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File: 1520860824141.png (190.99 KB, 408x402, Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 9.15…)

No. 527029

Most well known for her cal-arts rant, where she bitches about how hard it is to get in while claiming to have gotten in. Also known for giving shitty advice to impressionable beginners.

Tumblr: http://hollycbrown.com/

Mirror of aforementioned Cal-Arts rant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvnD-9XOs5k [DL][Archived Copy] [DL][Archived Copy] [DL][Archived Copy] [DL][Archived Copy]

>21 year old "freelancer" (lives at home with her mother and runs an online shop selling ugly art)

>Salty Youtube fujoshi artist that claims that her art is superior because she went to art school
>Constantly preaches that art takes hard work, claims to always practice and study but her art hasn't improved in over two years
>Whines about being a starving artist with no money, yet has enough money to buy a new Mac computer and a Cintiq tablet within the same week, then sold said cintiq because she got sponsored for her shitty shitty art
>When faced with genuine criticism, she replies with "it's my style hurrr get over it!!"
>Whines about nobody buying from her online store, but when people do, she whines about having to package and ship off her items
>Pandering to the Musicals crowd to get more Youtube $$$
>Claims to be the only non tumblrina artist and is a textbook tumblr fujo
>Generally insufferable and shitty person

No. 527031

Old thread >> >>>/snow/498020

No. 527034

Welp, botched the title

No. 527114

jeez what an ugly view

No. 527198

File: 1520874740625.png (1.15 MB, 1758x1222, Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 1.12…)

No. 527203

what the fuck is that nose holly.

No. 527204

Why do all of her characters look like they're in pain?

No. 527207

>cons: looks like a late 2000's egoraptor cartoon

Hahahahaha, fuck you Holly you wish you could animate like egoraptor.

No. 527208

i cannot, for the life of me, distinguish between the thick and thin lines. usually, whenI think "thick lines" i think shit that was used for, idk, my life as a teenage robot or dexter's lab.

and does she know that most animations don't have animation? mostly because it's a bitch to do and makes the animation process even harder. i know she doesn't think things through, but really?

No. 527218


She continues to shit on people more successful than her. And also if that's the only con, then why not do it with 'thick' lines. They're not even that thick, they're like like 2px wider than her so called thin lines.

She's overly concerned with the style of her animation rather than animating correctly. She's never going to be able to finish this thing. Shoulda just made a comic, since she's so 'professional'. Or maybe just used a part of her paranormal plague comic so she could kill 2 birds w/one stone.

Oh well. Like I said before. She works harder, not smarter. whatever. crash and burn.

No. 527226

that is the most unflattering face I have ever seen. Why can I imagine her making this ugly expression

No. 527228

File: 1520876987915.png (274.5 KB, 1166x926, Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 10.4…)

wtf is going on at the bottom. I think I prefer these silhouettes only cuz we dont have to see their wack expressions

No. 527236


Ok but we still don't know who the fuck any of these characters really are, so how about telling us a bit about them first so we give a shit about silhouettes.
Also the body shapes are pretty much the same. The only thing distinguishing them is height and hair.

No. 527241

god the nose looks so fucking bad

No. 527258


> She's overly concerned with the style of her animation rather than animating correctly.

This is her in a nutshell. She is always far more concerned with it "looking good" than it actually being good. She is working on "style sheets" before she's even developed a style. She hasn't put in any of the mileage to making a good animation and instead is rushing to get shit done. Well then its going to be shit.

No. 527273

File: 1520880140843.png (40.73 KB, 398x389, 1520876987915-1.png)

This is the worst character silhouette I've ever seen. Holly seems to know what makes good art but she's incapable of producing it herself.

No. 527277

Wow, these are absolutely terrible. Far left and far right are almost the exact same besides the hair. I'm not even sure what's going on with the one on the bottom?

It's all just so sloppy and mediocre. All I can think of when reading about this person is "Dunning-Kruger".

No. 527279


It's cause she doesn't put any of it into enough practice. That's how she's able to talk a big game but time and time again she's never able to back any of it up.

No. 527283

lol at that thing and the brooch(/head?) next to it. No one would suspect either of these things of being a character let alone defining one

No. 527294

Baylee Jea's abomination of a book had better silhouettes than this…

Using silhouette is how you can check if you have clearly defined a pose or if your character will read well on screen or panel without any other details.
I don't know why she makes me so freaking angry.

How can Holly have her head so far up her own ass? ugh

No. 527312

looks like a fricken thumb with arms growing from the side

No. 527342

File: 1520886479008.png (25.77 KB, 275x269, Untitled-1.png)

This reminds me of that character design exercise where you make random blobs and try to find a figure in it.

No. 527369


my fucking sides…

No. 527373

Sad part is that this is actually better than the real design.

No. 527399

Oh my god anon, I fucking wish this was the original.

It's so surreal seeing her talk about art because if I didn't know what her art looked like, she often sounds like she should be capable, but she's just saying the words with no understanding.

No. 527401

This is WAY better than anything Holly could ever make–kudos to you anon for making her shitty drawings something worth looking at.

No. 527411

Can someone actually explain what it's supposed to be?

No. 527416

she actually posted what this is a silohuette of a few threads back when she was on the animation hype train for all of 5 seconds. it's a lady holding something and pointing behind her and yelling if I remember correctly

No. 527417

File: 1520892934968.jpeg (64.22 KB, 900x798, 1510122404561.jpeg)


Here, saged for old.

No. 527418

Ah okay, ty, I see it now.

No. 527422

>>527417 why is she holding that phone like a damn claw machine

No. 527423

Jesus christ

No. 527432

Why can’t she draw the right eye?

No. 527434

File: 1520894220100.png (9.19 KB, 227x133, 3e5ca796b8885d0868129f5a7fb649…)


No. 527617

File: 1520906624257.jpeg (134.58 KB, 1024x1668, B8ABF63F-C79D-40A3-BF3B-3124F7…)


That’s…that’s not how foreshortening works.
I take it she was going for something like this? It’s hard to tell as neither arm looks connected to the body.

No. 527811

>I know I've said this before but silhouette is how you can define characters without doing anything.

Bitch, where

No. 527815


Holly just doesn't know how to draw children. They are just her regular megachin characters with a shorter forehead and a shorter jaw.
To make a character look more neotenous (like a child), you have to center their features towards the bottom half of their face. Give them a big forehead, slightly bigger eyes, and a smaller nose and mouth. Plus round cheeks and usually more pronounced ears.

Seems like Holly's thought process was "hm, how do I make the small face of a child? I'll just shave off some of the size of the head by making the chin and forehead small. That'll work! Nice and small!"

She did the exact same thing with his body. Looks like she just squashed an adult body until it looked short enough. Seriously Holly, how are you in art school…. no… how can you be a human being who has seen a child more than once in your life and think they are just shrunk adults with small chins?

She is so bad at character design, just so bad. Especially for someone who mainly draws their own original characters. You'd think if you're going to market mainly your own OCs you'd make them look good, but no.

No. 527816

Does Holly know how to draw hair laying flat on someone's head, or must she always draw that terrible flap of playdough?

No. 527817


Unsurprising. She can't draw skulls or planes of the face as previously shown.

No. 527829

Oh yeah?? Oh yeah n*a? Gonna create neotenous features? For a child character or for symbolic/metaphorical stylistic reasons? Do it and watch what happens dude:

No. 527953


that's supposed to be a child?? I thought it was just a short guy. Jesus Christ.

No. 528033

>>527417 This must be one of the ugliest things she has ever drawn, jesus fuck. I lose my god damn mind looking at it every time it gets posted.

No. 528036

This video probably influenced her in a bad way. She taught herself never to create a big forehead or a low-centered face because she thinks it makes her characters ugly. Holly really ever only draws boys she wants to fuck. She'll make her little boy characters "handsome", but in the end they just look like freakish twinks.
You can tell he's a little boy because Holly loves to draw young boys in booty shorts/bicycle spats.
Holly thinks male children are shrunken, feminine adults. Just shave their chins and make them dress like girls. Just look how she drew Damian in her webcomic. He wore booty shorts, thigh highs with a fucking garter belt, and a sailor uniform top.

No. 528056

I'm dead, good job anon

No. 528098

She's definitely got one hell of a shouta fetish. Damn

No. 528117

God exactly! Why tf is she drawing teenage boys in booty shorts?? Plus that former artist friend she used to stream with drew shota porn. Seems incredibly likely Holly is into that too.

No. 528127

The short shorts are a shota thing.

No. 528132

Wish she was just more honest about it. I don't really have a problem with shouta but it irritates me how much she denies being a shotacon AND a fujoshi.

The only issue I have is that she uses her slutty shota characters for her "professional work". I don't think your art teacher wants to see a scantly clad little boy with a bow.

No. 528201

I'm so fucking glad theres a thread on this obnoxious fucktard. I still have no idea how people can excuse her attitude and just general aura, even when her channel was just called "hollyistotallycool" and being a prick to other people. Minded she was a tad tolerable but now my goddd, still don't think she got accepted to CalArts but god damn that video was fucking hilarious just for the comments coming for her cheeks.

No. 528234

speaking of calarts video, does anybody have it because i've never actually been able to see it because it's always been taken down before i reached that part of the thread

No. 528312

check again in the last thread. Someone uploaded it on a different website. Gonna have to use google chrome though, I think.

No. 528383

No. 528385

thank you!

No. 528398

File: 1520986085320.jpeg (292.12 KB, 750x760, CC0B3609-7011-44B6-899F-88039C…)

Looool sure. The linked video is unavailable.

No. 528402

I have never actually watched the CalArts rant before… thank you for the link anon!
She sounds like a complete idiot in this. Holy fuck.
Like she missed the entire point of why they wanted a sketchbook. (Btw most portfolio submissions require sketchbooks) Christ
Sage for old rants but Jesus

No. 528428

File: 1520987175855.jpeg (386.12 KB, 750x961, 54FC7B00-0523-4A7C-8EB9-434385…)


No. 528432

File: 1520987337833.jpeg (313.87 KB, 750x829, 75A3FB9A-C7CB-48EB-883E-7AC993…)

No. 528436

What image is this referring to?

No. 528439

No. 528440

File: 1520988570115.jpeg (342.45 KB, 750x951, 6DA18A85-8699-4FBE-8A18-E55096…)


She means traced


No. 528448

She's really fucking lucky that she's a massive youtuber because that waiting until posting a ton of pages at once just doesn't fly for a lot of comic artists.

But who wants to bet that she doesnt actually have many pages done at all? or if she'll even make it to her san japan deadline of having books for paranormal plague lmfao

No. 528465



Wrow I’m bitter lads

No. 528469

I don't mean to wear a tin foil hat but is it possible that she's buying likes? She seems to have a tendency to throw money around, so is it possible she would go out of her way to put money into that?

No. 528470

I mean I aint denying that i'm not bitter. She doesn't desrve the attention with the shitty attitude and opinions she has, so

No. 528498

3K likes is not a lot, considering how many people are on instagram. Popular artists get close to 10k. If she was buying likes (she's not) she'd be getting ripped off lol

No. 528510

She’s got like 30k in followers and at most she’s received 3k ish in likes. That is only 10%. Most of her posts receive maybe 5% likes of her total followers. So the die hards support her.

No. 528535

yeah i'm an instagram artist w/ 11k and only ever seem to get 10-20% engagement unless smth blows up (featured on the explore page or whatever). the algorithm kinda sucks ass ever since they switched it from chronological to "most popular"

No. 528603

that's dead normal. venus, 200k follow, 20k like average, 10%. marzia pie 5 million follow 200k likes average 4%.

No. 528616

lol she's lucky that she's attending an online school cuz no one would respect her at an on-campus with that shit attitude. I'd love to hear student's opinions on her wonky ass art

No. 528619

File: 1521000668175.png (61.76 KB, 1170x268, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 21.0…)

genes? what? Is this because she doesn't talk to anyone that her English is getting worse like her art?

No. 528623

her fans are disgusting as she is

No. 528646


Maybe it's because some people focus better than others and really have a story they want to tell and are able to separate fan art time from the time they put into working on their personal projects. It's called 'discipline' for a reason. Something that she does not have.

And it's not even anything special.

No. 528650

File: 1521002604506.jpg (14.21 KB, 416x113, vKQRYsS.jpg)

No, don't flatter yourself, Holly.

No. 528665

Lol as if her wonky potato faces resemble any anime characters

No. 528747

File: 1521012720838.jpg (173.25 KB, 1078x1264, PSX_20180314_023052.jpg)

It's been said before but Jesus does this character look bad. Also what is with her obsession with 4K??? Most people can't tell the difference between 1080p and 4K anyway so why use up all that storage space?? Totally unnecessary in my opinion.

No. 528750

maybe it's because she needs everything to be the biggest and the best to cover up her garbage

No. 528751

the faces she makes on her characters portrays her personality….ugly and bitter. Lol she's gonna waste so much time waiting for the animations to export, if she's gonna go for 4K

No. 528755


Except that makes all the mistakes even more glaring.

No. 528768

File: 1521018949855.jpeg (69.44 KB, 640x480, 3AB9FF25-767D-491B-8600-8E7A16…)


I just realised this character is an excuse for Holly to make Edward Elric into a shota.

Similar hair/personality.

No. 528810

Ugh, looking at these two side by side upsets me more. Just an ugly broken ass Edward rip off

No. 528815

god, that fucking anatomy! either go with noodle arms or blocky separated arms, don't go for both!!! it'd be more tolerable if she can animate it dynamically, but knowing her, it'd probably be shitty and stiff

No. 528816

It's hair looks disgusting, it has slime physics. This character is so visually repulsive, look at the arms they're not the same length and the straight arm doesn't even have a joint like a fucking pole. Holly said this character is meant to be like 'Gordon Ramsey' i just dk anymore.

No. 528883

This style is really unappealing and difficult to look at. There’s just so much wrong with it.

No. 528986

Does anyone else notice how close the eyes are in this? No wonder her shit looks weird she's not spacing properly. Yikes

No. 528993

The eyes have to be that close together because his face is so extremely narrow if they were any farther apart, he'd look like an ayylmao.
Many people mention Holly's problem with giant chins, but another problem she has is making the face and facial features too narrow. most of her characters either don't have cheeks or barely have cheeks. The side of their face is just a narrow, flat plane. Because she draws the face so narrow she has to make the eyes extremely close together. On adult characters you can stylistically get away with it (if you were actually good at drawing, however Holly is not), but on child characters it looks terrible.

The design on this character is really all over the place. Megaman style no-wrist arms? Usually your character is short and stubby with a rounded face, especially considering he's a child. And the hair? It just looks wrong. Is the right flap a bang or is it connected to the side part of his hair? It's too long and tall, looks like a crude play-dough bird that died and fell on someone's head. The turned up nose? it's too narrow, looks like a mickey mouse nose, it just needs to be painted black.

Let's not forget his short shorts, pink apron, giant bow, and long eyelashes. Holly wants to fuck these gussied-up little boy characters but isn't talented enough to draw them remotely sexy.

No. 529003

File: 1521044611108.jpg (233.6 KB, 1078x1264, 1521012720838.jpg)

Being a bit of a dick here. But I took this into photoshop and made a couple adjustments.

Separated and resized the eyes(one is slightly off balance), tried to fix the ear a little so it makes more sense, and slightly adjusted the face to fix the broken cheekbone.
Not redrawn but adjusted. Saged for art red lines?.

No. 529004

I'm sorry but this still looks bad but just in a different way?

No. 529011

Don't see the difference in this and redrawing. Yours looks as shitty as the original. Stop.

No. 529015

I was going to say haha she made it even worse somehow but then i read the post. btw your pic shows at the bottom

No. 529016

Yep, it is a clusterfuck of awful.

No. 529020

No, see, I said it would look like an ayylmao and it does. She needs to restructure the whole damn face, not just rearrange some elements.

No. 529024

God yes. There is no saving this thing. It's awful.

No. 529025

>Holly wants to fuck these gussied-up little boy characters but isn't talented enough to draw them remotely sexy.
This is true and yet she said on twitter something about maybe pitching her pilot (which is this chef thing isn't it) to kids. Like this plus the bj in the art book suggests to me she lives in fujoreality and doesn't understand you don't try to sell lewd shit to kids

No. 529031

I think she may actually believe that little boys are like fully grown men but smaller, cuter, and more feminized, like her sexual fantasies. There is no little boy alive that would dress and act like her characters.
She doesn't understand marketing and how to appeal to an audience, or curating one. She was blessed by the youtube gods and now she thinks that everyone loves her awful ideas and awful drawings.

No. 529051

File: 1521047492701.png (222.79 KB, 601x618, strong background.png)

>strong backgrounds

Something about this looks super unappealing to me, maybe it's the color choice. Also, nice that she admits her animations will be "poor" before she even started doing them.

No. 529067


By the way I didn't do the redline, just >>529003 felt the need to clarify since I was a dumbass and didn't crop my original screenshot

No. 529070

its muddy. all of her colors are muddy. her warm colors are all brown and her cool colors are gray.

No. 529074

Because she doesn't know color theory. She just slaps an orange or blue overlay layer on top of everything to "harmonize" the colors.

No. 529075

Lmfao why is she bragging about that background? It looks wonky, prespective is all over the place, little to no detail makes it look like a TV set, not an actual kitchen, has that horrible blank space on the left, has literally no personality and I'm not even sure if it is supposed to be a kitchen from a restaurant? If it is, it looks nothing like it. And the character is placed way too low on that pic jfc

No. 529077

Holly's obsession with huge resolutions is ridiculous. Maybe it'll look better in 10 years when 4k is standard, but no one is going to be watching this piece of garbage in 10 years (assuming she even finishes it, which I find doubtful). All it's going to do is waste time and hard drive space. Old Disney cartoons like Snow White are still cherished, even though they are grainy, because the animation is beautiful. If she would actually put her focus on learning the fundamentals of animation instead of all the miscellany of the project, maybe she would have a chance at creating something decent. But she never wants to learn. She just wants to cut straight to publishing finished projects without putting in any effort, so she will always be bad.

No. 529080

Holly's art doesn't look good now, it won't look good in 10 years. It'll probably look even worse as people develop even better art techniques.

No. 529084

I didn't really mean "good" as in good. I just meant "good" as in clear. Crap will always be crap.

No. 529085

God, those teeth. I hate it when people with 'cartoony' styles don't realize that giving your flat, silly-limb cartoon characters anatomically realistic teeth is fucking terrifying. (And, in Holly's case, they're not even correct, which makes it even worse, like some Silent Hill monster).
It really speaks to how Holly doesn't know how to stylize, let alone how to make something appealing. Probably why the 'fix' other anon posted still looks like trash.

No. 529109

ngl this looks worse

No. 529142

>I feel like you're a bitch
>Dude…why the negativity…
Top fucking kek, these are two consecutive comments by the same person. Her fanbase suits Holly well.

No. 529145

This is upsetting to look at, literally everything is off. I think using shapes is a good way to learn and lineless animation is cool but this looks legit awful.

No. 529148

The eye is still super fucked…
(sorry I didn't crop it before the posting the red line)

No. 529157

File: 1521054397457.jpg (357.32 KB, 1024x1466, mm25__roll_helping_megaman_wit…)

This character is like a Holly version of Megaman from the Completed Works art book.
You can tell she was going for
-cute shota
-flat stylized anime hair
-thick limbs
-short shorts
-childlike appearance and face

Instead of making a cute tesuka/astroboy/old anime style cute young protagonist, Holly makes a freakish chimera. She is unable to stop drawing giant chinned paper dolls. She seems to be locked into a certain style of drawing as she only really knows how to create symbols of what she sees. She hasn't demonstrated once a knowledge of 3d space in her art. All of her drawings are very stiff, and all suffer from the same problems every single time.

Her having absolutely 0 sense of style also makes everything so much worse. The hair would look bad even if drawn properly, and the giant bow in the back? Completely ruins the silhouette and makes a lot of weird tangents/blobs that are hard to read.

No. 529158

lmfaoo imagine this animation with the quality of that stupid halloween dance thing she made for Jazza's contest. She's like skipping all the class freshmen take and is jumping into senior projects. Also what strong background? She just slapped some traced cabinets and then that's it lol

No. 529214

>the faces she makes on her characters portrays her personality….ugly and bitter.

The faces she puts on her characters bother me so much! It's like she learned human emotions and expressions from watching anime instead of observing people. Also she's been ripping off the style of the artist of Long Exposure for awhile now, instead of developing her own style through studying. She's 22 and still approaches art like a high schooler.

No. 529295

>The hair would look bad even if drawn properly
Fucking this, anon. I've never thought of it that way but you're absolutely right, everything from design to execution is wrong.
Reminds me of those stupid glasses Simon wears; they'll never be okay, no matter who draws them.

No. 529322

Which is hilarious, because that particular artist gets super annoyed when anyone copies their style. Lmao

No. 529340

Oh my fucking god, I just looked up Long Exposure and you are so right. Every single element of Holly's style is a complete rip off. The eyes, expressions, clothes, panels. Jfc, does she have ANY originality?? No wonder her art fucking sucks, she uses every shortcut to cheat and steal instead of studying and actually working hard.

I'm so, so disappointed.

No. 529348

Anybody have a link or pictures of Long Exposure's art? Google keeps showing me long exposure pictures instead lmfao

No. 529350

Off-topic but that Long Exposure comic is just a rip off of jaymamon’s style

No. 529351

File: 1521064229129.jpg (21.94 KB, 500x750, 21903_146364B.jpg)

Long Exposure

No. 529354

File: 1521064310672.png (2.7 MB, 1374x976, pick_him_up_copy_by_smokeplane…)


at least Long Exposure's isnt as fucking stiff as Holly's

No. 529357

every art style is a rip off of every other art style tbh. when you draw you take inspiration from the media you consume and replicate it either subconsciously or consciously. this long exposure thing is kinda throwing the thread off topic and i'm pretty sure it's come up before.

No. 529361

I can see the influence. Holly’s art kinda looks like what you would get if someone with no art knowledge stole the worst bits of the ‘Long Exposure’ art style and tried to make an art style of their own.

No. 529366


Just cause it might've come up before, doesn't mean its off limits. And its not off topic. It's on the topic of Holly not studying the fundamentals or developing her own style.

No. 529370

Holly’s lineless work is so ugly. At least with her lined art there is vague attempts at making things look anatomically correct, but with her lineless art she somehow gets even lazier.

I know she’s trying for a more cartoonish style, but she’s not simplified the faces enough so it just leaves her characters looking very uncanny.

No. 529372


completely agree. i almost feel like because she built herself up to be like "the lineart youtuber" with the brush pens and stuff, that she's trying to distance herself as much as she can from that image

No. 529374

holy shit. It's like Holly's art, but better looking. Gdi that expression is just creeping me out cuz of how much Holly uses it. I love how she's always like you have to create your own original stuff, but she doesn't even do it

No. 529393

File: 1521067459452.png (851.03 KB, 438x976, holly brown original art.png)

What the FUCK
Why does this artist think it's ok to steal from Holly Brown?? Here's the original…smh

No. 529394

That broken foot is on point

No. 529395

File: 1521067713916.png (818.26 KB, 438x976, holly brown original art.png)

Holly forgot to add her filter

No. 529397

Oh god I just cackled thank you clever anons for that laugh

No. 529404

I wouldn't say Long Exposure is better looking, those large ass chins and expressions are still ugly. It's just more skillfully drawn. Of all the artists Holly could've copied she chose this one, shows her shit taste in art too.

OT but why are fujos so obsessed with making the "bottom" a feminine soft boi and the "top" a masculine asshole, like they're incapable of drawing a gay couple unless they project straight dynamics onto them. The short brown kid looks like a woman with how big his hips and how small his shoulders are smh

No. 529428

Because they can’t get it out of their heads that one guy has to be “the girl” therefore more feminine. It’s a fucked up trope

Hopefully Holly will grow out of it. But if she’s into the shota side of things she might not. I’m not going to touch that psychological can of worms with a ten foot pole.

