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File: 1534646229591.jpeg (907.44 KB, 1536x2048, 1534589671818.jpeg)

No. 668003

Holly Brown is an artist YouTuber who specializes in hypocrisy, terrible anatomy and most importantly starting projects she can never finish.

Social Media:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/hollyistotallycool
Youtube (Vlog Channel): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgeEynuhGskPjgNR5DjbZmw/feed
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/h.c.brown/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HCBrownart
Tumblr: http://hollycbrown.com/
Her Website: https://www.hollycbrown.com/
Her Store: http://hollybrown.storenvy.com/#_=_

The CalArts Rant she is known for:

>22-year-old freelancer artist who does youtube, lives with her mom (aunt), and runs an online store

>She hates her brother and constantly sperges about him whenever she gets a chance. Was known to keep bashing him on a live stream once (way after he went away)
>Takes on too many projects at once, then complains about it afterwards
>Constantly bitches on twitter
>Is a big hypocrite, the type to give advice and then do the total opposite
>Thinks she is a professional hardworking artist when in reality she is a stay at home slob who can never finish anything
>Shits on other artists
>Always talks about how she doesn't have money and how ""poor"" she is but is constantly seen (and broadcast on Twitter/social media) buying unnecessary items
>When she buys said items, she brags about how great they are, then is known to disregard them (usually sell them) about a week or so after using them
>Always talks about trying to earn money from various art projects, but it never works
>Cant take criticism to save her life, she will usually respond with something passive or aggressive or blame it on her style.
>Is a complete FUJO, but yet complains about Fujoshis, a total hypocrite
>Hates women and just wants to draw "teh gays"
>Has no friends and is cooped up inside her house. Her room is very filthy.
>Cant spell or write for shit. Has terrible grammar anything she writes is confusing. (Also goes and shits on people for not knowing how to spell)
>Has a terrible personality in general

In The Previous Thread:
>Normal Usual holly shit: Can't manage money, selling and buying things on a whim, cleaning up her room little by little
>Finally got a gym membership and is getting out the house. Is trying to cook but fucks things up and can't follow recipes.
>Creates a "hot yaoi smex doujin" (gay porn comic) but it has terrible anatomy and is generally repulsive. The said comic features her characters, Reese and Hershel. Reese kidnaps Hershel and rapes him. (To Note: She always complains about Fujos putting rape and heteronormative characters in their stories…yet does the exact same thing herself). The comic is named, "Seize" It can be found here: http://hollybrown.storenvy.com/products/23942157-seize-nsfw-mini-comic
>Also creates a BNHA (Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia) Zine. She starts off by saying she hired 100 artist- but the number is seen to fluctuate (80,60 etc) when Brown describes it. The Zine is called "True Colors" because of the horrendous color pallet she forced everyone to use. The Zine Can be found here: https://tictail.com/truecolorsmha/true-colors-zine-mha
>First off, she is late for the deadlines with her own art for the zine, she will not release the PDF to the participating artist, says she will make many copies but currently just has supplies for around 50 copies, Her art pieces look shitty (as normal) but at least the other artist are good
>She is fucking the artist over because they are young and don't know any better
>Constantly gets angry whenever someone asks questions about the zine and its progress
> """Redisning""" some of her characters but they pretty much still look the same, ended up whitewashing Princess (her black girl oc) and claims she is more cuter
>Her brother returns and is living with her again (at her aunts)
>Went on a Keto diet for about a day, then quits
>Going to have our comics printed professionally while she prints the zines her self
>Wants to create another zine of her art pieces only
>Keeps wining about the artists she screwed over getting mad at her ignoring their emails and not updating them about her progress on the zine books
>She refuses to send the PDF of the zine to any of the other artists that contributed so that they would have to order from her or make their own copies to sell at cons

>Is gonna go to SanJapan Convention, but still is lagging due to putting too much on her plate

>Projects List: Hamilton Animatic, Clever Kitchen, Convention Stuff, Paranormal Plague, Purgatory (redrawing/inking), BNHA themed zine

Previous Threads:

No. 668010

Aren't we on thread #11?

No. 668014

Yeah you're right, sorry I was following the last thread's number

No. 668022

at least holly finally aged up.

No. 668047

File: 1534649863676.png (402.92 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Still a wip. It really bothers me that the skirt is rendered so realistic if the rest wont be

No. 668051


Realistic? It looks like badly blended paint streaks. and Pearl is still Literally Green. I'm sure that even after she puts the background layer back on, she won't look any less green.
And since this is going to be a print, that green is going to stand out so much more on paper.

No. 668065

File: 1534654033188.png (2.53 MB, 1242x2208, A64FA60D-3218-4C65-BD3C-1D9B70…)

Why does she try to draw FMA or any anime? She’s horrible at it just replicate the style Holly that doesn’t even look like Greed

No. 668118

the composition is so off but i can't quite put my finger on it. maybe the cloud is too narrow and too low, maybe it just doesn't go with the shape of the canvas (sry not fluent) but something is wrong.

No. 668128

Why is she acting like everything has to be perfect bound, and a stapled zine is somehow inferior? It's the smarter option for fewer pages.

No. 668163

File: 1534665291725.png (165.71 KB, 521x823, Screenshot_20180818-235713.png)

No. 668166

I think it is because there is a huge empty space on the left making the right way too heavy, plus the ponytail is not completely in the frame

No. 668171


For a second there I thought she did a drawing of Majima (from the Yakuza games) and I was about to lose my shit

No. 668174

My first reaction to this picture was….


No. 668177

His face is facing us while you see the back of his head, I think. It just looks really weird with his ear so close to his eye

No. 668182


Return of the CHIN.
Though I think this might be an older piece she plans to redraw??


It isn't the other people who are the problem, Holly, involving yourself in groups isn't inherently bad. It's the way you went about it.

It would have been better/easier if you communicated more and if you hadn't insisted on being at the helm a big project thinking you could minimize interaction with others as much as humanly possible. And then get away with it. Now you're regretting you got caught and stuck with the work.
Deal with it.

No. 668194

i’m honestly shocked and actually slightly proud that she admitted it was her fault and that the person wasn’t just a “hater”. the fact that it’s a group project does not mean that it was bound to fail though. i think she does finally realize how awful she is at taking on leader responsibilities and managing/talking to many people. maybe she’ll do better in the future?? (i know it’s like a 1 in a million event, but i wanna give her a chance.)
Also, who else thinks that if she had been a part of a large group zine before this, that it would have been handled a little bit better? She hasn’t been a part of any other zines, right? sorry, but who in the world thinks they can manage a huge project like this without ever having been a part of something similar?

No. 668203

File: 1534674690621.jpeg (1.43 MB, 3804x4728, 1534646229591.jpeg)


the legs aren't actually that short but it's still terrible

No. 668218

so some anon just spouted "it's not the angle" and we all just took it as 'anon knows best'. Oh well. to me it looks okay except the hand seems big and the torso a bit 2d. the legs are fine

No. 668223

How tf you think the legs are okay when one is literally longer than the other.

No. 668224

None of the anatomy is fine. It's just not as bad as it looks tilted.

No. 668227

i second this. why is her left hip tilting so much when that's the leg that is kept straight holding her weight? why is the right leg out of perspective? that pose is so goddamn stiff and awkward to look at. no one stands like that in that situation. that camera is out of perspective too.

No. 668232

can we talk about the nonexistent shoulders/giant head though

No. 668261

I'm glad that there are at least some willing to hold holly accountable, but some of the artist need to speak up to they where in the project.

No. 668264

File: 1534692001165.jpg (107.64 KB, 1040x354, Screenshot_20180819-101831_Tum…)

Also in the first reply to the person who pointed out some stuff, holly had to bash other zines to make her feel better. Its not going to be the same if these zines she made are shitty to.. But we will have to wait to verify that when they ship out or if she sells some at sanjapan.

No. 668277

>selects almost 200 artists
>decides to do all copies by hand
>complains about the work she has to do

Holly, how about next time you start with a smaller project?

No. 668295

She said in a vlog that there were 83 total. Your point still stands though.

No. 668296

Also, she has a problem for as long as I remember with making characters actually look like they're standing on the surface. Instead, they weirdly hover over or just look like ugly stickers put on top of a random background.

No. 668312

Does she not set a plain for her characters to exists before making a background? Like I know if your just doodling you normally don’t but if she wants to make a full finished piece she needs to start making undersketches that actually have work put into them because everything is off in this the anatomy, the perspective, the lines the background, everything is squished to one side and floating

No. 668328


She's completely flush with the wall and it looks like she's stepping out of it as a result. Especially with those tangenting lines.

None of what she draws has a flow or direction to it, it's just irrelevant detail, wonky perspective and bad proportions.

And puke colors when she wants to get saucy lmao.

No. 668365

Tinfoil hat theory: is Ash actually Kitty Pryde???

No. 668385

File: 1534709234482.png (206.58 KB, 2000x1333, C59A9D9E-1B27-4B4C-BEBD-C5B24C…)

Hey guys I made a HC pride flag!! Its for anyone who loves dying and being dead, everyone whose a degenerate who draws what they want :) . Dont worry about the bad circle its just my style idk LOL.

No. 668387

This should be the next thread pic, those colors look awful!

No. 668492

>not using holly's terrible zine colours
step it up m8

No. 668596

This is great anon!
Although, the only thing i woukd recommend is skewing/warping the cat at a 40° angle and adding a giant chin to it. ;)

No. 668715

File: 1534746828041.jpg (194.62 KB, 482x488, MjgBl8I.jpg)

Lmao, she's gotten her google search mixed up with another Holly Brown, who's an author. Looks like a google identity battle. Who is the real Holly Brown? "IDK!"

No. 668718

>An American comic artist who likes to sketch
I can't believe she wrote that about herself whew

She should just go by H.C. Brown, or Holly C., it looks pretty bad.

No. 668741

File: 1534750589004.png (80.48 KB, 2378x288, Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 12.3…)

Holly posted this comment on Amberlynn Reid's newest video, I love it when cows collide.

No. 668963

File: 1534791502995.jpg (128.06 KB, 1080x440, Screenshot_20180820-135649_Chr…)

No. 668982

People have their own art style and yeah it's not gonna look like the original art if it's fanart for an anime she didn't draw/write. Lmao you are all retarded.

No. 669051

Okay, Holly.

No. 669082

bro what specifically are u even talking about lmao

No. 669085

Having a different art style does not automatically equal good art. No one cares if someone's fanart has a different style than a show or whatever. It only becomes problematic when the fanart (or the person's art in general) is littered with mistakes. I'm not really sure what you're trying to argue here anon.

No. 669108


Kay Holly maybe learn to make arms and legs the same length first then we can discuss your "style"

No. 669157

Big AL and Holly are kinda crazily similar, so this was bound to happen. They both lie to their fans constantly about trying to 'do better' (for AL, its weight loss, for Holly, it's doing projects), they both collect copious amounts of shit they'll never use, and they both complain about 'haydurs' even tho they could learn how to be better if they listened to them. Not to mention their stupid southern valley girl speak they do """ironically""", 'yass gurl, slayyy'.
It's hilarious that Holly seems to be attacking AL, like a cat attacking its reflection in the mirror.

No. 669343

File: 1534825525856.png (883.14 KB, 1032x744, 2018-08-20_232437.png)

the title is still off center ??
it's really bothering me ….

No. 669360

I know we won't find an answer but it is so intriguing whether she made it all misaligned on purpose for 'style' or not. Because you think, it's so clearly off that no one would leave it like that accidentally. Looking at the logo she made, that is even uglier so maybe it's to suit but then, surely she wouldn't make the logo deliberately lopsided/unaligned/dog shit in the first place deliberately surely… i dunno i think she has some dyslexia type thing which means she can't see where things really are

No. 669401

File: 1534831557867.jpg (57.04 KB, 667x742, GxVR6xMh.jpg)

No. 669425

Amberlynn Reid does legitimately get a lot of people attacking her in her comments though. People just tell Holly to reply to her emails and maybe not be a dick.

No. 669428

Not sure which vlog it was and frankly I'm too lazy to search, but she said that she knows it's off-center and "omg just don't buy it then!!"

No. 669560

File: 1534860198060.jpg (9.81 KB, 600x315, 8KTtscB.jpg)


Is it even possible to print 150 books this size in two days?
Part of me wonders if she didn't actually just have them printed somewhere and shipped to her.
Not that it matters. I hope everyone gets their stuff and she never works with others again.

No. 669562

Possible? Sure. Possible with consistent, high quality? Doubtful.

No. 669571

also, has she still not put up the zine again? so she hasn't had orders on it for days, yet she's still playing catch-up. and it'll most likely get worse when she puts it up again (unless it being unavailable for a period has deterred ppl from buying it, which may have been her goal)

also, i found the zine tumblr and let's just say she hasn't updated that one in a while

No. 669578

File: 1534861704254.png (658.4 KB, 765x478, um.png)


One thing is for sure… she definitely made the ones she photographed. Look at the consistency of the cuts at the top.

That is some strong BRown craftsmanship.

No. 669587

If i was a zine artist id be furious. This all could have been avoided if she wasnt so stupid stubborn and gone to a printer instead.

No. 669724

>and I still HAVE to make more
No one forced you to make these yourself and not use a printing service, you egg

No. 669740

I'm still so peeved by how bad the logo looks. She couldn't even put in the effort to make the text slanted, like with the original logo. It takes literally 10 seconds to do but no, Holly just has to make everything she produces look like total garbage.

No. 669745

not to mention the horrendous font she used for the title. I didn't even know it was supposed to say BNHA/MHA at first and thought it was a poor attempt at Japanese.

No. 669755

File: 1534879281738.png (506.45 KB, 573x577, 2018-08-21 15_18_47-Window.png)

anyone know wtf this is about? is it the marker case she got from the store when they were getting rid of it?

No. 669756

File: 1534879300391.png (21.17 KB, 620x218, 2018-08-21 15_19_09-Window.png)

also this

No. 669758

Wssn't the marker case clear? I think this is the "secret compartment" other case she bought for no reason?

No. 669800

I always find it weird that she would start her comics ,then stop to re-due them?
that's kinda counter productive and it takes time away from where she could actually develop her comic more.But this start then stop pace is really setting her back.
She should only re-due them after at least a few chapters in, not 6 pages in thats stupid tbh .

No. 669805


She would probably be better off not redoing old pages at all. A lot of the comics I read do have significant art shift between the first few pages and the final pages. It's just unrealistic expecting the art in your comic to not evolve as you get better at art.

No. 669848

File: 1534885619695.png (11.79 KB, 579x94, d142853e044896c6314b0794346fd7…)

The worst thing about it is that she did have the time and effort to put up her own store.

No. 669874

>>669756 it makes me so mad that her cat is named expresso. It's ESPRESSO. not EX. like, google exists?

No. 669888

maybe it's expresso to remind her that express shipping exists.

No. 670018

I think she just can't spell/is dumb

No. 670074

lol at u, anon, for even possibly presuming that holly might evolve in her art like any decent artist would in the future. if she did keep with the comic, maybe yeah, but that ain’t happening any time soon. (also, look at how much WORSE purgatory actually got over the years.)

No. 670078

>as you get better art
oh anon

No. 670084

Listen, Holly's art is ugly but you would have to be blind to think the first few pages of Purgatory looked better than the newer pages. Sure, I would agree the art in the original one-shot of Purgatory was much more creative than the current expanded comic but it still looked wonky as hell.

Speaking of the original one-shot of Purgatory, does anybody have screenshots of it from Holly's earlier videos? I feel like a lot of the newer anons keep parroting how Holly's earlier stuff was 'so great' because they actually have no idea of how bad her early stuff actually looked.

No. 670096

Not quite "so great" but more that she had a creative style and was passionate towards her comic.

her old work was like roadkill, but her current work is that roadkill rotting in the sun.

No. 670100

I feel like we have this discussion every thread. Can we all just agree Holly's art and effort in creating merchandise is horseshit, regardless of what period in her life it was from?

No. 670145

holly has been dry the past 2-3 weeks, i want something to go down

No. 670153


We have to wait for whatever goes down at SanJapan and whatever the fallout is after with the Zine, etc. At least that's what it seems like. Like she's been holding more stuff close to her chest or deleting things like vlogs because she's being careful; She knows it'll end up here cause she reads here a bunch.

No. 670249

> does anybody have screenshots of it from Holly's earlier videos?
There are screenshots in the older threads, people can just look. Her old stuff was wonky but visually interesting, now it's wonky and bland. No one said it was great ever.

No. 670376

Holly showed signs of evolving and changing and learning different styles of art and seemed like she could be pretty varied as an artist but the last two years she’s stagnated and gotten worse.
Her old styles showed character and growth, her new stuff shows just how much she doesn’t care about her own art, it’s like instead of telling herself that she’ll use these few years of school to learn/practice the things they try to teach to grow as an artist and instead said “OHHH IF I TELL PEOPLE I WAS IN ART SCHOOL THEY WILL THINK IM PRO”
I really want to know what the fuck happened to her, like does she seriously only draw because she thinks it’ll make her money?

No. 670419

Here's my analysis.
I think because she doesn't really respect anyone's opinion but her own when it comes to art critique, the only way she has to measure her art's worth is with how much money she can make with it.

She looks like she has both a superiority and inferiority complex; she looks down on others because they're not "good enough" but then she realises herself that she has big issues and because she doesn't know how to fix them she goes back to shitting on others, which doesn't help her improve and only isolates her more. It's a vicious circle.

There's a learning curve for artists and very regularly we encounter walls. Most try to break down that wall, albeit often with a few very bad attempts until they figure out what really blocks them the most, but in Holly's case, because she doesn't want to have to face a wall, she just. turns around, so she doesn't have to deal with that shit.

No. 670447


>does she seriously only draw because she thinks it’ll make her money?

She seems to like the 'idea' of being an artist, who makes a living off of her own stuff, but when it comes to actually doing it, she doesn't seem to necessarily enjoy it, so she's always bitching about it in some way or other.It feels like she's not being honest with herself.

No. 670458

File: 1534962161551.png (882.48 KB, 640x1136, 13D3416D-EDE5-4BC2-A5CE-1E5CBE…)

1. Resse is fucking awfull he is not complete at all and she only likes him because hes her male self insert uwu
2. Boo hoo I have only two friends :( I dont feel l-like I belong im so fucked up :( feel bad for me

Theres more on her instagram

No. 670465

File: 1534962786934.png (6.19 MB, 1242x2208, 65E6E23A-DE4E-46FA-8318-A9E5F6…)

Jesus her insta stories are fucking depressing today

Gonna dump them all because she talks about some stuff like the zine

No. 670466

File: 1534962863523.jpeg (1.96 MB, 1242x2208, 0466AB4E-B256-4968-BCFE-68CB2E…)

No. 670469

File: 1534962940559.png (6.17 MB, 1242x2208, BBE93F99-FFFF-4585-ABEB-1EAD31…)

>I’m not good at talking to people

Yeah has nothing to do with you realizing you bit more than you could chew and didn’t want to do it anymore

No. 670472

File: 1534963018642.png (6.89 MB, 1242x2208, 4DF4A732-BDFC-463B-8AFE-1AE378…)

>I never stop working all I do it work, art is only work and not creative or fun okay!?

No. 670473

File: 1534963069871.png (6.75 MB, 1242x2208, F153B0A1-AF50-43BB-8F7D-138BCC…)

She’s so fuckin full of herself I can’t get over it

No. 670479

File: 1534963211408.png (6.63 MB, 1242x2208, BB2A4AF4-C031-45D0-A5CF-7B4B38…)

Last one I’m posting because this highlights why she can’t take criticism at all, because her head is so far up her ass and her skin is so thin that even the most mundane and easy going critique will be seen as “harsh, mean and unneeded bullying”

She’s got other stop posted like who she takes inspiration from and art tips even tho she really shouldn’t be giving anyone tips for art

No. 670483

Jfc, no wonder she's so depressed. Any professional artist will tell you that you need outlets so you don't end up wanting to kill yourself. Some people have hobbies that are still creative but aren't their main work, like writing or knitting, some people like to go hiking or hit the beach, some people like to watch documentaries or movies or play games, but the thing is you NEED to do something other than work, because if you don't it will actually hurt your work.

No. 670493

I mean most friends that I know that make art tend to do it as a hobby and that’s why they like it so much, it’s something to enjoy not something to torture themselves over
How can she not be to the point that she wants to give up and just enjoy her life instead of punishing herself, she’s just going to end up hating it in another year or so

No. 670552

There are plenty of people that make a living g drawing freelance. The difference is Holly has no business sense and no social skills. Not to mention she wastes her money on splurging. She's just an idiot if she would plan better and take time with her work she already has an audience to become successful. Unfortunately she's already alienated so many people so maybe she should get a desk job.

No. 670584

That’s the thing, if she wasn’t so hostile and was more open to criticism and personal growth she would probably start making a good deal of money, nothing crazy but enough to make the effort worthwhile, especially since she’s in a position that most artists dont have and that’s having a “large” audience to get that critique and growth from… but she throws a tantrum instead and tells everyone to fuck off her way or the highway and it’s so fucking stupid. For real if she doesn’t get any better st her craft by the end of this year I don’t see the point on her continuing a career in art, because she won’t last long

No. 670596

I know we all talk mad shit about her shitty attitude and half-assed content, but the way she seems to cope with the reality of mental illness and loneliness by just shitting out endless lopsided drawings and "investing" in useless tools instead of just going to a therapist is frustrating and somewhat concerning. Get some help.

No. 670628

Holly has the audience,but no common sense with the impact she has and how good she has it.
While she can still make money while not a lot there is another artist out there who is amazing but has to work a side job or more to make ends meet while running their shop.
She needs to find herself and talk with someone not through a computer screen but an actual person. She needs to have in real life friends that she can hang around with. Not get holed up in her room for hours on end, heck find a part time job so she can put time as an important factor instead of doing the whole "I have all the time in the world " but oops guess what she does everything last minute anyway.

Or while she's in college take a business class at least, so she can have better business sense or at least utilize being in college to her advantage rather than wasting money when she could learn at lot from it.

No. 670695

The thing is, I don’t think holly can enjoy much in life outside of the narcissistic supply she receives from social media. She’s gotta do some deep digging and feel fire out how to be happy an present in the moment, that’s for sure. She’s constantly living in the future, with another project or goal around the corner, and once that’s finished, she thinks she will finally attain the result she craves. She always says art is a constant struggle but she hasn’t really experienced that yet. She’s still an art baby but in my opinion that’s okay and everyone takes a different amount of time to get past these mental blocks. It’s just been a hell of a funny ride and I hope she keeps going, in whatever direction she chooses. /blogpost

No. 670714

In all honesty I feel for Holly, I mean I don’t think we should go easy on her or anything but I can very much empathize with her struggles since I went through much the same and really all I’d like to see is her get some help and a few irl friends and learn to live life before she’s a super bitter 30 year old with no joy in anything.

It’d be great to see her grow as an artist and see if she can actually make good pieces one day but I’d rather see her get mental help then monetary gain.

No. 670725

File: 1534979807485.jpg (310.81 KB, 940x1347, 613708da-ed3b-42c9-81ff-0e768f…)

Newest Purgatory page

No. 670731


would be 100% better without his stupid glasses

also is this baby its cold outside scene the lead-in to the molestation bit or has that already happened

No. 670739

Oh god wtf if that already happened I wanna see her god awful depiction of a serious topic because god knows that has to be something special.

Also Simons face in that bottom panel looks so god awful

No. 670740

The molesting happened already, but knowing Holly B it could happen again.

No. 670742

Is that the guy that molested Simon? If so why tf is he there. Dammit anons I might just have to brave this for the luls..

No. 670747

I love how she abandoned the idea of shading them not even a tenth of the way through. Incredible

Also god why those glasses

No. 670751

that guy's face looks like molestation sequel is happening real soon

No. 670761

Kek the one thing Holly can draw convincingly. Molestation face.

No. 670792

That flat cardboard ass and weird glasses why did she keep those stupid fucking glasses

No. 670925

File: 1534996031776.png (423.83 KB, 488x649, Screenshot 2018-08-22 at 11.46…)

I think this is the priest guy who molested him, yeah, but that character and Simon's dad look identical besides the Hitler stache so it's hard to tell.

No. 670928

Her shitty movement lines look like a cape. Holly Brown really is queen if art tangents

No. 670934

File: 1534997247278.jpg (146.14 KB, 940x1361, 1ef641a9-1dd7-4527-9b86-f1e7a9…)

So I just found this on her tapastic. She has a comic series where she is supposed to draw a comic guide to comics but instead she just takes other people's work and gets tipped for it apparently. Idk but I'm pretty sure this isn't allowed? I'm not too familiar with Tapastic but I know if you post fan comics you're not allowed to turn the tipping on.

No. 670946

File: 1534998092572.jpg (172.12 KB, 940x1218, 31d37ef3-2bbe-4b1a-9891-5ad2ea…)

Don't have long converstations.

No. 670955


No. 670956

>Wally Wood
so she made an avatar for herself that looks like her and like quite a pleasant enough female appearance but.. she has to say it's a male. seriously what the Fuck is her problem with women?

No. 670971


where did the wooden wall come from om the 3rd panel? how tall are those tables, or are they just short because a bit of it is behind Simon's hand. She also got really lazy at the bottom right corner, that chair has the downs and the lines for the walls go through the legs.

