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No. 880591

The 9th thread for one of the absolute worst YouTube artists Baylee Jae. She's come under increased criticism over the past few months for her inability to take critique, general narcissism, excessive spending and hoarding of children's toys and art supplies, and laziness. She also draws like a 12 year old and has her very own instructional "How to Draw" book that was released November 2017.


No. 880604

The latest video.

No. 880687

It bothers me how empty this is and she’s still selling it, like not even a hint of background or like even storytelling, it’s just a girl putting a line on the wall. And the saturation of the hair and background are so bad, that bright of a purple and pink are terrible to print in CMYK, purple especially, so people are wasting their money buying them from her on red bubble where she has no control over anything

No. 880708

This is what I have been saying for years. Her art is shit. Art should convey something, a story, emotion, make you think and feel things, there should be a meaning and a purpose behind it but none of her art does this. It’s always some badly drawn, flat, cartoon girl in some stupid pose. Serves absolutely no purpose and has no meaning at all to the audience. The only place this ‘art’ has is in a kids book about a girl painting a line to illustrate said act but even then art in kids books is still way fucking superior to anything she will ever careless shit out at the last minute. She talentless and lazy and just doesn’t care and it is blatantly obvious in the work she produces. All she thinks is she needs to rush something out because all she sees and wants is easy $$$$ because her moron fans will eat up anything and Stan her no matter what and I really don’t know why they do this when she’s talentless and doesn’t give a fuck about anyone other than herself.

No. 880714

No. 880740

her hair is really a wreck

No. 880742

I gotta say, the first half of the video was enjoyable! It's nice when she's not around loud drunk idiots. It was a fun look at her finally traveling to a place other than other parts of Canada or Disneyland.

But the latter half of the video was just awkward. She needs to stop vlogging slow parts of hanging out. We don't care what groceries you got, Baylee. Just go and talk to people instead of shoving the camera in their face while they're trying to relax.

No. 880745

It seems she doesn't bleach her hair often anymore, and when she does it's just her roots… But what is frying her hair more and more? The conditioner she dilutes with or is it her heat styling because I don't think she even does that anymore?

There's people with mohawk hairstyles that have way more hair than her entire head does. She needs to see a doctor if it's not her own fault.

Tldr: god, I've never seen hair so terrible

No. 880759

It seems like a combo of her just having naturally thin hair that’s prone to breakage and then the bleaching the shit out of it and heat styling. She heat styles a lot when she curls it or straightens, which is nearly every time she does a stream/video where she shows her face (it seems like she curls more than straightens now that he hair keeps breaking). She really needs to see an actual professional hair stylist tbh rather than doctor but I think she’d just get an answer she doesn’t want (like stop bleaching it and let it rest, wear wigs not clip ins)

No. 880772

I just don't get why people around her don't say her something to make her become better

No. 880775

I don't understand why she wouldn't choose a heatless way to curl her hair. Her hair is short and thin, she should easily be able to curl it without heat. I guess she is simply too lazy, heat styling is more convenient and faster.

No. 880846

I get my hair colored platinum blonde every 4 weeks. I wash my hair once every 3-4 days and BARELY heat style when it's fresh after using a few heat protectant products (and moisturizing shampoo). My hair is in great shape, but I'd never ever use more heat or wash more just to protect my hair. I feel like she needs to invest in better hair products to prevent this damage, and then only use heat tools once a week instead of 3-4 times. A professional stylist would definitely help her get on a path to better hair. I SO WISH she'd do that, or have someone in her circle beg her to do it. I would tell my friend they needed to fix their hair if I felt it was warranted and it's annoying her friends apparently don't say anything about well, anything. Dye your hair your natural color and leave it alone for a year with proper maintenance and products. Probably wouldn't hurt to take supplements for her hair and skin at this rate because her skin looks like shit since she went off of her diet. Needs to take better care of herself in the worst way. Also, why the hell is she in Hawaii? No money for a hair stylist but can go to Hawaii. OK.>>880759(blog)

No. 880849

Conditioner definitely wouldn’t be frying her hair, but she adds heat to her hair that is already damaged. It will only stop breaking off if she cuts it

No. 880862

>>I'd never ever use more heat or wash more just to protect my hair.

If you want to protect your hair, you should use as little heat styling as possible and also try not to wash it too much, not the other way around.
Baylee uses heat almost daily for either straightening or curling her hair, even though curling can easily be done with no-heat.

She really needs to take better care of her hair, so that all the damage can grow out and healthy hair grow back. I don't think she ever properly researched about bleaching and dying her hair pink and how to maintain it. She was probably thinking it'd be the same as with her blue hair.

No. 880909

>WARNING: Volcanic fumes are hazardous to health
>Proceeds to stand gawking in the direct path of said poisonous fumes for the vlog

No. 880925

File: 1571252973035.jpg (142.33 KB, 834x580, DANGER.jpg)

Bunch of idiots

No. 880948

She forgot to mention how extremely laggy it is, even Procreate tops it, and you only have to pay nine dollars once, not some bootlicking subscription. The art in the video is ok, still pretty wonky but better than her other works, tracing Disney art books comes in handy.

No. 880970

File: 1571261070409.png (1.99 MB, 1306x1050, Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 14.2…)


She startin to look like a crack head with that hair

No. 880971

Wouldn't be surprised if she actually was

No. 880973

She looks like a 45 year old mom trying to be hip. yikes

No. 880974

File: 1571261745840.jpg (149.84 KB, 1252x646, Herp.jpg)

She looks rather ill to me, not surprising given her atrocious diet and lifestyle.

No. 880982

Did she stop playing DDR? I remember that used to be her exercise

No. 881016

Which just goes to show how she didn't take it seriously. It's a start and better than nothing don't get me wrong but playing a video game to lose weight won't help in the long run. She's better off playing an actual full body dance game like Just Dance or Dance Central if she going to go down that route rather than one that focuses solely on feet moves like DDR. Since she likes splashing the cash so much she should just turn her old art room in to a full blown gym with bike, cross trainer, treadmill, weights, floor mats, mini trampoline and exercise balls and the like and just go for it and get herself back on track but since she's married she has 'settled' and doesn't feel the need to try looking good anymore and with a babies on the horizon I just feel she's just going to get fatter and fatter, until Christian leaves her that is and then she has to start all over but he's also piled on the pounds, balding and looks like a tramp with that beard so I don't see him going anywhere any time. Another thing I noticed is both of them lack any sense of fashion or style which will help them look better but they don't seem to care what they look like.

No. 881119

Sadly, I think that idea will go the way of her exercise bike, taking up space and collecting dust while she conveniently forgets about it

No. 881149


exactly, like she couldve drawn something on the wall to contrast and blandness of everything else but no she leaves everything flat and unsatisfactory. theres nothing the viewer is directed as, theres no meaning behind the piece, there's no reasoning for why she drew it, its just disgustingly lifeless and generic.

No. 881187

Someone said she mostly did DDR before her wedding and she fell off of that after, same thing for Pokémon go. She did keto last year before a Disney trip for some reason and she did lose weight but it probably all gained back, especially since you don’t burn fat the same when you get off ketosis and she went back to a high carb/ fat diet. BJ said she’s short, like 5’2”, so of course like gaining any sort of weight and having a small frame is way more obvious. She doesn’t develop any long term habits with her health maintenance or whatever, same like her art, so it’s really not that surprising. (It’s probably also the same where she hasn’t mentioned trying to have kids again- being any sort of overweight makes it extremely hard to conceive but they seem to not do anything about it)

No. 881189

Remember when she had cysts and the resources to remove them long before it became a problem, but she waited until she couldn't wear her mickey ears at disney because the cyst got so big?

That's her life in a nutshell. I feel like she'd rather suffer until it becomes a problem instead of trying to make progress to fixing it.

No. 881193

Yup and it’s frustrating watching as an American cuz even though it takes a while, she’s Canadian so she has free healthcare services at her disposal but was complaining about the couple hundred she had to pay to do something cosmetic like the cysts. Cuz that stuff is so guaranteed for her, it just makes her even more lazy. Like she didn’t consult with a doctor about keto, using it more like a fad diet than a lifestyle change or legit health reasons

No. 881232

I think it’s because she doesn’t go outside much and she lives in Canada so she doesn’t get much sun. She’s extremely pale.

No. 881254

That was actually Baylees and Christians plan, to turn the old art room into a gym. Baylee mentioned a few times how Christian wants to get weights and how she will then put the elliptical in there too. She has put the elliptical in it but neither of them have purchased any weights or any other gym gear so far.
She also owns an actual bike, which is really nice and was purchased just 4 years ago (brand new) and she hasn't used it at all this year. I'm not even sure if she used it last year or not.

Does she never get any back pain from never working out and sitting hunched over at her desk all day?

Really so many things could be improved by putting up a schedule and be disciplined enough to do them. Building up habits over time instead of waiting until the last minute and then just got for quick fixes (like with her hair).

No. 881424

She's drinking too much and too often to really be into getting pregnant. Or they just don't care if their potential baby could have some health issues …

No. 881720

I wish every day that she gets pregnant soon so this horrible YouTube ride can be over.

No. 881726

Would it though? She might just become a family vlogger.

No. 881727

She actually uses her go-pro after what? 2 years?

No. 881732

Which would be even worse and 10x more cringe

No. 881747

Only she can make a trip to Hawaii seem so god damn boring. Ending the vlog in a target, looking at souvenirs there of all places… awesome.

No. 881779

She said before that she wouldn't be vlogging anymore if it happened.


Why does she feel the need to vlog every moment of a trip? those beach parts were so cringe and weird. i dont need to feel like im invading the privacy of her and her friends when i watch vlogs. im only here for the cats and the art disasters

No. 881822

I liked the part where she fined herself getting all over Christian and her friends making out.
All your filming is probably annoying to everyone around you. I’d honestly avoid Baylee if I knew her irl. She acts like she’s the only person in the world.

No. 881925

Lol you really think she would stop when she’s clogging every boring minute of their boring friends? If she did have a kid she would totally just keep vlogging and it’ll become a baby channel cuz there’s no way she’s gonna drop the vlog channel as a monetary source and she’s invested way too much in random cameras

No. 882025

I really have a suspicion that she can't have children, or she's struggling to conceive.

No. 882072

I have a feeling if they did have kids that they would get divorced. The stress would tear their relationship apart.

No. 882091

Does she even want kids right now? I know they've talked about it and just letting it happen if it happens but wouldn't surprise me if they were still using birth control. They're both overgrown children and contrary to popular belief, having a kid doesn't make you automatically grow up and be a less shitty person.

No. 882112

Kind of reminded me of that camping trip that she hyped up so much and then all they did was sitting around and drinking.

No. 882115

Why do Baylee and Christian seem to almost exclusively hang around with gay guys? Unusual.

No. 882130

I liked seeing her interact lovingly with Christian though, especially when she pet his face. They seemed happy together. I don't think I've seen a vlog where they seem into each other until this one, it was sorta refreshing.

Though, all her friends always piling on top of Christian is a little weird but that might just be me I guess?

I do agree it felt a little invasive of her friends a bit, but I enjoyed this more relaxed vlog way more than her usuals, even if they did make Hawaii seem boring like >>881747 said

I don't think talking about her possible children is really relevant to anything going on currently, but I'm sure she has trouble conceiving as well.

No. 882145

Why does everyone always talk about her getting pregnant in these threads, ive literally never heard her talk about anything like that in any of her vlogs (been skimming these threads for like a year now)

No. 882150

Oh she has been talking about it. It's part of the reason why she doesn't vlog daily anymore, because when she would have kids she wouldn't have time for it anyways (at least not on a daily level).
She even talked about it in a vlog when she cut out weekends and holidays how she slowly prepares for motherhood.

She did say before her wedding that they won't have children right after but want to wait a little bit more.
In one vlog (where she talks about quitting foundation) she also said that she went off of birth control a year ago. Granted that doesn't mean that they're trying since there's other options, but obviously people are speculating since she has said many times that she and Christian want to have kids at some point after the wedding.

No. 882192

Because it’s the natural next step in her life and she used to talk a lot about having kids and how it would affect her channels but now it seems to have somewhat tapered off, leading us to suspect she (or he) might be having trouble.

No. 882235

Yeah she went through a spell there right after their wedding of talking nonstop about having kids or what will happen if they have kids.

I think this Hawaii vlog is the most exercise she's seen in months. Nice to see her and Christian show some affection towards each other, that usually never happens.

No. 882236

I mean she’s fat and also getting old. It’s harder to get pregnant when you’re overweight and in your 30s.

I don’t think they’ll ever have kids. They barely take care of the cats.

No. 882310


She admitted that they tried in a live stream, just before the basement flooded (and she still was on keto). But she didn't say much about it and admitted it in a pretty much quiet voice. I had the impression she didn't want to talk about it much. But I can't tell if she hesitated because she just didn't want to talk about it in general or if it was a difficult topic. Well, whatever.
Sure, they can clearly change their mind about having kids and if they go with "it either works or it just doesn't" – whatever is fine for them.
I'm just a bit worried she drinks so much, in my opinion at least. But it's her health.

I mean, if she would do some decent art or at least do pieces with an actual background, there would be no need to talk about her private life so much.

No. 882333

File: 1571518177472.jpg (57.8 KB, 1030x430, DnD.jpg)

Because Christian likes to take a dicking while Baylee watches. He goes off on the weekends for 'DnD' but it actually stands for Dick n Dick sesh, not Dungeons and Dragons as we have been led to believe. Could you imagine? I wouldn't be too surprised. Here's a candid from such an event.

No. 882413

Is this a joke? It looks like him but who are the other people?

Would explain her complete lack of emotion when discussing him on camera

No. 882415

It is him and two of his (or her) friends. It's in a vlog I think.

No. 882417

Does she have PCOS? Would explain her weight issues and trying keto, but keto is basically setting yourself up for failure unless you have a will of iron. There are better ways to lose weight without cutting out 90% of the shit normal people eat, even with PCOS.

No. 882430


She never said something about menstrual problems as far as I can tell. She seems to be fine to talk about her poo (which was somewhat of a topic during several streams since she had problems with it during her last keto), so I guess she would have mentioned it somehow if there would be a problem.

But I guess that's too much of speculation. I think she's fine but just overweight.
(She could have just not been in the mood to talk about baby stuff that day either, so whatever.)


Nah, that's dumb, Anon. You remember how excited he was as Baylee wanted to draw Nut and he pulled out his DnD books for her? No, just no.

No. 882435

I don't see how pulling out some books and being excited about a cartoon drawing is relevant to that idea though. Bisexuals get excited for both.

No. 882489

All of her vlogs prior to the last year or so were all her talking about having kids right away from getting married. She clearly wants them, especially like why would you get a six bedroom house for only two people, and she talks about what she would do after having kids in other vlogs but just like all parts of her life, she doesn’t think anything about things long term.

No. 882492

Yeah she basically was on keto for like what, less than 5 months? She lost a lot of weight and she did go out and take walks like with pokego but it looks like she gained all the weight and more back plus stopped exercising often. Even if they decided to pause on kids, she has the worst discipline in making herself better. Like everything is short term fixes, like ignore the fact your hair is falling out and breaking and just shove extensions in

No. 882549

Really that year before her wedding was the last time where she tried to do something with herself.
After the wedding she just started to lose any motivation and ambition she ever had.

No. 882556

The thought of Baylee taking a porking really makes my stomach turn. I bet she’s squeals like a pig too.

No. 882567


What has a DnD evening to do with his sexuality either? Yust because he jokes around like this doesn't necessarily mean his DnD session are more like Sex'n Dungeons sessions. Also, he's not the cow here. I don't care what he's doing in his time off from Baylee (or when she's around; he's just a boring nerd).

No. 882589

Pretty sure that is the same anon with an inexplicable hate boner for DnD that they won't shut up about every chance they get lol. Some outragable future Karen no doubt

No. 882597

File: 1571593027383.gif (958.72 KB, 448x352, C25B4349-4E10-47A5-B5ED-CD936C…)

Nothing because it stands for ‘Dick n Dick’ or a gay fuck sesh for those with non existent brains. When Baylee says he’s gone away for DnD it’s NOT to play Dungeons and Dragons.. geez.