She also has weird hatred of females and in a sense herself. She may be projecting herself into her male characters. Possibly why she makes one super feminine, a wish of something she may want to be? Idk sage for Freudian nonsense.

No. 529568

oh my god, i was already dying and then i scrolled down to the feet and my fucking sides

this is the only acceptable fanart, everyone else take note

+1 now it's perfect

No. 529584

there's a right way to do that twink/bear type dichotomy but it hinges on both of them still acting like fucking men. these self-insert fujos might make the characters different in appearance to hide it but their feminine bias bleeds through. there are men who prefer a more androgynous/feminine appearance but they're still men beneath that.

perma virgin NEETs like holly have no idea how normal people act, much less men in general, much less gay men. her characters have as much depth as her art, but the only male characters who aren't obvious projections of her are a stereotype peeled from someone else's better creation. she's the primest example of why interaction with people is so integral to writing/drawing realistic people.

No. 529666

I watched that video before she took it down. iirc it was a project involving her recycling pages of her sketchbook. Dang I should've saved that long ago because I could barely remember what happened in that video.

>Off-topic but that Long Exposure comic is just a rip off of jaymamon’s style
Saying x is a rip off of y is really tiring. And yeah you can point out similarities and such but also I've seen so many artists who have similar styles (mainly because they influence each other and whatnot) and I don't really see the point of comparing one to another.

OT I still think comparing artists is bad and the underlying thought of "hey you're ripping off of x's style and I think you should. Reminded me of the gawki v feverworm problem and the two watercolor artists I follow back then (something which is something they should have solved in private tbh).

Wish she's tone down the weird anime hair and fucked up proportions. Also the background seemed flat to me. The framing and 'foreshortening' was bad too. Wish someone would do a fundamentals challenge.

The way she draws characters lacks depth and perspective. Like those eyes and hair at >>529051. She didn't make an effort to make the other eye look smaller and the right side of the hair looks longer than the left side. At least the pic you posted had some depth to it despite it being anime style, something a lot of artists who only study from anime fail in doing.

>these self-insert fujos might make the characters different in appearance to hide it but their feminine bias bleeds through. there are men who prefer a more androgynous/feminine appearance but they're still men beneath that.
OT but I get war flashbacks to that time I see fanart of my fave characters being together. I just hate it so much. Fujos are a disease and makes people who write realistic gay relationships look bad.

No. 529672

File: 1521099885945.jpg (451.64 KB, 831x1280, 1520989594608.jpg)

>At least the pic you posted had some depth to it despite it being anime style, something a lot of artists who only study from anime fail in doing.
Industry level anime artists actually understand the fundies and drawing in 3d space. Amateurs like Holly often rely on it as a crutch because it looks easy to do. Thus, anime style gets a bad reputation.
It actually takes a lot of skill to reduce/simplify forms in a drawing. Problem is, it looks so effortless that beginners don't understand the skill needed to actually get gud, and end up symbol drawing for years and years. It's deceptive, but there's no excuse to remain trash. Every single weaboo/anime artist is told constantly to study the fundies but it usually goes in one ear, out the other. Like Holly.

No. 529686

You don't even have to spend hours studying anatomy to learn this stuff. Observing people, actively remembering proportional landmarks on a person and drawing with perspective in mind is the only thing you need to master this stuff. The problem with weeb artists is they never look at real people, they just reference other anime. Just like Holly is doing. The only time she references people is for school homework it seems.

No. 529691

Wait, from what I know the sketchbook you submit to CalArts is lost forever as they don’t send it back. Anybody knows it that’s true or not?
Also I Would never dismantle something that received that much appreciation/a ticket for that kind of school so I’m not really buying it.

No. 529695

Taken from the CalArts website;
"Only portfolios submitted with a self-addressed, pre-paid package will be mailed back to students."

No. 529716

File: 1521111806904.png (55.21 KB, 1180x208, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 04.0…)

oml get ready for this, anons

No. 529717

File: 1521111923120.png (1.23 MB, 1158x1228, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 04.0…)

Yeah, I dont think you're really learning correctly. That bike looks flat and curved. And those legs. Also why does she always add random lines in the arms? Is that to define the muscle or lighting??

No. 529730


neither since she obviously doesn't know the placement of either.
it looks like he's riding that bike in reverse, and I love how his expression looks like he doesn't know what he's doing, much like Holly.
god, this picture looks so flat. and his knees wtf, that's not where you put your legs on a bike…

No. 529741

Thank you anon.

I think they’re supposed to be lines to define shadows, but of course since she doesn’t understand anatomy or volume they don’t work well. Also I think it contrasts with the rest of her “style” and something like this can’t be used on a single body part only.
Wow she got even lazier, doesn’t want to ink her pages anymore? Maybe she realised there’s no way she can finish her comic in time and she’s trying to use shortcuts or maybe she’s just bored with her famous “thin line inking”.

No. 529745

I think she's trying to describe the Triceps with that weird ass line on the upper arm, but she did it wrong. The line on the wrist is also off… I know what she's trying to do but she missed the mark.
She just doesn't understand the lines she's using to describe anatomical form.

No. 529752

I think it is a unanimous agreement that she needs to get out and interact with real people.

No. 529755

Problem's with the bike in this pic:

1. that bike's back wheel is flat

2. that is not where you place your legs/feet on a bike like that. His thighs should be closer to if not hugging the gas tank. And his feet aren't even on the pedals/whatever

3. Dude's fucking slipping off the back of the bike.

4. The seat is also weirdly placed and it makes him look like he's sitting on the passenger seat, not the rider's seat.

5. he shouldn't be literally laying on his stomach to reach the handlebars.

6. She drew a pretty standard motorbike but she fucking drew it too big. Literally…she should have just referenced a guy sitting on a bike…not that fucking hard, Holly.

No. 529757

bike and the guy* so basically the entire pic kek

No. 529761

He looks like he's fucking the gas tank.

No. 529767

knowing holly, he probably is

No. 529771

I was holding off saying that till seeing the scene because maybe he is meant to be falling off/just jumped on it not knowing how to ride it. I mean writing that out it sounds stupid now but i just thought she can't be so dumb to draw him actually riding it like that with gearshift foot thing all the way up there

No. 529778

the motorbike is a hasty reworking of what was a young boy character

No. 529780

No. 529782

most bikes have a kickstand so you'd have to consciously kick it up before you take off (or in an instance where the stand is directly under the bike, you'd have to push the bike forward to release it and then hop on) which would slow you down and make just hoping on and riding away unlikely and I doubt Holly knows this or even considered it when she drew the pic.

No. 529783

I feel like this needs a mic drop LMAO

No. 529784


I mean, that could still be what's happening but it still shows how little thought goes into a drawing for holly

No. 529786


hardy kek

No. 529787

Will she stick with it?

I am only two minutes in and am about to have a rage fit… She is so arrogant and uninformed! ARG

No. 529789

she wants to pay for voice actors…peanuts I bet

No. 529791


>talks about naming her dude 'quirk'

>talks about science and how there are 6 'quirks'
>she's actually talking about 'quarks'

is quark pronounced differently in texas??

No. 529797


omfg…the tall fucking 'quark' guy is supposed to be a match to the shota boy

she fucking matched a shota boy with an obvious adult… her fujoness is far reaching and never ending

No. 529800

Ew! She's such a grows, greasy fujo!

No. 529801

You are taking that out of context.

When you are creating characters for a comic or animation you often want to 'match' your character lineup by using complimentary color schemes or repeating character 'shapes'. This often helps visually identify the characters as being from the same 'group' or suggests that the characters have similar interests or goals.

No. 529847

Lmao, Holly is one of those "I luv science" normies who thinks space looks pretty and theoretical physics is so cool and interesting.
Basically an idiot fascinated with shit she can't understand. Fuck sometimes it's just embarrassing, like her "primortial" soup.

No. 529863

maybe her youtube vids doing so well despite the bad art is because she has a kind of listenable voice. in the latest one she's not swearing egregiously or burping and i don't really mind listening to her talk. it's recorded cleanly and her voice/speaking style just sort of comfy

No. 529870

My fucking sides

Not to derail or suck the artists' dick but it's not really that kind of story. The short kid is a chubby nerd that gets bullied in school and is otherwise pretty normal.

I know Fujos who freely admit that they hate women/female characters, and even Holly herself has said that she relates more to "gay" pairings. Gay in quotes because it has nothing to do with actual gay dudes.

No. 529873


Jesus, this is so frustrating to watch. I know it's sped up and all, but she just rushes everything she draws, ever. If she did more than one initial sketch (like you're supposed to lol) so much of the stiffness would go away

No. 529874

>Hey guys I'm kinda lazy and don't want to ink this comic anymore, that cool?
Why even bother at this point.

No. 529876


I actually think this is a great idea. It's out of laziness, sure, but because she draws at 10,000,000 DPI her lines from the comic look really bad even though she's definitely capable of way better

this could, of course, just be remedied by her using a reasonable goddamn dpi, but that will never happen

No. 529879

Doesn't she only draw at 600 DPI? That's not that ridiculous.

No. 529920


600dpi is really unnecessary for the things she's doing. She can just get away with 350 and be fine.

No. 529938

im cringing at the part where shes fucking around with 3D models. the colours don't look to bad to me, but that's with the characters all separate from each other - i don't doubt that it'll look like a clusterfuck when all the characters together in one scene.

No. 529956

Oh Christ, anon, you do not want to see her sketching process. In a (now deleted?) livestream, she was drawing a Heather's character playing croquet, and she did do more than the initial sketch, but it didn't matter anyway because none of her sketches were good nor even informed by the sketches underneath. It was like she made the initial sketch and then deleted it from her memory and made it again over the top.
It was so goddamn infuriating to watch, I swear that vid could be used as torture. Something has to be wrong with her to not understand what she was doing.

No. 529959

I can't make it past the first UM. Just the tone she uses makes me rage.

No. 530075

I and some artists I know use 600 dpi for b/w comics (in her case Purgatory, I guess), because the lines are a bit more crisp in print. It doesn't actually affect how it looks on screen unless it looks bad to begin with, and lower res won't fix that.

No. 530095

File: 1521141936980.png (960.21 KB, 1176x1170, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 12.2…)

lol her arms are so short and wtf is with his hand

No. 530102

She got the eye spacing right on the dude at least… and fucked it up again on the female.

No. 530104

Is it just me or does every expression she draws have that DreamWorks smug/angry eyebrow? She hardly branches out from it, it makes her characters all look the same.

No. 530105

>i dont want to pay for another animation program

if she has adobe suite, then doesn't that mean she has access to Flash??? Does she just buy the most expensive thing and not even read what comes with it? wtf. And also why so much details? the only reason one should add more details is just to clarify like if its a fast fighting scene and such, which will sometimes be added in the final animation. She's making this like a rough comic book and not a storyboard

No. 530109

File: 1521142732590.png (1.74 MB, 2032x1030, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 12.3…)

what are those manga lines for?? And oh god, the placement of the characters is gonna make the audience confused like, hey! they were there and then all of a sudden theyre there?

No. 530110

She said that it doesn't work on her computer. Which seems quite odd considering her iMac is a fairly recent model.

>Good day
>Those hands
I guess that's relative.

No. 530152

She has learned all of her animation knowledge from watching stuff(i believe is what she said)
She needs to read a fucking book on storyboarding at least!
In the first few chapters, they all go over Character Placement in a scene and not breaking the 180 rule.

Honestly, she would benefit from reading some damn books, fuck social interactions, for now, the girl needs some actual knowledge in her brain.

No. 530207


> what are those manga lines for?

I've noticed this before and I think Holly just puts those there when she can't think of anything else to put in the background. In actual manga they are used for dramatic moments, but idk if Holly actually got that.

No. 530208

I feel like she's gonna use a lot of dialogue to make up for the fact that she can't tell a story without it because I have no idea what the heck is going on in this scene. I hope she knows that it's less words and more actions unless you're doing like Simpsons type of animations..which she's not.

No. 530218

Maybe I'm just not thinking hard enough but I cannot even fathom what could be happening in this scene based on the storyboard, and that's always a bad sign. How do you draw comics for years and never learn about the 180 rule or how to frame things?

No. 530227

File: 1521147227023.jpg (Spoiler Image, 93.21 KB, 571x1000, mfw-holly.jpg)

The zoom on that shitty face on the left is meme worthy lol. How does she think any of that looks remotely okay

No. 530280

is he in pain, disgusted, angry?? the expression on his face is from another dimension

No. 530297

Also if this whole setting is supposed to be a restaurant of sorts why is she using a model of a honestly kitchen. No restaurant would have clunky cupboards or countertops like that… who would be able to do any prep work in that area?

No. 530298

But anon, she doesn’t like real restaurant kitchen!

No. 530300

Yeah, she said that restaurant kitchens are not aesthetically pleasing so she's picking this one. It doesn't even have a stovetop or a sink though…

No. 530332

Yeah, real restaurant kitchens are boring and not suitable for what she wants but bitch, aren't you an artist?? Design a location then, really sucks being limited by the CAD models you can find to trace.

No. 530336

He looks like a fuckin fallout ghoul, sneaking around the corner and hissing at you

No. 530405

The thing is then her characters should stand out more if the setting is boring. But, since Holly has shit aesthetics and her character designs are bland af she has to rely on the kitchen… which looks like the kitchen of a stay at home mom with kids who hate her. It just doesn't fit and its so fucking irritating to hear someone rave about knowing every little fucking thing but not know shit about anything

No. 530439

This! Thank you!
I am so sick of the arrogance!
The kitchen thing for example, restaurant kitchens are designed a specific way for easy of use and the health code(cooling/heating tables, shelves instead of cupboards, etc)
She has no fucking clue why things are designed a specific way.

No. 530475

It isn't just you. It was discussed and a collage was made, I think, last thread.

All her characters look so punchable.

No. 530528

She should have put the fat girl closer to the left side of the panel. It would have made more sense for the establishing shot she used.

No. 530600

Honestly! Like how much of a douche do you have to be to complain on the aesthetics of industry kitchens when they have to look that way! God I just want her to quit this entire short idea since she didn't do any research of what one looks or how one is run. Theres a lot I don't care about but fuck the culinary industry is one thing that will immediately tick me off

No. 530689

Not to mention the fact that she doesn't even know how lighting works. Why is there a massive shadow on one side of the 3D rendered kitchen? Does she not know that rooms inside of buildings have centralized lighting from the ceiling? How does she not know this, it's not even just a kitchen thing, it's literally how rooms in general are lit??

No. 530785

Why why why is his nose like that? Upside down triangle? Has Holly seen noses? Ever?

Her “storyboarding” is just her copy and pasting. She needs to watch a few pros. Jesus

No. 530887

I feel like she's setting herself up to fail. Why wouldn't she just make a comic for her final project? And she says she has a 'year' to complete this project but she's starting on it straight away because of 'lack of time'. She doesn't know the bare bones of animation but also she is going out of her way to make 'money shots' and shortcuts to do as little animation as possible. what's the fucking point?

No. 530888

But at least she seems happier and she has a proper goal. I just hope she doesn't crash when it doesn't turn out the way she wants it to.

No. 530921

Tbh how long was it before she started drawing nsfw crap of her purgatory kids? I'm counting the days until she posts lewds of the restaurant shortfilm boy.

No. 530924

ot, but i binge read long exposure the other day after seeing it on this thread and it isn't as bad as i expected. It plays off of tropes of course (nerd/bully romance) but like, its well done?

I expected the story to be as crap as purgatory for some reason, but its pacing is good and the story is actually interesting. Holly should take notes from Mars (LE author) on how to make a comic that isn't boring as shit and has a CONSISTENT update schedule.

No. 530930

I feel like Holly just sets herself up for failure most of the time. Making an animation thesis is no easy feat which is why it is often a group effort in most college animation programs such as Calarts animation program. Holly not only has to teach herself how to animate properly but she will also have to learn things like sound design to put this thing all together. On top of all this it’s not like making this animation will be helpful overall to Holly’s future unless she is really gunning to become an animator and if she does actually want to become an animator in the future I feel like she already shot herself in the foot with her awful online personality.

No. 530932


I binge read it the other day as well. Although I'm not really a fan of the art style, at least I can tell that the artist knows how to draw. The characters don't look the same, and the poses never look stiff. There were a few earlier panels that were underwhelming, but overall, Long Exposure is an example of an artist who knows how to draw, even if I don't particularly care for her style.

Holly should read it and take note about the poses. That's my biggest gripe with her art, it doesn't matter how simple or complex her characters are, they always look unnatural and stiff. Hell, even when her characters are just standing still doing nothing, they still look so stiff.

No. 530944

Yeah restaurant kitchens aren't "cute" or whatever. It's the designers/artists job to make them that way. A large portion of the movie Ratatouille takes place in an industrial kitchen and it looks beautiful and has great atmosphere, because the concept artists had skill and good vision. She can't put blame on the subject, she can only blame herself for not trying even a little bit.

No. 530950

I break in hives thinking about working professionally in such a kitchen as Holly is using. Also there is no machinery there either and if there ever will be she'll most likely model them after "cute" household utilities instead of anything you could actually work with in a restaurant.

Making a story about a specific industry kinda requires research if you don't happen to have the knowledge in the first place and we all know she doesn't.

No. 530968

i dont get the point of her animation. why is she doing this weird rotation scene? it's unnecessary. it doesn't add to the story. its stupid

No. 530979

I remember that in an old video she said that she payed for the adobe suite and the froze it to not pay anymore so maybe that fucked her in the ass when she upgraded her pc?

No. 530983

I really thought this was Lainey fanart..

No. 530996

>mfw secretly excited more people are discovering LE even if it's because of Holly

I think the issue with Holly and her stuff is that it all feels so empty. She's always using shortcuts and trying to do less work which is not inherently a bad thing but I feel like she distills everything down into a "product" that she just tries to churn out as quickly as possible. This animation project has barely started and she's already talking about cheating herself out of having to animate and phoning it in instead of just making it shorter. She doesn't care about good, just done. Her approach to art is like some soulless industry person that doesn't give a shit anymore and just does the least to collect their paycheck, except she's still a student living at home and has the opportunity to make whatever she wants because YT is her main income.

No. 530999


She knows cigarettes don't come out of the pack lit right?

No. 531008

I watched her latest video and she’s putting Black Pants with a Navy Blue Blazer. I get she wants to differentiate the values but I’m pretty sure everybody knows you never put navy blue and black, especially on suits. Probably nitpicking but it frustrates me to no end

No. 531010


Why is the ten year old smoking? Christ, Holly

No. 531034

Some of us are blocked from her Twitter so a screencap would be awesome, thanks!

No. 531051

File: 1521224666382.jpeg (270.81 KB, 640x792, 8E882B06-24DD-4C87-9F4C-F1E68B…)

Why did she animate him smoking? Wasn’t he supposed to be a kid??

No. 531059

File: 1521225075735.gif (1.81 MB, 640x360, twitter-video.gif)

No. 531077

This is what happens when you don't pick up a book and read about timing.

No. 531078

The funniest part to me is the hair, she does the Goku thing where the hair flips horizontally instead of showing another angle of the hair.

No. 531099


From what I can tell by looking at it, the kid comes around and sees the other workers slacking off. I think the lines are supposed to be like what you see in those cartoons where they like, zoom in to dramatize the action a character is doing. She'll probably like add sound effects in the back. I guess after that they argue or try to explain why they were slacking?? I have no idea what the last 5 panels are though, maybe he's telling them what to do? Either way, if it can't be easily translated by others, then it's not a very good storyboard. Not to mention the drawings are stiff and as we already know, her anatomy is trash.

No. 531104

You can draw like shit and still tell a readable story. I have no clue what is going on in this thing though

No. 531121

File: 1521230594169.jpg (206.8 KB, 869x1292, MR-334329-564005-2[1].jpg)

Whenever we discuss her anatomy here I think of ONE/the artist who made One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100. His art is far from impressive, but it communicates the story clearly and that's enough to be successful.

No. 531185

how does his bangs stick back to normal form like they're magnets. Learn your shit, Holly. I know you can do a lot of unrealistic things with animation, but it's gotta make sense. She should record herself to get the references, but knowing Holly, that bitch be too lazy.

No. 531236

why does she keeps insisting with the animation tho? Nobody cares about that trashy kitchen nightmare lol
nobody wants to watch crappy animation Holly, get your shit together with the comic at least, and please choice a path, or you become an animator; a comic artist or illustrator ffs

No. 531291

File: 1521345037378.png (119.76 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Dont you guys know, Holly knows a lot about animation -rolls eyes forever

No. 531297

File: 1521345328628.jpg (67.15 KB, 621x681, ageless.jpg)

lol well… so i mean… haha

No. 531337

>when your bangs turn into the side of your hair when you turn to the side
Holly, unable to understand 3d space.

No. 531345

Except goku's hair has a good silhouette and it's pitch black so you can get away with not defining all the forms.

No. 531364

File: 1521348215583.png (259.88 KB, 1148x716, Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 21.4…)

Ok yeah some cartoons have 4 fingers and can get away with it because they know how to draw hands, but Holly just makes it look like a dinosaur claw. And who reaches for a cigar like that with the cigar popping out by itself with no hand movement that's holding it

No. 531424

Calling it now, Holly uses this exact excuse when she eventually draws porn of this kid.

No. 531466

File: 1521353856892.jpg (214.26 KB, 800x1586, 1000 year old vampire shota.jp…)

Holly "broken ankles, broken dreams" Brown just sent me this image. She says she's ditched the lineless style because the amorphous blobs reminded her of eating too much play dough at foster care and having to get her stomach pumped. The first and last time she ate anything other than tv dinner.
No critiques please, we know they aren't necessary.

No. 531471

The claws, that foot, I'm dying!

No. 531507

I'm not saying the animation is good but considering how fast Holly is able to shit things like this out, it seems like Holly might have a future in animation if she moves to a sweatshop in Korea!

No. 531509

thanks for the nightmares anon

No. 531552

400 year old loli syndrome strikes.

No. 531582

File: 1521370642584.png (106.72 KB, 1188x450, Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 03.5…)

Oh the irony…and also if she didnt spend so much unnecessary purchases for a con, she wouldn't be shit poor. Ya know, I thought she didnt want to spend a lot of money on animation programs and that's why she's using photoshop? Which is it, Holly?

No. 531585

yeah thats true, but she probably can't even do a basic ball bounce without it bouncing hella fast and no squash and stretches. And also, i dont think she can copy other's art styles perfectly without it making it wonky. I can't also imagine her attitude amongst the skilled animators…

No. 531595

File: 1521372401249.jpeg (277.16 KB, 640x693, 706AD43B-EDB5-4227-8F5C-AE9910…)

Yes she did the same thing for clip studio paint, and she used to say that flash was a shit program but now she’s all defensive about it and calls out ignorance in the community. That’s the holly way. I’m really sad because I know she will get this money too and I am saving up to buy this program for quite a long time but since I don’t shit money like her, I end up saving or using money for stuff that’s actually needed. Good job on buying a program you will not be able to use properly and shit on it before realising you only have to put effort into understanding the interface.
She’s such an hypocrite.
Yeah because if you make reviews you OF course can make the thing. All historicists fought wars, every wine critique can make wine, every food critique is a chef, movie reviewers are all actors and directors and only comic book makers are allowed to review comics. What a wonderful world she lives in.

Pic related: now it’s either toon boom or tvpaint, so long for “I’m only using photoshop”, it’s not even a third option.

No. 531596

This behaviour of hers is really annoying. Why can't she just use what she already possess? Why does she have to always buy "the best tools" in order to make anything?

No. 531598

She can buy whatever she wants but shitting on them first and telling people it’s idiotic to buy a program if you can use another one you’re paying for is even worse than simply watching her waste money.
At least the stuff she wanted for the conventions… well, she wanted them all. This program? She stressed out it’s too pricey and useless because it’s THE SAME with ps (and I hate that thing, if you’ve never used a thing you can’t say it’s the same) and then… begs for money to have that “unnecessary” program that is now vital.

