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Hellweek begins Sunday, April 5th

File: 1532488117435.png (724.49 KB, 826x922, yikes 6.png)

No. 646597

Holly Brown is a artist YouTuber who specializes in hypocrisy, terrible anatomy and most importantly starting projects she can never finish.

Social Media:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/hollyistotallycool
Youtube (Vlog Channel): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgeEynuhGskPjgNR5DjbZmw/feed
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/h.c.brown/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HCBrownart
Tumblr: http://hollycbrown.com/
Her Website: https://www.hollycbrown.com/
Her Store: http://hollybrown.storenvy.com/#_=_

The CalArts Rant she is known for:

>21 year old freelancer artist who does youtube, lives with her mom (aunt), and runs an online store

>She hates her brother and constantly sperges about him whenever she gets a chance. Was known to keep bashing him on a live stream once (way after he went away)
>Takes on too many projects at once, then complains about it afterwards
>Constantly bitches on twitter
>Is a big hypocrite, the type to give advice and then do the total oppisite
>Thinks she is a professional hardworking artist when in reality she is a stay at home slob who can never finish anything
>Shits on other artist
>Always talks about how she doesn't have money and how ""poor"" she is but is constantly seen (and broadcast on twitter/social media) buying unnesssary items
>When she buys said items, she brags about how great they are, then is known to disregard them (usually sell them) about a week or so after using them
>Always talks about trying to earn money from various art projects, but it never works
>Cant take criticism to save her life, she will usually respond with something passive or aggressive or blame it on her style.
>Is a complete FUJO, but yet complains about Fujoshis, a total hypocrite
>Hates women and just wants to draw "teh gays"
>Has no friends and is cooped up inside her house. Her room is very filthy.
>Cant spell or write for shit. Has terrible grammar anything she writes is confusing. (Also goes and shits on people for not knowing how to spell)
>Has a terrible personality in general

In The Previous Thread:
>Normal Usual holly shit: Cant manage money, selling and buying things on whim, cleaning up her room little by little
>Finally got a gym membership, and is getting out the house. Is trying to cook but fucks things up and cant follow recipes.
> Creates a "hot yaoi smex doujin" (gay porn comic) but it has terrible anatomy and is generally repulsive. The said comic features her characters Reese and Hershel. Reese kidnaps Hershel and rapes him. (To Note: She always complains about Fujos putting rape and heteronormative characters in their stories…yet does the exact same thing herself). The comic is named, "Seize" It can be found here: http://hollybrown.storenvy.com/products/23942157-seize-nsfw-mini-comic
>Also creates a BNHA (Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia) Zine. She starts off by saying she hired 100 artist- but the number is seen to fluctuate (80,60 ect) when Brown describes it. The Zine is called "True Colors" because of the horrendous color pallet she forced everyone to use. The Zine Can be found here: https://tictail.com/truecolorsmha/true-colors-zine-mha
> First off, she is late for the deadlines with her own art for the zine, she will not release the PDF to the particpating artist, says she will make many copies but currenrly just has supplies for around 50 copies, Her art peices look shitty (as normal) but at least the other artist are good
>She is fucking the artist over because they are young and dont know any better
>Constantly gets angry whenever someone ask questions about the zine and its progress
> """Redisning""" some of her characters but they pretty much still look the same, ended up whitewashing Princess (her black girl oc) and claims she is more cuter
>Her brother returns and is living with her again (at her aunts)
> Went on a Keto diet for about a day, then quits

>Is gonna go to SanJapan Convention, but still is lagging due to putting too much on her plate

>Projects List: Hamilton Animatic, Clever Kitchen, Convention Stuff, Paranormal Plague, Purgatory (redrawing/inking)

Previous Threads:

No. 646614

i'm dead, no one is ever gonna change this bitch's age. she forever 21

No. 646620

its basically a meme at this point and its grown on me kek

No. 646645


honestly does it even matter anymore lol. she’s always gonna be a 13 yr old fujoshit in mind and spirit.

No. 646655

File: 1532495186014.png (109.49 KB, 1186x484, 1532458269215.png)

I knew Holly would fail this diet, she decided to start on a whim without going into extensive preparation/research on how difficult it was going to be and she kept boasting about how easy it looked (it was apparent from this attitude that her energy would burn out quickly) She also wasted her money on useless shit yet again on those ketone strips/ingredients. I think she also bought a recipe book for it instead of getting free recipes online? Also wtf does she mean "i feel like this diet is designed for people who don't cook much" that's literally the opposite of the diet. She probably didn't stick to the diet at all.

No. 646671

damn that was fast

No. 646678

Of course she didn’t stick! In latest vlog or something she was eating cauliflower rice with green peas and corn…

No. 646740

She’s so bizarre about weight loss. She acts so knowledgeable but still drinks crazy amounts of soda and eats shit. Like if you wanna lose weight cut out the soda for a start you’re just drinking away your calories

No. 646765

her brother does sound like a cunt tho

No. 646768

Her brother sounds like your average white trash. He still really doesn't deserve all the hate Holly is throwing him though unless there is more to the story.

No. 646821

Tbh what gets me is when people ask genuine questions or have concerns about the zone and all she repays with is condensing bullshit.
I still dont get how she have as many followers as she does tbh.even the "famous" cal-art sketch book rant shows her lack of understanding of even the basic requirements to apply for cal-arts.

No. 646822

*zine not zone

No. 646839

I have been thinking about this for a while… everyone here can agree on that her old Purgatory comic had way better art in it, but is it really HER? I mean… what if her mother/aunt/father started the story of Simon and Damien (not gay) and she just kind of… took it? And ruined it. Because I really can't see any resemblance on that art style vs her art style today. Would it really be that impossible for her to just… steal someone else's artwork and imply that it's her own?

No. 646845

We're getting into flat earth society levels of conspiracy theories with that one.

No. 646856

File: 1532531662148.png (244.98 KB, 592x630, draw.PNG)

Anyone interested?

No. 646864

i cant fucking wait, most of her fans are already better than her at art and those that arent her fans will draw this just for exposure.

No. 646871

God the length of those legs is so off… she claims to be such an expert at anatomy but the legs aren’t even the same length

No. 646896

nah she tweeted the other week that she knows she's shit at anatomy and she only appears to improve by learning better workarounds

No. 646923

Makes her “anatomy mistakes young artists make” so much better

No. 646927

Where did the back of the cushion go tho

No. 646928

This isn't the worst thing I've ever seen from her, and the hand and arms actually look decent, but the legs seriously look fucked and the feet are maybe a little too small. And jeez, that pose doesn't look comfortable at all. No one would sit like that, especially if they're lanky. He must be getting some serious back pain

No. 646948

The longer I look at this the worse it is. BTW wasn't she bitching about 'draw this in your style' a while back? (I might be wrong but it seems like something Holly would do)

No. 646955

why does it always look as if her characters are always hovering above objects?! Like it doesn't look like he's sitting down. This always happens with her art

No. 646966


I wouldn't be surprised if she did, but it'd be mega funny if no one took her up on her challenge. She already gets enough fan art of her shit tier OCs, and she's late to the challenge anyway.


Her characters are always stiff and have no sense of weight. That's what not doing life drawing studies gets you. She's too concerned about her OCs looking 'cool' than it looking like what they're doing makes any sense. She doesn't have any confidence in her line/form.

No. 646968

cause they're not interacting with the objects. that couch looks like it's made of stone, there's no shadow or crease or anything. one of the legs is just floating in front of the arm as well. it's like she drew them at separate times and just pasted them over eachother.

No. 646975

File: 1532540568293.png (659.67 KB, 1051x743, ok.png)

No. 646981

She has like a 60 year old woman's hands, I swear. She and Shaynasty should trade tips.

No. 646983

are these press ons?

No. 646984

Yep, she bought like a 100 pack of various colors online so we finally don't have to see her gross nails in product shots/youtube vids. That's why she's asking for magenta ones.

No. 647011

@holly you know you can file them to a more flattering shape right? The default square tip is horrid. Try a stiletto it'll look way cuter

Although I doubt this press on phase will last its a really refreshing change from her relentlessly dirty real nails.

No. 647012

If I remember correctly,she said it was like "getting free fan art"

Also, I can't get over how Holly messed up those legs. The left knee's position implies that the left leg is raised above the right, yet the feet meet in the same place. How could you mess that up?

No. 647013

can't wait till the pop off while she's trying to draw.

No. 647082

Also doesn't wearing press on mess up your actual nail bed ?
tbh just painting them seems like a better choice but what do I know anyway (( yes i've tried press ons many types to ))

No. 647087


Seriously! If you work a lot with your hands, the last thing you'd think about is "hm, how about some press-on nails!" At least I know it'd be super distracting trying to draw while some fake nails dig into my palm.

All she had to do was go get a simple manicure to make her natural nails look less gross, and get a neutral or clear protective coating of nail polish. Those press-ons aren't doing her any favors whatsoever, not in looks or in function.

No. 647129

File: 1532548381142.png (413.1 KB, 788x592, dewdw.PNG)

She just needs to moisturize but it's a step in the right direction at least.
Filing the nails into a better shape/ and shorter would probably be better for her because drawing with long nails is pain in the ass.
but enough nail talk, her character for her animation is so tragic to look at. And because of the stupid look, she's having a difficult time animating him (not that she isn't already has a hard time in general animating this) Why does she insist on making her characters so goofy looking?

No. 647130

Saged bc mild blog post but I'm a full time artist who paints, draws and sculpts and I always have a full set of long sharp acrylics.
I used to think they would get in the way of my artwork but they really don't especially when you're super used to them.

Holly will likely ditch them soon anyway if they inconvenience her mildly before she's used to them as beauty clearly isn't a priority for her.

No. 647145

His nose is getting higher and higher jfc.

I'm used to animation styles and characters with weird proportions/weird faces. But I guess what bothers me a lot here is that only the nose is crazy wild and the rest of his face is exactly how she draws her normal characters.

No. 647269

I guess drawing so much peens for her nsfw garbage comic made her draw noses this way. Dat boner nose lol

No. 647343

Great to see I wasn't the only one who saw that.

Kind of sad to see her still make amateur mistakes like this after all this time.

No. 647352

File: 1532561182898.png (93.41 KB, 594x434, oh no.PNG)

No. 647353

File: 1532561216064.png (150.36 KB, 586x627, kek.PNG)

No. 647364

File: 1532561624394.png (208.52 KB, 593x632, ha.PNG)

She's surprisingly predictable

No. 647376

well thats one way to get free art but anyway these are actually pretty good
Kinda sad seeing all these skilled people follow and like someone with such a shit attitude

No. 647441

File: 1532565689225.png (478.74 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 647442

File: 1532565712633.png (460.75 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

The difference between Damiens hair bothers me so much.

No. 647444

Those paw hands tho

No. 647456


The first one is eh, like holly's it's pretty dead-on, but still miles better. (the left foot kinda bothers me though) The second one, whoever drew that, it's great, I genuinely mean that.
I just wished they'd save their efforts for something better than a trash person with shit tier OCs.

No. 647464

The hair flap doesn't make sense. It's on the right side of his head, but when he turns his head it's magically on the left side?

No. 647486


No. 647540

Neither of those canary’s are very good, the first one is like a traceover and for the 2nd, the left leg hanging over the couch is way too short or just out of perspective. The couch/loveseat needs a total redesign, who the hell has ever seen a piece of furniture that looks like that?

No. 647589

But there are low carb tortillas with a fuck ton of fiber

No. 647719

what the heck is happening on the bottom right? is he getting hypnotized or something?

No. 647823

I will never, for the life of me, understand people who don’t drink water. How can you survive on sodas only? That’s insane. If I’m thirsty I can only drink water, everything with sugar or some sort of flavour will leave me even more in need for water.
What’s worse is that Holly said multiple times she finds water to be gross. GROSS. HOW.

No. 647883

There's a part in her project's plot where he summon's an "embodiment of the internet" named Quark to possess him in order to help his restaurant.

No. 647884

i know! its completely insane how there are people out there that just. dont. drink. water.

No. 647886

File: 1532606550930.png (585.27 KB, 890x602, wow.PNG)

No. 647887

Which doesn’t make any sense, since that kid is supposed to be a genius so he should be able to figure out by himself how to make things work right.

No. 647894

It's probably just there as some kind of wish fulfillment to Holly.

But you know Holly BRown, always choosing the "best" and expensive option first before putting in any effort to solve anything by herself.

No. 647908

File: 1532609852460.png (568.77 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

This is the OC holly drew in her "style" ofc she had to give him the amstupid dreamworks snarl. His arms also look weird, like they arent connected properly to his body

No. 647928

both are equally hideous

No. 647949

this gave me arthritis

No. 647958

Yes, but that hand. Those fingers are somehow worse than Holly's

No. 647970

Arms? his neck doesn't even connect to his shoulders. That and his right arm looks like it extends into a tube sausage.

No. 647984


I hate water. People say it has no taste but it does have a distinct flavor that I personally dislike.

The original was so cute! Fingers do look a bit wonky but not overtly so to be too distracting. I think the main problem with the way Holly draws hands is that they are drawn in such a way that they draw too much attention to how weird they look. Like it looks like Holly draws hands completely separate from the whole piece and then just pastes them on.

No. 647987

I actually quite like the character even if the anatomy is wonky and needs work

No. 648033

I know what you’re referring to and it has to do with how “hard” the water is. Not all water taste the same, so maybe try different brands/springs and see if you find one that has no taste.
Sorry for the OT

No. 648148

File: 1532625873016.png (11.85 MB, 1242x2208, DB582766-663B-46C9-B05D-B8C526…)

Goddamn this is so stupid.

No. 648152


Yikes, maybe she should've put that toward something productive like the….
The zine
Nevermind. Fuck this, I give up.

No. 648161

Didn’t another anon say she opened donations?
I honestly don’t understand lotto winners. How could anyone feel justified in keeping any of this unearned money?

No. 648163

If life hands you lemons you make lemonade

No. 648170

File: 1532628991900.png (201.6 KB, 747x799, Screenshot (8).png)

The body is so off. The hand and torso are too small.
Also Holly seems to only retweet the "good" fan art. There are comments on her original tweet with pictures that aren't as "good" but those weren't retweeted and I'm not even sure she liked them. It feels weird to me. It's like she only wants to show off her talented followers.

No. 648188

Obviously, Her horrible online reputation is based on tutorial videos and being a "CalArts accepted professional".

No. 648281

I'm not even surprised the apathetic bitch.

No. 648282

Her proportions show off her anatomy learned through anime bases and pose dolls. The arms are connected by a ball joint and are way too long

No. 648320

File: 1532641680797.jpg (29.36 KB, 368x437, 43gmd0o.jpg)

From her Patreon Goals section:

>"I'd like to use NSFW comics-"

…??? I'm assuming she meant "make"
But the bigger question is,
If she's making $260/month on Patreon, why would she open donations

Also, I can't see the justification of being her patron the way people who are supporting her can…what exactly is it that she's doing? Seize has physical copies, but wasn't it supposed to be a one-off thing? Did she have other ideas for crappy nsfw comics (like that one with the elf dom and that skinny slave boy??)

I genuinely don't get the appeal.

No. 648326

>acquired currency
>spent it immediately on something pointless
>"pls gib money guisees"

No. 648385

File: 1532647879271.png (673.48 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Is it common to bring lightboxes to cons?? I dont know enough but i thought that artists just offered quick sketch comissions and sometimes color them

No. 648407


It's never that serious, no.

Also not that serious, but it bugs me when people type "smol" instead of "small" it just irks me. Like it's trying too hard to be cute and it's just not.

No. 648411

It's not that uncommon especially if you plan on working on bigger commissions back at your hotel.

No. 648427

I used to love smol but it has been ruined with overuse. It's supposed to mean so small it's cute but Holly uses it for literally anything and everything so it's just grating and tryhard.

No. 648429

Is it normal in America to just walk all over people's graves? In my country it is considered disgusting to walk on top of someones grave especially if you're just wandering around. Holly wanders around and up to gravestones she could easily read standing beside it just walking all over the graves. Her attitude in general in the cemetery was gross "awww ): poor guy" at every gravestone. Maybe I'm just from a diff culture or something

No. 648439

At the cemetery my family (ca) is at you can't avoid walking over gravesites to get to the one you're visiting. And some people get buried in urns (I know it's weird but my mom was so I know its true) so where the actual casket is isnt always clear

No. 648444

the part where she is looking at the grave of the two people who were buried together and she says "awww couple goals!" is awful.

No. 648445


God she's so distasteful…

No. 648450

that is why Holly is the bestest artist, cuz she buys a whole lot of stupid pointless shit that makes her a better artist! like how she's going to have bigger prints and a zine she bound on her own!!

No. 648454

File: 1532655854148.png (137.27 KB, 250x297, Screenshot_2.png)

from one fish ownder to another: holly..please take care of your tank

No. 648470

how hard is it to add some fucking water at least?

No. 648475

Wtf that poor fish how is still alive

No. 648476

>>648454 those plants arent even completely submerged

No. 648485

Yet she wasted 30 dollars on lottery tickets

No. 648495

It's kind of funny how in the video, she mentions one of her contributors ordered 50 books and then says they probably won't all sell. Doesnt sound like she has very much faith in her product.

No. 648506

I think after finishing the zine,she wants it to die down.like if someone even breathes in the direction of the zone holly freaks out for no reason.almost as if she knows she messed up ..but wouldn't you want to hype up your zine like since the last few months shes been hyping her other projects rather than the zine.

No. 648536

eventually the water is going to go below the filter intake and burn out the motor…if it hasn't already.

No. 648650

File: 1532674225587.jpeg (215.39 KB, 640x545, 89879F29-82E7-483C-9C1E-0C5A96…)

I find it amazing that Holly retweeted this, seen how much she hates “mermaids with knees”.

No. 648669


i sincerely hope it isn't true that someone ordered 50 books.

Actually this reminds me of those fucking Avon sales things or a pyramid scheme where people buy multiple products from a source and then try to sell them back at people. it's hard to move product like that.

I think it's a pretty shit thing to say the books probably won't sell, when she had the privilege of working with so many excellent artists and pretty much screwed them over because most of them didn't know the value of their time and effort.

if anyone in the zine is reading this, please, sell your individual pieces as prints and don't let holly be your middleman.

No. 648697

I kinda have no sympathy, if you really wanted to buy from Holly (fucking 50 as well) you really should have done more research on Holly and you'd realise that that's a bad idea, and you would have seen what she was trying to do. There has been loads of redflags; kept delaying the Zine, radio silence about the zine, her taking a week 'break' to sleep lol, the pyramid scheme for the zine, no communication (hardly any emails), how she kept changing the number of how many ppl are in the Zine, passive aggressive tweets and responses about the Zine, general disorganisation, lying about her qualification although that maybe nitpicking. If you're willing to buy FIFTY fucking books from her after all that. It's on you.

No. 648702

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought she meant that someone bought 50 copies of the NSFW-comic and not the zine.

No. 648703

She meant the zine, that’d make more sense as it means somebody is actually wanting to sell their own copies maybe at a booth or on their personal store… you know like being able to sketch on a copy is an added value. Guess how she would deal with that though, with splitting profits out of those 50 copies and stuff.
This project is so messed up, I hope people start to realise she’s a total amateur at best at practically EVERYTHING

No. 648727


I think it's a cultural thing? like where i'm from, it is considered very rude, as well. most of the recent-ish (read less than 40 years old) graves are 'blocked off' by like ankle height iron railings, to prevent you from accidentally stepping onto them.
also i find it incredibly rude to be filming graves that are less than forty years old. there's a difference between documenting 'historic' sights, and being disrespectful to the deceased, and imo holly crossed it. then again, i'm from a country where just talking in not-hushed voices is considered disrespectful. cemeteries still in use are places of mourning to us, and seeing someone walk around vlogging would piss me off so much.

she addresses the tablet thing in this, and i am still 'confused' about it. the 'that came out of my paycheck' is just so ??? to me. it makes it sound like she had to pay for something, when in reality, it was a failed purchase from her and she had to refund the money. like it was an unexpected expense, when she sold it to make extra money and that failed.

(also inb4 holly tries to build a pool out of bamboo)

No. 648744

It's mostly the same in the states, we often don't prance around making comments about recent graves at room volume.

No. 648749

it's because she alteady spent the money she made selling it. as she always does as soon as she gets any cash at all. she literally has to spend it as soon as it hits her bank account for some fucking reason, even if it's for something completely pointless.

so she wound up losing money on the tablet because she had to dredge up funds to issue the refund.

No. 648757

You can tell this person used Holly's original as a reference.

No. 648815

Maybe I’m trash but I thought some of her gravestones stuff was pretty funny, if a bit macabre. The straw for breathing I will admit I lol’ed.

No. 648846

personally i don't care that holly walked on top of the graves. but i understand most people look down on that because it's "disrespecting the dead" or whatever. but they're just gravestones. the part where she said 10/10 would bang was annoying but she says that all the time, i honestly think she says that kind of stuff to be edgy

No. 648917

You sound exactly like her fans/ her tbh

No. 648968

Her being "edgy" really isn't a good excuse to be a disrespecting piece of shit. If anything, it makes her case worse. You sound just like the kind of person Holly is.

No. 649022

File: 1532724095945.jpg (729.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180727-154118_Twi…)

No. 649025

lol, rip to her 50 dollar wooden copic holders.

I'm pretty sure Holly needs help with her impulsive buying and hoarding..

No. 649027

File: 1532724476597.jpg (25.95 KB, 800x450, d.jpg)

>gave me

No. 649033

File: 1532725722580.jpg (727.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180727-160822_Twi…)

No. 649035

File: 1532725796409.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180727-160845_Twi…)

Not a bad set up , but man ….why did she even buy the 50$in the first place you can always find marker cases for when an art store goes out of business or wholesale type thing?

No. 649048

Im sorry but that looks stupid. All that storage for just a few markers?? Her collection isnt big enough to justify this tbh

No. 649052

… but she said she only WANTED/NEEDED a few colours and that it was stupid to buy more…?

No. 649053

You know what's going to happen now, right? She's going to want to fill the entire thing, because "what's the use of having that otherwise" (she hasn't put any of her other stuff in to fill it, so she probably wants to use it as intended, a marker stand) so she'll start buying markers every other day and spend even MORE money, and 2 weeks later she'll be out of her marker phase and they'll all be gathering dust LMAO

No. 649055

Didn't she set up emergency commissions because of the broken tablet?
I wonder how many people from the zone actually contacted her about getting zines ? Maybe some where ignored? I dont think only 1 person ordered 50 there's gotta be more for how many artist are in the zone this isn't adding up at all .

