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File: 1523283315379.png (200.13 KB, 363x468, Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 10.1…)

No. 550611

Most well known for her cal-arts rant, where she bitches about how hard it is to get in while claiming to have gotten in. Also known for giving shitty advice to impressionable beginners.

Tumblr: http://hollycbrown.com/

Mirror of aforementioned Cal-Arts rant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvnD-9XOs5k [DL][Archived Copy] [DL][Archived Copy] [DL][Archived Copy]

>21 year old "freelancer" (lives at home with her mother and runs an online shop selling ugly art)

>Salty Youtube fujoshi artist that claims that her art is superior because she went to art school
>Constantly preaches that art takes hard work, claims to always practice and study but her art hasn't improved in over two years
>Whines about being a starving artist with no money, yet has enough money to buy a new Mac computer and a Cintiq tablet within the same week, then sold said cintiq because she got sponsored for her shitty shitty art
>When faced with genuine criticism, she replies with "it's my style hurrr get over it!!"
>Whines about nobody buying from her online store, but when people do, she whines about having to package and ship off her items
>Pandering to the Musicals crowd to get more Youtube $$$
>Claims to be the only non tumblrina artist and is a textbook tumblr fujo
>Generally insufferable and shitty person

In the previous thread:
>Holly backtracks on her animation goals and starts the 100 days of making comics challenge
>Her lack of tact massively backfires on her as people get pissed about her constantly shitting on everyone
>Holly BALEETS most of her videos and posts two rants about how she's "Done with the drama" and "won't say anything again ever"
>Opens commissions to make money instead
>Deletes those videos too and decides to just go back her regular video and abandon any critical thinking altogether

Is Holly literally autistic, or have the years of being a shut-in just eroded her social skills? Will she ever stop deleting negative comments? Let's find out.

Previous thread: >>>>>>/snow/527029

No. 550614

Previous Thread >>> >>>/snow/550612

No. 550617

No. 550774

god thats a good thread pic

No. 550940


How's she even doing on that 100 days of comics challenge since she's been doing mainly animating and storyboard shit for the past few weeks, did she drop the ball on that again?

No. 550943


The header OP is just copy pasted from the last thread so it's kind of outdated, but yeah after her meltdown, she quit the 100 days of comics challenge a while ago.

No. 550946

I'm surprised she used to churn out lots of crap during challenges but I guess the laziness has full on eclipsed her.

No. 550976

Some recent-ish events since the summary in OP is a bit outdated:

>Holly ragequit the 100 days of comics challenge

>starts prepping for con season
>keeps tracing over shitty pose dolls and defending it by saying the pros do it too
>buys a book printing press and complains about it not working the way she hoped
>basically goes broke buying even more shit
>sets up a donation pool for a 1500 USD TVPaint Pro license ("I just gotta")
>starts an 8 minute short film as her Illustration BA final project
>hilarity ensues because shit's bad

No. 551019


Some other fun bits include:

>welp, dad died, time to claim his old room.

>shits on professionals in animation industry via twitter
>tries to 'fix'/'reanimate' a scene from old FMA anime. makes it worse.
>too scatterbrained to focus on one thing at a time
>actually considers moving out to California with practically 0 work to back her up.
>actually considers pitching her 'clever kitchen' concept to studios
>actually considers the 'TV rating' for the concept.

No. 551022


bless you anon(s)

No. 551166

Jfc that’s on point
Really puts all of Brown’s bull shit into perspective. What a mess lol

No. 551245

The random shit that came after the last thread reached 1100 made me wonder if her fans were trying to lock it before another could be made and linked, kek.

No. 551252

Aside from one guy claiming to have known her and someone else venting it was probs just some attention seeking anons.

Right now she tweeted bout some spam on her youtube or whatever. My guess is she's going to be focusing on this whole printer mishap for a little while.

No. 551292

No. 551295

File: 1523328972870.png (804.69 KB, 728x900, Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 19.5…)

Looks like some painful landing there

No. 551307

in which Ed(?) breaks both his feet and becomes a figure recognized by his three prosthetic limbs.

No. 551311

proof that expensive art tools don't make you a better artist kek can't believe she paid $900+ for this when she has a huge screen tablet and mac desktop

No. 551330


How. How does she think feet can go to that angle? Has she ever flexed her foot? How could she possibly think you can see a leg straight on as well as the entire bottom of foot. Couldn't she just like… move her foot to see that what she drew is absolutely fucking broken? I don't understand.

No. 551335

Ah yes. Broken ankle, straight leg. A Holly staple.

No. 551371

File: 1523337190921.png (574.56 KB, 900x900, HC BINGO.png)

I'm making a Holly art bingo, anyone have any more suggestions on what to add?

No. 551372

weird noses, muddy colors or bright neon colors,wonky perspective, disappearing objects

No. 551374

Bricks. Lots of bricks.

No. 551375

oh god I was about to put that in, I'm not the only one who noticed

No. 551376

90 degree butts

No. 551378

this maybe: >>537503
and " "hands" ".

No. 551379

dont forget the saggy and mind of its own boobs

No. 551385

File: 1523338779593.jpg (35.76 KB, 512x512, 95ec0b87e4ddd2de22ce4a1464386f…)


Raised eyebrow

No. 551388

also mitten hands and collapsed/flat skulls

idk what to call those weird, incorrect poses she does on bikes/horses

No. 551393

I kekked so hard
He looks like he's flailing his arms in a fit while trying to breakdance and breaking his feet in the process

No. 551399


Yes, I second dreamworks brow.

>Also bad hands gripping things/chunky fingers.

>Stiff posing.

No. 551402

That anime laugh with the tilted head

No. 551405

half closed eyes no matter what the expression

No. 551410

Oo I second the hands not gripping objects their holding somehow it drives me insane

No. 551437

Unnecessary eye squinting

No. 551444

File: 1523344794409.png (71.45 KB, 234x190, cyborg.png)

funny example imo

No. 551446

File: 1523345457614.png (62.32 KB, 234x190, New Canvas.png)

>>551444 how the fuck does that even work
(also im sorry for the shitty edit, im no atist but i wanted to atleast find a way for it to work?)

No. 551450

How in the fuck is that camera being held

Also really excited for this bingo

No. 551452

I'll upload it tomorrow since I have to sift for examples.
And I'm already too tired so I'm heading to bed.

No. 551463

I know shoes are very very tricky to get because they're so many kinds and the surface is not uniform so it's hard to get it right without getting close to tracing sometimes. But Holly seems to have discovered the "sole facing forward" side and gone "Wow I'm so smart. Two shapes, boom, a shoe. Never gonna use anything else ever again."

I want to add : Redraws that are somehow worse than the original (ie her purgatory comic) and failed foreshortening

No. 551464


Maybe the grid should be smaller?

My contribution to the bingo, though:

- Fucked up perspective
- Obvious traced part of the art
- "Where the fuck is the light source" shading

No. 551487

File: 1523353362889.png (113.93 KB, 262x259, 2018-02-12 19_51_31-_snow_ - H…)

Dreamworks face

No. 551537

Holly art fuck-up bingo. Damn anon that's hilarious

No. 551549

All alone, in a nowhere near centered spot in her comic word bubbles, a single “Yes.” or “no.”

No. 551609

Yu-Gi-Oh hair

No. 551614

Can we get a slide for fucked up/floaty animation too?

No. 551679

Holly always tries to emulate the line quality/flow of professional animators, but fails to realize that you have to be able to draw accurately before you draw fast.

I wish we could add the word "PROFESSIONAL", but I guess that's not exactly the contents of her art lmao.

Definitely add hands though.

No. 551689

alternate game, take a shot every time she says "professional" or "idk"

No. 551707

I don't like alcohol poisoning, sorry.

No. 551755


love how she just left like 40 seconds of empty video so it'd be over 10 minutes lol

dirty room?

No. 551760

I can’t stand the stiff taffy hair she draws what even is going on with these lifeless chunks

No. 551793

Maybe add Instagram purge or politically incorrect tweets?

No. 551794

>21 year old "freelancer" (lives at home with her mother and runs an online shop selling ugly art)

She's 22 now. Someone should probably fix that on the next one.

No. 551797


Redraws that look much worse than the original

No. 551826

I was thinking about it but I wanted to keep it art related.

No. 551830

File: 1523387480024.jpeg (300.08 KB, 708x951, E3BD6C32-4A7B-45D5-8D42-A7410A…)

Of course our Holly had to participate in this meme.

No. 551834


God she’s so fucking hideous. Appropriate for someone who’s also ugly as fuck on the inside as well.

No. 551842

File: 1523388310906.jpeg (115.66 KB, 1334x750, 38BE55BA-1392-473A-9055-CBBDEC…)


Poor Holly.
I know she’s got that curly as fuck hair but does she ever brush it?

No. 551846

that guy with the purple hair in the bottom left corner has such a bad color for his skin tone, it looks muddy and grey it doesn't look like an actual skin tone at all.

No. 551853

File: 1523389018947.png (1.24 MB, 900x900, HC BINGO.png)

Updated. Two slots remain.

No. 551856

making white characters poc?

No. 551862

empty backgrounds (no other people ever exist ever)

muddy colors

that same long face

No. 551865

I’m loving this so much it’s unhealthy.
Another art topic…. mmm “my new equipment is better than yours”? There’s the soulless cats she draws but they’re not really common… all of her animals are really laughable. Something about the lettering or her perfect layouts?

No. 551872

Maybe something about the sketchbook slam challenge? Or her weird yaoi art?

No. 551878

Seconding something equipment related & anything about those awful speech bubble layouts

No. 551884

Spending money to cut corners/yet another new merch item?

No. 551894

Honestly, her face strangely suits her art. Ed in the top rightalmost has the same face shape as her lmao.

No. 551900

It's actually amazing how often she does the snarl/grimace expression. Everyone's always angry, annoyed, or looks smug. No one has a pleasant looking happy face.

No. 551910

It’s a reflection of herself

No. 551933

crooked penises

No. 551953

"animals from a different reality" is what i second.

No. 551975

According to her, that fixes same face syndrome - rolls eyes.

No. 551977

The unnecessary wood texture!!

No. 551981

File: 1523396795557.png (459.76 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Why does this look bad??? It still has the art lean

No. 551985


I swear this is not the first or even the second time she has misspelled necessary like that what is it with her and her flimsy fucking grasp of the English language

No. 551989

She thinks this is at the level of Miyazaki… oh wow

No. 551995

It's even sadder when you know that browsers and phone apps have spell-check features, which means she purposely ignores it for some bizarre reason.

No. 552015

I'm pretty sure the people who work for him can work faster and efficiently than you Holly, because of how much they draw (not just mindlessly) and their years of studying. lol. That roof looks like mess jeesh. Not even aligned with the front of the bathhouse (green part)

No. 552027

File: 1523400115599.jpeg (455.56 KB, 750x736, E20A95D5-3981-4B0A-97E4-767209…)


Cause basic perspective lines are totes unnecessary
How can’t she see how wonky this is? It doesn’t matter how many details she adds. The foundations are fucked. Even the line of windows is slanted, they get smaller to the right.