No. 531600

I don't know if she's eligible, but students can get a discount on the TVPaint license so it shouldn't be that much. It's like 50% off. I hope she's actually done research and downloaded the trial and not just decided to buy it because other people are using it and she thinks it would be better.

>most of the super difficult stuff isn't actually hard

No. 531601

And to clarify, by "not that much", I mean not $1500, it's still expensive lol

No. 531603

She’s only been using photoshop so far, she would have stated she tried it if she did. And of course she didn’t do her researches or her online school is not valid for the discount.
This is not her first time buying stuff without even trying them first and realising they’re not good for her.
Remember the screenprinting supplies, for instance?

No. 531605

Yeah, but screenprinting I kinda get because you might not have access to a workshop to try it. Software is honestly just inexcusable because they allow you to try it.

What does she even need the pro license for? She has the creative suite for compositing/blending layers, and the standard version is only 500€. You don't get to complain about not having money and then just flush other people's cash down the drain too.

No. 531607

File: 1521374258064.jpg (144.11 KB, 720x720, 20180317_114542.jpg)

Is there anything she DOESN'T hate?

No. 531608


No. 531716

Lessons I've learned from Holly C Brown: If I spend more money on animation programs, my animation will be better. If I spend more money on accessories for my con table, I will sell more prints. If I spend more money on anything, I won't have to put actual hard work in. The quality of my work is a 1:1 ratio with how much money I spend on producing and distributing it.

She's wasted all her money on crap that hasn't gotten her anywhere, now the well has run dry and she's begging other people to waste their money on more crap that won't get her anywhere. Sage for rant but she really pisses me off.

No. 531845

This pisses me right off. She doesn't know the first thing about being resourceful. Again, all she does is try to 'buy' professionalism, and doesn't even properly use what she has to its fullest capacity because she doesn't bother to learn with what she's got. She's too busy spending money instead of investing time into bettering her actual skills.

Didn't she have clip studio at one point? …does she not know that she could upgrade to pro, for less…and use the ridiculously easy animation interface on that? She's so fucking spoiled, and not smart at all.

It was different when it was all her own money she was spending but now it's other people who are naiive enough to believe that she'll be making FUTURE use of this program.

No. 531848

I have a free version of TVP (that isn't difficult to find, honestly), and it's not the easiest program to just pick up and use. There's a learning curve. So she has to learn a new program ON TOP OF trying to animate. She's not even learning to animate she's just moving figures. I sincerely hope people call her out when she tries to talk shit about the program that people helped her to afford

Also, how are those prints, stickers, pencil cases and art books going, holly?

You know.

For San Japan?

…what a hot mess.

No. 531850

wow…she used to shit on the better animation programs and now she wants them. I can't with this girl.

No. 531852

She's not gonna "animate faster" or "better" with TVpaint that's for sure. It's a very 'no shortcuts' kind of program and we all know that's all she'll be looking for as soon as she gets her grubby fingernails on it.

..And it's still gonna look like crap.

No. 531853

File: 1521399370707.png (112.84 KB, 1180x488, Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 11.5…)

oh lord…higher quality dont mean shit when your animation's poopoo, Holly!

No. 531886

What's with her and her obsession with 4K?

No. 531934

No. 531945

I don't know a lot about traditional animation so please correct me if I am wrong but a lot of the things Holly mentioned in this video sound like they might be outdated? Also why is Holly messing with traditional animation so much? Wouldn't it just be much cheaper/easier for her to make the sketches on her ipad (which she paid so much money for) and then just import it into the animation program of her choosing?

No. 531946

File: 1521405961075.gif (1.59 MB, 268x244, tumblr_inline_p5inlyfhXS1uf6io…)


>"I'll do extensive tutorials on this program if I get it :)"

>this whole video is just her rambling about peg boards so she can beg for money

> her braindead audience is still gonna donate to her

No. 531951


It's not necessarily outdated, but a lot of it is wrong. I got a peg bar for like $2. They are NOT that expensive. Animation is an investment no matter what and I don't know why she's trying to talk on a subject she doesn't know shit about. All she's concerned about is what products to buy instead of actually doing the work fuck this video, fuck her. sorry for the rant, animation just hits close to home.

No. 531954

Ooooh, her being able to say she can provide tutorials for that new program despite not even knowing it pisses me offffff. I can animate, just barely, in 3d, but I do not go around saying shit like that just because I got the new fancy maya software. Ffs she’s not Rebecca Sugar, Alex Hirsch, or even the animators of FMA—she needs to step offff

No. 531963

File: 1521407611202.png (543.53 KB, 750x1334, D8849565-5E04-47BD-8890-0F2CB7…)

Same anon as above, but y’all, look what she just replied to me when I said that maybe she shouldn’t be teaching people because she’s going to be new to the program insert side eye emoji bc I’m so done She makes it seem as if I’m telling her never to teach anything, yikes

No. 531972

lol i saw holly freaking out at the anon's comment and it was funny.

also, once again, holly is praising the art supplies and not technique. does she even know stretch and squash? im not an animator, not even close, but even i know its about technique not supplies

No. 531975

My sides, either she's really that stupid that she can't comprehend what you said or she's going out her way to twist your words.

No. 531978

File: 1521408497772.png (161.02 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Oh no Anon, she's annoyed - eye roll

No. 531980

Lol wow, watching her freak out is actually kinda fun. But in all seriousness, yeah, people who don't know what they're doing are not equipped to teach others. It's the blind leading the blind.

No. 531993

Beginners can help each other out and learn together, but they can't teach from a place of knowledge. Holly has a terrible case of dunning kruger effect.

No. 532036

One person complaining = mass of people with pitchforks. But she’s never exaggerating or over reacting

No. 532049

So, to critique something it's required to be a maximum expert of the topic, but to teach you can be a beginner because whatever.

Holly, make up your mind.

No. 532058

Lmao so holly considers herself a “professional” normally but is also a “beginner” when it’s convenient to her ok girl

She always says she’s open to constructive critique but acts as if people are attacking her if they give it. Then says she doesn’t want/need to learn from masters/professionals, she’s learned more from beginners than pros!! It shows, Holly.

This is why she plataeus so hard, she doesn’t want to accept that what she is producing isn’t considered perfect or industry-standard by everyone in the art community. She thinks she’s a diamond in the rough just waiting to be discovered, oh I know everything already why am i not the next Rebecca sugar yet??? Ugh, so frustrating to watch.

No. 532076

holy buttholes, she is one annoying kid lool. I believe those people who are explaining how to use tv paint probably have used it for more than a year and like she said, theres a lot out there. Why does she need to make one kek. It's like if anyone says anything, she plugs her ears and goes "NONONONO" like a 5 year old. Hey, Holly if you're reading this thread again, then please open your mind and instead of raging

No. 532090

File: 1521415725173.png (138.86 KB, 1178x576, Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 16.2…)

Lol look at her rage

No. 532093

File: 1521415818254.png (720.34 KB, 1174x888, Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 16.2…)

So…she does do figure drawing, but it looks like she doesn't know what a line of action is or how to add weight…these look stiff af

No. 532095

File: 1521415953692.png (122.57 KB, 1572x404, Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 16.3…)


No. 532098

lol was your comment deleted because I can't see it

No. 532110

"practise based learning" doesn't work well, but she encourages stuff like the 600 page sketchbook challenge?? lol

No. 532113

Of course, let's skip the basics, who has time for that?
Damn her project is going to suck (if she ever finishes it).

No. 532134

Dear god… as an illustration student this pissed me off so much. My first year painting class was basically paiting fruits for the first semester to learn the basics (e.g. saturation, warm/cool), and even when we moved to paiting figures they were 3 hour poses just to learn other basic knowledge. YOU have to go through ‘boring’ stuff to be able to move onto the next level.
Sorry for ranting but Holly makes no sense and it looks like her classes are not teaching her anything either.

No. 532147

Why is she stylizing the skulls so much?? Isnt it meant to be a study? Her art looks like shit because she doesn't know how to draw realism, and then when she stylizes things it looks horrible

No. 532171

File: 1521419994503.png (619.53 KB, 1166x1176, Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 17.3…)

that same face syndrome though…You can't just slap a diff wig on the characters and call it a day…

No. 532177

Lol all of her characters have the same facial expressions.

No. 532201

Awwwww, that’s sad. Nice to see Holly tries to hide all evidence of people who critique her to make her channel look better. Smh, she wil never learn to be open minded like this

No. 532216

>the pros are teaching pros and have no time for basics

This is such bullshit, pros have made tutorials about the fundamentals of photoshop. In fact I've learned a few bad habits from watching intermediate level artists use photoshop in clunky ways. The pros are the ones who know how to streamline the process to save you time. And as we've all seen Holly is no great master at photoshop, probably bc she learned the program from kids on the internet.

No. 532223

File: 1521422225358.png (417.02 KB, 584x1004, Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 18.1…)

tfw the redraw looks uglier and can't tell who it is even with the wig

No. 532228

Holly doesn't respect professionals, she's always criticizing people who are better than her. Remember when she was shit talking the artist who draws Yugioh. She's pretty delusional to think her Ed looks better than the official anime with "off color" hair.

No. 532244

Bitch, if you (Holly) animated it, the fans and the managaka would cry. The anime industry would be in tears at the bs u call ~animation~ (which FYI is really just her drawing and redrawing poses to how she approximates actual movement which is COMPLETELY incorrect).
Ooooh, I am so fucking salty at her blatant disrespect for real hardworking animators

No. 532276

File: 1521425264011.jpg (34.94 KB, 608x436, Capture.JPG)

how… did that fix anything. Holly's color theory is just playing with the hue/saturation slider and calling it a day.

No. 532298

oh it's supposed to be night? looks like under water. stupid bint

No. 532310

I started laughing so hard, they look like they're underwater

No. 532314

File: 1521427837314.jpg (119.32 KB, 1199x952, why.jpg)

Just leave him alone already, ffs

No. 532320

All she seems to be talking about is her animated short, meanwhile I'm wondering what happened to purgatory. Did it finish? Is it over? Abandoned? What's the status? What happened to all her other priorities? And if she still has all those priorities in mind, does she not realize this is a great way to ensure nothing gets done, or if it gets done it'll be done poorly? Does she not care?

Find out on the next episode of 400 Year Old Shota Kitchen.

No. 532330

…And none of them look like Ed, kek

No. 532338

>>I don’t like traditional animations
>>this program is like doing traditional animations so I want it
>>implying timing is only done with traditional tools

Man. Also why should I donate to her to get a tutorial about a program most people can’t afford? People able to buy that program already know where to look for tutorials and infos and they would do the same thing as her: experiment and find the options as they go.

No. 532340

>>532330 Why did she give him 3 different noses

No. 532352

I can't believe ppl have bought her like over 30 of those kofi things

No. 532353

lol all of her drawings look like theyre in pain or some shit. She needs to flip her drawings to look at how awful it looks

No. 532359

She's got like 5 different faces and hair variations here and none of them even look like Ed.

Color is admittedly one of Holly's stronger suits, but she has no idea how it works outside of her comfort zone. She really is peak Dunning-Kruger.

No. 532371

File: 1521430620343.png (47.45 KB, 1526x216, Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 20.3…)

Yeah, it has like minor issues, but I bet you that she didn't even try to use this program and just rage quit when she couldn't figure something out. Shits on things that pros such as Studio Ghibli uses smh.

No. 532398

File: 1521431471504.jpeg (218.08 KB, 1920x1080, 79FC094D-96CD-4736-AB46-5DA209…)


>thinking she’s in ANY position to criticise studio fucking bones

No. 532406

god, she can't decide what age she wants to draw him. these are all over the fucking place

No. 532409

like others have said, it looks like they're underwater in her """fix"""
the lighting for the rest of the picture is warm, why would she "correct" it by making everything cool to match the hair? if anything needs changing, it's the hue of the hair, tho honestly it looks alright to me. she claims she knows so much about colour theory and yet she doesn't understand any of what she talks about.

No. 532434

That's a good point, how many people actually use tv paint?? The ones who use it are probably in s

No. 532439

That's a good point, how many people actually use tv paint and would benefit from Holly's tutorials?? The ones who use it are probably in school learning from their teachers or are professionals.

No. 532517

File: 1521437506123.gif (966.72 KB, 350x450, tumblr_inline_p0psd7klyP1qmqh6…)


TV Paint is the main piece of software they use at CalArts for 2d, and I really doubt Holly is going to give any sort of tutorial to rival the best animation school in the US.

No. 532527

How can she expect to put out tutorials for TVPaint when her audience is probably in the same position as she is as to affording the program?

No. 532539


I bet you anything she's going to hate the program and end up not even using it, and will talk shit about it later on, just to say that she has it. She's such an ungrateful bitch and I hope we're all keeping track of that.

No. 532542

I honestly feel like she's been getting away with too much and I would sincerely like to see her knocked down a couple pegs. She's gotten beyond insufferable and I really just want her to actually learn a lesson.

No. 532551

File: 1521441208685.jpg (12.07 KB, 264x199, 1418951299791.jpg)

Nu-weebs were a mistake

No. 532555

She probably will get knocked down a couple of pegs if
A: She doesn't get the funds for the program.
B: She doesn't finish the animation on time for her degree
C: She doesn't make a profit doing the convention

Of course, knowing Holly, she might just make excuses for the above.

No. 532613

She starts to feel like a scammer tbh. She has all these projects and nothing gets finished. She spends a lot of money on bullshit but when it comes to making the actual product (Sketches COLOR VERSION - preorder) they are still waiting to be made, because she doesn't have everything she needs.

To look at her storenvy, the original Sketches vol 1. In the description says it 160 pages black and white, costs now (on sale) $7
Sketches color version costs $25 but it has 120 pages and it says it's "full color" but you can see from the previews, all the sketches are not in full color, and multiple sketches crop out awkwardly. Costs more, less pages, is not full color and doesn't exist yet.

We have seen only one commission being finished, yet she talked like she has multiple.
She is asking money for the tvpaint and doesn't even know how to use it and she knows, she is not going to animate anything else in the future. There is no guarantee she is going to finish the kitchen-animation.

No. 532626

File: 1521450056351.png (409.89 KB, 1078x605, eeeeeew.png)

This character represents how I feel about Holly entirely.

No. 532658

has she ever drawn this character without a stroke face?

No. 532662


You make really legit points, anon. This is pretty scammy behavior. She doesn't have even one project to back up or justify anyone giving her money, and even when people aren't giving her money, she's complaining about how 'broke' she is and literally the next day will spend hundreds on a thing she'll barely even use.

She needs to pick a lane and stay in it. Preferably not animation. She'll animate half-ass for two days and then make a video acting like she knows everything there is to know about what animators need to do and get.

I think she is a scam artist and really does need to be called out on her shit before more people get suckered into her schemes. She's not 'poor' or 'broke', she's just shitty at managing money and will look for any way to turn a buck, and will try to get it from her large audience if she can so that she can buy more shit she won't need.

It's honestly got to stop.

No. 532663

I completely agree and i'm not being devil's advocate, but isn't the kitchen shota for school?

No. 532670

This is just so cringe. I know so many amazing artists (way better than Holly) who have the decency not to shit on artwork they dislike. It's just rude. You REALLY should be humble when you compare yourself to others (or just don't do it unprovoked). No, instead she shits on talented professional artists because she has one nitpick and suddenly that makes her art better. Holly is nowhere near the level these animators are at, instead she critiques a color they chose and now she thinks she can show them up because of this ONE thing she thinks she can do soooo much better.

Is this a cope? Does Holly think that only the most capable, special, and talented artists can critique industry professionals? Does she think because she can articulate the problem with and "fix" someone else's art she is better than them overall?

No. 532678

File: 1521459261599.jpeg (171.73 KB, 640x503, 5B02727B-95EF-4012-85B6-CAEA4D…)

She’s already pushing her main project behind to animate some FMA. This thing she has, to prove the world she’s better than the professionals, I think it has to stop. Also lol wow Such practice. With all the amazing and dynamic scenes FMA has to offer she picked one with just dialogues and pans.

No. 532680

This girl lmao, teaching your peers is cool, but she puts no effort into research and keeps teaching wrong shit to people who don't know any better. Beginners aren't qualified to teach, sorry.

No. 532681

Except she’s a pro

No. 532682

I just want her to not do the dreamworks brow raise even once.

>I couldn't figure out how to use it so I'm hoping money will buy me knowledge

No. 532683

Just gonna assume you're being sarcastic here, anon.

No. 532723

God I fucking hate that face. Why can't she draw anything else

No. 532730

Why would I be sarcastic, professionalism sparks from every cell of this wonderful artist so full of positivity and talent!

(Yes, I am being sarcastic. She will probably never become a professional with that skill set and attitude)

No. 532731

Also the amount of drama she's stirred up, I don't think a company would want much to do with a person like that.

No. 532734

But anon, it’s everybody else that’s creating drama about her! She never shits on people or talk about companies and the industry negatively, people just love making things up and making her look like she’s the bad one when she’s just honest and blunt!
Honestly, if she ever gets into the industry I’d be so surprised I could really fly to her and shake her hand.

No. 532737

File: 1521470306449.png (1.28 MB, 1424x1620, purgatory.png)

I miss purgatory

No. 532747

File: 1521471305353.png (740.01 KB, 1424x1620, purgatory2.png)

No. 532863

>chooses scene of Ed reading off a book
>"most of this isn't even animated, just lip sync over a still frame, so it won't take long to re animate"

yet even this scene has a lot of facial nuances and body language animation she's incapable of recreating.
If she wanted to practice, why didn't she just reanimate the opening with Ed's hair?

No. 532906

These are perfect, anon, I'm dying.
Makes me want to read it again just to pick out the horrid art mistakes and grammar.

No. 532924

File: 1521488036865.png (443.71 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Someone make it stop. NO ONE asked for this!!

No. 532940


the perspective on those candelabras, though. my sides.

what even is she doing wasting time on trivial shit? why does she have to feel she has a point to prove? If she wants to prove something, she should actually put effort into finishing her own projects instead of trying to "fix" a pro's…

Hey what ever happened to that Hamilton booklet she was gonna make??? lmao I feel like every time I post I'm reminded of several things she started but hasn't finished.

she won't be ready for a convention. she won't be ready for graduating.

No. 532970

File: 1521491773651.png (420.78 KB, 1074x1064, Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 4.35…)

No. 532971

File: 1521491787227.png (426.67 KB, 1180x820, Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 13.3…)

Nooooo ew ew ew ew. they dont even look like theyre looking at eachother

No. 532979

PREDIGEST! MY SIDES! I think you mean "prejudiced" I know you went to school in Texas (bless your poor, stupid heart), but it's not that hard to google how to spell a word before you use it.

No. 532983

Well you know… Foxes do eat rabbits (well at least kill them) so it was kind of justified.. before she understood the bigger picture. So if the movie was about humans, Holly wants to make Judy racist? Ok then.

No. 532987

'''' I have mixed feelings on this movie but whatever'''' Oh do tell Holly. I'm sure it will be thought provoking and absolutely ground breaking.

No. 532989

"predigest" Holy Christ.

No. 532994

this is so fucking bad

No. 533009

Holly has lowkey shitty political opinions about immigrants already I don't want to hear about her opinions on racism lol

No. 533012

Her human Nick looks like he has double jointed hips wtf haha

No. 533015

Right? Bitch is full of it. Maybe she was just being lowkey racist about immehrants cuz that was when she was in that livestream with that artist that loved saying the n word for shock factor or w/e her reasoning was

No. 533056

The pose is so awkward…the caption doesn't make it any better either. Holly, what the fuck are you doing??

No. 533062

Holly finally pulling some shit thats really out there, holy shit. Don't make the predator in the movie into an African American. Bad choice, bad opinion, and not what the movie is about. Let's see how long it takes for tumblr to rip her a new asshole.

No. 533077

Oh my fucking god, if anything Judy should be black, not the other way around. The racial coding in the movie wasn't even fucking subtle.

No. 533136

She signed up for the FMA zine anthology… guess I'm not signing up for it anymore

No. 533143

Also she def deleted this, tried to find it but its no longer on her blog

No. 533149

aww don't let her stop you, anon

No. 533150

>making the ex-con black

No. 533158

Glad you saved this cause it is mid-key racist, or at the very worst, blatantly ignorant.
She's very superficial and missed the entire message of the movie.

No. 533168

File: 1521503759204.png (114 KB, 823x852, 1518629514588.png)

>that upper right neck
oh god I thought it was this edit but it's actually the real thing

No. 533170

>black Nick
He's obviously a ginger smh

No. 533196

>>533136 I looked it up just now and it seems to have a lot of traction, which means a lot of applicants. That being said, I highly doubt she'd make it into the zine with her level of art, apply anyway!

No. 533221

File: 1521506290314.jpeg (324.01 KB, 640x802, 6A1659F4-FF76-4541-B0D0-A9DB7B…)

Okay so apparently it all sparked as a response to butch hartman, of course she had to show that her version is so much better.

No. 533224

I always thought the predators were an allegory for white people, not the other way around.

No. 533226


She'll never get anywhere in her career down talking industry fucking professionals who worked at Nickelodeon for over 15 yrs. Like, Butch Hartman isn't the only one who sees that tweet, and the animation industry is very, very small and tight knit. They're going to remember her as someone to avoid.

No. 533227

You guys are gems, but would rather see all the rad artists–minus the troll Holly–then stress out with other stuff

No. 533229

She shot herself in the foot so many times is there anything left at this point?

No. 533233

Why is she so obnoxious about this? Honestly, the analogies in the movie are "vague" enough to leave space for different interpretations. It doesn't even have to be about race at all, just any kind of prejudice/discrimination between certain groups of people. Who fucking cares, it's a kids movie about animals ffs.

No. 533235

I wonder if she actually did watch the movie or she just assumed it wasn’t of her liking based on trailers. That wouldn’t surprise me and it would make more acceptable her totally missing the point

No. 533245


Fair point.

No. 533252

Holly doesn't respect professionals, example two.

No. 533253

you mean example 100 (over exaggerated ik)

No. 533259

File: 1521508254027.png (44.93 KB, 1176x194, Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 18.0…)

She's not very good at planning is she..what's priority for her right now anyway?? It's like all over the place

No. 533262


she doesn't even know how to draw black people, he just looks like a white guy who rolled around in chocolate pudding.

No. 533264

he looks like a woman tbh

No. 533275

i want someone to call her out so badly

No. 533283

Not even just black folks, she straight up only can't draw other ethnicities, they all just end up looking like Caucasian. Fuck, look at her characters, Herschel chocolate bar whatever the fuck, and the greasy green haired atrocity. They have very little qualities that would make them anything other than white

No. 533286

I highly doubt it
not sure if anyone managed archive it because she deleted the live stream but didn't Holly say that she finds holocaust jokes funny cause she likes shocking humor and her defense was that they were all dead so it was ok

No. 533290

How to spot token minority toting white tumblr artists: all poc characters are just white with varying skin tones. It’s so transparent that they don’t even BOTHER looking at real people and just shit out the same anime-disneywhitegirl faces while pushing diversity. I’m all for stupidly unrealistically diverse casts, but not if it’s a half assed attempt at virtue points.

No. 533291

Ew wtf, god not even a cringey 12 year old would find shit like that funny. What a freak

No. 533294

Can we point out how the shoulder plus the elbow doesn't make any sense?

No. 533295

Because distended maxilla, sloped foreheads, wide noses, and nappy hair are conventionally unattractive, but all these things make up the morphology of sub-Saharan Africans.
Holly doesn't want to draw things she considers unattractive. She sexualizes all of her characters, even for her school projects.

Since Holly doesn't know anything about skull morphology (considering she doesn't understand anything in 3d space, and also she copies a arty-city plastic skull), she concluded that to be non-white means that you have brown skin and a large nose. She doesn't understand the anatomy behind anything not immediately observable.

No. 533296


The entire pose doesn't flow right. "Nick" is too floaty. His hands aren't really resting on his legs, so there's no real weight to it.

