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File: 1538153871971.jpg (59.2 KB, 275x275, neckmageddon.jpg)

No. 699480

Holly Brown is an artist YouTuber who specializes in hypocrisy, terrible anatomy and most importantly starting projects she can never finish.

Social Media:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/hollyistotallycool
Youtube (Vlog Channel): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgeEynuhGskPjgNR5DjbZmw/feed
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/h.c.brown/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HCBrownart
Tumblr: http://hollycbrown.com/
Her Website: https://www.hollycbrown.com/
Her Store: http://hollybrown.storenvy.com/#_=_

The CalArts Rant she is known for:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvnD-9XOs5k [DL][Archived Copy]

>22-year-old freelancer artist who does youtube, lives with her mom (aunt), and runs an online store

>She hates her brother and constantly sperges about him whenever she gets a chance. Was known to keep bashing him on a live stream once (way after he went away)
>Takes on too many projects at once, then complains about it afterwards
>Constantly bitches on twitter
>Is a big hypocrite, the type to give advice and then do the total opposite
>Thinks she is a professional hardworking artist when in reality she is a stay at home slob who can never finish anything
>Shits on other artists
>Always talks about how she doesn't have money and how ""poor"" she is but is constantly seen (and broadcast on Twitter/social media) buying unnecessary items
>When she buys said items, she brags about how great they are, then is known to disregard them (usually sell them) about a week or so after using them
>Always talks about trying to earn money from various art projects, but it never works
>Cant take criticism to save her life, she will usually respond with something passive or aggressive or blame it on her style.
>Is a complete FUJO, but yet complains about Fujoshis, a total hypocrite
>Hates women and just wants to draw "teh gays"
>Has no friends and is cooped up inside her house. Her room is very filthy.
>Cant spell or write for shit. Has terrible grammar anything she writes is confusing. (Also goes and shits on people for not knowing how to spell)
>Has a terrible personality in general
>Wasted 83 artists' time by attempting to put together a BNHA zine, and constantly complaining about the work she created herself instead of answering e-mails

>San Japan prep quickly goes awry due to poor time managment
>Holly makes it to San Japan with less stock than intended, but still takes over most of her shared booth
>Displays her poorly drawn porn front and center and only censors her display copy with stickers, complains on twitter about being told to take it down
>Makes no money compared to her expenses pre-con
>"Idk guys, I might not do as many cons now, too much drama"
>Decides to make more terrible "gay shit" instead, this time about sex slaves (it's not rape, my dudes)
>Finally posts an apology about her poor managment on the zine, but still decides to keep printing them at home instead of using a printing service
>Lets her ass hang all the way out in a livestream with TwistedDisaster where she tackles fun, family-friendly topics such as religion and rape for her teen audience (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMZohx1MLIU)
>Has a very obvious rape fetish and blatantly displays it in her comic
>Proceeds to lie about talking about her very obvious rape fetish
>Has attempted to make hitler doppelganger rapist-kun sympathetic

>Projects List: Hamilton Animatic, Clever Kitchen, Convention Stuff, Paranormal Plague, Purgatory (redrawing/inking), BNHA themed zine, Rape/Slave comic/zine

Previous Threads:

No. 699482

Fucking hell, thsi is thread 13. I thought I put the number in the title jfc

No. 699498

File: 1538155938461.jpg (202.74 KB, 940x1171, DoMnwc-UcAAmsAs.jpg)

No. 699501

Don't worry about it anon, the picture is A+ and the thread title is going to piss Holly off, it's all good.

Everything about this is shit, but the top right… It looks like he's holding his legs open or something, and Simon's hood looks like a muddy winter lake.

No. 699512

did he get kicked in the nuts?

No. 699520

Hershel's hair flips are as long as his face

No. 699545

On the subject of how people find her, I think it was a convenient move that she made her vlog channel separate. It's less popular so people don't immediately see how shitty and pathetic she actually is.
She thinks she's slick too because she doesn't have her vlog channel as a recommended channel on her page.
then again if I were her I wouldn't recommend me either.

No. 699550

File: 1538160892905.png (54.92 KB, 608x395, lalalacanthearyou.png)

Holly, people give you constructive criticism all the time. You just don't want to hear it and prefer to yap on about ~da haturz~

No. 699553

I hate how she always starts her sentences with "idk". If you don't know what you're talking bitch then shut up!!!

No. 699591

shut up, cLEArLY u don’t know anything since you’re calling her a bitch and that’s mean u hater, idk that’s just my opinion /s

holly, if you’re clearly incompetent at something that you proclaim you’re great at, then ppl are going to laugh at you or try to inform you of what you’re doing wrong. some of her vids are the most blatant examples of that, like the “anatomy mistakes young artists make” and the “color theory” vids. those may be her worst, considering how shit her anatomy and colors still are and how absolutely sure of herself she was. even if those were made a while ago, i don’t doubt that she still believes every word she said in them. god that color theory piece was a hot fucking mess lmao. i mean yeah, i get what she’s saying in that ppl telling her she has a potato face and stuff like that is kinda pointless bc she can’t fix it, but in terms of art? nah, honey, you’ve got a LOT you can fix with that.

No. 699603

File: 1538165094731.jpg (70.56 KB, 690x507, vcruelassumptions.jpg)


No. 699607

Can someone translate degenerate please I have no idea what this says.

No. 699608

Just a guess, but I think she's angry we're "assuming" her thoughts (using direct quotes from her, mind you.) That's pretty funny, since she actually stopped responding to direct criticism.

No. 699636

love the thread picture and title OP kek

No. 699640

Of course Lemia would chime in. Both of them avoid any actual discussion and feedback, how convenient to dismiss any backlash as "omg they don't REALLY want to discuss this idk!"

No. 699651

Holly was the one chiming in on Lemia's tweet, trying to make it all about her, but I see what you mean.

No. 699660

>I go out of my way to not voice opinions but people take that as an opinion
That's because actions DO speak for themselves. Like holly keeps saying she doesn't fetishize rape, but she keeps focusing only on that topic

No. 699669

File: 1538168671565.jpg (534.26 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180928-160317_Twi…)

Tinfoling here but maybe she's tracing and being stupid by announcing something like this
When you can just turn the opacity down enough?????

No. 699671

File: 1538168689783.png (421.59 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Leave my childhood alone Holly. Also this isn't even that close to Reese's hair.

No. 699719

it’s easy to believe that she actually thinks this is a “smart and cool idea”, but i’m 99% sure she’s tracing or otherwise doing something shady bc what is the point of this?? i guess maybe she wants ppl to think she’s so great at drawing that she inks w/o a sketch, until she or someone else tells them about this “greenscreen sketch”. at least she’s telling other ppl how to do it if they want to, but it’s not…an amazing technique or anything. just sounds like either a cover up or slightly more of her dumbassery than usual.

No. 699826

late to the "art ramble" video discussion.

Just gotta say say something to miss "I've taken so many foundation classes and I still have a problem with foundation guys its not my fault"

Holly, the reason why you suck at basic shit is because whatever your learning is goin in one ear and out the other. Bitch, you use perspective grids and still your characters look like they are bending reality by just existing in your shitty backgrounds. And the reason WHY is because you don't follow through with your perspective grid and apply it to your characters as well. And its only going to get WORSE because now you're half assing your way out of even your backgrounds.

God, she's everything I hate about art students.

No. 699906

File: 1538183540500.png (132.41 KB, 521x692, Screenshot_20180928-191142.png)

No. 699912

to the anon in the other thread who called it, looks like you were right!!!

No. 699923

Hmm, i just thought of something, but her whole "simon Stockholm syndrome would have been more convincing if there was narration and monolouge (thought bubbles)…

So i have a question guys, has Holly ever used those "narration" squares or thought bubbles in any of her comics before?? I never recall seeing them, but I could have amnesia becuase her stuff is that forgettable.

No. 699925

No. 699926

Did i miss something? Weren't simon and damien together? Was there a time skip? Have Hitler and glasses been sneaking around? When the hell did he have time ro develop stockholm syndrome?

No. 699930

I just re-read through Purgatory, and I can attest with 99.9% confidence…..

I did not see a single thought bubble or narration bubble.

No. 699932

>your characters look like they are bending reality by just existing in your shitty backgrounds
This is so evocative, I teared up.
Worst thing that could happen, and I've seen this before, (indie comics industry-chan) is that she decides to incorporate this concept, and all her other failings, into her style and go 'surreal'. Let's hope no one offers her a toke or she will decide her mind has been expanded and treat us to exquisite edge

>a lot of religious people do this when tragedies occur
That is so fucking vague!! Hindus?? Muslims??? Do you mean Catholics? I'm supposing that the religion is based on Catholicism,(priest rape!! Squee!) but to say religious people get Stockholm when 'tragedies occur'… tragedies? Tornadoes give religious people Stockholm Syndrome? I'm actually stressing out about this. DO SOME RESEARCH.
'Stockholm syndrom bro' should be Simon's new name.

No. 699934

Show, don't tell, anon. She's a master of visual story telling.

No. 699947

File: 1538188279236.jpg (156.01 KB, 900x719, ryo cry.jpg)

tfw you get cucked by hitler

No. 699949

can this bitch stop acting like she knows everything about religion and how it works

No. 699950

File: 1538188542357.gif (2.35 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

What's up with the random Moses?

Frankly, Moses has better facial proportions than her drawings on that page do kek

No. 699951

Usually the opposite tends to happen.

For instance, a lot of Greeks lost their faith in the gods when the Plague of Athens happened.

I feel like Lemia Crescent is a bit cowish, too. Remember that assmad video she made about how her art teacher in high school said her anime fanart was garbage? And she was shocked that he gave her a bad grade when she explicitly states that she knew she was doing the assignment incorrectly?

No. 699962

Ffs why is she talking as if its obvious??? Bitch if multiple people are asking you wtf is up with simon its because you did a shit ass job at portraying the fact that he has "stockholm syndrome". Its so annoying that she's like "lol guys how can you not tell" when she sucks at story telling

No. 699975

Stockholm Syndrome isn't even a real observable medical condition. It isn't acknowledged by law enforcement or the mental health community to be a "syndrome" or disorder.

Also, why? Of all of the directions should could have taken the story after Simon got raped, why Stockholm Syndrome, that tired borderline-abuse-apologist cliche?

When sexual abuse victims in the church avoid telling authorities, it's because of victim-blaming and gas-lighting, not because Jesus makes them develop feelings for their rapist. They genuinely believe that it's their fault it happened.

Is buttrape literally the only story element that matters to Holly? It's like she read Killing Stalking and took it to be a guide for writing rape/abuse.

No. 699978

It's more like she's saying "don't you know anything about psychology, bro?"
Cause she does, obviously.
This is a sensitive topic, it's a good thing we have the esteemed Professor Holly Fujo Brown to teach us about trauma.

As a side note, realistic rape trauma is neither sexy nor kawaii, which could be the issue here. I'm not even talking about her abusing the trope for gain, I just mean the way it usually plays out is not very aesthetic. Living with one's rapist for years causes emotional scarring that can leave people almost catatonic, incapable of caring for themselves. Many victims try to make themselves unattractive to protect themselves, eg. put on heaps of weight. Not very kawaii.

I think she's going for the Lolita story-line where a child becomes attached to an adult based purely on the authority they have but, you know, without doing any research and calling it Stockholm Syndrome.

No. 699998

how did it go from "I'm being raped by my teacher to save Damien's life" to "I'm actually in love with my rapist even though it's only been like a week"?

also the fact that immediately after being raped he was coming onto Damien and trying to fuck which was so absurdly forward and out of character that even Damien was weirded out by his 180 personality change, and that was without knowing he was sexually abused like the day before.

I think Holly is trying to very hamfistedly portray how many CSA victims become hypersexual later in life without realizing it takes a lot more than a few days to make that transition????

No. 700010

Holy shit it's only been a week?? I thought it's been like a year?? That writing is so bad wtf how does she not understand basic human behavior?! What 15 year old child us going to go from rape to seduction in one week??

No. 700018

I think it's been longer than a week, because there was that one page that showed the seasons changing and Simon's hair growing so he could be a super twink that looks like his mom.

No. 700041

Yeah there is a time skip but we're not told how long and it's also so vague it's easy to miss cuz she's an awful story teller.

No. 700047

Why does this feel just comicly bad?
I'm normally a little forgiving of Holly's ignorant antics but sometimes she just seems so brain dead that I just can't with her.

You really can't be surprised that people are mad at you for halfassing your rape victim character after your rape comic. Really? Stockholm Syndrome?

No. 700050

File: 1538205721042.jpg (177.19 KB, 792x898, 1a324.jpg)

Some more tumblr questions, im not disney idk

I archived some of the purged tweets under her related hashtags, mostly about the rapey stuff/the aftermath.

No. 700051

File: 1538205789335.png (86.78 KB, 598x501, 1493656806732.png)

Friendly reminder that a year ago she drew mpreg art of her 15 year old characters.

No. 700052

simon starts out 15 and is still 15 in the story so it hasn't been a year. i assumed the story started in fall and now it's winter? time has passed but it definitely hasn't been much as far as i can tell. holly is ass at visual storytelling but thinks she's too good to put "x months later" somewhere on the page.

No. 700087

Oh there we fucking go.

That's not how stockholm syndrome or religion works.

He's working on his ""thesis"", so I'm assuming a couple of months.

No. 700095

File: 1538210464453.gif (616.61 KB, 211x199, tumblr_m6phqztrMq1rqfhi2o1_250…)

Jesus Christ, it's like she's trying to play into all the worst fujoshi stereotypes.

No. 700135

File: 1538222374413.jpg (3.28 MB, 2218x7526, thechoosenone.jpg)

i started getting confused about the plot so i went back and read from the very beginning of Purgatory. Forgot how much of a trainwreck it is

Pic related

No. 700148

Wow this is so dumb. The only reason you would ever have to 'green screen the sketch away' is if you were trying to hide a tracing layer or something. I'm positive most people watching speed draws don't really care about seeing you ink over a sketch layer. Are Holly's followers so blind that they don't realize what she is doing?

No. 700151

It's so weird seeing Holly's old stuff. I'm pretty sure the reason Purgatory is such a trainwreck is because Holly never had a real plan for the story from the start and she is just making it up as she goes. I'm not sure if we archived this but Holly mentioned her plan for Purgatory in one of her really old videos. Unfortunately, if I remember correctly, it doesn't seem like she really stuck to that original plan.

No. 700162

This actually made me lol, great summary anon.

>touble maker

No. 700187

>Are Holly's followers so blind that they don't realize what she is doing?
we are yet to see because she only had this brainwave 5 minutes before making the tutorial video and has never tried it

No. 700189

> hello everyone, to the summer solstice


No. 700210

Those fucking close-ups really got me.

Also what kind of human sacrifice gets shot? That's not a very sacrificial way to die, you'd think they'd slit their throat or sth.

No. 700217

Are you doubting holly’s Skills in writing, anon?

No. 700231

Simon has spent more time smooching NotHitler than his bf

No. 700235

File: 1538235900499.png (114.58 KB, 407x225, c.png)

Bless you, anon. This is an excellent summary of the story so far for those who are new to the fandom.

No. 700240

>implying that we're fans of this crap

No. 700241

>the fandom
can we like..not

No. 700244

File: 1538237233464.jpg (151.83 KB, 646x970, eh.JPG)

No. 700246

how hard is it to spell you're* correctly

No. 700248

File: 1538237569850.jpg (590.68 KB, 991x1524, 1223456.jpg)

Holly missed a chance for ending bad written joke and instead made Hershel look like a lunatic. What else is new. All the characters so far seem like annoying assholes, so basically holly-self inserts.

No. 700251

I'm genuinely confused, is the black panel supposed to be a joke or a dramatic moment? Obviously it was too complicated for someone who's made for having babies instead of storytelling, Holly really is the master of her craft.

No. 700252

Was that exchange meant to be funny? It falls completely flat, Hershel so far seems emotionally unstable and like a complete dick. Unless he's just a ~hot blooded Latino~, but no stereotypes, right?

Honestly PP is easily the worst of her comics, the art is terrible, the pacing and writing is terrible, I can only imagine how much worse it'll be once she introduces her skinny escort boi uwu

No. 700254

This is so weird and over the top it's like a weeb trying for Japanese humor but she has no idea what that even is so she throws out ridiculous reactions thinking it's the same thing or something? (It's not.) And then the grammar issues Holly please get one of your degenerate tweens to beta read your shit before posting.

No. 700255

I'd like it to be understood that everything said in praise of Holly is ironic in this thread, please. I don't think I was being unclear.

He looks fucking psychotic in that panel. Wide-eyed, twitchy smile. Maybe he's got Stockholm Syndrome lmao.
I think, for her, she's meant to be sad that he's screeching at her because she likes him and she has enraged her fair prince.

No. 700256

it goes from reading left to right and then reading right to left??? how the fuck is anyone supposed to follow the story

No. 700257

You're right!!! Unless he was charging up his fury waiting for her response lollll

No. 700258

considering how irrational and emotionally unstable holly has portrayed him as, you're probably right lmaooo

No. 700263

these panels are kinda confusing…like they’re simple, but at the same time I have to recheck that I’m reading them right, maybe bc the dialogue is so stilted and weird? None of her comics read “naturally” though (by that, I mean the reader can easily follow the panel layout and flow of story. I’m not a comic maker or anything, so I’m not sure if there’s a term for that).

No. 700279

File: 1538242439750.jpg (38.46 KB, 400x237, Blockage_promotion.jpg)

It gets complicated when you're trying to optimizing flow, but in this case, i think she wants us to read right to left first because Ash's speech bubble is higher than hairgel's head or something. That's insane, no one with eyes would ever read it the way she wanted it to be read.

No. 700284

I know in a lot of manga the horizontal line between panels is thicker if it wants you to read to the left before going down. It's all a matter of paneling composition, which to people who have read a lot of comics this usually comes naturally but seriously she should reference actual comics instead of just throwing things down the way she sees them. She's so like…unaware of the reader it's baffling.

No. 700293

File: 1538243578069.jpg (20.12 KB, 720x214, IMG_20180929_105146.jpg)

Holly please just finish your comics before making aus of them. Or at the very least establish a plot?? Character traits? Why the fuck make an au before those.

No. 700303

File: 1538244359065.png (884.75 KB, 1082x1264, Hershey angry Hershey smash.pn…)

it makes this unsettling to read when Hershel flips a switch so many times in so few pages. He goes from his goofy flirtatious line in the previous panel to seething in anger. Why? Is he a relaxed funny guy or a hot head?

He seems really neurotic and flat so far, Princess comes off as a bit stuck up and I guess Ash is supposed to be ~cool and sarcastic~, haven't seen her do much besides stuff her face and piss hersh off.

I know it's only the first few pages but i'm not getting a great first impression from this comic. It's a step up from Purgatory though, so that's something.

No. 700310

Friendly reminder that she thinks this is witty banter. Holly. Its not. Go make real friends

No. 700322

This is funny, because she said in a stream with Michie she liked vampires… but she had no real desire to do vamps.

She was kind of shitting on the idea, because she didn't want to be like all the FUJOS with YAOIVAMPS.

I guess she changed her mind as usual.

No. 700327


If Hersh is suppose to look like a swoll boy then why does he look more like he's a skinny dude wearing a muscle costume…?

No. 700335

Because she can't draw. She uses 3d models or shapeless references she traces over and adds fake muscles to. Which to someone who hasn't studied anatomy is just making the arms and torso bigger and adding vague lines.

No. 700353

I think Holly has a problem with not understanding how comedy works, honestly. It feels like she has a punchline in mind when she writes the story, and is just making the characters say what they need to to get to the joke. The bad thing is, it makes your characters literally nonexistent and your story suck, and Holly legit doesn't know what a funny joke is so there's no point in the first place.
Holly, stop writing comedy stories, you're obviously not built for it. At least Purg has some sort of story and not meme :3 faces and forced dialog in one poorly drawn location.

No. 700356

Hershey's personality is as inconsistent as her ability to draw him.

No. 700357

Actually, if you don't laugh at Holly's jokes you're too far up your own ass like idk cmon

No. 700380

>It's a step up from Purgatory though, so that's something.

Talk about a low bar to clear.

Hershel has the disposition of an abusive spouse in this. He goes from flirting to fucking screaming and knocking shit over in a few panels.

Wait, her stories aren't comedies? Because they're pretty hilarious to me. Hitler-face and Backwards Penis are comedy gold.

No. 700383

My theory on her weird dialogue is that she draws the page with an outline and then writes the dialogue to match the expressions but it ends up suuuper awkward and weird. It doesn't help that she shits pages out frantically with no thought whatsoever.

No. 700426

Why the actual fuck is Herschel so hysterical in these few pages?

No. 700429

All her characters in her new comic are assholes tbh.
But it could be a reflection of holly tho.

No. 700433

File: 1538254492418.jpg (Spoiler Image, 116.07 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

i found holly's source of inspiration this year for the necks

No. 700450

What a cursed image

It seems like the extent of Holly's comedic sense is animu faces :3 and people screaming really loud/being ~random~. I guess it appeals to a big chunk of her fanbase.

No. 700478

holly doesn't understand how humans emote, she only understands anime emotions. his angry reactions remind me of ed from fma, but ed's over the top anger was reserved for the comedy scenes. hershel just comes across as unhinged with how angry holly drew these faces + zero pacing, he's literally switching emotions in every panel

No. 700489

Yeah it reminds me of anime kids at cons or in high school that socialize so infrequently and watch anime so much that they try to emulate anime emotions and reactions in place of normal social behavior. Holly has spent so little time off the internet she thinks this shit is normal.

No. 700490

Kek she's obviously trying to make him a hot head like Ed from fma, but the difference is that Ed is likeable even from the begining when the introduce him as a hot head because he has morals and makes sure to always save people

No. 700518


What do you think she thinks is the appeal of her characters?
In PP is she gonna try to make the story about this rag tag mimatched group of young adults who fight monsters every week? Or is gonna try do overarching plots with an edgy "this character was raped" story line badly thrown in?

I just don't know with her.

No. 700523

Well, imo since this really is just an excuse for her make some imaginary friends and having her self inserts(s) fuck her made up boyfriend, she probably thinks the appeal is just… Inherently there? Like, these characters are tailored after what she thinks a friend group would be like, it's comforting to her, therefore she thinks it's comforting to others as well. It would be sad if she had any empathy for other people.

And as for the second question; both, like a magical girl show with darker themes but awful (still rly funny tho fam like idk born story teller.)

No. 700595

File: 1538266532893.png (2.6 MB, 1334x750, BE5EEA88-D010-4F4D-9168-E495CE…)

It’s kinda sad seeing how much Holly’s art has lost any individuality to it; it’s always been ugly but I feel like it used to have a certain charm to it.

Pic relevant because the more she’s tried to “sexy” Hershel up, the less interesting his character design became.

No. 700600

Wow was Hershel always that ugly

No. 700622

as ugly as it is, i wish she'd stuck with this design. poop swirl hair herschel is the lesser of two evils.

No. 700627

looking at some of her sketches from almost 2 yrs ago and seeing the lack of improvement is kinda sad. not that you’re required to improve at your art, but it’s the fact that she thinks she has and that she wants to make it a career (as well as the fact that she’s drawn so much since then and yet nothing).

No. 700658

Bottom right corner is my favorite. I'm digging the derp eyes and the four-fingered hand

No. 700686

File: 1538275046353.png (79.23 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

We can tell lol

No. 700703

File: 1538280801888.png (966.26 KB, 798x898, bakugo.png)

Holly repeats herself like this because she has no confidence in her storytelling and doesn't know how to show action A causing effect B.

Your character just needs to move from Room 1 to Room 2, but you panic and draw three panels of them standing in Room 1 followed by four panels of them standing in Room 2 announcing "I left Room 1 and entered Room 2." All you needed was one panel of them walking through a door - but that's Holly, all the time. She either doesn't know what panel she needs, or she's scared readers won't get it if she doesn't drill it into their skulls.
It's the art equivalent of circling a word over and over instead of explaining herself. She did it here with Ash making Herschel mad, she did it before with Princess making Herschel horny, and she even did it when Herschel explained they were broke.

They are lol. Her repetition affects her writing too. Herschel's constant raging makes him terrifying, but to her he's just a goofy hothead. Ash is also a psycho for needling him beyond his breaking point, but Holly thinks this is cute "banter" between friends. It's a friendship written from mutations of fictional friendships, not her own experiences.

Princess is the worst because Holly hasn't considered her motivation. She's a journalist, yet doesn't know what social media/YouTube is? She thinks a million-view YT channel is a "hobby," doesn't get how they could earn money off it, or even why they'd want to record monster sightings? And then doesn't listen to their insider info, even if she's 99% sure they're crazy?
She was proactive because Holly's narrative needed her to be. Then she suddenly didn't know anything because Holly's narrative needed her to. Then she was the angry black SJW woman because Herschel's peen needed her to be. Now she's back to pro-journalist so Holly can exposition dump. She's the only non-self-insert, and it shows, because she's just plot putty.

The "joke" is Ash ignoring Herschel's outburst. Herschel is trying for anime-delinquent, and Ash is meant to be snubbing him with a bored/disinterested/"pathetic" expression, which only makes him angrier. That's why Princess acts like nothing happened - Herschel's anger is not a threat amd all women ignore him, that's the punchline.