Holly for fucks sake, use references from real life!

No. 552037

File: 1523400463552.png (717.38 KB, 500x577, 937763BB-1939-473D-A299-2D18F2…)

This is what she’s trying to recreate.

No. 552113

She's already made it full of inaccuracies. The smoke stack should be taller than the building, the sign on the front door is completely different, and the flag isn't remotely set up right, are the most obvious flaws, but there's definitely others.

No. 552126

File: 1523406582111.jpg (43.55 KB, 234x190, New canvas.jpg)

No. 552127


My fuckin sides

No. 552135

lmaoo this has to be the best re-drawing
lmfao Holly's colors are so ugly

No. 552137

File: 1523407008424.png (566.81 KB, 1182x700, Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 17.3…)

I kinda like the old version better lol
Ofc, they're both as equally wonky as fuck, but here's more stylization in the old one that makes it more interesting to look at.

No. 552144

The old one, even though it still had a lot of flaws, looks like it has more character and stylisation put into it. Where as the redraw just looks flat, flawed and very dull

No. 552147

I agree with you, anon.
I honestly don't know how Holly calls this progress

No. 552192

Going backwards is also progress if you think about it.

No. 552228


I'm weak. Though, there wouldn't be fingers, rather there'd be paws.

No. 552248

Brushing it alone will look dull, flat, and ruin the beachy waves. God forbid if she did that with short hair she would have the dutch boy hairstyle

What she needs a good cut that goes with her face shape, no tumblr coloring bullshit, use a shampoo and conditioner that sulfate free, no additional product since this could weight the hair down and cause acne, blow-dry with diffuser on hot then blast with cold after showering, and optional invest in a silk pillowcase to prevent any frizz.

Source: eurofag with the same hair type

No. 552264

File: 1523416378893.png (1.22 MB, 1164x1194, Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 20.1…)

so many things wrong with this drawing

No. 552268

That skirt is all kinda of wrong, it looks like it’s barely covering her ass or that the pleats are horizontal as opposed to vertical like they should be

No. 552270


If you erase the face it's astronomically better, though. Still not great, but if she just used any kind of guideline it'd be so much better…..

No. 552275

I'm thinking about buying something from her (something small) just to see if she actually gets shit out to customers and is decent quality for the price. I'm nosy as fuck and dubious of the quality of her work and store shit.

Sage for off topic

No. 552278

The new one looks like a bad background asset for a third rate video game.

No. 552279

I have a feeling that’s because this is probably poorly traced from an art doll or something.

No. 552288

This body and pose is "I bought a How To Draw Manga book yesterday" quality. How is this coming from someone who went to a specialized art high school and is about to have a degree in it?

No. 552300

She must have the smallest nose in history.

No. 552310


Just cause she went to school for it and did the bare minimum on assignments doesn't mean shed'd know how to do it. She does it out of obligation and doesn't do studies outside of her courses, obviously, or she wouldn't be tracing off of pose dolls.

No. 552342


That’s not even their assigned seats in canon oh I am laffin further proof that she only gets into popular shit for likes

No. 552395

its funny to cycle between them on instagram because they just lean in alternate directions

No. 552414

Does anyone have that pic Holly drew…
it was fanart of the starfighter main character.
It was a profile shot, and he has a giant chin.

No. 552420

I laugh so hard because she really bought a batch of HtDM recently.
Again her mentality that owning/buying something will make you a professional. Now she’s gonna have a degree and be able to be the shitty teacher jealous of other people’s talent she hated in high school. She just can’t seem to understand that she needs to practice while actively thinking of what she’s doing instead of spending on programs and tools.
Loving the bent thumb! But as someone suggested, this is way too detailed and complex, she would have at max some paw hands under the camera. My guess is he just got mutilated for that panel, they look like broken wrists or he’s handless.
Ahahah all of the proportions are wrong in her picture. It was also idiotic to use the previous version as a base just to save some details. If you don’t want to redraw it, don’t. It’s simple. She focuses on details instead of the big picture/ mass allocation. I see a pattern. I still can’t believe that amateurish (at best) as she is, she is still perceived as a goddess and professional by her subs. Sure, that’s because she claims to be a professional herself, but everybody with eyes and a working brain could call it bullshit.

Also guys it’s bothering me to no end that she made the video crying about people who said she should die, and then says everybody who uses mc leod’s music should kill themselves. It’s really, really bothering me that nobody’s calling her out on this just because she’s funny and hhhhhhhhonest

No. 552424

File: 1523436972423.jpeg (83.28 KB, 640x219, BF23C54C-5FD2-41F5-A3CA-B8E038…)

So curious now of what she received. Any thoughts?

No. 552445

File: 1523444898740.png (378.1 KB, 700x400, 3CFD36D5-9EE7-428A-A869-13C83B…)

Here you go anon

No. 552458

We all talk about her chins but can we please focus on that fucked up nose, please?

No. 552459

The old one is so stylized that the wonkyness seems almost intentional. Also switching to digital really hurt the appeal of her art, there is a way to make digital art not look bland and lifeless but this isn't it.

No. 552460

You get out of art school what you put into it. If you complete the work you can graduate, even if you half ass it and only produce shit. It's mostly for networking/getting experience rather than learning how to do art.

No. 552470

Except holly. Online classes, and her attitude? What kind of experience and connection could she even get?

No. 552476

I always unironically enjoy her old building drawings.
Yes they're wonky but I think it's such an interesting style and you can tell she had fun making them.

Her 'improved' version is tragic though what a bloody shame. Digital art and those thin lines do her no favours.

No. 552493

File: 1523453663853.jpg (74.49 KB, 500x500, 1523141673768.jpg)

In re-drawing that she did i typed "where is it?", but i deleted because i feel guilty.

No. 552524

I mean, she did say that she basically only got the online degree to get her mom to shut up about her being a NEET/"self employed". Having a degree in this field means nothing if your portfolio doesn't back it up.

No. 552538

What kind of clueless boomer mom does holly have? She's already making YouTube bux and is wayyyyyy more monetarily successful than her art warrants. For her level of skill, she's already "made it".
Holly is throwing money in the toilet with this dumb online art school.

No. 552552

This comment sounds kinda kiss ass and….

Holly dat you?

Honestly I doubt she makes enough to support herself if she lived alone. ESPECIALLY with all the bullshit she buys. Whose to say she's not spending college loans on all her dumb shit. Also, how does her ass not drive already? I feel bad for her mom. She seems like a burden besides the fact she bought her mom a washer & dryer

Anyone check her YouTube social blade?

No. 552555

File: 1523459144795.png (22.91 KB, 895x296, socialblade.png)

>Implying YT is a stable, long term career
>Implying having 200k subs gives you "YouTube bux"
top fucking kek

…Why don't you check it?
She's not making that much according to their predictions. It's probably a bit off since she deleted so many videos though.

No. 552556

No I am not Holly. I just know of a lot of boomer parents who force their kids to go to college because they've been taught it's the only option for success.

Also I'm not saying Holly is rich, or that she is self sufficient. I am saying she got super fucking lucky and is making decent money with art that is worth next to nothing.
If holly wasn't blessed by the YouTube gods she would be making 20 dollars a month from random Tumblr commissions. She makes around 50k a year. Way more than her art deserves.

No. 552557

Yeah. Checked it right after I posted that lel

But yeah YouTubes not stable unless you're consistently putting out good content and you're not sabotaging yourself.

I predict holly will fuck herself bad at one point by being he hateful backtracking goblin she is

No. 552558

If I drew like holly and got more than 1000 dollars a year I would consider myself lucky.

No. 552559

Where did you get the 50k a year? She's definitely not getting enough views for that.

No. 552560

What does a college degree matter to Holly? She's already burned too many bridges in the industry with her pointless drama and incidiary remarks about actual professionals. It's not like she's going to get a legit art career.

No. 552562

I remember she made a video once semi-humble-bragging about it. It was her YT revenue combined with her merchandise sales. This was a whole back, though. She definitely doesn't upload as frequently anymore and I think her viral videos lost a lot of steam.
That and she may have been embellishing her actual income.

No. 552564

Yeah, I'd believe that during the time her channel really blew up and she made a bunch of her ~controversial~ videos, but not anymore. I do wonder how much she makes from her merch.

No. 552603

Has anyone else here seen this? This is what i imagine Holly did in school lmao.

"My art teachers want me to do my assignments?! Its obviously because they're jealous of my young anime talent XD"

No. 552611

Imagine if holly and that other girl had a baby.

No. 552638

Something I've been thinking about. Holly likely lurks and this "oh no i have HATERS" thing has been going on for a while now. Is she so delusional and un-self aware of the fact that she's a fucking idiot and bad at art? Sure, okay, personality is hard to change up, but if so many people are shitting on her art, she's gotta take a moment to think "Wow, yeah these people are right, I should learn to fix this so they can get off my ass and I can remain on my high horse." At the very least, actually improving her art would be a slap to our faces.

No. 552648

I think maybe she would IF the art looked bad to her, but she seems totally unaware of how crappy she draws so to her all of these comments and redlining is just hate because she’s famous, and we’re being silly.

No. 552688

Woaah, where did she say this at?

No. 552715

holy shit this is exactly like a Holly replica.

No. 552729

dear god…this is like Holly minus all the screaming and not swearing. Had to stop listening after she remarked that her teacher was mad at her because her teacher supposedly "jealous" of her "better" art skills.

No. 552732

the comments in that video also show that this youtuber has the same audience that Holly does: 10-13 year old edgelords screaming back at any critique

No. 552740

File: 1523474891050.jpg (235.86 KB, 750x1001, 1503850077_451_9-paper-cutting…)

Art cutting is not as serious an art as drawing you guys. Drawing takes years to master!!! Anyone can take a ruler and scissors and cut paper okay it's so easy and worthless in comparison.

This girl makes my chest tight.

No. 552743

Ohh I thought she was talking about collage making because I think she mentioned magazines. How old is this kid anyway? Her art seems like she’s still in grade school, but I’m pretty sure she’s out of high school

No. 552744


She showed examples of paper cutting when she was bitching about it. More simple cutting, but still.

But maybe I misunderstood. Although based on what she was saying she'd probably argue this too. Because omg drawing is the only real difficult form of art.

No. 552756

Which she can’t master, just like Holly.

No. 552836

I used GIMP for years for my digital artworks, mainly illustrations, and not to brag but they weren't bad. Is this a friend of Holly? They think alike

No. 552924


Oh jesus its Spechie, how did I not make the comparison between Spechie and Holly.
Spechie honestly deserves her own thread if she doesn't already have one. She's A LOT like Holly but less loud about it.

I think one of the most noteable things about her is that she once got in trouble at her school for talking shit about a girl there. Then she got somewhat of a following and started acting like a diva, including treating some friends like shit, cause she was convinced people were trying to get at her "youtube fame"
Sound familiar?

Now that I think about it, if you put these two in the same room I wonder if they'll get along and be awful together or if they'll talk shit behind each other's back.

