor, and it'll give you space for your legs behind.

No. 516340

She'll be lucky to make 1k at Animeest or SJ (I still feel like even that is optimistic).

No. 516466

This is nitpicky, but she doesn't seem to know speedpainting is a specific way to work. Not every drawing you throw some color on and speed it up is a speedpaint.

No. 516491

4k is overkill and then some. My upfront for my table was roughly $400. I hope she's not thinking of making back that money after 1 or 2 cons.

No. 516503

She's using the watercolor brushes wrong and I want to scream.

No. 516513

File: 1519798449339.png (62.9 KB, 1180x248, Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 22.1…)

Again, theres no need to post every little thought/feeling she has….sorry if this is nitpicking a bit

No. 516523

hey anon, im curious as to that would be a correct speedpaint? i wante to start recording youtube videos and OH GOD i dont want to end up like hoardy brown

No. 516545

Not the same anon but honestly just do what you want. Everybody just calls sped up paintings speeddraws these days that arguing that they are not is just debating over schematics at this point.

No. 516557

File: 1519803391575.png (203.01 KB, 240x278, 1429915153233.png)

Hate to tell you this but after 13 years of witnessing con autism I've seen artists that would draw "smexy chibis" with rosa art markers make money back both at Akon and Afest

No. 516608

People use speedpainting to refer to both actual speedpaints and just sped up painting processes nowadays, it doesn't really matter.

No. 516610

also, as a point of reference, when it comes to digital speedpaints, that's actually the norm for any digital speedpainter. screen jumps around since people are zooming in to line/color. it's not a holly exclusive thing.

No. 516611

I would not be surprised if a decently skilled artist who draws cheap chibis of popular franchises made back their money and more at cons. Unfortunately Holly is planning to sell more expensive large prints with objectively 'ugly'/niche art. She would have done a lot better if she relied more on impulse buys and made cheaper/smaller items to sell.

No. 516616

That's true what I saw they were really, really bad 2008 deviantart tier trash BUT they were cheap. $5 cheap for commissions and laminated keychains.
Last time I went Akon, the artists there were super bitchy about this one artist selling her prints super cheap, so I can only imagine Holly also getting called out by artists at Afest for being super Jewy with horrible art.

No. 516852

File: 1519839271179.png (380.42 KB, 1268x1444, Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 12.3…)

yeah, we only ever use art from three years ago kek

No. 516853

File: 1519839311049.png (204.01 KB, 1230x784, Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 12.3…)

I mean, certainly doesn't look like she knew what she was doing

No. 516857

Lmao Holly, just because you've worked with a medium doesn't mean you know what you're doing. At this point I wish she'd fuck off into hiding again.

No. 516859

Just because you've done something for x amount of years does not mean you haven't done it wrong all the time. There are certain things you don't really just absorb from the tools so maybe just step off your high fucking horse for once Holly.

No. 516867

What's the deal with this new "anti-critique" idea that critics need to give you some sort of answer on how to fix your art? In the few years of college art of taken, the point of crits wasn't to hold your fucking hand and tell you what to do, it was to tell you something doesn't work and that it needs to be better.
You tell an artist they have same face syndrome, they go figure out how to change it themselves bc it's they're goddamn art style not yours. You tell somebody their colors look like vomit, they look up color theory, not ask you to color pluck it for them. First it was "don't like it don't look", now it's "don't like it then photoshop it yourself"

No. 516901

Maybe because usually fine arts use actual pictures and differentiate people? Tell me old master’s works have all the same face unless it’s some common trait or the literal same person. Please.

No. 516906


This person is correct. Technically a speed paint is a painting you do in a short period of time, but youtubers have been calling sped up drawings speedpaints for years. It means something different in the youtube community and that's ok

No. 516911


Lol this isn't new. It's literally what you're taught in art school as good critique. You generally point out the issue and offer suggestions, such as "the composition is too centered, I think it would look more balanced if x was more to the right." If you don't know how to fix it, you provide specific details. Same face syndrome example: "all your characters look similar. The noses are all the same shape, so varying the shape of the nose is a good place to start."

Literally, that's what good critique is. Telling someone their art is bad and same facey and to fix it isn't good critique, no matter what you tell yourself.

No. 516915

That’s true but somehow people that don’t know how to fix a problem might point out at something that looks off, too. That doesn’t mean “your color choices are horrible” is a good critique”, but even somebody who doesn’t have a good grasp of anatomy can tell you that a pose or an arm looks off without knowing how to fix it. I think both should be taken into account and the only things to “discard” are useless hateful comments that are genuinely not helping.

No. 516942

Yes to this. It shouldn't matter the level of skill someone has if something looks off in an image it probably is.
Too many of the mediocre creators have way too much ego, Holly being number 1 on the list. They all need a hard reality check.

