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File: 1583155229884.png (2.96 MB, 2301x1427, anxiousgf_vicky.png)

No. 761425


>Met sugar daddy Ulises, who owns Jet Set Global, a sketchy event planning company

>Ulises is as delusional as Vicky, match made in heaven

>No more Ulises posts

>Now constantly thirst posting all over Instagram and Facebook

>Vicky now apparently is a fire eater as well


>Livestreams just to take selfies and to eye-fuck herself into oblivion

>More thirst posting, desperately needs to get laid

>Gets posted on r/instagramreality, 18k upvotes, 341 comments

>“Online stalkers are generally mentally ill people with issues upstairs. its pretty widely known in the psych industry.“

>Inks a whole-ass phoenix back piece on a customer, shaky af and disproportionate

>Posts video of her home, reveals liquor stash and blames it on her friend Jackie

>Shakes her photoshopped ass in her Instagram stories, just wants to show off her Tesla leggings though


>Constantly posting screenshots of random DM conversations. Usually random thirsty men that most women would ignore, but ol Vic will take any attention she can get.

>Still claiming to be fully booked for a year, while also offering last minute slots for “got inked”.

>Has to remind men that she’s turned down many billionaires and rockstar’s proposals, so you don’t have a chance. She’s sooooo picky you guys.

>Did a shitty editing job on a recent photo which gave herself 2 retinas in each eye. Someone commented on it saying “the editing on the eyes is crazy” and Vic chimped out, reminded everyone her eyes reflect AMAZINGLY. It’s called sunlight, you jealous cunts.

>Trading ink for car rides, shack renovations, anything that Vic can’t afford because she’s a broke bitch.

>Muh INTJ personality~

>Took a bath in Oxiclean and then tried to claim that it wasn't "labeled properly" after she apparently poisoned herself. Farmers have speculated it was a lie to cover up missed appointments, or that she just got so drunk and made a fool of herself and needed something to blame it on.

>Has been caught stealing other artists work. Traced off of her laptop and then (poorly) tattooed on her victims. " High-end, custom tattoos"

>Despite charging $3000 per hour for modelling, decided to volunteer as a self-proclaimed "hot merch girl" at a show that hosted less than 100 people. Wore the same crusty outfit that she always does.

>Her been attempting to stir up drama with random women from her past to justify her bad reviews

>Claims to be booked solid until the end of next year, while simultaniously e-begging for clients/appointments on Facebook every other day.

>Claims to be wealthy and a person who "has lived in many mansions" and has also been caught begging clients for deposits early through facebook messenger.

>Is constantly sharing screenshots of guys "hitting on her" trying to prove that shes "wifey material" and not like other girls.

>May have created sock instagram accounts to DM compliments to herself and then post them.

>Is still single and can't even hold down a man 10 years younger than her.

>Her younger sister is getting married and Vicky claimed she wouldn't be going to the wedding as she doesn't want to "steal all the attention away" from her sister on her big day.

>Is the proud owner of the lowest rated tattoo shop in a 50 mile radius. Was nominated for exactly zero awards in her local readers choice.


>Started dating someone nearly 10 years younger than her after being painfully single for a long time and thinks this is something to brag about.

>Frankie the self timer photographer has gone MIA since boyfriend appeared.
>The Google page for her scratch shack blew up with a slew of bad reviews from previous customers. This included the couple who had their deposit stolen after Vicky ditched an appointment, claiming to have been kidnapped.
>Shingles has responded to almost every single review in a predictably unprofessional manner, accusing the customer of being a lying stalker
>30-something year old scratcher who works in an unlicensed ‘tattoo salon’ comparable to a shack, blames clients for poor aftercare when her inability to tattoo competently results in permanent damage
>Former MySpace ‘scene queen’ with a very poor grasp of Photoshop and After Effects
>Narcissistic attention whore and self-proclaimed international cover model and ‘real life Final Fantasy character’
>Incapable of talking about herself without making claims so outlandish only a total idiot would believe them
>Claims to be not only well-versed but Ivy League educated in psychology, astronomy and quantum physics despite never enrolling in post secondary education and/or never involving herself in groups dedicated to those fields
>Posts embarrassing videos of herself flailing around with a dollar-store katana because she is a ‘sword fighter’
>Fakes an atrocious British accent
>Outed by admin for selfposting and samefagging hundreds of times in her own thread, pretending to be people who know her/dated her in real life
>Tried to DMCA lolcow and Kiwi Farms, claimed the Attorney General of Canada had to be involved

All images property of Victoria Shingleton. All use of images constitutes copyright fair use, e.g. for purposes of critique or parody.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial
Personal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/victoria.emma.5680
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/missvictoriamurder



No. 761426

File: 1583155556974.png (5.43 MB, 1125x2436, AB26D109-BC00-4B5A-9F73-C8A0F8…)


“Well that was an accident! I didn’t even know that’s how hard I was holding it.”

Her speech sounds so unnatural.

No. 761427

Is Vic about to become psychic

No. 761433

This image gives me "hulk angry! HULK SMASH" vibes

No. 761441

The filth on that skirting board

No. 761455

You’re not super strong you just have cheap ass glasses. Those man hands

No. 761458

File: 1583169652072.jpeg (102.66 KB, 442x625, DAB7566F-45FB-48AE-92F3-7C10A7…)

I thought she was getting her hair done? If this is it, I hope she got her money back

No. 761461

File: 1583169888072.jpeg (119.94 KB, 810x588, 49BD9447-6C13-419D-BE61-6B8373…)

Vicky needs Zeus because she gets so bored. Vicky is the most talented , interesting person in the world. Nobody can keep up with her.
And so many men, billionaires even, have tried to woo her. It must be so exhausting being her.

No. 761472

Lol, like we didn’t see her with Grampa Fake Model/Entrepreneur posing like buffoons with one unopened bottle of champagne. You’re a real yacht girl, Vicky.

No. 761475

File: 1583174382845.jpeg (88.33 KB, 828x449, 45A9D30B-EA96-43A0-B8FB-6922F1…)

Flirting with people on Facebook doesn’t make you a player, it makes you an insecure attention whore.
Didn’t she like a dude and was flaunting it all over her Facebook last week? Seems to be a cycle with her.
Likes a guy and then he ghosts her.

No. 761476

She deleted the post about liking a guy.
So yeah. Ghosted

No. 761480

File: 1583177259538.jpeg (240.7 KB, 828x1318, F7A80E62-2181-4E13-AAFD-447398…)

This is what happens when you get all your news from Facebook.

No. 761491

File: 1583184773216.gif (932.01 KB, 450x407, 3E086374-FE22-439A-8CBF-ED2882…)

HOW does this bitch not realize how ridiculous she sounds?

No. 761494

“Attention, emotional support and cuddles” also known as the manly stuff.

And what money does she make? Isn’t her shop closed? The last time she even brought up tattooing / posted about it was back in January.

No. 761496

Yet another reason to avoid salad, eh Vic?

No. 761506

File: 1583192411045.jpeg (220.68 KB, 827x1267, AF4035B4-5A81-487B-95FE-4EACFC…)

She is most certainly still wearing makeup. She’s wearing lipstick and you can see the crap around her eyes.
So unless she washed the coverup off around those things…
Even if she ISNT wearing makeup, that isn’t her hair and it’s again, 2009 webcam quality.

No. 761507

File: 1583192602615.jpeg (101.78 KB, 828x697, DFF38E31-A478-4402-AF4C-A460D9…)

How many times has she deleted people to make room for “clients” and still has no idea who who her “friends” are.

No. 761508

why would she post this, there's a part that looks like it's green/grey and in general it's like she's wearing a shitty short wig over a longer one.

wonder how many bras she's wearing just to make her boobs look like her stupid shoops.

No. 761528

File: 1583199787571.jpeg (116.49 KB, 801x827, F684B787-C08C-425D-9284-A11B74…)

Someone come get their mom.
I don’t know what filter she’s using here, it’s definitely Snapchat. The phone looks better quality, but there is filter on this. Looks like a filter to make your lips bigger too, but it’s stretching out her lip ring and making her teeth look distorted

No. 761531

>still wearing visible makeup
>2004 Logitech webcam quality
>narcissistic ass pats about being too beautiful for makeup anyway
How does one get this far removed from reality?

No. 761536

kek at the moustache lipstick. like some transvestite character from a parody sketch show

No. 761543


Her deep fried mullet and ratty extensions really trigger me. It’s laughable she claimed to work in a salon as a “top stylist” and rocks this fried mess. Her extensions look old and have split ends from too much flat iron abuse.

No. 761548

Social media + hundreds of desperate neckbeard followers

Of course most women would understand this doesn't mean shit but Vicky has very low self awareness or just awareness in general

No. 761573

File: 1583243972962.png (244.9 KB, 940x1128, quentin_carter.png)


I've been lurkin' for a while but who tf is Quentin Carter?

No. 761589

“That’s not what you told me” well Vicky can’t keep her drunk lies together.

And I bet Quentin doesn’t even exist honestly

No. 761593

Likely similar to how she made up a bf called "Seth" who was not only made up, but she used images of her brother to "create" him.

No. 761598

What!? I wish I saw that. She’s an absolutely nutcase

No. 761602

Who uses their exes full name like that in a Facebook comments “conversation”
He doesn’t exist.

No. 761604

File: 1583261633130.jpeg (181.34 KB, 828x1221, 60D3631A-01CB-430A-855F-F0CA6B…)

did this tattoo put her out of business? She says in the caption that she wasn’t going for perfection, which I think is ridiculous. She’s not great but this is trash. And she hasn’t even brought up tattooing since

No. 761605

Look him up on Facebook… He does exist. Looks like they dated about 5 years ago. Would love to hear his side of the story now that she's publicly accusing him.

No. 761610

would it be considered cowtipping if someone gave him the link to this thread? idk lol(cowtipping)

No. 761613

Oh he does. Found him. They dated in 2015. I think he’d find it interesting that she’s saying he was abusive 5 years later.
Someone feeling like sending him a screenshot. Lol.
And by his profile picture looks like he upgraded x 1000000 with his new girl(don't encourage cowtipping)

No. 761648

File: 1583274625418.jpg (154.64 KB, 1044x642, 20200303_192653.jpg)

Sage because it's not milk, just found this on a comment under her latest video on insta funny. "I just wanted her hubby". Yes, Icky, we know. You always do.

No. 761657

Well she must have done something to icky, we all know our perfect Vicky wouldn’t steal someone’s boyfriend or husband.
Unless she deems them terrible people.
Or look at her funny

No. 761658


Which one though?! Can you give me a hint? There's a lot of Quentin Carters on Facebook.

No. 761660

File: 1583277434100.png (141.34 KB, 620x896, yourtwinbasically.png)


Oh, btw, this is how the conversation continues. Very confusing. So is he or is he not an asshole?

No. 761666

He’s being a dick. But he has a dick so she’s letting it slide

No. 761667

File: 1583278957759.jpeg (216.94 KB, 789x974, 77E6A559-7AC0-48BC-BB56-DFE85D…)

No. 761756

Oh my god anon please tell me you have those pictures, I can only imagine what a photoshop nightmare they are.

No. 761793

File: 1583357775266.jpeg (150.4 KB, 828x1121, FF2FD613-3960-491B-82B0-3ED568…)

So she’s definitely not tattooing at her shop anymore. Guess that’s over, it now it looks like she’s tattooing in someone’s closet.

No. 761794

File: 1583357849947.jpeg (79.04 KB, 828x407, 9ABDD0A2-A131-42F6-A29C-3A1108…)

Drama just follows this girl everywhere. And she doesn’t realize how stupid it makes her look vague posting at 35.

No. 761795

File: 1583358344406.jpeg (109.1 KB, 828x494, F37863F2-61FA-4ED8-88D1-C6943D…)

Posting it beforehand may cause you some problems though Vicky.
Plotting to harm someone on social media to “protect yourself” isn’t a smart idea.
If anything happens to this person you’re now suspect number 1. And the law isn’t always fair, darling. For someone that claims to be so smart, she’s pretty clueless to how the world works.

No. 761797

File: 1583358542986.jpeg (65.2 KB, 763x365, 26D11138-845A-4BE0-8BFD-7B65FE…)

I’d love to pick a fight with her just to see how fast she can run but I honestly wouldn’t be caught dead in her butt fuck, go nowhere town

No. 761799

God damn she is heavy handed,that looks so red and angry.Every tattoo she does makes me rage.

No. 761800

Those lines are wobbly as fuck

No. 761805

I swear to god she’s getting worse and worse. What does she have against using different sized needles? She must tattoo literally only a couple times a month. There’s no way someone can tattoo as long as she has and never improve. Unless you rarely ever tattoo. Makes me wonder how she really does make money.

And it’s interesting she’s not in her shack anymore and she didn’t mention anything about it.

No. 761806


Different size needles cost money anon. Something we know she doesn’t have.

No. 761811

I wouldn’t be surprised if she uses the same needle on people to save money at this point

No. 761813

File: 1583365015651.jpeg (39.32 KB, 828x295, 8AB6E3C3-52B3-441E-ADF0-5826F2…)


How do I make such wide lines. Lol

No. 761814

File: 1583365153287.jpeg (54.94 KB, 626x577, D1C36065-E531-499A-830A-952D8A…)

Let’s take a second to recognize that a 35 year old woman made an emoji of herself with a lip ring AND VAMPIRE TEETH

No. 761815

File: 1583365460759.png (5.28 MB, 3168x5570, lethal_farts.png)

This comment section is a gold mine

No. 761816

This is clearly not the old shack she owned. She’s so embarrassed to tell people she failed that she’s not even promoting herself and where she is working out of now.
She is the prime example of pride getting in the way of living a fulfilled life

No. 761818

File: 1583365881595.jpg (82.95 KB, 1197x1280, IMG_20200304_165018_121.jpg)

Pretty sure she tattoos out of a tanning salon now. It's that same one she's always spamming in her insta story, talking about getting her eyelashes done and whatnot. It's a beauty salon of some sort and Victoria tattoos there now.

No. 761819

File: 1583365969175.jpeg (109.54 KB, 750x413, E2067897-EDEB-4437-8185-0BD769…)

“I’m trained in over 14 martial arts”
Thank you anon

No. 761820

Urwelcoem I love you guys. Vic is my fav cow. I love contributing here. Any time you see a png collage, that's prob me.

That entire comment section is amazing. She actually says she has loud scary farts that don't have any smell.

Wtf Victoria????

And yes lol 14 different martial arts. I love when she brags about that. She's amazing. How is she like this????

No. 761823

Lolllll I’m dying at her saying her farts don’t smell

No. 761824


kek are you for real?

No. 761826

File: 1583367727775.jpg (119.43 KB, 855x1280, IMG_20200304_163036_109.jpg)

It's in the collage but here it is by itself loool

No. 761827

Of COURSE! Why wouldn’t she brag about her farts not smelling! She is too much.
I haven’t seen any posts about her friend Jackie for awhile. Did she come to her senses as well?

No. 761828

There’s no mention of her on their website or social media so I can’t imagine it’s a permanent thing. She was fired from tattooing in a bloody hair salon, which is quite an impossible feat, so these ladies should avoid her at all costs.

No. 761829

File: 1583369037190.jpg (80.94 KB, 800x1280, IMG_20200304_165402_683.jpg)

The Glow Co page Instagram mentioned Vic in their story.

No. 761831

It's been a while since something has made me crack up this much on lolcow. Vicky's farts don't smell, guys!! I can't believe this conversation actually transpired. I can't!

No. 761832

Scoped their site… there's no mention of a tattoo artist.

No. 761833

High hopes but I wonder if she’s an apprentice there. This tattoo doesn’t look nearly as bad as her usual ones. Not saying it looks good by any means, but it’s much less laughable. Would also explain no mention of a new artist

No. 761834

Never mind I see now that she works at a beauty salon or tanning bed or something so I doubt they provide apprenticeship. Wishful thinking.

No. 761835

I bet she said she’d do cross promotion if she could use their space for awhile.

No. 761836

Christ, what a poor business decision in their part. Did they not Google her?

No. 761841


So I guess she has an iphone now and there is no excuse for her potato shit quality photos and videos anymore. It’s clear she just distorts them and fries them with filters to hide the editing

No. 761843

the design isn't symmetrical and I am keking to my grave

No. 761845

>vaguebooking about killing someone in a ham-fisted attempt to brag about how badass she is
>every comment is about how great and ~dangerous~ she is
>also her farts don't smell
Sometimes I truly cannot believe this isn't a slightly dim-witted teenage girl posting this shit.

No. 761863

> I personally only eat salmon and tuna sashimi.

No. 761894

all i see is the cum emojis on the sides

No. 761926

I hate when people say shit like this 'my farts/sweat doesn't smell bad ever' or 'I don't get morning breath ever'
I hate them just as much as the cunts who say 'I don't need sunscreen' or 'my eyes change colour'

It's usually pick-me types who are ashamed of having a normal bodily function and act like they've never taken a shit in their life. Even if you brush your tongue and teeth 5 times a day, you'll always have somewhat morning breath.

No. 761976

I wonder if they hired her on the idea that she said she could do permanent makeup? I remember like a year ago Vic said she was going to do stretch mark tattoo cover up.

Fucking hell…can you imagine Vicky doing permanent makeup? The eyebrows…..my god.

No. 762051

File: 1583454896564.jpg (793.55 KB, 1248x2220, 20-03-05-18-32-56-195_deco.jpg)

Uh, Did you forget something there, Vic?

No. 762069


Ugh I hate how nothing about this mess is symmetrical. I don’t even see amateurs who have been only tattooing for a few years look THIS BAD. it’s seriously some jailhouse beat lookin trash. It honestly makes me wonder if she tattoos while she’s drunk. I honestly don’t think she is sober when she shits these messes out of her tattoo machine

No. 762088

File: 1583472074471.png (1.29 MB, 1124x2872, OnlineBullyingRegistry.png)

No. 762089

File: 1583472108721.jpg (101.38 KB, 788x1280, IMG_20200305_221623_649.jpg)

Much cringe

No. 762090

File: 1583472157351.jpg (127.35 KB, 895x1280, IMG_20200305_221439_163.jpg)

>I am small

No. 762099

She talks about beating people up a lot lol. I’d bet she’s never been in a physical fight ever. And if she was, she probably got wailed on and tossed aside like a sick cat.

Most of her stories sound like fantasies that picked on kids day dream of but never act on. Notice how she’s always bullied but never quite the victim? She’s never admitted to being beat up or being hurt by anything people said. She’s completely stuck in high school and lost in her drunken day dreams. I’d say she hasn’t mentally matured past 15.

No. 762105


She's on a fucking roll lately, Jesus Christ. This is some of her best work yet, I will never recover from her literally saying her farts don't fucking smell. Every single one of these made me laugh. There's just too much to unpack

No. 762126

Is the pot calling the kettle black? Honestly Vic, you’re the biggest offender of online harassment and bullying. Hopefully one day it catches up to you

No. 762129

>trained in 14 martial arts
>rip their guts out
>im so strong and tough
>not the girl to piss off

Says the cow who screams lawsuit at anyone who criticizes her, and she can’t even send her fake lolsuit to the right website. Then makes a laughably fake “legal.lawyer” email account and claims that the attorney general of canada is on her side.

Sure vic, you sound real tough.

She’s lucky that the people she’s threatening to “dice up with her uwu anime ff sword skillz” haven’t slapped her with a restraining order yet.

No. 762203

File: 1583538563086.jpg (474.78 KB, 1440x1642, Lolz.jpg)

May have found the guy she's thirsting after. Anyone remember that show she went to, and a photographer took a picture of the crowd, and she thought it was "paparazzi"

No. 762204

If it were a man who had posted the initial comment, her responses would be totally different. "I agree, and I will hunt all the bullies sexily with my sword, and did I mention I'd do it expertly and sexily?" But Holly here is a chick so Vick must show herself to be mOrE kNoWlEdGeAbLe.

No. 762205

File: 1583538985642.jpg (658.35 KB, 1440x1248, Thirstagain2.jpg)

He also sacrificed his skin to her.

No. 762206

File: 1583539072982.jpg (917.31 KB, 1440x2472, Thirstagain3.jpg)

Sorry, new to all this

No. 762207

hahahhaa the #tags
They are perfect for each other

No. 762208

File: 1583540372212.jpeg (270.61 KB, 828x1481, 8C2C3938-F033-45BF-9745-A64B20…)

Makes sense. He’s 26 now. Not quite as young as her last one, five years though. Guys her own age generally won’t put up with her whit I guess

No. 762209


Fits her type perfectly. Wannabe musician, long hair, not as good looking as he thinks he is.

No. 762210

File: 1583540801315.jpeg (39.5 KB, 828x202, B67F861E-D02E-4B3D-B1A9-E13F7C…)

No. 762211

Okay so I know a lot of people in Toronto hardcore/metalcore bands and pretty much everyone thinks this dude is an asshole. Also his band is shit. They’re pretty new but compared to some of the other local bands they play with, they’re bad.

But maybe if they get together she’ll bum rides to shows that are closer to me and I can get some unfiltered “paparazzi” snaps of her.

Sage for my autism.

No. 762213

Is she suggesting that those photos from the Thai restaurant concert were from 2011? I thought those were pretty recent photos? Or am I mistaken?

It took 6 hours for her to tattoo this horribly drawn mess? What are those claws…that’s like a middle school notebook dragon. Are good tattoo artists hard to come by in her area? Do these people have no idea what a good tattoo looks like?

No. 762216

If someone ever sent me a message this this I would never speak to them again.
This sounds crazy, paranoid and like a drunk rant.

Because it is.

No. 762217

Posted it to his wall so everyone knows that her stalkarazzi is after her.

No. 762239

File: 1583546901685.jpeg (186.25 KB, 828x1792, 7F726164-160B-495B-BE63-C5060D…)

No photoshop though

No. 762306

File: 1583593459971.png (1.86 MB, 828x1792, E6FA777A-0194-42A4-8D67-5AFAB1…)

I bet she didn’t even send this. She probably fed this guys ego a bit.

No. 762310

Why does her emoji have dreadlocks? Is it because her hair is a matted rats nest?

Her constantly posting these DMs is hilarious and sad. She’s getting lonelier and lonelier by the week and more unhinged after every bottle.

No. 762334

Those baby hands aren't even the same size I am WEEPING

No. 762340

Guarantee she made a fake account and wrote this to herself. She's pathetic enough to do it.

No. 762384

File: 1583614473540.jpeg (102 KB, 750x739, C27D837C-FEDC-4488-92F2-42F55B…)

Her hair is so crispy it bothers me so much. Why does she always have to have her tits out it just screams thirsty. The old reused fake lashes caked in mascara and white eyeshadow from 2001 makes my eyes itch looking at it. How she thinks she looks 21 is beyond me. She looks weathered to shit and those Snapchat beauty filters don’t help either. Makes her eyes look wonky. The iris is just weird

No. 762394

File: 1583616363479.png (929.95 KB, 562x990, nope.png)


Looks like you just fried some frozen broccoli and whatever else that is in the same frying pan and put it on a plate but whatever.

No. 762397


I'm crying, such cuisine! Much mastery

No. 762402

The only “British” thing about this girl is the lack of seasoning. She really just threw potatoes and broccoli on the stove or in the oven without making a glaze or bare minimum sprinkled seasoning on them. Yet she has to gloat about having the ability to cook. This girl doesn’t need to know she’s a parody in order to be one. I C O N I C

No. 762405

File: 1583620217622.jpg (332.88 KB, 1080x1411, Screenshot_20200307-172650_Ins…)

Jfc. It's her sister.
She co owns GloCo.
Tattoo artists (not saying Vik is an artist kek) can carry their equipment to other places anons.
Im sure if Vik was working there full time she would be posting more sick ink.

No. 762407

Vicky thinks tits are a personality trait.

No. 762418

Wow her sister is an example of how pretty she could be if she laid off the crispy bleach hair, tacky clothes and shitty makeup.
She even seems to have a nicer body than Vick and she's a mother.
Although it could be because she wears clothes that actually flatter her. Their Instagrams are a stark contrast also. She occasionally posts the basic bitch live laugh love style mum quotes with calligraphy script, but overall she looks like a nice normal person and her captions aren't cringey or attention seeking like Vick.
She has to be the fave daughter.

No. 762421

File: 1583624489457.png (351.12 KB, 631x630, Screen Shot 2020-03-07 at 6.41…)

>>No. 762405

What? Her sister's name is Wyonna Lee or some shit, not Jessica Massey. Am I missing something?

No. 762430

File: 1583628263065.jpg (1.15 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200308_083703.jpg)

Not the anon that initially posted her insta, but after inspection I did notice they follow each other.
I also think they look somewhat alike but I'm starting to doubt it now because there's absolutely no pics of Vick on her Insta and she seems to spam her family photos a lot. Like she's very family orientated, you'd think she'd have pictures of her sister.

Either way the meme 'what I ordered off wish vs when it arrives' came to mind kek

No. 762434


Yeah, definitely not her sister. I unfortunately grew up knowing this family. There's three kids, Victoria, Laird, and Wyonna. Wyonna seemed fine for the most part but Victoria, well, you know… and Laid was a pseudo intellectual who thought he was the smartest dude on Earth. Not that smart if he got arrested for having child porn, though, huh? What a family.

No. 762435

Actually I think it is her sister.
Vick's post about her on the iPad with her niece 'Lucy' and this girl has two girls and one is name Lucy.
I'm guessing Vick is just that embarrassing that her sister never puts her on her feed.

No. 762438

Does Wyonna have a daughter named Lucy? Otherwise Vick is creepily posting photos of some friends kid and claiming it's her niece.

I mean it's commonplace for people to say 'this is aunty such and such' to close unrelated friends, but even if it was her niece, you'd think she'd keep her family private knowing how many weird neckbeards she has on her profile.

No. 762440


She doesn't, no. Drunk Vic probably just calls herself auntie to her friend's kid because she's a desperate loser with no family of her own.

No. 762445

Jess must be one of Vick's short lived new friends then because she seems so put together and well off and her business seems professional except for the recent Vick scratching. I wonder if they are cousins or something then, because her house looks too nice to let someone like Vick into it as well as posting pics of her kid.
I'm betting new friens who doesn't know of Vick's shit or cousin.
It says on Insta she liked the niece picture so I really don't understand.
If I was her I wouldn't be tagging Vick in posts relating to her business let alone letting her post pics of her kid.

No. 762456


It’s her cousin

No. 762599

File: 1583722095606.jpeg (340.69 KB, 750x817, 0ACBE1C8-CB4C-41BF-A9DF-3200C5…)

Imagine being in your 30s and positing shit like this

>flaunts the ability of cooking bland pathetic carb filled meals

> claims to be independent but lost their sad business and now tattoos in the back of a salon

>forever alone claiming their expired roast beef poon as “bomb pussy”

I would feel bad but at the same time she brought this on herself. Maybe if she didn’t live in la la land and the fake reality she manifested in her tiny sesame seed brain she wouldn’t be where she is.

No. 762604

Does she not realize how incredibly ~nArciSSiStiC!~ she comes across with these thirsty-ass posts?

No. 762660

File: 1583764881406.jpeg (682.95 KB, 750x1126, AC57440A-D497-46A7-9EDB-290978…)

Don’t mess with warrior princess Vicky! She will slice you up with her cheap steel

No. 762697

off a girl not of
Her captions are cringey enough without her terrible fucking spelling and grammar.

No. 762837

File: 1583806762964.png (2.03 MB, 981x4101, sotiny.png)

This is hilarious. Do you think she actually believes we edited her pics to make her look bigger or is she just lying? I can see her being delusional and not believing that she actually ever looks big.

