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File: 1540449466537.png (2.01 MB, 1100x1041, holly14.png)

No. 720739

HollyBRown is a bad artist, YouTuber, webcomic author, and fujoshi popular with edgy children for her "no bullshit" attitude despite not accepting any criticism.

She beleives she's known for her three webcomics:
Purgatory, her oldest and worst comic, about two gay teens in a cult with lots of rape: https://tapas.io/series/Purgatory
Paranormal Plague, whose most-drawn character hasn't been introduced, with rape DLC: https://tapas.io/series/Paranormalplague
Chroma Prince, her newest Patreon-only NSFW yaoi comic about alien sex slaves, not updated in a month at currently four pages: https://www.patreon.com/hollybrown

She's actually most known for ranting about the CalArts admissions process being unfair even though she was DEFINITELY accepted:

WEBSITE: https://www.hollycbrown.com/
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/hollyistotallycool
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/h.c.brown/
TWITTER (currently deleted): https://twitter.com/HCBrownart
TUMBLR: http://bullshitshitpostmainaccount.tumblr.com/

Fresh Milk:

>Got caught tracing an anime screencap for a painting she intended to sell

>Locked her Twitter and scrubbed her social media
>Reappeared with a video saying it was just a placeholder for composition, contradicted herself constantly
>Dug herself deeper in the comments and is now sharing her views on rape (they're bad)

>Organized a for-profit BnHA zine with over 60 different artists to sell at SanJapan

>Complained they didn't meet her abrupt deadline then dragged her feet for weeks
>Didn't label any submissions so artists were unidentifiable
>Committed to printing them at home, realized that was hard, so closed the zine shop without alerting any of the artists
>Sent each artist $20 to blow it over. Some artists got another $20. Some people who pulled out of the zine still received the hush twenty
>Accidentally leaked names/addresses/phone numbers of almost every artist in an unlisted but accessible YT video
>Took too long to fulfil zine orders, downplayed the zine on all her social media to dissuade anyone from ordering more
>Still refused to get the zine printed professionally or even send out a PDF copy
>Meanwhile her own webcomic rape yaoi doujinshi was printed professionally in time for SanJapan
>Had plenty copies of the BnHA zine herself for SanJapan
>Zine artists are now posting photos of the copies they finally received and they have misaligned, poorly cut, and upside-down pages


>Hired an under-paid flatter for her webcomic, didn't tell him what she wanted, then blasted him on YT when the flats were wrong

>Shoehorned rape into her comic without warning because she was obsessed with Killing/Stalking at the time
>Complains about being poor but spends thousands of dollars on unnecessary supplies she then gives away or sells at a huge loss
>Explains she can't be a fujoshi because she wouldn't fetishize gay men irl. She is
>All her political views come from Fox News so she's too scared to move out of Texas in case a leftist kills her for using a plastic straw
>Also says she's bi so can't be homophobic but then says she's straight and hates/would never date women unless they're a 10 because men are better
>Tried to display said explicit rape yaoi doujin at SanJapan and got mad when she was asked not to do that because she put small cat stickers over the penises
>Can't spell but refuses to get a proofreader so her printed works are full of typos, most famously "trust" for "thrust"
>Has a Twitter stalker named Keith whom she enables

Project list:
>Hamilton Animatic/Zine, Clever Kitchen animation, 3 webcomics, Patreon, store, originals, fixing the BnHA zine

Previous Threads:


No. 720750

thank fuck, an up to date rundown. thanks OP.

No. 720755

Fuck, really should've mentioned the Carpal Tunnel Burnout Slam.

>Invented the "Sketchbook Slam Challenge" where you fill a 600 page sketchbook. That's it

>Monetized said challenge by selling blank "Sketchbook Slam" branded sketchbooks on Amazon
>Made an Amazon author profile for said sketchbooks so Google confuses her even more for innocent writer Holly Brown

And for newbies:

>Complained SanJapan capitalized her name as Holly BRown when that's what she put on her application

Anwyay hope whoever was capping the YT comments in the last thread keeps going here, they're rich.

No. 720756

great job, OP. Fab starter.
I'd like to say in preparation that because of the udder-burst that the goblin hoarde of newfags and tumblr cunts gushing in on the dairy wave is probably going to shit up the thread.

If you are stumbling upon lolcow for the first time:
1. Read the board rules.
2. Check previous threads if confused so we don't get an influx of stupid questions.
3. No one cares about your identity/ hurt feelings/ you in general.
4. try to contribute a new point in every post, don't just reply with your opinion to someone else's opinion.
5. Don't mention lolcow in the wild and don't tell us who you are.
6. Sage goes in the email field.

No. 720757

has this forum been linked from YT? why so many new friends?

No. 720758

Probably from Twitter more than YouTube. Lots more people calling her out there + Holly deleting all her socials = people googling Holly to find out wtf is going on and finding this thread.

No. 720760

that's unfortunate, newfags never read the rules

No. 720763

File: 1540454452656.png (69.07 KB, 181x272, shadholly.png)

>not using this as the thread picture

No. 720771

>All her political views come from Fox News so she's too scared to move out of Texas in case a leftist kills her for using a plastic straw

This hasn't been talked about in recent threads, so if you don't mind me asking, where exactly is she on the political spectrum?

Is this hyperbolic and she's just slightly right of most fujoshi/Tumblrinas in her fanbase, or is she a full-on Trump supporter? What conservative views has she shared?

Also, is politics the actual reason she's not moving out of her mom's house, or is it because she doesn't make much money and blows what little she gets on expensive supplies she never uses?

No. 720772

She is a Trump supporter. I'd consider her pretty right.

Too many Mexicans in Texas. Rape doesn't count if she doesn't fight back and report it. Dislike protesters. Thinks Jordan Peterson is intelligent. Could care less about LGBT anything so long as she can draw porn. Got called out on Twitter (this is in the second thread so it was over a year ago) for retweeting some Muslim propaganda tweet. Against globalism.

No. 720775

She stated she didn't want to move to California because she's scared of leftist, but the most common theory seems to be that she's using it as an excuse, so to quote the goblin queen "idk fam." Her political views probably stems mainly from alt right youtube though, since she's a fan of that sort of stuff.

No. 720776

It's not hyperbole. She says she isn't a republican or a Trump supporter but her views are otherwise inline with them. IIRC she follows him on Twitter. She doesn't really know anything about politics so she doesn't often bring it up.

The straw thing is literal. She was talking about moving to Cali or Portland to study/work in animation but changed her mind because she thought she'd get mobbed 24/7 by political protests and that she'd be legitimately endangered/a social pariah on any campus for not being extremely leftist. When she was questioned about what kind of protests she meant, the plastic straw ban was the only thing she came up with.
Most of her comments were on Twitter but she mentioned it first in her "Tea Time" video. Even if it's an excuse not to leave her comfort bubble it's a bizarre one.

Essentially this.

She doesn't identify with being a republican because she knows it would be unpopular with her fanbase and because she doesn't meaningfully engage with politics, but it's pretty clear which way she leans. I forgot she was so hot for Jordan Peterson.

FWIW I don't think she has any real political opinions, she just mirrors whatever's around her, and her family/neighborhood seems pretty far right. She's just as likely to parrot a liberal point - she doesn't really understand either side.

No. 720784

File: 1540460536313.png (1.14 MB, 931x834, ptreon.png)

A break from the rapey shit.

Oh wait

No. 720787

Is that lady picking her teeth or something? What kind of pose was she going for, a “thinking” one? I know it’s pretty obvious by now she’s never observed people in the wild but goddamn… all her poses are so fucking stiff.

No. 720797

The finger should be on the chin or around it for that pose to make sense

No. 720800

It doesn't make sense, but it's supposed to be a thinking pose for sure… natural storyteller idk fem

No. 720803


So Ms. "I love my gay bois uwu" is a conservative who supports the party that treats gay people like shit. Why am I not surprised.

No. 720806

Um ACTUALLY anon she has a comic about gay oppression, that makes her qualified. /s

She usually says she's not alt right because she likes "gay shit"/using gay people as a shield, so that's cool as well. She probably doesn't vote, just agrees with them.

No. 720810

i almost feel sorry for holly. she really does live in her own little bubble, as shown from her political stances/bickering/constant backpedaling when faced with any remote kind of criticism. most of the "drama" (as she likes to calls it) that she's gotten into is because of her inability to own her shit. no wonder she can't catch a break

No. 720811

File: 1540466048552.jpg (835.88 KB, 1600x2443, 05Chroma.jpg)

patreon update!

No. 720812

File: 1540466069992.jpg (612.91 KB, 1600x2443, 06Chroma.jpg)

No. 720813

File: 1540466081634.jpg (687.45 KB, 1600x2443, 07Chroma.jpg)

No. 720814

File: 1540466101320.jpg (772.29 KB, 1600x2443, 08Chroma.jpg)

No. 720815

glad to see Patreon supporters getting their moneys worth of "Can Oats Lift It"

No. 720816

File: 1540466351658.jpg (656.31 KB, 1600x2443, 09Chroma.jpg)

the way she conveys emotions in her comics is so goofy and weird, like the panels of nothing going on and no one saying anything feel like bad pacing. also at some point she mentioned it wasnt going to be until like 300+ pages in we were going to get the porn content so frankly i dont understand why this is her "gay shit" moneymaker

No. 720817


>he can lift thousands of pounds!

did you count how many?

>nah, just thousands!!!!

I'm cryne. oats' #beefy arm lines are killing me.

No. 720818

is his name oats fr…wtf

No. 720819


I hope it's hyperbole when she said 300 pages. she can barely get past 10 of her paranormal plague comic holy shit. I thought this was another one of those one off short stories, you telling me this is yet another long form one???

No. 720820

She forgot the elf chick's skin

No. 720821

File: 1540466904013.png (204.75 KB, 638x660, waste.png)

RIP the thread pic that could've been.

How? The elf slave plot is already primed for them to just start fucking. She's sold this on it being porn, chop chop with the trust trust Holly.

No. 720823

File: 1540467140530.jpg (152 KB, 934x1164, lift.jpg)

Thank you anon, doing god's work as usual! This update is goal, I'm so glad she rushed it honestly.

What is thisss, stop

No. 720824

I like how his muscles aren't flexing at all despite lifting a truck. he's just that stronk!!!

the elf dude just looks like Atari with bonus hair flips.

No. 720827

File: 1540468018186.png (301.56 KB, 400x621, starfighter.png)

Christ, Chroma Prince is Starfighter. Why'd it take us this long.

Sadly I'm going to call it that Oats has effortless super strength so Holly can put him in scenarios indistinguishable from rape and she can say it's not actually rape because he could just fight his attackers off if he didn't want it.

No. 720835

she's just a female neckbeard. Her opinions are shallow, reactionary and yeah, basically apolitical. She doesn't want to think about anything that is challenging or uncomfortable, and more power to her, she has the right to be ignorant. Problem is these days completely uninformed people think having a minor audience means you have a duty to share those ass-spawned, half-thought out opinions.

>"you're THIS close"
>makes wrong hand gesture

you're right his name is oaaaaaats i'm fucking crying

No. 720837

No, dear god. Starfighter is already (really nicely drawn) garbage. It's probably where she's getting the rapey bullshit in the first place.
To me it seems like the superstrength shit was inspired by astroboy which feels creepy but whatev fam idk.

No. 720839

>light-haired, light-skinned and innocent-looking dude is the uke
>dark-haired, aggressive-looking dude is the seme

These fujos I swear to God

No. 720840

Not saying she isn't influenced by Starfighter, but the rapey stuff probably comes from yaoi in general? Not that it's making this better by any means, lol.

No. 720841

No, the rape comes from Killing/Stalking. She was probably into it already thanks to being a fujo but she kicked it up to 11 after that got popular.

No. 720843

Nah you can make a yaoi without having rape in it.

Agreed. I feel like this rape fetish was ingrained in Holly way before she got exposed to Killing/Stalking but that comic made her believe that her fetish was more acceptable? Like the rape scene in Purgatory was probably planned before KS and KS just gave her more of a reason to sprinkle rape into all of her stories.

No. 720845

Aww we missed the chance to call this thread Holly "Fujo Rape-apologist" Brown! I mean the title we have is good but "Fujo Rape-apologist" incites a bit more drama.

No. 720846

Friendly reminder to everyone in the thread; Holly doesn't know what reactionary means, she thinks it's literal, lol.

Of course, just saying it's a very common trope, and she probably seeks out that kind of dynamic while fapping to animu twinks.

No. 720848

>'seeks out that kind of dynamic while fapping to animu twinks'

Thank anon, now I have that image seared into my brain.

On a serious note I'm actually surprised Holly ended up delivering on the Patreon pages. Honestly kudos to her for following through. Now if only she was this professional when it came to other things…

No. 720876

File: 1540474626562.png (205.36 KB, 560x582, really.png)

nice juxtaposition of the bought background and her attempted recreation.

Are these finished? I mean was the goal finished pages or are these drafts? i mean like there's no backgrounds on half the panels, this page just has an unused white square >>720812

I thought they were out of order because i can't follow the fuckin story but some of the most nonsense progression is within pages so..

No. 720882


the background changes so much but they haven't changed rooms…
first page - two beds, wooden floor, furniture
second page - the void with some kitchen tiles as details
third - the tiles are gone but oh look, this room has walls (but only in the last panel)

what the heck

No. 720886

It looks like she is using google sketchup or something for the backgrounds which means that she consciously chose to drop the background in those panels. I guess she wanted things to be less cluttered so the viewer would focus on the characters? Unfortunately the characters are pretty wonky so the art shift is a bit glaring.

No. 720887

No, she said she bought a big pack of stock comic illustrations a while ago and she's been shaping her comics around them since. The trees in the Deku/Todoroki pic, the misaligned iPhone in PP, the backgrounds and the vehicles in Chroma Prince are all obviously stock. Sometimes she traces over them, sometimes she doesn't, but it's why these pages are so inconsistent and go from detailed backgrounds to scribbles.

No. 720891

File: 1540477160027.jpg (37.42 KB, 414x415, blender.jpg)

I think anon means the empty room with tiles because that looks like what you get when you open a 3d modelling program and don't do anything yet

No. 720892

Wow, I can't believe I actually assumed Holly would actually do something logical lol. So basically Holly blew more money on stupid 2D stock images instead of doing some research and using something like sketchup+ 3D models? Why? Correct me if I'm wrong but Holly posted a video for her Final Animation Thesis about how she was using sketchup for backgrounds? Like why wouldn't she use common sense and actually apply that knowledge to her comics?!

No. 720893

Yeah this and the fact that the buildings legit look like what you get when you turn a sketchup model into a wire frame. Still, if the other anon is right and this is from some 2D image pack Holly is truly an idiot.

No. 720895

She's been showing them off for a while now; until now it's mostly been static images of her characters copy-pasted into the premade backgrounds, but now she's using them for her comics. it would be smart if she tried to use them well (backgrounds are not her forte) but uh… well, these pages don't bode well.

No. 720896

She wasn't secretive about it. Stock packs like this have a purpose but she's using them awfully.

Unfortunately Holly actually wants the Strongbad Zone look. She's used grids as shitty tiled floors in all of her comics and you can see where she used to freehand them because the perspective was fucked. It's her go-to space filler now that she's stopped doing wood grain.

No. 720899

that square is for patrons to practice tracing anime in.

Stop hatin' on the void. It's not like the characters can exist conceivably in relation to complex shapes eg.cubes

No. 720909

if she was using sketchup this truck wouldn't be m.c. escher simultaneous side-on and from below views >>720816

No. 720911

File: 1540480057492.jpg (498.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181025-100520_You…)

Yea those leftist a it again
Totally not people who actally have a problem with holly talking about SA in a terrible manner
Regardless of politics in would assume both parties thing sexual assault is wrong.
Idk why people like holly want t pin it on the left heck I'm not on the left either but I know that its not always them and shouldn't blame all on them.
This is why no one take either sides seriously

No. 720915

Holly and her fans don't think the majority of SA cases actually count as such though. Still baffled over that comment section tbh

No. 720934

Nah, that truck definitely was 100% Holly. She has shown time and time again that she genuinely enjoys freehanding ugly vehicles.

No. 720940

Pretty sure she uses those dumb reference photos of her toy cars for vehicles, unless she stopped that?

No. 720941

"Freehanding" is a strong word, pretty sure she uses reference photos of her little toy cars for those.

No. 720946

Sorry meant to write 'freehanding'. Forgot the air quotes.

Holly probably still does use references of her toy cars. I don't think she traces them directly but I wouldn't put it past her at this point.

No. 721019

She already atmitted in one of the YouTube comments when confronted about the Al trace that she buys the license to stock images so that she can do whatever she wants with them, including tracing. She is lazy and cutting corners as much as possible because fuck learning right?

No. 721022

File: 1540489503120.png (104.25 KB, 1221x444, F874F17A-FE62-4D7A-968E-C6646F…)

The post in question. It amazes me that she doesn’t think it’s unethical to blatantly either paste the stock in the comic outright (which causes a clash in styles) or trace it.

No. 721030

>Sadly I'm going to call it that Oats has effortless super strength so Holly can put him in scenarios indistinguishable from rape and she can say it's not actually rape because he could just fight his attackers off if he didn't want it.

Yep! In her rape doujin she made Hershel say that he could throw Reese off if he wanted to, so i guess it wasn't rape! She's gonna do the same thing again. And holly needs 300 pages to get anywhere because she sucks at pacing. You can fit a lot of story into three pages, holly draws entire pages where no one does anything

No. 721038

>Invented the "Sketchbook Slam Challenge" where you fill a 600 page sketchbook. That's it

Not just that. You are supposed to do the whole thing in one month.

No. 721060

>hive mind
lmao what is this person even saying? it's like they started a thought and then just threw in a bunch of political buzzwords into a blender.

No. 721083

Hollys fans are all anti SJWs just like her so if she receives critique she can cry SJWs! and her fans just assume she was flamed by insane people and rush to her defense. It happens every time.

No. 721113

The thing that's gets me the most is. Her fans are taking it as she's using a reference?
No she traced, it would be a reference if she had that photo off to the side and looking at it.
She confused everyone by using there terms like they are the same. The are in fact different terms techniques all together.
If anything holly cleared up nothing but started more drama by herself than anything.
It was only one person and this thread that pointed it out.
Also if she cant handle political debate then she shouldn't bring it into conversation or respond to it in the first place.
There are ways to block words out on twitter and other social media platforms.
Each social media had political ties to it. If she wants a safe place then she needs to get off the Internet.
Oh but the again that's a sjw thing right? A safe place and guess thats what holly is looking for?

No. 721114

File: 1540496181984.jpg (402.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181025-142540_You…)

No. 721115

File: 1540496237124.jpg (729.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181025-143738_You…)

No. 721121

I think it would be a funny experiment to see, if someone traced Holly's drawing and said it's their own sketch, how would Holly and her fans react to it? Would they still be like "ohh it's fine! everyone does it!"

No. 721124

>I've gone to art school and they tell you to trace things

Which art school where?? Some community college in the middle of bumfuck nowhere? No art school I've heard of encourages their students to trace

No. 721125

I'm pretty some would send death threats or make edgy comments etc
Cause their high mighty senoai can do no wrong

No. 721126


No. 721134

File: 1540497557868.png (223.55 KB, 609x414, ar.png)

But anon, everything Holly does not like/is uncomfortably with is toxic, don't you know that? Damn those leftists and their rape victims. idk just free speech stop calling goblin queen hitler XD

No. 721154

20 pages a day? Yeah, sure that's reasonable if you're drawing stickfigures or you're an idiot who wants to have a mental breakdown.

I don't understand her male fans. They seem to be really young and edgy like angry little keyboard warriors- but they must be gay/bi, right?
Or maybe the ones like Alexander >>721115
are grown men or tranzboiz with shota-esque furry icons. Yeck.

No. 721175

File: 1540501747286.png (180.08 KB, 1165x664, very sorry.png)

Wow so humble, she is soooo totally sorry even though evil SJWs are misrepresenting her :(

No. 721176

File: 1540501810768.png (58.22 KB, 1160x238, howrapistwork.png)

She's so inspirational as well! So well versed in relationships and abuse, who would've thunk it?

No. 721177

File: 1540501982797.png (23.8 KB, 1132x114, emotional.png)

Getting emotional over something as small as being raped by someone you trust? That's just screeching, fam!

No. 721188

Her fanbase is full of garbage people lol I hope other art youtubers stop associating with her

No. 721190

Loooool, didn't know she even did that, such a badass. What was the context? I'm very curious.

There is no way she's telling the truth about a part time job, maybe it's some sort of side project, and she's counting that because it'll make it seem like she lives in the real world.

No. 721206

File: 1540503719760.png (41.97 KB, 97x250, leeeeel.png)

>I don't think it's for me. You get hired on skill

tres bien

No. 721208

Any news on whether any of her YouTube "friends" have commented/ have an opinion on Holly's situation rn? All this is terribly amusing lmao

No. 721209

eck- stop cow tipping.
It's funnier to watch these people flail. it's not just about outing lolcow, this is a place to laugh at cows in their natural habitat.
Unless you mean criticism of her art before you started posting here or whatever. Otherwise, quit it.

No. 721214

That post was deleted. Move on.

I haven’t seen any of her friends so far but people have been going in on her in one comment thread. So far only her teen fans are jumping in to defend her. Holly’s “friends” probably won’t step in if they had any sense. It’s a shitshow.

No. 721216

Shes shown pics of junjou romantica and sekai ichi hatsukoi when talking about bad lroportions in a vid before so im pretty sure that helped set up the 'uwu rape me but not really because i forgive you and low key wanted it' kind of thing

Also i dont think its really similar to starfighter seeing as thats basically the set up for 90 percent yaoi ( bad boy rapist x naive smol uwu boi) so im thinking its probably just a refrence of inspiration. my money is down on its being a weird cross of No Money ( a yaoi where a naive teen is sold into sex slavery to pay back his family's debt) and fma but more focused on the military group.

Tbh it jist feels like its a cross over fic between a chinese knock off Roy Mustang and Ayase

No. 721224

You realise that because the anon were able to link the post the other anon wrote means it was still up when they responded right? It was only deleted till later when you see that the link to the post is green

No. 721227

I didn’t see that post when the response was posted so… I apologize I guess?

No. 721232

When has she ever mentioned working a job besides her personal art projects and her storenvy? I think we would have known by now since she complains about literally everything.

No. 721248

File: 1540507543003.jpeg (446.64 KB, 1242x1474, F860FAFD-DDA8-4BE5-9191-066465…)

So educated.

No. 721251

Notice how most say they are in art school,but no professional in the field has actually commented .

No. 721255

It’s easy for these kids to lie online when it comes to defending their queen.

No. 721274

Yeah this is bullshit tbh. Professionals don’t just trace other people’s art - while there are forms of art where tracing can be required (photo realistic murals, some graphics) it’s generally frowned upon and at a commercial level illegal to just “trace” something and sell it off as your own. Especially since she’s tracing prints (something that she’s selling) she’s saying “hey this is mine I created this on my own and you should support me so I can do more of that.” “Tracing” might not be something that holds up in court (idk I’m not a laywer) but it definitely can blacklist you as an artist.

No ones stopping anyone from tracing things to learn proportions and anatomy. It only becomes an issue when you’re trying to sell people something or post something people assume is your own work when in reality 90% of it is traced. There’s no reason to trace something and sell it other than sheer laziness and unprofessionalism.

No. 721286

This especially goes for her Cowboy Bebop print. She literally only changed the color of the sky and the clothes. She completely ripped off the photo she used and excuses it by claiming she made so many changes. One of her supporters claimed she did a flat angle in the print when they obviously haven’t actually looked at the print to see that she DID angle it. It’s just that at her grasp of anatomy and perspective is so poor, she couldn’t execute it well so it looks flat.

No. 721287

>>721248 yeah tracing pictures owned by a studio you work for is not the same as tracing a character from a screenshot of a show.

No. 721325


OH shit, I was thinking the exact same thing. I was wondering if people thought the insanely amateurish perspective was a stylistic choice, but that becomes a tired thought after following MIss BRown and her truffle hogs for too long.