No. 882762

I'd rather the thread be dry than having dumb shit like this posted

No. 882809

Kek, you’re a dumb shit for not getting it

No. 882826

Not much is being brought to the table.

No. 882828

No I get what you're trying to do, but that doesn't stop it from being fucking stupid and pointless

Like I said, I'd rather it be dry than get that shit

No. 882839

Damn Anon, who put d4's in your shoes?

No. 882856

I don’t, I like a cheap laugh.. better than the thread being dead.

No. 883290

I don't think she's quite 30 yet but she's definitely not trending the right way. By the time she's 30 fertility has taken a hit and that's beside her weight problems.

No. 883321

She turned 29 this October.

No. 883601

Oh please, anon. Plenty of women have kids in their thirties, do you think women’s uteruses shrivel up and die if they don’t pump one out when they’re in their twenties?

There are plenty of reasons why she isn’t having kids now even tho she’s talked about it forever, namely being a lazy fat cow, but age isn’t a big deal in having kids

No. 883671

For someone whose so about having kids it’s crazy that she hasn’t even carved out a plan on where their nursery would even be- since she has stuffed junk in every single room. Hasn’t even made the conscious effort to clear it out, or maybe her lazy pregnant self will leave it to Christian to set up the whole room.

No. 883700

You know that you don’t need an extra nursery to have kids. And that most people wait until they are pregnant and well beyond the 3 months line before starting buying stuff. Nothing worse when having a constant reminder to not have kids when looking at kids stuff. And after having a kid you realize that you didn’t actually need half the stuff everyone tells you you need.

I SO hope she will post a video soon. This nitpicking is embarassing in this thread.

No. 883744

She probably will soon enough. She has been back since Monday and is probably trying to hurry out a new art video.
I wonder how rushed it will be because I don't think she pre-filmed anything.

No. 883798

Nah I’m not saying to buy a room full of shit. But for someone who likes to look at pin packaging for a next batch of pins 3 months from now and try to plan needless shit in advance- it’s weird how during her baby kick she never even mentioned or planned what room full of junk they would use.

No. 883900

Oh shut up about nitpicking. Baylee isn't your traditional cow so nitpicking is all we have. She's a bad 'artist' and a lazy slob. That's all there is to her.

No. 884007

"Taking a hit" is NOT shriveled up uterus. Calm down.

No. 884008

Pregnancies after age 35 are naturally high risk. Saying age 'isn't a big deal in having kids' is ignorant and false. If she wants kids she should likely start getting serious in the next 6 years.

No. 884332

She hasn't uploaded anything in over a week, really seems like she's just given up and can't be bothered any more.

No. 884466

I’d like to think she’s not that trashy and didn’t film their friend’s wedding at least but she’s probably releasing a vlog this week about more Hawaii bullshit. On Twitter she’s back on the thing where a diamond painting company wants to make her stuff into diamond paintings so there’s probably gonna be an inch of progress on that or the cats ate all the diamonds

No. 884477

I doubt she has given up, she simply hasn't prepared videos to go up during her trip.
She's so disorganized and honestly simply too lazy as to plan these things in advance and to have a little backlog of videos to go up while she is on vacation.
She used to talk about how she wants to film stuff in advance but she never does. Once a few year ago, she uploaded a Disneyland haul on her main channel because she didn't had anything else to go up.

No. 884482

She mentioned a while ago that she doesn't do videos in advance for holidays because it's too stressful for her, even though she barely makes videos as it is. Basically she's too lazy to prefilm videos.

No. 884485

I know but she used to be all about wanting to pre-film videos, which she never did then either.
It's extra lazy when you consider that she knew for a long time about the Hawaii trip and the wedding, so it's not like they wouldn't have been time. Plus that it's in general a good idea to have some extra videos ready in case of illnesses or other emergencies (for example when the basement flooded). It'd be different if youtube would just be her hobby but it's her main income.
I don't understand how she can be so carefree about these things. Especially considering how youtube isn't a safe income anymore (if it ever was).

No. 884498

Baylee uploaded both of the copic and iPad app videos just before she left for Hawaii right? If I remember right, she said in a vlog she wanted to get them done before she left. The smart thing to do would’ve been to schedule those for while she was gone as well as when she was back so she had time to make another video and it wouldn’t have felt so long like it does right now.

No. 884598

Exactly! She always gets these bursts of energy to work and wants the instant gratification of the video, never thinking about saving some of her videos for when she is being lazy

No. 884617

It reminds me of when Kasey was on twitter talking about how she had to film like 6 more videos before a big trip (I think her Australia one) and baylee replied back “stop making me look bad!” like in jest but it’s like, bitch YOU make yourself look bad

No. 884718

NTAYRT but over half a decade is quite a lot of time and you need to chill, her eggs aren't blobs of dust yet

No. 884731

New vlog, still boring ass stuff with her friends, tries to draw in the car and gets carsick, yet again shows people how that tiny ass camera works, ends with them shopping at a Walmart

No. 884789

I watch a lot of vlogs but Baylee's are by far the most boring ones.
Not only does she film a bunch of useless things, she's also bad at filming and editing the vlogs to make them more interesting.

Why is she so against putting effort into the things she makes?

No. 884820

Because her shitty fanbase will eat up any old shit she craps out so she doesn’t feel the need to put any effort in which is unfortunate.

No. 884935

File: 1572105975971.jpg (79.54 KB, 680x383, EHzlu20WsAACRsb.jpg)

Sage on to be on the safe side/not actual milk per say, but we all know her obsession with Spongebob, who thinks she's going to drop the $300+ USD for the F.U.N edition? (Battle for Bikini Bottom Remastered)

No. 884991

oh my god, copying pages out of other people's books does not count as 'studies'

No. 884993

that tablecloth is so tacky.

ofcourse she couldn't be bothered to draw something

No. 885002

Honestly I think she won’t know of this and won’t get it yet because Pokémon is coming out and you know she needs to do her 13 hour long shiny hunts

No. 885007

That is the worst advice ever, I hate that people will take this as actual tips and not learn properly. Eg not copying what other artists have interpreted, it’s better to learn from drawing from life or pictures of people (that haven’t been retouched) to use YOUR OWN brain to convert 3D to 2D

No. 885028

It's not even a real tablecloth, it's a blanket. I wish she would have chosen something more neutral. Both this and the pink desk look awful as a backdrop.

No. 885049

the greyish wood she had back when her room was in the basement was nice

No. 885083

It's not even close to being studies, it's simply mindless copying that she does.
Won't help her improving, you can see with her sketches of these "studies" that she actually has no idea how things work.

How someone that makes a living of art, for like 6-7 years now and went to art school, just doesn't know how to do studies and how to improve is just sad.
No wonder her art hasn't improved in years.

No. 885147

She went to the Art Institute of Vancouver to study animation.. and it's no wonder she didn't learn anything as if you've been following, it's been more or less revealed that Art Institutes across the US and Canada were a massive scam and have mostly all been closed down or sold off. Given she is technically a qualified animator, she never uses this 'skill'. She was an animator on a movie called 'Pixies' and yeah.. there's a reason she is unhirable kek Absolute shite.

No. 885212

She was a senior animator?

No. 885222

Jfc her shopping addiction is showing

No. 885230

Lol @ her referring to Loomis' writings as 'tips'

Honestly this entire video makes her seem do juvinile as an artist. More so than just an artist into animation and kids shows.

No. 885245

She certainly was which just goes to show how little that production company actually cared, putting a newbie fresh out of college straight in to a senior role like that.

No. 885301

File: 1572162386751.png (355.41 KB, 526x312, bjbook2.PNG)

the bit with her own book in amongst other how to books - yikes. I mean at least she said she recognises it now as being very cringe - but then she says she thinks the texture section is good. um, no. no it is not

No. 885338

To be fair, she did start out as a regular animator at the studio. She got promoted to senior animator a few months later. If I remember correctly a project at the studio ended so many animators quit except her, so when they hired new ones she was the oldest animator there and became senior animator.
The Pixies movie was rather low budget, so my guess is that the studio couldn't afford a better animator than her.

She still had way more luck than she realizes with her entire art career. She only had to work for a relatively short time in a studio before she went to be a freelancer. She didn't even needed patreon for very long (I think it was less than a year?) before she could live entirely from YouTube.

No. 885340

I think it's a mixture of being too lazy and her simply not seeing a reason to practice. She's too in love with being a youtuber.
She doesn't wants to be an artist or an animator, she just wants to be a fancy youtuber.

No. 885396

Glad I’m not the only one who got irked at calling techniques artists have learned through years of experience as just “tips and tricks”.
It’s like calling an surgeon’s protocol for heart surgery just their “tips and tricks”.

No. 885577

No. 885712

Boring but at least she and her friends did something else than just sit around and drink all day.

No. 885993

yeah at least it's variety than her prattling on about nonsense at home and her buying shit to keep herself busy, but man she and her friends are boring. having a camera constantly there and being filmed for thousands of strangers must be exhausting if someone was her friend

No. 886116

The more I watch Katnipp the more I'm convince Haylee tries to be like her but ends up being a sad bootlegged version of her.is just sad.

No. 886128

Baylee lacks a sense of style/aesthetics, which is why her pastel-aesthetics look like trash. She has no idea what colors really go together. Doesn't help that she also is lazy and has like zero ambition.

No. 886427

Katnipp reminds me of early Baylee sometimes, except she's still a completely different person with an actual work ethic that as another anon stated knows how to use pastel colors and what goes together.

No. 886510

No. 886705

Well everyone at the beach got to see Baylee's boobs.

No. 886726

File: 1572457609099.png (45.6 KB, 920x290, Screenshot (20).png)

No. 886783

Really his own fault for wearing jewelry while swimming.

No. 886870

lol two morons.

No. 886894

Indeed. I bet they both don't even care either, just probably think it's funny. My partner would kill me if I lost my engagement ring and I'd be very upset too. I bet they just laughed about it. They have an odd relationship, they never disagree or argue about anything. What Baylee wants Baylee gets and he just goes a long with it no matter how absurd. Christian is more Baylee's pet than a husband.

No. 887000

Honestly watching her and her boring ass friends and random tourists throw themselves into powerful waves like idiots, like is this really what people do? Why not swim at a beach with calm water since she wa s adamant about snorkeling and then they all immediately lost their garbage to the sea.

They were all super insufferable at the jack box thing too, her for being “I HAVE to win” and them for annoyingly jabbing at her (tho they were mimicking her being annoying). It was at least variety but like, watching her and her friends do nothing but binge drink even before this video is exhausting

No. 887023

I think it was some known beach, which is why they wanted to go? Don't understand why she even said that this isn't the place for snorkeling and then she still did it anyways and lost her goggles.

I wonder why she is so stubborn and keeps including the drinking and partying in her vlogs. It's always a tricky thing to include because the people that watch the vlogs don't know anyone from the friendgroup and a lot of things are only funny when you were actually there.

No. 887133

No. 887139

File: 1572555644776.jpeg (165.14 KB, 640x861, C387CD8F-1357-4900-92A5-7DBB43…)

The anatomy though…. the foreshortening doesnt work at all

No. 887157


This is pretty creepy, and not in the fun sort of way. I wished she'd just stop with the 'hot guy' theme, it's a tonal wreck, especially with her style.

No. 887159

Why does he have boobs

No. 887164

Oh my god he does.. also a pepperoni nip.

No. 887165

If she at least would put more effort into it and practice male anatomy. This is just such a mess.

The anatomy is all over the place. Like does he have two collar bones? She has line art underneath the neck that indicates a collar bone but she also has two lines a bit further down and is it just me or doesn't this have an actual proper light source? I looks like the light is coming from underneath in some parts but in other parts it looks like it comes from the right side?

No. 887166

I think it's supposed the be breast bone shading, its a little high up though?

No. 887168

Kek I think he might have done it on purpose. If my wife was a fat, lump-headed, womanchild blob, I'd "lose" mt wedding ring too.

No. 887196

Im pretty sure she said that part of the chest was a mistake, can other anons verify it? I dont want to rewatch it again lol

No. 887328

I didn’t watch it but lol didn’t she show off some torso “studies” in her sketchbook recently too? Like shows how much she’s just aping and not learning, anatomy is like the easiest fix before you even bring it to full render. Like look at the fuckin leg being broken at the hip joint on the left, that’s even more atrocious than the double collarbone and pepperoni nip

I thought this was a lavendertowne video from the thumbnail, she’s super trying to get her viewers and that’s just fuckin rude. She no doubt is gonna change the thumbnail again like she always does but down to the style of thumb she’s desperate for views from that crowd

No. 887331

The way she makes the hips so wide and broken too pretty much shows how little she has learned from “reference” and “studies” she’s done. I see this a lot from artists who primarily draw one gender versus the other without any knowledge, she draws mostly exaggerated women and girls and she doesn’t study so she just guesses at drawing men cuz she’s been copying Disney art books only. She has no knowledge on how to make them look manly or even hot to anyone except to like herself

No. 887332

she got more diamond paintings….

No. 887335

File: 1572603719222.png (869.12 KB, 1136x640, 6B57D907-7B26-4D18-BDC7-2278F2…)

I think its worth noting the pictures she used for reference doesnt match the angle of the pose shes chose, she just copied the arm at the wrong angle onto her drawing. Someone who is more skilled could use these references and chanfe them as needed for their drawing but baylee really isnt at that level.

No. 887337

It looks like she tried to draw him as a trans guy lol

No. 887348

She does this mistake all the time. She chooses reference that is at the wrong angle so often. Remember that plum horse disaster from a few years? She did the same thing, she picked two references with different perspective and just threw them together and called it done.

No. 887364

She is redesigning her things again.
Will she ever figure out how she wants her store stuff to look?
She also got all her bags she wants to use instead of tissue paper and she is already considering using something else instead. It irritates me more than it should how she is so undecided and hops back and forth with her packaging.

No. 887370

She was given one by the company that she will be working with soon to see if she likes the quality, etc., before signing the contract.

No. 887443

File: 1572629467954.jpeg (130.53 KB, 750x1167, FB28496C-9C37-45DE-A97A-7F59A5…)

Of course she would be supporting two known racists. She hardly even wears makeup. Just more shit to buy because she can.

No. 887464

who honestly gives a shit

No. 887468

She was using a blackface doll as her editor for ages and she was laughing at a racist jagmeet singh joke her dad posted on Facebook in a vlog. The most generous thing to say is that she’s white, privileged and ignorant so color me not surprised

No. 887469

She’s never gonna finish any of them

No. 887475

She talked about ditching the one she's already started, because she "only" invested like 20 hours and wants to do a video about one from the contract, which she doesn't even have yet.
The ones she got are samples, where she says she only wants to start them.

But honestly - starting a diamond painting is a huge waste of material. And you're not really gonna get any more information from it, unless you finish it, hang it and test how long the glue sticks or something. So she's just gonna waste them.

If she knows she's slow and wants to do a video about it, why doesn't she get a simple one in the smallest possible size and leaves it there? It's still a lot of work for a pretty lame video, but there'd be a chance for her to finish it.

No. 887476

File: 1572632877173.jpg (105.58 KB, 720x907, 72912657_2512212128873962_6062…)

I saw this on twitter and all I could think of was baylee.

No. 887489

Not only that, but when have we ever seen baylee wearing colorful make up? Waste of money as always.

No. 887493

It'll be hilarious to see her try wear this makeup

No. 887501

She’s not going to wear it on her face, she’s gonna make art with it. She tweeted about it earlier this week.

No. 887503

oh great so she’s gonna do what does best. Waste supplies. Then when she’s done with whatever abomination she’s gonna create with the makeup, she’ll tag both jeffree and shane in hopes of catching some clout. gag.

No. 887511

I think it’s cuz diamond paintings don’t come in any smaller sizes than big posters unless they were like macro pictures of flowers or something. Like I understand wanting to switch to a product that’s gonna
pay you but the way she justifies it by saying the shitty pieces of wax are heart shaped and the edges of the poster are scalloped is bullshit. She’s already working on a diamond painting of her art anyway and there’s nothing different from pack to pack.