Problem is Holly can't nail expressions, they're too extreme or inappropriate for her intended tone. Best way to fix this is to study people in art AND real life. This joke didn't land because Herschel's anger was WAY too strong and Ash's "ignoring you" face reads like sadness/embarrassment.
She's been retweeting this artist, who seems nice, but Holly thinks she's found a magic bullet and is using a lot of these tips without really understanding them. She's started "pushing" expressions just like this tweet, only it's not supposed to be this extreme ALL the time.

Herschel isn't Edward, he's pic related, her "precious uwu son" of the moment. Herschel's two modes are "exploding in anger" or "smug and confident," so he's just mutated fandom Bakugo.

No. 700707

lol sums her up struggling so hard to draw the thing that shouldn't be showing in the first place

No. 700723

I feel like her clever kitchen shota oc is supposed to be Ed

No. 700730

Ot but I'm reading through a few of the old threads and omfg she's always been so delusional. In a non deleted video she claimed she was planning to be getting 60 pages a month done between various comics. Ffs. I've been watching her on Twitter claim she's going to do things only to fall so short and delete her original claims. Holly just stop being so manic ffs do three pages a week like a normal webcomic artist.

No. 700758

She needs to pace herself. She's apparently now aiming for a page a DAY for Chroma Prince? She's going to burn out even more trying to maintain that.
She's a fulltime artist, she needs to schedule like she takes this seriously as a job, 9-5 Monday-Friday to her WORK, not her hobby. One day a week should be for Purgatory, one for Paranormal Plague, and then two or three for Chroma Prince since that's where she wants to make money.
Assuming she spends 4-5 hours* on each page of her comics, that's 3 hours left to dedicate every day to her million other projects, like her coursework, her animations, her zines, and her merch/store. If she updated Chroma Prince twice a week she could have a whole day for that.
Though right now, she'd be better to use that time to make buffer pages so if something like SanJapan comes up her comics aren't left dead for weeks, growing irrelevant.

And then, TIME OFF. Two days a week where she isn't actively working. This can be when she does her self-indulgent doodles and sketches, which do well on social media, or when she gets the fuck out of her house and interacts with real people.

She has no time management to speak of, so she's just constantly stressed and scrambling to meet her own deadlines.

*If she's spending longer than that then game over, because her results are not worth that drain on her time and energy.

No. 700777

Every artist/writer needs to take a step back once in a while and try to be objective. Try to work out what the fuck they're actually making. She'd really benefit from having a script pre-written.
Has she ever claimed to have the story already written?

No. 700780

File: 1538291380280.jpg (550.84 KB, 728x1021, 1534274514-ch01_027_web.jpg)

Oh my god that twitter artist is exactly what she wishes she was. Even the giving of helpful art advice. Uh ohhhhh I think she's copying characters/emotions from this artist without knowing what they mean.

No. 700784


All she's ever been was a tryhard copycat.

trying desperately to recreate poor attempts of actual technique.

Looking for any and every shortcut to get her stuff to look 'pro' as fast as possible, without regard for actual detail, practice, or thinking.

Holly wants the results faster than she has allowed to give herself the time to actually learn.

That's why she continues to fall short.

No. 700789

She only ever talks about thumbnailing it out, I don't think she has an actual script or more than a rough outline of where the story is going, which is insane for a project that's supposed to be 4-5 books (according to her).

No. 700800

File: 1538295399147.jpg (379.04 KB, 991x1524, hollycorrec.jpg)

I didn't understood what it was all about until >>700703 pointed out that the last shot is a "I'm ignoring you face" and not a sadness one.

Like literally Herschel looks really hurt on the verge of tears and Ash remorseful.

So I drew something fast and I hope it's not considered a complete redraw but I genuinely didn't understand the page was supposed to be a COMEDY in the first place. All the action happen so fast and the character's emotions look intense but not in a funny way.
I think Holly is trying to pull her panel layout and comedy from mangas but totally ignore that she has to change her style to make it understood that it's an absurd joke and not a real meltdown.

I obviously didn't put much time and effort into it, it was just to show off some anime tropes like the hurting bubble, the crow croaking in the background for a failed joke, etc etc. And I didn't even touch the last part cause you got the idea.

Also she doesn't seem to understand that there's mangas with very fast paced jokes but it works for them because it's filled to the brim with jokes. Hers is not that type of surreal comedy so she has to let some time pass before jumping from one joke to another (flirty Herschel to angry herschel)

No. 700807

Good attempt but that's not actually how the page was constructed.

was cutting up two pages to explain what the joke was the punchline was continuing on from because it was so confusing.

This was the second page by itself.

What you did really did make it clearer but it's way more confusing with the pages split as they actually are.

No. 700808

Wow, maybe the last panel of this page is what Holly was trying to draw Ash doing and that's why she got confused with the sad eyebrows. I still wonder if she IS meant to be unimpressed or if there is some sadness there or something. I wish one of her fans would ask, it's driving me nuts.

No. 700821

My bad, I goofed !
My point of the expressions and taking from mangas without changing her art still stands, but yeah disregard the rest

No. 700832

That's likely what she wanted but it still doesn't translate. In the first place, the panel arrangement suddenly flippled from left to right to right to left, and even then it still makes no sense. That panel you redrew should probably replace the one of him yelling and the dialog should move to the third panel where Ash looks away. The entire moment drags on for way too long.

No. 700835

No I agree, but I goofed and used another anon remade page instead of Holly's original one.

I just wanted to highlight how the comedy could have been done (big caricatures during comedic relief panels, mangas tropes like being hit by rude bubbles and coughing up blood). I didn't want to redraw her page for her and start a circle jerk of redraws and derailing the thread.

The way the characters interact makes no sense, it's either they're too uptight or too intense. She can't nail proper faces either. Herschel looks in anguish, Ash just looks like she's intentionally rude but also feels bad for it and Princess reacts like they're all acting seriously. So the reader is left confused, is Herschel joking, or seriously hurt ?

No. 700838

Mistake aside your changes/additions are exactly what Holly was going for. But for future reference there's a thread for redraws.

She needs to decide if she wants to be "anime" or not. Purgatory and early PP were distanced from it, but since the big redraw she's been leaning into it hard. Either is fine but she can't have it both ways, embrace being an OEL-manga-style webcomic or stop leaning so hard on manga/anime shorthand.

I think she has written everything out, just never edited it and now feels obligated to stick to her script. Stories evolve and it's essential to edit your earlier writing. You can trim the fat and tighten the pacing, leave meaningful foreshadowing, maintain consistency, and most importantly make sure everything you'll spend time and effort drawing is worth it - will it further the plot, build the world/characters, have artistic/thematic value?
Holly's comics indicate she writes/plans ahead too far, then doesn't clean them up. She's been working on Purgatory since highschool for example and it shows. If she actually were drawing them on the fly they'd probably be more fun to read, in a crazy Dominic Deegan way, since it's not like they have continuity now.

She mentioned a script on her most recent Purgatory pages (in comment replies) but could've been joking.

This is all getting hard off-topic which is why redraws have their own thread but by making the first panel highest anon mostly fixed the paneling issue. The read order is much clearer than the real original.

Anyway, after making a video explaining she won't be doing Inktober, she's announced she'll be doing Inktober.

No. 700841

Damn, fucked up the redraw thread link. Forgot it's in ot.


No. 700856

File: 1538305937865.png (316.88 KB, 793x504, fix.png)

just before everyone puts their foot down on redraws he my fix for some of the slow paced banter

No. 700872

STOP I hate this

No. 700874

The page SHOULD end with that final panel imo. The anon context-edit makes it all make way more sense.
In addition, the what it's laid out currently made me think that Hersh and Ash are turning their heads in that middle black panel to look at Princess. That is legitimately how I interpreted it.

But yeah they all come across as assholes and I didn't even realize this was supposed to be a joke.

I'm laughing too much

No. 700878

Didn't she want to do kinktober but the prompts freaked her out or something? Guess she's still giving it a shot.

No. 700903

anon pls i have to wash my eyes with bleach now why do all of holly's characters look the same

No. 700925

trust trust?


No. 700926

LMAO you didn't read "Seize"? That's Holly's version of "thrust", because she can't be bothered to spellcheck anything ever, you're missing out

No. 700948

it's not like you can spellcheck handwritten words but the fact she looked at the panel and didn't see the words TRUST jump out at her confirms to me she has some kind of visual/attention blindness. I think it comes with high stress. Like, you wrote/drew something, you hope it makes sense but you're too scared to really know so when you look at it you only see your mind's version

No. 700951

God I can't stand Holly. Says over and over on Twitter she's not doing Inktober. Has said for over a month she's not doing Inktober. Makes a VIDEO announcing for no reason that she's not doing Inktober. Inktober starts tomorrow,,,,guess what I'm doing Inktober sluts omg so much work look feel bad for meeeeee

No. 700960

hershels dick is poking reese/princess in the balls lmfaoooo

No. 700963

You guys are really out here making me want to read thay train wreck Seize again. Kek.

I dont know if anyone else feels this way but Holly gives me a sense of reassurance sometimes. Like "If this girl has people reading her comics, then so should I."

No. 700967

Or she's just stupid and borderline illiterate

No. 700970

File: 1538321068373.gif (1.85 MB, 300x168, giphy.gif)

What if Princess was Reese this whole time???

No. 700972

Kek that plot twist seems right up Holly's alley!

No. 700973

she has to be dyslexic. not a huge deal or anything, but you can circumvent this problem by typing a script and spell-checking it

No. 700975

Also it doesn't even look like anyone's thrusting in that picture anyway. Some movement lines would have helped.

Fuck it, maybe she does mean trust. Like Hershel is trusting Reese not to drug and rape him again.

No. 700981

…later he a trusts a dildo too i guess

No. 700996

i cant wait for all the trust in chroma prince lmao

No. 701016

has this been posted yet?

No. 701018

>calls her clothing folds "realistic"

ya, if they all wear trash bags

No. 701026


I 100% thought the same thing when I saw the edit lmao

No. 701028

Can anyone confirm that Holly has said trans people are all mentally ill?

No. 701038

In the video??? Time stamp?? It infuriates me people that say its a mental ilness because its in the dsm - the treatment is literally for patients to transition. Their argument doesn't make sense.

No. 701048

No it's just something someone said in a previous thread. Some anons starting arguing about it but no one offered any actual proof Holly said it. I'm just curious because she seems oddly touchy about the subject, like she is against trans people being accepted and normalized but she won't say anything because she doesn't want to be attacked for it. Just wanted to know if anyone knows of any videos/tweets where she mentions it. If not it's all good I can stop derailing.

No. 701049

Wtf holly said nothing about trans people in this video anons need to chill

No. 701091

Who caaaaaaaaaaares. Girl is dumb about a million things and we're looking for whether or not she's gender sensitive. She's a female neckbeard who hates SJWs. Course she thinks trans people are nutty snowflakes. I doubt that her views on it go deeper than "everyone on the internet thinks they're trans now, only a few people actually have the condition." And she's uncomfortable about saying it because she will be dog-piled on, as you say. The majority of people think that it's a condition. Gender dysphoria IS a condition. Her saying as much would be the LEAST of her sins.

No. 701092

My guess is that it wasn't comedic this time.
Holly stated that Ash and Herschel USED TO be fuckbuddies, so she probably wanted to introduce the fact that he still has feelings for her, or thought they shared more than just their intimate tools, while she's pretending he's only giving her free stuff.
That way her look is kinda more justified because she feels bad about hurting his feelings but maybe they agreed on being just friends and keeping distance hurts both of them in the process?
Still herschel is seriously unstable and I'd be hella pissed if my friends shouted at my face every two sentences.

No. 701093

I love that it's taking a fucking focus group to interpret what the fuck we're looking at on those two pages lmao

No. 701097


That's a good guess, anon, but I'm going to bank on saying it ain't that deep.

No. 701105

Kek it is a mental disorder, that doesn't mean it's bad but the average person does not have gender dysphoria/dismorphia which is what makes it a mental disorder, just like those with body dismorphia, that's a mental disorder too. There's nothing wrong with that and it can be treated too with therapy and transitioning but to say it's not a disorder makes no sense

Saged for obvious autism since this topic is a mine field with sperging autists and has no correlation to holly at all unless she one day said she wanted to become an uwu soft boi uke

No. 701142

Holly stated her opinion on the trans topic in a tweet last year that she deleted after a fan of hers called her out on it.

No. 701189

Yeah I'm the anon that asked I just wanted to know if someone had like a screen shot out of curiosity def didn't mean to start a sperg war lol. Anyway nvm let's just move on pls.

No. 701218

i see someone is making use of her discovery of greenscreening out her sketchlines

first thing upon seeing the thumbnail was 'ouch', bc of reese's broken wrist

>>it's frustrating to have an aesthetic for every fucking character

… then, don't? you're the damn artist, you can literally change that

No. 701228

File: 1538341658197.png (278.07 KB, 890x535, 5zISZzD.png)

Someone posted this pic a thread or two back and I showed my friend and they said 'Holly says she's trans, when??'

Then someone posted this youtube comment, and I weeped.

We all know how Holly loves to staunchly state she is against something, and then a little bit later do a total flip.

I'm just waiting.

I wish she would do a vlog of her face again. I want to see if she is still trying to be Reese.

No. 701229

File: 1538341758500.jpg (12.67 KB, 600x341, FXLThSZ.jpg)

>I love who I am

No. 701231

Holly isn't trans and would never attempt transitioning, she just a self-loathing young woman who wishes she was a cute uke like so many other fujos.

No. 701232

She just makes videos throwing vague shade at other artubers wtf was the point of this video?

Also lol @ her saying she draws super realistic clothes as she draws the seam line for Hershel's pants straight through his pocket kek this dumbass istfg

No. 701233

I wasn't implying that she is trans, but she says she is bi, and I don't think she is really bi. I could see her saying she was trans, without transitioning.

Nothing is impossible with Holly.

Well… except appealing art and well-written stories.

No. 701236

Holly thinks her eyes aren't anime??that they are almost realistically proportioned?? Lol what.

No. 701250


They're not, they're some gross crossover with cartoon and anime, in the worst way.

No. 701252

Yeah hey not to backseat mod or anything but let's nip the tranny talk in the bud. There's a separate thread for that:

Can we talk about how awful her noses are? Hershel's nose looks really broken and borderline antisemitic lmao

No. 701281

No she literally wrote "trust" and never "thrust" a BUNCH of times across several panels in Seize. Screens are in 2nd-to-last thread I believe, just do a search for the word "trust".
No need to worry about justifying any of this.

No. 701295

hey, i was going trough some old holly videos and…what happend with the ''extensive tutorials''?

No. 701440

She throws shade specifically at art youtubers she has been friendly with in public. She's shaded jellie bee, baylee, and I think her "detailed nose" comment is for waffles. I'm sure she hates michie too. She's a snake. Idk why people try to be friends with her, she only respects artists she thinks are better than her.

No. 701507

File: 1538373407358.jpg (106.86 KB, 720x913, IMG_20180930_202815.jpg)

No. 701576

Is she retarded? The answer to #2 is obviously 'd'.

Proportions are actually pretty useful, especially when it comes to sales and art in Holly's case.

When you allocate money to different expenses, you need proportions; the amount you spend on an asset should be relative to the profit you'd stand to make from it. If you're mixing paint, especially large quantities of it, you need proportions. If you're printing your art, you need it.

Finally, (RMCAD anon again btw) this must be from the stupid new "math for artists" class RMCAD offers. It's supposed to be an alternative to finance, which was previously the only required math class. Even though finance is much more useful and practical. They should call this class "math for little babies who are afraid of practical adult math".

No. 701593

I can sympathize that even basic math can stress me out if I go into the mindset that I'm incapable of doing it, but man, going to a brick and mortar school would really benefit her when she has teachers to talk one on one with or tutoring services to use or even other students to interact with and stop her from destructive thinking. A local community college class in pre-college math would cost half each credit hour she's paying right now and rebuild her confidence in non-art related ventures.

But of course, bitching is easier than trying.

No. 701618

Wait. She’s complaining it’s too easy or too complex?

No. 701624

This is middle school level math at best…
Why even bother having students take a math class if you aren't going to really teach them math? A finance class would have been so much more useful.

No. 701661

That class sounds dumb but at the same time it's just another instance of Holly complaining about every task she has to do that's not drawing exactly what she wants. If she'd taken the finance class I'm sure she would have complained too even though it's actual useful information.

No. 701685

I think she's just assmad whenever she has to do anything other than draw yaoi rape. You could be teaching her CPR and she'd complain.

No. 701825

I noticed that, too. She either bitches about something taking up/taking away her time drawing yaoi rape fujoporn, or, when she IS doing something else, she never is in the moment genuinely enjoying it, she's always thinking about how her characters would interact. or, something or other reminds her of them (like that guy she saw at the gym that she said 'totally looked like Herschel and was debating snapping a pic of like a damn creep).

Speaking of which I wonder if she still even goes to the gym, or did she find a reason to stop doing that too.

inb4 her next vlog about gym shit.

No. 701914

File: 1538425130076.jpg (292.72 KB, 901x1200, Docf2LaUYAAbRO1.jpg)

Ugh, it's unnecessary to shit on someone for how they look, but ever since she said those rapey things I just can't stand her face.

No. 701920

so Holly posted on an instagram story that her blood type is AB- and omg guess what Reese is also AB

what a coincidence

No. 701924


I feel the same way, and look at her go, buying a ratty 30 year old vintage sweater off of ebay.
But she just had to have it because it was SO aesthetic


No. 701930

File: 1538426532009.jpeg (17.9 KB, 306x350, yuck.jpeg)

I wish that didn't mean what it means.
The most harmless seeming things she does reveal horrible truths to us.
We are cursed.

No. 701937

God, she's just so fuck ugly

No. 701974

Okay, what she looks like has nothing to do with the kind of person she is or the shittyness of her art, but…

She looks like a tranny here, like a less-gross tomgirl Chris.

No. 701976

why post this on the internet? how does she look at this picture and think that it looks like something worth posting? i can understand candid photos but this…

No. 701979

I wonder what it says about her that her self-insert is a skinny gay afro-latino prostitute.

No. 701987


And yet she boasts not stereotyping races. When blacks and Hispanics specifically are hypersexualized.

Gotta have the sexy beefy boi and rapey, self harming prostitute bottom boi too though. Being inclusive is the bonus afterthought. /s.

No. 702006

Well she did say if she was going by stereotypes Hershel and Reese should be stupid and gang members lmao. I honestly can't get over how obvious it is she never leaves her house.

No. 702014


Yeah gross indeed

No. 702017

File: 1538434160087.jpg (489.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181001-174921_Twi…)

No. 702019

File: 1538434181146.jpg (493.93 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181001-174914_Twi…)

No. 702032


I wonder how the zine order progress is going lmao. It's OK holly you can say that's what it really is.

She seriously does need to scale down though instead of spreading herself so thin in half assed attempts at making a quick buck.

No. 702044

imagine complaining about getting orders…what level of ungrateful is holly on

No. 702049

Has she said extra other rapey shit?

No. 702050

Great, Holly, but who fucking cares?

No. 702065

get over your " woe is me " attitude holly, I follow plenty of ACTUAL talented artists that would love to be in your place and live off their art.
She only has herself to blame for piling on too many projects at once

No. 702072

I really doubt that she's AB-. That's literally like the rarest bloodtype in the world. Best guess is she's trying to make herself seem special.

No. 702088


I know it's stupid asking this on lolcow but let's try to not make fun of Holly just because of her looks? I mean there's already so much milk with all the other shit Holly pulls that we really don't need to stoop so low.

Absolutely no one is making Holly print all these books herself. She could easily just get them printed at a shop if it is that difficult for her.

I'm pretty sure Holly doesn't know enough about blood types to even think up that lie lol. Then again Holly doesn't seem like the kind of person who would actually remember her blood type either so there's a good chance she just stole the blood type of her favorite character from a yaoi or something like the fujo she is.

No. 702089

She probably knows it from doing 'research' (ie googling abt blood types for her aliexpress character blood type charms)

No. 702091


She probably did a "what bloodtype are you' anime personality test and wanted to show off what she got lmao.

No. 702092

It just proves that skill has nothing to do with success. I don't know what makes money, but she's got it. She should be an artist's manager, not an artist.

I agree with the looks thing. If there's a comment to be made IRT Holly sins, (ie. laziness, general insanity, delusions of grandeur) then let fly. She can't help what she looks like, and honestly, she's not ugly, she's just annoying with a lack of self-awareness.

lol, fucking probably.

No. 702093


She can't even manage herself, though. I don't think an artist would risk ever running their business into the ground working with such a self-absorbed irresponsible person.

No. 702135

Holly is genuinely unpleasant to look at and could be improved by giving a fuck about her health and appearance. That's a fact. More than anything she looks sickly to me.

Isn't AB a pretty rare blood type?Wouldn't shock me at all if it was some anime blood type test. When anons first started talking about Reese being a self insert I had my doubts, but now it's all but confirmed.

No. 702147

Am I naive to assume she's thinking of Kickstarter wrong? Like, I'm sure other artists/creators bank on making some amount of profit from KS projects, but I was under the impression Kickstarter was for funding projects. Like, you'd use KS to fund the production of an artbook or something that you'd then sell copies of for profit, rather than factoring "profit" into your Kickstarter and (presumably) not using all the crowdfunded money to make the product?

No. 702160

imagine a fuckin kickstarter for any of her projects though.
Please pay me to complain about having to reward backers MY SPINE JUST BROKE, BRO

No. 702171

Unfortunately I'm pretty sure Purgatory Vol 1 was funded through KS.

No. 702172

Except she did run a successful KS for her Purgatory books… unfortunately. I still have no clue how it succeeded.

No. 702176

File: 1538447079468.png (5.57 KB, 552x119, no.png)

This makes me very uncomfortable. People need to spend their money more wisely. Regardless of what a turd she is I would be so embarrassed to own a comic that looked like that. Not even cause it's fujo shit, just cause it's sooooo uglllllyyyyy

No. 702179

as we've seen she looks a lot better in candids i.e. other people's footage. Her selfie is, like her art, fucked by her bad eye

No. 702186

What happened to daily posts

No. 702191

I feel like she had to have deliberately attempted to take a super unflattering photo. This is super cringe.

I thought she looked like a man here too before even reading your post. It doesn't help that the shirt is literally colors of the trans flag kek

Agree. As I wrote above, I think she went out of her way to make the picture look bad, because then she's "beating critics to the punch" in a way. If she took better care of herself, she'd feel better about herself…

No. 702228

File: 1538452847819.jpg (302.13 KB, 1000x1250, f383b684-ac8b-4fc3-978b-8ef142…)

so is holly doing kinktober or inktober or what? she flip flops so damn much I have whiplash.

also these are the kinktober prompts for this year and they're super tame…her delicate fujo sensibilities were offended by the lack of yaoi rape prompts I guess.

No. 702241

Jesus, this was what she was complaining about??? From the way she talked I thought half of it would be furry fetish porn shit, not what she literally drew in Seize. All the anons who said she was a virgin pretending to be so 'sexually aware' were right, I guess.

No. 702242

eck, ack. This is so lame. I hate kinksters. Being so obsessed with telling everyone about what gets you off makes people look so attention-seeking. I'm not one of those "keep it in the bedroom!" kind of people, I think sex should be talked about freely, but everyone I've ever seen who rants about ~kinky stuff~ is the exact kind of person you don't want to think about sexually and they MAKE you. Sorry.
I'm glad and sad Holly didn't do this. But seeing how much is about girl sex I can see why she didn't.
Actually, she could have done her sweet mexican boyz for this, they have titties for some reason.

Like I said. It's the girl stuff that squicked her, no doubt.

No. 702256

File: 1538454964312.jpg (328.81 KB, 380x885, 1538454831773.jpg)

I had assumed she was looking at this Kinktober list rather than the FilFig one. imo there's a pathway for the more vanilla with this one, too.

No. 702259

all of the prompts are super vanilla, like "babby's first kink" or whatever (which is fine for a widespread audience). I thought it was gonna be like abdl or hardcore BDSM or something. nothing on this pageakes me recoil in shock and horror and I'm a pretty vanilla person myself.

No. 702260

every day on this list has a super tame option, too. so…what the fuck was she so grossed out by again?

No. 702262

same anon (>>702256)but actually 100% sure it wasn't the filthy figments one she was talking about because that was only posted 11 hrs ago and holly said that days ago. Please think before you post anon

No. 702313

sorry I'm not invested enough in Holly's lore to research exactly when it was posted to see if it coincides with her bullshit, I guess. either way there's enough vanilla stuff in the other list that Holly could satisfy her fujoshittery so the point still stands.

No. 702323


I think she just wanted to talk about it to be edgy. As usual.the whole video/talk about inktober was how much she didn't…want to do inktober, but also kind of wanted to do inktober, so maybe she should do kinktober, but not that kinktober wowee she's not gonna link it, but maybe she won't do kinktober.

It's like she's trying to transition into a NSFW art sort of thing, publically but is too chicken shit to actually do it. She talks big shit like she can do it but hesitates to make the dive wholesale because she'll know she'll drop half of her audience, and the other half is underage, so she's been trying to skirt around and flirt with the topic.
She needs to just get over herself first since she obviously can't handle sexual themes or drawing a dick on right side up.