No. 533301

Holly seems to be the kind of person who is not PC, and is known to have a lot of non PC opinions (not that there's anything wrong with that)
What bothers me is that she still produces all of this racialized tumblr art. Seems like she is literally just doing it because she thinks it'll pander to her audience. She needs to go back to just drawing white people. I'd prefer it.

No. 533313

y'all assume she failed drawing a black guy but maybe he's indian. look he's saying please to open bob. anyway there's no point picking out wrong details, it's a child's drawing. i thought someone dredged this up from, maybe when the movie came out but no, this is how she draws now. a middle schooler's sketch colored in nicely on the computer

No. 533316

To be fair, her white characters don't look like actual people either, she just slaps the same obnoxious face on every one of them. I don't think she has a problem drawing different races in particular, she just can't draw any kind of characters that look different from the shit she usually draws.

No. 533323

I understand your point, her white people don't really show any district origin either (like higher cheek bones or a roman nose for example). All of her characters/people have the SAME damned face with the same damned dreamworks smirk.

No. 533331

That's true; the only reason I'd say it's open for critique still is that she's making such a big deal about how ~Nick should be black~, so she drew him black, but really she just made his skin dark. Like his hair isn't even afro-textured, which could be a solid indicator that she put some thought into this besides "gonna make Nick black for tumblr points!"

No. 533513

Sasuga Holly!

No. 533553

I disagree about the fact Holly doesn’t want to draw ‘unattractive’ characters. Holly has more than a few overweight characters that she actually draws as overweight, rolls and all. I think the problem more is that Holly can only draw what she is familiar with, and since she is a semi-racist hermit, she is not really familiar with non white people.

No. 533554

She doesn't even know how to draw other types of white people, they all have her potato head.

No. 533564

That still proves my point. Holly draws what she knows and since she spends her whole day locked up in her room, the only things she can base her characters on is herself and her family.

No. 533602

not even relevant because she just symbol redraws other cartoons

No. 533606

True but if she actually got out more and drew more from life she wouldn’t have to resort to symbol drawing. At the end of the day Holly’s unwillingness to interact with the world around her is one of the main things holding her back. It has not only stunted her art but also her maturity. The best thing Holly could do for herself right now would be to pull a Chris-Chan and just get away from Internet and go outside for a bit.

No. 533645

Idk what you guys expect from her, she can barely draw anyone. She can't even do different eyebrow poses. She just assumes she knows what things look like and uses her symbols, I also assume that she barely ever sees any black people since she never goes anywhere, doesn't have any friends and only watches anime and cartoons.

No. 533661

Oh my fucking god… "It weirds me out when people draw nick white". Holly have you considered that when people draw human versions of the Zootopia characters they often pay attention to the species the character etc? Red foxes are from Eurasian origin and are often seen in more nordic environments. So it kinda makes a lot of sense for so many people to draw him white since… most people in those areas are white, especially in Europe.

And another big reason why people make him white is that zootopia human fan art often chooses the hair and eye color based on the fur and eye color in the movie to make it clear who the humanisation is supposed to be of. And seeing an african american guy with naturally red hair and bright green eyes is not very likely/common.

I'm not saying that he absolutely MUST be drawn white. I actually think it doesn't really matter, it's just fan art and as many others pointed out the movie left a lot up for interpretation. So people can draw him any color I don't care, but I just hate when people try to police how people are allowed to do their fan designs or in holly's case: trying to act all smart about it. Like do you want a medal or something??? Thank you for your oh so groundbreaking insight Holly!! <3

Ugh sorry for the rant but things like this really piss me off. Especially since holly's logic is so black and white (no pun intended lol) like "oh they had prejudice against him so he must be black durrrrr" God… Based on that logic fucking EVERYONE in the movie would be black.

No. 533689

>"Oh my fucking god… "It weirds me out when people draw nick white". Holly have you considered that when people draw human versions of the Zootopia characters they often pay attention to the species the character etc? Red foxes are from Eurasian origin and are often seen in more nordic environments. So it kinda makes a lot of sense for so many people to draw him white since… most people in those areas are white, especially in Europe."

Sorry Anon but that's pretty dumb. I agree with everything else you said but that first part man… I honestly doubt furries are thinking that deep when they make fanart of Zootopia.

No. 533707

>Red foxes are from Eurasian origin and are often seen in more nordic environments. So it kinda makes a lot of sense for so many people to draw him white
Yeah no, I don't think that's why lol. That said, your reasoning still makes more sense than "He's black because Judy is predgiest (sic) DUH"

No. 533790

Why can't white people just draw other white people
why do you have to justify it? Just draw it.

No. 533796


looks like a veiny dick

No. 533806

I wasn't trying to "justify" anything. I just wanted to speculate why the majority seems to draw Nick white and why there wasn't really any reason for Holly to feel "weirded out" by it. So I just thought about it and came up with a couple of reasons why people make certain connections and design choices so often when it comes to this character. But yeah as I said: I don't like being a design police and people are allowed to draw whatever kind of characters they please. I just simply hated Holly's reaction to these things and maybe I looked a bit too deep into it since I personally really love character design and the thought process that goes into it and how different people approach it. But Holly seems to have a very flat approach when it comes to writing her characters or talking about other characters. Like she doesn't really care or give it any deeper thought.

But yeah I see how I made myself sound a bit silly with all this speculating.

No. 533894

We all know can’t draw for shit, but at least with purgatory she was making stuff that she was into. She put her personality into it. Now it’s all so soulless from the non stop pandering. I really hope she finishes purgatory b/c it’s pretty damn original imo and I want to buy a copy, but I don’t want to own something that got abandoned halfway through. remember kids: tumblr, not even once

No. 533901

Sage for ot about foxes again but yeah white people have only existed in the Americas for about 500 yrs and non white people a few thousand along with foxes so like… yeah. They can be not white as humans like 70% of the planet lol. @ that anon though I get where you were coming from. Most western folks would look at Nick and automatically make him white so whatevs who cares make him whatever race you want Holly is a moron that can only symbol draw anime characters.

No. 533938

I think Paranormal Plague is something she wants to make too, she was always talking about wanting to finish Purgatory to work on it.

But she seems to have lost herself, between trying to get into animation, wasting her time and money buying book binding equipment and con shit, it's like she's dropping everything she doesn't think she can make money off of.

No. 533964


she's always half-assing things, trying to pass it off as hard work while trying to cut corners, while trying to turn a buck, and if it doesn't make money fast enough for her, she's on some other shit.
Art as a career is a slow game. A marathon. And if she keeps veering off track to do something else, she won't have accumulated any substantial work behind her to sell, much less mark as an accomplishment.

Besides her kickstarter for her first Purgatory book ( I almost typed Paranormal Plague, she has too many titles with "P's" in them), she's completed 0 projects. And even then, you can't really count Purgatory because that isn't done either.

And now she's mooching money for a program that costs $1500 that she'll probably ever only use once. What a sham. I wonder how long she'll be able to fool people. I know impostor syndrome is a thing for most artists, but, hot DAMN, is she an impostor, pretending to be a pro because she has physical things she bought with money. Not because she actually makes anything with it. Pisses me off.

How do you not actually make art with what you have. There's so many artists way less well off than her that make twice as much.

Sorry for the rant but she really needs to be called on her snake oil shit.

No. 534008

File: 1521573220195.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, AFEEF28D-5E75-4210-815B-1A5B12…)


No. 534012

Honestly, it's so fucking weird to see someone so passionlesd and soulless about art, of all things. Like everything she does needs to turn a profit or benefit her in some way, which is fucking wild cause art is the one thing that takes forever to get some sort of gain from. Sucks that she has no skill in anything else to have as a career, actually not really she sucks and id rather watch her crash and burn

No. 534022


I've been noticing this pink hair trend among shit youtube artists.

That's not a good dye job, it looks like literal shit and cotton candy. It's ugly.

Also rose gold is nowhere near that color.

No. 534024

I get that she has speshul curly hair, but does she ever like… brush it? Or do whatever grooming/upkeep is necessary for that type of hair before taking a fucking photo?

No. 534029

meh if it makes her happy, I feel like this is the most joy she has felt in a long time considering how passionless and dead her art is.

No. 534034

You only brush curly hair right before you clean then, combing and brushing only make them bush like. She should at least fix them with her hands or buy one of those special brushes created for this kind of hair. I’m happy she’s happy but that’s basically orange, it’s either she didn’t let the colour sink in enough or her bleach was too reddish.
I think her light brown/dirty blonde suited her best.

No. 534076

I don't actually care what her hair looks like, but this color seems kind of out of character for her. She always comes off as someone who looks down on "girly" shit like pink hair, maybe it's because she's always so condescending in general.

No. 534084

Yeah, it doesn't really matter what color she makes her hair. It's not gonna change her shit attitude or lack of skill.

No. 534136

File: 1521581920891.png (1.82 MB, 1844x1196, Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 14.3…)

It's "senpai", Holly and i dont get why she's so proud of these drawings

No. 534143

Is it just me, or do these drawings look like their melting?

No. 534151

God, those muscle studies just kill me. The second one especially bothers me… She's obviously trying to do the Dreamworks Smirk, but without the eyebrows there, it's just a sad melting face.

No. 534161

Because she’s delusional

No. 534189

Why did she add that old ass painting in with the new? It kinda seems out of place to me since the others are not only way newer but they're also different studies…

No. 534195

Because it's so impressive (owo) , its '''awesome, very professional''' wew. But in all seriousness i feel like she pulled that old piece out to show how much work and 'studies' she does for school to get asspatted. Also she really does think that study is amazing if she's used it again when its so old.

No. 534208

Fucking hell, these were all referenced right? How the fuck does this girl perceive the world? Looking through Holly's eyes must be like looking at a fucking MC Escher piece, but like 99 times less interesting.

No. 534210

Everything she draws has some form a lean to it, like it's sliding off.

No. 534263


Probably because she either pulls in too close to the page or she tilts her head when she draws. She doesn't really look at the way she draws, her posture or anything, and I don't really think she understands what she looks at or what studies are supposed to do for her.

She just thinks "Oh that seems about right, these are good studies then" and posts them like 'see look how much I study". She makes such a big deal out of it when she gets around to doing it because she probably doesn't do them as much as people think she does. So she keeps posting the same shit over and over again, but she's not really fooling anyone except her fans.

No. 534297

File: 1521589940477.png (287.41 KB, 1250x1270, Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 16.5…)

Well well well. Look who I found.
Holly, no one wants to work with someone with shit attitude and wonky ass backgrounds.

No. 534299

File: 1521590041519.png (403.86 KB, 1164x1084, Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 16.5…)


No. 534306

That could easily be solved in a simple way: stop being so up your ass and caustic.

No. 534310

That's what happens when you become well known though? If someone with 200 followers posts dumb shit no one cares and you can probably just delete it with barely anyone seeing, if it's 200k people there are consequences.

If you regularly say shit that can be used negatively against you, maybe there's something inherently wrong with what you say lmao.

No. 534313

Also get off lolcow Holly, maybe work on your projects or whatever.

No. 534315

>Claims to be a professional at what she does
> "perceived success"
It almost sounds like self awareness on her PERCEIVED professionality, but lack thereof.

No. 534317

Who would have thought being known as the controversial art YouTuber might get her backlash. I don’t understand anyone who holds a belief without embracing its criticism, it shows they don’t give enough of a shit in the first place to properly defend their viewpoint.

No. 534318


I mean like, maybe stating what you actually do in the form of a passive question doesn't make people want to hire you. I hope that person doesn't even waste their time after taking 1 look at her twitter feed, that shit is all you need to know she's terrible to work with.

Okay bye.

No. 534322

I would be SO PISSED if she did. She's starting a new show and looking for potential artists on the web, which is amazing. Also I looked at the first entries and decided I won't apply because there's so many talented and varied artists there I would feel an imposter. She, on the other hand, feels so comfy she had to just be casual and say "yo, hire me bitch" kind of things. Of course it could only be her way of defeating shyness, but damn. We are talking about BIG name and BIG houses.
Your avatar is showing, love.

No. 534339


Hey, anon you never know! Knowing you went ahead and applied is better than not doing it and never knowing…Give it a try…

sage for anon artist encouragement.

No. 534347

The thread is gone now, but you're a gem. Thank you for the encouragement, you're right! I still need to work on my imposter's syndrome

(saged because it's an intimate moment, but you all can watch if you want)

No. 534382

Even her first impression was off putting jfc

No. 534411

oh FUCK no

No. 534467

this is some piss poor quality. I have to say some of the lip sync is good but most of it isnt. Also the last part is really lazy, would it really kill her to do a lip sync on it as well? That shaking just gives off a "I'm to fuckin lazy to do a lip sync and it's meh already so I'll just bullshit the rest" feeling.

No. 534521

Oh shoot…thanks for that. Just changed it lol. Not that I'm well known anyway, but just in case.

No. 534526

File: 1521600902537.png (223.6 KB, 601x499, hollips.png)

Lmaooo how the fuck is she gonna make a decent lip sync when she can't even draw a human mouth? How hard is it to look in a mirror to see what making different sounds looks like? Or even watch a tutorial? She isn't even trying.

No. 534533

She is… quite actually in the beginner stage of animation, and yet, she thinks she can tackle a full animation? How foolish can you be? The lip-sync isn't bad, and yeah, it's a practice, but you'd think someone trying to do a full little animated short would be beyond beginner's practice. But she isn't.

She's so caught up in proving how professional and skilled she is that she doesn't even bother to put in the effort to REALLY become that.

It reminds me of when I was, what, 8/9? I would hold my pencil really neat and try to sketch shapes/do that circle with cross-lines as a "foundation" and make VERY sketchy lines, because I wanted to seem skilled and professional. Did I know why some people did that? No. All I knew was that it was professional and so I tried it more and more and only realized how dumb it was when I saw the years many took to become how good they were, and that you wouldn't get anywhere by not knowing what the hell you're doing and why.

The only difference in that is that I was a child. Holly is in her 20s. And trying to tackle some stupid ass animation short when she has no prior real experience with animation. Incredible.

No. 534541

what would bad lip sync look like if that's not bad

No. 534552

samefag sorry never mind she did "valentino" ok but the mouth being too open for "spilled lipstick" wrecked it

No. 534560

i think it looks okay? way better than baylee

No. 534664

when I was learning animation, someone once told me that there's a difference between animating, and just moving characters.

These are literal lip flaps, and while she doesn't have to fully animate a character to talk, she had one fucking job to just animate the mouth properly.

She doesn't take it seriously, she just wants to shit out animation to say she can do it. Just another notch on her 'professional belt'.

Oh, and by the way, she doesn't seem to have any problem animating digitally now, so nobody should be donating to her for that TVpaint program. She needs to learn to make do with what she's got and stop being a spoiled brat.

No. 534680

The fact that she talked mad shit about TV Paint and now wants it. Eat shit and use photoshop, fuck

No. 534691

Best quality she’ll ever have is reject adult swim pilot tier

No. 534692

I don't even see the appeal in someone like her doing animation. Her comic work doesn't have any sense of action or flow to it, as evidenced by the first few pages of PP having dull movement despite the vine thing supposedly whipping Hershel around by the leg (one of the most movement based things I can think of).
I can understand comic artists like Tite Kubo or Stan Lee wanting animations of their work because it's all motion based and fight based. They can already convey motion in comics, but animation is just a step up since it's actually made for it.
All Holly does is plots full of talking, and her animations are just that too. On top of that, her style is too basic and doesn't stretch well, her characters look flat and not in the Bugs Bunny way, more like children's misconception of anatomy way. They have no weight or consistency, even in states of motion.
Why animate when you're obviously using the correct medium for talking heads already? Heck, a novel would be a better choice for her, since she likes telling stories and not putting in work into actually drawing them out.

No. 534732

File: 1521616417882.png (48.29 KB, 1192x218, Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 00.1…)

oh god…dont tell me she's gonna do pin puppet animation when she can't even do regular ones

No. 534736

checked back and her comment was deep in the comments being buried over by more better artists and examples of their work lol

No. 534744

well she couldn't be bothered to attach an image. when you get a job you learn that if someone says show me what you can do, you show them, you don't show you don't understand the value of their time by saying uh you go look on my website

No. 534750

File: 1521620533442.png (792.59 KB, 1800x2088, FINALGRADE.png)

Since you don't need to be a an expert to be a teacher, I'm gonna be Holly's teacher. I failed her.

In all seriousness, the "scoring" was just for fun. I mostly wanted to show off how her frames don't make any sense with the audio.

No. 534887

File: 1521645080240.jpeg (269.25 KB, 976x1298, 4C7E7764-0712-4FCA-9E4F-EC2B53…)


I’m sure your grading system is just for fun and the lipsync ís atrocious. Lipsync doen’t need to show every letter a someone says. (Sage for off topic)

Source: Animators survival kit

No. 534905


ngl she'd be kinda cute if her personality wasn't this shitty

No. 534917

aren't you supposed to reuse frames that have similar sounds? Like, she has so many L's in that scene, and all of them are different for no reason, even though they're similar. Maybe that's considered cheating, I don't know, but it seems like something that would help if she's missing letters in stuff like 'valentino', or just to save time?

No. 534927

Why bother practicing animation if you're doing like 6 frames of bad lipsync on a mostly static head and then give up lmao

Why do it if you clearly can't be fucking bothered, I don't get it. It's legit frustrating.

No. 534966

Attitude really is everything. Holly’s just another incel.

No. 535047


Off topic because I hate talking about looks, but, na she's pretty trollish.

I bet you in a week's time, though, she'll be engrossed in something else entirely. Or change her final 'animation' into yet another comic. She should make things easier for herself instead of constantly be out to prove something to people.

No. 535079


Anon do you have fucking eyes

No. 535085

File: 1521663557732.png (108.16 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Aka, learning to ignore valud criticism?

No. 535098

>"I'm negative because I give too many fucks"

No. 535121



No. 535146

Oh wow… learning to not give a fuck from Holly. How that’s applicable to an art career is beyond me but I love how much milk Holly produces.

No. 535230

File: 1521672432820.png (910.58 KB, 590x1202, Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 15.4…)

No. 535231

File: 1521672461568.png (451.02 KB, 586x684, Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 15.4…)

No. 535250

It’s funny I remember the first video I ever watched of Holly’s was that, ‘Anatomy Mistakes Young Artists Make’ one where she bitches about people drawing male hips too feminine and I just…she’s so full of shit. She doesn’t know basic anatomy. And she’s a hypocrite. Not that I care if someone draws men with big butts or curves but she’s so full of herself if she honestly beleives she’s ‘superior’ to beginners.

No. 535252

Those arms though

No. 535442

what is going on in this goblin's brain. Just draw a fucking girl if you want to draw a girl

No. 535499

Isn't Reese just an ugly off brand Deidara in terms of his character design? She used to say she really liked Deidara. Why do this to a character you love?

No. 535512

I never know what the fuck is on his face. Does he have acne or scales?

No. 535544

Apparently it's acne…but I always thought he was part fish or reptile or something

No. 535560

I actually got more of a Grell knockoff vibe from Reese both in his character design and his overall character archetype.

No. 535587

Jesus thank you. Grell rip off 100%. Holly only knows how to make anime archtypes but then bitches about other people doing the same. Reese is just that creepy androgynous rapist character. Which…good job Holly. Picking the worst possible archtype to champion. Gives off that all gay men are cross dressing rapist vibe. Keep it classy, fujo.

No. 535594

I'm pretty sure this girl spends her whole day watching anime and reading manga so it's not surprising all her characters are walking,talking anime cliches.

No. 535605

I think loving anime and drawing manga style is just fine I don’t care if people do it, but Holly shits on anime constantly and people who draw super desu characters, but then she does the same thing but with male yaoi archtypes. So it’s only okay if they emulate characters you like Holly? God forbid it’s a positive female archtype. Or just women in general lol. Her two female characters are a token minority sassy black chick with no personality beyond…sassy. And Ash is just—HER. God she’s dilusional.

No. 535608

Same anon as before. I have nothing against anime or manga either but Holly is just regurgitating the worst bits anime/manga for her stories. Holly just lacks any self-awareness to realize how cringy and damaging some of the tropes she chooses to use are. Then again I guess the same can be said about the 'advice' she gives in her videos.

No. 535756

Unpopular opinion but I think her new sketches are looking a teensy bit more dynamic than usual

No. 535758

The new sketches might be more dynamic but the Anatomy is still horrible with tree trunk arms and legs.

No. 535777

Holly should just draw Yaoi Manga already, she likes teahouse (l o l) and starfighter so why not do the same. The setup and characters are all suitably hollow already but there's no fucking so it's like reading another terribly written BL except it fades to black whenever anything happens.

No. 535848

Because she needs to prove she’s more complex than that! Before it was a deep, shocking drama, now it’s a comedy with (ideally for her) shocking plot twists. She can do everything, porn is just too easy and from how she talks about it, degrading.

No. 535851

Yeah, they're still horrible but at least she started underdrawing again (even if it's only a little bit). Holy shit.

No. 535855


No. 535866

Oh for sure, whenever she goes "ugh maybe I'll just draw porn for money" it sounds like she thinks it's the easy way out.

No. 535868

Her porn would look so confusing and anatomically demented that I would love to read it

No. 536041

File: 1521757316689.jpeg (1.18 MB, 2048x2732, F6A4E145-89F7-4072-864E-9D3764…)

So… Holly apparently now has completed her degree in illustration and is proficient in TV Paint…

No. 536045

and toon boom?? Why you lying to people, Holly. Just because you try it out once doesn't mean you're proficient

No. 536052

If I were working in a studio and saw Holly's website/resume, without even knowing who and what Holly Brown is; I'd pass that shit as soon as I'd look at it. Even with her degree, she's not guaranteed a job.

No. 536055

File: 1521757956704.png (1.62 MB, 1174x1382, Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 15.2…)

Oh yikes. I wonder how she's gonna fix this

No. 536057

Just the "drinks caffeine and always sketching" is already unprofessional

No. 536059

the art on her website look like shit I would see from high schoolers. Especially the animation/storyboards

No. 536061

>main passion is storytelling
Girl, your entire comic goes nowhere. You can't storytell at all

No. 536086

File: 1521759178764.png (436.94 KB, 1023x1150, 5684298.png)

She didn't rename the files before uploading them to the website so when you click on them…. lmao.
She also dumped in all her yaoi fanart bondage shit in her sketches showcase.

No. 536095

So now wanting a program means you’re an expert using it?
Her level is so mediocre that I honest to god Can’t understand how she even deludes herself into seeking a career in the industry.

Also her composition is so horrible I can’t understand how she feels like she’s a professional at both comics and storyboarding.
I mean I kind of get that since she releases a book she “could” be considered a professional (she claimed to be one even before that, tho) but how can she claim to be a professional in storyboarding?has she even ever WORKED in animation?

No. 536115

File: 1521759986810.jpeg (298.79 KB, 640x893, FB980F44-347B-4AC5-A32A-DBCFCD…)

Shouldn’t she be working on her FIVE books for the conventions or the prints/stickers/whatever or even just the ANIMATION of 8 minutes she wants to make?

No. 536122

She should remove her phone number lmao. It's fine putting programs you're familiar with on your resume even if you're not an expert but we know she doesn't even own TV Paint why lie. Also some of those sketches are horrible to include in a professional portfolio, quality over quantity.

No. 536146

take a shot every time Holly write "Idk"

No. 536159

Lads i was just offered a free ticket for San Japan by a friend. I don't wanna be super creeper but do you guys want pictures of her $4000 booth when the time comes?

No. 536160

File: 1521762157973.jpg (25.95 KB, 800x450, e02e5ffb5f980cd8262cf7f0ae00a4…)

>After Effects
>Toon Boom
>Completed BFA
There is brushing up your resume and outright lying about half of it including your degree

No. 536164

Probably realizing she bit off more than she can chew so she's procrastinating.

No. 536178


knowing Holly she'll post some herself, but go for it

No. 536188

Yes pls, bring us the milk

No. 536230

Please be careful but yes please.

