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File: 1585447768780.png (1.04 MB, 1193x1038, 1584588794291.png)

No. 950715

Holly BRown is a bad artist, YouTuber, webcomic author, and fujoshi popular with edgy children for her "no bullshit" attitude despite not accepting any criticism.

She believes she's known for two webcomics:
Purgatory, her oldest and worst comic, about two gay teens in a cult with lots of rape: https://tapas.io/series/Purgatory
Paranormal Plague, whose most-drawn character hasn't been introduced, with rape DLC: https://tapas.io/series/Paranormalplague

She also wrote Chroma Prince, a Patreon-only NSFW yaoi comic about alien sex slaves. She only did 4 pages before shutting down her Patreon.

She's actually most known for ranting about the CalArts admissions process being unfair even though she was DEFINITELY accepted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TB90iDxOcIg

WEBSITE (currently deleted): https://www.hollycbrown.com/
(OLD) https://www.youtube.com/user/hollyistotallycool
(NEW): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnPk2t3AcJJzPX5qshKMwSw
(ART): https://www.instagram.com/hcbrownart/
(PERSONAL): https://www.instagram.com/hollybrownprivate/
(LASER BUSINESS): https://www.instagram.com/razorlasercustoms/
(FOOT FETISH): https://www.instagram.com/feetfootstomping/
TWITTER (privated): https://twitter.com/HCBrownart
TWITTER (personal)
TUMBLR (currently deleted): http://bullshitshitpostmainaccount.tumblr.com/
Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1802876351/purgatory-print-copies
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/hollybrown

In the last thread:

>was supposedly 'hacked' and momentarily lost her new channel, later regained it

>continuously job hopping
>ignoring shipping patreon awards to her loyal fans
>redid the 100 days of making comics challenge, gave up on day 6
>decided to go from art to animation, despite her animation attempts being extremely stiff
>apparently hoarding twitter names to sell
>still obsessed with get rich quick schemes
>jokingly calling herself out "i know there are easier ways to do this [art] but i don't want to do that"
>ordered off-model plastic charms and complained about the amount of time shipping would take while in a pandemic
>called out Racist Uncle for their hate-stalking towards her
>old channel currently hacked and rebranded to a shitty DIY channel
>currently abandoned the nth redraw of Paranormal Plague for her Harry Potter yaoi fanfic involving Sirius Black and Severus Snape

Previous threads:

No. 950716

Sorry for the shitty summary of the last thread, I just skimmed it

No. 950732

Uhhh why the fuck are they acting like Snape doing potions well matters to anyonel. Seems really weird. Like Holly has no idea about Harry Potter because she’s only seen the movies lol

No. 950743

Her dialogue doesn't make any sense to me so I have no clue

No. 950747

Amazing thread picture.

My question is how is Snape Voldy's only potion maker? Doesn't the dude have tons of followers?

No. 950766


I held off on this specific critique when it was just a few pages, but now that it's been confirmed he was arrested:

How the fuck are Sirius and James releasing him? They're not aurors.

Unless I somehow blanked on it, there's no English wizard jail besides Azkaban.

If he's in some sort of Death Eater holding cell (seeing as he "failed a mission and was arrested") how tf did those two prance in, and how tf could he be released "on Dumbledore's orders"?

No. 950767

Dammit I forgot her Harry Potter fanfic rec Tumblr: https://hollyshpfanicreclist.tumblr.com

No. 950770


Aw shit. Must've only copy/pasted part of the comment I wrote for the old thread. My point is: yes, fan works can and should expand on canon– but this is extremely convoluted for anyone used to the original books. She would have to include a lot of exposition to explain how her universe differs. Even if she's planning on explaining everything better later, this is a bad teaser.

No. 950806

Anyone else feel like Holly drama peaked with the FMA trace and YT deletion and ever since then she hasn't even tried to be edgy, and if you read the tone of her old persona it was an arrogant but up and coming artist, now it's a depressed artist who barely works scared of offending someone.

No. 950813

She's still arrogant but she's bitter and sad about it.

No. 950928

The hacker who has Holly's old channel uploaded a few days ago

No. 950977

The call-out and fall from Grace traumatized her a bit lol now she attempts to filter herself. Honestly the milkiest part about former Holly was her old Twitter. She was such a shady brat always talking shit lol

No. 951062

File: 1585526579608.png (1.89 MB, 750x1334, 4394E09C-C24D-4863-B1FA-726A9F…)

Tiny hands James

No. 951096

Does anyone remember which video Holly showed off the plates that she bought for her future kitchen if she actually succeeds in fulfilling her pipe dream of moving out?

No. 951114

I'm pretty sure it's one of her streams from after Christmas, maybe the one with her cat calendar?

No. 951151

Gotcha. Thanks, anon!

No. 951235

File: 1585575724988.jpg (84.7 KB, 930x406, bleat.jpg)

lel the sad bleats still coming from these poor dupes

No. 951254

"Holly cant draw a person interacting with their environment" part 85638. That dude looks like he's floating in the void and a pile of books just happens to hover near his elbow. There's zero weight to the drawing.

No. 951282

I like this one but I hope Holly works on her profiles or at least fixes the mouth position

No. 951288

File: 1585589242375.png (80.96 KB, 670x446, holly-is-trash-lmao.png)

Here's the followup

No. 951290

>id just need to confirm something before refunding
if this came from any other person i wouldn't be suspicious, but who's betting on she won't?