No. 721357

File: 1540516691486.png (137.46 KB, 959x626, shiroba sister snapped.png)

No. 721362

Also seems hollys been deleting comments or people are deleting theirs ?
last time i checked the comments where at 600 should have screen shot it tbh
i'm sagging this just in case i'm wrong

No. 721366

File: 1540517057724.gif (5.81 MB, 450x452, ee706934967c65a50d178264172ed2…)

An overlay of her Cowboy Bebop

No. 721368

File: 1540517082816.png (45.68 KB, 955x215, 2018-10-25_202511.png)

No. 721369

so is that why she gave the girl character a flat ass ?

No. 721370

>The whataboutism is strong with this one

No. 721371

File: 1540517320331.png (36.04 KB, 932x174, 2018-10-25_202841.png)

these are the type of people holly attract interesting
no wonder shes so negative all the time .

No. 721375

File: 1540517478006.png (33.88 KB, 921x243, deanna back at it again.png)

No. 721383

File: 1540518058408.jpg (184.19 KB, 1079x705, Screenshot_20181025-204118_Chr…)

No. 721384

File: 1540518141389.jpg (437.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181025-204231_Chr…)

I'm glad that someone people have come to their senses

No. 721435

I don’t think this is about Holly, she doesn’t seem to care about the youtube art comm outside of commenting on videos trying to get attention.

No. 721486

File: 1540539342277.png (50.19 KB, 960x358, holls.PNG)


You're trying to tell me that these people are SO fucking brain dead that when someone REASONABLY points out the MAIN issue with HOLLY other than the traced shit, they completely dismiss it??
Are these people even humans anymore? You LITERALLY can't talk to these people, you have better luck talking to a wall and getting answers.
For someone who is trying to make people sound stupid because "they don't do research", you would think she'd stop trying to act like a try hard smart-ass when she's clearly new and doesn't know what anyone is talking about and why people are getting on Holly's case. Simple-minded people should defend people they never knew existed until a few hours ago. Even crackheads aren't stupid enough to do that shit.

I don't give a damn about Holly's kinks/fetishes. It's nothing new. I've noticed a lot of people who complain about shit like that are into some fucked up shit themselves, so I stopped caring if I ever even cared at all. (in the porn art/fetish FICTIONAL FANTASY department, anyway, as long as it's not involving or even relating to a REAL beings)
She might as well keep shit like that on a porn art website and exclude it from her regular content.

She's shit at wording herself because she lacks communication skills.
Doesn't mean it should be excused. Understandable, but it is not an excuse to intentionally act like a cunt and mindlessly speak, especially since she has the "god forbid someone does that to me or even calls me out" mentality that everyone seems to have now a days.

At the same time, I don't blame everyone who constantly brings it up, though, because she's always talking out of her ass about shit like this as if she's well versed in even the basic bones of psychology. Honestly, she should just not talk about shit like that if she's not in the mood for debates, because they are sensitive and TRIGGERING topics and she comes off as ignorant and naive.
The internet is not as simple as deleting shit anymore. Freedom of speech has a huge price here, so it's best to just not get involved into the politics of things if you aren't even strong-willed.

Her hypocrisy, double standards, and acting as if she has a doctorate degree in F A C T S are the things that are most irritating about her of all. That "sorry i guess" attitude doesn't make you look like a badass, it makes you look like a DUMBass.
ffs, try to learn from your mistakes without pointing fingers and running away.

This is a screenshot, but I think saging is necessary for my post.

No. 721512

Okay so she had the guts of actually saying she’s worked in the industry? Where and when? She documented every breathe and fart, so there’s no way we wouldn’t have known if that were truly the case.
Lying to prove yourself right places the final nail in your coffin of credibility.

No. 721521

I think Holly might have meant that she has gone back on forth forming her opinion or whether or not she would want to work in the industry or not, not that she actually has. But her poor wording (as always) makes it seem like it.

No. 721523

if you squint at it or the original, it looks like a penis. I love it.

No. 721533

File: 1540547582091.png (556.36 KB, 461x817, soup.png)

omg yaaas cooking queeen i stfg

It bothers me so much that Holly is trying to play off "they just don't want to admit they like it" as like… A normal lewd conversation, if that makes any sense? Pretty much no one was complaining that they talked about sex, just the part where they used arguments usually found with actual rapists. First she said rape victims are just prudes, now she's saying that people against statutory rape are prudes as well, it's so weird.

The kids defending her tracing are still stupid, but playing gremlin's advocate - they sincerely trusts that she was not going to use it in the final piece. The think they're arguing about placeholders, because that's the way Holly has framed this. It's like they're arguing about a totally unrelated thing, unfortunately.

No. 721539

File: 1540548549761.png (3.43 MB, 600x6667, A892C6D4-D86B-4182-AF7E-72EB14…)

I’m just gonna leave this here in regards to reference/tracing.

No. 721550

RMCAD Anon here. Tracing is NOT advocated at this school; she literally pulled that out of her ass. It's considered academic dishonesty.

Jesus if you're going to try to mkae our school look bad at least say things that are TRUE.

No. 721552

I think this comment is from a fan, not Holly herself. That being said, it probably won't be long until she starts saying things like this as well, if she hasn't already, that is.

No. 721568

File: 1540554676144.png (255.94 KB, 291x585, hcbrown_insta.png)

Prepare for some Aesthetic Holly videos; did she really clean up her room?

No. 721586

Looks like she only cleaned one single corner lmao

No. 721588

lol the moment i saw the soup pic, i knew she used contact paper on her desk bc everyone else has been doing it lately. can that stuff get dirty as easily as a normal surface? bc if so, she’ll probably ruin it in no time.

No. 721594

Yea it can get dirty just as easily and if you got bad-medium quality paper it can also stain easily.

It also seems like Holly is just going to sweep all this under the rug and act like none of this ever happened. Watch her come back to twitter in the next couple of days and delete/unlist the video in a week or so.

No. 721645

That's the only thing she's good at, running away fromn the problems she's made.

No. 721648

That's unfair, she's not good at that at all.

No. 721657

Hey she got away with all this drama so far so I would say she is better than average lol.

No. 721658


>they won’t listen to criticism just as much as you won’t


No. 721667

File: 1540569880947.png (125.15 KB, 1085x707, more of hollys white knights.p…)

No. 721670

File: 1540570129975.png (52.7 KB, 951x250, cant wait harry.png)

No. 721671

File: 1540570151518.png (54.36 KB, 912x376, well their gonna get a law sui…)

No. 721673

File: 1540570254710.png (121.51 KB, 971x520, 2018-10-26_110352.png)

No. 721674

File: 1540570284459.png (35.22 KB, 843x192, 2018-10-26_110230.png)

No. 721676

File: 1540570351989.png (78.43 KB, 1077x425, 2018-10-26_110458.png)

No. 721687

Taking responses from Holly's fans/critics and comparing them is pretty telling lol. Rape and whatnot

No. 721700

Holly's supporters are so dumb that sometimes I wonder if she has a few sockpuppets thrown in there. Like how can they be so blinded by what Holly says? Her excuses are so dumb and like >>721366 shows its obvious she has pulled this bs before.

No. 721705

Their grammar is too good to be sock puppets kek

No. 721756

File: 1540583378540.png (144.84 KB, 888x756, 2018-10-26_144907.png)

idk who the heck their teachers are
but even in high school in honors art classes we where told not to trace , even when I took college classes i was told not to ?

No. 721761

Same here, every art teacher I have ever had has told not to trace. Because from learning perspective, it is a waste of time. I love how so many of her supporters writing about referencing and tracing like they are the same thing.

No. 721762

The only time I was taught to 'trace' was when I was told to trace muscle groups over photographs in order to train my eye to pick out those muscles during life drawings. I have never heard of any art teacher who taught their students to straight out trace over photographs (yet alone someone else's art work) in order to create their own pieces. As for tracing in order to play around with composition, I was always taught to keep my thumbnails as simple as possible and to use basic shapes and symbols in order to save time and not get too attached to a composition or pose.

No. 721766

File: 1540584746464.jpg (32.44 KB, 424x418, DqY7BFDXgAINK7T.jpg)

this is just holly

No. 721797

You definantely cannot trace pictures that you dont own by copyright if you’re going to sell them. I swear these kids dont know what they are talking about

No. 721799

File: 1540588346774.jpg (89.29 KB, 742x924, 44948636_170217753923386_11567…)

I know were on the whole tracing fiasco but jesus christ how is she this bad at perspective still?
how hard is it to erase the arm and redraw it on the arm rest?
that or shes so fucking lazy she just left the arm in the air and continued drawing the armchair.

No. 721803

Holly always makes faces so fat it's like she doesn't understand how cheekbones work so she just makes people with them chubby.

No. 721826

You're probably right, bet she drew Roy first, liked the pose and then added in the armchair, so there's no way she'd fix that arm to actually FIT on what he's supposed to be resting on.
Guess she should save up some money and purchase more pictures to trace because apparently that's how the pros do it fam!! idk!!
Love the inconsistent shading btw. Classy.

No. 721837

She probably thought she wouldn't get that sweet foreshortening (not) right ever again, LMAO neither arm is actually interacting with its armrest and he's slowly slipping off the chair, this is so bad and reminds me of that infamous MCR screenshot redraw

No. 721839

She gives everyone high cheekbones because she has high cheekbones. Her same face syndrome is really awful

No. 721844

The perspective on his legs and crotch area is just confusing? Where is his thigh? Where is his buttocks? Is he sitting or sliding?

No. 721849

File: 1540592413413.jpg (231.32 KB, 374x1038, IMG_20181026_161931.jpg)

No. 721853

Is this Holly?? Where's the "idk"s??

No. 721854


>I am not going to apologize for things I don’t believe I did wrong

and that’s why this dumb bitch won’t ever change

No. 721860

File: 1540593360967.png (124.28 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181026-162924.png)

It's from her Tumblr

No. 721865

is that really a comparison of her own youtube drama to osama bin laden's assassination? is this a fever dream? how can someone be so deluded to even bring that up?

No. 721866

She's fucking 22 years old
And still talks like an edgy 13 year old.
Unless she fully recognizes what she said in the live stream was messed up then there is going to be no redemption arc.
How can she compare it to Obama bin laden?
Last time I heard the U.S military didn't really give him a proper Muslim burial. She cant go throwing around extremes to compare it to.
She's super fucking thick in the head to understand that she is wrong on many accounts of the drama she has caused.
And to think that this was all brought up over a fucking video she made over one person calling her out on Twitter
New flash brown th world doesn't owe you an redemption arc like in the stories you have to fucking earn it.

No. 721872

File: 1540594639159.jpg (508.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181026-175749_Chr…)

No. 721876

File: 1540594765840.jpg (482.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181026-175937_Twi…)

No. 721881

File: 1540594874636.jpg (288.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181026-180146_Chr…)

No. 721883

File: 1540594960454.jpg (426.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181026-180304_Chr…)

I wonder which youtuber..??

No. 721889

His body was thrown into the sea because negotiating with countries to accept his body would go past the 24 hour limit (apparently).

And wow, you're right. That entire post is her whining about how life has consequences and assholes in real life are not woobified or considered jerks with a heart of gold.

Yeah, I'm glad I'm not the only person completely fixated on that bit because it's just so fucking unrelated and irrelevant to Holly's situation. Like she's really proving the point of the following paragraph.

No. 721923

What? Holly didn't delete her tumblr

No. 721938

She deleted a side blog not her art blog

No. 721948

File: 1540602114283.png (132.49 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181026-185706.png)

No. 721949

File: 1540602150570.png (136.21 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181026-185711.png)

No. 721950

File: 1540602175410.png (132.79 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181026-185716.png)

No. 721951

File: 1540602195856.png (127.05 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181026-185724.png)

No. 721959

wait, did the livestream specifically mention sex talk in the title or description or ANYTHING?? i thought it was just a “draw and chat” stream. maybe you’re the weirdo for talking about that shit for 3+ hrs online with a bunch of strangers, holly, jfc. not only strangers, but teens who watch her for her normal art vids where she doesn’t go on about that stuff.

even if she meant to reference specifically “toxic” relationships and not all relationships or sexual situations (one night stands, what have you), it sure didn’t sound like it and her and michie gave the impression of being huge assholes. yeah, it would be great if ppl could just tell their partner or anyone else “no” to any specific sexual activity and the person would just accept it without protest, but there can often be guilt tripping, lying, emotional manipulation, etc. that can occur even in situations with a trusted person. this is the same womanchild who thought that reese was justified in seize though, so idk fam, if i were u, id just take it!! women r such bitches i stg lol, so annoying for not wanting the d, i dream of hershel’s dick every night and day so i cant relate.

No. 721961

I'm honestly surprised the slavery comments weren't addressed with all that was brought up. It was in the same livestream right before she added Michie

No. 721963

No. 721964

File: 1540604238565.jpg (535.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181026-203606_You…)

The whole thing of
"You took it out of context"
Is why people are angry, even when you listen to the full one it is hard to take out of context.
Holly you gotta own up before you get an redemption arc.

No. 721966

File: 1540604252758.jpg (459.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181026-203613_You…)

No. 721967

File: 1540604292016.jpg (469.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181026-203848_You…)

No. 721968

File: 1540604340508.jpg (467.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181026-203934_You…)

No. 721973

She's such a goddamn pussy, if she just owned up to her shit none of this wouldbe happening. Now anyone who calls her out will be 'petty' like the da rant community. Even if someone does make a mature and comprehensive video, unlike da ranters, her fans will still be sucking her dick.

No. 721974

avoiding responsibility and downplaying the whole incident? well imagine my shock…

No. 721975

File: 1540604680648.gif (2.89 MB, 516x400, fc529bef-ae7f-49ea-a280-0b044a…)

No. 721979

The thing is she can address hot topic stuff, but in a more mature way.
But wiat that's too hard for brown a 22 year old woman to do
Without being an asshole
Says a lot really

No. 721982

File: 1540605409735.jpg (49.55 KB, 584x575, 1539719127982.jpg)

>i can avoid any situations if my content is white bread and basic

No. 721983

Maybe now since she's gonna STFU she might actually learn and progress positively in her art. Maybe…

No. 721984


That is a far off dream, in all these years she's regressed so chances are shes not going to improve in any way personality or art wise.

No. 721995

True dat. Especially since she's blaming her thinking (passively?) about suicide on people who are right fully calling her out. Like she said, in the beginning of the year, which if I remember correctly was the flatter drama. And now this.

No. 722019

File: 1540609359896.jpeg (510.13 KB, 1600x2443, FA0321DA-9DF4-4B0E-B8B5-F8DBD3…)

No. 722038

lol but i don't think we can earnestly make the criticism that he's too skinny when the strength is obviously from some magic. otherwise it's the incels' "women aren't muscular enough to play superpowered characters" neither are men of course. you just can't lift a house with the human body

No. 722046

She draws Herschel’s arms the exact same way and he’s a ‘muscly buff boi hehe’

No. 722053

File: 1540612478748.png (263.86 KB, 348x701, ColonelMustang2.png)

This one is so bad, the "arms" of the chairs are not even aligned or remotely existing on the same perspective, he's sliding off that melting chair, his pants has a weird flap right under his right leg and I had no idea it was Roy until pointed out. He just looks like a bored 12 yo.

Idk why anons like to say at least her colors are nice when they're always so muddy and there's no contrast or anything. His costume is a nice blue and maybe she could have drawn him in his office or something that would have reminded of the manga.

No. 722071


>at nasium

No. 722119

Hold acts as if she gets attacked all the time.
When its people pointing out her mistakes, she takes it to personal.
For someone who wants a tough ppersona she sure is a sensitive fuck.
Like she wants to go on about sensitive sjws she should look in the mirror if she can't handle one person calling her out.
All her comments sections are full of 12 or 13 year olds defending her. Its sad honesty
her echo chamber has made her this way.
She's not going to change unless she can approach serious topics in a mature manner.
I don't give a rats ass if your drawing your yaoi porn, if your on the topic abou5 sexual assault on a live stream you address it in a serious tone or Heres the thing don't fucking talk about it.
Her excuses are dull and make n sense.
If she wants be treated like a profession she better act like one.
You can't expect others to take you serious when all you have is a big following of 13 year olds and a mind and humor of one at that.
To those who think she's above critism just because of her "hard working " self maybe take a step back and see all the short cuts makes and see how much it has hidnerd her
Al zine artist don't let this not let you call her the full out for her shitty products.

No. 722128

it's funny because you can tell she has no fucking clue where to put those arm lines, they're not connected to anything at all, they're literally just there. I don't think even she knows why she does it, she just puts them there hoping it reads as muscle when literally no one's arm looks like that

No. 722168

File: 1540634040157.jpg (812.67 KB, 2896x2896, 20181027_124725.jpg)

I just noticed, all her setting poses have the same hand pose

No. 722175

No. 722182

lel. who is the other person avatar in it though?

No. 722183

her only fan

No. 722186

oh yeah. he's stuck on twitter by himself now like a dog locked in the house after the owner kysd

No. 722192

File: 1540637268913.jpg (30.72 KB, 675x264, keithknight.jpg)

A lot of newfags lately

No. 722193


>"i know i'm very bad at talking about my points in a-z fashion"

>literally compares her situation with osama fucking bin laden

like, what the fuck is your brain??

No. 722196

File: 1540638541886.png (133.07 KB, 601x631, bloglol.PNG)


again, she didn't delete her sideblog, she only changed the url. it's still alive and kicking at http://bullshitshitpostmainaccount.tumblr.com/

and this is what she posted on it yesterday, btw. loving the tag. (post url: http://bullshitshitpostmainaccount.tumblr.com/post/179461720693)

No. 722199

File: 1540638939582.jpg (579.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181027-061522_You…)

No. 722200

File: 1540638954829.jpg (516.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181027-061531_You…)

No. 722204

File: 1540639590837.jpg (744.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181027-062214_You…)

I hope her fans realize that there are other art youtubers who aren't "just rainbows and unicorns " the way holly dumbs down the art community gets on my nerves.
She acts as if shes the only one who can keep it real, no Holly there are plenty of others who far one are more mature and have better understanding of the topics they talk about.
Unlike brown who can't be bothered to do basic research for anything then gets mad when people point it out.
Can't wait to see the basic holly
Bets shes boring without her edgy 13 year old humor that's shes been hiding behind.

No. 722209

File: 1540639775145.jpg (472.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181027-062932_You…)

No. 722210

File: 1540639795603.jpg (117.91 KB, 1080x585, Screenshot_20181027-062937_You…)

No. 722211

File: 1540639894132.jpg (567.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181027-063154_You…)

No. 722212

File: 1540639913828.jpg (583.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181027-063200_You…)

No. 722214

File: 1540639928223.jpg (455.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181027-063206_You…)

No. 722229

oh no, what will the 13 year olds do without tuff love holly to guide their way

No. 722248

This is so fucking dumb. Instead of trying to fix her problems in order to make sure hes not understood (i.e, get a fucking filter, think your bullshit through) or try to work on herself shes just not going to state her opinions. Its dumb, and its not going to work because she’ll slip up. Its lazy. She could work on how she communicates, but nooo that would be too much work

No. 722266

File: 1540648475901.jpg (57.57 KB, 530x530, ulfric.jpg)

Jarl hand

No. 722267

Not to be that person but Holly said the same thing last time she was called out for saying controversial shit and then she went back to saying the same stupid shit like a week later. I don't think the whole 'I'm just going to stick to not giving my opinions at all' shtick is going to last.

No. 722268

I'm pretty sure she is just using the dumb 'hand brush' she made because she was too lazy to actually redraw hands.

No. 722269

love how this gal just admits no one likes her art
>stock fotage of you drawing

No. 722278

It says a lot when your edgy 12 year old army of followers only like your opinions
But not your art
Wow can't wait to see what brown can do after this mess she made herself :)

No. 722280

plz sage, my friends. We already shit up snow enough with the BRown QUeen's antics.

No. 722300

File: 1540654175721.jpg (100.53 KB, 603x791, 1540436423205.jpg)

Hasn't holly "accidentally" released dox on her customers/friends/fellow artists like… 3 times now? Not even including her own dox.
I would be fucking furious if I was in this zine. Just fucked over from every angle. 20 dollars for a full color illustration? Getting misaligned books or none at all? And getting DOXED to top it all off?
It's enough to get fucked over with work/pay, but I imagine some of the more popular artists have obsessive fans/haters who could actually do something with that dox. Or maybe some people have another job and don't want people to know about their online art. She is so careless about everything. It's bad enough she sabotages herself but she also doesn't care if others are involved.

Holly you are so incompetent, lazy, and rude. This and the tracing shit has made me the most angry.

No. 722314

You know I honeatly feel like holly traced because she wanted to see what her illustration would look like if it was actually good, before she ruins it by drawing it herself. If she traces over something she can fantasize about it being her own creation for a short period.
If she was just honest about it, people would be more understanding. But that would require her to be humble and admit she is less than perfect.

Who knows. Though her coming off as argumentative is not helping her image.

No. 722315

You know I honeatly feel like holly traced because she wanted to see what her illustration would look like if it was actually good, before she ruins it by drawing it herself. If she traces over something she can fantasize about it being her own creation for a short period.
If she was just honest about it, people would be more understanding. But that would require her to be humble and admit she is less than perfect.

Who knows. Though her coming off as argumentative is not helping her image.

No. 722323

Fukin 502 double post
He legit looks like a mummy. Holly it really isn't that hard to google "muscular arms" and draw what you see. Why the lumpy rectangles with squiggly lines through them? I really don't understand how someone's brain could come up with this and continue to draw it despite having the resources to …not.
I would say maybe holly should draw horror but all of her figures are stiff and posed like paper dolls… or the most dynamic, barbie dolls. Monsters need to be more dynamic.
The thing best suited for her is like, 90s nick magazine photoshopped cut and paste style gross out illustrations.

No. 722357

The video with the adresses was an unlisted video for the zine artists but still.. it was linked here

I don't understand where dose limes even come from
My hero academia and Fullmetal alchemist both have buff characters, why couldn't she copy that lol

No. 722421

File: 1540673816590.jpg (600.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181027-155540_You…)

I legit laughed out loud while reading this
The hater "made some good points"
But I'm going to to be ignore all the shitty stuff you've don't.
Says a lot about her followers tbh

No. 722422


No. 722433

>articulate perspective
Has uuummm this person ever idk watched a Holly um Brown video idk?

No. 722458

File: 1540678655745.png (138.54 KB, 1024x757, 2018-10-27_171758.png)

No. 722460

>i wanna just not have immense bullfuckery not come my way
Holly wanting immense bullfuckery confirmed

Joking aside, she could express her own opinions if only she learned how to be mindful of the shit she spews

No. 722480

I know preteen fans throw out the "jealous haterzzzz" defense for every e-celebrity they stan but the idea that anyone would be jealous of Holly is so fucking funny to me.

1) Art: big nope here. why be jealous of her (lack of) art skills when there are SO many talented hardworking artists out there?

2) Fame/infamy: I wouldn't want to be famous for being an edgelord retard with 0 educated opinions and I definitely wouldn't want my most infamous piece of work to be a video where I lie about getting into Calarts and cry about their portfolio requirements.

3) Money: What money? She burns cash as soon as it hits her bank account. She hoards pointless shit that she either tosses or resells to buy more trash. She lives with her mom. She can't drive and doesn't have a car. Her room is a hoarding nightmare. Apple products and tablets aren't the unobtainable tools of the wealthy. Homegirl is not living in the lap of luxury.

No. 722499

It's really funny to me honestly, bc one look at the 'haterzzzzz' account shows that they put more effort into their stuff than Holly has put into her entire comic.

I mean their art still isn't good but you can at least tell they care about it.

No. 722538

i noticed that too, though personally i liked their art

sage 4 no contribute

No. 722547

File: 1540690701143.png (28.44 KB, 929x156, 2018-10-27_203836.png)

No. 722606

Awww were infringing on Hollys freeze peach, you guys :((((

No. 722696

when will the kiddos learn that "free speech" works both ways

No. 722728

Around the 3 minute mark twisted starts talking about the Holly drama.

No. 722772

Not a good look for michie tbh
Nothing was taken out of context, their making it out to seem that these "haters" just like to call anyone a rape apologist. No y'all fucked up and can't admit to it like grow ass adults.
Also about us having no lives, I cant sit an do 3 hour life stream every now and then nor a 6 hour one.
Both need to take a seat and looks in the mirror.

