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No. 888492

Holly BRown is a bad artist, YouTuber, webcomic author, and fujoshi popular with edgy children for her "no bullshit" attitude despite not accepting any criticism.

She believes she's known for two webcomics:
Purgatory, her oldest and worst comic, about two gay teens in a cult with lots of rape: https://tapas.io/series/Purgatory
Paranormal Plague, whose most-drawn character hasn't been introduced, with rape DLC: https://tapas.io/series/Paranormalplague

She also wrote Chroma Prince, a Patreon-only NSFW yaoi comic about alien sex slaves. She only did 4 pages before shutting down her Patreon.

She's actually most known for ranting about the CalArts admissions process being unfair even though she was DEFINITELY accepted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TB90iDxOcIg

WEBSITE (currently deleted): https://www.hollycbrown.com/
(OLD) https://www.youtube.com/user/hollyistotallycool
(NEW): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnPk2t3AcJJzPX5qshKMwSw
(ART): https://www.instagram.com/hcbrownart/
(PERSONAL): https://www.instagram.com/hollybrownprivate/
(LASER BUSINESS): https://www.instagram.com/razorlasercustoms/
(FOOT FETISH): https://www.instagram.com/feetfootstomping/
TWITTER (privated): https://twitter.com/HCBrownart
TUMBLR (currently deleted): http://bullshitshitpostmainaccount.tumblr.com/
Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1802876351/purgatory-print-copies
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/hollybrown

In the last thread:

>Went silent for a while after San Japan, only posting new shitty redraws of Purgatory on her Tapas and the occasional Instagram post/story

>Returned to Twitter, but her Tweets are locked and she put in her bio that she will block anyone who tries to follow her
>Posted on IG how she is “busy” with work and packing Kickstarter rewards, even though no one has posted online about getting their items and Holly constantly lies about how much she works to get sympathy points.
>Hinted at making new merch for her store, and later revealed that she’s making shitty mugs that no one asked for
>Finished Purgatory, which had the most shitty climax and the most abrupt ending (but she still hasn’t sent out rewards)
>Returned in a big way by posting two live streams where she cried about how her life is shit and threw a giant pity party for herself. Her stupid followers gave her asspats (and even suggested she go into sex work) during said live stream, and they also harassed a commenter who asked about $70 worth of merch from her Etsy that they ordered a year ago. Holly eventually acknowledged the customer by telling them to just open a dispute and she’d refund them. She has since put these streams on private.
>Claimed that she’s working 3 jobs: The Disney Store, a coffee shop, and a Ford factory, though she is probably lying about the latter two and is only working at the Disney Store.
>Got her Etsy shops suspended, and opened a new store on Shopify instead of trying to reopen her Etsy. She now has to pay $30 a month to keep her shop open.
>Began uploading pages for the Purgatory Epilogue on her Tapas, even though it was a Kickstarter Exclusive
>Made the new Purgatory books available on Amazon, even though she has yet to send out all the Kickstarter rewards, giving her backers a huge slap in the face.
>Did a live stream on IG where she sat in her car of her work’s parking lot, complaining about having to work, mentioned how she’s purposefully doing s shit job to get herself fired, and talked about how she’s applying for a graphic design job. She ultimately didn’t get the position. She also confirmed on this live stream that she sold her laser after San Japan.
>Went on a commission livestream where she rambled about how Inktober is a waste of time and supplies, how white people don’t like black fills, and about how much “Etsy sucks”
>Made a video for the first time in forever, where she talks about making designs for pencil cases and makes a crappy design with art supplies and a rando cat.
>Made a video about how to format comics in KDP, even though the process would be much easier if she wasn’t too stubborn to use Clip Studio Paint
>Quit one of her jobs and announced she was going to make mental health tip videos on Skillshare in another attempt to get-rich-quick. She backpedaled after her fans told her it wasn’t a good idea, but she continued to ask her followers what kind of lessons they would be interested in for her Skillshare.
>Made an announcement on her Kickstarter that if she doesn’t finish packing all the rewards by the end of November, she’s just going to refund the orders she didn’t get to. Her dumbass followers then commented that she doesn’t have to refund them and to just take their money as donations.
>Uploaded Sketch Rambles Episode 2, where she talks about watching financial guru videos and how she has a Professor Venomous fetish with some hints of daddy kink. She also showed off her sweatshirt sleeves that were encrusted with snot and tears from her last streams.
>Finally showed her books for Purgatory, but the cover matches up with the ones on Amazon instead of the ones on Kickstarter. It is likely that she had Amazon print the books, then she bought the Amazon copies to send to her backers.
>Posted stories about her excitement that MCR is back together and is gonna go on tour, complaining about how she’s too poor to go, but then shows off buying the Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star palette.
>Announced that she’s doing ANOTHER (the third) redraw for Paranormal Plague and she’s relaunching the comic in January 2020.
>Finished uploading all the Purgatory pages on her Tapas, officially ending the comic. She then announced that she is now gonna focus on Paranormal Plague for the next 5 years, estimating that it’ll be about 15-20 volumes.
>Posted on her story a comment that criticized her for focusing on making new merch and redrawing Paranormal Plague instead of focusing on sending out Kickstarter rewards that have been delayed for 8 months. Holly responded super passive aggressively and complained about how she needs a life outside of just sending out awards.

Previous threads:

No. 888502

File: 1572825667630.png (445.93 KB, 483x917, Unbenannt.png)

…somebody knows what she means by that?

No. 888508

huevember maybe? She's done it in the past and this looks like an empty colour wheel to me.

No. 888514


Huevember? Lol, 10 hour shifts my ass.

No. 888521

The new thread pic is pure perfection, 10/10 OP

No. 888525

OP pic is perfect.

lmao welp. I guess I'm not surprised.

No. 888539

File: 1572832347663.png (2.81 MB, 1800x863, C43F64C5-8DEF-4E15-A943-460E4B…)


It’s not even Halloween season anymore! It’s like she can’t function if she isn’t making pointless crap. Can you imagine what she could accomplish if she spent as much time working actual jobs as she does trying to peddle her OC shit?

No. 888541

does anyone have the link to her shopify? I tried googling it, but it seems it may have already been taken down

No. 888542

No. 888548


Am I seeing things or is she selling this thing for naught?

No. 888550

File: 1572834960314.png (1.17 MB, 1934x1502, holly's-ass.png)

Why is she selling this for free?? Especially considering how much she bitches about being poor as fuck

No. 888557

Is sabotaging your life like this a bipolar thing? It's just so weird how she cries about being poor and wanting to kill herself and then wasting what pennies she does have on shit that won't sell the next.

No. 888572

A brief google search and some experience with a bipolar relative point to yes. It’s a part of the manic half of bipolar, a tendency to make impulsive/poor decisions. I’m not surprised if she was diagnosed with it.

No. 888575

Someone in the last thread said she was diagnosed recently, but I'm not sure when.
She does alternate between wanting to do lots of projects and buy new things, and then feeling suicidal and like everyone hates her

No. 888585

She has been pretty depresso for several months, so maybe she is cycling into a manic phase now? But she seems to make terrible decisions regardless of how she's feeling, which I guess is just ignorance/lack of life experience.

No. 888586

Looks like the huevember color wheel with two hues for each block instead of one. She’s tried huevember before but gave up after day 2, so don’t expect this to be done without a ton of bitching/artist “advice” along the way.

No. 888589

she probably messed up the pricing when posting it and forgot to check it or something similar. she’s pretty bad about not double-checking things and ending up w/ dumb mistakes. (again, why do any of her fans try to buy things from her, knowing how absolutely unorganized and disjointed both her schedules and priorities are? i can’t remember the last time she stuck to a single deadline she’s ever made, assuming she has at least ONCE.)

No. 888611

Hey you actually used the title I suggested, nice!
OP pic is the best.
If this is huevember I can't wait to see all 2 colors posted before she promptly gets bored. As always she's working on a ton of shit, anything BUT what she is supposed to be doing.

No. 888618

It's now 10 USD. Either she noticed, someone told her, or she still lurks.

Her behavior is pretty much in line with bipolar, along with her sudden uptick and promising to get her life together. Bipolar can easily ruin your life if you don't keep it in check, she should get on a treatment plan ASAP.

No. 888619

Well if she was officially diagnosed wouldn't she get something perscribed?

No. 888627

It's probably like pretty much all mental disorders where you need the meds AND therapy to really get better. I highly doubt she puts any effort into therapy, assuming she goes.

No. 888634

Some meds for depression make bipolar worse too. it’s definitely one that takes more than meds to “cure”

No. 888635

I don’t believe she got diagnosed. She said she had depression and seeing a doctor but I clearly remember her buying drugs to self medicate and suggesting her audience (made of kids) to do the same. She probably googled something about bipolar and thought it was fitting. There’s no way she was diagnosed and she’s not having a therapy. Meds help you mediate the two phases, and she’s not stable at all.

No. 888638

This is the stream where she mentions bipolar (no timestamp, sorry). According to anons a few threads ago she talked about her diagnosis and being put on mood stabilisers. Apparently during a manic phase she banged a bunch of dudes on tinder. She's a compulsive liar so who know how much of any of that is true. This was also around the time of the "broken" laser shit.

No. 888644

>she banged a bunch of dudes on tinder
Press X to fucking doubt

No. 888663


She's delusional.

No. 888772

I mean, even if you get diagnosed properly, no one can force you to continue taking your meds and get your prescription refilled, and like the other anon said you really need therapy to learn how to manage yourself.

She talks about it for quite a while, specifics start around 10:15. Some stuff I found noteworthy:

>Got diagnosed with bipolar I, but doesn't really understand the difference between I and II yet.

>"idk I thought bipolar meant you were just super productive and then you wanna die"
>"for me mania just feels like just feeling very confident, I can't really tell if I'm really happy or manic"
>Mentions being worried she'll become "boring and shitty" from being on mood stabilizers
>Chalks quitting her job up to her mania even though she was already diagnosed and now thinks it was stupid, she just couldn't stop herself.

I kinda buy her bender, dudes on Tinder hardly care that much as long as you're alive, have a vag and are willing to put out, and she's probably desperate for validation.

No. 888777

Also she very specifically says she's on Lithium around 28:30.

No. 888840

File: 1572896460816.png (752.42 KB, 640x1136, EF8A55D0-0657-47B3-8A82-2BBF03…)


No. 888843

they don't owe you anything if you're the one who couldn't be assed to write down your PayPal correctly, holy shit.

No. 888845

Still making plans with money she doesn't even have in her hands yet, guess that wasn't a lesson she learned from her Kickstarter then!

No. 888857

hasn't she done her skillshare tuorial years ago? Why is she expecting them to do something she couldn't be arsed to correct in time, now? The money was sent sooo long ago.

No. 888946

I like how she's so desperate for money that she's trying to get cash from something that happened a long time ago. Wasn't this year(s) ago because she couldn't bother to type correctly? Nice one Holly BRown. I wonder if she's even going to try skillshare now that she's mad at them. Holly is burning through all her options so quickly and it's mostly because she can't be an adult for two seconds and get organized.

No. 888954

File: 1572906029570.jpeg (913.51 KB, 1125x1992, 906C8A12-A371-449D-BAA8-858647…)

She’s still planning to do it

No. 888955

Holly, you think all your ideas are great until it’s revealed they’re not profitable. Watch her submit maybe two classes then quit to focus on another project that’ll get her nowhere.

No. 888957

bipolar mania can actually make you super productive and happy, ofc the dumb decisions thing happens too.
even if she got diagnosed it's just her own personality that she can't make buyable merch or improve her own art or finish the KS for that matter,
i don't see a cycle tbh, she's making poor decisions and talking about death all the time

No. 888967

Correct, and the manic spending/impulsive decisions would really only happen during a manic episode - and if she’s on the right meds, right dosage, it shouldnt be happening at all. I’m not so sure about this diagnosis, she doesn’t seem to have the cycles and honestly from all of her videos there hasn’t been one video or one livestream where she was speaking so fast you can’t understand her. If you’ve ever talked to someone who was manic i guarantee you’d be able to notice because they talk so fast you can’t follow their train of thought.

No. 888969

File: 1572907532004.png (2.48 MB, 1242x2208, 3064D984-31FA-47E0-A6A7-7309D0…)

I’m sure she thought this was a cute idea but she technically can’t sell food right? I’m not entirely sure on how that works, even if it’s the powdered packaged stuff. But who would want food that sat for god only knows how long in her pigsty of a room?

No. 888971

Aaand food thats pretty cheap that anyone can get at walmart? Its a bad idea Hols. Most of your ideas are bad. It would help if she had someone she could run her ideas by and they could try to talk her out of it

No. 888979

he letters and numbers looks really close to the font you get on instant noodles, maybe that's just me. But yeah, I don't think she's supposed to sell food? Maybe if it's factory sealed it's fine.

No. 888987

That is interesting because not only is lithium a mood stabiliser, it's known to actively reduce suicidal thoughts and ideation. (I'm not bp but I went through an intensely suicidal phase some years ago; got put on lithium and it helped tremendously /blogpost). Either she's not taking her meds/lithium specifically, or the suicidebaiting shit is just a reflex at this point and she tosses it out there regardless of how shes feeling to be manipulative. As soon as she claimed she wasn't going to share about her mental health anymore she immediately seemed happier and was posting more, so….

No. 889192

iirc she said she didn't want to take her meds because she was afraid she would become a normie?

No. 889218

I hope that's not true because if it is she's even fucking stupider than I thought. Being a "normie" (which medication doesn't even do, like wtf does that even mean?) is preferable to actively destroying your own life and feeling like shit every single day, but ok Holls.

No. 889232

Because apparently being mentally ill means you're speshul in Hollyland, or something like that? JFC

No. 889240

>if she’s on the right meds, right dosage
>implying Holly would proactively work with a psychiatrist to find the right meds over a long period of time
>implying Holly wouldn't just go off her meds as soon as she thinks ~it's not working~ instead of trying alternatives

Unlike other anons I can kind of see a pattern of her getting hyper-focused on a new project (her animation, purgatory, the laser cutter, the printing press etc), then failing at it, becoming depressed, dropping it, vowing to change and repeating it. Mania isn't always the same, could also be a misdiagnosis but getting a diagnosis does not in any way mean you're going to get better, you have to make a sustained effort which Holly is historically bad at.

No. 889255

If she were diagnosed with severe enough BPD could she get support through disability? Like, it’s been 6 months now since she started applying to jobs, she should have found one she can at least tolerate. Maybe she’s honestly just too insecure to do any real work.

No. 889258



I have bipolar but its in extreme cases. I have to work and I have to deal with it stop excusing her behaviour some of you are morons really.(blog)

No. 889264

She has a giant fragile ego and as long as she's not punished for her idiocy she will never figure out how to be responsible. At the end of the day her family still supports her and gives her a roof over her own head, so she can still pretend she's better than everyone else until the rug is pulled out from under her.

Also I'm sure she's tried to scheme up how she could use her mental illness to get disability but figured out quickly that it's almost impossible for people who ACTUALLY need it to get disability, let alone a lazy brat intent on fucking up her life.

No. 889313

Being a "normie" is bad in online culture and everyone wants to be special. She's also been sticking with her way of life for so long that it's hard to let go of the "comic artist" identity even if results are bad.

No. 889320

no one cares holly. get a fucking journal

No. 889418

you really took that personally anon lol. i don't think she is too insecure to do work, she is just an idiotic bratty child who doesn't want to. if she were too insecure she could still try to learn more about freelancing so she doesn't fuck up constantly.

No. 889439

File: 1572991860532.png (4.02 MB, 1184x2100, Boring.png)

New Insta story

No. 889440

off topic and saged but I was just thinking how shitty it is that people who backed the KS haven't gotten their book and anyone else can go on amazon and order the same books, and get them earlier.

No. 889441

I wonder if she knows about the perspective tool in CSP. seems like she could save a lot of time and avoid some of the messed up lines, like the road markings

No. 889448

"not hard"

while fucking up the road and windows. Yikes.

No. 889449

Is this for PP?

No. 889455

Ok Holly now draw the characters actually standing there. Like every time she tries to do perspective her characters look like they’re glitching out cause she can’t place their feet of the ground correctly.

No. 889488

Also that is just very likely traced from Google SketchUp. So many of the lines are similar to one of the style choices you can get in that program.

No. 889494

Imagine being proud of this lol

No. 889497

Honestly, if you are as bad at fundamentals as Holly, even the most basic two-point perspective starts to look like an accomplishment. Good for her, I guess?

No. 889569

it's actually three point since the verticals aren't parallel, which is very suspicious since holly has never even once pulled off one-point perspective.
i mean all you have to fucking do is select which lines on a grid you want to keep as edges but usually she fucks that up so maybe this is just the first time she used a grid and where she moused it around to happens to be 3 point

No. 889607

File: 1573018594441.png (1.13 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191106-161612.png)

Holly finally making constructive use of her time and money???

No. 889610

While this step itself is a good thing, Holly can’t take criticism of any sort and the practice won’t do her any good if she can’t accept constructive criticism and take her instructor’s advice. It’ll end up just like her college classes.

No. 889618

Life drawing sessions aren't usually critiqued/instructed, you just show up, draw the models for a few hours and leave. An instructed class would be way more expensive than 15 dollars.

No. 889628

It doesn't make sense for a yearly pass to expire as soon as the calender year is over. They usually expire one year after your initial purchase of the pass. This is probably Holly just being dumb and not doing her proper research.

No. 889647

Ah, I see. I assumed they had someone who oversaw the session or something. My bad, then. Thanks for the info.

No. 889655

Hope she posts the drawings online

No. 889661


the pass she's talking about is actually a membership if im not mistaken lmao. it doesn't mean she gets a free pass, it only means (if she were to pay it) she gets a discount on classes, life drawing sessions and workshops.

So she would have to pay 50$, and
then pay 10$ instead of 15$ in each session. So yeah im pretty sure she misunderstood.

No. 889670

There are people there to help the models and call time and stuff, but that's about it. I know the place I go allows some time at the end for students to critique each other but there's no teachers.

I just looked and I think you're right. With a membership it looks like you can submit art to their private galleries etc so maybe she'd be interested in that? But she should just save her money. Either way at least it'd be getting out of the house, improving her art and giving her the opportunity to socialize with people who share her hobby. She definitely needs some structure in her life.

No. 889745


This is a good idea for her. She'd really have to keep her mind open cuz from my experience, quite a few people underestimate the value of life drawing. And, drawing next to better artists in these types of sessions can definitely hurt your ego big time so idk how Holly will handle it.

I really hope she sticks to this but I guess we'll see.

No. 889749

Lol, my bad, I'm really not used to seeing anything slightly advanced from her.

Knowing from experience that you need to have at least some basic idea on how to study life models, I'm pretty sure she will fail hard, if she doesn't get any from of instruction on site. While I think she might've had similar classes in her college (could be wrong), I doubt she would bother applying techniques she deemed unnecessary an not befit of her "style".
I would see it as what gym membership is for some people - she will get the pass and never go afterwards, 'cause she already feels more productive.

No. 889761

Normally I would agree but it says on the website that payment is due every January so it is a fixed payment period.
In that case she would be better of just paying the $15 per session this year and see if she wants to keep it up before paying out for a membership and yes the membership just gives you a discount on the sessions. It's not an all you can eat type of deal.

No. 889768

Yes Holly please. Go out study hard and meet people.

No. 889780

Its not going to do much good if she just draws the models with the tree trunk body construction and paw hands. Also, i thought you were sooooo busy with work and shipping Purgatory Hols?? Suddenly you have free time?

No. 889781

She'll probably also insult everyone there in a livestream

No. 889868

I wonder if her observations will be like her previous studies with the stylized skulls. If so, she should save her money and not bother attending at all since she won’t learn anything. That being said I hope she does actually learn something.

No. 889887

even if she somehow learns nothing, it's good for her to draw outside her comfort zone and meet people. her art has gotten exponentially worse since dropping out so it's obvious she needs some structure.

No. 889913

>even if she somehow learns nothing

She's already been through college and still managed to learn nothing, I wouldn't be surprised if this was just another spur of the moment idea she doesn't follow up on.

No. 889916

If it was just about getting out the house she could draw passerby and not spend the money. If it’s about meeting/interacting with people she should be doing that plenty with her job (though that’s saying not more exposure isn’t necessary or a bad thing). I only say that because she somehow plans to give people refunds on her Kickstarter if the books don’t ship by the end of November and I really doubt she’ll get them out on time if she has enough free time to be planning other activities that don’t involve finishing a project that already months late. She should keep every penny she has instead of thinking of ways to spend money that’s probably not even in her bank account yet.

No. 889918


>though that’s not saying that more exposure isn’t necessary or a bad thing

Couldn’t fix my previous post

No. 889992

That would imply she even still has her job. 10 bucks she quit the Disney store already and those other 2 jobs never existed.

Although there's a big difference interacting with customers who are just there to buy shit and interacting with people who share your interests. I don't think Holly should be spending and picking up a bunch of projects before the kickstarter is done, but spending 15 bucks a month to practice and talk to like minded people isn't a bad thing.

No. 890053

Lol she can’t help herself it’ll happen if she goes through with this. But you can already imagine what she’ll say.
>idk everyone else has messy ass lines and it’s like gesture stuff but I can’t stand it like idk my studies are so much cleaner then theirs. Like the proportions are right even if it’s stiff idk I know I went to a shitty art school but I’m right and they’re doing it wrong idk

No. 890080

It’s perfect anon

No. 890096

lol this is why Holly is friendless. She's just such an asshole to everyone for NO reason. she has the biggest unwarranted superiority complex over everything despite being mediocre in every way. The only person it seems like she's nice to is TD.

No. 890106


Seems like she and TD are friends out of necessity more than any other genuine reason. The only time we see her pop up here is when they stream together (which hasn't been in a while) or going to SanJapan together…

Speaking of SanJapan if they sign up and get picked again we'll no for sure their "lotto" system is fucked.

No. 890107


No. 890283

The main building is leaning but none of the others are lol, 3 point perspective indeed

No. 890343

i agree that TD seems to befriend holly just for benefits like in san japan,

also, sorry for going back to the bipolar topic, but i recall her saying something around the lines of:
i was diagnosed with bipolar disorder but idk what's the difference between BP1 and BP2,
that makes it clear that it was a self diagnosis, a doctor would specify, i will tell you holly,
bp1 has extreme mania and bp2 has hypomania, which is the main difference at least. but i don't see any those of mania symptoms in her, she's never energetic and excited and jumping around and making jokes, she's always in the same mood of boring edgy suicide jokes and giving up on projects so fast, i agree tho that her depression is legit, het s.h scars are serious and i hope she gets help

No. 890390

I don't know Holly is weirdly lucky so I wouldn't be surprised if she got a table again. I mean not only did she manage to get youtube famous but she also was able to get an art based job without even graduating (even though she did quit because of her awful attitude). Holly also manages to somehow have a devoted fanbase that is willing to put up with all her bs and donate money to fund her projects. She had insane luck to be where she is today even if she manages to destroy everything with her attitude and her unwillingness to change.

No. 890395

new video

No. 890403

File: 1573169788810.png (241.18 KB, 390x376, durr-idk.png)

OMG that thumbnail. She STILL can't keep her character's eyes from being all lopsided. Her avatar looks like it has cockeye.

No. 890409

File: 1573170224295.png (470.25 KB, 554x644, durr-idk-2.png)

samefag, just wanted to post the thumbnail image to further illustrate my point. I included an image of her old art in the original post.

