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File: 1526084098160.png (427.45 KB, 1080x1080, 1526012584576.png)

No. 579925

Most well known for her cal-arts rant, where she bitches about how hard it is to get in while claiming to have gotten in. Also known for giving shitty advice to impressionable beginners.

Tumblr: http://hollycbrown.com/

Mirror of aforementioned Cal-Arts rant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvnD-9XOs5k

>21 year old "freelancer" (lives at home with her mother and runs an online shop selling ugly art)

>Salty Youtube fujoshi artist that claims that her art is superior because she went to art school
>Constantly preaches that art takes hard work, claims to always practice and study but her art hasn't improved in over two years
>Whines about being a starving artist with no money, yet has enough money to buy a new Mac computer and a Cintiq tablet within the same week, then sold said cintiq because she got sponsored for her shitty shitty art
>When faced with genuine criticism, she replies with "it's my style hurrr get over it!!"
>Whines about nobody buying from her online store, but when people do, she whines about having to package and ship off her items
>Pandering to the Musicals crowd to get more Youtube $$$
>Claims to be the only non tumblrina artist and is a textbook tumblr fujo
>Generally insufferable and shitty person

In the previous thread:
>Animating without knowing the fucking basics and continuously shitting on well established pros (Disney, Pixar, Egoraptor, Butch Hartman)
>Holly contradicts her own shitty art opinions by not following through with them
>Starts her own MHA/BNHA zine after being rejected from an FMA zine with over 100 contributors. Profits being split 100 ways.
>Constantly making new projects when she hasn't even finished one of them yet
>Makes fun of styles that have more life than anything she's very produced
>Plans to table at SanJapan this fall (farmers, report back)

No. 579930

Previous thread >>>/snow/550611

No. 580128

It's really telling when you try to copy a bad art style to be facetious and it actually turns out to be a bit of an upgrade

No. 580152

Ikr? All of the styles she showcased were better than her own, and I think that's super telling about how she views her own work. Honestly, the fact that she also thinks her style is comparable to the likes of FMA and NGE shows that there's some sort of delusion or blindness going on that can't be healthy for her artwork.

I think Holly needs to do one of those art vacations where you just don't draw for a while, like a week or month or so, in order to get a fresh look at how hideous her work has become over the years.

No. 580159


holly is literally the first person i think of when i read Bad Tumblr Art lmao

to her credit, she does mention it and her opinions are quite agreeable imo, but once again due to her prescription retard vision goggles she fails to emulate the styles she's shit talking to an acceptable level anyway.

SO as usual her hypocrisy is meme-tier as she's fuckin.. sitting there tweeting about how hard she works and how much of a professional she is and these tumblr autists (who a lot of the time are minors or hobbyists) have linework/composition/character design 50x better than hers. Would honestly be a decent video if she didn't try to draw examples and just did that self aware shit she do and rip on her own art

No. 580168

File: 1526116176659.jpeg (107.2 KB, 640x266, 46E98D18-767F-42D7-94D6-EF0DDA…)

Pretty sure she will bend the rules and fail the challenge. It’s going to be rich, she has no idea what this thing really is. I wish I could open her a new butthole about this.

BTW I’m kinda disappointed in the op pic, I wanted the bingo. Also I think she’s 22 now. let’s bring it up here too, please, it’s to precious to let it die.

No. 580174

Wasn’t she complaining about the 24-hour comics a while ago because they weren’t “real comics”? Now suddenly it’s something shes “always wanted to do”. Ok Holly BRown…

No. 580181

Just watched Holly's new art style video. Is it just me or does it feel like she is she slowly becoming less offensive in her new videos? I feel like if she made this video in the past she would have probably spent more time shitting all over the different art styles before ending with saying something along the lines of how unprofessional most tumblr users are.

TBH I preferred the old crass Holly to this boring inoffensive mess she is turning into. I mean at least her old videos were entertaining to watch, her new stuff is just pointless rambling on top of bad art.

No. 580218

Maybe she’s actually realizing that she shouldn’t be shitting on literally everyone and everything if she wants to get a job. I doubt it honestly but wishful thinking?

No. 580219

Lol if that was true she should try purging her social media so that the first thing potential clients see wouldn't be her whining about having to actually work.

No. 580224

File: 1526129119611.jpg (28.44 KB, 616x196, 132.JPG)

she do be doing dat

No. 580242

Hopefully, she does the same with her channel lmao

No. 580303

Should have made the thread then with your own pic. everyone was flooding the last thread with nonsense and not making a whole new thread, so it was either hurry and make this thread or have the last thread locked without a new one.

she was bitching about "hourly" comics, which is when the artists draw what they did for that hour. 24 hour comics is when you draw 24 pages of comics in 24 hours. which is crazy for Holly. she has the work ethic but clearly not the speed to make it happen

No. 580338

it won't matter how much she deletes, when anyone with half a brain looks up her name they'll run into her shitty art or these boards anyway.

No. 580352

I feel like every time we are close to the post limit people flood the thread with nonsense.

No. 580449

Please. She doesn’t have ethic, she just pretends to be devoted to what she does. The reason she dropped the 100days OF making comic is because she couldn’t stick to a schedule or just slow down to one/two hours of work per day.
I’m pretty sure she takes so long to draw pages because, in addition to her being slow as fuck, she probably took infinite amount of breaks to fuck around.
There’s no way she could make it but I admit I’d love to see her try and fail miserably.

Also I’m the anon who contested the op pic. That bingo pic wasn’t mine and I don’t know how to create/manage thread so I’m glad you did it, but it wasn’t meant to be an insult to you or your AESTHETICS (imagine that read in holly’s Voice). We’re cool, dude :)

No. 580836

File: 1526171223199.png (307.47 KB, 750x1334, AC99E719-0F97-4BD4-B2F2-C75C76…)

You right. Also, side note, I love how in the description of her ~*professional*~ website it has all those godawful file names she didn’t bother to change. Such a great online presence BRown.

No. 580883

Oh that's awful that lolcow is one of the top searches for her. She's unhireable as fuck

No. 581014

oh fuck that's depressing

No. 581025

Oh my god that is absolutely hilarious, this bitch is fucked for life!

No. 581109

I mean that’s why a lot of online artists don’t use their real name. I don’t know what Holly was thinking especially when she deals with such ‘controversial’ topics.

No. 581146

You see, it's not even that she deals with controversial topics. It's just her attitude and her incapability of not being rude/offensive while talking about others.
If she really wanted to work in the industry she should have avoided shitting on everybody who ever lived, and attacking/CORRECTING professionals.
She can delete everything she wants, but what will ultimately fuck up her chances of being hired is how sloppy she is, how she refuses to go back to fundaments and her non existent social skills.

Industry work is mostly networking, the rest is being able to communicate and cooperate. She doesn't have any of these "skills". I mean, they could be easily achieved, but she doesn't want to because she's too attached to her bitchy internet persona.
Guess what: nobody wants to work with an angry, frustrated, lacking self awareness brat.

And it's not like she's being controversial in a spontaneous way. She always does researches on what pisses people off so that she can make a video out of it. She ALWAYS tweets about "this will receive so many hate comments, lol" and stuff like that.
thing is: if you KNOW it's going to be a shitshow, just don't do it. I can understand not being able to shut up for a couple issues, but digging in the dirt just for views and then expected to be taken seriously as a professional is another thing.

No. 581399

File: 1526232495317.png (349.48 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Another horse

No. 581437

File: 1526234216604.jpg (214.87 KB, 1200x1021, T2K91Ft.jpg)


Nice job trying to copy khantaya's bakugou, Holly BRown.

No. 581477

What kind of lean horse is that big compared to a normal sized person cuz the only horses I can think of are the clydesdale and even then it wouldn't be that large and would have a much more thicker frame

No. 581485

No. 581495

I was looking through her tumblr and found this and I cannot tell whats supposed to be happening

No. 581521

TBH I think she straight out traced a similiar pose (OF COURSE she had Khan's in mind, she even comments under her stuff) because the arm anatomy is quite decent and the hands works. THey're also weirdly clean and lack some definition where you would have drawn lines if you actually drew the picture instead of tracing the main lines.

No. 581546

how to know you’ve fucked up your future in a single picture

No. 581563


Nah, the arms and hands don't work, but I do think she traced certain elements, which is why it looks ten times as lifeless. I guess she figured Khan doesn't have quite the following she does, and the picture is old enough that she could just ape it for herself. If she ends up finishing it, I hope she gets called on her shit.

And if she ends up not finishing it/deleting the post, she'd be just as guilty because it's here now.

No. 581613

The best part about the Bakugo drawing, if it turns out she traced it, is that she gave him this weird pole neck.

No. 581620

File: 1526245775118.jpg (233.18 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_1526234724850.jpg)

I thought it was fitting that tweet deleter was a suggested follow on Holly's tweeter

No. 581670

I only found out about Holly from these threads (I'm not familiar with the artist community at all) and I have this weird thing where I like her art style because it's not too anime influenced and not too cartoony (red noses, spaghetti limbs, etc.) it sticks out. I like that she draws older male characters with strong jaws, stress lines, cleft chins rather than only cute boys, it's pretty unique to me. BUT I love these threads picking apart her awkward anatomy, flaws, mistakes and fucked up art along with her shitty attitude. I like her art style but I love to cringe at it more.

No. 581695

can Holly not be fucked to look at a picture of an actual horse? or an actual rider on an actual horse? or even what a saddle looks like???

No. 581935

Wow, that sucks. Personally I'd rather watch paint dry than look at her work. She has zero passion or feeling in all of her pieces, there's no substance in anything that she does.
You can say what you want about people with those types of styles, at least most of them actually love and put meaning into what they do. Holly is a boring, bitter bitch with no personality and it shows into every fucking thing she does

No. 581971

File: 1526261231221.png (173.22 KB, 397x305, 1393992908148.png)

Sorry it bothers you so much that I kind of like her art style for some of her older male characters. Never said she has any passion or substance, or that people of other styles don't have love or meaning in their work. I don't like Holly or what she does other than cringing. Jesus, anon.

No. 582004

different anon- but why did you come onto a board specifically made to hate an artist, say that you like her art, and then get upset that someone else disagreed? lmao

No. 582006

Ok anon. Idk why you needed to share that but you do you.

No. 582009


No. 582016

I don't really like her art, just some characters. I don't care about anything else with her art other than anons pointing out flaws. Not upset that anon disagreed, just surprised at the reaction like I was WKing Holly or something.