No. 762847

I still don't understand how she can make endless posts about her body like this and also make posts claiming not to be insecure lol

Also why is she so obsessed with herself, it is insane and never ceases to amaze

No. 762855

>edited her pics to make her look bigger
Well, yeah, there are a handful of anons who try to "unshop" pics of cows. Which involves making them bigger.

No. 762856

It’d probably be really freeing for her to just accept she’s average at best. She has altered herself to an impossible standard using photoshop which she can’t maintain in real life. That is a right mess that she needs a psychologist to help her figure out.

No. 762862


Why is she so retarded? Literally most grown ass women can go into a kid’s store and find a pair of stretchy, larger kid shorts that would fit them. It’s nothing to brag about!

No. 762897

It’s weird tho that she’s still bragging about fitting into kids clothes. Because yea, a lot of women can go into the kids section and find an item that fits them.

It’s also very contradictory to her current body narrative that she is thick and curvy~ and has big hips and a huge ass. Sure, two years ago she was “smol petite woman” and now women have to get surgery to get her figure. /eye roll

She talks about this shit to men and they literally could care less. No wonder she can’t keep a man. She probably talks non stop about herself ugh.

Yes this is true but Vicky is claiming unaltered candids are actually altered by us. We have “unshooped” her ridiculous photos before but only her heavily photoshopped photo shoots where she gives herself a dorito chin and bowling ball tits.

No. 762911


Average height literally means fuck all because Canada is a mixed country. I've seen petite 4'10 asian women and tall 5'10+ Scandinavian women. She is dumb as hell.

No. 762928

File: 1583863620524.jpeg (187.44 KB, 750x655, BFD16957-C718-4502-AF8F-57EB77…)

This is actually disgusting of her. A woman in Toronto shared a very scary reality of her almost being abducted into sex trafficking where they even knew the woman by name. She made a post to warn people of this and Vicky says “just stab em lol”.

No. 762934

File: 1583868093373.jpeg (88.23 KB, 828x503, 118AD904-9CFD-4658-AFF5-355058…)

On Vicky’s desperate posting, scraping the barrel for clients again.
Some dude left a thirsty comment and she has to go on about her stalkers again.
Who needs to make up false narrative when this 33 year old failure pumps out stuff like this?

No. 762935

She’s so gross. People get sex trafficked everyday and she has to say “stab em” because we all know how dangerous she is.
She’s starting to sound extremely unstable. She always has, but her constant posting about violence lately… it’s getting sort if getting to the point where I wouldn’t want to be in a movie theatre with her. Not even being rude. She’s losing it.

No. 762936

File: 1583868478106.jpeg (113.1 KB, 828x398, 252C3CBD-7CFA-4BBF-98BD-7AA1DD…)

>>762934 this is the post that comment is on
Why is it she’s constantly going through her list, deleting all these people but she ALWAYS has people on her list she verbally attacks and she has no idea who they are.

No. 762938

File: 1583868699054.jpeg (442.43 KB, 828x1792, 4B885782-BFB5-42BF-BD8A-4CDD70…)

What is in her teeth?! Why would she post this!

No. 762941

What an insufferable cunt. You can tell she’s never been in a really dangerous situation. Spoiled idiot with too vivid fantasy.

No. 762942

Wow she looks like a grandma here. One of those 60 years old cougars.

No. 762943

>being cute is hard

No. 762944

When will she lose these fucking eyebrows? They absolutely age her more than anything else imo. Where did she even get them? I'm her age and I never remember them being in vogue in my lifetime.

No. 762946

If you Google Marilyn Monroe you can see she has a similar shape. Vic is obsessed with her and thinks she looks like her. The shape is kind of the same, but Vic took it to the extreme.

No. 762950

She lives in one of the safest cities in Canada that she rarely ever leaves, let along her bedroom.

No. 762964

she probably accepts every friend request and acts like she's so in demand as an artist that she has to constantly delete ppl to keep track of her clients even though she doesn't. also surprised she finally changed her 'want inked' to 'tattoo'.

No. 762966

Translation: my business has failed, and I'm trying to make it look intentional that I have a dramatically lower number of clients. It's "phasing out."

No. 762975

She’s so in denial of her failure as an artist.
She’s also far too proud to admit when she has any sort of flaw or didn’t succeed in the way that she hoped she not even promoting her new …. shop or whatever salon she’s working out of now.
Other than saying they do great eyelash lifts. Being this narcissistic is only going to put her further down the hole of obscurity. She’s not getting any younger.

No. 763097

File: 1583933165666.jpg (468.82 KB, 1080x1080, 1500352727046.jpg)

Lol I just found this old pic of Vic and her eyebrows.

No. 763104

Now, you're telling me you were so ingrained with white trash DNA, your facial hair actually grows in on its own all white trashy like that?

No. 763197

I'm starting to believe it is actually impossible for her to simply reply 'thank you' to a compliment. She's fucking exhausting.

No. 763254

File: 1583977366638.png (2.57 MB, 1280x4405, custom_made.png)

Vic gets coture gowns customized for her photoshoots. She is a real model.

No. 763265


>custom made

Meaning she glued some peacock feathers to a cheap corset

>only existed for one photoshoot

Meaning she did a shit job and it fell apart almost immediately

But ok vicky, sure. You’re a celebrity model.

No. 763266

File: 1583979689350.png (473.67 KB, 1192x743, rip.png)

No. 763268

She couldn’t pay $850 a month?!? Oh wow. Good tattoo artists charge $120-200 an hour and here Vic is clearly not even tattooing 10 hours a week.

No. 763278

File: 1583987314000.jpg (54.65 KB, 1280x586, IMG_20200311_212523_323.jpg)

Translation: Victoria moved back into her parents' house. I suspected it was that same house she lived in before when she posted a recent "dimly lit candles viewing and there's a TV back there and that alcohol stash is for my friend Jackie" house tour.

No. 763300

Kek at her response to the “baby tori” comment. He’s literally saying you were younger because this was six years ago. Whether you want to pretend you look perpetually 21 or not, you cannot deny that time is linear and you were actually younger six years ago lmao

No. 763324

Chances are she was paying less. She moved into this shack a few years ago and Ontario rental prices have been sky rocketing since.
Sad she’s not even promoting tattooing anymore but I’m happy she won’t be ruining anyone else’s body soon

No. 763343

Imagine being so delusional you have to tell people you’re booked for a full year to feed your ego while chasing away business.
Someone that actually cared about their art and making money would be all over rebuilding right now but instead she’s sitting back desperately clinging to the compliments of neckbeards.
33 year old “tattoo artist” with no shop, no website, no clients. And the clients you do have / future clients don’t even know where you’re located.
Going well

No. 763357

you just know "epic foods" is referring to those midlife crisis grey soggy Yorkshire puddings she insists on shitting out

No. 763413

This post is the epitome of “overshare”

No. 763420

Wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t take the bucket of peacock feathers she had in the washroom at the hair salon and hot glued them to a bra.

No. 763424

File: 1584044437863.jpeg (275.72 KB, 750x873, B3808B5A-7979-4DAD-B122-6CB20C…)

Her jobs listed on Facebook is always a good laugh

No. 763484

File: 1584066559268.jpeg (178.68 KB, 802x1326, F434BA66-C3E4-4913-A1C4-9A3770…)


No. 763526

Isn’t that all shit from like 7 years ago, she has no new accomplishments, not even self-submitted photoshoot in a free online magazine

No. 763628

File: 1584131582973.jpg (97.41 KB, 792x1279, IMG_20200313_133232_725.jpg)

Victoria as "Harle" Quinn

Someone had this done to them lol.

No. 763664


It took me a while until I realised that it doesn't say "they got a wicked portrait of my face as harle dong"

No. 763731

File: 1584190594388.jpeg (290.67 KB, 828x1385, CE10159F-3776-41D7-B560-33BFB0…)

What in the hell is this? So instead of getting a real job that pays and living on her own instead with family she’s up until 430am posting crap she writes in her notes app.
This girl has really lost it

No. 763739


And this masterful piece of literary art is entitled: An Ode to PhotoShop.

No. 763742

Looks like any “poem” written by a typical 13 years old who developed their first crush

No. 763766

message with the words "tattoo"

it's one word, she's so used to putting up the "want inked" posts that she's making herself look even more stupid. also, there's a lot of actual shops taking precaution due to the covid thing, you'd have to be an absolute crusty donut to go to her for work.

No. 763875

Lmao those first two lines make absolutely no sense. This is like some horrible poem you write up on your phone at 4am while high on mdma.

No. 763881

File: 1584260162206.jpeg (190.88 KB, 750x425, 98FFC098-6DD6-476A-A583-01878A…)

What the fuck is she going on about??? She’s not famous or a well known model. Get the fuck over yourself Vic. Holy shit I honestly can’t believe this pathetic sad soul

No. 763897

This is so hard to read for so many reasons.
She has 7000 followers on Instagram. Most dogs have more followers than that, she’s not famous or well known. Taking photos with your iPhone 6 doesn’t make you a model.
This is just her sad “everyone has a battle” post because she knows she’s going nowhere, lost her damn shop and no MAN in their right mind would date a jobless 33 year old that lives at home with her parents.

No. 763899

>inb4 stalkers wrote “fake” reviews and my shop/business failed

I guarantee if her failed tattoo business is ever brought up (since she quietly let it die) she will blame haters and stalkers.

I’m honestly surprised I’ve never seen her shit work posted to bad tattoo pages on IG. Cause god damn her tattoo work is total garbage.

No. 763907


All the comments on this status are from old boomer men. She legit has no friends

No. 763913

She literally never brings up Jackie anymore and she use to every second status. Guess that didn’t last long.

No. 763954

She likely moved out of Jackie’s place to move to Fergus for “work”. Taxi rides from Guelph to Fergus aren’t terribly economical.

No. 763965

Didn’t she brag a few months ago about getting her drivers permit? I guess it’s hard to learn to drive when you’re always drunk and no one wants to let you borrow their car. Since you’re a 33 year old women who never learned at 16 like the majority of North Americans.

No. 764035

Still no tattoo posts. Looks like she never filed that “cancellation” spot.
Considering she only had about 1 client every couple months, business is really going to take a dip.

No. 764133

File: 1584388006017.jpeg (440.76 KB, 750x1030, 6044E2A4-B05D-441D-91C4-8256A8…)

How is this an attack when she posts multiple videos of her sticking her dirty fingers in her mouth, biting her lip, and giving creepy bedroom eyes that looks like she’s nodding off heroine

No. 764218

And writes terrible 13 year old angsty, lust filled teen “poetry”

No. 764226

File: 1584417419646.jpg (85.07 KB, 830x1280, IMG_20200316_205428_938.jpg)

Victoria and Jackie are still friends. Victoria wasn't living with Jackie this last time she had a female roommate. It was another girl. I forget her name but I'm sure it's in my screenshots somewhere. #Stalker

Victoria just attended a recent potluck that Jackie threw.

No. 764227

File: 1584417943592.jpg (75.86 KB, 870x1280, IMG_20200316_210412_129.jpg)

Lol sorry for double post but this is funny.

Did Victoria's alarm go off? Did Jackie get her tattoo?!

No. 764244

This is hilarious.
She's always acting like she's this cold hearted maneater and posts memes like this but then goes and acts ultra thirsty in photos and streams and also posts conflicting memes about being overprotective and needing attention everyday in relationships.

No. 764306

what does her alarm system have to do with tattooing someone? worst business sense ever, that's something that should be straightened out before she goes on to scratch on her limited clients.

No. 764311

File: 1584472776144.jpeg (90.27 KB, 828x543, 9D2F15C0-9CDF-4250-B11F-C3733E…)

she’s a damsel because she can’t carry on a conversation? That has less to do with a personality type you self quizzed off of google and more so the fact that you’re boring.
After she talks about all her fake qualities and past times she really has nothing.

No. 764318

File: 1584476737669.jpeg (201.51 KB, 750x1049, A06ADD9A-6A22-492A-A119-E777E1…)

Didn’t she just move???

No. 764325

Well when you have no money to support yourself and treat people like they are below you, I guess you get kicked out of places real quick.

No. 764326

File: 1584478706728.jpeg (172.18 KB, 822x1030, 0D2D3EF0-835D-4337-A6DB-9F83B1…)

No man with any sense or stability would ever date her. That’s why her ex is a child that washes dishes for work.

No. 764350

god this cow is thirsty. at her age, she wants to marry someone who is homeless?
>but i don't have house
there's probably something really off about his personality if he doesn't have all 4 of those at the same time

plz keep showing off ur high IQ, vicky

No. 764361


I feel like she’s just casting the widest net she can to lure in some poor idiot. I get the feeling that she wants to hook someone who will basically spend all their time worshipping her. Any established, mentally and financially stable man in their 30s would want a partner with equal give and take in the relationship. Since vicky doesn’t have anything to bring to the table, she’s willing to scrape the bottom of the barrel for companionship and just wants someone who will take Facebook likes and dating a washed up MySpace photoshop bimbo as a substitute for an actual partnership.

No. 764372


Does she want a relationship or does she want to be desired by neck beards on the internet?

No. 764388

File: 1584533190448.jpeg (198 KB, 775x1256, 44832D35-C2EE-48FF-984C-238F6C…)

This is legit terrifying. She looks likes she’s high on bath salts.
And she’s definitely gained a lot of weight

No. 764390


I never took her for a druggie but she really looks like she's on speed here.

No. 764391


Jeeeze she looks like a plump summer sausage. Why does she always use these yellow filters they make her look even worse

No. 764513

File: 1584568258602.jpeg (152.15 KB, 733x599, 3A446EEB-5FB1-409C-8FD3-504AE1…)

In the weird bra and underwear set she bought from eBay.. how does she pass this as the same person

No. 764533

This is so weird. What is that weird gap below the border on the left? The shorts don't match up and the logo looks slightly different. I'm really inclined to believe she adds on outfits in photoshop. The fabric doesn't look real at all.

I get facetuning and all that shit, but this cow's edits are in another dimension.

No. 764535


She looks like her nipples point straight down

No. 764588

I think she cut the waistband off of a pair of underwear and puts it on like an accessory.

No. 764597

What the fuck. What the literal fuck she actually did this

Trashy ass bitch wearing an elastic waistband like a belt I can't, anon hold me, my god

No. 764613

The most hilarious part is that she's using the snow app (hence why she has big round eyes) to alter her weight and appearance and she STILL looks porky

No. 764616

God, she could snap a man's neck with those thighs!

She traps herself in the huge difference of her shoops.

No. 764618

File: 1584626720669.jpeg (75.56 KB, 828x505, A41BDAAB-9C03-451C-95EC-3146E5…)

This is the closest thing she’s made to an announcement she’s no longer working out of the same place.
This is why she won’t succeed. She can sit there and claim she doesn’t care what people think all she wants, but this is a prime example. She can never admit when she fails. She so afraid of what people think of her, if she admits it didn’t work out people will look at her different and that KILLS her.
She’s such an obvious cow.

No. 764630

no she didnt. its a set. she is wearing just the shorts in 1 pic, and just the top in another. They have matching bands. You guys can be almost as dumb as vicky sometimes.

No. 764634

Because it would be so unlike her to cut up shorts or clothing to make something else? Sounds exactly like something she would do considering she DOESNT HAVE A JOB.
But yeah. Everyone’s dumb but you.

No. 764640

i dont give a shit what your dumbass thinks she is likely to do or not, the anon correctly pointed out her top was part of a set she wore previously before you started sperging about your clothes cutting fantasy. No one else was retarded enough to miss the point of the post but you.

No. 764643

wonder how her ex ~apprentice~ feels after he did some work on her old shack in exchange for learning how to do shit tattoos. funny how she hasn't mentioned him in a long time, i hope he either found a good shop to teach him or took another job.

No. 764651

“Anon is correct” you mean you right?
But as soon as Vicky uses the word retard you guys all want to talk about what a terrible person she is, but throw it around cause you’ve never been in the same room as a dictionary..
Maybe Vicky was right you’re all just projecting your bullshit on her Cause the intelligence level showing here is BEAUTIFUL.
What other fantastic verbal slams you got there?
Stupid head maybe?

No. 764653


Here you go sweetheart, I think you got lost and wandered onto the wrong website!


No. 764655

That so creative! Good for you! You made a link and everything! Maybe next time you’re putting Vicky down for being a bully you can think of this exact moment. Monkey see, monkey do.
Good luck.

No. 764656

Imagine being so insecure you have to put down kids with autism.

No. 764657

Usually people that have no control in their own life have to feel power fully that maybe over all have none makes sense

No. 764658

When you know you’re wrong so you just insult people’s intelligence

No. 764660

File: 1584643684856.jpg (49.79 KB, 680x510, 90400423.jpg)


If you're going to samefag at least try not to make it obvious.

Considering we havent heard a peep about him I think he's long gone. We all know icky wouldn't shut up for half a second about how she's ~passing on her ink skillz~ and how this guy just feels so honored and lucky to work under such a talented goddess. If he has half a brain he eliminated all evidence of his involvement with her and found an actual tattoo artist to work under.

Though, if you're going to work with her to begin with, something has to be off.

No. 764667

If you’re going to be an uneducated bigot at least don’t wear it like a badge of honour.

No. 764671

File: 1584648332131.jpg (557.79 KB, 1078x1278, Screenshot_20200319-135844_Chr…)

I did some digging on her apprentice, and I'm pretty sure he's not "apprenticing" under her anymore. His Instagram (@jakesdrawings) has some art and a few tattoos, most of which are old photos. I found his "portfolio" and it looks like it hasn't been touched in a long time. His "about the artist" page on his site is also 404'd.


Everything posted is from his time with vick, and it seems like his work stops late-ish(?)2019.

Also, let's just take a second to admire the fine work he was creating under Vicky's vast and incomparable gift for butchering.
The icing on the cake: according to him, hes been studying tattooing since 2013.

Birds of a feather, even if he was wise enough to flee.

No. 764689


classic newfag mistake of assuming we’re all the same ppl with the same beliefs.

crai more whiteknight snowflake.

No. 764715

Sorry I don’t speak dumbass.(repetitive derailing)

No. 764736

File: 1584679894927.png (1.21 MB, 1274x3261, milkshake.png)

This is embarrassing. Also stop derailing the thread.

No. 764756

No. 764787

You’re absolutely right how dare I not SAGE you’re precious board of hatred. With everything going on it the world, you’d think you’d guys would see that there’s more important things to do than sit around with your fingers up your ass talking about someone you don’t know.

No. 764791


>You’re absolutely right how dare I not SAGE you’re precious board of hatred

lmao why is this so funny
not saged

No. 764793

Her having to project hardcore that she’s totally not a slut is hilarious.

Imagine living your life caring soooooo much about what random people you don’t know think about you.

>more important things to do than sit around with your fingers up your ass talking about someone you don’t know.

Yea you seem like you’re being a productive member of society. You must have one of those “essential jobs” I hear about while the rest of us peons sit in quarantine.

No. 764798

And you’re being productive? How many hours a day are you on this board? You want to talk about being productive? Collecting a welfare check doesn’t qualify as a job, sweetheart.
Sitting around talking about people on every board on lolcow? Is that your only hobby?
And you want to talk about other people’s productivity.
The cycle of poverty started where in your family exactly? What you’re doing isn’t normal behaviour, did your momma teach you to be such a foiled mouth child?

No. 764799

It’s funny because you people are derailed faster than I could even imagine. Sitting around talking about Vicky and her intelligence, how she doesn’t have a real job. Here you are arguing amongst yourselves. You don’t even know how many people are on here, there may just be two of you going back and forth for YEARS on end. How’s self-isolating treating you this far in with no real hobbies or friends?
Now that you have to sit in your own thoughts are you happy? Doubtful. It’s pitiful. The world is a huge place but you’ve decided to sit here day in and day out trying to make yourself happy by putting other people down.

You find it funny because you’re little brain can’t wrap around the fact that YOU are the problem.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 764801

No. 764806


The irony in these posts are not lost on me. You may as well just be screaming into the air.

So, do you plan on white-knighting all the people being ripped on this site? Or is it just vicky? Is it because her boobs are super big and she’s totally not fat you guise.

You seem a bit obsessive yourself, coming back here everyday, every hour or so, responding to us. When you could just literally not respond. But I guess if coming here and screaming into a void helps you feel better, then do you boo.

No. 764814

The yellow is probably a warm coloured poorly lit room, but I also have suspicions it's to hide her foundation which never matches.
Same reason she uses shitty quality webcam-esque phone pics.

No. 764821

Honestly I dont know how I didnt think of that. I'm willing to bet you're completely right, and that she picks her foundation like she's jaundiced. That or she's trying to emulate that spray tanned look she gives herself in shops but doesn't want to go though the effort. Kek.

The sooner we ignore the bait the sooner little miss ~ not obsessed but checking replies every hour~ will go away.

No. 764836

I’d say “hi Vic”, but Vic can’t put together a sentence let alone pull a somewhat coherent paragraph together. Anon, you’re wasting your time white knighting Vic as she has hurt more people with her online bullying, tattooing and overall shitty treatment of people that you’ll never redeem her. It’s also not worth your bother.

No. 764840

I’m always amazed at how people like this think “winning” an argument on a fucking anon imageboard is a more useful use of their time than just having a laugh.
If only Vicky would have taught those darn Chinese doctors proper hygiene we wouldn’t all be in quarantine right now tsk tsk

No. 764846

such classic vick

takes a completely lighthearted/mindless joke and uses it as an opportunity to talk about herself and offer information nobody asked for - how how how does she not see how cringy and embarrassing this is?

No. 764885

the chinese knockoff gucci medusa head is one of my favoritest vicky things ever

No. 764888

I loge how she puts on a facade of being “wealthy” and lived in many mansions yet she wears fake supreme and Versace clothing and is struggling to get a cheap apartment in butt fuck nowhere. Lost her joke of a tattoo shack as well. She fails in every aspect of life and needs to grow the hell up

No. 764993

I wouldn’t bring up online bullying when you’re doing exactly that. You can’t be that vapid.
“Vicky is such a bully!!”
Now let me waste years of my own life talking about where’s she’s living, how much weight she’s gained and how much I hate her face !

Not saying that I can change anyone’s perception of her at all, and I wouldn’t want to. It’s just really sad that you hate yourself this much you require this type of outlet. The self hatred is obvious.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 764995

The irony here isn’t lost on me either.

You could just not come here everyday as well? But here you are. Years later. Vicky consumes your entire life, you feed off of her posts. You’ve been here for how many months? Years? And someone tells you twice that you’re a bully and I’m the problem?
You’re going to wake up one day at 40, still begging Vicky makes a post so you have something to do.
Good luck, you’re going to need it. You want to talk about how uncultured she is, yet here you are.
I’ll probably be blocked here just like Vicky was blocked because none of you have a mind of your own. you can’t deal with any sort of opinion that goes against your own as a collective group of two.
It’s pitiful.

No. 764997

Learn to integrate, faggot.

No. 765012

Alright so having a laugh at someone’s extravagant lies once in a while at the same time living a productive life must be a foreign concept to you. I’d argue spending a few minutes on a imageboard compared to faking your whole life changing between photoshopping your pictures to posting drunken statuses on Facebook at all hours of the day/night for greasy male attention is way more sad. I find it hard to believe anyone but Vick would claim there’s only two people on a whole ass imageboard hmm

No. 765018

can you fuck off, making fun of retards is the primary function of this board and if you don't like it dont fucking come here

No. 765020

Jesus are you pathetic. I'm seeing this in a lot of threads, quarantine is def bringing these sanctimonious losers out to chastise us for being on any thread here.

Hey idiot - the majority of the ppl on this site spend very little time thinking of the cows and even less doing any cow related activity. Updates are checked for and keks are had. Sorry to ruin your grand "bullies get what they deserve" fantasy but no one's life is ticking down on here obsessively thinking about Vicky aside from Vicky herself.

I absolutely love that you think this is fueled by self hatred its so cliche. Get a new line faggot.

No. 765038

Oh so you hate gays too?
Faggot, that’s nice. Let me guess you and your family are racists as well?
It’s cliche? Or it’s true and it pains you to know you’ll never grow up, you’ll stay thinking obsessively about Vicky. You don’t think about her off of these boards? So you just magically end up here with no thought? Nobody believes that. Not even your little minion friends that play into this game of yours.
These boards are made to makes fun of people. I can see that, you’re not bringing any new news. It’s a pathetic life you all live, obsessed. All you all are is obsessed.
You’re all bullies, sad, self -hating and if you continue this behaviour going nowhere but many therapy sessions.

This Vicky board has been going for over 5 years now. You’ve been stalking her social media for FIVE YEARS. I’d say let that sink in…. but I’m sure there isn’t a lot of depth there.

No. 765039


“If you don’t like it, don’t come to these boards”

If you don’t like Vicky stop going to all her social media and stalking her like an obsessed loser?

No. 765040

Quarantine is bringing out losers!! That’s really rich coming from someone that’s been stalking the SAME PERSON FOR TEN YEARS!!
That’s really rich! You haven’t had a hobby besides stalking people in a decade and people calling you on your bullshit are the losers! Good one. Collecting welfare and making fun of people isn’t a job.

No. 765042

What is cyberbullying?

Cyber bullying is when someone sends you hurtful messages or harasses you online via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and more. What makes this different to face-to-face bullying is that sometimes you won't know who's sending the messages because people can make themselves anonymous online, but it is still just as harmful, Choma.

Reasons people cyberbully others:


Some people fall into the cyberbullying trap if they are trying to defend themselves or their friends when they are being criticised by other people, aka they are being "called out". It's common for a bully to feel attacked if they are being criticised for saying something that is harmful to others. This might cause them to say even more nasty and harmful things to others in defence.


Cyberbullies want to show people that they have power and can get away with doing hurtful things. A lot of the time this might be because they have been abused by someone they know and feel that this is the way to boost their ego, get their confidence back or to express themselves.


To cyberbullies, hurting other people can seem funny and they find it to be entertaining. If they have an audience or others laughing along, this can encourage them to carry on.


As hard as it can be to believe, sometimes the reason someone bullies others is because they just don't know it's wrong, or they don’t understand the level of pain that they are causing to someone else. To them, cyberbullying isn't "real" bullying and so they don't see it as harmful, this shows that they aren't aware of other people's feelings.


When someone doesn't know how to deal with negative emotions, like frustration and anger, they can decide to take it out on whoever they see as an easy target. This is why it's so important to always talk to a friend, family or a healthcare provider when things are bothering you.


Having an online personality that's completely different to who you really are makes it easy to say things you know are wrong, and this can usually happen when you're not happy or comfortable with your authentic self, Choma. Cyberbullies use this fake online persona to hide behind and remain anonymous, that way they think they can't get into trouble for being harmful online.(ban evasion)

No. 765048

…Why would someone defend a person like Vicky for two days straight?

No. 765052

This troll is soooo lulzy, nevermind the obvious irony of their posts; especially amusing is how they repeatedly sperg about sitting at home without a job and collecting welfare - am I the only one who smells projection ?

/sorry for not ignoring this idiot, but it was just too funny.

No. 765053

Stir crazy from work being closed and nothing to do but drink hoarded wine. What even is happening in this thread

No. 765054

I can understand maybe once or twice then poof but two days straight? That's even sadder.

No. 765062

I think it's actually Victoria again. She loves the idea that we are crazy stalkers without lives. Don't kid yourself. We come here to get a laugh once in a while. And definitely way more than two

No. 765063

File: 1584849781728.jpg (177.22 KB, 1008x1279, IMG_20200321_210147_399.jpg)

No. 765066

File: 1584850629180.png (70.4 KB, 275x168, 1539381177660.png)

No. 765070

Could be. It probably took her hours to write out if it was her.