Also, is it just me, or does her avatar look super squished? I can't tell if it's just an illusion from the lines in the background or if she fucked up so hard that she managed to make her character look like a hotdog.

No. 890422

I'll give her the benefit of the doubt on the diagnosis there - sometimes doctors won't tell you, or they'll tell you but not make it official.
AKA, it's possible she was just diagnosed with a bad doctor.
But equally it's not out of character for her to be self diagnosing.

No. 890426


She's still reeling on missing out on that money.
If she wasn't in such a rush to the next money making scheme, she wouldn't be in this position. And yet again, here she is. I'd be miffed if I lost out over a stupid mistake, anybody would be.

But even if she could access that money, she wouldn't be able to keep it for more than a day, so maybe it's just as well stuck in skillshare limbo than falling into her grimy hands to spend on dumb shit.

And I'm sure this is just what's accumulated over time. If she'd have access to and checked on her skillshare account for the income she was making, it would've been pissed away a long time ago. But she wasn't accruing money from it fast enough so she dropped it like a hot potato assuming it wasn't going to turn a profit fast enough.

So it's fine that her money is stuck in purgatory.

No. 890429

sage for irrelativity but I can't wait until she starts self dxing other things. totally can see her selfdxing DID and blaming things on alternate personalities. or synestesia ((fuck spelling that right)) just to be Quirky™

No. 890437

12 min video telling people to not misspell their mail in payout forms like its not obvious lmao

at least shes self aware about not paying any attention to detail in her comics.

>low key blames skillshare for her fuckup. says its her fault but ends the video saying that HR sucks

>"i feel like comics in general are ignored online(???) because they take so much of work and a lot of people dont care about things that take work so they just dont do it"

>"honestly there's a lot of videos online of people who dont make comics.. giving tips about comics? and im like boy you dont make comics, if you dont make comics how are you supposed to tell people how to make comics, like, no"

yet, you wanted to make a mental illness coping class even when you dont know jack shit about mental illness.

holly literally cant go a single video without talking shit about other people.

>tells people to make different emails to get free months on skillshare so she can get 10 dollars everytime.

>says shes working 3 jobs still

No. 890452

saged bc samefag but I have skillshare so I checked her class on skillshare. here's the gist of it:

its 33 minutes total, format is just the same as her videos. voice over speedpainting

>introduction is her talking about having drawn and published +400 pages, how she makes a lot of comics and how she makes backgrounds faster

>first video is on patterns and tiles. its actually the same footage from her last video with a voice over of holly explaining how to use the transform tool in photoshop(lol), says you can dl her patterns and use them. Doesnt explain exactly how to make patterns, more like "hey you can copy paste this so you dont have to draw it twice"

>"why draw if you dont have to" and says that you may not want to use patterns for establishing shots because its for "boring backgrounds that are just so characters arent floating in a white space" all in all, it's holly not understanding how perspective works. the video cuts mid word which is just.. very on brand with the whole lazy vibe she has going in this class

>second video starts mid word because she literally just recorded for half an hour and cut the videos. its about nature backgrounds. "think of objects as basic shapes" very basic stuff. says to use brushes to make leaves, etc.

>last video is about buildings. the buildings she drew the other day are in fact in a 2 point perspective but she managed to fuck it up.Talks abotu being careful where lines are going as she incorrectly places lines

>"I just dont understand why you would potentially ruin a drawing with bad perspective when you have tools available to make it so its in perspective." oh the irony

>again. very basic stuff. how to make straight lines in photoshop (holding shift), explains different types of buildings, put more detail to buildings closer to the camera, add texture so buildings look lived on, etc

all in all, its a very simple class. theres a lot of her saying "dont do x" as she does it, and compared to other skillshares classes, its very unedited (a lot of "like.." and "umm", its very obvious it's one take. No live demo either, which im used to from other classes, so idk if this would actually be helpful to anybody new to comics.

It's insightful into Holly's mentality of quantity over quality, I think she believes she'll get 1700 for every class she makes, without taking into account her YT channel is not nearly as popular as it was back when she made her first class.

sry if i got any typos, eng is my second language

No. 890477

She already claimed to quit one of those jobs lmao. Can't keep the lies straight I guess.

No. 890483

File: 1573184326664.jpg (1.12 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191108-143523_Ins…)

Speaking of jobs…1/2

No. 890484

File: 1573184403740.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191108-143526_Ins…)


What job could this be? Not the disney store obviously.

No. 890499

Some sort of warehouse?
Also, shouldn't you be wearing gloves at a job that involves box cutters/metal wires like that?

No. 890546

Maaassive tinfoil, but the placing of the band-aids doesn't really make sense if she got them because of picking up that wire, looks more like the ones she usually wears for her calluses. The second part kind of makes me think she's trying to gain sympathy so that she can quit without being criticized (I'm probably just being cynical though)

No. 890554

I agree with you, I can't imagine how someone could be holding wire of any gauge that would cut on your fingers like that. I'll give her the little box cutter scratch she's got, that's a real common place to get nicked when opening boxes

No. 890558

Yeah the box cutter isn't unbelievable, it's more how she's phrasing it/choosing to show it off. "idk i'm being injured at work lol don't think i'm cutting again or anything, pain is better than being annoying idk lol"
Again: Massive tinfoil

No. 890575

idk i think its weirdly considerate of her to say "i got these at work" instead of just vaguely posting her injured hands and not saying shit like other cows might. for some reason i appreciate it when people can admit they're depressed and then reassure anyone that they're not harming, bc otherwise its usually manipulative "i wanna die haha nbd". and then brainwashed follwers actually worry their poor asses off

No. 890577

I feel like she made sure to mention her job just to let us know she totally has one, see there's pics so there's proof, guys. Work is so hard. /s.

No. 890581

Fair enough, Holly seems to reserve that type of behaviour for streams anyways.

No. 890612

>it's just work related none sense
Still can't spell to save her life, I see

No. 890614

Poor babyyy.
I Used to get scars from when I worked in food service from burns and the like all the time. (Yay for painful hot oil burns) she acts like one wittle boo boo is a reason to quit. She’s the laziest person I’ve ever fucking seen.

No. 890682

Lol same, I deliver packages and I've gotten a fuckton of cardboard cuts which are 1000xs worse than regular paper cuts but, it pays well. Tinfoil but, I have a feeling shes doing this mainly for sympathy and another excuse for dragging her feet on shipping out books. "My hands are fucked up so it's gonna be late"

No. 890757

I literally had worse "scars" from papercuts in freakin' high school. I guess she so seldomly leaves her room, she doesn't even know what kind of daily cuts you get just from touching stuff.

"Sliced hands" and "injury" - just wow.

No. 890778

File: 1573245223270.png (1.02 MB, 640x1136, 8B03F009-33DC-48F3-B019-39F729…)

No. 890784


Don't you need to go to school to become a dental technician? Maybe she got the job title wrong.

No. 890794

She might be referring to the assistant role, you basically only hand tools and/or answer the phone

No. 890797

Depending on where you live it's not required to have certification and clinics will train you up.

Also how many jobs is she going to try and claim she has??? She first said she quit one of her three jobs, then said she still had 3, now she's going for another interview?

No. 890804

wat was the point in this video. no one would make this mistake except you holly. your spelling has been an issue for years. fucking tard

No. 890817

Considering her insane luck in landing jobs she probably isn’t qualified for I’m not really surprised. Definitely don’t know what’s true with her job situation anymore though. Wouldn’t be surprised if she’s just looking for excuses to quit and hop jobs.

No. 890970

the fucking foot again. holly, there are only 2 fans who seem to love your feet, so you might as well just msg them and ask if they wanna pay for pics, lmao. aka keith and that other guy who was really nasty.

i don’t believe her saying she’s both applied for and left this many jobs in so short a time/the past couple of months. maybe 1 or 2 were true, but it feels like she’s mentioned at least 10 places by now. wouldn’t it take a little bit of time for her to get past training, depending on the place? no one w/ 3 or even 2 jobs could post as much as she’s been doing either. it’s a blatant lie to garner sympathy from her braindead fans and cause those criticizing her or asking for their missing orders/money to feel bad, bc poor old holly’s working 3 jobs rn u guys!!! that’s why her bank account’s in the negatives!!

No. 890991

Pretty sure jobs require drug testing too so I sincerely doubt Holly is going in and out of the drug testing facilities for each job she claims to have gotten and then quit. That’s a huge hassle, not to mention a waste of time and money for the company that hires her.

No. 891002

Minimum wage jobs don't in my experience. But maybe that varies by state..

No. 891006

I worked a few minimum wage jobs in Nevada not too long ago and it was required. I’m not sure what the requirements are in Texas though. Still, it’s a huge waste of resources in any case if she keeps wasting people’s time like this because she acts like a perpetual child.

No. 891026

I still can't believe FEETFOOTSTOMPING was a real, actual username Holly thought would succeed

No. 891028

Projects, jobs she's had, claimed to have or applied for this year alone:

Kickstarter (lol)
Laser business (now defunct)
Etsy (deleted)
Commissions (refunded most of them)
Amazon warehouse (fired for being late after a few days)
Graphic designer (quit after 1 week)
Disney store
Coffee shop
Ford factory
Graphic designer again (didn't pass interview)
Dental tech
Job with boxcutter/wires (maybe? could be from previously mentioned jobs)

Anything else I'm missing?

No. 891029

Wasn't she claiming to be an Uber driver too, at some point? Also, didn't she re-activate her Patreon for a short time or am I imagining things? Might as well add the upcoming skillshare turoials.

No. 891038

Yes and yes.
iirc she was also using uber to deliver stuff rather than driving people

No. 891047

this woman is absolutely insane

No. 891053

Wait Ford has a plant in Texas?

No. 891066

Different anon. Yes there’s one near where she lives.

No. 891082

Can't screenshot right now, but skillshare took down Holly's class and she is not super happy about it/thinks it's some kind of conspiracy.. Good times

No. 891088

File: 1573323738323.jpg (1.06 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_1.jpg)


No. 891089

File: 1573323786533.jpg (591.17 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_2.jpg)

No. 891090

Any idea why it was taken down?

No. 891092

File: 1573323880881.jpg (644.98 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_3.jpg)

No. 891093

File: 1573323986709.jpg (648 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_4.jpg)

No. 891098

From the email she showed in her story, it's because the class was just a super basic information you could get anywhere, like "hold shift to get straight lines.". This anon >>890452 even said that her class was just like one of her usual YouTube videos spliced into parts to make individual "classes." She's also just doing a voiceover with a speedpainting in the background, no live demo of her drawing backgrounds in real time.

Honestly, I don't think it'd be hard for her to review Skillshare's guidelines and just beef up her ideas a little more to add some educational value. But of course she thinks it's some whole conspiracy to fuck her over and she's most likely not gonna try again and move on to her next ridiculous scheme.

No. 891108

>> so done with companies online
as are probably your patrons, etsy customers, commission customers and kickstarter backers

No. 891109

Shot herself in the knee with her laziness and impatience as usual then, huh? Who would have thought

No. 891113

im that anon and yeah. im not surprised at all. Compared to other classes, it was lacking a lot.

No. 891122

It does say that it lacked instructions. Her thing sounds more like her just giving information rather than actually saying "here's what you do"

No. 891125

thats not even a fair comparison??? what do bullshit tablet reviews have to do with you making a lazy class and getting rejected lmao

gotta love how she blames skillshare for not paying her when she comes back 3 YEARS LATER asking for payment because of a mistake she made

jfc holly

No. 891175


This is literally the most stupid and useless posts she ever made. I actually can't believe she posted them like this, she sounds like a 13 year old teenager who hates their teachers 'cause "they expect me to do homework, but I really don't like it, it's too hard, waaah!"

So, let me get this straight:

- she gets sent a ton of tablets FOR FREE over the years and she ACTUALLY RESOLD THEM, not to mention made revenue with review videos, yet has the audacity to say "they paid her pennies for good reviews". As a reminder, she also fucked up the shipment of some tablets back in the day, butI'm SURE it's somehow the companies fault in her eyes.

- Skillshare gives you a platform to gain money relatively easily, as long as you are somewhat competent and adhere to some rather simple and self-explanatory guidelines - she fucks up her spelling, realizes it THREE YEARS LATER and blames them for having used the adress SHE spelled wrongly. But, because Holly has such a big and generous heart, she "gives them another chance" and releases a tutorial that is so lackluster and has less substance than any free YT tutorial you could find in seconds that probably some good soul reported it and it got taken down, 'cause they realized she can't be arsed to put any work into anything.

"Wasted my time I stfg"

Yeah, Holly, not only you, believe me.

No. 891197

She's like seriously short circuiting right now, positive reviews of tablets you were sent for free has nothing to do with making skillshare classes that don't suck????

What a depressing list. Most if not all of these are failures and there's probably even more we don't know about. How can she look back on this year and think it was productive and not a giant red flag of how unstable she is?

No. 891209

File: 1573341450990.jpg (1.25 MB, 1080x2094, Screenshot_20191110-101029_Ins…)

who is she talking about? her followers never criticize her ever.

No. 891219

No. 891220


We kinda knew she lurks here so maybe it's her big brain move to end the drip content once and for a while idk lol

No. 891239

lol who else would she be talking about? Her family? Her hunger for attention and validation will bring her back soon enough and if the time she’s taking off is “filled with work” and somehow those Kickstarter orders still aren’t sent I’ll be anticipating the next wave of bs excuses lol

No. 891251

Updated list.

Online work/projects:
Skillshare (already giving up)
Patreon (defunct?)
Purgatory Kickstarter (lol)
Laser business (now defunct, laser sold)
Foot fetish Instagram (quickly aborted after 2 posts)
Etsy (suspended)
Commissions (sporadic; refunds more than she actually completes)
Clever Kitchen animation/comic (re-purposed from school project; posted about like once on IG and never brought up again >>773191 )
Paranormal Plague relaunch (third time's a charm!)

IRL jobs:
2 unnamed day jobs (referred to in this thread >>757175, couldn't find exact details, probably a lie)
Amazon fulfillment center (fired for being late after a few days)
Graphic designer (quit after a few days due to "panic attacks")
Uber/Lyft driver (quit?)
San Japan table (didn't break even)
Disney store (possibly quit?)
Coffee shop (may not have existed)
Ford factory (also may not have existed)
Graphic designer again (didn't pass interview)
Dental tech (interview)
Job with boxcutter/wires (maybe? could be from previously mentioned jobs)

No. 891256

I wonder if Skillshare pulled her classes after they heard how she told her viewers to use fake emails to sign up for Skillshare and watch her classes lol.

No. 891265

She what? Oh, hell. She really has no idea how sponsorships work. She's bad-mouthed every goddamn company that's decided to slum it and make her an offer. She shit-talks her fans and customers, too.

She'll do anything to earn a quick buck, except be polite or advertiser-friendly for ten minutes.

No. 891272

>except be polite or advertiser-friendly for ten minutes

B-but she doesn't enjoy being polite or advertiser friendly, anon! Just like how she doesn't enjoy drawing any art except for her own shitty OCs, even if she's getting paid to. Because she still doesn't understand that to make money you have to do shit you don't like sometimes.

No. 891276

Not to mention how she's extra proud of being "brutally honest" (aka her excuse for being a 24/7 cunt)

No. 891278

Jeez Holly, just relax and focus on one thing at a time. Not everything you do has to be a money maker. You have to build up your art to be profitable, not just jump around from scheme to scheme.

No. 891281

Holly just fucking pick the day job that you hate the least and stick with it for more than 5 seconds. You're 24, time to grow up and realize that half-assed scams that you saw a ~financial guru~ pull off online is not going to replace a steady income. You need a job, even if it's a job that doesn't cater to your every interest. And if your mental health is really so bad that you can't handle work, go to fucking therapy and actually put effort into recovery instead of making excuses.

No. 891296

But that’s the thing anon, conventional jobs trigger her anxiety! Her depression! The mere thought of working a 9-5 made her want to die! How could you possibly suggest she act like an adult and work for a living?!?!?!?!? /s

No. 891381

I guess it's hard to face these facts, when the people she interacts most with (her retarded ass-kissers) are teenagers themselves. It's enough to look through a few comment sections on instagram and YouTube, none of them seem to work actual jobs themselves, so they validate her in her spoiled behaviour and bad personality.
Not even tinfoiling, it's pretty plain to see.

No. 891385

Holly definitely needs structure. If she's left to her own devices, it ends up in this shit show. There are people who are cut out to make their own products and sell online but she isn't one of them, she needs a client, either working freelance, remotely or in studio, but she needs someone to control her impulsive behavior and needs someone who she has to conform to. I actually buy that she's bipolar because her jumping around from project to project and dropping them is characteristic of bipolar, she would really benefit having a client that isn't random teenagers commissioning her, giving her guidelines she has to follow or not get paid.

No. 891419

I definately wouldn't say freelancing is an option for her at this point. Sh pretty much destroyed her internet presence and it's easy to find out about her past blunders just by googling - if she still wants to do art, she should really start as some "nameless" person at a company or similar. It would also give her a lot more structure.
Not to mention, she just isn't good enough to be hired as a freelancer - the comissions are for her fans because they are the only ones who seem to care more for her, than the actual product.

No. 891440

Holly should not focus on people she dislike. Her fans will grew tired of her and move onto another artist who actually draws and doesn't whine 24/7.

No. 891463

That's an embroidery hoop… I wonder what she's doing with it, or if it's just a random picture she took.

No. 891726

She can't be a freelancer because she refuses to do what people tell her, even when they're paying her. She can't stand being made to do anything that isn't what SHE wants to do. She can't even pull off commissions even though she could easily make a decent amount of money if she was consistent and put effort into it. Instead she just bitches and moans about having to draw something that isn't Reese and Hershey sucking each other off and gives up halfway through her commission list and disappears. (And only comes back to refund the rest if people bitch enough.)

No. 891756

File: 1573465522001.png (597.36 KB, 565x584, jfc.PNG)

Just saw this and wtf, if you have to take a photo of your hand at least clean under your nails… and put some moisturizer on ew

No. 891757

i agree. this is what she needs to hear. this is sort of a blogpost but god damn has this woman taught me what not to do. she is all over the place

No. 891758

we are talking about the youtuber that films videos with her snot covered sleeves. i don't think she gives a rat's ass lmao

No. 891775

wtf is she doing that her nails are so dirty all the time?

No. 891781

File: 1573471763190.jpg (580.6 KB, 1080x1627, Screenshot_20191111-062643_Ins…)

Screen printing ink, apparently.

No. 891818

her hand is actually just a fucking old person's wtf. holly if you can't even clean your hand up just take a picture of the mug on a table or something.

No. 891823


I don't want to know, but, evidently she's not washing them often enough. Even with screenprinting, you should be wearing gloves. She can't even take 2 seconds out of her day to clean under her fucking fingernails, why would anyone want to drink out of a mug from a grimy person, even if they washed it.

No. 891826

Her nails have always looked like that when she vlogged, before the laser cutter and such. She must live in literal filth and not care.

No. 891844

If she can't keep her nails clean, she should keep them cut and filed

No. 891888

Yeah right. She'll go through great lengths to not groom herself. She'd rather spend money to buy press on nails to hide the grime rather than do some basic maintenance.

No. 891918

In her vlogs you could regularly see cotton swabs on the floor and such.
She'd also walk around barefoot

No. 891940

I don't understand how people can stomach ordering merch from her. She makes no secret of how filthy she is, and just the thought of having something that she handled makes me sick.

No. 892247

Lmao I'm pretty sure she's also wearing the snot sweater here too

No. 892533

lol every once in a while I remember that Holly exist and check how it's going and every time it's just more of a catastrophe than before. Like how does one manage?

And jeez those nails are nasty.

No. 892625

So when do the Holly Brown threads die? Every bit of criticism feels like nitpicking at this point.

No. 892627

Have you even read the past few comments? She keeps on expecting money for free, does as little work as possible while acting like a teenager and still keeps delaying Kickstarter books that were supposed to go out in MAI

Also, sage your shit

No. 892631

Ok? But that's nothing new. It just looks like everyone is saying the same few criticisms and nothing else in every thread. (Ex. "her house is dirty", "she can't clean her nails", "Why is she so entitled?", etc.)

No. 892632

There's always that one anon who will complain that the Holly thread is finally well and truly dead whenever the conversation dies down a lil kek

No. 892633

And there's always one anon who thinks they're so much better than the other one.

No. 892639

read the op, almost all that shit is recent you fucking blow-in timewaster

No. 892640

i keep asking myself this question.
well at least when she stops scamming people?
like with the current situation of the ks and dishonesty about spending that money, her condescending tone to everyone including her costumers and commissioners, and being a bad influence in general.
idk if that last post about her advertising cups with her dirty nails is nitpicking because, holly, there is no way in hell I'd buy that just because of your dirty hand.
but well, she's not even trying, just out of spite.
also sage your posts please, that would keep the thread lowkey dead meanwhile at least.

No. 892642

Half the shit in OP is still nitpicking, retard.

No. 892661

Then just leave the fucking thread if you think things are getting boring or nitpicky. Also Sage your shit dumbass.

No. 892668

Jfc what an idiot. You come to the thread with literally nothing to say, don't sage, and are infighting.

No. 892805

I miss the vlogs

No. 892809

Literally no1curr that you don't think Holly is milky anymore and no one asked for your unsaged whiny comments, but go off I guess

No. 892816

I miss Chroma Prince tbh, it was a goldmine of keks already and we had only seen a few pages

No. 892830

I had almost forgot about that one. I think Holly’s art is actually pretty interesting to look at tbh It honestly sucks to hear that she’s in a creative rut

No. 892834

why the fuck are you bumping the thread then lmao

No. 892838

I don't think i ever got around to reading that, is it uploaded anywhere?

No. 892851

I think every update was posted in the previous threads, so dig around

Chroma Prince was such a waste of time, she never got to sex all we ever saw was one sad butt

No. 892852

Opening pages: >>>/snow/686056 (control+f "patreon" to find them easily)
Next they're on thread 14 >>>/snow/720739 (scroll down from the top, you'll see them)

No. 892856

Wow I can't believe it has been a year since Holly self destructed.

No. 892862

You're 100% right but that's my point, Chroma had so much potential (unlike her newest bullshit, like printing on mugs), I wish she had continued it

No. 892866

What was her breaking point?

-The tracing controversy?
-Art YouTubers calling her out?
-MHA zines?

No. 892867

I would say when she deleted her channel and destroyed the biggest thing that was making her money.

No. 892872


so, probably tracing - I think that was the point where she deleted everything?
I doubt she cared enough about the zine to take any measures

No. 892878

Definitely the tracing thing. In addition to DAW's video (which has over half a million views) she was also getting called out on twitter. She couldn't take it, deleted most of her accounts, made a new YT channel for some fucking reason and disappeared for awhile. Since then she never really got back on her feet. IIRC she never apologized for it, just insisted it was a placeholder or some shit, even though abandoning her old channel was a pretty clear indication of guilt.

No. 892892

thanks for finding this for me

No. 892897

NBD dude, Holly's comics should always be shared and never be allowed to die

No. 892905

File: 1573671315857.jpeg (607.4 KB, 1124x1988, C8BE313F-089B-4D05-A2BE-020FD6…)

Instagram story update

No. 892906

Oh she definitely lurks here

No. 892912


Without a doubt

No. 892915

Thise are so crearly bought from Amazon

No. 892929


She makes it plainly clear she lurks here because none of her asslicking fans dare to criticize her. She rarely has anyone speak up to her in comments on YouTube because they get shouted down by her idiot followers. Hey Holly, since you’re obviously bothered by the comments here, why not take any of the legit advice we’ve offered on multiple occasions to better yourself and maybe you wouldn’t be in this hole you’ve dug for yourself. But that would mean canceling the constant pity parties you thrive on.

