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File: 1536697267687.jpg (21.91 KB, 275x237, 1536540908473.jpg)

No. 686056

Holly Brown is an artist YouTuber who specializes in hypocrisy, terrible anatomy and most importantly starting projects she can never finish.

Social Media:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/hollyistotallycool
Youtube (Vlog Channel): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgeEynuhGskPjgNR5DjbZmw/feed
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/h.c.brown/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HCBrownart
Tumblr: http://hollycbrown.com/
Her Website: https://www.hollycbrown.com/
Her Store: http://hollybrown.storenvy.com/#_=_

The CalArts Rant she is known for:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvnD-9XOs5k [DL][Archived Copy]

>22-year-old freelancer artist who does youtube, lives with her mom (aunt), and runs an online store

>She hates her brother and constantly sperges about him whenever she gets a chance. Was known to keep bashing him on a live stream once (way after he went away)
>Takes on too many projects at once, then complains about it afterwards
>Constantly bitches on twitter
>Is a big hypocrite, the type to give advice and then do the total opposite
>Thinks she is a professional hardworking artist when in reality she is a stay at home slob who can never finish anything
>Shits on other artists
>Always talks about how she doesn't have money and how ""poor"" she is but is constantly seen (and broadcast on Twitter/social media) buying unnecessary items
>When she buys said items, she brags about how great they are, then is known to disregard them (usually sell them) about a week or so after using them
>Always talks about trying to earn money from various art projects, but it never works
>Cant take criticism to save her life, she will usually respond with something passive or aggressive or blame it on her style.
>Is a complete FUJO, but yet complains about Fujoshis, a total hypocrite
>Hates women and just wants to draw "teh gays"
>Has no friends and is cooped up inside her house. Her room is very filthy.
>Cant spell or write for shit. Has terrible grammar anything she writes is confusing. (Also goes and shits on people for not knowing how to spell)
>Has a terrible personality in general
>Wasted 83 artists' time by attempting to put together a BNHA zine, and constantly complaining about the work she created herself instead of answering e-mails

>San Japan prep quickly goes awry due to poor time managment
>Holly makes it to San Japan with less stock than intended, but still takes over most of her shared booth
>Displays her poorly drawn porn front and center and only censors her display copy with stickers, complains on twitter about being told to take it down
>Makes no money compared to her expenses pre-con
>"Idk guys, I might not do as many cons now, too much drama"
>Decides to make more terrible "gay shit" instead, this time about sex slaves (it's not rape, my dudes)
>Finally posts an apology about her poor managment on the zine, but still decides to keep printing them at home instead of using a printing service
>Lets her ass hang all the way out in a livestream with TwistedDisaster where she tackles fun, family-friendly topics such as religion and rape for her teen audience (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMZohx1MLIU)

>Projects List: Hamilton Animatic, Clever Kitchen, Convention Stuff, Paranormal Plague, Purgatory (redrawing/inking), BNHA themed zine

Previous Threads:

No. 686066

She hasn't deleted anything yet, but here's a pretty shit stream edit for easy access. By the way: looks like that apology wasn't very sincere, because she sort of took if back when bitching about the artists involved with Michie in the stream (because of course she did, so yeah.)

No. 686075

i truly wonder how Holly would be if she had an older, not shitty influence in her life that she looks up to and would call her out on her shit

No. 686212

Yeeeesssh. Jfc! This was so cringey, i cant even get to five minutes! Holly and Michie are both fucktards, someone really needs to say something to them. The convo went from girl talk -> rape ->gay men -> vampire peen. What gets me is that Holly (and Michie) dont know how to say something controversial in a way that doesnt sound ignorant, that cant even switch topics without getting to another cringey topic.

No. 686262

File: 1536719599298.png (61.28 KB, 617x413, ahnaohno.png)

Hoggly is very active on twitter right now, this is one of the newer posts. Oh, and she said there was going to be "a lot of flashbacks" in PP, so it looks like she might actually do the cutting thing soon (if she gets to chapter two.) This is going to be painful.

No. 686280

File: 1536721291337.png (388.37 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


No. 686285

it actually somehow looks worse in the after, holy shit.

No. 686288

she…really redid the entire page? she didn't just like, get rid of the colored layers???? at least the panel layout is more appealing in the new one, I guess.

No. 686293

why are all panels skewed?

No. 686294


What the hell?? She got worse. Does she even try?

No. 686307

i know we talk a lot about her art devolving but wow, this is the perfect example and at top-speed turnaround. it's like she went out of her comfort zone just a little on the right side, then redid everything to be 'safer' but actually more wooden and harder to read. the difference in the girl sitting in the middle panel (the most zoomed out one where you can see her legs) is the most telling, look at how much stiffer and more sterile her pose becomes. hershey's face in the last panel goes from a clear (albeit unnecessarily dramatic) expression to him making the same face i am trying to understand why she changed all this shit for the worse.

also that stupid hair flap in last row 2nd panel looks like its supposed to be an anime glare at first, jfc

No. 686330

Literally all she did was take out the colors and reduce the chin ratio lmfao.

No. 686332

i think she’s realized that her work mostly appeals to weeb teens and now she’s slightly changing her style to fit that demographic’s tastes more. The only noticeable changes between the two are the dumb fucking hair flaps, hershel’s thinner face/less dramatic expression, and the switch from color to screen tone. And unfortunately for her, b&w makes everything a little less discernible than it was before. Her colors aren’t great, but they added some life to her wonky drawings.

No. 686334

File: 1536726011883.jpg (25.55 KB, 602x125, bricks.JPG)

imagine not having thought after years of art that you don't need to draw all the individual bricks

No. 686337


She literally could have left the first few pages in color and just proceeded in b/w like many comics do, but I mean it's also kind of fun to see her work harder than she needs to.

No. 686340

she transformed hershel's hair into a gravity defying anime-esque abomination and wasted time reinking all those pages in black instead of leaving them colored? i don't understand her thought process.. manga/comics usually have 1 or 2 of the first pages colored..?? all that extra effort for what? i feel like holly constantly makes things harder for herself than they need to be

No. 686345

File: 1536727095768.jpg (19.35 KB, 233x191, Dm3GytmU0AEMqHf.jpg)

No. 686354

fuck, I laughed way harder at that than I should've

No. 686355

is that holly’s lord and savior, ultimate yaoi man???

No. 686385

funny thing is, i can believe she'd draw it like that and think it looks okay.

No. 686397

Is she allergic to rectangular panels….this layout is horrible on both versions

No. 686411

File: 1536733679838.jpeg (104.94 KB, 393x600, 71806BEC-31DB-410A-9929-188767…)

Hes looming over the rape victim

No. 686413

Damn we found our next thread pic already? That was fast

No. 686416

The bg looks traces

No. 686418

probably not traced, probably just an asset from something

No. 686428


They both look like shit, especially the last panel. What the hell kind of awkward angle is that? Save the Dutch angles for fight scenes, not casual conversations in diners wtf

I guess the colored one is slightly better, despite the constipated expressions. The hands in the b&w one are worse, and the textures on the chairs are busy and distracting. The dude's hair in the left one looks more like a dead bird than hair.

The b&w is seriously the new one? I thought it was the old one jfc

No. 686431

how is this a male… even leaving aside the collarbone that is where cleavage should be…
You can't just draw a female neck with no adams apple and put a fucking choker pretending it's hiding it

No. 686436

They both look like a couple of basement dwelling cat ladies, and Holly's got some strong crazy eyes going on. Would it kill ya to put on some makeup before going on camera?

He's a KAWAII yaoi uke boi anon, duh. A can only be a +soft boi+ if he's been boiled down to a flat-chested girl with a penis.

No. 686437

Every time she draws these broken ribs I am triggered

No. 686441

>wat is perspective

No. 686446

we’ve said before that holly’s colors are shit, but i’d much rather have her piss colors than these pathetic attempts at screen tone. just…nothing about this looks good. why does reese have one single hair flap on our left side of the pic (right side of his face) that curls in the opposite direction of where the wind is blowing the rest of his hair?? the more i look at it, the more confused i am.

No. 686450

I thought this was a before+after, not after+before.
The only things I prefer are Hersh's face (not hair) in the 1st and final panels. Ash's hair squiggle at increased size looks like a giant sperm. That, Hersh's hair, and the stiff legs in the zoomed out shot all made me think it was the "before."

I actually don't hate this but I agree with what anons have pointed out about it, too. Maybe it's just that this is the least-hideous picture I've seen of Reese (probably in large part due to the lack of coloring and the bridge).

No. 686462

Forget about broken ribs, that rib cage is like six inches lower than it should be. More like broken spine kek

No. 686464

Sorry for same fag but I can't stop laughing his sternum is in his abdomen

No. 686478

Not to defend Holly, but I think that's supposed to be an emo ribcage hoodie instead of an x-ray view.

No. 686482

yeah it is, holly mentioned that it's based off of a hoodie she has irl

No. 686492

File: 1536751769178.jpg (154.03 KB, 710x869, absolololotolynot.jpg)

The weird lumpy ass and unusual amount of hair squiggles are nice touches.

No. 686496

Hershel looks worse than ever, I didn't think I'd ever want the chins back but here we are.

If she wants the comic to be b/w then it's better to redo imo, the previous lines wouldn't have matched.

No. 686501

>"good drawing day"
>princess has gone from black woman to a mix between a womanchild and a guidette with a broken hand and half her collar missing
>ash has lost her lips in a terrible accident and has ear tumors

i mean, i guess.

No. 686506

I genuinely couldn't tell which one is the before and which one is the after. I had forgotten that she did this to allegedly get rid of the colors.

No. 686508

Love Ash's paw hands and Princess' hand not actually interacting with her bag; not to mention Ash's "girl trying to look thicc on Instagram" pose

No. 686509

poor ash with those huge hands that look like john arbuckle's hands.
She also doesn't make sense in 3d - unless she only has one boob

No. 686517

File: 1536756441972.jpeg (983.36 KB, 2048x2048, D2010DC2-8197-41E4-BBA6-C12548…)

Tbh I like this style more, anatomy aside, it looks more “refined” (in lack of a better word” and lively.

No. 686528

wasn’t princess supposed to be kind of chubby?? i don’t like holly’s “redesign”, but at least the character isn’t grimacing or looking like she has a stick up her ass constantly. seriously, i know she hasn’t drawn that character much, but i don’t think there’s a single pic of her with a semi pleasant expression.

No. 686531

No your right anon. Hollys previous depictions of Princess always had her grimicing or looking like she is about to sneeze all the time.

I still cant get over Ash's ass though! Like it deadass looks triangular. Holly managed to fuck up the most easiest pose ever!

No. 686547

Argh but i hate the expression on Princess's face on the new design. Why does holly use such horrible expressions all the time?

No. 686548


I can completely forgive Holly's lack of anatomy and perspective if she did more lively drawings like this.
They look like they have a hint of personality.

No. 686549

This doesn’t really match up at all, I love manga that can pull off that serious/realistic style and can use tones like this and pull off the look, Holly just can his looks horrible together

Well Holly is working on her anatomy but it’s still horrible, and still wonky as fuck. Like her style has changed to a more cartoony look but her lines got worse, hips, arms and hands don’t work like that and wtf is with their hair?
I wouldn’t be surprised if she traced the poses then tried to work on them to make it less obvious because this is a big leap in anatomy for her

No. 686551

About her expressions: That's fair enough, but it's unlikely that she won't end up with the dreamworks sassy snarl face we all know and love, this is just one drawing after all.

No. 686617

how long is the neck of the girl on the left? that's not how turtleneck sweaters work…

No. 686692


these where posted in the last thread already

No. 686727

>A LoVeLy EPERience
Still hasn't gotten old LMAO

No. 686776

> a big leap in anatomy for her
anon, are you alright? This is just as wonky as her usual stuff.

No. 686781

Yeah her usual anatomy mistakes are there these poses are just more dynamic. The inking is okay too (well not in every area but still)

She still has the ball joint affect with all her limbs she can blame on those stupid pose dolls. And her proportions as usual, Princess's arms don't match in length.

No. 686782

The upper portion of Ash's body is facing slightly to the side but then her spine breaks as her belly button and legs become entirely profile

No. 686808

looking at any of her drawings where the character’s face is supposed to be in profile (or close enough), it’s obvious that she has no idea how to draw the body in profile either. in both of those pics of princess on the bottom right, her neck looks distorted on her body. idk how she can claim to be a professional artist and be unable to connect the head and the body properly in different poses.

No. 686815

I said “I wouldn’t be surprised if she traced this pose” because he anatomy is way better then when she freehanda and we all know that.
She traced this off of one of her DesignDoll models or took a picture of one of her balljointed figures for sure, because princess’s anatomy is pretty much normal Holly while what’s her fast is vastly different (while still being shit like how?)

Not actually saying her anatomy is good, it’s not. Just “good” for her

No. 686850

Does anyone have the link to her store envy for the Zine ?
Looks like she deleted a bunch of tweets ? I can't seem to find it or i'm stupid and passed it somehow .

No. 686854

looks like everything that was before September 5th has been deleted ?
you would think to keep things transparent she would keep up the tweets saying sorry to the artist ,unless the video is still up on her one other channel ?

No. 686875

After that apology she talked a lot of shit about the participants in the zine, said that no one understood her and that she hated artists. No idea about what was deleted, but she's definitely trying to push a different narrative right now (the "Holly is innocent, artists are whiny"- kind of narrative, that is). Tinfoiling, but her followers are eating it up, so she might just try to throw everyone else under the bus instead of making things right, that way she can justify dropping the zine quicker.

No. 686876

Don't all manga styles have exaggerated, wonky proportions and expressions tho? realism kinda doesnt exist in those. ESPECIALLY in yaoi

No. 686880

Style and exaggeration don't excuse obvious mistakes that vary from panel to panel. And yeah there are lots of shitty mangaka with weak skills but they don't go on arrogant rants on YouTube citing their superiority as an excuse to shit on other artists. That's pretty much why I even ended up here. If Holly wants to criticize others we can citizen her and she can't decry her style or genre choice as an excuse.

No. 687064

File: 1536813629582.png (842 KB, 578x804, differance.png)

it's super easy to see the difference in styles and exaggeration in different mangaka and the styles they learn/use over time.

the ones who do comedy/slice of life tend to do the wonky/cartoony look, more serious and horror based manga tend to have the realistic look.

Holly can't do either well

No. 687121

holy shit anon, before I zoomed in I thought that was a photo. Who's the beautiful bastard of an artist that did the second panel?

No. 687140

not the anon who posted it but the artist of the realistic panel is Asano Inio, that's from his manga Goodnight Punpun. his BGs are edited photos he takes himself, there's a video of his process on YT

No. 687152

File: 1536828141792.jpg (744.73 KB, 1600x1190, 122.jpg)

ot but, I honestly love how detailed some manga can get when it comes to full page and two page panels(one punch man chapter 94)

No. 687162

Shut the fuck up about your autistic interests. It doesnt belong on this forum.

No. 687181

Is the "realistic" bit what Holly thinks she's doing when she draws brick walls?

No. 687183

File: 1536834422892.png (381.55 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I truly hate the hair floppie things

No. 687187

So…. Ash has a FUPA?

No. 687193

Holy shit, that perspective is so bad that I first thought that Ash's left arm had just became smaller

No. 687195

The black girl just looks like her emo boy now but with tits. At least she looked like a bkack woman in the old design…now she just looks ambiguous.

No. 687203

making lines thicker when you're trying to make the arm look further away seems………..bad

No. 687205

>On this forum
Go back to facebook Becky

No. 687207

is this not a forum? is it a special uwu image board for really cool people? Im sorry for my mistake 😞😞😞😞 carry on

No. 687216

Nigga, you spell dox as "doxx" don't you? Smh.

No. 687217

Holly already fucking lacks the ability to draw human traits thats would be indicative of race to the point where her redesign of a black woman just looks like an indian girl, but the worst part is the level of ignorance really matches up with something akin to old shitty mangas. Nothing about Hollys characters have poc in the them besides screentones and occasionally drawing even worse exagerated cartoony faces in a desperate attempt at drawing somebody of color for the sake of inclusivity.
I mean jesus even the hair alone is such a big fuck up, like what black woman have you seen holly that has naturally straight long hair they can just braid into a tail and let it all flop in the wind?(what if its a weave or a wig!!!?? Are gonna be shitty unrealistic cop outs) What woman do you see in overalls lookings like she just hit jr High but is in special Ed for being alittle too nice and vapid which turns out to just autism.
Its just really disgusting to see her glorify & misconstrue mangas and mangakas all for the sake of what? A shitty artstyle with a shitty excuse, the weeb artists who arent into older mangas already struggle w drawing different races cause their precious top tier mangas barely have any and when they do oh boy its so off the mark or just understated you really only go by "well they're alittle darker in skin tone".

Holly really has it difficult to bring out that Brown in her name kek

No. 687220

Isn't Reese supposed to be "black" as well? Or something along these lines? I always forget

No. 687221

Holly comes off as the type of person who probably doesn't want to add poc in her stories, but does it anyway so she doesn't get "called out" by people on the internet for not having enough poc characters in her stories.

No. 687224

gotta laugh though at how a wish to simply draw comics now requires the skills of a bomb disposal expert.
Draw the lips normal size
>poc erasure
Draw lips accurate big
>racist jim crow
Don't draw any ni\\other races
>poc erasure white supremacy

No. 687226

File: 1536845424127.jpg (99.01 KB, 630x939, 01qanda.jpg)

God damn it, Keith.

No. 687227

File: 1536845612555.png (285.96 KB, 677x888, idkyall.png)

also this idk about the feet looks kind of weird but idk

No. 687236

Isn't that a right foot on a left leg?

No. 687237

File: 1536846617321.jpeg (194.11 KB, 640x1055, 9B1635BF-C9EE-45BC-A578-1C7EB8…)

What the fuck is that face? Kinda looks like a furry.

No. 687239

>>687227 the feet… you mean, that completely poorly drawn kiss??

No. 687256

Why does she always need to throw 3-4 sketches together like this? Simons ass is about to sit on the other simons face.. wait she’s probably into that

No. 687269

Besides extreme sjw's I dont see anyone on this board or otherwise have that attitude at all and during her Hamilton phase nobody went around screeching jim crow and segeregation era art?

But whatever makes you happy I guess

No. 687284

not from us, from the mainstream.
Did she draw big lips? I didn't see that. I was talking about
if someone wanted to be widely read.
Holly wouldn't get called out if she drew Princess as an ape because only about 30 people probably look at her art. Her youtube tutorials have gradually accumulated a lot of views but if you look at her twitter for example she gets like 2 likes on her 'here's a new peice' tweets

No. 687295

Exaggerated and stylized stuff only looks good if there is a clear understanding of anatomy.

I like how she completely gave up on making princess look black and just gave her wavy-ish hair.

No. 687306

Anon, it's perfectly possible to draw black characters that look neither like a racist caricature, nor like a white person colored in brown. It's really not a hot button issue.

No. 687310

File: 1536854189154.png (1.17 MB, 1244x1008, 5764ruj6.png)

you can look at her Hamilton pics here.
it's pretty clear Holly is just shit when it comes to character design because she doesn't even put in the work t make the characters appealing or coherent, just "what she thinks they look like"

No. 687321

So she got rid of damiens terrible hair only to give it to simon?

Her faces remind me of plank from ed edd n eddy

No. 687342


I swear she changed princess' character altogether. She used to look like a stuck up self-important woman, and now she looks like a 'precious baby uwu' middle schooler who tags around with blondie and doesn't know any better. Like Holly aged her down or some shit.

No. 687351

I agree with this completely. The hair thing I think is a reach. Black woman can have naturally straight y'all need to go outside.

No. 687353

File: 1536857796136.png (245.93 KB, 370x499, tuaeg.png)

West African girl with natural hair. And hey look at that she looks like Princess.

No. 687358

inb4 Holly whines about
> "a lotta people have been messaging me complaining about Princess' design…"
>"a lotta people don't understand that black people have–"

No. 687360

>n-nuh there's this.. this one tribe, so

No. 687364

>and if u don't know what black people are, basically, they're–

No. 687384

She shouldn't use diagonal grids just for the sake of it, it looks stupid and confusing.

But hey, she knows about comics.

No. 687387

On the plus side, no more fugly glasses and Damian looks less like a weird shota/a straight-up girl

No. 687408

Lol are you done? Sperg elsewhere please.

No. 687410

I have a feeling she ditched the glasses because she lurks.

No. 687434

i still can't believe she did this honestly.
the way the panels are spaced out in the new one is really unappealing and the lack of color/screentone mixed with the lack of background makes it look really bland…
and what's up with the hair? she should've just stuck to the original or at the very least have a director help her.
also i didn't even notice she even included princess' redesign.

No. 687439

you guys are complaining about how princess looks… but ignoring that fact that there are black people who actually do look like this. If I didn't have a channel and a want to be anonymous I'd post a picture of myself because my hair looks like princess'. I don't have floppy locks coming off the top, but my hair isn't crazy curly, braided, or short. I have waist length, dark brown, 2B hair. The clothes are just clothes, putting race on clothes is stupid in my opinion. people wear what they want regardless of race. But just because a character doesn't fall in your version of what a black person should look like, doesn't mean they aren't black.

Can't believe I'm defending Holly, but you guys sound ignorant.

No. 687538

Reese and Hershey are both ambiguously Hispanic.

No. 687562

File: 1536874413092.png (468.64 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Is this for pp?? She's planning on doing the backgrounds THIS detailed?

No. 687578

it looks like she just put it through a filter.

No. 687579

Wow Reese looks so flat and wooden, guess it's safe to say her Ash drawings are flukes or traced over dolls.

And I hope to god she doesn't do this with her backgrounds, you can tell how wonky and weird her perspectives are, everything is on a big lean again, and if she tries >>686411 again it's going to make her characters look out of place in the world she's trying to draw them in.

Maybe she should just stick to simple plain bg's? she sucks at making them detailed or interesting.

No. 687595

It's weirdly detailed and psuedo realistic in a way that clashes with her characters styles. Also what is perspective lol.

No. 687602

For doing mainly digital art for a good while and claiming to be great at Photoshop. She doesn't know about the stamp brushes for chains and what not ……she could also make or get one for bricks.
shes so stupid and does not use world building like she should .nor does she utilize Photoshop all together ,it's really annoying.

No. 687603

File: 1536876496681.png (40.58 KB, 1037x190, 2018-09-13_170801.png)

No. 687620

"pushing a half-ton truck into a garage was hard for me lol im pathetic"

hate yourself a little less, holly.

No. 687729

She posted a clip with the chain brush so dont worry she didnt try to free hand that

No. 687749

That entire building is crooked

No. 687953

The sidewalk is tilted towards the building and the building is tilted towards the sidewalk

I think one of Hollys issues is that she rushes shit

No. 687956

I wouldn't mind the wonky background if the composition wasn't so distractingly off. Put Reese more centered your eyes go straight to the sidewalk and building he's just tacked on the side I stead of being more focused. It would look better if he appeared to have just walked down the alley but hes just floating there.

No. 687960

File: 1536914874792.jpg (82.64 KB, 720x812, IMG_20180914_014702.jpg)

No. 687961

File: 1536914885871.jpg (60.45 KB, 720x369, IMG_20180914_014748.jpg)

No. 687965

File: 1536915928187.jpg (87.89 KB, 800x606, Wm1QwEJ.jpg)

How long until she starts doing this?

No. 687975


What exactly is the purpose of these??? Did she just do them to say that she has them? Holly is simultaneously the laziest and also most busy body artist I've ever seen, it's so contradictory the energy she puts into certain things but not others.

No. 687981

I 100% disagree anon if Reese was moved to the center the image wouldn’t be as dynamic, it would cut off all those nice long lines that lead the eye up and down the page. Generally you want to keep a subject slightly off center, look up the 3/4 rule. also assumed this was for a comic so some word bubble to the left of Reese would balance this out pretty nicely.

No. 687983

Can't wait to see the same 12 heads repeated throughout her comic like what the fuck does she think this accomplishes besides laziness and more reason to call her out for shitty artistry. Why do people legit bury themselves thinking nobody will try to celebrate their funeral.

