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Hellweek begins Sunday, April 5th

File: 1516853239492.png (4.31 MB, 2480x1748, handgore.png)

No. 480758

Most well known for her cal-arts rant, where she bitches about how hard it is to get in while claiming to have gotten in. Also known for giving shitty advice to impressionable beginners.


Mirror of aforementioned Cal-Arts rant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvnD-9XOs5k [DL][Archived Copy] [DL][Archived Copy]

>21 year old "freelancer" (lives at home with her mother and runs an online shop selling ugly art)

>Salty Youtube fujoshi artist that claims that her art is superior because she went to art school
>Constantly preaches that art takes hard work, claims to always practice and study but her art hasn't improved in over two years
>Whines about being a starving artist with no money, yet has enough money to buy a new Mac computer and a Cintiq tablet within the same week, then sold said cintiq because she got sponsored for her shitty shitty art
>When faced with genuine criticism, she replies with "it's my style hurrr get over it!!"
>Whines about nobody buying from her online store, but when people do, she whines about having to package and ship off her items
>Pandering to the Musicals crowd to get more Youtube $$$
>Claims to be the only non tumblrina artist and is a textbook tumblr fujo
>Generally insufferable and shitty person

Last thread: Holly continues to make crappy animations, says she'll give up comics because she can't make a living off them and to focus solely on animation then decides she will make comics still. Makes merch for a comic she's only finished a few pages of. Hires someone to flat her comics for pennies on the dollar. Denies she's a fujo with a fetish for gay bois then admits she's a fujo in a recent video. Still drawing potato face.

Previous thread : >>>/snow/428135

No. 480774

This image is making me laugh more than it should

No. 480776

Anon, you've out done yourself, that image is both terrifying and beautiful! A nice collection of Holly fucked up hands!

No. 480799

y'all are too kind

No. 480805

the super detailed painterly one is horrifying, I can't tell what it's supposed to look like

No. 480808

It looks creepy, like a rotting hand. I don't think that's what she intended.

No. 480824

File: 1516858497822.png (Spoiler Image, 368.44 KB, 665x445, et.png)

>that center right one

No. 480829

I have never seen a more terrifying picture. Nice job, anon.

No. 480832

From now on, OP pic will be my daily reminder to practice proper hands.

No. 480840

No. 480873

File: 1516864833491.gif (2.23 MB, 320x384, 1507964751141.gif)

>"i gained two lbs because i was a fatass and ate outback steakhouse last night" in the beginning of her latest video

No. 481083

>I hate creators who only say I did this and that, show the process
She did it like a couple videos ago, also it’s literally how she did it last time.

No. 481131

Choice OP pic, anon.

It's such a dumb criticism, especially when it comes to the 100 days of comics thing. Most people wouldn't want to spoil the pages they've been working on for over 3 months.

No. 481159

File: 1516904925836.png (557.59 KB, 1138x698, Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 10.2…)

Those 2 poses look so uncomfortable…The way he's sitting to the way her hand is bent.

No. 481169

Hahaha, this has to be the worst from her I've seen in a while. He looks like a fucking turtle.

No. 481178

jfc, he looks like he has a hunchback or looks like a turtle as the previous anon said. Has she never heard of references lmaooo

No. 481181

>His hunchback
>Her broken wrist, pointy square shaped butt and Woll Smoth face
>His fries drawn like they're magically floating in space

No. 481204

>that litteral 90° ass

No. 481207

Everything about this just screams "I don't give a shit".

No. 481209

B-But anon-chan, she uses her body-kuns to draw! They're the most reliable artist reference!

No. 481228

The title of this thread really fits well…. Gdi, Holly lol

No. 481385

Oh noooo he’s just really buff!!!!! You don’t understand!!!!! Beefy men don’t act like normal people of course, they can’t pose like everybody else, it’s just a poor positioning of courseee!
… her excuses gets dumber every time.

No. 481503

File: 1516928166680.png (1.35 MB, 1084x816, Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 16.5…)

For someone who shows a lot of her hand a lot in videos, those are some crusty ass nails. And I dont get why she's making these stickers the hard way. She makes so much work for herself and then claims how tired she is and how much work Holly did.

No. 481683

If you're too lazy to maintain your nails just fucking cut them. I'd hate to buy any of her merch with the knowledge that her crusty hands touched them

No. 481765

I find it ironic how when it comes to useless manual labor Holly refuses to take the easy way out but when it comes to actually making art she cuts corners all the time in the most lazy and obvious of ways. Honestly if Holly took the time she wasted on things like manually cutting stickers and actually applied it to learning art theory she really would improve.

No. 481768

Also lol how can she have her legs straight in a booth? Is she standing through the seat?

No. 481786

Although it's not in the picture, those tables have 4 legs. The way she drew the them, people would have to step over the seat to get into the booth. It's a health and safety hazard, not to mention that tables in booths like that always have a center leg only. Google is one click away, holly.

No. 481791

>broken giraffe neck
>T-Rex Arms
>Jead way too large
>What are shoulder blades

It's totally because he has so many muscles, you guys.

No. 481795


her characters always look so mercilessly uncomfortable and sometimes I feel bad for them.

No. 481812

File: 1516966472516.jpeg (72.99 KB, 1280x720, 62D9537D-DA5D-4D2D-9589-1BE87E…)

It’s totally the muscles guyssssss!
See? Even this guy is malfor— oh wait no he’s a normal dude. My bad. Guess it’s not like buff men can’t “pose”.
Honestly she gets on my nerves so much. The only way somebody couldn’t be able to act normally is if they’re HUGE and I mean really huge. The mass would be in the way for certain things. But her chara looks “defined” more than muscular, at least not the way she’s implying with that statement.
Also saying “I used the mannequin” is stupid. First of all she never understands what she sees. Second, a mannequin might help you with the spaces, but muscles, fat and skin CAN move. Some muscles rotate, other flex, it’s not a stable mass. If she paid attention in her gestures she would have noticed that.

No. 481838

Those pose mannequins are useless anyway exactly because the muscles don't move. Your torso changes shape completely if you move around. She should know this by now.

No. 481857

Point is: she thinks just because she produces a lot she’s getting better and she’s a good artist. It’s true that you need to produce a lot but you should study and examine what you’re doing while producing. She thinks she’s beyond the study phase probably, because she’s so pro. Quantity over quality should be allowed only during deadlines and when you’ve reached a certain level.
Makes me laugh that she thinks 4 hours for a full comic page is a lot of time. 4 hours could only be the colouring. Well thought comics can take like 6/8 hours per page excluding colours.
Focusing on how many pages you produce instead of taking your time to figure out what you’re doing is one of the big no nos if you plan on actually learning something.
Without study she will just keep on repeating the same mistakes.

Saged because probably nobody cares

No. 482068

No I think the points you brought up are noteworthy. What bothers me is that she has a lot of influence on teens/young adults who are either interested in art classes or are in pursuit of an art career. Her superiority complex over how she produces a lot of work (sloppy, ugly work tbh) will more than likely influences her audience to repeat her methods because they think it will bring them success. Idk, as someone who once watch Holly and was dumb enough to start mimicking her I just wanted to say that.
Sage for spurging

No. 482089

File: 1516996656305.png (279.08 KB, 962x806, Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 11.5…)

Yo, if you're gonna sage, then actually sage. Just type the word "sage" in the email slot.

Anywho, I'm catching up on videos and this part of the drawing just makes no sense compared to this one >>481159

No. 482091

Where is his other leg?!

No. 482103

TBH i sometimes wish I had her confidence (or pretended confidence, if you want) because it seems like it’s everything that ever counts. How can somebody be blinded and follow advices of somebody who’s so bad at art? Fake confidence. Other Peppe (and myself) just struggle getting taken seriously or don’t have much exposure because they tend to stay humble. Never heard khan being overly confident for instance, and she has way less subs than holly.

No. 482163

I think her exaggerated confidence is just a defense mechanism because she can't handle criticism very well. Of course it only hurts her because her art ends up looking like this >>482089

No. 482189

Yes and no.
I mean, you can use confidence as a defense mechanism and still try to better yourself. Like, show others you already know how to do stuff even when you don't, but keep practicing until what you create is actually pleasant. You know what I mean?
If I'd be as unsure and hurt by criticism I would probably work more and not give people any kind of "opening" to talk shit about me. She is faking confidence (although I must admit that I sometimes think she fakes being fragile or knowing her things are shit rather than the opposite) but if she never EVER improves it means that she might BELIEVE her own lie.
Some things could be fixed easily, like the table legs for instance. Another anon pointed it out that in diners like that tables only have one leg in the center. Do a stupid 10 minute research on google, or use logic.
She bitches about how correct it is to trace and then she doesn't do it for the right things. She doesn't even use references properly.
I don't know if I should feel sympathy for her, because as I said it sometimes seems fragile even when she's being bitchy, while other times she is humble and self deprecating but I sense like she's doing it to fish for comments.

No. 482231

That left table leg isn't even attatched to the table. It looks like it's poking him in the stomach

No. 482233


No wonder he looks so uncomfortable, she just sort of squashed him in there lmao

No. 482243

She literally has a die cut machine. She doesnt use it. It's just sitting there cause she's a stupid fuckass who hates all technology (like with her cintiq and how she said it was shit but we all know its cause she doesn't know how to draw digitally)

No. 482247

Tbh I think she bought the cutting machine after she attempted to create sticker sheets hand cut

No. 482328

File: 1517018253717.png (260.41 KB, 392x340, rt.png)

lol She still hasn't even tried using it for anything. She could've even made the pencil pouches she failed at with it. The iron on adhesive they sell that you can print on is really durable shit. Could've even used it to make stick on stencils and those die cut bookmarks she was creaming her pants over. I do artist alley as a career so thats why i followed her, but she really just scrambles around with no real plan. She has a ton of conventions in her area and she doesn't even try. Why? Cause shes a cringy basement dweller that is scared of other people offline. She boasts that she is so much better than other artists cause she's SOooo resourceful but in reality just wastes money on things that help with the business and then never use it.
She got the cricut machine about a year ago. More like 11 months. I've had mine since last april. It's the bees knees.
Hers is just sitting there on the floor unused. It cost $200. Doubt her mom uses it like she says with it up in the garbage heap.

No. 482346

Really random, but what I noticed about Holly's twitter is that un-retweets things for some reason. I wonder why's that… Just curious, lol

No. 482422

File: 1517027310233.png (117.9 KB, 198x304, 3424124.PNG)

Is her green-haired oc inspired by that one background character in Dream Daddy or am I just seeing things

No. 482483

File: 1517034607332.png (108.32 KB, 188x411, jhkjhkhj.PNG)

nobody walks with the same arm forward as their leg, holly.

No. 482484


also look at those fucking block feet

No. 482491

While I see the similarities, I’m pretty sure Holly’s green haired character is half based on Grell from black butler and half based on annoying hacker tropes.

No. 482501

File: 1517036518433.png (1.01 MB, 1182x912, Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 23.0…)

Damn. Such fire, but yet so true.

No. 482504

File: 1517036568498.png (1.4 MB, 1180x1222, Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 23.0…)

So, she's claiming that her same faced drawings are 200% better than this?

No. 482511

Pretty much like it. The old ones are nicer compared to the jay leno abominations I see nowadays.

No. 482516

Her old stuff was at least interesting to look at despite all its flaws.

No. 482522

So this character is what, 12, and doesn't she draw porn of this character? I mean, I know there's shadman etc., but he hides his face because that shit is illegal in countries including the US where some guy got 20 years in prison for looking at it

No. 482523

Holly, the spelling thing was ONE of the issues addressed and not the motivation for that post.
Also I find it ironic how she’s being criticising other people’s grammar and spelling when she’s the one butchering her own language.

No. 482530

File: 1517044402306.png (49.94 KB, 1180x220, Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 01.1…)

Kind of late for that now…

No. 482532

I wonder if she still reads here.

No. 482541

What does that mean? She will not be putting them on youtube? Not vlog at all? Password protected?

No. 482542


She's probably going to go ahead and unlist them from youtube. but like what's the point, all the BS still happens on her twitter and main channel anyways.

But yeah she probably does lurk here, or else she probably wouldn'tve made that option. We'll see I guess.

No. 482547

She's aged him up to 15 I think, and then again to 17? Still underage though.

The comments about how terrible she is must be getting to her.

No. 482550

Not fully related, but Kasey Golden finished her sketchbook slam challenge and basically said she thought it was kinda stupid and pointless in terms of improvement and she would not have done it (or even had the time to do it) if she wasn't a YouTuber. Holly hasn't commented on it yet.

No. 482669

File: 1517068000536.jpeg (23.38 KB, 640x126, 89A9DBF5-54DA-47CD-95C1-A3756F…)

Think this might be why she hid her videos? I’d be weirded out too if somebody created playlists for all of my vlogs especially considering I already have a vlog channel.

No. 482701

lol nothing of value is lost. I just watched those vlogs of hers to see if she managed to clean that shit hole of a room Holly has.
By the way, Holly never cleaned her fucking room. Bet you anything it smells like piss.

No. 482816

File: 1517080634858.png (10.42 KB, 584x135, freelance.png)

LOL you don't want to take commissions or freelance cause it "Makes your life hell"? Welcome to being a full time self-employed artist, bitch.

No. 482823

Or get a part time job! Why is she so against working a normal job or taking on commissions?

No. 482829


No. 482831

This booth scene is fucked in every way. Booth tables don't have legs on the corners of the table because it would block your legs. No common sense. If she would have looked at ONE reference she would have seen this. Sage for nitpick.

No. 482832

Like myself (also a full time illustrator struggling with money sometimes) I honestly think she doesn't want to do it cause it's that fear of the fact that you're failing at what you want to do.
I however am 27 and worked retail for 10 years before I went full time illustrator. I don't think she has ever worked a part time job? at least not in her time on youtube.
She's young and stupid and has a spending addiction.
If you got money probs, DON'T FUCKING SPEND MONEY. Kinda obvious? You don't need a new camera, and ipad, fancy gifts for family, and grubhub-ing food.

No. 482963

File: 1517087833462.png (67.83 KB, 1172x278, Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 13.1…)

How long has it been since this "challenge" anyway?

No. 482966

File: 1517087938487.png (827.93 KB, 1194x1226, Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 13.1…)

This animation was confusing when I first played it. Had to replay it 5 times to understand that it was his reflection…

No. 482970

File: 1517088089112.png (85.33 KB, 1108x438, Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 13.1…)

Lmao the only thing we got from those vlogs is that you live in a shit hole and your burps are disgusting af. Both of which you can ALWAYS cut out and also actually clean up. What does she mean by intense?

No. 482973

It's infuriating to watch! I hate how she complains about not having money but shells out thousands for an IMac and other junk she doesn't need. Like shit, I'm sure a lot of us in this thread are either students/were students in college or at some point had to be careful with money, so it boggles my mind how she doesn't save her pennies.

No. 482999

At one point she was boasting about how much money she had in the bank, ($10,000 I think). Notice how I said "had". There comes a point where you just can't feel sympathy for a person anymore. If she really cared about her future she wouldn't have wasted it all. She goes around like she's desperate for money but then refuses to do anything that isn't in her ugly OC bubble. Watch her guilt trip her audience to buy her barely even stared paranormal plague merch. Smh.

No. 483013

It drives me absolutely INSANE! I can understand the iMac since her laptop was shitting itself and the small cintiq cause she wanted to invest in better materials, but she just ended up selling the cintiq anyways as well as called it shit? It was small. If you aren't already used to working small like that it kinda sucks? I was using a Graphire 4 before I upgraded to a Cintiq 22HD and the working area on the Graphire 4 was maybe 3x4inches? Cry me a river. Sorry your 13" Cintiq didn't magically make you draw better like you hoped?

No. 483018

Same Anon I thought it was another person or something, the angles don't look right .

No. 483028

I LAUGH thinking how stupid her audience is. They white knight for her endlessly and stroke her "ego" to the point where she thinks she is such hot shit.

She used to be so nice and shit a few years ago but now she's on cringe levels of Logan Paul to me. She acts like a shitlord cause it gets her views. WOW so edgy. Just another example of shitty young adults being shit.

No. 483079

I found another artist who reminded me of Holly Brown called "Semi Imes" Y'know swearing and all that but without all the nastiness and opinionated high horse bs. It showed me that Holly is just a very bitter and lonely person. Also I thinks it's interesting how you compare her to Logan Paul, I would have never have thought of that but it's so true. I wouldn't be surprised if she came out with a Christmas animatic song this year titled 'buy my Paranormal plague merch' like how Jake Paul did for his merch last year. "Buy my merch, but my merch, all I want for Christmas is my P.P merch, go and tell Ya momma she gotta buy its all!!!1!".

No. 483091

I see the comparison too. Won't surprise me if she did something terrible to get more money like what Logan did with the dead body.

No. 483109

I gotta ask, what the is the deal with Holly’s obsession with this midori sketch book?

No. 483120

This is just a very big guess, but maybe because it's Japanese brand?
Idk. I heard that these sketchbooks have very thin pages, so it's only good for sketching. Only basing it off on one product on Amazon, but it seems kind of expensive for a small passport sketchbook…

No. 483124

File: 1517091581459.png (1.27 MB, 1702x962, Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 14.1…)

Everything looks very stiff…Holly, so I guess your problem wasn't entirely about the thick lines! It's just that you have no sense of the human body and it's line of actions.

No. 483144


I can tell you that I have a couple of these and it's not a big deal. I think she saw some videos from the planner community that she likes to rag on, thought "I'm gonna get this expensive thing" and went ahead and got it just to show off. but the paper is actually nothing special and the leather cover is unnecessary for drawing. It's a nice-to-have thing but I think the fact that A) yes it's a japanese brand and B) she splurged money on a thing she's not going to end up using and now has to turn around and shill for more money is like the name of her game by now.

C) fun fact it's not even an midori/travelers company notebook she has so.

if she's not gonna use it she should sell it.
She should sell all the junk she's not using but she's one of those people who hoards and likes to say she has things, and when someone tries to help her it's probably "Oh I was gonna use that"
but like. bitch, ya didn't.

No. 483205

God damn her vlogs are the funniest shit ever like claiming Michelangelo isn't an artist or "GIVE ME FREE THINGS I'M POOR"

No. 483261

Watching this made me CRINGE to the moon.
How did she even get accepted into this anthology????

No. 483287

the legit kickstarter
Over the course of 100 days, 20 comic creators from the 100 Days of Making Comics group each set out to create a short comic or pin-up based on the theme "Life in Space""

Holly: I didn't do the theme in a LITERAL sense cause I wanted to be unique so… I made mine about stoners "SPACING" Out!


No. 483649

File: 1517115129708.jpg (120.26 KB, 1196x720, Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 20.5…)

lmfao hypocrite much, Holly?

No. 483651

Says the goblin that can't even write in her own mother tongue!

No. 483652

File: 1517115267898.jpg (91.87 KB, 1176x592, Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 20.5…)

Why is she such an asshole to people

No. 483655

Holy shit, she's blind isn't she? A lot of her sentences never make any sense sometimes and as the anon before said, English is her first language! Hope the English courses on her online classes will hopefully help her.

No. 483850

I honestly think those mannequins are doing her more harm than good at this point. You're supposed to use them as a guideline to help you with poses, not as 1-to-1 references on how people actually look. It just makes her characters look like stiff dolls.

No. 483861

>complains about needing money
>buys a boiler that’s $100+
I don’t know, I’ve personally been fine with a regular $ 10 water boiler, no need for fancy stuff especially if you’re on a budget.

No. 483949

But GUYS, ANIME industry uses them so they MUST be good, right?!

No. 483969

She doesn't even need a $10 one. If she's really strapped for cash she could just boil water on the stove in a pot like I did when mine was busted and I didn't have the money to replace it.

No. 483987

In which Holly pays a flatter peanuts and shits on him for an audience of thousands.

No. 483990

Wow, what an asshole.

No. 483995

-Doesn't give them a color key
-Hires someone who can't work at a high DPI
-Literally gives no one who applies a guideline for what she's looking for.

"If you use a portable hard drive, your computer wont have problems with editing large files with a high DPI and it won't slow down your computer!"
Wow are you an actual idiot?? Oh yeah, you are!

No. 483999

So Holly’s paying some guy to flat color her comic pages and she still has to go over it… how is this saving herself time again?

No. 484001

I really REALLY wanna send her something fowl in her PO box. Just something raunchy as fuck

No. 484004

Yes because the problem is just disk space, right?! It’s not ram or limitations in virtual memory.
600dpi is WAY too much. In french comic the common resolution is 450, because they are a4 size and they need more details. She is just doing a crappy work that’s going to be printed really small. 300 is the minimum for printing but it’s also the COMMON for comic stuff. Of course if you need to print something really huge you work with higher dpi or same dpi but different size.
The way she works is so messy, and she loses so much time doing useless things… and why for god’s sake does she do flats all on one layer?!
It’s truly a shitty flat work but for what she’s willing to pay and without any directions given I think that’s exactly what she deserves. I am trying so hard to push play again because this is seriously challenging for me to watch.

No. 484018

File: 1517161170760.png (21.49 KB, 141x100, 2018-01-28_12-38-08.png)

Shits on flatter for "being shit"
Can't even draw a container of fries

No. 484041

>"This guy I pay barely anything to flat my comic? Gosh, look at the crappy job he did!"
Maybe you could get someone better it you paid them more, but that's just too wild of a concept I guess.

Also what is her deal with 300 dpi? That's a standard resolution, if you print a smaller format it's perfectly adequate. We're not talking about a billboard or poster here.

No. 484042

Publicly shitting on her flatter just seems so unprofessional, if I was that guy I would quit immediatly (though I wouldn't have started working for her to begin with). If she has a problem with his work, why not tell him in private? Why even hire someone who doesn't fulfill her requirements regarding dpi, as I understand she had shit tons of people "spamming" her inbox with offers to work for her? And it's not like any of this was even necessary for her video, she could have shown her coloring process just fine without bragging about how much better she is than the guy doing the dirty work for her.

No. 484045

Holly loves talking shit on people. I bet she gets off on it.

No. 484048

I doubt she had many legitimate applications beyond a bunch of her teen fans going "omg I wanna help!".

No. 484059

that was the case, remember? she said a few vids back "stop sending me fucking emails I don't need help anymore"

No. 484065

It’s hilarious because in that crop picture what’s bothering me the most is the horrible paw hand

No. 484068


No. 484105

Those don't even look like fries! Doesn't she brag that she's good at drawing food?

No. 484106

>I'm a professional artist, and also
>I'm going to talk about what a shit job my flatter did, even though I didn't give him anything to work with like a color key.

What a grade A chump. AND a bully.

No. 484114

I hate the way she shades, it's like 1 step up from pillow shading. Like, what is that shading on Herschel and her obsession with him being buff, like, the way she shaded him made him look less defined and more flat.

she wants to talk shit about her flatter but then not know where fucking shading goes???

No. 484116

Like anon said she's just a bully.

No. 484121

“You need to know where to place your lights”
Totally fucks up Ash’s cheekbone and shading overall.
She thinks she’s so good at colouring when really she’s not. Even her palettes are not original or particularly appealing.

No. 484127

File: 1517167752285.png (294.99 KB, 629x437, light source.png)

"I'm so good at shading"

Where's the light source at?

No. 484135

>People will be reading through these pages in like 2 seconds so you don't have to make everything PERFECT
> Shit talks the flatter for doing an imperfect job
> makes the pages 600 DPI

No. 484138

Last time I checked, lips poke out of the face at this angle and also would have some shading under them? Same with the nose?

No. 484154


off topic, but what is pillow shading?

No. 484164


it's when your shading has no defined light source, or is RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the drawing and the shading is like a globule of an undefined mess.

Holly here seems to be doing it but in reverse, she seems obsessed with like, back shadowing things w/gradient so I wouldn't call it pillow shading exactly but it's still a pretty undefined mess of a job.

(edited ccause i fucked up on the picture link)

No. 484167

Okay, thanks anon.

No. 484172

File: 1517169366012.png (84.08 KB, 600x409, 68BCB25F-702D-4802-9E4B-F39FEE…)

Yep that and the zygomatic plane is totally flat for her
She should have “built” light into her cheekbone and maybe add some cast shadow at the side of the nose
Pic related because I fear I cannot express myself properly
(Didn’t draw the pic)
(Also I’m so tempted to just correct the shading and stuff for her but I don’t want to look like I’m showing off)

No. 484277

File: 1517175214201.png (65.33 KB, 1508x160, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 13.3…)

Thankfully not all of her followers are shit heads like their lord and savior.