No. 649333


Because she needed an excuse to buy more markers right. this is her excuse. "Muh marker case, it's too empty and I hab 'OCD' guyse, gim more moneys I'm broke."

she'll either fill that case, or leave it there to collect dust only to sell it later on.

sometimes I think also that she watches other art youtubers, sees what they have and goes "I wanna have/do that too!!" And she'll buy stuff without actually figuring out why she needs it. or she'll make up a bullshit excuse and bend over backwards to explain away why she needs it (And! your money), just so she can use it for a week before selling it/ it disappearing from her mind. right now she seems to really want a collection of Copics on her desk like baylee.

No. 649387

File: 1532766505516.jpeg (71.26 KB, 640x229, 256D9589-EC13-4C98-B902-BAEB78…)

This was under her copic display picture. I’m dying.

No. 649395

I don't want to sound autistic, but was he being sarcastic?

No. 649417

I call upon Poe's law on this tweet.

No. 649561

Have we had a discussion about her characters yet? I fucking despise that greasy, elven dude with the cluster acne. Now I found out he's literally a rapist to boot. Nice one, Miss Brown.

No. 649600

I think we pretty muc always talk about hpw shitty her ocs are. Hershels hair is ridiculous now. Acne guys scars look like scales. Horrible all around

No. 649695

I kind of like Hershel actually. Or rather, what he could be. Holly completely wasted his potential. She says he’s this beefy tough dude with a heart of gold but you can’t see either of those things, she just says that shit and does nothing with her characters to show it.
The greasy emo dude is the most unappealing design I have ever seen. His acne makes me gag, his scars are so exaggerated you can’t even take his self harm seriously. And what makes him wanna hurt himself anyway? lolol you’ll never know but hey showing him raping a guy is much more important to his personality.

No. 649735

File: 1532811312411.png (344.56 KB, 521x823, Screenshot_20180728-145334.png)

No. 649742

Her character designs are very unappealing. The elf with the sunglasses expression reminds me of the fairy Christian Slater voiced in Fern Gully only its not cool.

>The one god forgot.

That goes for any of her OCs

No. 649758

In america most cemetaries/graveyards are really filled with caskets and gravestones. Sometimes you cannot avoid stepping on the actual gravesite. However, as long as you are respectful and have no ill will, then its fine. Holly is just being distasteful..

No. 649764

What is she supposed to be saying there?
>Characters most people except Patreons will see
I'm guessing she means to say the comic will be a Patreon exclusive, but the sentence ends up saying the opposite?? BRown plz

No. 649776

She types like English is her 5th language

No. 650218

File: 1532867781717.png (726.6 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

The way she draws chairs omg

No. 650223

Holly's work would improve so much if she just drew the chairs/environment first and THEN drew her characters actually interacting with the environment. As of now it just looks like she drew a bunch of characters in awkward poses first and then tried to draw weird chairs around them.

No. 650288

See that weird af ball at the center? I think thats supposed to be a Head. And hair. I think. Honestly if you cant tell whata going on in an illustration, thats a problem

No. 650290

Why isn’t there tape around the whole thing? Just the top and bottom? myst be a special new watercolor technique I’ve never heard of

No. 650379

Wait why is she using tape when shes using copic markers ?

No. 650400

Their arms are just… floating above the armrests, ok then lol. The middle guy's like, 'right got to do my arm hovering exercise today' and it looks like he's pulling some Illuminati symbol lol. The white head is aligned with his dick, 8/8 perspective.

No. 650409

It's a globe
I think this is the ballroom dance scene from MCR I'm Not Okay MV

No. 650410

Plus the purple table? Is misaligned and wonky, the green chair kind of collapses on itself. The chairs have no volume or 3D form ((or the guys)) and it looks like the men are melting into their chairs, especially the guy on the left. The guy in the middle is really hunched over it looks uncomfortable. There's way too much negative space between the left guy and the middle guy. That fucking hair strand. I'm shit at light sources but the shading really doesn't make sense to me. Sorry the more I look at this the more mistakes I see, (((don't worry I saged this.)))>>650218

No. 650421


LMAO it looks like they're hanging on to those chairs for dear fuckin life, my god the perspective is awful. The back of the seat for the middle chair is like, non existent. It'd be reasonable if this was trying to be abstract/surreal but no, this is legit Holly playing it straight.

Also that marker case looks ridiculously bad with like 16 copic markers in it and the rest being empty.

No. 650453

Retail anon here, but depending on how they reset merchandise in certain departments, displays can be completely thrown away (or employees take them). This means Holly was either there at exactly the right time when they were resetting the space (doubtful) or she requested to take it when and if they were getting rid of it. Depends on the manager, some will just let people take shit and some charge money for old displays.

Judging from what she writes here >>649022 it may be they are downsizing the amount of markers they carry, hence why she mentions "one of their marker displays".

No. 650479

That is the worst globe i've ever seen.

No. 650482

Alittle late for this post but why get a marker shelf with added colour tabs/names if you're gonna just stack them ontop of each other and not give a damn.

No. 650486

File: 1532894183042.png (681.92 KB, 859x393, Screenshot_20180729-135519.png)

No. 650490

Now this is just a goldmine of Holly's Art Trademarks TM: floppy hair (plus an almost-hair flap), terrible anatomy, weird poses, art lean, random shading, Dreamworks brows, fucking deformed background, and my personal favourite, no one fucking interacts with their environment!!! The characters look fuckin copy pasted in!!!!

No. 650493

File: 1532894770296.jpg (764.92 KB, 1440x1764, Screenshot_20180730-075930.jpg)

does she proofread… at all…? just read the new purgatory update and…The dialogue in this book is so fkn strange.The amount of grammar, spelling, and like basic english errors leave it barely readable. There is kind-of-ok dialogue under all the shitty grammar too which makes it worse -_-

No. 650499

This is so bad it's good. It looks like a meme.

No. 650500

File: 1532895292855.jpeg (23.77 KB, 485x303, images (1).jpeg)

u guiz are all just haters guy in middle is clearly just doing exercise for maximum chest gains

No. 650505


No. 650516

No. 650517

this is mcr fanart apparently…

No. 650533

20-something year old ~*professional*~ making MCR fan art yikes

No. 650587

Is it too much to ask to have a fucking proper sphere for a globe?? Those lines are so bad.

No. 650588

Did holly whip this out in 10 minutes? Because it sure looks like it

No. 650593

for real, if you're that bad at drawing circles then just trace at that point. she didn't even shade it to give the illusion. that it's a vaguely round 3d object.

this is so hysterically bad on all fronts, I legitimately cannot find a nice thing to say about this. not a single thing.

Holly surely gets critique on her school assignments right? does she just completely ignore it or refuse to apply it to personal projects as well?

No. 650613

File: 1532907264784.jpg (16.68 KB, 275x126, fucking wreck.jpg)

Holy shit it looks like the blond dude is fucking sliding off the face of the planet

seriously it's not difficult to see a flipped image of what you're working on with the existence of phones and even just fucking MIRRORS

No. 650622

What the fuck is this. the seats are fucking warped to shit and clearly aren't based on solid ground, the poses make no fucking sense, i have not a single clue what the point of this scene is and the """composition""" of this is fucking triggering.

Is there a way for the school to withhold her degree bc nobody who draws like this should be within arms reach of an illustration degree.

No. 650632

I personally don't understand how people like this pass. she hasn't improved at all in the years she's been going to school. Then again I had a friend who graduated with an illustration degree when her stuff looked exactly the same as what she produced in high school. There must be a point where they just give up and pass you as long as you completed work.

No. 650690

Tbh I went to a shit art school and one of the teachers gave a student a barely passing grade just because they wanted them gone. The student was a horrendous artist with a shit personality so I kinda didn’t blame him because I wouldn’t want to spend another quarter with an obnoxious asshole student either.

I would wonder if the same were true for Holly but her classes are online.

No. 650697

File: 1532917436758.png (121.89 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

That seems excessive

No. 650707

i've never got vertigo from looking at a picture before. woah

No. 650711

File: 1532919609920.png (220.81 KB, 330x218, how.png)

hands with a foot's heel are my favourite holly-horror.

No. 650715

File: 1532919869049.jpg (57.97 KB, 640x480, med_1461979224_image.jpg)

the ref

No. 650747

Another boring and dumb video by Holly Brown. It feels like she made this video just to defend her insecurity for liking "emo" music, and is just an excuse to draw MCR without feeling ashamed of it.

No. 650756

this is going to sound super nitpicky but the way she inhales after every other sentence gets on my nerves.

No. 650760

by ref did she mean she glanced at this for 5 seconds and then never again because her piece barely has a superficial resemblance to this.

No. 650768

So she's doing a layer of watercolor and then going over it in Copic? what for?? Like, her colors are going to end up muddy and ugly either way, watching her make art pisses me off lmaooo.

It's like what she ran out of space for what she wanted to draw and just crammed everyone in and warped the perspective to shit, instead of laying down the foundation. Good job, BRown.

No. 650771

Shes using markers over watercolors and that bugs the shit out of me.

No. 650773

i called it the ref, she didn't mention any ref but yeah that is her technique

No. 650775


It's such an insane waste of money. AND she's laying the copic down streaky because she won't be getting any coverage otherwise.


>casually mentions shadman in her video targeting mainly minors.

OK BRown. We know you look at his shit. You only mentioned his name to sound edgy yourself.

No. 650776

3 minutes in and I can’t stand the hypocrisy. She made fun of inflation art some vlogs ago and she’s the first to tell people what they should or should not draw.

No. 650791

i thought i was the only one!!!

when will holly learn…. it seems every time she makes one step in not making the same mistake she makes over and over again, she devolves 20 steps back

No. 650838

Not only that but shes going to kill her markers and liners. Its why most people line their watercolor work in colored pencil or one of those dip pens. its honestly such a waste and a beginner mistake.

No. 650841

>talking about cringe culture in the year fucking 2018
God, she's really run dry on shit to complain about considering that shit died like 2 years ago. That's like saying you don't like murder and pretending that's some revolutionary philosophical thought no one's had before.

No. 650888

Not to play devil’s advocate, but mixed media is a thing and copics over inks or watercolour is as common as pencils on copic. It’s not the best thing to do, but even some professionals do it. You’re just being silly here.
It wasn’t even watercolour paper, it was cardstock that SURPRISINGLY wasn’t suited for watercolour (yes she complained about the cardstock not acting like watercolour paper.) and more than the media, I think the supplies are wasted on non thought, anatomically monstrous, perspective nightmare-ish crappy pictures.

No. 650893

My issue with it is the application. She clearly has no grasp of either medium so seeing her muddy her piece up like an amateur paired with her arrogant all knowing attitude is just grating.

No. 650902

Ive heard holly say in a livestream that she doesnt like copics because you can do the same with watercolors and whats the point and blah blah. And now shes using copics OVER watercolors so whats the truth, queen?

No. 650927

File: 1532944522042.png (132.63 KB, 640x894, IMG_2754.PNG)

Dude apparently has mermaid syndrome since his thighs are fused together, but split at the knee jesus fucking christ Holly.
The whole drawing needs to be thrown away but this is probably the worst executed character out of the three.

No. 650929


shit, before i saw the reference i actually thought that this was intentionally warped in perspective? sort of like some videos do this sort of lens distortion, where the middle gets closer as the sides move backwards. wow.


you know what's really cringy? a twenty-something asshole that thinks trying something once makes her an expert on it.

'it's not cool to hate things' yet here we are, with another ranting video about something you hate.

No. 650947

He’s also got a hunch, doesn’t have hips, has different hands (one is slimmer, the other is thicker) and has legs the same length as his arms, that are dislocated.
Good job, Holly.

No. 651031

Stfu holly. Not only is this video hella hypocritical, its stupid. Liking my chemical romance doesn't make you unique lmfaooo. Its not your music taste that is cringey, its the fact that you ship the band members and read/create fan fiction of them

No. 651046

the drawings look nothing like the members.. is that supposed to be gerard?? im deeply offended by how terribly drawn they are

No. 651121

My name is Ebony Darkness Ravenway

No. 651183

And way to leave out the ducking drummer. It’s a four piece band, it’s be much more recognizable with ya know all of the members.. plus ray’s hair would be fun to draw.

No. 651192

She gave her own black OC straight braided hair it's a complete shock that she left out the one band member with curly hair.

No. 651219

The drummer wasn't really in the music video (he was in the music video but for only the garage segments), although, Holly did leave out the main guitarist of the band, (the guy with the curly hair). Also, at this time, the band was a five piece band (they weren't a four piece band till their last album). Just clearing some stuff anon :)

No. 651225

But in the scene from the music video she's drawing >>650715 there's four members?

No. 651259

Did she talk about Amberlynn Reid for a moment there?
I wonder if she does it to feel less fat

No. 651275

Yup she did. Cant blame her. Amberlynns mess is entertaining af

No. 651283

Oh yeah I forgot MCR was actually a five piece.. ray toro was the guitarist not drummer.. damn my middle school memory is shit. so she left out two members, nice.

No. 651322

I guess Ray isn't uwu smexy emo boi enough to be included. Can't have boys without hair flips ruining her fantasies….

No. 651375

San Japan table assignments are out. She's C211.

No. 651386


Where is it posted?

No. 651393

Is she stupid? Has she never learned to scan at a higher dpi?

No. 651412

No. 651417

File: 1532987549952.png (34.46 KB, 665x422, nope.png)

Mewtripled relased a new sketch book video , talking about how foundations are worth learing instead of just wanting to find a style.
Since holly likes her so much as seen in the comment below idk maybe she'll take it seriously but i highly doubt it .

No. 651444


Thanks. I've been lurking for a while and I hate to ask but why is her name spelled "BRown" in the form? Did she do it on purpose?

No. 651449

She's a dumb bitch and mistyped it. When the artist alley list went up, she saw it and complained publicly on twitter about the SJ staff misspelling her name, but they clapped back and said they just put the information that was given to them. meaning SHE fucked up

No. 651483

File: 1532994186699.jpg (419.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180730-184256_Tum…)

No. 651484

File: 1532994318022.jpg (518.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180730-184459_Tum…)

No. 651485

File: 1532994339361.jpg (581.48 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180730-184504_Tum…)

No. 651499

What? That's so creepy.

No. 651502

for some reason, the drummer wasn't included in the school segments of the music video (don't ask me why i have no clue). Theirs two different segments of the video; the school segment where the band members (except the drummer) are students in high school wearing school uniforms and the garage segment where all the members including the drummer are in their normal clothes and singing the song in the garage.

No. 651507

Is it just me or is this really fucking creepy to be "fancasting" your characters on to real people

No. 651518

Lol did she white wash her token minority?? I love it oh the irony

No. 651519

Yes, since Holly has a rape comic based around those two characters

I would't be surprised if this is what she gets off to while buying supplies to make high resolution armginas.

No. 651576

Seriously, most people don't even have scanners that large. You can make tiny photos into massive filesizes if you just alter the DPI

inb4 Holly decides to drop hundreds on a huge flatbed scanner for her autism

No. 651638

So what do you guys think will be her excuse when nobody buys her shit at San Japan? My money is on "nobody appreciates my original style, all they like is UGLY SAMEFACE ANIMU"

No. 651643


eh, i'd say it's a normal thing for people to do if they're invested in their ocs. i've seen people do that too. usually they fancast using big name celebrities though.

No. 651657

She had another black character but Holly might white wash her as well. Btw what race is Resse? Is he black or south Asian or South American or Arabic? Right now he seems more ambiguously brown character,so he could just be a white guy with a really dark tan.

No. 651907

W-what do you mean anon he's black, he's just black

Tbh I don't think holly even realizes that he could be from any of those cultures and probs just default thinks black means African American

No. 651967

Resse is also Spanish or Mexican I believe?

No. 651980

She said the next zine video would be up on Monday, is it up yet?

No. 652021

File: 1533046436238.jpg (498.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180731-091337_Chr…)

No. 652022

Shes trying to get everyone to quite it down about the zone so no one would question her scam of a zine so she won't get called out.
I hope someone from the zone at least questions why shes not talking about it since she is THE FUCKING ONE WHO ORGINAZIED IT.

No. 652034

Is she a fan of doodle date? the idea reminds me of their little series "doodles and tea"
>I can be a dirty money grubby hoe
like she ain't already :V

No. 652085

That’s EXACTLY what I thought too.
It’s doodles and tea, plain and simple. She probably just saw one of these and thought “oh that’s easy, I can make videos like this BUT BETTER”

No. 652207

someone, tell me exactly how she got popular cause dayum it really cant be her art…how are people looking at her for advice on how to draw when she cant even do a proper sphere by hand?

No. 652219

Honestly how can anyone even take her advice when she herself isn't consistent with it, and does the exact same things she tells others it's wrong to do

No. 652416

Ages ago Holly posted a rant video about CalArts which got her a ton of new followers (including me). Superficially the points she made on that video sounded reasonable and Holly came off as a hard working new artist with room to improve. Unfortunately as time wore on her artwork and attitude became worse and degraded to the point it is now.

No. 652444

No. 652508

I've seen zines with literally 1/3rd of the pages sell for more than that. Holly for the love of god stop ripping those poor artists off, they've already been through enough pain having to deal with you.

No. 652541


I can't even wide for this zine to go over badly since tons of kids probably sent stuff in and I wouldn't want them to be apart of a disaster project but the least she could have done was to center the title page damn it

No. 652616

File: 1533079062293.jpg (47.24 KB, 720x370, IMG_20180731_161709.jpg)

No. 652673

we all know damn well holly's greedy ass is definitely deleting every email she gets regarding artist copies bc hurr hurr that's stuupid bro

poor guy :/ their probably better off without her copies knowing how shit and unprofessional they were designed.

(I wish the pdf was out so a good majority of the artists could make something better and more worth other people's time and money but who wants all that unnecessary work).

No. 652681

Maybe if people call her out shell give in ?
Instead of giving her ass Patts and priasing her for doing a post poor job.

No. 652734

File: 1533081000416.jpg (560.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180731-184931_You…)

No. 652736

File: 1533081014430.jpg (534.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180731-184939_You…)

No. 652772


I find it so sad this person talks with Holly in such a friendly manner, they're so sweet and actually knows what they're talking about where Holly knows nothing. I feel like shit for saying this but I hope they get screwed over and realize that holly is a shit individual both as a person and a 'professional'

No. 652790

Seriously it's not hard to say like "I'm so sorry - I never saw them!" or be like "I just checked and didn't receive them" or something instead of just being like "do it again i can't be arsed to email you even though i clearly have your email for you to have been invited to the zine"

I'm not saying you have to be sunshine and rainbows, but it's really not that hard to be at least a little personable.

No. 653309

why can't she do anything without ragging on others and making her choices out to be better. there was no need to say other zines didn't match; just say "i decided to make it match!" looks a lot less insecure and bitchy.

No. 653310

File: 1533113318389.jpg (78.76 KB, 720x701, IMG_20180801_014807.jpg)

No. 653327

YOU decided on printing it yourself. It’d be much easier to just pay a professional printer and have the books shipped to you (or the other artists), and maybe charge a little more per copy.
It’s not group projects, it’s that you’re fucking stupid and you always need to feel like you’re better than others.

No. 653340

i'm not really a fan of drew but god… that's in poor taste, especially when the real person you're fancasting, for an autistic parody of a cutter character, has actual depression problems himself, not to mention how disgusting reese looks with the acne and whatnot. i would be PISSED on several levels if that were me

No. 653363

wow… if you watch the zine video, you can see most of the art doesn't fit fully onto the page's and pieces of the artwork have been cut off so they can fit… It looks rlly bad…

No. 653368

I agree it's weird. Idk what ethnicity Drew is but he's clearly black, she just did that to get diversity points. That's like me modelling the a characters appearance of a white guy then claiming its Asian.

No. 653384

Yeah. And there's no way to tell who the artwork belongs to.

He's white.

No. 653417

File: 1533127436436.png (756.19 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I love kikis delivery service but this is awful. Also this is why she decoded to work on 18 by 24?? To paint it?

No. 653426

of all the things holly draws i hate her food most because it looks wonky and made of wood.
she likes huge resolutions because she thinks it's a sign of professionalism and makes up for the quality of her drawings.

No. 653427

what on gods green earth is this piss-poor excuse for composition? it's just poorly overlapped elements in no particular order

No. 653432

I think it's for the sticker set she mentioned? I still hope she'll rearrange them. And who wants half a cat as a sticker?

She said it's so the resolution is high enough for prints.

No. 653434

Did she tape 6 pieces of A4 paper together instead of getting a larger piece of paper? I'm not an artist but it this something artists do?? If this is for the stickers why doesn't she just draw one sticker per paper?

No. 653445

It depends? Some traditional artists might tape pages together for their rough draft so they can get a good idea of how the final will look without wasting their larger, more expensive paper.

No. 653451

Just to trace her digital sketch to the paper shes using for the final illustration

No. 653479

I want everybody to remember this is somebody who’s graduating in illustration.

No. 653491

haha I meant to put he's clearly not black , it didn't make sense rip

No. 653492

I don't understand what this is supposed to be
Is the food on a table? Is it floating in the air? Is it both?

No. 653506

File: 1533137673250.png (799.51 KB, 640x1136, 6B9A2B80-B9A2-4E4B-B058-871FC4…)

Somebody save this cat, it’s having a stroke.

No. 653516


i feel like tictail's 5 day processing for payments actually buys her time to make the copies. and this is all stuff she brought on herself.
- she knew con season was coming up and she'd need merch
- school assigning work should be a regular thing to her
- there are 80 artists in the zine, she knew she'd have to make at least 80 copies, plus orders from people who weren't artists that want to buy it.

tbh, at this point, i am honestly starting to think she has some kind of mental issue that makes it difficult for her to realize the (extend of the) work involved in big projects

No. 653558

Seriously I don’t think she realized each artist would want a copy of their own.. if she’d have thought of that she wouldn’t have only purchased supplies for 50 copies (she confirms this in an old vlog)

No. 653659

Everything holly makes looks like it's made of wood TBH

No. 653680

That’s so fucking shitty… she could have at least done a proper research before doing the zine. How can she just make plans and not think about details? This zine is such a mess. She doesn’t even have a proper correspondence with the artists.

No. 653682

new vlog bois

No. 653687

She's a selfish person who only thinks about herself and making money out of her delusions. This kind of stuff sucks but honestly it's nothing new for her. I hope people will finally learn something from it and stop supporting her and her 27639 projects.

No. 653695

Holly's not even that fat ???

No. 653699

everyone who said that now she'll want to buy more copics to fill that huge ass case can be proud of their prophecy skillz

No. 653706

Can't believe she bought markets she didn't need to get a case she also didn't need.

No. 653709

16 mins in she complains about the person who had their email 'missed' and people complaining about the cover being off-centered lol.

No. 653739


>'A lot of you bitches have no idea how youtube works'

pretty sure a lot of us just have a general idea of what to do to keep surfaces clean/would tidy up before filming a video

>'Christmas this year all I'm getting are markers'

as if she's gonna be able to restrain herself until then.

also, it seems like the saga of 'holly can't be arsed to fill up her fish's tank' continues…

No. 653744

god, if one of her dumb ass fans buys this mess for 300$ i'm losing all hope

No. 653745

Haven't been paying attention to Holly for a while, is she seriously redrawing all those Paranormal Plague pages all over again now? Why?