No. 687984

>nobody was putting race on clothes, it looked childish not "non black"
>2B hair you gotta be light skinned as fuck which princess isn't or atleast wasnt supposed to be
>the whole point is that its a cop out to draw her wavy dumbass hairstyles and actually commit to things that aren't just the self harm scars on her precious gay boys
>She still went from looking black to a melting pot of indian because Holly has no grip on her art style and thinks big lips and a screentone is enough

but cool we're ignorant cause one anon w/ some curls said so lmfao.

No. 687991

i'm not sure you guys caught on - she's playing around making silly stuff with brushes because she JUST FOUND OUT ABOUT BRUSHES YESTERDAY. I mean, she knew about them but didn't seem to think of how you could use them. see >>686334 she says it like it's a new idea to her

No. 687997

Just because it's genetically possible to have loose waves and be black doesn't negate the fact that she was clearly just too lazy to draw a hair texture that's not well within her comfort zone. No one said her clothes had anything to do with her race either.

None of these heads should take more than 1-2 minutes to draw, why?

No. 688001

these are all so wildly inconsistent with each other lmao

No. 688029

She made hand brushes too and they look like shit

No. 688067

File: 1536932148760.png (77.47 KB, 688x355, 2018-09-14 15_35_21-Hands Phot…)

And she's selling them on gumroad. ($0 starting price, but still)

No. 688070

File: 1536932552378.png (38.14 KB, 715x208, 2018-09-14_084044.png)

Nah hollys just lazy and wasting more time making brushes than actually learning how to draw hands and her own characters.
I would get it if she had done this wayyy before but now it's kinda stupid .
She's not going to progress with PP it'll end up like purgatory if its not going to make money for her.

No. 688071

>it'll end up like purgatory if its not going to make money for her.
Making comics is not something you should go into for money to begin with honestly, and she can't even keep a schedule. She'd probably be better off working on her anatomy and just drawing gay smut for her Fujo audience if she wants to make money.

No. 688079

okay, this may be a stupid question, but i don't art. what, exactly, is the point of these brushes?
i mean, i kind of understand it when it's like a rough outline, but the hand ones seem to me like copy&paste sort of stuff? it feels like it would only stop you from improving and growing, as an artist. like, instead of taking the time and effort to draw a hand, you pick a brush you (or worse, someone else) made and tada, done. sort of like, the difference between drawing something one time and then copying it twenty times, and actually drawing something twenty times.

No. 688097

i can kind of see these being useful for drafts but i know she's not going to use them like that, ugh.

No. 688098

cutting corners. Holly could use some practice and these brushes look god awful, so you're right in that regard, but…
a guy took 13 years to finish a comic because he didn't cut corners. this is what would happen if you drew all of the chain links in a chain fence by hand instead of just using a brush. it's a matter of efficiency, really.

No. 688099

They're called "cheat brushes." There's some videos on youtube about them but they only work for people that really know what they're doing. We've already seen Holly has poor, inconsistent construction. Maybe if you were already popping out several comic pages a day this'd be helpful but this is NOT a way to work smarter if you already have piss poor anatomy.

No. 688108

File: 1536938598863.png (358.4 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Ok i tried to grab a decent screenshot from the video showing the hand brushes. Ome of the problems is that they look like shit. The anatomy is wack. So even if she's using these as a short cut its going to look wonky in the final

No. 688109

yes, that makes sense. i've used ps in the past, and i know about brushes to get textures and help create backgrounds. to me it's a huge difference, between repetition in backgrounds which aren't the focus of the scene, and the characters themselves, so it confused me.

using them as 'cheats' or templates makes sense, but the hand ones seemed rather detailed for that purpose, i thought. i guess that's what i was 'concerned' about, that people would use them when they'd be much better off (in the long term) in actually investing time and effort into their work

thanks for explaining guys

No. 688122

no problem, anon.

I think doing that for backgrounds is essential, but characters… just seems wrong to me.

No. 688124

I said more centered not exactly centered. He just looks like he isn't even on the side walk and she didn't want to draw his legs.

No. 688127

She can't preach about pratice anymore becuase of these short cuts that we've seen here for her characters.I can see using these kinds of things for backgrounds and such .But when you do the cookie cutter character things that's when you lose the charm of the comic( no saying her's had any charm to being with )

Also if any other artist did this holly would have shit on them , but since it's her and her "uwu" army of 12 year olds they're prasisng her so much .just yikes

No. 688129

Green text sperger feel free to stfu and stay on topic boohoo

No. 688130

Could you be any more stupid?
If you have troubles drawing hands, copy and pasting traced ones won't help you improve AT ALL. She's hot shitting 30 pages a day so there's absolutely no need to "cheat" like this. I'm all for working smart instead of hard, but this is the opposite of smart.
Grow up, Holly.

No. 688131

I'm confused about the brushes I thought she was drawing the comic traditionalally now…?

Also they are such a bad idea. She's going to stick these heads on bodies that are moving in ways that will make no anatomical sense.

No. 688204

Has anyone ever noticed how much his hair resembles a banana peel

No. 688211

You mean like she already does? kek

No. 688228

I'd say you pretty much got it. I can see some uses for instance for character designs, especially if you have to pump out a ton of variations, but having hand poses or base faces for comics isn't really sensible.

A chain or foilage brush doesn't really compare to this though, imo.

No. 688285

I guess she figured "WOW if I can do this for my brick backgrounds, surely I can just fly through it with characters too!"
They're going to end up even more like the pose dolls she ends up tracing from. but wonky.
And then she had the nerve to sell the hand stamps on gumroad lmfao. she knows it's shit so she made it free. God, every little thing she does, she tries milking money out of. She doesn't enjoy making art, it's just a means to an end.

…So any update on those zines?

No. 688331

No. 688351

File: 1536960614395.png (385.8 KB, 720x613, 20180914_162641.png)


I found hollys reference

No. 688358

No. 688368

okay, as someone who wears glasses, it is beyond me how she could look at this and think that Reese's glasses would stay in place in this scenario?? like his glasses would have to have really long legs to still go behind his ears when his whole goddamn hand is under them jfc

>>'my business is so lucrative that knowing how much money i make, it's never guaranteed'

wait, what? i wouldn't call that lucrative, but okay.

why is there a part of this that has her looking at apple stuff?

>>pinned comment on her video: My comic will be updated later tonight so just bookmark the page for Rn, busy with plumbers rn and cant post yet.

okay, i know i'm old, but like, almost ten years ago, when i started writing a blog, one of the first things on 'how to have a successful blog' advice pieces as to HAVE CONTENT BEFORE POINTING PEOPLE TO IT or sharing the link. like jfc. 'lol this isn't ready yet but go click the link anyway'

>>'this is like, your last chance to buy it, because i don't think anyone's interested in [the zine]'

and who's fault is that, huh? who fucked up promoting the zine? who didn't get orders sent in a timely fashion? who absolutely sucks when it comes to communication? I WONDER WHO THAT IS

No. 688373

No she’s hoping everyone will forget again and she can rip off the artists because AGAIN most of them are children and all because Holly responded back with a “sorry my dudes here I’ll send you a copy and 20$ idk don’t hate me” or somethong Dumb like that

Zine artists, you should be on her ass, she should be near tears at this point trying to make shit up to you

No. 688393

of course she wouldn't encourage zine sales, that means more work for her binding books. this zine was destined to fail

No. 688401

I feel like the hair flip looks crazier and crazier every time she draws it. How does she think this looks ok?

No. 688408


'I was swamped with the zine for basically a whole month'

Okay Holly, let's just ignore the fact you put the zine on the back burner to work on your rape comic.

And you had that printed with a company opposed to printing them yourselves, but you can't be assed to do that with the zine.

No. 688414

File: 1536965741607.jpg (190.46 KB, 1047x738, Screenshot_20180914-175522_You…)

No. 688416

>>I dropped 17lbs because I was so stressed
Yeah, do not mention the countless diets you tried to follow and you actively going out for walks. She’s making it look like she wasn’t planning on losing weight to begin with.

No. 688417

File: 1536966230706.jpg (512.79 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180914-180332_You…)

No. 688444

Seriously does she not remember all the blogs showing off her gross nasty salads to everyone?

Yeah Holly, you poor sick thing, working yourself so hard all the time you’re just going to drop dead from it all one day~
Just be sure to pay the zine artists properly before you do Kay?

No. 688452

Lol @ the Princess comment

No. 688456

File: 1536970305623.jpg (472.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180914-191101_You…)

No. 688467

Just keep asking her questions, the more you ask the harder it gets for her to pull bullshit out of her ass

No. 688481

Whoever eventually makes a Holly video should really show the countless fad diets then the zine shit then this complete B's excuse of stress weight loss she's using to make people sympathetic and turn a blind eye to her buuuullshit

No. 688484

I'm betting that she looked up references of a much better artist and butched it again

No. 688544

is no one going to question that holly is selling hands she clearly traced from stock photos and/or other art? The ones that are hers stick out obviously compared to referenced ones, too, even.

No. 688548

She should have had her prints made by another company long ago. It would have saved her more, and the zine wouldn't have been a mess in the first place.
Also it would save face since she complains a lot about printing and shipping stuff out.
Also if her printer is broken did she finish the zine stuff before hand? Or did she just stop it? She could save face and give the zine artist a PDF so they can print what they need.
At the point she wouldn't have to split the profits the artist can make their own and such
And if the artist have no way of printing holly can help them out as a way to make up for all the whit she put them through.
Not just "sorry dude heres 20$ my bad".

No. 688553

She didn’t even trace them well.thus is a new level of low and pathetic

No. 688580

I have a feeling she traces way more than she lets on tbh. She always seems to post re done up sketches and just streams/shows video of her inking them.

No. 688621


Wow she's honestly admitting that she bought stock photos that she's converting into half-tone and just uses as backgrounds.

No. 688648

I think it's so hilarious that she built her channel on being insanely hard working and real and she's this fake persona that just traces and half asses her work and her fans just eat it up and praise her work ethic as inspiring.

No. 688656

File: 1536997466260.jpg (529.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180915-024416_You…)

No. 688658

File: 1536997642954.jpg (567.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180915-024411_You…)

Now her fans are going to start doing this shit.
Like its ok for backgrounds but something feels off for using it for things like hands etc
Like you have to understand how to draw these things to get better.
This is what people talk about when it comes to "cheating " using digital art.
To clear up you can use the stamp tool for things like backgrounds or screen tones.
But when you start to make them for human features that by now holly should know how to draw fast I would hope then you cross a line.

No. 688659

File: 1536997844780.jpg (76.49 KB, 1011x413, Screenshot_20180915-025031_You…)

No. 688677


Yo, OT, I'm sorry anon, but your phone font sucks ass.

>Innovative Idea

someone please get this lazy ass bitch off her pedestal jfc. Drawing poses should be second nature to her by now if she's been doing comics for this long.

You tend to develop your own fucking shorthand for people, but honestly, this is a big indicator that Holly doesn't study from anatomy or life at all, if she's going the stamp route.

She's actively trying to avoid redundancy by making redundant brushes.

It's like she'll do anything to avoid putting effort into drawing, at all costs. It'd be funny if it wasn't so pathetic.

No. 688691

That's just outright manipulative, she's been talking about her BS diets in her vlogs for god knows how long, but now it's "stress"? Ok.

No. 688692

>Manga mostly use 3 poses
Similar angles are the same thing as just outright stamping in your character in every other panel now?

No. 688693

Wow I missed a lot of Holly drama in the past week.
Stamp method is super lazy but on the upside it means that Holly will hopefully be posting more content.

It looks like Holly completely white-washed her her 'Princess' character. I guess the 'diversity points' weren't worth actually learning how to draw poc to Holly.

Finally, one the positive side, Holly seems to be coming into her style recently. Her figures are still pretty messed up but they don't look as generic as they did about a year ago? Also, now that she has moved away from the Jay Leno chins, I can actually look at her work without cringing. I am kinda looking forward to see where Holly ends up a year from now assuming she doesn't drop out from the art scene because of the shady stuff she's been doing like the zine.

No. 688725

Honestly I wouldn't praise her for anything, especially 'Coming into her style" she's starting to prove she hasn't even been working on her own style, she's been trying to find as many ways as possible to make fast shitty art to churn into money and her showing off her shitty new stamps is proof enough for me and plenty of other anons.

I've had suspicion for a long time she's been a tracer, she let us know she thought tracing over bases was alright and good for practice >>519239 the collage anon let us know that yes she did trace some of her anatomy work it would have been easy for her to do so, and it's pretty obvious she traced these hand stamps. And I can't say she white washed princess, the other two and ambiguous as well even tho they also started different, Holly is shit when it comes to character design, fuck look at all of her characters in Purgatory, every one of them looked stupid and thats all we could complain for the longest time.

No. 688781

im pretty sure no one else cares. About the font of someone else's phone.

No. 688850

Does anyone here have links to clips - or screenshots of - Holly apologising for the zine situation? It's for science.

No. 688897

All of Holly's characters have the same face so I get them confused if she doesn't make different hair and skin tones. I thought Hershel was the black haired kid from Purgatory and the step dad when I first started following this. (That was also before she race bent Hershel)

No. 688911

It was in the previous thread but the link may have been removed because Holly shows personal info about the artists. Unless Holly just straight up removed it

No. 688915

They all definitely have the exact same eyes.

No. 688981

File: 1537044425786.jpg (135.25 KB, 720x965, IMG_20180915_134115.jpg)

No. 688984

>21 chump street

No. 688986

ohhh my god I did not think about this.
These look like really shitty tracings.
Ok glad someone else noticed it.

Yeah if her hand tracings are that shitty there are probably other things she's traced (at least partially) that may have gone under our radar.

No. 689004

It's a musical, dude.

No. 689020

holly bitching about work like always.

No. 689027

That's already been posted

No. 689042

>not saging this post
Anyway, assuming she didn't misspell for once, it's a short musical. Doesn't seem like something Holly would make imo, unless she just needed an excuse to have an "undercover cop" fuck a high school student.

No. 689046

>I am increasing surprised that other comic artists havent made lazy brushes
Because trying to draw around pre-established drawings with a predetermined angle and style is genuinely more troublesome and time consuming than creating your own guidelines by hand. There's a reason why most artists (outside of concept artists with extreme deadlines and output that's expected to be disposable) don't even bother with non-textural brushes.

Like is she gonna be drawing twenty water bottles to match twenty variations in perspective? It's faster to invest her time in learning construction or making mockups in SketchUp.

This wouldn't piss me off as much if she wasn't relaying this to her young audience and making them think that this is a more practical way of working than just learning basic technical drawing.

No. 689047

Duh anon, obviously the solution is to only draw things from one angle. That's how the pros do it, clearly.

No. 689082

File: 1537054214883.png (64.04 KB, 1018x340, 2018-09-15_182948.png)

wait so is she doing inktober now ?

No. 689103

she already said she's doing inktober because she's doing 'kinktober" at the same time

what i find more egregious is that only last year she was shitting on everyone and their grandmothers for doing inktober and explain why she thought the idea was stupid, now she LIKES INKTOBER?

wow this cunt is as bad as shuwu when it comes to the backpeddling and trying to stay relevant shit, the only reason she made the Seize comic was because she thought "porn sells lol" and I can imagine she's not making the bank she thought she would from her horribly drawn porn.

No. 689122

Uhh, what are "black fills"?
Does it mean when people fill in the shadows with just black ink or?? Sorry guys Im a painter not a inker so i have no idea.

… or is this a made up retarded thing by Holly???

No. 689163

yeah um, i do ink for most of my traditional stuff and i've never heard that, mind you it could be a thing but not with my circle, pretty sure she's just talking about black areas in comics/ink works, and thats what we call them, black areas

No. 689205

File: 1537071906234.jpg (284.66 KB, 467x623, hollytrace1.jpg)


RE: tracing or heavily referencing art/stock photos (as opposed to 3D models and other things she is likely legally allowed to, even if its shit)

There's also a few other things she's heavily reffed or traced but I either can't find a source, or its less egregious. I think she references other twitter & comic artists sometimes but because she scrubs her twitter timeline and I don't want to read every single comic holly's ever mentioned for matches, it's more difficult to confirm.

No. 689207

she's literally admitted to tracing/using bases, it was posted in a past thread, she really doesnt try to hide it which is weird seeing all the other shit she back peddles on.

I dont understand how anyone who follows her doesn't see or suspect most of her shit is traced.

No. 689291

Looking at the miku and original side by side really accentuates how disgusting she made the anatomy

No. 689294

You joke about this but that is exactaly what a lot of animators do so they can save time using puppets. I was really hoping that the final animation project would have taught Holly to view her figures as existing in a 3D space but I have a feeling it's just teaching her to take lazy shortcuts.

No. 689296

Black fills might also refer to marking an area on your piece meant to be filled in with black later on with digital media in an effort to not waste ink.

No. 689322

File: 1537089059715.jpg (85.35 KB, 713x596, nowonk.jpg)

New PP pages are up. It's clear she spent a lot of time on them, what a hardworking queen.

No. 689323

the longer you look at it, the more it gets fucked up.

No. 689324

File: 1537089575395.jpg (98.04 KB, 639x887, handlumps.jpg)

Cool hand lumps

No. 689325

File: 1537089607153.jpg (143.32 KB, 947x880, galrg.jpg)

Also this

No. 689331

Their waists. Holy hell.
Is Hershy twisting at the waist? The folds (and lack thereof) on his pants make it look like that's his butt. God everything here looks so disjointed.

No. 689341

can she STOP with the lumpy lines all over hershel's

No. 689363

File: 1537095937165.png (166.35 KB, 524x454, male.png)

the only thing about reese that is discernibly male anatomy is the torso shape…. oh and princess has the same one

No. 689388

That’s not the same face as >>686517
Holly, facial expressions don’t change your bone structure, and maybe you should have adapted her acting to her new and improved uwu special kid version.

No. 689390

Why did she suddenly start drawing the collar bone so low?? Wtf?

No. 689393

Because she doesn’t know anatomy.

No. 689407


what are these necks? what the fuck is this inking? her lines are more stiff and messier then usual, like holy shit this makes me miss dorito-chins, at least the stupid hair flips are there

classic BRown

No. 689410

We've entered a new era: Long necks and rape. I miss the old days.

No. 689415

why is her font so vertically stretched? i'm actually convinced her screen is fucked.

No. 689427

This is about her comics though, I don't think puppet animation is cheating because you still have to animate the entire thing. She hasn't mentioned her film in ages, I doubt it's been going anywhere.

No. 689430

File: 1537107356575.jpg (26.05 KB, 335x365, 6f7f13344b44b441e922403b0354b2…)

She's inching closer to full yaoi hands syndrome.

No. 689432

File: 1537107617996.png (87.25 KB, 1080x477, 20180916_101553.png)

another holly proclamation/project

No. 689437

File: 1537109230235.png (113.76 KB, 524x454, wtf.png)

guys i'm spooped - i went to squash it 10% to see if it looked better or weird…. and i could just keep going until it was less than half its height and.. it still didn't look weird
50% shown here compare to >>689363

No. 689438

File: 1537109400160.png (36.44 KB, 657x265, hm.png)

pairs well with this one lol

No. 689440

why does she feel the need to tell the whole world every single goal she wants to try to reach instead of staying quiet about it till she actually accomplishes whatever she sets out to do? she's constantly setting herself up for failure and dissapointment

No. 689476

lol the recent comic pic makes princess look 40 yrs older wtfffff

No. 689482

bc she likes to seem extremely productive to those who don’t know much about her and to her stans, even if she rarely ever accomplishes said goals or even improves in some way from her “attempts”. also, kek, i thought she already said she was doing inktober?? bitch, it’s almost that time, you aren’t special for deciding to do an ink drawing a day rn.

No. 689483

Puppet animation is not cheating but a lot of the time it makes the animation look cheap, especially when it is used by beginners.

Having a pose/expression bank is also not cheating but a lot of the time it makes a comic look cheap and lazy.

No. 689501

You can tell she used her head brush stamp thing on this one. Stiff af and that neck kek so bad

No. 689506

Holly has only admitted to tracing 3d models. She traces photos and other people's art too. She then warps it with that pull tool in Photoshop and never credits the photos she rips. Pretty jacked imo but she's hardly the only low tier digital artist doing so.

No. 689523

Is this supposed to be like tht b99 joke? this doesnt work bc its a hug. Who fucking throws coffee when someone hugs them.

No. 689526

A lot of people recommend making your goals public so other people will hold you accountable. The thing is though, she just…keeps doing it instead of actually following through.

No. 689527

File: 1537118819887.png (493.02 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 689529

it saddens me that she's now using these stock photos as a crutch. she's not going to get any better.

No. 689533


OT, but studies have also shown that talking about your goals makes you less likely to follow up on them, because talking about your goals tricks your brain into thinking that you've actually done something with your goals by telling people about it. BRown is probably a great real life example of this effect.

No. 689539

I'm guessing that the one character trait Holly has assigned Princess is "vaguely worried" or "maybe constipated", hence her only facial expressions

No. 689543

File: 1537120354368.jpg (146.34 KB, 720x1127, IMG_20180916_105211.jpg)

No. 689544

File: 1537120370772.jpg (230.59 KB, 720x1068, IMG_20180916_105156.jpg)

No. 689546

She always makes Hershel look like he has a diaper on under his pants kek

No. 689547

He's supposed to look happy but his smile looks painful

No. 689551

His fingers look like sausages and his neck looks like a girafe's…. Also what's up with his jacket??

No. 689557

Stupid question, but is this a normal/acceptable thing to do when making webcomics? I get that it's important to be able to cut corners, but it kind of seems like Holly is taking it waaayy to far. It's going to look so stupid when she combines the stock photos with the wonkiness that is the BRown style.

No. 689563

I guess she's never going to draw a background herself again now.

Actually, yeah. A lot of webcomics use 3D models as a base though, I don't see filtered stock photos as often. Even in manga, using photos as a base is quite common, although it's usually ones they take themselves.

No. 689564

Nitpicking but holly does this all the time and it bothers me. The number of buttons on the left doesnt march the number of slits on the right. With her hamilton art the buttons on the coats also dont match and it drives me crazy

No. 689580

Only time when using 3D models or filtered photos for web comics is inherently wrong is when you use models/photos that don't belong to you without permission from their creator.

Glad Holly is learning to use short cuts. Wonder if she's still against using the paint bucket to fill in flats still…

No. 689697

I really wish she'd learn to draw clothing on naked bodies because everytime she tries to draw clothing folds it makes it look like they are wearing fucking parachutes, and the anatomy and perspective is so weird in this one, her just throwing a random background tone makes it so much more obvious how stiff and out of place they are to the BG

holy shit can she just stop for a week and actually LEARN something?
and apparently Herchel can get WORSE wow, all my complaints before but amped up to 100 and wtf with the neck again? Holly have you ever seen another human being before? Ever?

No. 689699


knees on the bottom drawing aren't even at the same hight omfg

No. 689978

File: 1537158253927.jpg (3.98 KB, 225x225, lame.jpg)

I'm having a pants meltdown
The millions of pants shadows
looking like Lamé fabric, not fucking slacks. If she should trace ANYTHING it's legs so they stop being bizarrely streaky sausages
christ almighty
how's he got the gray sweatpants dickprint (or nuts print in his case lol) in JEANS

Second. It absolutely does not work for exactly this reason. Getting praise for things you haven't done makes you addicted to praise without effort. Then the effort just seems unnecessary and frustrating. It leads to straight-up art theft to feed the addiction, so to speak.

No. 689991

File: 1537160418403.jpg (27.94 KB, 720x240, IMG_20180916_215846.jpg)

Whaaat? You mean the carp you had in an unfiltered 5 gallon tank died??

No. 689995

It was an angelfish not a goldfish anon. But yeah they require 20 gallons. And a filter. And preferably a heater… Let's face it Holly is the last person that should own an aquarium.

No. 689998

Did her fish even have a name? "I'm sort of okay with it" "You were nice to look at and feed"

I know a goldfish isn't like a dog or anything but she's such a fuckin robot sometimes.