Plus she also talks about having nothing to do during her stream when cutting stickers and it’s like ??? aren’t you still working on your stupid diamond painting

No. 887512

I lol’d but the way to make it more baylee is to put all the supplies on the floor, paint the room barfy pink, and then put like seven cameras in it

No. 887518

Diamond paintings DO come in smaller sizes. They just scale it down to a few inches by a few inches - and you can get them done in 2 days or so. They lack detail, yes, but it's way more manageable and if you want a high-quality picture, you stick to prints.
I'd understand if she ditched that huge ass thing to do another one in a size she does her art usually, or nothing more than double the size.

Speaking of her doing art - wouldn't that be a better idea to do in her streams? Working on concepts for videos or studying to fill her self-improvement sketchbooks?
Oh wait, that would be actual work and not active procrastination.

The amount of supplies and the quality of art does look like BJ. But it's tidy and aesthetically pleasing. Instead of a pink, stuffed mess.

No. 887566

Don't forget the cats on the table

No. 887602

File: 1572649398572.png (3.58 MB, 1536x2048, AD732D4C-D6E3-4634-BA1F-03C44C…)

He looks like this dude on TikTok (not “hot”).

No. 887605


I'm not surprised. She's a big Shane Dawson fan, so of course she'd get some.

It just shows how little passion she has left for art. She only does art for videos but doesn't want to work on videos during her streams (she's worried that people won't watch the video if they already seen the art on stream), doesn't cross her mind to do art just for fun.

No. 887631

Did she say if she was going to do a drawing of shane/jstar with the make up? Because, not gonna lie, it would be pretty funny to see her attempt realism and portraiture again.

No. 887636

Knowing her, she probably try to do either a portrait or maybe a generic looking girl putting on makeup. seems like a big waste imo

No. 887689

>She’s a big fan of Shane Dawson
Well then that just proves that she’s a brain dead moron. Geez.

No. 887718

Archie Andrews except bought on wish.com

No. 887723

If anyone makes any comment that isn't blowing smoke up her rear end, or the products she makes, there are white knights that come riding in to save the day.

No. 887756

RIP social blade, where it was really fuckin obvious someone was buying her subs maybe even white knight fans who think she’s hot shit

No. 887761

She’s really thick if she thinks that working on art during her ART streams will lead to less YT views. Like for her it might considering she can never be bothered to draw more than once a month but if she was smarter, she’d know her YT audience is different from the audience watching twitch. So like, if she actually kept a consistent upload schedule and focused, then this fear wouldn’t exist but she’s desperate as fuck for more revenue cuz we all know more than half her subs are fake

No. 887794

She's actually not a good business woman at all and doesn't know her audience.

I believe it was two years ago when she talked several times about not wanting to work on art videos on streams and then she tried to do a separate piece of art for her streams only but I guess it got too much work for her. She got into this whole thing of not spoiling her art anymore, also not showing it in the vlogs.

No. 888049

No. 888071

That outfit in the beginning, is not doing her any favors.

She also confirms that she only really got that 52$ eye shadow palette for a video. I know she'll make the money back from the video but I can't help but feel like it's such a waste.

And she might be streaming more often again. Fitness streams though, which honestly might be a good idea for her. She seems to be more likely to keep it up when it involves streaming.

No. 888110

Showing a lot of symptoms of depression here which isn't all that surprising given her crap lifestyle. She needs to get out more. She really needs to pack this Youtube Artist shit in and find something more fulfilling.

No. 888156

Why does she have so many podcasts pens???

No. 888175

Because she's been wanting them 'for ages' in her words. She goes all out instead of getting a few and trying them that way.

No. 888287

why does she talk about her shit all the time? it's literally so disgusting

No. 888307

She’s probably gonna fuck them all up and try to blend them and ruin about 150$ worth of markers she will never use again, cuz she doesn’t plan any of her drawings out and because her art style doesn’t suit posca markers. The best posca art is like very flat shapes, like kasey’s stuff, when like BJ doesn’t know how to draw in silhouette

No. 888311

Exactly! She probably hasn't even looked thaT much into the capabilities of Posca pens and what restrictions they have. Baylee probably thinks she'll be able to make a grand piece with them, but like you said, they're best used simply.

She needs to learn silhouetting if she's going to use them and she has one of the best books for that, but with her being lazy about studying, she won't pick up The Skillful Huntsmen to study at all, even with it being right in reach of her.

No. 888602

I didn’t watch her art book video but does she have that book? Like even if she did like that would seem like she only had it as a leftover from school than anything else. It has a lot of very good tips but it looks mostly like game art and BJ is one of those artists who use the fact their “style” is cartoony to not stick to or learn any fundamentals

She probably got them because other art tubers like kasey did posca videos when they were popular but even kasey admitted she wasn’t good at them and didn’t like them at first and her style suits them much more

No. 888775

It's sad how she'll use the posca pens once and never again. Posca pens can be so much fun and you can make some cool art with it. It's also just good to break out of your usual art bubble and try some different things like different styles.

I already can't understand how she got them a month ago and she hasn't tried them or even swatched them. Isn't she at all curios?

I feel like she holds on to the whole cartoony style excuse much more than she used too. Like as if deep down she knows how bad she is but since she has been an artuber for years, she can't admit how she hasn't improved at all, so she keeps saying "Oh it's because it's cartoony".

No. 888866

She had the store then all her vacations to LA and Hawaii so I get it if she was too busy to swatch but she can’t seem to multitask or concentrate on more than one thing at a time, it’s why she’s so slow. But she’s probably holding back for a video to swatch them cuz she thinks she can get like multiple videos out of them, like she’s probably not gonna have any posca videos until December at this point (or with the racist eyeshadow palette)

I think the bubble is BJ’s problem because even when she tries different mediums, she’s way too scared to lose her current YT/Stream stans to do anything new other than her wretched “hot guys” series (honestly I feel like she does it to try to be edgy and her stans encourage it cuz they’re weird horny young people) and she’s too scared of not gaining subscribers with her generic girl art (cuz she only gains from clickbaity videos like hers on the YT algorithm). Like when she worked with oils, she didn’t make it look any different than her digital (and just sells the digital anyway) so what was the point of it? When she tried to do the watercolors in “ghibli” style, she didn’t and just stuck to a method that was wrong and made very expensive watercolors look like tempera paint. She won’t give herself the time and space to actually try, and honestly she would be a better channel overall if she actually KNEW how to learn from others and showed her progress in becoming better but her bubble is too safe

No. 888922

She'll also has to start preparing for her next store launch, since she wants to sell Christmas pins. I'm not even sure if she ordered the pins yet.

I think her problem with not being able to concentrate is partially because of bad planning and not having a schedule.
In Baylee's mind she has a million things to do and jumps from one unfinished task to another.
In reality most of her tasks are minor things like cleaning the dishes and if she would get into some good habits of cleaning things right away, she would barely register them as a task that needs to be done. She'd just do them.
It'll help her mind be more at ease and be able to concentrate better. Better concentration for the task ahead might also make her a bit faster/more efficient. She's painfully slow.

The problem is that Baylee doesn't see a problem, she lives with the mindset that she still gets things done so there is no need for change.

No. 889143

No. 889165

ngl she looked really good when she did her hair and dressed up. that tank style suits her

No. 889182

Mm so she does own that huntsman book but lol, she’s not even using it to learn from it. Shiny hunting for hours is more important I guess. In some ways, good on her for recognizing she can’t use all of her shit and giving it away but it’s just kind of trashy/sleazy it’s all the stuff she ASKED people to give to her and that shitty bootleg stuff she got from that wish video everyone derided her for (and she didn’t seem like she had remorse for using the shitty wish products either )

No. 889261

Speaking of wish, did any other artists get a sponsorship from them?
I remember there was a trend where they'd order random supplies to try them out but I don't believe any of them were sponsored.

No. 889360

lol, I just wanted to write how she hasn't shiny hunted in forever and then I see the vlog…

I feel some of the stuff she wants to give away would be better if she'd just give them to a friend with children, like the shrinky dinks or those cheap walmart markers. Just feels a bit odd to give it away to your viewers.

Agree. The only think that bothered me was that curled hair. I think it's too short and makes her face look even rounder.

No. 889408

Funny she blamed her flat hair on the camera lens and not on the unspeakable damage she’s done to it.

No. 889421

She needs to stop bleaching and heat-styling, so that her hair can rest and the damage grow out. It'll take a while but at least she'll keep her hair then.

I don't understand why she didn't went to a professional, why she still isn't going to a professional despite the obvious damage.

No. 889428


I think she'd actually make a cute brunette if she allowed herself to grow her hair out. She made a mess of her last session bleaching her roots. Her hair and the extensions still don't match up despite a solid month of her messing around with them.

No. 889467

File: 1572996702011.jpeg (123.29 KB, 828x560, 28CB87C9-5F19-4A10-96B5-4D90FB…)

If she’s making art with the makeup, why did she buy the makeup bag? To store all of it after she uses it one time for views and never touches it again?

No. 889480

That bag is also 40$

No. 889625

Cmon, basiscs.
It's pink.

No. 889627

Yeah, come to think of it I don’t know any other artists other than Baylee getting a wish sponsorship especially since she said she had to mention wish every X amount of minutes and everyone said she was robotic and she had to cross off brand names and stuff. Most videos centered around wish products point out how problematic the service is, even generally positive ones like safiya nygaard’s videos, especially since it’s rife with bootlegs and low quality products. Baylee just saw $$$ and was too stupid to consider what the potential backlash was so she turned off the comments because of the “hate” (it was mostly people telling her that wish is bad and all the products are bootlegged, which you can’t have on a sponsored video of course), but it’s still up on her channel

No. 889685

Imagine to be so crazy about a single color that you spend 40$ on a bag that she's probably never using and that will just be in some drawer of hers.

No. 889688

Honestly I don't think she could even imagine getting any backlash. It was the same with the plastic bags were she just didn't consider that it could give backlash.

No. 889711

If she wants pink hair so bad she should just get a wig and let her hair naturally grow out. I had hope she'd do that until she brought multiple sets of expensive extensions.

No. 889819

Makes me think of something kids make during highschool art lessons

No. 889821


I gave up about halfway through the vid but I lol'd at the person sending her multiple paper sizes "for swatching and thumbnails". She swatched maybe 4 colours from the huge watercolour set and… thumbnails? Baylee? haha, as if.

No. 889849

File: 1573067984213.png (775.78 KB, 597x565, capture-20191106-201841.png)

just saw this streamer on someone else's video. the resemblance to baylee is uncanny

No. 889865

When even your fans make hints that you should make thumbnails and you still refuse to do them.

The art looks so meh. There is no thoughts put into it she just smashed the art supplies on it. I don't understand why she put all these geometric shapes on it, they add nothing to the vibe she was going for.
And would it have killed her to put a bit more effort into the face? She got a big set of pencils, it's super easy to shade with that. The lips are simply one solid dark grey/black. Semi-realism, yea right.

No. 889866

I hope she sprays the painting with some fixative before sending it to the subscriber, otherwise the pencil will just smear all over.

No. 889876

Baylee’s reactions when opening everything reminds me of someone pretending to be excited about Christmas gifts they don’t care about.

No. 889901

Omg it looks like a parody of Baylee! Wow

No. 889912

She was more excited for the food than the actual supplies

No. 889928

File: 1573083863972.jpeg (464.07 KB, 1840x1096, 60725E43-3D73-42AC-B184-198CF7…)

No. 890057

I cannot unsee two fingered and three fingered hands lmao

No. 890077

The background reminds me of those patterns on bus seats…

No. 890100

That box costs about fifty dollars just to SHIP to Canada, like it’s bonkers to me that some people are satisfied to get this and a bunch of her garbage from her and be satisfied

No. 890225

The woman somehow reminds of Roseanne.
The 90's background doesn't help.

No. 890230

I was thinking the same thing! Roseanne guest starring on Saved By The Bell lmao

No. 890321

It triggers me she managed to buy anything from the SD collab with JC and she's going to use it as art supplies. You own a ton of shit that is an ACTUAL art supply and you refuse to use it, so you deprive someone that would actually use it as make up for your shitty 'art' experiment. At the end of the day it's her money and her product she now owns, so she can literally do whatever she wants with it, so my annoyance is pointless.

No. 890327

She only does it in the hopes of getting retweeted by either Jeffrey or Shane.
That's why she did the whole Nintendo Labo thing as well.

No. 890337

Well the labo thing was of course so Nintendo would retweet her. Not Jeffrey or Shane. lol. But she only did it for a retweet is what I meant.

No. 890363

No. 890386

She’s such a sad person… She can’t do anything unless it’s for public. Like the workout streams. Good she works out but why does she need the whole world to see her?!

No. 890480

I can kinda get behind it tbh. Because of the fact that she does stream daily, she can use that as motivation to be more active.

No. 890551

That's what she's missing, the motivation to improve and do something with herself

No. 890563

She’s going to quit as soon as ring fit adventure gets boring LBR

No. 890569

I think most of art social media knows how fucking garbage and racist Shane and Jeffrey are, it’s just basic ass white women-children like BJ who throw themselves at this garbage cuz they’re too stupid to know better. She’s going to do it for a retweet but honestly like she’s gonna get people telling her how garbage they are in the comments but she’s gonna freak out like she did in the wish video and call it “hate” and turn off the comments. Plus the colors in that palette are ugly, it’s gonna be the ugliest even by baylee standards

No. 890650

That's why you don't rely on motivation but instead get discipline.

No. 890653

Guess that elliptical in the basement will never be used again…

I find it funny how she keeps talking about how awful the audio is without that mic she bough and people in the comments are just saying how they can't hear a difference at all.

She made one sketchbook tour for her improvement series and is already considering to only make one every 3 months instead of monthly.

No. 890677

I thought the same thing about her constant need to film every mundane thing she does. But then I watched a couple of her workout streams as background noise and I think actually it's good for her to put herself out there as an unfit, obese person (her words, not mine) not being ashamed to be seen huffing and puffing as she works out. Lord knows Twitch is full of fatties glued to a controller so it makes a nice change of pace to see someone taking a small step to better themselves. Assuming she sticks with it, of course.

Her twitch chat is so annoying tho. There's one chick who cannot shut up complaining she's on death's door and no doctor believes her and they're all so mean when she's on the verge of dropping dead. It doesn't matter what Baylee's doing on stream or what anyone else in chat is talking about, she keeps bleating on. Between her and the 13 year olds making edgy lewd spongebob jokes it's insufferable.

No. 890681

I really think she should stop with these subscriber boxes. The reason subscriptions like scrawlr work is because they give you supplies with a specific project in mind, give you ideas and instructions on how to use them effectively, etc. baylees fans just kind of put some stuff in a box and send it to her

shes said in the past that she doesnt do them because they take longer to ship to canada so everyone will already know what's in them, but that's not realy why people watch those videos? they watch them to see the art you make with them

No. 890768

And before that she said she doesn't want to have that many art supplies as she already owned so many.

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if she was afraid of the comparison between her and other artists when she would be using the exact same supplies and the same prompt.
She's also a bit late with the subscription box thing, I feel like that trend is dying.

No. 890787


can someone tell her pinky fingers are usually a lot shorter then the other fingers?

No. 890932

No. 890937

The state of the Cricit cutting mat makes me ill. How can she be okay with putting her customers' health at risk? Like what if they have severe allergies? Why doesn't she think of this shit?

No. 890949

When she didn't work out:
"Omg why isn't she working out anymore? She used to play DDR etc etc"

Now that she started to work out again and shows it on her vlogs:
"Omg why is she sharing this?"

Seriously, you guys are hypocrites sometimes. And now, I'm not Baylee, not every person who can see through your BS has to be her. Yes, you're right about her work ethics and overall laziness and her skills as an artist but sometimes some of you are just not picking for no reason.

No. 890953

Nevermind the typos, nut picking would have been funny and very much in Baylee-fashion I guess lol.

No. 890957

ok not baylee. there are a hefty chunk of people agreeing its actually not really a bad thing that shes doing this and could be beneficial to her health?

