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File: 1528991338115.png (1.34 MB, 900x900, 1523494367267.png)

No. 610529

Most well known for her cal-arts rant, where she bitches about how hard it is to get in while claiming to have gotten in. Also known for giving shitty advice to impressionable beginners.

Tumblr: http://hollycbrown.com/

Mirror of aforementioned Cal-Arts rant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvnD-9XOs5k [DL][Archived Copy]

>21 year old "freelancer" (lives at home with her mother and runs an online shop selling ugly art)

>Salty Youtube fujoshi artist that claims that her art is superior because she went to an online art school
>Constantly preaches that art takes hard work, claims to always practice and study but her art hasn't improved in over two years
>Whines about being a starving artist with no money, yet has enough money to buy a new Mac computer and a Cintiq tablet within the same week, then sold said cintiq because she got sponsored for her shitty shitty art
>When faced with genuine criticism, she replies with "it's my style hurrr get over it!!"
>Whines about nobody buying from her online store, but when people do, she whines about having to package and ship off her items
>Pandering to the Musicals crowd to get more Youtube $$$
>Claims to be the only non tumblrina artist and is a textbook tumblr fujo
>Generally insufferable and shitty person

In the previous thread:
>Completely fucked her reputation, lolcow threads appear first when you google her
>Wants to draw shitty porn because it's "easy money" ends up creating horrifying bondage comic with her gross OCs
>Organisation around her "doujinshi" is confusing as fuck, none of the artists involved know how they're going to get paid, gave them insufficient time to send in their participation, does an infinitesimal part of the job
>Still making new projects when she hasn't even finished one of them yet
>More Fujo than ever
>Now thinks she can critique and correct the art of her fans
>Just makes it worse lol

No. 610532

Previous thread >>>/snow/579925

No. 610540

File: 1528992360759.png (45.76 KB, 1168x172, cringe.png)

you know how youtubers usually keep it on the low low if they receive free stuff from companies? not holly BRown

No. 610543


The high key bragging and entitlement of this bitch is astronomical.

No. 610568

Well at least she doesn't hoard them

When is she going to make that critiquing video so I can possibly submit something, I genuinely want to know what ol' Holly Brown thinks

No. 610577

I wish I could contact the companies who send her stuff and ask why they want reviews from a talentless amateur porn artist. I know it's all about the money and they wouldn't just send it do some random youtuber with no views, but it makes me bitter to think how that tablet could have gone to someone a lot more talented, with a lot more money struggles than this moron.

No. 611212

can you not write this shit that suggests her critics are literally jealous losers.

No. 611258

On one hand, I wish we'd update the info as we move in threads. She's not 21 anymore, but on the other hand, she acts like a fucking child so maybe the age is more correct than we think

No. 611320

There's really nothing bad about being jealous of someone's undeserved success. It's just something people invented so they can write any critique off as "jealous haters" to feel better about themselves.

I see your point, though. Being jealous of Holly is a waste of time, considering the trainwreck her career has become. Sage for OT.

No. 611340

Yeah, having her age wrong on the past couple of threads really bothers me still but honestly who reads that shit?

Also, I wonder which company sent her the tablet this time?

No. 611410

Is she 22?

No. 611411

She might actually be 23 at this point.

No. 611441


Yeah my bad, and she's 22 now

No. 611484


Huion I'm presuming since Jazzas new video features a cheap huion placement and discount code.

No. 611903

File: 1529103815763.jpg (55.23 KB, 600x600, U5hRxYBOz-WtfgkXWpAJAXVuVKioeH…)

sage for ot but the "ADULT MEGAXX" bag from the last thread is, I think, meant to be pic related, a local adult store.

it used to be called Adult VIDEO Megaplex, but nobody buys videos anymore.

No. 611978

I still can't get over the fact that she misspelled 'adult' tho, unless she was doing it on purpose and thought it was somehow clever? Which would honestly be worse, imo.

No. 612182

Can't screenshot right now but I hope that recent tweet isn't about the people she roped up in that fan zine.

Which again due date up and still no announcement. Such a professional kek

No. 612186

File: 1529124832213.jpg (110.21 KB, 720x1049, IMG_20180615_215401.jpg)

No. 612225

so loooong scathing rant incoming

No. 612248

She's been reading the threads

No. 612353

File: 1529155789742.png (213.19 KB, 1030x673, 2018-06-16_082911.png)

considering what this character went through….
idk I find this in poor taste

sage for blog post

No. 612356

File: 1529156013881.png (52.01 KB, 1019x278, 2018-06-16_083211.png)

guess she has been reading these forums , it's funny because she'll say she's not bothered but then go on a 30 minute rant in a vlog or some shit .Theres a reason why there's 8 threads now .and it seems that hollys gonna stay in the echo chamber for a good long while

No. 612359

Shhh. I want to see the 30 min rant video so don't scare her away.

No. 612446

GOD I hate it when Holly thinks she's funny

No. 612508

File: 1529171942474.png (184.65 KB, 1027x663, angery.png)

thoes stupid fucking glasses + poorly drawn whistle are making my brain parse his expression as this

No. 612520

is she still critiquing art?

No. 612521

She'll probably make the buff dude look like Herschel, because in Hollyland, THAT'S what buff dudes look like

No. 612522

i’m rewatching some of her vlogs and fuck the way she laughs annoys the hell out of me for some reason.

can’t wait to see her critique videos it’s gonna be a goldmine.


cute art, anon. i doubt holly will critique it, though, it’s way better than her shit, she might get intimidated lmao. still, hope she does pick it.

No. 612527

newfag here, any link to the nsfw posts?

No. 612535


draw anon here, had to delete incase she checks the threads. thank you! i hope she picks it as well. however, i fear for her redraw….

No. 612592

im still laughing at the fact that her lolcow thread appears before her twitter and instagram

No. 612611

This video was interesting because I think this person is trying to see teach themselves animation like Holly but is obviously doing a much better job of it. They're looking into fundamentals and actually understands them but also doesn't try to do too much at their current skill level. They've only been animating a year and it shows by how simple their animations are, but they're still pleasant and get the point across. They're working smarter not harder unlike Holly. Holly just thinks she's too good to do simple mini animations so she jumps into obnoxious projects that look like garbage.

No. 612613

am i going fucking crazy? i literally just watched this video seconds before this got posted

No. 612618

Hey, it's linc! I know this dude! :D

No. 612620

Yeah I kinda wanted to post the link to roast Holly but also just because I like this dude his content is really chill plus his style is cool

No. 612916

Still no word from Holly about the zine…

No. 612920

File: 1529200395162.jpeg (125.48 KB, 750x567, F32E7F9D-D0D8-4999-8FD5-B8DFBF…)

She’s been to busy sleeping

No. 612950

>lately art hasnt been very fun
from her constant bitching about HoW mUcH sHiT sHe HaS tO dO, i'm surprised she ever found anything she does fun.

No. 612966

File: 1529202101629.png (618.42 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180616-222127.png)

are you kidding me? another project? plz don't do all might like this holly

No. 612973

All Might has gone through enough

I do wonder which version of All Might she'll do, but at the same time I don't wanna know

No. 613042

Both, probably.
With 'muscle form', she'll probably make him look wonky and lumpy since she has no idea how to draw muscles.
With 'true form', she'll find some way to fuck him up. Really bad.

It's a lose-lose situation and I'm scared to see how it'll turn out.

No. 613054

File: 1529210080222.jpg (606.82 KB, 1240x1920, 2338b61a-e028-41e5-9dae-239f5a…)

I hope she doesn't give All Might that upturned nose she draws.

I was going through her tumblr to check if she had posted anything about the zine, but I found this instead along with some asks about her ships, and how "just because there's two guys next to eachother, doesn't mean its gay". Nothing about the zine yet.

No. 613072

Thanks so much for your input Holly Brown. I'm sure the gays applaud you. /s

No. 613100

Huh. This art isn't as bad as her usual stuff. No mega chin and aside from the weird nose nothing seems too wonky. I almost thought someone else drew this.

No. 613106

File: 1529217716139.png (1.27 MB, 1920x1080, Eraserhead_origin.png)

I'm guessing Holly probably ships these two

No. 613114


No. 613128

That giant lumpy white outline in the 2nd panel she forgot to erase is a mark of true quality

No. 613145

Has she ever had fun drawing? Doesn't seem like it

No. 613179

kek i didn't notice. had a good laugh at that one

No. 613341

I mean, a dear friend of mine ships these two. Whatever. At least my friend isn’t obnoxious about it.

No. 613376

I hope that the artists who where in the zine speak up at some point. Also not suprised she wants to start another projects . She does that in hopes that people forget the failed projects or the never finsihed one by piling them on.

No. 613514


She needs to realise that no amount of projects will ever fill the gaping void inside. I'm pretty sure that's the reason why she keeps piling them up. Oh yeah and also money

No. 613590

Did the anon who got into the zine get another email from Holly? Interested, also I feel like Holly is finally going to crack under her million projects she's put herself under.

No. 613633

I really hope she takes a step back from all these projects for the sake of her own mental health. This honestly can't be healthy for anyone…

No. 613665

Same, as much as I despise Holly I really do hope she stops doing this to herself, especially when others are involved like with the zine.

On that note, any news on Clever Kitchen?

No. 613677

Haven't seen anything about it yet. I actually forgot the last time she's updated it, has it been that long? Maybe if she didn't start so many things at once I would remember.

And I have to agree. I wouldn't say I feel bad for her, I have more sympathy for the people who participated in the zine and possible people who make the mistake of working with her in the future. But I hope she changes.

No. 613787

turns out clever kitchen is due next year not this year.

No. 613814

File: 1529295649750.jpeg (136.76 KB, 750x804, 645A01C2-A432-4418-9A1B-2556F3…)

It sounds like the zine participants are still waiting to hear from Holly… no surprise

No. 613866

at 12:55
holly brown sent drawing wiff waffles watercolours??

No. 613870

File: 1529301160182.jpg (84.49 KB, 720x705, IMG_20180617_225154.jpg)

Pretty sure she's freaking out about the hole she's dug for herself.

No. 613884

It's stuff like this that makes me believe she might have some form of bipolar disorder. She takes on a bunch of projects/stretches herself thin during her manic phases only to completely crash during her depressive phases.

No. 613982

You may be onto something anon, I have bipolar disorder and I see some of the behaviours I used to have before actually trying to treat myself in Holly.
The piling of projects, not sticking with any of them, the cycles of productivity, being unable to properly plan and schedule.
Holly has a major problem in that she doesn't interact with anyone face to face which can be really bad for your mental health, especially if you are bipolar.
Say whatever you want about physically going to a school, but the component of interaction with other people and receiving critucs face to face make you unable to live in a bubble like she does.
Also the absolutely delusional way in which she carries herself, thinking her art is, for example, on par with lucid, while at the same time hating herself, it is all very familiar to bipolars.
She says she has depression but I would bet on bipolar disorder, the fact that she lives in a dome, isolates herself and hasn't any irl friends or interactions is obviously having an impact on her life and work.
But the thing is,you need to actually want to improve, and that envolves coming to terms with not being perfect. Take the fat thing. She hates herself because she's fat when I think that she should be honest and say that yeah, she's fat, but there's no point wasting energy hating herself, when that energy can be put to use in other things, such as properly organizing a diet and work out plan. Instead of that she buys a machine to work out that she doesn't need, hates herself, eats clean for 2-3 days and then binges, it's not sustainable.
I really do feel sorry for this girl, she has potential but is so stubborn and is so far up her own ass and waiting for miracle fixes for her life, it's honestly sad.
Moving somewhere or buying stuff isn't going to fux her life.


No. 613983

In twitter Holly posted a picture of her purchase from amazon.
She bought Copics and refills for $188.52
Didn't she sell/give her old copics away a long ago, because watercolors were better than markers and required more skill?

No. 613998

I feel like she needs to do research and invest in cheaper, yet good versions of the art supplies she buys. Nothing against Copics or buying expensive art supplies, its your money do what you want with it. Its just that there are good markers/art supplies out there that go for cheaper.

No. 614000

she said she could sell more original art but copics are lightfast, we discused this in baylees thread a while ago… its basicly scaming people

No. 614018

Are you fucking serious? Yeah she sold all her copics on eBay like 3 or 4 years ago because she stopped using them. And like it was said, markers are not lightfast so selling art pieces using them is pretty much a jip.
Sorry to anyone who uses them and swears by them, but if your piece starts fading after awhile because of the medium and you intend to sell it to someone its scummy

No. 614021

>>613982 She bought an 80 marker set (which even for a brand other than copics is expensive) and still wastes money for something she's going to use for only a week or two

No. 614089

Jeez waffles is annoying, her art is ok but nothing to write home about so I'm intrigued that Holly deemed her worthy enough to send her shit. Unless she did it just to get her name out there.

No. 614101

This is Holly’s first Father’s Day without her dad but she’s not even considering that maybe that’s where these sad feelings are coming from. It’s ok to feel sad holly just take care of yourself! Jeezy kableezy

No. 614129

True but it doesn't seem like she was close to her dad. I think her depression is stemming more from all the deadlines that are fast approaching. She not only has to finish the zine but she also really needs to get ready for the convention.

No. 614171


Fairly sure they were used, she sent used paints to a youtuber a thread or so back.

No. 614175

>sending USED paints

I'm hoping that they knew before hand, because sending used paints as gifts kinda seems scummy.

No. 614193

iirc the paints weren't in their box and looked pretty worn out and scrunched so the person could tell taht they were already pre used

No. 614207

Not "kinda"- it's SUPER scummy, nothing says "I couldn't care less about you" when you send someone your used shit as a gift, basically treating them like a garbage can for your unwanted items

No. 614237

Yeah especially when she can splurge on $188 copic markers.

But hur dur she's poor :'(

No. 614260


It was Kasey she sent them to, and Kasey said something to the effect of "it's sad you gave up on watercolor, I hope you can still give it a try". She handled receiving those used watercolors as best she could but I super highly doubt she'd ever use them.
Holly is just trying to find secondhand junk to send off to big youtubers so they can shout her out, like she hasn't gotten an already big enough audience already.

And also, it seems kind of cringe and more out of obligation that the bigger art youtubers have to shout her out upon getting stuff from her so they won't seem ungrateful or some shit.

hell, if I was in that position I'd say "must've gotten lost in the mail" lmao.

No. 614286

File: 1529353361899.png (828.63 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180618-151442.png)

No. 614292

… I-I think these actually look decent…

No. 614294

Is it the colours or is it YOU, Holly?

No. 614307



Not that I don't believe she can't do the work, but…

No. 614309

Never thought I'd say it, but these aren't half bad.

No. 614316

If only she could apply this to her actual work then we will see improvement.like bro

No. 614318

File: 1529356833777.png (2.05 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180618-162007.png)

It was all great until she included her oc like yikes , she had the ball but dropped it .

No. 614326

UGH why do her OCs always have to be shoehorned into everything? And if they HAVE to be, shouldn't she consider trying harder than a literal 3 meant to resemble acne?

No. 614344

Holly is that kid in art class that's always like "why do we have to learn this BORING stuff, I want to draw my OCs who are cooler"

No. 614415

Ew her OC. Also these do look good but if they are meant to be studies they are still hella stylized

No. 614500

The studies look super cartoony. It's like those artists who can create hyperrealism portraits by staring at a photo for 500 hours but can't actually translate it into actual skill without using reference.

No. 614585

OK these are gorgeous.
It's tragic when people who can do pieces like this waste all their time on fan art and OCs. These drawings are like a window of what could have been if Holly didnt let her fujoshit nature take over every aspect of her life.

No. 614677


Holy shit, nice one Holly, the colours look nice I'm honestly impre-



No. 614689

File: 1529377405824.png (124.54 KB, 301x301, hcbrown.png)

I get the feeling that the angle is making it harder to see the fucked anatomy (that and monochrome is hard to fuck, wouldn't call the colour gorgeous).

Not the worst study, but she's still doing the weird lining the arms thing. I think this has some good bits that pop, but overall… meh.

No. 614733

File: 1529381167477.jpg (1.03 MB, 869x649, K8WfYTR.jpg)

>waste all their time on […] OCs
She literally did two studies from photos. It's a basic exercise and will only be useful if she's actually implementing what she's learning into her original, imaginative work. Holly doing fanart and developing original stories is not the problem at all–it's her refusal to work smarter and develop her craft that is the problem.

Also, fine arts isn't the only way to do art. Illustrators, sequential artists, concept artists are all wasting their time on "fanart and OCs". And it's not like Holly has ever shown a strong interest in pursuing fine arts, anyway.

I tried to reduce the tilt in perspective by following the sharp cutoff of the studies at the bottom (but couldn't correct the rapist OC). It's not totally correct or anything, but you can tell she was thinking in 2D instead of 3D when it came to placing the facial features.

The way she does shadows aggravates me the most. Everything lacks so much volume and she tries to hide it with the stylized, over-emphasized core shadow, but it just makes it look outliney and flatter. If I were her, I would focus on basic pen or pencil sketches to explore 3D form. This flat, graphic style isn't doing her any favors until she learns how to see things in space and foreshortening.

No. 614738

Forgot to mention but the fanart here >>609049 is a good example of her dependence on stylized lighting. The foreshortened legs on both figures don't look like they're protruding because she doesn't understand how to place shadows and just makes cool looking shapes and calls it a day.

No. 614747

this image should be used to illustrate the definition of 'bathos'

No. 614813

Yeah, even though these studies are much better than Holly's normal work they still reek of symbol drawing. Holly still doesn't really understand how to draw in 3d space and rather than actually learn she just tries to mask it using stylization. This could be seen in the green figure's arm where Holly displaces the arm because she doesn't draw through the fabric or in the yellow figure where Holly didn't actually draw through the baby in order to make it look like the woman was actually holding the child.

No. 614822

that neck is fucked. no neck works like that. the neck is too forward facing and too long and situated too far to its right shoulder.

No. 614826

Tbh, even with it’s problems, these studies show that if she maybe used a goddamn photo reference once in her life her art could turn out so much better. It’s not cheating to reference off a photo Holly! It improves your art and strengthens your visual library so when you do draw completely from imagination it turns out better!

No. 614829

Holly does use photo reference. She has shown off her photo art books countless times in her videos. To be honest her use of photo reference is hurting her art more than helping it because it is allowing her to get around actually learning how to construct drawings in a 3d space. What Holly needs is to attend more life drawing classes IRL rather than stare at a poor duplication of 3d space in her art books/ computer screen.

No. 614831


I think all those reference books she likes to show off having, and just getting 2D simulacra of 3D spaces, contributes heavily to her art lean/flatness.

No. 614851

Not to mention her stupid attitude towards using references that amounts to "look at it for five secs and then draw what the heck I thought was there". Imo, what I learned most from picture references was negative space and how to convey shape (especially with the human body, considering how complex it is). Just copying an image to use it for your OC (like that godawful sniper drawing) is a childish view of referencing that doesn't actually teach you anything.
It's like the difference between learning how to construct what you're referencing in a 3D space, and just copying an image you saw once.

No. 614889

She's making stickers, they're awful.
And not even a passing comments about the zine Or the nsfw nightmare. Guess it might be safe to assume she probably dropped one.

No. 614894

File: 1529405619177.png (871.27 KB, 885x787, Screenshot (60).png)

Momo didn't deserve this. No bnha character deserves this. How do you take appealing looking characters and make them worse?

I'm guessing she's talking about the "drama" the creator, Kohei Horikoshi, got in a while ago(which I will admit was really dumb)and/or the fact that Momo shows a bit of skin because her quirk/power, requires it(she can create objects from the lipids in her body) and bnha fans on tumblr aren't okay with that

No. 614983

The funny thing here is that some of the complaints fans have about teen characters getting oversexualized are pretty legit, but ironically enough Holly's art style makes Momo and Kirishima look painfully unsexy. So, congrats BRown, you accidentally proved your point by being a shitty artist.

No. 614998

I thought it was about 14 year olds in skimpy outfits not…sexism? At least when I saw the drama on my dash it was about the age thing.

No. 615008

But Holly… that wasn't the fucking point of the creator's backlash towards a tame post… this moron, I swear to god.

No. 615032

File: 1529422414752.jpg (38.1 KB, 557x393, holly brown.JPG)

leanne-lu didn't say??
that purgatory was a yaoi???
the only thing anon said was how the both of them were fujos, not that purgatory was a yaoi??!!

besides, people sometimes use the term yaoi in a non-sexual way–my old friends used it to represent "male-male relationship". which hey, isn't really right, but holly should know that, being a veteran fujo.

leanne-lu was probably referring to the male-male relationship, and how receptive publishers are to that topic. but holly used createspace which is like self-publishing…
a little rude, considering l.l. started out with "i love you art"

No. 615047

Holly is so stupid and so are all the other American fujos omfg. Yaoi is used to describe m/m doujinshi, shounen ai is a manga genre. It has nothing to do with sexually explicit content and if I see one more white fujo spreading this bs istfg.

No. 615084


you know what anon, the term "yaoi" has been so interchangeable with other terms, that I just kind of never knew for a fact what it is supposed to refer to because of how nebulous western fans make it. I just thought it was m/m manga/anime content regardless of rating… i mean correct me if I'm wrong, but Holly here obviously doesn't know her terminology.

Her comic isn't even a manga, so I don't know why she's shouting at someone about something her comic isn't.

No. 615161

Yaoi is an acronym for PWP in Japanese essentially. It is not a genre of manga. Many Americans use it as a manga genre as in m/m manga that is R18 but that isn't what it is. It's essentially a tag used most often by doujinshi circles. Shounen Ai can be R18 it's just a genre of m/m romance targeted at women. Bara is m/m targeted at men. Yaoi just means PWP it is not a genre. Sage for rant but it drives me crazy. It is a common misconception spread by dumbass fujos.

No. 615166

there's ambiguity in the u.s. as to what "yaoi" means. holly doesn't want any implications that purg. has explicit content, so she's on edge about it (even though the person who asked didn't even say it was a yaoi).

some people (including young fans of hers, probably) might consider it a "yaoi" for being about a m/m relationship, but others will say that it definitely isn't because it wasn't made in japan.

so in conclusion, there are different connotations for "yaoi" based on one's linguistic understanding, cultural interpretation, as well as experience with manga terminology. hooray for confusion!!

holly's response has such as hot/cold feeling. first ALL CAPS and then back to chill lowercase letters.
like she's saying "NO STUPID! hey man i'm cool, i'll give you the answer".

No. 615203

Sorry to ask, but what is pwp supposed to mean?

No. 615210

I kind of want to do the sketchbook slam challenge to generate design ideas. How stupid am I?

No. 615212

Not at all IMO, as long as you don't start bragging about how much you ~improved~ after ~working so hard~ after

No. 615219

Do we really have to go through this? Shounen ai don't real. Call it BL. Holly is a retarded fujo. End of story.

No. 615223

pwp = porn without plot/plot what plot. only seen this term used in fanfic

No. 615275

Shounen ai is literally Japanese for boys love (BL) in Japan both are used.

No. 615291

If you have social media plenty of people find it entertaining so go for it if you want but it is a lot of work

No. 615674

File: 1529476145805.png (106.49 KB, 1440x598, 20180619_220444.png)

So dear ol BRown is thinking of joining the Webtoons contest (make a new comic by July or something). The thing is it has to be new… even if does she really think the writing in Purgatory is sufficient? Her characters are very lifeless and dull, plus that story… oof

No. 615677

wasn't that webtoons thing revealed as a scam? holly, i know you want profit but this is just not the way to go.

No. 615681


I thought it was tapastic, with the scam.
either way, she won't be getting far.

No. 615689

She isn't even allowed to post Purgatory. You can't post comics you've sold or posted separate from Webtoons.

No. 615732

Does she realize that Webtoons wants you to format your comics in the scrolling layout? Like even if we pretend that she could enter Purgatory (which she can't since it has been published as a printed book) she would have to do so much work yet again to be even able to compete. I would love to see her try and fail though.

No. 615794

Also the guidelines say no explicit sexual content for their contest, didn't she have a page in there where it was 18+ or something?

No. 615820

Yeah webtoons is good. But omg, I really want to get Holly in the tapas incubator. That'd be amazingly fitting.

No. 615873

File: 1529505759044.png (701.42 KB, 1051x705, 2018-06-20_094224.png)

Wait i thought she was only getting 20 copics + the refills .

No. 615884

This is holly we are talking about. Shes incapable of moderation so now she has to purchase all copic markers available.
Listen, i like markers fine as long as you're not selling the original. But shes going to spend hundreds of dollars on a medium that shes only using in her sketchbook?? Really?