No. 690010

They also need water, but unfortunately Holly was just too busy to fill the fucking tank.

No. 690012

File: 1537162260709.jpg (1.08 MB, 260x320, Maom7cu.jpg)

Is she looking at EB games "Copy that" memes for reference now? But seriously, she's gotta be using the Herschel head stamps already. It looks like she just drew the torso and plopped in a head without thinking about how the neck sits in the shoulder girdle and how wide shoulders actually are.

What she's posted so far with the filtered backgrounds is tacky so far, personally, since they're non-detailed illustrations with no deadline. It's a tactical tool in comics, animation, or manga, when you're having to pump out a bunch of sequential drawings on as quick as a weekly basis. But from what I've seen, a lot of webcomic artists are working in really small teams (if there's even more than one person), try to make assets themselves, and work to make the backgrounds and illustration mesh.

When Holly's own actual drawing only makes half of the illustration, it just reminds me of my elementary DeviantArt days of drawing characters into wallpapers I found on Google through MS Paint or something. Her stock backgrounds aren't even adding anything–no context, no story, no point.

No. 690025

okay but this pic really does look like a snapshot from a terrible character creator game, bland background and all. nothing about this has any originality or personal flair to it whatsoever.

the fish thing is fucking awful tho. i thought she would handle stuff about deaths better after ppl judged her for how she spoke about her late dad, (which, granted, a fish’s death is a very different situation obviously) but she’s really past the point of listening to other ppl’s criticisms and advice. “lol holly’s so blunt about not giving a shit about a pet’a death and suffering! i love her heartlessness-i mean, honesty!” cue her stans defending her bc who cares about a fish right? let’s ignore that time she talked about wanting her dog (the chihuahua, i think) to die already bc she didn’t like taking care of it. she thinks she can say whatever she wants now and just delete it whenever a couple of ppl clap back at her with no consequences bc there will be others who praise her for being an unrepentant asshole.

No. 690037

File: 1537166919837.jpg (147.02 KB, 500x833, trampstamp.jpg)

can some one tell me what the spider/ant looking thing on the top right of his head is meant to be- it's the first time I noticed it and I'm scared

No. 690038


I agree with this. I know that people tend to keep what projects they're doing close to their vest because they don't want to overpromise and end up under delivering, which is what Holly does a lot.

She's probably addicted to the high she gets from telling everyone projects and ideas she has floating around in her brain that she may or may not get to depending on her mood. She's too much of a flighty busy body and every one of her fans eat it up every time.

She's one of those "idea" people but isnt the executive/follow through type. So instead of keeping ideas in her head to let them form, she just word vomits first chance she gets to try and stay relevant.

No. 690044

anon you or others keeping saying 'busy body'. 'busy body' means a nosy/meddling person. I don't know what the right idiom is though. Busy beaver?

No. 690051


Think it's busy bee

No. 690053

There is a good chance she did just plop the head on to a traced base. Contrary to what other anons are saying I do feel like Holly's figures are getting 'better' in the sense that the lines look more confident and that the individual parts of the body look a little more accurate but a lot of Holly's pieces look Frankensteined together. I mean just look at the hands of most of these pieces. Half the hands look like they were awkwardly pasted on while the other half are sausage hands.

No. 690060

we've gone from expand chin to E X P A N D N E C K

No. 690068

It's like in her attempt to fix o e part of her anatomy 4 other bad habits reveal themselves. Almost as if expand chin was hiding that long neck the whole time and now that the chins calmed down we see the giraffe neck now.

No. 690075

I'm late but I'm just caught up with the stream and… oh. my. god.
Zine anons, please rip her a new asshole, she's been bitching HEAVILY about you guys for a big chunk of the stream, saying it was all your fault the zine was so behind, that you asked for lots of stuff and you basically are all little bitches (not exact words ofc).
>>I've literally spent a whole month doing only zine stuff and couldn't work on my comics
the same month you worked on your Seize comic? Really?
>> People don't understand that I do all by myself
BY YOUR CHOICE, you could have used a third party printer but nooo.
Like, everything she's said about the zine made me so furious and I'm not even in the zine myself.
I've been on the management part of various zines and it's NOT true that people only get 5 bucks and pretty much every notion she's spewing is pulled out of her royal ass.
Like with pretty much everything, she assumes things and tries to convince people that's the absolute truth using some previous experiences she's never had.
She never worked on zines (except that 100days of comics zine which was totally different and she was just a contributor there) but now she knows everything about zines and how they should be managed.
Guys, you made her lose a full paycheck because she had to work on that zine! Not to guilt trip anybody but she cried every day and she was stressed and lost money and she's giving you undeserved money (because she was the only one "pushing" sales… yeah….) and still she's not yet been proclaimed a Saint?
Life is so unfair.

Seriously tho, zine anons rise up. I would flip so many tables if I were you…

No. 690098

next thread pic surfaced early this time.

No. 690154

Should someone go ahead and make a video or wait to see if the artists ever get their copies of the zine.
And artists in the zine don't let this bitch get away with this shit.

No. 690263

I’m with you on this one anon, Holly’s anatomy was literal shit only a month ago and we all know she didn’t take the time to sit down and practice anything to get better at it, instead she showed us she’s been busy making brushes of her characters so she doesn’t have to draw them fully anymore.

And if I remember she uses designdoll too, she showed us she’s traced over those dolls to make a few Ash drawings and the anatomy was fairly similar, well done and way nicer but very stiff and out of place, like a doll that had been put together like most of these are

Would explain why she doesn’t see those giraffe necks and think “something is fucking off with those”

Sage for Holly traces everything tinfoil

No. 690270

They won't though. If they haven't done it yet, there's a high chance they won't do it now.

No. 690274

She does trace everything! Look at her anatomy studies for school she makes the same mistakes every time. She puts the boobs way too high and the collar bone way too low, she doesn't know where muscle groups are located and her arms and legs are completely random lengths in relation to the bodies and even each other kek. These are mistakes we made in high school, mistakes she would have already learned to correct if she was getting real critique and guidance but she took an online class to avoid exactly that because she's too fragile and bitter to have some nobody can't even draw art teacher tell her she sucks.

No. 690322

It’s kinda sad that out of the 80 or so artists, none of them are really holding her accountable or calling her out. At least not severely enough that she changes her tune. So far it’s been, what? Sternly worded emails?
I can’t imagine working my ass off on getting a zine submission in only for the mod to turn around and shit on us while sabotaging the zine any chance they get. I really do hope people bring it up publicly and call her out. Otherwise, she’s just going to keep doing it.

No. 690354

This may be akin to cowtipping but what about contacting some of the artists ourselves? Not directing them here, of course, maybe just reading them their rights lol

No. 690363

I don't pity the artists. Even if they're young and inexperienced, not to mention probably terrified of Holls and her army of tweens,they never should have stroked her ego by running to join her zine. Did they really think that Holly C. Brown, whose videos are mostly "I hate this and I hate that and y'all are doing this and that wrong" was going to treat them right for some reason? And even if they did… well, here's a lesson for them, I guess. Not to mention that one anon that was going to get an artist Discord going and was like "LMAO I got a personal reply from her and that's what I wanted because I wanted senpai to notice me lmao I'm dropping the Discord"

No. 690373

Or at least have any artist form the zine offer emails as evidence with time stamps etc of their conversations alongside if anyone has saved hollys zine update videos ?
Someone would at least need to trace back to the first time she mentioned the zine and make a time line.
Which atm I'm trying to get some together the best I can.
Also kinda sad that she burned most the artist and yet they still want to stick up for her .It's really sad just like open your eyes.I'm pretty some of them are reading this threads .
Hollys is no someone you want attention from and she's by no means a good role model at all for younger artist .I think it'a about time she gets called out properly .

No. 690407

File: 1537215633488.jpg (65.11 KB, 720x603, IMG_20180917_132000.jpg)

The grammar is triggering

No. 690408

File: 1537215647723.jpg (143.76 KB, 1082x1199, DnUeLvQVAAASZrS.jpg)

No. 690412

She's probably using the Herschel stamps already. His head and neck are way too big for his body and it doesn't seem to be angled properly where it would connect.

No. 690423

Considering that the zine happened after a lot of bs with the 100 days of comics and threatening to leave YT, I don't know what else you can expect. They didn't care about her being shitty before, they don't care now, they just wanted to be in a zine and get some exposure.

No. 690476

Some of the clips got fucked up because I don't know what I'm doing, but here is a zine summary/edit.

It's pretty understandable that the zine artists don't want to fight Holly. Most of them are small, and probably pretty young. Holly is stupid, but she is still quite manipulative, and her followers would probably go after them if they said anything.

PS: Sorry about borrowing your pride flag picture for the thumbnail anon

No. 690480

If Holly dedicated as much time practicing properly as she is trying to cut corners, she'd be a pro by now

No. 690490

>they just wanted to be in a zine and get some exposure
Exactly, and that's why I can't feel bad for them. TThey wanted to ride Holly's coattails for fame and they got fucked over instead. Be careful what you wish for when you look for instant validation from a shitty person and their shitty fanbase.

No. 690498


She didn't even put their names in order in the zine, right? Did she even put them in there at all? Otherwise WHAT exposure? She hardly did any advertising on the zine tumblr.

Good info, definitely going to try and use this to get something done. In a week or two would any sort of call out or artist beware be any sort of relevant?

No. 690510

lel the fucked up clips make it seem like a found-footage horror
like it's going to cut to snot cry Holl-dog
>there-the zine artists…they're here… they want to be paid… I think there's one in the house… EEEEEEK!

No. 690535

Tbh i hope no one feels sorry for holly, Shes the one who got in this mess.She could have asked for help managing it.But no she didn't
Also is the Zine promotion video still up ? she never posted anything else besides a tumblr page that never updated and maybe 1 or 2 tweets on twitter.I saw the zine artist promote this more than holly and then left to be called "bitches"
Nah also no one should let holly in a zine either , since she doesn't want to work with other artist anymore.

No. 690548


Does anyone know which FMA zine she was rejected from that started this fiasco?

No. 690580

File: 1537226795849.png (1.01 MB, 1500x1500, klllieotspwrojweripj[okqeqro[q…)

No. 690594


I distinctly remember her having some kind of assistant for helping to manage the zine, they were mentioned/answered an ask on the tumblr but that was the last we heard from them and it just seemed like a solo operation from then on. Wonder what happened to them.

She's obviously trying to cover it all up like none of it ever happened, and if 80 other artists are just going to sit back and think that's okay, then that's their problem. But it won't be long before she tries to pull some other shit, only hopefully next time it won't involve other/younger artists; that was where she fucked up and why it was such a big deal; it wasn't just her shooting herself in the foot this time- she roped other people into her bullshit.

She just wanted another book to sell at SanJapan and she got what she wanted and it was pretty much 'fuck you' immediately after it was all said and done. She thought she was going to profit but she didn't, and she'd probably rather neither SanJapan nor the Zine be mentioned to her ever again because it
>took so much time away from me making my comics!

Cry me a fucking river, Holls.

No. 690615

Thats not how hats work. Thats not how hair tucked inside a hat looks like. Come on holly

No. 690637

I just had a thought, if I was a teen working on this project I'd be fucking terrified to complain about Holly publicly. She's a bully albeit a pathetic one. The way she talks about people she doesn't like is really vicious and the kind of people who eat her shit are the kind of people who would LOVE an excuse to harass a kid in the name of defending this noble artiste.

No. 690681

is the zine even for sale anymore? It's not on her store.

No. 690688

Holly is a huge pussy and caves so fucking easily. why is anyone scared of her? she's objectively in the wrong and she knows she is, that's why every time anyone puts even the slightest bit of pressure she freaks out and tried to "fix" it, but because all the artists are scared of the big bad potato she just goes back to sweeping it under the rug. but if they're that stupid and think wasting their own time and money is ok so be it. they were idiots to work with her in the first place when literally 1 glance at her YouTube channel displays how shit she is.

No. 690707

So, has she given out the zine PDFs to the artists yet? She sounded super hesitant/angry about it in the stream.

No. 690744

She doesnt want to give out pdfs because that means the artists could actually make money and she wants to push her narrative that zine artists only make 20$ max . And of course she wants the only pdf so that she will get the most money off of it. You know she pockets some of that shit.

No. 690788

I don't think it was ever in her actual store, she was always scrambling to make a separate store for the zine, so that nobody would notice if/ when she took the listing down, but her excuse is probably so she doesn't confuse the zine orders with her regular merch (that no one buys). Pretty sure she hasn't even updated any of them since that video of lame excuses she made. There's no telling either, if anyone got copies. She honestly just wanted to make it for sanjapan so anyone else making money off of it is outta the question in her mind.

No. 690794

I think if she really cared in the first place then she would have been more transparent about her schedule, or not oh idk make her own zine while in the process of not putting forth work into the more important priorities
I wished the video showed the parelles
Of "oh i worked a whole month on this " then showed her not updating answer just working on her nsfw
Getting her OWN art work in. Late as well,
Then her not prompting it
Shortly deleting the zine promo off her channel for it to not be seen again?

No. 690799


Nothing she does is genuine or for the benefit of anyone else but her. It's always Holly First, everyone else be damned.
Her lack of updates and communication and overall conduct had nothing to do with 'working with other artists'.
But it's never Holly's Fault, though. /s.

No. 690840

File: 1537266048721.png (302.35 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Lol, the bingo board from the last thread would be useful

No. 690849

File: 1537268865234.png (47.89 KB, 389x199, asasd.png)

what the fuaaaaaaargh! AARGH!

No. 690857

why is she so proud of her inking ability? aside from the artwork itself being shit her lines are so sloppy and inconsistent in quality and weight.

No. 690858

No. 690860

File: 1537271021342.png (511.89 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

The arm omfg

No. 690863

your crop emphasises herschel's arm but princess' arm is worse

No. 690864

Good point, i missed her arm, they are both drawn horribly

No. 690872

What is it with Holly and drawing hands pinky up at random times? First Reese when he was holding Hersch's dick, and now Princess with this phone, what?

No. 690874

on the previous page herchel holds it the same way. must just be how she holds things

No. 690886

>I am in a couple of other discords but I just lurk to see if people're talk shit about me.

Holy shit the last 4 minutes are perfect examples as to why Holly is such an unprofessional cunt who really shouldn't be mentioning this publicly. Whats wrong with her where she thinks in the same live where she talks about never trusting other artists etc she also mentions not being active in discords because shes just there to see if people "talk shit" which is most of the time just criticism that holly takes wrong while puking her insults covered as opinions on twitter like its her destiny to be the opinionated asshole nobody asked about.

No. 690910

I bet she used one of those hand brushes here. The perspective with the phone (that seems to be traced) is inconsistent

No. 690911

Yeah that shit looks definatley traced. Im more concerned about the perspective on the phone screen itself. Like everything is unaligned and tragic looking. Like,….HOW just HOW do you fuck THAT up!?????

No. 690913

File: 1537277928776.jpeg (2.84 MB, 1500x1498, 1CF7A294-471C-452F-8E88-5062ED…)

Holly you have a instantly recognizable style and very unique comprehension of anatomy, and in the worst way possible

That is your teademark, wear it with pride my dear you earned it well this year

No. 690914

File: 1537278067329.png (46.16 KB, 218x214, theprincessandthepoo.png)

why do these look so radically different? tiny chin vs. giant dorito man chin.

No. 690917

Why the fuck the camera and tv are old but then they have modern phones?! They can record everything with their phones and there is no need for that shitty old camera.
And damn, those girls are sliding off from that couch. Holly, people have butts you know.

No. 690919

the faces in the bottom left look pretty good, shame about the rest

No. 690920

File: 1537278655935.jpg (118.65 KB, 607x495, 20180918_154851.jpg)

I know these are supposed to be motion lines but it looks like princess has toilet paper stuck to her

No. 690928

i mean they'd look nicer if they weren't so opaque.

No. 690930

motion lines? how fucking fast is she going? is she skating?

No. 690933

Has Holly never been to a diner? Booth tables like that only have a single foot in the middle, like the stem of a mushroom. How are they going to maneuver themselves out of there with those table legs in the way?

No. 690937

I don’t think Holly leaves her home long enough to study and remember what fast food places look like, let alone diners or restaurants

Why does she keep insisting on making her motion lines pure white? It looks horrible, most people have a hard time figuring out they are motion lines, and most motion lines are just LINES or only have a very transparent white overlapping
Christ people still see those old pages of purgatory where Simon gets molested and runs away and people think he’s suddenly wearing a cape it’s so weird

No. 690940

lol they're trapped forever, or they crawl out under, OR that one leg you can see IS the only one and only he's trapped.
she could look on the internet considering she rips off all her backgrounds why doesn't she just trace a diner table.
the idea of someone running away from being molested and suddenly wearing a cape fits the tone of her stories tbh

No. 690949

File: 1537281473388.jpg (51.35 KB, 603x339, 1602_dunk_sp.jpg)

No. 690952

File: 1537282150896.jpg (22.73 KB, 875x258, cunty.jpg)

like idk so cunty to be mad at someone just cause theyre ok with sexual assault? like why are you calling me hitler fam

No. 690954

do not comment and then post it here. Read the fucking rules !! and then never post here again

No. 690960

I'm not the person from the youtube comment, just went back to see if she deleted the stream yet and thought her response was pretty stupid.

No. 690968

Wasn't PP supposed to take place during some sort of alternative version of the 80s? Those phones do feel out of place

No. 690972

i am sure there's an excellent explanation for this, bc holly knows how to plot. (/sarcasm)

No. 690976


OT and different anon here, but that was my comment, I didn’t even get a notification she responded. Your streams aren’t a holy grail to find Holly, takes a cunt to know a cunt.

No. 691007

to be fair anon, I know a place that has a normal table in the middle between the couches or w/e. but that table looks like it's intentionally there to trap people.
omfg holly why do you keep digging a deeper grave for yourself..

No. 691030

what's with the vertical speech balloons and bizarre lettering? does she just not realize that they're tall and skinny in manga because japanese is written vertically

No. 691054

yeah, it’s kinda hard to read (as per the usual with her stuff), luckily it’s typed and not handwritten though. Really wish she’d choose one of the easiest fonts to read even if it’s not ~visually appealing~ in her eyes, which can’t discern what’s appealing or not anyways.

No. 691055

That font would be fine if she didn't stretch it to hell and back. I guess she does that so it fits better into her speech bubbles but it's just an awful design choice.

No. 691068

File: 1537293863422.png (61.93 KB, 1008x304, 2018-09-18_130141.png)

hopefully these will post in order , i thought i would check the H.C brown tag on twitter to see what's up and saw this .

No. 691069

File: 1537293881081.png (99.46 KB, 1069x426, 2018-09-18_130208.png)

No. 691071

File: 1537293891654.png (91.92 KB, 1090x623, 2018-09-18_130308.png)

No. 691075

If literally everyone misunderstands you Holly its because you're shit at communicating things properly. She said "i dont understand girls who are like "ge forced me to suck his dick" - like just bite down" and other stupid shit

No. 691087

this is obviously some farmer though

No. 691104

Yeah, because when you are raped through coercion it's not rape - it's a kink. Jfc she's so stupid.

No. 691121


Just noticed this, was this a slapback to Monique during the comic drama?

No. 691181

She needs to learn to put the text first and draw the bubbles around it since she clearly can't estimate it. The lettering is astonishngly bad.

Also kek @ that clearly traced iPhone, the screenshot is completely slanted too. I genuinely don't understand what she's trying to accomplish with her art, it's the least possible amount of effort and keeps getting worse and lazier.

No. 691189

This was directed at Monique during the Holly meltdown a few months ago.

No. 691196

If she was going for a futuristic 80s theme she could have designed her own phone using an iPhone is just so lazy.

No. 691197

File: 1537300315089.jpg (372.1 KB, 1170x1200, DnZIaK_UYAE1zA6.jpg)

She did the meet the Artist meme

No. 691200


You beat me to the punch, anon lmao.
>Lazy people
>Micron PNS

No. 691201

File: 1537300417778.jpg (50.75 KB, 720x340, IMG_20180918_125331.jpg)

No. 691202

people who have what? I can't read this Holly.

No. 691203

People who have what voices? I can't read that. Also wow drawing men and gay shit who'd a thunk.

No. 691204


Don't forget "Piet Coke" and "Canson XL Mixed MEPIA"

No. 691205

"people who have shrill voices"

i'm genuinely confused by how she constantly mixes capitals and lowercase

No. 691206


"Shrill" voices

No. 691207

Catty bitches is code for 98% of the female population lol

No. 691214

>Dislikes: lazy people
t o p k e k
You can't make this shit up.

No. 691233

oh look, she’s wearing the same jacket as reese who is totally not a self insert gaizzzz. also, “dislikes cleaning”, wow, who’d a thunk it?

did she ever have to take a college english class? i know she mentioned having trouble writing essays and discussions in an art history class a long time ago, before she started consistently purging her social media accounts. she’ll never do it bc she’s lazy and will find a proofreader/someone else to do it for her, but it would benefit her a lot to go over grammar rules and practice proper english. reading books and other stuff that’s not random internet posts, doing a couple of handwriting exercises, etc. no hate; i assume she’s learned words more through listening than from reading from her spelling mistakes, and she can obviously speak more clearly than she can write.

No. 691245

File: 1537303259027.png (72.22 KB, 720x259, 20180918_153910.png)

No. 691249

File: 1537303468825.jpg (121.25 KB, 699x813, sureholly.jpg)

Apparently Holly is going for the backtracking approach. How does she think this is going to work? We've heard their unedited conversation, it wasn't about daddy kinks. This is the worst thing she could possibly do, good fucking luck.

No. 691253

Bull fucking shit, that's not what she said at all and that's not how it came across. Why would anyone acting out a fetish consentually say they were forced? At least have the guts to stand behind all the dumb shit you spout Holly, or just shut up.

No. 691264


No1curr about your barely developed OCs holly.

No. 691279

Yeah except that’s not how any of that came off, her and Twisted fat disaster where both very clearly talking about rape and being stupid about noncon-kinks and rape and acting like the two are the fucking same

She a dumbass girl who’s never had sex, been in a real relationship, fuck she doesn’t even date or fuck now and we all know she doesn’t reaserch so no Holly, you where talking about rape like it was no big deal and people should just act differently if you don’t wanna be raped

This isn’t backpedaling at all

No. 691283

File: 1537305619562.jpeg (131.86 KB, 1242x982, B0330285-2BEB-4429-8120-F6C074…)

From tumblr.. just more of her same shit really

No. 691293

No one of any gender wants to be in a relationship with someone so miserable, Holly. Most people grew out of this "tee hee not like other girls and men are so much better" thing in junior high.

Why can't she put the energy and practice of always having some slick/negative/whiny shit to say and apply it to her fucking art? Go outside. Paint a rainbow. Get out of your rotten swamp of a head for once bitch, damn.

No. 691297

Yes Holly, all women are chatty bitches and men are stoic anime boys.

No. 691299

>I'm bi, i like men more because women are not for me and talk to much and are all BITCHES!!11

Why do straight women do this???

No. 691301

This bitch isn't bi lmao the only type of woman she probably attracts are loudmouth disgusting slobs like her so of course she has a scewed perception of women

No. 691321

Wow that was the most straight answe I’ve ever heard

Way to keep that gay card there Holly, you totally sound attracted to women and not faking your bi like most straight women who like to use it as an excuse or turn on degenerate men like onision

Just shit up already your not fucking bi Holly, have you ever made out with another girl to really know? Slept with another girl?

No. 691322

she sounds like an angry incel wtf? She's in no way bi if women infuriate her this much.

No. 691347

You don’t have to “try” to understand if you are gay or bi, anon.
She’s obviously not bi, and to me she’s a virgin. It’s obvious everything she says about sex is parroted from somewhere else. She even said that penis size changes depending on what you eat, so…

No. 691351

>i'm going to let a few bad experiences i've had with some girls speak for the vast majority of women
who hurt her?

No. 691361

the amount of internalized misogyny and self-hatred Holly has for herself is ridiculous lmao she's definitely a femcel

I would say for Holly to take a break and clear her mind but this bitch really dumb as fuck and honestly thinks she'll get anywhere with that attitude.

