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No. 897829

The Basics:

>Vicky is a middle aged scratcher from Buttfuck Nowhere, Hicksville, Canada with an exhaustive recorded history of stealing deposits, cancelling appointments, and giving disastrous mangled tattoos to her clients. One of the reasons why this thread exists is to warn anyone who happens to Google her name prior to getting a tattoo from her.

>She is also a washed up “scene queen” who likes spending her free time reliving her glory days on MySpace by getting hammered and posting poorly shopped thirstpics and embarrassing videos on her various personal and “professional” social media accounts. She then posts the resulting DMs she gets from random horny old men and neckbeards, the sorts of DMs normal women ignore or are repulsed by, seemingly as proof of her desirability - despite, of course, being perpetually single for pretty much her entire adult life.
>Vicky exhibits a plethora of curious behaviours such as pretending to be British, pretending to be wealthy, pretending to be a super-fit ninja, pretending to be educated, pretending to be a model and pretending to be the one and only woman who likes/does "X", and of course, pretending to be unbothered by criticism.

Historical Milk:

>Jackie came with the MILK (tl;dr Victoria’s cat pissed all over her couch and Victoria was too broke to pay for it, she begged Jackie to stay at her place cause she can’t pay her bills, etc.) >>829023

>Vicky creates a new Instagram account for her tattoos, has hardly any followers and ends up making it private >>820656
>Continues to post egregiously shooped pics that are looking more and more like an overinflated sex doll with less and less resemblance to her actual self >>820676
>Despite being an award-winning Michelin star chef who has cooked for celebrities as far off as Timbuktu the only thing she seems capable of cooking are Yorkshire puddings (which would explain why she’s so fucking huge) >>820908
>Joins TikTok, looks fatter than ever >>821095
>Posts a video to “prove” her fake Versace bra is real >>821108
>Spergs incessantly about how she doesn’t want to be skinny, hard fucking cope for being a ham planet >>821012
>Is so ~ not bovverrrred ~ by lolcow that age continues to post about us on her social media, claims she fucked her ex after he left her for her former friend >>821407
>Still making up r/thathappened tier tales about how other girls’ boyfriends want to bang her and how everyone is jealous and crazy (the fucking irony) >>822051
>Still claiming that everything posted on lolcow is lies and that we edit her photos to make her look worse because we’re “intimated” by her beauty (my fucking sides, I cannot with this delusional fat retard) >>823263
>Insists the only people who post here are the same group of four girls who she’s had a falling out with in real life >>823270
>Bunny is true to her promise that if Shingles mentioned her again she’d return to the farm to share more anecdotes, such as Vicky getting kicked out of houses for being dirty >>823340 , texting Bunny begging to hang out >>823358 , and most hilarious of all, how she threw a shit fit over not being able to make pasta on a fucking camping trip >>823482
>Her shoops are becoming progressively more insane, indicating that she must have a lot of spare time on her hands >>823740
>Claims she looks ~ soooo young ~ despite looking like a 50 year old lot lizard >>823999
>Vicky gets called out for being a catfish on TikTok >>824095
>Another Ontariofag who has had the displeasure of meeting Shingles comes forward confirming everything said about her her >>824770
>More bullshit about how every man wants her, every woman is jealous and scared Vicky will steal their man and how she’s an ~ untouchable ice queeeen ~ >>825345
>Another person Vicky has mangled with her scratching pays us a visit to share the extent of Vicky’s butchery to her skin >>825779
>Some scrote posts her nonsense to a body building page, Vicky uses the opportunity to screech ad nauseam about how she doesn’t edit her body, which is an insult to anyone with functioning retinas >>827243
>People on social media point out that Shingles is a retard for bashing sex workers when she does pretty much the same thing as them but for free >>827341

>Her past milk is approaching Tolstoy levels of documentation so here is a pastebin of that: https://pastebin.com/SsvpzQy0

Cameron Saga:

>A calf is born: introducing Cameron “the contrarian” who gives us a coked-out 18,000 word screed at 1am about muh zero sugar energy bars >>800078

> Cameron goes off on some other irrelevant bitch named kayla for seemingly no reason >>800090
>To the surprise of precisely no one, Cameron looks like this >>800296
>He returns later to call us the obsessive losers after writing an entire novel about how Vicky wouldn’t suck his dick >>800376
>Congratulations, it’s twins! a second calf, Kayla (when you order Trisha Paytas on Wish), is thrust upon us >>800605
>Cameron comes back yet again to sperg about phone chargers, Vicky’s fridge, and a tonne of other retarded shit >>800642
>Kayla also has a sperg for the ages, posting nonstop on Facebook and to anyone who will listen to her >>800822

Latest milk:

>Vicky has bestowed her impeccable taste and eye for design upon us by opening an online “couture” shop that’s really just drop shipping for fugly as fuck plastic landfill slave labour produced trash from China >>864470

>The Terms & Conditions are fucking hysterical, if I didn’t know better I’d think this was satire >>864486
>Still bashing OnlyFats degenerates and making herself look like a compete clown by posting softcore porn edits of herself for free >>864554
>Continues to be the internet’s preeminent pickme by defending disgusting moids >>864657
>She has to be the only person in history whose art has actually gotten worse with time, Jesus Christ Icky STOP BUTCHERING INNOCENT PEOPLE >>864694
>Shares client DMs informing her that they need to cancel for medical reasons, you can’t make this shit up >>864734
>Her “couture” business is going so well that’s she’s giving garments away (totally not because no one wants to buy that literal trash) >>865189
>Reverse image searching confirms our suspicions that she’s re-selling aliexpress landfill at an outrageous markup >>865201
>Presented without comment >>865395
>Don’t worry ladies, you can rest easy knowing that she won’t steal your man… >>865421
>…Unless you’re “disrespectful”, then all bets are off >>865422
>Is apparently “in recovery”, for what (if anything) is anyone’s guess >>865442
>This is what a 3000-dollar-an-hour model looks like, nonitas >>865663
>In case anyone has forgotten what her true form is >>865686
>Wow, so luxury, much designer >>865764
>Because her lies aren’t egregious enough, claims she designed this herself and also invented filigree… >>865915
>…and that she’ll totally be down to collab with Donatella Versace (like that’s something in the realm of possibility, she is completely fucking insane holy shit) >>865974
>More deteriorating tattoo quality >>866088
>Apparently she’s “part Buddhist” now >>866341
>More evidence to support the belief that she is genuinely intellectually handicapped >>866349
>Please Icky, continue to tell us how you’re so far above onlyfans whores >>866558
>There is no way this stinky fat loser isn’t an actual sped >>866646
>Expanding her “couture” range to include aliexpress Buddhist “shrines”, this is all time peak of cringe, even for Vicky’s standards >>866700
>Announces that she has to give up her cats due to an alleged “sensitivity”, press x to doubt >>867323
>More lies, though admittedly her “love” must have no sense of smell whatsoever if he can stand being in her unwashed proximity >>867407
>Just when you think her sloppy shooping can’t get any worse >>867424
>Attempting to sell a white tank top with a stock image on it for 1000 bucks, she has fucking lost it >>867890
>Thank you so much for enlightening us as to what is happening in Ukraine, Icky >>868572
>Victoria Bella-Morte aka missvictoriamurder aka Viper aka Victoria Emma Shingleton of Ontario, Canada will hereby be known as “Vee Venum” >>868663
>She has totally stopped drinking, smoking and has lost 25 pounds y’all! The alcoholic hamoid chimney doth protest too much methinks >>869285
>Just gonna leave Icky’s quora profile here, there’s a lot to unpack >>871617
>Back at it with middle school tier responses to criticism on Google, never change Ick >>873090
>BUHBYE! >>873127
>Allegedly has a long term illness, doesn’t say what it is but it’s totally not contagious u guise (cue extensive speculation as to what is wrong with her, my money’s on something alcohol-related) >>873146
>New “Viper Model” pic, same old crusty cumrag clothes, ratty polyester extensions, abysmal editing and shitty plastic backdrop >>875718
>Vicky to the rescue, how generous of her to offer up time out of her hectic schedule to replace Amber Heard in Aquaman >>876397
>Another one of her tattoo victims stops by, 10/10 delicious, absolute flavourtown >>876506
>Clearly back on the booze, immediately after the surgery she had that definitely wasn’t fabricated >>877404
>Icky Vicky now available in HD wallpaper, praise the lord >>878142
>Imagine being proud that you’re a misogynistic piece of shit, at the brown age of almost 40 >>878496
>Nobody, especially surgeons, thinks you’ve had surgery >>879918
>More excuses for not working, just give it up Vicky >>880301
>Claims she dumped her boyfriend of 1.5 years, immediately starts fishing for scrote attention on Facebook but is totally happy being single >>881791
>You don’t have any clients or close friends, Vicky >>884157
>The projection, my fucking sides >>884977
>Icky’s new hobby while “recovering” seems to be leaving rambling, grammatically incorrect and ultimately pointless reviews of doctors and restaurants on Google >>887268
>Makes some random old dude’s death all about her >>887606
>Announces taking a break from social media to “heal up”, we’ll see how long this lasts >>889047
>Returns as soon as she has a new boyfriend to show off… >>892030
>…only to post about how much she loves being single five minutes later >>893163
>Muh “sometime mabye good, sometimes mabye shit” Mensa IQ >>893699
>Showing her true misogynist colours yet again, at least e-whores make money from showing their crusty holes on the internet, Vicky. Keep posting your catastrophically shooped unwashed pussy lips and pancake tits for free >>894622
>LARPing as Megan Fox (but remember Vicky did it first!) while telling cringey boomer “jokes”>>895783
>I don’t even know where to start with this >>896669
>Reveals yet another boyfriend, file under “images you can smell” >>896946
>Tags a picture of him as Ronnie Radke, her followers are so fucking retarded that they think it is actually Ronnie Radke >>896971
>Vicky, how is this Halloween outfit any different to what you wear every damn day? >>897174
>Yet more sperging about OnlyFans, stay mad Icky >>897491
>Her assistant was kind enough to let all her adoring fans know that she’ll be taking another break from social media >>897761


Professional Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/717Viper717
Personal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/victoria.emma.5680
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/modelviper
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@717viper717


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No. 897834

was this really necessary

No. 897839

Not that anon but theres only one post left in the old thread, so

No. 897851

kek thanks for the thread anon, her thread moves so slowly I forgot it was about to lock

No. 897975

File: 1668530699770.jpeg (199.08 KB, 1282x836, C68790FA-0EA4-4F72-84D5-87C620…)

She’s too busy to respond to clients about her stealing their deposits with nowhere to work but she sure has time to make up dead baby stories on Quora.

What the fuck icky. This is fucking gross even for you.

No. 897977

File: 1668531106584.jpeg (166.35 KB, 1282x693, 9358FA69-37AD-415D-9E91-136E10…)

“Unless it’s for a really good reason” kek

No. 897978

File: 1668531436362.png (2.39 MB, 1284x2778, C9BCC7FC-1FC4-483D-A3D8-C63175…)

She made a new folder on fb called “my fav”
A photo of her and her new bf.
A bunch of videos of her eye fucking herself and this. Cause she has to keep up that she superior.

No. 897981

>They're anon, but everyone makes fun of them behind their backs
Ah, logistics have never been her strong suit I guess

No. 897989


Honestly, this is a true story although vicky altered it. It wasn't her ex's girlfriend it was her ex that beat and murdered a child. Her ex boyfriend she dated in summer 2017 is currently serving time in prison for it. But vicky changed it to be the girl because she hates women of course and doesn't want to admit she dated an absolute monster. Here is the article


No. 897991

He’s been charged, I’m looking for more information. This is disgusting. She’s blaming the MOM for killing her baby when it was the dad?! This is WORSE than lying about the whole story. Icky. Get some fucking mental help.

No. 897994

So she covered for her brother when it was found out he’s a pedo and now for a child murderer. Victoria Bella morte / Victoria shingleton. You’re really a pos

No. 897995

File: 1668543879560.jpg (59.68 KB, 565x817, Capture.JPG)


This is his instagram. You can hear fat Vicky slip in and out of her fake accent in this video.

No. 897996

File: 1668544873126.jpeg (Spoiler Image,119.29 KB, 640x909, CA98C7CC-B41E-4CDE-A41A-84AB04…)

His profile is private. But I remember him from this. When he was posting their conversations. Weird that she was calling him a coke head but now he’s the perfect parent

No. 897997

File: 1668545041642.jpeg (23.52 KB, 199x275, 980EADB7-F37A-45E4-88CE-454143…)

Sorry didn’t mean to spoiler the last post

No. 897999

File: 1668545177352.jpeg (224.52 KB, 1282x1296, CDD8B24E-027A-4B97-9C0E-609197…)

Also attached to his Instagram profile is his contracting business. People are commenting on the murder. Victoria hates women so much she places the blame of a child’s murder on the mom just cause. Holy

No. 898000

File: 1668545251437.jpeg (214.72 KB, 1284x1320, 3766FC9D-52D1-426D-A65F-FCB03C…)

She also posted this. People are giving their sympathy to icky. She tattooed this girl once 7 years ago. This girl also died over two weeks ago.. how many times is she going to use peoples death for attention

No. 898003

File: 1668546767381.jpeg (180.17 KB, 1282x1360, 12EBA7CF-B833-4BCB-9B1F-8C43C6…)

Thisnis the baby killers brother. Icky likes to keep it in the family

No. 898008

File: 1668548731116.jpeg (213.74 KB, 1284x1396, 47986883-9D05-4302-8FA0-402D63…)

Found him on Facebook. He doesn’t post anymore cause he’s in jail.
Rodrigo Romero. Hopefully the family of the victim don’t have to deal with Victoria bella morte.

No. 898012

File: 1668551057463.jpeg (92.02 KB, 986x1024, 8BD31775-CA80-4028-8F69-260D62…)

So she fucked a baby murderer and then his brother? What in the world

No. 898013

Just when you think Vicky’s milk has dried up she hits us with an entire farm. She’s picky and gets asked out by millionaires though.

No. 898028

File: 1668560206279.jpeg (83.84 KB, 1284x376, 8FD76ACE-0AB7-4E28-97B3-17F339…)

Yeah this is a guy Vicky would date. Checks out. Keep those standard high Victoria

No. 898029

My god, not just “nigga” but “nigger” with the hard r. You can bet racist, white nationalist anti-vaxxer Victoria Emma Shingleton/Victoria Bella Morte/Vee Venum/Viper bandies it about too
>the only man I kissed happens to be your girl
I don’t think he realises the implications of this…

No. 898034

File: 1668563202920.jpeg (162.32 KB, 1282x959, 5507B6E5-3DB5-4890-AF12-D834B6…)

No milk, just ironic. Yeah let the baby killer give you tips. Kek.

No. 898036

>My god, not just “nigga” but “nigger” with the hard r
Kek is this really the thing that makes you gasp and not the murder of an infant?

This is uncomfortably ironic. I hope this faggot rots in prison.

No. 898037

File: 1668565625338.jpeg (263.98 KB, 1284x1060, CFD1C3D9-959D-4EF5-AE1F-E00929…)

Sorry guys I’ve went down the rabbit hole. This is the guy Vicky dated and is backing cause she hates women so much. Like I’m sure this isn’t true.. but - holy shit.. only the best for Victoria.

No. 898039

this is actually the male Vicky, right down to the autistic “jokes” he makes. holy shit, she may have found her soulmate.

No. 898040

Wait, is this guy the baby killer? I thought it was his brother

No. 898041

Nah it’s this guy using the hard r. The brother is the one above in the photo with icky.

No. 898045

i knew that guy, from 16 until 24ish. was on coke most of the time i seen him at parties or anywhere i ran into. never would have known him to do something like that

No. 898048

I know some of this information but I don’t want to further victimize the family with names. He wasn’t the father, he was a friend / maybe boyfriend of the mom. The baby was about to turn 3. Not sure exactly the details of what he did, but it wasn’t the mother. And he wasn’t the dad. He murdered that child.

No. 898049

Oh also. The family is indigenous and seeing how easily the throws around the N word, that’s concerning.(learn2sage)

No. 898050

Do you anything about Victoria and him? Wouldn’t he be pretty pissed off she also fucked his brother lol

No. 898051

That's super fucked she switched the story around wtf.

No. 898052

What. The. Fuck. How fucking sick and twisted can a person be? Victoria Shingleton, Victoria Murder, Victoria Bella Morte, Viper, V, whatever you call yourself, you're a narcissist and a psychopath. You must hate other women to make something like that up, to do that to the mother of that child. This is insane.

No. 898053

>n word
This isn’t twitter, you don’t need to censor words. And what does him being indigenous have to do with anything? The doesn’t stop him from being a racist piece of shit

No. 898056

I’ve honestly never encountered any woman who is as much of a misogynistic pickme subhuman waste of oxygen as this fat retard, I hate her so fucking much. Trying real hard not to a-log

No. 898062

She's the enemy of women. Selling out her own gender so some scrote will agree with her. Truly a vile human.

No. 898067

I don’t have to censor my words, but coming in lolcow doesn’t automatically make me racist? I don’t say that word anywhere. If you do have a field day. And killing an indigenous baby + hurling around the n word as an insult.., yes that would probably make him super racist.
Shouldnt have had to spell that all out for you.

No. 898088

This whole situation is so warped and backwoods I am disgusted by it all. Icky vicky never changes. No wonder she drinks so much her body is fucked; imagine keeping the cesspool of idiots active in your life and justifying it?

No. 898102

You focused on that as 'concerning' right after mentioning he killed a baby. Now you're putting a + between them like it's an equation and it just makes you look even more retarded.

No. 898103

It’s concerning that he killed a baby of colour while now also seeing he has no problem using the N word. ( yes, still saying the “n word”. Please don’t get too triggered)
I don’t know the details on why he killed this baby, but if it had anything to do with race, would be an even more disgusting detail. Maybe not more concerning, as the murder of a toddler is bad no matter the reason.

I hope you’re okay now. Considering the subject matter, this should be the least of your worries. But alas.

No. 898104

Don't bother arguing with twitterfags there's no reasoning with them. They're more concerned about the skin colour of those involved than the fact a horrendous murder took place.

No. 898107

Okay but next time someone uses + instead of writing “and” don’t have a panic attack totally different anon and not the same one from above. Kek
Keep seething that people won’t join you in using racial slurs cause you want them too(sage your shit)

No. 898123

Learn2sage and we're not all the same person.

No. 898124

Not that anon, you realise there’s more than one person talking to you, right? Learn to integrate, or better yet, go back to whence you came and never return
iirc her relationship with this moid ended badly but I can’t be bothered going back through the threads to dig up the caps. I hope her latest relationship proves to be a milky dumpster fire

No. 898126

All two of you just happened to come back at the same time? At least spread it out to make it somewhat believable. You’re upset cause I wouldn’t use the N word with the hard R. That’s literally how this got started. Kek.
Mighty sensitive for someone that’s trying to be so edgy.

No. 898127

Btw the screen grabs are a few posts up. Don’t have to go too far

No. 898128

There were more than those, Vicky had a massive chimp out

No. 898136

You're literally retarded if you think they want you to say the ooky-spooky n word. It's just annoying as hell that you're sperging this hard when all the anons have been saying is that murdering a fucking child is worse than saying nigger. Nobody wants you to say it. I don't even want to say it. But you're twisted if you care more about words than baby murder. Try staying off of Twitter for a while, it'd be good for you.

No. 898138

I’m >>898124 I don’t know why this retard thinks we’re all the same person, I wish all the twitterfags would get off the board. No one is using the word “nigger” in any context other than to reference the exact words of the baby killer, hence the quotation marks, but apparently that’s 3edgy5me. Anyway, moving on, we know Vicky lurks so I hope she sees that this piece of shit scrote has been brought up and uses it as an excuse to come back from her alleged social media break

No. 898147

>you're twisted if you care more about words than baby murder
Stop pearl clutching over nothing, nobody said racism is worse than murder. Anon gave information about the scrote Vicky used to date, in Vicky's thread, so anons could have more context. I'm sorry your reading comprehension is so bad that you can't understand normal people anymore, the anon said he killed a non-white baby and given his internet history that's concerning over 2 posts. You're retarded if you read her posts and thought that she said racism is more concerning than baby murder.