No. 552932


Prolly both. Spechie has a lot of growing up to do. But they both need to learn humility.

No. 552945


yeah i was looking to a spechie thread earlier and couldn't find one. She's been bitched about in the general artists/youtube artist thread a whole lot though. Anyone own to make it?

No. 552960

I'm very interested now. Never heard of her before and that first video I just watched was definitely off-putting.
Can someone please make one of her?

No. 552961

File: 1523486162472.png (50.24 KB, 1168x204, Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 15.3…)

I dont think it works like that…

No. 552963

You've got to be kidding me.
Becoming vegetarian =/= Automatically losing weight.

No. 552972

She is going gain from all the pasta eating

No. 553009

Haha. Ha. It doesn't work like that.

I have a feeling that Holly would be the type to forget that you have to supplement nutrients when you go vegetarian. She seems like the type who'd eat nothing but potato chips for a week and wonder why she almost passes out every time she stands up.

No. 553019

…Vegan and vegetarian food can easily be just as fattening as "regular" food. Just because it's mostly plant-based doesn't mean it's always that much better for you. If you eat like a fatass, surprise, you're gonna be a fatass. She's so dense.

No. 553023

File: 1523491281486.png (132.17 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Money from comissions?? Did she even finish those??

No. 553034


Expensive splurge incoming, then?

No. 553039

ah yes, adulting means spending a BIG amount of money on useless things and wonder why you have nothing at the end. I guess I'm doing it wrong then, guys!

No. 553044

File: 1523492860384.png (1.1 MB, 1182x724, Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 17.2…)

Omg…PLEASE don't ruin his art. Im guessing she's already trying to do studies of his pieces without even trying to "study"

No. 553055

File: 1523494367267.png (1.34 MB, 900x900, HC BINGO.png)

Ok I finally finished it.

No. 553087

No. 553089

it is….beautiful

No. 553105


chefs kiss a masterpiece

No. 553114


So she basically took the original leaning bath house, and then like…drew OVER it as a guide instead of starting from scratch with the proper foundation? LOL. And oh my GOD she's drawing all the small details first before getting the building's proportions and main foundation down…She always does things half-assed-backwards.

>my art used to lean to one side

used to ? It still fuckin leans.

>Holly gatekeeping what a 'challenge' is again.

Stfu, Holly. Just. Shut up.

No. 553116

she definitely reads the comments lol. she ranted about people talking about her art regressing, as these thread have done multiple times before. I also find it funny how she mentioned people's art style looking ugly and how some people need to learn about aesthetics, while many of us have been saying the same thing about her. Real life case of manure calling dog crap, shit.

No. 553119

I like how she said in the video that what might be challenging for one person, might not be challenging for someone else. If she truly understood this then why did she go around tearing down every challenge video she didn't like? Lol, she even made a whole video telling people not to title challenge videos, challenges. Get it together sis.

No. 553123

Holy shit no wonder she gets perspective so wrong. She just copy pastes parallel planes with no care about the vanashing point or horizon line.
How hard it is to use the built in perspective tools?

No. 553125

On posting studies:

>It's not that I don't do it at all, it's just not important to me.

Stop trying to cover up the fact you don't do studies, Holly, we know you don't think your foundations are important. You post the same 5 studies of those wonky as skulls/heads over and over again. You're not fooling anyone.

>don't draw everything with full brightness and stuff

>proceeds to overuse 'overlay'.

No. 553146

So she "fixed" the old drawing on photoshoped, kinda traced the same old drawing, and drew on top of that. Why doesn't she use perspective guide lines?????

No. 553148

As a former sort of fan of hers I bought shit from her and I can say she does pack them well by putting the prints into some sort of cardboard and if you have a big print she'd ship it separately to avoid damages. Her prints are fine as far as quality goes I guess but the art is shitty ofc. I bought a handmade sketchbook which is the worst thing to ever exist since the cut isn't straight on the edges and the binding broke and its just fucking small. Yeah I regret my purchases.

No. 553179

the scale of those fucking white grid things kills me. It is SO OFF

No. 553212

The old one at least had some personality to it, god how is she so delusional

No. 553214

y'know actually the broken spine and shitty book isn't a surprise to me considering how she tutorialed covering a hard back sketch book.

It was so damn sloppy and I could practically see all the cat hairs stuck to the contact paper. she dropped the book on her lap because she forgot Gravity is a thing and that shit made me cringe.

Why on earth would she give a "tutorial" with the book flopping everywhere and not on a flat surface is beyond me.

No. 553216

File: 1523506297590.png (70.69 KB, 1407x503, 20180411_211036.png)

Also wtf is she talking about, her style has been the same for fucking years

No. 553224

is that like a side account for Holly….?

No. 553244

Actually this is a valid point. I wouldn't say Holly has improved, she's just shifted style. She's gone from thick lines to thin and changed the way she colors, that shows zero growth in the Way she draws which has remained the same. Some artists never improve for years, they just keep shifting styles. This is common in a lot of anime style artists who never practice fundamentals. Holly doesn't have better color sense or anatomy or perspective knowledge, she just have changed up some surface details.

No. 553257

Nah they're very different people, with different kinds of bad art lol.

But she's been making those duck-lipped mice for like 8 years now lmao literally nothing has changed about terri's art.
But she and rebecca asspat holly all the time.

No. 553408

Chips and beer vegan is only vegan diet she has patience to try. If anything she is going to gain weight.

No. 553415

She talks about learning form but everything she draws and "paints" screams she knows absolutely nothing about form. She's been watching some actual artists who know what they're talking about and is now repeating what they're saying, I bet.

No. 553425

The saddest thing about all of Holly's work is that it's not intentional. Poor thing, she must've been dropped on her giant head as a baby and can't do art no matter how hard she tries.

No. 553434


>"you have these tools (layer modes) at your disposal, use them!"

THEN USE THE FILL TOOL OR LASSO BRUSH!!!! Why does she still manually fill everything in???? Fuck!!!!

No. 553526

Instant bingo every time she uploads tbh

I almost laughed out loud when she did the texture on the front of the building and didn't even transform it into perspective, just rotated it.

Also I can't fucking wait for her "how to cure art lean" video, where all of her examples still lean.

No. 553528

File: 1523552876214.png (838.36 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

She retweeted this. As if she knows any animation principle.

No. 553529

>Holly implying she has ever looked at Richard Willams' book before
good one.

No. 553531

How is it possible to improve so little over the years? God.

No. 553534

Holly, since you clearly love reading this thread: All of the studies you post on Twitter look really bad, people don't put realism on a pedestal, it's literally the foundation of everything you draw. A lot of artists don't post their studies, but they don't have to because you can see it in their work.

No. 553540

And she blatantly lied saying she does more stuff for school. She stated tons of times that she only rushes her assignments at the last minute and since she’s so proud of the few crappy realisms she makes to the point of posting them over and over and over again, this is the same old kind of exaggeration she loves to use.
Just like a couple comments are serious harassment, she receives death treats on regular basis, so on so forth

No. 553550

>"Some peoples art styles are just ugly"

Holly definitely stalks the threads. Holly if you are reading this the only reason some people are saying you regressed is because half of the people on this site are still trying to justify why you even got popular. Your art is ugly. It was always ugly. You just got lucky in finding an audience. I guess people find you relateable and junk so congrats on your e-fame. Just remember that this fame has nothing to do with your 'skills' in art and that no one actually follows you for your hideous artwork or your asinine stories.

No. 553552

Holly would benefit from learning from the principles and foundations of animation since she’s so gung-ho about making a pilot.
I think we can all tell that she’s never actually studied animation before which is really frustrating. Just doing a bouncing ball or a pendulum would help Holly so much. It wouldn’t even take very long.

No. 553554

Her art reflects her ugly ass, broke back personality

No. 553558

Ayyy lmao

No. 553614

You can probably make a safe bet that she hasn't done ONE bouncing ball or pendulum study. She just went right in with the characters, and clearly she isn't serious or done studies, because she's just "moving her drawings" not "animating her characters".


In all seriousness, she's the kind of person who'll become irrelevant when it comes to e-fame. It's kind of already happening. Every time she sees a slip in attention she does some shitty stunt to keep people looking.

I feel like people outgrow her. And they realize sooner or later she's never focused on any ONE of her projects at a time. Like, she's always jumping around and begging for money so she can fuel her shopping addiction.

No. 553618

Her art is appealing to fujos who have no standards and looks good to teens who draw worse than her. The rest of her audience are probably there for her edgy rants, or hope to experience some of her e-fame by kissing her ass (like the artists who are better than her drawing fanart of her characters)

No. 553637

File: 1523563012661.png (131.41 KB, 750x1334, 02FF2DAD-5FDB-4AC2-AE14-A93704…)

No. 553641

My God. Bet they won't accept her next year lol

No. 553646

lmao this is so her. makes a mistake, blames it on something else.

No. 553647

Holly can't even spell her own name right. And then she tries to start shit with her revenue source… oh Holly. Never change.

No. 553648

LOL >>553637 ah yes, shit on the con you are atending

No. 553654

This is GOLD

No. 553663

I'm suffering from sceond hand embarrassment just reading this lmao, oh my god. Also
>its was so cool of them to be Holly BRown
This is a native English speaker.

No. 553694

Isn’t the literal meaning of what she said be like “they enjoyed being Holly BRown”? Like, I had to go and like adapting in my mind what she could mean, that’s “how cool of them to call me Holly BRown” but the more I look at that sentence the less I can understand how is that a native, honest.
I mean, I’m not native and I can spot EVERY error she makes.

No. 553696

im wincing and this us painful, but i oddly connect to the "LOL SORRY"

No. 553700


Lol she was in such a rush to call an error out that she didn't stop to think for a second that maybe she was rushing to apply that she didn't proofread her own name.

But, nah, Holly BRown doesn't make mistakes lmao my sides. She's probably going to be a nightmare to work with, I already feel for the con staff or whoever is going to have to deal with her.

No. 553770

So professional

No. 553787

You know I almost feel like her lack of friends irl leads her to tweet shit normal people would just text their friends about. Can’t wait to see what happens at San Japan

No. 553946

Same anon, couldn’t wait for sanjapan to come sooner. Holly will crash and burn then come out with a video bitching about how she didn’t make money back cause of course she just had to spend so much money on useless shit

No. 553992

I'm legit curious how much merch she actually has for this event.

No. 554006

File: 1523583297892.png (212.21 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


No. 554008


Lmaoooo she's so mad

No. 554009

>Someone who can't spell
Kek that's rich coming from you, Holly

No. 554032

According to a previous anon her sketchbooks aren't good quality either?? How is she going to do a 600 page one? Also holly ffs focus on your con shit.

No. 554046

>Instant bingo every time she uploads tbh
>every time she uploads
why do you follow her?

sageing myself

No. 554081

I think all of us are following her lulzy online activity anon, not following because we like her art. I thought that was obvious.

No. 554090


Are you new here, anon?

No. 554141

I’m confused, if no one follows Holly how do you expect milk?