No. 891009

I think it’s just weird to fuckin do it on a stream but it keeps her accountable I guess. But any of us who’s watched her for any amount of time knows she’s not gonna stick with it at all, it’s like diamond painting or oil painting or her toy channel or her patreon. That’s just who she is

No. 891011


wow you sure are a jeffree and shane full on hater :))) i know theyre not the cow here, but grow up kid, jeffree's makeup is used world wide by a lot of professional makeup artists and by drag queens, and no, the colours aren't ugly, no colour is ugly, you just have to know how to use them.

No. 891032

Go to the youtuber thread if you feel like you must whiteknight Jeffree Star

No. 891039

Just because his make up brand is used world wide and by proffessionals doesn't necessarily make him a good person and by buying his products you are supporting him as a person and there are definitely enough reasons to choose not to support him as a person.
Also yea there are no ugly colours but then again ugliness is subjective, so is beauty. But the palette doesnt fit the idea most people will have of what is pretty in regards to colour combination. You likely wont be able to create a look that is not out there, especially if you have little knowledge of colour theory as Baylee does

No. 891140

No. 891148

That came a lot quicker than I was expecting. Guess she really wants to use the hype for the extra clicks.

All three paintings look boring and wonky.
It would have been a smart idea to use something else than the eye shadow palette as well, like if you want to stick to make up, maybe an eyeliner or lipstick. Just so she would have something with more pop in there.

No. 891153

Got bored today and went and figured out where she lives to see if I can check how much she pays in rent - spoiler, I didn't find the listing. Once you push all the pins into google map, it's surprisingly easy (hint: never say how far is your closest tim hortons).

But lo and behold. She lives next to not 1, not 2, not 3… but actually 12 hairdressers within 500 metres radius, and one in her backyard even does microblading! Just.how.lazy.she.is.

Or depressed. She looks unhealthy and really depresssed.

No. 891177

I have no doubt she filmed this hoping that shane or j* would repost/retweet it but its just…. so sad and pathetic? Its all horrible drawings regardless of the medium

No. 891181


well at least she was honest and admitted that she was only doing this for clicks.

they all look terrible as usual but this time she can blame a dumb medium for how they turned out, rather than her being bad at art.

No. 891187

average rent in vancouver is 1500-2000, what's there to look

No. 891191

For a house? Highly unlikely. The gouse shes in has 4 rooms right? Its going to be more than that

No. 891192

It's a 6 bedroom house

No. 891194

It's not 6. At least not officialy. Proper description in property archives is:
This 1,038 square foot house features 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom."
So my guess is only ground floor is proper living space. The renovated basement is still a basement and very likely doesn't meet building codes to be considered livable (not an architect in BC, Canada, so I wou;dn't know what those are) or might not have been properly renovated with needed permits. Which frankly would be my guess after seeing how it was stupidly flooded.

No. 891198

They got three bedrooms upstairs though.

The upstairs is: the living-/diningroom, the kitchen, a bathroom, their bedroom, the artroom and the warehouse-room.

The basement is: a bathroom, her old artroom, the toyroom (now a guest bedroom), a storage and Christian's man-cave

No. 891204

Got a link?

No. 891206

Of course I do. And of course I won't be posting it, because I actually read the rules on doxing.

If you want to find it yourself, search for Disney Store and Tim Hortons in Burnaby.

No. 891207

Doesn't make it 6-bedroom, only 6-room house.

No. 891208

That's more than 6 rooms total.

No. 891210

Definishion of room can vary- in my jurisdiction it's "spaced fully enclosed with walls with at lest one door". Open kitchen and salon like she has aren't rooms if yougo by that. Like I said, not Canadian architect.

No. 891213

That would still make 3 bedrooms upstairs and three downstairs.

There are three closed rooms with a door, a window and a closet upstairs and three downstairs plus two bathrooms (which obviously aren't bedrooms) and then the open kitchen-dining-livingroom and Christian's open mancave.

No. 891216

Like, what is your problem exactly? I quoted what property archive states and it's "2 bedroom, one bathroom" and this is likely what the owner is paying taxes on. Not my problem they remodeled off the books. And I'm pretty sure they did not advertise is as 6 bedroom, because I found piece of cached listing at that address as 2 bedroom.

No. 891222

Who the hell cares?

No. 891224

Doesn't exactly narrow it down, millions of houses in that area

No. 891226

She was talking about construction near her house too

No. 891232

There is construction all the way around the mall too haha She apparently lives next to a small car park but don't see it either

No. 891242

Trust me, it does. It's EXACTLY how I found it within 15 minutes.
She used her windows views few times in thumbnails of her videos too.

Tidbit of her entry - which she's shown in her vlogs, but from different angle as a proof the house exists.

No. 891243

Hold up, I looked at that house and thought it looked way too small. It's also not up to code at all such as the basement stairs so it's all a bit dodgy really.

No. 891244

Compare its surroundings to her window views. Heck, to her video of showing pumpkins on her porch. Perfect match.

It just shows you lot like to shit on her but don't actually pay attention to what she says. Because she described her surroundings in her vlogs in stupid details including just how far disney store is. She also posted few videos nonchalantly showing details of surrounding buildings.

Like I said, once you have all the pins on the map, the house is right there.(posting pictures of a cows house and posting multiple snippets of their dox)

No. 891259


Dude. That's creepy. What's the point to know her real address. You want to drive over there and throw eggs at her window or what. lol

No. 891284

No. 891285

she got super excited over getting AAA but it was the easiest steps anyone with good timing can do. Idk if the song was anymore intense in the beginning but the end looks super easy. Not sure how much of a work out that is.

No. 891288

It was on beginner too lol I can get triple As on most songs on hard without even trying very much. She must not be very good

No. 891291

weird thing to humblebrag about but ok

No. 891293

what vlog does she say how far away tim hortons is?? i don't remember her saying that but it doesn't surprise me

No. 891294

She's getting overly excited about getting a full score on BEGINNER mode, on a game she has been playing since she was a kid, kinda weird no?

No. 891295

>>891140 Honestly, did she not see how lopsided the last two where? I know she mentioned it, but she didn't seem to give a shit.

>>891284 Not really related to Baylee, but the stickers she got from that artist, that Vaporeon and Leafeon look like it was traced then altered to me. The Vaporeon not as much, but that Leafeon looks like it was ripped from the concept art and just slightly changed.

No. 891322

ok flex, but what point are you trying to make by being a creep? nobody cares

No. 891324

Can someone post the drawings cuz I don’t wanna watch the video.

Her meme on Twitter with the palette got retweeted and not any of her drawings

No. 891339

File: 1573373005377.png (3.42 MB, 1624x750, 4B5BAB2E-CB3B-42A7-95D5-DA8EAB…)

No. 891340

File: 1573373371580.png (3.02 MB, 1624x750, 08C61ECF-FC59-477D-9563-361CF4…)

No. 891342

LOL wow is she blind?
that second one just looks gross and terrible, like it definitely got too many oils from her hands and it’s why it’s all blotchy and gross, she’s trying to use the eyeshadows as really shitty pastels but they’re so grainy they don’t apply well (like you’d get more pigment out of a ten dollar palette from the drug store). The first one is slightly better but for someone who’s been “studying” anatomy, the girls look like bootleg monster high dolls that were run over by a truck. Their heads are weird and super flat, don’t even get me started on the weird mouths, and their arms are different lengths.

Anon, I think u got me right when I said the colors were ugly cuz like separately, they MAY be good eyeshadow colors but together, like it’s this weird combination of dusty, frosted pinks and dark, cool colors but then you have the weird middle row of warm, saturated oranges and a strange puke yellow and they all don’t go well with each other. None of these colors go together well in a good color family or theme like a good palette should. And BJ has no sense of what colors look good together either so they all go hand in hand

No. 891352

Do not post dox or discuss how to dox a subject. Posting pictures of a cows paddock from google maps alongside discussing how to find said dox is doxxing.

Let the cows pasture of residence be. It is not milk.

No. 891369

File: 1573385282255.jpeg (283.13 KB, 750x698, 11E9CB81-C028-4656-9961-A72EC1…)

No. 891374

Gotta say I agree with that, anyone who wants can buy the palette and in the end do with it what they want. It's not her fault that it sold out and some people missed out on it.

I find it a waste of money in her case since it is unlikely she'll ever use it again and let's be honest, the art looks terrible but it's nothing new that she purchases things only to be used once and then never again.

No. 891388

Baylee’s right she’s not a makeup hoarder she’s an art supplies hoarder, a toy hoarder, an electronics hoarder…

No. 891389

Scrolled through the comments and didn’t see any backlash, unless she deleted them all

No. 891420

If you sort the comments by "Newest first," and scroll all the way down to the comments posted before she pinned that top comment, you can read some of the negativity there (from like 2-3 people).

No. 891481

BC fag here, if a room has both a window and a closet it’s considered a bedroom. All six rooms in her house have both, thus it’s a six bedroom, two bathroom.

No. 891567

You know what’s really sad though? Looking through the ‘newest comments’ of her recent videos to look at the apparent hate comments, I noticed she only replied snarky comebacks to them. They were the few negative comments in a sea of overwhelming positive comments praising her shitty art, yet not a single reply of thanks from her. She shows absolutely no appreciation for her fans and only focuses onto be hate she so desperately “doesn’t” want. Ugh.

No. 891765

Not locking her comments down cuz she got like one or two critical ones is an improvement for her tbh.

But yeah, this phenomenon I don’t understand with baylee: she has a ton of followers on many platforms but she barely engages with any that she can’t do directly like on a stream, and for having so many, THEIR engagement is also super low. Like she has 48k followers on twitter, but her average posts get less than 20 replies, she barely is active replying on there, and each post only has a couple hundred likes. It’s why we suspected that she buys most of her follower numbers. Like I think she prefers to only socially interact with her audience through streaming, which is FINE like y’all can compartmentalize if you need to, and like probably most of the people watching and commenting on her videos are the same people who watch her stream, but it confuses me that she has such high numbers with little to no engagement. A big indicator of numbers that were bought

No. 891769

I've been following Baylee for years now and unless she is super fast with deleting comments, she never really has gotten much hate. Most of these "hate"-comments is actual valid criticism.
Even when she had this Art-block drama going on, most comments weren't hate but people just saying their opinion in a friendly way.

I agree with the lack of engagement on her part. She has always been terrible at it but it seems to have goten worse in the past few years. Sure you can not always reply to every single comment but I follow artist with a similar following sometimes even more and they interact with their audience so much more.

No. 891785

Even if she replied to like 5 comments every video, like a few, pin a funny comment. It would look like she actual gives a shit about creating content because she enjoys it and not just for the money. it's not that hard to upload a video, check it 20 mins later and reply to some of your fans.

Ever since Arty Advent she just skimps on every aspect of making a video. The idea is bland, like the hot guy series or using shit from her fans that she already owns and/or doesn't know how to use, like watercolours. The art is shit and rushed, it's filmed and edited as fast as possible, then when it's uploaded she gives herself a pat on the back, and moves onto the next half-baked, shit idea that comes out of her balding head all while ignoring criticism from "haters" so she can get back to making her friends fold boxes for her Katnipp knock-off online store.

No. 891801

That's the saddest part, she could do so much more with just a little bit more effort.

The problem is that she likes to dream big (just hear how she talks about Jeffrey having his own big business, you can hear how she wants that too) but to do minimal work for it.
It's just not enough to just get new equipment.

No. 892022

who needs to work more when you can buy five more cameras?

No. 892401

Honestly wouldn't be surprised if she gets a new vlog camera soon, since she doesn't seem happy with her current one.

No. 892564

She really is living the dream of being her own boss, but the production value of her content is mediocre at best. Funny, considering how much equipment she’s bought over the years.

She could really benefit from sketching more often. I wouldn’t even consider her an artist— just a YouTube entertainer disguised as an artist. And even then, her videos aren’t even the slightest bit entertaining. For someone who seems to copy content from others she tends to skimp out on the most important aspect which is enthusiasm towards the craft. She’s just going through the motions these days.

No. 892577

The issue is her 'studies' are a joke, she doesn't understand how to break down the form or use shapes properly to build the figure. Artists like her, Waffles and so on and so forth focus on drawing the outline over breaking the figure down and studying the fundamentals so it's easier to draw from imagination.

She's quick to be snarky and dole out criticism but quick to shut down ANYONE who tries to help her. It's like her claiming she hates her art, I'm calling it that it was a stunt to make people lay off her.

No. 892611

goes on and on in previous vlogs and social media about how she gets screwed over by vistaprint and says she’s looking at Canadian printers >> uses vistaprint anyway

No. 892687

Waffles always does tho so lol

No. 892694

To an extent she does, but it needs serious improvement.

No. 892718

She pays 3800 roughly a month. Mentioned it in a stream. Can't remember what one

No. 892760

Waffles is way better than baylee at it though, like she actually knows anatomy to make it look ok even when she’s bullshitting whereas baylee’s just looks like garbage all the time

No. 892777

>>892760 Oh 100% she is, but yeah everyone can improve. I just wish Baylee would take some criticism instead of snapping and learn her dang fundamentals

No. 892792

It feels like she is too late with her Christmas launch, like not for the launch itself but more with the preparations. She's gonna be in a mad rush again and probably forget about her Art channel again as well.

Also Bayls, have you considered just telling Christian to move down again instead of making remarks in your vlogs how you really want his stuff to go?
He might also just likes it more upstairs, it's his home too.

No. 892800

I bet he doesn’t want to move down, since she is upstairs all the time, he wants to be near her whereas having his stuff down there would be pretty lonely and isolating, but she doesn’t give a shit about what he wants or feels of course.

No. 892828

I was thinking the same thing. He seems to enjoy being upstairs.

If Baylee is so bothered by his stuff on the table, why not just tell him to put them into one of the drawers of the table? It feels a bit silly of her to complain about his keyboard on the table, meanwhile she takes up two rooms in the house with her mess.
Not to mention that her stuff was lying all over the dining room table too until she put it away to make space for the Christmas decoration.

No. 893116

Baylee has no right to complain about material possessions in her space. She’s a goddamn hoarder and the state of her entire home makes me sick to my stomach.

No. 893300

File: 1573703467955.png (662.67 KB, 687x792, Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 10.5…)

Baylees posca pen art. She worked on it on her last stream

No. 893301

Not as terrible as I thought it would be

No. 893329

Yeah honestly it’s surprisingly ok? Like it has its issues cuz she makes up the anatomy cuz she doesn’t know it but I was expecting a terrible, muddy random girl drawing

No. 893332

It's not a girl, it's not in her normal style, it's actually stylized which suits the medium. The cat itself is a bit wonky but overall I'm impressed she did something different and actually tried to use the marker in a way that best suits them. The yellow a bit much for me but the colors are horrendous.

No. 893345

Yeah she’s still shit at colors, anatomy and composition, like I don’t understand why she keeps extending shit to be cropped by the edges like the tail and that cat has no neck, but like it’s an improvement

No. 893371

This is an actual decent piece of graphic art. I am shocked.

Maybe she should just give up trying to draw people and continue making animals and creatures instead.

No. 893413

I remember when she drew her fursona and people here were saying almost the same thing.
I actually really like this piece too and I think she should experiment with this type of style more. I prefer it way more.

No. 893448

Honestly I'm positively surprised. Yes it is not perfect but it's decent and I do like how she worked with the medium instead of bending it to her style.

It's sad because every now and then she makes art that isn't complete garbage, but it's so rare and she refuses to work on her skills.

No. 893592

I actually think that Baylee does a pretty decent job when it comes to simplistic pieces. Like her button and sticker art, while not particularly amazing, has always been marketable and done decently as small merchandise like that. Maybe she should quit human illustration and become just a pin/sticker designer.

No. 893762

She has no imagination or creativity. Let's be real, she got this idea from somewhere else. Generally it's very decent looking but because it's so different from her usual outcome you just know she copied this in one way or another.
Btw her baby voice is so annoying, I hate when she does that. I actually watch her regularly and don't hate her at all but that voice makes me want to crawl out of my skin

No. 893847

But wtf is that tail????

