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File: 1453907984859.png (758.5 KB, 586x515, ahripoop.png)

No. 86210

old one >>67670 maxed out.


Basically a bland white girl who photoshops herself asian and lies, scams and cries wolf.

No. 86214

File: 1453908164976.png (649.28 KB, 465x587, grgwg.png)

still pissed off that she tries to claim to be ahri. she looks nothing like her, sounds nothing like her, she can't even play her in the game well at all. she should have called herself mayopop

No. 86215

What makes it even more funny is that, SHE'S A FUCKING VIDEO GAME CHARACTER.

No. 86224

gonna post this about her possibly being depressed and stuff in the older thread. For now, I'm going to stay neutral about the whole Sky being depressed, but if she lies about this too, I'm going to stop giving her the benefit of the doubt.

No. 86232

Of course she's depressed. Her Asian bottom didn't live up to the fantasy.

No. 86340

File: 1453940024327.jpg (514.81 KB, 937x602, Untitled-2.jpg)

No. 86364

Lmfao at the blue and green haired pics.

No. 86390

i don't know what's uglier: her normal face or her shopped face

No. 86436


should do a collage of all her scams next.. If you can even fit them all in one slide.

No. 86468

lol the asuna cosplay. neither of them look good, but the shooped is the worse one. did she honestly think it's good? loool, she doesn't have a sense of proportion, just give it up sky.

No. 86557

File: 1453961735228.png (233.55 KB, 491x637, 1429079261955.png)

I know it's been posted before I just want to keep it here

No. 86691

Sky's logic is funny, if you're trying to be japanese why go for a korean one? being one kind of asian (in her case she's not) doesn't automatically give you a pass to pick out a korean name like you're pulling out bingo number balls

No. 86709

i know right, she likes to jump into whatever is trending, and she's not even good at keeping her story straight.

No. 86715

File: 1453981795928.jpeg (35.62 KB, 400x400, 5BsTGZrH.thumb.jpeg.393f6c1100…)

i found this twitter when i browsed ahripop, surprisingly there was a lot of tweet discussing the callout acc. anyway, is this acc hers? that profile picture though, so k-pop…much asian…


No. 86727

File: 1453989981060.png (853.15 KB, 553x840, 35e88fee0b1fa3443894f3373b337c…)

Decided to look up her tag, found this under loligaurdian's twitter.
It's quite depressing looking at his tweets saying "I love my girlfriend" honestly.>>86715

No. 86728

To be fair, there are Asian weebs who think along the same lines.

>I'm Vietnamese so it's okay for me to pick out a Korean name and I can't be called out for it bc I'm Asian <3

No. 86730


she actually wears those ears out in public? it's kind of cringe imo… doesn't she feel weird.. or does she always want and like the attention?

No. 86736

She claims she is unseperable with her ears and goes everywhere with them, which is bullshit as there were many times she didn't wear her ears. I'm sure it comes from trying to pander to the furries and her retarded obsession with a video game character.

No. 86738

Attention. Huge attention whore. She's even let her ex walk her around on a leash in public.

No. 86749

Ew…that's just tacky as fuck.

No. 86792

File: 1454003158433.png (356.06 KB, 600x370, CZyfpSJUsAAEmql.png)

Lol, found this while looking on twitter like the anon above did.
I've never seen this pic of her, how cringy..comparing herself to an actual korean girl.

No. 86795

she doesn't even look anything like Choa, those ass kissers have to stop.

No. 86805

they both look pretty "special"

No. 86821

Choa actually looks good…

No. 86898

She looks like an egg with two half eyes

No. 87066

so that girl on PULL who claimed Skyleigh wanted to throw hands with her was fake?

No. 87071

if i wear a tacky ass blonde bob wig will i look like choa too

No. 87072

You gotta shoop your eyes into slits too

No. 87079

from the collage above, i think she edits her skin tone too. in many original pictures she has this slight tan and somewhat pinkish color, whereas in the shooped one she's pale as heck.

No. 87090

it's pretty obvious that she does since she has no nose in 90% of her photos

No. 87169

File: 1454071489089.png (545.75 KB, 815x523, jdfjbdnfbjkfn.png)

No. 87186


Wow, I didn't know that it would hurt so much to not be asian… She must be in some serious hurt right now.

On another note, Shinoro ?? Another asian wannabe ? Are all asian wannabes friends ?

No. 87189

Looks like she made the account herself

No. 87206

Please repost and tag this to @/ahripop, pleaaaase! we need her to come back soon so we can see more of our kemonomimi haafu japanese with korean name kitty waifu and her glorious shoops!

/sarcasm, in case someone doesn't get it

A lot of pain, suuuure, skyleigh, suuuure…throw in some bipolar disorder while you're at it, it would definitely make your story more convincing.

No. 87208

>On another note, Shinoro ?? Another asian wannabe ?
Many anime fans have cheesy Japanese nicknames. Doesn't mean they're pretending to be Asian.

No. 87217

Why is that her 'close friends' suddenly pop out of nowhere, and always post their support in separate accounts? why don't they post it in their personal account so the support post can reach more audience? it's like they don't know how social media works…no wonder many people thought the support accs are skyleigh's.

No. 87222

That's because they either don't exist or are too embarassed to be directly associated with her

No. 87223


did she name herself after jayneewastaken ? or whatever the fuck that 10 year old looking girl is called. she's friends with lilypichu and plays league. 'ahriwastaken' taken from what? the chance to shoop herself asian without receiving backlash for it?

No. 87226

That's more than likely Skyleigh herself. We never heard about her "friend" before. "Clincal depression" because she's not asian, what a fucking embarrassment and waste of skin.

No. 87244

Oh i see…either way it's a sad, sad attempt. The last support post especially, doesn't make any sense. If you, as a close friend, are helpless to help her, why do you think all these strangers followers would? It's like saying we have to BEG her to come back.

No. 87256

*correction : It's like saying her followers have to BEG her to come back.

No. 87458

File: 1454133780142.jpg (166.33 KB, 373x466, Untitled-1.jpg)

everyone should post pics
of her real face with the tags.

or is that too cruel?

Why does there have to be a begging campaign? Also why does the get well soon pic have to be a tittypic?

No. 87461

File: 1454134052591.jpg (268.58 KB, 530x682, aa.jpg)

No. 87469


No. 87478

A lot of pain??? WTF? She's depressed because she shooped her ugly face to look azn and people have seen through her bullshit? Since when uncovering a fucking stupid lie is "cyberbullying" and "causing a lot of pain"? Like, does this little narcissistic histrionic bitch has NO grip of reality AT ALL? You fucking deserved it for tricking so much people into believing you!

No. 87481

HAHA holy shit I'm super down for this

No. 87487


not too cruel in my opinion. it's her real face, she should learn to live with that. add her real name too, let the reality sink in… #loveforskyleighquick

No. 87490

File: 1454149926222.jpg (25.1 KB, 320x320, 1453722351395.jpg)

No. 87493

File: 1454150145723.jpg (35.14 KB, 263x500, IMG_20151210_204741_thumb_jpg_…)

No. 87532

Apparently Quick isn't her last name, it's her mother's maiden name.

No. 87534


yeah we found out her real last name was Arzoomanian or something in the last thread

No. 87538

holy shit if I had that last name I'd change it too

No. 87546

are you the same faggot that kept spamming "lol omg so savage" at everything in the last thread because pls stop. saying Savage all the time doesn't make you cool it makes you look like a retard

ok thanks bye

No. 87552

Wow really? I kinda thought arzoomanian sounds cool, like some rpg character's last name. but i see why she doesn't want to use that, too mouthful to say.

No. 87553


No. 87580

feed says she uploaded new profile pic yesterday, you guys should be expecting this trainwreck to return very soon.

No. 87610

Even if she does return, what is she going to do? going back to claiming that she is half asian? saying that she's a kitty waifu? taking more bikini/underwear pics?

No. 87618


She doesn't plan on coming clean about anything else. Everyone is kinda sick of her bullshit except for the few ass lickers (male mutuals) on Facebook. All I will say is when she comes back you all are in for a real "treat"

No. 87620

lol is she going to make a long ass sympathy post saying wahh minnasan is bullying me QoQ

No. 87623

File: 1454191165198.jpg (96.89 KB, 558x640, image.jpg)

Nyas or Nyoo ?

No. 87625

>>87623 She reminds me of annedere

No. 87627


Basically but I won't spoil anything because 1 PULL will catch wind and she read/cares about that one more and 2 I'd like her to keep the weeb friend she's been pandering too lately because he's the only semi attractive guy among the ass lickers and I feel like it might blossom into a weebtastic romance ( and I wanna see that shit)

No. 87629

Wait, so Skyleigh's friends are aware of the shit she does online and they still continue being her friend??

No. 87640

I really can only speak from the mutuals we share and the few I would actually consider "friends". It's seems like half are just ass lickers who can't seem to use google and the other half just doesn't seem to mind it. But honestly most of the friends coming forth to defend her are from like Facebook cosplay groups and such. Probably friending her because she's "so famous and asian".

No. 87647

so, the liquefied boobs comes with the picture or the farmer did it? I've never seen the original, only the one that looked like she was naked

No. 87655

In the censored pic u could tell she was in a bikini cuz of the straps

No. 87657

no i know, i was wondering if the original person who posted it liquefied the boobs because that's so ahri

No. 87659

Probably one of those PULLtards that think calling Skyleigh a slutty weeb is "OMG SO SAVAGE XD"

Ok we get that you think she looks like Anne. You say this in every thread. Anne is uglier and looks like she shit herself in 99% of her photos.

No. 87717


Does tiddies look saggy …
Though if she keeps trying to stretch her tiddies to the moon and back they will end up as little'ol saggy tiddies.

No. 87722

Image is grainy af, does she make her images shitty quality and grainy on purpose is there like a filter for it or something?

No. 87724

When you use a shitty phone app to edit your pics it usually will make the picture grainy.

No. 87744

oooh i'm interested to know this too. is the weeb asian though? that might turn out to be like justin situation all over again

No. 87754

I'm pretty curious as to why she only checks PULL, considering how tumblr talks about her as well. And Skyleigh would be the type of the person who would be on everything that even mentioned her slightly.

No. 87761

Probably because PULL is updated the most often? She knows about lolcow. Someone told her about it in one of her stream chats.

No. 87783

Is she still a minor? I have a weird urge to shoop this pic into a nude

No. 87785

She's 18.

No. 87795

please do
but i doubt she's ever gonna come back if a pic like that starts circulating

No. 87804

I'm laughing so hard at the fucking tags
>#helpme #please #worried #suffer #health #recovery #anime

fuck off skyleigh you're fine, you're just buttmad that you got called out for your shitty meitu abuse and average white girl face
consider feeling bad for actually shitty things you've done, like scamming people, lying about your heritage several times, photoshopping yourself into another race, ect…

No. 87816


Nope all white besides a middle eastern guy. She legit feeds off attention. She probably never go away (social media wise)
which will be a good or bad thing for you all. She was gone for you all but she never really left for us, just pity parties and all.

No. 87824

File: 1454243073396.png (666.42 KB, 923x596, Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 7.23…)

its called sarcasm

No. 87830

File: 1454252486149.png (286.56 KB, 512x513, 6e9f88391504e518362377ffd905da…)

I never realized she edits her nose so much until I watched this video on her Meipai.

No. 87831

File: 1454252623344.gif (8.2 MB, 512x510, b4c3dcc8df0a452aa08e7ff78726d5…)

Gif'd it so you guys can lol.

No. 87836


Ew. Pig nose. How did she think this looked "kawaii desu" ?

No. 87847

File: 1454256963554.jpg (287.47 KB, 591x887, ahripopdesugetwellsoonahri.jpg)

gotta love ahripopdesu, hahahaah

by the way that shinoro guy is really defending her, huh? good thing he can't detect sarcasm like most of her followers, lol. by the way, did anyone see that @/oshiridewatashiofakku 's comment before he deleted it? I missed it :(

honestly, i hope she doesn't come back and fix her attitude and mistakes etc., etc., but who am i kidding, i secretly wanted her to come back so i can lol at her shits, hahhah…yeah, i know i'm a big hypocrite

No. 87848

Jesus, so much cringe…

No. 87849

holy shit is this real?

No. 87864

Her boobs? Naaah…i don't think so, it looks so weird to me. But CMIIW guys. As for the comments, yes, it's real.

No. 87873

File: 1454259554884.gif (5.83 MB, 506x494, 1f3c457843f8eb834edd39c4cbc0a2…)

Made another gif of the meipai of the time she met Oppa Nya~ QuQ

No. 87886

not the same anon as >>87848 , but this is really cringe…she desperately wants her life to be like k-drama when she dates this justin guy

No. 87893

I think what's really cringe is that she doesn't look like she's enjoying herself in the video, or enjoying being with him.

No. 87897

all of it are cringe to me tbh, especially on how the heck this footage was taken. who took this video? seems so stalker-ish

No. 87899

found this in the Instagram of the guy kissing her ass

No. 87901

File: 1454263027530.png (106.1 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

found this in the Instagram of the guy kissing her ass

No. 87917

I just fucking puked in my mouth.. Is this one of her 40 year old boyfriends ?

No. 87921

this is so awkward, she's desperate to cover her chin even in videos. it's just draws more attention to it. I feel bad that's she's so insecure

No. 87925

I don't, She's a piece of shit.

No. 87927

I did but I didn't screenshot it, sorry anon. It went along the lines of 'she blocked me, lmao she's a joke'

No. 87934

File: 1454270635963.jpg (Spoiler Image, 61.25 KB, 357x556, 66.jpg)

not that anon and I know this pretty rude. I felt really bad but I just wanted to try it . I'll probably delete this later. it's not even a good shoop

No. 87939

>>87934 Wtf?

No. 88002

What the fuck
What made you decide that faking her is a good idea? This is some dumb shit.

No. 88015

File: 1454285985221.jpg (51.25 KB, 512x512, obamashame.jpg)

Dumb post.

No. 88069

taken from pull since i'm too lazy to cap myself.

i think this one @/shinxrx himself. i kinda remember ahripopdesu is sort of challenging him to post the support post on his personal acc. that comment is on >>87847 post, it has more replies now.

No. 88070

File: 1454299970439.jpeg (255.05 KB, 687x1222, image.jpeg.d4ead18e20e78f98160…)

No. 88086

Careful Skyleigh-chan you keep replying like that and people will know how you really talk when you're mad~ uwu

No. 88170


it wasn't, it was stupid. I do feel really guilty. I'll ask admin to delete. boredom got the best of me. i need a break from this board

No. 88175

OT, but I find it kinda funny that 14 year old kid is her 'close friend' and white knighting her to no end. Sky can't fight the battle herself, that's sad also…

No. 88200

So all her friends beside that one girl are guys? Which wouldn't be anything special but they all seem like they want to bang her. Just seems like they are all just trying to play hero and hoping they get something in return. With her behavior that might just be the case

No. 88235

If he was older, he could be her next Asian boy toy.

No. 88239

No. 88242

This board ain't the one that made you shoop her face onto a nude

No. 88274

Do you have autistism?

No. 88284

>Being "kawaii" should not be something you force yourself to do to make people like you. It means be a good, kind person who happens to like to dress in a certain way. Don't be fake, just be you but think about others more.
which sky is definitely not.

No. 88306

File: 1454349788504.png (299.16 KB, 927x595, 56af7ea0a26f9_2016-02-02_02_14…)

that shinoro guy is not very bright, hahahaaaaah

No. 88312

#asian #japan
What the fuck even?

No. 88426

File: 1454366737247.png (129.2 KB, 281x500, nbnbnmb.png)

apparently shes lying about being in the hospital

No. 88429

Do YOU have "autistism"?

No. 88492

lets pretend to beliveve this bs of her being in the hospital. If she is in the hospital why aren't any of her friend telling her fans to send get well balloons to the hospital she's at instead of reblog a shitty photo of her?

ER room for what? Did the weight of her lies finally crush her pasty body?And someone about to go to the ER she sounds lax as hell.

What kind of insurance does she has? I want that shit because she's been chilling at a hospital for how long now? Bill gonna be through the damn roof if she was actually in a hospital

No. 88498

File: 1454376377305.png (626.93 KB, 1229x690, ahri.png)

Hospital? Sure…. So much emergencies… and yet have so much time to be on league. (EVEN RIGHT NOW)

No. 88503

File: 1454376476124.png (547.92 KB, 1185x708, ahri2.png)

In fact, she has been consistently on league and playing.


No. 88513

File: 1454378064214.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, Girls.png)

> Those kdas

No. 88520

>>88429 You tell me, you're the one who posted this cancerous post >>87934. Keep your retardation to yourself.

No. 88527


She's bronze trash. Or low silver at best, which are pretty much the same. You would think with guys carrying her and all those games that she would at least improve. The first time I got into ranked I was already at a higher level than her, and league is my first moba. It irritates me to no end that she chooses ignite when playing adc, especially vayne. Last time I saw her go ingnite on stream she died 3 times before 15 minutes :^)

No. 88533

File: 1454383364035.png (28.07 KB, 674x432, facepalm.png)


> Ignite on Vayne

> Not building CDR on Karma
> Almost 40min games with no mag pen or armor pen as carry roles
> Not going OP Healraka (Warmogs/Rod of Ages/Spirit Visage) on ARAM for fuck's sake
> Losing an ARAM match as Soraka

How can someone be so fucking bad at this game

No. 88534

More evidence of her not being Korean. lol

No. 88537

File: 1454384476004.png (26.05 KB, 487x380, facepalm2.png)


> Her fucking CS at almost 40 minute games

No. 88539

Literally no. What's with you newfags thinking anyone that's critical of your posts must be the same person? I just thought it was hilarious you can't even spell autism right when you're trying to shit on someone.

No. 88541

I love watching her follower count drop more day by day. Will she come back before it reaches zero?

No. 88548

considering how she can't live without attention, I'd say soon

No. 88552

I think anon meant "autist-ism"

No. 88572

I'm surprised she hasn't played Ahri in a while

No. 88580

Did she cut herself because of her own retardness or something? If yes this would seriously be lolcow-worthy.

No. 88588

>>88580 I doubt she cut herself, pretty convinced she said that to garner sympathy from others, like how she always have.

No. 88602

File: 1454397156886.png (324.78 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-02-01-21-11-06…)

more of that shinoro white knight loool, the way he typed all of that is just cringe inducing, just like sky herself

No. 88642

All those defeats

No. 88766

confirmed for skyleigh

No. 88997


Ahri has important skill shots so of course she wouldn't play a lot of her. One of her first streams I got a screenshot of her going 1/7/1 as ahri :^)

No. 88998

> Names self after champion she can't even play properly

So… Was she a koreaboo even before League, hence why she liked Ahri? Or did she like Ahri's character so much she because a koreaboo?