No. 554179

File: 1523594696127.png (106.76 KB, 587x391, Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 9.44…)

Is she really gonna go with this….could go spend time on her animation than rather waste time as usual. sigh

No. 554180

She could've just have contacted them in private but no instead she wanted to be a jackass, what a surprise.

No. 554185

Lmao what a dick. This is how you alienate yourself and appear unfriendly and unapproachable.

This is not how you further your career.

No professional is going to see her acting like this and think, "hm, yeah I'd like to work with holly brown!"

What a bitch.

No. 554188

I'm confused - she used a scraped/auto-generated amazon made-on-demand speculative page with none sold as an indicator of a market for 600 page sketchbooks branded with "challenge". Is she going to manufacture these?

No. 554190

There are already 600 page sketchbooks on sale at amazon but they don't have Holly's trademark "sketchbook slam challenge" written on them.

Those sketchbooks are hardcover, too. I don't know why holly thinks there is a market for these in paperback for even more money.

No. 554214

fuck me, that cover design looks like something outta highschooler gossip magazines from 2001. the text is so small and if that thing is going to be on a rack nobody will even see it.

hey holly, just go on pinterest or youtube and search graphic design. there's more to it than just choosing a curly font and some pastels. i beg you…

No. 554222

I spose a reason she doesn't use a grid is she draws in photoshop instead of illustrator. I'm not an artist - is this normal or weird and constraining?

No. 554230

Well yes at this point a territorial pissing is “nesissary”, Holly. Just keep in mind your typos and errors are way worse than a misplaced h.
She’s salty because people are “making profit out of her ideas”. Which is not that genius and as already said it’s not like she has trademark over big sketchbooks which she didn’t even make herself for her challenge.
God why is she so salty? Most of the challenges on YT never credit the original author…

No. 554235

File: 1523600296062.jpeg (140.35 KB, 640x379, 0B554A55-90AB-4A9D-9F7C-F73D93…)

Here she goes again, the girl who always talks about cheating and that refuses to use lazo, pen tools and fill buckets.
Does she forget about the crap she says or she’s just that stupid?

No. 554238

File: 1523600541425.jpeg (217.89 KB, 640x579, 35F0AEA1-4059-4AD6-A07D-AA6CB7…)

Pic related translates to: “my self proclaimed deadline is approaching and I’ve done basically nothing so here’s some quick and poorly made color keys to show you that if I’m not meeting my goals is just because I’m working ahead and so devoted to the project. I’m totally not fucking around wasting time over useless stuff, I’m late because of these three studies! I swear!”
We know how you move, you dumbass. You rarely make it into deadlines, and always find excuses and lie about how you work.
Sorry full pic incoming, but it’s new material so I’m not saging

No. 554241

File: 1523600665060.jpeg (445.91 KB, 1095x2048, 743A49FB-40BD-4142-BCE9-CA18CF…)

Full picture. Everything is so wonky and the perspective is so off. I understand that color keys just sets the atmosphere but she didn’t have to detail stuff and make it complicated. She somehow still can’t understands that She should work smart and focus on some basic shapes before adding details.

No. 554249

looks better without the character's face though

No. 554314

No one's arguing against using tools Holly, but it's like giving a beginner photoshop and they shade with the burn tool and highlight with the dodge tool because they don't know how to color. If you use shortcuts instead of learning how to do the thing the hard way you are lazy. If you don't have the knowledge to back up your tool and shortcut usage it'll be painfully obvious.

No. 554369

I mean, she could lean - hah- into it and make it a design choice if she was willing to work on it.

I really like the crooked backgrounds and faces in some of the Disney series like the Tangled and hotel Transylvania TV series, for example, skewed perspectives add s lot of character.

I mean obviously the designers of those started from knowing correct perspective and also how to skew things so they look good, neither of which Holly has yet. At the moment she seems to be trying to make it realistic and ending up slanting everything left. But just from a style pov, if she could be bothered, something like that might work for her story. But she still has to start by learning to do it right.

No. 554467

File: 1523628888099.png (124.49 KB, 1332x434, Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 10.1…)

I have a pitch document for purgatory for some reason? I have no clue what this is or how I got it. But this is my favourite section.

No. 554468

Art lean is such a beginners mistake though. I don't understand how Holly still hasn't gotten over it yet.

No. 554473

No. 554490

I don't, actually. I do like reading about her antics and looking at wonky art in this thread though.

No. 554501


Jfc how many sets is her "animation" going to take place in? and why is that middle panel curved lIke that?

You know if Holly was smart, she could actually easily get away with making those scenes the final illustrations for her course. but nah she's a dumb bitch. she emphasizes "hard work" on like all the wrong shit.

No. 554506

Pitch document? Post the rest of it please.

No. 554511

I'm not 100% sure, but I actually think the curved panel is for panning.

No. 554604

No clue where this doc came from. I'm not the owner, so I'm assuming Holly is. It was created August 2017 so my initial thought it is a Kickstarter thing is wrong…


No. 554622

Christ. Reading a document written by Holly just highlights how piss-poor her grammar is. I'm not sure if there's a correct sentence in this document. Her attempts at being "philosophical" or "highbrow" are so fucking laughable. She says she wrote Purgatory in high school, and it's obvious that she didn't actually put any thought into it at all. She rambles about the plot and her influences, but there's barely any substance to the plot at all? Like, you can't write a story that's a critique of religion in which religion heavily features without laying out the tenets of that religion? We all know Holly doesn't into worldbuilding because it's "a waste of time," but maybe a little bit of worldbuilding would make it easier to keep up with a project for more than the first chapter, you idiot.

Sorry for sperging but poor writing makes me so angry. The idea of a world where the major power is an occult/pagan "church" that functions in a similar way to Christianity in our world could be such an interesting thing to explore, but no, for Holly it has to be "bweeeeh religion baaaad hhhhhnnnn underage rape scene". No substance at all. I'm so angry.

No. 554625


My favorite part of the document is that almost half of it has nothing to do with her pitch. Instead it's anime recommendations, including a small block just about Evangelion.

No. 554649

That entire first paragraph is a run-on sentence

No. 554687

>Simon gets raped because rape is a result of religious extremism
>"I recommend sorta watching videos about the effects of Dante's inferno, not actually reading the long book"
Lmao, nice.

What I get from this is that Holly has a poor understanding of both philosophy and religion, and honestly that explains a lot.

No. 554690

Fuck, that part about why she wanted to include the rape part felt so half assed and awkward. She didn't even try to use different wordings so that it wouldn't come off so strong, but nope, she just went right in and said that she wanted to include the kid getting raped since it's a prominent aspect that surrounds catholic churches.

Christ, this just comes off as fujo shit so bad where alot of stupid yaoi plots are just the main guy getting raped and the love interest justifying it and shit.

Reading this document makes me sick, there's better ways to actually deal with these kinds of issues, don't just put it in as a plot device to mame the main character seem "uwu so vulnerable, must protect smol damaged bean" to fulfill your sick fujo fantasies

Sage for rant but I truly despise people like holly who are using fucking rape as a way to glorify the victim's trauma despite never having gone through such a life changing and degrading experience

No. 554691

No. 554698

What trauma though? He basically gets raped off screen and it hasn't been brought up in like 100 pages, there was no need for it in the first place. Rape is the worst cheap plot device especially in BL.

No. 554722

oh lord…I can't believe she's still doing storyboards…isnt school ending soon for summer break?

No. 554725

File: 1523652360508.png (473.08 KB, 1054x774, Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 13.4…)

This aint a comic book, girl…

No. 554727


> Purgatory is set in a city, similar to that of israel

> set in a city, similar to that of israel

> city

> israel

Fuck me, this reads like she thinks Israel is a city. Who does she think she is, Jake Paul?

No. 554738

Her online class probably runs in quarters rather than semesters. Most likely school doesn't end for her till June

No. 554746

Holy comma splice, Batman!

No. 554752

>Jarvis AI
Reference = Jokes, am I right?

No. 554764

I second this.

But pls holly from the bottom of my heart please continue purgatory, I think it’s a great, quirky, funny human look at religion and philosophy and just like you rewrote it in college you gotta rewrite it and grow with it now. Look into Alan Watts and Zen and Bhagavad Gita and Taoism, whatever man but there’s more stuff you could incorporate into the world building and the characters. Art isn’t about the fuckin thiccness of the paint itself that’s what digital art tells us. Find something that you love again and turn it into some real shit that others can love too bro

No. 554778


Uses a blow torch to make a microchip. Amazing.

No. 554860

File: 1523660779533.png (150.57 KB, 343x298, reallyanon.png)

anon, if you really think holly is at all functionally literate after reading that google doc you really gotta get your own brain checked.

No. 554886

Israel is a country, Jerusalem is a city.

why is she so fucking stupid. bitch cna act like shes read up on religion and catholicism but doesn't even know that one of the main cities referenced in abrahamic texts is Jerusalem. Bitch, I'm an atheist and I know the difference.

No. 554905

Best quote: "Most storyboard artists doesn't do the backgrounds, like at all."
Take a guess why they don't, Holly.

Does she even know what a storyboard is ment to be?

No. 554909

I'm disproportionally annoyed at the fact that she called it "the holy city" instead of the Holy Land too lmao. If you're going to draw a story that heavily leans on Christianity, at least know the basics.

No. 555105


She needs to step all the way the fuck off the storyboarding shit acting like a know it all. Sage for the sperging but this is kind of my wheelhouse and between her professing to know what goes into storyboards and her mindless fans asking her for legitimate advice just makes my head spin. She. doesn't. know. shit. She doesn't even have the basics down.

No. 555120


it's funny because all she has to do with any thing she wants to jump into is just say she's learning. But she's a 'professional'. She's too proud to admit that she's new at anything.

No. 555191

>a great, quirky, funny human look at religion and philosophy

No offense anon but are you like, legitimately okay?

No. 555221

File: 1523686045875.png (110.18 KB, 1170x426, Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 23.0…)

That poor puppy…

No. 555253

Why does it feel like she's slowly becoming a pet hoarder… or just a hoarder in general

No. 555258


>slowly becoming

She's been one.

No. 555278

She probably thinks all German Shepards are well behaved, and end up complaining about it being a douche or pissing/biting stuff.
Or maybe she’s just in love with the aesthetic of GS… that would mean she’d either cut the ears or doesn’t know that’s not their “normal” shape and proceed to complain about people selling her a fake dog.

No. 555335

File: 1523701881807.png (48.75 KB, 424x177, Untitled.png)

this is wayyy nitpicky but her logo infuriates me, what the fuck.

60% of hollys work can be made better by simply drawing a guide but she's just too arrogant/lazy to do so. like at least her fuckugly style could have correct perspective

No. 555344

Yeah you know what, you hit the point. She keeps saying that if you don’t like her stuff it’s because you don’t like her art style, but that’s totally not true.
It’s not about style, it’s about inconsistencies and poorly made stuff. One can like a style or not but if you suck it shows and that’s a fact. She just can’t accept that she’s not the inhuman skilled artist she tells herself to be, and hides behind the style mask just like every 14yo kid approaching to animes.
If her things were actually thought, and planned and she would be a little more humble, we wouldn’t be as harsh.
I follow tons of people that I’m not really into style wise but I like to see them progress, and lots of non skilled artists overcoming their difficulties actually warm my heart. So I’m not saying that if you suck you must die, it’s her attitude that’s pissing people, because she’s always on her high horse when she doesn’t have any right to talk down to other people.