No. 893872

No. 893875

File: 1573837860548.jpeg (86.07 KB, 500x500, 0B8ECB0F-3F46-4AD1-80F1-821306…)

No. 893902

Seeing her trying to cover up the purple with the pink and the yellow with the purple kinda killed me lol. Must have taken so many layers and so much paint.

No. 893916

Well now she can put the pens into some drawer and forget about them.

No. 893965

No. 893978

Really Baylee? The mountains are “phallic” and “there’s a PUSSY cat” ….this drawing is no where close to being sexually suggestive. You just wanted to say some dumb shit as always ‍♀️(emoji)

No. 893984

Why would you let your cat lick the sticky cutting mat? Just get your cats away from your work stuff.

No. 893990

I know this is a nitpick but hearing her about how poorly she planned the whole thing was so infuriating. She used that huge piece of wood but she knew she had PENS with smaller tips. So all that yellow was wasted. Then how she had to keep covering colors because she didn’t plan those either. It’s stuff like this that really highlights how much of an amateur she is and how little effort she puts into her content.

No. 893999

Not just lick it, just be that close to it, and mess with it while it's cutting. She's always complaining about how it doesn't always work, now that it's working why risk it getting messed up just because you can't discipline your damn pets

No. 894009

She always finishes an art video in like one to two days. She's just always in a rush for things for some reason.

No. 894097

She's stupid, no other words for it. With pump markers it's as easy as push in the felt tip and keep it like that for few seconds for paint to drip out. Then it can be moved with regular paintbrushed. Like a paint. The one that is inside the markers. It's markers 101. Instead she went and destroyed 2.5 mm nibs by drawing in wastelands.

Good job, Bayls.

No. 894233

Yeah like, why the fuck did it need to be so big? Just use paints cuz that’s what they’re there for? I saw it on the blog and I was wondering why it was streaky as fuck so it’s just like, while it’s better than like most of her art, it’s not done in a smart way and agreed that the poor planning makes her look way the hell more dumb.

She was also genuinely distressed that it would be “spoiled” if she’s working on art on streams when it’s like, she barely does art as it is so wouldn’t working on it on a stream be better so she’s not scrambling like she always does?

No. 894278

This piece isn’t too bad, granted it’s a different style from her go to. Wish she planned it out better and didn’t layer the paints so much, it makes it look a bit chalky. Her mentioning how it’s “phallic” is retarded, only she would point that shit out

No. 894281

Poscas are actually surprisingly chalky. They have something mixed in to make them more opaque, but it's only realizeable when compared to other brands.

No. 894294

Yeah they’re water based paint so they’re more like a chalk marker than a lot of other paint markers, like one of their recommended uses is for glass and they’re not permanent like an oil or alcohol paint marker. Like with posca, she’s the opposite of the saying “work smarter, not harder” cuz a smart person would use acrylic paint for a piece that huge and do details in posca or smart like kasey and just make small drawings. She wasted her own time and money like she always does

No. 894297

I find it so disrespectful, not just to future customers but also the manufacturer that she just dumped the pins on the floor and didn't bother putting them away. Who freaking knows how filthy those floors are.

No. 894315

I don't understand how she can leave such a mess everytime she does something. She leaves huge piles of garbage around until she cleans everything at once but wouldn't it make more sense to just dump it into a bin or plastic bag right there and then? I could never live like that, walk into a messy room like she does, she's not a teenager anymore, she's a grown woman! It's gross. I wouldn't buy anything from her just knowing how she treats her environment and how she lets her cats walk on everything. She needs like a super nanny for a week to teach her how not to do things lol.

Just out of curiosity I went back to an old footage of hers and she was way way way more calm and spoke like a normal human being. Now she always giggles, makes weird noises, acts so strangely…she definitely picked that "quirkiness" up during the years as a YouTuber

No. 894317

She doesn't even have a set upload time anymore, so she could take all the time that she needs. If she doesn't wants to spoil it, then don't work on it during the stream, problem solved.

Kiki wants threw up right between the mail-boxes and her desk in the warehouse while she was working on packaging orders, so the pins on the floor are the least to worry about.

No. 894318

They are defo not near chalk markers. They are acrylic, but have white opacifier mixed in, to make them look like poster paints, which are chalky and opaque. And nothing sticks truly well to glass, especially acrylics, that poscas inks is.

No. 894347

The mess is one of the reasons that makes it difficult to watch her vlogs sometimes. It's just, it's always messy everywhere all the time.

She doesn't seem to value or belongings at all, since it's not just garbage that lies around but also things like art supplies, clothes, etc.

No. 894508


I recently moved in with people who live like Baylee does, don't know how christian puts up with it, it is truly a nightmare. What's even worse is Baylee doesn't have an outside job so she has no excuse as to why her rooms are so dumpy,

I've asked it before countless times but I'll ask it again, what does she do all day and where does her entire day go?? It's mind boggling. I watch her vlogs but she still does so little in them it only feels like a portion of her day, not all of it.

No. 894549

This looks like depression, not gonna lie.
She steadily drops any responsibilities she had, from steady job that gives structure to even self imposed schedule. She becomes bigger and bigger slob, care less and less about appearance, leaves the house only when needed and exhibits all signals for anhedonia.
It really fucking sucks to be her atm.

No. 894555

No. 894562

So instead of cleaning the house, prepping a new art video or getting ready for the pin launch, she presses tons of buttons to give away to complete strangers and then takes a nap then spends hours waiting in line for a game for little kids.. hm. Great use of your day Baylee.

No. 894563

She didn’t even make the art herself which she could have easily done and had plenty of time to do.

No. 894564

I never understood the appeal of the midnight releases. Why not just pre-order the game?

No. 894578

Yes, making illegal counterfeit merchandise, needs to be careful.

No. 894673

She looked really haggard at the start. She really has not been taking care of herself. Her poor hair, her skin. She needs to just take a break from youtube, the store, everything, take a step back, and completely reevaluate her life and where she is health-wise

No. 894863

Her skin has been especially terrible looking lately.

No. 894883

Quitting foundation and changing her skincare doesn't seem to have done anything for her skin. It gets even worse due to her hair color not fitting her skin tone.

No. 894953

She should clean out that closet in the warehouse and use that space to store some of her business crap. She'd have so much more space to work in that room.

No. 894977


Or close it for once? The room would look less messy instantly.
Or just move the mail stuff and storage to her old art room downstairs. Just leave at least 12 inch between floor and bottom shelf and even if the room floods again, it won't affect her stock.

I also don't get why she's so stuck to those boxes either. Would be easier to just wrap some tissue paper around the pins and send them away in cardboard mailers. For the prints she could add an extra layer of cardboard but there are some pretty sturdy cardboard mailers out there so it wouldn't be really necessary.

No. 895062

One thing that also really bugs me is that just because you use glassine and cardboard boxes doesn’t mean you’re environmentally friendly. She still uses excess packaging which is still wasteful. And she even recently bought more crap to make her packaging “cuter.”

No. 895066

Baylee is the queen of being wasteful.

She ordered like 2000 bags and then decided she doesn't wants them and got that crinkly paper. So she bought 2000 bags for nothing and will just fill it up with crinkly paper, while she also has a lot of tissue paper left too.

No. 895083

Just gave blood and I remembered Baylee used to preach about it all the time and how important it was however a quick search shows she hasn't given blood in 5 years lol another thing she's cut back on. Was watching some old vlogs from 2014 and she seems more grown up and together back then than she does now.

No. 895239

If she was smart, then she would know that time is just as important of a currency as money, like the time spent folding hundreds of boxes could be better spent in other areas like actually working on artwork. And a box of bubble mailers would take up less space than the boxes, and since she sends most of her mail though chitchats anyway, it’s cheaper to do bubble mailers/flat mailers. I think she’s fixated on the boxes cuz she probably got one or two complaints that prints were bent the first time or during the spongebob print bullshit, cuz she didn’t put “do not bend” stickers on them, and with people calling her out on not being “eco conscious” that she’s developed a complex about pleasing everyone cuz she’s so afraid of getting negative feedback.

Ultimately, she’s wasting her own time by working inefficiently and I doubt she recognizes it cuz it’s doing ok so far. She needs to stop and think about all of this and how it’s affecting her time but I doubt she won’t considering that like, she sells so many pins at once and she spends less time on artwork than she does folding boxes. Maybe if it eats into her 8 hour grind a thons in Pokémon but highly doubtful

No. 895247

That's good point. I've been watching her fornthe last few years and hearing how she quit shop because she was done with handwritting addresses. My first thought was- DATA MERGE bitch. It's the easiest way even in MS Word to populate new printable labels in seconds. Nope. She still does it by hand for Canadians despite buying XL label printer…

No. 895256

It's been talked about in the previous threads countless times how she doesn't value her time or factor in her time spent into her prices and how it may seem she makes a lot of money because she earns a lot at a single time, but she probably earns less than minimum wage yearly when you factor in time input to money output, or even cost to ship / fly vs earnings.

She's been doing this for years with her buttons, you'd think she'd catch on with her pins.

No. 895260

I wonder when she's going to post another sketchbook video… BJ would really benefit from a damn course, not Skillshare. If she puts the time into looking a SS, just imagine how much better she'd get if she enrolled in some online course like Watts Atelier or hell even Proko's courses would do her so much better than her trying to learn from comic styled books.

Yes, I know she 'uses' Loomis' books, but she's not doing enough, she needs to make herself a schedule and follow it if she wants to actually learn. She has so many resources and books at her disposal and she really doesn't do enough to get better.

No. 895262

My take is she knows she's not good which leads her to her mindset "art school are scams and not needed to be an artist". She talked about it few times in her vlogs. To enroll into good art program she'd need to acknowledge she needs it and that art school isn't waste of her time. Self awareness isn't her strong suit. Or rather analytical thinking and acting on it.

No. 895265

Yeah that makes a lot of sense. I feel like she's too prideful to admit her faults as well as her self awareness as you said.

No. 895274

Seeing how she is considering only posting a sketchbook video once every 3-4 months…it'll probably take a while before the one comes out.

That self-improvement series was short lived. It's already clear that she wants to abandon it entirely and frankly, it was doomed from the start. As usual she didn't give it any thought in how she wants the series to look like and didn't spend any time researching how to improve. Just look at the last sketchbook video, how often she went on to cartoon-y stuff instead of focusing on the basics and learning from real life.
I love a cartoon-y art style but unfortunately if you wanna improve realism is were it's at. You gotta learn the rules before you break them.

No. 895388

I don’t think she lacks the awareness to take a Watts or Proko course, she’s exactly like all the animation students that were in classes in my art school where, because they all drew cartoony and worshipped at the feet of 2D Disney, they lacked a ton of fundamentals and felt like they didn’t need them. Which in some ways, I get it cuz many of them could not draw at all cuz animating is a different skill set, but you can super tell when they try to transition to more illustrative stuff that they lack the knowledge on how to observe and interpret real life from 3D to 2D to stylization. Like I think the Watt/Proko style of learning is very helpful and also very traditional especially towards painting, but people like BJ who have this “I draw cartoons, I don’t NEED fundamentals!” will never see the value in learning things like these if they can’t draw like fuckin spongebob or elsa on model. AND shit like Proko and like James Gurney and so many actual GOOD teachers have a ton of free content on like youtube, but BJ doesn’t even try that, just like studio vlogs and stuff, and at this point it doesn’t seem like she wants to extend the effort to be a better artist if the mediocre stuff is doing well for her

also have u noticed that a ton of these people who get Skillshare sponsorships often use them for things not related to art, like video editing or cooking? A ton of them like BJ should use them more for self improvement imo

No. 895389

She needs someone to like make her realize this tbh, like that accountant she was talking so positively about or like another artist she follows on YT in a studio vlog or something, cuz she has this mentality of always doing something means always productive when it’s like, just with the buttons like all the busy work is not productive at all

No. 895390

She mentioned Proko once, I think?
What I meant to say is, that she knows she's not good enough to get into art school, so she coped out of getting better by going into 3d animation. From this stems her dislike of proper art ed and didain for art schools. And all the courses you mentioned ARE proper if u ortodox art ed. She'd had to admit to herself and stop being defensive about her skills (or lack of) to be able to make actual progress. This is what I think is lack of self awarness, that she doesn't realise just how defensive she is and how longterm it's hurting her career.

No. 895396

Oh I agree mostly especially on the self awareness part but I don’t think it is her thinking she couldn’t get into art school cuz there is plenty of art schools that will take you without portfolios. I think the one she went to is one of those, like a diploma mill just for passing the courses. I think it’s she’s been trying so long to be one of those artists ~known~ for cartoony/Disney style like Brittney Lee or Mingjue Chen or Jin Kim and been aping those styles for so long but lacks that awareness that they know their fundamentals well to be cartoony.

No. 895400

Wasn't that the point of the Hawaii trip? But she ended up vlogging anyway cause she has an addiction to oversharing?
She went to college to be what? An animator? wasn't that a waste of her time and money since she doesn't even do anything relative to that anymore??? She really can't talk about art college when she wasted all that on a degree she already wasted.
She worked at Bluesky and I guess she quit because she wasn't working at a bigger production studio and got bored.
She has ADHD really badly and starts projects she never finishes and becomes obsessed with side things that are unproductive and arent just hobby things for fun (like making those pokemon buttons for no reason)
I think she does stuff like that to avoid doing actual work, but uses her husband and friends to help her when she wants to flex on the vlog/social media

No. 895407

I like "the diploma mill", never heard the phrase.
I agree. Her going there is exactly what I'm talking about. She's aware she won't get into good traditional proper one (maybe not 100% conciously, but if so, that makes her even less aware) without skill already present so she went for the easy one with side dislike for traditional stuff.

No. 895409

BlueSky? Ha she wishes. She worked for Arcana Studios, a small comic book company.

No. 895557

She wants to change her avatar again

No. 895592


Because of the new yT rules about kid's content, etc. Which is a good reason. If she can come up with something that'll help her is another thing.

No. 895692

Kinda understandable. It is her main income after all. Although I think if there wouldn't be this huge fine, she wouldn't be bothered and would just see how it goes.

No. 895694


Yeah, ok, there might be a fine. But how the hell is a US office able to fine anybody that is not American and enforce it. I asked my friendly lawyer and he laughed because of jurisdictional nightmare it would create. I would likely lose my YT channel, but there is no way for the fee to be enforced on me. So with YT being in general so American centric, I do think she vastly overplays it and buys into blind panic. Not tha YT is blameless or not stupid, but there is a reason in this madness.

No. 895722


Depends on the TOS. If you say yes to them YT could fine you anyway, no matter where you live, don't they?

On the other hand, I don't think YT will go after everyone after January 1st and make them pay that ridiculous amount of money. Would be a total PR desaster and YT would loose a lot of creators. (It's already a PR desaster tbh but people are just afraid, not actually fleeing a sinking ship.)
I wonder if this will make way for new platforms or if everything will go the same way as usual.

No. 895732

But it's not YT that is supposed to fine the content makers, but the FTC. FTC is American office and has no right to fine anyone outside of the US, so unless Canada has some weird legal agreement with the US that allows that, she's blowing it for talking points.
Can YT punish her tho? Sure. They can terminate any account on a whim and have done so, but they can't FINE her either.

No. 895759


Okay, thanks, then I got that wrong.
(I thought the FTC fines YT and YT just "hands this fine on" to the creators via TOS, so to speak.)

Well, then everyone outside of the US can relax. Nice.

No. 895772

As far as rhe fine- sure, doesn't mean YT won't get worse for everybody. But that's off topic and not even YT or FTC have any idea how it is supposed in practice.

No. 896002

Arin Hanson (egoraptor) wrote a pretty comprehensive thread on twitter about the new YouTube rules, which would mitigate the concern for all of these art channels afraid of losing monetization.

Baylee’s concern should be the quality of her content and her abysmal view count, not the kid’s content filter. 1.15 million subscribers and each video averages 60k views? Yikes.