No. 516944

Lol how will these two survive in the industry when critique is the most important part in dailies. These types of kids are babying themselves too much cuz they get offended too easily. Holly needs to grow a thick skin if she wants to work outside her home cuz those industry ppl don’t give a shit if they hurt your feelings or whatever. They just want it to look good.

No. 516957


Thats true, I do agree with this. One is more helpful than the other, but just because you don't know how to fix it doesn't mean you can't offer critique. But if you can offer suggestions, it's great to do so . Either way, it's important to know how to take critique.

No. 516959

Yeah, not only is not getting an ideal critique a bad excuse, Holly is one of those people that knows she has a shit process but always makes excuses for it. At that point, telling them how to fix a specific piece ( "it would look more balanced if x was more to the right." ) IS just holding their hand and she's going to have the same issues in the next piece because she doesn't use any structure in her drawings.

No. 516969

File: 1519848183812.png (77.89 KB, 1176x302, Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 12.0…)

I can't wait for her printer to break again cuz of her own mistake

No. 516973

File: 1519848499590.png (930.13 KB, 1144x592, Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 12.0…)

Goddamn, I always hated the way she holds pencils, pens, etc. It's like looking at a 10 year old who's coloring in their coloring book. This is the result to the unnecessary chicken scratch lines

No. 516978

even in the most minute of situations she can't take ownership of her own fuck ups, wow.

No. 516987

Wait, so why is it so bad exactly? Like to me, the thumb placement looks weird but I don't know if I'm missing something

No. 516990

That looks really uncomfortable, didn't she get pissy because people where mentioning how that that's not good for you hands?

No. 517001

The way she's holding it shows that she's drawing from her wrist, which will eventually lead to damaging her from drawing. Also doesn't give a lot of space to make the lines flow more, which results into the chicken scratch where she goes over them too many times. It doesn't look like she's confident with her line strokes. It's a mistake I've seen in beginner's art classes.

No. 517093

I tried to hold a pen like this and I feel like it's super restricting. Also really uncomfortable, but that might be just because I'm(fortunately) not used to holding a pen like this.

No. 517110

File: 1519856766884.png (1.16 MB, 1174x1374, Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 14.2…)

I was about to say that this looked pretty decent until I saw those hands, weird right arm, and hella short legs on the guy who is closer to us

No. 517113

i cant stop laughing at that smol hand lool

No. 517274

Holly really needs to learn how to draw lines to indicate foreshortening, because that leg looks like it's just coming out of his ass and that torso is just all sorts of weird.

No. 517290

Bakugo’s spine rip kek

No. 517297

Draw two teenage boys engaging in violence and no one bats an eye.

Draw two teenage boys almost kissing and everyone loses their minds. kek

No. 517298

did holly literally copy the composition for her Hamilton illustration from this artist?

No. 517509

Because there is a difference between sexualizing two underage boys because you are a gross fujo and drawing two boys from a ‘fighting anime’ actually fighting?

No. 517570


Also, did you guys notice, that both their bodies are tangenting very badly? Midoriya is literally growing out of Bakugo's torso lmao. Draw through, Holly!

No. 517572


They're just licking each other's wounds lmao. rebeccca has fugly art with same face/nose, no matter what video you end up watching whether it's from a yr ago or today.

Holly shouldn't even start, her art's fugly too so it makes sense they'd both be crybabies over it.

No. 517862

How is it planned obsolesence if you're too dumb to remover the cover off the cartridge and break the chip? Does she even know what that means?

>people never complain about same face on concept artists or fine artists
Even if that were true, how does it change the fact that you have sameface art and should work on it lmo

No. 517949

File: 1519936466266.png (1.19 MB, 1164x1134, Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 12.3…)

Oh shit she's already done it. There's gonna be piles of unsold products in her room covered in cat hair in the near future

No. 517964

Who would buy a book filled with her sketches at a con??? Especially an anime con??

No. 518018

Wouldn’t it make sense for her to sell those stuff at like comic con or CTN? I wonder if she even knows what CTN is since she wants to be in the entertainment industry

No. 518028

The sad part is that Holly could have possibly made a profit doing cons if she didn’t hemmorage money trying to buy things to make her look ‘professional’ at the con and stuck to selling smaller and cheaper items. Most people at conventions are ok with spending money buying cheap stickers or keychains from their favorite fandoms because it’s nice having a small reminder of their time there. Pricey art books or expensive large prints on the other hand don’t sell as well because between all the expenses it’s hard to justify forking over that much unless it has really great art or is made by a well liked artist.

No. 518071


It's hilarious to me that even the cover has a study sketch on it, that wonky skull. If you're gonna add studies, they should showcase a unique style or point of inspiration but she never even draws from life so what's the point?. It's just crap to fill the pages. Also the awful perspective, anatomy and placement of those dudes on that traced scooter… What a mess.