Nice Amazon books btw. How convenient they should arrive after you posted it up for sale there.

No. 892942

Honestly I do like Holly's art and videos, but it gets ruined by her stubbornness. She keeps trying to push out money making schemes, won't practice art fundamentals, and has other problems she refuses to fix.

Maybe I'm just soft

No. 892997

Lol because that would require an admission of her mistakes and a genuine effort to improve herself. If she actually took our advice she’d be “giving in to the haters” since she’s already admitted that she won’t take advice from “haters” out of spite even knowing she’s making bad decisions. She’ll never get better with that childish mindset.

No. 893040

pretty sure she’s never actually cleaned her room when she said she would, unless her idea of “cleaning” is throwing away 1 thing and maybe moving some stuff around so that she can navigate around all the junk a bit easier. not like, y’know, hoarding less in the first place or being more organized, then moving on to actual cleaning.

anyone else remember her workspace tour where she had some semblance of organization w/ her products in baskets and such, but then she’d turn the camera and you’d see all the shit covering her bed, desk, floor and the random stuff she never used, like an easel and a drawing horse just hanging out in the middle of the room? like wtf. she has a spacious bedroom, but it’s poorly utilized. it’s hard to listen to her complain about having her own space to do work while Proko was making amazing tutorials even when his studio was his closet sized bedroom back in the day.

No. 893052

Could you link the DAW video? Relatively new to the Holly threads.

No. 893074

No. 893111

Wait, she STILL hasn't sent them???
Holy heck, Holly, you sure take your time - checking the Kickstarter, quite a few people have taken their pledges back. Another few are contemplating if maybe THEIR books have been sent already, since they were even in the same state (Texas, methinks?). Either way, the mess continues.

No. 893393

File: 1573733669739.jpg (1.35 MB, 1080x2078, 20191114_231354.jpg)

what's with all the shopping carts on her bookmark bar

No. 893406

Looking for more dumb shit to buy with the money she's gonna scheme for obviously

No. 893468

paranormal plague updated. Can't screenshot but "beefy boi" is back.

No. 893476

tentacle porn joke kek

No. 893508

File: 1573761500595.jpeg (168.01 KB, 1242x342, 31C3ED1F-7458-415A-BED1-57F1A5…)

I’ll post some caps of the pages in a sec since I’m on mobile but I just want to point out that she has Paranormal Plague listed as a “comedy”… The only kind of comedy Holly is capable of making is the unintentional kind. Like the entirety of Purgatory as a comic.

No. 893511

File: 1573761560227.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1242x1779, 6CB2D5BB-2D11-40C9-8D15-4CFCD6…)


No. 893513

File: 1573761673201.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1242x1781, 0273C2FE-D800-440C-A2C0-1315ED…)


Drawing more lines on the arms doesn’t give him muscle definition Holly…

No. 893516

File: 1573761759572.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1242x1776, 4807DBE6-161A-4769-AFEF-AC66D9…)


Return of the paw hands.

No. 893517

This is the third time she's redrawing the first few pages, right? And it's not like she actually had some major improvement of her art skills to justify this kind of extra work. I honestly don't know what goes on in her head with shit like this, it's like she's deliberatly trying to make everything harder for herself.

No. 893521

"Japanese cartoon"


No. 893528

She basically draws over her old pages because she thinks her “style” has evolved and can’t seem to understand that redrawing a page means rethinking pacing and composition. It’s not like her pages were particularly planned or worked fine to begin with so a proper redraw would have been nice and a good exercise for her.
Too bad she’s so convinced she’s good at what she does.

No. 893535

yikes at his snapped torso

No. 893549

Still didn't fix those tentacles switching from one leg to another

No. 893553

holly has done 400+ comic pages and still manages to have nearly every single one of her speech bubbles and text misaligned, poorly stacked and deformed.

No. 893565

Stranger danger? Who is this comedy for? I know the obvious answer is children but come on.

No. 893573

File: 1573772999529.jpg (87.67 KB, 500x445, 1494438490079.jpg)

It's been 2 years and she still hasn't looked at a reference long enough to figure out how to actually draw a buff dude.

No. 893575

Lovely, childish humor paired with a male prostitute main character and 18+ comics inbetween.

No. 893576

Forget the torso, what even is this fish tail - it starts in the middle of his spine

No. 893578

That was when she wanted to teach “proper” mermaid anatomy, Anon. Obviously you don’t know how merpeople are built.

No. 893599

Hazbin hotel aesthetic. It's big with emo teens and autistic adults.

No. 893653

She's got a RMCAD Online tab open. I thought she stopped going there?

No. 893656

not a tab. its her bookmark bar so most likely she just hasnt gone around erasing it

No. 893702

Except that at least had noticeable effort put into it and the creator obviously cared about the work. Holly’s work is dripping with her lack of fucks to give.

No. 893717

She even said in one of her videos she places the text/speech bubbles BEFORE drawing anything, because that is the "good" way to do it. It's obviously not working out for her.

No. 893745

The writing had no effort put into and it shows.

No. 893794

who in their right mind thinks that is the "good way". did she come up with this herself or did she follow someone else who gives bad advice?

No. 893822

it can be done like that, its supposed to help with flow but even then she places speech bubbles on the same side of two consecutive panels like in >>893516 so clearly that isnt working out for her lmao. But I dont get how she can see that the text is not in the middle of the bubbles and be ok with it

No. 893849

i think placing the speech bubbles while sketching and planning out where the characters will go on the panels would lead to better flow. that way you can see the full picture and think about how you want to lead the viewer's eyes.

No. 893856

If you sketch out where the bubbles go first, then plan the characters it can work imo. I don't think is what most artists do but eh, Holly could do it in any order and still fuck it up cause she really isn't detail oriented enough for that

No. 893860

why is grease boi the image for the comic, as far as i am aware beef boi and ash are the main characters ? is she even trying to get people to read this thing ?

No. 893861

last post, sorry hit reply too fast.
She, again does nothing to promote her comic.

No. 893865


She's always favored Reese because he's basically her self insert so that's why she draws him the most

No. 893944

File: 1573848129835.png (4.75 MB, 1242x2208, A98DEB69-A7D2-4FFD-8FC5-C5D745…)

Her backers are idiots if they believe her when she said she’s been shipping orders for a while despite JUST NOW getting these epilogue books…

No. 893946

File: 1573848481703.png (1.01 MB, 1800x825, 48CF38BA-C737-4410-9619-41C639…)

Holly has all the books on Amazon. Pretty clear indicator that she hasn’t done jack shit up until now. I want to know how she was able to afford to print them while being “so poor”.

No. 893966

Friendly reminder that the epilogue was supposed to be a Kickstarter exclusive.
Her fans are totally retarded.

No. 893979

lol seeing Simon's face on the cover, it's like he just remembered he left the stove on
It's so goofy

No. 893986

File: 1573853014794.jpeg (190.49 KB, 384x511, F51CB601-5CF9-4B04-9497-E5BA06…)

>When you paid to have all these books earlier and get an exclusive book but see them all put up on amazon before you get your copy, which is a year and a half late.

Btw the quality of the covers on there is fried. Nice.

No. 893995

Who the hell livestreams at 6 am?

No. 893997

She’s probably hoping no one is up at that time to watch so no one questions her live. Why even have a stream at all anyway?

No. 894006

File: 1573857401022.png (131.6 KB, 1091x941, KDP.png)

Apparently there's a service by Amazon called "Kindle Direct Publishing" that allows you to order author copies for dirt cheap and also get ROYALTIES from your "print on demand" books too, or so I've seen during my quick google research.
I sure hope there is some physical proof of it being printed BY Amazon within the book, because let me tell you it would be so hilarious for backers to find a nice surprise in their overpriced kickstarter copies.

No. 894050

Yeah, you can order them and only pay for the print price. They take a cut from the sales on amazon, 10% iirc, and they also charge the cost of printing.

I dont think they have a 'published by amazon' or anything, the only tell is if the ISBN(the barcode) is the free one amazon gives you, but I believe holly bought her own.

No. 894062

Thank you for the info! (I also replied to the wrong post it was meant for >893946, I'll make sure to be more careful next time!)

No. 894153

File: 1573871139525.png (35.83 KB, 2401x266, 2019-11-16 13_26_12-_snow_ - H…)

Maybe she's trying to knock out packaging every single order and shipping them out Monday? Kudos if she actually pulls it off, except it was supposed to be done 6 months ago.

She did say a few months ago that she was using their printing service for the kickstarter. But she also tried to blame them as to why the printing was delayed (pic related from several threads ago).

No. 894157

Wait, what? So she says the delay is because amazon sent the books all at once?

That.. doesn't make sense. Amazon doesn't get delayed for months. Not to mention, I can't believe she ordered them without asking for proofs first.

Why did she use the money from the KS to buy a printer then? the fuck

No. 894165

she didn't finish drawing the actual art and writing the comic until about a week ago

No. 894177

>doesn't make sense.

Because she was lying. It's pretty much confirmed that she didn't send shit to the printer until October, which is when book 1 popped up on Amazon.

>Why did she use the money from the KS to buy a printer then?

If you mean the laser, she bought it because a) she wanted it and b) because she made one of the stretch rewards a wood charm despite not actually physically owning the printer at the time. But mostly because she wanted it. Yet another extremely expensive impulse buy that she got rid of literally 3 months later, per her usual cycle of wasting money.

No. 894227

she could have made the extra reward be acrylic charms, keychains, MUGS (since she loves those now), pencil cases, or literally anything else that would have been easier to make and wouldn’t have wasted so much money. it’s pretty clear that she chose wooden charms just to have an excuse to buy that fcking laser printer. why even buy huge pieces of equipment if you don’t have a studio or a similar place to put them? like didnt she have it in her own bedroom?

No. 894228

read the fuckin thread, everything you're 'speculating' is already established

No. 894254

There goes dumbass Holly, showing her stupidity with livestreaming the packaging. She could have at least kept her lies consistent. Anyone with the slightest amount of intelligence would question why, after all these months of supposedly shipping out a few backers' books at a time, she only now decided to make a video to prove to people she was really doing it.

No. 894266

File: 1573891603578.jpg (972.39 KB, 1080x1772, okholly.jpg)

Yeah she's definitely going to try and pack all 200 orders tomorrow.

No. 894273

File: 1573892720062.png (705.76 KB, 555x954, Everythinghurts.png)

I'm sorry but this image physically hurt me to look at.
She's so stiff and one of her shoulders is too high. It makes her look like she's got her neck falling forward or some shit.

Ugh she's like a straight line, no normal human stands this way.
Way to go Holly, in all these years you haven't improved even a minuscule amount.

No. 894276

she got PLEATS on her LEGS

No. 894283

oh my god, and the waves in the water around the tail are not even horizontal, everything is so crooked and wonky in her drawings that I wonder if she ever takes time to stop for a bit and look at her art before posting it.

No. 894286

I like how she has one big collarbone instead of two.

No. 894289

No, her legs are just very muscular, can't you tell by the 2 random lines that don't even remotely represent where leg muscles are?

No. 894320

it looks like she has those lines dolls have where the 2 halves of the mold are stuck together lmao

No. 894323


Her arm is talking.

No. 894479

If it weren’t for the fact that she’s drawn these same “definition” lines on Herschel’s arms and the fact that the whole drawing is devoid of other shadows I would thought these were shadow/tone guidelines.

No. 894539

File: 1573939424966.jpg (111.12 KB, 1080x605, Screenshot_20191116-222231_You…)

Livestream timeee
Giving us a full shot of her storage- I mean bedroom

No. 894545

No. 894546

is that still the snot covered jacket?

No. 894547

I feel like short hair would actually suit her really well if she bothered to get a proper haircut

No. 894548

File: 1573940499917.png (23.94 KB, 742x90, ew.png)

Holy Hand Grenades really creeps me out

No. 894553

File: 1573941333266.jpg (811.7 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20191116-225536_You…)

She has a whole box of coke in her room?

No. 894556

This bitch moves so fuckin slow, no wonder it takes her forever. Also of course she's gonna start making her vlogs again, she needs to have the attention and validation to stroke her overinflated ego.

No. 894557

Oh my god she is already talking abt the NEXT kickstarter. She hasnt even drawn a single chapter of pp but shes so sure there is going to be another kickstarter as if anyone will trust her with it.

No. 894559

Watching her rub her greasy face every few seconds and then immediately put her disgusting hands all over the books is so off-putting.

No. 894560

I usually hate commenting her appearance (since her skills are already shit enough) but the haircut really makes her look like she's over 40 years old - her hair color has a slight grey undertone, that doesn't help


No. 894569

Just realized that the jacket that she's wearing at the live stream is the exact same one that Reese always wear lmao

That's why Ash and Reese are so similar, they are both self inserts, just one being representative of the edgier side of Holly

No. 894571

dude.. that's five boxes

No. 894574

>scratches herself for like 10 seconds
>wipes her nose with her hand
>packs book
lmao at her backers getting more than they bargained for

No. 894576

This stream is seriously making me wonder if there is anything redeemable about Holly at all.

No. 894582

so this might be tinfoil haty but does the tree look like the shape of Reese's backside? Hell it even has the little tree balls in between the legs?

No. 894585

don't remember where Holly dumped the info that Reese is the vine monster they first encounter but yeah. I can't un-see it.

No. 894595

look at all those amazon boxes in her room lol

No. 894597

This may be some hardcore reaching, but am I the only one who thinks the "Milk" shirt could be a jab at us? Kind of a tongue in cheek joke about her comic pages being considered milk here?

No. 894599

eh its a classic tiddy shirt from 'japanese cartoons'

No. 894601

i was trying to figure out why holly put her in that cus those shirts usually say "mega milk" and are on really big titted girls, but i shouldn't search for logic in holly's comic

No. 894606

she's straming rn, if anyone cares. it's really boring

No. 894626

oof it is actually depressing.

No. 894651

File: 1574031392478.jpg (71.11 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

The amount of times she keeps saying "I dunno" reminds me of this guy

No. 894668


That's what I like to call a Karen style haircut.

No. 894731

fuck is she actually wearing the reese sweater? I just noticed it.

No. 894835

she streamed five hours straight, wtf

No. 894868

that hand-on-hip pose holly draws all the time pisses me off. never seen anyone just plant a whole palm on their hip like that.

No. 894873

File: 1574068457367.png (425.88 KB, 537x642, unknown (10).png)

She's live on IG for anyone still awake/down under drawing MCR shit. She talked a little bit about her love life:

>has been with "lots of people"

>has been in love with "like 2 people for a week, then they annoyed me"
>"i fall in love with girls more easily if they make me laugh but girls are never into me"

No. 894877

File: 1574071308423.png (346.58 KB, 479x519, 2019-11-18 20_45_52-Stories.pn…)

Some other shit:

>says she doesn't like dating because she has a problem with commitment(lol) but is DTF

>still reads gay MCR vampire AUs
>was asked if she likes lesbian fanfics; "of course but I have a hard time finding any that aren't gross"
>STILL paying 60 a month for photoshop, claims she will be changing her payment today
>doesn't want to sleep because she has an interview in the morning (which seems like more of a reason to sleep but ok) also needs to clean her room
>finally looked at a reference since her Gerard Way doodles look nothing like him, sperged for 5 minutes about how feminine he looks and how pretty his eyes are uwu
>mocks people who complain about plane rides, jealously, in the most obnoxious voice ever, then laughs at herself and says she's "such a bitch"

No. 894884

While I don't like piracy that much, my question is WHY doesn't she just pirate Photoshop if she's that low on funds?

No. 894888

She has Clip Studio lmao. She could just use it. Still paying for photoshop because shes stubborn as hell

No. 894889

Hating everyone and everything isnt a personality, Holly.

No. 894894

She literally cannot not spend money

No. 894922

Tinfoiling, but my guess is she feels more "professional" if she pays for it, since that's pretty much what professionals are supposed to do (nobody bats an eye on students pirating these things, usually)

I might be missing something, but what is she doing now? I mean, yeah, she has PP (which doesn't generate anyincome), a few semi-ugly mugs in her store and a comic for sale which people who are not her fans are probably never going to touch.
My question, how is she earning money now? Didn't she abandon all her jobs now?

No. 894924

She lives with her mom so she has almost no overhead and she is doing a few small jobs for pocket money.

No. 894936

shes just barfing out content ew

No. 894938

Even if she thinks its more “professional” you can get photoshop, lightroom and more in a bundle for ten bucks a month. Why the fuck is she paying 60 bucks just for photoshop?

No. 894945

pretty sure she has the whole set because she uses indesign, illustrator and photoshop. they all have free alternatives so if she wanted to save money she could

No. 894979

Umm anon don't you know she's super duper poor and wants to die every day because she has no money? Way to not be understanding of a struggling artist uwu

Honestly can't wait for Holly to move out and experience the real world but who knows if that'll ever happen.

No. 895009

File: 1574099732051.png (5.15 MB, 1800x1544, 857897E3-CC7D-410C-888A-B9F10A…)

No. 895020


SO did she buy all those books from amazon using the print service?

No. 895024

She said she has a google hangouts interview for another design job but remote this time and she needs to clean up her room "even more" for it…

She did. She said most of them are printed through Kindle (KDP) but "some of the older ones" were printed with another company that was too slow so she gave up on it. They all look the same and I don't know what she means, I doubt there are any that weren't printed through Amazon.

She also wasted 50$ on envelopes ordering a size too small without checking and had to repurchase them, so the shipping was delayed even further. She's sending the books separately from the charms because the wooden charms could snap under the weight of the books, so American customers will get two packages and International one with extra stuffing or something.

No. 895025

of course she did, we all know it. Which means the whole kickstarter was a sham, since she could have just uploaded the comic to amazon in the first place for free and let her fans get it directly that way, probably with cheaper/faster shipping too. She just made herself an unnecessary pitstop!

The whole point of kickstarting a print run is to be able to bulk order from a better quality printer for lower per unit price ffs, and not to use amazon's lowest quality possible POD for ripoff print pricess.

No. 895051


I mean you see her room. She's in no headspace to even conceptualize moving. She's still comfortable as ever in her trash heap.

No. 895067

File: 1574111456622.jpg (143.93 KB, 1148x441, fonts.jpg)

According to her vlog she came out of San Japan -1000$ (not sure if she's exaggerating but hot damn if she isn't) and still said on stream she wants to do another convention, except alone and not sharing a table with Mitchie.

She roasts her comic constantly now that she has her printed copies, both in what I've stomached of the streams and her vlog all while shipping out the comic and having it for sale… for example, she never set a standard size for the font in Purgatory so it will randomly get larger.
She then proceeds to spoil the end of the comic to her vlog viewers so if any of her kickstarter supporters was waiting to read the physical books and watched any of her shit since pledging, tough titty

Oh and she bought some pierce it yourself piercing guns and she wants to do a vlog where she self pierces her ears to "look more like a girl".
lmfao that's gonna go well

No. 895068

of course she can't just have it done professionally like some NORMIE, anon, nope, Holly needs to buy and build her own piercing studio first, jup - seems legit.
Can't wait for the inevitable PP earring merch, we all know she ordered a shitton of earring hooks already and hides them somewhere.

No. 895072

She then said she wouldn't get a piercing at Walmart because that's too ghetto lmfao like her diy isn't.
Refuses to pay a lot of money and go into a tattoo place that "smells like wiener"

No. 895075

"I could be instagram famous if I had no soul. But I do have a soul and I wanna make things I care about"

I would feel bad for her crying on streams if she wasnt such a pretentious asshole

No. 895077

No way she’s gonna be able to do it imo, you’re taking a gun that stabs you, to your ear. She’s gonna need an iron will and a steady hand to not fuck it up. Not including the possibility of infection if she doesn’t properly sterilize the thing and clean her ears often.

I won’t be surprised if we see a piercing livestream sometime in the future tho

No. 895093

Infection here Holly comes. Girl doesn't even clean her hands for product pictures, she won't bother clean anything before piercing her ears.

No. 895094

Cannot wait for when she inevitably gets horrendous infections from her DIY piercings and has to go to the hospital to get it checked out by a doctor and get prescribed antibiotics. Then she will inevitably bitch about how her piercing gun is shit and probably cry on stream again about how she has no money and can't afford to pay for her meds, even though it's her damn fucking fault.

No. 895097

"..and uh I feel like if I just continuously produce art work all the time I'll be so busy I can't be depressed."

Yes, that's exactly how depression works.

No. 895110

Holly chooses the most dumbest shit to be pretentious over. Go to Claires or any other ear piercing shop and shut up. Either way her ears are going to get infected by the way she takes care of things.

No. 895118

File: 1574121331413.jpg (482.96 KB, 1080x2091, Screenshot_20191119-103733_Ins…)


No. 895119

File: 1574121374056.jpg (164.33 KB, 1080x2088, Screenshot_20191119-103737_Ins…)

This may be the fastest job turnover yet.

No. 895122

what the hell does that mean?

No. 895133

Either it's a legit suspicion or she needs an excuse to quit already. Who knows.

No. 895212

if the job is real which is like 1/4 chance with her, then it's probably the same thing that she did before which is she doesn't read the actual conditions - she just glances and makes a dream in her head of how 'it's probably just how i want', like when she makes her comic pages - and after going through the details now, she notices, reality is different

No. 895217

A piercing gun is more expensive than just going to the mall to have it done, though. I mean geez if you're going to do it at home you might as well just dip a sewing needle in alcohol and get 'er done.

No. 895222

Why would you post this publically they can see it too Holly

No. 895237

Because holly has zero foresight about how her actions will affect her long term. Also I'm about 90% sure the job is a sham. I mean what kind of place accepts you straight after an interview? Most places wait a day or two to go over the candidates again before choosing who to hire. Even fast food places won't hire you right after your interview.

No. 895248

Was this the graphic design job that she interviewed over google hangout or whatever?

No. 895249

Slight sperg here, sorry.
A piercing gun damages your cartilage, because it “pierced” through impact using a relatively blunt object. A piercing studio will properly pierce your lobe with needles, and that will result in a cleaner hole, placed a lot better and A lot less maintenance.
In some places is even illegal to use piercing guns anymore, and tbh, having tried them both, I would be willing to spend a little more and having my body handled by professionals with minimum damage instead of trying to make a piercing gun work on myself.
Plus, if you really really want to pierce your ears yourself all you need is ice (or some other numbing agent), a needle and a strong will. No need to waste money.

As for san Japan, I can believe she went negative 1000, for the sole fact that she insisted in paying hotel and didn’t have that much stuff to sell.
To think she could have simply cleaned her house and stayed there with her friends…

No. 895257

Piercing guns are generally still used for the soft part of the ear, so technically I don't see anything wrong with guns - bsed on a quick search you get these guns for 10 bucks upwards on Amazon, so she might actually try to get the "cheaper" option here.
Of course, the idea is still moronic and she will most likely hurt herself and complain about the pain (if she never had a pierced ear before), so there's that.

No. 895258

Watch her give herself uneven piercings and then complain on her next livestream.

Really hope HOlly didn't rope herself into a MLM or something.

