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File: 1511145253870.png (378.1 KB, 700x400, JayLeno_chins_ARE_IN.png)

No. 428135

Most well known for her cal-arts rant, where she bitches about how hard it is to get in while claiming to have gotten in.


Mirror of aforementioned Cal-Arts rant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvnD-9XOs5k [DL][Archived Copy]

>21 year old "freelancer" (lives at home with her mother and runs an online shop selling ugly art)

>Salty Youtube fujoshi artist that claims that her art is superior because she went to art school
>Constantly preaches that art takes hard work, claims to always practice and study but her art hasn't improved in over two years
>Whines about being a starving artist with no money, yet has enough money to buy a new Mac computer and a Cintiq tablet within the same week, then sold said cintiq because she got sponsored for her shitty shitty art
>When faced with genuine criticism, she replies with "it's my style hurrr get over it!!"
>Whines about nobody buying from her online store, but when people do, she whines about having to package and ship off her items
>Pandering to the Musicals crowd to get more Youtube $$$
>Claims to be the only non tumblrina artist and is a textbook tumblr fujo
>Generally insufferable and shitty person

Last thread, Holly entered Jazza's animation challenge and complained some more. She made a wonky animation tutorial and announced she was going to be focusing more on animation and illustration instead of comics.
She plans on making her own 4 minute animated short film in full color despite not knowing how to properly animate.

Previous Thread: >>>/snow/427616

No. 428189

File: 1511150606636.png (395.37 KB, 587x619, asdfad.png)

does anyone else think that carrying a big sketchbook around is cringe? holly is the worst offender so far in this new thing im seeing where sketching and JUST sketching for literal hours is becoming the new big online art thing. its mostly with people of her attitude though, where these artists are so desperate to improve that they think its okay to sketch, doodle and "practice" for fuck hours (mostly cartoonish anatomy), only to lead to nowhere and they've done nothing interesting. i can't count how many times i've seen someone like holly with a big eyesore sketchbook, bragging about how much she's gonna improve, only to have nothing to show for it in the end. she needs to crawl out of this obsessive need to practice and sketch, stop taking advice from cartoonists and deviantart tutorials, and instead learn "tricks" and tips on how renowned artists make their shit look gud. learn to work smarter not harder, holly.

No. 428193

I don't think there's really anything wrong with carrying a sketchbook anywhere. It's always good to practice drawing. Sketching is how you improve. Well provided that that's actually the intention and not just to show off in a "oh hey look everyone, look at me sketchbook= ~*artist*~!"

But with Holly's case, even if she show off her big ass sketchbook around and her art still look like potato abominations, then it'll be more proof how much of a big joke and mediocrity she is. I do hope she posts all her sketches in that sketchbook so I can laugh and cringe some more.

No. 428206

Just because she has the huge sketchbook doesn't mean she's going to improve. She'll just draw the same monkey armed, potato faced people. It will at least be some nice laughing material.

No. 428210

She's said that she sketches really fucking fast before and I think a lot of her problems in art can be attributed to her not evaluating her sketches afterwards.

No. 428226

Doesn't she brag about doing everything in pen? Do you think she would benefit from using pencil instead?

No. 428237

HamletMachine doesn't deserve this

No. 428246

She does do some shit in pencil but yeah mostly pen. I think more sketching in pencil is really going to help improve her art. She records most of her process from the start and we don't see her draw under sketches with general shapes and it's not like she can correct anatomy mistakes with pen. I'm sure the weird issues in her art that we like to laugh at like monkey arms, potato faces, wonky anatomy + perspective, etc could be realistically fixed if she didn't sketch like the world is ending.

No. 428254

File: 1511154627670.png (45.04 KB, 1546x166, Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 21.0…)

Wait..how does liquify affect the values…?

No. 428316

File: 1511157374719.png (533.78 KB, 848x398, 3.PNG)

Those tabs are a cute idea
Holly is just like Baylee where they think finishing a 600 page sketchbook is such a great accomplishment but in reality they haven't improved at all.
I hope their subscribers can at least realize this so they don't end up stagnating like them and the rest of the mediocre artist crew.

And to clear some questions from the first thread, it looks like Holly and Donnie are still friends somewhat

No. 428324

Here’s the thing, practice makes permanent NOT perfect. Sketching a lot is great as long as you aren’t drawing the same mistakes over and over again like Holly is. What Holly really needs to do is step back and objectively look at her work to figure out where she needs to improve and then work on those parts. Mindlessly filling 600pg sketchbooks isn’t helping anyone.

No. 428335

Has she said anything about her game grumps animation yet? I don't watch them, but I'm dying to see how her animation turns out.

No. 428339

File: 1511165221217.png (1.54 MB, 1052x1166, Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 00.0…)

What's going on with his pants

No. 428340

Idk man I think sketching a lot does mean more improvement I just think Holly is Inept

I'd rather YouTube artists that draw like shit at least draw heaps and make 100k rather then draw one mediocre piece a month and earn 100k

No. 428341

Jesus does she even do preliminary sketches ? Just because you aren't using line art doesn't mean you don't do the first sketch…
Or is she just that bad

No. 428342

lmfao are you talking about Baylee. Also from what I see , Holly just mindlessly sketches over the same things without looking back and thinking about what needs to be changed to improve the future ones

No. 428348

I watched her entire sketchbook slam challenge vlog things and honestly seeing her draw for like 10hrs a day as well as stream and have a life made me feel a little better about her 800k subs. At least during that time she was actually yknow drawing

No. 428349

File: 1511166577358.png (245.95 KB, 1682x1166, IMG_2502.PNG)

So she originally started comics because she didn't want to animate a story and now she's dropping comics to animate a story

No. 428350

I remember in one of her older vlogs she was going off about how comics were harder than animation and about how easy animation is
whose willing to bet now she will start talking about how animating is harder than comics.
Seems like the hardest most professional medium is always the one she's using

No. 428366

Everything about this character is off especially his eyes, arms and shorts
I wish Holly would bother to pick up a book or something on animation so it wont turn out too badly

No. 428387

Why does he only have 4 fingers per hand?

No. 428406

4 fingers are a common trend in animation because it easier to animate without looking off.

No. 428413

in holly’s case, it could range from laziness to her just straight up forgetting hands have 5 fingers. it wouldn’t be the first time she added or forgot fingers.

No. 428450

There are stuff that bother me in a stylistic kind of way, like his nose getting more and more upward to the point of looking uncomfortable, and his arms with no wrists.

But there are stuff that piss me off because it's just plain wrong, like the way he's holding that wooden pan thing. Any artist can pick up from a model or take a picture of someone posing, just to get the gist of it right. Who holds stuff like this ? Plus it looks like it's made of wood and if it's those cutting board, it's too heavy to be held lightly by the lighter end like a feather or a pen.

The thing that baffles me about Holly is that she'll go through sketching all the way to coloring but refuses to fix her errors or look up references because ??? It takes time ??? It's bothersome ?

She'd rather mass produce something ugly rather than take 20 minutes to check up some animation basics to get started.

No. 428456

…his arm is as thick as his leg

No. 428468

Does she have trouble figuring out perspectives? Everything looks slanted in the most horrible way

No. 428486

she has that cheap art supply video where she recommends getting a t square, does she ever use hers???

No. 428492

Anyone else bothered on how Holly brags about her red pencils? I'm not against them, it's just they don't exactly make her art look much better (also how she goes over the same line a tone) I'm probably just salty.

No. 428505

No. 428529

This is Holly. You really think she can do that? That practice is probably more applicable to any artist that actually has passion for the craft and not someone like little miss potatohead.

No. 428549

File: 1511199537666.png (323.53 KB, 868x927, puke.png)

not exactly fresh milk but again, wtf is it with all of this? anatomy, pose, the darn shoes, what the fuck is this mess?

No. 428550

>the darn shoes
Her shoes have always been a pet peeve of mine, like what is up with the heels?!

No. 428556

Holy shit, it’s been about four or five years since I’ve seen her art? Is the drawing on the right her current style? Good lord how do you devolve so terribly…….

No. 428559

The more I stare at her stuff the more it makes me want to improve. I think it's pretty much every artist's worst nightmare to never improve.

No. 428562

holy crap…it looks like something a 13 year old would make

No. 428584

for clarity, the one on the right is a different artist. Holly has never been that good.

No. 428588

That's some pretty terrible anatomy there and the pose is so awkward, it looks like they're about to fall.

No. 428594

the funniest thing is how it looks like a drawing mannequin. She somehow managed to have the propped up still pose woodenness of the mannequin come through in the drawing ha ha ha

No. 428614

Boys look like they're gonna fall if they lean anymore.

No. 428615

Shit like that annoys me because we all know that Holly isn't a complete fucking mess, she just doesn't look at enough references to correct those weird mistakes.

No. 428623

File: 1511209030496.jpg (999.8 KB, 2880x3840, IMG_8354.JPG)

I thought pic related was interesting, Holly claims that her style is somewhat influenced by anime but I agree with the other person that it doesn't really look anime besides her crazy hairstyles.

No. 428628


>cowboy bebop, fma

Lmao she fucking wishes

No. 428631

She has potential, she's just stuck in a rut and by staying in her comfort zone she's become stagnant. I genuinely believe that she doesn't enjoy doing art anymore shown by all the complaining and failing projects like how she hates 'purgatory' now, and wants to be an animator. She's just hopping around different art professions like its nothing without even touching the fundamentals. If she really enjoyed art she would actively try to grow as an artist as well as bettering herself as a person, instead, she's holed up in her room 24/7, depressed and angry.

sage for the rant

No. 428634

Her art style looks like the style you would find in one of those Western 'teach kids how to draw anime' books.

No. 428636


No. 428679

>City Hunter, Urusei Yatsura, Devilman, Cowboy Bepbop, NGE, FMA
bitch where

No. 428760

File: 1511219758404.jpg (566.75 KB, 1280x720, what.jpg)

lol what

No. 428762

I'm not seeing it. She wishes her art was influenced by NGE

No. 428766

How in the world does her art look remotely even close to Devilman

No. 428770

I think the only one that is close to hers is city hunter…only the expressions though, however Holly can't execute it as well as the anime lol

No. 428774

File: 1511220366197.png (201.7 KB, 546x599, Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 3.25…)

Realism she says. Here's an update on these two

No. 428777

I sometimes have the feeling that she only does art because she went to an art high school and feels like it's her "duty" or something. And maybe because it's the only thing she thinks she's good at. I mean, she can't even spell properly, her writing sucks (see Purgatory's "story"), she's a terrible communicator and somehow I can't imagine that she's good at math or anything STEM related. Art is at least something she studied for years, so I think she just keeps doing it because she doesn't have any other choice left.

No. 428779

^ This.

No. 428842

For the most part, I don't think that she does it only as a duty but she has put herself in this weird place where she has an expectant fanbase who want to see her art, she has comics that she's working on, animations now, an online store and a portfolio that she's going to need to work on if she wants a job in the professional art industry. All of which means that she's probably not stopping to check on her art flaws that or working on her writing that often. Might be stretching but that's my guess.

No. 428848

I'm surprised with all the sketching she does she hasn't thrown up her hands. That sketchbook challenge is honestly a recipe for burn out, I wonder if the art we're seeing now is the fall out of her drawing too damn much and not taking the time to understand where her mistakes are. Idk, just a thought, I could be wrong.

No. 428857

Yeah it helps to take breaks when drawing that often but she just keeps pumping out art. Don't imagine that's too great for her hands.

No. 428859

Man proportions want proportions. Also those are some yaoi grade fingers and hands

No. 428861

^ what proportions apologise for some typo

No. 428971

Maybe the anime influence comes from some horrible yaoi style with how unsightly her chins are and just the lack of proportion in general kek

No. 429006

at least some of the guys look appealing, which is not the case for Holly's characters lol

No. 429078

That’s stupid though. Science and Math are things you can easily get better at if you just put the time in. If Holly just wanted to do something she could make money at she is in the wrong field.

No. 429095

I wonder if Hamletmachine even saw that image
I can't imagine how she reacted to seeing her character being butchered with a giant chin

No. 429105


Lmao I don’t think she ever acknowledged it like a lot of fan art she gets, she’s quite the cow herself.

No. 429106

Why does Holly give all her characters Moonman chins?

No. 429111

>she’s quite the cow herself
Is she? don't know too much other than she's just another fujo
I'm glad she didn't acknowledged it at least

No. 429169

What Holly should do instead of repeatedly sketching the same mistakes over and over again, is to practice from real life/photo references. People, not just motorcycles. I get she wants to draw cartoony and wonky, but she really needs fundamentals. Her mistakes are beginner ones that can't be justified with style.

If she went to a good life drawing course and got constructive criticism she could at least learn how to give some balance characters so they won't float off the ground. But she doesn't listen to any critique…

No. 429171

If she knew how to hold the pen properly in ergonomic way and press lightly, it wouldn't be an issue at all. Professional illustrators easily draw 8 hours a day 6 days a week, it takes precaution and understanding how to do it safely. Total kek she did a video on how to avoid injuries, while she doesn't hold the pen correctly.

No. 429278

Holey moley, I got recommended one of H.C's old vids and the face at 7:25 doesn't look half bad concerning proportions and it doesn't suffer from potato syndrome… what went wrong? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwtMn9hCgfs

No. 429286

nge influences are obviously visible in the chin proportions

No. 429287

She responded to it I think but it was uneventful if I remember correctly. Like a "Thanks!" type thing. I didn't screen cap it at the time because it didn't seem milky.

No. 429292


If you look at her old art she focused a lot harder at studies and life drawing. This was when she was at the art high school and when she went to an IRL college. There's a lot of wonk to her older work but the kind you expect from learning and experimentation.

Watching her sketchbook tour playlist is a great way to see her decline. It's fascinating. Like once she moves into the thick black lines you can see the nose dive in quality. In the course of two years she 'discovers her style' and then never draws anything with the slightest bit of potential from that point onward.

No. 429336


She’s a cow in the sense where she refuses to take criticism and blocks anyone who tries to give it to her. She hasn’t changed a bit since Starfighter started and not any different from Holly.

No. 429341

Art-wise, Writing-wise or both?
I remember the last time I read the first chapter of Starfighter, and boy do I hate it. And I wonder why a lot of people eat her works.

No. 429347

>And I wonder why a lot of people eat her works
Porn. I'm pretty sure that's the main reason why people read Starfighter in the first place. The "plot" and the characters are trash but I can't deny that Hamlet Machine can draw some pretty decent sex scenes.

No. 429348

Whoops, was meant for >>429341

No. 429357

File: 1511287237992.jpg (115.46 KB, 900x855, DPKR9NvV4AEN3Vs.jpg)

I swear really want to slap Holly for making him wear those godawful 'glasses'.

>realism is easier
Did she ever make some serious realism studies? The only decent study (though its not realism-tier) I remember from her are the candy study (the one where she used gouache).

I already know that. Still bummed that a lot of people (even some of the mutual artists I follow) still support it. I was also shocked when I found out that she even made a game of it.

No. 429376

I think Holly wants her art to look something like this


No. 429379

At least she somewhat tried to fix the pose but it still looks awkward. And the face of glasses guy freaks me out.

No. 429381

Also, I'm somewhat inclined to believe that this is a self-post.

No. 429383

Ah sorry, and no that's an artist that I found off of youtube after watching one of her tutorials. lol, why would she be lurking on here?

No. 429385

I'd cringe if I saw those glasses in an actual eye wear place.

No. 429404

Kek. Posting a random unknown instagram artist. That totally wasn't a self post ;)

No. 429419

Hopefully not too ot but, she has a channel so that's where I found her. I draw like a kid so not me.
That particular drawing reminded me of Holly's style and I thought it'd be interesting to talk about regarding style and anatomy.
I just thought about how Holly preaches learning and doing studies, developing anatomy and such but doesn't actually have that hot of a grasp of how limbs work. She values developing style over anatomy.

No. 429422

File: 1511293196456.jpg (Spoiler Image, 6.83 KB, 210x240, CC.jpg)

Holly's real source of inspiration for her characters.

No. 429423

Even assuming that you didn't self-post, the example you posted isn't that much better. The pose is stiff, the anatomy is off and the perspective is wonky. The use of contrast with details is a little interesting but overall the piece isn't really something to aspire to…

No. 429432

Yeah it's obviously not top shit (also don't think it's aspiration worthy either) but I thought it was similar, idk. It reminds me of Holly's art in highschool in a way. Imperfect but way more bareable to look at.

No. 429436

lol i'll stop before I accidentally embarrass myself even further.

No. 429440

Don't worry 'bout it anon, I can see the resemblance as well, the art style is kinda bland but the backgrounds beautiful. Although Holly has no understanding of line weight or line control shown by her purgatory comic kek

No. 429441

I hate these glasses so much, fuck

She has above average art and draws gay sex, that's all you need to make it as a webcomic artist.

No. 429442

Saged for personal opinion and kind of ot
I found this thread in the badwebcomics forum because I thought she might've had a page, but it's so surreal seeing so many people complimenting her attitude and thinking she's a good person for being "honest"
I…dont think it's honesty as much as it is that she has no filter and is a huge hypocrite.

No. 429445

Or even how to fit words in speech bubbles it would seem…

No. 429448

Having an attitude should come with being able to check and call out even yourself for when you fuck up, not something she does.

No. 429451

Went to the thread it seems like they were giving good constructive criticism, it's just a shame that Holly doesn't care. But on her YT all her fans are complimenting her ((and love her humor 'LOL anime tiddy')). Her fanbase is the worst thing that could possibly happen to Holly as all the compliments have gone to her head and now she's become stagnant in her work.

No. 429454

God her fanbase is full of people just like her.

No. 429466

As they say "Birds of a feather flock together", it's quite disturbing though how she's targeting such a young and immature audience to buy her shit. It's quite easy to manipulate a young audience by telling them shit they want to hear like 'art teachers are wrong', 'Stop copying X, Y or C' etc. Sometimes I feel like her 'edgy' or offensive humor is to make up for her lack of personality and in turn, she's seen as 'honest' or 'real' when really she's just an asshole that's promoting a shitty behavior.

No. 429469

I saw that as well. Looking back at her older videos, she didn't seem as crude (I could be wrong though, I found her maybe a couple of months ago) I think she thinks that by being a total bitch it's make her stand out against someone like Baylee, who is pretty bitchy but is bit more sneaky about it.

No. 429472

Yeah she wasn't always so entirely based in her "I'm just being honest deal with it" attitude before. Now everyone knows her as that edgy youtube artist.

No. 429474

Lol and that's all she has. Like, people only seem to gravitate towards her because of the shock factor, but I think overtime that will ware off, the majority of her audience will leave, and only the undying fans will stay.

No. 429477

Doesn't help that she's jumped on that shitty and overdone bandwagon of with vids like "the real reason why your art teacher hates anime"

No. 429482

Ah, my favorite overdone videos lel. Not all art teachers are the devil, some you may not connect with and their teaching style might not work for you, but the way these youtubers paint art teachers is pretty disgusting. Art teachers are supposed to push you out of your comfort zone, that's their job! Sorry, didn't mean to spurge but this shit annoys me to no end!

No. 429484

Her message in that vid pisses me off because according to her, the art teacher is probably wrong because they aren't qualified enough to even teach. And for the naive fan, it just gives them the okay to ignore any good advice their teach has.

No. 429489

Lol but of course Mrs. Potatohead knows more than a well seasoned art teacher, what with her wonky anatomy and big chins. God I hate her, and to think I started buying into that bullshit too.

No. 429490

sage for ot. The reason why her art is lopsided is something only people new to art make (or for artists who refuse to practice out of their comfort zone) It would help if she flipped the image digitally so it looks right

No. 429494

Hasn't she talked about how much the manga art for FMA sucks before or something?

No. 429495

Doesn't the lean also happen from drawing on a desk and looking at the artwork from the right angle?

No. 429496

I remember her shit talking anime a couple of times, so it wouldn't surprise me.

No. 429497

If everything was wonky like how she draws but in real life… we'd all go insane.

No. 429499

ot but I remember star fighter from back in the day. The art was okay but story was def not their specialty. But no one read the comic for the story. I don't really understand how that artist could be even remotely jealous of Holly.

No. 429500

yes, since artists who are starting out think it is okay to draw on their lap on the sofa. Why a lot of artists do the rough on paper but do final lines in digital

No. 429506

Maybe I'm just narrowminded but I think going into to an art profession to draw two guys fucking to turn the artist and the readers on is kinda shallow.

No. 429509

I also find it disturbing how Holly loves to sexualize her characters and wants to draw Simon and the small guy fucking and she only aged them up "fixed proportions" so she could do this… like I'm not a prude… at least have nice anatomy… at least

No. 429511

If you are talking about star fighter, they started that comic a long time ago. It was your basic yaoi story, but in space. Seme rapes uke, they fall in love. It worked well for them.

As for Holly they had the same idea. And it worked brilliantly. However she has no resolve and is trying to make merch for a comic that barely has one chapter… and re drew the one chapter even though they didn't improve over the last year. A normal person would keep drawing the comic, even if the styles change a lil.

No. 429513

Yeah, that never sat well with me. I get showing the progression of a couple from their teens into their adult years, but only aging them up to show them doing the nasty just seems a bit weird. idk, maybe I'm just a big prude who doesn't like to see little boys doing shit together, but it's gross.

No. 429521

"Seme rapes uke, they fall in love. It worked well for them."
lol, I keked, yeah and I agree with you Anon you ain't a prude. Yeah I wouldn't have even bothered redrawing the pages your style will inevitably change over time.

No. 429525

yo could I ask you guys for advice? I'm applying for university this year and I know that I want to go into art… except I have no idea what profession… I enjoy drawing figures but I'm also really into animation and then there's fashion etc etc. Basically I'm scared to get pigeonholed into something I don't enjoy but if I don't I'll never get anywhere kek. I'm in the UK so it's somewhat affordable with loans and I know if I wanna be a 'real' profession like for a company it will take a decade or more to get there. What kind of art do you guys enjoy? Would you work for a company e.g. concept art for blizzard (long term ideal job) or something. Idk i need to get my shit together… I really apppreciate it you guys

No. 429526

None of my friends are artists irl, sorry for ot.

No. 429530

You could always experiment with everything. There's a lot of parts in animation such as character design, clothing design, color design, concept, animation, etc. For me, I'm doing storyboarding and concept, for either in the animation world or video game (I enjoy both). It'd be cool to work for a game company such as Blizzard or Naughty Dog and it's something I'd like to do in the future. Also, please make sure to sage since it doesn't relate with this thread.

No. 429531

That's why electives are there

No. 429532

You could get into story boarding, character/concept design, illustration or a fashion designer (as in those who have to design the drawings and patterns to go on the clothes). I'm only really familiar with the Japanese university courses, not the UK ones, but you could probably find a niche one that accommodate these jobs over there. I just like drawing and comics in general, so when I graduate from my manga and anime course in high school, I'll go straight into a manga university. Employers often go to universities or artist events to find new talent

No. 429533

not to be mean but was there nowhere else to ask that? Asking advice for life off a thread is odd but I'll oblige. Generally, get yourself into digital. Art is a competitive field and you need digital to survive nowadays. Wouldn't necessarily do animation unless you're super passionate about it + willing to learn and please don't ever go to an online art school like Holly does. Not conductive to improvement.

No. 429535

I mean online school isn't that bad, but only if you're going to a school that's credited with a good learning outcome such as CGMA or Schoolism. In Holly's case, she's attending a school that just doesn't give a shit unless you fork over money.

No. 429540

Personally I think being able to talk face to face with a professor and evaluate the art at hand is really helpful. Since anon is in the uk, I don't know what kind of art online schools are available, although I am interested in know if there are any good ones like the ones you mentioned.