No. 951304

Where on earth is this guy's other foot and why are his pants so large? Holly please

No. 951326

Holly is a Draco Hermione shipper. That checks out lol

No. 951384

File: 1585602090893.jpg (43.32 KB, 500x749, 9fff3abd0fea81a7b97d7bfbffe745…)

The colours of Hermonie's skin and hair seem to clash.
Wish she had at least darken the hair to work with the skin more like pic related.

No. 951397

No. 951407

I highly agree, Holly's skintone/hair choices make her look super washed out and practically blonde. but then again who still cares about Harry Potter in 2020 anyways

No. 952028

File: 1585610011850.jpg (32.73 KB, 600x337, tumblr_inline_p1brmcd9Dk1rr08j…)

Damn anon

No. 952199

Honestly I’m surprised she’s not one of those ppl who claim Hermione is white and can ONLY be white. Color me impressed

Also is this confirmation that she read the Cassandra Clare draco fan fics? Because lol, Holly’s taste is trashier than I thought.

No. 952248

She's drawn Harry brown before so that might just be her headcanon. It's popular enough one.

No. 952304

Cool that she's on board with this Hermione headcanon but damn, she does not know how to draw non-white features. Seriously just looks like a white girl she made brown.

No. 952324

This is the same chick who straightened her black girl oc's hair to look 'cuter' without thinking of the implications. She seems too stubborn to learn how to draw different features

No. 952330

She's the average weeb artist that can only draw (1) one single face for each gender.

No. 952479

Barely even that, remember how similar Princess and Reese are to each other?

No. 952541

Litteraly all her characters look the same

No. 952699

So has she just given up all pretense of shipping this shit out and only refunding people who publically complain? lmao. I can't wait to see how her next kickstarter goes.

No. 952705

File: 1585758021512.jpeg (147.2 KB, 1125x616, 2850C947-E66C-4450-AF53-192216…)

Why tho

No. 952710

>>952705 I was about to lose my SHIT but it's April 1st thank god

No. 952718

Honestly at this point I'm not sure if this s really a joke or not.

No. 952755

She has to know how mad people would be if she really was getting another one, this has to be a joke or bait

No. 952830

I genuinely don't know if you really meant Princess or if you meant to say Ash (who even has the stupid hiding-one-eye-fringe Reese has), because frankly, what REALLY differentiates Princess from the other 2?

No. 952973

I mean Princess as they both have the same scrawny body type.

Also Princess is the 'uwu kawaii anxiety anorexic' while ash is the 'sexy one with big boobs' and Reese is a rapist prostitute cutter

No. 953549

File: 1585896538145.png (38.5 KB, 595x481, Skärmklipp.PNG)

Why are her followers like this

No. 953550

They're all 12

No. 953564

File: 1585902502148.jpg (260.81 KB, 561x401, V9Qtfx4.jpg)


I just keep hoping this is an April fools joke.

No. 953619

of course it is - cows know they make bad decisions and are often quite capable of making fun of their past antics. They just always think
>except this time, i've got it right

No. 953637

On the one hand, I'm also hoping it's an April Fools joke (an obvious one at that), on the other Holly has a history of mass buying -> selling while slagging them off -> mass rebuying art supplies so it's not that hard to believe either.

No. 953777

She has bought a copic set like three separate times and sold them/gave one to her sister within a month of purchase.

No. 954122

No. 954127

it's not an April Fools joke . . . (or if it is, Holly did not receive the memo that it's April 3rd).

No. 954130

I got a Grammarly ad on this video. Which is super ironic, considering all the typos and awkwardly worded sentences in Holly's comic.

No. 954228

She posted the tweet on the first of April, lmfao

No. 954264

The way she inks makes me unreasonably mad. There's something about it that I don't like.

No. 954288

in video posted 3rd of April, Holly repeats she's getting a new laser… so it's either a really drawn-out April fool joke, or…

No. 954365

There’s no intention to many of the lines, they don’t help inform the volume of the drawing. It’s just sub-par inking.

No. 954367

time stamp?

No. 954452

She looks more like she’s sketching than inking.

No. 954992

File: 1586162632805.jpeg (293.92 KB, 1920x1439, 79D1FA0D-8867-4A4E-A9AC-EF37FE…)

At one hour in she gave a hair update. She honestly looked her best with a pixie cut length and now she looks like the characters she always draws

No. 955009

This is basically damien's hair lol

No. 955102

because looking like a transitioning mtf with a style sense from shitty cartoons is better?

No. 955103

The short length made her look like a grandma, what are you talking about? It definitely looks nicer longer. She sucks at styling herself or taking care of her hair but at least some length makes her look closer to 20 than 50.

Her anime Damien bangs are fucking hilarious though I'll admit.

No. 955118

an improvement. Looking closer to 40 then 50.

No. 955122

She looks hella old. Those glasses are very middle aged facebook aunt.

No. 955261

she should bleach her hair again. it looked nice back when she was blonde

No. 955350


It does look kind of bad, but that's unavoidable when growing out short hair. The awkward growing out stage gives it an almost mullet-esque quality. The only other option is to go full Amélie.