No. 671029


Simon was sitting on the floor again the the wooden bottom cabinets, and the tables look tall cause theyre supposed to be on their knees, but it just looks like Simons legs are phasing though the floor lol

No. 671030

*and the

Not again the the

No. 671036

All this fucking money on all these fucking software programs out her ass but can't uae spellcheck once?

She honestly gets me angry at this point, what kinda mildly retarded special needs adult is she?

No. 671044

File: 1535015357182.jpg (245.59 KB, 999x763, wally_woods_22_panels.jpg)

Wally Wood is the guy who made those panels.

No. 671065

Why the fuck is her text always misaligned. Just move it down a few pixels, jfc.

No. 671089

File: 1535023700210.png (544.7 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Who would want this as a sticker tho??

No. 671092

oh lol. I was sure
Sorry for that then holly

No. 671105

Yeah, but why is she using that with her chibi self? It's not like it's her content.

No. 671151

Meh if it's free it might get some people to check out her content. Hopefully she has enough common sense to put contact information on the sticker sheet.

No. 671167

omg i didn't realize those were movement lines, i legit thought he was wearing a cape bc, eh, it's holly, it probably made sense in her head.

No. 671249

those floating hand though

No. 671347

i like the concept and the colors r cute but why is damien's arm falling off the table.. nitpick but whatever

No. 671351

>Those Kanji
The one time she should have traced…

No. 671382

Roses look like cabbages, the kanji is written like chicken scratch, Damien’s arms are floating off the table, and the right arm looks smaller then the left, at least his hair looks way better in this style, Simon looks okay but he seems to be turned at a very awkward angle… trying to understand why you’d turn him that way when he should be facing Damien?

No. 671392

Chicken scratch is being generous lol. She stretches the characters away from each other which is so jarring it's not a hand writing it's just a clear indication she has no idea what she's doing. She should have traced you're right. It's like….if someone wrote a 't' but then put the horizontal line going through the vertical one next to it. Or wr it in L Ike this.

No. 671443

What is it supposed to be saying?

No. 671564

its 煉獄 meaning, purgatory. It was so sloppy took a while to find in a kanji dictionary

No. 671596

Why? I mean I would understand if the comic had anything to do with japan but it doesn't? There was no reason for Holly to be a cringy weeb and use kanji.

No. 671601

It's probably just meant to be a ~manga version~ type deal, hence the Kanji. I don't think it's a bad idea, just poorly executed as usual.

No. 671607

I literally thought it were 4 kanji signs with the way she spaced them out.

No. 671632

File: 1535063639098.png (Spoiler Image, 306.65 KB, 520x438, sticker.png)

Seriously, why are they so far apart? Why is the table a third of the image? I feel like with the logo it'll look stupid either way but it seems so easily improveable.

No. 671633

why is the dude on the left praying?

No. 671676

I noticed that too. My guess is that Simon is praying due to his religious background with his dad being a priest and all. (Correct me if I'm wrong tho.) But also, again this is Holly BRown we're talking about so it could just be he is doing that awkard praying pose just because.

No. 671678

He's praying to be put out of his misery.

No. 671679

That's Simon and Damien!?

I thought it was fanart for some anime.

No. 671741

yall dont know the praying pose meme? it's outdated but holly seems to love her stale memes. she's used that pose before and explained it

No. 671753

Holy shit that's Damien?? I legit thought that was just some female OC by crap he doesn't even look like him. It's a testament to your skills a comic artist when changing someones hair makes them unrecognizable.

No. 671756


Simon's glasses aren't even the same shape she usually uses.

No. 671780

well do you want the triangle glasses gone or not? obviously it's simon from purgatory and.. Ash from PP with a haircut

No. 671785

her drawings really do look like her, damn…

No. 671806


I feel like the "kawaii anime bullshit" angle she's been attempting to pull lately is super try-hard.

No. 671844

She even has the 'DreamWorks Face' and everything!

No. 671847

I bet she was one of those weirdos super into Jack Frost from that underwhelming DreamWorks movie

No. 671848

Honestly doesn’t change the character much given his horrible hair, but is very much prefer if Holly would keep doing THESE glasses for the love of god, it looks normal
Holy shit I thought the same thing, how do you fuck that up so bad? Can she not trace? It’s not that hard to practice a few kanji until it looks right Holly

No. 671919

File: 1535087014099.png (112.39 KB, 1423x725, kanji.png)

Or you can just get a calligraphy brush in your drawing software to make it look like an average Jap wrote it. You can also just copy and paste the text in photoshop to the desired font that accepts moonspeak

No. 671923

Lol that looks bad anon. Plus you do realize that 'japs' use mechanical pencils and pens day to day? Not fucking calligraphy pens kek

No. 671930

Good point! However, you can still get the job done anyway besides tracing

No. 671941

File: 1535089247334.jpg (611.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180824-004005_Chr…)

No. 671942

File: 1535089450832.jpg (631.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180824-004024_Chr…)

What a dumbass
If she complains one more fucking time about making the true color zine,when as we can see she should have had them printed by a compnay.
But no hollys own zine with her own work can be put through a compnay but not the group project?????
That has 80 people SHE chose to be in it
And that SHE chose to hand make?????
She's wants to pretend that she's the intelligent art type, but really she has no clue on how to do anything in a productive way.

No. 671953

>make it look like an average Jap wrote it.
Why would it look like that even, when it's a logo? Tracing a font to make it look more "organic" is pretty common and not a bad thing especially if you have no fucking clue about stroke order or how to write properly like Holly.

What was the fucking point of buying a printing press if she stops using it when she has more than 5 orders? It'll never pay for itself.

No. 671960


>It'll never pay for itself.

It's established that Holly thinks she can buy productivity and professionalism. She thinks buying a printing press, copics and other bullshit validates her. She bought it just so she can say she has it, nothing more.

No. 671964

File: 1535091813963.jpg (102.49 KB, 1080x784, Screenshot_20180824-082130_Twi…)

Appearantly one of her PP characters is bi now? Which one is she talking about?

No. 671970

it was either hershel or reese. My bet's on Hershel because that way he can go for both versions of self-insert Holly

No. 671972

Holly, if you haven't even had enough pages in your story to properly build up a character, you shouldn't put those characters in situations that readers wouldn't understand

No. 671973


No. 671975


I don't believe for a second someone wanted to know why one of her irrelevant characters is bi, I think she's just complaining to get attention.

No. 671979

Hershel probably got turned bi so he can fuck dudes.

No. 672006

I honestly thought this was more MCR fanart

No. 672054

Which doesn’t even make sense. Didn’t she state the zine was non canon anyways? Also in previous vlogs she mentioned that Herschel was going to date Princess. I’m all for characters being bi but not when you’re fibbing to earn a few brownies points and keep people off your back when you make a shit zine of said character getting raped. I swear to god she stated in the beginning he was a straight dude who was going to end up with Princess. Is she even a character anymore?

No. 672063

me, too. i recognized simon, but i thought damien (?) was the mcr guy from the music video thing she posted

No. 672088


yeah i remember in a vlog she said that she is making hershel bi for the doujin also bcus it apparently "suits his character" but we all know its just cus she is a fujo

No. 672130

Wasn’t Hershel straight so she could prove to people she WASNT a stupid fucking fujo?? Can’t she just start with one thing and keep it consistent for once like holy shit

No. 672159

Maybe once she looks white enough we'll actually see her more

No. 672167

File: 1535123650741.jpeg (409.13 KB, 1316x1565, 1535002781983.jpeg)

Someone posted this in the old thread yesterday. don't think they saw we made a new one. but some tasty milk.

No. 672179

Ugh. Why can't one of the artists from the zine post a rant video already? Holly is not going to get any better if people keep letting her get away with things like this with no real repercussions.

No. 672248

Because holly's fans are crazy. I honestly wouldnt recommend the artists to do a rant unless they get a lot of the artists zines in on it.

No. 672274

They don't want drama. I'm also pretty sure quite a few don't have YouTube channels or just really small ones. I'm also sure a lot are just holding out to see if it gets better, she's been shitty but no one has gotten outright scammed yet.

No. 672461

I honestly cannot wait for someone to make a call-out post for her on tumblr. She doesn't have as many fans there and there's also a strong anti-fujo current going on there, so it's perfect to get her labelled as "problematic" and use that to call her out on her other bullshit (scam, detestable attitude, shit art, etc.)

No. 672462

I mean, why not just make a yt account without they’re usernames attached and make a rant video. It’s not like Holly or her fans are going to be able to tell who made it if they’re clever about it.

No. 672470

Yeah, but to what end? I understand people not wanting to deal with the mess that might ensue, anon or not. There are only 83 artists, it's not impossible to narrow down. I don't think the lack of public outrage means that word doesn't spread about how shitty she is to work with.

No. 672527

I don’t think anything will be said until after San japan(?) when she should be delivering/sending the zines to other artists. I’m sure if she doesn’t deliver or they show up to their door looking like shit we’ll be hearing a few artists pop up with something to say. Just have to be patient I guess

No. 672546

not one of the artists, but i srsly doubt any of them want that kind of attention drawn to them from holly’s stupid fanbase lmao. i think one of them even stated on a past thread that they were doing it mostly bc of holly’s “fame”. although of course holly can’t be bothered to give anyone proper recognition. you’d think that when you have an extra large group zine that it would be even more important to make sure that people know which piece belongs to whom and all that, but nah. stir up a bunch of hype around a project, teasing it for ages, and then utterly shit on it and showcase it for like .5 secs before moving on to the next piece of garbage. that’s the holly BRown way!

No. 672563

Making a zine where you can't even tell which artist drew what is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. I would have been really angry just for that if I participated in this train-wreck.

No. 672572

Pretty sure no one is going to hear snything about the zine from Holly or the artists until after SanJapan, and I highly doubt it will be Holly making the first mention since she seems to be trying to sweep it under the rug, the artists are also either smaller unknowns or young from what I’ve seen so I’m sure most of them don’t want the hassle of deal with Holly’s fans like other anons said before, tho I think it’s going to be a week after SanJapan and there will still be no word or emails about the zine and people will start to put her on blast

No. 672635

File: 1535160463933.jpeg (84.99 KB, 1161x220, ACAE22B7-D099-4A0A-AD52-AAF80E…)

I mean holly said so herself that most artists aren’t like super popular.

No. 672650


WOWWWWW what a massively cunty thing to say about the artists who put up with her horseshit and finished their pieces ON TIME unlike this cow. “The artists in this zine aren’t even popular” implying they’re not good enough to make sales… fuck off, bitch.

No. 672674

wow what a cunt
I really hope these artists don't waste their time and energy in any other project related to holly ever again

No. 672748

“they’re not popular artists like MOI!”
how does she make everything sound so cunty. sometimes i think i’m being too harsh or reading too into it, but then i remember that time she commented on a rant vid about herself and said something like “you’re welcome for the views btw”, along with being just a general whiney bitch.

No. 672762

Is anyone going to sanjapan?
Hope you guys spill some good milk! If you meet holly!

No. 672770

> “The artists in this zine aren’t even popular”
That's not what she said though? I feel like you're reading too much into it, it's abrasive and a shitty excuse but it's true that a zine with lesser known artists won't pull as many sales as one with people who have huge followings.

No. 672813

Thats true but the issue here is. Someone is asking for a response. They went through email and did not get one. And instead of apologizing or being respectful she throws "oh but you guys shouldnt be complaining because your just up and coming artists." Why was that necessary to post when they are asking Holly to be transparent with them. As in actually updating them on important stuff.

Tbh im pretty sure itll get decent sales since Holly promoted it through her channel. And mha is pretty hot rn.

No. 672820

Has anyone noticed she used "idk" a lot, sometimes multiple times in the same tweet/post?
My personal theory is that her subconscious mind knows she's lying and contradicting herself.

e.g She doesn't want to move to California because of the "political atmosphere" but really it's because she's scared.

No. 672822

she says "idk" a lot because she's never sure about herself and she wants to be able to backpedal by saying she was joking, or not "super serious about it"

No. 672858

File: 1535200798168.png (653.65 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Thoughts? I dont think its necessarily terrible but its a rush job

No. 672869

That's the nicest thing I've seen her make.

No. 672899

Wrath does not deserve this.

No. 672903

I'm … pleasantly surprised by this? None of the usual oversized chins or stupid hair flaps, it looks like she tried to genuinely look at the original and use it as actual reference, and not just get a vague idea of what the characters look like. The poses are still pretty stiff and Lust's boobs look weird, but aside from that, the composition is okay and the colours are nice.

I guess the constructive criticism finally got to her, huh. Welp, I guess all there is to do is wait and see if it's a thing she's gonna keep doing or if she's going to regress as soon as she finishes this!

No. 672919


It’s on the right track, but Wrath looks the worst out of Greed and Lust. So stiff and blocky.

No. 672936

It looks ok. I hope she didn't just trace an art doll she found on pinterest or something like last time.

No. 672937

That is not so bad, what a pleasing surprise. Not perfect but much better than her usual art.
Let's just hope she's not going to add stupid lines on Greed's arms.

No. 672996


I was just about to say "wow no arm lines!!"
She's super bad at describing where she wants the direction of the piece to go, what does she mean by "this blue tone?" Is she referring to Greed's hair? not sure about that tbh.

Greed still has hair flap though.

No. 673009

I mean, the thread is called Holly IDK Brown for a reason lol, so it's not just you. I agree with that theory.

Definitely not terrible, but the composition looks bad.

No. 673042

Wait what about this is good to you anons?
And can we confirm Holly’s color settings on her monitor are fucked? Cuz there’s no blue in this, just pink and purple

No. 673045

wow, that's… surprisingly nice for Holly.

No. 673076

does she mean cool toned?

No. 673091

Yet she doesn't do any fixing even after printing, she would notice they are fucked up in prints if that would be the case.

All the poses look stiff and boring, there is no interaction between any of the characters, the guy with the eye patch has a tumblr block nose and no back of the head. Also I don't know why his hand was placed there, is he saluting or just adjusting his eye patch like it's a pair of glasses? And that terrible gradient… It's not as bad as her other work, but still bad.

No. 673103


Yeah, i guess she means cool toned but her dumbass said blue.
Thing is I do agree with the anons that are saying her monitors colors are problably fucked. …or either her eyesight in general.

On my previous laptop something about the magenta/red scale was a bit fucked up. I would espically notice it when I either used other computers monitors or in my phone (if looking at the same picture.)
I also was aware when I was trying to color something pinkish/hot pink HUE and it would just look like regular red no matter how far up the red-magenta slider i went. Then once i got on my phone to see the drawing, i could see the pink that was suppose to be there.
Thing is, it wasnt that extreme of a difference in range.

Holly may have her moniters colors so fucked up where nothing looks as she intends it to be. It could explain why everything either looks too muddy/unsaturated/too saturated/piss yellow filtered/yikes in general.
Again there is also the chance since she has super bad dyslexia, she may have color blindness too.

No. 673104

File: 1535224549971.jpg (152.43 KB, 1080x558, Screenshot_20180825-141531_Chr…)

Fucking finally

No. 673123


Her monitor's adjustments may be messed up, but that doesn't take into account her coloring in traditional media, which is just as muddy and bad.


Saying she wants to do it and actually getting around to it are two different things. There's a ton of resources out there, not knowing where to look really isn't an excuse.

No. 673153

Oh look she’s been lurking and taking criticism good job girl
The bodies look pretty damn good for Holly, same with the faces (my poor wrath) mind you hats where this stops, it might be the best piece and best fanart she’s done in the last two years but it’s still not great innof itself, but at least she can tell who the characters are!
The composition, the colouring hurts and I hate that blue she could have done a different shade of red or maybe a reddish purple to keep with the colour theme the blue looks so weird and washed out it doesn’t sit well with he rest, the characters are all smushed together in weird ways like it’s supposed to look like one of those manga spreads where it shows off all the characters but all the heads and bodies are the same size and floating together instead

No. 673154

i’m sure she has at least a few fans who would be willing to do it for her and would be much better than she is, especially considering that she’s doing comics and not, say, a novel or something. for most ppl, proofreading a few comic pages could be done in less than 30 min, actually. she could even get away with barely paying them anything if she had to pay them at all. brownie points to her if she figures this out and gets it done. it would at least fix one of the most glaring mistakes in her comics.

No. 673157

please just use Grammarly Jesus fuck

No. 673257

So instead of investing money in the smart way and getting yourself some the thesaurus‘, maybe buying a grammar program and actually teaching yourself proper grammar over time you waste money into iPads and book presses you’ll never use

Okay Holly, at least fucking PAY THE PERSON you hire to proof read your unintelligible writing

No. 673344

holly pulling ways to waste money out of her ass as per usual

No. 673391

>the blue looks so weird
what blue?

No. 673409

Exactly, it blends in with the red but not to make a reddish purple but a gross grey blue

seriously did you read the tweet? >>672858

No. 673413

I did and i thought the point is she made one guys face 'blue' (though it's purple) as a test and she's thinking about making the whole thing that color - so it's not meant to blend in.

But the rest of our discussion is about why she said blue when it's not blue (so is her monitor fucked) and you're also saying it's blue -but you mean blue 'added to red' (purple). Maybe she meant that too.

No. 673439

Well it’s like she dropped the opacity on a really pale blue and ran it over the red and it didn’t make a proper purple but a washed out grey pink/blue? Like if it had a noticeable purple tone to it i think it’d mix better than this because it looks really muddy and grey

Or maybe I’m crazy colourblind and not seeing the right shades I dunno

No. 673475

i see a cool toned purple in greed’s hair and no blue, but in the end i don’t think it’s that much of a difference since it’s a bluish purple.

No. 673476

File: 1535259403131.png (120.09 KB, 295x344, Capturedd.PNG)

the hair is purple the skin is pale pink-purple. this is color picker of the skin

No. 673507

I guess I was seeing the pale pink? It’s a weird shade and just doesn’t mix, like it just doesn’t look pink, purple or blue like she said so it’s just all over the place colour wise

No. 673533

mix with what? it's not supposed to mix with the rest - she was demonstrating the color as an alternaive to the general pink of the rest. If she went with it she was going to change the rest too. He's not going to have the top of his arm that color and the rest not, jeez

No. 673535

I think she's just talking of the colors in relation to one another; that hue, in relation to the other colors which are much reddish, appears "blue" as a result, even if alone is not a blue.

No. 673544

>Two words with different meanings are indistinguishable to me

I know she's not the only one but it won't ever make sense to me.

It looks bluish because it's next to a warm tone,I don't think she ever meant it's straight-up blue. Some people just don't have great color perception.

No. 673556

has anyone leaked Seize or am i gonna have to

No. 673557


It was all dumped in the previous thread anon.

No. 673558

last (?) thread. ctrl-F for TRUST. Which btw grammarly wouldn't help with because it's the hand writing of the words where I'm sure the mistake comes in

No. 673567

File: 1535280004087.png (220.57 KB, 640x1136, E456FF07-46A2-47FC-9DF5-EB8B22…)

No. 673568

oh fuck

No. 673578

Holly, either stop lurking or put in more effort.

No. 673587

Damn, i didnt see this shit coming. What are we gonna do now guys?

No. 673590

wait two minutes for an anon to wake up that follows her. also, if you search her name people are replying back to what sounds like her saying maybe her mom has invited her brother to move back in (or something like that) and its stressing her out

No. 673593

File: 1535284866898.png (819.68 KB, 736x791, Capture.PNG)

No. 673594

File: 1535284897111.png (118.46 KB, 762x733, 2.PNG)

No. 673595

File: 1535284931159.png (680.39 KB, 766x779, 3.PNG)

No. 673598

not to blog but if i have a deadline i start to say to myself stuff like i wanna die please shoot me etc., and i don't mean it it's just pressure relief so until san japan i won't be taking things like that that she says seriously

No. 673605

Everything in her power, huh? I honestly think if she bothered to pick up even a part time job and earned some money that way she would be a lot less stressed than she is now. Plus, when you have other shit to do you learn to appreciate your hobby a lot more, which I think she's in dire need of, as of now it looks like she hates what she's doing with every fiber of her being.

No. 673614

I think thats why she's showing it. The clear one broke.

No. 673615

You're right, that's hilarious. All she can actually draw convincingly is creep-faces.

No. 673616

File: 1535287893420.jpg (48.52 KB, 388x500, tumblr_inline_p7syp5bGxZ1ruymh…)

No. 673617

Simon was on the floor I think? But Holly is shit at showing any sort of coherent movement, so for some reason she just showed him jumping up facing the opposite direction he'd be facing.

No. 673618

…Is that supposed to be damien?

No. 673619

Is it bad that I actually think this is kinda cute? It doesn't have the massive chin-tumor her art normally does.

No. 673647

ngl I kinda liked it too.

No. 673649

Where are her brows?

No. 673662

File: 1535295592571.png (666.04 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Heres the rest of the skethbook page. Turns out i was following her and i didnt even know it lmfaoo. The way she draws clothes and folds bothers me so much. There's no rhyme or reason for it.

No. 673668

Holly really needs to learn the triangle arm thing for better proportions. Every time she draws someone with their arms folded it ends up being too long. Nit pick I know but it bothers me every time because its one of those things I feel like she notice automatically see when she's drawing but like the lean she just can't seem to plan out a proper figure before going for it.

No. 673688

File: 1535299523067.png (4.35 MB, 1242x2208, F8DB7778-716D-4B22-8C17-62455C…)

No. 673689


Uhhh, that’s not at all a “cute banner”

No. 673693

and so it begins

No. 673704

What the FUCK is up with that mouth?

No. 673722

for a title, calligraphy would suffice. obviously, things need to be dumbed down for holly since she's special needs, jfc.

No. 673724

Didn’t mix with the rest of the damn picture not saying it had to mix with the rest of the colours, the colour she chose looks horrible, ie-why I said it didn’t mix

No. 673725

I'm baffled at how people who claim to be artist are actually that impaired with graphics.

No. 673745

At least TwistedDisaster can line better than Holly, still not very ‘cute’ tho

No. 673776

Wow Mitchie really flatters herself in that banner lmao

No. 673780


the way she draws cheeks too lumpy always bugs me. Her faces always look swollen and dopey.
And they have like no foreheads.

Hilarious how she drew dark circles under Holly's eyes. Yeah this isn't cute.

No. 673783

File: 1535309816970.png (372.96 KB, 471x589, td.png)

Sounds about right

No. 673799

File: 1535311555585.png (3.67 MB, 1242x2208, F003D28F-31B9-49BA-BFEE-2230DF…)

Holly’s version

No. 673800

they’re both so bad aaagh. also the “:3” faces fucking kill me. stop. just stop.

No. 673823

smartest move, to privatize your twitter when you're so close to a convention and you're supposedly advertising your booth. GJ, BRown :3

No. 673827

With those noses and the :3 faces, they look like fucking furries, especially Michie

No. 673831

Considering holly made a whole video bitching about how people don't draw curly hair right… She sure skipped out on drawing her own curly hair huh.

No. 673853

Pretty sure she doesn’t draw the body naked under either the clothes, so she has no real idea where they should be folding and this gives it no natural flow, just lines all over the place like how she draws “muscle”

No. 673860

I'm super ready to see her spread of rushed, bland work beside Michie's twisted disaster of products she calls art.
Farmers attending, please…! Photos!

No. 673864

She's proud of not using construction lines at all, she said it herself in a video

No. 673895

I think a former cutter talking about going back is definitely not a small thing, stress or not.

I kinda feel for her, but at the same time she could probably have moved out already if she managed her shit better.

Didn't realize they were friends, they suit each other.

No. 673935

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think Holly is the prettier one.

Excuse me, I have to wash my mouth out with soap.

No. 673946

File: 1535321546382.jpeg (2 MB, 1200x1598, 8889DD96-F590-4D82-B56A-1C92BD…)

Well when looking at the two of them together it’s both shit, just shot for different reasons so neither looks good, they both look like shitty 5 minute doodles

No. 673950

the milk has run dry a bit, as these banners are really not that bad. Not worth talking about so much.

No. 673975

Agreed. I mean, the banners are DEFINITELY bad and they aren't good advertisement for either of them, but eh. It's not really that important in my opinion

No. 673978

I'm pretty sure they're meant to be 5 min doodles just to let fans know their table numbers?

I guess we aren't really going to get any new milk until after the convention.

No. 673984

They called them banners, not doodles just to let fans know. Tho I don’t understand why they did but I agree that they are just shitty doodles, all I’m saying

We’ve talked shit about Holly’s doodles before don’t know why it has to be different now? If you don’t want to talk about the doodles talk about something else instead of complaining

No. 674000

>"They called them banners, not doodles just to let fans know."

You're just splitting hairs at this point. Most of the artists I follow make 'banners' like this right before a con to let fans know where they will be at. It's not supposed to be a print quality piece to show their talents. A lot of the pieces we tear apart on here are things that Holly is planning to sell to her brain dead audience or cringy fujo shit she tries to pass off as being normal.

No. 674007


I agree, but nothing is off limits when it comes to her art.

No. 674009

Or shitty sketch doodles in her books, or some of her unfinished pieces, we nitpick and critique almost everything she makes like seriously calm down, it’s nothing new.

And banner or no, people where just pointing out it was two shitty doodles, that’s all. If you don’t want to comment on the doodle bring something else to talk about is what I’m saying. And I’ve seen plenty of artists who put more time into their table ads then these two have, just saying

No. 674323

File: 1535373728063.png (784.08 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Those lines are really not straight.