No. 429542

yeah sorry for the ot anon I have noone to ask, but thanks guys I really appreciate it, yeah I'll try to start with digital and research into storyboarding/comic and experimenting thanks for the advice y'all, god bless. Tbh I don't think I have the drive or organization to do online school although it works for some people.

No. 429543

You get face to face interaction through like Skype or something for Q&A sessions with your professor. Yeah, those are the only online ones I'm aware at the moment that has high ratings with professionals from the industry. I have mutuals who has and currently taking them right now.

No. 429545

Schoolism had always caught the eye I guess the pro to online is its hella cheaper than uni/college although uni/college can make you contacts with ppl in the industry.

No. 429548

I seriously wish you the best of luck though, I have a relative who graduated from art college and is trying to make a living off her art. It's definitely not easy at all but it's cool that you're going to give it a shot.

No. 429549

Thank you that means a lot, yeah it's always worth a try.

No. 429567

Sage this sort of thing or make a thread on /ot/

No. 429624

File: 1511310256049.jpg (220.32 KB, 900x900, DPKRqFDUIAElgjd.jpg)

I'll never understand why Holly gives her characters really weird hairstyles

No. 429626

I think a good portion of her problems steam from not going outside and meeting people and talking with them. The more you understand people and understand how objects work in irl the easier it will be to translate it into a stylized form. I might be bullshitting that but that's at least how I've improved my work over the years.

No. 429629

I'm so upset the thread title doesn't have goblin in it anymore

No. 429651

I never thought that hair could look so janky

No. 429655

Potato Goblin could have been nice.

No. 429738

>>429357 maybe her proportions and shit are so wonky because she looks at her drawings from like 3cm away. In this one you can see in the thumbnail the back guys hidden leg is in two places at once, but once the full image is in your face you can't really see it

No. 429749

it's the anime influence obviously… the hair is made up of pieces and behaves like a single mass rather than, you know, hair.

No. 429777

File: 1511324319979.jpg (11.41 KB, 251x242, 1400961574709.jpg)


Man, this a looot of OT. At least some of you should sage it. Just fucking take it to… I don't know, a board called OT? Summer never ends, I swear.

Tunnel vision. It happens to everyone, however, people usually have methods of measuring to maintain the proportions, and well, most artists look at their works more than once before posting it online. Clearly something Holly's incapable of.

No. 429842

>not going outside and meeting people and talking with them
Hey I may be like that but at least I can draw and write better than Holly. Sure I may not socialize a lot but at least I make an effort in improving my art/writing skills by consuming books, podcasts and pdfs. Speaking of which, I doubt Holly does more realism studies, you know, to be more and more familiar with how anatomy works.

sage if too ot

No. 429995

Weeb trash detected

No. 430013

haha how long is the neck of the person on bottom left

No. 430272

she's finally getting rid of all those tablets

No. 430313

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUFTDoCLRiE She seems so sweet in this video and her art is so interesting… shame how things change.

No. 430335

Jfc, you're right, she sounds so much nicer and a lot more honest about her artwork. She's not pointing around her sketchbook making 'tiddy' jokes or trying to act high and mighty, and her artwork has a lot of flair that actually makes it look decent! Where the fuck did this Holly go and can we have her back???

No. 430346

Did…did she delete the video in the last two hours?

No. 430386

>Hey I may be like that but at least I can draw and write better than Holly. Sure I may not socialize a lot but at least I make an effort in improving my art/writing skills by consuming books, podcasts and pdfs.

Good, but this is not a place for your own personal life. Please refrain from making these types of posts.

This is the thread for that kind of off-topic question.

No. 430392

File: 1511401627060.png (221.13 KB, 838x710, hollys art is fucked.png)

Holly's style is ugly as hell and could be easily improved if she could just take some crit and fix some blatant mistakes like her facial proportions and hairstyles

No. 430397

this still looks bad

No. 430410

Yeah. Polishing a turd only works so far, she hard to learn better foundation.

No. 430467

they do a look a little bit more normal kek

No. 430471

File: 1511409362731.jpg (10.58 KB, 281x281, nic-cage-bird-hair.jpg)

Damien's original hair

No. 430514

I never bothered to look at Holly's comics, specifically Purgatory, until just now. Putting aside everything else about her art, the speech bubbles are so crooked. The text size varies and is placed awkwardly in the bubbles. The gutters are different sizes. There's so much empty space in close-up panels, so many tangents, and everything is just laid out so poorly. Why does her comic and art in general have so many followers? I'm baffled and honestly a bit pissed.

No. 430598

File: 1511430405434.png (178.18 KB, 1178x738, Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 01.4…)

Why am I so confused. Can she even English? Am I the only one who had a hard time reading this?

No. 430599

Sweet Jesus. Idk m8, could be rage writing, not bothering to read what she's writing, or possibly drunk writing.

No. 430606

I tried deciphering it and is she saying there's no one way of learning art? Where did she get artists have superiority complex? The only artists I seem to get that vibe off of is her and people like her who can't take the nicest of criticisms and never learn and think they're an authority in art while their art is riddled with mistakes and is just plain unappealing.

No. 430618

Sage for rant but fuck me I really hate her artwork. I have always really detested it and I don’t understand how she thinks it looks good. If I drew that badly I’d be ashamed to put it out as much as she does. The whole thing about art teachers and how she thinks she’s so above everyone is just ARGH. I’ve been lurking and each new art she posts makes me wanna eat my entire legs because it’d be more fun

Fuck I needed to get that off my chest haaaaa as you were

No. 430732

last Monday I had to volunteer at my old school’s art club to help run it and God, there were about 5 Fujo Goblins. It must be from tumblr where they had picked up the habit of drawing trashy generic tumblr art and 0 realism.
This girl had sketchbooks full of the same stuff that she tried to show off to me and it just reminded me that Holly really does act like a 13-14 year old child who knows no better than to keep drawing the same average shit.
OT but honestly I’d rather those old emo kids doing their embarrassing over-emotional paintings to this new trend of tumblr sjw kids who want to just draw fanart and OCs like Holly

No. 430757

5 years ago it was deviantArt, now it's tumblr. Same shit, different name. It's not a new trend, and it probably won't ever go away.

No. 430882

Almost makes you miss red and black OCs

No. 430986

top kek

No. 431930

File: 1511650978683.png (668.77 KB, 625x661, ewewae.PNG)

This is actually pretty nice?
Bums me out that she's regressed throughout the years, her Highschool stuff was promising

No. 432006

That's because she had more discipline when she attended an on campus school. It's kind of sad that she went backwards…

No. 432121

File: 1511682487265.png (112.55 KB, 1128x460, Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 23.4…)

thoughts? Also, there are MUCH cheaper alternatives than an iPad that's for beginners.

No. 432122

Personally, I think beginners should stick with traditional media (like a regular pencil and paper) rather than imminently jumping to buy the most expensive digital supplies. But yeah, you can get a super basic table for way less and still make some nice work, Holly just likes to brag about her supplies to compensate for her shitty work.

No. 432123

Also it was very common in my hs through and into ap art to use a projector to trace still life photographs for art. The coloring might be good but the lineart could be basically traced

No. 432128

some of her perspective looks off so i dont think so

No. 432155

Holly needs to fuck off lmao. I just bought a tablet to draw while I'm travelling and it's borderline useless without the tandem of a computer for serious work, most people already have a computer so it's much cheaper to just buy a pen tablet for 100 bucks (250 if you want a fancy Intuos), rather than spending a grand on a digital doodle book. Maybe if you already have an iPad pro then it's worth to just buy the Apple pencil to go with it, but otherwise it's just throwing money down the drain.

sage for salt but her advice is always so shitty and there are so many young artist following her, ffs.

No. 432193


>as gay as possible

I want to puch all fujoshis who are like this oh my godddd, they literally sound like homophobes

No. 432307

And you know she's absolutely a fujo because, instead of saying what any writer would say, "Cool, I'm free to put in more character development or expand on this plot!" she says "let's make it more 'gay'", whatever the fuck that means.
She doesn't give a fuck about her gay characters, not their hobbies, not their family, not the things they are passionate about, just that THEY'RE GAY GUYS LOOK HOW GAY THEY ARE. She is 100% a homophobe.

No. 432310

What is it with all these fujos being fascinated by gay men? Nothing wrong with having gay characters, but if their only purpose and character trait is being "gay" then it's a waste. Give them a freaking hobby or something!

No. 432333

its how they get off.

No. 432346

I'd give her a pass for this because it could just be a joke, but considering Simon and Damien are just hollow shells that make out sometimes, well.

I also hope her "fucked up shit" isn't more teen boys being sexually assaulted because who even wants to see that?

No. 432385

And I'm sure it also has to do with trying to be rebellious against their parents or whoever. I bet that most of these fujos think that drawing gay anime boys in secret and posting how much the luv the gayz on tumblr will spite their conservative fathers (which, ironically, is the plot of her comic, Purgatory).
It's like the tumblr version of adolescents doing drugs and stealing from a gas station to piss off their parents.

No. 432410

File: 1511739108419.png (51.94 KB, 1134x176, Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 15.3…)

I find this ironic

No. 432412

File: 1511739151448.png (1.84 MB, 1148x1196, Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 15.3…)

What is this zombie hand

No. 432423

This is giving me arthritis just from looking at it.

No. 432424

Also, it looks like there's only four digits on this hand.

No. 432432

that shit is getting real muddy

No. 432433

yikes this looked way better from far away before I clicked the image

No. 432434

I love how she used purple tint as the shadows when in the past she complained about people on tumblr using too much of it. Being copy cats and all

No. 432437

File: 1511742058108.png (41.44 KB, 1150x166, Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 16.2…)

Please don't turn into like Baylee

No. 432443

i dig it, better than her usual chins

No. 432446

>cause why not
Because you COULD be using the time you're wasting on a crafting channel to
I don't know
Get better as an artist?

No. 432481

Stop trowing that word around, It's pretty ridiculous to assume someone who clearly enjoys gay characters is homophobe. Shallow or stupid? Sure, but homphobe is a hell of a stretch similar to "anyone who doesn't follow 100% what I preach is racist".

No. 432549

The rendering is pretty decent, though it needs fixing.

>It's pretty ridiculous to assume someone who clearly enjoys gay characters is homophobe.
Did you even read the second message you replied, anon? Ship what you want but if you only care about your gay ships for the sake of shipping them to the point that you DON'T GIVE A FUCK about their character development in the story then clearly you are a filthy homophobic fujo.

I swear fujos ruin everything.

No. 432560

Saged for irrelevance but has anyone tried to draw her characters, redesign them to fix anatomy errors (subtly) and pass it off as fanart when showing it to her?

No. 432562

She's homophobic in the same way that straight dudes who jerk it to lesbians but have no regard for lesbians as people are homophobic. She views "the gays" as sex objects for her viewing pleasure, and nothing else.

No. 432575

it's fetishising more than homophobic fam

No. 432601

If I saw a high school student draw this I would be vaguely impressed because the rendering kinda shows potential. Unfortunately Holly should be way past that stage if she wants to market herself as a 'professional'

No. 432602

People with better art skills have made her fan art before and Holly does share it on her twitter account. The thing is, Holly's head is so far up her own ass she doesn't actually realize that the fan art is much better than the original art.

No. 432609

File: 1511767813054.png (53.8 KB, 1162x206, Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 23.2…)

Oh geez. She's actually going through this. At least she's more productive than Baylee, but then again could've used that time to improve….

No. 432611

Only positive thing I see in this is that she actually wants to pay voice actors a decent wage. Who knows, this might be a good break for a talented voice actor who is just getting started with voice acting.

No. 432613

>has the general animation bible down

We shall see about that… I'm kind of excited to see the results for this. It'll either go good or really wonky bad like her weird dance segment

No. 432760

That's not what homophobia is. Fetishization is still bad, but genuine homophobes aren't usually interested in or comfortable with seeing two dudes fucking.

Straight dudes who jerk it to lesbian porn usually are homophobic against gay dudes, but the reason they get off of to ""lesbians"" regardless is more related to dehumanizing the women in porn than actual homophobia.

sage for tangent

No. 432838

Sage for ot but 100% of the straight girls ive come across who are obsessed with gay guys use it the same way guys used lesbians porn, they’re usually homophobic towards queer girls but they love their gay guys! Holly’s obsessed with gay guys but only when it’s sexual

No. 432846

I wouldn't call Holly a homophobe, she's just a regular fujoshit who loves masturbating to gay porn. I don't think she cares about lesbians either way, at least I don't remember her ever mentioning anything about it.

No. 432860

What kind of people are you hanging out with?

I thought she is gay herself? I tried to find proof but forgot that she purged her Twitter and now I'm not entirely sure anymore.

No. 432865

Yeah… it's more fetishism, "to make it gay as possible", I understand how some people may find this derogatory like that's there only defining feature 'gay'. "make it as gay as possible and fucked up shit to fill the book", oh so that's it? You just wanna rush the fuck outta your book now that you're bored with it… On to another project I gez lel… hmmm what should I be and claim I'm a professional in next hmmm… I know! Animation!:)) Look at me even though I'm a beginner and have no fucking clue what I'm doing I'll show you the right way to do it because it's my way!!!:P :D Tbh The only thing that stood out to me was that they were gay and Simon likes to walk around a lot. Let's be real Hollies heart was never really in it to begin with, y'know with all the beginner mistakes and sloppy storyboarding/ dialogue and cOmPlAiniNg. W0w ItS mY fIrSt BoOk, yeah if that was my first book I would've gone under a fake alias so when I look back, it isn't stained on me like the shit stain it is. She has so much pride in what she does and is constantly criticising other artists for being 'shit', I really don't get it. Should'nt we all get along and try to improve together? ((sage))

No. 432868

aha you can see the hypocrisy in my statement but y'know what I mean

No. 432872

Holly claims she is bi but then again I remember in some video she said something along the lines of how she sits in her room and draws dudes all day so there is no way she isn't interested in guys? I'm not a 100% sure with her.

No. 432874

yeah you read my mind anon, but then again if she was gay… why does she enjoy yaoi so much?

No. 432881

And she hasn't drawn yuri not saying that it doesn't make you not gay

No. 432891

File: 1511810867226.png (35.48 KB, 643x517, purgatory.png)

Regarding Purgatory, apparently she "hates" it now.

Also, does anyone know how to access her
hollycbrown tumblr blog? Everytime I try, it just redirects me to hollycbrown.com which is apparently expired, the only reason why I was even able to see this post is because I still had been following her.

No. 432900

haha you're like a detective, but that's good info. Yeah it redirects me as well

No. 432902

Posts like this from Holly really makes me think that she stalks this thread.

No. 432905

yeah I was thinking she doesn't get any 'hate' from her Youtube or other social media accounts, I think you're right anon

No. 432907

Didn't she recently take down some youtube video like 10 minutes after it was mentioned here? Yeah I think it's very well possible she lurks here.

No. 432949

That video was about selling her drawing tablets and she took it down because she got a 100 requests in ten minutes, it had nothing to do with lolcow.

No. 432988

I just remember in a vlog before god knows when it was though, her mother said something to suggest she was into girls and she was pretty disgusted by the claim & said something about how she draws men all the time and isn’t into girls!

No. 433152

hollycbrown.com is her tumblr, she just linked it to a domain.

No. 433190

File: 1511823770153.jpg (850.04 KB, 1225x886, ot.jpg)

That's sad. Most artists work on their comic for well over a year, pic related is cosmicspectrum's first comic, the pages were posted one year apart as well. It's nice to have a uniform product in a book but if you can't let your work grow with you to the point where you hate it, then you probably just didn't put enough time and care into planning it.

No. 433194

ooh there artwork is really nice and I think the old style is pretty charming too

No. 433231

I agree. I’m impressed this is from a 21 year old.

No. 433313

apollo-pop is a lesbian comic artist that makes content exclusively about gay sex. it confuses the hell out of me, but apparently it can happen.

sage for ot

No. 433386

File: 1511837555118.png (241.35 KB, 1362x508, Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 8.49…)

Turns out Holly will be making a "storytime" video… I can't wait. The chances are slim, but I'm really hoping for a knockoff of domics…

No. 433443

Wow, how appropriate.

No. 433450

Oh dang! Her art has certainly changed! Didn't even recognized that it was hers haha

No. 433458

Respond to a post by clicking in said post's number and sage your posts by typing "sage" into the email field, please and thank you.

No. 433563

I've always thought lesbians or '''bisexual''' girls who were really into yaoi were just plain ol' fujos who wanted to actually be in a relationship similar to the ones they read in yaoi mangas or they actually projected themselves into the story and saw themselves as a character or something and because that character was gay, they'd have to be gay too because they're soooOOooo similar to that one cool bishie or whatever.
Or something like that.

Not the anon that you were replying to but omfg anon I've spent all this time actually typing up the post numbers with the two '>'s and everything and being horrified over accidentally typing in the wrong post number and everything lmao bless you.

>sage for utter bs

No. 433781

File: 1511897194472.png (1.32 MB, 1160x798, Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 11.2…)

Oh shit, she's actually making an art book? By all means, it's way better than her comics, but I'm not sure who would really buy her compiled "MUH STYLE" drawings

No. 433873

Really it just a collection of amature drawings that Holly is just trying to profit from. Who knows what she’ll think of them this time next year. Holly will probably hate this and completely scrap the idea of a series of shitty doodle book of her OCs…

No. 434144

File: 1511932372627.png (465.94 KB, 900x810, maybeifyousquint.png)

Devilman has its shining moments, like during fights or transformation sequences, but I'm afraid Holly chose the wrong things to borrow from Go Nagai.

No. 434158

Does he have two left hands?
Why is his thumb on the outside like that
what happened to his wrist
omfg this is atrocious

No. 434168

and she has the audacity to make anatomy videos lul

No. 434176

The composition in Devilman's panels work because it's close up only on the face and isn't cropped at any joints. Holly cut the panel off right at whatever-the-fuck his-name-is's backwards wrists. And that random black block…
Didn't she "criticize" the artwork of Devilman in a video?

No. 434189

>Everything from the first part of your post

I thought this too, which was why I was already an adult before I realized I was a lesbian. It's kind of a complicated topic but basically 2D =/= 3D. I could write you an essay about this but here is not the place. Sorry about the OT.

No. 434260

Fuck, I didn't even realize his hand was backwards until just now.

Holly, come on.

No. 434267

It's not backwards, she's obviously just used a fat hand for reference. Sometimes fat hands are puffy underneath the pinky like its puffy where the thumb is

No. 434280

Ooooor maybe she's just lazy and not only was she too arrogant to reference, but she didn't bother putting in the effort to draw that weird-ass hand properly. Did it not register to her that she was drawing that hand that bad? I mean I'm just a hobbyist and most of the time I catch my mistakes after I've properly drawn something but I tend to notice something's off right away if I fuck up something real bad. Surely a 'real' artist like Holly would be at least somewhat better at this?

I'm not trying to say Holly doesn't put her time into drawing and has a decent work ethic, but I think her problem here is that she doesn't give a singular fuck about what she's drawing and just draws to be able to say she drew and "lOok how HARD i drAW!!".
She puts no effort into single sketches (not bothering to sketch out with pencil underneath her pen sketches, not bothering to correct backward hands, her reluctance to properly reference things, etc.) and does not care about the quality of her art, which keeps her from improving. And I think that's why she works so hard – when you put little to no effort into each drawing, it's easy to doodle for 8+ hours a day and it's even easier to delude yourself into thinking that you've worked hard. Art is just getting her thoughts down on paper for her, and for a professional artist who's working in a highly competitive market to appeal to a bunch of other people who are NOT her, that's not all that matters, but I don't think she truly realizes that.

I'm sure if she gave a singular shit about what she was putting down on paper, her art would skyrocket.

>Not a professional artist so if I got anything wrong, please forgive me haha

No. 434469

It is backwards.
That line from the from the bottom of the finger down is curved in a way that simulates the portion of the palm where the thumb is. It is also too short to be a pinky. I would illustrate what I mean in an example image but my phone doesn't allow me to post images here.

No. 434694

she can’t portray actions for shit. I know he’s supposed to be calling out to someone but the position of the hands just make it look like he’s either covering his ears or doing the “idiot sandwich” pose to himself without the bread

No. 434738

File: 1512012029483.jpg (20.26 KB, 275x248, Backwards hand.jpg)

It's backwards.

No. 434741

samefagging to say >>434267 press your hands against your cheeks in that fashion and see where your thumb is. It will be near your ear, not your mouth.

No. 434742

You put sage in the wrong field. It belongs in the email field not the name or subject fields.

No. 434823

File: 1512024695668.jpg (69.72 KB, 675x491, anime_hands_closed_palm_side_v…)

It definitely is way too short to be a pinkie but the way I'm interpreting it is her dumb ass tried drawing it as if it was a side view rather than straight onto the palm, but she cant draw hands from the side so it just looks wrong

Whatever though we can all agree that its fucking awful

No. 434856

File: 1512032214349.png (345.73 KB, 1092x686, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 00.5…)

Her animations always go by too fast

No. 435211

it's never presentable.

No. 435247

Holly knows nothing about pushing poses or timing so I’m not surprised that this animation turned out the way it did. Holly really is clueless about animation and refuses to do any studying. Holly really needs to study timing and movement.

No. 435255

>Holly really needs to study timing and movement.
Before anything, she needs to learn basic anatomy. How delusional is she to think she can do an animation without even understanding how the body works and moves? Her characters are all stiff and badly proportioned. She will never improve if she doesn't learn the bases. Also she obviously doesn't know what a key pose is, which is the base of animation… Guess she didn't even bother to watch some animation tutorials.

No. 435275

where is the line of action. No wonder it looks awk

No. 435276

I wonder if she just does straight ahead animation

No. 435609

>Before anything, she needs to learn basic anatomy.

uh i mean not necessarily, there are plenty of animation meme channels run by literal 14 yr olds who do it better than Holly a 21 yr old, and its not b/c they have fantastic anatomyies
They just understand how things actually move and timing leagues better,
Holly- Other than all her humans looking like stiff puppets, her timing is so hard to look at and it takes away the beauty of frame by frame animation
I think part of the reason why her animations look so fast is b/c she probably animates at 24 frames a second (b/c she prefers quantity over quality) and hasn't learned to animate on 2's yet either

I agree that this statement is a priority if her animations r going to become tolerable any time soon
>Holly really needs to study timing and movement

No. 435625

File: 1512135119671.jpeg (127.73 KB, 723x407, C36DD3DE-7AA1-4237-AE40-1EFE54…)


Typical edge-lord Holly “animates” a cartoon gay boy snorting coke. Don’t know why she redrew the background over and over again. And I’m not sure what Holly is trying to achieve in animating cartoon people doing drugs. She’s already regretting Purgatory for the nsfw content. For someone like Holly who wants to profit as a comerical artist she’s really narrowing he audiences.

No. 435647

Again, her timing is shit. I would have no idea what the fuck was going on if she didn't state that he was "snorting coke", it just looked like he was bowing down in front of a mirror.

>She’s already regretting Purgatory for the nsfw content

I actually thought the nsfw content was one of the few things she still liked about it, considering she announced that she wants to make the next part as "fucked up" and "gay" as possible.

No. 435661

File: 1512140293419.png (956.63 KB, 1182x1012, Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 9.56…)

i have no idea what show she's been tweeting abt for the last hour but she really shouldn't be giving other artists critique on long faces when, y'know…

No. 435747

That's actually pretty hilarious. Also why did you sage this, anon? It's contributing to the thread.

No. 435771

File: 1512153725077.jpg (23.01 KB, 640x278, 6wk1Kja.jpg)

About the background: Holly be like "I know I do shit but I do it anyway"… Why?