No. 691376

File: 1537310719031.jpg (607.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180918-174514_Tum…)

No. 691378

File: 1537310796172.jpg (493.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180918-174634_Tum…)

No. 691385

File: 1537311157340.jpg (383.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180918-175236_Chr…)

No. 691388

lmao is she just pretending her previous design of princess wasn't literally a stereotype? She was fat with dreads.

No. 691389

File: 1537311244459.png (300.85 KB, 1036x1016, ouch.png)


Instagram was merciless. I'm sure most of these are supposed to be compliments but man do they sound backhanded

No. 691390

>penis sizes change by what you eat

I hope she meant HOW MUCH you eat because yeah a dude packing in the weight will see his dick disappear under the fupa they get

You don’t eat a steak and grow an inch Holly do you think dicks are made of fucking magic? this some futanari shit right here

No. 691391

is that holly's font on her blog? if not im judging your choice of font for on your phone.

No. 691392

It sounds more like she asked for critique than her trademark lmaoooo

No. 691393

I'm so ready for this to go all the way south, she is not going to react well to this.

No. 691394

oh she best reply to this and get ass blasted to the moon
I hope she talks herself into a corner with this one I really do

No. 691399

Oh god yes please people fight back!

No. 691401

Fuck yes! CALL! HER! OUT!

No. 691403

File: 1537311925070.jpg (169.56 KB, 720x917, IMG_20180918_160507.jpg)

No. 691404

Its about time people called her out! Yess

No. 691410

>wack anathomy. The eyes Tell a lot. a feace sheape

this guy has truly nailed Hollyspeak, only she can decipher this madness

No. 691417

Why do those charms look like something you can get off aliexpress?

No. 691419

Probably because they are.

No. 691424

holy FUCK she infuriates me this bitch isn't pan or bi she just wants a free pass

No. 691425

No. 691426

she just wants something she can throw at people who claim she's fetishizing gay men lmao

No. 691432

File: 1537313415772.png (32.06 KB, 627x253, possible_vaguetweet.png)

I dunno if this is directly related to holly or not, but given that she just replied to that tweet, I think the odds are pretty good this is about holly.

No. 691433

File: 1537313445566.png (71.58 KB, 1132x324, 2018-09-18_183002.png)

as soon as i read this i thought of holly

No. 691434


That's been said so many times, get a fucking life anon. Judge Holly like you're supposed to.

No. 691435

File: 1537313518165.png (55.34 KB, 975x258, 2018-09-18_183154.png)

No. 691449

dont get butthurt just bc your font looks bad lmao

No. 691467


Not my font, personally cant stand it but whatever anon

No. 691470

File: 1537316390645.png (3 MB, 1693x1907, 1537316336688.png)

No. 691510

first of all, sage. second of all, what video is the first picture from?

No. 691604

this made me crack up, bless u anon. on another note, is the blood type of her characters actually important to the story? i know mangas often mention the blood type of a character in their profile for cultural reasons (i believe, correct me if i’m wrong), but i don’t really get the point of making a keychain about it??? is she including info about the blood types? she said “personality type”, dunno if that was a mistake or not.

No. 691634

Most times they only do it in shoujo manga because of horoscopes and stuff, it’s normally just a small cutesy thing not something you see in paranormal comics

Also the “merch” is just bullshit fluff since she didn’t make it herself and is just reselling Chinese charms trying to pass it off as “character specific” trinkets, that’s why just just came up with everyone’s bloods types out of no where

No. 691635

File: 1537329764909.png (393.99 KB, 767x895, ondatlean.png)

lmao @ whoever replied with this

No. 691641

Wait so she's just reselling Alibaba charms? I'm dying, is she even trying??

No. 691669

From the zine shot and the traced hand stamps she selling

No, Holly does not try anymore just spews

No. 691671


Yeh Holly trying to push this 'kawaii animu shit' right along with her 'lol whoops that's the dick! cant let u see that!' just isn't a good look for her. It feels like she's trying too hard, but also not at all.

No. 691686

Holly is literally the perfect caricature of a teenaged poser

Hops on any trend that’s “edgy”, huge know it all but actually knows nothing on the topic/subject, overbearingly dumb and out of touch, try hard yet super lazy

No. 691692

I feel like Holly's school my have skimped on the sex ed and she she just got all her information from cartoon porn instead.

People don't complain about Reese being POC and "not an outstanding citizen", they complain about him being a creepy rapist and it being depicted as a cutesy character flaw, but ok.

No. 691697

Maybe its cuz she lurks and knows we bitched about Princess's redesign (thinner, cutesy expressions, single straight braid, ect)

No. 691698

>i guess i don't explain my characters well at all
well maybe nobody knows about your characters' traits because there's barely any content on them? who'd have thunk

No. 691703

Telly tho, she’s been pushing out as much mindless and horribly made content she can on these characters (well only Hershel and Reece really) without actually making any of the story or content that they are supposed to be represented in

How are any of her fans supposed to know anything about these characters unless they literally live in her brain? It’s like she’s role playing out their stories in her head without actually making it physical but we all have to be caught up in lore she already knows but doesn’t show

Are we just supposed to think Hershel is a warrior type because he’s the skinny(beef) boy?

No. 691718

so far he just seems like an incompetent moody big lunk that contrast with the effortlessly capable small woman. the washing liquid advert dynamic

No. 691732

It's basically the same as star signs in some parts of Asia like China, Korea and obviously Japan and they're used in similar ways like determining if you'll be compatible with someone.
It's really basic trivia about Japan as well as being mentioned in anime and shit so weebs latch on to it bcos lol so quirky!! Way better than icky star signs!!!

No. 691852

File: 1537369046159.png (899.89 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

She hasn't updated the charms at all.

No. 691856

Is there a reason for the Eiffel tower and butterfly motifs or is that just all she had lying around yikes. Also those pins are worse than I remember and the characters looks totally different now anyway

No. 691864

That’s what happens when you order merch before even defining your character design and getting familiar with it.
The motifs are just there because she thought it was cute. She ordered this kinda stuff instead of clear plastic bags because she felt like it was better and more aesthetic.

No. 691894

File: 1537372583008.jpg (476.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180919-105342_Tum…)

No. 691895

File: 1537372595475.jpg (488.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180919-105349_Tum…)

No. 691896

File: 1537372663110.jpg (495.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180919-105725_Tum…)

No. 691897

File: 1537372675692.jpg (523.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180919-105732_Tum…)

No. 691898

File: 1537372686673.jpg (472.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180919-105737_Tum…)

No. 691899

because that won't be a big mess for sure

holly, please, just stop.

No. 691903

speculating, but mayyyyybeeeeeee people are getting upset because the only way we know that herschel is hispanic is bc you have said so??
there is no difference between him and a white character, other than 'word of holly'

No. 691908

Wow, she's actually writing about a subject she has experience with? Improvement imo. It will still be awful and handled tastelessly, but at least this time she won't be talking completely out of her ass (hopefully.)

No. 691922

No one said to make her thicc, am I missing something? Why are her drones so gullible, Holly says "someone said x", and they just go "Oh yeah, must be true! Those meanies!!"

Holly, please read the posts here properly since you clearly lurk, one can absolutely write a character that's neither white nor a hollow poc sterotype, but you're not doing it. They're just poorly thought out.

No. 691924

Each of her characters have almost the same personality tbh.
Or a variation of the same personality.
Their so bland even when I was a fan of hers I still thought that purgartory was shit and still is.
Just she needs a course on writing in general tbh.

No. 691934

I love how she's offering those Aliexpress "blood types!!! character specific!!!" charms but her characters have A) no personalities that we or anyone else knows of B) not even last names???

No. 691936

>penis sizes change by what you eat
Source on her saying this.
She can't be this retarded

No. 691939

I don't have a timestamp, but I think the actual quotes were more like "penis sizes vary depending on time of day, sperm tastes different depending on what you eat"

No. 691988


But she does this shit ALL the time though. Either she reads here and then whines about it like someone went into her DMs personally, and takes it out of context,
or she'll pull a complaint out of her ass just so people will coddle her. I'm sure she gets hate, and all, but she brings up a lot of it on twitter/tumblr just so her fans will screech on about how right she is and how wrong her 'naysayers' are

No. 691998

She then talks about "the taste" (and does a voice like she's implying she has some experience) but the way she kicked in while talking about sizes is unsettling.
This is the "just fight back more" stream btw.

No. 692028

Lol @ Holly still not responding to this

No. 692039

pretty much this! holly proved she lurked, she let it slip with that sanjapan tweet when she said
>at the con - "I thought you were fatter" lol thanks
or something similar when you know no one outside this site actually says shit like that about her, no one sending her anon hate like that or walking up to her and being that autistic in person (and recognize her, shes not big)she saw it here because everyone who was new and hadn't seen her old vlog where she showed off her weight loss results and thought she was fat, because she has a fat potato head. and people pat her poor emotional but tuff gurl butt over it.

It's why her art has taken a drastic and weird turn style wise ive noticed, it's like she took all the critique we gave to heart but in a negative way, now she has to make cheat brushes and push out that old holier than thou attitude she used to have so she can get over the fact her art is shit and she refuses to learn the proper way to make her art better.

I also suspect she's posted here a few times too, trying to derail from certain subjects (her earnings at sanjapan and the zine)because again after certain topics get brought up she's suddenly on twitter with an explanation and it's a poor half assed one like she has to pull it out quick to stave off the fires, like the whole princess thing. we where the one and still are the ones complaining over the ambiguity of her POC characters and its only because she doesn't know how to design or write a character, white or colored. Princess looks like a indian/american girl, herchal looks asian to me, reece still looks and acts like a moody teenaged girl and is very obviously Holly's self insert, she's pretty much admitting she didn't want to be a girl, she wanted to be born a smol skinni boi to have the buttsexies wif da boof bois

like none of those characters are designed and fleshed out but ohh noo the meanies say princess isn't black enough, waaah meanie ol' haters making fun of my perfect character designs that have no problems at all

saged for tinfoilrantblog, Holly needs a good fucking smack to wake up from her fucking fantasy

No. 692104

This is such a blatant cash grab…her characters aren’t even fleshed out and she was to sell charms of their blood types? Also does she not realize people can just google info on blood type personalities???

No. 692109

She does read here. It's extremely obvious imo, she keeps bringing stuff up as it's being discussed here and says "people are saying…", even though no one in her mentions or comments is saying anything. I doubt she gets that many dms.

No. 692132

File: 1537390340667.jpg (61.81 KB, 678x407, originalBRowns.jpg)

No. 692135

>stereotypes would make him in a gang or stupid
How can someone be as thin skinned as Holly and still say stuff like this not realizing how painful hearing that sort of thing could be for some people.
The problem with a lot of creators I work with (blog, but I am an indie-comic gurl) is that they have huge problems with objectivity, they don't see themselves as people, they have no sense of self, and the internet (they think) gives them control of a "persona"
>hey, you can't judge someone just from the internet! You don't know me!
The problem with this in this case isn't so much the retarded tumblr bullshit of "YOU CAN'T WRITE POC CHECK UR PRIVILEGE" because some of the best stuff about minorities has been made by majorities (duh, the numbers/easier to get further in creative industries) and those rules are written by teenagers who never go outside and who also have problems with objectivity. The problem is that she isn't aware of why she MADE him Mexican. It can't be for SJW points, can it? She hates SJWs, she wouldn't do it just to un-white her cast, would she? No? Then she's going for the exotic, sexy Latino stereotype. Her characters ARE portrayed as stupid and with her edgy writing it wouldn't make sense for them NOT to end up in edgy, bishie gangs. What she means is "My poc aren't gross cholos they're smexy bishies" making them noble savages. Basically all of her defensiveness about creating POC = "I invented non-threatening poc who would want to be my friend." All of the characters would be her friends. That is a very comforting way to write. It's not even ignorance it's just teenaged aspergers. She's scared.

No. 692143


What does blood even have to do with her story overall? She's so bad at themes. I get mental illness as a theme, I get the paranormal elements, and hell, if there's going to be horror in it, I get that too. But we're not far in enough for her to work this kind of product into her 'themes' that would be cohesive, she's just doing it because 'mangaka do it' and it's Japanese so it's 'hella kawaii, people will buy that, riiiight?'

No. 692149

Holy shit, that's a great analysis if I ever read one of Holly.

No. 692160

nice cowtipping dude

>I'm packing them
what does she mean? does she already have the charms and is preparing to sell them? or is it simply her saying 'i didn't make them, i'm only repackaging them'?

No. 692167

i think it's holy speak for 'packaging' (not packing). either she is talking about her plans for when she gets them, or she already has them, no idea. one could check her store to see if they're up, but i'm too lazy for that

No. 692189

File: 1537395261670.jpg (63.19 KB, 720x520, IMG_20180919_151313.jpg)

Can you at least get some plot relevance in the story before introducing more…

No. 692190

>characters I can't do much with
If you did more than one page every decade you WOULD be able to do stuff with them, because they'd have been introduced by now

No. 692192

Holly, you need to make the fucking comic first to be doing this kind of shit

no one knows or cares who these characters are or what they will mean to your story, all you're going to do i ruin the plot (if you even HAVE one) for everyone who wants to read it, because you know she's going to give 100000 backstories for all these useless characters

she's only doing this because she wants people to tell her how awesome all her character designs are because we keep shitting on the ones she has now

No. 692195

I'm making a video on holly, backlash be damned. I'm going through the threads right now but can anyone give me a basic run down of the big shit she's fucked up on?

No. 692196

File: 1537395645139.jpeg (890.8 KB, 1242x1683, FA5D8E03-A250-455F-9C3A-B01BFF…)

Oh god no
She’s making more FMA art and it’s still horrible

Doritochins and skinny boi all over this

No. 692197

The zine, the money spending, the tracing, the art class tracing, her attitude

You have a lot to choose from and it’s be best for you to just comb through the threads and make your own summary

No. 692199

fucking christ, how come greedling is her fave and not the original greed? Oh yeah, because greedling looks more like a bishie

No. 692203

File: 1537396049029.png (345.24 KB, 984x382, sosad.png)

thats how you know her tastes are shit
she goes for the soyboys and not the real masculine one kek original anime greed will always be best looking greed imo

No. 692204

Her sexuality flip flop to justify her fetish
Her claim that slavery wasn't so bad cuz the slaver were jus poor and scared (aw poor slave owners)
Her claim that rape isn't rape if the person isn't fighting back enough (and her completely bs cover up on twitter after being called out)

No. 692206

It also says a lot that she prefers the darker and edgier Ling to the original Ling. Holly is such a teenage fucking edgelord

No. 692207

Beer has way more estrogen than soy milk jus saying

No. 692222


Fishing for compliments and engagement, I see.

No. 692224


She wants so badly to be validated for shoving characters no one cares about in their faces. Like Reese.

No. 692228

I just think it's weird. She used to be so obsessed with her comic work, remember when she went on a rant about the 24 hr comic day? Now it takes her a month for two pages

No. 692250

…? That has nothing to do with what I said
Because I said soyboi? You know what that means right it doesn’t literally mean you drink soy milk anon…

No. 692254

Because that’s what Holly does, she overinflated her work load per usual got over whelmed and can’t keep up with it, now it has her jaded and she doesn’t want to do it anymore but still wants to reap the benefits like she actually is still making the content, even if she spends 5 months bitching about it before hand because she can’t live one day not being a hypocrite, fuck she kept saying if comics didn’t work out she’s just make porn like it was a fallback and wasn’t a job you had to work at

Then she makes her own porn, doesn’t shut the fuck up about it like she’s a damn genius for makin fujo yaoi, and realizes it’s way more work then she thought and everyone pretty much laughed at it and didn’t even buy it, how lon till she’s just making elf rape pictures because she’s too fucked to be bothered to make the actual comic and that’s the next best thing

Wash, rinse and repeat with her.

No. 692261

File: 1537400634015.jpg (30.72 KB, 675x264, noticemekeith.jpg)

Keith is my favourite character

No. 692280

I figured as much. I'm just glad the previous threads are linked here.

No. 692360

File: 1537414055273.jpg (515.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180919-222724_Chr…)

No. 692361

File: 1537414080521.jpg (299.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180919-222730_Chr…)

Oh she's talking about herself

No. 692371

What. The. Fuck. Is she seriously guilt tripping people that spoke up about her zine shit/rape comments and making herself the victim again? Shitting on rape victims without consequences is not a basic human right, Holly. "You're criticising me, not because of what I've done, you're just JEALOUS of my popularity uwu!!"

This is low, even for her.

No. 692378

File: 1537414955044.png (87.01 KB, 686x633, ohno2.png)

No. 692385

my phone isnt letting me post images but the girl from before called her out again and im LIVING

No. 692387

File: 1537415292359.jpg (437.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180919-224805_Chr…)

No. 692388

Wait… Didn't holly say half the art community were cunts anyways? Is she trying to save face after the live stream.

No. 692390

File: 1537415416804.jpg (492.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180919-225015_Chr…)

No. 692394

I think I'm in love? Holy shit. I hope she keeps doing this.

No. 692395

Why does she think that people have to be nice to her after literally implying that victims of nonviolent rape were asking for it, and then trying to cover it up? It's fucked up that she is trying to dominate the conversation this way.

No. 692402

File: 1537416194794.jpg (26.25 KB, 663x200, idknoturmom.jpg)

No. 692413

File: 1537417052106.png (60.08 KB, 629x502, justiceboner.png)

holy SHIT

No. 692414


point out her obvious internalized misogyny/you have to fight back if you're being raped quote and her sexuality changing when she feels it'll benefit her.

No. 692415

>I live to be passive aggressive
so this is you? Or is this garbage idiom a new thing

No. 692416

It's been a thing? for a while, at least on twitter/tumblr.

No. 692417

it's been a thing anon lol pretty sure they're not the same person

No. 692420

Wow she’s a farmer, she just got this from thread, but whatever at least someone if calling her on her shit just should have made it less obvious

Also, um, notice how Holly is pulling all this shit again like she’s been lurking because we have been shitting hard on her and her personality the last few days

I think it’s all getting to her and she’s trying to cover her ass as best she can

No. 692424

I mean if she dislikes holly she might just have a similar argument/know the stuff shes pulled? I mean, I'm pretty sure that a video from this girl has been linked in a previous thread.

No. 692426

Also KEK at her trying to stick up for Bailee, like come the fuck on Holly you KNOW why she has a fucking thread, it’s pretty obvious you must have read them while you were lurking and no she isn’t a nice person, she’s a try hard like you

No. 692427

Which makes it a bit more obvious she’s a farmer and self posted, not that hard to believe anon…

No. 692428

I'm looking for the old post from the thread right now, either way I'm just glad someones finally saying something.

No. 692431

Found it. Not sure if it was self-posted or not, but I don't really care either way.

No. 692433

it's pretty clear the tweeter is a farmer though because they use farmer rhetoric
>you have stated on multiple occasions

No. 692434

can someone link me holly's personal instagram?

No. 692435

no? i dont even think anyone here has it.

No. 692438

has what? you better not mean twitter. That would be a suspiciously bizarre claim. Why didn't you just make the fucking video you said you were going to make and not cowtip and selfpost it here ffs

No. 692440

I messed up, I meant to reply to >>692434
also im not the anon who said they were going to make a video calm down

No. 692441

fuck, thought i saged that. but point still stands.

No. 692445

Sage for off topic

This chick is so much more professional and efficient than holly is. She has her own studio (away from her home) and she has her own website and actually has customers. Just look at how clean and how she actually sets out to do a task and finishes it unlike holly


No. 692446

the tweets are being posted minutes after they go up, was it ever a question that it was a farmer

No. 692447

I mean, I posted one or two of them bc I was watching it unfold. Also people were watching the thread so I didn't think it was that weird.

No. 692450

I've been watching her a lot lately and, compared to Holly, it's like night and day. Watching her videos on running a convention booth makes Holly's SanJapan disaster look infinitely worse.

No. 692453

It's sort of telling that she is only focused on saving her own ass, she hasn't said a word to protect TwistedDisaster so far.

No. 692454

it's wild, their art is so clean and nice to look at too.

No. 692468

Off topic but I recently found this girl too and she honestly inspires me
What it's like to have your life organized be proficient lmao

No. 692470

guys if she has nothing to do with holly just dont post it, you're already derailing

go to OT for this stuff

No. 692535

FFS, just draw the comic.

>"I won't stop being a complete asshole on a public platform, no matter what you say!!"
Your call, but don't complain when people continue to give you shit for it.

You can point your finger at any random artist that makes these "studio vlogs" and they'll probably be more professional and efficient than Holly. Don't have any problem with this girl, but the bar is quite low.

No. 692543

Holly has gone back to ignoring the criticism, it's so obvious that she knows she's fucked if people keep bringing up her shitty comments, she's actively avoiding mentioning any details. I was kind of hoping that someone else would poke the bear, but oh well!

No. 692560

Popularity gives you an ego, it's almost inevitable. More popular artists get "hate forums" ie: critcized because they do tend to act better than others. Generally if you're nice and just mind your own business no one will come after you in a significant way. Self censoring is something every person who puts themselves out in the public should practice. Holly's popularity has nothing to do with the critcism she gets, she made her calarts rant long before she got popular, her negativity attracts hate.

No. 692569

File: 1537445457924.jpg (170.53 KB, 1064x651, Screenshot_20180920-071026_Chr…)

She's justifying why she didn't outsource printing for the zine.

No. 692570

File: 1537445580292.jpg (370.12 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180920-071300_Chr…)

No. 692571

File: 1537445611030.jpg (443.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180920-071253_Chr…)

No. 692576

Stop fucking cow tipping where are the farmhands.
>Oh wo it's not mee
You're capping each other has the same result

No. 692577

…and stop tweeting at her too. Fucking do a callout, otherwise restrain yourselves from muh I must say to the cow what we are thinking on lolcow.

No. 692597

pretty much this, the calarts rant was the video that literally made her "infamous" to the youtube and tumblr art scene, and the only people who found it endearing or "inspiring" are the same people who blow smoke up her ass now;edgy teenagers that cant afford to buy her overpriced shitty art
but thats a big reason why she had a thread made, her absolute shit attitude that she continues to show since that video

No. 692599

ohhh nooooo

poor holly couldnt afford to print all those zines by herself because she was too dumb to pool the money first or let all the other zine artists have their own pdf copies to do themselves

because she wanted all the money boooo hoooooo

go choke on a real dick for once holly, we see through that bullshit

No. 692609

her nails in this holy shit

No. 692616

File: 1537453363743.jpg (142.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180920-091925_Chr…)

I can only see well know like really well known artist charge a 100$ for sketchbooks, like Kim jungle GI (I didn't spell it right it right but you know what I mean)
Not something full of shitty doodles.
Maybe she can scan them then throw them out. But thinking your audience would buy it is something else yikes
This is what an echo chamber does to someone.

No. 692617

*jung my speed correct is shit sorry

No. 692619

File: 1537453527738.jpg (611.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180920-092436_You…)

No. 692622

File: 1537453611472.jpg (414.82 KB, 1080x1656, 20180920_092648.jpg)

No. 692624

>>692609 I checked the storenvy link and apparently some people already bought some. What the actual fuck?

No. 692625

Holly is so dumb if she thinks the sketchbooks she's already selling copies of on her online store are suddenly going to sell well as originals. No one wants them Holly.

No. 692626

File: 1537453989566.jpg (526.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180920-093311_Chr…)

No. 692640

File: 1537455010983.jpg (100.76 KB, 678x746, terribrown.jpg)


No. 692649

>pp characters 2016
fuark it's over two years she has believed she's making a comic. In her mind it's all developed and she thinks her audience are following along but in reality there was like 10 pages until this week

No. 692650

hehe get ready to be disappointed in the public

No. 692652

Also if she had kept her room clean to begin with then she wouldn't have a ton of shit
Or kept buying sketch books every other time when she really didn't need them. She kinda brought this onto herself.