You're a retard too "different anon". 90% of the milk in these threads comes from Guelph anons who aren't permanently online, stop trying to language police them before you scare them off. They'll "go back" to gossiping about Vicky privately. They're not twitterfags kek, who the fuck on twitter even knows who Vicky is? She was a MySpace kween 15 years ago, she doesn't even have a twitter account. All of her fans are 40 year old men on Facebook, the overlap with twitterfags is 0.

No. 898148

shingles lying to cover up the truth of a man murdering a toddler is a new low that was NOT on my bingo card holy shit

No. 898150

I know right, it’s far beyond the realm of expected pickme fuckery. She’s a truly rotten excuse for a human being

No. 898164

The guy killed a baby, wtf does the skin colour or heritage have to do with it? Is killing an indigenous baby somehow worse than killing any other baby? I swear, SJWs try so hard to be politically correct, they just end up sounding insensitive themselves.

No. 898168

Ignore the retard nona, they’ve been banned so let’s not shit up the thread any more. I really want to know more about Icky’s current moid, I bet she’s made him delete all his social media because she knows we’ll make fun of him like we did with that pound town loser who kept deleting/changing his handles

No. 898177

>doesn’t check vicky thread for a bit because milk is dry
>come back
>vicky tells a story about her ex murdering a baby but pins the murder on the mother

What in the actual fuck. I knew she was Queen pick-me but Jesus fucking Christ. The urge to a-log…..

No. 898179

Donno if you guys are aware but victoria was also on the infamous "isanyoneup" site.

That's why she "hates sex workers" so much. Because she was in there with them but didn't get the positive attention she wanted. Instead they just ripped her apart

No. 898184

Lmao saying a word doesnt make you racist. Despite what you may think most black people dont care

No. 898217

I don’t care about racism because thats a burger problem and we don’t have that in my country kek but I think anon is trying to tell that maybe the reason he killed the baby was because it was black. does any of you really know the circumstances? it kinda makes sense.

No. 898231

It’s been posted about several times (caps of her being roasted) and was mentioned in the last thread just before it locked too, pity the site pages weren’t archived because iirc the caps were low quality

No. 898357

File: 1668826660161.jpeg (102.5 KB, 1282x585, 7E8AF049-8AD3-44C1-A3DE-D99DEC…)

No . You just steal peoples money, fake illnesses and date / defended baby killers.
Maybe a psych ward wouldn’t be a bad choice.

No. 898362

Aw, why didn't she do it in third person? It's funnier when the "assistant" does the lying.

No. 898375

The fat retard doth protest too much methinks, how often does she feel the need to announce this obvious bullshit? And so much for the social media break. I hope she’s lurking here and references the recent posts about dating someone who literally murdered a baby and retconning the incident to blame the mother. Evil cunt.

No. 898377

File: 1668829837126.jpeg (79.06 KB, 1282x487, 95B5BC7B-79F8-4362-8DCD-72852F…)

She goes on to say she doesn’t eat carbs or go on tiktok.
What about posting your vagina on Facebook for your dad and clients to see? Kek

No. 898380

File: 1668830096694.jpeg (208.4 KB, 1284x1251, 6FD053CB-7F8E-408C-89A2-121E3F…)

First of all this conversation is weird. Secondly, if someone offers you a place in a psych ward..? That sounds like a direct response to lolcow but ok.

No. 898381

My God NLOG Vicky, you're so disciplined and talented.

No. 898383

File: 1668830991979.jpeg (77.95 KB, 1284x510, 8D82872D-63EF-40CC-BC45-44F746…)

NLOG… Mabye

No. 898385

She’s literally 35. Who TF is just offering any of this shit? Get a job Vick, then you won’t have time to worry about being offered drugs. Tim’s in Fergus is always hiring.

No. 898387

Isn’t she 37? I could have sworn she was born in 1985

No. 898395

You should be in a psych ward.

What a weird thing to announce while claiming it’s not a response to haters. Her behavior and reviews of various hospitals and EMS services would suggest she needs to be medicated and placed in a psychiatric hospital.

I wonder if there’s a rumor going around town that she’s a fucking nutso kek

No. 898399

I think we're at the point where we've just accepted this as mental illness. The photoshops, the lies about herself, and the constant need to be a pick me pretty much says it all to me.

No. 898400

She’s very clearly mentally ill and intellectually handicapped, in addition what she posts herself we’ve got first hand accounts of how fucked in the head she is from Bunny and Jackie. It’s well beyond being a rumour

No. 898432

File: 1668863792492.jpeg (457.86 KB, 1283x2236, E1ABC50E-9B07-4514-B835-A20F2E…)

One of her many edits saying “ I don’t take drugs that interact with any of my meds”
10/10 believe Vicky is a pill popper. Going to so many different doctors on google reviews and taking more meds than needed

No. 898451

You're spot on. She specificed street drugs for a reason. Much like TND saying she was "sober from heroin". She's doing drugs, just not one exclusively found on the streets.

No. 898460

File: 1668876378205.jpeg (264.67 KB, 1282x1270, 2B51C521-ABFE-4281-8940-741027…)

These are all within a two month span and that’s just the ones she reviewed.

No. 898461

Samefag, but some of these walk ins that are good reviews were done in the same month in different cities. If you like it so much, why not go back? Cause you need the same prescription most likely.

No. 898490

You’re probably right- mid to late 30s for sure and should be mature enough to not post about randoms offering her street drugs. More time on her hands since she can’t go back to butchering skin and swiping deposits.

No. 898517

File: 1668902283769.jpg (61.07 KB, 720x862, IMG_20221119_165318_560.jpg)

From the comments on this post. Victoria's inability to decipher humor of any kind (even awful humor) is one of my top 10 fav things about her.

No. 898521

I'm starting to wonder if she understands what a "vice" is

it must be boring to be so perfect kek

No. 898522

>fat cunt claims she doesn’t eat carbs
Oh I’m sure you don’t, shingles

No. 898553

File: 1668967507577.jpeg (125.48 KB, 1282x514, 0AC1BF70-EE14-4803-BE25-641301…)

Remember when Vicky said she was invited to be on ink master but was too busy? Then started telling everyone she was going to for sure be travelling the states doing guest spots as a celebrity tattoo artist? Kek.

No. 898555

File: 1668967728767.jpeg (384.47 KB, 1283x2267, 758D8D5E-46F7-4DF6-B033-BAC40F…)

Victoria shingleton aka Victoria murder aka Victoria Bella morte aka viper model would know.

No. 898560

Then what the fuck are those grease puddings you make?

No. 898594

The way this bitch has to stress that it's a non-communicable is so bizarre. Does only std's exist in her world?

No. 898597

STDs and a myriad of alcohol or hard drug-related internal issues. But it's totally a mystery because she has no vices and would never do any of that stuff.

No. 898611

File: 1669049628272.jpeg (61.62 KB, 1282x339, 71B06E2D-B865-4136-8676-5482A3…)

Some guy in some shitty band stopped a show cause someone was having a seizure. So Manly.
Anyways, she was posting on her stories on Instagram about seizers a few times as well.
Still think she’s going through intense withdrawal from alcohol

No. 898694


she's either going through some kind of withdrawals or lying about seizures. i've noticed seizures are one of the more common things people with munchausen or otherwise looking for attention will lie about having, since they're something extreme but not generally directly observed by doctors.

No. 898699

File: 1669129851592.jpeg (323.67 KB, 1283x1604, 9A84E67F-B519-4234-90F3-514775…)

She changed her pfp at 2am. Forgot about these gems

No. 898700

why is Keanu Reeves so tiny? looool

No. 898702

Kek this is why I come to this thread

No. 898704

File: 1669133422401.jpeg (100.58 KB, 1282x576, 3FFCFB55-F763-4F4B-A27C-1D6EF2…)

She threw a sword around 3 times drunk 5 years ago.

No. 898759

Alcohol withdrawal isn't really a drawn out process. She's being saying she's sick for over a year. If it's alcohol related more likely she's saying she's sick to cover up and active addiction. Or just malingering

No. 898777

File: 1669215349472.jpeg (259.56 KB, 1282x1032, 60BF38F1-C2E8-409A-8911-D01A2D…)

They’re drawn out if she keeps drinking and then keeps trying to quit at home on her own. Would explain the review on the ambulance.

It’s all tinfoil at this point. It would be odd if she left reviews for these places she never used / been to.. but it’s icky.

No. 898786

File: 1669220994360.png (634.84 KB, 1440x2442, Screenshot_20221123-102849.png)

Haven't seen her twitter posted yet
Surely there's some untapped cringe to be found. She's not very active as of recently but figured it could be fun for some farmers to dig through. https://twitter.com/VictoriaMurder

No. 898795

File: 1669232892391.jpeg (80.1 KB, 1284x365, B6558B60-C95D-47D1-9066-CD11C3…)

It’s pretty boring. just reposts from Facebook, tattoo deals and vague posting.
But this? Kek. I wish Jackie would come back

No. 898796

File: 1669232932819.jpeg (106.89 KB, 1284x461, 05D6F30A-999D-455B-90E8-C03AC4…)

And I TOTALLY forgot when she did a deep cleanse of her hair with Clorox and poisoned herself kek

No. 898799

File: 1669234857714.jpeg (161.83 KB, 1282x535, 4E34635C-1419-4382-B17A-BAD5C0…)

Sounds like an alcoholic

No. 898800


No. 898832

What does she mean by a 40 of jack daniels? Like a $40 bottle? Sorry I’m not familiar with whatever slang she’s using as I’m not from Canada.

No. 898835

40oz, for some reason she's using the wrong measurement. Never heard someone talk about a 40 of jack before but it's a common phrase in hip-hop when talking about malt liquor.

No. 898840

>40 oz
Ok besides what the other anon said, lets do some math. Diet sperg here.
40oz of jd a day is about 2600 calories.
Consume that for “weeks on end” and that is 18,200 a week OR 5.2 pounds GAINED.
We all see she eats outside of that, so easily in a month she gained 20 lbs.

No. 898842

That’s a common things teenagers say in Canada. They call everything big a 40.
Ontario fag that did the samething at 17.

No. 898845

File: 1669303383087.jpeg (271.24 KB, 1283x1351, DC5C35CB-D2CF-418E-8DAB-107000…)

So glad I found this again. This is my favourite lie.

No. 898862

This is probably my favorite lie she's ever told. I love how she doubled down in the comments section. I miss old Vic milk. I hope she heals so she's able to post crazy shit again. I am thankful for cows.

No. 898963

File: 1669347740627.jpeg (195.26 KB, 940x1226, 29114120-DAB8-4775-9BFE-BB3354…)

Covered her body in oil to put her tits up on Instagram? Tell us again how you’re better than of girls

No. 898975


Those cheap synthetic mismatched extensions are painful to look at

No. 898978

I can smell the fat bitch BO, polyester hair, hotdog water, stale cigarette smoke, cheap liquor, shit stench breath and cat piss through the screen and I want to barf

No. 898979

This fat retard is so fucking ugly even with excessive filtering, she looks like she has literal shit on her face and the skin is rotting off, how fucked in the head is she to think that this looks good?

No. 899006

File: 1669386361808.jpeg (464.97 KB, 1125x1259, 697B11D7-725C-407B-8DAA-B0BCCD…)

It gets worse when you turn up the exposure . Bitch is built like a fridge. No waistline just a shapeless blob with a set of floppy flapjacks attached.

And for someone who claims to be shaped like an hourglass it’s even more tragic to see her in person.

No. 899030

File: 1669398930977.jpeg (787.08 KB, 1164x1989, FC20876A-9B4F-4246-A4D4-69EE81…)


The warped background where she pushed her love handles way inwards

No. 899048

Does anyone have the other picture in this Cyberpunk 'series' of hers where she's positioned on the bike the wrong way? This lady makes me kek so hard.

No. 899061

Looks like a lot of alcohol and mental instability. What was she thinking with the makeup? And I love how she alludes to it as a "shoot". Yeah, "shoot" means you were drinking and all of a sudden "Frankie" appeared with a bad idea.

No. 899123

File: 1669477473595.jpg (144.41 KB, 960x960, 1614231316186.jpg)

Here you go anon.

No. 899126


No. 899131

Such a masterpiece.

No. 899138

Thank you Nonna!!! I cannot stop laughing.

No. 899139

I was watching whatever happened to baby Jane the other day… and all I could see was vick.

No. 899151

honestly a WHtBJ? update with the sisters being elderly rockers would be amazing

No. 899153

Good god what a mess. She’s so fucking ugly, those disgusting greasy butthole lips are so punchable

No. 899159

File: 1669507336015.jpeg (311.38 KB, 1283x1544, DF78CAF4-8E55-424B-9400-B44198…)

That’s so icky.

The age of consent is 16, ickster

No. 899160

Still clinging to the mbti label shit. It means nothing, the reality is she's a loser.

No. 899162

'watch mark Darcy from pride and prejudice or Bridgette jones diary' is my new favorite Vicky-ism.

No. 899164

she definitely is darcy. awkward as fuck and considers herself better than everyone else.

No. 899172

Jfc she’s a literal retard

No. 899174

File: 1669519682954.jpg (225.27 KB, 1080x1791, Screenshot_20221126-202642_Ins…)

New insta post, 1/2

No. 899176

File: 1669519705417.jpg (232.92 KB, 1080x669, Screenshot_20221126-202634_Ins…)

No. 899181

Why the fuck does she keep reiterating that she’s not infectious? As if her retard neckbeard followers even care. And fucking kek, “what did I do deserve this?” Being a lying, thieving, abusive, racist, misogynistic sack of shit is what you did to deserve it. Sowing and reaping, you useless fat fuck

No. 899182

More importantly why did she list "the police"? Tf does the police have to do with her ER visit?

No. 899183

Probably arrested for being drunk and disorderly

No. 899185

These wrist bands are so fucking old looking

No. 899214

Is her middle name Emma?

No. 899221

her atrocious photoshop and abysmal makeup skills never cease to amaze me, what a mess.

No. 899222

The gunky build up on her arm from the adhesive is unreal.

No. 899225

Gunky buildup tinfoil: it's an old band from an ER visit earlier this year (we can only see the /22). She's brought it out of its special hiding place in her nasty house, slapped it on her wrist, and taken a pic for attention.
She won't say anything about the "illness". She could have walked into an ER at any time and gotten the shiny bracelet because she fakes seizures. Her silent battle is Munchausen's.

No. 899228

Oh but Nona, she's such a victim and soooo sick of it! The EMTs should stop being struck by her amazing beauty and getting into accidents hitting sign posts. (In total agreement with you btw haha)

No. 899241

It might be adhesive from the iv tape. The bottom one looks like the bands you get for entering a venue or bar

No. 899249

Yes, lurk more

No. 899271

It's like she thinks people with infectious diseases don't deserve pity or brought it on themselves? It's weird and every time it just Streisand effects me into thinking it's antibiotic-resistant syphillis.

No. 899274

Those look old as fuck. The one closest to her hand isn’t even attached, it’s just loosely wrapped around her wrist. The blank paper one looks like anything you get at a ticketed event, and the middle one looks like a newer version of the one on top of it. Literally a dupe. One is upside down the other is right side up. This is all staged. Anyone can walk into an ER for any reason.

I’m convinced she’s a munchie. She lives off of attention.

No. 899281

As someone who works with the hospitals all across Ontario. I can tell you first hand, no hospital puts 3 id bands. It's 1 band with all info on it. They also don't generally look like whatever the fuck those are.

Also the last time I checked hospitals did not have dark light ers with Christmas lights in them

No. 899286

I think she is too, and I think it’s glaringly obvious. The fact that none of her followers have cottoned on to the fact that she’s clearly full of shit is testament to them either being as intellectually handicapped as she is or just not giving a fuck.

No. 899290

File: 1669644788422.jpeg (77.15 KB, 1200x900, 3A26A404-FB27-41CA-8BE2-A0AE33…)

That one band is from a venue or bar. The numbers on the side don’t line with with an Ontario hospital. So either these are old bracelets looking for attention or she went out drinking / using drugs and ended up in the hospital

No. 899294

Here in the states you will get a registration band and possibly another color coded band that may say “allergy, fall risk or elopement risk” for the psych ward patients. But those are super old. She is wearing them like tuna does.

No. 899337

youre a communist. lets all just move to china, and you should bend over for president Xi, displaying your gaping assholes.

this is all an excuse/MK Ultra experiment in enforcing specific social norms randomly on people to see what kind of exercise of authority can be enacted on people. Like what if it was the fault of employees or clients and shes perfectly innocent, but instead for some odd reason here we are personally trashing a hooker, I dont get it, are you a fuckin loser(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 899338

Since Canada does day/month/year dating system you can clearly make out the /02/22 so this bracelet is from February lol

She's my fave cringe cow

No. 899342

Wrong thread?

No. 899345

Red one could be an allergy, I’ve gotten those before and I wouldn’t expect anything less than cheap paper at the Fergus hospital. That being said, she likely kept these from a previous visit and put them back on and tried to hide details by layering them.

No. 899349

It looks like the bracelets have a code that ends in "/22" but doesn't have a date before it. One is "EF014260/22".
But then again one is upside down compared to the other and they look pretty crusty so I still wouldn't be surprised if they're old.

No. 899355

No. 899367

File: 1669748712395.jpeg (814.67 KB, 1170x1144, 31A027FF-EFD3-470D-A312-9B234A…)

New Vic profile. The slimming tool abuse on her face and neck is criminal.

No. 899369

The craziest part of Vick’s “image” (aside from her obscene filter abuse) is the totally stunted fashion sense. She is so obsessed with looking like a hair metal band groupie from the late 80’s that it ages her more than the fucking liquor and drugs do.

No. 899378

the chola lipliner and lipstick that don't match always get me

No. 899391

It's the orange filter that makes the photo look like it was taken under cheap yellow bulbs 10 years ago for me.

No. 899488

This comment.

I almost spit out my Cabernet Sauvignon.

No. 899560

Imo it's really the pointed eyebrows that ages her up the most. Like I'm 37 myself and I've never remember any of my peers, even in high school, do that style.. you only see it in like old 80s stuff.

I think in a old thread there was a random instagram of hers posted where she had very light makeup and straight normal brows and I even said she looked cute.

No. 899565

samefag but just wanted to add that I wonder if she styles herself this way because of the age cohort she attracts. Like it's a self reinforced cycle. Men in their 60s probably knew women who looked like this in their party years lol

No. 899660

The 3 hospital bands make sense. One when you’re being registered, another when you’re admitted, the shitty looking one is for being at risk of falls (related to seizures I guess in her case). What I don’t understand is the part people are thinking is the date (02/22) has 44 before it with no slash so what does that even mean

No. 899675

It's the number of times she made men hit sign posts

No. 899744

File: 1670012233650.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1162x1147, DB5B09FC-9524-45D7-92B4-CE453E…)

She keeps changing her profile to older pictures. She tries so fucking hard to look like a classy ~rich girl~ but ends up looking dusty and cheap. The shitty fake rose, the costume party city gloves, and the fake red bottoms really reach levels of tacky I never thought was possible. That’s the dress Jackie gave her. God she looks so extra fat here. It’s the man arms for me. Just throw away that ugly cat piss soaked couch already

No. 899748

it's the one glove for me

No. 899757

It's the face for me. It looks like it's superimposed.

No. 899764

The ugly fake Prada bag too, lmao. You’d think that she’d be posting new photos since she allegedly lost weight, this makes me think that she’s actually fatter than ever

No. 899766

Is this ugly shit brown her natural eye colour? I know she wears contacts to make them look ~icy~ but I have no idea what they look like naturally

No. 899774

They’re just hazel

God I love the dollarama bouquet in the background

No. 899775

Shotgun weddings in Vegas have more class than this outfit

No. 899800

File: 1670069268274.jpeg (1005.59 KB, 1117x1802, 5D8C25B9-C93A-447D-82A8-42F2C6…)


Plastic flowers in a fucking dirty bong. Stay classy, shingles

No. 899806


No. 899815

That is not a bong lmfao have y’all ever smoked

No. 899819


I mean it looks like one that doesn’t have a bowl in it. You can see a hole with the seal where it would go

No. 899822

It's literally a bong, you can see the hole where the bowl goes. You can even see the plastic o ring used to keep the glass from clanging together when you slide the bowl in.

No. 899823

It’s literally not. It looks like some type of brand seal, it’s not a hole and no bongs mouth piece is that thin.