No. 615889

She sold her old set because it what overwhelming , so only bought 20 + refills to get back .But also bought those cheap wish markers . Maybe 3 of the small sections can hold the refills depending on how big they are in real life and one box to hold the 20 .Of course she could have gonna about it in a away of just getting the basics so skin tones , the grey ( warm cold and neutral ) then what ever colors shes uses the most .So that way she won't have to get the whole set .Well as we can see she either 1 ) is using one section for copics or 2) planning on expanding her copic collection .

No. 615894

She actually bought these? The last tweet I saw from her like yesterday was "I regret buying so many markers I only use like 5 of the colors"

No. 615936

No. 615940

>>615936 im one minute in but: holly clean your nose before recording, i know you cried but its…disgusting

No. 615979

I fucking can't "people telling me I'm mean" then goes to " it's annyoing becuase no one's telling me how im mean " like are you blind or lack read comprehension to understand that there are people telling you why your an asshole .

No. 615982


Literally though?? I just got to that point in the video and every other comment she gets about her being a piece of shit, tells her WHY. Every time she reacts to a "mean comment," the point of it flies right over he greasy head. How dumb can she be?
"I don't like being told things like that when I don't have a means of correction." Holly, you are a fucking adult. No one should have to hold your hand and walk you through how to be a decent human being.

No. 616010

Holly chalks all people pointing out she’s mean as people being “sensitive.” Without realizing she’s so damn sensitive she removes videos, goes on Twitter sperges, and whines at the slightest backlash. How can she be so unaware of her own sensitivity?

No. 616012


Because when she does it, it's 'speaking her mind'/'being honest'.

No. 616075

These are $50 a pop… Is this idiot physically incapable of not throwing her money out the window?

They're handmade and very nice, don't get me wrong, but Holly constantly complains about money issues, doesn't she? You don't need a sand sanded maple organizer for 20 copic markers, just buy a $12 desk organizer and put it on its side, holy shit.

No. 616128

Holy crap seriously? She is so insane with her money I can't understand. I work a minimum wage job on the side and it pisses me off to no end what she says about free lance artists that do it meanwhile she's a short cut taking lazy moron with no money sense. Fucking christ I have a small following but at least my followers aren't restarted children. She's so delusional.

No. 616279


she's definitely not going to be pleased with the result, posting there. everyone i've known in the webcomic community has had horrible experiences there because the readers are so bitchy and you get buried fast as fuck. wouldn't be shocked if she pulled the mirror after a few days of hosting because she didn't get an immediate following.

No. 616382

When she got to her "diet" sperging about how Japan is a thin nation because of convenience stores carrying sandwiches my eyes rolled so far back into my head. Also her general approach to weight loss in general seems very inefficient and dumb, for one I don't think she's that obese that simply walking a lot will help with it.

No. 616390

samefag and this is such a petty nitpick but I cannot believe she bought zucchini spirals for 3$ worth like 2 servings judging from the packaging size when she literally owns a vegetable spiraliser. It's like she seriously can't help throwing money out the window, jesus.

No. 616394

I could see walking working for her if she emotionally eats and needs a healthy alternative. Walking doesn't do much on it's own, but avoiding a depressive binge is good.

No. 616619

The reason Japan is generally "a thin nation" is not about convenient food being more available. It's mostly about the portion sizes being waaaay smaller and fish being more popular than red meat. Honestly, it would help Holly so much if she just reduced her portion sizes. Maybe this is just Texas things but she eats like twice as much on one meal as people do where I live.

No. 616675

Also most people in japan commute to work so they end up walking everyday, plus a majority of their food doesn't have the sugar conent anywhere near as high as American food when it comes to the average meal.

Does holly noy realize there's much more to it than just eating sandwiches? Plus they sell pre made sandwiches at bigger convenience stores in america as well including the fact that most people in america eat sandwiches on a daily basis??

Her logic literally makes no sense

No. 616676

Also what would help is the change in what she drinks as well.she needs to drink more water and less coffee or at least better tea alternatives. At the very least switch out the coffee creamer for dark coffee since it's the best for health reasons .also side some cardio as well.

No. 616791

Holly, $80 is a normal amount to spend on groceries for half a month but what you have purchased won’t even last the week. She talks about healthy options… while displaying so proudly her bacon, noodles, and cappuccino mix. Cut all this shit out! Spend $80 in fresh produce next time.

No. 616841

She also had a SHIT TON of coke cans and boxes strewn about her room in one of her recent vlogs and was like 'ugh i know, this is so bad'.

No. 616876

She puts lots of sauce on her food to make it “edible”. Like fuck off, most veggies can even be eaten raw and if you cover up their taste and drown them in whatever saucy mix you use you defeat the purpose of having something healthy in your plate

No. 617149

Salad dressing is just pure sugar usually.

No. 618084

Fresh produce won't last a month lol

No. 618174

Since she wants to go out daily she could grocery shop fresh stuff and still spend 80 during the month though

No. 618176

Hey, I know her and I just want to say that I think she doesnt even know how bad her attitude can seem at times. Shes like really sad and I dont think she tries do do much to change it. She thinks negatively of herself and that ,I think, translates to how she sees others. In a lot of our conversations she insults me or what I like and than laughs at it because I think she thinks thats how jokes work. She also makes weird remarks (like the rose fucking cavemen = rape thing????) and will harp on them untill everyone is extremely uncomfortable. She also laughs way too hard at her own jokes. I understand all your criticism and tbh a lot of it is sadly valid but i think we all need to realise that shes just this really messed up lady.(namefagging)

No. 618207

In my experience with her as well I found that she tends to insult things you like a lot. She approves of very little and then somehow thinks she’s a god or something. It’s incredibly delusional.

No. 618271

God ok I wasnt going to interfere but Ive been checking this for a while and tbh I want to. She will probably hate me if she sees this but odds are she wont. Im still sort of friends with her and its absolutely awfull but I feel like if I tell her to leave me alone Ill break her . Shes extremely hard to talk to even online (i dont know her irl) . Shes indicisivd , weird and repeats like every joke 30 times untill it becomes cringe central . Shes also a really bad influence , I was friends with her when i was 17 (im 18 now) and in a really bad place and she just made it worse by basically feeding my hate for life. She cant see the good in anything. She never acted like a god to me though , even when she unintentionally insulted my art. Holly hates her art more than anyone on here does and I dont know why she doesnt do anything to change it.At the same time she claims some stuff is super easy when she does it really poorly??? Shes a mistery to me and an exhausting friend(?????) Oh she also blocked me for like half an year after treating me like human garbage , than came crawling back and Now it feels like im obligated to be her friend or she will kill herself.

No. 618292

why do I get the feeling this is "romanian girl" aka Ioana.
I mean.
She took down her collab video with holly.
Could be wrong though.

No. 618296


samefag, but if you're telling the truth anon, then you shouldn't feel obligated or held captive by being someone's friend under the threat or fear that they'd kill themselves. That's pretty much manipulation. She's not your responsibility.

No. 618298

Like the other anon said, a real friend wouldn't do that to you or threaten suicide to keep you around. I'm sorry this is happening to you and I hope that you can eventually break away from her since she's causing you so much distress.

No. 618319

I used to have a friend as bad as Holly. Don't keep her around. It's better that people like her get some help from a professional.

No. 618326

Hello I am Holly’s friend too…she smells bad and never showers….she says she hates all other artists and that she is a god…ask me anything

No. 618330


No. 618331

Is she really that "poor little artist who's always struggling" or is that all bullshit?

No. 618332

Pretty sure that's a troll post

No. 618338

I’ll provide it when that other anon who knows holly does….
She has money but spends it badly…she spends it all on anime merchandise….

No. 618355


What does other anon have anything to do with you?
Probably trolling.

No. 618378

I used to feel the same way because of a former friend. I finally cut off ties because it's becoming so unbearable to tolerate her behavior. She acts exactly like Holly so I really understand your dilemma.

You have the right to cut her off, anon. Prioritize your own mental health and let her sort her own demons alone. You are not obligated to be her friend and act as her safeguard.

(And besides, we want more milk if Holly gets another breakdown, but I truly worry about your mental health, people like her are emotional vampires)

No. 618380

Anon it's that you just don't sound genuine, so it's harder to believe :/

No. 618381

*We'll get more milk. Sorry, English isn't my first language

No. 618413

Holly is an adult and you're younger than her, don't feel obligated to be her friend. Just stop responding to her, you don't have to to tell her to leave you alone outright. Hopefully she gets the hint

No. 618424

I understand your feelings anon. My ex best friend was becoming quite toxic to the point I was always on edge when we would hang out (she would often create problems and have people white knight for her and I was on the receiving end most recently). The best piece of advice I can give you is to not engage with her and cut her out. A real friend wouldn't do that to you.

No. 618518

I can’t speak for other anons here but I don’t hate Holly’s art I like Holly’s art/her art journey is relatable, I don’t like her attitude that goes along with all her art

No. 618526


That's fair. They're not mutually exclusive, but one thing (her attitude) does heavily lean on the other (her progress).

In general though, and being eight threads in on Holly as a cow, I feel like she's the type of person to keep making the same mistakes. She wouldn't be a cow if she just, owned up to at least a few of them. Personally, I can't really see an end in sight.

No. 618558

So if the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, she’s doing that with her attitude for sure. but imo if you look at her artwork she’s learned new programs and tools, is branching out from b&w linework, and she’s using more references this year. (even if she’s not doing it right I don’t think she did it much at all before) if her art improves a bit more maybe she’ll follow suit with her personality, I think buying some books and reconnecting w friends stuff was a good sign

No. 618621

shes making a "peg board organizer" for her room. I can't wait to see how this goes…
also, there she goes again. spending money on tools she thinks will help her instead of just starting by throwing out all the useless shit in her room.

No. 618624

I went through the same thing with an artist friend and I guarantee you that they won't change without professional help. It's pure manipulation to keep you around and use you as a punching bag with an "or else" consequence. You can gradually end your friendship with her if it makes it easier for you. Talk to her less and less until you aren't talking to her at all.

Same here, anon. It's not healthy to keep people like Holly around until they get help and actually make changes.

No. 618638

Any word on the zone yet ?

No. 618640

No. 618649

She made a typo in the thumbnail and wrote "negitive" lmfao

No. 618652

File: 1529720034352.jpeg (307.84 KB, 750x527, 1C0BE466-E103-4648-AE3A-3E10E6…)

Just realized she corrected it. I have a screenshot though

No. 618658

Um. This video is for professionals only. /s

No. 618670

File: 1529720911918.jpeg (71.48 KB, 750x861, FE7FF99C-B293-43EB-A52B-FF6BEB…)

No. 618686

Does anyone know how much money Holly earns? I remember she said a while back when she blew up she made about 2k.

No. 618699

One of the big issues with her argument of " no one tells me how to be positive" is that life isn't going to throw you a 12 step plan. Often you your self have to find what can make your life positive. Instead of blaming other for not showing you in your own life how to be positive. Plus out of the many and many positive comments you will find people geiving suggestions on how she could go about it. But if it dsoent have as parting in it shall turn a blind eye .

No. 618700

*ass patting

No. 618707

File: 1529724780282.jpg (196.68 KB, 1295x1600, uv1RCLZ.jpg)

Does she have dyslexia? Typos in messages, video descriptions, titles are understandable if you're the type of person to write and post without proofreading, but she makes appalling misspellings in art with dialogue and images with typography. Like that's the sort of writing you're staring at for more then 5 minutes and the mistakes don't jump out at her? She needs to run text through a word processor with spellcheck before she even pulls up the text tool on PS or CSP–it literally only takes like an additional minute.

Surprised that I've only seen one mention of 'dyslexia' in these threads, but I guess speculating about it is armchair psychology.

>more studies
>studies that focus entirely on the contour and not understanding perspective or volume
If Holly literally spent just two or three days on going back to a basic egg and wedge mannequin construction, she would improve a lot, honestly.
>pic semi-related

>"teens are all asexual and definitely don't think about their looks"
>implying fictional teens have any sort of autonomy
Not that she needs to hate the author or series or anything, but it's sad she wouldn't be aware of authorial intent or other critical theory if she's developing stories.

No. 618817

Okay, I have returned. I went through every one of the available vlogs and wrote down every expense I could.

I'm still working on adding all her projects, and looking through her twitter. But yeah, this is the past 5 months of expenses she's mentioned in vlogs alone (not including food).


No. 618819

My fave part was watching her buy a arm for her mac, then deciding to sell it a few months later. I don't know if she even used it.

No. 618840

Godspeed on your autism

No. 618858

Holy shit anon that's thorough

No. 618863

>104 USD on a table skirt
>114 USD on Hot Topic shirts
That near $600 she spent on TV Paint has to be the worst though.

No. 618864


She spent $20-25 on clip studio paint when it was on sale, then blamed her followers for making her waste the money when she didn't like it/couldn't figure out how to use it.

No. 618867

what the hell? csp is like really efficient, it took me literally a day to get it down. Holly are you a child.

No. 618872

God has she even used TV Paint since getting it? She had a whole fit about it and used it for like a week. She hasn’t really been touching animation at all since she last worked on Clever Kitchen like a few months back.
This is thoroughly impressive Anon, I could only dream of having the free time to do this lmao. Good work
Off-topic but San Japan really can’t come any sooner, I cannot fucking wait

No. 618874

While it is possible she has dyslexia it is also possible that she is just poorly educated. Her spelling mistakes are more reminiscent of someone just phonetically spelling out words rather than of someone who is deslexic.

No. 618879

Don’t forget her audible subscription

No. 618881

>implies hate only exists because she is ‘too negative’
>implies all hate directed toward her is never constructive ‘no indication of what to do’
>thinks being positive = being boring

She doesn’t think that she’s mean she thinks everyone else is just too sensitive

No. 618883

Im not mean guis I’m just being more real !!11111111

No. 618884

says everyone is too sensitive but when people call her out her first reaction is to be sensitive and cry into a camera lmao ok BRown

No. 618892


she's constantly using the term "butthurt" damn i didn't know it was 2012

No. 618930

>claims that being positive make you boring
>is boring and unfunny

No. 618942

But hur dur I'm poor and need money guis :,(

It pisses me off to no end, like its like pretending to be physically disable when you can fucking run.

No. 618982

File: 1529752509290.jpg (300.76 KB, 1920x2560, IMG_2088.JPG)

>Mentions having her savings drained

You can't honestly mention stuff like savings drained in the same breath you talk about your dad dying when you are out here spending $$$ on your fucking god awful passion projects and tools you feel entitled to buy because you see anything 'mediocre' as nonworkable and trash. Expenses used when a person dies is also very up to you and the funeral industry are low key vultures due to people just expecting others to take care of it then bitch at the cost cause you can't actually be assed to put yourself into the process of choosing burial methods and organizing people together etc. In other news how can she go through three sketches before even reaching lineart and not see the atrocity that is that right arm? Or the anatomy as a whole but come on! ITS RIGHT THERE. YOU SKETCHED, RED LINED AND BLUE LINED.

No. 618988

>says one bad thing that happened was that her savings were drained
>Actually bought a washer and dryer for her family
C'mon holly,C,mon
>"Yoga isn't exercise"
>"hey I took a walk in the park ! I WORKED OUT!!"

No. 619026

File: 1529759742311.jpg (446.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180623-081547_Chr…)

I mean this is what holly calls haters .

No. 619027

File: 1529759771223.jpg (517.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180623-081536_Chr…)

Oops I messed up here the first screenshot

No. 619028

File: 1529760105318.jpg (30.55 KB, 720x136, Rlyholly.JPG)

Oh so now she HATES having stuff she doesn't use enough

No. 619033

I fucking knew she would do this the moment she bought that fucking thing. Why buy it if you don't leave your fucking house!?

No. 619068

Yeah, the problem is in a vacuum she can justify any of these expenses as a business expense. I've looked into all of these supplies for my own art stuff. But then you look at the state of her room, the way she buys stuff is just fucked.

She restocks on supplies she hasn't touched. She constantly is reselling garbage she impulse bought the month before. She buys large orders (just multiples not even wholesale) of things she hasn't tested. She doesn't take care of things and they end up broken.

And she's got a serious amazon addiction. They've got her hooked with the free shipping after a certain price thingie. Instead of waiting to have enough stuff to order, she just loads her cart with crap.

Since she reads here sometimes, my advice would be to detach her credit card from her account. Throw it into her trash pile of a room, and dig it out whenever she actually need it. I honestly put my SOs credit cards behind the bookshelf so he'd have to take every book off the shelf before he could use it. Now instead of debt we have a savings.

And in the latest video where she's like "I buy stuff to make me happy." No. You buy stuff because it gives you a hit of dopamine. Fine new ways to use stuff you already own. Find free activities (like bitching on lolcow, kek).

Anyways, I'm the autistic anon that keeps doing cost breakdowns. I'm basically doing hers while I do my SOs. Scowling at artists while showing them numbers is 50% of my life.

No. 619089

I think holly needs to think in long term . What I mean is I see that she uses pens that you can buy in bulk type thing. The thing is when your done with that pen you have to throw it away . Where as you find a product that 1. Doesn't take up to much space 2.has multipule purpose so water proof can work with colic markers 3.has replaceable parts so she downt have to throw the whole pen away. Thinking in that way saves time and money really , plus saves space in her room / office. Idk if she'll ever go for a minimalist type thing but it did help me with my spending problem to have those 3 check Mark to follow when buying art supplies . Or really anything tbh .
Sage for blog post (( idk this my first time here ??))

No. 619092

Also having healthy way of dealing with negative thoughts to. Maybe she should put a block on Amazon for a time until she actually needs it. Instead of jousting buying to make her self feel better. We know its only a short term thing (( and this is coming from someone who used to this it doesn't help plus your losing money in the end and still feel shittu after a day or 2 ))

No. 619096

You have to put sage in the email field. If 'anonymous' is green, you did it wrong. But yeah, she has to focus more. Find a small collection of multi purpose tools instead of a million things.

No. 619138

I always thought that the way she screencaps every little thing she orders was mega-tacky, but it kind of worked against her because someone was diligent enough to list off all the known items she decided to show off (which was almost everything).
I'm not sure these were details I wanted to know about her, but she seriously can't wonder why she's still in the same place she was a year or so ago.

No. 619170

file transferring isnt even hard

No. 619342

So what I got from the video is:
*She needs people to hold her hand through changing herself
*She thinks that she's being interesting when she's bitching
*She reads "hate forums" (like we didn't know) and thinks that they can all be summarised into "You're awful and you don't deserve to exist" Yeah Holly, THAT'S what we're saying; isn't it ironic when you keep "ranting" about stuff and saying exactly that, though? "People that do the 24 hour comic book day SHOULDN'T do it if they're just drawing their days!! These comics aren't comics and shouldn't exist!"
*Haters make her sad you guiz
And oh dear Lord, her process for that Momo sketch was so fucking awful, and that's how far into the video I got. I can't stand her rambling.

No. 619349

I tried to sit through it but omg her whining is hurting my ears. But seriously, she is both lacks self awareness and is a liar.

No. 619354

She should probably spend all that money she wastes on art supplies she won't use, on therapy. and stop using amazon as a crutch to fuel her addiction. she said herself that she needed it.
But I don't think any of us are in a position to dictate where she 'should be' putting her money. previous anon is right, it's tacky for her to post every little thing she spends money on instead of the things she admits she really needs help with.

No. 619362

Listing off all the projects you're working on doesn't make you sound impressive, Holly. It makes you sound flighty and unfocused.

No. 619368

>file transferring is so hard

use Dropbox you fucking retard?

No. 619378

File: 1529793849404.jpeg (254.58 KB, 750x788, 05BF22C8-F6D5-41DB-9B78-7D113D…)

No. 619415

>I've been thinking about this decision for awhile

But apparently doing absolutely no research because a 2 second google search would show how to xfer files easily between ipad and PC. It's like she's incapable of helping herself.

Is this the Huion she was just sent a week ago or a different one?

No. 619438

she has a mac. she can use icloud/files.

No. 619446


Or just airdrop it like any sensible person. What's the point of having an all apple ecosystem if you won't take advantage of it

No. 619488

why do I feel like she's selling her tablets just for some quick money

No. 619492

because she is the tablet was givin to her to review its free money for her

No. 619494

Tinfoiling but maybe she's trying to sell off her tablets because she needs to pay off the artists for the zine that she can't be fucked to complete?

It's more likely that she just wants to buy some other jumped up art supplies, but the total silence on the zine situation is damning.

No. 619531

That wreaks of a scam. There has to be some rule from the company about not selling the item you were sent for free to review?

No. 619698

She most likely had a contract and now its up or she declined any further ones .I remember in a video she said she hates reviewing things for companies.Appearently hates free gear and supplies and MONEY!.

No. 619709

She mentioned that contract said that she has to keep the video up or she would have purged it?

I don't think she's under any obligation to keep the tablet. A lot of people usually do giveaway things with this kind of stuff though…

No. 619729

A giveaway I could understand, but selling it is shady.

No. 619737

She's so fuckin greedy, I wouldn't put it past her.
If she was saving money up for something smart I'd understand it better, but pretty much everyone here knows 3 days later it's gonna be spent on some dumb shit.

No. 619772

Can we talk about how she keeps metioning this baord 80x threwout the whole video
^actual quote
Holly,Hon….Worry about buying more useless shit that wont fill the void.

No. 619821

I only started reading these like a month a go but most people her are NICER that her , AND give good advice. We make fun of her but 40% of these threads is genuine advice and if she ACTUALLY toon time to think about them she would be better off

No. 620038

god the way she holds her pencil always drives me up the wall. Her art always comes out looking just as uncomfortable as a result.

No. 620042

thanks for the autism anon ^-^

No. 620117

This month almost over and she's still pretending that fan zine didn't happen. I wish someone in the zine would asked her what's going on so she'd have to face the music.

No. 620151


Same here, anon. It wouldn'tve been so bad, if over 100 artists and the promise of money (however small the amount) were involved. This could've been a 'for fun' digital e-zine (then distribution would've been 100x easier) or for a cause (one that's not the "give Holly Money fund).

I really feel like this devalues and disrespects the artists involved's time and efforts. That's what she gets for taking on too many bullshit projects.

No. 620181

File: 1529871884162.jpg (467.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180624-152432_Tum…)

Holly you are the least qualified to answer anything about same face.

No. 620213

Wait what, big or small pupils are not supposed to be a distinctive feature, pupils enlarge and shrink depending on how much light there’s around. Maybe she meant the iris? But even then there’s no significant change in its size from person to person.
She has such an anime approach to things, I can’t even—

No. 620219

>>620181 instead of talking about shape faces and silouetes she takes a more Mr. Potato face aproach and just mix and match random features in between like…2 face shapes??? god somebody get this poor tumblr usser actual good advice

(also sorry for weird english)

No. 620262

File: 1529876746196.png (131.66 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180624-154217.png)


No. 620265

File: 1529876961205.png (51.49 KB, 631x489, Screenshot_1.png)

speak for yourself bitch

No. 620267

She always speaks for everyone and it pisses me off. Also it seems like she automatically assumes every single artist sucks at math or are not as smart as other people. Which pisses me off to no end as well.

No. 620285

no Holly, on average, artists are a lot better at the mathematical and logical side of things. you're just a dumbass.

No. 620287

File: 1529878423639.png (129.39 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180624-160930.png)

No. 620290

File: 1529878488507.png (149.82 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180624-160944.png)

No. 620292

It's official, this bitch has lost all touch with reality.

Hey Holly, why don't you set a goal to FINISH THE ZINE since you're such a ~goal oriented hard worker~

No. 620315

Or even follow through with her 5,000 other projects .

No. 620368

i know it says negative but at first glance it looks like negatne lol

No. 620388

File: 1529882106298.png (98.11 KB, 520x609, Screenshot_20180624-171512.png)

No. 620401

Couldn't she just mail them off instead of having to make several accounts. Which sounds pretty shady. Or is that not how a Zine works?

No. 620441

I think she means she's going to make a new paypal email to connect to a seperate store so it won't mix with her personal/own business account. Though idk why she waited until the art deadline do that.

The advice is fine, too bad she can't follow it herself lol.

Slightly ot but does Holly have any actual friends? In her advice she says to get a supportive friendgroup but I doubt she has any herself?

No. 620495

File: 1529888467348.png (294.05 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180624-185653.png)

Let's see where this goes!

No. 620498

File: 1529888522965.png (289.34 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180624-185657.png)

No. 620526

File: 1529889914279.png (302.16 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180624-192117.png)

C'mon BRown I wanna prod the bull!!!(cowtipping)

No. 620541

You do realize she lurks here…

No. 620570

lame don't tip the cow

No. 620738

Simple answer
she said in one video I forget that she go t burnt out with animation and "its not her thing"
so there you go no more clever kitchen or Hamilton animatic or Hamilton book
she literally always does this shit!
Anon has she updated paranormal plauge OR purgetory recently ? besides 1 page every 3 months ?