No. 435946

This screams
"Hahaha I totally knew that" while awkwardly pulling at her collar, sweating profusely while her eyes shift nervously back and forth.

No. 435998

Lul, Holly talking about herself without even knowing. Also the next post about this cartoon from her, I can't even because her comic is about the same thing. Also, she's trying to make a kid's show into something pervy. I'm just very confused by her thinking

No. 436032

whoops, sorry anon–the saging just kind of happens automatically now since i'm so used to using it.

she seems to see pervy things in this show on her own but makes it out to be the artist's fault…

No. 436090

She doesn't have any topics left….does she? She constantly loses track of her thesis in these videos.

No. 436092

File: 1512185887766.png (101.55 KB, 1172x394, Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 10.3…)

Sometimes I want to feel bad for her but then I remember her attitude towards… well, everything.

No. 436162

File: 1512198646015.png (227.59 KB, 1062x766, Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 23.0…)

What's wrong with his eyes lul

No. 436168

she always does the same weird hand poses

No. 436192

Wow that was…really hard to understand. I had to reread the tweet multiple times to figure out what she wanted to say. She's in college??? Man. She needs to take some English lessons.
Let me try to decipher it:
"The fact that both Jefferson's and Lafayette's faces are the same makes me so mad whenever I draw them lol"

No. 436197

If it makes her mad, then why does she keep drawing them? lol

No. 436204

Better yet, why did she chose to make their faces the same? She could have just spent a little extra time working on their character designs so that they looked different.

No. 436210

Well, I think she's basing it off of the actor, both of them are played by the same one. However, their hairstyles, posture, clothing and personalities make them seem different – but that's due to good acting.

No. 436216

But you know that requires more work for Holly, who just wants to get things over with kek

No. 436223

That's just so lazy though. The whole point of animatics are to re-imagine these musicals not just redo them. Also, knowing Holly, I really doubt she will be able to push the characters enough to actually make them look/feel different in the finished animatics.

No. 436235

I doubt she can since some of her own characters were even hard to tell apart lol

No. 437087

File: 1512335081224.png (784.88 KB, 1048x1100, Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 13.0…)

And this is one of the reasons why she won't improve..she just doesn't give a shit


No. 437103

what is this expression supposed to be? Also the lower half of his face is so much longer than the top half, goddamn this is embarrassing.

No. 437121

I just gotta day that these threads on Holly have been my favorites. The constructive criticism and passion of the people posting in these threads are really inspiring to me.

Damn, this animation looks ugly as fuck.

No. 437128

If I was the actor, I would feel legitimately insulted by this. Holy shit he looks so ugly! Why is the chin so long?! And what is that in his mouth? Is it his tongue??? I doesn't look like a tongue??? Holly please. Stop butchering this classic musical with your horrible Jay Leno anatomy.

No. 437181

This is horrifying. His face is amorphous.

No. 437286

The faces are starting to look more and more like some rotting vegetables. Major alignment and proportion issues going on.

I guess she genuinely thinks lengthtening the chins more and more makes her characters more unique or something.

No. 437307

lmfao that eye placement makes him look derpy

No. 437313

File: 1512348606921.jpg (56.06 KB, 500x375, IMG_2531.JPG)

I don't know why, but pic related was the first thing I thought of when I saw that tongue.

Sage because I don't know if it's ot, but does anybody know what happened to her Game Grumps animation? I haven't seen much mention of it.

No. 437327

His hair bothers me a lot less than his face, especially that fucking mouth. It's seriously horrifying.

No. 437345

No. 437415

This is a really dumb thing to be upset about but for it to be an even number again she just needs to lose or gain a sub. Does she really know what even numbers are?


(Link to tweet since I'm on mobile)

No. 437418

She just wants that 200k sub count lol

No. 437420

File: 1512361283736.png (702.07 KB, 1068x724, Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 20.2…)

Does she not understand what thumbnails are. They're quick sketches to get an idea of composition and such before diving into the details she's adding in now. This is her fault for all the extra work lol

No. 437421

File: 1512361287583.png (88.8 KB, 630x393, Screenshot_33.png)

Here you are anon.
And yes I agree, she just wants 200k – nothing to do with being an even number.

No. 437422

You're not…supposed to do the thumbnails detailed??? Thumbnails are supposed to be very tiny doodles of what you want to see happen, save the finished detailing for the frames.
Is she taking a storyboarding class? Because if not then she really needs one.
Storyboards and thumbnails are supposed to be messy because there is ALWAYS a chance parts are going to be completely cut – these are so that they dont have to spend time and energy on basically blueprints that only the actual creator is gonna see.

No. 437426

Typical Holly blaming others when it's her fault because she doesn't want to research anything. She just infuriates me with all the "I know animation. You don't know anything. I don't care if it's wrong, I don't give a shit."

No. 437429

woah there anon. Kind of taking a stretch there. She's just saying that she wants that 200k

No. 437430

How is it a waste? You want crappy/confusing animations at the end? No wonder her comics are terrible. She doesn't take planning as seriously with her "just wanna get it over with" attitude.

No. 437432

It kinda feels like she wants us to pity and asspat her because she drew them all so detailed only to have them thrown away – even though thumbnails are made essentially with that thought in mind?

No. 437473

File: 1512372266565.png (385.17 KB, 1088x796, Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 23.2…)

She's putting this into her portfolio…oh jfc

No. 437478

Hell no she can think that putting fanart in a portfolio is acceptable. It's ridiculous, unless your portfolio means your DeviantArt page.

Also, calling your work bad, while sharing it on all the socials feels like begging for attention.

No. 437480

exactly. no one wants to hire someone who talks this way about their work. They want the best. I know some people got hired from their fan art,but this can't be the case for Holly cuz her shit isn't exactly….at the level

No. 437493

She should never have made her art channel around her real name. there are multiple threads about the shittiest parts of herself just sitting there waiting for an employer to read

No. 437496

She basically did this to herself unfortunately

No. 437575

She could just buy the extra 3k like she did most of the rest kek

No. 437634

File: 1512404791218.jpg (873.08 KB, 2560x1920, 20171204_182453.jpg)

Holly's art be like

No. 437728

except this one looks interestingly abstract. hers just looks like shit.

No. 437913

File: 1512435844054.png (2.14 MB, 1022x1132, Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 17.0…)

I am slightly disturbed by this hand

No. 437961

That doesn't look like a hand, yesh it's not pleasing to look at!

No. 437966

It'd be a good zombie hand lol

No. 437967

Wasn't she trashing people for pointing out the flaws of prismacolors?

No. 438005

daveed sweetie, i'm so sorry. i'm sorry that an ugly ass bitch would do something like this, oh my god

No. 438009

damn the hand had so much potential

No. 438130

Why does the hand have a clit?

No. 438217


o I am laffin not putting details in thumbnails is something I knew in fucking HIGH SCHOOL how is holly this fucking dense? No one feels sorry for your dumb ass making the same amateur mistakes.

No. 438283

Not be completely ot but I'm just in awe at how much she's regressed over the years. I think her and Baylee are prime examples of how working from home/not going out and talking with others can lead to laziness and regression in ones art. While this is not the case for everyone, since some people have passion and discipline, I think that this is a good example for younger artists to not aspire to be like these two.

No. 438439

File: 1512507866262.png (237.09 KB, 1058x782, Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 13.0…)

Clearly she's not using a reference to animate dialogue


No. 438449

what's wrong with his bottom lip lmfao

No. 438485

>bottom lip
it's having a battle of its own.

No. 438535

The movement of the character only emphasizes how little Holly knows about drawing and animating. I really hate that Holly’s bloated ego makes her blinded to her mistakes.

No. 438538

The way he was moving in the beginning was dragging so much I was trying to turn my head, but couldn't. This is gonna be a similar outcome of the shitty dance animation she made before for Jazza's contest

No. 438552

The inconsistency of his proportions as he moves is driving me up the wall. He fluctuates in size so much! This is a careless error that could have been fixed if she made a character sheet.

No. 438554

Kek, this is really awful. Somehow the animation makes her """style""" look even more hideous. Maybe it's because it's so fucking inconsistent.

No. 438819

On mute it looks like he's saying three different words in a second. Ugh.

No. 438822

File: 1512533102233.jpg (11.87 KB, 431x86, 82039481094197-98431284092384-…)

This bitch lol

No. 438850

Because you're not doing anything TO make your art career.

No. 438852

It's funny but if Holly straight up just said she was going to be a hobbyist from now on, there would be literally no change in her work. She already draws like she doesn't care and doesn't want to study or practice.

No. 438862

Even when she does "studies", she doesn't take them as seriously and it looks all wonky like that hand

No. 438889

File: 1512540614773.jpg (201.67 KB, 1024x654, 17044172975_5e38021848_b.jpg)

ahahaha what the fuck man. this bitch has crayfish claws for fingers

No. 438991

But why does this hand have only 4 fingers?

No. 439040

The level of Holly’s stupidity is just…
She actually thinks that without doing the MOST BASIC animation exercises she’s be something as complex as whatever the hell shes trying to do here.
Even 13 y/old weebs know that you have to do the bouncing ball, flour sack, brick falling off a shelf exercises. Has she never heard of the phrase “You have to crawl before you run?”

No. 439269

File: 1512590620910.png (1.59 MB, 1048x1030, Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 12.0…)

No please no. She's thinking about making posters…Her shitty drawings blown up in size…I wonder if that's when she'll realize how shitty they are

No. 439290

> so pro
> b is fo brush, l is fo lasso
lol the basic shortcuts on that post it note. if you have ever spend 2 hours in ANY fucking adobe program you will know these. no need for a fucking reminder

No. 439300

lol that post it.

Just how long has she been doing digital art? Is she seriously that forgetful to not even remember the most basic of shortcuts? Plus use those tools enough times and you'll pretty much be doing it by muscle memory, unless you're a very slow learner or just dumb.

No. 439584


idk if anyone's mentioned that this fucking pose is impossible. how fucking hard is it to make a pose with your own hand so you know it's possible to do instead of winging it and drawing something that fucked.

ps holly, fingers have more than one joint in them I thought you'd like to know

No. 439693

She did draw 2 joints, they're just fucked up and in the wrong places.

Will Holly ever get her head out of her ass and improve? Will she live off of YT until it goes down and then get a job at MC D's because no one wants to hire her? Place your bets.

No. 439772

File: 1512670097422.png (1.41 MB, 1044x1180, Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 10.0…)

Oh my god. She's turning them into her "style"

No. 439773

File: 1512670190335.png (82.65 KB, 1042x430, Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 10.0…)

Ohhhh, she wants to talk about proportions???? She needs to look at her shit first and fix things before talking shit about other's art.

No. 439781

Unpopular opinion but I do kinda like holly's version more only because they look more human.

No. 439788

What about them looks human?

No. 439789

>elsa with downs

No. 439790

>Matched classic Disney
Holly that's not even close to what classic Disney looked like. Their heads are now too small, necks are way too long, noses are too far down on their faces, Anna's boob looks like a tumor, Elsa's right boob is bigger than the other one, Their mouths are too small – none of this is classic Disney wtf world are you living in?

No. 439809

'>elsa with downs' hahaha not really constructive criticism is it? 'proportions matched classic Disney', that's a bit of a stretch Holly, classic Disney e.g. Snow White or Sleeping Beauty had more realistic facial features; the eyes are still fucking huge and unrealistic. She just projected her tumblr- western-anime style onto Elsa.

No. 439821

Essentially. I don't know what kind of Disney she's watching.

No. 439884

Because Holly is such an expert on proportions, you know.

No. 439922

File: 1512684545909.gif (644.55 KB, 500x580, tumblr_nufjh6NxeC1srd53ho1_500…)

>classic Disney
I thought this was her transforming them into her own style at first.

No. 439935

minus the meter long chin

No. 439941

what the fuck is that kink game shit shes describing at the end of this, why does she think about other people fucking so much?

No. 439943

Is she really making a living from her art? Like, are they really some people willing to pay for her shit?

She's selling her sketches "compilation" for effing 20$. 20$ for a book full of shitty drawings is hella expensive. Who would buy this, seriously?

No. 439960

This edit is terribly ugly and looks nothing like “classic Disney”…
That mug is pretty cute but she’s such an ass in this video. Trying way too hard to have a sense of humor but much like Holly’s animation her timing is way off.

No. 439963

>clicks to random part of video
>Holly whining about somebody not paying her and "wasting her time"
Why is every last thing in her life about money and other people giving her it, why can't she just have some fucking dignity

No. 439964

lol wtf at the kink game shit

No. 440062

Just proves that she has no social intelligence whatsoever. You've gotta be gross to do that shit, and you have to be completely fucking retarded to proudly admit to it.

No. 440161

File: 1512720715063.png (55.32 KB, 1050x248, Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 00.1…)

Does she genuinely not know how to spell "lose"

No. 440221

File: 1512734043941.png (107.59 KB, 599x443, ew.PNG)

she didn't foreshorten the leg properly so it just looks like a short leg with a busted ankle

No. 440222


Haha, oh god. That foot looks like its become detached and the only thing holding it onto the body is the sock.

Also the hair looks like a curly turd.

No. 440229


The way she draws shoes is so weird. It reminds me of something and it's like on the tip of my tongue but idk what it is

No. 440260

yeah can't think what it is, maybe a wood block for printing? Two segments the same thickness with a pointless gap between them is not how a heel works of course. It shows how disconnected she is from reality, she is like kids who draw a drawing of an object rather than an object. She hasn't got a sense of form of things because she doesn't know what their function is. She doesn't know what the muscles do. She just draws a drawing of a drawing, scratching out and redrawing lines until it reminds her enough of what she saw last time she was scrinching her grinch to cartoon gay porn. Disgusting goblin

No. 440292

she really sucks at making stickers… for something thats gonna be like a couple centimeters in size and stuck onto the back of someones laptop its way too detailed. even if you did want to make a big detailed sticker like the type you'd see stuck on the street you'd actually do it right, not just having some mad scribbly box behind your wonky ass animu boi

No. 440458

I love you for this post

No. 440486

File: 1512768694794.jpg (39.02 KB, 600x600, pat-mat-figures.jpg)

lmfao the shoes remind me of the shoes that Pat and Mat wore in the cartoon.

No. 440499

File: 1512769882262.png (1.06 MB, 972x1326, Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 13.5…)

I'm not sure what's going on with his hands…

No. 440510

Has Holly even tried making that pose with her hands. Looks painful and uncomfortable af

No. 440684

File: 1512792775762.jpeg (300.84 KB, 1873x574, 4C12ED96-CA0B-46A6-B582-799374…)

From the Baylee Jae video responding to comments

No. 440690

Holly, it's more than "you will never improve," you have in fact regressed and what we are seeing from you is absolute garbage.

No. 440709

the way she draws hair, especially bangs really piss me off so much, especially that character she has where he bangs cover half her face. That dog is giving me a migraine too

No. 440772

the hair she draws look like noodles springing from the head lol

No. 440775

File: 1512804078233.png (825.53 KB, 1046x1184, Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 23.1…)

Did she just figure this out. Idk anyone from my school who used expensive ass cameras to take photos of their artwork. There are scanners at school as well or there's the cam scan app

No. 440785

>scrinching her grinch
omg my sides!

No. 440802

I just don't get why she keeps making merch for a series that has less than a page of content released yet

No. 440827

she wants to make that moolah, except it won't sell well..because yeah

No. 440913

I have a DSLR and I don't even use it to take photos of my art. A scanner is like 100 bucks. Who buys a nice camera just for art photos, unless you're a fine artist with huge paintings?

No. 440914

Even artists of popular comics don't shit out as much merch as Holly does, and it's usually more subtle than just stickers of the characters. Who gives a fuck about this dude? There's only 4 pages.

No. 441005

>calls herself a "weeaboo" constantly
>keeps calling jiji "kiki"
i am legitimately sperging, i can't deal with her

No. 441146

File: 1512860113242.png (261.62 KB, 1066x978, Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 14.5…)

No. 441147

File: 1512860198467.png (53.59 KB, 1028x264, Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 14.5…)

No. 441148

File: 1512860249709.png (53.64 KB, 1080x286, Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 14.5…)

This one is just in case she deletes it lol

No. 441149

Wow, and to think I used to look up to this bitch. Just because you work big doesn't automatically make the art better, especially considering what she makes lol

No. 441153

File: 1512861116046.gif (139.87 KB, 379x440, 1476402029987.gif)

Man, sometimes I feel really bad for Holly and before she got huge, I actually wanted to befriend her
but goddamn it's no wonder she doesn't have any friends, she's just a cunt and that's all she is ever going to be

No. 441156

What is she trying to say? I've read this 3 times now and it just doesn't come together.

Actually agree but maybe don't fucking post it online then. This compulsive need to share every piece of work you make is weird.

No. 441157

That's like the argument people use to defend Baylee

>But she did the sketchbook slam challenge!!1!!cso that means she's better than all of you!!

>They drew a large piece so that means they worked hard on it and are totally not lazy regardless of the quality/skill
>They went to artschool so they're better and know more than you!11!!

No. 441160

All of those defenses make me reeeeee. If anything, those two have proven that just because you go to art school, do the sketchbook slam challenge, and work large doesn't mean they're skilled or create compelling artwork. Honestly, looking at them and what they make makes me want to keep improving and not regress.

No. 441161

File: 1512861719279.png (259.97 KB, 466x416, Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 15.2…)

What is that shoulder

No. 441164

I always hate the way she holds her pens and pencils. She keeps using her wrist to create all the scratchy art

No. 441165

Anyone else annoyed with how pompous she is about using pen to sketch? Like, nothing wrong with it, but I think if she used pencil then she would be able to fix her mistakes.

No. 441171

I don't think using pencil would help her see through the mistakes. It'll be another "muh style"

No. 441172

True, but I agree with the anon that said her lines are freaking scratchy. Wouldn't that hurt your wrist?

No. 441183

File: 1512863642262.png (41.43 KB, 201x148, 09770d4bf20ade4e126eba3d18e888…)

This dead bug in her latest video tho

No. 441186

Yeah, it would and also drawing with your arm and holding it in a different way can make the art look more fluid and natural. Always remember to stretch every hour and walk around, anons!!

No. 441187

That's some high quality video right there.

No. 441190

Also to stay hydrated and eat a healthy snack, we work better when we're healthy on the inside.

No. 441195

Maybe Holly needs to eat a Snickers bar kek

No. 441202

Lol or even stick with that healthy diet she was bragging about. I don't think it's my place to tell people what and how to eat, but she was shitting on people for eating a certain way, so she opened that door herself.

No. 441210

I just went and looked at this girl's "Anatomy mistakes young artist's make" video, to see her really struggling to draw what she is "tutoring" people about.
To be fair the context of the voiceover was correct (other than the transphobia) but a demo where you are struggling to draw the thing you are teaching is???? Is this some deadpan trolling or what?

No. 441211

nah, she's pretty serious lol. Otherwise, she'd make a different voice like in her "You Should Give Up If You're Not Talented" video. I never understood why she doesn't take her own advice. She's being a hypocrite to herself lol

No. 441504

That’s so gross but I’m not surprised. I’m pretty sure her home is riddled with vermin and most likely smells heavily of cat piss and cat shit. I’m also sure that Holly and her family don’t clean the many litter boxes every day.
Every time Holly post a video of her in her home or room I watch and I cringe.

No. 441624

I think I just found a video thats throwing shade at holly they changed her name slightly but the character looks really similar to her.

No. 441633

ew, holly is just… gross.

No. 441637

Can you post it? I'm interested to see if it really is throwing shade

No. 441638

like not to be elitist or whatever but why are the floors in her home concrete.. how do you even clean those

No. 441647

it's at the 00:50 mark.

No. 441688

I know this artist, can confirm, that was on purpose.

No. 441728


Lmao it's like a combination of Baylee and Holly. It's acurate tho, especially the big chinned guy on the sketchbook

No. 441736

Lol! That was very accurate

No. 441743

File: 1512942149396.png (37.66 KB, 1030x180, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 13.4…)

Has she ever thought about going outside her house??

No. 441744

File: 1512942210391.png (409.19 KB, 1042x980, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 13.4…)

His body looks so disconnected from the background. Like he's floating

No. 441811

I mean, yea that was pretty accurate and I don't want to be THAT guy but – I'm tired of these artist problems videos so much. And saging because this isn't about Holly, the video maker isn't really good at art herself it seems? She looks to be copying a bunch of other styles that have been done to death (eyes and mouth) and I found myself annoyed watching this.
But yea I guess the Hailey part was lol

No. 441909

the shadows and shading on this makes no sense at all

No. 441977

Agree with you Anon. I've noticed that most of these passive aggressive 'artist mistakes' videos are usually made by young people who have very mediocre art "styles", who still have yet to grasp basic fundamentals; they end up being hypocrites and do what's in the video anyway. You'll never find Kim Jung Gi making a bitchy video about artists mistakes eventhough he does actually have the credibility to do so. You know why? Because hes mature and actually focuses on teaching you core principles instead of this self induced importance and self riteousness. I'll never be able to take these 'artist rants' artists seriously, they have no skill and are just trying to get views of young kids.

No. 441983

Wtf is with the legs? They're way too long for the body and neither one seems to be attached correctly at some point or another. Holly, it's digital art where you have infinite layers. Use that to your advantage and really sketch out what you're doing.

No. 441986

Isn't this why Holly got those art figures to begin with? Why doesn't she just use them?

Looks like Holly drew the person first and then tried to fit a background around it. What ever happened to doing thumbnails? This is just poor planning.

Honestly, with Holly it seems like she always takes one step forward and two steps back.

No. 442033

It's funny how she's always talking about thumbnails, but doesn't use them correctly or uses them at the wrong time lol

No. 442410

File: 1513043021541.png (38.11 KB, 1056x204, Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 17.4…)

What is she even saying here.

No. 442434

Y'all are so quick to judge. If your art is so improved, why not just stop following Holly? Fuck guys

No. 442440

Hello Holly

No. 442443

Oh hi there. Are you lost lol

No. 442447

>Y'all are so quick to judge.

And so are you
We'd leave her alone if she stopped giving poor advice and being a hypocrite.

No. 442525

File: 1513056343243.jpg (267.37 KB, 1200x799, C3p6lhEUcAA7hxK.jpg)

Probably a travel sketchbook.
I've seen some artists in my country do this (others do postcards instead like in pic related), but seriously most of those artist's travel sketches look rushed. I know some people would try doing a loose-watercolor style, but there are only a handful that would pull it off.

I would buy those postcards in pic related if they gave more effort in doing them. Kinda like in James Gurney's sketchbooks.

No. 442549

Yeah, I agree. If it's anywhere near James Gurney's level , then I'd consider buying. If Holly does it, I can't wait to see the mess she creates…This would also probably do her some good though, if she actually took the time on the drawing/paintings.

No. 442555

i love travel sketchbooks but holly could never create something like that, she doesnt sketch or have any kind of free flow to pull it off

No. 442567

What does improving oneself have to do with following Holly???
There is literally no correlation.
And fyi, I don't follow any of you- I mean Holly's accounts because I find her work quite amateurish and her grasp on the English language infantile at best.

No. 442570

Not him but the first time I saw Holly's work was around… 2015 when I was lurking through CalArts application sketchbooks. imo her sketchbooks (the Rendr ones) at that time showed some potential. Fast forward to today, well there's little to no improvement in her works. How sad. Even more sad that her attitude is a huge factor at that.

Anon, as much as the anons here want to roast her for the way she is, I know a few of them would want her to improve so she can save face and not make an embarrassment of herself, but judging from what we've seen she still hasn't improved, both art and personality-wise.

No. 442575

I wonder if it all started going downhill after that rejection video?