No. 702340

Holly knew about the water leak in her house over a year ago but threw a fit about it this year? Wild

(Mentions it at 8:53)

No. 702341

I think her appearence is relevant insofar as it reflects her health. For instance, it wouldn't kill her to brush her hair, wash her hands, amd drink some water for a change.

NGL these drawing prompts seem more fun and interesting than the regular Inktober prompts.

I'm kind of sad she's not doing Kinktober. I was looking forward to all the milk from rape and backwards penises.

No. 702388

File: 1538476250732.png (498.26 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 702389


I'm honestly astounded at how she's managed to absolutely butcher the character design of Princess for no discernable reason. The floating hair, the clothes, I'm astounded.

No. 702391

>>realistic clothing
Draws large socks that should drop on the ankles, but they’re perfectly straight up the leg.

No. 702392

It looks like a ghost is tugging on her braid.

No. 702393

alright, honesty time. This is far from good, but this is the first thing she's drawn in a long time that feels even remotely like it comes from the heart; like she kind of enjoyed drawing it at all, or maybe even has some basis in her real life. She has a cat, right? I think for once this is something she can actually relate to.

I mean in terms of draftmanship, yeah there's princesses whole design, the flips and the braid. The fact her hands just disappear into the cat… and the fact it could be traced or referenced heavily from something else. But you know, I'll take what I can get from Ms BRown.

No. 702395

I really hate the way she draws fabrics, it always looks like she has no idea where the folds are supposed to go and just draws them randomly, hoping to get it right by chance. Also, those glasses look broken and I won't even start on the hair.

No. 702398

File: 1538477406384.jpg (282.56 KB, 1038x485, 1508703356909.jpg)

Please Holly please do kinktober. The most entertainment part about these threads is getting to see the drawn porn.
>Sex machine
Particularly excited for this one lmao

No. 702406

yeah i wasn't going to say anything but same

No. 702407

I also assumed she meant this one. I kinda hope she does it, even though she'd definitely pick the most vanilla ones.

Holly doesn't seem like she's into porn at all, 2D or otherwise, I'm not sure why she tries to brand herself as an NSFW artist. It's very awkward and uncomfortable.

No. 702436

Agreed. There's also some actual story-telling and atmosphere being built, too, compared to all those pages of nothing that we've seen from the most recent Purgatory chapter and everything of the yaoi elf rape comic.

No. 702447

File: 1538483675673.jpg (154.79 KB, 900x900, DlN15E7X0AAO4nH.jpg)

I'm concerned she's once more ripping off miyuli.
Since Princess is slowly becoming her character Esther.

No. 702448

File: 1538483712703.jpg (296.9 KB, 1000x713, 1520693290-expressions04.jpg)

Hair flips and all.

No. 702451

C'mon holly this is such poor taste.
She said in one of her old videos his personality was supposed to be a mirror image of Arin from game grumps, she specifically said especially in regards to his sudden mood swings/outbursts. I think it's because Holly finds that funny… but let's play humor doesn't really translate into drawn/written form since it's mostly about timing and delivery. Maybe you can pull it off but you'd have to use a lot of artistic intuition, something holly lacks. Couple that with her inability to draw expressions and stiff poses, her characters just come across like schizos.

No. 702453

holy shit, Arin, really? lmfao that is so TELLING. Copying an attitude without thinking of any events that would cause it is so lazy and self indulgent.

No. 702458

That whole "it's funny because he's disproportionately angry for no reason" thing rarely lands unless you're 12 or caught off guard, so I guess Hershel was doomed from the start.

No. 702465


Does she know that Arin and any other youtuber also exaggerate their behavior because…you know…entertainment? They have a personality outside their "quirk", Holly.
But like, what does Hershel have? What does he want to do? Why is he a "buff boi"? And why is he so angry? Is he on fucking steriods??
Also apparently Hershel is suppose to be the special anime boi to cure all the monsters in her story? But why?

No. 702466

sage for blog posting but this reminds me anon I used to actually love how holly did fabrics even though I thought her faces were weird. It’s only recently I realized I’ve not been paying much attention to the details in people’s art - shadow placement, tangents, things like that really give away how little thought there is to the work. IDk my dudes a lot of followers aren’t looking too closely at her stuff or something

No. 702469

What I find interesting about Herschel is that he is in every way a straight man with an unfortunate (and baffling) exception. No matter how she tries to justify it, that is not the personality that a person who has grown up same-sex attracted tends to have. idk much about his backstory (if there even is one) but I'm convinced she wouldn't be able to write a gay man who wasn't either basically a woman (Reese), a little boy (Simon), or a straight man (Herschel). She's too threatened by gay men for some reason. I think that might be why Hitler-kun actually comes close to being interesting. He's not only the character with the most depth, he betrays the way she sees REAL gay men. Depraved rapists. Noice one, C-Brown.

No. 702473

Tinfoil: all of her fans are visually impaired.

I know a lot of artists I was a fan of when I was a teen were actually not good at all, I was just enamored with a cult of personality. You see the same thing with youtubers these days. They're often not doing anything particularly interesting, they're just an attitude exhibition.
It's fun to be a fan, and sometimes an unusual/seemingly confident personality is enough to sweep you up into believing you're part of something cool.

No. 702500


also, she commented a while back that she "made" hershel bi. like it was an afterthought, something she tagged onto his characterization.
she doesn't realize that attraction doesn't just inform who you literally fuck. it influences EVERYTHING in your life, how you view the world, how you engage with it, how you react and interact with and to other people… she doesn't get it bc much like hershel's, her 'bisexuality' isn't real, it's something she puts on like a cape and that she thinks can change every day. that's not how it works, sweetie.

No. 702540

To treat sexual orientation like a character trait is just as stupid as treating sex or race as one. As you say, it informs the way people learn to navigate the world. Humans are driven subconsciously by our interest in sex in such a huge percentage of our decisions and interactions. How society views the nature of that interest affects our self-confidence, fears, goals and choices, even if one is completely closeted.

One of the most conspicuous demonstrations of bad writing is characters seeming to have been born yesterday, formed out of the ether with a bunch of labels branded on their asses. "Mexican" "Gay" "Glasses" "Muscles" "Rapist" "Blood type AB"

She just seems to have no empathy or interest in people's lives. Even fictional people of her own creation. As long as they do what she wants them to do. I bet she treats real people in her life that way too.

No. 702541

Perhaps ot but it's baffling how teens seem to orbitate such shitty quality art, they seem awed with 10 min doodles and really makes me believe the idea that they just like art that they could pull off with a little of practice instead of more skilled ones

What more can you expect from holly "I didn't went to this university because it was full of libs" brown, you can really tell how being a shut in distance you from reality lol

No. 702588

Mid tier artists that prefer cartoon and manga aesthetic will always be popular with kids and teens. It's frustrating but they like art that looks achievable and aligns with their interests. Particularly on IG and Yt where the average user is under 18. There's a reason Holly's stuff isn't popular on Tumblr or Twitter.

No. 702599

Holly's art isn't what makes her popular, as weird as it may sound it's probably mainly her personality. She is incredibly dominant and abrasive, and a lot of people mistake that for trustworthiness. If you then add her tendency to keep repeating how real and raw she is over and over again to her young audience… You can see how some people stick to her, it's not about what she says and does, it's how she presents it.

No. 702601

Definitely bit the art cause its fugly as all get out. YouTube likes "personalities", she speaks to edgy kids who want to rude and mean and have it be cool.

No. 702643

I think it's a mix of both. I can see how a 14-16 year old would find Holly appealing, her art skill is far enough above their own to be "admirable", but not enough to be intimidating/seem unachievable, and of course as you said she's "brootally honest". I probably would have subbed as an edgy shitlord teen.

No. 702776

I agree. I also think Holly has a good youtube voice? She's good at talking. Like, none of the words are good and the ideas are trash. But when she's just talking about art she sounds very comfortable and its easy on the ears.

A lot of people passively watch artube while drawing. So being able to talk well for 15 mins + and be vaguely interesting is all you need. Topic videos are basically just another genre of vlogging like let's plays are.

No. 702786


That's a good point. Looking at the comments under a lot of her videos, you see a bunch of her fans (especially the younger ones) commenting "notification squad~!" or 'i was gonna do my homework but then holly uploaded!' or latch onto some unfunny thing she said. If she's drawing or flipping thru a sketchbook the laser focus is on what they saw in the moment and that's the take away.
None of them are listening to the trash she's actually spewing so it's easy to consume.

No. 702935

this might be a bit of a tinfoil but Holly's old Purgatory (the red emo ink) seems similar to Miyuli's Lost Nightmare work (that she published in 2013)

No. 703113

Oh wow what a rip off of 2012 movie Rise of the guardians. Can't really blame Holly for ripping off a rip off…

No. 703218

Less than a week in to her new posting schedule and she is behind for all three comics

No. 703221

Jeez anon. She is probably just stockpiling them. This is Holly we're talking about. SHe wurk hard uwu

No. 703246

File: 1538579726810.jpeg (110.22 KB, 640x305, 508E48C0-1F21-4B09-B335-3E4844…)

No. 703251

starts off the video by emphasizing how much she's "not liek other grrls" by saying if you put female artists all in a room together, you notice that they all draw pretty girls (and she doesn't obvsss)

No. 703273

File: 1538582191331.png (149.76 KB, 480x360, 1538582025101.png)

Newfag and not an artist but I attempted to fix her proportion issue. You can't fix the wonky neck and or shoulders though..I also think that she's made "shortcuts" for all her characters because I can't see her drawing that picture and not seeing her own glaring anatomy issues.

No. 703274

Kek a lot of female artists tend to draw pretty boys.

No. 703276

Kek, why did she even have to throw gender in there? It's not like generic pretty girls are a subject that's especially popular on YouTube only, and there are countless female artists in general that draw pretty boys.

But of course Holly, you're not like those other girls.

No. 703293

Holly literally nobody wants to see your potato face

No. 703301

Funny that she complains about that and then changes the design of her character to be more like a pretty girl.

No. 703309

This pretty girl obsession of hers is so fucking annoying. Holly you are not special and unique because you hate women lol. Anyway most young artist draw young attractive people in stiff poses. It's not gender or some conspiracy Holly it's just what most teens learn to draw first.

No. 703314

Is it just me or is she using a base for this drawing? She must have edited it out in post I swear, it looks like she’s drawn over a 3D model. Even in the video, the way she Inks is unlike her + she never draws legs like that.

No. 703345

File: 1538588022062.jpg (120.67 KB, 971x883, model.jpg)

Oh good, more shortcuts.

She really is like one of those annoying dudes that put down everything that young girls like while also glorifying their own interests, except in this case she's also ridiculing herself, despite thinking she's "special." It's honestly getting a bit ridiculous how much she hates women, lol. Also, a lot of artist that draw pretty girls have their own OC's? And the're usually a lot more compelling than anything Holly shits out.

No. 703346

File: 1538588046353.jpg (55.92 KB, 687x472, xdlol.jpg)


No. 703351

Holly shitting on people making "pretty girl" drawings, and then her turning around and making Reese and Damian extra feminine (not to mention Simon's new long hair), is an irony in itself

No. 703353

That first tweet made me throw up in my mouth a little, there are actual people reading this comic who think 15 year old Simon is actively seducing the guy who raped him after school. Good job, Holly.

No. 703354

If holly's a cow then keith is a fuckin calf. Never change, keith.

No. 703364


Yeah, drawing attractive people is normal for most artists, because they're the easiest to draw and because attraction is common source for inspiration.

Y'ain't special, Holly.

It would be more unusual to see somebody drawing a bunch of old or ugly people.

No. 703369

She can't even keep her reference sheet consistent the second head is smaller than the others. She's such a mess.

No. 703371

They’re all off model.

No. 703372

File: 1538590372137.jpg (25.75 KB, 616x218, lcts.jpg)

Keep building those straw men, Holly.

No. 703425

fghgfhgfakjshd can she AT LEAST draw guidelines? lines across for chin, base of nose, browline, top of the head. Even professional/seasoned artists draw those guidelines for turn-around consistency. she grinds my fucking gears i stg

No. 703434

File: 1538596604537.jpg (209.36 KB, 860x418, Untitled 1.jpg)

not a redline/redraw
just fucking look at this mess. this would be completely useless to help keep consistency unless you were trying to make him look consistently retarded.
Also, all her drawings have anime long mid-face which I read about (and subsequently cured my drawings of) ten years ago in this cute tutorial


No. 703455

kek, I can't believe this is tutorial almost 10 years old know. Imo it's not even that since her eyes are still anime sized, she got rid of the chins by just moving all of the features down way too far.

I don't know who told her to draw a model sheet without drawing guidelines so, you know, the character could actually have the same proportions every time.

No. 703479

No Holly, its more like you draw lots of romanticized rape, spout off your incoreect views on consent, and then people insinuate that you have a rape fetish.

There's a bit of a difference.

No. 703516

like so many other internet dick heads, she has the mentality that 'it's not fair when people get what I don't get' without actually thinking about why. She sees big communities of fujos sucking eachother's dildos over bad yaois without criticism, so clearly she's being treated unequally (and she's so much better and smarter than those dumb giiiirls).
She thinks she's being unfairly victimized by a horde of SJWs when the true reason that she's criticized is that she's trying to market herself to a wider audience than an attic's worth of confused, pimply teenage girls.

No. 703526

One thing I do love about reading on art cows is actually learning something worthwhile; thanks, anon!

No. 703548

File: 1538603572996.jpg (41.13 KB, 1007x411, AbPKSvY.jpg)

No. 703566

This is so weirdly specific, who is she shading?

No. 703578

It's not that specific, it's just popular to draw crystals, and Holly doesn't like that, because fuck fun. She's basically shading all female artists who likes drawing pretty things, but I bet her nemesis Monique Renee is one of them, lol

No. 703581

I follow a lot of artists on YT and none of them draws crystals frequently, LOL, that's why it seems specific to me

No. 703602

That's understandable, it's not like it's totally inescapable, it might be more of an instagram/tumblr thing anyway.

No. 703618

Holly goes out of her way to shit on anything that's popular she's been this way for the last two years.

No. 703626

Ironically her friend Twisted draws crystals and shit, how nice, to shit on your own "friends" holly

No. 703670

She also draws pretty girls lol. Nice Holly be a biitch to your only ally.

No. 703683

The only YouTube artist I can think of that draws crystals and the same bland "pretty girls" is this one

No. 703691

Is she trying to shade Danica Sills?

No. 703702

She many very well, Danica is relatively successful with her art. Honestly holly is ready to shade everyone that has a following that's greater or has the potential to be greater than her.

No. 703750

Nice self-post, anon.

No. 703751


Nice guess, but that isn't me. it takes 0 effort to click 'most recent' comments and scroll them.

No. 703756

It could be Danica, it could be Jaqueline DeLeon, it doesn't matter, she's capable of shitting on collectives of people because she's nothing but a hateful bitch. that's why no one else who's clearly got their priorities set better, talks to her beyond a comments section.

No. 703762

since you didn't sage that, I'm guessing you're new. Don't assume everyone's cow-tipping, it gets SO boring when we all start flinging accusations like chimpshit. Lots of people dislike Holly, thus, this thread.

I think she's shading tumblr gurlz in general. If you're in internet illustrator circles on tumblr you'll see a lot of pretty girls and crystals, though that's just about as dated a theme as flower-crowns on serial killers tbh. But if she stopped being so god damn lazy and actually looked outside of what's in front of her she'd realize that's not a realistic representation of women in illustration. She just has no friends, rightfully.
She makes fun of SJWs but has her ass firmly glued to their sofa.

No. 703765

No. 703768

File: 1538624835663.jpg (200.71 KB, 935x907, 12aafs122.jpg)

No. 703769

Elbow fingers

No. 703770

if he doesn't hate you after each panel then you're good, man

No. 703772

I didn't even recognize Damian. He looks less fat? Or I guess I can't recognize characters without their hair lol. Thanks Holly, great design.

No. 703787

File: 1538626398408.png (105.14 KB, 560x494, hhh.png)

are you fucking telling me that's supposed to be a boy….. i hate your art so much holly brown. the intention is worse than the execution. Also for anyone who didn't click through to the tutorial posted earlier it hits holly's face problem on the head

No. 703794

For someone who made a video on how to avoid "sameface," I would never be able to tell any of her characters apart just by the facial features.

No. 703795

What is the link to? It looks like a virus…

No. 703798

it's just her latest comic page anon, chill lol.

No. 703799

I don't even know if it's your typical sameface syndrome since she is SO inconsistent with her art any one of her characters can look radically different from panel to panel.
She can't even make them look the same in reference sheets ffs.

No. 703803

He's pulling his hair into clips, takes his hand away, starts cutting the hair, and then stops with Damien's bangs suddenly being longer? Am I reading this page correctly? What is this?

Jesus Christ, Holly, this isn't difficult. Even with shitty art, you can at least try to be consistent between panels.

No. 703810

File: 1538628102319.jpg (386.55 KB, 750x738, 1538158651330.jpg)

Can someone explain the purgatory characters and how they are related.
Who is the hitler guy and why is he raping simon? I thought he was simon's dad but apparently not?? Why is he lusting after simon's dead mom if they didn't get together and have a kid?
And the black haired old man, who is he? I thought he was damian's dad but he seems to care more about simon than damian?
I am so confused.

No. 703812

Omg anon I was the same after reading it cuz every single character looks the same lmao

No. 703816

I seriously read the whole fuckin comic and I still have no idea what's going on and who her characters are an how they're related.
All I know is that simon and damian are gay kids, there is a rapist hitler and some older man who is just there to act as "the voice of reason".
The only thing that's happened is someone got human sacrificed and there's a hole full of skeletons. There are like 400 pages and I feel like absolutely nothing has happened so the characters just seem so bland and lifeless.

No. 703825

File: 1538629243357.jpeg (413.47 KB, 2113x1028, B6FCBBBA-74B3-4B28-9E40-8FEA8F…)

Anon if you're gonna nitpick at least do it properly

No. 703826

Kek, TwistedDisaster couldn't draw something pretty to save their life.

No. 703838

I'll give it a shot, even though it's been a while since I got through this mess. Hopefully this helps:

Simon - golden boy, protagonist, apparently a genius, gay, like totally conflicted because of the rape and his religion, stockholm syndrome

Damian - gay, also genius (but wants to use that for profit blabla), the new kid, seen as a misfit

Simons dad (older black haired dude) - is Simon's dad, high ranking within the church, is okay with the gay

Hitler - rapist, kind of a Snape situation but weird, he assaults Simon because he looks like his dead mom, and Hitler was in love with her, but she married Simon's dad instead, also high ranking "chord member" or whatever

Simon's mom - dead, basically female Simon, allegedly promiscuous, I think she got sacrificed, the only female character (?)

Random bully - Hitler's son, snitch, nice sometimes

No. 703847

Where the fuck are damian's parents?
Please tell me they were sacrificed lol

No. 703855

Nah, I think he was just sent away because the city the rest of the cast is in is supposed to be "more holy", or he was bad or something like that? Don't ask questions, you'll just be disappointed.

No. 703864

I have no idea what the situation is with Damien's family. In the beginning it seems to be that Damien is living with Simon's family for Reasons(??) and then he's back with his mom and then back with Simon's dad for some reason……….

No. 703870

duh! he's looking down! Gravity makes your hair grow half a foot, obvs.

I feel like part of a turn around is that they should already line up, y'know? Also, by the collar placement, I'm not a hundred percent sure she knew they didn't lol. I dunno if nitpicking is the word for pointing out that all the proportions are completely different. I was less concerned with the head proportions myself, and more concerned with the inconsistent facial feature ratio, which is also evident in your edit.

Fucking lol, I didn't even notice the Snape thing. I didn't think of her once being a harry potter girl but I can see it now. I wouldn't be surprised if this started out as a fan-fiction and she made it more "mature" by turning wizards into cultists.

No. 703874

Honestly same, but as far as the situation goes it's probably just our storytelling queen not coming up with enough characters.

I don't actually think she's a big Harry Potter fan though, isn't that "stfg im gonna get u cause u look like ur sexy parent idk" quite a common thing in some media? It started out as Damian being some kind of demon child "corrupting" Simon slowly, with it being shown through the color scheme (it was a lot more interesting back then…) For what it's worth she did draw some ugly HP fan art once though.

No. 703900

I could totally see Purgatory being some shitty AU HP fanfic in its infancy. Draco = Simon and Damien = Harry maybe??

No. 703910

So fun news on the Zine. My copies are missing 6 pages and the books aren’t cut straight. What the actual fuck?
A lot of the artist credits in the back are all wrong.
She doesn’t care either.

No. 703911

Wait, what? That's… Ridiculous. Has she at least given you access to the pdf by now? Is she charging you for those copies?

No. 703914

Yep she charged me for my copies. With how much they cost to make I think I might throw them in a bargain bin for $5 just to get rid of them at my next con.
She gave us the PDF and Nothing matches up. One of my books is missing credits in the back entirely, I know a couple artists weren’t even included in the PDF at all or the book but still were paid on the first pay date.
This whole thing is stupid and was totally something that could’ve been taken care of by doing pre-orders and fulfilling the artist orders first, and building up stock.

No. 703935

wait, some who dropped out still got the money or their art just weren't included but got paid?
You should message to holly and say that your books are missing pages, and honestly, do what many of the anons previously has suggested. Tear the bitch in half with evidence please.

No. 703947

Damn, that's messy. What's wrong with the PDF? Does she know she fucked up, and if she does - what's her excuse for charging you for those copies? Sorry for all the questions, but the way she's handling this is just terrible, even excluding the shit talking. The thing with the credits was handled so poorly from the start, but this is on another level.

No. 703949

Does this mean Damian's helmet-hair is finally going away?

No. 703950

File: 1538644584678.jpeg (77.01 KB, 640x465, 17E38A35-6A55-4A76-8BC6-292605…)

No. 703952


i'm sorry this is happening to you, but in a way, i'm not surprised?
in one of her vlogs, she shows finished copies of seize, and then goes to say she forgot to ink a page and does that on camera. i've always wondered what she did with the "finished" copies after that, but i had my doubts that she would trash them. that she'd do that on the zine is a new low, but given how she's been acting about the whole thing not a surprise, tbh

holly is an absolute asshole

my advice would be to put pressure on her. demand she replace the faulty copies, keep bugging her about it. if she complains about production material, shipping, remind her that you are not responsible for her messing up her work and that there is such a thing as 'quality control'. even if the crooked cutting can be argued about ("it's HANDMADE, my dudes, what do you expect?"), missing six pages cannot

(out of interest, are you one of the artists that 'bothered' her before, ie did she feel like she had to shut you up by getting your stuff out first, or have you not complained to her before this?)

No. 703954

Fuck, I'm sorry. I wish that wasn't so funny. Did you end up getting your twenty dollars?
make sure to document how shit it is, take photos, keep at least one copy
even if you don't feel like pushing it, you can back up another artist when they do.

No. 703956

>Ew no
>But I'm totally not like those other girls/"a large majority of artists"


Disappointing, but completely unsurprising.

No. 703960

File: 1538647947464.jpg (181.1 KB, 1200x675, DoppoZmU4AAplgh (2).jpg)

No. 703962

File: 1538648154580.jpg (154.31 KB, 727x737, 11dogh34.jpg)

No. 703964

File: 1538648177405.jpg (119.35 KB, 699x790, uhu.jpg)

No. 703969

>overly detailed background
>distracting sliding character design

I don't have problems with tracing but this is a terrible application

No. 703973

Wtf is that expression??? Why does Holly do this. He is in some weird library, from what i can tell by himself, so why does his face fucking look like that? Why can't she study proper expressions that are a reaction to something else ffs

No. 703980

I hope you can post photos of the zine so we can see the poor hackjob irl and not just hear the faint whispers of her shittyness.

No. 703981

>the people who are responsible if I get my degree or not
So, you?

>random ass background
you mean "not made by me" and "3d model"

For that perspective to work he needs to be only slightly taller than the height of the table in the background in case anyone's wondering why he looks so short

No. 703985

She always uses the dreamworks eyebrow face

No. 704000

Anon make a video or make a tumblr call out post please. If your books are incorrectly put together, people who actually paid full price probably had defective copies too, but wouldn't know since they didn't work on the book. HOLLY IS RIPPING PEOPLE OFF. Please call attention to this outside of lolcow. Her drooling fans can't come for you, no one thinks it's ok to pay for defective goods.

No. 704018

The way she draws this Dusty guy, and his expressions, look exactly like she's drawing FMA Ed, just without the braid. Has she had one original thought in her life?

No. 704023

honestly if holly would just take a break and go back to basics i can see her art improve, also i think the way she draws shoes has improved in the princess picture. but knowing her i dont think it'll last long

No. 704033

Wasn't she boasting about how much faster the lineless style was the whole time?

This looks like a WIP shot from a terrible shota dating sim.

No. 704036


Many anons have said this before, but you and the other artists that worked on her shit zine NEED to make that discord and call her out. As an artist myself, I would be fucking HEATED if she charged me for something I worked on and all of them had defects. If you keep coming here and complaining, nothing will change and she’s just going to keep scamming people and being her stupid asshole self. CALL. HER OUT.

No. 704047

This. Everyone involved is so fucking passive, you can't let people walk all over you. I understand you don't want ~drama~, but you're basically being scammed. Anons here can't do anything to help you.