No. 620760

you can't really tip a cow that knows they're a cow.

the zine is going to be disastrous. it's already a trainwreck. I said this before, but I seriously think it should've just been available as a digital distribution,

but no, that would mean not enough money or credit siphoning through to good ol BRown's grubby paws.

like, she's obviously not doing this because she enjoys being a part of an art community or Fandom.

No. 620768

This is bad advice in general but its understandable Holly thinks this way given her strong background in drawing 'anime'. If anybody on this board is reading this and has the same problem with same face my advice would be to actually go out there and study different faces irl. Drawing from life will lvl up your art a lot faster than drawing heavily stylized pieces all the time.

Holly, the school is giving you an opportunity to learn how to save your own money by teaching you accounting. You complain about how you don't have enough money all the time so please at least make the effort to take advantage of this opportunity.


This isn't necessarily bad advice. If you have no money to do art you should just start grinding fundamentals with pencil and paper until you can save up better supplies. Also, there are companies out there like Huion who sell decent tablets for pretty cheap if you want to dabble in digital art without breaking bank.

True but its still dumb tipping a cow publicly because that's just going to bring a bunch of fans to the forum who are going to disrupt everything and no one wants that.

No. 620775

She was supposed to work on interior graphic and shit while waiting for the applicants to send their pieces. She had like what two months? Once you have your layout you can easily place the pieces in indesign with just a couple of clicks- but no, she has to wait until the last minute to start doing the basics for a project SHE wanted to make and that she rushed people to finish in time.
She doesn’t have ONE professional bone in her body.

No. 620846

File: 1529926681904.jpg (505.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180625-063836_Tum…)

No. 620861

So is it the case that the artists didn't even get an email that says
>Thanks! got the submissions, i'll edit it together now
or are the people hassling her just random trolls who are out of the loop?

No. 620872

To add to the point about tablets. I've never bought a tablet new. Decent non-screen tablets are really easy to find on craigslist and kijiji for half price. And a lot of them are mint because a lot of people find out they don't like using them.

My advice is if you want to get into digital art, buy a tablet in the $25-50 range used. And then buy clip or SAI. If you're a kid that's a pretty easy ask.

And traditional? Start with paper and pencil. After that I honestly think it'll cost you way more in the log term.

No. 620897

people have been making art for ages and beginners have never had a problem to start drawing, i don't understand why that is even a discussion now.

that being said, i remembered holly's 'beginner art supplies' video where she lists off "cheap" art supplies for young artists and it was just absolutely ridiculous. if someone wants to draw they can make do with a free pencil from ikea and printer paper.
she's so obnoxious.

No. 620928

File: 1529936750926.jpeg (800.99 KB, 750x973, C9785913-338F-45EF-9721-D37A58…)

Hey Holly, it might just be my opinion and you’re not likely to care but this is not a cute look. At least do something about those roots please! jfc

No. 620933

Does she ever brush her hair? Looks dry af.

No. 620934

Brushing is the last thing you want to do with hair like that unless it's wet.

No. 620935

I bet you she doesn’t.

No. 620938

That hair texture doesn't need brushing when dry (it'll just frizz up and look dryer). Instead she should add leave in conditioners and run it through her hair with her fingers.

No. 620939

i dunno i think she looks cute/feminine here

No. 620950

She looks so bad. That hair needs a good condition and to be run through with some sort of coconut hair oil and run through with fingers.

No. 620954

>>620928 call me blind but i find holly atractive (but the hair does need some work), but the personality kills it

No. 620964

I have a very similar curl pattern as holly and you really, really don't want to brush it. What she should do is use a wide-toothed comb and normal conditioner in the shower to detangle, and scrunch in leave-in conditioners + a light gel when her hair is wet and combed through. Also drying it with an old t-shirt instead of a normal towel.

No. 620979

>i find holly attractive
I mean, to each their own and all that, but I really can't help but ask…why?

No. 620983

i'll let others argue about brushing/conditioning - what I noticed is with her hair over her face a bit her face looks less like a wood block and her blue eyes shine with everything else being earth/red tones. her expression is softer. I dunno overall she looks bright and open

No. 620985

Also I think the colors pretty , but would like for her to fix up her roots . Tbh I think she would look good with red hair ? Idk why.also if she could part her hair that would suit her face shape then it'll look better. Over all if I hadn't known what her personality was like I would have been "ooh cute" but it's a different thing when you connect someones face to their personality that you can exactly do that ???(( wow what a ramble and a half))

No. 620986

Can't not can *

No. 620990


I hope people don't start bitching about her "potato face" again. She can't change the shape of her face.

For her hair, however, she needs to brush it wet and throw in a curling cream or a leave in conditioner. At least an anti frizz spray, come on, holly.

No. 621005

File: 1529942290889.jpg (511.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180625-105750_Twi…)

No. 621006

File: 1529942314512.jpg (513.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180625-105754_Twi…)

No. 621007

File: 1529942345148.jpg (526.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180625-105759_Twi…)

No. 621008

File: 1529942381820.jpg (563.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180625-105810_Twi…)

No. 621011

Yes holly because getting on a bike once for 2 hours a week is helping . Also good comes into play here . Have a set workout and cut portion size and results should come.

No. 621015

File: 1529942488213.jpg (548.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180625-105805_Twi…)

No. 621035

God, holly's the opitime of "it didn't work for me, so it won't work for any body." and "it did work for me so it'll work for anyone and is the correct and ONLY way to do it."

No. 621045

This. There's no excuse for her hair being a rat's nest.

Hi, Blind.

You're dumb as fuck Holly because you don't get thin from exercise alone, but eating habits too.

Exactly. She can't say anything without including everyone else.
"Artists can't do math we're too dumb!"
"I never lost any weight with yoga, and no one else will either."
"I can afford fancy art products, everyone can!"

No. 621049

SO what are the artists of the zine going to do if they don't get an email from her again cause of a "mistake"? Is she just going to take their art and use it to make money and keep their share for themselves??

No. 621065

Looking "feminine" is over-rated. Also, fuck off.

No. 621131

sorry for OT, but i hate the myth that you need to change your diet to lose weight. you don't, you can just exercise. it does help maybe, but it's not impossible to lose weight without diet changes.

No. 621145

File: 1529950292060.png (524.5 KB, 672x685, Capture.PNG)

No. 621147

those legs

No. 621148

nice legs slenderman.

Good to know that she has time to do this when she should be working on the zine.

No. 621152

HOLY SHIT LMAAAAAOOOO shoujo legs galore

No. 621163

Actually it more beneficial to have a clean diet while losing weight. In the long run it'll be more helpful in keeping the weight off. Or get the metabolism up. Yes while there are people who can eat basically junk food and not gain weight that's because of their metabolism. Now going on a diet doesn't mean you can have chest days . You just have to do it in moderation . Also it'll help with anyone's health in the long run , which is eat clean and with good portion sizes. Holly's on a kind of good track with walking a lot but that'll only do so much.

No. 621164

*can't have cheat days
Because you can still have "junk" food just not as much as you used to.

No. 621188

File: 1529952470776.png (283.4 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Work smarter not harder Holly.

No. 621204

if she stops working hard, how could she trash on other people?

No. 621206

File: 1529953691122.png (592.12 KB, 554x631, r.PNG)


No. 621209

File: 1529953822188.png (142.25 KB, 242x500, 20180625_201048.png)

No. 621224

File: 1529954876175.png (234.25 KB, 896x619, t.PNG)

No. 621226

File: 1529954982962.png (317.33 KB, 732x571, g.PNG)

have you all seen her comic, last I've seen its 285 pages of pure gold

No. 621229

Gotta love the hands in this one, they couldn't be any worse if she tried

No. 621232

those paw hands FUCK! how does it make sense?! please please please holly try to take your time drawing these small details. please!! quality over quantity!

No. 621234


Is this supposed to be dramatic, cause all I can see is pure comedy.

No. 621241

File: 1529956373530.png (818.15 KB, 899x594, red.PNG)

No. 621244

e r o t i c

No. 621254


Ugh she so ignorant I can't stand it.

No. 621263

Just slapping "PU S H" on the page isn't going to make it any more dynamic, BRown

No. 621266

File: 1529958676506.png (638.23 KB, 999x586, molest 1.PNG)

No. 621267

File: 1529958714942.png (826.86 KB, 1069x577, molest 2.PNG)

No. 621271

god why does the lineart look so plastic?

No. 621275

these are suppost to be during the molestation scene, a major plot point

No. 621286

Gotta love Simon's marsupial pouch

No. 621293

because she vectors all her lineart in Illustrator for some reason

No. 621306

File: 1529961105515.jpg (26.7 KB, 120x114, true fear.jpg)

This comic has been slowly degrading into absolute shit – the combination of stiff poses and line art in these panels is overwhelming to say the least.

No. 621313

ahh, the chin phase

>weh weh proven results

literally all she has to do is google "yoga weight loss" and see tons of articles and before-afters of people who lost weight with yoga. i swear to god this bitch has never googled anything a day in her life.

No. 621321

Seriously though yoga comes from some of the oldest books known to man, I think it’s been proven to work.

No. 621334

File: 1529962992054.png (118 KB, 996x712, hollys on a roll today lol.PNG)

No. 621342

If anything Holly's art is all the ammo art profs need that manga influences are shit. Her style is a horrific amalgamation between anime and cartoony because she refuses to apply any fundamentals to it because she's so hellbent on doing what SHE wants and thinks is good, and not what's proven to work. And considering how result oriented she is you'd think she'd take the fundamentals a lot more seriously.

(disclaimer: not saying all artists who use manga for influence are trash, but that's because those artists also apply basic anatomy and fundies…2 things Holly can't/won't do.)

No. 621346

>but if it's manga related at all then it's just not SOPHISTICATED ENOUGH

Sure Jan, tell yourself whatever makes you feel better. Just because she couldn't make it SOPHISTICATED by studying her fundamentals properly now it's the school's fault :V

No. 621356

Anime influence isnt bad if you know what anime to take influence from. Like you know? the actual good ones ? And maybe ? Like? Study what works in it and what doesnt ? But in all seriousness I dont see the anime influence I just see the generic american comic style if it was put through 200 photoshop filters and than vectored and colored with the gradient tool.

No. 621358

Kek how slow is she biking? At 3 minutes a km I burn 500 calories an hour and I'm 125 at 5'6. Maybe she should try harder since she'll burn alot more calories being at a higher weight.

Holly if you're reading this: go on bike trails where there are hills and get a tracker that actually tracks your heart rate and shit like bike speed, elevation gain and descent to accurately track how many calories you're burning.

Because if you really are biking for 2 hours straight and not even burning 600 calories, you're doing something wrong

No. 621363

It's not a myth it's just easier to cut out 600 calories by not doing anything compared to working intensely for an hour every day if you have a busy schedule

No. 621368


You can garauntee she's never been to a yoga class in her life. And somehow I doubt she'd be able to keep up if she did.

No. 621395


OT, but to the anon who screencapped this, your font absolutely sucks.

On topic, she just made a video saying "hm maybe I shouldn't shit on other people's methods of improvement/enjoyment, but then goes "hm Idk I think yoga is pretty BS!"

She just can't help herself, can she?
Some types of yoga require you to hold up your own physical body weight for a prolonged period. She doesn't have the right to speak for anyone on anything.
She needs to learn to stay in her fucking lane if she doesn't know anything about a subject unless she was willing to learn it.

So disingenuous.

No. 621409


That floor supposed to be hardwood? It's pissing me off, that's too many got damn lines.

No. 621426

File: 1529970190436.png (302.02 KB, 387x416, htefuckign.png)

She would just bitch and moan about how it hurt and make fun of the yoga instructor. Because she's a cunt.

The hair, eyes and expressions are what scream animu to me. ESPECIALLY the hair.

And what the fuck is this face omg

No. 621451

Its actually really rare for /ic/ to even post about her. The only times they would post is on "art cringe/tumblr art" or "bad youtube channels". The rest is porn and loomis memes

No. 621488

I feel like Holly is gonna be exposed as liking incest porn soon, like Groscar.

No. 621518

No. 621524

The fact that she said she doesn't want to see all the negativity in these forums when she is her own cesspool of negativity…

No. 621526

You know what's sad, I actually put effort in my artwork than hers. Her art would either look rushed or looking a little skewed.

No. 621541

Her fish tank made me angry. The grime on the top, the water level. Colour of the water doesn't make me mad instantly because looks can be deceiving. But it's so obvious she isn't on top of any of checking levels if the tank looks that disgusting.

No. 621542

does anyone know where i can read her "prince of eros" comic? its not on tapas it seems, and i only just found out about this, i assumed her recent comic project was her first foray into making porn comics

No. 621548

I can't watch this video. It's too fucking disgusting-
how did she let dirt and grime and shit cake up like that in her room?
It's GOOD she's cleaning it, but honestly, who would want to buy ANYTHING off her after watching several of her videos of her room like this for so long.

No. 621549


>"hey I'm cleaning my room"

-next clip-

>Hey i picked up these fuckin broken glasses cause they're so fuckin cute, I couldn't just leave them and take a picture I had to bring them into my shitty room I said I was going to clean"

No. 621564

seeing that poor angelfish, just no.

like if you aren't gonna care for it and do basic shit like water changes, caring for the aquatic plants, and such then don't have a fish. They aren't "disposable" or as easy as people make them out to be. Her tank reminds me of those tanks you see when looking for second-hand fish tanks on Craigslist. Gross and crusty.

No. 621569

She's lazy as shit. It would be more of a surprise if she did take care of the fish tank.

No. 621571

File: 1529984087359.png (117.7 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


No. 621572

File: 1529984142211.png (126.26 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Im sorry Holly but creative freedom means NOTHING if you're not getting enough money to survive. Stop shitting on people that are successful in a field you could never enter

No. 621580



I really wished she'd come off the 'tee hee drawin dix for money!' shit, literally no one cares, many other artists do it. she pretty much amassed the wrong demographic to keep pointing it out. She keeps talking about it like she's got to 'come to terms' with drawing nsfw art for money like it was dirty, like come on, grow up already.

No. 621688

File: 1529995444482.png (240.85 KB, 582x398, oksure.PNG)

so BRown only expects/like men with thin lips? I mean to each their own but this probably explains why her same face is so bad and why all her men look like lifeless planks of wood

No. 621709

well thats a great way to say 'I hated to draw the Hamilton characters and anybody that isnt the ugliest white dude I dont enjoy drawing' I usually dont freak out over small statements but Holly seems to to just shit out any idea she has even if it doesnt coincide with 99% of the actions,
>Draw Hamilton Animatics & obsess over the musical as a whole
>"I just watched hercules and hes the only dude i like with pronounced lips idk lol idk"

I guess all those failed drawings of poc's have gotten to her and shes giving herself an exit to draw characters with any real physical traits, just plain thin lipped, dorito chinned, smirking, brow raised, cockeyed fugly men.
(I mean how many exscuses can you make to not switch up your character roster / get better period. Just deny yourself any chance to grow that'll make money)

No. 621753

>’thin lipped dorito chinned smirking brow raised’

No. 621792


agreed, like even if her art is super good and sexy i'm sure it'll turn people off from buying it when they see the author constantly saying "this isnt serious gaiz!! i just need money!!! lmao porn is silly right xD"

No. 621877

Holly you would benefit a lot from the curly girl method. I know you read here, just look it up and save your hair from being a rat's nest forever.

No. 621891

I’m not surprised she’s depressed when she lives in this disaster of a room. She just hoards stuff and keeps adding more to it knowing she has no space? Logic.

No. 621902

File: 1530021448935.jpg (832.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180626-085208_Twi…)

What is that ?

No. 621976

I don't know what's worse, the fact that the character looks like they're melting or the fucked up letters.

No. 621978

it's official, every vlog now has her burping without editing it out. Way to go for a trademark™. Can't say it doesn't fit her well though.

No. 621984


>ßang banc

No. 622081

Holly, you're an irresponsible cunt.
Stop making new projects every fucking day and just finish something for once you twat.

No. 622113

>>621902 The only thing I can think of that this might be is fanart for is the song Maxwell's Silver Hammer by the Beatles.

No. 622185

I hate when she does That Fucking Mouth it never looks good

No. 622193


I was just about to say I hate that fucking 3 mouth drowsy-eyed look in general but when she does it, it's pretty horrendous. This is basically reese.

No. 622205

Holly should just take a break once in a while, and also stop hording stuff as well.

No. 622206

I finish my drawings, Holly should really work on finishing her work as well.

No. 622341


No1curr that other anons art alot of people do

No. 622417


Sage your god damn posts. Also no1curr.

No. 622427

Anyone know if Holly is still working on her porn comic? She seems to have drawn two(?) pages and stopped mentioning it all together

No. 622433


she mentions in her recent vlog that she's almost done inking it.

No. 622452


No. 622455

Is she even trying anymore?
Look at that shit~!

No. 622469

I've been watching sketch books videos , One came up with the artist Karl Kopinski .A quote he said really got me thinking " There is no end point , the end point is you dying" Basically Holly it's not to late to improve .Once you settle for "i'm good now and this is fine" that's when bad habits and your art starts to stagnate as Kopinski mentioned as well. She could go far in art .But instead chose to stay in her comfort zone .Which as we can see has stunted her artistic growth quite a bit.I hope something get through to her and that she at some point fixes her attitude now rather than later. Because she's gonna run into something she won't be able to get out of or call out and actually get backlash that will last until she herself can apologize without any excuses .
of course that would be a big blow to her ego , and ruin the echo chamber she's in .It only takes a few of her fans to wake up and say " hey this isn't right "

No. 622484

File: 1530063774680.jpg (31.17 KB, 720x330, IMG_20180626_184329.jpg)

No. 622512

Oh god I can’t wait to see Holly draw MCR again!!! Shoot me now

No. 622542

does she have autism?

No. 622543

thats because you know you'll never make it into mainstream holly !
stop kidding yourself

No. 622562

I mean she did take a test and scored pretty high on it. Plus stating that" most artist have autism " but idk maybe .
I can see she has hoarding tendencies..which I hope she gets he room fixed up soon just yikes.

No. 622643

is that even a question anon

No. 622644

can people start saging shit that’s not milky, you only have to write sage in the email box. It’s not that hard.

No. 622658


We had this discussion like 2 or 3 threads back, we're not having it again.

No. 622875

How much do you guys wanna bet the true colors zone isn't gonna happen ?
Like she's spent so much time doing other shit when the deadlines coming around . Shell probably make excuses such as "ooOOoH guyz I work so hard that I just couldn't "

No. 622971

She shouldn't have involved other people in her bullshit. If you've been following her for a while, you HAVE to know that she begins and leaves shit unfinished every week. Maybe she even thought that getting other people involved would motivate her to actually finish this one, but I bet her "How DARE the FMA zine reject me!!" spite lost its steam pretty quickly after she started True Colors, and nothing got the project going again.

No. 622990


That shit better get finished, I want to see the horrible result. However, I would also like to see a shitfest if it doesn't get done.

No. 623006

Shell probably end up blaming people for joining in tbh.
"Guyz ya know you didn't have to join for fucks sake" or something like that or "if you have a problem with it why did you join?" . But I hope that this will be a wake up call for her to accept that she failed but time and was in over her head.

No. 623018


I sincerely hope that people call her out on her bullshit, it's almost July and she's been doing literally everything else except working on the zine.
this is so disrespectful of those artists' time

No. 623033

But but anon give her time to breathe!

No. 623050

everyone is just so mean to her!!!

No. 623051

I'm in this damn zine and if she doesn't go through with it I will drag her
I feel like she thought it was a good way to get a quick buck.
She should be working on the shit for her conventions coming up.

No. 623060


This feeds my soul.
Thank you anon.

You can tell she was never serious about this to begin with, probably did not expect to even get this far, and now that she has to actually do work, she's radio silent on it.

All 'cause she was mad her wonky-ass animu art style didn't get her into a damned FMA zine.

No. 623086

File: 1530138990624.jpg (173.03 KB, 861x826, CaY6U7I.jpg)

Just as bad in print as it was digitally.


>Everyone else is selling their prints at this reasonably standard size, so I'm going to make mine BIGGER for NO REASON. I'm unique.

No. 623095

Holly, having "better" things than other artists does not make you a better artist.

And the coloring on that is so flat! The abuse of gradient shading does not give it any depth whatsoever, it just makes it more painfully obvious how 2D it is.

No. 623096

Yes. This is what I'd buy at a con. Shitty fan art of the back of my favorite characters. Makes sense.

No. 623107

I sell at cons and Holly has this badly proportioned little to no detail print featuring Spike with a leg about two feet shorter than the other and a view of Faye's back at an obnoxious and unnecessary large print size that she plans to price low and undercut everyone else while praising her superior business sense. Like I'm not even mad I'm just excited for the shit show. I can't imagine shes going to be making much money.

No. 623108

do we have a count of what exactly (or what she intends to have) she's going to be selling at this con? so far, it seems like a few prints, a sticker sheet, 5 books (only one of which are actually done), maybe the wooden notebooks she's been getting preorders for, the ash/herschel pins? am i missing anything?

san japan is only 2 months away. she's going to cave under pressure.

No. 623109

samefag, but she ALSO intends to share the table with twisted? she's not gonna have enough table space.

No. 623129

File: 1530143167109.jpg (219.12 KB, 1080x722, Screenshot_20180627-184622_Twi…)

Nah fam it's your who needs to chill

No. 623153

Wait so she's going to be selling Ash and Hershel pins for a comic she hasn't even finished 10 pages of? How does that make any sense

No. 623182


God, she’s so fucking white.

No. 623200

It really does amaze me how much she hyped up paranormal plague and was so excited to work on it apparently. So much so that she made fucking pins before she had even finished their designs, and she’s not even made a dent in the pages at all.

Idfk how she even plans to market her gross porno comic when the only people that know the characters are her followers. Most of which aren’t even following her for that shit or remotely interested in it.

I would say I don’t understand her logic but I don’t think she even has logic. Too busy trying to make a quick buck. Sad that she chose literally one of the worst jobs to make a quick buck in

No. 623237

Autistic expense sheet anon here, got you covered. Not sure what is finished of some of it.

- PP Acrylic charms
- Hamilton Zine (not happening, no way)
- Prints (you can basically get the full list in her store)
- True Colors Zine
- PP Sticker Sheet
- Dead Girl Sticker Sheet
- Anime Objects Sticker Sheet
- SU Sticker Sheet
- BNHA Sticker Sheet (2)
- PP Chapter One (Sure thing.)
- Purgatory
- PP Pencil Case

Possibly more, this is off the top of my head.

No. 623238

Seriously, she's got more merch than pages.

No. 623267

No. 623270


I swear every thumbnail of her vlog is her gross-looking food, and every time it's "I'm trying to be healthy , but this is kinda not ha ha ha!"

No. 623274

Jesus Christ, her legs are so painfully flat. The fact that Holly constantly talks about how important it is to use references and study from life and then draws shit like this pisses me off

No. 623282

She complained her teachers warned her not to draw too much amime. Shes so dumb. Its literally holding her back since she stylizes everything. Listen to your teachers Holly

No. 623288

Same, I am so excited to see her crash and burn. She's already spent way too much to break even at the con, let alone make a profit. I'm so sad I didn't get a table for San Japan because I'd love to have a front row seat to this shit show.

No. 623294

I can verify from talking to her personally about the time she tabled at San Japan while Baylee Jae was there, she made little to no profit back. And she had much more appealing fanart back then. I doubt she’ll sell much of anything this time around

No. 623303


I wonder how many of her fans are local…Honestly this con couldn't come sooner. It's going to go so badly for her, the prints with fan art are obviously half-assed, and nobody cares about your OCs with barely 10 pgs of work.

She's going to be sitting there just being self deprecating probably. She'll honestly be passed up and if anyone bothers to google her name, the first thing that'll come up are these forums.

I'm very interested in if she'll manage to make the zine by then….

I wonder if part of the reason why she's slow on completing putting it together is cause she has to look at other people's art and she's sitting there kinda hating on it.

No. 623332

She made videos (before and after) talking about her experience tabling that first time (I know cuz it was how I found her channel) are they gone now? I cant find them

No. 623369

Honestly, I feel like the only reason Holly says she doesn't want a job in a studio is because she finally realized she doesn't have the skills to make it in the industry.

No. 623377

Or she got brutally rejected by each one she applied to

No. 623380

Why not both?