No. 518076

tbh I might if I knew the artist and loved the material, I love concept books and such

but jfc one look at the scooter guy's leg and foot and I would be putting the book back down. I don't want garbage on my shelf.

No. 518276


God I can’t wait for that milky meltdown when she doesn’t make shit back because she’s stupid as fuck.

No. 518313

or when she doesn't even get accepted to table there! That's gonna be a riot

No. 518594

I know someone further up mentioned someone sending her a message about tabling at STAPLE, and that would probably be the most beneficial con for her to table at. It's 1000% her market there if she's trying to peddle off her shitty original comic and I've come from that con with almost a grand in a weekend.

I'd wanna see her there if only to see this $4000 display. Wonder if she took that message's advice about applying.

No. 518701

File: 1520005093802.png (205.61 KB, 1238x778, Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 10.3…)

Do we know more about what she means by that?

No. 518725

I think she meant seeing "family's" (SIC) that AREN'T broken and crazy and realizing that that's "normal people"
She just can't type/write for shit

No. 518748

I think she meant it the other way around. Like that broken families are normal in her eyes because she had it worse and that’s an improvement to how she would live. That’s why real normal families would blow her mind away.

No. 518751

But most 'normal families' are far from perfect and they also have their problems too. Everything is black and white in Holly's eyes.

No. 518816


She used "like" in that tweet so much that it's damn near incomprehensible.

No. 518865

to be honest, that's pretty accurate, at least to me/friends, but when did Holly get abused? She seems to have a pretty cushy family life from what she's shown, and her having depression isn't really 'having a bad family' (unless they caused it)

No. 518874


I could be reaching but it seems like Holly is the type to do shit just for attention. Maybe her family put too much pressure on her or wasn’t around enough due to obligations or something but it seems like she just wants people to pay attention to her good or bad.

Something always seems un-genuine about
her. Probably just her personality pisses me off. Again reaching.

No. 518903

Please holly, tell us everything about your child abuses. Because usually people don't just shit this kind of infos online for attention.
Maybe she really had horrible things going on, but seeing how she over exaggerate every little thing I doubt she was abused as a kid.

No. 518914


Ok so this is all the stuff I know because me and my friend had a brief fascination with her and she had NO FILTER on her now deleted vlogs.

In those vlogs she admitted the reason why her aunt was her mom and her biological parents werent around was because they were both drug addicts(its also the reason why her dad is dying). And apparently her early childhood got so out of control that her aunt stepped in.

Alsooo in those same vlogs her relationship with both her immediate and extended family seemed strained as a lot of the times it seemed very angry and shouty. Even her siblings didnt really seem to have it together because she seemed to talk about her brother being a "fuck up" constantly and her adult sister seemed to be asking Holly for money quite a lot.

I suppose she COULD be lying about ALL of that in her vlogs. But at the same time remember that she also has "no filter." Which is why those vlogs even existed at all.

Tbh I thought the whole "mental illness/autism" discussion that people were having earlier was really stupid. But at the same time all her very obvious problems (her social issues, impulsive behavior, no filter talk, warped sense of reality) could just be from a fucked up childhood/home. But who knows if its even true at all.

No. 518991

Thanks for the info, anon!
In my opinion, I think you're right about the family issue being why she's messed up, because her spending too much money or complaining about people publicly is normal people stuff (fuck, just look at this board for the latter).
Saying she's mentally ill doesn't give her any responsibility (besides getting treatment). Holly is just being dumb.
Even if it sucks coming from a shitty home you don't have to be shitty yourself, so I hope she doesn't take that route to say we have no right to complain.

No. 518994

File: 1520029554956.png (68.52 KB, 1178x270, Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 14.2…)

Does she ever re-read whatever she tweets…

No. 519008


The answer is "none", Holly, you're definitely not qualified to be giving out printing information.

No. 519081

That feel when you misspell a fake word. It’s y’all, Holly. As in, you all, not…ya will or wtf ever ya’ll could be a contraction of lol

No. 519237

File: 1520047089517.png (1012.48 KB, 1154x1140, Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 19.1…)

>My videos are not towards children!!!
>90% are under 18

Also what "muscle"???

No. 519239

File: 1520047127288.png (941.72 KB, 1176x1008, Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 19.1…)

But Holly can't even make good art…This will truly be a challenge

No. 519241

the torsos on those bases look EXACTLY like holly's art.

No. 519271

Exactly though!! Same level of bad anatomy based on preconceived shapes and no understanding of actual human bodies! Jfc she’s so stupid

No. 519293


Also way to shit on someone else's probably beginner art you probably pulled from DA. Keep it classy, Holly. Pot meet kettle.

No. 519294

Is this where she learned to draw titties?

No. 519299

I don't think it's beginner art. Some people just want to make basrs of existing work. It's still bad on Holly's part because bases, or at least, when I was young, were mostlu uses as makeshif references so that kids can practice anatomy, however anime it could be. Yeah, most creations who use bases suck, but I've seen people do wonders with just that and ms paint alone.