Now that I re-read it I don't really know either. Guess I had it on my mind and just felt like posting it.

No. 582020

pointless conversations like these are the reasons why these threads run out of space so quickly

No. 582186

You do know we can make an infinite amount of threads right. Calm down it’s on topic and it’s saged stop bitching.(minimodding)

No. 582188

Dumbass blogpost probably dont kill me but this is why more popular threads tend to annoy me eventually because anons get bored and nitpick when theres no milk and then the threads just turn into infighting horseshit from retards that cant sage their shit

No. 582216

File: 1526278514140.jpeg (519.08 KB, 750x984, 89EE9CBD-EE2A-46AC-ACD8-769CF5…)


And yet you both just participated by contributing absolutely nothing.

In other news, Holly is a ~*comedy*~ ~*queen*~

No. 582229

>>No. 582216
She have never make me laugh not even when I like her, she is not funny only cringe.

No. 582258


trust me, no one is missing out on your shitty art or gags.

No. 582267

You're on a hate forum, what do you expect? Also OP said they saged so what is you problem anyways?

People just listen to her dumb videos because they don't want to blind themselves with her awful art.

No. 582423

sage for ot, but this is too relevant to the holly discussion imo im sorry

this is just a video I was linked to today where a professional concept artist actually shares the same shitty views as holly and I thought I'd never see the day.

Is this really where concept art, illustration, and animation is going, guys? Shitty traced 3-D models everywhere. 18:00 he brings up the 3-D models.

No. 582460

You might want to watch that talk again anon. We're talking about concept art a totally different thing Holly's attempting. 'Concept' art that's really what it is, their job description is more about creating ideas and concepts, but its got to be fast and bloody efficient so they use photo-bashing because it would take fucking months to digitally paint that many designs. Mind you, concept art is usually used for video game designs, concepts for films and also storyboarding. You might think its shitty but concept artists play a big role in the industry, I wouldn't knock it, and it's fucking HARD to get into. As for illustration and animation, they're also two different fields and there's still a lot of traditional illustration. Animation is going more 3D but this is nothing new.

Clearly they do this for efficiency and got into the job from their skills however Holly doesn't know her fundamentals at all and she isn't trying to be a 'concept artist'. What even is she.

saged for ot blogpost

No. 582476

File: 1526309246113.jpg (129.6 KB, 1023x893, concept.jpg)


what holly's doing is nothing like photobashing. photobashing is like pic related - ugly as sin, but it gets the job done, and can be passed on later in the line to be refined and turned into models/finalised """concept""" art (really just promo art), etc.

obviously different styles of games have different styles of concepting - the more cartoony the more likely the figures will be drawn mostly from scratch.

saged for sperging about concept art.

No. 582484

Holly doesn’t photobash, she just traces really badly. I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that Holly somehow manages to mess up her traced pieces.

No. 582487

If Holly actually managed to create good work drawing on top of models from google sketchup or something I honestly wouldn’t complain but even her traced work look bad and show that she does not even have a basic understanding of fundamentals.

No. 582549

You clearly don't know much about concept art if you're comparing that style of production of artwork to holly.

He's just giving a brief of what goes on and doesn't go too into depth of just how much skill is truly needed to create believable concepts,

and it doesn't mean your art is shitty for using references of other art or tracing over 3d rendered models that they've created so that the drawn concept is even more believable

Please don't compare holly's shit to a legitamatr style of art that she doesn't even draw in. She does comics not concept work epically not at a professional level

Sageing for bitchy-ness but fuck, concept art isn't lazy for using the tools accessible to them so that they can convey an idea so that production can take place

No. 582629

File: 1526318896141.png (479.84 KB, 1119x483, badbadbad.PNG)

I gotta disagree, I think these shortcuts are lazy in any field and ultimately make artists that don't understand fundamentals, but the discussion is pretty important imo Always good to hear other artists thoughts : )

No. 582645


You gotta know the rules to be able to break the rules. First, you get good. Then you get faster, all that jazz.
Holly never got good, she skipped out on that part entirely and opted for speed.
Being an individual working on a project, it would behoove you to know the foundations like the back of your hand, and take the time to do things right, even if it means doing it slower.

But if you're in a studio environment, it pays to know the fundamentals, and then be able to work as effectively and efficiently as possible so that you can hand the work you did off to the next person who needs to add or refine it. there's nothing lazy about quickness, when you know your fundamentals well first. If a studio is hiring people that don't at least have that, then they probably aren't putting out good work, if any.

Holly is someone who takes a cursory glance at something and says to herself "tch, I can do that. I can do that better and I can do it faster" and her end result always ends up looking sloppy because she fails to realize she can't have it both ways. yet she wants to pass it off as "work ethic" when she can't even give the basics the time of day.

No. 582686

File: 1526322774458.png (177.26 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

She updated the mermay video on twitter and i still have no idea whats going on. She's not going to get hired as a story board artist if she can't construct a narrative without using words.

No. 582701

How do these shortcuts make concept artists lazy? Concept art is about creating Concepts, not final art pieces you hang in galleries. I wouldn't even call it "art", it's more equivalent to architecture as it is the foundation to build the rest of the game/movie on, which is the final consumable product. Illustrators who use shortcuts like this to be lazy (holly) are just shooting themselves in the foot. But just like photoshop has an undo button, these tools make the process faster for professionals, not give mediocre artists a way to skip on fundamentals.

No. 582860

No. 582864

She shouldn't be trying to educate people on mermaid anatomy bc she obviously doesn't understand it herself. Also the tail is way too long how could anyone think that looks ok

No. 582889


The fuck is that skeleton? She doesn't have any right to be making anatomy tutorials.

No. 582902

I’m H.C. BRown I think mermay is lame and artists I should not do it, so I’m going to do it and teach you, but I’m not doing mermay no it just so happens that I want to draw mermaids there is a different guy.
I really hate her.

No. 582903

She doesnt know human anatomy, and wants to make a video of mermaid anatomy???? Seriously? Is she this self unaware??

No. 582933

How convenient it is that, despite representing the same pose and angle of the flesh version, the skeleton one is seen flat from the back instead of 3/4?
Learn your fucking anatomy, Holly.

No. 583011


Nineteen minutes of this bullshit? Fuck that noise.

No. 583012

File: 1526342523040.png (89.34 KB, 1440x645, 20180514_170005.png)

Only comment that seems to make any sense

No. 583033

File: 1526343437116.png (30.88 KB, 720x263, Pic.PNG)

I don’t think anybody is asking for this, you just want to do them. To get money cause everybody is doing mermay but BRown is unique so this is not for the money but cause someone ask her.

No. 583040

Honestly, it's autistic af when people try to tell others their mythical made up creature anatomy is wrong. Reminds me of dudebros who will yell at you for drawing fat lady elves because apparently elves are supposed to be tall and slim.

No. 583055

Shouldnt the dorsal fin line up with the spine? Also I dont think anyone should be taking anatomy advice from someone that refers to where the leg meets the bottom as "the ass".

No. 583132

She misspells "eels" like 5 minutes in.

No. 583187

God I hate this video so much, everyone knows they don't LITERALLY mean "the tumblr art style" as in every tumblr artist draws in this style. They just call it the tumblr art style cause it originated from tumblr. Talk about taking the term too literally

No. 583335

what's worse is that she acknowledges she fucked up in the beginning of the video, and then moves it into a position that STILL isn't lined up with the spine. How do you even fuck up that badly jfc

No. 583463

File: 1526385594444.jpeg (100.67 KB, 640x670, A0207BE3-6A2E-4EFE-9C41-F8AB24…)

Well Holly, maybe they’re just being honest. Like you do.

No. 583467

Maybe english is not their first language, no need to be an asshole

No. 583477

for fuck's sake anons, it's a funny broken English email that says "we want to do an exploitation"
>picking on people who speak English as a second language
let's not become worse than the cows yeah?

No. 583481

Anon, what I meant is that Holly is constantly saying that she’s blunt and people are pussy if they’re offended the way she speaks, but she feels “offended” by a blunt email, even if it’s pretty clear the bluntness comes from not knowing the language.
She’s also really into shitting on other people’s typos and grammar saying people can’t write and assuming everybody is a native.

I would never make fun of the email or that broken English, you totally misunderetood.

No. 583495

English stuff refers to the other anon's post.

>but she feels “offended”

no she doesn't. She was making a joke. People fall into such low expectations of cows etc. that when the cow ever does something lighthearted it flies right by them

The joke is that the email uses the word exploitation, which is second language interference where in that language it means profit or something, but by happenstance in English it means we're trying to exploit you, hence the humor. Nothing in her post is making fun of grammar or writing skills or anything just stop

No. 583519

Thanks for the explanation. You’re right, I totally didn’t see it as a joke.

No. 583662


People REALLY need to learn what the word offended means. Complaining, making a joke, or otherwise disagreeing is not the same as being "offended."

No. 583663

Holly is an idiot to make fun of people who are trying to give her a job opportunity. It’s pretty irresponsible to post something like this on an account directly connected to her real name and face.

No. 583686


Even if it's a scam, she couldn't have just left it alone and quietly deleted it. Nothing about what she does is subtle, she wants to post every little thing that happens to her so she can get a reaction out of her followers and stay relevant.

No. 583718

File: 1526402957346.jpg (164.27 KB, 792x416, 6MgnNi0.jpg)

So she's in her final year and this is what she's doing? like, I understand sometimes upperclassmen take basic classes late, but damn this is seriously some 101 shit. The only reason she is taking these classes is because her aunt/mom expects her to.

No. 583737

>identify and explore custom brushes in Adobe Photoshop


No. 583749

In my experience this is how all art classes are at liberal arts colleges, you need to go to an actual art school to get into advanced stuff

No. 583952

holly is at an "art school" but this sounds like an assignment they'd give you for the only digital art class available in a state university art program (speaking from experience lmao) her online art school sounds so shitty

No. 583957

If I remember right she is enrolled in an actual art school. Its just their online school is really terrible and dear Holly apparently doesn't know how to research before committing to something

No. 584420

Didn’t Holly once say in a video that ‘H’s in Japanese are silent? She pronounces Uchiha as Uchi-A

No. 584505

She's an absolute idiot.

No. 584582

File: 1526449374815.png (153.94 KB, 1190x682, Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 22.4…)

No. 584587

Isn't Hershel Hispanic? She complains about everything, if you don't like characters like that don't read them.