No. 765073

They're telling us to stay home here Vicky you fucking retard. Where the fuck is she even going, everything is closed except the grocery stores which are all shutting at 8pm.

No. 765075

Why is she at the shop? She shouldn’t be working. And why is she constantly leaving her apartment? The whole point is to stay home. This sounds like made up BS. If she’s tattooing right now I stg. I hope she gets shamed for that shit. It’s probably why she’s acting like she’s doing the whole country/world a favor by spraying watered down bleach on everything. Queen of projection.

No. 765079

Ontario declares a state of emergency and this dumb bitch leaves her house? For once in your life Vic, don’t be so fucking self absorbed and stay the fuck home. Your shitty tattoos are not an essential service so stay home, collect EI and think about what good you could do once this is over.

No. 765110

File: 1584881606514.jpeg (481.49 KB, 750x898, 46F7A024-B3DB-478C-9187-9FDF3B…)

Vic has no concept of anatomy whatsoever.
She calls her “stalkers” fat, but this is beautiful and curvy? The body dysmorphia in this one is strong

No. 765117

Anon, are you bodyshaming a statue? It's not even fat.

No. 765120

Tots opposite anon. This statue IS beautiful. She has no concept of what an average woman looks like was my point.

No. 765121

The statue is maybe a size 12-14 which is close to the national average. Vic only appreciates this size when it’s a statue and not a real person.

No. 765125

This is at least the third time Victoria has posted about this statue. She sure does drunk post a lot.

No. 765132

File: 1584893235541.png (104.43 KB, 591x1676, Screenshot_2020-03-22 Victoria…)

Not sure have these been posted, but Vicky is super active on Quora and her advice is just as comical as you'd expect.


No. 765133

File: 1584893264089.png (61 KB, 598x980, Screenshot_2020-03-22 Victoria…)

No. 765134

File: 1584893286386.png (570.96 KB, 627x9556, Screenshot_2020-03-22 Victoria…)

No. 765135

File: 1584893558839.png (640.77 KB, 608x10147, Screenshot_2020-03-22 Victoria…)

>Id like to be married one day. I spent most of my life turning down proposals and saying i never would. I thought it was stupid and that i didnt need a piece of paper to tell someone that i loved them. Now im more mature a bit bored with the dating game thing but id rather do that forever then settle.

Do you believe it’s possible to have multiple personalities (DID)?
>Oh yes. It can be viewed on a brain scan. I have done hours of research into that particular disposition. It is interesting but must be terribly distressing for the individual afflicted.

Do you have any tips for someone who just moved in with a significant other and his three teenagers? I love those kids but it's like culture shock.
>Find something you all mutually like and do it a bunch to keep things chill and bond. Give each other space and respect their boundaries. Address issues as you and them vs the problem not you vs each other. Positive reinforcement when they do good will get you more places than negative reinforcement…so reward good behaviour and cheer them on. ( i used to look after 30 kiddos five days a week for 2 years, no issues injuries nor fights just games and snacks and stuff)

>Dont forget to take you time and make time for dates with your signifigant other.

No. 765145

>How has your view of romance/love changed as you got older?

No. 765147

HA as IF she worked in a daycare for 2 years. There's no way. Another job she didn't do to add to her multi-talent LinkedIn.

No. 765164

I’m cry laughing “STOLKHOLM” syndrome, ah yes stolkhom the capital of swodon

No. 765210

Ultomote bodoss

No. 765212


Do you believe it’s possible to have multiple personalities (DID)?
>Oh yes. It can be viewed on a brain scan. I have done hours of research into that particular disposition. It is interesting but must be terribly distressing for the individual afflicted.

I’m fucking howling

No. 765224

That’s… how it’s spelt tho?

No. 765238

…no? it's Stockholm.

No. 765267

File: 1584976654404.jpg (110.05 KB, 1051x1280, IMG_20200323_081619_240.jpg)

Victoria bragging about not having coronavirus lmao

No. 765278

Who the fuck is asking some random tattoo artist/“model” these questions? I mean, let’s be real, she’s clearly sending these to herself. They’re all relationship questions damn near. Vicky doesn’t even have a successful relationship?? Not even a fake IG-boyfriend like JStar did. So why would all these people come to her for this weird ass advice???

Wouldn’t it make more sense these people would ask her about tattooing? Or modeling? Jesus Christ Vick…grow up. She so badly wants to play pretend marriage counselor for some ungodly reason. Is it because relationships are her biggest failure to date ? And that’s why she projects so much about turning down billionaire and rockstars??

No. 765284


Nah, it's quora, they're not questions for her, anyone can answer any questions on quora

No. 765286

I believe they’re just random questions like on yahoo which in my opinion makes it even funnier. She’s supposedly a super important busy businesswoman yet chooses to answer random questions that in no way relates to her with paragraphs, which sounds like something my grandmother would be into doing in her spare time. We should feel so blessed to get these nuggets of knowledge from a 200IQ genius!

No. 765326


I believe that quora pays you (in pennies) to answer questions… kek she's gotta make that snack money somehow.

No. 765328

These are gold. I like how she answers so many questions about narcissists. She says in one that narcissists are unable to love or be vulnerable, and also says how loving and vulnerable she is in a relationship. She loves too hard, she can't be a narc!

I've never seen anyone brag about their sense of smell kek.

No. 765332

HOW DARE YOU? Are you not aware she’s lived in MANY mansions and has been a miserable rich person? Be gentle with her feelings

No. 765344

Ahh ok I stand corrected on that end and that makes a lot more sense. Still- these answers are cringe and it’s hilarious that all the questions she’s answering are about relationships.

No. 765403

File: 1585025703869.jpg (129.79 KB, 957x1280, IMG_20200323_215348_820.jpg)

Not that I think she's had any clients during this time but wtf Vic. You're still ~open for business~? What an idiot.

No. 765425

File: 1585034992773.png (2.67 MB, 1238x5975, gross.png)

Victoria begging for a man again

No. 765446

Does she really not see how trashy and desperate this behavior is? I can’t imagine publicly sharing how I like my nipples honked during sex on my businesses page, it’s not a professional mental image to give your potential clients. Nobody but your partner needs to know these things

No. 765469

File: 1585071397033.jpg (88.41 KB, 1280x947, IMG_20200324_103322_202.jpg)

>I can’t imagine publicly sharing how I like my nipples honked during sex on my businesses page

I haven't laughed so hard at something on the internet in a long time.

Meanwhile, Victoria is still getting many dating offers. She says she is quarantined yet only stopped taking tattoo bookings today, according to the screenshot I posted a few pics ago.

No. 765470

Lol where exactly is this mystery guy going to take her 'on a date' right now? No chance in hell she received any message saying that. How pathetic

No. 765474


lmfao based anon

No. 765484

She probably does get thirsty DMs from horny middle aged men. Half of her public instagram is glamour shots with her cleavage photoshopped up to her neck.

No. 765487

File: 1585079461771.webm (917.25 KB, 640x800, 358975335.webm)

Victoria posted this new video

No. 765489


I know DAMN well that phone takes better videos than THAT.

She went through all that trouble to try to appear less overweight and ended up looking like a stocky middle-aged serial-killer dad doing drag

Every time I come to this thread I can't believe this cow is in her THIRTIES. Like, holy shit. Those beefy masculine thighs spread all open like that for the public… I'm honestly vomiting. Halloween horror mask looking bitch.

No. 765491

She’s wearing the same outfit she wore in the last two videos, part of me wants to believe they were all taken on the same day but the other part of me knows that she’s such a stinky, filthy cow that she’s probably worn the same thing for days on end without washing.

No. 765492

File: 1585081204626.png (330.82 KB, 566x688, yikes.png)


Also, did she paint her neck to give the illusion that she has only 1 chin??? And LOL at the absolute width of her body… she's built like a fridge. And her face is HUGE.

The way she strategically placed her tragic straw hair to create a fake frame around her moon face is also sad! Her pulling her straw back reveals how much meat there is on the big ass face, a face/cheek shouldn't extend that far out for a delicate lil "I wear child size clothes hehe" flower such as herself!

No. 765498

File: 1585085858624.png (1.25 MB, 1280x2481, uneditedvideos.png)

So Victoria definitely reads her lolcow thread pretty regularly.

No. 765499

"I'm a ~lady~"
casually posts video of her spreading her hammy thighs as far apart as she can

No. 765500

Is she not aware that people can see her ridiculous editing history?

No. 765501

File: 1585086378859.jpg (73.9 KB, 841x1280, IMG_20200324_144108_443.jpg)

This guy called out the video quality. He also called Victoria's attitude ugly and said other weird stuff to her about fixing things in her apartment.

No. 765503

File: 1585086541734.jpg (90.96 KB, 1280x685, IMG_20200324_144650_488.jpg)

In response to this post

No. 765508


So… she used this guy for attention and to get stuff in her apartment repaired or what?

No. 765510

I honestly don't know lol. It was a weird comment. I went to his Facebook but there's no info about where he lives or anything so idk if he's even local to her.

No. 765512

I think he had a typo where he meant to say couldn't fix instead of could.

No. 765537

File: 1585105928633.jpg (86.81 KB, 790x1279, IMG_20200324_200836_740.jpg)

Is this her new roommate or is she still going over to people's houses but calling it "quarantined with [friend name]"?

No. 765538

File: 1585109123235.png (1.42 MB, 1604x1280, butthole_lips.png)

New selfies! Is she trying to fix her eyebrows? They look slightly less like the letter S turned sideways on her face.

No. 765557

Next she needs to work on phasing out the lip over lining. Yikes.

No. 765581

There are so many “nexts” she needs to work on. Dying her hair her natural colour and getting rid of those ratchet wigs. Stop over lining her lips. Wear clothes that actually flatter her figure. Oh and a lobotomy.

No. 765582

Awfully hypocritical to be yelling at people online for breaking quarantine if she is doing it herself as well. Classic Vic

No. 765584


ok but why is she trying to hide her face with her hair, hand, editing, and filters on top of the editing to hide the editing (she pushed in the sides of her face and airbrushed her chubby cheeks into a flat surface)

you have a better phone now and promised clearer pics yet you keep fraudin

No. 765587

She does this in almost every selfie or candid. It's either her hand obscuring her jaw or hair in front of her face.

There was a video someone else took a few threads ago and she hurriedly pushes her hair up as soon as she realizes they're filming. It's like she is hyper aware of her jaw and can't let anyone see it.

No. 765625

Lol using that sticker to hide her massive jay leno chin. Just accept your face, Vicky. Be free.

I don’t know why she does this 90s brown over line to her lips. There’s a right way and a wrong way to over line. It’s not even a flattering shape.

No. 765633

File: 1585173761888.png (2.7 MB, 1280x6478, Personal_Support_Want_Inked.pn…)



No. 765638


This is digesting. She shouldn’t be shilling her chicken scratch for shekels when the province is in a state of emergency and all non essential businesses are mandatory closed. Who is going to come to her den in a hair salon for cheap bad ink??? She’s honestly so selfish and gross. Her pockets are empty and she’s desperate despite the laws that are currently in effect

No. 765639

If you have to wear a full RESPIRATOR (not face mask, she specifically said respirator) and goggles, you probably shouldn't be tattooing people right now, "therapy note" or not.

The level of autism that comes from her is just astounding sometimes. Especially right now, when there's so much going on in the world.

No. 765642

Seriously, as if her work isn't shoddy enough without things obstructing her vision. I really can't with her sometimes.

No. 765644

Is she capable of closing her lips or nah? Also the sheer amount of filtering and over exposure in these pics is baffling.

No. 765652

Victoria deleted this status. (Or hid it from public? I'm not her FB friend) I'm glad I capped it. I went to go check on the comments again and it was gone. She doesn't delete stuff too often. I wonder if other commenters yelled at her or something.

I still can't get over it. What kind of therapist or psychiatrist would prescribe getting tattooed in order to combat anxiety and depression? Victoria really thinks she's providing necessary emotional support to people. This is one of the nuttiest things she's posted in awhile.

No. 765664

"Pass my screening questions"

As if she's ever had any sort of standards for her clientele ever in her life. Vic, need I remind you that all anyone has to do to get an appointment with you is message you saying "Want inked" or whatever. And even then, you're too drunk to write it the fuck down, so you just make a post on fb asking who has an appointment.

No. 765686

File: 1585196771405.jpg (63.81 KB, 960x960, 90972363_1693407020807261_6826…)


No. 765688


tell me this isn't new…. this looks like it was taken with an old digital camera from 2001, back when they could capture all of eight single pixels

dude, you can photoshop yourself to look less old, haggard, and fat without sacrificing pixels… just get better with photoshop. because it's painfully clear that this is HEAVILY edited, and filtered, and saved in super low res to hide the fact that it's edited. also, why bother photochopping your massive face to look smaller and less gross but leave your big-ass meaty arm that's the size of a LEG

No. 765689

Omg I'm the anon who posted the pic (regular here, hi) and I said the same thing to my good friend. Her forearm looks like a calf, and I'm not one of the anons who rips on her for being fat. I don't think Victoria is fat (she def edits herself ofc but I don't ever rip on her for being fat/overweight) but this pic is fucking weird. She has a very… Robust looking arm in this photo. I tried to do the pose in the mirror (lol) and MAYBE some of this can be attributed to the angle. Her arm is in front of her head which makes it look bigger. But I'm a pretty average (not overweight or obese) sized woman and I couldn't make my arm look like a leg even at that angle.

Must be all the sword training she does…

No. 765695

Legit laughed out loud. She's my favorite cow.

No. 765697

it's just BIG, not muscular. Don't flatter our buff warrior goddess. it's also a completely different color than her face kek

No. 765716

File: 1585221587137.jpg (37.92 KB, 1271x1280, IMG_20200326_041733_372.jpg)

She expanded the corners of her lips. This looks terrible.

No. 765721


Looks like her lips are really pale and dry

No. 765741

Cold sores maybe? I have them and they are hard to hide.

Holy fuck this is painful to read! There is so much going on here it’s hard to find a starting point. It’s laughable thinking any medical professional would prescribe getting tattooed and why did she even mention this? Is she thinking someone’s medical benefits would pay for it so she would be more likely to get customers? That is some serious mental gymnastics.

No. 765746


Looks like that face tune is working overtime. Her head is so tiny compared to the rest of her. It reminds me of momokun and her tiny ass head when edited

No. 765791

It's seriously one of the craziest things she's posted recently. I've been joking about "emotional support tattoos" for a day now. Vic is my favorite cow.

No. 765811

>posts statuses shaming people for leaving their house
>encourages people to get a note from their therapist to come get a tattoo from her

Whew. She must be hurting for money. I hope she’s rationing her booze. She was likely shamed in DMs or a friend pointed out how horrible of an idea that is. But because dude…how fucking stupid do you have to be to post something like that?

Is there a reddit page for shaming businesses for staying open during the quarantine? This needs to be shared other than just lolcow kek

No. 765815

A bit late tot his thread but as a forensic science major who has taken Canadian Justice system law courses, you can and will be charged even if it is self defense and according to the law, the harm caused can’t exceed the harm done to you.

No. 765980

Tinfoil but i think she's hoping to pull in some clients since all reputable tattooists have closed up shop, and her excuse for breaking quarantine will be that they are "emotional support tattoos." I would not put it past vicky to capitalize on a pandemic to try to make some cash.

No. 765984

File: 1585359531034.webm (826.55 KB, 480x600, VID_20200327_182448_657.webm)

That isn't tinfoil. That's exactly what she is doing. She's trying to get around the closures and keep clients coming to her by saying it's necessary for their mental health lmao.

Victoria posted new videos today. She said she's on her way to an appointment for her new place, otherwise she wouldn't be out.

No. 765994

File: 1585361355774.webm (2.99 MB, 640x800, 92837474.webm)

Had to re-convert this because the audio wasn't matching up with the video

No. 766012

I love that she’s taken our feedback on the makeup? Normal eyebrows, no garish lashes. Is Vick finally growing up? Now just throw out the leather jacket and Metallica shirt, buy some nice dresses, and let that hair grow out girl!

No. 766016

How many times is she going to move this year? She’s moved like 3 times in the last 4 months.

No. 766021

still filtered to the point that she no longer has a nose, and horribly overlining her lips. But it's an improvement kek

It's hilarious to me that she clearly doesn't actually know the words to this song. just get a tiktok if you want to badly lip-sync, vicky

No. 766022

File: 1585371670445.png (318.8 KB, 496x584, Screenshot_20200328-005857.png)

Dat cheap lipstick doe

No. 766027

Wow this is Luna-level fucked up lipstick

No. 766031


Wow she has such a chunky face. Even with all the brightness, high up angles, and filters it doesn’t help at all. Girl looks plump as fuck

No. 766032

Always going on and on about how pale she is, yet she wears foundation 10x lighter than her skintone.
I'm also mesmerized by those icy blue eyes.

No. 766040

File: 1585388661296.jpeg (138.97 KB, 750x314, 19F43AF3-FAE9-41EA-B82D-1A2649…)

Yikes. Even with all the light filters her teeth are still the colour of pencil lead. Those chompers must be so beyond rotten without the edits. Ugh imagine kissing that yuck mouth? Instant vomit

No. 766053

Despite all the filtering, you can actually see that she has pretty features. This is the most appropriate make up look I've seen on her in years and it actually suits….if she just stopped over lining her lips and matched her foundation

No. 766055

Agree anon. She’s halfway now to looking like a normal girl from this decade. Girl, I know you read this, fix that awful fucking hair of yours and dye it brown.

No. 766060


I live in the same town as vicky and I deal with the droves of local crack/Meath heads on a daily basis (there’s a huge drug problem here) and if I saw her in this state in public I would assume she is one of them. The black teeth, matted, fried hair and flaky, cheap lipstick, stinking like cigarettes and BO. She would definitely have “an eye kept on her” if she came into the store I work at. I wonder if she actually has a drug problem. Her resemblance to our local crackheads is uncanny.

No. 766089

I think the saddest part is that no matter how many appearance tips she takes, she can never fix her personality. So long as she doesn't breed, I'm happy.

No. 766107

her chomping away on gum or whatever while doing this vids is so gross, no one wants to see that. the brows look better, she must have been practicing with all the free time she has.

No. 766128


I've never seen anyone who isn't either a druggie or alcoholic take so many filtered selfies all day long either.

No. 766170

A lot of real tattoo artists are on Instagram posting prints they have for sale, original art, t-shirts, etc and Vic is trying to game the system to get clients. This is more proof she can’t dry to save her life and has no business savvy.

No. 766171

No. 766202

She looks completely different in every single (uploaded) photo. I don’t get it

No. 766203

File: 1585451421093.jpeg (649.35 KB, 1242x1600, 9B2098C9-3309-4496-82E4-C32BE6…)

Never change, Vic

No. 766236

File: 1585468788215.jpg (77.54 KB, 1280x1016, IMG_20200329_005910_778.jpg)

Lol she changed "boys" to "boysss" hahaha

No. 766237

File: 1585469103986.png (1.08 MB, 1280x2425, city_country_age_forge.png)

Couldn't quite remember the name of the game she was playing

No. 766241

"LoOk aT mE i'M a GaMeR giRl!"

No. 766249

File: 1585482041135.jpeg (205.9 KB, 828x1241, 284F3D9B-71AE-4413-8E2D-610FC9…)

The follow up is even worse. She’s so thirsty calling him hot in front of his gf

No. 766250

She simply cannot figure out the proper your/you're.

INTJ my ass. We know you lurk, Vic.

No. 766272


Since when is this broad into Pokémon? Did she seriously download a few mobile games and is now a gamer girl nerrrrrdddd? I wonder what guy is into Pokémon that she is trying to impress. This desperate hag can’t ever just be herself

No. 766289

>forge of the empires games
Kek. Vic doesn't seem like the type to spend hours playing a RTS game.

No. 766399

She even looks like she smells.. I remember back in the day there was a tumblr with people who knew her and clients exposing her saying how all she talks about is herself while tattooing and how every female is jealous or obsessed with her among other delusional statements Also that her hygiene is horrific I don’t get how someone who supposedly has sooo much money can’t even take care of themselves and at least try to look presentable ?

No. 766400

So true. Why hasn’t she put up some art for sale if she’s so desperate for cash or idk make an onlyfans for her thirsty followers? Oh right cause she’s a slut shamer who’s soo much better than women who show skin and has to spend hours editing her whole body.

No. 766401

File: 1585587893296.jpeg (172.81 KB, 750x845, BBCAC619-2972-49E4-9FC7-A7578E…)

The fact aha always says “sew” cracks me the fuck up and shows how fucking stupid she is that she struggles to spell simple words while also claiming to be a genius.

No. 766713

File: 1585685907382.jpg (85.8 KB, 844x1280, IMG_20200331_131659_572.jpg)

This Mike White/Jamie Whiteman is Victoria's latest boyfriend-that-never-was

They flirt on FB and get jealous of each other's online flirting.

No. 766752

Anon, I'd love to see some more of these cringy exchanges. Maybe not great milk but I enjoy!

No. 766754

File: 1585700342931.png (1.64 MB, 1280x3968, WeirdoStalker.png)

Sure anon. Here's one where Vic obviously deleted something. Also she apparently talked shit about that girl in the screenshot or something. Lol. Guelph drama.

No. 766755

File: 1585700680400.jpg (84.18 KB, 866x1280, IMG_20200331_172407_260.jpg)

No. 766771


Mike shouldn't take it personally. She doesn't want to hang out because they started out online and she doesn't want to ruin it with reality (as she doesn't look anything like her pictures)

It's sad that someone in their 30s is this retarded. Also, imagine how lonely she must be… constantly hiding in her dank-ass apartment, badly photoshopping herself into someone else. If she accepted that she's flawed and aging she could actually have people in her life or at least get some dick

Enjoy being alone forever Victoria!

No. 766777

Is this guy ESL? This shit is illegible.

It’s great how she goes on about getting many marriage proposals from millionaires while flirting with some rando wearing a flat top hat and gold chain.

No. 766819

I think Vic is just pissed there’s a (from what I can tell on these shots) much prettier girl talking to a guy she was trying to lure in. She’s clearly super butt hurt about it based on that chick’s comment lollll

She’s going to die alone because she’s so unhappy with how she looks and lives a huge catfish lie. Jfc. How sad.

No. 766831

I'm creeping this dude's profile and Vic is so thirsty for him. So are a lot of girls so I guess he's what passes for hot in Guelph. Whenever he mentions talking to a girl (which he does a lot this dude is horny af, and the girls he's talking about show up in his comments) old Vic is on there leaving emojis and comments. I'd love to know what she said that was so fucky she deleted.

No. 766846

File: 1585734326663.jpeg (425.33 KB, 1242x1584, 28320503-6DF3-4818-83E0-18B5E9…)

That guy is even more cringe than Vick though, his other posts are screaming for attention.

No. 766862


Can’t find his profile, can someone post his pic?

No. 766865

File: 1585747613722.jpg (77.84 KB, 1080x1080, 87187245_139918347490864_22351…)

I've been lurking his account for a few months now since I started seeing Vic flirt with him and noticed he was local. I should see what I have screen shotted.

Here's his profile: facebook.com/profile.php?id=100044180979578

No. 766886

how come you are on lolcow and don't know what crytyping is? It looks like this is what he is doing, maybe in a more restrained way than usual.

No. 766896

I thought the same thing then i clicked bellas profile and bella is just as much of a catfish if not more, in reality shes a dumpy middle aged hispanic mum

No. 766899

So every one of this guy's posts is crytyping? What's with the random 3 comma run-on sentences? Everyone in Guelph must have decided to skip English class.

No. 766940

Lol he looks like a wigger fuck boy. This is what passes as desirable out there?? Dude either has money or a huge dick cause I don’t get it. His IQ seems to be on the same level as Vic’s and he’s ranging about the same for looks. Yet he has his pick of the trailer park queens. Woof. It’s like Trailer Park Boys meets The Bachelor.

No. 766944

He looks like Kevin Federline

No. 766946

Her choice in men lately has “thirsty” written all of it. Poor Vic, doomed to die alone or end up with a total loser.

No. 766952

File: 1585773566460.jpg (87.85 KB, 683x880, 91909806_151453226337376_46099…)

Interesting to know that this is the type of guy she's going for.

No. 766954

File: 1585773786962.png (220.67 KB, 994x996, mike.png)

This guy's a fkn cow himself.

No. 766972

He and Vic are a match made in heaven, true narcissistic soulmates.

No. 767000

>tribal tats
>Chinese characters he definitely can't read
>dollar sign
>cursive writing
>nautical star
This guy is like the poster child for every generic tattoo in existence. Bonus points if there's also a scorpion or a cursive "loyalty" somewhere on his body.

No. 767035


Local and/or screenshot Anon do you know if any of Mike's tattoos are from Icky Vicky?

No. 767083

File: 1585798580407.png (448.66 KB, 828x1792, 92C39BDF-CEFA-401A-BD3B-38C80F…)

She’s so thirsty, from creeping on him I don’t believe they have even met each other before lol

No. 767086


ya he can't even spell.
"neet trick" lol
…unless he means NEET, which he
does sort of look like

No. 767110

how the fuck is being on a chanboard even tangentially related to knowing about smartphone typing trends??

No. 767114

You are right. He is just retarded.

No. 767146

File: 1585835101561.jpg (105.23 KB, 843x1279, IMG_20200402_064351_198.jpg)

Hey isn't Victoria looking to rent a new place too? I bet these two would make great roommates.

No. 767178

He sounds genuinely retarded and apparently loves shitty tattoos. I’d say they’re a perfect match.
I’m an anachan and I have bigger arms than him lmao, Vicky’s fitness level even is covered. I hope they marry each other and never reproduce and live happily ever after.

No. 767181


Besides the fact that this guy is obviously a total douchebag, he has no lips and that's always a deal breaker for me. Has she ever kissed someone with lips like this? It's never pleasant. Sage for dumbass nitpick

No. 767188

>brags about finishing a bottle of mediocre vodka
>too hungover for work
>lives with brother who is undoubtedly sick of his shit and asks him to move out
>posts all of this to facebook because of course
All in just one day!

Bless you anon, this man is a treasure. Vic better lock him down fast.

No. 767204

Thank you for understanding why I chose to show all 3 of those statuses in row like that. I read it the exact same way as you and I'm so glad you guys appreciate the Mike White screenshots on the same level as me.

No. 767210

File: 1585862035439.png (2.67 MB, 3066x2669, Bachelor#1.png)

I wonder if Victoria slid into his dms

No. 767211

>>Smart man,,,,,

No. 767214

There goes my theory he has money. Not getting why the trailer park queens are so thirsty for this chode. I’m so intrigued. Pickings must be slim. Especially if vicky is thirsting over this dude and rejecting rockstars and billionaires kek

No. 767235

>now i don't even own a single thing

match made in heaven!

No. 767244

File: 1585876956998.png (1.19 MB, 1280x3506, bigbutts.png)


No. 767247


They ARE a match made in heaven since they are both poseurs. They should get together and have hillbilly shame babies together and buy cheap gold colored bling for the little hellspawn just reading their exchanges made my head hurt.

No. 767249

File: 1585878224692.png (1.53 MB, 2239x1280, Mikes_Feelings1.png)

These are all from today (April 2, 2020)

No. 767254

"Hillbilly Shame Baby" is my next band or alt-artist name!

No. 767324

File: 1585920532719.jpg (153.76 KB, 1132x1280, IMG_20200403_062747_190.jpg)

She edited this status 11 times. There are 30 comments. I haven't read them yet.

No. 767325

File: 1585920762987.jpg (92.19 KB, 1160x1280, IMG_20200403_063216_668.jpg)


No. 767342

Maturity at its finest. She will be alone forever and it's impossible to even feel bad for her.