No. 623386

Honestly? I think she just doesn’t like taking orders from anyone or having her work critiqued. Seeing how she can’t take criticism in school alone, there’s no way she would be able to work in a place that requires it. Besides that, she obviously doesn’t like working around people so that hinders her chances at ever working in a studio, unless she does contract work from home.

No. 623389

Tbh making a living wage off of your own art is so much better than working at a studio. It always sucks to see mediocre artists get lucky with youtube while most freelancers have to work a day job to support themselves

No. 623397

Honestly? That’s the base for pretty much every job though. I can’t see her lasting long enough with her “porn comic” alone, and sooner or later her fan base will grow out of her.
She looks appealing to young inexperienced kids or people who want to support her “honest opinions”, but it’s not going to last. Life is making sacrifices, working hard on things until you make it, and she has no idea how to stick to a goal.
Nobody likes to be told around, pretty much everybody wants to be their own boss, and I do understand the appeal of working as a freelance; but you can make this choice without shitting on studio jobs, especially since she doesn’t have any proof backing up how much it sucks.
She’s always like this, she shits on everything she can’t have; and if by chance she manage to get what she wanted, it’s now the best thing ever and everybody else is stupid.
I wish she didn’t get e-famous at all, that would teach her a thing or two.
Not understanding that anime alone won’t bring you anywhere especially in art school is so idiotic I can only picture kids moaning about it.
You can have anime influences and do whatever the fuck you want, but they’re not going to judge you over how many shitty controversial videos you make; your school will judge you for your real skills, and they’re tucking lacking.
Study instead of moaning, then apply what you’ve learned to your horrible animuh soulless puppets, and you’re done.

No. 623435

p-please anon.. I believe you!

No. 623441


No. 623458

What's the point of eating salad (an ugly looking one, nontheless, I swear she has some unique talent to make her food look ugly) when you still drink coke?

No. 623503

Ofc making money from selling your own peronal art is better, thats the dream, but its not realistic for everyone. If you need money then working for a studio is a smart move. Her youtube fame isnt going to last and then what? Who would hire her? No school would. No studio either.

No. 623505

Especially after she’s spent years talking shit about publishers and animation studios.

No. 623522

BRown's the epitome of "I'm not like other girls/ people" That's such a stupid thing to be proud about when the people on the print aren't even interacting with their setting and look copy-pasted in.

No. 623538

Holly “people are so sensitive nowadays!”
>unfollows people she likes cause she can’t stand seeing a different opinion than hers

Sure Holly, it’s everybody else that’s super sensitive. Your skin is as thick as metal
God she’s so such a hypocrite.

No. 623600

every time she gets rejected from something or sees that she won't be getting something she wants she bitches and fusses like "I NEVER WANTED TO BE A PART OF YOUR DUMB (zine/studio/artist collective/school ANYWAY)"
she just thinks that she can do what ever she wants and make money off of it but it never lasts her. not to mention "if I draw peen, I make lots of money lol" is so immature. it's true for a lot of artists but they don't make a huge deal out of it.
"woops! can't show ya that! I almost slipped and went back and you would've saw peeen! teehee!"

like. she needs to get over herself. her stuff isn't even appealing.

also if you look at her patreon, that's pretty much where she's putting all her energy. into the nsfw comic. so that means she's not working on the zine or paranormal plague, or anything else. but if she wants to just ditch all her other projects to draw porn (which she won't admit), she'll need to ditch her squealing teenage fan base too. so.

No. 623824

File: 1530225189508.jpeg (155.66 KB, 640x407, DBD84E19-D10A-4198-9D68-6D7183…)

I kind of see her point but fat prople with appealing fat distribution do exist.
Hourglass figures tends to keep their shape even when they gain weight and tend to have a slimmer face up until a certain weight. Same goes for the pear shaped girls, fat distribution is a thing and it’s diverse from person to person. Yes people tend to draw more hourglass shaped girls or pear shaped girls but that’s because usually it’s what’s most fun to draw to certain people because it results in a more stereotyped feminine body.
And it’s not like apple shaped girls are not drawn at all. It’s like complaining about people not drawing girls with sharp features or huge jaws or stuff like that. They draw what they like to draw, if they prefer a pear or hourglass shaped, it’s STILL not the ideal of beauty if you add more fat than what “society” wants.

No. 623826

i see more disgusting tumblr style art with unflattering fatties tbh.

No. 623845

first second of the vlog… holly, have you seen a dick before?

No. 623847

File: 1530227488479.png (Spoiler Image, 769.73 KB, 896x540, Screenshot_3.png)

forgot to add the image like a dumbass

No. 623853

she's married but they probably only screw with the lights off other than one of those star projectors, playing romantic disney themes in the bg.

No. 623858

holly has such a weird aproach to studying.. she'll go outside and take photos then draw them as studies, i mean, photo references are fine but i feel like she should train her eyes to transform a 3d enviorment into a 2d picture. For example, robin clonts did a video about that same subject and she is a really good painter but even she had this problem since her eye wasnt used to it

holly you lurk here so please: try to go to actual figure model sesions and draw on the outside, not just photos, try to understand that stuff has volume and isnt just a play set up with carboard trees

No. 623871


Are you sure you're in the right thread and not talking about baylee, anon

No. 623873


but then she can't spend her hard earned money on dumb shit, anon, what kind of advice is that!
investing in actual figure drawing sessions,
psh. Get Real. /s

No. 623878

>>623847 that dick looks so weird i bet she just uses her dildo as reference kek

>>623853 you meant baylee.. but granted, if someone were to fuck any of them it would be in pitch black

No. 623920


"You fee my bedy heat"

No. 623975

i guess she's taking the doujin route of dialogue

No. 623991

Watch holly push the zine back to August.either that or end of July ??????????? Like I hope that no one will let her forget the zine. If that happens the shell get away with a really shitty thing .

No. 624018

File: 1530244841647.png (400.38 KB, 521x683, Screenshot_20180628-220041.png)

No. 624021


h…how do fuck up a drawing of a tyre so bad

No. 624038

Holly streaming on serkworks channel talking about depression

No. 624056

She's live on this podcast now.

No. 624077

how is this mimicking gouache at all?? it just looks like messy digital painting.

No. 624085

It means Kyle t Webster gouache brushes I’m gonna guess. They’re popular for imitating the kinda style she’s going for

No. 624115

I really don’t hate her paintings at all, her traditional paintings are of course flawed but I much prefer them over that thin lined gradient shaded garbage. This isn’t completely awful either, she just gotta brush up on some Marco Bucci or something. Learn that shit’s got form and the figure isn’t a carboard cutout.
… But we know she’s not gonna do that, so fuck me for trying to be optimistic w/ Miss BRown :(

No. 624191

Agreed, I prefer her traditional stuff too. I'm not optimistic about her at all tho kek, we've seen enough from her to realize that by now

No. 624197

Literally every artist other than holly admits it when they're just learning and practicing something, but holls is like "I'm a pro!! I know all of this already!!"

No. 624271

Omfg she draws all the limbs like weird cylinders wth no shape for musclr/anatomy. Also the bike tires??? What?? You're working digitally dude you can fix that. I dont understand

No. 624443

I totally disagree I prefer her sketchy style because the thin lines and lack of shading hides her misunderstanding of form, her rendered stuff looks polished at a glance because she generally includes good contrast and colors, but the more you look at the forms the flatter it looks because every detail is placed in a whacky haphazard manner /sage for opinions

No. 625145

Lol fair enough, seeing her chicken scratch sketches makes me break out in hives tho. Someone please teach her to draw from the arm, not the wrist, bc I honestly dunno if she can make a clean line w/o going over it 50 times

No. 625281

File: 1530340619303.jpg (564.79 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180630-013715_Chr…)

I may just be dumb but has this always been there ?
I'll accept if I just didn't pay attention?

No. 625283

File: 1530340651227.png (46.18 KB, 767x371, holly joins gym.png)

>joins an overpriced gym just to use an indoor treadmill and maybe swim
Great waste of $129 can't wait for her to play on the machines. Also if she were to start lifting anywhere that's not planet fitness, she would be approached by other gym rats telling her she is doing something wrong and will might feel offend and quit

No. 625293

File: 1530341197030.gif (5.15 MB, 400x400, naurunto.gif)

Can't fucking wait for her to vlog about this

No. 625433

NDA for your exams? Never heard of that, it just sounds like she doesn’t have anything to show and she’s making things up.
Also guess what Holly, people don’t talk much about the program because it’s aimed at people who work and study in the field, you don’t need videos saying that it’s a good program if it’s what you work on a daily basis at school or in a studio. It’s one of those things you learn about while researching and USUALLY people only buy it because they have a real need for it.
Funny how now she purchased it only for clever kitchen when she said it was an investment and it was money well spent. Mh.

No. 625578

can’t wait for a holly rant about how many skinny people go to the gym and how she isn’t seeing any improvement just walking on a treadmill

No. 625582

> sup sluts
> The entire comment section is instantly horny on main
What is wrong with people.

No. 625598

If she DOESN'T want to be A PROFESSIONAL animator than flash or something cheap would have been better. This just shows to her audience that the would need super expensive products .heck if you try hard enough you could make an animation in fucking fire alpaca that's guess what free.
This just shows that no matter the features on a product you'll never grow or improve if you don't learn fundemtneals

No. 625611


>in an American comic artist

Yeah, she definitely wrote this herself.

No. 625615


Yeah, no, sorry, your personality isn't likeable enough and you aren't chummy enough with anyone to be calling them 'sluts', hop off.

I swear, sometimes she tries too hard to sound like other artists like Mewtripled but it falls flat cause she's fake af. Already done with the video, shitty way to start it off, tryhard.

No. 625636


Terri Delgado is a dumbass for wasting $200 on Holly's flighty dabbling. You don't help someone drop over half a thousand on a damn program she's never gonna use after it's all said and done. She sounds so ungrateful.

And I love how she was saying that the people who do the storytime 'animations' should move to TVpaint, but like, they literally don't have time to use TVP because Adobe Flash/Animate is easier to pick up and just start using. It doesn't have a learning curve OR the price tag to get started. She needs to stop trying to buy professionalism, then turn around and say she's a 'hobbyist' after figuring out it's too much work for her. Hobbyist is where she should've been ok starting off as, not the other way round.

No. 625781

Or Opentoonz, which is completely free, and was literally used to make works like Futurama and Studio Ghibli films.

No. 625787

exactly! theres also a learning curve but there are tutorials that are really helpful

i wonder if she didntt like it or just didnt knew it existed, but giving her weeabooness she must know it?

No. 625797


WHY THE FUCK… is she animating in a 7000px canvas?

No. 625843

>she tries too hard to sound like other artists like Mewtripled

That's what I was thinking too lmao, tbh Mewtripled is annoying too with that edgy rude attitude

No. 625851

If she wants to make animations in these overblown resolutions why not use adobe animate since it's vector based?

No. 625946

As a matter of fact, TVPaint is much easier to pick up and in general way more intuitive than Flash, and OpenToonz is a big mess of a software that's only really usable by the studios used to working with it (especially since they have custom plugins to work with) while it is very much hard to use for anyone else.

Not that I want in any way defend Holly's stupid decision to pay to get a TVP license she's not even really using, as perfectly functional cracked versions are available online, but when it comes to hand-drawn animation, TVP really is one of the best and most intuitive softwares you could work with.

Too bad Holly's only ever going to make monstrosities with that.

No. 625959

That sucks for the author, looks like google is melding their work into one.

No. 625973

>you don’t need videos saying that it’s a good program if it’s what you work on a daily basis at school or in a studio

Yep. It'd be like reviewing photoshop. No one gives out a review of the industry standard.

No. 625981

File: 1530404335211.png (20.59 KB, 701x219, 2018-07-01 09_59_52-TV Paint- …)

No. 626029

File: 1530409570772.jpg (197.55 KB, 1059x698, Screenshot_20180630-204635_Twi…)

No. 626054

I hope she stops talking like this soon.

No. 626063

no Holly, let the glutes guide you

No. 626130

>holly with a dildo
it makes me shudder imagining it

No. 626214

File: 1530436182781.jpeg (215.35 KB, 750x1010, F8C376BA-2F13-42F3-959C-139014…)

What a surprise, kicking off about people wanting updates. How hypocritical for her when she has a dogshit attitude herself

No. 626217

like duh…this is why people only choose a few artists for zines in the first place. it's useless complaining about the work when it's your own fault you have to send 300+ emails

No. 626222

What do you expect? You have people infuriatingly short deadlines just so that you could take your time doing your stuff and work on other stuff until you’re close to your convention and will rush the production?
Creating a cover with pre existing pictures shouldn’t take more than a couple hours, knowing Holly’s approximate workflow it took her 30 minutes at max.
She’s putting money out of her pocket, but nobody asked her to? And I’m pretty sure she’s not doing it because she’s a saint or something, and the whole way she’s managing the project sounds fishy (I don’t think she’ll scam people for real but it’s infuriating how she acts towards a project she insisted on doing with other people).
She’s dealing with 100 people? And it’s hard? Really? Thought she was better than other people and thought it was stupid having a close number of artists. So people weren’t stupid, right Holly? They only had common sense and realistic expectations?

Unrelated but god I hate her salads. She showed another two in her new vlog and they look sad and fat and horribly mushy. What’s the point of having a salad if you are filling it with dressing, avocado and bacon? And stop with the “carbs are bad”, ffs, a regular ham sandwich would have been healthier than the crap she’s been eating lately.

No. 626242

>"me, me, me, I, I, I "

and all that time she never once takes responsibility for the utter mishandling and missed deadlines of the zine. no surprise there. it's always someone else's fault except hers.

No. 626243

She literally did this to herself. She's the dumbfuck who got 100 artists and decided to pay out of pocket for it. She has no one to blame but she does it anyway.

No. 626257

she said she's going to make a video about it, and I can't wait to hear her blame it all on the artist's whose time she disrespected in the first place all because she bit off more than she could chew(as usual). wonder what her excuses are going to be. She just needs to own up to the fact that she dropped the ball, without saying "ya well if y'all weren't so rude–"

you chose how many artists would participate.
you chose the deadlines.
you chose to do this out of pocket.
you chose not to communicate or be courteous of 100+ people's time.
own up or shut up.

people like michie are coddling her in the twitter thread as if she did no wrong. ok.

No. 626297

Here you go Anon, Gym vlog! for anyone disgusted by the dead possum last time… he makes a guest appearance yet again. (from 01:44 to 01:55 I believe)

No. 626312

also i dont want to be too mean but i got mad seeing that she was still working on her pieces AFTER the deadline

like, you are a ''full time artist'' and you couldnt do it so how the fuck students or people who have day time jobs would? idiot

No. 626344

Why is her content always so boring?? The vlog is all about her deciding whether or not to go to a gym. I dont need to hear your thought process aloud. Also i hate the way she talks with the "fam" and "my dudes" its so cringe.

No. 626526

This is what happens when you have a consistently shitty, stand-offish attitude and flake at every opportunity, Holly. That shit adds up over the years and eventually people just don't fucking trust you. It's literally your reputation right now as a person.
How hard is it to understand that if you have countless threads on lolcow forums and countless negative reactions to your online presence, that maybe people don't fucking trust you?

No. 626544

Can't wait for the video , I do hope someone gives her a reality check because this was something SHE orginazied she set the date choose the people so she can't blame anyone else but herself.
If she had been smarter about it then she wouldn't be getting angry artist emailing her .

No. 626561

File: 1530478900616.png (339.18 KB, 1440x1566, 20180701_135845.png)

Saw these comments in her thread

No. 626562

File: 1530478923865.png (136.19 KB, 1440x597, 20180701_135919.png)

No. 626621

Yea they should know who there working with
Holly=really really can't commit to one project which means they 1 never get done or 2 half assed

Holly should have never taken this up if she had so many projects…
The logic of that makes no sense
Like oh " you should have know they have so many projects "
No that's a red flag not to work with them

No. 626623

File: 1530485064760.jpeg (251.23 KB, 750x1007, 3A05AB85-6A95-4332-8487-041325…)

They responded more

No. 626661

File: 1530488069514.gif (517.48 KB, 147x162, 115927.gif)

>Holly has too many projects it's not her fault you joined the zine and expected her to be competent and being able to prioritize!!11!!

Her white knights are the absolute worst oh my god.

No. 626950

Minnie Small mentioned Holly as an "inspiration for making prints and zines at home" because she has "many gadgets" (paraphrased) on her most recent video. I cringed out of my skin.

No. 626952

Something about Minnie seems really fake to me, I can’t watch her.

No. 626959

File: 1530529317486.jpg (443.36 KB, 1032x851, Screenshot_20180702-060230_Twi…)

No. 626961

I used to like her more a while ago. I think she's just as money-hungry as Holly and always looking for a way to make big bucks from her art, and it shows.

At this scale, I could barely tell Ash and Reese apart…….

No. 626980

god even the girl with dreads has fucking hair flips.

No. 626983

Omg I cringed too I really love Minnie. She's high tier normie though and has a real life so I doubt she knows anything about Holly outside of a few YouTube videos.

No. 626993

>more fucking merch for a comic that's literally less than a chapter in
Holly should give up the pretenses of being a comic artist and just go into product design or something. Not because she's particularly good at it but because she spends more time on it than sequential work.

No. 627025

I'm getting sick of Holly seeping into every other artist youtuber's mentions that I remotely even like. I watch other art youtubers partly to get away from her bullshit, but she does SO much crap and shoves herself onto so many other artists shes hard to avoid.

if I was a larger youtube artist, I wouldn't even give her the time of day, even if she left a comment on my video.

Minnie though, I'm falling out of interest for, she kind of draws the same stuff over and over again and I'm not entirely sure what's so great about it, it might be that she's just really good at marketing her art bc it's not anything special otherwise…

No. 627053

ok holly

No. 627058

>would you guys like a cloth bag or something?

yet another merch project, when will holly change

No. 627059

File: 1530547299164.png (6.55 MB, 2208x1242, CD09075D-8B15-470F-ACFD-AA07EC…)

I despise the way she draws hair, it’s so fucking ugly and doesn’t look good at all.

No. 627063

Listen, I'm not the biggest "thInGs shOuLd be ReaLiStiC!!!!" advocate, but Christ, does BRown need some realism in her work; there's an "art style", and then there's ridiculousness like this

No. 627081

holy fuck if herschel's hair flips get any bigger he'll fucking take flight

No. 627090

what the fuck is with that mouth??? how is this attractive at all????

No. 627100

Everytime I look at that hand I feel my soul withering. What the absolute fuck is that

No. 627134

File: 1530554464182.png (243.65 KB, 520x857, Screenshot_20180702-120041.png)

Don't know if this has been posted before but Holly has a sound cloud.

No. 627142


>I'm getting sick of Holly seeping into every other artist youtuber's mentions that I remotely even like.


I noticed this too, she's getting hard to avoid. I just wished she became irrelevant, or would just chill out for once instead of trying so hard to push herself into everyone's peripherals… even if she's milky…

No. 627143

I remember this, it's when she used to do those art podcast things with others, she only did like 3 episodes…

No. 627148

She always draws hershels nose at a 3/4 angle even if the face isnt and it drives me crazy. Thats a full frontal face. His nose shouldnt look like that.

No. 627150

I remember the vlogs from that time

>Vlog before con: "I'm going to sell so much, my art is awesome, I'm going to be rich"

>Vlog after con: "So I didn't sell pretty much anything"

No. 627154

Those fucking vertical blush lines are fucking awful and are the laziest attempt to portray lust I've ever seen

No. 627205

Everyone's got yugioh hair…except she's not as talented as the artist of yugioh to pull it off

No. 627207

The yuhioh hair was never appealing to begin with…

No. 627247

I think that if you want to make big bucks off your art that's not a bad thing per se, it's just that shouldn't be the only mcfucking reason you do art like damn holy just get a real job if you're that money hungry.

No. 627282

Honestly it's not even the money thing specifically that's infuriating, I think everyone would want to be able to do what they love and get paid lots of money for it. It's that she believes her art is even remotely close to being worth any kind of money in the first place. She'd be better off flipping some burgers somewhere else. Get a job, Holly, and leave the money-making to people who have actual talent.

No. 627283

it just gets WORSE. Hair is my jam and her problems are that it doesn't seem to adhere to any form of physics, and she inks it in such large chunks that it just looks… off. even if she got some smaller nibs/pens and softened the edges of the highlights, it'd probably start to look way better.

No. 627292

Brushes. She owns all the shit she needs to do the highlights properly but she is stupid and lazy and thinks that brushpens are supposed to do the line variation for you and if they don't they're shitty brushpens.

No. 627308

Yeah I didn't say about brushes just because she has such a weird hateboner for brush inking now it didn't seem worth it. (I love my 000 brushes for hair though.)

No. 627331


I never want to hear her say the word taint ever again

No. 627553

Ugh, minnie's art is super normie and pretty mediocre.
Guess all these shit artists have to stick together.

No. 627565

File: 1530587918106.png (323.8 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I guess this is why she thinks shes good at art, because shes not as bad as this yaoi artist. Come on holly.

No. 627583

she's honestly trying her best to deflect the label of 'fujo' that she's rightfully earned by shitting on other fujos

No. 627611

I think Minnie is an absolute normie and there's nothing wrong with that. Her subject matter can get repetitive but she has a lot more potential and natural talent than Holly, far from a shitty artist. Joysan seemed to be close to Holly a few years ago and she doesn't even mention her anymore. Eventually Holly's immaturity drives better artists away.

No. 627718

Ot but if Minnie had an interesting real life why doesn’t it show in her artwork? She’s totally in it for that aesthetic cash and her work is completely soulless.

No. 627770

I don't know about showing her RL in her artwork, but I know for a fact that she's in it for the cash. Or at least that's what I got from her "I worked in a supermarket and I was miserable, then I got my Youtube and TRIED SO HARD and now I'm here" video. Not to mention that she's almost always talking about sponsorships. Minnie's good for when you need ideas (for example, her "30 ways to fill a sketchbook" series), but nothing really sets her apart from other artists. She's not as shitty as Holls tho.

No. 627808


I feel like you can just find Minnie's work on generic home decor in Target or Walmart, that's what her stuff reminds me of, but she doesn't seem disingenuous. so what her sponsored videos are ham fisted, at least she's not calling people 'sluts' and shitting on other artists in almost every video. She's harmless.

No. 627833

No one said she's harmful or that she shares Holly's behaviour? Only that her art doesn't really have any personality in it and that she's thirsty for the $$$ (the only thing she shares with Holly)

No. 627836

She draws from her own experiences in her sketchbooks but as for her pieces that she sells there's not really any evidence. She was in a massive phase of zero productivity recently and I guess she's still coming out of it. She seems really passionate about drawing buildings rn though

No. 627847

File: 1530626812218.jpg (63.24 KB, 1000x664, minnie.jpg)

Minnie seems just a bit bland. When I watch her videos I just feel an air of pretentiousness? Much better than Holly Brown obv, but I feel like she's more concerned on making an 'aesthetic' than actually improving fundamentals like Holly.

Don't get me wrong she's really nice but I never really gained anything from watching her videos in the past.

No. 627871

File: 1530630909083.png (434.55 KB, 561x493, ok.PNG)

BRown, master comic maker broke the 180 rule twice on one page

also, from what she's shown on her nsfw comic so far, it seems to be playing out as the most vanilla, yaoi ass shit i've ever seen. How is any of it remotely erotic?

No. 627872

getting real sick of Herschel's vag pits

No. 627873

"Chu chu chu"? Are you fucking kidding me? Is she 11?

No. 627874

absolutely degenerate

No. 627876

Holly should really just watch porn of two dudes dicking down bc this looks exactly like what a fugo thinks gay sex/foreplay looks like

No. 627878

Reese's torso in the first panel sort of just disappears

No. 627890

Omfg the anatomy! Reese's arm length! Hershel's head size kek omfg his SHOULDER.

No. 627892

I love that she left a shitload of empty space on the upper left panel to avoid drawing Herschel's arms

No. 627895

I can't W A I T for the actual entire thing to come out. Everything we've seen so far is a GOLDMINE of keks, I can't fucking wait to see the entirety in all its shitty glory

No. 627923

The bottom right panel is the least interesting thing I've ever seen. Does she honestly believe this is going to be titillating to anybody? This spider-armed freak snuggling with a lumpy Space Dandy knockoff?

No. 627932

great now reese is about to take flight with that hair chunk.