No. 674327

That’s a shitty blue, and the edges of that yellow blob are not clean in the slightest

No. 674345

it's stupid, the teacher will (possibly) give her a bad grade for very valid reasons (wobbly straight lines, edges issues, lousy perspective) and she'll disregard the feedback because in her head she got a bad grade because she used a color the teacher doesn't like.

No. 674369

I mean, I guess?

No. 674382

are you gonna say it's pink or something? can anons please do eyedropper from now on before calling out color naming issues

No. 674384

No? It's just a really ugly blue and it has purplish undertones. You'd think she'd pick a better one since she's trying to piss off someone who hates blue but also trying to prove a point (I assume).

No. 674385

What I’m wondering is why would she set it on top of her tablet and risk getting it wet? I see tape on the edges of the painting, is it taped on a drawing board? Still does she not have any surface space other than expensive tech? Wtf

No. 674399

File: 1535384427706.png (156.08 KB, 661x426, closertocyan.png)

>it has purplish undertones.
no it doesn't. something is wrong with YOUR screen not holly's

No. 674421

The painting might be dry/mostly dry already before she put it near her electronics. But who knows. This IS Holly we're talking about.

No. 674457

STORYTIME: i broke my tablet and had to buy another one hurr hurr pls donate and become a patron so i can spend more money on useless shi-i mean, buy another tablet so i can continue to work hard!!

No. 674495

actual question, but wouldn't you use masking tape that doesn't stick super hard anymore on the painting to paint the lines? I can't imagine why anyone would freehand those.

No. 674496

Typically, a ruler would suffice.

No. 674498

thank you; that is indeed the most logical action when i think about it

No. 674563

File: 1535402846197.jpg (54.86 KB, 720x362, IMG_20180827_134606.jpg)

No. 674566

>holly playing vidya
I don't think she never touched an actual that wasn't a visual novel

No. 674567

She's real late to the let's play bandwagon. Nobody is going to find her breathing heavy into a microphone 'fun' on or around Halloween. There's literally a million other better things to do around that time than watch her futz around with a game then make shitty fanart of it.

No. 674599

I legitimately can't parse what I'm looking at. is it a giant man sitting on a building? the perspective is so off.

No. 674664

I think its a dude sitting on a low wall but due to perspective and I think proportion it doesn't look like that at all

No. 674722

I deadass thought the yellow dudes was sitting on Windows/stairs/office cubical (im retarded guys). I litterally cant tell what im looking at. Im sorry guys. The blue color is fine, idk why anons are nitpicking about the specific blue she used. If anything needs to be nitpicked at is the terrible perspective, values, contrast, sense of depth and proportion and of course the wobbly lines.

No. 674782

Does anyone remember when she said playing video games is a waste of time? Wonder what made her change her mind. Probably the idea of easy content for easy views.

No. 674800

She's goes out of her way to say she isn't doing Inktober multiple times so she can concentrate on her million projects but now shes all about a spoopy Halloween inspired series with let's plays. Anyone else get annoyed when she brings Inktober up lately? Just the way she says she isn't going to do it always comes across as condescending to me. Like Inktober is too mainstream for her now and a big waste of time for a professional comic artist like BRown.

No. 674831

Did I miss something? When/where has she brought up inktober recently? Last time she was on some snobby bullshit, it was mermay and that 24hr comics thing.
Give it another month and she'll shit talk inktober again like she always does with art challenge events like these. She's got a pattern.
Actually. I'd be surprised if she didn't shit on inktober.

No. 674863

She did in her last vlog I think, says she's not gonna do it this year

No. 674870

hmmmm…weird how BRown often attempts these challenges (usually she says she’s “just doing one day for the fuck of it” or something similar, but i think it’s just her one attempt before she gives up) and then shits on them soon after. Like how she was going to do some kind of god awful animation with merman Hershel and scooba-diver Reese.

No. 674917

I can't tell what I'm looking at either

No. 674963

i thought it was a weird perspective of someone sitting high up in the bleachers at an old stadium. there are old ones here (like ca 1960s) that have concrete bleachers that look very similar to this. (i'm not from the us, though)

No. 674965

I wonder what the purpose of the assignment even was? I mean if it was perspective then Holly probably wouldn't get a good grade but if it was something like using complementary colors to make the subject of the piece stand out I guess maybe she would pass? Either way I really doubt Holly (or anybody in this program) is really getting their moneys worth for these classes…

No. 674975

File: 1535464084002.jpg (129.98 KB, 709x569, fgdfgd.jpg)

its apartments with a giant man sitting on them… It can't be bleachers because imagine having to climb over those walls to get to your seat

>complementary colors
kek probably remember that other assignment that she had about 'furry creatures' where the learning goals were stuff like 'find the appropriate photoshop tool icons'. elementary stuff

No. 674978

oh, yeah, that makes more sense.

No. 675005

honestly BRown just dick rides trends. one minute she'll talk shit but the second she sees it can make her a quick buck shes all for it.not only that but shes technically no longer a popular artist, her sub to view count has a large gap

No. 675008

both look extremely rushed , twisted d, has done better work but still has her own flaws. do we have a thread on her?

No. 675013

I'm not sure but I don't think she's as much of a cow as Holly? I might be wrong but I don't know any real drama Twisted Disaster has been involved with.

No. 675018

She's not really cow material as she doesn't have any drama with others and she isn't really arrogant or milky ect. Her worst offenses are stupid pointless click baity rant videos that are deviantart ranter tier cringy.

No. 675019

all i know thats of interest is she and her fiance still live with her parents and do not contribute financially. I also recall reading that she asks her fans for money to fund her future wedding whilst she herself pisses away any money she makes from her art

No. 675023

I don't like TD but I don't think she is thread worthy. Maybe take it to the Art Youtuber General on /ot/.

No. 675025

She's skim milk. A cow by association(with holly), but not cow proper. At most, her art belongs on the bad art thread, but that's it.

No. 675168

File: 1535489752840.png (441.44 KB, 1032x697, 2018-08-28_155419.png)

No. 675169

File: 1535489763838.png (644.08 KB, 991x707, 2018-08-28_155520.png)

No. 675170

File: 1535489773704.png (50.04 KB, 1019x233, 2018-08-28_155546.png)

No. 675179

>"But I can draw my own background"
Bitch where?!

No. 675186

File: 1535490550726.jpg (8.32 KB, 265x190, download.jpg)

No. 675207


My fuckin sides.


Now she won't shut up about screentones. She probably saw other artists use it on social media and thought she'd better get in on it too. She's using them and already complaining lol, won't be long now til she drops them. Cool how she's noodling around with everything else but what she actually needs to do.

No. 675276

Holly you don’t just fucking throw tones in and think it looks okay, you have to learn how to use tones and it’s not something you learn overnight

So who wants to bet Holly gives up using tones and goes back to just using black, white and grey again?

No. 675317

I mean she already did it before. Why can't she stick to anything? Its really sad (and funny) at this point

No. 675327

there's something tragic/delicious about her seemingly dreading the upcoming con after having needlessly invested so much money in it and wasting time on random shit that should have been used for preparing products to sell.

who wants to bet that after this convention she'll make HOW TO TABLE AT CONVENTIONS videos since she'll consider herself to be such an expert afterwards. Or if things really go pear shaped she'll denounce cons all together and make videos about WHY ARTISTS SHOULD NEVER TABLE AT CONS

No. 675358

Hmm I’m actually not appalled by those shoes for once

No. 675368

Those ankles are broke as hell still
That’s the problem tho, is she’s going to try using tones for awhile, realize she doesn’t know what the fuck she’s doing with them and instead of watching a few tutorials and trying it out on a few practice comics she’ll give it up again. She doesn’t work at her craft, if it requires real work and not the fluff she calls work then she wants non of it

No. 675391

none of holly’s art medium phases can truly be over until she spends a fuckton of money buying a bunch of tools and shit for it that are far beyond her skill level to use and then complains when she can’t make it look good despite her usual lack of practice. THEN she’ll denounce screen tone forever and let a pile of the stuff she bought for it languish in a corner of her dirty room.

No. 675437

Like I’m relooking at this now and I’m right, everything on this character is dark even the shoes have screentone over them, in fact it’s all so dark that it’s hard to see some detail on the clothes and face, it all just blends together. And I’m hoping it’s just for practice because all the cutting in the page, and saying small parts are hard, yeah that’s why you practice

No. 675476

Absolutely, I don’t check in on this thread super often but I can’t express how excited I am about San Japan. I’m thinking it’ll be the wakeup call Holly needs. If not, well, more milk for us I guess, but at this point I just want her to get her head out of her ass and imrpove.

No. 675501

jfc, how many sheets did she buy?
Also, she has Clip Studio Paint which comes with tons of free tones included, but why use those when you can waste money and time cutting out screentones by hand.

No. 675506

I'm willing to bet she didn't actually buy any but instead just printed them from scans she found online. That's why she mentions that people don't scan tones of buildings and junk.

No. 675512

Okay so I'm not caught up, but I was reading the first thread and holy shit she goes(went?) to the same art school as me (RMCAD). Does she still go here?

I've taken classes online and in person. Online is NOT hard at all. You typically have one project, one critique, and one discussion a week.

The in-person program is better than their online one.

No. 675513

Not to be mean but RMCAD seems like a shit-tier school. Looking at the student work everything seemed so mediocre and it seems like it has a 100% acceptance rate? I don't know, I'm getting some real Art Institute vibes from this place.

No. 675527

You know what, you're right. In the corner you can see a deviantart URL.
Makes it worse since most of the background "tones" on dA are stolen from other manga or uncredited photogs.

No. 675536

Im not the anon that goes to Rmcad but imma stop you right there. What you get from art schools is exactly what you put in. I go to a state school that has limited art classes, but that doesn't mean i'm getting a shit education in art. If you combine the things that you learn from school, online tutorials, and actual practice (not the kind that Holly does) it doesn't really matter which school you go to - especially for an undergraduate program.

No. 675554

I strongly disagree. There is a huge difference between going to an 'art school' like Art Institutes and going somewhere like Calarts. From what we've seen from Holly's art assignments, I'm willing to bet that RMCAD is closer to Art Institutes level than Calarts.

Also there is no point of paying more than 20k a year to a private art college if I can get the same or comparable education by self study. The only way I could ever justify paying that much for an art college is if the professors, alumni or even the name of the college itself would help be secure a paid art position later on in life. Otherwise it is completely pointless shelling out so much money for a sub-par education.

No. 675561

isn't she "off" digital art ATM because she suddenly decided to be master in traditional (again)?

No. 675567

i am absolutely in love that holly, stressed about the con and her lack of preparation, has decided to procrastinate further and thrown herself into a new art medium/project

looking forward to the fallout of san japan

No. 675603

File: 1535558587716.png (Spoiler Image, 5.85 MB, 1242x2208, 39CC33C2-37D3-4F65-BA74-3BAC14…)

No. 675605


Same anon, sorry, accidentally clicked the spoiler button.

No. 675610

Destroy that thing pls

No. 675628

not sure if it's meant to not have a neck or just forgot

No. 675630

You definitely get some leeway with a funny sketch like this, but shouldn't the thighs AT LEAST be the same length??

No. 675635

File: 1535561394237.png (902.13 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Oof. Some of these stickers look awful.

No. 675641

I table at cons and yeah it's a lot of work but hear me out Holly. Start your con prep immediately after paying for your table? You know, NOT one week before the freaking convention? She had at least three months it's no one's fault but her own she decided she needed to make a zine and a doujinshi and an mcr music video AND whatever else she wasted her time with. School and this convention are the two things she's invested money in. Those should be her main priority if she had any sense about her.

No. 675645

i'm a Lapis fan and that sticker is shitty. What is her hair doing? Why just a boring af bust?

No. 675652

Disagree. Art school in the US costs a lot of money, and going to a reputable school can open a lot of doors for you, but otherwise you may as well just take a part-time job and study at home every day if you don't get the value of great instructors.

Why is it so lopsided? It's not even funny bad, just off.

No. 675684


I know she's being doing something with paints/ink but this is the most quality picture of those disgusting hands I've ever seen

No. 675704

No I agree with the other anon. Expensive schools mean connections and industry education. Low tier schools are useful tools for beginners who can't self teach and need to build a portfolio that will get them a job regardless of high payed connections

No. 675873

Not familiar with artist alleys anymore, but have stickers this big gotten traction? These look massive, especially for something non-vinyl.

No. 675880

Not only are they massive but they also are poorly cut out with an exacto knife

No. 675881


I only just noticed how huge those are holy shit
Where in the everlasting fuck is any one gonna want to put those.

I genuinely hope they do not sell.
Which would be hilariously pathetic, given stickers are one of the easiest products to move.

No. 675888

You are just not looking at the (pun intended) big Holly C. BRown picture here, massive stickers are the future, like huge prints and ridiculously high resolution in her terrible animations

No. 675926

Depending on the price I can see them selling. I mean Holly does have a fanbase so I can see fans visiting Holly buy a sticker or two if they are on the cheaper side. If she stocks the zine I can see that selling too. I don't really think her prints will move tho.

No. 675944

That wrist at the top right that cuts off into white space. QUALITY

No. 676018


RMCAD anon here. Seconding this. They're a meh art school, but if you put a lot in you can get a lot out of it.

RMCAD actually has the best illustration degree in Colorado. Their animation program isn't very great, and their fashion program sucks. RMCAD is also cheaper for CO residents than for transplants, and the online program is less than half the cost of the on-ground one.

However, I only go to RMCAD because I have to live in CO for family reasons. Under better circumstances, I would have gone to SCAD or Ringling.

There's one illustration prof in particular who kicks ass, but I'm not naming him here for his sake.


I say if you have the discipline and the connections, you don't need an art degree. However, some people need a structured environment in which to acquire those things. Networking with other artists is the most valuable thing about art school imo.

No. 676029

I doubt Holly actually got accepted to Calarts. If she was a much better artist, though, I would totally believe her story.

I personally know a guy whose CGI animations got him accepted, but he had to drop out after the first year because it caused him to accrue $70,000 in debt.

"Being in debt until I'm dead" and "Not going to THE BESTEST EVER ART SCHOOL" is not an easy choice. Art degrees are barely necessary to begin with, what the fuck makes you guys think shelling out 280,000 for a SUPER SPESHUL CalArts degree is a good financial decision?

No. 676035


No one except for maybe one idiot here said that it was. Just that it maybe makes networking easier, but even then it's not a guaranteed investment.

Even now she's wasting her time with RMCAD. she obviously thinks she's ahead of the cirriculum and thinks little of it (it's not helping with her inflated ego either),

some of the courses she seems to be taking are very basic or fundamental, but she's probably finishing her degree up out of obligation more than anything (I believe she mentioned that in an older vlog).

No. 676039


It's pretty hilarious that she thinks that, because though RMCAD isn't exactly chock full of amazing artists, most of the student work I've seen is STILL 20-50% better than her crap. She's delusional.

No. 676092

File: 1535597427525.png (4.21 MB, 2149x2500, hdgfuijfghijfhgjk.png)

RMCAD Anon here again. Okay, sorry for spamming the thread and for namefagging(?)

But it turns out I was in a class with Holly in the semester in that just ended. It was a painting class, and boy howdy, did her work SUCK. Easily some of the worst art on the critique threads. Here's some insider milk.

Turns out, Holly submitted digital art for some of the traditional assignments, which is a form of academic dishonesty at RMCAD (I've seen people get in trouble for it).

No. 676097

Ok, beyond the shittiness of her paintings, can we talk about her grammar? I mean, if she's posting a sentence, then you'd think she could at least Google the proper spelling of words like "existence" and not use text speak like 'idk'. The first thing they teach for online classes is usually about spell checking your submissions and having proper grammar…

I'm shocked that she didn't fail out of the class. The oil painting one is a bit harder to instantly detect, but the top paintings with the cow are so obviously digital.

No. 676110

Oh snap thanks for the milk anon

No. 676113

>submitting an actual Photoshop filter in for an assignment
I’m shittin’ at the audacity. Also, man, I hope those three at the top left are supposed to be thumbnails, because they (and the cow especially) look like they were done in 15 minutes tops.

These actually bum me out because of how little effort is put into them. Like, she needs to take a break from art and reenergize or something.

No. 676123

You can really tell how little effort she puts into her classes. She isn't utilizing the opportunity to learn that come with having assignments that are literally set up to teach you through your own effort. She is just going to that school to come out with a degree so she can say she has one, not to learn from the work they give her.

No. 676126

if it wasn’t somehow obvious before, it definitely is now that Holly’s taking classes for the wrong reasons. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t a creative/art degree a bit different from most other degrees, in that when it comes to getting a regular job in that field (like an artist for instance), your proficiency in that field will outweigh the “degree” you have? Maybe that doesn’t apply as much to Holly since she wants to be a freelance artist. She will definitely regret this decision to do school just for her mom’s personal satisfaction in the future though, especially if she’s in a lot of debt. I’m speaking from experience as someone who went to college for a year before realizing I didn’t want to be even further in debt just to do something I hated. It’s a common enough situation nowadays that I’m surprised Holly hasn’t come to that conclusion yet (unless there are extenuating circumstances).

No. 676132


Nah, no one cares about an art degree. You might as well be burning the cash you paid to get that piece of paper. At the end of the day, it's what you put in to your own efforts to learn the skills you need. Art is a very independent sort of field, and to be able to work it, you need to demonstrate what you can do, not what degrees you have.

So she can skirt by on shit tier work and get ten art degrees, it wouldn't matter to anyone else except her guardian. It happens so often, people will go into a cheap school for an art degree just to say that they have a degree.

No. 676134

that's 100% normal for her tho. bigger paper, higher res, expensive tools - art degree is the next logical step. she's always wasting money on shit that she puts not effort into learning.

No. 676140


This is going to sound super harsh, but since she clearly doesn't give a shit about her school assignments and doesn't think she stands to gain anything from it, she should probably just get reported for academic dishonesty and get expelled for using fucking digital art on a traditional media assignment.

No. 676143

it's not like the marker wouldn't have been able to tell. they've decided to allow it for whatever reason

No. 676148

File: 1535604804379.jpg (70.8 KB, 720x562, IMG_20180829_215309.jpg)

No. 676149

So did it break because she over used it rushing to print stuff for the con or is she lying so she has an excuse for lack of merchandise on her table?

No. 676155

did she really print out that digital piece to make it look like she painted it traditionally? also why doesn't she take the fucking tape off her paintings so they look, idk, nice???? i can't decide if holly is a huge asshole or just has an IQ of 80.

No. 676158

bet you guys anything that she broke it herself in some dumb way. why does she say “they don’t last that long nowadays”?? idk how long she’s had that printer, but it should be good for a few yrs at least if used properly and all that. also can’t believe that she can buy a new high quality printer just like that the moment her current one breaks.

No. 676171


How convenient that her printer breaks after all those Zine orders.

OF COURSE, she made sure she had all those orders of Seize out, though, yessiree.

No. 676178

I mean if she planned ahead she could have just used a 3rd party company to print her merch for cheap…

No. 676183

RMCAD anon, not to suggest cow tipping or anything, but you should honestly report this. This goes past it being Holly, if anyone did this I’d think they’re incredibly scummy. It’s not plagarism or anything illegal of course, but it’s in super bad spirit.

No. 676189

im ehh on this idea

No. 676190

Her teacher must be dispointed in her. It's really sad that she used her real name for her online persona. Any job that sees her will look away . Also I thought she loved traditional painting , why is she using digital for her assignments??

No. 676194


(RMCAD anon again) Well, I didn't even touch on the fact that all of these paintings are supposed to on STRETCHED CANVASES, not pieces of fucking paper.


I can't get into specifics but I am REALLY not in a position to be reporting other people for student conduct violations, lol.

Also, because she's not local, it would be VERY difficult for Student Affairs to investigate this (they would need to see the paintings in person, which is difficult if she isn't in Colorado).


My guess would be that the prof. didn't care enough to look into it. "Googling students" isn't in her job description, and this particular prof. teaches only like two classes anyway.


Seconding this. I always get my stuff printed at Fedex/Kinkos, or at RMCAD (there are some kick ass printers on campus).

No. 676195

She probably used digital because she failed to plan ahead and had no time to do the assignment traditionally.

No. 676206

Didn’t she mention that she didn’t like a specific teacher? The one that doesnt like blue or something. So I’m assuming since that piece is on here that its that teacher.

No. 676212

its worse than cow tipping it's fucking with someone's money (invested tuition etc.) and I would really urge people not to do that. It's very clear the first set of paintings are digital, no one's fooling anyone with those. Maybe she wrote in and said I'm sick - can I submit something though for feedback? The other one with the detail, is more dubious especially with students commenting about the technique lol. But maybe the school already gave her zero marks. OR maybe it's a really shitty cash for marks school and they said fuck the 'rules'. We don't know the situation but more importantly it isn't worth the potential negative karma snowball. Let her get her useless cereal box degree

No. 676215

If someone who took that class with her wants to complain I think they have every right to. By cheating she is devaluing everyone's grade in that class. I do however agree that random anons on this thread really shouldn't do anything in this matter since it has nothing to do with us.

No. 676217

yeah, i mean we rip holly a new asshole for some of the personal stuff she shares, but this is more private and involves other ppl (and she herself didn’t share it anyways). plus, like that one anon said, it’d be difficult to investigate and ultimately just kind of a waste of time unless someone in the class really wants it to happen.

No. 676224


Not to mention that Holly's aunt/mom/whatever are probably helping her pay for it.

No. 676246

RMCAD anon would you happen to have anymore screenshots from the class? Also would you happen to know if these are beginner level classes or something? A lot of the assignments we've seen Holly talk about seem really amateur for someone who is supposedly in their senior year.

No. 676251

Holls is getting the degree just to brag that she has it, like she buys shit all the fucking time and later ends up not using any of it.

No. 676257

Kek, is that fucking Hershel in the drawings on the bottom right?

This stuff is all terrible. It's clear she doesn't give a shit and knows she can get away with it because it's online.

No. 676265

File: 1535632999514.png (127.36 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I get what its like to have shitty family members, trust me, but why is Holly insisting on airing out her dirty laundry?? She could have just tweeted her brother left instead of this mess.

No. 676295

I don’t even like Holly but this sound worrisome… I really hope her brother isn’t abusing her and her mother or hurting them…

No. 676302

I really doubt the brother is hurting Holly or her Aunt/Mom. I think he is probably doing something like selling weed out of their house.

No. 676326

I don’t want to speculate on Holly’s personal life, but why did she need to “hide” if it wasn’t a violent thing? Unless she’s hiding because of the cops or something?

No. 676334

I'm pretty sure she meant that her brother was hiding in the garage from cops. Holly's brother had been kicked out of their mother's house because of drugs. I believe he recently returned to living in the garage. Unfortunately it sounds like he might be going to jail for possession.

No. 676354

Lmao he's abusing them is your first conclusion anon kek. Personally, if I heard the cops coming for my brother I'd hide too! Cops scare the shit outta me I don't wanna be shot on accident cuz I'm in the same house as a criminal.

No. 676356

No. 676359

File: 1535647929925.png (43.02 KB, 932x263, 2018-08-30_115102.png)

yikes saw this gem in her comments on that last tweet, all he had was drugs right ?
idk much but I think this was a bit much to comment

No. 676360

I'm watching it right now and she thinks the lack of "bleed" pages is like a big problem of Purgatory.
what the hell. But I'm not surprised

No. 676380

Love seeing when her fans get as demented as she does

No. 676386

Ahh yes, because people with nonviolent drug offences need to be so horribly traumatized and punished for something so vile and horrible

Having da weedz- this man deserves the gas chamber for what he’s put poor Holly through uwu

No. 676389

It was so weird when Holly flipped thru her old pages. The art actually got progressively worse the further she gets into the book. Like Holly is legit devolving when it comes to art. I don't understand why she thinks she is getting better.

No. 676390

>>676386 to be fair we dont know if he was arrested because of weed this time. unless she mentioned it somewhere but…

No. 676391

>>676389 that comment, though. holy shit. uncalled for in my opinion.

No. 676395

What the actual fuck lmao, not sure if this is an edgelord, some gross fujoshit, or both.

I don't think she's mentioned what kinds of crimes her brother has committed besides being involved with drugs, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't run a drug cartel or a human trafficking ring.

No. 676398

True but from what we know about him it sounds likely he got arrested for drugs.
Also Holly said it was a federal charge and drug trafficking seems like the most likely federal charge he would be charged with (really doubt the dude got taken in for piracy, counterfeiting or treason or violating security laws/interstate commerce laws) Then again Holly might be wrong about the federal charges.

Also wanted to add, if this guy was taken in for federal charges for drug trafficking there he is probably selling something a bit stronger than weed…

No. 676407

I’m so happy to see that Holly takes learning her basics and fundamentals as seriously as she does actually practicing her craft, and by serious I mean not at all and throws to cheat and fluff herself through as much as she can

Sad and pitiful, Holly you are not going to be a freelancer artist for long

No. 676409

Does anyone have the source/screencaps of the zine reviews she's talking about here?