No. 955428

No way, that fried her hair and made it super dry and frizzy. If she has curly hair then it’s already on the drier side, in the picture it looks like her hair isn’t that dry anymore. She doesn’t know how to take care of dry curly hair, much less bleached hair

No. 955461

File: 1586272399389.png (756.73 KB, 690x660, 1548085205788 (1).png)

This was probably the best her hair looked. Straight, shoulder length with a long fringe. The blonde wasn't bad either until she started fucking with it and trying to do it herself and put other colors on top.

No. 955496

Agreed. She actually looks cute right here to me.

No. 955519

I think part of it is she actually looks happy in those old photos. now she's just… tired. I do really hope she gets it together soon, I think she does have the potential to be a really nice and caring person and even have good art, it's just she gets in her own way of doing so

No. 955521

it's also that in the recent photos she is incredibly unkempt, her hair is greasy as fuck and her shirt is also dirty. her appearance is totally not important to her cowness, but seeing her now vs that old picture really puts into perspective how much she has let herself go.

No. 955640

Wow, Holly really needs to grow her hair out like this again. She looks nice here.

No. 955822

Just because we said she looks good in these, she's gonna shave her head again just to do the opposite thing from what people say.

Seconded. Can't even remember the last time she looked this happy and wasn't sniffling around on livestreams talking about how hard she's working.

OT blogposting but I'm also growing out my hair from a pixie right now, and 90% of the time it looks like a blow dried feathery 90s mullet, it's equal parts hilarious and sad

No. 955844

I wonder how her natural curly hair would look like if she took proper care of it

No. 956104


she is looking like Sid from Skins wtf

No. 956239

Jeez, she's been quiet on everything except that one comic stream.

No. 957141

Just found purgatory somewhere. Kind of intrigued because the concept seems similar to my own project, decide to make a review about it.
Look more into it. Find these thread - read the whole thing within a couple of days.
Making that review is probably a shit idea now; don't wanna be the guy beating a dead horse or possibly even reviving it.

No. 957284

Yeah, its sad because the premise could have been pretty interesting but holy shit her execution of was terrible

No. 957306

File: 1586647036295.jpeg (306.45 KB, 1125x1366, 388C88BE-C2D3-4C46-B061-CB91D6…)

No. 957309

His hair is clumped into two parts with no loose strands?

No. 957334

I dont understand what is happening on the inside of his hoodie??

No. 957419

I think the inside of the hood is supposed to have a striped pattern but she’s so bad at drawing clothing on 3D forms that it ends up looking like this.

No. 957475

Here we are three years later and…somehow Holly still can't draw hands…

No. 957505

I just don't get what she thinks this will accomplish? What's her gameplan right now?

No. 957549

I don't think its the hair that's making her look better, more so the genuine smile and optimism.

No. 957557

File: 1586701021067.gif (210.46 KB, 600x338, ezgif-7-8720132e537e.gif)

Oh rip what a shame you can't post the gif. It looks like a dick helicopter.

No. 957568

lmao that's so accurate anon. the first 2 ish frames start out good but it gets completely fucked when the hair flips in the other direction. also no loose strands make it weird, she clearly didn't use a single reference.

No. 957601

It's supposed to be an emo skeleton hoodie or something, that's probably supposed to be bones

No. 957737

his hair is literally the only thing moving. what is she trying to show. if it's wind, his clothes would be moving, if it's a hair flip, his whole body should be moving.

she's just using this to waist time. she's not learning anything.

No. 957913

Because animating those things would require effort and attention to detail, two things Holly sorely lacks.

No. 958224

It also bothers me that the three tufts of hair are basically all equal length when moving and ALL turning in the same path/direction, making it look like its some sentient thing. Hair is not that formal/controlled.

No. 958578

File: 1586872881747.jpg (24.46 KB, 259x355, what.jpg)

No. 958580

File: 1586874376279.gif (641.36 KB, 575x324, source.gif)

i think it's fine that the clothes aren't moving, assuming this is a study of how hair moves (which is different to how clothes move). however as a study it needs work.

the hair is separate into three strands, but those three strands all move at the same pace and direction, which is both inaccurate and just confusing from an animator's perspective. either group them together and have the hair move as one wave (if it's all moving at the same pace and on the same path) or have the strands move at different flows, on different paths. you'll see the first approach a lot in disney animation.

the motion is also very fast and violent, which suggests a strong wind. in the case of a strong wind the strands definitely would not move uniformly, they'd be rocketing all over the place, in different directions along a general path (up and to the right in this case).

No. 959037

File: 1586926124011.png (535.52 KB, 959x487, 1.png)

Insta Updates 1/3

No. 959038

File: 1586926239684.png (362.9 KB, 971x488, 2.png)


No. 959040

File: 1586926358480.png (383.42 KB, 960x460, 3.png)


No. 959047

These aren't too terrible but, ugh good does she need to work on facial expressions. The second one still shows her poses are still way too stiff.

No. 959167

Is it safe to say pp is dead?

No. 959236

it probably is, an anon said before that she only finished purgatory because it was specifically a bl comic so she could pay attention to it and i definitely agree with that. reese and hershey don't have an established relationship, and she can't be bothered to write them becoming lovers and then building their relationship so when they fuck it makes sense. that's why the only completed pp thing is that rape comic she did of them, she only cares about the instant gratification of sex and doesn't want to wait by building them up.