No. 767344

Just reads as her self-rationalization as to why she is single despite being so attractive and amazing.

No. 767347

He seems like a dropkick, but what he's asking (even though worded aggressively and even more tragically, public) is pretty reasonable. He's basically calling her out and I don't think she realises how thirsty and trashy her statuses look. She tries to give the image that she's such a monogamous person but a sought after flirt, and in reality she's just slutty but wants to larp like she's choosy.
If she owned the single life being promiscuous it would be fine, but she's too big headed to do that and instead pretends she's this genius badass single babe who has the last word about who she dates.
I bet if this dude ignored her she'd jump on his dick in a heartbeat.

No. 767351

Holy shit this is my favorite Vic timeline. I hope they get together!
She probably just doesn't want him to see what she looks like in real life. In reality they're a perfect trashy match though.

No. 767353


I completely agree they will never meet. He's obviously stupid and clearly lacks shame and based on his FB I honestly think he would call her out, publicly, for being a total catfish.

I also don't think she particularly desires human face to face connection, internet attention is enough for her and as long as he's up in her DMs she's satisfied.

No. 767357

>I'm not fussy about looks or money, it's all about the emotional connection
>but pls have a hot face and nice eyes

Vic acts like she's some spiritual, demisexual goddess who's not interested in material possessions, but she really just wants internet attention from anyone who will gawk at her shitty shops and compliment her tiny waist.

Mike is a typical nice guy who thinks he has a "heart of gold" and constantly fishes for internet attention from orbiters using sob stories. "My mom cheated on my dad, so now I am broken inside, but I'm always real!"

These two are both way too exhausting to get together. I can't believe these are adults and not high schoolers.

No. 767362

File: 1585937199158.png (1.21 MB, 1178x3038, loll.png)


No. 767367

He really is the male Vic. Fascinating

No. 767369

I was just about to say this.
His posts are exactly like hers.
Women hit on me everyday omfg so much. He's just like her.

I'd say the only difference is Vick has only slightly better spelling and she usually likes to brag about the level on men that hit on her.
Like they aren't just dudes, they are rock stars and doctors. Although she always ends up exposing herself by posting the thirsty dms by Indian men or dropkicks.

No. 767404

This is hysterical. They’d be such a great couple but he actually doesn’t give a rats ass about her, isn’t “swept off his feet” by her, nothing. She’s just a soon to be middle aged uggo with photoshop, and he seems like he has way better picks in his comments, even though all are mediocre it’s still better than Vicky. She must be autistic if she doesn’t seriously see that they aren’t flirting, she’s trying to flirt at him and he is just annoyed and withdrawn. I feel bad for her.

No. 767408


ah so this is what Vic is talking about when she gushes about her rich suitors

No. 767431

File: 1585956720926.png (954.45 KB, 925x2577, bitches.png)

Update guys. This fight is going on right now.

No. 767434

File: 1585957165189.jpeg (544.88 KB, 1080x2280, 14162.jpeg)

Oh yeah my bff sent me this today. She follows WaPo and Vic on Instagram so she saw when Vic made this helpful comment on an article loool

No. 767435

File: 1585957522610.jpg (103.32 KB, 838x1280, IMG_20200403_164148_106.jpg)

Sorry for the spam but the milk is flowing from Vic today.

No. 767440

File: 1585958552833.png (112.67 KB, 1157x462, Screenshot.png)

Ha, she deleted his comments. Why are they even friends? They're getting into relationship arguments and not even dating yet.

~I'm just doin me. Not trying to prove anything. Here's 40 posts a day about the haters and how I'm surgery free. brb gotta photoshop my cottage cheese ass and saggy tits into orbs.

No. 767449

God how does she keep this up? So exhausting.. these constant posts about herself and obsessing over how others perceive her. It must be her life fuel.

No. 767451


What…. the fuck? If she had her baby teeth punched out and got fake teeth, why would she get braces? And if they were baby teeth why would she get fake teeth? Because she would still have adult teeth? Her lies are so paper thin what the actual helll.

No. 767452

Oh he’s totally the type of guy who will call her out on the cat fishing and her bullshit. Some reason she’s going hard for his attention. Maybe because he doesn’t want her and her brain can’t handle that.

No. 767453

Uhh she didn’t say she has fake teeth? Just that apparently her needing braces on her adult teeth is related to her getting her baby teeth getting punched out. Which makes no sense.

No. 767458

File: 1585963306321.jpg (70.09 KB, 849x1280, IMG_20200403_182057_559.jpg)

Simon huh. Must be her new roommate. Again.

No. 767460

File: 1585963764160.png (2.57 MB, 1242x2208, 20CA310A-65D5-463A-9533-A5BF64…)

Dude…….. not sure if anons here read the loser ex bf thread on /g/ but this dude reminds me of the kinds of guys anons cringe about there

No. 767462

File: 1585963909042.png (388.49 KB, 1242x2208, 40965864-EFE8-4F08-9183-AB9A29…)

He’s also been in prison, lovely. Where is the rockstar billionaire competition?

The sad thing is he doesn’t seem like a bad guy, just kind of dumb and an unlucky upbringing. He’s a poor stoner ex convict, but beneath his spergy illiteracy seems to be an alright bloke who is just a little cringe and deluded. I don’t see vic level bitterness and narcissism so far. Man, I’d love to read their chat logs…

No. 767466

File: 1585964585086.jpg (85.96 KB, 840x1279, IMG_20200403_184210_719.jpg)


No. 767468

That’s an accent shift, not dual accents. And she took this post down I think.
Even she knows how stupid it is

No. 767471

File: 1585965494221.png (2.66 MB, 828x1792, 9A1010F1-0D23-444B-A12B-41487F…)

She’s quite chunky in the face. This is what happens when you’re a borderline alcoholic that has no real hobbies in a lockdown.

No. 767472

File: 1585965592127.jpeg (162.34 KB, 828x1268, E75DC586-BC0B-494D-8644-41A6C9…)

What in the fuck is she ever talking about

No. 767473

File: 1585965684669.jpeg (41.32 KB, 828x268, DA54E06E-6D83-466B-8C55-16CCAA…)

White boys that use the N word. Seems right up Vicky’s alley.
All those millionaires she turned down for this treasure.

No. 767482

File: 1585971145262.jpeg (163.67 KB, 828x1378, 7BCAF1F6-CB58-46CD-92EE-1F1FAB…)

Tries to change the subject and ask about pandemic.

Vicky; let me use this moment to talk about my made up accents some more.

No. 767483

But why does she feel the need to post these private conversations? She's so immature

No. 767500

File: 1585981423203.jpeg (227.08 KB, 1280x1280, B092B5CA-9CF2-4C6D-B193-9DF060…)

GiRlS gEt SuRgErY tO lOoK lIkE mEEeEeEeeEeaee

Ok there vic

No. 767501


I’ve never seen a normal person make so many posts about how totally skinny they are. And I love how she’s wearing high rise shorts that goes over her gut. She’s sucking in hard and still looks beefed. Good job. You totally flexed on the “haters”

No. 767556

Well when you have nothing else to contribute to society besides the way you look… or make yourself look online posts like this happen.
I find it really interesting that she hasn’t done anything to promote her “tattoo business” since this happened or come out with ANY art. A lot of amazing tattoo Artists are selling art to raise money for their community, but since she actually has no skills set or clients it’s impossible to contribute.
So posts about her sucked in gut it is

No. 767557

File: 1586011881361.jpeg (117.97 KB, 750x556, 377143B0-EE76-4236-8D17-DF0302…)

Lol she deleted her comments when he just shrugged her off.

No. 767563

I understand we all have a bit of time on our hands due to the lockdown, BUT THESE PEOPLE NEED A HOBBY. He’s sitting there complaining about how shit his life is and she’s pretending hers in great while they fight with eachother online? She’s always talking about how she’s unbothered. She’s a cover model, highly sought after tattoo artist, judges many competitions, sword goddess. But THIS is how she spends her free time? Fighting with a dude that openly does drugs and has been to prison? I can’t and I shan’t

No. 767564

File: 1586016755962.jpeg (205.45 KB, 828x669, 486D9A7A-B6CF-4526-ADBE-2FE024…)

She spends her time playing games with a drug addict, making his life more difficult than it needs to be. The same girl that says she sticks up for the kids getting bullied.

No. 767580

I used to live in Guelph, and this guy seems kinda like typical Cambridge/Guelph/KW trash, but I also kinda feel bad for the poor guy. He doesn't seem too bright, and he definitely seems to be struggling.

Of course, all ol' Vick's doing is exacerbating his issues like the wholesome, positive vibes only peaceful warrior that she is.

No. 767581

I honestly hope he stumbles across this thread before he ODs because of her games. He can see what a fake she is and finally delete her ass.

Playing games with someone that is sick. This is a new low even for icky

No. 767584

come on anon you're not really having sympathy for this retard are you? they're as bad as each other and i doubt he's hurt by vickys 'games' lmfao

No. 767585

I’m looking forward to Vic posting “art” on Instagram. We haven’t had one of her train wreck drawings in a while

No. 767586

Not at all. They’re perfect for eachother and Vicky is obviously thirsty for him. What I’m hoping is MAYBE by some sort of miracle he’ll delete her and she’ll get off her high horse. Even for a second

No. 767591

HAsn't Vic posted art in the past and it was all really really badly photoshopped together images she'd pulled off of Google search or some shit like that?

You know it's possible to have sympathy for someone you think is a tool, right?

No. 767597

You wish anon, she already was upset with him talking to other girls. She has no understanding that she’s undesirable, she will project and pretend he prefers somehow shitty women over the gem that she is. She’s delusional and narcisstic. She will never get off the high horse.

No. 767598

File: 1586032523203.jpeg (210.67 KB, 828x989, 26271455-3196-47E0-8950-45E4A1…)

“Has no knowledge of this social media etiquette”

I can’t believe this woman is in her 30s.

No. 767599

I think that’s her way of trying to say he’s a fuckboy because she discovered he liked other girls pics too and she’s nothing special

No. 767604

File: 1586036986658.jpeg (103.14 KB, 333x447, 7835C499-A828-44AA-AD48-9DABB0…)

The plaque build up on her tongue is fucking disgusting. It honestly makes me sick. Her breath probably smells like death.

No. 767614

He's aware of this thread, this isn't the first time he's been a topic (check previous thread).
I just don't think he cares tbh, bar one time he made a status making reference to a few things being said in this thread.

No. 767666

File: 1586089408720.jpeg (190.56 KB, 828x844, A1BF097E-697C-45BF-8B66-1B8DDF…)

Vicky: posts endlessly about others self isolating

Also Vicky: picks up random 22 year olds to hang with

No. 767694

File: 1586100286311.jpeg (46.57 KB, 828x260, E9B8CC4C-3671-4AFB-9418-FE591E…)

Ever been 30 something years old and posted your whole life on Facebook and played games with drug addicts and wondered why they lashed out?

No. 767695

So she was mad at this dude because he liked a bunch of her pics and she thought that meant they were dating? I thought anons were being hyperbolic, but wow.

No. 767698

File: 1586103679792.jpeg (138.77 KB, 828x981, F881FD73-03C8-44B8-A401-FB3D26…)

This is next level pathetic, even from her.
I can’t not believe this is an adult person.

She’s so butthurt that her wouldn’t let her walk all over him. It was pretty evident that she was playing mind games. She can’t handle the attention women were giving him but when the shoes on the other foot, people just have to deal with her garbage.

No. 767699

She really thinks she's doing something here

No. 767700

This is so telling lol. They have never even met in real life lmao

No. 767705

File: 1586107152240.png (2.51 MB, 1280x5536, Ill_Settle.png)

Victoria is desperate to be won by a man. Any man. She wants someone to chase her but she isn't that great like she thinks.

No. 767710

File: 1586110758815.jpeg (142.51 KB, 805x1122, 187A339F-929C-43E0-8AF1-023736…)

I bet most of her clients would agree with this

No. 767721

File: 1586116354394.jpg (46.84 KB, 719x719, 92577124_1704531153028181_3257…)

No. 767722


Damn seems like this cow is always out with people then preaches self isolation and staying home. She’s going to catch corona and we all know she doesn’t wash her hands ever with how filthy her finger nails always are

No. 767723

It’s her roommates dog. How many roommates is this bitch going to run through? I’m assuming it’s just a friend she’s leeching off again. Who is this simon sucker

No. 767724

She's the only one allowed to go out because she's ~special~, anon

No. 767858

File: 1586205861392.jpeg (274.96 KB, 828x1238, FFA6DDC4-FC56-49CF-9ADD-059858…)

Icky made a whole status about conspiracy theories around covid, and of course turned it around and made it about herself. No shocker there.
It’s not a conspiracy that you photoshop the hell out of your photos or try to sleep with other people’s boyfriends. Some of us have met you in real life, and we know you’re reading this right now.
Your hair is bleached beyond oblivion because you wash it with oxyclean.
You lost your business and you can’t keep a place or roommate beyond a month.
This girl is so far beyond help at this point.
She thinks she’s a model or celebrity because she sent her photo into an online mag a few times.

No. 767860

File: 1586206043028.jpeg (95.21 KB, 828x349, BAE8CC66-095A-4666-9982-196C45…)

This is the statues that is on. I find it really rich that she’s telling anyone to get a hobby. The same girl that posts her conversations with strangers online

No. 767862

File: 1586206143643.jpeg (112.81 KB, 828x565, 4FC17D99-521A-4ECD-9E95-19BC79…)


Kek. Vicky thinks she’s a celeb because people talk about her. Not because she’s stolen money from clients, lied about being abducted and ruins people’s bodies cause she has no artistic ability.

No. 767865

Holy run on sentence. Her incoherent ramblings about herself never get old.

>I would personally know
Almost everyone has experienced adrenaline and anxiety Vic. Lmao. Her attempts at sounding edumacated and smurt back fire every single time.

No. 767884

>telling people to get hobbies

yeahh she lurkin' .. now the real question is why does she continue to edit her facebook narc rants 11 times for everyone to see?

No. 767885

how does one manage to get lodged this far up their own ass? oh right i guess it helps when your farts don't stink

No. 767897

File: 1586218863232.jpeg (104.8 KB, 828x530, A48BC789-A9B4-4E0C-914B-F3816D…)

Icky and her brain dead followers always claiming her “haters” say she has plastic surgery. Icky can’t even afford rent in buttfuck nowhere Ontario let alone plastic surgery.

No. 767905

Did she make up these plastic surgery rumors herself? I don't think I've ever seen one here in her threads. Just Photoshop.

No. 767908

She made them herself. She just says plastic surgery instead of photoshop because she doesn’t want to draw attention to the fact that she photoshops. Because it’s so damn obvious.

No. 767909


Says the woman safely behind a keyboard having a pretend glorious life with billionaires rockstars and NASA always hitting her up for advice from her years of Ivy League and ninja education. And the only guy she’s actually bagged was that creepy old guy who could only afford a cheap champagne to pose with kek

No. 767955

I think only one or two comments in the history of all her threads have suspected lip fillers because her lips looked sausagey in a couple photos, but even that has been debunked, she just overlines them horribly and pulls a retarded pout.
But Vick likes to think everyone is jealous and are all gossiping about her 'plastic surgery' like she's some A list celeb in the tabloids.

Also she's a fucking liar. If she could ever afford any procedure (Which she cannot) she would never admit to it.
Bitch can't even admit when she is using an obvious filter and makes up lies about her eye colour being magical and having 'natural eyeshadow', I doubt she'd admit to any cosmetic surgery of the sort.
She seems to go back and forth on shit like that. 'I have nothing against x, y or z, but then she'll post about how she's better than girls who wear wigs or do something she apparently doesn't do.

Tldr- she's a pickme, she'd never admit to shit even though it's blatantly obvious the saggy cunt hasn't had anything done despite her Photoshop.

No. 767965

File: 1586267119220.jpeg (221.22 KB, 828x779, ACACEC96-97CC-4618-B456-5B80F0…)

Posts the girl that tells other people to get hobbies…..jpg

No. 768004

calling it now, there's going to be 200 posts about how she knows all about big cats and how to take care them because she once owned a tiger sanctuary or some other made up bs story.

No. 768005

She volunteered at the zoo in Canada. It’s happening

No. 768006

File: 1586279334197.jpeg (232.65 KB, 828x1180, 219E23D1-069B-402D-A094-E96F9B…)


This dude called her out for having plastic surgery. He’s old and probably doesn’t understand how photoshop works, cause there is no way those are real tits.

No. 768008

I'm surprised she's not playing CoD or any other shooter to get more points with the dudes.
Or Final Fantasy.

No. 768011

File: 1586284062767.jpeg (248.82 KB, 770x1227, F3D2DDAF-B658-40A2-8888-2BCEF4…)

I wonder if she says the license plate isn’t photoshopped and it’s her car?

No. 768013

well he just said they're fake, which they are. so she translated it into multiple ppl saying she had plastic surgery. that phantom lingerie and shitty extensions are always funny.

No. 768017


jesus christ, i know i'm a little late, but this moron has me dying omg "adrenaline"… she has no idea what she's talking about lmao she means adrenochrome. like yeah it's a trivial conspiracy thing, but it just baffles me that this chick truly believes she is the goddess of knowledge. never change, Icky.

No. 768020


Lol I know the bitch likes to larp as a British girl but only chavs say babes. Surprised she doesn't say fam and spray her fucking perfume about. She's already got the cakey makeup and fight me attitude. If she can perfect her shit accent, she'll fit right in with the chavs.

No. 768027

I like how the gravel under her boots magically turns into white sand. Nice of them to let her park her car on their island beach as well.

No. 768032

This is the work of an artist who most know how light and shadow work.

No. 768043

That’s her rich boyfriends car. She owns the beach and the hotel in the background

No. 768046

File: 1586295706445.jpeg (128.69 KB, 828x841, BD46DF2E-FCEC-4562-815F-30BEE0…)

Has anyone ever seen ickys model mayhem page? Photoshop wiz! No surprise there. What the fuck is a gore specialist?

No. 768047

File: 1586296398850.jpeg (196.84 KB, 828x1282, 995B4286-6CC8-408A-98BE-00C0A4…)

What the hell are these comments from a few days ago on the old thread? Is that icky ex online crackhead boyfriend

No. 768051

File: 1586300998164.jpeg (103.84 KB, 828x503, 86D6CD58-CDC8-4C92-BAB1-BCD8DC…)

Much sought after tattoo artist. A tattoo artist that’s booked a year in advance wouldn’t have to markdown their prices so much, all the damn time.
And doesn’t she go on and on about how her Facebook is full to the max? And she needs to make more room for new clients yet three whole people cared to like this in a hour.
So much traction.

No. 768059


Give me money now while we are in a pandemic for my chicken scratch trash I will probably bail on in the future when this blows over xoxo

She’s hurting for booze money. We all know Vicky can’t claim ei from the government as well. Like another anon said I’ve seen other artists selling prints and others are making phone cases and stuff w their art on it. This cow is pathetic and not business savvy in any way. Just expects people to pay for a tattoo right now that won’t happen for a long long time

No. 768060

I love how she says “just a reminder”
Like … you’d have to post it first for it to be a reminder? Bitch doesn’t even have a website.

No. 768073

Message with "tattoo"? Instead of "want inked"!? Astonishing.

No. 768087

Perhaps she’s realised it sounds immature and like she has no grasp of English.

No. 768181

File: 1586382485201.webm (1.17 MB, 720x1280, itssoniceouttoday.webm)

I think Victoria looks so pretty in this video! I'm glad her eye makeup and eyebrows are getting better.

No. 768185

File: 1586383193795.webm (1.75 MB, 640x640, gamer_girl.webm)

This is funny. She's not like other girls. Also how many roommates does she have? Her new roommate is a 22 year old girl with a weiner dog or two. Does she have multiple boy roommates as well or are these ppl that were invited? It's ok that Vic doesn't socially distance because she's skilled at cross contam.

No. 768189

File: 1586383654562.webm (1.72 MB, 720x1280, just_waiting_part2.webm)

She must be drunk already. The previous video I posted is nearly the same as this one. But they are on separate Facebook accounts lol.

No. 768199

Minimal makeup, maximum filter.

And if I was looking for a tattoo artist and came across her “professional Instagram” and she was waiting for “boys to get back” I’d be concerned about how serious she takes this pandemic and contamination.
A few days ago, there was a girl there. So either 6-10 people live in this flop house or people are just in and out. She isn’t helping her case. People see this and her terrible reviews. No wonder her tattoo shack had to close down.

No. 768200


damn, how many filters does this bitch have running? also, imagine having to be THIS careful about how you hold the camera, how you ANGLE your own head, how you move…. nice pearchan angle tricks, v(icky)

also, way to use a thousand filters and make it look like you're wearing a mask. no pores, no shadows, no lines–just a nice thick silicone mask on top of your face

>>741906 somehow was a totally diff (xxl moonface) 3 months ago…. amazing difference when SHE is in charge of the camera vs someone else

her fake accent is also hideous

No. 768201

She’s got those SIF angles down PAT.

No. 768202

File: 1586390497527.jpeg (126.09 KB, 743x1084, 3B47C4F2-CFC5-4A79-986A-B17ABB…)

Besides the chunk face, you can clearly see her broken yellow real hair. Its awful.

No. 768219

Inb4 hi Vicky, I’m a farmer of five years and tbh she’s looking great. Keep it up vic, looks like she’s lost some weight and is incorporating some feedback on her makeup and styling. Vick, I know you read this thread, please ditch the scene kid hair style and go for something brunette, soft and short, maybe a long bob or whatever. And pls cull your wardrobe and start dressing like a lady in her late 20s.

No. 768221

Like two fucking weeks ago she made a post about her carrying around "medical grade sanitizer" or whatever the fuck and bragging about her wearing a heavy-duty medical grade mask.

Now she's out waiting on the boys to play video games with lololol so quirky.

I can't with her.

No. 768223

What makes you anons think there are actually “boys” there and not just Vic making that shit up. Pics or it didn’t happen because I wouldn’t put it past her to make that up. Also, that filter she’s using is good…it’s better than the other filters she usually uses. I’ll give her catfishing ass that much. She found a new filter to catfish people with.

No. 768253

She’s either making it up or drunk and invited dudes over from the internet. We all know she doesn’t care about the pandemic

No. 768258

just practising my accent guys
nice try vic but you're leaning australian

No. 768261

lmfaooo someone please post this on r insta vs reality

No. 768268

File: 1586449803303.jpeg (241.6 KB, 828x983, 6EA209BA-23AC-4EBE-8A13-C0835C…)

I don’t use reddit, but this looks like a good candidate. Hiring an Instagram model vs when she shows up

No. 768269

File: 1586450045297.jpeg (178.26 KB, 827x1195, 8EF9687E-1440-4D6A-A7D2-9E9B61…)

She just reposted this. Does anyone know who this is on? I wonder what it looks like now

No. 768286

I always thought the proportions weren't too bad on this one, but it's probably washed out and blurry as fuck by now.
Also it's so bizarre how his head just cuts off at the top and edges. It's just like someone cut out a picture and stuck it there, rather than fading it or at least having the whole image or some other pieces worked in around it to soften the border. I know it's probably the client half the time, but a lot of her tattoos are poorly placed.

No. 768287

Even if the client chooses a spot that isn’t ideal the ARTIST usually figures something out or suggests a different spot. Never happens in her case because she has no eye for art. She’s a subpar tracer at best.

No. 768288

Exactly. The head is chopped off because that’s where the reference photo ended. She’s not talented enough to freehand a better transition or finish the picture. Once there was nothing to trace she had to stop.

No. 768290

File: 1586459802931.png (1.05 MB, 1280x2344, accent.png)

This is the guy who Vic did the Hydra/Adriana Lima tattoo on.

No. 768291

Even just completing the top of his head where the hair is would have made this tattoo a billion times better. It wouldn't even be hard to free hand I reckon.

No. 768292

Fucking hell he's exposing her! LOL
It's funny too because she's clearly embarrassed and annoyed but tried to play it off as he's joking and then tries to humiliate him back by saying he's teasing because he MUST want to date her.

I hope he trolls her further, she's an idiot.

No. 768293

I do wonder who the people are who he tagged. Is Kalevi an ex-bf of Vic's? She seems to be implying that the Kale guy would be upset at Cam wanting to date her.

No. 768294

Lol she’s trying to save face by suggesting she was made fun of for her accent, so she hid it all this time? Funny how she will play this shit off if it’s a guy, but had a girl said this exactl thing she would have gone off the fucking rails.

At least her eyebrows are improving. Literally one of her worst features.
>inb4 they’ve always been naturally big I just tweezed them because I got bullied for having them.

No. 768295

Yeah she's said in the past that she used to get bullied for her accent and so she hid it when she was younger lol. Why didn't she just beat up the bullies like she always said she did?

She also has claimed that her eyebrows grow in naturally in that S shape she used to have lol.

No. 768297

> Funny how she will play this shit off if it’s a guy, but had a girl said this exact thing she would have gone off the fucking rails.

Wow that is actually a really good observation and so true.
She'll go off at girls who aren't even being mean or ask something in a way she doesn't like, but when a guy outwardly roasts her or makes a dig she pretends it's because they like her and tries to flirt back when in reality they are just laughing at her.

The only time I've seen her be nasty to a guy is when they complain about her camera quality.

No. 768300

It is her ex. They dated ALONG time ago for a short period of time.
So he would know if she’s lying or not. Which she is, but I hope he exposes her.
You wouldn’t have a British accent growing up in Canada. Didn’t she move her when she was one? Before she could even speak.

No. 768306

Yet her older brother has a plain Canadian accent. Does she not realize how fucking ridiculous she sounds?

No. 768310

File: 1586471168372.png (553.15 KB, 1242x2208, 052A164A-B0F7-45DB-BCB1-98D362…)

She already deleted the comment about Kale.
It’s really cringe-worthy that she acts like this at her age.

No. 768313

She deleted it cause it isn’t true and she’s drunk again living in her own fantasy world

No. 768327


So if women call her out on her dumbass lies, they’re jealous stalkers. If a man calls her out, they’re just mad because they want to date her? How can someone function in reality this way?

No. 768329

Sage for dumb thought, but I genuinely wonder what bullshit her fragile ego would put together if she was called out by a gay man. Doesn’t want to date her and isn’t jealous of her ~flawless beauty~.

No. 768330

>you're just jealous you can't get billionaire rockstar guys hitting on you 24/7 like me

No. 768344

It's like the kind of lie you make up when you are a kid then drop when you reach adulthood and realize how dumb it was. It's amazing she can maintain this lie for all these years when it is clearly bullshit. It could only really work on strangers.

No. 768374

Thx I try to keep track of Vicky's many men she has either boyfriended or just "talked to".

She actually ended up deleting all the comments, including Cam's and her replies to him.

No. 768378

File: 1586494914514.jpg (72.26 KB, 812x1280, IMG_20200409_220014_101.jpg)

Another guy lol. I want her to give the fedora from the Washington observatory a shot. That would be funnier than Ulises.

No. 768380

File: 1586495553325.jpg (212.37 KB, 1280x2334, 1586495486811.jpg)

Lmao what? Vic has perfect hands and she feels sorry for those who have disfigured hands. LOL!

No. 768385

File: 1586500531619.gif (6.5 MB, 480x360, 49162916-7FC3-47AB-A672-E5A1F4…)

I’m weezing. I can’t. I fucking cannot.

No. 768390

Victoria is having a milky 2020. I'm glad I caught some of her fighting with a boy on FB before she deleted everything. I'm glad she is "impressed" by some random guy again. I hope I get to see this play out on Facebook. Here's to capping and stalking with you all during this pandemic. I hope that Victoria will continue to make us laugh at her. She always finds a new way of completely missing the joke and then turning it around to how she is perfect. It's so funny.