No. 89043

File: 1454508155582.png (792.17 KB, 936x599, SO SICK.PNG)

a very hospital looking bathroom.

No. 89044

The fact that she wears those ears in public. So cringy

No. 89050

Lmao what is she going to do? Slice them with all her edge?

No. 89053

File: 1454511103908.png (766.58 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


This racist white bitch is such an ugly hambeast oh lord I feel so good about myself right now

No. 89054

So skyleigh is still trying to be Korean ? She's not going to change? More possible milk in the future ?

No. 89055

Holy shit, she has the face of a nine year old boy and the body of a forty year old house wife

No. 89056

>No bandages
>no visible scars
>Big fluffy ears that could set off an allergic reaction so would not be allowed in an emergency room,
>so edgy middle finger desu

No. 89057

>>88998 Initially Skyleigh was a weeb then she got obsessed with a lol character, then she morphed into what you see today: a hybrid weaboo koreaboo.

No. 89061

I'm honestly surprised that she still have friends, after all she did. Oh, maybe that friend is also as horrible as her, birds of a flock often stick together.

I'd sound really ignorant, but…despite of the in-yo-face boobs, bunnytrooper doesn't look like a female at all…maybe it's because of her face…

No. 89071

Based on bunnytrooper's recent insta update, it seems that Skyleigh just keeps on lying about her race.

She'd get a little less hate if she stopped saying she was 1/64 Asian. Skyleigh just doesn't learn.

No. 89087

>posts ultrashooped 3edgy5me selfie
>I am totes in a lot of pain u guise!!

No. 89105

Legs so warped, omfg.

No. 89106

Well the hashtags for the photo lets on like they are at disneys magic kingdom.

No. 89128

her "decoden" case is hideous

No. 89131

File: 1454526354512.jpg (58.55 KB, 439x500, IMG_20160203_173442.thumb.jpg.…)

No. 89133

File: 1454526384026.jpg (74.23 KB, 393x500, IMG_20160203_173524.thumb.jpg.…)

No. 89134

File: 1454526400153.jpg (77.72 KB, 438x500, IMG_20160203_173604.thumb.jpg.…)

No. 89137

File: 1454526477440.png (328.43 KB, 423x500, 56b23a1c25745_2016-02-04_04_02…)

LCPP response

No. 89169

Skyleigh isn't a supermodel but she sure looks like one next to bunnytrooper. Posing next to Skyleigh really accentuates how fat and potatoy she is.

Is she dumb? She thinks not looking Hispanic is the same thing as pretending to be Asian when you're 100% white? L O L get a grip.

No. 89172

No. 89183

Who she kidding? She looks Hispanic. Anybody who just thinks Hispanic people have to be tan is an idiot, being pale doesn't mean you look white.
Toppest Kek.

No. 89190

legit wtf is she going to do when she applies to jobs and they do a background check. I'm a former manager and we do pick up on stuff like this.

No. 89192

Everytime one of Skyleigh's "Friends" tries to defend her, they start talking about their own problems. Couldn't even make it halfway because of "I barely have time to make my own cosplays now!!". She's just trying to get herself into this mess.

Also, she looks hispanic. Maybe she looks white to a non-Floridian but to me, she looks hispanic.

She probably expects to never work, and have her neckbeard fans/sugardaddies pay for everything.

No. 89264

If you google Skyleigh Quick, all of her Ahripop shit comes up too. Really hoping she finds a sugar daddy who will take care of her until she dies because no employer is going to hire someone as unprofessional as she is.

No. 89289

That's probably one of the reasons she wants a legal name change.

No. 89293

i mean, why not tag it with her actual name?

No. 89304

but isn't her real last name boozerman or w/e so if she puts that down she'll be fine

No. 89305

File: 1454549012702.png (161.89 KB, 603x759, snicker.png)


she can try putting that down :^)

No. 89307

Everyone says this about cows but I wonder how much of it is true/applies

No. 89311

File: 1454551048774.jpg (13.91 KB, 360x270, ByADfncCUAAZBar.jpg)

All I see is this

No. 89312

It isn't applicable, mostly because the cows don't try to get real jobs… so no situation occurs where an employer tries to look them up on google. lol

No. 89316

I seriously want to know where Skyleigh will be in 5-10 years when she's no longer 18 and under her parents' care. I mean there has to be a point where she either leaves or they boot her out, right? Where will she work and live? How will she feed herself? Will she try to pull a Sheena Oum?

No. 89345


Looks like greasy bacon beside a rump roast. Jesus, Skyleigh has no curves … no tiddies nor booty.

Lol, rump roast already removed all her post about Skyleigh.

Couldn't take the heat rump roast ? Your suppose to be able to take 250-275 ~

No. 89358

oh, bunnytrooper plays nice now, where is the 'you fuck with her, you fuck with me!' attitude? what a ball of contradiction…

No. 89360


She didn't last long, but at least she gave us some new pictures and proof that skyleigh wasn't in the hospital

No. 89362

File: 1454558802659.jpg (6.08 KB, 251x251, 5a9.jpg)

No. 89372

File: 1454560376581.png (10.55 KB, 504x124, 931de83ec2df44284ee6c6928804e8…)


Nope. Didn't last at all.

No. 89400

ohohoooo she's afraid of being dragged further and or lumped in the same pit of fuckery as sky, it seems.

No. 89402

Skyleigh seems like poison to herself and everyone around her, why do people still try to defend her at this point despite all her bullshit and lies? is she really that worth fighting for? Do they realize that they are defending a pathological liar who is also a racist and a scammer?

No. 89417

File: 1454569867776.jpeg (266.78 KB, 750x1270, image.jpeg.5b22164a00a10a8bf6e…)

lcpp left some comments on @/ahripop.101 acc. skyleigh seems far worse than she presented herself to be, in real life.

image taken from pull

No. 89422

Has nothing to do with skyleigh,She actually just lost her grandfather today

No. 89423

Yeah, I just checked bunnytrooper's instagram after reading she deletes her post defending sky and her new post is about her passed grandfather. Truly sorry for her loss…I hope she and her family stay strong.

No. 89439

This boosted my self-esteem so much

No. 89442

File: 1454579502346.jpeg (137.83 KB, 750x982, image.jpeg)

She looks even worse unshooped.
>dat Ahripop eyeliner

No. 89457

You mean sparkly filter obaachan?

No. 89458

not that anon, but it's bunnytrooper whose grandfather passed away, that's why she made that post about staying off the social media for awhile.

No. 89459


who gives a shit if that hambeast lost fam? ''stay strong''what, are you from pull you dumb faggot?

No. 89462

That anon is from pull, half of all Sky's threads have retardation like that. It's really not hard to tell a pull user apart.

No. 89465

Believe it or not, but some ppl are actually gasp EMPATHIC HUMAN BEINGS!

No. 89468

You clearly don't understand the purpose of this forum. We're here to talk shit. Go to a support group, faggot.

No. 89469

Chill, faggots. That anon only express some sympathy for her loss, it's not like she/he made a whole fucking novel about it.

Anyway back to sky, I notice in >>89043 she used that tacky phone case she ordered from the last page. I guess she intended to keep that koreaboo name forever, looool

No. 89486

Oh shit you're right!! I completely forgot about the shitty phone case.

She should of spent the money to buy more clothes, because every time she's wear that same high waisted skirt and stripped shirt. Or am I the only one who picked up on that?

No. 89497

PULL users be like "wow Skyleigh is such a bitch and a whore. cheating on her boyfriend??? she's the dirtiest, sluttiest scum there is!"

2 posts later:

"omg she'd be such a nice girl if she stopped shooping. she's actually really cute and I'd be her friend if she stopped lying about her race. UwU"

No. 89519

stop derailing the thread with pull, if you want to bitch about them, go to their thread in /pt

she better spent the money to some therapy session or something, since she claimed she's ssoooo siiiiick and depressed uwu nyaaa~

No. 89525

Yep, that's an MK restroom, probably in Tomorrowland.

No. 89571

Are you defending pull because you're a pull member as well? No one is derailling since we are talking about the shit you pull members say and do on this board.

No. 89575

They're probably a PULL member. So far 2 PULL members in Skyleigh's thread have admitted to coming here as well (Catgirl and AnzuTakamaki). Anzu hasn't made any recent posts so I'm guessing that PULL anon is either Catgirl or another PULLtard who hasn't admitted to coming here yet. PULL anon does remind me of Catgirl though.

No. 89580

Omfg. Does it matter? Enemy of the enemy (skyleigh) is a friend. Seriously, ok PULL is too considerate for some here who would be ok with being shitty to people who lost relatives (and not like liar skyleigh pretending to lose fam). Build a fucking bridge. Get the fuck over it. We get it. You hate PULL, and think you are awesome for being oh so cool upfront harsh. OK. Can we please just bitch about Skyleigh now.

No. 89582

>PULL is too considerate
HAHAHA are you retarded?
We're not even saying PULL is "too considerate"; we're saying that Ahri's PULL thread is filled with immature hypocrites who talk shit about her and call her names, but then turn around and say that "oh she's not that bad uwu".
If you're asshurt because we're talking shit about PULL, then you need to leave because you're not mature enough to be here in the first place.

No. 89586

Pull members try to make themselves look like "good guys" and they talk just as much shit, if not more. They are just as bad. Pull members should either gtfo this forum or just lurk instead of letting their retardation seep through.

No. 89589

Faggot confirmed

No. 89593

The people who say contradictory things aren't even always the same, holy shit.

Good job guys. This is surely helping to milk Skyleigh. Your obsession with being a better, more honest human by being on lolcow is adding to the true cause.

No. 89630

You guys are getting ridiculous. Anyway, speaking of PULL, there's a new user who claims to know her from momo days. Since I can't attach pic right now, I'll copy paste the user's post :

"I'm literally screaming I didnt know momo was on here omg???
I met Skyleigh in like 2012ish…. we were acquaintances for a while and I looked up to her a lot, I really wanted to be like her. I havent talked to her or even bothered with her since maybe 2013 since I always got this really bad vibe from her,,, and I'm super glad I stayed the heck away from her.I remember she would post stuff on facebook and it was COMPLETELY diverse from her instagram "uwu nyaaah! im so small and innocent!~" personality. (I can probably look into the account in which I friended her, i think i still might have it.)
but like in late 2013- early 2014 i noticed Sky started becoming more…well sexual?? adult targeted?? because apparently in the florida cosplay community (the one full of young adults/teenagers mainly ) it's "uwu edgy" and "cool uwuwu" to sex yourself up and get drunk regardless of what age you are (i know that from personal experience with someone who is turning into a clone of Skyleigh verRRY slowly)
It's sad really, I think I knew the old Skyleigh who wasn't as rude as…whoever the hell this is i dont even know anymore lmao."

No. 89648

Your response is exactly why Pull members are hated. Just stfu.
Who cares what new whiny chick turns up to know Skyleigh?
ooohh ahhhhh she changed personalities as she got older.
We already knew that.
Really wish the Pulltards would just stop now.
You try to turn water into milk and it's annoying.

No. 89650

File: 1454633739546.png (48.78 KB, 1045x233, Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 4.54…)

No. 89653

Wonder why she didn't jump on the alt scene, isn't alt a big thing too, especially with tumblrinas? or she had jumped on it, but not succeeded?

No. 89662

File: 1454635515547.jpg (32.75 KB, 640x640, 12545404_1046242022106591_7372…)

taken from ahripop.101. i've never seen this one before, when did she post it? That droopy eyes and eyeliner though, looks horrible

No. 89666

the filter looks like a meipai filter so maybe it's a screenshot from a meipai that she made but never posted? The outfit and wig are from her "winter photoshoot" with Miso though.

No. 89667

You need to re-evaluate what you want in your life here on lolcow. You aren't being "mature" or edgy-we-are-all-evil-and-honest-here by jumping down throats of people who very well are not PULL-goers whenever you think people are being weak by being "kind." Get over yourself.

She looks so white…. and some times her photos look similar to Cecelia.

No. 89669

Nice, another pullfag.

No. 89679

Why do pulltards defend PULL so hard

No. 89680

No one is defending PULL. You need to just stop derailing the thread by posting non-Skyleigh shit and whining about how much more of an edgelord you are compared to PULL. No one cares. Your value in comparison to PULLtards do not matter to this thread.

No. 89683

Calm your tits, I'm a different anon. Your inability to let it go shits up the thread too so stfu as well

No. 89688

No one is proclaiming that they are more edgey than pull users, people are just tired of the bullshittery pulltards say on this Skyleigh board.

No. 89691

As >>89688 said, chill the fuck out. No one wrote a fucking novel. A lolcow user who is on a "kinder" portion of our spectrum just said some short comments. Stop getting fucking triggered whenever someone says something not 100% cruel and shitty.

Every time you fuckers mention how PULL members or whatever are here, Skyleigh laughs and gloats at how we aren't exposing her and instead fighting with her other enemies.

No. 89692

*As >>89469 said.

No. 89696

File: 1454647862601.png (785.19 KB, 936x599, LOOOL.png)

No. 89697

File: 1454648150551.png (474.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-04-23-54-19…)

This rando-ass cosplayer is hitting up all of the expose instagrams and commenting dumb shit.

No. 89698

File: 1454648266071.png (446.61 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-04-23-54-27…)

Why is this bullshitter who is not even a fan of Skyleigh whiteknighting? Does she think she can be Skyleigh's bff and gain fame? And people aren't mad that Skyleigh is being a cat???? People are mad about her scamming, abusive, Asian-insisting ways?

No. 89705

well you're clearly from pull…

he's probably hoping that she'll suck his dick because he defended her.

No. 89711

It's some girl, apparently. But our uwu ahri swings both ways nya.

No. 89724

Calm down crusader-chan. You ain't gonna win the Nobel peace prize for "exposing" her shit tier shop and yellow face. And skyleigh has more than this site and PULL criticizing her frequently, so don't lose sleep if she happens to crack a smile.

No. 89735

File: 1454666557722.jpg (336.86 KB, 960x543, whiteknightfail copy.jpg)

Another postless acc white knight that supports her desire to be Asian on the exposing acc. Why do they keep poping out, one shitstorm after another?? It's like they calculate this to keep her relevant.

No. 89739

File: 1454670115631.gif (175.31 KB, 500x278, laugh.gif)

Dumbest white knight I've seen yet.

No. 89742

File: 1454671525001.jpg (138.59 KB, 335x1602, wkfail.JPG)

yeah i got too much time on my hand right now and that whiteknight wrote a fucking novel to reply the last user, yeezus…i don't bother reading them all, but if anyone wanna read them, i compile this

No. 89743

>but there is no accounts discriminating a white person bitch for acting black

iranuk should visit Tumblr for that.

No. 89792

I'm not mad at LCPP exposing Skyleigh, but why is she the only one doing it? What about Ellis? I mean, Ellis is the one involved in all of it and not LCPP.

Wow, I wonder how Bunnytrooper felt when Skyleigh asked to photoshop/meitu herself first before the friend could post it.

No. 89796

maybe the reality is that Ellis just doesn't want to get involved because he has some skeletons in his closet too that his girlfriend LCPP just doesn't know of, and Ellis just isn't a good lair, or he wants to avoid getting exposed himself.
Im just playing devils advocate since everyone always acts as if Ellis is some saint. Or maybe he is and LCPP is a power hungry gf wanting to look tough parading her saint boyfriend around to make Sky look bad, now that finally feels she has power over Sky now that all this shit is happening. She never did said much about this until now.
That is just a big theory though maybe his or LCPP's lurking will get him to say something.

No. 89798



LOL, where do you think the screen caps on the expose accounts came from ? The part that said she slept with 8 men (some being in there 40's some being kids) or the screen cap from text between him and skyleigh. He's involved just playing sneaky and not being direct with his hate like LCPP is.

No. 89803

Bunny probably believes Sky's "omg I shoop because I'm not confident!!! QmQ" shit so she was like "ok if it makes you more confident, Skyleigh"

Seriously, this. LCPP tries to seem more mature than Skyleigh but she's continuing to stir the pot and dredge up shit about Skyleigh at the same time.
If Chelsea was actually mature, she would just ignore all this shit that's going down and just keep her mouth shut.

No. 89811

Lcpp is obviously in it for the lulz. I personally can't blame her for hating skyleigh for what she's done to Ellis.

No. 89814

Yeah but at this point bitch is lost in the sauce and needs to back off. This is way more attention than any ex deserves. I mean, how long has she been with Ellis and how long ago was it that he broke up with Skyleigh? Unless he is still reeling from what Skyleigh did to him (which seriously, he seems to be way over her) there's no need for lcpp to keep going. It just looks pathetic. Sit back and enjoy the show.

No. 89819

yeah lcpps occasional commentary on skyleigh was funny but now it just looks like she's salty as hell. Lcpp why do you care? Just leave skyleighs downfall to us there's no need for you to help

No. 89826

If she's in for the lols then why fucking care ? We're in for the lols … should we as well back off ? I for one ain't so stfu, and let me enjoy the shit show without you whiny bitches complaining about LCPP.

No. 89827

I'm not telling her to back off. I'm just pointing out that it's hypocritical for her to say that she and Ellis are innocent when they're stirring up shit about Skyleigh too.

No. 89829

Has LCPP stated not wanting to be involved ? Or being the better person ? I've only seen her throw mild to salty shade and say shes willing to answer peoples questions about Sky.

Ahripop101 posted screen caps of a convo with LCPP but i'm not bothered to post it as its stupid and doesn't give any lols. Though the comment about Fuzzy's head up Skys ass was ight.

No. 89861

Exactly. At this point she just looks catty and annoying about it. Even though making fun of Skyleigh is easy, I would never focus so much on my lovers ex. That would make me feel pathetic as fuck. And welcoming people to ask her questions about Skyleigh seems disrespectful to her relationship.
Sorry just can't jump on the lap of anyone who decides to hate on Skyleigh. Half of her haters are dumb too. Have we forgotten Ann?
I think Skyleigh's friends give us more information and shit to laugh at than any of her haters anyways.

No. 89867

I don't see the problem, I don't see how it's catty or annoying. It's no different then the damn Instagram Accs shopping skylights photos. She's enjoying the milk of an ex who didn't get any repercussions until just now.

I've date an abuse victim and I made her take action on it. Elliot clearly doesn't want to take action, so this is the next best thing. She has more of a right to care and anyone else who was fucked over by skyleigh then strangers.