No. 627938

Holy fuck.. Those screen tones lmaoo

No. 627948

I can't get over how fugly Reese is. Long horse face (though tbf that's how she always draws faces)? Check. Acne on top of that horseface? Check. Bandaids that give away he has some nasty unscarred wounds in his arms? Check. Douchebag hairstyle? Check. How the fuck can anyone get off to that, especially a fujo audience that values beauty in men? And kek >>623847 is that another backward penis? Who does it even belong to?
Guy >>627565 with the dorito face and huge yaoi hands is more fappable than that Reese and it isn't even fappable in the slightest.
If the doujin doesn't get more ironical buyers than legitimate ones I will lose faith in humanity. I mean I come here to look at Holly's art for the keks but that character physically repulses me.

No. 628020

180 degree rule is just applicable to videos/storyboards though, not comics. The problem here is just that Holly is fucking horrible at page & panel composition. And also just terrible at art in general- these fucking arms and vagina armpits are gonna have me cry again.

No. 628029

No it's a good rule for comics too to keep the action clear.

No. 628030

File: 1530646001071.jpg (62.94 KB, 585x236, 20110617_180Rules_BnF.jpg)

The 180 degree rule still applies to comics, especially in intense scenes such as action, or even a sex scene

No. 628036

holly talking about her sore crothc ade me loose my fucking apetite, and when she places her hand on it over her dirty pijamas…UGH

No. 628057

I love how she shits on this when her shit looks like this >>627871

the only thing that's missing are the giant hands…Dorito chins and noodle arms are in full effect.

No. 628195

but also wow, all of these would be so much better if just from the opposite person's perspective in each panel, the angles she chose actively hide anything you'd want to see in this kind of manga

also why draw bandages all over him if they're inconsistent? maybe he's just shedding them like scales

No. 628265

Why is the long dude kissing him over his shirt?? It’s not erotic in the slightest

No. 628278

dear god. if anyone gets off to this, I'm actually going to cry. Holy shit what the actual FUCK.

No. 628307

this shit is painfully fujo as fuck. she's too scared to show the goods, I'll bet you absolutely nothing happens and not 1 decent dick will be drawn. this is bad. like 2005 yaoi manga bad. somehow worse. it's so unsexy.

No. 628357

Let's publicly shame artists instead of quietly fixing things.

Also hers and michies look so bad compared to most of them.

No. 628369

Wtf she is altering peoples work??? Idk if I was in the zine I'd be pissed

No. 628374

Tbh the one art work she pointed out with the pattern actually looked good with the pattern on the cover,OF course this is coming from an outsider looking at the zine .I hope she doesn't erase it tbh from my prescriptive is doesn't mess up the flow .

Now what does mess up the follow is Holly's bad lettering graphics , it doesn't line up and just looks out of place.

No. 628381


everyone, peep the google docs file in the description…

No. 628383

wow she's showing practically the ENTIRE work before it's even fuckin released, way to go…Even if it's an unlisted video, it really ruins the surprise.

Also, this is why a discord channel would have been crucial for something like this, to make sure people are all on the same page, but, too much work for her i guess….jfc.

No. 628384

Yeah and she keep people quiet that way. She's more in control like this

No. 628386

You can practically download the zine right now, smh.

No. 628389

yep which on her part was stupid af
like bruh she couldn't send this video out privately or something ?

No. 628390


I don't know why she picked a palette that screams fun and bold and then muted it to dull nothingness for her own piece. Looking through the zine pdf right now and nearly every single other page uses the palette in a much better way… If I'd seen hers unrelated to the zine I'd just assume it was an OC or something.

Other than hers there are a lot of nice pieces in this, tho

No. 628391

File: 1530678255636.jpg (54.58 KB, 704x247, cWc1GSS.jpg)

Ultimately, nobody is going to be making as much money as she does after this is all said and done. Having to go through her for copiesof the zine (as an artist) is so ass-backwards, but I guess she just couldn't stand to see all that money go into a kickstarter instead of to her.

No. 628396

So do the artists only get paid for the books they sell?

No. 628406

There’s one in the zine twice lmao

No. 628470

I mean it would make sense if that was Holly's plan all along. That way she gets more merch she can sell at the con and she doesn't have to split any profits when she sells the zine at the con.

No. 628471

File: 1530685134873.png (566.54 KB, 535x638, who.PNG)

lmao at Holly pointing out her own artwork in the zine, hers looks so out of place
It barely looks like Aizawa

No. 628474

This sounds like a pyramid scheme kek so they have to pay for copies they then have to sell?
Wants the cover to “flow” but has awkward lines at odd angles and off center, and sizing issues. Ugh.

No. 628480

As a professional comic artist who has worked with multiple comic anthologies, this is pretty normal. We get about 10 free contributor copies to do whatever with, and if we want extra books, we have to pay half the cover/wholesale price - usually about $10 per book. Then you can turn around and tell them at the normal price.

It doesn't even seem like Holly is even giving them free contributor copies. This is awful

No. 628497


that would probably mean more contributer copies. but like it was said before, could've been handled better/easier with a Kickstarter. the fact that she's printing and binding these all herself makes this all the more complicated.

Also, I'm looking forward to what ever "QuAliTy ConTRoL" is going to be put on these zines. seriously it'll be interesting having her make and ship wonky, misaligned, altered art work. I feel so much for the artists..

She is the only one who can make these indefinitely, and, one of the few who has the biggest reach/audience. so most of that money is going to be siphoned back to her.

No. 628501

you know it's funny…in the video she straight up said she wasn't working on it as often because her priority was working on things that made her money.
but then she says on her twitter that the zine isn't about making money.
but then, she makes a point to say she bought the paper out of her own pocket, as if to say "y'all owe me for this one, lol"
then proceeds to make the most money out of it, 100 artists be damned. she was only dragging her feet the whole time, because it wasn't making her money fast enough.
and I bet you if money wasn't even a factor, she wouldn't even consider doing a zine.

No. 628517

Despite all the shit surrounding it, it actually looks like a good zine. There’s some great art in it, but I absolutely refuse to support Holly in anyway

No. 628529

That cover is horrible, everything’s off centered and the lines aren’t even parallel to each other. Also she could have zoomed on some details, cropping part of the piece, instead of having single elements with no background floating in space. Too bad for the artists.

No. 628532

There's some really good art in here. Shame she showed basically every piece in this video. I kind of doubt many people will order it, but people might buy it if she brings it to conventions. I really wonder how she'll split the profits (if there are any).
The bordered artworks are kind of out of place and it seems a bunch of people used white in their artwork while that wasn't part of the palette. I don't get why she didn't tell the artists to edit their artwork before accepting it?
It's pretty shitty the artists don't even get a free copy. I would be pissed if I contributed artwork and 1. don't know if I'm getting paid for the sales and how much, 2. don't even get a free copy.

No. 628534

Same. I love bnha, I love how it explores the concepts of heroes and villains(and anti-villains), the troubles of a world where 80% of the population has powers/quirks and how its exploited, as well as the concept of a hero as a career versus actual heroic individuals. I love the characters, the art, and just the amount of heart this series has.

But just seeing this, makes me dislike Holly even more than I already did. Hopefully the artists at least get a little more in return.

No. 628547

im laughing out loud, it's such a rich color energetic vibe and then when the page turns to her one you actually go "eurgh" like biting into a bug in your milkshake straw. I don't know the anime or what the character is but it just looks like some bleak shit from her OC. Looks like some junkie in a clinic bathroom with that bluish light.
>Muh detailed panel
is doing all the individual tiles/bricks again. They look like wonky little tv screens.

No. 628575

what is this supposed to be? it's so wonky and the composition is awful.
is he meant to be shaving or something? He looks pained.

No. 628595

File: 1530706846811.png (58.78 KB, 372x531, nomu.png)

(I think you meant >>628471, but if not please do ignore this anon)

As bad as it looks, I'm guessing he's suppose to be looking at his scar that he got from fighting a Nomu(basically this bird humanoid use to be a thug, who was then experimented on).

No. 628613

File: 1530711139341.png (124.3 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Yeah. Thats not OCD. She says its not "perfectionism" but its literally what it is

No. 628619

She has no idea what OCDs are

No. 628621

Complains about an artist using white in their art while she also used white….

And like two colors from the palette

No. 628712

For someone who wants to be PC about it she knows nothing about OCD just the main stereotype.
Like bruh it comes in many forms .

No. 628714

File: 1530722685083.jpeg (167.94 KB, 788x1200, A0464733-AEB4-48AD-9221-0CC853…)

I seriously hope all the good/decent artists band together and make their own zine with their work. Using a professional printing company and a fair way of splitting the profits. And a decent cover. I seriously would consider buying the zine if not for the atrocious cover, Holly’s terrible art and editing, and the sketchy scaminess of it.
It wouldn’t take too much work to get a group of fifty or so people together. And there’s a shit ton of successful zines already out there that used way more effective methods of communication and selling. They can all use the same store/link and then split the total profits. Yeah it’d be a small amount per person but that way it isn’t popularity = more pay.
I’d actually buy a curated version from a legitimate source.

No. 628716

omg, this is too cute

No. 628721

File: 1530723141272.jpg (699.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180704-115259_You…)

No. 628723

Is this person for real?

No. 628730

File: 1530724098336.png (46.6 KB, 1022x222, 2018-07-04_120855.png)

No. 628734

If I loose

No. 628754

Yea it’s called INSECURITY

No. 628761

Does she know that it’s basically a tattoo?

No. 628764

Holly wants to be special and oppressed so bad

No. 628877

Sensitive to eyeliner, thinks a tattoo on that area is a good idea. Um.

No. 628890

Is she that dumb , if you are sensitive to eyeliner how do you think FUCKING PUTTING A TATTOO ON YOUR EYE LID WOULD BE ANY BETTER !!

just admit you can't do eyeliner or maybe idk fine one that works ?
Like i have sensitive eyes to and manage to use eyeliner and not resort to expensive permanent eyeliner that could cause more trouble than it worth .

No. 628893

File: 1530737817381.png (59 KB, 1053x254, eyeliner cost.png)

yea spend 200$ when you could try to find one that can work for 16$- maybe 20$

No. 628904

Can you even get that on your waterline?? I thought it was outside.

No. 628908

not even that much. she could spend $5 on a maybelline pencil liner and look up some fucking youtube tutorials.

i’d rather she get the tattoos though, i would love for her to permanently fuck up her face even further.

No. 628909

File: 1530739750879.png (188.4 KB, 1089x392, waterline.png)

i found this trying to look more into it
I find that if you don't do the right care for it then it'll not be to great, but as long as you do as the professional says >>628904

No. 628927

>>628730 "Permanent"? As far as I know it's a tattoo? It's permanent, no quotes, it'll fade with time but it'll not come off?

No. 628945

File: 1530743409007.jpg (602.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180704-173037_You…)

No. 628951

21 dislikes kek

No. 628992

Did she delete the video? I can't find it

No. 628994

It's unlisted, scroll up for embedded video

No. 629027


Why is she so 'obsessed' with having ocd or trying to be autistic?

No. 629044

She wants brownie points or an excuse for her shitty behaviour

No. 629070

Thanks for the link anon.

So there are no page numbers and no names of the artist in the zine? How are people supposed to know which artwork was made by whom?

And why is Holly not just giving out the print file so people can print it themselves? There's some amazing art in there, but I feel bad for everyone that participated.

No. 629145

hey I just remembered something
Did she ever keep that colorist she hired?? Or did she drop him after she had the last "I'm gonna quit youtube" meltdown.

No. 629151

If I remember right holly announced that paranormal plague will be B&W so she’s going to un-color the colored pages (though it’s pretty standard to switch to b&w after an intro anyways…) however I predict the only paranormal plague stuff we’ll see in the near future is pencil cases ;//

No. 629222

File: 1530770572375.jpg (6.96 KB, 342x148, download.jpg)

hah, i have both this problem and OCD. I don't think it correlates much besides like, perfectionists being a little bit predisposed to OCD. but like every fucking person i know who wants to be a production artist is a perfectionist

like it's a little different ruining my sketch books by ripping out a few pages (which so many people do, who doesn't want a perfect book?) than washing my hands until they're dry and cracked and thinking god is going to kill me on the subway because i'm not crossing my legs. But sure holly. It's just PC culture not letting you classify yourself as OCD

sage for a lil bit of attention whoring

No. 629230

Why is no one talking more about this? The only reason I came here is because I'm sick of seeing her fucking comments on every art video I watch. She's so desperate to get popular and have other youtubers notice her, when they probably don't like her anyway. It's also funny that no one ever replies to her.

Sage for whining/irrelevant

No. 629316

Um, that’s supposed to be his reflection right? So why doesn’t it have any color…it looks like he’s staring at a drawing of himself or something.

No. 629328


oh my god, this is what I'm saying lmao. she's such a tryhard.


it's like she just ignored her own rules and drew and colored the blandest shit she could come up with and phoned it into the zine. it looks so miserable and out of place next to everyone else's. her art just straight up isn't fun at all.

No. 629333

This drawing is so weird to me, and its not just how it's drawn. It's just that…it seems so out of character to me??

I don't know, I just wouldn't see Aizawa doing that. Drawing him petting a cat would've made more sense.

No. 629363

File: 1530798522293.png (1.25 MB, 1368x1456, wow.png)

boy do i hope someone points out to her that one of the works is in the zine twice

No. 629400

Hopefully this'll open some eyes to how unorganized and how many quick cash grabbing things holly does.
and how she doesn't think(care) about others.

No. 629500

What exactly is he doing if you don't mind me asking? I could never figure it out. Is he putting make up on or like cleaning his face?

No. 629501

File: 1530813318846.png (150.69 KB, 913x738, another comment on the dislike…)

No. 629505

I explained it here >>628595

No. 629515

File: 1530814764131.png (146.98 KB, 891x717, ok.png)

No. 629526

>I wouldn't be surprised if Holly never makes another group zine
The world weeps for this (potential) loss

No. 629530

Comment deleted/I can’t see it anymore… That’s why the haterz downvote “without providing constructive comments”

No. 629531

hmm ok Holly.

She makes it sound like Holly is doing such a service for all these people when in reality she's trying to make a quick buck and the artists don't even get profit or a free copy smh.

boohoo she won't make another zine, only when she needs money.

No. 629534

She has supplies to make 50 total copies of 90 page books. She plans to open up orders to 100 contributing artists… how are the downvotes not justified? This is insanity

No. 629536

File: 1530816997549.png (339.63 KB, 1440x1455, 20180705_115624.png)

This person is so fucking annoying, they're such a kiss ass to Holly (What's fucking new all her followers are) and her work is boring and forgettable

No. 629687

also she needs to clean her fish tank it's driving me crazy .that poor fish …

No. 629735

File: 1530831447068.png (105.62 KB, 1011x594, comment 101.png)

No. 629738

of course all hollys doing is tweeting about her bike , you would think she would address this soon enough ?

No. 629739

I wonder why I can't see the comment ? or it's not showing up strange ?
maybe it's because the videos unlisted ?

No. 629773

Is anyone here in the zine? If you are, do you have the links to the first two zine update videos? or are they not milky enough to be posted?

No. 629835

I think they were posted in the previous threads

No. 629838

They're in old threads, you just gotta look

No. 629977

I only just recently watched Holly's vlog and I haven't seen anyone mention this but
Can I just say that as an avid fish keeper Holly's tank is an aquarium nightmare?

She has a really aggressive fish(that grows fairly large) with a small nippy fish(that's meant to be in a school) inside a 10 gallon tank that's technically not really appropriate for either of them to live comfortably in, let alone house both of them together. They are also both tropical fish and I do not see a heater. On top of all that the thank water was soooo low that I can only imagine that she went weeks without cleaning the tank. I'm pretty sure she had 2 angelfish before, am I wrong??? Soo I'm guessing the other one died.

It just bothers me. Why the hell do you need that aquarium in your cramped ass room if you're just going to half ass taking care of fish??

No. 630158

She can't even take care of herself so why have pets? God, I feel bad for these fish, they deserve a responsible owner.

No. 630322

Lots of pet owners neglect their own health for the sake of their furbaby, having responsibility for a pet or a child is a great distraction from personal responsibility

No. 630461

File: 1530914224788.png (1.02 MB, 1034x772, 2018-07-06_165716.png)


No. 630491


Did she just stick a whole bunch of her ugly ass stickers on sketchbooks? What the hell does she plan to sell those for? $12? $15?

No. 630497

Finally WHAT, Holly?!

No. 630531


Her sticker sheets just came in that she ordered. These aren't sketchbooks. Remember when she said she was waiting on them? It was buried in some vlog.

No. 630556

Maybe it's the angle she took the picture, but Pearl doesn't look half bad on that sticker.

No. 630558


Oh yes, I do remember, though I also remember she embossed her shit art and stuck it to sketchbooks and sold those. Think it was Hershel with a lattice background, so I wouldn't put it past her to try something like that again. As sticker sheets, these look horrible.

No. 630586

yeah we've all been dying to hear your hot take holly

No. 630592

All I got from this video was " I like drawing men" and that's about it .
like if you don't care than why address it ?
idk at this point I can't even watch a full video by her without skipping around to see if anything interesting happens .

No. 630594

File: 1530927374442.png (60.95 KB, 960x359, 2018-07-06_203650.png)

No. 630598

Jesus, this person is fucking delusional. Like… Holly has literally said multiple times that she's drawing her ~gay pr0nz~ just for money and that she feels like plot doesn't matter, and yet she still gets bullshit hugboxy support like this.

No. 630608

Watching her inj the hair floopies pisses me off.
Theres plenty of things to criticize yaoi about, but holly literally does all the things she criticizes?? One male character that looks more feminine? Check. Wack anatomy? Check.

No. 630621

yaoi and yuri comics are usually porn and the business of porn IS to fetishize/sexualize bc you know… it's porn

No. 630633

and she's still pulling the "sup sluts"
just stop hollys it's not working for you , it just makes you more annoying

No. 630635

Who in their right mind would buy a badly drawn nude girl chopped up like sushi

No. 630656


I have so much to say to this person and Holly but she's a child and erases dissenting opinions and her minions are stupid and blind, everyone who gives criticism even if it's constructive is a hater. Her Yaoi is in no way good in any form, art is shit, characters are dull, story is stupid. I'm a shitty fujo and though a lot are simply porn some have a decent story that makes you mad for the characters or makes you cry because the writing behind the porn is decent. Even if the story is shit there's some damn good art in some yaoi. That yaoi she was shitting on with the screenshot got an anime, what can she say about that?

No. 630667

this person makes it sound like you can't have sex in a good story with gay lovers because if you even just write about sex between two gay people it's immediately fetishizing and gross, even if there was a good story beyond it. God forbid gay people have sex and people write about/draw it.

No. 630693

File: 1530938857986.png (44.98 KB, 675x300, 20180706_234447.png)

Kek heres some comment highlights.

No. 630696

File: 1530939031768.png (68.82 KB, 720x424, 20180706_234506.png)

It looks like everybody is now gonna be claiming that straight relationships are boring and fake, as if every y'all couple isnt the same exact personalities copy pasted into different bodies. Van holly really not tell that she's perpetuating the stereotype of one man being the girl in the relationship? (Ex. Damian/reese)

No. 630704

No one wants to read your fucking "yowie", Holly, except for your shitty teenage fans who eat everything up you shit out… in which case, they shouldn't be but. whatever.

seriously though I hate the way she pronounces it, lmao.

No. 630708


I really don't wanna give her views, how does she pronounce it? The way you wrote it sounds like how I think it should, owie with a y.

No. 630713

yes, that is how she pronounces it

No. 630728


How do you say it? I've honestly never heard it said any other way. Please do enlighten me I'm rather curious.

No. 630737

im not that anon & honestly i think it sounds a bit like yowie to english speakers anyway. I'll agree that it sounds particularly grating when american fujos have only ever heard it from other american fujos.

No. 630740


Kanna was very helpful, thank you. It is basically yowie, ao instead of o, just Americanized painfully like Kawaii has been. If you pronounced it properly though speaking in English you'd be an absolute tryhard. It's honestly like arguing mahnguh/maynguh to me.

No. 630751

God she's so full of shit
>I think it's bad/dumb that most yaoi has an obvious 'girly/bottom' guy
>I think it's more interesting when they're both just men!
>Is drawing Hershel (typical manly wife-beater wearing chad) fucking Reese (with long flowing hair and a thin jawline/thin arms)
>Literally made Damien look so much like a girl that she pretended she would make him a her if book publishers got mad the story was gay
Holly, you aren't fooling fucking ANYBODY

No. 630755

File: 1530946062204.png (Spoiler Image, 724.49 KB, 826x922, Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 10.4…)

I would sage for double post, but oh god, she showed some of the porn comic later on in the video
I fucking lost it when I saw this, it's both hilariously bad and kind of terrifying due to spazzing and blindfolded Hershel. That sound effect of "SLIP!" tho.

No. 630758

herschel's chest looks like a fucking tumour

No. 630804


Vagina pits, tumor chests and arms with seams, that's the Holly Brown style. God that page is the most unsexy thing ever. There's awkward sex that's amusing but she's trying so hard to make it sexy and it absolutely doesn't work.

No. 630832

File: 1530959094375.png (52.51 KB, 159x176, Screenshot_5.png)

(this first paaragraph is preety sage-y, ignore it if you want it)
i think the point this idiot was going for is more in between the lines of same sex stories being writen exclusively because of being same sex, like how you can find gay and lesbian stories exclusively on yaoi and yuri and romance is for ''normal'' ones or for example if an action anime has a gay couple in the taggs you will find''yaoi'' but if it has a hetero one it doesnt have romance

and of course there are exceptions im not stupid.

Now, if you say this to praise holly for her lgbtq+ representation… dont, people have pointed multiple times how damian and resse or how ever the fuck hes called are such girly delicate men and how she doesnt give a fuck about the story as long as its gay… its like that idiot its making the jump from tumblr to edgy youtube

also…. if you tell me this is a girl id tell you its a really ugly girl but id believe it

No. 630841

she says, it's fucked up that yaoi often depicts sexual assault and "normalises" it but she LITERALLY is drawing gay porn where one character KIDNAPS the other and assaults them?!?!?! what??

No. 630847

kek AND there was a rape scene of a child in her comic purgatory

No. 630852


god, she really just can't help herself can she.
she really, really really wants you to look at her nsfw comic, guyse.

should be against the fuckin law subjecting people to this shit, I swear. no use trying to justify her fujoshitty habit with her fucking hot take.

No. 630870

Every time she goes on talking about what other people thinks it’s like she’s projecting what she used to think and makes fun of it.
Like really? Buff men can’t be seen/portrayed as bi or gay? In which universe?
Also se says making one character more feminine is ridiculous but then he has Damian and reese play the “girl”, she has sexual assault and her fucking comic rn is about kidnapping and forcing into sex a guy. But or course it’s wrong only if it’s made by other people.
Let me explain one thing Holly: one can have the fantasy of being kidnapped or raped but it’s a FANTASY, if somebody is doing it to them it’s not acceptable only because “well it’s his fantasy after all” if they never talked about it before, If he wasn’t okay with it, it’s still abuse.
Saying “but he will enjoy it in the end” doesn’t make things better. She should have just shut up about how disgusting the “rape” comics were to begin with, gee

No. 630971


On top of that, we have no context for either of these characters. They haven't even met in the proper comic. I get having a spin off of a main comic or whatever…but we literally have no context and last I checked, Reese hasn't even been introduced yet, but he's coming off as this sick fuck who's obsessed with Herschel and it's making him, like all of Holly's other characters, unlikable.

So it wouldn't have mattered if consent was a thing or not, she still has shit tier gay fetish characters in a self-doujin of a comic that's hardly a chapter out that hasn't given us a reason to care.

Her thirsty ass should've made a porn comic in the first place and just skipped the "plot" she tried so hard to pretend she was into.

No. 630988

>"Like a lot of yaoi tends to perpetuate like this like rape fantasy thats just really nasty like um a lot of the times characters will be like basically raped but its not addressed like rape and its just like why are you saying this is ok?'
that is word for word what she said and its disgusting because its literally her fucking "Yowie" is about
also she said people know her for drawing gay men and I couldn't disagree more.

No. 630997

I agree. In general I think it's a bad idea to draw and ship your own characters if there's no intention of them being like that in the original story. The readers will not be able to look past that, and any other character buildup you attempt will likely be overlooked. Especially considering Holly's rather immature audience.

There's this popular deviantart artist called stressedjenny who did the same with her two main characters. She drew lots of rapey and creepy romantically themed stuff with them and now when she's started the actual comic she made an official claim that none of her previous pictures were canon. Yet her readers are just sucking up every shipping points they can get.

If Holly wants to draw lazy porn she could at least just admit that. She's obviously more interested in that than making an actual worthwhile story.