No. 899829

OK no you're right, it looks like it tapers quite a bit, definitely just a vase. In my defense it's hard to see the actual shape of the glass in the sunlight kek

No. 899908

Agree with this anon, that's just a random cheap vase

No. 900011

… no, it really doesn't. These bands are intended to be digitally scanned for quick access to patient information. Even if she was registered in one department and transferred to another, the hospital would either transfer her existing designation in their system or snip the first band before placing the second, to prevent confusing the scanners.

and yes, the one on the bottom looks like a Fall Risk or Allergy band.

No. 900147

File: 1670336666620.jpeg (123.17 KB, 616x982, EAC9E1E3-2CD3-4956-9AAB-AD006A…)

Also Vicky:

No. 900151

Ahahahaha she's still sniffing around crayon?

No. 900168

This is so embarrassing, how tf does she not notice?

No. 900171

She's been sniffing around him for years. Dude is such a loser but he's actually managed to bag some hot chicks. Would be hilarious if he ever met her in real life. He'd have no idea who this Dollar General Jennifer Coolidge is.

No. 900176

File: 1670347001754.jpeg (88.08 KB, 878x837, 29CE2105-2BC3-45CC-B85F-30C3E5…)

Girl has no shame AT ALL. Man wants nothing to do with her.

No. 900178

File: 1670347728936.jpeg (197.08 KB, 1105x1144, 304EED5A-2707-4EF2-A49A-2745E8…)

This woman is almost 40. This is so embarrassing

No. 900187


Personal friends? Didn’t she just get embarrassingly drunk on their bus swinging around a bottle of Jack daniels? I could be wrong but I’m sure there’s a video of it and it’s cringe

No. 900197

Who the fuck is she on about? Some shithole local Guleph band?

No. 900198

Asking Alexandria, shit band but they were pretty popular during thr MySpace days. They're from the UK so of course she's pretending to know them kek

No. 900202


I found her embarrassing YouTube channel and the video


No. 900208


Did they hijack a retired couples rv? This is a sad excuse for a tour bus.

No. 900210


No. 900211

Waiy so she's claiming she knew the band from…. when she moved away as an infant? This daft bitch is something else.

No. 900213

The way she always has to point out that she’ll fuck someone else’s boyfriend if they’re rude to her just like she has to keep reiterating that she’s not contagious is hilarious, she’s such a cunt. I hate her so much, delusional fat retard

No. 900214

LMAO no English accent in sight, she’s so embarrassing

No. 900217

I've been holding out for a canyon X icky crossover for years why do they keep teasing us? They would be the greatest power couple kek.

No. 900222

Why does this remind me of the office, but like a low quality parody out of Russia or something kek, and it's the way she kisses her dirty hand at the end, ever so daintily. I'm surprised she didn't end it with the Queen's wave too

No. 900241

The giant dick nose and drag queen makeup and those tragic eyebrows, I’m wheezing. She’s so fucking ugly.

No. 900253

File: 1670406216399.png (677.62 KB, 1080x1271, Screenshot_20221207-174158~2.p…)

Hadn't seen this one kek

Poor SMG

No. 900261

YES!!! I’ve been a good girl this year, asking Santa for a Crayon x Shingles dumpster fire milkshake or Christmas!

No. 900327

File: 1670447228905.webm (4.79 MB, 640x480, Y2Mate.is - My tattoo, done by…)



My tattoo, done by myself on myself, in a mirror…yep…

For the assholes who said it was impossible.
A big
Fuck you. :) "

No. 900328

File: 1670448046003.webm (6.08 MB, 480x360, Y2Mate.is - For Vkontakte, Jul…)



For Vkontakte, Julia & Nastya!

I adore you girls!!!

Find me on these sites :



No. 900335

File: 1670449077038.webm (2.61 MB, 320x240, videoplayback (1).webm)



Victoria "Murder" Bella-Morte Neuma portrait - Buffy the Vampire slayer"

No. 900336

File: 1670449110042.jpeg (671.14 KB, 1122x869, 9F94889F-71E9-4954-A347-0EC95A…)


My favourite part is when she kisses her sausage fingers and her cheap greasy lipstick instantly transfers all over her finger tips.

No. 900341

>not notice

She's mentally handicapped and believes that she's so stunning that women want to be her

>(believe's Megan fox, Christina Aguilera copy her and she started all fashion looks first)

…and every man on planet earth wants her.

>(she makes people hit sign posts by her magnetic beauty).

No. 900364

I wonder if her fingers are discolored like that from multiple different takes, after seeing this. I assumed the red discolorations were impending heart failure, tbh

Taking 1000 carefully contrived videos trying to pwn the haters like its 2001 certainly fits her MO.

No. 900365

File: 1670462982621.gif (152.88 KB, 393x405, 167045037010017826 (2).gif)

What's wrong, anon? Jealous of her Cheeto dust?


No. 900366

File: 1670463170460.jpeg (17.96 KB, 368x368, 167045037010017826 (1).jpeg)

No. 900378

File: 1670468268945.gif (2.73 MB, 432x324, 167045037010017826 (3).gif)

No. 900379

File: 1670468888650.gif (4.48 MB, 459x344, 167045037010017826 (4).gif)

The hell kind of kiss-blow is this?

No. 900394

File: 1670483946009.webm (1.6 MB, 480x360, you-re-dizzy-and-i-m-still-fig…)

No. 900405

wow, way to look like a 65-year-old Cher impersonator, 10/10, no notes

No. 900410

That's how you keep your Cheeto-eating fingers distinct from your kiss-blowing fingers.
One wouldn't want to mix those two up when sucking Cheeto dust out from under those grimy nails.

No. 900436

File: 1670524295513.gif (12.67 MB, 405x540, ezgif-1-bec2ab658e.gif)



Shout out to my bros."


No. 900437

File: 1670525871459.gif (12.48 MB, 540x720, ezgif-5-61850be51a.gif)


The REAL Miss Victoria Murder



No. 900441

File: 1670527114427.webm (4.49 MB, 240x320, suppperrrr-sleeepy5-am-just-ho…)

"SUPPPERRRR sleeepy. 5 am, just home from a fashion show ^_^

Mmmhmmnnn ^_^

My voice is effed, and i was checking to see if the camera was on at the start, since it took me like 5 tries for the button to work :P

I'm like "and it's kinda cute, and i realllly like it" is an inside quote, just fyi ^_^"


No. 900447

The way she talks is so scary. Move your lips, you look like a puppeteer

No. 900480

File: 1670551152913.jpeg (30.56 KB, 600x798, images (1).jpeg)

No. 900484

File: 1670552528901.png (2.14 MB, 1440x1471, Screenshot_20221208-200549.png)


No. 900486

File: 1670552752610.png (2.75 MB, 1440x1774, Screenshot_20221208-200533.png)

No. 900487

File: 1670552848182.png (1.45 MB, 1439x1556, Screenshot_20221208-200653.png)


No. 900488

File: 1670552957138.png (1.76 MB, 1439x1874, Screenshot_20221208-200635.png)

No. 900489

File: 1670553055237.png (2.78 MB, 1440x1847, Screenshot_20221208-200514.png)

No. 900490

File: 1670553151396.png (2.54 MB, 1439x1940, Screenshot_20221208-200619.png)

No. 900491

File: 1670553278479.png (1.65 MB, 1440x1442, Screenshot_20221208-200724.png)

No. 900492

File: 1670553385884.png (2.55 MB, 1440x1489, Screenshot_20221208-200604.png)

No. 900493

File: 1670553492970.png (1.28 MB, 1439x1490, Screenshot_20221208-200710.png)

No. 900508

This is the picture I like that makes me sad because I feel like it was taken before the hardcore Photoshop insanity kicked in. Too bad the smoking and booze made her haggard.

No. 900514

Holy mother of god that gargantuan beak is so fucking unfortunate

No. 900519

what's with the ancient pictures, are you retarded?

No. 900523

KEK why is she holding a dagger on an amusement park ride???
I've never seen this, thanks anon.

No. 900525

The imagery you see on the side of the bumper cars at the fair

No. 900539


What is this? Date rape POV? Fucking gross weird lard ass

No. 900557

It’s a bridge in London, London eye is in the background. She’s British don’t forget kek

No. 900560

File: 1670620098126.png (180 KB, 365x613, 167061821841940889.png)

No. 900563

God damn the smoker wrinkles on this bitch’s upper lip will never cease to shock me

No. 900564

File: 1670622789571.jpg (985.39 KB, 1080x4157, vicky.jpg)

No. 900565

There's part of me that hopes this is an elaborate-interactive-ARG-RPG. omg. I am in shock.

No. 900566

File: 1670624469670.png (218.76 KB, 383x600, 167061821841940889 (1).png)


No. 900567

File: 1670625292556.webm (4.65 MB, 718x404, introducing-the-883-team-vikto…)

No. 900569

File: 1670625520957.png (90.99 KB, 464x296, 167061821841940889 (2).png)


If you aren't going to blast it, or put your headphones on, don't bother watching. It's not the same ;)

We broadcast live on s t i c k a m . c o m /883angermangement
Every Thursday at 10 pm till 12am.

In order of appearance :

Viktor Vanastra - Headbanging Expert, Legal, Co-Host

Gruesome Geddes- Mosh Starter, Host "The big bossss"

Victoria "Murder" Bella Morte - Co-Hostess, Eye Candy, Metal claw Expert

Anger Management has had the pleasure of working with bands like, As I Lay Dying, Architects, Misery Signals, Abigail Williams and many more.

If you think you think a band is ballin enough, and want to hear them on the show, or are a band and are interested in coming into the studio / a phone interview, hit us up with a message and we will see what we can do.

Stay Metal,
The Anger Management team"

No. 900570

File: 1670625544420.png (121.46 KB, 400x500, 167061821841940889 (3).png)

Oh boy.

No. 900572

nona this is all really really old news. These vids and pictures are from a decade+ ago

No. 900576

All of this shit has been posted before, including the quora cringe, the retard posting it needs to read the old threads

No. 900588


The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

This shit was backed up with screenshots/MP4/webm tho?

No. 900589

>This shit was backed up with screenshots/MP4/webm tho?

I don't believe the YouTubes have been, no, unless they are in old threads. I can't remember. But a lot of anons (myself included) convert her insta stories and fb videos into webms for the threads. I'm the anon who saved her FB live from a couple years back when she was wearing the leather jacket, orange lipstick, and pasty spackle face foundation that was 3 shades lighter than her neck.

No. 900592

Pls tell me that you made webm's or something of it! Holy fuck! SAVED? IT'S SAVED?!


Bless you, anon!

No. 900624

Of course I did. About a year ago when I was going through old files I found it and uploaded it again. I used some file hosting site because it was too long to upload as a webm here. I can find it later and upload it again if you want.

No. 900630

File: 1670699380485.jpg (103.82 KB, 600x775, thanks-meme.jpg)

> I can find it later and upload it again if you want.


No. 900656

Oh my lord that stream was absolute gold, never forget it landed her on instagram vs reality Reddit in a post that got over 13000 upvotes. And then there was all the screen caps and her consequent gigasperg about how they were all edited to make her uglier, it was the toppest of keks. I can’t wait to relive the cringe when the saved video is posted

No. 900665

“online slander”… topKEK, Icky our expert on the law doesn’t know the difference between libel and slander. fuck she’s a moron.

No. 900677


Unless he went off the absolute rails after we stopped dating, none of this is true. He was a doormat and painfully shy and awkward. Dude couldn’t harm a fly. Knowing her as well she just described herself. Too funny

No. 900681

Who tf are you taking about?

No. 900682

>muh Mensa IQ

No. 900687

The ex boyfriend she’s talking about in the screenshot?

No. 900689

How do you know who she is talking about?

No. 900692

Lol sorry I didn't get to it today but I will sometime tomorrow. I hope Vic goes back to full-time cow status soon. I really miss her online antics.

That was amazing. So many people in the comments section recognized her. I wasn't even the one who posted that to Reddit. I love the team effort that goes on here, lol.

No. 900696

File: 1670750309342.gif (34.34 KB, 326x129, Thanks-For-The-Add-Glitter.gif)

>I will
Thnx M8!

No. 900697

Please stop avatarfagging

No. 900699


If you know them both it’s pretty obvious. Plus she’s been saying the same shit about him since he broke up with her for punching him in the face. That really burned her bad. It’s like she couldn’t handle him being the one to end things so she started projecting hard lmao.

No. 900711

Ah yeah that makes sense. I’m assuming it’s Adrien she’s referring to.

No. 900714

It is. She has a bug up her ass about him for some reason. I really think it’s because of how easy it is to walk on him. Narcs love that. She can’t get over losing that supply. Dude even quietly cringed his way through lying for her —mostly about her accent and accomplishments— like a complete puppet. Must have killed her losing that.

No. 900718


>potential mates

What the fuck

No. 900732

Merry Christmas, anon!


No. 900733

Hey - another unhappy client here, with a half finished tat on my body for two years now and my booking fee stolen from me!
Is anyone taking legal action? Because this is not how a professional runs a business and I’m done being patient and kind! I paid her for a service she can not provide there for I want my money back!!

No. 900734

Ooh tell us about your experience! Im not sure what suing her would do, considering how broke she is.

No. 900740


Bless you & happy holidays too you TOO!

No. 900741

My experience seams quite similar to many others…… every appointment I ever booked was rescheduled, sometimes many times, then she was never on time. The art work is good however it’s left unfinished due to her medical condition. Meanwhile new clients were booked and completed while I sat in limbo. I paid my booking fee for my last session a year ago and have asked for it back with no response. Suing her (class action) isn’t even about the money - it’s the principle, you don’t treat ppl like this!! I’ve paid over $1500 to walk around with an unfinished piece on my body …. I’m so angry

No. 900743

File: 1670793125169.jpg (117.72 KB, 1284x1435, 1670748665446644.jpg)

I might be tripping balls but isn't her filter slipping off so frequently that her monster-demon-ghoul form begins to poke through. Mmmmmight be tripping balls ..

No. 900754

I’m fucking howling, this is beyond embarrassing, she looks 50, no hyperbole. And that makeup, holy shit this fat retard really wants people to believe that we edit her pics to look worse when this is what she looks like without editing. The eye fucking is off the charts, and the weird super fast tiny sips of whatever alcohol she’s drinking from a water bottle (as if this crusty hambeast ever drinks water) and her taste is music is so fucking bad, holy hell this is too much nonita

No. 900762

I love that anons who haven't seen this are discovering it now. It truly was something.

Around the same time as this FB live, Victoria created a twitch account and posted a live video or two to twitch, but I couldn't figure out a non complicated way to download those files at the time (and I didn't have a working laptop until months later), so those are lost forever. I feel like I remember the r/instagramvsreality side by side was from one of those twitch streams but it was basically the same thing as the FB live.

I hope Victoria gets better and goes back to being online 24/7. The anons in Victoria's thread are my favorites. Love you guys.

No. 900766

It was so awkward and cringeworthy, what was the point of it? No one was talking to her, she signed off by saying “I had a lot of fun”, like what? Fun doing what exactly? Sitting there like a literal retard in your musty, crusty clothes that have never been laundered, listening to shit music, drinking liquor from a plastic water bottle, eyefucking your geriatric drag queen gargoyle reflection? What a party.

No. 900785

First time hearing her voice. I was not expecting that.

No. 900786

If we're all going to nostalgiafag, my favorite are the dollar store katana flailing vodeos.

No. 900794

Cold tea but when I was at her house for a tattoo (I know I’m an idiot) she had no toilet paper and was using a Kleenex box propped onto the toilet paper roll. Degen shit

No. 900802

Lol when she was kicked out by her roommates they said she would use all the TP and stole packages.

No. 900804

The levels vick has reached. I bet she has an archive of mugshots waiting to be un-earth-ed, I just know it.

No. 900805

She didn't just use all the T-P! Her massive bulking WWE shits clogged up the plumbing multiple times!

No. 900857

She is an alcoholic who never bathes or drinks water and only eats garbage, imagine the stench in her bathroom. Disgusting fat pig.

No. 900905

File: 1670918317148.gif (4.38 MB, 540x540, 167091825278914450.gif)

>imagine the stench
No thnx.

No. 900906

File: 1670918908672.gif (83.72 KB, 372x496, 167091825278914450 (1).gif)

Lmao! What gets me is that her ninja-warrior-ass can't even unclog a toilet! C'mon NOW!

No. 900907

File: 1670919125388.png (240.51 KB, 378x566, 167091825278914450.png)

So rediculas.

No. 900938

Do you have a receipt? Like what kids business practises does this woman even have / had? She doesn’t even have a license or business number. I’m going to say that money is gone.

No. 900958

File: 1670979009574.jpeg (122.04 KB, 1283x584, 57108DA0-27C3-4936-A451-6D669F…)

By toys I really hope she’s talking about Barbie’s. She’s not on Quora telling a 15 year old to….. please god.

No. 900964

File: 1670979404982.jpeg (148.16 KB, 1283x634, 84766490-E9A9-47BC-91E1-4AD622…)

Same fag but why is she on Quora talking about children, dating old people and age gaps so much. I love how a 21 year old dating a 56 year old is just “a type. It’s like liking blondes or brunettes”
I mean it’s not illegal but that’s gross as fuck.

No. 900991

Quora just became incentivized for some people. So this is what Vicky is doing for some cig money. Telling kids who they should date. Fabulous.

No. 901037

>understand consent
>below the legal age for consent
All they asked about was dating and her answer is so confusing.

No. 901047

I know that shit that gets posted here by people who know Shingles IRL should be taken with a grain of salt but I don’t think Donna was being hyperbolic when she said Vicky is so mentally unstable that she’s on the verge of requiring full time care.

No. 901052

File: 1671072895147.jpeg (99.73 KB, 1283x998, C9227831-0CE3-4F76-B53B-DAFC96…)

Girl has lost every friend ever for being a rude bitch but okay.

No. 901058

File: 1671076031849.gif (3.86 MB, 340x334, 167096255474803733 (1).gif)

She says the most nasty shit about others. I can't even…

No. 901061

How many times has she posted this now? Good god she’s the most painfully self-unaware retard on this whole fucking board

No. 901062

File: 1671077052607.jpeg (257.34 KB, 1283x1250, E5857E44-A91F-4745-819A-03B52B…)

Speaking of her posting the same shit over and over… here’s he saying she’s not answering messages again as her “assistant” but then responded 15 mins later as herself. We get it icky. 2 of your friends you met once died and her back in the bottle. Get a therapist

No. 901064

File: 1671077224160.jpeg (585.74 KB, 1283x2243, 9B51A651-FFAC-4066-8EA5-C9F32D…)

Imagine being this bored? People with chronic illnesses can still work. I really think she drank herself retarded

No. 901078

Her English is terrible but it gets even more backassward when she tries to type in third person kek

No. 901096

>Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?
Is all I see when I try to decipher her posts

No. 901098

I don't understand how she can even say this, what I read here is "yeah I took your deposit and if you dare have the audacity to ask for an appointment date I'm keeping your deposit and you'll be blocked"… like you can't just keep taking people's money for services you don't intend on ever providin

No. 901105

File: 1671116887696.png (718.05 KB, 1440x1744, Screenshot_20221215-085534.png)


She deleted her comment to her "bestie" and edited her post yet again. Vicky thinks she can keep stealing deposits without consequences. She's going to steal from the wrong person who will take matters into their own hands, it's just a matter of time.

No. 901116

so she probably uses the deposits to pay her bills and then ghosts the clients so they’ll just give up and she won’t have to tattoo them at all.

No. 901143

File: 1671139275697.jpeg (266.79 KB, 1050x1544, 1D9164BB-300D-4A99-8F5A-476630…)

It’s been at LEAST since January 31st (and I’m sure before that) she’s been complaining about being “sick” and not being able to work. Meaning it’s at least been a year since taking clients and she’s giving people grief for being out money?
The person that came here before stating Vicky has their deposit and won’t give it back I’m interested to know if she said what she’s “sick” with. But knowing ickster she’s just giving people the run around

No. 901152

Adrien did all her photoshop for her, so it makes sense in those times it was better and went to shit. If I still have their humping photo I’ll post it. It was years ago they posted a whole bed photoshoot he edited. He also frequently goes through this thread with his new girlfriend (Melly Beany) His habit of cheating and moving to new internet women really does show a bit of a trend. Doesn’t excuse ickys behaviour, but she gets cheated on a lot. Ouch.