No. 442577

you might be onto something anon

No. 442581

i thought she got in?

No. 442583

into CalArts? Nope, it's speculated that she was rejected

No. 442585

She claimed she was accepted but didn't go due to financial reasons in the CalArts video.

No. 442586

yeah that's what I remembered too

No. 442587

I love how she claims that it's only financial reasons, but then rages about her rejected sketchbook lol

No. 442589

but if she got in, her sketchbook shouldn't be rejected?

No. 442590

Exactly. Which is why we call total bullshit on her lol. Her sketchbook is filled with super rendered and poor drawings, which is def not what the school is looking for.

No. 442591

You know, if we can find out when she posted that video, then maybe we can correlate it and see if that's the reason she lost hope and got lazy?

No. 442597

File: 1513072391530.jpg (115.06 KB, 797x773, 1477699983843.jpg)

Hmm she mentioned in the video that she got in a few years ago, so I'm assuming she applied when she got out of highschool which is when her art was the most interesting? So there might be a very slim chance she's telling the truth, but then the way she complains about it and throws around her own sketchbooks, feels very personal so there's a greater chance she wasn't accepted

No. 442599

If she got in a few years ago, then why is she complaining now? lol

No. 442601

I want to say that maybe, she got in but couldn't go right out of highshcool so years later she reapplied and got rejected?
kek I honestly don't know, Holly can be real confusing sometimes, I'm just tossing out theories
but I really don't think she got it

No. 442602

I just rewatched the video, the amount of autistic screeching is hard to stand, but I do agree it seems very personal to her.

No. 442609

She NOW talks about thumbnails.
She lost it when a professional told her that you're supposed to plan and thumbnail everything in order to work in the industry. You know the kind of "fatherly advice" you give people because you've always been there, you failed and you want to share what you learned? Looks like SHE can do that, but professional don't even have to DARE giving advices.
She got all "I can do stuff without thumbnailing, how about that" and got all defensive about how she were treated like shit just because she has her own method and blah. Thumbnails are stupid, I draw as I go, whatever man blah blah blah
Some time later she started trying out thumbnails and then found somebody selling thumbnail books and of course she had to steal the idea because she wanted people to buy her stuff.
Because, you know. She wants to provide "original stuff" and then flat out states to steal ideas.

…btw I am aware that thumbnailing books were a thing before and that are not either Holly's or the other artist's invention.

No. 442678

Does it count as cowtipping if they're not commenting on Holly's vids? Seems like summer never ends.

No. 442831

go away Holly

No. 442969

File: 1513121024519.png (1.9 MB, 1006x1120, Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 15.2…)

His legs are so short compared to his body…

No. 442971

Everything in that drawing is hideous

No. 442979

>This is why Lauren zuke left twitter asswipes
Lauren zuke left twitter because she got caught shitting on Rebecca sugar and blamed everyone else

No. 442980

She posted it pretty much everywhere.
She must be really proud of this artichoke.

No. 442982

File: 1513122606660.jpg (50.9 KB, 288x443, IMG_9760.JPG)

The way holly makes her merch is so hideous and sloppy she cant even be bothered to cut the stickers out nice. The edges are jagged and so unaligned. White in the sticker clashes completely with a tan notebook cover. If she went with just the black lineart (stenciled or stamped) into it like an embossing with some details it could maybe pass, but no. Holly proves to be a shit tier craftsman with a big mouth. May your art forever be as messy and cluttered as your room Hollykins.

No. 442985

She did? I heard something completely different.

No. 442996

hearty kek, anon

No. 443055


Can't be Holly because they have a competent grasp on the English language lol

No. 443066

And not enough of the word "fuck" in the sentence lol

No. 443094

File: 1513134671436.png (45.94 KB, 1060x230, Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 19.1…)

Huh…Holly seems to do the opposite lol

No. 443109

She should really give up the "illustrator" bs and just put effort into graphic design. That's the only skill she seems to care about.

It's sad that she doesn't actually care about getting better at drawing. She possibly did at one point, but then she realized she could just make money swindling kiddos on youtube with rants talking herself up like an industry veteran. She seems to think she'll be fine as long as she can keep getting followers to buy her poorly made crap. That's probably a huge reason why she fights back if someone crits her publicly. She doesn't want her fans to expect her to put the work in to improve her quality.

If only she'd smarten up and realize if she actually put that effort into getting good and be less of a shitlord she'd make a lot more money (to pay off all that expensive equipment she doesn't need). Here's hoping she uses that new ipad to read a Bridgeman or Loomis book.

No. 443123

She's so bad at graphic design though. She has no sensibility whatsoever, which a lot of artists usually bring with them.

I just don't understand how she can say one thing…. and does the other. Does she really not realize that? She sometimes reminds me of Onision.

No. 443273

She can't even letter her own comic. Is she blind? All the text alignment in Purgatory is fucked.

No. 443312

My favorite quotes from the video

>"Nothing about my art is simple"

>"Jake Parker’s stuff is more simple"
>"I don’t prescribe to that being a dick to people who are trying to help others"
>I’m not the shrill high pitched twelve year olds who’s in a thirty year old woman body

No. 443330

>She’s right though, as she’s a 6 yo in the body of a 22

No. 443331

>I’m not the shrill high pitched twelve year olds who’s in a thirty year old woman body


No. 443518

Stop making merch for a comic that doesn't exist yet. No one wants to buy stickers of your stupid fucking OCs

No. 443545

File: 1513217533560.png (44.47 KB, 1056x240, Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 18.1…)

So, she's actually serious about going into the industry. This aint gonna end well

No. 443547

File: 1513217685986.png (2.63 MB, 1418x1460, Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 18.1…)

Who would want to buy any of these

No. 443552

Did she just fucking say that Jake Parker's stuff is more simple??? Her shit can't even look half as good as his stuff with all the terrible anatomy and half assed drawings that she's willingly to sell to her young audience who don't know any better. How does she have the audacity to talk about other pro artists like that..? Where did this ego come from

No. 443558

File: 1513218310088.png (128.48 KB, 332x312, Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 18.2…)

Oh look, it's the hair sheet for her characters. why does she need a note for it?

No. 443594

Hahahahahaha symbol drawing to the max. One day she'll go full Ctrl+Alt+Del and start assembling her characters out of stock drawings of body parts.

No. 443595


That fucking made me crack up but it's also really sad like you can't remember toothpaste hair where one is basically the longer version of the other?

No. 443609

File: 1513222686530.jpeg (250.42 KB, 1242x1073, 71DC727F-32B3-41E2-82A2-416EDF…)

I’m sorry but I can’t get over how she drew the hand on this dumb merchant for an oc nobody but herself cares about.
…how do you mess up that badly? Literally all she has to do is look up a reference photo so her hand doesn’t look like shit. Hell she can ever trace it or use those expensive drawing models she bought but she really is the epitome of laziness.

No. 443613

Honestly, I love that this thread is calling out her useless merch for characters no one gives a shit about. I was always confused as to why she was focusing so much time making stickers and pins (and not working on the goddamn comic itself). Guess she just wants that moolah so she can buy 10 more tablets she won't use.

No. 443615

What I noticed is that’ she’s unable to properly use reference. She just look at the picture, have a general idea of how it should be and then starts drawing without even thinking about structure, muscle or observation.

No. 443657

>use those expensive drawing models
It's funny that I know a lot of artists who have them but don't bother using them as references. At this point I only assume the majority who don't improve tend to brag all of their art materials on their social media to look "pro".

Hell there's even this chick I know irl who barely improves and still bothers selling her merch despite it standing out of the artist crowd for being "that bad" in drawing.

No. 443663

hold up hold up, she showed some of her old works from high school, they are really good. what the hell happened man

No. 443719

that basket and the blanket are not in the same perspective plane

No. 443810

I guess the curled cat might sell at a low tier convention but not sure about the rest…

No. 443813

I thought you were reaching about the sticker clashing with the recycled paper brown, but I just realized that's a journal and not cardboard backing for shipping.

No. 443825

>my style is not that simple
well look at those gorgeous puppet hands there.
Must be complicated to fuck up even the simplest things.

I would buy the cat pin, personally, if it didn't have that ugly face.

No. 443851

The enamel pins I get, even though they're kinda ugly, but they're common/popular subjects. Same with the dead girl stickers. Not sure who would ever buy a sketchbook in a wonky format with someone's random OC on it though, I don't know if she's daft or delusional, but even if she doesn't want to sell fanart there are so many things she could put on things that people like, like fucking plants, food, something

No. 443861

a very constructive comment but her style is just so goddamn ugly. and not like intentionally ugly where it looks neat and atmospheric but just ugly ugly.

No. 443883

slowly claps
It’s even harder to figure out it you don’t like the “style” or it’s just all the horrible anatomy that make the picture wrong and horrible. It’s like a “how to fail at everything” on paper. Or tablet. Or iPad.

No. 443900

does, does this dude have six fingers? It looks like he does.

No. 443904

I seriously feel like she thinks she so much better than all the other YouTube artists and puts herself above them. It's such an ugly attitude. She throws shade about Baylee and then tries to be her friend, like how two faced can you be? She's going to isolate all contacts she could have in the artistic community if she doesn't learn how to act like a professional and not a 13 year old girl trying to be edgy.

No. 443913

File: 1513274853427.png (118.53 KB, 287x235, Capvfgture.PNG)

Who is going to buy a sketchbook full of randomly placed sketches from her? What's the point? There's random studies in there, is this supposed to be inspiring? She doesn't have a unique style and everything looks so basic and flat.

No. 443918

i think its supposed to be a crease in his palm, but i totally see what you mean

No. 443921

Trees will be dying for this.

No. 443926

Did she say she bought her previous laminator for 800 dollars, in he latest vlog? Please tell me I’ve misheard.

No. 443947

I'd never buy someone's studies, unless they're a master which she's clearly not. A lot of people sell sketchbooks but usually it's like a PDF on gumroad or themed around a subject, and people basically buy it mostly to support the artist rather than to get the book.

No. 443972

The only art books I’d even consider buying are from professionals that have nice well done sketches or someone like Kim JungGi. Holly’s book looks like something she put together from scrap doodles she made from math class and it’s on lined paper (I’m it’s not, I’m just making an example). And they aren’t pleasing to look at either. Tbh, she should’ve just made a pdf version that’s like $2 cuz who the hell is gonna pay $20 for flat disproportionate drawings

No. 444009

I think Holly enjoys making merch more than she enjoys making the artwork itself. From her vlogs, it seems she's always trying out different avenues for merchandise, like when she was trying to figure out how to make custom shapes sketchbooks, the pencil cases, all the stickers, pins, etc. I think that's kind of cool but of course, she doesn't produce nice enough artwork to make any of the products worth buying. If she enjoys making products more, she should think about becoming a supplier for other artists, like JellieBee (If I'm not mistaken, she was making prints and stickers for other artists)
It just seems she's more excited about making the products rather than working on the content itself, ala Paranormal Plague.

No. 444010

>selling a fucking geometric casts study
Holy shit… Why is putting that in there necessary? She shouldn't need filler because she draws a shit ton of her own work.

Like, it's not even justifiable compared to those sculpture studies because at least those can look really impressive to someone with little drawing experience. But a fucking sphere, cone, and cube? Shittly rendered, at that? Is she gonna throw in some upside down contour exercises, too?

I feel like I'm sperging but honestly, the audacity of her to sell that…

No. 444019

I forgot to add, but it's even more enraging because she's posting this as a ~WIP~ to advertise her sketchbook to her followers, like she's telling them to eat shit. I'd be fucking embarrassed having to put a 30 minute value study of fucking shapes in something intended for purchase.

No. 444028

It blows my mind how absolutely abhorrent and despicable her attitude is. Especially towards art.
I've come to realize how much she actually dislikes art and making art, because if she actually liked it – she would be drawing fluently, taking critiques (even asking for them) and just genuinely trying to learn.

Holly doesn't want to be an artist, being an artist is a difficult and tedious road. Maybe at one point she did, back when she actually had an interesting style and seemed to love her work (red and black art phase) as well as had a very strong imagination. But now, I'm not sure what happened. Could it be she began to regress into the stubborn attitude because she just can't handle critique? Did someone give her damaging advice? I don't know.

Holly, if you're reading this, please – if you don't like to draw or create anymore, just stop. You don't have to go into every field of art to "prove" you still love it, because you don't. If you like writing stories and creating characters, get an artist who enjoys drawing to do the actual comic art. If you like making merchandise, become a supplier. If you like animating, become an in-betweener.
You don't need to stress out anymore about art and being classified an artist. Just let it go, stop drawing.
Help others instead of trying to deceive them.

No. 444083

She could have made a zine with purgatory sketches, since, you know, that comic actually exists already unlike paranormal plague.

Nah, I agree with you. It's pretty ballsy to put shapes in there and use that as the "sneak peek" like it's so great.

I do think Holly still likes art, but her approach is so cynical, she only does things she thinks will make her money. Since deciding that comics can't be a career for her she's completely stopped updating. Even all the merch she shits out - it's like she can't justify drawing her characters unless she turns them into stickers for profit or some shit.

No. 444250

I heard it too, damn

No. 444360

File: 1513315761727.jpeg (594.76 KB, 640x849, 9656A056-AE50-47A3-8B6A-462907…)

The moment holly proudly showed us the dumpster she lives in is worse than ever

No. 444371

dear god shes foul

No. 444382

I don’t know… Didn’t she say before that she made books to order? So unless someone actually bought a book I doubt any trees will die unnecessarily.

No. 444383

different anon but even if someone paid for one of her books itd still have died for nothing cause of her art

No. 444391

I thought Holly had a decent grasp on creating products to sell until she started pushing stuff with her random OC. Her old ‘comic layout’ sketchbooks and thumbnail sketchbooks seemed like they might actually sell as did her old (slightly poorly drawn) fanart stickers. I don’t know anybody who would willingly buy merchandise of a random OC from a comic with only 2(?) pages when the OC isn’t even that interesting to look at to begin with.

No. 444401

God, is that her own art framed above her bed?

No. 444415

it's hamlet's desu how blind are you

No. 444423

Jfc, I get claustrophobic whenever I see pictures of her room. How can you live like that? It always looks dirty too.

No. 444425

File: 1513328053311.jpg (365.8 KB, 778x1235, 725a0e3eb1e92039-skyheart04col…)

Did she seriously call Jake Parker's (impressively detailed) work simpler than hers?! Holly's art is the simplest shit and looks like pseudo-cubistic teletubbies. And it appears she's been to a figure drawing session to draw the model all wonky too, instead of studying anatomy like you're supposed to.

My theory is that she twitches and fidgets and can't sit still for 10 seconds straight, that's why even her referenced work is all over the place direction wise. She draws aggressively fast, which isn't really a wonder as she clearly is loaded with passionate rage towards everyone & everything.

No. 444427

>Holly's art is the simplest shit and looks like pseudo-cubistic teletubbies
You made my day.
As for the quick drawing thing it’s not always a hint of being full of hatred, I know a lot of people who draw really fast and are at peace with the world. It could simply be her not caring enough or thinking she’s so skilled everything she does at first stroke is great

No. 444439

Sage for OT but does anybody know where she got the cute Jiji lamp from?

No. 444446

File: 1513333913685.jpg (115.94 KB, 994x516, hbrown.jpg)

Hi just lurking here,I was searching for new classes on Skillshare, and guess who I have found! Yes yes! Our savior Holly Brown, Her videos are too fucking short, how the hell are you supose to learn with a vid of 2:08 minutes? she's fucking dumb,I really don't like to insult people but she's really that delusional to think she's a professional comic book artist -_-

No. 444460

She’s the kind of person that would say it’s your problem If you can’t learn from a 2 mins lesson.

No. 444465

i'm new to this thread, but what comic books has she made? i wanna laugh. her skill/style looks like a slightly elevated version of Ash's, especially with the ugly long faces. Also I watched a few videos of hers without knowing she had a thread on here, and jfc, she becomes dislikable in every video by the 4th word she speaks, and has a massive case of dunning kruger.


No. 444470


just fyi, you don't have to type 'sage', just put 'sage' in the 'email' field!

No. 444472

i know~

No. 444473

You can find her comic on tapastic, it’s called purgatory. She even put online two pages of her new story paranormal plague. You’re not missing out though.

No. 444476

>that fucking Starfighter picture above her bed

No. 444483

Im starting to think she has some body dysmorphia because all her drawings looks like nightmares.

No. 444532

>pseudo-cubistic teletubbies
I love you anon

I still have about 3 weeks of my skillshare trial left, so I gave it a watch. The 22 panels that always work was kinda interesting because I'd never seen that before, but she basically just read out someone else's work, she didn't even redraw the examples.

The rest is ok, but also pretty unhelpful for a beginner. She also showed a few pages that were just talking heads and shot/reverse shot which she explicitly said would be boring in the intro. Most of her pages don't look like her advice in general.

Also probably too annoyed at the fact that she didn't mention Scott McCloud once, Understanding Comics is like the bible of comic making.

No. 444538

Also watching her draw speech bubbles stresses me out, she said she letters her pages first and then draws the speech bubbles, but the lettering still looks so bad.

No. 444611

I'd say nah, unless they're mentioning the board.

No. 444620

File: 1513362650786.jpeg (784.88 KB, 750x1033, B45351D7-6517-408A-8CF7-CBB90A…)

So Holly might be on to something here but she still isn’t under-drawing. Drawing shapes to build form is a great way to cartoon but I don’t think Holly really understands this technique. When she executes a drawing technique I don’t think Holly realizes what that skill is trying to improve. Hence Holly’s inability to explain how to draw using shapes to build form.
This skill does nothing when the artist isn’t thinking of their character in 3D.

No. 444622



No. 444682

What really stood out to me as the moment I realized Holly didn't actually like art was when she talked about Purgatory and her other art and why she didn't like it, she only talked about how other people don't like it and how it effects her "image". The second she said the word "image" I knew there was something up.
I think that Holly once really liked art, but because of her depressed attitude (she made a vid on this recently but she also had the cutting marks on her arms since these threads started) she saw that people liked her work and turned instead to other people for justification. She found happiness in drawing characters, as evident by her quality back then, but the second people liked her work THAT became her happiness instead, which is why everything is about sell sell sell and not having pride in her work anymore.
And now the reason she's stopped doing comics and has been making the depression vlogs is because she doesn't even find happiness in drawing/other people at all because people like us point out how flawed and broken it is (which you can see in a lot of her vlogs now with her complaining about people not liking her tutorials or not liking Purgatory, even though she was the one who said she didn't like the comic on her own tumblr after a fan complimented it).
She's spiraling into the hole of looking for praise from other people instead of looking to herself, spending more time chasing different art mediums to find more fans to feed her weak ego instead of proving to HERSELF that she can be good, and I think it's slowly driving her crazy.

No. 444754

File: 1513371152805.png (143.83 KB, 750x631, IMG_3852.PNG)

Of course this is what she decides to ask

No. 444755

how to tell if someone's a fujoshit in one easy step: they still believe that bullshit seme/uke dynamic.

No. 444758

didn't she say quite recently that she didn't like/understood why people were curious and that she honestly didn't give a fuck?

No. 444763

That's very observant and I agree with your points. I kind of pity her then if what you illustrated is fact. It must suck to only rely on praise to value your self-worth. I see her now curled up in a corner surrounded by the tiniest bit of light holding onto a weakened flame for dear life.
I don't know why she's doing this to herself, it isn't healthy to be this way!! She's still a despicable fujoshi, but I wish her well and hope she gets better mentally.

No. 444766

You know what, before teaching people she should UNDERSTAND a concept. This is something she clearly read somewhere (and it's true, even though thinking in shapes is not for everybody, even professionals can work with exterior lines only. Depends on how your brain reads the masses) and that she for one can't apply properly.
She can't teach how to use shapes because she doesn't KNOW how to use shapes. She pretends to know stuff scribbling some dark areas in a sketch but it only highlights her lack of knowledge.
It's fun that this is exactly what she says other people do and that pisses her off.
I honestly think there might be something wrong with her because she says something and the minute after says the opposite and both times she's being quite a bitch about both opinions.
Like she said countless times that she's better than so and so, that she's great and blah, she always acts like she's the new messiah of the art; then she's genuinely disappointed because she doesn't understand why people think she has a god complex. Because she knows her stuff sucks.

Even back when it LOOKED like she cared more about art her attitude was pretty much the same.

No. 444840

"Which one of these underage boys do you think fucks the other one in the ass?"

No. 444849

She is pretty open about her mental illness, so I guess you could say that there's something "wrong" with her for sure. It doesn't seem like she's in any treatment and her attitude towards her art/on social media is basically geared towards complete self-destruction of her personal brand, or she'll fuck up her wrist drawing another 600 pages of mindless doodles, whichever comes first, and then she'll have to deal with herself. Relying on other people for validation will only end badly, especially if you're already depressed.

No. 444860


Not a fan of Holly and I haven't watched this, but this is called microlearning and it's a legitimate technique that's currently gaining a lot of popularity. It breaks down big ideas and courses into 2-4 minute micro-learning sessions, that people can easily absorb. It helps people not get overwhelmed, and makes it easier to pause and come back, instead of doing the entire course at once. While I can't speak to the quality of her course, the individual videos being short isn't necessarily a bad thing.

No. 444904

File: 1513385102977.png (23.26 KB, 856x165, 2017-12-16 01_42_17-Purgatory …)

She's updated purgatory, apparently she draws it on her iPad now (it shows), and hinted at feeling suicidal over the past few months. Might explain some of her behavior.

No. 444928

Not good. Again, don't like her much, but I want to see her get help and move past this.

No. 444958

File: 1513391703830.png (1.09 MB, 1056x1160, Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 18.3…)

No. 444963

Her characters all look the same, like the weird faces she gives them all look the same.

No. 445075

maybe that's only the facial expressions Holly can actually make irl and the smirk face kek

No. 445076

I wish she would branch away from those, maybe try studying other faces. Going outside and drawing the people she sees would force her to not draw the same thing.

No. 445086

>I want to see her get help and move past this.
Hmmmm. I thought it was in the past already since she stopped cutting her left arm (well the scars were already light in some of her videos so…).

And I find it weird bc I know a lot of artists (both good and bad skill-wise) who sort of openly tweet about wanting to die. I do too, a lot, though I don't tweet about it and instead do something actually productive.

I do hope she gets professional help, she might get back on track if she does so. My friend once sought professional help, but once she stopped visiting she reverted back to her old suicidal self and started to refuse to take meds. She even gets angry if ppl remind her of that (but then again a lot of ppl don't know how to properly deal with people who have depression).

No. 445127

File: 1513406175337.png (1.35 MB, 1036x1008, Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 22.3…)

What in tarnation is this

No. 445128

File: 1513406235085.png (41.28 KB, 1056x230, Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 22.3…)

She forgot Jay Leno chins!

No. 445140

For once I can sort of over look the chin because it actually fits to have a super elongated face on a noodle man.

The perspective in the top left is really poorly executed because of the wood grain. She should've just used the perspective transform as a quick shortcut to tell her how warped the grain will be at that angle.

No. 445141

Actually, now that I think about it, the cups also look really fucked up. I'm really shit at perspective, but the placement and angle on them just doesn't look right. It just looks like a big ass cup.

No. 445145

i dont think you need to be necessarily good at perspective to know that her perspective is not the best lol…

No. 445168

Well, you can stop self-harming but that's only a small part of the solution.

I guess she doesn't have health care, she talked about getting a tooth pulled and an implant that was cheaper than getting it fixed earlier in one of her vlogs. Investing in therapy would probably have done more for her productivity than an iPad.

I didn't think twice about it not being a huge cup until I read this, it's way too close to him for it to be anything else.
Besides the clumpy hands I don't hate it thoughm the proportions look more deliberate rather than a result of ineptitude.