No. 555355


She thinks she can just kim jung gi this shit out of her asshole, while trash talking pros and meme her way to success with her sob stories and patreon paid software

also, get a fucking crack for the programs you dumbass holly, or better yet just animate on the many resources available until you reach a level that warrants spending big bucks. TV paint to her is what copics are to jazza and baylee

No. 555368

File: 1523707860527.jpg (16.56 KB, 429x278, babowww.JPG)

at least the rubes didn't come through

No. 555371

Plus animating in photoshop is very easy and in my opinion a great sowtwear if you're okay with animating around 200 frames at a time since the program begins to slow down at that point.

Hell, when I'm not at school which supplies photoshop to us, I draw all my animations in paint tool Sai and test out the animation flow in a free program called drawpile until I can go back to school and transfer the frames over into photoshop.

If you have passion and a strong enough intent you don't need the top of the line tools to accomplish the projects you want. Why can't she just make do with the already useful tools she has? It's not like the more expensive the program the easier it is to cut corners, you still have to create a great animation to create a great animation.

If she can't make a good enough animation without all these tricks she can pull off in the program she wants to buy then maybe she should learn how to animate and story board some more instead of wasting cash

No. 555479

Photoshop is not a good program to do a final thesis in animation on.

I understand why Holly wants to use TVpaint but I'm also pretty sure she has access to Flash.

No. 555495

She could just contact Adobe support to get her issues with the software resolved, after all she pays for it every month.

No. 555499

She does, she confirmed she paid for the whole suite not long ago

No. 555568

You don't need TVpaint to make animation. Here's someone who animates in MS Paint. Not saying you need to go this cheap, but I think the program you use to compile the animation is more important than the program you animate on. And Holly already has Premiere Pro. Heck you can even animate on paper. Holly doesn't care about animating, she just wants some flashy result.

No. 555574

File: 1523731336194.jpg (321.86 KB, 720x1236, IMG_20180414_123045.jpg)

This was on Spechies new video

No. 555624

What…Holly why do you feel the need to act like you are some sort of professional know it all in every field jfc. God I remember once in a video she mentioned ‘N’ sound is ‘silent’ in Japanese and I lost my mind. HOLLY BROWN, you do not know everything and you need to stop telling your teenage audience the first bullshit thing that comes to your head while acting like you have full knowledge of the subject fuuuuck. Sage for rage sperg

No. 555627

Ok i never heard of this youtuber before this thread but wtf. She is awful. I'm with Holly on this one. 1) You really shouldnt self-diagnose a mental illness. 2) teenagers/young adults are very prone to mental illness and suicidal thoughts.

No. 555698

Slightly OT but I tried to watch the video but I noped out after the first minute
>"I've never been officially diagnosed, but…"
>"If you're between 13 and 17 you're probably not depressed"
>tries to idiotsplain depression

Holly's response is pretty adequate.

No. 555705

Sage for ot but does this girl have her own thread? She seems like she would have a good amount of milk.

No. 555730

god spechie is the worst. hollys comment actually not terrible here

I don't think she has her own thread but I see people complain about her all the time. Sure she's a favorite in the yt artists thread

Also sage goes in email field jsyk

No. 555763

This girl pisses me off so much and seemed to be projecting the entire time. She feels sad sometimes and thinks that's depression. She was talking about depression from an outsider's perspective it was painfully obvious. I agree with Holly here.

No. 555822

brain damage

No. 555826

>if i ever become rich

So she's not making as much of Youtube as people think she does…

No. 555871


I am actually surprised she does not have a thread. I accidentally found her one day and I could not understand why she is so popular. I tried to watch a few videos but it only confused me more. She is an adult yet acts like an edgy 13 year old, and her art is very underwhelming. I thought maybe she gained popularity because her stories were interesting, but I found her stories to be too try-hard and they always made her come across as a spoiled brat.

I just chalked it up to me being too old to understand kids these days.

Back on topic:

I'm glad I found this thread. I don't think Holly Brown is necessarily a bad person or anything, but before I found lolcow I thought I was the only one that didn't understand her appeal. Her art is just so bad yet she has art tutorials that, for some reason, have a lot of views and likes. I am trying to get back into drawing after not doing it for years, and it always annoyed me how Holly Brown and other bad artists kept getting recommended to me in my Youtube feed. I feel like an ass when I say someone's art is bad; I know making art can be difficult. But I'm sorry, her art is just not good, at least not good enough for her to be making art tutorials.

No. 556009


You know what I noticed about her logo is that, when she thought SanJapan mis-capitalized her name, she actually does this exact same shit, written in her logo. She's literally Holly BRown. How embarrassing.

No. 556048

So that’s what was bothering me so much about it. Thank you for pointing it out!

No. 556061

People keep saying they want a thread on her (and solarsands), but no one wants to make one.

I just always took at it stylized all caps, but looking at the letters that makes no sense lmao.

No. 556066

File: 1523786090117.jpg (38.76 KB, 600x528, 1518050882347.jpg)

holy fuck
i'm all for spechie becoming a cow. BRowns comment makes me sad, she reminds me of an (actually good) friend of mine who is very similar personality type but just has been called out well enough to not be a dickhead. it gives me hope that she could grow up a bit, as much as i don't want the milk to dry up

No. 556184

>>>/snow/556178 Someone did a thread for spechie, enjoy!

No. 556196

kinda weird for her to be saying shit like this because I remember her once saying that people should be using the eraser tool instead of the undo button

No. 556214

No. 556233

Hold up there cowboy I never said it was a masterpiece, but art is subjective and I can say it's good b/c it is something that expresses her own personality and sense of humor well.

Some of yall need to take a step back and focus less on her technical fuck ups, and more on the attitude. Girl can really draw from her imagination with a passion. It's just that the content that she has to work from, what her brain has consumed is middle school level at best. I'm less perplexed by her shitty stick figures than I am by the fact she's seemingly stayed the same exact person, consuming the same shit since high school/college and hasn't grown or developed her artwork along with her personality.

No. 556252

Hopefully this is because she is growing as an artist and not because she is a hypocrite.

No. 556256

Anon, taste is subjective but beyond the technical skills her attitude is pretty bad too.

Also imo you can't really separate a comic from the technical aspects, writing, pacing, flow etc are important and if you can't convey your story properly it's a failed attempt. Most people express themselves in their comics but that doesn't make them good.

On the other hand, if she's genuinely gone through some rough shit as a child/teen when her being emotionally stunted is not that surprising, it's a common thing.

No. 556293

I absolutely will not focus less on any of this cow's fuckups, technical or otherwise. She's a shitty person who draws badly and has made a name for herself saying outrageous shit on youtube, and she's clearly demonstrated that any empathy on her is wasted.

No. 556378

I understand what you mean, but there are thousands upon thousands of artists that are drawing from the imagination with the same passion that don't act the way she does.

I & others would criticize her and her mistakes far less harshly if she didn't repeatedly refer to herself as a professional and put down the habits/methods of other artists. In the end, I'd still much rather see her grow and learn than fail, but as of right now she's directly influencing others in a bad way

No. 556492

File: 1523826697143.jpg (93.85 KB, 720x492, IMG_20180415_150853.jpg)

Drug dealing brother,she sure is open about her family. This is from Tumblr.

No. 556499

Didn't she lose thousands of dollars on useless equipment that she never uses now? There's your savings.

No. 556554

File: 1523830719272.png (206.4 KB, 1170x920, Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 15.1…)


No. 556584

Way to get your brother arrested

No. 556616

That actually sounds pretty fun.

No. 556711

The brother has more of an occupation than Holly. He might even do it to support the family too unlike this fat bitch buying """"professional""" art shit

No. 556730

She needs to quit wasting her time on useless shit like this when she could be doing those millions projects she has that have a unreasonably short deadline as it is. Its like she doesn't want to finish any of her projects at all

No. 556754

SOUNDS fun but in her case… She has what, 5 different projects already (comicbook, schoolwork, animation, regular merch making, updating youtube so she will stay in the buzz) and than THIS?

No. 556762


ok but in what world is being a white-trash drug dealer more of an occupation than a mediocre artist/youtuber?

No. 556777

I agree with this anon and, I think her attitude is complete shit and she needs to be criticized for what she spews to her audience, but if we criticize her every attempt at the technical stuff, she’ll probably give up b/c she has a fragile ego..
her horse drawing for example, I think it’s great that she tried to draw a horse and all, but we all saw how messed up that looked, I criticized her rushed work with the stylization because that’s something we all know she likes to do.. the critique about the anatomy was correct, but should she really do studies or just think some happy thoughts and clean her room for a change? I know from experience it’s tough to get anatomy correct when I don’t have any emotional investment in the stuff I make. Could be different for others I’m just trying to get a discussion going. Also I don’t think she could be totally illiterate if she follows the thread. Inb4 lol hi holly

No. 556791

Sorry, but no. I'm not here to encourage Holly, she has enough hugbox echo chambers set up for that. I don't like her. I don't like her art, which is technically and objectively bad, and I don't like her personality, which is likewise terrible. This isn't a fucking self-improvement forum. If she gets better at art and advice I'm not going to wish her ill or anything, but I don't think her prognosis for improvement is good.

>Inb4 lol hi holly

Give yourself a little more credit, anon, I could understand what you wrote.

No. 556799

File: 1523849584572.jpg (244.42 KB, 1200x829, 52756cab-dc9c-4e25-a212-b79ae0…)

No. 556802

File: 1523849687871.jpg (270.35 KB, 1200x1021, df7f8152-b5da-4b23-b755-6ee3b1…)

Top art student here

No. 556805

It would be nice if she put time stamps to show how long she spent on each gesture, I can't tell if these are 1 minute poses or longer, I'm hoping 1 minute because if any longer then the faces should have more definition

No. 556845

probably the biggest and most awful reach i've ever seen

No. 556861

these aren't too bad, if they're 1min…but those hands are killing me and there's no weight on these

No. 556884

If they are 1min each she completely misunderstood the point of the exercise. At the 1 min mark gesture drawings are supposed to capture the general feel and gesture of the pose. Holly just jumped into adding nonsensical shading and junk to give her sketches the illusion of being ‘finished’

No. 556896

wtf is going on with the lady's leg on the bottom right. Looks like another arm crawling out of her body

No. 556907

These are fine if they’re 30 second or 1 minute warm ups. 1 minutes never look good unless you have a great handling of anatomy. They look like someone’s starting to get the hang of drawing quickly, that’s not saying a lot considering she’s drawn every single day for years.

No. 556909

these just demonstrate she's drawing from imagination half the time even when she has a model. it's a shame she's probably working off of photographs, i feel like it'd help her a great deal to actually be at an actual life drawing class. she doesn't seem to grasp the fact that people are 3D objects existing in a 3D space, she just adds some nonsensical shading with an outline?? for…?? why??