No. 630998

She’s always know for what she is doing at the moment.
So far she’s been “known” for: brushpens, inking, professional advices(pffftttt), comics,sketchbook, copics.
Like. Come on.

No. 630999

Sorry for samefagging but it drives me crazy that she’s being all excited about this porn comic and she’s basically drawing just talking heads. There’s no context, all of the panels are the same, cut at half body max, no establishing shots, nothing.
But she’s great at comic making.

No. 631003

tbh i just think holly hates women in general
it probably stems from her not relating to any woman or girl figure.
the way she acts around girls or other girl artist is kinda weird tbh .

No. 631011

File: 1530987302366.jpg (35.52 KB, 391x500, 878af71e90573a3632069c0b8014f6…)

As a multishipper, I don't get the 'heteros are always forced' thing. Especially from yaoi shippers, who, in the end, put their ships in same superficial cliche scenarios over and over (like Holly does). There's a lot of heterosexual couples in media that are well written and respected. And to think that Holly has the audacity to say it, while claiming herself to be a fan of FMA, where's plenty of hetero couples with very good chemistry.

And I just watched her latest video, those last(?) comic pages are CHEEZY AS FUCK, making your kidnapper a breakfast? With a smiley face toast? Really?! Lol, Holly, you have no right to call out hetero ships on bad writing.

No. 631015

Yeah, that breakfast scene was ridiculous. Before that they were smiling and cuddling in bed, and then Reese got up to blowdry his freaking hair and put on makeup. Like, damn dude, I thought they were hardcore fucking after one of them got kidnapped, when does it turn into the most generic tv-show sex scene ever.

No. 631032

Silly anon, that’s because they didn’t have sex: they made love to each other

No. 631091

Hollys defbse is that reese finds out that hershels kink is to get kidnapped, tied up, and fucked. Major eyeroll. Thats pretty mich the same fantasy rape she complains yaoi has.

No. 631133

K, but… did Reese know about Hershel's kink BEFORE kidnapping him? Cuz that means he just expected Hershel to have sex with him regardless just because it was his kink. What, was he just gonna let him go afterward if he said no? That's fucked up.
And, if he didn't know, so Reese was just gonna straight up rape him (since he was tied up to the bed when he wakes up)? Goddamn, Holly, you're really not making yourself look good here either way.

No. 631134

Yeah exactly! It's still non con Holly. She wanted to establish the link as consent but unless Hershel was aware that this was going to happen and agreed it isn't consent. It's just poorly written m/m porn made by a straight weeb.

No. 631203

It’s like she thinks people with rape fantasties and kidnapping fantasties actually want that to happen. Like part of the fantasy is that they have some semblance of control over it where they get to decide who they’re consenting to and what they’re consenting to. Maybe she’s acting like Herschel is one of those people that genuinely wants to get kidnapped and raped and doesn’t want to consent to the play. I’m sure there are people out there like that but that’s atypical.

No. 631299

Not to mention, if Hershel really was the type to just like actually being raped, then wtf does that make Reese? Oh right, that makes him a straight up rapist.
Yeah, Holly, a rapist doing his thing is totally hot and worthwhile jerk-off material. Not weird at all that you think this is ok to sell to people and plaster all over your channel that kids and teens watch. (btw, not saying Holly condones rape, she's allowed to write rapist characters like any author, but when it gets turned into fap fodder and she actively condones rape in stories yet does it herself, sorry, honey, that's when you're in the red, morally.)

No. 631484

she absolutely has some sort of internalized misogyny. she talks about how she "can't relate to women portrayed in tv" at least once a month and it's really fucking annoying. she's so blatant about it

No. 631515

I mean, on one hand, female characters on TV really do tend to be written very poorly in comparison to male characters (on average). On the other hand, it's pretty clear that bad media influences or not, Holly has no intention in getting better at writing women. It's a catch-22.

No. 631523

The rape-turned-consensual trope is the fucking worst. Stinks so bad of 13 year old weebs writing babby's first porn.

No. 631536

god. I don't even give a shit if it's cliche or whatever I'm not pressed. but her characters and style are just so visually unappealing it's like I why would I want to see that?

No. 631604

File: 1531061557559.png (628.23 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Holly's changing her Princess character to this. It looks bad

No. 631608

so she's somehow making the black character look even whiter than before. got it.

No. 631612

can she just stop beating around the bush and race bend this character into a white girl like she so clearly wants to

No. 631613

in another tweet she talks about giving her the big braid to make her look more "feminine". if she thinks giving her character a massive plait is just going to magically make her 100% more feminine, BRown needs to take some skillshare lessons on character design asap b/c Princess looks like a hot fucking mess

No. 631623

Holly makes all her "poc" characters look white regardless if she slaps shitty brown skin tones on them.
Also, jfc those proportions, Princess' forearm looks longer than a Monday. I almost thought the picture was taken at an extreme angle because of how she skewered the anatomy (small top, huge/long bottom)

No. 631628

Lol nice Holly let's make the black girl look more white to look more 'feminine'. Keepin it classy Holls.

No. 631632

Does Holly not know how to draw curly hair? I remember she complained about it, and here was the perfect time to make her hair curly, maybe like in an afro or bun. I mean she could say that it's weave to avoid ever pushing herself but still, I feel like it maybe would've looked like, you know, a black girl.

No. 631637

Wtf are those random pieces of hair maggots flying off again

No. 631668

>I need to make her more feminine, you gaiz!
>Makes her 100% more ugly and puts her in a toddler outfit
Ok Holly, just make the only interesting, non-hair-flip-over-one-eye design into garbage then.

No. 631678

that looks traced but at the same time the pose and proportions are still so wonky

No. 631679

No. 631689

File: 1531076004782.png (171.36 KB, 244x538, enlorg.png)

my new hobby is trying to fix holly's art solely by using paint to stretch/squash.

No. 631696

wait, wasn't it taken at an angle? it can't be that bad. i mean, wtf

No. 631698

How does a character design get so much worse over time?!? At least she actually looked interesting in the first version of her design!

No. 631798

No. 631843

Glad she changed her mind/somebody told her she was crazy and she’s selling it for 650 $ instead of 900…
It’s still kind of too much imo, since she used it so much and you can buy new ones for cheaper, but yeah.
Totally better than her original price…

No. 631848

The head is a bit too big but personally idgaf it's just crazy how her art is always so skewed and looks like a complete mess after all this time when she just needs to fix up a few things to make it loads more better

No. 631873

wtf is this shit? i didn't even know this was princess this looks like a straight up white girl. also why does every female character of hers have the same body type? jesus christ

No. 631881

But guise how was she supposed to know that ethnic hair doesn't do hair flips??? Her Koreaboo reference books didn't tell her that :( :(

No seriously what kind of texture does she think ethnic hair has??? certainly not the kind that enables hair flips and the only way you could braid it into such a neat long plait is if she had box braids etc and that sketch has no texture what so ever indicating that.

Also overalls???? With hearts O. them? Like what toddlers wear? I cannot with this bitch. She is worse at character design than the 13 year olds who used to draw sparkle dogs on deviant art.

No. 631892

No. 631893

Why does she have to show dead animals like that its really fucking gross (its at around 10:30)

No. 631905

The way she has done her makeup makes her look crazy, it's not flattering to her features at all.

No. 631907

Yeah that eyeliner looks really off, not flattering at all

No. 632053

i do have to admit that her room looks more organized and - dare i say it - cleaner with how she’s moved her furniture around. that new character design for princess makes me gag, even though it shouldn’t be all that shocking since BRown is not exactly a master at designing clothes for her ocs. didn’t damian or whats-his-face wear booty shorts and a garter belt in purgatory?? as casual clothing??

also, i skipped around the vlog since i was getting bored, but does she mention working on the bnha zine even a single time?? like i’m glad that she seems to be making some slightly healthier lifestyle changes/focusing on self improvement, but instead of working on her own comic, maybe she should be devoting her work-time into that long overdue humongous zine?? how can you bitch and moan about having to work so much on a project to everyone, then post vlogs where you’re redesigning your ocs and doing other shit that has no deadline and absolutely nothing to do with the zine??

news flash BRown; no one cares that you’re making time for yourself to go to the gym or whatever, they care about the fact that they’ve evidently devoted their artistic skills and time to a project only for the creator to fall short on her promises and blame them for her own ineptitude and poor time management skills.

No. 632063


She didn't mention the zine at all. She just really dropped the ball on her good will to people. It's like she wants to do literally anything else but work on the zine. including redesigning an OC for her barely-started comic.

Her priorities are jacked up. Just because she busies herself with 'stuff' doesn't mean she's actually getting anything done. It's all just busywork…

No. 632080

>>631893 why doesnt she just get a little something to put her food, that would give her more space since her desk usually has meals

i mean its healthier to eat in a dining table with sheldues for every meal but hey

No. 632184

Yeah it ages her up a lot. I’d give her some slack though as it’s obviously her first time wearing make up at all. She needs to learn what’s flattering and what’s aging her up (for worse). I would totally avoid lining her lower lashes since she kind of have droopy eyes…

Also I feel like she’s totally unaware of what people actually wear, she is going for stereotypes like innocence=overalls and tries to get princess to be girly by giving her a totally white hairstyle? So what, Black people with poofy hair can’t be innocent and cute or girly? I can understand having straight hair, it happens and it’s a choice to chemically stir your hair; she could play with the idea of princess wearing wigs, too; but instead she slaps whatever hairstyle she thinks it’s innocebt and it’s kinda bothersome. She is literally turning the character into a baby/someone you could see play as a “little”. She’s probably not aware of that, but still…
Also I think she was complaining about her previous cintiq being “too small” and now she’s back with a new tablet that’s the same size as the cintiq and it’s okay? Also she had a frikkin arm mount so she could have access to her table/drawing area THE SAME WAY.
Ngl I’m kind of glad she’s feeling better though and that she’s finally doing something to have a clean workspace.
Although you don’t need to have proper storage systems to put away all of your pens…

No. 632200

>>631893 Nobody can pull off that eyeliner, Holly. Just do a normal winged eyeliner, we're not weeb kids in 2005 anymore.

No. 632201

it's not her first time wearing makeup, i've been watching her vlogs since last year before the purge of her vlog channel and she's always had makeup. she just sucks at it and obviously hasn't seen any good tutorials.

No. 632222

Or maybe makeup is a skill that you need to take time to learn and Holly isn't about doing that learning shit.

No. 632226

Wait until holly claims she knows more than a makeup artist
That'll be the funniest shit

No. 632235

I'm keen for her beauty guru phase

No. 632242

Makeup is a skill and I’m assuming Holly wasn’t the type to wear much of it in her teens. There’s nothing wrong with being inexperienced at it, but if it’s anything like her animating, she’s going to go overboard and go at it completely blind and then buy a bunch of Chanel shit (because more $$$ = not having the practice) instead of getting cheap ass elf or wet n’ wild stuff at the drug store to mess up a bunch with. I wish her the best but like making animations, a zine, and comics, it’s overambitious for her current skill level.

No. 632259

It's not that deep. She probably just got insecure from reading these boards and seeing everyone call her ugly so she tried to put on some makeup. Since she's bad at it and doesn't seem to have any interest in developing it as a skill, she should just do her brows and lashes. Does wonders for a face with 0 effort and 0 time.

No. 632261

I mean she honestly is starting to look a lot better. I feel like her new videos are a bit more positive and she genuinely does sound a bit happier now. I'm still not the biggest fan of her work and I do wish she would be a little more professional but I'm happy to see the progress she has been making.

No. 632290

Yeah, even though it's a shit show. It's nice to see her on Michie's streams. Going from 0 friends to a handful of internet ones, it's not surprising that it's making her a little less moody.

No. 632416

Holly I know you’re reading this so please fucking google the curly girl method or watch some youtube videos. I’ve been holding back but it hurts to see your hair screaming for moisture.
You could have beautiful curls

No. 632504

She needs a hair pack and some leave in products! And it's not like those things are super pricey either

No. 632516

Basically this kek

No. 633007

File: 1531226686783.png (526.7 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

How much money did she spend on this small ass collection??

No. 633025

Why did she need 25 colours when they're all basically the same shade but darker, just colour in layers she only needed like 10 of these

No. 633030

She has an odd number of markers so either she bought them all individually or a handful or them. they go for between 5-10$ depending on shop so over a 100$ for this bundle not including shipping+tax etc.

No. 633032

Depends on how she purchased them and where. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she bought them from a supplier like Dick Blick and that she bought a few of these in packs, since some of these colors look like ones available in blending trios.

Anyway, with all that considered, I would guess this is around $60-$70 worth in markers. That's if she bought them smart, if not then it's quite a bit more expensive.

The thing that kills me is the damn copic holders. It's such a stupid purchase. About CA$50 for each container, meaning Holly spent $70 on storage for 20-some markers. She can use them for other junk, but she could also buy an organizer from Michael's for $25 with even more space. God, she's an idiot with money.

No. 633036

What bothers me more is that Holly literally had copics before but she sold them at a loss because she wanted to do digital. I can't help but wonder how long this new marker phase is going to last. I mean switching from traditional to digital art made sense because her whole fanbase is online and it's a 100 times easier to post digitally made art online than to actually go thru the whole process of making, scanning and editing traditional pieces to post online. Switching back to traditional art just seems like a step back at this point.

No. 633037

>It has a secret compartment

I must be daft because WHERE

No. 633038

Right, I had seen someone mention that at some point. That makes the markers and the expensive case even more ridiculous.

There is something really nice about traditional art, so I don't really fault her for wanting to try again. But there are so many cheaper (and superior) alternatives to copics now, so she's literally spending money JUST to spend money.

On the left bottom compartment, the bottom panel slides out to reveal a tiny space. It took me awhile to figure it out, too.

No. 633073

didn't holly say that she was planning to move out by the end of this year/beginning of next year? i don't see how she's going to have enough money for rent without a roommate to split the bill with much less have money to feed herself. spending money on dumb stuff like that adds up over time, and she's always buying stuff on amazon. she should be saving as much as she can since she doesn't have a steady income.. she's god awful with money.

No. 633076

I really hope she scrapped the whole moving plan because she's just making the whole process harder by buying all this useless junk off amazon.

No. 633077

Looks more like she broke it or it's defective than a "secret compartment"

No. 633136


Also why?

Why didn't she just put them in an old coffee mug or something.

I mean yeah it makes it look and feel more organized but she could have just made do with what she had to save up her money to move out

No. 633170

tbh i thought the cases where cute , until I saw the size of them …..like it's expensive and takes up more room than needed and judging by the size of her room is this wasn't s smart buy tbh

also speaking of amazon , instead of spending her own money on it she could just download apps that allow you to play games and then earn tokens to get amazon gift cards
of course the draw back would be the fact that some games take for ever to get the tokens , or completely take off her credit/debit card off amazon so she'll have to think before purchasing .

but of course ms brown isn't the best at considering anyone advice because shes " YouTube famous " and to farr up her own ass to do so .

No. 633176

I feel like Holly is the type of artist who thinks buying more expensive art supplies will somehow make her improve

No. 633192

knee-jerk art nerd reaction: it's best to store markers horizontally so the ink doesn't all settle at one end. She could've easily gotten something much cheaper though than the fancy wooden case, that look SO EMPTY anyway.

No. 633193

Are you new to Holly? Sounds like you are

No. 633210


She bought something that's taking up the space she claims she wants on her desk.
And with a shelving unit like that you guys know damn well that isn't all the markers she's going to be getting.

Copics are so bulky, pricey and overrated, and she hardly ever uses markers outside of her sketchbook. She keeps making traditional pieces ridiculously big so if she actually plans on using the markers, she's not going to get any coverage out of them.

copics are such a money sink the way she uses them. But if it's an impractical, expensive money sink, then you know Holly BRown's GOT to have it.

…Only to sell it all off a few months later.

No. 633216

Not to be that guy but copics are a waste of money in general. The only people who buy copics are weebs and newbies that don't know any better. Not only is the ink in copics non-archival but there are also a ton of cheaper alternatives to copics which you could find with a little bit of research.

No. 633217

File: 1531248826077.jpeg (399.39 KB, 1242x1067, A2C388AE-96B1-4BD8-8E5B-F1994A…)

Surprised nobody mentioned this but I died laughing at the girls deflated ass cheek on the top right corner.

No. 633219


Not to derail, but Holly has to be a fan of Momokun to have drawn an ass like that.

No. 633221

Those female figure studies need a bit of work but I'm happy to see Holly step outside of her comfort zone of drawing just twinks.

No. 633222

The guy's head on the bottom right is probably the closest thing to a dick Holly has ever drawn kek.

No. 633224

tbh I think the only reason she bought then was because the cheaper one's she bought she said where crap or had puke colors

also the only thing that's keep people buying copics are the refill type thing .Tbh lf prisma marker where to do refill ( yes you can use rubbing alcohol but it dilutes the color a shit ton over time ) and somehow keep it cheap or you can just make your own alchol based markers . but then again it'll probably end up costing more though so idk

No. 633237


previous anon, and sage for blog, but you're not really that guy; I agree with you. I tried copics but ended up hating how impractical they are for what I was doing and spending. Copics are expensive and not great for learning how to apply colors with. you get much more bang for your buck w/watercolors or almost literally anything else.

does anyone remember the reason she just had to have copics again other than "it's expensive, so I had to have them" ?

That's another thing she'll have to take into account is spending money on refills, which are also bulky af. I can already see her spilling them or having them scattered all over the place and then complaining that she has no room for it and complaining about spending her money on refills.

For some reason this is a huge selling point with copics because a lot of beginner artists/weebs seem to think that it's an economical 'deal', and 'good for the environment' because you're not immediately throwing away a piece of plastic?

No. 633255

the only thing I can see being good for holly , is buying copic multiliner instead of micron . micron is good and all but they bust easily .
then again that's the only thing I used from copic are their refillable multiliners
you'll only need 2-3 of them to do the job + if you break the nib you can get a replacement .
that's the only thing thats good about copic tbh .the markers are eh

No. 633256

There are other brush markers that are cheaper than copics though, not including prismacolor because those are almost as expensive as copics now lol. I swear they were so much cheaper five years ago. My point is she could have gone with another brand that was cheaper but because its holly she always goes for expensive art supplies she doesnt really need

No. 633264

I know that there are cheaper ones , I was just stating that people buy copics because of the re-fill thing.I was just stating prisma as a example or i should have said ohuou(what ever the fuck it is) since they are 10x cheaper) .

No. 633265


I think she explained in one of her vlogs why she always opted for more expensive brands. Basically she has it in her mind that more expensive brands tend to last longer and she did the whole 'growing up poor' thing, and said 'if i'm going to buy something it might as well last me so when I have the money I get the best thing my money can buy' or something along those lines and that she knows DIY/cheaper brands is a thing but she just thinks expensive= more durable/reliable,

…And sure, that may have been true like 30-50 yrs ago when brands were an actual thing and you didn't have to dispose of things every few months or years, but with things like art supplies, they're going to run out eventually.

And with copics, at this point you're paying for a brand name, and not the quality or practicality of it. So her thinking is very old-fashioned and not practical by today's standards. She just wants it because she can have it, and the way she shows that off is so fucking tacky.

No. 633266

There's a difference between a good quality brand and a brand that is just well known. Copics are just well known. Like many anons have already said, Holly should have done some more research before jumping into the copic bandwagon.

No. 633380

File: 1531259529318.png (74.19 KB, 484x470, 2018-07-10_165134.png)

idk how I feel about this
I wish she would take down her clever kitchen banner since we don't see much of it or if any at all .to match with the cat .But it is better than her other icon.

No. 633437


I mean it's cool, the lop-sidedness of her last icon was bugging the everlasting shit out of me. The cat isn't really 'cute', it's just kind of there. Her Clever Kitchen banner has Got to Go though. Replace it with something having to do with paranormal plague or somethin.

No. 633442


the fact that the face is not centered is killing me. the whole thing looks like a really sad attempt at "being cute." i hate it.

Also, yes holly please make a related banner if your icon is going to be this lazy cat face.

No. 633444

Going back to this, i know exactly what pose reference she used for the guys kissing in the bottom right corner. She didn't even try to change anything.

No. 633448

File: 1531265797966.jpg (13.66 KB, 236x296, 65d282135878c1bdda0bc70b26d36f…)


its this btw

No. 633552

Holy shit, did she finally get rid of those fugly ass glasses on Simon??? It's amazing how much better he looks as a character when he has real goddamn glasses and not triangles on his face. He actually looks cute/nerdy for once, imo, despite the hair tentacles.

No. 633584

10:22 why do I feel like Holly specifically bought those containers for this video

No. 633587

Does Holly use other people hands for thumbnails cause those hand are slim. Like I just notice cause the left hand look wierd as shit.

No. 633588

File: 1531279789594.png (7.41 MB, 2208x1242, 82F56567-827E-4136-96DC-0F774A…)

The end title for the latest video is clearly not Holly’s hands lmao wtf why

No. 633590

>"You shouldn't call things 'OCD' if you don't have that disorder"
Mixed feelings about this? On the one hand, good for you bitch, being even mildly considerate, but on the other hand she's out here telling people "supplements" cure her depression, so…?

No. 633594

I think she uses templates. She talks about how these templates are a way of making something more "professional"

No. 633650

Wait her solution to ripping pages out is… taking them out?
Is she for f*ing real?!
Also no Holly nobody tells you it’s insane to sketch with marker, that’s basically their main purpose. They’re used to sketch and do quick presentation, because they’re not archival and quicker than other media.
I feel like she did complain about people complaining just to show off her copic sketch…
and yeah I agree, it feels like she only bought them so she could show them in her videos.
I’ve also noticed that she’s trying SO HARD to “cutify” herself and her brand, with makeup, pink hair, cleaner workspace and that new cat icon on Twitter.
Anyway, useless video, she basically used it to show some of her work.

And if she could stop with that “I grew up poor” thing it’d be even better. If you’re poor and you care about your belongings you don’t just waste your supplies ripping pages off.

No. 633652

they're called copic sketch markers….i swear she's got a below average IQ. she has 0 reading comprehension.

No. 633671

The supplement thing worked for my mom, but not for me. If you've got a severe imbalance in your nutrition, then a symptom can be something akin to depression. And in that case supplements can help, but it's not a fix for everyone.

No. 633673

I feel like this is the problem with the more extreme and annoying fujoshits like holly.
It's like platonic relationships between men CANNOT exist, they HAVE to be gay

No. 633747

B-but it's more REALISTIC!! There's more FEELING between men because women are just so catty, y'know??

No. 633762

Yeah but the things she's taking aren't supplements, they're straight up drugs. Australia recently had a crack down on one of the ones she "recommended" because a kid ordered it online and overdosed.

No. 633838

It’s not even fujoshi that do it, it’s every immature tumblrina. Fandoms live on shipping anyone that even looks at each other.

No. 633863

Also, it seems to most fujoshis that not only do all male friends have to be gay, but also gay for each other, as if the idea of two gay men who are just friends doesn't exist, they all have to bone one another.

No. 633880

and if you happen to have two characters that are both gay but just friends, you get accused of erasure/gay bating. like ok every gay dude HAS to bang each other or its homophobic

No. 633886

lmao I remember having this mentality when I was like, 13 and shipping Yu-Gi-Oh characters. I can't imagine still thinking like this well into my 20s.

No. 633937

This maybe harsh just a for warning
I don't understand this mentality to be totally honest.Like just get over it you mess up work past it , or go over it with something better .That's how you end up stop tearing your "mistake" pages out and learn something from it .which means grow up and stop pulling shit like that and learn to let your sketchbook have mistakes it shows growth and it gives your audience an authentic look at your improvement .
Also hate it when someone labels themselves as being " no bullshit" but then they pull "oooOOooohhh someone said i shouldn't use this for this..well fuck you anonymous person"
like if you truly didn't give a shit to began with then don't fucking address it .
like chill bro , its the same with holly .especially with her whole view on challenges like bro chill the fuck out it's the internet.
Sorry for this little rant .

No. 633938

I once had somebody on Tumblr tell me that they ship [x and y characters] even though they hate each other "because the hate sex would be soooooo hot"

No. 633944

It’s not cringe to ship anime boys, it is cringe to be so cut off from society that you start thinking the standards for your fantasyland should be applied to reality

No. 633948

I mean, I have to commend them for being honest instead of trying to make a convoluted reason to have them fuck.

No. 633981

No. 634114

Holly eats raw fucking wonton dough at the end of this so cheers lads, she's dumb as fuck

No. 634167

>>633981 her food always looks NASTY. can she pls look into some recipes or smth god damn

No. 634231

Holly please make a food show on your youtube channel, we’re getting slightly bored and need entertainment

No. 634324

Say, what happened to those milky critiques of her fans' art she was supposed to be doing? Same with what happened to her Hamilton stuff, or Clever Kitchen, or the zine, I guess?