No. 901159

Anyone know if Witch-Toria is still dating that Ronnie Radke wannabe retard?

No. 901199

Does Adrien exclusively date lunatics?

No. 901203


She honestly has a weird obsession with Ronnie. She dressed as him a few Halloween’s ago and then dressed that fat guy up like him this year, kek

No. 901211

File: 1671235694020.jpg (1.03 MB, 3264x2448, imagine being like this.jpg)

The self-obsession and delusion on her myspace bio was off the charts so I went on the wayback machine and got a couple screenshots. It's SO bad.

No. 901217

Anon, this is gold. There are so many gems. I think my favorite is, "It makes me smile more than any random rockstar drooling over me." LOL.

>I am humbled

Topkek, we can tell.

No. 901220

I fucking choked when I read that, she’s fucking psychotic. This is GOLDEN

No. 901261

Yeah, or we can sit here and laugh at Vic's antics every so often


>Find something worthwhile to look into than harass a chronically ill model
kek where to even start with this statement

No. 901265


Hi Vic~(hi cow)

No. 901289

i’ve got more than 2 brain cells unlike vicky. i can think about one more thing at a time.

No. 901297

>I quit MySpace for a week because people recognized me everywhere!
Kek this bitch has never traveled outside of Canada. Where exactly is everywhere ?

No. 901306

Omfg I've never seen this before. This is fucking hilarious. Was she even THAT myspace famous? I was on myspace then and I don't remember her lol

No. 901313

The only place out of Canada she’s been is Northern Ireland when she was born until 2. Other than that she’s been to Montreal once which is like a 6 hour drive from where she lives

No. 901314

No. 901327

Just takes me to a login screen. Doesn't LinkedIn show you which logged in profiles view your page? I hope you aren't logged into your professional account.

No. 901331

File: 1671401288803.jpg (324.46 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20221218_170711_Lin…)


No. 901333

File: 1671401408058.jpg (383.65 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20221218_170721_Lin…)


No. 901335

File: 1671401502679.jpg (334.26 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20221218_170728_Lin…)


No. 901337

File: 1671401599347.jpg (273.48 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20221218_170734_Lin…)


No. 901338

File: 1671401705094.jpg (312.29 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20221218_170742_Lin…)


No. 901339

File: 1671401806450.jpg (268.2 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20221218_170748_Lin…)


No. 901340

This has been posted several times before. Shingles isn’t being especially active at the moment but let’s not shit up the thread with this ancient milk.

No. 901345

No. 901347

File: 1671409365114.jpeg (426.55 KB, 1284x1780, EFE44FF7-EB47-4B0D-92EC-AFE577…)


the trash couture of it all. the weird little hand. i will never understand how she will go to such great lengths to edit her pictures but won’t even wash/edit her filthy hands. ~muh infection control certification~

No. 901355

Yeah, witch-toria is obsessive over some band dudes, so I believe what you said’

No. 901357

is the shoulder pad falling off that jacket? she really needs to buy some clothes she hasn’t worn so much they’re literally falling apart, finally throw out that leather jacket that probably smells of cigarettes and body odour, kek

No. 901363

Stop trying to make “witch-toria” happen you absolute sped. And sage your retardation.

No. 901364

Cat shit and piss too, no doubt

No. 901398

File: 1671471340609.jpeg (27.48 KB, 192x320, F150B47A-C83F-47A4-A1A2-DB000C…)

No. 901404

Icky Vick, the Stick-‘n’-Poke Hick

No. 901414

This is such a weird post, it sounds like she’s defending Vicky. She’s probably a cow herself, did she not see Vic’s sperging about Adrien on Quora? That’s the only reason why he was brought up. She’s retarded.

No. 901421

“Brought to my attention” aka I shit post about my boyfriends ex from a decade ago on lolcow. She was brought up here three days ago.
And Samantha, adriens ex before Mel was 100% emotionally cheated on by Adrien. Just like he did with Samantha on Victoria. The man just jumps to other Ontario scene losers when he gets bored.

No. 901422

File: 1671486501444.jpeg (82.62 KB, 1283x423, 2844C943-B58C-444B-B308-EC9002…)

I wonder which one of her bfs she’s claiming is schizophrenic. Maybe the one that killed a baby?

No. 901423

“I worked with a girl named Samantha who at some point hooked up with Victoria’s then boyfriend Adrien. He claimed Victoria freaked out when she found out he was cheating on her with Samantha, broke his car door mirror and slashed him with her fake nails.”

Remember when Cameron came here with this milk regarding adrien and icky.

No. 901433


lmao exactly, these retards deserve each other, they’re all cows. I mean they’d have to be to associate with Vicky. I know quite a few farmers kissed Bunny’s ass when she came to post about Shingles but she’s a cow too. Birds of a feather.

No. 901504

File: 1671878348196.jpg (83.82 KB, 720x613, Screenshot_20221224-103742_Fac…)

No. 901509

File: 1671891596734.jpeg (263.49 KB, 1284x1281, 8C07FC74-06FC-43BA-AA6E-1A7ED0…)

She put this up right before that. Someone is probably making a huge stink about getting their money back. She’s been posting a lot about “ I told you guys I was sick I’m not talking about work for the next 5 years” posts.
She’s planting seeds that her life is in danger from a “crazy client”
Or her “illness” is so bad she might die to garner sympathy.

No. 901510

File: 1671891713799.jpeg (247 KB, 1283x1412, 740F7401-2739-4496-B6A9-029598…)

She’s making a vague post about “if something happens to me it was nice knowing you” but she’s on Facebook making and responding on her post? Girl doesn’t even want her lies to be believable anymore

No. 901511

File: 1671891828669.jpeg (97.09 KB, 1283x608, 38523485-0849-4D25-A8AA-DB5179…)

Not sick enough to stay off of Quora kek

No. 901516

File: 1671904354466.jpeg (556.93 KB, 1283x2259, 2015955B-9112-4E43-8C15-977654…)

If you’re so sick, you think you’re going to die the last thing you’re going to be doing is editing your fb status for 20 mins. That’s how you wanna spend your last days on earth? Kek
Girl must owe tons of people money

No. 901520

File: 1671909141986.gif (4.91 MB, 640x360, WaryBackFulmar-size_restricted…)

Remided me of this

No. 901524

>do unto others as you would have done onto yourselves
>do unto others as you would have done to yourselves

it's do unto others as you would have them do unto you, vic
three edits and couldn't get it kek poor thing just isn't long for this world

No. 901527

Okay wait why is she acting like she's dying? Did I miss something?

No. 901534

Her fake illness she’s been milking for 2 years. She took deposits from people and has nowhere to work from

No. 901548

File: 1671985734704.jpeg (232.91 KB, 1283x1680, 0044A7DA-FCA8-48DC-8090-DCC85A…)

Happy holiday nonnies!
Vicky’s New Year’s resolution is to take her own advice from this post. ( and look at that, she’s alive and well! Shocking!)

No. 901553

Please let it be another Raven Sparks fake death arc. Watching Vick try to pull that off would be glorious.

No. 901563

File: 1672032146913.jpg (432.2 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2022-12-26-02-19-32…)

No. 901564

sInCe GrAdE sChOoL

Sure thing Vicky

No. 901573

She gets so offended if she is ever compared to another person. She has to be the original, and everyone else copies her consciously or not.

No. 901574


Fatty hook nose wishes she looked like Christina. Nice to see she’s posting cringe on Christmas

No. 901575

File: 1672062572526.jpeg (444.63 KB, 1283x1530, 10DB09D6-E27C-4C65-A6C7-DFBAAE…)

Suddenly sticky plays the bass guitar.

No. 901576

File: 1672062633848.jpeg (120.66 KB, 1283x654, 37224F84-ECCB-415E-B728-851CD8…)

Not only that, but she writes her own songs. Kek. Sure, Jan.

No. 901582

Critical illness leave in Ontario is up to 37 weeks. She’s been off since the end of 2021, holding peoples deposits and not giving anyone a real reason or a time frame on when they can use their own money.
If anyone gives this twat more money that’s on them.

No. 901590


My favourite part about Vicky’s edits are that she shoops her whole body but leaves her meaty fat arms

No. 901595


She shooped that same black top she always wears red, I’m dying. Why buy new clothes when you can photoshop some. Smelly bitch

No. 901621

File: 1672151181645.jpeg (100.51 KB, 1284x568, BA6149E3-19C6-495C-A6BC-95B949…)

I wonder how her clients feel knowing she can’t message them back but is up at 3 am on Quora kek.
Also, good advice sticky. I bet they never thought of that.

No. 901671

She made a post on her instagram when they split asking people to stop sending her photos of Adrien and Melinda, she knew they were together because they cheated in her own house. But she quickly deleted it. It was too quick to know if she had been bullied by them to take it down. Likely Adrien bullied her too as he was happily making his own posts at the time. (Sorry for the derail)

No. 901723

Make him break it off??

No. 901741

File: 1672445722096.jpeg (558.35 KB, 1125x1798, 620DB7C7-F22C-4BAC-810F-1678BE…)

We get it. You’re cold and icy.

No. 901759

I can't fucking stand her

No. 901777

Her best friends? She met Keith twice over five years ago. Way to use the death of someone you don’t know for sympathy.

No. 901866

The way she responds to someone saying "sorry for your loss" is so indicative of her shitty character. She is so barely functional as a social being … I am always embarrassed reading her thoughtless, autistic responses.

No. 901871

Did she respond “I am not alone. I have my boyfriend right next to me”? Kek
She’s so retarded it’s painful.

No. 902089

victoria’s apartment must smell like corn chips, plastic hair, cat piss, and booze with a stale hint of cigarette smoke. this ugly avril lavigne wannabe

No. 902104

That’s being kind, I bet it smells of literal shit. Disgusting greasy unwashed fat retard

No. 902128

File: 1673204195410.jpg (84.87 KB, 717x704, Screenshot_20230108-185435_Fac…)

No. 902129

File: 1673204229339.jpg (52.61 KB, 1114x426, Screenshot_20230108-185454_Fac…)

No. 902131

This wouldn't be happening if you just refunded people their deposit money, Victoria Shingleton

No. 902133

File: 1673205631929.jpeg (107.14 KB, 1283x725, 4BBA31E2-F110-41EE-BF06-0E7074…)

Her sense of humour died along time ago.

No. 902134

File: 1673205859775.jpeg (75.88 KB, 1283x482, 1C1FA1EB-1DA8-4E06-B615-391541…)

Victoria is all over that crackheads page again. No surprise there. Can’t message her clients back to give them any update, but can hit on drug users on fb all day.

No. 902135

File: 1673206111922.jpeg (198.55 KB, 1283x1119, AA36C001-72F9-414B-8F27-E6EDE3…)

Kitchen .. wear?

No. 902136

she’s thinking of banging pots and pans together or something like that. kitchenware. she’s just a full blown retard.

No. 902137

her last remaining brain cell is truly fighting for its life

No. 902158

That’s the British way to spell it duh

No. 902174

can you please die already, vicky? it’ll help this thread die faster lol

No. 906414

File: 1673319218622.jpeg (405.3 KB, 1283x1521, 12220DA7-B93F-4824-BE69-BF0986…)

Icky putting up a bam margera post about him having seizures and almost dying. She’s been talking about seizures a lot and considering he has them cause he’s a huge alcoholic, makes sense.

No. 906423

File: 1673332884757.png (2.14 MB, 504x5698, VictoriaSeizureEdits.png)

I was just coming to post her many many edits on this status, lol. Sorry for the poor quality.

No. 906436


she's so stupid. don't touch someone while they are having a seizure unless there is immediate danger and/or unless you are trained in this are in first aid. once the seizing finishes you can roll them if they are still unconscious, but if you roll them while they have a seizure their tongue can fall between their teeth and get bitten real bad, even bitten off. teeth are clenching hard enough to bite off someone's finger, which is also why you don't put things in peoples mouths while they are seizing.

source: have seizures regularly and bit the fuck out of my tongue after some idiot rolled me on my side

No. 906447

Vicky’s multiple edits is my favorite cow quirk. she’s so retarded and social media addicted that she can’t leave a single comment alone.

No. 906484

Same. It was a farmer in this thread who first pointed it out and after that I can't stop reading her edits.

No. 906567

File: 1673564864886.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1878, Screenshot_20230112-160514~2.p…)

Lol "no editing" because she ran it through a digital camera circa 2003 filter. Wtf is this pic?

No. 906571

>no editing
Kek who cares

Also , is that a medical device on her stomach? All the cords? Or is she pretending to have a device. I’ve seen a lot of medical devices on people but never seen anything like that with a bunch of long tangled cords.

No. 906574

Looks like a holter monitor.

She reminds me of a teenager who's too into Megan Fox/MGK, if that even exists. I doubt even teenagers think that relationship is cool, especially since so many have been exposed to tent cities. Sometimes I feel bad for Vicky because I was also an embarrassing loser when I was an alcoholic. I remember clinging to characters or celebrities sometimes to escape my own wretchedness and posting thirsty/embarrassing pics as well. Then I remind myself that she's not just an alcoholic but an unrepentant asshole and this has been going on for decades now, with no end in sight. I don't even think rehab would work on a person like this because the self-hatred is buried so deeply under the oceans of narcissism, then reasserted by her sm feedback loop of people just as fucked up and with even lower standards (I know because I live here). I bet some of you would even root for her if she were capable of any kind of change/introspection. I can never figure out if it makes me sad because she seems to enjoy this so much.

No. 906575

She's rocking a hospital bracelet like it's a new fashion statement. I can't even lie I'm pretty pumped to pick her up when she goes. I work for the coroner's office and she is 10000000% going to be a coroner's case

No. 906583

Can’t stand for long but has enough energy to put on a wig and makeup.

No. 906584

So she is walking around her house with a brown wig on strapped to what looks like a mobile EKG. Random. Did she melt her hair off again and muslim revert story won't work twice?

No. 906588

Looks like a fake holter monitor. You usually would only have them on for a few days and there wouldn’t be cords coming off of you like that at home due to the fact that they can get caught and won’t track your heart beat properly.

Also if she’s so sick she doesn’t care anymore she wouldn’t put on a full face, wig and be hanging around taking selfies with jewelry on.

No. 906589


i'm not a doctor but if you look up pics of holter monitors on other women there's a number of pieces attached to the chest above the bra, and vicky doesn't have that from what i can see. hard to tell with the heavy filtering

No. 906600

It’s a standard 3 lead holter monitor and the leads look normal and fine. They give you a little bag to put it in so there is no reason for it to be in her hand like that. She’s very deliberately showing it off.

No. 906668

no editing
Proceeds to take it in crap lighting, filter it 50x and upload it in garbage tier quality.
Yes Vic, we believe you that you don’t care anymore. People who don’t care typically don’t need to tell people they don’t care… good lord she’s insecure.

No. 906679

So did she manage to give herself alcoholic cardiomyopathy if that’s a holter monitor?

No. 906690

Why does she have two completely different eyebrows?

No. 906697

File: 1673844884171.jpeg (155.44 KB, 1283x636, F07BF20E-6026-4B83-A3FB-B7B564…)

It’s a free game…? Good to see she’s spending her time wisely.

No. 906700

File: 1673847386173.jpg (109.47 KB, 734x572, evony 01.jpg)

On one hand it's really weird she plays that. But on the other hand it makes perfect sense.

No. 906721

I am absolutely confident she is actually retarded and we are picking on an extremely mentally disabled cow, kek. Shes so lame it hurts.

No. 906770

File: 1674071183941.jpeg (107.8 KB, 1283x664, FDD3BF38-CF29-46E3-A696-7FD347…)

No way, Victoria dated another loser? Shocking.

No. 906771

File: 1674071236602.jpeg (131.13 KB, 1283x645, A3F67865-282F-4F6B-9E70-508F88…)

Sure you did, Jan.

No. 906774

File: 1674071950366.jpeg (329.1 KB, 1283x1775, 0AB1A86A-3588-41CC-A4C8-3A70D2…)

Vicky asking for a second opinion on fb.

No. 906777

Oh no… it's a terminal case of the mental retardations. She doesn't have long at all…

No. 906781

i will bet my firstborn that those aren’t her scans.

No. 907811

Bump because of bullshit

No. 907827

Bump because of bullshit

No. 908019

bump again

No. 908030

As if any of your crayon eating rednecks know how to decipher an x-ray that is most certainly not yours.

No. 908037

File: 1674110587170.jpeg (367.27 KB, 4000x1787, A65C1C69-E527-4EAD-915F-EAC1B3…)


She posted this on her “business page” as well.

No. 908050

File: 1674128237378.jpg (56.86 KB, 719x288, Screenshot_20230119-223640_Fac…)

lol this was the reply

No. 908051

she's almost 40 and single. i think vicky will die alone.

No. 908064

cant wait for the next round of catfishing thirst traps!

No. 908097

File: 1674172151761.jpeg (460.61 KB, 1283x2138, 6F804EFB-4510-400D-85ED-0321EB…)

Here we go already. I wonder how long it takes until she’s feeling a bit better. Not better enough to work but take new selfies

No. 908144

Kek does she really believe she has neurologists following her page? I wonder if she has interest in someone who’s a doctor or something ? Could explain the muh illness larp

No. 908149

File: 1674211488785.jpg (477.12 KB, 1080x1533, Screenshot_20230120_104252_Fac…)

Put it away, Vicky.

No. 908150

It was posted in a group "Ask the neurologists"

No. 908155

How can this smelly fat retard criticise onlyfans degenerates when she posts her fishy flaps for free on her business page lmao

No. 908156


The warped fucked up lollipop from shitty shooping is sending me. This fat retard and the cat need to get off the kitchen counter. Filth

No. 908158

Of course this unwashed hambeast lets a disgusting animal that digs in its own shit on kitchen surfaces, imagine the stench in her apartment, she’s fucking rancid

No. 908199

File: 1674250541651.jpeg (231.49 KB, 1283x1276, 09E36ABE-42CB-46D3-8488-0ED58C…)

One of the comment threads on this spread eagle onlyfans photo.
I think I’ve entered the retard twilight zone.

No. 908241


Man, she is coming in hard with her old photos at the moment.
This picture is old, and the one posted before that was taken in 2019.

No. 908266

File: 1674345479249.jpeg (125.23 KB, 1283x491, 8114CD98-A87C-41B8-B82C-0047F6…)

The girl that steals money from people, scars up peoples bodies and treats people like garbage is going into 2023 a shitter person? Set those goals high

No. 908268

>before I lost my shit back

No. 908276

the girl hes currently dating is almost vicky-tier shoop wise and looks different in every pic, but thats to be expected

No. 908278

This is so unprofessional. I would be completely put off getting a tattoo from someone who posts content like this to their “business” page (her butchering people in her shitty apartment is hardly a business).

No. 908292

Gentle, patient Vicky has no more tolerance for the meanies who want their stolen deposit money back, be afraid guise

No. 908318

Anyone on this thread know who Gabriel is?

No. 908330

File: 1674504183030.jpeg (402.34 KB, 1283x1082, A5086C35-5F7F-4C98-A849-F12FE2…)

This fool?

No. 908331

File: 1674504617114.jpeg (341.61 KB, 1283x2111, 56CAC38E-0A92-42ED-948E-496FD4…)

This is the girl that looks down on onlyfans hoes? Her Instagram is back open and she’s just posting old shit. I think some of her teeth fell out from years of alcoholism and poor hygiene

No. 908333

Kek is that the dumb ass plaid skirt? If Ick lets her tits down they'd hang over it. Why the hell does she have it pulled up so high?

No. 908334

>>908331 kekkk such a dirty, trashy hoe
I know OF girls with more standards, esp on their "public accounts"

No. 908335

probably only sits comfortably on her that high up. no need to worry about flashing ass and vagene when she only wears it for edited pictures from the front

No. 908338

Ok not saying these images are genuinely hers and I would not know how to interpret them if my life depended on it but can you imagine if all of her neuroses (which has been steadily increasing in the last 10 years) was actually attributed to some kind of tumour in her brain? Like imagine it was removed and she just woke up the next day like “what the fuck have I been doing?”

No. 908340

No one cares, go back to twitter
Sage your newfaggotry, retard
How does she still manage to look so greasy, crusty and smelly through all those filters? Ugly fat hog

No. 908352

File: 1674565934673.jpeg (264.75 KB, 1283x2203, 828CC0CD-BE4D-4F5C-AD1E-15504D…)

On her work page. You’re not that tiny? Shaped like a thumb.