No. 89883

u all bitch and moan when lccp doesn't say anything but when she does you bitch and moan some more what do u fucks want? lol

No. 89889

want you to fuck off? lol

No. 89909


omg someone mentioned my name thank you so much hi it is i catgirl !!!! i was on lolcow way before pull tho bc lolcow got dry, but it is honestly pretty funny to see you guys get so pissed over "pulltards"

No. 89919


Wow, I don't care about PULL but you sound annoying as fuck

No. 89921

Why do you type like a child

No. 89924

Calm down edge master. She's just making herself look pathetic. No lols are coming in from whatever shit she talks. And quite frankly, I'm just watching the ship sink, not actively contributing to making skyleigh lose her shit. So Idk what you mean about backing off if farmers just discuss on here.

No. 89925

This. All of it.

No. 89926

You would think having the opportunity to type shit out would help you filter your autism, but no.
Who bitched? Because every farmer has the same opinion on what someone should do. One does not speak for all.

No. 89928


bc it makes you that much more angry. honestly so easy to get your panties in a twist

No. 89929



No. 89934

Kek. Fetus confirmed. If you're dying for attention go act up to your parents, not an anon board.

No. 89935

I don't think what lcpp is doing is pathetic. She's being very forward with her opinion on skyleigh and is venting information to us that she has been holding back for years it seems. Just my opinion though

No. 89936


i've been in the past 3 skyleigh threads and you've never said anything negative to me until now so.. dont be mad because you took the bait

No. 89937

Wtf do you anons think everyone who replies to you is the same one? Put your big girl panties on and stop derailing with your 3edgy5me attitude.

No. 89939


tell me how im being edgy? im just egging people on lmao

No. 89940


plus i mean it in general.. never did i think it was just 1 anon come on now please bring something better up :/

No. 89941

>in general
Because everyone subscribes to your interpretation of things.
You're derailing the thread with your autism and thinking its "XD"……

No. 89944

yeah, i also think she's not salty at all. she knows sky in real life better than us anyway and she stated a couple of times that she hates her for more reasons than what sky has done to ellis. i think they were 'triggered' (not sure if it's the right word) by the naruto jacket post, because it's actually ellis's. sky tried to sell them for a higher price than it should too, if i'm not mistaken? she's down on airing her dirty air ever since.

No. 89946

edit: *dirty laundry ever since

No. 89956


if people want to talk about my autism then so be it. if they reply i can reply too. you're shitting up the thread as much as iam "XD" …

No. 89957


plus the jacket has been worn and sweated in since he was 11 so the "worn once or twice" is complete bullshit

No. 89960

I'm not sure if anybody has realized but it looks like even Sumomo has unfollowed Sky, this is rather big since they used to circle jerk each other about followers before all the time, remember when they each hit 40k?

Anyway I remember Sumomo posting about ripping up letters it could have been a boyfriend, or an end to a close (more like fake cyber) friendship.

No. 89961

i found these videos of sky dancing 'funny' with her friends. although the video is kinda dark, i'm pretty sure it's her. the skirt is the same as the one she wore to disney with bunnytrooper, and at the third video, her face is showing briefly. i think this was posted on her ex's instagram at some point, that's why it's 14 sec each. ngl, major cringe.





No. 89965

I don't know what anon said it but yeah… She needs new clothing. It almost looks like she
re-wears them 5-7 times before washing them to repeat the dirty cycle of wearing it again.

Fucking dirty squirrel, I hope she at least changes her underwear.

No. 89967


what the fuck did i just watch? also in the last vid i hear "she's not getting any alcohol". are these recent? she's having a grand ol time, i wonder where her depression and hospitalization went. i didn't think she would shoop her boobs that much but she's flat damn

No. 89968


is she about to get gang raped or? is she the only girl there? i'd feel a little weird showing my panties off to a group of guys alone. maybe im just pure tho

No. 89975

naah, anon said it's on her ex's instagram, so i assume it's a long time ago before the kitty waifu phase

No. 89977

These are cringy as all hell. It makes me wonder what sort of relationship they all have that makes her think its appropriate to bounce around on the floor with her skirt up. Kinda skeeves me out.

No. 89979

oooh they are friends? i always thought they just casually follow each other since their posts are similar (kawaii thing) but sumomo's are better and she doesn't lie when someone asked about her ethnicity though, overall nicer too. What happened when they each hit 40k? Did they over compliment each other?

No. 89981

They were each other's "waifus" and they left asskissy comments on each other's photos and Skyleigh drew an animu picture of them together.
Sumomo doesn't lie when questioned about her race but she isn't 100% honest about it either. She untags herself in IG photos that aren't shooped and tags herself in her own photos to bury the unshooped ones that she didn't untag.

No. 89987

aaah yes, now i remember the animu post, thank you anon! i don't remember the caption and comments though, but oh well…bottom line, i guess they aren't friends anymore since sky is inactive and sky's followers are decreasing so sky has no 'use' for sumomo.

I know sumomo photoshops too, it's apparent in some of her photos, but haven't heard any denial of it tbh. Gonna search if she has her thread here, maybe she has some milk too, hahhah

No. 89996

I think thes were from that loli ex and if i'm not mistaken they were together before she's legal of age too, right? And I assume from the last video,"she's not getting any alcohol." means she already drink before the legal age. If so, she's so sooo busted on lying about 'buying lewd things at 18'. She's done shit before she turn 18 indeed.

No. 90056

So she had that old rag of a skirt for that long but thinks buying cheap lingere and a knock off bathingsuit is more important then expanding her wardrobe.

Same for the stripped shirt that she always couples with the skirt.

No. 90069

Yes, but those are really the only things he has done for this "fight". The jacket incident, occasional insults, and the DMs. LCPP just seems catty at this point, not even skyleigh is dealing with her. At this point, LCPP is really just beating a dead horse.

Yeah, the loliguardian guy posted these on his account back when they started dating I think. I remember seeing them before.

No. 90212

How did she get so popular ?

No. 90213

Giving old men blow jobs and buying followers/likes. If she seriously had 40k fans there would have been more people defending/posting about her. But no… Just a few fake accounts with a zero following and some random leeches hoping for fame.

No. 90227

File: 1454816434281.jpg (68.69 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg.5eeb2172a11674d51f70…)

taken from pull. she changed the private acc's profile picture with her horribly photoshopped face, seems like she's preparing to come back. does anyone follow this acc? i wonder what she posts there…

No. 90229

Lmfao I love it. Skyreeeeeee, you'll never enjoy all the neckbeard praise unless you go public!

No. 90230

a user in instagram posted this facebook link. it has a shit ton of her unedited Rin cosplay photos at a con back in 2013. never realize she has the vampire teeth though…that don't look cute on her


No. 90231

File: 1454818203028.jpeg (24.29 KB, 400x400, MkBzZpTM.jpeg)

I think this twitter acc is hers too, the profile pic is her bunny lingerie cosplay : https://twitter.com/momowastaken

although i don't get why she made two postless acc without many followers

No. 90523

File: 1454903982018.jpg (195.12 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-08-01-50-42…)

Yeah, Skyleigh didn't gave up on her dream of becoming korean.

She might come back soon, with a giant text saying she was depressed because of bullying, and how tough was to be hospitalized (still playing league everyday and wearing her gross ears out there).

No. 90524

No. 90526

File: 1454904781463.jpeg (23.84 KB, 483x187, image.jpeg)

She's still active on her Ahripop account.

No. 90527

did she change her kinu.a username to that? kittenahri lololooool, she hasn't give up wanted to be viewed as sexy loli too i guess. ahri is a sexy character, kitten is cute small and fluffy. anyone followed that acc?

No. 90528

File: 1454905425021.png (654.16 KB, 1159x670, ahri3.png)

Pretty sure…. she is having someone else boost her account. She has never had such a kda (kill death assist)….

No. 90593

I was going to say she could be getting carried/protected in the game but she didn't even know how to build before so I say it's a friend helping her out.

Like idk why a lot of twitch people who clearly just want donation start with league. If you only care about donations league shouldn't be your go to. Like she should just pander to her weeb community and just play animu games on the ps4 she showed?

No. 90599


true. lots of girls play league though since it has such a huge fan base and it's fairly easy to pick up. even if a girl is bronze or silver as long as she doesn't feed up her ass there are some guys willing to watch as long as the girl talks to them. her only viewers are her weeb kid fans or older men. i doubt she could make it on twitch without being flamed or trolled. plus if she actually got views or got raided she would probably get reported for no gameplay since she pulls the "going nya in front of a title screen saying random stuff to her viewers for over an hour" thing.

No. 90601


one of the first streams i watched was her playing katarina on aram (fucking free kill fest for kat on that game mode holy shit) and she was doing so bad. she didn't even have auto cast on. (which for kat is pretty important if you want to be quick, which you need to. you need to be super fast and strike and do damage before anyone reacts of they just cc you). i personally don't believe skyleigh has the mechanics and thinks of roaming under 20 minutrs to get 10 kills so quickly, especially since kat has a pretty shit early lane phase in this patch. i guess she's doing like nigri and having someone play on her account for her.
she'd most likely get placed in bronze if skyleigh tried to do her provisionals by herself

No. 90610

Won't be surprised if she pull a Nigri. Sky and abipop look up to Nigri, and from what I've seen so far, Nigri herself is mediocre-to-shit at the game. OT, but for real, Nigri's kinda successful because she has that plastic boobs to make it up, whereas Sky and abipop lack on that area.

No. 90631

Well in the beginning Sky was inspired by Nigri, hence the "sexy" lingerie pics

No. 90640

Yeah true but like atleast nigiri has a personality/persona when she plays. Reason why nigiri is rolling in dough cuz she plays on every asset.

Talking to her views, showing skin, consistent ditzy personality, and one geek items to show she's "tots a geek" (right now it's the cat ear headphones)

Skyleigh is dull and bad at the game. She can't even do the burikko personality correctly. Like I'm sure anybody else who watched her stream atleast once saw how disengaged she was with her few viewers. She played on her phone and just went Nya every few minutes instead of at least chatting with them.

No. 90647

Agree. Nigri was good at keeping relationship with important person in the scenes too, afaik. Sky's definitely terrible at engaging with her viewers. Although I can never finished any of her streams, the last two streams were a step up though in terms of interacting with the viewers, but she only did that because Justin was in the viewer's crowd, and she stops playing the game when she interacted.

Moreover, her voice though, uuugh…so fake! Like that other girl who talked shit about her in pull 1.0 then kiss her ass (i forgot her name, sorry), they are just as annoying.

No. 90649

Sky just tries too hard, lol. She's a frankenstein of everything that is popular or liked at the moment and she's fails at it, hard.

No. 90836

File: 1454994585999.jpg (120.86 KB, 1085x712, whythefuckyoulying.JPG)

from PULL.

pathetic girl, i knew there's something fishy about her sexuality when she wrote pansexual on her ig description one time. but this got me curious, is it possible to have sexuality change? Like, you're sure you're gay/lesbian at first, but then after some time, you realize that you're bi and some other time you realize that you're pansexual/demisexual all along?

No. 90837

Yes. But for hipster shits like Skyleigh, the fact that sexuality can be fluid is just an excuse to be lesbian or whatever when it is convenient for them. Sexuality is an accessory for her, just like how she is Asian. She cosplays being a lesbian.

No. 90848

Skyleigh got away with doing terrible shit to Elis, Annedere then posts a thread about her out of jealousy, Sky blooms into a cow and now gets exposed for all the shit she's done. The world works in a strange way..

No. 90851

Basically what >>90837 said but she put that she was pan around the time it was hip to be pan/demi/ace on Tumblr.

No. 90870

File: 1455012282465.jpg (264.12 KB, 2048x1366, 737815_482182015167627_9436065…)

No. 90876

I thinknshenintially was waiting for all this to die down then come back, but I don't think she's coming back at all now.

Like everytime she prepares to or tries to get sympathy through friends everyone just calls her out on her shit.

No. 90877


Damn…the more I read about this girl, the more hate-able she is. What a manipulative little shithead.

No. 90885

she's still posting though, but only on here >>90523 . and that insta is private.

No. 90955

File: 1455042084872.jpeg (101.07 KB, 750x519, image.jpeg)

Who's gonna tell this kid about the real Skyleigh?

No. 90967


Um… Someone(s) already did. But nekostaaar deleted the comments like a little bitch. Guess they rather be just as delusional as Skyleigh.

No. 90968


maybe it's another one of skyleigh's "friends" attempting to make it seem like she has people who care about her absences. I mean look at the tags.

No. 90971

That same person asked a few weeks earlier about what happened to Skyleigh, and someone answered. She didn't delete that comment, so she knows, but I guess is acting like she doesn't know.

No. 90989

#koreangirl HAHAHAHA

No. 90997

It's not a picture of Skyleigh, it's a picture of Ahri like the actual champion.

No. 91002

But the post is about Skyleigh… hence the @ahripop and the " my favourite cosplayer" …
Though her cosplay is only her wearing a wig claiming its a complete cosplay.

No. 91007

LunaKoto,fuzzthespyder and GNSSClothing are following Sky's KittenAhri account.

She probably kissed GNSS's ass so they wouldn't get mad about her removing the picture promoting them.

No. 91017

I meant that she probably tagged "koreangirl" in reference to the champion Ahri, not Skyleigh who is obviously not Korean.
She used to have full costumes but has since given up since she figures she can get away with just a wig and shoop.

GNSS is run by this thirstyass dude who started the brand specifically to lure in girls like Skyleigh and Sumomo.

No. 91091

Stage kiss, you can see Miku's thumb in between their lips.

No. 91145


Eww, I was thinking it was run by some over weight chick trying to be Kawaii and make believe that popular girls are their friend(s).

Its made by a neck beard ???

No. 91162

File: 1455119784110.jpeg (52.3 KB, 360x480, image.jpeg)

He's not a neckbeard, just a League playing /fit/izen wannabe.

No. 91167


Woah ! Now I understand why he made a cutesy brand to attract cutesy girls… He ain't much of a looker….

No. 91175


can he even get /actual/ asian girls to model his lame clothes? i don't think his merch is that special tbh and the sweaters look huge.. i prefer something more form fitting to look more feminine but the sweater skyleigh showed went down past her butt lol. i'm actually surprised the companies who sponsored her dont give a shit. i mean i know spreepicky has so much going on they probably don't even know.

No. 91179

She was never sponsored by any of the brands. She bought that gnss sweater for herself (to twin with sumomo). Spreepicky gives discount codes to anyone with over 5k followers.

No. 91190

His proportions are kinda fucking me up. Hope thats a funhouse mirror.

No. 91194

No. 91198


Its the legs isn't it.


No. 91340

I think it's because of the angle of the photo combined with his long shirt and dropped crotch pants that's fucking his proportions up.

No. 91593

Stupid question but maybe some anons know. What is the app EVERYONE like Skyleigh and Sumomo use to get the blurry borders (and maybe text) on their photos? I'm casual tier for IG and what not, too old to be good at this shit.

No. 91596


If you have in iPhone you might be talking about the app "Deco Album" there's others
Prico. You just gotta search buzzwords like kawaii to be honest to find them, or go to the Japanese iTunes Store.

No. 91616

I like Instasize just because it centers your image for you too and it has other borders for you to choose from. I think Skyleigh said she uses an app called PicLab or something like that.
Speaking of phones, I'm surprised Skyleigh has an iPhone instead of a Galaxy. I had a super koreaboo friend switch over to a Galaxy because Galaxys are apparently more popular in Korea.

Sage for OT

No. 91791


I'm surprised Sky doesn't too. The new ones auto V-line your face, smooths it and enlargens eyes. No editing required. Me and my sister had fun with the camera features when she bought one.

No. 91862

File: 1455280138443.jpg (153.05 KB, 490x735, 0a8c1e_04b0d0cf839c48c5b0e7b10…)

Has anyone posted this before?
It seems to be Skyleigh's old website. Has some old photos of her, prints for sale, a bio…

No. 91864

i thought sky use meitu? that's why she has that meipai videos, i assume meipai is some kind of a plugin in meitu.

I think someone did post it on the older thread. I remember reading the "I am boob and love parkour uwu nyaaaa~" somewhere.

No. 91866

File: 1455282218507.png (876.08 KB, 602x600, 3f6755fc0cf2008e3b2ee878c6bac2…)

I miss Kitty Waifu QuQ nya

No. 91869

Thanks anons! I'll look into it.

Is funny that her photo quality is so poor if she has a freaking iPhone, man.

No. 91870


She makes them grainy so you can't spot the editing mistakes of hers..Though, you still can see them cause there that obvious.

I like Meitu and Line camera for editing pictures and neither of them purposely fuck up the picture.

No. 91889

why are you guys so obsessed with her? I mean she stopped using instagram and now most of people know that she photoshops and lies so why are you guys still posting stuff about her? lol

No. 91890


Shhhh neckbeard … God back to your CP/lolli crap.

No. 92009

Because pull

No. 92019

Bro if you think we're obsessed with her, you should see her PULL thread. They're still speculating and making shit up about her. Also next time please sage because I totally thought this thread got bumped because she did something lulzy again.

No. 92035

Wait .. I thought pull went quiet? Her threads active again … ?

What shit are they making up about her since I don't really care to visit it ?

No. 92041


it hasn't been updated from what i've seen, just typical pull bitching again.

sage for OT.

No. 92159

I wonder if retard Skyleigh is going to Katsucon ..

No. 92161

Of course she is going, but as always nobody will recognise her.

No. 92164

With wot monah?

I thought now that she doesn't care for her fans that her income was gone? Kek

No. 92874

File: 1455460715138.png (100.98 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Oh skyleigh…

No. 92957

>young fox

Lol ok

No. 92966

I think "old yeller" would be more suiting for her. She needs to be put out of her misery ( knocked off the net).

Also why does she look so old for a 18 year old ? if that green haired picture is accurate >>87490

No. 92989

That green haired pic is from her Vocaloid phase when she was about 16.

Sage for no milk

No. 93017

shes so boring, cant you just discuss her on PULL?

No. 93132

If she's so boring why bump the thread?

No. 93321

File: 1455564590532.jpeg (89.14 KB, 750x347, image.jpeg)

I hope she shoots Ahripop

No. 98120

File: 1456419314987.jpg (65.25 KB, 364x500, image.thumb.jpg.e7ce9e32f1e982…)

No. 98125

>I hope she shoots Ahripop

Are you 10? What the hell is wrong with you?

No. 98127

Bye Felicia~

No. 98138

Who thinks she'll come back?

No. 98144

So, does she not realize that people CAN and do cosplay without broadcasting it all over the internet? I mean, she kind of ruined it for herself by trying to get famoose.

No. 98207

>boohoo people hate me for shooping myself until I'm unrecognizable and flaunting my underaged tits all over the net waah waah stupid haterz

No. 98211

>possibly college, career in art

Recipe for disaster.