No. 896007

Yeah I went to a diploma mill art school and they do not care about your portfolio coming in and depending on the department, they also don’t care about your portfolio going out. They just care about if you had money to pay tuition and tbh schools like that, you have to be super self motivated to get anything out of them. BJ went to an Art Institute, which is notorious for being a diploma mill art school and I think they’ve gone bankrupt at least in the US for it’s shady practices. So no doubt she probably didn’t learn a lot of illustrative fundamentals nor has she ever been self motivated to learn more than what she’s comfortable with. She got lucky getting an animation job out of college but the Vancouver animation industry is known for underpaying a lot, and she probably didn’t have a reel good enough for other places, since u have to get a visa to work in like the US or overseas, but she doesn’t technically work “freelance” since she doesn’t work for anyone else.

No. 896008

The whole YT demonetization drama is interesting as I follow a lot of OOAK doll people and they also fall into the “fringe” genre like BJ’s kiddy art. Like I read Arin’s thread and he explained a lot, you have to appeal content if it gets auto-flagged, tho who knows if BJ wants more work on top of her “workload”. It’s funny cuz hexitan, a very popular doll customizer, just went all out and created an uncensored, 3 titted, nude doll to be like “yeah this isn’t a kids channel”.

But if this means more of BJ’s “hot guys” series and bad anatomy, which also yeah get low ass engagement and views, just oh god hell naw. We pretty much know a ton of her subscribers are fake anyway, she isn’t bringing in the views she needs to make enough money like she used to. If she was smarter she’d go down the katnipp route honestly

No. 896040

I checked his thread, but he is way optimistic and also not 100% correct. FTC announced they plan on going after individual creators, not only YT, but they also said they have way too few people to go looking each and every video. FTC also treats YT like a TV station (which is weirs, because they want to go after single people), not an internet site where you can't even set up an account (according to TOS) if you're under 13. It's still true they simply can't go after anyone who is not American and falls outside their jurisdiction. But YT can by banning, demonetizing and so on.
So all in- with vague definitions of "content for kids", automatic AI filter and internet being a wild west, it's a mess that will have great impact on creators.
But THE worst that can happen to BJ is her being put on Kids YT and excluded from targeted ads (which are paying less than targeted). Maybe demonetized. Maaaaaaaybeeee - and that's a very very maybeeeeee, terminated from YT. Which obviously YT doesn't want and will work to prevent, because content = money for them. I see them banning kids content altogether first and making YT over 13 only with targeted ads.
So back to BJ- she either didn't think it out at all and bought into blind panic, or she just treats it as good talking points, because "I may lose my channel' is good cklickbaity title. You decide.

No. 896119

I just feel like content creators are making this waaaaay bigger and scarier than it actually is. Most of the weight falls onto YouTube, and just like with anything else, people will adapt to make it work.

Baylee hardly makes any money off of YT considering her subscriber count. Especially compared to someone like Waffles, who, despite having medical issues still posts regularly and knows how to appeal to her audience. Baylee has horrible ideas for videos and the most popular seem to be alcohol marker comparisons.

I think that maybe Baylee should consider ditching illustration and moving towards pins and stickers exclusively. She seems to be doing well in the department as people are eating it up. And since she just looooves to stream pressing buttons and sorting pins, there would be no shortage of work for her to do. Just more frequent pin updates to keep her store going.

No. 896206


The truly scary part is the 10 part test on what is children oriented content. It's so weird and vague (likely on purpose so YT isn't responsible for creator's choices on the matter) that a storytime of two hoes telling how to start on business while playing minecraft can be considered as a kid content. This is the true mess that YT is creating to get out of FTC jail. Going after singular creators is joint decision in the 170mil agreement, so YT won't be responsible for the content they're hosting. People are pissed, but still overdramatizing the issue.

No. 896244

No. 896252

File: 1574372019569.png (1.07 MB, 808x539, 456254654654626254625465.png)

Her cats are going to one day ingest the shit she leaves around like this tinsel ribbon and that's pretty much a death sentence.
She lets her cats just go wherever too and if she left those pins on the floor all night i wouldn't be surprised if the glassine bags have been bitten. Cats love that shit.

No. 896265

I know she switched to the glassine bags in order to reduce plastic, but do the pins really need bags at all?

No. 896304

If Baylee had kids they’d probably die from neglect too. She can barely take care of her cats. She acts like they are trustworthy to leave to do whatever. I bet Midna has eaten plastic before but Baylee has no idea. Just wait till they have intestinal blockages.

No. 896305

Jesus fuck, just add white to neon paint like normal human being and paint with opaque paint.Has she ever used neons? She's so frustrating.

And covering brush? Just do motion tracking and make color mask in post profuction. Omg. Has she ever truly edited anything?

No. 896385

Any excuse to keep buying stuff she will only use once!

No. 896442

I can’t believe she’s even considering to try and sell those defective pins as C grade by painting them with Posca pens and adding glaze on them. What the hell!?

Also, I kinda hope this COPPA rule affects her shitty channel greatly… oop

No. 896451

As an artist I dislike how she advertises her earnings at the end of a convention blog. I laughed at her income from her anime north. We also oth did calgary expo and I laughed cuz she made shit. I drove 2 days paid for 4 ppl to go. And for 2 hotel suites and by the end of calgary I made 4x more then berry after taking out all expenses. Bernie prices are cheap and she undercuts everyone.

Aside from that she treats ppl like shit. I finally had a chance in calgary to visit but because I had no gift to give her she wouldnt gi e me the time of day to talk even though I too am a twitch artist I only have about 600 followers (more on that later) anyways I bought her book to lol over and she signed it thx for the support didnt ask my name or give me the time of day yet it was slow at the time maybe 100 ppl in the building i laughed as i u subscribed years ago.

Bad a few of my followers find me a d they came by to talk to me. A few brought gifts to me and i made the effort to give them a hug wrote down there na.e and email. Emailed them again when i got home and mailed them a thank you card with a doodle in it.

A few were telling me how excitted they were to meet two of there fave artists and baylee barely said hi to them.

Oh and girl cant count I gave her 40 when ber book was 25 and she didnt give me .y change bad to ask for it.

I can go on. Sad she is full of herself.

No. 896453

Since I know some artfags read this thread, just want to shed some light on the Youtube thing.

It's about Youtube not wanting to accidentally collect data on child viewers. It isn't really about the content you make at all; kids watch all kinds of stuff on Youtube like Shane Dawson, makeup tutorials, etc.

The idea is, if there's a good chance kids might watch your stuff, you're better off marking your channel "made for kids" which limits the amount of personal data collected about your viewers. That's it. It's not a punishment.

My channel is not monetized, but my views went up after marking it "for kids"

No. 896454

>My channel is not monetized.

This is your fallacy in the argument you present, because you are not even targeted creator in the whole COPPA issue. Your not getting paid for your hobby, but it's an issue for people who aren't treating YT as a hobby and (I cringe to say it) are professional YTubers getting paid from it. If getting only views satisfies you, good for you. But you won't be able to buy new camera with them if you wanted to up the quality.

So have fun with your YT, but don't derail the argument claming COPPA isn't an issue at all just because it's not an issue for you.

No. 896460

I’d rather she fixed them up and sell them at a discount than just check in the trash. Wasteful.

No. 896483

Do you think views went up bc more kids watch it? Would that suggest that more kids will watch inappropriate content if creators are fear forced to mark their content for kids?

No. 896484

I wonder how that new video idea will turn out. It sounds like it'd be better for like a TikTok or a quick video for Twitter and Instagram, not really for a YouTube video.

She let Kiki lick all over her diamond painting and didn't care much, you really think she cares about tinsel lying around?
Reminds me of when they moved into the house and she got tired training her cats after 3 days and just decided to let them run all over the kitchen counters and tables.

No. 896509

That effect looks SO BAD. Even if she did the suggested motion tracking less than half-hearted, it wouldn't look any more fake.
Keeping the brush clean on the upper side looks like you're using a dry brush. Doing opaque strokes with harsh lines does not make it look at all like you're actually paining something.
AND she doesn't even know how to use the effect in a video - and doesn't want to make any art to do a compilation-type thing. What a waste of time and supplies.

No. 896531

On the one hand, good for her for sticking with her twitch workout routine and having fun with it but on the other hand, girl does not look graceful doing DDR.

No. 896535

Link to your art? I’m interested

No. 896537

Does she ever look graceful though?
Still a bit impressed that she puts herself out there like that, and DDR is still better than nothing.

Is there actually a reason why she won't try Just Dance? She owns a PS4 and seems to enjoy the dancing kind of workouts so why not update?

No. 896538

Does she ever look graceful though?
Still a bit impressed that she puts herself out there like that, and DDR is still better than nothing.

Is there actually a reason why she won't try Just Dance? She owns a PS4 and seems to enjoy the dancing kind of workouts so why not update?

No. 896548

I think views going up reflects the fact Youtube are not "punishing" creators with this rule, but actually recommending your video more often when it is "for kids" meaning they have no chance of getting in trouble via collecting data about children accidentally, which is what they already got a huge fine for doing. "For kids" is basically "low data collection setting"

If my channel was monetized that would mean more views, which means more potential ad viewers.

Baylee's channel is kid friendly (in theory, actually no kids could sit through watching her doing the dishes) and I think she'd struggle to prove otherwise under scrutiny, with her art style.
They still get ads, just not targeted ones. I don't think it's the death knell people are viewing it as (due to very confusing literature presented by Youtube, and wild speculation by creators)

Lol don't do it Anon

No. 896554

This is where you fail to understand what is going on.

"For kids" means more views because it's allowed to search and stream on Kids YT app. It's true ot gives you more views.

But monetization wise, those views are worthless, because kids CAN'T be advertised to. So when your video is streamed on regular YT with an add, you get the lowest tier bid on that add, because you marked it for kids and YT legally can't check statistics for watchers. Advertisers don't want to pay for targeted adds that are worth a thing. What is more your videos will be stripped from end titles, queuing, commenting and adding to playlists. Which all of those are essential to building your audience and viewers retentions.

So yeah, co grats on extra views from 10 year olds, which you can't even identify in your statistics, because YT can't even disclose their age. If you ever wanted to build your channel outside of hobby thing, you will have really hard time making it worth your humongous effort.

No. 896556

If YT is doing that then the whole thing that is supposed to protect kids will hurt them. How many channels that are not for kids will be termed for kids bc creators fear the fine. With yt guidelines even chucky would be for kids because it prominently features a doll. Let’s hope yu,ftc will provide better guidelines.

And the loss of the comment option is a serious issue. As is the save and like option.

No. 896611

>Things that never happened

No. 896663

The real kicker is that they already come in tiny plastic bags that she throws out to put in slightly different plastic bags

No. 896667

I get why she is moving them from those tiny plastic bags to backing cards. It is about marketing. And looks. It looks better on the backing cards then not.

No. 896692


Yeah, it does. Kinda.
But honestly, though, it would only be really necessary if she would sell them at cons/ in person.

No. 896699

You're just splitting hair at this point. I have uet to buy a pin from an artist and not get it on a backing board. It helps them not move around and chip during transport and usually backing also serves as a business card/promo for the artist.
If she really wanted, she could reuse the tiny bags for her C grade pins, but 300 business cards she uses on them has really small impact on anything but her extended work time.

No. 896700

Nothing to do with that, enamel pins have been around ages but Disney really boosted their popularity in the late 90s and they had backing cards for the purpose of hanging on a peg in the stores and everyone else just copied making it an industry standard. Nothing to do with shipping protection or artist advertising. Just looks nicer is all.

No. 896716

More like, why does she do the glassine when she’s packing them anyway? Like in katnipp’s studio vlogs, she doesn’t bag her pins anymore (is probably where people like BJ got the idea to use glassine). And BJ is obsessed with packing her boxes full of useless shit so she doesn’t necessarily need to bag, but it’s yet another time waster in her daily tasks.

No. 896717

Tbh tho it’s slightly nitpicky since there’s a whole lot of stuff she needs to do to be more efficient and at least she recognizes it’s a “preorder” cuz she works so DAMN slow

No. 896859

You are aware that things evolve in life and however it started, it can have different use right now? Also tell all the artists that print their names on the backing cards, they're doing it wrong, because they should hang them instead at Disney's

Why do you sound so butthurt, she does something in a way that doesn't copy how Katnipp does it 100%? She's likely doing it because she thinks it looks good. Dunno, does she need to have a really good and reasonable reason everytime she does something? Laugh at her inefficiency, but there are better subjects to get assblasted than glassine bags for pins, which isn't even THAT weird for people selling pins.

No. 897064

No. 897077

That pink desk is so blotchy and disgusting

No. 897089

That was a bit shit not gonna lie, what was the point exactly? People watch art channels to see the piece created from start to finish and see how it was done and listen to other things about it, that was just here’s some shitty rushed out garbage and that’s it.

No. 897091

I can't believe she drew three drawings for one video

Unless they're not new

No. 897127

oh i thought this would be the intro to an actual art video… they must be old pieces right, or why waste them on this

No. 897130

Weirdly enough she might actually be doing a good thing there because she can recycle that soft plastic where she lives. In the big Baylee-uses-too-much-plastic backlash she got, one of the big complaints people had was that customers who buy from her couldn't recycle plastic bags where they live so it ended up in a landfill. The way she's doing it now, she recycles those bags her end and puts them in biodegradable glassine which everyone who buys from her can deal with by recycling/composting if they're serious about the environment.

No. 897149

File: 1574574348134.jpg (138.9 KB, 1455x1080, PicsArt_11-23-11.45.02.jpg)

No. 897153


Wrong thread lol

No. 897157

The Christmas music is off putting

No. 897164

This just seems like something for people to commission off of fiverr or something. Weird.

No. 897188

Thatvwould be kinda neat 60 second vid for instagrambif she did it how they donit with digital- have sketch and erase it to show finished painting. Or if she did tutorial how to create this effect. For sure not worth full time vid where she rubs the paper to show what's below.

No. 897196

That was even more underwhelming than I thought it would be. This idea just doesn't work for an entire YouTube-video. For Insta, Twitter or as Intro it could've been a fun idea, man even in form of telling a story but just for revealing already finished art work? Meh.

It does. I wish she would go back to a more neutral brown or something and maybe try to keep it a bit cleaner.

No. 897590

Might be her new venture

No. 897786

No. 897806

She slipped on cat vomit. Lovely.
Other than that it's just boring. She went out with friends, talked a lot about that far Pikachu plush and the end.

She really needs to learn that she doesn't need to film and upload everything. Less is sometimes more and would make for better vlogs.

No. 897868


wow baylee and jacob together are even more awkward than baylee and christian. is this girl capable of having a conversation that doesn't sound stilted as fuck?

she only filmed at this place to prove that she leaves her house.

and her sandwich… god the most revolting shit i've seen in my life. onion, canned tuna, and string cheese? i'd rather lick the cat vomit.

No. 898020

that music she chose while she was putting pins together is literally disgusting. i've never heard music that has made me felt so enraged before lol

No. 898033

Reminds me of some kind of knock off Danny Elfman music

No. 898054

OMG I hated the music too, I had to skip pass it as it was annoying me too much

No. 898055

she slipped on a puddle and nearly ended up in the cat vomit

No. 898064

A puddle of cat vomit. She slipped on the pile and nearly fell in it. Listen again around the 2:15 mark

No. 898065

It's a weird, uncomfortable mix of her intro music, Halloween and Christmas? And the pacing was almost like a ticking clock effect, like she was racing against a clock or running out of time. Such an odd choice, especially after just talking about doing ASMR for the pins.

The ease with which she shared the vomit story was disturbing. Her oversharing knows few boundaries

No. 898069

That what gets me, she didn't seem disgusted by it at all just, she only thought it was funny how she almost fell into it.
Reminds me of the time where she just had to film Kiki's vomit and show it to the world.

No. 898091

If you have indoor cats, it doesn't even register anymore. You're just glad you found it instead of the cat vomiting in you closet. Cat's vomit is really nothingburger.

Should she announce it to the world? Well, if your life is THAT boring that slipping on cat vomit is exiting… But it really is nothing in a life of cat's owner.

(wanna hear really funny story? I once stepped into half a mice my cat dragged into the house. THAT was something to talk about.)

No. 898132

Yes like the other morning she announced she had diarrhoea or Christian ripping a huge fart whilst she was trying to film.

No. 898134

We had cats all my life and I still would be disgusted stepping into cat vomit.