No. 653774

I believe she doesn’t want it in color anymore. Likes it better in black and white. I can’t wait for her to flip-flop again 1/3 of the way through and go back to re-coloring everything a different way or even going back to redraw it before she’s finished the first chapter.

No. 653944

A lot of comics/ manga's have the first couple pages in colour, she's wasting so much FUCKING time.

No. 654010

File: 1533166104581.jpg (171.23 KB, 720x1063, IMG_20180801_162808.jpg)

No. 654012

impressed with how not-fat she is tbh I guess her weight loss efforts are paying off good on her

No. 654014

why does the cat look like he has no arms.

No. 654115

Is this Holly's first con by the way? I feel like she's severly unprepared

No. 654167

Hey I've been lurking for a while now and I've been considering making a video on Holly that's less of a rant but more akin to Samuels Chris Chan documentary with a teaspoon of Digby the Goat. I'd love to hear some thoughts and opinions on it.

My script is only a few paragraphs long and I already explained her attitude, YouTube fame, and thoughts on her content. I was curious if there are any specific videos that are necessary to discuss? (I'm skipping the CalArts rant because it's irrelevant at this point.

No. 654175

File: 1533173863470.jpg (33.43 KB, 259x356, feline.jpg)

well cats don't have arms but yeah the cat should be smooth like this i dunno why she wouldn't do that. she has cats! and cartoon cats and real cats both famously merge their limbs into a solid outline (loaf etc) that's their essence

No. 654180

sounds shit and you sound like a parasite

No. 654185

hahaha btfo

No. 654193

>Calls me "a parasite"
>Spends most of their time obsessively complaining about a person
>Is willing to receive feedback
>Makes assumptions
Some of the people here really are as bad as Holly lol.

No. 654214

agh, not arms, i should’ve said legs?? limbs?? but yeah, i think your version is closer to what he should look like anyways. holly’s version has these kind of random lines that i assume are supposed to indicate one of the cat’s limbs, but don’t make sense. which i guess is a thing she does a lot (what with the janky lines that are always on hershel’s arms that are supposed to be his “muscles”, etc.)

No. 654225

I legit have no fucking clue what's going on with that cat. why does he have Trex arms?

No. 654237

fucking seriously. She has no understanding of basic composition and clearly didnt even do thumbnails for that shitty piece. I'm all the way triggered from all the tangents

No. 654282

The fact that this bitch has the audacity to complain about the workload she imposed on herself from the fucking zine… I'm shooketh tbh I hope every artist who worked on her with his wakes up.

No. 654308

I think this is an interesting idea and that other anon needs to chill tf out

No. 654317

This is an anonymous imageboard, what did you expect? We don't actively seek to create drama, we just watch an artist do stupid shit all on their own.

If you had framed your questioning differently like, "Guys what do you think are the top videos I should show my artist friend who likes Holy, like what video shows her shitty behavior the most?" We probably would have helped you.

But no, you had to advertise yourself and your upcoming video breaking anonymity. Do your own research, read through the threads.

Honestly if you're that triggered by a single comment, then you arent that different to Holy yourself.

Also, you forgot to sage.

No. 654360

How is it advertising? Is mentioning that I'm doing a research project advertising? Fuck no. I simply said that I was curious what people thought.

"This is an anonymous image board" this type of thinking is why these threads have such bad reputations.

"We're just talking shit about" Oh, so making a documentary type video or any video at all is drama but posting on every thing Holly does isn't drama. Even though I specifically said it wasn't a rant or was meant to cause controversy. You do realize Holly reads these threads right? And has mentioned them in her videos? And it's even being listed in a Google search? If one video is drama, and this isn't, then you must live on another planet.

"If you got so TRIGGERED" So making fun of you is me being triggered yet you whining about me being a "toxic parasite" yet I'm not digging through all of her posts and is making this for research purposes.

Again, I do not want to demonize anyone in this thread and I welcome all criticism, but I hate hypocrisy.

Sage for shit stirring.

No. 654365

there's a difference between posting on a board where it could be just you and one other person, and posting something with your sn and face attached to it. that's called cowtipping.

No. 654371

I suppose that's true, though I'm mainly keeping my name and channel anonymous and my face isn't even shown on my channel besides my "brand".

If Cowtipping is a concern, and is a valid one, I full heartidly agree to deleting my post and presence to keep the project separate. I didn't mean to do that or call too much attention, I just wanted to know if it was accurate. Besides that one really good roast, of Holly, I haven't seen a good take on her. Most of them are just about how they hate her, or why they're not supporting her.

This video isn't a hateful ramble. It's meant to be an explanation of how she got popular, to why she's controversial, to where she is now and is meant to be a story of what not to do as an art tuber. And I disagree on the notion of ripping things from threads being drama. EZ PEZ ripped info off Mr.Enter off of Kiwi farms, and regardless of the quality, it is objectively the most research filled and easiest way to gain info on him without sitting through the crap pile. If the video is a bad idea (Which I think it could be which is why I held off on it for a month) I'll just quit altogether. Since I don't like documenting a person if it will bring unnecessary drama, and just Holly alone attacking me is enough of a reason why I'm reconsidering. I think the best decision for me personally is to make it private, then make it public once she's irrelevant or I gain a sizeable audience. That's just my two cents.

No. 654375

for one, read the fuckin rules, man. don't use a name and type sage in the email, not your post. you don't fit in the board, that's why you're being rejected. lurk and learn.

No. 654377

To be fair, this is my first time I ever used 4chan, so forgive my ignorance. Also I don't get how using a name is cringy if it literally says "Anon1" and nothing else. Several people have made names on 4chan and some have even gotten urban leg and status (Like the guy who made the griftor and enricks) so why is it a problem now? If you don't like how I post or my ideas, fine. But don't give a shitty excuse to justify your opinion.

Also I didn't even include my email lol.(autism)

No. 654378

holy shit guy
this isn't 4 chan
literally type the word sage into the field that says email
remove what's in the name field

then stop typing paragraphs and talking about yourself so much. if you have as many capital I's in your post as lowercase ones, delete it.

No. 654380

No. 654381

First, I was not the anon that called you a parasite. But I can understand where they come from, we aren't here to help you make videos. It doesnt matter what type of video it is.

And by advertising, I mean advertising who you are you dag.

How about you read the rules and understand them. Jesus, fucking sage your posts you shit stirrer, all it took was an 'oops sorry' or deleting your post but you had to keep going on.

No. 654382

Oh didn't know I had to put sage in the email. I've just seen it in the comments. It's not even mentioned in the rules?

No. 654384

Shit it was in the usage info. And I'll stop posting paragraphs.

No. 654385

just stop posting actually, you revealed you are humorless, clueless and viewless. You are not a person that's going to make a worthwhile video

No. 654386

I only wanted to clarify myself. Sorry about that. I didn't expect any "help" I just wanted to make sure my information was accurate or if people were interested. I don't want to bother anyone. If you're not interested, you're not interested. That's that.

No. 654387

i think the arm is backwards. The 'trex arm' is the chest actually and the arm is below it with the elbow facing forward..

No. 654390

>"This is an anonymous image board" this type of thinking is why these threads have such bad reputations.

No you dumbfuck that's literally what this place is.

Literally no one here gives a single fuck if you're making a hilarious epic video about Holly, constructive or otherwise. We're here to talk about Holly and her bullshit, not help you with your creative projects.

Make sure not to selfpost your gr8 video when you do make it.

No. 654394

The problem was that you violated the rules straight up, it was obvious you were probably not a 'lurker' and just came here looking for receipts to use.

Go ahead and make your video, but take the time to research the threads yourself. The start of every thread tends to cover a bit of what she has done.

No. 654395

agreed, make the video. even if it sucks to us, it wouldn't hurt to have a good timeline of her artistic and moral decline. just stop posting at least until you've read all the threads and you'll be aight

No. 654404

I personally wouldn't mind seeing if Holly mentions it in a vlog

No. 654415

File: 1533189354303.png (1.01 MB, 600x810, Capture.PNG)

most of the food (exl Cat and sign) is shown from a certain viewing angle and these two being standalone irks me.

The pringle thing that's next to the loaf looks off as well but I think its meant to be leaning on the loaf and Holly just struggled to make then interact organically
(aka its as wooden as Reese in a chair)

No. 654469


This drawing is just so painful to watch… and why is everything brown? Even the fish and the stuff it's laying on. How can she even think this looks remotely pleasing? It's hilarious because I remember her always being so proud of her food drawings

No. 654470

i think its a wooden pot lid with a fish design. It fucking better be

No. 654472

File: 1533195301698.jpg (75.52 KB, 500x275, m04enjvN3k1r6xu90o1_500.jpg)

it's supposed to be a sort of fish casserole/pie. this is how it looks in the movie.

No. 654475

>>654415 i've never liked the way holly draws food, she uses the same shading style for everything making the texture of the food look plastic-y. also the different angles/perspectives of the bread make it so wonky ugh, this isn't cohesive whatsoever

No. 654476

There is literally no composition here, at least none that’s pleasing. How would anyone be proud of this. Who would want to actually spend money on it as a product?

No. 654478

…ok, i see it now, but still, what the fuck. does she EVER look at references? or…at anything, at all? how do you own a cat and not realize that their legs look nothing like that?

No. 654483

File: 1533196528475.png (185.7 KB, 853x480, DF49D331-755E-4059-95FB-048662…)

Not to mention that it looks nothing like Jiji to begin with.

No. 654493

Maybe this is me just being picky, but I can’t stand the way Holly writes Japanese. It just looks like she’s drawing scribbles. I understand she probably doesn’t know how to, but would it kill her to at least trace over printed text so it looks neat?

No. 654498

haha i thought it was placeholder scribbles too. looks like %*@^&~!@#

No. 654500

The bread looks burnt

No. 654505

I can't stand the floating bread. It looks so stupid

No. 654528

Honestly I really like the way Holly draws food its so stylised and is rendered nicely. I prefer it to her comics and drawings of her characters which are flat and stiff.

Why does Jiji look so fat and have such a tiny head tho eugh

No. 654550


i agree it looks terrible. and this is the one thing it would actually make sense for her to trace lol. most of her audience wouldn't read japanese anyway so it doesn't matter but it just reflects her lazy attitude.
like she just straight up skipped the horizontal lines in ま lmao i'm nitpicking but this irritates me

No. 654555

japanese anon here i didn't even recognize it at first until you guys brought it up i assumed it was scribbles i'm screaming

No. 654569

The composition sucks, i knew it was the pie from the movie but why would you cut it in half?? Other than the cidcle bread thingie with Kiki he pie was the only recognizible food object and it was cut in half

No. 654575

i'm shocked lol - I thought she'd be huge but she's got a fuckin flat stomach. she just has big arms. Well holly there goes your excuse for being a fujo pedophile - get the fuck out of your computer hole and get some normal action

No. 654589

If one email "ended up in spam"how can she be sure that it was the only one? The artist she missed literally had to post on a youtube video to get her attention. She probably only responded to that because it was public.

No. 654604

she even fucking shaded that person in her vlog!!
like how she has so much to do and they tell her to reply to an email. like.. yes holly, surprise! artists want to buy those zines to sell them at cons wow

No. 654608

i'm honestly waiting for her to make a post like 'guys don't bulk order! it's unfair that i am stuck making your order when others want to get a zine too!!!!' or something like that. it seems like it genuinely never occurred to her that other artists would like to sell the zine THEMSELVES instead of sending their audience to holly's table at cons.

No. 654611

Just for reference, the sign is supposed to say おとどけものいたします キキ

No. 654622

Watch Holly just send the zine to a shop to print in her next video (like she should have done in the beginning)

The only good thing to come out of this entire zine fiasco is that we don't have to worry about seeing another ugly zine from Holly anytime soon!

Also, any anons out there planning to see Holly during the upcoming con? I kinda want to see what see plans on selling all these wonky posters for!

No. 654839

honestly one of the most annoying things about this video is the comments. like its just full of "omggg ur not fat!! i wanna lick ur face holly kween!!" like ew. chill the fuck out
and also that talkign about the zine and how everyones 'sending her snarky emails' like bitch if you're not prepared for communicating with other people then dont make a group fucking zine!!

No. 654848

I’ll look out for Holly I’ll be at San Japan. Anything I should note?

No. 654853

Stealth pics of her setup/product shots would be great imo. I just want to see the clusterfuck in person.

No. 654864

Pictures would be great. Also, if you feel a bit braver, ask about one of her 100 projects she's put on the back burner, like Clever Kitchen for example.

No. 654872

Look for number of customers around her/ how she speaks to them if she has any. Also, prices on her stuff and amount of stuff she has. Pictures would be awesome too

No. 654875

File: 1533241581345.png (807.66 KB, 521x814, Screenshot_20180802-142521.png)

No. 654876

In one of her vlogs she said her school said that she wasn't allowed to post anymore of Clever Kitchen because it's her final piece and she can't reveal too much.

Apologies for shit grammar

No. 654880

the composition just throws me off

No. 654884


Why does she insist on throwing the ugliest shades of pink on as a backdrop for her spreads/illustrations??? It never works out. This just looks like puke, as usual.
The bread looks SO unappetizing, I don't know how people say she draws food the best/why she's so proud of it, it's just as wonky and gross looking as her characters.

Also Jiji being in the spread definitely doesn't fit. Why is he that brackish gray color? What is with that cat on the baguette? Is that supposed to be cute? jfc, she didn't even try.

No. 654885


Because pink is supposed to be cute, Holly is probably like "people like cute shit… right? Here's a pink background. Yeah. That'll make it look cute."

No. 654888

those cats look so bad omg

No. 654893

She really should work on fixing that lean all her art has, even the food looks slanted, christ.

No. 654902

Sorry for ot, but what how can you fail writing in Japanese that badly? I can't read it at all, the most I can decipher is よ?どけ?のいた?よ
Also there's something so off about this drawing, I can't put my finger on it

No. 654915


I don't know about you, anon, but I'm getting a "rushed" vibe from this and a lot of her other art, moreso than usual lately, probably because of the con. She's hopping thru fandoms hoping that something lands.
She can hype up her social media and her followers all she wants about the stuff she's making, but none of it will necessarily translate into sales when she tables.

I personally hope she tanks, she doesn't really put any effort into her work, she just makes a lot of it. Nothing is thought out, and there's always something disingenuous and ironic/sarcastic about the way she talks about and makes art. Like she doesn't do any of it because she likes it. She's constantly annoyed by it, and finds a lot of it to be a hindrance to getting her money.

She never seems particularly interested in working with others or getting involved in a community unless there's something in it for her, exclusively. The zine fiasco makes that very clear.

Sage for long post, but I hope it's not too armchair. Just observations.

No. 654927

Personally I'm most excited for the table partner fall out that's going to happen. Can't wait for Holly to be upset at Michie for something stupid and bitch about her ending their friendship before it can begin

No. 654953

Michie is annoying for her own reasons but she be better off not associating with Holly, I dont even know why anyone bothers with her save to try and siphon off some followers.
I dont think and i certainly hope that Holly will make not make profit. Perhaps some since she's splitting the table but not as much as she's riding on. Even if she does make a bit it'll only have paid for what she's already spent.

No. 654997


She definitely won't be breaking even. Michie might not either, but she has an edge in that she's a little more personable. It'll be interesting to see their dynamic and what follows after.

No. 655036

I will be going to san-japan and cannot wait to see how this falls apart. Didn't she also say she wanted to room with someone at the con? I could of sworn she mentioned that in one of her vlogs. I really doubt some random people would let her room for the 3 days with all her con shit.

No. 655193

She'll probably rant about her con room mates in a video too

No. 655196

Con horror stories get quite a bit of attention so I don't doubt she'd try to milk something like that. Though honestly, it's probably the people who'll room with her that should be making videos!

No. 655211

>three sponsored videos coming

brb crying in the corner

No. 655231

It's a damn shame these companies have no soul! they just want eyes on their product, no filtering for what kind of garbage person promotes it.

No. 655234

File: 1533265483103.gif (388.88 KB, 500x436, F0M2XY5J52Q7FXH.ANIMATED.LARGE…)

Jesus God she did Kiki's sign dirty. I'm an anon who has mentioned liking Holly's food art a couple times across threads but the composition of these piece, the background colour and the hideous Jiji drawings (the small one interacting with bread in the corner looks fucking atrocious he's just floating as usual when it comes to any character/object interaction in BRown's work).

This is definitely a rush job for the con bcos Ghibli is popular. Unlike the magical girl thing Holly actually LIKES Ghibli but this piece is so fucking bad it's clearly a cheap attempt at making something she thinks con attendees will buy rather than something with thought.

No. 655420

the roses on the sign look like deformed vaginas

No. 655442

>Bad composition
>Bad colours
>Bad perspective

Is she doing this on purpose?? How can she be so proud of the way she draws food when she clearly can't draw shit? And didn't she learn how to do thumbnail before starting a big painting? If she did, her composition wouldn't be as bad as this… Is she going to sell this?

No. 655463

File: 1533294474144.jpeg (103.2 KB, 640x302, 7694EC98-FB23-40FE-86DE-E3DF0C…)

OR, you could just listen to music from your computer since that’s where you record your videos. Crazy, huh?

No. 655468

She’ll buy it, realize that listening music on her computer/smartphone is more comfortable, and then resell the iPod. She has done this so many times, yet she never learns.

No. 655477

is this bitch really contemplating buying an ipod in 2018?? i feel like she's constantly looking for new reasons to spend money like..she has a mac and can afford apple music so why not just do that? or download spotify for free? ugh

No. 655505

Holly acts like she's scared her money will disappear if she doesn't spend it the second she gets it!

No. 655530

how much do y’all wanna bet she’ll give some bs reasons for “NEEDING” to buy the most recent ipod touch with the most memory (aka the most expensive one possible even though 64+gb for what’s basically a glorified music player is laughably ridiculous)?

also, couldn’t she have used that super expensive ipad pro she bought on a payment plan and then decided she didn’t want it anymore for this? i’m pretty sure she could have listened to music, drew, and recorded at the same time on that device if she wanted and the battery would have been fine. and again, why doesn’t she just listen to her music on her computer?? why does she buy all apple devices and then complain about things like file sharing between them (which should be easy), not being able to upgrade the parts? (i remember one time she stated in a vlog that she would probably have to replace her brand new hugely expensive imac in A YEAR bc she didn’t realize that she couldn’t upgrade the ram in her model herself. and on that note, i don’t see any reason why she would need more than 16gb ram for what she does on it anyways.)
sorry for the rant. i’ve been trying not to give up on the hope of her actions ever making any sense, but damn is she stupid.

No. 655573

File: 1533309233183.png (1.33 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

Another rush job

No. 655595

There's just no sign of passion or excitement in her work. It's all just money and no joy, which really shines through. It's sad to watch.

No. 655596

She is redrawing the picture she made for the collab with her friend? It wasn’t even good to begin with wtf. Use what you had instead of crappily remaking it, since you don’t have time!
Glad she’s filling that huge marker case with her other markers anyway, I thought she would only use it for “copics” since it was painfully empty up until her last vlog.

No. 655608

File: 1533311979420.jpeg (479.05 KB, 1200x1800, 9A7B03E3-8CEB-4DE1-AC40-784B78…)

Also I’d like to point out that tis kind of transparent fabrics tends to come out more clear in colour when it’s overlapped; she made it darker because she couldn’t be bothered to look for references or even carefully look at the cartoon itself.
I mean it’s just logic that overlapping two semi transparent bright pieces of tulle you get an even brighter area, you only go darkening with dark tones. It’s literally the same as using opacity in PS (and we all know how she likes to brag about how well she can do digital). Don’t know how it works? GOOGLE IT. And she has the nerve to call herself a pro…

No. 655630

Despite the quality of the prints she has posted so far, I feel like Holly will still end up breaking even if she brings enough of the little trinkets she sells in her shop. The cheaper things like her non OC Enamel Pins or sticker sets are stuff that your average con-goer would buy, regardless of the art quality. With that said, I doubt Holly will make any significant profit, and I look forward to her rant video on this in the future.

No. 655632

Alright, I’ll take some photos. I’m actually going to be in her area a lot due to helping a friend. So I’ll be able to see her mess from set up to take down. Also with the amount of talent in artist area I highly doubt she will do well. Lots of artists come from out of state to San Japan and they have good work. I’ve already met several artists from another con I was at who will be at San Japan and their stuff is light years better than Holly.

No. 655639

Okay but that's how pearls dress looks like in the show though. So she's just replicating the character design

No. 655646


I don't think that girl is her friend anymore (again). Last I checked she took that video down of her and Holly.

No. 655680

Kek already?? Wasn't this recent?

No. 655728

The yellowish-greenish tint on some of those is really unappetising.

No. 655746

This. Holly seems so annoyed and bored by art, she's never excited about anything she makes and it feels like she's always trying to get either just money or attention by it, always having something to bitch about. She has so much bitterness in her about everything?

No. 655752

wow i never realized this before, but you're right. aside from the moments of 'OMG GUYS I THOUGHT OF A NEW PROJECT!!', she doesn't seem to be enjoying what she does.

No. 655756

to be fair, i bought an ipod touch late last year, specifically to have something to listen to music on and maybe the odd game.
but you have a point. it would be so much easier for her to listen to music on her phone while screenrecording or to listen with bluetooth headphones from her computer if she's using her phone to record painting.

No. 655866


She prolly gets a hit of dopamine every time she initiates a new project but when she has to actually sit down and do it, it wears off so she starts another one to get that next hit.

As soon as she starts working on anything she gets so annoyed and doesn't want to be bothered with it, instantly and then wonders why she keeps doing it to herself.

No. 656008

File: 1533338849788.png (16.16 KB, 416x86, Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 7.25…)

from the zine video

No. 656017

No. 656020

Hate the illustration. Also her complaining about sponsorships seems unprofessional??

No. 656024

i really wonder which comapany it was, but anyway, it really pisses me off, that when she talks, she sometimes burps but not the kind of full on burping she does on her vlogs, but the "swallow down kind of burp"
she could just cut it out completely but keeps it in because she doesnt fucking care i mean that says a lot about what her viewers mean to her

No. 656049

Okay so all of the artists who only work grabbing colours from the pan and actually mixing colours on the paper through charging or glazing are complete idiots because “that’s not how you do it”? Good lord. Everything she’s saying is so wrong…

No. 656108

love how she threw in "it's ok guyz i have refills for the copics "
and " art supplies are supposed to be used , so i don't mind using the ink"
yea …..wait until she rants on how expensive it is to keep that up.idk how she though she could use just copic markers on that huge paper size ?