No. 722776


Eugh, shes going down the crapper with Holly. She gained popularity on her own and she wasted it on being friends with Holly, though it makes sense considering she idolized ms BRown already. Still, to throw herself in with the likes of her, could she be any more stupid?

No. 722790

She can be that stupid because she probably agrees. She's white trash of course she thinks girls that don't fight back or report are just asking for attention.

No. 722808

Which way am i supposed to read this?

No. 722810

Left to right and then squint

No. 722859


Michie is cowish by association, just not enough for her own thread, though the way she's heading, it seems like she could be one full stop without Holly's help. She should've kept under the radar, but that's if she was smart and she isn't.
Holly doesn't need help being defended. She's fucked up and warped in the head. None of this is surpriing. You are the company you keep.

No. 722886

File: 1540752680311.png (630.25 KB, 746x749, michelleporter.png)

You sure about that "looking in the mirror" part? Sadistic and out of line, even for lolcow…

While Holly and Michelle keeps on enabling and misleading them? Never, or until someone they worship more disagrees with them.

No. 722895

File: 1540753458125.png (147.96 KB, 1050x1057, Tumblr1.png)

Some recent tumblr milk, notice how she doesn't correct her fans that are saying that she's the victim in this situation? Maybe that "apology" wasn't so sincere, what a shock.

No. 722896

File: 1540753476734.png (147.37 KB, 1053x939, tumblr2.png)

No. 722897

File: 1540753499806.png (63.41 KB, 529x774, tumblr3.png)

No. 722898

Damn, fucked this one up a bit, oh well.

No. 722936

Shes like John kuckian
Both have scammed their fans at some point.
Kuckian comarped jeffree star to Hitler.
But this time around holly did something along the lines of people seeing her as the enemy? Which is a bit extreme tbh then BAM! osama bin laden
She's super dense and needs to work on not being so sensitive when someone disagrees with her opinions, she's worse than sjws so its ironic that her fans are like "don't let th snowflakes sjws get you down their too sensitive "
You can have your opinions brown, just don't get worked up when 1 or 2 people disagree. I noticed that most if not all comments are positive for her. where in the heck is she getting this "enemy haters " thing Is baffling
She really needs to take a step away from the Internet.

No. 722952


Learn to sage.

No. 722966

No. 722968

pretty sure most of those tumblr msgs have already been posted in the previous thread, so it’s not new content.

No. 722985

Not the same anon, sorry about the tumblr posts, looks like I completely missed them the first time around.

No. 722988

Its relevant to holly so why sage?
Just asking
See I'll sage this to appese you since this isn't related(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 722989

its not new information related to holly so sage

No. 723018

Saging isn't for off topic it means you don't have milk to bump the thread.

No. 723021

I actually think she's just spinning a narrative to get people on her side. She really doesn't have that many detractors outside of this forum but she makes it out to be that she's being bullied so her base just takes her word for it. She's the girl who cried SJW so you can't critique anything she says or does.

No. 723029

You didn't even sage lol

No. 723066

The extreme spelling mistakes of Holly's fans and the 12-13 yo kids finding this thread are piquing my concern for the future.

We were never this stupid as children.

saged for no contribution

No. 723071

yikes my dude
*appease is what I think you meant

No. 723131

I find Holly’s a little more concerning considering the fact that english is her first (and only) language and that she’s in her twenties. Not only that, but she graduated high school and is in college right now. It explains why she used to complain so much about writing essays in her older vlogs and the bad grades her professors gave her for them. lol. She’s just bad at communication all around, but better grammar and spelling would probably help her with that as well as make people at least slightly respect her garbage opinions more for the way that they’re presented (so she doesn’t look totally uneducated).

No. 723138

Some of her replies have good vocabulary and grammar and no spelling mistakes, and then sometimes she has obvious spelling mistakes in the titles of her videos. I feel like she'll put effort into things she wants to, and things she doesn't care about she neglects. The same with her drawings, she wants to draw Ed so she'll draw him, but will trace Al because drawing him is a waste of time for her. Same with her purchased backgrounds and other shortcuts. She'll spend hours on fancy packaging, but cut corners on the art. Holly is a lazy person at her core despite how often she preaches about working hard

No. 723235

Sometimes I feel like even her packaging is lazy, including logos for her projects. But it’s true, they still look like she put more effort into that instead of the art. It still boggles my mind that she seems to be constantly working but nothing ever improves. The living embodiment of “working harder, not smarter”.

No. 723254

File: 1540803932937.png (166.21 KB, 469x821, fknschool.png)

No. 723260

just because it’s due on christmas…doesn’t mean you can’t do it earlier, holly “complains constantly” brown (that’s what the c stands for, right?). granted, that looks like more than a few assignments, but i’d be glad if i was given that much time in advance to finish them considering that it’s not even november yet.

No. 723285

about the mirror part. is it possible you have never heard of figurative speech ?

No. 723289

(RMCAD anon) Two things about this. One, the assignment is technically due on the 23rd- this particular prof. is being nice and giving people an extra hour. My classes all have Dec. 23 deadlines.

Two, she's an online student! It's not like she's leaving the house. In online classes, you can submit work due Sunday night any time after the prior Wednesday. So she could theoretically be done with schoolwork on the 20th.

Also Holly, a lot of people with real jobs only get Christmas day off, but you're bitching about having shit to do two days beforehand? Fuck outta here with that.

Putting aside the possibility of dyslexia, I really don't get the impression Holly is an especially diligent person. She kind of just half-asses everything. It wouldn't surprise me if she just didn't feel assed to proofread.

Side note, Chrome and Firefox have built-in spell-checkers, so there's really no excuse.

No. 723291

NTA but it's pretty obvious anon was insulting her appearance.

No. 723301

What drives me nuts about Holly's vocab is she knows a lot of big words but doesn't know how to use them. Like once her cat was sitting on her scanner and she said, "My cat has taken precedence over my scanner."

She needs to use smaller words she actually knows and google how to use the big ones properly. Because damn, not knowing what words mean is a pretty big barrier to communication.

No. 723304

Is precedence a big word, though?

No. 723307

it's just a post. it's just funny to see the due dates. people post things like that on their social media when they don't have a friend to go ha look at my due dates fam. you don't have to deconstruct her privilege like she did some political screed about the unfairness of it. it's just "lol look at the due dates"

No. 723313

How is that funny? You have a weird sense of humor fam

No. 723314

not "haha funny" but like, posting a photo of your bank balance being a negative number. it doesn't mean you're sad and poor it's because you forgot to transfer some money in before the phone bill but it looks.. not "funny" but you know what i mean. very minorly tragicomic

No. 723387

late response but honestly this is holly's problem right fucking here. opting to treating her audience like her "grandma" from now on instead of trying to learn how to articulate herself better. how black and white can your thinking be??

she said something similar about working with people in the future because of the zine disaster too. instead of trying to learn to communicate/collaborate with people better she said she won't be doing collab projects most likely ever again. she thinks this is the solution when in reality she's just brushing the problem under the rug. she's fucked if she faces a situation like this again in the future

No. 723389

But anon, how is her supporters supposed to yell about censorship if she doesn't pussy out? I sincerely think she's doing this to gain support in a sneaky way.

Also can't screenshot RN but Michie and Keith are being salty about the situation on twitter, lol.

No. 723401

I cant screencap because im on mobile, but cinna just answered another q about holly and twisted (and apparently had planned a collab with her previously?) Can someone else grab a picture of it

No. 723404

ok ur right.. sounds like smth holly would do lmao

No. 723406

File: 1540834164384.png (75.76 KB, 639x546, twtr.png)

I'm so damn confused about their narrative, where's the mention about daddy kinks that was allegedly cut out? Are they mad that the whole cumshot story wasn't included?

No. 723410

File: 1540834468599.png (132.78 KB, 578x737, cinnamichelle.png)

No. 723413

File: 1540834725981.jpg (230.31 KB, 999x533, 8d1e85aa-0e82-4047-aa05-9e3583…)

here's a higher quality image of their collab pieces.

imo its kind of hilarious how much better one is than the other.

No. 723416

They're both beginner level but Michie's style is fuck ugly, no wonder Holly keeps her around. They're made for each other.

No. 723418

theyre both beginner but i agree- michie's style is ugly. It kind of makes me wonder why cinnabani was collabing with her- do you think michie approached her? it could have been before she got 'bigger'.

No. 723423

Did Holly delete that stream she did before Michie joined in? Cuz she has some 'slave owners were people too uwu' comments in it that I feel like would get her way more shit than the SA comments.

No. 723424

seems like it

No. 723425

She deleted it, but it was reuploaded: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qO9-5dzKRBM&t=

No. 723429

We should put this in the OP next thread.

No. 723441

Can someone find the timestamp of it?

No. 723449

I know it's towards the end. Would find it but can't watch RN

No. 723477

That's the wrong part, it's this one

I don't know how to timestamp videos but it starts around 2:54:00

2:56:03 "I just never understand that 'he froced me to suck his dick' it's like bitch bite down laughs"

No. 723482

Nah, they were talking about the solo stream/slavery justification this time. You can timestamp by selecting the "share" option under videos and selecting a starting time btw

No. 723488

Ah, my bad I misread it

Tnx for letting me know

No. 723507

She also has this weird ramble session in that stream about the definition of 'gay' and how apparently it's not gay for men to have sex with each other, it's only gay if they are in love. Which,,,,what lmao what. It's this weird argument angry Christan historian like to make if you try to point out a famous historical figure is gay. They freak out and say it's the culture and it doesn't count if men are fucking men cuz they totes straight.

No. 723514


How do you fuck up so bad that your style ends up being puffy AND stiff at the same time.

I wonder what brought about this collab, and why they ended up not going through with it (this is from a yr ago?) maybe it WAS that Michie got bigger and decided to brush it off or something, we'll never know (I know Michie got popular because she decided to do some 'art rants' on yt).

Anyway it'll be interesting to see Holly and Michie's dynamic over time. Pretty sure neither of them have much going for themselves, and Michie is stuck on that sinking ship with Holly now.

No. 723535

my bet is either michie got big and blew off cinnabani, or cinnabani got the sense she was similar to holly from their interaction and bailed out.

sage for no contribute

No. 723538

The slavery stuff comes up at 2 hrs 55 minutes

No. 723558

Holy fuck, look at that paw hand holding the towel (and the bendy forearm)

No. 723562

Yeah idk if any of you have actually watched Michie draw but the process is so weird to me. Like I'm familiar with digital art but she takes short cuts to a new level. It's why her stuff is so awkward looking it's like she pieces stuff together instead of just drawing.

No. 723564

y i k e s

michie is well on her way to becoming a cow herself. its only a matter of time.

No. 723590

Michie's style is so fucking ugly. I'd ask how she has any sort of following but then I remember Holly has 300k followers and her art is even uglier.

No. 723634

There's so many "art" youtubers now who have hideous art and are only popular for making rant videos or talking about their basic ass lives. Check out creepshowart or Piper Sweeney

No. 723680

OT reply sorry but god they're both god awful, and not even remotely interesting to listen to. this shit makes holly look professional

No. 723720

i think anon meant to check them out bc they're examples of art ytbers with ugly art who are only popular for their rants

but agreed their art is fuuuugly

No. 723767

File: 1540886943759.png (623.66 KB, 937x825, catdriving.png)

No. 723773

Not super fresh milk but I used to talk to Howwy out of pity and heres some of the baffling shit shes said to me (i dont talk to her anymore shes a horrible person) :
- genuenly actually thought i would KILL myself if she stopped talking to me as if shes the most important thing in my life
- sends pictures of fat people as like jokes I think , Like how youd send a meme
- is really weirdly and maybe unintentionaly racist ( x group of people cant draw, japanese people are so much better etc)
- contstantly shits on published comics and implies she can do a way better job
- gets obsessed with art mediums and will talk about it at lenght and about how good she is with it….3 weeks pass, she moves on and shits on people who use said medium
- weirdly into bad cartoons
- talks about how she doesnt socialise irl because other people dont like dat gay sheet
- talks a lot about rape and sex even after I said I was uncomfortable with it
- Not open to anything new, calls it stupid withouth even knowing what it is

I havent talked to her in a really long time and blocked her on everything I could block her on. Shes the worst person ive ever interaccted with and I feel bad for spending so much time on her . Shes really manipulative because she talks about how bad her life is and how she has no friends so I felt bad but at one point ( 4 months ago???) I just had to start ignoring her because she was So fucking creepy. I cant feel bad for her anymore shes evil.

No. 723775

it took her a whole month to ship out orders…?

how long ago were you friends?

No. 723776

Long ago, theres a lot of shit to say and a lot I dont want to say but I started ghosting her shortly after the seize thing. Bascally I just stopped responding. I was never really comfortable with her to be honest and Im mad I stayed around

No. 723783

Pls tell me you got some screencaps to share

No. 723831

Screencaps/other proof or don't post sagey shit like this.

No. 723832

File: 1540904152322.png (472.83 KB, 465x828, instastory.png)

No. 723849

>finished sketches carefully placed on the page
>"garbage drawings"
She's really fishing for those pity points, huh.

No. 723852

File: 1540908491744.jpg (578.78 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20181030-090756_You…)

No. 723879

It wasn't really a joke though, and it definitely wasn't out of context. These kids, ugh..

No. 723919

Plenty of SA victims are able to make jokes about the topic, but hopefully with people who are okay with them doing so. You don't get a free pass to be an asshole just because something bad happened to you.

Doesn't matter, since it wasn't taken out of context. Her fans are so deluded.

No. 723937

true not everyone who has been through that is in a place where they can just joke about it. It saddens me that her fans are this gullible, What Holly said was not even a joke. I hope that her fans move on from this train wreck of a person at some point.I also hope with a slim chance holly can realize that what she said was wrong and will own up. But we will be waiting a decade for that to happen.

No. 723940

I'm curious to know which group of people she believes can't draw lmao

No. 723953

Based on her streams she seems to lean heavily into stereotypes (maybe cuz she never leaves her house enough to meet not white folks) but I honestly can't think of a racial drawing stereotype lol.

She did say on the stream she doesn't like the French tho. I think that's like a Texas thing tho? Do Texans hate French people?

No. 723962

No, Holly is just a fuck. I dont give a damn about anyone but i sure as hell hate holly, of only I could've gone to her booth at SJ and seen it in all its pathetic glory.

No. 723990

File: 1540929687880.png (395.36 KB, 466x815, instastory1.png)

No. 724001

I think that the anon meant she spouted shit like "Mexican/ Norwegian/ American/etc people can't draw", but yet SHE and Japanese people can do anything, obvs

No. 724115

OT but I really want it to be about Norwegians not being able to draw. If the anon is being truthful, it's most likely about the French though.

No. 724315

>>723410 am i the only one that thinks this person is using this whole holly drama to get attention on her own twitter and youtube? thats what it seems like

No. 724316


Does it matter? No, no one else has really openly called holly brown out as of lately so let her stir as much shit up as possible.

No. 724319

It wouldn't be that much of a surprise. I can't think of any other reason any self respecting artist on social media would go as far as she did to try and prop herself up as this "beacon of truth" about Holly.
Like anon said, let her do her thing.

No. 724331

File: 1540974762333.png (72.91 KB, 532x959, tumblrq.png)

Cool enabler fanbase you've got there, Holly. I feel like she's constantly redirecting the conversation to avoid what she actually said.

No. 724332

File: 1540974787837.png (30.2 KB, 532x388, tumblrq1.png)

No. 724363

seasonal affective dissorder is the whitest thing this bitch has said

No. 724392

New vlog

No. 724395

she seems genuinely sad. this is hard to watch

No. 724397

ok i take it back she started talking about underage porn art

No. 724398

File: 1540989778617.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.21 MB, 1962x1094, 57766A71-850D-4094-9FA3-9522C8…)

Vampire au of elf porn comic thumbnails

No. 724401

File: 1540990369476.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 635.69 KB, 2086x1532, 0AEF9120-F471-4B45-8CB6-D826F1…)

No. 724402

>is this his glamnir (?) makns me do this?
>no i think i thnk i just want him

And so it begins

No. 724427

Awe poor baby holly doesn't have anyone to hold her hand.
Grown up brown your, 22 years old you can figure out how to make yourself better, we don't have to give you a step by step process. Besides you wouldn't follow it anyway.

No. 724430

Wait they're vampires? Why are they purple the? I thought they were aliens

No. 724432

They are still alien elves, but Holly has a vampire fetish, so they'll kind of be that too. Plus the weird genitals she was talking about at some point, guess that fits in with the alien thing.

No. 724437

Wait holly has a job now?
She said school and work?

No. 724440

Holly has a long way to go before she can live solely on internet bux…
I can see her almost use some elements of under drawing in a few of her newer sketches but I’m always disappointed.
Despite Holly’s years of drawing and art school, she still sketches using outer lines. No draw through for ol’Holly Brown. No action line, no under drawing, and no iterations of those thumbnails.
Does Holly really thinks she gets it right the first time, every time? It’s so obvious that she’s wasting time on finishing these comics to turn a profit. That’s why these stories and characters are forgettable.

No. 724465

She's gonna make a doujin about her characters who's comic only has a couple of pages again?

No. 724473

It’s like some sort of twisted déjà-vu

No. 724474

Im pretty sure the thumbnails are for the actual plot and not a doujin since this one is suplosed to be an 18+ comic because sge said she can't draw porn without plot

No. 724475

It’s for the doujin because in that scenario one of them is a vampire and glamours the other one into fucking him.

No. 724476

Regarding her brother I would like to his side of things. The only thing I think suspect is that you said her brother is waiting for Prison which is incorrect and should be jail. I'm really sceptical about the vlog, for me I find it convenient and seems like she's using it gain sympathy and for her fans to feel sorry and rally around her after all the drama set up here. I'm a cunt so maybe I'm wrong.

No. 724479

Every sex scene she has written has included non-con elements I guess consensual sex is not exciting enough for holly's stories.

No. 724483

Non-con is pretty popular fetish, especially for people who have never had sex before. If Holly wants to draw non-con porn let her, it really doesn't effect anybody. However if Holly wants to spew shit about how rape isn't rape if you don't fight back or some other nonsense then she has another thing coming.

Her brother might be out on bail or something like that. Also Holly's brother isn't her biological brother right? It might be possible Holly's Aunt paid bail or something to let her son out of jail. Either way I really don't care enough about Holly's personal life to dig up this junk so I guess some other anon is going to have to provide milk for this.

No. 724490

Holly's home situation is pretty convoluted. Idk either if that's her actual brother, but she dies have a lot of siblings (including the half ones)

I wonder if her aunt (who she calls mom) and her are the only ones living there. Her vlogs are so lonely, she probably doesn't want to show them which is fine and all, they probably have jobs/school unlike holly.

And she really needs to clean her room. Living in filth isn't good for your health or mind.

No. 724491

i see where you're coming from, but given how people acted towards other people who called holly out, i wouldnt put my money on that being why

No. 724497

I doubt it. She's mentioned her brother issues numerous times long before this recent drama started. I don't think it's to garner sympathy.

Also, this is my first time posting so I'm a little unsure of things. You're supposed to enter sage in the email field if your not contributing new milk, right? Or is it the other way around?

No. 724510

yes, you add sage to the email if you're not contributing

No. 724534

I believe Holly's grievences with her brother are genuine, he does sound like a piece of shit and if she is contributing money towards bills then she has a right to be annoyed that her auntmom continually lets him back in the house.

Of course if she was better with money she could probably move out…

No. 724544

The problem with holly is that she’s constantly lying, so she cannot be trusted.
She started saying she pays for her own food, then she buys groceries, suddenly she’s the one paying bills, then she’s paying almost full rent plus bills plus groceries, now she’s back to groceries.
I think she only pays for some groceries, and I do understand having bad blood with your sibling but if everything he’s doing is eating groceries and laying in a couch… I mean it’s her mom’s house, if she doesn’t feel safe in there she’s free to move out instead of wanting to push somebody with an addiction on the streets again.
If he was seriously dangerous I doubt her mom would keep him in, since she kicked him out once already.
Holly is all about second chances when it’s avout her but she doesn’t want to admit that maybe drugs are his brother’s way of coping just like cutting was hers.
He could be shit, but we’ll never know because holly is telling so many lies it’s impossible to say what’s true.

No. 724567

I don't think Holly's lying. When you're addicted to drugs (not just smoking weed when you're stressed but a real addiction) you cease to function like a normal human being. You will steal from your own mother to feed your habit. Her mom coddling her son doesn't mean he isn't a piece of shit. But you're right, Holly could move out. Maybe she doesn't want to leave her mom alone in the house with him. Holly lies, but her family situation is the one thing i think she's being truthful about. Her family has nothing to do with her shitty art and personality though, it's not very relevant to this thread…

No. 724572

Hey, I saw some people claim (on twitter and youtube, I think) that they had many other examples of Holly tracing and getting away with it, does anyone here have examples like that? Other than the things that were posted on lolcow, that is

She probably isn't just straight up lying about that, but she probably IS playing it up a bit for her audience. It might sound cunty, but that's just what she does. We already know what she wants her fans to think about all of this - someone with a hard life is being bullied by sjw's, oh no.

No. 724574

I feel that her family matter should be left off this thread all together.
unless is a direct cause for concern
we don't live with her 24/7 so we don't know what goes down.that is unless brown lives streams 24 7

No. 724576

Agreed, BRowns not a cow bc she hates her brother. Let’s just shit talk her autistic art and bad personality.

No. 724578

File: 1541023087154.jpg (137.37 KB, 1024x768, hollyBRown.jpg)

I've spotted a bunch of stuff im 99% sure she's traced, but I couldn't find a source for so I never posted them.

Since she throws 3D refs in there, it's really hard to track if it's a stock photo she got off google images, someone elses fanart, anime caps, or someone elses comic… And I'm not reading & watching every single thing she's ever mentioned lmao. I hope those people did recognize some of these and I hope the post receipts, but it was probably just what we've seen on lolcow already.

No. 724581

A lot of the stuff she posts seems like it's traced/Frankenstein'd together from various sources. Then again this could be because Holly has no idea how to draw things inhabiting a 3d space.

No. 724584

Yeah, you're probably right about all of that, I somehow got the vibe that it was a lot more than we've seen on lolcow from how some users were talking though. Hopefully someone comes forward about it (if it's even true). I'm very hungry for BRown tracing conspiracy pictures, lol

>Then again this could be because Holly has no idea how to draw things inhabiting a 3d space
For sure, that too. She's just such a hack though, it's hard to believe she has never done this before.

No. 724587

Holly has no right to complain about her brother, she’s an adult she can move out and she’s finally getting a liscence after how many months? Jesus

No. 724591

She's a womanchild pretending she has it together. She always gloats how she's making a living and not "flipping burgers" but it's not very impressive when she still lives at home and is completely dependent on her family.

No. 724600

holly is in twisted disasters livestream


No. 724608

That must be someone else because Holly HAD to stop doing those so that no one would take anything she says out of context uwu

No. 724628

I tune in and the first thing I hear is "I don't see how it's racist to…"

Christ holly. this is exactly why you said you'd stop doing livestreams jesus christ

No. 724629

I feel that way too, and a lot of this shit reeks of self-post to me ngl

No. 724644

So… What's "not racist" according to the bridge trolls?

No. 724673

Eh, it seems like she has farmer anons on her twitter question thing, I wouldn't put it past them to post her in here.

No. 724730


Here's the timestamp. (2:45:59 in case it didn't work)

It's nothing that could be considered milk. They're just complaining about straw SJWs.

They were saying that if a fictional location is based off a real world location the characters should reflect the racial demographics of the real location it's inspired by. So, an Asian inspired fantasy world should be full of Asian looking characters and not Black people.

No. 724756

My issue with this argument is when there's a random white character no one bitches but as soon as black people exist it's unrealistic.

No. 724854

File: 1541075947181.png (499.96 KB, 467x825, orders.png)

Looks like someone is still neglecting the zine

Michelle actually always complains about imaginary critics in pretty much every stream she's in, it's a little weird. I guess her and Holly really are a good match after all

No. 724860

That's not true, a lot of sjw's complain when a white character is a main character in a mainly non-white setting. Look at something like 'The Last Samurai' for example. Also sjw's love to claim 'cultural appropriation' whenever a white character uses items or skills usually associated with a real life race. I remember some people being mad at Raven from Teen Titans for this a long while back.