No. 959245

PP was never alive, but yes. We will probably see chapter 1 a fourth time in a year or so, though, so we have that to look forward to at least! If there is one thing Holly is reliable about, it's rebooting her shitty comic she doesn't like anything about except Reese and Hershey gay raping each other off screen or whatever.

No. 959426

Ughhhh why?! It would take the same amount of time and poses if these were pp pages instead. >>959167
This is so tragic…

No. 959450

the last update was in february, she's taken longer pauses in between purgatory updates iirc so there's no real reason to assume she'll just drop this one completely

No. 959895

The real question is, will she decide to redraw PP AGAIN before starting to update it, because'her style has evolved ever since the last page" or some shit like that, or will she keep going as is? It's been so long and her beloved PP has never gone past that diner conversation between Herschel, Princess and Ash.

No. 963272


No. 963577

Shows over folks. Nothing more to get out of this cow.

No. 963584

This one and the racist uncle thread are dead. Damn. Well it was fun ya'll. Unless she shaves her head and buys another laser printer I don't think she'll ever be much milky ever again. The tits have shriveled.

No. 963601

damn this is the first time i'm witnessing a thread die. i hope if i check back on holly in the future she has made better of herself or of she still hasn't improved, at least she will be bad in a milky way.

No. 963662

Why are some of you so desparate to see this thread die?
Holly's just preoccupied reading her fujo potter fics

No. 963664

Yeah this, just because she's been quiet for a week it doesn't mean she'll be gone forever. Some anons are too overdramatic

No. 963668

what is this fucking shill bullshit. She hasn't posted anything anywhere so there's nothing to talk about, and here comes unsaged 'hey uh looks like the show's over! better delete the thread eh?'. Fuck off

No. 963682

there was one unsaged post you fucking retard lmao. no one wants the thread deleted, how many words do you want to put in other people's mouths?

No. 963756

She actually is getting a new laser kek. She’s mentioned it a few times recently

No. 963785

Everytime holly goes quiet someone comes here to announce that the thread is dead, she's milkless etc.
It's annoying as fuck, if you find holly boring go follow another cow

No. 963822

where? there was an april 1st post and one anon claimed it was in a livestream but never came through with the timestamp

No. 963986

Not that anon but I watched the livestream and it’s confirmed.

No. 964094

Any timestamp so we don't have to sit through that whole mess?

No. 964142

Oh shut the fuck up. She's been boring for a while now and most of the stuff posted here is here sketchbook art or boring ass comics which isn't milky at all. The fact that she's getting another laser is the most interesting thing to happen since her account got hacked.

Timestamp please. I wish to suffer only for a little while.

No. 964285

7:57 and 42:41

No. 964345

I crave death. Actually kill me please. I'm done having even a shred of sympathy for this dumbfuck. I hope she legit goes into permanent bankruptcy.

No. 964386

thanks for your sacrifice. holly what the fuck

No. 964462

thank you anon… i do think that the weird tone of voice she said it in both times. sounds.. a bit like tongue in cheek? after hearing it i feel like i'm still able to hold out on it being a joke. but maybe she is just gingerly bracing for people to be dismayed

No. 964552

Maybe that's why she hasn't been posting much. She's not trying to announce her stupidity yet, but that's kind of off brand for her.

No. 964699

File: 1587750614659.png (3.68 MB, 1242x2208, 465AD848-5297-4DCD-A07B-155EAD…)

It’s here boys

No. 964703

Time to sit back, relax and enjoy the show I guess
I wonder if she will just make the same stupid "merchandise" as before or actually has a game plan now. Her old razor laser store is still closed at least

No. 964708

lmao I still can't believe it's real. I guess her next big step will be producing a bunch of terribly drawn wooden Harry Potter charms then

No. 964709

Is anyone else wondering where the fuck her broke ass got the money to get another one of these things whom's lowest price is $2,500? The original one she bought makes sense because she used the stretchgoal money from the kickstarter (How's that going by the way you dumbass. Buying more useless shit but still can't fulfill your kickstarter shit). Where did she get the money this time?

No. 964710

I would prefer she make Harry Potter Charms over trying to make stuff of her shit OCs. Atleast Harry Potter already has a preexisting fanbase so someone will buy it.

No. 964712

I mean, she did complain about having to work on multiple jobst during the last few months, I assume at least some of them weren't made up and she did manage to make some money outside of her art related stuff. But instead of using that money to move out like she planned to, it looks like she's already falling back into her pattern of buying useless shit she regrets having sold in the past

No. 964743

She sold her old laser, why did she get a new one? It doesn’t make any sense. Or maybe I’m thinking too logically

No. 964845


Pick one.

Seriously, this is a cycle she goes through constantly - impulse buying expensive shit she doesnt need or use, resells after a few months to impulse buy other shit. Rinse repeat. This is like her cycle of rebuying and selling entire collections of copic markers every year. And of course as soon as she made the wise decision of going off her bipolar meds she made this extremely expensive mistake again.

No. 964942

File: 1587790657440.jpeg (700.56 KB, 1125x1046, FDC8DCEF-45D0-411D-92EA-30E507…)

Welp…here we go again kek

No. 964968

What the fuck

No. 964989

A good chunk of those problems could be mitigated by actually going to therapy, but making the same bad expensive decisions are a close second I guess.