No. 692654

wow the mental backflips she must be doing this week to fucking say the shit she's been spewing
so can she practice what she tries to preach for once or nah? gonna stay a hypocrite? yah? thats what i thought

holly you really are an idiot if you think anyone wants to buy your horribly made, anatomy-wonked fucked sketchbook for 100$, like you really think anyone likes your art enought o buy 100$ worth of shitty sketches they can see you upload for free?
You are delusional, maybe if it was a 200+ page fully colored glossed page artbook, yeah i can see it then because i've bought books like that

from professionals
with amazing art

something you lack as a ' professional artist'

No. 692656

File: 1537455959198.png (28.87 KB, 657x266, artiste.png)

Wait, is she talking about the yt comment? The one that only contains one FNAF video?

No. 692661

is it about this? >>692626
what is this about?

No. 692663

its in the thread of the yt comment so yes

No. 692664

It's about >>692616 (I think, but that would make no sense)

No. 692665

Why does she try to make money off of EVERYTHING? It's kind of pathetic. Just throw them out, that's what most artists do when they need to clear up space. The nerve. Just sell them as PDFs on gumroad, I bet some people would buy that, as weird as it seems considering her level, but 200 bucks?

No. 692667

File: 1537456724703.png (356.14 KB, 1537x616, niche.png)

The niche art channel in question.

No. 692669

>niche art channel
>seriously actually only one FNAF video

holly literally is retarded omg, can we please get her to fund her own therapy to root into that fucking autism she refuses to admit too

No. 692673

i actually thought she was refering to her own channel when she said art channel, not the yt commenters channel, but her sentences are so fucked I could be wrong

No. 692674

i would have thought she's talking about this >>692402
person's art channel

No. 692675

Oh, that would make a lot more sense! Since when is her channel "a very niche art channel" though?
>I dont exactly attract challenge people you know?
What does that even mean? God damn

No. 692680

File: 1537458171520.jpg (464.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180920-104254_Chr…)

No. 692690

File: 1537459375669.png (273.67 KB, 683x880, roise.png)

No. 692704

>Reese Gonzales

…… I THOUGHT HERSHAL WAS THE FUCKING HISPANIC/SPANISH POC???? What is going on here and that name sounds fucking horrible like she just slapped it together with no rhyme or reason

No. 692710

Honestly I thought Reese was supposed to be biracial or black or whatever. I don't even know anymore man. I'm lost with this bitch.

No. 692711

an anon further up mentioned that both reese and hershel are hispanic. i didn't know that reese was until then, either, but he def is.


holly, please, for the love of anime, stop. just, stop.

No. 692712

They're both hispanic and named after candy, apparently (Hershey and Reese's). Black Latinos exist, but still.

Since he has band-aids on he's probably an active cutter, and you know she'll find the worst way possible to write about that subject in her comic, if she ever gets to that.

No. 692715

She mentioned recently that there was going to be a lot of flashbacks in PP, so if she ever actually introduces Reese… It's gonna be bad

No. 692722

LMAOOOOO I JUST said yesterday that her characters don't even have last names, and now this?? Hi Holly, nice to see you prove you're lurking yet again

No. 692748

Hershel’s Last name should be Sanchez if iirc, talk about not wanting stereotypes,

No. 692749

I know there's black latinos, point is Holly very much portrayed him and princess as her "black american" characters and not having any latino mixed in but apparently Holly's been roleplaying in her head again and just dropping hints here and there (as anons are telling me) like her characters are in a fucking ARG or something

yeah and she just pulled the "blood type" stuff out of her ass yesterday too, now all of a sudden >anyone else love those character bios in manga??? SOO LOVE THEM SOOO KEWL

when we had already mentioned the stupid blood type stuff is really only a thing for cutesy manga or asian horoscopes only yesterday (hi holly, feel like shit yet?) and probably have literally nothing to do with her story if she ever actually works on it instead of 1000 character profiles she's going to have no need for (because she needs MORE PROJECTS TO WORK ON)

you only really make those things AFTER for your readers to keep track of whos who in the story and to remember important details, the artist should just have a ref sheet not manga profile pages

No. 692753


I feel like I've seen herschels last name before but no one else's. Im a little sick of her shit, it's been like what a year? She hasn't made any significant headway in her comics at all. She's too busy puffing up her ego on social media and making posts and videos about every little thing she's doing, and products. It's too premature for her to be thinking about merch for a comic she barely started with characters she barely developed.

No. 692754

Gonzales, Sanchez…

so whats everyones bet on princess's last name? horribly racist or predictably bland?

No. 692760

If it's Carter, Jones or Brown I'm going to eat my fucking hat.

No. 692767


I typed down Jones like so many times and went "naaaah she can't be THAT fucking stupid"

she's going to be that fucking stupid tho, i feel it, it's going to be something like those i just fucking feel it

No. 692772

guys, what if… her name is white? bc get it, she's black haha so edgy

seriously though, how about washington? or jefferson?

No. 692773

File: 1537468072573.png (40.22 KB, 692x350, kloth.png)

1. God damn it, Keith.

2. They did fuck though? Is this another "Holly is a virgin"-moment? There needs to be a compilation of those.

No. 692780

Hershel fucked Reece, scaleboy only 'sucked him off' and 'played with him' before getting a good few 'trusts' from the boofboy

honestly it's not surprising no one would remember it's not like the comic was hot or sexy or memorable (besides the art), it was very bland and ugly

No. 692781

correct me if i am wrong, but maybe she means that reese didn't penetrate herschel? only the other way around?

No. 692785

I think she's said that Seize is "non-canon to PP", so she maaaaaaaaaay be referring to that? It's hard to tell with Holly

No. 692790

no she's saying he didnt read the porn because Hershel is the one who does the "fucking"
Reece just initiates all of it by drugging him and being a rapist

No. 692792

You know, the normal stuff.

No. 692797

hey man, if my boy isnt drugging me and tying me up to take advantage of me without proper consent or guidelines or rules set out first

i dont fucking want it, and no i wont fight back im a reeeaaalll girl and i looove it~ uwu

No. 692801

Ah, this is probably correct, guess it doesn't count if it's not a dick in her head? I probably should've known that by now, honestly

No. 692802

Holly is a fucking virgin

No. 692810

shes a femcel fujoshit potato faced gremlin, pretty obvious shes a virgin and will likely stay that way if she doesnt change her ways. if any man (or woman pfft) would be able to put up with her attitude and constant bs long enough to give her a good dicking i think we might actually see her change a bit for the better, open up her mind and shut her fucking mouth for 10 seconds because she was finally satisfied with something in her life kek

No. 692825

People who don't understand consent shouldn't have parters, therapy would be way safer, not that that's going to happen anytime soon.

This is really idiotic question, but how do you get to her tumblr asks? It's probably obvious, but I still don't get it.

No. 692827

File: 1537470270869.png (Spoiler Image, 158.91 KB, 926x453, holly ask.png)

are you asking how to see them? or how to ask her something? If you want to just see them you just scroll through her blog, you'll see them

if its to ask her pic related heres her tumblr you may not be on the right one - http://hollycbrown.tumblr.com/

theres one she uses as a domain to show off art (but hasnt updated in a while) then this one, her 'personal' one

No. 692831

Thanks! I confused her portfolio site with a personal blog, just wanted to look through it to see if she had said anything stupid.

No. 692834

dont worry anon it wont take you long, she always says something stupid it doesnt matter what the platform is

No. 692839

in general, when a tumblr blog has their ask open and you can't find the link on their blog, you can still get there by simply putting [BLOGINQUESTION].tumblr.com/ask in your address bar. works for any blog that have their ask open and run with the .tumblr suffix.

No. 692840

File: 1537471079389.png (8.35 KB, 495x112, gsrht656335e7.png)

samefag but case and point

like Holly… you dont understand why people would think this? are you really that oblivious?

No. 692859

Ah, makes sense! Sorry for making you teach me tumblr, lol.

Sage for TwistedDisaster, but she made a con video, don't know if Holly is mentioned in it though.

No. 692880

She's mentioned briefly, but that's it. Michie is annoying too, but she has nothing to do with this thread besides being affiliated with Holly.

No. 692881

If you can't add a product to the cart in her storenvy, does that mean it sold? Because, if so, that means she's almost sold all of her sketchbooks and made about $600. I don't know how storenvy works.

No. 692893


I'm under the impression that if it's still listed, and doesn't say at least "Sold out", then it didn't sell. Don't know why there's no 'add to cart' option.

No. 692897

countless teenage fans screeching "IF I HAD MONEY" in the comments is concerning.

No. 692898

I think it would say "SOLD OUT" underneath, but I'm not sure either.

No. 692901

I'd call it a glitch, but some of her older items have an "add to cart" option.

No. 692904

The grid sketchbook has the "add to cart"-option.

No. 692908

Lmao they're gone now. Except for the grid one.

No. 692915

What does it mean! I want to know who spent their money on this.

No. 692918

I seriously doubt anyone did. Less than 24 hours and all but one sold? It's just not realistic.

It's more likely that shame got through her thick skull and she pulled them willingly.

No. 692922

Her fans being delusional and having horrible taste sounds a lot more realistic than Holly feeling shame tbh.

No. 692950

Since she loves to show off every little thing she does I'm sure we'll find out sooner or later.

No. 692955

Watch her complain about shipping the 600 page sketchbook out.

No. 692968

You’re understimating how many fans she has and how many people literally throw money away.

No. 693001

that just randomly reminded me of something; remember when she complained about how the review tablets she was re-selling on amazon got shattered in shipping? how much do u guys wanna bet she didn’t even keep all of the original packaging to put the tablet in and just shoved it in a box with some bubblewrap?

No. 693005

Devil's Candy uses 3d models but Tsulala just uses them as a base/perspective reference and adds the details herself by hand. The PunPun mangaka uses photos but edits them to his tastes in post as well.
It's normal but I feel there should be care taken to make it more polished.

No. 693010

Maybe I am. But, even though her fans are stupid and naive and have no taste at all, most of them don't have $100-$200 to throw at any random purchase, much less a shitty sketchbook made by a barely popular Youtube artist. Even less of them would make that decision within hours of being told about the listings.

Anyway, as >>692950 said, we'll find out for sure eventually. Given how quickly she ran her mouth about making money at SanJapan, it won't be long before she brags about raking in a chunk of cash from ratty old sketchbooks.

No. 693040

Reese does fuck Hershel, he uses the dildo to penetrate and fuck him wtf is she implying that doesn't count lol?

No. 693046

File: 1537482870253.png (10.76 KB, 780x168, spoilered.png)

This was mentioned briefly before, but using another question she got, why is she already spoiling a Princess ED arc? Is it supposed to build hype, or what?


No. 693048

She better be careful on tumblr lol they freak out about this shit. Making a chubby character skinny and saying it works well with her back story.

No. 693052


Michie: "I didn't think it was right that there were people with art quality that wasn't that good. What I mean by that: they had streaky prints, uhm they didn't spend a lot of time on their art. They kind of slapped it together. Like it just didn't look very good. I didn't see any of that this year."

…… Really Michie? You didn't? You didn't see anyone like that this year? Possibly sitting right next to you??


Maybe when you looked in the mirror every morning?

When you were setting up the booth, possibly?


Oh, okay. Good, I'm glad you didn't see anything like that this year. I was concerned.

No. 693061

Dick in hole is the only way to have sex anon. Holly, a bisexual (allegedly), should know.

No. 693077

She still could have kept princess character chubby for what she wants to do tbh.
Which she mentioned before was that princess had or has an eating disorder.
Which I don't think holly can pull off tastfully….

No. 693109

Anon thinks lesbians never have sex cuz they physical can't lol

No. 693120

I think anon was being sarcastic. Like Holly is the one that thinks that..

No. 693181

Holly is mentioned, and it's worth noting that TD says something bad happened at SJ that she herself won't mention, but Holly mentioned in her own video and tweets (that TD was bad touched at the con). That kind of says a lot about Holly. That wasn't something TD wouldve wanted to say, but Holly didn't stop to fucking think before talking about her friend's traumatic experience

No. 693215

oh no… Holly's beginning to think she's Kim Jung Gi…

even his books aren't priced at 200

No. 693241

before the purge in her vlog channel during the killing stalking phase i remember her showing how she downloaded the comic and the file was called ''matando acosando'' so i always asumed she had at least latinx relatives? idk its just my theory for the poc stuff

No. 693242


Nah, she's never claimed as much (Though I would not be surprised if she tried to). She's definitely said "I'm white" on several occasions in vlogs though.

No. 693284

She also said she supports the trump wall thing cuz there are too many Mexicans in San Antonio lol so…I highly doubt it. Not to mention saying on her tumblr that if she was making Hershel more of a stereotype he would be a stupid gang member

No. 693303


Not sure why you'd come to the conclusion she'd have latinx relatives, just because she had a file of the comic titled in Spanish…??

But god, is she so outta touch with who her audience is and what they might want. Most of them are just teens who wanna hear her shoot her edgy mouth off and her art is like a weird byproduct she seems to think has value and is marketable. Congrats, Holly, you got a bunch of broke kids to believe that at least. HOPEFULLY by the time they're able to earn their own money they'll have grown out of her bullshit and will spend it more wisely but I'm not really holding my breath.

No. 693305


I'm just going to assume she unlisted her books from the shop cause she know that shit won't sell. People've got bills to pay, lmao.

Plus she said it herself. Her room is a shithole. I dunno about anyone else but I wouldn't want anything from a shithole. Especially not from a room like hers, have y'all SEEN her fuckin floor?

And then she has the nerve to present and handle her grubby-ass books with her grubby-ass hands. No thanks. Not interested in a "piece of Holly BRown history"

And people are in the comments saying "OMG you should charge MORE!"

I wish she would charge more for those so that she could look even more ridiculous.

No. 693318

Tbh I would gladly pay $100 for a sketchbook from my favorite artist. $200 is a bit much… that's a price I'd expect from a james jean level artist. The thing about art is that it's inherently valueless, except for the cost of supplies and time. Holly pricing her originals more expensive isn't the problem, it's that she's delusional enough to think she's at that level where someone would want her original sloppy sketchbooks for that price. I guess she's desperate for money, like always.

No. 693319

I might be wrong but I remember that last time she sold her sketchbooks they were around 20$ each, but guess she “made it” now that she writes about how to be successful, so of course she can charge 100/200 for shitty doodles.
Half of the books weren’t even finished, she rips them apart so it’s even less pages than a regular sketchbook. Such a bargain!

No. 693331

why is she like this lately? is it because she went to a con and made minimal profit? because 1k is fuck all for most con artists, she isnt popular, fuck spechies been more talked about and had more made about her, and all mostly because she's dating a commentator

holly you only have what? 240k followers on youtube? who do you think you are fucking Jaden animations or something? you dont even have the twitter followers to back up that popularity if you want to sell anything you have to advertise it on your youtube (hey ever gonna do a zine video for that channel btw?)why would anyone want to buy a sketchbook, not even a fully finished artbook, just one of her doodlebooks, for 200$? she needs to reel that ego back

No. 693347

lmao so people already bought a bunch of them, all except for one are not on her store anymore

No. 693358

That was obvious sarcasm, anon. Holly probably does think that though.

No. 693373

how do you know? are her some of her fans saying they bought them because i dont see anyone saying they got one, either they can't afford it but want it or asking why she made it so expensive, we wont know until she makes a post or video about it anyway so we should all wait for that

No. 693398


Her priorities are fucked, but of course, holly first, so she's gonna push all this shit she wants to sell. She'll make ten videos about all the ratty bullshit she's trying to peddle before she makes one announcement for the zine. Cause more orders means more work for her(and more money out her pocket what a dumbass).

Who knows if that storenvy link for the zine is still available, more likely than not she's trying to bury all talk of the zine by trying to distract people with her boring af paranormal plague comic and uninspired characters, fujo rape comics, sketchbooks and merch she's trying to sell them.
'eh the zine won't sell well. I'll make sure of that nobody is big enough to push sales like I can, BUT LOOK AT MY NEW STUFF I'M MAKING, this is kawaii, right? Please don't be mean to me let me make The Gay Shit(tm) in peace with no criticism or judgment. "

Sage for sperg

No. 693407

>But god, is she so outta touch with who her audience is and what they might want.
Yessssssssssss. When edgy people say "I make art for me and no one else!" they're usually expressing confidence in the face of criticism. She applies the concept literally as if that's a legitimate method of creation. No, if you're going to sell a story you do have to consider that people are going to read it; not just give you money because you made(or say you are making)it. If she got published and sold in stores her stuff wouldn't sell. I'm not insulting her art style/skill, her comic would get such bad reviews for a lack of story.
Then again if she did sell in stores she'd probably try to staple all the pages together herself and then blame the bookstores.

If she ends up with a successful career and becomes wealthy without changing EVERYTHING about what she does I'm gonna an hero because so many people are trying so much harder, making better work and being overlooked. (Not me, I sound so butthurt lol)

No. 693413

i’m not sure if getting rid of her old sketchbooks is the right idea for cleaning up her room, since they’re good to look back at to see how much improvement you’ve made (if she ever has any whoops) and for ideas. the money she wanted is beyond ridiculous too. i’m all for artists pricing their original work according to the time, effort, supplies, etc put into it, but anyone selling their old sketchbooks for that much is usually an immensely popular pro artist. hell, even some great artists only upload pdf’s of their sketchbooks for $1-5 on gumroad or what have you, whether that’s only bc they want to keep them or bc they know they won’t be able to sell the original book at a price that’s fair to the work they put into it. i’m sure even that stalker keith won’t pay that much for one of holly’s ripped apart books touched by her grubby hands lmao.

literally how can anyone protest that BRown is passionate about art when all she ever talks about are things she hates about it and how much money she wants to make from it. that’s it. i can’t remember the last time she mentioned genuinely enjoying something about art or the process that wasn’t related to making/saving money or wasn’t a comparison to something that she hates about art/other people’s art.

No. 693493

File: 1537536581988.jpg (636.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180921-082919_Twi…)

No. 693494

File: 1537536600266.jpg (550.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180921-082929_Twi…)

No. 693495

Does she realize that diet coke might actually be the problem?
Hey brown why don't you try cutting it out and see how you feel after that. Just drink some water as well that shit will help you to.
Or idk visit a health professional.

No. 693497

File: 1537536903162.jpg (393.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180921-083333_Twi…)

I've lost hope for her audience now.
Holly room is a shit show, it needs to be cleaned. If I was her i would be ashamed of showing it to anyone let alone the Internet and to show this is where my products come from is even worse.

No. 693509

Please drink some water Holly, I promise it's good for you.

No. 693536

not trying to be a white knight but at least she's cleaning her shit up for real this time instead of bullshitting it

knowing holly though i'm wondering how long it'll actually stay clean?

No. 693541


Surprised she's not trying to sell them with a doodle of her horrendous art in it.

No. 693556

Really tho

Stomach ulcers are a thing, especially if you drink pop all day long Holly how dumb are you?

No. 693593

i guess she should drink Jilly Juice instead, right dr. yahooanswers?

No. 693602

File: 1537547688662.png (230.47 KB, 707x626, scop.png)

No. 693614

It would be nice if she used reference to draw Princess's body too.

Random thought, Reese should have been the one named Hershel aka "her shell"

No. 693634

File: 1537549860948.jpg (48.71 KB, 720x326, IMG_20180921_101026.jpg)

No. 693646

she should just…drink water…cutting out greasy food won't do much if she's dehydrated and loaded up on asparatame

No. 693647

That's not how height differences work. It just looks like Princess is on her knees.

No. 693650

puttin them brushes to work i see
the anatomy is horrible and they dont even look like they are in the same area

No. 693653

no? drink water not diet fucking coke and see a doctor? what got you so buttmad there anon

No. 693671

Does anyone have a download of this video? She took it down

No. 693675

Not to go super ot but pls support evidence based claims not some Facebook Karen's advice. Aspartame is not dangerous.

No. 693677

are you really trying to argue diet coke is better for you than water

No. 693688

i mean, she can drink diet coke or whatever she wants, so long as she drinks water too. she gives the impression that she ONLY drinks diet coke and nothing else.

No. 693695

Just trying to stop the spread of misinformation born on fear mongering pseudo science but sure that's what you take away lol.

No. 693698

NTA but I’m sorry it just looked like you were saying coke is the same as water.
Aspartame and sugar are both bad for you if you abuse them, and Holly totally is. She stated multiple times that she finds water gross, so she only drinks soda, cofeee (w cream and sugar) and tea (w sugar). That can’t be healthy.

No. 693702

What's the point of drinking diet soda when you're just going to a
load up on sugar and calories in everything else you drink. Most people use diet soda to "cheat" (although diet soda is linked to higher rates of obesity and beetus anyway).

Amazing how much better she'd feel if she cut out the soda.

Cokerep-chan pls go, no one cares if asparatame is technically safe when it's completely irrelevant to the thread. The point is drinking only diet coke is objectively bad for you and we know that Holly's diet is complete garbage and is the reason she feels sick all the time.

No. 693713

not only her garbage diet, but also the state of her room (and possibly whole house). doesn’t matter how much crap she gets rid of from her room if there’s “gunk” everywhere else in the house.

No. 693720

File: 1537559847345.jpeg (152.98 KB, 640x406, 3C60A6B8-7EDE-46E8-8918-4644D0…)

3 Hours per page? No wonder they’re crap.

No. 693722

Her room is disgusting. There's a difference between a messy room and a room filled with bacteria and trash. It's a surprise that holly isn't sick more often from festering in used dishes, an overflowing trashcan, a floor littered with dust and trash, and cat and dog piss everywhere. She jokes about her family being white trash but she forgets to include herself lol

No. 693766


There she goes, overestimating and under delivering again.

No. 693774

File: 1537566893899.jpg (87.76 KB, 1017x547, XRRfKY8.jpg)

God, she is just all up ON Joysan's videos because she's started book binding and now BRown's trying to give advice, like jesus fuck off holly, you could've put all that shit in one comment, stop trying to suck dick by making multiple comments on a video. Have a seat, you don't even know how to align a book properly.

Like, Idk why but it bugs me sometimes when I'm watching JoySan's vids and you can hear her listening to Holly's videos in some clips and I'm like but why tho … I don't get it…Is it just morbid curiosity or a genuine admiration for this hack?

Seriously. I watch other artists to get AWAY from Holly's shit.

No. 693794

LOL dude i feel the same. anytime i see holly’s comments on someone’s vid (always either kissing their ass or giving crap advice) or hear them mention her, i cringe so hard. i think minnie small mentioned holly in a video once where she bought a bunch of supplies as having “fun videos on printing supplies that you should check out” or something like that, but neither holly’s art nor her advice is any good. i feel like there are tons of other vids on the same subjects that are much better, so i’m confused as to why some of the artists i respect choose to watch and even recommend BRown.

No. 693822


It's like you can't fuckin escape her. She really knows how to stink up a comments section.

She's trying to get that engagement, suck up to the better artist in question, AND drive people to her channel.

she ain't slick.

No. 693860

>makes the books have evenly distributed books

No. 693912

No. 693933

'Outdoor box' nitpick for sure but damn is she stupid lol

No. 693944

File: 1537581032897.png (428.07 KB, 1171x549, newpeepee.png)

No. 693946

herschel "heals" paranormals in the newest page by vaguely gesturing in their direction kek

and i know the comics just started but like his healer powers came outta nowhere

No. 693961

Can we all just look at Hershel's face in that Jesus panel, he looks like his face is melting off. Gg Holly lmao

No. 693963

File: 1537586178526.png (146.69 KB, 907x266, flipper.png)

i'm 50:50 on whether it's part of herschel's healing a lobster claw man that his own hand becomes a lobster claw or whether it's art jank

No. 693968

it would be cool if hershel's healing ability had some kind of repercussion like it gradually fucks up his body every time he heals someone or whatever. but, knowing holly,i doubt that'll happen. Hershel's most likely just an "UwU special boi"

No. 693969


on the plus side, she's fixed her font and speech bubble shapes a bit. princess looks bizarre in that upper right panel though, as usual lmao

No. 693971

I think that it’s supposed to be funny. When Ash says Herschel “heals” paranormals, Princess thinks of Hershey as Jesus/in Jesus robes. At least that’s what I think Holly is getting at.