No. 676410

He could have, but he also could have not been. All depends on the area they live in and what the police will see has a “strong offence” or not, because in some places selling weed is just as bad as selling heroin or crack. And even if he was selling drugs that’s probably it, I doubt the guy was brawlin and trying to stab people or threatening Holly and her aunt, so I’m pretty sure whatever his charge is, its not going to be anything crazy. Probably weed and pills which is fuck all. (And off topic and only my opinion but I find most drug possession charges in the USA fucking ridiculous)

No. 676505

Holly has no concept of time management at all, just saying "i need a schedule for the comic " but not actually doing it will get her no where.plus I'm suprised that her fans are stills following the story with such irregular updates also of course the bad writing and art as well.

No. 676509


I can't fuckin watch her draw with the way she holds her pen, ugh.

No. 676515

>>676509 a lot of people hold pencils like that due to either not being taught properly in elementary school, or having weak hand muscles. its pretty common now, actually. not saying i disagree with you, but I've seen a LOT of people hold their pens similarly.

No. 676527

File: 1535662551379.jpg (474.92 KB, 564x589, v04qFO6.jpg)

Wait, is this seriously how she's going to be selling the Pearl print? Just….Stark navy bg with ugly mint green and pink?
Can't say I'm surprised, but…It looks mega unfinished. And it's fuckin huge, who'd want that drab thing hanging in their room just cause it's pearl. It's so dour.

No. 676531

What does it even have to do with the character? There's no setting like that in steven universe

No. 676533


She's so out of touch with what any given fanbase she makes fan art for wants, I swear.

No. 676553

>tfw was one of the anons saying the background was just a placeholder
How do you drop the ball so hard? I was actually digging the Baroque-esque fabric, but that lack of a background… I bet she just ran out of time to actually do it.

No. 676748

Lol of course she did! The con is tomorrow! Anons what do we know for sure she's bringing as a print? I'm trying to get a visual of how the table is going to look as a con goer. Pearl print, probably the BNHA pieces she did for the zine, that ugly ass Kiki print, the FMA zine reject, the Cowboy Bebop characters back print, and I guess some of Paranormal Plague and Purgatory pieces? Plus those stickers kek

No. 676790

WHAT? BUT >>668047
How the hell can she call this finished when she DIDN'T FINISH ANYTHING? Did she get tired of working on it and give up? Don't sell it if that's the case jesus christ Holly

No. 676797

wait, how many prints is she even going to bring?? i doubt that many will sell, but she won’t even have the possibility to earn back the travel expenses and shit if she doesn’t make enough of them. it’ll be worse if she has more of her original stuff. all of it sucks, but the steven universe, cowboy bebop, studio ghibli, etc. fandom stuff will get at least some traction and definitely more than her oc comics.
didn’t she say at the beginning of the year that she wanted to have the 1st book of pp done for san japan too lmao

No. 676828

I can see the Cowbot Bebop print doing the worst, the anatomy and placement is so horrible on that one and making is a larger print will only show that off more. The Ghibli stuff and shitty BNHA stuff is the only things that will sell.

I wouldn't say anyone will want her OC stuff, it's not like she mega popular or anything, just infamous around youtube and tumblr.

Actually I wonder if anyone will ask her about the zine at the con? That'd be funny to witness, please conanons get some candid's of Holly's horrible setup if possible.

No. 676831


** meant to quote >>676748
dingdang sorry

No. 676888

File: 1535684073831.png (4.24 MB, 1242x2208, C4353AE6-AA56-49AA-9357-5E4344…)

Yikes, but whoever drew whatever that is on the table, props. It’s the most decent thing I’ve seen within miles of association with Holly.

No. 676897

The guy in the middle is the the only semi-cute one there, wow….

No. 676899

Holly looks like a potato wearing a party city wig. how do you manager to make your own hair that dry and fake looking?

No. 676906


Her eyes bug me out slightly, she always makes that weirdass face when she things she's being silly- she widens her eyes and it looks bad.

No. 676912

he low-key looks like a nerdier idubbbz.

it's because her eyes are so deep set I think.

No. 676914

idk man, kinda looks like gabe from the office with glasses but to each their own

No. 676927

File: 1535689662110.jpg (3.77 MB, 4032x3024, 20180830_225705.jpg)

No. 676929

ngl I'm excited for this shitshow
their self portraits are slaton-sister tier laughable at this point holy shit

No. 676935

an anon is tableing? wow! i knew one was gonna pass by but having someone there to give updates (when not full of work of course) is really nice. Good luck anon!

(im asuming only artist can be in the alley while preparing the tables)

No. 676937

Yeah tonight is setup night, I'll probably be hella busy but I'll try to keep you guys updated.

No. 676940

see THIS is what i thought she looked like before I saw her. (but she doesn't actually look like this)

No. 676945

>>676937 sure, you already are doing a lot by being in the same space as her, thanks for any milk

No. 676990

File: 1535698329424.gif (2 MB, 290x268, 145870.gif)

?????? are you talking about Holly? Are you Talking about Michie? What are you even saying in this? This is what they both look like???

No. 676997

SanjapAnons, please keep us updated, we’re counting on you!

No. 676999

sorry- in the photo, holly looks like she weighs 400lbs. That's how i'd imagined her to look from her being a fujo etc., but recently in a vlog she showed her body and she's not fat at all. (No need for such an obnoxious gif)

No. 677009

I mean I think in her newest video Holly is like 166lbs so the picture looks like an unflattering but semi realistic depiction.

No. 677084

general estimates for prints that haven't been sold before is roughly 5-15 prints, and once you have a benchmark you know which ones to re-print next time.

so knowing holly,she's probably got like 50 of each print.

No. 677094

Since she ended up printing everything last second I have a feeling she probably underestimated the number of prints she needed rather than overestimated. I wouldn't be surprised if runs out of stock for things that have the potential to sell well like the sticker sets or the zine.

No. 677141

>holly looks like she weighs 400lbs
Where? The photo is unflattering, but that's it.

Pretty excited for the mess that's no doubt about to ensue, hope you can get some intel anon.

No. 677152

Naw I see what you mean anon I also thought she was fat (more like 250 tho not 400 lol) based on her face but she just has kinda wide shoulders and a chubby face cuz she is not fat after all it was surprising seeing her body. Tbh it makes me sad she sees these threads cuz we all used to call her obese and shit and I think it gave her a bit of an eating disorder.

No. 677208

nah that gif is hilarious pull the stick out of your ass

No. 677214

File: 1535737982444.jpg (183.19 KB, 828x1472, 39586720_239468260072391_16517…)

Apparently Holly and Alisa Vysochina know each other/are friends? She has over 100k followers on instagram, so this might actually boost Holly's sales.

No. 677232

I like the idea behind that Purgatory cover, she could have tried harder on the boys though

No. 677235

I'm super curious about their setup. I wonder how it looks.

No. 677239

The cover is gross imo, the hot magenta pink mixed with green/mint, the way the lines are done for the bg it looks like they are laying on a large puddle of puke (even tho i think it's…a cave?)

The boys anatomy was going to be horrible anyway given her track record but she should have put so much more work into this, the coverart is what sells a comic for a lot of readers since it displays the art inside.

No. 677249


At least the cover accurately reflects the contents inside; it's a lot, but a whole lot of nothing, and just as ugly.

No. 677254

File: 1535741454017.jpg (557.12 KB, 500x711, Untitled.jpg)

No. 677263

A cave? A well? I have 0 idea what that's supposed to be, it kinda looks like the well of souls in Scooby Doo Zombie Island LMFAO

No. 677281

love this

No. 677284

File: 1535743182755.png (683.17 KB, 670x861, 1535743078833.png)


I recognise your meme, and raise you one more

No. 677330

File: 1535746265182.jpeg (27.81 KB, 600x375, 3D362737-6FBB-46AC-839D-FBFF31…)

No. 677389

Sage for opinions but I genuinely wish holly the best at her con, and I’ve been following since the beginning. People make mistakes, holly just makes really hilarious ones. Am I the only anon who has the tiniest little spark of hope that if she makes enough to move out of her current living situation she might actually start to get better?

No. 677397


You're probably not the only anon to hope that, no. In my opinion, it doesn't matter how much money she makes, she needs to get her head out of her ass first, or she'll just be back at square one. It doesn't seem to matter how much money she gets, she ends up spending it on dumb shit because she wants instant gratification. So she needs to fix her priorities first.

No. 677425

omg who cares, stop it with the over the top conclusions out of your asses

No. 677426

File: 1535754471632.png (3.68 MB, 1439x1831, Screenshot_2018-08-31-15-26-46…)

No. 677430

what? It has nothing to do with weak muscles or lack of teaching, wtf

No. 677432

And so it begins

No. 677436

Honestly I can see the Denki squat print and the FMA print to do decently well because peole will buy one for the laughs and the other for nostalgia sake. As for the other…. Im dont think they will grab attention the attention of people walking by nearly as much. Artists, regardless of talent, can make a lot of money doing commissions at cons so she has that going for her as well.

No. 677437

In her last vlog she showed envelopes and cardboard packings for Seize because she didn't want "12 year olds flipping through a porn zine". And now they're just laying there right in front?

Her table is really overwhelming and they could make the separation between the two of them better.

No. 677441

It looks like the Kiki and Denki print are already sold out.

No. 677445

Omfg I am laughing this is a three day con how many of those did she bring. Is she going home between days to print more?

No. 677446

Why are their prints all mixed together instead of split?

No. 677455


It looks like Holly brought more stuff with her, so it looks overwhelmingly like only her table. Michie's stuff is mixed in there, interspersed between Holly's stuff and the only way you can tell it's hers is by how dopey the characters look, but the colors are better.

Overall though it looks like a wreck. That hot pink cloth is so garish.

No. 677457

odd question but is that…jesus there on the table? someones on a cross and its just catching my eye

No. 677461

wait where??? or are you refering to white diamond print michie has?

No. 677464


i think that's her weird "hee hee i make obscure references" evangelion sticker she was talking about

No. 677467

its right beside the lapis sticker, red cross looking thing

No. 677470

That’s Lilith from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

No. 677473

I think it's mostly Holly's stuff also because Michie did mention Holly helped her get to San Japan in a tweet. Our left side is Michie's stuff and our right is Holly's, but it seems like it's all Holl's because she's taking up practically the entire hanging space for prints. I'd feel kinda bad for anyone trying to table with her.

No. 677482

>>677430 it does. what do you think its from then? just because? its a habit developed as a child that isnt fixed. kids do it initially because of weak hand muscles and if it isnt corrected at some point, then you start seeing people carry it into adulthood.

on another note, i see a LOT more of holly's stuff on that table than mitchies. whats the point of getting a table at a con if you have like 2 prints?

No. 677484


Like a previous anon said, you can get by on a little merch when you're also taking commissions, but that's only really if people even like your work.
Besides, she has a lot of other, easy to buy, smaller things like buttons, stickers and those charms.

No. 677486

>>677484 i cant imagine she'll get many commissions. does anyone know if holly is doing them too?

No. 677487


There's a sign in the middle of the table saying they do.

No. 677489

Of course her shitty doujin is sitting out in the open where kids can just flip through it. Because, let’s be honest, they both look like they’d be attached to their phones all weekend and won’t notice.

I’ve sold at conventions for a long while now and this setup is an eyesore. Especially the binder clips not properly supporting the prints and letting it fold in like that. The table is a confusing mess as well. If I were there, I’d just keep walking.

If I hadn’t already known she was severely underprepared for this con, the look of the table sure let’s you know.

No. 677494


Jesus Christ what a fucking mess.

No. 677497

I’m looking forward to seeing how much she makes

No. 677498


I'm personally looking forward to the vlogs. And how many of those zines she's going to sell. They might sell out by the end of it. I wonder how many she brought with her because what's on the table is no indication.

No. 677504

who wants to bet that all of the zine money is going into her own pockets?

No. 677505

I wonder if any of the artist have their zines yet ?
or at least people who bought them ?
judging by how long it takes for her to ship out her own store stuff it might be a month before anyone gets it.

No. 677507

i think she mentioned only shipping them out after the con is over, im not sure if that applied to the artists participating in it

No. 677509

so… if another artist was going to SJ too?

No. 677516

Whoa Seize seriously is just out there unwrapped and easy to pick up and flip through right in the front?? Idk about San Japan but every con I've tables at this would be against the rules.

No. 677518


If kaminaris facial expression wasnt so fucked I could see myself buying it. The print where bakugo is getting hit is unsalvagable though.

No. 677521

File: 1535762364904.jpg (99.7 KB, 720x806, IMG_20180831_173850.jpg)

No. 677530

>>677521 ''discretly''
wanna fuck her over or wanna let this unwind?

No. 677538

Tbh I could see this blowing up on her on its own. If someone goes to look through it and finds a surprise explicit sex scene it might make them complain. Especially parents or older attendees.

No. 677543

the funny thing is that it isnt even in a bag, she could have printed the pre fucking pages and added a ''for the explicit +18 content please ask the artist'' or some shit

No. 677556

The fact that she doesn't follow any Rules at all , she should be reported. This is unbelievable

No. 677560

Looool they have a fucking tip jar. Most AA artist find that tacky af but I'm not surprised Brown went there.

No. 677569

Former San Japan staff here. San Japan staff is shit. They don’t care. Holly could steal or race art and they wouldn’t care.

No. 677571

No. 677610

I usually defend her a bit but this is disgusting to me. Surely its mostly kids wandering around and her other art looks to childish. I dunno, if she's sitting there the whole time monitoring it'd be okay but what if she takes a bathroom break? One glance at any of that nasty stuff in there would have been seared into my brain forever if i saw that as a kid.

No. 677612

>>677610 same, i get that kids are suposed to be supervized but parents shouldnt have to be over their shoulders whie they look at a comic in a booth that looks childish

also really young kids go to cons so i dont feel its exagerated to say this

No. 677616

On the positive side (for Holly) two of her big prints have 'sold out' stuck on them so (even if she printed too few) she didn't sell none

No. 677620

File: 1535768991136.jpg (37.19 KB, 537x527, 33f98dbd14fafce81b19a16f55e23e…)

>>Sold Out

No. 677627

so apparently the seize comic she's put up front on her table is the censored version with cats, michie clarifies that in her replies, on the picture of their booth

No. 677630

That really doesn't make it any better. That's lazy af. But it's holly we're talking about

No. 677653

Looking at this >>677214 , yeah, I guess Holly actually does have the actual copies wrapped.

Their booth doesn’t look as empty as I though it would, which is good. But man, those stickers are still so goddamn big. Where the fuck would you put the horse one? S

No. 677672

File: 1535777627925.png (213.9 KB, 1402x1019, Screenshot_2018-08-31-21-51-03…)

Hmmmm Twisted compliments Holly , Holly says nothing. . . What a good friend.

No. 677673

File: 1535777801987.png (576.46 KB, 1242x2208, 54F5848D-DAB9-4B0E-BD43-E164B4…)

No. 677676

File: 1535778098153.png (442.75 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180831-220103.png)

michie claims it's censored lmaoooo

No. 677681

A kid won't be traumatized for life from one glance at Holly's shitty gay porn, let's not exaggerate.

That said she shouldn't have it out to flick through, stickers over it or not it's still porn.

Ngl, I respect Monique more than many of the YTAC gang for actually speaking up against Holly (and Spechie).

No. 677700

idc for monique much. i do agree on the speaking out part though. i know a lot of artubers are actually friends, but it’s so shady how we know some of them lurk (maybe post too) in these threads and yet they’re constantly gushing on their “friends’ “ videos (not that encouragement is bad). it’s pree obvious it’s not only encouragement tho when it comes to holly. that alisa person told ppl to “shower holly in cash” and then someone else said something similar. wouldn’t u just say, “check out my friend’s art!” or something that doesn’t sound greedy af??

No. 677707

lil sanjapanon here, I had the chance to sort of stand at the table for a bit. She's already sold out of a few of the prints. Michie sort of whined-gushed about how Holly is getting more recognition than she is - not sure if she was actually upset or happy for Holly?

They are both taking commissions for $20, and Holly has copies of the MHA zine and the top book's cover is curled and she told me when I picked it up that it was just the display copy on top that was curled, but the ones underneath the display copy were also curled. So her book crafting is unsurprisingly shitty.

Seize IS censored with cat stickers, but I don't think it should be out and available for anyone to pick up. She should probably ask for ID and then hand the display copy after verifying probably?

No. 677723

How much is everything going for? I’m wondering if Holly will break even w/ her sales here

No. 677724

how does this work with the cat stickers? are they stuck over the printed pages or printed? I mean what a weird idea - is it so kids can buy it for the story? Or is it for adults to peel the stickers off lmao

No. 677726

She IS supposed to ask for ID before handing anyone anything that’s considered adult material. She shouldn’t have it out to begin with, censor stickers or no.

No. 677729

NAYRT but it's to censor the display copy so minors can't look at porn.

No. 677731

ohh the other ones in the stack are wrapped

No. 677743

Is the art quality in Artist Alley's so bad that people will buy literal trash? Like who is actually buying this junk?

No. 677748

I know a lot of great artists selling there this weekend whose work is far more polished than Holly’s. My money is on Holly not having enough stock and selling maybe a couple copies of what she had. Since her printer crapped out “last minute”, she probably didn’t bother to try using a print service as a backup. Of course she doesn’t think things through. And I doubt she will be making a print run in the morning to restock like legitimate artists do when prints are low.

No. 677752

Still, people are apparently willing to pay actual money to buy this trash. Like why? The paper it's printed on is probably worth more than the art itself.

No. 677761

this may be a bit tin foil hat but I low key think holly purposefully made her prints oversized and brought a shit ton of things so that people only mostly saw her stuff over Michie's smaller prints and merch. Looking at the table you'd have to practically dig to find Michie's stuff.


Yeah no, I don't believe for a second Monique would just pm her about the situation if she could and leave it at that, Monique is and has always been about grandstanding and calling people out for attention. To make herself look good. And also way to go for possible cow tipping(not that it's a concern, we know Holly reads here, and so does she).

No. 677795

Totally off topic to current events of the thread but if you watch MichaelBePetty’s newest stream on YouTube (he makes content on Amberlynn Reid, everyone’s favorite cow) Holly can be seen donating through superchat. It’s amazing that she sees problems with ALR but not herself.

She donated $1.99 for anyone curious.

No. 677806

oh dear g.d i didn't watch Michael's newest stream in full and missed that, but i saw holly commenting on a video of TheSarcasticPotato on ALR.

No. 677842

It was right at the beginning as the stream was starting. I don’t think she wrote a comment but I happened to catch her name pop up with a donation. I’m pretty sure it’s her since it was H.C.Brown that donated, and she regularly can be seen on ALR related stuff. I used to see her comment on her actual videos a few months ago, she’s been watching ALR for a while.

No. 677848

Hmm, Idk if any of you guys read the YT Artist thread, but somewhere semi recently Monique is caught being a snake. She has does lurk and post here (not sure if currently, but def in the past). Something happened where a YouTube artist (forgot which one, i think it was Kasey) found out that people were talking about her on Lolcow. Then Monique's ass came and told her that the people on this site are rude and have nothing better to do than talk shit about others…despite she herself posting/lurking here.

In short, Monique isnt as innocent as she seems. She likes to play both sides. I think its good she is calling BRown out but at the same time she is problably doing it because she lurks here and wants to get attention/praise from everyone.

No. 677859


that last part is literally what last anon said about Monique, she can't be trusted. She just wants brownie points where she can get 'em.

She shouldn't have made herself known, if she wanted to have her cake and eat it too, but instead she thought she was being bold by using her actual name.

I don't even know if anything will come of her callout tweet anyway, past SJ staff anon said they don't really give a fuck.

No. 677871

I just like that she's the only person publically calling people out tbh

No. 677879

File: 1535818663631.jpg (48.07 KB, 637x395, sanaware.JPG)

No. 677885

Lol can't wait for Hollys bitchfit

No. 677896

Watch SanJapan do nothing about this but Holly still post a rant video about all the 'drama'

No. 677900


We all saw this coming.

Holly doesn't care about the rules or whether or not minors will end up leafing through it, she only cares about how much she thinks she can get away with and how much money she can get out of it that's why it's out in the open like that. It's a beacon for fujos.

I've been to many a con and the whole 'censoring it with cats' whatever that means, I've never even seen. Artists are normally smarter about that shit so they don't grt kicked out and lose their earnings.

No. 677902

The cencoring with cats is stickers placed over dongs and sex stuff in the public copy to look at, all the other ones are sealed.

Tho from the sounds of >>677707 she wasnt asking for ID which is con rules, so I think that might be where she's about to get shit on.

No. 677926

they're just gonna say can you put that one under the table

No. 677928


Holly might as well learn the rules now if she's going to think about doing future cons. Knowing her as well she's bound to bitch about it a bit somewhere and that will be amusing.

No. 677931

I doubt they'll do much besides give her a warning.

No. 677933

That's all I really expected. I mean it's not like the whole booth is covered in porn or anything, just her shitty art, tho I do wonder how she's going to react to all this.
And I wish she would have had a more neutral or anime-themed design for her note/sketch books shes selling, I doubt anyone wants a notbook with Hershal (i think?) on it

No. 677945

I've tabled multiple cons and sexual content is not allowed to be displayed at all. Even if the nudity is covered. JUST nudity is usually allowed if it is mostly covered. If people are fucking it isn't allowed though like fuck Holly common sense much?

No. 677966

I’ve seen people at various cons that allow 18+ work have a sign that says “ask me about my 18+ work”

She could literally have a sign or something that says “ask me about my 18+ yaoi” and fujos would eat that up. She absolutely does not need to have the comic out to attract that crowd.

Have a sign, ask for ID, have a copy ready to pass out. It’s her being lazy and not wanting to interact with people most likely. Also ignoring rules because it’s Holly of course.

No. 677991

File: 1535831170823.jpg (164 KB, 768x1024, DmBXwZCVAAAgRAn.jpg)

the table today

No. 677998

holly eats up so much of michies space it kind of upsets me a bit

No. 677999

Well I can find Michies stuff now since it's all mostly on her side but jesus christ Holly why did you have to make your shit so big? It's really not 'poster size' worthy…

No. 678000


Yeah I'd said yesterday that I think she made her stuff big on purpose to kind of drown out anything else. Michie brought smaller stuff and barely can fill her side of the table. And seize is still front and center kek.

No. 678001


Looks like the BNHA zine is selling well. But holy shit I'm cringing at the way those prints are hanging, they're creasing and warping, not a good look. It gives the impression of her not valuing her own work.

No. 678022

the whole thing looks janky as shit. i don’t think she made her prints poster size just to get more attention than michie’s stuff tho. that’s a lil reach, considering she mentioned a looong time ago that she made her prints super big bc it was “better than standard size” or stood out more or some bs like that. doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. the only pieces i would consider worthy of larger than normal sizes are ones that have an extreme amount of detail, which holly’s don’t even come close to.

No. 678026

The only one I can see being worth the size is the bathhouse one from Spirited Away, but even then that one is only really good at a glance, when you examine it long enough you see the weird super lean and off perspective.

The Kiki one was def. not worth the size I actually can't believe that one sold, the bread looked like it was made by a 13 year old I mean it.

No. 678027


She probably had like only 3 of those anyway.

But boy howdy I'd love a print of pearl where it's just her staring off into space, dancing with a dark navy bg, that'd look good among all the other vibrant prints on my wall. /s

Almost all her prints have elements that are just dead center, and there's no sense of flow, or interesting composition, she just, smacks a character or theme right in the middle of the paper, and then draws everything around it as an afterthought.

No. 678028

she's also selling vinyl sticker of that pearl print but it?? seems to look better and more complete than the actual print

No. 678039

Preeeetty sure that's a girl? That's Morgan (zodiac).

Still the cutest one there though.

No. 678042

Jesus christ Michie and Holly are so unfortunate looking.

Also, does anyone recognize the art on the table? It looks the most like Zodiac's but I haven't seen their traditional stuff before.

No. 678044


It is theirs, they mentioned 'sneak peek of my sketches' on their twitter in response to the pic.

No. 678062

The funniest thing is that she has her porn comic up front INSTEAD of purgatory, which is tucked away in the back. Get it together, honestly.

No. 678067

File: 1535841214056.png (1001.19 KB, 640x1136, F7A23AD6-C313-42DA-823F-88CA1C…)

No. 678068

no fucking shit holly there's cum on his leg??? I thought she'd do more than this at least. she's so tacky.

No. 678070

My eye went immediately to the white diamond mini print. I wanna see a bigger version bc it looks to good to be Michie's or Holly's.

No. 678071

It’s michie’s

No. 678072

Because they're both disorganized messes lmao

No. 678077

Of fucking course she has the zine. Make sure she's the first one to be able to distribute it anywhere. Ugh.

No. 678082

Did she really get banned from San Japan , or is she lying to get people off of her.

No. 678085

she said banned FROM showing the comic

No. 678095

How is she not embarassed of this shit?? Did she show an employee there like "oh but look, its censored" with no fucking shame in her eyes lol i'd be so embarassed of showing off work that is so horribly done.

No. 678096

true, can SJ annon go there when they are not having a fun time? like at the end of the day or something

No. 678113

I wonder how many BNHA zines she sold. I doubt the artists who contributed are going to get a fair share of what Holly sold at the convention anyways. Heck, they'll be lucky if they got anything from what Holly sold!

No. 678116

she'll just say she had to cover the costs of the convention.

No. 678117

I feel horrible for those artists, I wonder if any of them got into SJ also? They havent been able to sell any of their own copies and still have to wait for Holly to finish and send out the rest

No. 678144


This is definitely going to be a case of "Fuck you, got mine".