No. 964991

i wrote these
and… NO! it WAS april first.. it can NOT be REAL

No. 964997

File: 1587808905603.jpg (44.01 KB, 400x400, dMBZtPdnYDo.jpg)

No. 965030


And she has her fucking cat sitting on it.

It's amazing how she's not "dealing with covid" will when all she's ever done was sit on her ass while her life passed her by.

No. 965218

Who wants to bet she never sold her old laser and pretended to because she bought it with Kickstarter money and was getting flack so she pretends to sell it and now is saying she bought a new one but it's just her old one

No. 965219

I know right? It's not like she socializes. She might even qualify for that 600$ unemployment which would be so stupid she doesn't even work

No. 965304

She does work…a new job every week, apparently.

I imagine what she means is that the covid restrictions are preventing her from scheming and scamming her way into acquiring some other stupid shit she wants.

No. 965338

You have to stay at one job for at least six months in most states in order to qualify for unemployment but she might be doing it with the new freelancer rule.

No. 965437

I just assumed she was using money from the Covid stimulus, assuming she qualified for it

No. 966556

File: 1588125744305.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200429-120126_Ins…)

Dunno if anyone is interested in what she's been up to with the laser the last few days but she's got it working. She's printing weird bags/purses now. In a previous story she said she didn't design them but "bought rights" to print and sell them. Here's one of them, there was a different one too from an older story but I didn't get a pic.

No. 966560

Bag/purse? This looks like wall art. Are you sure it's suppose to be a bag? Doesn't look functional.

No. 966568

Ngl this actually looks dope but, just why? If she's using preexisting designs she's bought the rights to (and I hope for her sake she's not lying about that) it would be able to theoretically broaden her customer base because it's not catering to a niche and instead a certain theme. But, that brings up the question of: Why is an artist doing this? If she's planning on somehow incorporating her art into laser engraving on them is one thing but, if she's just selling them as is, she's doing something that literally ANYONE can do. Anyone can buy a Glowforge and use preexisting designs, it's one of the main selling points they push in the marketing of it. She's not apply her (albeit) limited skill to make this something uniquely her own. Also is she planning on using it to start a business again? Because we all know how well that went last time. This is so damn confusing.

No. 966572

not that anon but i saw the side of this and it has slats for a bag strap. so a 'bag' that's rigid enough to be fuckannoying to carry but not really rigid enough to be sturdy, i guess

No. 966611

The only reason it looks any good is because it isn't her design… If this is practice, fine, but if this is her new angle she needs to do better. But nobody buys the rights to something without the intent of making money on it.

No. 966613

File: 1588147014777.jpg (383.51 KB, 1079x1540, Screenshot_20200429-175839_Twi…)

Yeah, it's meant to be a bag. The other design she posted yesterday looked more like one, but the stories are gone now so I can't cap unfortunately. I don't know who would want bags made of wood except as costume props.

She definitely intends to sell them.

Also, recent tweets. Leather for straps maybe? Bottom tweet is the twitter algorithm assuming she's a man lol.

No. 966615

File: 1588147278541.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200429-120549_Ins…)

Samefag but another cap from the story I forgot to post earlier.

No. 966623

>empty glass cups and shit strewn all over the table
I swear, it's like this with every cow.

Tinfoil but, is holly trying to reach the tumblr crowd by making cutesy/edgy accessories after realizing nobody wants her Donut Steel OC bullshit.

Or is she just gonna crap out shit she likes/thinks is cute but, doesn't really sell.

No. 966627

I can't be the only one who thinks this is extremly dodgy looking? Not because of the design but I really hate that muddy brown color and the green. Who would want this?

No. 966690

She can buy the rights to the best designs out there and would still style them poorly.

No. 966725

Yeah it's a muddy mess, not even a clear finish. I would hope this is just a prototype to see how the pieces all fit togeter and will never be sold but knowing Holly…

No. 966811


A bag. Of a coffin. With fucking bats on it.

Is this botch oblivious? I know bat and coffins have been a common goth theme for ages, but given the current pandemic state, it's pretty tasteless.

Also the paint job is shit.

No. 966829

I didn't even make that connection, lmfao. What a dopey mutt.

No. 966836

gothic themes don't suddenly become offensive because of a pandemic you retard lmao. the only thing dumb about it is that it's a fucking rigid wooden thing that's horrible as a bag.

No. 966973

File: 1588218548418.jpg (829.72 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200430-092950_Ins…)

Another bag. You can see more in the background. Looks like she has at least 2 of the coffin ones in progress.

No. 966974

File: 1588218577974.jpg (992.95 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200430-135039_Ins…)

No. 966986

the same disgusting grey particleboard with the rotting-in-an-alley-shipping-pallet-liner vibe texture she was using last year

No. 967008

The stains came out looking a little better than i thought they would but the bright ass turquoise is such a confusing combination with it. Also, what's with the sugar skull and coffin stuff, did she get a discount for off-season designs or what?

No. 967476

This one looks cool but the sudden change in direction is weird - I wonder how long she'll stick with it

No. 967496

So the new lazor came from stimulous check money from her mom….

>My mom gave me hers and I don't know why she did that, but I'm not helping my family with anything anymore so I used it on myself for a new lazer.

No. 967498

Tin foil but I'm pretty sure her mom gave her the money so she would have $2,400 for move out money.