No. 556916

I’m sorry to be that person but if you want to be a professional (and you claim to be one) you don’t give a fuck about personal investment. You need to train your hand and brain, focus and study as much as you can.
If you want to pursue art as a career “inspiration” and “‘moods” do not exist, unless you know you can sell whatever you want because you have a pillow to save your ass every time you fall.
Art as a job, especially in the industry (since she’s not one of those fine artists she shits on or introspective people) is no different than any other job. Once you have the skills you can draw in every condition.
She has a fragile ego? Well then maybe she should learn that other people might have it too and act accordingly, I don’t want to cuddle her and shield her from what’s wrong in her art, that’s exactly what she wants, probably why she left a real college, and what her whole huge fanbase keep doing.

No. 556929

File: 1523867346603.jpg (72.94 KB, 500x374, 1393194085352.jpg)

Well think about it, drugs are more supply and demand business especially if they live in a white trash/hood area and now rebellious millennials wanting to embarrass weed in Texas. You can find a weed dealer that sells $20 per gram of good quality (if lucky I've seen dealers that charge more).
The demand for weed in red states that wouldn't give a slap on the wrist if you get caught with it would drive a higher price. It's not a safe job but if you know what you are doing you can make $2000-$3000 a night which is more than Holly can make by doing art videos or selling ugly merch. Not a safe or desirable job, but people do drug dealing when they hit a low point and seen a good chunk come out of it.
From what we know of Holly has bought a washing machine for the family and that's it. The brother for all we know might actually be trying to helping out. In a broke as the family its better that your symbiotic relationship should be mutualism not parasitic.

sage for drug lecture no one cares about

No. 557007

>drug dealing is good because it's profitable

Lol pls stop anon. There are several artists on this thread who essentially do the same thing Holly does, draw for money and spend money on art supplies. The problem is that she's careless with money, not that she makes money from her art. Dealing drugs and facilitating someone's addiction will never be better than what Holly is doing.

No. 557025

File: 1523884570585.png (130.09 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 557026

File: 1523884595714.png (149.74 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I really dont like it when I agree with Holly

No. 557080

Oh my fucking god lmao, I know people get desperate to trash flakes here but let's not pretend that being a drug dealer is a respectable career or better than being a YouTuber, or that her brother must contribute more to the family because he doesn't shitpost online (that we know of).

I agree with her but Holly is not the person I'd ask for advice on how to deal with depression either lmao. I wish people would stop thinking because they have large followings and experienced a Thing, they're qualified to give people advice on how to deal with The Thing.

No. 557088

The serotonin/ chemical imbalance theory has yet to be proven and a heck ton of evidence points toward the drugs actually increasing survival thoughts but Holly’s certified depressed so I guess I’ll just fuck off~

No. 557089

*suicidal thoughts

No. 557131

It depends on the person and the medication. Lets not make this a thread about mental illness, this is about holly calling out spechie and rightfully so lmfao

No. 557136

I agree with her
But I find it ironic because if I remember correctly, Holly IS the kind of person that sorta utilizes the "just dont be sad" tactic or at the very least she does the "just bulldoze through negative feelings by upping my ego" tactic.
I always figured thats why she goes through those cycles of being overly optimistic, reckless, then loudly despressed.

No. 557140


Also this is Holly's reply to Spechie?

No. 557191

Holly is drawing what she sees which is fine but if she wants to get the kind of job in animation that she thinks she deserves Holly's going to have to push herself.
I hope that Holly does some actual studying instead of this kind of rushing through of these assignments. She's really missing the elements of life drawing by not paying attention to the model.

No. 557433

>The problem is that she's careless with money, not that she makes money from her art.

If we are to believe what Holly said in >>556492
then it sounds like Holly is the one supporting her family. So there's no way she's rolling in cash if her family is bleeding her dry

I don't like Holly as a person but I have seen how toxic families work

No. 557450

Well her mother is a teacher so she's not the only one earning an income. I think she's never had money before and doesn't know how to manage it so spends it carelessly on things she doesn't need.

No. 557453

I don't know her situation but she did make it sound like a lot of her family expenses were voluntary on her part, and she also bought thousands worth of printing/merch making equipment. Not saying her family isn't toxic because she probably wouldn't be the way she is if she grew up in a healthy, stable environment, but she's definitely bad at managing her finances.

No. 557463

She could be living in a toxic env, but from what she’s always claimed, she paid for her own food (like it she wanted takeaway) and other expenses that were her own. She bought the washer and dryer but it’s something she uses as well, so it’s not a total selfless act. She always seemed pretty fond of her “mom”, only despising her brother and sister. I know they ask her for money but she’s not forced to give stuff to people. Seriously, toxic or not, just doubt how many thousands she tossed around in the last months for useless stuff.

No. 557470


Her bio mom or her aunt?

No. 557528

Family comes first not the mortality of addicts sadly.
Never said it was a respectable job but a very risky outlet to make ends meet. Honestly, both Holly and her brother should be working part-time jobs to help a family crisis instead of choosing two bad "careers". So I have strong doubts that a shitty artist youtuber selling potatoes faced merch can make enough money to support her dysfunctional family when she openly said that she makes less than minimum wage.

No. 557534

Her aunt

No. 557546

>So I have strong doubts that a shitty artist youtuber selling potatoes faced merch can make enough money to support her dysfunctional family when she openly said that she makes less than minimum wage.

does anyone actually have any proof of how much she makes? how is it that she can buy expensive art/craft equipment and have a savings account for her family to blow through if she's making less than minimum wage?

No. 557548

I think there are a few people here in denial about how much cash Holly makes off her merch sales and YTbucks.
I heard er say 50k a year. That's a lot of spending money for someone who still lives with their parents.

Holly also complains about how "poor" she is but I don't really think she knows what that means. Holly seems to think not being able to buy whatever you want whenever you want = poor

No. 557583


People who grow up without money often don't have the skills to spend it properly as adults. Considering her personality, backstory, and abilities (primarily spelling), I have no doubt she grew up white-trash levels of income. Now, any money she gets, she can't save it, and instead splurges. Its a common thing for low-income children to grow up with terrible spending habits as adults.

No. 557593

I think she was making that before the youtube demonetization thing and when she was at peak popularity (her vids don't do too great now).

If all she has to buy is food and rent to a parent there is tons of room to blow cash. It's not like she'd pay for internet, gas, utilities, insurance, etc. And when you don't have to worry about that stuff, there is little incentive to save.

No. 557638

But I thought she wanted to move to California in the next year or so? Gonna have to save a shit ton if she's gonna live by herself there

No. 557705

Even if she makes less than minimum wage Holly really doesn't have any expenses she needs to worry about because she still lives with her aunt who pays for most of her day to day expenses. Also, Holly doesn't seem to splurge a lot on non art related purchases like many other youtubers so I am not surprised that she can afford all these big art purchases?

No. 557707

Honestly doubt the California move is going to happen. Between her senior thesis and preparation for conventions I feel like Holly is going to burn out way before she's even close to saving up enough to move to Cali.

No. 557779

She's live right now

No. 557793

hmm. sorry to tell you guys, even though i hate her fujo art, there's something pleasant about her voice/manner

No. 557794

nah i agree honestly

No. 557801

File: 1523969920403.jpeg (77.88 KB, 640x219, 5E775DAC-5BB1-4C11-B639-9DC2B9…)

Ready for her tutorials?

No. 557802

I’m sure Holly has the capacity to be pleasant but she comes off as someone hard to work with. I’m gonna have to disagree.

No. 557806

>open link
>Holly talking about white ethnostate

No. 557809

lmao someone go ask her to do the compass live

No. 557810

are you the person spamming it in the chat? lol

No. 557812

i think i got banned, someone should ask her to do it, it would be entertaining

No. 557813

Guys, don't be retarded and out yourselves and others as farmers in stream chat.

No. 557824

if any of you are that "YU" person in her chat, you sound fucking autistic

No. 557833

well i'm not in the industry. I was listening as I would to a radio host. She was quite jolly at the start of the stream but… I tuned in again and now she's being passive aggressive and struggling not to slip into an angry vibe

No. 557834

been watching for 10 mins now and she's done fuck all. i dont even think ive seen her draw even one line

No. 557838

Yeah she's engaging too much with stream chat and not focusing at all. She might as well just be doing a podcast for most of this.

No. 557851

It's kinda weird watching the stream because she says "Holly kill yourself" out loud sometimes.
(This is my first time seeing her stream, sorry if this isn't new. This is is saged just in case.)

No. 557857

what do you mean, is she reading that from the chat or is she saying it when she stuffs up

No. 557858

so many mouth noises

No. 557860

right when I went in she was complaining about doing it wrong and everyone will be mad at you and you will want to kill yourself.. OK holly so serious

No. 557862

She says that after she messes up or something similar to that. No one in chat is saying that.

No. 557871

The chat is clamoring for gayest porn

No. 557895


>talks about the problem with equating zootopia with people is that you're dividing races into 'predator' and 'prey'

>did exactly that when drawing black Nick

>vaguely accuses writer of zootopia of racism/prejudice or "what kinda views was he harbouring, ya know? to write the movie like that"

No. 557902


wtf she's going on about how characters falling out with eachother/character conflicts are a character trope… no, it's a compication. ya know, the thing that makes up the body of a majority of stories and then there's a resolution at the end. That's like how 99% of stories play out.

you'd know that holly, if you were a good story teller at all.

No. 557931

Holly of course had to shit on jaidensanimation and correct professional works because apparently the sclera/iris proportion in star vs the forces of evil is wrong and lots of white in your eye makes you look less creepy

No. 557932

>"When you adult in real life you don't have friends"
Why does she always speaks for everyone as if everyone experiences the same exact thing she does

No. 557934

1 she doesn’t have a life in real life
2 chances are she never had friends

No. 557939

Lol well ofc Holly's version was better, that's why her work is on TV and she has studio deals and… Oh wait.

No. 557943

I also think her voice is pleasant to listen to, it's honestly the only reason her content is even watchable imo. But the things she says kinda ruin it.

No. 557949

She has no idea what being an adult is like, most working adults I know have friends, either friends they made in college, friends from work or people you meet at events. I'm sure she'll go to all of these cons and not make friends with anyone.

No. 557973

File: 1523985422959.png (1.6 MB, 1162x1226, Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 10.1…)

As a student who has done storyboarding, that doesn't seem like an overload of work for one day….And illustrations? What? That's why it's taking her so fucking long lmao

No. 557975

File: 1523985554331.png (389.87 KB, 478x930, Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 10.1…)

Pro artist, guys!

No. 557982

those sandals kek

No. 557993

>most working adults I know have friends, either friends they made in college, friends from work or people you meet at events.

I dunno. I find it a lot harder to make friends as an adult than I did as a teen, so I understand what she saying. Many of my college friends moved to different states after they got jobs or got married. Holly works from home so who is she gonna talk to? People you meet at cons and stuff are acquaintances as best cuz it's not like you're going to see these people on a daily basis.