Hilarious what happened with Seize, though. Wonder if by now she made table back. Maybe between Michie and her they did.

No. 678156

File: 1535850206039.jpg (31.12 KB, 918x254, hzCesoR.jpg)

Looks like she's been reading here during her downtime, because someone definitely said that a little further up.

No. 678157

File: 1535850304162.jpg (40.22 KB, 885x227, 82nTjSt.jpg)

Ft. a creepy reply.

No. 678166

File: 1535851157649.jpg (362.59 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180607-085428.jpg)

… I'm going to qoute BRown for a second here
>"You bitches have some lowass standards"

No. 678167

Naw this dude comments on almost all of her posts and is a weirdo.

No. 678199

Does Holly not have him blocked or something? I feel like a majority of people would find this creepy and would try to distance themselves from this.

No. 678208

The most Goblin of all things i've fucking herd her say. Imagine living in a cave of your internet fetish shit so long you think this is fine for a kid to flip through. You even post it on your twitter like "but what's the matter?"

No. 678210

think she just believes that since some hentais are censored with a bar its ok

No. 678233

Considering how trigger happy she is with the block button, I’m surprised as well.

No. 678331

I can't believe she thought this would fly. Since she's so into the yaois she would know that all shit in Japan is censored but it's still adult content.

No. 678356

Even if this shit was properly censored with a black bar, would San Japan allow it? It still portrays extremely adult themes.

No. 678376


See >>677521

Anon already posted their rules.

No. 678378

read the thread she got told to stop showing it

No. 678410

File: 1535881299356.jpg (139.14 KB, 427x612, ghod.jpg)

since nothing's happening a bit of ot - i felt compelled today to search for the phrase "fujo face" and i found this claim. what do you think? (holly added by me)

No. 678417

To me michie is way more casper lookalike than Holly.

No. 678494

Honestly I think this is dumb lol. Yes fujos are all trolls and gamers are all incels /s

No. 678497

>t. Sal T. Fujo
(of course it's dumb it's just a bit of a giggle)

No. 678546

File: 1535901298134.png (642.01 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

This shit is worth 20 bucks?

No. 678548

Milk is a lot more scarce than yall anticipated huh.
I'm looking forward to the vlogs at this point, they've probably kept a Low profile in anticipation of this board.

No. 678573

Yeah i agree. I had a feeling nothing major was gonna happen DURING the con. But, i know shits gonna blow up AFTER the con. The vlogs, tweets and maybe even a "how to prepare for cons" tutorial may pop up. Kek.

No. 678583

File: 1535905669673.png (53.55 KB, 179x179, 20180902_172636.png)

There are way more bingo squares to check off but I'm most offended by the intensity of this one I can't believe someone paid cash for this

No. 678609


She said it was an example, so someone may not have actually paid for this particular piece. I'm curious just how much money she made off commissions, really, though.

You know when the vlog drops she's gonna mention all her earnings.

No. 678629

Those NAILS my god… what EVEN is that?!? When I sketch and do commissions it’s the side of my hand that gets gross not under the nails..??

No. 678638

Still doesn't make it worth 20$
maybe she should use some actual effort to show it's worth the money.

this is why I don't understand why we can't pick her art to shit when there is no milk, at least it's somehting.

No. 678670

It's hardly worth 7 bucks

No. 678765

My thoughts are that she keeps him around to make her feel like she's wanted by the other sex

No. 678767

Oops sorry, samefag but I forgot to sage

No. 678858

File: 1535926974514.png (27.81 KB, 600x79, wow holly.png)

No. 678859

oh dear, g.d save us all

No. 678869

What does it say that I'm excited for her zine but like…purely for how cringy it will be

No. 678875

Please anon gods bless us with another NSFW patreon leak when this happens!

No. 679368

>>678858 ANOTHER FUCKING ZINE?? Isn't she making one for erasermic too? Holly give it the fuck up.
I mean your shitporn was literally the funniest thing i've read AND seen in a good while on this site but hot damn, just take a seat and stop please.

Just make some shitty porn doodles and let us have our keks that way if you are so inclined to entertain us

No. 679379

this seems like a win-win situation for us. she’ll post some more godawful sex shit for a little while, which will be some good kek material, then give up halfway through the challenge as per usual and complain about all of the work she has to do (re: extra work she gave herself and decided to do immediately in lieu of getting her priorities straight).
isn’t this another case where she shits on something or has drama with it and then decides to do it anyways again? i know she had some beef with inktober in the past, like something about digital inking “not counting” or whatever. correct me if i’m wrong pls. it’s been a few threads.

No. 679384

she shit on inktober yes, she shits on most art month challenges, she even complained about Mermay while also joining Mermay by drawing Hershal as a merman.

Holly is a hypocrite to the soul,she shit on doing zines, still wants to do zines but more "HER WAY", she thinks art challenges are shit except when she does it "HER WAY" same face and wonky anatomy always needs to be fixed unless its "HER WAY"

it's funny she doesnt see any of that at all

No. 679407

This post perfectly sums up why I'm here and any she's a cow.

No. 679445

Alley anon again, Im sorry to say I have little milk because i was on the other end of the alley and rarely left my booth. But i did manage to walk by once and saw that a lot of her print display was gone. I dont know of they sold or she took them down for whatever reason. Sorry guys

No. 679469


It’s cool anon, don’t fret about this trashy bitch. Just focus on making your money. 👌

No. 679488

File: 1535943168701.png (134.17 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

"Profit" And she's going to spend it all in a week.

No. 679489

why does she feel the need to immediately tweet how much profit she made? idk just seems kinda trashy

No. 679502

Guys her margin of error for her three day con is $500. Not sure if she's lying or just reeeaaally stupid.

No. 679507

I hope she's not counting the money she made from the BNHA zines into her "profit". She still owes those artists a lot.

Also…500 is a huge gap of money, and it makes me sad that she'd just casually tweet "1000-1500", and just openly boast about it. Most artists don't do that, or they give a vague comment without disclosing the actual number.

No. 679514

"1000-1500" My god, she's such an idiot. If you're going to brag about making profit, at least don't pull the number out of your ass, Holly.

No. 679521


That's a bold-faced lie if I ever saw one, considering how much money she sank into dumb shit like a book stand and other shit she ended up not using for the con. She might've made, at most, realistically, the table back, but 'profit'? No. She could've sold everything on that table and still not have made profit.

No. 679560

kek so many jelly ragers. i'd say relax because whatever she means by profit, it doesn't factor her labor so, 100 hours prep for e.g., $10 and hour

No. 679574

Lol literally no one should be jealous of that profit for a weekend con of that size kek please come back when you know what you're talking about that is average at best for San Japan and it's very unlikely her gross given the wide 50% gap between 1000 and 1500.

No. 679600

Holly probably means she SOLD 1000 worth of items, not that she actually profited that much. Holly is a barely educated hick, don't trust her to know what words mean.

No. 679601

Can confirm this statement. An acquaintance of mine that was tabling there made much more than the amount Holly claims she made, and their following is nowhere near what she has.

I will also add that San Japan's location happens to be very good for an anime convention (don't really feel like getting into the logistics of why atm), so she theoretically should have made a lot more profit if she played her cards better.

No. 679618

Following barely matters in artist alley. She may have 100k+ subs but how many of them live in Texas? It's not like Vidcon where people show up for the creators. At anime cons no one is showing up for specific artists. Holly's lucky to have made as much as she did with the small selection she showed up with.

No. 679657

Assuming she did. That 500 gap is WAY too worrysome. Unless she maybe means that those 500 are not only hers but it's what was raised for the fanzine?
I agree with other anons that she doesn't know what "profit" is and just uses it for the total she raised without considering production costs, general expenses and stuff.

No. 679668


I get the sneaking suspicion that she had not been taking inventory in what she sold

And I agree with previous anons that spewing out a random number to show off your earnings on Twitter is tacky, but she's always showing off how much she makes and how much she spends so that's nothing new.

No. 679669

It's a drop in the bucket considering travel, hotel, merch production, the zine, table cost, etc.

as far as anyone can tell leading up to now, she technically hadn't made a dime back because she's careless.

She wasted time and money, then had the nerve to whine about running out of time and rushing the zine artists.

No. 679672

I'm really hoping the 500 difference is because of the zine but I really doubt Holly is super interested in making sure the zine artists get their pay.

No. 679674

I wonder if that's before or after her expenses, because that's basically 0 profit considering all the shit she bought prior .

No. 679675

It sounds like takings, not actual profit. I do tables in a different country and make twice that without having anywhere near her following (also agree with anon - following doesn’t mean a lot when it comes to mass sales) and considering we get so much less in terms of attendees I’d be disappointed if I were her. She can’t possibly have done a full stock count and worked out her profit in her head, and the margin of error is huge! It’s gotta be takings/gross profit.

No. 679678

if you get twice that much in takings with no following, why then do you think what she calls profit is takings? Wouldn't your fact suggest that her takings would likely be a higher number and this would actually be her estimate of profit?

No. 679686

NTA but given Holly's poor money management and weird reasoning, to me she just picked the wrong word.
Plus she didn't print so much stuff to begin with and I doubt her seize comic sold that much, especially when she was banned from showing it.
She had a few prints, some stickers and a couple of books; and her art is nothing to die for, so I would believe the 1000/1500 being the takings.

No. 679691

She brought only 25 prints, which means even if she sold them all (which she didnt) she'd only make $375. No idea how much other shit she brought or for how much but she would've had to bust fucking ass to get to $1000 in takings, let alone profit. Her con expenses were easily 2k or more - there was a Google doc of her spending in one of the threads including con stuff. I'm positive she's just misusing words as always.

Even if she did somehow manage to make 3 grand total she's going to immediately throw it away on stupid shit she will never use so it'll be like she never profited in the first place.

No. 679695

No. 679696

Pretty sure she split the tabling fee with TwistedDisaster (and possibly some other fees) but even with that she would had to have ~60 customers paying ~$25 each to make $1500 yet alone have $1500 after accounting for expenses.

No. 679703

>plant lights
what like, grow lamps?

No. 679730

File: 1535973481625.png (Spoiler Image, 7.19 MB, 3299x4929, hcBRcostlist.png)

spoilered for the size but she was buying stuff for the con BEFORE she was even accepted, and when you look at that list and pair up with a few of these screens it's easy to say Holly made -0$

She's not factoring in everything she's spent money on in this year alone, and I really dont think she keeps a good track of her invoices and finances.

No. 679734

File: 1535973771956.png (58.06 KB, 1280x419, LOLholly.png)


samefag, also funny shit this was mentioned MONTHS ago, like did Holly not pay attention to the rules? I know she lurks this thread she should be taking notes to remember stuff we point out.

No. 679782

I had almost forgotten she owned an iPad and studio paint. She spends her money on shit she barely uses, it’s so distressing.

No. 679795

i grew up in a not very wealthy family so for example i only buy a new laptop or phone if the other completely broke
seeing all this makes me lowkey mad bc i watch her videos and vlogs and i never saw her using these expensive things more than a couple of times
why does she even need to buy the pro ver of tv paint if shes not even gonna use 4k export? i only saw her doing animatics and thats it. maybe she posts animation on her patreon idk but this is such a waste of money
she could do the same thing downloading a cracked ver of paint tool sai and exporting the frames to windows movie maker or something
she needs to understand that buying expensive shit wont make her better at art
i really despise people who complains that they dont have money but spend so much money on stuff like no shit honey

No. 679802

I forgot she owned a fucking wood burner. Never heard her mention that since.

No. 679803

blogging but My tablet was a cheap Ugee chinese brand and I still had to save the 80$ for it here and there since I'm a bit strapped for cash, and I wouldn't have bought it if my old Bamboo tablet hadn't finally bit the dust after years of use. Holly doesn't buy anything used or tries to plan out her supplies, it's always what she WANTS vs what she NEEDS

Holly doesn't even do animations OR animatics anymore because it was too much work and people kept giving her pointers on how to make her animations nicers and more structured and instead she flipped her shit and gave up, after wasting ALLL that money. Have we heard or seen anything recent about that stupid kitchen animation she went on with for months? Maybe she does small animatics for her patreons but we havent had any posted here since her last one before she gave up animations foreversss

No. 679818

called anons jelly before because this is what i knew would come out. It is not the cow's fault if you are poor. You struggling to afford the things they got is not milk, it's salt

No. 679819

I said takings because no one knows their profit that quickly until there’s a full stock count and tax deductions taken off.
Like another anon said - following doesn’t count for much in the con scene. My following isn’t small, but it’s not as big as hers by even half and I get a few visitors of my work - but even if I had 100k subscribers not all of them would show up? It’s a case of if you’re in the area type thing. Unless you’re a celebrity you’re not going to draw people in to just come and visit you and you alone.
She had no stock, barely any high end priced stock (no prints although idk how much her comics were) and her art is weak in the whole big picture of convention artists. So that’s why I think it’s takings.

No. 679826


you numbnut it's not about being salty or jealous, it's calling her out that she repeats this stupid fucking cycle of "I have no money, I hate it my life is horrible I can't make good art" to "LOL LOOKIT ALL DIS MONEY I MADE IM GREAT I'M THE BEST ARTIST EVER" then blows all the fucking money on stupid shit she never uses again, and goes right back to bitching and moaning she has no money.

I honestly can care less with how much money she make/has, there's nothing wrong with girl making that coin but when she blows all that quick made cash on art programs, book presses, printers on top of printers, super expensive sketchbooks, iPads and the like, then a week later just stops using it and bitches she has no money.

Like you see nothing wrong with that? Who wants to be jealous of that kind of instability man.

No. 679845

Ofc its not anyone problem if you are poor but you do understand that she always go on this shopping spree and then complains that she has no money? She has the mentality that if she has the most expensive art thing she will magically draw better or something

She is half assing her classes just to have a piece of paper that tells the she has a degree and spending thousands of dollars on that. I never hear holly talking something good about the classes on her vlog, she is always complaining

If she really didn't have any money she wouldn't spend all this on useless shit. It would be more smart to get a business degree or something to have a stable income and do art as a side job and help her and her family bc we can see her college classes are not helping at all with her art.

No. 679859

Lol you have no idea what you're talking about anon no artist here that does cons is even remotely jealous of Holly rn lmao

No. 679862

it's not that they want to be holly but if you get angry at her for wasting/mismanaging her money instead of just laughing, it's because of thought "if I had that money…"

No. 679874

No it isn't for fucks sake. Critique =/= jealousy grow up

No. 679884

I was at the con and made it a point to go by her table a lot with my friend (just like walk by no interaction with the goblin) bc we both love to laugh at holly and there were like no people there . I think she might be lying about her profits because it was a wasteland most of the time

No. 679895

I believe you, she doesn't have the most eye-catching and popular prints out. Shes charging quite a bit for kids that attend to struggle to get.

No. 679914

that's so sad… kek
for real if she had put more time into nicer looking, higher quality prints I don't think the size would have mattered too much, but she still should have made them closer to standard size like Michie did. Not to mention the stickers where huge and so was the seize comic.

She somehow made it up in her head that larger size+numerous shit quality products = $$$$$$$$

No. 679926

clearly no one here is jealous. Who would be jealous of making no money and getting no customers, lmao.

OT, but I don't feel bad for Michie either.

Wasn't there, but it was pretty refreshing to see them both kinda flounder awkwardly in meatspace from here so thanks to any sanjapan anons who gave us milk, the table was just as atrocious as expected.

inb4 holly goes on a pissy rant and proclaims "I'll make my OWN con! with blackjack and hookers" lmao.

No. 679949

watch her pull a Tana , it'll be the next tana con
except she won't get a documentary series
just imagine hollycon with a bunch of basement goblins

No. 679952

File: 1535999308775.png (97.82 KB, 1027x472, 2018-09-03_132740.png)

No. 679955

And what pray tell was this “petty drama” ??

And funny since she was so hyped up for this con now she does t want to do them anymore because she didn’t do as well as she thought she would, let’s be real here

No. 679958

i almost want to bet the 'petty drama' was her being told not to have her porn out on display

No. 679962

Holly thinks following the AA rules is petty drama kek

No. 679982

she probably lurked here and realised that by profit she meant takings and got mad that she doesn't have nearly as much money to flex with/blow on stupid shit as she thought. now she's all sulky and "w-whatever, I don't like cons anyway baka!!!"

No. 680003

File: 1536003532388.png (138.88 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 680009

apparently molestation is "not too awful" holly wtf

No. 680014

first of all
if my friend got molested I wouldn't being going "not a big deal" I would be making a huge deal about it not claiming it as "petty drama" like wtf
unless holly meant the security guard trying to get her piss poor porn out of reach of children
but i can't tell because holly cannot clearly write anything that can be understood.

No. 680021

I doubt that she got actually molested, more like catcalled IMO, and hols making a big deal out of it as usual, let's all remember what mitchie looks like and how much human contact holly gets on an average basis

No. 680026

1000 percent agree. Remember Anons, Holly likes to exegerate to the 10th degree. It could be as simple as the security tapping Mitchies shoulder for something no one knows. Holly is just trying to make anything our of everything just so it seems her time at the con wasnt boring af.

No. 680031

Theres alotta shit to be said but lets not be the crazy Anons who think looking traditionally attractive has anything to do with getting sexually harassed/molested etc
It is honestly putrid to see her just whip out a A MOLESTATION claim on twitter just so she can sit there and sneer online about how its "dumb shit" that her book got banned. Even though any decent human being knows putting CAT STICKERS on a porn comic is not fucking enough to cover two people doing nothing but fucking and telling each other they're fucking.

>Holly "My friend got molested nbd but why did they take my porn comic away from the children" BRown

No. 680033

I love that in her mind, her friend being “molested” and people telling her that she can’t have her shitty nsfw comic out in the open is of the same level of importance

No. 680037

> think looking traditionally attractive has anything to do with getting sexually harassed/molested etc
Im the anon that posted that comment and you're right about that

No. 680039

fucking hell, who tweets shit like this? even with her an okay from her friend, like wtf. she's so socially inept.

No. 680047


Michie didn't even mention anything about this on her own twitter,Holly took it upon herself to fan flames for drama, and use Michie being molested as a cover for fussing about her NSFW comic.
Some friend she is. it's all about her at the end of the day.

OT but the way Michie says "chwarms" instead of 'charms' is annoying af. (taking a closer look at them they don't look all that great either.)


Let me get this straight:
She wants to make
An erasermic nsfw zine
An inktober sfw zine
Paranormal Plague?
Get back on a comic making schedule?

Well, then.
Chop Chop, Holly.

You know what'd be real smart is to actually work on Paranormal Plague, it'd be good for Halloween. But you know,


No. 680050

Im pretty sure she said she wanted to do kinktober too , shes a mess

No. 680054

File: 1536007833946.jpeg (146.59 KB, 640x377, E01A5156-67FB-4B81-85C3-1996C9…)

Were getting vagued about

No. 680055

She seriously said like three times she wasn't doing Inktober so she could work on her stalled comics…

No. 680062

Now that sounds just like >>679560 >>679818

No. 680068


She just needs to admit she just wants to draw smut but won't own up to it.

It's so obvious she isn't invested in Purgatory or Paranormal Plague anymore, she's not really kidding anyone.

But she doesn't want to lose the audience she built up on the SFW side, so she's dragging those comics around like a dead horse corpse to justify her ridiculous workload.
Just be real holly you don't care.

No. 680110

What happened to that kitchen animation thing for her final project at school? Isn't that important to finish, I don't remember her doing so

No. 680124

she can’t talk about the kitchen animation because of school. It’s her final project so it has to be kept under wraps that sort of thing.

No. 680132

why exactly…? is that nornal for animation projects? seems a bit unusual to act like you're under nda for some homework.

No. 680177

Holly Brown and Michie are both examples of low tier artists who have found niche popularity online that goes to their head, then they sign up for Artist Alley thinking they are good enough to make a lot of money. Simple fact is, you have to have wide appeal to make money at cons and that generally means being mid to high tier art and I'm sorry Holly if you can't even draw anatomically correct hands consistently, you're still low tier.

No. 680185

or if u avoid drawing hands to the point of hiding them behind the object that the character is supposed to be holding, lmao. how in the hell does she think that looks fine???

No. 680187


They're looking through a bigger lens than their popularity actually is. The real test really is going to an artist alley because then, a lot of your own merits are put on display for what kind of artist you are and how you present yourself. You can't really gauge that online and you can't filter yourself to just the good parts(though holly is also terrible at this), everything is on display when you do work at an AA.

So both of them were tragically unprepared.

No. 680294

isn't she taking an illustration/traditional mediums class? why is she doing an animation for her final if.. she doesn't do animation for this class?

I thought she only had to do animatics for her highschool

No. 680306

animation student and we're encouraged in every way to talk about our films and get feedback. no idea why (or if) she was told not to talk about it

No. 680316

So that people will shut up about it so she won't have to be held accountable for it. Same with the zine and every other unfinished project on her plate.

No. 680321

File: 1536028213545.png (119.71 KB, 516x828, Screenshot_20180903-202942.png)

No. 680332

>>680321 umm…? >>680003 >>679952
so now she had fun? can she keep her story straight for a day?

and kek how many more 'ponds' do you have to loose to get there Holly BRown?

No. 680357

she will have meant "accosted" lol

No. 680359

not due till like mid next year

No. 680362

because she got inspired one day by the idea of becoming an animator and moving to California. So she decided on her own to animate her final thing in preparation. She then actually animated about 20 frames and realised animation is FucKinG hArD so she gave up on the dream. Kitchen project status itself unknown

No. 680380

she must be really tired. that bottom ask was even more grammatically incorrect than usual. also, i really hope she isn’t developing an eating disorder. most ppl want a flat stomach, but it’s not always possible (while remaining healthy) depending on your body type. hell, we all thought she was fat af just from her selfies, but then she showed some of her body and it turns out she’s probably not at an unhealthy weight?? she has a really negative self-image that I’m not sure will change just from losing a few more lbs. combined with the fad diets and poor sleep schedule, it seems like a recipe for disaster.

No. 680385

But she can help her self image even just a little, it's not that damn hard. She can take all that money she busts into things she doesn't use and use it for a but of self car.

Get her mane taken care of, styled, a proper color that suits her, practice some make up from tutorials from girls with a similar face shape, bit up some better skin care habits.

I mean it's not like the girl has to be gorgeous or anything but she can still look pretty for 'her', she'd just rather waste all her time being miserable and complaining instead of trying to fix even the smallest, she has the resources and the funds (apparently) she can invest a little time on herself if she wanted too, but complaining gets more asspats.

No. 680422

File: 1536037312837.webm (540.36 KB, 640x360, fucked up.webm)

>$4220 was roughly spent
>Makes $1000-$1500 """"profit""""
>"running an art business is hard"
>"I have an accountant"
Nigga, you are telling me she is -$3200 to -$2720 in debt

No. 680436

lol, either the video player is fucked up for me, or she’s already taken it down. the con scene is really not her game. it takes way more managing and hard work than she’s capable of.

No. 680446

File: 1536042903083.png (1.94 MB, 1299x849, holybrowm.png)

I was kinda impressed with this, why would she willingly produce crap when she could be doing this?

also holly is saying she's having a chrons flare up and vomiting blood due to the stress.
>since when does she have chrons?
>is this trying to derail talk about the zine profits?
>why the fuck would you go on intense diets like keto if you have chrons!??!!

all that and more next week on Holly BRown: Trainwreck saga

No. 680447

Not that anon but those videos don’t play on mobile for me unless I open it in Dropbox. It’s nothing Holly related so you’re not missing anything.

I’m really wondering if she’s planning on doing strictly Texas cons or will branch out of state. My money is her doing a few cons in locally and giving up because it’s “too much work”.

No. 680451

It’s still wonky AF though. Especially the fingers on the female figure.

I do think she’s trying to derail from the zine with this heatlth thing. It’s really a fucked up thing to do.

No. 680455

i kinda believe her, but really holly… stop making new flim flam projects and like, focus on NOT throwing up blood? stick with college, and bed rest. Pretty sure this is a "i'm making myself stressed and unwell to prove how hard the art industry is and how hard I work"

heck I had a crohns scare while doing a bachelor degree (lol, I finally googled the spelling) I didn't even have it, but I was barely able to do ANYTHING. My lecturers were very very understanding. I just will never understand her trying to flex her work ethic. There will always be asians better than you killing themselves holly

No. 680456

Since when does she have chrons? I'm pretty sure that'd be something she would have brought up a few times by now to use as an excuse for something (like right now)
Also you don;t throw up blood from chrons? And if you are throwing up blood from 'stress' you may want to go to a fucking hospital for once and actually get checked out Holly because that sounds like fucking ulcers or stomach cancer have fun either way.

She's only doing this because she realizes she has to spend money and send everyone their cut and shares of the zines, and guess who probably doesn't have the money she was hoping to have for it?

No. 680457

She's suddenly posting her art like crazy on twitter. And she's got the nerve to say that the funds from her shop are going to a new printer. Like, Holly, you greedy bitch, it hasn't even been a day and you're already talking about spending what ever money you just made.

PLUS, art books on pre-order? How? I thought she was using that money to buy a new printer, so which is it???

She must have really made NO money.

Too bad about her chrons.
Still need to pay those zine artists though.