No. 519315

File: 1520051911667.jpg (462.88 KB, 2400x3300, ew.jpg)

Both still bad

No. 519318

Actually the bottom one looks more bearable to look at

No. 519328


that jaw though.

And what is with her and her eye bleeding color choices? It's either bright neon or ugly throw up. It's never in between.

No. 519333

what is going on with his neck? Is that like a burn mark and his eye color makes him look like he's sick or some sort of zombie.

No. 519335

I'm laughing. Her drawing actually looks better using a base than her normal giga chin art. Maybe she shouldn't make fun of bases, the one she's using is more proportional than her art.

No. 519344

to be fair, the guy she drew IS purple and has yellow eyes

but yeah, something about it is still eye straining.

No. 519455

the base still looks better, because holly's throwing shadows and highlights around randomly without a consistent light source. it doesn't even look just flat, it looks unsettling. seems like she loves doing backlighting but knows dick about form and the result just looks like puke.

No. 519468

Why did she purposefully make the ear less anatomically correct? Looks like a le 56% face ear.

No. 519493

Apart from the rounded head shape,the bottom one has a good anatomy; I noticed Holly tend to squish faces.

No. 519518

Why does she keep drawing those two characters like they're about to fuck all the time? Wasn't the short haired one (Hershel?) supposed to have a female love interest?

No. 519522

I have no idea but I think the ugly green one wants to fuck holly's OC husbando.
Pretty sure her self insert character is going to get him in the end, but as a fujo she can't resist the "smexy bl" shit.

No. 519529

I disagree. It's actually pretty amazing to see how bearable Holly's work can be without her dumb proportions. I mean there are still a lot of mistakes but it doesn't look awful at all.

No. 519585

She can take the bus from Houston to Dallas for 50 bucks what a waste

No. 519675

What does she have against neck muscles is my question. And adams apples lol.

No. 519702

is that Lotor? we really don't need disgusting voltron art from holly, ffs

No. 519731

That's something I've noticed too, her necks are just really awful and have no anatomy or consistency at all. They're all just random shadow planes that don't make any sense, not to mention the adams apple is just thrown on off center as a semi-circle without any actual shading on it ffs

No. 519785

It is Lotor because the new season just came out. Not surprised she wants in on the bandwagon.

No. 519802

She made his jaw so huge as usual lmao.
Her painting makes everything look so stiff.

No. 519805

You could honestly say that about how she’s draws and colours anatomy in general. She has no clue what is going on.

No. 519889

File: 1520117046995.png (43.46 KB, 1162x188, Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 14.4…)


No. 519919


What does this even mean?
I'm not sure if I'm stupid for not making sense of it or if it's Holly being shitty at talking again.

No. 519925

I think she’s just being passive aggressive shitty. Like she won’t come out and say who she has a problem with but will still randomly throw shade at them through really really bad tweets.

No. 519926

probably referring to characters that are artists in tv shows. stereotypes. probably.

No. 520183

I thought she was talking about people creating fan art of another artist's oc or something and it turns out crappy lol. Once again Holly never makes sense

No. 520187

File: 1520137299822.png (43.99 KB, 1170x178, Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 20.2…)

Er…can't she stop tweeting for every fricken thing.

No. 520215

Jesus, just because you have a bad relationship with your parents doesn't mean you should callously post this on the internet for everyone to see… when they're fucking dead too.

No. 520279

I think she’s saying how most people prefer seeing an artist’s fan work over seeing their original art?

No. 520345

you need to get your eyes checked

No. 520346

Anon who commented about it not being that bad here. Have you seen Holly's other work? Sure the WIP still has a lot of glaring errors with understanding form and light but considering what she usually posts it isn't half bad. I actually think using bases might help Holly in the long run since it might steer her away from drawing her stupid 'Jay Leno' chins.

No. 520347

That anon was agreeing with you.

I would have never thought of this, but this makes the most sense.

Wow she's abhorrent.

No. 520348

Oh ^^;
Didn't see the period after 'this'.

No. 520402

i get that families are crazy, mine are too, but tweeting about it is just… off putting? i feel like holly doesn't understand how public it is. idk. didn't she say in a vlog she just got internet a few years ago? maybe she doesn't get it?

No. 520408

at least get yourself a second, private, personal twitter like the rest of us. it's not hard. you don't even have to hide ALL of your whining away! just most of it!

No. 520529

Pretty sure Reese is meant to be a "lovable molester" type character, Hershel never looks like he's into it when she draws them. Because…yaoi I guess.

No. 520550

>plays into all the awful yaoi tropes
>is clearly getting off on it
>"i'm not a fujoshi, my dudes!"