No. 656117

File: 1533344071412.png (48.19 KB, 1025x323, ok ok holly.png)

No. 656123

but if you only use water… it's going to end up looking super fucking muddy, why is holly the biggest dumbass on this earth

No. 656130

Glazing with watercolord and even markers can create beautiful colors. She's being stupid. And mixing white instead of diluting it with water makes it more opaque. she needs to stop gatekeeping traditional art when she sucks at it.

No. 656151

I prefer to use watercolors without adding white as well but I don't think she should judge people who do it differently. Maybe they're just looking for a different style. And Holly's watercolor pics end up looking like shit anyway, so she's really not the one to tell others what to do.

No. 656164

I've done better Traditional/water color artwork and I did the best I could. Holly should know better about watercolor and other traditional art.

No. 656181

doesn't she still use one cup of water for water colors ?
that can also make her colors muddy as well and all the other stuff she's doing.
She should do a better job of thinking before she speaks or at least have an outline for the video so it'll flow better
But then again it's holly and she likes to do half-assed work .

No. 656187

it astoundsnke how confident she is and how she has the audacity to claim to be master at every medium when her stuff just objectively doesn't look good. I just can't imagine being so blinded by such an unwarranted ego when just a casual scroll through artubers yields people way more talented than she is.

No. 656192

Holly feels like she goes on this sort of "art" binge, that's literally how the whole copic markers ordeal feels, she saw baylee do it so now she wants it too. Any artuber who's in any way "relevant" she needs to get what they get too, and then find some sorry excuse like "digital art was not good enough for my talent" so her unnecessary spending can come off as reasonable, but it never does.
She has such awful spending habits, if she plans on moving out next year, I'm pretty fearful at how she's gonna manage her own money like this.

No. 656202

if she does, She’ll more than likely end up spending all her money on stupid shit at the beginning of the month, expecting her youtube money and other income sources to give her enough money again for rent/utilities/groceries then beg for donations when her bills are due.

No. 656217

File: 1533355562097.png (992.45 KB, 1178x695, old.png)

idk why but i watched one of her highschool sketch book videos
and I was left wondering
what the actual fuck happened to her art ?
she had a good start ????????/

No. 656219

What was her reaction to seeing old art that's better than her current art?

No. 656221

she probably thinks her art is better now ?
but she kept shitting on the stuff in her old sketchooks
and i'm sitting there like ???
has she seen her current sketch books ???

No. 656224

Yeah, in a lot of ways she's pretty steadily regressing. For every one step forward in any area, she takes 2 steps back everywhere else. Her old purgatory art wasn't good, for example, but it was somehow miles better and had a lot more direction than current purgatory.

Her reaction to all her old art is "lol cringe!! What was I doing!!" when when it's objectively better in every way than her current art. its like she thinks she's better by virtue of more time put in, rather than what it actually looks like.

No. 656233

link to this video, please? I can't tell which one it is.

No. 656234

No. 656250

>hc brown releases her masterpiece, a 100 page comic
>every page is just filled with the words "all work and no play makes Holly a dull boy"

No. 656269

Those hands are still bad

No. 656275



so what the HELL is that monstrosity on her kiki-throw-up-bread spread?

No. 656374


Rofl you clearly have NO idea how to use watercolors. Watercolors ARE meant to be diluted with water. No adding water is not going to make watercolors muddy, but adding white absolutely will. Not defending Holly, you're just wrong.

No. 656380

Thank you. The professor in every class I took involving watercolors would always tell us mix our own colors and avoid white because white completely changed the quality of the watercolors and made the colors much more opaque.

I'm pretty sure the reason Holly has such muddy colors is because she isn't patient enough to actually let her colors dry before adding the next layer. Both watercolors and markers are not mediums for people who can't plan ahead.

No. 656385

Not a goddamn art class, chill. Holly sucks at all advice no matter what. Even if she says something a little true the rest of the stuff that comes out of her mouth is shit.

No. 656386

Sweetie sage your posts please
type ' sage ' in the email field
and you can delete your posts if you make a mistake no need to double post

No. 656387

I think she gets advice from the internet, but because she's been told what to do she doesn't understand like why or the fundamentals.

No. 656401

Lol you sound like Holly. I also prefer not to use white but it does make your watercolors more opaque and if you need that for a certain technique then do it.

No. 656410

What are you talking about? White doesn’t make colours muddy, it just tones down the brightness. Mixing wrong shades of colours and using dirty water will get your piece muddy.
Also I agree that it’s better to use the white of the paper for white areas but you guys know that white paints that are actually artist grade exists and that Chinese white is way less opaque than titanium white, right? You can glaze white, and over all I don’t think manifacturers are stupid, using expensive pigments for colours that shouldn’t exist.

No. 656413

Agreed, white can be used for a multitude of effects like creating smog. But the more important point to take away from this is that it's not exactly what Holly is saying but HOW she says it.

No. 656430

I was taught that white isnt considered a watercolor at all due to the properties of the paint ..? Sage for ot

No. 656464

Art teachers often teach students not to use the white because 1)its not as white as the white of the paper 2) it makes your watercolors more opaque and not as transluscent. Thats why the other anon mentioned using white to create fog, it can make the colors look foggy/hazy. Can we all go back to shitting on Holly though? Lol i want to see the Pearl illustration, it looked so bad.

No. 656468

She just can’t help but feel like she’s the only one knowing shit. I love learning new things/techniques, but the way you explain things separates a good advice from bitchy gatekeeping.

No. 656472

Exactly! It drives me nuts how she props herself up to be this expert on EVERYTHING and talks down to people who don't do things her way. Part of why art is fun is that there are little to no limits, but of course Holly has to suck the fun out of everything

No. 656479

File: 1533403967898.png (368.51 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Ew? Im confused.

No. 656490

Yeah Holly I swear too, you still haven’t learned how necks work and decent proportions.

No. 656493

Does anyone have access to that rape porn comic she made. I swear it should be out by now or did she never finish that either

No. 656535

I think it's only available in print, not in ebook/ pDF, and no one here wants to have that thing shipped to their house LMAO; not sure though, its page on her shop mentions something about "preorders"

No. 656544

i'm not sure, tbh. i thought it was done and i could have sworn she showed like, finished copies of it in a vlog, but then in a later clip, she was saying how she still had to ink a page?? i'm confused, and not in the mood to go sifting through her vlogs to find it.

No. 656573

I think she put it up for pre-order on her shop but she hasn’t actually finished the comic yet at all from what I remember. Who knows at this point I don’t think Holly can keep straight the list of WIP pieces she’s got.

No. 656582

A comic artist that opens pre orders for a comic they haven't finished physically drawing… Wtf.

No. 656584

If you think thats cringy, check out the fact that she's made PINS for a different (but related) comic that only has, like, 3-4 completed pages

No. 656591

Even worse, she made the pins before she started the comic.

No. 656806

File: 1533431012208.jpg (221.6 KB, 1080x1920, PSX_20180804_200312.jpg)

Did y'all see this?

No. 656811

was she sent this or did she buy it….

No. 656814

maybe one of the sponsers she talked about?

I don't really understand her need to keep collecting and switching tablets tho. A Cintiq, a Huion, an iPad, now this thing? Why?

No. 656824

what's worse is that she talks up the new new things, down the "old" thing, and then uses it fucking twice

No. 656838

not sure if there’s a single art youtuber out there who’s done more graphic tablet reviews than she has, or even has ever owned that many. probably bc they’re sensible enough to know that they don’t need that many/it’s super time consuming (or if they just turn around and sell the tablets after, they don’t fucking mention it on twitter).

No. 656848

Heres to expecting a future post where she mentions wanting to get a new camera so she can record her videos without her smartphone. I’m baffled as others have mentioned the absurdity of getting a ipod. Why not just get those alexa things?

No. 656886

File: 1533441383682.png (355.2 KB, 521x749, Screenshot_20180804-215523.png)

No. 656899

When you drink that shit you basically have to live on the toilet for 72 hours. Ancient ana-chan secret….

No. 656908

>?nani des?

holly ffs

No. 656949

Those teas are evil, they will give you the worst gas/thunder shits of your life. Also, Holly, please learn to read the labels!

No. 656961


Don't do my boy Tim like that. He deserves better.

No. 656965

Apparently this stuff is known to cause damage to the bowls, heart, and liver due to the imbalances it causes in the blood. Granted, that's through long term use. Since Holly seems to lurk in this thread, I'll leave a link to an article that explains the pros and cons of this shitter tea


No. 656987

The CalArts rant got claimed and I'm having trouble finding a mirror. Can some kind farmer please reup it?

No. 657017

Lel why would you help a cow

No. 657024

Please anon sage your posts.


We've always given Holly constructive advice whether it be for her hair, makeup, diet choices, and art.

No. 657035

File: 1533456832775.png (677.83 KB, 640x1136, A84545D0-00A1-4E76-AFA3-3558C2…)

Stop fucking putting down everybody who ever lived, Holly. There’s not one single thing in your “style” that I don’t find bothersome and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one, but if somebody points out some flaws you are all ready to call it your style.
Other people aren’t allowed to have a style.

No. 657056

There was a farmer who had it uploaded to like.. i think it was megashare?

No. 657070


For some reason i had the original saved on my watch later so i have access to it

No. 657076

hopefully holly wont private the vid if she sees this

No. 657138

File: 1533472612325.png (112.42 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


No. 657140

Wait isn't it better when they lock copics up? That way you know people didn't waste half the ink 'testing' it in the shop.

No. 657145

File: 1533473018403.png (57.24 KB, 599x287, Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 8.42…)

I'll have whatever he's having
(from the zine video)

No. 657148

What is he even trying to say?

No. 657149

File: 1533473261458.png (1.28 MB, 1080x1608, 20180805_084528.png)

to anons who were asking, she posting saying she finished it, and shipped about july 15th.

No. 657154

>>657149 also it looks like the pages are all up on her patreon under the $5 tier (sage for double post)

No. 657156

it was under a comment about the shitty cover

This one

No. 657159

I honestly still barely makes sense though. Are they saying that Holly making the cover misaligned was an artistic choice? If so this guy is so far up Holly's ass he might as well be using her as a sock-puppet.

Speaking of sock-puppets, how much do you want to bet Holly uses sock-puppets to comment on her own videos?

No. 657174

No. 657211

I only see six books in that photo. Wouldn’t be surprised if that’s all the people who pre-ordered and she hasn’t made a $ since.

No. 657218

>>Speaking of sock-puppets, how much do you want to bet Holly uses sock-puppets to comment on her own videos?
She would have to create account and commit to comment on her stuff, that's too much effort for her.

No. 657233

I think I've seen this comment before, in one of the earlier threads

No. 657288

it means that the cover being off center with the logo was intentional, because you WILL focuss on it and be interested…they say its a trick the ''artist'' used and not a fuck up

this kid must love those splattered paint blob canvases that are ''art'' (not saying mmodern or abstract art is stupid as a whole but…you know those stupid meaningless paintings)

No. 657322

I hate the placement of the s and how the ass curves around it.

No. 657335

I swear I read some comment the other day by a fan talking about how "i got something sm3xy in da mail XDD hehe" thats why i was convinced the comic was out already lmao

No. 657472

anon…. it is out…… its been out since july 15th

No. 657533

Please someone spare $5 for the cause I need to see the inside of this shit comic. If you do pledge to her for it, I would legit love you forever for your noble sacrifice. Most of the people on here would probably get a really good kick out of it too.

No. 657564

I second this. Please, someone here must be donated to her to get the inside scoop. You would be doing God's work.

No. 657611

New videos out. I’m half way through and just can’t stand how stupid she is…

No. 657612

No. 657614

A reason why she doesn't want to work in the animation industry is because she doesn't want to associate herself with people like Dan Schneider and Butch Hartman…? Okay Holly. You can be honest and say the real reason: you're just not good enough to be an animator.

No. 657628


Basically as a summary
>I don't wanna join the industry because of Dan Schneider and Butch Hartman
>I don't wanna live in Burbank because of forest fires
>I don't wanna live in California because of poltical differences
>I don't wanna get my masters because they protest at University
>I don't wanna do anything outside my home because sometimes people do things I don't like

Fucking Christ Holly…
I'm an LA resident, and uh, most people don't really gives a shit about anything here.

No. 657637

Also she didn't credit doodles and tea for the video idea.

No. 657639

Doesn't she really realize that there are other big cities to live in that are big in the art industries or is she that fucking stupid.
Its like the whole thing of " I don't want to make this political " then turns around and makes it that.
She has no substance to her personality its all bland.

No. 657642

Fucking word…. :((( whomst wanna be a martyr…, true American heroes only

No. 657643

fuck i might when i get paid this upcoming friday if it's not too late then.

No. 657651

Why can’t holly ever justify any action she takes without shitting on the other option… she’s like the epitome of a contrarian

No. 657652


"I don't know if I really want to deal with like, protesting nonsense, because I just really don't care about that shit. I really don't. Like, I just want to draw my gay shit."

This is why people call you a fujoshi, Holly, because you obsess over fictional gay sex but then dismiss any real-life movements e.g. gay rights

"There's literally like, homeless people everywhere [in San Fransisco], like… (laughs) Not that I, like, hate homeless people, but like, if I'm paying several thousand dollars to live somewhere, I better not have, like, homeless people asking me for change, sleeping on my doorstep, you know what I mean?"

Holly you put your foot in your mouth even when you're trying to filter yourself, why did you think a series where you just sit down and say the first thing you think would ever be a good idea.

Also kek at Holly calling herself a "controversial figure" and then later whining about how she doesn't want (read: can't get) an industry job because "the art community is so toxic"

No. 657661

oh wow, It looks like she took down her zine video lol. I guess all the comments got to her.

No. 657668

Shes such a fucking coward. She can lie all she wants about how unbothered she is about things but she's so transparent

No. 657726

boooy, i thought i was someone who avoided problems too much, but holly gives me a huge self esteem boost. i don’t know whether she really believes that she can find a place to live that’s both affordable for her and doesn’t have any issues whatsoever, or whether these are just her excuses for not putting forth the effort yet to finally move out on her own and become a real freelancer or get another job. Probably a combination of both.

I know it’s rough, Holly, but listen; you’re going to have to put up with shit everywhere. it’s a fact of life ffs. and i think if your worst struggle is that you run into an OH SO AWFUL homeless person or beggar every once in a while, then your life is pretty great all things considered, certainly better than those poor people’s are. Jesus, she truly has no grip on reality and expects everyone outside of the internet to give her the same constant ass pats that she gets from her fans.

No. 657731

Wait did she delete the zone video over 2 comments saying the text was off center? Or did she get scared she was gonna get called out for this fucking scam of a zine?
Last time I checked the video there where a lot of her fans kissing up to her?
This just seems really suspicious tbh?

No. 657732

i can't wait for holly's little bubble to get popped. either she's going to live with her aunt forever and be a miserable bitter old maid, or she's going to actually push herself to be independent and fall on her face because she can't handle normal, everyday reality. she's set herself up for failure and unhappiness no matter what decision she makes.

No. 657736

Why does she have to shit on everybody and everything, jee.
So basically Holly is saying that she only wants to draw what she wants to draw when she feels like it. Really mature. I’m pretty sure that’s some sort of innovative thought. Nobody else ever wants to do their shit for a living.
She’s so spoiled I stg

No. 657770

She just shot down any feasible idea for a direction for her career to go in because she's too chicken shit because of some arbitrary reasons. She sounds like she hasn't even been to LA…or much of anywhere outside of her TX bubble but she'll watch 'the newz' for her info on the outside world. she knows she won't get along with anyone and doesn't want to make an effort to do that.

She's not interested in much else other than making money. Art is just the thing she happens to reach for when she wants to make money to just spend.

Pretty much she's resigned herself to being a fujo gay fetish artist. From the very beginning all she wanted to do was draw bad gay porn comics.

Oh and she's definitely looking forward to people forgetting that zine.

This is a weak-ass series rip off. Not interested in what she has to say from her narrow minded pov. It won't last.

No. 657785

good luck getting an industry job if that's how she feels.

hell, even if, by some fucking miracle, she got a job animating her own stories, she would just get bored of it and want to start new projects every few weeks. she just doesn't have the discipline to be a professional.

No. 657831

File: 1533559363348.png (488.13 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Broken foot

No. 657839

Holly doesn't have the discipline to be an artist which is sad considering the fact she has been doing art her whole life. I'm willing to bet that the main reason her work from high-school looks ok is because she went to an art high-school where she was literally given a structured schedule that forced her to work on her weaknesses as well as her strengths. I'm also pretty sure the reason she transferred to an online college program from her first college was because she was not only unable to create and stick to her own schedule to produce quality pieces for her courses but also because she was simply unable to live on her own outside her sheltered world. It's kinda sad really.

No. 657847

Who here reckons she's gonna try animated story times sometime in the future, think of her trying to emulate Jaiden animations.
But like a edgy, tryhard, bad 'dark humour' version.

But like she doesn't animate it's more of a video of images like a coloured in animatic, or just an avatar that switches between poses and facial expressions (no shade to youtubers that do this)

10+ points anyway, if she makes shade at the animation side of youtube, because she's a jaded little lump that cant let people have fun without shitting on it (and sometimes later hoping on the trend anyway)

+20 points if she shits on animated youtubers, THEN does it later anyway. Or she starts it, acts like she's a know-it-all pro and shades others for doing it a different way or for how easy it is.

No. 657899

She would probably just end up like spechje, gain a lot of traction at first for being “edgey” and then slowly fans will realize she’s just a bitch and no one will give a shit about her again

No. 657925


I think I remember she briefly tried. Remember that online course she was "teaching" about comics? She did a bunch of sprites for it and used it once for her channel.

Her sprites we're very stiff and girl didn't know how to switch emotions for shit…

No. 657934

I wish she'd at least mention Doodle Date after basically re-doing their Doodles and Tea series.

I'm also like…seriously confused by her thinking that she can't live or work in California because of her political views? I don't really agree with most of the shit she expresses but none of it is out there enough to prevent her from making friends or working. Just say you're scared about moving to Cali and don't want to work for someone else, it's ok Holly. No need to drag the entire animation industry lmao

No. 657984


oh good I’m not the only one who noticed that. when I immediately saw the thumbnail I thought of doodle date but I thought I was kinda reaching. then I watched the first couple of seconds of the video and it was really obvious.

No. 658028

god holly is such a fucking texan, i live in tx and she's the epitome of everything shitty in the south. she shits on everywhere that's not tx yet she's never traveled a day in her life from what we know. her perception of SF is so ignorant. oh boo hoo! homeless people oh no!! she just comes off as a person who who wouldn't last a day anywhere outside of her texas bubble, it's honestly really sad.

also she draws gay characters yet she doesn't give a fuck about gay rights/movements? she literally just admitted she only cares about getting off to them. ffs she's so disgusting. actual human garbage.

No. 658051

Exactly. She is the first thing I think of when I see the word fujoshi. Gay men are her play things not actual people.

No. 658064


Yet her little fans in the comments are going crazy for it and eating it up like she's the one who thought the idea up in the first place.

No. 658115

that foot is so bad that i almost wonder if it's as tongue-in-cheek reference to lolcow('s mocking of her broken looking feet in the past), mostly because i cant genuinely believe she thought this looked good

No. 658129

Holly is too scared to live life so what the fuck would she tell stories about? how she bought yet another expensive toy to discard and shit all over?

No. 658135

Holly can't work at Cali because her work is shit. She knows she's a tadpole in a sea of sharks. She's just using excuses to hide why she can't move.

lets be honest how many of us who actually work AND talk about politics with out colleagues?

No. 658142

File: 1533588769748.png (73.64 KB, 610x378, Screenshot (13).png)

BRown just do yourself a favor and shut the fuck up

No. 658145

Unironically referring to people you've never met or places you've never been as super 'left' or 'right' shows how often you leave your house and interact with the real world lol

No. 658151

File: 1533589603971.jpg (297.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180806-160634_Chr…)

No. 658153

Ripping off Doodle Date to say some stupid uneducated shit, classic BRown move.

No one's going to want to work with you because you're stuck in a junior high mentality, not because of all these made up reasons lol

No. 658156

File: 1533589924763.png (28.87 KB, 624x298, oy.png)

No. 658157

>"I like to work on my own projects"
so does literally everybody. very few people get to do what they love for a living, but that's life.
>"especially on college campuses, i don't really wanna deal with protesting nonsense"
as a person who attended college in CA recently, you can just walk past them if you really didn't care so much, holly.

No. 658158

Nice, the classic "I have black friends, I can't be racist" attempt at evading the actual accusation

No. 658160

then why would you say "i just wanna draw my gay shit" right after "i don't wanna deal with protesting nonsense"
holly literally could have left out the "gay" part and nobody would be giving her so much shit

No. 658165

didn't say she dated women in the past but she is most definitely straight now? or am i imagining things? i could've sworn i saw a vid with her saying she was straight. i feel like she's pulling the bi card just to be able to argue back

No. 658172

Holls has the narrowminded belief of small towns that people will just fucking tackle you to the ground outside of your ~home's sanctuary~, be it beggars, or protesters, or "peer pressure" (which isn't really a thing), or anything really

No. 658182

Holly has never said she dated any women. She said she would only date a woman who is a 10 so she probably never will. AKA she is straight and wants to be able to comment on LGBT issues without being called out. Also it helps her fetishize gay men without getting shit for it.

No. 658189

13:54 to 14:20

No. 658190

Right? If you don't care why comment on it or be worried? Why are you so triggered by 'straw' protests? She's so full of shit

No. 658194

Kek what a dumb bitch. Smart to delete Twitter would roast her

No. 658195

she didn't delete it but it's hidden?

No. 658198

File: 1533591670937.png (87.06 KB, 1168x311, Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 5.39…)


No. 658200

File: 1533591992186.png (53.15 KB, 579x359, hollybtfo.png)

kek couldn't take the heat

No. 658201

File: 1533592003845.png (99.72 KB, 997x785, Screenshot_20180807-074510~2.p…)

>doing something to get your rocks off

that's literally the definition of a fetish you dumb potato.

No. 658203

>go outside

you first

No. 658205

Drawing two people fucking isn't necessarily a fetish, but drawing only gay dudes fucking IS a fetish.

No. 658206

"Protest where it matters like Iran"

what the actual fuck do you mean by this? you just… want people to load up in a plane and organize a protest in a foreign country because…? i hate logic like this wtf is wrong with you? god forbid people are passionate about things and want to help enact change or at least start a conversation about things

also stop pulling your fake bi card holly. it's amazing how all of your same sex ships are men if you're really attracted to ladies in any way shape or form

No. 658207

File: 1533592240417.png (35.73 KB, 601x323, cantstopwontstop.png)

this person isn't backing down and it's fun to see holly keep digging that hole

No. 658209

File: 1533592749115.jpg (64.29 KB, 540x359, tumblr_pd27pdxTAT1wtx8vso1_540…)

No. 658211

These people are giving me life yes PLEASE keep dragging this bitch.

No. 658214


Jesus Christ Holly, practice some goddamn self restraint.
Honestly I just feel bad sometimes because I genuinely wonder if she knows how to socialize at all.