No. 898168

ya, as someone with 4 cats you kinda get used to it. It's still very gross and stepping in it sucks, but it happens and its the nature of owning cats.

fun fact, cats are pretty gross

No. 898170

Uh…what? The only time my cats used to throw up was poor quality food, not taking proper care of them (water quality, brushing, laying shit around they could eat) or them just not feeling good / becoming sickly…Cats throwing up isn't that normal tbh. It's still gross af… Baylee finding it exciting says something about her days, so gross.

No. 898438

I've got a cat w/ major anxiety who eats too fast no matter what method we try, so cat vomit is a daily in my house. Still not something I'd ever mention on film to anyone. I hate how she always mentions such gross things, like updating everyone whenever she has a bowel movement. So nasty.

No. 898551

Oh no here we go with the cat autism. Are there any cows on this site that haven't been accused of abusing their cats?

Also Baylee slipping in cat vomit reminds me of the time CWC slipped in cat shit. Good times.

No. 898555

No. 898560

How long you think until she will start putting her dolls into other rooms as well?

No. 898590

She's really delusional if she thinks she's going to sell more than maybe 1 of that horrific print of the woman screaming while laying on a 1990's chucky cheese carpet.

No. 898600

So went to scope out how much she spent on these garbage prints

the two 300 stacks are $244.41
the three 150 stacks are 126.70

she spent almost $900 on these and assuming they'll be similar prices to the old smaller prints she'll have to sell almost 200 prints to make that back.

I've never seen even big name artists buy this many prints even with more variety so I think she's just delusional.

No. 898607

You shit one her, but do you watch her stuff at all? She sells out every time, prints included to the point she hag to re order once, because she sould out first few hours into her preorder.

Tho those are a waist of prismatic laminate, especially that painter one, fugly AF, reminds me of stuff I did in art school, when I was 14. I grew out of it within 6 months of slaving for grades.

No. 898681

This isn’t new but god the way she talks about speedpaints always baffles me. Someone who hates drawing gets to make a living off their art. It’s insane. Also seeing all of those dolls and the way she just talks about how she’s already bought more is unreal. How does nobody around her point out buying dozens of expensive ass dolls is a waste of space and money? She knew she didn’t even have the space for it and still ordered more.

No. 898682

Sage fucked up my bad

No. 898708

I don’t think being a collector is an issue but the way she displays them isn’t visually pleasing. Her room feels cramped and they’re not well displayed. It’s sort of a shame considering how much they are.

No. 898797

This is what freaks me out about her audience, like who the fuck is buying all her stuff and what are these people like? Are they kids or just giant adult-babies like herself? I don’t watch her streams but it also seems like she has a couple thousand subscribers, even if less than half of them buy her stuff, she’ll still sell out.

Anon, u forget about pricing and profit: she sells out every time she opens her store so if she sells all 300 prints, even at like 5$ (idk her pricing but I assume it was like 5-10), she makes about 85-90% profit on them. It’s baylee so we know she doesn’t take time, labor and shipping into consideration so she isn’t super aware of how much her hourly boils down to, but seeing that 900$ turn into 5-10k depending on her pricing she sees that as successful.

No. 898819

Yeah she makes it sound like such a horrendous task having to do one speedpaint. If she would have planned the launch (and really any launch so far) better in advance she could have had videos prepared before hand or would have been further with the preparations for the store.

I agree. It's fine to buy dolls if that's what she likes and wants to spent her money on, but it's sad that she just shoves them in a corner. It is the same with all her Jim Shore figurines. Those aren't cheap either but they get completely lost standing in those cabinets in the corner. Her Thomas Kinkade print also just drowns on her wall with all these other prints. She has no sense of making the most of the room and how to decorate/showcase things nicely.
This way she doesn't seem like a collector but more like a hoarder. She just gets things to have them, not for enjoying them.

No. 898824


Guess it's a combination of a few things like she clearly has a buying problem in general too. It's like she gets a high from buying stuff until it arrives, has another small high from unpacking it and then everything drops until she buys something new. Disney stuff seems to be one thing that gets her the most highs. Like she watched Frozen 2 two days in a row, and I bet it won't be the last time.
Almost like she never learned to regulate herself.

Also why are these grown white westerners always so obsessed about Disney? lol I like those movies to a certain point too but beeing so obsessed when you're around 30?

No. 898849

that green screen “speed paint” thing is the worssstttttt. truly revolutionary baylee.

No. 898851

People who hoard toys and surround themselves with childish things as an adult are usually compensating for some kind of childhood trauma. Her parents divorced, she moved away from all her family and friends and started a new school where she was lonely, lost her grandparents when she was young etc all has played a part in her current mental state. If you watch the vlogs from 2013/2014 she is like a completely different person, she’s tidy, she prioritises correctly, has a strong work ethic, seems genuinely happy and bubbly but fast forward to 2019 she just doesn’t seem to give a crap about anything really and seems quite depressed and detached from reality. Quite sad really. Ever since she got the cats, moved in to that house and got married everything seems to have gone to shit.

No. 898879

she just got way too damn comfortable.

Just now realizing that every vlog she does is just a “look at what I bought today” compilation.

No. 898903

Her vlogs these days are so boring and these weird quirks she has nowadays aren't helping.

No. 899176


um, not to take baylee's side, but toys are art, especially the collector's editions that she gets; you don't need to be a childish person to appreciate toy design

No. 899197

Agree about the toys, at least about the limited dolls, if I were into it, I wouldn't have minded owning a few.

Tho to be fair, she is walking a line between proper collector and a hoarder of those, because she crams them and doesn't display them nicely - she has perfect place to do so in her basement. A lot of space to set up cabinets, it's now dry and dark - which is important so the resin and materials don't fade in sunlight. Yet she plans on putting ANOTHER cabinet into her already overloaded room. Go figure.

I think what makes her look childish is not the designer dolls, it's her obsession about DISNEY designer dolls and not actually curating her collection. Frozen is a movie for 10 year old. She went twice, cried and then got 300CAD dolls. Not because they would make her collection more curated and interesting, but because Frozen.

No. 899318


Not to mention this new Elsa doll looks cheap af.
The other dolls she got during D23 look so much better. I wouldn't mind owning one of them too.

No. 899383

No. 899443

the speed in which her studio/packaging rooms get cluttered all over again is miiiiiind boggling.

oh look baylee buys more shit.

No. 899455


I'm just baffled to as how she puts expensive dolls on the dirty kitchen floor. I know they still had some packaging but the cats could easily damage them or puke all over. She has a damn table that could fit all of them if she really wanted a nice shot of them to show off. It's so wild considering how expensive the damn things are that she doesn't seem to treat them with much care.

No. 899631

It's because she just dumps everything instead of having a trash bag at hand or putting things away.
It's funny since she keeps talking about being efficient, yet when it's about cleaning (and other things) she is super inefficient and rather spends all day cleaning a huge mess.

No. 899688

She's either careless or 1k of dolls means nothing to her

These dolls are clearly designed to stay in their boxes, I don't see the point of deboxing them.

No. 900184

as someone who used to collect designer dolls, I've never been happier than when I sold them all off and only kept 1 that I loved the most. I think Baylee should do the same, or maybe keep 1 doll per level of the display case she intends to buy

No. 900188


For real, those dolls are some sort of capital investment, aren't they?
She could just buy them, keep them for a while and then resell them. (But for that she better should keep them in their boxes.)

No. 900190

I don't think she buys them as an investment. I honestly can't see her ever selling her dolls. On another note, her store had only been live for 5 minutes and she already had 440 orders in that timeframe. I wonder if she realises how lucky she is with that! I know some artists with great artwork and they don't even get that many orders in a month!

No. 900194

No. 900198

I honestly don't think she realizes how lucky she actually got with her art career.
In her mind she works a lot and is very busy, which might was true for a while, like when she had a full time job, vlogged, had a store, streams and an art channel but really isn't true anymore and hasn't been true in a long time.

No. 900240


more BS busy work. a print isn't as valuable if it's not hand signed? it can't be printed on?

girl your ugly prints aren't going to increase in value period. you're not a real artist.

No. 900314

I’m astounded that many people are stupid enough to waste money on the absolute shit she produces.

No. 900396

File: 1575261022192.jpeg (288.3 KB, 1242x1004, 6EEA3E62-456C-40A2-953C-D579DD…)

How long before Baylee does a poorly planned piss poor quality version of this?

No. 900426

Haha I've been wondering the same thing!
I've seen a lot of these making pins out of clay going around instagram and am surprised she hasn't hopped on to that yet since she has a lot polymer clay and is so into the enamel pins.

No. 900447

Wow her warehouse is an absolute mess and the store hadn't even been launched during the vlog.

No. 900464

I think this exemplifies why she has lucked into this situation - her audience are into her, so they buy the absolute mediocrity she sells to have that “connection”, regardless of what it is. She really doesn’t have to face the problem many artists do in balancing what they want to create and what their audience want to see because her audience will buy anything from her.
I once looked into what the usual way to go about signing art was, and from what I read, unless it’s a very limited run, you don’t sign prints. But her audience loves them more for that.

No. 900546

I haven't watched any of her videos in months but it's shocking how much she has regressed in that time. The house is a straight up mess, there is so much stuff everywhere even the walls and floors are just absolutely crammed full of shit. Like how? She has a house that is way too big for 2 people yet she manages to run out of space. It doesn't even feel like a house but moreso a hoarder's dumping ground, I don't understand how anyone can be comfortable living in a mess like that. Honestly I feel for Christian because it's obvious all of that shit belongs to Baylee.

That aside, I'm surprised by how much she still sells (or expects to sell) with her main channel slowly dying. The fact that she can just create whatever crappy idea she has without even having to think twice about it being something that people would actually want proves that she just got super lucky with her carreer. I honestly think that her luck with it also just has made her super complacent, she literally just does the bare minimum amount of work with everything and somehow still manages to make a profit.

No. 900564

I wonder how long that will work for her. She had extremely good luck with her audience so far, but her views are dropping and I feel like she can't keep up with the sales either. At some point her audience will get bored of ordering everything.
If Baylee herself doesn't get tired of having the store, because honestly I wouldn't be surprised if she did and just stopped with it.

No. 900627

Her way of doing “inventory” is so convoluted and inaccurate. Just another way she wastes time. Not to mention what a fucking pigsty that room is. I don’t know how she gets around, and for someone who is all about the “aesthetic” of things, it sure looks like a dump with all kinds of random shit piled up everywhere. And she already wants to pile more crap into it by bringing in another desk.

No. 900736


you can't tell me that her math is quicker than just… calculating how many a/b/c grades you have as you're grading them. keep a pad of paper with three columns and mark them as you go.

that would involve planning ahead though, so nvm.

No. 900896

Speaking of inventory she mentioned on stream the amazing ort pin and the petal dance print were the only ones that didn't sell out last time. So what does she do? Restock both of them. They're still lingering while most everything else is sold out again.

No. 900911

For some reasons I can't access her shop like…at all. I wanted to see how many pins she had left but NOP

No. 900912

All but her Amazeen Ort pins are sold out, all her prints apart from Petal Dance, Noise and Nut are sold out too. Not surprising though, her fans will buy anything of hers.

No. 900918

Thank you!
Ngl in super jealous I wish my art would sell like that too
Do we know how much of every pin she ordered?

No. 900921

Yes, she talks about it on and off in vlogs. But you'd have to go and watch it for the last month to gather all info and nobody hates themselves that much. Estimate 100-300 a pin.

No. 900922

I did a quick search and the numbers were
Cutie pine: 500
Gingerbun: 500
KikiMidna: 200
Bunkin: 350
Bebe Box: 200
Amazeen Ort: 200

She also says she doesn't want to order under 200, because then the costs would go up.

No. 900937

There are 200 people who bought Amazeen Ort pin.
Let that sink in.

No. 901013

New main channel video

No. 901016

I don't know why she went on about how she 'just had to talk about it' when she had nothing to say?

No. 901024

Why does the art look like half a head attached to a sack of poorly lit potatoes?

No. 901095

This somehow feels like she just didn't knew what to talk about and remembered that there was this tweet going around, so she talked about that.

The art is meh. It's obvious that she has no idea about the anatomy, especially the part that is covered by the sweater/jacket. She just drew half a head and a potato sack.

No. 901173

Let me just file this as “A video that should have been a tweet”.

No. 901174

It's just another classic youtuber thing where they jump on a "trend" to get views from it. She also only used the conspiracy palette for her video because of the hype for it. She admitted she didn't care about the tweet until she saw more people talk about it and it kept popping up on her timeline. Ah well, girl needs content I guess.

No. 901205

Honest question, wouldn’t you want to start packing orders ASAP so you don’t get swamped? Why is she just watching her stuff sell and streaming?

No. 901214

did the giant ugly desk she used to have in the basement get destroyed in the flood?

No. 901227

It wouldn’t fit in her new art room so she tossed it out on the curb. Could have sold it but whatever.

No. 901262

I think this is where Baylee’s knowledge about her audience is lacking. Like, I am pretty sure most of her buyers are people who watch her streams because they like her and her personality while she’s desperately trying to YouTube but doesn’t know what art direction it wants to go to since she’s not educational, she’s more like art clickbait. She should focus more on her streaming audience than whatever her YouTube is, especially with YT monetization stuff, but she’s convinced she’s “made it” as a YT artist.

No. 901287

Are her streams really that popular? I always assumed that's where she's the least popular.

No. 901365

She's not crazy popular, she gets under 200 viewers on her fitness streams. I don't know if her 'art' (read: doing chores) streams pull in more people. But I've seen gamers go full time twitch streamer with the same amount of viewers so idk.

Her chat is so obnoxious tho. They have a really weird culture where whatever Baylee is doing they just talk amongst themselves about their illnesses and pets and the crushes they have on people IRL. It's so boring, I can't imagine Baylee can grow her Twitch because she's probably already at the max amount of people who would listen to that dull nonsense.

She said she got more than 1000 orders so her Twitch viewers aren't her primary buying audience.

No. 901383

I’ll agree, if anyone else was in that position and saw just how quick things were selling, fuck the stream, you’d start getting packages together! Like is she crazy?

No. 901453

The amount of packaging is painful to watch. I mean, she packaged the pin on cardbox paper for protection,then puts them again in a cardbox, which when goes into an envelope? Or the print. First cardbox paper for protection, whcih again goes into a cardbox for more protection. Is the cardbox really necessary?

No. 901459

I think she has more long term people willing to stick with her in streams than YT but I’m probably mistaken too, like it’s still weird to me how she can hold onto a million subs when tons of them are fake and she’s inconsistent and mediocre. She does have that strange community tho, like it feels like yoga moms or something but baylee is their god. Like even when she was doing the whole ignorantly racist shit, her stans are always there defending her

No. 901477

not to mention this dumbass didn't have her "warehouse" room clean and ready beforehand. like what the fuck goes on in her brain? swear to god shes just got a hamster in a wheel running in circles in there

No. 901478

She does it for _aesthetic_ ever since she found out that flat boxes ship for the same amount as envelopes in Canada. And tbh cuz katnipp does flat boxes too, which is why we bring the comparison in sometimes. She’d save a ton more time and space going to flat mailers and envelopes but since her patrons tend to buy combined things of prints with 3D objects like the pins and her releases are periodic, so boxes probably work out more. However I doubt they contribute to any kind of efficiency that she thinks she has cuz she has to stuff them

No. 901479

Even worse is her procrastinating. She had the whole week (from what I could guess) to clean up, do her art video and what not, but no. She spends the whole day that her store opens and sells out cleaning, signing prints, doing art video and streaming.

She's supposed to have a bullet journal to keep her shit organised but it seems she doesn't even use it anymore if she's this freaking disorganised..

Other than that, how does she package things so slow and why does she feel the need to just vlog herself packing when that also takes time away from her packaging to set up the camera.