I doubt a writer is gonna change their characters because BRown and her shitty attitude said to.

No. 584607


She’s one to talk since she hates Mexicans and immigrants so fucking much lmfao

No. 584648

literally what is she talking about? nobody writes characters talking like that anymore, except maybe japanese creators but that's a whole another can of worms- and quentin tarantino as a fcking joke and nobody has taken him seriously in like 10 years.
she wants to make it appear she knows better, when her own mexican character so far seems to be the exact mexican gardener stereotype and she constantly keeps talking about how he's hot and buff. ew. love how this is clearly 100% coming from a place of wanting to appear better and smarter than other people instead of being worried about hispanic people getting stereotyped in media.

No. 584655

I kind of love how her example of bad dialogue is “what’s up, ese?”
that’s some basic ass casual shit that some dude on the street would say, but maybe that’s just me basing it off my surroundings vs. hers

No. 584666

which character of hers is mexican?

No. 584709

Hershel. The one with black/purple hair?

What’s interesting to me is that she bitches about people writing Hispanic characters that way but her Hispanic character is bland and forgettable cause she can’t give him any personality.

No. 584712

tbh she's not wrong

No. 584713

How the fuck is a character with the epitome of a Jew name and a bump on his nose supposed to be a Mexican. jeez this retard

No. 584776

He was white at the very beginning. Guess changing names wasn’t an option.
Big crooked noses can happen in every ethnicity, though.

No. 584793

That's true, but Herschel or whatever definitely looks like he's straight up Jewish

No. 584822

Her "muscly" purple haired OC is Hispanic, as well as the one with fish scales, green hair, black skin.

Yeah Holly can complain that making Hispanic characters too stereotypical is "problematic", but making them not even remotely resemble their native peoples is just as bad imo. Like if I made a black emo and gave him a jewish name and told people he was Chinese it's just confusing and stupid.

Both Hershel and that green haired abomination were white in the beginning. Pretty sure Holly just changed them to random grab-bag skin colors and nationalities because she wanted social justice points/money.

No. 584943

she's just fucking bad at drawing people that aren't white. We saw that with the human nick wilde she drew. Her character Princess looks like a white person with a coat of paint. she just doesn't know how to draw. but we knew that already

No. 584945

And the sad thing is that if she's confronted with this, she'll just bleat "MUH STYLE" or "THAT'S A STEREOTYPE TO DRAW PLACK PEOPLE WITH BIG NOSES AND LIPS", but like. All races have different characteristics. It's just important to be respectful and not draw it as a caricature.

No. 584996

File: 1526491994717.png (60.26 KB, 1174x250, Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 10.3…)


No. 584999

File: 1526492034033.png (339.87 KB, 1172x878, Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 10.3…)

No. 585010

She literally gets bothered anytime anyone doesn anything remotely different than her. Its a stylized nose holly. Get over it. She needs to stop telling people what they can or cant draw like with her stupid mermaid anatomy video

No. 585019


Am I the only one who thinks this looks like… SO much better than her own style. Holly's art might actually be tolerable if it always looked like this.

No. 585027

File: 1526493594524.gif (234.15 KB, 500x358, 033ECCD4-C0DB-4377-915F-8EBBB4…)


She always has to shit on art styles different from hers. She’s drawing what looks like a typical cutesy anime girl so of course she’s gonna turn her nose at moe styles (which yeah they’re usually bad but the point is to add as minimal features for maximum cute effect). Kyoani does this all the time and are masters at drawing cute girls, but even then they add shadows to frontal views so the noses have more depth. Holly’s art can never be cute it’s just beyond fucking ugly and irreparable.

No. 585059

whats up with her ears tho ??????
they look so weird ??

No. 585062

The ears look bad, the eyes too… She always draws the face too narrow, theres meant to be one eye space between the eyes and here they are too close together

No. 585064

File: 1526495277291.png (583.64 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No one asked for this

No. 585073

No. 585064
Does are nor re-designs they are her outfit/styles to fit the music video.

No. 585198

Jesus, her linework is so terrible. How can she look at those big crooked lumps of solid black and not think "maybe I should give this another go".

No. 585278

File: 1526504338835.jpg (81.24 KB, 982x1200, ugh.jpg)

What did Miku even do to deserve this, leave her alone ffs

No. 585293

I started looking at the legs thinking "Oh okay, this isn't absolutely awful" but then I got to the arms and just… what even is that?? Her left arm is pointing oddly backwards and isn't proportional, and the lighting makes little to no sense.

No. 585299

Those are some detached arms lmao. The shading is so uneven that some parts look like a figure while the rest are flat. There's no weight either

No. 585308

What a surprise. It's astoundingly underwhelming.

No. 585311

The two pigtails dont even match! One is longer and has more hair (a clump of iy is shorter than the rest wtf), the skirt also looks so fucked up

No. 585325

The fact that this is actually ten times better than her own style is really telling.

We've found the reasons other than anatomy why her art is so horrible, the way she draws noses and horribly same face eyes.

This is honestly incredibly bizarre.

No. 585326

Is she using that image as evidence of artists redesigning Miku???

Hey Holly, newsflash: Those aren't redesigns–those are different AUs/styles based on what song she's in.

No. 585338

File: 1526506590508.png (331.08 KB, 740x700, Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 23.3…)

Not even mentioning the horrendous works on the limbs here, but God. Look at these eyes. Can't she for once try and draw a well balanced face, or is that too hard for a "professional" artist like her? Also as I'm writing this I just realized she even forgot to draw an eyebrow. Miku deserves better…

No. 585352

the more I look at her legs, the more confused I get because they don't seem to attach properly to the rest of her body at all? to say nothing of those escaping arms, holy shit. also the paw hand, lol. even her feet are detaching or drawn at the wrong angle, like the closest foot.. what is happening there?

and maybe this is nitpicky but it bothers me how thin the ends of her pigtails are and how much detail Holly put into the hair there… but then you get to her head and it's basically just a few fat spikes on top of her head with no movement or depth. it looks like a starfish died there omg

thanks Holly, I hate it

No. 585466

Your red lines would still look shitty.

No. 585532

She always dulls out any vibrancy into a hot puke color palette.

Also on the subject of ethnic characters, she can say her characters are anything she wants. but, all of them are so bland, you can't even tell the difference between any of them. she hasn't got a clue how to weave culture or character or life into a single one of her characters because they're all just dolls for her to smash together.

No. 585798

File: 1526530300509.png (58.59 KB, 555x492, 837468324.png)

kek saw this on my twitter feed and instantly thought of holly's video, I wonder if this person is talking about her?

No. 585801

Art teachers normally hate the "anime art style" because when weaboo high schoolers try to emulate a style, it looks like shit. The tumblr art style is no different. It's ugly and shows how out of practice/reliant on style the artist making it is.

No. 585947

i doubt it's directed at holly, every shitty youtube artist and their mama have been making videos mocking the "tumblr art style" lately. she ain't special

No. 586223

File: 1526573841096.jpeg (166.17 KB, 640x445, 8B022590-E158-4982-898F-E1B388…)

The irony

No. 586233

no, art teachers hate it because weebs use it as a fucking defense for not needing to learn anything. shitty weebs would probably get somewhere if they had better attitudes than "hurdur i don't need to learn technical stuff for anime!"

No. 586292

>tfw you beg for money for an expensive art programme
>tfw you realize you do have the money from taxes but still decide to pocket the cash
>tfw you beg your viewers to buy your art
>tfw you complain about packaging when you do get orders
>tfw you quit your part time job and quit school then complain that you're poor
>tfw you abuse a lot of money buying useless shit (purple table cloth etc.)then complain you're poor

All this time she could have a part time job and do YouTube on the side as well as having school. She says she rushes her school work anyway, doesn't seem like she tries. At least she would have at least a more stable income.

No. 586384


She isn't known for being very self-aware.

No. 586669

What's the point of deleting tweets when she adds shitty, hypocritical ones almost daily?

No. 587002

File: 1526610805992.png (574.93 KB, 514x818, Screenshot_20180517-203209.png)

No. 587003

that spoon is WHACK

No. 587009


Is that piss?

No. 587020


it literally looks like piss w/a shit clump in it

No. 587026

File: 1526613018119.jpg (31.09 KB, 550x367, espresso-crema.jpg)

come on. It's espresso with crema. It looks fine to me

No. 587034

NAYRT but are you serious, anon? It looks mediocre at best, like the best piece in a middle school art class gallery. And the fact that she's bragging that it's on ~expensive~ Arches paper is even more laughable. Holly's the epitome of someone who thinks more expensive tools = better art, no wonder she likes Baylee Jae.

No. 587035


You kidding? Looks like dirty water.

No. 587039


If she was a real master she would use cheaper paper, it's harder to work on and would prove whether she actually had control of the watercolor.

No. 587042

>the totally flat spoon and plate
>the lip of the mug looking more like a pitcher
>the wonky spoon handle
>the fact that she decided on a patterned plate and then didn't even try
>the sudden lack of effort in the wood grain on the right side by the handle
>the absolute asymmetry of it all

and this is what you choose to nitpick smh

No. 587052

File: 1526615339561.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, 86C8A5E2-C20E-4DE9-BEB9-320A9C…)

She just posted a bunch of shit onto her IG, shoutout to this masterpiece in particular for lookin like hot garbage. Holly, for gods sake, learn to not muddy your darn colors so much!!! You say you’re good at colors and yet this is the shit you spew out?

No. 587055

File: 1526615608671.jpg (191.69 KB, 720x1138, IMG_20180517_213952.jpg)

No. 587059

Maybe if your “style” wasn’t such a mess of shitty anatomy, artlean and dreamworks face, people would actually like your artwork instead of your studies.

No. 587111

So many fricken idks.
That guy doesn't even look like he's in that space. It's like she pasted it on top of the box

No. 587140

Holly, it's called growing a pair and standing up for your own desires for once. "Oh, boohoo, someone said I should do something I don't wanna do, how can I cope???"
Maybe, I dunno, have proper conviction and personal motive to do comics and non-realism art? Considering that all you do is bitch and moan about how making color comics or grey-shading is too 'time consuming', it makes you look like you fucking hate art in general. If it's what you want to do, you wouldn't be throwing your vision and artistic integrity out of the window just to save a few seconds or to deny that your art looks like hot garbage, and actually get better.
Grow a spine or stop doing art if you can't, pick one.