I'm glad she has this weird band of followers too. There's the lady who looks like a meth head who makes memes of Victoria's pics.

Then Vic posts them to her page and says "Oh look I'm a meme again", doesn't even credit the girl. Just pretends she found this meme of herself in a Facebook meme group. Anyway, that same girl who makes Victoria memes, she had some over share comment thread with some guy, on a Vic status a few months ago where she said something about how she could cook and clean and her husband still cheated on her and walked out lol. Something like that. She was arguing with some dude who said some stupid shit I don't remember. They all said stupid shit obv.

I have been slowly amassing this cast of online characters that pop up every now and then. It seems her claims about the client that flies from overseas to get inked by her is true. They are this elderly English couple named Terri and Terry I shit you not. Unless these are fake accounts set up by Vic or they are family or something. It's so weird how, among all her lies, there's little sprinklings of truth in there. She also has a dude fan named (it's one of the Rogers. I forget their last names rn) but he lives in New York somewhere and travels to get inkkkedd from Victoria and he always chats with her on FB statuses. I think she has charmed a few internet dudes into going to her for work done. She prob hits on them the whole time and inks them in those black shorts and leather jacket.

No. 768432

File: 1586521862357.jpeg (71.16 KB, 746x465, 01A02CC5-F41F-416E-9727-E321AA…)

This is “Terri” and yes she got this tattoo while visiting family. I think it’s Vicky uncle or something and that’s his wife she did it on.
She didn’t fly down to see icky. She just came to see family and got a shit tattoo in the process. So she not LYING but not really telling the truth

No. 768434

This is so fucking awkward. Like showing your mom a meme on the internet and she asks "is that your friend? do you know them?"

No. 768436

File: 1586522775714.jpeg (97.04 KB, 828x517, FDD705F9-E017-47E5-BAA0-0F2003…)

She was here visiting the family

No. 768437

Even if that is the case, she has the sense of humour of a fucking turnip.

No. 768438

File: 1586522958884.jpeg (138.26 KB, 828x852, 69E03361-2CA2-4B50-A383-3C123C…)

Well if that’s the case.
Buckle up, icky is about to get even messier.

No. 768442

Vicky is really resharing her child predator brother's post publically.

Laird was arrested for having CP in 2018

No. 768443


That's Laird Sr. their dad. Her pedo-bro was named after him. Bad luck. From memory her dad was nice enough but probably a racist and creep seeing how his kids turned out later in life…

No. 768452

File: 1586529971602.jpg (238.27 KB, 1066x1079, Screenshot_20200410_104445.jpg)

How is that Vic fits every single one of these?

No. 768461


No. 768467

most of lolcow is 3 and 6

No. 768474

Okay, that’s pretty true.

No. 768496

Because she is the definition of toxic in a human body.

No. 768512

sage for no new milk but did we ever find out what was going on with that case? I seem to remember an anon posting a court date or something..

No. 768513

Oh hey thanks for this. I kinda thought they were family because it seemed too ridiculous for 2 old ppl to fly from UK to Canada to get Vic ink.

No. 768525

File: 1586572317781.jpg (70.92 KB, 796x1280, IMG_20200410_193131_386.jpg)

New Vicky stuff coming up

No. 768526

File: 1586572408481.webm (1.36 MB, 640x800, VID_20200410_192637_075.webm)

The caption on this video: "Making a nessesary tripskies… watch my pupil dip in the rapid light change into more of a line 😈 my eyes are so weird they look dark indoors sometimes as I barely ever open them fully but they are light light green like a snake or cats"

No. 768529

File: 1586572673101.png (487.62 KB, 1280x1550, driving.png)

One of the comments on this video. This girl has the bendy neck raven/some black bird tattoo that Vic did.

Lol. Victoria confirmed for trading ink for rides.

No. 768531

File: 1586572807288.jpg (58.07 KB, 960x960, 93025348_1709433135871316_1683…)

Oh dear she posted this full sized on Facebook. Noooo Vic, it's another pic from that arm up one she posted the other day.

No. 768532


her mouth looks so rashy

No. 768534

The over lining on her lips makes it look like she’s got really badly chapped lips or something. If she’s so adamant on overlining, she needs to use a lighter colour than the one she’s using - that way she’d still get the effect of plump lips without looking like she’s got a skin condition.

No. 768536

File: 1586574679276.png (1002.5 KB, 1280x2269, prune_hands.png)

No. 768556

Lmao. She’s so sensitive about her hands lately. Your hands don’t prune Vicky? I love her. I wish she was milkier but she’s getting there again.

No. 768558


How dare he! Her hands are flawless! She's been offered countless hand modelling opportunities from Chanel and Gucci!

She gets defensive over the dumbest shit, like calm down Vic, everyone gets pruny when they take their totally normal, every-day, 3 hour bath.

No. 768571

File: 1586595418497.jpeg (391.58 KB, 1242x1218, 9618DEA5-2BB9-4BED-BDF5-B17685…)

“Mine are flawless”

Also I’ve never seen someone feel an obligation to say they’re not wearing foundation in a caption before. & that says a lot because I know A LOT of people with low self esteem

No. 768572

>I disfigures hands

>I feel bad for anyone who has to deal with that because mine are flawless just like my face that I’m hiding in yet another filter

No. 768574

File: 1586595944871.jpeg (426.07 KB, 1241x1896, 46B024D3-1F83-4140-80BB-6D9289…)

The filter couldn’t keep up with her so she had to explain herself in mla format minus punctuation

No. 768578

File: 1586597058578.jpg (89.98 KB, 1113x1280, IMG_20200411_022316_449.jpg)

What essential business did Vic go out for, I wonder.

No. 768584


I can't. Her upper lip looks like a drawn on red mustache.

No. 768590

Her mouth is literally disgusting. I can’t believe she thinks her lips look ok like this.

No. 768592

File: 1586618142440.jpg (312.4 KB, 1024x1240, 1024px-Narcissus-Caravaggio_(1…)

The caption. She's doomed. She is like Narcissus and literally can't see or think of anything but her own reflection.

No. 768594

Is she trying to say she has vertical pupils like a snake? I can’t stop laughing.

No. 768596

To pick up more alcohol.

No. 768598

Do you not remember her ripping into a woman who asked why she had two pupils per eye in a photo? Vicky’s eyes reflect uhhhhmazingly. It’s called sunlight you jealous bitch.

Also her lips are disgusting and I don’t understand why she thinks it looks attractive. She always over draws one side more than the other. Her body dysmorphia is extreme.

No. 768603

File: 1586623345075.jpeg (83.28 KB, 1080x1055, 0D58C532-E8AE-47D8-9ED7-CFF848…)

Is this Vic as a brunette? Lol

No. 768607

She’s talking about being a awesome metal chick but everytime she makes one of these videos she’s listening to shitty rap or pop. She literally lies about everything

No. 768609

Not to WK Vic, but she doesn’t drive. So she’s just a passenger in someone else’s car. However, she was thirsting hard for some white trash wigger, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she actually prefers rap or pop music over her claims of heavy metal. I honestly think she just claims to be into metal because it’s a genre that has a predominantly male fan base. And she’s totally not like other girls.

No. 768611

File: 1586627463172.png (439.73 KB, 633x424, 1572717502885.png)

Kek I was just thinking about the double pupil edit, and how she went off on that woman for being a "gullible idiot" for not recognizing her eyes are totally real.

No. 768675

File: 1586661726779.jpg (444.97 KB, 1080x2340, IMG_20200412_132103.jpg)

No. 768677

File: 1586662171545.webm (3.36 MB, 720x1280, missvictoriamurder_2020.4.12_n…)

Here's Victoria fawning over this guy's cat. I don't understand her caption either

No. 768682


Her "accent" is so fucky here. Is this someone she's know a while and can't pull the British nonsense?

No. 768690

File: 1586668959736.webm (578.17 KB, 640x640, 92613877_528173424766407_29491…)

Umm her gums here… Wow

No. 768692

File: 1586670384777.webm (385.41 KB, 720x1280, missvictoriamurder_2020.4.12_h…)

And here's nearly the same video but with boobs

No. 768695


this dude seems special needs….

No. 768696

File: 1586672315445.jpg (564.17 KB, 1080x2340, IMG_20200412_161801.jpg)


No. 768708

This seems like cowtipping

Not that I'd be surprised if most of her acquaintances don't end up reading here (P.S. if any "friends" are lurking and have some hilarious anecdotes about her retardation in person, we'd love to hear..)

No. 768709

Kek just noticed "1s" both times. Cowtipping and self posting potentially? For shame if so anon

No. 768724

Her "roommates" have kids?

No. 768727

File: 1586696552853.jpeg (154.65 KB, 729x831, 704742DC-F502-4A8B-8A25-9AAFF1…)

Her gums are so inflamed. That looks painful

No. 768728

So she’s 34 years old and lives with Paul, Simon and Nicole. And a couple wiener dogs.
Four adults in one place… girl

No. 768732

File: 1586697758289.jpeg (184.75 KB, 818x816, AC814222-0AC7-4782-B3C0-C255B7…)

This is the Nicole girl she took a picture with while we’ve been in lockdown. She has a boyfriend and these are the two wieners Vicky was talking about. Both of these people live in Woodstock. An hour from where Vicky lives.

Unfortantly for Vicky things are pretty findable on the internet now a days. I hope potential clients see this and realize she doesn’t take lockdown or people’s lives serious, let alone their skin. She only cares about herself.

No. 768734

File: 1586698254392.jpeg (144.54 KB, 828x910, CBC838C0-BA80-4142-ACD2-5C3E97…)


And Nicole’s boyfriend thinks it’s a hoax so these are the people she’s “self isolating” poorly with

No. 768738

File: 1586698671916.jpeg (120.37 KB, 785x732, D68FDEC8-92C6-4F40-8A2C-3EEDCE…)

So here’s Simon. He also lives in Woodstock, but has a girlfriend and two kids. Then Nicole her boyfriend and the two dogs. And Paul seems to be the cat.
So this isn’t self isolation, it’s a flop house.

No. 768741

Wait, is she living with the kids too? There are kids yelling in the background of the cat video.

Living with 3 adults, their partners, their children, and various animals sounds like a nightmare unless the house is one of her many mansions.

No. 768745

If she is living in Woodstock like all of these people do, what about her “job” doesn’t she work out of a salon in fergus?
This girl house hops so much. They aren’t roommates if you moved in for isolation

No. 768759

File: 1586703395202.jpeg (140.66 KB, 828x614, 474F5788-5EC5-443F-B51B-5C5602…)

She’s so unbothered. You know that kept her up all night.

No. 768760

Why does she need a place to live if she has roommates and lives in this house? Oh right, cause she’s a guest not a roommate.

No. 768763

File: 1586704004427.jpeg (132.33 KB, 828x700, 3ACA7068-2216-4C08-B35F-94309A…)

She’s going to concoct this story in her head that people are so jealous they want to kill her now.
We know you read this, people just want you to stop lying and get an apprenticeship / stop ruining people’s bodies.
The only person with violent tendencies here is YOU, icky. There are many posts stating as such.

No. 768766

These “kids” are only in their early 20s and here old Vic is living with them. She is over a decade older than them, but doesn’t have her shit together. Pretty sad life she’s got.

No. 768770

She already took this status down. She probably got called out or realized that she sounded like a spoiled16 year old

No. 768780

Are her eyebrows improving - or did she just find a better makeup filter? We all know she can’t do makeup….Only future pics and vids will reveal the truth, since she looks like a different cow in every damn picture or video.

No. 768847

Was anon cowtipping though?
I think that user has admired her ninja skills in the past, maybe it's just a longtime follower. In any case, they are correct in regards to her poor ISO management. The fact is the children in the household jow have even more chance of being affected by this. She really is just being so poor with her choices

No. 768866

File: 1586750392449.jpg (122.61 KB, 775x1280, IMG_20200412_205821_297.jpg)

Victoria made some of her famous English cooking today. Happy Easter, everyone.

No. 768867

File: 1586750605481.png (626.31 KB, 1280x1655, huge_huge_compliment.png)

Also here is Vic once again failing to understand the point and instead using someone's comment as a chance to talk about herself. Anybody who Victoria chooses to spend time with is being paid a huge compliment lol.

No. 768883

first non 480p pic she takes is of a fucking bun my sides

No. 768888

File: 1586763666452.webm (4.7 MB, 480x854, 90165106_152697162945407_68002…)

Easter fun with Victoria

No. 768896

Ahh the return of the sad puds with no roast dinner to go with them. Vic is so proud of these but most people who make them have also made 5 or 6 other elements to make up the whole meal.

No. 768911

She must be the most stale person to have to hangout with.

And her hair extensions are falling apart at the bottom. Now would be a good time to brush her teeth, take care of her skin and hair. Of course she can’t be seen during lockdown in her natural form. The queen of narcissism. She should take those extensions out and let her hair breath and grow,

It looks like a lawn mower got to the ends of them.

No. 768912

File: 1586780257167.jpeg (207.36 KB, 828x1316, E5055813-EE29-4E30-80E8-A60849…)

No. 768916


She literally grabs her tooth. What the hell. You'd think someone so sanitary and well educated in muh cross contamination would be able to keep their fingers out of their disgusting gob for more than 2 seconds, especially with a damn pandemic going on.

No. 768919

Honestly, Vicky has always put her worst foot first but this is ridiculous. shes been photographed during lockdown with several people, driving around and there’s kids in that house. She’s a tattoo artist and shoving her fingers in her mouth to be “sexy”? And this is suppose to be a professional page. Considering she doesn’t even have a webpage cause she’s too broke and lazy you’d think she’d at least keep her “gram professional. I’d never see her as an artist seeing this crap.

No. 768920

File: 1586784474808.jpg (494.2 KB, 1080x1301, 20200413_092657.jpg)

What is up with her gums?! They look so red and painful… what is that?

No. 768922

“ Gingivitis is an early stage of gum disease. It happens when plaque buildup around your teeth causes an infection in your gums. Red, tender, and swollen gums around your tooth, or gums that bleed easily, are all signs of gingivitis. … Ignoring gingivitis leads to more serious periodontal disease and even tooth loss.”

She’s been smoking and drinking for 10+ years. I’m assuming when she passes out drunk she doesn’t always remember to brush her teeth. I’d be very surprised if she doesn’t lose some of her teeth by the age of 40. Why people still smoke nowadays is beyond me.

No. 768951

the high angles she uses to pretend she doesn't have a huge chin lol, and usually wearing these stank black shorts.

No. 768963

File: 1586803568769.jpeg (469.49 KB, 1242x1764, 275401A9-D898-4D6A-BB6D-E65FBF…)

The PPE shortage is a government conspiracy. Special Victoria has the hookups to supply Canada with her Chinese hookups. She’s probably by the cheap knock off materials from China that keep getting stopped at the border.

No. 768967


Of course you do, ick. I’m sure CBC will be calling right away with you’re super special connections.
Girl can’t even hold down an apartment, but is singlehandedly going to save the world.
She is so tiring. I swear she writes these comments hoping a dude will see her and join her crew of neckbeards

No. 768978

She’s so exhausting. Yes, Vic all of us healthcare workers going in to the hospital to take care of covid patients who cannot get adequate PPE to protect ourselves are just making it all up. The government is just lying about the mask shortage. Bitch if u so smrt and ~rich and important then why don’t you use your special connections to order some masks and donate them to the hospital, you idiot. Oh, right, because you don’t actually know if they have them or not because you don’t have the money to actually buy PPE so how the hell would you know if they have the stock they say they do? Also, respirator masks are apparently so plentiful to you that you cannot wrangle up even one single disposable N95 to wear outside on your ~infrequent outings…That’s why instead of a legit medical mask you persist in wearing a nasty ass old dirty reusable respirator for spray painting that is not the same thing. But I’m sure you already knew that with all your extensive medical knowledge. How do you sterilize that plastic mask after you use it over and over, dumbass??? Such Ivy League intelligence….

No. 768980

Please tell me someone called her out in the comments.

No. 768983

Even if she did have the money to donate, she wouldn’t because she’s so far up her own ass. She doesn’t care about anyone but her made up self

No. 768987

File: 1586814545958.jpeg (308.02 KB, 828x1104, FD6C3F03-7B26-40A5-987F-F34DF9…)

This is old milk, but I’ve never seen it before. I was searching for the comment icky made on the CBC Facebook page and came across this.

She was dressed like a tom boy so he can’t be that picky IS PROBABLY THE WORST THING SHE HAS EVER SAID

No. 768988

Also “private driver”? If you had enough money to do that, why would you take taxis everywhere

No. 768993

File: 1586818582344.jpeg (162.48 KB, 828x760, 0D221FE3-EDB3-44EA-ABB2-A02C03…)

“Late June” well I would hope so cause that’s when this is about to be over. Wanting to talk about being fully booked, but always handing out discounts. She must really be hurting for money.

No. 768998

File: 1586820219217.jpg (84.81 KB, 931x1280, IMG_20200413_162237_903.jpg)

Oh yeah I forgot to post this lol. Such a nerd!

No. 769002

>immune system boosting ink
Of course Vic's treating corona-chan with tattoos, such a hero!

No. 769004

Pretty sure that’s a particle mask (for heavy dust ect), which will do absolutely nothing except make her look like a fucking moron in public even more so than she already does. Kek.

No. 769005

File: 1586824378429.jpeg (208.73 KB, 828x1024, 47484817-4663-456B-B1A8-748DCB…)


The dude you’re thinking of that gets tattoos from Vicky from New York.
I’m assuming he’s lonely, neckbeards type.

No. 769006

Yeah, Roger Zanow, right? There's another Roger who also comments on her stuff and sometimes I get them confused.

No. 769007

wtf does she mean by this? if anything doesn't getting larger tattoos usually slightly compromise your immune system because your body is so focused on healing the tattoo? not to blog but i've gotten sick every time that i've gotten tattooed and then been around people.

No. 769008

She's quoting a very small study from a few years ago by an anthropologist in Alabama. It was reposted a lot on facebook, but it's basically pseudoscience. It doesn't surprise me that it's something she'd believe at face value.

There's a more in-depth article here if you're curious: https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/tattoos-wont-boost-your-immune-system/

No. 769017

Ah, yes, medical grade swim goggles.

No. 769073

File: 1586884096951.jpeg (169.87 KB, 777x1147, 337A7F98-FF1E-4786-9F7C-8A0FFF…)

Posts a girl that takes photos with her fingers in her mouth to be “sexy”

No. 769113

File: 1586910497160.jpeg (179.02 KB, 828x1361, 42B25403-797A-4621-9D79-DEE905…)

Her responses to people are so drunk/ special ed.

No. 769115

“I could look at these things you make all day”, says the middle-aged redneck hunter proudly displaying his can of malt liquor in his profile pic. Keep it klassy, Vic.

No. 769128


Is it just me or have even the neckbeards abandoned her at this point? It seems the only men orbiting her at this point are hillbilly/wigger types who are too dumb to see through her lies due to alcoholism and what appears to be centuries of inbreeding.

No. 769146


Nailed it.

No. 769184

File: 1586961139523.jpeg (83.27 KB, 828x415, D675DDFA-CBF4-4C96-BCE4-A8B437…)

When you’re so drunk you don’t realize over 100,000 people have died. People and their family members are dying, but enjoy the vacay!
I understand that if you and your family is healthy, to take care but some of us actually like our life outside of this. Getting drunk day in a day out ISNT a good time, icky.

No. 769186

I guess if you’re “locked down” with 17 people that’ll drive you to the liquor store every other day for free, it is a vacation.

No. 769195

Guess it's a vacation if you're a drunk slob being supported by other people. How is she so lax about this when she isn't able to work and the CERP is only giving people 2 grand a month to those who can't get EI (like Vic). Rent out in buttfuck nowhere must be cheap, cause the average price of a one bedroom here in Toronto is like 1700-1800 a month.

No. 769196

I doubt she qualified. The application is pretty lax so she might have been able to get it but based on the assumption that she hasn’t made $5000 of taxed income in the past 6 months even if she did get it she’ll have to pay it back.

No. 769199

She probably did get it, and it’s probably the most money she’s seen in her adulthood.

And the average cost of an apartment in that area is about $1000 a month for a one bedroom. She’s staying with that Simon dude and his kids in his house. Which is weird.

No. 769247

File: 1587009421251.jpg (42.86 KB, 1280x846, IMG_20200415_205632_266.jpg)

No. 769250

File: 1587009946000.png (1.93 MB, 1280x5167, new_relationship.png)

Comments to this status

No. 769252


I wonder what happened to her Guelph meth Lothario in the past six days. So picky.

No. 769266

Interesting. Just a week ago she was thirsting hardcore for some trashy wigger. They’ve been quarantined together for awhile?

For someone sooooo picky she sure is quick to grab what she can.

No. 769269

Quarantined together, huh?

So, there’s Nicole and Adam, Simon (who apparently has a missus and two kids) leaving Paul who someone else assumed was the cat? Unless Paul is the boyfriend?

No. 769272


Exciting times

No. 769285

File: 1587040846129.jpeg (207.82 KB, 828x1277, 9B950A95-CB58-48D7-8BB6-95319C…)

Unattainable, yet she guy hops every 3 days.

Wasn’t it just the drug addict lady week?

And I wouldn’t doubt if she started sleeping with Simon behind the girlfriends back or something

No. 769286

No. 769299

Well, she’s probably lying. Let’s be honest. She’s lying about self isolating so it could be just about any sucker on her friends list.

No. 769316

File: 1587052460211.jpg (586.92 KB, 1433x2431, Statuscomments.jpg)

She talks like she's been in a long term relationship with this person, and had been "putting in work" like the inner marriage counselor she is. Real or fake it's clear she uses her relationships to showcase how "precious and perfect" she is. If anyone ever made a public status or comments like this about me, I'd cut it off immediately

No. 769330

She says they’ve been quarantined together for “quite a while”. Maybe this is the guy? He looks young.

No. 769332

That guy is Josh Landry on Facebook. He's friends with Jackie. I think Victoria was hanging out with Jackie and Josh that day because she mentioned Jackie in another story from that day. I don't think she's living with him but I could be wrong.

No. 769335

Damn, how many people is she really living with? Housemates. their partners, their kids, and now her new love who treats her like a ~precious diamond~

No. 769340

Well this josh guy graduated high school in 2014 according to his Facebook, which would make him 24ish?
So another kid younger than icky cause she can’t find anyone her own age.

No. 769357

File: 1587064018549.jpeg (216.79 KB, 671x865, 3611993F-F007-470E-A668-8A2CB2…)


She’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

No. 769363

Yep lol I almost mentioned the NYE party in my previous post, and that he was there. Yeah he's really young. How old is Jackie?

No. 769364

File: 1587065539384.jpeg (46.3 KB, 828x394, 7C303B0B-3368-438F-8DE5-1CE5D4…)

No. 769365

Man.. those extensions are horrendous. It’s really bad when the dead hair she’s clipped to her head looks better / more alive than her real hair

No. 769370

I can't believe this is recent. Everything about this photo screams 2006.

No. 769371

That outfit she’s wearing is discount Halloween sex cougar vibes. And that “Jason” tattoo down his arm. I can not.

No. 769372

File: 1587067255949.jpeg (196.13 KB, 827x1289, B6889C61-0908-46BB-BBA9-76DF2B…)

Oh this makes so much more sense now from the last thread! Ickys young, sketchy looking boyfriend came here to defend her honour and make sure everyone know she didn’t put that mess on his arm.

No. 769374

Looks like a meth head Michael Bublé, bless

No. 769377

Vicky “big chonk” bella morte and her prince “another 90lb generic wigger meth head douchebag” complete with trashy extensions and even trashier tattoos. What a trailer park fantasy life she’s living.

No. 769381

i like how one side matches her dingy grey and the other is like this bright yellow blonde lol.

No. 769387

Well she said she was isolating with a bunch of people in Woodstock, and that guy josh. Josh lives in fergus. So either she’s lying or they all chose a friends to use as a quarantine flop house

No. 769388

It is concerning that she’ll lose future business over this and she doesn’t seem to care. If I googled a tattoo artist and this page came up, and her clearly visiting people was shown; I would never see her.

No. 769389

How desperate you would have to be do be with this cow? Can you imagine how much this insufferable narc must talk about herself? And how much you would have to pretend for her…Considering everyone knows she is lying about being a $1000/hr (ha!) international cover model who according to her lives in multiple mansions, and that she literally looks nothing like her photoshopped internet persona with those gravity defying beach ball tiddies she shoops onto her digitally warped torso…It’s enabling really, to encourage someone so incredibly delusional. Her lies are about as sophisticated as a second grader…and you would have to straight faced lie to her every single day and pretend that it’s all real. Sad, really…

No. 769393

I’m pretty sure it was $3000 an hour model. Lol.
And if this josh guy is her new boyfriend I’m assuming he doesn’t have ladies lined up. And he’d probably believe her lies, for a minute anyways.

That being said, his profile still says single and he’s posting. So either he’s over it already or not the one

No. 769398

File: 1587083513045.jpeg (270.4 KB, 1287x2786, 738EA162-9F17-46EE-9A87-AD5156…)

Investigative work, but I guess she’s not dating the child.
It’s the other, other, other, other, OTHER person she’s self isolating with.

No. 769406

>hIs EyEs
…look like they belong to 2 different FAS-kids.

Kek at the Hot Wheels in the background. Good catch Icky!

No. 769407

“His eyeeezzzz” is her new boyfriend I guess. She just posted on Instagram today.
She wouldn’t want to post him because she knows everyone would drag her for dating another weirdo child

No. 769482

So billionaires have asked her out but she settles for some wonky eyed dude she HAS to live with. I gotta say, I make an apprenticeship wage at my job and am working half the time and I am still able to afford a sublet in Toronto. If she is so desperate that she's shacking up with randoms and then dating them in Guelph, she needs to stop talking. With the lies she's told,she should have a lot of money saved and shouldn't have to settle for someone who looks inbred.

No. 769506

Nice, discount Jesse Pinkman.

No. 769512

guys I'm pretty sure anon meant for the full-face pic to be a comparison photo showing her 'new boyfriend' (his eyessss) vs the other guy that was being speculated as her potential boyfriend, and that they aren't the same guy.

Aka JASON arm tattoo is just some other dude, not her new boyfriend, presumably?

Though I could understand if you felt someone cleaned up his eyebrows and maaaybe the nose just looked absolutely different at the angle, the guy on the right has brown eyes and the guy on the left has blue eyes, so that alone should've been a bit of a tip off… not that I expect y'all to pay that much attention to this she-beasts taste in men, as I can understand having an aversion to looking at them for too long… the "jason arm tattoo" guy is getting insulted for no reason, here.
(honestly dude, since I know you probably read here based on your posts last thread - you obviously have some shitty life choices/friends with icky aint a good look, but you'd be fine if you cleaned up a bit; leave this thread behind should you see this and don't take it to heart. if you like your jason tattoo/it has meaning to you, good on you, you know that so you don't have to prove it to anyone here… aka I'm telling you nicely not to bother posting in defense of yourself).

No. 769514

I’m starting to think maybe she is making up the fact that she has a boyfriend. The only mention of who’s she quarantined with is in a relationship. She put up a photo of a dudes eye. And he hasn’t come up on her Facebook or Instagram in any other capacity. She even changed her Instagram to say “happily taken” really quick. It’s starting to smell like she’s trying to make that crack head she was talking to jealous. I wouldn’t put it passed her at all. I could be wrong…. but…

No. 769516


She was playing games with that mike guy and she does live in a weird fantasyland. She probably told her friends mike is stalking her so she needs to make up a boyfriend so he’ll leave her alone. Kek.