No. 658218

Why did natgasm private her twitter account just now …? Maybe she was getting attacked by Holly's fans?

This is just another instance where Holly thinks she's all high and mighty and that she's right and everyone else is wrong. She has to shit on EVERYTHING.

No. 658219


She's a grown ass adult and has had drama related to her ~"keeping it real"~ enough times that she should, by now, know to just back down and apologize. We all know she relies on young, inexperienced artists to line her pockets, but that demographic also tends to be pretty left leaning. Her talking shit about people interested in social issues could legit hurt her in regards to her audience size.

No. 658222

it's funny how she's trying to act all condescending with this "go outside" shit when you know that she sits in her hoard all day drawing shitty gay porn and pondering what to add to her trash piles while never interacting with another soul. the "go outside" retort only works if you, yourself go outside, Holly.

No. 658226

File: 1533593725360.png (66.13 KB, 170x163, ed552494a2a0ea226332788eacf442…)

did she spell "tough" as "tuff"?

No. 658234

File: 1533594085639.jpg (713.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180806-172012_Chr…)

No. 658236

I'd be fucking annoyed if I bought a comic that wasn't even proof-read. Shows how much she really cares about her work and her fans.

Also I still find it hilarious that there are more pages of the porn comic than the actual fucking comic.

No. 658237

Did she delete her whole sorry tirade or is that just under her replies? If she does glad we have screenshots.

Also why tf isn't she having someone proofread for her? She's clearly incredibly dyslexic with her spelling mistakes. Goes to show what growing up reading only low tier fabrication instead of actual books will do to a person kek

No. 658240

Fan fiction * sage for autocorrect

No. 658242

Who? She doesn't have any friends or human contact

No. 658246

File: 1533594669469.jpg (106.81 KB, 720x690, IMG_20180806_153049.jpg)

No. 658247

File: 1533594676966.png (79.9 KB, 915x463, Untitled.png)

No. 658251

File: 1533594858060.png (203.9 KB, 600x753, kisses_reference_sheet_by_kibb…)

Top left

No. 658253


Wow.Bottom left looks familuar.

No. 658254

You can tell she knows shit about anatomy because his shoulders make no sense. She used pose dolls and bases in place of learning to actually draw.

No. 658256

I'm just laughing so hard at Hershel's gravity defying hair, how Reese looks like he's staring right up into his nose and Reese's ear

No. 658259

that neck though

No. 658262


We all know that big buff beefy guys have really long obvious necks.

No. 658263

She just needs to own up to it. Some people have fetishes so what? She obviously has a fetish for men raping each other (often times one being underage) like it's gross and weird to me but I don't have that as a fetish. Most people don't care. But when she wants to bitch about politics? Specifically because she shits on protests and "the left" ofc people who are LGBT will get pissed off! It's a little dehumanizing to say you love to beat off to someone but when they protest discrimination it's "depressing"? Go fuck yourself Holly.

No. 658266

how is she so stubborn? if multiple people are calling her out and explaining the error in her ways she should realize it's not just ~sjws getting offended~ it's something should own up to and apologize for. it's not that difficult, jesus christ.

the world isn't against you holly, you're just a shitty person. not everyone is here to blow smoke up your ass like your audience.

No. 658267


"These two panels from my non-canon porn comic show that these two characters really love each other"

No. 658274


Holly if you want to draw fetish porn, it's whatever. What you draw is not exactly the most raunchy or riveting stuff out there.

But for the love of god stop saying shit like a comic that you drew specfically to see two dudes fuck ISN'T meant to be seen as nothing but porn.
Is fucking fetishy porn.

No. 658276

This is the panel she is using to prove that being kidnapped and fucked was consensual. That hershel is a strong guy who could avoid getting raped if he really wanted to.

Holly this is trash.

No. 658280

I can't wait to see a video of her bitching about getting attacked because of her political views, and then call everyone who criticized her SJW's and radicals

No. 658287

File: 1533596519378.png (15.18 KB, 210x181, 1533451572231.png)


> I don't fetishize the gays!! Here is my example of that!!

> "I could have stopped you from raping me if I wanted to :)"

holly brown is garbage lul

No. 658297

File: 1533596793141.jpg (108.69 KB, 791x820, Screenshot_20180807-010342_Twi…)

This face makes me violently ill.

No. 658299


It's so fucking fascinating how she claims to hate yaoi because it doesn't represent gay relationships correctly (which, obviously, it doesn't), but then she's completely unaware how fucking unrealistic here own porn comic is and how similar it is to the gay manga she criticizes.

No. 658304

File: 1533596998472.jpg (854.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180806-180936_Chr…)


No. 658305

File: 1533597071542.jpg (482.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180806-181057_Chr…)

No. 658311

God knows she's not actually gonna learn from this. Something new will come up and she'll forget to keep her mouth shut

This is fucking terrifying

No. 658313

What the actual fuck is the context behind this??!!

No. 658315

I'm waiting for someone to actually call her out, its nice to see someone stand up to her though. Gotta give props to that Twitter user cause man I would have popped off so quick.

No. 658318

christ, i’d take her dreamworks anime sameface any day over these. and that’s…that’s not what obese people look like. you don’t just give them a bunch of chins/a horrendously long neck and call it day. or at least i think those 2 on the bottom are supposed to be obese and not just overweight?? who fucking knows

No. 658327

Can't tell if it's supposed to be bad as a joke or if it's just bad. Reminds me of those movies from the 2000s with actors in fat suits and 90% of the facial fat is in the chin.

No. 658346

What man weighs 100 lbs?

No. 658349

Jesus Christ….I don't get what her problem is? Is she just afraid of working with other people?? I don't know why she acts like people in CA or the industry are gonna automatically shun you for your political beliefs? Like, it's literally not that big of a deal. Does she realize she can still befriend people who have different beliefs? I'm just at a loss for words. sage for rant.

No. 658366

>>657612holly literally says she doesnt want to get into the animation industry because of being in the same field as butch hartman wich shows she ignores all the actual good talent (id say alex from GF as an example but i bet he's to leftie for her) and that she thinks the animation industry its just disney and cartoon network

like…did she even investigate about the field she was interested in?

also i love how she says she is bi (dont believe it)
but doesnt shit a shit about lgbt+ protests like she wouldnt be called a fag if she started a relationship with a girl… especially on the south

No. 658374

Excuses, excuses, excuses…
Why can’t she be honest and admit that she’s lazy af and doesn’t want to work hard like real animators do?

No. 658380

I know right? All she has to say is, "Animation is fuckin' hard and I don't have the patience for it, so I'm not gonna focus on it anymore." Literally that's all you have to say Holly. It's not something to be that ashamed about - you tried and didn't like it. Just be honest.

No. 658421

Holly saying shes bi reminds me of those girls who think theyre lesbians cause they think an actress is hot. I dont buy it, if she was bi youd think shed had some girl couples, honestly just feels like an excuse to deflect that she indeed has a fetish for gay men and shes a creep lmao

No. 658425

Right?? There is a difference between finding someone aesthetically pleasing to look at and feeling actual sexual desire when looking at someone. Do you want to have sex with that person? Are they making you feel any sexual desire? No? Then you're not sexually attracted to them! You ain't bi Holly!

No. 658442

>very innocuous
way to backtrack

No. 658453

File: 1533609281696.png (76.6 KB, 600x347, hollyplsjustlearnhow2muscle.pn…)


tried to fix

No. 658454


still shitty af
go to /ot for redraws, people wont give you asspats here

No. 658455

anon your hershel redraw is pretty damn hot but the hair is unsavable and the face is too long still

No. 658456


he looks like a My Life Me character now

No. 658458

Im not even one to usually find the redraws annoying but anon plz theres no saving it even the mouth still looks like hes permanently giving a heedy neanderthal "uuuuuugh"

No. 658461

amazing how the redraw is so much better yet still not good

No. 658466

the fuck

No. 658469

My Life Me? wtf is that?

No. 658471

an anorexic oompaloompa

No. 658474

why does she put lines in the middle of the bicep. it doesn't evoke muscle and isn't even anatomically correct. Holly just look at a reference for fucking once. you are clearly too shit to do it from memory.

No. 658484

Also she still packages her own stuff, with as many followers as she has who buy her shit. She could do good on rebubble. But its holly she won't go the easly and productive route
Wait does she have a rebubble?

No. 658486

Wow he’s actually hot now

No. 658491


again, try to avoid doing redraws unless you don't mind having your art nick picked/critiqued. That being said, this is still a deal better. He doesn't look like he's in fucking pain anymore.

No. 658493

Holly… banning straws is literally just for the environment it’s not some left wing sjw political agenda. She’s so uneducated what….

No. 658500

Caring about the environment is a leftist agenda! Also global warming is a hoax. Duh don't you know not believing actual science is a political stance now?

No. 658501

Also using the whole “banning straws” thing as an example doesn’t help. Most folks in my extremely leftist circle of peers think the “banning straws” stuff is a little dumb, but it’s a low-hanging fruit I guess so she doesn’t have to think much when using it as an example. Try somethin with a bit more weight, makes you seem less petty BRown

No. 658503

round earth is tumblerina propaganda!11!111 stay woke open your third eye !1

No. 658605

File: 1533638132351.png (390.39 KB, 590x581, Capture.PNG)

out of all the nice types of suits to draw, why does she have to go for the uggo late 80s/early 90s over-sized style??

No. 658607

I can't say I'm surprised. Holly is so scared of the world beyond her subpar bubble that she has to drag it down to be less appealing to her.

Also, are there no homeless people in Texas? Somehow I really doubt that.

No. 658610

>I said politics as a whole is stupid and annoying but that's not what I meant, geez!
>Banning straws is stupid leftist SJW shit
Please leave your house at least once or sth, fuck.

No. 658615

I love how she picked that classic yaoi scenario of "Yeah you kinda forced yourself on me but I let it happen dude, we're cool!"

It's fucking wild how she's so blissfully unaware that writing a non-canon gay sex scene because "it's cute" is fetishy. All of her BL stuff just reads like the average subpar shit written by straight Japanese women who have never spoken to a gay person before, like how does that happen? Is it on purpose or does she not know?

No. 658618

Meh actually don't mind redraws like this. It really shows how skewed Holly's art is. Everything looks like it was badly resized in ms paint

No. 658621


She's drawing Bayleejay right?

No. 658622

He looks too manly now

No. 658623

meh i don't mind that style and she drew well here for once. she's exploring in a good direction - if you wanted a nitpick it'd be her compulsion to put mid arm lines

No. 658632

because she never looks at anything outside of her late 90s to mid 2000s animes

No. 658643

I can understand being gay/straight and having a straight/gay sex scene cause it fits your story, but having a straight male character fucking a male character because you think it's "hot" or "cute" will definitely raise some eyebrows lol

No. 658646

Old anime is better, imo

No. 658667

Eh, the ill-fitting suit kinda fits these characters, these are a step above quite a few of her sketches.

No. 658668

File: 1533652404205.jpg (125.63 KB, 1074x490, Screenshot_20180807-093243_Chr…)

Shouldn't you idk…. Know this by now??????
I feel like she should have researched this before hand?

No. 658682

Also having a bunch of rushed prints isn't the solution holly. The pronts look like a bad rush job.

No. 658699

lesbihonest, most if not all of her art that she brings will look like a rush job anyways, kek. (even if it isn’t)

No. 658722

I just checked, the convention is going to happen on the 31th of this month… does she even have time to make prints? Why did she just realize that she needs a certain amount of prints? Didn’t she plan this or..?

No. 658728

Ive been debating on making a video on holly.but at the same time I don't think it would be worth it.
He's hardheaded and her fans are to.
Plus shell dig her own grave at some point best not to rush I I guess.
I also don't have time for it as well, it would have to be well researched and so forth.
Then again maybe after the convention????
Idk I just wanna see how she does and if anyone else had any problems with her.

No. 658732

Honestly I don't really think anyone should make a video on Holly right now.
She's absolutely annoying, unprofessional, and awkward but she's also not the most interesting case out on YouTube.

She's more then likely gonna burn herself out before anything else.

No. 658733

That is true and a good point!

No. 658735


I think someone's already done a video on her, somewhere.

No. 658738

A few people have made videos about her before when her 100 days of comics disaster happened, but I don't think there's much to say. It's not like she needs to be exposed, her fuckery is out for everyone to see on her own channel and social media, but her core fanbase does not seem to care.

No. 658739

They did but that was more on her attempting to ragequit, not over this zine stuff and her current stupidity. I vote to see what more shit she does to burn herself out.

No. 658808

I think it would be more interesting/necessary (as in actually bring something to light rather than highlighting problems in plain sight) if you focused on the zine and talked to people involved in it to expose the behind the scenes problems… but that's not something you could probably do well in a day or two, maybe not even a week.

No. 658819

Don't make a video. I feel like Holly's channel will die out quicker if people stop bringing attention to her.

No. 658827

Also…. no one protested to ban straws. She's obviously talking about like BLM protesters or people who don't want literal fucking Nazis talking on their college campuses, but tried to justify it by saying something fairly noncontroversial.

No. 658852

also the straw ban was criticized for being a fuck you to people with disabilities…like, she seems to pay more atention to the caricaturizations of the lefties than the actual lefties…wich hey, you do you but when you criticize it…try harder

No. 658857

i actually think this is what she's complaining about. from what i have seen, twitter (or at least the ppl i follow) have been very vocal about how much of a shitshow the strawban is. i was guessing that dear holly was angry bc those SNOWFLAKES have to complain about EVERYTHING MY GOD IT'S A STRAW DUDE CHILL IF YOU NEED ONE BRING ONE!!!!11!

[sorry, i can already hear her ranting about this]

her absolute idiocy just pisses me off so much. i am wondering if she's trolling, like, no one can be that stupid, right? please dear g.d let her be trolling.

ooooh, nice catch!! this seems more plausible than my idea that she was annoyed by the people advocating against the strawban. yeah, she keeps pinging on my 'right-wing leanings' radar.

No. 658886

This. She only used straws because she knew her Twitter would implode if she brought up a hot button issue. It's pretty clear that for her anything that doesn't affect her in a tangible way = "stupid shit"

No. 658901

Also samefag but I genuinely think she doesn't care about or understand most political issues since she actively seems to avoid news and any kind of education about them, yet every time it comes up she can't help but express her poorly formed opinions in an aggressive way, same as with a lot of other topics. People just tend to get more heated about politics than comics or art, and she's not wrong about a lot of artists being more left-leaning.

No. 658916

If she wants to paint all Californians as stupid liberals, I can say she's acting like a stereotypical Texan Republican lol

No. 658926

Can we stop the political blog posting please I’m only here for Holly’s art milk. There are plenty of lgbt folk who don’t feel the need to support the “gay rights movement”

No. 658949


>”there are many gay people who don’t support not wanting to be harassed, assaulted and murdered just for being themselves”

ok Holly

No. 658952


She really needs to stop trying to speak for entire swaths of people like she knows how it is sitting around in her filthy house.

No. 658958

>>658926 i mean she had a mentalbreakdown on twitter about politics so it comes from actual milk

No. 658983

Holly should be able to just ignore political arguments she disagrees with, and honestly so should you anon

No. 658997

Lmao what about any of this is not interesting to you? You've outed yourself as a fan and that's fine, but we're allowed to talk about what a human piece of garbage she is and you don't have to look at these threads.

Holly continues to produce shitty content, from anatomical nightmares to fujo fap bait. Those of us who like to make fun of or otherwise pick apart that content are here in this thread to do so. If you like what she's doing, that's fine, but no one here does, and we're allowed to talk about it on our ~hate forum~. Fuck off.

No. 659006

>"she bearly does anything interesting"
>Has 9 threads made on her
Anyway, if you think Holly is boring thats your prerogative.

Geez, its always when things are getting GOOD whiteknights show up.

No. 659011

>>659006 ot
I did not see the other threads, my bad jesus christ.

No. 659016

Next thread we should number it in the title and link back to the previous nine.

No. 659021

You are so incredibly perceptive. Thanks for deleting your post and saving the rest of us your whiteknighting. Also heads up, if you think anything Holly has to say is informative or worth retaining, you are guaranteed a shit artist yourself.

No. 659024

Did you not look at the OP of this thread like, at all?

No. 659026

All former Holly fans need to realize that Holly is NOT a good artist. She is improving slowly yes, but she is an amateur. What's worse is that she is an arrogant misinformed amateur spreading bullshit information to newbie artists that don't know any better.

No. 659027

My bad I actually didn't look I just assumed they weren't because whiteknight-chan apparently didn't either before defending Holly.

No. 659030

Not defending or anything but that is dumbass logic.

If you think skill has effect on information, you are guaranteed a dumbass yourself.

No. 659037

What are you talking about? Holly is a shit artist, there's no question there. But the information she gives is also really inefficient at best and downright backwards at worst? Like, her "advice" is just her bitching about something 9 times out of 10, and even if that resonates with you it doesn't mean she's teaching you anything besides "being loud about your shitty opinion will get you fans on the internet". Anything she's tried to teach in any of her videos has been said better by someone else.

No. 659038

this IS actual derailing guys, please concentrate on holly and leave the anon

No. 659080

Did anyone see what her most Instagram story was? It’s unavailable now, so wondering if she deleted it or what…

No. 659103

File: 1533687885344.jpg (174.13 KB, 1200x641, Screenshot_20180807-192345.jpg)


No. 659128

Her plan is 8 pages total a week or am I reading that wrong? Because if so holy cow that is a lot.

No. 659131

bitch wtf? plenty of lgbt ppl who dont support gay rights movement? gtfo holly

No. 659141

Holly please stop overworking yourself, jesus christ. Decrease the amount of pages for your own sake. This shit can't be good for your mental health.

No. 659147

>all that shit every week
Yeah, we all know that's not gonna happen lol

Why is she re-doing those Paranormal Plague pages again? Just leave the first few in color and switch to black and white afterwards jfc, I don't get why she keeps creating more unnecessary extra work for herself

No. 659150

holly “i need lots of breaks (procrastination) from this group zine bc it’s a lot of work all at once don’t you guys understand” BRown
also holly “known for overworking herself for a short period of time and then quickly losing steam, only to go back and refine pieces for no discernible reason” BRown

it’s weird, because she obviously values quantity over quality whether she admits it or not, and yet after she burns herself out on something, it’s like she realizes she wants something better and wants to fix it. the issue, however, is that any fixing she does has little to no effect anyways due to her lack of skills/improvement. I think she’s at least slightly self-aware, but maybe she just has a hard time looking at her actions logically? Idek.

No. 659152

What is the situation with the zine? Have any artists received their copies?

No. 659244

she's having the artists order the copies they want from her

No. 659262


Between making stuff for the con, her 3 comics, and the zine, I don't see most, if any artists (much less customers), receiving any zines any time soon, at least, not before the con.

No. 659281

File: 1533704374746.jpg (75.95 KB, 440x423, Dj8zOU5U4AASfjx.jpg)

in case no one saw this one that was with it

No. 659292

File: 1533705259536.jpg (217.91 KB, 900x1200, Dj8zOU5U4AASfjx.jpg)

are this the fucking beatles?

No. 659315

I weirdly appreciate this more than her usual garbage. The bottom left corner is wonky as all get out, but this looks lively, more alive than anything else she throws out. I feel a Tezuka-ish charm from it

No. 659327

what about the cleft lips? looks like gore to me

No. 659335

File: 1533711215757.jpeg (104.43 KB, 913x874, 7B72AADF-2EA6-4D77-AC19-78529D…)


Looks like she is basing them off The Beatles cartoon, so it’s not TOO terribly far off, or at least not as bad.

No. 659345

File: 1533712698893.png (348.79 KB, 640x1136, 2163FE32-A89E-4F76-9D25-95DA15…)

I honestly don’t see what’s so “weird” about the fork? Like forks are subjected to design choices AND it’s not like there’s only one kind of fork to begin with…
Different shaped forks have different purposes and if you go eat out, or on fancy dinners, you can see different kinds of forks or spoons and/or knives depending on what you’re going to eat.
Also wow Holly discovered that sugar makes you fat! Woo! That kind of dinner is a pretty basic dinner and everybody can cook it at home, Holly. Where I live it’s easier to find genuine foods on the table and use what you feed on daily as a treat once in a while.
It’s not the time that have changed, it’s you making the wrong decisions. Try fucking learn to eat veggies and legumes without saying they’re gross if they are not drenched in seasoning for a start.

No. 659351

She mentioned re-doing all the pages a while ago to make them black and white

Now she's saying she's done a big fat re-write and removed Ash (see >>658207) which justifies a whole do over but does this mean Reese will be the main sidekick now so she call herself an epic cute gay love story

No. 659356

I know this has already been talked about but holy fuck is this video obnoxious. I just cant get over her inability to have a coherent discussion, and the way she talks reminds me of a schizophrenic friend I have.

No. 659373

>8 pages a week
>on top of her animation project, YouTube and all the other shit she starts

Is this delusion or self-sabotage? JFC.

No. 659374

She really must not care about quality if she plans to force out that many pages a week (even 5 would be a rush job considering she has school/yt). The average weekly page production for a single freelance webcomic artist is three pages.

No. 659375

!! ash was the least worst part! and if she doesn't want a self insert, she should take out, as another anon said, unhygenic rapist reese

No. 659376

I wonder if she's going to remove Princess too, after all girls are icky and get in the way of The Gay Shit. /s

No. 659403

I honestly think she doesn’t consider ash to be her self insert and that she was probably talking about some other character. In the new pages she’s inking, there’s still ash eating fries.

No. 659409

No Ash is still in there, even though shes mentioned she based ash a bit of herself. The self insert character she mentioned was a pudgier girl w short blue/green "miku hatsune hair" she was going to call mint.

She said she'd be a love interest of hershel, and it'd be cute cause both their names are food related

But ash is definitely her actual self insert even if she denies it, you can tell by the smugness

No. 659417

Do you have pics of this mint character?

No. 659422

everytime I see her draw the little 3 face on her characters, I lose a year in my life.

No. 659428

File: 1533731192414.jpeg (190.44 KB, 1086x1162, 776A1364-4317-49E1-AAAD-1CDAC5…)

Is this a nod to the infamous “how to draw manga”??

No. 659494

Yo, idk if this is legit or not, but if it is I’d love to see this character. I think the concept is cute actually and having Reese have an actual love interest that isn’t just yaoi bait, and even with matching food names, would be really interesting. I mean, Holly will most likely fuck it up, but the concept is there.

No. 659504

If you want to see Holly awkwardly try to portray a gay relationship she already has purgatory.

No. 659505


I'm pretty sure she meant "Mint"
The only time I've ever seen that character was in her vlog that I'm pretty sure she deleted after her meltdown.
I just remember couple of things about her that Holly acknowledged
>She looked like Holly
>She was everything Holly wanted to be
>She was dating Hershel
>"but no my dudes this isn't a self insert"

I guess she removed her because she finally realized that she WAS.