No. 587387

This is what she uses the expensive arhes paper for????

No. 587499

Don't worry, Holly, your studies and watercolours are garbage too.

No. 587507

File: 1526667134868.png (477.51 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Did she really need another pose book considering she doesn't know how to use references?

No. 587626

She acts as if her watercolor pieces are the epitome of watercolor studies everywhere. They’re not. I’ve seen better work from middle schoolers.

No. 588083

File: 1526701158143.png (2.13 MB, 1180x1230, Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 20.3…)

Such flat cups and the items on the table look like they're floating in space.

No. 588102

How do you fuck up a study that bad? I mean all you have to do is copy it ffs

No. 588115

as much as she doesnt wanna hear it, this is so much more pleasing to the eye than her usual shit. it's not good, but it's not visually offensive. taking away her ability to pisswash everything improves her coloring, if even slightly.

it's such a refreshing break from her usual broken-doll figures, but it's also way less fun to make fun of. would she kill her hate audience if she became too boring to talk shit about?

No. 588116

This honestly looks so jarring. That metal tea kettle is sooo jacked

No. 588124


Seconding this. Esp after her Tumblr Art Styles video, it seems that whenever she draws in a style that’s not her regular one it looks a lot better. Not great, but if she stuck to one of these alternate styles and really studied I feel like she’d get further in her art and come up w/ more pleasing shit.

But, you know, this is Holly BRown we’re talking about so I doubt she’d actually take this advice if she still lurks here and all

No. 588129

but this is still her art style, it just doesn't have any people so the shittyness isn't so obvious. Honestly, she would really benefit from trying to draw something as realistically as possible and dropping the ugly chunky lines for a second.

No. 588154

File: 1526706539307.png (223.8 KB, 293x316, book.PNG)

what's on this book? i cant tell if its the cover… or what

No. 588184

i'm >>588115 but i agree with you. it still has her obvious touch, but it's just mediocre, not offensive. it's not good, it's just not bad enough to notice if it was all she did.

No. 588189

Her style isn’t the problem for me it’s the lack of perspective and proportion that irritate me because she goes around acting like some amazing godsend for drawing sooo much but she can’t draw a middle school basics still life. Like a handle on a basic inanimate object or just someone without a noticeably broken ankle.

No. 588206

the shadows aren't even going in the same directions, they're all just randomly facing wherever.

No. 588259

Her studies are bad but bad in a mediocre way. Like they are precisely what you expect to see from your average artist getting an art degree in a college that doesn't specialize in art. Holly's personal work on the other hand just looks like poorly caricatured versions of reality which fail because of a mix of both lazyness and lack of knowledge.

No. 588382

Her perspective is always sooo wonky

No. 588386

File: 1526740351271.jpg (9.43 KB, 412x170, panthing.JPG)

i think it's pic related but i could be wrong.

No. 588483

You got that right. Perspective is something Holly needs to start getting right, right now. It's not something she needs to gradually work on. It's a fundamental problem in the way she approaches her artwork. Her whole perspective on art is fucked and so, her technical perspective is fucked. It's a trap that a lot of artists fall into. They go to an art class and learn that you're supposed to paint what you SEE, not what you THINK you see, and so they outline and trace and copy objects from all kinds of angles to build up their "visual library" of symbol-drawing, and end up making work that is just a collage of shit they have seen somewhere else before; a nice brick pattern from here, a wavy hair flip from here, and some anime eye stylisation from here…
They train themselves to break DOWN, analyze, simplify what they see into shadow shapes, color blocks, without really understanding how to build it UP, from the ground up. Making art doesn't always have to be a collage of shit you've seen before! You don't always need to find the exact pose doll, the right reference book, if you have the skill to draw shapes and forms instead of symbols. Making art involves IMAGNIATION. Don't just draw what you see, or what you think you see, draw what you KNOW and draw that thing in a way that expresses how you FEEL about it. Break it down into shapes, understand WHY you're drawing it at the angle you're drawing it at. Try another angle. Does it make it FEEL different? Try another. Add details, erase them away. Build up like a sculptor and then chip away like a woodcutter. The medium of drawing is so free and without boundaries that it's amazing to see how many limitations Holly seems to put on herself.

No. 588560

Oh silly anon, she's not a fine artist she's a professional animator , clearly what you shared doesn't apply to the skilled artist Holly BRown since she's on a whole other medium of choice

No but seriously she really does need to learn the fundamental understandings of how art is created and i would suggest a start woukd be to draw from 3 dimensional life rather than flat pictures of objects and such.

The average person has two eyes that are looking at different angles from one another, a much more realistic perspective is going to reflect that fact as opposed from drawing off of photographs without knowing where to change certain perspectives to look more realistic and not flattened

No. 588717

Amen to that. For as much as Holly loves pose books and references she really has no imagination and can’t draw for shit huh? What a shame

No. 588735

that would be a good suggestion for anyone but Holly. Have you seen her skull drawings? And the ones she did for the mini moped and bike models she bought? They were atrocious.
I don't know how she manages to always mess stuff like that up, I always thought it was just because it was a flat image, but apparently not.

No. 588859

Pose reference books like the ones Holly buys are for people (usually comic artists) who already know the basics and use it for reference or ideas, NOT the actual copy paste lines. She’s an idiot as usual.

No. 589038

Just so y’all know: Kitsune Zakuro talked about Holly BRown on their stream today and they dislike her attitude and personality (and art to a lesser extent) just as much as we do. This is for anyone who wants to know of other YouTube artists who y’all about Holly upfront

No. 589048

Sauce, starting at about the 1:10:00 mark.

No. 589051

Wow that’s fucking rad that another YTber would be so blatant about their feelings on Holly. I actually like Kitsune Zakuro, their content is very basic and fandom pandery, but at least they can draw unlike some…

Saged for being kinda ot

No. 589076

Why would you choose a character to “redesign” and then remove all elements of her character design all together…? Where’s anything that shows she’s an android/futuristic or relates her back to the Yamaha keyboard her design was based on at all?

No. 589080


No. 589128

The only things I disagree on is her being good at backgrounds and inking. Her background are too wonky and out of perspective. She over details and that makes her perspective mistakes even more obvious. And the ink? She’s either only doing no thickness OR (in the past) she just randomly inked everything with the same huge brush pen and it was a total mess.

That girl was way too nice to holly, imo.

No. 589178

She said Kasey Brown… or am I hearing it wrong?

No. 589183

Uh never mind, caught it. She is talking about Holly

No. 589188

there's a quite popular thread on twitter today about how western studios don't even have animators. Is holly's dream nonviable, even before she can't draw?

No. 589532

File: 1526844551164.png (488.59 KB, 690x528, 97396872017430.png)

a bit off topic and i don't know if someone else has mentioned this already but does holly have some mild form of dyslexia? i know it might be a stretch but whenever she makes a long post on twitter her words feel disjointed. not to mention the numerous spelling mistakes and the repetition of "like" and "idk". does she have a condition or does her awful speech patterns just rub off on her writing and she doesn't reread what shes about to post before clicking send?

No. 589541

Holly doesn't look over her own artwork before she posts it, I don't know why you think she would for something like a tweet (or even the damn text in her comics, which is ten times worse than any tweet she's made).

No. 589548

do you guys think she actually does work as much as she claims ? i know she does post studies etc but it seems like she's so scattered she never goes in depth and abandons tasks to begin others, i wouldn't be surprised if what she posts was the extent of everything she draws.

No. 589564

File: 1526845848756.png (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 1338x607, img2398.PNG)


[Spoilered because it's a huge image]
Unfortunately for her, Google image search isn't too nice with her either - some pics that pop up lead directly to lolcow; also this apparent rant video circled in pic related that pops up after 2 seconds of scrolling lmao (but it's mostly just her worst drawings & boring video thumbnails)

No. 589614

I hope Holly realizes that in real life it doesn't matter how hard you work if you're not producing good results. This is not fucking kindergarten, you don't get a pat on the head and a golden sticker if you "worked really hard" if it amounts to absolutely nothing. Working hard is not something to take THAT much pride on, it's only a sign you're not working very smart.

No. 589634

File: 1526850187106.png (66.74 KB, 1186x260, Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 14.0…)

So she's gonna waste another couple of years in grad school BS-ing homework?

No. 589663

That… isn't how Kickstarter works, Holly, you absolute fucking gremlin. Kickstarter funds should go to the project & production costs, not into your pocket at will. Christ.

No. 589664

What about the California plan?

No. 589817

No. 589885

Why does this sound like a scam….

No. 589905

Probs because Kickstarter, as the name implies, is for KICKSTARTING projects that backers receive finished product/benefits of, NOT sending degenerates to grad school.

No. 589915

I just want to add that kickstarter can be used to support you to take the time off to do the work. That's what a lot of video game kickstarters tend to be. And things like anthologies will pay artists. If you're open about taking a cut and pay yourself for time, it's not as shit as it sounds.

That said none of her money actually goes into her Kickstarter since she does create space runs.

No. 589986

Ok so this cow has:
>The Sketches color version that have been on wait since the end of march, that have not been sent yet.
>Clever Kitchen animation that she last updated on April 13
>Purgatory 2 comic (starting a Kickstarter but have not shown a new page of it)
>Paranormal comic, only have 9 pages and changing to black and white
>Animatics (Hamilton)
>the MCR animation (she deleted this from twitter so don’t know if she will do it)
>School work
>Convention prep
>YouTube videos
>Commissions (did she finish those)
>Fan-Zine that is due to the end of May and you must promoted yourself
Why will someone give this cow money she spends it all on useless things like the gazelle edge machine that she never uses. Also, why fund her? So she can do the same thing she did with Tv Paint.

No. 590094

File: 1526895626910.jpg (22.75 KB, 622x129, inwhatfuckintheory.JPG)

No. 590111

i'm in a bitchy mood and this just fucking pissed me off

it's because work and especially animation takes fucking time holly, which is why you can't have 70 projects at once, which is why if you ever want to do any thing decent in your life you have to spend time on it. ffs

one time in an aaron blaise live stream he said to animate 1 minute of footage it takes him about a month. it reminded me of how she wildly overestimates her skill and the amount of actual legit effort it takes to do good work

No. 590112

File: 1526898506792.jpg (474.52 KB, 1163x702, 1524055381694.jpg)

Don't know if this is still relevant but I found this image on pinterest and it looked oddly familiar (sorry if this was already posted)

No. 590114

She should toss her “look at the reference for ten seconds and then close it” in the garbage.
She has no problem tracing but referencing something properly is totally unacceptable? Fucking look, understand, copy and learn.
That’s honestly crap from start to finish. They’re both ugly and Faye in particular is a rag doll.
She obviously wants to keep studying because she knows nobody will ever hire her for her skills, and she can keep other two years faking she’s not working because she’s a student.