No. 484282

>"Using an external hard drive won't slow down your computer when you're working with large files"
Where do I even fucking begin.

Also I don't know why but her taking jabs at colorblind artists because their colors won't be "pretty" really rubbed me the wrong way too, does she even know how colorblindness works?

No. 484284

I'm just questioning that girl's hairline…It doesn't even look like hair because it just sticks up like that without thinking of the perspective

No. 484287

Wait what? She is such a bully, people who have colorblindness can't help not being able to see certain colors.

No. 484296

File: 1517175886589.png (1.41 MB, 1166x1208, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 13.4…)

So I'm guessing all of her machines/materials to print stickers are now gathering dust…Why didn't she just do online order in the first place???

No. 484301

Because she somehow expected to make a bigger profit by printing them at home, but then realized that that's not possible without grossly overcharging.

No. 484306

I’ve known people that were really good at colouring only to find out like six months later that they were colorblind.
Yes she has no idea of how colorblindness works, bet she doesn’t even know there are different kinds, as well.

No. 484314

Wait..does she think that color blindness is only black, white, and grey? I haven't watched the entire video, so tell me if I'm wrong.. Oh mah lawd

No. 484323

They are horrible at picking colours, apparently.

No. 484333

File: 1517177310272.png (35.47 KB, 330x159, 330px-Color_blindness.png)

She seems to think color blindless = "unable to pick harmonious colors", which is utter bs because depending on the type you just see a different spectrum of color.

No. 484380

that nail is fucking disgusting

No. 484386

All of the milk is mostly from her twitter and main channel. The only thing her vlogs show is her exposing her dirty ass room with crusty carpet. If she doesn't want anyone to insult her, then clean the fuck up and not hoard unnecessary shit.

No. 484421

I find it really funny how she listens to Peterson, yet doesn't clean her room

No. 484422

"If she has a problem with his work, why not tell him in private?"

Oh no, not a back and fourth! She might not be able to post the vid the same day! Imagine how little time Holly gave the poor guy to do the flat in the first place.

Holly's claim to fame is all about quantity. She knows what she's posting is shit, but she's afraid NOT posting every damn thing she does will lower her to us peasants.

No. 484450

File: 1517181440043.png (10.41 KB, 592x128, 2018-01-28_18-16-36.png)

Yes, you are being one ty

No. 484458

Anyone save the video she took down?

No. 484465

TBH it would be AMAZING if someone made an archive

No. 484474

File: 1517182506043.png (13.2 KB, 590x157, bf03845cbc6893f823df198709538f…)

She claims on her twitter that she apologized, but I honestly think she's just saying that because she got so many comments calling her out

No. 484478

She doesn't ever just take responsibility for being an ass or oversharing.

No. 484494

File: 1517183581353.png (109.03 KB, 1128x438, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 15.5…)

Why are these people sticking up for her mistakes…

No. 484514

I just can't with this girl anymore, it's just a downward spiral… A fucking train wreck. I'm out.

No. 484527

Does anybody know what race Hershel is supposed to be? The flat colors that she uses for him are atrocious, like is he supposed to be Indian? Native American? Middle Eastern? Nobody has a skin tone like that, and his fucked up horse face doesn't help.
Also, she says in the vid (I haven't refreshed since it got taken down so I'm watching it now) that 'my color work has always been really strong', and yet she uses some sort of piss/lemonade yellow and mixes it with a burnt/blood red for shading??? And she has the gall to say colorblind people just can't use color lmao.
And then right after that she says 'well, if you're not good at colors then you should be good at lines', which Holly is so shit at despite doing it digitally which should make it easy as fuck to just use the smooth line tools in ps. God, she's so dumb. She was right to take the vid down bc it's just a lazy, rambling trainwreck.

No. 484577

Somebody should seriously start downloading all of her vids from now on.
Truth is she probably noticed she did something wrong and that’s why she’ deleted the video, not for the comments.

No. 484596

With the weird muddy colours she picks, I'm starting to suspect that she might be fucking colourblind herself

No. 484625

File: 1517189963132.jpg (219.67 KB, 1450x824, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 17.3…)

No kidding, anon. These people are spreading this information as though what Holly did wasn't even a big deal. Might be a stretch, but these people are just like when the 12 year olds defended Logan Paul for his bullshit.

No. 484630

Not comparable at all, but yes she was really unprofessional and even though she admitted she had faults in commissioning the flats, she phrased so that it was a rant against the flatter.
If what she received wasn’t good enough she should have asked the guy privately to at least do a clean job. I don’t think her bitching about color picking was a coincidence either

No. 484639

I actually have the video saved because my brother often downloads them for me so we don't give her watch minutes or ad revenue. Can I funnel it to one of you somehow?

No. 484646

Got any of the spicy vlogs?

No. 484656

My brother might. He uses spite for Holly as improvement fuel, I can ask him.

No. 484659

Mega dump that shit

No. 484667

You could post it privately to YouTube so only those with a link can watch maybe?

No. 484668

Yeah that's a good idea. They could make like a random account and just dumb all that shit on there

No. 484670

a true hero

No. 484675

You and your brother are heroes!

No. 484687

File: 1517192114008.jpg (30.39 KB, 400x446, so it begins.jpg)

>mass deletion
>mentally cracking
Also you are an amazing comrade thank you

No. 484688

I'm curious, has she had a mental break down before? I've been following this thread for awhile but I'm curious if this has happened before?

No. 484743

Here you go! I will ask my brother tomorrow but I'm honestly a bit hesitant to drag him into anything when he mostly saved them for artistic drive. I also will probably only upload stuff that I wouldn't mind publically disagreeing with, for all my curiosity about gossip I rarely like actively partaking in it.

I almost wish I didn't mention my bro, I would have gone public/official instead but now I worry about him getting caught in the middle if I do.

No. 484751

Completely understandable anon, thank you to the the both of you for blessing us with this milk and I wish your brother luck with his art!

No. 484755

kek I can see why she's complaining about her followers having bad English

No. 484758

I print stickers on RedBubble all the time and they come out top notch. Holly is so clueless

No. 484760

jesus christ you guys sure go out of your ways to not give her watch minutes, at this point it's easier just not watch her

No. 484762

Thank you, Anon.

That's very sweet and I will pass on the blessings to my bro.

No. 484796

For the next person who makes a new thread, they should include the links for these unlisted videos, so we dont have to scavenger through the thread.

No. 484799

Every fucking time she comments, it always starts with "idk". Like Holly, are you sure or are you not sure? Sorry for going OT

No. 484847

maybe if someone could compile a Holly cringe playlist of the reuploads i'd love you.
Also another who uses my spite for Holly as improvement fuel. It's a good example of what NOT to do so? education purposes?

No. 484853

It would be hilarious if an art teacher showed her videos to their students as an example of what not to do and how to not to act if you want a long lasting career.

No. 484865

Took the liberty of starting it. Any reuploads please send them my way https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbb5-yHi9VmKQBOuF7GaO19oUOsTucwRG

No. 484886

damn bless you, I've never actually watched the infamous carats rant! feel like the only one here to have not seen it haha

No. 484902

I abridged her tablet reviews to less than 3 minutes including my editor sass

No. 484909

Sim Teek, well done! I haven't seen her tablet reviews (or more I've been avoiding them) so thank you for making them funny

No. 484954

File: 1517208188753.png (124.9 KB, 264x244, 2018-01-29_01-42-15.png)

I want to puke

No. 484956

Why are her characters always draw with such ugly faces? Like in that video where she was being a shitty boss, Ash had a pretty hideous expression.

No. 484994


I think she mentioned before that Herschel was supposed to be Hispanic/Latino before, but…
I dunno, it really doesn't look it.

And I dunno too many Hispanics with the name "Herschel", either. It's kind of a weird, blech name and super unrealistic of her to try to get people to believe it w/the way she depicts him.

No. 484998

what in the everloving fuck
I thought you guys were just being stingy when you all said the green haired guy was just a white dude with black skin slapped on, but holy shit this is another level. Holly is so same-facey all her characters are just white dudes lmao
(also thanks anon)

No. 485004

Herschel's last name is something hispanic, I think it was Sanchez or something. Anyway, he could be born/raised in the U.S and still have the name Herschel.. there's nothing wrong with an ethnic character having a non-ethnic first name.

and I really don't get this "her characters look white" thing. Holly draws bad cartoony shit, they all have the same dot-eyes and line mouths, how does anyone realistically expect her to make characters in her shitty style look a certain ethnic? she's not that good.

No. 485006

He's getting more and more purple. I think he's suffocating.

No. 485012


That's true, too, anon. I don't think ethnicity is really the issue here, and it's not like she's pushing it, so it's kind of a non-issue.

It's irrelevant at best because even if she WAS pushing it, she doesn't strike me as the type to go delving into anything beyond skin color and names. ya can't expect much outta her except laziness.

No. 485014

Thank you for reuploading this. Holly was a lot tamer than I thought she would be on this. Honestly though I don't know what Holly expected when she is paying so little. Also, if Holly wanted a professional flatter, she probably shouldn't have hired one from her fan-base of literal 13-year-olds.

No. 485034

I remember her saying in a video that she likes naming ocs after foods? And that his name was Herschel after Hershy bars or smth

No. 485062

holly brown; the hungry, hungry hypocrite

No. 485063

I should clarify that my problem with it isn't anything to do with Holly 'pandering' (which I don't think she's doing), it's literally like you said: her style is so stupid simple that she can't possibly make anyone look like they're supposed to. Literally, Herschel is just Simon's dad with a fucked up nose and weird hair.
The only reason I brought up his race at all tbh was because, in her recent vid, she colored him basically grey, like he was fucking dead, and I had no idea what she was thinking she was doing. Idgaf if she makes hispanic or black or whatever characters, but she needs to realize her character design and color choice is too shit to actually do the things she's trying to do, and I wish she would realize that for once and get better at it. Her 'style' is crippling her.

No. 485099

He's called Hershel because of Hershey's, and the black dude is Reece because of Reese's. I'm not sure why but it's kinda funny considering he's supposed to be Latino and Hershel has Yiddish-American origins.

No. 485121

She admitted in that deleted video. she basically used the same face and only changed the chin, hair and body type. She said it’s okay if some characters looks alike. Of course it’s okay as long as SHE is doing it.

No. 485189

Found another one, this one shorter. I'll try to upload them throughout today.

No. 485213

Jesus, she's so salty. I've never seen this video, thank you anon for posting this!

No. 485214

Samefag, but it really doesn't sound like she enjoys her job. Also, why is she shitting on burger flippers?

No. 485217

Finished uploading all we could find.
Prequel to my last reupload: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TT6qh3FW514
Talking about Anime-disliking Art Teachers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yP2d_ZqQz5U
Babbling about Patreon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYmfy8EuvHo
Actual artistic growth imo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ATP3J7u4Hw

I've got two more.
One is a long rant that will take another while to upload/process so I won't be able to post it yet.

The other one deals with topics that make me unsure whether I want to republish it at all or not. Still mulling that over.

These videos are all the ones we could still find. Sorry it's not more, but I feel these already give a really good overview about Holly's attitude towards her audience, work and critics.

No. 485246

Ot but I’d really fancy that waffle.

No. 485276

I can relate a lot to this video tbh it’s one of the times I related with her so much it hurt.
My parents used to say the “must be so hard sitting in your room all day” shit. So I moved out.
I feel like she’s right to be upset but she needs to find places where she can just vent and get empathy. There’s a lot of artist discord groups that have that. I’m sure other artists can relate as well to the patronizing behavior to being an artist.

No. 485315

Thank you anon! These lols are appreciated

No. 485353

Pretty good anon thank you.
But fuck I wished I archived the one where it was "stop following or gtfo". Its where you hear her holding back tears and claiming your art teacher isn't a master

No. 485368

Didn't she do an art block video where she was insulting Sakuems in code because her cat died?

No. 485369

Never mind, found it

No. 485371

Honestly, her salt in this one is justified.

No. 485394

Lmfao, I thought this was Baylee's original art block video and got excited since I haven't seen it yet.

No. 485397

She referred to sakuems other times too, I think in the same face syndrome video?

No. 485425

take a shot every time she swears

No. 485433

>calls her online classes "art school"

No. 485509

Wasn't this when she was actually at an art school? I could easily be wrong though.

No. 485523

I mean maybe but I dont think she was at an actual "art school" just taking art classes in a general college near her home?

No. 485552

I think she already started her online classes at that point

No. 485564

How did she make Neil "Guyman's" Make Good Art speech sound like a bitchy "No body cares about you" thing. It's clearly about using art to help get you through the rough times. She always turns everything into something money grubbing and bitchy.

No. 485668

File: 1517261652176.png (908.68 KB, 1154x1134, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 13.3…)

Holly just dumped all of her sketches (not gonna post all of em cuz thats too much work), but dear god…the hands.. Wish these were uploaded before this thread was made so it could be part of the thread picture. This is Cal-Arts material, guys!!

No. 485671

File: 1517261725463.png (982.13 KB, 1198x1198, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 13.3…)

Just one more cuz ugly feet and more blobby hands

No. 485674

those toes look like Holly's irl fingernails >>481503

No. 485682

File: 1517262232619.png (62.33 KB, 606x446, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 13.4…)

I guess she's over the animation phase and gonna go along with storyboarding…which nowadays is very close to animating…Not sure if she can do it well cuz her storytelling and compositions are terrible and confusing.

No. 485696


I'm rolling my eyes so hard right now. She's not going to stick with it. as a board artist myself, I can tell you right now it's VERY heavy work. It's not really "easier" than animation, and like anon said, it's practically animation nowadays. She's probably just doing to try and milk the musical audience, They're pretty easy to attract.

I think if she wants to take storyboarding seriously, she's going to have to stick to comics to get an understanding of perspective because she has NONE.

GOD I can almost already see her spouting off 'storyboarding tips' like a know-it-all while you watch her do everything wrong/the exact opposite of what she's saying.

sorry for sperging but this really hit a nerve with me. saged just in case.

No. 485704

The only genuine thing holly says is “idk”. Because she honestly, genuinely doesn’t know anything.

No. 485708

Holly's always waffling and/or juggling projects. That's why she's always so "idk" on shit.

She doesn't know how to delegate or manage her time. She doesn't know how to interact with other artists socially, or keep her bitchy attitude in check so I'm not sure what she's trying to accomplish here. at MOST she's a comic artist. but she aint no animator much less a board artist.

She needs to get her perspective right. literally and figuratively.

No. 485710

Lol, I love it when Holly gets into a new profession. We all get to share in the pain of her spouting off "expert" advice about our fields.

No. 485713

Not an actual storyboard artist, but I storyboard all my comics before I do page layouts and depending on how slow your pace is, it seems like it'd be easier with a comics background, but her framing and pacing isn't very good in her comics either, so…

No. 485719

Saying she’s a comic artist is a stretch.
If she can be considred a comic artist because she shits out some poorly done pages, then she can easily be considered animator/storyboard artist if she does half hassled crap.
If we have to be blunt here, she can’t be considered any kind of professional figure. She’s amateurish at everything but she claims to be a professional artist and that’s what’s most infuriating.

No. 485720

What does she use to storyboard? Is it photoshop? If it is, then why doesn't she use storyboard pro or something

No. 485726

If holly really checks these forums, then she might try to take down those videos. It's best if we all at least save some of them lol. Or at least we should put them on a more secure page where she can't take them down for like copyright or something.

No. 485728

She only calls herself a pro comic artist just because she self published a poorly made comic. Im not entirely sure where she gets this type of obnoxiousness aside from her 100k subs. I wonder if she ever thinks before speaking

No. 485730

I'm pretty sure she does, but the cal-arts rant video has been up for awhile…maybe she doesn't read the entire thread, but yeah. We should secure them lol

No. 485735

As much as I dislike Holly, making good comics isn't a prerequisite for being a comic artist. I think calling herself a professional is a stretch, but she is a comic artist regardless.

No. 485736

File: 1517264065993.png (777.37 KB, 878x896, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 14.1…)

Different anon here, but I can't help but not post these weird boobs. Her tutorial videos are such a riot…

No. 485741

File: 1517264238192.png (564.32 KB, 398x714, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 14.1…)

Im not caught up with her comic, but who is this character?

No. 485746

The character's name is princess

No. 485753

My point is that she can claim of pursuing whatever career she wants, and be story boarder, painter, comic artist. It it’s okay to claim herself one of those titles, she can claim to be whatever she wants and that is kind of okay. She claims to be PROFESSIONALLY doing those things and that is not okay.
I don’t know if I’m making my point clear, though. I’m so sorry.

No. 485788

There's nothing to catch up on. She's posted 5 pages. The character hasn't been introduced yet.

No. 486013


I agree with you exactly on this point. Claiming to be a professional when she's not can be harmful to said community as a whole, especially when she's not in a position of authority to be spouting off 'tips' she picked up from other sources, or out of her own ass that she figures are shortcuts.

She doesn't act like a working professional and her work ethic doesn't reflect that, either. She needs to realize that it's okay to say you're just a thing without saying you're a professional…

And nobody said she had to be a ray of sunshine, but she really does need to fix her attitude and humble herself a little because she's always wondering why she's got so many people 'hating' on her. She's way past the point of being excused for shitty, condescending behavior.

No. 486052

I found another short one that I forgot to upload earlier. It seems to be the oldest file out of these (last February) so yeah, she was already taking online classes throughout the other ones.

And here's the long one:

No. 486142

lmao jfc what a mess. She's really bad at swallowing her pride and admit she fucked up because she "didn't mean to come across as bitchy" when she parades that ALL of the time..?

No. 486200

I appreciate it tbh. She actually sounds like she's putting in the effort to do better and as if she's having some fun in this one? It's a nice change of pace imo.

No. 486244

File: 1517277887508.png (172.26 KB, 294x534, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 18.0…)

Can we take a moment to look at his foot

No. 486255

She took references and still couldn’t get it right and scrapped the reference at the end. Kids, that’s what happens when you don’t pay attention

No. 486256

i'd rather not

No. 486392

and the reference she ended up using was of that foot from a totally different perspective (I think it was actually a perspective looking up at some pirate-dude from a low angle).
Is that why all of Holly's anatomy is so weird? Because she has no idea what perspective is (as obvious by her backgrounds) so she uses refs from just ANY perspective and doesn't think it matters?

No. 486402


Oh man, if that's the case then she's going to have a real hard time with storyboarding.

No. 486712

>"I would not classify people who watch my videos as fans"

This video was kinda sad. I don't think Holly is as arrogant as she tries to portray herself as being. She just seems really socially awkward and pretty unconfident in herself as a person. I'm not saying this gives her a right to be bitchy to other artists but I can see the underlying reasons to why she is like this.

No. 486724

ow come on, it's not the first time she backpedals on her arrogance. She can say one thing and believe another, she sometimes tries to be humble and I think this is one of those instances.
If she was really that unsure she would try to better herself, don't you think?

No. 486776

Not necessarily. A lot of insecure people prefer trying to build up a shield out of fake confidence instead of showing themselves as fallible and therefore vulnerable. Especially if they feel like they will be attacked if they do.

No excuse, but definitely a common phenomenon.

No. 486778

Holly's been through, and is going through a lot, but she's still got a lot of growing up to do before she can call herself professional at anything, and I'm not even relegating that to just a technical standpoint, but from an overall one.

She can't keep approaching situations and treating people (herself included) the way that she does. It isn't sustainable.

No. 486833

She admits she was wrong, and said she'd be more careful ablut what she says in the voiceover, it's an okay response imo.

I think people are being harder on her in this thread than usual lol, it was shitty but she's trying to take responsibility at least. Like >>486712 said, she's clearly very insecure and a terrible communicator, but tries to pretend otherwise.

No. 486870

File: 1517330116525.png (18.9 KB, 756x112, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 08.3…)

Was her instagram bio always like this? I can't tell if she's trying to be edgy or it's some sort of problem

No. 486871

its a meme

No. 486873

oh, ok. good. Thanks, anon

No. 486944

I understand what you're saying anon, but given her behavior in the past and how she continues to act, the other anons responses are to be expected. Isn't this sort of thing a pattern for her?

No. 486949

Does she always draw the same characters or it's just me? I have never seen that Holly draws something apart It's always Herschel or whatever the characters are named, you can't expect creativity from someone like that

No. 486950

Given how all her characters look the same and are hard to distinguish, I'd say no, she hardly draws anything different.

No. 486954

But hey she can teach you how to defeat same face syndrome ;) following her steps you’ll have a “same face, but uglier, syndrome”

No. 486955

Honestly I don't get this new trend of making your characters look "unique" with weird ass anatomy. There is really nothing visually pleasing about her character's expressions.

No. 487039

Making your characters look unique is not a "trend", it's a basic skill to learn. She's just not good at it.

No. 487179

I agree for the most part. Maybe I'm too sympathetic because she clearly needs mental help. Being trapped physically and mentally can really make a person bitter. But that doesn't mean it's remotely ok, obviously she has to take just as much responsibility for her actions as anyone else.

I've noticed while watching her videos she will start criticizing seemingly random things that she doesn't do, unprompted. I don't follow her thought process on that. But she harps on and on about it (like the coloring thing). But then when it comes to something she does wrong or less efficiently (such as everything on one layer, because "keeping track is hard" or whatever), she quickly spits out a flimsy excuse and moves on. I don't understand why she brings it up at all at that point but it shows she's self-aware somewhat yet then it all vanishes back under all her outward bitterness.

She's really a sadcow for me more than anything but it's a bit fascinating.
>with weird ass anatomy
That actually is a tumblr trend

No. 487454

I think what Holly needs most is a typesetter. Or at least someone that can go over her dialogue. It always comes across as unnatural/awkward and Holly herself has admitted she always misspells shit

No. 487571

I agree with you 100% anon. Holly is a sad, sad person, but definitely because of a lot of things like being trapped at home and having no irl friends. Honestly, her shit art doesn't make me enraged as much as it makes me sad because I can't see her changing because of the lifestyle she lives.

The thing that DOES piss me off tho is how she uses her youtube platform to basically destroy little kid's self esteem by being pessimistic about art, and also spreading lies about art techniques that would ruin a new artist. I can't help but put myself in their shoes and think of how godawful Holly makes art sound, and imagine that I would've stopped because of that stupid shit. Holly is a rare breed of lolcow that you feel sorry for, but also vehemently loathe at the same time.

No. 488144

File: 1517414498594.jpg (188.44 KB, 940x1347, ec49dfe9-55e8-4b24-8009-04d690…)

what the fuck is this paneling

No. 488163

Probably panelling that makes sense is too boring for her

No. 488247

File: 1517420685137.jpg (Spoiler Image, 306.92 KB, 900x1293, 09.jpg)

Holly couldn't make her panels fit. The odd panel is the middle one, it is just one dude with no background and no text. To make more sense the first three should have been layered on top of each other, then the last two could have been the stop of a new page. But she wanted to clutter her page with nonsense and try to do something like pic related.

there just isn't enough going on in this page that excuses this, even the first two panels could have been combined too one panel. There are 5 different ways she coulda made them fit

No. 488475

wtf is wrong with his mouth and chin. It looks like a puppet and it looks so stiff

No. 488479

File: 1517430613512.png (2.19 MB, 1038x1334, Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 12.2…)

The perspective on the buildings…holy fuck, she''s not gonna do well on storyboarding when these shit doesn't make sense.

No. 488515

I know this has been said a million times, but those goddamn glasses, every fucking time.
I wish she would at least give a story reason for why they look like that, like saying they're 'traditional' models for glasses or they're in the shape of a holy icon or something, just not "hey, I like anime so I'm gonna piss all over any atmosphere with these stupid fucking triangles!"

No. 488546

Apparently Holly fucked up on these pages aspect ratio and is going to have to redo 10 pages of her comic. Holly’s workflow just sucks. It’s always 1 step forward and 4 steps back for Holly.
Also the dumb whore uses adobe bridge on a Mac. Pretty dense in my opinion. I don’t know one illustrator or commercial artist who uses adobe bridge.

No. 488547


That female character and Simon are fucking identical. Are they twins or something? Legit asking since I don't read her shit.

No. 488550

It’s Simon’s mother I believe

No. 488553

File: 1517434402791.png (806.75 KB, 857x530, derpspective.png)

so close yet so far

No. 488562

To be fair, that cityscape is still probably the best looking thing I've seen her draw yet from these threads. (Also in places like NYC there can be odd triangular intersections, but these buildings she drew look like they're all attached…)

The glasses make me think Homestuck every time.

No. 488605

i swear i've never seen her actually use perspective points. she uses grids and shit sometimes, but she mostly just eyeballs everything.