No. 520575


reese was probably that vine thingy (or an extension of it) that Herschel was fighting in the first few pages of the comic. I would not be surprised at all given the lame "I've seen this in a hentai before" joke.

…I sincerely hope I'm right and I spoiled it.
But hey, molestation is funny when it's yaoi, amirite guys /s

No. 520729

Honestly I hate this. Fujos are so annoying! Really undermines legitimate and healthy m/m relationship rep. Fucking annoying when they are like her too, on a fucking high horse but just as bad as other fujo.

Holly’s character really do feel like flat, 2-dimentional versions of 90s anime character archetypes.

No. 520748

File: 1520208789636.png (251.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180304-181220.png)

Christ she got in, now I have to go.

No. 520751

Jfc can't wait for the milk.

No. 520790


Hope no one but her fans buy her shit, can't imagine being interested in any of her shitty art by seeing it hanging there.

No. 520804


Barring that she'll prolly lie about how much she sold anyway. Just like she lied about being accepted into cal-arts. She'll probably just lie to save face about all the money she sank into going to this convention, because there's no real logistical way she'd be making any of that back.

No. 520805


She might even get a bad spot assigned to her.

No. 520807

Don't think even all of her fans would purchase something from her. It's like being a fan, but not wanting to buy anything because they'd rather spend money on better shit.

No. 520867

the milk will be how salty everyone here will be when she makes a profit

No. 520870

>>520867 Unfortunately, you're right… I doubt she'll make enough to justify her spending problem but a lot con goers definately have poor quality standards.

No. 520874


Calm down child, no way she'll be making 3k+ profit.
If she days she does that'll be a lie.

No. 520875

Agreed. I could see her pulling 1k but def not over 3 lol.

No. 520886

unlikely yes, but farmers are already very salty at the fact that she got in, it will only get better from here on

No. 520888


Not salty but pretty amused, its not a lotto system, right? They hand picked their artists?

No. 520902

>>520888 No, it is a lottery. A lot of really great artists got rejected because they accepted via random selection.

No. 520906

Well that's disappointing. I wonder why they do that..

No. 520919


Guess that makes it fair for anyone, you can get in even if you've got shit art and gross greasy boys like Holly Brown!


Overall it has to do with fairness I suppose. Someone's page might crash due to the heavy load if it's first come first serve or they cant' take off the time to sit in front of a computer to book a table. A judging panel would take too long but would make for a better quality AA.

No. 520927

San Japan has a tendency to sell out in 2-5 minutes, so to make it more fair, this was their first year implementing the lottery sign-ups.

I got lucky enough. I'm looking forward to seeing what she's got, but hoping she won't be a table neighbor. With the way she keeps her room, I can't imagine how she'll keep her con table organized

No. 520973

File: 1520230049870.png (936.54 KB, 1164x1196, Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 22.0…)

Looks pretty ok…but where is the light source? It's confusing me

No. 520978

I hope this is one of her '''thumbnails''' because it's slanted as fuck.

No. 520987

Oh shit, I didnt even notice that she was standing in water lol. Also why does she always draw noses as though they dont have any curves or planes

No. 521011

when will she stop using the animu bangs covering 1 eye as a crutch

No. 521022

Giraffe neck lol. Okay so the hands look surprisingly well done..but the arms/shoulers/torso look so awkward. The arms aren’t foreshortened so she looks like she’s elbowing her skewed torso lol

No. 521024

When will she stop tracing photos of hands.

No. 521026

Sorry samefag, not elbowing but pressing the forearms againd the torso, rather than cradling the flower.

No. 521042


Check that hairline though lmao

No. 521048

more like a wig lol

No. 521282

Man her boobs are way too low

No. 521364

The shading makes them look like they're all mass at the bottom with a flat top, too, like they're marshmallows or something.
This person made a boob drawing tutorial, jfc

No. 521369


Bitch’s neck is longer than a Monday lmaooo

No. 521413

Are her boobs drifting off from her body?

No. 521437

File: 1520282398417.gif (112.04 KB, 400x553, hands.gif)


the angle of the hands is wrong, it looks like the wrists are snapped (or the reference pic was something like gif related)

No. 521464

Nice catch. Convinced that's what she used.

No. 521520

Exactly though! It’s like the character is shoving the cradled flower under her boobs it makes no sense

No. 521610

I feel like this has been said before but it really bugs me how she draws that tiny piece of hair sticking out. I can understand if it was tucked behind the ear or something?but it's not?

No. 521795

File: 1520312209808.png (1.17 MB, 1086x1376, Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 20.5…)

that hair blendin in with his skin

No. 521799

it looks like she's standing in piss.


And still, bad tangent line, as Midoriya is literally growing out of bakugo's torso, and there isn't any second leg to speak of or sense of balance. she'd have better luck cropping it at this point.