No. 536313

File: 1521768910962.png (863.1 KB, 1164x1142, Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 18.3…)

I dont really see much of a difference aside from the fact that it's straightened..the bridge parks makes it look twisted

No. 536327


She un-squashed it, but it looks to be leaning, just in the opposite direction.

No. 536339


I am not saying this to be mean or insulting at all; does Holly have some sort of mental or visual impairment? I swear, all of her art works appear to lean, no matter how much she ''improves''. I don't get how that can happen, I know people will say "lol cause she suxxx" but really, it seems really bizarre that everything leans. The only time I've seen people draw stuff leaning no matter their lever of artistic ability, it was from elderly patients that were suffering from dementia or other illnesses.

No. 536351

Nah, art lean/skewing is a common enough problem. If she just flipped her canvases & laid down better foundations, she could get rid of it. Not sure what angle she draws at but if that's weird it can cause lean too

No. 536355

I think having art lean is common for beginners…it's sad that Holly still has it after drawing for years. Actually, I wonder why Holly hasn't improved by a lot considering how often she draws.

No. 536369

Yeah it’s just basic beginner mistakes but she seems to have this attitude of ‘I know what I’m doing’ so she doesnt lay down any sort of real foundation to any of her stuff. It takes her a while to see the issues, but she doesnt know how to fix them so she just, goes over things again and again without actually fixing the structural/proportion problems.

No. 536426

She spelled knowledge wrong. Which is hilarious on it's own, everything considered.

No. 536448

Can you imagine her sending in a resume and cover letter with tons of grammatical error and wonder why no one hired her lol

No. 536450

Despite how much she says she draws Holly is still technically going to be a beginner until she learns her fundamentals.

No. 536462


All she cares about is shortcuts and turning a buck.

No. 536622

I honestly think in her case it's sloppiness.

It wouldn't look this way if she used a perspective grid instead of taking shortcuts and tracing over the original that is already off.

No. 536673

either a perspective grid or just making a graph when she draws would fix the lean issue, i don't understand why she still doesn't do that.

No. 536703

Because it's work

No. 536707


Still cannot get over how ugly this blonde guy (?) is

No. 536868

Just imagine someone irl with that fucking nose LMFAO

No. 536869

File: 1521840200222.png (65.47 KB, 1180x258, Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 14.2…)

And it's not your responsibility to make those youtube videos teaching younger children how to draw incorrectly

No. 536874


She's always so angry lmao. Art obviously doesn't bring her joy. it shows.

it's more of a chore to her.

No. 536880

Now I don't know what her relatives are asking her, but non-artists can be pretty fucking annoying and downright condescending when asking/talking about art so I can give her a pass for this one.

No. 536925

File: 1521847625134.png (1007.68 KB, 1626x1278, Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 16.2…)

That hair is the worst fucking thing I have ever seen. Is it just me or did it go even higher

No. 536928

File: 1521847933130.png (690.19 KB, 1626x1248, Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 16.3…)

The hair looks like it wants to him alive…it's like a fricken spider on top of his head

No. 536937

Someone should draw the hair flying away from his head

No. 536943

File: 1521848741864.jpeg (42.2 KB, 412x480, nickcage.jpeg)

No. 536983

File: 1521851089864.jpeg (35.12 KB, 388x262, BEABCDDD-D213-41EA-9BBE-B20967…)


Everytime she draws hands “holding” cups like that makes me so fucking infuriated like and she thinks she can criticise professional artists?!! BITCH TAKE A SEAT

No. 536997


Relatives usually ask about your hobbies to try to bond with you, why is she so angry about that??? God forbid anyone show her basic human kindness. What a cunt.

No. 537047


She keeps swapping character placement. like she definitely broke the 180 rule and this is confusing to the eye.

No. 537051

File: 1521856710359.png (535.11 KB, 1000x694, book1book2.png)

She thinks her art has gotten better, meanwhile Purgatory used to have a good balance of black and white, and now it's overwhelmingly white and all the more boring to look at. In my opinion, the art has only gotten worse and worse. It looked its best in the first iteration that she completely wiped out for being so ugly.

No. 537079

Does anyone here have the video of her reviewing the first draft of purgatory? It was so much better

No. 537156

File: 1521870821744.png (916.73 KB, 1178x742, Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 22.5…)

Oh lord..please dont tell me this is what influenced some of her characters…im wrong, right?

No. 537207

God pls have mercy on him

No. 537208

She based Hershel's design off prince Naveen.
That's what I am deducting.

No. 537209

File: 1521876655858.png (1.48 MB, 1168x1192, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 00.2…)

Nooooo please leave him alone, Holly! She just had to give him the only facial expression she draws

No. 537210

File: 1521876665523.jpg (137.55 KB, 768x1024, IMG_20180324_003001.jpg)

Never fucking mind I hate it

No. 537211

Holly, please go learn how to draw hands. He looks like he's part lion or some shit with those paws. I can't believe she went to an art high school and came out to continue drawing like this

No. 537225

Why tf does she always draw people throwing their heads back like that? It just looks so weird

No. 537238

That’s off model and it makes him look like a mean son of a witch. Also it grosses me out, like he’s that kind of person to think you’re an object and not entitled to your own body. Grats on achieving all of that with just a character study. Also one of his feature is the hole in his chin and she must have thought it was a slip of the animator’s hands apparently. But again nothing in this is on model.
And those fucking paw hands, she never even tries to draw them, even in her “zootopia” piece they had mittens, and it’s seriously amazing how impaired she is at drawing hands without reference or tracing.
For the love of god holly watch a movie and stop at random and you’ll see that people have more expressions than the dream work smirk.

Also this is her SECOND art degree she’s taking, supposedly. She mentioned that in one of her vlogs. So it’s even more sad she’s at that level.

No. 537241

Because anime. You can often see people in anime tilting back their head while laughing. Ngl it’s not that unusual, some people actually do it irl, but it’s usually the start of a real loud laugh and often right after that you’ll see the person bending OVER, so yeah not the most effective way to represent joy.
She needs to stop watching ONLY animuh.

No. 537242

File: 1521882952157.png (1.65 MB, 1138x1182, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 02.1…)

No. 537245

File: 1521883289645.jpeg (67.36 KB, 640x213, 12E0636B-2ABD-4647-B043-7FA33C…)

looks like she’s explaining her own style and clever kitchen here

No. 537247

I had to jump back 10 pages because I'd forgotten that Damian was talking to the Dad after she inserted that flashback right in the middle of their unrelated conversation lmao.

I also think the blacks looked much better before, it suited the (supposedly dark/serious) tone of the story. Now it's just…bleh.

Like another anon has said, I think the premise or purgatory is really interesting, but it's just meandering along, 310 pages in and Simon made out with his boyfriend a lot, got molested and his Dad found out he's gay but had zero reaction to it, most of the activity of the cult has been off-screen and the story is barely moving. She could be reaching the climax now, but instead she wants to add another book, of what?

No. 537266

Girl, he aint gonna go for a girl with a nasty personality, who works harder than you have to because of poor choices, and has an unsanitary room. You are the opposite of Tiana lmao

No. 537287

File: 1521896592872.png (402.24 KB, 750x1295, holly.png)

She seems to have deleted her ask blog by now but got this screenshot before it.

Idk about all artist alley rules but is she allowed to sell content that has pornographic content in it without a warning, or would this be too small to matter? Considering it can be sold to minors.

No. 537288

Okay this is just a bad idea. Holly was raised on fujoshi internet so she probably doesn't understand the gravity of selling pornography to minors.
I could see myself as a 16 year old fujoshi thinking it would be 'nbd' but as an adult, no.

No. 537292

Is it me or she’s jumping on the “poc are better than white trash” tumblr idea? I mean she’s done the zootopia stuff, she claims to have diversity in her comic and now she’s idolising princess and the frog

No. 537293

Yeah, as an adult Holly could face a lot of trouble for knowingly distributing porn to minors.

No. 537294

But anon, they’re not naked! Blowjobs fully dressed are not sex, don’t you know it?

No. 537296

Different cons have different rules. Some cons let you sell 18+ as long as it's labelled as such and censored. Some have a hard ban on anything mature - usually the ones that let in under-18s. Some give zero fucks and you can put bobs and vegene out in the open.

No. 537297

File: 1521897879550.png (15.29 KB, 1132x85, lewddudes.png)

Double posting but I decided to look up the San-Japan rules (https://san-japan.org/exhibits/artistalley/rules) and Holly would be ok selling porn as long as it's labelled and discreet - think an 18+ sticker on the front of the book - as well as IDing any buyers.

No. 537299

Oops, forgot that clothed sex =/= sex!
Holly should definitely go ahead and sell her junk! She's totally not going to be banned from future cons/ face legal issues!

While this may be true, I'm pretty sure it is not legal in the US to sell obscene material of the pornographic nature to children. Also, considering it is material of two underage characters, Holly might run into even more trouble.

No. 537302

How much do you want to bet Holly won't make the effort to actually do any of this?

No. 537306

If it's the only one, why not remove it..?
>implying it's ok to sell a book with a BJ drawing without labelling it as such if it's not too noticeable

No. 537335

I mean she did mention people accusing her of racism in her, ‘I’m Done’ video being a ‘serious and untrue accusation’ so I think it’s just her going over and beyond to cover her ass and prove she isn’t racist after she said that stuff about all those pesky unwanted mexicans in san antonio kek

No. 537336

God she’s such an idiot. I hope she gets called out for this at the con.

No. 537383

Right? The only reason not to remove it would be if she already printed most of her stock. Then she should put an 18+ sticker on it. But so far as I know, she's only printed 3, and they were jacked up anyway, so why not remove it in future prints? It was stupid and shortsighted to include it in the first place. She has such bad judgement.

No. 537395

No. 537397

>They didn't come out the pussy drawing Mozart
Nice stolen joke. How does she justify in her head shitting on an artist and then stealing from them a few days later?

No. 537400


Honestly not terrible advice to be giving, though I don't expect her to follow it. Hope she keeps doing scripts, this video was a lot more bearable and to-the-point than they usually are.

No. 537401

don't give detailed advice you'll spoil it haha

No. 537404

Not like she takes any advice given to her on this thread anyway, even though we're pretty sure she lurks here.

No. 537416

Could someone not try and contact San Japan about Holly potentially selling porn to minors?

I don't know what could happen, but Holly needs a rude awakening.

No. 537423

No, because then you run the risk of fucking over artists who are following the rules. If one person gets punished, unfortunately everyone else tends to be as well.

No. 537435

No, that's a terrible idea. She hasn't actually sold any porn to minors, if she actually sells the uncensored book at the con then someone can tell staff, but "this artist might bring NSFW!" is unnecessary.

No. 537436

Wait how? I do AA and what generally happens is a strike on Holly personally not the entire alley

No. 537439

Oh okay nvm makes sense

No. 537442

Agreed. Trying to get her in trouble before she actually does anything wrong is putting the cart before the horse. Let her do what she does, and let her face the natural consequences thereof. It's the only way she has a chance of actually learning anything.

No. 537458


Cause then they'd have to take every report of "X might be doing Y" and punish or screened based on that. Not to mention, it is deliberately getting her in trouble as a punishment rather than just letting her naturally face the consequences of her actions. Theyd be punishing people based on what they might do rather than what they have done which can fuck over a lot of other artists, especially if someone has a vendetta against them and finds out that San Japan takes reports based on what someone might do seriously.

Basically don't count all ya chicks before they hatch, cart before the horse, etc.

No. 537499

This. Also if someone from here ends up going to the con anyways, it would be a lot easier if they reported Holly if she actually does end up selling the book. Honestly though, at this rate, I’m seriously starting to doubt she will have enough material to actually set up a booth. Holly just keeps jumping from one project to the next so it wouldn’t be surprising if she already gave up on con stuff.

No. 537503

File: 1521921696777.png (289.71 KB, 1000x860, d57f94cbeecb5b2d71c01b4410b853…)

I'm actually a fan of drawing two point perspective, I just did this in 5 minutes so sorry for shit drawing, but It's very easy to see that she doesn't understand two point perspective at all. The vanishing points don't go on the horizon, and some lines don't even line up at all. This is stuff you learn in high school or in a first year foundation class. I'm not sure how she thinks she can go around teaching others when she doesn't even understand the foundations.

No. 537504

So right now Holly is working on how many things? Purgatory, PP, Hamilton Book, her class animation, con fan art prints,,,, am I missing something? (Those commissions that never happened?) also I love that she has like a year’s worth of work to do in like three months but she spends her time redrawing old shitty art just as shitty smh

No. 537505

You forgot YouTube videos since her main fan base seems to be from YouTube. It seems like she’s also been applying to animation jobs on twitter too I think so there’s also that?

No. 537534

I don't think she got that many commissions to begin with.

Did she deliver her kickstarter rewards? I don't remember when she sent all the books out.

No. 537543

lol imagine some mom discovering that she had just bought a book with that shit in there for her kid, or finds it before purchasing.

No. 537583

That awkward moment when you gotta explain to your mom why you wanted to buy a book of shitty sketches and a surprise blowjob doodle for like $25

No. 537609

Keep in mind you can buy “real” art books, even hard covers, with the same price.

No. 537713

File: 1521937980523.png (1.08 MB, 1192x1358, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 17.3…)

Oh lord…what the hell are these

No. 537718

The bones look like they're melting!

No. 537730

let's fucking talk about how reese's bottom half is facing a different direction than his top half. nice work, holly!!
also, is that arin at the bottom? my god. this page is particularly bad and i'm loving it.

No. 537733


It literally looks fucking painful, let's hope it's just the clothing itself lol

No. 537735

to be fair your top half can be in a different direction than your bottom half to a certain degree because your torso twists. not sure if that's what holly was going for there.

No. 537739

true, just looks odd. the placement of the arms and legs make it look so stiff that it appears unnatural. also just noticed the right arm is longer than the other.

No. 537744

I wish Holly would actually use perspective points instead of eyeballing everything so it all turns into slanted dog shit.

No. 537774

Lol but that would take some actual effort

No. 537782

I mean yeah but look at the direction of his head and arms, who tf would stand like this and for what reason? Looks very off/unnatural

No. 537784

You cannot twist your hips in the opposite direction of your shoulders and keep your spine entirely straight.

No. 537786


I agree 100% but I think the character's hoodie has the design of the skeleton on it, I don't think this is supposed to be an xray

No. 537870

Oh I see that. Still looks off but yeah that makss more sense now

No. 537899

The fact that there is confusion about that already means the pose is not successful.

No. 538056

File: 1521995445602.jpeg (70.45 KB, 640x180, 842E6D90-1BB4-4292-819E-8F4605…)

Wait is she against commissions AGAIN? she did one with lemiacrescent and admitted she shat on them in the past only because she couldn’t get to collaborate with anybody

No. 538058

Collaborations* sorry

No. 538063

>comparing asking to collab with an abusive relationship
>What is networking
Just say no if you don't want to do it, Holly. Be professional for once in your life.

No. 538070

She was just fine when she milked lemi with their Steven universe collab, though. She wasn’t big at the time if I recall correctly. But of course everything is bad when it’s other people doing it. She has always good reasons or different situations.
Also yes it was probably a “joke” but comparing collabs to abuse shows she doesn’t have any idea of what REAL abuse is.

No. 538077

Holly just seems like an awful person to have to collab with. Like every single time she does a collaboration she just ends up shitting all over the other artist.

No. 538104

I think she means that Youtube isn't uploading her video properly though….?

No. 538111

Lmao yikes, I think you're right anon.

No. 538112

That’s what I thought too but it’s just Holly being nonsensical once again

No. 538246

File: 1522016581696.png (95.22 KB, 1180x514, Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 15.2…)

Yeah that's probably it because the tweets before that were her complaining about youtube not working

No. 538256

File: 1522017112091.png (139 KB, 1268x604, Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 6.28…)

Why is she still buying stuff she doesn't need and starting even more projects

No. 538416

File: 1522033797251.png (647.5 KB, 1178x1182, Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 20.0…)

For someone who's complaining about money, she sure likes to splurge on useless things. Do you really need a fitbit to count your walks? I know my phone already does it for me.

No. 538448

I used a Fitbit out of curiosity it really is useless. Neat that it can track your sleep but I lost 30lb by eating less and lifting weights not meme wristbands.
Doubt she has a stable diet plan where she needs to track her macros and calories those repeating the cycle of her giving up.

I once asked something on my old twitter if she was going track her calories in the cutting phase of her diet and she blocked me. She must have thought cutting means cutting her wrist

No. 538450

I wear my fitbit everyday like it's a part of me, i definately think its worth the money. However, for Holly I doubt itd be worth it, does she even go outside? She does realise you need to do more than laze around all day "drawing", right? I mean, good on her for wanting to be healthier, but from her previous endeavors its questionable that she'd actually make those efforts.

No. 538457

File: 1522040357953.png (784.52 KB, 1170x932, Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 21.5…)

What's the point of re-drawing this when she has so many other projects?? Especially her class finals

No. 538458

File: 1522040465355.png (116.29 KB, 1186x484, Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 21.5…)

Girl, you didnt even try Flash to its potential and you wanna get a $1k program that you'll probably use once? Why don't you practice on the programs you have first before buying something big.

No. 538498

She thinks expensive supplies will make her art better. This is quite common many beginner artists.

No. 538509

File: 1522052258043.png (1.46 MB, 1176x1182, Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 01.1…)

This looks actually decent, if you dont pay attention as well…
That hairline and where the heck is the light source coming from?

No. 538511

The background looks passable, the colors are decent, and the composition is fine.
However the style is still terrible.

No. 538518

The character looks completely separate from the background. It's almost as if he is standing in front of a picture rather than standing in the middle of a forest.

No. 538532

there are 3 different light sources coming from 3 different places

No. 538539


She even said it herself, the style of animation she wants to do would be 1,000% easier in flash and honestly the learning curve isn't that bad… tv paint is WAY harder to get the hang of

No. 538544

That’s not a problem, didn’t you see she is experienced in TVpaint? She even listed it in her competence field in her portfolio. You really don’t pay attention.

No. 538551

When you have an "I just gotta" moment that involves spending over a grand, you generally step back and reevaluate your fuckin self.

No. 538555

The problem is that she never had to really work hard for money, IMO.

No. 538558

if I remember correctly she mentioned in a video that she used to work part time at Michaels & quit because of tHe ArTs

No. 538561

File: 1522065816196.jpeg (867.25 KB, 1722x2048, 41E22F26-5874-4C71-918D-62A017…)

Amazingly Holly manages to still draw cats as badly as she does while owning too many cats. You’d think she’d be able to draw a cat that looks like a cat.

No. 538564

Yeah not really what I meant. Allow me to elaborate more:
She’s said in the past (and does it now too) that she grew up really poor; but I think the kind of poverty she’s referring to it’s not a real issue. Even when she wasn’t big she used to buy food instead of cooking, and spend here and there. She never suffered hunger or had troubles paying for bill or rent, that’s what I meant. If working is a “plus”, it still doesn’t count as working because you NEED to. She WANTED to work part time and purposely quit to better focus on art. That’s a kind of luxury not everybody can afford to experience. If she really was that poor and couldn’t even buy potatoes to eat then she would think twice before splurging on random art programs.

No. 538566

Eh, sage for pointless blog but I grew up poor to where we couldn't afford food sometimes, and still developed a nasty spending problem. If anything, growing up deprived of nice things makes you more prone to going overboard especially if you're emotionally unstable and don't have a solid suppport system like Holly. In a western country, poverty is more complex.

No. 538570

I’m this post holly reveals where she steals the style for her backgrounds - Elvynd Earle, created the backgrounds for Disney’s sleeping beauty in the 50’s. She blatantly steals his colors and rendering from Disney and slaps ms paint looking anime on top. it’s no wonder her stuff is so damn mismatched and out of style.

No. 538572

File: 1522068541277.jpeg (64.39 KB, 600x320, F3927F97-D82D-4CB0-8F84-08F549…)

No. 538573

Same anon you replied to. I grew up in similiar conditions: couldn’t afford money and all of my stuff was hand me downs, and that taught me money has a certain weight. Whenever I had money I used to save it for what really mattered and I kept using that attitude.
I put money on the side and spend only what I can afford. I give myself a self allowance basically, and never go out of that. I also think twice or more if a thing is really important to me, before wasting money on it, because that same money could buy me dinner or a pair of shoes.
I have a “spending problem” too, but I only consider what I CAN chew without taking damage on my savings, that I won’t necessarily have in one place forever, but end up using for serious stuff and emergencies.
I’m saging this blogpost, don’t worry, but what I wanted to point is that it’s not about “western” culture, as I am western as well. It’s how you deal with things.
If you spend like crazy and then complain you’re poor, I’m sorry but I would judge you too. And if all of your money was given to you without virtually no effort it’s easier to spend, I am assuming that you don’t go around asking for money to spend on stupid things you don’t really need, and usually you spend your own money. And usually one has money because of work. I can somehow see the difference, sorry if I can’t explain it better.
Tl;dr she’s Constantly whining about being poor while spending money she’s not supposed to have (if you’re poor, you can’t afford to buy what she buys in a month) and ASKS people to buy her a really pricey program. That’s beyond wanting a “revenge buy” attitude. That’s not knowing what money is and how it should be earned.

No. 538575

Couldn’t afford food, ffs; sorry

No. 538579

I mentioned "western culture" because you can be considered poor by western standards but not be homeless or starving, which seems to be Holly's case. There is no universal way of dealing with that sort of stuff, obviously e-begging and complaining about not having money when you pissed all of it away is stupid but I assume that she suddenly got an influx of money from her YT and has no idea how to manage it or thinks that she has to catch up .

No. 538581

Also need to add that obviously she's not poor anymore, but considering her she mentioned her mom not being able to afford a dryer and her dad being a drug addict, they probably weren't that well off either.

No. 538593

I liked Holly's videos for a while. I didn't let her influence get to my own art thankfully, but I was still interested in what she had to say. But I've got to admit she's started to grate on me.

I feel like she'd be so much more likable if she'd lighten the fuck up and stop being such a know it all.

It might not make her art any better, but I think her videos would still be interesting sometimes if her attitude wasn't so shitty and rigid. Also if she stopped spending money on useless shit she doesn't need all the time.

No. 538598

You’re right on the money, but these are some major changes you’re talking about, basically every aspect of her life could use a jumpstart. Imo she should ask her stoner brother for some DMT or take a second look into religion. Shes gotta get herself restructured at the fuckin DNA level. But I’m following because I truly do think it will happen at some point, I’m rooting for ya hols nobody stays stuck like that forever.

No. 538638

Holly sent some stuff to Kasey Golden for her birthday, which included some used watercolors.

No. 538642

Was about to post that lol. I don't think it's the worst thing you could send someone but it's pretty awkward as a birthday present.

No. 538651

>sending her used art supplies and a business card for shilling purposes

No. 538701

File: 1522083612729.png (124.87 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Because Holly's opinions are facts, donmt people know that //sarcasm. She pisses me off when she states opinions like facts. Bruh. They are disney movies. Taste is subjective. Why does she get so mad people like a movie she doesnt?

No. 538707

That is pretty cringey…
Honestly drawing Kasey some fanart and writing her a cute letter would have been so much better than sending her USED supplies and a print of Purgatory. I’m glad that Kasey played it cool but I would have loved to see how Holly would have reacted if someone sent her used supplies and a print of their comic.

No. 538710

I wouldn't mind getting a free copy of a comic I like, but has Kasey even said she reads purgatory? It's common for artists to advertise their art through PO boxes of more popular youtubers, but they always include things catered to that person's tastes. And used watercolors, that's so tacky. Holly has no sense of shame it seems.

No. 538713


She would probably benefit from seeing a therapist or a psychiatrist. I don't know if she ever has, but based on the state of her bedroom, the wording of some of her tweets, and her unpleasant attitude, it wouldn't surprise me if she was seriously clinically depressed.

I do really hope she gets better. She'd be a great part of the Youtube art community if she got some help. I know she's making an ass out of herself and this whole thread is just to showcase that, but it'd be nice if it was no longer applicable for once.