No. 488769

File: 1517444253783.png (63.65 KB, 1546x230, Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 16.1…)

These kids are becoming a spawn of Holly to a whole new level

No. 488827

and they also don't know how the english language works kek. What was the last part even supposed to say?
Also, wow at the 'crap oc' part, how much you wanna bet they posted the comment and then went back to furiously jerking off over their own rainbow Mary-Sue oc's

No. 488881

is there enough material for a thread on people who take their OCs way too seriously?

No. 488914

have you heard of toyhou.se? there absolutely is.

No. 489406

Almost unreadable but what I could understand is seriously cancerous.

No. 489407

I wonder if people like Spechie and Holly bring encourage these kids to come out of the wood work or make them believe this sort of attitude is acceptable. But I guess it might just be a mixture.

No. 489502

It surely seems like it. Can’t believe why that other girl is so popular, either. Their level is so low I think people relate to them and feel like they are an “achievable” level maybe

No. 489511

They both annoy me, mostly because they're encouraging young teens to act like assholes and talk smack about their art teachers. I saw this mentioned on the Spechie video, but it seems her "animations" are declining in quality lol.

No. 489518

They weren’t even that good to behind with. Also I couldn’t really call that animation, looks more like an animatic or storyboard kind of thing.
But yeah two girls says art teachers are shit and the same two girls can’t draw even remotely good.

No. 489524

Yeah and they prey on dumb kids. I could only image what art teachers are having to deal with, all these stuck up kids who think their anatomically incorrect work is superior to the experience that a teacher generally has. Anyways, I'm basically repeating things that have already been said, this shit just makes me reeee

No. 489757

File: 1517523160139.jpg (511.13 KB, 1440x1800, Screenshot_20180201-230557.jpg)

Hi my name is Holly and I love bitching about people misspelling words despite not knowing how to write myself

I am seriously baffled at how she wrote "necessary" it's not that hard to Google a word if you're unsure of its spelling ??

No. 489860

I can’t stress this enough: she’s a native English speaker.
She’s supposed to know her own language. All of the people she bitched about were probably shattered all over the world and some of them spoke English as a second or third language. Still she has to complain without knowing if somebody is struggling to speak HER language to get in touch with HER or has simply problems misspelling or grammar wise.

No. 489870


Yeah she really has no right to complain. It's very inconsiderate of her if folks are at least trying to communicate with her, but then half the time her thoughts written down are incoherent, incomplete or just badly composed.
Some folks can be so out of touch with the way they come off, but sometimes I think because Holly hates criticism, she'd rather be blissfully unaware or would rather just not care.

No. 489938

Bless this whole back and forth, honestly.

No. 489948


I'm just happy someone called her out on her shit finally

No. 489954

She also implies “comics” can’t be silly or without a story or a big picture behind.
Screw all the newspaper COMIC strip, I guess, or all the single panels that are WEBCOMICS and insanely popular. Screw 4komas, as well :)
Yes totally comics can be only ONE way, your way, holly. Dream it until it becomes true.

No. 489963


It's stupid as fuck. Nowhere does the definition of narrative state it has to be a "story." It is just a telling of events. She just gets butthurt by other people actually enjoying their lives

No. 489976

i fucking hate how holly writes
like shit, ive been speaking english for 4-5 years and SHE is the one who always makes me look twice at her coments because her grammar is so weird, fucking leaarn to use your lenguage

No. 490205

How can someone with no life fail to post a daily video? She's so slow at getting these out. What does she do all day? I sincerely doubt she works on comics 12 hrs a day. I've got friends with day jobs that put out waaaay more pages than she manages.

No. 490210

Probably reading copious amounts of yaoi

No. 490258

You’re not wrong. She even went off into a big spiel about that one new bl (killing an stalking??? Don’t remember what it was called exactly) in her old vlogs and even made fanart in a few different sketchbooks instead of working. So yeah exactly that

No. 490260

Isn't that pretty gory? But then again this is Holly who add in rather serious themes into her comic yet handles it in a noncaring manner.

No. 490263

Depends on who you ask. For the fans who went crazy over it that transitioned to YOI to it (like Holly probably) yeah it would seem so. Yeah her stories don’t really go anywhere. The drama put in amounts to weird fluff for me. Like a soap opera always trying to get you to tune in for the next episode but if you miss 20 episodes don’t worry the characters didn’t get off to doing anything.

No. 490307


Damn, I'm pretty impressed that Monique was the one to call her out.

No. 490317

File: 1517559897414.png (81.13 KB, 1030x410, Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 00.2…)

No. 490319

File: 1517560036732.png (365.73 KB, 1242x1372, Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 00.2…)

This one's just in case she deletes her whole spiel. Gdi, Holly is such an ass and like everyone's saying, I AM GLAD that someone called her out. How do you get upset over something like hourly comics where you it's just a fun little thing? At least most of them are more entertaining than her 50+ page comic book

No. 490321

File: 1517560481515.png (90.99 KB, 1204x518, Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 00.3…)

Anyone else find it annoying when Holly keeps saying "my dudes"? It's like a 60 year old uncle who's trying to be hip

No. 490322

Why can’t Holly just say she has a preference for narrative driven comics?
It’s little things like that where if she actually thought about what she wanted to say before typing it out, she wouldn’t get nearly as much shit.

No. 490324

Come on, anon. You know that's too much effort and too well thought out for Holly who seems like they don't give a shit.

No. 490325

Do you think she’s jealous? A lot of hourly comics feature the artists going out, going to work, hanging out with friends. She might feel left out

No. 490352

No, she just has to point out that comics without a story are not comics.
Because she makes story driven comics! You know what, if the story is shit and poorly written maybe it’s better NOT to do story driven comics at all.
Not all comic artists are capable of being their own scriptwriter. Holly’s a proof.

No. 490362

Why must she always be so bitter?

No. 490393

maybe she hasn't got a story to tell for the challenge. the artists who are doing it are having fun, but it must be uneventful enough in her life to complain about it.

she seems to think that she's up on high looking down at the people participating as "not doing real comics" while she professes to know what real comics are as she continues to make shoddy ones? ok.

No. 490458

But when professionals give her advices she goes all “screw your rules comics are FREEDOM”

No. 490534

Holly is a downer to newly sprouted content creators because she can't stand the fact their comics are visually more appealing with better plots. She knows she's only popular because of edgy teens and bad luck. Why she's so miserable

No. 490639

Which is sad because all she needs to do is just get better. She has every opportunity, going to school (albeit online, but still, she can email or skype her professors for advice), tons of fans to give her criticism (including us), and lots of money to go buy supplies. All she has to do is try.
I went thru the same thing when I was a kid, seeing my friends get better while I sucked, but you know what, Holly? Being a bitter bitch about it doesn't do anything for you, it doesn't make the better artists worse than you. It makes you an idiot because you're not improving.
She could be so good, but she CHOOSES to be angry and it's really reductive and sad.

No. 490898

>>I don’t need “how to draw” books because I’m an adult

Sure because only kids learn and can need visual examples :) is this kind of attitude (the I know everything dudes, no need to study) that is not making her improve one bit.

No. 490907

File: 1517609487905.jpg (111.73 KB, 576x927, tumblr_na77mbBezh1r7c87xo1_128…)

I can forgive her for he bad anatomy and perspective, but if you're drawing comics you HAVE to understand composition. It's literally the most important part of graphic design.

No. 490932

File: 1517611391107.jpg (244.64 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_1517611098337.jpg)

Some poor sap bought this print from Holly… Where's the rest of the background?? Pretty sure the original is up thread or in the previous one. It had a side table with bottles and stuff on it.

This looks so bad and this person paid for international shipping rip

No. 490934

It’s empty and off centered

No. 490935

No. 490947

That is most hideous thing I have ever seen. This poor soul needs a refund

No. 490949

File: 1517612523185.png (147.92 KB, 1498x434, Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 15.0…)

No. 490950

File: 1517612535792.png (105.04 KB, 1516x294, Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 15.0…)

No. 490952

File: 1517612640276.png (749.16 KB, 1490x866, Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 15.0…)

wtf is wrong with his face…his nose and mouth are so unflattering

No. 490961

This girl doesn't like hourly comics because there's no "basic principles" of comics and it's all just "illustration with text". Her reasonings don't make sense at all…and the funny thing is, she doesn't even follow the "principles". Story is too slow, unentertaining, panels are all jacked up, text is off centered, composition is not thought out, terrible anatomy, etc. She is the biggest hypocrite I have ever seen.

No. 490969

I’m so mad.
She’s like I’m all passionate about comics I read comics I draw comics
Didn’t she just read like two mangas and half a webcomic?! How dares she decide what’s a comic and what’s not.
I’ve always done full story hourly comics and I love story driven comics, but there’s absolutely NOTHING WRONG in the kind of comics she despises.
Most of them are done by people who work full time in animation or comics and still want to promote the event doing simple hourly sketches of their daily life. SO WHAT. Just because it’s not entertaining for YOU it doesn’t mean it’s not a fucking comic.
She denies the existence of one panel Comics, of comic strips with no continuity, and pretty much everything that’s not what SHE does.
Just because you’re lucky enough to be able to draw all day your stuff doesn’t mean that everybody can produce 24 full pages in a day. People work, have families, that’s why it’s simpler to just make updates about your day especially when your followers might want to know what you do for a living.

I did the hourly something like five or six times. Every time it was a story comic. We used to sit in circle and do it with professionals and students and amateurs (basically we had meeting points for this challenge but I remember it being called differently) and everybody did something different and unique. And I never got offended if somebody put less effort than me or if they didn’t have plot or if they were just doing a story about looking for ideas for a story. The point of this day is to make people draw and talk about comic, it’s supposed to be funny. Thank you for killing this for all of us. Of course you know better.

Fucking bitter ignorant b*tch.

No. 490980

File: 1517613779516.png (84.4 KB, 1064x462, Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 15.1…)

This bitch has gone too far with this bullshit. And yes, Holly. I WOULD buy one of those comics like "Precious Rascals" by Anthony Holden. They're hell of a lot more entertaining than your shit. Not everything has to be serious. Has she even ever taken a class on comics or tried to research? I just can't with this girl.

No. 490981

File: 1517613796506.jpeg (56.57 KB, 640x253, 75ED7456-03B1-486B-890B-CFDCF6…)

Samefag but this is what I was referring to:
Glad I’m not seeing things, they ARE separate events

No. 490986

File: 1517614047173.png (173.9 KB, 1550x684, Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 15.2…)

Im glad that not everyone's a delusional kid

No. 490988

File: 1517614133822.png (50.84 KB, 1524x132, Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 15.2…)

This person makes no sense

No. 491010

It sounds like shes mad other people are better at making comics than she is.

No. 491013

This… this is one of the few video in which I actually see people calling on her bs…

No. 491021


They called her out real good on the video she deleted when she talked shit on her flatter she hired for peanuts. She walked back, not too hard but, it was clearly too much for her. She can dish it but can't take it.

No. 491025

Yes but that was like one in a hundred, so to speak…
Maybe people are starting to react because they got sick of her after that video?

No. 491028

Did she delete the video?

No. 491029

She sure did

No. 491036

Glad the huge in depth comment(s) hit her hard.

No. 491046

File: 1517618803100.png (14.63 KB, 528x268, kj.PNG)

Here we go

No. 491050

It's happening!

No. 491055

Must have burned so hard.
SO hard.
Now I’m sad she deleted the video.

No. 491057

Isn't this a pattern with her though? If so then she'll be back what she's doing because moneyz

No. 491059

File: 1517619253644.png (5.03 KB, 372x87, what.PNG)

>unrealistically thick skin

Holly talks big game all the time tho, but when people serve it back she can't take it, like at all.
It's not unrealistic to think that if you have hard opinions on something, you better be prepared to take the criticisms/opinions against it

No. 491061

Did anyone save the video though? This ones pretty critical

No. 491062

I did.

No. 491063


He has 6 fingers?? Did she correct that?

No. 491070


Considering some of the shit she has spewed out to her followers and other artists the fact that she can't take it is hilarious

No. 491075

File: 1517620324647.png (146.26 KB, 750x1334, A6CB6352-F1A3-4933-B315-C29498…)

No. 491079

File: 1517620742332.jpg (2.75 MB, 1433x2001, crap.jpg)

Anybody noticed how she twisted her dialogue with Monique? She made it sound like she was attacked for no reason; oh and of course she had to mock M.

I don't think she should stop posting or expressing her own opinions, she just needs to learn that if you say something rude, people can come off as rude as well. It's called reaction.

No. 491082

I'm smiling, it's unhealthy.

No. 491087

File: 1517621350208.png (173.38 KB, 750x1334, FA5DEFC4-626F-4809-9974-CDE735…)

Sorry for posting part of the same image again but wanted it to go with her next message to Holly

No. 491094


Can you post it? I missed it before she rage quit lol

No. 491096

Here ya go, folks.

No. 491101

Bless you anon

No. 491103


You're doing God's work

No. 491105

Goddamn, I wish I could see what Holly would’ve responded to this.

No. 491110

rest in fucking pieces, holly, you dumb bitch.

No. 491112


No. 491114

Would not recommend trying to make a drinking game every time she says um or makes some other disgusting noise. But for reals, this video really shows how much of a bitch she is. Notice how she's always telling her audience "i'm not a bitch, i'm just insulting everyone."

No. 491115

The whole video is Holly gate-keeping Comics and what the word comics mean. If you don’t do it her way you haven’t made a real comic. It’s just an “illustration with text” fucking Christ Holly

No. 491123

File: 1517623417507.png (1.94 MB, 2490x1470, Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 7.59…)

So I just checked and Holly took down all of her 100 Days of Making Comix vids… Interesting that someone who is ~so tuff~ cannot handle criticism. As another anon said, she can dish it out but she can't take it

No. 491124

She even ADMITTED to have read basically nothing but mangas in her life, yet she claims to know more about comics than everybody else.
Like yes okay I understand you don’t like that kind of mini comic… but what, you don’t like it so it’s not a comic? Just shrug it off, ffs

No. 491129

Also can we discuss the fact anytime she gets upset her first turn to is saying that she gives up and will draw porn for money for now on. Like wtf is up with that? Is she making digs at people who draw porn for money? They usually have better art than her. I just don’t understand

No. 491130


I believe it was either this video or maybe the previous one, but Holly said that that the last time she talked to someone that wasn't a family member, internet/Youtube 'friend' was 3 years ago. I'm guessing she meant an actual conversation with someone and not pleasantries with a cashier/random person. How sad.

No. 491131

So I guess that means she quit the 100 day challenge, then.


She absolutely will not be making any money from porn art, if her nsfw drawings are any indication of that.
Or maybe she will. The audience for porn may surprise us. Especially when it's targeted to fujoshi…

It's a bad move either way because the majority of the following she accumulated is like teenagers, so, like. I wouldn't if I was her.

No. 491135

i think the joke for holly is that drawing porn is easy money, which like… sure… if you draw porn commissions of peoples' ocs, or ships or whatever, it's easy money? but like, she's made it pretty clear that she ~totes doesn't care what people want~ and will ~go her own way~, which isn't gonna get that dosh rolling in. idk, she's dumb as fuck business-wise. maybe this sanitization (cough) of her brand will be good for her.

No. 491138

Yeah, she WISHES she could draw porn for a living.
Fun fact: tons of well known comic artists started out with a side job as porn artists, often under cover because they didn’t want to be recognised. But yes sure let’s talk shit about a whole genre of comics, like porn is a bad thing or easier to draw.
The most damaging part of her art is her head. I wish she could find some sort of inner stability.

No. 491143

Judging by Holly's quality of art and the porn we've already seen her draw, I doubt she'd make much money off of it.

No. 491147

Yeah I didn’t think she would actually do it. It just irks me that anytime she “gives up” she States right after that she’ll start drawing porn.

Fuck I doubt even fujoshis would find her art appealing when it comes to porn. I don’t think she sold many of her NSFW comic.

It may be easy money but from the way she talks about doing commissions she’ll never actually do it.

Let’s hope so anon

Kek. I agree. Also I didn’t know that about artists in the community thanks for sharing that’s a pretty interesting tid-bit


Thanks everyone for answering! I had no fucking clue why she decided to bring that up every time she gets frustrated. Like I’ve stated before it irks me that she does it.

No. 491153

She doesn’t really plan well for the narrative part in her videos…so much “um” and unsure what the hell shes talking about. How did this bitch get over 200k subs when she doesn’t even know what the hell shes doing. Is this why she attends online school to get away from in person critiques or any that is?

No. 491155

File: 1517625291196.png (130.95 KB, 750x1334, 798ECD3F-D1A2-4044-8D9E-383F10…)

No. 491157

File: 1517625315496.png (192.24 KB, 750x1334, 7C279F8B-3198-45C6-89A0-C5E4B8…)

No. 491159

File: 1517625347646.png (208.72 KB, 750x1334, 4B49F219-9596-4458-B088-419A9F…)

No. 491160



No. 491162

File: 1517625547903.gif (488.98 KB, 500x224, ......gif)


>mfw people are still defending her

>somebody crying that Monique is threatening Holly

No. 491164

As a past avid reader for yaoi, her drawings are very unappealing. None of them look attractive and the story is shit. Has she even read yaoi before? I might’ve missed the info. She makes boku no pico have a better plot line and it’s literally all porn. Tbh for me, if the story is boring/too slow or if it’s all just characters banging each other and nothing else, it gets boring. Sage cuz no one probably cares about my pref lol

No. 491165

If that’s really the case then she should learn how to properly speak. She’s not being blunt, she’s being offensive and explained why everything is the way she says it is. When called out, she deleted everything. How is that expressing an opinion?
You can say “your jacket is so ugly it’s insulting my eyes” and be blunt but if you say “you fucker what did you have in mind buying that ugly jacket? It’s as cheap as your ass, for god’s sake if you intend of buying a jacket buy the brand I wear. ‘Cause everything else is shit and so are you” … well that’s an insult

No. 491166

Go Monique, lay the smack down!

No. 491168

File: 1517625772017.png (125.46 KB, 750x1334, 8C4CC463-6310-4ADC-B27D-F05114…)

No. 491169

File: 1517625787676.png (135.54 KB, 750x1334, EB38F386-F23E-4065-A5A7-C989D9…)

No. 491170

Holy shit, I really wanna respond but I don’t want to tarnish my reputation by speaking to that toxic bitch. But go, Monique! True hero

No. 491171

Ya beat me to it, classic Holly with the passive aggressive comments

No. 491173

Go Monique, you're out hero!

No. 491176

File: 1517626010559.png (164.76 KB, 750x1334, 94D68C24-9DEF-4DE3-9FF1-FED437…)

No. 491178

And she lacks both

No. 491185

Does she not understand that her name is her brand and business? She shouldn’t be talking like this. Potential buyers just have to look up her name and all of this will come tumbling out. I wonder how many people she scares off alone on her attitude not even with her terrible art.

No. 491186

File: 1517626500336.png (147.01 KB, 750x1334, 4F9F36EC-B90D-48FD-BD51-AC2139…)

No. 491188

Why is saying a type of comic is shit not insulting, and saying you don’t agree explaining your reasons it’s insulting to the point of deleting the videos?
Also yes she insulted people by saying they are lazy and don’t want to commit and that they are ignorant because they don’t know the things she does. She didn’t insult directly but the insult is still there.

No. 491199

she straight up called people's comics and the way they went about them shitty. And even in the video she went out of her way to say "I'm not going to put up other people's comics here, BUT…"

She thinks she has some sort of domain over comics just because she has one published and wants to lord how much "work" she's clocked in over other people.

She's so worried about other people having fun because she's bitter she isn't. But she had to make an entire 16 minute video to justify why she hated them and bend over backwards looking for reasons the challenge was dumb.

All she had to do was say that it wasn't her thing and keep doing all that "hard work" on her own shit she claims to do. All she had to do was stay in her lane.

No. 491203

File: 1517627519129.png (138.71 KB, 750x1334, 2F7A3CE4-E387-445A-A52B-94635B…)

No. 491209

…. she says this, to agree to disagree, but can’t handle when people criticize her shit and rage quits and mass deletes? For her mental health, she seriously just needs to quit for the moment and reevaluate what she really wants to express through her videos.

No. 491210

File: 1517628101235.png (172.36 KB, 750x1334, BFB322D8-819B-414E-AB5C-84B5DB…)

No. 491213


>get criticism over (insulting) opinion

>"wow call-out culture is so toxic"

if you wanna be the person that's blunt and "offensive" you gotta be able to take the criticism that comes with that. You can't expect to say shit like that and have no one react. Not everyone's going to kiss your ass.

how can she lack so much self-awareness?

i was kind of warming up to her lately because it seemed like she was owning up to her mistakes, but this just ruined it all.

No. 491215

Holly wants to be able to have her cake and eat it too. She wants to be able to shit on people and also expect people to give her asspats and praise for being 'so honest'.

She's got no tact, and can't hold a civil conversation with people without her shooting her mouth off, and I think the reason for that is she's in her own head a lot. Her interacting with other actual artists that aren't her watchers/followers is lacking and it shows.

You never see her supporting any other artists or shouting anyone out or helping anyone (Those dubious tutorial videos do not count). All you ever see is her berating herself and shitting on others.

No. 491216

File: 1517628513947.png (153.56 KB, 750x1334, 8B096204-D178-45A3-8C37-ACF03D…)

No. 491226


I was warming up to her again, too, but then she flew off the handle again. It's more sad than anything

No. 491227

File: 1517629005678.png (183.75 KB, 750x1334, 6415A93C-16CF-4960-866A-DC82FB…)

No. 491228

She needs to be more positive…the never ending shooting herself down is making her like this. She DOES need help. It never hurts to go look for a therapy or someone to talk to. Her audience wants her to improve, but honestly she's doing this all to herself and it's not because of the "haterzz"
I def agree with both of you. We were going in a direction of "ok, yeah! this is small start, but better than nothing", but now it just turned ugly af.

No. 491233

File: 1517629331591.png (184.06 KB, 750x1334, 6B74C3E6-6662-4399-99A6-C5025E…)

No. 491235

she tried…I would wish that most of her viewers feel the same way about this.

No. 491236

Monique are you here? Wow you're very brave to face Holly

No. 491245

Monique We think you're rad for shitting on Holly. I'm kinda scared of her child army and what it'll do to my reputation in the art community…

No. 491246

File: 1517629969934.png (84.74 KB, 750x1334, 92DE7069-C9FF-479A-A305-005991…)

So not deleted forever I guess

No. 491250


……….whats the fucking point

No. 491252

Attention clearly. She wanted her little kid army to kiss her ass until she felt better about herself. So much for acting like a grown-up.

No. 491255

File: 1517630167958.png (61.11 KB, 1060x346, Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 19.5…)

in response to this….
I question everyone who's an avid fan of her shit.."Positive influence"???? Bitch, where?

No. 491262

To be fair that one replying did say that they just found Holly. Guess they haven’t been infected with her negative energy yet.

No. 491265

I was agreeing with Monique and tried to be respectful and Holly blocked me. I actually wish she'd get help or really move out and make friends, I really appreciate Monique speaking out about everything.

It doesn't really make sense if she puts it in a Playlist, but deleting it would erase the views from her channel.

No. 491267

I saw you anon. You were very respectful but Holly is a spiteful bitch.

I didn’t think to add in your responses when I was screenshotting everything.

No. 491268

I don’t know what it is about newer artists who feel they need to follow the “influencers” (used very loosely) who have the loudest and rudest voices.

Holly does not give “tough love” or anything even remotely called criticism; she voices her opinions in the nastiest way possible and people listen to her because they think she’s “just speaking her mind,” “speaking her truth,” or fighting the status quo.

Holly is bitter and depressed from drawing 12hrs a day locked up in her room. She needs to step back from herself and take care of her mental health.

No. 491273

They wouldn't have added much, anyway. It just seemed as if Monique was on her own and I wanted to back her up, one of Holly's fans even told her to fuck off. Very fitting fanbase.

Maybe because it's 'edgy'? Holly does post very regularly, which a lot of art channels don't. But other than that I really don't understand why people like her and Bailey have a large following. I guess it's hard to tell what's genuine/good advice when you're young or just starting out.

No. 491275

It's a never ending cycle of kids who grow out of Holly's shit and on to better/positive artists like RossDraws, Sinix, Proko, etc and then the new younger ones will attach to her and so on so forth.

No. 491278

please, everybody be considerate! Treat her with the same respect— wait.


>>I don't partecipate in the youtube artist collective because people hate me! so mean! what did I do wrong?!