No. 521803

That’s what happens when you don’t understand foreshortening, you contort the body into weird poses in order to avoid it as much as possible.

As for the other anons who said she traced the hands, I really doubt that. There are so many mistakes and I know Holly knows how to trace better than that looking back at the skulls she traced for her comic a while back.

No. 521883

File: 1520327829336.jpeg (238.65 KB, 640x802, F2537FD2-A4B3-4CBB-B609-0AE779…)

No. 521886

so you would think the hand is traced because it's doing something totally unmatched to the scene, but she still gave it a heel

No. 521893

lmfao that hairline. Also her shoulder looks so detached..otherwise it looks decent compared to her other shit

No. 521895

Nah. Holly just has not idea how to draw hands interacting with stuff in general so I don't really think that the hand was traced.

No. 521896

Legs look a bit off to me as well? Maybe it's because they aren't really foreshortened? I don't know, does anybody with more art knowledge want to chime in?

No. 521897

It looks flat af and it seems like she's floating in space with no weight. The leg that's being held up looks like it's bent backwards because of how she drew the lines where the knee bends. A reference photo wouldn't hurt to use, Holly.

No. 521927

This just looks super stiff, it feels like there's no action at all.

No. 521965


this looks super uncomfortable. plus she has no shoulder so nothing is really propping her up. drawing a grid for reference really wouldn't hurt.

No. 521972


This continues to irritate me because the hair flip continues to be used as a crutch. If she wants this character to have emo bangs, fine, but from this angle, her other eye should at least be partially visible.

No. 521979

I know everyone's focused on the hands right now but the flowers look like those deep fried blooming onion- things. Good job, Holly.

No. 521980

She really goes to great lengths to keep that eye covered, but not for any of the other characters. I kind of feel like there might be some sort things f “reveal” later on with it. Like maybe she’s got some sort of monster eye.

But maybe that’s giving Holly too much credit

No. 521990


ash's left shoulder is way too tiny and dislocated… but i think the rest of it seems pretty decent

No. 522001

Yes, the shoulder is off. So it the back and neck, she looks like a hunch back.
The extended leg is too long and out of proportion.
The bent leg, like the other anon mentioned, is off at the knee but also the ankle and foot perspective are slightly off.
The hand doesn't make sense for the pose.
The hair looks like a helmet/plastic because apparently, she doesn't understand gravity or how it works.
Which also explain why the pose feels like it is floating there is no sense of gravitational force.
Also, it looks like she has three boobs.
Did I miss anything?

No. 522010

I hope you guys are joking about the tracing, because it's clearly not traced. Almost anyone can draw a decent hand with a reference.

No. 522016

she did trace hands in some videos, and quite some plain easy hands, too.

No. 522020

I can't really complain too much about the covered eye thing. Even if there is no big reveal like >>521980 suggested I feel like it's not that big of a deal since this character is the only one that has it and since it just feels like an intentional part of the character design.

No. 522021

While I agree that it probably is not traced Holly has made videos where she has traced hands and where she has clearly shown her support of tracing to get the job done.

No. 522090


Because she used a posing tool/ traced.

No. 522137

>>521795 that's one square ass
>>521883 her upper body looks too wide (esp shoulders), unless it's her trying to do the ~foreshortening~

No. 522154

The easiest way to spot tracing is to look for enhanced level of line detail, and understanding of perspective that wasn't there before. The foreshortening in the cupped hands is drawn perfectly, while the foreshortening in her arms is messed up. Since we know Holly openly traces why wouldn't she here. The shoes look traced in the other drawing because the perspective is accurately drawn and and very detailed, while the pants and shirt and head don't have that same level of line detail.

I'm not against tracing "morally", it can be a good learning tool, but it makes your drawings look juvenile when you trace photos for some parts of your drawing. I can't believe she pushes this way of drawing onto her young audience who probably draw worse than her.

No. 522247

Pretty sure many thought she misused a reference which made the arm/hand posing all wonky. This isn't decent.
If she had traced the hands (as she has before as >>522021 stated), the hands would look better. But the perspective on the reference photo vs what she drew isn't the same, hence people also pointing out why the arms are weird and the pose is stiff and unnatural.

kek it feels like she unintentionally foreshortened the wrong leg. Back leg is scary long especially since our eyes want to naturally see foreshortening.
Also her boobs take up a hell of a lot of space there and she looks like a hunchback.

No. 522797

File: 1520397478795.png (66.44 KB, 1168x266, Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 20.3…)

Anyone besides me found this hecka cringey?

No. 522850

I don’t care that she stopped believing magic @ 12 but that anime tiddy shit is incredibly annoying.

No. 522868

jfc, she sounds like a 16 yr old boy going "hehe anime tiddies xD"
Isn't she like 23 or something

No. 522927

Why is she encouraging inaccurate anatomy to children. This is mostly used for blocking and shit.