No. 693972

>those uneven, incomplete scanlines
There’s Photoshop tutorials on this that take like 10 minutes.

No. 693973

So far PP is giving me a discount FMA/Bleach vibe. Fujo edition.

No. 693975

Why is Princess facing right in the first panel and left in the next? It’s driving me nuts, stick to one head angle unless they actively move their head (which she might be but it’s so badly communicated nonetheless),,,, please it’s called continuity…….

No. 693989

No. 693994

why is she like this, friends? Like anyone else would do one line and tile it. I can just imaging her yammering away at something in a video while we watch her draw one, draw another one. 10 minutes later a 30 second job done

No. 694003

This panel layout is really confusing me, I tried reading it left to right and right to left and neither really works. The dialogue isn't really helping me make sense of it either.

No. 694010


She's forever breaking the 180 rule holy shit, they're all over the place in every other panel. And where tf is the rest of ashley's body in that 3rd panel?
Cutting characters off at odd places like the neck and ankles like she does creates weird placement in any given space and half the time we're not getting any backgrounds so as far as we're concerned they're floating body parts.

And to think she brags on and on about her background skills.

No. 694036

well… she's following through on this, but she never said that the pages would be good lmfao

No. 694044

Ohh no no no anon

the FMA ripoff is her Elf rape comic, have you seen the uniforms? it's the complete copy of the alchemist uniform from FMA and im amazed no one has seen that yet

and now that i'm trying to find a pic of them (because I know she has sketches up) i cant find them, did she take them all down after people started calling her out for the rape shit?

No. 694060

if the monsters in her comic can be "healed" back to humans it makes me actually curious about what the message of the comic is. i feel like there's potential for it to be intelligent, i hope she won't waste it.

No. 694062

Not to be that guy, but there is no potential, because she doesn't have any life experience or intelligence, it's probably going to be on the same level of subtext as the average fanfic. If there is a message it's probably going to be "friendships are good" "everyone has their demons" or something like that. I think this is just her attempt at writing/drawing herself some friends tbh.

No. 694067

Has Holly ever made any mention of studying literature, cinema, or storywriting in general? Not that good writers need to be professional film critics, but it seems like it would be similar to visual artists studying master painters.

No. 694073

I've speculated this before but I'm calling it again, the vine creature Herschel was fighting is Reese.


He's pretty much probably going to be this 'savior from mental illness' stand in since the monsters are supposed to be allegorical to those things which, if we're guessing correctly…
hoo boy. This gon be good. cause these are sensitive topics to many people and they better not let this shit fly.

I feel like she'll fuck it up either way.

No. 694076

Nope, not recently at least. It would definitely benefit her, but at the end of the day Holly just doesn't seem very interested in other people/analytical thinking, and people like that rarely make good storytellers. If she had studied the things she should have, there is no way she would have this many issues with pacing and plot structure.

Didn't she already spoil that part? I could've sworn she let something slip a while ago, might just be a popular lolcow theory though. Is it bad to look forward to the Reese flashbacks in some sick way? Just imagining her trying to illustrate self harm feels unreal.

No. 694079

You would hope since she self harmed that she would go about it in a tasteful way….
Or at least have the empathy to oh idk think before going through with it.

No. 694080

Left, upper right, lower right.

No. 694082

File: 1537607092073.png (14.15 KB, 626x136, da2dc6365947d83ed069508cfc6656…)

this reads so passive-aggressive to me and i love it.

No. 694084

It's a step up from the sexual abuse stuff, and it makes sense to write about what you know, but there is no way it's going to be tasteful. Just imagine self harm in the style of Simon's abuse scene where he is suddenly wearing a cape, ugh.

Can we talk about how her tablet review was the worst thing ever? The amount of "um"s were wild.

No. 694089

fucking stop screen capping farmers' shitty rude tweets and comments to her I come here to see her lame productions not ours. Stop making them too

No. 694110

This is terrible advice. Joy even said she wanted to print them away from home because it takes too long to print and bind one book, which is what a reasonable person would conclude, and what Holly should have done with the BNHA zines.

AFAIK they are/used to be friends? They made a collab video together quite a while back where they sent each other stuff.

I see she's trying to save time by just making terrible talking heads panels now.

No. 694133

As soon as I read that panel with ash, I immediately guessed that Reese is some paranormal. I didn't even think of anything specific bit this theory explains a lot about Reese's appearance

No. 694146

Reese is the tree/vine plant thing in the beginning of the story that holly made a hentai tentacle joke about. She's not exactly subtle. The story is just padding for her fujo fantasies.

No. 694184

Yeah I noticed that too, the guy and girl character she keeps drawing in uniforms look like an ugly version of Roy and Hawkeye but the overall two gay guys look like an even shittier No Money yaoi rape manga and it's like she tried mushing the two ideas together

No. 694190

Tbh that's what made it so much more shocking when in his profile pic Reese is just blatantly showing all his scars and bandages with bare arms and a tshirt when most people who cut do it in places where people can't even see or at least cover them up until the cuts have healed

No. 694198

It's funny because Holly herself wears long sleeves in a lot of videos where you can see her arms, and I definitely remember her saying it's because she doesn't want people to ask. This is the one thing where she could use her experience to write an aspect of her character in ways other people can't, but I guess she chooses to go the edgelord route as usual.

No. 694201

We don't know if they're a farmer stop being so paranoid. I personally come here to see Holly sperg after being called out so if you don't like the comments just keep scrolling bro.

No. 694202

File: 1537631486260.jpg (61.29 KB, 940x491, DnqUph8UcAAegKG.jpg)

No. 694206

At least people are calling her out?
I thoughts that what we wanted?
I don't get some people on her
"Make a call out post "
Someone makes one
"DoNt MaKe A CaLlOuT PoSt guyzz "(iNtEgrAtion)

No. 694214

Hershel's hair is devolving and soon he'll have a buzz-cut and mile long sideburns

No. 694218

How is this post "calling her out" on anything? You just sound jealous. Leaving a petty comment about her getting free tablets is not a call-out post.

No. 694222

Kind of OT but has anyone noticed how horrible Holly's Tumblr theme looks if you visit it from a computer? It looks like when you're trying to load a web page but your Internet connection is bad and only the text on it loads

No. 694224

File: 1537634341585.png (10.39 KB, 519x136, shittyhistoricalcontext.png)

Also I found this scrolling and it's kind of old but apprently Purgatory is set in the 50s. I never noticed it to be honest

No. 694228

Who sounds jealous?? The person on twitter or that anon? Or are you so paranoid you think they are one and the same lol? Am I also jealous for pointing out the redundancy of this entire argument? Calm down ffs

No. 694230


No, not every popular artist has a /snow/ or Kiwifarms thread. Sakimichan only has a thread on prettyuglylittleliars, and it's just nitpicking about anatomy.

Hamletmachine only has an ED, but nothing on her ED talks about her behavior- it's just buttmad neckbeards overanalyzing her gay porn comic.

Baylee has a thread because she, like Holly, is lazy and her art is terrible.

I love that Holly is trying to deflect criticism by implying that popular artists are all lolcows. No honey, it's just the ones with fucktarded behavior.

No. 694243

>Leaving a petty comment about her getting free tablets
It's obvious what I meant anon, maybe you should calm down and read properly.

No. 694248

And you sound like a lowkey WK, "weLl YoU'rE jusT jeAloUs!!!" is standard WK procedure for those difficult times when no other arguments are anywhere to be found

No. 694249

Stop arguing about nothing.

No. 694257

File: 1537636970557.png (Spoiler Image, 25.43 KB, 764x237, hoLLyBRown.png)

No. 694261

File: 1537637212816.jpg (316.48 KB, 940x1435, pp2.jpg)

This whole page looks so bad, jfc.

No. 694262

File: 1537637260123.jpg (51.83 KB, 784x217, subtxt.jpg)

Wow, Reese is truly damaged and three-dimensional, and absolutely not a mary sue.

No. 694264

Dat bottom left panel, what do I even focus on?

No. 694270

so far, this comic isn’t the worst thing i’ve ever seen (which isn’t a compliment, but hey). i’ll definitely take it over the rape shit. still, how do you look at these panels with all 3 characters in them and not think the flyaway hair strands and swoops look dumb as shit?? none of them make sense, but even if she was going the route of “ridiculous anime hair doesn’t have to make sense hurrhurr!” wouldn’t any person be fucking annoyed by having one or two pieces of their hair flying around like that? at least dumb anime spikes of hair can occasionally be “stylish” or give the character personality.

No. 694272

I really, really think thst Holly should consume some media other than just anime, manga and cartoons directly influenced by them, like Steven Universe. The expressions and mannerisms in this fucking scream wannabe animanga

No. 694298

not everyone who dislikes holly is a farmer. I have friends who fuckin hate her and dont know lolcow exists.

No. 694300

File: 1537641607914.jpg (36.36 KB, 720x321, IMG_20180922_113930.jpg)

Not really sure what she means by later than usual. She hasn't had a consistent upload schedule that I know of

No. 694302

lol, according to her schedule that she started following less than a week ago. does anyone else think she might be faking her illness bc she’s realized she can’t put out that many pgs rn? it usually takes her a bit longer to realize she can’t keep up with her self imposed workload, but i wouldn’t be surprised.

No. 694309

We're talking about someone who claimed she lost a bunch of weight due to stress (and totes not jojo dieting) to avoid criticism, so… Not saying she's completely healthy, just dishonest.

No. 694310

she's experimenting with panels at least, but they looks horrible since she's trying to give her art a more manga look and she just can't pull it off, it looks likes shitty american knock-off 'anime' that nobody likes

If she's not going to learn proper lining, anatomy basics and paneling she could at least put some time and effort (for once) into emulating another manga-ka's style so her shit looks okay for once

No. 694316

Her lifestyle is bad enough to make me buy she's actually sick, but it's pretty much her own fault and she does nothing to fix it.

No. 694318


whatever health problems holly talks about at this point its because she brought it on herself, or it's an excuse to get attention off of her like when she came home from con and had to deal with the zine, suddenly she "puking up blood idk" from "stress"

the girl doesn't know how to take care of herself, and i get the feeling that everytime she was told HOW to take care of herself she lost her shit and told everyone to go fuck themselves she knows what she's doing etc. so i can't feel bad for her at all, it's funny shes been sick so often really

No. 694321

She's really a fake it til you make it artist cuz before her first break down for the 24 hr comic day she was doing 6 pages a week according to her but she burnt out after one week so she never is actually doing what she says shes doing in her videos or on twitter

No. 694331

File: 1537645902037.png (18.78 KB, 591x132, Screenshot 2018-09-22 at 2.51.…)

Oh yes another fantastic room tour

No. 694342

>being minimalist


No. 694348

Is she going to vacuum before she shows it off this time?

Also I’ve seen artists with “cluttered” studios she really didn’t have to get rid of everything just organize it and her fucking life for a moment, Keep Ontop of it until it becomes habit… she’s like a spoiled child, she’s going to take three weeks to clean up a room and give the supplies to charity which I doubt she’ll actually do she’s just gonna throw all of this in a spare room somewhere

No. 694355

slightly ot but is she still active on her patreon?

No. 694375


Is there any proof that she's actually sponsored by a tablet company? I feel like she just bought this for herself and lied that it got sent to her so she could seem more "elite".

No. 694383

She does get sent tablets and stuff from huion quite often but they do that with any art YouTuber with a bit of an audience so I more likely think they just sent her a tablet to hopefully review

No. 694384

Anon, her sub count is big enough for companies to send her tablets to review. This might be the only thing she’s genuine about.
It’s a shame because she doesn’t use pressure and only works in bw so every tablet it’s the same to her.

No. 694398

kind of/nothing interesting. on september 11th she posted her new sketchbook pdf but it didn't have any new content and was all stuff you could find before on her twitter/insta.

No. 694401

what doe she mean by minimalists ?
I thought it was normal to have maybe 1 or 2 mediums to work with .
Like i remember wanting to get into every medium , it only stressed me out and of course i spent more money than I needed to.
Also if you have one medium at that point you can usually end up working on style , that's if you put fundamentals in as well .
but for holly that's not the case

No. 694425

File: 1537654619118.jpg (79.28 KB, 720x690, IMG_20180922_151637.jpg)

No. 694430

I really dont care about your child rapist character Holly ffs lol. An anon said he looked like Hershel not too long ago maybe that's why he's getting a bit of a redesign.

No. 694431

Huion tablets are cheap garbage imo

No. 694435

They really are. Hollys obsessive shilling drives me crazy. She throws out a perfectly good Cintiq for plastic trash smh.

No. 694456

She’s so crap she won’t notice the difference anyway. Pretty sure a tablet with 2 level of pressure would work exactly the same for her.

No. 694466

so now the rapist is her only reasonable looking character with a halfway decent design? loll.

No. 694469

The bigger ones (gt-191 at up) are apparently decent but anything smaller and shits gonna suck to use.

No. 694472

lol seriously, the hair actually looks pretty decent and the rest is nothing special, but maybe it just looks different compared to the rest of her same face characters bc of the mustache and thick af eyebrows?

also i am so fucking tired of her deleting 90% of what she does now. no one else has to do that, holly, bc they own up to the shit they say/do or ignore ppl’s reactions. i check here maybe once a week and half the vids and tweets mentioned are already deleted; why bother making and posting content only to scrub it a few days later?

No. 694529

Wait, what has she deleted? I though she was being kind of good with that recently?

No. 694533

I think she deleted the slavery was justified cuz slavers were poor and rape doesn't count if you don't fight back livestream after being called out on twitter

No. 694540

They're still up in her livestream playlist, just unlisted.

No. 694551

maybe it's just hers but- while pencil sketches are aesthetic i find these digital sketches kind of nauseating. They look so dirty

No. 694567

pictures, some tweets, she unlists vlogs and streams like a mad woman because people on here and her comments (which are probably people from here) are always calling her out on them and she can't handle the backlash or fight it

she's taken down all the sketch designs she had up of the elves pre-announcement of what they where going to be for and they are all gone.

No. 694673


She got caught and thought maybe if she took it all down people would forget while she repurposes them for some other sleazy bullshit comic she wants to make.I can't honestly remember if she mentioned anything about the comics after that stream. not even her erasermic thing she wanted to do.

Her deleting shit is so cowardly, and kind of pointless considering we tend to catch everything she says here.

No. 694725


Is it just me, or does he look like Hitler?

No. 694730

Holly just sent out $20 to zine artists via paypal

No. 694751


Holly be like "durrhurr he's the bad guy so I'll make him look like fat Hitler. I'm so subtle and nuanced with character design."

No. 694753

Maybe she wanted her lineart to match her disgusting fingernails.

No. 694767

they got paid less than they would for a commission of the same quality and even less exposure lol. sad.

No. 694768

Hope you zine artists enjoy your 20$ shopping spree on eBay!

seriously tho you guys should have chewed her ass out instead of letting her bitch and moan like the spoiled child she is, i just hope no one ever works with her again

No. 694785

best case scenario she doesn't do anymore group projects and no innocent young artists get ripped off, she sucks ass at it and she def knows now kek

No. 694788

Where did you hear this? Did she announce it anywhere?sage

No. 694789

fuck, i clicked the email slot and it didn't take, i wasnt telling you to sage

No. 694801

my guess is that anon is one of those artists

Funny how Holly was only recently bitching about the starving artist mentality but is giving fellow artists chump change

No. 694805

File: 1537690440131.jpg (44.81 KB, 680x306, pos.jpg)

Great, and when Holly is done with that, maybe Holly could try not speaking about Holly in third person/stop deflecting?

No. 694815

Hahaha that’s a great start Holly! Tell everyone the reason your gonna be positive is only because they bitched you out for being negative all the time, Jesus girl at least TRY and pretend

No. 694824

Hardly elite, I see people with 10k subs getting sent tablets to review.

Disagree, the cintiq is nicer and I don't understand why she got rid of hers for the Huion, but less good =/= bad.

Kek, did she post a breakdown of that number? I feel like she's definitely ripping people off and probably sold more.

No. 694831

Remember how tight the zine deadline was, i think they had less than a month. And a dumb obscure color palette to use, which required more thinking. And this bitch throws them $20. It baffles me why no one seems to care, she gets away with everything, someone is always there to kiss her ass and tell her how great she is no matter how she fucks up. I guess talking about how poor and shitty your life is absolves you from acting like a decent person, she can't help being so irresponsible and negative she's Poor!!1!!

No. 694837

there's nothing anyone can do. we told the few zine artists that came here looking for help exactly what to do; start a discord, get orginized and stay on her ass everyday until shit gets fixed, they didn't do it, from the looks of it they just gave up after we didn't do anything for them and just waited for their pitiful holly-shekels. doesn't help that most of them where teenagers and probably never worked in a group project like that either so they had no idea what they where getting into especially since it's holly.

all we can hope now is this is a lesson for many people, tho i can say i really wanted to see her ass get virtue signaled right off her platforms for this

No. 694954

File: 1537713260375.png (1.27 MB, 1738x873, stopit.png)

No. 694955

File: 1537713282667.jpg (112.08 KB, 881x881, stoopit.jpg)

No. 694957

File: 1537713392235.jpg (73.49 KB, 720x621, IMG_20180923_073549.jpg)

Yes you fucking idiot.

No. 694973

>Is grey an eye color?
Yes it is?? I feel like she's too old for a "teehee my eyes look soo weird and unique xD" post.

No. 694975

I'm super bad a math and can't find a few numbers so I'll post what I can here: there's 83 artists the zine was $14. IDK what percentage of the proceeds they got or how many zines sold but i gave Holly the benefit of the doubt and said about 30percent of the profits get split among the artists so roughly $4 per zine gets split between 83 artists which is roughly .05. So Five Cents per Artist per Zine.

Which means to get to $20 per artist she'd have to have sold about 407ish comics. If the number was closer to 600 it would be $30. For some reason 600 is stuck in my head bu basically: this was a non profitable fanzine for everyone but Holly.

No. 694977

This fucking NAILS for FUCK SAKE you manky cow please clean your fucking nails or don't photograph them

No. 694991

so she's an artist but she doesn't know anything about white balance?

No. 694998

File: 1537716503222.jpg (57.8 KB, 692x400, impov.jpg)

No. 695000

Quick, someone get her human neck references.

No. 695002

I dont know if im reading this correctly, but is Holly finally getting some (slight) self awareness? I mean is she saying now that she should ACTAULLY use references???

No. 695018

She appears to be acknowledging her previous method of 'knowing everything already I went to an art high school so I don't need reference or study' was making her art stagnate and regress. Only time will tell if this self awareness will help.

Then again now she just traces everything so…someone should tell her that's not how you use reference kek

No. 695064


Looks like someone just watched Minnie smalls' video about how she stays organized.

God its so obvious how much of a lemming she is after watching other artists she swears she's so different and special.

No. 695123

I sure hope she didn't, or her next phase is gonna be "look guysss holly times herself now for a more efficent workflowwww" or "acrylic gouache is SOOO much better!!"

No. 695163

File: 1537727632890.jpg (90.99 KB, 1174x641, stalker.jpg)

This feels like the right time to unveil my collage of desperation. (no, Mew never responded) Holly trying to interact with other youtube artists always cracks me up.

No. 695173

Jesus Holly how needy and weird can you be? They never reply to you so they obviously don’t care about you, she acts 16 and it’s really annoying she needs to grow up

So she’s taking the step in the right direction, mind you she should probably stop using cheat brushes, tracing and actually practice and work at her basics until she can see a real improvement

How long until she gives this up and just goes back to tracing refs and using those as brushes because learning is hard~

No. 695216

Lmao, thank you for compiling these comments to mew. She's so desperate. Other youtube artists see her comments all the time but tend not to respond because they know what kind of a bitch she is. She's such a tryhard, I swear there was a point she tried to have mannerisms like Mew to get attention.

No. 695218

File: 1537730477004.png (461.4 KB, 933x845, glazzez.png)

New Purgatory pages.

No problem, they weren't very hard to find! Yeah, she started doing a similar intro phrase at some point, I think it was "hey sluts"?

No. 695224

Simon looks like a fucking blowup doll

No. 695237

I deadass thought that was Simons mom. Wtf Holly lol

No. 695262

Purgatory was last updated (aside from today) on August 20. That's over a month ago, and there's no improvement on the new pages. A month is a short time, but she could have at least improved ON SOMETHING

No. 695269

He seems strangely comfortable around a dude who raped him.

No. 695271

Yeah I noticed that too,,, its disturbing how ok he is around the man who raped him

No. 695273

Considering Holly seems to think rape is just a happenstance rather than a potentially life-altering event, that's not surprising.

No. 695281

What is with her and rape? It might be one of her 'things', but can she write literally anything else?? It doesn't matter if it's overt or just flat out non-consensual , she always ends up adding it into a narrative where it doesn't belong or is handled poorly. Paranormal Plague didn't even get off the ground without her making a fucking nsfw rapey side-comic for her 'bois'.

fucking fujo.

No. 695289

File: 1537735673319.jpg (76.04 KB, 500x720, 02fb943eb4145d238e19cefe105505…)

Why would a creature being 'healed' be so disturbing to a character? Her face looks like the blonde said something totally weird or repulsive. Wouldn't she be more curious or fascinated? Emoting to Holly always looks like anger or frustration.

Also the blonde looks like if you moved that bang she would be missing a chunk of her face. Look up some pictures of Veronica Lake on how to draw a peek-a-boo.

No. 695304

It's probably a fetish, coupled with excessive yaoi reading, not understanding what consent is, not taking problems she hasn't had to deal with as serious, and imo her hatred for psychology. But yeah, the fetish thing is probably the biggest contributor. God help us all this kinktober.

No. 695332

File: 1537739456018.jpg (133.84 KB, 730x818, patreonchroma.jpg)

It's happening

No. 695339

Oats is a stupidass name. Why are all her recent male characters named after food

No. 695346

That's not how muscles fucking work, Holly. Jesus, study some anatomy instead of badly tracing an outline

No. 695351

these fucking necks. it's like his head is shooting out of his left collar bone.

No. 695360

Her jacked up muscles and the ken doll 3D model anatomy is always so entertaining.

Also that description doesn't mention him as a slave how much you wanna bet she's rewriting the narrative?

No. 695362

it seriously looks like the head + neck are another one of her ~lazy brushes~ that she just slapped onto a body without taking any of the anatomy into consideration.

is his expression supposed to be inviting or sexy? because it isn't, he looks like he's being held at gunpoint.

No. 695365

Elf like alien race…So Vulcans?

No. 695386

File: 1537743742452.jpg (46.01 KB, 720x324, IMG_20180923_160226.jpg)

No. 695387

File: 1537743755780.jpg (182.97 KB, 948x1200, DnziMyQWsAAYePx.jpg)

No. 695389

i'm speechless

No. 695390

from what tablet companies? Bc I know personally that brands like Parblo and XP are garbage, so theyre the only ones I could see sponsoring smaller YTers

No. 695392

Lol you remember like five hours ago when we thought she might be maturing?

No. 695394

File: 1537744076385.jpg (270.1 KB, 707x574, its a romanization.jpg)

from tumblr

No. 695397

File: 1537744599851.png (500.02 KB, 850x437, oatsbrothur.PNG)

I sure am glad holly is sharing her oats

No. 695411

You all are going to hate me for saying this but for once I think she was able to draw a characer that actually looks cute and not a butter faced abomination

No. 695413

>tfw even the most degenerate porn artists I've come across do master studies or understand how abstract is the most distilled version of 2D design
How can she vacillate between "I actually don't know anything and need to fix that" >>694998
to "fundamentals are beneath me" within the same day? She takes a step toward self-awareness then like ten steps back.

Hm, this post definitely sounds like she's doing the whole "monsters are the manifestation of someone's mental health" thing you guys have speculated, largely because she goes as far as to namedrop Myproana, which sounds like she's doing some '''research''' for Princess. I can't wait for her takes on mental illness!

No. 695414

this is right though?