No. 445172

She would most likely be doing the same errors as she doesn’t really look at refs.
She made a video about same face syndrome and even her ocs all have the same face and expression despite being of different ethnicities.

No. 445216

It’s not that the cup is too close to him, perspective is a thing even if there is overlapping. The problem is that she doesn’t understand how perspective works and everything is in a flat perspective except for th cup that obviously looks giant. She prides herself of doing perspective and backgrounds and she does them quite a bit but just like everything else she just assumed she’s good at them and doesn’t mind to understand how planes work.

No. 445219

Wrong board there buddy.

No. 445222


I don't think you quite understand how painfully obvious it is that you're mad because you're a virgin yourself and you don't want to be. Now go preach your message to some hookers, they can sit on your dick for you. Or are you too poor for that kind of thing? Better off just killing yourself, in that case. I don't give a shit if you're a different anon, this message is to every basement-dweller that comes here to spam their boring shit. Get out of the basement, you fucking loser. It's all your own fault.

No. 445226

Can you guys take that shit somewhere else please, this thread is for bitching about Holly

No. 445228

Nice try but that is the opposite of what is happening here, I am literally telling you to get out of the basement aka get a life. Aka get a girlfriend perhaps. Fucking retard.

Sorry to all other anons but someone had to tell him.

No. 445232

holy shit, literally nobody cares. we're only here to bitch about holly

No. 445236

Stop responding to bait.

No. 445240

I wish Holly would make more sketchbook videos, they are comfy af

No. 445241

No. 445252


No. 445278

Just report and move on, you're wasting your breath.

No. 445281

If it was intended to be a huge cup it would make more sense is what I meant, nothing adds up.

No. 445429

Just because she’s stopped self harming on her arm doesn’t mean she’s stopped. & self harming is a symptom not a disease you can stop but the disease is still there.
>>445168 she’s paying the iPad off with a monthly payement that probably wouldn’t make a dent in therapy, so she’s trying to buy herself to happiness. It’s not uncommon for people to think objects etc will make them happy. “Once I get_____\ I’ll be happy.” Etc which makes sense with holly she’s always buying something new or Changing projects! Not white knighting for her because honestly her attitude is one of the worst I’ve ever come across & I can’t stand her. But so much of her behaviour Reeks of poor mental health. (I doubt if her mental health improved her attitude would improve with it, I think she’s just a shit person)

No. 445459

I see your point but she’s always buying things really expensive, the iPad might be paid a small amount each month but the rest is just paid right away.
Plus she said she has something like 6k in her bank account. Sure therapy is expensive af but 6k or even just 800 dollars are enough for at least a consult.

No. 446300

File: 1513565383298.png (44.88 KB, 1044x218, Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 18.4…)


No. 446309

Holly’s infamous.

No. 446324


Maybe now she'll actually listen to all the constructive criticism written in the 6 pages and, you know, become a GOOD artist instead of a mediocre one.

No. 446341

Yea, because a majority of us are trying to help your bitch ass. Maybe if you would LISTEN to critique you wouldn't NEED six pages of this.
Fuck off, Holly.
Also it's probably confirmed she browses the thread now.

No. 446423

File: 1513576374560.png (52.58 KB, 615x473, loooool.PNG)

lemia back on her holly-cock-suckling bullshit again. if their dumbasses can actually get their heads out of their asses, there is actually criticism from people who want holly, and herself to get better. but nahhh, we're all just haters, hating them for no good reason

No. 446425


>i hope they find peace <3

brb gonna puke

No. 446427

File: 1513576588284.jpg (21.1 KB, 233x267, 1509596570180.jpg)

Then I guess Jellie Bee and that other artist that came on here to whiteknight are also a convention of Highschool kids who are super angry about the world too, come the fuck on Lemia
Jellie Bee at least had the courage to crit unlike the both of you who dismiss everything said on here as "hate"

No. 446431

File: 1513577268965.gif (82.37 KB, 768x576, 1513315398825.gif)

>i hope they find peace
Someone's feelings got hurt, woops.

No one hates you, it's just fun to shit on people like you.

No. 446435

Are they totally ignoring the fact that they do the same? Fuck, holly talked shit about baylee and other artists in a pretty obvious way, and had livestreams with her edgy friends just to badmouth other youtubers for no apparent reason, but the forums? Nah, need to find peace, totally.

No. 446485

File: 1513584437237.png (41.52 KB, 938x214, Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 00.0…)

Oh kid…This is the wrong type of hate

No. 446500

She thinks people hate her because she’s famous, not because of her attitude and shitty drawings, and that makes it even more sad

No. 446507

>6 pages of criticism

What exactly did she mean by this?
It's doesn't sound like she's talking about this thread since it isn't in page form and we've only had two threads about her
But she did say forum and it wouldn't suprise me since we've been gettting visits from some yt artists

Sometimes Holly is so dense I can't even feel bad for her anymore

No. 446512

>thinks that all of us are jealous kids


No. 446519

I’m wondering this too - is she on about this forum or another one? Even Baylee doesn’t have six pages so why Holly thinks she has more than her is hilarious. Is she saying it so people pity her?? Oh poor Holly has a six page forum dedicated to how shit she is as a person and an artist. When really it’s only two and it highlights how pathetic she is.

Unless she truly did find another forum - I don’t frequent pull other than Kanadajin3 stuff - does she have a thread there?

Either way, no one hates you for being famous, Holly. Your artwork is ugly because your personality is too. You’re so far up your own ass.

No. 446578

No. 446584

Don't pretend suddenly you're all here to help by posting on a nitpicking gossip site. There's nothing wrong with bitching about her, stop masquerading.

No. 446697

>There's nothing wrong with bitching about her, stop masquerading.

But there is something wrong with nitpicking, if this thread was nothing but bitching It would get old real fast

No. 446699

Some of us genuinely want to see her get her head out of her ass and improve.

No. 446707

I scanned through the pages and it looks like she was only mentioned once?
6 pages my ass

No. 446940

These people seem so oddly proud of the "hate" they receive. They always make it sound like there are entire forums dedicated to hating on them, when it's just a thread or even a couple posts.

>lolol I'm not bothered though, they're all little kids <3

>I'm so above this, it's sooo funny!

There are channels with more subs than Holly and I've never seen them mentioned here, I wonder why?

No. 446979

“Anyone with more that 20k followers” ummm nope. I think she’d find that there’s been praise for a lot of artists on that general artist page, Doodle date is one yt channel that comes to mind, they were brought up and no one had a bad word to say about them. I think youtubers need to learn that a nice personality goes a long way with people, as does openness to criticism

No. 446994

ot but that thread killed me

No. 447055

File: 1513642661848.png (1.36 MB, 1050x1108, Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 16.1…)

Poor art student she says
>buys a new camera

No. 447084

Wow, she's regressed. Her old art may not be the best technically, but at least it had some goddamn movement in it. Some life. She needs to go back to drawing from observation.

No. 447086

File: 1513644898766.png (847.13 KB, 720x748, Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 16.5…)

She thinks the proportions on this is the worst…has she not seen her sketches recently? jfc

No. 447089

Claims that these past work is terrible, but she hasn't realized that she actually regressed over the years…Idk if I should feel sorry or not because of her shitty attitude that's holding it back

No. 447092

Why did she spend the entirety of the video defending that she got into art school? Afaik no one doubted that art schools accepted her, just CalArts.

She tears into her old art so much but I actually like it better. Her subject matters are much more varied and interesting. I wonder if she went through some shit in highschool that just makes her hate her old art when she looks at it, because although most people cringe at stuff from years ago, it seems a bit much.

No. 447141

>"I'm a starving artist guys really"
>Buys camera for $477.98

No. 447154

There have been multitudes of critiques out to help her as well as people concerned for her help.
I am one of those that wish her the best, mostly because I feel sorry for her – she's never gonna be happy and she's never gonna have real friends behind that subscription count when they all wise up.
I find her attitude atrocious and her personality just disgusting, however, she's human above it all and though I dislike her – I wish her the best.
I just wish she would LISTEN for once in her fucking life to people that actually CARE enough to help.

No. 447349

hey holly if you're reading this thread, you should make more sketchbook videos, they are comfy to watch.

No. 447421

No lie, I loved her old art. I wish she'd make more of them. Also one of the recent gems from her are the gouache candy artwork she posted sometime ago.

>she's regressed

She regressed prolly because she was mainly working on her comics. And from there I guess she was trying to work faster (and she ends up fucking up the comic with all the typos, errors and whatnot). Idk why but ever since she wanted to make animations and comics I guess she tried doing a simpler style thus explaining on how she regressed in art. If she does continue on working on her "style" I hope she'd do more observational sketches as well as try drawing different face shapes using ACTUAL people as reference so she won't end up giving the characters she draws Jay Leno chin syndrome. Doing that actually helps a lot of artists in getting better at perspective and in drawing characters and bodies in general.

No. 447466

Any thoughts on Holly suddenly talking about cutting recently? I'm not saying it's a bad thing since I do think some of what she says is good, and I feel like more people need to realize it's not always for attention. It just seems a little out of left field to me that she started talking about it.


No. 447587

true i found her through them and her sketchbook slam challenge but there are way better ones out there

No. 447612

There are always better ones out there. I actually really enjoy her inked stuff.

No. 447619

true but i meant better speaking not better art. i used to really like her sketchbook tour vids but shes become so condescending and gross they just annoy me now

No. 447624

I think her drawing speed is part of the regression. She's careless and doesn't take any time to fix mistakes.

I guess she saw an article about it? I also assume people ask about her scars sometimes since they are quite visible.

I think it's good to talk about that stuff, but she always does it in her abrasive way so it might also tank horribly.

No. 447625

Does anyone else think it's weird how she often seems so occupied with making merch for her comics/art, like stickers and pins and art books and stuff? I have the feeling that those things aren't selling really well at all, since she always goes on about al the unnesscecairy hard work she puts in a comic that no-one reads anyway. So she might as well spend her time and energy on other, more important things…

No. 447627

It's not like no one reads it, Paranormal Plague has 22k views and 2k subscribers with just 3 pages. It is quite weird to put more work into the Merch than the actual Comic, but I think she's just unable to stick to one thing for too long.

No. 447630

>>447627 AND she's working on animations at the same time, it's like she gives herself a shitload of work just for the sake of being a "hard working artist" I imagine it must be draining her at some point, which will influence the quality of her work greatly. I think it's just really inefficient..

No. 447641

Looking at her old art I could believe that she got into schools like SVA but I really doubt she got into CalArts. I mean I've seen rejected CalArts portfolios and she isn't even close to that level.

No. 447769

her old art is so much better wtf… they dont even have that slanty look her art has now. its definitely from her trying to shit out things super fast rather than spend time and effort on something good.

No. 447822

I find it hilarious that Baylee and Holly are the exact opposite, but similar at the same time. No chin vs long ass jay leno chins, works too slow vs works too fast, both complain at critique, love their asses being kissed by their fans, buys too much stuff, etc. Also, Im guessing Holly is trying to prepare for the industry with a portfolio, but with her attitude and the stuff she currently produces, I think it's gonna be a little bit hard for her to get hired…especially with these forums going around. I wonder if she's going to make a video about that…

No. 447838

Both her PULL and snow threads come up before a lot of her other social media, but I think her twitter and some of her tumblr asks may be bigger turn-offs for employers.

Some of her stuff looks pretty stylish, like that candy study she did. I can see her pulling some gigs for that sort of thing, but most of her tumblr and YT is just doodles and teenage boys canoodling, and apparently she doesn't think you need a proper portfolio.

No. 447842

Yeah, I agree, but I think she may have gotten out touch with those types of art..I think she needs to draw more from life and work on animating, if that's what she's striving for. Basically work from the beginning, which is gonna set her back a bit and that's fine. She has all the money to spend in the world and I'm confused as to why she doesn't use it towards classes that'll she'll benefit from or books like Richard William's. Jfc, this girl gets so much advice from us…She needs to stop turning into the hulk whenever there's comments that will benefit her…

No. 447846

>Apparently she doesn't think you need a proper portfolio.

what on earth, but she does tho
Aren't portfolio's are usually meant to be shown to possible employers so they can see what you can do?
It's not a bad thing to have all your good art in one place, why is she so against it?

No. 447855

yeah they are. You gotta show your best of the best stuff in that portfolio, so they can see what you're capable of. Then if all goes well, you get to do a test trial with a certain amount of time. I thought from the amount of shit she posts and the art book she made, Holly wouldn't be against a portfolio…so confusing

No. 447889

File: 1513715019073.jpeg (248.2 KB, 750x767, 39A07E35-F58B-42CA-A89D-3F50A7…)

I mean even if the employer just searches holly brown comics
I’m pretty sure that’s a slight turn off

No. 447890

File: 1513715099194.png (12.94 KB, 787x291, 2017-12-19_212314.png)

Yes. Pic related.

I don't understand how one can fail setting up a portfolio website, especially since she has her endallgraphics website? Don't know what her thought process is.

No. 447892

Forgot to quote >>447846 and >>447855 like a fool.

No. 447895

>in 2017 nobody cares about the internet burp

No. 447899

>make a website

dude, what
Tumblr can easily be used as a portfolio to keep all your art in, it let's you use tags so anyone can easily look for something on your blog and it's free for Christ's sake
Unless using tumblr is frowned upon for portfolio use? I know a couple of artists that use a tumblr blog to keep all their art in and it works out fine for them

No. 447936

If someone asks you for your portfolio for a job and you send them your tumblr, that's pretty unprofessional imo. A portfolio is for your best work not everything you've ever drawn, yes you can do that on tumblr too, but that's not how Holly and most other artists are using it.

No. 447938

There are also tons of websites that offer free sites such as wix, squarespace, weekly, etc. I don't get what's so hard unless she's just lazy or she's hiding something.

No. 447939

go away baylee we don’t want squarespace, you’ve promoted it enough on your channel

No. 447940

Er, I'm sorry, but this isn't Baylee and I genuinely didn't even know that she promoted that website…

No. 447943

No. 448027

Uhhh… I hate to break it Holly but a website is completely necessary in competing in the creative industry. (Commercial art, Concept art, UI design, ect) Holly isn’t shy about sharing how little she knows about maintaining a creative career…

No. 448032


I'm guessing she made a portfolio and seeing her art all together in one place looked really bad. So no portfolio

No. 448039

I've seen people use Tumblr as professional portfolios, but generally they pay for the non-tumblr domain. But yeah, they're not using their personal Tumblr or the page-by-page Tumblr layouts.

No. 448074

Yep, this is what I meant in this>>447899

No. 448077


she can even use artstation because that website is supposed to be used as a professional portfolio website but i doubt with the quality of work she provides, that she'd get any attention from industries there if she doesn't step up her art big time

No. 448125

since holly has stated in her recent video that she does read these forums, then i hope she hears us out somewhat and takes our criticisms for her art seriously instead of 'laughing at it' like she said in the video, but i feel like she won't.

No. 448131

Sweetie, this isn't PULL.
This isn't a help site.
This isn't a hugbox.

No. 448155

I wish you guys would at least link the video with the time stamp of where she said that, but anyway Holly is too far up her own ass to take crit from her own audience so I doubt she'll even consider taking crit from us

Nothing about what that anon said was remotely huboxy

No. 448181

This is totally ot, but what's PULL?

No. 448212

File: 1513743156845.png (37.35 KB, 1496x136, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 20.1…)

Look who I found on Sinix's new video…Does she not live in Texas anymore?

No. 448217

Im honestly surprised that she watches his videos

No. 448220


she just cant form sentences apparently. im pretty sure what she means is that people in texas have no room to talk about being against weed when there are so many murders on the border because of drug smuggling. i dont really see the correlation but i guess?

No. 448269

File: 1513749933452.png (651.57 KB, 750x559, Purg.PNG)

Obviously wasn't drawn by Holly herself but this is the nicest I've ever seen her characters look. It leads me to believe her character with the ugly anime hair can actually look decent

No. 448272

I said I was new to this thread, so excuse me for ranting about an old video, but I just watched "the depressing life on an artist" holy shit. this girl thinks she's the ultimate veteran artist experience, and says it all so matter-a-factly.
>you WILL starve
>you WILL be depressed all the time
>you will never socialize
>you will be chained to your desk
>you will never be financially stable
>very, very few artists are successful
>being an artist isn't for everyone

Yeah, if you're a shitastic amateur with an ugly style and no real artistic skill or even any proper practice under you belt. You can't just draw "muh style" yaoi in a shitty comic and think the outcome of your $50/week is the standard for 99% of artists.

No. 448308

Another forum like lolcow that calls out annoying Internet personalities.

No. 448347

She wants to be the struggling artist stereotype even though there are many ways around her problems

No. 448437

>Unless using tumblr is frowned upon for portfolio use?
Kind of? Having your own website is not necessary, obviously, but it can potentially add credibility to your portfolio and increase your chances of employment. Having a tumblr blog with custom domain is fine, but having your own site let's you do more with it. Portfolio pages are not that hard to make either and there are tons of cheap hosting choices.

> i dont really see the correlation but i guess?
Weed ban creates a black market for it, hence the smuggling.

Those glasses still fugly as fuck tho.

No. 448498

Using tumblr as a portfolio site is okay if you want to appeal to people who want you to draw commissions of their pet or oc or things like that, but if you want to have a "serious career" and do illustrations for books, ads, websites and things like that, you are going to get dismissed because it reeks of unprofessionalism, just like deviantart or having a yahoo or hotmail email, no matter how good your stuff is. Having a portfolio of about 10 pieces on a portfolio website and using instagram to post other finished works is an easy and good enough way to go imo, and it's super fucking easy and simple to set up. She's so lazy it hurts

She's so fucking stupid. Of course being an artist isn't for everyone because, like in other regular jobs, you should have certain qualities to make it, and if she thinks being an artist is being starved and poor and depressed, she clearly doesn't have those qualities and this job is not for her. Jesus christ. How does she think she's going to get jobs if she never socializes? 80% of your job is getting connections and using them to get work! And the beauty of being a freelancer is that you can set your own working times, so if she's "chained to a desk" and still isn't making money, she's doing something very very wrong or she should just admit she's an amateur and not a professional.

No. 448543

using a tumblr for your portfolio isn't a turn off in the least amongst professionals. I've heard from plenty of people in animation, especially TV that explicitly look through tumblr and twitter when looking for people to send tests to and in the school i attend the administration puts emphasis on opening a tumblr to create post your work on.
The majority of people don't care as long as your work is accessible and easy to view be it on tumblr, blogspot, or your own domain.

No. 448560

Really? I guess it's country specific then, and different for, let's say, animators and illustrators, and for what kind of work you want to do and customers to attract. It's better for an animation studio to get a new talent that already has a fanbase so the fans will start watching the show, so that might be why they search for them in tumblr?

Sorry for being an OT fag, but it's really interesting to hear that some industries prefer a tumblr while for others it's a sign of amateurism.

But anyway, holly is a total dumb ass for not having any kind of a portfolio. Maybe she wouldn't be such a poor and struggling "artist" if she actually, you know, tried

No. 448734

Who actually prefers tumblr? You can get offered a job through your social media, but afaik people ask for a showreel and portfolio when you apply somewhere, making them scroll through your tumblr is just wasting their time imo.

No. 448773

im pretty sure you can set up a theme to make it similar to any other website for portfolios.

No. 448774

I think there’s a part of client bases that want to see your pull online and places like tumblr and twitter show that. I’ve realised over time that a lot of publications, company’s etc, would rather a mediocre piece of work done by someone with the ability to attract 10k notes, Than someone who creates amazing work but struggles with “notes”,likes,rts!.

No. 448778

File: 1513818452643.png (10.16 KB, 575x114, 32t45.PNG)

You all bring up some interesting points, but remember to stay on topic!

I had no idea Holly was planning a second Purgatory book, I thought she was tired of it

No. 448895

about using tumblr as a portfolio site.. I have been told by art director friends that portfolios on tumblr or deviantart give off a bad first impression (almost like setting yourself up to not be taken seriously), artstation is a little bit better, but the best impression is having your own site. this is coming from people who deal with very good digital art though, not tumblr style cartoons like Holly.

No. 448947

No wonder she lost it in her jungle

No. 448956

Not that anon but is cargocollective a good site for your portfolio? I have an account there but I haven't used set up my portfolio there yet. I'm also thinking of using my artstation account again once I brush up my digital art skills.

>I’ve realised over time that a lot of publications, company’s etc, would rather a mediocre piece of work done by someone with the ability to attract 10k notes, Than someone who creates amazing work but struggles with “notes”,likes,rts!.
Relatability is what sells, my friend. Sometimes fanart too since I learned that this one guy was able to land an art directing job in a big agency despite not graduating art school. His art is mainly digital portraits though, and usually his subject matter are celebrities (which rakes a shitton of likes). I wish he would go farther than that because that guy has potential but his head is far up his own ass thanks to his popularity.

Didn't Holly mention that her comic was a flop in one of her vlogs? I don't know why she's still pushing it. If she does want to continue that comic, I hope she'll learn from the mistakes she made in the first volume and try to improve on the second.

No. 449012

File: 1513855267054.png (334.74 KB, 584x350, 2017-12-21_122055.png)

She recently updated and parts of the second book are already up, I guess she wants to finish it anyway.

According to her Twitter she found it. No wonder she lost something in her room considering the state it's in.

While this is true, it's not like Holly does remarkably well on tumblr, her insta and YouTube are her most successful platforms. She could just have a proper portfolio and include those links when she sends it out.

No. 449038

File: 1513862362335.png (1004.12 KB, 1405x788, 2017-12-21_141713.png)

Slight OT, but apparently there is an author called H.C. Brown that writes gay BDSM novels among other things, and has actually won awards for it. Holly wishes.

No. 449053

why does every artcow have a porn counterpart

No. 449830

File: 1513931428110.png (187.9 KB, 435x470, eef.png)

sage bc ot, but holly's arm
(pic related) look at the scars. sorry holly but i dont think you can "loose" weight through cuts on your arm

No. 449838

>sage bc ot
>didn't sage
put "sage" in the email field, anon.

>i dont think you can "loose" weight through cuts on your arm

Also, that's kinda low. Blame her lifestyle, not her unhealthy coping mechanisms

No. 449842

>Herschel Sanchez
I didn't know her character was both gay and PoC, does she have character bios anywhere?

No. 449843

>he's both gay and PoC
I thought he was straight for Holly's self-insert with her one eye covered by her long bangs?

No. 449845

Fuck me for being a sap, but it’s shit like this that makes me feel for the cows. It goes to show that all of her blatant narcissistic overcompensation is to make up for the fact that she hates herself. After everything is said and done it’s actually really sad.

No. 449846

File: 1513935010491.jpg (Spoiler Image, 404.12 KB, 2000x1725, 1503849939860.jpg)

what if holly becomes one of those artists who just entirely specialize in porn

and when she draws tumor boobs and, when she's thrown criticism, instead of blaming it on her fucked style" she blames it on kinks. seems like a holly thing

No. 449856

yo, am I the only one weirded out that she drew and publicly shared porn of her self insert character?

pretty sure these are hershel's hands n dick from the reddish brown skin tone
I have no idea what ethnicity shes actually going for either w/ that skin tone either since his features and build are very white

No. 449857

what's you problem, anon? Plenty to shit talk Holly for but this is unnecessary.

No. 449860

>pretty sure these are hershel's hands n dick from the reddish brown skin tone

not only that, but a circumcised penis usually is lighter or darker than the skin on the rest of the body. the dick and hands are the same color and its not right. maybe its just me? but who sees it too?