No. 895285

an MLM sounds like something right up her alley to do with all the get rich quick schemes she's been trying

No. 895307

File: 1574179113437.png (295.86 KB, 640x1136, 9F88A43E-BB2B-40D6-A49C-409037…)

She didn’t realize this was a bullshit scam from that email alone??? Jesus fuck Holly

No. 895312

NTA but I'm also a piercing sperg, lol- piercing guns were made to brand cattle's ears, not human, so they weren't designed to be thoughtful or properly sterilized between uses (hence why getting yours done at Claires is not a great idea) Buying your own gun is a simple case of "what you pay is what you get"- probably uneven, a lot more traumatic to your flesh, and an ill-fitting earring that won't have space for swelling and will probably bring more problems in the long run.

No. 895313


Like idk Holly the email doesn't give it away that it's going to be a spam?

No. 895319

she must feel so proud of herself for exposing this "scammer" when she was dumb enough to reply to spam emails.

No. 895320

she must feel so proud of herself for exposing this "scammer" when she was dumb enough to reply to spam emails.

No. 895345

File: 1574187721084.png (297.77 KB, 441x782, scame.png)

No. 895354

Lol at her talking like she has any authority when it comes to jobs. Even if it is a scam, know-it-all Holly should have done her research instead of “filling out hundreds of apps for whatever” like she stated in her stream. She’s so fucking stupid I swear…

No. 895360

God this is so sad yet typical
She kept talking
about this well-paying job with so much hope and excitement only for it to end up a scam

No. 895367


The fact that they would've paid her 30 bucks per hour right from the get-go, while she has no credentials, portfolio AND them being some sort of T-Shirt shop, should've been obvious enough.

I mean, maybe I am wrong - depending on what "equipment" means, it could very well be they just wanted her to buy her own uniform, I think that's pretty standard?
The email is pretty spot-on, tho.

No. 895436

Why do I feel like Holly would be the person to fall for an MLM scam? "Hey sweetie (kiss emoji) I just saw your profile and you'd fit our company perfectly (twelve 100 emojis) How'd you like to make money from HOME and organize your OWN work hours? (sparkle emoji)"

No. 895438

kek. While I could see her falling for it initially, I think she'd very quickly drop it after realizing she'd have to larp as a hun. She can't even pretend to be polite to her own customers for stuff she ACTUALLY likes to do.

No. 895442

File: 1574201159673.jpg (19.5 KB, 273x319, flat,800x800,075,f.u1.jpg)

i'm by no means a germophobe but that mouse is fucking disgusting

how do people look at her room and still decide to buy from her astonishes me, not to mention the snot covered sleeves and her constantly touching her dirty face and then rubbing her greasy fingers all over books that she's sending to her clients

No. 895444

I didn't even notice the mouse at first and now I regret going back and looking. She talks so much shit about literally everyone and everything but is a walking snot-encrusted biohazard herself. Maybe she wouldn't feel like dying all the time if the environment she spends 90% of her time in wasn't a festering shitpit. She has the gall to call her mom a hoarder, too.

No. 895537

File: 1574210248554.png (164.84 KB, 1017x633, Unbenannt.png)

She…literally sells the books for a dime now. How can her backers not feel like they have been ripped off horribly, when they paid 32 bucks and up for the same books?!

No. 895541

that is SO scummy. nobody has gotten their copies yet and the idea of supporting a project on KS is being able to get a good price. That's just insulting to the people who made you 10.000$

No. 895624

Wait a second, Rally House in Lenexa Kansas? Holy Shit, I literally live down the street from this place and have been in there multiple times. But, that also begs the question; Why the fuck would a Kansas based place offer a job to someone in Texas aka over 10 hours away? She's a royal dumbass to even think this was real in the first place.

No. 895783

File: 1574273103730.png (9.27 KB, 653x153, Unbenannt.png)

From her Kickstarter - it seems people are finally catching on that there's some foul play involved.
Hollys last update was in October where she stated she had "sent almost all the orders", so I hope more people will ask questions )it's obvious from her stream that it was her first time packing these books - having envelopes with wrong sizes, first time mentioning separated packaging etc.)

No. 895785

Literally everyone would be better off if they bought their copies on Amazon or, if they want them even cheaper, on her shop.
This is absolute bonkers.

No. 895815


Everyone would be better off with a refund and no book so they can save that time for enjoying better content. Yet again she screwed everyone over for some quick cash.

No. 895864


Dude these covers spoil the ending. She's so stupid.

No. 895875

File: 1574287009069.png (1.18 MB, 697x1226, 2019-11-21 08_55_32-Instagram.…)

Buying more pointless cheap shit off Alibaba?

Anyone who supports Holly at this point dug their own grave. It's never been a secret that she's a scamming, money grubbing piece of shit, she outright admits it in literally every stream she ever does. If her moronic fanbase continues to give her money, that's on them.

No. 895896

Holly that supplier is not a good one. They fuck up a lot and the charms come broken/damaged. At least do some research omg

No. 895933

The irony of Holly pointing out other people’s spelling errors when she can’t write and edit for shit. Jfc Holly, get your head out of your ass.

No. 895935

Dude, you know she lurks. Let her fuck up and receive broken shit, it’s what she deserves at this point for being a scamming scumbag.

No. 896005

What supplier is it? I'm just asking so I know it isn't the one I chose for my conventions next year.

No. 896036

File: 1574336476996.png (4.06 MB, 1800x1010, 980A188E-3C39-4409-8870-28638F…)

Holly is never going to end the cycle of buying useless shit no one wants and trying to hawk it on whatever storefront she isn’t banned from. I would feel bad if she wasn’t such an insufferable cunt.

I hope her backers wise up soon but that’s asking too much. The fact she’s never shown proof of her packing until NOW proves she’s lied the entire year about having shipped anything out.

No. 896059

Also said this for the idiots who are here who might look into this supplier. My last batch from this company I had a few that were chipped and snapped entirely and one design that was super pixelated even though my file was fine so be careful and do not go with them at all costs.
I don’t think Holly has actually lurked in a good while. I think she glances through but definitely doesn’t look very hard at the thread. She doesn’t care about her reputation anymore at this point.

No. 896082

Bold of you to assume that she takes any of the advice given here, since her current track record of doing so is… well, pretty much nonexistent. She'll fuck up irregardless of what we say, she's too stubborn and spiteful to do anything beneficial to her life.

No. 896083

IDK why but I HATE the way she draws cats. Something about this cat's face makes me want to punch it.

No. 896087

File: 1574349879281.png (19.65 KB, 120x142, smug.png)

Maybe it because of the trademark Holly Brown smug face it has going on
It also reminds me of pic related, never forget

No. 896096

File: 1574352935796.png (71.68 KB, 174x200, cat.png)

I think it's a mix between the eyes not looking right and that dumb mouth expression. Makes it look less like a cat and more like something posessed by an evil spirit that will murder you in your sleep

No. 896142

Chinese bootleg Garfield staring at me this intensely is not what I expected from this thread today.

Also I wanna know how many charms she’s ordering are the ocs, derpy cats or something else outdated and ugly.

No. 896144

Reese triggers my fight or flight response every time I see him. He repulses me so much on a visceral level for a character who has had zero development and has never even made an appearance in the comic he's from.

No. 896151


For me it's the mouths, but it's also that creepy downcast stare they always seem to be making eyes at you. Very creepy, crooked eyes.
She's never drawn a cat in her life, but she insist on drawing the rudimentary symbols that roughly make up what she thinks a cat is.

Plus the cat face is just punchable anyway and she's put that dumb face on almost every oc of hers at one point or other.

No. 896167

Here we go again

No. 896185

>Bought new business cards with the old etsy on it and wasted money
>Planning her convention table for next year
>I am not doing prints anymore!
>Printed her weaboo art on the most expensive textured art paper for conventions
>I swear im shipping out the kickstarter!
>I got the wrong envelopes whoopsie!
>Drawing dumb bullshit for a vecor art shop where people can buy and use your designs/art commercially.
>sublimation printing on mugs and sketchbooks
>shop freebies
>on to making acrylic charms and pins!
>getting backing cards for acrylic pins through catprint with Luxe fancy stock for cheap crap plastic pins.
>COnfirmed she has conventions already lined up for next year
>getting a backdrop for her backdrop stand that looks like leaves
>says she looks like a cancer patient in her "daddy" beanie

No. 896192

File: 1574366683338.jpg (205.79 KB, 720x803, Screenshot_2019-11-21-17-03-24…)


I guess it's because she puts this weird anime hybrid face on it, you know? Just like kids drawing warrior cat fanart. Like the separated eyes (not a full circle, it's what I mean) and triangular mouth. It doesn't help that Holly default's anime face is smug, either.

If she's going to symbol draw, she can at least do it in a way that are established to be cute.

Sorry for redrawfag, but those are such simple changes. Enlarge the eyes, make the mouth smaller and less anime triangular, get rid of tsundere tooth. I mean, it still look dopey as fuck, but at least it doesn't look like it's gonna bully me.

No. 896196

Give it up anon, there's no way to fix this eldritch abomination.

Now the cat just looks like it's seeing into the abyss and is slowly dying so you didn't fix much at all.

No. 896200

does she REALLY understand the concept of developing an IP before making tons of merch for it?! I swear to god, 5 new Reese pins lined up and nobody has even met that character yet.

Regarding the prints, she really talks like she is her own PR Manager, rather than the actual artist - she has no new illustrations, almost nothing of her comic or even sent out those goddamn orders (they are STILL sitting there, on her dirty floor) and yet she has a picture in her head on how her future convention table is going to look like - because of course, priorities, amiright?

No. 896202

…she has planned the actual tablecloth and shows the link

No. 896208

Probably because the ONLY thing we've seen him do is date rape someone. And it's even skeevier when you realize that's Holly's self-insert.

>more cons despite having lost money both times shes tabled
>not selling prints even though they're one of the biggest money makers at cons

I have never seen anyone so incapable of learning from their mistakes I fucking swear

No. 896210

File: 1574368864348.png (3.28 MB, 2208x1242, 55AA6D75-D602-48A5-9569-A4B95A…)


>I’ve learned so much from conventions!

Has only ever done one a year (San Japan) for the past two years. I don’t remember when or what the one before that was either.

I also can’t get over the amount of fucking boxes in her room. If they’re not empty and sitting there, then they’re full of unsent KS backer packages. Her space looks more like a warehouse’s trash compactor area than it does a living space.

No. 896212

I love how she still has no idea what demographic her subscribers are - no, Holly, they don't need the full Adobe Suite (I don't even think she needs it herself)

No. 896219

>I've learned

haha good one holls

No. 896221

File: 1574369505565.png (3.81 MB, 1791x1202, 3588E579-F771-4D72-9FFA-612CC8…)

>boxes and boxes of blank mugs/ stacks of other shit seen in the video that will never sell.

>Kickstarter packages in random boxes strewn around the room.

Yea, it’s so clearly obvious she has her priorities in order. /s

The way she rags on that “scam” job made me lose it though. Even if it was a scam, her unearned air of authority on the subject of jobs made me want to punch my screen. I honestly believe she’s made up most of what she said to convince herself that normie jobs are all a scam and that art is her one true calling despite it NEVER working out as she plans. God she’s a fucking idiot.

No. 896222

>I will move out next year

Yeah, right

No. 896224

>States she had financial trouble, because she HAD to help her family

She literally spent her whole Kickstarter money in about 3 months total, she bought a laser and a shit-ton of materials for it, tons and tons of shit for San Japan, a freakin' CAR

Her subscribers are so brain-dead, it's not even funny anymore

No. 896230

Even more proof that those amazon boxes are more than likely from the books she ended up purchasing herself off the website. She's such a fucking dunce, I still can't comprehend it. She's got some nerve talking about future conventions.
She more than likely won't have the first PP book out. Either that, or she'll rush it and a kickstarter for it to have it on hand. Or she'll still be peddling those Purgatory books. She'll cave and rush prints anyway, along with shitty charms of her ugly flat OCs.

Same shit, different year.

No. 896233

remember when she swore she was going to move out in October with her sister? even she got fed up with waiting for holly to get her shit together and left. it's sad that a single mom of a toddler is in a better place financially than someone with 0 responsibilities or burdens beyond the ones she created for herself for no reason.

No. 896235

>Got a sublimation printer and materials at some point

Her idea for her convention table looks like a gardening store

No. 896236

This just shows Holly has no friends and doesn't talk to people at cons.

Prints are money makers, but not if you print them in unnecessarily expensive paper.

Stickers are moneymakers as well. Everyone who has ever tabled knows this. But tables around her are going to HATE her ass if she sells them for cheaper just so people buy them.

Holly has such a huge advantage by not having to pay rent and having such a big space to work in, but it's so fucking nasty and disorganized I'm surprised how she gets anything done.

No. 896239

Ugh I get such a gross, greasy vibe from him.

No. 896257

File: 1574372802764.jpg (824.87 KB, 2220x1080, Bitch u live like this.jpg)


No. 896259

The shoes she has strewn all over the place really made me gag when I watched the vid
Lol, and she says she "cleaned a bit"

No. 896261

it looks like someone put a rug into a woodworking workshop, she literally never vacuumed in her life.

No. 896263

File: 1574373382917.jpg (155.97 KB, 939x498, Screen_Shot_2019-01-14_at_1.23…)

No. 896264

File: 1574373520338.jpg (1.07 MB, 2220x1080, Vom.jpg)

Do they not own a vacuum?

No. 896266

File: 1574373668725.jpg (212.35 KB, 1080x1072, Sure hol.jpg)

No. 896267

How do you not double check this shit? Is she ADHD or just stupid?

No. 896269

22$ is an odd price so she could totally have just messed up (yet again), but i'm a bit suspicious she is lying and wanted to sell at that price for some reason until someone pointed it out.

No. 896282

this is (incredibly) far worse, you absolute joke of a person

No. 896285

nah. i think she's just too retarded to figure out how to pirate it

No. 896314

The obvious solution to make money at cons is to just make charms and stickers of whatever is show/anime is popular. I know so many artists who make merch for shows they never watched but if its popular, they're smart enough to try to cash in on it. Even if the art isn't that great, people will still buy it more than her OC stuff cuz some fans want all the crap related to their anime that they can get. But Holly seems physically incapable of drawing anything that's not her OCs.

No. 896330

You can't fix something that shitty. This is why 'redraws' of Holly's work are so stupid. If you want to fix Holly's work you need to start from scratch.

Holly thinks her comic/characters are popular because her followers blindly praise everything she does. Unfortunately the majority of Holly's followers won't actually buy any of Holly's stuff. Also have you seen Holly's fanart? There is having art that 'isn't that great' and then there is the disgusting fanart Holly makes.

No. 896333

People still make fan art for her? Where?

No. 896356

Anon wtf this is worse, it looks like he went through a woke filter and has seen some cosmic shit

No. 896391

fan art
art holly has made
of other's IP
That fanart, not fan art of her characters

No. 896400

Okay, does anyone know the name of the bad supplier of acrylic charms that someone pointed out above? It's not Vograce is it?

No. 896405

though since anon asked, they do. you can go to her ig page and click 'tagged'

No. 896419

I genuinely couldn’t tell this was a redraw for a second

Why is her filthy plate just laying on the floor like that? And this shit looks like it has never been vacuumed. Imagine all the dirt and dust… And she walks around her house in bare feet???

Are those Q-TIPS just laying around on the floor???????? Jesus, I knew she was dirty but damn when you guys said her room was a biohazard I though you were exaggerating. At first glance her room just looks cluttered, but like… wow. Her room is absolutely disgusting.

No. 896434

I've seen a guy owning a bunch of animals and still manage to make the house clean and roomy. Holly is just lazy I wouldn't be surprise if she has rats.

No. 896444


No. 896447

Holy shit her floor looks the exact same as it did in the beginning of these threads so it might be true that she’s never vacuumed her room. Don’t understand how anyone can stand to live in such clutter and filth?? I’ve known people even more depressed than Holly at least manage to clean more in a month than she has in this past year??

No. 896452

File: 1574416477199.jpg (157.02 KB, 1027x795, 1488393461707.jpg)

No. 896489

No. 896498

holyshit, this made my skin crawl

No. 896514

File: 1574436020526.jpg (27.36 KB, 175x232, Capture.JPG)

I think the symbol face is fine it's the weird realistic head size/body proportions on everything. It's like she still thinks "semi realism" is an actual art term

No. 896517

anon is this supposed to be a redraw? it still doesn't look better and wtf is up with the shitty pixel crunching?

No. 896533

Thanks dude, it's not vograce thank god but, I did have this company saved too.

No. 896568

OH GOD, I think this may be why I hate it so much, fuck me

No. 896575

Oh shit I've actually used this manu. I've gone through a specific person + only have ordered 1 or 2 pieces for commissions so that may be why I haven't gotten fucked over yet

No. 896576

These are both terrible, don’t start another redraw spergfest. We’re here to laugh at the bad art not “fix” it.

No. 896579

When will she learn not to make foreheads so small?

No. 896593

Not to mention that cat is impossible to fix; >>896330 said it all
>If you want to fix Holly's work you need to start from scratch.

No. 896600

Stop with the fucking redraws, everyone here who tries is shit, you can't fix her art, the only way you can make it look good is by redrawing the whole thing not editing small details that just make it worse

No. 896606

This would make sense as to why the books were listed at a much cheaper price. Holly is probably buying her own books to hock to her kickstarters. I wouldn't be surprised if she tried to pass them all off as her book just selling crazy well on there.

No. 896612

Any orders bigger than 50 usually have defects. If you look close there are sometimes holes in the printing, if you hold them up to the light you'll see them.
One of my designs had specking in it where there were random holes inside the print that made them cosmetically unsellable. My percentage of seconds with Jinlei are almost half including defects to the print, dust and gouges in the epoxy, and breaks where they didn't package them nicely. Small orders come in a bubble mailer and 5 of my keychains were snapped in half, 3 snapped by the hole.

No. 896637

File: 1574460010010.png (640.12 KB, 1543x861, holls.png)

I edited it without drawing anything whatsoever. It's not perfect by any means, but it showcases what paying attention to proportion and consistency can do.
If she would just be a little more deliberate, reference, and care.

No. 896642

Wow, definitely an improvement and shows that Holly is so close yet so far from the mark.

No. 896643

one anon edits it and now yall get focused on this one cat that she drew a real while ago already. no one is going to pat you on the back, just stop it.

No. 896649

I usually hate when anons here try to redraw her shit but, this is actually cute.

No. 896678

would this be why the price was low - does amazon take a percentage so she wanted to minimize their skim from her paying herself?

No. 896704

F, I had them saved too. Have you tried anywhere else? I just wanted to make some acrylic stands

No. 896714

yo can you guys stop flagellating your own assholes with the cat redraws. post in the redraw thread ffs

No. 896720

No. 896750

Vograce seems a lot more constant and their acrylic is a lot thicker now which to me feels like better quality. They have new kinds of acrylic too. I’ve never had any flaws with them besides a small error that was my own fault.

No. 896762

We really going to be flipping out over Holly's badly drawn cat?

No. 896769

When the milk is so dry that anons have to resort to redrawing hollys shit again

No. 896778

Redraws are pointless and shit up one of the older threads. This isn’t the place to fix holls art or post your own.

No. 896787


That is your opinion, but I find it can be helpful to pick apart why someone's art doesn't work just as it can be helpful to pick apart why someone's art DOES work.

Holly suffers from a lot of things that beginner artists suffer from, but she just never grew out of it.

I agree that you cannot sit here and make her art good, but when the milk is dry I don't see why people can't discuss her artwork if they want to.

Her bad artwork is as relevant as her bad attitude, like it or not.

No. 896793

>Her bad artwork is as relevant as her bad attitude, like it or not.
keyword is “her”. we’re here for her bad artwork, not some anon’s shitty attempt at a redraw.

No. 896795

No one is saying you can’t pick apart the art, it's the redraws and edits that can shit up the thread.
Soon as one anon does it, everyone wants to throw their hat in. It happened in the 2nd or 3rd thread. Say what you want about the art just don’t post your fucking stupid edits.

No. 896836

Exactly this. We have the redraw thread for a reason. If an anon MUST make one the least they could do is post it in the right place instead of derailing the thread

No. 896878


Here's the redraw thread if anyone is interested: >>>/ot/243951

No. 896925

You keep mentioning "discussing" and "picking apart" Holly's art but you're not even touching the fact that redraws are doing none of that. They just want asspats that their edit/ redraw is soooo much better than Holly's.

No. 897040


Which isn't a very high bar to jump, honestly.

No. 897184

No one is interested which is why no one posts there. Idk why people are so triggered when people do redraws plenty of anons like them in their respective cows threads. Redraws are more entertaining than the bullshit tinfoils and infighting that always seem to happen when milk is dry.

No. 897228

> Idk why people are so triggered when people do redraws plenty of anons like them in their respective cows threads.
Obviously not in this thread though, let it go already

No. 897369

I meant if anyone is interested in doing redraws then post in the redraw thread. Sorry for the ambiguity.

No. 897603

File: 1574677245254.png (171.14 KB, 598x531, 5476485634865.png)

Just letting you all know shes randomly blocking people.
I never even follow requested her but I was in her BNHA Zine. She's either really psychotic or paranoid or some shit

No. 897610

She’s planning on going public again on Twitter and blocking everybody she knows has scammed so she can pretend nothing happened

No. 897666

No. 897670

That's not even tinfoil knowing her at this point. That's 100% what she's doing.

No. 897684

so is she done with the kickstarter?

No. 897701

File: 1574699541183.png (404.67 KB, 718x401, Screenshot (108).png)

No. 897717

i audibly gasped this is fucking appalling (finish the kickstarter) and THEN before working on another asinine project CLEAN YOUR ROOM. your mental health will thank you and you can probably start focusing on one project at a time instead of being constantly distracted by bullshit.

No. 897739

Dishes next to SHOES on the floor??? I'm beyond disgusted JFC

No. 897741

I love how she’s getting keychains in January during a Chinese holiday when the factories shut down for a while and are also on heavy load/ more likely to have defects. I hope she does pre orders for them. I wanna see another merch disaster.

No. 897759

Spoon touching the carpet.
Remember when she said she couldn’t host people for san japan because HER MOM was a hoarder and her house was filthy, like it wasn’t her fault?
I wonder if she expects her mom to clean for her and that’s why she’s judging…

No. 897760

Is no one going to talk about how she said she burned a book by leaving it in the heat press for over 30 minutes? Like… jfc, I knew she was fucking negligent before but it’s only a matter of time before she fucks up so hard it’s going cause actual damage to her Aunt’s house.

No. 897788

This is so nasty jfc. I hope anyone that gets a book from her uses an entire can of fucking Lysol on it.

No. 897789

Imagine running around barefoot like Holly does.

No. 897901

File: 1574726628472.png (10.91 KB, 311x171, screen_8798676_.png)

new saga incomming ?

No. 897904


>it's better to try than to be left wondering

Dude, noooo, you have NO MONEY. Just stop for a minute and consider your life choices, please! That's not how becoming even remotely successful works

No. 897907

Why did you have to point out that spoon?? GAG

No. 897908

File: 1574726923591.png (226.85 KB, 1265x805, Unbenannt.png)

Seems like she's already listing some new stuff (on a side-note, her Purgatory-books have now completely disappeared from her shop)

No. 897909

File: 1574726950805.gif (1.01 MB, 480x270, f3c.gif)

No. 898044


Oooo boy. Here comes acrylic pins of Holly's OC that less than ten people would even want.

No. 898050

Yeah make some acrylic pins of your OCs from a comic that hasnt even reached 20 pages yet. Sure, Holly.
And obviously her braindead fans would still buy it.
I'm waiting on her Kickstarter for PP. I can smell it from a mile away.