MAYBE you're a total ass 24/7??

It's so good when the bully plays the victim, don't you think? Gee it's infuriating how she manipulate reality just to get attention.
She should have had the decency of at least deleting the videos. But of course not. It was just a prank!
GOT YOU SCARED, HUH? Don't call out my bs anymore otherwise I will do it for real next time!

That's not only that, you know. I know people who are locked in house and draw for the same amount of time if not more (depending on the deadline) and they don't feel the need to shit on other people.
She obvs need to take care of herself in many ways, but the things she REALLY needs are a reality check and growing a pair.

yeah that's a mystery. Somebody theorized she has a huge following because kids see thi "adult" being rude and unrespectful and think it's cool and the right way to act so they are justified to pursue bad behaviours.

No. 491281

It's probably cuz they both have an audience who are mostly beginner artists or similar level to them. I used to be a fan of Baylee back in like middle school where my art used to be oh so terrible, but ya know. Practice and learning helps surpass these two making it no point in following. (well in my eyes)

No. 491372

She wishes she could draw porn for money. Her art style and anatomy would make dicks recede.
Thank you! I'll be watching this later. Glad someone saved it. Her bitterness intrigues me and I'm glad she's getting told off for being so shitty to other people. Too bad she has to try to justify her way out of being at fault whatsoever instead of actually learning from her experiences.

No. 491386

I just noticed all of her vlogs are deleted. When did that happen?

No. 491391


She set them to private a couple days ago after she bad mouthed her flatter and got called on it.

No. 491432

File: 1517646092204.png (64.38 KB, 1198x280, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 00.2…)

Wow, she's actually opening commissions. Wonder how much bitching she's gonna post about

No. 491441

File: 1517646853413.png (190.21 KB, 1566x650, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 00.3…)

People are questioning on her latest video about the "drama"

No. 491450

lol that's me

No. 491454

Didn't she go on a rant about how she didn't do commissions bc she didnt want to draw people's "sHitty"ocs? Hypocrite and despo for money

No. 491459

Hope you kids got archive library because she finally snapped

No. 491465

File: 1517651894813.jpg (26.62 KB, 527x543, 1512358316961.jpg)

ok Holly is purging her whole account right now it seems

No. 491466

>wants to be a professional, but acts like a child when receiving the truth

No. 491468

>if you have a different opinion, no one likes you

No, holly, this isn't the problem. the problem is your condescending trash talking when you voice your different opinion. it has fuck all to do with just "having a different opinion"

No. 491471

It's in one ear and out the other with her. We aren't criticizing her for having different opinions or not having fake positivity, she seems to think the only alternative to being positive is being the complete opposite, a douchey edge lord with an I don't care attitude

No. 491472

lmfao is she dissing Baylee. Also, you'd think a hardcore person like Holly wouldn't let this affect her, but try to make herself a better person by learning from mistakes. These "hate" that she's receiving are not at least surprising based on the shit talking she does in her videos towards other artists. And why make videos when you hate making them????

No. 491473

Is she… crying?

I can't even tell if I'm feeling more angry than sorry for her tbh… She obv wasn't mentally ready to put herself out there, it's well-known that every semi-famous person accumulates at least some hate and gossip around them. You have to grow a pair if you want to have a big online presence.

Of course we know that this "hate" in her case is more like being called out on repeatedly being an asshole. Internet isn't your personal hugbox, Holly, deal with it. Being rude isn't an "opinion".

She's acting very immature. It infuriates me that she aspires to be a professional artist, but throws tantrums over and over again. And I'm actualy a bit worried for her well-being at this point, she sounds and acts like she's seriously depressed and lost in life.

No. 491476


No. 491477

Does this girl even have any friends? Online or irl? I never really see any other youtubers commenting besides Baylee, who comments like once in a blue moon. It'd kind of help if she has someone sane to talk to. I don't think it's healthy to trap yourself in a room and not communicate/hold conversations with others besides her family. Holly just confuses me with this online persona

No. 491478

I think she is? I heard some sniffling.

No. 491479

tfw she's still shit talking about other artists and that's the reason why she receives the "hate"

No. 491480

She says "She's not talking to fucking children", but she's the one who can't handle opinions. Alright.

No. 491481


She does not seem to. it would seem she is very grudgeon-hearted and sits on the sidelines watching other artists and their friends have fun while shes in some corner by herself talking smack about how "stupid" everyone else is for having fun instead of "working hard" like her.

like I've said before, I've never really seen or known her to help another artist out (tutorials dont count), shout fellow artists out that she likes or attempt to interact in a polite manner with anyone. it's sad, but only she can make those steps to becoming more than who she is right now. she has to want it, and it seems like she doesnt.

No. 491483

>youtube isn't a production it's just shitty videos

No. 491485

Aren't most of her viewers like middle-highschoolers? So, she is talking to children kek. Honestly, if I knew nothing about her and saw this video, I'd assume she's a child herself and not a college student who wants to be taken seriously

No. 491488

anyone download this shit? Or is that too far lol

No. 491489

I got it don't worry ;)

No. 491491

Exactly my thoughts. Gives me flashbacks of 13-yo scene girls on myspace threatening to delete their shit like every week

No. 491494

man, you guys are on top of your game. Thanks, anons!

No. 491495

She said in Day 15 or 16 of the comic videos that she hasn’t really interacted with anyone irl (apart from family) for 3 years.

No. 491496

File: 1517655605946.jpg (1.31 MB, 1972x2785, BGen_Carol_Mutter_DM-SC-97-001…)

Honestly, you guys are pretty bad. You're all too mean. It's not good. You should all be nicer. All your "complaints" about how "awful" she is are dumb, they're inconsequential. You're all far worse than she is. So, If you want to be mean to someone deserving, go say mean things to a mirror.

No. 491497

File: 1517655613946.png (58.29 KB, 1446x210, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 02.5…)

No. 491498

So wait, let's go down the list…

she wants to make:
two comics
focus on storyboarding(which I doubt she will get around to),

..and then open up commissions..?

Depending on how ravenous her fans are clamoring for her work, I'm not entirely sure how well she'll be able to handle all those tasks (much less without complaining, which she is already doing in that tweet about "your sonic OCs").

No. 491499

I can't tell if you're being serious or not..

No. 491503

Doesn't she also attend an online school? It seems like she doesn't get much work from there, which is odd seeing how Holly should be a junior or something and most people I know are busy making their films…not sure how online works

No. 491506

Man every time holly says "um" I think an angel dies lol i swear all i ever hear "um, burp, sniff, hard sniff. slurp and lips smack" more than actual words, Well that and "fuck, shit, stupid" to name a few yikes i feel bad for her cause she has only negative descriptive words…

No. 491508

It's funny how she wants to be taken like a professional, but her videos are all of what you described and she's unsure most of the time of what she's talking about.

No. 491511

File: 1517656571402.jpg (1.86 MB, 2840x1850, Crosbie_Saint.jpg)

You spend too much time on BULLY FORUMS, you've forgotten what sincerity looks like.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 491514

I'm sure her online school is a school in the sense that this is an online farm. Watching her sketching - she just has no idea how to draw. An actual teacher would tell her to markout or at least visualise the whole scene first but she starts doing little details first like someone absolutely untrained. She is always busy because making extra busywork for yourself is a classic unconscious procrastination/self-sabotage

No. 491520

Totally unrelated to this drama but does anyone know what happened with Holly and that Romanian girl Ioana/pyunck? This happened a long time ago but I never found out why they stopped being friends

No. 491530

Is she deleting comments? I scrolled through them a bit and only saw extremely positive comments gushing about how sorry they are. I found one comment telling her she needs a thicker skin and lo and behold she had responded to it about 30 minutes ago! Naturally she snapped at the person. That was the only comment I saw that wasn't ridiculously sweet, and considering how recently sure had responded to it, it seemed quite possible she is screening/deleting comments.
To me, it sounded like she had just been crying and was still sniffing.

I don't want to see her doing this. She's so isolated and that almost certainly has influenced her attitude and lack of tact, and why she is constantly having to put her foot in her mouth. She needs to realize that negativity only breeds further negativity, including berating herself. She has to deliberately make a concerted effort to better herself in order to see improvements in how people perceive her.

I really worry about her being so depressed and only further isolating herself. I hope she gets help, even someone to talk to who isn't necessarily a therapist. Her over sharing is common with people who don't get enough social interaction.

It just worries me a lot to see someone so clearly depressed doing rash/drastic things. Not a wk, just a fellow depressed person. She's entertaining to cringe watch but I hope she gets even a little better mentally.

sorry for rambling a bit

No. 491533

The best thing for her to do at this point (and what I would do if I were her), would be to quit the internet for like a year, grind some fundies, change her terrible style, and come back under a new name.
That way she'll be better at art and learn from her mistakes and not be rude to people. Of course then she couldn't do voice-overs anymore. But I guess that's the price you pay for completely ruining your reputation.

No. 491535

Honestly the quality of her work is so bad she seems to be able to churn out a lot of it. When she draws something ugly or incorrectly she doesn't fix or revise it. I could probably get a lot of work done if I didn't care how it turned out.

No. 491537

That's the sad part though, she says she redraws shit like 40 times and it still looks kinda off, but then she's like 'fuck it' and posts it anyways

No. 491538

I was about to ask the same thing it’s only ass licking basically.

No. 491542

If she really is crying/was right before that video, she really shouldn't have put it up… I get it, she really must be upset and acting solely on her emotions, but this is the point when you really should step away from the computer, take a deep breath, calm down and rethink your choices. This is a kind of rant you put up on your personal blog or bring up in convo with friends, not the one to upload on the huge channel that can potentially make or break your career.

The thing about the comments really shows that she should consider taking a break. You're right, she just digs through the giant stacks of positive ones without paying attention to them, looking for the even slightly negative ones to reply to. I don't know if it's a common practice in the youtube community, but it seems like an unhealthy thing to do in her situation, even more so lurking here (pretty sure the remarks on people calling her racist and homophobic are in regards to her threads?)

No. 491543

Non ass-pat comment spotted! It will be
deleted in 3…2…1….

Because she doesn’t think about what she’s doing and doesn’t use PROPER references. She should practice more anatomy and more basic perspective, as… you know… bodies move in space. Bodies are masses and you’re supposed to apply perspective on them too.

No. 491552

She sounded like she was about to cry in her new video. I feel a bit bad that it has come to this, but she kinda brought it upon herself.

Holly is one of those people who pride themselves on being "Blunt" and "brutally honest", but in reality they just want to lash out and bitch and crumble and cry about "call out culture" and "PC culture" when people stand up to them. People don't like to be insulted and told that what they do or like is stupid, childish, or not "good enough" by some unqualified rando's standards. Instead of trying to be more aware she chose to abandon her channel so she can just keep doing whatever she wants.

The only good thing about this situation is honestly seeing another art YouTuber publicly stand up to her, I respect Monique a lot more now.

No. 491572

File: 1517666794485.png (171.21 KB, 805x944, comment.png)

Seems like she just deleted this one

No. 491591

I assume she didn’t reply to that

No. 491594

"Fake Positivity" this is such bullshit, because positivity is a choice. At least when I was in therapy that's what I gleaned. Forcing yourself to be positive really changes your outlook on the world. Sort of like in CBT where you have to change the way you perceive everything as negative because it's unhealthy and will fucking wreck you.

Also, maybe some other art you tubers are just positive people?

I also love her just shitting on them like they don't receive any hate comments or something. We have a thread on Baylee too?

No. 491595

fuck i never realised how shitty holly is

No. 491597

File: 1517669755799.png (436.95 KB, 1272x1314, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 9.55…)


No. 491602


It's funny how she shades Monique by calling her healthy when she literally has a fatal illness kek

Also Holly people worry about your health because you post shit about how you're depressed and used yo self harm all the time it's not out of nowhere

This is such bullshit honestly all it is is her being harsh and "blunt" and not being able to deal with others doing the same back. If anyone is a hypocrite it's her she says she can't say shit because of PC culture but then gets butthurt because people are hurting her feelings? Lolk

No. 491603

If she's referring to Monique in that last sentence where she showed concern for her mental health but holly told her to fuck off and think that Monique can't relate (or any one else for that matter) because they're "healthy and holly's negativity brings them down" - doesn't she know that Monique is chronically I'll and im pretty sure has even admitted to having depression (correct me if I'm wrong). Even if she doesn't, cant "healthy" people be put off by her behaviour, or god forbid, WORRY about her?

No. 491605

>>assuming everybody worried about her are healthy
I am in a dark place mentally speaking, and still I wish she could get help… because she’s only getting worse by herself. How am I being better than anybody else if I’m an anon? I should be allowed to say all the nasty things in my brain and that’s it. If you put your face into it maybe yes some could be doing it to look better in the eyes of holly and the readers but again what’s the point? We’re not playing pity challenge here, she has to stop thinking her life is the only one messed up. You can be judged by healthy or unhealthy people, and just like you hate people assuming you have mental illnesses people can get pissed if you think nobody else is fragile.
She is more toxic for those who are already compromised and depressed.

No. 491610

I'm not really sure where she's even getting that whole "people call me racist and homophobic and I can't say anything anymore because muh PC culture" thing from? Most of the criticism against her seems to be that she's being a petty bitch for no reason, not that she's saying ~problematic~ stuff? I mean, I do remember some anons claimed she's a "homophobe" in the previous (?) thread but there were plenty of others who disagreed with them, so even "hate forums" like this don't give her that much shit for being "non-PC", it's mostly just about her general rudeness.

No. 491642

Hey someone said something about that Romanian girl. I think she said something about holly being a shitty person and not wanting to be associated with her

No. 491689

Wow… That sucks for Holly cause that romanian girl was also way too edgy and pissed people off with her stupid jokes, but even she couldn't stand Holly. I think she also hated that Holly is a fujoshi

No. 491697

I wish she would get help too, but until she hits rock bottom I don't think she'll seek it out.

No. 491703

Holly Brown pulls a Logan Paul

No. 491705

File: 1517676089838.png (117.29 KB, 920x468, 2018-02-03_11-37-39.png)

No. 491708

She doesn’t understand that no one is blaming her because she’s opening commissions, but it IS bad and sad when you talk shit about what people want to be drawn. Who would want to buy from somebody who’s making fun of you or totally hates your OCs? I know work is work and I doubt somebody genuinely loves doing commissions if not for the money, but some opinions are better off unsaid.
It’s not the commenters who ruin her business, it’s her attitude and the way she can’t be bothered to tone down arguments.

No. 491721

Damn that’s a comment I really hope Holly reads because it’s exactly what she needs to hear.

No. 491733

She deleted it

No. 491735

lol what a dumb bitch

No. 491739

."im sick of the drama over every little thing I say"
."fuck the art community"
we don't like you either please go away

No. 491740

Can Holly go and eat a tide pod already SMH

No. 491742

Yeah get the hell out Holly! You make the rest of us look bad when you throw temper tantrums like this!

No. 491756


I really felt bad for her before this. She's really delusional. But don't tell her to eat tide pods, you're just proving her "point".

No. 491758

I like how now that she’s getting negative feedback she exclaims “Stop guys you’re hurting my business reeeeeee!” Excuse me? Holly your face and name is your fucking brand and the shit you spew from your mouth is what is impacting your sales and business. Everyone who fucking disagrees with you takes it up in your comment section or on your Twitter.

Also how are people not supposed to worry about your mental health? The second someone respectfully called you out on your bullshit you up and delete all your videos how the fuck is she not supposed to worry about your state of mind?

Everyone who has disagreed with you has stated you can have your opinion they just want you to state it PROFESSIONALLY. You know the thing you state you are. This woman blows my fucking mind.

No. 491764

It's weird that I discovered her a few years ago (but didn't subscribe since her style isn't really my taste) after seeing some of her Rendr Sketchbooks, and seeing her now… it actually feels kinda sad tbh.

It's weird that she claims to have a blunt and take no shit personality but at the same time she's being a dick to other people. Like the thing with her flatter. She did admit her mistake of not providing colors but she had to cross the line by shitting on him in the video.

Also the fact that she draws 12 hours a day iirc is both good and bad for her. Good because she seemed like she had a good work ethic but judging from her process she didn't work smarter. Bad because I know a lot of people who get affected by this (a friend of mine only had one meal for a week since she needed to finish her work for a studio) and I kinda hoped Holly would interact more with irl ppl.

>I like how now that she’s getting negative feedback she exclaims “Stop guys you’re hurting my business reeeeeee!” Excuse me? Holly your face and name is your fucking brand and the shit you spew from your mouth is what is impacting your sales and business.

This is what happens when someone takes everything, even criticisms as an attack. Very unprofessional.

No. 491772


She needs another job. 12 hours a day should be a much better artist, and she obviously is constantly pissed off by the whole thing. She loves comics, just do art as a hobby not a job and you will learn to love it again.

Plus, quit with the attitude, delete and block all the negative people and start a new channel/new content. There's plenty of grumpy youtube artists but it is not a healthy path, especially if what is posted above is true and she is not talking to anyone except family and net folk. That's not so bad in itself buy when it's all trollin' and complaining it's bad

No. 491787


Can you imagine Holly working at a McDonald's and shaming someone when they indulgently order a Big Mac and 20 nuggets for themselves? Because damn that's not how you get/keep customers.

No. 491800

Yeah she’s so tired… it’s not like she deliberately took a quiet discussion off Twitter and projected it into a video. It’s not like she already knew people had different opinions…

No. 491805

>blaming "muh PC culture" when people get angry at you for being a raging asshole 24/7
Alright. Holly, YOU are the only person "damaging your business", maybe take some god damn responsibility for what you say.

No. 491815

this is without a doubt the most pretentious video she's ever posted. get the fuck off the internet and stay off, holly. since you seem so deadset on thinking everyone in the world is against you, fine: yeah, we hate you for no reason. you suck. just fucking quit.

No. 491892

File: 1517688752454.png (23.57 KB, 1158x138, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 12.1…)

Such a great influencer amongst the youngsters.

No. 491897

I checked the instagram post advertising her commissions and as we suspected it's mostly teenagers/younger folk commenting who can't really afford to commission her, "wishing they had the money" or "Hoping to save up for one someday" or 'breaking open their piggy bank".
And she said she wasn't talking to children. lol. But that's the demographic she got because she wouldn't fix her petulant attitude that people that age WANT to identify with.

No. 491899

jeeze… her fan base is mirroring Holly’s bad attitude. Doesn’t really bode well for their futures.

No. 491903

That poor fucker should be angry at holly, not the other commenters.
It was her decision to do this and that and unlist/delete stuff. Nobody asked for it. Nobody really accused of what she is all defensive about.
Being a crappy clog of grudge is not the only other option to the bubbly polite cookie cutter artists on yt

No. 491939

Holly, the only one damaging your business is YOU. You're the one spewing hate and negativity, shitting on people you hire and people you expect to pay you money. No one is to blame in that but you.

No. 491950

File: 1517692895224.jpg (43.62 KB, 542x466, 1513801525050.jpg)

Why do all the people who annoy me overuse "dude(s)" or say "my dude(s)"?

No. 491951

Because they ruin memes? Like every now and them I don't mind when people use those, but she uses them in almost every post. Like how she always writes "idk," it feels passive aggressive.

No. 491952

Holy shit, I am glad that I'm not the only one who thinks that. Everytime Holly adds "my dudes" at the end of her sentences, I just cringe so hard. And especially when says "idk" like 100 times in a sentence

No. 491953

This is getting intense, I wonder what will become of ol' Holly Brown.

I really hopes she gets help because the internet isn't doing her any favors. I just feel bad for her at this point
It's bizzarre, she's like a kid who can't take responsibility for anything and everyone is supposedly out to get her.

No. 491954

File: 1517693123545.png (60.7 KB, 1452x210, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 13.2…)

I feel like these people don't know the entire information/story to these "dramas" that Holly makes for herself. Misguided anger????

No. 491956

Her demographics is def towards children. The way she acts is exactly them and that's why she has so many young viewers. Not a lot of 14 year olds would be interested in learning how to do anatomy correctly without another child swearing and acting all "edgy" teaching them. Professional my ass

No. 491957

This might be the most delusional comments I've seen her fans post.
She isn't getting hate because she's successful, she's getting hate because she's a giant hypocrite with an awful attitude
She needs help not asspats

No. 491959

Of all the things to start a shitstorm over, it was about some stupid webcomic meme that she wasn't even participating in.
Every time Holly starts drama it's over the most mundane, unimportant shit.

No. 491967

File: 1517693974530.png (88.07 KB, 1522x330, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 13.3…)

Holly's video is misguiding these people at what the issue is. Making herself the victim and acting like a 13 year old threatening to take down her videos when she doesn't even follow through. These dramas are only created because she did it to herself. And for the viewers that are reading this thread, I want you guys to clear your head from the rage and think carefully on why we act this way.

No. 491975

It's to try and sound nonchalant and cool.

No. 491977

It’s like we’re watching different movies.

No. 491979

Did these fans even watch the videos she was criticized for? Do they just lack the maturity to understand that tearing people down and being abrasive is not being "brootally HONEST"? She literally spend 10 minutes thrashing hourly comics, and name drops Scott McCloud even though she'd know he'd disagree with her if she had read Understanding Comics.

No. 491980

File: 1517694740850.png (203.5 KB, 394x523, 1506154302349.png)

Might be because of her doing stupid shit like this

No. 491989

Holy shit, and she wonders why she doesn't have friends? She acts like a 15 year old with behavioural problems, the other girls told her to de-escalate but she just kept going.

No. 491990

What’s that? I can’t open that file

No. 491992

Its a link to an uploaded webm
People using Apple products might have issues opening them.

No. 491993

fucking yikes, how absolutely insufferable. that's so obnoxious how one of the girls she's chatting with was trying to bring up a fairly reasonable assumption about what her brother(?) might have needed and she's just cuts her off like "NOPENOPEHATEHIMHECANFUCKOFF." what on earth?? she is the definition of a (wo)manbaby.

No. 491995

What the fuck, is that a stream for an audience? What a dick.

No. 492000

Her streams were all “let me talk shit about people and shade baylee and other YouTubers”

No. 492002

Kinda wanna watch them. Does anyone have an archive?

No. 492007

Sage but fun bits from her twit:

> Currently following Donald Trump

> Retweeted that alt-lite video awhile back about white women having sex with terrorists??

> Follows RoamingMillennial, MrRepzion, Blaire White

Holly confirmed for consumer of rock bottom neo-conservative internet sociopolitical discourse

No. 492008

File: 1517696105823.jpg (112.39 KB, 572x303, 1506874778824.jpg)

Wow that shit was really awful and immature (I kinda feel bad for the romanian one, Holly kept talking over her)
While I don't know very much about relationship she has with her sibling, I think Holly has had somewhat of a rough life and maybe that's why she acts the why she does

No. 492012

Yeah but if you had ever watched any of her blogs you’d have known that already haha. She straight up in one video stated the Wall was a great idea because she lives and Texas and sees illegals coming in all the fucking time. She’s cringe

No. 492014


No. 492015

if you have google chrome on your mac, then you should be able to open it after downloading

No. 492016

maybe someone more articulate than i am can word it better, but to me holly comes off as one of those people who, as a result of maybe being bullied during school, has scorned people altogether. like instead of growing passed those negative interactions, she's found it easier to just withdraw into herself and be cantankerous towards others as a defense mechanism when she finds herself in a situation that makes her anxious? i hope what i'm saying sort of makes sense?

No. 492018

File: 1517696771746.png (445.89 KB, 552x614, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 14.2…)

when her fans make her characters look better than they actually are.

No. 492019

Does Holly talk a lot about highschool or her earlier years? She comes more across as a bully who no longer has an outlet outside of the internet, personally.

No. 492022

She's not wrong, but it's cringey to talk about it when your art/persona is your career. It's best to just not talk politics around your fans, no matter what your opinion.
Wondering why she draws tumblrstyle, though, especially with all the mystery meat brown characters she draws.

No. 492023

File: 1517696983309.png (106.87 KB, 1550x366, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 14.2…)

Who dis

No. 492025

Future husband/wife material.

No. 492026

>hate forum overrun by Kekistani
Wow, rude

No. 492030

File: 1517697502695.png (336.09 KB, 1522x842, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 14.3…)

Waiting for this to be responded, if not then deleted

No. 492031

Agreed it doesn’t matter what her political views are if she wants to be a professional artist she claims to be she needs to shut up and focus on her work. Trying to pull punches in every directions is what is causing all the ire from everyone around her.

Also her stans are clearly tweens and the fact she acts like she doesn’t know her own analytics is fucking laughable. There’s a reason only a small percentage of her fan base is actually buying her merch.