No. 98218

>career in art
So speshul and artistic u guise
Paying off my debts working in McDonalds

No. 98227

Gonna be real, Skyleigh. Your year or more of not doing school or anything productive won't look good on your college app. Also, pretty sure she is shitty at getting good standardized exam scores. lol also career in art…. No.

No. 98229

The cosplay community has gone to shit… but it's because of people like her who do it to try to be famous and "make a career in cosplay". If it has just been about fun and friends, we wouldn't know who she was.
My guess is she'll go in some other direction trying to get attention, but I don't think she'll actually disappear. People like this need validation.

No. 98236

meh if shes not sure if she wants to go to college, its likely she wont go to an amazing one anyway. in which case they probably wont care if you have a gap year or somethin

No. 98239

Having a year gap isn't an issue what so every if you had a good application: great GPA/SAT, essay and of course what you were doing that year gap. Put in the essay you did volunteer work, travelled, etc. I had a year gap too, I went to Italy study before art school so it looked good. If you had not real reason you BS why you have a gap.

She could easily say she was saving to school in her essay or during the application questions.

No. 98241

Ever for sorry, english isn't my first language

No. 98246

She could say she overcame adversity in her entrance essays. You know, because people bullied about her race. /s

No. 98254

>career in art
I mean, an art career is possible but I'm assuming she means "art career" as in drawing her animu kitty waifus with tits bigger than their heads.

kek she was discriminated against for being Ahrikin and she had to deal with the bulliez!!11one!1 on the internet who made fun of her for being irl Ahri! QoQ ;______;

No. 98312

>>98120 the cosplay community is shit because of bitches like her who ruin it.

No. 98634

File: 1456588541065.gif (342.62 KB, 320x234, amused.gif)

lol what if she really does shoot her

No. 98725

Bye Skyleigh, you won't be missed.

No. 98727


cosplay has always been terrible, no matter how or who does it.

it's a sin

No. 98829

She's not gonna shoot Ahri. She's saying that to "threaten" her "haterz :)))".

Won't be missed by anyone except for the pull kids who still bump her thread daily and those gross old men who wank off to her plastic shooped pictuures.

No. 98848

I think I put TTGL as the dividing line as to when the cosplay community became truly shit. The literally thousands of Yokos who came out of the woodwork were the beginning of the end.

No. 98850

This thread REEKS of underage, ban them all

No. 98853


Says the person who bumped the thread for no reason, and stop reaching there nothing on here that indicated a underage users.

No. 99541

Her IG is gone. She probably deleted it so everyone just move on.

No. 99546

you're right it has been deleted. her personal ig (@kittenahri) still up though.

No. 99548

Dont worry she will come back, shes an attention whore after all.

No. 99580

She'll come back claiming she's saudi arabian or brazilian next time

No. 99581

Saudi Arabian and Brazilian aren't kawaii waifu races tho.

No. 99589

well what race is really
not gook, not cracker, not black, not middle eastern, and not latino???
is, anon??

No. 99593

No. 99621

Not you, if that's what you want to hear.

No. 99790

File: 1456907197655.jpeg (223.12 KB, 750x1109, image.jpeg)

Does she ever shut up about Skyleigh? Every single one of her "discussion"/"rant" posts always mentions Skyleigh somewhere. Her holier than thou attitude is unbearable too.

No. 99830

Thats no necessarily about Sky though, lots of cosplayers do it

No. 99834

It's from the beef Skyleigh had with her and Ellis

No. 99842


Yeah that's not even skyleigh, it's not like she started thow whole lying about being happa or full blown Asian it was always a thing with weeb cosplayers. The only difference is skyleigh posted her lies online while many others don't..

No. 101035

Guess who is Omni Expo Orlando.
The one and only Skyleigh, with those horrible ears!
She walked right past me

No. 101039


Get a picture! But don't be a faggot and make it obvious just take a picture with her and the group she's with

No. 101050

is she thirsting after some oppa?

No. 101060

Please deliver. There's no photos of her in the Omni tag because no one recognizes her lmao.

No. 101069

I will try!

No. 101072

Same anon:
She is wearing some red velvet dress with the ears. She knows my face,but will try for ninja picture.

No. 101250

No picture?

No. 101252

plot twist: anon didn't even see her. they just made shit up to get attention.

No. 101274

Why does she still wear those ears? they aren't even cute.

No. 101279

because she's irl ahri

also learn to sage your OT posts

No. 101306

Same anon:
didn't get a chance to get her picture,didn't feel like going through her "protector"

No. 101384

why did you even post in this thread if you weren't going to get her picture

No. 101524

Can you read? Said I didn't get a chance. She had some dude walking around with her like a bodyguard.

No. 101527

So much for her "not going to conventions anymore because I don't like what the cosplay community has become"

No. 101617


Well since nobody else took pictures of her, and she didn't pose in the photobooth as of yet she's clearly not cosplaying for fame.

I mean you can casually cosplay and walk around a convention? Especially if she was dressed like anon said nobody is gonna take her picture…everyone there has some nice costumes from what I'm looking at

No. 101622

Yeah I can read but what's the point of making completely useless comments? If you just want to say pointless shit, then post it on PULL.

Pretty sure she just goes to cons to hang out with friends and have fun just like, you know, pretty much everyone who goes to cons.

No. 101673

How is it useless info? You follow this post for info on her. Person saw her at the con and going off skyleigh's last post of not going,I assume thought it was funny so posted about it

No. 106971

what happened to her tits? lol

No. 106978

PULL gtfo

No. 106981


She's not wearing 2-3 bras and socks for stuffing. no animu oppais to see here :(

Sage for OT.

No. 106986

That's not how you sage, retard.

No. 106989

PULL is metastasizing

No. 107023

Pull is so deprived of this chick lmao. Pull is so obsessed.

No. 107279

No. 107280

Holy shit she looks like yuka on the left pic

No. 107284

No. 107329

What is this aesthetic trash?

No. 107332

>I wanted a career in cosplay.
What? What are people like her ever talking about? There IS no career in cosplay. You can maybe do commissions for people and struggle by as a starving artist. If you get big like JNig, it's really just a fluke. There's no real future there outside of being a glorified booth babe at best. When you get too old, you have to start breaching into other things, like with Yaya and her fabrics.

This is why I think so many cosplayers are stupid, particularly the cosplay whore variety. It's a hobby. You're not really meant to get super far in something that's just about enjoying fandoms and seeing friends. I'm glad the so-called "toxic" community broke her.

Also, typically people who throw around the word toxic are toxic themselves. No surprise with her.

No. 107396

Doesn't seem to be her.

No. 107491

It's not her. Her actual account is kittenahri.

No. 107594

This one has been deleted. Was suspicious that it's a poser, but the desc kinda sounds like her with something along "Formerly ahripop, please follow this acc instead of personal and get my fans back.". Idk though.

No. 107598

How do y'all find these accounts so fast? (Unless you were the one who made the account)
If I had stalkers that could find my new account so quickly, I'd be too scared to have a public account again too.

No. 107697

She isn't creative about her usernames, and she always tries to relate back her new accounts to AhriPop…. So……. Doesn't take a genius to find her accounts if one gets bored one day.

No. 111871

i guess if people really want to know what happened to her, you could add her on league, i know she plays a lot. It's a bit stalker ish though lol

No. 187140

File: 1477251786454.png (132.24 KB, 751x882, 1.png)

Ran into this from my feed and thought the best course of action was to revive an old thread with some relation to Ahripop. Note: OP is bunnytropper.


No. 187141

File: 1477251821512.png (146.58 KB, 729x942, 2.png)


No. 187143

File: 1477252384924.jpeg (83.85 KB, 742x941, received_10205317192688074.jpe…)

Forgot about the spam portion to this site, I am just going to make it to four parts instead of five.


No. 187144

File: 1477252439648.jpeg (101.23 KB, 756x946, received_10205317192728075.jpe…)


No. 187158

File: 1477254771435.png (287.7 KB, 953x491, ahrpop.png)

lmfao this is her bf

No. 187169

I don't even get what they're arguing about, to be honest. Kind of miss her drama tho, she was pretty entertaining.
Sage for no contribution.

No. 187219

File: 1477265225694.png (128.75 KB, 742x859, 7.png)

Bonus screenshot before the whole post was deleted:

No. 187288

WOW…he is so fucking ugly I honestly, I have no idea what to do right now. I am beside myself.

How did she go from fucking that random Asian guy to this edgy looking trashbag?? Could she really not pull anything better? Damn, she's fallen so hard.

No. 187300

Skyleigh always had a poor choice in guys

No. 187357

File: 1477283973043.jpg (77.77 KB, 960x960, 12987010_557058044474952_61997…)

what i'm gathering from the screencaps is
>bunnytrooper complains some love live cosplayer called her fat
>ahri says she loves love live
>random guy vaguely accuses ahri of not letting him into some party after he did her a "big favor"
>rando tries to dodge ahri's bf but then spills that ahri "backstabbed" him after he did a huge favor for her
>ahri's bf tells him to just ignore her if he doesn't like her
>random to play if off like ~nbd~ but it seems like the fight involves ahri's bf's recent party
>ahri's bf basically doesn't give a shit but random wants to keep going

she's not exactly model quality but i feel like she could do better than this…
>pic is him

No. 187360

So she went from this…
>>91162 to this >>187357 ?
New guy looks really douchey. Her ex was pretty average looking, but at least he was fit?

No. 187361

I'm surprised he's not Asian.

No. 187437

Nah, guy looks Indian or Central Asian, so he's still Asian enough for her.

No. 187479

What kind of asian in their right mind would want to get together with a race fetishist like her lol. I guess mexicans are her only choice now

No. 187527

Honey… lots of Asians get together with race fetishists. Browse the AMWF tag on Instagram. Look at the number of white guys and their Asian wives.

No. 187626

" I did her a favour at a party "
" She didn't return the favour"

Anyone else getting a flash of Stifler from American Pie Reunion when he ate the girl out in the bathroom and she didn't return the favour ? Literally all I could think of while reading this weird convo.

No. 220152

File: 1482450621534.jpeg (66.58 KB, 750x693, image.jpeg)

She's back as himeahri

No. 220155

I honestly thought she deleted that account since it disappeared…Of course she didn't.

No. 220273

She deactivated it but didn't delete

No. 220277

my favorite lulzy cow is back

No. 220321

38k followers? jesus. How much did she pay for this comeback lol

No. 220457

What? This is her original account if anything she lost a ton of followers since the last time it was at 80k

No. 220489


She probably lost all her bot followers she bought.

No. 220544

File: 1482517197551.jpeg (128.08 KB, 750x1145, image.jpeg)

She looks so homely and average without shoop. No wonder she tried so hard to look "Asian".

No. 220568

File: 1482520261230.png (531.93 KB, 596x436, Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 2.10…)


Thats still touched up/filtered . She has a very square jaw/chin.

No. 220569

She still shooped. Her face is still rounded out plus the picture is still a little grainy.

No. 220593

I mean even in the first video on the account, you see her hiding dat chin.

No. 220595

Jesus she looks way better shooped.

No. 220678

File: 1482534954236.png (428.79 KB, 815x602, Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 6.14…)

No. 220683

File: 1482535332592.png (75.36 KB, 247x248, 1479277596222.png)

Damn I missed Ahripoop. Christmas came early this year

No. 220720

she looks like shit without the azn shop

No. 220749

File: 1482544196323.png (243.11 KB, 733x410, Screenshot (32).png)

lol, if they think she looks old now they should really see her without the photo editing

No. 220805


#MelanieMartinez #CrybabyMelanieMartinez #VideoGames

Seems accurate. . .

No. 220808

File: 1482552610704.png (2.8 MB, 1440x2392, Capture _2016-12-23-23-09-08.p…)

Always hiding dat chin….

No. 220854

Her newer pics look way less asian wannabe looking, more plain ol' white girl weeb, but maybe its just the schnoz.

No. 220862

Her nose looks fine to me

No. 220912

I was not expecting this
How old is she now? 19?

No. 220925

she still shops her nose too

No. 220975

File: 1482596132470.png (2.38 MB, 1419x2008, Screenshot_2016-12-24-11-13-04…)

Back to shooping her nose and chin.

No. 221013


Why the fuck are her photos soooooo shitty and grainy for iphone pictures. . . ?

Does she have to reduce the quality that much to make herself look even slightly attractive ?

No. 221046

File: 1482609805559.jpeg (720.65 KB, 2560x2560, image.jpeg)

Yep she's 19.

She's really not that cute without shoop and filters. (That's not the say she was cute WITH shoop…)

No. 221116


Jesus it looks like she packed on weight from the last time. She's starting to give Kooter vibes kek.

No. 221410

>not that cute
You all have impossible standards lol.

Idgaf that she shoops since most instagram weebs and cosplayers edit their selfies these days but at least she's dropped the fake Asian wannabe act. Gotta grow out of this stage before you hit twenty.

No. 221412

RIGHT, she's pretty cute imo?? i feel like 95% of the people on here are pretty jaded, jealous people who see other girls solely as competition lmao, grow up

No. 221440




Calm down, no one is jealous of ahri. I personally find her current shooped self pretty decent but she's average at best without shoop

No. 221443


She's plain/average/whatever you want to call her even as far as white femal cosplayers go. Even her friend Lunakoto or whatever is cuter than her.

No. 221452


mmm, I'd rather have high standards then low ones… If I go based off off your point, I may as well call every girl with makeup and filters "omg cute" …

And who says she stopped the wannabe Asian thing ? She still calls herself Ahri … ( Asian name ) She only slowed down on the shoop which is probably to lay low.

No. 221454

yeah we get it pull, you guys are skyleigh's biggest fans. We aren't her fanclub here. go back to pull if you want to talk about how cute she is cuz you won't find any of that here.

No. 221455

Wow fuck off, anzutakamaki. You aren't special because you talk about lurking here on pull.

No. 221505


I feel bad for you if you think she's actually cute

No. 221507

PullFucks are so creepy with how obsessed they are with sky

No. 221521

i'm not from PULL and i don't know who that is but keep trying!

No. 221523

you obsessed pulltard

No. 221524

File: 1482698206640.jpg (398.42 KB, 720x549, CYMERA_20161225_153353.jpg)

surprised her cat is still alive

No. 221526

File: 1482698373392.jpeg (163.49 KB, 750x1197, image.jpeg)

>mentions her phone quality
Does she lurk here? Also she's slowly going back to shooping more.

No. 221527


I know right? I like keeping up with her because she was a lulzy weeb but defending her over every little thing when she's a shit person makes you look like a white night. Maybes it's that ugly aki-nyaa cosplayer who's always kissing her ass in the comments?

No. 221530

File: 1482698924326.png (3.83 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0950.PNG)

Didn't she say she was pretty poor? Remember how she asked for donations and said she didn't have many things ? Her family looks loaded with a Christmas tree like this, even if more family members are over. Also how much are those virtual reality headsets ? It seems to be a new gadget they got

No. 221534

Well I'm glad she's editing less and looking more like herself. Her weeaboo edits were cringe and I honestly don't want her going back to that phase

No. 221539

Yeah, and you also think she's cute right?

No. 221551

Her family was always loaded. They live in Windermere, Florida. She asked for "donations" as a way to get her followers to pay for her shit.
I remember she asked for $150 to get her cat dewormed which definitely isn't enough to cover the vet bills, let alone the medication. Later she posted a new cosplay and some PULLtard found the site where she got her cosplay and the whole thing with shipping was (surprise, surprise!) $150.

No. 221557

She's not ugly anon, get over it. Don't understand why you Pull folks want the world to find her hideous. she's not.

No. 221560

her voice in those instagram pics is so fakely high pitched
so stupid how she does that

No. 221575

i just think she's not hideous holy shit what a crime. not everyone has the same beauty standards as you

No. 221588

File: 1482708028179.png (297.71 KB, 600x512, 084.png)

Dunno what the fuck happened lol. Someone please explain these comments to me.

No. 221627


I see she still stuffs her tits to the high heavens and shoops her waist in.

And how can she blame her iphone for the quality of the picture !?!?! She edits it to that low of quality because you can't see her edit fails as much. I wouldn't be in the slightest surprised if she got a new phone from her parents since the last time she was active she was bragging about her Alienware laptop.

No. 221680

In the previous threads on here and on pull, there were people who would obsessively stalk Ahripop. Her voter info was posted here with her full birth name, and some people from pull went as far as to stalk her family for "candids" and one harassed her using the email she provided so that people could email her with questions about the used cosplays that she was selling.

Tbh nothing she's done warrants stalking and digging up information to that degree. We get it she shoops and pretends to be Asian, but her family shouldn't get dragged into this.

No. 221688

Yup, already back to shooping that chin and nose.

No. 221691

Thats lolcow in a nutshell lol

No. 221712

Watching the back and forth is amazing
She isn't ugly, but she isn't stunning either
She's a basic human with a square jaw who is soon about to enter her 20's.
She's just there, kinda like when you see a potato sitting on the counter.

No. 221719

File: 1482728096241.jpg (10.04 KB, 329x281, 1439877219583.jpg)

man oh man did i miss ahri

can't wait to see what she has in store next

No. 221829

File: 1482757442701.png (573.53 KB, 813x600, Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 8.02…)

Careful Sky, your squareness and age are showing.

No. 221840


do you think she shooped her boyfriend too like yumi does? im glad she toned down her droppy eye shoop and chunky eyeliner but her nose is still blurred to oblivion and her chin is thinned, she looks so different in tagged pics. it must be hell to live your live with your hand infront of your chin in family photos

No. 221843

Aww, her bf is kinda cute

No. 221858


vvCute, ey ? vv


I personally think she could do better, but who knows this one might have money so maybe thats why.

No. 221867

or he's the only one that overlooks her bullshit

No. 221879

Same. I've always thought that she's cute, her shoops were awful and she can appeal to weebtards just as she is.

>inb4: "Hello Pull xddd"

Hello samefag, the world doesn't give a shit about your vendetta hateboner

No. 221916


What??? Her BF is hideous, even for a plain person like her.

I think she's shooping a lot less than before and I don't think she's trying to look asian so I guess it's a good thing (?). Everyone and their mom edit their pics posted online, so…

I really hope she grew up into a better person. But since she still keeps her name as "Ahri", I don't doubt that she might come back as her old self again.

No. 221924

File: 1482772038973.jpg (576.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20161226-145957_mh1…)

My favorite part of her comeback, her followers can't even recognize her without the asian shoops.

No. 221933

File: 1482773070265.jpeg (21.72 KB, 480x360, BBsgn6J.jpeg)

They're just fucking with us lol. I don't know what about our posts implied we were obsessed Pulltards.

No. 222151

File: 1482789109288.png (71.48 KB, 806x386, Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 4.50…)

Not sure if her followers don't like her real face and are leaving, or if those are all fake bot followers dropping like its hot.