No. 659508

New Vlog where Holly talks about her new diet, twitter drama and depression~

No. 659513

So Holly is planning to possibly sell a book of her sketches in the convention since she has so many sketches…
Who the fuck is going to buy a book full of her random messy doodles at a convention of all places?

No. 659527

File: 1533742958743.png (799.66 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20180808-094032.png)

This is her 'Mint' oc

No. 659529

shes done it before.

No. 659535

Hey guys sorry to bother you but does anyone have links or saved files of those awfull 100 days of comics videos? I wasnt around for them and im sad I missed out.

No. 659544


Pretty sure she was suppose to be a weeb too.

So Holly's perfect version of herself is to be a weeb who's more positive and also dating a "hot" dude?

No. 659545

File: 1533744994438.jpg (Spoiler Image, 166.51 KB, 620x792, -aP5Ex9Z9Qgcw8bCEX0f0ei_Lyfuzv…)


No. 659548

File: 1533745135854.jpeg (35.14 KB, 504x518, 1477317492447.jpeg)

Has Holly ever seen a cock before????

No. 659549


The way she draws dicks makes me feel uncomfortable….

No. 659551

File: 1533745182905.jpg (87.17 KB, 650x650, 1402885149394.jpg)

No. 659552

File: 1533745210446.png (Spoiler Image, 84.63 KB, 269x310, 76573657635765.PNG)

That is definitely how a male chest works.

No. 659555

>>659545 where the fuck did his other leg go in the bottom left corner???? also that OC is just fucking awful. he looks like he has acne, his hair literally looks like a pineapple on top of some scraggly ass seaweed from the back, and hes a rapist. cool.

No. 659556


You took OF
NUDGE NUDGE?? Someone fingering themselves and the sound effect is NUDGE NUDGE? Also lmao wtf is with her dicks? What references is she using for these shriveled bean sprout dicks?

No. 659557

>nudge nudge

No. 659558

File: 1533745297640.png (Spoiler Image, 984.78 KB, 1068x1424, 20180808_122025.png)

No. 659560


No. 659562


The first panel, his arm is literally backward. That or it's broken cause it's bending the wrong. Poor ugly fish. The band-aids aren't even consistent in their placement.

No. 659563

This dick looks so weird, holy shit.

It's fine if Holly doesn't know how dicks look like but at least look up a reference if you're going to draw porn, it's not that fucking hard

No. 659571

it's not just arm squiggles any more.. there are leg squiggles… dick squiggles .. air squiggles

No. 659574

Christ, this anatomy is just sad.
Holly does everything she can to not look at real male anatomy and it shows in her "art".

No. 659575

Anything milky in the vlog guys? Sorry to ask but I'm at work atm

No. 659577


Is he wearing a dick ring??

No. 659579

In general I'm amazed by how comically unsexy Holly's porn is but this is special. Also I have to say, I love the way that dude's shitty hair flaps teleport back and forth between the back and front of his body.

No. 659582

The hair flap transformation is such a beginner weeb mistake jfc

No. 659584

That fucking hand in the 4th panel. Reese’s flat wooden ass. All those stiff poses.
This comic is a goldmine I wanna see all of it.

No. 659594

File: 1533746777094.jpg (92.4 KB, 720x629, IMG_20180808_094552.jpg)

No. 659595

Voltronfags are so degenerate.

No. 659602

Honestly the daddy kink jump just made me uncomfortable

No. 659623

Why amino sucks? Why does she need to hate something in every video?

No. 659624

First off, these look like sketches. Second off correct me if I'm wrong but Hershel magically gets a cock ring in the fourth panel… in the second and third he doesn't have one. (Also the "Nudge nudge" and "Nvoge Drudge" is ridiculous)

No. 659628

Holly, you still need to draw a cranium even if you draw the characters from behind, you can’t just draw hair and give it a go. And the movements are so stiff and horrible, I can’t see anybody ever being turned on by this shit. Also is Reese… like… fingering himself…? Holly the anus doesn’t get wet and I’m pretty sure all that foreplay was mode than enough for the rapist to be relaxed.
Also they apparently have the same dick size and shape, making Herschel a small fish. And this is not how penises work anyway. That said anon please share more if you can!
I find it really amazing that she couldn’t be bothered to draw the a*hole. It’s a porn comic with a suggestive pose and everything she can draw is a poorly placed dong?

She didn’t want to mention the company that ditched her on her main channel, but she did it on her personal one. I would have just alluded to it or used another name, it’s your vlog channel but people check on you Holly. They check everything. And you just don’t shit on company you maybe would want to work with again in the future.

No. 659630


I normally don't comment on here, but this page made me laugh out loud. He looks like his ass cheeks are glued together lol

No. 659631

Sorry for double posting but why is the dude so bored of taking Herschel?

No. 659632

Is he sitting on his cock sideways???

No. 659633

the three 'closeup' ass panels remind me of a kids graffiti porno drawings on a toilet stall wall.

No. 659646

Hershel actually looks terrified

No. 659648

File: 1533749797644.png (111.13 KB, 1080x506, 20180808_133141.png)

Honestly I'm genuinely interested in Holly's NSFW art journey so she can have my $5 but I really couldn't help running here to show those tidbits because they just look so rushed….. and so bad….

No. 659649

Probably her worst video by far, this shows she knows nothing about art technique yet has gone to school for it lol

No. 659654

Her room is 'so close to clean' but it looks just as dirty as it was befire she 'cleaned' it

How can she look at this and think anyone would find it sexy?
Does she think porn will sell just cuz its porn??

No. 659661

this is a year old

No. 659664

Jesus christ, these porn pages are so good (bad)! Holly really outdone herself!!

Holly is being retarded as always, why cant does she have to shit on EVERYTHING!?? People cant seem to enjoy anything without her bitching about it.

Also Holly is the last person to be giving advice on blending when all her artwork looks like its been distorted in one of those mirrors at the circus.

No. 659670

Something about this makes be violently uncomfortable, this looks like the kind of porn a 14-year-old would draw. Not sure she should be making fun of Junjou Romantica's art style when this is what we're working with.

No. 659676

Blending is surprisingly controversial in the art community, but it's perfectly fine, and she isn't enough of a good artist to tell anybody anything.

Her porn is poorly drawn and creepy

No. 659696


These legitimately look like fucking dog penises. What the FUCK.

No. 659700


It's just as bad as we thought. The dicks are shriveled up, which is funny because this is enough for anyone's dick to shrivel up.

Reese has like no ass and is going in dry,
points for unprepared ass chafing and unsafe sex.

also bottom left panel



No. 659701

laughing at how small herschel's dick is

Holly, why didn't you watch some actual gay porn that you could have referenced?

>no lube

No. 659704


>ugh, you took of your blindfold?


why are his arms up in this panel but suddenly down and the cock ring magically appears? LOL herschel's dick doesn't match the rest of his body,. it's like holly is afraid to make the rest of him beefy after her hyping him up as a 'beefy boi'.

No. 659709

Does anyone else ever get actually annoyed when an awful artist draws their fav characters? I’m not usually that petty (lol forreal) but seeing Holly horribly draw bnha characters just gets on my nerves. why does she have to turn them into her deformed tube people. why

No. 659712

Looks like he's picking crumbs out of his ass. What IS he actually doing? Getting ready? Picking his asshole? And good look going in without lube.

No. 659715

barely nudges the tip of his finger in there
“i’m ready!!”
well it could be worse, at least hershel has a comically small shriveled dick and not a normal looking average sized one that would rip that other guy’s anus.

No. 659722

>Holly, why didn't you watch some actual gay porn that you could have referenced?
But anon, real life men don't have sex like in the yaois, and that's just no good.

No. 659723

I had a fujo friend when I was younger that hated real gay porn and I was so confused. Fujos don't like real people only weeby bishies.

No. 659730

File: 1533756558867.jpg (Spoiler Image, 160.55 KB, 620x808, HUZpwep8hoja8Vz_IVugRIvMHhCGWd…)

someone mentioned lube or something so im here to enlighten

No. 659742

I’d like to point out that the same hand he’s using to grab the lube is moving herschel’s Leg. From the look of it seems like reese is going to penetrate the BEEFBOI, that’s why he’s using lube. Because it’s supposedly his first, how sweet. You could argue that there’s still some lube left when it’s reese’s turn on the receiving end but meh. Pretty much all of the lube is on Herschel’s leg anyway.

No. 659743

oh my god LOOK AT THE BODIES IN THE FIRST PANEL!!! Reese is floating, flap boy has no hands, the fingers are really janky… and she spelled you as "u"

No. 659744

Not that anon but a lot of fujos dislike gays from what I've seen around twitter. Also fujos tend to fetishize BL ships a lot.

I don't think sketching a lot is helping her improve her anatomy, and it shows here.

No. 659759


>let's pull 'u' down for a while


lmao reese is rolling herschel around all over the place, it looks like he's moving a ragdoll around like, he doesn't know wtf he's doing.


He just lubed Hersch's inner knee, lol time for one of those classic leg fucks.

No. 659765

that third panel is baffling spatially– does reality end off the bed??

No. 659770

Well, the comic OBVIOUSLY doesn't need any proper anatomy, the dialogue is sexy all by itself! /s All jokes aside, this is fucking terrible and I really want to see the rest of it

No. 659776

how the fuck is she getting a degree in illustration and still dont know what a contact shadow is
holly this is why everything you draw looks like its floating

No. 659785

Top right panel is almost aggressively unsexy. The flaccid dick and stick legs, Hershel's broken arm, it's almost beautiful.

No. 659786

in the first panel hershels pants look like spongebob squarepants pants, like why are they so stiff and rectangular

No. 659816

good lord what is happening in here

>pull u down

> u
holly pls

No. 659823


Just like to point out in the new vlog real quick that much like Holly's projects, Holly dosen't like to take on diets unless the results are immediate.

On the real tho, a girl with a history of self harm, severe depression, and just general social isolation I can see developing some sort of eating disorder. Seriously who knows with this girl…

No. 659831

I had a good laugh when she mentioned her friends that went through anorexia and how it's different, because I'll bet money that every single one of them started off with "just a diet". She's just going to go through this overeat-restrict cycle forever because none of her diets make sense long-term.

No. 659845


tbh, that's been on my mind, too, since she showed a full body shot in the vlog before this one (i think?). from the way she talked, i figured she'd be heavily overweight, but it looks like she's around the same size as me, and i have a bmi slightly over 'normal weight'. this 'five bites' diet sounds like it is made to turn into an ed fast, at least from the way she describes it. (in an effort to not trigger a cycle of disordered eating for me, i'm not looking it up further)
and to hear her wave away concerns bc 'i had friends with anorexia i'm not obsessed like that!!' is a tad worrying, imo. but honestly, it's holly. she thinks she knows best in everything, she's not gonna listen to any concerns

No. 659848

File: 1533763362004.png (97.64 KB, 847x462, Screenshot 2018-08-08 at 11.16…)

Yeah, the whole 10 bites a day thing seems really destructive or counteractive depending on how long she sticks with it.

Idk much but this guy's advice makes sense to me. Holly's thing about it being "modified intermittent fasting" I know nothing about, in the end, she's still not eating for half the day then eating 5 bites and waiting another half the day… which doesn't seem good.

No. 659849

i think it's a case of 'holly's bad anatomy strikes again', i saw it as him taking the lube with his right hand and using his left to move hershel's leg.
then again, there really is no way to tell, because EVEN THE DAMN BANDAGES ARE NOT CONSISTENT SO YOU CAN'T EVEN GO BY THOSE

in all seriousness though, i knew she wanted this to be a way to make a few quick bucks, but i'd be ashamed to put something with such low quality out there for money. then again, it shouldn't surprise me, given her general attitude and how her target audience seems to be 'desperate girls wanting to get off to two guys fucking' smh

No. 659850

Her reason for not being able to become anorexic was because she didn't want to be bone thin. Does she not realize that a large portion of anorexic people don't actually see themselves as super skinny and still feel fat. Plus you don't have to be bone thin to be anorexic or have an eating disorder it's the body dysmorphia and the unhealthy ways of dealing with it.

No. 659886

The way she speaks I thought she was huge but damn. She kinda has a chubby face so it threw me off but when I saw her I was shocked she's just chubby not obese jfc Holly ten bites of food for the whole day??

Also her deflection of the political stuff made no sense. She claims people were freaking out and calling her racist over straws when in reality she was the one claiming she doesn't want to attend art college campuses because of left leaning protests and followed it up by proclaiming she just wants to draw gay men fucking for a living like.. way to completely change the narrative to make yourself look like some innocent victim. Fucking idiot if you can't take criticism don't open your fucking mouth and then whine people are mean to you.

No. 659902

I kind of feel that holly needs to have a schedule of some sort.
Like actually going to school on campus meet new people
and understand that even if someone has different political views that you can still be friends
Along side understand that if you don't know jack shit about whats going on people are going to call you the fuck out.
Since holly doesn't keep up with the news or whats currently going on why does she feel as if she can speak on it without being fully informed ?
She has such a warped view on a lot of things , and I think that interacting with more people who aren't like minded like her would help .

This is also coming from someone who didn't go out much .My parents forced me to go out and go to college they didn't let me sit around all day .
It was either I go to college on campus not online or get a job and pay rent.

And I gotta thank my parents for pushing my anti-social self out there , if they hand't I have a feeling I would have ended up like holly.

No. 659993

Holly can’t leave TX bc there are scary liberals out there, anon!

Aside from that, I don’t see an issue in online college, but maybe that’s because I did it, lol. (well half online and half on campus) It works for people who have jobs and don’t have time to go to/don’t live near campus. Maybe if Holly got a part time job, she would prioritize her art time more, but who knows. I think she’s really determined to do the whole Youtuber/“freelancer” (except not really) thing bc it involves less effort (in her mind) to stay at home and make vids than it does to have another kind of entry level job. It has to be a psychological thing, because she used to always complain about how “she was making less than minimum wage” on YouTube (not including her shop, patreon, whatever else) yet she didn’t just go out and get a job. Or it could be the fact that she doesn’t have a car, which is valid, but…she’s spent so much money on other shit I just can’t. As someone who has to carpool to go to work and can barely save money for a future car, it just pisses me off personally.

No. 660047


holly… try sticking a finger in your ass with no lube (and no, spit isnt good enough for a long dicking…o short dicking)

like… has she even masturbated or watched non anime porn?

No. 660052

also samefag but… why is the hairy latino guy waxed is his butt? like he doesnt even care to trim his arm-ginas but he goes trough the pain of that? holly … gay porn usually has a ''hairy'' , ''bear'' or ''daddy'' category and you'd be surprised the amount of hair they have lmao, this is obviously aimed at teen girls

No. 660067

that's a pretty extreme nitpick, anon. gay/straight/les (drawn) porn are all guilty of not drawing realistic details that would be considered unsanitary/unslightly (unless, like in your example, that specific thing is a sought-after fetish). esp ass hair could too easily be mistaken for dirtiness or look weird when drawn in a lot of less realistic styles. within the niche of yaoi, you'll never see ass hair unless again it's a specifically fetish-oriented work.

there's literally so many things actually existing wrong with this. the melted popsicle dicks, magic disappearing assholes, that they both look like they're carved out of wood planks, etc. from concept to execution, this thing is inherently flawed and unappealing. no need to nitpick.

No. 660084

File: 1533779378299.jpg (189.14 KB, 620x802, zg_iRJbOT1a4Fi9jtpmSZbKXJHIrjk…)

No. 660086

File: 1533779505805.jpg (150.81 KB, 620x802, _8UiR_8snoEqE7uT35Oaa32-AGCpyC…)

No. 660087

File: 1533779609056.jpg (151.96 KB, 620x802, 003.jpg)

No. 660088

Kudos to her if she actually drew that car. Unfortunately, judging from the art in the rest of the panel, I feel like she just used a model from sketchup or something.

No. 660089

File: 1533779756067.jpg (152.49 KB, 620x802, page4.jpg)

No. 660091

File: 1533779864392.jpg (149.24 KB, 620x802, page5.jpg)

No. 660092

File: 1533780000032.jpg (Spoiler Image, 150.24 KB, 620x816, page6.jpg)

No. 660093

>wacky bullshit

don't you just hate it when your lovable, spontaneous goofball friend fucking drugs you, shoves you into the trunk of his car, ties you up at his house, and fucking rapes you?

those gays and their hilarious hijinks.

No. 660097

File: 1533780284195.jpg (Spoiler Image, 175.15 KB, 620x813, page7.jpg)

this page……. isn't he already "getting head"?

No. 660102

File: 1533780431271.jpg (Spoiler Image, 172.57 KB, 620x810, nxwhli2gmAA0DZ0jOEVeJchEeUsZfP…)

No. 660105

>your attempts to be sexy are cringy at best
truer words have never been spoken

No. 660106

is page 9

No. 660108

File: 1533780790118.jpg (Spoiler Image, 190.1 KB, 620x806, page10.jpg)

No. 660109

…how did Reese even carry him to the bed? Isn't Herschel supposed to be huge and Reese super twiggy? How did he manage to carry all that dead weight?

No. 660110

File: 1533780911150.jpg (Spoiler Image, 169.65 KB, 620x819, page11.jpg)

No. 660111

the absolute plot hole that is 'not head yet' right after sucking him off is its own conundrum, but man oh man Holly.
Is he sucking dick or drinking tea i am so very distraught over this whole comic like this really ain't it.

No. 660112

File: 1533780985256.jpg (Spoiler Image, 150.88 KB, 620x819, page12.jpg)

No. 660113

Lmao that center middle panel of Hershel getting finger-fucked is the only semi-dynamic thing I've seen so far.

No. 660115

That was probably the least elegant way to indicate that he put on the cock ring wtf

and there's literally no sexual tension ANYWHERE

No. 660116

File: 1533781179870.jpg (Spoiler Image, 170.4 KB, 620x817, page13.jpg)

that second panel

No. 660117

File: 1533781287904.jpg (Spoiler Image, 159.96 KB, 620x828, page14.jpg)

No. 660119


No. 660122

File: 1533781462339.jpg (30.81 KB, 400x400, wacky bullshit.jpg)

No. 660123

this is so bad lmao, someone tell her to stop reading yaoi. this is the most stunted, virginal shit i have ever seen.

No. 660124

File: 1533781574714.jpg (Spoiler Image, 160.1 KB, 620x826, page16.jpg)

>>659545 is page 15

No. 660128

File: 1533781691198.jpg (Spoiler Image, 170.41 KB, 620x828, page17.jpg)

No. 660129


No. 660130

File: 1533781774730.jpg (Spoiler Image, 159.47 KB, 620x825, page18.jpg)

No. 660131

File: 1533781835401.jpg (Spoiler Image, 177.43 KB, 620x832, page19.jpg)

No. 660132


holy shit i didn't even realize he took the blindfold off, i though she forgot to draw it. you can't even figure out what's happening half the time.

No. 660135

File: 1533781944364.jpg (Spoiler Image, 147.76 KB, 620x820, page20.jpg)

No. 660136

oh oh my god god

No. 660138

File: 1533782027916.jpg (Spoiler Image, 162.79 KB, 620x840, page21.jpg)

No. 660140

File: 1533782106668.jpg (175.12 KB, 620x837, page22.jpg)

No. 660142

File: 1533782182644.jpg (163.66 KB, 620x824, page23.jpg)

No. 660143

File: 1533782182607.gif (591.76 KB, 400x224, T R U S T.gif)

No. 660144

File: 1533782268128.jpg (164.11 KB, 620x831, page24.jpg)

No. 660145

they are floating in the motherfuckign air!!!!!!!!

No. 660146


does he shower with his bandages on and use deodorant with the cap still on????

No. 660147

File: 1533782390979.jpg (144.51 KB, 620x820, page25.jpg)

No. 660149

So like…. Reese confirmed for self-insert right?

No. 660153

>applying eyeliner with his glasses still on

No. 660155



No. 660156

File: 1533782813761.jpg (154.74 KB, 620x833, page26.jpg)

The End. Oh god I really hope it doesn't look THIS sloppy in print and I hope she at least got rid of some of the scanning shadows. Also all of these typos… you really sold this to people huh… It's kind of frustrating looking at how low effort so many of these panels are, like she really could have spent just a LITTLE more time on it.

No. 660157

PHEW, what a ride. Thank you for posting anon

No. 660159

how did you get these pages?

No. 660160

File: 1533783034810.jpg (81.75 KB, 400x285, mmmyea.jpg)

you're welcome anonchans

No. 660161

this was so FUCKING bad i almost can't believe it's real

No. 660164

And it was just as bad as anticipated. thank you for taking one for the team, anon!

>…trust trust

No. 660165

This has to be one of the un-sexiest "porn" comics I've ever seen, it feels like she just slapped a bunch of yaoi clichés together without any effort to put some chemistry into it.

Also those typos, holy shit.
>Oh OMG god
Holly pls

No. 660170

File: 1533783629451.gif (1.33 MB, 160x138, 02392039023.gif)


No. 660173


Is this the deep romantic relationship she was talking about

No. 660174


people should start flooding her youtube comments with 'trust' i swear to fuckin god.

Also, after boasting about consent, and how this isn't rape, at no point did Reese ever ask consent, after Herschel expressed being uncomfortable several times. So. On top of drugging him, this is rape and unsafe sex.

People Paid For This.
People Paid for This in print.

I know there's no accounting for taste, but the standards are ridiculously low for this one.
But since she made money how much you wanna bet she's going to drop her other 2 comics and focus more on the 'wacky bullshit'

No. 660176

The way Holly draws Reese sitting on Herschel’s penis is so off. This reads so much as yaoi for teen girls as other anons have said. Just give a shot of the penis actually sliding in the butthole, don’t try to hide it in some awkward ass shot that makes no sense.

No. 660182

Right! This is SO mediocre. And to think this whole time she was making a big deal outta "drawing the dick for money ooh so scandalous lol"
But it's this.

Every time there's a dick or an ass in the shot, you can literally see her fear in the lines it took to draw it, lmfao.

Holly is afraid to look up reference and afraid to do studies to even draw "the naughty" but wanted to talk big shit over how she was doing it. Get real lmao.

No. 660184

tug tug

pull pull


No. 660189

Actually she wrote 'is' because she's a fucking moron. Can we count how many grammar/spelling mistakes are in this? Already printed? Because she can't be assed to proofread.

No. 660194

agaIN lmao - i just realised it's supposed to be THRUST. lmfao

No. 660196

is she a virgin? i mean i assumed from her being into gay boy shit but i also assumed she was a great big fat thing and her body is normal

No. 660199

Oh, it's supposed to be thrust. God dammit, I literally thought she was writing "trust" to mean that they trusted each other. FUCK

No. 660200

She claimed to have dated some guys in High School, so I assumed she wasn't one but after reading this comic, I'm not so sure anymore. It does read like some teenaged girl's deluded yaoi fantasy.