No. 590119

holy shit

No. 590296

Is it a stretch to say that Holly has no future in art?
What I mean by that is she might end up in her 30s catering to the same suck-up audience spinning her wheels on projects she can't even finish. She says she has goals but she isn't very realistic about them because she doesn't really think long term about where she's headed, and has left a really sour note with the art community.

No. 590312


LMAOOOOO hers look even WORSE now

No. 590317

OK the main character for her Clever kitchen looks like a knock off version of Edward from FMA
not a good one , with an ugly nose like jeez why that shape and size it's so unsettling to me

No. 590325

The point of using reference is to better understand poses, clothing, how different objects look etc. Not to copy a photo. She can't even think of her own composition for illustrations and she expects to be hired anywhere as an artist? She's so lazy when it comes to actually working on her drawings, she'd rather waste all day sketching in a sketchbook and starting a million projects

No. 590331

Using a reference picture, copying it exactly and rendering it well is a useful skill though. One holly lacks. She distorts everything she draws in her stufies, and that translates to her other artwork

No. 590339

For someone who always preaches the use of references this is particularly bad, her characters look like paperclips on a sheet of paper on that fence. She just can't manage to make her drawings not appear flat and cheaply-made.

No. 590377

Holly will probably end up being an art teacher if I'm being honest. I mean if I remember correctly her mom/aunt is a teacher so it's not a stretch to say she will end up working in the same district as her mom/aunt

No. 590383

Copying a reference exactly is a good way to build your eye but it's not particularly good skill to have since a camera can do the same thing a thousand times better.

No. 590387

Being able to copy photos, and doing master studies of paintings, is literally just practice and training your eye. All artists need to be able to look at objects and reference them accurately, you'll have a tough time if you aren't able to do this. Copying a photo you found on the internet for your final illustration is lazy bullshit

No. 590432

Agreed. If she's trying to get into grad school she's probably trying to get a masters so she can teach? She might end up teaching art at a high school or something. I think it would suit her well, the students don't care or take anything away from it anyway and she gets to feel like she's better than other people(read: 14 y old children)

No. 590440

>>590432 I feel like she would be the kind of teacher the next generaton's speechie will rant about

No. 590675

File: 1526951721124.jpg (37.74 KB, 413x395, 1524783864153.jpg)

I hope that she gets to teach middle schoolers/high schoolers.
>"Today class we are doing the sketchbook slam challenge"
Miss, my drawings are getting worst and worst drawing 20 pages a day, and failing my other classes doing your homework!
>"No you are progressing well if it looks your characters look bad just draw backgrounds to compensate."

Students will find her shitty yaoi porn online and call her a fat, fujo faggot.She is basically setting herself up for another edgy kid to make a video on how evil their art teacher is

No. 590813

File: 1526961903544.png (287.65 KB, 870x1134, Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 21.0…)

Meaning, time to make more shitty art videos

No. 590814

File: 1526961955309.png (1.88 MB, 1164x1340, Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 21.0…)

What is that scarecrow body

No. 590832

File: 1526963714742.jpeg (467.36 KB, 750x1007, CD8C92E0-99AD-42C4-A956-165DBD…)

April’s videos, including a gag video.

No. 590833

File: 1526963890579.jpeg (420.82 KB, 750x804, 169AC851-E013-4A9D-ACDF-55C764…)

May’s videos so far.

She does about a video a week. So how is she going to scale that back? A video each fortnight? A month?

And her videos are making more than her clever kitchen bs. How much has she spent on that vs YouTube?

No. 590834

OT I am actually curious about how much youtube is actually taking out and why? That's actually concerning

on topic, is… is Holly writing shitty rape porn?

No. 590839


I've always been uncomfortable with how yandere-esque and crazed/obsessed-looking that Reese character of hers tends to look and come off as. Not including how ugly his design already is.

No. 590846


if her pattern is trying to fund things she's already made/making/decided to make anyway….

No. 590858

i would say relax because if there was actually some change that affects youtubers' money… you know you're gonna hear nothing else for months

No. 590919

There's money in porn but not the kind of shit holly wants to make. You either do fetish/OC commissions, popular fanart, or a web comic with mass appeal.
Drawing porn also requires a very deep understanding of anatomy and character interaction. You need to know a lot about the human body in 3d space before you can draw anything sexy besides symbol-drawn pinups.
We've already seen holly's terrible paper-doll with ptsd porn. There are already amazing yaoi artists who are way more appealing than her. There's no way she can compete with them and get enough money to support herself.
Holly if you want to get porn money, improve your technical skill and accept that you won't get rich off your ugly OCs.

No. 590944

lol you're right, heaps of people have pointed this out. i can't not see a shittily drawn Ed when i look at that character. It makes it worse that it's not really coincidental and she's a massive FMA fan

No. 590945

my buddies who draw porn and make bank are some of the best artists i know. its ridiculous she sees this as an easy way to make money, teen girls aren't going to be able to afford her fujo shit and they're the target demographic. she'll have to price reaaall low

No. 590956

saged for ot, but does your friend use a different alias for her porn art? I know your friends making bank but if they wanted to get into an industry art job in the future would it look bad? Honestly I don't think it should be stigmatized and like you say it takes fucking skill. But just wondered and I think its pretty cool what you're friend is doing.

No. 590962

yep, my friend keeps their real identity under wraps. Look up 'shadman'

No. 590967

you’re “friends” with renowned pedophole shadman? y i k e s

the way holly tried to monetize EVERYTHING really makes me wonder if she’s an artist for the love of art or just sees it as a means to an end. not to mention making good money as an artist involves a lot of doing the exact opposite you want under a client’s direction. and she hates doing anything she doesn’t want it her schoolwork is any indication.

No. 590990

File: 1526994568123.jpg (36.43 KB, 590x153, Holly.jpg)

Flipping some burgers would probably do her good, honestly.

I'd have more respect for someone who worked in a fast food chain to get by while making art they loved on the side than I'd have for this trash trying to wringe money out of drawing wonky porn.

No. 591005

You've got to be fucking kidding me. Didn't she tweet that how she hates people who think they're above working at mcdonalds and says shes worked so hard. 'prevent me from flipping burgers lol', oh so you think you're above that lil miss BRown. I doubt she even has the qualifications to get employed there. She has made 8 tweets about money. Get a job.

No. 591011

She’s ALWAYS shat on mc Donald’s jobs and joked about how she would kill herself instead of working there.
Talk about “needing” money. She was way too lucky to find a “fanbase” at such a low level.

No. 591045

didn't she have a job at Michael art store or thing like that ? she's lucky she can even make 400$ off her shit art .If she had actually been smarter about her money she wouldn't be complaining .Its sad to see someone with such bland art make so much money off of it ,To then see someone who is working a part time job as well as work of their art that is 10x better than holly's will ever be ( of course if she ever gets her head out of her ass ) make nothing from what they love .

No. 591047

Also has anyone make a good expose video type of thing on holly ,That didn't have a weird dislike to likes ratio ?
I would like to see some , or at least see a few that would tell her why she's problematic .I know I saw a few on Spechie ( ?) that were like that.
I only found 2 videos on youtube with as much milk as holly has i would have though more videos would have been made .

No. 591048

File: 1526999925098.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, bait.jpg)

lol dw that isn't me

i hate shadman- not only for being an edgelord but their work is shoddy af as well; does anyone remember that loli pic with the girl tied up and her hands are backwards lmao. funny he should come up in this thread because he reminds me of a robot incel holly.

Yes, the folks i know use aliases it would be pretty stupid not to tbh. they aren't mega attention whore famous like shad but they are pretty well known in the furry/fetish community. i've learned a lot about anatomy and composition from them. I really respect them as craftspeople

No. 591052

i think people are too scared because most people obviously pity her and think she's retarded so it'd be seen as bullying lol.

I think the only person that would be "qualified" as in, holly wouldn't react like:


would be an actually accomplished yt artists and all of them are too professional to start drama

No. 591058

Yea I can see that I could see that happening
Do any of you guys know the Art professor on you tube ? She does portfolio critiques and such for high school students alongside older ones as well.She's pretty interesting It would be funny if Holly ever submitted her portfolio to her to review .She can go quite hard but also follow up with what can be improved and how .
But then again holly would say > ITS MUH STYLE THO >:[
I could see her say that even to a professional to , I even had to show my portfolio to someone at a workshop type of thing and they say " I hear that sometimes it's quite sad ".I myself was in that state of mind in middle school until I saw a friend of mine never improve because she also had the same kind of thought.She was just more stubborn than I .So In high school I soon learned that I would have to try something new otherwise I would be stuck with stale bland art and never improve.
It sucks to see artist with a huge platform not encourage other artist to grow out of their comfort zone , specially younger artist who are more impressionable than most .
Then again I kinda feel that if she does get called out , and shows a shitty hand in the drama most would not like her afterward .Then again i wouldn't want my name next to hers afterward .

No. 591174

There are plenty of artists who work in the industry now, who were known for doing NSFW art before they got their jobs. It's not as much of a deal breaker as a lot of people seem to think.
The thing about Holly doing NSFW art is, aside from the fact she can't draw (and we've touched on this before in a later thread), she's got the wrong demographic for it.

No. 591197


The worst cover imaginable, stiff and absolutely not erotic whatsoever. Porn doujin or whatever usually tease a bit making someone want to open it and look, this is not enticing at all.
Also, a little nitpick but what the fuck kind of kidnapper/rapist uses scissors to cut the tape?

No. 591233

File: 1527014393037.png (83.28 KB, 1172x302, 21.36.27.png)

Ms. BRown running her mouth about things she clearly has no knowledge or understanding of, again. Put down the Jordan Peterson books, Holly, you're starting to sound as much of a raving lunatic as him.

No. 591257


Does anyone even have that picture of her pose books with that Jordan Peterson book casually in there?

No. 591258

wait what
so because some media has stupid or abusive male characters, people can't criticize toxic masculinity? And women can solve toxic masculinity by being nicer to men?
Holy fuck Holly.