No. 222595

File: 1482848805384.png (68.04 KB, 1366x437, Screenshot (1).png)

lmao the girl got a "business email" after she just reappeared after a break
makes total sense

No. 222654

i guess people on pull are kissing her ass but i honestly had no idea, i just think it's pretty annoying how picky people here are about really mundane things regarding how people look sometimes…anyway…

No. 222861

File: 1482891703003.png (494.28 KB, 931x596, Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 9.19…)



Just magically leaps up 600 followers in the morning .. Guess she's back to buying followers.

No. 222940

File: 1482905017990.png (3.12 MB, 1440x2392, Capture _2016-12-28-01-01-41.p…)

No. 222947

Shouldn't it be "Ahrihime" since title/clan affiliation/nobility is designated before name.

No. 222948

Well shit I mean the other way around
sage for shitty OT, nitpicking.

Her shoops look decent now, nose is quite huge but the grainy 2005 quality is really fucking noticeable. Ahri's a great cow it's nice to see her hiatus is over.

No. 222995

Sage for OT but what website/app did you use to track her Instagram stats anon?

No. 222999



No. 223059

Exposingahripop on instagram seems to have some recent photos showing just how much she still shoops.

No. 223069

File: 1482939371649.png (522.71 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-12-28-10-34-15…)

I'm surprised how shops are still sponsoring her despite all the bad ref she has

No. 223072

We all know she photoshops and her fans don't care, so your ~exposing~ does nothing except expose the fact that you like to stalk her family.

No. 223198

Cute use of ~. Assuming everyone is everyone. lol Plenty of us don't give enough fucks to use up brain space to remember whatever Ahri's mom's name is. Calm down.

Of course her fans don't care. Lol that is why they are her "fans."

Be careful about being so triggered and overdramatizing the situation, kid. Your age and connection to Ahri show.

No. 223429


I think they just hand out free "10% off codes" to anyone with a following for free promo and then dumb twats like Sky get to feel special. They don't even show her on their Ig page except for one really old shoop of hers.

I find it funny that her bot followers are poofing so she bought 659 yesterday and now its right back to dropping.


Pretty damn sure the girl that owns that stalker-ish account is a Pulltard, that even named her account is named after Sky ( AhriPop ). I remember her posting the red haired pictures of Sky from her moms fb on Pull and then here.

No. 223873

you seem pretty triggered as well to me…lol

No. 224087

Why doesn't her mom learn to private her social media?

No. 224160

she made a patreon kek

No. 224185

File: 1483103223328.png (8.76 KB, 524x127, KJ4adxU.png)


Ok, so if what she says it's true, despises her family money she will also have a job, which means she's able to afford all those cosplays she is willing to make but instead she decides to milk other people for it. Holy crap, and I thought she changed but I was wrong. Let's wait until the rewards become ""boudoir"" photoshoots.

This whole "car passion" is so random though.

Sage cause I don't want to bump this shit anymore.

No. 224187


Wow, right back to scamming she is. She never makes any of her cosplays … Just buys it and claims it as her own work.

No. 224212

She also made a new twitch

No. 224214

Ahripop comeback is in full force! ^ _ ^

No. 224237

ironically enough, she knows how to. she has a picture that's public that says "hi stalker", and previously all of her photos except for a few family photos, her cover photos, and her profile pictures were all private.

she had a job before when she was asking for money though gofundme too.
gfm is a one-time deal. once you get the money, you have to pretend you used it for what you said you'd use it for. patreon is less restrictive since you get repeated payments + you never actually declare what you're supposedly using the donations for.

her car passion has been known for a while. she claimed that her dad got her a viper for her 18th birthday and she used to post pictures of sports cars all the time.

No. 224253

I somehow really truly doubt she will be a carshow model… Maybe she got some gig for a local car dealer shit tv ad.

No. 224257

i doubt she means an actual model. she probably means that she'll be at the jdm booth passing out pamphlets and called herself a model to sound more important.

No. 224260

She too short and looks way too average to model next to the cars

No. 224267


true, the only girls i see model cars at events are tall slender babes with either nordic features and blonde hair or amazonian goddesses. skyleigh would look like a little shrimp next to them

No. 224286

but shes so hot. looks like my mom when she was young. i want a gf that looks like that. why u so mean?

No. 224533

what? really? around where i live it doesn't take much to be a car model. you just have to be conventionally attractive-which you can, oddly enough, be in a lot of different ways, and be in shape.

No. 224578

did you read the description?

No. 224633

File: 1483150261869.jpg (27.97 KB, 500x500, avatars-000047345163-p2n862-t5…)

Got a bit of a kike nose, I don't see why her most prevalent insecurity was her chin.

>>looks like my mom when she was young. i want a gf that looks like that.

No. 224652

File: 1483151881621.jpg (254.18 KB, 700x1051, CYMERA_20161230_213733.jpg)

Plz donate to my patreon and follow my stream

No. 224669

File: 1483153764286.png (3.97 MB, 1440x2392, Capture _2016-12-30-22-08-30.p…)

Obscure the chin and noseeeee.

No. 224704


She's already starting to shoop her chin into a dorito again, now time to work on that potato of a nose and squishy looking belly.

No. 224708

Her whole patreon is so cringe. And the rewards seem so easy to manipulate.

No. 224714

this is so awful. it literally looks like she pasted her head over someone else's body.

once you shoop, you can never go back.

No. 224765

lmao and there she goes, back at it again almost immediately. her real face isn't even that bad. there are some real dogs on this website, but she's at least average. she just doesn't suit this stupid weeby uguu shit. whatever gets those likes on instagram, i guess.

No. 224865

Did she forget she supposedly has big boobs?

No. 224942


Give it time anon, but remember she had magic boobies that only appeared when she wanted them to.

No. 224982

File: 1483202802750.png (555.86 KB, 600x602, Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 8.45…)

her shooped face reminds me of this girl

No. 225122

and who tf is that?

No. 225140

File: 1483220894877.jpg (259.32 KB, 695x892, CYMERA_20161231_164829.jpg)

No. 225161

I guess it was only a matter of time before she resorted to pandering to shitty "bdsm" fetish fashion trends

No. 225192

With every picture she posts she edits more and more into her old way of shopping
I guess old habits die hard

Give it a month or less before she is back to being a mixed Japanese Korean American

No. 225376


>self posting

No. 225465

She shoops her body too. The wig bends in weird ways.

No. 225472

she's been shopping her body since day 1

No. 225549

File: 1483246818532.jpeg (127.82 KB, 750x1188, image.jpeg)

They're back!

No. 225568

Dat blur on the tits lol

No. 225569

File: 1483250326129.jpg (324.27 KB, 720x1000, CYMERA_20170101_005903.jpg)

No. 225586

Would love to see a pic of this without a wig..

No. 225684



Where ? She's going backwards …

No. 225802

File: 1483308992009.png (933.15 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-01-16-59-25…)

No. 225803

File: 1483309040829.png (390.7 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-01-01-17-14-24…)

She sounds so fucking weird with that voice changer she's using

No. 225823

her tater-tots remind me of one of kooters old shops

No. 225828

Did she even play

No. 226244

I'm sorry but her hair is awful now, the bangs and that color it looks terrible especially with her eyebrows too, her old black hair was much better.

No. 226309

It didn't take long at all, impressive

No. 226334

By the love of Christ, she needs to get rid of those ears. It will probably take a decade for her to realize how tacky it is, hell it took her years to realize how stupid her shoops were- but those ears just set her back. She might think it's her staple/signature look but people will remember her for the wrong reasons

No. 226354


>It took her years to realize how stupid her shoops were

Anon, she ran away and left not because of how terrible her shoops were but because she was being called out by mad hate accounts. She's already slowly resorting to her old shoop style. She realized nothing. Bitch is already asking for money …

No. 226361


i don't think its a voice changer? last time she streamed she simply faked her high pitched squeaky voice.
did anyone catch her stream and know what games she played? last time i catched her playing league she was playing at bronze level and had a negative kda as an adc with ignite kek

No. 226369

She reminds me of Kylie Jenner before surgery

No. 226441


Is she trying to jump into the boobies streamer thing? I think she's trying to copy Rinnie Riot (https://www.instagram.com/rinnieriot/), even calling herself princess and copying Rinnie's Patreon description too.

I don't mind the ears, but this hair color is so ugly. Also, I love how she keeps hiding her chin.

No. 226482


Like she copied it word for word ? And is it actually her hair or a wig ?

No. 226494

File: 1483395609030.png (344.92 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-02-17-19-17…)

She's a fan >>226441

No. 226506

File: 1483397232095.png (832.82 KB, 1085x567, comparison.png.17213705d038aa3…)

Of course she would be a fan, RR has want she wants
-fake tits
-slutty cosplays
-had surgery to look korean

No. 226515

File: 1483398351973.jpg (317.58 KB, 743x743, CYMERA_20170102_180552.jpg)

Is sky trying to look like tsuruko?

No. 226538

Reaching. I have seen many weebs using white wigs.

No. 226562

white wigs are pretty popular and they are not even the same style

No. 226580

Hi Tsuruko.

No. 226595

Wait so she's not actually Korean or Asian? I never heard of her before this post but if she had surgery to look Asian it actually worked. She looks it.

No. 226598

Just looked her up. What surgery to look Korean? There's no way this chick wasn't already Korean lol. Or if some Asian decent.

No. 226600


no, but i wouldn't be surprised if Skyleigh was mad jelly that tsuruko legitimately had some asian in her


i believe she's chinese. i think the anon was saying she had surgery to look more korean aka 'one of the cool asian countries'. she is obviously asian

No. 226602

… She says she is Viet, guys.

No. 226626

She's viet, rinnieriot had extensive surgery done on her eyes, nose, chin and tits

No. 226657

File: 1483417893064.png (380.97 KB, 500x641, rinnieriot.png)

omg…i thought the name was familiar. i used to follow this girl. she posted makeup tutorials in the form of images on her tumblr/blogspot.

i was super envious of how she looked, but i barely recognize her now. not anymore tho, she's absolutely ruined her face. this pic is prob shooped too but you can search her on google images and see the difference in her old face and her new one. she's aged herself so badly she looks mid to late twenties gangnam unnie when she's only 22 :(

No. 226660

even worse she's 21 (i read she was 22 somewhere but she has her birthdate up)

No. 226680

No. 226822

Someone on the PULL thread uploaded screenshots from Ahri's "personal" IG…

No. 226829

In case you haven't figured it out yet, they love to invade her privacy.

No. 227078


It's clear that the screenshots are from IG, not a hack or anything so Ahri either needs to be more careful who she adds on "private" accounts or get better friends.

tbh the pics just cement how much of a cow she is.

No. 227283

doesnt she have like 30 followers there? It wont be hard for her to tell who did it

No. 227319

File: 1483538289197.jpg (43.07 KB, 372x500, screenshot1.thumb.jpg.da7666da…)

No. 227320

File: 1483538376044.jpg (61.5 KB, 417x500, screenshot2.thumb.jpg.777156a1…)

No. 227322

File: 1483538428102.jpg (60.04 KB, 465x500, screenshot3.thumb.jpg.ddadd1f4…)

No. 227324

File: 1483538477665.jpg (62.83 KB, 368x500, screenshot.thumb.jpg.4c8d93432…)

No. 227334


why does the pic in the middle look so different than the one right next to it? we all know that snapchat filter doesnt give you such long slanted thin eyes.

but if those pictures are from 45 weeks ago i guess she was still doing asian makeup and shoops, so in all honesty, even if her current hair is uggo her makeup is much better now

No. 227565

Just feels like she's going to gradually go back to the Asian shooping, since she has been consistently pretending to be Asian in her own f'in personal IG.

No. 228286

File: 1483665258117.jpeg (180.66 KB, 750x1182, image.jpeg)

Her photos went from blurry potato to jpg artifact tier

No. 228312

She can't take a quality pic since those are harder to edit. But… it is either too blurry or too grainy

No. 228315


I can't believe she wants 2 grand a month for free for this shit quality photos and cheap af cosplays she buys offline. Even better is the twat will claim all those cheap cosplays are shit she made.

No. 228323

Left boob looks bigger than the right

No. 228331

yeah that's how it is for most people

No. 228369

Or it could be a photoshop fail

No. 228372

she still edits the shit out of her jaw line

No. 228375

her makeup bothers me a bit

No. 228381

Or it could be the fact that she's got one arm pressed against it and the other stretched out away from the other.

No. 228494

Does anyone know her timezone??

No. 228590

Her fake voice is so fucking annoying and her stream quality is so bad

No. 228601

File: 1483725463847.png (995.45 KB, 959x533, screen cap.png)

No. 228603


She was talking about her patreon for a while, then genjis ass then finally "focusing" on the game because that's when she can "do well". idk why she tries. The quality is so low even on mobile it's pixely. She's boring, has bad gameplay, and her webcam gives her a potato face. Also the layout is tacky. Try again skyleigh if you want free twitch bux

No. 228604

File: 1483726443951.png (489.95 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1020.PNG)


Do you think she has a job? I don't think she's going to school if she has time to squeeze in streaming in between shifts. Although I could be wrong. Dressing up and doing makeup and then plyaying games for at least an hour takes quite a bit of your free time. Also lol @ the last part of her description

No. 228607


Never mind I forgot college is different for everyone. It's reasonable to fit in after Monday Tuesday, and she has wednesday Thursday off. Sage for samefag.

No. 228610

File: 1483727315563.png (684.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-06-13-26-44…)

No. 228890

File: 1483754614917.png (2.94 MB, 1440x2392, Capture _2017-01-06-20-59-50.p…)

No. 228895

File: 1483754911268.jpg (474.02 KB, 1042x799, 1451758956503543.jpg)

No. 228907

oh jesus that mascara. someone tell her to tone it down and stop clumping it

No. 228926

File: 1483757719901.png (931.33 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-01-06-21-54-56…)

She wants her stream to pay $40 for 1 more hr of gameplay

No. 228928

Toad713 gave her $40 just now to do another hour of stream….

No. 228929

File: 1483757987964.png (684.57 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-03-21-25-50…)

Imma bet she likes genji cuz hes japanese

No. 228930

File: 1483758065622.png (814.49 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-03-22-18-27…)

No. 228931

File: 1483758140679.png (776.86 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-06-04-51-19…)

No. 228933

File: 1483758209820.png (626.15 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-06-04-51-22…)

No. 228943

File: 1483758912555.png (2.36 KB, 312x74, Q2ovVlj.png)


She's spending literally 30mins of this extra stream hour just talking instead of playing.

No. 228970

File: 1483761812444.jpg (125 KB, 1335x753, dXAJFqj.jpg)


No. 229010

What does he mean by you leave me? Did she delete him or leave the game?

No. 229042

Her laptop crashed and she was afk for 10 minutes.

No. 229147

Tf is up with these nasty wigs jfc.
Use a brush or y'know throw them away and buy something that doenst look like somebody used it as a cumrag.

No. 229160

In her photos do you think that she is wearing circle lenses or are those her natural eyes? Anyone see her in person recently?

No. 229164


No. 229203

someone told her it was summer where they live and she said 'it cant be summer, summer is in july!'
I had no idea she was this dumb…

No. 229215


What do you expect from a girl who probably did average in highschool, doesn't talk about attending college and panders to weebs? Her family seems to have money but it doesn't look like they enrich themselves or travel. That's a pretty dumb, typical American statement to say though.

Ahri really doesn't seem that smart, just the way she speaks she has such a limited word bank and can't talk while playing a game, which isn't hard to do at all, kind of like chewing gum and walking.

No. 229261

if she likes genji she must love hanzo too lmao

No. 229267

I'm surprised she hasn't tried cosplaying d.va yet because, you know, since Ahri's so Korean and all… or do we just need to give her time to order it?

No. 229312

People will probably ask questions abt her heritage if she does d.va

No. 229317


Lmao no it's not. She's an airhead

No. 229324


Lmao no it's not. She's an airhead

No. 229376

File: 1483831938675.jpg (355.43 KB, 716x899, CYMERA_20170107_181913.jpg)

No. 229392

I didn't even know she played overwatch. Does she actually play it on a stream or something?

No. 229403

no, apparently she has it for ps4 and doesn't know how to stream it. You can literally just google it and a list will come up saying what to do.

No. 229412

File: 1483840138721.jpg (156.07 KB, 395x537, 5503f5531229dc16257d0fc517f03c…)

She couldn't look more European in this kek bitch be looking like Erwin Rommel, but that's not necessarily an insult. Nordic features are attractive when they aren't plastered with weab cat ears.

You don't have to travel to become sophisticated and broaden intellectual horizons, really you don't even need formal education in a day in age where books are made redundant to modern technology. Knowledge is all around you there's obviously limitations

I hope she has a long-term plan though I guess if she has a high-school diploma she can always opt for higher education there's no way of telling if she really is as naive as her online presence since she made it through high-school I can assume she has adequate intelligence.

No. 229414

notice how twitch whores and "gamer gurls" only play Overwatch and League bc they're the two most casual-friendly games that they can use to get attention and money

No. 229468

File: 1483846484760.jpg (11.02 KB, 320x180, khvlucclg.jpg)


That wig is fucking hideous … Honestly the freckles,spider lashes and fried looking ginger/blonde wig looks like a terrible hick/hillbilly/trailer trash cosplay … Except thats how she walks around on the daily ..

No. 229475


theyre easy to play and guys will flock to you for some reason. i like the characters but cant respect a girl when she's not plat level or above in any game

No. 229486

File: 1483847873453.png (804.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-07-22-44-41…)

No. 229488

File: 1483848053698.jpg (256.02 KB, 720x1099, CYMERA_20170107_230000.jpg)

She's trying so hard to hide asian references, her cat used to be called miso now it's soup

No. 229491

She says something about how soup is not the cat's name in the comments.

No. 229636

nope, still called miso

No. 229673


Are you retarded?

No. 230447

File: 1483984584586.png (741.93 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-09-12-37-09…)

No. 230448

File: 1483984634388.png (894.19 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-01-09-12-54-39…)

No. 230461


Her stream was extremely boring. Couldn't watch for more than 5 minutes. She kept screaming whenever she died, and it was just an aram game. This girl has no milk anymore, so plain and boring…

No. 230568

File: 1484005337292.png (1.14 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-09-18-28-27…)

What's the point of her uploading this?

No. 230584

To "prove" that she is a quirky, non-naesoong girl gamer! Teehee!

No. 230790

File: 1484060317759.png (818.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-10-09-56-20…)

She still traces her pics

No. 230793


This is too god awful to be traced

No. 230819

File: 1484064458940.png (1.06 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-10-11-04-04…)

No. 230821

File: 1484064511614.png (979.11 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-01-10-11-05-29…)

Tries way to hard to be cute

No. 231148

She's kinda cute, but she def tries too hard and the fake azn thing is a total put off.