No. 898072

PP has become projection fodder by this point. The characters have so little canon material and/ or characteristics that anyone can just project their own idea of who the character is on them.

No. 898108

When she could be making pins of cute shit. Go thru your followers posts n find out what they like, Holls. Fuck, it ain't hard. Your dumb ads unknown OCs gon flop. Or maybe just maybe don't start new shit without good research.

No. 898258

She's recently bought new brushes and now coasters to do small illustrations on? When is this chick NOT buying something.

No. 898270

File: 1574808018944.png (2.72 MB, 1242x2208, F261D361-1166-460E-B383-494AD1…)

Like… I refuse to believe she’s working an actual job right now (let alone 2-3 that she claims) but how else is she affording crap like this and the equipment needed for the sublimation printer? I can imagine as soon as the paycheck clears, she’s buying new shit for the latest scheme she’s thought up.

It fucking blows my mind though that with the rate at which she comes up with these ideas that she always manages to find the ones that NEVER APPEAL TO ANYONE. I know she prides herself as being “original” but literally every single thing she’s tried to push has no mass appeal. Journals are cool, but slapping sloppily drawn cats with other poorly drawn objects in it appeals to who exactly? Besides herself. That bathtub/leg shaving cat print will always be a prime example of her inability to conceptualize anything with appeal to the general public she wants money from so badly.

No. 898271

Samefag but you just KNOW she’s going to forget about those fucking coasters in five minutes like her weird vaporwave painted jeans pockets she thought influencers would wear…

No. 898275

She has to be in massive cc debt. I sincerely doubt she has a job right now because she hasn't talked about them in awhile, but if she does, shes probably spending every penny she gets.

No. 898276

I wouldn't say that anon. She did make the porn comic which showed Reese is a rapist and the few pages done show Hershel has anger management issues.

No. 898299

From all pp related stuff Holly has made here’s a rundown of the characters.
Herschel- awkward flirt with anger issues that heals monsters and gets raped but is okay with it
Ash- Holly’s self insert that does nothing but eat food and makes sarcastic comments
Reese- Holly’s self insert but a guy and a rapist. He shows off his cutting wounds like they’re no big deal and is an edgy whore plant monster
Princess- the bitchy straight man of the group
All that after 2-3 years of development from holls

No. 898314

Princess was originally written as an sjw lol

No. 898356

Lol I love these descriptions

You've given the characters more depth than Holly has

No. 898384

What you're saying doesn't contradict what I said lol, the characters do have some canon info but it's sparse and vague like I said in my original comment (which makes sense given that Holls has only made like 10 pages of the actual comic; but she still acts like they're well-thought out, established characters, which just ain't true lol)

No. 898397

She's got a terrible disconnect between what she feels and what the audience knows. It's why her writing is so bad like we're supposed to be aware of context she has in her head and never actually gives in the story.

No. 898428

Ash is who she is right now and Reese is who she wants to be, for some reason. kek. Wonder if we are going to see a Holly fakeboi saga where she tries to live out her fujo fantasies?

This pretty much. She builds all this shit up so much in her head and then either forgets or is too lazy to actually incorporate it into the comic.

No. 898429

Has she always been this bad as far as compulsively buying new things to make merch with? Before when she had a steadier social media presence maybe she’d make the money back, but now?

No. 898432

Holly mentioned that Princess was supposed to be Herschel’s love interest but then she made a deliberate self insert to be with Herschel instead (it was a pudgy looking character called Mint or something). I love how she seems to have scrapped that and decided that “hot” girl Ash is going to be her self insert now.

No. 898449

Yes, she's always been this bad, but before she had a fairly successful youtube channel and a large audience, as well as sponsorships. Now she has spotty income at best, a quarter of the viewers she used to have, expensive car bills and student debt to the tune of 50k without even a degree to show for it.

No. 898782

File: 1574927940289.png (3.73 MB, 1242x2208, 9AEC3D18-B924-4683-9C4C-F76FDA…)

She honestly thinks holding a Black Friday sale will help push her shit OC merch? And for those stupid enough to order from her, they would be lucky to see their package come by February at the earliest if she bothers to ship at all given her track record..

No. 899148


So she's finished shipping out all the backer rewards now right, or…

If she wanted to set up a black Friday sale, she should've prepared at least a week in advance.
I know when most people think black Friday, they don't think, "oh boy, I've been waiting for a sale on Holly's OC merch and sloppy comics, I'd better get in on that!"

No. 899150

I have a feeling she still hasn't shipped out everything yet..

No. 899308

File: 1575054485659.png (3.54 MB, 1043x1800, A5EBAE54-230B-4B6E-88D6-10B673…)

Of course Holly would go out on Black Friday and spend more money on shit she doesn’t need. Plans to use the sublimation printer on the canvas boards to sell her digital art and says it’s “a cheaper way of owning an original”. That’s not how selling original art works, Holly…

And if course the car is as messy as her room.

No. 899390

Why is she buying gouache. Shes going to try and pawn them off in a month.

No. 899436

Shes had so much of that same gouache a while ago and than sold it off……….

No. 899442

File: 1575069121442.png (6.29 MB, 1800x1576, B12D1EAD-B7CB-4829-8E6C-F1CB2B…)

Jfc Holly, just stop. No one is going to buy this shit. Go back to fulfilling your Kickstarter.

No. 899500

Just like how shes bought and sold copic markets like 5 separate times in the last 2 years. Is she missing the part of her brain that allows her to learn from her mistakes or what?? Toddlers have a better grasp on that concept than she does.

>wearing shoes in her own fucking bedroom

Does this bitch not know what a vacuum is?

No. 899510

Holly pretty much treats her living space as a warehouse facility since she stores all her shit there with piles of empty boxes. The only difference is that I’ve been to warehouses cleaner than her room.
I would feel bad that she lives the way she does if she weren’t such a rotten cunt.

No. 899754

very short boring video about her sublimation process, also she says she's never going to do prints again
so i guess she's gonna dabble in all kinds of types of merch

No. 899772

You know, she says she’ll never do prints again but that’s what she said before San Japan. And she shat those prints out last minute because she was fucking around with her laser at the time to bother prepping. She will do the same shit if she gets accepted again. Rinse and repeat.

No. 899776


Not to blog post but, I sell at cons and can tell you the number 1 rookie mistake outside of drawing things that aren't relevant is putting art on a bunch of products just because you can. The con scene has changed since the mid to late 2000's and with services like Aliababa you can get good quality custom printing for just about anything. It might seem cool to put your shit on anything and everything but, congoers will more than likely pass it by.

Not selling prints is stupid because there will always be a market for prints, and not having a cohesive set of practical products is another. She's atleast making improvements by having acrylic charms and not ugly wooden ones. Buttons, Charms, and Pins will always sell well; And while some people have expanded to do things like lanyards, micro fiber towels, washi tape, and more; People still keep it to a minimum. I wouldn't say she shouldn't do something like coasters or sketchooks but, she needs to have restraint and sick to what is popular to put art on. And knowing Holly she'll probably try to stand out and put her shit on a ton of things.

No. 899796

File: 1575149982202.png (4.86 MB, 1242x2208, BD0C3C95-9A46-4D73-8BDA-99915E…)

Who is really going to want this? Honestly. She’s incapable of drawing anything unless it appeals to her and only her.

No. 899813

god the "slapping random shit with no composition on a page" is back and its worse then ever. it looks like every item on table is floating.

No. 899837

Just work on your story holly goddamnit

No. 899856

wtf are these colours??
You can add as many weird and irrelevant objects into your illustration but you have to make one of them the focal point. And, why the big random teal circle?? That's basically the focal point now.

No. 899948

I'm not even surprised at this point. I don't think she even updated PP, but here we are. Her top priority lies in doing random shit to avoid the other shit that she's supposed to be doing.

No. 899970

I think she's trying to pain a still life… form her imagination?

Jesus Christ Holly this wouldn't look like hot garbage if you actually put some shit on the table in front of you and painted it. Just get a pink cloth and put a skull and some glassware on it? Also painting it from life would avoid this bizarre crap going on with the light source. I have no idea where the light source is supposed to be. Don't even get me started on the anatomy of that skull, jfc.

Also, shoutout to the underpainting. Oh wait… there isn't a fucking underpainting! Amazing, Holly's been to two different art schools and still doesn't know how to do an underpainting.

No. 899987

File: 1575189462956.png (5.26 MB, 1242x2208, 5696C40C-A4D6-41F1-9899-441244…)


No. 899988


Wew I can't wait til she starts begging for her remaining fans to buy her shitty arts. Is this the endgame?

No. 899989

>still can't understand that the bottom of a cylinder in 3d is a curve not a horizontal line
so many years… you show a kid this once and they get it

No. 899990


$120… $120 fucking what?! Even porn artists don't charge that high and they drew a lot better than Holly.

No. 900023

I've never heard of interacted with her before and I'm blocked. Found this place because of it and holy shit this girl is batshit insane.
I wonder if something I made triggered her.

No. 900026

I mean its traditional art and an ok size, imo its okay to charge that much (not saying hers is worth it but it seems reasonable)

No. 900028

Just because Holly is a bad artist doesn't mean we should make shit up concerning commission prices- she absolutely should charge this much for this amount of work on a traditional painting. Now, whether you find it worth it depends on your taste in comparison to Holly's, but unless she was doing something a lot less detailed, she (or any other artist who does this kind of commission) shouldn't charge any less.

No. 900084

Are Holly's old vlogs all gone forever? No archives?

No. 900091

No. 900094

surprise, she STILL hasn't shipped the rewards!

No. 900106

>Spends all the money she's got
>"I just want to make money"
That's not how it works, Holly. I really feel like she should just focus on digital art so she doesn't have to buy stuff to make stuff all the time. I mean look at those boxes full of mugs no one is probably gonna buy…

No. 900113

she said she'll do a page dump of pp in january and wants to do a kickstarter for in in march/april

she also jumped on the illo bandwagon, not sure why all yt artist are getting these considering they are not that great

No. 900144

They fit the frame perfectly for filming. For someone that does sketchbook spreads all the time it makes sense but Holly isn't consistent. Also for someone so poor she sure spends a lot of money on little treats for herself jesus.

Also how can she do a Kickstarter for PP it doesn't even have 20 pages

No. 900180

File: 1575231071581.png (4.18 MB, 1242x2208, 9A9D85EC-7EE5-490B-AA79-31D73D…)

Holly can charge what she feels like for commissions but that doesn’t mean people need to give her money for the sloppy messes she puts out. This will go the way of her Jiji painting she had to constantly mark down from $300 to what, $50? Just to get rid of it. I mean, the lettering is atrocious and the painting looks like it came from someone just beginning to learn how to paint. She’s not painting this because she’s inspired, she’s only doing it so she has product for her store.

As for her Kickstarter, they will prevent you from creating another campaign until you’ve fulfilled the previous one. That’s probably why she thinks saying she’ll do it in March/April will give her time. I know it’s wishful thinking but I hope her fans don’t fall for it and don’t give her any more money. It’ll just repeat itself and no one will see their rewards for another year while she fucks off with the money on another get rich quick scheme.

No. 900187

Oh god, that small text is horrific. I still can't tell where the light source is. The skull's jaw is so weird and lopsided it looks like it came from Herschel. The cyan bubble is off-center, and its left edge is tangent with the ice cream cone.

No. 900209

>The skull's jaw is so weird and lopsided it looks like it came from Herschel

I was thinking the same thing. It's weirdly narrow and long like his.

I might be in the minority when I say I actually do like how Holly paints but this is a bad example…you can tell the last time she looked at an actual skull for a reference was years ago.

No. 900217

nah i get you anon, she is one of those artists who has some handle on coloring but her fundamentals are nowhere so the end result looks shit anyway.

No. 900261

Why the hell would someone trust her enough to go for one of these more expensive and time consuming commissions when she couldn’t even get her sketch commissions done in a timely manner.

No. 900276

If you order a physical product from Holly you have like a 35% chance of actually receiving it.

No. 900277

Is she still on this vaporwave 'aesthetic' floaty composition with ugly pastels kick? That horse died 3 years ago and she's still trying to kick it.
Her shadows and blending are so ugly. She didn't bother to do some refresher paintings to crawl out of whatever circle of hell her bit of skill was in. She just thinks she'll be able to shit these out no problem.
I wonder where she aped the lame idea for the theme of her painting.

No. 900298

Holly seems to love to put in so much effort shitting out a lot of useless crap no one wants, then complains about how busy she is. You're not a hard worker if you're going all out on pet projects that YOU want to do, while putting off fulfilling actual orders and work that others have paid you for, HOLLY.

No. 900345

File: 1575252254973.jpeg (2.25 MB, 1242x2034, CC18F15D-D17F-403D-99FB-27ECE8…)

I guess it’s finished? Jfc Holly… all those years in school with a mountain of debt and you still couldn’t be bothered to learn something as simple as composition.

I don’t even know what else to say about this other than it’s extremely sad to look at.

No. 900356

Ffs holly, look at that lean. She KNOWS her art leans and she does nothing to fix it

No. 900363

shame about the geometry and composition because the food does look quite delicious. she should paint over 3d shapes from some software or something

No. 900365


Honestly, looks a bit better than before, like the rendering of the food is pretty nice actually. Still a dreadful composition.

No. 900367

holly has no idea how to do lettering lmao

No. 900427

I like the pink ice cream on the bottom right, but everything else looks so mishmashed and not even on the same plane of existence

No. 900454

Honestly this could look good. The style itself isn't bad but Holly lacks all the basic skills like anatomy and composition, which makes it all look wonky and not visually pleasing.
If she would stop being stubborn and really sit down and actually practice, she could do pretty ok paintings.

No. 900486

what is the point of this painting though

No. 900557

lemme direct you to >>899987 newfag

No. 900558

oops sorry for not saging

No. 900575

Dude chill out the anon clearly saged so I doubt they're new, they were probably asking whats the point of the content of the painting or why she even bothers trying to do painting commisions when her art looks like shit

No. 900626

No. 900699

She is live

No. 900711

>doesn't sage
>tries to be a wiseass to a clearly saged comment
Try harder next time retard

No. 900717

Her commissions are $160 on Storenvy. Done with Shopify?

No. 900719

Someone is harassing her on stream she threading to block them

No. 900723

She’s now saying people are accusing Ash of being her self insert which she is denying and laughing at even tho there are screenshots in these threads of her stating Ash is her self insert. Is she 13?

No. 900724

"I don't want to make a mary sue."
Your girls are too bland to be sues Holly. You have gary stus like Reese instead.

No. 900725

Now she’s denying Reese is a self insert…does she not know the internet has screenshots?? She’s going on a full rant about them not being her self inserts and how people are just crazy to say otherwise. You were the one who said that Holly jfc do her fans just pretend she’s retarded and feel bad for her so they go along with this shit

No. 900726

sage for nitpicking but shes talking about her cat possibly being pregnant, and the first thing she says is that she can "get rid" of the kittens by putting them up for free on craigslist

she keeps refering to it as "getting rid of them" and its just kinda gross

not to mention giving away a cat for free on craigslist… yikes.

No. 900733

I'm surprised she's not thinking about using the kittens as part of a get-rich-quick scheme.

No. 900734

>"It's demoralizing to work a normal job when I know I could do better"

Holly you have 0 applicable skills. You didn't even finish school. How the heck do you expect to "do better".

No. 900739

Shes talking about watching beheading videos on youtube and posted a link to one so her young audience can watch…

No. 900740

… I sort of figured Holly wasn't as much of a cat lover as she claims/thinks she is, but that's pretty fucked up. It's like she's a child and doesn't understand that animals aren't toys you can discard.

No. 900744

I believe she doesn't like animals in general because right after that she went on saying that she thinks pitbulls shouldn't be breed because "statistically theyre more aggressive than other breeds"

the way she talks about animals is just gross

No. 900748

Why isn't she doing commissions? What is she waiting for?
Or did someone commission an Ash drawing?

No. 900750

What?? That sounds disgusting

No. 900753

File: 1575335729476.png (75.91 KB, 500x318, okayWHAT.png)

No. 900764

Okay she's talking about those guillotine executions in France from the 70s… which isn't much better, but I thought you meant like isis beheadings or something

Jeez Holly

But right after she says she's interested in watching more, like Chinese executions or some shit

No. 900809

Yeah she is fucking insane. On an old stream she told a story about a guy she knew that microwaved a cat to death and she thought it was hilarious.

No. 900826

She’s always laughed at animals dying. In one of the older threads she talked about her sisters cat snapping its neck and laughing about it. It wouldn’t be so disturbing if she would fucking stop after the first time. She talks about it so casually too it’s disgusting.
>sisters cat snaps it’s neck
>wants her dog to die already
>guy microwaves cat to death
Sage for being triggered but for fucks sake, it’s not funny Holly. You sound like a fucking psychopath.

No. 900827

Is she legitimately disturbed? Is this a cry for attention thing? Is she just being an edgelord? Who can tell??!

No. 900832

All her talk of animals dying or being hurt and laughing about it just makes her look more like a fucking sociopath. I mean, she doesn’t give a shit about people in general either from how she talks about her one friend or the way she treats the people who support her, including her aunt. It’s disgusting and sad. I don’t see her getting anywhere in life tbh and she’ll live with her aunt until she eventually passes away and Holly is forced to live on the street since she’s incapable of being a responsible adult. She can’t live off of her preteen base forever.

No. 900837

The moment I start to feel bad for this bitch I remember the cat microwave video and suddenly my sympathy is gone. Now she's posting links to beheading videos lmao I am not even a little surprised. When people are edgelords past their teen years into adulthood I always side eye that shit. Crazy bitch.

No. 900838

Everything she does looks so lopsided. She really needs to go back to drawing the fundamentals.

No. 900840

Holly never grew out of her edgy teen phase cause either her lifestyle didn’t change or she didn’t change or both. Isolated people can lose touch with their empathy. She hates human interaction and stays in her room all day no wonder she has 0 empathy or compassion for animals/people.
Side eye the shit out of anyone like her, it’s really bad when you can see the asshole attitude on the outside.

No. 900845

I’m personally always amused by how she doesn’t give a single fuck about any other living thing except herself but she loves playing the victim card when things don’t go her way. Everything is someone else’s fault and she’s completely thankless when it comes to any support she gets. I’m fascinated by some of the mental gymnastics this bitch can do.

No. 900858

For someone who grew up poor, she has such a huge sense of entitlement. She feels that she deserves not to have to work a regular job yet here are loads of talented professional artists who work non art jobs on the side to make ends meet. Honestly, if not for her following online, she'd be truly fucked because not only is her art not good enough to be her sole source of income, but she has such a bad attitude and lack of marketable skills that she'll have trouble entering the workforce in any position above minimum wage.

No. 900869

I swear everytime I get the slightest bit of sympathy and pity for this bitch, she reminds me of why I cant stand her in the first place. Being a dumb laughable fuck when it comes to art and failing at being an adult is one thing but; Laughing at the thought of animals being dead/hurt, and the whole beheading thing is just fucking gross. I remember a while back her response to one of the comments on her videos was "What do you want me to do change my whole personality?" Uh, yeah you might want to because it's absolute shit. Being a deliberate bitch is not something to be proud of Holly. I know you lurk here so do yourself a favor and kindly change everything about your mindset.

No. 900870

she is going on a rant about people being afraid of needles when they go get tattoes and finished it with "people are just the worst. I hate people. I try to avoid them as much as possible" like jesus holly fucking chill

shes so unlikable i cant believe it

No. 900878

Symptoms of an unhappy person. She loves to point out and nitpick the shit out of things others do, while making excuses for her own piss poor habits and attitude. What a pathetic fuck.

No. 900898

I don't know if I would dismiss it as just an edgy teen phase, she keeps on going about animal cruelty and I just think she really lacks that empathy and comes across as really unhinged. I think those statements shouldn't be taken lightly anymore if she keeps on about it for years.

No. 900909

I didn't watch the whole stream but the title says commission stream, yet… the only thing she has drawn so far are Ash and Herschel. Why does holly even bother doing commisions if the only thing she wamts to draw is her stupid characters. She also draws so unbelievably slow…

No. 900915

I laughed at the part in the stream where she said that doing freelance work was her "dream job". Like 3 months ago she went on a huge rant about how much she hates doing commissions, but now she suddenly wants to be a freelancer? Does she think someone is going to hire her to illustrate a children's book with her gay cutter prostitute rapist self insert or something?

Also the whole bit where she was talking about being fascinated with executions was honestly repulsive and unsettling. Kinda wondering if she is really starting to lose it.

No. 900951

When she says freelancing is her dream job I bet she’s imagining hordes of clients lining up with requests to draw either Ash, Herschel or Reese but without any other composition or posing requests so she can have the freedom to draw whatever she wants and still have people pay shit tons of money for it. If anyone gave her any other directions they’re “telling her what to do” and we all know she hates that. She just wants to be paid tons of money to sit on her ass and doodle her headcannon, something that will literally never happen.

No. 900998

Like what the fuck. She has two(?) kitties she shows on IG sometimes just being cute and harmless like most cats are, while she laughs about cats dying in horrible ways. She genuinely doesn't feel any sympathy for anyone except for herself, animal or human.

No. 901005


Her family really should get her psych evaluated before Holly goes on a rampage.

No. 901007

She said in her new painting video on her main channel that she wants to be commissioned album covers lmao
Good luck with that when you have no sample work and are just a shitty comic artist. She can render pretty well with paints, it’s just that her observation and general drawing skills are pretty atrocious

No. 901106

10 bucks she wants to do "album covers" because she thinks it's just random shit floating on a solid background and that is her favorite composition, apparently.

No. 901117

File: 1575409934807.png (57.25 KB, 384x399, bruh.png)

I will never ever understand Holly's ass licking fans. I was watching the second part of the stream and some tranny is so obsessed with holly that they chose Holly as their new name…

No. 901147

I’ve seen trans men tweet Arin Hanson about naming themselves after him which he’s pretty shitty but he’s really popular so I get it.
Now Holly though? I don’t get it. I still do not understand how she has fans. It’s especially weird to me that she had a kickstarter for purgatory a few years ago now and it got funded. Did her fans that funded that one just abandon her from all the controversy or were they like oh yea, she redid it that’s cool, let’s fund it again now. I cannot honestly believe that she has fans that don’t see a problem with that. I can’t believe she has fans that don’t see problems with any of the shit she’s done.

Sage for the a-log

No. 901187

>I bet she’s imagining hordes of clients lining up with requests to draw either Ash, Herschel or Reese but without any other composition or posing requests
Not even that imo, at least that would be consistent. I bet she's expecting people to bend to her every whim-of-the-month. She's into painting ~vaporwave ~ jeans? Clients will want that. She's into Copics (after re-buying and re-selling them a millon times)? Of course all her commissions will be Copic based. She's into wooden charms? Everyone will suddenly want a wooden charm from Holly specifically. Every time she gets a ew harebrained get-rich-quick scheme, she wants people to just throw their money at her.

No. 901193

You would think that someone so desperate to make money off their artwork would at least do the bare minimum research to get an idea of what sells…but nah Holly is special and legwork is beneath her.

No. 901281

Know I'm late for the party but finally watched Holly's livestream and I laughed when she brought up putting commissions on mugs. Like, really? Again? We're still doing the mug thing?

No. 901352

Are you telling me there were TWO purgatory kickstarters? I thought I read all the threads.

No. 901366

File: 1575431205077.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1853, 53112B31-4393-4B3E-8FF0-6C0C15…)

Yup, back in 2017 she got 8k for the printing of the old style before trashing those and redoing it. The last update was about people not filling out the backer report so who knows how many people got the book during that go around.