No. 908359


What is this shitty quality and dark ass room. Sucking in for dear life and arching her back and is still a chunk. Whenever she shows how totally not fat she is, it’s always the worst blurred video quality in a dark room. The skirt pulled past her gut almost up to her ribs is the cherry on top. Taking notes from shayna with the gut hiding high waist skirts

No. 908364

“Nobody likes this site” you know you’re on the site.. ?

No. 908365

Sounds like it's Victoria

No. 908368


Sage your newfaggotry, retard.

No. 908371

kill yourself faggot

No. 908372

kill yourself you fat bitch your parents raped you(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 908382

what “ass”? that photo is so dark and poor quality I can’t see a damn thing.
someone says she’s posting old photos/videos because she’s fat, vic posts a photo about her ass, conveniently mentioning her weight.
someone mentions a filter due to the lighting in her bathroom, so she makes sure to tell everyone that’s what it is, lighting.
she could always take the photo somewhere else with better lighting, she won’t though because she looks busted. her idgaf attitude is a facade as always.

No. 908390

Usually I wouldn’t think this posts are icky, but her favourite thing to tell people is to “kill yourself”
She also thinks she a skinny queen now so calling people fat would be in brand.

She made a post about “ the old me is dead duck around and find out”
I don’t think she’s sick at all. I honestly believe she had health violations from her at home cat pissed studio and blames lolcow.

No. 908398

File: 1674692482136.webm (1010.99 KB, 1080x1920, 164953613_195517359802321_6912…)

>I was heavier here but I rocked it. This is my real hair colour.

No. 908399

File: 1674694108467.jpeg (224.41 KB, 1175x1958, 58DE47AD-7407-4AFF-9D37-928F96…)

She’s single and now she’s posting her vagina and tits online again. How does she not realize how desperate this makes her look? She rarely posts and then posts five times a day looking for a new lonely dude to bang. Also that is very very clearly a wig.
I would bet this is a new video, she’s still chunky and just lost all her hair

No. 908405

Her fat snatch clinging to that cheap truck stop lingerie set and the struggle to walk in those heels that are clearly too small is everything. I admire her refusal to slay

No. 908406

That vid witch-Toria posted is a train wreck. Her fat vagina is gonna explode out that thing.

No. 908410

Kek she looks pigeon toed. I'm sure to make her thighs not squish together as much. also the clashing Wizard of Oz ruby red slippers

No. 908412


This thing is almost 40 and squeezing her fat into cheap outfits and wearing shitty wigs in pigtails for attention. It’s so pathetic when you remember how old she is. Her tits are so saggy and sad she’s really outing herself by posting this. The mismatched socks and arm things is some shit you’d see a pre teen wear. She really is age regressed and retarded

No. 908413

Honestly it's sad how many of you say retard so often. Trashy group of people trashing a trashy girl. You're all kind of pathetic.

No. 908415

Shut up, retard

No. 908423

kill yourself retard(infighting)

No. 908428

Complains and calls people trashy for using the word “retard” on lolcow.

Proceeds to tell retards to “kill themselves”
Yep, it’s Victoria kek(infighting)

No. 908429

She only got like 7 likes on her whole vagina being out so she took it off of Facebook.

No. 908430

File: 1674746306342.jpeg (131.65 KB, 1283x659, 9D86F12B-E140-4402-9459-41A65D…)

That’s cause he cheated on you. Again.

No. 908437

I guess that’s be some karma for all the men she has slept with because their girlfriends/wives were rude. How’s it feel to be on that end of it ick?
I’m curious, I know this may be looked down upon here, but what type of personality disorder/mental illness does this woman have? What do you all think? I mean does she truly believe she is a top supermodel? Does she truly think she took a pic in front of the rose window? I mean that kind of stuff. Is she just a pathological liar or is this even deeper than that? Vic is fascinating to me because of her delusion. I don’t think I’ve ever met somebody that was not in care that is this out of touch with themselves.

No. 908440

File: 1674764306046.jpeg (224.55 KB, 1283x2052, 9049FECF-A676-44AA-910B-64388F…)

She put up another wig video and it looks like she’s missing teeth .. actually. Can’t tell cause she took this on a toaster.
But yeah I think after years of alcoholism, bleaching her hair / washing it with floor cleaner and poor hygiene I think she’s lost teeth and her hair

No. 908441

File: 1674764752978.jpeg (407.53 KB, 1283x1797, E88E9BD8-F7B6-4E6B-8C4E-2C32DD…)

And like clockwork, Vicky put up her dating requirements list. She has her steps when she becomes single again. She’s being doing the same shit for a decade.

Considering she out she will slap the shit out of you if you’re violent. Considering she makes up scenarios in her head, she’ll probably punch you for less. Didn’t she punch adrien for breaking up with her? Just say you’re an abuser icky.

Can her ex fiancé come her plz.

No. 908442

File: 1674764933257.jpeg (320.91 KB, 1283x1689, 9E652978-B372-4352-A766-FAE66B…)

“My soulmate might be an alien. I’m not racist. I don’t bang cats though”
So happy single ick is back. Kek

No. 908444




How does she still not know how to properly spell such simple words. She has major brain rot

>isn’t into poisoning people

Fucking KEK is she trying to make another wild claim with this?? The only person who poisoned her is herself with all the alcohol and drugs

No. 908445

File: 1674771499735.jpg (88.01 KB, 675x863, muh spinal canal.JPG)


No. 908448

File: 1674772121172.jpeg (22.76 KB, 205x335, F86E7A44-8F25-44DB-A131-7F201E…)

just for reference, picrel is a slipped disc in the spinal canal. i don’t know what she’s even pointing out in her photo. i don’t see anything.

No. 908451

Did she delete this? It says it's set to global but I can't see this post on her FB. I wanted to read the edits, lol.

No. 908460

File: 1674777505145.jpeg (89.65 KB, 1284x342, C58EE4B0-5F6C-4563-85FB-1CA771…)

Are neck injuries considered .. chronic illness? Um… getting drunk and falling down the stairs yourself is a you problem icky.

after all of this her excuse is she drunkenly slipped down the steps and can’t work for 2 years?!

No. 908466

File: 1674783727757.gif (1.4 MB, 490x299, 5EA60524-393E-403C-8A2C-B98B98…)


No. 908467

She really hates being called “Vic” and “Vicky” doesn’t she (I wonder if it’s because of us)

No. 908468

>doesn’t call his exes crazy
Pretty sure all your exes call you crazy, you stinky fat retard

No. 908469


It’s giving “lost footage of a slambeast in heat”

>can’t spell
>sick and unemployed
>can’t get out of bed
>mutually abusive
>won’t try to “make her jealous” but has to be okay with her posting bottom of the barrel onlyfans tier flap slapping videos online

Garbage attracts flies, she’s gunning for a decent human being and going full speed in the opposite direction

No. 908470

These are non negotiable for any relationship. Any decent moid would meet all of these easily. Of course she thinks she has such high standard. It's easy when they're on the cat hair covered floor.

No. 908473

File: 1674785366718.jpeg (76.27 KB, 1284x518, BF3FC5A0-C87D-470F-A902-4E1E58…)

also not surprising her “engagement” didn’t work out seeing as she posted this three months ago

this man did not get her a ring

No. 908486

File: 1674788511548.jpeg (130.43 KB, 1212x774, 2768D691-B29F-4D03-BF05-07E43B…)

Any man dating icky couldn’t afford a ring. They were probably just drunk and spoke about totes getting married.

If it’s private info why would you put that on your public Facebook? The attention seeking is TOO MUCH. She said she slipped down the stairs and of course that’s someone else’s fault

No. 908491

File: 1674789650900.jpeg (338.64 KB, 1283x1775, 478846A9-3774-4BDD-B740-B23D1C…)

And reminder she also posted this for a “second opinion” no slipped disc here either. I have a feeling someone on Facebook gave her the diagnosis. Kek

No. 908507

Not you again, please fuck off

No. 908511

She sprained her neck and that’s the whole reason she can’t work and has to wear a heart monitor? Kek I’m not buying it.
Seizures only happen when the herniated disk is pressing onto the spinal cord. Doesn’t take a neurologist to see in her scans that her spinal cord looks perfectly fine (she’s asking for a second opinion in a group for neurologists so I’m assuming she’s still “unwell” when these were taken).

No. 908513


No. 908519

File: 1674826234740.jpeg (252.11 KB, 1283x1296, 4AC161F1-5ACE-4C88-9FC4-CFB313…)

So let me get this straight. She has a strained neck, but she’s writing reviews about botched dental work, dead teeth and…

No. 908520

File: 1674826427650.jpeg (305.88 KB, 1283x1151, 3F445C2D-4FAA-4B1B-BCEA-03D4A4…)

… after a dentist saved her life from tooth rot, the EMS had to restrain her because her neck was hurting?

Sounds like drugs. Teeth. Drug induced psychosis. The fact that she wrote 15 reviews from different walk ins for medication. She’s using her neck as an excuse for more drugs. I’ll put money on it

No. 908521

Also icky, a slipped disc isn’t a chronic illness. Tard.
This girl really thinks everyone around her is stupid.

No. 908523

So she took a tumble down the stairs, he neck is a bit stiff? Wasn’t she just making statuses about dying and “if anything happens to me, it was nice knowing you”? This bitch has lost her mind.

No. 908528

File: 1674837934847.png (447.37 KB, 1080x1675, Screenshot_20230127-094409-955…)

Definitely drugs. Nobody talks at length about how they totally never take pain pills if they actually don't take them.

No. 908536

File: 1674845961329.png (1.36 MB, 1284x2778, 8B620993-A5FE-4E7A-B81F-DC9598…)

Google reviews say different. These are all walkins, hospitals etc within 3 months of eachother. She’s claiming to need or to be getting meds. Sounds like doctor shopping and not someone that turns down painkillers but okay icky

No. 908540


Should have learned what a toothbrush is and this could have been avoided. Although, expecting basic hygiene from this pig is like moving mountains

No. 908546

Disk injuries are permanent and can cause extreme life-long pain and mobility issues, but it's also common for pain attributed to a 'bad back'/spine to be psychosomatic and it's very common for malingerers to complain about nonexistent spine issues. At the end of the day she could be suffering from pain if she fucked up her spine, but it's impossible to say whether she fucked up her spine >>908491
unless any of us are neurologists, and it's also Vicky

No. 908563


High pain tolerance = how long you can persist with the physical pain while feeling it

High pain threshold = the point at which something becomes physically painful and felt.

I learned this from a tattooist who commented on my high pain threshold and figured it was something they all knew the difference between.

Clearly not.

No. 908567

Considering this bimbo said ISIS told her a terrorist plot in a cab, she prolly is lying. Or she fell off a barstool trying to grab onto a man.

No. 908586

File: 1674870386284.jpeg (209.4 KB, 1161x1886, 0EB071BC-38CB-40A7-A360-F4CC51…)

So Victoria has completely dropped the accent now for the most part.
This whole video she’s talking about how the only time she thinks about lolcow is when people bring it up. Which Jackie came here to say the opposite and she doesn’t have friends, nobody is bringing it up girl.
Anyways, remember when we thought she tattooed her face..? What the fuck is that infection ? She had it in another video…

No. 908587

File: 1674870484262.jpeg (166.18 KB, 1283x1093, B2CA2985-CE25-4029-B19A-D81A3C…)

… this one june 5 2021. Which is around the time she started the “I’m not longer working cause my neck hurts” story. Girls karma is tattooing her face and infected it like she’s done so many others. Beautiful.

No. 908589

File: 1674872160057.webm (10.97 MB, 720x1280, 10000000_497911845755743_86104…)

Here's the video. She sounds like she's on benzos here. Really really dramatic slurring and not much trace of the fake British accent.

No. 908590

File: 1674874535064.png (703.94 KB, 1080x1891, Screenshot_20230127-195453-478…)

This boomer thinks Victoria is talking about him LOL. Victoria's Facebook boomers are my fav.

No. 908592

The caption on this video is “About the small handful of obsessed weirdos who stalk my with fanfic of my life”
Has all the time in the world and still can’t get out a coherent sentence.

No. 908593

At least she said it was a small handful. I'm sure there are dozens of us here. Better than the other cows who say that lolcow is a "hate site" dedicated to them. It's always fascinating to me when they overstate the amount of people who care.

No. 908607

File: 1674911914096.jpeg (202.73 KB, 1283x1127, 53607938-2FB4-466C-B610-A25AE1…)

Doesn’t sound like he’s hitting on her at all. Sounds like she asked him something and he doesn’t want to answer. Kek. Awkward indeed. Vicky is hitting the bottle again.

No. 908609

File: 1674912056731.jpeg (119.35 KB, 1283x507, 78B8158F-30E3-43C2-9DFA-5BDCA2…)

So yeah she was trying to talk to him and he wasn’t given her the answer she wanted. Kek. She’s literally retarded

No. 908613

File: 1674916255579.jpeg (165.96 KB, 1283x825, 9C597126-AFF9-46CE-88F7-189A15…)

GIRL WHAT. She was so high last night she doesn’t remember blasting him publicly? She’s on quaaludes and nobody can convince me otherwise

No. 908615

Huh, now all comments on that post are gone.

No. 908616

The comments for some reason are on her new video ( about totally not caring about what people say) on her viper page

No. 908617

File: 1674923087196.jpeg (307.99 KB, 1283x2317, 2B2CB221-48CF-4860-B70E-A5E006…)

Didn’t she just make a whole video about not caring what people say online cause she has real life problems. Women get messages like this everyday, and block. They don’t entertain it. Kek. When your real life problem includes paying taxes let us know, icky. Kek

No. 908628

>slug im not interest

such a good way to rebuff an advance and at the same time let them know of your alcohol dependence

No. 908629

i have the posh british southern woman accent that she is trying to LARP and it sounds really unconvincing. keeps slipping

No. 908630


She probably sent that shit to herself. Everytime she gets cumdumped she races to post "proof" of how desirable and moral she is.

No. 908635

She does the same thing with the over the top incessant statements that she's never been broken up with. She's always been the one to do the dumping. Because no man would ever leave her, duh.

No. 908638

File: 1674946250187.jpeg (Spoiler Image,274.9 KB, 1277x1278, 33F67BB0-88D7-4373-B792-0290C5…)

She just posted this on Facebook. Where her DAD IS ON HER FRIENDS LIST.

No. 908640

the kt sports injury tape holding up her boobs is too much

No. 908642

The way she rubs her fingers all over her teeth and lips before sucking on it is revolting. With her vagina sides and underboob hanging out.. and got 25 likes in an hour. That’s got to hurt the already fragile ego.

No. 908646

File: 1674951960685.jpeg (175.02 KB, 1283x967, F2C427CD-CA27-4D72-8B5F-B487A4…)

“THEIR” girlfriends, icky. Thisnis what happens when you get your Harvard degree on YouTube.
Sticky got cheated on by her own loser boyfriend and now she’s a Facebook superhero.

No. 908648

Really grosses me out when vicky sucks on her finger.

No. 908649

Really grosses me out when vicky sucks on her finger.

No. 908650

the glitch in that video its from another world

No. 908652


When was she engaged for a year and a half? Last time I checked she was with that young loser “G” for a few months and then single and then dating fat ronnie radke from like October till now.

No. 908653

She looks like a Twitter hoe advertising her OF. But it’s probably okay cause she’s a “model”

No. 908654

lmao we all know how much you hate women Icky, remember the countless times you’ve proudly proclaimed that you’ll fuck other women’s boyfriends if they “disrespect” you? Lolcow dot farm remembers

No. 908655

Me too, her greasy, rotten, putrid mouth is viscerally disgusting

No. 908681


I’ll never get over how she had to use tit tape to hoist up those saggy udders and they still look bad

No. 908702

File: 1675045348492.jpeg (230.47 KB, 1283x1846, 8283E9F8-28B9-41CC-9EA8-692FF4…)

Now she’s a dermatologist. Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s 37 filters.

No. 908703

Samefag but she’s the one that circled this and put it on her story. Wanted to show everyone is multifaceted but doesn’t have a job.

No. 908706

lmao is she talking about microneedling?

No. 908725

I really really hope she didn't offer microneedling for real

No. 908727

I hope she was. If you're dumbass enough to go to a tattoo scratcher that looks like that for a derma procedure, you deserve the inevitable skin rot.

No. 908732

File: 1675098830795.jpeg (851.07 KB, 1170x546, A70B7805-F94A-4982-9267-317177…)

Her new cover photo on Facebook which is just a bunch of nobody magazines anyone can apply to be on to show she’s totally a real model

No. 908737

File: 1675106151249.jpeg (754.33 KB, 1153x1871, 26215C38-4659-4D49-86D4-A5D148…)

Her grandma passed away and she posted herself naked in bed looking zoinked out of her mind with the caption “goodbye granny. Love you always” and a song playing over it. She is really something else

No. 908747

Icky Vickie’s self absorption and lack of awareness is truly a gift for the farms. She’s not even that remarkable of a cow but there’s just something about her that’s disgusting and fascinating.

No. 908761

Such a Luna pic

No. 908769

File: 1675126914461.jpeg (222.87 KB, 1283x879, C5AF9951-909D-4866-8208-6505E2…)

Victoria is getting MORE meds she said she doesn’t take. She edited this 10 times in 7 minutes. Girl worked at her cousins salon and would take selfies and gossip instead of cleaning up after herself, so that’s rich coming from her.
At least they have jobs

No. 908775

what's funny is that if she wasn't such an edgelord, i could totally see vicky as a nurse. she has that 'mean girl who peaked in middle school' vibe to her.

No. 908790

You actually think Icky could survive nursing school? She wouldn’t even get accepted.

No. 908794

She can't be for real. How can a person be so detached from reality?

No. 908810

File: 1675180120196.jpeg (618.67 KB, 777x1277, E79B3131-532F-4853-81AB-C5008E…)

She’s posting old videos again. Showing off her black rotting gums and putrid tooth. Absolutely disgusting

No. 908837

File: 1675213959327.jpeg (319.93 KB, 1284x2219, 36AB3D94-BD31-4D8C-A958-6BF5C1…)

Someone allegedly asked her about her stomach tattoo so she posted this grainy, jumpy video. She also said it’s a dragon…?

No. 908852

Is this a video? Any signs of editing? She looks pretty slim here.

No. 908855

File: 1675230682959.jpg (389.22 KB, 1080x2340, VideoCapture_20230201-184832.j…)

She's lost weight but not as much as this video makes it seem - the dark spot near her phone is tattoos, not a waist line. That side of her body is way wider than the other, going by where her hips actually end

No. 908856


It’s a strange video and seems like the background warps around a bit and her body. That’s why she makes it so jumpy like someone with Parkinson’s is filming it because it makes it harder to notice. Why would she make the most blurred out shaky video if the whole point was to showcase a tattoo you can’t even see. This is just another look how not fat I am video

No. 908864

File: 1675256619341.jpg (553.89 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230201_080248_Chr…)

Slightly better

No. 908894

File: 1675295849801.png (110.91 KB, 1080x750, Screenshot_20230201-165513-923…)

On the comments of her stomach tattoo video. Is Victoria legitimately mentally challenged in any way? I'm going to feel really bad if I've been making fun of an actual slow learner for all these years. How could she think this person was talking about an actual corset in her bare tummy video??

No. 908896

her tattoos are moving too kek is that tape on the camera?

No. 908903

To be honest, the way things seem to go over her head makes one think she's luke warm I.Q. wise. It could be, or it could be just an aspect of Vicky's pick-me personality.

No. 908912

This shoop is hysterical, her waist is half the size of her hips and butt so it looks like a skinny disembodied torso on top of some ham hock legs

No. 908949

File: 1675386759485.jpeg (363.83 KB, 771x1201, 6EEEFCA8-423D-439C-8571-D5195B…)


No. 908974

How is it even possible to be this delusional and cringy?

No. 909011

i’m glad she’s single with no kids, and lives as a crazy cat lady weirdo, with a 3rd grade reading level, in a cat piss soaked apartment somewhere in bumblefuck nowhere ontario.

No. 909013

Don't bump if you don't have milk.