No. 704052

It's useless, no one who was involved 8s going to do anything, they're too chickenshit to stand up to Holky and her gremlins. Either that or they're compiling everything so it's taking a while. We can only hope for the latter but dont get your hopes up.

No. 704053

They don't want to stand up to her, but they were fine riding her coattails to be in the zine and make money off it/ maybe get popular. This says a lot about the kind of people that Holly attracts, they're just like her.

No. 704054


"lineless took too long"

Fucking HOlly, didn't you spend video after video bragging about how much more efficient and quick lineless animation would be??

Her life is one giant contradiction all the time.


Don't let her do you that way.

No. 704058

maybe if one of the more popular artists who were in the zine say something? also i dont think her fan base is "that big" a grand majority of her YT subs came from back in the day when she made tutorials, view and sub count dont add up and only has a few thousand following her on her social media , her fans arent as big as we think they are

No. 704068

Well I mean Holly has Keith, and that's a fromidable enemy if I ever saw one LMAO

No. 704085

File: 1538665269496.png (64.59 KB, 639x650, g1hdeJv.png)

Unsure if this has been posted here, but here's an old tumblr post from one of the zine artists. This was posted on September 1, and it's still at the top of the "true colors zine" tag.

No. 704108

Are all the artist in the zine just some small tumblr randos?

No. 704116


>This looks like a WIP shot from a terrible shota dating sim.

This made me actually laugh out loud

No. 704127

If you refer to artist as tumblr randos how tf do you expect them to grow?? idk by maybe doing zines?

No. 704164

LMAO does this seem like a "how to grow as an artist" thread? No one cares

No. 704165

Problem is when only 1-2 of the artists are saying stuff like “let’s do something about this” or ‘let’s take this public’ the rest of them wimp out and say “it’s fine” or “I don’t want to be mean”
um she doesn’t give a fuck about you or your art. She pretty much refused to promote her own project, do the books correctly, or credit you properly in the damn thing. She’s basically saying we’re nothing to her.
There is only so much one artist out of 80 can do. SAY something. Nothing is going to change if you keep letting her walk all over you.

No. 704174

And she seriously fucks up the glasses once again. How can she even do this so consistently? She wears them herself, jfc

No. 704187


For the most part, yeah. I think this was kind of a deliberate move on her part, to pick followers who are either desperate fans vying for 'their queen's' attention or she just happened to pick artists who just wanted to ride her coat tails (which isn't even that big a deal since her following really isn't all that large).

One of the larger artists in that Zine is Michie/twisted disaster, but she's buddy buddy with holly and I highly doubt she'd say anything with holly's dick in her mouth lmao.

Honestly it's been like 3 or 4 months now, and nothing's been said, or done. By now, I highly doubt any action will be taken.

Especially now that that anon has shared describing the state the books are in, that lowers the chance of them taking it to a callout because they don't wanna be caught/identified as having posted here.

They should've just done up an anonymous post/blog on tumblr or twitter, and done it that way THEN come here. Calling her out, despite our best efforts, has gotten no one anywhere, so…too bad so sad, Holly will just slide them $20 and keep it moving with her bullshit.

It's not on us to do the callout work FOR the artists who are only brave enough to come here and whine.

No. 704201

For sure. It’s hard to know you’re a small artist, say something, and then have her brain dead fandom come attack them for coming at their fat cow overlord.
Honestly as once as I get a reply on replacing the books with accurate books, I’ll be doing a public post. I don’t care if she knows I’m lurking here. I only found this place cause I googled her Trying to find her contact info when her zine email went fucking silent so this bad rep? it’s really all on her.
she doesn’t proove otherwise.

No. 704205

I see what your saying, but honestly fuck the other artist if they want to be wimps, then let them. At this point i think the artist who actaully do care should just call Holly out for THEIR OWN sake. You would be surprised by how easily Holly freaks out towards things like that. Some pics of the defective books, screenshots of emails and dates and ect are enough to gain attention. Fans problably will be a problem, but its tumblr and youtube and they are problably 12 year olds, their minds will change if a bandwagon starts. But someone HAS to start SOMEWHERE. Even if its ONE person.

Geez, man, I'd be damned if someone fucked up my hard work like that. But if that doesnt convince any of you guys, if you guys want to dickride Holly bring attention to the scam will bring you more attention/popularity.

No. 704215

alternative to the take down option is pressure her to promote the fuckin thing and maybe make some money back

No. 704232

Good luck with that, and sorry that you got fucked over. If Holly sees this she'll probably try to get you to shut up by being apologetic or making it out to be your fault, please be mindful of that, this really isn't okay.

No. 704249

Just block any hate you get. Turn off notifications. Exposing a scam in the art community is more important, especially when there are more talented and well deserving artists who don't cut corners and treat their fans and work partners like shit

No. 704264

>"Just a communication issue"
>She just deleted the store page without informing us, gave us false information and never followed through on anything

Are all these people over 18?

No. 704338

it's funny to me that they're so scared of a bunch of preteens coming and talking shit on their blog when turning on anon will resolve 90% of that potential issue.

part of making it as an artist is looking out for yourself. that means if you create work for the purpose of getting paid and/or promotion, then you better make damn sure you benefit. rolling over and going "b-but the 12 year olds I am such a smol arteest" just ensures that you did a lot of work for literally nothing. hell, a callout post would likely go viral in the art community and get you even more attention.

I'm honestly past feeling bad for the zine artists tbh. what Holly is doing is objectively wrong. no one in the community except asslicker michie gives 2 fucks about her. but y'all are really so afraid of literal children making a bit of noise. lmao

No. 704352

File: 1538689140262.png (289.15 KB, 566x708, vwTmgZA.png)

idk She probably never thought about it because she was soooooooo busy with the zine, idk

No. 704361

Ofcourse the dumblr artists lack the basic instinct to try and rectify getting shit on and used like damn I remember all the dumbasses talking about how they wanted to sign up even though they knew holly would crash but then when she did nobody is saying shit besides running to the farms and weeping or vague blogging.
Holly will never be persecuted for shit

No. 704403

File: 1538693782287.png (89.65 KB, 919x606, 2018-10-04_175408.png)

Wait didn't she mention that printing or getting stuff that is colored off set printed more expensive as an excuse as to why she didn't do that with the zine ?
But yet when it comes to her own work it'll be fine ?
shows how much she even cared about the zine in the first place , especially since she didn't promote it but maybe once or twice .

No. 704413

There IS a discord with about 40 of the zine artists where we discuss the issues. Holly made a discord soon after that,maybe someone told her artists were getting together and she got scared enough to make that discord she waas oh so too busy for. There's been some talk in chat how to go about the issues. I rarely ever participate in threads so I guess take my word that Im not prevous zine anons.

No. 704422

What's the last word at weenie hut junior

No. 704455


I don't know about any other anons, but I want screenshots, names and icons blurred out of course.

Like, it's ridiculous how much they let Holly get away with in this instance, and now she finally decided to turn around and make a discord channel? After ALL that bullcrap? If true, then it's a last-ditch effort to keep the artists quiet and from posting here.

it's a little dubious coming from someone who just 'knows' but there isn't any proof.

No. 704461

Yes please, damming evidence from the discord to here. If no one else will do it I fucking will. Not just for the zine but just the shitty hypocrite she is.

No. 704463

File: 1538701811882.gif (2.21 MB, 508x508, f3694f9a-ec11-4c89-b83a-064441…)

Why kin such a poorly written character?

No. 704466

Ever notice how rude/apathetic Holly comes off when the person isn't totally sucking her ass?

No. 704516

sounds like you guys are getting a whole lot done I mean, only several months have gone by and you guys are still simpering about standing up for yourselves.

No. 704600

No. 704662

File: 1538719344942.png (159.31 KB, 585x375, hcbrown.png)

It still amazes me that there are people who actually like Holly's characters so much that they want to draw them like this

No. 704668

This artist is barely better than Holly lol

No. 704674

Nah. It's a chance for artists with slightly better drawing skills to show off and get retweeted by someone with a large following.

No. 704688

This artist looks like Holly and Spechie style fused

No. 704714

This person has 11 followers, you know exactly why they'd tweet at Holly.

No. 704743

Is he working on his ballet positions?

No. 704767

all of her characters are like lolrandum hotheads. it's so anime it hurts.

No. 704873

File: 1538756352995.jpg (191.52 KB, 1080x822, Screenshot_20181005-111834_You…)

Idk why her community thing popped up on my youtube feed, I usually try not to watch her videos.

No. 705068

It does that, someone's feed just appears even if you dont follow or watch their vids. something about algorhythm based on the types of vids you watch. it doesnt matter in the long run

No. 705069

wow, i didn't think reese's character design could get any more unappealing - AND she dropped some of the revolting characteristics like the acne and hid the bandages a bit. this artist has a horrible style anyway, reese's creepy lil pink lips freak me out

No. 705088

File: 1538781375894.png (113.84 KB, 645x887, 11png.png)

No. 705095

File: 1538782834077.jpg (74.58 KB, 362x160, meat.jpg)

ew i didn't even notice his lips.
I looked at the full version and acne's there he's just really dark for some reason so you can't see it.
Their necks are so short it's like she was so scared of the holly-long-necks (daddy-long-legs) that their heads retracted like threatened turtles.

Punching her?? Uh ohes. Let's hope she's being over-dramatic.

No. 705101

Doesn’t her stalker freak her out?

No. 705104

I feel like any attention is good attention for her. Either that or it all goes over her head.

No. 705114

Usually I'd 100% believe anyone who said this but WHY is she ALWAYS inconvenienced at such convenient times?
I agree with everyone when they say she purposefully takes on too much but I'm starting to wonder if she ever expects to do all of it in the first place. Maybe she's so used to getting away with half-assing everything she thinks that if she says "I'm gonna do 100 things" she knows no one's gonna call her out for doing 70 and she'll get praise for the hundred and pity that it was so hard.
idk, my sluts, my dudes, my bros. She's a swindler.

No. 705152

I don't think she realizes this dude is a mega creep. Holly is a turbo virgin who has probably never gotten any real male attention and has a super warped view on relationships anyway, considering her obsession with rape.

No. 705304

>sends hugs and kisses
jfc Holly, stop replying to this dude.

No. 705309

File: 1538810635619.png (240.54 KB, 642x729, keithart.png)

No. 705384


He's so tone deaf.
He's probably legit autistic.

No. 705437

jezz , I used to have a ton of guys like Keith on my social media platform.they all creeped me out so much .I would have just blocked him after his rape in jail comment he posted towards hollys brother . But then again he might support her rape fetish.

No. 705455

I ship it

No. 705480

No. 705516

it b interesting milk if holly started dating anyone

shes mentioned "dates" but shes never mentioned a gf/bf or even a rl crush.

No. 705578

I don’t see holly dating anyone right now cuz she doesn’t have a liscence and also yknow major trust issues. But it might happen if/when she moves out or gets her own car at least. Which I hope she’ll do.

No. 705617

File: 1538866068946.jpg (89.44 KB, 720x730, IMG_20181006_154803.jpg)

No. 705642

what is her finger doing
is that a finger?

why is she so WHINY???
she has opportunities so many people would KILL for. Just shut up and enjoy your money/ a sustainable career doing something creative/ affording college

No. 705672

she is transforming into patrick star

No. 705689


I think her thumb was just in the way. She has her hand flat against the screen cause there's another finger in the bottom right.

No. 705719

Why is the back of her hand against the screen tho

Holy shit, this autist.
He must be fourteen. They should get married when he comes of age.

No. 705735

File: 1538883135284.jpg (255.11 KB, 1188x801, keef.jpg)

Here's my 'Best Of Keefers The Welsh Witch'

>I'm crying
Do you think people are actually moved by her comics or are they just gushing

No. 705740

Ew wtf ban him holly, like for once I'm on her side and don't think she should have to deal with weirdo creeps like this

No. 705745


Wow, Holly really brings in the creeps, this guy is way off. Bad taste and stupid to boot.

No. 705762

>deal with
this is her fucking squadfam

No. 705803

she doesn't seem to mind him though. she's always engaging with him on twitter. it's not like she's suffering or anything lmao.

No. 705828

Surprise surprise, someone purged their twitter again! What is she trying to hide this time?

No. 705840

>Your ass looks just as good as I imagined

I guess being a die-hard fujo isn't enough to keep away the creepy orbiters.

No. 705895

File: 1538915088977.png (179.01 KB, 640x1136, 099BC940-FC36-4AC9-B414-0AE023…)

Cant post the video but you can go to her twitter. Spoiler alert. Its bad

No. 705903

Damn she really had no idea how to animate…

The least she can do is put a ton more in between and hold that one frame a bit where he notices a viewer. It says it's a second long but I'm thinking it might be better if she slowed it down to at least 2 or 3. There's way too much jumping around in what seems to be a kinda nonchalant typical anime head turn where ugu senpai notices you and smiles like the cute boi he is.

I can't seem to tell what frame rate she's going at, maybe 24 frames per second because of how fast it is, or maybe 12 since it looks like there are so few frames? Though I'm pretty sure it's 24. It looks like she's trying to draw on twos but is still missing a whole lot of frames.

It's not bad as a beginner animation… but I really suggest to start with the basics like ball bounce, flower sack, understanding s curve c curve before trying something a bit more advanced.

Holly if you're reading this, please at least double the frames shown in this and draw certain frames out, this is way too fast and choppy

Sorry if I sound like a fan of holly, I do animation work and am really passionate about it so I would like to see those attempting it get better even if they are a cow

No. 705917

holly posted over TWO WEEKS AGO that she was going update her patreon comic daily and literally has only updated two days since then… i don't understand this at all, why not make that claim after you have a backlog of pages to post, is she doing it the day of or just not posting her pages??

No. 705918

File: 1538919797098.gif (1009.09 KB, 634x384, okt.-07-2018 15-42-57.gif)

No. 705920

This looks like a choppy gif animation, not an animation for a short film. She's still salty about not getting into calarts huh and just had to do an animation for her final. Too bad she sucks at it worst than a hobbyist.

No. 705923

look at the book. Since she has ever animated she is still holding on to the hope that
>This is enough fill in frames, right?
Soon she will have to bite the bullet

No. 705925

yes, that is exactly like how humans move in real life

No. 705935

This is what happens when a non-animation major chooses to make an animation as their final thesis. The only good thing about this choppy animation is that at this rate Holly might actually be able to turn something in an graduate. Granted it is going to suck but it's something.

No. 705947

Isn't her not delivering on Patreon against the rules or whatever? Are creators allowed to not give patrons what they are paying for?

No. 705951

man, this is such an indicator that she doesnt want to spend time on anything. it's like she thinks she can replace the time and effort that goes into a good animation with an expensive program

No. 705963

I feel like this sudden Clever Kitchen dump is just her wanting to experiment again with animation.
First she pulls the NDA out her ass, and now she can suddenly show every fart she does because SCREW IT I'M PUTTING SO MUCH EFFORT?
Why, that's not how things work Holly. It's either you are under NDA and you can't show anything otherwise they won't give you your degree (which is honestly stupid and unheard of) OR you want to show things and you do it because yeah why not.
AND you want to show things because you're putting in so much effort but you do it NOW? Just like every time you make something and can't wait to show people so you make videos and show stuff THE MOMENT you finish something (or in most cases even START something)?
She obviously dropped CK and is going back to it NOW and since she lives for social media glory she HAS to post whatever she's doing at the moment. I refuse to think that this piece of animation took her more than a couple hours from scratch to finish.
Also she's really really great at erasing her own memory: lineless was easier and quicker and everybody using lines were stupid fuckers, can't you remember, Holly?
Also also she mentioned she changed a lot of stuff for this project, while she claimed to have worked for months over it. I mean ANIMATING it. Style and story should be approved BEFORE starting a project, not midway into it. This is further proof that this is probably something she's making for herself without any guidance, because there's no way they let you animate minutes of your short and THEN you get to change everything.
As for the comic pages: she's an absolute idiot. She admitted that she's used to bite more than she could chew and yet she insisted into a ridiculous schedule.
For fuck's sake holly, the fact that you CAN, MAYBE, spit out 8 pages a week, it doesn't mean you HAVE to do it. You have to consider the days in which you're sick or feeling low or if you have more complex pages, you need to build up a decent amount of buffer pages and THEN set your schedule.
You have to be realist of how many pages PER AVERAGE you can draw, she decided to go into daily updates after only two days of making pages, that is totally fucked up and OF COURSE she couldn't keep it.
It's one thing when we talk about the webcomics, because they're free to read; but she promised daily pages for her PATREONS. Before promising pages daily, be sure to have AT LEAST two weeks worth of content set aside so you can continue working on your DAILY plus the other tons pf project you place your sad ass into.
There's nothing to praise about what you do, holly, and if people get mad at you because you don't deliver, it's to blame on you and you ONLY. nobody forced you to make daily content for your patreon PLUS four pages each of your other two webcomics.
Shitting out pages like this is not helping her improve, because she's not thinking about composition or trying out new things or even draws backgrounds anymore. I personally would prefer something well made even if it's one page per week instead of seven pages a week crappily drawn and poorly scripted munguh.

No. 705978

She deleted the streams (and her entire stream playlist) except not really:

Suggestions for timestamps would be appreciated, especially for the first video. I'll post them on twitter as well under Holly's related hashtags, since that's exactly where she doesn't want them.

No. 705979

>Shitting out pages like this is not helping her improve
Yep. Quality> quantity.

No. 705999

File: 1538929981444.jpeg (130.4 KB, 640x458, 38B931C5-3E4E-463F-9BFB-5728CA…)

Ofc Keith commented on the animation video

No. 706008

i don't need to see every keith tweet

No. 706011

Yeah lets keep the focus on Holly we all know how crap Keith is. Unless he does something real shitty lets limit Keith tweets they are realll creepy.

No. 706018

Since she loves FMA and Ed's character so much, she should at least watch some scenes frame by frame to try and learn something. It's pretty impossible to make a pilot for an animated show by yourself in a few months with no prior training anyway, but it can be better than this.

No. 706021

she wants people.to think she's working so hard when she's not. like who is going to call her out? most of her fanbase isn't on patreon (or old enough to sub to her NSFW shit) and the ones that do are beyond the point of reason and will just asspat her when she whines how busy and stressed she is.

No. 706028

>is she doing it the day of
Imo, it's ovious she is, the concept of buffers seems to be lost on her. Now she's raking in 250 bucks a month for essentially nothing.

No. 706118

Yeah, she's under pressure from lecturers to show more evidence of her animation, for sure. I can't even work out what kind of schedule she's on for this course. Is it part-time or full-time? If it's full-time she shouldn't have enough time for fucking around on all this other shit.

No. 706120

Before I found this thread I thought she was super hard working. She really loves to sprinkle in her ridiculous list of to do's as if she's working every second of the day but then she quietly admits on Twitter (her core audience, not her YouTube viewers) that she isn't doing the stuff she said she would in her videos for some excuse or another. Then two weeks later on YouTube she'll announce her newest focus, making her seem so diligent. She's not great at business but she is good at bullshitting.

No. 706148

File: 1538942613659.jpg (83.79 KB, 720x624, IMG_20181007_130306.jpg)

…if you know what's ruining your brushes then why tf are you doing it? This logic kills me.

No. 706171

She is definitely addicted to impulsive shopping, I used to suffer from it a lot before I changed my focus on being minimalistic

No. 706179

Yeah the more I hear about her coursework problems/procrastination, the more I wonder about what she's in? I may have missed it somewhere along the line (probably due to disinterest) but now I'm legitimately curious.

No. 706263

I thought she donated a bunch of art supplies recently so she could de-clutter, and now she's buying a ton of brushes?? Doesn't make sense.

No. 706269

I've just got this image of her dragging nasty crusted up brushes across a 2$ canvas and flinging them onto her floor angrily because they didn't make good anime

No. 706271

I'm guessing she left her brushes in water somewhere in her room and just now found them again so is justifying the purchase

No. 706341

File: 1538960684544.jpg (97.2 KB, 720x643, IMG_20181007_180448.jpg)

No. 706348

you lurky bitch…… how did you not think about planning ahead with your comics like this, even a "moths worth" of planning ahead cant be enough when she's juggling THREE COMICS wtf

No. 706350

her animation isn't due till like june next year

No. 706354

File: 1538962771797.jpg (16.91 KB, 216x274, 54b7e064ecad04a829ce645e-750-7…)

>people assume u have friends, bitch if I did I wouldn't be in driving school
what does this mean

No. 706357

If she had friends they would teach her to drive? I guess? I thought most states required you to take a few hours at a formal driving school anyway.

No. 706364

I think she means she would have her friends drive her everywhere, which is kinda dickish anyway

No. 706366

for real, people get tired of playing chauffeur, especially if you don't spot them for gas (which Holly definitely wouldnt).

how does anyone in America get to their 20s without learning to drive? does her city have good public transport?

No. 706434

Why is she making a 6+ minute animation for her graduation capstone/thesis/final whatnot if she's not an animation major?

She had no aptitude for character animation prior, even when she allegedly applied to CalArts. She should have just made an issue of Paranormal Plague her final assignment. Holy shit.

No. 706449

She should have just made a whole bunch of nudge nudge trust trust for her final assignment.
I wonder how many weebs in the world have submitted yaoi for their finals lol

No. 706566

she's been living with her mom is why she doesn't have a license. but she plans to move eventually so i assume she's learning for that reason

No. 706579


She planned on moving to California, then to like, Colorado or some shit. But she hasn't made any mention of it since like late spring so I'm guessing she's not really thinking about it as much. She's too comfortable.

No. 706601

No. 706647


Last I heard from her vlog, the new new plan is to stay in Texas, live off art, and buy a house.

No. 706699

She means that she doesn't have friends because she can't drive anywhere and is stuck at her mom's house all the time. At least, that's her complaint in her vlogs.

It's just an excuse, but that is what she means.

No. 706809

>Thumbnail a month's worth of pages
How does she not have at least a chapter at a time thumbnailed? I'm guessing she just makes her comics up as she goes, which explains a lot.

No. 707039

Which honestly makes no sense because even the professionals do in about a day or two, at her shit quality she shoukd be able to pump out her shitty incoherent thumbnails by the hour

No. 707047

Please, anon. She IS a professional.

No. 707241

File: 1539064506158.png (35.73 KB, 646x332, drama.png)

idk i dont want drama fam like why are u so triggered stfg lol

No. 707261

“all art opinions are biased” i mean, she’s not wrong, but her “tutorials” aren’t even…tutorials really? she tries to teach things she doesn’t fully grasp herself, and the way in which she does it isn’t even an actual lesson; it’s her rambling about some backwards-ass way to do something while her shitty drawings are done on screen.

how much do you guys wanna bet that she’ll go back to tutorials in a month or so? iirc, those get a lot more traffic than her regular speedpaints or what have you, so of course she’ll probably notice (if she hasn’t already) and go back to them soon.

No. 707279

exactly, when someone who is skilled shows how they do things, what they are saying is "this is the right and wrong way to do what I do personally"
She presents her opinions like they're tried and true industry techniques, and they're just NOT in any way! If they were she wouldn't keep changing her fucking mind all the time about what's the ttly only way to do it my guys, what kind of dumb bitch would ever do it different idk whatever

No. 707291

If you're going to teach people something, you have present it properly. She always does it in the most abrasive way possible and puts down someone else in the process, is it really surprising to her that that pisses people off?

No. 707333

Has Holly ever mentioned having ADHD? She checks all the boxes for fairly severe ADHD. Starting projects but never finishing them, rushes everything and can't stay on one thing for very long because everything has to be new new new, poor executive functioning in general, poor impulse control, and poor emotional regulation. Having all of this and not knowing what's wrong with you leads to depression and poor self-esteem, which she also has. I wonder how much she could improve, emotionally and in her art, if she got on medication and could actually finish projects and properly retain information?

No. 707335

Okay so something I wanted to respond to recently is the whole NDA thing with her thesis film. I also studied animation at degree level and we were told explicitly to not share our work online. In the off chance it is stolen, or ideas are stolen and we then submit our work we could be theoretically done for plagiarism- so we weren’t forbidden like NDA (which sounds stupid) but we were heavily advised against it. It’s like any sort of final project - you wouldn’t release your PhD online halfway through because someone might copy it? It’s not as drastic as she says but some people here are saying it isn’t even possible - when it is.

No. 707346

she has a verbal or mental tick where "i think x" is substituted by "people don't even realise x"

No. 707347

I wouldn't be surprised. I've got severe ADHD and I can definitely identify with a lot of her sperging. I don't fuck people over though and that's the whole problem with Holly. You've got to know your limits and you can't excuse yourself from responsibility. When I was a kid I used to start huge projects with other people and drop them, I would never do that as an adult, especially if there was money involved.

No. 707570

Eh tbh it differs from school to school. Sheridan, a leading animation school has a website where students are allowed to post their works from over the years at the school and it's good to see some of the amazing stuff some students are already capable of doing like airin budiman and his story boards and short film.

Though maybe the copy right laws are different in america but last I remember as long as you post something and say it's yours I'm pretty sure you have the right to take others to court if they copy your idea and you have evidence to back up that you made it first.

I think it all falls down to ones own opinion in the matter and if your art is actually good

It's so annoying when people are like I don't wanna put my art out there in case someone steals it despite it being complete horseshit, but that woukd make sense for a school to see it online and think the student just copied it if they don't have the time and resources to check if the student actually did or not

No. 707574

File: 1539104935986.jpg (36.1 KB, 720x302, IMG_20181009_100827.jpg)

No. 707599

"I hope they're good, 'cause if they are-"

You'll make better art? You'll get more done? You'll use them a lot?