No. 901377

Wait, isn’t against TOS to fund the same thing twice? I mean the new KS isn’t just volume one but still, she’s already funded and printed the first volume. I remember she didn’t even sell all the limited edition covers and ended up selling them on her shop at one point, I believe.

If she was smart, she could have just labeled it for volume 2 + epilogue…

No. 901394

Theyre technically different books so nah.

No. 901558

Who's hand is that!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?(!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?)

No. 901578


No. 901663

Relax anon, it’s just a picture, it can’t hurt you.

No. 901666

ok so I think you guys are being a little excessive about some things
1) the cat she talks about is a stray that she feeds and built a little house for. She explained that she would want to find homes for possible kittens, since there are dangerous pets/animals living in the neighborhood. I dunno, doesn´t exactly sound bad to me?
2) why is her statement that overbred pets aren´t ethical suddenly problematic?

Come on, there is plenty of material to drag her for, you don´t need to reach

No. 901671

doesn't she have a cat at home though? i think it makes sense for anons to worry about someone who laughs at animal torture keeping/being near animals.

No. 901697

I actually funded that kickstarter. I don’t really recall waiting a long time to receive my book. She really fucked up this last kickstarter lmao it’s insane

No. 901753

I don’t think she’s an actual psycho or is going to kill her pets. Hollys fucking edgy “I wish my pet dog would die already” or “my sisters cat was too drugged to jump out of her cage so she snapped her neck on accident but it’s funny” comments are just not funny and sound psychotic out of context. Truth is she’s lazy and probably doesn’t want to take care of the pets and that jokes like those come out as a result.
I can’t find the post where it’s talking about the stray cat kittens besides the selling them on Craigslist thing or the overbred ethnical pets thing. So I’m not sure what posts you’re talking about anon.

No. 901761

I'm pretty lost on your second point who is dragging her for that? She thinks microwaving cats and beheading videos are funny how are we reaching

No. 901903

I was to referring to the post mentioned above and the whole pet-topic came up again because of things she said during her recent lifestream, not individual posts I could cite for you. Anyway, I don´t even care to argue this point any further. I just don´t think that making morbid unfunny jokes = being a bad pet owner >>900744

No. 901921

She said it was funny her sisters cat neck snapped. You’re dumb as hell if you think anybody especially Holly should be trusted with an animal who finds amusement from that.

No. 901935

It goes beyond her just being morbid or “unfunny”. There was a point where she kept saying (on stream) that she wished the family’s dog would die because it was annoying her or being an inconvenience. I have no doubt she probably does care for her cat but I personally wouldn’t trust her around any animal with the way she talked /laughed so openly about how funny it was when her sister’s cat snapped it’s neck.
It’s not reaching when anons point out how callous she comes off as in regards to animals.

No. 901955

It can seem like Holly's cats are the only living creatures she really cares about, and she's otherwise a negative person, so hearing her laugh at a cat's death seems wrong even for her.

No. 901969

do you remember if the ks got overfunded like this new one? what kind of perks did you get, was it just the book? i'm guessing she wasn't as off the rails as she is now

No. 901981

File: 1575541695648.png (49.4 KB, 479x371, madlass holly.png)

>1:47:13 for beheading bit
Holy shit she really does link it

No. 901986

What is wrong with her fans?

No. 902048

they are idiotic edgy teens who think it's cool to laugh at that stuff.

No. 902146


for anyone curious, the video link is like a true crime explanation of the execution but it does feature really grainy footage of the beheading

No. 902173

I think her goal was $3000 and people funded over $8000. I remember most of the rewards being simple prints and stickers, no wooden charm shit. I only paid the bare minimum to receive a book and she threw in a sticker of Simon and Damien and a small print of the special edition cover I think, which was nice (and unexpected). I definitely think that kickstarter was handled better, but I’m not sure about other peoples’ experiences w/ it.

No. 902174

forgot to add that the minimum payment to receive the book was $16

No. 902234

File: 1575588590529.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1242x2048, 091DBB0B-9F78-4C73-BF3B-2BAA0D…)

Weren’t these the same packages sitting on her bed for the last couple weeks?

No. 902296

they absolutely are - what are her fans supposed to order in bulk like that? Homemade notebooks? Lol, right

No. 902298

I think those are the charms for the kickstarter she said that she was going to send them separately.

No. 902522

Holly showing edgy shit to look cool to her young dumb kids. No wonder she doesn't have any friends. Of course Holly is not interested in grown ups because she is still a woman child on the inside.

No. 902632


she just hates people her age. like she said something in an old stream that the girls at her old job didn't like the Holocaust jokes she would tell and how no one gets her "dark humor"

No. 902648

>dark humor
>Holocaust jokes
Lol sure Holly that’s what dark humor is.

No. 902652

i was wondering for sometime why holly is like this but it probably comes down to her never having normal social interactions, especially with people her age. she went to online art school and really doesn't go out. she is also way too spiteful to learn from her mistakes, she only cares about being right and the "haterz" being wrong.

No. 902832

she really just needs to talk to people in real life because this isn't working out for her at all, considering all she's got is keith and a bunch of teenagers to talk to

No. 902845

File: 1575699056894.jpeg (1.85 MB, 1242x2058, 7BAFC4D8-B42A-4358-91F1-926653…)

For coasters…?

No. 902856

File: 1575704236470.png (4.26 MB, 1242x2208, A547EC58-CE02-415A-9283-D32639…)

No. 902870

Holly is going to grow up and get older. If she doesn't do anything right now. She would not have a future as she remains being a teenage brat phase. Pretty much like Onision.

No. 902875

I'm surprised this isn't even too ugly? Its quite appealing, or am I just having really low standards for Holly?

No. 902878

am i crazy cos whenever i look at the face of one of her drawings i think 'ah there's holly's brown'. like her own face. i know she used its shape for reference of old characters but.. is it possible that something about her face is still slipping through? or just association on my part

No. 902879

File: 1575712438749.jpeg (2.2 MB, 1233x2033, 7F2758B5-4A49-4D0C-9D8A-1F7DA9…)

No. 902882

I feel like the faces she draws are classic symbol switching faces for people who grew up drawing anime. Like all the characters have a bad case of long face syndrome.

No. 902889

It's ok if you think it's appealing, but that doesn't change the fact it's incredibly useless - she uses it as a canvas, she's not printing them, so we can safely say it won't make her any money. (which should be her main concern atm)

Maybe it's just me, but Holly REALLY seems like someone who should work in product design - sure, her work would still be below mediocre, but she certainly enjoys experimenting with actual products (canvases, different printing techniques, various mediums for drawing and painting…) a LOT more than actually drawing something - how many ways of creating something has she tried in the past year alone?
She is just not honest with herself, but in reality she is no artist.

No. 902890


I think this as well. Last stream she mentioned she doesn't really like going out with people because she feels like she could be making money instead. Yuck

No. 902893

genuinely thought that was damien.

No. 902896

that's most likely just an excuse, holly seems to have a big mouth on the internet, but she is pretty meek and socially awkward irl. like the time she payed for the table and hotel room for another artist (i forgot her name) at a con. the whole holocaust jokes thing also just makes me think she has no idea how to start conversations or just how to behave around people in general.

No. 902914

oh yeah I totally agree that its absolutely useless but the art is good, but maybe only in comparison with her recent art

No. 902915

That freeloading cunt Twisted Disaster

No. 902940

These dont look awful, but i actually thought it was Damien and whatshisface for a second. Also, no Bob?

No. 902948

Why does Ray Toro look like Danny from Game grumps here?

No. 902955

eh, Gerard, Mikey, Frank, and Ray are the only 4 consistent members of MCR. Although Bob was the fav drummer, he was only in the band for a period of time. No point doing a drawing for him.

No. 903009

File: 1575741429341.jpg (52.08 KB, 396x594, gerard.jpg)

Gerard Way's face is short and round and his nose is just… absolutely not like that. How is it that she draws something like this, looks at it and says "yep looks just like him"

No. 903025

She literally drew Herschel and just changed the hair a but so it ‘resembled’ Gerard in some kind of way. Even the eyebrows which would be easy to get right look like herschel’s because she doesn’t wanna reference an actual picture of the guy before drawing

No. 903030

Wait… this drawing >>902856 is supposed to be this dude??? >>903009
They look nothing alike

No. 903035


Has Holly fallen out with TD?, as she no longer has Holly channel linked to her channel?.

No. 903041

File: 1575747589642.jpeg (26.36 KB, 474x659, 7304FD41-53F9-4B98-9A73-422B7C…)


The gerard is bad but the frank one is even worse, besides the eye shadow I can’t pick out a single thing she got right.

No. 903069

I'm not sure, she used to show up in Holly's streams but not anymore. I just thought TD reaches out when she needs something from her

No. 903075

For being so obsessed with MCR she sure doesn't seem to know what the fuck any of them look like. Especially Gerard.

No. 903105

>getting into product design instead of art
pretty sure i heard her announce this exact plan like a year ago

No. 903114


Wait this this is supposed to be MCR? I thought the bottom right one was fucking Weird Al Yankovich.

No. 903122

I'm fucking crying, thank you so much for this LMFAAAOOOOO

No. 903199

Funny how the girl who made a video about overcoming Same Face Syndrome has no idea how to draw likenesses or any face other than her horsey anime wannabe character faces.

No. 903210

Wow, those are just awful. I'd never have guessed those were supposed to be MCR drawings and would have figured they were just her stupid-looking OCs again. Gerard's features are too long, and Frank's drawing is just a cock-eyed mess.

No. 903223

For Holly who likes to do Holocaust edgy jokes as dark humor. I bet she can't take jokes whenever people joke about her art.

No. 903231

I think the others at least superficially look like the band but Gerard is super bad. Anytime she draws him it looks absolutely nothing like him, she even said on a stream she thinks Gerard is really feminine looking so I'm confused why he still gets a square horse face with a giant nose.

No. 903233

This dude looks kinda like Holly lol

No. 903261

Do you mean this ISN'T Herschel in a wig/ with his hair down or something? Holy shit

No. 903299

she probably never looked for references for them, just slapped on the superficial details she remembers about them onto the face shape she always does.

No. 903417

I can't unsee this now wtf

No. 903427

File: 1575836775980.jpg (384.64 KB, 1080x1841, Screenshot_20191209-072514_Ins…)

She also posted this yesterday, I don't think anyone here grabbed it.

No. 903431

I found her Same Face video when I was struggling with that issue a few years ago but even at the time I realized just changing the face shape doesn't necessarily make the faces distinct from each other. Ironically, she's not even following that one simple rule from her tutorial considering so many of these singers don't even have the correct face shape they do irl.

No. 903494

File: 1575848183818.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1125x1686, 820B220A-F055-4D71-B782-8F37C7…)

She’s also posted the finished set too. The mitten hands are unbearable

No. 903523

At least she's finally realizing how much of a dumbass she has been for trying to make her videos be 4K

No. 903548

the same face syndrome is strong with this one

No. 903616

This set isn't too bad. If the drawings were done by any other fanartist, I'd say the members were decently recognizable. But this is Holly, the know-it-all who's spent years talking up her art and making herself out to be an expert. For someone who's supposed to be THAT good, this shit is just sad.

No. 903618

I love how most of the comments are people saying they never watch in 4k anyway, even if it's there. This is Holly's problem in a nutshell. She insists on going the extra mile for no reason (other than for her own self-satisfaction, maybe), then gets burnt out/overwhelmed. Putting in extra effort can be good, but doing so without any logic or need behind it is plain stupid.

No. 903629

>when you have no idea what playing a guitar looks like but you're too good for references

No. 903775

The epitome of "work smarter not harder".

No. 904125

File: 1576000616386.jpg (996.4 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191210-185255_Ins…)

Holly is revamping her channel. She made a new banner and wants all her thumbnails to have a brown wood background.

If she's fucking around with this I guess kickstarter is shipped? I can't find anyone mentioning recieving their books

No. 904136

i just hate the amount of tiny ass lines that would take 5 seconds and make it so much more polished. i know its such a nitpick but its such helpful advice i got from my own professor at a community college. Holly take one class and get out of your own ass you are your own worst enemy.

No. 904197

I don't want to derail the thread with art talk so you could also post in the art thread in ot but I'm very curious about what you mean? I'm not an artist and don't really have an eye or understanding of what makes Holly's art so awful except that it just always looks bad and off to me. What tiny lines would make her art more polished and how?

No. 904205

The anatomy everywhere and the hands she draws drive me up the fucking wall. Do some fucking studies you dumbass.

No. 904214

>if she's fucking around

Holly NEVER stops fucking around. She could have a gun to her head and she would still choose to do the most inane, redundant bullshit ever instead of finishing the tasks she's supposed to. Guarantee that the kickstarter is nowhere near done being shipped.

No. 904225

File: 1576018595821.png (463.3 KB, 439x406, Hunchback_Herschel.png)

Someone notify France, Quasimodo is on the loose.

No. 904279

File: 1576024307399.png (576.86 KB, 870x515, person.png)

there is one person on insta that tagged her in an pic of kickstarter stuff, guess some are out by now

No. 904338

No. 904357

years i've followed her threads now but just got amazed again how much her drawings look like some person's first attempt at drawing a figure. guessing how a hand looks, etc.
I imagine some like reddit thread
>ITT we get our mom or dad to draw fanart
you'd get one like the herschel she drew here. except they wouldn't have spent a fucking hour scratching it out

No. 904374

>Holly take one class
Are you new? She's been to two different art schools, and spent about half a year at each. Holly refuses to learn things. You could lock her up in a chair Clockwork-orange style and force her to listen to proper art advice and she still wouldn't improve. She's allergic to learning.

No. 904380

It's funny how the arrogant know-it-all attitude that makes her so off-putting as a person also trickles down to her art. Because she thinks she knows everything and doesn't need to learn or improve, her art style is awkward looking and unappealing.

No. 904381

File: 1576044412591.jpeg (1.99 MB, 1125x1999, A7EFD53E-54BE-4EB0-8418-B1D85A…)

I’m at a loss with how quickly this woman goes through jobs. I seriously doubt any place would be interested in hiring her after taking one glance at her resume.

No. 904392

She just keeps and keeps beating herself down - what is she "repairing"? Her own laziness, so she finally sends the shit people paid for? (based on new Kickstarter commentary, no, nobody received their books yet)

I'm just flabbergasted on how badly she has lost any connection to reality. Does she really think she has such a shitty life? Yes, I know it's hard when you have depression but GOOD LORD - she still lives under her mum/aunts roof, has obviously no real requirement to get a job that actually makes money, has more art supplies than a Michaels store and Da Vinci himself combined, always has the newest technology, a gym membership, a car, an incredibly patient family, a shitload of pets and even a fanbase, braindead as they may be - everything just OOZES off luxury, everything that's missing she could easily get (like friends).

She is even too lazy to assess her own situation and realize how incredibly lucky she is - blowing 50 grant on a college, and not even finish it? Sure, easy peasy!

No. 904393

actually, it only tells us they are "hyped", not that they have received anything yet - kinda doubt it, tbh

No. 904403

>she doesn't have anything to fix about her life!
is perhaps the most bizarre reach imaginable

No. 904416

I think they were referring to the fact that Holly acts like she has nothing to start off of. Sure she has shit to fix, but based on her instagram posts and general commentary in her videos she makes it sound like she has no real chance anyways or sth. Like she would be doomed from the get go

No. 904418

New vlog, fam

No. 904421

File: 1576060628060.jpg (885.4 KB, 1055x1920, tumblr_837fb8e602485463bbd2550…)

She's trying patreon again. Still can't spell tier

No. 904428

Saging for old milk, but it's so great when a person like this: >>904421 Goes on to say that other people are not intelligent enough to be depressed.

No. 904431

I find her very manipulative in the sense she knows she wants her audience to feel sorry for her so they support and buy things from her.

No. 904433

Tier 3 sounds shady as hell. $15 for an original illustration, on card paper, seemingly without a shipping fee or a limited number of spots? And she has to deliver that monthly?

No. 904502

Knowing Holly's history with these things, it's just another scam. Or she'll do it for a couple of months then give up.

No. 904505

"Why should I support A art YouTuber?"

Fuck an art class, she needs an ENGLISH class! Someone PLEASE teach her how to speak like an actual professional woman.

Her grammar and spelling perturbs me on so many levels.

No. 904507

Wasnt it that last time she made a patreon she litterally did nothing and people still paid her for a couple months before she took it down? I doubt she'll give anyone anything tbh and just blame her busy work schedual as to why she never meets the tier requirements

No. 904508

i think her still not knowing how to spell tier is worse

No. 904521

Stop being autistic over a single letter anon, there have been worse spelling mistakes shes made

No. 904534

Trust trust, mother fucker.

No. 904544

She writes like a middle schooler with a learning disability lmao

No. 904556

You know for a fact she's going to go the the gym maybe two times then give up, then never cancel the membership so it continues to charge her. Also I'm not sure how a gun membership is going to "repair her life" when her problem isn't her physical health, it's the fact that she can't stick to anything for more than a day.

No. 904569


She definitely did a gym membership before and I think mentioned it in several videos more to show off than to actually better herself. This was actually earlier in the year, so she is probably just doing the obligatory "new year new me" gym membership bs that everyone else does for a month or less then falls off.

-except she does that with literally everything in her life.

No. 904616

This isn't the first time she's made a grammatical error on something important and "official" and it won't be the last. The fact that this is true is what's frustrating about her.

It's an easy fix, just one more letter, and that's why it's irritating.

No. 904663

she lost a noticeable amount of weight around this time last year and looked thinner but gained it all back

No. 904667

File: 1576123189331.png (4.01 MB, 1242x2208, 79863DCF-4B23-4A73-9768-5DBDF7…)

No one posted this yet but jfc… Holly, do yourself a favor and fucking stop with the random ass products there’s no demand for. Especially with your sloppy, halfhearted attempts at art on them. No one wants them.

No. 904694

Eh, I don't really think she's gained weight. Not that she really shows her body very much, but her face is just naturally very round with big cheeks so it makes her seem fatter than she really is.

Holly just sit down and draw Paranormal Plague already.

No. 904698

She has such a goddamn punchable face.

No. 904702

Her personality is even more punchable.

No. 904705

She only got a job interview, not a job offer. What’s new? She’s announced several job interviews recently that all fell through. It’s almost sad that she thinks her life will get better when she hasn’t made any apparent changes in her attitude or habits. That photo of her ugly smug mug saps away any sympathy I might have had for her though. She has no one to blame but herself for poor choices

No. 904710

This Patreon is to produce videos weekly and consistently without “dropping quality”? Her videos have always primarily been her just vlogging or making crap art and talking over it. She’s trying to copy other people’s Patreon concepts and failing because her videos don’t have enough value to make them worth paying for.

No. 904714

File: 1576137606761.png (4.18 MB, 1242x2208, 8267C050-BDB0-45B8-9005-E510DD…)

Those hands… oof.

No. 904728

Hershel's hand is bigger than his face, and I don't think it's just because of the perspective
And Ash's hand looks like chicken wing…?

Slow down Holly

No. 904730

Gotta make sure the pencil is really connecting with the paper huh, Holly? The poses are so stiff too. She really is allergic to improving

No. 904779

My prognosis - video will be about perspective, since she feels like she's really good at that. Also, random OCs in the middle, 'cause Holly.

No. 904858

File: 1576177718334.png (1.05 MB, 688x1242, Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 11.0…)

the way she just draw hands makes me laugh

No. 904878

wait… if purgatory is done and printed…. will she finally move on? or will she linger because the comic is her own personal purgatory

No. 904896

>perspective, since she feels like she's really good at that.
huh? she said she can't understand it at all and it's the hardest thing for her

No. 904897

>those thick, dark sketch lines along with the visible struggle with erasing them

jesus, use less pressure or lighter lead, that looks painful

No. 904903

Right? Just looking at that drawing made my drawing hand hurt. I hate how she’s always pressing down so hard on her tools. If she doesn’t give up on art soon, her wrist will.

No. 904915

I mean she seems to be only posting paranormal plague now that purgatory is done and she seemed to really hate it, so i think its safe to say she'll never touch it again but intsead have pp go through countless reboots since i believe its already on its third.
The first one was in colour, the second one was in black in white but only had about 17 pages, and now we're onto a third one that only has like 3 pages and the drawings look pretty much the same except theres usles context

No. 905000

Didn't she do a skillshare video about perspective?

No. 905060

She's live being self-loathing as usual

No. 905077

File: 1576220742568.jpg (35.91 KB, 452x570, Hover hand.JPG)

Oh no… I get it's kind of a joke picture (maybe?) but by god this hand. Surely she could have looked up a reference for it.

No. 905082


Pick one. I don't think she's done a single study since she dropped out of school.

No. 905084

Is the arm supposed to resemble beef jerky or…?

I’m just going to assume Holly is allergic to studying anything that would actually help improve her work.

No. 905087

Well anon, he's a beef boi after all…

No. 905088

File: 1576225188652.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1589, 82601D70-F573-4383-9023-80242F…)

You got me there, anon! Hey-o!

Beef jerky boi with the most severe wedgie I’ve ever seen.

No. 905096

845 likes on this pic makes me sad that she has fans but most of them won't give her a single dime since it's obvious to them that she's a big scammer

No. 905106

File: 1576230607197.jpeg (1.85 MB, 1242x2010, 958AA010-C64E-46F8-8F1D-5B758F…)

Oh dear god…

No. 905108

Jfc I was just waiting for this. That shitty edgelord DA fujo weeb bait show has Holly written all over it.

No. 905114

Fucking shocker. Of COURSE she likes Hazbin Hotel and its edgy furfag designs.

No. 905116

huh? this is like the least worst hand/arm she's done

No. 905117

I hate how Holly always says "I could do X if I tried/put in the effort." She seriously believes she can do anything, for example in this stream she mentioned how she could be a game artist if she tried. No Holly, you can't.
And also "Technically I could make a good comic." Technically? What does that even mean?

Haha oh wow I actually burst out laughing irl

No. 905119

even if she could, why does she flex about not giving any effort? it's an obvious lie, but wasted skill isn't a thing to be proud of.

No. 905121

Oh dear god no. I mean, that show reeks of everything that appeals to Holly, but seeing those designs in her style will just… gahhhhh, no.

No. 905130

File: 1576239072619.png (492.22 KB, 720x660, 20191213_200938.png)

No. 905160

Yeah it actually looks better than usual.
But the fingers aren't gripping the juice box quite right and the shoulder seems too small to connect to the bicep

No. 905163

It’s amazing how Alastair looks almost unrecognizable from his design, looking like a generic edgy furry boy. Even though they already look like edgy DA ocs, she did him really bad compared to Charlie and Angel Dust.

No. 905212


Charlie actually looks pretty cute imo but, Angel Dust and especially Alastair…yeah no.