No. 538724

Wow used watercolor paints…? The postcard honestly isn't so bad, but she could've given her something unopened. Like, the only time it'd be preferable to give someone used art supplies is if they're already a friend of yours or you donate it. I think it was just a way to get pull more subs from Kasey but honestly it was a pretty tacky move.

Besides I don't think Kasey will be using those anyway, given she has way better brands. So it was an insincere gift.

Holly was better off doing a giveaway so someone less fortunate had a chance of getting it.

I know some artists do reviews of things to try then give it away to their subscribers, partly so they don't clutter up their room with shit they don't need, but we have to remember this is Holly we're talkin about…

No. 538758

She didn't send the comic, she just sent a print.

I think she's trying to cozy up to some of her "colleagues" after all and just didn't know what to send Kasey.

I also think giving her these rando watercolors when Kasey has watercolors that are considered some of the best brands out there is pointless, why would she use them? She should have donated them to a school or something.

No. 538766


that's what I just said.

No. 538771

Y'know I always kind of liked her backgrounds… nature wise at least, they don't feel as devoid of life like her figures

No. 539118

File: 1522122282509.png (819.85 KB, 1168x882, Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 20.4…)

Any thoughts?

No. 539130


who the fuck hates monsters inc and finding nemo. who can find it in their heart to say tangled is better than big hero 6. sorry anon who said stating opinions as facts is annoying but thats what im doing

the police are on their way holly i hope this tweet was worth it

No. 539131

as if i'd take holly's opinion for anything, but HONESTLY.

ratatouille (which she spells wrong every time) is definitely not as good as incredibles and she doesn't even like monsters, inc. ? she seems like a boring and grumpy person who doesn't stand for anything she doesn't love. i can't imagine if she ever has kids. "you're not allowed to watch finding nemo because I DON'T LIKE IT".

No. 539143

Tangled is better than Big Hero 6 lol I don't think there's anything wrong with the chart, it's just an opinion. The problem is that she shits on what other people like.

No. 539147

How can she call a film worthless and just write NO all over. I hope a recruiter sees this one day because that's just disrespectful. I would love to hear her reasoning as to why with WORTHLESS and NO NO NO

No. 539155

Is this necessary to discuss? Not related to Holly's art.

She has the expected tastes in late 90s-2000s DisXAR films for someone her age except for maybe Princess and the Frog and Ratatouile. wtf at Nightmare Before Christmas winning tho.

No. 539175


I checked this band out and it's pretty cheap - like $30. Struck me as odd considering how Holly loves to splurge

No. 539178


it looks better than the cat she animated in high school, but not by much. Can't say much 'cause I can't draw animals without making them look terrible either.

No. 539180


Frozen over Moana???? WTF this is the worst thing Holly has ever said

No. 539187


Princess and the frog over Lilo and Stitch?? I mean the scene with the lightning bug dying made me cry, and the evil dude was cool, but really?
Lilo and Stitch still has me curled up and crying when I think of Lilo's parents dying in the rain and her poor sister trying to keep the pieces together. I'm about to cry right now dammit.
Of course she'd say Nightmare Before Christmas wins too. Cause it's dark and edgy like her soul.

No. 539195


Who said we can only talk about Holly’s art?

The list is unprofessional and childish. She needs to be building a portfolio, not slamming children movies.

No. 539211


Yes, it's necessary to discuss, because this thread would be dead right now given the fact Holly isn't really producing that much art/art videos right now.

Go tell Holly to stop making dumb tweets and post some art for us to discuss instead. Or a video that is 10 minutes long, because wow, she has been making them short.

No. 539233

I hope that’s because she’s actually working on her animation or prints for the convention but knowing her it’s probably because she’s slacking off.

No. 539245

how the fuck this bitch dont like wall-e

No. 539246

File: 1522132757896.png (69.92 KB, 1182x290, Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 9.42…)


shit opinions topped off w some even shittier opinions

No. 539248

But has she seen the pencil test animations of Tarzan by Glen Keane???? Does she even know who he is?

No. 539250


ummmm… yikes. if she's getting into the art industry, calling an established studio's movies as "blah" "shitty" "lame ass" really tells people what kind of attitude you had. at least say you don't like it because of reasons, why does she have to add degrading insults like that lol? not that i'm a pure holy christian boi who can't hear swear words, but i mean come on it's just unprofessional isn't it?

No. 539253

Someone needs to tell that idiot that its Phil Collins, not Elton John…

No. 539254

Like, I know some of the people who worked on Cars didnt even like the film, but don't go around insulting them as "NO NO NO". They worked their ass on creating the movies. Her reasonings aren't even that reasonable.

No. 539257

I suppose five or so posts about how Holly doesn't like Disney movies the right way and which movie is the actual objective best is interesting and valid discussion.

And the thread wasn't really dead considering it had been posted to with far more cringier content in the last 24 hours… But that's just me stating my opinion as fact.

No. 539258

She apparently thinks Tangled was boring in terms of story/songs compared to Frozen. Bitch, Frozen is annoying AF. (I'm biased, ok)

No. 539274

Can we not do this shit? If you want to discuss something else, bring up your points instead of complaining about how everyone else is doing the thread wrong.

Holly can like what she likes but it's pretty laughable to say that other people's opinions are trash and then putting up this shit, especially as someone who claims to love animation but can't see the merit in anything that doesn't appeal to her tastes. Remember that this is someone who wants to be a storyboard artist/work in the industry.

No. 539277

File: 1522142677149.png (3.06 MB, 1612x1376, Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 02.2…)

Oh lord…this part confused me for a second there

No. 539278

File: 1522142712958.png (1.67 MB, 1590x732, Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 02.2…)

This looks like an uncomfortable stand up position

No. 539283

Of course Nightmare B4 Xmas is her fave, goth fuck

No. 539285

I love the fact that the diner is empty except for these two and the other character that has a role in the comic

No. 539287

Nightmare before Christmas is not a WDAS classic, this list doesn't make any sense.

No. 539288

File: 1522143725135.jpg (71.53 KB, 600x429, gaston.jpg)

>Nightmare beats Beauty and the Beast (no one saids no to Gaston)
>Claims that she loves Jordon Peterson even though he hates Frozen and loves Beauty and the Beast
>Frozen beats Tangled
>Hates Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc, Inside Out, and Finding Nemo
>Why the fuck is Nightmare before Christmas on there and not Hunchback?
>Claims Tarzan sucks because it has more than 2 songs you can remember from that movie compared to Princess and the Frog
>Thinks Prince in Princess in the Frog is hotter when Gaston has a fucking harem and men respecting him

This is why she has no friends, she has the worst taste in films and in men

No. 539292

It's not a classic, but it was made under Walt Disney's other film distribution label because well, it's too dark and creepy for a kid's Disney film and that's what Tim Burton agreed with. Still Disney though lol

No. 539294

wait wtf. That's her reasoning for hating on Tarzan???? How is that even valid..

No. 539295

Then why not including Pirates of the Caribbean or Marvel movies

No. 539299

Might wanna ask the person who made this list and not me! Was only just explaining that Nightmare is part of Disney, that's it. Wonder if it's cuz they're not animated films…anywho, there are more films but once again I'm not the one who made it

No. 539303

See >>539246
Everyone can remember more Phil Collins Tarzan songs than Princess. Friends from the Other Side and Almost There is all anyone cared about. Yes the movie has a better moral than Tarzan but at least Tarzan's water animation physics doesn't look like mucus in Princess.

No. 539313


herschel looks like he's slightly floating on the sofa. his heel is like, almost intersecting with the sofa.. like just select that and move him a bit closer to the table jfc

No. 539318

>thinks Gaston is hotter than Prince Naveen

This is a nitpick, but the breaking news line seems so off, like it's clear that this guy is a character and that's the only reason he's announcing his name.

No. 539322

If she had to make slanted panels, she should have had the television one overlapping the previous one, not the other way around, as it’s more important than the two talking. There is no reason for the insert panel to be slanted, too (she thinks she’s so dynamic but it just feels like she can’t male straight lines at this point) and she could have made him turn the other side, you know, where the tv actually is. The location is so empty it hurts. If nobody is at the counter she could have placed the television on a blank wall. Why isn’t there anybody really? It’s a one man pub? That can’t be possible. Also can’t be possible for the counter to be this empty (object wise)… like… there’s no paper towels, menus, no place to sit (so why do you need it designed like a counter you can sit and eat at?) no cups, there’s no billboards or ads for the dishes… Lego houses are more accurate.

No. 539325

idk how it is in america but I've never heard of a news anchor/reporter introduce themselves like that. They either have their name displayed on a little graphic under them or they say it after they're done reporting. And if a news story is so important that you fucking shout it, i'm pretty sure no one gives a fuck what your name is

No. 539329

File: 1522151763298.jpeg (249.79 KB, 640x692, 1B28C351-F6FB-4E9C-9A49-AA9E70…)

I was about to say the same thing. It’s eigher you get introduced by the studio or you say your name at the end of the report and usually you have logos and names displayed anyway.

Pic related is how hard she is working on that comic. It’s been ages and she only shat 6 pages (three of which were on like this summer?) and she didn’t even thumbnail 30 pages. And she wants this thing to be done by August? You’re supposed to know how many pages it will take to introduce a character, don’t you WRITE your script? 30 thumbnails are so easy to do, really, it takes a day tops If you’re loose enough. This makes me so mad because she thinks she’s a pro at comics and her fanbase think this is how you do it in the industry.

No. 539334

Wait, did she say she wants the first volume to be complete by August, or just the first chapter? The latter seems pretty unlikely already.

Holly seems like the type who doesn't script, just jots down a rough outline and thumbnails pages as she goes.

No. 539335

She wanted to have a book (let?) ready for the convention. It was in her “FIVE BOOKS MY DUDES” plan.
I mean she could just sell a single chapter but still she’s so slow she can’t possibly finish a chapter, figure a book.

No. 539365

it is lazy what she did but there aren't tentacle monsters either and the comic has that. You dunno what era or reality this thing is set, maybe in tentacle reality there's a guy who always says his name like that.

There's maybe twenty lazy/wrong choices/bizarre contradictions and beginning amateur mistakes in each panel but the "normally you'd have a logo displayed" kind of critique won't stick in this not-normal world

No. 539367

nah guys 8 seconds of finished animation per day for clever kitchen

No. 539372

This story is set in a contemporary-ish country meant to resemble 80s America, except there's monsters. While technically you can do whatever you want in a fictional universe, putting in off things like that for no reason breaks the immersion a little and it just comes off as cutting corners/an oversight.

No. 539439

Sorry but this is something you can expect from people who actually PLAN their stuff and want the reader to notice the small details.
Sure, it’s a fictional world and sure normal rules might not apply to it, but in all honesty from how she’s dealing with pretty much everything and the premise of her comic (regular world with paranormal stuff) this is just another mistake because she doesn’t even watch news.
So in this universe your diners change size in every panel and it’s empty because invisible people work there? Come on. We both know it wasn’t a quirk detail, it’s just her not knowing better.

No. 539460


I'm literally LMAO, it's so obvious she's relying on copying those pose dolls because all her characters move and pose like stiff dolls, not like humans.

No. 539470

The news reporter saying his name like that honestly doesn’t bother me as much as the layout of the panels. There’s no natural flow and it just looks like she just collaged a bunch of images together and called it a day.

No. 539544


I love how the face, hair, and parts of her shirt are shaded, but nothing else.

No. 539572


Their eye lines never match up to anything they're supposed to be focusing on.

And her background is so lifeless and dead. As much time as she puts on focusing on what color gradient to use, she couldn't take any of it to populate the diner…?


Haivng a comic or any piece of media set in an area people can identify with is all the more reason to give it some type of grounding. Sure, rules are meant to be broken, but only if you know them in the first place. these are all simple things people recognize in their daily lives and grounding your comic in some sort of reality that people can relate to is something to be considered once she starts laying down the 'rules' of the supernatural bits so that it suspends our disbelief as readers. If she can't keep either elements consistent, or at the very least believable she's failed, not just as an artist trying to portray her world, but as a storyteller.

No. 539646


isn't this just the CW show supernatural… the dynamic feels the same

No. 539654

As a local Texan, I like to debunk that our reporters and anchors never dress like that. Also never seen anyone morbidly obese give the news before.

No. 539692

This is so lol. But even if she put the effort to shade everything, the shadows would be too much, since they’re sitting in front of a huge window and the light is supposedly coming where the shadows actually are.

No. 539700

The rest of the pages have that hideous shading, she just couldn't be bothered to do it.The only thing consistent about her work is how ugly and stiff it is. She probably draws the hair before she draws the shoulders and the hands before the arms.I'm not even going to ask what the hell is going on with the chick's tits.

No. 539711

She has no idea how to draw women.

Does anyone remember her "Quit Stealing from Miyazaki" video and how she talked about only taking inspiration from your own experiences or some shit like that? I always found it funny… since she's a fucking hermit who has zero friends and basic human interactions.

No. 539720

Anyone want to bet that the only reason she doesn't like Lilo & Stitch and Finding Memo is because these movies focus on family?

No. 539762

I love that Orson Kingsley's announcement made the things on the table move and made the characters switch to the other half of their seats.

The seats don't depress when they're sat on but the apparently they perfectly morph around a person's heels.

No. 539772


My sides, everyone looks so fucking uncomfortable.

Holly, please, some life.

No. 539783

File: 1522198560549.png (929.46 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

This hand just fucks me up

No. 539789


So we're going to act like she didn't try to add in a demented looking anime eye. I can't stand those loose fucking Braids/dreads/whatever the fuck chunky shit on top of that girls head. Clunks of hair don't stand up like that naturally, I guess the rules of gravity don't apply to her.

No. 539799

what pisses me off the most is the glasses, thats not how they are structured? they don't have two arms on each side, they only have one on each side. It wouldn't make any sense anyways bc the second one looks like it would end up rest inside your ear and that wouldn't be comfortable at all. Plus I know that some people don't like drawing the arms on the glasses but it just comes off as lazy most of the time :/
sorry if this is incoherent

No. 539826


I think the top one is just decorative, even so, the one meant to actually be an arm isn't placed right at all.

The panel where we first see the character's face, first off, that finger is broken. Second, the arm doesn't even reach to the back of her ear. It's clearly supposed to be on her face, but yet…. ???

No. 539852

Just a point of comparison, Daron Nefcy was in her third year of college at Cal Arts when she started pitching her show. Years after development started, her show Star vs the Forces of Evil is on Disney XD.

Rebecca Sugar landed a job working on Adventure Time right after she graduated School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. She went on to create Steven Universe.

The industry has never been friendlier for female artists.

The thing is, these women had training and talent and connections. Holly wants to "pitch" this kitchen skit to networks, right after shitting on their products/company? When she doesn't even have a degree or connections in the industry? Why would anyone want to work with someone who shits on your company's products. What kind of figure is that?

She needs to be smarter and kinder. The industry is not kind and opportunities are rare enough as it is. She wont get to Sugar and Nefcy levels by shitting on movies and doodling blowjobs.

No. 539920

File: 1522211773773.png (282.44 KB, 491x338, fries.png)

Regarding the new Paranormal Plague pages, I'll start off with a positive and segue into a negative. I liked that Ash ate through all her fries and started eating Herschel's fries, it was a funny and subtle way to develop her character. However, I HATED how we see their food disappearing without any shots of them actually EATING, save for page 9 panel 6 (not shown here). And BECAUSE there are no shots of them eating and the food is just set dressing, I wouldn't be surprised if the great majority of readers missed the one thing that was actually funny here. The rest of the attempted jokes are complete garbage. Half of them are just plain unfunny, and the other half seem like a shitty recreation of muh japanese animes, completely forgetting that comedic timing in comics is nothing like in animation. The only joke here is Holly.

No. 539943

new pages same shitheads. the girl repeats herself with her 90s sarcastic backtalk and the long man repeats his histrionics. waste of pages

No. 539949

>the long man
fucking kek

i went to read this for the first time (instead of looking at caps in the thread) and i hated every second of it. nothing happens yet everything that will happen is extremely obvious. no one is likable at all and the dialogue sounds like it was written with auto predictive text. it's so artificial and soulless that i have genuine trouble believing a human made this.

No. 539992

File: 1522226735387.jpeg (132.26 KB, 640x346, F5EBBDF8-3207-426F-AFA6-FBE67A…)

Oh yes holly, you really are a pioneer.
I wonder if she really loves animation or just talks because she’s watched a couple CN cartoons and a pair of Disney movies.

No. 539994

I didn't realize that she was eating his fries either, she could have easily drawn Ash putting a handful in her mouth in one of the panels where Hershel is talking.

I read the 9 pages again and it's still unclear what the relationship between Ash and Hershel is or what they do together, and she's already introduced two other characters that are probably going to be equally poorly developed. Pick up a book on writing Holly, it's useful for comics too, trust me.

What the fuck is she talking about lmao. I wonder that too, I don't think she actually watches any animated shorts or films because there seems to be no way she'd say this otherwise.

No. 540000

How can someone be so dense? First of all I think she meant TV-14 because this is a tv show not a movie. Second of all from what we've seen so far this show could probably get away with a TV-PG rating if she stopped trying to be so edgy and only included 'adult' stuff when it was absolutely necessary.

Also she wants to 'challenge the audience'. Bitch how? Your show sounds like the most trite piece of garbage I've seen in a while. It's just a rehash of annoying tropes that you personally find amusing. There is no sustenance, no bigger picture and no need for you to have a TV-14 rating other than the fact you are too lazy to rewrite some inconsequential things so it would be appropriate for a younger audience.

No. 540005

Breadwinner is PG-13 and is a traditional animated film that was released last year. She is too young to remember Titan AE so what the fuck is she talking about?

No. 540011

Most anime is TV-14 what is Holly talking about lol is this because she wants to draw the kid smoking

No. 540019

CN would never let that fly anyway. Even if they were to listen to her pitch for like 10 mins they'd want extensive rewrites. No way they'd accept a kid smoking bc the backlash from parents would be massive.

No. 540036

I feel like she's not sure if she wants it to be a kids' show or not lol, including blood/content for older viewers is not "challenging" anyone, her writing is not intelligent enough to do that either, so who's really left to watch it except 3edgy5me teens?

No. 540054

friken, it doesn't matter. It's not going to be on TV. The funny thing is that holly seems to think it might?

No. 540067

Yeah the same way Dark Horse was supposed to publish Purgatory.
She will probably do the same thing: pitch her shitty unprofessional stuff here and there, and then proceed to create tons of videos in which she shits on the industry saying that doing things on your own is way better.
Also it enlarges your penis.
I remember when she was all excited about pitching Purgatory to various publishers and she got rejected from basically all of them. She was all positive and then she started to say that the comic industry is shit, publishers will drain your blood and that it was her choice to self publish her books.
This will be the very same.
Except it's not unusual for animation houses to browse social medias for new talents so it'd be even funnier to know the same people she will beg for a job will read all of her angsty rants and shit.

No. 540079

>>shitty Elton John songs
fuck you Holly

No. 540083

I just googled Dark Horse comics and there's no way in hell holly can match up to their standards for the type of content they publish

No. 540097

File: 1522248707321.png (242.03 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Holly posted on twitter her FMA animation and I just want it to stop. Why does she think she can outdo professional animators?

No. 540103

I don't have a problem with her trying to recreate scenes from anime as practice, but what I do have a problem with is her choosing a mostly motionless scene in an action show and giving it an even lazier treatment. It's a pointless endeavor.

No. 540115

Holly seems really into Adult Swim, and her purposely ugly character expressions feel like she’s trying to emulate the shows on there (I honestly have little experience with Adult Swim cartoons but Holly reminds me of them).

No. 540238

File: 1522261546069.jpg (84.92 KB, 1080x487, IMG_1522261418739_12.jpg)

No. 540239

File: 1522261682335.jpg (131.26 KB, 1080x757, IMG_1522261418739_1.jpg)

Breaking news: local fujo gremlin who has two (2) original female characters, and has admitted she can't relate to women, has a hot take on strong female characters.

No. 540241

File: 1522261716872.jpg (197.37 KB, 1080x1073, IMG_1522261341538_1.jpg)

No. 540252

“Strong opinions people can’t handle”
More like you fucking don’t know what you’re talking about and don’t know how to say something without being an ass

No. 540269


>”strong opinions people can’t handle”

says the whiny bitch who can’t handle any kind of criticism lmao

No. 540277

File: 1522264616825.jpeg (69.63 KB, 425x178, 637E4FCA-1B40-4836-9B0E-9F12F7…)

Oh holly I wanna slap u but I feel so bad for you not to have seen Kill Bill. Is there a way we can force her to watch it?

No. 540293

My eyes automatically roll all the way back into my skull whenever Holly has a Hot Take™ on anything involving women.

No. 540360

Yeah, not every woman represents all women _in real life_ but when your story has a blonde with big tits and a stuck up rich bitch as it's only female characters it talks volumes about your views on women. Story telling is not real life. Wild concept, I know.

No. 540411

File: 1522274278822.png (674.03 KB, 1174x756, Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 14.5…)

Bitch, it's called tilting up and not panning and if you're gonna pan, then pan. If you did any studying, you would know. What was the point of making this? There's hardly any action

No. 540417

File: 1522274638207.jpg (84.91 KB, 900x631, j7hZ9oO.jpg)

That's mighty big talk for someone who just sent a postcard to a more popular youtuber, piggybacking to promote your shitty comic.

No. 540419

same person but it's also big talk for someone who wastes time and money making merch of barely developed comic characters.

No. 540421

I agree with her but what's the point of this lmao, like girl, why are you subtweeting people more famous than you again? Get a diary.

No. 540477

Who is she talking about?

No. 540518

probably jazza, maybe vexx, maybe challa. i think waffles also has merch with her yt icon on it so maybe her. fair point to her that it's a trend, but i guess you buy a youtuber's logo for the same reaosn you'd buy a sports team's logo - to show support. it's easy merch for fans specifically, and its not like logo designs are the only options available in these artists' stores. she's being up her own again tbh

No. 540527

File: 1522282865027.jpg (160.69 KB, 1385x464, ew.jpg)

Her idea of a bounce. Holly is too lazy actually redraw shit and instead stretches em instead like those meme animations on youtube

No. 540529

Same anon, but i have no idea why she even added that weird stretch. It was unnecessary

No. 540538

So has holly stopped preparing for san japan, she only made two new prints… I thought she wanted to be an illustator, why all this animation which she knows even less about, a mess.

No. 540582

Does she not see how ugly that animation is??

No. 540757

this looks really bad. like genuinely. there are so many mistakes here that even first day animation 1 students know better than to do

No. 540785

File: 1522308136706.jpg (69.74 KB, 702x1024, XHBa71T.jpg)

>Ratatouille is the best Pixar movie

No. 540792

Sorry, do we have sauce on this? I've been following along for maybe like three threads and this is my first time hearing this (though I'm not surprised). When did Holly pitch her shit to publishers and where is she bitching about it?

No. 540793

Sometimes I wonder if Holly even looks at her stuff after drawing/animating it. How would anyone, let alone a student at animation, look at that and think it's okay? I don't make animations, but even I can see that it's seriously fucked in so many ways. So, how can she look at it and not realize that it's janky and doesn't remotely look good?
I mean, fuck man, I feel embarrassed posting artwork that I actually like, and she posts shit like that without even caring? How?? Does she have no pride in herself or is she genuinely blind? I just don't think she even looks at her work before throwing it on the internet and forgetting about it like some sort of disease.

No. 540803

So I actually went to her dumb ass twitter to watch that FMA animatic and ohh boyy its lammeee. I don't understand why she couldn't just redraw the exhale instead of lassoing it and just… leaving it so janky. Why is this so boring, more so than in the anime

No. 540806

File: 1522313343841.png (814.24 KB, 1440x1725, 20180329_014809.png)

I hate this the most the most though

No. 540815

I think it was in one of her now deleted vlogs. It’s really old, way before the Kickstarter thing.