No. 522936

So she traced >>521883 and it still ended up looking weird…how?!

No. 522947

Because she had to “fix” it! Also blindly tracing does nothing as you don’t understand masses and volumes.

No. 522950

She said she traced the gesture which is like the opposite you're supposed to do with gestures.

No. 522959

>using a shitty pose app
>calling yourself a professional
Why does she keep going backwards lmao? I did this shit in Poser 4 in 2008 and even then it was considered lazy and dumb, just her moving the body parts around makes it painfully clear that the rig is trash and the muscles aren't even accurate because someone just roughly modeled it. Just do your fucking studies Holly, you can't draw someone lying down? Fuck. I was the anon who posted >>522010 , gonna eat my words I guess.

No. 523027


I was right!!!

No. 523034

File: 1520426369959.jpeg (243.81 KB, 1225x848, 80ED85A0-D4ED-475A-8838-A73959…)

I mean, she is half right I guess. But she is not an industry professional, she is not rotoscoping an animation or in any sort of serious deadline crunch or honestly doing anything particularly difficult to say shit like “time is money, gotta cut corners”

Learning proper form and drawing from life would also strengthen your skills and reduce time taken on a piece inst as of tracing a shitty, cheap rig from a phone app… these are not meant to be used for tracing, just for blocking and figuring out a decent look at perspective/foreshortening. It’s up to the artist to make changes and improve upon it for their benefit.

I guess Holly can do whatever she wants but fuck, she runs a YouTube channel boasting about being a pro and offering tips and she endorses doing cheap shortcuts like this? It's not something I would fucking share with the world, and it just seems like a crutch she’s really leaning into lately.

No. 523036

Holly is definitely not at the level where she should be tracing to save time. It doesn't matter if she has been 'doing art' for 7-10 years since Holly has never actually learned the fundamentals and thus is no better than a middle schooler just making art as a hobby.

No. 523053

This is the same person that was against every form of REFERENCE. It’s like she discovered it’s easier to trace and got that route. No she doesn’t need to save time and yes tracing can be useful and a learning tool if done properly. But she’s doing it wrong, for the wrong reasons and telling people it’s OKAY to do so. People who are perfectly capable of drawing won’t really follow her advices because they’re crappy so she’s talking to -again- young people making feel then entitled to trace the crap out of poorly shaped mannequins.
She’s getting so sad it’s not even funny anymore.

No. 523118

Omfg i have books with those "anime" poses and i use them to give me ideas for poses - not references. I'd never trace one of those things or copy its anatomy! Wtf is she doing.

No. 523168

She's what 21-22 at most? So you're telling me that she's been a professional since she was 11-12?!
I get she is making an odd comparison but NEW FLASH Holly! Actual professionals know how to fucking draw! And when using reference will put the pose through an artists eye! Disney animators would always filter the rotoscoping really capturing the essence of the pose, gesture of the movement. Not make a shitty tracing job and then whine about not having time. FFS!

No. 523192

If you look at the thumbnail, you can see that she didn't even trace the stupid thing right, holy shit. That flat ass and that wonky chest are pathetic.

No. 523203

>The legs are too long!
uses transform tool to shrink them
This is supposed to be how an artist works? The legs still look long, but now they look out of perspective and disproportionate.
She should have removed length from the calves and thighs, and used her own knowledge of anatomy to make them look correct. Instead she just uses the laziest possible method.

No. 523495

File: 1520460531829.png (47.82 KB, 1490x156, Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 14.0…)

No. 523525

File: 1520461850241.png (59.77 KB, 1184x282, Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 14.3…)

Why is she so hard on herself

No. 523566

This reminds me of the inktober controversy she went through with using digital art to 'ink'. As a digital artist myself, I don't want to agree with people against it, but holy shit does Holly make every single argument they have true.
Using the transform tool to shrink instead of actually fix? Using the morph/liquify tool to fix everything while not fixing lineweight/redrawing afterwards? Using overlay layers instead of actually knowing color theory? Check check check.
Jesus Christ, if any professional traditional artist saw all the shit she does of course they would think digital artists are scum.

No. 523577

This is really sad :/ Dunno what else to say, really. I hope she can work through her problems.

No. 523608

File: 1520467718771.png (152.92 KB, 1164x550, Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 7.06…)

I mean, people are not using drugs to 'fix' themselves. It's great that Holly tries to work on herself but I really hope she gets help from a professional at one point.

She never really updated us with her weight loss and everything, but you know, your mental state is often reflected by your surroundings and I've never seen her room even remotely clean. This is not supposed to be armchair-ing btw.

No. 523610

oh my god, prescription drugs are Very different to unregulated drugs, holly. she has depression yet doesn't actually know how it works. i've been both on and off medication, and while medication alone doesn't magically fix everything (it's not supposed to, that's not even what it's there for) it does make you stable enough to be able to go out and socialise, have healthy relationships, and y'know, not want to fucking kill yourself. it makes me so angry when people demonise antidepressants because they DO work for people and they do help people a hell of a lot.