"that's definitely an X-mas present for my sister."

Oh, my mistake. I assumed Ms. Professional Artist over here was planning on actually using the expensive supplies she bought. Silly me.

What the fuck kind of artist just throws supplies into the wind like that?

No. 707636

Not to WK, but it sounds like she'd just give them to her sister and not use them herself?

She bought copic markers a few weeks ago, I don't know why she'd buy more to use for herself.

No. 707641

Does she actually mean "if they AREN'T, I'll pass them off to my sister to get rid of them"? Or does she mean that if they're good, she'll ask her sister to buy her more for Christmas? Her tweets are so much more cerebral than they seem

No. 707756

I feel like she's using her twitter as a "notes to myself" space on this one.. which is weird? Get a bullet journal holly you are add as fuck

No. 707794

You guys gotta consider she has no friends. Like the random thoughts you'd text to your friends are the things she posts on Twitter cuz her fans are her only interactions.

No. 708148

File: 1539128076818.png (279.62 KB, 720x681, Screenshot_2018-10-09-19-32-01…)

What does this even mean, her grammar is super incoherent. Why has resse basically turned into a female oc

No. 708257

jesus her art is just so ugly i hate the way she shades hair

No. 708289


The fucking wrist.

No. 708394

what i don’t understand is that she tries to show reese off as this super effeminate guy who wears makeup and shit, but wouldn’t he cover up his acne better if that were the case? i can’t deal with the fact that she said he was an escort, w/ that greasy af lettuce colored hair, acne bumps all over the face, scars and bandages on his arms, etc. no one would pay money to have sex with that guy. hell, he had to kidnap and rape hershel lmao. also how about we just interpret hershel’s acceptance of the act at the end of that awful comic as immediate stockholm syndrome, since holly thinks that rape doesn’t count if you’re a strong beefy man.

that magenta background color hurts my eyes too, aaagh. this girl and her saturation levels. does she ever tone it down?

No. 708441

Ooof that wrist looks broken, what an uncomfortable way to hold a knife

No. 708511

you guys are reaching, she def means that she'd buy another (new) set for her sister if she approves of them.

No. 708542

little finger just going through the knife handle, huh. Perf.
JUST USE REFS fucksake there are a wealth of hand-holding-knife poses on the internet in almost every pose.
Hell, even if she just tried the pose herself she'd realize it's impossible and agonizing

No. 708652

File: 1539158937028.png (156.31 KB, 633x696, twttr.png)

Herschel's type is Holly's self inserts, who would have thought? She really is a natural storyteller after all, it was wrong to doubt her.

No. 708654

File: 1539159051979.png (629.41 KB, 1456x777, glck.png)

No. 708664

So Princess and Ashe AND Reese are all love interests for Herschel?

No. 708669

>>shows this

thanks for the laugh

No. 708672

File: 1539161759543.png (256.29 KB, 884x560, asg.png)

No, that was scrapped that when she started falling in love/lust with Herschel, like a very normal and stable person.

No. 708674

she's sooo transparent! She takes photos of herself with hair over half of her face! Doesn't she realise how gross that is? lmao, she's like those insane fujos who dress up/photoshop like sexy yaois but she's too lazy to even do that
She just desperately wants a fan to say "Hey, I just realised, you look like your sexy characters" so she can go "Huh? gross, bro. Yuck, my dude, you're crazy, my guy." whilst feeling smug as fuck

No. 708679

I meant that the Princess/Herschel ship was scrapped, that was worded really poorly, sorry! The Reese and Ash thing is still happening though. Ash aka hot version of Holly will be the fuck buddy, and Reese aka bishie version of Holly will be the love interest.

No. 708687

Nani the fuck is with those pecs? This chest anatomy is janky as hell.

Is this just going to devolve into a giant gangbang?

No. 708695

File: 1539164933828.jpeg (41.15 KB, 625x350, 81744D99-0B0F-4050-9617-437E1A…)

Don’t know if this was already pointed out and sorry if it was, but holy shit I finally realized what her art reminds me of. From the hairstyles to the chins to her god awful anatomy, it all matches up.

No. 708697


>skeletal greasy acne-ridden cutter prostitute is the upgrade

good one Holly

No. 708715

I can’t wrap my head around how “long hair covering half the face” is supposed to be a type. I bet she decided on that hairstyle to simplify it so she only has to draw one eye.

Their hair is actually exactly the same…big swoopy face cover chunk, side part and weird horizontal flippy piece above the ear. She designed one character and then decided she liked it so much she used the same design with slight alterations for anther character. And she’s using the excuse of beef boy having a type to try and cover for laziness and bad character design.

No. 708719

isn’t that like the typical emo hairstyle? (aside from the bangs swept to the side thing) that’s not at all surprising coming from holly. still, the fact that reese’s and ash’s hairstyles are so similar is a bit off-putting considering that they’re both a part of the main cast. sure, their hair is different colors, but wouldn’t you want to vary them a little more, especially since they fill basically the same role of hershel’s weird sassy love interest(s)?

oh wait, this is holly we’re talking about. the same person who got so lazy that she turned all of her oc’s hairstyles into massive swoops and chunks of hair that she can just scribble out. even princess, who i think had dreads at first or something similar, got a single fucking braid that has a mind of its own instead. at least it doesn’t look like its going to spread its wings and fly away soon though, unlike hershel’s hair.

No. 708781

This may just be the most emotion I've ever seen Reese display, of course it had to be in a faux "rivalry" concerning Herschel

No. 708824

lmao the pecs! they look like they've been slapped on like a thin sheet of silicone
i think she used a artists anatomy doll, that's why the pecs would be separate

No. 708832

>reese gives a thumbs up of "tch" bishonen anger with his tiny baby hand
>Perspective dictates that ash is seven feet tall

also, of course he doesn't have the acne scars when he's posing, proving that even holly thinks they look like shit

No. 708846

They're not reaching anon, it's just that her grammar is so bad that no one understands what the fuck she's trying to say. Hell I couldn't understand what she was trying to say and was looking for someone to interpret what she had meant

No. 708860

File: 1539185849263.png (258.46 KB, 616x626, edtnk.png)

Are we going to ignore this or
Because I'm cool with that

No. 708864

File: 1539186307554.jpeg (407.86 KB, 640x1135, A08625E3-4E21-4E88-AC8F-5CDBFB…)

We are officially in the “long neck” phase

No. 708866

Newfag here.

I've been lurking for a while and from all the thing I've read here about Holly here,it's seem that she's a huge weaboo,and especially fan of 90's and early 2000's anime and manga,but for whatever reason doesn't own her shit and try to look down at the stuff she like.
It's really obvious,especially with those anime hair bang and the general direction her art have take recently with the "screentone" and shit.
It's may be me but I believe that she would be more happy if she admitted that she's really into manga/anime,and make the effort to do some real improvement on her art in this direction. Because frankly,this hellfest that her art "career" is …it's good milk,but also kind of sad.
But eh, let's not forget that I'm talking about Holly in the first place.

No. 708881

To her credit; being inspired by anime/manga is actually one of the only things she's honest about! She's pretty defensive about it though, and is aggressively against fine artist because they're sooo elitist and they look down on her precious mangu.

No. 708906

I think it's quite the opposite, like >>708881 said she constantly shits on ~boring~ fine art and complains that she just wants to draw the yaoiz. She won't put in any effort either way.

No. 708913

Oh okay
thanks for the infos anons
I don't follow her anymore (I used to follow her last year,but then one day I was like "hey what she saying in that video is really stupid"and ended looking at these thread)so I don't see all her sperging on social media
But yeh shitting on fine artist is just dumb. Just admit it's not for you and move on.

No. 708961

File: 1539190363205.png (55.35 KB, 693x467, keithnannigans.png)

Saged for Keith shenanigans, but if seems like Holly might be catching on? Also why is his last comment so… Aggressive? God damn

Np anon, and good for you! Lol, what did she say that made you want to look her up?

No. 708965

yeah, holly doesn’t seem to understand the simple act of agreeing to disagree sometimes, lol. also, i think she DID use to shit on anime/manga in the past when she was trying to act like she was above other artists with those influences (possibly the “your art teacher hates anime” vid or whatever it was called?). as in, she complained about weebs a lot despite obviously being one herself, though i do think it was partially done out of humor and not actual annoyance or malice. now she owns it a lot better honestly, even if she still shits on western comics bc manga is “so clearly superior in every way, yaoiz r the bestest. XD”

No. 708971

omg wtf is that?!

No. 708978

It's because, earlier in, she wanted a girl self insert who she probably sees herself as (Ash). Then she decided she wanted an idealized boy self insert with her more negative traits and her ideal yaoi persona (and made him brown for sjw points).

No. 708989

I watched almost all the videos she had available last year and at one point I started to notice that whatever advice she try to give to others artists,it's not helpful at all and just give me a headache. I was even tempted by her sketchbook slam challenge at some point. But really in the end between her "do this,don't do that" and her shitty attitude I just felt that i was listening to an art bully.
At best she's just at the same level that those white noise I have in my mp3 but otherwise nope.

kek because clearly no one can like both or choose one whiout shitting on the second

No. 708995

Keith creeps me out. If I was her, I would ghost and/or block him.

Based on his art and manner of speaking, he's either autistic or younger than 16. I guess with that in mind, it's possible Holly is just humoring him out of pity.

Saged for Keith derailing

No. 709000

sorry for samefagging but yeah if I had to point videos that make me cringe;first of all her vlog,general sperging about everything. Second that whole color theory video."Take color theory classes or die" Lol

No. 709010

holly you’re encouraging him S T O P

No. 709030

maybe she can has boyfriend?

No. 709034

I did the research. Unfortunately, from searching through his twitter history I can say he is quite probably an adult man, autism is not out of the question

And he's gay. Talks about being a gay wiccan a lot.

STOP lmao

No. 709048

Gakuen Handsome, it's pretty great.

Dang, glad you got out before doing the carpal tunnel challenge, it really was one of her dumber projects, and that's saying a lot.

He's bi, not as exciting as a true yaoi boy, but at least it means that they can live happily ever after!

No. 709590

File: 1539223549847.png (356.38 KB, 620x803, neckphase.png)

Artist imagining of logical progression, 2018

No. 709621

Oh my god I love this

No. 709641


please let this be the gold standard by which all future art contributions to this thread are measured

No. 709834

eye is too 3D and interesting
nice try anon

I forgot about the sketchbook slam. Didn't she wuss out of her own challenge or something?

No. 709874

This is too good anon.

Keith sounds like a fudanshi who has issues with women, they're perfect for each other.

No. 709881

God damn this is good, please make a shittier version so that it can be truly canon. This is easily on of the top 5 BRown fan art pieces.

Pretty sure she completed it (while whining excessively about it, of course) but she really shouldn't have.

No. 709889

also sassy? Reese is a shy uwu rapist boi, he's not fucking sassy holly youre delusional

No. 709890

This is awesome anon, but you might not want to post your art too much here. It can be easy to identify your style and I'm sure you don't want to get in trouble for it. Nonetheless, awesome!

No. 709894

thanks for the laugh anon, this is amazing
love the hair swoops

No. 709927

File: 1539255736520.png (80.18 KB, 679x584, btip.png)

Just in case you've been wondering about Holly's crotch and Michie's tumtum.

No. 709946

>by the way it lodged up in my puss
>guys i know it's subtle but in got wedged in my flaps
>guys please, listen

No. 709947

>my squishie tum tum
Is she fucking 12?

No. 709976

File: 1539263717383.png (676.6 KB, 1242x2208, 326121A8-7A4D-421C-BC0D-BA1B1E…)

From twitter… I genuinely don’t know where to start with this

No. 709977

File: 1539263855784.png (1.55 MB, 1242x2208, 7F6BBEDE-4FD1-49CE-AC23-2F3E8D…)

2nd twitter pic. This is Simon and Damian btw this is what they look like now

No. 709994

File: 1539265289264.jpg (20.71 KB, 188x180, 1111111.jpg)

brain damage??

No. 710068

Holly I think youre talking about high waisted jeans? Which used to be out of style thus called mom jeans however now they’back in and low rise is out.. and no you can’t turn a low rise jean into a high waist by giving yourself a wedgie, that’s just really stupid

No. 710092

that's what she just fuckin said she realised

No. 710134

File: 1539272925316.jpeg (267.3 KB, 640x951, 3D392090-0105-441D-99AC-54DF62…)

Why? It looks like every other dreamworks expression she’s drawn.

No. 710185

lmao to be fair, it was a distracting way to put it. anon might not be on her A-game.

Does that look more like the nose she draws for her animation goblin or is it just me?
I also find the fact that they're looking less like unspecified anime creatures and more like preteen boys disturbing.

No. 710236

Her art reminds me of that Don Hertzfeld short where the drawings just become more and more unstable and sloppy until everything implodes.

No. 710239

the cow has been extremely dry lately

No. 710274

She has though but that's almost milk in itself right? She's way off schedule, no Patreon content ect. She's just dicking around on Twitter instead of working so super hard like she claims lol.

Also wow at her inability to even draw someone with their arms crossed ffs Holly. Didn't she mention once she didn't believe learning anatomy was important? Cuz it shows.

No. 710303

File: 1539284235374.png (6.41 MB, 1242x2208, 63071742-7916-4FC6-9976-A7029E…)

From Instagram

No. 710304

File: 1539284368167.png (226.33 KB, 1186x470, 1503462106640.png)

'Anatomy worship' lol

No. 710305

She does this like every 3 months. It's her excuse for falling behind.

No. 710307

BRown seems to be producing the exact same amount/quality of work but feeling much better and more satisfied with this “professional comic” persona she’s so narcissistically crafted over the years. So I guess the meds are “working”? Serious armchairing here but people with rapid cycling bipolar disorder are negatively affected by ssris

No. 710327

Anatomy is for chumps like Rembrandt and Michelangelo. Everyone knows that capturing a gesture and drawing it anatomically correct is impossible wizardry.

And while we're at it, lets get rid of those pesky paint brushes. Finger painting is the true master technique. Who needs bronze casting when we have Play-doh? Art is all about having a giant circle-jerk where no one has to improve or change.


No. 710337

While I agree that fuzzing over anatomy details isn’t as important as the bigger picture like overall form, silhouette, and composition, this seems hypocritical? She’s always going on about tiny anatomy details and has made many videos on it….

No. 710374

lfmao I'm >>707347 and I've also got rapid cycling and I'm getting butthurt
SSRIS are murderously bad for mood disorders but they're more likely to send you off the deep end than trigger a comfy hypomania if that's what you're supposing she's experiencing.

lmao no way
She insults people who can't do something that she can do and then when someone's better than her (or makes fun of her inability) she says it's for chumps.

She's charging up, anon. We're riding the wave until the next big minor inconvenience she faces/ horrifically inappropriate sex comics arrive. Speaking of which, is patreon anon still around?

No. 710860

dammit I wish we could like posts on this site because this is fucking gold. -X X T R U S T-

Bad anatomy doesn't necessarily equal bad art, but in Holly's case, her bad anatomy doesn't fit in with the style she goes with, considering her characters are human beings and her style has heavy elements of "realism" with the way the characters look. There's a lot of anime with unique and very interesting anatomy structures. You would think that as much as she gushes on MHA, she'd take some notes on unique character designs and even faces.
Her anatomy mistakes aren't even because of style choice or anything, she's just not double checking anything and if she IS asking people to check her work, she's most likely asking people who kiss her ass just because she's a skill level or so above them.

No. 710918

not patreon anon but id guess that the radio silence is thanks to holly not posting to patreon for 2 weeks now. "+10 pages of nsfw comics a month" isn't as ez as first thought, i guess

No. 711003

>workout every day
That's a huge lie

No. 711004


>cleaned my room

Also a big lie; basically the entire thing is one huge lie.

No. 711010

And you know this how?

No. 711036

the problem is the other aspects of her art arent interesting or executed well enough to overlook anatomy mistakes. like sakimichan or whoever can put out shitty anime girls with 6 fingers and 3 breasts or whatever but because shes good at rendering it's easy to look past it. Holly's art is just ugly all around.

No. 711040

ntayrt but u new here? when does holly ever follow thru on cleaning or actual physical activities? plus most people would show that they've organized or clean their space on an insta story not cap a manga and tell us about it

No. 711047

Pretty sure the creator of that video is one of the zine artists? Sucks all the artube zine people are up Holly's ass… Doubt we're ever getting a call out.

No. 711052

File: 1539352216064.png (29.37 KB, 643x308, 11a.png)

Yes Hobby, that's literally how it works. She deleted more tweets by the way, don't know which ones in particular though.

No. 711070

This is particularly annoying cause it's so easy to pick up anatomy. Once you know how arms, legs, or whatever works and looks you can just draw it over and over again with no struggle.
Like if you want your "muscle boy" to look like a muscle boy then you NEED to figure out what those are, where their placed and how they move. Else your just gonna have a skinny character with oldly placed tumors everywhere, like Hershel.

No. 711096

Anyone planning to draw comics with character models that are meant to be consistent and semi realistic needs to have a very good grasp on anatomy. Especially if they draw porn. Holly is an idiot if she believes otherwise, hence Seize. It was laughably awful.

No. 711217

It was super obvious that she doesn't do anatomy studies when there was a page in Seize that had like 3 identical panels with angles of Hershel with his arms raised up, and the way she drew his arms was different in every single panel. It's like she just made up what muscles were there, forgot what she drew, and then made them up again, over and over, on the same exact page. It's really pathetic that she doesn't realize this is an issue at all.

No. 711224

Now now now anon. You're exhibiting clear signs of 'anatomy worship'. Anatomy is optional don't you know.

No. 711299

You seem pretty knowledgeable anon but at the same time all these lies and no updates seem a bit deep end to me ?

No. 711518


In god we trust, kek

No. 711775

also, comics artists with really nice flow/line/sketchy style can get away with wonky anatomy because their drawings are natural and expressive. lolnotholly.

I love how often she says pussy out. she's so tough and awesome!!

Oh yeah, definitely getting weird, but the anon I was replying to seemed to be referencing her sudden delusions of grandeur/ being a narc which if she's bp suggests more of a hypomanic state than a full manic or depressed state.

Come on Holls, I've got a thirst for some hollybrowntown yaoi porns! Listen to Keef!

No. 711819

File: 1539431125091.png (475.5 KB, 1019x678, 12312sp.png)

idk lol so quirky stfg fam

No. 711840

She's so unnecessarily arrogant…

No. 711867

Are you sure you're not just jealous of her popularity, skills, sexual experience, professionalism and charisma?

No. 711930

I don't understand how someone with access to a mirrior, camera, and her own damn body can be this terrible at anatomy. What a lazy trollop.

No. 711950

Why does she always draw people with their fingers touching like that? Like one or two characters consistently sure but everyone lol? Not really a common thing people do.

No. 711975

it's an anime pose

pretty much the answer to every weird style or artistic choice of hers is"because anime"

No. 711987

Look who's commenting on Drawing tutorials online.com new student sketchbook video (which is also pretty bad tbh)

No. 712006

Yeah I used to like that channel but this is the first time I’ve watched one of their vids in a while, seems like the host got a bit condescending? The quality of the sketchbook was ok I guess but the content and subjects were so boring to me

No. 712097

patreon anon here, there are still no updates so nothing for me to report lmao

No. 712199

No. 712225

File: 1539477751977.png (96.44 KB, 287x402, 1aer23.png)

>i've been busy as shit
With what? Deleting stuff, not updating your patreons, selling fucked up zines and backpedalling?

No. 712236

holly, no fucking person stands like this. Not only that but damien is so inconsistent from frame to frame. this is a trainwreck.

No. 712240

all her characters are 'curvy' or 'beefy' and she's. chunky. Not fat but, she probably thinks she can't unless she has that body type.

No. 712241

the anatomy on this is making me want to strangle things.

No. 712248

File: 1539479806104.png (312.71 KB, 704x433, ld.png)

not that these are revolutionary, but they're kind of nice. she's not relying on symbol drawing when she does landscapes i guess

No. 712275

Goes to show copying a picture using an eyeballed grid method is just as useless as symbol drawing when it comes to creating work from imagination. That’s why I’m the anon preaching construction drawing through all these threads.

No. 712278

she still needs to learn how to actually create texture tho, that left closest hill is just a bunch of nonsense scribbles with no flow or anything. She also constantly preaches about using light but she obvs didn't use any for these cuz they're p flat. Better than her usual shit tho, probably because she can't make it 'idk so anime guys uwu idk lol'

No. 712281


I've noticed that every now and then she draws a good face that's appealing to look at.
There are some thing she's improving at but also some things she's regressing at…

No. 712284

lmao those hand "studies"

No. 712338

File: 1539492232001.jpg (111.57 KB, 1200x675, DpcIGXPV4AEIiIe.jpg)

No. 712419

God this is so fucking ugly. What the fuck is going on with that poor girl's face.

No. 712422

I actually dig the coloring style, but her face looks wonky as hell.

No. 712424

God she does this hand pose all the fucking time now…
Holly, fingers have joints

No. 712441

File: 1539507903420.jpeg (19.22 KB, 210x240, 5E17BD0F-66AE-4D5E-8D46-038881…)

Holly’s inspiration for long necks?

No. 712448

New video, in which Holly congratulates herself for being nicer to her bullies than fictional bullied children for some reason?

No. 712450

Fuckin great investment for her actual fans, eh

Oh my god are those pubes lollll

"awwright lets draw sum spooky stuff."
I actually thought that goosebumps cover was an anon being cheeky, i am appalled she actually made that herself.

No. 712466


>H.C. Brown

>Calls other artist lazy and dumb
>Shit talks people online for having a different opinions then her
>Gives her clients shit products and refuses to take responsibility for it
>Aggressively criticizes family members and people she knows on her vlogs for hundreds of other random people to see.

>"I was bullied and I'm not an asshole"

Uh. Awkward.

Holly your really not as chill as you'd like to be. In fact, your on a constant high and low with how you interact with people. As a 3rd party, I seriously think most people wouldnt give you shit if you just didn't react as outrageously as you do sometimes.

No. 712484

The monster looks pretty cool, but the woman looks downright grotesque, like Quasimodo.

The weird assymetry of the eyes leads me to believe that Holly NEVER flips/mirrors the canvas.

Also, it looks like there are Cheetos in her ears.

No. 712485

She talks it up like she always flips the canvas bc thats how she "fixed her art lean" but i dont think she flipped it once during the latest video. I know shes doing that effect where she greenscreens out the under sketch, but considering how sketchy the sketches are, theres no way the undersketch was finalised enough for her NOT to flip her canvas

No. 712716

File: 1539547877941.jpg (568.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181014-151016_Chr…)

Yea brown has been soon busy

No. 712721

didn't realise that being shifty meant your eye slipped down your face.

No. 712723

Has any of the zine artist or people who ordered the zine received it yet? Is there anything new on that? Of course I guess if anyone besides the one person who posted here probably wouldn't come forward in fear or something like that idk.
Tbh who would be afraid of holly she literally has no backbone and a bunch of edgy 12 year olds to defend her.
Also love how she plays "I'm so much bigger than all my haterzzz"
Nah if anything holly still shitty she still talks big smack about the art community. She has no tact to sit there and be all big and proud of that???

No. 712745

Besides that one person with defective copies? No. I don't think we'll be hearing from the zine artists on lolcow anymore, some anons scared them off last time. We'll just have to wait and see if anything comes of their discord chat (if Holly hasn't shut it down/convinced them to stop already.) Yeah, she talks a lot of shit, but some people find confrontation hard and she's manipulative, unfortunately.

Why does she think she's naturally good at colors? This looks so gross.

No. 712804

A livestream happened with Holly last night apparently.

No. 712806


Her summary of the Carly Beth episode is so… wrong.

She says she has seen it the most too.

Her comprehension is fucked. How is she alive.

No. 712807

The carly beth episode is probably the best goosebumps episode too. How do you miss the point that hard.

No. 712811


I agree, and I have no idea.

But it is really telling that she can't summarize it in a deeper, more accurate way.

I find it hard to believe she even rewatched it before doing all this, which would have been… smart.

Good thing all her followers are 12 or as mentally unstable as she is, I guess.

No. 712832


I just noticed she stopped advertising her Patreon in the description box three videos ago.

No. 712992

ooh shit. either she’s just forgotten or is trying to ignore that as well, lol. i would say she’s planning to shut it down soon bc she’s “so overwhelmed!!” with the absolute nothing that she’s done for her patrons these past few weeks, but that would depend on how much $$$ she makes off of it. or maybe some peeps have stopped being her patrons bc of the radio silence? what rewards does she even have? i’m assuming there are no physical ones bc she would never be able to keep up with a monthly schedule of sending out stuff.

that is odd though. no doubt she’ll complain about how patreon is a shitty system that screws over creators or whatever sometime soon. i think she already did something like that in the past, but then jumped back onto it for a little bit of $$$ (as usual). Geez, you’d think she’d have an easy time getting stuff out to her patrons if it’s all digital. (but of course, it’s not the showing her art part that’s difficult so much as it is the actual doing of the art, if you can even call it that.)