Holly and Twisted's both love to pull the 'I'm so edgy people complain about me' shtick because their art is so bland no one would ever actually watch their livestreams for it alone. Things like attacking straw-men critics or saying really controversial things and starting drama draws their angsty teen audience to them and is the source behind their popularity.

No. 724877

I mean I didn't mean the SJWs they are just as stupid as the alt right fucks that claim black people can't exist in fantasy settings because they are European based which doesn't hold up cuz the Moors were in Europe as early as the 5th century.

No. 724879

The Last Samurai was fucking awful and the fact that you're using that as an example pretty much invalidates your post for me lol.

No. 724883

I agree, both extremes are pretty dumb. I feel like writers and other creatives should have the right to populate their worlds with whatever they want without being called out for this shit as long as their character's aren't racist caricatures or something.

Kek sorry I triggered you

No. 724886

Both Holly and her friend want to seem like they know a lot of stuff, but in reality their both really dull and boring.
So to make up for that they have to put up this act of being edgy.
Which is really annoying tbh, it really shows when the use strawman arguments against sjws. I'm not one myself but I would hope at some point they could talk to a reasonable leftist that isn't extreme and find some understaing.
Because when they keep this up, obviously its like teen who gets into politics who thinks that the that they can't be freinds with the other side. When in fact if you aren't an extreme on either side usually you can find common ground as adults.
But this whole yelling "sjws censored me" bullshit is stupid if brown truly was a no bullshit person or has tough as she makes out to be she wouldn't be as sensitive as the sjws she hates so much.

No. 724888

File: 1541081999779.png (405.2 KB, 1016x748, hollsbnha.png)

I really dislike seeing BNHA in the BRown style

No. 724891

This isn't even funny but I lold so fucking hard

Every time someone has called that girl creepy they get told that it's good that 'someone's' calling her out. It's just weirdly protective of some random artist. Girl's a sponge, friend.

UGH it's a tired point but I HATE the way she draws muscles. His pecs look like weird little saggy boobies. Also, gotta love how it looks like he's fisting himself because hands are hard to draw. I also like this trend of characters being haunted by ghostly forest-wedges.

No. 724893

sorry, meant to quote >>724316 , not >>724319

No. 724913

her cat is really pretty

No. 724921

Tinfoiling here; We know that holly follows Amberlynn Reid who is tragicomically aware of hate followers, do you guys think holly has just finally given up and made the switch to troll channel like her favorite lolwhale ?

No. 724941

I don't know if Holly would be capable of such a thing.
AL obviously doesn't give a shit about anything, she cries on camera to fake it and get views because she literally can't survive without youtube bucks, and has a way more bubbly personality to let her ignore everything around her. She has just enough self awareness to capitalize on her own shame.
Holly is too insecure and fragile to let herself become a troll channel like AL. She goes insane at the drop of a single bad comment and never shuts up about it, not to mention I don't believe for one second she would still do art if she didn't have people telling her she was good at it (which she's not). On top of that, she has no life outside of the internet, so putting up a fake persona for views gets her nothing and would drag her down mentally even moreso than just dealing with us.
If Holly became a troll channel, she would break the facade after a week since she needs those precious compliments from her 5 year old fanbase.

No. 724946

Agreed. Holly literally deleted her twitter account because of 'drama', she obviously cares about what the internet thinks about her.

No. 724965

I can't believe people actually buy her sketchbooks. I can understand buying a comic with poor art if you like the story or if it appeals to some niche interest of yours but what reason is there to buy a poorly sketchbook?

No. 724977

She could just use gumroad(I think that's what its called)
Just scan it in and upload the her fans can pay for that.

No. 725016

The reason is because people are glad that someone's calling her out. We don't really care why she's doing it (fame, personal reason, holly being rude to friend, etc etc) there could be multiple reasons. Nobody particularly cares why because most people just let Holly get away with her bullfuckery, this artist isn't. I personally don't give a shit if she's trying to get famous off this or not, I just care that more people know holly is a dumpster fire.

sage for no contribute

No. 725053

honestly if someone has the balls to call out holly with her big, toxic fanbase I applaud them for using it to build their audience from the few people who agree with them

No. 725075

I wasn't paying attention to earlier Holly threads, but was this video ever discussed here? The girl snapped on Holly lmfao.
It was uploaded on February this year…

No. 725077

I'm glad that's she's kept it up tbh
Since that one person who really didn't have a following said something towards about her(holly) sexual assault views, and even at the time letting people know with the link to the full live stream. Holly responded on Twitter then Cinna join in which I think scared holly even more.
Hopfully this makes sense

No. 725084

Pretty sure this was discussed already, the like/dislike ratio on this is depressing.

No. 725096

oh sorry for posting old milk then

No. 725103

i think it's safe to assume holly will do nothing but the bare minimum for the zine as long as she can get away with it. it's almost pointless to bring up anymore.

cinna's obsession with calling out holly is weird at face value but at least someone is putting some pressure on? it worked enough to provoke deletion/a response and made holly squirm so whatever.

No. 725105

I'm possibly in a minority here but I actually enjoy watching the cows create their own drama/downfall. There's no way Cinna isn't a farmer or at least she is clearly getting her information from here. There's nothing wrong with that, per se, I just feel it takes away from the humor a little - I'm not sure why.
I think a lot of people like Cinna are just so self-righteous that even when when compared to Holly I'm like "bish, and you so good? wtf." Just kinda smug. Bugs me.
Srry for OT.

No. 725113


To be fair, this Cinna IS one of the bigger reasons she deleted her twitter, at least, helped precipitate it. Not sure if the choice was a long time coming but either way, the milk's slower now because of her little crusade.

No. 725114

Of all the shit Holly's gotten away with, tracing is what she gets caught doing and comes to a grinding halt for. it's kinda funny.

No. 725118


No one cares, let her beat the cow dead.

No. 725128

i think holly is too lonely and narcissistic to go for long without social media. she will come back once the tracing shit blows over.

No. 725133

eh, It's not like holly hasn't exploded and come back before. It slows down and then the cow starts spurting milk all over the place when they return. Just gotta wait.

No. 725135

ntayrt, but if cinna didn't get her info here, where else (other than maybe pull, which has far less content/receipts) would she get her info? I'd find it way less entertaining to watch if she was stalking through every inch of holly's content on her own. That'd be a bit obsessive.

saging for OT

No. 725140

tbf, it's one of the cardinal art sins that people get angry abt. Rape/racism/right-wing dumbassery gets argued abt all the time but most artists agree that tracing, especially for MERCH is bad.

No. 725161

It's because the rest of her shit, while awful, is subjective. Even when she shares balls to the wall crazy opinions about consent or rape a lot of her followers will just say "well I don't think that counts" or whatever.
Tracing is objective. She has her excuses for why, but it's undeniable that she did it.

Not to mention a lot of Holly's fans want to excuse her behavior because she's their art role model, since most of them are children or otherwise inexperienced. If you can prove that she's not just a shitty person, she's a shitty and unsuccessful artist too, then their idolation of her will break and they'll start to see her problems. It's already happening if the influx of "I used to be a fan-" anons/Tweets are any indication.

No. 725171

She IS a successful artist proving that hell exists and we're in it. Obviously her business model is non-existent and she always fucks everything up immediately after money changes hands, but the fact that she sells things at all is ridiculous! If she fixed (or marketed) her shitty personality she'd make a fucking mint off her braindead fans. She's a lazy spoilt brat.
Yes I'm jelly as a struggling artist who can actually draw.

No. 725178

People like to give money to people they feel sorry for. Holly has established herself as an artist living in poverty with a shitty home situation, severe depression resulting in cutting, suicide attempt…people give her money and try to help her because of this. If she lived a relatively comfortable life everyone would see her for the person she is.

Being poor or mentally ill isn't a pass for you to act like a jackass, holly seems to get away with it though. She isn't even grateful for her business, always complaining about fulfilling orders and messing up zines for paying customers. Holly isn't making money off her art, she's making money because she's a personality on the internet

No. 725196

File: 1541129038251.jpg (664.45 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20181101-222349_Chr…)

No. 725204

She isn't, though. She'll spend $2k on supplies, make $1.5k back, and think she made $1.5k profit. Her expenses are insane - is spreadsheet anon still around? She's not successful, just emphasizes the sales she does make and ignores the overhead costs drowning them out.

She's behind on her orders, zines, comics, Patreon, other projects, and merch, most of which only appeals to existing fans. And she's burned all her bridges for ever being employed in the industry if she changed her mind.

You're right that if she kept her costs down and released consistent and affordable merch she could legitimately capitalize on her luck like so many other mediocre artists, but she hasn't. Sales alone aren't a measure of success, there's not much to be jelly of.

Contentious issue but Holly exaggerates everything in her life for sympathy and I'm pretty sure money is one of those things. Like she'll hint at barely being able to afford groceries then snap a $$$ food haul for her latest fad diet. She could still have money problems but her own overspending is a major cause.

No. 725234

which farmer decided to message her is what i want to know, theres no way that wasn't one of you guys.

No. 725251

i have to agree. i'm getting a vibe just from what's been posted here that cinna's on a big ole ego trip because she took all the shit culminated here and sort of passes it off as her own observations, since she's one of the few people who's bothered attaching their name to the criticism. i kinda want her to just fuck off and let holly be a dipshit on her own. you're not a hero for reading a thread and regurgitating every point made here.

No. 725258

I like that shes being called out. Some anons do and some don't but bitching about it ain't gonna make Cinna stop.

No. 725264

I mean, she can see stuff here and agree then use it in her own explanation of it, i don't really care.

most of us here agree w/ the majority of whats posted abt holly, I don't see why it's any different just bc she's attaching her name to it.

No. 725266

File: 1541146703464.png (52 KB, 578x426, cinna_answer_cc.png)

No. 725284

File: 1541152305823.png (562.94 KB, 463x818, huevember.png)

No. 725319

I hate when she jumps on challenges like this. Focus on ur comics holly ure literally so behind on them. The nsfw comic barely has any pages on patreon. She also said she was going to post daily sketches on instagram and that hasn’t happened either. She just can’t commit to anything she does it’s frustrating

No. 725333

She likes the idea of being busy but can’t handle the stress of actually doing things.

No. 725347

Wasn't she the same person who was shitting on challenges like this during Inktober?

No. 725352

File: 1541169094748.png (750.54 KB, 629x895, huevember1.png)

"Decided to do huevember. I’m sure I’m somehow breaking the rules by not exclusively using those eye bleeding neons but Christ I cannot, I cannot do neon. My bones will break if I use that gatorade piss yellow - anyways I’m doin a fantasy AU #huevember #fantasyau"

Wow, BRown doing something for clout but talking shit about other people doing it as well? Unexpected.

No. 725362

I don't care that she's calling holly out, and I don't mind that her interactions WITH Holly were posted, but why tf are all her asks and opinions on Holly being posted at all?? This thread isn't about her nobody cares. That's what is annoying most people and makes it seem really self-posty imo.

No. 725364


Sweet, because people are SO interested in seeing yet another AU concept for a comic that's barely off the ground. Intriguing. /s.

Also Herschel's uneven boot cuff is killin me softly.

No. 725370

what the hell happened to Ash's pelvic area?

No. 725389

Stfu holly, the challenge literally says you can change the saturation as long as u use the hue for the day. I swear to god she thinks shes so special and unique for not “following the rules” it kills me.

No. 725419

I hate that her fucking suit or whatever she’s wearing is loose but at the same time skin tight since it’s cupping her boobs??? Make up your mind holly

No. 725440

To be fair, it's not that unrealistic for clothing to be loose in one area and tight in another.

No. 725479

realistic or not, it looks ugly as sin

No. 725486

>says the neon colours are piss ugly

> uses the most horrendous hues possible instead

No. 725507

File: 1541191748620.png (19.79 KB, 543x317, bnhac.png)

In case you were wondering what the queen of natural storytelling and characters thinks about BNHA villains.

Er, I've been seeing this weird yaoi dragonball girl making incoherent comments on different Holly-related videos/making strange meme streams about her, sort of like she's the anti-Keith. That's not one of you guys, right?

No. 725526

she has one of holly's motion swoosh capes coming out of her back but it's in the second frame as well so … i guess it actually is a cape this time?

I looked at the tag and the other drawings are so good because they're color drawings with a dominant hue, not black and white drawings with a nasty wash

No. 725527

If it's a cape, what kind of character design is this? Judging from the kunai, Ash is a ninja/rogue/stealth character. Why would she have a fucking cape that draws attention??

No. 725542

eh, I've posted a few because it was related to holly. kind of like how we post michie when she talks about holly.

No. 725620


I still can't tell if it's a cape or motion lines. It looks like a cape in the first panel but weird motion lines in the second panel because it stops at the horizontal line/ground. It meets the ground. If it were a cape I would expect it to flutter more behind her or drape down closer to her feet.

No. 725639

When you guys are talking about capes/action lines…
And here i am thinking that shit is fairy wings lmao!! Yikes(don't use emojis)

No. 725646

AUghhh I am so angry.
She's been drawing such saggy curves lately, ash's ass is both chunky and droopy like some middleaged woman in 80s aerobics gear.
You're not just meant to take any old sketch and splash the colour on it, that's not a challenge that's just drawing every day!

and hersh's good power stance/failed leg-shelf reminds me of when I used to pull my action-figures' legs in the wrong direction
how saddddd

No. 725680

Also if anyone calls holly out
they usually get bombarded with comments from her fans saying she has depression.
As someone who has Anxiety and Depression mental illness is not an excuse for being an asshole and a scam artist.
But it can be worrying at time since holly lives in such filth and wont help her self .
at the end of the day she puts more filth in her room and lets it pile up and also puts filth on her soical media .

No. 725708

imagine holding a knife like that. Holly should just pay someone on fiverr to do the lineart. There are probably people that could knock out what takes her 3 days in 30 mins and for $5 if they're in a poorer country, and it would look better.

No. 725729

File: 1541219849946.jpg (7.03 KB, 425x353, 31jw9Ct9e8L._SX425_.jpg)

it's meant to be a kunai, they're throwing-knives
coz you know, fantasy europe = naruto

No. 725737

Eh, a fantasy setting doesn't need to be a one to one equivalent to the real world culture it's based on. I don't think there's anything wrong with throwing some Asian stuff into a European based setting or vice-versa.

No. 725751

Imagine your neck being skinnier than your wrist.

Like unrealistically skinny necks could be a style feature but her necks are inconsistent and when they are super skinny they make no sense in relation to the rest of the characters proportions.

No. 725753

Someone should make a 'Beginner Artist Anatomy Mistakes' video like hers but just emulate all of Hollys mistakes (w/o naming her that is)

Claw hands, neck and collar bones, her shoulders and flat muscleless chests, the arm lines, arms too long or don't match in length, ect ect)

No. 725759

hershel's hideous hair
giraffe neck
long ass torso?? and long fucked up spider legs??

No. 725761

you're assuming she's not going to do it autistically tho (and she is), if she does anything else with it except this bad drawing, (which she won't).

lmaaaaooo just a whole lesson played completely straight using her pictures as the WRONG examples. hahaha.

No. 725803

No. 725804

File: 1541236758827.png (543.82 KB, 448x802, driving.png)

No. 725807

holly is such a blatant weaboo she thinks the whole blood type japanese personality thing is cool but a while back she was shitting on astrology or something? don't they both practically follow the same logic? so god damn annoying

No. 725809

oh ew she actually is just reselling the blood bags lmao most artists actually put them on charms instead

No. 725810

An artist called Holly out her shitty behaviour and her views on rape and Holly deleted her Instagram lmao
The milk is so good

No. 725811

Oh wow, did anyone catch the comment that triggered this?

No. 725812

Oh my god. Screenshots?

No. 725819

File: 1541239737497.jpg (46.34 KB, 521x911, 1.3.JPG)


No. 725820

File: 1541239795895.jpg (42.78 KB, 533x907, 2.3.JPG)


No. 725821

File: 1541239819399.jpg (50.43 KB, 536x917, 3.3.JPG)


No. 725822

File: 1541240043765.jpg (52.34 KB, 512x911, 4.JPG)

This instagram artist has like 300k followers
When I watching her story I didn't think her followers actually gave a shit
>5 hours later
>fucking kek

No. 725824

Who is this artist?

No. 725825

No backbone brown at it again with deleting
How much are we going to put down for her YouTube channel getting deleted in a fit of rage?
Or another "I'm the victim video"

No. 725826

Holy shit, it's happening. Who's the artist?

I bet it'll be the victim video route this time, or like the last time when she made video saying "no one could censor her!!!!!"

No. 725827

It's Lanajay_art
It's still on her story

No. 725829

Thank you! I actually thought BRown was going to get away with all of this, guess not lol.

No. 725831

Thanks, oh wow that is a really big name artist calling Holly out. I hope more artists see it

No. 725834

It's finally the end of HollyBRown ? kek

No. 725836

Good fucking riddance.

No. 725838

You'd think she would be smarter than deleting everything which makes her look super guilty…

No. 725840

i've read threads but i tend to skip the rape stuff… can someone real quick answer - is the insta person right that she said women like being raped - because I thought holly said that was edited together from when she was talking about kinks

No. 725841

File: 1541243344951.jpg (56.83 KB, 1325x267, 01.JPG)

It's back. @hcbrownart

No. 725844

File: 1541243592650.jpg (28.93 KB, 322x267, 02.JPG)

seems like she is pissed.

No. 725846

… why is she tagging huevember?

Also thank god somebody big called her out.

And to me she just deleted the Instagram and then realised it was bullshit.

No. 725847

lmao, she really deleted to avoid any backlash. I can't believe how much of a fucking coward she is. it's always the ones that talk the most shit who turn out to be complete pussies.

No. 725853

Holly was lying when she said it was about kinks, it's a little hard to take something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6s5qu2gVxbU&t= out of context. The streams are up though, so you can judge for yourself. It wasn't edited to make her look bad, just to show what she said more easily.

No. 725854

Oh holy shit.. in this vlog our art queen has only been doing huevember for a day & is already bitching about the challenge.. she claims “you aren’t really learning color theory” if you choose do to a monochromatic piece… “you’re only learning value”.. NO holly each hue can bring out a different feeling and energy.. it’s abiut what those colors MEAN to you.. you know like deep down in that empty pit where a loving heart would be…

No. 725855

File: 1541246380476.png (24.56 KB, 513x273, thankscunt.png)

Hard to buy this after she's been lying so much lately, thanks cunt

No. 725857

>i have to cover my own characters arms too
Love how she tries to make us feel guilty by implying she self-harms/used to self-harm, as if that magically makes her innocent.

No. 725858

File: 1541246746820.jpeg (705.68 KB, 2045x2046, 78E6DF73-7690-43B1-8509-E3BDEA…)

Holly needs to start lifting, her characters arm muscles are so fucked

No. 725860

This is a flat out lie. She deleted it right after Lana's story was posted. That's way too much of a coincidence.

No. 725867

Yeah I have a hard time believing it was "reported"
And if it was reported, it sure ain't for self harm, but for endorsing rape. Of course, Holly won't admit that

No. 725870

She never posted rape related content on her Instagram, so I still think she deleted the Instagram after being called out by oh so many bad people

No. 725871

Maybe it was mass reported? That artist who called her out does have 300k

No. 725873

Instagram's reporting system does not work that quickly when evaluating if an account should be disabled/deleted. It usually takes hours for even a single post to be deleted. She just deactivated her own account, plain and simple. Otherwise she would of just filled out a form and stated the account she moved to was temporary until the situation was resolved.

No. 725885

This. She just didn't want any people coming from Lana's story to shit all over her.

No. 725889

She deleted because she got called out and now she's lying out her ass. All she does is lie, like she lied when she got caught tracing, and lied about getting into calarts. I wonder what else she's lying about. I'm so glad a big name artist went after her, maybe people will listen now

No. 725893

So much about this is dumb, but the dumbest part is that Holly "still mad about CalArts" BRown honestly expects us to believe she got over finding her Insta suspended in the course of a few hours. She would lose her mind and bitch on every social media platform she still had, not instantly give up and remake.

I hope she rushes a video to explain this too. She's an awful liar so she just contradicts herself as she thinks of better excuses lmao. Her pretense so far is that this is all about self-harm and not the callout so can't wait for her to fuck up and try to address her rape opinions again

No. 725894

Ah yes, exactly. I used insta often and report a lot of things before and it could take days, a week or a lil more for an account to be removed. Theres so many reports everyday so it takes time for someone or thing to check on the profile and what's wroung. And I dont think it could have been mass reporting. The artist who made the stories does have quite a following but some didnt even know who Holly was and well, I dont see why they would go off on her insta. Maybe like one or two people reported her just for fucks, but this was too fast.

No. 725899

first she said mass then later she said "someone"

No. 725900

Looks like there isn't any backlash, so maybe it worked? There are a few people in Lanjay's comments asking about it though. I really hope this goes somewhere, it would be both fitting and incredibly funny.

No. 725904

I remember when I was like 12 and first heard about rape, one of the things I thought was "just say you like it and the rapist will stop raping you because he just wants power over you". The same logic you would use to avoid schoolyard bullying.
I don't think Holly is malicious (woman hating) when she says stupid stuff, I really think she just hasn't experienced much of the world, and she has almost no real social interaction.
She was smart to say "no more livestreams" sine I think she realizes she can't help but unwittingly say really dumb shit. But it seems like, as usual, she can't take her own good advice.

No. 725938

This is terrible but I know exactly what you mean. When you're young and dumb and inexperienced, everything 'bad' happens to 'other' people, you're just watching it from the outside making comments. She hasn't developed empathy.

No. 725940

File: 1541260686669.jpeg (118.81 KB, 1171x1151, 395F6FB5-BAFD-4AAF-BAF7-8D12B2…)


I honestly don’t understand why artists with better skill and understanding of art ever follow her. It cannot be for her shitty “tip” videos or “real” personality, either.

Well, whatever. This shit good.

No. 725941

Probably the same reason why a lot of people follow her: she has a bearable voice and it really easy to have her videos running in the background while you do something else. Also I have a feeling a lot of people follow her on places like insta because they don't really know about the drama and they genuinely want to see Holly improve.

No. 725946

Doubt she follows.
>just found out some very disturbing stuff
She's just band-wagoning
Hella funny tho.

No. 725962

I followed her because I thought she had willpower since she was 300 pages into her story driven webcomic. Then I read it. Then I found this thread.

No. 725967

I do agree but I also think there's more to it. I think Holly finds rape sexually stimulating so she just assumes everyone does (they can't admit they like it). She definitely lacks empathy though she can't even get out of her own headspace to see things from someone else's perspective. Sometimes she's just an edgelord kid and other times she's practically an incel.

No. 725973

Wow she really is trying to push this "my account got flagged wow, wow guys that's so shitty wow i'm the victim" narrative. Clearly she's still trying to get sympathy from her fans. It'll be interesting to see how fast she rebuilds her following from here on out. People are going to be looking for her and might find these threads.

No. 725974

Your icon is showing.

No. 725976

anon ur username/profile pic is showing!

No. 725979

File: 1541265327953.png (273.11 KB, 450x796, positivity.png)

Holly made a very chipper snapchat video about the situation, she's really going to pretend the thing with Lanajay didn't just happen… Ok queen

"Anyways even though my fucking account got deleted SHIT can't let that.. Can't let that shit get me down, makin' some comics, they'll probably be posted later"

No. 725982

If her account really was flagged (not deleted herself) it isn't about the self harm shit. It was Holly pushing her rape fetish by saying all women secretly want it. What is this BS?

No. 725983

She wasn't doing that on instagram, so that can't be it though.

No. 725998

File: 1541268757794.png (14.88 KB, 399x111, insta.png)

Hoo boy, someone shared her new instagram in Lanajay_art's comments

No. 726019

If holly had just listened to the SA victims telling her why what she said was wrong, and learned from it, and apologized, none of this would have happened!! Oh well.