No. 660206

Man, there are so many continuity errors between frames it's kind of insane. How has she been making comics for so long and still can't keep track of the action coherently? That's like extremely basic shit that even the most shoddily drawn doujinshi I've seen manage to keep straight.

No. 660215

Seriously. She has no right complaining about yaoi hands and shit when this is the content she produces, lel

No. 660216

These two and paranormal plague remind me of This Vacant Body by reapersun. Minus the rape. And shitty art ofc

No. 660220

chu chu chu

No. 660223

i'm resisting the urge to repost this as a storytime on /co/

No. 660225


anon pls do

No. 660231

I love how the whole plot thread/book description was dropped for some basic random toys, kek. The only pain Hershel got was from hair tugging, and Reese even told him not to be worried cuz the toys wouldn't hurt when that was the point in the first place.
Reese didn't even use the fucking whip that she took two full panels show. Truly the greatest shitshow of a comic when it drops its own premise.

No. 660245

“None of this is fetishized! I’m shipping two characters I’ve created and haven’t interacted in the canon story yet!”

“I don’t make a stereotypical guy/girl looking gay ship. Plus all the yaoi I’ve read has rape in it and rape is bad and unsettling guys!”

Please tell me she is not this delusional oh my god, the whiplash from reading and hearing her say all this shit and then reading the comic… jc

No. 660247

God… maybe /aco/ lmao

No. 660251

If you do can you link it here??

No. 660256

No. 660271

so in the morning-after panels reese is even more female looking than usual. for whatever reason when i see reese's face i feel i'm looking at holly

No. 660272

She does not know how to draw a dick.

No. 660275

>>660272 samefag
Or… anything good for that matter.

No. 660278

I follow this thread regularly and show my wife some milk from time to time for the luls and when I showed her this comic midway through she asked if Reese is supposed to be a male Holly self insert OC kek. Even from an outside perspective it's hard to miss the similarities.

No. 660279

does Holly know how cock rings even work? they don't prevent someone from cumming they just keep them hard. holy fuck.

people who have never had sex should not write or draw porn. i swear she's never even watched gay porn, just looked at shitty yaoi. it's too fucking obvious that you're a virginal fujoshit, Holly.

No. 660305

I don’t check the thread for three days and this is what I come back to.

Kudos to the anon that posted, that was a wild fucking ride. I was so uncomfortable for all of that but it was so funny. Amazing work Holly lmao

What I’m worried about however is that Holls lurks here, I bet she’s gonna make some rant or vlog about finding the comic leaked onto here and 4chan. That’s gon be the real shitshow ugh

No. 660315

He's taking a ghost's pants off on the top right

It took me a good 5-10 seconds to figure out what the fuck was going on in that second panel.

Is it just me or is this page really confusing to read? Like, the panel placement is just weird

No. 660326


Did anyone notice how the handcuffs she drew turned into rope…..

No. 660328

I have no doubt that she lurks here even though she’ll never admit to it directly or post here probably. she would have done it by now if she wanted to. It seemed obvious around the time she started referencing stuff that had just been said or mentioned a couple days ago on here and she pretty much called us out (excuse me, the “haters”) on that patreon comment about the newly released pages, kek.

No. 660340

Her comics is the best unintentional comedy ever. I haven’t laughed that hard in a while.

No. 660341

>You're the type to get hard from rough housing.


No. 660343

she's mentioned lolcow before, so yeah, she lurks

No. 660345

Why do her characters always look so surprised when they have sex?

No. 660346

File: 1533799163820.jpeg (71.15 KB, 375x259, D861239F-D617-4A71-A853-F5F3CF…)

I see Holly started using references for the hands

No. 660349

oh my god how did i miss that haha holy shit

No. 660356

>that action panel
>you can't cum unless I want you too
>no connection of speech bubble to Reece's face

Is he fucking spinning that dildo what the fuck are those action lines

what is this sequence of events compared to the last page Holly are you even reading this??

No. 660357

File: 1533801389262.jpeg (87.4 KB, 662x397, 122DC6E4-E9EC-4222-A4D8-110D9B…)

>omg god


No. 660361

this shit reads like the yaoi!! contains lemon fanfics i read when i was 13, holly r u srs.
nothing could have prepared me for this shitstorm oh omg god.
when will hershel’s hair flap become so long that it consumes the rest of the page. i feel like it gets a lil longer with every piece he’s in. someone save this man.

No. 660362

Herschel’s hair flap is actually bigger than his tool.

No. 660367

Silly, he’s drawing his glasses.

No. 660371

File: 1533802891792.png (1.1 MB, 1365x576, snip 6.PNG)

The video on the right is perfect for her

No. 660374


No. 660375

I'm not gonna lie, Reese kind of has a cute face, but he has the sex appeal of a giant fucking mosquito.

I've been lurking for a while and those threads are fucking great. Oh boy I have so much to say about this.

I don't get why anyone would find this appealing whether they're a virgin or not. I got secondhand embarrassment while looking at this mostly because it looks like she didn't even fucking TRY with it and people just threw their money at it because it's "soopur ghey".

The spelling errors, lack of reference usage to make things at least a bit more raunchy and appealing, burnt sausage dicks, inconsistency, disorganization with the panels, poor use of onomatopeia,awkward dialogue in general and piss poor attempt at making it a "romance" thing without much effort and hardly any chemistry between the two…fuck, man. Either put the romance there or don't. Everyone's main problems were the excuses and hypocrisy,not the fact that these two characters are male and were "in love"or not. No one gives a shit, it's PORN. Just admit you're a perv and move on, don't try to justify it. No ones gonna give you shit for it, you're a grown ass woman, do what you want with it. Just age restrict your shit and don't get mad when people get upset when you start throwing shade.

it's like there wasn't even so much as a double check to see if everything was good to go. If I would've payed for something like this with the amount that was charged, I'd feel kinda ripped.

I'm all for easy money and drawing lewds to get that cash, and I know that comics are generally a bit difficult to kinda keep up with, but it feels like she pretty much just went along with whatever on each page without a script planned at the very least. Theres nothing wrong with asking someone to check your script for you if there even was one written.

Porn can be something extremely embarrassing to write out if you don't know how to write it properly or at the very least know how to make things look hot. I know she was kinda trying to incorporate that into her own style, but when people do that they at least exaggerate things a bit more to make certain parts look hot or even alter their style a bit.

It's a small comic she's actually profiting off of and it's only a few pages long. It's easy to tell that she wasn't as into it as she claims to be, considering she actually has an idea on how comics work to begin with.

I feel bad that her comic was posted on the thread, but a part of me feels like it's kinda saving people from actually spending money on something that, in my opinion compared to her previous works, looks even more heavily rushed and uncared for.
I know Holly feels like shit most of the time and can be pretty reckless with what she says whether its intentional or not, but like pretty much what the other anons said here:
She lacks self awareness and doesn't bother looking shit up. She over works herself and as a result, things look rushed and uncared for.

She tries to make things simple and just ends up falling harder because she doesn't do full on research or just goes by with "well it didn't work for me so it sucks even though I didn't even fucking do it properly and everyone's different" and spreads false information.
Anyway, hopefully this is saged since it's just an essay of a rant. I put it in the email, but this is my first time posting anything ever on these threads.

No. 660377

>bariatic patients have essentially the same diet
Yeah, those are crash diets meant to make you lose a lot of weight very quickly, they're not healthy? How does she think she'll maintain the weight?

I was also confused when she showed her body, she talks like she's obese. I think she already has a distorted image of her body and poor knowledge of nutrition, not a good way to go.

No. 660379

bariatric patients do NOT eat only 10 bites a day, wtf? no doctor on earth would recommend such a diet to a patient, no matter how deathly fat they are, because it's unhealthy and unsustainable. i don't understand why she insists on talking about things she has no idea about like she's some authority.

No. 660380

I like how she tried to throw some consent in there after he's already drugged, kidnapped and tied Hershel up in some basement room, yet he doesn't even wait for him to say yes.

>"Did you paint my nails while I was knocked out?"
Asking the real questions

>T R U S T

Honestly this shit is hilarious, I'm both horrified and delighted. Like >>660375 said, I feel a bit bad looking at paid content from an indie artist for free, but I also feel like it's such a shoddy rush job, writing compelling erotica is not that easy, especially if you don't give a shit as long a dude gets it in the ass.

No. 660382

Honestly reading the comments on that blog video made me so sad. Saw at least three people I have no doubt are teenagers saying they were going to try the diet too.

No. 660384

Assuming fourth panel is makeup… the fact that ‘dark brown’ written in huge letters on that bottle is meant to symbolise foundation is….hilarious.It kinda reminds me of when I was 5 and used to write ‘CHIPS’ in huge letters on rectangles bc I couldn’t actually draw a believable chip packet

No. 660386

Hershel teleports from sitting across Reese, to being directly behind him to give him that kiss lmao

No. 660388

She’s referring to the fact that due to the reduction, they can only eat small portions. First week is usually just liquid/creamy foods, and some feel nauseated just by drinking water.
Still it’s not the same, since that’s an extreme procedure, and they are FORCED to eat less. Also they are gradually eating more and more. You can’t compare the two things.

Also you cannot control EDs, it’s something that plays with your head and you will always see yourself as “too fat” even if you’re all bones. And counting bites/pieces is one of the most common things to do with an ED. Count the bites, count how many times you chew, feel grossed out because it’s too much until you diminish the bites next time you have to eat.
Your audiebce consists of mainly kids, Holly. Ffs don’t suggest this kind of sick diets to kids. They look up to you.

No. 660412

>he let me chloroform and rape him, maybe he does love me~? uwu

this character is so repulsive to me and i don't even know why.

No. 660413

She forgot he’s not wearing makeup yet? Nobody switches from eyeshadow to putting deodorant with the cap on to eyeliner while wearing glasses.
Also how cute of him to bring his makeup pouch! He knew he was going to shower and get ready after the rape! Awww

No. 660414

Sorry for double posting but it’s not clear where the fuck are they. If Reese “has to go”, does it mean they are at Herschel’s? And he had a hook for the handcuffs/rope? If not, Reese DRILLED A HOLE in his house? Like what? Kidnapping somebody to bring them to their own place seems like the dumbest thing ever to me.

No. 660427

I mean he did kinda sort of consent about halfway through the rape so it doesn't count, right?

Of course not

No. 660432

File: 1533816018791.png (371.41 KB, 1024x600, B2TJbYJ.png)


why does the dildo look like a meat thermometer

No. 660461

I thought it was pretty hot not gonna lie, it’s better than her main stuff

No. 660467

Are you okay anon?

No. 660481

The only good thing about this comic was the car and it was 100% traced. Says a lot about her skills in storytelling and illustration.

No. 660493

Not sure if troll or virgin kek

No. 660498

I urge you to raise your standards.

No. 660501

File: 1533824102964.jpg (51.07 KB, 1562x1050, Makeup glasses large.jpg)

b-but what if he's wearing pic related

nudge nudge

No. 660573

Anon lolcow might be a bit much for someone your age. Might I suggest club penguin?

No. 660637

Have you ever seen a penis?

No. 660640

I don't know, that comic certainly was the best cringe-comedy comic I've seen in a bit!

No. 660662

File: 1533838344373.png (119.75 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

They still are Holly

No. 660671

Holly's standards are seriously an enigma to me, how does she define early? Last week?

No. 660672

Comic anon……. thank you for your sacrifice…. we'll never forget you!!

No. 660691

File: 1533841233669.png (164.68 KB, 1080x889, 20180809_145637.png)

sorry if this has been posted but i'm really curious about this…. does anyone know anymore about this?

No. 660694

that car is definitely traced. The whole scene layout is

No. 660696

File: 1533841538158.png (232.35 KB, 1080x1700, 20180809_150523.png)

Also came across this and it gave me a good laugh, especially after looking through "Seize" which was drawn hardly a month ago.

No. 660697

It didn't even look like sex wtf

No. 660731

To Holly's credit, she didn't specifically say she didn't like gay rights protests, but point still stands. I don't doubt many people in the industry dislike her and her constant shit-talking everything and everyone.

No. 660747

I agree it's a leap but at the same time it's annoying for her to claim people should go protest in Iran where it matters which implies any social issues in her own country are all arbitrary or something. Saying what about Iran doesn't change what gays face here or how much she could care less so long as she can fap. I knew a hardcore fujo in high school that didn't support gay marriage because she didn't think it was as important as gays being murdered overseas.

No. 660775

Oh for sure, it's irritating and I'm convinced by now that Holly is one of those Fujos who can't really make the mental connection between actual real life gay people and their issues and the dudes in her comics. But OP's tweet is still skewing what she said.

No. 660778

I just remembered that people paid for sponsorships to her lifestreams and she hasn't done any since. Why did she enable payments? I mean I know why… but damn I've made myself angry.

No. 660849

Has anyone in the mha zine got a book yet? I ordered from her a week and a half ago (she, only responded to my email after she got called out on that video she deleted lmao) BRown gave a tracking number but it hasn't even been shipped yet.

Honestly sad I get more answer here kek

No. 660850

Because she really needs that money to buy more expensive shit she doesn't need

No. 660855

File: 1533857335140.jpg (87.96 KB, 640x480, 1486880810468.jpg)

No. 660858

I thought she said in her vlog she wasn't sending zines out until after San Japan? I know she mentioned not paying artists until after the con but I can't remember if she said shipping too

No. 660865


That's terrible, absolutely horrible of her. She just wants to get the first chance of making money when no one else has it yet so she's the only option.

No. 660873

I knew this would happen
watch her say she can't make anymore after SanJapan.
shes so fucking selfish .

No. 660876

Can an artist ask Holly to remove their work from her zine based on her behavior and professionalism before she binds any and sends them off?

No. 660885

god that comic was hilarious. far worse than i even expected. personally idc about ~consent~ or whatever in a fucking porn comic but it wasn't even cute or hot, just cringe after cringe, the sex felt like it was choreographed by a 14 year old virgin and very unrealistic, and not in a hot way. but at least it gave me a giggle.

No. 660932

she didn't say it, but her words in the vlog were exactly
>"i don't know if i really wanna deal with protesting nonsense, 'cause I really don't care about that shit. I just wanna draw my gay shit?"
so it's not hard for people to connect the topic and think she's referring to the LGBT protests. It might have just been Holly's lack of eloquence, but it's not surprising that some people took it that way

No. 660949

i'm just mad that she can pull this shit with this zine.
if someone else did this their head would be on a stick .

No. 660953

>I urge you to raise your standards.

How can someone raise standards they don't have?

No. 661022

in her last vlog she mentions raising her dosis of those meds she takes and….. holly knows that meds only work if the patient is seeing a therapist at the same time, right? like the thing that cures you is the therapy not the meds, those are a medium and they are reduced as the patient improves…

she is just going to get worse if she doesnt accept she needs help, and this is only based on what we've seen so not tinfoiling

(P.D if she starts using the bettehelp bs im going to scream)

No. 661023

File: 1533873357013.jpg (192.72 KB, 1075x986, IMG_20180810_092212.jpg)

Oh look plans for another zine. Tbh the anatomy doesn't look awful here. Maybe because it isn't one of her ocs or because she used a reference

No. 661049

Wow! Holly's level of exceptionalism is a world record. The last thing she needs to do is another zine! Like she is already trying to downplay the one she has now and she has too much shit to do as it is. Does she realize she doesnt have to make EVERYTHING a project!??? Anyway, if Holly wants to do a nsfw erasermic zine then that would be some GOOD ASS MILK.

No. 661066

Didn’t she like JUST SAY that she wasn’t gonna do another group project/zine, what the fuck? She’s probs just talking out of her ass, I’m sure we all say shit that we want to do but never act on all the time. inb4 she actually pulls this shit but I don’t think we have to worry bout this one.
Dunno why the idea of another zine would even cross her mind though, maybe she imagines it to be a zine of just her own art? Good luck selling that lol

No. 661075

I think she means like a doujinshi comic with them as the ship not a bunch of illustrations.

No. 661079

One of Holly's most jarring anatomical mistakes is her neck and shoulders. She needs to do an upper body study asap.

No. 661083

File: 1533878095008.png (918.76 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180810-071323.png)

….. Yeah cuz it's so much better to draw rape comics instead …

No. 661114

But her comic is LITERALLY based on “no means yes” how many times Herschel said to stop?

No. 661155

It hurts me how Reese couldve been such an interesting character… but Holly couldn't allow that.

No. 661157

When she says 'zine', it could mean that it's just a small compilation of shitty smut of erasermic. Not necessarily that it's a group zine. She seems to be on a zine kick after seeing other better art youtubers doing it.
And of course, not to be left behind, she's always gotta do that 'oh me I can do it too! And better!!' shit like it was a competition. But she's always outta her depth.

No. 661183

Boy this thread has derailed a lot. The comic is hilariously bad but the sticker is repulsive, because the sticker isn’t meant to be a porn sticker, just a sticker.
As far as the “protests” stuff, we should know by now how autistic this kid sounds when she talks. Last I checked lgbt had rallies and parades, not “protests”. hols is probably talking about blm or planned parenthood and we all know she uses the phrase “draw my gay shit” for her artwork in general. I’d never defend this cow but some farmers are really nitpicking here, compared to the glaring mistakes in all these glorious comic pages

No. 661184

File: 1533893266686.png (351.39 KB, 521x850, Screenshot_20180810-032534.png)

No. 661185

At first I almost thought her anatomy got better, and then I looked closer.

No. 661190

>Reese couldve been such an interesting character
what are basing that on? seems dubious but if it helps the porno is supposed to be non-canon to the actual story they're in

No. 661192

in general.

No. 661193

why the fuck does she always draw men fucking how hard is it to not be fujo

No. 661194

okay Holly

No. 661195

come on, you said "it hurts me" so there must be something about this fish scale/acne covered man drawn as a woman with green hair, whose only dialog that i've seen outside the porno is "my asshole is so tight heehee", that appealed to you?

No. 661200

Holly thinks banning straws is left wing propaganda…she does NOT know the difference between a rally and a protest. It’s not that much of a stretch to assume she doesn’t really care about lgbt politics and just wants to ‘get off to sexy gay men hehexD’

No. 661202

Cognitive dissonance is one hell of a drug

> Struggling to get the group zine done
> Struggling to get her con stuff in line
> Struggling to update her comics
> guys, I want to make another zine :)
Stop. Starting. New. Projects.

No. 661204

Aziawa… her writing reads like those shitty ‘only 2% of ppl can read this’ scrambled text memes you have to fucking decipher except, it’s harder because the grammar is incorrect too.

No. 661206

Imo what makes it beyond cringy is not the rape but the fact that it's not supposed to be read as rape. She's attempted to write it as some fluffy smut where none of the people involved seem to have ever gone outside or know how to be a person.

No. 661215

Holly shut the fuck up, you litterally went out your way to buy them. Her complaining is so irrelevant.

Anyway, idk if Holly is /really/ gonna do another zine/Doujin/art book or whatever but I really hope she does! If she is gonna do it off "Aziwawa" then its gonna really gonna piss fans off and produce some good milk. Kek.

No. 661226

File: 1533901883170.jpg (510.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180810-064958_Chr…)

No. 661229

Not the same anon but I also thought Reese's character had potential. We all know Holly had a past with self harm and I thought she would be able to pull from that when writing Reese, a character who also has self harm scars. Reese could have been one of Holly's best written characters but it seems like Holly is more interested in just turning him into fap material.

No. 661258

>i was gonna shave your head

No. 661271

Holly is such an annoying fujo. Does she really have nothing better to do than bitch about how her ships aren't cannon? She even bitches about how she doesn't care about actual gay rep because its a new side character. She has no self awareness, she's such a stereotypical fujo.

No. 661351

at least the ugly hair flap would be gone lol.

No. 661385

I'm a little confused and sorry to derail but I thought that Shiro is gay? I don't watch Voltron but I'm pretty sure he's a main character. Is she just complaining because her ship isn't canon?

No. 661390

I once ordered quite a few things from her when I was her fan and it took her about a month to even ship it out so don't hold your breath

No. 661393

No. She's complaining about how badly that aspect of his character was handled and how little screentime it got after the creators hyped it to high heaven. It's a legit complaint if you watch the show but she has no authority on discussion about representation especially after the trainwreck that was seize.

No. 661473


fucking. leave. the bnha fandom! Nobody wants to look at your ugly shitty aizawas

No. 661512

new video

No. 661514


She's got some nerve talking about another BNHA themed zine, after absolutely stepping in it with the last one. Even if it is a zine filled with her shitty art. She's just following the popularity of the buzzword 'zine.

No. 661520

It's a legit complaint. They Dumbledore'd Shiro. The only place it's explicitly said they were engaged is at a convention panel. His ex-fiance showed up for maybe a minute of screentime and then they killed him, and Shiro never even shed a tear or talked about his relationship with him.

That said…pot, meet kettle? Exploiting gays in zines and shit without attempting to understand actual gay relationships is pretty reprehensible. I would argue it's even worse than the teasing crap the Voltron folks are doing.

No. 661524

>so, voltron–

I immediately clicked away because 1 , while I know the 'big reveal', I dont wanna hear any other shit, especially coming from her. She really is twisted up about fucking voltron, isn't she.

No. 661559

i'll give credit where credit is due, holly seems to talk more at length at the other problems of the season, not just the gay shit.

but like, still, holly does not have room to talk about how voltron represents gay people when she wrote a story about how saying no multiple times just magically turns into yes. and the ending doesn't even cut it because it shows that yes, she knows hershal was drugged and yet that still counts as consent?

a bit ot, but maybe if voltron wasnt so popular, shit like this wouldnt happen

No. 661568

Honestly at risk of being accused of WKing, her trash comic doesn't really make her argument less valid and while they're both bad depictions of gay people, I think they're in different categories because caricatures fucking hardly counts as representation compared to a popular TV show.

No. 661570

It's not even mediocre. It's equivalent to stick figures having sex. It's so awkward and soulless it makes me uncomfortable. Dear lord it's seriously the worst fucking sex scene I've ever seen. worse than Chris-chan's art. I'm serious. It's not even on the par of the shittiest BL comics, it's a goddamn insult to the genre.

No. 661637

oh, no, i understand completely. i would also argue that holly's comis has less influence on the public than a show readly available to anyone with 14 bucks ready for streaming, but that's neither here nor there. Holly's critism - gay rep or otherwise - still holds up, and it's still refreshing to see someone talk about what else is wrong about this season of voltron (ie her spiel about lotor)
saging for kinda ot i guess.

No. 661668

She deleted?

No. 661679

finding a good therapist is hell and it's so expensive that it's clearly not within everyone's reach. Shut up about therapy. Meds are awesome.

No. 661682

interesting how, exactly?

No. 661688

Well therapy does help in combination with medication. It just helps for when you get off of them. And if I'm correct holly isn't using something recommended by a health professional its more of a vitamin thing that's she's taking
And if she would save her money and slip it up shs could find a good therapist
And this is coming from someone who used to hate going to therapy until I took the time to find someone I like
And its changed a lot for the good rather than the worse.