No. 713035

Also the way holly pronounces "nani" as "dani"
Maybe it just me idk
Well in general when she produces any japanese words, I know people with a super strong southern accent prounce Japanese words 10x better.

No. 713036

*than holly its just yikes all round for her, plus she sounds super cringy

No. 713042

No surprises, she specifically advertises 10+ pages a month in her rewards and it's clear she can't keep up. Unless she's furiously working on a buffer right now, there's no way to actually stick with her overwhelming schedule.

No. 713081

that alone would be enough to make me wary if i didn’t already know who she was. who in their right mind would expect an artist to pump out that many pgs a month and for those pgs to be decent quality?

No. 713085

Wasn't there an anon that claimed that she went to school with her and Holly was the bully?

No. 713134

I like how whenever she wants to stop being responsible for things she just stops talking about them. Like, instead of admitting she fucked up or she taking a break from patreon or adjusting rewards, she just starts ignoring it and prays that no one calls her out. And if someone DOES call her out she starts bawling about stress and stomach ulcers so people feel bad.

No. 713144

File: 1539602057935.png (433.1 KB, 1013x872, hamton.png)

No. 713147

File: 1539602169275.png (327.81 KB, 899x871, gift.png)

So, what's the legality of not fulfilling patreon goals? Is that allowed on patreon? She's so scammy.

No. 713158

It's a dick move, but they won't do anything.

No. 713192

afaik with patreon, if you choose to charge once a month, it's more of a guarantee that patrons will PAY every month, rather than a guarantee that you'll POST every month if that makes sense.

They do have an option to charge per creation, and patreon even suggests you choose that option if you post less than 4 times and holly should really pick that option tbh

No. 713194

less than 4 times a month*

No. 713308


but that would mean
1) being realistic about her goals
2) not getting to charge people for when she fails to deliver

tbh, it probably makes sense in holly's brain, to charge monthly. bc, obviously, even when she's not posting, she's still working on this stuff, my dudes. like, idk, but full drawings, they don't just, happen, you know. she works really, really hard on her porn, my dudes, and she deserves to get paid for all her hard work, y'know? like all the thumbnailing and plotting, that is work, too, and she doesn't get any compensation, even if eats into her PROFESSIONAL work, my dudes.

(seriously though, i didn't know patreon had that option, that sounds great for ppl who either do detailed/big rewards, and/or those that go through periods where keeping up with monthly rewards can be difficult.)

No. 713331

Isn't holly the one who said being an artist for a living meant drawing things to make money instead of just drawing shit you like? why is she wasting time on this when she has patreon promises she's not fulfilling and zine orders

No. 713332

What the actual fuck is this and why did I have to see it with my own two eyes?

No. 713350

File: 1539621397402.png (75.48 KB, 647x566, moral.png)

yeah, a lotta people don't understand that holly deserves money i stfg

No. 713352

>Idk I just don't know

No. 713374


Tbh I finally agree with her on something. Any story is always subject to personal preferences but I always personally thought the main character of Dear Evan Hanson is so irredeemably an asshole.

I'm genuinely suprised Holly thinks the same

No. 713412

She seems to like JD from Heathers who is a literal serial killer and tries to blow up his school, I'm not entirely sure what her standards are.

No. 713530

Hypocritical and baseless. The anti Sjw is just as powerfully annoying.

No. 713638

File: 1539643750571.png (674.27 KB, 640x1136, 4CD5CAB1-0C87-49C7-BEC9-6B93F9…)

Oh look another goal she won’t keep up with.

No. 713639

File: 1539643894921.png (915.11 KB, 640x1136, 20AA1A5D-32BC-42EC-BE4F-B3DF2A…)

Better picture of the illustration. The clothing folds bother me so much.

No. 713668

Did Holly ever do those critiques of her follower's art when she asked for it? I feel like I have a hazy memory of one being finished but no more.

No. 713689

I remember she did one on twitter. Thats literally all i remember.

No. 713731

are we going to take bets on how long before she talks about how shitty patreon is ?
like she did with the other shop over the zine ?
i say in about a week ?

No. 713805

Why are all the clothes she draws look like they're made of trash bags

No. 713810

How hard would it have been to draw the window panes(?) in the background the same size and straight. Two seconds with a ruler, boom, done. She is astonishingly lazy. Everything in this picture is disconnected, the chair is at a completely different angle from everything else. The longer I look at it the more problems I see. It looks like she drew the buttons on the wrong side of the shirt because she can’t be bothered to reference anything ever and doesn’t understand how clothing works.

No. 713818

ur blind, anon, clearly this is professional work that will sell like hotcakes!!! idk man i just love how everything’s disproportionate and wobbly XD

No. 713839

because holly is a professional artist who doesn't need to look at reference

No. 713848

Wait is this supposed to be the new Damien with the short hair? Id so i like this version better since he doesnt look so fat and he no longer has that ridiculous hair cut… But at the same time its really bad to have a charcter go through a drastic change in apperance halfway througg the second book for no real reason none the less having two.

I dont even get the reasoning behind it as well? Simons dad is like we gotta look not suspicious so we gotta cut your hair Damien but then lets simon keep his grown out? Wouldnt a sudden hair cut seem morr suspicious? It makes no sense tbh but i understand that it would be hard to change the characters if you know longer like their original apperance and want to fit the new designs in for no reason

No. 713869

I think it's the dude from Full Metal Alchemist? The black haired one, forgot his name sorry.

No. 713874

judging by the shitty gloves, I agree with you and think it's Roy Mustang as well. Why can't Holly just focus on work she's supposed to do instead of "what brings me money"?

No. 713892

His body looks like a melting pillsbury dough boy.

No. 713927


I thought Damien got a haircut like…a while ago? I remember being a tad excited Damien didn't look like he was an 8 year old girl, which is what lead me to find these threads. I don't think it's him though

No. 713930

Oh wait yeah you're right lol its roy

He officially got a haircut in the comic just a couple days ago but weve yet to see his new hair cut in the comic but yes she did change it in her drawings of him that weren't related to comic pages

No. 713931

File: 1539664491343.png (41.4 KB, 678x309, 111a.png)

Fam, Holly is behind on the comics because she is being productive and decorating! I bet you must feel pretty stupid for doubting her dedication to art.

No. 713933

File: 1539664527755.png (96.82 KB, 618x374, dumb.png)

got to get more dumberer to win the stupid olympics

anyway, at what point does starting a new project continually despite making no progress on others become legit like, schizophrenia or something?

No. 713935

File: 1539664830549.png (84.97 KB, 643x608, mood.png)

You know when you rely almost entirely on rape to make your comics seem interesting and dark? Tfw you finally get to indulge in your rape fetish i stfg

No. 713937


>forets you can sketch in pencil

Maybe that anon who asked if she had brain damage was on to something

istfg it sounds like she has a seizure half way every time she tries to write a post

No. 713940


It's clear she can't do delayed gratification. That's why she spoils minor and major reveals for her comics months before they happen - she wants the smaller rush of attention from her fans NOW, even if it comes at the cost of the overall quality or suspense of her comics later.

Imagine if she'd managed to STFU about Damien's haircut. We hate Purgatory and we'd still be impressed, imagine how her actual fans would feel. Now it's just boring because we know how it ends. Reese's reveal in PP is going to have no impact when we already know everything about him.

Then again, if she can cover all the exposition outside the comic, she can go straight to the yaoi she actually cares about.


I'm shaking Holly what does this mean. Last time she talked about "the good part coming up" it changed Purgatory from just bad to irredeemable.

Fuck, the only time Holly managed to actually keep her mouth shut and not spoil a major plot revelation was the one time she actually SHOULD have warned her readers about what was coming.

No. 713979

All that time spent yammering about characters from a comic with 5 pages and planning projects she will never start, let alone finish could've been used to actually draw PP so anyone would actually give a fuck.

No. 713991

>i want to have markers again
maybe you shouldn't have tossed all those markers you had earlier Holly.

No. 713999

hypomania or OCD, I think Holly would do well to see a therapist at this point and try a different medication. I'm thinking cbd might chill her right out.

No. 714001

She has markers though, what's her deal? She knows she can use them without owning every color, right? This is some Baylee Jae bs.

No. 714015

She always wants what she doesn't have and when she gets it I stupid and for bad artists and she doesn't want it anymore.

Therapy and medswould be so good for Holly. She's slowly but steadily ruining her life with her shopping addiction and myriad of other issues.

No. 714030

She said once she had no friends when she was on med. In one of her videos, she talked about being off medication helped even though she is mentally ill

No. 714039


could it be that she's talking about the "reveal" of reese's backstory? (no doubt featuring wonderful depictions of self-harm)

No. 714079

But she doesn't have friends now so what's the difference?

No. 714109

She has Michie, except she's her enabler so it doesn't really count. The way Holly seems to dominate her friends/former friends is super fascinating to me, her relationships with other people are always just a little bit off.

No. 714119

I was under the impression she has been on ssris for a little while now according to her vlogs? But my brain could me making shit up on me.

No. 714132

I'm too lazy to dig through them, but I'm pretty sure she's mentioned being on meds a few times. Meds won't fix a poor attitude or planning skills, so there's that.

No. 714133

this is SO frustrating and ridiculous… i dont mind artists posting personal work between their obligations but this is just getting ridiculous, i feel stupid for thinking she would actually take comics seriously and was gonna focus her obligations on patreon but?? no?? instead she "wants markers" so she's just gonna go off and work on some "original art pieces" BECAUSE SHE. WANTS MARKERS. its not even like, a necessity, just "something she wants."
her patreon claims access to "10+ pages of nsfw per month," but with the final page of seize being posted on July 30th, in August we only got 2 of her sketchbook pages, and September we got her 2018 sketchbook and a "supplies" post no one asked for. she also started Chroma Prince on September 24th CLAIMING it was going to be daily, which she delivered on for a whooping whole 2 days. but she wants markers so fuck the fools giving her $250 a month i guess.
it wouldnt even be so annoying if she just claimed her patreon was a glorified tipjar, which it basically is at this moment.

No. 714134

The queen herself has blessed us with more Purgatory pages, fam: https://tapas.io/episode/1213123

No. 714146

File: 1539701500929.jpg (171.9 KB, 443x971, 20181016_165134.jpg)

What the fuck is this pose?

No. 714149

I think the character design changes were justified because there is a time skip between the two books? I might be wrong though because I don't really follow the story.

No. 714151

File: 1539702266776.png (67.37 KB, 388x447, nooooooooo.PNG)

Who holds stuff like that????

No. 714157

Holly draws hands like someone who has never seen hands in real life before. It really baffles me how she comes up with new and unique ways to hold objects every time she draws hands.

No. 714160

Would it kill her to take a picture of her holding something similar to figure out how to draw it somewhat naturally? It’s so awkward to see the hands she draws.

No. 714169

Could this finally be where BRown's true creativity lies?

No. 714207

File: 1539708947682.png (398.63 KB, 929x808, prgtr.png)

No. 714211


I love that instead of drawing the actual hair being cut and buzzed, she just added words in instead to make up for her lack of knowledge on how to draw it. It's "trust trust" all over again.

No. 714214

dead wife PTSD ?
yikes, way to make yourself sound so educated BRown.

she really needs to get outside and meet people like this girl really needs real life friends.Or she's gonna lose all sorts of social awareness on some topics in general. She can't sit and get all her views from the internet. The way she treats heavy topics shouldn't be used in a " my story so edgy looks it has rape blah blah" that's just so insensitive to those who went through such trauma. Shes literally an edgy 13-year-old in a 22-year-old woman's body and it's quite sad.

No. 714219

Her social development ended when she dropped out of that art high school and started home school. It's like she hasn't been out of the house since 2012 lol.

Also Holly please stfu about how much attention you paid to your 15 year old OCs ass you fucking pedo.

No. 714230

You know she wanted to make a #TRIGGERED joke and this is the most restraint she could muster kek.

That time skip really hurt the integrity of the comic, not that there was much to begin with. Nothing that's happening makes sense.

No. 714264

Holly dropped out? Oh shit that’s the first time I’ve heard that. Source?

No. 714289

I don't believe she dropped out of high school but she did drop out of college at one point and ended up just enrolling for online courses.

No. 714316

Just how long are Simon's arms on the upper right picture?? Especially his right one (our left)? Jesus fuck

No. 714320

That backwards hand of the dad tho

No. 714322


Simon's legs look straight up backwards, literally ass-backwards. kek.

No. 714326

Which is fitting, since she draws like a 13 year old, too.

If any aspiring artists take anything away from Holly, it's the importance of references. Literally 80% of the flaws in her art come from her being too lazy/proud to use references.

No. 714328

Tbh fair i think she was able to make this panel look kinda cute. I actually like short hair damian he looks alot cuter compared to his old fucked up hair

No. 714333

True. His hair looks like hair instead of a helmet now, and he actually looks like a teenager instead of a first grader.

No. 714369

Holly didn't drop out of high school in the sense that she didn't get a degree. She dropped out of her private art high school because she couldn't pay tuition anymore, she finished high school online through home schooling.

No. 714370

Does anyone else feel like… indifferent to holly's shit now? Like it seems like there is so much coming from her so constantly it becomes like background garbage. Like I used to get so invested in her thread and now it just seems like she's constantly just complete and utter diarrhea of a person all the time it's hard to care.

No. 714373

shes a whole ass mess, sometimes shes just plain stupid.I'm just waiting for her fans to come to their senses soon to find what a fraud she is.Tbh I usually don't like to hope for that but it'll be a wake-up call.
but for now, we can let it pile up .

No. 714552

Uhh where's your source on this?? Holly never mentioned dropping out of high school and being homeschooled don't make shit up. She dropped out of art school in minnesota, that's it.

No. 714593

File: 1539742395632.jpg (59.42 KB, 428x433, b23a8c30-a9f8-4d06-a888-79e6e4…)

Oops sorry forgot to attach the pic like the tard i am

No. 714607


The way she's attempting ribbed or pinstripe or whatever the fuck Simon's sweater is, is pissin' me off and she needs to hurry up and change his clothes lmao.

No. 714626

Read past threads I don't have to be your hand anon.

No. 714826

tbf there are threads not listed on this threads OP, I went looking for one specific one and there were a couple that weren't on there

No. 714840

Holly using thought bubbles after someone on this thread says that there’s not a single one used in Purgatory?

At least she’s learning I guess.

No. 714888

Yo i noticed that too. I will say it DID make a difference (it felt more like a comic).
But that is evidence once again that she lurks this thread.

No. 714914

File: 1539775728850.png (44.04 KB, 645x455, always.png)

No. 714947

I've been following Holly ever since she posted the Calarts video and I don't remember anybody saying she dropped out of highschool before now? I mean I know she dropped out of the physical art college in Minnesota or something but I never heard about this whole dropping out of high school and being homeschooled bit?

No. 714948

Damien's face looks passable in this picture? I'm not sure if it's because she traced it or something but for once she drew a facial expression that doesn't look like total shit?

No. 714955

Yeah i think what anon awhile up said is true, like one in a hundred of the faces she draws actually turns out looking all right

No. 715048

I don't enjoy being contrary, but I didn't feel like it made a difference personally. It was really jarring to me, given the fact she hasn't used a single one until now.

It kind of felt shoehorned in, just like Damian's haircut, or Atarah giving Simon glasses so he looks more like his mom.

She has no patience for anything, and that shows even in her storytelling. It's really crazy.

I'm appalled that the only reason she could think of for Damian's hair to be cut was so that he would look "less suspicious", even though Simon has long hair. His dad should be cutting his hair too if long hair on a boy is frowned upon in the community.

Of course, that was never established before or even noticed. Damien has had long hair since the very beginning of the comic and no one said anything about it.

I suppose that is why it felt shoehorned in though.

I thought she was working on a buffer too? Why did she post all these pages at once?

I don't know. I've read Purgatory twice, though. I was genuinely trying to figure things out, and make sense of it. I'm not hating on it, but it just really doesn't make sense. Even when something had a chance to be explained, it wasn't. Nothing has really happened, besides Simon being raped by Atarah.

I just think Holly really needs to let it go for a while. Just because you don't finish it now, doesn't mean you can't revisit it later with a fresh, and hopefully more mature take.

But as it stands, I just feel that Holly is beating a dead horse, for no better reason than pride I guess? She started it, and she claims she must finish it, but… does she even have an actual ending in mind? It's hundreds of pages in, and no ending in sight so…

Saged for being long and bloggy.

No. 715071

Nah there's three anons who say that they don't recall holly dropping out of high school and being homeschooled, while you're the only one claiming she did. Stop making shit up.

No. 715134

Lol I'm glad three anons and you are too lazy to go back and see it's in an old vlog she dropped out of private school for money reasons and finished her degree at home.

No. 715172

You mean when she talked about dropping out of MCAD, the art COLLEGE, around the 1:20:00 mark? Other than that I don't think she talked about anything about dropping out of high school…

No. 715355

Milk so dry we're digging through past threads for irrelevant details.

No. 715388

File: 1539814949616.jpeg (328.02 KB, 640x1036, DAE1A6DA-D9DD-45F2-9C48-716752…)

She traced AL.

No. 715391

I know right, eveyone is acting all autistic just because hollys on the down low with her lolzy shenanigans.

Holly didn't drop out of highschool shes just retarded, and as far as we know(just saying this to make sure none of the anons goes full retad and is taking my wording seriously),not in the autistic way

No. 715438

File: 1539817525495.jpeg (81.02 KB, 556x878, 413E251D-921A-442F-B91A-E17B3D…)

Oh my lawd this thumb…

No. 715448

>tfw edward is a messy sketch (messy everything really) but Al is smooth totally not traced from the anime in the bg looking crisper than her hair

No. 715452

if you're going to trace and try to get away with it at least make it look as sloppy as the rest of of the sketch lmao

No. 715453

al's legs are a wonky and sketchy mess

No. 715458

File: 1539818545377.jpg (277.87 KB, 900x1200, DpvY0D_UwAAobW0.jpg)

No. 715473

I only see neck

No. 715474

>>715458 why does she have to ruin todoroki

No. 715537

is…is deku’s arm almost as long as the fence’s height, or did she just forget to draw his hand? also, he’s canonically a lot shorter than todoroki and just, none of this makes sense. the traced trees in the background aren’t so bad i guess, since apparently a lot of mangakas do something like that with backgrounds? however, it doesn’t match her style at all. it’s so painfully obvious, although i don’t think she’s TRYING to hide it. if she were, that would somehow make it even more pitiful than before.

No. 715583

high school is not college- everybody knows she's doing her degree at home now. you wasted your and our time because you don't know the difference between a degree and high school oh my god

No. 715585

she's open on twitter about buying backgrounds she's not trying to hide it

No. 715643

I honestly do not understand how she drew that and thought, "Well, that's good enough, better post it!!" but I guess that goes for a majority of her art, if not all. I understand her fucked up paw hands (that's just her being lazy and not caring for details), but this is…completely deformed and hilarious. Simon's dad looks so fucked I LOVE IT. God bless BRown.

No. 715739

File: 1539838971502.jpg (826.16 KB, 2252x566, holy shit.jpg)

Wow! She didn't even try, whether we're talking about quality or hiding the fact she traced.

No. 715747

File: 1539839345655.jpeg (7.78 KB, 236x202, 9590AD46-11D4-48CC-A9F1-89E00F…)



No. 715799

holy shit I am at a loss

No. 715817

Oh my god, is she trying to sabotage herself? This is just on another level. Also lol @ the non-traced legs of the traced dude, very subtle Holly.

No. 715836

How dare you anon she's a professional artist, all the pro mangaka trace their own photos for backgrounds which is totally the same idk \s

No. 715932

THE BUTTONS i fucking LOLD it took me ages to see what you were talking about.

No. 715934

File: 1539866519040.png (122.83 KB, 246x257, 2222.png)

The real reason Damien doesn't look like that anymore is thus:
When she started the comic she was obsessed with her characters being ~unique~ and ~idgaf if they're weird lmao~
Now, she wants them to look 'hot' and not awful because she realizes what fucking idiots they looked like so they must become boringly fuckable instead of looking like retarded icecreams

No. 715936

that's an insult to fucked up ice-cream. fucked up ice-cream is still cute.

No. 715941

File: 1539867276154.jpeg (396.3 KB, 640x985, 5E169BE0-4A18-4191-8358-17343B…)

No. 715943

UGHH that's so good it's actually nauseatingly deformed. She should do a horror comic.

She actually thinks using refs is something only bad artists do and it's cheating. Meanwhile, she's terrible and cheats all the time.

I wish she would get a shock every time she said idk or I stg

No. 715948

File: 1539868488509.png (1.15 MB, 640x1136, 9BB0891E-2752-41E9-A9D8-253093…)

Can we talk about how fucked that fence looks??

No. 715949

the gross plugged ears from chroma prince are on everyone now i guess

No. 715972

i don't know anything about boku no academia other than it's super popular right now but I just looked it up and I think the eye style has inspired her to draw less obnoxious eyes. looks pretty derivative. They were way more angular before.

She had no idea what to do one the tree texture ended so she just drew shitty jagged lines. hope that fence continues to fall and crushes him.

No. 715994

i only know about it from holly so now that i looked it up also i was a bit surprised to see all these characters I thought were holly's invention from her sticker doodles are just copied from that.

No. 716006

Why does she have such a love for fences? First the Cowboy Bebop print, now this shit, is that her new fetish after the brick walls and the rape?

No. 716011

it limits the amount of limbs she has to draw in this case
the previous fence was just because she was tracing

No. 716038

File: 1539877891272.png (113.29 KB, 633x768, polBR.png)

I thought you weren't supposed to talk about politics or be passionate about it because it ruins your life, but oh well, guess it doesn't count when it affects Holly.

Is the traced FMA drawing one of the pieces she is going to sell? That seems a pretty scammy.

No. 716063

Fences and brick walls are pretty easy backgrounds to draw for the most part. The sad part is Holly is actually pretty ok at landscapes and the like so she really could make her work look a bit better if she played to her strengths and drew more natural backgrounds,

No. 716064

She did the buttons again! Fuck! Holly confirmed doesn't know how shirts work?

No. 716092

Keef is literally her only friend now
wedding bells
lmao, So many dumb weebs sell traced fan art. It must be legal but to this day I'm surprised people are allowed to sell fan art at all. Apologies for blog but my brother has a semi-popular youtube show and this girl started doing fan art and selling it and was genuinely confused when i told her to take it down. I'm still baffled by fan culture.

Her style is so limiting irt her 'human' characters! You know how in manga there are the bishonens/bishojos/cute children and then everyone else is a fucking goblin because you can't give grandpa sparkly eyes? Her attempt at sort of escaping manga into a style that gives her more freedom to make interesting characters backfired because she still has one ideal 'handsome' face and when she tries to go outside that ideal you get dorito chin herschel or hitler chan or claw dad.

No. 716094

Todoroki's eyes are wrong

No. 716111

>>715948 man why she gotta do my boy todoroki dirty like that? those fucking hands holy shit.

No. 716131


I love how todoroki needs a total of 2 tables to lean his arms awkwardly on.

No. 716162

The only things holly ever details in her work are sexy characters, cats, and food. Just stuff that gives her base pleasure. Stuff she can consume. It’s like she’s trying to draw herself mental happiness by drawing the things that give her physical pleasure. The bricks walls and fences are the walls of security she wishes she had but the reality is she’s an open book- she’s shared her whole miserable life with the world and now she’s addicted to it and can’t shut the Pandora’s box.

No. 716190

Why does it look like they both cut their own hair? It’s choppy AF and doesn’t resemble them at all.

No. 716199

its not that deep fam shes just an idiot

also lots of artists prioritise drawing things they love/enjoy

No. 716203

what the fuck is up with that background? why are they in a forest?

I hate the way she draws Ed's braid… it's supposed to thicker and shorter, she even drew his hair shorter in >>715388

No. 716264

>USPS is retreating from international agency
>"globalist policies fuck over artists"

The colors look pretty nice to me, it's a shame about everything else.

No. 716408

She was agreeing with Keith until he went too left and she immediately parroted right wing talking points contradicting herself entirely lol.

No. 716579

File: 1539921479645.png (12.3 KB, 488x322, kissmarrykill.png)

No. 716594


> Plauge

> Purgatroy
> Sebasitain

Is she like… okay? She types like she's being forced at gunpoint. Doesn't she have spell check on her computer? Why doesn't she take the extra 2 seconds to fix typos in her own titles or character names? Is it the same reason she leaves belches and stuff in her videos, because she thinks it's cool not to care? It just makes her look like she doesn't give a shit about her work or her fans.
It's hard to use memey misspellings (protec, Salmon) when your writing legit reads like that.

Also ofc she kills Ash without hesitation. We knew

No. 716640

File: 1539925515818.jpg (366.61 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181019-000338_Tum…)

Idk how people think that her reviews are helpful. Even when I was a "fan" I was always confused on what she liked?
One day she would be like "brush pens are the best "
And then next "they are shit don't waste your money "
There's nothing good or helpful in any of her reviews????????

No. 716643

File: 1539925663243.jpg (384.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181019-000705_Tum…)

Brown is the biggest pussy I know.
She has no backbone at all.