No. 909020

how about you get a lobotomy(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 909051

File: 1675540240167.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1159x1938, AF7FE4FF-3F59-483D-9F45-B2766A…)

She honestly looks like a tranny from behind. Like she’s built like a man. New totally really photographer name

No. 909057

this pic smells so bad

No. 909084

Can someone please explain to me how this is any better than the onlyfats whores Vicky loves to disparage at every opportunity? Not only is she just as degenerate as them but she’s also posting this porny shit for free, on what is supposed to be her “professional” page. The absolute state of this fat retard.

No. 909085

Polyester hair, cat piss and unwashed ass, kek. Her sloppy shooping never fails to perplex me, how has she been at it for so long and somehow managed to become worse?

No. 909117

File: 1675645569404.jpeg (123.6 KB, 829x1067, E123C39C-0AF8-4FC3-B1C6-6F8D38…)

Her responses to people are too much. This is in her dirty ass onlyfans picture

No. 909135

File: 1675655683654.jpeg (234.17 KB, 1284x882, B8786096-43C2-4089-A894-B3D449…)

So she fell down the stairs because someone’s negligence and hurt her neck.
A dentist fucked up her teeth cleaning and botched her mouth.
And now she got chemical burn in her lungs from a fan so she had to get rid of her cat.
This girl is on drugs, 100% on drugs.

No. 909137

Oh my lord WHO ACTUALLY BELIEVES THIS? How is this even possible? Firstly I doubt she even has an allergy or whatever, she had to get rid of them because she couldn’t afford to take care of them or because the health inspector slapped her with a violation but if there is something wrong with any of her organs it’s 100 per cent drink, drugs and cigarettes-related

No. 909144

Vicky's magical lungs avoid the damage every smoker gets. Ok then. I'm surprised she fell down the stairs with her epic sword ninja skills. Must have been payback from ISIS after she foiled their terrorist plot.

No. 909154

more posts for lolcow, none of her thirsty af coomers give a flying fuck about her posting edited pics, they’ll never meet nor get to sleep with her so they’re content with her fakery. She posts this shit because despite what she claims, she absolutely does give a fuck and it’s painfully obvious. She’s as transparent as a glass window and as dull as a brick.

No. 909155

No one asked, no one cares.
You rehoused them because you’re a grotty, lazy skank Vicky. You don’t just “develop” an allergy, you’re a liar, we all know cats and “tattoo studios” don’t mix. Guess what? You lost your “studio” and your credibility, so you gave away your pets for NOTHING. She could not give a single fuck about her pets. Hard decision my ASS. She used her cats for photo ops, she never genuinely cared about them. It’s always all about HER.

No. 909180

File: 1675724365086.jpeg (526.12 KB, 1125x1361, 3AD613C2-E521-4DA3-8D67-440842…)

No. 909181

File: 1675724386302.jpeg (881 KB, 1125x1400, 1BDE72BD-56D9-4847-AE03-EB321A…)

No. 909182

File: 1675724518870.jpeg (163.56 KB, 1125x510, 405A8F6E-574A-4F77-8845-9616B4…)

Why didn’t she use her ninja skills?

No. 909183

I can’t read any legalise. Can someone explain what “Regina v. Hodges, Gabriel” means? Does this mean this is a report between someone named Regina and someone named Gabriel? So… not Victoria?

No. 909184

File: 1675726709290.jpeg (456.04 KB, 1125x1546, 6933E856-E1C2-4EB5-BFA1-44D988…)

Now she’s claiming she was poisoned.

No. 909191

File: 1675730566617.jpeg (103.32 KB, 1284x496, 543370B5-B968-442D-8CFE-E072C9…)

Victoria dates literal drug addicts and then is shocked when it goes badly kek

No. 909192

I'm not a lawfag so I can't work out much.
"Regina" in commonwealth nations = criminal charges. It mentions "The Crown", Regina is the name for the Queen, everyone in a Canada is charged by the monarch in criminal cases. Someone called Gabriel Hodges was charged with a violent assault and seems have accepted domestic abuse classes as punishment. I think it might have been a while ago because the Queen is dead and the male/king version is Rex, but I don't know when the courts change it after a monarch dies.

No. 909195

File: 1675730910352.jpeg (80.63 KB, 275x259, 9007322A-C881-4856-8C3B-9582E4…)

I knew I remembered that name. This is Gabriel Hodges from Hamilton. He’s been brought up here before. She’s keeping those standards HIGH.

No. 909196

shocked and appalled coathanger scrote would do such a thing!

No. 909198


She has turned down multiple billionaires and rockstars but dates junkie Hamilton trash. What a Queen! I’m not surprised these are the only men she can get to date her

No. 909199

Wow. I’m stupid. I’m from Ontario and had no idea lol. Thanks nonnie!!

No. 909201

File: 1675733603365.jpeg (144.8 KB, 1283x756, EC8C24B9-E671-4A66-A2C5-3E587B…)

So she filed charges after he tried to stab her and slit her wrists. Dropped them cause he was being nice, got back with him and got engaged. Oh okay

No. 909207

but vicky is such a street wise psychology-certified girlboss!!! how could she not recognize a narcissist when she sees one????

No. 909208

Wow she's edited this status like 20 times and now it names him by full name in the post, lol.

I remember that guy too. It was obvious he was a massive druggie. It figures Victoria would shack up and do drugs with him.

No. 909214

File: 1675745996641.jpeg (158.1 KB, 1071x474, 6524A4CA-79B4-4821-9C59-502AB6…)


This is my favourite comment on this post

No. 909244

File: 1675781514315.jpeg (418.45 KB, 1283x1735, 025EE8F2-D4AF-4B9E-A3D8-EE3289…)

I circled it up at the top. Like is from almost two years ago. So he’s allegedly been poisoning her for two years. She’s been engaged to him for two years and now he leaves her so she puts this on the Internet, got it.

No. 909245

File: 1675781580919.jpeg (332.08 KB, 1283x2182, 1AC257B0-E588-44BE-A8AC-4ED8D3…)

She’s been posting about men cheating a lot too. He cheated on her and now she’s leaking this.

No. 909246

File: 1675782451287.jpeg (312.05 KB, 1280x1433, 1EADE75E-6A41-46A5-ADFF-DAC7EA…)

First it was the EMS that assaulted her, now it’s her ex that she stayed with for two more years. Both caught on film.
Can’t wait for gab to drop his own story cause somethings not adding up here.

No. 909294


For someone who “beats up bullies” backed down isis, intimidated a kidnapper and impressed the cops with her ~elite sword skills~ she sure gets her ass kicked a lot

No. 909319

Yeah, commonwealthfag here, Regina was meant to switch over immediately to Rex now so this must have been pre-QE2's demise.

No. 909331

File: 1675878516272.png (1.9 MB, 1080x1778, Screenshot_20230208-104807-657…)

What the heck is this? Is this supposed to be Victoria?

No. 909333

She looks like a 50 year old country music singer in this for some reason. Photoshopped herself into a completely other person and age bracket. The fact that she captioned this “cuteness” is sending me.

No. 909341

File: 1675903920614.jpeg (299.03 KB, 1283x1692, A19E49A9-F4F2-4312-90F1-C62EEF…)

The second hand embarrassment is so real with her. She’s almost 40 calling out a random person on facebook about a guy she probably is messaging and doesn’t know their real name. She was publicly asking crayon for a three some with his girlfriend, so I doubt she’s the “saint” she tries to paint herself out to be.
And she slept with the ex a month ago that tried to slit her wrists 2 years ago? Highest of standards

No. 909342

gwyne slutcation

No. 909344

Can't decide if 1. she's too retarded to understand Kieram is a typo and not a man's name 2. Guelph is the type of place to actually have dudes called Kieram, or 3. she's trying to be clever by pretending to play dumb and not reading the obvious name Kieran

No. 909345

File: 1675913174281.jpeg (102.94 KB, 1283x625, 4E356217-7AAC-48C2-AC36-3A9E66…)

Or maybe you should get a job, pay taxes and stop living off of welfare instead of worrying about a fake account on Instagram.

No. 909355

Lol at her resorting to fat girl angles to hide her weight gain. Look at those chubby cheeks

No. 909363

So this is the same dude she took that weird vid with on halloween??

No. 909364

How is she this bad at basic makeup application? I’m convinced that she’s genuinely special needs

No. 909365

>pretty girl
Vicky, you’re almost middle aged and you’re not pretty, you’re a literal hag. You look like you smell of literal shit, we know you don’t shower, brush your rotten teeth or wash your hideous tacky polyester sweat shop clothing

No. 909395

File: 1675954693362.jpeg (155.7 KB, 1283x737, FF663D7D-8043-4369-BDCD-626C72…)

You’re 40 years old, admitting you talk to nasty men on Facebook to fill your time. Well at least she’s catching up on how her life has turned out.

No. 909401

File: 1675961639330.jpeg (170 KB, 1282x792, 05013CC1-2547-49EF-BF0F-EE733C…)

She’s trying way too hard to be an icy queen. I didn’t think it was possible, but she’s gotten worse with age.

No. 909422

File: 1675979768450.jpeg (433.73 KB, 1170x1716, 33A53963-C05C-42AB-9BC9-0A6CC1…)

No makeup but there’s a thousand face filters that make her eyes look as retarded as she is. These face tatts are fucking awful. Fat bitch arms looking like someone’s thigh

No. 909424

File: 1675981952206.jpeg (104.07 KB, 1284x602, DE8F022E-0E7B-4C74-B7BC-F8AACC…)

I LOVE single Victoria. She just embarrasses herself 50 times a day, the entertainment is endless

No. 909426

File: 1675982183339.png (1.64 MB, 1284x2778, 9B5BAB76-1AFD-45A1-9D5C-F3557B…)

She posted this on her stories… to show people that she’s desirable I guess?

No. 909427

File: 1675982242842.jpeg (28.68 KB, 463x465, C92EE6E3-D2E2-471F-A496-239A79…)

Fucking yikes…

No. 909439

File: 1676004345232.jpeg (209.32 KB, 1170x672, FD7A0CFE-52A4-4681-8500-C1C487…)

I’m loving all her posts

No. 909440

File: 1676004504053.jpeg (82.2 KB, 1122x290, F7946C58-8B27-4C11-A288-364FB8…)

Wheezing at the comment on this post

No. 909449

Why did she tattoo 3 tiny railroad spikes on her face

No. 909450

Single Vicky is the best. So glad she's blessing us with these fantastic pics, statuses, and screenshots of men in her comments.

No. 909453

No way those are actual face tats, they're painted on with eyeliner.

No. 909497


She already deleted this

No. 909511

File: 1676067943759.jpeg (307.52 KB, 1283x1803, 5656A5D5-11EB-4A00-A3BB-E58BB4…)

I hope that’s a spelling mistake and not how she thinks you spell “ video”

No. 909532


Pure mental retardation

No. 909570

i think deep down, this illiterate turbo pick me witch she wishes she was married with kids, but drove everyone away so she hates kids, whores herself to old creepy men online for validation. if she lived in utah, her and lori would be besties.

No. 909703

File: 1676237273586.jpeg (281.22 KB, 1283x2031, 61585CA1-BCB7-47AF-9C54-AC14AB…)

What’s the point of posting blurs.
Talking about her hair? What? Her hair is naturally white? She wears huge T-shirt’s in public? Literally any picture of her in public she’s wearing a corset and thigh high socks. Even to the fucking water park. Kek

No. 909704

File: 1676238077064.jpeg (92.72 KB, 1283x539, B4C03D45-563E-4B22-BA07-885502…)

Icky doesn’t have a job now all the sudden the men she dates can’t either

No. 909726

File: 1676251394379.png (287.17 KB, 1080x1378, Screenshot_20230212-182248-054…)

This is so fucking embarrassing. I can barely get through these messages.

No. 909727

Of course her ass is better known. The 55 year old men that follow her on Facebook don’t have much else to look at? Posting her vagina on Facebook reels kek.
Weird way to say you have nothing else to offer.

No. 909736

I hope they're real. I hope she was janked up on something and couldn't keep her composure enough to make the dots. It looks absolutely ridiculous.

No. 909743

You cannot convince me that she’s not genuinely retarded at this point. It would be sad if she wasn’t such a colossal misogynistic, racist, lying, thieving, abusive piece of shit

No. 909745

>it’s naturally white now

as opposed to what before lol. i remember her convoluted explanation of how she kept her hair ~healthy~ by only bleaching the top section. also, aside from shitty editing and/or fake hair, it has been classic untoned bleached to death forever.

No. 909797

File: 1676341245386.jpeg (116.45 KB, 573x977, 01A19DB6-6FE5-4B6E-8840-FD1269…)

This doesn’t look like a “just friends” kind of way of standing.. in a bathroom but ok. She’s too lazy to work, but can have random men over from Facebook. Got it. Good luck getting your deposits back guys

No. 909798

>calm down
Kek he’s not raging, Vic. Calm down.
Are they expecting or some shit what is this pose? Men are retarded when it comes to women and the internet. Just look at coconutkitty.

No. 909799

File: 1676341709542.jpeg (386.83 KB, 1283x2084, 1C404C88-29CE-44CD-BDFB-4AF976…)

VICKY FINALLY MET POUNDTOWN. Why is he standing like that? He looks like a bigger fucking hick than I thought.
The captions also go on to say " it's surreal when people meet me and I look like me."
And "people say I'm 300 pounds cause their crush will like me more than them"
Doesn't matter how much you weigh, icky. You're uneducated, jobless, pushing 40, live in butt fuck nowhere and have never travelled outside
Ontario cause you're too broke.
Many reasons nobody is jealous of you.
She dated Gabriel, the 25 year old crackhead that beat her up. Now she has this guy she met on Facebook over to her house the first time they meet. Kek.

No. 909800

blatant attempts to make her ex jealous lately. She has no friends so she requires a constant supply of dumpster-tier moid attention. If the poundtown saga develops it’s going to be a milky year.

No. 909802


This scrote is built the same as Vicky kek

No. 909811

It would be funny if these two attention whores get together but I really really want Victoria to date Jamie Whiteman. I ship them.

No. 909813

File: 1676364298621.jpeg (28.77 KB, 275x227, 73CA3FE5-5846-4F3B-8B41-2510C6…)

Us and the 300 pounds lives rent free in her head still I see

No. 909820

File: 1676388684688.jpeg (361.49 KB, 1283x2375, 189B7C91-42BE-4F7F-92ED-1BE6F8…)

No poundtown filter. Like they aren’t standing in a room that is poorly lit with a 1999 lava lamp. She should be less concerned about what lolcow has to say, and more about why at almost 40 she has a stranger in her home. Didn’t she just get her ass handed to her by her 25y/o fiancé? Just cause you speak to someone on Facebook doesn’t mean you know them enough to lock yourself in the bathroom with them. Holy shit

No. 909825


I see she wore the same crusty top and skirt she always wears. Does he not have a job either or something? Hanging out on a Monday

No. 909826

File: 1676394692117.jpeg (96.47 KB, 929x937, 2B7D27B5-216B-4322-8FA9-50D673…)

I’m going to be honest, I’ve never looked in depth to this guys page before. I just saw his pfp and thought “ why is this conventionally good looking guy even speaking to sticky” but looks like they’re a match made in the trash bin.

No. 909828

nO fIlTeR but wears that same outfit. I’m convinced vicky only owns that set of cheap clothing.

No. 909831

Turn on the lights vick; dont be shy. Show us what you look like in shorts and a tank? Carefully curated and crafted for the illusion but icky vicky never backs it up irl.
Also does she only own two outfits? Kek

No. 909833

File: 1676400320838.jpg (146.72 KB, 1283x1561, poundtownmeetsickyvic.jpg)


If you really want to show the haters take your flabby ass and that diseased dick ashtray of yours outside where there's actual light. His face says it all >>Oh so that's how you catfished me. These two tards together give me life.

No. 909837

I didn't realize in the year 2024 we were inviting internet people to our places of residence.

No. 909841

it's 2023 nona

No. 909844

So, she invites her SUPER good friend over to meet for the first time ever - and wastes time taking selfies in the subterranean bathroom/dungeon of doom? Now that’s what I call quality investment of time!

No. 909876

File: 1676466742871.jpeg (172.16 KB, 1170x621, 04A07DF0-C604-4EF3-AE43-3B54C6…)

Desired and sought after Vicky didn’t get anything from billionaires, rockstars, and admirers for valentines. Alone and approaching 40 with nobody around

No. 909894

Gross, he has a dip in his lip too. Yuck.

No. 909897


What happened to her totally real face tats she claimed were still swollen? Lies about everything

No. 909902

File: 1676498133590.jpeg (179.95 KB, 1170x427, 8C5E6308-95E9-4F8C-BA96-B5A003…)


This is a “grown women” saying this. You are ugly as sin on the inside and no right man wants a jobless broke loser who has no real life skills. Perpetually 16 forever

No. 909907

Literally everything she says is pure cope. No one believes your bullshit, Vic.

No. 909909

She misses the point entirely when her video with poundtown still looks nothing like her shopped photos kek

No. 909912

>>their crush

this would be cringey to read if she was in the 8th grade. most people her age are married or at least engaged or in a serious relationship. She stopped maturing in grade school this is embarrassing

No. 909923

File: 1676558794108.jpeg (120.31 KB, 1283x1834, E2C26066-7532-4649-8D58-C40CC7…)

It’s giving weird drunk aunt that posts inappropriate stuff

No. 909948

File: 1676613195522.png (233.88 KB, 1080x1045, Screenshot_20230216-225133-832…)

Apparently we all have crushes on the mayor of Pound Town and Photoshop Victoria to be obese.

No. 909949

Kek 23 people liked that persons comment. I think she’s fried her brain so much people are starting to take notice.

No. 909951

God I hate this stinky fat retard so fucking much, this is so embarrassing. Cope harder you greasy, ugly, misogynistic, racist piece of shit

No. 909954

In the ever-changing world of cows, vicky shingles is the one constant. I never get tired of her bullshit lmao she's so terminally retarded.

No. 909960

File: 1676642038333.jpeg (452.14 KB, 1283x2047, 6047A7A7-F8DA-4D3B-8B2B-93AA9D…)

This one too..
she’s getting a record low likes on all her selfies / posts. Thank fuck people are starting to realize she’s a moron.

No. 909964

File: 1676651689038.jpeg (88.9 KB, 1170x828, 23D5699A-90EB-4A10-AD03-B19BDC…)

This retard needs to lay off the bottle. She never can form a proper sentence

No. 909965

She's always explaining the most basic shit. Or she's questioning people when they comment simple basic shit. She's really stupid.

No. 909966

What is she even trying to say here?

No. 909967

I speak Vicky. All of that translates to "You have a dick, pay attention to me"

No. 910004

File: 1676736855033.jpeg (371.67 KB, 1284x2222, 85798509-65BF-4745-88E7-A8FF97…)

The cycle of Victoria. Guy leaves her, she posts about how much happier she is single, she makes a list of requirements to date her, posts her vagina 1-3 times a day, she meets a guy on Facebook a week later, she stops posting. Can’t wait to see the poundtown thing blow up in her face

No. 910017

i used to think she was genuinely autistic now i think she's just drowned pretty much 98% of her braincells in alcohol over the years.

No. 910041

Not everything is autism. She's dumb, has absolutely no sense of humor and cannot read social cues but I really don't think she's autistic.

No. 910158

File: 1677016482727.jpeg (242.79 KB, 1170x1568, F8A053B5-10E8-4B1B-B4E4-FA93C3…)

She was in a wheelchair now. And she’s so much better 30 seconds after her boyfriend left her. I’m assuming the right people in her life is poundtown since she has no friends

No. 910161

Vic is so performative.

No. 910192


Why does her bed look like an unwashed pisshole from the 80s

No. 910276

File: 1677189752509.webm (2.21 MB, 1080x1920, 322292812_598817985595657_2146…)

Single Vicky strikes again

No. 910296

She always gets half naked with pigtails and puts fingers and whatever else whenever she's single I've noticed

No. 910300

Vicky looks ridiculous with pigtails(sage your shit)

No. 910308

File: 1677246183961.jpeg (665.68 KB, 1283x2045, 08086BE1-A4CE-401D-9C3D-F28DCD…)

Can’t convince me she isn’t a call girl.

No. 910309


She’s reposting old videos again kek this is years old

No. 910323

This is a nice roundabout way of saying you’re prematurely grey there, Vic despite being able to see your darker roots in your garbage quality pic. You literally live in Fergus, nobody is staring you down ever.