No. 557995

You don’t need to see people every day to be friends with them, dude.

No. 558003

Of course not. My point is that someone who you meet up with once or twice a year at a con isn't really a friend. It's more of an acquaintance.

No. 558117

It is definitely harder to make friends as an adult than it is when you're in high school, but the notion that everyone over the age of 21 is just rotting in their room with no friends is pretty ridiculous. Adult friendships are just more work, and maybe you don't see people as often, but it's definitely not normal to have no friends. Her saying that she hasn't spoken to a human being outside her family in weeks and trying to pass it off like a common thing is just??

No. 558126

File: 1523999657148.jpg (211.74 KB, 720x1041, IMG_20180417_151205.jpg)

You guys forgot this beautiful gem. Holly fixed his eyes.

No. 558128

I'm guessing "Ham" is her Hamilton animatic? What a waste of time, she should be practicing actual animation instead of drawing more still frames.

No. 558135

maybe it's just steamed ham days.

No. 558174

I can't settle down to go to sleep after reading this I'm just chortling away thinking about Holly slaving away over steamed ham thanks anon

saged for zero contribution

No. 558341

I think it might be Hamilton illustrations for that art book she wants to sell at concentions. Its completely unnecessary

No. 558408

Is Hamilton even still a thing? Who even wants an enormous chin version anyway?

No. 558414

What does te CC stand for?

No. 558421

Rejection Emails went out for that FMA zine she applied for. I know if I got one,, she definitely did lol. Also I think she wouldnt talked about it by now if she got accepted.

>> 558414

Clever Kitchen? That's all I can think of, maybe she forgot kitchen starts with K because its alliterative?

No. 558426

That's what I thought too but it made no sense. What else could it be though.

No. 558477

What channel does she stream on? I never see these streams on her main channel

No. 558570

That’s what I thought too but she does spell out Clever Kitchen correctly later on in the calendar. Also if she really wants to be done with storyboards by the end of the month I feel like she needs to work every day on them cansidering the amount to pointless details she puts in them?

No. 558606

File: 1524040893346.png (1.41 MB, 1092x1184, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 01.4…)

Oh man…Anyone want an art book filled with wonky anatomy and ugly faces?

No. 558608

File: 1524040940919.png (754.24 KB, 1180x1120, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 01.4…)

Why you gotta break everyone's legs though???

No. 558617

Why… Is his leg… So fucking tiny… This is a grown man, why was he given baby legs. Also I don't know what's going on with that foot but it's nothing good.

No. 558629

this is the most reasonable chin she's ever drawn.

No. 558631

it looks…too good to be true lol

No. 558639

No cowboy chinbop?

No. 558714

File: 1524055381694.png (488.05 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I just dont get this print. Is he climbing the fence? Why would i buy a print of a characrters back and a broken leg?

No. 558715

Boy what’s going on with his arms and that fence

No. 558716

it's ART you don't understand.

No. 558718

That arm looks really painful. Snapped right in half, poor guy

No. 558720

Faye looks like she's slumped over dead.

No. 558721

Oh my god the arms… fences don't work like that–arms don't work like that!! And why the fuck is there a visible thong/panty on the other character…it it male or female? Probably underage. I know she's done some shit, but this drawing still baffles and triggers me in so many levels omfg

No. 558726

Is this the final priint? It looks unfinished…

No. 558733

File: 1524057164301.jpg (32.08 KB, 470x640, Faye_Valentine.jpg)

Just as a reference, here's what the character on the right is actually supposed to look like.

No. 558738

why are the images cut on the border?

No. 558746

omg i didnt even notice that. that's just sloppy af

No. 558750

thanks for fucking me up anon, she actually said it's WIP. Still, there are fundamental problems. in fact it's the awkward moment when the person you're teasing for a 'retarded walk' turns around and is actually retarded- i have said before that holly can't follow physical logic, but i thought she was probably just lazy. Now we have arms going right through a fence like some mc escher impossible drawing lol. The hiding the hands is too obvious so far

No. 558755

WTF is wrong with Faye? She looks like a scarecrow.
The whole pose doesn't work, the fence is wrong AF and if you're going to represent characters from behind it has to be for strict and powerful symbolism or special effects, holly.
It's even okay that you are refusing on drawing what's popular because you're obviously the only one who likes "old" cartoons (CBebop is not even that old, btw) but at least make it appealing.
You chose to picture two characters, one of them has a strong sex appeal and would be an easy buy for random teenagers that only ask for 2d cleavage and a nice face but NO of course let's break her spine and give her a flat ass.
I would NEVER buy a print like this.

No. 558789

Lol i forgot to mention its a wip but i figured you could tell with the fence not being colored in. Wtf is up with his pose?? Why does she always draw shoes like that?? So many questions.

No. 558794

Isn't Holly supposed to be a illustration major? How did she get this far in her illustration program if she can't even set up a basic scene? Like not only can't you even tell what is supposed to be happening in the picture but the picture itself is so boring/generic that I don't know anyone who would want to buy a print.

No. 558795

This is beyond terrible
his hair is too flat, his arms are cut and go through the fence
wtf is that leg?
why does she make that stupid tiny heel on every shoe?
Faye looks like a little girl with no ass
So sloppy fml

No. 558804

Ugh, why does she always draw heels on the shoes of the males she draws?!

No. 558830

File: 1524065895867.jpeg (111.02 KB, 500x964, 009C30A6-2271-4617-8BE0-D26328…)

Tbf spike DOES have “heels”. Pretty much every kind of shoe that’s not totally flat (à la converse) has some sort of heel, they just have different shapes and heights so sometimes it’s almost unnoticeable.
So it’s just Holly that for the 100000 time failed to understand how shoes work.

No. 558843

>>558714 dem legs on faye though

No. 558878

This is a terrible composition, i have no idea what's going on. Faye has a nice body and holly managed to draw her at the most unappealing angle amazing.

No. 558897

File: 1524070680252.jpeg (293.29 KB, 572x377, 5A817FB6-0237-4641-B4DB-10ACB4…)

Friendly reminder that this monstrosity came out at the same time she “lectured” people about bad anatomy and all the mistakes “young artists” do. The monster hand, those ridiculous titties…

No. 558919

She is so arrogant, her color theory video pissed a lot of people off.

No. 558933

personally LOVING faye's shorts and the way they billow out in that trademark Holly BRown style lmao.

No. 558976

The way that it's cut makes me itchy.

I seriously think this is the worst-looking thing she's drawn recently, it's just so broken lmao. I thought she might at least fix some things from the sketch, but I guess if you put down a mark that's it, no changes.

No. 559182

File: 1524089830812.jpg (250.74 KB, 1170x1008, ew.jpg)

i wonder how this would go…

No. 559184

For the love of god Holly, stop taking on new projects when you've barely scratched the surface of your current ones.

No. 559272

how many projects has she started??? i feel like it’s a new thing everyday

No. 559442

Oh my god when will she ever focus on one thing at a time??

No. 559467

File: 1524096592631.png (68.45 KB, 1154x456, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 17.0…)

jk, she made an adjustment and added more colors…Wow, I wish I had all that extra time she has

No. 559477

At least she's not in the zine this time. I kinda like to think that she was rejected from the FMA zine so like a petulant child she stomps her foot and goes, "Fine!! I'll make my own zine and you guys can't join!!"

Little does she know that organizing a zine requires good organizational skills as well as professionalism, neither of which she has any of.

It does sound fun though, might take a crack at it even if I don't get in to her zine.

Question, do you think anyone at a higher skill level than she is would join? I'm not entirely sure how zines work but if they get paid per zine sold there might be a few. Would…Holly be paying them? Forgive my lack of zine knowledge, I've never participates in one.

No. 559501

I mean there's quite of a few of her fans that are better at art than she is (idk why they follow such a toxic person, but each to their own). And ya know, anon. You may be onto something about her rejection thing lol.

No. 559508

I hate that she can't fix her hair, all you need is a wide tooth comb (for the shower) and some type of gel/cream

No. 559551

would it be bad to join her zine, if she actually makes it? I’m not a fan of hers, but I would do anything 4 exposure. (Saged b/c ofc)

No. 559596

Anon, no amount of exposure is worth putting up working with her. Don't do that to yourself

No. 559646

If you're gonna sage, then actually sage and instead of just writing it.

No. 559647

>supplying payment via books
So people are only gonna get paid by receiving printed versions of the own art they made? That's barely a step up from working for exposure. Why even open it up if she can't pay the artists actual money?

No. 559674

This would only be acceptable if this were a charity zine. Otherwise, complete bullshit

No. 559736

File: 1524112891446.png (696.1 KB, 1170x764, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 21.4…)

I gotta admit the bunny one would look cute, if the bunny didnt look like it would wanna murder you. Also, this comic has like what…2 chapters??? What's with all the merch

No. 559753

Why did she pick those specific things for her characters to be with on these phone charms? Nobody knows enough abt the characters to get the significance!

No. 559754


…Is that… is that a wolf pig? Pig wolf? A polf?

No. 559773

i dont understand why he's sitting on a computer. is he supposed to be a hacker..? Did he even get introduced into the comic?

No. 559784

lopsided charms. goody. I'm sure those'll sell like hotcakes.

pretty sure she did the same thing regarding the YouTube artist collective, it was zodiac themed and she shit on the group just bc she wasnt in it, then proceeded to ramble about how stupid astrology was and that she "never wanted to be in their stupid group anyways"…while she painted her fuckin astrology symbol lmao. so yeah she is being a petulant child here.


These are some puke ass colors. yknow what. go ahead and make another project, Holly BRown. can't wait to see you manage a billion email submissions, judging the art, managing artists, the printing of the book and the distribution of the money!

No. 559788

linking into the wrong thread.
wew lad, u nu here?

No. 559794


It looks like she covered it in a pink overlay filter

No. 559802

That character was never actually introduced in the comic yet but he seems to be a ‘fan favorite’.
Still, I’m kinda glad Holly is actually starting to work on convention merch instead of just screwing around with other projects.

No. 559813

Why is there a no transmission screen if te tv is linked to a pc? Wouldn’t it be better a blue screen? I find this quite confusing
Yeah it was my first thought as well. The timing is perfect.
Poor thing doesn’t know that organising projects with lots of artists take more time than working solo and that the responsibility of checking wips, advertising campaign, proper graphics and stuff require A LOT of times. I’ve personally seen people dropping the participation on a zine (so “just” doing the illustration and avatar) because they had strict deadlines with school and/or work, and yet she decides to push the ORGANIZATION of a fanzine between her pilot episode of CK, an Hamilton book, paranormal plague, purgatory, con merch, YouTube and countless new projects?
Lol so delusional. It will either never sail or fail miserably.
Just accept you got rejected for the fucking zine, Holly.

No. 559837

File: 1524124584486.png (21.95 KB, 586x292, what.PNG)

anything to keep from paying people actual money, eh holly?