No. 716744

holly brown vagueposting about other artists?? in MY lolcow thread?? it’s more likely than u think.

maybe if you weren’t such a pussy, you would say it to their face, BRown, or describe the situation better rather than ranting about it on tumblr just to get asspats from your followers. a hardworking professional artist could look at holly’s work over the past 2 yrs or more and point out her lack of improvement and tell her specifically WHY she isn’t improving, and she would throw a bitchfit just like this. not calling out the other person involved in her drama renders her free of criticism from both her followers and their’s bc no one has any idea who she’s talking about and whether they’re worth shit. (although really if you’re comparing any other artist to holly, she usually takes the shittier spot.)

sidenote: holly would definitely be that girl in high school who would talk mad shit about others constantly and then get scared when one of the ppl in question actually confronted her about it. lmao

No. 716746

It looks like it's some random who used the hashtag based on the other tags and the stuff at the top.
Probably should have been noted if that is the case.

Also what's with this "BRown" thing I keep seeing? Is it just one poster or is there some widely accepted meaning to it?
(If it's just one person it's a dead giveaway to your posts, though, which is against the rules. Just in case it is.)

No. 716748

You must be new lol

No. 716750

The BRown thing is from when Holly called out San Japan for misspelling her name like that, and they responded that they were just repeating what she had written on her application. Truly a great moment for her.

No. 716753

lol do you really think this shit gets to her? get a life(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 716757

Oh, anon, are you a fan? Maybe stick around a while and read back through the threads; you might learn something new about her. She traces and is a scammer; this isn't the hill to die on my friend.

And honestly? Most of us aren't trying to get to her, we're here for laughs and receipts. Sage next time.

No. 716764

This sounds like something hcBRown herself would write

No. 716792

No, I just had to take a break from Holly threads because they got to be too depressing, and it sounds like >>716750 is describing the time period in which that happened.
It's still something I've noticed mainly from a particular posting style, but anyway.

Thanks 2nd anon for explaining that.

Now THIS person is new.

No. 716794

we know it does, Holly.(hi (cow))

No. 716973

Yall should check her instagram stories more often its golden

No. 716977

maybe you could post an example of why we should do that… considering we're on an imageboard

No. 717009

Is that supposed to be rain? Why does it look like someone is pouring literal buckets of water on his head? And what the fuck is wrong with Todoroki's arms and hands oh my god

No. 717076

Kek i just noticed that its rain and not a white window curtain. How can his hair still act dry when its pouring out wtf is holly an idiot

No. 717083


Get it while you can, a legit BRown original piece for only 300 dollars!

No. 717085

File: 1539980448841.jpg (1.1 MB, 1280x1237, file_7c720c479a_original.jpg)

Heres the pic since anon didnt seem to want to post it despite this being an image board and all

No. 717099


Is it just me or is the cat on the bottom look off to anyone? The body just…. looks weird from how its drawn.

No. 717100



holy cow. there's not selling your art under value and then there is being fucking delusional. three-hundred dollars my ass.

(that's 2/3 of my monthly rent! motherf-!)

No. 717103

The head looks like it’s been drawn backwards. Not to mention the fact it looking nothing like Jiji. Everything about this piece is wonky and wrong.

No. 717141

We’ve mentioned this piece in a precious thread and talked about how bad it looks but to sell itfor 300 bucks?? And she used markers on it too so the lightfastness is shit. What are you thinking Holly.

No. 717183

She's not.

She only used like three muddy-ass browns, pink and gray, it's so ugly. Who would want this on their wall?
-That's a rhetorical question.

No. 717188

worst part is someone's gonna buy this.
I used to comfort myself by saying "at least it will be funny when she fails" but her fans are rich and mentally disabled. They suck her terrible shit up like milkshakes.

No. 717200

File: 1539994462407.jpg (696.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181019-191357_Chr…)

Is the frame 100 or 200$$???
There all so wonky I can't rn??

No. 717203

File: 1539994611983.jpg (454.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181019-191632_Tum…)

Why didn't you include the rest of the text?

No. 717244

my bad. i shouldn’t have assumed it was holly, especially since the post isn’t full of spelling mistakes and oddly worded phrases. i still stand by that side note though. it’s not surprising at all that holly’s toxic attitude affects her fans and followers too.

aside from that, we all know she drew all of these originals she’s sellling now in a day or two, tops. the roy mustang is maybe the only one fairly priced (when factoring in the materials if it’s a watercolor piece of whatever, time spent, etc.) the kiki one is killing me though. they’re all ugly, but at least the others have some personality to them with the scenery and characters. this is essentially just a few motifs from kiki’s delivery service redrawn in her ugly style and copied and pasted onto a pepto bismol background color. a frame should never add that much to the cost, especially if it’s just a standard one that you could find at any store. granted, it is quite a large piece (didn’t she tape different sheets of paper together for it iirc?), but still, no one’s going to buy that. it’s one thing for a teen or young adult to cough up $15 for a short yaoiz zine or a print, even $50 for one original or multiple stuff, but more than that?? $300 fucking u.s. dollahs??

No. 717261

The Kiki one seriously looks like it was the wrong size so she just cut off the edges. There's no thought put into the placement of the items she drew at all.

No. 717268

File: 1540001976228.png (36.37 KB, 314x296, whydoeshelooklikethis.PNG)

I finally checked out the most recent Purgatory update and the way she drew Simon's dad here put me off a whole lot. His eyes look obnoxiously close and big. This is not a good look lmao

No. 717270

looks like a female (somehow the ear looks feminine) who is melting from the cheekbones down and stretching

No. 717277

when the anime hits

It's funny cause she was going on about how ugly moe anime eyes are and how the eyes she draws are not that big…sure

No. 717292


Why's the Roy Mustang print randomly got rounded corners and the others don't? Why's the kiki one framed and the others aren't? Like, there's no visual consistency or real thought put behind what she decides to throw up on her shop.
Aside from BNHA, the other anime, while they have their fans, aren't pulling much for kiki or FMA stuff. She's probably just doing art pieces of older anime because she thinks she's being so sophisticated with her choices.

she can make art of whatever anime she wants but all of it ends up looking so dour and sad, the color palettes on all of them are so depressing and muddy and all the subjects look so fucking uncomfortable. She has no quality control or standards.


She's trying so hard to make her eyes FMA-esque, you can see it but it's not quite there.

…Y'know. Proportionally, you're supposed to be able to fit a 3rd eye in between the two eyes you have, measurement wise, to get a sense for where shit goes. On your face.

But fuck it, anime intensifies I guess.

No. 717374

You know, aside from the Kiki piece, these are well priced for original artworks (if not even a little cheaper). She atleast accounts for the materials used in each piece, so good on you Holly for pricing your art fairly. Her art’s still trash, of course, and I imagine only diehard Holltards would pick these up, but I’m kinda impressed that she got the prices alright.

No. 717377

File: 1540013457098.png (632.18 KB, 661x602, animus2.png)

animus have at LEAST an eye between the eyes. because asian faces are less protruding, their eyes tend to look further apart than caucasian eyes
she's just dumb
i like that sucking wound in his head that's slurping his hair in like a whirlpool

No. 717389

Do y'all already know about holly's personal blog hollycrapper.tumblr.com

No. 717392

File: 1540016878449.png (1.96 KB, 540x34, 7777.png)

She's so fucking dull.
I like this out of context though.

No. 717396

Damn, you beat me. But like… She doesn't know any men apart from Keith? Seeing her building up some kind of mythology around men and women based on things she's seen in pop culture is fascinating, lol.

No. 717405

File: 1540018822189.png (754.67 KB, 1612x900, preeech.png)


No. 717406

File: 1540018828483.jpeg (252.03 KB, 640x869, 2446C711-B723-4BBD-AADE-FFAE45…)

I know you wanted to post it out of context but I think it’s even funnier if you consider the tags are related to this. She agreed saying that boys are better and girls are clowns so… like… she didn’t understand the post at all?

No. 717412

christ that last one??? Fucking spell it out, thanks.
She supports incest, pedophilia, abuse, rape and NSFW of minors.
Am I missing something? That's the joke, right? She'll be friendless because she supports that? Fucken kill me.

No. 717415

File: 1540019913144.png (46.37 KB, 624x435, yes.png)

i like to imagine it's an existential crisis

No. 717416

It's two different posts, the original point was that Holly is going to be alone because she's depressed. I didn't actually realise how shady this looked. That being said: It's more fitting.

No. 717419

lmao isn't the post stating that straight men are clowns? jfc holly your reading comprehension is horrific

No. 717426

LOL FUCK oh well, thanks for the lulz.
BRown almost exposed.
In that case, what the fuck is she talking about pretending to be anti that mess. As if she doesn't get her jollies from all that shit.

No. 717445

File: 1540026193818.jpg (165.26 KB, 900x1200, colrase.jpg)

idk fam she hasnt done incest yet why are u calling her hitler?

No. 717488

If this is supposed to be metalocalypse canart I’m going to fling myself out a window

No. 717501

not sure if i'm crazy but i'm too lazy to check back in old threads, didn't holly used to have a public personal instagram?

No. 717520

I don't mind using templates to show off products that are not done yet, or digital products, but I think it's disingenuous to show real product on a mockup template.
I know it's way over her caliber to set up a nice space to shoot her prints but still. If it's that expensive maybe she could clean up a desk a bit, add some plants and hang the painting for real :/

No. 717569

Damn, if these are the pages she thought worthy enough to leave in… I really wanna see all the shit that she tore out. Pretty sure it looked just as crappy

No. 717580

>characters aren't their identities


No. 717606

i think she's saying thay characters aren't just what race/gender/sexuality/disability ect. they are. they aren't just their label, they're complex and being sold as only a specific identity is bad as it's some kind of forced identity thing?

No. 717624

Well that's ironic coming from her.

No. 717642

Nah she just does the opposite where race/gender/sexuality/disability ect. means nothing to the character or to the plot of the story and thus can be interchanged freely. I mean she tried to make sexuality play a big role in her comic Purgatory but due to poor planning her main character being gay actually doesn't do anything for the story other than let her use baity tags when advertising her comic and let her make fanart that attempts to appeal to fujos.

No. 717646

I remember when she made the purgatory Kickstarter and had the panel of them kissing in the banner. Someone asked her why she did that because the comic isn’t very focused on that (it’s not focused on anything though bizarrely) and she said something about how it’ll get more popular that way because people love “gay shit”

Yea Holly that’s a totally reasonable thing to do.

No. 717655

The fact that it's all just "gay shit" to her says a lot, her characters are basically blow-up dolls for her to draw her hot yaoiz while pretending it means anything. She should just learn how to draw properly and do porn without plot.

No. 717682

File: 1540061514375.png (81.79 KB, 645x760, twet.png)

No. 717684

File: 1540061607402.png (76.29 KB, 640x394, chrom.png)

No. 717709

that’s actually not a bad logo, although it might be better if it was centered a bit more. lol at “only putting out sfw pgs” for the chroma prince thing; so like 3 pgs a month then? she hasn’t even reached any nsfw stuff yet in it, has she?

also, who gives a fuck whether a fictional character is a worse person than another one. they’re both shitty people clearly, end of story. when she posts stuff like that, even if it’s unintentional, it almost gives the impression that she’s comparing an abuser to a serial killer as if to say, “well, he could be worse, so like, idk fam, give him a break.” of course it’s all fictional, but still. holly seems like an emotional manipulator herself sometimes.

No. 717717

She tried to do that with seize remember lol

No. 717740

File: 1540070186840.png (1.23 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181020-151421.png)

No. 717744

keeping up with deleting all her own bullshit got too exhausting eh

or maybe Keith made a move and she burned it down in response?

No. 717747

She didnt delete it. Its private now. I keep forgetting that im following her on twitter lol but i can still see her tweets so i have no clue what she is talking about.

No. 717749

File: 1540072135197.png (626.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181020-174631.png)

cinnabani stop cowtipping, what's your vendetta anyway btw

No. 717751

what is Holly even trying to say here? is this the reason she locked her account? lmao. what happened to being the only artist who isn't a pussy, Holly?

No. 717752

they're not cowtipping

lmao what is holly trying to say? I know I traced it but it turns into something else when I ink it?

No. 717757

Uhh more people should be calling her out on her tracing and other bullshit. As long as no one links directly here it's fine

No. 717763

Uhh more people should be calling her out on her tracing and other bullshit. As long as no one links directly here it's fine

No. 717766

i dont disagree, i just wondered if there was something more personal because cinnabani has been directly calling out holly for a few months now.

No. 717770

File: 1540074159206.png (577.54 KB, 521x858, Screenshot_20181020-161425.png)

No. 717771

Her totally-not-galra aliens are also purple big surprise lol. Holly is so super original y'all.

No. 717772

Those ears are ridiculous and unappealing.

No. 717776

>da gay

No. 717779

>yea I traced it but it'll look different once I ink it!
…is that what she's saying?

I feel like she's just upset about something, and her Twitter will be back to public soon.

No. 717782

Everything about her anatomy lands her characters in Uncanny Valley and i hate it so much.

No. 717785

So are these aliens proportionately larger than humans? Cuz being muscular doesn't generally mean heads two sizes larger lol

No. 717806

Lmao she deleted this post entirely

No. 717809

As always her necks look like the heads are going to pop right off of them like barbie dolls

No. 717831

She changed her icons on her social media leaning hard into that 'Reese' character I guess. She self-identifies, no denying that at this point.
Also I don't know how long it's been gone for but her twitter mysteriously isn't linked on any of her shit anymore either. Let's see how long she keeps all her shit private.

I get the feeling she read here and now she's upset because anons found her shitpost blog and called her a sicko essentially. welp.

No. 717844

Oh she's definitely keeping up. If you go on her personal tumblr, she deleted it today. Her old personal posts (tagged/personal) from 2016 are archived on web.archive.org though.

No. 717851

File: 1540083685193.png (258.72 KB, 1332x372, ugaiz.png)

So i'm looking at this, and the verified five star purchases are from 2016, unverified one stars from this year, I might have missed it from a few threads ago, but was this you guys? Because if so, you guys are fuckin dumb.

That aside, just from the cover I hate this SO much, but it's way more like what she ACTS like she does, if you know what I mean. It's not manga, it's got that edgy sort of "I don't care if the characters are good looking, I'm a cartoonist" look. I think in her head, this is still what she does.
I mean, her work back then wasn't 'good', but I can see her improving from this point in a much better direction than she has gone. Why'd she have to revert to weeb. idk smh I stg.

No. 717871


She's also down to 116 tweets on twitter now, and she dropped her kiki print price from $300 to $150 lmao.
She must really have spent the day just scrubbing her shitty social media presence. She'll be back soon.
Hell, maybe if she just took some time off for real instead of trying to hide how shitty she behaves, it'd do her some good. She's such a coward, but I guess acting tough and edgy as a front for the internet can be draining.

No. 717907

so why has she gone on a DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING rampage? is it because she got exposed for tracing? it seems like right after she commented on cinnawhatever's tweet she went private/delete mode.

deleting all your social media is really good to keep in touch with the zine artists, holly…oh wait, you weren't doing that anyway.

No. 717914

I kinda feel bad for her since I'm sure she lurks here but then again this place is one of the few places that actually calls her out on her shit. The twitter purge is actually a good thing for her in the long run if she actually learns something from this but I doubt that will happen. I'm a bit sad the personal tumblr got taken down before it was properly archived.

No. 717916

The older stuff is pretty depressing.

No. 717926

i can't help but think she probably went on a deleting rampage especially for twitter because she was called out about the tracing…. when you search her username the first result is a tweet about her tracing also.
her posts from 2016 are so depressing, but she hasn't changed much since then except for her grammar getting SLIGHTLY better. her old posts are weirdly goofy and childish, which i guess is kind of telling/alarming because she was about…. 20…

No. 717931

Tinfoiling but sounds like she's finally caught up on the thread and is freaking out.

Her personal tumblr gets linked, she purges it. People pan the price of her Kiki print, she halves it.

I think this was her not understanding what was being called out at first. The thread had been saying Al's lineart looked too different, so she said "Well duh, it's not inked yet." Then she realized it was actually about tracing and she FLIPPED, deleted her reply and locked her account in panic.

I'm worried she's spiraling but OTOH this is the worst possible way to deal with her problems, so.

She didn't delete, just locked. She's either using the wrong word again or being dramatic, like when she said stress made her lose weight and not her crash diets lol.

No. 717934

probably meant tumblr

No. 717944

File: 1540098406062.jpg (488.76 KB, 1377x792, 9X5hnfZ.jpg)

The person archiving her tweets and replies on twitter obviously comes from here. You can still see tail ends of cinnibanni's arguments with holly in the likes, and I have reason to believe that she's the one running that side account because she's been gunning for bringing Holly down for some time now.

No. 717946

I just saw Holly’s twitter go private and came here. I feel kind of bad for the girl, the only thing holding back holly is holly. When is she going to learn to keep her mouth shut?

No. 717956

Welp we all called it…she’s gone purging again just like good ol’ Holly always does. Anyone wanna take bets on when she’ll unprivate her twitter and create a new tumblr? I give it at most a week before she’s back.

No. 717959

I'm giving it 2 days, max. she can't help herself.

She's probably just trying to lay low, hoping people will forget her bullshit, as usual. That and she's probably trying to give us less milk.

I also wonder if this is her trying to put her nose to the grindstone on those 3 comics she says she works on this time. I'm curious what her new gimmick will be when she comes back.

No. 717978

it's not even her mouth that gets her in the most trouble, it's the fact that she KNOES what she's doing is wrong but keeps doing it anyway. the scamming, the tracing, refusing conventional therapy and medication etc, it's not like she isn't aware that these things are bad, she just refuses to do the right thing, ever. she makes her own life difficult for god knows what reason.

No. 718008

Listen, I get that her art is the focus here, but she literally looks like Chris-chan. Like, she looks related to him.

The fetishization of gay men is so gross and creepy. I mean geez everyone has fetishes, but airing them out in the open like this is just. degrading to gay people.

If it's creepy for men to fetishize lesbians (which it very much is), then it's creepy for women to fetishize gay men.

No. 718019

she didn't delete her personal blog, she just changed the name/url.

it's still here

No. 718023

She's been lurking and indirectly talking about things in this thread for ages. I guess it's just getting to her more.

Her problem is that she wants to do whatever without being criticized, but that's just not how the world or social media works. If you broadcast your gay rape fetish and constantly step on people's toes, not everyone will like that (actually, most people probably won't).

No. 718026

I've never found it AS creepy, cause a lot of men are open about their wish to turn/rape lesbians and even under the cloak of anonymity not even goblins like Holly would claim that. (I'm sure some crazy women do, but I haven't seen it, and it's certainly not common.) I think that's actually the point. Before I realised I was a big ol' lesbian I was into the yaoi scene, many years ago, and for me the appeal was porn without seeing a woman being penetrated because I saw it as demeaning/ embarrassing to imagine it was me. A lot of straight girls have the same thing, being a voyeur is more comfortable than inserting themselves into a fantasy because women are raised to be ashamed of their sexuality, but it's that very separation that dehumanizes the characters in yaoi, the artists have no empathy for the characters because they have personally distanced themselves to allow themselves to comfortably fantasize about them. That's where you get the weird violent fetishes from. They're playing with dolls to vent their frustration- but they're not (consciously) fetishising gay men because the characters couldn't be further from realistic depictions of gay men. I'm not excusing it by any means, just explaining where I think the mindset comes from and why it's so popular. Basically, it's not AS creepy because fujos and their fetishes are generally not dangerous to gay men, where men (is there even an insulting term for men who fetishise lesbians?) could be and have been very dangerous to lesbians. Mainly it's just cringey and aspergers for a woman in her 20s to still be doing.

I know it's hypocritical considering where I am currently posting, but I find this kind of creepy. Is this a call out twitter dedicated to her? Yeck. It's just sort of creepy/cruel to directly retweet her so she constantly sees it. At least she can choose not to look here.

No. 718030

File: 1540122056417.png (672.2 KB, 1080x1651, Screenshot_20181021-223945~2.p…)

found this on her blog ….

No. 718037

While I understand where you are coming from but fetishizing gay relationships is harmful in its own way. Also Holly as shown questionable views on sex itself through her comics. In her comic seize Holly tries to pass rape/non-consensual sex as being OK because her character Hershel could have overpowered his rapist at any time. I'm surprised more people outside of this place haven't called her out for how disgusting that was.

No. 718040

yo, it done been posted, check out my goofs

No. 718043

Sure, I get it. And I agree, I was more just disputing the idea that the two being similar made them equivalent. You suggested that they be seen as equally creepy which I would agree with if they lead to the same behavior is what I'm getting at.
And yeah lol, obviously the non-con shit is gross as hell but I don't think it's actually a fetish like others here do. More so than getting off on the actual porn, I think she enjoys shocking her teen readers. It's an ego trip being seen as mature and cool and unfazed by taboo subjects. She has a lot of insecurity, I think it's also why she's so preoccupied with 'teaching' people how to do things. Being an authority figure makes her feel important, and kids kissing her ass doesn't help.

No. 718044

Ahhh my b, didn't even make the connection.

I think she does enjoy "shocking" her readers (see how giddy she gets when something weird is coming up in her comic) but I don't think that's the whole story. She definitely seems to have a thing for noncon in particular. Maybe it's because she's a terrible writer and the only way she thinks is she can shock people is write rape scenes into every story. Or maybe she just chalks it under "that gay shit."

No. 718054

I absolutely understand where you're coming from, and I agree that Holly making gross fujo fodder won't affect any real gay men but the way she goes about it is still extremely obnoxious and I think she's made it obvious she thinks the rape=love bs is erotic. The things she draws are pretty common tropes in yaoi and that seems to be her only frame of reference.

No. 718078

File: 1540132373906.png (1.81 MB, 640x1136, B209C186-65E4-44DD-95F9-2B92CE…)

Toxic? Because someone pointed out she traced a drawing? Wtf happened, didnt holly always defend tracing? I dont think tracing in and of itself is bad i just think the way she traced that robot character didnt make sense, the legs didnt match its torso and the size was fucked. Its really not that big of a deal Holly.

No. 718094

Toxic? Lmao holly you are exactly the same as the sjw you loathe.

No. 718096

The anti sjw is just as stupid.

No. 718097

How is IG less toxic than Twitter? She won't avoid criticism by just moving her shit to her stories.

No. 718101

I think the reason straight women and lesbian women might be interested in yaoi are different. Holly is not turned off by PiV sex, so the only reason I see her getting into yaoi is for fetishy reasons similar to men who get into lesbians. And this shit does affect gay men, witnessed with my own eyes a bunch of fujos standing in front of a gay couple kissing at pride, giggling and cooing at them. It was so fucking weird.

No. 718105

I'm a bi woman that's only been with one woman for ten years and I like m/m romance cuz it resonates with my own romance. I hate yaoi and fujos with everything I am tho. Holly is repulsive to me. Sage for blogging cuz no one cares lol.

No. 718120

Oh look a lesbian trying to argue that fetishization of gay men isn’t as bad as when it’s done to gay women haven’t seen that one before /s

No. 718129

File: 1540138617671.jpg (42.27 KB, 1024x669, 2e5abf.jpg)

No. 718155

Lol anon are you an anti?

No. 718162


Dat potato face

No. 718169

>le fetishization of gay men meme
lmao is your name ayden and are your preferred pronouns he/they

No. 718172

Good point. I guess I wouldn't know what straight girls actually feel about it, just going by a few reports from girls I knew being less comfortable about porn with women in it. It's super interesting to me because we don't talk much in un-nerdy society about female attraction to anything but straight sex and muscles.
It absolutely affects gay men, I just mean they're not often in physical danger. Obviously it's still homophobic and awful, I didn't really explain it right lol, sorry.

>Oh look a lesbian
U awright, mate? I'm not arguing the fetishization is better or worse! Ffs, I wish I never said anything. Don't worry, ~problematic~ lesbian going away now.

I'm really curious if this actually was about that tracing thing - if she's that thin skinned she's got a lot worse things to worry about than being 'caught' tracing. Hasn't someone outside of here ever brought it up before?

No. 718200

I feel like that can't be it, she's gotten flak on her social media before. The account in >>717944 has no followers, so it's not like there is any huge outcry.

No. 718210

I have a theory that maybe one of the zine artist threatened to expose her ass and she's trying to cover up the shits she's done.
But that's just a theory and stupid theory
Because non of the zine artists want to even go against her even when she talks mad smack.

No. 718216

Oh my god, that'd kill me. But nah, what're they gonna do. All her public detractors know about the zine thing, don't they? Uh oh, maybe they don't.

No. 718231

Honestly it could be the tracing thing. She's justified tracing before (free stock photos, paid background photos, simple reference) but she just straight up traced an anime screenshot for a print to sell. If she ever brought that to a con they could legit ban her it is in most AA contracts specifically, no screenshot tracing.

No. 718254

I know it's hypocritical to say but this girl's got a weiiirrd preoccupation with The Brown. She's sort of veiling it under SJW pretenses but I honestly think she just wants to bully her lmao.

no shit? I didn't know that. Cons are fascinating.

No. 718260

So is calling someone out bullying now?
I mean holly has shit on the art community multiple times, and has called some of the artists in the zine bitches at one point?

No. 718263

lol I'm not saying it's bad, it was a criticism on veiling it behind good intentions. She was calling her out for tracing this time, not doing cruel things. Seriously was not defending HBr, just noting the oddness.