No. 492040

Uploaded it if that's okay anon

No. 492041

She kind of reminds me of an incel? It's not her fault that people don't like her or her art, other artists and comic makers suck if they don't do what she does, she won't work on improving on her art because her art is perfect the way it is and all the others are just wrong

No. 492044

Nice way to wield a sword.

No. 492045

File: 1517698473607.png (3.87 MB, 1172x6948, noporn.png)

I also don't understand why she is making so much merch for a comic that only has three pages. Most of the characters haven't been introduced yet and we don't know anything about them, why would I care about merch?

I know that she makes them for money, but it would be wiser to spend more time on the comic first or make more general merch/new ones for her old comic.

But yeah, it's clear how old her fanbase is and I'm still surprised how badly she handled the whole situation.

In other news, she opened up her commissions and surprisingly doesn't allow them to be nsfw. Her prices are fair, I think.

No. 492046

File: 1517698544488.jpeg (78.39 KB, 750x720, B7753A3D-E5E1-49DF-8BDB-EE862B…)

No. 492047

File: 1517698562506.jpeg (161.73 KB, 750x816, 3E647142-B624-45DE-A147-676352…)

No. 492048

File: 1517698604982.jpeg (96.04 KB, 419x335, 70A42243-00F8-464C-98E4-6550B0…)

Q u a l i t y. Crab hands are delicious.

No. 492049

File: 1517698607561.jpeg (143.38 KB, 750x886, 4343B40A-342C-4DB8-BDC2-CCD275…)

Found these in her comic section.

No. 492051

File: 1517698790495.png (49.61 KB, 1503x178, fji.PNG)

someone's trying to get the calarts reupload taken down

No. 492052

File: 1517698792000.png (33.2 KB, 1522x134, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 14.5…)

Looks like someone found that cal arts rant.

No. 492058

Can someone upload her vids to another site? I have a feeling we’re going to have newfags and white-knights showing up in this thread soon.

No. 492060

It’s not the first time people tell you networking is important, holly. Just flip people off and then complain about people not wanting to associate with you. Because they’re horrible human beings, of course.

No. 492065

File: 1517699307632.jpeg (128.23 KB, 750x584, 554387C3-0B21-4CBB-99EE-222941…)

M also responded to Holly on her newest video

No. 492066

File: 1517699454130.jpg (46.55 KB, 1080x302, IMG_1517699084404_1.jpg)

No. 492067

>friend makes a comment about it looking like jesus
>Gives up and wants to tear it up because of one comment
This is a professional guys!! obviously

No. 492070

Can't wait for her to release a video bitching about how annoying it is to do all those stupid commissions and then delete it an hour later after a bunch of people have pointed out that she's being kinda rude.

No. 492072

I give her a day or two before she posts another video doing the “fuck everyone who doesn’t like me! Fuck them! I don’t even care!” Like she’s done before. This is the most hysterical she’s gotten but it’s still the same cycle as before.

No. 492076


No doubt. I can kind of see her needing to do refunds honestly. I kind of have this bad feeling about her doing commissions and I don't know why.

But that's exactly the point being proven here, if she's gonna act like a bitch, I wouldn't hire her. The fact that she got a lot of commissions makes me uneasy, more for the client than her.

Sincerely, good luck to her, but I doubt it's going to last.

No. 492081

I dunno, clients can be pretty picky when it comes to commissions. If she runs into someone who's very particular about the way they want their piece (and she will), she's gonna have a hard time taking that critique.

I personally wouldn't hire her while she's in this mental state.

No. 492086

She could also fuck herself over with using PayPal. It's not the best method of payment for people doing commissions imo.

No. 492087

Did anyone else realize that she had spelling errors on her commissions post. "potentally" "Whicher" She even spelled commissions wrong, "Commsions" I know artists don't really like it when people say their commission prices are too high, but come on. Holly's art is way below sub-par with terrible hands, long chins, bad proportions and anatomy, bad perspective, her art isn't worth all that. She probably saw some artist who actually has GOOD art and thought, HMMM if they charge that much, then so can I. The same thought process she had when she decided to pay her flatter pocket change.

No. 492088


LMAO fuck now I’m not surprised. Anyone who’s a dumb asshole who spews shit they don’t understand always has to look up to other dickheads. Anytime they get criticized they need to fall back on their circlejerk. Also she looks fucking inbred so no shock there.

No. 492090

She wants to come across as professional but doesn’t want to take the time to write scripts for her videos?

All a script would do is help her articulate her thoughts, instead of just spouting whatever shit comes into her head. She wouldn’t need to “censor” her opinions, she’d just be able to explain them better.

Her Youtube channel is the most popular part of her “brand”, putting no effort into it reflects badly on her and the rest of her work.

No. 492092

>all that bullshit with the "inbred" cherry on top
C'mon, can we not.
I don't think she wants to appear professional, just a "cool" nonchalant girl who says what she wants and is also good at art. Kinda chuuni.

No. 492096

Sorry but she ALWAYS claims to be a professional.

No. 492097

I don't think Holly understands the appeal of traditional art. Watched some of her videos of her scanning in inked drawings and coloring them
She removed the fine paper texture and made all of the black areas completely flat, with no slight brushstrokes showing through.
Kinda defeats the purpose of working traditionally, in my opinion. my main gripe with digital art (and especially Holly's) is that it feels so lifeless. It's too clean, and yet she makes it so sloppy.

Oh well, might just be my opinion. But I feel as a "professional" she'd have an eye for style.

No. 492098

She literally says in her latest video that she is a professional

No. 492099

This is so unnecessary.

No. 492103

Well then I guess she has no idea what being a professional means.
I think she probably thinks it means just making a super serious comic with a long story. Anyone who has fun drawing is not a professional.

No. 492105

Probably part of why she took down her vlog channel, she talked about shit like that all the time. While I think she's wrong and most of her views are shitty, it wouldn't matter if she wasn't dragging that shit over her "professional" presence. That's some Istebrak-tier shit.

Her prices are fine imo. A lot of artists grossly undercharge for their commissions and it just hurts everyone.

No. 492106


>But I feel as a "professional" she'd have an eye for style.

On that last point, anon, there's no accounting for taste…

No. 492107

>Anyone who has fun drawing is not a professional.
I hope you're joking, because a - not true, and b - Holly seems pretty far from having fun most of the time anyway. She does say it to mean professional in a traditional sense, as in her career.

No. 492111

Duno, I think a big part of the reason why Holly's art is bad is because it's too lifeless. Her traditional work doesn't seem to have the same problem. Well, it does, but to a lesser extent. I would think she'd notice the difference and try to emulate her traditional work digitally.

I would say she's benefit from using a slightly textured brush pen, or even just adding some noise to her art. Her art currently is not crisp, clean, or focused enough to get away with the unforgiving digital hardbrush. I feel you have to have a deep understanding of line weight and quality to benefit from using it.

No. 492113


She's charging $25 for flat and uneven line work. You don't charge others what you wouldn't pay for.

(side note if this doesn't get quoted then oops in advance)

No. 492116

I think you misunderstood the last part. I think Holly thinks that anyone having fun drawing is not a professional. She complains so much about other artists, mainly because they do whimsical, pointless, or "baby" art while she is creating "real" art.

It is common for some artists to think the more you suffer drawing, the more professional you are. Apparently she revises her work way too many times and frequently throws her drawings away. I think she's bitter af at her skill and output level, and is irritated at other artists who just draw for fun.

No. 492117

Yeah, then I actually agree with you. She's really buying into that toxic sterotype of the tormented artist, her entire rant about the hourly comics were just…why? Let people do mundane things for fun, not everyone wants to be fucking miserable.

No. 492127

And not everybody wants to be a professional, but that doesn't make them any less of an artist. Holly needs a seriously different perspective than the one she's got now, which is firmly up her own ass.

No. 492129

For her quality I expect $15 line and $20 for commissions
Also I secretly want her to do more porn, her porn is so bad it's funny

No. 492130

I've never seen her porn, pls link.

No. 492132

I honestly almost want to commission her just to see how she handles them, but I'm not about to put my hard-earned money on the line. Can't take that risk, lmao.

No. 492136


Oh god… Don't remind me of those horrors. She aged up her characters just see them fuck. I remember she made some comic that was basically porn but i think she either deleted it or it got taken down because i never got the chance to see the book.

No. 492139

Let us all toss one buck into a fund and commission something

No. 492140

Her porn stuff is in the old threads if you go look

No. 492142

I’m honestly curious of how she would treat someone who commissioned her…

No. 492144

File: 1517703267748.jpg (Spoiler Image, 89.69 KB, 900x822, 1503849880809.jpg)

You telling you don't like backwards penis?

No. 492145

Spoiler: it’s ugly af.
Boobs are sentient and she doesn’t know where to place the frenulum.

No. 492146

Fuck forgot spoiler. Sorry

No. 492148

That second face. Omg, I cannot stop laughing. Is that supposed to look erotic? Loool

No. 492150

I'm going to be honest, I used to like her. I didn't really closely follow what she did but I enjoyed watching a video every now and then. The fact that she wasn't super "positive" appealed to me because I enjoy people who don't hold back on cursing and sometimes being blunt (but by that I don't mean putting other people down for no reason other than their own bitterness). Tbh I never enjoyed her art by itself but I mean most big YT artist aren't really proper artists in my eyes, more like entertainers that happen to focus their vids on drawing. But hey, she seemed hard-working even if her art is not really professional level and I can respect someone who works hard (I would never in a million years buy her products at the level they are now tho. Would much rather spend that money on artists like Loish). I was wondering what all the drama was about when I saw that last video of her complaining over the hate so I searched for the deleted video and found it here (thanks btw). Among other things. And wow … I never realised how rude this chick was to people, even in replies to her fans. And esp that stream clip .. what the hell. This opened my eyes. Also made me realise she made a huge mistake by addressing the drama and deciding to make a big deal because now people like me who didn't fully see her bad side are finding it out of curiousity. So you kind of screwed yourself over, Holly. I hope she gets help because she's clearly struggling with issues and going full on defensive/deflect mode.

No. 492152

Just wondering, but how did you all come across her channel? For me it was the "mistakes young artists make" video
sorry for OT

No. 492154

Rendr sketchbook tour.
There were something like four videos total on YT centered about that brand.

No. 492156


The art block video response she made to Baylee

No. 492160

Anon, I think a lot of people are like you, before she had a thread here I even saw people comment that they liked her videos in other threads. I think the 100 days of comics really hurt her image as well, making daily topical videos unscripted isn't a good idea if you don't have a social filter.

No. 492163

Her Calarts rant when she first had it up

No. 492165

Is this meant to be Logan Paul?

No. 492166

Kek! No her character Simon who in her comic is 12 I believe? She aged him up to just draw porn of him

No. 492169

In the earliest draft he looked about 12, but in the current comic he’s 16 to 18.

No. 492172

Pretty gross no matter how anyone here slices it.

No. 492175

Ah thank you I wasn’t sure! I would guess 16 because I could have sworn she still said he was underage in the comic

No. 492177

File: 1517705121768.png (Spoiler Image, 787.08 KB, 776x536, help.png)


This gem was in her first thread. A sight to behold.

Sage for old stuff

No. 492178

I actually want to do this come on guys

No. 492179

What was this called, Prince of Eros?? I read it but it left zero impression I remember nothing

No. 492183

Holy shit what is with those ridiculous eyes? And that whole crotch area is a fucking disaster. And that giant hand grabbing his thigh….and and what the holy hell am I even looking at.

No. 492184

This is so unsexy I feel like I'm looking at a child posing nude, but with a giant chin.
This is one of the few times I feel uneasy looking at porn.

No. 492185

my sides

No. 492186

Maybe she did? I don’t remember. I know she’s a fujoshi but I didn’t think she’d stoop that low.

No. 492187

please. let's. do it.

No. 492189

File: 1517705763658.jpg (96.67 KB, 720x1094, _20180203_165433.JPG)

No. 492190

Yeah she said she aged the characters up to draw them in porn. The only difference to Simon being older is that his hair is longer.

She had a whole debacle about whether she should/shouldn’t draw porn of them because they’re kids in the comic. Eventually she made sketches and even a mock cover if I remember correctly? With Damien and Simon older together. Damien having short hair and Simon with longer hair.

No. 492193

Okay what would we commission and who would actually place the commission

No. 492196

Yeah it was something like that. There was no plot kek. She wanted to just draw porn. The bare bones of a story is the guy naked is sick and human so they’re looked up to like royalty? And the alien dude fucking him is his bodyguard??? That takes care of him and was assigned to him or something.

Also that whole comic has no real borders. It all looks like shit.

No. 492201


A sonic OC, lmfao.

No. 492208

At the end of this, is she claiming she'd be more mentally sound if she wasn't being criticized? That's such a shitty thing to say as she's effectively saying "You all made me do this." I've yet to see a single person actually wishing for this, before or after she did it. Also note how many of her sentences contain the words shit or fuck. So professional. It's definitely the haters ruining her image, though!!! /s
Also I feel that those of us (myself included) who battle depression and have tried to move forward can very clearly and easily see how she surrounds herself with self-destructive behavior and thoughts, because many of us have been there to varying degrees.
I really feel that the isolation is the worst thing for her. 12 hours a day drawing means so little time for anything else, for breaks, for enjoying other interests/hobbies, for socializing…
Her voice always sounds like she's 100% miserable. That is not healthy or normal and that is a good reason for people, even ~mentally healthy~ people, to start seeing at least a few red flags.
Also as others said, how dare she shit on people worrying about her mental health when she's basically shown off cutting marks in the past? She could at least show some appreciation for people caring, but she can't even bring herself to see it as such. Ffs.

And the comment deletion just makes me hate her all over again. Why fucking make a video like that and then delete any comment that isn't positive, even neutral comments? She shouts how little she cares while constantly proving how much she DOES. But she is so blind to how to turn around any of these situations or impressions. She needs to stop. Not meaning suicide as some anons unfortunately suggested, but she legit needs to CHANGE. ANYTHING.
Sadcow who could be less sad but won't making me sperg over here.

Also I too would never hire someone with that kind of attitude toward art for others. inb4 she stops accepting commissions and/or talks shit about them again.

This bashing of people caring/worrying about her reminds me of Lainey when people were initially sympathetic toward her and how she flat out mocked them on video with Onion instead. But Holly doesn't even have any sort of companion. Girl really needs a friend (that she spends TIME WITH) goddamn.
God I hate people who type like this.
This is a good analogy. The same approach applies to her life and socializing.
This please

No. 492219

>basically showing off cutting marks
No. Stop. They are all over her arms so the only way to hide them is to constantly wear long sleeve, she's not zooming in on her arms anyway. Don't attack that part of her its low

No. 492220

Jesus, alright then. Thanks for letting me know.

Even worse when you realise her fanbase is mostly teens.

No. 492228

Can't wait til she closes commissions and threatens to just 'do porn' for the millionth time.

No. 492231

No problem anon. A lot of this stuff was in her second channel for her vlogs so I don’t ever expect as many people to know about it.

No. 492234

Agreed. She was very open about her arms when the first few fans of her pointed out in her comments. She can’t hide that shit and I won’t fault her for her past.

I will only fault her on her actions here and now.

No. 492236

I mean there is a lot of bad porn out there, she might actually make it work for herself.

No. 492240


She can also get into deep shit for it, given her demographic. She'd have to go under another name and start over from scratch.

No. 492250

She never made the comic, she legit gave up halfway through making it for no reason (I think she mentioned something like 'I can't sell this, so I'm not going to make it'). Hopefully it was just her being sensible for once and realizing nobody wanted to see aged up porn of her OCs.

No. 492255

People found Rebecca Sugar’s nsfw art and that’s not affected her career.

I don’t want Holly to make tons of porn but drawing slightly dubious shit doesn’t seem a problem in a lot of art fields.

No. 492262

File: 1517708859009.png (69.7 KB, 1514x210, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 17.4…)


No. 492270

HYPOCRISY they will never learn

No. 492273

>have a fucked up way of voicing their opinions
hmmm kind of like HOLLY??! samefag but gee I am annoyed

No. 492276

How closed minded are these people??? And also crying ??? I worry for these kids

No. 492287

When Holly started the Purgatory comic, wasn't she in middle school, or high school?
She was a baby, and she still is. Purgatory was never solid either. I don't know if people are trying to imply that Holly is a pedophile or something, but…
I just don't think that is the case.
I think by the time she decided she wanted to draw porn of her OCs she was just trying to pander, and she was already tired of Purgatory. As far as the revamp of her characters go, if there really isn't much of a difference I'd sooner believe it was due to a lack of skill or pure laziness before I'd suspect anything else.
They look like a generic age for a generic comic.
I've seen tons of artists who just say their characters are 18, while still drawing them with the anatomy of children and depicting them with the personalities of children.. and I don't think that is the case with Holly.
But I do think she needs to just ditch Purgatory regardless. She's only hurting herself by trying to finish something that I'm not even convinced has an end anyway.

No. 492291


Nah, she ain't one of those. She's not sick like that, she's just pandering, honestly.

Purgatory is kind of a drag though, and I agree that she needs to really reconsider what she's doing with the comic long term. I remember her saying she wanted to do a volume 2 sometime in the future, but she's got so many projects pulling her in different directions.

No. 492294

Sigh, he's holding him like a fucking piece of paper in the second one.

I never understood how Holly became so popular with shit art and shit attitude. Some mistakes are just so basic it reeks of someone who never tries to properly study bodies and rely on memories.

That person is entirely right. Getting along with people in the studio is plain essential, and studios are usually closely linked together.
It's incredible how she aknowledge that people talking shit about her is harming her brand but can't link her bad attitude to the backlash, even when people explain it in a very simple manner. Incredible.
I'm pretty sure that she's so bad at interacting with people because she never gets out of her house and socialize.

No. 492299

Yeah what's really annoying is all the random projects she comes up with for herself and then her being overworked and complaining like? Take a break bitch you're self employed no one can fire you. I think it adds a lot to her bitterness

No. 492303

she just needs a life outside of art, it's like it's become her whole personality which is ironic because I'm pretty sure she's warned against letting art become all that you are

No. 492313

No I was not trying to imply that when I brought up her aging up her characters. I was bringing it up because I thought it was stupid, tacky, and brought no purpose to her work. Another anon pointed out she never even really went through with the porn comic because she realized it wouldn’t make her money. She spent a ton of time on it and a ton of time flip/flopping on whether she would ever do it.

To me it shows she has no fucking direction with her work. It’s constantly been like this. First purgatory she got bored went to paranormal, stopped that to start animatics and hated that so she went to try full animating, found it was hard and jumped to storyboarding, hated it and now has gone back to paranormal and animatics.

No. 492314

If we're going to actually do this, how will we get the money together and who is willing to contact her to place the commission?

No. 492318

Send the money to one of us on PayPal or something and that person would commission her? idk

No. 492322

this is a stupid idea, and if she reads here at all she isn't going to take it.

No. 492324


Or she'll get paranoid and close them altogether.

No. 492326

Dammit. It's not gonna work unless one of us legitimately commissions her and obviously none of us want to waste $40 on her shit

No. 492329


I personally think we should drop the idea, however fun it sounds…she said she got a bunch of commissions anyway, right? lol.

No. 492334

i also don't understand what would be so worth commissioning? we see her shitty art for free and anything lolzy, she wouldn't accept. be patient and see how she butches the commissions her mindless fans shell out for

No. 492342

Sorry, I worded it poorly. They were visible. People saw them. Stills of them have been posted in these threads.
I'm saying that it's fairly common knowledge because of that, so it's especially shitty to shit all over people who dare state concern for her mental wellbeing. I hope this was more clear from the rest of my post.
I didn't mean she was literally showing off/flaunting them, and it wasn't some personal attack against self harmers in general as I've even fallen into that category in the past. Calm down.
I'm saying she's clearly struggled at least in the past, and the proof is visible/tangible. So it's not unreasonable for people to worry about how she's doing or if she's struggling with anything. She's the one being unreasonable toward people who express concern.

Her depression likely never went away, just potentially how she handles it. Obviously neither way is handling it very well. But no I am not shitting on her for her cuts. It's just more evidence justifying people's very warranted concerns.
Agreed, I don't think it would be good to commission her. She can lie in the bed she made for herself, anyway.
Though a small part of me would like to see a comic about her improving her life, kek

No. 492351

We’re in total agreement anon. Yeah I think you might have worded your post a bit off that it could definitely be taken the wrong way.

With her past depression and even her discussing how she dropped out of college for a time before doing online classes it definitely is concerning for others.

Thank you for clarifying yourself.

No. 492385

File: 1517715975653.jpg (179.7 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_1517715851518.jpg)

Yet again one of Holly's fans draws her characters better than she does.

No. 492388

Commission her drawing herself failing a spelling test at school

No. 492389

File: 1517716660257.jpg (176.95 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_1517716615149.jpg)

No. 492395

This is so fucking rich coming from someone who's been deleting comments all day

No. 492399

What a joke considering if you go through her tweets she jumps down anyone’s throat if they don’t have the same political view as her or really any opinion that’s against hers.

No. 492406

I think it’s really sweet that Holly is getting fan art drawings of her characters.
I don’t want Holly to do anything harmful to herself. (Isolating herself, hurting herself, etc.)
I want her to improve but she deserves honest criticism. I’m worried about Holly’s future if this is how she handles critique…

No. 492413


Saved this because some anon that watched this stream once said she dated 3 guys in her life? Never finished listening to this since I would get a headache after an hour in.
Timestamps some highlights because so far I haven't heard anything about her dating humans

No. 492419

is that… samurai Jack? (well, aside from being pure shit)

No. 492436

File: 1517719515613.jpg (45.89 KB, 244x275, pt.jpg)

i'm just saying, we do have board-tans of lolcow & the old admin floating around. that's ripe material for commission, imho. unless it'd be considered cowtipping to a degree…?

No. 492448

File: 1517720026617.png (178.07 KB, 391x306, 1493411649535.png)

>mfw Holly is almost like me minus being internet famous, being a jerk to critique
how do I not be lazy? It's one of my biggest enigmas that stuck on me forever.
I get tired mentally whenever I work on an illustration or sketch for 35 min. I try to fix mistakes I see or practice getting used to techniques but I still feel lazy/its not enough.

Does any other artfags relate?

No. 492479

There's a thread in OT about art advice. Go there and ask, I'm sure you're not alone but this probably isn't the place for it.

No. 492522

I agree, I wanna watch these streams now, seriously like an hour of her bitching how do these people even stand hanging out with her when this is how she acts

No. 492527

Why not 4 hours

No. 492545

are you guys going to pull a dobson and commission her?

No. 492612

File: 1517751906685.jpeg (559.42 KB, 640x870, 03245F98-5F04-4333-9FA0-F61881…)

Uhm… like… she’s guilty of that too? And with crotches as well…

No. 492620

Don't do this, it's a dumb idea and entirely pointless, plus she likely lurks here. You'd just give her more fuel to victimize herself.

No. 492635

File: 1517755610154.png (460.37 KB, 750x1334, F48B72FA-1D3C-4A7E-B323-7640D8…)

i would ask for a fucking refund, jesus.

No. 492640

She looks like she's about to pee herself

No. 492644

It's actually not that bad? I personally would not pay $40 for it but compared to Holly's normal work it looks decent. Also the turnaround time seems pretty good considering commissions just opened up yesterday? Finally Holly actually didn't even end up insulting the person commissioning her which shows some personal growth.

No. 492650

Woah uncanny valley - my brain doesn't expect to see this kind of relatively good coloring/shading on such bizarre anatomy. Makes it look more like a picture of a deformed person

No. 492653

I feel sorry for whoever wasted their money on this. The colours are so pale and unappealing, plus the hands don't even look like their resting in her lap, just hovering awkwardly in the air.

No. 492683

i honestly was surprised by how decent it looked in the thumbnail… then zoomed in and got dissapointed

No. 492691

File: 1517762077988.png (64.54 KB, 194x290, Capture.PNG)

where the fuck is the shading

No. 492726

The hands

No. 492736

She took down her quitting video. That lasted long. She really needs to stop making such emotional decisions

No. 492744

Someone made her a response video

No. 492754

No. 492755

Not hard to search it up geez

No. 492757

File: 1517766245176.jpeg (57.95 KB, 640x165, 97B58619-6F3D-438B-B566-5CB657…)

Tried to look it up on YT, this was one of the results. Help.

I would have done a response video myself but the tweens power is sincerely frightening.