No. 726024

Holly isn't a professional artist, she's a professional asshole. It's kinda her thing. Art theft and tracing is fine, rape is sexy and artists better than her suck

No. 726025

She's not even a professional asshole. She is just some random fujo who was blessed by the youtube gods.

No. 726029

I'm pretty sure that information wouldn't even be available to her. Bitch is lyinnnn

preteen fujo defense squad in 3…2…1…

No. 726037

File: 1541275215224.png (168 KB, 521x827, Screenshot_20181103-135753.png)

No. 726040

Wait, I thought we didnt want cows to delete, which is it?

No. 726041

What is holly's snapchat? I didn't realize she had a public one.

No. 726042

She's lying as usual as Instagram will notiffy you first and then if you break the agreement which you respond to then they will ban you. It takes weeks as well, they don't just ban people that fast heck even ISIS crap doesn't get banned immediate.

No. 726045

holly people have seen the stuff unedited. You can't just shrug it off by saying that youre gonna link the 'full stream', nobody wants to sit through 2 hours of you and michie's shrill ass screaming and laughing

No. 726048

Ok lets say for arguments sake that she was taling about kinks, not sexual assault. If so many fucking people misunderstood her it’s literally because she sucks ass at communicating. Telling women who dont want to give a blow job to “bite down” is just weird. How is that even about a kink?

No. 726049

No. 726050

Can someone summarize what she says in this? Just listening to her voice gives me an onset headache.

No. 726051

I really hope she did not fall for the "out of context" shit, because that is just ridiculous. She is acting like different clips were frankensteined together to make her look bad.

No. 726055

Was she crying while she recorded this video? Her voice sounds really shakey, makes me feel kinda bad for her even though she brought that shit on herself

No. 726056

>consent in sex and shit like that.

she's not making herself sound any better.

No. 726057


>I have a whole comic about the effects of rape….And religion. I guess.

>i take the subject of rape seriously.

too fuckin late to walk back now Holly. You were careless.

No. 726060

She deleted all the comments addressing what she said in the stream on instagram, shocking.

No. 726061

She wasn't gonna do shit but now that a big popular artist on IG said something now she's sniveling and simpering about how much she fucked up and how 'misunderstood' she is.

AND it seems like lanajay backpedaled on her statement too.

No. 726063

>plays audio from stream; you can't be forced to give oral sex "bitch bite down"
>holly says this wasn't about rape, it was about "consent with partners" (???)
>she doesn't elaborate on how this is different
>holly says I don't think that about rape, I have a comic about the effects of rape!

and then more audio about woe is me I don't know how to say words so good fam idk I guess I'll just talk to you all like you're my grandma go follow my new instagram

No. 726064


I swear there was a pinned comment linking lana's IG, where she called her a 'nice person' on this vid's comments but it's gone now?

No. 726065

Yup, because if your partner rapes you it's totally not rape you guys!!1! /s

No. 726068

>>i'm bad at knowing what to say publicly

turn. on. your. goddamn. brain.

>>i can't move on without addressing this, i guess

i hope you can't move on from this. i hope it sticks to you for once. you're not sorry about what you've done. you're sorry that you got caught and for once you can't pretend it away. maybe it will finally make you grow the fuck up.

No. 726073

The comments under this video are just so sad. Even sadder than BRown not even blowing her goddamn nose and recording straight away to sound more genuine, because she too had a sob sob over this big matter! meanies hurt her! now she doesn't want to talk anymore! and it's the mean people's fault! because THEY EDITED IT and took it out of context!!

No. 726074

The fans are eating it up, as usual. Uwu sjw's are bullying Holly!!!

No. 726080

She said it's easy to prevent unwanted oral sex because the woman could just bite down. This is what she said, and it's untrue and insensitive and puts the prevention of rape on the woman's shoulders and until she realises how wrong this statement is she doesn't deserve forgiveness. she's still whining about people taking things out of context, no one did!! Hopefully she just stops talking about sex in general to her tween fanbase

No. 726084

She said someone edited a video to make it seem like she said something but to my knowledge there is no such video

And yeah sounds like she's fresh dome with crying

No. 726095

Sigh… this isn't the first time Holly is nearly crying in an apology video for the dumb shit she's said. Holly, why do you keep doing this to yourself?

No. 726098

I remember reading a thread on 4chan where someone mentioned they wanted to be an artist and draw fujo content. They were warned explicitly that the fujo community and the types surrounding it are toxic as fuck and will tear you down at the drop of a hat.
I don't understand why Holly is in the "art girl" community and acts so carelessly. Seriously Holly, why did you ever think it was ok to make commentary on rape?

No. 726101

File: 1541281043233.jpg (937.83 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20181103-163435_You…)

Let's face it holly not going get a proper call out at all. Her fans are going to coddle her and say "you don't have to change "
And still buy her shit
She's not going to really get any heat from many people, because let's face it her fans are a lost cause now.

No. 726104

File: 1541281313403.jpg (814.18 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20181103-163442_You…)

No. 726105

File: 1541281523509.jpg (809.69 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20181103-164541_You…)

No. 726106

File: 1541281553873.jpg (460.1 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20181103-164549_You…)

No. 726108

File: 1541281770542.jpg (862.56 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20181103-164748_You…)

Someone collect their angry 12 year old asap

No. 726109

File: 1541281796186.jpg (271.98 KB, 1440x1116, 20181103_164851.jpg)

No. 726114

File: 1541282361031.png (155.55 KB, 1210x801, lol.png)

Tfw you get the audience you deserve. I know they are probably all young, but damn these kids are gullible.

No. 726115

The girl who cried SJW strikes again

No. 726116

The girl who cried SJW strikes again

No. 726117

Let's be honest if anyone else did this then their life would be ruined.
But then again holly drug michie down with her, still she can't expect for those who where affect by it to just drop it because she was" crying "
I feel like a better apology would be to show her face and not hide behind a speed paint.
At the end of the day brown people will see you as trash no matter what, so you cab either suck it up like a big girl or change and get out of the echo chamber you created for once and change yourself for good.
Even if you apologize you can still make a mistake we've seen that with many online personalities.
So I'm no holding my breath for brown to not drop the ball again.
Watch it be a week from now tbh

No. 726118

This settles it for me. She did not correct them about women getting raped "because they were dressed provocatively" because of course not.

No. 726119

File: 1541282643820.png (98.69 KB, 1251x575, nopolpls.png)

This settles it for me. She did not correct them about women getting raped "because they were dressed provocatively" because of course not.

No. 726120

forgive this moron but where can I find the livestream with Michie that started all this drama?

No. 726121

File: 1541283440579.jpg (912.32 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20181103-171738_You…)

No. 726122

No. 726126

The girl who cried SJW strikes again lol

No. 726127

File: 1541285081020.png (77.61 KB, 384x619, cantaxt.png)

No. 726139

hey so i'm super late on this and all the other milk buried it but RE: that halloween Mitchie + Holly stream…

I wanted to watch to see what the racism stuff was about, and while that quote wasn't really specifically racist or anything, the entire stream is filled with slavery apologism and bizarrely Mitchie trying to play off her kink as a cute sfw concept (pet play, slave/master stuff). Rather than embracing it for what it is (a fantasy), she keeps trying to explain it away as "okay" that her slave character is a slave because he's owned by a wealthy family, and "well looked after". Even Holly balks at it a few times throughout the stream. what the fuck lmao

No. 726146

File: 1541286048424.png (27.57 KB, 399x264, delete.png)

And delete in 3… 2… 1

Thanks for making be think of TD engaging in pet play, jesus christ. Do you have any timestamps? That sounds… Interesting to say the least.

No. 726155

Holy shit I didn't hear that lmao so bizarre

No. 726157

The relevant portion of the live stream starts around 2:52:32

To be honest, after actually listening to the live stream I'm kinda on Holly's side this time. I thought she was just making excuses but after listening to the full conversation leading up to it and not just that one quote out of context it's incredibly obvious that she wasn't talking about rape.

No. 726164

honestly im not offended by it,
shes basically saying women have control in their sex lives w/ their partners

and the ppl who are actually offended are probably thinking about women who get pressured into sex because they are in abusive relationships. aka their partner isn't trustworthy

holly was talking about normal relationships & sexual consent

No. 726167

Let me ask you this then. In what normal consentual relationship is it okay to bite your partners dick off? Just saying.

No. 726168

I don't know anon, I've listened to it over and it doesn't seem "incredibly obvious" at all. I think she's wrong even on the bits that aren't iffy (I do not believe dudes can't cum without ladies, and I do not think most women have all the power in a sexual relationship at all), but when Mitchie transitions into "I hate it when girls say 'I had to do this', like you didn't have to do shit…" it becomes a shitshow. Maybe it's not what they meant but it's certainly what they said. Like did Mitchie ever think that they were pressured into it or in some situation where they didn't have the power and saying no wasn't much of an option? It's not "an excuse" either lmao like I just don't see it anon. yeesh.

No. 726169

I think people prefer to call her out on that specific quote rather than on more concrete examples of her rape apology (like the Seize "moral" at the end or Holly victim-blaming Simon) because they just jumped on the bandwagon and that quote is easy to find and repeat.

She did this to herself, though. None of this would have happened if she knew how to control herself and what she puts out online. Many creators have made much more offensive shit than she has and got away with it by having a solid public persona to back it up, but she just had to be a sleazy, scammy wreck.

No. 726170

not that anon but in the context of a normal relationship if you were feeling a bit pressured you wouldn't have to bite it fucking off, you could just bite a bit so the guy is like fuck, alright never mind. i feel like that's possibly what she had in mind

No. 726172

Her fans are young and stupid idiots who like the same shit she does. Not like Holly can sympathize with rape victims. I can't even remember the last time she dated a guy. But someone should tell her
Yes, your partner can rape you. Andyes your partner can force oral sex through violence. But again, Holly has noooo clue what the fuck she's talkin bout

No. 726173

In a normal, healthy relationship you don't get to the point where considering biting someone's dick off to get out of the situation is a viable concern. Geez.

No. 726174

>you could just bite a bit
That's still not a normal relationship anon, in those if you "feel a bit pressured" you talk about it.

Holly has no understanding of what relationships are like so maybe in her imagination biting genitals instead of using words is "normal", but let's not enable that shit.

No. 726176

Yup. Holly doesnt realize that if it gets to the point where you need to bite your partner, they are forcing it on you which is considered rape. So we’ve come full circle. How is that part about kinks?

No. 726178

Wait how was she victim blaming simon? Was it the comments under the pages or somewhere else?

No. 726180

File: 1541291284300.jpg (419.21 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20181103-192755_You…)

Yea maybe holly can pick up one to
Along side a communications book as well she needs that really bad.

No. 726182

File: 1541291552774.png (131.71 KB, 1361x625, Capture d’écran (440).png)

her comment under page 227, when the rape happens.

I get it's supposed to be "funny" but it's just distasteful.

No. 726183

File: 1541291559447.jpg (689.13 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20181103-193243_You…)

No. 726184

File: 1541291639309.jpg (222.96 KB, 1440x879, Screenshot_20181103-193301_You…)

Her fans are so great aren't the?
I mean when you behave a the way hollys does or pretends to.
She attracts really interesting people
But not the good kind tbh

No. 726188

That's a bit of a reach. I don't want it to sound like I'm some Holly fanboy but if you're going to criticize someone at least criticize them for stuff they actually did wrong instead of nitpicking crass jokes.

No. 726189

B-b-b-but rape only happens in dark alleyways and catholic churches, pop culture told me that, and pop culture could never be wrong! its not rape if u dont call it rape idk

No. 726192

She sure does love joking about rape in her Serious Adult story about a young kid dealing with the trauma of rape. Holly is a shitty fujo, that isn't a crime, it's just baffling to know respected artists like lanajay and minnie small ever watched her to begin with

No. 726193

To the anons saying she wasn't talking about rape, I think Holly is probably of the mind set of, 'you can't rape someone you're in a relationship with' especially if they've already had sex. That's…not how that works. If someone doesn't say yes, that is still a no. 'Convincing' someone to do something and being mad at them for being upset afterwards sounds like rape to me.

No. 726194

Especially if she's implying they are upset after its over because they're lying to themselves cuz women are oh so pious. It's exactly the same rhetoric rapists use after being accused.

No. 726195

No. 726196

File: 1541292476469.jpg (281.01 KB, 1440x1054, Screenshot_20181103-194758_You…)

Look what I found in the comment section?

No. 726197

No. 726198

>the HC Brown drama
Yeah no, it's your mess too Michelle.

No. 726199

Because lolcow is dedicated to just one person. Here we go again

No. 726205

But the comment didn't even say that?

No. 726211

File: 1541293709503.png (54.85 KB, 526x317, Holly.png)

Holly is in the livestream's chat defending the zine, apparently.

No. 726217

That was literally all she said. No explanation for the messed up Zines.

No. 726218

“It’s her first book” Do they even follow holly? She’s made so many books before, all offsite printing of course. Personally, as someone who molds and casts things themselves rather than offsite, you have to weigh in your mind a lot of things when you think about doing a project like this on your own. Holly completely underestimated doing a full printing and binding job at home. To get to a selling level quality at something you do yourself is a lot of work, and Holly completely underestimated that. If it was more expensive to do it offsite, she should have factored in that the quality would be much higher than the literal shit she produced at home. My first casts did not even see the light of day let alone trying to sell them as a product. She’s had a lot of experience with offsite printing and should have just stuck with it. Back when I was a fan of her I actually bought one of the books she published through create space or whatever. The build quality is great, the content is to be expected as it’s Holly. But to say “it’s her first book” and for TD to act like “it’s just a learning experience”. Maybe it’s a learning experience in leading a large group but certainly not in terms of product development. She’s produced many books and had the full sense to do offsite handling of her books. It’s foolish and stupid to think you can buy some bookbinding stuff and make hundreds of books by hand that are going to be a quality product worthy of selling. But that’s Holly. She bites off more than she can chew and then acts like she shouldn’t have known better. It’s extremely childish.

No. 726222

apparently there's a divide. A lot of people here would find it amusing if she was driven off the internet.
This is kind of what I meant before about having problems with all the cow tipping. It's not that I don't find it funny watching this girl getting her shit pushed in, and I'm not trying to be elitist complaining about cinna getting her info here, it's just that it's getting close to personal army/internet police ATM which is boring as fuck

lmao she's so unopinionated. Happy to go after SJWs coz they're a pop target but then the rightwing she panders to busts in to yell at her and she's like "muh rights, help me."

No. 726242

The best part about braindead kiddos coming to defend their mediocre idol is that some of them will actually read the thread and realize that it's not just blind hate.

No. 726246

File: 1541297995712.jpg (73.64 KB, 1440x325, Screenshot_20181103-212016_You…)

No. 726249

caught up and seconding this? I want to watch the cow in all her glory.

No. 726261

thanks for the link

putting myself through this awful livestream and man, if I hear uwu again I'm gonna punch something

No. 726320

File: 1541309560585.jpeg (3.05 MB, 3024x3024, DB3B34D6-032D-4BB7-AB8C-7C4808…)

Staaaaaap guys

No. 726333

Just got done watching Michelle's stream and it was basically "people are being mean :( because they took our rape apologist convo for what it was. :'(("

Saying she was "actually very angry"??? FOH. You don't have the right to be "actually angry", Michelle. You're an asshole who only cares that you're facing backlash for disgusting shit you've said. And, yes, your livelihood should suffer for it.

Sage for sperging

No. 726380

She kinda has no business on YT even if she can't handle Twitter. I love her mentality of "I'm so messed up" yet never tries to seek professional help. Like for fucks sake she needs to see a psychiatric doctor. I once upon a time did like her videos…. Key words "her video's " not her art. I have never liked her art. It's weird I hit this point when it finally hit me. She's such a narcissistic bitch. She shouldn't even have animals in her care. My. Fucking. God. It'd be funnier if animals weren't involved in her destructive behavior. I feel bad for the fish even. The tank looked abhorrent. I've several times suggested (down in the comments section) she should really try scripting and editing the damn "uh" and ums out. But she's too damn lazy. It's not childish Holly do actual research into what makes content creators more successful. It's not that hard lazy ass…

No. 726382

sage goes in the email field.

No. 726399

Honestly I'm starting to wonder IF she has any real relationship experience. I know there's a bdsm fetish with rp elements of forced sex but usually everyone involved is consenting in that scenario. But it's definitely nothing new that her jokes and shit were not thought out even. At least not to where she knew how bad it sounded. When the conversation went the direction it did I was laughing because I knew how absolutely fucked up it sounded. I honestly felt like she didn't even realize what she sounded like. Which is sad. Have some self awareness Holly. Pretty sure the problem with most "Rape apologists" arguments is it sounds like a women can easily just say it was rape just over regretting it later. Unless someone has obvious emotional scarring from it. I don't really count it as such. Some women really do get into a bind where they feel like they better go along with it or else. Yes but they would still have emotional baggage from it. Indicating rape pretty much. (Some rare cases folks block out the memories) Mostly I don't think she was talking rape apologist shit. I think she was just making horrible Hollyism's where she doesn't hear herself even.

No. 726403

>relationship experience

No, she doesn't. At all. She's your stereotypical virgin fujo.

No. 726415

bb, sage goes in the field that says email. Don't write anything else.

But yeah, she doesn't know anything about sex. I don't think she even sees herself as part of the human race tho. Just in that narc stage teens go through when they feel like people are characters so they're not being offensive to comment on sensitive issues. 'It's just a joke!' is easy to say if, like I said, you're talking about characters, not people.

No. 726419

File: 1541328341721.png (55.65 KB, 388x487, 11aal.png)

"Iv'e talked to her, and she thought she was doing the right thing" Not everyone is going to BRown town, luckily.

No. 726438

During TwistedDisaster’s stream she basically pulls out the “Ive been molested so I can’t be a rape apologist” card. how low can you get?. I honestly wonder if holly and twisted weren’t already SA survivors but haven’t processed it correctly? Like they honestly don’t know how to identify a predatory statement. Also, Holly’s characterization of the rapist in her comic is extremely sympathetic.

No. 726477

I posted a comment calling her out for her behaviour and how she’s wrong about rape victims not being in relationships and I think comments are being held because it’s not even made it to the newest first. There’s a sea of acceptance because she’s censoring it all. Coward

No. 726489

>Holly’s characterization of the rapist in her comic is extremely sympathetic
Yeah, I haven't seen any of her readers call that out (all their comments about him are just Hitler jokes and insults) but she gives us his backstory with Simon's mom, makes him the "normal" relatable party during Simon's breakdown and actually gives him contrasting traits that make him not completely one-dimensional. That could work if the other characters were similarly complex, but Damian and Simon's relationship happens out of nowhere and the dad is mostly a comic relief/plot device character.

At this point I don't know if it's shit writing, her actually fapping to the rapist or both.

No. 726492

She does that sort of thing a lot, almost all of the critical comments are purged from instagram. If you have something to say, you're better off writing it under posts related to her, rather than something she can moderate. Queen Holly and her thick skin are stronger than lolcow sjw's idk


No. 726502

Twisted and Holly are pieces of shit. They're pissed off because essentially Holly is losing friends and more importantly money because of this. Fuck you Holly you scummy piece of shit, the video was so fake and in genuine.

No. 726505

File: 1541341016287.png (179.1 KB, 522x696, oh holly.png)

so I love how she reblogged this on the 30th
This is such an important thing for people to understand (tho this person said it pretty stupidly) but she is completely wrong in her understanding of it
If you think it's ~problematic~ what a character is doing, you still have to make sure to show that it is uh… bad. She doesn't know how to show that anything is anything so it just ends up being creepy all 'round when she tries to make 'plot points'

No. 726520

File: 1541343042015.png (427.76 KB, 1280x1172, 42862386_242396629733864_11649…)

(hope im posting this right lol)
been lurking on these boards for over a month and i gotta say… guys. you're heroes.
i used to be a huge fan of hers for whole years because of the way she speaks (im reallll) and the "work hard" part because it was something I felt was important. now i just look at my art and hers and its like, girl. i got better thanks to ur advice and u got worse. browsing through these boards shown me the light (and got some arttips lol)(sorry for blogging but this is about her i guess).
but yeah. if not for you, she'd have never apologized (even tho the apology is shit). nobody would ever call her out. the fact someone big pointed at her and didnt fall for her halfassed explanations is so important. i dont wish for her to fail or get depressed, itd be good to see her become a decent human being, but after all this time i dont think its possible tho.
to holly, if u see this: like i said i used to be a huge fan. u might feel comfortable with ur uwu good fans that forgive ur trashy behavior, but u aint the shit. just a huge disappointment. years ago i wished i could get on ur level, but now the fact i thought u were a pro baffles me to no extent.
to everyone here: keep up the good fight. this is not "a hatedom". dont let any BRown bs slip and keep her on edge. sorry for no milk or conversation input but i felt like the thanks were due.
bonus: i know it's probably old but i offer u this edit i made. long live the call outs.(blog)

No. 726523

Wait, is she losing friends in the art community? Those guys usually aren't the most confrontative.

That's sweet, but we're mostly just cunty because it's fun, and she wouldn't have apologised if Lanajay hadn't said anything. Good nudge nudge tribute though, huff!

No. 726527

I took a quick look at her followers and didn't see any big artists following her

Either they don't know or don't want to get involved

No. 726528


Didn't Lanajay retract her statements?. It was sad to see people like Trickywagon follow Holly

No. 726530

No. 726550

It's really werid i thought for sure Shiroba would comment or at least have an objective comment on her video ?
theres all this "oh holly you don't have to change uwu"
or "don't listen to those big meanies your human"and my favorite that everyone uses to defend their problematic content creator "their human they make mistakes ,stop being so mean"
I feel that if holly had a friend who like her would tell her that she's full of shit while also offering advice.
Or at least stand their ground ,I wouldn't want my friend to just defend me blindly i would want then to say "well you fucked up real bad , but im here for you just fix your mistakes "

No. 726554

She deletes comments and/or has yt word filter active, so that's partially why there's an overwhelming amount of BRownnosers. Yeah, it would be great if she had a non-enabling friend, but she hasn't really admitted fault ("idk i dont talk so good fam idk" doesn't count.)

No. 726556

File: 1541349170872.png (79.9 KB, 1012x193, Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 11.3…)

Monique in the situation

No. 726558

Why is everyone in the art community is so fucking scared of calling her out by NAME??? she is weak so is her fanbase, they are all letting her get a pass in fear of Holly's weak ass stans

No. 726565

File: 1541351357308.png (123.14 KB, 641x909, defsquad.png)

Watch out for the Holly defence squad because they're gonna get you, fam! What they lack when it comes to reading comprehension they more than make up for in the passion departement, lol.

No. 726569

Monique for fucks sake grow some balls and a personality already

No. 726574

"Holly Brown is a perfect example of someone who learns from their mistakes!"

No. 726582



No. 726584

wow this is unbearable. no surprise holly fans are edgelord preteens but this warbly screeching and immediate ass licking is so embarrassing. this is the fanbase you chose holly.

No. 726586

File: 1541355195463.png (52.35 KB, 1188x378, crepp.png)

Why am I not surprised

No. 726592

to most people, that would be a turn off, but this is holly. i’m sure she enjoys the boot licking and relates to some of the edginess bc she’s pretty immature as well. way back when her yt channel first started, she seemed a BIT more humble or at least maybe reined in some of her asshole tendencies on camera/mic. it was also a little easier to deal with since she was a teen then, but she hasn’t changed much at all. if anything, she’s just grown more greedy and openly spiteful. her constant envy for other ppl’s money and life situations is in some ways understandable, but gdi, grow the fuck up already. green’s a bad color on you, BRown, but i guess you wouldn’t realize that since your sense of color is so jacked up.

No. 726611

That video is so cringe and sums up her fans perfectly

No. 726612

Holy shit she is learning from Holly look at the weird Adam’s apple and how she does Reece’s hair its giving me deja vu

No. 726619


Hey there, that would be me. lol

I was debating on whether to make another comment against her new horrendously extra bad apology (AGAIN) but I would just be repeating what I’ve already said. It’s useless to try and waste my own precious time on someone who obviously does not want to change and instead hide behind her league of 13 year old anti-sjw legion. It’s like talking to a wall, so I’m just going to sit back and watch her crash on her own (until she REALLY pisses me off again).