No. 769524

Lmao now that you guys bring up this conspiracy, I wouldn't be shocked. Probably asked some guy friend to "play along" but he doesn't want to be mistaken as actually dating icky vicky so she can't get full pics or publicly shared relationship status.

She was, at the least, definitely doing that thing with the crackhead where she's insecure he is flirting with other women so wants him to dedicate full attention/loyalty to her. He was probably even willing to under terms, hence his frustrations with her, but she knows she can't actually fulfill the 'terms' because he'd see through her delusional photoshopped online persona if she met him in person.

I'm pretty sure her statuses about "guy doesnt need a job/etc/etc" were her 'subtle' hints she'd want him in spite of not having those things (they probably had some DM convo where he said something along the lines of 'why would you want me, i have nothing/etc/etc' because he's equally insecure/baity for reassurance as she is). funny they couldn't see through each other's bruised ego walls, so self absorbed they can't even recognize someone who is just like themselves…

No. 769525

I’m starting to think she’s fucking lying about having been quarantining with the guy in the first place, because she sure as shit hasn’t practised social distancing as she should, no matter how much she tries to convince everyone otherwise.

No. 769526

I wouldn't be surprised if that's the exact story she told her friends, and that's one of her roommate's girlfriends posing as a guy. Those eyebrows look a little too clean.

No. 769528

Please, detective anon who was sussing out all the 'roommates' and their girlfriends, compare the 'eyesss' to their FB pics and see if there's any merit to this theory.

Usually I'm not huge on tinfoils with cows but these ones are so within the realm of probability I'm full jet fuel doesn't melt steel beam"sss" for them.

No. 769531

File: 1587155478771.jpeg (195.29 KB, 828x1312, 8BF261CD-7E43-457F-A102-BF4215…)

The amount of filter on this…

And she already took down the “in a relationship” so he was made up, or he’s already sick of her. So desirable.

No. 769532

File: 1587155678020.jpeg (54.83 KB, 828x427, 9EFE1AB1-BB82-4C9F-839C-F87478…)

My her new 11 hours boyfriend broke up with her cause she speaks like this.

No. 769537

File: 1587156946948.jpeg (38.1 KB, 779x340, 2520E50A-0E35-41D3-829E-5A315A…)

Yeah. They broke up. How many times has she claimed that no man has ever left her? It’s seeming like it happens quite frequently.
She’s also suppose to be “quarantined” with this guy, so I’m assuming that’s also one of her lies. I would never want someone piercing my body with a tattoo needle that can’t even isolate while people are DYING.
She can’t even keep a dude around for 24 hours. Icky was saying yesterday to her cousin this guy was so special she’d introduce him to the family and “they’ll get through this together”
I’m assuming he was some dude she met online, he came over she thought they were dating, he had sex with her and they woke up a he realized she’s a catfish.

No. 769538

Just like always she’s going to turn this around and make this about how crazy he was… even though she was just saying how magic he was 5 hours ago kek

No. 769550

Filter non withstanding, dat hair is looking extra crispy!

No. 769563

File: 1587166432080.webm (1.81 MB, 640x640, 93511315_544629419526570_68391…)

Here's the video she posted. She's single again, guys!

No. 769564

This girl couldn’t keep a guy to save her life. But nobody ever leaves our dear icky!

Talking about how special he was and homie did a smash and run. If he ever existed. Something tells me this is a cry for sympathy. I give her two days before she’s talking to the crackhead again.

No. 769565

… life must be really boring with no hobbies. Making shit up for stories to tell a bunch of trailer trash online. She’s so talented and has all these hookups and she’s doing nothing for the community or art. What a winner

No. 769566

Her ig still says "happily taken," but I can't imagine why anyone would go bragging about a new relationship on social media so soon, especially since most of her facebook is just random thirsty middle aged men. Cringy high school shit.

No. 769567


Who the fuck even describes themselves as "taken" after high school

No. 769568

She doesn’t seem to be as active on Instagram as she is on Facebook. I’m assuming she was wasted when she did all that last night and she scared him off. She probably forgot about it. She’s a damn mess

No. 769570

File: 1587170488752.png (2.07 MB, 1202x4556, 12_hour_relationship.png)

More comments from yesterday's "In A Relationship" status.

No. 769571

This did not age well. I wonder if he was super embarrassed.

No. 769573

File: 1587171195830.png (105.46 KB, 794x550, vockyshongles.png)

"Intelligent" "heading"

No. 769575

This girl is starting to sound like a meth head. Not saying she’s doing drugs, but everything she says is so over the top and weird it’s hard to believe she isn’t.

So smart she can’t keep a consistent lie going for longer than a day. Or keep a man

No. 769576

Anon, I'm crying. She really sees herself as a super genius who is constantly calculating the tangled webs of government coverups. Why oh why won't anyone head her warnings?

No. 769577

Did her drunk ass delete this crap already? Kek

No. 769581

File: 1587174062849.jpeg (140.17 KB, 799x756, B7EDE918-18EB-4292-8DD1-6264AD…)

So there’s a girl trying to commit suicide on Facebook right now! Vicky has made this all about her of course. Vicky is too strong to be bothered! She said she called the police and sent the ambulance over right away even though she doesn’t have this girls address in LA, and one of her friends stated they send the police over about 20-30 mins ago. But of course Vicky has to take credit and wish death on people. So really… wishing death on people makes her no better than the people she’s criticizing. Vicky has done some low things, BUT SHARING THIS VIDEO FOR HER OWN NARRATIVE IS DISGUSTING.

No. 769583

File: 1587174301338.jpeg (107.21 KB, 828x651, A5AF6E63-7196-427A-98CF-D59BDE…)

Vicky making this about herself and how she saved someone’s life even though the friends allies for this girl.
You can’t call from Canada for a us citizen with just a first name, dumbass.
Stop making everything about you. We know you read this, it’s despicable.

No. 769586

File: 1587174539237.jpeg (59.22 KB, 823x202, 13204C3D-4958-4C90-B6E5-CE14D7…)

No. 769587

>>769583 I haven't seen the video but it's pretty hard to OD on neurontin. She's talking like it's some heavy drug.

No. 769589

It is difficult. The girl seems like she really wants attention and she’s breaking down over a relationship. It’s really sad. I don’t know why I’m surprised icky would use this woman’s mental health as a stepping stone for clout.

No. 769594

Victoria, you are not a victim. If your imaginary self has become so far removed from reality that you can't handle it, entertain for just a moment that this isn't everyone else's fault. You are lonely. You need to make a change.

These threads exist because of the deceptions you create which lead to people being mutilated and lured to engage with you under false pretenses. By posting edited video selfies of your body. You're drawing negativity to yourself.

You can make changes that will improve your life. You are capable of creating a reality that you can live with. The only thing you'll need to sacrifice is the persona that once worked for you and clearly no longer does.

Smart people grow and change over time. Break out your patterns before they turn you into a truly miserable person.

No. 769596

Does Vicky have any actual friends?

No. 769614

File: 1587193667126.png (1.62 MB, 2048x1601, Screenshot_20200418-030018.png)

Kayla Marie is quite a cow herself, it's been a treat tonight to see two local cows collab!

Seeing Vick pop in to save the day and then bathe in likes and comments. Makes me hope to see them hang out in person after the quarantine is lifted!

No. 769627

I see your pathetic lives still have you glued to me for another of the 5 years you’ve spent harassing and stalking me online

Carli Anne vickery - 300 lbs (but calls me a cow) who edits herself to have one jaw has a crooked nose and used to dress up as me (claimed we were friends but we never were youre ugly face crashed my birthday party with bunny )

Bunny Alexander : ex friend who wanted to be me so bad she changed into me and it got awkward so I ended it.

Christina Martin - made fun of my friend for having cancer and me missing appointments to see her and went psychotic for me missing an appointment because some human trafficker attempted to kidnap me the night before ( a regular Karen ) and your husband looks like a blob fish with glasses and your Parading a sexual fetish dress up in my shop was weird but not as weird as how he moaned sexually even when I wasn’t inking him.

Cameron Lourenco: fuckwhit greaseball I turned down who steals drugs and stalks Kayla to death too

Michelle goodridge - gap toothed stalking asswipe with the Body shape of a potatoe and a bob that looks better on a mop . your bangs scream “I’m offended” before you even open your mouth

“Immortelle beauty”or actually Faith Roth is her real name , this one likes to pretend to be me and photoshops herself into me and it won’t ever work because she has the nose the size of a Buick and. No compassion for others The obsession is obvious and sick.

Notice a pattern with all of you …oh yes see I know who you are. You all played dress up as me once and couldn’t pull it off and now you obsess over me for it because I upset your fragile ego and threaten you. I don’t pay attention to you I actually usually don’t read this shit…but I felt curious , and youpissed me off the day you started saying Shit about my friends and now drove one to kill herselff today over it. (Which btw if she is dead you can and the site owner can and will be charged for manslaughter if this is still up by the time the police find it)

You’re all vile and disgusting and I hope you all rot and fucking Kill yourselves. You tortured Kayla for years and she swallowed over 30 pills tonight and if she dies you will be charged with manslaughter if they see this thread and the others you’ve made of her.

I however do not give a fuck about your opinions you ugly pathetic pieces of shit. Why would I ever care about what girls with souls as ugly and disgusting as yours thought of my body or my choices? You mean absolutely nothing to me… you’re like cockroaches I don’t live to please you nor do I fucking care what you think of me , you are beneath me because your souls are disgusting…. And this thread shows it.

I hope you get hit by a bus or catch covid honestly , you literally are not even slightly important to me in any form , it is someone else’s job to impress me not mine. I stopped caring years ago .

And since you’re so interested in making up fake stories about my life and people in it you fucking morons

-My brothers case was dropped when Mel lied on the stand continuously and was caught. Even the judge politely told her to stop lying as they had evidence to the contrary

-Simon lives in a massive gorgeous mansion with his amazing roomates and helped me out of a dangerous situation I was in when covid kicked off. His lady does not live there nor would I bang her boyfriend. (That’s just when I fuck your stalkers men and not tell you because I know your trashing me on an anon site ,mybad)

-Ulises is not a sugar daddy nor do I generally let men pay for things for me unless I’m genuinely in love with them or we’re great friends. Ulises is someone I work with in the entertainment industry. Not every man I take pics with am I romantically involved with

-josh Landry and I have never even kissed let alone dated, and he is an intlelligent guy with a life unlike you ugly fucks

-the lease expired on the shop so I chose to leave and I put thousands into the building I never came back at them for after leaving

-I lived in elora for 6 years in the same place and many of my relationships lasted for over 3 years such as kale Zach and adrien (sorry Samantha I know you’re on here too trashin me daily for years , tell him I said hi 😘 I forgot what he kissed like till a bit ago), I heard carli said you got married how cute)

-I have about a drink or two a day during quarantine but get drunk mabye once a week not that that is anyone’s business. I may just drink for a week after realizing that stupidity such as you exists in this worlld
Before that I drank about 3 times since New Years but thanks. My alchy phase was over a decade ago just like those pictures of me you keep trying to pass off as what I look like now that you photoshop to oblivion to make my body look fucked up. Old news

- I am the one who runs from relationships and if I find myself chasing a man I automatically stop trying i am not desperate for one …I mean look at me lmfao I’m hot and you can’t stand that it’s real (sorry about your failed dress up attempts again mybad) When men meet me in person that lie is immediately out the window (but thanks for setting the bar low on expectations for me by lying about me ,it makes me more impressive to men when they find out the truth )

-I didn’t date any meth head from Guelph but thanks lol

-I did not have lip filler

-I lived at my parents for 1 month in a 12 year span now, and no they do not pay for my shit and haven’t for over a decade and yes they have left me quite the inheritance.

And last but not least you’re all pathetic and I hope you slit your wrists for what you have done to people like Kayla stalking and harassing her till she swallowed enough pills to kill her and for trying to do that to me.

You are nothing, you are not powerful your stalking obsessive and pathetic and not one of you has the balls to ever say it in person or dare to actually fight me so you aren’t a bully you’re a stalker. I’m your crack and you’re my addicted little coackrroaches in the lolcow circus. You can’t get enough of me. (Thanks it’s flattering lol)

You’ve known where I was for years if you were that big and tough you should of come and got me yourself but you didn’t you sat behind a screen like a coward for years lying about me .

You’re opinions are about as important to me as 3 week old corona and aids infected cum baked to the sidewalk that a stripper took a shit on and I feel the same way about you all as a human being.

It is not my job to impress you or to prove anything to you while you make a false narrative of my life but what I find even more disturbing is that you stalk people around me.

And don’t worry about the new guy I like I didn’t show you who he was because I get a satisfaction from you scurrying around like rodents trying to figure out who he was and find your daily piece of Victoria crack..anything to build a fake new story on. anything to find scraps of info about me fort. He is much more incredible than any man you will ever keep. Whether we break up or not. And we laughed at you knowing you’d do it even though I don’t read this for months in end.

Do us all a favour and go play in traffiic you pathetic pieces of shit.

No. 769628

File: 1587205365036.jpeg (73.21 KB, 478x800, 5AE738FC-3D30-4597-9FBF-236761…)

Oh look it’s faith photoshopping herself into my nice nose there

No. 769629

File: 1587205414637.jpeg (16.12 KB, 116x177, 45CD08AF-F2D5-445D-B4DC-3ECF99…)

Less edited but it’s still so obvious

No. 769630

File: 1587205461065.jpeg (48.75 KB, 600x600, A0A98FE9-E05E-4DB5-B9ED-3C0EB6…)

Oh and one more of what she really looks like before trying to be me

No. 769631

no 1 cares

No. 769632

File: 1587205747691.jpeg (35.58 KB, 497x326, 5E60E936-B248-4BCD-96AD-673B94…)

Carli Anne Vickery … the whale who dressed up as me and calls me fat on here like 50 + times

No. 769634

Grammar was too good to be Vicky.

No. 769635

File: 1587206379122.png (2.3 MB, 750x1334, B81E2D00-2920-4268-BA4F-3E76CB…)

I like how you photoshopped a jawline onto your 300 lbs self carli. Super cute. Still not as funny as when you went around dressed up as me bahaha

No. 769636

File: 1587206565086.jpeg (46.12 KB, 640x480, A0015A21-5142-4175-8D83-7201E3…)

Or this carli? Oh and I found you on catfish.com you have 5 reports I guess you keep actually cat fishing men …sounds like your projecting your bull shit onto me.

You fucking whale you have no room to talk about my body when you look like that. Period .

I never once insulted your weight and unlike me you’ve been continuously fat for years.

No. 769637

Is this really Slick Vic?

No. 769638

File: 1587206727057.png (2.71 MB, 750x1334, D9785984-4997-4473-BFA6-740605…)

Nicole goodridge nice shape. Who are you to be talking about MY or body you fucking slug in a tunic

No. 769639

The name is Victoria to you. And yeah it’s fucking me, the real me Is back you little fucking cockroach how is your day.

Does anyone else want me to lift their mask off and show pictures of them in here or are you going to do the smart thing and fuck off and delete shit from here … cuz I can do this allllll day

No. 769640


Yes, please, Vicky, lift my mask off!

No. 769641

The girl you are looking at anon is the same day carli chick from the two above pics. The bottom two are edited she is a known catfish in the gta and she spends all her time on her harassing me trying to get me to do what Kayla did last night. Kaylla was also on this forum and was harassed on it and others by the same people.

No. 769642


I don't think Kayla Marie has a thread on lolcow.

No. 769643

If this is really you, prove it.

And tbh it is really cringey that one girl has your same eyebrows.

No. 769644


This girl's shoop is even worse than Vicky's

No. 769645

Ooh, lift my mask next!
And while you’re at it, post some proof. Not buying it.

No. 769646

Kayla was in this thread and a lot of the same people that did shit to me did so to her. Including cameron lourenco who is a predator with issues.i could find pics of his greasy ass if you’d like.

And yes her photoshop is terrible the nose is totally warped lmfaooo

And you should know it’s me by now anon lol or do I need to use more dots …

No. 769647

I have nothing to prove to you, you fucking maggot.

If you’re gullible enough to believe this trashes lies you aren’t worth proving jack shit to

No. 769648

It’s Vicky. Otherwise this screenshot would have a message bubble in the bottom.

No. 769649

But Vicky, if it is you, why are you trashing these girls, when you don't even know if they're posting here?

How can you be so sure?

No. 769652

Nobody who knows me calls me Vicky only low life losers like these chicks who sit in their parents basements all day or with their fat ugly husband surrounded with shitty ikea furniture and a fucking Karen haircut and attitude to match.
All have admitted at some point to me which I have messages of and some were shown to me by a friend who is good with computers.

Also they are dumb enough to think their”friends” aren’t just people who laugh at them and tell me about how obsessed they are … oh I forgot a few of course and it gets even funnier with the other photos of them

Some are bi and had confessed to their friends that they had a crush on me and that’s why they were so bent out of shape about me

But mostly it’s men….it’s usually some dude likes me so they get threatened and think I’m going to try and steal their man or something so they try and make me look bad.

When I’m taken I actually don’t cheat and if I like a girl her boyfriend is offff limits so these broads need to calm tf down 😏

What they don’t get is bashing me makes me more attractive to their men and then I I have to deal with them chasing me around and it’s really annoying when I generally didn’t want him in the first place lol. 😂

No. 769653

if this is actually Vicky, this is hilarious but actually just proving you're a delusional narc and it's sad you don't realize it.

No. 769656

Unlike you twats I’ve seen a therapist with their masters and no I’m not narcissistic , however stalking and harassing someone to the point of it being years or to the point where a friend took 30 pills plus to kill herself last night is actually narcissism. It’s called being abusive and berating. Someone reacting to that harassment negatively is not narcissistic and the fact that you don’t understand that shows there is something seriously fucking wrong upstairs and you need some fucking counselling you dumb cunt.

Your mother should of swallowed you.

No. 769657


> Cringey middle school insults

> Bad spelling and grammar
> Making someone's OD all about herself

I can see it being Vick lol

No. 769658

She really should have stopped drinking hours ago.

No. 769662

The grammar is bad, but not Vicky level bad. No extra l's, getting to and too correct, your is right.. nah I say low quality bait.

No. 769663


Why do you make everything about yourself, Victoria?

No. 769664


If you drink alcohol every day and get drunk every week, I'm sorry to tell you but it's alcohol abuse. You're an alcoholic.

No. 769666

Vicky? Why are you teeth rotting out of your head if you’re not an alcoholic? Is that just from not having any basic hygiene or the fact that your an alcoholic.
I like how she says she hasn’t been back to this thread in months but her “bf” and her were laughingstock is trying to figure out who he was.

I personally don’t care who he is. He’s another Guelph crackhead. Who cares.

No. 769667

THIS IS AMAZING! “Every man wants me and I have to beat off other girls boyfriends”
There’s literally a status, Vicky, of you stating you would steal a girls man if they pissed you off. Nice try. You have no moral compass.

No. 769668

So now you’re bullying people and making fun of people’s noses and telling people to kill themselves. Do you realize how contradictory you are? You come in her to white knight for Kayla, but turn around and do the exact same thing you and standing against?
I would expect you to be able to
comprehend that.

And your lease came up… and you didn’t resign because you didn’t want a place to take your clients? Thought you were booked solid for a year? I can sent that to screen shoot to you as well.

And if you’d like I can send you screen shots of you bullying people online as well. I have receipts. You can act like you’re such a great person, but you’re a bully as well. And telling people to kill themselves, it’s not a cute look. I will be making sure I let everyone know what you said. Unfortantly for you, icky, you don’t know everyone on this thread. When you tell people to kill them selves out right and name yourself, you’ve got yourself in a pickle.

I don’t think anyone here wishes harm on you, just stop lying and go back and get an apprenticeship.

But now that you’ve wished death upon people, we have a real problem.

No. 769669

File: 1587213345694.jpeg (54.47 KB, 816x244, F7601687-9CE8-422C-AC06-D2C359…)

Oh girl…. such a walking contradiction.

No. 769670

Nobody said you could afford fillers icky, we actually said the opposite.

No. 769671

Christina Martin put up the texts between her and you. She never made fun of your friend with cancer.
And a human trafficker never tried to steal you icky. You even said you’d hand over proof and you never did. Because there isn’t any.

This is why this thread exists. You LIE through your teeth.

No. 769672

I bored of you all already I don’t bully anyone online but your gaslighting (taking the topic of how disgusting and pathetic you are and trying to make me defend myself to take the attention off of you) is cute

Shut up you fat ugly wannabee cunts :)
Have you slit your wrists yet? Immmm waitinggggg , were all waiting 😂

No. 769673

My man would never fuck you, icky. I will let you know that much. I know that for a FACT.. As he’s seen you in real life before… and I’ll leave it at that.

And stop taking about your boyfriend like he exists.

SIMON LIVES IN A MANSION? That house you’ve been staying in is not a mansion, it’s a house. Stop getting those two things twists. You love to throw that word around.

And your “dangerous situation” was you had nowhere else to go.

No. 769674

I do indeed have screenshots of you bullying people. And you just made a new one by telling people to slit their wrists.
Unfortunately, nobody is going to listen to you. You’re jobless, homeless, borderline alcoholic. 32 year old that dresses like she’s 17 because she can’t leave behind the days where anyone actually have a shit on MySpace.
And here you are. You’re so “talented” and have all these connections, but instead of applying any of that to help victims of covid it even bullying… here you are. Drinking everyday and on this thread. Telling people to kill themselves.

“ Tattoo artist “ Victoria Bella Morte

Is telling people to kill themselves live on this thread.

Just in case new clients want to google you in the future. Wanted to make that clear ;)

No. 769675

It’s not like anyone’s gonna miss you you pieces of shiit and then mabye my friends or the other girls on here would be fucking killing themselves because of cunts like you harassing them.

Gerbil shit means more to me in this world than you and your opinion on me is about as valid of an idea as Bill Cosby applying for a bar tending licence

You do nothing but lie and make up shit and alter screen shots just like that Karen (Christina) did

Anyone dumb enough to believe you at this point is about as worthless to me as you are.

None of your accusations distract from the fact that a girl you mutually harassed committed suicide last night on live cam.

You’re disgusting

No. 769676

This ain’t a good look for you Victoria Shingles. Your business is already suffering. Putting up all these discounts all the time, even though you’re totally sought after. Don’t know any tattoo artists that are so highly regarded that they would do that, but maybe you’re just a precious diamond.
It’s 2020 and people google artists etc before anything. Adding more of a mess to your name on top of what already is, by wishing suicide on people, isn’t a draw.

You always say how unbothered you are. Does this seem unbothered to you? Or does it seem like someone that’s having a breakdown online? You’ve taken many of medical/ psych courses on YouTube .. you tell me?

No. 769677

Oh Vick you’re the cow that keeps on giving. I swear you come to a thread that you say you don’t care about to fight bullies by bullying other people you think are here? Nobody here wants to be you. That’s top shelf delusion right there and it’s pretty narcissistic to have a tattoo of yourself on your own damned leg so you can look at yourself all day long. Masks off like the red death? Fine I’m a guy from the west coast USA. Big deal. I’m sure a regular house is like a mansion to her, since she doesn’t actually have a place to live I’m sure.

No. 769678

Vicky! Never change. I love when you show up on these things. It’s always a treat! The blatant mental breakdown you’re having, and you’ve decided to share it with us! I love it.
Have another drink and come back!

No. 769679

Hi Vicky — I’m an Anon all the way in another continent and I wanted to let you know I’ve been reading your thread for years. I don’t know anyone in your circle and I don’t doubt you do know a few people in real life who do post in this thread. But generally why I read this thread is because a) I do think you are super, delusionally narcissistic and I find that amusing, it’s also funny to see how your circle of neckbeards interact with it and b) I’m genuinely interested in following your self development following the scene queen phase, eg she’s moved on to more natural makeup, will she ditch the hair next? whats her business and relationship growth going to look like? the majority of regulars in this thread are probably people like me who just check this to kill time on their commute etc, don’t get so worked up about it— I also don’t think lolcow has ever discussed this Kayla person, I don’t know what that’s all about but seems like that was all happening on Facebook by other people.

No. 769680

The only cow I discuss is Vicky. I have no idea who Kalya is, Vicky just has to connect herself to this to stay relevant.
Is so obvious. Vicky is now saying she was friends with this girl?

No. 769681

Oh hi Christina oh don’t worry I would touch your blobfish with glasses looking man I don’t even know why you would want that, he just hit on me.
But it’s probably the best you can do considering your shitty narcissistic personality.

Your future children probably figured out who their mother was and went nope. Not happening.

You’re vile and disgusting and your fake altered screenshots of our convos are pathetic. Like you, Christina the Karen

And yes I’m telling people who stalked a girl I know to the point of suicide and attempted to get me to do the same thing to go cut their wrists.

I mean it’s a great idea mabye then you won’t do it to someone else you Fucking assholes.

On here you bash fat people jews, your racist and bash autistic people and it’s all over the whole fucking forum. I don’t even know how the owner isn’t charged yet. It’s disgusting. You’re all fucking disgusting

No. 769682

File: 1587214954886.png (1003.27 KB, 750x1334, 9E196152-14CA-4AC8-8D84-CD3B22…)

I hope you all rot. Goodbye you cockroach circus

No. 769683

Nobody told you to kill your self Vicky, stop making up lies.
Stop making her story about you. You just want a reason to bully people like you’ve been doing your whole life.

Please keep coming back to this thread, you’re making yourself look like a piece of work. It’s only about 9am and you’re already drunk.

No. 769684

Aw! Bye Vicky! It was so nice having you here and giving us all this new milk about how completely unbothered you are!
I hope your dangerous situation of not having a place to live during covid because you have no clients and spent all your money on tacky hair extensions that don’t match and Jack Daniels has worked itself out! Oh right you live in another “mAnSiOn” that doesn’t belong to you!
Good luck! You’ll need it.

No. 769685

Gabapentin, lol. Nobody has ever died from an od of gabapentin. Genius Vic.

No. 769686

File: 1587215368103.jpeg (71.31 KB, 371x513, 586C9F05-633D-4291-897B-10371A…)

Never forget.

I love how she’s saying all this negative stuff about people like we would care enough about her opinion. She literally works out of a spa doing “tattoos” for about 4 middle aged people in butt fuck nowhere

No. 769687

All you have to do is literally google it. It’s pretty difficult to do. That does fit ickys narrative though.

No. 769688

File: 1587215453097.jpeg (390.51 KB, 1190x679, DB23E6D2-AB2F-44C8-9898-20436F…)

no 1 cares vicky

No. 769689

Doesn’t icky bully / put down women that are Instagram models and sex workers? So it’s okay to bully people if they don’t live in the lines of your lifestyle requirements.

No. 769690

“On here you bash fat people jews” or am I missing something from icky, or is she speaking Jack Daniels again.

No. 769691

Imagine being so delusional into your thirties that you post pictures of a child as a comparison to your photoshopped ass. This is wild.

No. 769692

File: 1587216231136.jpeg (81.3 KB, 828x480, 8FF298F2-BC39-4353-A3AB-1042C6…)

So openly playing mind games with people that have ADMITTED to be drug addicts is what icky? You don’t think that these people could get upset and intentionally overdose?youre such a contradictory cow, but your head is so far up your own ass to see it.

Good luck with your made up boyfriend.

No. 769694

Imagine being such a narc that you think people shouldn’t bully others and in the same breath tell people to kill themselves. An intelligent person would come with facts, but no. Not our precious, Vic. She’s probably been up all night drinking into the morning writing these posts up. Vick, you’re my favourite. I can’t kill myself ! I need to see how your lie of a life turns out! Lol

No. 769696

I can’t imagine the months of pills you would have to save up. But kudos to icky trying to add extra drama to an already dramatic situation by saying it might be irreversible. I wonder if she has a doctorate in pharmaceutical’s too?