No. 901503

She mentioned a couple vlogs back that filming a pin packing asmr video or some dumb shit no one wants to watch "takes longer to film and more effort than I even put into my art videos" I think she's aware she could shit on a piece of toilet paper, sprinkle it with pink sprinkles and sell it to her fans so that's why she just keeps getting worse and worse. Some pins you can see she tried to think out a little as she took it seriously, but since she saw how everything was a sUcCcEeSsSs she just stopped caring (bunkin, cutiepine)

No. 901505

It really bothered me she didn't clean the warehouse until AFTER the launch. What the hell goes through her head I don't know.

No. 901597

The problem with this is that her streaming audience is just her YouTube audience as well. It's the hardcore fans of her that just like whatever she puts out.
Let's be honest, her streams are boring and she doesn't really stream things that catch people's interest. I mean her creative streams are just store prep. So I don't think she has many followers on Twitch that aren't actually from YouTube.

I do totally agree though that she has no idea what she wants her YT Channel to be, other than her dream of being a youtuber. I mean she doesn't even say that she's an artist, she'll always say she's a youtuber. It's weird how she is so in love with the idea of being a yter but can't be arsed to put effort into her videos.

No. 901650

I’m watching Katnipp’s first studio vlog right now as everyone keeps mentioning her but I’d never seen her pop up in my recommended. She’s literally everything Baylee is not, she’s organized, professional, dedicated to her art (she decided to make a fall stickerpack as she loves fall and literally starts on designing it right after her orders and other important things are sorted), she doesn’t procrastinate and cleans up as she goes. It’s so clear to me how dedicated she is to her art and her store and hoe Baylee is not.

No. 901657

She also pulls off the pink-pastel-aesthetics much better than Baylee.

No. 901708

I wouldn’t necessarily count her in the pastel aesthetic, she uses a lot of primary colours. Out of all her art I haven’t seen any that are pastel

No. 901721

Except she absolutely is, you corblind?

No. 901723

You mean baylee? Her art isn’t necessarily but she’s trying too hard to be pastel person IRL and it is NOT flattering to her in the least from like her really stringy and balding hair cuz she keeps bleaching the shit out of it and she goes out of her way to get pastel clothing that does not suit her body shape at all. Katnipp also incorporates a pastel aesthetic but she isn’t a horrible adult child who has to wear spongebob on all articles of clothing but wears pastels. She isn’t a fashionista by any means but she is way more put together in all ways over baylee

No. 901734

I can see that her hair is a pastel pink, and her desktop shown in videos is pastel pink. Her overall aesthetic is not, nor is the colour palette in her art, she utilizes a lot of vibrant primary colours.

No. 901738

That horrific montage of her cleaning the “warehouse” where you see how fat she has got in that vile outfit and disgusting hair do.. vomit inducing.

No. 901923

Those fitness streams really haven’t done anything for her. She’s as fat as ever. It wouldn’t be as bad but she refuses to know how to dress herself properly. Like maybe a jacket that’s not 2 sizes too small and we can see her fat rolls poking out.

No. 901956

She just started those, it hasn’t even been a month and you’re not gonna shed weight just cuz you run in place for 20 minutes a day. Like granted, she’s going from sedentary to actually moving around so she’s bound to lose something, but she tbh did better with keto and when she was into pokego. But seriously she’s still probably eating the same, of course she’s not gonna magically turn skinny in less than a month

No. 902229

Exactly. She can do these workout streams but diet is a major factor in weight loss. If she still eats like shit while exercising, she’s going to barely see progress (and very slowly), if any at all.

No. 902244


all she eats is eggs and processed garbage slathered in ketchup.

No. 902280

No. 902285

Every time I watch Baylee I always get this bad smell up my nose as I get the strong impression that she and the house absolutely stink.

No. 902288


god she looks revolting. go outside, get a vitamin d lamp, anything. she's just grey. disgusting dirty hair, meth scabs all over her face. wtf. i wouldn't even go to 7/11 like this and she's just putting this up for dozens of viewers.

No. 902335

I haven’t watched one of her vlogs in a while, and was genuinely shocked at how bad she’s looking, especially the condition of her skin. If your job was filming yourself on a daily basis, would you not invest in a basic skincare routine or something? Is it not embarrassing to upload yourself harrumphing about like a greasy, pastel blob, whose only true joy in life is the thrill of buying plastic shit?
I wish she would go back to pre-wedding Baylee when she had the longer blonde hair, and had more pride in her health and appearance. Wasn’t perfect, but was a hell of a lot better than this thing she’s become. Such a major downfall.

No. 902427

I might had gagged a little when she said she was wearing the same shirt she worked out in the day before and just threw a sweater over the top.. that's just disgusting!

No. 902437

That’s just nasty…. her workout sweat just fermenting all day under that sweater

No. 902438

File: 1575628371974.jpeg (74.66 KB, 827x673, E9BFDC23-240B-4B61-A8CD-C8E56F…)

I can’t believe she is 28, she looks like a 47 year old woman who let herself go and only showers once a full moon. What happened, she looks so different from her teal hair days…

No. 902440

Plus she drinks and binge drinks as well, a lot of people don't realize the amount of calories comes from drinking alcohol especially hard alcohol with mixers. It’s definitely not helping her in the slightest.

Already slacking off on the exercise, I give it another two months and that’s generous. For the amount of days she does a vlog, which span like 2-3, it’s crazy how boring they are and how she thinks this is quality content? Like it’s vlogmas time now and there’s tons of people doing daily vlogs but she ever ever leaves the house unless she has to buy something or drink and streams her mundane work. She’s become a house toad

No. 902443

Pins at that quantity and if she’s ordering straight from the manu (which she probably is cuz you can usually pay middlemen to do all the grading, carding and bagging) are about 1-2$ USD depending on what finishes you do on them. You never really want to order under 100 and most manus don’t let you anyway because they’re still expensive and labor intensive to make and it’s pretty average to sell them for 10-15$ depending how big they are.

She seems to have a good amount of less than A-grades so it could be actually like 180 pins but it’s still crazy people paid money for it. I’ve seen lots of really dumb pins and it still isn’t one of the most tacky, but it’s seriously one of the things really for her weird fandom clique

No. 902477

She did actually quit foundation earlier this year and with that she also went and got a new products for her skin.
I know that she said only once that she feels like her skin is a lot nicer and that her acne scaring has gone down, but she never said anything else about it.
Doesn't really look like a difference.

She ordered 200 of the amazeen ort but yes, she only sells around 180-190 of them and keeps the rest in case of a package getting lost so she can resend them.

She sells the A grades for 10$
The B grades for 8,50$
and the C grades for 7$
It's probably in Canadian Dollars, since well she's Canadian.
So even with a bunch of C grades, she'd still make a decent amount money with the pins.

No. 902493

when she talks about her chair hurting her butt she mentions that she hurt her foot/ankle from the last time packaging orders by… standing too much? How out of shape do you have to be jfc

No. 902495

I bet she doesn't use those skin products anymore due to laziness despite them being expensive

No. 902515

File: 1575649391903.jpeg (276.92 KB, 1548x1242, 163867D0-152B-4339-A70F-FF247D…)

Anyone want to buy some crack?

No. 902536

thought the same about wearing previous day clothes. there is a thing like over sharing. why even mention that? does she think it makes her more relatable?

No. 902554


A few vlogs ago she said she likes boring vlogs that's why she shows so much boring stuff.

No. 902605

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised. I feel she would have updated the world more about it otherwise.

God her hair looks thin. I know she always had thin hair but it looks so much worse than it used too. Why is she even so determined about the pink hair? It damaged her hair so badly that she had to cut it shorter and also got extensions to hide how thin it's gotten, her dark roots look terrible with the pink and now she also started to wear hats to hide how greasy it is (she even bought like 5 more ) because she doesn't want to wash it too often.

No. 902622

Oof her hair is even more than fried at this point. You can tell how damaged it is by the split ends she has basically at her jawline. It's her hair literally breaking and falling off.

Does she know how bleach works? It's not a magical potion that makes your hair white, it strips your follicle of all that's inside it until becomes translucent and then dye is placed ontop. She cannot possibly maintain that pastel of a hair color for years when shes not a natural blonde. No amount of hair extensions are going to mask how damaged it looks. She should just buy a wig honestly.

No. 902624

The pink shade she insists on having doesn't suit her at all

Wearing pastel clothes would look better with blonde hair, why does she want to look like tubby custard

No. 902654

It’s jarring how pretty soon she’s going to have no more natural hair left to dye, that’s why she’s starting to go down the road of extensions so buying a wig isn’t out of the question.

Also, nitpick, but I find it pretty funny about the recent hat situation. She finds one to cover up her greasy whisps of hair, likes the convenience of just hiding the problem, proceeds to buy many more of said hat to add to her hoard, and now wears a hat inside the house. The mental gymnastics she does to justify her decisions in life is amusing to say the least.

No. 902682

the 5 minute onion segment… are you really too stupid to just get some fucking saran wrap and wrap the onion? we have to watch you decide to continue slicing it? this is the best part of your day?

and then her nasty ass cat walking all over the counter while she's making food. can't wait til she vlogs herself coughing up a furball.

No. 902687

That turkey melt looked like vomit on bread, so disgusting

No. 902732

No wonder she is a size, she doesn't eat proper balanced meals and even then it's utter processed shit like that.

>I know how much you guys like me packaging orders in the vlogs

Whut? Who said that? Boring as fuck.

No. 902790

Her hair is thinning so badly…
Is pink hair worth the health of your hair, Bailey?

No. 902809


It gets worse every time we see her dye it. I think the only option at this point is to shave it off. She could start with an undercut on one side and let it grow back before doing the other side if she's too afraid to buzz everything off.

It's just really sad to see her use those extensions in vlogs because you know she's aware of the problem but just refuses to try and look decent. Her skin has gotten worse, she's definitely lacking proper vitamins that you'd get from eating more than just processed crap.

Speaking of appearance, I watched her latest main channel video and her sweater was coated in stains. Why does she think that's acceptable?? Does she have any self worth anymore? Just wear a different hoodie, goddamn. Stop showing the world how gross you are.

No. 902853

the fuck are you talking about? you see her arm only and theres one stain. if you're gonna complain about something then at least dont lie about it

No. 902860

File: 1575706225701.jpeg (80.36 KB, 512x640, 9CEB9D1B-F6CF-44B1-8626-BB68D2…)

Even her legs look bloated… I’m just shocked at her appearance since she got married…

No. 902861

Her cats paws have been in the litter box walking over feces and urine , I’m sure baylee doesn’t clean them out every day since she’s so lazy. Then she let’s the cats walk on the counters blehhh

No. 902876

Does anyone else have an issue with her eating food around her packages she's making for her orders and eating while doing art for videos? Yes she has to eat, but why eat so close to her work/in her work area, go eat at the dining table or the lounge, not where your customers orders are. Yes I know she has to eat, but why around her work? What's worse was when she last cleaned up her work room, there was a plate or two on the work table on top of her things.

No. 902918

Wait, she says she wants a vlog out of every day, which is why she films so much boring stuff but didn't she stopped daily vlogging forever ago? Why does she feel she has to get a vlog out of every day now?
Just put several days together and have one interesting and fun vlog, instead of several boring and repetitive ones.
I guess she wants to get the extra YouTube money since it's Christmas.

No. 902922


Now you're making that up, anon. She hasn't shown cleaning the litter for a long time. Doesn't mean she doesn't clean it though. Also there's still Christian.

No. 902937

I helped out at a family member’s candy factory for one day as they were understaffed for the holiday. It was 8 hours of standing and I could barely walk the next day, I’m definitely more in shape than Baylee as well so I believe it when she says she got injured from it..

No. 902939

Honestly I do enjoy watching her package, I enjoy the sounds and it’s nice to watch her do ‘something’ at least related to her art. Much better than a 5 min segment on an onion.

No. 902968

I can’t imagine you’re still in pain from it, like Baylee is 2-3 months after the launch.

No. 902985

Oh please, I stand for 12 hours straight, five days a week at work and I never get sore feet or legs and I’m a fat fuck. If I can do it then so can she, she’s just lazy.

No. 902995

standing on hardwood floor barefoot when you're not used it vs standing with shoes in a job you're likely to have been at for several years? sure

No. 903002

File: 1575740473751.jpeg (198.95 KB, 640x672, AAA1E798-B2AA-4CB0-B5CF-F31627…)


No. 903005

Yikes… Why does she seem so proud of herself about it?

No. 903018

No. 903117

i can't believe that's how she dressed to the company party…. she used to dress better to go to disney ffs. so embarrassing.

christian's coworkers were absolutely talking shit about this weirdo in her casual outfit (sorry a kind of nice sweater and pants not party appropriate) talking to her screen half the night.

No. 903120

No. 903133

She’s too fat to fit in any of those nice party dresses she’d wear in the early days haha in fact she seems to struggle to fit in to anything other than those disgusting pink sweat pants that show off her huge disgusting ass and those dirty old hoodies she wears which she just chucks on the floor and lets her cats roll their filth all over before she puts it back on again.

No. 903137

She’s not ugly but she needs to pay more attention to what she’s wearing. Why is her chest so squished and hanging low. Save it for grandma days

No. 903148

Never found Baylee all that funny but the snake part made me laugh at least.

No. 903178

Omg, there are people wearing cocktail dresses and she's just there in a sweater and leggings. The second hand embarrassment

No. 903206

Honestly I never noticed until I watched her packaging and the whole onion video bit, but the way Baylee uses her hands and does things with them coupled with her facial expressions makes her look super special ed.

Like she doesn’t do shit logically with her hands and I find it to be super irritating.

No. 903242

The sweater doesn't do her body shape any favors. I kinda miss the old days where she would actually get properly dressed way more often, instead of just wearing old sweatpants and hoodies.

The section with the Christmas party was so awkward. Not only did she basically just were casual clothes (yeah a bit more fancy casual clothes but still casual) and then she just awkwardly filmed some stuff and talked to the camera. It gives the impression like she didn't socialize at all and was just awkward. Also why would you take this chin picture and have it print out at the office party? She even seemed proud that other people have seen it hanging there and even had to show it around to people.
I wonder if Christian was embarrassed by her.

No. 903293

I don't think it's fair to shit on her for how she dressed. I wouldn't expect that kind of party for a work party. (Maybe I'm out of touch, I work from home so work parties aren't a thing for me haha) Christian probably didn't tell her? She also said there were people who were way more casual than she was, so I don't think people really cared. Then again, Christian put on a shirt so that probably should've been a bit of a giveaway that it was fancier than usual.

I don't understand why she vlogged so much at the party though. Yea, get a few clips to show how nice it is but she talked to the camera so much. Definitely gave off the impression that she wasn't really socialising.

No. 903294

Anyone else find it a bit disrespectful how she commented that "the real party" would be her party?

No. 903323

No, sriously, that's just you. It really must've hurt when you reached that hard. What's next? She's blinking wrong?

There's plenty about her to make fun of - from her lack of any kind of skills to her life spirallingdown into thinly veiled depression, but some of you just sound so effing butthurt for her just breathing not in synch.

No. 903325

>I don't understand why she vlogged so much at the party though.

Her life is just really really really boring otherwise.

No. 903328


If you're gna get angry at a comment in this thread you probably should've picked the special ed. one.

No. 903329

No worries, I'm not angry, just marvelling at the lolcowness of the posters themselves. Milk's good, not matter where it comes from.

No. 903381

It would have definitely said in the event invite what the dress code was - I assume his branch of the company is a big enough branch to warrant cocktail/suit and tie attire.

Also to note, in some scenarios photos from company photo booths are available to download from the company cloud after the party - if this is the case, everyone with access to the drive is going to get a disturbing surprise come the next couple days…


I agree with the awkwardness of the party - in addition, I would feel so uncomfortable (as an employer/employee) that the company Christmas party was vlogged and placed on Youtube. Small segments of video that disappear after 24 hours? Okay. Vlog on Youtube? No.

There would be a company-wide e-mail if companies I'm familiar with found out the Christmas party was on the internet.

No. 903446

It's not hard to figure out what's appropriate to wear and what's not, especially if you know the venue, the company, what other parties were like

No. 903459

Someone who watched the vlog wants to tell me what problems with PayPal she had?

No. 903486


Shaw is multi billion dollar company, they're not gonna give a shit that someone filmed part of the party with their shitty phone and uploads it to youtube

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