No. 680460

File: 1536044201905.png (116.16 KB, 516x525, vxdv3332rf.png)

She seems to understand screentone levels and use more digitally than traditionally, but it's still horrible.

So much shine to the hair, the full angle nose with no distinguishing character or style…

OH YEAH, welcome back doritochin-kun

No. 680462


This is the exact kind of behavior I hate to see artists champion, the whole "suffering artist" bit where artists work themselves ill and wear it like a badge of honor.

That's seriously got to stop and Holly is playing it up like it's the price to pay for being an artist.

sorry for sperg but NO that's the price you pay for being a fucking idiot and not taking care of yourself and letting yourself rest.

I'm so sick of her bullshit, I swear to gods, the fad dieting, the chrons bullshit, the not sleeping, etc.
She's speaking to a young demographic of artists about all of this shit and thats only going to encourage them into thinking you gotta suffer 24/7 to be a "professional artist"

No. 680464

File: 1536044445120.jpg (439.8 KB, 1280x1733, DmNmvdMU8AAJfDg.jpg)

just gunna dump the art for everyone

No. 680465

File: 1536044461450.jpg (Spoiler Image, 207.43 KB, 1280x1147, DmOLOE_VsAAhHGg.jpg)

i don't really know what screentone's appeal or intention is if it's just putting these ugly textures on b/w shit. I really don't like the look, it just looks like what you had to resort to with dot-matrix printers. It makes me nauseous even somehow
[i'm attaching the full size of it where you can see the texture]

No. 680466

File: 1536044473006.jpg (271.35 KB, 1280x1036, DmNm1u8U8AAx6Jn.jpg)

No. 680467

How tf do you make negative money coming back from an artist alley lmao.

No. 680471

I feel for her honestly, like how fucked up does your self worth have to be to pull the shit she does. Still gotta pay the artists you basically fucking scammed tho, headass
>inking digitally is easy!!
then prove it, this doesn't. what the fuck is that linework. it's like she didn't even resize it so you can see all the messy lil parts

No. 680472

File: 1536044609388.jpg (511.6 KB, 1280x1598, DmNnQ2OVAAAXnB0.jpg)

how does her anatomy and realisim look so chunky and flat? (dropped pic)

No. 680475

She does not know or utilize the basics of figure drawing at all. You can tell she doesn't base her sketches off a gesture line or any line of balance. Even if she occassionally would get the proportions, muscles etc. Correctly, everything would be wonky because the characters lack the basic structure and balance. Also these are not realistic at all, she extends, rounds and sharpens all the wrong parts (so everything is asymmetrical af). She's going for the exaggarated cartoon look, but what makes such a style look good is the knowledge of real anatomy and at least some level of aesthetic balance as well.

No. 680479

This stuff looks ok compared to a lot of her normal stuff but, if I remember correctly, Holly usually doesn't freehand figures like this and instead basically traces it over from the original piece.

You are correct anon. If you are throwing up bright red blood that suggests a upper GI problem.

No. 680482

Is Holly bulimic? Vomiting up blood is something that's pretty common in people with bulimia, assuming she isn't lying about vomiting blood that is…

No. 680483

dat neck

No. 680484

Does anyone know how much that zine was selling for? I've googled it, and all I can find is the forums, and the original page promoting the zine. But it doesn't talk about where it will be sold or for how much.
Holly's deleted all her tweets about the zine, too.

No. 680486

15 bucks, I think.

No. 680492

the links i found go to some page that she took down. so.. am i right you can't buy the thing online even if you wanted to? ha ha

No. 680493

do you guys mean crohns? but yeah, if she's puking blood and that stressed out then it's most likely an ulcer. unfortunately i'm past the point of pity for her because she does this all to herself. no one is forcing her to do all these unproductive projects.

what a pointless lie, any accountant would be absolutely mortified by her spending habits and trying to reign in her stupidity hard. plus she makes like minimum wage most months so what's the point of even having an accountant??

wtf with his right leg just….????

No. 680495

i really don’t understand why she loves this Reese character so much. he hasn’t even appeared in the pp comic yet, and we know nothing about his personality except that he’s a gross rapist. but wow, let’s ignore all that bc he’s ”uwu my innocent soft gay bby boy~~” god i hate fujoshis.

No. 680499

nope nope n o p e, we can’t let her do this, she’s doing exactly what we said she would. trying to pretend the zine never happened and scamming all of the other artists. fuck this dumb bitch. no one deserves to have severe health problems, but who even knows if she’s telling the truth. she lies all the time.

No. 680503

I think it's because he ended up being a fan favorite among her edgy teen fans. Also, I'm pretty sure Reese is a low key self insert character she made so she could get with her male prog. He owns a couple of the same outfits as Holly does and after everyone started calling Holly out for making Ash her self insert it seems like Holly shifted all her attention to Reese because he would be less obvious.

No. 680505

Chill. I'm sure once she announces her new zine people from the old zine will start calling her out for her BS. If they don't they kinda deserve to be scammed at this point.

No. 680586

File: 1536065756187.jpg (427.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180904-075415_Chr…)

I don't understand people who don't at least drink some water while stressed to the max
As someone who has made themsleves stress until getting extremely sick, water at least takes the edge off.it'll also help her lose weight as well since she wants to so bad.

No. 680587

It's kinda shocking how her studies in the bottom half of the page look really good for once, and then you look up to her "original drawings" and it's…. still like that. From their poses it's painfully obvious she's trying to make them look sexy/appealing but the stilted posing and inaccurate anatomy give the exact opposing feeling.

Like, what the hell is going on with Momo's hips? They look detached from her torso. And on the right, in addition to the usual shitty mitten-hands, the green Momo's jacket makes absolutely no sense. Also, god, I just noticed the weird thigh gap she has, it looks like her tibia is broken.
As for Kirishima, he suffers from a classic case of Holly BRown™ girafe neck, but in a different way than usual: instead of the head being too far from the shoulders, now it's the neck going way too deep into the torso, which makes his pecs abnormally low. Also, for someone obsessed with dorito shaped things, Holly sure doesn't know how to draw the basic dorito-like buff dude body type, her "buff" dudes just look like square lumps with random lines drawn on them. Another day passes and Holly still doesn't know how to use references.
At this point I'm almost convinced she has never seen an actual live human being before, and the person representing her at conventions isn't her, but some robot or double. It's the only rational explanation for her being this fucking bad.

No. 680653

you're right. All her dudes look like they have hunchbacks, because their necks are too inset lmao

No. 680654

I bet she thinks sanjapan was going to be the perfect distraction from the mha zine. She made it a point to delete zine tweets and then probably left the artists hanging. Really hope she gets called out and soon. I wonder if any artists from it still come here, and if they've heard anything. I doubt it.

No. 680659

Her Keto and 5-bite-a-meal adventures defnitely don't help her gut health either. Not eating and just drinking coffee and soda will fuck up your insides.

No. 680698

woah. i know healthcare is shit in the states, but maybe get that checked asap holly. and change your diet to something adequate for someone with intestinal issues

No. 680720


OT But I kninda understand the drinking coffee when stress, it actually DOES help. I have severe anxiety and when I have massive attacks sitting down and breathing over a hot coffee does fucking wonders, but I have unfortunately picked up drinking a shit ton more coffee and it does affect your sleeping/energy levels a lot.

POINT IS - Water and doctors visit, maybe try a high protein, low sodium, lots of veggie diet, like normal fucking people when shit like this happens help too. Cut the Keto shit and go on a real day by day diet and stick to it. And actually visit a doctor for once, like for real Holly, go to a doctor and start fixing ALLLLL your shit.

No. 680743

Sorry but I'm taking what she says with a grain of salt. She's a liar at worst and exaggerator at her best.

No. 680749

File: 1536083564196.png (46.26 KB, 713x702, areyoufuckingkiddingme.png)

Another zine artist here, and I'm fucking pissed. I mean really fucking pissed. And i am totally down for us setting up a zine artist discord so us artists feel less lost and alone about this whole thing cause that's exactly what ive been feeling these past few months.

I literally went from defending this bitch to ready to virtually deck her ass into next week and ive been trying. to be so nice. But i feel like I'm about to explode. Con's over and aint shit in my inbox. Idk how much I'm getting paid, idk what the hell happened to the store cause we haven't gotten an email from her since july. I feel like I just threw my 5 dollars into the void. I'm so fucking pissed.

I wasnt even a huge fan of her, i just happened to be subscribed to her when she announced the zine and i was like "cool i love mha!" jesussssss

I dont regret doing the zine cause i love the piece that i submitted and im DEFINITELY gonna be selling it as a print, not even gonna change the colors cause i love the palette.

I just dont understand why she had to do EVERYTHING herself. She shouldve had a team of two or three people helping her, one person for artist communication, one person for better cover design and promotion on the barren wasteland thats the truecolorszine tumblr, and she can be her own little factory and make 100+ books by hand if she wanted. Im just. So tired.

No. 680753

Why are people so mad about the Zine?. This is Holly we are talking about?, what did you expect?. I'm sure it come out eventually but I honestly don't know what these people who contributed were thinking when you know how she is.

No. 680757

can you sue her or something? i know paypal has a policy where, if you dont provide a physical good, you can get your money back? unless you gave holly money via the friends and family thing they have

No. 680765

I'm honestly getting some schadenfreude from the zine fiasco, it's great milk for us and it's entertaining to see people trying to get advantage of Holly's popularity and her taking advantage of their gullible asses in return, something that anyone who follows her should know

No. 680766


You are joking right?, over a zine. Do you know much legal representation cost?

No. 680767

not everyone knows the inner workings of holly, even when you subscribe to her. some people might not know how she operates and might be legit mad about it.

No. 680769


I honestly don't care about her popularity, I just wanted to be in a damn zine of an anime i like. Obviously I shouldve done research on what I was getting into and heeded the warning signs, but that is ZERO excuse for the shit shes pulling.

No. 680770

No one should have contributed to the zine. It only succeeded in patting Holly's ass about her popularity (she whistled and people ran to her, basically), and now making her money for basically no effort on her part.

No. 680772

I considered calling her ass out cause have a decent following on tumblr, but it's mostly fans from a different fandom so idk if i can really reach her.

No. 680775

Please do it anyway.

No. 680776

I mean she had a responsibility and she dropped the ball. She needs to be held accountable for it.
Part of me wants her to be called out but another part of me wants to wait to see how much more money she spends before/if ever she decides to pay any zine artists the chump change they still need to receive.

No. 680781

Someone needs to make a content cop video because YouTube is where it will reach her audience.

No. 680782

I think you’re still within the 90 day policy for PayPal. Since she isn’t responding, use what you showed us as evidence she ‘disappeared’ and ask for your money back through PP. It should be quick and I would just turn around and start selling the print you made for the zine. No ones got time to wait for her.

No. 680783

Sorry for samefagging but preferably someone who isn't a literal child. I know her fan base is teens and tweens but I want a coherent video made about this bitch not some damnass DA ranter talking out of their ass without any receipts or logical substance.

No. 680785

The zine artists really should demand a PDF copy so they can send it in to a professional printer press like a normal zine run.

No. 680786

maybe ill make a discord and invite all the artists so we can actually discuss what to do about this

No. 680789


In all truth, yall should've done that the moment she missed the first deadline and the moment she had the nerve to rush you.

No. 680790


youre not wrong lol

No. 680792

>>680746 anon, idk if you know, but yo left your full address in this picture!

please make a call out post for her or message her on twitter! do something!

No. 680798


I've messaged her all over, no response. I think im just gonna start hitting up artists

No. 680800

Probably best for all the zine artists to go ahead with the discord and talk things out there, smartest thing for you guys would have been to make that when she first announced who was going to be in the zine so you could all keep track of everything and Holly, and seriously get PDF files for everyone so they don’t have to deal with her anymore, she shouldn’t hold those for herself that’s bullshit

Keep us updated with what happens tho, if you get anything out of Holly or if it continues to go tits up still milk for us seeing how long she’s pushed this off for

And for everyone saying the artists should have know better, stop. Most of them are/were young fans of Holly so they obviously had the damn blinders on, and it’s not like everyone that follows her on YouTube or twitter follow her tumblr and visaversa, they most likely don’t read these threads so how was any of her supposed to know? They went off blind faith and it was fucking stupid but hey, they all learned a valuable lesson and will most likely do research before working with someone again

No. 680809

I could do it, my channel isn't all that big though.

No. 680827

Lol get one of those stupid art review channels to do it.

No. 680835

Do you know what contingency is?

No. 680844

File: 1536089097300.jpeg (457.04 KB, 1150x952, 425BFB2B-7CBF-433D-845C-755F54…)

How does it help any now? No one knows for certain if Holly is or is not going to do anything about the zine since she’s radio silent on the matter, it’s not contingency is people literally have no clue about the future of the zine until Holly says something

No. 680852

>suing someone over five bucks
Give me a break. Anon is rightfully pissed but any lawyer worth their money would laugh you right out of their office.

No. 680860

If the zine anons want to start a discord group contact the artists listed on the true colour tumblr. That's probably your best bet getting it off the ground.


No. 680864


A lot of those artists dipped halfway through, so its hard to tell whos still in the zine, and there isnt an updated list of the final artists, so im gonna have to do a bit more investigating.

No. 680868

You could always just lead by asking if they are involved in the zine still first. It doesn't have to be that hush hush. At least that's what I figure… Approaching those that dropped also might give some milk we're unaware of. But maybe that wouldn't be good for the artists involved.

No. 680869

File: 1536090953534.jpg (97.22 KB, 720x652, IMG_20180904_125521.jpg)

Holly using her pet as an excuse to never leave her house

No. 680871

File: 1536090997263.jpg (58.52 KB, 720x406, IMG_20180904_125506.jpg)

No. 680877

File: 1536091512494.png (250.85 KB, 1064x1262, Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 4.04…)

No. 680886

No one forced you to make this zine you motherfucker

No. 680891

Instant communication, so hard to do … if only there was an instant messenging system one could use …

No. 680897

The c in hollycbrown stands for cunt

No. 680904

Why is she playing the victim so much? "There's so many people" "I have to make these by hand" Those were both HER choices! She could have chosen less artists?? She could have used a printing service??

No. 680913

Bullshit Holly has already said why she doesn’t visit doctors, she’s expressed many times why she doesn’t like doctors and it’s a stupid reason but now she visits them and she had her X-rays and blood work all done and come back in a few hours? Did she do this last week because she never mentioned anything about it then, and we all know she would.

And also, again crohns doesn’t make you throw up blood, ulcers and stomach cancers do, but not crohns, something that has to do everything with your bowels and not your stomach

Does she acid reflux and think those two are somehow the same? Go actually visit a doctor Holly, they know what they are talking about you don’t

No. 680926

I don’t get why she’s so against a discord group. She acts like the artists will go wild and post random shit in there constantly or get into fights or something. That, and she sits at her computer all day for her job and school anyways. I don’t think it’s too difficult to leave discord open and check in twice a day, maybe set up some rules if need be.

Oh wait, but then she’d have absolutely no excuse for her lack of communication and couldn’t keep doing the “the email must have been sent to the wrong address/got lost??/messed up!!” shtick.

I feel so bad for the zine artists. I mean, you don’t expect a semi-popular YouTube artist (or any artist hopefully) to put together a huge zine and then scam everyone. Especially with how quickly Holly deletes so much of her past milk and how it’s only brought up in these threads. If I hadn’t seen these threads before she announced it, I would’ve been interested in participating. Also, some people are going to say that she hasn’t scammed the artists yet, but lesbi real, she’ll be taking the bulk of the money for shit reasons and if she somehow gets called out on it, she’ll say it was a mistake and still keep the cash, giving ppl more dumb excuses as to why. She’s not smart, but that doesn’t excuse the mismanagement of other people’s work and money.

No. 680930

If I had the time and resources I totally would do something like a content cop type thing, but I do hope someone at least brings forth good evidence and make sure to not be too petty
((Tbh I would throw shade everywhere it would make the worst drama channels look like saints))
But you would also have to find things outside of this thread, becuase itll lead to some finding out you post here, but then you could use the whole "she wouldn't answer or update I had to go to a lolcow thread to keep myself updated)
So yea just over all have your ducks in a row and don't fight with her 12 year white knights, not even the really creepy dude who comments on everything.

No. 680934

File: 1536096751264.png (852.88 KB, 1018x730, 2018-09-04_163115.png)

I wonder if a bunch of tumblr asks came in about the zine after people have been asking ?
so how she has to save her ass idk
shes not that smart.

No. 680935

File: 1536096817390.png (171.71 KB, 1018x458, 2018-09-04_163318.png)

No. 680936

File: 1536096895626.png (154.25 KB, 1104x775, 2018-09-04_163409.png)

the artist in the zine who kiss her ass ,are the most annoying .

No. 680937

>I don’t get why she’s so against a discord group.

Because she's laaaazy, and doesn't want whatever she says in the group to be used against her/end up here. She said so herself, that she doesn't like interaction, either. Don't know why in the ungodly fuck she'd make a massive zine if she knows this about herself but oh well.


She probably read here recently.

>one thing I didn't mention–

well no, that's not the 'one' thing you didn't mention. Would've been nice for the artists to know what materials/quality you're attempting to make the zine with.

No. 680939

File: 1536096946270.png (170.57 KB, 1077x706, 2018-09-04_163527.png)

No. 680940

It’s also listed for $12 instead of $15

No. 680942


>so transparent about everything all the time.

Quit sucking her dick, Bex, jesus christ.

No. 680948

It's amazing she gets to have people whine about her problems on her behalf lmao.
this is all pretty pathetic.

No. 680949

why is she suddenly spouting how ~stressed~ she is? even before the con she wasn't being this much of a freak. I'm assuming now that she's home and being forced to face reality about the zine she's getting upset and trying to deflect blame but almost every single problem she has is self inflicted so why does she think people should let her off the hook? she's not a professional artist slammed with clients.

No. 680955

if one of the artist makes a discord , don't invite people who give her asspats they'll try to make you feel guilty when you shouldn't
because at this point they'll still worship their trash queen over anything.

No. 680958

I'm honestly shocked she acknowledged she was in the wrong but still. She needs to make this a priority before she goes off with another two week obsession project.

No. 680966

File: 1536098457651.png (677.24 KB, 1474x796, 2018-09-04_165901.png)

No. 680967

idk what site you visited but it's $14???

No. 680971


As an artist myself, I’m literally on my last straw with Holly. I have about 6k+ followers on tumblr and am VERY tempted to call this stupid bitch out. I’m only waiting on exactly HOW much the artists are making back from this to see just how much she fucked them over.

To all the participants in the zine in this thread: use that anger and make that fucking discord.

No. 680980

Well someone is lurking, funny how the artists in here posting about how pissed they are and want to start taking action now Holly is suddenly talking about the zine like she hasn’t been ignoring it

Zine artists please stay on her ass this time. Don’t give one flying shit as to how “stressed out” she is message her three times everyday until you get what she promised, make her absolutely HATE that she ever attempted to do this

No. 681005

Most of them are kids though. I'm an adult.

No. 681006


It happened immediately after we started talking about it here, too. So you know she's definitely lurking.
Bet you if we'd have stayed quiet she'd still be keeping on with her other bullshit zines. I hope she becomes so swamped with MHA zine shit that she practically won't be able to do anything else until it's done with. So yes, I agree, stay on her ass,she's opened up orders for it again, she put this on herself, hold her responsible for once.

No. 681022

A zine should be a mod's number one priority, it's akin to running and fulfilling a kickstarter, whether it's for profit or not. From what I see as an outside observer, she just wanted an extra book on her con table because she couldn't finish any of her other shitty comics on time. She made money off the backs of 80 artists, she will give herself a huge cut for labor (which would be fine if she was a responsible mod, which she isn't…) The books seem to be sloppily put together too. And no merch rewards!! For a zine this big that's just foolish, a missed opportunity to increase profits. The artists kissing her ass see her high follower count and ignore her incompetence. Some might feel sorry for her since she likes to victimize herself all the time (shitty family situation, no money, stress) but we all have problems of our own holly, you're not the only one with a hard life trying to create art. It's not an excuse to act like a complete fool.

No. 681024

really OT but I suspect she's posted a few times to derail when she got home too, because she was too busy tending to her booth and twitter to really pay as much attention to the thread as she probably does

her posting this >>678156 is pretty damning evidence she lurks and was trying to lurk during the con, I highly doubt anyone said that too her at the con, come on now.

No. 681027

im pretty sure its that she felt the real weight of the issue when i sent her my screenshots of my unread emails earlier today and she freaked out and decided to actually do something. it just sucks that it took a bunch of angry artists to actually get an update out of her.

im the same anon that wanted to put together a discord and tbh i pretty much almost did, i was just about to start inviting artists when she messaged me apologizing and finally sent me my tracking number. now im just tired. i got too much going on to be dealing with all of this shit, its taking up too much of my day and its fucking up my overall mood. if anyone else wants to make it thats cool ill join but im putting this to rest for the time being.

No. 681028

if something else comes up then i might just go through with it but right now im taking my ass to bed

No. 681029

Well that's great, but what about everyone else? It's shitty you guys have to go through this but if you all just give up halfway through because you're sick of it she's just going to walk away from this like nothing has happened.

Someone should make a discord and everyone needs to be on her ass until you guys get the copies and money in hand, then blast her ass into space so everyone knows to watch out for her in the future.

No. 681032

she sent out another artist update. were getting about 20 bucks each

No. 681034


Rest assured, I don't think she'll be making any big group projects after this, but I do think people need to think twice before buying anything from out of her grimy-ass house anyway.

But ffs, I know some of you are tired, but don't say you're mad and say you're gonna do shit about it, but then not see it through. that's kind of a holly move.

No. 681035


Lmao on the high end of what she said was ~$1500 that's basically all the money she came back from the con with.

No. 681037

File: 1536104085888.png (132.46 KB, 521x790, Screenshot_20180904-172650.png)

No. 681040


She's going to pay the artists with the con money she made and pocket the rest for herself.

No. 681042

what did we say, she made fuck all, didn't have anything to pay for the artists even though she should have had that money made and set aside for the others already and now that the con didn't go as well as she hoped she has to figure a way to please everyone and walk away with something

too bad Holly you dug this grave, I hope you have 0 left after this stupid move, you really need to learn how to grow up

No. 681044

I have a feeling some of these zine artist are scared. I do feel bad for them but at the same time I feel so angry. If some bitch fucked up my hard time and effort for…what 2-3 months Id be ENRAGED. Wouldnt give af how many followers i have, or holly has, or her dumbass fans, my time/energy/art comes first before all that. Honestly fuck Holly and fans.

Zine artist. Dont let anyone make you feel bad about how you feel. Or dont let some of these dumbass anons say "u should have known better"(anons on here are just spergy and retarded at times). At the end of the day its about the principles. Holly asked for labor (art) and now she has to pay the money for said labor. Make a discord or a callout post, fuck that bitch and her stress. She put herself in that postion, and had the nerve to gaslight everyone, so she should have a taste of her own medicine.

No. 681045

She still has to ship out the rest of the books that the artists themselves ordered, or did she sell those at the con too lmao.
She's going to keep quietly selling the zine a little after before she phases it out of her shop, pocket that money and say "fuck you, got mine".
There's literally no other way out of this that is a good look for her and I hope it ruins her rep or at the very least, makes people jaded about any of her other future projects.

No. 681046

Like for real this is the part thats fucking with me so hard, I'd be fucking lost out of my mind pissed if someone took time from me like that, make me use my life and energy on a drawing I probably put more effort and energy than she did into her's, be dicked around for months then have her turn around and go "idk lol hurs ur 20$ gaiz idk srry i made u mad lol idk"

Like fuck her, and fuck this whole situation, she needs to be properly paying you for time spent and lost and making up with product she promised. How badly do you think she'd be freaking out if this was the other way around?

Imagine someone dicking her around for months for artwork she gave them and then they turn around and go "lol 20$ bai" she'd be having the biggest shitfit of the ages.

No. 681049

This zine was a scam that's she was hoping to get away with.

It was hilarious when she was shitting on petty things like monthly art challenges, it was funny watching her shoot herself in the foot with the millions of projects she put on herself, hell, it was amusing seeing her flounder at SanJapan.

But she managed to scam ~80 artists out of their time and effort and is looking to get away with it and cover her ass. She's looking forward to letting this botched project fall into obscurity, and she's counting on her fans to help her bitch and moan at anyone who dissents.

Do not let her get away with it, because this shit isn't funny.

No. 681050

Im sorry I didnt start the holly revolution yall wanted, but my only gripes are with her lack of communication. i literally dont give two shits about hollys reputation, i just wanted answers. before i set up the discord i gave it one last try to communicate with holly and it worked. we got another update video which i havent watched yet.

granted she played the victim card the whole damn time she apologized and im still salty about it, and im not dropping this completely, not by a long shot, im just having trouble justifying to myself spending time organizing this and bringing all these artists together one by one to this discord when shes already finally addressing the things i had issue with as an artist.

i agree she shouldnt get away with this kind of behavior, so ill still ask around whenever i can and see if the other artists are still interested in a discord. if yall have any ideas on what further actions we as artists should take im all ears.

No. 681054

Can someone link the update video?

No. 681057


Don't stress yourself over a lolcow thread anon, the onus really isn't on you to organize and dedicate your time any further than you did. Thanks for the milk you did bring, though. Youaren't obligated to a bunch of strangers and you kind of already put enough work into dealing with a bad communicator.
If anyone has the link to the video, though feel free to share it.