No. 967500


Maybe she's trying to sell them during Cinco de Mayo?

No. 967503

>All I've been doing is fuck all. Like all I've been doing is reading fan fiction and sleeping.

Are there still people waiting for their kickstarter books or did she finally mail them all out?

No. 967504

>My mom gave me hers and I don't know why she did that, but I'm not helping my family with anything anymore so I used it on myself for a new lazer.
That was so shitty? An opportunist, amoral piece of shit.

No. 967517

Whoever is still waiting is never getting theirs, she's just hanging onto their money for as long as possible at this point. If they complain, she refunds them, but she isn't proactively doing it.

Her mom probably gave her the check thinking it would cheer her up if she's been depressed for awhile. And seeing as how it immediately spiked her back into a manic phase I guess it technically worked.

No. 967518

I fucking knew it. For all her talk of moving out she doesn’t have the resolve or discipline to actually fucking do it when money can’t be used as an excuse anymore.

No. 967525

A one time gift of two grand isnt enough to move out. She's incapable of keeping a job for more than like 2 weeks and stimulus check money would dry up on rent and utilities fast after a month. You guys really think she could survive on that? She should've put that shit straight into savings but her mom should've known better than to give it to her in the first place.

She will only be able to move out when she decides to put work into improving her mental health - getting serious about therapy, if not medication. Until then everything is a bandaid fix.

No. 967542

And to think I was a little excited to see what she would do with pp's plot…

No. 967543

File: 1588330274359.jpg (715.84 KB, 2220x1080, 6.jpg)


No. 967553

File: 1588333017486.jpg (Spoiler Image, 162.79 KB, 620x840, 21.jpg)

I mean, even if she does decide to continue PP (after redrawing the first 15 pages once again) it's probably gonna be rushed to hell and back until we finally get to the badly drawn TRUST TRUST scenes between Reese and Hershey, since that seems to be the only aspect of PP she cares about anyway

No. 967580

Maybe i want more trust trust scenes they're great

No. 967606

I've been waiting for her to abandon all pretense and just skip ahead to the yaoi shit like I know she's desperate to, but it seems like she's even dropped that HP fancomic now.

No. 967745

yeah she said she cleaned it two weeks ago but then her shredder blew pieces everywhere.
So I guess It's been like that for two weeks. Nice.

No. 967750

It won't help in the long run of rent, but it will help with covering the insane down payment of a deposite for where ever she does decide to rent. For a first-time renter it's gonna be at least around $1,000 not to mention she'll probably try and bring her cats so go ahead and add on pet deposit. $2,400 probably would have covered her along with a little extra for a moving company.

But then again, she's too stuck in a short term mindset to think of that.

No. 967757

I think she's consistently delusional about being able to make her money back to try and justify dropping all of it on a laser. She'll never break even at any point because she will continue to buy more dumb shit as fast as she makes her pennies. She hasn't been able to stick to one thing without absolutely wrecking herself.

She's been 'experimenting' and 'trying things out' for too long. At this point she's just faffing about with whatever money she comes across. There's no plan, except to continue to fuck around until she can't rely on her aunt anymore. There's going to be a breaking point where she's going to have to get up and do something. She just hasn't hit it yet and she's obviously not going to do it if she doesn't have to.

No. 967765

File: 1588366498809.jpg (194.62 KB, 1113x825, holly pls.jpg)

Sorry but am I the only one bothered by how fucking gross her nails look in this video? I can' tell if this is old nail polish or dirt from working with the laser

Yeah obviously the shredder must be the only problem here, it's not like the carpet underneath has been filthy for years now, not to mention the other trash and clutter laying around everywhere

No. 967773

I am constantly surprised at how dumb this bitch is. It's like she thinks that if she slightly tweaks one aspect of how she lives her life, something will change for the better. In reality her life is such shit that she has to completely overhaul what she's been doing to see any kind of positive change. Switching from wood charms to bags is not going to be her big break in life, but I guess she enjoys hemorrhaging money and being a failure.

No. 968089

File: 1588434200487.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x2220, Vz.jpg)

Oh look she remembered

No. 968092

File: 1588434337676.jpg (1.1 MB, 1080x2220, Vt.jpg)

Still looks like an auntie

No. 968096

She could've saved up for a deposit and more ages ago. She lives rent free in her mom's house. But she's incapable of keeping a job for any length of time or controlling her spending due to her untreated mental illness. Her life is going to be the same shitty cycle of failure it's been for her entire adulthood until she commits to therapy.

Chris-chan vibes.

No. 968434

I really don't understand how she could ever think that getting a new lazer for a second time would be wise.

Now she's been doing these shit trash products, which aren't even her designs. Like why are you paying 15 dollars for a sheet of wood and then creating some dumb generic accessories out of them, when there are hundreds of people doing the same thing for much lower cost and for an audience they've built.

Her followers aren't interested in that stuff, since it's not designed by her or relate in anyway to anything she's done other by being consistently shit. Normies aren't interested in them, since she'll have to ask a crazy price to cover the costs for such a shitty product.

Even if the product was cool and all where would she even sell them in this corona hell hole? There're no public events for months to come, so she just threw the 2.5k down the well.

Why is she so fucking stupid.

No. 968624

I would be much more forgiving of her if she had spent that stimulus money on something like a shit ton of art supplies or even another copic set. Not this fucking laser. It hasn't even been a year since she sold the last one.