No. 449862

File: 1513936999044.jpg (Spoiler Image, 89.69 KB, 900x822, 1503849880809.jpg)

the head is behind the penis like a second thought

No. 449874

Dick move man.

Just to add stuff so I am not too OT, I feel like a lot of Holly's art mistakes could be fixed if she actually left her room for once and interacted with people. Like Holly draws like she has never seen an actual human in real life. It looks like she knows the general gist of what a person should look like but that's about it.

No. 449880

oh sorry, i don't actually know which of her characters are the gay ones

the last name suggests he's Hispanic. how are his features white though? her characters are so stylized and simplistic (no lips, black dot eyes, 2-line noses) that she can claim Hershel is any ethnicity with tan/brown skin.

No. 449881

lmao she drew the head of the penis backwards

No. 449898

It's anons like you who give us a bad name.

Just because we don't like Holly's attitude doesn't mean we can scoff at her mental issues – especially if some of us might have scars ourselves.
This post was incredibly petty and unneeded. Plus, it just makes us more sympathetic to her – if we weren't already previously.
I don't wish Holly ill, I dislike her but in the end we're all human - some of us even artists ourselves - and we just want her to listen to reason, and this kinda stuff just cements the fact that she's only this way because she curls herself behind her snarky attitude and crowds of whiteknights when she's very insecure.
We're trying to help more than hate and your comment is really unnecessary.

No. 449902

>We're trying to help more than hate
kek. not that anon and i'm not defending what they did, but who are you trying to fool? this is a petty, bitchy, nit-picky, gossip board. If you're here because you're trying to help people, you're in the wrong place. a "let's shit on Holly because she's whiny and draws bad" thread on lolcow.farm isn't going to help her with anything or listen to any reason.

No. 449907

Those are old, you dumb shit. Good on Holly for quitting.

I feel like she would have to do a rehaul of all her fundamentals knowledge if she wanted to go into porn and lewd art, unless she wants to care to a niche and lucrative crowd like bimbos in diapers or something. It's hard to draw erotic shit when every character doesn't even feel like they're occupying a 3D space in her work. There's definitely artists who are good at using more abstracted/flatter styles to convey intimacy, but this isn't cutting it.

Honestly, though, considering how often she jumps career or skill trajectories, I wouldn't be surprised if she did try to look into drawing porn.

No. 449915

>how are his features white though?
Not that anon but maybe because of his face shape and nose? Also she did a 5 second "animation" of him saying "time to feed the turtles" in a redneck accent a year or two ago.

No. 450005


It’s not hard to google what a penis looks like, Holly….

No. 450012

At least learn how to sage before posting this edgy bullshit.

She did say she'd draw wonky cartoon porn for a living if she couldn't find a proper job after school.

No. 450061

anything can be diverse if you use the bucket tool

No. 450129

File: 1513977085234.png (1.03 MB, 1022x1030, Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 13.1…)

Girl needs to learn how to do a walk cycle first

No. 450136

File: 1513977579134.png (294.3 KB, 559x311, Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 10.5…)

Oh I actually didn't know his last name was Sanchez. But the reason why I think his features look white is because this character used to be white like this anon >
>>449915 said, here's some art from the high sketchbook tour from that era
It just rubs me the wrong way when I think about Holly, a white fugoshit texan girl, foaming at the mouth over her hispanic OC and then giving her black character, Princess, a snobby high maintenance personality and sort of bad mouthing her sometimes
Not saying white people cant draw or write POC but Holly is such a shit writer that I can't help but take a little offense at her attempts
w/ Princess I can see she gave her different features like the hair n lips, but her hacker character (w/ the long hair and acne) who's apparently POC is definitely the most ambiguous so far

No. 450227

Hispanics can be white-passing, it's not like he's meant to be black.

>different proportions in every frame
>that foot placement
Girl no. She desperately needs to pick up that William's book, it's only 30 bucks.

No. 450383

It's like his knees don't work and he walks by doing half circles.

No. 450388

File: 1513993954972.gif (1.15 MB, 448x336, 7EJG7zp.gif)

No. 450410

Can't believe I finally reached the end after reading these threads for so long.
As many did I discovered Holly over her "Anatomy Mistakes" video and at first found her really entertaining and hilarious. I have a few artist friends but never really watches YT art channels and it was refreshing to see someone talk normal and not in that high pitched cutie tone while drawing some sparkly magical girl OC. But Hollys act got bad real fast. There are so many videos in which she says "Well I don't care, but" and then proceeds to spend 20 minutes of her time explaining why she doesn't care but is also so much better. The entire zodiac video with the centaur was just "this yt collab team made a thing and didn't invite me, so I'm gonna make it myself and do it better". Like gurl. Really. Noone wants to hear that kinda shit. If you don't care about something don't make a dozen videos about it…
Never really liked her art that much but her vlogs are kinda relaxing to just have them playing in the background while I do something else. Her advise in those tutorial vids tho? As someone who is shitty at art and wants to get into the habit of drawing it's just really painful to watch. They're just half bad advice and half hating on other people. It gets real old real fast.

Sage bc I'm a newfag and I have no clue about anything

No. 450616

Hispanics CAN be white just like Americans and Canadians can. Never heard of Argentina?

No. 450625

This is true. I'm Argentinian and white AF. Most people don't even believe I'm Hispanic.

No. 450642

File: 1514010661548.jpg (203.16 KB, 1024x683, 19-cuban-students-havana-diver…)

ehh that's some tumblr shit right there, anon. she can't make a black character be snobby? because she's a white writer so her making PoC characters with negative personality traits is offensive?

>Hispanics can be white-passing
Actually Hispanics can be literally white, not just white-passing.. hispanic is not race, it's an umbrella term for people of all Spanish speaking countries, which can be either white majority (Argentina), indigenous majority (Peru), black majority (Dominican Republic), or mixed-race majority (almost all of them). Here's a picture of Cuban kids, white, mixed-race, and black.
SAGED sorry, sorry for ot.

No. 450683

wonder if she would ever make an asian character…. oh wait no she wouldn’t want anyone to be mistaken and think she’s a weeaboo now
I mean she’s stated her opinion on that shit and its kinda obvious she used to be a massive weeb but now shits on anything anime or manga, as seen on the same face syndrome vid

No. 450694

that's besides the point?
we were talking about how she made her white OC a brown OC, and kept the greek nose
white or white passing hispanics don't get THAT brown

its just a character design nitpick

No. 450741

File: 1514024420168.png (803.3 KB, 1062x1190, Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 02.1…)

Omg the dialogue scenes don't even follow…

No. 450744

she said in a video that she gave him a long face and hook nose as intentional unattractive features so that he would look more unique/stand out, and ranted about people making their Mary Sue characters too beautiful. I doubt she knows anything about ethnic features at all. Hershel is a non-white character with random "ugly features" thrown in for the purpose of making him look more unique.

No. 450766

Is he licking an ant eater's nose?

No. 450790

File: 1514034259617.png (250.21 KB, 589x579, sigh.PNG)

holly seriously needs to work on her fundamentals because she can't exaggerate for shit. How are you supposed to exaggerate what you don't know? Go and do some studies, not to show them off but to actually learn something

No. 450792


why isn't the shading of the pants matched up with the shirts?

No. 450803

I can't figure out what is she trying to achieve with these blunt shapes.

No. 450881

Holly doesn’t draw using confident lines. It just looks so amateur.

No. 450902

>confident lines
I still find it odd that for someone who sketches a lot she still makes so many lines, it boggles me.

No. 451047

I don’t understand the tall dude’s expression

No. 451093

File: 1514063539416.png (14.38 KB, 730x136, Capture.PNG)

her style already has qualities of "tumblr style" so idk what she means by this. also I hate her attitude of "hahaha guys im totally gonna piss these people off! how funny and edgy!"

No. 451101

File: 1514063835692.png (1.25 MB, 1060x780, Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 13.1…)

It's like Holly's twitter her own version of this website, except a lot more spelling mistakes and random rages. I honestly thought this was her video lol

No. 451103

>Hurr, gonna piss people off le epic troll xD
Holly, have you seen your art? You're in no position to make fun of art styles.

No. 451114


Is Holly "sticker the shit out of everything" Brown really complaining about people customizing their notebooks? Really?

No. 451231

Especially with the state of her old cintiq being riddled with stickers

No. 451238

Man, this drawing isn’t even that old and it’s much better to look at than what she’s putting out right now. It’s not like it’s a masterpiece or anything but… talk about depressing. :(

No. 451434

File: 1514097262746.png (527.85 KB, 624x453, IM.png)

she really needs to work on making the characters she draws look like. you know. what shes drawing?

No. 451439

File: 1514097981334.png (24.66 KB, 208x177, fucking why.png)

i feel like this is holly vision.
poor edit by me

No. 451510

Haven't seen this posted yet.
She says she wants to make one animatic every month next year, thinking it'll help her timing and framing.

I feel like this is something she should have learned drawing comics already, but guess not?

No. 451572


holy fuck, does she not know what dynamism is? the two characters look so fucking stiff and awkward. not to mention the jagged lines…

No. 451617

Why does he look like a thumb in Holly's drawing?

No. 451715

we got a christmas gift bois (in a form of holly sperging about her diy camera stand)

No. 451745

File: 1514148176021.png (56.88 KB, 656x354, 14 year olds are literally mor…)

her face just looks so blank, she seems so bored. it's almost like she has no passion for anything in life anymore, especially anything art-related.

No. 451752

Why can't she just say thanks but has to drop a little self-masturbatory jab in there?

I don't think she does, which would make sense if she's been as depressed as she's been hinting.

No. 451769

I find this rather ironic lol…

No. 451771

How does she not get a headache from editing her shaky vlogs… Also, I have never heard her burp before on camera, so that was fricken disgusting. I feel sick tbh
Storyboards these days are becoming more and more just animation. So maybe focusing on animating could help her cuz this girl can barely do a walk cycle or tbh anything.

No. 451778

I feel like doing animatics is her way of cheating herself out of actually having to fully animate anything.

No. 451881

I was so confused as to why a random arm appeared out of nowhere and pressed onto the guy's face.

Holly that's not how mirrors work. Do you want to know the easiest way to see if what you're doing is wrong? Do it yourself irl and FILM it, that may help because the arm is so off it's not even funny.

No. 451883

I heard the burp. Fucking disgusting.

No. 451897

I gagged when she burped. I've never heard such a disgusting burp in my life

No. 452006

rewatching the "art block response" video from holly. the whole "HURR YOU'RE NOT A REAL ARTIST IF YOU DON'T MAKE ART EVERYDAY" is bullshit. if people who dont make art everyday, but still make art, are still artists

No. 452064

I don't understand why she's constantly buying something new. I feel like she tweets about ordering new stuff online literally every day. No wonder her room is so cluttered when she keeps buying more and more useless shit…

No. 452118

Sorry for OT but i feel like this must be just a product of different parts of the industry because I actually don't know a single person that uses artstation. I guess it's like a TV animation industry thing that prefers tumblr, but then again that industry is a fucking mess.
God, the fact that Holly is like 20 and comparing her work to 14 year olds on youtube is honestly pretty pathetic. If you're trying to get a job and be taken seriously, comparing yourself to children that make animatics for fun is not the way to go.
she's always trying to talk about professionalism like she knows something but then pulls weird shit like this.

No. 452167

not the same anon, but artstation is mostly used for game art. all of my game art friends use it to post their illustrations, 3d models and environments, and so on.

but yeah, the animation industry (especially tv animation) does prefer tumblr and twitter. i even got an animation gig because of my art blog. i treat my blog like a portfolio, but it's a little more casual since i post wips on there.

No. 452246

File: 1514239625328.png (1.32 MB, 1044x1198, Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 14.0…)

Why does her characters always make faces like they're in disgust

No. 452292

Because they are aware how far from normal they look. They're disgusted with Holly.

No. 452408

File: 1514255521793.png (111.19 KB, 312x255, fixed.png)

her drawings look so much more normal when stretched horizontally/squashed vertically that comparing this edited one to that makes yours look edited

came here to post this so i had to post this shit instead

No. 452799

probably more achievable than her weight loss goals she's been talking about for years lmao

No. 453774

I don't know, it's one of the less repulsive things she's drawn. Probably because he doesn't have that long face/chin she gives to all of her characters. She should learn to draw hair, though.

No. 453999

File: 1514349245991.png (238.58 KB, 600x685, hollywhat.PNG)

I found Holly over her youtube channel and wasn't interested in her comic, but this thread made me read it and… Holly, what the fuck is that gnome?
I'm all about growth and getting better, but she edited all the early pages for the print version and THAT is supposed to be an improvement?! Who looks at that and thinks "Yep, that's the best I could do, my fans deserve this great piece of art"?

No. 454002

File: 1514349421238.png (94.34 KB, 484x322, hollywhat2.PNG)

Have fun trying to sit on these benches

No. 454055

holy crap, they look like lifeless creepy dolls with deformed proportions. I still can't believe she has an anatomy video when hers is atrocious.

No. 454058

she should just give up and do horror comics

No. 454111

It’s not even that hard to fix this but it’s obvious holly doesn’t care enough to learn from her mistakes

No. 454115

I don't think she actually fixed much of the actual art, it looked like she just re-did the lineart.

No. 455396

File: 1514498962105.jpg (23 KB, 583x127, Capture.JPG)

i dont understand what she's trying to say

No. 455411

tl;dr shes kinda homophobic and always thinks of one of the dudes in a m/m realtionship as a "woman", because she's ~not like other grils~

No. 455426

File: 1514500235930.png (1.77 MB, 1044x1110, Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 14.2…)


No. 455473

I kinda get what she's saying but she couldn't have said it in any dumber way.
The good female characters are out there, Holly.

No. 455480

>Stop calling me a fujoshi lol
>Proceeds to explain how much she loves gay shit because it seems "more natural"

You're a fucking fujoshi Holly

No. 455483

Are those even Japanese stationary items??? Because I KNOW I've seen them everywhere in the united states.
They're fucking clips, Holly. You see them everywhere.

No. 455598

File: 1514507114493.png (365.92 KB, 841x613, 6FB43bZ.png)

No. 455930

Stop being such a snowflake. Someone who appreciates gay people, even if in a way considered bad by tumblr, is not homophobic. Maybe you could say she fetishizes them, maybe. But calling people who are not against homosexuality homophobic is just being retarded.

No. 455972


then why does damien look like a girl holly? jesus

No. 455985

lol anybody else remember her saying in a vlog that shes bisexual, but could never see herself dating a girl rl unless she was 10/10
she also mentioned in another vlog how she convinced her mom she wasn't gay b/c she spends all day drawing men

? how can you have so much self awareness but also not ?

No. 455989

her favorite girl character is also her self insert kek

No. 456078

How the fuck did she not grow out of that middle school 'I'M DIFFERENT THAN OTHER GIRLS' mentality?? She's giving me serious flashbacks of myself at 12.

No. 456080

I could've sworn she said she was gay tho

No. 456084

lmao, she's saying she can't relate to any female characters, so she relates better to gay characters. which means she doesn't see the gay characters as gay, but as "straight". you're still a fujoshi no matter how complicated you put it holly

No. 456105

>unless she was a 10/10
Rofl I can't help, but laugh at that

No. 456106

File: 1514537650067.png (1.49 MB, 1048x1006, Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 00.5…)

Her body is so twisted and it looks so uncomfortable

No. 456118

Holly get your fucking ass out of the clouds, we all know you’re a filthy fujoshi that designates hetero roles onto every gay guy you see.
She probably doesn’t consciously realise they she does it.
My friend used to be a massive one, it takes a second to realise how they only accept the.. ahem “uke” if they act incredibly feminine either in normal life or in sex and have barely any desire to put their dicks in things. They see them as a woman in a man’s body.
The only reason Holly relates to male characters all the time is BECAUSE ITS A MALE BODY. She isn’t comfortable with hetero relationships because it scares her, she probably hasn’t had many, if any, boyfriends and sees a hetero relationship as a struggle due to her experience in school.
Most fujoshis think that a gay relationship is different and more committed, they believe in the mentality that they can’t possibly fall out of love since they have a ~genuine~ spiritual connection (unlike the str8z)

No. 456141

File: 1514544720869.jpg (197.99 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

myb she said that once when she was on her heathers stick, yknow the musical version of mean girls
gay for the head heather, the regina george copy

but id sooner believe that pixie locks is actually bisexual than holly is

No. 456142

only filthy fujoshis would take part in top/bottom discourse for her own underage characters

No. 456145

Um, Heathers is a movie from the 80s

No. 456152

File: 1514547960105.jpeg (130.31 KB, 1144x738, 3E01DA48-2810-4C90-9493-38CE19…)


No. 456173

Nice try Holly, you're still a fuking Fujoshi. Granted, a lot of female characters are shittily written so I understand the frustration, but the only reason she "relates" to BL is because most of it puts one dude in the "female" role because it's just fetish shit by straight women for straight women and the gays are just more kawaii uwu.

Also this.

No. 456282

No. 456296

I remember her saying she was gay on twitter before she purged her tweets the first time. Funny how she draws her self insert thirsting for dick.
Lets be real, Someone just likes "bottom" character stereotypes

No. 456817

File: 1514614466835.png (1.82 MB, 1072x1176, Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 22.1…)

So she has done life drawing, but still can't draw to save her life

No. 456822

How would online life drawing even work? Don't you need to be there in person to get a better perspective rather than photos?

No. 457043

Can someone tell me what " I must be becoming a junior" means? Like, I've been staring at the sentence for the past 5 mins and I still don't understand her grammar kek. Also I agree with you anon, online pictures are flat and you can't really understand form and perspective properly unless it's irl.

No. 457327

it seems like she's just checking off these classes on her own instead of sitting down with a counselor and talking about what classes she needs to take/where she is in her academic career

>a lot of these classes are different names and I'm sure I've done a few more so idk

what does this even mean? Are they concurrently listed? Did they change the course listing after she's taken them?
All things a school counselor would be able to answer

No. 457401

Looks like she hasn't taken Communications + Critical thinking yet kek

makes sense

No. 457574

No offense to online schools, but I think Holly would do better at on campus school. Also, she'd be less confused with what year she's actually in and what classes she needs to take by going to a counselor in person. Is she taking online school because this school is easier to get a degree than actually rather learning to prepare for the industry?

No. 457645

I remember her saying in an old video that she was only completing this degree (or go on to further education) as it covers medical insurance. I'm definitely certain I'll try and find the video, plus she said she stopped going to campus because "I was depressed and literally wanted to kill myself". It seems like her whole art career has just been misery as she says that she's still depressed. That being said I do think she's talented in the product design making of things, if she went into graphic design she would be p good.

No. 457666

That's pretty sad tbh. I quit College bc I got too depressed. Today I have no fun with my old hobbies. It's impressive that Holly is working so hard if she suffers so much under her mental illness. But if she might feel the way I do and is just working without having fun… Well it would explain why her art lacks the heart and soul you can see in her old sketchbooks.

No. 457699

File: 1514693125107.jpg (17.87 KB, 584x96, 0.JPG)

her art is losing that passion she once had and is diminishing to a sloppy, ugly, mediocre style. This style allows her to pump out so much art because it's simple but lacks passion, thought, or skill. Instead of learning how to get better she keeps jumping mediums to fill that void of not being satisfied with her work. i wonder how many more expensive devices or tablets shes gonna get after shes done with the brush pens

No. 458963

File: 1514832715371.png (1.12 MB, 1132x914, Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 10.5…)

wow…what happened. Not saying these are the best, but it's better than what she's creating right now despite the large ears.

No. 459049

I wish that she would go back to this. While I agree it's not the best, it is cute and has some feeling to it. She definitely could have made the style work if she spent some more time working with it.

No. 459116

This style has so much more expression, the one she's working with now lacks any character or fluidity.

No. 459144

Honestly, putting aside the fact that she acts like a prick on social media I feel bad for her. She lives in a dump of a bedroom, always talks about how fat/unkempt she looks in her vlogs, and does a shitton of mediocre art that she talks big about, but doesn't seem to actually like either.

Also how fucked is your approach to your education if you don't know which classes you've taken? At least write that shit down somewhere.

No. 459150

idk what you are all talking about this is horrid. it's been how many years and i honestly don't see much difference in her stuff at all. same wonky anatomy, same wonky coloring. atp i feel like she needs to change her attitude in general and fix herself before she's going to see any improvement in any aspect of her life.

No. 459181

well yeah, it's clearly not the best pieces, but it looks better to look at than the jay leno crew and their same faced expressions. It's kind of sad that she regressed in her art…Was her attitude the same back then? I dunno cuz I recently just found her after the "anatomy mistakes that young artists make" video went "viral"

No. 459183

File: 1514852238506.png (60.66 KB, 1178x272, Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 16.1…)

Either she's deleting or something is going on

No. 459195


Nah my money's on her having some old uploads from someone else, and she wants to be super special by uploading them. Probably a way to buy time and still keep her upload schedule consistent while she works to scrape decent video content out of her bog ditch of terrible art.

Also, no, Holly, it's not. If the person deleted, they didn't want their work on the internet and you, as the morally-conscious person you apparently are, should respect that or whatever. (Or at least pretend to respect others in order to save your brand.)

No. 459309

shit, kasey is a nice artist and has a good pg actitude, i hope she doesnt burn out thanks to mrs stick figure over here

No. 459320

she sure loves drawing dog dicks lmao

No. 459376

Not exactly my cup of tea on the art, but way nicer looking than Holly's and Baylee's. I kind of hope she doesn't burn out as well, because I feel like these people are sketching just for the sake of the challenge and instead of for the pure joy of sketching/learning. (i hope that makes sense) Kind of a waste of paper, tbh…But each to their own! Just my opinion.

No. 459381

I know what you're talking about, that challenge just seems like a recipe for burn out.

No. 459560

I'm a bit disappointed, this is such a stupid challenge. She even said herself that it's a rushed challenge and doesn't really teach you anything. If you want to build a habit you could just get a regular sketchbook and fill it in a month. I don't see any benefit to doing this except for the views.

No. 460463

File: 1514973206244.png (73.36 KB, 1140x324, Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 01.5…)

LOL, but where's the difference from now and her past artwork? There hasn't been much improvement. Oh my god, this is hilarious

No. 460464

File: 1514973242605.png (141.13 KB, 1196x592, Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 01.5…)

This method is obviously not working for her

No. 460465

File: 1514973307795.png (834.34 KB, 1162x856, Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 01.5…)

What the hell are these for..? I hope it's not another sticker sheet

No. 460475


the face on that dog/wolf/giant rat is tragic

No. 460487

fuck those are horrible. look at them!? that thing sitting in that gigantic chair?! everything is so off, no perspective is right. all the same fucking face and are there two fucking characters with half their face hidden by toothpaste hair!? wtf holly, you suck at everything

No. 460495

Eh they are not that bad. The long haired guy looks like styx kek

No. 460500

These look better than her usual shit, probably cause it's smaller? The characters though, they're as interesting as cold instant coffee on a thursday morning.

No. 460501

Not the worst she has drawn. She should pretty much stick to this style instead of attempting at realism. Although the balancing issues and all the wobbly skewiness are still blatantly obvious. If she only had that one private tutoring class from someone who could tell her the truth, and she'd listen. If only. But despite her insecurity, Holly feels she can't listen to any criticism or change the way she draws. She has a horribly fixed mindset.

No. 460505

>"People who claim that you actually have to process what you're drawing to improve are just over-analyzing things"
Does she not know how to use her brain? There's definitely a difference between an analytical and more intuitive approach to drawing, but if you have drawn something more than a thousand times and it still looks wonky then maybe your approach is flawed.