No. 661693

File: 1533938123640.jpeg (789.55 KB, 1242x1804, 84E1E6B3-FAAE-407A-983F-6258CB…)

No. 661699

her middle school self must’ve had shit taste lol

No. 661700

Ffs stop saying you draw "anime as fuck", Holly.
I don't know how I'd call her stuff, but it definitely isn't anime. Stop.

saged for autism

No. 661704

poor Jenn, getting that weirdass answer from an unskilled garbage artist to her very valid question

No. 661708

Christ, Holly, she even spelled 'necessary' for you already.

No. 661712

No. 661716

File: 1533940196546.jpg (633.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180810-172840_You…)

No. 661724

(that person look like they are 12! not a good fit for Holly's themes YIKES)

No. 661725

Poor kid, I know in the video she doesn't elaborate on really anything, but if she wants to vent about it and she feels better about posting it, more power to her.

Knowing Holly, she's gonna be nasty and all "I'M NOT HERE FOR THE CHILDREN"

Hope no one on there gets nasty and spiteful towards an actual child who used to look up to Holly.

No. 661728

If holly shits on this kid I'm gonna fight her.
I really feel this girl. I'm glad she got it all out.
I also hope that holly more toxic fans don't comment or send hate towards this girl she didn't bash holly she just felt something was off , because it'll be proving the girls point.

No. 661731

This video has less than 200 views. I realize you are a kid anon but posting your original content on this thread is pretty dumb.

No. 661733

Actually I stumbled upon this video
She didn't post it.
Maybe I should have thought it through
But it shows how young some of hollys fanbase is.
Sorry about that I'll think before just posting the link
Also please do not send hate to this girl or nitpick.

No. 661772

Inb4 she invalidates this kids feelings

No. 662036

That is a little kid, whew. I also don't think OP should have posted this here, but it says a lot about who is looking primarily at her stuff.

No. 662055

The staff hyped everyone up with the reveal that Shiro is gay, and then ended up making the big anticipated gay scene just a short vague interaction in a flashback with his assumed boyfriend who died offscreen. It was a bitch move by the staff and Holly isn't by a long shot the only one complaining about it at the moment.

This. It's as far removed from anime as it can be, I have no goddamn idea how she can call it that and keep a straight face. She's trying so badly to cater to weebs because she thinks they're a profitable, easy audience but can't draw an attractive anime character to save her life. Everything she draws is so goddamn ugly and repulsive-looking I'm just assuming she has no sense of aesthetics.

>I-I wasn't the one who posted this!!
>also pls don't hate or nitpick this person uwu
This is why you need to be over 18 to post here.

No. 662071

-saged, just wondering if the link still worked.

No. 662095

If Holly has the money to blow on copics, tablets, Lotto tickets and god knows what other useless gadgets she buys and discards,she has the money for therapy once a month.

No. 662104

Even if she does get it, I think it would have zero effect on her
She would just constantly argue with her therapist, read one article online and decide she’s more knowledgeable than a specialist
She’ll quit it within a week and then bitch on Twitter

No. 662166

She deleted this vlog too. I think Holly isn’t deleting all vlogs posted on here

No. 662253

File: 1534010214355.jpg (581.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180811-123614_Chr…)

No. 662254

File: 1534010278675.jpg (752.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180811-123619_Chr…)

No. 662255

The pearl drawing looks soooo wonky.

No. 662262

Those roses look like fucking scribbles that she did when her pen didn't run properly

No. 662272

Why doesn't she just get the correct sized paper? Instead of taping 4 pieces of paper, it looks tacky as hell.

No. 662280

Thats just to transfer the sketch to the final paper anon, she probably did the sketch digitally and had to print it out with four pages

No. 662283

That just seems weird. Why make things complicated like that for a simple fan art print for a con?

No. 662286

Because this is Holly C. BRown, who also thinks that she should animate in high resolutions "because people will want to see her stuff in the future when everything will be so much crisper than it is now"

No. 662298

You can transform and flip a lot more easily in digital, and we all know her dratfsmanship is wonky.

No. 662552

File: 1534043019030.jpg (90.31 KB, 720x588, IMG_20180811_200308.jpg)

No. 662570

thing is, I think most therapists want to see you like every week in the beginning, which adds up SUPER fast

No. 662572

Depends on where you go,mine started out every other week.
And still is every other week, just gotta do research and find someone to match your schedule and be honest about it.

No. 662613

I think she copied the pearl from another artists piece. They drew some SU characters in sundaes?

No. 662616

I think that's the voltron rant she deleted

No. 662710

most therapists are super flexible on schedule and understand if you can't afford it or don't have insurance. there is nothing stopping her from at least trying. and again, the amount of cash she spends on pure junk every single month is more than enough for a session or 2. she was just talking about buying a 200 dollar iPod. also, I'd be surprised if she wasnt on her aunt's health insurance.

No. 662802

Has holly ever addressed why she doesn't do livestreams? If she got on twitch or something she could make a decent amount of money. She spends all day filling up sketchbooks anyways, she might as well record it.

No. 662812

she does stream on youtube occasionally, just not very often

No. 662847

There are some recordings of old livestreams in the previous threads, and honestly I understand why she doesn't do it very often. The shitstorm would never end.

No. 662887

I think it's wise for her not to she has a habit of running her mouth when she doesn't have a script/topic to stick to
At least with vlogs you can cut out shit that sounds retarded upon a second glance but you can't erase anything you say in a live stream.

The amount of milk and shit storms that arise from edited planned videos is enough to have filled 9 threads already can you imagine if you she let herself loose on a daily basis. She must know she has a problem with putting her foot in her mouth when she's allowed to just talk freely.

No. 662902

File: 1534095311774.jpg (113.22 KB, 720x956, IMG_20180812_103509.jpg)

No. 662910

But didn't she put people down for not talking about art topics or put her self on a Hugh horse because she talked about controversial topics?
Tbh even the art topic videos are boring, now its going to be even more bland.

No. 662917

Sooo shes going back to the old content she used to do? I never liked art topics, it's shit you hear all the fucking time, Holly just parrots it in an abrasive way

No. 662924

File: 1534097230943.jpg (4.93 KB, 191x126, 1474474852547.jpg)

This is so much worse than I had ever imagined, and we all knew it was going to be bad but this went so far beyond my expectations. The most stiff, mechanical body language, absolute lack of passion, zero chemistry between the characters, every new element being brought in just making the situation more clinical, and then tacking on the 'I could have overpowered you at any time silly bean' ending.

Yaoi does nothing for me but I doubt even the most thirsty fujoshit could get off to this. This was as sexy as watching Hershel get his prostate checked, it was that clinical and awkward.

And did anyone else think it was going to turn out to be Resse's sex dream? I can't beleieve she went for the 'it was consensual all along' ending. His wet dream lusting after a straight guy would make way more sense to me.

No. 663084

God these pages make me feel physically sick to my stomach. Holly has put me off yaoi for life, I can't believe I ever liked BL in the first place. Who is her demograohic?? Who's actually buying this? It says 18+ but I can't imagine someone over 18 honestly spending money on this

No. 663161

Everything she does reeks of insecurity. She cannot settle on a project or methodology go save her life, she just jumps around like an indecisive child. Just pick something and fucking stick to it, Holly, and stop using shitty excuses every time you change your mind.

No. 663162

File: 1534114536878.jpg (53.7 KB, 720x368, IMG_20180812_155356.jpg)

No. 663164

File: 1534114605643.jpg (176.37 KB, 720x1223, IMG_20180812_155336.jpg)

No. 663181


the first three panels are actually kind of okay, compared to her usual comics… the style is a lot easier on the eyes and you can actually tell that it's a sequence of events

i always wonder if she'd improve like tenfold if she got out more/saw more, being cooped up is a perfect recipe for art regression

No. 663185

the real question is, how does his hair defy gravity/does it do the godawful hair flap thing

No. 663199

Yes it's incredibly creepy to stalk so done just because they look like your gay cartoon husbando.

Everyone has hair flaps in FujoVision™

No. 663212

ooh i can see what the arm lines are meant to be now. the line between bicep and tricep if they were bulging. its just not ever in the right place so i looks like a friggin pleat instead

No. 663268


what was the video?

No. 663297

I actually really like the top three panels? They look nothing like her usual style though.

No. 663298

File: 1534126318197.jpg (49.53 KB, 720x369, IMG_20180812_191135.jpg)

No. 663369

…h-hey, holly, what about sending out zine orders and saving up to move out and that ipad pro never used that was on a payment plan and
oh fuck it. this dumb bitch is determined to stay in her nasty room drawing shitty fujo comics forever, even though she vehemently says she wants to leave. Here’s how a goal works, BRown: make a plan to reach the goal, stick to it and take it one step at a time, then do it. Not throw yourself into something without committing to it and then moving on to the next shiny project, rinse and repeat.

No. 663381

100% sure the middle dude is ripped off "eridan" from homestuck.

No. 663382


I hope she bombs at SJ. Who in their right mind would buy her ugly art? There's not going to be enough of her fans there to help her sell out. Maybe someone will pity her shitty art and buy a print or something but even that's not worth it.

No. 663386

File: 1534135135263.png (878.18 KB, 900x900, Gundamtanaka.png)

That's not her OC, it's Gundam Tanaka from Danganronpa 2. The resemblance to Eridan has been noted but he's not a ripoff.

No. 663396

File: 1534135965570.jpeg (791.55 KB, 1242x1757, 204A2109-9DA7-4504-981B-A93972…)

This was her response on tumblr

No. 663409


>”makes me feel kinda bad :/“



No. 663410

At least she was honest about being overwhelmed, but come on, Holly. Those artists were probably being "demanding" because you wouldn't respond to their fucking emails. I'm gonna bet that they had a right to be angry with you.

No. 663427

This bitch , i can't she comes off as so damn rude .Fuck off holly , geez all these people wanted was to join a zine "YOU" created .It's not like someone held a gun to your head and made you make this project.
It was YOU holly who decided on how many people got in the zine, It was YOU who made the deadline and It was YOU who deiced to bind all of these books by yourself
so brown i hope you make that fucking zine video, and show everyone one how you can't have accountability and a shit personality to .

No. 663428

She DID make a zine video, but deleted it (if I'm remembering correctly). And that video was mostly just a promotion for the zine. I'll be extremely surprised if she actually makes a video admitting how she fucked up.

No. 663441

I kinda sympathize, but it's not surprising that people who donated her their time and skills would be a bit demanding to know what the hell is happening. Based on their comments she wasn't replying to emails etc.

And as >>663427 said, SHE started the project. This is why you start small and then expand, not the other way around.

No. 663443

"We have sold 120 books, its not much per artist, which makes me feel kinda bad :/"

In Vlog a few days ago -

11:29- "Which by the way, despite how much that sounds like laughs… um… a hundred orders divided amongst all the artist is still not that much money laughs. Like people are still only gonna get like… less than 20 bucks so far."

At 12:15- "Um.. but like laughs it's kind of funny cause it's like some people think they're gonna make like insane profit and I'm like… nawwww, you're nawwwt. That's not how royalty works boo-boo."

Yeah Holly, this sounds like someone who feels really sad about that. I'm including the video at the second start time, because text does not do it justice.


I hate the way she's treating and talking about people who participated in her zine.

No. 663471

She's just so god damn abrasive, basically everything she says sounds like she's trying to start a fight.

How many artists were there, did she say the concrete number? I wonder how much profit she's making.

No. 663524

Every artist assumed as a matter of course that she would promote the zine on her channel, but since she didn't it is completely obscure and will sell nothing. This is deliberate, because she decided binding them is too tedious so, better not to sell many. I can't describe what I would want to do to her if i'd put days of work into a piece for the zine

No. 663528

Not to mention having to deal with an abrupt deadline that she doesn't even follow herself

No. 663545

can someone compile all the shit hollys done and make a rant? ik some of yall are against it to prevent her from getting attention or w/e but i think after san japan would be a good time to post something like that

No. 663605

This is soooo petty of me to complain about, but I just took a glance at her Youtube channel and oh my god the way she holds the pen is getting on my nerves.

No. 663618

Anon did you download this? Someone please do before she ends up deleting it before someone can use it as evidence against her.

Anytime someone posts a video here from her she ends up deleting it so she won’t deal with the backlash.

No. 663620

I could make a video , but I do not have time to make a good video.I do not want it to be half assed and unlike holly who as almost all the time in the world .I do not and I do not want to deal with her fucking fan either

Also by the time I get the video up it'll be irrelevant.

No. 663621

Or maybe take this to a drama channel that does this type of rant thing .
Idk if there are any "drama" type channels for the art community , or just find someone who cares and would do the video justice .

Or heck if any of the zine artist are reading this how about you guys take it to someone , it'll gain more credibility when it's coming from you guys since you where in the zine to begin with and have emails ( i hope )

No. 663629

Unlikely, but it would be kinda funny if Pkrussl did a video on her since she really likes his content. He calls out people's bullshit in the art community, but he's not really a drama channel so he probably wouldn't do it

No. 663633

holly's ipad review showed up in my recs, and i was in the mood for a giggle, and

>"I also bought it for conventions, so I could use it for payments and to do digital commissions"

crazy how that turned out, huh?

No. 663648

I just downloaded it. Not that I really expect it to be of any use later down the road, but I guess you never know.

No. 663783

True nothing might come from it but considering she deleted almost all of her vlogs I wouldn’t put it past her to do it again if she does happen to get called out about the zine.

No. 663793

>Idk if there are any "drama" type channels for the art community
A bunch, although I feel like most of them are run by 15-17-year-olds, and seem to focus on dA/tumblr shit rather than the YT community.

That said, I don't know if that's even necessary at this point. Her reputation will be tarnished even more than it is and I doubt many of the people will collab with her again.

I'm just curious to see if she's really going to send out the artist copies after San Japan and what quality the print will be.

No. 663803

This, unless the “real adults” in review/commentary decide to do a review or overlook of her work/behaviour I don’t really think anyone should touch it. Pkrssul or Daftpina would be nice since she did try her hand in animation and they give hard critic you can learn from if your not enraged by them criticizing you but she needs to hear some hard mean shit and actually listen too it before she can make a real hange for herself

But I get the feeling Holly would loose her shit and try to make it out that she’s being bullied for “different opinions and SJWs” or something stupid *edited for word salad

No. 663826

Daftpina did a video on Speechies edgy ass and Pkrussle on Pentagrin and I guess those count as Youtube artist. It would be very interesting to see them do a video on Holly.

No. 664019

Holly does t even have a regular art series to critique. She’s barely an artist and tbh I sincerely doubt the amount of time she spends on her sketchbooks. Her goal was do to at least 8 pages a week right? At 40 hours that’s 5 hours per page, a little over 5 hours a day. This is totally doable yet the anons here seemed to think it was a lot of work. Here we are over a week later and there’s zero pages. Even a simple page a week update would grow her audience but she doesn’t even have the professionalism of spechie to stick with one thing consistently. She’s just not a hard worker and so there’s no real work to criticize and I think she likes it that way.

No. 664045

5 hours a day for comic pages is doable but it is something that will definitely burn you out pretty quickly.

Also, in Holly's case, she has other obligations such as her animation for school or even the Zine which means her 8pgs a week goal was super unrealistic to begin with.

No. 664436

File: 1534269631729.jpg (91.98 KB, 720x621, IMG_20180814_110023.jpg)

No. 664438

File: 1534269701236.jpg (37.11 KB, 720x312, IMG_20180814_110006.jpg)

No. 664459

You would think she would have done that with the first zine….
Or at least take the zine she has now to the printers at least for the artists sake.

No. 664462

>I found a printer
I guess she's over printing at home? Unless she plans on making hundreds of copies, a stapled zine will be much easier to make than a book.

No. 664474


Maybe she'll sneak and take the rest of the BNHA zine orders to the printer, too huh.

No. 664507


So let me get this straight, she decided to round up as many artists as possible to make a MHA zine to sell and make profit off of on her site and at the con, with the excuse of making it herself to maximize on it,

But when it comes to making a zine with her own art, she wants to do it through a printer so that her own work is done professionally?

That is so skeevy. You did those artists absolutely dirty, BRown.

No. 664593

Jeez holly you really don't give a shit about others.
Its shown by the fact that you would rather your own work look "professional" by taking it to a printer shop.
But the zine no it has to be hand made ?
like dude that's so fucking scummy of her yikes.

No. 664618

File: 1534287215299.jpg (49.88 KB, 720x317, IMG_20180814_155335.jpg)

No. 664627

Daftpina has been requested to take a look at Holly's channel

No. 664638

File: 1534288652814.png (677.32 KB, 577x618, untitled.png)

Holly bleached her hair after dying it pink with overtone. Funny thing is she could have kept it the fuschia/magenta color it turned out and see it wash out into a lighter pink (probably not the lightness she wanted but a peachy tone) but patience is not a virtue Holly possesses

No. 664664

?? How do you know that was it in the comments? Because with the recent Fox Goodman blowup he’s not going to do a vid on Holly because two jackasses in the comments asked him to

No. 664852

NTA but requested them to do something =! got a sworn promise from them to do something

DAE wonder if her art is ugly because she's ugly? she obviously references herself, i wonder how much would be fixed if it wasn't awkwardly copied from her awkward face

i doubt it's about looking professional, it's gotta be laziness >>664618

No. 664861

File: 1534305500361.png (35.63 KB, 771x439, Daftpina_Proof.png)

I know him and I asked him to. Screenshot for proof.

(Also, he knows about lolcow, so if he sees this when he's looking for milk on her, Hi Daft!)

No. 664892

Hoo boy. I still doubt he'll make a vid, but if he does it will daftinitely be interesting.

No. 664936

I wouldn't even call that being lazy, it's the smart thing she should have done from the beginning. No one binds all their books at home unless they just happen to run a small press company, which is not her goal. That whole book binding misadventure was unnecessary

I'm not holding my breath.

No. 664958

File: 1534316199990.jpeg (31.65 KB, 800x450, E62F4AC8-9EF2-47D2-9D77-959507…)

I like the guy but he’s got a lot on his plate post Fox Goodman, doubt he’d actually do it. If it does happen tho Holly’s reaction is sure to be rich

No. 664989

I would consider this salvageable if she went to Sallys and got toner and developer, toned her hair then slapped a pink/purple dye over it and just let it go. Or she could swallow her pride and go to a salon. But the true Holly Brown way is to slap a quick fix over a problem that ends up still looking like shit so I’m ready to see her wonky box dyed brown hair.

No. 664999

How do you know daftpina?

No. 665002

I'm another youtuber, nowhere near as big as holly tho.

No. 665021

whats your channel?

No. 665025

No. 665114

Yeah this isn’t a promise to do something (a video) tho, it’s a “okay I might do it if it’s interesting”
He said he’d look into it, and I take it you’re just a small tomebyoutuber that he occasionally talks to on discord so it’s not like a suggestion is going to be taken very seriously unless you asked him to give YOU criticism about your own work.

I am not going to hold my breath over this.

Back to Holly how far is SanJapan again? She doesn’t even have most of her prints ready for this and she’s already thinking of ideas for new projects/comics to start printing? Like what is she even going to sell at her table, shit sketches and two oversized prints? And Is she still sharing a table with someone? Oh god I want someone to get pics of this shit show please

No. 665119

Pretty sure she's sharing a table with TwistedDisaster so I'm looking forward to the rant video Holly will probably post after the con.

I'm also pretty sure if Holly doesn't get enough prints and other things ready to sell before the con she is just going to blame the zine for eating up all her time.

SanJapan anons, I really hope you'll be able to capture some pictures of Holly in the wild!

No. 665167

And that’s the sad thing is she will blame the zine for all her time being wasted even though she didn’t need to make it at all and could have waited until AFTER the con when she’d have time and probably a good idea of how to go about everything

What about everything else eating her time? She’s redoing her first comic all over from scratch, she’s trying to make a second one plus making weird one offs from it even though it’s not even a full chapter in? Now another doushinji for erasermic, and god knows what else

Holly, pull your head out of your ass and breathe for a minute, that’s all fucking insane

No. 665187

File: 1534345243727.png (48.34 KB, 1479x592, 2018-08-15_095902.png)

Maybe it's just me but i clicked the link on the Zine page that holly made to only get this ? i'll leave the link below
i'm going to sage this just in case .

No. 665188

Hopefully this doesn't mean Holly is finally killing the zine and just screwing over the other artists who contributed.

No. 665205

I'm guessing she was getting a fair number of orders and got overwhelmed because she has to print them herself.

I feel bad for the artists who participated, I'd be so upset and annoyed.

No. 665299


Daftpina is a punk ass bitch. I just watched his video about Jaiden and its was complete garbage. I rather watch Holly videos than watch this shit tier moron trying to analyze laugjly bad may I add about mental illness. I rather watch Holly than that trash. Be better cows.

No. 665308

Oh yeah his early vids are garbage imo, but I thought the Fox Goodman one was well made. Hopefully he can keep that quality up. Saged for non-Holly talk

No. 665319

That Jaiden video was probably the worst thing he ever made, but I feel most of his other stuff isn't bad at all. Daft and others like him are needed in the art community. While I agree that him trying to diagnose Jaiden was fucking retarded, you kinda just sound like a butthurt Jaiden fan.

Jesus Christ. If this is really her giving up on the zine, then I seriously feel bad for the other artists. What a fucking piece of shit.

No. 665323


I don't have a particular dislike or like for Jaiden. What annoys me the most is the whole lets analyse and trying to diagnose mental illness when the guy is a clueless fuckwit who's only purpose was to do a hit piece to inflate his ego ansd view count and he's such a smug cunt too.

No. 665348

And pkrssl is a literal degenerate what’s your point? No one in the community is a saint everyone has their issues/troubles/flaws they need to work on and yes he is one of them, doesn’t make his criticism any less valid (not like he’s going to make a video anyway so calm down) you can pretty much take this site and hold it to that same standard yknow

No. 665431

I've only seen a handful of her stuff but that Jaiden video was a hot garbage fire and he admitted himself that it was malicious. Being as bad as the flakes makes him less credible.

By that logic, Holly just has some issues that she needs to work on and we may as well close this thread.

No. 665434

Can we contain this to the Youtube thread? I don't give a fuck about any of these randos.

No. 665461

all of you guys please learn how to sage your posts that don't have to do with holly. thanks

No. 665487

>complain about people not saging
>almost all posts are saged
>yours isn't
That's embarrassing, anon.

No. 665492

File: 1534365263033.jpg (8.59 KB, 223x162, you.jpg)

No. 665558

Ot but I just found a good alternative to Holly for people who used to like her. Trickywagon on YouTube has some pretty relaxing art vlogs plus her skill is miles about Holly.

No. 665562

File: 1534370518700.jpg (48.23 KB, 720x348,