No. 540817

oh, he was exhaling??? I couldn't even tell because it's so wack

No. 540866

how is she supposed to be marked for her animation final? the course she's in is for illustration so they're going to mark you on illustration factors. so…how are they supposed to mark her for animation? I'm sure there's a marking criteria for her final so it'd be smart if holly would read it.

No. 540891

I went on her Twitter to watch it and hoo boy, maybe try a bouncing ball or something first. Her timing is so janky and off, it just looks like everyone is twitching randomly.

No. 540910


it's because she doesn't do nearly enough inbetweens, it's mostly all key frames. if she's not gonna draw out all the frames necessary to create fluid movement, should could at least try smears

No. 540916


Key frames aren't even hard to do, her foundation and understanding of posing, setting, and acting is severely lacking. if she had even bothered to reimagine the scene with more acting, it would have worked. but she picked one of the more stagnant scenes, because she's lazy.

like if you're gonna be lazy, and you know you're gonna cut corners before you even start planning to animate…. then don't do animation.

No. 540918

File: 1522339438345.png (169.51 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Dalia is our hero

No. 540952

I think the "art school" she goes to online has no standards, that's why she's doing an animation for her final. I suspect she dropped out of her first real art school because she couldn't handle critique and teachers telling her what to do. Even now she doesn't take her education seriously

No. 540957

She shits her assignments in half a day before the deadline, not learning not giving a flying fuck about school, of course she went online for that reason. Otherwise she should have given constant updates. And dealing with people who dare to correct her? Stupid jealous teachers.

No. 540965

Anon, you’re not paying attention.
She’s so great at art and talked that much about regular topics that she now wants to switch to a full animation channel.
Don’t you think she knows what she’s talking about? I mean, q channel devoted to animation, in which she talks about how to animate and creates TUTORIALS… and you’re trying to tell me she doesn’t know shit about animation??????

… you’re right.

No. 541005

Holly is doing animation now? Hahahaa FINALLY an industry I know and can rip her a new one about.
I'm not going to give too much critique in this post due to the fact that I'm on mobile but I watched both the animatic and short animation.

Animatic -
Holly you deluded fucktard when you write pan YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO FUCKING PAN IN AN ANIMATIC. The reason some animatics write the word pan in them is most often for the other members of the team. As in, those who edit the animatic together. If this is the completed animatic then you don't NEED to write pan everywhere, just pan across with after effects!! Come on Holly, I learned this in my first semester of storyboarding it's not rocket science. Do you even know what a pan is? Christ.

I totally thought this was an animatic as well, there's no animation here! It's so choppy and not fluid at all. At least if you want to post some actual animation why not just first completely animate Rose's turn before getting to Ed. It's much easier to animate and it's shorter. Show us what you can do before you get into the more difficult poses, dumbass.

I'm sorry if this is riddled with name calling and unprofessionalism and might not be a true critique but damn, she pisses me off.

I don't know much about the comic industry so I don't really know what to critique other than the art, but now that she's trying her hand at animation and saying she's so amazing, I'm fucking livid.

No. 541021

I feel like this thread is just a bunch of artists in different fields being salty as fuck about Holly Brown's antics, too bad she doesn't listen to criticism because she could probably benefit from this thread if she tried.

No. 541037

Thing is: she claims to be everything -comic artist, illustrator, graphic designer, animator, storyboard artist; and for each field she talks too much and without any knowledge. So yes basically “the art community” she talks shit about, is angry at her.

Btw you CAN be all of those things listed before, but you get there through practice, learning and working hard. All she does is he decides she a pro in a field and that’s it.

No. 541120

Oh, for sure. But these things all require an immense amount of work, especially animation, and comics to an extent. It's like she thinks being able to do something in any capacity is good enough and you can just move on to the next "skill".

No. 541154

Except she’s a total inept at EVERYTHING. It’s almost laughable.

No. 541184

her art is like one of those run-down fusion restaurants, you can claim to do several kinds of food, but you can't do any of them particularly well.

I would guess she's going for a "Jack of all trades" sort of thing, but she's definitely a master of none. Her portfolio is going to look so unfocused to any recruiter she manages to hand it to.

No. 541210

Totally OT but why a lot of artists can't handle criticism? I mean, when you're a teenager I get it, but when you're an 20 something adult, why? Why you refuse to learn of your mistakes?

No. 541214


I suspect it's because when some of them were young, they didn't really get critiqued all that much, or didn't take it very well to begin with. And in their 20s they begin to get set in their ways and only accept asspats from being spoiled for so long.

That's not always the case, but, some artists are more stubborn than others. Some won't budge because they think what anyone else has to say is a waste of their time, while they waste their own time digging their heels into bad habits and surrounding themselves with people who will only kiss their ass.

No. 541220

I think some of it might be that their audience coddles them and a possible lack of actual in-person critique.

No. 541247


lol that has fuck all to do with art and all to do with human nature. Even people who write code get pissy if it gets critiqued, or mechanics, or athletes. People get defensive over what they perceive to be their talent/skill.

No. 541268

Warning highly religious blogpost. I take issue with Holly’s straw man of religion she has created, especially in her paranormal plague series. She seems to think ill of any organized system of self regulation yet she’s a fan of J.p, a highly religious man. I feel like if she had some kind of moral structure based on a guru she would produce at a more consistent rate. I know personally when I started thinking of creating art as mimicking divine creation, I thought a lot more about what I was putting down on paper.

No. 541283

can we not bring religion into this? k thanks

No. 541295

there are fuck tons of artists that don't rely on a 'moral structure based on a guru' for their morals or work ethic. holly is just lazy

No. 541302


Some people just cannot take critiques. I don't think it's a matter of how old you are. I've known people of ALL ages who just cannot handle critique, for all kinds of reasons.
They almost always never change, and stay that way well into their older years (I'm talking like 60s+).
I'm not saying Holly won't ever learn how to take critique, and realize it isn't a personal attack. I just highly doubt it.

No. 541336

sorry for the fucking quad-post, no idea what happened & too late to delete them

No. 541344

Let's not, you don't need religion to not be a lazy asshole.

It's more about what type of person you are, but also a lot of younger artists in particular take critique very personally - like if you question their art, you question their integrity as a person. Most grow out of it, some just gain an unwarranted sense of self-importance on top of it.

No. 541345

Forgot to add, I think this issue also stems from being deeply insecure to begin with, I think it's kind of obvious that Holly maintains this facade of being untouchable and not giving a fuck what people say, but if she let people criticise her it would all just crumble to pieces.

No. 541346

It's pretty easy to see that she's insecure, mostly in how she talks. Notice how in all of her videos she's always saying "um." While it's pretty normal in regular conversation, in public speaking it is usually a sign of not being confident/knowledgeable in what you are talking about.

No. 541348

That and her constant "idk", she can't make a statement without weakening it. I don't know why she insists on broadcasting her Hot Takes and "controversial" opinions when she's so worried about what people think.

No. 541350

I think she has it in her head that she has to be "the bitch" in order to be popular and well liked but can't fully get into that role since that's not who she is on the inside. Given her mannerisms and what we've seen, she's just a really insecure person who wishes they were someone else.

No. 541383

File: 1522398938224.png (879.17 KB, 586x1408, Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 01.3…)

"Professional" artist from the industry, guys.

Sorry, its so long. I got too lazy to individually post em

No. 541388


It looks like she NEVER flips her canvas to see if things are tilting or not. Everything she draws always is.

No. 541401

Anon don't you know? Real artists don't fix their mistakes, they just pump out as much work as possible as quickly as possible.

No. 541457

Ugh, this artist I follow on instagram, who admittedly has a pretty Tumblrina-y artstyle (but I love their realistic artwork) got ass-blasted at people roasting her on Twitter over some ugly Sailor Moon redesigns she did. She made some remark on an instastory like "feel free to attack these people :))" with their usernames shown and it really rubbed me the wrong way. I just thought it was an incredibly childish way to react considering that she's like 21.

No. 541458

name and shame them

No. 541470

I know this is a holly thread but anon, plox, tell more. I'm intrigued and want to see the shit show by self entitled artists who suck their own dick

No. 541553

Not the same anon and saged because its not about Holly, probably best to bring this up in general instead, but her @ is annalisejensen.

No. 541580

Annalisejensen really isn't anything like Holly. Annalisejensen's problem is that she is the embodiment of tumblr. Her art skill isn't bad Holly's and as obnoxious as she sounds she doesn't hold a candle to Holly's brand of unprofessionalism.

No. 541595

While that's a childish thing to do, her and Holly have nothing in common otherwise. Take it to >>>/ot/233156

No. 541699

Yeah, to say Holly is a bad artist/lazy/whatever because she's not religious is retarded, but religion isn't entirely out of place in this thread. It's a huge theme in Purgatory and she handles it very poorly. She deserves to be criticized for it.

No. 541706

Thanks. I had No intention to offend the non religious. I could have talked about how insecure holly is or how much she sucks, lol, but I thought I’d add a little more original content to the thread. I’m confused by her love of Jordan Peterson who breaks down religious symbolism into life advice, while at the same time all the “symbolism” (which she has bragged about) in her religious themed work is trite. Skulls, blood, death, and pedophilia. I think this reveals more than a little bit of her outlook on life.

No. 541708

File: 1522429742172.png (5.42 MB, 1242x2208, 2FFF89F0-0D7A-468B-B2E2-2F8637…)

Them legs mayn

No. 541716

I didn't know she claimed symbolism in her work lmao. The "cult" in purgatory is basically just catholicism with a pinch of human sacrifice, and she doesn't really portray anything about faith, no one seems to hold any beliefs in her story, even Simon's Dad who's meant to be a priest doesn't give a fuck about his own dogma. I don't think Holly has any experience with religion besides maybe going to church a few times.

No. 541721

The evergreen mitten hand

No. 541887

14:17 in her making comics.
She SHITS on Craig Thompson!
Then goes into talking about "visual symbolism" and how she was going to do a video on all the hidden symbols in Purgatory.

No. 541892

She's so proud of it that she uploaded it onto youtube..

No. 541896


What I suspect, and what's certainly true for me, is that artists can usually see what's wrong but don't have the skills or time to fix it. When i had critiques in my uni art classes, the stuff that my peers pointed out were things I was aware of but again, I either didn't have the time or the skills to fix.

So when you're aware of what isn't working in your art, it becomes sort of annoying or sometimes hurtful because you've already heard the critique a thousand times from yourself if that makes sense.

Saged for blogpost-ish

No. 541898

why's he T-posing? Is he crucified or is this a bug?

No. 541899

I'm unfamiliar with the scene and I'm terrified of what is going to come out of that character's mouth next, the specific scenes holly chooses to animate are so weird imo

No. 541908


Was it really that hard to throw down a quick sketch of a wall or chair or whatever the hospital bed he's sitting in for his broken shoulders Holly jfc

No. 541909

File: 1522444694460.png (17.78 KB, 266x275, 1521503759204.png)

Holly kek this is complete shit

Lmao people in my highschool animation class do so much better than that.

The scene she's referencing off of doesn't even call for a squash and stretch since he's just sighing, and the fact that it's from an anime (where studios dont put that much detail into trying to make every scene a disney masterpiece) and isn't even a dynamic scene.

I hope she does more of these and keeps acting like a twat, maybe in about a week she'll leave animation alone and won't try to rustle any animation geek's jimmies

No. 541912

You can just tell she didn't draw the body before throwing on the skirt.

No. 541914


Then she'll probably realize she still doesn't have anything for sanjapan.

No. 541917

File: 1522445058319.jpg (15.46 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

This is close to the scene she's recreating, it's him trying to explain to the girl why God doesn't exist and that everything has a sciency answer or something like that, I think it's been like 5 years since I've watched fma so I could be wrong

No. 541939

File: 1522446412656.png (171.4 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

She posted a new image for san japan, but she couldnt make the star symmetrical?? That shit is driving me crazy.

No. 541958

"Idk I wanna animate that notorious edgy scene in 2003 where edward is a atheist tool
theres like no frames in this but i figured I'd show the WIP anyway
Idk I wish FMA got one of those "re-animated MAPS" like all the other animes out there. I would gladly start it if I could get some animators on board. The english dub to me is kinda better than Japanese in most cases so it wouldnt end up subtitled like the yugioh one"

Either you know or you don't, Holly, for Christ's sake

No. 541959

File: 1522447744864.png (228.63 KB, 578x645, whats foreshortening.png)

Here's the exact bit of the sigh. This looks exceptionally bad

No. 541964

Thank god she enhanced it!

No. 541987


My sides, he looks so tired and uncomfortable, someone end his misery, someone stop holly.

No. 541991


he should've ALREADY taken the book out by the time that sound effect at the way end happened. What even is the point of reanimating this if you're not willing to learn anything from it.

Sloppy work.

No. 542015

Honestly this.
Seeing your mistakes but having factors that make it a bit hard to tackle it are the worst

No. 542025


I thought that was you mocking her as a parody. But that is what she actually wrote. Wow

No. 542027

Thatd be pretty cool actually.

No. 542151

Holly just commented on a Solar Sands video called “Ridiculous Art Thefts” on how people accuse her of stealing their shading or something. I’d post a cap but I’m on mobile.

No. 542156

File: 1522462441583.png (439.5 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 542175


God she would watch that sad sack.
Again trying to feed of other peoples attention and get popular.

No. 542236

File: 1522467579801.png (108.63 KB, 1440x525, 20180330_203133.png)

What was the point of her buying the fucking thing if she barely uses it. You don't leave the fucking house!

No. 542267

why don't you like solarsands anon?

No. 542301

Not the same anon but pls tell me you’re joking.

No. 542308

Solar Sands is not a good source for art advice/viable critique whatsoever. Him and deviantcringe. They are both idiots that have no idea what they’re talking about.

No. 542316


holy fuck this gets me so mad. i dare holly to try the same pose and sighing. edward is straining his fucking arms!!!!??? im not formally trained in art but this shit is something non-art people can notice too, what the fuck? ??

No. 542320

She probably realizes how bad it looks but she still knows her fan base will eat that shit up.

No. 542332

File: 1522485639576.png (1.24 MB, 1184x1200, Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 01.4…)

When this looks better than any of her other art

No. 542348

Holly doesn't understand how bangs work. See how they frame Ed's face in the bottom pic? Like they were a shroud. Holly draws bangs like bendy straws jutting out of a forehead.His bangs are also not effected by gravity. They stick out at the same angle whether he is looking up or down. There's no construction here, either. Imagine if his bangs were removed, his entire skull shape would be malformed.

No. 542354

thin lines are better for her tho

No. 542367

Not really. The thicker lines mask her horrible understanding of anatomy and 3d shapes. Her art looked much better in HS. Looked kinda tim-burton-ish. Was a lot better, with the thickest lines I've ever seen her draw.

No. 542411

I thought the op used red to circle the star as a mistake but on 2nd look this seems to be a wand or some shit?? 10/10 ugly. sage for rage

No. 542440

even through the smudges you can tell it was shit

No. 542457

Op here, its supossed to be the wand in Sakura Cardcaptor but Holly couldn't make the star symmetrical and now its ugly

No. 542527

Especially that arm and hand. Yikes.

No. 542625

Fucking hell, I had to check because I couldn't believe this was the actual caption lmao.

>the English dub is kinda better than Japanese in most cases

In which world though

No. 542630

File: 1522524959725.jpg (69.8 KB, 670x448, ccs.jpg)

It's meant to be pic related. The proportions aren't even correct.

No. 542643

But that’s a star in a crescent moon and holly has drawn a star in a circle. For someone who claims to know about symbolism that’s a pretty big change.

No. 542723

Lol, Holly's looks like a knockoff version

No. 542735

I'm not sure what you mean by this but it's supposed to be a star in a circle? It's Sakura's Star Wand right?

Honestly Holly just wants to make stuff that she can sell to the lowest common denominator. She probably picked to draw the star wand in the first place because it was easier to draw than the bird head sealing wand (that showed up way more often) and because she knew there would be casual fans who wouldn't mind spending a couple of bucks on some cheap stickers and junk.

No. 542742

The thing is I sometimes agree with some of the things both of them say including this video + holly's comment but the way they hold themselves as superior/all knowing even during the 90% of the time they don't know wtf theyre talking about is what makes them unbearable

No. 542745

Am I seeing things or the lower end of the wand looks like a fucking prepuce

No. 542791

Ha Holly would prefer dubs cuz she probably can’t keep up with subtitles.

No. 542944

Holly does prefer dubs because she can't keep up with subtitles kek she said this in one of her videos

No. 543115

Meh I sometimes prefer dubs too if I want to work on art while watching something.

No. 543138

File: 1522575501509.png (864.54 KB, 998x611, 2018-04-01 11_35_38-Holly Brow…)

>Holly just wants to make stuff that she can sell to the lowest common denominator
This. I doubt she actually likes CCS very much, but Magical Girl stuff is always popular even among non-weebs who just like the ~*aesthetic*~.

Her final piece makes zero sense though? It's a weird mish-mash of different artifacts from different genres, and even some cartoons. How did she fuck this up. It's meant to be a T-Shirt.

No. 543143

>that wonky-ass pokeball
my sides

No. 543152

Wonky pokeball, Inuyashas necklace looks like a hot mess, the Kiki's broom, I didn't realize it was hers at first and Sakura's staff in the blue background doesn't have that empty space around the star as the black one does.
The FMA thing… the design is just a overly detailed mess.
She must have drawn these in really small scale. This just looks like bootleg mess.

No. 543161

Wow really thought she would sell these as stickers or something. Who would ever want to buy that as a shirt?!

No. 543173

new vlog

No. 543176

If you thought that was bad she uploaded a cringy April Fool's video on drawing hands…

No. 543177

yes she did! I'm actually just filled with relief that it isn't real

No. 543181

How original, the same joke that Baylee made two years ago

No. 543182

what in the fuck..why the heck is Yugioh even part of this???? Also the end of Sakura's staff looks like nub

No. 543183

File: 1522583923780.png (1.32 MB, 1164x1104, Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 04.5…)


No. 543185


No. 543186

literally not trying to white knite here but that's J.D from Heather's. poor timing on holly's part but also poor art in general because you can barely tell who it it. the only thing that said "Heathers" to me was the slushie.

No. 543188

Was going to say the same thing. This is definitely meant to be JD from Heathers. If Holly had any self awareness she would have stated that when she posted this.

No. 543189

At least take a second to unclutch your pearls and find out who that's supposed to be in the drawing before you get upset.

No. 543250

that left leg is so busted

No. 543256

Fuck Holly for stealing an AMV (with minor edits) with NO credit whatsoever to the original creator. Wonder how she would feel if someone traced her art and passed it off as their own…

Baylee's was actually funnier.

No. 543262

I thought the same thing, I figured she'd at least link the original but nope.

Yes it's a shitty Naruto AMV from 2007, but you still didn't make it. At least shitpost with integrity.

No. 543303

come on she's not claiming to have made it. It's used in reference, as a meme. You wouldn't try to attribute a meme image to it's author. No one is going to sit there watching it on holly's channel where they would have been giving a view to some dead (?) channel that 'made' it by putting copywrited music over copywrited anime. reach less

No. 543333

File: 1522600980825.jpeg (43.65 KB, 750x196, 0F37D0E3-D6E2-4989-8ACF-B453CB…)


Yah but she isn’t correcting her fans from thinking she did tho

No. 543443

File: 1522610167105.png (316.37 KB, 602x337, 2ca5183773c468f11267aa9537c391…)

this scares me

No. 543461

File: 1522611302736.png (443.84 KB, 929x596, 56d20473def215f47f8ef8a9b77eca…)

>When your fans draw your characters and put you to shame
Interesting to see her characters actually look human, though. Is this what Holly sees in her mind when she draws?

No. 543509

Okay yes he is from Heathers but it says so much about Holly that she would choose this character to draw and use that wording. She is such a fucking edge lord I hate her for making this seem quirky and her oh so dark humor. Fuck you Holly Brown if you’re reading this. Fuck you.

No. 543550


Idk I don’t remember slushees from the movie. Whatever the case, it’s bad taste. And crap art.

No. 543566


It's a pretty sensitive subject right now that she should not have touched, fictional or not.

No. 543600

Oh, I didnt care who it was, but what she wrote is pretty sensitive right now. Basically what this anon said >>543566

No. 543659

Theres a scene in the movie with slushies, but holly is basing this off of the musical which has a song about it. Its a stupid thing to post regardless.

No. 543698

>why is the main character of neo yokio in holly's animation?

No. 543701

Her lack of social tact is honestly making me more convinced that she's high-functioning autistic.

No. 543732

Dud holly just make this character black with pink hair for no reason?
Isn't FMA set in early 1900s alternative universe Germany?

No. 543759

It’s either autism and we shouldn’t be so tough or she’s got narcissistic tendencies that need to be addressed… and this is why we need good therapists. I’m stumped

No. 543762

In 03 the people of Liore were darker skinned than in Brotherhood. Holly most likely chose a random color than actually use a screenshot as reference

No. 543834

File: 1522634963006.png (196.11 KB, 995x1216, solarsands.png)

OT but Solar Sands is just as bad as Holly, if not worse. He goes out of his way to "crit" the easiest of targets with only the most bare minimum levels of knowlege. He's a grown ass man calling little kids' art shit when he's a total amateur himself.

No. 543838

Definitely shouldn't be talking about it here, but would an actual Solar Sands thread be too crazy? Wholeheartedly agree, worse than Holly imo.

No. 543864

I know it's super fun to take the piss out of Holly all the time but scolding her for drawing a fucking fictional character because of recent school shootings is stupid as fuck. She's allowed to draw whatever she wants. Stop being such sensitive pussies for the sake of trying to pick her apart lmao.

No. 543885

it's not so much that he's drawing him period it's more so (at least IMO) her intentional wording.
saying "i drew J.D. from heathers, what an edgelord" or some generic shit like that is different than something along the lines of "i drew a school shooter that's singing about slushies". it threw those anons who didn't realize it was J.D. off due to the recent events and that's precisely the intention of that wording. with what's been going on lately, you don't throw around the words "school shooter" lightly.

No. 543900

File: 1522640880812.png (393.44 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Thoughts? I thought the first drawing on the left was better than her usual stuff, but her "studies" are always so stylized.

No. 543904

put the smudges back asap

No. 543907

It’s because she’s an edgelord moron that wants to uwu school shooters not because people shouldn’t draw certain characters.

No. 543910

How can she learn anything by making her studies so stylized like that?

No. 543911

Yeah always too stylized, it inhibits her ability to study true anatomy. It is sort of improving? But there are so many glaring issues that she can’t expect to improve to a professional level.

No. 543917

File: 1522642030259.jpeg (22.01 KB, 460x366, 1826D4E2-2840-4D71-AFCD-926A55…)

She needs to put the tablet away and pick up some charcoal. There’s a reason it’s still used by almost everyone studying figures. I’ll help her make more fluid strokes and give a looser feel. It’s so damn fast, it’ll stop her from overthinking it. It’s also better for value studies.

She needs to practice traditional mediums more in general.

Her figures looks just like her comic drawings, which is not a compliment.

No. 543920

File: 1522642160237.jpeg (90.72 KB, 770x922, 38687EA3-B6C1-42E5-B7F2-BC275E…)

this is the level she should be at.

How are her teachers not addressing her fundamental flaws? She’s not practicing properly, just repeating the same mistakes over and over.

No. 543922

Cuz her school doesn't give a fuck, or else Holly would be complaining about them more.

No. 543925

File: 1522642398129.png (1.17 MB, 940x1384, Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 21.1…)

lol why is she so upset about this when they're trolling her

No. 543948

She has autism, ofc she can't understand a joke.

No. 543986

Every time she calls her cat "Expresso" I legitimately go full autismo.

No. 543991

File: 1522649125470.jpg (48.96 KB, 446x570, aL3QSWJ.jpg)

To be fair, it's of course worlds better than Holly's art, but I can't help but see a familiar face….

No. 544020

It’s online art school, what do you expect?

No. 544039

Oh look, he actually looks buff for once.