No. 634372

in all honesty i think she’s trying to keep all of her projects as far away from the public eye as she can so we cant make fun of her on here lmao

No. 634405

I just think she has so many projects and she cant keep track of them.

No. 634534

File: 1531417565020.png (287.23 KB, 1150x691, slacking.PNG)

no, shes to busy taking personality quizes

No. 634630

I feel this is 100% how she wants be and what she tried to make her YT persona like, but this def is not her imo

No. 634750

File: 1531431555049.png (251.54 KB, 1012x645, fags.PNG)

No. 634754

File: 1531431828469.png (125.09 KB, 616x487, fags2.PNG)

No. 634762

File: 1531432303793.png (449.77 KB, 891x620, 45.PNG)

No. 634764

tbh we are never gonna see the zine in physical copies , since she's doing everything else but work on the zine .
but then again it's her reputation on the line so who gives a fuck anyway.
I don't see how people follow her shes boring , even her "controversial " videos are boring she has no personality but to be "bitchy" and a "try-hard" makes things to hard for herself
wants to seem intelligent but isn't ,can't fucking spell to save her life .
just boring over all both her vlog and main art channel . A dead tree would be more entertaining than holly .
I feel like shes clueless even with the things she " passionate"
just over all a mess , I'm surprised no one has publicly called her out yet

No. 634769

she has multiple youtube "rants" about her

No. 634778

yea , but there's like only 2 i can find that are directly towards her .
if you have found others ones enlighten me then ?

No. 634786

fair point, there is more but they are fairly low quality

No. 634805

File: 1531433983474.png (58.59 KB, 1070x376, 2018-07-12_171755.png)

i've been trying to find videos , I think if some with a decent following can effectively get their point across can make a fair video .
but then again she hasn't had to big of recent drama besides the zine situation which we can see unfolding .

but then again no one would want her name next to theirs , even the video that make good points get more dislikes than likes so not to good in the youtube algorithm so no one sees it .

No. 634813

This may not be interesting, but in the artist interview Holly was in ^(it was posted somewhere above), when the guy asked her where people can find her at the end, Holly HEAVELY stated to used 'HOLLYISTOTTALYCOOLLIKE' instead of HCBrown because she says some 'weird search results come up that's not her'. My guess is she's seen the dozens of hate threads about her when searching herself and doesn't want this new audience to find them kek.

Karmas a bitch and she totally reads the threads.

No. 634821

also she was kind of out of place next to the rest of the artist during that podcast , also the guy running the podcast read her comic im surprised he didn't give her advice ? plus theres many other artots that could fit with the topic .

No. 634826

my favorite part of the podcast was holly stating " people have this thing against b&w , dumb people are attached to colors " paraphrased a bit , if you want to know the time frame its around 17:06

No. 634828

If he did give her advice she wouldn't get to it in over 2 months under all of her incomplete projects and new art supplies.

No. 634842

Yeah he said he had circumstancial depression so he couldn't relate? Tbh I didn't really get that either since he has 'gotten' over it he could have stated some advice or his experiences as well. Yeah she was very self-depricating and awkward and again generalising EVERYONE this time with depression 'people with depression etc…' and when he said Hollys story was 'cute' or something that really indicated that he hadnt read her comic lol.

tbh having Holly on the podcast made the podcast look very amateur because they havent done their research and yeah i agree with the advice lol and Ill check when she says the dumb thing out.

No. 634847

if you can't find it

No. 634858

can't really find rants about her, but it has a lot of dislikes tf

No. 634863

fujos stick together

No. 634986

I vote HOLLYISTOTALLYCOOLLIKE be added in every thread title as an alternate alias from now on

No. 635001


I remember when you searched her name, a few threads back, the first few results would be lolcow threads, but I think she's since managed to scrub it from the first few page results and put up a short paragraph about her as an artist, her twitter about portfolio links, as if that's going to make her look any better. it's far too late for her now.

No. 635008


No. 635009

The part where she made fun of a feminists art statement made me lol. Bitch only 30% of galleries featured works are made by women lol, shes in that category yet she makes fun of it.

No. 635039

doesn't she take art classes though ? like going to college for an art degree ?

No. 635046

File: 1531446505943.png (293.38 KB, 521x825, Screenshot_20180712-194531.png)

Holly's paigee world account has a bunch of old art, it's pure gold.

No. 635047



No. 635048

File: 1531446741173.png (1.04 MB, 1227x1387, Capture.PNG)

didn't see anyone posting this before so

No. 635053

File: 1531446862625.png (1.06 MB, 1076x703, g.PNG)

No. 635057

>>635048 Jesus Christ the difference, Damien actually looks like a man!

No. 635090

File: 1531449880385.png (831.52 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Im crying, thanks anons, now we found the Jack Frost copy she did of Baylees drawing. She thinks this is better???? Omfg

No. 635095

his hands lmao. one has elephantitis, the other is boneless.

No. 635109

somebody get this man an ambulance, it looks like he's having a fucking stroke

No. 635110

File: 1531451344404.jpg (54 KB, 320x223, joffrey.jpg)

If this weren't colored, I would have thought this was GoT fanart. That incest prince face.

No. 635157

File: 1531456095178.jpg (34.49 KB, 285x400, johnmayerhasuneveneyes_1.jpg)

No. 635166

4 minutes of her basically saying, "I don't understand how to write meaningful artist statements because I'm not a fine artist so I'm just going to say random bullshit because I'm so edgy."

No. 635182

She seriously destroyed a boot literally tearing it apart? I am SO mad now.
Okay it could be useless to you but it's a book. Re-sell it if you don't like it (and it looked pretty unread to me anyway. Don't just fucking rip pages off of it because you're so edgy and you like to shit on everything that's not your holy art.

No. 635184

No. 635188

File: 1531459659850.jpg (84.16 KB, 539x960, 36992485_10216056995836111_693…)

In which Holly outs herself as a plagiarist on instagram and shows the manga she ripped her OC's from
Thats literally Hershal and whatever the black one with acne is !

No. 635191

Woah. You aren't kidding. I was confused for a second and thought someone made some very detailed fan art or something.

No. 635223

she cant even spell the name of the comic right

No. 635231


…Damien is a man?

No. 635256

Weeb with barely mediocre scribbles hates contemporary art. What a shocker.

No. 635266

Holly you're a cheap tacky fan artist/ tumblr tier artist of course you don't know how to appreciate art or how to speak eloquently about your work. What is there to say about fan art rather than 'oh yeah I ship it I guess'.

Get off your high horse you're a cheap pseudo-cartoonist who will never get into a gallery.

No. 635270

File: 1531475589906.png (371.16 KB, 309x537, hjasdaskdjgaf.PNG)

this page she showed on her instagram story has me gAGGING

No. 635274

holly BRown's sense of humor is equivalent to that of an edgy 14 year old who's just discovered filthy frank and idubbz. she's borderline alt right, has said transphobic things in the past before she deleted the vids of her saying this stuff, creepily fetishizes gays excusing it with "i just liek drawing men leave me alone!!!11" she's constantly throwing hate towards women and shitting on feminism obviously not knowing what the fuck she's talking about. any criticism given to her for her shitty actions and words she will automatically label as a "tumblr sjw who's too sensitive." idk how the fuck she has fans.. she's so fucking edgy and cringey and has the mindset of a child.

No. 635280

Poor Herschel is being electrocuted

No. 635289

>Nod nod, stroke stroke


No. 635290

What was the transphobic stuff she said?

No. 635316

Holly is not entirely wrong about there being a bunch of pretentitiousness and bullshit statements in art today, hell, a running gag at my art school is "I'm gonna bullshit this work and make some shit up about how deep it is" and sadly, most of the time it works. But then again listening to this while seeing a woman draw middle-school ass scribles is pretty laughable,I mean, yeah, those people are pretty bad and cringy, but Holy ain't much better kek

No. 635466

What's the actual name?

No. 635493


There she goes again shooting her mouth off about making a living off of porn art. She makes such a big deal out of it, like, what part of it is 'sad' when plenty of artists do exactly what she's attempting? The difference is they're not being whiny and ungrateful that people are remotely interested in their work.
She needs to get her head out of her ass and stop making a fuss over making NSFW art for money like it's brand new and pretending she doesn't want/like to do it.

and yet she REALLY REALLY wants you to look at it. posting up videos that almost slip pages "ohoho almost saw a dick ahaha can't have that!" "Oh let me put some emoji over my shitty dick drawings, that'll REALLY tantalize you guys~!"
She doesn't even really deserve the money she's getting on Patreon for the low effort bullshit she's peddling.
She wants to cater to an adult audience who actually has money, but she needs to get good at actually making and finishing anything and lose the teenage edgelord attitude that attracts a teenage audience.

How much you wanna bet she's gonna drop paranormal plague and Purgatory b/c it's seriously not making her any money. All she'll have for SanJapan are some shitty stickers and prints, MAYBE some zine copies, and halfassed merch from a comic barely off the ground. The smut comic is going to have more pages than Paranormal Plague (THe ACTUAL STORY they come from) at this point.
Sage for rant.

No. 635500


Offering a different opinion : Schools usually push you to explain your projects in that way because they don't want students to simply answer "I drew that because I felt like it / It looked good that way".
It prepares you to present your art project to a potential client.

And it goes for everything. I later branched to a more specific cursus and that's how all companies will present any project (especially when it's a tiny thing that's not going to impress a company on its own but is extremely important, ie : sounds bite that will come with a company logo. It's usually 1 second long and maybe two notes so you better talk the shit about it)

No. 635593

Oh no, I wasn't shittalking artist's statements, they are indeed incredibly valuable to understand the intention of an art piece. I was just talking how those artist's statements are often a way to try and spruce up a piece of work that is, frankly, not good. I've seen dozens of people at school half-ass their works, admitting they do it, and then getting stelar marks because they made up some bullshit explanation and the teacher ate it up. Hell, I've done it and got great marks, but I'll be the first to admit the work I presented was garbage. It's sad but it's true and it works better on the most pretentious art teachers lol, not as well on those with industry experience.
But then again this is Holly who thinks every art piece that isn't anime or in a History book is garbage. She regards cartooning/anime/whatever as art because she likes it and regards classical painters as art because someone else told her they're masters, I've never seen her have the curiosity to check out something like avant-garden theater or fashion or something because her view of what art is is very narrow, there's either cartoony, masters or dumbass feminist menstrual blood pieces to her, nothing else.

No. 635603

Tbh I think holly's running out of content.
like shes boring anyway .

No. 635605

File: 1531510969498.png (51.98 KB, 1015x261, 2018-07-13_144343.png)

No. 635606


I don't know why she felt the need to say this. There's a reason DMs are designed the way they are. She's got no tact, oh my god.

No. 635607

the replys are even better on this tweet.

No. 635620


This is like when white girls say shit like "omg someone thought I was Asian, do I look Asian to u haha he he"
Ultimately no one cares and it sounds fake, but ok.

She does this a lot though, usually with art, she comes up with this story that starts off like "someone said ___ to me/a lotta people tell me (insert outlandish/crazy thing here) and obviously haha no, but isn't that just crazy??? that someone said that??? to meeee???"

Like, you know damn well no one asked you that; you just wanted to hear yourself talk.

No. 635651

Her complaining about doing porn being '''wrong''' while at the same time teasing her porn comic in every video really reminds me of Momokun. Spending all day pretending that she's "Not a porn star gaiiiiiz!!!" and then making photoshoots where she's naked except for whip cream on her tits. Like, dude, you're not fooling anybody, you look like an absolute hypocrite who wants the fame of porn but not the 'horror' of calling yourself a creator of porn.

No. 635663


No. 635704

Whoa wtf is with her child porn icon

No. 635707

she's probably a shota-con, not surprising coming from her.

No. 635711

File: 1531520170618.png (125.1 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

For fucks sake just focus on finishing the zine!!! One of the fucking comics. Or the stupid story board/animation. Just finish something lol

No. 635720

>child porn icon
Anon… It looks like Nagisa from Free. I don't expect every anon on here to be an expert on weeb things but child porn, seriously? Holly is probably still a shotacon though.

No. 635725

let's face it the zine will never get get finished
or my theory is
holly will finish it around con time
and say "oh guyz ya know i don't have time to ship these out and i only have enough for the con oops"

No. 635726

I'm not much of a weeb my bad idk who that is just that they look like a shirtless 8 year old boy.

No. 635728

Also speaking of the zine , Holly could have easily dropped a few usless projects to work on the zine like a smart person would do.But no she's using the fact that she has so many projects as a way to get people to defend her by saying " oh she has so many projects " or " she's working so hard and using her own money " so you can't say anything bad about her time management
maybe someone from the zine will speak up soon enough .

No. 635734

That is exactly what's going to happen. I can't wait for this con the shitshow is going to be so milky

No. 635774

She bought materials TO MAKE 50 COPIES of a zine with 100 CONTRIBUTORS. This is exactly the amount she’d take to the con, that’s more than a little suspect. If she wanted to really make some dough she could make the 50 copies for herself then claim a major injury to her wrist from cutting so much goddamn paper by hand, and she’ll have a gofundme for her “medical recovery”.

No. 635803


I swear if she does this I better not see anyone trying to defend her selfish, stupid ass. Somone will have to call her out, particularly someone in the zine but anyone with enough a platform will do.

No. 635839

Her projects aren't even paid gigs for clients, they're just her own passion projects. Any reasonable person would put the obligation that involves other people's work before her own whims.

No. 635988

Can an artist that's worked on the zine ask for a PDF of the zine instead of buying from her greasy hands. If they do it that way Holly gets no profit lol. If she doesn't allow it, it will make Holly look really scummy because its not an unreasonable request. That's what I would do then get the books made by a manufacturer in bulk, be less time and you can make more profit. If she gatekeeps the PDF and doesn't allow it fuck her.

No. 635989

(I finally caught up on all of Holly threads and whoo I got a bit heated at the end. So sage for ranting to the bitch).

Many of her passion projects are also short-lived, almost like she's trying to find her love for art again yet failing lmao

Passion projects don't work for most in an instant. She'd have to start off slowly and quit planning several big projects, until she feels ready to tackle something.

Holly doesn't have what it takes for that or for professionalism. She seriously needs to get her head outta her ass and realize that she has all the time in the world to accomplish HER OWN shit, but when it comes down to other people's hard work and time there's no room for playing around.

We all know she reads (re: skims) the threads so here's a little note:

Holly, you hardheaded ass troll, you are so damn lucky these people only joined your shitty MHA zine for clout. How about you take some advice for once, replace your Jordan Peterson book with a self help one, clean your damn room, work on yourself, and THEN go back to your art bc it's clear you don't like the routes you're taking with it. Being a complete ass hat is going to get you no where when it comes down to being a professional artist and eventually your audience is gonna get tired of you being an untalented cunt.

You're not superior in anyway for the amount of art you make in a day or week. And coming from someone who is younger than you, grow the fuck up, and maybe then you'll realize what you'd actually like to achieve.

No. 635996


this is what she should have done if she really wanted to have artists get paid some kind of money to begin with. A PDF copy of a zine is a given for projects like these. that way if an artist has a store they can put it up as a digital download to at least sell for something like at least $5…

but no, Holly wants to be the middleman, and take a little off the top for herself. Bet you she'll sell the fuck out of endless hardcopies of the book on her online store, and PDFs too, probably. while she tells the artists to spend their money and hope that she delivers a well made product for them to sell. yeah, no, bull shit.

just making money off the backs of other artists. what a scummy move.

No. 636006

yeah… the anon who is in the zine, can you ask for a PDF? Instead of paying her to make a copy then paying for delivery. Its so slimey what she's doing I totally agree with you anon. Lately she seems SO desperate for money, every move she makes is for money (merch, long armed tube people porn zine, controversial videos, this zine), it almost seems sad at this point. In her latest vlog she was having a fit because her 'criminal brother' is now living with them and he doesn't pay rent. Which is kinda understandable but when she absolutely flipped out on her brother in that one stream calling him a 'fucking loser' because he simply opened her door and asked her a question, makes me think that Holly is just using her brother as a scapegoat. Even the Romanian girl told Holly to calm down because how much she was sperging out.

She acts like such a saint because she pays rent and does the washing, like yeah… nearly every adult has to do this. She's not even in full time education. In one of her vlogs her online school 'suddenly' asked her to see her portfolio and she was stressing. They viewed her online portfolio and told her that she needs to do more real life studies… lol I'm low-key surprised the teachers actually asked to see her portfolio or that it even was a real online school considering how many outside projects she has. Shouldn't University be a priority? She can't network lol, and her portfolio is shit.

-sage for rant

No. 636011


Sorry for caps I just wanted that to be clear for all the new people. I appreciate your sage though. lol

Anyone noticed all of the arttubers seem complacent as of late? Seriously what's a channel that's not garbage? /shitpost

No. 636083

Holly obviously isn't going to give the pdf out because that would mean more competition for her when she decides to sell it at the convention. The supplies she has to make the book are just enough for her to have full stock at the con so chances are that even if contributors order their own copies from her she won't actually ship them out until after the convention so she can make sure she has enough to sell herself. If anybody does actually ask for the pdf holly is probably just going to pull some excuse about how she doesn't want people leaking the zine online.

No. 636117

File: 1531580320332.png (866.4 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Oh boy. Also i really dont like the cover at all.

No. 636121

Holy shit that forced perspective just gives off Yaoi head&hand vibes!

No. 636175

is anyone here getting it for the milk/kek?

No. 636192

I thought it was a mermaid or some reason , I guess that's a sign that she needs to add more depth or contrast with the colors to it .Because distance read is not doing to good .

No. 636195

Wtf is Reese supposed to be looking at? Cause he sure as hell isnt looking at the bound up dude in his trunk.

No. 636204

He's trying to figure out why he's in that shitty comic

No. 636242

File: 1531588676195.png (618.52 KB, 1046x748, 2018-07-14_121845.png)

No. 636248

Watercolour paper for markers? Boy I hope she bought plenty of refills.

No. 636263

i don't think she understands how paper works tbh.

No. 636267

that drawing is an injustice to the cuteness of that character, good grief. also in what world does that texture look good? of course, holly brown, professional marker artist, would use heavyweight cold pressed paper with copics. i swear, sometimes she has the intelligence of a goldfish. or maybe a squirrel, considering how easily distracted they are by any and every little thing.

has anyone mentioned the way that she does words in her logos/thumbnails, because it is literally the worst “design” choice. why the hell does she use lowercase and uppercase letters intermittently? is her grasp of the english language that bad despite it being her native language, or does she just write the shit down as quickly as possible because she can’t be half-assed to do anything properly? it must be hell for dyslexic people to read.

No. 636273

easy way of getting that texture on a marker piece without having to use the thirstiest paper known to man: scan a blank sheet of the cold-press, and digitally overlay it on the marker piece. this doesn't work for in-person commissions, but seeing as she does most of her stuff online it's a good way of getting that texture on it.

i hope BRown enjoys watching her money get sucked into the paper, never to be seen again.

No. 636274

I don't know anon, I think it looks ok compared to HOlly's normal work.

I feel sorry for the poor sap who buys the copics from Holly once she grows tired of markers.

No. 636277

File: 1531590600512.png (47.27 KB, 250x555, Mina_Ashido_Full_Body_School_U…)

Holly she's not purple…

No. 636283


That's right Holly you peddle that smut to your teenage audience.

But wow seriously did she actually finish something this time? Guess when you're a thirsty ass fujo, gay smut is all the motivation you need, right?

At first when I was looking at her new cat logo, I thought, hey not so bad, better than that wonky name tag she had before but looking at it again, I hate it just as much,

it looks like the cat just got done taking a shit.

No. 636330

GOD I'm so fucking ready for this shit

No. 636350

The markers do look nice on that paper I guess but holy shit what a way to drain all your ink immediately

No. 636368


Why doesn't she just… paint digitally

No. 636369

I don't know if you replied to the right person but traditional art does have a different feel/look to digital a lot of the time. traditional is fun in it's own way, and sometimes artists just want to fuck around with things irl instead of through a tablet.

>sage for blogpost

No. 636376

I'm really fucking thinking about it considering how ridiculously funny/bad the previews have been, but I don't want that goddamn thing shipped to my house/PO box, that's just embarrassing. I thought she said there was gonna be a digital version? I don't see it on her shop…

No. 636382

You're right, I replied to the wrong post. Sorry

No. 636384

ew that nail

No. 636388

The school she goes to id the Rocky Mountain School of Art, and she had actually did her research when she started applying to schools she would have known that that school has the single worst online schooling. Students complain how the instructors aren't really proactive and the course work is bare bones. Complete bullshit if you're paying… what 14k-20 a semester?

No. 636506

I wonder, if she's taking out loans for her online schooling…if so, oof..

No. 636512

File: 1531610506768.png (119.7 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No one asked for this.

No. 636539

Of course BRown has to be special.

No. 636565

>people want to draw Herschel with a normal chin

and muscles, and anatomy

No. 636812

No. 636869


No. 636913

god, i hate to say it, but even though her old art is wonky and disproportionate it had character and energy, now everything she does is so stiff and honestly worse.

No. 636916

why is she always in a hurry ?? her pastries are so lazy and rushed, and the shadow of the woman's garment covers the lace. i think she would benefit from sketching, letting it sit for some time, and then with fresher eyes fixing it before coloring.

No. 636957

No. 636960

>B-but anon it’s up to the artist weather or not they have progressed with their art! Just because you like the old art doesn’t mean the artist has too uwu

You’re right though anon her new shit sucks and her old shit had way more personality and character her new shit is fucking middle school web trash !!

No. 637040

File: 1531666907318.png (123.13 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Nothing on the other zine though.

No. 637246

If none of the artist on the true color zine call her out , someone has to like she can't get away with this ?
People put their hard work into a short deadline ,that even the creator didn't finish on time

No. 637311

File: 1531679669579.jpg (125.15 KB, 1080x482, Screenshot_20180715-133443_Chr…)

No. 637324

Why the fuck is she so obssessed with adding "idk" every other word, if you "dk" anything I have an abbreviation for you Holls, STFU

No. 637366

Have you guys seen CreepShow Art. Looks very much inspired by HB…

No. 637411

Do you have images? This is an image board and typically people don't really want to spend their time searching up unrelated stuff. Is their art lolzy?

No. 637415

Sage your unfunny shit in the email section please no1currs about your big bang shit

No. 637430

Why does Holly have to be so fucking pessimistic? So no one can have fun drawing other people’s illustration cause it’s like “free fan art” huh, Holly?
IMO the “draw this in your style” isn’t as much of a challenge as much as a great way to network between artist. Too bad Hollys too good for that.

No. 637432

File: 1531686722830.jpg (540.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180715-153232_Tum…)

No. 637433

File: 1531686865452.jpg (566.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180715-153237_Tum…)

No. 637434

File: 1531686881521.jpg (524.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180715-153242_Tum…)

No. 637455

Past 3!? Bitch can’t even draw a hand right the first 3 months she needs 6 more?

No. 637459

Did San Japan happen yet ? Did she just ghost about how aweful she made out?

No. 637463


There is such a thing as Google anon, but no it hasn't happened, sure she would be been very vocal by now if it had.

No. 637468

I didn’t see anyone post this but Holly attempts to make Vietnamese spring rolls but instead of using rice wrappers she uses wonton wrappers like the genius she is.

No. 637471

Someone already posted it 4 days ago >>633981

No. 637517

Looks like I’m as dumb as Holly lol

No. 637522

File: 1531693955787.png (899.91 KB, 951x519, 7dfc0cf40473dbf80d0d75187ebb4c…)

>>637468 Why the hell does she thinks it's okay to film your work desk with your large-ass bra lying around? If she was going for 'quirky artistic clutter tee hee' she definitely failed at that. However, she succeeded in cringe and revolt at least from me.

No. 637534

oh no a woman has a bra

No. 637538

… it’s a clean bra. I find the used q tips to be disgusting but a bra next to where you work? That’s not revolting, relax.

No. 637575

I mean it's not revolting but it's still pretty cringe that she can't be arsed enough to move her bra off her desk before filming.

No. 637584

… What? Who fucking cares its summer and its too fucking hot to be wearing that shit, specially indoors

No. 637630

Are y’all honestly implying that an artist showing their underwear lying around during an art video is normal. Is this Holly??

No. 637664


Are you implying that it's the end of the world? Chill, there's more milk than a stupid bra to come, don't get antsy cause the cow is a little dry right now. Patience.