No. 231149

File: 1484104057390.png (3.15 MB, 1440x1993, Capture _2017-01-10-22-05-19-1…)

Annnnnnd…. The Asian-wannabe is back. not pictured, origami ring

No. 231151


Sage for semi blogpost but honest to god green and yellow hair?? That's literally what happens when you fuck up a bleach job on overprocessed hair. I literally did that about 3 days ago and ran to the store to get products to fix it. Why would you do that to your hair intentionally?

No. 231153

It's a wig anon

No. 231154

It's just a wig she uses from some sponsor.

No. 231163

File: 1484106698857.jpg (433.79 KB, 720x1212, CYMERA_20170110_225013.jpg)

Camera? She uses her phone and those apps to edit her pics hence why they are so grainy, if skyleigh got a camera she would actually have to learn how to use photoshop

No. 231317

She's slowly taking off the jaw more and more, I guess she really wants to go back to her 'Asian phase'.
I give it 6 months till she goes completely back to before.

No. 231319


Give it another month, two tops.

No. 231686

File: 1484190642989.jpg (221.39 KB, 701x841, CYMERA_20170111_220759.jpg)

I like how she thinks shes important and good enough to pull this kind of shit. Even pro and popular streamers do not have that kind of scummy "rule"

No. 232502

File: 1484326850215.png (994.92 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-13-11-46-17…)

Azn shops inc

No. 232503

File: 1484326936639.png (942.73 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-13-11-46-14…)

No. 232506

Because she is so Korean, guys.

No. 232535

who the hell is paying for this shit?

No. 232536

File: 1484333244862.png (12.13 KB, 262x328, fail patreon.png)

No. 232537

File: 1484333358807.png (55.72 KB, 256x625, fail patreon 2.png)

mo's rewards are still pretty bad

No. 232538

File: 1484333424026.png (30.18 KB, 276x612, patreon fail 3.png)

No. 232541

File: 1484333965877.jpg (60.86 KB, 184x323, CYMERA_20170113_111750.jpg)

She should go back to this

No. 232542

File: 1484334066203.jpg (163.14 KB, 395x582, CYMERA_20170103_102435.jpg)

No. 232546

File: 1484334605935.jpg (115.15 KB, 900x900, photo.jpg)

her friend lunakoto looks cuter

No. 232550

she is really cute.. hopefully she isn't bitchy

No. 232557


she shoops just as much as momo, if not more tho

No. 232637

hows her personality?

No. 232641

who cares, stop derailing

No. 232647

She self-posted on here and on PULL.

Hi Luna!

No. 232697

lol she is so desperate, it shows…. She is not pretty enough to compete against other legitimately pretty and good cosplayers. She is also not weird/fat to compete well with moomoo and her kind….

No. 232717

desperate much?

No. 232721

A bit creepy, seeing how Genji is 35 and D.va is 19.

saging because no real contribution.

No. 232729

Does Lunakoto have her own thread? I know she recently changed her username on IG and she selfposted on PULL and in a few threads here.

No. 232731

she photoshops so much, her whole face is a blur wtf
under neath the eyes and the bangs and side fringe, her cheeks, and don't forget her chin which melts into her neck

she just looks like every other white girl who wants to be asian so bad

No. 232732

File: 1484355584223.jpg (465.36 KB, 1060x943, 13941000_8331811681346747.jpg)

I think i found an old art account of hers

No. 232737

Nah this chick is fugly even with her potato nose airbrushed to hell

No. 232752

File: 1484358914893.jpeg (147.24 KB, 750x937, image.jpeg)

>that eye makeup

If you want to talk about yourself, at least make a separate thread.

No. 232778

File: 1484364308649.png (787.21 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-13-22-21-37…)

So quirky!!

No. 232790


I'm gonna be honest, I actually find her kinda cute… well, at least in the same way that I find Ahri cute; only with photoshop. She's a huge weeb just like Ahri and her eye makeup is atrocious.

No. 232827


why does the bitch have a patreon if mommy and daddy can buy her such jewelry in pic related? she's money hungry af even though she's chilling with 20 bought cosplays and wigs

No. 232829


agreed, in the snap she looks ok but when you go to her stream she looks like shit? idk if it's the pixels or she actually edits her pictures a bit before posting them on her story but idk, her webcam makes her look fugly. her bangs seem so big in >>230821 and her nose looks very big.

im not usually one to point out noses as i too have a whitey nose but the angle or the webcam is just really not doing her any favors

No. 232846

I doubt those are real jewels. They look like cheap cubic zirconia or glass jewels.

As for her stream donations and patreon, she just wants people to pay for her hobbies. Simple as that. She's basically a patreon hoe wannabe.

No. 232953

She probably putposely makes the quality shit so people can't tell how bad she actually looks

No. 232961

Again with this nose thing. I swear, some cows can have the smallest button nose ever and yet there will always be the anon that says "look at that snozz" anyway. As far as I know you can't edit snaps and instagram stories before posting them.
The good thing with Skyleigh is that she chose the right audience to appeal to: she's the perfect "weeb waifu" as an opposite look like the instaho would look terrible on her. She already has the neckbeards. She should just avoid further lies and work on the Patreon stuff to milk em. Perhaps not falling in softporn shit unlike the other Momo…

No. 234116

You can post photos from your camera roll so you can absolutely edit them before posting.

No. 234247

You mean on Snapchat or Instagram stories?

No. 234265

You mean on Snapchat or Instagram stories?

No. 234718

Her face in OP is like a before and after otaku-ism campaign

No. 234722


wow how dare someone not like her nose. i even admitted to having a white nose so it's not like i said anything like "zomg big nozzle". i'm just saying there is quite the difference between her insta story pics and the way she looks on cam, and the webcame makes her nose look bigger than in pictures and her bangs super big and odd looking, she just doesn't look good on stream compared to her pictures, so i was wondering what was up with that

No. 234725

She doesnt have the look to pull tht off

No. 234726


or the body. yes she's relatively thin but it doesn't really seem like she has an ass, and those double brad tits seem shooped.
then again, it's not like neckbeards have standards, but i just don't think skyleigh has anything special (like being chubby like momo, having huge tits like nigri, etc). nothing sets her apart from the crowd. she buys cosplay, has no talents, has no personality or skill on stream.

No. 234727

Why mods don't delete the spam?

No. 234728

That shoop girl looks about as cute as shoop Ahri. I am curious if she looks less different than Ahri without the shoop though.

No. 234729

File: 1484418396785.png (193.72 KB, 272x339, Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 1.25…)


This is Lolcow anon, people are going to think and feel differently about things. Its a waste of energy to get upset that someone doesn't like a feature on somebody else's body..

IMO her natural unfiltered nose is a potato.


I don't think she pulls either style off in reality. Without filters and editing and chin hiding angles she looks average to a smidgen below the line.


Maybe mods find this thread underwhelming and not worth cleaning up ?

No. 234735

Not upset or anything, I just observed that sometimes some people's obsession with noses here gets overboard, even when the nose in question is pretty normal and the cow's doings are more debatable than her looks alone.

Use the catalog for now, farmhands are going to have an hard time deleting all that shit in three boards

No. 234737

Her nose is not Margo nose, but it ain't a cute button nose. lol get over your own insecurities.

No. 234738

>lol get over your own insecurities
The pot calling the kettle black? Funny, because it's usually the insecure people that nitpick on others' flaws.

No. 234744


people who aren't good at painting can criticize a painting, or point out what they dont like about the piece.
saying that you find someone ugly does not mean you're riddled with insecurity, it's just kind of a fact of life.
levels of beauty are different to everyone but when something is borderlining ugly, most people can safely agree together that it doesn't look good.
she looks ok with her shoops, but with candid pics of her at cons she just looks so ugly in comparison to her shoops (although i admit she's average usually)

No. 234761

on both actually

No. 234834

File: 1484442268699.png (817.55 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-14-19-47-59…)

No. 234845

Must hide dat chinnnnn.

No. 234892

File: 1484451901790.jpeg (118.15 KB, 750x1219, image.jpeg)

Weeb ~azn~ shoop is back

No. 234913

File: 1484453072199.png (170.33 KB, 749x1101, IMG_2187.PNG)

This is nothing versus her miku look. Sage because this look was so bad but she was so proud of it

No. 234957

Yo fuck off. This is not a lunakotishshs whatever thread. lol really don't care about this other shit. Stop derailing.

No. 234963

Someone should undo her photoshop.

No. 235048

Old photo. She even says it is an old photo

No. 235092


No. 235180

if she's claiming she looks like that then she'll definitely start shooping like that again

No. 235190

No. 235279


The only thing she admitted to is "slightly" editing her chin. She claimed the rest was her. I remember she was posting pictures she claimed were unedited… ( Funny because all her old shoops have monolids while her new pictures here have double eyelids )

No. 235304

Well what does she not lie about? She's lied about pretty much everything in the past, she lied about her race, shooping, talents, costume making, her name (got called out on it by people in an asian lol group) her hospitalization, her hobbies, there are probably stuff I missed out, the list goes on and on..

No. 235341


What the hell, fuck off Luna. Stop selfposting, no one gives a fuck about you.

No. 235448

File: 1484539083519.png (656.85 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-01-15-22-54-42…)

Newest pic on her instagram

No. 235497

Ahh… The good old, let me stand in the back so my head and features look tiny compared to you positioning.

No. 235789

File: 1484609476090.png (439.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-16-09-25-02…)

No. 235790

File: 1484609526916.png (598.44 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-16-18-28-02…)

No. 236412

Looks like an elderly middle aged, butch German women here kek, is her face diamond or square it's very angular she seems to have a complex about it because she shoops it straight oval.

No. 236567

File: 1484740658555.jpg (256.24 KB, 1192x769, 12325160_10208965089546593_187…)

No. 236573

Time for a heart2heart guys

No. 237207

File: 1484852305772.jpeg (171.17 KB, 750x1028, image.jpeg)

>lives ~30 minutes away from Disney World
>gets hotel room there anyways

No. 237252

If she's so rich why doesn't her parents pay for her plastic surgeries in korea?

No. 237265

well that would be a really stupid thing to spend money on lol
have there ever even been any reputable surgeons in skorea that would try to make a white person look asian? not like that nutjob from Brazil who looks like ps1 graphics

No. 237308

File: 1484869262940.gif (765.77 KB, 244x180, 1465727987638.gif)


>that nutjob from Brazil who looks like ps1 graphics

My fucking sides

No. 237310

Not really considering how she made a go fund me kind of page asking for 20k+ for ps in korea kek

No. 237322

This looks like a regular bedroom, not a hotel room.

No. 237668

File: 1484951273293.png (145.19 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-01-20-17-18-39…)

She is supposed to be getting a puppy…yet she couldn't take care of her "sick" cat.

No. 237673


It's not even her cat … It's a family pet and her parents paid the vet bills. She only used its illness to rake in money to buy a cosplay. Just wait, she'll claim her dog is sick too and ask for money for it.

No. 237684

File: 1484954732688.jpg (1.05 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170120_182350.jpg)

Instagram live

No. 237738

jfc she asked 10 dollars to do some sort of marshmallow challenge, she seriously begging for money

No. 237762

File: 1484969126901.png (833.83 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-01-20-22-25-38…)

Dat chin

No. 237776

Someone tell her to buy her own fucking marshmallows

No. 237852

worst part, in total people donated like 50usd

No. 237895

Can't judge her for that lmao. Her dumb neckbeard fans are willing to give her money and she doesn't even have to show her naked boobs.

No. 237898


2/3 of her stream was her begging for money (and she was LITERALLY begging money to play more).

As usual, only played aram and she was awful. Had around 12~15 viewers and got 50 dollars, holy fuck. The stream quality is terrible, she could use the donation money for a new camera or smth but I bet she will just buy more crap cosplays from spreepicky.

No. 237938


ugh that hair colour. she looks like a greasy weeb. look at her nose.

i can understand now why some people rag on about anon's making fun of ahri's nose because it's edited in her pictures and looks fine but candid pics is a whole other story.
yeah sorry but i don't really find her cute as she is. i can give her props for putting effort into her appearance but it all looks mismatched and gross

No. 238027

File: 1485041465066.jpg (341.02 KB, 717x903, CYMERA_20170121_182944.jpg)

She looks terrible

No. 238045

File: 1485045752773.png (427.79 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-01-21-18-20-08…)

Her magical boobs are back

No. 238048

They seem saggy, tbh.

No. 238062


Looks like she's taking a page out of Koot's book on how to edit titties.

Really didn't take long for her to start taking cheap shots for her neck beards.

No. 238066


Is it just me being an anachan or do her arms look huge?

No. 238070

File: 1485051032410.jpg (214.91 KB, 579x591, CYMERA_20170121_210917.jpg)

Jus like the good ol times

No. 238105

File: 1485057673337.png (877.43 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-01-21-22-59-53…)

No. 238111


yeah, idk if it's the way she edited them but they look really flattened, like pancakes almost kek.

how many pairs of ears does this girl have? i've seen at least 3 or 4 different ones now

No. 238569

File: 1485134422300.jpg (391.5 KB, 720x885, CYMERA_20170122_201931.jpg)

Her eyebrows are like _ _

No. 238577


I guess its sort of an improvement from her old crusty black and white ones she was constantly wearing before.


She zipped in down lower to show her bra more then she did before, wonder how long it'll be before she just starts posing in nothing but her bra and panties and labeling it "modelling".

No. 238611

Idk if im being petty but her Twitch looks atrocious?
Theres way too much going on in terms of outlay sorta like a bad tumblr theme some weeb decorated.

No. 238619


She is just "some weeb" who is impulsively obsessed with wanting to be asian. Also her twitch is cluttered and shit so need need to doubt your observation.

No. 238673

File: 1485145925709.png (727.81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-21-23-20-24…)

No. 238676

File: 1485146184971.png (658.89 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-01-21-23-02-15…)

From yesterday, funny how some of her viewers call ber a waifu. eww

No. 238688

Her eyebrows here are hideous.

No. 238786


Gotta show them titts for them clicks.
How embarrassing to have to fake everything just for people to donate/like you ..

No. 239248

File: 1485279388913.jpg (238.29 KB, 1918x907, 14517589565043298749323.jpg)

I can't believe no one says anything when she looks like this compared to her instagram

No. 239254


Because its 2017 and people care more about how one looks on social media then they do in real life. Those that care about how someone truly is and looks end up here.

TL;DR : People don't like reality so they rather ignore it.

No. 239262

File: 1485284238840.png (817.96 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-24-13-54-28…)

No. 239268

File: 1485285251558.png (734.68 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-01-24-14-05-06…)

No. 239273


she has a friend on her list called princessahri? do you think she gets jealous when she sees people cosplay ahri/be ahri better than her?
i mean, besides having ears and being a weeb nothing about her really says ahri from leage anyways, and we both know that's where she got it from because i don't think ahri is a popular girl name in korea?

No. 239274

If you read the beginning of the post, in which you clearly didn't- she got her whole schstick from the lol character, ahri.

No. 239304

File: 1485294242357.png (3.33 MB, 1440x2392, Capture _2017-01-24-16-43-00.p…)

This potato face…

No. 239311


Part of me is happy she has the confidence to show her real face and feel proud, but the other part of me can't help but feel bad about how unfortunate she looks.

Damn she looks like shit. Dat jaw, thin lips, meaty nose and those horrible brows ….

No. 239350

tbh i don't think she's ugly at all. she's very average looking. she only seems ugly now because we're comparing her real face to her shooped face. it's her own fault though. shouldn't shoop into a kawaii azn hime when you're really a homely looking white girl.

No. 239680

File: 1485349380817.png (782.21 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-25-08-01-24…)

No. 239681

File: 1485349427482.png (623.5 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-25-08-03-52…)

No. 239797

File: 1485370018896.png (614.23 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-25-11-49-35…)

No. 239809

>asking for 2k/month

No. 239822

Some people here have a huge hateboner for Sky. She just looks plain to me, there isn't anything I can nitpick on.

No. 239832


I think the hate boner is people can't forget the cringy shit she use to do. People don't trust or believe her.

That and her desperately begging for money for doing the smallest things like sitting down is very shady. She use to beg for money in the past so she can go to korea for plastic surgery. She got called out on that in the past.

Now she is very vague on what she is using the money for. She is still with her mom and dad. She is still just a spoiled weeb brat who wants other people to pay for her bad habits like stuffing her face and buying garbage.

No. 240024

File: 1485402946740.jpg (345.93 KB, 720x895, CYMERA_20170125_224348.jpg)

She put so much blur on her face look's like it's plastic

No. 240059


>If you read the beginning of the post, in which you clearly didn't- she got her whole schstick from the lol character, ahri.

but i said:
>nothing about her really says ahri from leage anyways, and we both know that's where she got it from

excuse me anon but what is your point here?


No. 240211


Why do people even donate to her if the quality of the picture is so shitty. She should just take a photoshop class so she can learn how to enhance better quality pictures of her self.

No. 240315

Cuz she needs to feel special

No. 240386

File: 1485465176413.png (470.07 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-26-16-12-24…)

Wow! Look how azn she is!

No. 240400

Why would she stick her chopsticks in there?

No. 240447


shes so fucking uncultured lol, she needs to learn proper etiquette

No. 240464

Seems like shes making suddle "hints" to make it look like she's asian

No. 240467


Lol there is nothing subtle about this weaboo shit

No. 240468

lmao at this dumbass weeb eating 25 cent ramen. so Asian. also, does she ever source any of the fucking art she uses

No. 240477


uh. doesn't disney have a big thing against people and kick them out if they're dressed like a disney character?

No. 240481


I know right? Cup o noodles is totally all asians eat.

Gotta add a fake bonzai tree and a weeb accessory to make it taste better.
Goodness this is all so cringy.

No. 240505

Might've been during really unbusy times or no one recognized it as a costume.

No. 240507

looks like a disney store, like the ones in malls.

No. 240645

File: 1485507726878.jpg (186.97 KB, 2400x1200, theahrireality.jpg)

Talking about people not seeing reality, Sky reminds me of an episode of South Park where all the girls shooped themselves and that's all the guys could see. Anyone else know what I'm talking about?

No. 240655

This is Dakota. And most every shoop instagram model ever.

No. 240698

>fake bonzai tree and a weeb accessory
Kek. Made everything look as Japanese as possible but the damn chopsticks in the bowl betray her. I love ignorant weebs.

No. 240757

File: 1485535122887.jpeg (93.96 KB, 750x1009, image.jpeg)

Oh lord. The weeb in her is leaking out into public.