No. 591276

…so it’s fine as long as you use abusive dads in your comic? Because rape incest is totally fine and non toxic

No. 591279

File: 1527017696266.jpeg (815.77 KB, 1536x2048, 4F09511E-8494-41E5-BFB9-E14736…)

No. 591392

the two bottom books are pretty, did she mention what they are?

No. 591394

They're from another artist's store. @blueludebar

No. 591396

Uhh this is the person who wrote a rapist male authority figure and oblivious dad into her story. And a creepy green haired dude who molests the main sexualized guy character for the yaoi in her other story. Holly shouldn't talk about how to write good male characters in the media when she hasn't created any.

No. 591413

File: 1527027055634.jpg (60.21 KB, 929x364, qbh5HSh.jpg)

>a good person,

…She'll 'decided for herself', guys.

No. 591419


It actually dovetails nicely into her whole "I don't relate to other women" …thing, she has going on.
While meanwhile,

No. 591425



Jordan B Peterson has people believing that it's their right to say some pretty bigoted things and not get labelled appropriately for the things they say. In his and his admirers' eyes they are being intellectually honest, and the awful people calling them out on their behaviour should be silent.

The people that Peterson appeals to tend to have some repugnant views by modern standards: singling out Islam as a religion for harsh criticism, belittling women, etc.

I think Peterson gives these people comfort. He gives hope to those who don't appreciate progressive values.(derailing)

No. 591441

Oh that quality book?
Here are the 12 steps if you’re curious

>Stand up straight with your shoulders back

>Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping
>Make friends with people who want the best for you
>Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today
>Do not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them
>Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world
>Pursue what is meaningful (not what is expedient)
>Tell the truth – or, at least, don't lie
>Assume that the person you are listening to might know something you don't
>Be precise in your speech
>Do not bother children when they are skateboarding
>Pet a cat when you encounter one on the street

I wonder if she’s suddenly going to “be precise in your speech” or assume that others might have information worth listening to. The book is a bunk “selfhelp” book. One of the points might as well be “be nice.”

No. 591495

>Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world
Holly is clearly not absorbing any of Peterson's advice kek

No. 591545

>I'm not a five year old who needs to be protected from opinions

You sure there, Holly?

No. 591598


Indeed, give your opinion on her art and watch her flip.

No. 591656

File: 1527046707482.gif (1.63 MB, 332x332, holly.gif)

Holly really is the perfect example of a dumbfuck who consumes shitty right-wing content on the internet made to make money, and think she's vastly intelligent because of it.

Like, she really thinks she has the capacity to read any work of Peterson's and evaluate it on its own merit, when the bitch can't even string a coherent sentence together.

anyway can't wait til this dumb bitch stops running her mouth

No. 591712

Is there a content cop like Youtuber I could commission to do an in depth overview of Holly’s bullshit?

No. 591795

File: 1527066183393.png (1.12 MB, 1166x698, Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 02.0…)


No. 591800

File: 1527067551334.png (114.84 KB, 581x365, Capture.PNG)


No. 591803

>pre-ordering a doujinshi

No. 591807

did she make the entire thing already or is she just getting ahead of herself?

No. 591808

Pardon my stupidity, but I thought a doujinshi was a fan-created art book/comic of licensed works? Does this count as a doujinshi if she's the creator of the series itself?

No. 591810

Doujinshi means it's self-published, but she should just call it a zine or whatever and stop being such a weeb.

No. 591811

Sha came up with the idea the other day. She only made this cover sketch so far and she’s already putting up preorders?
And wait, you have less than 10 days to preorder this shit that god even knows when it’s going to be delivered? She must REALLY need money, I wonder what expensive crap she’s longing this time.

No. 591825

Someone buy this shit and show us the content of it. I'm so curious to see exactly how awful holly made it.

No. 591891

File: 1527083581809.png (6.77 KB, 313x108, okay.PNG)

this is the summary on the preorder page of her "doujinshi" so im guessing Herschel has a pain/kidnap/rape fetish?

No. 591893

nitpick but isn't it "take the next logical step" rather than "make"

No. 591897

wow what a scammer.
she's making a one off nsfw comic based on a main comic she's not even 2 chapters into and hasn't even properly introduced/developed any characters for. Who's going to want this??? who's going to care and most importantly, when is this going to be released? before or after she decides to make more pages of paranormal plague???

Also how's that BNHA zine going.

No. 591902


I can understand opening up pre-orders for a work, but typically you need to have the majority of it already made. that's why there's teaser art or preview pages for most books. Holly just plans on making the books herself and gobbling up the money for it cause she's a pig and a scam artist. I wouldn't even buy this 'just to see' what's in it bc it doesn't even exist past a cover page and synopsis. if she can't finish a proper chapter of her main comic, what in the world would make me wanna buy this with any confidence?

No. 591904

Really, another book already????
Has any one in the mha zine gotten that second email/ video she said she was making?

No. 591909

File: 1527085175053.png (769.98 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

These pins are so fugly

No. 591915

At first it seemed like that blond dude has eyepatch. Looks so cheap.

No. 591922

uhhh are you allowed to start preorders on a book you've only drawn the cover for lmfao this comes across as a scam…

No. 591928

Lol it’s a girl

No. 591935

>>591928 how unfortunate, lol.

No. 591939

Enamel packaging just LAZIER. Also I can’t get over the fact that she commissioned the pins before even starting to draw the comic, resulting in characters being a primitive version and buttugly to say the least.
She’s picking the end of the month as a deadline for way too many things… I wonder why she needs cash so quickly.

No. 591952

This is pretty likely a nitpick, but that cat packaging for the pins is kind of dumb if the comic doesn't have cats in it

No. 591964

I'm nitpicky too, I don't want something I bought to say "A gift for you" on it unless I asked for it to be gift wrapped. I bought it, what the hell is it, a gift to myself?
And wouldn't custom printed packaging make sense with her own artwork on it, not some random cat thing?
My theory on why she needs cash is San Japan coming up and forgot about needing plane tickets and a room (I remember in a previous thread she said she was flying which is absolutely nonsensical considering the amount of stuff she's gonna be hauling with her)

No. 591967

Flying? but she's FROM san antonio (or am i wrong?). that doesn't make sense.

No. 592025


Where the hell do I even begin with this hot mess.

First: why call it a doujinshi when it's her own characters? If it were SOMEONE ELSE doing this with her OCs or an ANTHOLOGY of different artists including Holly, then yes, it would make sense to call it that. But primarily, doujinshi is done for pre-existing works. Just call it a fucking comic, Holly, that's what it is.

Second: who the FUCK does she think she is? Is she really putting up preorders TODAY and leaving them open for ONE WEEK? This is just like her soon-to-be-atomic-bomb of a zine for MHA (giving artists an unrealistically short time frame to finish their pieces by the 31st). Also, >>591803 it's common for doujinshi and books in general to have pre-order stages due to how long they take to produce. Japanese sites like Toranoana does this because they're a professional shop who work with artists that know what the hell they're doing.
When you open up pre-orders for something, any self-respecting artist who KNOWS what they're doing leave them open until a) a set stock they already have sells out, or b) has a decent time frame open (1-2, maybe even 3 months is standard for books). Even fucking Moo did this with her awful keychains, so congratulations Holly, one of the stupidest cows on this site is officially smarter than you when it comes to selling pre-orders.

I haven't even gone into the artistic stages with this trite garbage.

>using an unfinished, ugly, LAZY sketch as the front cover for muh aesthetic purposes

>the fact that she wants to sell her OCs when it would be more logical and rake in more money if she did a pre-existing series (YOU KNOW LIKE WHAT A DOUJINSHI IS SUPPOSED TO FUCKING BE)
>this will most likely never see the light of day bc of all her projects she piles on to herself
>no one will buy it because her fanbase is filled with 13 yr old scumbag, edgelord fujoshits like her and it's 18+
>32 FUCKING PAGES LONG yet still calls it a "mini comic". Holly. "Mini" means about 10-15 pages in the doujinshi business, not fucking 32. Oh wait, if she made it that short, she would have to charge about $7 instead of $15. Greedy cunt.

Sorry for sperging, but holy FUCK, I hate people like her who talk like she knows everything and then fucks up the easiest shit because of her ignorance.

No. 592101

I would be funny to see someone do a parody of Content cop episode for Holly ,tbh I would pay for that and to see the shitstorm afterward .

No. 592105

also holly has the most bland packaging to go with her bland stale ass art.

No. 592168

not just that, it absolutely does not mesh with her style

No. 592232

File: 1527109714094.png (1.88 MB, 1180x1196, Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 14.0…)

Oh yikes. Money not well spent

No. 592251

Are her characters even drawn like this anymore? I don’t trust Holly to draw anything on model.
I must admit, Holly knows how to wrap up a turd nicely. However it doesn’t cover up the waste of money buying her “products” really is.

No. 592281

I don’t think her characters ever looked like this. She tried to stylize them for the pins and instead made them look totally different .

No. 592290

The only doujins I've seen with cover art like that is torture/snuff/guro porn. I don't understand who she's trying to market it to, especially since a lot of her fanbase seems to be underaged or not into hard stuff like that.

No. 592457

ok so basically Holly has discovered aliexpress. Too bad she didn't try to find something that would match her content better. I've seen some that are like just polka dots, or a less figurative design

No. 592472

No. 592490

Again, she shits on studios. And she's shitting on porn drawings as "sell out". Color me shocked.

No. 592496

Holly can't sell this shit on storenvy. As far as I know, storenvy doesn't allow the sale of adult content. fucking reported

No. 592552

shut up, narc, don't you wanna see what a broken-looking shitshow this is??? have you seen her previous porn?? get outta here

No. 592563

(Not that anon) You shut up I wanna see Holly throw a fit about breaking basic rules. She should put it on tictail these are basic things to look into as an artist when you sell r18 content online.

No. 592564

let her release it and THEN report her, then you get your cake and eat it too

No. 592585

Uhhh correct me if I’m wrong I’m not a huge content creator, but isn’t talking about your taxes and finances SUPER unprofessional and kinda guilt trippy? Like she’s essentially guilt tripping her audience into buying her shit right? God this gives me a whole bunch of scammy vibes

No. 592600


You don't need a god damn sketchbook FOR storyboarding. Just draw the fucking squares in literally any other sketchbook than the ones she's selling overpriced.