No. 726658

File: 1541366301277.jpg (291.8 KB, 1440x1416, Screenshot_20181104-151624_Ins…)

No. 726662

File: 1541367191510.jpg (133.29 KB, 1440x553, 20181104_153109.jpg)

Well the comic isn't even full developed and only has a few pages?????????
So how are outsiders suppose to know this??????
Still I call bullshit on someone reporting her page, Instagram takes forever to even look at reports for even Gore pages etc so I doesnt make sense for them to delete her page?
Plus add in the timing of the artist who called her out, it wouldn't take a mob of people to do tahy if anything it would break instagrmas system for reporting.

No. 726673


This is why a thread like this such exist and hold her accountable. She's think she's some edgelord but she's like a fucking pussy when she is confronted.

No. 726675

Fucking hell Monique, if you don't want to get involved then don't vaguepost about it either.

I doubt Holly has many healthy interactions with real life people at all, nevermind romantic relationships.

No. 726697


No. 726704


This is going to sound mean but I wouldn't be surprised she's a virgin with her face and attitude. Then again her friend the whale got married so there's some chance she get some. Though I doubt it will change her much in her beliefs and her getting better at art

No. 726730

Meh she’s not that bad looking. She has an interesting face but it isn’t particularly ugly or anything. Honestly the most off putting part about her is her attitude.

No. 726732


Seriously? You don't have to be a certain level of pretty or have a great personality to lose your virginity.

If she is a virgin it's purely because she doesn't go out, socialize, have friends or try to date at all.

No. 726746

virginity could go either way tbh but one thing is certain, people who talk like Twisted and Holly did in that stream definitely haven't experienced a consentual respectful relationship.

No. 726753


For actually fat girls, no, it doesn't happen. But she's not actually fat. She just has a misleading face and films at awful angles. Some of the earlier threads have shots of her body in them

No. 726755


Are you saying that actual fat girls don't get laid? I feel like you're trolling.

No. 726757

Weight, looks and personality have absolutely zero bearing on getting laid lmao. The only things hindering her from having a romantic relationship is a) being a huge shut in and b) being a womanchild.

No. 726764


I'm not trolling. It's really strange to see people acting like this just happens. Where I'm from it's been impossible to find even a one time partner, so I guess it's just a difference in location. My bad, sorry.

No. 726771

Michie just got married so I'm sure her relationship is consensual. She's probably just never been in a situation where she was pushed.

Holly had never had a meaningful relationship with anyone or anything so she doesn't know shit. It's just another example of her pretending to be an expert on things she has little to no experience with.

No. 726776

We don’t have to sugar coat it. She’s ugly as hell. But like other anons said, that doesn’t have anything to do with getting laid. Or her weight.

No. 726777

NAYRT, but I don't think she looks that ugly, you could pass her on the street and she'd just blend in. Knowing what she's like is what makes her uglier.

No. 726780


I don't know where you're from but here in the USA, that is just not the case.

Fat/Obese/"Ugly" people get married, or get laid, have children and all of that. It's just a matter of getting out there and doing that if that is what you want to do.

As a rule, you aren't going to meet anyone just sitting around in your house.


That is a matter of opinion. I don't find Holly ugly, but her personality sure is.

What one person finds ugly another person may not.

No. 726802

Man…as an artist and part of the online art community for over 10 years its a lil weird…like you wouldnt think so much shit happens in background and we just learn from each other. but people are humans too. but it be nice to just make friends and learn from each other and thats it but you can. also a lil juicy drama is nice. Ive been wanting to make a vid on Holly but im practically a nobody, an artist yes but i have -1 rep and dont wanna start by making a call out like vid. Like im not afraid like some people not even saying her name but i would. and this writing is bad, i know.

No. 726807

Holly's looks are pretty average imo, her face can look unflattering at times but I wouldn't say she really stands out one way or the other. Also, in my country (Germany) I see fat/"ugly" people in relationships all the time, so I never thought there's anything unusual about it. As people have pointed out, Holly's main problem is her lack of social interaction, not her appearance.

No. 726812

I hope we get new milk soon. We have literally devolved into discussing Holly's physical appearance.

No. 726826

maybe i shouldnt expect any better from lolcow, can we please steer from talking about how she looks? talk about her godawful personality. you can fix your bad fuckin attitude, but you can’t change the way you look and it's kind of fucked up to make fun of her (and michelle) for that.

No. 726876

No. 726877


happens every so often- people start complaining about her "potato face" and how unattractive she is. Theres a difference between not taking care of yourself (dirty nails and greasy hair) and the structure of someones face

No. 726879

Granted, she is really fucking ugly.

No. 726881

She’s really pretty average. Honestly you sound bitter lol.

No. 726884

If she's average then I'd hate to see actual fugly folks.

No. 726885

Tinfoiling, but I feel like the only reason Holly hangs around Michie is because she licks her ass/supports all her garbage, and she makes her feel more talented and prettier than she actually is. Michie's style is debatably worse than Holly's, depending on your taste, but Michie is definitely uglier than Holly.

No. 726886

Look no further than Michie.

No. 726887

I mean 90% of other threads make fun of their face/appearance as well as their personalities. Why do we need to adhere to a separate rule? She's a cow, and Michie is a calf.

sage for no contribute

No. 726890

File: 1541401495232.jpg (448.66 KB, 1080x1490, gitoffmyfence.jpg)

Oh come on Monique, just say what you mean to say or stop vaguetweeting altogether.

No. 726897

Call her out or fuck off Monique. Tired of her ass dancing around the subject.

No. 726899

Has Holly ever really befriended other artists? It seems like Michie's the only arttuber friend she has/had but I'm not super familiar with her history.

No. 726911

There was the pedo and the Romanian girl she used to stream with.

No. 726912

Not that I can think of. She's kind of like the onision of the art community- nobody really likes her, and she's slowly collecting videos taking her down.

Actually, come to think of it, she might be competing with Spechie for that title.

No. 726918

yeah, occasionally certain artists comment on her vids, but they never really interact with her outside of that. i think she and lemia were pals for a short time when they did that collab piece, but probs not anymore. and after all of this drama, i wouldn’t be surprised if some of the ppl who’d sometimes watch her vids (like minnie small and trickywagon) and be nice to her suddenly stopped all interaction. before, some of her dumbassery (at least when it came to serious shit like rape and slavery) was more evident in tweets and tumblr posts than vids, but now it’s all been dragged out into the open on all of her social media accounts. it was kind of beautiful that the tracing was what stirred everyone up first, and also is what propelled even more ppl into taking notice of her rape fetish once it was brought up outside of these forums.

No. 726919

it's pretty telling that she has a relatively big following in the arttuber community, but no other artist (except a shitter like michie) wants to befriend her or even try to leech her popularity.

No. 726925

File: 1541410848008.png (29.28 KB, 532x373, gc.png)

idk good reese clout i stfg

No. 726928

File: 1541411788778.png (472.08 KB, 452x796, 1212.png)

No. 726930

is this in english?

No. 726932

I think she means Stafford loans, which cap at 57k. Holy shit Holly why were you blowing money out of your ass when you had loans to pay off?

No. 726960

Because she’s an irresponsible child.

No. 726961


For those outside the US what does this mean?. She splurged 50k?

No. 726963

if u start off your fame making a call out video you are 80% likely to become a cow yourself js

not US either but I think she means she can't get any more loans for undergrad education so she's gonna have to drop out of college
Idk about US education but in my country you can only try to take the same level of education so many times before the government won't pay for it. If she's repeatedly failed or started over, maybe that's the issue.

No. 726969

People can take out student loans to get their degrees but some places have a limit, and apparantly holly has reached that limit like an idiot. The longer you take to pay back student loans the more you’ll have to pay because of the interest rate. Its not hollys fault education in the US is so shit but omfg. Shes been blowing money instead of paying her student loans i cant understand that

No. 726971

About Stanford student loans: Sorry, I don't know anything about US schools either, but… "apparently"? How could this be a surprise? Can't you check how much you've loaned etcetera? Genuinely confused

No. 726974

50k to NOT get a piece of paper from an online course lmao

No. 726977

So she has to drop out of that internet college cuz she wasn't paying loans? (Not US either)

Btw what's her history with schools? I only remember lying about Calarts and then she went to some college and dropped out and started these internet classes

No. 726979

File: 1541425258875.gif (808.4 KB, 245x194, 1541365332670.gif)

>Accumulating 50k of debt to get worse at drawing

No. 726980

File: 1541425518703.png (869.63 KB, 900x795, news.png)

No. 726983

Isn’t this page at the same stage it was two days ago when she said she was working so much on comics?

No. 726986

Godamn 50k, no wonder she made that video as the accusation were hurting her ability to make money. Do you really think she give a fuck if it didn't?. She's sorry because its affecting her and not because of the statements made

No. 726988

She went to a physical art college (MCAD I think?) before dropping out and moving back home. Eventually she joined an online art program, under the insistence of her Aunt, to finish off her degree. Before becoming youtube famous Holly planned to use the degree to become an art teacher (I can only assume she was also taking courses to be certified to become a teacher?). Fortunately after getting a taste of fame Holly decided to somehow make that her 'job'. Currently she is doing a horrible job at using her youtube fame to create a long lasting career for herself.

No. 726989

File: 1541427032093.png (54.15 KB, 713x572, Screenshot_2018-11-05-09-08-28…)


No. 726990

To be fair it seems like Holly has been trying to work on damage control for the past few days so I don't really blame her for being that behind.

No. 726991

Kek, dude literally rapes someone in her comic so tell me again how he isn't a rapist?

No. 726992

To be fair her rapist character has more character than her other ones.
I feel that says a lot tbh.

No. 726997

But Hershel could throw him off anytime he wanted so its ok

No. 727001

Yup, Mr 'Muscle-man' over there was totally immune to the drugs Reese gave him so everything was 100% consensual! /s

Seriously I don't care if you get off to non con or something but don't pretend like rape is ok. If Holly wanted to make her smut PC she could have just taken the cheesy 'it was all a dream' route instead of half-assing an insensitive excuse.

No. 727023


Holly stop deleting comments. I made a comment on her youtube video stating Instagram would not provide the person mass flagging her because it be going against the privacy laws. She deleted it.


No. 727034

I disagree. Holly and TD didn't get shit for talking about rape, people reacted because they don't understand consent. Also they are allowed to talk about whatever they want, however they want. The problem with that though (for them) is that the same rule applies to other people as well.

No. 727048

What year was she at MCAD? I might have been in the same class

No. 727070

For non-US farmers, Stafford loans are government loans that are lowest in interest rates. There are two categories: subsidized and unsubsidized.

For subsidized loans, you have to apply for finanical aid and it's need-based. The interest is paid by the government provided you stay enrolled in a college but the moment you drop out/graduate, the interest that accrues is your burden to bear and the loan gives you 6 months grace before they start repayment.

Unsubsidized loans have a higher interest rate but they don't require you to be need financial aid. The government doesn't pay the interest for you while you're in school, so that adds to the principal when you're out of school. Also 6 months grace period when you get out.

The total lifetime limit for Stafford Loans in general is 57,500.

According to the charts, Holly would have applied as an independent for her entire college career. Stafford loans raise the amount you can borrow as you approach graduation, and Holly just maxed it out each year.

>1st year: 9,500 (freshman)

>2nd year: 10,500 (sophomore)
>3rd year: 12,500
>4th year: 12,500
>5th year: 12,500
>total: 57,500

It's possible that the "savings account" she was bragging about only held excess loan funds that she didn't think to return

saged for loan talk

No. 727073

doublepost but Holly only said "50k in debt" after reaching the limit? OH Honey no, you are not just 50k in debt. You forgot to add the accrued interest of your unsubsidized loans to your principal.

No. 727077

She probably attended 4-5 years ago so 2013-2014ish.

Meh point still stands, she has accumulated massive debt for a degree she might not even get.

No. 727084

Picture that. All that whining about how cal arts "totally accepted her, guyse" but she decided to max her loans out on a shit teir online school. Nice. /s.

No. 727096

So basically she blew 50k on a degree she's not gonna get?

Did she ever make videos about calarts? I tried looking for it but i can't find it. Guess she deleted

No. 727102

No. 727110

We're all pretty positive she didn't get in. In fact in the first thread some anons claim she even said she didn't get in but deleted it and then made this video (there is no proof of that via screenshots tho so idk if that's true)

I myself am positive she didn't get in based on the accepted sketchbooks I've seen.

No. 727115


She didn't get in as there was list of names you can see who tried to apply online from previous students who attended She of course lied again

No. 727122

Can you possibly post the list. It would be nice to pin it to the original post after the archived copy of the video.

No. 727124


This was in another Holly thread here on cow, however, you can just do a side by side comparison between a student sketchbook looking into calarts and hers.

No. 727128

The fact that Holly and Donnie were willingly befriending an underaged girl and most likely talking about sexual things with her is concerning. Especially with how open Donnie is with her shota fetish.

No. 727131

Who is Donnie? I don't remember him, sorry.

No. 727134

Donnie was/is(?) one of Holly's orbiters. Donniedraws was their Youtube and she almost exclusively draws lewd little boys and dicks. IIRC she quit making videos after getting torn apart on /ic/ and apparently reported for Shota on YT. She used to livestream with Holly and the underaged Romanian all the time a couple of years ago and seemed to be Holly's only friends for a long while.

Knowing Holly, she probably dropped them like a bad habit as soon as she became 'famous'.

No. 727135

Pretty sure Donnie is a girl but they were an underage artist friend of Hollys that she used to stream with. They drew shota porn and in the streams (now deleted) Holly also discussed shota with them, hence why people call Holly a pedo sometimes.

No. 727160

Checked and I have quite a few mutuals with her on FB since I attended while she was there. Sadly, no milk bc she didnt last long

sage for no contribution

No. 727163

that's great that Holly will end up as an art teacher then!

No. 727166

Of course she didn't last long, with all those crazy liberalz going around and protesting against stuff Holly doesn't care about, that's so toxic! Speaking of which: As a presumably sane person, did you feel threatened by leftists on campus, or is Holly exaggerating thing just a tiny bit? Lol

No. 727182

She seems like the kind of person that would call real boys 'shotas' and draw secret shipping fanart of her students.

No. 727192

Fucking gross
No ffs lol people aren't like that. I live like five minutes away from Evergreen State College and there are still MAGA hats about (albeit rarely). People don't just start screeching at each other about politics randomly.

No. 727212

File: 1541459496771.png (224.91 KB, 1244x838, Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 6.11…)

No. 727217

"Defamation" really? This bitch. Yeah, quoting someone and giving your opinion on what they said is totally illegal, would love to see a Michie/Holly vs lolcow scenario though. TD has gone full lolcow

No. 727227

Oh anon, we can only pray for that kind of glorious milk lmao

No. 727233

This is the hill Michie seems to wanna die on, defending a shitty friend, wrapped up in shitty drama she didn't need to be in, making shitty art. She made herself a target.

No. 727235

No ..? Jfc holly MCAD May appear liberal but it’s still an expensive school in the Snow White Midwest lol. They let a neonazi put up fliers and ppl didn’t even like the idea of a women of color club. But to holly she’s always the victim huh

But if anything it’s art school so ppl stayed to theirselvesbc everyone is timid

No. 727238

File: 1541462783552.png (61.28 KB, 535x754, tip.png)

Tips from the queen herself, take notes fam

No. 727241

Homestuck?? She's so fucking stupid. Edgy teens with fruit of the loom shirts and candy corn horns = well written aliens. Of course.

No. 727244

Typical Holly. The general advice isn’t bad in theory but it’s obvious she has no idea how to apply it herself.

No. 727245

As much as I love homestuck, its not the best example of an human alien interaction tbh
Knowing holly she doesnt read much outside of her anime bubble besides homestuck and I think one comic book on nightwing?

No. 727248

why doesn't she check out mass effect or star trek? lmao

No. 727256


It isn't anime enough.

No. 727258


it isn't defamation lmao. If holly doesn't want people to think she's a terrible person/rape apologist she shouldn't fucking act like one.

No. 727259

File: 1541465151938.png (25.61 KB, 529x366, cat.png)

No. 727261

that's really funny coming from brown
since shes usually, the one talking shit on other in the art community
newsflash brown if you can take what you put out then dont be two-faced either .
but oh when holly gets into drama she wants everyone to sing a campfire song and be best freinds.

No. 727264

727259> "I'd have to make a third instagram if she want to come for me again hahahah"

It's me or she's lowkey admitting (whiout even noticing it herself )that she made a new account to get rid of potential backslash?

No. 727269

Lana isnt still talking is she? She cant be, at least for me she only did the one insta story and wasnt even saying Holly name first n only she was disappointed at her.

No. 727270

It's a little milder now, but she hasn't changed her mind/taken back anything that she said, guess Holly didn't get the memo.

No. 727271

no, she is suggesting if lana comes for her again she will get flagged again.

No. 727272

File: 1541466593259.png (149.16 KB, 531x768, cons.png)

Oh my god

No. 727273

ikr it's not low key at all, she just fucking said it lol.

She's suggesting that, but she said she got flagged for ~self-harm~ and that's not what lana was getting people mad about.

also, i hate to be that guy but plz sage, my friends.

No. 727275

File: 1541466887337.png (469.09 KB, 452x798, instas.png)

No. 727281


>"but that's a little lewd"

stfg its a fucking porn comic LOL. There's literal dick in ass but CONSENT IS LEWD IM LOSING MY MIND

No. 727284


samefag but I feel like she's just gonna draw consent so she can "prove" she actually did it to cover her ass.

No. 727285

guess herschel could've just sat on those drugs too

No. 727288

this is going to be amazing

No. 727292

she means lewd for her tumblr or whatever this is. she's not saying there was things that happened "off-camera". Can everyone stop being so desperate, there's plenty of milk

No. 727293

She could have went about this wayyyy better than just throwing at the end that Herschel could have stopped it. First of all it just means that Reese thought he was legit trampling on Herschel consent so the intent is the same !!

She could have added a bubble or two at the end showing that the whole thing was planned, and maybe no drugs were involved at all. I mean Consensual non-consent is a very grey area in BDSM but at least there's some element of consent thrown in there.

If she had been even more savvy about this she could have thrown a hint at the end that a safeword was put in place (like "Besides, that's what safewords are for") hinting they talked about all this before.

No. 727294

She really should have ended it with them acknowledging it was all role play. Most fics do that if the actual intent isn't non con.

No. 727299

damn the whole time watching this I was hoping she would fix reese's legs and positioning. it looks so flat and wrong.

No. 727304

Tbh if holly had never had the personality she has today i would have enjoyed the video better,but knowing her now it feels meh.
Also if she just had revised purgatory more and fleshed it out it could have been really interesting.
But holly is too impatient and impulsive to do anything like that.
I feel that she'll do this with paranormal plaque.
its sad really .

No. 727306

I feel like the plot of PP has potential but she'll probably ruin it with her shit writing just like she did with Purgatory.

No. 727307

Omfg the self insert shit was hilarious. Holly we already have screenshots of you saying Ash is a self insert and how much you want to have sex with Hershel kek way to make it more ridiculous by lying about it

No. 727312

That's because this plot is basically a ripoff of Madoka and PsychoPass.

No. 727320


>trust me, i understand. i got scars so like you can talk to me on instagram about it, fam, i ttly get it.

No. 727330

if they talk to her on insta about it she'll get banned for talking about self harm tho!!

No. 727350

File: 1541477240358.jpg (615.36 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20181105-220716_You…)

For a second I thought they had caught on but then I read th rest
And I can't with her fans at all

No. 727357

Holly's stans aren't very smart are they. I guess she should count herself lucky she has a group of people she can easily lie to

No. 727361

sooo…holly has 50k in debt (not including interest), along with various other loans i’m sure she will have to take out or has already taken out, like the monthly plans she is on for her apple devices. (i remember her mentioning going on a plan for her iphone and her ipad pro, the one that she didn’t want after a couple months lmao. not to mention that i’m sure she got the best models there were at the time and with the most storage - i think she said her phone was the 120gb so that she could take vids with it?) that was only a few months ago, so i doubt she’s paid those off. if she has to get her own car, that’ll be a good bit of money for a decent one. and since she knows nothing about them, she’ll probs spend a stupid amount of cash.

she may have been buying some of her own stuff, but i seriously doubt she’s been paying rent. with the income from yt she’s shown before and the probably negligent sales from her online shop, she couldn’t possibly pay that along with her own groceries AND buying all kinds of useless/“luxury” items every month. granted, she has been totally ignoring her student debt for the past few yrs, but again, she blows her savings. (like how she severely underestimated the cost of the mha zine project and thus it ended up backfiring on her and she spent a lot more $$$ than she should have on less important stuff.)

lmao i can’t BELIEVE she once talked about how professional artists are also good at business and shit. yeah, they are, but you are definitely neither of those things, girl. far from it.

No. 727412

Actually the romanian girl dropped holly cause, just like everybody else, she couldn’t stand holly and her attitude anymore. I don’t know about the other girl tho. Holly even came crawling back to apologize to Romanian girl so they could be friends again, Romain girl accepted out of pity but now Romanian girl cut her off again

No. 727423

File: 1541495184779.png (17.91 KB, 532x268, pr.png)

No. 727447

LMAO , Holly makes friends with underaged people, treats them like shit and comes crawling back and as soon as she turns 18 she fucking flees. Good on her no one should be near HC BRown

No. 727455

The broken ankle pose is baccck
Well at least it's not two triangles on top of each other now. Holly has improved in that she actually knows what the bottom of shoes look like.

No. 727457

Guys it's not rape! It's rape with a few extra steps ;)
Seriously though, Holly fails to mention that her character Hershel was DRUGGED and kidnapped and that the whole 'if I wanted to stop it I could' line is super insensitive to SA survivors who sometimes blame themselves for not being able to stop the assault. I mean a lot of guys who were raped by woman don't like to come forward because of shit like this.

I mean I'm pretty sure the Romanian girl left Holly before she turned 18 but yeah. Also it's pretty good the Holly left the Romanian girl way before all this drama with the TD streams because the Holly/Romanian Girl streams were a 100x worse than anything with TD.

I see she is returning to basics. I missed the broken ankle pose.

No. 727461

File: 1541510702039.png (147.84 KB, 1217x698, dep.png)

I think this is pretty interesting, the difference between how she talks about issues she has gone through personally vs other people's issues is wild. Plus points for the crazy furry

No. 727466

That was terrible to read. Hurts my head.

No. 727467

I always instantly get reminded of how in Steven Universe when the gem’s ”mind is broken” they get corrupted/turn into a monster. Which is pretty much the same deal as paranormal plague’s mentally ill characters becoming monsters.

No. 727468

Yeah no, considering holly has said in vlogs before her cuts were deep and serious and not like those people who do “scratches” she can fuck off tbh. She constantly talks about how serious HER mental illness is yet dismisses other peoples so dont left this comment fool you. Also, for someone talking about mental illness how long has it been since she went to therapy? We all know from her vlogs she barely leaves her room. She also made sure to mention in her recent video that although she never selfharmed for attention, other people might “idk”

No. 727471

anon just tri to think logic way and read or u will be dep

Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that, combined with that "other people might" line it's pretty telling actually.

No. 727477

It makes sense that Holly still has a following if this is the quality/mindset of her followers

Holly likes to think of herself as a 'special snowflake' for a multitude of things. She's 'not like other girls' anon! /s

No. 727638

Can you post the screencaps in this thread/link to the thread w/ them in it? I'm curious to read them and im on my phone right now

No. 727641

Sage your autism, child.

holly's making me dep with her sudden self con. I demand a yaoi tutorial. where's patreon-chan? Use your dollar for my amusement and request one.

No. 727651

>self con
Nah fam, she's already getting sassy. Just imagine what shenanigans she'll get up to once the shame wears off, no one can censor the queen.

No. 727656

How is drugging and putting a guy that you're not even dating in the trunk of your car "going out of your way on surprises"? I guess it's right in line with her "if you don't fight back super hard it's not rape idk" bs so at least she's consistent. The only reason Hershel doesn't even acknowledge how fucked up the situation is is because he was written by Holly.