No. 460506

I think at this small scale/style her errors and fixed bad habits (like the bad boobs) are more easily confused with being a naif style so yeah if she stuck with this she might do better

No. 460815

File: 1515012176382.png (1.63 MB, 1146x1220, Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 12.4…)

When Holly is still an asshole towards people who give her free stuff.

No. 461575

Feel bad, the packaging is kinda cute and it's f r e e, Holly is so unprofessional sometimes I swear to God.

No. 461659

At least try it before you make fun of it lmao

No. 461921

New video.

Gotta love how she tells you exactly nothing about the shit she reviews.

No. 462031


>Shows the stock photo because "lol it doesn't fucking matter" and it's too large for her greenscreen

>"Companies just won't stop sending me things u guise lol idk why"
>"This video was so hard to film because it's briiight"
>Says the product name wrong numerous times
>Talks about going back to inking. "What is there to be bad at? It's inking."
>Explains what a lightbox is in a really convoluted way
>"Is it good? Iunno. It's ok."
>Recommends another product
>Gives some general advice on buying a lightbox
>Conclusion "It's alright, not the best."

She's so unprofessional, Jesus Christ almighty.

No. 462042

imagine holly in retail urgh

No. 462092

Jfc, I'd never go back to that store with her type of attitude.

No. 462093

File: 1515110641970.png (845.11 KB, 1144x1178, Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 16.0…)

The chins almost gone, but that hair. All the hair she draws look like noodles!

No. 462543

Everything is so flat looking…

No. 462627

It is a shame that companies send her good products that I’m sure many grateful artists would love to have.
Gotta make that cash I guess

No. 462683

I think the reps don't really review the channels that well because I don't know why they would keep sending her stuff with the way she does her "reviews", unless they literally don't give a shit and just want some eyes on the product.

No. 462849

Not to mention her piss-poor attitude. This bitch don't like anything. It's insufferable.

No. 462861

File: 1515186935831.png (1.9 MB, 1096x1164, Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 13.1…)

What a hypocrite lol. She bashes others for sticking a lot of stuff on their front covers and she does the same

No. 462862

File: 1515187009634.png (55.3 KB, 1176x212, Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 13.1…)

Ok, Holly.

No. 462929

Lol, like her "Anatomy mistakes young artists make" video?

Her lack of self-awareness is astounding, or maybe she just hates herself so much that she can't help but bash anyone who does the exact same shit she does.

No. 463157

what's the theme for these covers? Where's the organization? how do these all tie in? This looks so messy without an ounce of aesthetic appeal

No. 463158

File: 1515206396589.png (45.85 KB, 179x234, 1509990687725.png)

Her complete lack of self awareness, is so bizarre
Also those sketchbook covers are painful to look at, she has some shit taste

>I dig that hank hill one tho

No. 463268

it's so painfully obvious in things like this and those horrible super-close benches in that purgatory panel that she doesn't think in 3d whatsoever. she's totally stuck making flat representations of complex shapes she can't understand. she barely understands perspective enough to attempt depth, look at where the two front-facing dudes' bodies join, how do those limbs stack?

it's just honestly impressive that she's been doing art for so long and hasn't hit this realization even by pure chance. it's just natural artistic development. it's nothing new to stay she's stunted but just… damn, the effort is truly nonexistent.

No. 463329

File: 1515223111621.png (766.04 KB, 1100x748, Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 23.1…)

The second one is the one with no floof btw…I honestly see no difference except that the first one is more scratchy looking

No. 463330

File: 1515223208157.png (510.75 KB, 1142x1074, Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 23.1…)

>I feel like my art has gotten better
The body proportions and how they're attached makes no sense at all… It just looks so uncomfortable to look at

No. 463336

All the limbs look like noodles with bones as non-existent

No. 463337


Where the dude on the bottom's arm go, tho? where???

No. 463339


The top guy kinda looks like every bone in his body is broken. The top half looks like someone's back with their arms behind them, the legs kinda look like arms but at bizarre lengths. Is he supposed to be sitting on the guy's chest or crotch?
Also the table is at the wrong angle. Vanishing point, look it up, we learned it at 15.

No. 463341

I have a theory about Youtube artists after reading the ot thread.
I think their entire artistic arsenal is comprised of "tips" they learned online. So their art is a collection of different techniques to try and make something look good.
They never learned how to actually draw and just went straight to using tips which are meant to spice up someone's art that was already good before they used the tips.
This is also why they insist on "educating" everyone with their "knowledge" as they are actually hugely inspired by tips, tricks and online "knowledge" rather than art itself.
Basically they took these tips the wrong way, as a fast track to being "good" while never recognising why a skilled artist is actually good.

No. 463360

She cannot see her work. It's like when you write a sentence that's gibberish because of a missing word, and you just can not notice because your eyes are expecting to see the word and your brain fills it in. That's how she draws. She must see something completely different to what it actually looks like to us.

No. 463362

The scarecrow thing on top is supposed to be a fucking man? It looks exactly like the blonde girl she draws.

No. 463376

>broken leg
>probken arms
>broken neck on bottom guy
>dislocated shoulders
>missing right legs on both of them

Are you…are you sure, Holly? Are you positive? Cause I'm not sure.

That's the thing though, Holly has some formal education, has taken figure drawing classes etc, for all intents and purposes she should have a solid foundation. She should at least be decent.

No. 463384

File: 1515236871572.png (61.17 KB, 1226x350, Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 03.0…)


No. 463649

Finally read through this, when I went to click links to her twitter they were all deleted. Like the animation WIPs, and videos. Does she lurk this thread and just delete whatever's posted here?

No. 463688

File: 1515275469593.jpg (159.78 KB, 1200x1004, DS4UfeNU8AEJliO.jpg)

This makes me feel so uncomfortable for some reason

No. 463691

Her color pallets have never really appealed to me, but this one is a whole other level of ew.

No. 463696

the whole thing is awkward

like, the guy on top could be kneeling on his arm instead of around it, because it doesn't seem like there's a lot of restraint going on there otherwise
yeah he's got one hand on the guys shoulder, but that's it??

No. 463699

Honestly what's the situation here, is he trying to rape him? That's the only way I can interpret this.

>"I'm not a Fujoshi guise!"

No. 463703

Yeah that's what I though too, the whole situation just looks like the green haired guy is about to rape/molest the other one but the way she drew it also feels like it's supposed to be funny? I don't fucking know.

No. 463706

File: 1515276487683.jpg (48.38 KB, 833x195, 000000000000000000000000000000…)

This comment was on Lemia's new video. Another example of her lacking self awareness.

No. 463792

I seriously disagree with her last point, just because someone doesn't spoon-feed you how to fix your mistakes doesn't mean they're not there or worth working on.

Rape is cute and funny when it's gay, duh.

No. 463816

She just posted her animations. 1st one isn't too bad, the rest….

No. 463821

lmao is she giving up on animating already?

No. 463823

the green hair guy reminds me of grell from black butler, a favourite among fujoshits

No. 463828

File: 1515285806017.png (23.62 KB, 666x182, girl.png)

Honestly, I love to talk about Holly's shitty character designs and attitude but her caption makes me worry for her. She seems to be losing grip on her life more and more as her art keeps deteriorating.

No. 463833

I don't like her, I think she's mean spirited and gives shitty advice to impressionable teens/kids, but it is kinda sad to see someone dislike their craft the degree she does. Like the other anons mentioned, quitting going to school in person wasn't a smart move, I think the majority of her emotional problems might stem from not going outside enough, talking with people and learning to make friends in irl. Just a thought though, I only recently found this thread.

No. 463838

Oh my god, not even five seconds in and I am howling at those GODDAMN LIPS fucking flapping around all over the place. What the hell lmao.

No. 463866

As an art student, I have never heard any of my peers say that they went to art school just to justify themselves. I'm sure there are people like this, but so far I've never heard of it unless they were being sarcastic

No. 463868

Lol the first one. The hair is moving on its own! The second last one was confusing

No. 463871

Does Holly even have any irl friends. Girl needs to go out to coffee shops and draw from life and see how humans actually work and MAYBE just maybe might help with her shitty drawings.

No. 463874

>Does Holly even have any irl friends
I believe she said at some point that she doesn't, dunno if it was supposed to be a joke or not. I'm not too sure if she even talks to her online friends anymore.

No. 463939

Man this is getting sadder and sadder. One minute I read her comment about critique and think "bitch what, you got plenty of good critique with solutions and just ignore it" and the next minute she's talking about self harming. Lot going on here.

No. 463973

She needs to get some help and take a break from art. Sakuems took a break, addressed her problems, and is doing much better as a whole. Idk, I'm actually kinda worried about her doing something to herself.

No. 464001

File: 1515307773133.png (1.75 MB, 1184x1242, Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 22.4…)

Such detached chin. Am I the only one who thinks he looks hecka creepy

No. 464008

File: 1515308583223.png (461.81 KB, 520x797, QCkffD0.jpg.png)

literally the Am Denny guy

No. 464011

She thinks buying midori planners/more products will improve her art.
Honestly she's too miserable for me to follow or even listen to anymore and I think after a week in to 2018, after having been subscribed to her for about a year now, I'm ready to just leave her in 2017. She's not really doing me any favors as an artist, listening to her go on about how miserable she is. Either she gets help for it or she doesn't but I'm not going to stick around to watch a trainwreck, tempting though it may be.

No. 464037

I think her being so reclusive is just making everything worse. She definitely shouldn't have dropped on campus art school; she shouldn't stay isolated inside her house that she claims to hate. It's making everything worse. She needs to go out and see people. I know it made my depression better to stop reclusing from everyone and go out and just be around people. If she has the resources to see a therapist to help her she needs to go because being so focused on trying to stop the negativity leaves very little energy for anything else.

No. 464123

File: 1515330155545.png (18.17 KB, 601x201, 2018-01-07_140122.png)

If she does she never mentions them, she comments more on other artists' videos lately but she doesn't seem to be actually friends with many of them.

I do think she's very isolated, she never even seems to go outside. That's pure poison if you have a MI.

In other news, Holly thinks fine artists are lazy because quantity > quality.

No. 464128

Holy shit, her attitude. She literally sounds like a 12 year going
> I can make more drawings faster than you can, haha!
gag. Her mentality is so out of it. Has she ever considered the size of those paintings? I've seen fine arts people paint on canvas' bigger than them, like wtf.

No. 464180

She should look into comic/art clubs/centres near her. She would get irl people to talk to about things she's interested in, and maybe get some connections. Or she could try to form a drawing meet up somewhere like a cafe or a park - she must have some subscribers that live near? I know that having mental issues makes these things hard, but her issues aren't going to get better if she doesn't try. Meeting other artists once or twice a month could be relaxing for her if they drew something fun together and didn't even try to make a finished piece to post online.

No. 464240

i might be too harsh by saying this but. cry me a fucking river. sorry holly but shitting out half-assed work isn't being a "hard worker" and you jumping from one thing to another without ever really properly learning the ropes is only your fault. stop avoiding what literally everyone is saying about your art, sit down, and study for gods sake. don't brush it off saying "it's MUH STYLE", then maybe you'll learn something. until i see her actually taking critiques and focusing on her problems, i won't feel bad for her.

anatomy is so fucked it's uncanny valley at this point. jesus holly calm down and edit for once.

No. 464368

She highlighted some pages of her sketchbook on Instagram captioning them like “cartoons are harder than realism”. I don’t know why she keeps doing this. I mean, yes it can be true but it’s only because successful cartoon stylisation require a huge grasp on anatomy and hVinh a certain flow and harmony. She acts and talks like she’s great at realism when everything I see is a mediocre copy that’s obviously rushed.
Stop thinking you know shit, because you seriously don’t. Be fcking humble and start again from the basics. Realism is “easier” for you because you don’t even try to understand, you just blindly do your assignment to shut everybody up without even trying to learn from it.

No. 464371

Her arrogance is what's keeping her from seeking help. I think one of the anons had mentioned that she posted something about how she's too good to see a therapist (I could be wrong, pls correct me if I phrased it wrong). She more than likely won't go looking for help until she hits rock bottom based off of her personality.

No. 464488

File: 1515366085690.png (1.4 MB, 1142x1196, Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 14.5…)

Still looks and makes more sense than her last drawing with those limpy noodles

No. 464489

File: 1515366168316.png (579.04 KB, 1174x734, Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 15.0…)

Why does this sound familiar. I wonder…

No. 464505


Lmao even I sit like that sometimes. It's fucking comfy.

Also Devilman Crybaby is super fucking stylized and better than her idea of anatomy.

I hope she spergs about this take on Devilman more bc her expecting this to be as tame as the old one is amazing.

No. 464522

File: 1515368689360.png (196.3 KB, 1226x820, Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 15.4…)

No. 464564

God fuck off, Holly.

No. 464768

File: 1515388087423.png (816.62 KB, 1186x746, Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 21.0…)

No. 464806

every single thing she's complaining about here is absolutely the most insanely hypocritical bullshit she's ever spat from her disgusting mouth and that's the fucking tea ladies. i haven't even watched devilman crybaby yet and i'm incensed.

No. 464821

It actually looks way better w thin lines wtf. either way she's never really been consistent about line weight, has she?

No. 464951

I’m not defending Holly but honestly I agree with her, crybaby has great character design but the animation is just… ugh. I don’t see the appeal of this kind of animation, the running cycle of all the characters is horrendous. It’s just flat and lifeless
But I disagree with her, I thought the story and characters were well done

No. 465008

Wait, she drew the wrong shirt? How does one manage? From what it sounds she has been drawing comics for a while if not a long time. Kind of weird mistake for someone who practices comic often.

No. 465030

>Complaining about bs poses
>Complaining about sexualising teenage relationships

It'd be hilarious if it wasn't so god damn sad.

No. 465186

I know it's already been said, but she's such a hypocrite. Devilman Crybaby is ~obnoxiously edgy~ but her comic, which has a teenager be consistently physically/sexually assaulted by his teacher, isn't? Just some self-awareness would be nice, Holly.

No. 465401

even this thread is kinda depressing for me to be in tbh… holly is just such a negative cloud

No. 465725

File: 1515474933244.png (102.51 KB, 1196x460, Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 21.1…)

Funny how she retweets this and never actually does it for herself

No. 465808

Wait how come she retweeted that, isn’t it basically saying the opposite of what she claims to be her learning route? Didn’t she claim that analysing and studying things were just over complicating something otherwise easy like reiteration?

No. 465814

jfc, Holly really has no credibility

No. 465853

File: 1515491188710.png (1.55 MB, 1164x1214, Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 01.4…)

I really dont understand this girl. She's able to draw like this and does it a lot, but her no referenced drawings are all shitty. Literally not learning anything from these assignments because she's rushing to finish everything. What she at school for

No. 465907

They both look like traced exercises for blue studies. Even her “pencil” is different from how she basically puts lines on paper. Also the first image look like a printed copy to which she scribbled on major outlines and values she then traced on the second pic. I don’t know, they are evidently both pencil works, you can see it by how the graphite shines on the first picture, look at the neck.

Saged for nitpicking

No. 465926

>graphite shining on the first picture
I have a feeling that she outlined the artwork on the left with graphite and did a transfer technique on tracing paper and then again on the paper on the right. Look closely on the shaded pencil lines on the face and compare it to the graphite lines on the left (ignore the red parts of course).

No. 465935

i think you are correct, anon, the wiggly line in the left side of the hair is exactly the same in both of them. maybe i am not giving holly enough credit but that seems rather hard to replicate freehand.

No. 465965


sorry anon but those are terrible

No. 466062

if you have even a basic highschool art class tier understanding of art fundamentals, these are still fucking awful

No. 466097


The character design of that green-haired guy seriously makes me cringe. He has black/brown skin but doesn't have any black features for the rest whatsoever, like what race is he even supposed to be? And the dark green hair makes it even worse, it just doesn't work for me.

No. 466185

OT but I really think she needs to take a break, from at least her millions of projects and maybe do different things IRL with the money she makes.

I think it's terrible advice (coming from her) to do a different art thing just because you don't feel like doing one type art that day, when she seems to force herself to do another thing she's got a passing interest in.

Instead of machine gunning art out without any real study or practice or focus, she could be focusing in on her coursework to actually improve.

If she's really that depressed and her personal projects don't bring her joy, she'll get no joy in trying to push through making them ,no matter what medium she decides to fart around with on any given day. She lacks focus and discipline.

"if you don't want to do any of that, then I don't think you want to be doing art for a living"

She doesn't know shit, and if she did, she wouldn't be giving out this kind of advice.Especially not to impressionable people.

No. 466302

Yeah, I wasn't sure if it was traced or not, so I didn't say anything. I hope the teacher notices that she traced (if she's not supposed to)because god, she's so lazy.
You're supposed to be learning, Holly!!

No. 466307

File: 1515534731329.png (1.41 MB, 1192x1170, Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 13.5…)

No, why. She doesn't even take her own advice. Fucking hypocrite, I tell you.

No. 466370


Honestly therapy or getting better mentally won't even help if there's nothing in your life to make it worth getting better for. It's a deep hole, and ime not one worth getting out of.

I wish she'd stayed at an on campus school too. Even without friends, it's still leagues better than isolation was. At least you have your teachers and classmates to see regularly.

No. 466395

I'm not laughing or cringing at Holly anymore. This is just getting depressing and sad. I feel sorry for her. I hope she can become happy with her life.

Sage for white knight.

No. 466399

(aside from being traced) what is wrong with them? They look fine to me. Wondering because I am an aspiring artist.

No. 466503

Her versions not paying attention to how the shadows actually work and she's just copying whats darker/lighter without thinking why. Theres no subtlety. Shes ignoring how core shadows and cast shadows work and you can see this most comparing the cheek and side the nose on the original and her copy. If she didnt just trace actually studying would be valuable to learn how to treat shadow. Look up core shadow to learn more for your own art.
+her mark making is super sloppy and ignores the actual form of the object. The pencil marks should depict the turning of the forms in space. She just scribbles to get it over with.

No. 466504

File: 1515547898678.png (380.18 KB, 1186x740, Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 17.3…)

I feel bad for her OCs….

No. 466507

I don't understand how his hair works. They're like popping out of nowhere with a mind of their own. And also this looks flat af.

No. 466508


No. 466531

File: 1515593330545.jpg (50.43 KB, 736x1104, 098882aa8ca309020ebeb656d5338f…)

Look at the planes of the face - the chin stands out to me in particular, and the nose as well. It shows a lack of understanding of the form. It's the same issue as always with her just drawing as quickly as possible without thinking about what she's doing.

No. 466555

Only a few tweets ago Holly was complaining about how YouTube is filled with 'art tips' and no real learning… Then she does this, honestly I thinks she's a master troll at this point lol.

No. 466576

Haven't been paying attention to this thread much recently but the recent stuff she posted under her animation dump was depressing. I know this has been brought up before but I'm pretty sure she has ADHD, Aspergers, or another spectrum disorder. It's pretty obvious she has learning difficulties either way because its hard for us to even comprehend what's going on in her head sometimes.

I've recently been referred to a specialist about it myself, and it's spooky the similarities I share with her. Her impulsive buying, her impulsive videos based whatever she's seen most recently, her periods of hyper focus followed by boredom and project switching.

It may be possible that this is the reason she can't study for shit. Like she sits down to try something and is actually physically incapable of making her brain do it.

Sorry if this is too much white knighty, but spectrum disorders can really fuck you up. I have a million coping mechs and am high functioning, but here I am spearing on lolcow instead of doing my art. It can take me hours to convince my brain to work, and it so frusterating.

Anyways, since Holly does read here, go get tested. You aren't going to figure out anything if your brain is fucked and you aren't aware of it.

No. 466594

god damnit no. You, and Holly and me, are LAZY. There is nothing 'wrong with your brain'. Do not take medication. Those symptoms are exactly those of LAZINESS. That's why we act like that. We don't work because we don't really want to work. We only tell ourselves that we want the outcome of doing the work but really deep down we don't want it enough.

No. 466634

Okay, good to know all the research on ADHD and spectrum disorders. All those brain scans must be fake. Glad to have someone set the record straight. Let me just will away my dyslexia too while I'm at it. But maybe you're to lazy to do the research.

Sage for ot I'll chill off further derailing.

No. 466641

While I agree that Holly could have a spectrum disorder I feel like a lot of Holly's art related problems developed after her rise to fame. Much of Holly's earlier work showed potential for her age and Holly seemed willing to devote time to learning her craft. Unfortunately, since the internet fame hit, Holly has stopped trying to actually improve and instead just spits out as much work as she can in order to keep her viewers entertained.

No. 466660

Yeah, I'm not saying it's for sure the reason. But she's always looking for shortcuts instead of putting in effort. I just feel like if you're so stressed about not being able to pick a project that you're joking about suicide…like maybe its time to consider your laziness isn't something you can overcome alone.

Fuck her ego though, the fact she's up her own ass about her skills drives me crazy. Her recent video reminded me of why I can't stand her.

No. 466699

Fuck off anon, not even here to wk Holly but there are numerous disorders that can impact your brain and make you unable to focus no matter what.
I don't know if she's on the spectrum but Holly's lack of focus and her impulse buying could also be a result of her depression, depression fucks with your brain way more than people seem to know. It seems like she's trying to find whatever is easiest and least stressful but there's no such thing, everything art-related requires hard work.

No. 466731

I guess my point is not to dismiss those disorders so much as to say you can easily be that ineffective without disorders. Just bad habits. But now that you mention it, depression would be the most obvious suspect

No. 466815

I'd def say that her depression is part of it. I just know she did a test a while back for autism and scored really high for the possibility (a test her mom got her to try because she works with special needs kids). Holly went on to say that she thinks its because every artist is on the spectrum.

Buuuut none of my art friends got even close to her score. That and watching her doing school assignments (math and history) just makes me think she should (at the very least) see someone about it.

No. 466819

Also part of it is her massive ego, she won't admit that she has a problem and needs to seek out help. She just bitches but doesn't take action.

No. 466829

I feel like as long as she doesn't get serious about getting help she'll just keep spiraling, at least with depression it's quite easy to get help these days. He also seems to have maintained a massive ego somehow, which just blindsides her.

And not to blog, but ngl as someone with severe depression who's probably on the spectrum (I highly suspect it but idk how to get tested), I see many similarities between Holly's behaviors and things I've experienced while I was at my worst including her shopping habits and constant flip-flopping between projects, it seems to make a lot of sense.

No. 466830

Maybe it's a cry for help?

No. 466831

Maybe she thinks that she doesn't deserve happiness idk, hope she gets help.

No. 466838

Same anon, I don't like her but I think the majority of her shit attitude is linked back to her being super depressed. But also, she needs to take action to get help and to want to get better. I feel like people have mentioned this before, but as someone who was in the pit once, you have to put forth the effort to get help. Idk, it's sad watching this happen to someone, but some of it is her own doing.

No. 466849

File: 1515622811531.png (863.42 KB, 1434x486, Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 14.1…)

I think it's great that she's part of something and hopefully she interacts with them. But going onto the art side it just looks so bad compared with other people's…Aesthetically wise.. I really hope she doesn't shit talk about those people.

No. 466880

Imo it's not the best, but it's also not the worst. I'm kind of surprised she participated considering how often she talks shit about other comic artists.

No. 466971

that does look better
the mouths still make no sense

No. 466985

Does she ever say what school she goes to? This is the anon who met her,while I was at work.
I want to take a class with her to observe her

No. 466986

She takes online classes.

No. 466992


I see it now!! It seems obvious, now that you both have pointed it out. Thanks!

No. 466993


I am autistic myself as well and now that you bring it up, I could see this being true for her. Autism is often missed in females because we can have different symptoms. She might be coming off as weird to others or feel like a failure at things and not even know why. I felt like I was a broken piece of shit before diagnosis, because I was bad at everything and couldn't handle things "for no reason". Now that I know why things go wrong, I'm able to do more and plan better.