No. 523649

Holly seems to have a tendency to repress every single emotion until it explodes all over social media and her work. If she's not doing that then she seems to harshly beat herself up for having emotions.

TBH that prolonged shit is what makes you end up hurting yourself all over again and/or worse, killing yourself.
Get some fucking help, Holly.

No. 523694

well therapy helps too but she didnt mention it

No. 523706

>why do people iconize drugs
>makes 'edgy' animatic of some dude snorting cocaine in a bathroom

No. 523720

holly doesn't know how to draw.

She just knows shortcuts.

And even then, she doesn't use them right.
…Because she doesn't know how to draw.

No. 523784

6 weeks of weed and Moomin cured my post-college blues and haven't smoked it in a long time. Bitch needs some weed and therapy to be less of a tightass retard

No. 523856

File: 1520495945115.jpeg (288.84 KB, 640x962, 97E8D9F7-F183-4A24-ABF4-511B47…)

here we go again

No. 523878

File: 1520503249343.jpeg (163.88 KB, 514x600, 37D17E87-82BD-421E-9767-471BCF…)

Do we know if HC even reads comics? I feel like she’d learn a shit ton just from observing other artists’ work.

For example, Terry Moore is a pretty prolific artist with a few awards. She could learn a lot just from him.

No. 523882


go dammit holly, do you even know that there are chemical aspects to depresssion? like of course not everyone needs meds but someone with mayor depression should be prescripted (in most of the case), and like >>523610 said, they are just a medium to an end. Like, just brain literally isnt making some of the shit it needs to and theres an unbalance

also meds are or should be monitorized by a psychatrist and a psychologist so you dont end up with dependency(i know this doesnt always happend but she sould use..idk, those 3K in a booth!? and get some good a+ help)

ffs holly please go to therapy

No. 523886

If she's planning to trace, she should trace poses from actual human beings. Slight blog post, but that helped my wonky ass anatomy while learning to draw. She makes her own life 10 times harder because she completely refuses to go the smarter route

No. 523890

While I agree it probably would be more beneficial for Holly to trace from life it would also take more work to not only find the right pose but also stylize it to fit her style more.

No. 523895

I missed the last thread, but did she seriously compare her art to HamletMachine?
LOL. HM isn't 110% perfect either, but she has a long way to go until her level.

No. 523956

She didn’t really adapt any proportions with the mannequins too, though. I mean yes she did shrink the legs (still lol) but one of the giveaway it was traced it was the totally different proportions from the rest of everything she’s ever drawn.

No. 524022

True but she did say the proportions were close the style she was going for.

No. 524299

File: 1520544914634.png (1.47 MB, 1172x1132, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 13.3…)

More like she just made the lines thinner…

No. 524341

Hey Holly, having feelings is not the same as being a lazy weak bitch, maybe try to actually deal with your issues instead of just running away from them. You can't half-assedly grind your way out of depression.

No. 524507

>>524299 I think part of her problem lies in that a lot of her studies end up being extremely stylized? She's thinking of how to immediately translate an object into her fujoshi comic style instead of seriously studying the object and trying her best to replicate it. For really quick studies, say, quickly scrawling the inside of a train & people during your commute wouldn't need that much detail, but I don't really see an attempt to try and draw life-like objects in these books.

No. 524536

File: 1520564534869.png (51.61 KB, 1172x208, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 9.57…)

There's basically nothing happening in the first one, why would she need a third? She should just fix her pacing.

No. 524538

File: 1520564622655.png (1.13 MB, 1166x1272, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 9.57…)

She spent so much money on supplies to be able to print books and can't afford a proper paper cutter so she wants to hand cut all of her books.


And she couldn't spend an hour building a box and spent $60 on it because it's not worth her time, kek.

No. 524549

at her story's pacing, it probably needs more than 3 books lmfao

No. 524556


Lmao! She's spending all this time and money on learning curves that she's not really making any progress on the actual production of art, is she…
You guys think she'll be prepared for SanJapan?

No. 524583

File: 1520567493715.jpg (212.27 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_1520566510980.jpg)

This is probably the most relatable thing I've ever heard her say. Saged for slightly ot

No. 524637

File: 1520576163843.png (9.94 KB, 654x107, the confessions of a fujo.PNG)

oh boy
how much do you guys bet she'll say dumb shit to try and justify/deny her fujo status like "i don't relate to girls, i relate so much to guys cuz girls suuck and are so high maintenance"

holly, sweetie, we all know you're a fujo. you don't need to make a whole video about it bc it'll just make it worse kek

No. 524641

>so many gay dudes

What like 2?

No. 524642


She's gonna fuck this up so bad.