No. 492761

I have the feeling Holly is going to get a big burst of pity commissions, she's going to knock them out as quickly as she can because she's obsessed with quantity over quality, and she's going to see a huge drop in demand after that. Then she's probably gonna start pushing merch again.

No. 492762

lol sorry for being bitchy her emotional ranting got to me

No. 492769

sage your OT

No. 492773

The chair looks better than the character. Someone paid like 40 dollars for a chair to outshine their character.

No. 492801


Yeah. no, I'm not watching 40 min of that, their voice is so grating and the audio is straight doodoo.

and if they don't know anything then why the fuck are they making a 40 min rant without checking the facts. it's not hard.
what a waste of time.

No. 492802

We should make a response video so that people who look these things up won't be blinded by the amount of holly fan girl responses and not get some truth out of this whole situation.

No. 492804

I checked the comments and they’re all in support of Holly spewing stuff about people being hypocrites and the art community needs to get off their high horse. Just stupid that someone would make a response video stating they don’t have all the facts.

No. 492808


At least one of them got that it was mostly Holly's fault.

No. 492838

This bitch doesn't even know what was going on. Basically said the same thing every commenter said on Holly's video and kept repeating herself. As the other anon said, this video is a waste of time.

No. 492859

Wanted to watch this video, but they took it down! Wonder if they read this thread or someone in the comments section "attacked" them

No. 492860


Fuck! What was the channel name?

No. 492867


No. 492879

File: 1517773091596.png (59.41 KB, 1682x120, Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 11.3…)

As suspected, she's just another Holly fan who made a video "white knighting" her based on no information. meh

No. 492881

I have the vid if anyone wants me to upload it to somewhere else.

No. 492882

I see no reason for it. She's a random youtuber with not that big of a following. We're here to hate on Holly, after all.

No. 492885

Eh not really worth it, but thanks for the effort. It's just a video format of all the same comments on Holly's videos saying how much she was an inspiration and all the raw shit she spews out is so "refreshing"

No. 492888

No problem and true, not worth it but I now feel the need to document this nonsense, Holly's fits and that of her fans. They're so quick to backtrack it's hilarious. Holly is definitely teaching people not to take criticism and stand up for what they believe in.

No. 492893

What happened to her goal of making like a 10 minute animation? Is this another project that's going down the drain?

No. 492907

Was that the Hamilton thing? Pretty sure she got tired of it after the first couple of frames.

There was also that "short film project" she planned to make about that little chef guy or whatever but I think she abandoned that, too.

No. 492909

File: 1517775669961.gif (1.86 MB, 500x400, 1511382957693.gif)

>mfw Holly gets tons of commissions even tho her art is mediocre and there's a plethora of amazing artists out there offering commissions

The art world is so cruel and frustrating lmao

No. 492918

Doubt she will still reach the amount she got when her channel was doing good. Honestly, she will spend everything in useless crap and then complain again about needing money.

No. 492920

Anyone have the quitting vid from yesterday? If there was anything interesting to it

No. 492925

It was holly playing the victim and almost breaking into tears

No. 492942

This is so close to being decent, it's actually frustrating to look at.

One good thing about the quantitiy of art she produces is that at least people should get their stuff fairly quickly.

No. 492946

If you want to put together a response, do it and post it here. We're here to talk about people, not to spread awareness.

No. 492948

Your trusty backup Anon here with the quitting video and much love.

No. 492952

File: 1517778500606.gif (1.09 MB, 478x360, 36qhZfO1tt9lrzo3_500.gif)

>she will spend everything in useless crap and then complain again about needing money.

urgh don't remind me

No. 492954

thanks anon <3 I didn't have time to watch it yet.

No. 492956

There wouldn't be a point to posting it only here as we all basically feel the same way about her.

No. 492960

Holly is so toxic that whenever she does something remotely clean people are falling over themselves because wow, this time she didn't bitch about how long it took, or how the shading was annoying her !

I'm even guilty of that because this drawing looks better than whatever she actually produced recently, but looking closely is nothing but this awful gradient shading I'm starting to hate, those flat eyes and a character trying to dislocate her own shoulder.

And for $40. Mate you should have rather went to go see a movie and order pizza w/ sides for that price.

No. 492962

Gotcher back, fam. The moment I watched it I knew she'd delete it later, so I downloaded it right away.

No. 492969

I understand that people's dumbarse furry oc whatevers often have different coloured eyes because oooh so unusual etc, but I bet this one didn't also ask that the eyes be completely different sizes too

No. 492972

I pray that one day Holly will realise she gives everything she draws the DreamWorks face and fucking stop

No. 492973

File: 1517778931851.jpg (90.91 KB, 336x442, 1482936144180.jpg)

>i could be making so much more money with commissions
yeah the fuck right bitch.

No. 492975

Ugh the gradient shading. I hate how whenever she learns something new that she likes she pushes it so much. Remember when she was all about thick lines and her frickin kuretake brush pens? Then she surprisingly realized her clunky art looks better with thin lines, now she's all about gradient shading!! And erasable pens

No. 492980

Honestly, Holly impulsively deleting all her videos and announcing that she's "SO DONE, GOING TO LEAVE MY DUDES", then deleting that video too just screams depressive episode. She should have taken a breather and just stepped away for a few days, I'm sure she'll be back anyway. Her audience will slow down in growth without her YT channel, and unless she gets bigger illustration jobs, the commissions will slow down considerably.

No. 493034

Anybody notice how she took down mostly her old videos? That seems kind of stupid considering her old videos were actually nice and her 'edgy bitch' persona wasn't there yet. Now all that's left is her dumb Akira video and just a totally random stock of vids that are all over the place in terms of content.
Seriously dumb of her to do that, just purge the vids you got bitchy comments on like a normal idiot and move on.

No. 493040

i kind of want to see it tbh

No. 493137

A lot of areas seem to be unshaded completely, and it doesn't seem to just be stylistic. Like the entire back of the chair - the rest of the chair is shaded. Her calves are another example; the shoes are shaded, the knees are shaded, and that makes the calves look completely flat.
Also the hands and face. Again, neck is shaded, so… confusing.

It seems like she gave up half or 3/4 of the way through.
I don't really like nitpicking art to such extents but someone paid for this, so.
And yeah it's still better than most of what she draws. Probably because the character isn't designed by someone who tends to portray humans as half alien or something.


i feel u

Also so much love to reupload anon(s). Holly is truly a "delete fucking everything" cow now.

I think they're supposed to be unlisted but in a playlist now, which defeats the purpose pretty much. Unless she took them down for reals after that.
I wish she'd just fucking own her behavior if she's never going to learn from her mistakes or change. Being a blunt bitch and then being a coward afterwards takes a lot of the punch out of it. I do believe she sometimes doesn't realize how she's coming off, but it's happened so much that you'd think she'd try to self-monitor even a little. People would be so much less irate at her fuckups if she'd give a sincere apology and MAYBE even talk about how she'll work to be better going forward.
I can dream, I suppose.

No. 493153

Anyone notice the calarts rant get taken down? Could someone put it back up?

No. 493156

No. 493177

Her lineart is even worse than her under drawing.. wtf, why Holly
Why does she work so hard to make things look worse

No. 493185

Her sloppy black and white cartoony underdrawings look a lot better than the scratchy digital lines she puts over them. Holly could make a really quirky, creepy looking comic if she just let loose.
Instead of looking like a amateur-ish cartoon, her art looks like bottom of the barrel tumblr style.

No. 493194

woah the calarts rant got taken down by holly lol

No. 493196

Does anyone know what brand her erasable pens are? I actually thought some of her drawings with them were nice.

No. 493197

Anyone got that cal arts video? It's taken down and we should upload it somewhere else other than YouTube

No. 493201

I think it's really funny how she's shit on lettering in the past (think it was about some yugioh comic), but her lettering is fucking atrocious.

It's really scary that she puts on this "professional" air around herself, because there are fucking KIDS that watch her videos. Kids are so impressionable and I'm horrified that we're going to have a generation of artists that follow her stupid ideals.

No. 493209

File: 1517791435926.jpg (63.99 KB, 720x555, _20180204_164257.JPG)

I didn't expect she would be making videos again so soon

No. 493210

Her lettering is the fucking worse.
She doesn’t need someone else to do flats, she needs someone who can make her text make sense and visually appealing.

No. 493211


Frixon pens

No. 493217

This was my first time watching one of her streams. She burps so much and it's so disgusting. Not to mention boring with no music (that could be a pref thing, so its a lil nit picky) and now I understand when people mention the slurping and lip smacking part. At least turn off the mic or stay away from it when doing it.

No. 493223

Why doesn’t Holly make seperate Twitter accounts?
One just for her art and one where she can shitpost as much as she likes. She could even keep her shitpost account private.

No. 493224

Does anyone know how valid her information on the DPI thing is - how 300 DPI files will be outdated? I feel like she's talking out of her ass as usual, but since I've worked with comics for almost a decade and I've never heard anything remotely like "your art will be outdated soon if you keep it at 300 DPI".

No. 493228

Thank you!

No. 493231

File: 1517792193333.png (45.48 KB, 835x349, view video.png)

Mega master race anon here
This is why its better to upload these videos in a mega or a google docs. She can take them down on Youtube easily
You don't have to download like pic related
CalArts Rant - https://mega.nz/#!TcgFQZgS!n777xwTdrMHho0B87tNmeRpHl4zv5aoS873gU8b658k

5 hour stream where somewhere in there she claims she dated 3 guys in one older thread-

No. 493236

Do we have to create an account to view it? There's no view video button for me

No. 493238

Her argument is essentially that "everybody is going to have 4K monitors in the future" so your files need to be basically clean enough to look nice at higher resolutions (aka, you can post 100 dpi or less on instagram because people see it on their phones, but 100 dpi or less looks like shit on a monitor).
I can kinda understand what she's trying to get at, but nobody is going to fucking zoom in on a digital art piece far enough to notice the difference between 300 dpi and 600 dpi, no matter their monitor. It should only be a thing for people who want to print shit out at large sizes (like I print my art at 18x24, so high dpi is important, not just making the file the size it'll be printed at).
The problem with it is Holly shits out work that's only supposed to be printed BELOW 9x11, so there's no fucking point and it just wastes space on her computer for no fucking reason.

No. 493248


Okay so that claim of Holly's is actually complete bs.

DPI is a measurement for print. For screens, the industry standard is to work with 72 dpi at all times and instead adjust the width and height in terms of "how many pixels high/wide is this image", because screens work in pixels.

For print, you're usually fine with 350-400 DPI so long as you keep an eye on the format of your file in inch or cm. Anything upwards of 400 DPI gets difficult for an eye to discern anyways.

Normally, you only crank the DPI way up when you're scanning a traditional piece, to make the digital copy crisp enough to, for example, print it as a bigger format than it was drawn as. With that technique you could create a completely beautiful and crisp poster from a hand drawn business card if you wanted to, provided you crank up the DPI high enough while scanning.

tl;dr: Holly is talking out of her ass there, high DPI have no connection to depiction on screens, and past 400 DPI not for print either. They're only important when scaling up works with digital means.

No. 493269

22 minutes into that damn livestream and I'm disgusted.
Her shitty art is mind boggling, yelling back at her mom, fussing about feeding a cat, bitching that her mom said the starving cat was looking for her so it can just starve.
On top of that her ambiguously brown man is so hot everyone wants to fuck him, she apparently had a dream they were having sex and it was awesome.
She is beyond cringe in so many ways it's hard to keep track and believe it all comes from one person.

No. 493281

I've backed up what I still had of Holly's main channel vids for you guys.

Embedded and first link is Holl making me cry with how much better her high school art was than what she produces now (and mentioning the hate forums): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-E2kf77Cx2Y
Holl explaining how and if to Youtube Artist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8QNfYSjmu0
Imparting her wisdom about why nobody should use watermarks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPUHrY90sUo

I try to stick to milky stuff, I hope these are appropriate.

I also tried to back up the stream you guys linked but haven't tried out the file yet. If you want me to back up anything else, just toss a link in here or sth, I try to keep up.

No. 493290

I'm in the same boat. I had at least some level of respect for her, but still disagreed with her on a lot. Now I'm rethinking that entirely given the bigger picture, hurr.

No. 493293

Not sure. Try to refresh if there is still no button then make an account or download

No. 493299

I could watch it without an account. (I'm using Chrome on OS X if it's still not working for anyone)

Thanks anon!

No. 493302

So, aside from the art, are her webcomics decent? Been kinda interested in reading Purgatory but it's so long and really not well drawn.
I'm interested only because I am curious what kind of stories Holly writes.

No. 493305


Thanks for providing
anyone got any more of her livestreams?

No. 493307

Eh, not really. Someone posted a review about it in the first thread: http://saffroncomic.com/2017/02/13/patreon-request-review-purgatory/

No. 493308

Purgatory is awfully dull for almost 200 pages and gets awfully stupidly offensive but still dull after that. Nothing happens, there are no stakes.

No. 493310

I stopped reading it awhile ago because it’s just so boring. Nothing happens and she doesn’t really explain the world around the characters. It’s not worth the read tbh.

No. 493311

Reading it and up to page 45. The pacing is weird and the "fanservice" scenes are really long compared to all the plot scenes.
I had no idea the weird sepiroth haired character was a boy. I thought it was a girl. Also the main guy's glasses are irritating me more than anything else.

No. 493316

Ah, it's because I was using safari and not chrome.

No. 493319

File: 1517796391564.jpg (36.94 KB, 960x583, 25592011_1547919985294733_3016…)

wow I'm so happy i found a community of people who hate this fat cunt as much as me ! <3

No. 493324

File: 1517796592910.png (156.3 KB, 490x614, Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 18.0…)

That body proportions. How did she ever pass this as an okay for a final product

No. 493332

File: 1517796807492.gif (1.3 MB, 540x304, tumblr_inline_ooq59soyZZ1uyh92…)

>complains about not wanting to do commissions
>Doesn't want to get a part time job because she will think she's a failing as an artist if she can't make money off her art.
>makes no money off her art and quits youtube.

No. 493336

72 dpi is a bit outdated actually and a bit arbitrary. Also its ppi if you're talking about web, and it really doesn't matter when setting up a webfile. Resolution really only matters if you want to print.

The fact that Holly doesn't know this… it's just… ug…

If you want a file that looks nice when you zoom on it just make it larger. Seriously, instead of making a 72ppi image make a 1ppi image and you'll see what I mean.

Dpi really only matters for printers and scanners. And more doesn't mean better. If you work large and about 300-450dpi you should be fine. If you are concerned talk to your printer and see what the specs of their machines are.

Also Holly posts purgatory in jpegs which triggers me. It's stark B&W png is the way to go.

sage for graphic designer sperging.

No. 493411

is..is that a midget??

No. 493417

File: 1517801258078.jpg (12.63 KB, 300x168, download (1).jpg)

Do any ANONS have the video where she shows what the older version of purgatory used to look like ?I actually think it's like 40% better then the stale piece of bread she's making now it actually looks like it had some passion before she decided she wanted to be "professional"

it's called "The first draft of my comic"

No. 493422

File: 1517801563479.jpg (259.15 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_1517801480849.jpg)

No. 493423

File: 1517801639565.jpg (310.17 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_1517801502522.jpg)

Full img from Holly's latest tweet. Take a look at the sticky notes

No. 493426

she exposed her flatter's email

No. 493427

Soo, I guess we know who the comic flatter is now. https://www.instagram.com/isketchson

No. 493432

The flatter's art work is SO much better than Holly's. it's actually pretty comical.

No. 493434


And he actually likes American comics.

No. 493436


He's miles better than Holly. I don't understand why he'd ever want to get himself tangled up in any project of hers.

..For peanuts, no less.

All I know is, if she's taking commissions now, she'd best be paying him more.

No. 493439

Holy crap, he's like 50x better than Holly's shit. Why does he even follow this girl's wonky artwork and get tied up into her mess.

No. 493440

Holly should've had him to her linework as well, his lines are much more interesting. Maybe he'll fix her anatomy mistakes as well.

No. 493441


My guess is that he just really loves comics and wants to work in the industry. You gotta start somewhere I suppose. Even if they're shitty comics like Holly's

No. 493442


If she's charging so much for colored pages, all the money for colors should really most;y be going to him ALONG with the money she's already paying him for flatting.

No. 493451

lmfao on that cat post it, is that a hate and love list?

No. 493458


No it's to remind her about her oc who's name is Princess. Idk how you forget so much about an OC that's supposed to be important to your story that you need to write their things onto a post it.

No. 493459

IF I was him, (and I ain't)
I don't think I'd be confident in putting example work in my portfolio of Holly's comics I helped flat.

I get having to start somewhere, but I think there's plenty of other places to start that might be better for him. If he needed a leg up, I don't think getting involved with a mean-spirited, sour artist would be the best move.

No. 493462

It's so wierd like Holl is like my reverse roll model like I NEVER want to be like her and always strive to do better then her lmao

No. 493465


No one cares, learn to sage.

No. 493466

He could just be looking for cash. Looks like on his deviantart his commissions are open. He only charges $5/hour which is sad and looks like he's not getting much interest.

No. 493467


Fucking same. Like, I used to like her, but after she snapped at me for giving her harmless crit for how she worded things, I'm just kinda fighting to be mountains better than her.

No. 493477

Not to mention she doesn't remember the hotkeys. And some of these are basic knowledge that all digital artists know, like the fucking undo keys. Anyone who uses the computer knows how to do the undo function, which makes me question Holly who seems like she knows everything. sorry if it goes OT a bit

No. 493487


He definitely deserves more recognition for his work than Holly does. IDK about his personality, though.

No. 493494


It's interesting that she's kept his name hush, though. don't artists who hire/collaborate often…say or credit who they're collaborating with, so that they may have more visibility?

Even if it is Holly's work, y'never know who's watching what you do…

But then again, this is Holly we're talking about, and even if she made stellar work, her attitude would be pretty damaging by association. Not only that, but honestly, she doesn't seem the type to go ahead and say "This is the person flatting my comic, check out his work!!" because she doesn't quite know how networking and socializing professionally works.

No. 493548

That, or she doesn't want to give a fellow artist a leg up/exposure so she can stay on top in some way.

No. 493552


I was thinkin' that, as well but forgot to add it. But that's what insecurity does to an artist, and she's got a bad case of it.

No. 493583

Come on guys, be real. The flatter is not “a lot better”, you’re deceived by their preferred style which looks “more pro” when non paying attention/zooming in.
Their best stuff is obviously copied and even then the stuff is kinda wonky. The things they make from their head is even more accurate and shows bad proportions.
She should have given a shout out but it was not necessary. Even in the real industry there are helpers that are never credited, it depends on a series of factors.

I hate that you guy made me “defend” her like this.

No. 493586

Even less accurate *

Same anon, sorry. Guess I’ll sage.

No. 493609


I'll agree that his art isn't amazing, but in comparison I think he seems more skilled. Plus he doesn't draw huge fuckin Jay Leno chins kek.

Not to wk the guy, but we also don't know how long he's been doing art.

No. 493610

Thanks anon, I may not agree with you on how good/bad the flatter is, but I think that just relentlessly tearing Holly down, even when there's nothing to tear her down FOR, is fucking stupid. It's like yelling about how Donald Trump had two scoops of ice cream that one time; there's plenty of shit to be mad at him/Holly about, but this is just autistic to be complaining over. Don't be spineless like Holly is, have a fucking opinion, that's what the board is for.

No. 493619


Nobody "made you" do anything anon, c'mon.

No. 493620

>>493583 Are you okay?
>>493610 people have an opinion? Some people think he's better. Relax, this ain't about America's weird pres

but back on topic. If you aren't a professional it is just a nice thing to do to mention who is doing what for you in your comic. It puts you in a good light and if you appreciate the person you just give them a shout out

I personally find Holly lazier than ever after finding out she has a color flatter for a comic that barely has a chapter out. She is so focused on getting her shitty line art and wonky panels on a page instead of flatting her own work. I get she doesn't know shit about digital, but come on.

I agree, any dummy can color within the lines. However his style is already better than Holly's and she claims to be such a ~.:professional:.~
Purgatory will never be finished. She keeps "fixing" the same pages over and over. I guess in a weird way that is her purgatory. Working on a bad comic that will never be finished.

No. 493625

Or if anyone has pics of the original artwork, could you share that too? I keep looking at this and >>482504 and honestly the old art had a lot more personality in it. Sure the characters were still wonky and inconsistent but they were at least more fun to look at, I really wish she had stuck with this style.

No. 493628


>I guess in a weird way that is her purgatory. Working on a bad comic that will never be finished.

This has to be one of the most poignant things said about her and her situation/projects I've heard so far, anon, LOL.

Side note but I hate the way she overuses the god damn gradient tool for shading. No wonder she can't mix colors, she's not learning how to do it properly…!

But then she calls the fill tool cheating.


No. 493637

I’m pretty sure Holly doesn’t use the fill tool because the brush she uses for lineart doesn’t work well with the fill bucket.

As for her new gradient shading method, despite how lazy it is at least it is a step up from her old pillow shading.

No. 493643

Am I an idiot or is her tumblr gone? I can't find it.

No. 493647

Nope, still up, here's link: http://hollycbrown.com/
But for some reason it's not showing up when google searching, may just be tumblr being dumb tho

No. 493655

Yeah, couldn't find her website either. Maybe she changed her settings to not index it.

Her QUITTING YouTube lasted for what, less than 48 hours? This is why you calm down before you say things.

No. 493721


All she has to do if that's the case is just expand the selection tool… her workflow is so frustrating lol

No. 493723


Here you go!

No. 493730

Thank you for this. The older version actually feels like it has some life in it. Some things might be "off" but every page looked better than her revision imo.

No. 493732


Yeah. It has the kind of charm that Jhonen Vasquez and Tim Burton established themselves with, a stylish wonkiness. Much stronger silhouettes and compositions, very dynamic poses and expressions. Admittedly it is kind of cluttered and the red can be very intrusive, but it's not like those two things were stuff she actually fixed with the later version (in some newer pages she actually used big red blocks of background).

So when I first saw the video my jaw dropped. There is so much goodness in that old style.

Same with her high school art btw. Those were some amazing studies and especially her still lifes are really, really good? Where did all of that go??

No. 493740

I think the biggest improvement is that Simon looks like an actual child and there seems to be less focus on him making out with his boyfriend and being molested by his Dad's arch nemesis.

No. 493743

it lost so much expression.. prefer the old one for sure.

No. 493760

I don't undertstand what happened … the draft of her comic looks so much better than the shit now?? The draft had so much more life in it and was waaay more dynamic. The version now looks lifeless and stiff. Sure her anatomy was still wonky but because the characters looked more cartoonish it was easier to forgive. I also like the addition of red and different shading approach (y'know actual shading and not just the black and white flats, it shows that she doesn't do digital as much as traditional because her digital inking is pretty bad).

No. 493764

File: 1517837429594.png (730.41 KB, 668x690, f3c0c6994b245eb0a86863a748057a…)

Now you guys can understand why I brought the subject up! In her pursuit to become "Professional" she seemingly SUCKED THE LIFE out of her art.It's rather sad honestly.but then I remember shes a total bitch and I don't feel bad at all

No. 493767

I'd feel bad if she didn't have such a nasty attitude. Also anyone else annoyed when she says that if you don't draw the same amount as her you maybe shouldn't be pursuing an art career. Dude you might draw a lot but the fact is that you clearly value quantity over quality. I'd rather do one or two good artworks a day than shit out tons of badly inked crap. I'm not speaking about quick studies of shapes btw, I'm speaking about the actual finished product. I know she mentioned before that she's inpatient with her art and it really shows.

No. 493779

No. 493784

She almost admits faults in herself but then again she is also cutting corners on her assignment while doing this. Really, nothing of value will be lost.

No. 493789

Okay, now we definitely know she lurks here, since she was referring to this >>492007 post with the Trump thing.

Holly, if you actually read the responses, you'd notice that most people were calling you cringy for bringing politics into your work, not saying you're "racist" for following Trump. Personally, I don't even think it's that big of a deal, there are other artists who are much more guilty of that shit. Most people here have a problem with your general attidude towards art and criticism, not you being ~not PC enough~ or whatever.

No. 493797

I'm glad that she acknowledges that she doesn't have the ability to say things nicely/communicate efficiently, but filtering what you say is not "censoring yourself", it's just how you interact with other human beings.

Hey Holly, since you clearly lurk here: Don't get hung up on the handful of people calling you a homophobe or bringing up that you're following Trump, think about all the other shit that people pointed out. You're not being forced to censor yourself, but if you say stupid shit, you'll get a reaction. Just take a day before you post shit to think about what you're saying.