No. 910352

If this was my life I’d fucking kill myself

No. 910365

possibly a nitpick, but why is her boob line so long? is it because she’s pressing her udders together? kek.

No. 910375


It’s a mix of being fat and having saggy tits

No. 910377

File: 1677347886079.jpeg (51.72 KB, 1283x510, 3D579136-57BB-4BDD-88DA-D54C12…)

The almost 40 year old with no job left this on the video of herself sucking off a lollipop. Jfc.

No. 910387

File: 1677358779563.webm (2.04 MB, 720x1280, 333849972_800552851493236_5600…)

Victoria posted this. "No editing needed"

No. 910396

File: 1677365266681.jpeg (208.77 KB, 1283x995, B1FB08AC-C763-40AA-9F14-B9AFF9…)

That camera is from an iPhone 7 or 8. So she’s using an “old phone” the 8 came out in 2017 so while she isn’t using filter, her camera must be fucking dirty as hell. Which is gross. Those iPhone 7/8 cameras were good.

No. 910410

File: 1677371757918.webm (3.51 MB, 720x1280, SomethingAboutPlanB.webm)

Victoria talking about how ugly people should have been aborted, lolz so funny!

No. 910415

File: 1677373091439.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1284x2267, 236E3B82-0306-4AA6-AA48-0F13D5…)

Jump scare. She says “ is it too late for your mother to take plan B” I swear she just scrolls Facebook and takes old people memes and tries to pass it off as her own thoughts.

No. 910420

Why do her gums look like that? All pale and puffy and… gross looking?

No. 910422

File: 1677394400346.jpeg (1.9 MB, 1284x2778, 72E9CDA5-9912-41C6-87E5-7C2F98…)

These gums… is it the filter or is she super anemic? The fuck is going on here

No. 910432

My best guess would be that her gums have receded significantly, her teeth are misshapen due to her enamel eroding, she has exceptionally poor oral hygiene. She may have had some teeth removed as her teeth appear to be shifting around. She could have low iron from lazing around inside all day and/or poor diet, hence the pale gums, however I suspect it’s a filter to hide the redness that comes with swollen gums (gingivitis).

No. 910433

Does she own any other bathing suits? She’s worn this ugly red bikini to death. Her sad ass tits are hanging out of it yet it’s still somehow cutting into her back fat, kek.

No. 910435

This image is “People of Walmart”-worthy.

No. 910446

File: 1677443446631.jpeg (367.38 KB, 2048x2048, 9B214368-90EF-4880-A9EE-65A95A…)

More photos on the cat piss couch

No. 910447

File: 1677443606666.jpeg (121.38 KB, 1283x779, 69C4BF1D-971C-486B-BC79-6227C5…)

Girl is going to be 40 in 3 years. Not going to happen girl. Also he wasn’t calling you a mother, retard.

No. 910460


This edit looks so weird her arms are bigger than her body and then she just has her gut hanging off to the side.

No. 910477

It's the filter that's making them pale. Those gums are super puffy and I would bet money on them being bright red irl.

No. 910478

she’s lost weight, however she was only able to do so due to almost breaking her damn neck. She has zero willpower and had to be stuck in bed and unable to properly feed herself to drop enough weight to look like… a cheap onlyfans “model”.
It also appears as though she only owns one tacky bracelet, kek

No. 910482

File: 1677508985356.jpeg (255.78 KB, 1283x2131, B53C6A36-486A-45AE-B1C7-6209F1…)

The filter around her lips keeps falling off. She goes on to say “ being single in your early 30s ( isn’t she 36..?) is better than being with a guy that will make you unhappy” then goes on to say a guy with a bigger dick is out there. It’s a hard watch.

No. 910487

kek has she been wearing this dress nonstop for 2+ days? When Vicky finds something that flatters her body, she wears it until it rots off her body

No. 910499


Yep she is going to be 36 this year. This old crone is clinging to her youth and has nothing to show for herself in adulthood

No. 910518

do you know what her problem really is? Aside from being chronically online? she won’t refine any of her skills. She’s a half decent artist, but she can’t tattoo to save her life, why not focus on drawing on paper, sell that rather than butchering peoples bodies? She’s tacky and lazy and that’s why she has no IRL friends.

No. 910524

she can’t draw, notice how she doesn’t post any tattoo flash or whatever. the last time she shared a drawing it was obviously traced/copied. she throws together shitty images in photoshop & literally traces it from her laptop.

No. 910539

She is not a half-decent artist. Her drawings have been posted on here before, they looked like they were done by a middle schooler.

No. 910551

File: 1677591974346.jpeg (873.04 KB, 1170x1503, 047C8BF8-8186-44A4-9879-0A5AD0…)

she posted another version and edited a totally different face on her body. It’s embarrassing she’s still trying to say the eyeliner doodles on her face are tattoos. Week old face tattoos aren’t shiny. It’s a good thing they aren’t real because Vicki gave herself a gang tattoo that means she killed someone/killed someone in prison kek

No. 910556

Way to go Vic - this image makes you look like you’re missing teeth AND balding. Bravo!

No. 910559


Those extremely sad pancake tits

No. 910563

her chin is also merging into her neck, the filter is so heavy all the definition is gone. has she ever heard of enhancing her features with makeup rather than slapping it on with a trowel? she must look absolutely ridiculous IRL.

No. 910568

File: 1677611330045.jpeg (498.24 KB, 1083x662, 42F4AC24-4F4F-441D-A8B9-F4327B…)

I love when she tells on herself

No. 910592

File: 1677632811521.webm (4.36 MB, 540x960, 333852445_222284473511526_5658…)

Another day, another video where Victoria eye fucks herself on the camera and spreads her legs.

No. 910598

this bitch out here thinking she's better than OF thots when she puts out this shit

the tongue thing reminds me of a lizard

No. 910601

lmao why did her face spasm like that? she looked like she was having a stroke.

No. 910607

there was a Marilyn Monroe painting that looked ok, presumably it was traced and painted from a reference image. I don’t really remember her other drawings, I suppose that’s because they’re nothing special. I did say “half decent” kek

No. 910614

File: 1677667593940.jpeg (424.89 KB, 1283x1970, 1630413276713.jpeg)

This is the latest pencil drawing of hers I could find.

No. 910618

[adware link redacted]

No. 910627

Looks very amateur-ish

No. 910635

yeah, you’re right that’s not a great drawing. She’s very heavy handed, only uses one type of pencil and has smudged it. It’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on. Shading and perspective is way off. I mean who does a rough sketch of a tattoo? Usually the artist creates something far more refined.

No. 910636

Tattoofag here. I can't speak for all artists, but typically your pre-stencil designs are imperfect and usually layered with linework and the pencil crayon sketches as you mapped it out. After that, you'd create a stencil that's more refined. But this is Victoria, who traces her stencils off of her laptop screen during an appointment instead of before, so we know this is as polished as it gets before going onto someone's body.

No. 910645

oh, thank you for explaining. yeah, I’ve seen her “work”, it’s truly horrific that she works on human skin and charges people large amounts of money to butcher their bodies (that’s if she even starts the tattoo at all). so very unprofessional.

No. 910650

>I’m drawing a back piece!
>puts head of dragon at the bottom of the paper near the binding instead of the center
>claws that seem to appear from nowhere with…dripping blood?
>Chinese dragon with Japanese dragon elements?
>zero flow or design

This is some high school notebook shit.

No. 910683

It's Shenron from dragonball z if you were wondering why the chinese/Japanese thing doesn't seem right.
Literally looks like a 10 year old boy drew it in class on a notebook.

No. 910702

File: 1677857536862.jpg (166.24 KB, 2000x1500, occular.jpg)

What in the bright ocular surgery hell is going on here. Did she get the T.I wife look.

Hope she enjoys her oval shaped pupil on the right side because the lens did not sit right.

Is this why she had to go to the emergency room not too long ago??

No. 910706

File: 1677865556383.png (711.02 KB, 1080x1313, Screenshot_20230303-104452-838…)

God help us all. Victoria took "books closed" out of her bio and seems to be taking new clients again.

No. 910724

The stretched pupils are probably from filter overlays, photoshop, or her real eye colour peeking through the centre of the cheap contacts she uses. You can see the white outlines where the contact is larger than her iris.

No. 910725

Quickly adding, sorry for doublepost, if it was an eye surgery she would have gladly hammed it up. Instead, we get mysterious "non-contagious illness" and "botched dental surgery" because its less embarrassing than "I don't brush my teeth, ever".

No. 910795


Vicky can’t even afford new aliexpress clothes. She definitely couldn’t pay for that surgery it’s shitty contacts and filters

No. 910827

File: 1677991232955.png (500.19 KB, 1080x1955, Screenshot_20230304-213921-342…)

Victoria posting generic scrote dms to prove how desirable she is, is probably my fifth or sixth favorite thing about her.

No. 910828

File: 1677991850184.jpg (406.69 KB, 718x1000, 63f656fcf55b5e6715b2d50d627523…)

This is my first time peeking in this thread, so apologies if this has been talked about already, but what the fuck is up with her choice of paper? Not only is it cheap and a magnet for smudges, but do people even use it anymore? I haven't seen any since I was a kid. Was a stack just given to her for free and she hasn't been able to upgrade?

>Chinese dragon with Japanese dragon elements?
As the other anon who replied to you said, this is just a donut steel of Shenron.

No. 910850

Yeah, most of us would just ignore messages like that, much less post them for all to see… she likes the attention, her self-worth is based upon how many scrotes want to fuck her and that’s really pathetic, especially for a woman in her mid to late 30’s. She’s done nothing with her life, she’s a lay about, doesn’t work, she’s a loser, kek.

No. 910880

File: 1678061089970.jpeg (247.45 KB, 1283x1928, 334B2FEE-A837-4F58-8C58-B2DCA7…)

I really hope these face tattoos are real

No. 910881

File: 1678061159669.jpeg (251.44 KB, 1283x2093, 981890B5-113F-42E1-B2A3-519DB6…)

“New makeup style for fun” you mean filter? Her eyebrow is going on to her hair.

No. 910882

File: 1678061229828.jpeg (148.44 KB, 1283x1950, 8BD6B1F0-D1DE-4034-BFE5-E9FE07…)

Icky proving to herself everyday that’s she’s totes unbothered by lolcow.

No. 910885

File: 1678068933048.jpeg (228.71 KB, 2048x2048, BBD997F7-3030-47F9-B4C7-F96160…)

Is she drawing a nose ring too?

No. 910891

she will never go filter free with a high quality photo because she looks busted af IRL.
this photo is so filtered she hasn’t a fold, line or even a bit of skin texture. she has no confidence, which is in part why she looks especially ugly, she’s just arrogant and that isn’t appealing.

No. 910896

want them to be real as they are terrible and not the way to brag about tattoo skills. also hope she really dyed half her hair black so we can witness her trying to get it back to the ~natural white~ lol.

No. 910918

Vicky loves tagging Ronnie Radke when it comes to falling in reverse. I would love his girlfriend Saraya (a wrestler) to beat Vicky’s saggy ass

No. 910928


Hilarious that she supports an abuser after she claims that she was abuse from her recent ex.

No. 910934

File: 1678142915131.jpeg (218.84 KB, 1283x1629, 64D23E81-3915-4F8B-9A58-DD5EB6…)

Vicky on Facebook wearing no shirt (just her leather jacket) sucking on her finger again.

No. 910937

File: 1678147240704.jpeg (400.95 KB, 1170x1404, 4D7E578F-B079-4A39-8199-59FEC6…)


Did she get her rotten tooth pulled and a metal one put in?

No. 910943

love how she brags about being so ~teeny~ tiny when she has a belly button fat roll

No. 910948

File: 1678158288326.jpeg (158.45 KB, 1600x1200, EB6854AC-F40B-4500-8BD9-F63C08…)

not pulled, filed down with a silver crown fitted to preserve what was left of her tooth.

No. 910949

It’s probably loose skin from losing weight too fast or being too big. It can also happen when you yo-yo diet. This video is too dark to see anything really, I dare her to post in full sun without a smoothing filter. “No editing” my ass. No 35 year old woman has textureless skin.

No. 910950

File: 1678159708110.jpeg (Spoiler Image,227.7 KB, 750x1204, CB344E23-4AC2-49BE-9748-BBF80D…)

“I’m not like them onlyfans hoes… I give it up for free!” Kek.

Spoiler because Vic’s saggy tits are front and centre.

No. 910952

Kekk she didn't photoshop her gut. The belt being stretched is the cherry on top.

No. 910955

File: 1678162208311.jpeg (846.87 KB, 1170x1585, 7E9E06A7-B15F-468F-9284-ABDB1F…)

No editing but the phone is all warped next to her face

No. 910958

File: 1678164397418.png (707.63 KB, 1080x1982, Screenshot_20230306-214525-785…)

I will never not be embarrassed for her that she posts these conversations.

No. 910960

I'll never understand her. Never. She looks like an Eastern European prostitute who never stopped dressing like an 80's metal groupie. And the constant need to post that men want her. She probably attracts a lot of men. Sleazy, unsavory men with greasy hair that smell like whiskey, dirty laundry and cigarette butts. Kinda like her!

No. 910961

OOF that gut and overhang KEK uwu so smol

No. 910971

“Why do you wanna date me” is the most honest thing Vicky has ever said.
You have no redeeming qualities, so why indeed

No. 910976


Looks like ol’ silver tooth deleted this because it showcased her missing tooth

No. 910979

unironically victoria is one of my favorite cows, she's an unending supply of milk. No matter how long I step away from /pt/, whenever I come back, she's on the front page like an old friend.

No. 910992

File: 1678209267786.jpeg (75.49 KB, 1283x473, AACFE1D3-E7D5-48B8-AD9B-BE58A7…)

Victoria is almost 40 playing games with men cause she’s bored. Dear god. Why do I have a feeling poundtown didn’t want anything to do with her after visiting her in person

No. 910994

Same. Her bizarre looks combined with the delusions of grandeur never cease to entertain me.

No. 911009

File: 1678229628812.jpeg (287.09 KB, 1283x1912, 32A678C3-3D48-4862-BAF4-F91A57…)

“I’ll take their crush” you mean you’ll take their deposit and never give it back after you ghost them for years?
Also, the “photographer” is from Mexico. Her saw her on Instagram over the years. He’s not a very good photographer if he can’t see the heavy editing.

No. 911026

She always says that but has she ever done it? I just don't believe it kek

No. 911034

Vicky should be the one with 130 threads. I wish she provided whole milk instead of lactaid.

No. 911046

File: 1678282280305.png (209.07 KB, 370x620, CCA8D889-BB8D-4E07-8CBD-92BE6C…)

She’s so disgusting. The fact that sticking her fat dirty finger in her mouth is one of her signature poses just screams trash to me. She thinks it’s hot when it’s just vile. And then she elevates the trashy behaviour by popping it out of her mouth flashing the middle finger every time. Stay classy

No. 911049

File: 1678285304816.jpeg (301.17 KB, 1283x2040, C5C951E9-B388-4261-8D27-DEFFB4…)

What the fuck is actually going on here. She’s pulling at her eye and sticking out her tongue for some reason.

No. 911055

I love how she layers on the filters and it makes her eyes so wonky. I think she’s trying real hard for an e-girl alternative aesthetic but she’s too old to pull it off. The extra black extensions with all the blonde ones packed onto her thin scalp look hilarious

No. 911065

I think she's trying to do the Japanese stink eye (it's considered very disrespectful to show the inside of your eyelid). Incorrectly, of course, but I'm sure she just didn't watch those Yale courses on you tube yet.

No. 911070

File: 1678310754266.jpeg (105.89 KB, 1283x546, 7F9BA6F4-CA4E-4202-B028-AF26E7…)

I know she’s trying to be funny, but all that it’s giving is another guy dropped Vicky, she was rude as hell and she totally “stopped talking to them” the cycle continues.

No. 911071

This has to be drugs. Who looks at that and says "yup that sexy I'm gonna post it."

No. 911072

File: 1678311220460.jpeg (311.84 KB, 1283x1410, B85BAC3E-226B-4445-9E1F-F3A53A…)

So it’s international women’s day, and Vicky wanted to let us know just because she’s fat, smokes and drinks she’ll live longer than a woman that has settled down and have children. Too bad she didn’t actually read the article, from 2018. From the NYPOST, which isn’t reputable in the slightest.

From another study: “In fact, there’s some evidence to suggest that having children can help women to live longer.”
Science is t that black and white you fucking retard. She reads one nypost article from 5 years ago to help her feel better about being alone and an alcoholic.

No. 911074

File: 1678311882692.jpeg (458.2 KB, 1283x2318, 74C3427C-1860-4310-92A3-E4AA48…)

“Um… of course I love men. They went to the same pool hall as me.”
Does she not realize how fucking retarded she sounds? She must be on ODSP from drug induced brain damage.

No. 911084

File: 1678318554960.png (155.91 KB, 1080x852, Screenshot_20230308-163255-773…)

I can't tell if she's trying to be funny or if she's calling out the mayor of Pound Town here.

No. 911085


I feel like this is her “ savage queen of the fuckboys” response. He met her, never posted or reshared the photos and is never on her profile anymore commenting. Wonder why.

No. 911090

She must have been drunk when she lined her lips jfc
Her new face is weirding me out.

No. 911119

There's so many beautiful women like 10 or more years older than Vick who have had kids. Multiple kids even. This is such a fucked up cope post of hers. Also embarrassing on her part since it's not like she's amazingly fit or young looking herself.

No. 911120

File: 1678373489052.jpeg (106.91 KB, 1283x530, 9AD588C6-B3CF-473C-BB49-B00439…)

These filers are for polish. Doesn’t a polish make things look cleaner?…

I wonder if Victorias dad has even made an effort to visit her after leaving for the UK. Would make sense why she can’t admit when I man doesn’t like her/ leaves her. The daddy issues running deep.

No. 911122

>I used to go to bars surrounded by men
Lmfao this is so funny. You'd be surrounded by men regardless of where you went because there's a lot of men in bars. They aren't there for you Vicky lol

No. 911130

File: 1678393707944.jpeg (174.12 KB, 1283x1118, 071C46D5-30BB-443A-AC0B-4BFBB4…)

The desperate antics of Victoria. Man regrets smashing for sure

No. 911132

Stfu Vicky you’re almost 40 this isn’t the flex you think it is. It’s just pathetic. Also this comment is now deleted from the post

No. 911134

File: 1678398704515.jpeg (183.77 KB, 1283x1327, 5ED69822-7F6C-463F-BF45-D7A55A…)

Oh no… it’s still there and she’s added to it kek

No. 911136

File: 1678399014071.jpeg (179.48 KB, 1161x724, 1102E575-C35B-4B05-B27C-6B024F…)

That’s strange because I cannot see it and she doesn’t have me blocked either. He must have hidden it. Are you friends with her by chance? The hidden option hides it so only people friends with the person commenting May see it

No. 911137

For some reason on Dylan's Facebook, you have to click where it says "2h", or whatever the time is for when he posted, and then the comments show.

Victoria's comments are for sure still there, lol.

No. 911141

Wow I’m stupid, I’ve never seen that feature before but you are completely right. When you click that they appear.

No. 911148

Not stupid! I've never seen it before either and I actually discovered it accidentally with a misclick. I just wanted to help out other anons!

No. 911149

if you are in a position where you cannot comment on a post, be it because you are not friends or if it is a group post where comments are turned off, it hides the comment option below the post in feed, so you only see like and share. so now you have to click on the time/date to see them.

No. 911159

File: 1678416283902.png (1.67 MB, 1080x1871, Screenshot_20230309-164734-731…)

Who the fuck is mr.vikashyadav75?

No. 911160

File: 1678416526242.png (2.29 MB, 2240x2139, some_black_guy.png)

Sorry 4 samefag but Victoria is on one tonight. Here she is getting a random guy to defend her against the claim that she flirted with a black guy.

No. 911177

The theoretical black guy is lucky she's going to these lengths to prove she didn't text him. In fact black guys everywhere around the world should rejoice.

No. 911180

Vicky, we know you read this…please stop sucking on your finger. It’s gross! If you think you’re sexy, you’re way wrong

No. 911185

she was so excited about her Facebook insult she screenshot it while it was still posting. Highly doubt it’s another person contacting John and not icky on a burner acct

No. 911188

File: 1678458160485.jpeg (122.71 KB, 1283x922, 2225DC7D-8A2F-4ECA-9C6C-69A68A…)

On the video of her sucking her finger. She literally has a public OnlyFans account.