No. 240763

kek, she probably wrote that herself

No. 240769

is this just… noodles in water?

No. 240771

Lmao did she really make an employee write that shit

No. 240772


I wonder what passes thru the Starbucks worker's minds when they ask what her name is or what she wants written on the cup.

How does one not feel humiliated when saying " Princessss Ahri ".

No. 240776

Yes? Lots of people eat instant noodles like this.

No. 240799


Its probably just chicken flavoured … Nothing special.

No. 240802


Fun fact: Sticking your chopsticks vertical in a bowl of rice or noodles is bad in Japan. Called tsukitate-bashi (突き立て箸), it is incredibly taboo because it reminds Japanese people of funerals, where a bowl of rice is left with two chopsticks standing vertically in the center. It's also supposed to bring bad luck.
Bet she doesn't know that.

No. 240846

That's not vertical you weeaboo.

No. 240860

File: 1485551731842.jpg (31.3 KB, 220x362, imibashi-200.jpg)

No. 240923

Honest question since I'm not into Japan culture or weeby things …

Is it really all that bad to have chopsticks placed in food if you're not even living in Japan / visiting Japan. From my very little understanding its only offensive if done in Japan… But Sky is in her own home and instead of rice its noodles.

No. 240959

Sticking chopsticks in general

No. 240961

Considering she claims/claimed to be part Japanese

No. 241005

File: 1485573957523.png (901.25 KB, 935x665, screen shot.png)

No. 241012

File: 1485575372840.png (1.01 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-27-22-49-26…)


No. 241025

File: 1485578065806.jpg (6.13 KB, 189x137, kawaii azn waifu.jpg)

I finally caught her stream and holy fuck her voice is so forced. If you compare it to her old Youtube videos, its so obvious.

Also shes going 0/13/4 in Aram because she spent most of the game talking about her Patreon

Someone said she looked young and she went on about how she has really good genes. Shes now talking about how shes actually going to get vampire fang implants?? for her teeth after she gets braces.

No. 241030



>pure garbage at games and only knowledge is popular "Waifus" from few games
>webcam vs instagram is shockingly different
>is still a huge weeb

damn skyleigh just quit it and go back to "modelling" at car shows

No. 241051

all she needs is a genioplasty/jaw shave and she'd be just as cutesy IRL. her nose looks a lot different IRL too but it's not big by any means so if she ever does get PS she should leave it alone. i feel bad for her tbh. she should stop striving to be living anime and start accepting that she's just a small white girl.

No. 241054

wow you guys are really picky on this board. i think she's cute. not even close to homely.

No. 241056

yeah i agree the people on here are completely unreasonable lol this girl is really feminine and pretty, i wonder what the people who think she's "not even cute" find attractive?

No. 241057


Anon have you tuned in to one of her streams? Also her cringey and boring personality also helps a person's level of attractiveness. If you dislike her for the shit she pulled before you're not likely to give her pity points

No. 241070

hello ahri/fanboys, stop replying to posts that are a month old

>i wonder what the people who think she's "not even cute" find attractive?

maybe an actual cute girl? Not an average weeaboo who photoshops herself into a blur to try to look cute

No. 241071

Did you even read the thread? She's a manipulative scammer who begs people to pay for her weeaboo shit, lies to be another race, and is just an overall bad person. Just because she's 'pretty' doesn't excuse her for her bullshit. There's a reason she has a thread here.

No. 241074

File: 1485582934202.png (118.27 KB, 540x922, Screenshot_2017-01-28-00-50-54…)

"Cringe af" ha

No. 241128

I wouldn't say it's bad because no one really gives a shit nowadays, but it's a little weird and kind of shows that she's not used to using chopsticks often. From personal experience, what people usually do is lay their chopsticks across the bowl when they're not eating. Chopsticks are long and it's just more stable to lay them rather than stick them into your food. To each their own I guess, and she probably just did it for photo reasons, but it does look clumsy. It'd be like if she took a photo of a steak or something but with the fork just stuck standing up in the middle of it. It's more weird than anything.

Sage for OT nitpickery.

No. 241154

File: 1485607360540.png (1.1 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-28-07-42-44…)

No. 241171


How sad she can only like someone about her self if its trending on the internet.. What is she going to do when its no longer trending.

No. 241174

Eh, I don't even see the problem with her jaw. She looks fine, it's her personality that is rotten.

No. 241230

I don't get it, are they her real teeth or not her real teeth?

No. 241252

She ain't ugly, but she isn't anything to write home about either. irl I don't see anyone making fun of her for her looks, juts the way she behaves. But she would look very out of place in a group of really attractive people.
She's just kinda… there?
I feel like this is why she wears her ears and costumes in public. Sure she's a little embarrassed by her outfits, but now she's special, different from the common girls.

At least her personal hygiene SEEMS to have improved. In the past she took photos of her over weight body surrounded by trash. A few people had horror stories about meeting her at cons and the odor being unbearable.
She finally learned the value of taking a shower every morning.

As for the voice, she is just like the other wannabe cute girls trying to copy Lilypichu.

No. 241256

Uh wut? If she's embarassed of her own clothes why would she wear them in the first place? Lol. Just becuz she tries to copy every generic egirl waifu hoe doesn't make her special. It makes her look very laughable because she aspires to be like them.

No. 241269

Those are fake fang caps.
She has an obsession with fangs,vampires and blood.

No. 241270


That's exactly my point. She only THINKS it makes her special. No one could say anything about her if it wasn't for the cringy weeb stuff.

But she is still as interesting as a potato. She is just a potato in a wig and ears

No. 241275

She is cringy and all that other stuff,but overweight is something she is not.

No. 241276

File: 1485636068339.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.55 KB, 500x559, potato.jpg)

So basically

No. 241288

File: 1485637899867.png (491.5 KB, 425x747, 1452196429090.png)

Overweight no way. But she was always this weird skinny fat. That and I think the square head makes her look chubbier than she really is. She never really had any defined shape. Old pic but it's hard to see an unshopped pic of her whole body

No. 241324

File: 1485646053471.png (362.16 KB, 539x919, Screenshot_2017-01-28-18-13-51…)

Oh look,another bra picture.
Showing off her new hair color.

No. 241327


Come watch my stream
don't forget to take your credit cards out

No. 241328


Yea, she has an unfortunate shape ( rectangle ) small boobs,ass and no variation from hips to waist. No wonder she's so obsessed with shooping large knockers on herself >>241324 … Somewhat wonder if she's going to start dressing like that on her streams for extra bucks.

( Then again I remember the stories from her ex about the gross she she would do for favours )

No. 241336

this is not the body of a healthy person. my body used to be shaped like that after years of getting literally no exercise and drinking soda every day. she's going to have serious health issues by her late 20's if she doesn't do something about that.

No. 241341

File: 1485649746973.jpg (262.63 KB, 521x720, CYMERA_20170128_192759.jpg)

Funny how she tries so hard to present herself as innocent and sweet when she's a conniving slut

No. 241342

what did the ex say?

No. 241344

Must push breasts together as much as possible!!

No. 241345


Other than the blue eyes, this is spot on

No. 241381

File: 1485657669596.png (1009.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-28-21-40-34…)

No. 241385

>At least her personal hygiene SEEMS to have improved. In the past she took photos of her over weight body surrounded by trash. A few people had horror stories about meeting her at cons and the odor being unbearable. She finally learned the value of taking a shower every morning.

you're confusing her with annedere, annedere is the one that takes pics around filth and smells like trash irl lol

No. 241387

File: 1485659624324.png (476.08 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-01-28-22-13-07…)

No. 241388

They're pretty much the same though, both trash kek

No. 241394

her new hair makes her looks so old wtf

No. 241401


Some of the hate accounts had contact with her exs and posted caps of their convos with him. She sleep around a lot and cheated a lot. Apparently would do sexual favours for photographers in exchange for free photoshoots ( even if they were double her age ) . Which all sounds believable with how fast she dropped her bf for some Asian guy she had a hookup with. I remember she even posted a video of them in bed together and a picture of her legs under blankets but tried arguing they were his perfectly shaved legs with red nail polish. She's a hoe who's obsessed with appearing innocent.

From what I gathered, she's the towns bicycle with ugly cat ears.

No. 241450

Yes anon I feel that exactly.

That one episode was moving and hilarious at the same time, this shit could hit so close to home it brings one to tears esp the ending.

No. 241780

What a hoe

No. 241797


i actually forgot about justin. she left her crusty whiteboy in a heartbeat to stay with an asian guy for like what, two months?
it was pretty funny when she posted this video on her insta of her and him being recorded from somewhere (weird) and they were holding hands and trying to be kawaii korean dramu happy couple.

wouldn't surprise me if she starts doing some momo shit to get some money on her patreon. somehow doubt it though because i feel like you need pretty high quality pictures on there, and not grainy ihpone pics.
she could pay someone to photoshop her a bit like momo does but i have a feeling she's very greedy with her money

No. 241826

I don't get why she has to resort to fucking photographers instead of paying them like how a normal person would she's not welfare poor or anything

No. 241884

I am just enjoying how she continued to stall at 4 supporters on patreon.

No. 241928

No. 242165

File: 1485803426399.jpg (97.18 KB, 1333x751, rnPtxC8.jpg)

She's so gross, eating snacks and cleaning her hand on her own clothes. And she keep screaming everytime she dies, oh my god.

No. 242194

File: 1485809438053.png (972.3 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-30-15-50-11…)

Shes always cupping her face

No. 242200


Legitimate question : Why do any of you watch her shit quality streams if its already a given that its going to be gross and crappy ?

Are you a sucker for punishment ?


Because he hides how wide and square her face is.

No. 242203


i've tuned in to two of her streams before to check them out and see her unedited face, but that's it. i do appreciate the occsional stream cap tho because she looks like a potato
notice how she also has a sticker on the other side of her jaw ?

No. 242280

File: 1485819705680.png (1.43 MB, 640x1136, IMG_2103.PNG)

She's live on instagram. Right as I started watching she was talking about how she's growing in "other areas" of her body but not in height anymore.

No. 242282


she looks like discount princessmei

No. 242297

File: 1485820916836.png (873.69 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-30-19-01-22…)

So kawaii

No. 242298

File: 1485820939626.png (710.69 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-30-19-01-11…)

No. 242321

her hair looks good and the lashes too but she looks so bad in that screenshot

No. 242354


Dat potato nose.

And was that her way of sugar coating "she gained weight"… Kek.

Bravo Sky ! You gained weight and are that much closer to looking physically like a potato.

No. 242379

File: 1485827578579.png (3.7 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1280.PNG)


Glad to see she finally got her arm out of her face. When she was outside she had her arm like pic related until she lied down on her arm and had the arm holding up her phone covering half her face.

No. 242388

in OP, the picture of her on the right reminds me of the actress moira kelly. she played donna in the twin peaks movie. i fucking love fire walk with me.

sage for blog, just saw that movie last night; the actress who played Laura Palmer was there and she was so incredibly nice, no1curr i know

No. 242408

Who the fuck cares

No. 242494

You nasty bunch of cunts. you are jealous girls or guys too afriad to admit they are gay…Leave the poor girl alone you weirdos.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 242500

Please look at the URL and remember what page you're on.

No. 242592

How does it feel like to give so much attention and money to an average looking slut that would never actually date you?

No. 242596

Too bad you'll never get a chance with Skyleigh's used up pussy, though if you get plastic surgery to look asian you can get a free ride, or if she's generous enough she might do some charity work and just fuck you anyways as Skyleigh is an easy slut

No. 242599

Honestly, at this point it's just people insulting her because they can't let go that Skyleigh lied about being Asian and scammed a little in the past. She hasn't done anything lulzworthy so far.

No. 242605

Neither have most people on snow. What is your point?

No. 242615


The truth can hurt. Which of her patreon donator are you? The Indian guy that always comments "my princess" on her pics? sorry you're wasting your money on a potato.

No. 242625

File: 1485876247614.png (836.11 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-31-10-23-18…)

Has she even fulfilled the donor rewards for last month yet? Lol

No. 242675

File: 1485886940929.png (754.31 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-01-31-13-19-14…)

No. 242676

File: 1485887025604.png (752.78 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-31-13-23-55…)

No. 242677

File: 1485887076151.png (1001.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-31-13-24-09…)

No. 242681

She started screaming in her stream and instantly lost 10 viewers kek

No. 242720

File: 1485894467661.png (1.1 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-31-15-13-40…)

No. 242734


She's growing "in other places" again ?

Nobody cares that you're getting fat Sky.

No. 242761

Thoughts abt her "video" polaroids?

No. 242852

I like how no one bothered signing up for patreon regardless

No. 242973

The printer and paper are pretty expensive for someone who begs for money for the simplest, non-cosplay things.

No. 242975

Did this girl really make "video polaroids" that promote her Patreon? I thought they would at least have a decent message attached lol.

No. 243123

This is sky were talking about

No. 243125

File: 1485966428182.png (491.24 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-01-11-26-46…)

No. 243215

File: 1485982118810.png (711.34 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-01-15-47-56…)

Drawings still suck

No. 243229

This one is not that bad though? It could have been way worse tbh.

No. 243250

It looks like her art got worse…

No. 243287

File: 1485990794595.png (875.12 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-01-18-00-29…)

Lawl she use to try to make herself seem 'perfect' when she was she was pansexual, half korean or japanese, furry, skinny with big tits, made her own costumes, played alot of instruments, spoke different languages, super gamer gurl, guess we're not so far off. She's been slowly reverting her gimmicks and bullshit kek

No. 243289

When she said she was*

No. 243416

I like how the rosin is barely used.

No. 243419

She posted a clip of her playing, and it sounds like a 2nd year viola player is playing.

No. 243434

File: 1486002095844.png (917.83 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-01-20-18-09…)

No. 243457

i usually love freckles but god she looks hideous with hers they've been bothering me since her return. could be that her overall look has gotten uglier

No. 243491

What are video polaroids? Sorry, a little lost.

No. 243555

Look here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BP8TTeLg-F9/?taken-by=himeahri
She sounds like a weeaboo Ariana Grande lol

No. 243580

File: 1486049545985.png (748.75 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-02-10-30-46…)

No. 243671

File: 1486067586626.jpg (814.55 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170202_153200.jpg)


No. 243780


She can go on vacations and afford expensive shit ( parents bought it ) and apparently has a job, but still wants 2 grand a month for nothing …

No. 243792

is no one gonna talk about how ahripop is selfposting her own updates and livestreans so y'all can pay attention to her lmao

No. 243823

lol her voice keeps cracking because she can't keep faking her voice.

No. 244101


No. 244314

File: 1486174985105.png (4.04 MB, 1440x2392, Capture _2017-02-03-21-22-30.p…)

Cover everything.

No. 244922

File: 1486257338872.png (808.4 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-04-20-05-49…)

No. 244936


Jesus fuck she is thirsty for those dollars …

Ey Sky, you could always just suck dick for some extra change. Nobody is going to donate to your piss poor Patreon.

No. 244969

File: 1486264568076.png (724.09 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-04-22-15-07…)

Shes live on insta and still looks horrendous as ever

No. 244970

File: 1486264710123.png (642.27 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-04-22-18-41…)

So quirk

No. 244974


38k "followers" and only 27 views …

Totally legit.

No. 244989

File: 1486267348763.png (731.81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-04-22-52-57…)

What an unfortunate side view

No. 244993

shes bragging abt this house thats worth millions of dollars that her parents are gonna buy kek

No. 244994

File: 1486268092406.png (659.25 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Never forget pastel obaa-chan.

Yikes. She looks like a potato

No. 245005

Sky didn't answer questions about her name and the languages she can speak lol

No. 245006

I wonder whyy hmmm..?

No. 245186

File: 1486291816928.png (465.38 KB, 735x516, Untitled.png)

i literally thought it was princessmei lol. she looks exactly like her in this pic.

No. 245203

File: 1486298338515.png (922.4 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-05-07-37-59…)

No. 245204

how can you confuse the two lmfao princessmei doesnt look like trash

No. 245226

Also, princessmei is Asian and skyleigh is white as fuck. I feel like this is skyleigh self posting and still in denial that she is not Asian

No. 245241


And just hours before that was begging for people to visit and donate to her patreon. Well, actually she's been begging just about everyday for donations, yet brags about million dollar homes and vacations … But couldn't afford vet bills for her kitten and conned a guy into giving her 150$.

No. 245291

File: 1486308832235.jpg (530.09 KB, 1024x1024, CYMERA_20170205_103414.jpg)

Looks the same desu ne

No. 245317

They don't look anything alike? They have a similar hairstyle (Mei's bangs are not as heavy though) and pink or rose hair. There's tons of girls with that hairstyle. I really don't know what you're trying to say here.

No. 245322

Is this in response to that anon up there calling her discount princessmei? Skyleigh is definitely in this thread.

No. 245341


Really makes me wonder if >>243792 is right… There is almost barely any responses or conversation except for the constant posting of every picture she posts. All these weebs seem to flock here in hopes of "fame" by self posting.. who knows.

No. 245344

p sure they're joking

No. 245347

It was obviously sarcasm, anon.

No. 245358

Looks very witchy

No. 245360

No, there are people who post using android phones.

No. 245368

OT but does anyone know what these Polaroids are called?

What the fuck. I don't know if I'm overly sensitive but its in poor taste to take a photo of your dying grandmother and share it to strangers.

No. 245383

File: 1486319566916.jpg (202.67 KB, 960x720, image.jpg)

Her new bf

No. 245397

Doesnt she have a new beta bf every month?

No. 245425


ugly little things they are.

No. 245436

He looks like a 30 year old trying to dress like a 15 year old

No. 245559

could she not get a bishi kawaii desu korean boy? Is he rich? Because this isn't the prince charming I expect for her.

No. 245605


Well she's not exactly all that good looking herself, so why expect her to have any better.

No. 245611

Asian guy love uggo average white girls. So I don't see why she couldn't.

No. 245633

They just don't want her lol

No. 245695

Did she delete that pic

No. 245754

File: 1486347539963.jpg (484.81 KB, 720x889, CYMERA_20170205_211648.jpg)

Gaiz my side view isnt that bad lemme edit it real quick

No. 245756

Cute. I legit find her attractive.

No. 245774

she needs to get a tinder. plenty of thirsty asian guys use it.

are you Almaz or Zimry?

No. 245776

according to her patreon, they're called lifeprints

No. 245780


look at this potato. her clothes look so chunky and clash with her hair colour.
this pic is so ugly she looks uncomfortable why post this.

for a while i thought "you know what, she's actually cute now. she doesn't shoop like a weeb and i guess there are uglier snowflakes" but then i see her livestreams and i just can't call her cute. average sure but to me she's not attractive, especially with those outfits she's been sporting lately.