No. 493800

>says she doesn't shit talk other artists
>would shit talk Baylee and other Youtuber artists on her streams

No. 493853

And that's not even mentioning her Halloween/Inktober Collab a while back. Where she yawned constantly during the voiceover, mangled the name of her collaborator (mentioning that she didn't know how it was pronounced but not caring to just ask her collab partner), dissing his line art and even changing it because "it was wrong" without asking (upon which he could have told her that the "mistakes" were actually intentional uncanny-valley elements) and bitching and moaning the entire time about how little she likes collabs and how much it apparently sucked to work on this one.

She has long since deleted that video afaik but geeze. Her collab partner was a super sweet younger (iirc) artist whose entire collab half was basically gushing about her even though she prepared her linework in a way that barely gave his otherwise really beautiful coloring work room to shine. Poor guy was so dejected after that, even though he dealt with it very graciously. I'm still fuming when I think about this.

But yeah, it's like she is physically incapable of bringing up other artists without being respectless to them.

No. 493861

Damn, I wish we had access to that…

No. 493863

I threw a fit in the comments description cuz I’m so freaking done(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 493866

File: 1517849725124.png (418.07 KB, 1170x732, Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 08.5…)

These look decent, but I dont understand the lighting?? And her boobs are like split in the center, but her body is turned.

No. 493868

File: 1517849778349.jpg (30.08 KB, 919x204, jWjda2y.jpg)


Ah, there you are.

No. 493869

Newfags please, write "sage" in the email field and don't put your name in.

Hershel has such skinny arms and shoulders for what's supposed to be a buff dude.

No. 493870

Maybe an anon can find the upload the video for us if the ever saved it
She also like to put wrinkles into cloths sole for the fact of putting wrinkles in the cloths i can just imagine her saying " idk i guess wrinkles go there"

No. 493877


She doesn't know where muscles go. His arms always look flat, mainly because of the way she shades. She doesn't understand where shadows and light sources go and that's why I sperg on her overusing the gradient tool for shading.

Too much reliance on overlay/layer filters, too.

I understand that these are tools to help you work faster, but you've got to understand things at a fundamental level before launching into the shortcuts because you're lazy.

No. 493882

Is that guy supposed to be hispanic?

No. 493886

No. 493895

Getting rid of that hideous thick lineart actually improved her work, good job Holly. The lighting is really strange, though, especially on Hershel. It looks like she couldn't be arsed to stick to a single light source and just put the shadows all over the place.

No. 493905

I'm shocked to see the lack of maturity being displayed here. This behavior is something that would be seen in a public school from children that were not taught the most basic principles of acceptable social behavior. In other words, this is clearly a forum dedicated to bullying a single person. Obviously not everyone on here is a child with poor social skills, (which I would still expect better behavior from,) so how is it that people here have the time to spend hours stalking someone on the internet just looking for something to be nasty about. Most of Holly's comments are generalized and of her own personal opinion, which are not being forced upon or directed towards any of you specifically. If you do not enjoy her videos and it upsets you to this extent then simply do not watch them. It is perfectly fine to disagree with a statement and everyone has their own beliefs, which should be used to start an interesting conversation or simply be noted and not extended upon, but this hateful behavior is not okay. Instead of trying to tear someone down because they do not make art to your personal standards or have a contrasting opinion to yours, use your time making yourself the best you can be. If anyone here has an ounce of empathy and wants to better themselves then learn from this and apologize to Holly. Or at the very least just try to think of things differently in the future. It’s like getting your art critiqued for the first time, it hurts, but once you stop taking things so personally then it helps you improve your art. Being able to look into differing opinions more objectively does the same. Instead of being offended by someone’s opinion try to consider the new information and perhaps it will even change your own views, or not, which is also fine, but it is important to respect and treat others as human beings with feelings, even if they are across the world or on a computer screen.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 493911

Absolutely, only Holly can hate on– I mean criticize people!

No. 493914


The large majority of people here aren't doing anything but being "blunt" and "honest" like Holly herself. If she can't take it maybe she shouldn't market herself as the blunt and honest asshole of the art community? But sure keep on being a Holly-stan and being blind to her shit. She's literally caused others to remove their videos before and has cussed out fans and artists but sure, we're the problem.

No. 493923

Oh my god, everything you said can and should be said to Holly herself. She does not just have a different opinion and is expressing it; she is using her platform to say that how others do art is WRONG and she is RIGHT about everything she does. She publically shames other artists for doing innocent things with their own art and has a nasty attitude about doing things the “right” way because she is so “passionate” about her craft.

She herself cannot take valid and constructive criticism and when she is faced with negative reactions, her solution is to ragequit and blame others for their response to her “blunt and honest (read: totally spiteful)” way of speaking.

She is influencing others that being jaded, cynical, and nasty towards others and their art is just ~being honest~ when she needs to take a long hard look at herself if she really wants to be seen as a professional in any kind of art industry.

No. 493926


This. I've literally seen Holly post comments on other artists videos cussing them out and ripping them apart. It's not her opinions, it's the toxic way she CHOOSES to express them.

No. 493927

Holly get the fuck off the board! thought you said you wouldn't lurk here anymore?

No. 493933

Please tell me specifically who she is "hating on." Examples are needed when there are such accusations and even if she has acted poorly, are you telling me that if a two year old started having a temper tantrum in the middle of a grocery store then you would start crying and stomping your feet, as well? Just because someone acts poorly does not mean it is excusable to act the same. It's called being an adult.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 493934

"If you do not enjoy her videos and it upsets you to this extent then simply do not watch them. "

Yeah and if you don't like 24hourly comics don't watch them. But she did an entire long-ass video shitting on PEOPLE who did the thing. She's absolutely right and we're the horrible monsters.

No. 493938

Hello Holly, thought you said you weren't going to lurk here anymore?

No. 493939

As if she would be able to write like that.

No. 493940

She shaded various artists and her "hatred" for baylee jae was even stated by her friend on one of her livestreams. She even did a video mocking Baylee.

No. 493946

was going to say the same thing. The word fuck is not in every sentence and there's not a lot of spelling errors. And also, you can understand the sentences.

No. 493952

Holly if you're reading this please read all the art books by Hogarth and Framed Ink.

No. 493953

If you need specifics, I recommend watching her recently deleted video regarding hourly comics, where she basically calls people’s work drivel and shitty because they do not follow what her ideas of comics are. If you truly DO care about seeing our side (which I highly doubt) maybe that is a good place to start.

Holly has a platform, she has fans and people who look up to her. She uses those videos to talk shit about other artists’ practices, techniques, and skills with a holier than thou attitude. She is looking to be a professional in this industry, to work for companies and with colleagues but she doesn’t act like an adult.

Telling people to just ignore her stuff when she is actively crapping on her peers is ridiculous when Holly doesn’t follow that idea either! When she doesn’t like something, she makes a 20min video on it being hateful then can’t handle when people call her out for it.

No. 493954


Since the video has been deleted I'm not gonna name names but I have literally seen her cuss out another artist in the YT community in their comments.

She also threw a little bitch fit over the hourly comics thing, and she's blatantly shaded Baylee and Monique Renee.

No. 493963

File: 1517853769575.jpg (11.96 KB, 566x107, e9EB67g.jpg)

this is on her latest video and probably why we're going to be getting some wk's here. Bad move

No. 493965

Well then. Also, to the new people here, it's against the rules to link the thread to the cow.

No. 493967

Someone just accused her of deleting comments on the new video

No. 493969

How unexpected

No. 493970

Mind saving it for us?

No. 493973

I fail to see how people can’t understand that what they ask other people to do is what holly does.

No. 493979

Except Holly is not a child, and criticizing a fully grown adult when they're being an asshole on the internet is a completely different scenario.
>I don't see where she did the thing because she deleted it, but even if she did it's still okay and you're the villains!!

No. 493982

Did you really just compare Holly to a two-year old, kek

So even her fans just see her as a baby

No. 494013

Can't be Holly, not enough spelling and grammatical errors

No. 494017

Okay wow… I used to blindly respect Holly based on only few things about her.(the things she wanted people to see) And I got very upset (like little baby not knowing how to handle emotions-upset) over the fact that she is getting "hate". But now that I chose to calm the fuck down and actually look at her more objectively and do some research like for example looking at the actual proof of things she legit has done and said (most of this stuff being the things that Holly has already deleted long ago, not giving me a chance to find out about it) I feel so embarrassed now. Because now no matter how much I appreciate certain aspects of her as an artist,(like her working hard etc.) I can no longer unsee her legitimate faults. She indeed has problems and is at least partly if not fully responsible for all of this negative feedback. I'm no longer surprised of how people have reacted and I even find the "hate" to be justified to some regard! I still feel bad for her because I personally wouldn't want even my worst enemies to be experiencing the amount of negative attention that she is going through right now, even if it's her own fault because sure she's been a bitch but she isn't a monster. But yeah I can no longer defend her and respect her the way I did. Because I didn't know shit. Just comes to show that you should never idolise another person too much because it can blind your judgement. It blinded my judgement. Damn. Sorry for the ramble but yeah Holly Brown isn't who I thought she was, and even though this thread annoyed me at first, now I must admit I'm kinda thankful that it exist because it allowed me to know the details and reasons behind this situation and learn from it.

No. 494034

besides her whining about non existent issues everyone apparently has with her,
those "caricatures"… what has Anno ever done to her? i had no idea that was who it was mean to be until she said and tbf it looks like 4 different people? also how instead of learning how to exaggerate characteristics she plans to just use warp tool on an image and trace that like how fucking lazy!

No. 494037

She’s defeating the purpose of the assignment

No. 494039

Because she always uses shortcuts instead of actually learning something? It's almost like she thinks mindless repetition is hard work instead of actually doing the thinking required to better your art.

No. 494043

Which is funny because then she always does the things the hardest and stupidest way. When it comes to things boring but actually useful, she just looks for shortcuts

No. 494070

Her hands are floating above her lap, left arm looks disjointed, lackluster shading on hair and right arm, weird folds on skirt, right leg looks shorter than the left

She has potential but her anatomy always fails.

No. 494084

Don't feel too bad. A lot of people on this thread used to be "fans" of Holly. Personally I used to watch all her videos as soon as they came out. I think for me what made me realize that she was maybe more then just "brutally honest" was when she said in a (now deleted) vlog that you shouldn't send her fanart if it looks bad.

No. 494096

She said that???? Damn… I'd probably cry of happiness if someone drew fan art of my characters, even if it was just a stick figure.

No. 494099

Holy shit, I had no idea she said that, what a fucking asshole. Like the other anon said, I'd be happy about any kind of fanart for my characters, even if it's shitty, because it still means someone cared enough about your work to draw it.

If I was one of Holly's fan, I'd actually be scared to draw her fanart after that. There's no way to know what is "good" enough for her.

No. 494100

She retweeted fanarts lately so maybe she changed her mind or she picked out the best?

No. 494103

Pretty sure I remember this, it was so fucked.
I think this was the point where I too thought she was an assole and just waned to see her fail after that.

No. 494124

File: 1517861605233.png (27.07 KB, 873x198, HollyBS.PNG)

Her Youtube channel is only the tip of the iceberg anyhow. Her Twitter is where she keeps posting (and then deleting) most of her impulsive bs.

No. 494132

Her hands are more expressive than her art

No. 494133

Welcome. Don't beat yourself up over it, you're not the only one who didn't know about all this stuff. It's hard to keep up when she deletes it all the time.

For me this happened when she was talking about making merch or whatever. She sounded unsure and was doing it for the first time, so people in comments gave her advice and ideas. The next vlog basically started along the lines of "I'm not stupid lol I know what I'm doing idk lol you all think I'm incapable of doing this simple shit shame on you". Not the exact words, but the overall message and tone was like "fuck off u plebs I know everything". What a way to treat your fans who saw you struggle and wanted to help a bit.
Her fanart ramble sounds so ungrateful. She says that the art community is full of meanies, but is doing the opposite of being a good member herself. She has the power to influence. It's so powerful for the beginner artists to be noticed by their fav. Just a simple like on a fanart can literally make a month of some young kid's life and motivate them to heavens. I'm sure lots of people itt get sent badly drawn pics of their OCs, but we all can agree that it's a wonderful experience when someone likes what you do so much, regardless of their skill.

No. 494137

So, I checked my subscriptions and I see that an artist I follow made a video about the Holly drama.
He doesn't say her name, but it's about her.

I didn't realize Holly was "big" in the YT art community. I assumed her only followers were teenage fujoshi, but I guess a lot of other youtubers are aware of the drama.

No. 494147

OT, but I though that was eggman when I was scrolling by. What an unfortunate man.

No. 494150

lol, well he is a reasonable person and makes good art and quality videos. I guess you can't always be blessed in all regards.

No. 494151

Sorry I don't know how the video got posted twice, please ignore.

No. 494156

Certainly blessed over Holly, the girl has little to no good points.
Even now she seems to have learned very little over this mess.

No. 494169

File: 1517863056928.png (11.37 KB, 592x116, HC.PNG)

No. 494173

It's debatable, but I think that any art youtuber above 100k subs can be considered big, so no surprize here. I wonder if anyone else will speak up, though one should be very brave to do that at a risk of getting swarmed by her fanbase.

No. 494178

How did Holly get so popular? Was it just luck, the right timing, YT algorithms? Her art is really mediocre, probably the worst out of all the YT artist I've been exposed to.

No. 494184

I think it was the anatomy video she made and the same face syndrome video. Both of which are cancerous.

No. 494188

Basically, not to mention her Calarts rant also got quite a bit of attention

No. 494190

I was following her since she was in her 10-15k subs. She exploded with "the same face syndrome" and "the anatomy mistakes young artists make" vids, basically she went from 15k to almost 100k really, really fast because she hit a gold mine with those. Can't say the exact time it took her, but there were a lot of people in the comments going "What happened? You had 20k less subs last time I checked!"

No. 494192

She has over 200k, Most art YouTubers probably at least know her name. Baylee is one of the biggest art channels and she's still under 1M subs.

She may be relevant but she claimed that she popularized talking art videos which is just such a ridiculous claim to make lmao, girl. It's not that novel of a concept.

She made some controversial videos that blew up, like her calarts rant, and some art advice videos that followed.

No. 494193

Weird, did she delete those? They're not on her channel anymore.
If I were her, I wouldn't have taken down my cash cows.

No. 494197

She unlisted them together with a bunch of other videos, both are still in her "old videos" playlist

No. 494200

She definitely had a lot of good luck and timing there because she was making extremely frequent and fairly long videos when YouTube's algorithm began favoring watchtime and frequent uploads. Combine this with the fact that she made some tutorials, which are often long-ish videos that people actually actively seek out and watch all the way through, and you have a useful watchtime-generator and fresh viewers who will definitely check out more on your channel to see if you've got more helpful stuff there.

No. 494202

She also rode off Baylee Jae's Art Block controversy with a response video. That's how I found her. While it didn't get as much attention, it still got some.

No. 494204

That's how I found her too. Looking back, she really didn't frame the argument well, it was mostly just her cussing.

No. 494217

True. Also, however sad it might sound, her personality attributed to this. She really stands out amongst sugary-positive videos, so her attitude naturally attracted some subs. If only she knew it's possible to be opinionated and honest without being a total asshole.

I actually think that if she socialized better, she might've pulled it off. The upbringing plays a role as well, but it's possible to learn to be polite and blunt at the same time, one just needs certain skills to voice their opinions on controversial topics without trashing anyone in particular. She gives off a vibe of a person that is just oblivious on how her words are percieved, thus the deleting sprees when people point out she fucked up again. It actually explains why she thinks she gets hate for the opinions themselves and not for how she shits on everyone while voicing them, she just doesn't seem to understand how social interactions work.

No. 494230

>she just doesn't seem to understand how social interactions work

This, if she just got off the internet once and awhile (IRL friends would probably help her too) I think she'd be able to deal with this a little better.
I recall in her early vlogs that she would try to go outside and ride her bike(to exercise I think?) I wish she'd at least do that again so she's not in cooped up in her room all day, but I imagine its difficult to do because shitty Texas weather.

No. 494236

Making friends isn't that easy tho. I agree she would most likely benefit from that but finding like-minded people could be a challenge. And someone who could also tolerate her bs to correct it (I know I wouldn't be able to)

No. 494250

can't be worse than anything else she does so heh

No. 494276

I found her thru that calarts rant, and from the get-go thought she was a major butt. I mean, I'm not gonna sit here and lie and say I didn't subscribe because I thought her videos were funny, and, she was approaching topics so differently, because, I did derive some measure of enjoyment from it. But the more I listened to her the more bitter and insecure she seemed to sound…

And I'm not usually one to judge who I think should be popular on youtube or not because it's mostly anyone's game, but I honestly don't think she should've been any kind of voice for the art community, much less the more impressionable, younger demographic, but they think she's so cool.

I get the feeling she's someone they hopefully grow out of in favor of better uses of their time and resources, but there's always going to be that audience that think being edgy and an asshole is cool and can be misconstrued as honesty…And, to an extent, I get it.

But you can only get but so old before the novelty of rebellion and having 'no filter' stops working for you and you have to actually start growing up, if you don't want to keep backpedaling every 1 or 2 videos after you put your foot in your mouth.

She could benefit from TONS of videos that help with things like social skills, interaction and networking and apply those tips. She needs to broaden her scope outside of her own view and do something else besides be bitter and sit at her desk all day.

I apologize for the long post.

No. 494280

Not saying this as a meme, I genuinely think she's on the spectrum. Based on things she's said about that herself it seems kind of likely. She can't grasp the nuance of what she's saying, even people who impulsively say shitty things are able to get some perspective, but she just seems to not understand at all.

No. 494288

To add, some posts from the last thread about this:

No. 494289

Seconded. And not getting any human interaction to learn to at least know social tact from experience isn't helping her. It's not an excuse but could be a helpful framework to better grasp how not to be unnecessarily rude to everyone.

No. 494295

No, it's definitely not an excuse, but if she was aware of it it might lessen her knee-jerk reaction of "people got mad at me for thing, so I just won't say that thing anymore because I did nothing wrong!". The last few days were so fucking frustrating because people were still mostly polite in the comments explaining the issue to her with her flatter, and just got increasingly pissed off as she kept making the exact same mistake over and over again.

No. 494296

Yeah, I do youtube shit and I'm on the spectrum. I just get my boyfriend to watch my videos and edit out anything autistic and rude. Just because a behaviour is explained doesn't mean it's excused.

No. 494300

Forgot to sage, but I'm also wondering if she's bipolar it feels like she cycles through manic and depressive episodes. Either way this girl needs to see someone and human interaction. I can believe she hasn't gone out with friends in three fucking years.

No. 494305

I mean, how would she even make any friends in her area? She's always at home, doesn't attend a campus or any events, and hardly ever mentions anyone on social media in a positive way.

No. 494315

Yeah, I've wondered this too. However, the degree of isolation she puts herself through can also affect a person's ability to socialize. Though the two could be going hand-in-hand with her. I can't help but wonder how she was before tumblr culture which sort of promotes the whole "introverted shut in" behavior, which includes mental illness as well as behaving mentally ill (or more ill than someone already would). I was involved in that sort of culture years ago, as I'm passionate about psychology and mental health, and it was legit very damaging.

OT but this is kind of really adorable and your boyfriend is awesome for helping you in this way.

She always seems depressed to me, but I guess staying up all night drawing comics and redrawing is fairly manic.

No. 494336

I don't think tumblr can turn anyone into a shut-in if they weren't prone to that already. Being an introvert is definitely more "cool" nowadays than it used to be, but I think she definitely is one. From my personal experience being isolated for a significant amount of time will really affect your social skills face to face, but it's not like she ever stopped speaking to people for months since she's always online.

No. 494346

Nah I never meant to imply that it makes someone an introvert if they're an extrovert or whatever.
>it's not like she ever stopped speaking to people for months since she's always online
This doesn't mean she's actually socializing and relating with others or feeling involved/accepted (and vice versa). It seems all her current closest interactions are just out of "necessity" (like her flatter, commissions, etc).

I just wonder how she used to act maybe a decade ago or whenever she was in highschool. I'm sure she wasn't some charming popular kid, but she had to have been better than this.

No. 494355

I'm beginning to suspect she's in genuine denial on some level or another, that there's not anything wrong with being a shut in. Like, she knows she's got issues, but she doesn't seem to want to take the small steps to alleviate what seems to snowball into bigger issues, and every time someone reaches out to her she snaps at them. It's sad.

You know. this board seems to cycle between "jfc what a bitch" to "hm, gee this is sorta pitiful" every other week, lol.

Doesn't help that she still probably lurks here, even though she said she wouldn't. She would benefit from unplugging for at least a week or a weekend, even.

Or take a weekend or day off from art to learn some social skills. Plenty of resources for that. She needs to just help herself along a little, and I think she thinks it's a sign of weakness if she asks for help from anyone else about this particular topic.

No. 494369

No. 494373

Whoa why did she unprivatize it

No. 494375

She can't stop it being posted anyway so she wants the views? That or she messed up while creating the playlist.

No. 494377


it's nice to have the original video intact with all the actually helpful comments. isn't this one of the first vids on this channel she got major shit for?

No. 494378

She said she was removing all negative videos but this and all of her making comics videos are back so??

No. 494385

File: 1517873207231.png (89.21 KB, 1664x485, Capture.PNG)

Oh my god some of her fans are dumb

No. 494405


She slashed up her wrists and was routinely suicidal(she admitted that in one of her deleted vlogs)
So no, not really. To her, how she is now is an improvement, which I guess is true to a degree.

But honestly it just makes me think Holly's biggest issue is that she never dealt with any of her problems when she was younger. Just because she's not actively hurting herself anymore dosen't mean she's not just as self-destructive, y'know?
If that's the case, girl needs some help before it gets worse.

But who knows

No. 494411

Sage for suggestion but we should really make a video with all her receipts.

No. 494421

lol she's clearly lying she wouldn't make a video and be that fucking mad unless she didn't get in

No. 494433

please go away

No. 494456

So. Not to get too personal, but I've watched Holly's videos at a time when I was too anxious to function. At first I enjoyed them, not for her art, but for her personality, as I always liked the snarky type of youtuber. However, reading past threads and her recent behavior kinda shaded some pretty bad light on her. Long story short, I really do not want to end up like her. I think because of recent events, I'm planning to pursue help with social functions, because wow am I appalled with what seclusion does to you, especially to an artist like Holly. I know artist are usually introverted, but this is just too much

I do cling on hope that Holly will get better, but I doubt it.

No. 494462

Wtf are you talking about? I thought this was for bitching about Holly?

No. 494466


same user also cow tipped in the recent vid. I think she deleted those comments but,


might explain the few sudden whiteknights we got around that time.

No. 494474

To be fair a lot of her followers are now learning the truth. But yeah linkin Holly here is pretty stupid and against the rules

No. 494543

do you want a cookie for leaving her a mean comment?

No. 494551

omfg, i totally forgot that I commented on that video. Im surprised that she brought this back. I thought she really deleted it or something, which comes to the question of why didnt she???

No. 494553

YouTube artist Connie Daidone just made a video going off on Holly

No. 494556

>40 minutes long
wew lad this gon be good

No. 494559

No. 494563

Damn, does she participate/lurk here cuz she's pinpointing everything we talked about

No. 494564

Thanks for adding! I'm halfway through the video and she is touching on EVERYTHING. it's like she read everything in the forum.

No. 494565

Probably lurks, by her comments it's clear she despises Holly just as much as any of us so no doubt she's found this place.

No. 494566

She might, I mean, other art youtubers seem to lurk here too. Regardless, I appreciate how detailed she was with her video. If you're reading the thread, thank you Connie!

No. 494587

Do you want a cookie for being an autistic incel sweaty?(sage)

No. 494594


Now now kids, we're not here to fight. We're here to watch the shitstorm colliding around holly. kiss and make up

No. 494596

holds the chapstick ready

No. 494608

File: 1517883393412.png (625.32 KB, 1154x1312, Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 18.1…)

No. 494611

why don't you channel your anger into another spergy comment under her videos? No one cares here

No. 494612

Code for 'How dare people draw my own characters better than me!!!'

No. 494613

That's because you draw them so badly holly

No. 494614

Or she could, you know, be honestly impressed.

No. 494616

Not likely, this is Holly we're talking about, she should be the best in everything according to her.

No. 494619

Nah. She doesn't claim to do better (at art in terms of skill), she mainly claims to know better. Which is still bs but still a different beast.

No. 494620

it sounds like she's speaking to a toddler..