No. 681060

It’s not really directed towards you as the only person, but to all of you guys that worked on it as a whole, sorry if it seemed like we where shitting on you, it’s just the only people who ever call out Holly on her shit is ya in the threads, her antics Are pretty much ignored by her fan base and some st praised because they look up to her so they will excuse pretty much anything.

There’s lots of stuff you all can do individualy or as a group, that’s why we keep suggesting the discord for you guys because it will help you all keep everything concise and in one place like us here.

But when it comes down to it, it’s all up to you guys if you want to do it, all we can do is sperge out over it

No. 681071

File: 1536108167354.jpg (25.08 KB, 400x395, 1527536709808.jpg)

>we're getting about 20 bucks each


I hope it all works out for you anon, and all the other artists.

No. 681076

The PDF in the description has peoples addresses and phone numbers in it? Is that wise?

No. 681078


Why is she incapable of accepting responsibility without also putting down everyone else or making herself out to be a victim? Just admit you fucked up, apologize sincerely and update the artists without coming off as an ass. Like, how dare the artists hold her accountable.

Also, slight nitpick, but she couldn’t clean under her fingernails before putting up the product photos. It’s a bit gross.

No. 681084

theyre most likely an artist

No. 681086


This was uplodaed from her secondary channel where she was going to dump her animations as she made them when she had her animation phase.

No. 681090

yeah i'm one of the artists. deleted the link because i didn't notice the pdf link in the describtion which has adresses and phone numbers of the buyers.

No. 681092

-"Didn't have merch for San Japan, because I was swamped by the zine lol"
-Worked primarily on Seize instead of zine or merch.
-Promoted Seize more than Zine.
-Knew about San Japan months in advance.

Wow artists, it's all your fault. Nice going, guys.

No. 681094

She only did a few. Yeah after people say her art it’s wonder she got any to begin with

No. 681096

It's everyone else's fault but her own.
>sorry tho, lol haha!
>Sorry but you weren't the priority lol haha!

No. 681112

>profits are not something the focus should be

This is her planting the seed of low profit so she can get away with paying you all $20 aka fucking tuppence (assuming she even pays that). Also remember to subtract $5 from that total if you bought a zine from her at production price.
>>681040 anon is so right. You're all just going to get a small fraction of her con profits while she pockets the money for all future sales of the zine and when people ask about getting another cut from ongoing sales she'll say she paid you all out of pocket initially bcos the zine made no moneyzzzz gaiz she's just trying to make back what she sacrificed to give you all your $20

No. 681114

if she really feel bad about how little were making she needs to make another video on her main channel to boost those storenvy sales

No. 681117


Sorry, super late, but I wanted to answer this question because I think the answer valuable information.

The classes she took this summer that I know of (Digital Illustration and Landscape Painting) are classes people typically take as sophomores; they're not specification courses, but they're also not prerequisites for anything, so they're the kind of classes you can take whenever.

What I can say is that if she was "just finishing up" her degree, she would already be working on portfolio reviews and specifications (in her case sequential classes, of which I think there for three or four). So the classes she's taking are basically early intermediate classes; they're some of the first non-foundations illustration majors usually take, along with Perspective and Mastering the Pencil.

As for additional milk, there's not much I can provide. I had another class (digital illustration) with her, but it was long enough ago that the class forums for it are gone. I do recall one of her pieces getting blasted in critiques for having too many distracting wood textures and for being poorly composed.

I wont be able to supply more milk until next summer, because that's the only time I take online classes.

No. 681118

But that would mean you guys make money and she doesn’t get to make and manage all of it and decide how much you guys are really worth

Come on anon, gatta think the Holly way

No. 681160

New vlog with details on SanJapan.

No. 681164

Also a new zine update.

No. 681177

This vid was posted earlier and removed because it reveals personal info of the buyers in the link. You should probably take it down. Holly is also an idiot for adding it there to begin with.

No. 681188

>How long will it take to receive my order?
>Once shipped, most…
lol 'once shipped'. how long will it take to ship?

No. 681265

Are you kidding me??? I should be able to show porn cuz anime isnt for kids?? What an idiot!!

No. 681293

I can't get over her arrogance. Ofc cons are for all ages and NO parents shouldn't have to vet every single item a kid is looking at at a fucking cartoon comic video game convention that is for all ages ffs BRown this isn't YouTube.

No. 681299

File: 1536127211254.jpg (115.74 KB, 1360x380, nek.jpg)

100% OT: I now know why I thought she was fat: Because she films so close up I never saw her neck, which is skinny. The width of her face was deceiving. But it too may not even be that wide in person, without the short focal length bulging it out. If it is wide then she could put her hair forward and reduce that effect. Even in the facecam vlogs she looks pretty when she smiles so.. i dunno, maybe she looks pretty normal/good in person

No. 681305

What bothers me about this is that when you table in artist alley you are given rules and sometimes even sign an artist contract, and Holly is acting like being asked to follow the rules she already said she'd follow is somehow infringing on her rights. She just comes across a little inane here complaining about not being able to slap cat stickers over penises to display her pornography because parents should keep their teenage kids on leashes or some shit. It's pretty ridiculous. Not everyone wants to see people trusting and covers in jizz and dildos.

No. 681324

>and I NEED, well.. I don't need I want a better printer because I like larger prints
jesus what a child. It's like she never has to adult one day of her life
>says her family is white trash and psychotic
It's like she thinks she better than them or something
>I'm trying to clean my room get my life together
at least you're trying that much
>I'll put the artist on screen (for the seriously amazing Hamilton artist)
never puts the artist on screen, nice Holly, you put like none of them on screen
>So someone called the constaff and told them about my NSFW display and they told me I couldn't show it at all, even though it was censored.
CORRECT HOLLY! Because it was stated in the rules that you were to keep all 18+ NSFW content away from minors and have a sign or card that read "Ask me for my 18+ content"

It's not that fucking hard to follow the rules. It was your own damn fault so don't get upset or call it drama when you should have seen this coming a mile away you dumbass

So Holly is a spoiled child who never uses her brain, why am I not surprised.

No. 681330

>says her family is white trash and psychotic
>It's like she thinks she better than them or something
when she said psychotic she was clearly meaning something like shambolic or chaotic. as in there are many people scattered around. she wasn't putting them down

No. 681335

she's an early intermediate artist at best, anyway. but it's funny that she's insisting she's about to finish when she's clearly not even close.

she's not fat, but she has really unfortunate features. her face is literally potato shaped, her eyes are too close together, and overally she just has really fleshy features that age her. not her fault she looks that way but her diet/eating habits, "stress" and the fact she refuses to take care of herself makes her look worse.

holy fuck the yellow undereyes. she looks so sickly.

No. 681338

she was, she still called them white trash, and she talks shit about her family like she's better than all of them all the time it's nothing new.

No. 681344

>>says she knows she is behind and is sorry
bitch, sorry ain't worth nothing. you didn't send out copies to the artists so that they could have sold the zine by themselves. you cheated them out of money you wanted to claim for yourself. at this point, there's no way that anyone can give you the benefit of the doubt re: this. btw, laughing as you say how truly Truly TRULY sorry you are isn't helping.

(also her attempt at making people feel bad about her covering the fees is so transparent, it's ridiculous)

No. 681349


Worth noting that a lot of people do chuckle or laugh when they're nervous or upset, but like, when she was describing what had happened to Michie in the vlog, even I was like, jfc be serious for a damn second, like she really wasn't all "there" for that explanation, shes so self absorbed I s2g.

No. 681354

Sure Holly, educate people on how to raise kids, since you’re apparently an expert in this field too.
Honestly though it’s not like people are doing something bad in pointing out something that’s against the RULES you agreed with when you booked your booth.
It’s not parents being petty, it’s what the CONVENTION asked to do, because guess what? Apparently they’re slightly more practical than you and they know well that grabbing your kids’ hands 4 days nonstop in a place that’s designed to be safe for them (hence the fucking rule) it’s not doable.
Kids are curious, they run around and you can’t blame them for liking anime. Most conventions here don’t even charge tickets for kids up to 10 years; if they wanted the con to be more “mature”, they’d have a ticket or straight up not allow that kind of audience.
But sure, Holly, you know better; you shit on basic ass rules that are common sense and suddenly you’re a victim.
A kid that’s a big fan of yugi oh, Totoro, Ojamajo Doremi or whatever they like has any right to visit a convention that’s listed as ALL AGES.
I mean sure, there’s a sticker on the thing, but it’s still there and it’s open for everybody to see. I’m pretty sure everybody and their mom picked at “non age appropriate” content out of curiosity despite the disclaimers, so don’t act dumb like “it’s their fault they can’t read”. Damn, one can even be distracted and open it, not noticing the sticker.
Follow the frikkin rules, holly.

On another topic I am really infuriated at how she talked about the molestation because it sounded like she just found it funny. I know people can act awkward when they don’t feel comfortable talking about something but… that smiling, dismissing and the choice of words made her look like really bad.
She sounded really happy though, like she seriously enjoyed her time and I am so happy for this.

No. 681356

cementing Goblin status by ranting with real rage that people don't want disgusting cum splats and dildos going in arses on display to kids. Her main rationalisation is that five year olds should be accompanied. She briefly remembers that 12 year olds are kids, but then forgets again
>i think you should have your kids taken away from you if you let them explore a convention by themselves

No. 681358

Yeah that last statement, ffs.

No. 681376

Nosy af anon here, mainly glanced at the calculations. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that not only was she off by one zine, but she also didn't include her sales from the zines sold at San Japan. So she potentially owes artists more money.

No. 681420

i am going to laugh my fucking ass off. yes, she didn't include the san japan copies in it. at this point i am sorry, but even for a 22 year old, this is not mere stupidity any more, it has to be intentional/testing the waters if she'll get away with it

No. 681422

isn't the idea that these are the tictail sales? now the new store is open, there will obviously be new sales and so future payouts

No. 681444

it makes no sense for her not to add in the san japan sales. like, paypal takes a fee for every transaction. why would you do 160+ transactions, when 80+ would 1) be easier for you, and 2) probably save you money (bc she's so nice, she's covering the transaction fees herself /sarcasm). i did a post in the unnumbered 'porn can save my career' thread, and was operating on 79 transactions (80 minus holly but apparently there were more than 80 artists??), and that will add up to more than 20 dollars in transaction fees.

No. 681452

are you arguing to me that this is the final amount of money, when she just reopened sales on a new store she made?

No. 681453

uhm didnt she say some artists ordered MULTIPLE like copies which were SO MUCH EXTRA WORK for her, but in the excel table, i only see quantities of TWO tops??
or is this just a table for sales in general?
like… doesn't she have all the artists email addresses so she could've sent the link via mail and not post it under a youtube video? wtf

No. 681459

that's not what i'm saying. not releasing the amount of money she has already made at san japan is just extremely fishy to me, and the more time passes between sj and the next time she updates the artists with sales figures, the more likely it is something gets 'lost'

with her track record, i find it extremely fishy that she is going to only use part of the total sales to calculate what the artists are going to receive.

think of it this way: you have a partner and the two of you make jewelry, they make the designs, you craft them and sell them. when your partner wants to know about the money, you tell them you're going to give them their share of the proceeds of the online store and even send them the receipts for that, yet you don't mention the amount you have made selling at last week's craft fair at all. still sound fair and legit?

No. 681460

>creating a channel for people to contact me easily is a waste of my time
Fuck her, seriously. She didn't have to make the books by hand. This is all her own doing and now she's refusing to own up.

No. 681463

nah she said some artists wanted a lot of copies. that wouldn't go in the sales

No. 681474

Tictail isn't even that bad of a storefront she could've linked it to her IG to promote the zine but she instead decided to shit on and blame it as part of the reason everything was a total drag,
She sabotaged this project once she realized what she got herself into.

No. 681491

Are there seriously anons here arguing that Holly should be able to keep all the San Japan zine proceeds? Cuz I call whiteknighting at best and 'Hi there Holly' at worst.

No. 681494

what, it's a perfectly valid reason
living that hermit life

No. 681501

no, I was assuming that she would put the con money in with the next payout she will have to do, since she has reopened the store. The con sales do go dubiously unmentioned in the video. I could believe that she just forgot to mention that since her response is split recorded before and after the con, and the video title and word document each say sales "thus far". But like, we'll see i guess

No. 681502

unrelated, this isn't quite right
>123 sold normal copies= $1722
>6 copies (x2) (they ordered 2 copies) $168
>Subtracting cost of the books (129 X 1.8) $232.2

should be 135 x 1.8 but oh well

No. 681532

Maybe she should release an actual apology on her main channel, like a "hey guys I messed up im sorry, so all her fans know instead of it just being private video, like yes she said sorry to the artist but I'm sure not many saw this?
It would be more transparent to put it on her main channel where all her followers can see and understand if someone calls her out why they did it?
Idk if this makes sense
But I hate it when youtubers put apologize on their second channel instead of their main channel.

No. 681572

I'm one of the artists, and I'm angry that she's been so lazy about the zine but mostly I'm really confused about how she's handled things from the beginning. It would have been perfectly understandable if she took a chunk of the profits for herself considering the time she's putting into it as long as she was upfront about that. And honestly, zines are only printed at home most often because they're made with cheap materials and not being widely circulated. She should have outsourced the printing, it's absolutely ridiculous that she's doing it from home when she only has one (apparently unreliable) printer and tons of backed up orders.

This was way too ambitious for her first ever collaborative project. She's saying she's not going to do it again because she doesn't like working with other people, but that's only because she handled it so irresponsibly that now she has 100 artists breathing down her neck about it.

No. 681578

i don't understand what you want her to apologise to her fans for? what do they care? that's not what they subscribed for. What she should do on her main channel is ignore that there were false starts and Promote the Fuckin Zine positively like "Hey look we made a good thing and it's for sale now!" Just hurts the artists to wreck its brand by saying negative stuff

No. 681589

Zines with this many artists usually pool their work together and send it to a print shop for a bulk order and each artists just pays their portion and is sent like 20-50 copies to circulate on their own. What Holly did makes absolutely no sense in terms of artists personal circulation (having artists send in orders to her instead of having a pre decided amount per artist) and being free to make and sell as many copies as she personally wants to. Not to mention making 300+ copies by herself at home with varying quality. She's so stupid…

No. 681603

its obvious the main issue here is that she wanted to utilize her fancy printer and become a bookmaking factory, but somehow didnt realize a channel with 326k subs would mean hundreds of books to make. All of the stress she complains about is on her because she didnt have to make them by hand, she wanted to be the only one running this thing, and she didnt have to include this many artists.

Also each book for her is $1.8 + the time it takes to make them and artist copies are $1.8 + $3 shipping. I'd say financially it balances out, but it doesnt make it any less unnecessarily difficult and frustrating to get your hands on artist copies

No. 681625

No. 681630

She's making shitty fucking tutorials again? Great, not we can laugh at her fail the basics of everything and try to teach that to others.

Why isn't she announcing the zine on her main channel tho? Why isn't she advertising it on her tumblr, insta and twitter like crazy right now? Like iI know it's because she's already backed up too much but if she didn't want to do this anymore she needs to give up the rights to the project, hand over all the files to someone more reliable and let them find a bookpress and release it. She's fucked this up so hard so many times it's crazy she's still trying to get away with it.

She shouldn't be making any money off this shit after everything is said and done.

No. 681633

She's too stubborn to admit she can't make the books herself, and if she really promoted it they might actually get a nice chunk of sales.

No. 681635

Right off the bat I've never seen an artist make their line art transparent in the way that she does it. She's using the paint bucket and inverse selection to re fill in the blacks, but in my opinion this would just destroy all the pencil strokes and texture of the paper. Why not go to layer styles and hit "overlay" like literally every other artist I know?

No. 681639

She can't do things the easy way, she has to do it HER WAY and make it look as shitty as possible the entire time. Holy doesn't need masks or overlays, shes a PROFESSIONAL

But OT for me I don't understand people who make sketches irl then use that as the line work to color on PC, like why not redo the lines? Doesn't that give you another nicer chance to redo and fix more mistakes you might have missed? Make it look more fluid and flowing? Lines like that stick out so sorely, like most of Holly's work

No. 681640

>not using alt/option + backspace to fil in all the lines

No. 681643

but you only have to fix your mistakes when you're an amateur!! clearly holly is so professional, she's not making any whatsoever!! they're not mIsTaKeS, that's just HER STYLE!!

(yes, please, tutorials from an artist who less than a day ago asked for ps advice on twitter that i, someone who doesn't even use ps to draw, could have answered)

No. 681646

File: 1536174421333.jpg (112.27 KB, 914x597, sketchesbooktwo.JPG)

So on the left, holly clearly took the time to layer all these sketches in an appealing way, and then on the next page she just said fuck it, lets leave 50% of the page blank..?? I'm so confused with this girl honestly. It's like she has the ability to make something that looks good but not the taste to know when it looks good.

No. 681652

None of this looks good, one page is a clusterfuck of shitty sketches that should be left in your class sketchbook for the teacher to critic and grade (Holly gets 5%, 5% was for effort as in she drew something)The second page has two drawing you might see in an artbook but the anatomy and perspective is so off they look ready to float off the page, and blank white space for them to float in.

Holly doesn't know what aesthetic or placement is does she? I'd flip through this book and laugh that someone was dumb enough to sell this to the public.

No. 681655


Holly won't give it up because she needs another excuse to call herself 'busy'…

I wonder if she'd be the kind of person to go behind people's backs and take the zine to a professional printer without saying anything, just so she can have people out of her hair. I certainly wouldn't put it past her,

she's such a control freak…

No. 681657

File: 1536175015797.jpg (113.1 KB, 1000x628, 936.jpg)

Every time I see her do any kind of layout

No. 681673

my graphic design heart cringed the first time i saw the zine cover, idk how its possible for her to make EVERY SINGLE THING misaligned. I hate it when zine runners want to make the front cover themselves just cause they want to but they dont know jack shit about even the most basic visual design so it turns into an unappealing undesirable product.

No. 681788

Friend, you might want to reconsider. Having lines on a transparent background is pretty common and it speeds up flatting time. Plus, you can change the colour of the line easily, and achieve softer effects using lighter colours for stuff that needs to be fluffier or give depths changing the colour of the backgrounds applying aerial perspective.
What absolutely drives me insane is how amateurish is at doing simple things. She has no idea of which shortcuts to use and is over complicating simple processes like clipping.

No. 681875

It’s been over a month since I paid for my zines and I haven’t seen my books or any emails. I email her but I never get any responses. I think she’s only filling the customer orders and fucking off the artists in the book she isn’t friends with. I want to be paid for my part in the book too since it’s for profit and she “sold all the MHA” copies she had at that con this weekend.

No. 681909

This was her plan all along she even mentioned in a blog she didn't think artists were going to order so many copies for themselves. She also said in her latest blog that certain artist will get their copies first (in this case it was people who are mad at her). Any artists staying silent or not a friend of hers might not even get theirs? She said she needed artists to send in new orders in that artist update video didn't she?

No. 681920

Still shitty she did it in the first place, she should have dealt with the zine first and whatever she had leftover (if any) she could have used for the con, she fucked this up completely.

Shouldn't she have had all the orders that weren't fulfilled in a list already? Shouldn't she have had that list BACK when she first got the orders and kept note of who was sent their and who wasn't? She's asking for the artists to email her their orders AGAIN? Holly what the fuck are you doing?

No. 681929

The artist is Hamilton artist is Yosb btw

No. 681935

i guess im one of the mad artists cause not only did she send me my tracking number immediately after i confronted her, but shes also sending me a whole box of zines as a consolation

No. 681937

idk how much "a whole box" is but i mean if i get like 10 zines in the mail and shes running behind on storenvy sales that just sucks for everyone

No. 681946


try dming her on tumblr, it worked for me

No. 681957

She needs to stay on the zine shit til she's caught up. like, it'd be ideal if people stayed on her ass about it every time she wanders over to one of her personal projects and people comment 'so how's the zine orders coming along?'

Maybe I'm being cruel, but this is what she brought on herself and 80 other artists, so I really want her to hate and regret it more than she already probably does.

No. 681964

It's not cruel she asked for artists time and work for a project she insisted she put together HER way and isn't following through.

No. 681973

Because there was initially a fuck up with the emails and i had gotten the information for the zine much much later than the other artists I literally was working on my piece throughout the entirety of my cousin's graduation cause i was so stressed about the deadline. For her to turn around and be this horrible at time management and updating people is honestly a slap in the face.

No. 681974

Holly is currently live, complaining vaguely about San Japan, answering questions

No. 681981

She explained her yaoi comic premise and it's based on slavery, nice.

No. 682001

Ugh of course it's based on slavery. Has a fujo ever written a good gay romance without abuse tropes and unhealthy power dynamics. Even popular yaoi comics like Starfighter started with abuse. Fujos treat homosexuality like a fetish and think they contribute anything worthwhile to the gay community

No. 682007

do you realise if she promoted the zine on her channel it would sell like 1000 copies and you'd get $200? but she isn't doing that

No. 682012

Do we actually know her sexuality? I'm assuming she's straight but i've never heard her talk about it

No. 682013

is anyone watching the stream rn, i think ive had a grimace the entire time from cringe.

No. 682016

I feel like she said she was bi once, but I bet she's one of those girls like "yah I'm bi but I would NEVER have sex with a GIRL cuz that's gross idk…" That's just the vibe I get though.

No. 682021

oh good god, it's still live. seeing holly's "corrections" to her art along with her ignorant comments in real time is a fucking trip.

No. 682033

"that's why she looks weird, her ears are too big!" literally right after she mentioned how the eyes look wonky and unfocused. gg holly

No. 682036



No. 682043

Dude I ordered 10. I even emailed her asking if I could pay extra to get them before my August conventions. I understand if there is a queue but I hoped I’d MAYBE have some to sell at Otakon and the cons I have this month since I haven’t heard anything from her and her emails keep getting “lost”
I’m kinda over this zine entirely and if I don’t get anything by the end of this month and no responses I will flip shit. She’s irresponsible and I’m sick of stupid kids who have no organizational skills running zines.

No. 682048

We've discussed this before. She claims to be bisexual but insists she'd never be with a girl unless she was a '10' but then she said in a different video that she is straight but THEN when she was called out on twitter for being fetishy she went back to being bi. So yeah she's straight. She just likes to pretend to pull a fake gay card.

No. 682050

Holy has stated she's 'bi' but wouldn't date a girl unless she was a 10 (y'know out of her leuge and impossible)
Holly likes pretty girls just like everyone else does ffs, she's a shitty fetishistic fujo who likes 'straight' guys getting 'raped gay' because that's the fucking thing with these girls, it's so weird.

No. 682056

@ 13:50 "I'm straight by all means. Cept I'd date an UBER hot chick lololol'

No. 682058

Holly you're not bi ffs there is a difference between finding someone pretty and wanting to HAVE SEX with them. Thats literally it. You're straight.

No. 682059

She just can't pass up a chance to throw shade at Baylee kek

No. 682060

She's complaining about How to Draw books and saying their for children but she has a bunch of those old How to Draw Manga books doesn't she?

No. 682062

holly is straight period. she just throws bi card when it benefits her

being bi is much more than finding girls pretty sometimes and she also said she doesn't want to get involved lgbt movements so she's obviously straight

No. 682072

Okay, this is a train wreck just like every other Holly BRown vid. she's talking about color theory but it's so clear she doesn't understand her basics, even though she thinks shes a pro kek
can we get a DL for this once it's wrapped up please?

No. 682076

Her cringy fake laugh is so triggering.

No. 682078

Holly talking about history is something fucking else jfc she's so uneducated and she tries so hard to sound smart

No. 682082

HOLY Holly justifying slavery omfg OMFG OMFG

No. 682086

Slavery was bad but don't be mad at slavers because they were going to be poor without slaves? Really BRown? She needs to just…stahp.

No. 682088

she has no idea how screentone works or why artists use it
dumbass… read some damn tutorials at least

No. 682091

samefagging but jesus fucking christ pretty sure she just lowered the opacity of her screentone to "make it lighter"

She owns Clip Studio Paint though??? If she played with the screentones ONCE she'd know that's not how they work? This is honestly embarassing

No. 682102

Why is she working on this elf rape comic instead of PP or Purgatory? Or hear me out, the zine?

No. 682103

Stream continuing over here.

No. 682108

Is that Twisted on with her? Lol

No. 682113

File: 1536208138448.jpg (80.33 KB, 625x351, yuck.jpg)

she can't even plagiarise anime elves properly. This artist makes this kind of structure in the ear so holly turns it into some kind of painful looking malformation

No. 682121

if i never see another little hair flop strand on a character for the rest of my life, it’ll be too soon. can someone make a comp of all the pics with the same exact ugly floppy hair strands pls.

No. 682122

the ear thing is a reach, most people draw elf ears like this because it's the basic structure of human ears. her character is fucking ugly though, why are her elves old and wrinkly?

No. 682123

I was hoping she wouldn't revisit this shitty elf slavery comic idea. Of course, the NSFW stuff gets priority. She probably realized she's behind on patreon shit.

God whoever is laughing sounds like a fucking hyena every 2 seconds I can't deal with it. Holly isnt even funny. I think there's like 2 other people with her.