No. 718265

Getting caught tracing, especially selling traced work, is pretty bad. That said, none of her preteen edgelord followers would care and she's already trashed her reputation with other artists so it probably would've just blown over without a peep. Anyway the timing adds up though, she replied to the tracing accusation yesterday afternoon then locked literally everything down soon after.

I'm worried about her because she operates in such extremes. I don't know if she still actively self-harms but I wish she'd get some real professional help. Her habits and coping strategies are all incredibly unhealthy.

No. 718266

I can't speak about Japanese yaoi, but I know that some American girls like gay shipping because male characters are more common and more fleshed out in American media than their female counterparts.

While voyeurism has a lot to do with gay shipping, I think the prevalence of the Smurfette Principle also plays a role.

No. 718282

I thought it was for an original she was selling so she could get new markers. I didnt think she was going to make prints of it, is she??

No. 718291

File: 1540153317197.jpg (638.65 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181021-152137_Chr…)

Looks like someone bought the original
I can't tell if its the recent one she put up not to long ago?

No. 718299

It's essentially selling stolen artwork, so it makes sense to ban an artist for that.

No. 718311

File: 1540154624277.png (189.32 KB, 470x314, YEAHMUTHAYEAH.PNG)

is that a sticker of my favourite BRown-art?

No. 718337

How is it that every time she does this pose the necks look like dicks. How.

No. 718344

File: 1540158272488.png (398.4 KB, 1080x497, 20181021_174458.png)

aaahh geeeeez i'm soooo glad she spend all that time working on the logo and banner for chroma prince instead of updating the comic. past page 4. it's almost been a month now, if she didnt have enough pages to consistently update for a MONTH, much less "daily" like she had promised she shouldnt have started posting the project online.
"Holly brown is creating comics" is she now……

No. 718356

If she's supposed to be creating content for her Patreon then why is she doing three comics at once…her priorities are completely twisted. I follow an artist on Patreon and I can't imagine giving money to someone like BRown who isn't even delivering on her end! People are practically paying her to never leave her house.

No. 718361

yo why does reese have way wider shoulders in that than in every other pic of him? ngl i kinda prefer that over broken collarbone super thin and feminine uwu gay boi.

No. 718379


Elf dude is so cock-eyed and his ear bugs me lmao. it's a really derp face.

Probably because she drew the jacket before (or in place of) the actual body.

No. 718407

That's pretty old, back in the chin dynasty. Her twink designs are new, as well as the creepy upturned grinch noses she draws now

I'm not seeing the cock-eye, I think it's just the weird way the jaw is rotated away from the top of the head that makes the eyes look derp

No. 718413

Ew wtf they look so ugly why is this going to be a porno the characters are instant boner killers

No. 718415

She did that one digitally… Holly most likely planned to sell it as a print.

No. 718543

File: 1540191356688.jpg (64.15 KB, 427x655, Obama-Unit.jpg)

Green hair and orange-y brown skin? Guys, I finally figured out what Reese's race is.

He's a chia pet.

No. 718550

File: 1540193515980.png (45.76 KB, 982x472, Screenshot 2018-10-22 at 2.32.…)


No. 718564

I have no clue, but I'm just glad someones saying something. Someone had to bite the bullet at some point.

Long as she doesn't link back to us i'm glad she's saying SOMETHING

No. 718566

I mean, holly deserves to be criticized for both, so I don't see how either is bullying.

No. 718575

lol just realized she has barely any twitter followers compared to her yt. no wonder she’s felt like she can post/say whatever she wants on there w/o consequences (until now apparently). it may keep away the ppl who called her out on their twitter accounts, but it ain’t gonna stop anyone else, holly. just fucking own up to this stuff for once in your gd life.

remember when a couple of ppl were appeased when she admitted that she had poorly planned the whole mha zine project and that she was working to fix some of it a month or so ago? yeeeeah, i was one of them. should’ve figured she’d say something just to get ppl off of her back. it’s kind of beating a dead horse by this point though. everyone except her was fucked.

h.c BRoWn: complains about other artists not working hard enough and when accused of doing the same, “b-but i worked so hard tracing this artwork to sell and ignoring all of my current and past obligations to my customers!”

No. 718579

File: 1540198866808.png (88.51 KB, 675x711, flippinburgers.png)

No. 718581

Ok brown chill the fuck out
Your brother needs help and hes hopfully going to get it.
Maybe she should start flipping burgers soon because her petty art "career" is going to flop with her shitty attitude at some point.
She's going to make the wrong person's angry and she's gonna have to face consequences at some point.

No. 718582

File: 1540199450374.png (45.71 KB, 695x443, thinktrwice.png)

Also trouble in paradise

No. 718583

Why does she have so shit on everything. Bet if you never got internet famous you’d be GLAD to flip burgers. A job is a job, ffs.

No. 718609

she's awfully uppity for someone who doesn't make a living either way and still lives with her mom.

No. 718618

the laziness is strong in this one. she used to have a part time job at michael’s i believe, and quit that for some reason. there could be other circumstances affecting her life rn (as much as she overshares, there are some personal things she’s kept private i’m sure), but clearly in the past her lack of a driver’s license didn’t stop her from being able to work a regular job. im not going to laugh at her for still not having her license considering my own driving situation, but it is pretty much a necessity since she doesn’t seem to have public transportation or a bike or anything to get around. did she ever finish that driving school?

No. 718649


i thought she has a bike? did smth happen to it that i missed? there were vlogs were she explicitly talked about using it to get to the gym (btw, what happened to doing that?), and there were tweets, too.

No. 718654

She's probably too lazy to actually bike, or if she hardly ever goes out she might be anxious to go any where after being a hermit for so long

No. 718657

Early posts on her personal tumblr implied that she used to take public transportation to go to her job before she got youtube famous. Also she does have a bike and does seem to use it to get out of the house and go to the gym and stuff?

No. 718663

File: 1540220410787.png (59.53 KB, 720x603, Screenshot_2018-10-22-10-57-12…)

The way she jokes about rape… don't expect any of your audience to respect your story when you don't respect it yourself. When will she grow up

No. 718685

Yeesh, what a comedian. I genuinely still don't understand what she meant by her last response to Cinna, it's actually driving me crazy.

No. 718701

please make this the next thread picture

No. 718725

File: 1540228192133.gif (796.26 KB, 220x132, giphy.gif)


Nothing says "I take rape seriously" quite like infantilizing the victim, fetishizing the abuse, and making creeky little jokes about it. A rape joke by itself is one thing (some people use jokes to cope), but when you combine it with all of Holly's baggage, you get a pretty gross situation.

Also, "Salmon" is an appropriate nickname, since Holly's characters are about as compelling as dead fish.

No. 718729


Because she's a potato and no-one in their right mind will go out with her.

No. 718751


what? is the story almost over?? but nothing had even happened yet??? I hope she's just getting ahead of herself.

No. 718769


she probably just wants to hurry up and wrap it up at this point. she clearly hasn't enjoyed making it for quite some time now. it's going to be clunky and rushed, but she'll be able to say that she finished it, technically.


it's already a header picture for a past thread.


I swear she had more followers than that on twitter…don't tell me she wiped/blocked a chunk of them. if that's the case, what a coward. keep digging that grave holls.

No. 718777


Nah, I think it was already around that number. She might have lost or gained a few, but I think that's about right.

No. 718783

how tf is she going to wrap up a story that didn't even have middle? literally none.

it's sad because there's obviously people who are (somehow) invested in the story and probably waiting for some sort of climax and instead it's going to be "simon's dad beat up atari and the gay bois lived happily ever after the end"

No. 718785

calling another timeskip where they all just sit around with Holly's trademark dialogue bubbles going "GLAD ATARAH GOT WHAT WAS COMING TO HIM" and then epilogue of more yaoi secks

No. 718823

Literally all thats happened so far in purgatory:

Damian learns about the customs that take part in the new city he lives in

A solstice takes place implying citizens who have done bad are killed but because Simon's dad is board member he and his kid have a higher chance of getting noticed for their wrong doings

Atara threatens simon to have sex with him so that his boyfriend doesnt get killed(for not doing well in school as opposed to being gay??)

Instead of getting proof to a higher board member to kill atara at the solstice simon accepts where he then has a break down after about half a year

Simon's dad wants to move to the city where his gay son and his boyfriend will be safe and so they have to cut their hair

Atara is trying to make simon look like his mom so he can finally fuck his highschool crush

These are all the major plot points that have taken over 300 pages to write despite most of it could have equally been done in a much better way in like 100 - 175 pages

So why is she talking about an epilogue, is the book done when they move to the city???

No. 718834

The story is so incoherent. The premise had potential but due to poor planning it never really got started. I feel like Holly has no idea what to do with Purgatory anymore so she is just rushing to finish it so she can focus on her other comics.

No. 718851

OR pile on more comic projects to fall behind on.

No. 718857

Tbh she should have killed this story long ago,or at least have somone look over and help her fix it.
but brown likes to be a one man show as we have seen,even with the zine she didn't want outside help when she could have easily asked for it.
But then again you can't ask for much when you constantly shit on other in the community your in.
She keeps shooting herself in the foot every time she talks , and its about time that catches up.

No. 718889

This is pretty typical of the way she handles things.

Shit hits the fan,
then she starts deleting or hiding her material.
Then she lays low hoping it'll be long enough for everything to blow over and that people will forget.
She's definitely trying to avoid as much of her bullshit ending up on here as possible,too. She hasn't been spewing her normal crap or being as outspoken about 'haters' or whatever. Which is different to the way she normally does it, usually we get a warning before she deletes fucking everything.

No. 718895

she definitely lost complete and utter interest in this story as soon as she fell in love with Reese and Hershey.

No. 718903

Does any farmer have access to her Twitter?

No. 718911

A few of us. She hasn’t tweeted anything new.

No. 718957

I really don't blame her for losing interest in Purgatory. The problem with Purgatory is that it's such a heavy and directionless story that I can't imagine is fun to write let alone draw. Paranormal Plague on the other hand actually seems like it could be fun as a creator to make. Holly has the option for it to be a 'creature of the week' kind of comic until she is comfortable enough to tackle the real plot.

No. 718964


It'd be more interesting if she wasn't so laser focused on her 'gay shit' yaoi porn fixation. It's the only thing she seems to want to put any actual energy and focus into.

But it takes less effort to draw a few crappy porn scenes and ask for money than it is to actually build up and work on a compelling story that anyone could enjoy. Sex sells and the money appears faster if she just sits around and draws backward dicks and 'trust trust'.

That isn't to discredit other nsfw artists who do it for a living but they don't half ass it. At least they're up front about what they do. Holly is always acting coy and dancing around it like it's a big deal, while pretending like she's so mature and secure in what she does.

She can't have it both ways. She's caught in this limbo of wanting to make a story that's accessible to a wider audience but then wanting to draw trashy porn that appeals to her fujo freak fans, and she ends up half-assing both because as much as she claims to, she's actually unable to focus on more than one project and she hasn't ever been forthright about that to her self or her audience.

No. 718974

Since holly seems to be uncomfortable talking about sex, She likes to seem so "edgy" but unlike mewtripled who i noticed is very open about such things .But Holly can't take it that far somethings holding her back ,So she's yo-yoing around with trying to be like Mewtriple by doing the "sup sluts " .
Holly needs to first address her discomfort about sexual things in general.You can see it in her nsfw work that she probably isn't comfortable looking up references or even looking up things that are remotely good for the genre shes in.
Instead she thinking about going into it blind sided with the thought of "$$$$$" and of course the "gay shit" .
The nsfw artists who are comfortable with sex and what they like usually have a better grasp on how to make things look good and or make it sexual in nature.
Holly does not have that so her fans that do support are left with a blob of nothing but "trust trust" ,backwards dicks and nothing sexy at all .
Of course these are juts the observations I've made so yea .

No. 718980

Simon and Damien barely touch eachother in the comic so idk what the appeal even is

I can remember only one kissing scene

No. 719038


Who she fell out of love with as soon as she came up with Chroma Prince, which she fell out of love with when she realized how much effort it would take. The difference in how much fuck she doesn't give is obvious comparing the old color pages to the new B/W ones.


Purgatory reads like the bits that some other comic skipped over.
Normally a story like this would start with Damian and Simon meeting and falling in love, then cut to when Attarah notices this and blackmails Simon into a relationship, and explore that a bit before cutting to where Simon's dad is ready to take him and Damian and run.
Instead, Holly skips the bit where the extremely sheltered cult kids realize they're gay and start a relationshp, because what's compelling or interesting about that right, waffles for 100+ pages doing nothing until Simon gets raped, shows the rape but time skips so she doesn't have to explore the fallout and can just handwave away Simon's confusing relationship with his rapist as "it happened off-screen." Then more empty pages about Damian getting a haircut and Simon being a twink or whatever. She yadda-yaddas the good bits and draws the boring minutae instead :/

> it could have equally been done in a much better way in like 100 - 175 pages

Not even, this story has just enough content to comfortably fit a 30-50 page one-shot. There is NOTHING about it that makes it a 300+ page epic.

No. 719055

File: 1540259294643.jpg (566.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181022-204822_Twi…)

No. 719082

So I guess holly's fans are closing in on this girl now bc of it. Sucks for her but she probably knew the risks of calling her out

No. 719084

Oh I just checked her twitter and someone asked why she didn't like holly- im on mobile can someone click through and sc it? it's really long.

No. 719089

File: 1540261601377.png (85.38 KB, 512x900, sinammon.png)

it's all squished for some reason

No. 719093

File: 1540261822189.png (431.42 KB, 1536x2048, 6DA7B83E-7418-4393-AAEC-630EA4…)


Here is a less squished version

No. 719095

its squished but readable, thanks anon.

she makes a lot of good points, here. I'm glad someone finally made a comprehensive list, even though it's a bit short in my opinion.

No. 719096


Basically everything that's pretty much been covered here. She's probably someone who lurks or is actively involved here and is just bringing it to Twitter with her name attached.

No. 719097

well that person obviously posts here, lol. not sure if that counts as cowtipping or not. i mean, someone had to publicly call holly out eventually, right? i just hope holly’s gremlins don’t attack her even though i don’t see how they could argue with what she said.

No. 719098


They're already coming for her on her curious cat acct, it seems because she's complaining about it on her twitter.

No. 719099

I think something happened with the second and third paragraphs, looks like a sentence got shifted about the sexual nature she drew Damien in and the fetish-y gay men.

No. 719100

Pretty sure it only counts as cowtipping if they mention Lolcow right? I think she's fine.

No. 719104

"Look what you did! You made her private her Twitter!"

They're acting like Cinnabani or whatever told Holly to kill herself. Literally all she did before Holly hid her Twitter was point out that a print was traced?

Maybe if you don't want people to point out that you trace, don't fucking trace.

Side note, is Holly's Twitter still visible for people who follow her, or is it completely inaccessible?

Yes, it's not cow-tipping unless Lolcow is mentioned.

In this case it's just poop-touching. This genius read the thread and decided it was their job to be the Cyber Police.

No. 719105

Eh, I wanted someone to call her out, I'm sure a fair number of others did too, so I don't really care what motivated it.

No. 719107

It's all fun and games until a "call-out" reduces the flow of milk.

No. 719109

In my experience, only temporarily. The cow usually explodes with milk after the whole thing goes down.

No. 719114

eh, at this point i dont really care about the milk flow. she got called out in a way thats hard for her fans to ignore unless theyre purposefully shoving their head up their ass

No. 719132

probably gonna be punched in the butthole for this but out of all of the shit Holls has done, tracing a suit of armor is just not a big deal in my opinion. It was super lazy, sure, but it's not like Al is a character with heaps of expressions or poses that she could have been creative with. I think "tracing!" is a something people will jump onto real quick as an easily agreed upon sin in the internet art world. I guess even Holly agrees considering she's deleting her entire self over the 'discovery'.

No. 719137

Maybe not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it's definitely a good supporting argument to her being garbage.

No. 719168

She hasn't deleted fucking anything- simply her twitter is private which means only followers can see tweets and who is watching her tweets but not following except haters?
She deleted some actual tweets but she does that all the time as a policy

No. 719171

Yeah she'll definitely be back with more milk

It's been a year since her last massive spergy bawleting spree when she wiped most of her channel after finding these threads for the first time (at least I think it was the first time)

The year following that has been ripe with milk we'll definitely have plenty to look forward to.

No. 719174

ok? Why u mad tho

Lol this girl's nutty, she's really going public saying all of this with her identity attached. Hi cinbun, don't let the troonz find out you're a farmer.

No. 719180

sage for off topic but wtf is a troonz? googling it tells me nothing.

No. 719183

File: 1540270439532.png (460.18 KB, 513x906, unknown.png)

behold, the eventual evolution of holly's art

No. 719188

My fam, my dudes; I found this on twitter

No. 719193

you don't see anything wrong with her trying to sell traced artwork? it's on the same level as plagerism. if she was just drawing it for funsies it would only mean she's a bad artist, but selling it is pretty fucking dishonest.

No. 719200

Oh, I watched this earlier, it was linked to cinna from someone

No. 719202

File: 1540273142887.png (592.1 KB, 1735x857, ohhno.png)

I need to lie down.

No. 719214

I think I hurt something from laughing so hard! I needed this!

No. 719222

where is this from anon? did holly post this???

No. 719229

This had potential but they are so fucking spergy I put them on Holly's level lol. Also yeah Holly isn't fat it came off very Vendetta chan.

No one will take this seriously.

No. 719231

wow! yet another long, unfunny rant video prod. by yet another #notliketheothergrills edgelord that recycles the same shit that's been posted itts since day one and adds virtually nothing. amazing. /s

btw why is she/are you shilling shitty animu porn artists so hard? kek

No. 719235

She just sounds like cinnabani, honestly. This is just her, isn't it. Someone asked on her CuriousCat if she was going to make a video on Holly and she said maybe.

But if she was trying to hide the fact it was her (IF it is her) why wouldn't she just use her main acct.

I could be wrong and this COULD be a different person. but I'm not sure

No. 719238

This had some good points but her edgelord humor killed this video. This'll just be played off as a troll video. Also a pussy move disabling comments lmao

No. 719248


Does it matter? Not like itll really make a difference to anyone anyway.

No. 719255

Lmao a thread or two back you were all clamoring for a video about holly, but every time one pops up yall are like 'but not this one…' like, who will it take lmao.

I seriously do think people should cool it on the Holly videos though, unless they're prepared to do some actual research, editing and putting it out there as a serious call out. That takes a while and a lot of actual effort that I'm not sure any artist or anyone else would want to invest their time in.

No. 719268

>She just sounds like cinnabani, honestly.
wtf anon. i opened a cinnabani video and it's not the same age, accent, or speech pattern. This video's host has a pretty distinctive mushmouth inflection (no hate, its cute) that would be pretty hard to just put on

No. 719269

double post but both cinnabani and racist uncle do kind of remind me of holly's voice though - not to suggest they are her (lol) but it makes me think there must be a kind of depressed american anime art girl voice tone that catches on whether you want it or not

No. 719273

what farmer did this lmao

No. 719280

I see what you mean, though uncle's voice is more nasal and bani's sort of sounds… idk how to put it. holly and uncle are both sort of nasal and bani just has a sort of lower… not smoother voice but i can't quite put my finger on the word im looking for. Clearer maybe? Uncle and Cinnabani also don't have that weird whiny tone to their voice that Holly does.

They all sound depressed as fuck though.

No. 719300

1) not alog the entire video
2) not have shitty meme editing
3) not lay into her weight for 5 mintues straight because it has zero bearing on her problematic behavior
4) not use slurs like fag etc because the normies will get offended and discredit the video based on that alone

No. 719330

they just sound like fucking losers to me

No. 719331

I'm cool with Cinna-girl calling her out, whatever her name is. Did she mention the zine fiasco in the video? Not gonna watch it LMAO

No. 719340

This video isn't Cinnas, and I don't think she did? Might just be bad memory, but it wasn't really elaborated on, at least.

No. 719362

She did not which is the one thing i really wish she had.
Honestly, if the other anons dislike the video make your own video. I dont mean that in a rude way, i literally just want people to do more videos calling Holly out lol. The next video should include the zine mess

No. 719385


No. 719409

Hi holly.(hi (cow))

No. 719437

File: 1540305466215.png (126.94 KB, 408x327, lmao.png)

pretty entertaining - some anons are sperging that the video "won't be taken seriously". I think if you stop pining for some investigative journalism content cop that gets holly cancelled (which doesn't even ever work) and just relax you will enjoy it. i am laughing at the edits etc as just like an extension of the fun of shitting on her on here.
pic not really related - actual holly art that looks like a crude mocking edit

No. 719456

File: 1540306046099.jpg (619.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181023-094723_You…)

How can she burn out when she doesn't even work in the stuff she says she would?

No. 719463

>Stroke my ego and buy my shit btw idk

No. 719495

File: 1540309208324.png (17.31 KB, 517x208, cringabani.png)

i dont think cinnabani is a farmer

No. 719509

No anon is sperging. The video was sperging, which is why people don't like it. Yes anons have been wanting a video but we've all said in previous threads when videos were made we want an actual adult to make a video not a Holly tier retard like edgelord vendetta chan Uncle kun.

No. 719511

No anon is sperging. The video was sperging, which is why people don't like it. Yes anons have been wanting a video but we've all said in previous threads when videos were made we want an actual adult to make a video not a Holly tier retard like edgelord vendetta chan Uncle kun.

No. 719512

shit, dude, you chose the perfect moment to screenshot on the vid, lol. the paper buckling, the muddy ass colors and weird application (that brush is so tiny wth), 69/10 premium hc BRown “original” artwork, yours for only $70+!!

No. 719533

tbh the person who made the video made some good points , if you take out the edgy humor if its not your cup of tea .it makes for a good video on holly .

No. 719535

LMAO anon, lolcow's general transphobic atmosphere doesnt automatically mean trans people don't read it, source…. myself. i don't even know how to respond to this, but just because i identify as trans doesn't mean i dont like laughing at holly and sharing her ugly porn comics. seeing "troon" and other wild remarks doesnt affect everyone.

No. 719537

tbh i've tweeted stuff like that and im here- you just ignore the anti-trans stuff.

im here to hate on holly and baylee, not talk abt how much people apparently hate trans ppl

She's referenced stuff brought up here too much to NOT be a farmer. At least on these threads.

No. 719538

Meh I liked the video. I mean sure I would have loved a 'down the rabbit hole' styled/more mature styled video but at this point I pretty much appreciate anybody who actually calls Holly out.

No. 719558

Pretty much exactly this. The way she kept going on about her weight was super weird though, even if it was just a segway into her """nutritional advice."""

Tbh it'll be really interesting to see how old Holls will get out of this dilemma, it feels like she's kind of backed herself into a corner with this one.

No. 719654

I hope this will be the next thread image

No. 719693

Does anyone have the link to the google drive of her sketchbook rant? The one in the OP doesnt work

No. 719698

I was talking about holly too, dumbass. Learn to read.

No. 719842

File: 1540339558944.png (79.98 KB, 1080x439, 20181023_194354.png)

No. 719853

What is this person even saying what happened on IG

No. 719862

get these males banned

No. 719879

oh shit

No. 719880

Just saw this. Great back pedaling. I wonder how many of her brainless followers will fall for this.

No. 719884

For once I'm glad Holly made a video. Whether or not she's going hard on a backpedal, she's still apologizing for it. Now if she'd only address the zine issue this quickly.

No. 719887

she didn't really apologise
She just makes a bunch of excuses as to how this is a legitimate technique and we've got it all wrong

"sorry you think I've done something wrong" an apology does not make

No. 719889

i am a cis girl but o k a y anon

No. 719892

>i don't really like a lot of the political stuff on twitter
>so much drama uwu

Sure Holly. Her followers are eating it up though.

No. 719900

Holly has traced and submitted countless homework assignments so I'm sure she was just using the traced Al as a place marker /s

No. 719903

File: 1540346832950.png (242.61 KB, 565x814, 639fc61f96e39c91817efa0be92a32…)

i followed cinna on twitter and someone linked her the holly video and she responded to it

No. 719904

kek, this is basically what i felt abt the video

No. 719910

If it was just a place holder then why even post it with al in it in the first place?
Or crop the photo to show only Edward.
I felt like she pulled this out of her ass last minute.
Since it is a place holder she would have said it in the description but holly is too dumb and didn't think she would get caught.

No. 719916

Does she usually apologize several times over in a video? something about this makes me think she actually does feels a little shame though she tries to hide it.

No. 719919

She changed her channel name to HollyBrown because when you google H.C. Brown one of the previous threads shows up in the top search results.

No. 719920

The comments is just full of her followers claiming what she did was using reference and that people don't understand how professionals work kek omfg

No. 719921

description still says
>Comic artist who also does animation stuff.
like no you don't

No. 719929

File: 1540350148627.jpeg (16.65 KB, 484x272, A3915BBF-6B2B-4377-9D12-9DC923…)


KEK praise be to this girl I hope she continues to call Holly the fuck out.

No. 719938

File: 1540351222334.jpg (1.09 MB, 2742x3263, 20181003_191556.jpg)

someone in the artist discord got 26 copies and half of them are downright fucked

No. 719941

File: 1540351241532.jpg (1.51 MB, 3024x4032, 20181004_145559.jpg)

No. 719942

File: 1540351263156.jpg (1.49 MB, 3024x4032, 20181004_145825.jpg)

No. 719943

File: 1540351292243.jpg (520.53 KB, 2016x1512,