Give me a break, I don't like Holly either but you're being ridiculous. J.D. is a pretty popular character, and the fact that he's a complete psychopath is played for comedy in the musical too. If reading the word "school shooter" upsets you it's time for an internet break.

No. 544045


nah. they're fine. maybe it's you who needs the break.


once she graduates she's definitely gonna lord her online degree over all of us. That'll sure show us. /s

No. 544052

I've only ever listened to about ten minutes of her and yet twice i've heard her say she already has the degree and then kind of vaguely correct it to 'doing' the degree

No. 544059

That's pretty funny since art is one of the few fields where a degree actually doesn't make a difference. The only real reason anybody should go to art school is so that they can develop their skills and make connections. Unfortunately I doubt Holly did either at online art school.

No. 544060

I think she also said she had a degree when she was applying to some art jobs on twitter.

No. 544112


your autism is showing, anon.

btw i think the pic of JD on the left is actually one of the better pieces holly has done. the one on the right sucks though.

No. 544133

She can't see the shapes properly. She just draws what she thinks it looks like instead of what it actually looks like. It's a huge flaw and the reason why her studies always look bad.

No. 544148

>consistent full coverage
oh sis…

No. 544170

but on top of that she doesn't look at what is actually on the page. For example she often (actually almost always) leaves off the ends of legs and arms where they cross behind something. like how the leg stops at the arm in this one >>543900 You could say that's fine in this situation but it's typical for her

No. 544172

18:17 Kevin MacLeod? MacLeeoid? Why can't she pronounce words?

No. 544189

One of her videos about "how to use reference" she literally said to look at your reference for five seconds, put it away, and then draw. Which is not what you're supposed to do with references lmfaooo

No. 544191

File: 1522680537138.png (940.9 KB, 750x1334, 3C861593-D9E1-42BA-9784-A96B7D…)

The collapsed skull of the woman holding the baby and the wonky bottles.

No. 544192

File: 1522680584290.jpeg (47.51 KB, 317x350, 18949E2A-8A93-4512-928C-004FAF…)

What even is this expression?

No. 544194

Holly’s anatomy is still so bad and those poses are very stiff.
Also I wish that Holly would get a little zap after typing or saying “Idk”. We all know that you have no idea what you’re doing or saying. I know it’s a nit pick so sage this I guess but Holly just doesn’t seem to have any self awareness.

No. 544209

honestly id love a thread for solarsands

No. 544211

Her mouth is trying to escape this mess.

No. 544213

You should make a thread. I personally would also follow it.

I was going to say that was not a woman holding a baby but her character Simon but then again I guess it could also be Simon's mom since Holly essentially used the same character design for both of them.

No. 544247

File: 1522686120917.jpeg (22.67 KB, 209x222, 1F1A38E9-2345-48E8-BB3C-928DEF…)

Guys what the fuck. This is middle school level AT BEST. How can she be proud of this crap. Also the hand holding pens is so wrong and painful to look at.

No. 544273

The hand holding the pens is actually a decoration. I have one of them on my desk that I got from Ross and it holds my paintbrushes.

No. 544283

I don't know who this is but I want to read the milk so I'm requesting a thread

No. 544303

Same Anon, I would try if I wasn't such a goddamn n00b

No. 544342

I don't know if Solar Sands is milky enough for his own thread, but there is a thread on /ot/ for miscellaneous youtube artists >>>/ot/233156

No. 544351

Hey everyone, just caught up on all the threads. I've kind of disliked HC for a while but reading all of this in one go made me realize just how insufferable she actually is.
Also, on the topic of TV Paint: that thing she said about the student version (which costs less than half the regular one) not allowing 4K exports is a blatant lie. There is no difference between the commercial Pro version and the student Pro version, only the price (that's the whole point). She's making people give her more than twice the money she needs. I don't know if she's trying to scam people or if she's just really dumb. Either is very likely.

No. 544371

There’s the possibility that her school is not allowed to the discount code and she’s too ashamed to admit it

No. 544383

File: 1522695487283.png (210.48 KB, 568x429, geniush.png)

That was about the difference between the regular version and the pro version though, there are student discounts for both.

She finally figured out that the student discount exists though, either because she lurks or because someone who actually bothered to visit the TVPaint website told her.

No. 544387

File: 1522695901916.png (128.39 KB, 235x297, jd hand.PNG)


That fuckin' hand tho

No. 544392


Is there any proof she’s even in school? Her assignments are always jacked.

No. 544420

Does Holly not know what black people look like?

No. 544421

Why does she hate her image for potential employers and fans so much? She always speaks and acts unprofessional, looks down on other innocent companies and artists, and does easy to mistake things like this. As someone who has never seen Heathers, I thought that she had drawn Dylan Klebold fanart, which is a shit image to have towards anyone who is interested in her art

No. 544496


Does Holly know what ANY people look like?

No. 544515

I've seen worse assignments from people in art school. The thing with art school is that you get out what you put in to it. From her videos, it sounds like Holly is just going to school to please her adoptive mother so it's not surprising that her assignments look as if there isn't much effort put into them

No. 544529


It'll be interesting to see what she ends up doing after everything is all said and done with school.

No. 544837

File: 1522724975718.png (144.92 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Meh. I grew up with rich kids so i can understand how they can be annoying, but really?? This is why she claims getting a degree online is better? Clearly her online classes aren't helping her imrove.

No. 544848

Girl, not everyone is like that at art school…Going to an on-campus school helps get better critique skills, hands on help/experience, and getting connections with your future work mates. Unless you're someone who can self-teach efficiently, then don't go. It's not necessary to attend art school, but it's a good experience. Also, there are portfolio/other scholarships, Holly….

No. 544904

Interesting subject to bring up right after we mentioned it.

No. 544913


It really feels like she lurks lol. Been quite a few things she's mentioned right after bringing them up here.

The only reason I sometimes think she doesn't know is that if she does, she handles it relatively well? I feel like she would've named or referenced us directly by now since she overshares

No. 544961

ugh this is so bad! how is it possible shes been drawing this long and still hasn't improved at all? i mean i get it hands are hard to draw, seriously its an art meme, but common this is so bad

No. 544984


How would she know you can learn it all online when she can’t do professional work? How does she have such a high opinion of her work? If she actually went to school, maybe she’d be humbled.

Also I have plenty of rich friends, artistic types too. They’re just people. Like regular human beings. Not some weird mythical archetype. Has she ever spoken to a human outside of her family? Does she have any irl friends?

No. 544989

Honestly she has no friends. She thinks too highly of herself to see her flaws. She will improve at the slowest rate possible and with forever wonky anatomy.

No. 545167

File: 1522761362948.png (149.7 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Holly always does this thing where she talks shit about fine art and praises illustration. Im totally biased because i love both, but i get tired of her complaining about it. Shes crazy if she thinks her work is better than other fine artists

No. 545194

Wait, she went to a real art school at some point? I assumed that she never went after the Calarts rant, anyone know which one it was? (sorry, slight newfag to her)
Why is she bitching about rich kids taking art anyway? I went to a private school during sixth form, and there was literally only 1 other person at that school taking A level art with me, art is the least popular subject with rich people, so I doubt there were that many at her most likely no name university

No. 545219

I think she’s talking about the fine arts high school she went to, not sure.

No. 545230

She went to a on campus college her freshmen year, i forgot which one tho

No. 545232

She went to MCAD for one year.

No. 545235

First year of every school is not indicative for somebody’s behaviour. One can start school with an idea of the artist they want to be and end up being the opposite, there are lots of variables. But she can’t know this, she left everything hard behind her back and found comfort in her own room in which she’s the best artist and doesn’t have to compete with anybody.
What’s ironic is that she thinks rich dudes were entitled while she totally wasn’t. Look in a damn mirror, holly.

No. 545239

I think she also tried to excuse her leaving as the tuition was too much, even though the school tells you how much you'll be paying over the time you're there as well as scholarship opportunities. I think she didn't like having to actually push herself.

No. 545248

But gaiz don’t you know, Holly is so great she was accepted into CalArts and didn’t bother going cuz her online degree is just fine cuz she’s already teh best~ So skilled~

No. 545362

File: 1522782493228.png (1.04 MB, 640x1136, 4C55C009-8A2A-462E-BF2D-33B336…)

Nice pig nose, holy.

No. 545367

Could she not have changed the angle of her jaw so it would make a bit more sense?

No. 545412

File: 1522785522107.jpg (291.02 KB, 640x1136, mol.jpg)

Yes and no
If the nose wasn't at such an extreme angle, she could have gotten away with just an higher/rounder chin line. Even deleting the line entirely would have helped.
But the nose is seen almost completely from below. Leaving aside real anatomy, here's what it should look like IMO.
Because if you're going to tilt your head or look at somebody from below, all of the face is foreshortened.
I raised the nose, made it slightly smaller, skewed the head and raised her mouth, as well. The chin is not really visible and I played with the shadow to give more of a "raised head" look.
I don't want claps, and please don't insult me, I think this counts as redlining and it's supposedly not against the rules.
I'm in no way shape or form wanting to "brag", this is just HER stuff with a couple touch ups.

saged, of course.

No. 545442

Exactly! As soon as I saw it I could tell instantly Holly has three, four tops, head angles she knows how to draw but clearly she has no grasp of the actually dimensions of a head! She’s high school level anime artist at best. Her coloring isn’t too bad tbh, still more beginner mistakes but jfc how can she call herself professional

No. 545443

The barrel of that rifle looks like it's curved and sloping down. If she were to fire that thing it would shoot into the ground. She can't be bothered to throw down a straight line for a guide so she doesn't make amateur mistakes like this? Oh right, this is Holly we're talking about.

No. 545503

god, i thought this was one of her better pieces recently but seeing these corrections makes it so obvious what was wrong with it. you don't want claps, but this looks way better man.

also, anyone else think she looks like hawkeye from fma in this?

No. 545517

That rifle is so jagged and honestly that's an achievement considering she used photoshop, a program that has SO many tools to help you draws things not jagged. Guess she's now too good to use a ruler as well?

No. 545551

Lol, is she implying that everyone at art school is rich?

The parts of the rifle are shaded like they go into different directions, and who holds a gun like that?

No. 545612

She'll trace skulls, badly, but wont trace a gun?

No. 545733

where is her left thumb?
WTF is this right hand? I mean what does it hold? and how jagged is it?
WTF is this scope???
that random pocket in the middle of the jacket.
Oh my.

No. 545899

o shit kek I didn’t realize there was a random pocket in the middle of her jacket until you brought it up, had a good lol gj holly

No. 545973

There's a good chance she lost her scholarship after the first year due to bad grades or due to the fact that the scholarship only covered one year to begin with.

No. 545975

Chances are she frankensteined and traced the shit out of that gun. There is no other way someone can mess up perspective that badly!

No. 545983

sorry, that's nonsense. If that were the case at least the lines within individual parts would be straight, and the parts would actually resemble parts of a gun. it's just a person's vague guess at what makes up a gun (tube with some random tubes and flat bits) drawn in wonky freehand by a person who can't see what they're drawing. Have a look at her other drawings and you'll see that messing up supposed-to-be-parallel lines this badly is typical for her. The hands probably are traced though.

Obviously it's hideous but I'm still surprised that aside from bad technique she doesn't seem to have basic adult capacity for logic. She drew a hand as if it were holding a grip, but this never caused her to think that the gun should have a grip for the hand to grip on. She looks and sees a hand gripping air and thinks "Hmmm. Yeah I guess"

No. 545992


i know the fucked up gun structure is blowing everybody's minds, but what bothers me as much is how she colored the gun. it looks like it's made out of rubber! and the perspective of the gun doesn't even make sense! how hard is it to go to google images and put random gun keywords, holly?!!!!!

No. 545994

Not necessarily. The way Holly traces she just lowers the opacity and then freehands over the image. That's why her figures still look weird even when she traces digital art dolls for the pose.

No. 546111

I agree with the other anon that it's too bad to be traced tbh. Also she might as well have looked up a picture of someone holding a gun then, instead of whatever is happening with her hands.

No. 546117

Maybe she did, but… as she’s teaching others “look at your ref and then forget about it”

No. 546203

It makes sence if she traced it… but it's more likely that she used 99999 different references, cut out the "best parts" and cobbled them together to make THAT. This is why you can see both ears, why the gun looks like a blind man made it, why the hands look how they look etc.

No. 546211

She probably searched gun or rifle on google for some refs, looked at a couple images for 10 seconds, and then closed out of the window and started drawing.

No. 546245

File: 1522866594223.jpg (87.25 KB, 1300x957, female-police-officer-swat-bla…)

It took me literally less than a minute to find a picture that's almost the exact same pose but un-fucked. I feel like this might have been her ref.

No. 546262

yeah - and to me this confirms the "briefly looked at reference" theory

No. 546271

It also explains the strange pocket in the middle of the jacket. I don't think Holly realized that the pocket was on a vest instead of the jacket itself (since there's no indication in her drawing that her character is wearing anything other than a jacket).

No. 546281

Not a guns person, but is that even the right gun for the era, it doesn't seem so, lmao.

No. 546294

lol yes that's definitely it. This makes so much more sense, as the WHOLE gun is facing us and it's on perspective. Holly's just laying flat, like if it's on its profile, while the glass…is it called target? is facing us.
Also yes, in that picture the girl has a raised head. Holly thought she could get away without foreshortening just by upturning the nose.

No. 546353

Holly shit! She literally can't even trace a single stock photo???
No wonder she can't complete the 2 second long FMA animation!

No. 546408

File: 1522875638109.png (63.73 KB, 1176x244, Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 13.5…)

Or maybe if you're starting out digital, you could spend 100$ on an intuos or the pro and even then…some pros still use those and instead of cintiqs. The iPad was made so that people who had the extra money could draw digitally outside their home, which I thought what Holly wanted?? Except instead outside, she goes to her bed or living room…

No. 546420

Did she just call herself a pro? Or I'm getting it twisted

No. 546424

no. the ipad pro is the name of the product

No. 546427

"however for pros"
isn't she referring to herself here?

No. 546428

“For pros who are used to photoshop”, anon was referring to this

No. 546447

She's definitely calling herself a pro

No. 546456

>Perfect for highschool age artists
>800+ expense
No fucking way lmao. Like OP said, even some pros working in major studios prefer the intuos because your hand doesn't cover the drawing. Hell, some pros prefer the iPad because of mobility and honestly, being able to draw on the toilet is pretty neat if you have the extra cash, but beginners should just buy a used bamboo or sth.

Pretty sure she did.

No. 546457

Tbh she always does. She’s a professional at everything she tries, or at least she claims to be a professional in everything she tries to do.

No. 546460

she's gonna be known as the half-assed professional in the industry, if she ever gets into the industry

No. 546467

I seriously hope she doesn’t make it, it would be an insult to everybody who actually give a fuck, work are not complete assholes

No. 546524

I want her to break into the industry.
It was a long time ago when i could laugh at really badly drawn comics.
I miss Rob Liefeld.

No. 546660

God I fucking hope Holly makes it to the industry so pros can laugh at her face. She'd definitely be the next Leifeld

No. 546671

imagine her in dailies with them lol. She'll be quiet af cuz of how intimidated she'll be. I feel like there'd be a whole lot of silence

No. 546815

I kind of disagree. Since the new iPad is Apple Pencil compatible I really would recommend it as a entry level tablet for beginners mostly due to its versitality if the user decides later that art really isn’t for them.
If you are more of a serious digital artist looking to upgrade though I would reccomend saving for a cintiq or buying a non Wacom tablet like Huion.
I know that this probably won’t be the most popular opinion but I feel like screenless tablets are a bit outdated at this point. The learning curve can be a bit demotivating to new artists and if you are actually a professional most companies will give you a screen tablet to work with.

No. 546827

It makes me pretty sad when people shit on Leifeld. The guy had so much potential but he got lazy when he became famous. Holly on the other hand never showed half the potential of Leifeld.

No. 546834

File: 1522911183197.jpg (181.29 KB, 1242x1234, emq82amnqxo01.jpg)

I'm not a huge fan of him myself but at least he doesn't take himself too seriously. You gotta give him credit for that. Holly will block you the instant you criticize her.

No. 546837

A lot of pros even in illustration use non screen tablets because they're easily portable, more ergonomic in a lot of cases and as mentioned before you won't block the screen with your hand while drawing. It's personal preference, and honestly I feel like people are buying cintiqs now just to seem better and more dedicated than they actually are.

Saged like a mofo.

No. 546839

I prefer the no screen tablet because the texture is different, at least on mine it is, and also I’m really accustomed to looking straight forward at my actual screen, not down at where my hand is. Idk personal preference I guess sage

No. 546844

That is true, but I doubt any parent would spend that much on their kid when all of a sudden they wanna do digital art and then quit to use it as a regular tablet, which isn't the parent's intention when they invested in such a large sum of money. Also, there's better programs for painting on the computer with trial versions where you dont have to spend $1k for a tablet to just test out if you wanna continue digital art or not. As for the no screen thing, if its demotivating, then they didnt really care in the first place.

No. 546847

I honestly prefer a tablet with a screen because I'm used to working traditionally and its uncomfortable for me to look up and not down at my work. I really don't use it because I think I'm better than anyone else. Its necessity.

No. 546851

shut the fuck up! i don't care what you use! i want to see the cow's poops!!

No. 546853

Then quit your bitching and provide something useful if it bothers you so much.

No. 546854

Well it’s not like we have any milk until Holly releases the video.

On a positive note it looks like Holly has a pretty good relationship with her adoptive mom going off the fortune cookie tweet she posted. I’m genuinely happy for her.

No. 546863

>shut up you’re not contributing anything!
>contributes nothing

Way to go

No. 546864

Is it Holly? kek

No. 547077

Basically agree with >>546837, I recently upgraded to a screen tablet and it's not all that. Afaik, Holly has never used a good non-screen tablet extensively and went straight from traditional to a cintiq, so it's not like she can do a real comparison. She just assumes that screen = better and necessary.

No. 547091

Hope we don't get yelled at for going off topic but a screen drawing tablet is going to be better than non-screen drawing tablet. The whole point of a drawing tablet is to make the digital art creation process closer to the traditional art creation process and screen drawing tablets do this better. While I can understand there are artists out there who enjoy working with a non screen tablet because they are used to it now, a newbie getting into the digital art business would probably benefit more investing in screen tablet since there are cheaper alternatives to wacom out there now that make buying a screen tablet so much more affordable.

No. 547112

It might just be personal preference, had a better time with screen tablet than I did any other

No. 547117


It may make the digital art creation process closer to traditional, but that doesn't make it better for digital. Spent over a year with a non-Wacom screen tablet before switching to intuos for space reasons, but no regrets. A lot of the cheaper screen tablets are unable to use tilt brushes, have bad colors, have bad customer support, software compatibility issues, etc. I've noticed no difference in my output or quality after switching, either.

That said, some people genuinely do better with visual feedback from a screen tablet. It's just not necessary for everyone

No. 547147

File: 1522951406049.jpg (157.41 KB, 720x735, 20180405_200239.jpg)

good luck then

No. 547153

Pfff good luck with that. As someone who lives there, it's expensive af and given that her income is all over the place, she'll have hard time managing rent out here.

No. 547155

Yes because they will totally hire you if you move

No. 547163

Maybe she'll go outside more in California. She won't have her mother and family, maybe this will be a good thing for her, going ino the real world.

No. 547168

>going outside ever

No. 547173

lol you're right

No. 547187

File: 1522952565682.jpeg (178.33 KB, 640x497, C4703383-2D36-4466-A553-65A9E9…)

I can’t believe that after all that time she completed this crap without noticing how horrible it is.

No. 547214

it looks like someone put a doll on a toy horse lmao, he looks too small

No. 547216

File: 1522953524700.jpg (83.32 KB, 907x617, hourse.jpg)

bigger pic

No. 547217


Ooohhhh my god as if moving to California is going to solve her problems. She’s beyond fuckig delusional lmao

No. 547223

…but the horse is better than the actual figure… the fact that something she hardly ever draws is far better than something she's been drawing for years (aka a fricken human) gives me doubt as to how far she actually drew it herself and didn't just trace

No. 547228

she drew the tail at least because it's the same as the fish-dude's hair

No. 547231

The horse is not traced, the legs are too fucked off and the anatomy of the chest is non existent. The horse and the man have different perspectives though so I can see how you would think she traced.
The fact is that she thinks she knows human figure so well she doesn’t really need references, while she’s aware she doesn’t know how q horse is made so maybe she looked longer at the ref.

No. 547232

What goals tho??

No. 547237

Become a professional animator, of course. Most animation studios are there.

No. 547238

The horse looks much better than the dude lmao, oh Holly. Plus horses aren't that large.

She's going to be broke so fast, and far away from any support system she has. I doubt she has the sense to try job-hunting before she moves out.

No. 547241

File: 1522954105382.jpeg (116.66 KB, 351x496, 2DA1F469-057D-4A52-83E0-F6EC63…)

Studios would fight to get, she’s so talented and everything she does is so dynamic and for fuck’s sake another mitten hand

No. 547247

File: 1522954413771.png (1.24 MB, 640x1136, F412754C-88FE-4656-A774-C514F3…)

It’s also hilarious that she posts this screen cap with “beautiful american cheerleader” ignoring the fact these are made on purpose and that if she wanted to shit on the drawings… that girl has the same nose as her KC main character.

I’m not saging because it’s stuff from her Twitter.

No. 547260

tfw you put shadows everywhere but your art still looks flat

No. 547307

File: 1522957933483.png (584.45 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

am I the only one who doesn't think the horse is better? Look at this shit. Thats not how horse tails look like.

No. 547323

File: 1522958923601.jpg (79.25 KB, 480x796, IMG_20180405_145924_229.JPG)

Probably because it's miles better than your "actual" work, Holly.

No. 547326

File: 1522959053296.jpeg (204.17 KB, 1200x833, DZvvjRbUMAAZb6K.jpeg)

Bigger pic. Still not quite good enough. Upper right looks really flat where it shouldn't be.

No. 547330

thanks for the fucking reposts

No. 547347

I’m not sure what you’re trying to say, but horses typically weigh anywhere from 1200 - 2000 lbs. If anything the horse should be larger, but I think she made the mistake of treating the figures separately when they should be treated as a single unit following the same line of action (from an artistic and physics standpoint; horses exert a tremendous amount of force to hurdle themselves through the air and a rider experiences every bit of that as well.) If she had referenced an image of a horse and rider jumping she would know this, but in all likelihood she did what she always does and said “I know how to draw people,” and then only referenced a horse to slap it underneath. Probably an unsaddled reference image because no saddle anywhere ever actually looks like that.

But that’s just what she does. >>547326 she draws a shitty human figure the way she “knows” how to draw and THEN tries to fit a human skull inside of it, as if she was actually referencing human bone structure. Ultimately the skull itself ends up looking fucked because she doesn’t realize she’s working ass-backwards on literally everything she does.

No. 547349

File: 1522960825380.jpg (203.81 KB, 1300x1130, horse-show-jumping-27446276.jp…)

I guess his body is throwing me off but he doesn't seem the right size in relation to the horse, is what I mean. It varies but a human head is not this tiny in relation.

No. 547352

The main reason why people think the horse looks ok is because there is a lot more wiggle room when it comes to drawing animals than when it comes to drawing humans.

No. 547367

File: 1522962151497.jpg (256.02 KB, 1456x1031, H0GrFzp.jpg)

I see Holly went to the Hajime Isayama school of horse drawing.

No. 547376

Horses are significantly larger than men and it annoys me when people draw giant men on horses, but this man looks too tiny on this horse. Can't critique the horse cause I suck as drawing animals myself, but from a glance this horse looks too large.

No. 547398

File: 1522963491116.png (480.73 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


No. 547400

Useless information but as of average, a horse head is two human heads long.
Also yes she fucked up the stirrups in a way I can’t understand. If she stopped a minute to think what that thing was and how it worked, or if she actually fucking googled somebody riding a horse, maybe she wouldn’t have put the fucking HEEL in the stirrup.