No. 727737

File: 1541547240234.png (1.73 MB, 1076x1182, 1509745969009.png)

You can find more in threads 3-6 (which you can find links for in the description of this thread) but here are these

No. 727738

File: 1541547309130.jpg (Spoiler Image, 404.12 KB, 2000x1725, 1513935010491.jpg)

That is Hershel (who used to be straight before she made Reese who is a character she ripped from Dream Daddy around the time it came out)

No. 727740

hey if any of the zine artist are still around , have you guys contacted holly about the messed up zines yet ?

No. 727742


Holly bite down remember!!!.

No. 727750

Well, this is awkward and upsetting. Is she saying Ash is her self insert so that no one can make fun of her for that, or because she wants to hide that Reese is more of a self insert? Hmm

No. 727753

File: 1541548875328.png (117.9 KB, 198x304, 1517027310233.png)

Ash was her original self insert and Reese didnt exist in the comic at first, he was made up around after she had already started it. This is the character she likely ripped off to make him.

She also made that joke that Hershel has a type and like…bitch ya ain't subtle

No. 727762

She said in a now deleted vlog that she had a dream she and Hershel had sex. There were also screenshots about wanting to fuck him somewhere in the old threads but I'm too lazy to go find them.

No. 727763

File: 1541550631481.png (29.41 KB, 825x179, contx.png)

Are these kids just going to keep repeating "out of context" like a pro-BRown mantra? Just find a better queen, it's not that hard.

No. 727776


That, including Reese is also obviously based off of bad yaoi tropes and Grell from Kuroshitsuji. lol she wishes she could draw as good as Epsee and Yana Toboso.

No. 727927

File: 1541591095375.png (152.7 KB, 552x842, notreal.png)

H.C(oncent). Brown

No. 727929

With each reply she digs one spoonful deeper into the rabbit hole! Impressive!

No. 727930

She has that Tumblr bullshit "b-but it's just fictional, it's not REAL!" mentality, like fiction exists in a vaccuum and can't/ won't influence people's real lives in any way. She's so clearly a hermit.

No. 727932

…apart from the bullcrap of OC's not being real people (because obviously Holly has no clue how to write proper, believable characters), what, Hershel's a cop?! And for some reason feels safe with a self-cutting prostitute with a faible for rapey role-play….?
You needn't be a Stephen King in the writing department to realize there's quite something off about the whole scenario
Not to mention that it's HER fault if people don't know these characters

No. 727935

I love when people use 'the character's aren't real!' excuse. Like we all know the characters aren't real, that's why we are messaging you, the creator, and not sending hate mail to your shitty character. Holly YOU wrote a rapist into your story and essentially used him to spread YOUR messed up ideas of rape and consent. Like if you wanted to have a rapist character in your story then have a rapist character. Just don't try to justify his actions like this if you don't want people calling you out for being scum.

No. 727937

The "characters are not people" argument is correct but she's using it completely wrong, usually it means characters don't have an actual psychology but the writer constructs a fake one that at least makes sense with the story's internal logic and themes.

Holly's writing doesn't even work on that level. She keeps everything off-panel (here, Hershel's prior consent and any indication of a healthy dynamic with Reese ; in Purgatory, Simon's entire progression from scared molested kid to kissing and seducing his rapist) and apparently expects us to fill in the blanks.

I like the argument of "it's a comedy series" though. Rape is funny, right ?

No. 727946

See I would agree with you but for 'Seize' I genuinely believe Holly thinks Hershel gave consent because 'he could throw Reese off at any time'. We know Holly has a warped view of what rape is from her livestream with TD so in this case it isn't a stretch to think that Holly legitimately thinks Reese didn't rape Hershel because Hershel 'enjoyed' it and because Reese is too 'weak' to ever rape Hershel uwu~

Your point still stands for Purgatory though. Holly just time skipped over the essential parts for that comic because she was getting bored with it.

No. 727950

Yeah…following that logic though nonny, wouldn't that make you more susceptible to playing it fast and loose with consent? Having viewed the material and all. If Hershel says he could have fought back and therefore it's consensual, why don't you believe him?

Because you have a brain and know right from wrong, yes? Fiction doesn't exist in a vacuum but it doesn't brainwash ppl either. Holly simply doesn't understand proper consent, nor does she appear to want to.

No. 727952

LMAO go back to Tumblr mate

No. 727958

>"Fiction doesn't exist in a vacuum but it doesn't brainwash ppl either."

Dude, we're not saying Holly is brainwashing people with her crappy comic. We're saying Holly is a jackass who doesn't know what consent is and that she is teaching her dumbass audience filled with idiotic teenagers that 'if your partner doesn't fight back hard enough it's not rape!'

Like look at all to brain dead followers who think we took Holly out of context just because their 'Queen' said so. All we did was essentially give them a timestamp to watch so they wouldn't have to sit through hours of mindless drivel. If they watched the rest of the livestream they would know nothing was taken out of context and that Holly is lying to save her ass.

No. 727968

Actually, most stans who watched the stream are on her side, because she never said the word "rape", so it doesn't count I guess.

No. 727972

That just proves my point even more. Holly stans are verified to have zero critical thinking skills and are more likely to adopt Holly's idiotic stands on rape and consent.

To all the Holly stans who found this forum, rape is still rape even if the victim could theoretically overpower their rapist. Also just because your partner doesn't physically assault you for having sex with them even though they said no, doesn't make you any less of a rapist.

No. 727979

>He's an ex-cop so he feels safe near a complete nutjob
Psychology major H.C. Brown over here dropping those hot takes.

No. 727982

This whole shit show could've been avoided if it was established at the end that a negotiated bdsm scene took place instead of a literal kidnapping!! To my knowledge, using date rape drugs is not a staple of bdsm. Holly is like that 13 year old writing their first smut fanfic and getting everything wrong

No. 727984

Since when was it established Hershel is an ex-cop? I thought he was in his early 20s.
Aside from everything else that’s already been discussed I hate how she just throws that factoid out like it’s an established part of his character.

Maybe people would understand your OCs a bit better if you actually worked on their source material before crafting AU after AU. This was the first real content we saw Hershel and Reese in. So their established characters were “muscular guy???” and “rapist who wears nail polish” and people are always going to see them that way because that’s how they were introduced.

Even though Purgatory is a shitshow I can see how her and her fans are able to take it seriously but I think Paranormal Plague is just a backdrop for her sexual fantasies.

No. 727985

Nah, the only reason Holly is being called out for her comic now is because of the shit she said on the livestream. The thing is Holly sincerely believes it isn't rape if the victim doesn't fight back. She said the same thing in the livestream and she uses that as a justification in the comic. So the comic didn't really stir shit, it was Holly herself that caused the shitstorm

No. 727987

not only that but in her recent video she dint even bother to explain reese , it took her the second half to even explain him, the first half was basically her explaining paranormal plague and recapping oh the drama. also in a previous thread there was a screenshot or video clip with her stating resse was a sex worker. i watched the video semi explaing a backstory or something. like why is he a sex worker?

No. 728022

Holly is one of those people who just want to draw their OCs in "fun" scenarios but can't be bothered to actually form a coherent narrative around them. So far, all of the information about the PP cast are things she has said, the comic gives absolutely nothing. She shouldn't have bothered.

No. 728079

literally the only mention of hershal being an ex cop before she even mentioned it was like in one of her sketchbook tours, where she drew hershal as a cop with words "fuck cops" on it. it's just frustrating that holly wants to put all these factoids about her characters without actually making them interesting or. a character in any way shape or form.

No. 728108


Because she's not a great writer. We shit on her artwork but her dialogue is some cringy shit that I find embarrassing to read.

No. 728113

True. Still most of the drama isn't because she is a shitty writer who 'doesn't do words good' but because she has fucked up views on rape and consent. Like this whole shit storm started after she implied that it's not rape if you don't fight back hard enough on one of her livestreams. The comic Seize just further backs up this mindset with the bs explanation in the end about how Hershel could have stopped his rapist whenever he wanted so it wasn't rape.

No. 728116

Sometimes I feel bad for holly , she wants to come off as knowing a lot of stuff about art and art as a profession
but the she opens her mouth and its just shit she spews and you realize this girl is a fraud through and through
of course i waste time feeling bad for someone who clearly doesn't want to change at all and won't see anyone else perspective but the complains when she gets call out.
great look holly
she has google at her finger tips ,there no excuse to be ignorant now in days .

No. 728122

I personally don't think Holly's story was morally wrong, I just wonder why Holly would choose to write noncon if she knew that her audience would react to it poorly. Holly your fans are either underage or tumblrites. Use your brain please.

No. 728129

There are millions of noncon stories out there and I really wouldn't care if Holly wanted to add to that pile. What really grinds my gears is that Holly is trying to pass her noncon off as consensual sex.

No. 728134

Either you go all in and say "yeah it's bad in real life, but this is just fantasy" or all out and establish consent in the first page. Holly did neither. She's trying to fence sit on fictional rape, irritating pretty much everyone.

In reality this comic shouldn't even exist. There's really 0 reason for Holly to be drawing date rape porn. Her audience doesn't appreciate it, her detractors will laugh at it, and she isn't talented enough to draw naked men or a believable narrative. The amount of trouble Seize has caused Holly is definitely not worth the few hundred she made selling some copies (to fans who would've bought anything she made regardless).

No. 728140

Holly's entire career is built on terrible decisions. Either she mishandles her finances, mishandles her merchandise, writes incendiary comments that upset her fans/the art community, or just makes things no one is interested in. She really was just blessed by the youtube gods. That's her only claim to fame. She doesn't deserve the attention and doesn't even know how to handle it. I honestly feel bad for her.
If she was just some irrelevant fujoshi she could have NOT ruined her public image (because she'd have none) and become an art teacher and live an average, relatively stress-free life.
Now she has 1000x more stress, and the money she makes now means nothing since 1. it's not that much, and 2. she has no idea how to spend it, so she just loses it instantly.

No. 728146

This. Holly made the comic for herself and then tried to make some money off it.

Honestly I'm not sure if Holly could have ever become an art teacher. I might be wrong but it doesn't look like she is/was taking the steps to earn her teaching certification.

No. 728148

File: 1541621069828.jpg (133.03 KB, 500x486, 84d5a37a-172a-4289-a146-13b92d…)

>rape is comedy

No. 728149

She's no longer trying to be an art teacher since she has decided to build her own "career" due to her success on youtube. If that never happened, she could have had a stable job.
Holly's money is not going to last long. She will either fuck up so badly that she leaves the internet forever, or will slowly fade into obscurity since her art isn't good enough to make a lasting career from as newer and better fujo artists come onto the scene.
If rape isn't comedy explain why Seize was the most funny thing Holly has ever produced.

No. 728153

Except hershey squirt looked completely mortified the entire time but go off holls

No. 728156


>"She will either fuck up so badly that she leaves the internet forever, or will slowly fade into obscurity"

Nah. If she plays her cards right she can possibly reach Chris-chan levels of infamy and become an internet legend.

No. 728162

>If rape isn't comedy explain why Seize was the most funny thing Holly has ever produced.

damn you got me there

No. 728166

Don't see how she could leave the internet forever when she's attached her real name to all this online bullshit lol

No. 728169

Was gonna mention that. It just puts the nail into the "become an art teacher" coffin.

No. 728202

File: 1541623814797.png (333.44 KB, 450x795, 1111a.png)

Will she ever stop it with all of these pity posts? Probably not, but find out on the next episode!

No. 728247

File: 1541626565445.jpg (14.46 KB, 276x389, IMG_20181107_133613.jpg)

Friendly reminder that Holly traces without credit then sells it.

No. 728315

File: 1541630451703.png (130.38 KB, 588x589, 26085ffa727f4a46ab2f497d1fead4…)

Holly posted this on her side tumblr. Hypocritical much? lmao she's such a liar

No. 728327

File: 1541631399833.png (107.69 KB, 275x343, overlay.png)

>>728247 did a quick overlay. not to sure but it does look really close…

No. 728328

Try lining them up seperately from one another (lining hershel up with the top dude, reese with the bottom one)

No. 728330

“just quit hanging out with creepers” ummm what? i thought reese was the real creeper here lmao. holly’s perception of other ppl is so twisted. she has a difficult time blaming herself for almost anything.

No. 728331



No. 728334

File: 1541632494314.png (256.05 KB, 1012x390, 154159109535459939092.png)


cinna on twitter made this, someone on curiouscat sent her something abt it (my guess is links to the images)

which one of you is touching the poop

No. 728357

holy shit LOL

No. 728364

even with good ref (which she should not be using for commercial content, really) she squished herschel's skull. love it

No. 728365

Why does Holly keep playing herself?

No. 728368

She used it like a pose doll, traced it for a base and then drew on top of it. She's so full of shit it makes me wanna go find other traced pieces there has to be more.

No. 728370

I didnt link her to the forum, but I did link her to the images (from hollys tumblr and the pic she traced)

No. 728371

she opened reese eye because she hasn't the experience to know if you're that close you always close your eyes to avoid strained focus gross blur view (not to mention up nose view here)

No. 728373

I know that all of her "hand brushes" are traced from her own hand. But you can't prove it.
I also remember an Ash picture where she was cupping a flower in her hands was traced from a stock photo, some anon found it in one of the old threads.

No. 728427

File: 1541640129130.png (631.01 KB, 1024x683, CB7098BA-2E9C-42F7-94CB-B98FED…)

She resized this guys upper body and Frankenstein’d him together

No. 728431

I think she traced a different dude for the upper body to make it less obvious, because those are def the legs she traced.

No. 728433

I wouldn't think this was traced if not for the hand in the pose ref. It's a very basic kiss pose, but the hand on the head is unique to that ref.

No. 728444

File: 1541642064616.gif (112.04 KB, 400x553, 1520282398417.gif)

I fucking found it

No. 728445

File: 1541642101610.png (725.58 KB, 600x672, 1525723439985.png)

As well as this

No. 728449

You can tell she at least traced the Reese part because she didn't draw his neck as a long meat tube and actually gave it at least some definition.

No. 728452

it's not even the same? i mean, she does trace but find the right source. not sure if these hands are even traced considering they look like shit

No. 728469

these aren't close enough traces to make a case. it's obviously heavily referenced and tweaked, but it's not going to convince anyone who's already in love with their idol.

No. 728484

Guys, don't start reaching. Yes, she traces. Al in that FMA thing and the HerschelXReese thing were obvious traces, but Ash's hands and Miku were obviously referenced and now it just looks like you guys are just nitpicking at this point. She obviously free handed them. Show actual convincing evidence, not obvious references that don't even match up. Don't just do things out of irritation, because it'll give Holly and her fans/friends more of a chance to shut her critics out even more and every other point will be muted out the ass. At least now people are aware of the shit she's getting away with, don't make it worse.
I don't like how Holly says or does shit either, but don't bullshit around just to ruin her, because every other point will be irrelevant to her and her supporters. Though she's a hypocrite, a condescending ass and talks about shit she knows she can't word herself properly while not expecting backlash, she's still a human being and a very stubborn one at that. She doesn't feel like she's doing shit wrong because of crap like this and because SHE knows what she means and she feels like if no one understands her, they're the problem. She's like a teenager acting on impulse after being scolded by their parent and comforted by their angsty friends at this point.
Be mature and focus.

No. 728517

Some of us disagree get over it.

No. 728528

there's nothing to disagree about. referencing is not a crime and is encouraged by most artists. grow up.

No. 728530

Lol saying grow up doesn't make you right. She traces and distorts that isn't using reference.

No. 728540

No offense but lolcow isn't that serious we're all essentially shit talking someone on the internet, not building a legal case against them. Unless someone is accusing her of a crime none of this even matters

No. 728544

Someone's probably said this before but like…for all the drawn dicks that fujo stares at and she STILL draws it backward?

No. 728546

What the hell does she possibly have to regret beyond her own baww depression and things she brought upon herself?

No. 728548

she did it in the pic of damien sucking dick too. dicks are so easy to draw too, i dont get it.

No. 728549

it's not a crime but it certainly cheapens an artists integrity a whole fuckton, which is important in holly's case considering she prides herself on her work ethic. this would be a whole different conversation if she wasn't actively trying to pretend like she doesn't power-ref

No. 728552

Yeah no one's saying attack her on twitter for them but seeing her shitty Frankenstein work is entertaining while the milk is dry.

No. 728553

Well she is a weeb so she probably only sees the censored penis head black boxes in doujinshi and shounen ai lol

No. 728567

Who holds shit like that though?
I tried that pose and it's nearly impossible lmao.

No. 728570

Yeah, I know lolcow is harmless. I might be getting a little too passionate about it, I won't deny that.
At the same time, outside of lolcow, now she's being exposed more than ever. What I was trying to say was that nitpicking while she's already in a deep hole and when there's already proof of whatever it is kinda makes people come off as spiteful, and it's gonna cause her and her sheep to dismiss it more.
Then again, the same could apply to joking about it as well, so that was my bad.
I know it's not something to be brought up in court lol. That would be a huge and dumb waste.

The Herschel and Reese thing is proof that she traced in something she made money off of and claimed to have worked so hard on. More examples like that would be great instead of ones that obviously don't line up and aren't warped to prove it either. Hearing her explanation for that would be something worth hearing since in her FMA thing, she was saying something along the lines of always changing stuff after the tracing part.

No. 728653

if you watch the video from her sad insta story there’s a moment where she’s not pulling a dreamworks brow and she actually looks like a real human being. A sad human being, but at least there’s no mask. Quit this fake high school bullshit already and just be real with us..

No. 728654

I agree about the hands and miku, but shit like >>728445 ? It's not like all of them are nitpicking, it all adds to the pile.

No. 728658

This. I'm not saying the Miku and Ash picture aren't traced but if they are those aren't the pictures they were traced from.

No. 728730

Just because Holly is as sloppy with tracing as she is with everything else, it doesn't mean it's not and counts as reference. The folds in the clotjing are literally lining up - what else do you want?

No. 728742


i believe that the hands were not traced but we were talking about the broken wrists and that she probably used a wrong angle for her ref pic (hence the gif)

No. 728746

Can you read? I said the Miku and Ash pictures don't look like they were traced from the pictures provided. I never said anything about the Rose picture dumbass.

No. 728753

should we even give a shit about the fucking rose pic? yeah it's obviously traced but it's just meme bullshit. who the fuck cares? miku might be a different story because she sold that shit at the con, but who cares about the rose thing

No. 728758

File: 1541701640979.png (247.63 KB, 454x787, sim.png)

"Every single time I draw Simon now he's either pissed off or sad, and I'm sorry Simon but that's just who you are right now!"

It looks like she's made no progress with Purgatory compared to her last update (I might be wrong though, but it really looks like she's just getting to sketching the next part.)

No. 728777

It depends on who you talk to. There are people out there who consider tracing to be an unforgivable sin no matter what it is used for and then there are people who don't give a shit as long as you aren't selling it. If the idiot who has been poop touching by posting images from here on to twitter wants to use the Rose image then let them. I'm sure Holly's braindead fan base won't give a shit either way.

No. 728780

File: 1541704566852.png (130.4 KB, 425x444, peepee.png)

https://tapas.io/episode/1234367 - the newest PP update, fam.

No. 728793

File: 1541705735544.png (409.49 KB, 640x1136, A07C280E-E91E-4910-B4E2-C0D024…)

How the fuck is he standing like this?? How far from the booth does that table go to? Come on holly.

No. 728796

File: 1541705936071.jpg (303.57 KB, 940x1435, pp_new.jpg)

Everything looks so lazy and awful, the stretched font, the stiff poses, Christ

No. 728798

Exclusive Elusive, those words are totally interchangeable

No. 728801

Why is the sound effect in the speech bubble? Like, is the person over the walkie actually saying "beep beep" or…?

No. 728802

>Mexican meat market
Holly's vision of Hershel.

No. 728807

Wait, is he supposed to look like he's leaning his left leg against the booth in a weird way? It's trippy to look at, in a bad way.

She made an instastory about these pages, asked if the booty was worth it and zoomed in on Hershel's ass, so you sort of nailed it there.

No. 728809

Is holly the next MC Escher? That table/booth and the way he's standing next to it is a straight up optical illusion

No. 728821

File: 1541708184418.png (44.3 KB, 636x167, Crymeariver.png)

Looks like she's not done trying to fetch herself some pity either.

>I cry 10 hours a day every other day

>Trying not to be problematic

I am very doubtful even one of them is true.

No. 728822

So, anyone gonna talk about how Holly had to leave college because she maxed out her loans and cant take out anymore.

Im pretty sure she never had a "business" to begin with. She just blew her college loan money on trash she didn't need instead of her schooling.

Im not surprise.

No. 728826

She is a delicate, unproblematic (and not rapey) flower that needs to be protected from us and our censorship obviously, leave Holly alone 2K18 xD

No. 728828


And wow lets defend the fact that holly free handed a handed and used reference versus the picture being 90% TRACED basically.

But lets talk about the hands.

No. 728831

Isnt it impossible for a person to cry for 10 hours??

No. 728836

I'm not really familiar with the American education system, but when you max out the debt, is it possible to continue college? Like, paying the other fees by yourself? sorry if I sounded dumb.

No. 728846

i can’t even tell how to read this or what they are going on about. also, “beep beep beep beep paranormal” is just…what. what kind of paranormal monster? wouldn’t the police (or whoever) want to know more about it before going over there? like shouldn’t there be types of paranormals and whatnot?
side note: she did princess real dirty. in those few old pics where she wasn’t grimacing, she actually looked kinda cute, but now she has the wild flyaway curls and constant malformed expressions like the rest of holly’s “new and improved” character designs. depressing indeed.

No. 728872

File: 1541712414463.png (345.92 KB, 677x845, patr.png)

Fam, old H-dog can't finish her education because of massive amounts of debt and people are sending her scary fanart, but it's okay. She'll be able to draw way more porn this way, what a healthy mindset!

No. 728874

Does he have a reptilian nose? I'm trying to figure it out.

No. 728883

She could take out non-federal loans with a high interest rate.

No. 728884

Where did she say this? Does this mean she’s not working on her animation anymore?

No. 728899

It wouldn't surprise me that holly dropped out of college because she couldn't handle her animation and she has too much pride and ego to chose something else to do instead. She seems to be the type of person to make drastic dumb decisions like this.

No. 728900


in a pic posted in the comment below
>>726928 <- here you go

No. 728902

oh my god this is all over the place, the panel placement is horrible I have no idea whats happening. she cant draw expressions for shit.

No. 728911

Omg anon you're right she does lie about everything maybe she dropped out and the student loans are an excuse. Who knows both reasons are pretty bad tho.

No. 728937

For all we know she was kicked out. She did mention hating her assignments and not understanding the point. Oh and she posted about how her school wanted to see her portfolio and how she was freaking out about it. Maybe she just failed.

No. 728939

if you look at the Holly redraws in the /ot/ thread, you can see most of the people nitpicking about ''''referencing'''' have shitty anatomy themselves. It almost makes me think they are young and think any photo reference is automatically bad.

No. 728944

Funnily enough, you actually sound like one of Hollys fans now - if you look through the comment section of her "apology" video literally everyone defending her claims that she was just referencing.
The point is that it simply makes her look like an even worse artist if she references so heavily/traces. And what she dows IS beyond simple reference, because she adds jackshit to the pieces, certainly no personality. While dry as hell already, the topic is probably more relevant than making fun of her looks for the gazilionth time.

No. 728953

A lot of the Holly redraws on the /ot/ thread suck because a lot of farmers who post redraws are shitty artists looking for attention. Any halfway decent artist wouldn't be caught dead posting their art on a hate forum like lolcow. I mean not only is redrawing the garbage fire that is Holly's art a complete waste of time but if you got caught posting somewhere like here it could affect your art career.

With that said no one here is against using photo reference. We're just against tracing shit and then lying about how it was supposed to be a 'placeholder' all along.

No. 728958

i'm not a holly's fan, I'm holly herself you retard

No. 728974

Ah, the trash goblin herself appears, assuming you are who you say you are.

Do you have any sort of plan for this trashfire of a life you’ve built for yourself?

Now that you’re out of school, will you actually take a part time job to pay off your debt, maybe learn to work with people, become more humble?

Are you going to use your YouTube time while you have it to maybe start taking some of the free life drawing courses they have on YouTube?

Or are you just going to continue talking out your ass and letting everything you worked for go down the drain?