No. 592609

>"I will not draw non-consensual"
>screen is literally kidnapping pre-rape
Also the green haired guy doesn't look sexy, he looks like he has a hunch back.

No. 592617

imo it's better to just get clear packets and design a nice backing card that complements the theme of the pin.
I mean in the end it doesn't really matter since it mostly gets thrown away but it looks more professional.

No. 592621

File: 1527142917145.png (26.62 KB, 800x230, p.png)

No. 592641

Holly literally had Cat related pins she could have used the cat package for. Also why is she throwing money at such useless things?

No. 592642


That's not an attack, that's a legit suggestion. scheduled work can ground someone like her with all that time she thinks she's got (and still manages to rush?), and give a more realistic view of what she can accomplish, while having some level of consistency.

but no, 'flipping burgers' and retail are just so beneath her now.
actually I'd have at least a bit more respect for her if she did hold a part time job. at least then she might be a bit more humble/tolerable.

so fuck her for also shitting on the ways artists need to get by to supplement their living/ passions. what an uppity pig.

No. 592643

She acts like working at McDonald's or drawing porn are her only options. What ever happened to taking commissions like 99% of other artists out there?

No. 592644

File: 1527146901154.jpeg (323.24 KB, 640x807, DA15B148-705D-4DD6-91CA-A21D13…)

Ffs, stop playing the dead dad card and talking like there’s tons of people judging you. You fucking got ONE comment, grow a pair.

No. 592646

Holly, your savings went to shit because you have no idea how to manage your money not because your dad died. Every time you come into some money you just immediately splurge on some new useless toy. Like was there any real reason for you to impulse buy that Cintiq and then turn around and immediately sell it? What about that Ipad you got on a payment plan when you had a perfectly good Huion to use?

No. 592648

Let’s not forget how much she’s spent for the convention table, and to print at home crappy books that could have had small printed run and cost one fourth of what she wasted.

No. 592652

No no no anon those were “investments.” She’s a business woman. /s

She needs to give herself a stern talking to, figure out a proper budget, clean her shithole of a room, and focus on a few profitable ventures. He issue isn’t her dad died, which like yeah I have empathy for. It’s that she has no personal accountability or responsibility and just wants to draw whatever she feels like in that moment. Clever Kitchen is a time sink. Her comic is a time sink. Her “animations” are a time sink. Manually making everything is a time sink. Lesson 101 of fucking life is that time is money. Yet she wastes so much of it doing busy work and shitty childish projects that she puts zero thought into. This nsfw shit is just another example of that. She has no idea if it’s going to make her money. It might even lose her money because fans could be turned off. Like she said, she draws a lot of Nsfw stuff anyway so she’s just trying to keep doing whatever she wants and try to profit off of it.

She needs to cut the shit, trim the fat, and figure out what is actually making her money and only focus on that. She needs to crank out profitable art like a machine. That’s how you get ahead. Not trying fifty different things, spending a fortune on programs and tools, and then failing at it all. Who gives a fuck about being a sell out? Work hard now, do side pieces you’re passionate about, and when you have stability, start being more independent with your choices. She acts like she has all the freedom in the world to do whatever art she wants. Which I mean, sure, if she wants to be a “starving artist.” But then she doesn’t get to bitch about money. She can’t make whatever she feels like in the moment regardless of profitability and then bitch about having no money. She can’t do both.

No. 592656

>"Clever Kitchen is a time sink."
Clever Kitchen is probably to only thing she should actually be doing right now since she needs to finish it to graduate. If Holly actually wanted a job in the animation industry she should be promoting the shit out of Clever Kitchen and posting updates on the process.

I think the main problem is Holly is unable to plan ahead at all. She has no idea what to with her life so she keeps jumping from one interest to another. The best thing for Holly right now would be sit down and actually think about what she wants to do. If she wants to work on comics for the rest of her life then she should focus on promoting her comics and releasing pages in a timely manner. If she wants to be an animator then she needs to keep us updated on her projects and try to build connections with people in the industry instead of shitting all over them in her videos. Finally, if she just wants to be a youtuber who sells crafts on the side, she needs to stop guilt tripping her audience constantly and work on her PR (ie stop posting about polarized topics on twitter and fighting people who call you out).

No. 592661

Actually, no. She doesn’t need KC “to graduate”, we don’t even know if her school will accept that stuff as a final project. She is in illustration, so KC as an animation is totally off topic and really hard to judge. A simple animation would have been useless, but she jumped on a full 10 minutes of animations only because she wants to prove god knows who that she can make animations.
But it’s not necessary. It would be necessary to build a project that focuses on illustrations. Build that project, put effort into it, learn how to speak about the project.
She could have made a full portfolio for the DEVELOPMENT of KC, complete with real studies and such, and call it a day.
So I agree with the other anon, KC is a sink. Nobody asked for her to create a 10 minutes short, ever.
Is she doing that because she wants to work in animation? Why doesn’t she fucking study fundamentals? A shorter but conscious animation impresses way more than a 10 minute turd. Also if she’s aiming at a studio job she should cut with her attitude, learn to be humble and, like, start networking.
But who in their sane mind would want to work with her?

No. 592662

File: 1527151062997.jpeg (231.07 KB, 720x856, Screenshot_20180523-222201.jpe…)

Ugh she's passing on her shitty anatomy to the impressionable youth of the internet.

No. 592663

Dare I say it looks better than her actual art

There was a bit of posting awhile of back of artists on here that had been influenced by Holly's art (mainly large chins) but it seems a few people are noticing she's really shit and are moving away from it

No. 592668

1.) Do you think Holly’s telling the truth about her taxes? Or do you think she’s trying to scam her fans? Can she not call her bank and get the tax refunded if she’s being ~so~ overcharged? Why does she need to make a whole video about it.

2.) Her continuing to say that art is a horrible, inconsistent career path (which makes me wonder why she still continues to pursue it).

No. 592669

I wouldn't be too surprised if she was lying, she probably didn't make as much this month because of her lack of consistent uploads not because of evil youtube taking her money.

No. 592670

i don't think she realizes she's scamming, but i do think she over plays the regular payments normal people have to pay. She's definitely trying hard to make her e-begging seem like "guys i had to resort to porn" or "it's not ebegging because i'm giving you a product" no matter how subpar the product is.

it makes her audience feel bad and when questioned she can pretend to be progressive (even though she's fujo trash and we know she draws that shit anyway she just wants money for it)

>to keep me from flipping burgers


>the lazy horse shit i'm making is worth your money i'm too professional to work in a job like that i had my own business at 23 reeeeeeee

No. 592671

You goof - we all know all of that, it's obvious. Anon wrote that she needs to do it to graduate because if it's what she indends to submit, and she doesn't do it, she won't graduate. Ffs

No. 592672

no she posted the graph with her earnings for that period being a big spike over the previous while, and if it works like where I live, that would be the reason for more tax, because each period's tax is based on the projection of what you'd make in a year if you made that much regularly

No. 592674

does anyone really want to see her acne ridden rapist character have sex

No. 592684

She's in illustration online college… She is also going to an anime convention to sell prints in less than a year.
Why the everloving fuck isn't she making illustrations for her school she can ALSO sell as prints?

No. 592706

Well the problem with that is that makes sense

No. 592708

Holly doesn't understand it's better to work smart rather than work hard.

No. 592837

guess who just started streaming y'all

No. 592842

File: 1527179816934.png (32.03 KB, 640x175, Screenshot 2018-05-24 11.34.53…)


No. 592847


Already bitchibg about the crits she's seen here.

No. 592848

" i mow the lawn guyzzz"
yea me and many others do to it doesn't make you any better

No. 592851

Plot of porn, pimple guy finds Purple bro has a kink, gross guy roofies him and puts him in a trunk. They bone. He "pulls a family guy" according to Holly.

No. 592854

I see someone reported it, but did anyone preorder for the milk? if not, who's gonna get the milk at her cons? This sounds super like rape.

No. 592857


If I didn't give a shit about my money I'd get it but I can't justify giving anything to this cow. Hopefully I'll be able to snag some shitty booth pics but that's about it.

No. 592864

>I would never have an abortion, I would rather be responsible ahead of time

>Plan you're life, don't be stupid, then you should never have to have one

Quotes from the stream

No. 592869

Wtf is wrong with her jfc. Oh yes you're all about consent Holly. Sounds like she has a very fujo outlook on consent. Even if Hershel has a non con fetish, roofying him and raping him isn't freaking consent from what we know of the characters he can't stand Reese. You can have a fetish but pre establishing consent is the whole point. This is like 50 shades of Gray stupid.

No. 592871

She says people were less sensitive before Obama, Holly is the most sensitive individual so she needs to shut her mouth.

Says recycling is a waste of time and big trashcans piss her off, that they're a pain to move. They really aren't that difficult to move she's just lazy and weak af.

Also sex is apparently scary cause who would want to have sex with this cow?

No. 592874

Must be easy to have such lofty opinions on birth control habits and possibly unplanned pregnancy when you you're an incel.

No. 592875

"I never said there would be consensual kidnapping, just consensual sex."

Oh, Holly.

No. 592877

File: 1527182618624.png (4.87 KB, 306x136, eggplant.png)

She has a sponsor button available for this stream and these are the emojis. She says that's an eggplant.

No. 592887

i feel like im having a stroke listening to her. all of her opinons are so fucking awful

No. 592891


She is so unbearable, it's hard to even try. Also pot is the devil, a gateway drug dull of gross stuff.

She says she's not conservative but damn if she doesn't sound like a concerned mom who is trying so hard to be cool.

No. 592893

People are just eatin up her bullshit in chat too I had to leave.

No. 592900


It's the worst, refused to read the chat, those poor idiots.

No. 592909

The Plan:
>end up in school in Portland
>Furniture degree

No. 592912

>"They didn't give me any scholarships even though I was literally an ORPHAN"

Your parents (at the time) were not dead Holly, so you were not a 'literal orphan', get over yourself.

No. 592916

How many rice cakes is she eating during this stream? I had to stop watching because I can't take the crunchy chewing sounds.

No. 592917

She means the she legally was an orphan which is true. Your parents don't have to be dead for you to be an orphan legally.

No. 592923

Not the same anon but from what I know scholarships and financial helps comes depending on the income in the house you’re living in. She might have been technically an orphan but her aunt took her in and they based their choice over the fact that she still lived under a roof and her aunt had a stable financial income.