No. 695420

>>695218 At least he's getting new glasses

No. 695427

I wish she'd stop saying "gay shit" it just comes across as homophobic. Being gay is not a fetish or porn category, and not something for straights like her to draw and go "tehe im sinning" her weeb teen followers are just like her so she lacks complete self awareness over how she comes across

No. 695439

>comes across as homophobic

It's because she is and no amount of her trying to justify it by saying "i'm bi" is going to give her any 'gay cred'.

No. 695458

patreon anon here, do yall want chroma prince (im getting such captive prince vibes from this whole thing) as she posts it?

No. 695462

hell yeah we do, give us that fresh milk when you can, anon!

No. 695469

Art school is bullshit, but I really doubt Holly is smart enough to give a proper critique of the current situation of art schools. While it is a really big circlejerk and there is a lot of mediocrity being praised, she seems like the type to dismiss every artist and art form she either doesn't understand the value of, or every old master as unimportant. In the last livestream she said she doesn't like "french art" and it baffled me because "french art" spans centuries of different styles, philosophies and tastes regarding art, shit the french revolution actually targeted the artistic tastes of the old regime, that's why a jacques louis-david is so different from a boucher. She just sounds really fucking stupid and immature. "REEEEE I only care about anime and my uwu gay yaoi bois" while having no grasp of anything art related. What an idiot.

No. 695473

RMCAD Anon again. Sorry about the namefagging, but I gotta fact check her here.


She's saying that Profs. and students at RMCAD have shit on her manga-esque style. That's nonsense- literally the only time I've seen anime-influenced art criticized here is in life-drawing classes. Otherwise, people here don't mind manga- I've literally seen people study manga artists for sequential illustration classes.

People are also pretty accepting of gay art- just not the exploitative kind Holly makes. Same goes for NSFW art. I literally saw a paper-mache sculpture made out of pictures of cocks at a gallery here once.

Profs here also generally don't "force" people to like things. I've disagreed with professors on pieces before, and they're usually respectful of my opinion. They honestly prefer for somebody to hate artworks than for them to not engage with it at all.


She posted a different version of this for a Digital Illustration class I had with her months ago. Why she's only posting something this old now is beyond me.

The hands look like shit, as usual.


Her attempts to define the arm muscles here just make the arms look like wrinkly Slim Jims. The neck is too thin and the lines on the torso make no sense.

It seems like she drew this to "prove" to us that her anatomy doesn't suck. Even though it still obviously does kek

No. 695480

Definitively! It's going to be such a mess. Thank you anon, you're mvp <3

Loool, of course she would say that, that way her failures depend on her special animu gay style, and not the wonk.

No. 695488

the old masters never painted That Gay Shit™ so in Holly's eyes their works, wisdom, and influence in art are wholly u s e l e s s

No. 695502


Some of them did, actually. Holly just knows nothing when it comes to art history.

Iolaus and St. Sebastian are two characters commonly seen in homosensual art from classical antiquity and the Rennaisance respectively. Many artists and poets have interpreted the relationship between Achilles and Patroklus from the Iliad as romantic.

Michelangelo is widely believed to have been gay- his work also occasionally had homoerotic undertones. Donatello's David is also regarded by art historians as having strong homoerotic undertones.

Henry Scott Tuke and JC Leyendecker are examples of modern "masters" known for homosensual art.

But these are generally things actual gay people are likely to appreciate, not fujoshi like Holly.

No. 695515

what’s even worse is that she mentioned leyendecker as a big influence on her artwork not too long ago.

No. 695517

File: 1537753454837.png (30.84 KB, 705x276, fuckingpanderingeverywhere.png)

This shit is starting to drive me nuts. She's on every channel even slightly art related. Like, everywhere, it's inescapable. Why is she even trying to get in with the rant community? No-one really finds the respectable except other ranters and beginner teenage artists

No. 695518

since she's been "using" references do you think she'll actually do it with the sex scene or will she chris chan it

No. 695536

debit? lmfao way to check ur spelling holly

No. 695540


Ugh, she probably just says that because that's what every other dork who sells prints at cons says.

She's probably never even done a study of his art. Maybe if he was actually an inlfuence to her, her drawings wouldn't be such garbage.

Honestly, her calling Leyendecker an influence is like Nickelback listing Beethoven as an influence.

No. 695542


im convinced the only reason she even looks in his direction is bc he's gay. otherwise, she'd just disregard him as pointless bc he doesn't draw the gay animus

No. 695574

Just because a modern audience might interpret something as gay doesn't make it gay. People 100 years from now might have a different view all together, it all depends on our cultural views personal bias.

No. 695576

File: 1537759315886.jpg (42.25 KB, 401x480, Dn0IR3KXgAEfUhh.jpg)

From her Twitter, the caption for this was, 'fav Simon I've drawn in a while' and I'm like wheeze laughing. His shoulder is just too good

No. 695582

This is the only tolerable video from Holly. And that's probably because we're looking at actual good art for a change.

No. 695590

kek, how can Holly follow Calarts people with her rant out there in the open?

No. 695597

except that the art historians who interpret art to have gay subtext are using the context of the era these artists grew up in. by your standard no art from the past would be gay because artists couldn't exactly come out and say their art depicts homosexuals. and it's not like sexuality changes, gay people in the past would have the same desires ie: the human body as gay people living now, a painter like henry scott tuke paints men in a way a straight man most likely wouldn't. a gay reading of art literally hurts no one

No. 695599


The people interpreting the art as gay are historians who make a living out of studying art and art movements, dumbass. I guarantee you they take the values of the time period into account.

What, you think same-gender relationships didn't exist until Stonewall? That gay/bisexual people just materialized out of the ether in the 50 years ago? Get a clue.

No. 695607

It's called historical revisionism, it's when people rewrite history to suit their own purposes. Who is to say that those historians aren't just interpreting these pieces in an effort to push their views across? Its like when Christian historians try to find some fake Christian message.

No. 695615

What views? That gay people exist!? That's not a view, you tard.

They literally have love sonnets that Michelangelo wrote to another dude. Some of these guys are on fucking record as being taken to court for sodomy.

I'm going to historically revise your ass with my boot. Now stop derailing.

No. 695619

Now anon don't you know you're just viewing history through a modern lens? Love sonnets and sex are clearly bro activities with strict no homo implied.

No. 695629

>because i thought how cool it'd be to a man
>except i love who i am
Okay Holly, if you say so.

I don't want to derail your conversation with Hollyesque anon about historical gayness (especially since we all know that gayness is strictly romantic, sex doesn't count), but does anyone remember the video where Holly talks about getting hit on by women, and thinking it was weird because she was so feminine with pink hair, not butch at all etc?

No. 695638

Holly thinks lipstick lesbians don't real apparently, then gets weirded out when women flirt with her.

But she's totally bi amirite guys?

No. 695641

i think every bi girl in this thread has met a girl like holly ''te-he-hee im bi but just for really hor girls // girls hitting on me is weird ugh // but i dont look like a butch??'' and just… sight

istg holly, the LGBTQ+ community would be better if you just left gay men alone and stopped trying to get tumblr points by saying girls can be cute

No. 695645

>LGBTQ+ community would be better off
stop thinking she would want that. Do you think someone that draws porn of kids cares about the "child community"

No. 695648

whats going on with his glasses? it looks like its folding around his face. Holly no. The glasses would be pushed weirdly if he was laying down you buffoon.

No. 695670

I love how easy it is to see she traces, she gives it away far too easily. I could forgive her if she was making a guide skeleton with a pose ref. because she was having issues with it but she tried to make this super defined, muscular twink body over a traced ref and just plopped one of her creepy deformed heads ontop, the style of the head and body dont even mix, she tries to hard to be realistic anime while being cartoon anime while also trying to trace it all

holly, just give up art and take a small business degree already it's literally what you want to do, you dont want to make art you want to run a business

holly understand trans-people as well as she understand gay people, not at all!

No. 695696

Dissapointed but not suprised.
And I wonder why my atanomy from my art is a little off.

No. 695711

Huion. They seem to send their tablets to basically anyone, so I'm not surprised Holly gets multiple. I've also seen Ugee and XP, but less often.

They did though. Holly could learn a lot about "the gay shit" and homoreotic art if she tried.

No. 695714

Holly does not care about the LGBTQ+ community, she just thinks dudes fucking each other with dubious consent is totes hot. There are plenty of female artists producing almost exclusively mlm content (like hamletmachine), but even they manage to do it without constantly yelling about how it's _gay shit_ , lest we forget.

No. 695719


inb4 "sappho wasn't lesbian it's historical revisionism!!"

No. 695731

Ugee isn't terrible, i have their m708 and it works good enough without breaking the bank, not many pressure settings tho, but huion sends holly a new tablet like every month so it's nothing new

pretty much this. she pulls the bi card so people will shut up when they point out all she does is fetishise gay men, and her fans will buy into it because they think like her on the matter "the gay shit is good shut up sjw"

does she even know how to draw anymore? wtf is with simons mouth lately?

No. 695732

What the hell is Holly even doing with art anymore? Is she even having fun doing it anymore? Half the time she doesn't know what she's doing but she's treating her drawings like fucking golden nuggets of importance, and half she farts all over the page like "LMAO my followers will buy this anyway" I can't believe for a second that she's happy doing art.

No. 695737

she doesn't its really obvious
i'm the anon that said she should get a business degree because fuck she should, it's all she thinks about is making money.
there's probably a thousand other jobs or fields she could get into and make money and hate her life less but that would mean not sitting at home all day on her ass bitching on twitter and youtube

and we all know thats a big part of why she cant leave her house, or work on her art

No. 695769

File: 1537791215267.png (63.92 KB, 265x294, Screenshot 2018-09-24 at 7.12.…)

this is slightly ot but her necks havent improved which isn't that surprising but yeah

No. 695775

sage next time okay?
and of course it hasnt, she traces everything you arent gonna get better if you just trace everything

No. 695778

>>does she even know how to draw anymore? wtf is with simons mouth lately?
*implying at some point she knew how to draw

No. 695788

that neck is fucking comical

No. 695789

this will never not be hilarious

No. 695792

i swear she had dicks on the brain when she drew this lmfao

No. 695803

How ironic - the best dick BRown ever drew was intended to be a neck.

No. 695805

I think she's going for ~kawaii and innocent~, but it's not translating.

No. 695835

She's such an ugly person inside and out.

No. 695961

that's what happens when you develop the opinion that you are always right and no one tried to show you any different, ugly personalities make ugly people no matter what you actually look like

No. 695975

I think this was drawn as a joke on a previous thread lol, still funny though

No. 695983

sorry to burst the bubble anon but no, holly really did draw that kek it's from purgatory and anons made many an edit making fun of her for it

No. 695988


It doesnt matter what degree she gets, what she really needs to work on is her people skills.

Who's going to want to do any kind of business with a dumbass bitch who doesn't know how to work with or talk to people…?

She made it abundantly clear she doesn't want to work with or play nice with others when she

a) shit on the animation industry before promptly giving up on animation.

b) shit on her colorist for paranormal plague in the very beginning of its creation (colored pages which she promptly threw away in favor of b/w)

c) shit on the zine artists that she chose and dropped the ball on all fronts.

Business degree doesn't mean shit if you can't and won't be willing… to do business.

No. 695993

File: 1537812047246.jpg (99.31 KB, 692x860, comfy.jpg)

No. 695997

oh my god, thats my fault for giving holly more credit than she deserves pFF

No. 696002

new vid

No. 696014

File: 1537814112945.png (597.33 KB, 1600x900, Kamina red glasses.png)

Pfft she sure is proud of that awful drawing of Simon, isn't she?

His weird Kamina glasses are really stupid and they make him impossible to take seriously. Why the fuck couldn't he have had oval or square glasses?

Is she a former Homestuck or something?

No. 696019

her southern accent gets on my nerves :/

No. 696023

File: 1537814906734.jpg (429.57 KB, 667x670, c2f.jpg)

No. 696025

She has no room to talk about characters
Hers are very bland and barley have personality?
Plank from ed, Edd and eddy has more personality then they do.
Jesus I thought she was going somewhere for a start but then this video shows up.

No. 696026

>"I make OCs and Comics because I hate children"
>"Some people say they don't have maternal instics but they're lying to themselves, it's totally true for me though"
W h e w.

Kek, and she said "sup sluts" again after anon pointed out that she got it from MewTripled >>695218.

I'm all for making OCs, but it's really a crutch for her, she just sloppily draws the same five people over and over again.

No. 696028

>simon is getting constantly raped and molested b a man old enough to be his father and is at an age where he should know behavior like that is really inappropriate and criminal since wasnt groomed from child age but assaulted as a late teen, so instead of doing anything about it even once he just swallows old man dick because mUh ReLiGiOn but dont worry, he's not internally tortured or going through mental breaks and going suicidal over the abuse, he jus p.sad :CCCCCC

holy shit holly you literally are the most retarded unemphatic cunt i have ever seen, jesus go outside already

No. 696030

I do not want anyone who admittedly hates children making comics about teens getting molested, how fucking stupid is she?

No. 696032

She really pulled a "oh by the way, he got raped a bunch more times off-screen and has now accepted it"? Incredible. There's a lot to say about this, but honestly criticizing Holly's writing at this point is just pointless.

No. 696034

I'm glad holly doesnt want a child, cause damn I can't imagine having her for a mom.

No. 696036

we never have to worry about that anon, she's too much of an awkward fujo bitch that any dick she has potential to get would run the second she opened her mouth and spoke

No. 696047

>i was made to be a storyteller!!!
>i have a fucking comic that's basically about a cult religion, and you know… That's pretty niche!
It's super basic, and it isn't handled in an interesting way, so no.

The way she talks about herself vs. other women is so weird. Holly's motivations are always pure, unlike those other sjw bitches uwu

No. 696049

SHE WROTE FANFIC!! oh g.d i want to read that shit so badly. i mean, i would probably need to rip my eyeballs out after, but i want to experience the hilarity of holly 'can't properly plot and do pacing' brown's fic

and yes, holly, shipping real people is creepy, whether you send it to people or not doesn't change the fact that THESE ARE ACTUAL FUCKING PEOPLE JFC!!

(i'm the anon who wondered why she didn't just write her stories when it didn't seem like she particularly enjoys drawing it, btw)

>>one of the reasons i like making characters: I FUCKING HATE CHILDREN!

how much of an absolute asshole do you have to be, holly. you do realize that the majority of your audience is kids, right?
as someone who probably won't have children myself, there's a difference between 'i don't want to raise a kid' and 'kids are so fucking annoying and disgusting and I HATE THEM!!'

No. 696050

shes not like other girls anon! holly listens to jordan peterson and writes epic rapey yaoi comics and tells everyone who doesnt agree with her opinions to go fuck themselves because of course shes superior to them~ she could never be a degenerate like those straw-banning sjw's uwu

No. 696054

You can’t suggest to create a character, if it’s in you to write stories you just do it spontaneously. What’s the point of this video?

No. 696067

It's hilarious that she still pats herself on the back for making a comic about a cult when all the main character has done in a volume and a half is done the most menial of research, make out with his boyfriend and get raped multiple times by an authority figure.

No. 696070

i had my suspicions that the vast majority of fiction she’s read has only been bad yowie lemon~ fanfics, and now i’m 99% sure that’s the case. kek seize read just like a godawful bondage fanfic written by a 12 yr old, and the horribly drawn anatomy (aside from being a holly staple) made it obvious that she’s never watched gay porn or understands how it works (between two ppl w/ penises in this case). i’m sure that some mcr fanfic written by master storyteller H. c. BRoWn is somewhere out there. (i’m assuming it’s mcr fanfic since someone mentioned her writing about real life ppl and she seems like she would have been into that edgy teen band fanfic shit.)

why in the world would you tell your audience that you hate children. no one wants to hear someone say that, especially when they have kids of their own that they love. it makes them wary of letting their children be around you. just bc you don’t want kids and don’t want to deal with any, doesn’t mean you have to automatically fucking despise every child out there, HoLlY. she has no empathy for anyone else. the irony is how much she acts like a womanchild.

No. 696073

File: 1537820021460.jpg (1.16 MB, 1600x2443, 1.jpg)

No. 696076

File: 1537820036788.jpg (480.42 KB, 940x1435, 1-1.jpg)

No. 696077

File: 1537820063421.jpg (380.68 KB, 940x1435, 3.jpg)

No. 696079

Bless you, patreon anon.

No. 696080

Holly not everyone who makes art gives a damn about OCs ffs that doesn't make you superior or deep.

No. 696082


dafuq is with the buildings…
also no shadows Holli. it aint hard

No. 696088

That was when I knew that Holly was a fucking liar. I had only seen her videos and only heard her own descriptions of her comics, so imagine my disappointment when I actually checked them out and they were nothing like she advertised them to be. It's very pretty to say that you have a comic that "challenges organised religion" instead of what she actually has

No. 696090

File: 1537821119946.jpg (46.56 KB, 432x326, Sky-Simplex-02.jpg)

>all these wonky ass buildings
Is it really so hard for her to use a fucking grid?

No. 696091

She's the worst at storytelling, she has no idea how to present the story in an interesting way. It looks like she pickes what to show in each panel at random, there's no flow to it whatsoever.

No. 696096

File: 1537822066046.jpg (49.87 KB, 720x397, IMG_20180924_134429.jpg)

She made this comment on her video. And no Holly, it's because you're all sperg children with no actual creativity beyond that of a Sims character creator. Also the Deviantart rant community? Very few of them draw their own OCs. Most of those sprites are commissions. But don't worry they're suuper creative and qualities to rant about people who can actual draw, just like you!

No. 696103

I paused the video and I accidentally paused on a frame showing shipping addresses. Why doesn't she edit that stuff out? I hope she lurks and reads this comment because that's fucked.

No. 696104

was she trying to trace over a stretched brick image in the 2nd panel and then forgot to hide it? lmao

No. 696106

i deadass didnt realize they were walking up stairs in the second panel wow. i thought it was a sidewalk.

No. 696107


low-key effort on drawing bricks

No. 696108

Most people who have OCs use them for something, making a character is pointless if you don't write, rp or draw comics, which most of these YT artists she's referring to don't do. Those who do comics like her are usually too busy actually working on their stuff to draw random pin-ups of the characters all the time, she should take some inspiration from them.

No. 696112

holy fk theres phone and ip address as well…jesus christ holly wtf are u doin.. i hope she puts a disclaimer somewhere that customers addresses arent safe bc shes an idiot that doesn't know how to protect the identity of others lmao

No. 696118

File: 1537823668802.png (511.39 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Btw, her dig at artists who do "pretty girls" with flowers? This is her comment on sakuems videos. Literally everyone knows she's talking about baylee/sakuems/other popular youtubers. She's not like other girls! She draws men lmfao

No. 696121

why are the windows/doors)whatever the fuck on the left so crooked??

honestly it's so funny to me that she spams other youtubers for attention and never gets noticed because she's such a wretched piece of shit that no one wants to associate with her.

No. 696123


kek Sakuems is one of the founders of the YTAC that Holly shit on because she wasn't a part of it. It was the zodiac theme vid where she was essentially saying "Fine i don't wanna join ur dumb team anyway, Astrology is dumb af anyway and if you believe it you're a dumbass sorry lol"
>proceeds to draw her zodiac sign and overwork the piece to death.

She just burns bridges everywhere she goes, then has the nerve to try to give advice to people that she hasn't even tried properly herself.

No. 696125

File: 1537824431061.png (406.2 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 696126

File: 1537824446144.png (160.37 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 696132

pls for the love of god, don’t let reese be a prostitute or another kind of sex worker or something. it’ll just be another addition to the loads of serious topics that holly has no knowledge, understanding of, or inclination to do a bit of research to acquire the 2 previously mentioned things before trying to act as if she’s an expert on it.

No. 696135

i think she's linked some mcr fanfiction she's read on one of her sketch dumps


just to give you a taste on what kind of stuff she reads (and possibly bases her comics off of)

No. 696137

>Miyazaki like that kinky shit

Somebody stop her immediately.

Didn't she also read this some gross gravity falls fanfiction on an off-channel she was going to dedicate to reading off dumb fanfics? And then was going to make a print of a moment in said gross fanfiction?

No. 696140

the implication that she would drown her own baby is like… offt… yeah even as an 'edgy' joke that's pretty gross

No. 696144

Gold, thank you anon! What the hell is wrong with his arms in the top right? How is this supposed to work? Nothing in this comic looks connected, it's like everyone is floating in a wonky, white space hell oh god.

I'll bet ten bucks that he will be a stipper that sells sex on the side.

No. 696149

>uses the same exact head-guidelines stamp for all four panels the woman appears in
Fucking distracting and it reads so stiffly. Shortcuts are fine but the audience shouldn't be able to notice them.

No. 696151

You know he's going to be a yaoi-tier stripper/call boy, and she's going to do zero research.

No. 696154

>character with exposed chest
>"""kinky shit"""

No. 696160

File: 1537828498220.png (272.94 KB, 640x1136, 12EEF6EC-DE8F-4B50-94B8-37F434…)

No. 696163

everything about these are horrible omgthe lady looks like an old man in drag and i would have thought so if i didn't know that was a woman before hand, and what is her obsession with making these weird lumpy cat mouths? it looks fucking retarded, every face looks constipated and pissed off they can't take a proper shit, and the slave shop is called pretty boys? REALLLY HOLLY? WAT

also proof she traces over fucking screen tone of all things because the brink where being traced and she gave up halfway
jesus you couldnt even use the screen tone right

No. 696164

File: 1537829033163.gif (1.97 MB, 294x341, i0jn3NA.gif)


God between this and >>696076 / >>696077
I'm so thirsty for this fucking milk? Everything Holly attempts is a fujoshit trainwreck.

No. 696165


Called it. She's so fucking predictable.

No. 696166

File: 1537829204593.png (28.28 KB, 687x241, nospoliers.png)

>idk no spoilers

No. 696167

File: 1537829252715.png (493.59 KB, 1050x881, antomy.png)

No. 696169

>three comics about rape
>one of said comics has child molestation that is handled horribly
>another of said comics is about slavery and is already being handled horribly
>the last comic, the one she promotes the most and had the most merch for despite having almost no pages out already has a side comic about drugging and rape, now said rapist is an escort/prostitute who has a self harm issue, and again already being handled horribly

can someone take this girls internet access away she full on creepy as shit now

No. 696171

yet she didnt notice the same problems in those last three pages of the elf comic what?

No. 696172

I know it's partly because of the cropping and speech balloon placement, but the neck looks like it fits the shoulders and torso more here than in her recent drawings. Those stupid head stamps stop her from thinking about neck placement.

No. 696188

holly is basically a wattpad author lmao

No. 696200

She says no spoilers, but most of us already have her bullshit characters figured out.

No. 696276

Omfg of course he's an escort holy shit Holly is like badfic personified human.

No. 696287

First of all… dont escorts have to remotely attractive To SOME DEGREE…or at least not disgusting- Reese has a billion scars,…frog warts acne, a unfortuante face and swamp algae colored hair- he doesnt even have a lithe graceful body. Holly is a sadass story, along with everything she creates.

No. 696331

isn't cringe culture supposed to be dead? don't you guys think you're being a little harsh? /s

But why do all of her characters look the same? I really feel bad for judging because I can't draw for shit. But like… effort. Theres EFFORT involved. Where the fuck is it?!

No. 696351

File: 1537845469484.jpg (15.33 KB, 200x203, 4dkgPxn.jpg)

yo holly, why u sexualizing japanese armor..if u even looked for 5 seconds, u would find out why ashitaka wears something like that, (its not sex appeal reason in case you were wondering holly uhg gross)

No. 696378

Honestly, Holly sees sex in fucking everything and it's super disgusting feeling. It's obvious she has some fucking issues she needs to address, not spread around on youtube and twitter like a big old stain for everyone to see. If she ever gets over this phase of her life, she'll have years and years of absolute gross and childish behavior publicly and permanently stuck to her like shit. I would feel sorry but she puts this on herself by ignoring literally everyone trying to tell her to stop.

No. 696379


Stop making Holly look smart, and go fuck off back to Tumblr.

No. 696385

Anyone else notice that she always loves the creepy dirty comments on her videos?

No. 696400

lol wtf? anon wasn't making Holly look smart? Questioning your reading comprehension right about now

No. 696409

Says the person bringing up irrelevant derailing that happened like 800 posts upthread lmao

You sure you're not the one making Holly look smart?