No. 905221

Alastor looks more like the way she draws professor venomous here

No. 905348

did anon think the white part of the shirt was like a grinch hand? lol

No. 905350

Same anon that posted the picture. No I didn't think the white of the shirt was the hand. Yes the hand she drew looks better than the hands she usually draws, however it's not grounded. It hovers over the milk carton rather than grabbing it and the pinky looks rather odd imo

No. 905384

lol i’m on team Holly is redeemable, so i disagree Holly’s on worst enemy is herself is she applied herself with even her babby audience she might get a tiny gig, like if she wanted to do art for games she would need to focus on more concept art and cleaning out characters in 3D instead of drawing the same old boring shit she draws everyday.

i am rooting for holly but her attitude makes it easy to see where she’s fucking up she refuses to do anything that isn’t pleasant. and in all honesty working a job isn’t that bad, but i’m sure most of us here working to pay for school/passion
projects or whatever actually talk to their co workers about their interests and omg MAKE FRIENDS??? holly wants to pretend art and comics are her life but it just translates into being delusional sinces she’s basically talking to herself and not getting any feedback.
but we all knew this

No. 905393

I 100% agree with you. I honestly believe she can redeem herself like you said, she needs to put the effort in, pull her socks up and put her mind to work. It'll take a lot of work and time, but she can't keep just wallowing in her own mind and refusing to talk to people and learn to improve. Learning comes from a positive mind set and that's what helps us remember lessons, her holed up in her room and pumping out the same stale ideas over and over isn't letting her grow in improve.

No. 905394

Holly is like a human tortoise with how slow she approaches/reacts/learns from life. But I think she’ll eventually learn, but I honestly don’t know why I think that. maybe it’s just my own optimistic projection..

No. 905399

My problem with Holly has never been her art. I don't even mind it. She is arrogant and has a horrible attitute towards everyone, that's why I don't think she'll accomplish anything until she changes her view on the world.

She could've continued growing and audience on youtube, then the merch would sell itself. But she fucked that up by being shitty to everyone, then bombing her YT Channel. The opportunity was there.

No. 905438

>dat crooked ash face in the top left

imagine paying 60 bucks a month for photoshop and not even taking advantage of the liquify tool to fix your wonky-ass art

No. 905478

let's not

No. 905480

Holly's main problem is her pride and refusal to self-reflect, I think. It's hard to fix your issues if you won't even address them

No. 905486

Why does she upload videos/stream so late. Surely they'd probably reach a wider audience if she didn't post them at 1am her time? Also seems like her sleep schedule is kinda fucked which probably doesn't help her mental health (or ability to work/get/keep a job).

No. 905502

File: 1576320169728.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, B8A94463-9269-45CD-A50B-A00090…)

Remember when she made that “Anatomy mistakes young artists make” video?

Where is his peepee? She literally broke every statement she made in that video in this very drawing. Like his crotch area looks wack.

No. 905508

Reading through her comments on this video I kanda agree - most of her fans are whyiny teenagers themselves, without having to worry about "adult" things like jobs, rent and keep confusing puberty with depression.
If Holly were to just take a single step outside of her house and talk to someone who isn't part of that horde, her life might change quite drastically.

No. 905535

File: 1576330996533.png (259.11 KB, 640x1136, 2BBD73BC-31F4-4870-B633-03F2CA…)

So shes drawing her characters using common anime posed and EVEN using references it still looks nothing like the references because she doesnt know how to use references

No. 905536

File: 1576331017116.png (536.25 KB, 640x1136, A3AA19C1-458C-4476-94B0-A7C0EF…)

The references for comparison

No. 905537

almost everyone is possibly redeemable to a degree, the problem with holy is she absolutely doesn't want to put in the effort and she refuses to even admit to some of the problems she has. i don't think she will change unless she gets a big reality check, like getting kicked out from her aunt's place or something.

No. 905539

oof her drawings are 10x flatter and most of these aren't even particularly hard poses to draw.

No. 905560

She literally took the poses and made them stiffer. Did she even look at these references for more than a minute? Herschel’s torso isn’t even rotated at the same angle as the reference and it’s part of the reason why his left arm looks dislocated. And the hands look just as lazy and rushed as usual. The reference just makes the lack of an under-drawing/first sketch more obvious. The hands from Kaiba’s pose are the worst of them.

No. 905561

Fat guy looks like fat togami

No. 905567

Shes mentioned before in a video that the way to “use references” is to look at it for a minute, then put it away to draw.

Which isn’t how you use references. I would ‘t be surprised if thats what she did here

No. 905579

…Her drawings are stiffer than the figurines. Wth. Does all of her characters have glass bones thats why they couldnt bend or smth.

No. 905590

i was wondering who that's supposed to be cus i don't remember her having an oc looking like that.

No. 905605

Fat dude is a character from her Paranormal Plague comic I think

No. 905641

yeah, it was in the part where she drew all that food

No. 905644


Ashe's back should be bent more and her chest poking out more to emphasize the pose. Fat Togami ripoff is standing too stiffly; His feet should be a bit further back so his legs are slightly curved. Once again, Reese's spine is too stiff and his head should be lifted more to look at the viewer more directly; His left foot also shouldn't be so firmly planted on the ground. Her main problem with the spines is present on Princess as well, her butt should be sticking out more and she should be leaning more forward. And Hershel's…oh boy where do I start? His torso is facing the wrong way and isn't curved (stiff spine once again), shoulders aren't hunched enough to indicate he's balancing his weight on one foot like the original figure, and his hands look…awkward for some reason I can't put my finger on. I think it might be how his wrists seem too chunky.

Overall, like the rest of her art: Everything looks ridiculously stiff, mainly because she's too scared to push the spine to emphasize the pose. Anime figures usually have exaggeration to push the poses and make them more dynamic and interesting to the eye. If she would have properly referenced them, she would have drawn a line down the spine of each figure on a separate layer to see the line of action and get a feel for the gesture. Like an anon said above; if all she's doing is glancing at them for a second and then putting them away, she's not using references properly because you're supposed to study them as if you were doing a life drawing class.

Sorry for the long sperg but, christ on a crutch she needs to get her shit together.

No. 905709

She's live doing commissions, and by doing commissions I mean spending hours doodling Herschel while complaining about everything and ignoring people asking about commissions in the chat.

No. 905712

File: 1576364588247.png (246.38 KB, 750x962, Screen Shot 2019-12-14 at 15.0…)

He looks like he's wearing a mask. It's so disconnected with the neck

No. 905724

File: 1576366335674.png (32.52 KB, 321x411, 2019-12-15 10_31_22-$40 Commis…)

>don't you guys ever draw yourself as a dude? I do it all the time

holly confirmed for drawing herself pegging hershey

No. 905731

File: 1576367502362.png (86.42 KB, 527x506, 2019-12-15 10_51_16-$40 Commis…)

Well at least she is realistic about what she'd be like as a dude.

No. 905761

She doesn't want to talk to anyone who makes videos on her because they "Objectified" her and only see her as a talking point.

No. 905788


"kill me please…"

No. 905799

With the amount of Times she has casually mentioned Anime Figures in her Last 3 or so Videos it feels Like forshadowing

Or maybe i am just wishing for something intresting to happen

No. 905807

oh god anon. please no oc figurines

No. 905815

Yeah Holly except his name is Reese lol
She better be whittling or carving out figurines to match the wooden poses she draws for her OCs.

No. 905856

lol I was hoping anon meant holly becomes a figurine collector and churns out even shittier art to fund her newfound hobby

No. 905862

Would that mean instead of wonky backwards dicks we get wonky boobs? I wonder how long it would take for HOlly to be called out for fetishization as a guy.

No. 906013

does anyone else think this 'drawing myself as a guy' and fujoshi-ness is leading up to a short lived trans-boy jolly phase? "I loved writing about gay men because I didn't realize I was one?"

No. 906025

She actually got called out a few years ago for being transphobic becuase she likes her uke fujo boys to have dicks and authentic bussy so I doubt it.

No. 906093

In some tweet or livestream (can’t remember which) she said she found drag queens to be offensive/sexist or something stupid like that, so I doubt she would ever come out as trans.
Didn’t she say she was bi but literally never speaks about having crushes on the same sex?

No. 906098


"i think drag is degrading to the female form" i remember that from the art scrub video

she also said "people try to convince me i'm trans because i talk about being the opposite sex" and how she's bi but only likes men except when a woman is a 10/10

there was also that bit where she got really upset because people thought she was a lesbian "but i'm so feminine and i love pink i'm not like a icky butch lesbian at all"

she's literally just a homophobic straight girl

No. 906100

One of the most ridiculous things Holly has ever said. Like a 10/10 (whatever that means) woman would even look at Holly with that attitude of hers.

I'm pretty sure she's only said that so people wouldn't accuse her of fetishizing gay dudes in her comics

No. 906111

That is literally all it is. People called her a fetishy fujo so she made an entire video on how to write gay characters and mid way through the video she's bisexual but prefers men by a lot because no woman is good enough for her lol. It was complete bullshit to throw out anytime she was called homophobic. Honestly she should just own her fetish that is 10x better than claiming to be queer herself like wtf.

No. 906144

Let’s be real, Holly is really jealous of women and her self loathing makes her hate them because she’s not pretty like them. She talks about how she’s not like other girls and doesn’t get them and gets along with men better. Then goes and says that she’s feminine and likes girly pink shit and wants to have long hair and good face makeup.
Like she’s not attracted to women, she just finds them more attractive than her. There’s no way she’d date a woman let alone one more attractive than her since she’d be insecure and jealous of how pretty she is compared to herself.
A straight, homophobic femcel at its finest.

No. 906162

Maybe I'm in the minority but I think Holly isn't even that ugly tbh, shes just too lazy/self-hating to put effort into her appearance. There are pics of her with her hair properly straightened where she looks pretty cute. If she learned how to properly care for her hair and how to dress (and washed her nasty snot encrusted clothes once in awhile) she'd look fine.

Gotta laugh that she said at one point she was soooo femme though, with her short hair and wearing exclusively jeans and hoodies she looks more butch than ever. It's obvious that she DOES want to be more feminine but also refuses to take the steps to achieve that look because she hates women so much and doesn't want to "stoop" to their level.

No. 906175

Honestly if her nose was just smaller she'd be very pretty in a typical way, you know what I mean? Sometimes I look at her and she does have attractive features, but her nose is so big and potato-like that it distracts from her the rest of her face.

I'm not even trying to insult her, I justthink her face would look more proportionate. I don't know Holly's stance on plastic surgery though

No. 906198

ehh, not that unpopular honestly. i dont really care how she looks like. she's just a bad person. that's ugly.

No. 906211

File: 1576508071957.png (569.47 KB, 640x1136, DEB65A56-F609-4F63-9B53-F10862…)

She posted one of her commissions and i’m baffled by how weird and ugly it is

No. 906218

Honestly she isn’t that ugly at all, it’s the way she views herself as ugly on arrival that keeps her from really putting effort into making herself look/feel better.

No. 906223

You guys are blind if you think Holly is cute at all. Potato face is ugly as fuck, and no amount of makeup or clothing will fix it or make her reedemable in any way. Up your standards.

No. 906229

Her appearance isn't exactly relevant to her being a cow. But for what it's worth, if she were a nicer person she'd be seen more positively in appearance. Nice people don't tend to get called "potato face" if they're ugly, as a general rule.
She shoots herself in the foot by always being a rude and terrible person, is my point. On ll fronts.

No. 906236

ugh samefag, my computer messed up and posted the same comment several times.

No. 906237

and fixed, I hope. Sorry guys.

No. 906249

This. I couldn't care less what she looks like, it's her behavior that makes her an unlikeable cow.

No. 906300

Eh, the fur on the tail doesn’t look terrible. The body is flat, the head and face are wonky and the flowers have no depth to them at all, but this is pretty ordinary by BRown standards.

No. 906303

Not everyone hates themselves and bothers with standards like yours Karen. Holly is average looking. If she were a nicer person I could find her attractive but she is an unintelligent unhygenic troll and I can't unsee that.

No. 906323

Bet this is the same person that referred to Holly as a babe a couple threads ago

No. 906337


Calling her ugly isn't really constructive at all, and even if she were ugly it still has nothing to do with why she's a bad person. It's a low blow when there's actual valid shit to criticize her on like her self-righteous attitude and bigotry.

No. 906438

I'm not I'm just gay and not interested in the standards straight women hold themselves to for men's preferences. Or hold each other to for that matter. Please continue hating yourself and judging other women it does not affect me in the slightest lol.

No. 906475

This looks like the most obese lemur on Earth. The ears are too small and the snout is too long and foxlike.

Jfc Holly look at a goddamn photo for once.

No. 906579

This has so many mistakes but I feel like Holly's nonhuman art is slightly better than her human stuff. If I was Holly I would probably try making adoptables or doing 'your character here' auctions for a quick buck.

No. 906595

File: 1576576554583.png (4 MB, 1242x2208, 58AAEEF0-D170-4A62-AE61-2D0E82…)

No. 906597

File: 1576576738584.png (4.77 MB, 1242x2208, A7A83AC6-C341-4591-B8B8-5CA56F…)

I’m skeptical of course but if it’s true, I don’t know how she keeps scoring art related jobs. She will undoubtedly blow this opportunity as she did with the previous graphic design position when she finds out she’ll have to do work that isn’t solely for herself.

No. 906599


Or its another scam
Not sure who she's trying to fool anymore.

No. 906600

If it’s another scam, I’m going to laugh my ass off. She gets easily bought into things that sound too good to be true. But that’s what happens when she fills out tons of applications without looking as she stated in her streams.

No. 906601

File: 1576578766665.png (7.76 MB, 1786x1590, 160C7E17-E35D-49D8-81B2-BC617B…)

No. 906608

holly shit anon, no one cares about your sexuality and you don't shit on women just because you are not attracted to them, I'm not attracted to women either but holly isn't ugly she got some pretty features, just get over it, she's just not taking care of herself, besides it's irrelevant to the thread it's not milk
on another note, is this band even popular? Holly's problem is that she's so random, she's not sticking to a fandom, like anime/cartoon/whatever else is there, idk ppl would follow her for being a comic artist then she makes merch of an edgy old band i think it would be a turn off to her followers

No. 906633

These look like they will fade away pretty quick

No. 906645

eh most of her cat drawings are on the same level of shit as her human drawings. the lemur drawing is a bit better, but wtf is going on with the lower body.
i'm still trying to decipher what's going on in this picture, the dude's face just gives me rapey vibes and that's never a good sign from holly.

No. 906646

these are kind of cute.but it's mostly the texture of the bag contrasting the art printed on it.

No. 906648

You mean MCR? lmao yeah. it's really popular right now because theyre doing a comeback. the problem here is that no one would look at that and know it's MCR, so someone who's not following her already would never buy it, and a majority of her followers are too young to be into MCR.

No. 906693

I think there's enough young people into MCR now that the reunion was announced. reasonable enough I wouldn't judge any other artist for making merch, but Holly's is just so messy and unrecognizable as the band members, and put on such rough texture cloth/pencil case(?) just makes it a smeary mess

No. 906706

His button says "cat gobbler" so apparently he's going to eat the cat, and the cat knows it? You NEVER know with Holly

No. 906725

The lines between the images on the MCR one are all uneven and it's giving me OCD

Two of the lines are thin in some places and the others are thick. It's uneven wtf why would you do this for something you'd want to sell? Don't you have an ounce of professionalism?

No. 906787

Which how much she claims to like buff guys and gay stuff I'm surprised she hasn't tried to jump on the Jojo train.

No. 906810

sorry ot but comebacks aren't always successful, especially that it's an old edgy band and her fanbase is young and probably don't know about it, i didn't even see them trending… so yeh not gonna make much of it,
i wouldn't judge a GOOD artist for making merch of them, i wouldn't judge a mediocre artist for making fanart, but making money out of these hardly recognizable drawings… holly please, it's getting boring

No. 906848

that face is unironically one of the better things she has drawn it has more expression and character than her other drawings

No. 906856

File: 1576631059765.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1242x2030, EEE108C5-77C6-4908-A062-FA3AD8…)

I thought she swore off Skillshare after they didn’t give her the 2k from her blunder?

No. 906880

so the $300 is for the 'class' she made that was taken down? that was making comic backgrounds easy, per >>891088
how can she get 300 for a class that was up for like 1 day?

No. 906913

Showing how much money she made was tacky af

No. 907090

samefag I'm a dumbass and posted the link wrong. Sage for double post.

No. 907103

this was posted like 4 days ago actually.

No. 907124

Nta but it's a different stream, she used the same thumbnail

No. 907126

ooh okay, i don't check her streams since her writing is annoying enough.

No. 907151

File: 1576699485603.png (351.71 KB, 849x483, gIvpUwH.png)

Imagine paying money for this.
Also around 5 hours in she talks about her job and jojo. Apparently the job is taking pictures of babies.

No. 907177


She classifies taking baby pictures as an "art job"? That's a stretch. By that logic she can call anything an art job, but it's no surprise that she would delude herself. Photography is an art but I highly doubt she's doing much besides pointing and shooting.

No. 907185

Lets also be honest that she also hates kids. I doubt she could stand even taking their pictures. They cry, get loud, and rarely look at the camera. Hell, she raged on stream so much about her sister’s kid. I doubt she’ll do well with strangers and their babies. She’ll probably quit it in two weeks.

No. 907187

Don't forget that one time she said she related to mothers who drown their children because she hates kids so much.

No. 907205

No. 907229

>two weeks
she has never stuck with one of these dozen jobs for more than two days. That's why i don't believe any of them are even real, who would hire someone with no references except "yeah she fucked us over" and "she fucked up beyond belief"

No. 907255

I'm honestly curious how much she's lying on resumes tbh. little tinfoil but putting down she's worked places longer than she has? laying out tons of varied minimum wage jobs to make her seem qualified and then marking off that a new employer isn't allowed to contact any of them? it seems too smart/manipulative of her, but it still wouldn't surprise me

No. 907273

She says it around the 10:28 mark of this video.

No. 907301

File: 1576718802252.png (447.95 KB, 863x738, fuckhollyandherbricks.png)

this is almost okay. the gray bricks are fucking ugly and lazy as shit. not worth $40 imo

No. 907329

It’s stiff, the sword looks completely off and the girl has little t-rex arms! None of her features look like they belong on the same body.

No. 907342

she's floating on top of that brick wall lol

No. 907371

she used the premade brick texture/print for this commission jfc imagine paying $40 for this

No. 907414

It pisses me off how she draws the background after the figure. Like ffs Holly plan our the entire drawing first so your character and background don't look like they're from two different drawings!

No. 907425

It's like she has dyslexia for perspective and form lol

No. 907447


currently streaming

No. 907448


Sorry, I screwed up the embed the first time.

No. 907453

File: 1576751605629.png (42.62 KB, 169x251, 1574458834871.png)

>Holly on politics

No. 907456

Details anon whats her hot take this time

No. 907458

Not much milk.

She just said Bernie Sanders isn't actually radical because other countries already have the things he advocates for.

She's doesn't like the Democratic candidates because socialism but doesn't like the Republican candidates either.

She also complained about the tax system screwing over the middle class.

No. 907459

Not much milk.

She just said Bernie Sanders isn't actually radical because other countries already have the things he advocates for.

She's doesn't like the Democratic candidates because socialism but doesn't like the Republican candidates either.

She also complained about the tax system screwing over the middle class.>>907456

No. 907460

Not much milk.

She just said Bernie Sanders isn't actually radical because other countries already have the things he advocates for.

She's doesn't like the Democratic candidates because socialism but doesn't like the Republican candidates either.

She also complained about the tax system screwing over the middle class.>>907456

No. 907462

Not much milk.

She just said Bernie Sanders isn't actually radical because other countries already have the things he advocates for.

She's doesn't like the Democratic candidates because socialism but doesn't like the Republican candidates either.

She also complained about the tax system screwing over the middle class.>>907456

No. 907467

File: 1576753520393.png (114.55 KB, 505x408, delete later.png)

No. 907468


Sorry, I didn't mean to multiple post. My reply wouldn't post so I kept on trying but nothing happened at first then all the attempts suddenly posted all at once.

I don't know why those posts aren't saged. I entered sage in the subject field for all of them.

No. 907469

Is this some blatant misogynism I see or is it just me?

No. 907470

Samefag but did she fucking give that chick SCENE HAIR? Holly, no one but Vivziepop has had scene hair in a fucking decade, get your head outta 2008

No. 907476

sage goes in the email field not the subject

I find it hilarious that Holly is making fun of people on welfare being bad with their money when we all know how terrible and impulsive she is with her money…girl needs a reality check or something

No. 907478

Right?? Imagine doing a Kickstarter for a laser printer you break and instantly sell without it being on the actual campaign page and then delivering the KS nearly a year late but then complain about welfare queens in your next breath. She also bought the car with that money too right??

No. 907487

lol right. like holly wouldn't snatch up a welfare check in a hot minute and spend it on literally anything but what it's intended for.

No. 907490

>>Holly draws a redneck dude and some welfare chick

Come on, anon

No. 907504

I honestly thought it was a self portrait of her saying she got a welfare check when I first glanced at it.
I wonder if she’s ever tried to get food stamps or any thing along those lines

No. 907508

Calm your tits, anon, it wasn't a sweeping statement

No. 907521

this is autism

No. 907565

I'm that anon, you really think so? Holly seems very stuck in the emo/ scene era imo, at least aesthetically

No. 907571

oh holly

No. 907605


well Holly does hate women we had a whole discussion on her "i'm not like other girls" attitude

Holly for a chick who scammed a ton of people of their money you're really one to talk about wasting money

No. 907612

She absolutely is I have no idea what triggered that anon lol.

No. 907661

the payment might have something to do with the fact that her class is back up on skillshare. yike.

No. 907737

File: 1576811896886.png (3.84 MB, 1048x1800, 0E471FFB-FF8F-4BD1-9D9A-1FA058…)

Hoo boy…

It’s amazing how her character designs can go through so many revisions and still not look appealing.

No. 907744


Gosh her designs and art now are so boring compared to the old art.

No. 907769

Can't decide if old Reese is better or worse, but the newer Princess design is absolutely a downgrade in every single way.

I actually like this, but I think it's more because it's completely different from what she normally does vs. it being good.

No. 907777

That's because she did a style change and didn't actually get any better in two fucking years lmao

No. 907778

That's because she did a style change and didn't actually get any better in two fucking years lmao

No. 907803

Honestly I’m a little saddened seeing this, went from Holly’s seemingly own style to flat boring anime look. Even the color choice was more interesting than what she puts out now. Thin lineart with hardly any variation and flat ugly mid tone gradients. I felt the wonky anatomy is a little more forgiving in her old style but this new one emphasizes how wooden everything she draws is.

No. 907836


Holly's stated a few times that old Princess was "way too fat". In her last live stream she expressed that new Princess is skinny and good now.


I agree- Holly has never been prolific but her old style actually had some fucking flavor lmao. She would be much more ahead right now if she stuck to that style, but hammered on some anatomy+composition skills instead of trading it for cardboard

No. 907838

there's a good amount of shit to wade through here but at 6:30 she says "I think I just used brush pens because I couldn't draw, let's be honest"

so she's insinuating that a) /now/ she can draw and b) people who exclusively use brush pens use them just because they can't draw. holly YOU can't draw, don't pin that on people who are good with brush pens.

No. 907860

Tbh her style change coinciding with her finding these forums around a year ago so it's kinda our fault kek

No. 907861

What tf does that even mean lol. It's so funny she's not using brush pens now and she still can't draw hands

No. 907863

oop, guess kim jung gi can't draw

No. 907868

They're all more generic now, or 'attractive' in a sense, even though they're not really attractive. I actually like Hershel's original though, but I'm not sure why he looks like a villain

No. 907873

I like old Herschel too, at least he has SOME personality, unlike today's BeEf bOI

God, now that you mentioned him, did Holly get her shitty "look at ref pic for 3 minutes and THEN draw" by misinterpreting his "visual library" tips?

No. 907877

Naw that putting away references after looking at them for 30 seconds thing is something I've heard in art class before. It has nothing to do with STUDYING which is something Holly seems to literally never do. It's more for people who already know basic fundamentals to influence creative output I guess. Make the art less stiff I guess? Holly is still pretty beginner imo.