No. 245895

File: 1486371143586.jpeg (207.1 KB, 720x960, image.jpeg)

I think I found her boyfriend's Facebook page and it says that he's 29. Also Sky might not be a kawaii azn goddessu, but she's a huge step up from his last gf if that's him.
He's also an honest to god furry and brony who posts shit like pic related.

No. 245897

File: 1486371167951.jpeg (259.86 KB, 999x1252, image.jpeg)

From his page

No. 245950

File: 1486390390672.png (228.22 KB, 500x374, tumblr_inline_o0upoxTUNg1tlc69…)

So sky when are you gonna go back to this?

No. 245952

File: 1486390424684.png (809.61 KB, 1080x1392, IMG_20151226_113356.png.569605…)

No. 245953

File: 1486390474444.jpg (5.84 KB, 150x150, 12383619_871561599608709_75113…)

No. 245954

File: 1486390718424.jpg (776.86 KB, 1377x1085, CYMERA_20170113_132402.jpg)

She's got the lying, whoring, scamming and pandering fetish thing back >>245950 all thats missing is this

No. 245957

Of course she would be dating a guy 10 yrs older gross.

No. 245961

File: 1486391435818.png (279.02 KB, 392x500, Screen_Shot_2015-12-09_at_11.4…)

Does that mean she fucked for this pic?

No. 246025


So you think dating someone 10 years older is gross? You need to be 18+ to post here.


This guy is so fucking weird. It's funny how she said on her instagram live that the guy is just a "friend".
She doesn't look ugly on her livestreams, although she seems very obnoxious and avoid answering questions like "Do you have a boyfriend? Do you have a master?". People think she is into petplay since she tags her pics with #kittenplay and shit, when she's actually just a weeb who wishes to be a ~~real life anime kitty waifu~~.

No. 246032

It's weird if you remember that she's 19 and he's 29. Justin, the Asian boyfriend, was her age and her boyfriend that she dumped for Justin was a year younger than her.

No. 246055

nothing normal about a 29yo dating a teen,legal or not.

No. 246098

He's 29. She's 19. Don't you think he should be dating someone his age? That seems like an indicator that something could be wrong with him

No. 246464

File: 1486466399457.jpg (627.08 KB, 720x893, CYMERA_20170207_061931.jpg)

No. 246467

What the fuck is going on here? That is a human tree stump. Blends right in with the trees.

No. 246477

her hair, even from far away you can tell how bad it is

No. 246480

Kek yes an almost 30 year old man is in a totally different life stage from a 19 year old teenage girl. It's disgusting, age gaps that big aren't really morally correct until the younger person is like 25 - they're in the same kind of life stage after that point.

No. 246510


her legs look so fat and short, shes like a gnome, what the fuck

No. 246515

File: 1486479313909.png (4.03 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1317.PNG)


It's because she's a child anon! She looks so young guyz xD

No. 246525


Maybe they thought she was a child because she dresses like one and looks like a pudgy oompa loompa. Not to mention acts like a full blow retard that they probably thought she was a haggard child with unfortunate genes.

No. 246530

File: 1486482711881.jpg (612.77 KB, 720x847, CYMERA_20170207_105215.jpg)

No. 246531

File: 1486482767581.png (1.06 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-07-09-01-40…)

No. 246532

Totally dresses her age

No. 246539


Jesus she's gotten a whole lot lumpier this past year. ( Then again I'm sure all body shots she posted before were probably edited to the moon and back )

No. 246598

File: 1486486625252.png (1.06 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-07-11-56-35…)

No. 246608

File: 1486487747626.png (865.11 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-02-07-12-15-39…)

No. 246612

File: 1486487962072.png (655.29 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-02-07-12-18-52…)

Playing a game as equally as boring as her and I thought sky said she can't live a day without her ears kek

No. 246637

She looks so fucking OLD specially with the pink hair, who is she trying to fool with the im such a child gyse xddd story?

No. 246663

Those wing shits are ears, just like how she is Asian.

No. 246677

I checked her stream for a bit and all i heard was "I don't know what syrup means" JFC

No. 246689

Or maybe she doesn't have an Asian guy fetish, ya know. With her weeby animu looks, it would've been the easiest thing ever to snag an anime-loving Korean boyfriend. Instead she's dating this rather unattractive, greasy looking motherfucker lmao.

No. 246736

File: 1486502019179.png (1.03 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-07-16-13-27…)

No. 246744


I'm sorry, all I can stare at is that honker of a nose.

No. 246791


Every gamer plays agario uwu

lol I knew her small percent of active weeb fans wouldn't be enough to jumpstart her twitch career. She's boring and sucks st games, and since she doesn't look good on cam twitch has no interest in her. How unfortunate

No. 246795

File: 1486511893684.png (792.75 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-07-18-30-03…)

No. 246830

Or maybe she is actually unattractive in Asians' eyes… lol Koreans don't like potato noses, thanks.

No. 246853

File: 1486518454747.jpg (455.49 KB, 717x894, CYMERA_20170207_202725.jpg)

Wearin a cheongsam

No. 246855

File: 1486518472004.jpg (108.36 KB, 712x264, CYMERA_20170207_204145.jpg)

Nice tags

No. 247096

No she definitely has an Asian fetish. Just look at how much she used to show off her kawaii asian oppa compared to this boyfriend and the boyfriend before the Asian guy.
I find that most Asians have standards even for white girls. Conventionally cute girls will still have better luck than potatoes like Skyleigh when it comes to thirsty Asians.

Tbh she should just get a Tinder or whatever dating app people are using nowadays and shack up with a local Asian for a night.

No. 247111

I don't know. Sometimes Asian guys like the potato nose look, because a strong nose can be "exotic" to them. But I think the weeb shit and the awkward pretending to be Asian while being undeniably white is the actual turn off here. I mean, imagine how awkward tat must be. I'm sure she's an easy lay for a decent looking Asian dude, but would you want to commit to that bullshit for more than a night? Realistically the best she can do is that ugly awkward looking dude she's currently dating.

No. 247135

It's not a total turn off, unfortunately. I've seen it happen.

No. 247193

File: 1486542267028.jpeg (115.86 KB, 750x747, image.jpeg)

Nah she's visibly heavier than before. Pic related was her around holiday 2015/16.

No. 247216

Damn that unfortunate bodyshape, she's put on a ton, her legs have gotten so goddamn thick

I too thought she looked good here aswell too bad >>245291 and >>244989 is the reality of her face, her nose is a literal potato. RIP

No. 247293

I very much get the weight gain comments but her legs seem so much more stumpier with those god awful cheap wedges that are doing her no fucking favors.
If she gains more weight past this she will reaaaaally start having some srs trunk legs due to her height rip
(To this day i still cant get over the kitten ears and wearing them in public. I cringe everytime)

No. 247339

File: 1486572450397.png (81.82 KB, 225x400, image_crop__2017_02_08_11_44_3…)

The good ol days with her vietnamnese boytoy

No. 247429

He's not bad actually, even kinda cute if styled properly. New dude definitely worse looking, but tbh it doesn't have much to do with him not being Asian.

No. 247454

Could be. I assumed she showed him off because he was "objectively" better-looking than her former boyfriend, not because of his race. If he had been white and handsome, I bet there would've been a lot of selfies too. And how can you brag about a Vietnamese boyfriend if you're pretending to be Korean or Japanese? That doesn't make sense to me.

Sage for pointless discussion.

No. 247678

You think she would care? Sky tried to go under the name of "ahri seo" while guising herself as a japanese person, which as you know the name is of korean origins

No. 248108

File: 1486673460683.png (931.84 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-09-15-49-20…)

No. 248117


Why does this girl have the worlds shittiest layouts ?
A lot of people make their own stream layouts and although they aren't super polished or professional looking they look decent. Way better than the blurry mess Sky makes

No. 248234

she's cute. wtf

No. 248246

she's adorable!

No. 248253

File: 1486687725031.png (831.31 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-09-19-47-25…)

No. 248257

I mean I get what she's doing yanno she just really loves genji but wow cmon now

No. 248297

File: 1486693471668.png (591.89 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-09-20-35-32…)

No. 248316

Generic as fuck.

No. 248345

How do necks work? lol

No. 248474

File: 1486733742343.png (762.21 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-10-08-34-20…)

Shes peob gonna try to sell these for $50 +

No. 248550

File: 1486750042793.jpg (70.9 KB, 745x745, 91BDA0DFD5A3F751570DABB442CE6E…)

ofc she would base her makeup off a korean

No. 248551

File: 1486750227987.jpeg (140.31 KB, 750x1043, image.jpeg.8e33a211d0c17436542…)

Though it looks abit better compared to her old makeup

No. 248993

When will people learn that pretty much 9/10 wigs just do not work unless they're human hair or a lace front? Holy shit just stop

No. 248997

Those eyelashes…oof. Someone needs to lay off the mascara.

No. 249277

File: 1486856037331.jpeg (60.97 KB, 750x1129, image.jpeg)

That retarded PULL account is back too

No. 249356

She just looks special needs in this.

No. 249391

File: 1486873980480.png (479.57 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-02-11-23-09-57…)

On her stream she us talking about a streaming schedule and that if people want her to stream on Saturday it will be $40 and a donation to her patreon

No. 249404

File: 1486875076623.jpg (710.9 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170211_235046.jpg)

No. 249555


Wait, she's demanding people to pay to see her crappy stream ? Why doesn't this lazy whore just get a job.

No. 250106

Yep,she was.
Because free money is easy

No. 250149

File: 1486956333404.png (867.58 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-12-22-24-58…)

No. 250170

Are people actually paying her though? Because instead of looking like a kawaii uguu azn grl she looks like a basic white girl. So not sure what people would expect.

No. 250171

She prob wants ppl to think shes mixed without saying anything like last time

No. 250173

File: 1486958848677.png (488.67 KB, 811x597, Screen_Shot_2015-09-22_at_11.4…)


No. 250174

File: 1486958915028.png (717.13 KB, 479x625, image.png.110dd74a7e4360c679c3…)

No. 250187

It truly amazes me that people are that gullible, considering photoshop/filters are not uncommon nowadays. You can see clearly on stream and videos that she's just an insecure average white girl who wants to be another race.

No. 250376

Some guys payed before to have one more hour of stream, where she did nothing but scream because her shitty computer can't stream and league at the same time

No. 250390


She did say …
Last time people asked her often and her answer always changed from half asian to quarter asian to 1/10th asian. Then she posted some picture of a asian guy standing with her family as "proof" she got the asian blood.

When she got called out on it and the hate accounts started she back tracked and said she never claimed to be asian.

No. 250440

File: 1487000085299.png (315.57 KB, 595x598, Screen_Shot_2015-12-04_at_23.1…)

She always had a wonky face even with photoshop

No. 250542

File: 1487015110137.png (839.6 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-13-14-42-32…)

No. 250544

File: 1487015157535.png (817.35 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-13-14-46-20…)

No. 250545

File: 1487015204147.png (1.39 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-13-14-46-24…)

No. 250560


Doesn't she have an expensive Alienware laptop? Wouldn't those be good to stream at an ok-ish quality and get 60 frames?
Her streams are super low quality, so either her computer or internet sucks, or she doesn't know how to configure obs/xsplit so her stream settings are all wonky. Maybe a bit of both

I feel like the only people paying her are the same 4 creepy men. Not even boys her age.

No. 250593

File: 1487024315229.png (921.13 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-13-17-14-19…)

No. 250708

$10 says she's going to do Tamamo no Mae from the Fate series since she's a genki Japanese fox girl with pink hair.

No. 250709

must suck to constantly be lying about everything

No. 250710

feel bad for her

No. 251089

File: 1487091115994.png (721.14 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-14-11-51-19…)

No. 251095

File: 1487091205561.png (256.48 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-14-11-53-35…)

Potato chan

No. 251758

This is actually extremely pathetic that she is trying so hard to whore out as much as possible, but she hasn't gotten any new patrons.

No. 251767

File: 1487125045194.png (6.49 KB, 332x173, KReqoCr.png)

Yep, her saturday streams are paid now. If you want her to stream, pay 40 dollars and there you go!

No. 251779

File: 1487126579174.jpeg (1.06 MB, 2560x1920, image.jpeg)

Whew lad

No. 251819

File: 1487133284558.png (2.73 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170214-233116.png)

What is this supposed to be…?

No. 252022

File: 1487171571510.jpeg (218.4 KB, 750x1181, image.jpeg)

Don't underestimate her abilities

No. 252179

What abilities are we talking here? Her horrible streams, shit weeb artwork, or the godawful photos she produces like in >>251779

I'd put my money on her incredible egotism. Bitch thinks she's Ariana Grande.

No. 252373

File: 1487206278864.png (997.33 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-15-19-51-25…)

No. 252376

File: 1487206360217.png (732.52 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-15-19-51-28…)

No. 252377

File: 1487206414077.png (1.1 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-15-19-51-30…)

No. 252378

File: 1487206465013.png (1.11 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-15-19-51-39…)

No. 252385

File: 1487206845954.png (910.75 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-15-20-00-26…)

No. 252386

I hope to God she was at least paid to wear whatever that ugly thing on her face is.

No. 252392

Next she'll probably start asking for car funds.

No. 252434

File: 1487211894673.png (914 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-15-20-00-30…)

No. 252444

when you're a basic suburban bitch but have a "rice car" kek

No. 252478

File: 1487215947673.png (2.93 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170214-233132.png)

Video version looks totally different, kek

No. 252538


webcam video is totally different from the story picture which is totally different from her shooped posted picture.
i guess the older guys really dont care that much as

No. 252867

File: 1487278380946.png (857 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-16-15-52-45…)

No. 252909

I feel like the person just posting her pictures or when she is streaming, is sky trying to get attention

No. 252911


good thing 99% of us don't check out her streams. i usually miss her insta stories as well so i'm glad there's a few screencaps. she's pretty boring now sadly outside of the twitch advertising and her begging/demanding for cash

No. 252968


Her right boob seems way bigger than the left one. This look would be nice if she wasn't wearing these fucking ears.

No. 253003

She removed it from her patreon, but she used to have a blurb about how much she loved ~da drift lyfe~ and how she was saving money for her own build and all that jazz.

No. 253061

File: 1487299974493.png (581.6 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-02-16-21-35-45…)

No. 253104

Jesus both her and that art look terrible.

No. 253271

Everything is ruined by the ears.

But with the boob thing, it could be because one of her arm is raised, and one breast is always a bit bigger than the other (due to dominate handedness or w/e)

Sageing b/c of boob talk

No. 253294

File: 1487345717625.png (482.23 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-17-10-34-20…)


No. 253295

File: 1487345767786.png (278.43 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-17-10-36-41…)

No. 253296

File: 1487345817223.png (875.31 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-17-10-34-58…)

No. 253297

File: 1487345868133.png (839 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-17-10-34-40…)

No. 253298

File: 1487345935426.png (1.26 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-17-00-47-00…)

No. 253319


Yeah, I feel it's the same person posting her pics over and over again for nothing so I bet it's Skyleigh or one of her fans (probably one of her fans, since it seems to be an android phone, and Sky owns an iPhone).

No. 254128

File: 1487478497400.png (134.43 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-02-18-23-25-31…)

So this guy was happier seeing her as an under aged shooped Asian wannabe.

No. 254151

She still is a wannabe

No. 254204

probably some PULL kid trying to keep the lolcow thread alive too. she's so boring that she's just water now.

No. 254311

I feel like it's someone who has a vendetta against her and is desperately trying to make people interested in insulting her again. Not gonna happen, since now she's boring as fuck.
0/10 dry milk

No. 255455

File: 1487697467813.png (848.05 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-21-12-17-00…)

Her fat fingers

No. 255456

does your back hurt from all that reaching

No. 255458

File: 1487697849651.png (606.48 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-02-21-12-23-20…)

You'd think she would buy a new webcam with the patreon money

No. 255460


Please stop….

Nobody cares about this fat stump of weeby trash. She's not interesting and was hardly interesting when she was being a cunt.

No. 255809

File: 1487739925593.png (1.19 MB, 1440x2392, Capture _2017-02-22-00-02-04.p…)

She's just so awkward now.

Lol what Patreon money?

There are several different ppl who post here. If you think she is boring and watery as fuck, just ignore it. Stop derailing, especially when you think there is no milk.

No. 256660

File: 1487884978499.png (1.07 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-23-16-21-47…)

Sky trying to make her patreon more engaging, doubt she would actually send out the promised goods

No. 256669

File: 1487886321116.jpg (339.36 KB, 717x888, CYMERA_20170223_164422.jpg)

How is this cute?

No. 256671

File: 1487886417855.png (737.53 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-22-09-37-55…)

Does she even play overwatch??

No. 256675

File: 1487886599528.png (Spoiler Image, 964.29 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-23-16-48-47…)


Last year she claimed to be ahri, this year shes gonna try to be d.va

No. 256677

File: 1487886813273.jpg (322.33 KB, 720x1660, 1434508690633.jpg)

Annoying and cringy then, still annoying and cringy now.

No. 256680

that eyeliner holy shit

No. 256765

Why are you even bumping this thread? Oh my god, please stop.

No. 256782

Just hide it, ffs.

No. 256813

Why are people so salty when others dicuss about this skank?

No. 256817

"There's a new game up for donators! There's a unique notification/song for each specific amount! GUESS THE AMOUNT AND GET A FUNNY NOTIFICATION!"

No. 256818

File: 1487903311411.png (742.18 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-23-21-20-40…)

And shes back at it with the crappy store selling crappy over priced shit

No. 256821

File: 1487903601476.png (843.7 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-02-23-21-33-37…)

No. 256822

File: 1487903925438.png (790.11 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-23-21-20-44…)

Does she really think this will work?

No. 256825

File: 1487904491188.png (593.04 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-02-23-21-47-59…)

Shes like a kawaii squidward

No. 256872

Jesus Christ I can't get over how shitty the layout of her stream is. It's pure garbage. Trashy pixel shit everywhere, barely can see the game and her webcam is from 2005. How does she expect to get any donations or private streams if her layout is trash?

No. 256878

b-but anon-chan! how is she supposed to prove that she is a kawaii korean-japanese waifu without pixel gifs covering every inch of her layout?

Apparently she does and she expects that someone will pay up to $110 for them.

No. 256998

File: 1487944994991.jpg (88.67 KB, 640x640, 1433857582549.jpg)

I mean she didnt look half as bad as she does now

No. 256999

File: 1487945070113.jpg (658.09 KB, 1024x1024, CYMERA_20170213_195529.jpg)

The many faces of a delusional slu

No. 257007

This is why parents need to monitor their kids on the internet. Sky's track record is on nuclear explosion levels

No. 257013

i get the feeling this is just one person