No. 728994

>Ah, the trash goblin herself appears, assuming you are who you say you are.
Yes that's me, how many times do I need to say I'm Holly for retards like you to believe?

>Do you have any sort of plan for this trashfire of a life you’ve built for yourself?

The plan has always been watching idiots get their panties in a twist trying to analyse me

>Now that you’re out of school, will you actually take a part time job to pay off your debt, maybe learn to work with people, become more humble?

I've made loads of money

>Are you going to use your YouTube time while you have it to maybe start taking some of the free life drawing courses they have on YouTube?

No, the most productive way to spend my time would be to participate in online gossip forums

>Or are you just going to continue talking out your ass and letting everything you worked for go down the drain?


No. 729000


Dont indulge this fake, we all know Holly Doesnt have the balls to even confront on anon.

No. 729001

I'm calling bullshit on all of this
You aren't holly, the typing and wording show that.
I mean if you are holly why are you on here anyway. Your fans always say ignore the hate?
But this is going to be funny tbh
If this is actally holly
Shouldn't you be working on your comics and patreon etc.

No. 729002

File: 1541727931848.gif (392.9 KB, 640x360, 1362963100378.gif)

No. 729003

Hi Holly, I only have one question in case you're not a troll. Why don't you spend your time actually working on your comics and/or youtube videos instead of wasting it on pointless side projects like that rape comic or shitposting on lolcow? That latest PP page looked atrocious, maybe try to actually put some effort into your "main" projects? Also, stop using those Hershel brushes, they just make your work look even more lazy

No. 729005

Of course I'm Holly, I've said so many times. Reply more to me, I'll tell you things.

No. 729006

IF you really are Holly HC (Hands on you Cock) Brown….

lol What up, Hoe?
Can you please practice your anatomy and draw through?

Also, I doubt responding to farmers about you and your bullshit will help you. You're a pretty well established cow and the you posting and responding to us is pretty milky.

Anon, I get you but what if?lol

No. 729009

Holly here, I only have one thing to say to you:

Learn to sage retard, you have to be over 18 to post here

No. 729011

Stop engaging the troll they clearly aren't Holly just an idiotic fan. Holly has very bad grammar they can't possibly be her.

No. 729012

No way, surly it's holly herself, she says so!

No. 729013

I smell a troll.

No. 729014

This is stupid you’re all just going to fill up the thread faster. Its not worth it. Save it for milk

No. 729015


Sorry girl, on YouTube ALONE there are three different life drawing channels (Draw This, Croquis Cafe, and New Master’s Academy), numerous excellent anatomy lesson channels (Proko and Sycra come to mind), and more all around good perspective and digital painting lessons than you can shake a stick at. For FREE.

And you’re gonna sit here and tell me that LolCow is a better use of your time than, for again, no charge, learning all the foundation skills you’ll need to not trace other people’s shit?

Bloody hell, Holly, if this really is you, I used to be something of a fan of yours until you threw this much down the drain. I admired your tenacity and your dogged dedication to completing your stories.

Now, however…

(Hopefully correctly saged for opinion. I’m new to posting here, I readily admit.)

No. 729017

begone, newfag

No. 729030

File: 1541730324776.jpg (47.31 KB, 738x730, queendump.JPG)

Fan art for the beautiful Holly Brown.

No. 729039

Wait an artist has been recognized by their redraw and ruined before? Oh what's that? They haven't? Chill tf it's a harmless thread for shits and giggles if that isn't your thing move along stop bitching. You sound jealous.

No. 729110

Dude if you want to waste time doing redraws for asspats knock yourself out.

No. 729116

If you're spending more than 20min on a redraw then it's a waste of time. Some of the drawings on there seem to have taken hours, clearly for asspats.

No. 729132

lol no artists have been recognised by their redraws because artists with a following don't post their art on hate forums

No. 729138

I know right? Also most of the redraws just introduce new problems to Holly's work. Like they'll fixate on anatomy only to make the pose awkward and unreadable. I'm just glad redraws aren't allowed on here anymore.

This is what we have devolved into. I guess we are all thirsty for new milk.

No. 729143

Ah, well.
It was fun while it lasted I guess.
Back to lurking!

No. 729152

You'd be surprised. A skilled artist can draw in any style. Since holly's art is a shitty reference to start with there won't be any masterpieces in the redraw thread to link back to any well known artists anyway lmao

No. 729157

>A skilled artist can draw in any style
including the bad anatomy style

No. 729167

Yup and skilled artists just love to just waste their time making redraws for hate forums! Wait no that's just attention starved farmers who are desperate for a taste of e-fame.

No. 729170

A lot of Holly’s drawing mistakes feel so genuine since she never under draws or plans out a drawing before drawing it.

Holly contour draws. Drawing the outlines without understanding a form in 3D space or anatomy . And her lack of perspective understanding is so apparent in every drawing she completes.

No. 729183

Holly has no basic understanding of the technical aspects of drawing. She seems to draw purely based on instinct which is why most of her work looks so off. If she were to take a step back and actually learn things like basic perspective her work could be really great. Unfortunately I doubt Holly would ever be able to swallow her pride and actually work on fundamentals for a change. I mean after all Queen Holly is a 'professional' and she has no time for that 'beginner work'!

No. 729189

Oh yes clearly people do redraws and post anonymously on lolcow for asspats when no one knows who they are and 9/10 anons sperg hateful comments lol. Naw maybe seeing her stuff makes people who actually draw wanna sketch her mistakes out when some farmers get bored. It's really not that deep.

No. 729208

Ok you all suck at drawing and nobody cares, don't derail the thread

No. 729217

a bit more on topic, if the loan thing is true, she definitely used that money to buy all the materials/machines she hardly or never uses. she's always had what seems like way too much money for her popularity imo

No. 729219

It's pretty common for people to waste student loans on dumb shit because they're too immature to recognize that money you borrow isn't really your money and you need to be careful with it. That's the main reason why so many people have insane student loan debt.

No. 729223

I know right remember when she bought tv paint for no actual reason cuz she just needed to have it? She’s so stupid.

No. 729230

she also flexed a bit about paying for bills/repairs around the house, so that could have come out of it too - directly or by pushing finances around. she doesn't seem to push great merch sales, she just has a few super devoted dumbasses who'll buy her originals at that crazy price. i doubt her YT pays for her lifestyle entirely.

No. 729237

We've already seen that Holly's money managing habits are terrible. Not unlikely that she maxed out her loans imo.

Even as a trolling attempt this is embarrassing.

No. 729241

Judging from the number of replies this person got, y'all thirsty for drama(samefagging)

No. 729361

File: 1541744011431.png (104.96 KB, 987x555, 2018-11-09_001225.png)

that one "I Love holly brown "video
looks like her senpai noticed her
.just yikes brown yikes

No. 729583

this isnt as bad as her other ones honestly

No. 729599

No. 729607

Tbh this dude is pretty chill, I didn't think he would make a video on this though,of course, he did comment on hollys video so good I guess.
my favorite part though
Hollys fans describe her as "honest and Blunt"
we are going to chorten it to "blunt"

No. 729612

File: 1541793401919.png (80.17 KB, 1058x595, 2018-11-09_135627.png)

No. 729622

Damn, I'm so glad he brought up the fact that she manipulated her audience by using "referencing" and "tracing" interchangeably, and the part where she "forgot" she traced it (seriously, who would actually forget something like that?)

No. 729632

File: 1541794771562.png (17.94 KB, 1168x106, swag.png)

Sorry for samefagging, but didn't this person tell Cinna she was going to "take her life" etc? Guess it's only contributing to hate if it's about Holly. Best, least toxic community ever ya'll

No. 729643


I was with him until towards the end where he said she’s done good. Like… for who? Ignorant 12 year old anti-swj’s who will massacre someone for telling the truth about her? It seemed like he backtracked his whole video because he was afraid of backlash so he had to shill in the “we’re all human gais” excuse. Excusing her bullshit excuses, racism, internal misogyny, homophobia and art theft is a big fat no from me tbh. Although I don’t expect normie youtubers to know she’s done all that.

No. 729654

Since he uploaded the video with his face and name attached to it I can't really blame him for trying to soften the blow - it's still miles better than any of the other art tubers, who only show their ugly self-drawn comic selfs and sound like 12 year olds.
I'm pleasantly surprised to see how few downvotes the vid has, would've thought Hollys follower goons were ready to destroy this guys career by now

No. 729661

Yeah when I heard him say “all the good stuff on her channel” I was like bitch where? There were no examples lol it’s just a professional courtesy to encourage her to move forward and I liked that he ended it on that positive note.. the intro was annoying though

No. 729691

Looks like Michie is reading the thread and got butthurt about us criticizing her art

No. 729697

What is grammar

No. 729698

should we make Michie a thread or is she not a cow yet? We keep posting her cow-stuff here (bc its usually related to holly) but this isn't.

No. 729700

Right now she's more calf than cow but if she escalates she could def use a thread

No. 729703

Can someone summarize this? Her voice is grating as hell.

No. 729707


"I'm not like other artists and don't get bothered when my art gets compared to anothers.UWU"

No. 729713


God, none of the characters she draws has a fucking forehead.

I'm not sure that what she's talking about here has anything to do with her being on these threads and reacting to it though…We hardly compare her art to Holly's if that's what you mean, except for when San Japan happened.

No. 729746

It's so weird going to the comment section and not seeing blind, overwhelming support for Holly, guess that's how it is when she's not there to censor anyone, lol. How long before she notices/does damage control?

No. 729778

>racism, internal misogyny, homophobia
Tone down your tumblr, anon.

No. 729825


Sure, it’s totally not valid arguments against her, just “tumblr”. Go back to whiteknighting.

No. 729830

Are you new? Holly hates women thinks slave owners are sympathetic historicsl figures and faps to men raping men and boy child porn. Welcome to the Holly thread.

No. 729837

Holly doesn't hate any specific group of people. She is just a womanchild and has a poor grasp of reality. There's noting homophobic/misoynist/racist about Holly that is due to malice. It's just her being sheltered and dumb. She's basically a 13 year old fujo in a 23 year old woman's body.

No. 729846

I'll give you that. She does seem to hold women in general in pretty low esteem though.

No. 729856

Sis literally was rting Aydin Paladin videos about Muslims and white women fucking. She's the modern bigot that gets radicalized from dumb youtube videos.

No. 729861

I really wish we had more screenshots of her bigoted tweets because a lot of Holly stans have no idea about this shit.

No. 729870

Yeah I’d say she def hates Muslims and probably most women. Retweeting propaganda is pretty stupid,

No. 729874

no anon

she can be pretty malicious. wtf u talking abt

No. 729892

it doesn't matter if she's a womanchild with the mentality of a preteen, she's an adult and still culpable for being a repulsive person lmao. we aren't dealing with a literal child here, even if it seems like it sometimes.

No. 729903

The comments on this video are a breath of fresh air.

No. 729915

Michie is dumb and has bad art but I don't think she's a cow, there's already a YT artist thread on /ot/. Most of her milk is by association with Holly.

Holly definitely hates women anon, she's the classic "I'm not like those stupid sluts xD", except she's an adult with an audience of even dumber young teens and not a 14 year-old on deviantArt.

No. 730037

Homophobia/etc. is malicious in itself though so I don’t get your point ?

No. 730044

Holly’s new vlog

No. 730052

summary? I don't have the energy to watch her

No. 730053

Based on the comments, this is hopefully the point at which Holly realizes even her fanbase can't help her out of the hole she dug herself in - half of them are grandma jokes and you can literally feel how none of them have any idea what being 50k in dept even means.

I'm curious on what's going to happen now - it's not like Holly can actually financially support herself in the long run with half-assed comics and the few fans who are old enough to buy her stuff.
Since she won't even get her degree now many companies won't even consider hiring her at this point (even if they ignore her internet personality).

No. 730057

File: 1541871218160.png (45.55 KB, 1176x424, Unbenannt34.png)

Apart from the stupidity of the first comment (she doesn't evolve = she's consistent?!), the whole exchange pretty much underlines that her advertising skills are non-existant

No. 730058

Is hollys eyesite ok
She needs to take a paneling lesson of something, I couldn't follow a thing in her comic.
Maybe she can follow it, I'm pretty sure her fans don't say anything because it would upset their queen and they would be shunned by her toxic community she has made

No. 730060

Tbh I don't think to many would look at holly, she has already burned bridges to get into the industry.
Also if the company feels the person has the skills they need but no art degree they can still hire them. They just have to be at a skill set needed for the job.
With all that you can Learn about art through the Internet to get a college degree seems kind of pointless.

No. 730066

Kek, not to defend Holly but it's not like her comics are that hard to find if you want to read them, they watch her main and her vlog channel and never bothered to read the description?

Summary since I have nothing better to do
>Pats herself on the back for her paneling work in PP
>Shows her new planner
>Spends 5 minutes rambling about sailor moon
>Went to the DMV and forgot it was voting day soon so spent 4 hours there
>Spends a bunch of money on korean skincare
>Talks about how she hates drinking water unless it's super cold and how she thinks it's "a fat kid thing", shows off a whole pillcase full of supplements though (and her anxiety/depression meds)
>literal pile of garbage in the background
>Talks about maxing out her loans and how she doesn't want to take out a private loan for "a degree she doesn't need"
>Her mom doesn't care and she's probably just going to drop out despite being in her senior year because it'd be too expensive for her, instead she'll try to get some money back for the current semester
>nervously fidgeting with her pill case the entire time
>Shows off more useless shit she bought
>Talks about sketching out 20 pages in advance now and apparently just discovered that drawing one page at a time is not that efficient
>Dropped Huevember because she doesn't like coloring anymore, I guess she's just giving up on coloring altogether?
>Talks about purgatory and how all she wants to do is draw comics lately

Very rambly.

No. 730067

The degree would have been useful if she wanted to be a teacher but yeah. Also with loans like this I’m pretty sure Holly can’t default and so will have her wages garnished for the rest of her life.

No. 730068

You don't need a degree to be hired as an artist, but Holly's portfolio isn't very strong and she's stepped on plenty of people's toes already so there's that.

No. 730069

File: 1541872721304.png (20.95 KB, 1194x94, kit.png)

>work on your brand more

Keith, honey… What brand? Having a messed up google search history for all eternity? Being a lolcow? Being blacklisted from professional studios?

No. 730082


She also mentioned getting a car in March, lmao, good luck keeping up with insurance/maintenance, and if it isn't a used one, car payments.
I swear to god if she gets a car, all we'll hear about is her whining about it every other video, lmao.
Maybe she'll get out more though it's not really an excuse. People with no cars still figure out how to have social lives, though it's kind of tough when you have no friends irl.

No. 730091

Glad Holly is going to take care of her skin but I feel it might be a disaster since I know she's going to put like 15 products on her face all at once.

No. 730095

You're right, a degree isn't strictly necessary - but it's advisable to have one, OR having such great skills that everybody would hire you regardless. Holly has neither.

No. 730108

>degree she doesn't need

she's not wrong - with or without a degree her art is shitty and unappealing, and it's clear that school hasn't helped her improve at all because the lessons confuse and scare her. she is completely fucking her future though lol.

>doesn't like colouring

since fucking when? have we moved into yet another Holly phase? also her only huevember piece hardly constituted as colouring when it was literally just a green wash.

No. 730114

Even if she does drop out, shes 50k in debt plus interest. How could she be this stupid?? If it capped off at fifty grand she should have picked a school with cheaper tuition. This is honestly a mess, being in debt and with no degree???

No. 730124


It's kinda sad seeing someone her age chucking down a fuckload of pills everyday - her pillcase looks fuller than my grandmas

No. 730141

I don’t understand how she could have let it get that bad either. I know a lot of ppl simply expect to be thousands in debt after they get their degree and so just accept it, but shouldn’t she have still kept an eye on it just to make sure she didn’t hit her cap (especially before she’s even graduated)? Even paying off a little bit every month while you’re in school helps in the long run when considering interest rates. This binch is gonna be in debt for the rest of her life if she doesn’t get a decent paying job and actually learns how to manage her finances well. It’s kinda pathetic and sad.

No. 730156

at least the people who go into massive amounts of school debt have a degree to show for it and a feasible way to pay for it once they get a job in their field. Holly has nothing but the debt. not only that, but she spends her income completely after time she gets any money. gotta love how she's bircbing about her debt in the same video where she is wasting her money on shit she doesn't need. and she wants a car on top of all this? she knows she has to actually pay off a car loan or they will repossess the car after the first missed payment, right?

No. 730159

Anons, stop being so toxic, only positive vibes here, fam! This is clearly a great opportunity to work on her brand and draw porn, what could go wrong?

No. 730160


That's IF she gets a new car. She could easily get a used one and not have to take out any loans, if she budgets smartly. It's her first car and she doesn't make 'car loan payment' money. So if she's smart (which she is not) with her money her first one will be a used one.

Or she can just ask her aunt to pay for it for her.

No. 730162

if you think Holly has a few thousand dollars chilling to pay upfront for even a shitty used car, you are mistaken. she couldn't even pay for an iPad up front.

No. 730163


You got me there, Anon. She's too impulsive to save up "til March" as she says,
to scrape up enough for a used car.
And then the insurance. And the maintenance.
I just don't think it'll happen. All of it is "if's". So we'll see come March.

No. 730167


And then she wants to buy a bunch of Korean skin care products, and expects us to believe she'd be able to afford anything that big while she's busy buying markers, or into some fad diet and other bullshit she'll only use once.

I wonder if she still pays for gym membership, because we haven't heard a peep out of her going for a while now (unless I missed it)

No. 730171

File: 1541887331033.png (29.67 KB, 520x455, spoil.png)

BRown setting up a schedule she's not going to follow and spoiling her own comic, yet again

No. 730172

File: 1541887495001.png (337.75 KB, 449x775, anim.png)

Oh, and this is a thing that's happening, apparently

No. 730180

Lmao of course! A GIRL crush! Not gay tho nope we only like penises in this good Christian household haha god can she get any more obvious. All men are gay but women suck why would you date one amiright?

No. 730181

I'm pretty sure some are just vitamins and supplements.

No. 730184

Honestly her skin doesn't look too bad right now. I can't see her new skincare routine ending well.

No. 730187

Almost all of them look like vitamins and supplements. I think the only one that isn't is her antidepressants.

No. 730189

I might be wrong but didn't she take some sort of supplements as "antidepressants" as well? it's not like she ever had a prescription for them, she purchased some pills online and even ended up advertising them in a vlog?

No. 730190

Meh at least her new comic even has girls in it. Purgatory is a sausage-fest.

No. 730191

Yes but I think her 'depression meds' are medically prescribed medication given her past history. The 'anxiety meds' and other things might be homeopathic crap though.

No. 730205

That's true U just think the other anon meant that fujos notoriously make all male characters gay but women are straight and usually relegated to wingman status only to end up with a man of her own. It they are bitchy slut rivals lol.

No. 730209

Sorry if this is ignorant, but do anti depression meds do anything alone?
She's been taking them awhile, but is still depressed as fuck

No. 730220

They are mostly meant to stabilise so that you can establish better thought patterns/fix life situation/whatever, it's not really the "final solution" or like meds you would take for a cough, if that makes any sense? If you change nothing while you're on them, nothing is going to change in the long run, basically. Also a lot of the time you kind of have to switch meds to find out what works and what doesn't. It all depends on what type of depression you have as well. Hopefully that wasn't too confusing/incorrect!

No. 730221

depends. they won't completely fix a fucked up person but they can help you function enough to get shit sorted. or it's not the right med/dose.

either way, requires effort.>>730209

No. 730225

Antidepressants are complicated. Even if you are prescribed a combination that is perfect for you and will fix your chemical imbalance you still need to make the proper lifestyle changes to really be ‘better’.

No. 730231

Also u’re meant to taks them while being in therapy. Anti-depressanta can be so helpful if you can 1 get the right pill for you and 2 the right dosage but without therapy theres only so much a pill can do for you.

No. 730241

>it's not like her comics are that hard to find if you want to read them
you're a real idiot. That approach means her comic might get 100 reads, whereas if she shilled her comic properly on the channel she would have tens of thousands of reads. She probably doesn't cos she doesn't want more pressure to produce it since she's so busy with ???

No. 730244

Tnx for answering!
I attended a seminar about depression and anxiety 2 yrs ago and i only remember them talking about cbt.

Back on topic, i cannot understand how holly can live and breathe in her room with all that trash. Almost makes me want to clean it for her

No. 730258

Oh Holly, she's such a human trainwreck, her fans might as well look at Lavendertowne's videos.
>At least her videos have good and simple art advice that will help people who loves drawing.

No. 730261

I honestly think Holly should worry about her health, then work on a project one at a time.

Oh right, she starts on too many projects for some reason.

No. 730267

File: 1541900087548.png (19.99 KB, 440x84, 3638a4b3c26bcc0dca4847b9c152f5…)

ok first of all im not subbed to michie, second of all im not a patron. why is this in my notifications.

No. 730306

it does that. you watch a video and it recommends you other videos dealing with that subject. ex: if you watch art vids a lot then they'll give you other art channel's livestreams for some reason.

No. 730326

File: 1541909899871.jpg (649.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181110-221758_You…)

Looks like hollys minions are coming out of the wood works now.

No. 730329

File: 1541909943187.jpg (642.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181110-221804_You…)

No. 730343

She may not be good at art, but she's an expert at shooting herself in the foot.

As aliens, they suck.

But as teenagers? I think they're written pretty well.

The character writing and music are the only good things about Homestuck. Everything else is a mess.

Nothing is too lewd for Tumblr. There are almost no rules, and what few rules there are don't get enforced.

No. 730398

Off-topic but the character writing is only as good as Hussie's ability to write a limited amount of characters. Some of the characters are literally the same personality copypasted and most people couldn't even tell who's dialog belongs to whom without the obvious typing quirks.

I think Holly's critically low self-esteem is what causes her to waste time and money doing all these useless endeavors. She wants published books, and a webcomic and this and that, because she wants to be the artist who's name stays people's mouths. She has to be known for something and appreciated, even if she can't draw and her personality is garbage. Never in my life have I seen someone who wants to be validated so badly via acrylic pins on some teen fujos backpack.

No. 730405

I find it pretty irritating how Holly always appears on other art channels, she commented on the drawing tutorials online sketchbook video and as always her comments get most likes and are listed at the top

No. 730408

Pimikyu (Holly’s ex-friend)is live streaming on ig talking abt holly brown

No. 730412

what's the fucking link

No. 730420

I'm guessing it's over now, but what did they say?

No. 730447

Either way, he's not a good writer for Holly to be taking cues from. If she wants to learn how to write coherently, she should crack open some actual books.

The weird style and method he has going on is hard to pull off, and I don't think even he does it 100% successfully.

No. 730451

You have to be a special type of stupid to ask Holly about writing characters so I am not surprised Holly gave dumb advice.
If you want to write believable characters for a visual medium just hop over to YouTube and watch one of the hundered videos about writing screenplays by the countless professional screenwriters.

No. 730481

Of course she will draw Reese and Hershel fucking every chance she gets, but for her female characters it's a ~girl crush~

Watch her just spoil the ending via a tumblr ask.

No. 730486

They all turn to monsters, at least that’s what she said in one of her old videos.

No. 730489

File: 1541953104581.png (74.5 KB, 1141x457, disgusting.png)

Truly disgusting, how dare anyone bully the queen? She's so delicate!

No. 730542

Not sure if this counts as cow tipping but there is a farmer posting a photo link to the kiss reference trace Holly did I'm the comments of this video and it has a lolcow URL so whoever that farmer is please stop.

No. 730546

File: 1541966297721.jpg (174.09 KB, 720x1147, IMG_20181111_115848.jpg)

Oh and Holly commented too.

No. 730549

She sounds insane
"idk its okay if u think im a dirty tracer but idk i work hard idk i like u so funny but make ur own content fam and hope u make money from this hehe im so damaged and fragile lol idk like drama is so toxic"

No. 730552

jfc the guy made a respectful video that politely criticizes her and Holly still finds a way to shit on him

No. 730558

File: 1541967608049.jpg (119.54 KB, 720x1048, IMG_20181111_122016.jpg)

Yeah whoever this farmer is needs to cut it out.

No. 730560

She just couldn't help herself…

"Or I can't pay bills"
Don't delude yourself, Holly. If not for YT she would never b