No. 969188

What the fuck? She gets her mom's stimulus check and without a thought buys another expensive piece of machinery, which she has already bought and gotten rid of before? Are you allergic to money Holly?

No. 969379

At this point it's just straight disrespectful what shes doing to her mom/aunt/whoever the hell is putting up with her. They do more work for her health and well being than she does for herself and she still has the audacity to complain about them on stream. They give her their stimulus check and she doesn't even use it to buy essentials? You can use it to buy luxuries and entertainment, sure, but buying the same exact thing that you got rid of not even a whole year ago? So rude.

No. 969669

the aunt knew exactly what holly would do and freely made the decision to give it to her. the big shock to me was realizing by this how
different their dynamic/expectations of each other must be from what we assumed

No. 969696

File: 1588737307346.png (252.65 KB, 659x680, 2020_mood.png)

No. 969711

What video is this from?

No. 969741

anon done an meme. >>967765

No. 969892

Yeah I just edited it to look like a YouTube video because I couldn't bother skimming an actual vid of hers

No. 969941

Honestly, I don't feel bad for her aunt/mom at this point because all she does is enable her. She knows what Holly is like and yet doesn't push her to find actual steady income that she can hold down for more than a month, continues to give her money she knows she'll splurge on frivolous irrelevant shit, and doesn't make her have any responsibilities like paying bills. She obviously isn't looking to help her improve so she doesn't get any sympathy from me.

No. 970013

Seconded. From her aunt's POV, Holly has recently:
*Bought and resold a laser after unsuccesfully trying to make a laser business
*(Also scammed people with her Kickstarter, but the aunt probably doesn't know about that)
*Hasn't held a job for longer than a month
*Bought and allegedly wrecked a car
So the only logical thing to do was apparently to.. give her MORE MONEY?

No. 970295

She's probably one of those complacent guardians that lets their kid stick around for as long as possible because she relies on Holly in some manner. She's not gunning for her to move out or improve her life, she's letting her get as comfortable as possible. Nothing has forced her hand or motivated her to move so why should she?

No. 970324

Actually her mom probably thinks she is holding a job down, there has been numerous times on stream where holly says she has to be quiet because her aunt thought she was still at work when she had gotten fired a couple days ago. She probably lies as much to her mom as she does to her kickstarter funders

Honestly I would go as far to believe that her mom might not have even known about the laser depending on where hollys room is located in the house

No. 970340

The laser exhaust needs to be connected to Hollys window, how can her mom not notice that?

No. 970606

That's so fucked up, holy shit. If this is the case it changes the situation completely? I would HOPE that her mom is just ignoring Holly's bad money habits instead of being lied to and manipulated.

No. 970672

Random thought, but I wonder how different Holly would be if she had a significant father figure in her life

No. 970727

her dad was still pretty influential, she got a cool fetish and a profitable storyline out of his childhood rape by a teacher

No. 970773


I don't think she'd be too different. It's not like having a dad would stop her from being bipolar unless he would be able to somehow accomplish getting her therapy and medication when her mom cant.

No. 970781

No. 970783

No. 970791

WHAT? Wow, she's even trashier than I thought!

No. 970798

>"There's an 11 year age gap between which I think is sort of problematic."

And that would be a really valid point if it didn't come from someone who created an entire rape comic between her fujoshi bait characters or created and then tried to scrub out the existence of her sex slave comic

No. 970802

these digits

Anon she confirmed this in a stream not long ago if I'm remembering right. Anyone happen to have a link?

No. 970982

She honestly looks kinda nice and healthy here. It's too bad that she immediately starts trash talking about herself within 20 seconds of the video.

No. 971274

She'd probably have even worse daddy issues if she had an actual father figure in her life.

Her mom definitely doesn't have a full picture of what's going on with Holly, she lies to her and manipulates her constantly. She probably still thinks she's on meds too.

No. 973832

Another "I'm gonna start uploading multiple times a week!" promise but with no followup. This has been going on for the entirety of your channel Holly! Seriously can you just do a weekly vlog and one or two vids a month? I'm board as heck in quarantine and this seems like a bare minimum for her to keep up her own YT income.

No. 973938

Classic Holly.
What is she even doing? Making ugly useless wood bags and reading fujo fics?

No. 975102

She's live

No. 975242


First minute in, she still hasn't found the will to live. kek
Classic Holly

No. 975370

File: 1589742430735.png (686.37 KB, 702x799, bitch please.png)

She said she doesn't buy video games, since she's saving up for moving out.

Like bitch you just spent 2000 dollars of free money on the fucking lazer you've once already sold off since you didn't use it.

What an idiot.

No. 975610

File: 1589792243359.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1242x1603, A1AE9461-1597-4D61-A8D8-77B4B3…)

Was that really the only reason, Holly?

No. 975612

File: 1589792333597.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1094x2111, 8807525F-5042-45C2-8AAB-1F8B46…)

Jfc… She's too old for the edgy crap.

No. 975635

why is her sketchy stuff so much better than her inked stuff??

No. 975695

how much you wanna bet she gets off to fgm dobby porn

No. 975697

checked. also what the fuck is wrong with her nails? looks like some nasty fingernail infection

No. 975724

Black nail polish I assume.