No. 467022

lmao how am I not surprised most posters ITT are autistic

No. 467031

Honestly I think she just does these studies for clout to say that she's better than other people and not to actually learn anything

No. 467352

>sashimi is tuna, guise
And there I thought it was a certain cut for raw fish in general…
>if you put vinegar you kill germs and don’t die
Like sure it’s vinegar, it’s not like people need to chill blast all of the fish just to prevent germs and diseases. At least everywhere it’s basically something you NEED to do or you could be sued. But yes it’s the vinegar for sure.
>this salad is only 300 calories covers it in sauces
Between this, still drinking soda and thinking the thing that hurts in pasta is the pasta itself, it’s no wonder she’s not making progresses with her diet.
Before you say anything: carbs CAN be good for you and in most pre made sauces the calories and amount of fat are so insanely massive that blaming the carbs is just ridiculous.
>traced bust confirmed
> doesn’t even know her own computer
I personally researched for months before buying my Mac and I picked the model that had expandable ram on purpose. For what she does a 4K is useless. The model I got costed less and was More practical. That’s why you think about stuff for real before investing that much money.
>can’t spend 300 bucks on ram, decides to still waste 100/200 on a stand.
I don’t know it looks like money are burning her pockets or something. She could have avoided expenses entirely at this point but decided to spend quite some monies On accessories.
>It’s my first time trying the midori, so I bought three two of which made of leather and I must say I don’t like them
Mh. I don’t know guys she’s just spending money for the sake of doing it, at this point. Covers for midoris can be pricy af especially if they’re genuine leather.
I’ve been pondering a lot of grabbing one for myself, but since they’re not exactly cheap it would be just luxury. And, again. She got 3. And makes fun of those who uses multiple planners and stuff.

I don’t know why she always feel the need to be the one knowing everything and talking down and/or shit about everyone and everything.
Her whole “let me explain this to you” is so cringy because she doesn’t know what she is talking about half of the time (and I’m being good here).

No. 467370


It's not a fucking midori brand cover it's a regular traveler's notebook NOT made by "traveler's company". God she's misinforming people she doesn't even know wth she's talking about and all the kiddies are going to shell out for no reason just b/c she's got one.
She's such a product junkie, it's disgusting. they're probably going to be sat in a corner in less than three months collecting dust because she decided she didn't like it.
Howsabout actually fucking working on your art, Holly. You don't need fucking leather to do that.

No. 467392

I'm not one to overly nit pick but mrs 'educate yourself' just pronounced sashimi as shashimi and I am laughing. This fullbred fujoshi weeb cant even say sashimi.

No. 467394

6:45 for the Shashimi.wav

No. 467437

If she says “Yas Queen” one more Fucking time imma lose it

No. 467490

She said it right the other times, I think she's just shit at enunciating words.

No. 467538

File: 1515693847284.png (431.13 KB, 720x540, 57ED2A99-4FD3-4707-ADFF-568F2D…)

>the characters looked like they were older teens
They looked like Ghibli kids in the OVA.

No. 467569


sorry but - she reckons she can't draw straight hair because hers is curly? wtf

No. 467579

What is it with her and the hair? It boggles my mind that she think because she has curly hair that means she can't draw straight hair. Like, come on, you could if you would FREAKING PRACTICE. Sorry, didn't mean to spurg but this is just ridiculous.

No. 467740

For the same reasoning she shouldn’t be capable of drawing boys. Because you know? She’s a girl.

But she’s equally horrible at drawing both sexes, so…

No. 467746

A problem I've noticed with her people is that they all look the same to some degree. They all have the massive chins, the squinty eyes, and the fucked up expressions.

No. 467764

(I hope I'm linking this right, sorry I'm a newb)
Holly commented on this, saying, "YES! I'm very excited for more drawings from you. I don't really have any expectations from you but I love your animal drawings when you do them and I like to see that I guess"
This may just be me demonizing Holly, but it starts off nice and all but by the end it gives me the impression that Holly feels she's doing Khan such a great service by complimenting her, and that Holly has the idea that Khan is super appreciative and awestruck that Holly would complement her…. if you can call it a compliment, the "I guess" at the end really throws the whole thing off.

No. 467767

i fricking love khantaya! holly comments all the time on her videos.. she sounds like a damn bitch in this comment!

No. 467783


Yes, Holly tends to piggyback on other comment sections and the only thing she seems to excel in when being social is back-handed compliments.

No. 467784


You can delete and repost.

No. 467785

ngl, she sounds really bitchy in that comment

No. 467786


Samefagging, but Khan Taya's art is top tier, and I really love it. I feel like whenever Holly wants to approach another artist, she does it in a bitchy way or acts like they're close friends, which is why people hardly respond to her.

No. 467787

She's always commenting on other popular art youtubers like Baylee and Lemia. Idk, she either sounds like a moron or a bitch (or both).

No. 467788

same anon and her videos are so peaceful to watch too
sage for ot

No. 467789

Thank you!

This is the original post (I realize now this was kind of unnecessary at this point but at least I'm learning?):
I really like her art too, but I haven't seen Holly in the comments before… Is she usually like this?

No. 467790

she is a moron and a bitch

No. 467797

holly is so dumb, it hurts the brain to watch ugh

No. 467800

Honestly it sounds more like Holly just being her socially awkward self. I feel like Holly really does want to be friends with other popular artists but she just has no idea how to interact with other humans.

No. 467801

File: 1515711138751.png (1.06 MB, 1200x1026, Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 14.5…)

Some of the perspective on these bowls make no sense…

No. 467808

Her self inserts hands look weird. None of these poses feel natural.

No. 467842

her salad triggers me so badly.

raw fish needs to be treated properly, and even though vinegar is an ingredient in the process, i seriously doubt she did anything correctly.

>mispronounces poke


No. 467856

raw fish needs to be treated properly, and even though vinegar is an ingredient in the process, i seriously doubt she did anything correctly.

not to defend her but no it does not. it just needs to be fresh or flash frozen. there's no treating it. any sushi you get can make you sick.

No. 467874

actually, yes. fish, especially "fresh" fish does need to be treated properly in order to be eaten raw. It's supposed to be salted and then left in vinegar so that the worms and parasites in the fish meat come out.

sage for fish

No. 467922

lol no you're plain wrong. stupid americans think they know everything. that's why they eat wasabi with it, to kill bacteria, you literally are supposed to use fresh fish and that's it, look it up.

No. 467927

samefag, read this you fucking retard.


also, you freeze the fish to kill any parasites, vinegar and salt wouldn't cause bacteria to come out just die. you're fucking insane, reaching this hard to hate on holly.

No. 467937

File: 1515723176515.jpg (123.13 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault[1].jpg)

NTA, but do you mean to tell me that you believe all sushi fish is salted and vinegared beforehand?

No. 467938

different anon but you can eat any meat, except pork, raw if its fresh

No. 467955

yep. they even have raw chicken sashimi. sorry for shitting up the thread but i hate stupid misinformation like that. we should shit on holly for real problems like >>467801

No. 467959


Weirdly enough this is the most flattering angle I've seen on the gideon knockoff

No. 467977

lmao what do you expect? this thread is full of autists

No. 467987

yea but sperging out over the right way to prepare something when you don't even know yourself is max cringy.

No. 467989

maybe anon is underage and her parents told her that to make her feel better

No. 468014




Proper fish preparation is supposed to happen before anyone eats sashimi, but it's rare nowadays because people like cutting corners or they don't learn the proper methods.

Although chicken sashimi is a growing fad, it hasn't been proven safe to eat at all. Just because people like putting shit into their bodies doesn't make it safe.

ITT i learned anons like eating trash because they don't know better

No. 468020

did you read your own article?
>people couldn't eat raw fish without salt and vinegar until 150 years ago
>stopped doing that because of refrigeration after ww2
>salted vinegared fish is literally called something else
>Seafood suitable for sushi can be prepared in three ways:
·sprinkled with salt and/or allowed to sit in vinegar for a while
·cooked by simmering or grilling.

god you should kill yourself out of the thread.

No. 468024

That's only if the fish is fresh enough which, knowing Holly, it isn't.

but have fun hosting worms

No. 468029

But you said >>467874 that fresh fish needs to be treated properly.

The article you linked actually takes away from your points.

you're a moron.

No. 468031

i assumed that anon in >>467856 meant "fresh" as in "grocery fresh" and not fresh in the sense that fifteen minutes ago it was still swimming in the ocean

No. 468034

please shut the hell up. no one eats all fish vinegared anymore, it's an old tradition. some fish is better like saba, but salmon and tuna no. you can but sushi fish at h-mart either flash frozen (which kills bacteria) or fresh caught for sushi. even if you caught your own fish and eat it that afternoon you have a chance of bacteria. now please stop misinformation about japanese food because you don't even know anything.(infighting)

No. 468037

Literally why are you arguing about this? You're wrong, even with your assumptions. Why do you even care? Take your vandetta for Holly somewhere else.

No. 468038

this is way off topic, stop it already.

No. 468039

>inb4 the newfag thinks I mispelled 'vandetta'

No. 468043

holy shit just because you guys don't mind eating sushihouse sashimi and getting worms doesn't mean everyone's ok with it but whatever

as i'm not carrying out my revenge in a van, i do think you meant vendetta(infighting)

No. 468045

How is it that Holly's art still loses perspective when she uses grids?

No. 468050


Because she's not paying attention to why she needs the grid.

No. 468053

vandetta-chan is an old meme. also you sound fucking nuts so shut the hell up.(infighting)

No. 468068

Holy shit why are you guys going off topic. Focus on Holly! Argue and make fun about Holly! And also, some of you guys need to sage.

No. 468083

Dudes keep the focus on Holly! There is plenty of shit to reee about, no one gives a shit about fucking fish and the potential worms she'll get from eating it wrong.

No. 468208

That, exactly. Much like with anatomy, she doesn’t understand the basics of the guidelines. She just put them because it makes her feel more professional but then goes her way and the results are wonky. The saddest part is that she picks really easy perspectives that could easily be done “by the eye” and still manages to fuck them so bad.

No. 468317

Lmao, I don't think she actually meant it that way, but "I don't really have any expectations from you" sounds like she doesn't expect anything good. She's really not very good at communication.

No. 468382


She's like this in her interactions with other artists as well. Tons of backhanded compliments and snark. It's like she thinks they're too stupid to notice.

No. 468601

File: 1515795292520.png (795.67 KB, 1218x652, Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 14.1…)

ew no

No. 468605

File: 1515795329664.png (1.38 MB, 1190x972, Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 14.1…)

WTF, base colors took 6 hours?? Holy crap, she's so slow

No. 468608

she thinks bucket tool/fill area shortcuts are cheating

No. 468664

favorite part is how not one of the character has stuff from the table on their plates. there's that cartoony ham and raw fish and one is eating fried chicken, the other a raw steak full of cartoony anger and the girls is eating some kind of white stuff, a sandwich and a sausage…? great storytelling holly

No. 468670

Sage for OT, but are Herschel and Holly's self-insert supposed to be romantically involved in this story? I know she's drawn porn that would give off the impression that it was her oc and Herschel, but I feel like she's given so little information that I can't really figure it out. I just think it would be somewhat odd to make a comic surround your self insert and make another vaguely attractive character the love interest for her.

No. 468678


It's hard to tell because she just draws them without any context, but like, they're all she draws, and people just recognize that they're her characters, but when it comes to who they actually are and their motivations, it's lost on folks.

Plus a lot of her characters look similar and sometimes I'm not sure if they're from Purgatory or not.

No. 468680


Lmao why is the girl holding 2 types of bread. And what are those hands on hat guy?

No. 468689

OML Look at the fat guy trying to hold the knife

No. 468691

dude she drew him holding the fork like a pencil!!

No. 468745

File: 1515803170324.jpg (16.03 KB, 430x319, 1514135481894.jpg)

Wtf is this dinner set up?
Why is there fish slapped next to the ham? Do people actually do that?
Where did these niggas get steak and fried chicken from when the way the set up is drawn looks like tgeres no more food past that bottle of wine? What the fuck????
That aside i actually agree with her, food is the only thing shes good at drawing.

No. 468900

She drew them on the wrong hands too, so uncultured hahaha

No. 468966


Wtf are you fucking serious? If so that's the dumbest shit I've ever heard

No. 469263

File: 1515881944234.png (782.03 KB, 1186x1212, Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 14.1…)

How do you even draw something so unappealing while even trying

No. 469264

File: 1515881984197.png (787.94 KB, 1178x1198, Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 14.1…)

I can't even tell where he's looking. Looks dead like how Baylee draws her characters

No. 469275


“am I like everyone on tumblr now?”

God what a miserable bitter bitch lmfao

No. 469278


>Draws a dark-skinned boy

>Gives him the exact same face shape and features as your white men, which are all incidentally very white-specific traits
>Diversity achieved

No. 469307

That's some fucked up anatomy, she seems to be putting less and less effort into these.

Needs red noses to be full tumblr, though.

No. 469357

FFS Holly, you don't need a flatter. Just do better inks and you can use the wand tool and fill bucket and it'll take a fraction of that time.

How does this dude even work, he's supposed to be black but is that supposed to be his real hair? He just looks like some generic white dude that she decided to color brown.

No. 469360

Holy shit. I didnt look closely at the op post so i thought you guys were talking about hamlet machine and i was so confused hahaha

No. 469362

Those teeth have got to stop.

No. 469456

Wtf is that ruddy shit on his face? Pimples?

No. 469479

Tbh, I thought they were like bumps because he was part fish or something

No. 469567

File: 1515903400909.png (61.16 KB, 1196x268, Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 20.1…)

If she's aware of the those long ass chins, then why keep em????

No. 469569

File: 1515903414420.png (114.19 KB, 1188x510, Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 20.1…)

Also, kek

No. 469574

File: 1515903716129.jpg (96.93 KB, 841x357, shoulderto.jpg)

No. 469583


NGL, the thinner lines do make it easier on the eyes.
Too bad the perspective and anatomy are still fucked.

No. 469588

The other lens would stick out the other side of the hair if if were the same size. This kind of physical logic mistake is so subconsciously jarring.

No. 469589

lmfao anyone here willingly enough want to apply for this? Whoever does get it, I hope she pays them a good amount especially just for putting up with her.

No. 469592

File: 1515904799108.png (1.08 MB, 1180x726, Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 20.3…)

I can see the resemblance in some of them..it's just that Holly can't execute it well enough without making it confusing.

No. 469668

Jc Holly needs to focus more on basic form before she attempts facial exaggeration

No. 469775

You can see the solid foundation in these expressions, Holly just draws a horse face and slaps on some features.

I wish an artfag farmer would kek, I wonder what she's like to work with. I bet most of the E-Mails she's got are from her 15-year-old fans who just want to get noticed.

No. 469847

complaining about being mentally unwell and thinking she can fix it with another burnout inducing challenge

No. 469857

I think this is actually a really sensible challenge for once, 30 minutes a day is a feasible amount of time to work on a comic.

But holy shit, that thing she complained about spending 6 hours on was her warm-up? What a waste of energy. Just go a colored sketch of the dude and get on with it.

No. 469946

File: 1515954607948.gif (1.29 MB, 245x210, 1513307925726.gif)

> paying someone 8$ to do something that took you 6 hours to do

No. 470026

First of all, 8$ a page is NOTHING, flatting a page can easily take a full day of work even using shortcuts depending on the style and the requirements for the flats (half shaded/gradiented/special effects, etc). Of course if you base your knowledge you will find those prices, holly. Professionals would say that flat colours STARTS at 25$ per page. I was considering apply because money is money but honestly 8$? Never accepted such a low paid job in my whole career in the industry. Even my first gigs were better paid than that.
It’s admirable that she’s willing to pay, but that’s just a 15 something fanboy job; you can’t ask for experienced people or shit like that with this kind of salary.
Also new vid in which she’s oh so professional oh the thumbnails are crucial oh god you can’t live without them. I wonder if she still has the “thumbnails sucks and if you use them you’re a loser” video still up.

Also her explaining flow and panelling is just so wrong it makes me want to scream.

No. 470069

has been said before but god, her tiny fuzzy scratchy lines look so bad and like she has started drawing last month

No. 470079

She waxes lyrical about how inking and line weight are important etc, yet she doesn't seem to have a scrap of confidence in her own lines judging by how scratchy and static they are.

No. 470080

>Makes a skillshare course about paneling and flow
>"I'm actually horrible at paneling and always reference Manga"
Now if that's not a vote of confidence for Skillshare, then I don't know.

I really question Holly's abilities at this point, how do you draw literally hundreds of comic pages but you still can't put together a simple panel layout? All her effort seems to just go into the void.

No. 470098

Drinking game that is 100% sure to kill even the most alcohol tolerant person:
Take a shot whenever Holly says "um" or "uh"

No. 470114

File: 1515966401344.png (1.16 MB, 1188x1234, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 13.4…)

More like he's worried about when he's gonna escape from Holly's hands.

No. 470134


That's WAY less than minimum wage, and at that point, you might as WELL be doing it yourself if you can't afford it. And I suspect she CAN afford it…
But $8? No. No self-respecting artist who knows their worth would ever take up an offer to flat a page for $8-$12 per page. I don't even price any of my own work that low.

The secret is to first get Better at it, Holly.

then you get FASTER.

Do. The Work.

No. 470139


No. 470147

I thought she was saying 8 dollars per an hour?

No. 470149

No. She definitely said "per page" at around 4:25 of the video.

No. 470155

Ok, maybe I just corrected it to something that actually made sense in my mind.

No. 470160

Holy crap…Even McDonalds doesn't pay that low. I don't understand her thinking. Like who the fuck cares about cheating with the bucket tool. It's not cheating, but more like an efficient way to work on something rather than wasting 6 HOURS on a filling in the base colors.

No. 470182

8 dollars for her work sounds quite reasonable. She's so careless one page probably takes 30 minutes for her to draw.

No. 470194

But she herself said that it took her six hours to do the flats. A professional flatter should/might be able to do it in 30-90 minutes pp, but then she should just hire one rather than enlist one of her fans.

No. 470258

I think Holly mentioned in a fairly recent vlog that she doesn't use the paint bucket tool because of the custom brush she uses to do her inks/lines (she said it didn't work or something). But, even if that's true and she isn't just being a snob, then why tf would she just not get a better brush? Her lines aren't even worth texturing now that they're so thin, it's just a waste of time…
And that was just the flats for one (albeit large) panel. Imagine having like several landscapes or tons of little objects on one page.
Not to mention how sloppy Holly's lineart is in general, it would drive me up the wall to have to figure out what's what with how she draws people holding objects.

No. 470653

Besides Holly thinking the bucket tool is cheating, I believe in her most recent art tips video her last tip is to not worry about closing your lines when inking because it can improve gesture according to her. If she really does this then it'd be a bitch for her to try to use the bucket tool anyway with all the gaps in the line art.

No. 470689


you can close the gap with a stroke of color on another layer and use the paintbucket tool after that, so I still think it's a lame excuse

No. 470732

File: 1516018660564.png (627.34 KB, 1083x617, example.png)

Off topic but there's algorithms that are like smart paint bucket. Not what you'd hand up as a professional but good enough for Holly's shit. About 30 clicks and 2 minutes gets you this far. Lol the algorithm struggled with the brown thing's face because it's trained on anime images - it goes against everything it knows to make such a stupid skin/hair color combo so it was really fighting against the cues.

No. 470733

samefag this looks more shit in the thumbnail because the colors aren't solid but you can do that and you can do it not on low-ass res twitter caps too

No. 470835

>$8 per page
She's a "professional" artist, right? She should totally know better! Why would a "struggling artist" offer such a shitty fucking deal? It's not like it would even be so amazing and wonderful to work for her either. She does know that artists are often WAY underpaid and we should fight the stigma that we just doodle for shit and giggles and don't need to be paid because drawing is so easy, right? I hope nobody thinks that's a fair pay for anything and agree to do things for practically free. Holy shit I'm mad. Even $8/h would be shit pay!

No. 470936

What's really sad to me isn't just that Holly is underpaying fellow artists "because she saw that's how much they get paid on Google!! uwu"
But the fact that all of her followers, 200K+ little kids and young artists, are now going to do it the same way now that their idol Holly did it. Honestly, she should know better to just say random shit to her audience considering I think she knows they're impressionable. She's breeding her own little pit of greedy little kids who think the world owes them just because they picked up a pencil.

No. 470947

Everyone who's serious about drawing comics knows that the comic industry is especially bad and people are basically struggling to eat in the traditional routes unless they are super famous, lucky or have a day job. Saying "Well, that's what they pay you there!" is such bs. She has zero respect or understanding for fellow creatives.

No. 470993

Sorry to sound like an idiot but what program did you use for this?

No. 471018

i used a demo one paintstransfer.com (sometimes down)

No. 471089

The painting app actually gives the drawing dimension

No. 471091

Like I'm so used to Hollys flat drawing

No. 471323

File: 1516058221135.png (965.88 KB, 1160x1104, Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 15.1…)

Oh god, his shoulder just looks like its been cut off and pushed forward

No. 471330

this looks..kinda good?! I mean for being Holly. Their chins look normal and damien's hair looks great

No. 472124


its not horrible at first glance. If I wanted to be nit picky I'd point how the feet look wonky, Simon is holding the pot so weird it looks like he's about to drop it, Damien's shoulders look very dislocated, and theres little to no line weight

at least Damien doesn't look like a 12 yr old girl anymore

No. 472127

It's still characters floating in empty space.

No. 472128

I think the reason we're less picky about this one is because of the line width has slimmed down quite a lot and their long chins have vanished. Other than that, it's the same old Holly drawing with no sense of anatomy, perspective, and proportions.

No. 472211

It looks better than a lot of her other stuff, even with wonky anatomy.

Day 3 - she found some poor sod to do her flatting for peanuts, and complains about people ruining her E-Mail with applications even though she literally asked for applications like 48 hours ago.

No. 472448

File: 1516128534108.png (57.67 KB, 688x403, Screenshot_1.png)

No. 472452

File: 1516128790672.png (39.24 KB, 640x386, Screenshot_2.png)

>>472448 (im kinda new so i post this over the first one since i think you can´t post two images, sorry if its a prob)

yeah… this person is right, i had the same problem and was really depressed and the solution was not pursuing art school, i know it sounds like giving up but people need other stuff aside from art and if she doesnt stop and at least gets a new hobbie (because come on…you can still art in your free time or something) she will crash really bad and its sad

No. 472470

Giving up art isn't necessarily the solution, not being a hermit is. Hell, she could even do something art related like going to figure drawing classes and it'd probably be an improvement.

No. 472695

File: 1516145101642.png (614.96 KB, 1188x1056, Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 15.2…)

Please tell me these are from a long time ago because what a disaster

No. 472912

man that video really reflects her awkwardness

No. 473002

Roy doesn't deserve this

No. 473032

>immediately shits on her art/self esteem at the very beginning of the video


No. 473036

Am I nuts or are her chins getting smaller in general? Congrats on her for finally moving away from a stylistic decision that just did not work.

No. 473049

Yeah I'm watching that video right now and it makes me feel super awkward, she just comes off as mentally unstable. And the whole thing she said about not having any friends and shit just made me feel bad for her, I did assume that she doesn't have a lot of RL friends but didn't she at least have some online friends she regularly did livestreams with? Like that Romanian girl and the other one who always drew shotas, I guess they don't hang out anymore?

No. 473187

If I remember correctly, one of them ended up quitting art because Holly made fun of them? I believe it was the one who drew shotas?

No. 473222

To be fair, that wasn't confirmed to be Holly. It was only speculation, but i wouldn't doubt it if it was true