No. 592927


That's my mistake, then! Thx anon.

No. 592992

I love how Holly thinks she’s gonna make bank on her porn considering most of her fans are underage

No. 592996

does she know that birth control can fail. And that people don't only have sex when they want to reproduce. She has the opinions of a sheltered high schooler who hasn't experienced the world yet.

fujos are nasty

No. 592998


I only just started the stream and the bit about "why do I have to work minimum wage when I have skillz" already made me mad

No. 593000

watching holly is like watching a rat trying to run up a greasy pole

No. 593004

"It's because I have a skill, it's called drawing."

Skill is the last thing I would describe Holly's art with.

I mean sure, if she makes more money drawing porn than working at McDonald's, why not, but I'm sure it's going to crash and burn like every other project she's trying to make money on.

No. 593058

i think it goes without a majority of this little side story comic is traced….

No. 593130

22ish minutes in she starts hardcore laughing ‘teehee Reese drugs and rapes herschel xDDD’ But still rants about how noncon is gross ‘I’m not like those hentai artists, It’s just his kink1/!/1/1/‘

No. 593145


If she's going to be like that she needs to just admit it and stand her ground, it's embarrassing to see her backpedal.

No. 593167

File: 1527211581206.jpg (53.88 KB, 703x570, 57c742b3-3355-4a9b-b0a1-2e9908…)

Anytime Holly talks about starting another goddamn project

No. 593217


No. 593251

File: 1527217588752.png (992.53 KB, 1086x956, Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 20.0…)

When her fans draw better stuff than her. He actually looks like he has muscles now

No. 593259

What the shit is going on with those collar bones…

No. 593265

a training bra?

No. 593368

They still drew lines across the arm to represent musculature. It looks more 3d than what holly draws but they are picking up her bad habits.

No. 593387

True but atleast their lines seem to be actually following the musculature?

No. 593393

I mean I guess but from an anatomy stand point those arms are incredibly off. The forearms and the elbow divot on the right are super wrong. The face looks nice though stylistically as well as expression (if not off putting given context) they definitely have more potential than Holly imo but they are still learning. I'd say Adept to Holly's Novice but not nearly Expert yet.

No. 593394

Also his biceps are longer than his head? They need more irl studies and less anime.

No. 593410

What do you expect, they learn from holly, she's a shitty teacher with no skill.

No. 593512

Judging by the skill of the fan artist, it looks like it was possibly made by one of Holly's slightly more artistically adept followers who is trying to sponge off some of Holly's e-fame.

For all the anons on here trying to tear apart the piece, it's honestly pretty good. I mean it's no Picasso but I personally would consider commissioning the original artist.

No. 593529

I remember people here were creaming over the flatcolour person she hired a while ago, don't expect consistency ITT

No. 593602

Wait what? Does she think people who work minimum wage jobs don’t have skills of their own?

No. 593620

File: 1527261997568.jpg (38.26 KB, 552x129, Untitled.jpg)

She retweeted this. We really hit a sore spot, huh.

No. 593728


In her case is it even really a living wage? If she was living on her own this is the point where she would be undoubtedly begging for money, she wouldn't have the time to pull this bullshit and make a pornbook, it would be better to get a retail job or something of the like. That tweet is not really suited for her.

No. 593744

I agree with this tweet, but Holly doesn't make money off her art. She got lucky with a viral video on youtube and that's where she makes money. I doubt she's making money off her store enough to support herself.

No. 593773


She immediately just spends all the money she gets from videos and whatever art she makes on whatever shiny new thing catches her interest to make more art that she barely, if ever, makes a profitable return on…

I'd noticed she pretty much has been ramping up the asking for money lately though. And there's nothing wrong with making money off your work, but she's doing everything in such a slapdash way, it all just ends up coming off as a moneygrab without really caring or looking at what she's making. There's no thought or time going into what she makes, and that's sort of disrespectful to her audience that might be the slightest bit interested.

"I'm gonna pump this crap out, they'll buy anything"
is what it feels like.

No. 593882

New vlog

No. 593939

I highly doubt she'll actually clean her room but I hope she does bc its a shit hole

No. 593992

>discovers nightwing

shitty fujo fan art incoming.

No. 594030

File: 1527294126083.png (564.53 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


No. 594032

This is kind of what I feared most, that and any other super hero she gets her grubby, greasy hands on.

Didn't she constantly shit on the superhero genre? Why the sudden interest now

No. 594067

hopefully the link works
but basically this girl shits on baylee jae( I would agree but at the same time when she mentioned holly as more of a pro i couldn't anymore just nope"
and then kisses up to holly as a" professional "
Seems like she wants to be like a knock off holly

No. 594075

What an idiot

No. 594077

correct me if i'm wrong, but a while ago wasn't Holly given a car? It might be on another thread or something, but I remember her getting a car and then giving it to her brother because she wanted a better one or something like that.

No. 594094

maybe but what would that matter. everyone in Texas will have a car and you can probably one for like $300

No. 594098


not the sane anon but it matter because now she's complaining about not having one. Knowing holly, she's going to try and get the most expensive one for no reason, especially if what you're saying about $300 cars is true.

No. 594112

File: 1527305568405.jpeg (55.23 KB, 480x270, 6289EFF6-C496-4A78-9AC8-9CCCC7…)


>drawing my fav in her shit irredeemable style

No. 594268

To whoever asked: reese is Hispanic.
She claimed that in her latest stream.

No. 594344

She only likes these heroes because they're from a manga.
The exact same story and characters could have come from a western superhero comic book artist and she'd pay it zero attention

No. 594364

hey im the creator of that vid and i made it almost a year ago now, and i dont agree with what i said anymore lol.. ive since gone to art uni and actually been educated in good work ethics and good illustrators and i now can confirm that holly BRown is trash, so take that vid with a pinch of salt

sage for ot?

No. 594367


Whats with her fetishizing hispanic men?
She never seems to specify what "hispanic" her characters are.
Are they central,islanders,southern latinos?

No. 594369

i know herschel or whatever is supposed to be Mexican.

is she really fetishizing latino man? i can't tell if she ever had a hardon for other latino men, fictional or otherwise

No. 594374

True,I guess she really only does with her two latino characters

No. 594400

File: 1527350211475.png (460.81 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Someone called the lame nightwing fanart. She did a sketch dump on twitter and they are all awful

No. 594411


Again with that fucking hair. I swear that's just Herschel in a mask.

Also she can make her characters whatever race she wants, but like, they're all bland as toast anyway. She has an obvious obsession with 'muscles' though since she likes to point out that Herschel has them. a lot. Even though he doesn't.

No. 594414

To be fair I also find most western super hero comics flat and uninteresting stylistically. But that doesn't take away from the average artists' technical proficiency. I have respect for them even if I would never read anymore than I've already tried.

No. 594418


wouldn't be able to tell who this guy was without context…that fuckin flyaway hair and dreamworks smirk.

No. 594425

she spent all that time shitting on superheroes n shit now she's turned the tables (on nightwing at least) but we all knew she was full of shit anyway

No. 594427

The fact Holly thinks Jordan Peterson is intelligent speaks to her own level of intelligence so much. Jordan Peterson literally said 1950s housewives didn't know how "lucky" they were with how "easy" their lives were. Fuck you Holly.

No. 594432


That's just her lame attempt to be cool by means of liking controversial shit. She couldn't live a 50s wife lifestyle, it'd be funny to see her try though.

No. 594446

You say as if Holly wouldn't jump at the chance to just be a trophy wife. I honestly don't think Holly is saying this to be controversial; I sincerely believe she has low enough esteem to believe everything in that book.

No. 594447

sorry about that didn't know , and thats good .

No. 594461


That's true, her self-esteem is certainly at gutter level, can't see her ever being a trophy wife though. Clean, cook and have kids is that motto and sex is scary cause you can get pregnant and an abortion wouldn't be for her so she's out of luck. Unless she finds some fundamentalist husband who wants to wait until marriage to have sex that is.

No. 594466

don't insult toast. toast is great.

No. 594487

Homemaker =/= Trophy Wife.

If Holly had the looks she would 100% be happy just sitting there looking pretty if it meant she could continue being a leech. I mean she already basically scams her fans into basically just giving her money so it's not that different.

>"sex is scary"
I really doubt Holly is anti-sex. She just like parroting stupid fundamentalist views like the sheep she is. Of course, like many other fundamentalist's out there, she is definitely a huge hypocrite who would probably jump at the chance to have sex with a guy she finds attractive.

No. 594494


You're right, I should've come at that angle but I was humoring anon. Hell I know I wouldn't eat any meals cooked by Holly, she thinks stale ass rice cakes are better for her than fruit and vegetables as a snack. Stupid much? I hope they realize how much of a scammer she actually is when the zine books are shit and when it takes forever for her fucking rape fantasy book to come out.

Need a big hypocrite stamp to put over her face! She definitely isn't anti-sex, she's anti-abortion for herself so she's scared she's going to get pregnant so she avoids sex I guess. A baby would eat up all the time she spends on her shitty art and she can't have that.

No. 594510

File: 1527359745477.jpg (82.83 KB, 602x730, 1469a040225b0cc1838785102093.j…)

well she really likes Lance from Voltron Legendary Defenders who's cuban? dont know if both reese and herschel were hispanic before that

but herschel used be white, and I was under the impression reese was black but i guess holly is bad at skin tones

heck i dunno if herschel is dark tan or light yellow, its been kinda inconsistent

No. 594515

Even being a trophy wife requires working on yourself to keep yourself hot. That's literally still too much work for Holly to handle

No. 594543


Yo you're right, anon. My mistake lmao.

Holly just leeches off of trends for however long she's interested in making money off it. wonder what ever happened to those 500 Hamilton projects she had going. I know she dropped some.
But the only reason people follow her around is because she A) had merch for a popular thing, or said she liked popular thing and drew it
B) 'speaks her mind' and those 'edgy teens' like what she has to say because 'a lotta people don't know' her opinions are actually unpopular
C) hate following her. Which i guess is a lot of this forum.

She'll never be known for much else since she'll die if she gets her head out of her ass, that's her main source of oxygen after all.

No. 594545

yea I think the only reason people are stillw atchign is for those rant type videos.
I mean yea she can have an opinion , but her's is not totally solid all the time ?(( idk if that makes sense )
Like she wants to be edgy but at the same time not totally , idk its a weird paradox for me to see .She'll probably pander to anyone though so there's that.

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