No. 637680

It's probably the fact that you're getting angsty over a bra. Theres other Holly centric bs to be mad at, but a bra… low hanging fruit anon

No. 637689

I’m a different anon? I just agreed with the one above get over it lol. I thinks it’s trashy so sue me.

No. 637690

Cool on you then

No. 637697

Can you guys shut the fuck up about this. Holly is the cow. HOLLY. This thread isnt for your debates.

No. 637721

File: 1531707540500.png (112.6 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

There, now y'all can focus on holly and not her bra lmfao. When is she going to make all of those zines??

No. 637772

with her poor organisational skills, i doubt she's doing much 'wrangling'

No. 637844

I'm an artist in the zine and this gets me every time. Who is she wrangling? She sends one email once a month.

No. 637947

Please artists, let her know she’s telling a bunch of bullshits about you.
She only had to make sure you all sent the file with the right requirements, and you guys are long done sending her the illustrations so… what has she been doing until now, that can be blamed on having that many people on a zine?
Guys I’m honestly baffled, she’s complaining so much about this thing SHE wanted to do and she’s talking like it’s some sort of impossible thing to do in less than three months, but honestly you can put together a book in one day. You only have to format it, fgs

No. 637985

Again with the "I've got too many artists!!!", a number that SHE chose…..

No. 638067

Can't wait to see how many dislikes the flip through video gets and how those who kiss her as defend her sm.
I just want to see someone school BRown on how shitty her time management skills are along side orginzatinal.

No. 638069

So true… Did you ever get any response about ordering books?

No. 638072

File: 1531745514345.jpg (495.19 KB, 1080x1338, Screenshot_20180716-075223_Chr…)

Holy shit guys we have 1 copy .

No. 638080

I just hate how just at the end she shamelessly stops and lingers to show of her fucked up Aizawa pic.
Like how much more conceited can you get Holly?

No. 638081

someone post the video i'm blocked from her twitter and cant see it

No. 638091

The bubbles on the cover…

No. 638097

why is the logo not centered omg

No. 638098

Because Holly is the queen of shoddy products.

No. 638117

File: 1531752041861.jpg (364.77 KB, 720x1064, 20180716_073718.jpg)

Ha! I feel bad for whoever buys this zine. Sure there are some good artist who participated in it. But the shitty 'bubble infused' cover, and wonky letter centering and problably many more errors is a real turn off. Also compare the look of the zine in the video versus the pictures (with a shit ton of editing and filters…problably to cover up for how bad it looks in rl)

No. 638119

Holly said she had enough material to make 100 copied right? So how many of thosr are going to each artist?? Every artist gets how many copes??

No. 638146

Anon, those are mockups, not the real pictures of the zine.
On the same note, when will she realize that those look bad and kinda scammy when she uses them to sell her stuff? I understand using them for video thumbnails or instagram pics, but when I want to buy something, I expect the pictures to accurately represent the product I'm byuing, not those cheesy mockups of badly prhotoshopped digital version of it.
Even in regular pics those look so bad to me. Shooting area isn't that hard to make, it just has to be clean. At this point, she could've invested in a good camera and lighting for this purpose, but bying copics and her 100th screen tablet is better, I guess.

No. 638169

Agreed 100%, you don't sell a finished product with mock ups. She's misrepresenting the product she's selling, it's borderline scammy and won't sell her book.

In the zine description it says there's 80 artists but she's been claiming she's been "WRANGLING" 100 people? So that was just a lie I guess lmao

No. 638172

don't forget that holly did three pictures for the zine. three. im pretty sure that's more artists cut

No. 638182

I hope the participating artists get at least a copy for themselves. I've only volunteered my art for projects with specific contracts about using the artwork. Doubt Holly's done that, but if there's even a verbal agreement that the participants get free copies, they're entitled to fucking free copies. I have a strong hunch she's taking advantage of young, inexperienced artists and it's making my blood boil.

No. 638192

maybe i'm dumb, but wouldn't it have made more sense to have all the copies she can make already done, before she posts about it? i mean, she has 100 (or 80 or whatever) artists in this, guessing they all want at least one copy, she'd have to run out of her materials anyway, so it wouldn't be a waste. she'd have more to show, too. be able to pick the best copy for a video and pictures, no need for mockups… oh wait, i forget, we're talking about holly, she never does anything in a way that makes sense. sorry, my bad.

No. 638194

File: 1531758154452.png (140.84 KB, 1086x788, yikes.png)

wait until they get a physical copy , along side when holly throws everyone under the bus for her mistakes.
and if people are still defending her after that then I've lost hope for most the internet lolsarcastic tone

No. 638258

You can already see that she either choose a wrong format mock-up OR she couldn’t be bothered to edit the file, because all of the bleedlines are INSIDE of the page (green girl side)

No. 638331

So the artists are ordering each book at $14? I thought they were supposed to be just the cost of production for the artists. Or are these just the ones holly is selling. I’m so confused. Artists will need to sell these at $30 just to make Ian even profit… this is SO SCAMMY HOLS!

No. 638333

Forgot to add $4 shipping, bringing the total to $18 per book. Oh and I just love this description…
“The zine is called true colors because the zine's theme is a color pallet, so the book all matches in color.”

No. 638367

$14 seriously?? Omfg if I was in that zine I’d be so pissed she clearly makes a profit from that. She better offer pdfs.

No. 638368

Ironic it's called True Colors. It seems like Holly's 'true colors' of being a money hungry and disorganized youtubers might finally show through.

No. 638392

Holly cant come up with a decent description (with no typos or grammar mistakes) to save her life.
It still doesnt make any sense… true colors = same pallet(e). Idk what she was going for

No. 638425


the theme of the zine is the color palette? wut. I thought the theme was MHA characters. Get it together, Holly.

btw it's amazing what most of the artists managed with the pukey palette she set, because her entry looks the most bland and drab.

No. 638432

I know we brought up makeup a few weeks back , but i wonder what her skin care routine is like ? idk also wtf
everything looks off in the preview for the zine ?
like the binding looks really weird and not centered .and yikes all those bubbles on the cover .Holly should have done this or contacted a company that professionally does this because hell i know for sure people are gonna be disappointed by the quality .
of course BRown = quantity > quality

No. 638438

i died on the inside
when holly said " yass queen"
just stooooppppeee

No. 638440

I think holly should invest into getting the premium member ship for Gammerly ,cause that girl needs it a lot .

No. 638442

Is someone required to have a 'skin care routine' beyond taking a shower everyday anon wtf is this even implying lol

No. 638444

* Grammarly
since she can spend so much on copics , to waste ink with using it in a water color sketch book
+ new tablet
+ plus other stupid shit

No. 638446

nah no one has to ,Did I state that she had to have one no ?
I was just wondering since she wear makeup every now an then chill for a second .its not that deep tbh

No. 638476

Damn dude it's not that deep. If she's deciding to ware makeup regularly, a basic skincare routine consisting of cleansing and moisturizing is pretty much needed if she doesn't want her skin to look like total crap.

No. 638490

Tbf she didn’t pay for the tablet, it was sent for free from huion. Just like the old one. The one she sold for 600 usd. That one.

No. 638495

No. 638496

>>638495 wait she put the artists in "random order" in the list? What the fuck, how is anyone going to tell whos art is whos? like god damn, take an extra day or two and sort them out in order or appearance!!

No. 638514

i dunno why she didn't try to order everything by character/groups. it would have been much more organized and smoother

No. 638525

Tbh the only reason she pulled "I'm gonna do this myself"
Is because she can pull the "ooOooh guyzzz I had to make thez all myself"
Instead she could have just gone through a printing company easily and got the orders in the amount needed.
But no she wants to do each one by hand, shell comaplin the whole time just watch .

No. 638541

So wait Holly is doing royalties for the zine? I'm a bit confused about how this whole thing is supposed to work?

No. 638570

>>638432 "skin care routine" isn't a thing, it's a marketing trick that's used to sell you shit you don't need. We're not here to talk about Hollys appearence, so can we finally shut the fuck up about it. Her skin, hair and whatever look fine. She's a normal looking human being. Jesus christ.

No. 638577


this was so carelessly put together. She probably rushed it so that people would get off her ass about what should've been done 2 months ago. She didn't even give the artists the courtesy of putting their names in order.

And after all that all she has to say for herself is "Um guys I worked pretty hard on this"
All this royalties/financial and technical bullshit could've been avoided if she had just taken it to a professional printer, ran a kickstarter, and had the artists paid that way.
But she wants it all done through her so she can stay holding all the cards. She better not whine and groan about having to make these zines well into the future, but then again, I don't think I can see this having a very long print run.

That's why PDFs are fucking important and I saw no mention of that at all in this video. Should have been the first thing that was available, tbh.
How much you wanna bet she'll keep the book available on her shop long after the hype (which really wasn't that much to begin with) to die down, so she'd be making 100% of the profit without any other artists getting a cut.

No. 638581


"Mock-ups are more professional than actual product photos" Holly..They're not. You got it backwards. Where did she even get that idea? Doesn't she go to school for this stuff??

Mock-ups are only used to better convey how a design is GOING TO look in practice. When you use mock-ups(and honey, everyone with a pair of eyes can tell they're mock-ups) to actually SELL a product it looks super scammy. Having actual product photos look professional and will increase sales.

No. 638588

Maybe next time I should be more clear.

I didn't mean it in "oh holly had bad skin , she should have skin care"

No I was simply wondering if she had one , since her skin is good.

Like chill.
Not everyone has a routine , I know that.

No. 638595

she actually wrote "color pallet" on the back of the zine…..yikes

No. 638644

This whole thing is a fucking disaster. Holly should have just went to a professional printing company, it would have saved her alot of time, energy and mistakes.
Secondly, I feel so bad for the artist in the zine. Like, Holly cant even take a little bit of time to put their names in order. How are the artist gonna get clout if no one can tell whos work goes to what. Also, I hope they can at least get a free contributor copy of the zine…like they're suppose to! On top of that the artist are problably gonna receive pennies (if that). I doubt this whole "royalties" thing is even gonna work knowing Holly. She's problably just saying whatever to hype it up for right now.
I feel sympathy for the artist, yet I cant wait for this whole thing to crash down and Holly finally gets called out for all her bullshit.

No. 638676

File: 1531790592617.png (61.79 KB, 521x408, Screenshot_20180716-192242.png)

No. 638687


So there won't be a PDF available to the artists? That's fucked.

>I don't think that's a good idea= I don't want the artists making profit off of this without me.

Just give them the PDF, Holly. Nobody is 'taking' money from you by having it, chill out. Jfc she wants credit for everything.

500 copies? yeah right, ok Holly. Just, on your own. 500 copies to be printed, laminated and bound. To ship off. If that's the case I don't wanna hear a word out of you in complaint.

No. 638705

Why is every single one of her responses to reasonable questions so fucking demeaning and condescending

No. 638707

Are you kidding me? Does anyone know if it's common practice with art zines for the artists not to receive their own copy of the PDF if they didn't compile it? I've seen so many zines around cons but I'm not familiar with the process behind the scenes.

No. 638754

No offense and not to derail but you too, Anon. You don't have to space before a punctuation mark. I wouldn't say anything usually but seeing your posts is driving me nuts.

No. 638767


Sounds like a personal problem.


It'll be funny seeing Holly floundering to divvy up money 100-80 ways, and she'll be getting the lion's share. Bet you won't see how much she makes off these at SanJapan when she goes to sell them there. If anyone is going, be on the look out for those.

No. 638773

>5. Integration

>Express yourself in a way that doesn't make you stand out from other anonymous users. This means avoiding:

>emojis or emoticons
>a lot of punctuation??????!!!!!
>other obnoxiusoius typign sTYLES

No. 638774

Holly is just like every other popular (annoying) YouTube artist. They always answer reasonable questions with passive aggressiveness and snark. They always seem to dodge the question or look to deep into it to the point they become offended.

But on the point of Holly, she is just being greedy and a control freak. Not giving them a PDF is a dickish move and she KNOWS that- thats why she is answering in a dumbass way. I hate how much she lowkey gaslights everyone when ever people are concerned about her management skills.

No. 638778


Anon, please stop derailing the thread. Just ignore the grammar mistakes and move on.

No. 638794

Oh fucking boy.

No. 638861

File: 1531808362232.jpeg (66.87 KB, 750x250, 724EC7D6-CD29-4F2C-81FA-1ED807…)

No. 638862


Ngl, holly looks 10 times better with glasses? She should wear them more often instead of contacts.

No. 638868

keto is a medical treatment for epilepsy, it alters your neurons and we still don't exactly know how it affects the brain but it makes you loopy. would not recommend if you need to do any amount of brain work. knowing holly she will quit immediate at the face of the first side effects so at least there's that.

No. 638871


>I dunno how people can wear glasses it feels nasty/greasy

hm. well, Holly, that depends on the wearer. the greasy/gross feeling isn't typical for people who take care of themselves, and get glasses that suit and fit them.

just saying.

No. 638872

>"I don't know if he [her brother] just has such a low IQ that he can't process that he's a garbage human, LOL"

No. 638874

we're actually on a gossip website and if people wanna go on about how she looks like a caveman, i don't see any non-hypocritical justification they shouldn't. you write as if this is a constructive criticism board for holly to read when this is just a place to bitch outside of her comments.

No. 638895

I feel like Holly is going to be one of those diet-hoppers where she doesn't stick to just one thing but is constantly looking for another miracle diet that'll also let her still keep eating fatty foods and drinking diet cokes.
Like, she'll prepare half healthy meals and then cover it in sauce and drink diet cokes, undoing it all. she's pretty much tricking her brain into thinking if she goes to the gym then she can eat whatever she wants and call that a diet.

and no matter how many times she showcases that fuckin zine mockup, it never looks any better.

Although I wonder if the material she's using for the Seize comic, is the same material she's using for the zines. because if that's the case she's using a lot more resources for her nsfw comic, yet she says she has to halt printing the MHA zine because she needs another black toner.
and it's weird how she's printing and binding the nsfw comic if she's not even done actually drawing it? am I missing something??

what a hot mess.

No. 638904

this is making me so angry. she couldn't even do the artists the courtesy of having everything in order for the 'showing off' copy. she has no regard for other people, period.

on the topic of her being an absolute asshole to her brother. i find it hilarious (not) that someone with anxiety and depression has so little awareness of a concept called 'self-medicating'. IE people using alcohol and/or drugs to deal with mental health issues bc they can't or won't seek therapy and it makes their life bearable. the woman who literally recommends addicting nootropics in her vlog has no business judging others' way to deal with their issues, imo.

No. 638906

TBH I can kinda see why she doesn't want to give out PDFs? Not from a greedy middleman standpoint, but that means every artist is responsible for dispensing pay to one hundred other artists every time they sell something. It sounds really confusing and unreliable. How is this kind of thing normally handled among responsible zine creators?

No. 638907


I don't care who you are or how much of an asshole your brother is - it gives you absolutely NO right to publicly say in front of thousands of people that you wish he would die. I understand that some family members are absolute pricks, but her talking shit about her brother like that just makes her look like a bitter, heartless bitch, and it makes her no better than him. Unless he's done something completely unforgivable (not just ruin his own life with drugs or have temper tantrums), then what she said was just totally uncalled for.

If Holly's brother ever does die, I hope that all of the bad things she said about him will haunt her forever.

No. 638931

She has no sympathy whatsoever. Really shows her true colors (get it). She doesn't care about anyone but herself. She doesn't care that her brother could be going through some mental issues the fact 'he's living here and he's a criminal!!!1!1' , my favourite one 'he called me fat and lazy!!1!'. - really shows her maturity level.

No. 638933

I feel like BRown is one of those people who would spite you to your grave, if her brother did die she would celebrate or pull out the pity card when she clearly didn't care about him when he was alive.

No. 638944

File: 1531821842343.png (1.52 MB, 1704x964, Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 5.59…)

Does she not understand bleed?

She also complaints about 'fat people' and compares it to drug addiction and says they should stop saying it's societies fault, apparently without realizing how addictive foods can be?

I wish her vlogs were shorter, I just can't bare watching 35 minutes of her

No. 638947

File: 1531822103259.png (589.14 KB, 2118x1070, Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 6.04…)

Double post but it's weird how she listed it as 60+ artists as well as 80. She also couldn't be bothered to list all of them? Of course artists will link to the zine on their own, but come on.

No. 638948

C..can she count? 100, no wait 80, no no actually 60…plus. It's all good I was rounding up to the nearest bullshit.

No. 638967

it's not a gossip website, it's an imageboard. Also no, we're here to laugh at cows and flakes, not to nitpick their appearance and derail the thread. Fucking summer is here huh, learn to integrate newfags

No. 638977


Drug adiction is a disease holly, the same way you say your household and other factors afected your mental health a brought you to self harm and suicide toughts it could have afected him and laughing at a sick person sshows how much of a monster you are, people cope diferently and if his escape was drugs he should be going to therapy or a drug adicition center, not the streets. You splurge on so much unnecesary shit but cant be bothered to help someone, at least so he can go away

sage for rant but im sorry, i work with cases like this and she joking about him having a low iq due to drugs just made me SO fucking mad

No. 638982

TFW you're also derailing the thread with this gatekeeping comment

No. 639003

File: 1531832001159.jpg (24.56 KB, 449x364, IMG_20180717_150430_016.JPG)

The responses to that comment make me lose hope.

No. 639017

she's trying to sound badass so bad it hurts

No. 639019

of course holly will try the most stupid diet of all

im not from the us but… cant she go to a general doctor and ask to be seen by a nutricionist? im asking because for what ive heard doctors are really expensive but it would be the best for her

No. 639022


She wont stick to it but there's nothing wrong with Keto when done correctly. It fucking works. Not saying it should be a life-time diet but it's good for weight loss and it doesn't make you loopy, wtf. Lol. Sage for slightly offtopic.

No. 639039

Sure it might make you lose weight, but you can't be sure it's 100% because of being in ketosis. Maybe you're just having less of the foods you would usually eat too much because carbs are delicious. Long term it's going to lead to vitamin deficiency and for example osteoporosis. If you have type 1 diabetes you're in great risk of actually dying if your body goes into ketosis. It literally alters your brain chemistry in ways we're still unfamiliar with today despite of the treatment being around since the early 1900s.

You can do whatever you want with your body but most of these miracle diets are not 100% safe and good for you. It's fortunate that pretty much all of them are completely impossible to stick to more than a few weeks at most.

No. 639074

Always wondered surely eating that much fat would increase your chance of a heart attack.


No. 639096

Hold up. I thought that the artists would get copied of the zine to sell it themselves. What the fuck? So SHE is the only one selling them and then shes splitting the profit up?? She gets to sell them at her cons and no one else does??? If artists want more copies of the zine they have to pay for it?? Does this make sense to anybody else?

No. 639107

I did, and I added it in the comment as well.

No. 639134


(apparently when doing calculations, people warn for 'incoming autism', so consider yourself warned)

it just occurred to me to look this up, bc i don't use paypal myself. according to them, they have a 30 cent fee on all transactions (plus 5.4% of the transaction price, but for the sake of this, we'll ignore that).

every time holly sends money to the artists, it will cost 23.70$ total, just for sending the money (79 times 30 cents)

if you go with the 14$ the zine costs, that makes a whooping 17 cents (17.5 actually, if we go with 80 artists) for each artist per copy sold.

i can just imagine like, three months from now, when they sell like two copies of the zine, which would be 35 cents for everyone, and holly will be like "guys, that's just not feasible to send you that money" and keeps it

(tbh, it would make more sense to use the total of the 500 copies, and send everyone the money for that [87.5 per artist, assuming 14$ price per sold copy, which totals to 7k for 500 sales], and leave her to deal with the clusterfuck of getting those copies sold. but we know that ain't happening)

sorry, this was bugging me and i wanted to actually see numbers to see how much of a shitfest it will be

[repost bc of spelling error and forgetting to sage]

No. 639155

Holly also set herself up.If she had gone through a company,If there where to be errors in printing you would take it up with that printing company.However since holly is doing all 500 hundred herself .If there are mistakes in binding or shipping then it's on holly to fix that and reimburse that artist with new copies .
That is why including the PDF file would be helpful so it wouldn't be more money out of supplies and stock lost for the artist .
Because if the other artist have means of getting them printed , they won't go after holly .But since Holly is gate keeping everything that's not gonna happen and the downfall is going to be hard.Since she has put her reputation and dependability on the line.

No. 639163

File: 1531845308464.png (96.81 KB, 1195x504, zine1.png)

Right now i'm looking into how a zine works, as far as i know holly took the "hand-made" side a bit to literally.
still doing more research .

No. 639164


She lost her reliability the moment she passed the first deadline, and then decided not to take time off her projects to inform 80 other people right away.

Since she's binding all these books herself, it's going to cut into her own time to make her precious little comics, and she's going to gripe about it, and there's bound to be errors, technical issues with the printer, or any other stage of the printing for that matter, so she'll keep wasting money.

She doesn't have any sense of Damage control either. She just blames everything else but herself and hopes people give her asspats and forgets about it so she can move on to her "Next Big Project (tm)"

No. 639167

File: 1531845435365.png (612.23 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


No. 639173

It really does anger me , this gremlin can get away with so much and still get ass pats and support .
where as there are those who show more professionalism and actually have good content don't get the support .

No. 639179

wanna bet she'll give up, bite the bullet and take the zine to a professional printer like she should've done in the first place?

Then she'll be like "ugh, my dudes I spent so much money on this, I can't give you guys the money for the copies I invested in." lmao

No. 639184


Holy shit why does the way she draws hair always look like stale licorice??


She could even go behind everyone's backs and do that. Who knows. This is already scummy enough and the math is just so jank. I'm really interested in how this'll all go down. This should've been a charity zine for her first go round, to an actual cause, not to the "I'm holly I'm 'always broke'" fund.

No. 639185

File: 1531846185866.png (40.99 KB, 490x337, 2018-07-17_114716.png)

She added " the 600 sketchbooks where hard to find"

shit its not like people can't go on amazon to find them holly . probably find better quality ones that actually hold together.

I really am sad people participated in her stupid challenge .But i do like the few that said it wasnt worth it.

No. 639216


I love how this is like, her 'claim to fame' is to make a shitty challenge she doesn't even adhere to. That challenge was just pure useless burnout, impractical, and just…old news/irrelevant now.

She didn't even proofread her damn description. "Holly brown in an American Comic Artist" lmao watch her change it after reading this.

No. 639309

Like I feel for Holly in a sense that I know what its like to deeply dislike a sibling for very real reasons.

But heres a hint Holly, not everyone is going to understand your relationship with your brother. So like if you act like a huge dick and poke fun at his flaws and misery, YOU kinda seem to be the psycho. Especially if there has been video evidence where you fly off the handle for him so much as just wanting to ASK A QUESTION.

God why is this chick just so unaware of how to handle herself publicly?

No. 639317

For real, back at that video where she has her friends on skype. He came in to ask a question and after yelling at him to go away she spent a couple minutes muttering under her breath how much she hates him.
Really freaked me out and, why the hell would she keep that in a video!? Makes her look real psycho.

No. 639364


I remember that shit, i think it freaked whoever was on with her out too. And now she's venting in her vlogs, saying "fucking" in between every other word, like we get it, you're upset. Reign it in. The way she talks about her family gives me secondhand uncomfortable vibes, so I don't tend to tune into her vlogs as much. She has so much hate in her.

No. 639402

the way holly was talking about people with drug and food addictions was so fucking naive and stupid, that video really pissed me off. besides her shit brother, has she no sympathy for people in general with addictions? news flash BRown it's not a fucking choice once you develop an ADDICTION to anything. what a fucking dick. i can't stand her stance on this kind of stuff, she's so damn insensitive.

No. 639414

Which is rich coming from her since she has a spending addiction and can’t cut coke for a single day

No. 639427

File: 1531859365928.png (90.53 KB, 326x231, 1530879805672.png)

Longtime lurker, first time poster.
I haven't watched her new vlog, but after reading her comments about food/drug addictions make me so fucking angry. I'm studying to be a drug counselor and her naive as fuck views over the disease are infuriating. Her escapades are pretty entertaning. The unapealing art, the bland as fuck """comics""", the delusions that she'll ever make it in the industry with the shit that spews from her mouth. BRown's work is just as repugnant as her personality, sorry if I sound assblasted, but she really needs to be knocked off her high horse

No. 639437


Welcome, anon be sure to type "sage" in the email field if it's not milk!

I think the only reason I'm here any more is because I'm waiting on the day she gets her shit wrecked and people call her out. Til then I'm keeping entertained with her constant fuck ups and the milk it generates, but seriously, something's gotta give eventually…right?