No. 559840


Firstly a zine shouldn’t be a heavy book. Secondly, get a EU distributor - plenty of people would be willing to help out on a zine I’m sure, and I’ve seen a lot of people do it this way.
Also when books open for order then charge international shipping?? Like the costs can be covered. She’s either trying to scam people or she’s just thick as pig shit.

No. 559841

Not to defend her but she’s probably just dense.

No. 559842

So she says that the contributors get the copies that they can sell and this will be their payment?
In other words: the contributors MUST be the distributors in order to get their money?

Or am i just tinfoiling?

No. 559844

That color palette looks really gross in comparison, the last few hues clash so badly.

I don't think she knows. She probably plans on printing them all at home again instead of doing the reasonable thing and getting a distributor.

No. 559849

I'm laughing. She says this like she somehow knows she's going to receive, and use, a slew of illustrations–whether they be of quality or amateurish at best because let's face it, she's an absolute horrible judge of quality art.

No. 559850

That’s not true, she can be really picky and harsh when it comes to other people. She somehow fails to be that harsh and evolve on her own art, but she bashed professionals, she’s not going to accept stuff that’s not on par with her level, and to her, her level is really high.
If some people would make the same mistakes as her, she would just discard their applications, I’m pretty sure of that.

No. 559851

You are correct anon, I agree with this wholeheartedly.

No. 559858

A did a zine with other local artists in my area and that was how they did it too. Now I have a bunch of copies of a zine I honestly wouldn't even buy myself so I'm stuck with them.

No. 559862

That system is only beneficial to those who already have a huge following that would buy everything they creates but don’t have time to provide a full book of illustrations, otherwise it’s just a waste of time unless you’re participating with -again- big names and that would give you some sort of… rimlight? In hope of people noticing you and going to your social media

No. 559866

File: 1524130391863.png (68.71 KB, 1174x282, Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 02.3…)


No. 559870

Idk what's normal but whenever I did zines with people we split the profits. Unless it's specifically for charity, where would she even donate it to that's remotely related?

No. 559871

Charity zines doesn’t HAVE to be related. It’s a nice touch and what it’s usually best to sebsibilise people about a matter, but what counts it’s ultimately giving money to x.

No. 559881

I can see that, but which social causes has Holly ever expressed interest in? Not saying it would be a bad thing if she made the zine and donated proceeds, but I find it hard to picture.

No. 559886

Lel, charity to the poor Holly BRown, of course.
I don’t know maybe she could give for something she’s experienced, like help lines for depression or stuff?

No. 559889


No. 559907

PP has like 9 pages, not 2 chapters so this is even more puzzling.

No. 559918

File: 1524140425188.jpeg (281.93 KB, 640x579, 3951B689-50F4-496D-B596-210CC8…)

Sorry this is old, but it really made me laugh. Yes I can see how she could pass as a troll channel, especially considering that in a video talking about color theory she fucked her colors so bad she had to adjust them in premiere making her arm look ORANGE
Yeah but you’re supposed to love PP because she says it’s great. It works with her fans, so she will maybe sell a couple or charms at the con.

No. 560170

File: 1524166769048.png (389.61 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180419-083024.png)

No. 560175

>Boku Hero No Academia
Can Holly type anything without a typo or some sort of misspelling? I would think this is all an elaborate troll if she were not so unattentive.

No. 560180


I hope this fucking bombs and die to Holly’s lack of organization knowledge and how to equally pay contributors, I hope she gets blacklisted and wrecked by the fandom.

No. 560181

Those colors are not good; and do we need the BNHA zine #634?

No. 560182

This may sound stupid but did she draw that header? It seems much better than her normal work.

No. 560183

1 minute after I post this Holly fixes it.
She definitely browses here.

No. 560184

Fuck no.

No. 560186

I was going to say, I would actually consider buying prints if she drew stuff like that.

No. 560191

So…who did? Is it official art that she recolored? I don't see any credit anywhere.

No. 560195

I mean Holly isn't above not sourcing work as seen by the april fools video.

No. 560196

it looks like official art she recolored in her "designated color pallet"

No. 560198

I wonder how many people will actually apply to be a part of this zine.

No. 560203

She want it printed by june, or before. Fanzines normally give you way more time to do your piece.

No. 560205

People have lives, Holly

No. 560214

How could she know? She doesn’t have one and she’s fine with it. If you want to join her zine, you need to prove you can focus on that one thing only!

No. 560216

Why is she using hex codes for a printed zine?

No. 560219

>>we have standards
Good thing you’re CREATING it, then, because that’s exactly why you’ve been rejected from the FMA one
>>I’ve printed lots of books so I know formatting
All of her stuff is badly cropped and formatted

The zine video is even worse than usual.

No. 560224

File: 1524170937066.jpg (179.03 KB, 599x304, 41bU8ky.jpg)

No. 560227

File: 1524171259335.jpg (218.63 KB, 1024x745, Gj0fG27.jpg)

Also she's misspelled "palette" in every possible instance of the word. This is the "pallet" she's referring to. But of course such an advanced, esteemed artist would never make such a mistake….

No. 560231

File: 1524171774032.png (44.48 KB, 717x437, ohholly.png)

Oh Holly

No. 560238

Has Holly been losing subscribers? I thought she had more than 215k? Also her views seem way down

No. 560244

She hasn't been uploading as much so it's not surprising. Also, I have noticed the videos she does upload haven't been recommended as much to me lately.

No. 560250

She’s the one saying people can’t spell

No. 560263

This'll probably fail like the last anthology she tried to host

No. 560293

im gonna fucking kill holly if she touches erasermic and ruins it, i love that pairing

No. 560323

I love how Holly starts like five new projects every time I don't check the thread for a week or so. gj Holly if only you put as much effort into your art as you do coming up with all these projects

No. 560333

Take a shot whenever Holly posts something misspelled or grammatically incorrect.
-Another shot if she uses the right sounding word but it's not the same meaning (e.g. Pallet v. Palette)

No. 560341

No. 560370

Welp. Let's see how this goes I guess. Will she just accept people with a ton of notes/followers or will she accept even non-well know artists with good art?
Time will tell.

No. 560372

The fact that she didn't even draw her header and this image is hilarious. Shows how professional she is, especially with money involved.

No. 560378

Why she gotta fucking ruin everything I like? She’s only in the fandom (not even that) because it’s popular. Her art of the kids makes me wanna puke bc it’s so bad. I’ve seen bad art on the fandom before but hers is just so uncomfortable to look at. I hope she gets over this like she did SU, because I don’t think she truly likes the content so much as she just wants to profit off its popularity

No. 560516

File: 1524198608869.png (139.73 KB, 585x330, Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 9.29…)

She really doesnt want to go outside does she…

No. 560517

File: 1524198741438.gif (323.59 KB, 314x240, GAZELLE.gif)

I didn't even know they sold this thing anymore, lmao. Just get a fucking eliptical Holly.

No. 560518

Did she really just say "or Boku no Hero Academia if you're annoying"?? Wtf bitch thats what its called in its native tongue you snaggle-toothed goblin

No. 560522

This is the snake-oil of fitness equipments.
But i might be wrong… i'm not a pro like her.

No. 560525

She could, you know, go outside or find a group of people to workout with lol

No. 560534

can't wait for Holly to give us a sick fitness tutorial with her new gazelle!

No. 560549

No, unfortunately it really is zeen. It makes sense given the origins but it's still somehow irritating

No. 560556


Damn I felt stupid and deleted my response before I saw yours. Sorry bout that.

Is anyone else pumped for the zeeeeen? I can’t wait to see what Holly thinks is good enough to put her name to when it’s not her own work. She’s so damn critical and doesn’t play well with others. I have a feeling this is going to be delicious.

Current list of her projects:

>Purgatory comic

>Paranormal comic
>Animatics (Hamilton)
>Clever Kitchen animation
>School work
>Convention prep
>YouTube videos

Am I missing anything? She’s also trying to lose weight, put together illustrations for her portfolio, and girl needs to sort her room out cause it’s a cluster fuck.

No. 560566

From the tumblr she's said it has gotten 187 applications and the maz number of artists is 150-200 so…. First of all, 150 is way too many, most zine dont have more than 50. Second of all, in my experience, only about 10% of applications have good enough art to even consider, so either she should lower the number or have a zine full of ugly art.

No. 560568

I wonder how many people will apply. not out of interest of working on a project for holly, but for the possibly of getting some publicity

No. 560600

she had a post on her insta 'guess my kink based on my art' and she delet it right after someone (?) post 'pedofilia'

No. 560603

Pfft aha, wish there was a screenshot

No. 560608

Why though, lmao. Go for a run. Exercise using your own bodyweight. JFC, not every problem is solved by buying shit. It's always such gimmicky shit too.

No. 560609

150 seems more like an artbook, not a zine.

Proof or it didn't happen anon

No. 560624

File: 1524212575793.jpg (8.79 KB, 400x408, 1429422088128.jpg)

And for years I thought the elliptical was the worst cardio machine in the world.
>no resistance
>just flawing your legs with no glute or core activation
>looks like something uses to aid physical therapy for the elderly
>too fat and lazy to go outside or buy a treadmill or static bike
>There are $10 monthly gym memberships that open 24/7
I'm starting to think a lot of female artists are pretty stupid with sports medicine

No. 560627

I'm so broke boohooh

No. 560656

I believe she also wanted to have a Hamilton zine for the con as well. Not a fanzine, just a small art book.

No. 560734


I saw the kink post too. It had a picture of her blonde character listening to music, her green haired character with his hair flying around, and that picture of a guy with claws punching another guy. I didn’t see the comments but the post really is deleted now.

No. 560776

This also bothered me more than it maybe should have lmao, it's not even like the original title is barely used in the West like FMA.

I think her method of compensation seems fair though.

No. 560780

It did to me too. Like, why would you call someone who uses the actual name term, "annoying"? For me it's actually annoying hearing people call it the translated name somehow, I guess because it's shorter and easier? Quicker? Not sure. But it's irritating nonetheless.

No. 560871

File: 1524247406789.png (72.09 KB, 1164x302, Näyttökuva 2018-04-20 kello …)

wtf is she in kindergarten

No. 560881

What the fuck, she shouldn’t be THAT heavy handed

No. 560930

Im really heavy handed too but theres fucking techniques and tricks you do to not damage the paper. She's being stupid if she still hasn't learned how not to ruin her papers.

No. 560949

File: 1524255402921.png (1.29 MB, 1158x992, Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 13.1…)

I can imagine all the complaining and then not touching that program for a year

No. 560969

lol it's a functional work program, was she expecting a hologram on microchip delivered by drone

No. 560972


place your bets now for how long you think she's gonna use this. A month? a week? I'm gonna say a week, but not before she starts pumping out shitty tutorials then shits on it then the disc ends up getting eaten by one of the sentient piles of trash in her room.

No. 560974

Did she even make the goal or did she have to pony up most of the cash herself to get this?

No. 560988

She made nowhere near the goal. IIRC she found a bunch of money in her paypal she forgot was there? Or something? Kinda fucked up cause she probably could have afforded it before donations and those fans donated for no reason. I don't think she's intentionally trying to scam people, but I would feel scammed if I donated to her.

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