No. 769697

File: 1587217165576.jpeg (142.55 KB, 828x1101, B94C2922-EBB7-41C0-80D2-3F55A1…)

Wasn’t she JUST HERE telling people to kill themselves? That applies to cyber stalking, no matter the circumstance. Maybe she thinks her reasons are valid, but then she can’t contradict herself and say others aren’t. Man, she’s not very bright is she?

“I have a life” of drinking everyday and playing pool at a dive bar in small town nowhere. And posting “50% off now, message want inked” every other day.

No. 769698

Oh my GOD. This is so hysterical, I am having the best time. Icky really has 0 contact with reality. I wonder if those girls she mentioned even know about this thread. Icky, sounds like you’re pretty obsessed with them. You mention them every time without even having any proofs, you just obsess over them 24/7 so you think they are posting about you because you hope they think about you as much as you think about them. You have truly 0 idea just how many anons are here, from all over the world. You’re that much of a circus monkey.

No. 769699

“I don’t live off of my parents but they left me quite the inheritance” so….. you worked for the money you’ll be getting from them?

This girl is too much.

No. 769700

There’s even a highlight she made on her Instagram for these girls! Lol and calls one of them cryptkeeper face, but Vicky isn’t a bully guys.

No. 769702

File: 1587217992649.png (484.96 KB, 750x1334, 5B883007-8659-49F1-8B43-78279D…)

I have no words, nobody in the world has less self-awareness than Vick.

No. 769703

Vicky, you are the equivalent of a permanently drunken idiot who has big, loud mouth and dares anyone to fight them, spewing idiotic bullshit all around, as people pretend to listen to be nice and give you special treatment as you act retarded and won’t get it anyways, and then you go on the internet and pretend you have more than 80IQ. You’re a drunken lowlife that tries to throw fists around like a moron, and even on the internet you cannot help yourself but to act this way, and then you say you are so calm and unbothered and polite. My stomach is on fire from laughing.

No. 769704

Kek, how is this girl dressed up like Vicky?

It's funny she thinks this thread is full of these random scene girls from 14 years ago. I highly doubt they're all still holding on to the 2006 Myspace look.

No. 769706

She is just utterly obsessed with her “competition” from years ago because she’s that insecure. All those girls moved on with their lives, except maybe Kiki, but Vicky holds on to that because being on MySpace was the most interesting thing that ever happened in her life. She is also genuinely slow so she has 0 filter and thinks that if she’s obsessing over something that means others are too.

No. 769707

“I’m such a gentle flower”
Two minutes later…


Damn this girl has officially lost it. It must be super tiring keeping up with all these lies. Is it really worth it to seem desirable to a bunch of 45 year old men, ick?

No. 769709

I love when icky comes here and thinks she’s defending herself. She’s just proving everything we’re saying correct.

She’s completely bothered or she wouldn’t have responded to everything in a bullet point essay. She says she only comes her every so often, but she posts on her Facebook and it lines up with what we’re saying. If she wasn’t bothered she wouldn’t come her at all. Here she is, acting a damn fool.

No. 769714

File: 1587220333611.jpeg (95.29 KB, 439x591, E341FA30-0BB8-4D90-B638-6F2638…)

Hey while we got you here Vick, can you take your extensions out? They look raggedy as fuck. You’re going to be bald by the time you’re 35. If smoking doesn’t kill you; or binge drinking, this nasty wig is going to come alive and strangle you. I can smell it from here.

No. 769715


I'm dying, this is absolutely priceless… Trainwreck!

I love how she admits to trying to fuck attached men when she doesn't like their female partners, lmao!!! Way to set the bar high for yourself, Vick!

I've showed my husband photos but more importantly the flailing sword videos and he absolutely loved the cringe factor. He feels 100% comfortable telling me when he finds someone hot. Wonder why he wasn't entranced by your booze-fueled, 2001 era, polyester wearing, poorly edited content? It's because most people don't actually think you're hot Victoria. Your personality is so malignantly narcissistic you can't even hold onto a relationship, friend or otherwise, for longer than a few months. The problem isn't everyone else. It's you.

Vicky, this may come as a horrible shock, but most men will fuck literally anything that moves. Having men that want to fuck you is not aspirational. It doesn't make you special or unique.

Being a 30-something woman posting this shit is crazy. I know that aging is hard. But what you lose as you age, you're supposed to gain in terms of personal relationships, core values, professional development etc. Unfortunately you're still clinging to the rages of your youth and if you don't make some changes, you're going to be extremely bitter and lonely.

Also, just an FYI, it's NEVER acceptable to tell someone to kill themselves. I can't recall anyone on this thread EVER having said that to you. I would strongly advise against doing so, as you can be charged with manslaughter if someone were to self-harm as a result of your (clearly public, self-identified) words. That's a warning.

No. 769716

What the fuck is happening here lmao why does she have a random green tuft sticking out the back. This is so embarrassing.

No. 769718

Nobody has ever told Vicky to kill herself. Sharing stories and having a laugh is not telling someone to kill themselves.
When Vicky sobers up she should read about the death of Conrad Roy and what happened to the girl that told him to kill himself. Of course you can always look it up on YouTube, I know that’s where you get most of your info.

Nobody in law enforcement would look at this thread and say “well I mean, they were being not very nice, no big deal” you should know icky as the police have tried given you a job once because of your sword skills? Isn’t that right?

And my husband and I have a great relationship, and we can tell eachother if we find other people attractive, it’s called trust. And he does NOT find this cow attractive. 2007 over weight scene “kid” isn’t his flavour. Good to know you have such little self worth that you’ll try sleeping with other women’s men if the woman pisses you off. What’s that about being unattainable again?

No. 769719

UPDATE: Vicky said she spoke with the cops and the damage was irreversible.
Kaylas friend just confirmed after she made that video she SPIT THEM ALL OUT! So icky was lying for clout.
She never called the damn cops. She doesn’t know this girl and she used her story for some likes and to feel like she valuable,

This makes me fucking sick.
This girl was doing it for attention. She’s obviously very sick, but what if someone out there is suicidal and this triggers them? And now icky is out here telling people to kil themselves? Disgusting.

This is low. Even for you Victoria.

No. 769720

File: 1587221546830.jpeg (105.69 KB, 828x633, AF8B801F-8EFB-47D6-AF5F-ABBB7B…)

A REAL friend of Kayla. Way to go, ickster

No. 769721

File: 1587221782527.jpeg (88.55 KB, 826x469, 8246F0BA-A461-46F3-8E4C-835C4F…)

And if you look at all her posts leading up to the video it had to do with a guy, not lolcow.
Icky couldn’t even look at her “friends” Facebook. Just had to attack other people to make herself look good: great job

Again: Victoria Bella morte tattoos
She tells people to kill themselves.
If you’re looking for a tattoo artist, do not support this liar, thief, bully and a person that pressures people to slit their wrists.

Support artists that have been giving back to the community during covid with their art, not drinking everyday.

No. 769725

File: 1587222693454.jpeg (35.12 KB, 827x202, D133AE14-9897-476B-8781-A06AD1…)


Vic knows best. Always has to insert herself into every situation.

Apparently this Kayla girl does shit like this a lot. She’s super sick and needs help. Not Vicky pretending to be a saviour. Vicky never called the cops, she doesn’t have the girls address.

No. 769726

File: 1587222733786.jpeg (39.01 KB, 749x280, 86598327-1935-4A5E-BC35-66CC34…)

No. 769730

File: 1587224175547.gif (738.53 KB, 500x282, 1B3D1AC9-E977-4E48-BF2F-52D59B…)

I have no words, except that is definitely vicky. Which is hilarious and thank you for that, Vick. Lolcow quarantine is going great so far.

Ugh. Absolute cringe.

No. 769731

File: 1587224243297.gif (200.07 KB, 220x193, tenor.gif)


Ah, we have been graced with yet another Unbothered Queen™ novella.

>Some are bi and had confessed to their friends that they had a crush on me and that’s why they were so bent out of shape about me

Is this replacing the whole "I make men hit signposts" delusion?

No. 769737

holy shit i am gone for 1 night and then this milk. amazing.

No. 769742

She thinks she’s bothering us by saying “nobody would miss you if you died” yet she brought all the milk. She’s throwing gas in the fire. Thank you for your services, Vic.

No. 769746

These girls who imitated your look? If you check they have all grown up in the past 10+ years, they don't look stuck in 2001, they have jobs and partners and lives. None of the appear to give a shit about you.

Michelle looks like a successful professional and happily married to a good looking guy. The best you can do is say she looks like a potato? You're a pathetic, shallow loser living in a rooming house trying to revenge fuck people's husbands. Lmao. There is no comparison here.

No. 769748

Ok ok I’ve had some coffee and digested all of this hilarity and this made me nearly choke
> I don’t pay attention to you I actually usually don’t read this shit

You literally hit every topic we’ve ever disgusted on you, with a massive paragraph and bullet points. Tell us more how unbothered you are. You are one of the biggest narcs and it’s fucking saaaaaad.

> now drove one to kill herselff today over it. (Which btw if she is dead you can and the site owner can and will be charged for manslaughter if this is still up by the time the police find it)

Lmaoooo. What? In what world would that make sense? No one here talked about that girl and she attempted suicide over a man. But go ahead and send your totally-legit-lawyer@outlook.com our way.

No. 769755

File: 1587231584987.jpg (8.32 KB, 235x188, 3cffa79d472b865a4c65f483319338…)

I think the funniest part of this whole thing was her saying she isn't a narcissist. Bitch have you fucking seen your own posts? We don't need to "lie and make up stories" about you. This thread could literally be comprised of just your posts and cringe videos, with no commentary, and ppl would still come here and find it entertaining. So please keep posting so this thread can continue!

Also who the fuck is Christina? You sound paranoid af.

No. 769760

She’s just picking a few women from her past that she thinks is here because she can’t fathom the thought that people other than the people she’s fucked over would find her ridiculous. Christina is a client of hers from way back. Vicky told her that she was abducted by human traffickers. This was after cancelling on Christina a number of times or showing up late. Christina put up the whole text exchange. She even asked Vicky for proof that she was “abducted” and icky said she would get it, but of course that never happened.

No. 769763

No. 769764

There’s been so many stories from multiple people stating she no shows appointments, shows up late or hungover. Vicky plays the victim card hard. Everytime. She is the common denominator. She’s in lockdown, yet drama is still following her.

No. 769776

>My brothers case was dropped when Mel lied on the stand continuously and was caught. Even the judge politely told her to stop lying as they had evidence to the contrary
So, what does this mean? So much milk now it's hard to keep up. Her brother was set up and is totally innocent?

It's kinda sad she thinks everyone on lolcow is a bi Myspace skinwalker from over a decade ago who can't get over their crush on irresistible Vicky. These threads are popular because she's 30+ and dresses like a Hot Topic abomination while making the most ridiculous, attention-seeking Facebook posts and double pupil photoshop disasters. There's some good advice in here if she would care to see it.

No. 769777

She’s saying her brother ex put child porn on his computer to frame him.
Which even if it’s true, seems interesting that her brother would date someone capable of that. Even searching the child porn to put on the computer is disgusting enough, this family sure knows how to pick them.

No. 769778


Wow, that’s horrible! Vicky, you’re a horrible person to do that to someone!

No. 769779

And Vicky made you this story about how this client made fun of icky friend with cancer…. cause of course she can never take responsibility for her actions.

This lockdown is not treating icky well. She went from cow to monster real quick.

No. 769785


If that's really you Victoria, post something related to animals to your ig story in the next 24h. Like "I really love cats" or a picture of a turtle or something. (Animal tattoos and Tiger King don't count because those can happen accidentally)

No. 769786

Victoria, listen here you ass backwards degenerate waste: you DONT have stalkers. If you’re so concerned about stalkers maybe get off the internet but you won’t do that cause you’re a narcissistic attention whore who’s fried majority of her brain cells from all those shitty bleach jobs and liquor. In case you haven’t noticed, you’re a laughing stock on the internet, no one is obsessed with you nor does anyone wanna be you lol get the fuck over yourself. Most women your age have an education, career and are starting families what the fuck do you have going for you in life? You’re over 30 with zero assets, you don’t even own a car, you spend all your time photoshopping yourself, you can’t even keep friends around you for long, you have zero education etc etc. Those magazines you’ve supposedly modelled for? They’re indie digital magazines that literally any tattooed broad can submit photos to you’re not special. You were not asked to be on ink master, the show doesn’t work that way dumbass. You have a horrible reputation as a tattoo artist as it is and you continue making yourself look bad. Real fucking professional bad mouthing your client who had EVERY RIGHT to get her money back. Any decent human being running a business would give a client their money back when services aren’t delivered and any reputable tattoo artist/shop would refund a client if the artist doesn’t show for an appointment. You were not kidnapped otherwise where is the police report your client asked for multiple times? Why wasn’t this on the news? Cause it never fucking happened that’s why. You saw a therapist with a masters eh? Since you’re soooo educated in psychology you should know that someone with a masters degrees is not qualified to diagnose people, only an MD, ie a psychiatrist can diagnose mental disorders you fucking plug. Unlike you Bunny actually grew up, is successful and more of a woman than you’ll ever be not to mention she’s actually capable of showing her true form in photos. Everyone sees right through your lies and elaborate stories knock it off with that phoney accent already no one born in Northern Ireland has a cockney accent you’re gonna be 40 and guess what? The internet is still gonna laugh at you because you’re a fucking train wreck with absolutely nothing to contribute to society. Also fuck off with your bullshit legal threats already no cop would take your complaints seriously especially since you’ve engaged in all this yourself, told people to kill themselves and have no proof of anyone stalking/harassing you. If your social media is public, with the dumb shit you post you’re asking to be laughed at. Plus everything that’s been said on here is facts.

No. 769787

It occurs to me that her spergout here reads like the navyseal copypasta

No. 769792

I guess if you leave one truthful review about her shitty tattoos you end up becoming a “stalker” for life. Honestly Vic, grow up.

No. 769796

Can someone write a Vicky version?

No. 769804

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in psychology, astronomy, and quantum physics in an Ivy League school, and I've modelled for numerous magazine front covers, and I have lived in many mansions. I am trained in double tanged swordplay and I'm the fasted in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another stalker, you literally are not even slightly important to me in any form. I will wipe you the fuck out with speed the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies with masters degrees across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my own blend of traditional and non-traditional swordplay. Not only am I extensively trained in armed combat, but I am also a trained fire eater and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot lolcow coackroach. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.

No. 769807

I don’t think this is Vic lol

No. 769808

No. 769809


Lolcow, listen here you ass backwards degenerate waste: I DO have stalkers. If you’re so concerned about my stalkers maybe get off the internet but you won’t do that cause you’re all a bunch of narcissistic attention whores who’ve fried all their brain cells from shitty bleach jobs and liquor. In case you haven’t noticed, you’re a laughing stock on the internet, everyone is obsessed with me, and every man would be lucky to be with me. I have an education, career and hate kids. what the fuck do you have going for you in life? I'm 27 with mansions, cars, and I spend all my time modeling. I have many fans, and a Harvard education. Those magazines I've modelled for? They’re luxury designer digital magazines that not just any tattooed babe can submit photos to. I'm special. I was asked to be on Ink Master. I have an amazing reputation as a tattoo artist as it is and I continue making yourself look amazing. Real fucking professional complimenting my clients . Any decent human being running a business would give a client free inked when services aren’t delivered and any reputable tattoo artist/shop would refund a artist if the client doesn’t show for an appointment. I was kidnapped and there is no police report. Why wasn’t this on the news? Cause it really fucking happened that’s why. And yes I go to therapy. My therapist has a master's. Since I'm soooo educated in psychology you should know that someone with a masters degrees is qualified to diagnose people, not only an MD, ie a psychiatrist can not diagnose mental disorders you fucking plug. Unlike me Bunny never grew up, isnt successful and more of a dumb hoe than I'll ever be not to mention she’s actually incapable of showing her true form in photos.

Everyone knows my truthful posts and epic stories. knock it off with that saying I don't have a completely real accent already, everyone born in Northern Ireland has a cockney accent, I'm going to be 29 and guess what? The internet is still gonna be obsessed with me because I'm a talented artist and model with over ten years of University Psychology and Astronomy knowledge to contribute to society. Also fuck off with your bullshit legal advice, already all cops would take my complaints seriously especially since ive engaged in all this myself, told people to not kill themselves and have so much proof of LOLCOW stalking/harassing me. If my social media is public, with the educated content I post I'm asking to be obsessed over. Plus everything that’s been said on here is facts.

No. 769813

Of course not lol

>I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it.

That’s too funny to be vicky. She has literally no sense of humor

No. 769822

it's a parody of the Navy Seal copypasta you mongs

No. 769829

Anon, you won the interwebz, I wanna buy you a beer. Top kek

No. 769831

Hahaha, anon, my sides. This is brilliant.

No. 769833

I wonder how icky felt when she woke up from her drunk slumber realizing she just told people to slit their wrists on a public forum and she can’t delete them?
Great for her already tarnished pubic image. I don’t care what happened before, there’s no way any respectable person would put money in the pocket of someone like that.
Especially not doctors or rockstars.

No. 769834

File: 1587248248436.jpeg (177.88 KB, 492x1235, 52C9B6F5-A8B3-41F5-86E0-DE66D2…)

Photoshop? I’d love to see this now

No. 769836

Fuck yea anon! Well done.

No. 769838

i Love how Vicky was saying “ugly Karen haircut” when she has three real hairs left on her head and they are fried to shit. Yeah, Vicky, you’re doing so much better with your oxyclean yellow stained wool you call hair. And that 80$ weave.

No. 769842

Also, how ugly all the girls husbands are but then said how she’s fuck them to kiss the women off. Kek.
High quality self esteem right there. No wonder her new boyfriend left her already.

No. 769850

File: 1587249701560.jpeg (159.12 KB, 719x801, 58BA40D0-14C1-44E1-B889-01E313…)

Calls girls “fat” and “potatoes”, but then posts shit like this. Her logic is maddening.

No. 769852

She acts like she's into the 'thicc' look because she's a chunky baboon. She's actually incredibly jealous of thin women.

No. 769858

I love you, thank you!

No. 769864


Vick, Kayla isn’t on lolcow? So not sure what you’re referring to. I don’t know how drunk you were this morning, but none of it makes sense. Thanks for coming, though. It was hilarious. Drop by more often.

No. 769867

Vik, please see a dentist and get your gums looked at. I expect to be glancing at the thread some day and see that you're in the hospital with a massive abscess or something.

No. 769868

My apologies for the sperg rant I couldn’t stop once I started and didn’t expect it to turn into a speech or “copypasta”. New to this shit, my bad..

No. 769870

File: 1587258519667.jpeg (41.03 KB, 823x227, BED8D3E0-D071-4DF1-9FAB-F39B34…)

My favourite Vicky drunk rant from today.

“I never once insulted your weight”

Insults her weight twice.
Not a bully though.

The great part is, I have no idea who these people are. I’m not one of these people, so if these people truly are not here she’s just straight up being a bully to people FOR NO REASON.
Tin foil, but I think ick may be on drugs.

No. 769871

“Does anyone else want me to lift their mask off and show pictures of them in here or are you going to do the smart thing and fuck off and delete shit from here … cuz I can do this allllll day“

ALLLLL DAY. Except for when she passes out drunk, wakes up a realizes she looks like a fucking moron.

No. 769872

Yea. I got that. Chill out.

It’s hilarious because her body shape is literally that of a potato.

No. 769874

“And don’t worry about the new guy I like I didn’t show you who he was because I get a satisfaction from you scurrying around like rodents trying to figure out who he was and find your daily piece of Victoria crack“

So it’s a guy she “likes” now! I thought they were dating? My guess is she put up they were dating on Facebook and he put her in her place because she’s a desperate troll that’ll jump on any dick that’ll pay attention to her after seeing what she looks like in real life.

And if you don’t care about what we think, why do you get satisfaction from playing games with the people here? You know why? Because you crave attention. We are YOUR crack. Just like your Instagram bio says “ I don’t care what you think about me, as long as you’re thinking about me” you thrive off of this thread. You live for it. In your fantasy world, this makes you famous when in reality you’re just a small rat eating this moldy cheese. You are welcome

No. 769877

So I found faith and Carli on social media. I just wanted to see what they looked like and they both look happy, skinny and beautiful. She picked old photos of both of them. ( the same things she claims we do here) and Vicky looks like the wish version of faith.

No. 769887

Agree anon. Faith is what Victoria likely wishes she lookd like which is why she is hating on her, IMO. I think she’s projecting a lot saying they have ugly boyfriends, ikea furniture, live in their parents basement etc. These girls look successful and happy so she’s likely jealous they accomplished something with their lives and she hasn’t.

No. 769888

Carli went to school for journalism and makeup. She has a successful YouTube channel that gets 20k views. And has a boyfriend and he photos aren’t photoshopped into another world. Smells like jealousy on Vicky’s part.

No. 769891

idk wtf just happened in this thread but it was a great distraction from the fuckery going on irl.

definitely edited, her work doesn't look this detailed. it also looks stupid as fuck with just being on half of him.

No. 769893

File: 1587263185426.jpeg (267.31 KB, 705x1213, CECD2F9B-5C07-4AB6-9316-CA4CCB…)

Don’t you find it funny that Vicky doesn’t care what we think, yet you asked her to jump and she said how high? She actually posted an animal tattoo! Way to verify you’re the loser on these threads everyday and telling people to kill themselves!

Thanks for doing what we ask. Good, doggy. Now bark, bitch.

No. 769898

File: 1587265622984.png (1.01 MB, 1242x2688, 8185AE0D-AC86-4F7F-AF23-9F45FC…)

Vicky was totes going to do sword fighting scenes for the movies before the coronavirus stuff went down! If you don’t believe her you are clearly a jealous stalker who tries to copy her and should kill yourself

No. 769899

You left your icon.

No. 769901

How can someone just continuously make up lies…it seems exhausting.

No. 769906

I’m surprised no one has sued her yet to be honest.

No. 769927

lol, 'slug in a tunic' made me crack up.

No. 769930

So because of covid the world was robbed of the life and times of Vicky the movie? Well fuck we were robbed. “Thrill to the story of a small town Canadian girl who defied all the odds to become a Nobel laureate scientist Michelin level cook and master swordswoman all while maintaining her status as an international model and expert tattoo artist! When tragedy struck her hometown only one woman could stop the plague with whiskey breath and leet katana moves! Rated NC-17 because she is just…that…bad…. (directed by micheal bay)

No. 769935

I know she's got to have a fucking low IQ, but I really can't fathom how someone whose familiar with the internet/concept of online stranger interaction (ie myspace) can't wrap their head around that a site like lolcow could be more than a handful of locals she thinks has it out for her…

Not even sure how that's the most mindboggling thing to me about ol' icks

No. 769940

Been lurking here for a year, can someone point to the sword fighting video? Fantastic milk this weekend.

No. 769953

Victoria, what you don't seem to understand is that all it takes for people to stop talking about you is to make like Dakota and Kiki and get off of the Internet. The people here more than likely do have lives and they're just scrolling through your content on the way to work or while waiting for appointments, their dinner to cook, etc. It takes less than a minute to post a comment and there are many people here. No one is stalking you. You're the one who keeps willingly coming back to engage and everyone reading it is using it as a form of entertainment. The issue is that you keep giving people reasons to talk about you negatively - e.g. advertising yourself as a tattoo artist when your work isn't that great (you're not even willing to face up to that fact), not following through with all appointments, bullying people (I've just witnessed you doing it here), blatant lying, exaggerating and attention-seeking through Facebook posts…

I don't understand why YOU can't comprehend that? You're in your early 30s and your behaviour isn't socially acceptable/normal for someone of your age. Not a single woman is jealous of you either, as you keep obsessively stating. The ones I see you attack are all living stable lives with a partner or whatever. They've all moved on and don't care anymore, but you keep coming back. I mean, you're still going on and on about girls copying you back in the MySpace era. That time is long gone and they've moved on! They are adult women.

Please take some advice that I've seen pop up time and time again; rather than living in denial about your circumstances and doing all you can to project this facade, take a good look at yourself and your actions. You could be using the time you waste replying and proving yourself to these people for self-improvement and making yourself genuinely happy. If you do that, you might see a lot of support rather than criticism. You can't keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. You actually have to make changes to attain different results and this applies to most things in life.

No. 769954

Why do you want Vicky to redeem herself?

No. 769955

It seems she is targeting two “types”; girls she thinks copied her look over a decade ago (Faith and Carli) and former clients who she mistreated (Christina and Michelle).

I hope her future clients see this as this is unacceptable behavior. Writing out your former clients names in full on social media and proceeding to stalk them and insult them is not how a professional acts.

No. 769956

Different anon here.

I personally think redeeming herself should be stop lying to people. Stop photoshopping her work and destroying other people’s bodies.
Stop taking deposits from people and then fucking off with them, claiming to have been kidnapped. Which is disgusting to lie about.

Not bullying people on social media and turning it into her being some sort of hero, while telling people to kill themselves or making stories online about people while in the same breath condemning bullies.
Stay consistent girl.

If you wants to wake up at 40 with no hair, teeth or personality that’s on her at this point. Don’t drag other people down with you using people’s bodies as fucking doodle pads

No. 769958

I guess any girl with blonde hair is trying to copy, Vicky.

And carli looks nothing like Vick. I don’t know what part of her ass she pulled that out of.

No. 769959

File: 1587304988103.jpeg (100.5 KB, 828x836, B86A1E2F-792F-4EA8-A20B-EC5BA8…)

Example of said doodle pad.

No. 769960

I feel a bit sorry for her. Don't get me wrong, I feel sorry for her victims more, but to me it just seems obvious what she needs to do. She just doesn't do it for whatever reason. Each time I come back here out of boredom, I see she's doing the exact same thing and complaining about the results. It could just be the fact that it's easier to project a fake image than to put in the work to change yourself.

I see. I don't get why she'd be so bothered by people copying her even if they actually were. If she was focused on self-improvement she wouldn't even notice it. It's really strange, she publicly compliments some women and attacks others. I hope they do too.

No. 769962

Replying to my own comment, but the caring part of me can see that she needs some kind of help and all we can do is watch her spiral. People who have very little to no self-awareness are dangerous to both themselves and other people. She shouldn't be allowed to tattoo for that reason alone and no one has stopped her yet. This is the biggest issue and why people keep talking about her.

No. 769963

Agree anon. Something is wrong and she hasn’t been diagnosed with whatever it is. Her life has been spiraling out of control for years and she’s lashing out likely because she’s depressed that she’s in her 30s with very little to show for it.

I used to feel incredibly bad for her, but at this point she her wreckless behaviour is treading on libel and she should watch what she says as she could get into a lot of trouble.

No. 769964

I felt sorry for her a bit until she told people to “slit their wrists, nobody would miss you” that is someone that doesn’t deserve anyone’s pity. She’s 30 something years old. It’s time to grow the fuck up.

No. 769966

There is no diagnosis for a vapid cunt.
The cure is a good old dose of consequences for poor actions. We are seeing that. She lost the shop, she's couch surfing, can't even con a man into an online relationship.
Life is catching up to her, and her poor decisions are coming to fruition.

… still don't think the tripfag was Vicky, it was a good copycat, bit the grammar was too good for her. Bitch still can't differentiate between your/you're too/too. Adds extra ls to anyword that ends in -ful.

No. 769967

I doubt she is willing to accept help. She lashes out at any comment that's not calling her beautiful. It doesn't look like she has real friends who could give her tough advice.