No. 494622

Actually, she claims to even do better quite a lot. Remember the overblending video? Or the latest one in which she bragged about her speech bubbles? or when she tried to explain how to overcome the same face syndrome because she doesn't suffer from it, or the boob tutorial, and so on..?

No. 494627


Or the entire "anatomy mistakes artists make" video or whatever it was titled.

The whole video was just tonally bad as if to say "UGH you're IDIOTS here, look how it's done CORRECTLY. -proceeds to do wonky anatomy-

No. 494633


I'm going to have a fucking aneurysm. Which video did she brag about her speech bubbles in - one of her unlisted making comics videos? She has to be fucking delusional to think her word balloons are even remotely DECENT.

This bitch is going to kill me through how stupid she is.

No. 494637

haha! That was the first video I saw from her channel and I thought she was trolling at first because her sketches were shit compared at how much she was being aggressive.

No. 494638

Anon if this is affecting your health maybe you should not follow this drama

No. 494651

It was in the infamous hourly comics video.

No. 494654

i agree with you, of all the things wrong with her art, the speech bubbles kill me the most. the fact that she puts them over the breaks between panels just makes everything an unreadable mess. her handwriting is as blocky and crooked as everything she draws.

No. 494672

I'm pretty sure it was the one about the 24h challenge, uploader anon reposted it here: >>491096

She was basically shitting on comics that don't have speech bubbles and saying they're "not comics" while praising her own amazing speech bubbling skills. It was pretty cringe, like most of her latest videos.

No. 494678

She talks about her speech bubbles and how great they are in her vlogs as well. Some of the first few I believe but I don’t have an exact one it’s been awhile since I’ve watched them or can stand watching them.

No. 494701

I don't know if anyone of you hated her at first sigh, but I did. I remember I stumble on one of her videos, I think it was about color theory, her art wasn't that good but definitely a lot better for what is now lol. She just came to me like an arrogant piece of shit saying that you should learn color theory ONLY on art school and if you don't then you're not an artist, like for what is internet for right? IDK maybe im just evil but I'm glad she has a thread here LOL

No. 494703

I remember that video and felt similarly. Her elitism about art school is grating.

No. 494720

No same. First video I saw was the anatomy mistakes beginners make video and I lost my shit with her shitty advice, not to mention how she has a beginner’s grasp of anatomy herself! I would occasionally watch some videos but I could never finish them because so much of her info is baseless or outright wrong. To think of the poor beginners that take what she says to heart.

No. 494743

I found her from the exact same video and that how i found these forums because i thought it was so unbelievable that she had so many subscribers when she was so… meh. lurked here for a while after that but then i had some personal run ins with her which made me really dislike her.

No. 494745

No. 494758

well kinda exposing who i am here lol but I've talked about it a while back in i think the second thread? so.. basically im that romanian ones best friend. I was friends with her when holly sent her a message saying she didn't want to be friends anymore because the romanian one is depressed, which was really shitty and i was pretty against her for making my friend cry.. then i got hate followed, told her to stop and got a message back with the wrong 'your' saying she wasn't hate following but if i was going to be an asshole she'd unfollow (hey holly i know you were ;^) i was told about you shit talking my art.. you're right but still, not nice!) and thats about it. just haven't had very pleasant experiences with her. sorry for the rambling! trying to summarise this without missing too much!

No. 494768

Who's the romanian one people keep on bringing up?

No. 494775


Didn't she go by pyunck or something like that? Before she wiped everything, I guess. i could be wrong.

No. 494776


Yes, she's the one talking to Holly here >>492040

No. 494779

I didn't know either for a while since I'm relatively new to the Holly drama, but she helped Holly stream like in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIfP9BCroJk posted by >>493156

No. 494780

to add, the other one that wasn't talking as much is Donniedraws who draws shotas

No. 494785

Wait so Holly stopped being friends with this person because they were depressed and she didn't like that? WTF how isn't this public knowledge?

No. 494789

Didn't Donnie also purge her channel after she got a "really harsh criticism" from a friend who everyone suspected to be Holly? I actually have no idea if either of the two is still around anywhere.

This is pretty fucked anon, if that's all true, Holly is an even shittier person than I thought.

No. 494794


For some reason, all three of them seem like they were cut from the same cloth. It seems like they were all assholes to some degree (at least to each other maybe) but I can't really make that assumption too heaevily without proof. This strikes me as a 'frenemies' deal more than anything.

No. 494798

File: 1517894735869.jpg (37.87 KB, 592x120, ew.jpg)

Saw this post on instagram and then saw this comment. Like wtf

No. 494799

Ioana (the Romanian one) wasn't an asshole but she had an offensive sense of humor, she said the n word in one of her posts and got a lot of hate. I remember in her Instagram story she wrote something like "me and Holly aren't friends anymore stop asking me about her"

No. 494801


…So…an asshole, then.

No. 494803

Has she just purged all her accounts since then? I tried searching for "pyunck" and saw some mentions of her name but her youtube and instagram are completely empty now. I'd feel bad if it was all because of Holly, Ioana might have been edgy but that doesn't mean she deserves to be treated like shit by her "friend".

No. 494805


I feel like she's partially the reason both of them kind of packed up and vanished. It doesn't seem like Holly is good at keeping legit friends without shit talking them or getting into some drama.

Maybe the feeling was mutual. you can sometimes here Ioana's tone become frustrated or upset with the way Holly acts out.

No. 494806

I guess so? I was following her, and when I tried checking up on her latest acc, it was gone

No. 494815

Do you know her Instagram or other social media? I miss her art :( tell her to come back

sage for ot

No. 494816


pyuncks new account is windowows she has said in one of her last stories for holly to stop trying to talk to her and has called her a 'disgusting mean woman'

No. 494821


No. 494827

Ah dang, thanks anon

No. 494831

File: 1517898330278.jpg (112.08 KB, 840x384, 000000000000000000000000000000…)

Holly responded to the Connie video.

No. 494834

Oh Holly why… you don't have to respond to everyone who dislikes you.
You're just perpetuating the cycle.

No. 494835

Welp, she sounds PISSED.

No. 494839


>"Enjoy the dank views"

Oh Holly you bitter bitch lmao

No. 494840

File: 1517899212058.gif (3.03 MB, 359x202, 1494108465737.gif)

>As an artist any bullshit claim harms your business

How does she not realize that her poor attitude/how she handles things can also harm her business
Also she's just feeding the flames, if she's "done with drama" why reply to a video that's about said drama.
This is baby shit drama that most people would forget in like 3 days, and this reply is not helping her

The doxxing/death threats bit is a bit much tho, I have no idea who would want to do that to her. Like, this thread isn't fond of her but that shit is unnecessary

No. 494842

> I apologized personally to my flatter

just like you spoke to him personally about the work you got back that you weren't satisfied with right? …oh.

>it has to do with my flatter not you.

sure except now people know what to expect when seeing what it's like to potentially work with you. so nice job on that one.

No. 494843

>I am fully capable taking criticism dude. Personally I feel like your opinion on this is not even nessisary to begin with.
"I can totally take criticism, let me just go on this angry rant about you criticizing me even though you have no business criticizing me in the first place!"

…okay then.

>comics should tell a story- short and simple.

And I'm pretty sure that person was telling you a "story" can just as well be "this is how I spent my day". It might be a boring one but that still doesn't mean you get to decide a comic "isn't a comic" just because its plot wasn't exciting enough for you. By that logic Purgatory isn't a comic either since nothing fucking happens for the first 150 pages or so.

>yes I'm deleting some comments. Cause again I'm done with drama.

Except she was deleting every comment that was even remotely critical of her. I guess everything that isn't pure ass kissing counts as "drama" now?

>Enjoy the dank views


No. 494848

File: 1517900207878.gif (1.32 MB, 322x242, VlgXG.gif)

>By that logic Purgatory isn't a comic either since nothing fucking happens for the first 150 pages or so.

im fucking dead

Anyway at this rate, i really am just convinced that something really is wrong with Holly. Or that she's just young and stupid. isn't she only like 20? a dumb shitty kid, really.

No. 494866

Holly fucked her brand from the get go when she put her real name on it when she knows she has a shit attitude. Good lucK getting your foot in the door now when there is a permanent record of your shitty behaviour online regardless of if you rebrand even bc it's already under your real name.

No. 494867

File: 1517903309646.png (59.75 KB, 1170x254, Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 23.4…)

Is that a hint hint towards us? kek

No. 494869

Holly pls, didn't you promise yourself not to lurk here anymore?

No. 494887

Not that it's matters to anyone else and not sure why I'm doing this (I guess I just wanna find "peace" with myself because I do feel a bit bad) But yeah hi, the 40 minutes of white knighting-girl here. Someone already dropped my username here so no need for me to expose myself anymore than I already am. But yeah I just wanted to say I'm also the same person as this anon:
And I really appreciate that people forgot about my shitty rant almost as quick as I took it down. I'm laughing at myself since I stated in the video "I'm not just some white knight" But that's exactly 100% what I was and as people pointed out: if I didn't know anything, I shouldn't have touched the subject. I actually discovered this thread AFTER posting the video and once I realised that I indeed had no idea what I was talking about and how ignorant and baseless the video was, I was like "shit" and took it down.

Basically I put my hand in the oven and was surprised I got burned lol.

And as I've explored this thread even further I also noticed that I have a lot in common with Holly in a sense that I make impulsive emotion driven decisions that tend to come bite me in the ass later. (though for the most part this has happened irl and not online, thank god) And without going further into details I've experienced being a "shut in", like Holly, myself in the past (in a smaller scale though) but my closest friend kindly pointed out that I might need help so I searched for it and I'm better now. (I hope Holly would talk to someone too.)

The point being that I guess the reason I got so upset was that when Holly got called out for her bs, maybe that made me discover some unpleasant truths about myself as well. And since I'm a young artist myself and have started sharing my stuff online not too long ago, I got scared I might end up like her: at first thinking "for no good reason" like I stated in my now deleted rant. But now at the moment of writing this my thoughts have switched to the fear of being hated on for making the same mistakes as Holly because I wouldn't acknowledge my shitty behaviour.

People already told me to not beat myself up for it so I'm not asking for pity but I actually thought that my experience might be useful to the possible other holly-white knights who might be passing by this thread and make them consider that Holly isn't as cool as they thought.

In the deleted rant I told people to "Grow up!" But whoops, ironically it turns out it was me who needed to grow up and dig a little deeper. Once again: even though I feel bad for Holly I'm glad I found this thread and people pointed out my bullshit. I learned a small life lesson.

Apologies for the long post, I just felt like I couldn't shake the embarrassment of my behaviour without coming clean, even though it would have been smarter to just stay quiet since this thread is about Holly, not me. And people weren't paying much attention to me always….

No. 494891


No. 494895

Just glad you were able to come to your senses and try to figure things out. Someone made a response video to Holly and in the description wrote "I will support Holly no matter what she says or how she says it" and that's the problem, her followers don't question anything she says or think for themselves. They think oh, Holly said it so it's true!!

No. 494896

I was at work so sorry if some of these are old now but i got my 2 cents on a few of these

Yeah, I've got the message but I won't share it because I know Ioana wouldn't want that but it likely wasn't the nicest message to get after being ignored for a while by her, and I personally felt pretty bad too since I was on a call with her at the time and she hung up because she was really upset..

lol I've got screen shots of her calling me an asshole after hate following me if you guys want it? It's only short though, so not sure if it means much apart from just sorta proving stuff?

She's not all that edgy! sort of super mega/ oney plays humour if you consider that edgy. She might've been a bit different with holly but before we were even friends back in 2016 her first message to me was that she thought my art was cute so she's never came off as rude to me (though I was hesitant to talk to her after finding out she was Holly's friend..lol)

sorry if any of these are sort of OT! Just clearing a few things up because I know Ioana and I'm fairly sure she doesn't lurk here herself to do so!

No. 494898

It's okay anon, there seem to be several people who had their "eyes opened" about her lately after lurking in these threads, kek. I personally used to be fine with her a few months ago even though I didn't like her art but then she started to get more and more rude and negative.

And re-watching some her older videos, I noticed that even back then she already had a pretty bad attitude that somehow just went past me. E.g in her "you need color theory" video she was pretty much shitting on "fine artists" for no apparent reason other than that they're "mostly self-taught" (according to her) and claiming you NEED to go to an art school to understand color theory (like SHE obviously does). I guess she always came off as somewhat arrogant and bitchy but somehow it seems to be getting worse lately.

No. 494899

lol kind of curious of those screenshots. Go ahead haha

No. 494900

Yeah, I mean I know it must feel shitty when someone you look up to turns out to be something else/not as good of a person, I mean look at all the popular and loved celebrities getting exposed all the time! And then people need to come to terms with whether or not they still support someone or respect them or not. Others are able to acknowledge their faults while still supporting them/respecting them, some people loose any and all love for that idol they had and then there's the sad portion of fans that simply REFUSE to hear anything negative about the person they like. I know from multiple experiences that it's does hurt when someone bashes someone or something you like but you should at least accept the faults and see that they're there or you might show a bad image of yourself too.

No. 494905

posts saying she's snobby about going to art school are confusing to me for the same reason posts about her bad attitude keeping her out of jobs are moot, which is that she can't freaking DRAW. Her drawing is too bad for her to get into any school let alone job…

No. 494910

File: 1517909213008.png (544.85 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7961.PNG)

(I'm sincerely sorry I type like i do haha) there was a little more to this but there's the meat of things, aka her response. Childish probably wasn't the best word to go for but at the time I was under 18 with way less followers and hadn't even really talked to her/ she only knew of me for being friends with an ex friend of hers, I wasn't really sure what the right word was haha. Just seemed a bit hypocritical from someone who made a video called 'Stop hate following and gtfo'.

No. 494911

actually you'd be surprised at some school's acceptance rate despite some of the art be looking shitty. Tbh, I've seen worse than Holly's artwork be accepted to a decent school. Also doesn't she attend an online art school? I hope she's not acting pretentious about that…

No. 494915

>just like you spoke to him personally about the work you got back that you weren't satisfied with right? …oh.

this is literately why she apologised, if you want to bitch about her, at least come up with reasonable criticisms

No. 494916

I think she went to a "real" art school for a year or so and switched to online classes afterwards. Apparently she also went to a famous art High School, so maybe some of her arrogance stems from that.

No. 494917

Personally I think she probably has gotten into some art schools because what she said about" not needing to be super skilled to get in" is true to some regard. I mean I got accepted to this one art school in my country and when I look back at some of the stuff I made during my first year there, I still made some pretty wonky shit. BUT the school I graduated from isn't even nearly as hard to get in to or as well known and respected as something like CalArts for example. So sure: you can find a school that lets you in but it's a different story when it comes to what kind of school that is.

No. 494918


Which could have been avoided if she didn't try to drag him publicly on a video in the first place.

No. 494919


it's my understanding that you don't necessarily need to be perfect at art at the time of your applying. they most likely what to see if, whith where you are at currently, you are teachable, receptive to learning new things and aren't locked into just doing one or two things. they want to know that you're more malleable than fixed in your ways.

No. 494920

that's true, what's why she APOLOGISED, calling out her apology on this exact issue is so counterproductive, really makes people think farmers are mean-spirited

No. 494922

Yup, indeed! That's what I've taken from my own experience in the "art school world" at least. couldn't have said it better. They seem to be looking for a potential for growth and if you fit their methods of teaching. And that's why some people go through several art schools in their lives because they might start polishing their skills in a more easy to get to-schools and once they have more knowledge and experience, move on to perfecting their skills even more in a more challenging and competitive school. But from what I saw from Holly's CalArts-rant it really made me go "geez! wow…" Because with an attitude like that… I don't even know what to say.

Especially since from what I understood she had completely misunderstood the methods of how the school accepts students.

No. 494924

you guys are all right I guess I shouldn't have said she's too bad to get in art school so much as too bad to BE in art school. As in someone would have made her change how she draws hands - unless it's her first..term?

No. 494934

While apologies are good and important, they start to lose meaning when you do something almost daily that causes a huge blowback and requires an apology. Plus her pervasive negative attitude doesn't help, either. Basically her apologies seem kinda insincere. The least she could do is lay low a bit or be less vocal if she can't control the way she says things or what she says (which she even said she'd not narrate art vids on bad days, but she never ended up following through and simply stuck her foot in her mouth the following day).

Bare-minimum ass covering =/= actual remorse.

No. 494936


No, she's pretty far along in her online school courses. she's stubborn though, and progresses slowly because of that.

her skill and her mindset/attitude seem tidally locked.

No. 494937

Her apologies sound more like "I'm sorry that I am like this, sorry that you don't agree with me, this is just who I am, deal with it" instead of actually saying WHY she is sorry and admitting that she is in the wrong. She acts in a way that makes her seem like she doesn't have a good enough reason to be sorry, and I don't think she is. She is very vague and sprouts cliches like "I'm nowhere near perfect" and that's basically what everyone says when they fuck up some way or another. It's easy to say "I'm a bad person, sorry" But if you don't explain why you understand you're a bad person then it's empty words.

No. 494943

Oh my gosh! That reminded me:
When I was in art school, during my first year I was very stubborn when it came to certain critiques my teachers gave me. Sometimes I was in denial of what they said and I might've refused to listen to their advice or make excuses like "but I like how this looks!" But during a longer critique session one of my favourite teachers pointed out my stubborn nature. And ever since then I've had this one rule for myself that I repeat like mantra sometimes:

"You're not here to show off, you're here to learn"
meaning that if you want to be taught stuff, you can't have the attitude where you already know what you're doing. You need to remember that you have a long way to go. If you already knew everything why would you be studying?

No. 494965

uhm, people are commenting under this.

No. 494996

>people doxxed me
Lmao, what? She straight up showed her address in one of her vlogs, and said she didn't care when people pointed it out to her. It's not doxxing when you put it out there yourself.

No. 495011

you're forgetting her whole spiel about "I don't understand why artist would join a company like Disney and lose their independence and ideas id never do that!" dont remember the video

but basically this is why she tries so hard to earn off her own art cuz she's already superglued the Industry door SHUT

No. 495012

told you guys that was her the other day :/

No. 495033

File: 1517927817952.png (370.28 KB, 1028x1194, Screen Shot 1.png)

>>494831 It's a long reply from Connie, but I figure I'll post it here incase something happens.

No. 495034

File: 1517927834165.png (442.61 KB, 1056x1300, Screen Shot 2.png)

No. 495035

File: 1517927848720.png (439.3 KB, 1066x1306, Screen Shot 3.png)

No. 495036

File: 1517927859146.png (334.66 KB, 1096x1022, Screen Shot 4.png)

No. 495044

File: 1517928658416.png (153.92 KB, 921x577, hc skype call.png)

I mind as well share the time I had a 3 hour skype call with this retard
Looking at Holly feel like looking into a mirror of what may happen if I told Youtube seriously at that age. I would have stayed fat, miserable and pathetic from not getting a job. This happened nearly a year ago so I'll try to recount some details
>Decides one day to talk to her on insta out of curiousity and somehow convinced her to call me up
>Found out she doesn't like whataburger and diet dr.pepper so technically not even really Texan
>Remembered she said she was 5'7-5'8 because I remember jokingly calling her Gigantor (I'm under 5'3)
>Asked her why not get an outside job? "I'm busy with school and muh art"
>Tries to be positive and made her laugh a lot
>She has poor social skills though that she can't detect sarcasm
>Not surprised considering that she is autistic
>Said that she wants porn of her characters drawn
>Got free time and doodled her brown guy getting fucked in the ass since she said her comic was about gay men and she drew him a lot
>Tries to give it to her but blocks me for any real reason before sending it to her
>Weridly ghosts me when asked why
Must of got pissed that I drew her made up boyfriend getting anal screwed haha.
All joking aside she really was a Debby Downer with the lack of social building blocks to make friends. She seriously needs to go outside and get a job. I wished I had screenshots of her insta Dms, because I remember her somewhere in there she said she was a "priest to her art"

No. 495148

Nice story anon, but proof that this is actually Holly? You can change people's skype names, this could be anyone.

No. 495167

She nearly showed my fucking address in one of her vlogs during the… what? one month i liked her? Didn't even try to blur it but you can't really make out the majority of it thankfully.

I'm still kinda mad.

No. 495174

Did you contact her about this? I would be really pissed if such thing happened to me

No. 495189

Like I said it's not that easy to make out. I also didn't want to deal with the inevitable drama she'd shit out over it and turn it so that SHE was the victim.

No. 495198

File: 1517938252725.png (13.2 KB, 746x51, dramah.png)

So apparently writing more than somebody else means wanting drama and being agitated or something.

This kind of fan is the worst, they don't even care to see anything else aside from Holly's pov

No. 495213

where are these posted

No. 495215

The comments on >>494559

I saw that too and it really pissed me off. Might as well just write "Lol tl;dr ur wrong xD"

No. 495241


For someone who's "content isn't for kids" Holly attracts nothing but immature children. lol It sucks because I was also the same way as a young teenager where I looked up to an old cow, Zeriara, bc of how "real" she was and didn't give a fuck. No doubt if the universe was flipped around and I was 13-17 years old I would look up to Holly as well. It's that "hardcore, bad bitch, I don't give a fuck" phase most teenagers go through then grow out of, but it's pathetic Holly hasn't.

No. 495280

File: 1517942362667.jpeg (110.75 KB, 640x346, 641978DD-8D30-47E3-A325-514E7C…)

What kind of abusive relationships are these kids in?

No. 495287

I mean do have her real skype username but I feel its kinda fucked up to leak that kinda shit. Well she did block me and can't grab my old Dms. So you take more work for it
Oh I remember her saying she was insecure because one of her classmates in high school is now published comic artist so that's something

No. 495333

That would depress lots of people, though.

No. 495356

She mentioned sending Purgatory to publishers before, understandable that she'd be insecure about that lol.
Do you have any other Skype messages, or just the call? >>495287

No. 495371

How did that self-publishing situation go? When I looked on Amazon it says its not available right now.
Also is she or is she not doing a Vol 2?

No. 495385


I thougt vol. 1 was available in her own shop?

No. 495407

It was just a call with me sending funny videos. She was inking her comic the same time I was talking. I told her to get a cintiq and she said "It's a glorified coloring machine and don't see a real need. If I do, I'll get refurbished"
I told her not never get a refurbished cintiq after telling her my bad experience with one. So at least she took the cintiq advice but not the weight loss advice. We later talk about skincare and she said the most she has ever done was a scrub once a year.
I remember that since it made me cringe

No. 495624

File: 1517962187699.jpg (215.48 KB, 401x312, youscratchyourasswiththatnail.…)

The only thing more annoying than her voice is this god awful nail. Jesus, you'd think with your hands being the part of you we see most you'd at least take better care of them.

No. 495626

It's still available in her shop.

No. 495696

File: 1517967347394.jpeg (109.65 KB, 640x709, 90B788C2-7E80-416B-91B2-93DE67…)

No. 495700

Well that sure lasted long

No. 495701

Had a feeling she was going to do this.

No. 495709

There’s the cycle I was talking about. We’re back to stage one Holly before we do it all over again. Wonder what will be the next thing to set her off and having her screaming she’ll shut down her channel. Anyone want to take any guesses?

No. 495713

File: 1517967857245.png (115.09 KB, 320x320, 1390135164058.png)

She's seriously reminding me of those 2007 emo kids on DeviantArt who went on a "ugh everyone is so MEAN, I'm gonna leave DA FOREVER" rant every few months or so and then miraculously changed their mind after getting enough ass pats.

No. 495728

ARE YOU KIDDING ME god she's so fucking annoying skdvdhsk she's literally the dumbest person ever she needs to get some help

No. 495729

File: 1517968775016.jpg (305.09 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_1517968613008.jpg)


An update

No. 495755

>>nobody asked her to shut up
She’s being repressed for so long she’s feeling good saying whatever she pleases. Courage in the form of a screen.
I feel sorry for those who took time to actually try reasoning with her…

No. 495757

File: 1517970363590.gif (943.87 KB, 278x229, 1448718299693.gif)

>I'm just gonna embrace being the bitch youtuber
Why am I not surprised?

No. 495804

No. 495824

Learned absolutely nothing and her followers are cheering her on blindly, what a goddamn surprise. She's no longer am art channel at this rate, she's just a drama cow now.

No. 495829


Ow, the edge™

No. 495844

I feel like the title of this thread was prophecy.

No. 495846

In the worst way, she hasn't just gotten worse at art but now as a person.

No. 495871

"these people don't even watch my content" lmao bitch! yes we do! that's the whole problem oh my gooood