No. 682130

Holly brings up cultural justifications for slavery while she draws a slavery themed yaoi rape comic kek she's trying to make it seem a-ok just like the rape shit in Seize

No. 682131

File: 1536210390861.jpg (13.8 KB, 139x131, Capture.JPG)

i can't cap the worst examples because it's lost in her stream but you'll see sooner or later ears she's doing look like the ear has two gauges in it

No. 682139

that…looks weird. is she filling them in like shadows so that she doesn’t have to draw the details on the ears or something?
holly’s entitled to her opinions, i suppose, but that doesn’t mean we can’t call her out for how fucking stupid she sounds. not to be that person, but her uneducated southern white roots really show when she tries to discuss anything about culture. i come from white trash too, but i don’t pretend that slave owners were in any way justified in what they did. i think that would be obvious to anyone who had even the most rudimentary glossing over of the history of black slavery. but whatever, if it doesn’t affect Holly, then it doesn’t matter, right? just like how she doesn’t want to be anywhere near lgbt protests or even live in a state where there’s a strong leaning towards a different political party than the one she aligns herself with.

No. 682145

Of course she fucking likes pkrussel.

No. 682152

>holly and her co-host talking about interior ass shots and big dicks on stream

Lol, aren't a majority of her subscribers kids?

No. 682153

They're edgy tweens so they eat that shit up. Yknow like Holly's mental age.

No. 682160

She's fulfilling orders alphabetically, wtf?
Talking about maybe giving out the pdf
Botching about not getting pics in on time.

No. 682169

artist discord is in full swing jsyk

No. 682180

But she couldn’t be bothered to put an alphabetical list on the actual zine. Isn’t it funny?

No. 682181

Good, someone make a video now, she's been bitching constantly on the stream. wish she'd keep it up but she has it unlisted.

No. 682184

I’ve JUST started watching it and she’s already saying crap to excuse her poor writing skills.
Holly, you NEED to be able to summarise your comic, being complicated and all the details don’t matter. You need to be able to tell people what’s happening, if you can’t do this it’s because provably you only have a vague idea, some scenes you want to draw and you know you want x characters. That’s not a story.

No. 682187

At least she's not only fetishizing gay, but lesbian relationships too. Equal opportunity \s.

Michelle and Holly have really similar voices, it's weird.

No. 682189


They do, they're perfect for each other. Would've though Michelle would be better than to befriend Holly but she really seems to like her.

No. 682192

I've thought they were similar types before I knew they were friends. Not sure if Michie is a Fujo too, but I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 682234

I subbed to holly when she had like 2k subs and she honestly was really nice? I genuinely don’t know what happened like was she just able to hide her superiority/inferiority complex or something? I distinctly remember she pronounced some random subs name wrong in an old ass q & a and went on for like 3minutes about how she was really sorry and how she noticed they commented on all her videos, now she talks about her fans like they’re all a bother msmskdkd. I swear she used to respond to critique w actual humility too.

No. 682252


She was probably never nice, that was probably some fakey youtube personality she put on but when she realized she got a lot more attention and people backing her up when she showed her true bitchy colors she stuck with it. Or maybe she was just super weak and let all that attention go to her head and took the bitchy route from there.

No. 682264

I was subbed to her back then too, when she was still in high school and even back then she was obnoxious. She's gotten so much worse over time, kinda like her art

No. 682274


Alright. For posterity and the sake of receipts, here are download links for these streams before they get pulled from being unlisted/archived.


If no-one else does I'll probably scrub through them to provide some time-stamps for notable dumb shit, e.g. her comments on slavery, zine bitching and moaning.

No. 682276

I think she's just become bolder about being herself online, which would be a good thing if who she is wasn't terrible.

Also people change, sometimes for the worse.

No. 682277

File: 1536235983424.png (467.4 KB, 750x980, typo.png)

In case someone missed. She spelled beginner wrong.
not sure if sage or not.

No. 682278

Geez she doesn't realize how young her audience is, to be talking about slavery like it was no big deal really shows how uneducated she is.
She needs to take a history course or something before opening her mouth. I'm suprised the sjws haven't called her out yet. Guess that's why she unlisted the video to.
I get it we all used to be "edgy teens" but at least some of us grow out of it ok, holly not so much.

No. 682287

Remember when she said cavemen were like children? She really is fucking retarded

No. 682293

Can you extract the parts in which she shades baylee and when she bitched about Monique calling her out on the porn comic?

No. 682311

hold on i didnt watch the stream, but is her new comic about slavery or is she referring to purgatory , if i recall she said purgatory was a criticism on religion

No. 682333

Her new porn comic is about a man being enslaved by another man and then raped by him but it isn't really rape gaiz cuz the slaver is totes gonna make the slave want it first

No. 682356

how… i mean, HOW can someone be so absolutely unaware of the bullshit they are spewing. even at her age, it's just absolutely astonishing, her lack of selfawareness

i would try and help but i watched like the first 15min of one of them and i just, i can't take the levels of stupid running rampant in this.

No. 682392

So Holly has a comic about religion (even tho she doesn’t understand it) and it has themes of abuse, grooming and rape, she has Seize which is a book about rape, I don’t know what’s going to happen in PP because Holly won’t work on it, and now she has a new comic about slavery and rape

This is a.. running gag she has going or what?

No. 682396

Nah, she's just a Fujo who can't identify how terrible all the rape that's common in the genre is, even purely from a writing standpoint.

No. 682400

Like I understand dark themes like rape and slavery depending on the world and the character it can build a lot but when it’s every. Fucking. Thing. She. Makes.

It’s like she doesn’t understand why rape, molestation and slavery are serious topics and need to be treated seriously, if she just wants to make fucking fetish porn she needs to get fucking educated real fast because BDSM and kink doesn’t = rape comics till the end of time

No. 682401

making assumptions here, but i think holly's definition of "rape" is rather narrow, as well, therefore she doesn't see the problems in her stuff. aside from purgatory, where (i assume) it was meant to be disgusting, she has this idea that there's nothing wrong with coercing and manipulating a person into sex, when clearly, there is.

again, i am making assumptions here. but judging from her general attitude to "sjw shit", i wouldn't put it past her to not see the issue with a huge imbalance of power in a romantic relationship.

No. 682409


I don't think that's such a leap to reason. I'd even reason that it's probably a fetish of hers, but she doesn't explore that in her art in a constructive way.
Not here to armchair, but these are recurring themes in her projects. Even Clever Kitchen had aspects of it in just the way she designed the main kid…

I think she needs to be honest with herself about Paranormal Plague, because it's going at a snail's pace, nobody knows what it's about still, but oh, we sure do know what the sex lives of Herschel and Reese are like, so obviously we know where her priorities are.

No. 682414

She set Paranormal Plague up for faliure.

Nobody knows what's going on in it, and now that seize is out and she's only interested in shipping her 2 dudes, nobody's going to talk about the actual story or even be excited about Reese finally showing up (well, her edgy teen fans might, they eat her shit like it's a banquet). She overexposed them. I don't think she even cares about the actual story.

She kept going on and on and on ad nauseum about starting nsfw stuff for the longest time, she just wouldn't shut up about it, and now that she's finally doing it, that's all she's interested in making, which wouldn't really be a problem if her audience wasn't already like 12 (mentally or legally) and she actually knew anything about sex and relationship dynamics.

No. 682421

Watch her try to animate porn and talk mad shit about it tbh.

No. 682426

That’s the thing, I don’t think Holly has ever been in a relationship before let alone a sexual one. I almost honk she’s too afraid to watch normal porn and just stick to cartoon porn so she can more easily insert herself into the scenario seeing as she obviously doesn’t know what sex looks like, sounds like (trust trust) or feels like.

She really needs to go out and get a fuck buddy and a few friends to get all that pent up anger and sexual aggression

No. 682431


I mean, sure, but that's still not going to make her a better artist.

No. 682437

It might, she can have some time to herself, actually get a break from her ‘work’ to socialize. Like people watching and being around other humans does help improve your anatomy and understand basics way more of you actually pay attention

No. 682463

This is true. It helps with natural dialogue and expressions too. You gotta socialize to an extent if it isn't coming to you innately.

Also. I can't wait for her shitty writing in the slavery comic that explains the slavery as part of the elves culture. I have a feeling it'll be at least a little milky

No. 682468

It’s like she doesn’t understand why rape, molestation and slavery are serious topics and need to be treated seriously, if she just wants to make fucking fetish porn she needs to get fucking educated real fast because BDSM and kink doesn’t = rape comics till the end of time
I think it would honestly be less dumb if she owned up to what she was doing and just said, "these comics are about rape, rape is my fetish," instead of this retarded beating around the bush.

No. 682472

yeah it's the whole bending over backwards to justify her fetishes instead of owning up to them.

that's her thing though, she doesn't really 'own up' to much.

If she got called out like other artists do for the bullshit she pulls she'd be singing a different tune. Like, you would think by now more than one person would call her out for her "problematic" subjects and behavior.

No. 682474

What does a cow have to do to become a person in /pt/? Is there like an amount of threads they need to have or something?

No. 682475

Holly doesn't make comics about BDSM, or even gay porn. It's a fantasy generally detached from reality and I see this attitude with a lot of Fujos that being a creepy rapist is somehow cute/romantic/acceptable. I don't think she actually sees it as rape because none of her gay characters are fleshed out human beings.

I think making NSFW comics is a bad move for her because the only reason she can get away with it is because BL standards are below the surface of the earth, and most of her fans are 15 (physically or mentally).

No. 682498

Not saying it isn't a fujo staple (it def is) to have lovable rapist characters uwu but it also seems to just be younger socially inept people kink? You see it a lot on DA too with m/f pairs. It's like a disconnect from reality and complete sexual inexperience

No. 682554

Super OT blogpost but I actually do have a non consensual consent kink (I’m not a fujo tho surprisingly) and it has nothing to do with “wanting to be raped” it’s literally a degrading/submission thing for me, and it can only be with a person you trust with your life (so typically a longtime partner) and it’s not something you whip out after a month of dating yknow? Just because it’s a kink doesn’t mean it doesn’t have rules and meaning behind it and these girls seem to think that kink is a normal thing in gay relationships and it’s just not, it’s not even normal for het relationships it’s a very abnormal and dangerous kink

No. 682555

It sounds like you are a rational adult with a kink. There's nothing inherently wrong with that, it's the way that Holly tries to justify it as consensual and loving and cute when she writes it. Or how she seems to think being a gay/bi man goes hand and hand with rape, which is a gross stigma.

No. 682557

That’s the thing, like the ending to Seize was so weird and off putting, like Reese just magically knew Hershel likes nonconsent yet never gets consent but Hershel is okay with it because that’s his thing and he likes Reese now because he’s a cutie and all he did was drug and try to rape the guy like come on don’t you do that to your best friends too???????

No. 682562

that, and it wasn’t even a “hershel gave him consent before reese did the whole roleplay kidnapping thing, it just wasn’t shown in the beginning”, which is what she seemed to play it off as before the comic was released. no, hershel literally said, “if i’d wanted to stop you, i could have.” ??? so any rape or sexual assault could be stopped if the victim just chose not to let it happen?? wow, okay, good to know.

No. 682570

Guys can't be raped by women and buff dudes can't be raped by twinks don't you know /s

No. 682719

File: 1536283803291.jpg (81.01 KB, 720x740, IMG_20180906_182853.jpg)

Anyone else think it's tacky she sells tablets she gets for free instead of doing giveaways like must artists?

No. 682722

File: 1536283921573.jpg (53.4 KB, 720x368, IMG_20180906_183114.jpg)

Is it weird that I don't believe her

No. 682743

Can i say that I love how Holly cant seem to find simple solutions to her problem. Like why the fuck would you want to deal with storeenvy when you have the zine to deal with. If I were her ass i would dedicate a few days to getting out all those orders and deal with all the zine stuff related so people could get off my ass.

Honestly she is problably making something up to buy time and excuses for everyone. So i agree with you anon on that one

No. 682754

Her entire roof!? That'll cost an average of 3k on the lower end, and she's looking to make that money from selling small art things on store envy? I don't think she's lying, she actually overshares too much of her personal life. She's delusional about her money making abilities though

No. 682763

Don't worry, I don't believe her either.

I was considering buying that elf rape comic when it comes out just to see how bad it is and to share, but after seeing how she's been handling people's private information (uploading it to a doc for a lot of people to see, letting addresses slip uncensored in videos, etc) I wouldn't trust her to keep any personal info safe.

No. 682773

I agree. She overshares, so would not be surprised if she actually does have to cough up money for the roof. Knowing her though, it could also be an exaggeration or mean something completely different.

No. 682790

she’s probably telling the truth, but i’d also like to stress the fact that she is incapable of saving money at all, much less putting some aside for emergencies every once in a while. yeah, it fucking sucks, but we know she isn’t paying for all of it by herself.

nitpicking a lil here; it wouldn’t sound so weird if it wasn’t for the fact that she begs for money all the time. lots of ppl have shit happen out of nowhere and thus have sales on their online shops in hopes of getting some more traffic immediately. they also mention the reason why, and even if it’s done for sympathy points, it’s alright bc it’s not like they do that all the fucking time (unlike holly) and complain about getting orders. i’ve never heard an artist complain about packaging stuff that ppl have bought from them before Holly. She shits on fast food and other minimum wage jobs, yet she also whines about having an online store. well, what the fuck do you want to do to make money, BRown? Your art skills aren’t even close to being good enough to make rape comics/fujo porn for a living.

No. 682856

The begging for money is exactly why I think she might be lying. Think back, every month there is something new she wants money for. Remember TV paint? People literally gave her money for that. She expected way more money after the con but now all that money is going to the artists. Between the roof and her sudden crohns it's the perfect sob story to make people look the other way from her growing pile of misdeeds. Then again yeah she overshares. Most likely the roof has a leak and needs a minor repair.

No. 682863


Heh, wonder what she wants this month.

Not gonna lie, seeing her spin her wheels and flounder about makes for good amusement. The con was an absolute flop and I highly doubt she's making as many sales on her shop. I wonder how long it'll be before she phases the Zine out of circulation…
I'll be sitting back watching all the dumb shit she's bound to purchase in the meantime.

No. 682911


Everyone is speculating on whether Holly has a rape fetish or not, but she definitely does. When killing/stalking (an unabashed rape fetish yaoi) was popular she was blogging about it CONSTANTLY and heavily identified with finding bdsm/noncon appealing. This was around the time when she inserted the rape scene into Purgatory, too, and the way she spoke about it in vlogs/live streams before it was published (now deleted/unlisted) made it clear that she was getting off on it. Her justification for why she included it in the comic kept changing as people realized it was kind of fucked up. Anyway. Holly was very public about getting off to killing/stalking and to rape/noncon in general and as much as she tries to scrub her image clear now, it's obvious that all the rape in her stories is completely intentional and for her own arousal.

All said, I don't think Holly identifies as someone who likes "real rape" and would probably defend herself against those accusations even though the stuff she writes is undeniably rape. I think she believes that her stuff is not "real rape" because she always justifies it by having the characters actually like it or give dubious consent after the fact or fall in love so it's all okay. Or make up stupid fucking elf slave universes to justify rape. The end result is the same, she's a shitty fujo with a rape fetish who wants to have her cake and eat it too.

like the porn is one thing but it's disgusting that she can't not let her fetishes seep into her sfw works and that's why people call her a fujo

sage for blogposting but at this point it's pretty much beyond debate imho

No. 682925

Fujos' only exposure to gay relationships is through shitty rape yaoi so it's not a surprise most fujos don't even recognize dubcon elements in the media they consume. Porn is a huge conditioning tool, fetishes can be immoral and no one really cares until someone commits a crime. Most of these fujos grow out of this fetish when they get into adult relationships, it's unfortunate holly is in her 20s and still thinks like a teenager. Maybe she'll never grow out it if she continues to make money from it.

No. 682997


Not to mention the fujo crowd seems to be very large so she definitely has a market, unfortunately. It doesn't matter how shitty her characters, stories or art is, really. What matters are the archetypes and hitting all those same notes that make up those same stories that she can get away with peddling to the same crowd.

The only hope is that maybe a chunk of her current crowd will be alienated and turned off from the themes that are becoming more and more pervasive.

And that she'll just lean entirely into the NSFW bullshit and leave YouTube because she can't post dicks there. She's been doing the "whoops can't show that cause it's got dicks in it" shtick more often and I guess that's just gonna be her little gimmick from here on out.

It all makes for good milk I suppose but personally speaking, I just want her to stop altogether,or get called out on. But whatever, dumpster fire is cool too. For when you're bored.

No. 683130

True, I just associate it more with Fujos because most people grow out of it past their teens, but in BL it never seems to go away.

I don't actually think she's lying, but the tweet is still guilting people.
>Ugh I want to die, please buy my stuff so I don't!

No. 683160

She posted a shitty animation on her Twitter she says she did in May (it's Reese/Hershel mermaids) but idk how to post it here

No. 683215

"Mermay sucks, people just don't draw mermaids PROPERLY so they shouldn't do it AT ALL, while I can do what I want"

No. 683244

File: 1536343501732.jpg (338.73 KB, 1165x1200, Dmghm4zVAAAZZwY.jpg)

From Twitter

No. 683245

File: 1536343514319.jpg (285.39 KB, 1199x744, DmghspVU4AA4zFT.jpg)

No. 683246

The anatomy on this one really makes me think she concentrates on a reference for all of ten minutes before filling in the blanks herself, which results in this wonky ass anatomy

No. 683251

I really hate the way she does breasts, the always look off, and I really can't explain why

No. 683267


Wow lookit dem pecks bby

For real I’m starting to think she traces all of her bodies for “anatomy studies” because they are so stiff, unnatural and blocky.
Bodies don’t look or form or connect in any of these ways

No. 683275


It's entirely possible she also does this for assignments, since online life drawing classes (which are horrible regardless of the school because life drawing is supposed to be done in person) at RMCAD use videos of the models. So if Holly wanted to she could easily pause the video and trace it.

Although the above image probably wasn't traced because it's on canvas, which is hard to trace onto.

No. 683276

Not if you print the picture, colour eh back with charcoal or pencil and redraw over it, me and my friends did it all the time

No. 683277

The way she's done the shading on this breast, it looks translucent, like a giant callous filled with pus. Anyone else seeing it?

No. 683279


no, just the bad anatomy, gross anon.

No. 683280


This is what happens when you're a fujoshi who rarely draws women lmao

No. 683288

>"when I'm ahead in life"
>just lost 3k on her San Japan table

ok holly.

No. 683291

I think I understand why she regressed a bit. If you look back at some of her old anatomy studies she was really getting somewhere, but then she became arrogant in her abilities and assumed she was done learning, so now when she does studies she barely takes in the anatomy or form and just draws what she is so sure she already knows. And when she looks at it she can't see the obvious flaws.

No. 683294

File: 1536349070021.jpg (59.46 KB, 720x379, IMG_20180907_123641.jpg)

No. 683304

Do you have an example of her older better studies? My memory sucks but I coulda sworn theyve all been shit.

I agree with that tbh

No. 683312

this feels hypocritial af coming from her

No. 683315

I see it, he way she did the shading on the breasts make it look like a water balloon or something, like it’s a SHINEY balloon

No. 683331

Oh look Holly is telling people what to do again because she doesn’t understand why someone would buy something and have it not be the same reasons as her

Can she shut the fuck up already, it annoys me so much when she pulls this hollier than thou bullshit

No. 683337


"Hollier" than thou bullshit.

I laughed. I don't know if you did that on purpose, but yes.

No. 683345

I mean, she's not wrong. If you want something specific, blind boxes are useless.

No. 683346

Maybe its a dig at Rae.

No. 683347

I've never heard of anyone getting these boxes for the "deals", and I follow plenty of people in Arttube

No. 683348

File: 1536354094403.jpg (113.11 KB, 720x720, IMG_20180907_140050.jpg)

No. 683349

File: 1536354109446.jpg (220.44 KB, 1200x1040, DmhE9SuU8AAMbUm.jpg)

No. 683350

>the sad artschool shit doesnt appeal to me
Just post your influence map and go, oh my fucking god. She really can't express herself without having to tear something else down in the same breath, how can you be this insecure? Why?

No. 683351

Dude I can see it, wonky 80s anime styled OCS and clothes with flat colors. Amazing

No. 683352

Weirdly enough i see the influence but its a piss poor copy of them? She also said she's taken 3 art history classes and i'm pretty shocked. I've had to take double that and i'm not in an art school.

No. 683396

that was my exact thought!! i can see how she tries to emulate some of the others in stuff like her landscape paintings and “studies”, but her wonky style is so prominent that it outshines any good influences.

it’s pretty great how she makes fun of the art in manga like Yu Gi Oh and in some anime, yet it’s influenced her so much that she has to make everything look “graphic”/like it’s out of a comic. (a bad comic, that is)

No. 683401

Didn't she also amke fun of the lettering in a manga, that was, yknow, translated? Lol

No. 683424

If she did omfg. She's so dense there is nothing but 2 dimensional thinking in her head. 'Gee these Japanese artists sure use poor font choices.' Fucking idiot.

No. 683439

Honestly I don’t think anyone ever questioned what her inspirations were, pretty easy to tell it’s all backed of shitty 80s anime and current vector cartoon looks, br of course she needs to take a fucking jab at something to make herself sound better in her own brain
What I don’t understand is how she can rant and rave and laugh at YUGIOH which was a long run in series and the mangaka’s first serialized graphic series the guy is known for amazing shading, crazy designs and creepy atmosphere.
What is Holly known for? Shitty anatomy, piss Colors and backward penises.
Like FMA is awesome and the art is nice, but I’ve seen way better artists than Hiromu Arakawa, But Holly seems to treat FMA like the god tier of all anime or something

No. 683473

that's what i don't get about holly , with the way she talks made shit on other manga artist you would think she would have "better taste" when in reality she's just bitter and like to project her insecurities on anything else she can.
Plus FMA is cool story wise , also the art has improved along the way .The complete opposite of holly though.

No. 683486

File: 1536364645387.jpg (716.43 KB, 1280x1340, kaori1280.jpg)

It's so funny to me that she lists City Hunter as an inspiration when she just sticks to this wonky ass anime style while the good parts of it lean more towards realism.

No. 683521

>life drawing classes at RMCAD use videos of the models
what the fuck are you paying for lmao

No. 683525

I think they said they OFFER online life drawing courses but obviously people shouldn't be taking them over the actual studio time ones.

No. 683608

File: 1536378444012.jpg (51.42 KB, 720x489, IMG_20180907_204613.jpg)

She was streaming Gravitation which is apparently ratchet?

No. 683621

It's funny how she calls gravitation ratchet when it has the yaoi rape fetish holly likes so much she writes it into all her stories.

No. 683683

I mean, it is pretty terrible but I feel like it should be right up her yaoi alley.

No. 683835

leyendecker as an inspo for her seems so out of place with the others, and with her fujo reputation, i wouldn't be surprised if he was listed partly because he's gay

No. 683841

Ofc that's why. In her stream she said fuck Norman Rockwell and all of France has shit artists. She's a complete child. She also said only gay men can paint beautiful men well.

No. 683855

her stupidity is fabulous. she'll say anything to explain her shitty art lmfaoooo

also which stream??

No. 683865

If I had never known her actual age , Judging from 1. how she talks in her videos 2.and what she tweets out .
I would have though she was a fucking 12 year old not a 22 adult .

No. 683887

>only gay men can paint beautiful men well
She is so gross lmao, I think "all Fujos fetishize gay men" is not really accurate but in her case it's just so painfully obvious that she has seriously warped ideas about male homosexualit.

No. 683891

Shes so out of touch with reality and human interaction its so weird to watch

No. 683921

She does. There was also a moment in the stream where she tried to explain what makes someone gay, and saying it has to do with romantic interest and sexual interest doesn't make you gay. It was bizarre. She really does sound like she parrots the opinions of those around her without any actual knowledge whether it be social or scientific.


It was her last stream, the elf slave comic one. Normally I don't sit through her full streams but my controller had died so I just sort of sat there and suffered through it all lol

No. 683923

Watch Holly be one of those types who believes that gay romance is more ~pure~ and ~real~ than those filthy breeders.

No. 683938

Maybe but I still feel like its because she hates women. Like she probably views m/m and f/m over f/f. Lots of fujos do.

No. 683940

Wouldn't spend any money on something that has been in contact with her dirty nails or has been in her dirty ass room

No. 683957

Which is funny, because she claims she is bi.

But in the stream she was talking about Kim Possible, and how that show shaped her sexuality as an adult. She never once mentioned women, but she did say Ron Stoppable was her thing, and she is super attracted to nerdy men now.

I never hear her talk about women in the way she talks about men. Maybe I've missed it, but I doubt it.

No. 683958

Holls has some deeply internalized misogyny in her alongside her general bitterness about the world

No. 683971

It's true. Rad fems and SJWs are extremist but she just uses them as an excuse to be a hypocrite and as soon as you point it out she just cries 'SJWs!' as if that wins her argument or makes her free from criticism. She will hopefully grow out of it?

No. 683972

I remember feeling that way when I was like…12. carrying that sentiment into your 20s is just beyond pathetic.

No. 683981

haha holy shit i love seeing her put real local businesses in her comics but butchering the names, i guess to """avoid copyright infringement"""

First Adult Megaplex, which became "ADUT MEGAXX"

Now Salsalitos has become "Salsalitios."

are there any more? i love this shit

sage for blogpost