No. 769968

I was thinking the same thing. I think Vicky had something to do with it, but there’s no way she typed that out all by herself.

No. 769969

Definitely. It's like everything she covers herself in, Photoshop included, acts as a means to mask what's really going on with her. Can't tell if she makes the choice to continue like that or if it's due to lack of self-awareness.

You've got a good point. I wonder if all those thirsty guys who comment on her posts can see through everything or not? Or are they just seeing her as having no boundaries?

No. 769971

Honestly, there’s been such a drop in her interactions on social media. She doesn’t get the same amount of reactions she use to get. She’s blatantly rude to her followers and she comes across like a total lying narc. A pretty face will only get you so far in 2020. There’s so many amazing, beautiful and talented women displaying their accomplishments online that are actually nice. Why would anyone stick around?

No. 769975

I think you're all being too hard on her. It must have been a nightmare for poor Vicky not being able to go back and edit her amazingly thoughtful posts 10,246 times before posting them.

No. 769976

File: 1587307660906.jpeg (183.53 KB, 828x841, 35E3FE84-1303-464C-BBDF-9221C7…)


Or intercept photos from real, professional photographers unlike her dear Frankie.

No. 769979


Pretty sure she's just a textbook narcissist, nothing more tragic or interesting than that. She's also generally just a stupid person, so she's not very good at being convincing or manipulative.

I think it was probably her, personally. I think it was a perfect storm scenario of being just drunk and emotional enough to think posting here would be a good idea, but not so drunk that she forgot she has to prove to us how "genius lvl INTJ" she is.

No. 769981

This is the kind of blown out shit tattoo artists around Guelph have to constantly fix. Any shop you walk into had stories of clients coming to them after she butchered them.

No. 769982

This isn’t a bad photo. If she would just embrace what she really looked like and maybe fixed a few things there would be absolutely nothing wrong with this photo. She insists on being some sort of Final Fantasy goddess, but she is just an average looking girl.

No. 769983

>This isn’t a bad photo.
Anon, pls.

No. 769984


She needs to embrace her look, because I agree.
The whole final fantasy edits with balloon tits aren’t doing her any justice.

And she NEEDS to take those extensions out, the are god awful. I can’t imagine how bad they smell like an ashtray.

No. 769986

File: 1587313217264.jpg (336.99 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20200419_121850.jpg)

She sure looks and acts like she's on something but it's probably just a mix of alcohol and good old stupidity.

No. 769989

The funniest thing I think is that Vick seems to be adamant that it's these girls posting and stalking when they probably don't even really remember or talk about her.
With the exception of that poster who once sounded like Bunny, I don't think anyone she's going on about even reads or posts here.
There's been a few posts here on there from randoms claiming to have met her before irl or gone to school, but the majority are probably just randoms that aren't even in the same country let alone town.

No. 769993

Even the ones who are cunts are usually extremely attractive and have a lot of influence.
Vick is like a 5 out of 10 acting like she's Kylie Jenner or something when her only fans and engagement comes from weird dudes with worse spelling than herself.

No. 770003

>I’ve seen a therapist with their masters and no I’m not narcissistic

Not that she cares, but narcissism is actually hard to diagnose because narcs have a tendency to tell therapists what they wanna hear and reframe their narratives to put them in a positive light rather than be truthful. Also because NPD manifests similarly to other personality disorders, she's much more likely to be diagnosed with something else before NPD is factored.
Unfortunately for her, what she said is laughably meaningless.

>Become impatient or angry when they don't receive special treatment

>Have significant interpersonal problems and easily feel slighted
>React with rage or contempt and try to belittle the other person to make themselves appear superior
>Have difficulty regulating emotions and behavior
>Experience major problems dealing with stress and adapting to change
>Feel depressed and moody because they fall short of perfection
>Have secret feelings of insecurity, shame, vulnerability and humiliation

I mean after rereading >>769627, she ticks off a lot of boxes.

No. 770008

Seeing a therapist is step one. Which congrats if she actually did, but she didn’t fulfill step two, which is putting the work in.

Telling people to kill themselves, photoshopping yourself into oblivion and lying through your teeth was in what session with your masters degree therapist?

No. 770011

oh anon, you think she saw a therapist? she probably just tattooed one or slept with one.

No. 770015

I would also assume the term “therapist” is being used loosely here as she said the person had a Masters not a Doctorate. She probably doesn’t know what qualifications psychiatrists have.

No. 770019


She would never because I'm sure she thinks that she's smarter and knows more about psychology than anyone else.

No. 770041

File: 1587322661098.jpeg (115.56 KB, 828x459, 5E1A66D5-A221-45A2-BC39-FCA773…)

A banger from Dr Vicky.

“Aren’t sane enough to realize what they are doing is wrong”

Well isn’t that a treat. You should read that and internalize it, ick.
And then read it again.

No. 770051

I'll have you know vicky walks by a therapist's office every fucking day on her way to the liquor store. She's on a first name basis with them.

No. 770052

She acts like she cares about people who suffer from mental health issues but will use it as an insult at the first opportunity because she's a horrible fucking cunt.

No. 770054

Or is about body positivity, but throws people’s weight in their face.

She’s has the intelligence of a fucking turnip.

No. 770063

File: 1587329685393.jpg (56.09 KB, 540x360, temcruz.jpg)

>I think you're all being too hard on her. It must have been a nightmare for poor Vicky not being able to go back and edit her amazingly thoughtful posts 10,246 times before posting them.

Anon, I'm wheezing. I appreciate you.

No. 770066

I don't want to nitpick, but in Ontario, someone with a Masters in Psych can become a registered psychologist, with a specialized field. A PhD is obviously a higher level of knowledge or study, so when she says she's seen a therapist with their Master's, she's hitting the bottom rung of practicing therapists (this doesn't include social workers, different thing)

No. 770071

It was her. The grammar was pretty bad and there were a few “signature” type patterns that vicky does. Also, who else but vicky would sit there and type out, for hours and starting at like 6am, bullet points of what we’ve talked about? Vicky cares what we have to say. Do you not remember her spamming lolcow? The fake lawyer letters? The WKing in her own past threads? Oh and her friend defending his shitty Jason tattoo on his arm on an auto-saged thread. She clearly shows this thread to her friends.

Those rambling posts happened after her 1 day relationship failed and she needed to lash out at someone.

No. 770073

She probably showed this one day relationship guy this thread in a drunk stupor and it freaked him out. She probably thought they were laughing at us together tonight reality he was thinking of ways to leave.

No. 770085

My theory is that she was trying to derail the part of the thread where someone posted her photo of his eyes. Either he's fake and the image is photoshopped or he's real and dumped her like a hot potato… She doesn't want that image to get noticed. We should repost it lol

No. 770090

File: 1587336380278.png (3.17 MB, 828x1792, B960F2E7-3FC1-4E7A-BD84-8D67B4…)

Missing; Vicky’s imaginary boyfriend.

No. 770097

i dont even understand this photo and caption. i get that taste is subjective but this is not exactly an attractive picture of a man. looks like a soyboy from the limited amount i can see. not something you would brag about on social media.

No. 770104

What it looks like is she stole a photo of a guy from social media and cropped it.


he was too embarrassed to be on her Instagram.

No. 770112

File: 1587339183515.jpeg (141.46 KB, 828x836, 2BBA4284-083B-453A-8B85-FCCC86…)

Pro tip: do not wear brown lipliner. Especially if you have herpes.

No. 770115

That lip liner is tragic. How can she think that looks good?

No. 770119

File: 1587339695094.jpeg (112.53 KB, 828x676, C25CA90F-E728-4285-92DE-405989…)

HIGH QUALITY HAIR EXTENSIONS? Those are the most straggly looking extensions I’ve ever seen. If she did just buy those, she should ask for her money back.
You can see her real hair clearly and if they are high quality she bought 1/4 of a pack.

The point of hair extensions, is to blend with your natural hair… which those are not doing.

No. 770120

File: 1587339719433.png (15.51 KB, 572x199, 48990RA.png)

No. 770128

Slick wouldn’t know high quality if it gave her a dirty sanchez.

No. 770130

I think this might be the closest thing to her real face we’ve seen in a long time. I’m shocked there’s no giant sticker or hand covering her jaw or Leno chin. And her nose looks like her real nose (minus that awful contour). Her skin is yellowed and smooth from a filter but it’s mostly her real features.

Ugh that lip liner tho. Fucking wretched. Find one that matches your natural lip color, icky.

He looks like he’s in his early/mid 20s. I wonder if any sleuthing/bored anons can find him on FB or IG.

No. 770131

In this picture he looks like Chekhov from the original Star Trek

No. 770136

I wouldn’t bother looking him up, there’s a good chance he never existed. Just a drunk Vicky mirage.

No. 770137

Sorry if this is dumb, I don’t post very often; but if Vicky has posted here before and all the posts got exposed, wouldn’t these posts also get flagged?

No. 770139

They have before, I don’t know how that works. I hope they stay up, because she’s asking people to kill themselves. I think everyone that googled her shop shouod have the potential of seeing that.

No. 770141


Yes and the ironic thing is you can tell she has pretty features and could look really lovely if she just toned down the makeup and styled herself better. I don’t know why this continues to fall on deaf ears but she needs to dye her hair brown and ditch the extensions. I think a shorter collarbone length haircut would frame her features far better. And she needs to ditch the black liquid eyeliner and eyelashes because they age her. She needs to wear neutral coloured eyeshadow and use a brown pencil eyeliner and just use mascara not glue a freaking bat onto her eyelid. There’s nothing wrong with her nose, I think the slightly crooked shape is nice and better to rock it than become an insecure himezawa style nose job freak. Those lips, though: girl, overlining is so 2017. Btw how much nicer does she look in this blue shirt than her usual black hot topic messes? Vicky frustrates me because I really think she’s capable of pulling it together if she really had the drive to (I mean with her rich parents, she could probably go to cooking school or something) but she’s so stubborn about living a final fantasy goth life that impresses nobody besides a few online neckbeards!

No. 770144

Could you imagine how much her eyes would pop if she did that with her hair? And how much more healthy it would be? It would actually grow!
She has the potential to be better looking for sure… that personality on the other hand.

No. 770146

File: 1587342932985.webm (589.52 KB, 718x718, 93324826_946575432464554_56852…)

Here's the brown lip liner video

No. 770149

you're a charitable soul, anon. She could be average but far less dated. She's never giving the dated Myspace era look up. She will be wearing those extensions into the care home in 70s (assuming she hasn't died of tooth rot or alcohol poisoning long before then)

Horrible lip liner aside, I think she looks bloated in that latest pic. Her face looks puffy to me, even though she's angling for all she's worth.

No. 770153

“ After a night out drinking, you may also notice bloating in your face, which is often accompanied by redness. This happens because alcohol dehydrates the body. When the body is dehydrated, skin and vital organs try to hold onto as much water as possible, leading to puffiness in the face and elsewhere.”

She has been drinking everyday, admittedly, during lockdown.

No. 770154

You can become a therapist with a masters in terms of social work or basic counselling however you can’t become a psychologist in Ontario with just a masters anon. I’m currently studying psych in Ontario and I can assure you need a PhD hence why they’re called “Dr”.

No. 770168

Did our home girl Victoria go out and buy new extensions and post about how high quality they are because people were dragging her for how nasty and old hers were? Like who even says that shit? Oh right. Someone with no redeeming qualities.

No. 770197

As if Adrien would go back to Victoria. This just shows how fucking twisted she is, who would make up cheating with someone's boyfriend? So much for the "totally cool won't steal your boyfriend" type. The "not like other girls" type. Poor Sam. If you are in here reading, don't fall for her tactics.

No. 770204

It's not dumb, but I think maybe the mods do have to go thru and individually tag them. Maybe they will consider doing it for these, even though it's rather obvious, sometimes they reveal cow posts you wouldn't expect. For anyone who hasn't seen her posts, this old thread has quite a bit >>>/snow/218886

No offense but what is even the point of posts like these? Vicky's problems are so much deeper than her hair and makeup. She could fix all that shit and still be a massive cow due to all the narc content she puts out there. I get you have good intentions here but ask yourself why? Yesterday she was telling you to slit your wrists.

Lol of course she did.

No. 770220

File: 1587377307373.jpeg (47.64 KB, 640x640, A6D96DF7-2475-4AC3-ADF5-85C1B8…)

No. 770226

Different anon, but this is what I was thinking. It's like, we can see exactly what she needs to do to progress, but something keeps preventing her from achieving anything. I think the reason she doesn't start over is because she's afraid of losing all her current followers who are there for the fantasy she projects (even though it's flawed, e.g. Photoshop fails), along with any "clients" she still has control over. If she took her extensions out, dyed her hair close to her natural colour, cut it and let it grow out healthy, that'd be removing the mask she's carved. She's using the bleached hair, extensions, make-up and Mötley Crüe-inspired attire/Final Fantasy vibe to convince herself and everyone who comes into contact with her that she doesn't need to do any work internally. She's too scared to let those things go and move towards what could work for her, because doing so would mean losing the very little she does have. Changing her look would cause her to lose the clients she currently has, and she'd need to build that back up on honesty with other people.

The thing is, there's nothing wrong with those things when they're presented tastefully, but it all looks terrible on her due to the fact that her hair is severely damaged and not bleached and coloured correctly (growing it out and starting over would mean she could get it done professionally later on). She drinks too much and smokes, which have affected her gums, teeth and skin (and that's merely surface stuff). Her own tattoos aren't great. She doesn't have a stable income. She eats horribly (take a look at her Yorkshire puddings, nasty as) and doesn't seem to exercise (even if she does, she needs a qualified personal trainer because she clearly isn't doing it correctly). She doesn't have a driving licence, which takes away from her independence. She doesn't have any real friends (her friendships seem superficial) and can't seem to stay in a relationship.

There are so many things that she does to try and cover up how fucked up her life is, lying about her reality included, that I don't even understand the point of it anymore. She could just start over and admit to herself that nothing is actually working. Isn't she 33 or around that age? If I were in her position I'd completely reinvent myself. I'd just admit defeat, go ask my family for help (they left her "quite the inheritance," so there's no reason she couldn't move back in with them now), drop everything and take time out to sort out my health (healthy diet, exercise, etc.). So many people have lost their jobs due to current world circumstances, so it wouldn't even look out of the ordinary. She'd have nothing to be embarrassed about. I just don't get it because she does have potential.

No. 770228

“I am the one who runs from relationships and if I find myself chasing a man I automatically stop trying i am not desperate for one …I mean look at me lmfao I’m hot and you can’t stand that it’s real “

But it’s not real? That’s the issue here. The fact that you think it is confirms you live in your own fantasy land. People have seen you in real life. You’re average at best.
The whole look at me, I’m hot? That’s all the value you think you need to bring to a relationship and it’s gross.

The whole cheating with Adrien thing is really funny. Because if he is married, that stinks of desperation. If you don’t chase men, kissing married man would be just that. Chasing a man. The contradictions you spew are hilarious.
The other women are desperate. They don’t think they deserve any better so they have to validate themselves by one upping another woman… which is the story of your life. That being said, it’s not true. You’re in drunk Vick land again.

And I don’t think anyone said you dated methhead. You were playing games with a drug addict because you’re a low person.
And there’s screenshoots.

No. 770229

File: 1587387354176.jpeg (95.35 KB, 445x843, EF1E1ABB-423D-4B11-A27A-8D6D1D…)

Victoria “steal your man” BM.

No. 770232

Healthy-minded women in their 30s don't go around telling everyone around them that they're hot, whether they are in fact hot or not.

That's what's scary, she thinks relationships are based on appearance and games. Fuck, the whole "chasing" thing in relationships is supposed to be fun. It's when two people have a genuine interest in each other as whole people (not fragments of them, i.e. their perceived hotness level) and are just discovering things about each other. Imagine still being in this mind frame in your 30s, oh dear. A normal man in a relationship will be invested in their current relationship and not interested in anyone else. Can't believe she brags about married men going after her when this unwanted and inappropriate attention happens to almost every woman at least once in her life due to the men in question being disordered themselves.

I've never witnessed a person proclaim they don't need to be in a relationship as much as her while simultaneously acting desperate as all hell for any scrap of attention they can get.

No. 770233

She's one of those women who haven't figured out men will fuck anything if it's offered to them, so she genuinely believes attracting scumbags and cheaters is a compliment. They're not indicative that you're a hot looking final fantasy character or totes irresistible Vick, it's a sign that men think you'll be an easy shot and so far you haven't proven them wrong. I'll half bet she sabotages these situationships first by 'running' from them so she can avoid the reality that they were never stable relationships that were destined to be anything other than regrettable hookups. In her 30s and still acting like a lost high school girl, pathetic.

No. 770238

She has no idea how relationships work because she is stuck in the mindset of a 14 year old girl. Sorry to break it to you Vic, but looks aren’t everything and they don’t last forever. Finding someone you want to spend the rest of your life with cannot first start with hiz eyezzzzz.

No. 770240

I agree she could make some huge improvements to her look - remove the extensions, natural dye job and a collar length cut. Unfortunately 3/4 of her selfies including videos are edited/heavy filtered too though. Where is her cleft chin for example? When it's gone that's always the big tell for me.

Unfortunately at the end of the day she could make all those changes and it wouldn't fix the fact that she has the personality of a mean 12 year old

No. 770246

She looks like a weathered biker bitch/ 40 year old mom in this photo. The bleach blonde hair look she’s doing here is one step away from being a fried perm. While I agree it’s nice to see a more realistic photo of her, she is looking old and tired and needs to change up her look.

No. 770249

Agreed, I actually know Adrien and there’s no way he would cheat on Sam with Vicky LOL he dodged a bullet when they broke up

No. 770250

She looks fine and i'd even go as far to say she looks pretty in this picture. Nitpicking helps nothing

No. 770255

File: 1587396146986.jpeg (143.89 KB, 1200x675, 331632A7-EB79-409B-8443-5DC97C…)

Not even for the lols. If Vicky doesn’t tone it down, this is going to be her in a few years.

No. 770256

Didn’t Vicky go on and on about how no man had ever left her and she broke up with Adrien? Which if she’s actually telling the truth, why would you crawl back to your ex that YOU broke up with like 10 years later

No. 770257

Not trying to nitpick, but that picture is still obviously filtered. Even minus the skin smoothing and lighting, those filters can subtly change your face shape to make anyone look like good. Even if it looks like mostly her features, there's a reason every photo she posts is heavily filtered/edited/posed. She has a different face in every pic.

I think she'd look perfectly fine with normal hair and styling, but she looks her age and nothing like the impossible Final Fantasy character she wants.

No. 770259

File: 1587396521407.jpeg (71.27 KB, 749x855, B432565F-E770-4EA9-8E32-B0B97B…)

The amount of filter on this photo has completely erased her nose. #totesnotfiltered

No. 770268

Kinda sad that Vick hates how she looks so much. IA with other anons who are saying she doesn't look bad, it's just that the shitty photoshop and the way she overprocesses herself with the fried hair and chola makeup scream insecurity.

No. 770273

If she didn’t drink everyday and used this isolation to actually work in herself. Exercise, drink water, take care of her hair…she could actually leave this better looking than ever. Considering she’s getting up there in age, she should consider doing just that. The smoking and drinking everyday is doing nothing for her skin.
It’s sad cause she could age gracefully. The amount of her self esteem that’s places on her looks … she’s going to have some serious mental health issues when she’s 40 looking like a leather bag.

No. 770280

File: 1587400137975.jpeg (164.85 KB, 828x1437, 949FBB6A-F01E-41DF-ABAF-BB3903…)

Case and point. She’s already 97% tan mom.
Having absolutely no hobbies in isolation must be really boring cause she put up about 7 of these videos on Instagram from different angles of her face with different filters. Not a narc, though

No. 770287

If she wanted to be relevant she would quit smoking, cut her hair/get rid of the extensions and start posting gym selfies. That is what is popular on Instagram now, not washed up MySpace scene queens.

No. 770291

There's nothing even wrong with not really looking attractive at 40, but she's centered so much of her personality around being vapid and vain, and has put so much self worth on being "attractive". 80% of the criticism on her looks would go away if she was just a shitty tattooist (not all, but most), but she's so insistent on coming across as a male fantasy.

No. 770292

Considering she won’t even put work into her tattoos by actually getting an apprenticeship, I doubt very highly she’ll go to a gym. She seems like the most unmotivated human.

No. 770297

Lets face it, that’s all wishful thinking. Considering she’s in her 30s and a textbook narcissist, she’s NEVER going to change sadly because narcs think there’s nothing wrong with them. I mean she’s still doing the same bullshit she was doing 10-12 years ago except she’s gotten quite significantly bitchier over the years which goes to show she’s just gonna get worse and not better unfortunately. Also did I miss something in regards to the cheating thing?

No. 770298

From ickys drunk rant:

“ lived in elora for 6 years in the same place and many of my relationships lasted for over 3 years such as kale Zach and adrien (sorry Samantha I know you’re on here too trashin me daily for years , tell him I said hi 😘 I forgot what he kissed like till a bit ago), I heard carli said you got married how cute) ”

Not sure where she’s getting this information. She’s just drunk and paranoid so she’s trying to stir the pot by saying she kissed a married man ( totes unattainable)
I doubt highly Sam is in here, they’re probably both just glad they’ve moved on together and don’t have to listen to icky ramble on about herself in a fake accent.
Sounds like icky is jealous if anything.
If anyone told him about her drunk rant saying he cheated they’ll probably just laugh at her and move on. Like they’ve been doing for the past ten years.
No wonder he left her dumb ass.
Keep taking overly filtered selfies, icky. You’re super motivated, awesome and contributing member of society. Get super drunk tonight and come make a fool of yourself here more please! Loser

No. 770302

File: 1587405835794.jpeg (79.37 KB, 779x340, 58D239B3-EA6B-4B3C-8AA3-D3E6E9…)

She finally took the “happily taken” out of her bio. So her relationship to this perfect man that’s so great she’ll introduce him to the family only lasted 12 hours.

I almost feel bad for him.

No. 770307

>I forgot what he kissed like till a bit ago
I kinda glossed over this initially because her rants are so funny, but damn this comment is flat pathetic. How many years ago did she date this guy? I can't tell if she's implying that he's cheating on his wife or just wants to brag that "she had him first" like some high schooler jealous of her ex's new girlfriend. These are adults who have married and clearly moved on with their lives.

It's a shame Vick doesn't seem to have anyone in her life who could give her an honest reality check.

No. 770314

File: 1587410843347.png (2.25 MB, 2368x1176, Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 3.24…)

Clearly her former roommates are done with her. That really didn't last long.

No. 770317

So I’m new. It wouldn’t be cow tipping if someone here, possibly me, knew adrien from the music scene and showed him what she said? The fact that she has no boundaries when it comes to his marriage to an awesome girl and hasn’t moved on like a decade later?
Hope you read this Vick.

No. 770318

I hope she sees this and loses her shit kek

No. 770319

That is absolutely fucking hilarious what the fuck

No. 770327

You know your life has really taken a wrong turn when a couple of 22 year olds are blasting you for being a mess while you’re staying in someone else’s “mansion” because you haven’t had a steady place to live in god knows how long.
Clogs toilet and steals packages. But we’re all jealous.
Stealing packages in a whole new low, since these people were clearly letting her squat for free.
She should really take a hiatus from social media for a year and get her life together cause this is BAD.
Between this and the rants she went on celebrating people commuting suicide, girl is having a metal breakdown 100%

No. 770328

Did she really steal packages? That shit's low.

No. 770329

Also, I hope one of these know about this thread and give us the DETAILS.

And Victoria is 100% going to post a rant about how they were crazy and how they were all trying to have sex with her.

No. 770330

I mean… it seems like that girl Nicole and her were getting along really well. They were having a chat online and they were all about eachother. She seems to be pretty pissed now. I wouldn’t doubt it. Vicky overstayed her welcome and was too drunk to know what she was doing again.
Wonder which one of the roommates she thought she was dating and it all blew up in her face.

No. 770332

This is literally the most pathetic thing ever. This was posted on April 18th so I bet she got kicked out of this house and then decided to rant on here to vent. Vic, girl, grow the fuck up as it looks like your life is spiraling out of control.

No. 770333

Oh yeah, she went on that rant two days ago. So instead of doing something constructive with her time, she was here explaining herself to people she “doesn’t care about”

Hope clogging up the toilets in a mansion made you feel like the princess you are.

No. 770337

I don't know why, but Vick does strike me as the type to do this.
I imagine her making up some crazy story when they caught her out.

No. 770340

So the Vick homeless era begins now?

>i am not desperate for a man …I mean look at me lmfao I’m hot and you can’t stand that it’s real

yeah "lmfao" look at you

No. 770343

Well she put up 20 videos of herself trying to look like a well adjusted human today on Instagram and she’s in a house.
Who she begged to let her sleep on there couch this time, who knows.
Seems like that social distancing isn’t going very well for her.
How many places has she lived in now in 2020?
And she lost her shop?
Vicky, I know you’re reading this. I’m begging to to delete social media and admit yourself into a mental health facility.
When you are well, put yourself in school with all that inheritance and move on. Stop using Bella morte and start over.
This thing you call life is a mess.

No. 770349

File: 1587416816619.jpeg (282.02 KB, 1731x1695, DBDE0933-36A7-4B0D-A15A-FD36C9…)

Hey look what I found.
Adam was joking with this tim guy about using “all the toilet paper” now knowing it is Vicky. Found him on Instagram and he’s driving in a car with simon( the guys house icky was flopping at)

And don’t his eyyyyyezzz look familiar? He even has a picture of that cat he’s posing with.

No. 770368


Next time don't announce it.

No. 770383

Aww, the hell with these haters - they’re just jealous of Slick’s ah-maxing beauty and mad because she won’t have threesomes with them, so they’re making up lies to discredit our brilliant, icy INTJ Final Fantasy goddess.

No. 770384

oh anon… thats not a cat.

No. 770385

The first photo of his eye ball, that’s a cat.
That same cat is on his Instagram.

The photo of his eyeball/ cat was the same photo Vicky put in her stories. Full circle, same dude.

No. 770386

The second photo is on the wiener dog. (Yes I know, a dog) and that’s the “wiener” Vicky has on her Instagram.

No. 770391

Addendum to that: stop wasting what little funds you have on stupid shit and invest in your mushy grey gums. You can die from a bad enough infection. Treat this seriously, Vic, i know you lurk here.

AS for inheritance, I always thought her family was comfortable middle class but not wealthy. Not sure how much payout she can expect when old man Shingles kicks over.

No. 770394

Lol I knew 2020 was going to be a milky year for vicky. Girl is a MESS. She probably offered them tattoos in exchange to sleep on their couch.
What is with her hanging around a bunch of kids? I hope they rip on her more.

I mean, maybe. I’d say their eyebrows look similar. I’d bet they slept together and she took that as being in a relationship lol. Vicky seems like a stage 5 clinger.

No. 770396

If it's true I feel like she's just pissing her life away waiting for daddy to die which is morbid as fuck but wouldn't surprise me.

No. 770398

oh you had me worried for you. then why not post the picture of the cat? for proof.

if its the same cat then its definitely the "his eyesss" guy, and if so how pathetic is it that she's creaming herself over some guy who's laughing at her with his mates on social media?

No. 770400

File: 1587426073700.jpeg (280.71 KB, 868x1878, C7273F14-C266-4BAD-AA27-673830…)

It’s for sure the same guy. And he’s friends with adam taking about the toilet paper incident.
And he’s on his Instagram driving around with simon( the “mansion” guy they’re all staying with)

And that is for sure the same eyebrow. Those are some nice man brows. Lol.