No. 975727


Thats black nail polish that starting to come off. She should reeeally take it off, getting flakes of old nail polish in your food isn't the greatest.

No. 975733

I lost track of her many jobs

No. 975743

Took me way to long to realize that it's supposed to be Harry and not Simon.

No. 975907

This shit is only funny to autistic preteens

No. 975956

The only thing funny about it is how bad those lines are

No. 976152

also the paws again.

she's so fucking lazy

No. 976762

New video

No. 976962

File: 1590035311024.jpeg (804.45 KB, 1125x1618, 37F4A6B2-0EB3-4C77-951C-9631F7…)

First paranormal plague update in 3 months (1/3)

No. 976963

File: 1590035345794.jpeg (699.22 KB, 1125x1617, 1D88A676-3296-494B-96EF-4D3F59…)

No. 976969

File: 1590035437723.jpeg (836.69 KB, 1125x1620, CE28B5B3-A7C1-47E0-A833-AA005C…)

No. 977063

i love how holly just draws over her old sites, fixes nothing and calls it an improvement. totally worth the wait

No. 977091

File: 1590073864751.jpg (Spoiler Image, 9.49 KB, 251x321, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

You people have never painted your nails and it shows. When nail polish starts to come off it flakes off, and starts being pushed to the top of the fingernail as it grows. She either doesnt realize this is an infection or doesnt give a shit.

it looks like this

No. 977115

It's easier to re ink old pages over and over than it is to write panel sketch and ink new ones. She's just being lazy. The only difference I see with these pages is Princess' top lip is fuller.

No. 977309

File: 1590093198447.jpeg (870.04 KB, 1242x1551, 6C7C020A-64F8-4EC7-BDE2-06273F…)

She jumped on the sailor moon redraw bandwagon.

No. 977331

greatly dislike her art

In every way shape and form
oh my fucking god

No. 977382

File: 1590099420813.jpg (109.33 KB, 1029x722, EYePm1KUEAA8VCW.jpg)

nitpick but
ive never watched a sailor moon episode in my whole life but even i know there's supposed to be a bow by the clevage. just crop the picture like the original image if you don't know how to draw her

No. 977383

Isn't that skin cancer?

No. 977389

File: 1590100037606.png (627.03 KB, 850x578, Screenshot 2020-05-21 at 23.27…)

>it looks like this

no, it doesn't, because it's nail polish. sage your dumb ass.

No. 977401

Me too, Anon

No. 977422

i checked if making the pupils huge reduced the horror in this and it didn't. It's something to do with the shape and proportions of the face. sheep features

No. 977484

File: 1590111219404.jpg (32.5 KB, 577x387, Ink stain.jpg)

It's probably ink stained around the edges of the nail

No. 977647

That's what I assumed as well. Especially since she likes to do a lot of printing and just got another laser as well. Probably from the wood stain as well

No. 977759

> sheep features
It's the nose.

I don't understand why she wouldn't crop it to actually fit the frame referenced. Why can none of these artists get the expression right?

No. 977898

you're right. i put a comparison in redraws

No. 978039

But the bow would hide the titties, anon! Can’t have that happening

No. 978137

True, she gotta enhance the tiddies on the magical 14 year old girl lest we wouldn't be able to tell her gender

No. 978258


She kinda looks like Damien on Holly's version tbh.

No. 979159

File: 1590472261432.png (855.55 KB, 735x1011, razorlaser.png)

She's selling those hideous wooden things for 80 dollars a piece.. Jesus

No. 979250

You know her fans will be dumb enough to buy it… then they’ll complain 7 months down the road when it never ships.

No. 979396

Apparently killing stalking is getting an anime adaptation. Any bets on Hollys fujo ass getting obsessed w it again?

Also….. i really thought we as a society progressed past the need for killing stalking. Ugh

No. 979399

I said before but, this is better than her slapping her ocs on shit because this is vague enough to appeal to a wider audience.

No. 979416

Didn't she get the idea to implement rape into her comic after she read Killing Stalking?

I hope she doesn't get back into it, though she is afraid of discourse so maybe she won't say anything about it?

No. 979426


i don't think so. iirc purgatory began work and had the rape plot before ks was a thing

No. 979689

it's from her dad's life

No. 979791

I'm no expert on the topic but a "wooden purse" sounds like the most inconvenient thing ever?

No. 980114

File: 1590626431566.png (491.54 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot 2020-05-27 at 8.40.…)

was looking on AO3 and came across this user who had a weird/similair art style to Holly's. Do you think it could be hers?

No. 980139

What's with the smart phones? I thought this was supposed to take place in the eighties.

No. 980141

you should probably go to a doctor

No. 980145

Anon I think you need to get your prescription checked. This looks nothing like Holly's trash.

No. 980228

Her 2016/17 work maybe but her art is different now.

No. 980229

The hairpins are cute though, I actually like them.

She needs to branch out to sell these, I can see them being sold in one of those outdoor flea markets.

No. 980261

There is no doubt in my mind. I've seen and met people that just love their "nasty~ yaoi boys" and "sin babies~" like holly tries and pretends she doesnt and they all think that the fucking borderline offensive gay content in killing stalking is the best. She wrote her own kidnapping rape fetish comic when no one asked so if that's not some kind of indication

The ouija board keychain and the hair pins are nice but if she doesnt seal them properly like last time then shes not getting any good business

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