No. 696418

she's a hypersexual virginal retard who has idealized shitty yaoi animes so much that she will never be able to get laid because no one is as perfect as skinny gay bois and boys and girls have nothing in common anyway uwuuuu

I firmly believe she is nothing but an overgrown fujo who should've stopped behaving like this in high school.

No. 696420

Stop derailing and accusing random anons of being the one you were needlessly arguing with. And if anyone is making Holly look smart rn it's you. People disagreeing with you makes them SJWs now lol?

No. 696422

Anon I think you misunderstood what I meant. I wasn't accusing >>696379 of literally being one of the people in the argument, I was trying to say that their behavior is dumber than the anon they're attacking.

Like, anon's making Holly look smart by restarting old arguments, thereby making them a hypocrite.

No. 696424

Kinky shit?

Isn't Miyazaki anything but a fan of "kinky shit" in anime?

Im not trying to be an ass, and I'm probably wrong about this, but I feel like Miyazaki would feel kind of insulted with the way Holly throws his name around and uses her inspiration from him to draw her "gae bois"/porn, especially the rapist.
Doesn't Miyazaki find modern anime distasteful because of stuff like this?
It's not even like this shit is symbolic in any way or creative at all for that matter. Every time I see a new piece from her, it just gets worse and you can see the loss of passion in her work, and it sucks because her artstyle could actually be really fucking cool if she'd just actually try and not take the easy way out so damn much for quick cash.
Kinda wish she'd stop throwing Miyazaki's name around, but Then again that could just be the salt talking.

It's also funny how she's a fan of PK, who also has a pet peeve of popular artists and animators who don't try anymore after they reach a certain point of views and shit. You'd think she'd soak that bit in.


No. 696426

God stfu. Anon who said that interpretating art as gay is "historical revisionism" is a dumbass and deserved to be called out. Drop it, your worthless posts whining about it contribute nothing

No. 696428

Wtf Anon I've been agreeing with you the whole time! I was calling them out in >>696409, not defending them.

Jesus Christ, reading comprehension.

No. 696431

Yeah Miyazaki is very careful to avoid sexual undertones in his films. All of the love is very innocent and romantic. Even kisses between couples are rare.

The most sexual thing to happen in a Ghibli film is in Princess Mononoke when the women of Iron Town are stated to be former prostitutes, or maybe in Howl's Moving Castle when Howl's towel falls off.

It's the antithesis of pandery shit like Queen's Blade and Free.

No. 696432

Yes anon I was responding to the wrong post my bad.

Anyway let's all just please move on from this confusion derail argument now.

No. 696436

still the usual amount of upskirts though

No. 696440

I mean yeah if you're into giant puffy granny bloomers from the 30s.

No. 696441

>You need money to make money
As a software developer? 80s "aesthetic" aside, based on smartphones and YouTube existing it seems to be contemporary times so he could probably find a job that's not selling his asshole and pays decently, but I guess that just won't do for Holly.

No. 696442

>Upskirts mostly on little kids running around
>Sexual undertones
Anon, please.

No. 696446


How much yall wanna bet that the monsters they meet with ppl having illnesses are based on the 7 deadly sins bullshit. Like, tinfoiling here, but with princess' eating disorder and reese's "day" job as an escort would it be any surprise shed make certain illnesses anagolous to sins? It's not too far off considering she won't shut up about fma.

Or maybe I'm just reading into it, since that's a terrible way to handle it/holly isn't good enough to write that kind of thing.

No. 696448

If she did do that it would be so blatantly ripped from FMA.


There is going to be some completely bullshit reason he HAS to be an escort because some debt or family member with medical problems or some secret 'Reese is secretly so good and pure and self sacrificing uwu' reason for him to be an escort. Oh and throw in some black mail from secret evil character. These are all yaoi badfic staples for escort aus. They're complete garbage and in every fandom.

Also I checked out those MCR fics she recc'd, they are terribly written and just scream Wattpad tier teen wank fest.

No. 696450

sexualisation of children.. in a Japanese cartoon?? Noooooo way. I mean, it's not like Japanese culture has some kind of ambient, low-level sexualisation of little girls that's pervasive in all aspects of life that would naturally leak into art and media… is it?

No. 696453

>Is she a former Homestuck or something?

Wait… stairs? I still can't unsee sidewalk. Holy shit.

No. 696454

File: 1537865961117.jpg (74.29 KB, 560x333, Totoro-2[1].jpg)

You're not entirely wrong wrong, but "I can see a butt so it must be sexual" is also not a reasonable conclusion.

But what do I know, this scene is clearly just Miyazaki (sub)conciously pandering to pedos.

sage for irrelevant discussion

No. 696467

the only anime holly knows to get any kind of inspiration (rip-off) is fucking FMA, she treats it like the most godly anime ever created.
Again notice the uniforms in the elf rape comic? its the alchimest uniforms, all holly knows is cheating, tracing, and lying.

Really tho? The guy would be able to do very damn good for himself so i swear to god if it turns out he was "sold or trapped into sex work" like her most fav thing ever to fall back on it seems i will lose my mind, she really needs to take a literature class because she can't keep falling back onto these creepy damn tropes all the time

also stop derailing with the usless miyazaki shit anons, seriously

No. 696496

You're right: Holly isn't good enough to write that kind of thing, which is exactly why she is going to do it. I'm betting 20 lolcow bucks on this.

No. 696536

At this point im pretty sure Reese is JUST an escort for edgy fujo points. There problably is no actaul real reason he is right now, but then Holly will problably say down the road something very boohoo tragic and edgy like "Reese is an escort because it helps pay for his drug addiction. He became an addict after being raped by 2 beefy bois in the mafia." Bascially something outlandish yet predictable and basic.

No. 696543

I'm calling it, it'll probably be because "Well he can't do anything else! He's uneducated! He was also sexually abused as a child and he's become hypersexual ever since!" or something as braindead as that.

No. 696556

Those were stairs???!!!

No. 696565

ugh, I kinda wanna do a redraw of this in the thread in OT but I also dont want to have to draw reese.

No. 696578

File: 1537891979779.png (313.43 KB, 419x1024, Roy_Mustang_Render.png)

Yeah, looked at the uniforms too, nice ripoffs from FMA. Inspiration is fine but she probably hasn't research army structure and ranks at all and I'm betting the stars on that "lady" elf in the comic have no meaning, just copied off of her precious FMA. But hey, why put actual effort into worldbuilding when you can just lift off of successful artists?

No. 696584

Holly BRown? Research? Are you high anon? Why would someone so intelligent and skilled need to do research?

No. 696619

File: 1537897011647.jpg (66.05 KB, 619x710, fixedit.jpg)

idk dont worry yall she fixed it lol

No. 696624

he looks cute now, good job holly!

No. 696630

Chin "phase"… Holly that's a weird way of spelling "life"

No. 696661

now his neck looks like a giraffe's. Nice fix

No. 696665

Either that, or he's being pimped out by the beefy mafia bois to pay for a debt.

I guess it can't be helped for her to write outside of her own experiences since she never goes anywhere, but if she wants to tackle things like religious cults, prostitution and the military, she really needs to do some research.

No. 696671

File: 1537902646024.jpg (43.14 KB, 690x390, yeahno.jpg)

No. 696675

Anon, he looks just as stupid and Dorito chinned as usual
I think you might need glasses

No. 696699


We already know other people's opinions mean a lot to you and that you have no self esteem, holly. That's why you're staring at the like to dislike ratio on your videos.

No. 696702

Like it doesn’t even matter Holly most of your subs are going to leave a like just because you posted a video not because they actually LIKED it or found it useful/entertaining, it’s what stans do
Holly, the ultimate BRown-noser should know that first hand

No. 696712

see, holly, the issue is that you’re basing your self esteem OFF OF THAT, of all things. fuck, get a therapist or read a self-care book or do literally anything that will get your brain off of social media for a little while and let you reflect upon yourself without that constantly looming over your shoulder. she can’t accept that her art and vids are total shit bc it’s all she thinks she has, yet she doesn’t properly try to improve either. what a vicious cycle.

No. 696752

File: 1537909368354.jpg (112.15 KB, 416x532, LXRnFOT.jpg)

If she's a former Homestuck, does that mean she lifted elements of this character design? (Pic related)

What the fuck, the art in Homestuck is awful, why would someone think it's a good idea to copy it?

Homegirl be lurking lol

No. 696849

She loves anime yet pulled the anime glasses from Homestuck rather than the anime that inspired that particular Homestuck character. She’s a weeb that only knows one anime.

And that being said if she actually watched Gurren Lagan I know she would weeb out about Kamina and make disgusting art of him.

No. 696909

I think the character in >>696752 is an intentional reference to Kamina.

He's also gay, which make him an ideal target for Holly.

No. 696916

"Look, mom! The numbers on my computer mean the 12 year olds think I'm cool!"

"Does this mean you'll start paying rent?"

No. 696923


Of course she's going by high school standards because that's her audience anyway.

No. 696937

File: 1537923215401.jpg (86.73 KB, 636x745, noodleupdate.jpg)

Predictions? Mine would be Damian walking in on Hitler raping Simon tbh.

No. 696948

OT but..
….i literally cringed at this. Please tell me she is going to put some sauce, or soup or fucking SOMETHING with those god foresaken noodles. That shit looks drier than her art. Jfc.

No. 696976

File: 1537926520900.png (124.6 KB, 380x255, 20180925_194616.png)


Yaoi boy rape is the only flavor she needs

No. 696983

No. 697051

if hes supposed to be ginger then where are all his freckles? has she never seen a ginger before?

(sorry for going kind of off topic)

No. 697052

No. 697059

File: 1537936555634.jpg (214.09 KB, 931x824, kisstion.jpg)

No. 697060

File: 1537936576238.jpg (138.2 KB, 934x511, whore.jpg)

No. 697062

the guy on the right has the same expression that i do while trying to make sense of this comic

No. 697063

File: 1537936831642.jpg (157.39 KB, 625x890, doie.jpg)

I guess this is her attempt at a "break the cutie"-moment, overall I'd say it's the least worst thing she's done in a while, still p bad though.

No. 697067


Not all gingers have freckles all over, but I get what you mean.

Also what is she going to do when her fanbase outgrows her? She appeals to all the edgy highschoolers now, but whats going to happen when they outgrow/loose interest in this shit? She just going to be a fujo into her thirties and forties?

No. 697068

File: 1537937127011.jpeg (60.89 KB, 681x797, 98373981-FFA3-42DE-9A56-855769…)

No. 697074


Other edgy high schoolers will just find her. It's a revolving door fanbase.
It'd be sad but also hilarious if she kept with the fujo shit into her mid-20s to 30s though.
Or her hitting her 20th lolcow thread. Whichever comes first.

No. 697079

Everything about this disturbs me and confuses me. Like I'm grossed out. HOW do people read this thing and enjoy it.

No. 697098

NGL this made me laugh a little bit, and dude on right doesn't look horribly drawn but Simon looks like he's floating on the bed in the rest of the pages lol. Why can't she make her characters interact with the setting? Shouldn't the bed have a dip in it?

>She just going to be a fujo into her thirties and forties?
Ack, probably. Those types still exist, even some that are in their 50s.

No. 697102

Let's all just appreciate how disproportionately small Simon's body is to his giant head. Also rip those shoulders kek

No. 697124

Is there a reason why she's drawing simon and his rapist in a couple scenario like this???? This wasn't a case of statutory rape where the minor was seemingly wanting a relationship with an older person, this was a older person forcing themselves onto a completely unwilling teen wtf….if she's trying to protray stockholm syndrome she's doing a terrible job. God fujos are so fucking homophobic

No. 697143

There's not even visual cues that this is an unhealthy relationship or that Simon's being coerced. The rapist looks like a sympathetic single dad or something, too, with his posing and the expressions and all that.
If I didn't know the context, I would 100% believe this is meant to be a vanilla ero-comic with an age gap or Pretty Woman scenario.

No. 697145


well simon didnt fight for his life when he got raped so clearly it was consensual and they're dating now /s

No. 697151

I had this thought too though like wtf Holly are rape victims only liars and attention seekers when they're women? If you're a twink you're pure and without fault apparently.

No. 697174

Hitler and Simon did seem a little more… Human in this one, that might just be because there is actually things happening though. Overall, this is such an odd scene, especially with the "cute pillow Simon"-picture she was so proud of previously, what sort of mood is that supposed to set? Definitely tinfoiling a bit here, but I'm sort of worried that she will use these pages as armour if she ever gets more shit for bashing rape victims. "Look! Stockholm syndrome!! Wow, this scene is so complex, I totally understand the effects of sexual abuse now, it's meant to be emotional, therefore I don't have a rape fetish!" etc, like that time she showed a page of Seize to prove that she isn't like OTHER fujos.

Has Simon's shoulders always been so weird and tiny, or is this a thing with the striped polo? It really creeps me out.

No. 697181

File: 1537947809277.jpg (41.76 KB, 499x401, 68747470733a2f2f7062732e747769…)

Yaoi bed!

No. 697187

It's really distracting that the rapist looks so much like Hitler. What fucking person wears a toothbrush moustache in 2018?

Like… why can't he just be a dumpy middle aged dude. Why does he need to be Literally Hitler? It doesn't make him seem more villainous, it just makes it harder to take the situation seriously.

No. 697196

File: 1537949541229.jpg (155.58 KB, 1200x1013, Dn5Ee3bUcAA5CDU.jpg)

the shoulders used to be too big so she fixed it by making them too small.

No. 697200

It's supposed to be set in the fifties so that kinda explains it… I guess

No. 697235

Hear me out Holly. Study arm and should anatomy. Just fucking watch a Promo video, maybe actually read Loomis instead of just suggesting him. Just, TRY ffs.

No. 697237

Sorry for samefagging my autocorrect changed Proko* to promo lol. Anyway yeah Holly go watch some Proko.

No. 697299

File: 1537961226368.png (409.48 KB, 1126x824, 2018-09-26 13_26_15-.png)

Not sure if this scene is supposed to be dramatic or comedic, but it's hilarious either way. Why did he kiss him? Why is this happening? What is she trying to write?

No. 697302

What the fuck is going on in this scene? She needs some writing lessons asap

No. 697312

She's trying to write a breaking point for Simon where his attitude towards the rapist changes out of some self-destructiveness/despair/desensitization thing. My issue is that this meltdown has his molester as the sympathetic figure who is showing emotions the reader would empathise with (being worried for Simon or just plain confused).

If you want to write your twink as so fucked up he's seeking some sort of emotional support in his molester, that's fine (though it would have required foreshadowing), but you need to establish a lot more distance towards this so I don't feel like you want me to like the moustache guy. Just drawing the rapist as a lot more unattractive would already create this distance (but then she couldn't fap to the rape I guess).

No. 697313

File: 1537963223160.jpeg (13.24 KB, 155x145, CAD35E65-8A17-4355-B302-C2A480…)

Bless you anon this made me laugh so fucking hard

No. 697334

I mean people didn't wear toothbrush moustaches in the fifties, either. Because, y'know. Hitler.

Also, Simon does not look like a kid from the fifties. The shaggy hair and turtleneck read as seventies or present day to me.

Did Holly not do any research on her time period?

No. 697351

stop shitting up the thread with wrong assumptions. From reading the threads you would know the comic is set in an alternate reality

No. 697354

i wish someone she would listen to would tell her that it's okay to abandon your teenage projects
like, holly is how old now? 22? and she's been "plotting"/"writing"/drawing purgatory since high school, right? it's no wonder she's still acting like this when she keeps constantly going back into the headspace of the depressed teen who conjured up that story, jfc

my first story i wrote at 17 was cringey bullshit, too. i never finished it, i can't even go over it to "fix it" bc it's just that bad. that's not a bad thing in general, but you gotta understand that the stuff you produce at 16/17/18 will probably not be the greatest ever, and realizing that and either making an effort to fix the crap, or scrapping the thing/letting it go unfinished is an option

unless, of course, she wants to keep making cringey stuff like this and would rather not grow at all. which, tbh, is probably the case, since at least the cringerape stuff gets her coin from her edgelord teenie fans.

No. 697356

Hit the nail on the head. Not only did Holly completely handwave any explanation for how or why Simon would get involved with his own rapist, just like how she handwaved any explanation for how or why Simon and Damien got into a relationship because she couldn't be bothered and just wanted to skip to the "good bits" (rape,) she's now making the fucking rapist the most three-dimensional character in the entire story.

The other reason this update is so bad is because it suggests Simon could ever feasibly hold the power in this "relationship." She's showing Atarah as being vulnerable, and Simon as taking charge of the situation and laying down rules, and suggesting that Atarah actually cares about Simon's wellbeing. Holly, Atari raped a minor and then groomed him into a secret relationship, and even before that, he held a position of power over him as a religious/community figure with great influence over Simon's and his dad's lives. To imply that Simon would have any power or leverage in this situation, or that Atarah would be concerned for the mental health of a kid he raped and then manipulated into a relationship, is reprehensible and proof that Holly should never be allowed within 1000 feet of a rape plot.

But catch Holly deflecting all criticism with something like "Wow I can't believe people are saying I'm not allowed to have sympathetic villains! And that there's only one right way to write about rape survivors! Wow!" She's trying to write something fucked up, and she is, but for the completely wrong reasons, so I bet she tries to dismiss critics with "It's SUPPOSED to be bad!"
Holly seriously doesn't get why her obsession with rape is inappropriate. It's like she thinks that this is just a normal thing that the majority of her audience would be into, instead of coming from way the fuck out of left field and being jarring to a lot of her young followers. She's shoving it into all her stories because she gets off on it and it's so revealing and gross.

Obviously it's an alternate reality but it's set in the alternate reality's equivalent of the 50s, Holly has said it herself. It's like how Fullmetal Alchemist is set in an alternate reality but it's still clearly that universe's equivalent of the 1930s/40s, because Holly tries to badly copy FMA in everything she makes.

No. 697366

Sheesh, I literally have no clue wtf is going on in these pages. Simon looks a little TOO happy and chipper to read as "development/stolkhome syndrome/breaking point", usually there is some sort of process before that. She has no idea how to pace or really set the mood or tone of a story. The last shit she should touch is very serious topics.

I think with this level of tragedy, I do beleive Holly has some sort of 'mental condition'. Its problably from staying in her house too long over the years.

No. 697370

For real with this last update simons character looks like he’s sexying up to mr.hitler then bursting into hysterical laughter, then tears, within like seconds he’s totally manic and so is holly.

No. 697372

Yeah, I get that this is supposed to be a breaking point for Simon's character, but their relationship has no build-up so there's no impact, and rapist just seems confused and concerned. If anything, the rapist shows more character development because he seems to realise that this kid is really fucked up now.

She has no idea how to build tension or write a character arc.

The thing is, it's not like the core idea of the story is unsalvagable, so she wouldn't have to drop it altogether. It's not like anything she tackled now would be any better (see: Paranormal Plague and the Chroma Prince thing), because Holly seems to just not care about the integrity of the story, she just draws whatever she read in a manga once and thought was kinda cool.

No. 697376

omg anon you explained perfectly why this scene made me so uncomfortable! as the reader we're supposed to empathize with the rapist who is reacting the way we would. holly really has a rape fetish jesus

No. 697385

except purgatory has the least worst story of the projects. the newest one is the worst. elf rape slave lol

No. 697392

File: 1537971937879.png (48.35 KB, 249x175, purg-atari.png)

>>me reading this purgatory update

No. 697399


i'm DEAD.
What is she even doing with this comic anymore. She's written herself into a corner a long, long time ago. She should just give it up and free up some space to make paranormal plague. Just pull the plug, Holly, this one's on life support that you can't really afford anymore. Put the comic out of its misery.

No. 697407

I leave for a day and Holly already handled everything like the idiot she is
She doesn’t understand rape, the reality of it, the real shit it does to a person

She’s making Simon literally look like the sociopathic one and not the rapist, she’s making Simon look like he’s letting an older man molest him to get shit out of him
Like prostitution, hollys favourite new subject
Wtf like… if you can’t handle or write for the subject matter confidentiality or skillfully AT ALL, don’t fuckin use the subject

Like… wow it was all drawn hilarious but the whole scene between them in those pages creeps me out and I’m a bit more iffy about Holly now, she’s legit giving me “imma rape ya even if you say no boi you better fight me harrddd” vibes because she gets off on it so badly ugh

No. 697427

Honestly i dont understand why she did that time jump - i feel like that fucks up the entire story. We go from seeing simon being attacked, crying about it, to suddenly seeing him accepting the fucked up "relationship". Its confusing and jarring. Readers need to see Simon's process from being traumatized to being brainwashed but Holly literally skipped that because drawing/writing that out would have been WAY too complex for her to get it right. I always thought purgatory had potential but that she completely messed it up with horrible writing, horrible plot, horrible characters and horrible drawings.

No. 697445

>Holly literally skipped that because drawing/writing that out would have been WAY too complex for her to get it right.

I dont even think thats the reason
she skipped all the serious, real character developing story because she wanted to get to what she calls the "gay shit" because it's her kink, twinks getting raped is her fucking thing because shes a degenerate fujo that thought Killing Stalking was how real kink works in gay relationships

No. 697450

If someone couldn't tell she's never been in a relationship or took the time to learn about real experiences and how kinks/sex works, then it's obvious you can tell now. Her inexperience is showing really badly. And the way she talks about these subjects is so superficial.
In fact, a lot of what she talks about is surface level, from sex, to art. she just doesn't care to do anything more than a cursory glance and go "yeah people like that, right, well I like it so I'm gonna make it cause it's 'the gay shit, my dudes'

No. 697480

I understand being annoyed with misinformation, but how is saying the character looks like Hitler an assumption? Seems more like an observation.

Invoking Hitler visually is some harsh ass imagery, but it seems like Holly wants not-Hitler to be a sympathetic character. Like why give the guy such an evil visual connotation if making him cartoonishly evil isn't the objective?

No. 697481

it refers to them saying it is set in 2018 or the real 1950s

No. 697483

File: 1537979488717.png (124.37 KB, 566x406, wat.png)

Quick question, wasn't he lying down in the "was my mom a whore" panel? He's standing up in the very next page with no panels showing him do that. How does she think that this is good?? Not to mention the complete lack of background, like they're floating in the void

Who the fuck cares when it's supposed to be set when it's shit no matter what?

No. 697487


What's with this sudden character shift anyway? I get the time skip in order to hand wave away all the explanation and character development, but because of that, none of this was built up properly. Now, no one cares and all she's left with is a poorly written rape plot with a couple cardboard characters.

No. 697488

It goes back to the idea that someone shouldn't write narratives they have no experience with, which isn't true obviously you just have to be willing to do the research and get the context for good writing. Holly refuses to do that and when people point out she shouldn't be writing it (like how she writes queer men without being queer herself) she flips out and decries censorship and sjw blah blah.

No. 697494

File: 1537980109070.png (211.78 KB, 471x469, wat 2.png)

LMAAAOOOO I decided to check out the rest few recent (previous) pages and check this panel out, broken ankles in full swing when his legs are supposed to be hanging off the bedframe. Also, extra shoutout to his collarbones and boobs (?) showing through his shirt on
Just how tight is that sweater??

No. 697512

He's wearing a skintight fake sweater to seduce his rapist, obviously.

No. 697573

File: 1537987067460.jpg (1.05 MB, 1600x2443, 1-2.jpg)

new chroma page, also nitpick maybe but she said it was daily and she already missed yesterday…. smh

No. 697595

She can't update daily with all the sjw haters stressing her out, anon! Is the elf dude going to be the new Hitler? They look suspiciously similar, It's really weird how attached Holly is to her hard edge squash head shapes.

No. 697600

All of her characters look similar. She has like five expressions she draws and the same eyes over and over.

No. 697602

The uniform lacks the small chain and looks different from the first pages already.

No. 697610

Please make this a meme
I actually like the elf lady's design. She'd look cute if someone other than Holly drew her

No. 697621

File: 1537989744309.jpg (117.32 KB, 698x912, bitchtober1.jpg)