No. 907906

To me anon the brush pen comment was just holly admitting her own faults and idk why you’re assuming she’s hating on all brush pen users? I was kinda happy to see her recognize that she had crutches.

No. 908043

Why does she say one thing about her characters and then portray them differently? She says Princess is shy, insecure and wants to fade into the background…but the few pages we've seen of her she comes across as quite bold, interrupting conversations with strangers…

No. 908046

Because it makes no sense? I'm not that anon but how does saying you use brush pens because you can't draw make any sense.

No. 908084


I'm pretty sure Holly might've been referring to brushes with stabilizers. They're pretty useful when you need controlled and clean lines for line art, but sketching with them can take away a lot of energy from the drawing.

No. 908097

And also telling Herschel off, "Don't talk to her like that!!1!" Holly has no idea what writing is

No. 908158

Naw she was showing her old work. Two years ago she was against using digital and exclusively used brush pens.

No. 908218

Ooh, ok I see

No. 908261

nitpick and saged but I can't stand new-princess' socks, who wears such loose fitting socks like that? her old designs actually had some character to them and honestly aren't terrible.

No. 908267

File: 1576921662135.jpeg (1.89 MB, 1242x2027, 02CB3635-527C-4875-969B-F93092…)

No. 908273

Because she doesn't see characters as individual people with distinct personalities, lives, opinions, goals, desires, and dislikes. She sees them all as interchangeable vehicles to try and move the plot along, by whatever means necessary.
So she ends up having a character say or do something totally ooc for them, just because she needed someone to do or say that thing and that character just happens to be there.

No. 908276

She just writes them as archtypes not actual people. It's all just 2 dementional with no substance.

No. 908278

All her characters are tools to get the job done. Just gears in the mechanism, made of symbols and vague ideas of what people are.
If she actually got out of the house and met people and traveled, she'd probably have a much better grip on what a real human is like.

No. 908292

I think it's that anime schoolgirl trope where they have really loose socks? Holls is a shameless weeb so.

No. 908355

i legit like the old hersey. he is not handsome but there is just something really interesting in the way he looks, he looks so sleazy it's funny

No. 908359

She can't write three-dimensional characters because, like actual people, they'd have qualities she wouldn't like, like when Princess was fat, or when Herschel had a unique face, or even Reese, when he was just a loser. She can't stand it when they're real.

No. 908369

I think Holly said each character represents a mental health issue, and Princess was supposed to have an eating disorder, so she redesigned her to be skinnier

Me too, I get a more distinct impression from the old Hershel. But Holly also said he looked 'insane and 30 years old' in his original design and she wanted him to look sexier

No. 908383

It's just annoying, and bad writing. It feels like such a lack of effort…

No. 908407

oof she looks like she's been up for two days.

Holly you wouldn't be aging like this if you actually took care of you body, your skin, your hair, lived in a clean environment, and didn't force yourself to work 3 times as hard as you need to just because you think it gives the impression you're a "professional".

No. 908413

The thing about those socks is that they tighten at the top, Holly's version simply look like Princess is wearing a pair of socks that were made for bigfoot.

No. 908449

Wow, she’s only 24. For some reason I always thought she was closer to 30.

No. 908497

24? though she was in her 40's

No. 908528

I think the biggest thing with the old designs is that they actually look like people who might exist IRL. Like old Princess actually looks like a black chick without being an offensive caricature. New Princess just looks like a recolor of a white girl with a braid. And the old Reese and Hershey designs actually look like creepy dudes you'd see either at a Gamestop or a back alley, respectively, which is very accurate to their personalities and portrayals thus far.

No. 908540

All her three so call characters are basically her in 3 forms, with the same hair, daily clothes she wears and the self harm

No. 908566

I wonder whatever happened to that green haired Mint character who was basically a self-admitted blatant self insert of Holly’s. Her style is so damn ugly now. Where she used to have a tendency towards overly long chins, now everyone has horse face syndrome with stupidly long features and dumbass expressions.

No. 908572

Her style was always ugly, anon.

It’s honestly pathetic to go this many years drawing as much as she does and only regressing further. Like, can you imagine if she had not fucked around in school doing pointless shit to make her life harder and actually focused? I’m sure now she wouldn’t be shilling shoddily made OC art and scamming on KS.

I think back to that one final project she had where all she had to do was an illustration but decided she was going to do a full on animation that was god only knows how long. And of course she never followed through. That was an indicator of things to come.

No. 908655

As someone that's been here since thread one the idea that new anons are saying her old art is good is giving me whiplash lol.

No. 908657


I don't think anyone is saying her old art was good, just that it was more interesting than her current art.

It was super wonky but it had enough style that I can understand why it would appeal to some. If she had kept progressing in that style she could have made something good.

As it stands now, her technical ability has improved but not enough to actually be impressive and her style has become blander.

No. 908660

baylee shows off purgatory books in her newest vlog. she got, all three and a pencil case with two charms in it

are they like friends? they don't interact much and baylee is everything holly mocks so…

No. 908682

I find that pretty odd she supported her to begin with but also it’s pretty telling that Holly would prioritize her package (even though it’s still a year late) before others got theirs. There’s only one post that has her tagged on IG with a package and nothing else there or on twitter from what I can see. If she had sent them all out by now there would be more than one person posting about it with pics I’m sure.

No. 908767

I have been here a long time too, before she invented the paranormal plague characters and yet I still think her old art is better than the new one on the basis that at least it looked more interesting compared to her new art

No. 908800

new vlog

No. 908820

File: 1577063753753.png (1.48 MB, 1334x750, 62E8617C-8571-442F-8F8B-85DFD2…)

Still a pigs mess, wonder how her place will look like after she moves in

No. 908860

for someone who loves spreadsheets, she should have a better idea of what her audience would prefer to purchase than of characters that barely have a story

No. 908875

Anon I'm not doubting you've been here awhile but the first image on the first thread is of Ash and Hershel. That being said I do agree her old style is more interesting. If she just fixed the shitty chins and learned basic anatomy it would have had potential.

No. 908877

Holly notoriously hated Baylee back when she had her old channel. She used to shit talk her on stream with that Romanian girl. Now that she's no one maybe she's sucking up to Baylee? She sure is short on friends lol.

No. 908922

File: 1577077708725.png (3.46 MB, 1800x1478, 25575FBB-1AB7-4F38-9898-59A243…)

Holly, no…

No. 908923

>the first image on the first thread is of Ash and Hershel
you know this the 20th thread right, not the first one? lol

No. 908936


No. 908943

Holly…… what the hell. What is she exactly trying to say here

No. 908948

Feel free to follow the conversation thread like an adult anon. It's not my fault you lack reading comprehension.

No. 908976

Really? I remembered that they are more recent characters. Though I knew Holly before I found these threads, found her through the one video where she talks about eye-placement and how it affects character design that got kinda viral on tumblr.

No. 908979

i think she's just comparing the expression and pose. still, not in good taste

No. 908982

can you elaborate what you find problematic or is it just that people should walk on eggshells around the fact that black people exist?
>>908979 bad taste? how

No. 908987

its just think its bad taste to compare yourself to such an inspirational and historical important black woman when Holly's just a loser in her mothers house

No. 908993

yeah i dunno. if someone was wearing a tall hat and put themselves next to abe lincoln nobody would start hoW dAre You-ing

No. 908999

everyone still would think it's a reach to compare herself to lincoln if she did that

No. 909003

she's not fucking comparing her achievements, she's comparing her expression and her stiff pose. reeach

No. 909005

if she is only doing that than she could have kept such a shallow statement to herself lmao, i don't understand why you are trying to defend her

No. 909029

because your reaction is simply patronising. gandhi, jesus, you wouldn't gasp but here a sharp intake of breath because you think blacks will shatter if someone breathes toward them

No. 909034

anon literally the only thing anyone said is "this is in bad taste", how in the hell is that patronizing?

No. 909143


she's really always looked like that, huh?

No. 909146

I mean…you were the oney making it a race thing.

No. 909238

She has a perpetual frown on her face.

No. 909341

So have we seen anyone other than Baylee get the books for KS yet? Looking at how Holly packed them (from BJ vlog) I wouldn't be shocked if people get damaged books. There's nothing there to sandwich the books in place and stop them from bending especially if people have shitty couriers.

No. 909401

ahhhh when there's no milk the anons become the clowns…
holly became a lolcow because she is a bad artist talking down to everyone, now she's no one, there is no milk, don't force it guys it's super boring

No. 909404

if you feel like the thread is dead then you could just leave instead of complaining. you know that, right anon?

No. 909442

File: 1577203805567.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1242x1662, AD86543B-8032-4D8B-8E5E-C43024…)

Looks like some people are getting their books. I don’t know if it’s the bad quality of the photo or what, but those wooden charms and that pencil case look so bad……. so, so bad

No. 909473

Yeah the print on the pencil case looks really pixelated imo. Like the file used was way too small and blown up after it was done.

No. 909488

This pic was already posted and so far it seems to be the only one. If Holly really did ship them out as she claimed, a lot more people would be posting pics of the package with some kind of message that they “finally received it” or some such. I’ll have to take caps of it but one person who commented on the Kickstarter ranted about it on Twitter.

No. 909494

File: 1577215620693.png (1.27 MB, 1312x1800, 528F3CDC-E887-4B9B-A161-B84124…)

I didn’t bother blocking out the name because chances are Holly has already blocked them since she’s trigger happy with the block button. But this person isn’t being unreasonable and we already know Holly is a passive aggressive cunt towards her supporters.

No. 909495

it kinda looks like either the printer was low on ink or it wasn't pressed long enough? the places that have a lot of black look pretty spotty so that's the impression it gives me.

No. 909497

File: 1577215678574.png (948.61 KB, 1669x1800, 9719B25B-6D99-4714-BCBE-DE6631…)

The pics in the post of their comment on KS.

No. 909502

and you know you shouldn't fight other anons especially if it's not even milk, at this point it sounds like anons just have personal grudges against her and reach out to milk
which is kinda pathetic
aaaaaaaaaaaand finally someone is speaking up, still kinda feel it won't do much since holly isn't active on twitter anymore

No. 909513

I think holly was saying she was using a tool that was popular at the time that’s what made her art “good” even if she couldn’t draw. Nowhere did she diss ppl who could draw gud with a brush pen. She just said she couldn’t. Or this is just hopeful optimism from me maybe

No. 909547

Again because you're dense, feel free to leave then, your whining sure ain't milk either

No. 909552

What's the point of hanging around complaining if there's nothing of interest here? And you still responded to a post, so obviously you're interested anyhow

No. 909557

at this point these type of anons are just baiting for attention, it's the best to just ignore them.

it's kinda sad knowing that this will be just brushed under the rug, since most of her fans are completely blind to her tendencies and really think she's been shipping the books. if she really does another ks for pp then i hope her fans realize what bullshit she is on when she is inevitable late with the books again.

No. 909655

It could also be that the fans who quickly jump to her defense never actually bought anything from her. Because they haven't actually been waiting for their packages, they might not realize how many times Holly lied or made excuses about sending the packages.

No. 910210

File: 1577387705019.png (1.3 MB, 1184x826, Screen Shot 2019-12-26 at 11.0…)

The perspective on those cups. I cant

No. 910223

The writing is not even angle correctly on the cup

No. 910271

That fortune cookie tho kek.

No. 910358

The straight words are the only problem. Other than that and composition, this would look really good

No. 910416

Lol anon please tell me you're joking this is terrible

I especially love the chopsticks that look about 4 inches long.

No. 910422

i hope she isn't considering this a finished drawing, there are just so many things to fix and the cat keychain isn't even shaded.

No. 910473

All the food is Japanese and she throws in a fortune cookie omfg lol. Fucking weebs man

No. 910485

If you were to take the top part of the sushi and lined it up with the top of the ramen cups you would get two different plains due to the difference in perspective angles, its like she just refrencing from photos that have different view points and is just mashing the two pictures together

It would look much better if she just used guidlines during the rough stages of planning

Which, mind you, she seems to always talk about how important the thumbnailing stage is for her art even though it never shows

No. 910528

It’s not. What I assume is the nutrition label on the left one is also out of perspective and as >>910485 pointed out there are other issues here besides the ramen cups themselves. Honestly the composition is the least of this drawing’s problems.

No. 910552

>>910210 oh god the perspective on those cups made me dizzy

No. 910559

take a fucking shot whenever holly draws food in different perspectives, set in a pink void with no composition
it’s just laughable at this point. put it on a bingo sheet

No. 910566

She’s just a burnout, just drawing stuff that she sees on her messy desk in her hoarder room, no wonder she can focus on good art vs a half ass job art of the food she eats and whatever is in her view

No. 910585

That food drawing is just visually unappealing. Something about it feels gross to me. Typical Holly just shitting out content to post on her IG. But for someone who not only paid for online art school but also went to an art focused high school, she is a terrible artist.

No. 910588

Kinda sad that Holly already peaked and it wasn't even much of one. I honestly don't believe she will get better. In 10 years she's still going to be streaming herself crying about getting fired from retail job #999 in her trash-infested room at her mom's house while a bunch of clueless teenagers comfort her.

No. 910590

In 10 years her teenage fanbase will be adults more than likely living much better lives than her. They'll have grown up and out of her, and look back cringing at the fact that they liked her. Her fanbase already dwindled when she ditched her old channel, the ones left now will eventually loose interest in her. She's not trying at all to build back a fanbase or make connections; She complains about having to interact with people at cons, constantly shits on other artists, can't make friends because she looks down on anyone and everyone that doesn't get her dark and edgy Family Guy humor, and she never goes outside. So in 10 years no one will be watching her or care about her. She'll more than likely just give up on posting on the internet altogether one day and slip into obscurity.

No. 910595

I think she'll always manage to rope in younger fans because of her "edgy" personality. Not a lot since her content and engagement suck, but she'll still have a few.

No. 910659

File: 1577463272222.png (1.63 MB, 1334x750, 329E032E-15AA-44AE-AC83-FF4836…)

Is it me or does her characters look uncomfortable and uninteresting? He looks like he’s constipated and she’s just a junk food addict

No. 910670

He looks like he is about to touch her crotch

No. 910678

Kek, can't unsee it

No. 910679

To be honest I've checked out some of her latest streams and most of her dedicated fans are creepy male orbiters now.

When you have a not-like-other-girls personality (compared to other female art tubers) you're bound to attract edgy men. This is the kind of audience I see her left with in a couple of years. Weird because I doubt they will buy into her cheap yaoi comics if not only to support her.

No. 910702

They already looked awkward enough when they were drawn separately
Then she goes and pasted them onto the same artwork and now it’s twice as bad

No. 910703

I wish she’d go back to traditional cuz her digital looks 1000 times worse

No. 910707

Yeah. You get no sense of what the story is about- let alone what the characters are even like cuz they're just in weird poses. Not even generic poses, just weird ones that Holly mindlessly drew with no planning. At least have the characters' backs turned to each other, otherwise it looks like Herschel is about to touch crotch.

No. 910710

from what i've understand about their (lackluster) personalities from the few pages we've seen, i think she could present them a lot better if she drew them walking down a creepy hallway to show how nonchalant female holly self insert is and how anxious heshay is.

No. 910740

File: 1577481903927.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, 54B05B6B-218D-4C55-B8EE-0940BF…)

New Instagram post

No. 910757

Holly scrambling around for ideas to sell like
>What do I see around me? Office and art supplies? People like those, right? It's relatable for everyone? Let's slap a cat on there too, people love those; what's that, ramen? People like ramen, right? It's relat…. (repeat ad infinitum)

No. 910768

What's funny is that her digital art could look so much better if she would just use the liquify and symmetry, but despite paying 60 bucks a month for photoshop she doesn't actually utilize any of the tools that would warrant an Adobe sub. It's like she doesn't actually know what the program can do beyond just drawing which makes it 100x funnier that she refuses to move to pure drawing programs like Clip Studio. She would be way better served by something like that since it's MADE for painting and comics.

No. 910774

Shoutout to the sushi roll she copy pasted five times

Also it's super obvious she used the pen tool for the cups and the paintbrush for everything else, and it looks like hot garbage. Is it really that hard for her to freehand some ovals and mostly straight lines? Just turn the stabilizer up. Plys it gives the drawing character when the lines aren't perfect.

No. 910800

The meticulously copy/pasted sushi is the best part of this piece, which says a lot. Everything else is so wonky and shitty, like she completely gave up after putting all the effort into the one sushi roll. I dont even understand what's going on with that fortune cookie wrapper.

No. 910903

The worst part is that I’ve seen her use the liquify tool to “fix” her mistakes, so this is truly her best digital work. Its the peak of what she is capable of drawing digitally. Its just not good.

No. 910954

IMO old Herschel has that crazy and sleazy look that's pretty sexy on some guys, she could've built on that and dressed him up like kramer from seinfeld….. but now he's a generic buff prettyboy

No. 910994

new video. for some reason the audio quality is really bad and it's hard to hear what she's saying

No. 911009

she removed the video..

No. 911017

Why is she redrawing Paranormal plague again? She didn't improve at all since her last redraw so whats there to be better !?

No. 911028

File: 1577564202594.png (1.1 MB, 1334x750, 255C6EA8-9380-4433-88B1-B17258…)

Look at the hump on her back, really needs to go back to basics instead of thinking that this and that goes their

No. 911033

File: 1577565385766.png (951.96 KB, 1334x750, 57698C7D-C768-44DE-8CEE-50CEAF…)

What is up with the lines on the arms? Did anyone tell her that lines are not a problem solver to muscles?

No. 911049

The way she draws the neck and shoulder area is so funny because you can literally see how she constructs them like fucking Barbie dolls lol

No. 911055

Why is she drawing “improved redraws” when the last update was in November, and is promoting the comic to update every Friday?
I doubt she will even keep up with such a schedule. Can’t wait to hear her excuses when she misses updates in the future

No. 911061

It's because she uses those pose dolls as reference instead of just studying anatomy. Pose dolls are for posing not for studying.

No. 911066

Imagine completing a comic you've been working on since high school and redrew like five times and saying you accomplished nothing this year. Also love that she's suddenly 'mentally in control' after going into a depression that neatly coincided with her ignoring her KS. The exact same thing happened last year during her zine fiasco. She was depressed and claimed everyone hate her after she caused problems for herself and as soon as the zine was over suddenly her depression was getting better.

No. 911068

“I won’t take any commissions”

Oh boy. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

No. 911071

I give her like a month or two before she says emergency commission pls I need money for my bills and my mental illness

No. 911079

She really did not mention Purgatory once in this video jfc. Does her mind only work on a monthly basis or something.

No. 911102

Ash is one of Holly's few character designs that doesn't need to be thrown in a dumpster forever and yet she just had to add those stupid little hair flips that make 0 sense.

No. 911110

I guess depression is different for everyone, and its always possible that episodes are triggered when she gets too ahead of herself, but I actually know many artists with mental issues who can meet their deadlines, or at the very least communicate, to clients/collaborators, because they are good people who try not to fuck others over.

No. 911115

yep, everyone would be much more understanding towards her if she communicated that she needs to delay stuff cus she is having an episode. but since it's holly and she is all over with her other lies too i don't trust that excuse.

No. 911160

She was talking about how surprised she was that she didn’t have a stress attack? What about when she did a live stream of her crying and saying how horrible her life was LMFAO

No. 911203

ew, those lines that are on her arms look like veins

No. 911209

She probably uses her flabby arms for reference

No. 911229

Or how she had to quit the one graphic design job because of panic attacks?

No. 911251

I did hear her mention it, she just said that she finished it and that about it.

No. 911315

File: 1577642294927.png (552.81 KB, 750x1334, 39F2BA22-DD35-438F-BE84-F4E4D2…)

I am guessing he’s a block of wood now, just look at that body pose, really needs to study human anatomy more

No. 911343

Is the soy milk thing supposed to be a joke?

No. 911344

Wow they look like pure shit wtf is up with those proportions?? Get a fucking grip holly jfc, how much would it hurt to look up a proper reference for once

No. 911349

Yeah, she was drawing this in a livestream and decided to give him a carton of soy milk for shits and giggles

No. 911366

For some reason the scratchy, inconsistent lines in this piss me off even more than usual, even more than her terrible proportions and extremely stiff posing. Like has she even tried these poses for herself? No person stands like this.

No. 911377

She mentioned in a vlog she doesn’t want to fix the short torso thing because she likes his characters “leggy” or whatever. Ridiculous

No. 911386

That's not surprising considering a lot of anime/manga do exaggerate leg proportions. You can make exaggerated proportions work in this style, but that's only if you have a good understanding of anatomy and posing to pull it off. Holly draws legs way too stiff and bulky, and always with wonky perspective so ofc it looks bad.

No. 911392

The boobs on the fat ass chick is way off, its like a saggy water ballons

No. 911394

Mind you some of the leg proportions in manga are absolutely ridiculous lol, but they make it work with the torso. Holly just shrunk the torsos to make the legs longer. I don’t understand her reasoning

No. 911396

ash isn't fat at all?? for how terrible her proportions are, she's pretty average sized. and real women's tits do sag? it honestly annoys me how often holly calls her "thicc". it just looks like ash's not wearing a bra

No. 911397

Average texas women have fat ass and has no need for bras

No. 911439

Why does she keep drawing the same confused/apologetic expression? The knit eyebrow thing ain't cute girl. For someone who did a whole ass video about combating same face syndrome, she really needs to stop watching anime and look at some real people.

No. 911467

Tbh if she kept Hershel's old design I might have read paranormal plague just to see him lol

No. 911485

Her facial expressions is to bland, talk about “Same Face Syndrome”

No. 911486

Her characters never look fucking sure of anything. In that drawing they lack any confidence. They look ashamed of something. And in most of her other drawings her characters are either smirking sarcastically or snarling angrily. I legitimately don’t think she can even draw other emotions.

No. 911514

How is Ash fat lol. I guess Holly is just that bad at drawing lol. I agree with the other anon tho Holly always calls her thicc when she's super average with slightly big boobs. Like a C cup I guess lol.

No. 911516

She always draws people with their pinky out no matter what if they are holding something. She only knows how to draw three different versions of paw hand unless she traces which is always so obvious

No. 911609

i guess they're both wearing high-waisted pants? if you lowered hershel's waist so the fly of his pants goes down to where his crotch apparently is, it might even the proportions a little. having high-waisted pants just looks weird when your characters have literally no body shape apart from rectangle.

No. 911794

No. 911801

File: 1577742297199.png (442.25 KB, 1334x750, 2EC69197-E8E9-4226-A993-0754B3…)

The legs look off

No. 911802

Watching Holly struggle to draw a single figure is so surreal. I can't get over it, she's drawn how many comic pages in her life and attended 4 years of art school and she still can't draw a single figure with ease? This should be second nature for her by now. It's honestly sad..

No. 911813

Long leg black guy looks pretty interesting ngl since this a chapter starting page could that mean she’s done more pages and put them on the backburner to make a more consistent schedule for the comic? Hope so PP is easily her most interesting concept and the now 3 years worth of redraws and not going anywhere with the actual story is frustrating.

No. 911814

how is he even holding that gun. holly.

No. 911826

everything looks like its floating kek

No. 911883


From the thumbnail alone you can see that the light source makes no sense at all. The pants and the shirt have opposite facing shadows, wtf.

No. 911918

File: 1577763777334.png (827.17 KB, 726x687, HAHAHAHA YAOI IS MY SOLE PERSO…)