No. 911189

File: 1678458610531.jpeg (295.15 KB, 960x1280, D0652080-822C-4BDF-8EC6-7D2A00…)

This is the guy she’s talking to in her public comment section about sucking her unnamed body parts by the way. Top tier for icky

No. 911201

Kek. Vicky's dry humping her pillow to Mamoot.

No. 911209

cinched it, but could have done it.

No. 911221

File: 1678481613446.png (256.58 KB, 1080x1359, Screenshot_20230310-135242-342…)

Victoria was an award winning radio DJ, lol.

No. 911231

File: 1678484689671.jpeg (653.64 KB, 1283x2385, 734AF650-23C1-4F43-A265-897952…)

I swear to his this bitch must think nobody knows how to use google. Award winning? At this place? Okay.

No. 911244

File: 1678494300633.jpeg (73.49 KB, 1283x390, 4B32520D-2ADC-4641-82AD-6F0F12…)

Weird way to admit you’re a massive liar, but ok.

No. 911258

Some guy online probably dmed her once and told her she won the hottest radio babe award and he "published" it on his blog and that is what Vicky considers "won an award for radio DJing".

No. 911281

File: 1678568220872.jpg (102.39 KB, 758x1280, IMG_20230311_135653_431.jpg)

Spotted Vic commenting on a Psychology Today post the other day.

No. 911296

>acid test
Did she mean litmus? Kek

No. 911301

How is she so fucking bad at her native language. I can’t even understand wtf she is saying.

No. 911311

File: 1678600823168.png (156.77 KB, 1080x1719, Screenshot_20230311-225913-991…)

I can't stop laughing you guys.

No. 911321

Of course she is. The Canadian armed forces begged her to join after they saw her blindfolded sword skills and ability to have ISIS reveal their terror plots to her in the back of a cab.

No. 911324

I’ve heard it both ways. She’s still retarded.

No. 911328

She’s like an edgy 13 year old boy, who the fuck thinks this is cool to post? I’ve never cringed so hard in my life

No. 911405

Didnt she get her ass whooped by a 23 year old scrawny emo kid on meth?

No. 911409

File: 1678671943077.jpeg (106.42 KB, 1283x2099, 0A53D5F6-E5DB-43FC-9233-A1DF2C…)

Icky is pretending she speaks Spanish now cause she ran so words through google translate without first seeing what the other person said. They’re asking if she speaks Spanish And she just says I don’t drink for the second time. Then covered up the part where she says she’s on drugs / or medication.

No. 911410

File: 1678672001200.jpeg (117.75 KB, 1283x1768, E2C543BD-9CF5-4CAD-A7B0-065212…)

I guess poundtown doesn’t wanna date icky. Kek

No. 911416

i never thought i’d see the day where vicky posts more dumb shit on social media than luna but i’m honestly loving this saga. vicky was always the better cow.

No. 911417

i never thought i’d see the day where vicky posts more dumb shit on social media than luna but i’m honestly loving this saga. vicky was always the better cow.

No. 911419

>Then covered up the part where she says she’s on drugs / or medication.

I'm fucking dying lol. "I don't drink…" That's exactly what happened.

No. 911423

Bumping bc of CP, beware

No. 911427

I wonder if anyone has ever asked her to prove it. To any of her bullshit. Military trained? How and prove it. You were asked to be a judge of international tattoo artist competitions? Prove it. Asked to work with a physicist? Prove it. All of these instances have some form of evidence. Either an email or put up your fuckin dukes.

No. 911442

File: 1678734395332.jpeg (156.78 KB, 1283x2192, B2664D7A-5BC8-4B64-AA19-8D8386…)

“When an ex says ‘what’s up’”
“My standards…bye” and then a shot of cheap flowers.
Her eye makeup looks like a literal crackhead did it.

She got her military training the same place she got her Yale training. YouTube.
In order to get weaponry trining, she’s need to go through basic training first. There’s requirements to do so in Canada. For basic training ONE of the requirements is “Timed 2-mile run”

No. 911443

File: 1678734684684.jpeg (45.59 KB, 824x1021, 16C8C753-E213-45FB-8390-C53CDA…)

I also can’t tell if this moron actually tattooed her face. They look like scribbles. I’d be so pissed if this “tattoo artist” was holding my deposit but had the time and energy to hop from man to man

No. 911445

File: 1678741692149.jpeg (74.16 KB, 1284x1381, 59FA1B83-B2A5-4A0D-BA88-2B3DCF…)

it’s the lipliner 1/4 inch above her actual top lip for me

No. 911448

same, her work is so bad it’s possible she did these doodles herself but they could also be makeup. will be fun to see how long she keeps doing them if they are fake.

No. 911452

File: 1678776921502.jpeg (34.92 KB, 558x953, 62B32D97-FDCB-4144-AA42-47422D…)

What the fuck is this hair extension placement

No. 911459

File: 1678842211226.webm (5.07 MB, 1080x1920, soimanerd.webm)

>sauuughhh, I'm a nerd
>Haven't seen one like this before

No. 911464

hair turning green from shitty dye lol.

No. 911468

She sounds as retarded as you’d expect

No. 911493

jfc, you'd think after this long she would nail down her fake accent

No. 911498

How can a person still have so little self-reflection at her age? She's constantly humblebragging about made-up shit, how does she not see how embarrassing this is?

No. 911527

File: 1678914893618.jpeg (191.92 KB, 1125x1799, 9E9A8132-F656-43BE-9F15-BB13A8…)

the tags are the best part lmao, so desperate

No. 911534

why is being able to disassemble a computer being a "nerd"? can she tell me what any of those parts are or how they go together?
anyone can take something apart, but at least she's honest when she says she can fix them sometimes kek

No. 911535

this, plenty of kids take things apart & it doesn’t make them nerdy. the way she said “sometimes put them back together” lol, why don’t you show us then.

No. 911550

oh vicky, never change

No. 911554

File: 1678973044251.jpeg (188.78 KB, 1282x2095, F2AAEDBC-BDC2-45F1-956E-FABFD1…)

What is this even? … “I’m such a tomboy you’d never know how I’m feeling. Unless I touch you, or how I express myself.. or what I say.. and what I do” so bitch, people with eye sight and half a brain cell would know how you feel?
Why would being a tomboy have anything to do with expressiveness? Kek.

No. 911555

File: 1678973160596.jpeg (382.2 KB, 1283x2349, 55035D34-27AC-49E0-8B25-E1AE6D…)

The amount of filter on this woman’s face, holy shit. She’s out and about. She hasn’t worked in a year, but she can have strangers from Facebook over and go out to drink fake beer. Her profile also says she lives in Kitchener now. Isn’t that where her mom lives

No. 911585

Is this drugs or mental illness or both?

No. 911586

So long face tattoos that were totally real

No. 911594

Tbf there is so much white ratio and filters they could be blasted off. She probably doesn't have face tats though.

No. 911628

File: 1679108311003.jpeg (191.7 KB, 1283x2080, 7F5BCD74-B289-4ACB-8FAB-2A7B85…)

Her entire personality is hating women and getting a boyfriend. Not a job, not being a decent human, not someone that is excited to see the world. No. Finding a boyfriend on Facebook.

No. 911631

What does it even mean? I don't speak thirsty pickme.

No. 911637

Kek I’ll never understand that lip shape she gives herself. I’ve never seen anyone overline the corners of their mouths that way.

No. 911641

File: 1679175979943.jpeg (64.64 KB, 780x440, F2ED80EE-A07D-4F7A-98E6-71BC45…)

Kek - sure you have, nonnie!

No. 911669

File: 1679209350050.jpeg (16.59 KB, 480x360, 388599BC-1287-458A-985D-C22B50…)

Dear lord… It crazy how much effort she goes to just to wind up looking this cheap.
Seriously though, why aren’t her makeup skills improving and evolving with time? It’s not even good “scene” makeup, egirls have got her beat… she needs to retire this “look” as the egregious amount of makeup she wears actually makes her look older, filters or not.
I doubt she’s trying to send “perpetually single, seriously jaded spinster vibes”, but here we are… kek.

No. 911676

Im convinced nonnas are willingly forgetting their reading comprehension to shit on the cows reposts. Im pretty sure the poster of the video is calling out women who get obsessive over a new bf’s exgf to cope with the moid being a piece of shit by projecting unto the exgf.
There are even nonnas who confess to doing similar stalker shit in /ot kekw.

No. 911679

that sounds stupid as fuck anon

No. 911684

File: 1679244425483.webm (3.84 MB, 720x1280, 337096131_247695517595872_4299…)

There's no way Victoria isn't on drugs.

No. 911685

where to begin

No. 911687

Here's the thing. It's a run-on sentence and you aren't sure of the topic? Sounds like it's not us but the poster. It's a shit sentence and I'm not going to paragraph, explaining why.

No. 911725

Wtf is she even talking about? Is it even possible to get any trashier than this?

No. 911726

This is so weird and reads sort of misogynistic. Also the stilted way she’s talking, the fact she had to edit together multiple takes just to form a semi-coherent thought/insult, and her inability to maintain her fake accent makes it seem like she has some kind of brain damage

No. 911754

File: 1679369321100.jpg (10.56 KB, 245x225, BpJCY0KIcAAJkqT.jpg)

sounds like someone has a dry pussy problem tbh? Like the minimum a man can do during a sexual experience is get the girl wet.

No. 911768

It really feels like we're laughing at a genuinely mentally disabled person. I feel bad for her sometimes kek.

No. 911774

Is she calling herself a garbage bag?

No. 911787

File: 1679429503706.png (19.99 KB, 1080x545, Screenshot_20230321-131115-257…)

I love that Victoria gives advice on Quora.

No. 911821

Oh but remember anon, everyone else is mentally ill and she’s an “expert” on it, exhibiting zero signs of mental illness herself, kek.

No. 911828

Or is she trying to encourage Poundtown to publically declare his love for her?

No. 911898


she’s such a narc that her idea of being in a relationship is someone being obsessed with her while she’s an ~ inexpressive ice qween uwu ~. It’s hilarious because if she actually knew anything about narcissistic personality disorder she would realize that every time she talks about herself (constantly) she is a flashing billboard for it.

No. 911959

File: 1679595721479.jpeg (116.63 KB, 1136x932, 38BEB10B-F972-4259-9EA9-B1A296…)

Old photo she uploaded and it’s hilarious because she photoshopped the whole room and window kek

No. 911980

I miss old school Vicky shoops. This one isn't even that crazy.

No. 911995

At least she used to have some level of creativity with her gaudy shoops and “photoshoots”. Lately she seems to be pandering to the lowest-of-the-low coomer audiences.

No. 912092

File: 1679770392996.jpeg (154.95 KB, 1284x1835, 98F73BED-F321-4FDF-9179-E14629…)

“Humble yourself” kek.

No. 912096

First time she gets called out by a moid on FB and I actually agree with her post. Of course one of her moids would get angry at it since it's not dick sucking men.

No. 912103

Woman here. She needs to humble herself.

No. 912105

Lol @ the moids turning on her the second she doesn't post her usual pickme shit.
Men aren't your friends if they think they can't access your low self-esteem ass anymore and they are quick to remind you what they really think of you once you start forming opinions. Be careful Vic, or you might actually have to humble yourself and make actual friends with other women.

No. 912389

I just want to know where her usual clap back is. Oohhhh that's right, because he has a dick suddenly she isn't a military trained sword wielding badass.

No. 912462

File: 1680056797127.jpeg (156.55 KB, 1283x2049, 944E023A-F364-487A-816C-EC5DC9…)

She always goes on about “never being dumped”
Remember that time she was she had nowhere else to go so she was staying with her friend. She was posting about that guy so much and how much she liked him
For them to just kick her out and accuse her of stealing toilet paper kek

No. 912475

why does she always have to stipulate that she has never been dumped? Literally no one believes that and why does it even matter? She’s insufferable and utterly dull, she hasn’t an original thought to share, so she’s out here sharing vids made by women 10 years her junior, vids she cannot even relate to.

If she was so amazing she wouldn’t be single, she can tell herself all she wants “it’s better to be single than unhappily married”…. Uh… Vic, you need to actually obtain a man and keep him around for marriage to be on the cards.

It’s a cope, she could be dating or building a relationship with someone, the fact of the matter is no one wants her, let alone put a ring on her stumpy little sausage finger kek

No. 912483

All she attracts is her own kind: smelly drunken pool hall scratchers. She couldn't get anything better, especially since she's extensively lied about herself online. Who wants a smelly old catfish?

No. 912504

File: 1680137499088.jpeg (47.77 KB, 1283x510, B2DA9A50-C8F5-42C4-8CDA-61568F…)

Vicky and her crackhead ex breakup.
She’s posts everyday, sucking on her finger with her ass in the air.
Stops posting.

The endless cycle of Vicky E begging on Facebook for a man to validate and date her.

No. 912511

Poundtown stopped posting a couple weeks ago too, lol. Hmm.

No. 912521


I like how she goes from a total ~ice queen~ to simping over some loser days later. And then when the scrote leaves her ass she’s cold again and a playerrrrr. Rinse and repeat every time. She’s so desperate to be with someone and then acts like she doesn’t care when they leave

No. 912561

File: 1680231585628.jpeg (47.05 KB, 1284x525, 497B2B3C-072B-4950-A4B3-182EAC…)

As always Vicky doesn’t understand humor / jokes. She has a 3rd grade IQ.
Maybe she’s autistic for real?

No. 912563

Because getting broken up with insinuates there was something wrong on HER end and she’s perfect, obviously.

Even 3rd graders understand humor.

No. 912564

Because getting broken up with insinuates there was something wrong on HER end and she’s perfect, obviously.

Even 3rd graders understand humor.

No. 912571

Next time some rl orbiter of Vicky drops in we ahould ask them of she is socially awkward and doesn't get jokes, or is this some pick me bullshit.

No. 912591

Idk, I've never seen an autist like her. She doesn't understand nuance or jokes but imo there's nothing else pointing to autism. I honestly think she's just stupid.

No. 912785

She’s not autistic. This is what happens when you’re so fucking self centered; shit just goes right over your head. The only thing she suffers from is narcissism, which makes sense because it’s literally her favorite topic besides herself. See? She projects all day, everyday. She’s a cringe faux edge lord. She’s literally a moid. Everything ends with HER. She’s the definition of despicable.

No. 912858

or maybe she’s constantly high on whatever pills she can get from her doctor. munchies love popping those pills

No. 912866

I think those is some pick me "I'm a tough broad and guys dig that" sort of shit. She doesn't realize that tough shit only attracts the wrong crowd. Why you think you only get losers, Vicky? Maybe because you are one?

No. 912868

Thos isn't acting tough. This is her either consciously missing the joke for strange vicky reasons or she's special needs. Considering how she spells maybe, I think the latter.

No. 912905

As someone who grew up in Guelph and was a scene kid, I know most of the people who’ve been brought up in these threads. Just doing my usual lurk every several years, I mean it’s usually a good confidence boost of where I’m at in life lol I just found these threads and this has been some major tea! It amazes me that Victoria has not changed past her MySpace days over 15 years ago, gotten worse if anything and still seems to be living off of the high that short lived attention brought. Not sure if it’s been brought up yet seems there’s way too many threads to go through but one thing I always thought was interesting was that she dated this guy Zach and her brother laird was dating this girl, anyways Zach and that girl broke up with Victoria and her brother and started dating each other and have been together ever since! What an interesting way to meet

No. 912907

That's interesting because Vicky said she's never been dumped haha

No. 913111

File: 1681249055972.jpeg (144.26 KB, 1170x1138, 1C8F9199-7796-4A2D-907A-F53AF4…)

Changed her profile to another older photo. I can smell the piss couch and musky blanket through my screen

No. 913112

File: 1681249173861.jpeg (27.02 KB, 542x652, E0D68900-7497-47CE-B684-138029…)


You can clearly see her “photographer” in this photo too kek

No. 913124

File: 1681268264720.jpeg (150.72 KB, 1283x1865, 26A04233-53B6-471D-9F7A-54323C…)

Saged for no new milk but I will never get over the fact that Vicky told a client she was kidnapped cause she was too drunk to show up for a tattoo appointment. Kek.

No. 913135

Can someone link the rose window screenshot? Its so inspiring

No. 913138

File: 1681300892730.jpeg (285.43 KB, 1283x2189, 1655774970866[1].jpeg)

No. 913139

File: 1681301130641.jpg (39.08 KB, 353x648, 11[1].jpg)


to give an idea of how ridiculous this is. unless she is a giant who is able to fly

No. 913141

i've never understood why she didn't just run with the whole creative edit thing. no one would have really cared either way, and i think she would have gotten more attention for doing silly edits like this than trying to spin them off as being legit.

No. 913163

This directly inspired my trolling style for ages. Truly one of the greatest.

No. 913230

File: 1681474446729.jpeg (219.76 KB, 1147x2187, 9445023E-F3B3-4DEE-B7DD-42DF62…)

What the FUCK.

No. 913231

File: 1681474619193.jpeg (226.53 KB, 1158x2250, DF67D663-05FF-4FF8-BB53-918936…)

Samefag “Wearing one of these 5 skirts that look similar to annoy girls who know it looks good never gets old.”is the caption
So she used the slimming filter on her whole body and made her head too long or she has an eating disorder and made herself look like a Halloween prop.

No. 913234

Hold up, did she use electrical tape to tape her boobs up?

Also, what the hell happened to her phone case?

No. 913239


i always wonder why she does things like this in front of tiles where you can clearly see how warped they are from the editing

No. 913247


She’s using a slimming filter on top of a bunch of other filters she’s so insecure it’s painful. At the start of the video you see the filter take effect and pinch her body lmao just look at the love handles


No. 913248


that caption was definitely for us and how we call out how she’s always wearing the same stuff. The cardigan with her flapjacks pouring out is not a good look either. Stinky broke bitch

No. 913250

Holy shit, I'm too stupid to know if things are filtered or not, even when obvious and I just thought her face looked that long and haggard. Didn't she lose some weight from her drug detox or whatever disease she keeps claiming? Hilarious, she's thinner and needs apps to still work overtime. Gross, Vicky.

No. 913251

she looks like a drunk demon that crawled from up under the bed.

No. 913264

Ok but is that a dish soap bottle in the bathroom…?

No. 913265


>>”I’ve never had any work done”

tapes her boobs to her neck with sports injury and electrical tape

Girl we can tell, you brought out the industrial home plumbing repair kit to hoist them up.

No. 913270

there is so much to unpack. the terrible wig, whatever the fuck she did to her eyes, her peeling phone case, the skinniness she’s been pretending to have for like 7 years now.

No. 913309

Wow - Victoria is now a bigger cow (to me, anyway) than Shayna Clifford. That is quite an accomplishment.

No. 913318

she’s completely forgotten about her face tattoos

No. 913325

Oh honey no… no one thinks this looks good, no one’s annoyed, you’re insufferably dense.
She looks objectively bad; the top? Stretched, worn and tacky. The tartan “schoolgirl” skirt(s)? Ugly and embarrassing. What kind of woman in her mid thirties dresses up like a teenager? Seriously cringe.
Her desperate attempts to prove to us she’s not a crusty, deluded loser with a mostly bought following only serve to prove how truly bothered she is.
Literally no one believes she has her life together because this isn’t what a classy, put together woman posts for the world to see. She’s posting publicly viewable lewd images; at least the girls over on onlyfans aren’t giving it up for free, kek.
Vic, get a hobby, it’s painfully obvious you’re chronically online, you’re debasing yourself on a daily basis for low-tier male approval and it makes you look pitiful.

No. 913344

File: 1681765744133.jpeg (57.47 KB, 361x511, viper_og.jpeg)

Call me autistic but I'm pretty sure Vicky has resurrected and stolen the identity of a former Toronto club/party dj who was pretty popular locally during the myspace era. I've wanted to post this for a really long time but Heather is incredibly sweet and these pics are probably 10-15 years old so didn't want to embarrass her or drag her into this. I would normally think it was a coincidence and that a long forgotten electro dj would have nothing to do with someones new name but she seems pretty stuck in this era of 2000s Toronto when Heather was getting a lot of positive attention for this look

No. 913358

Holy shit Nona you just hit me with one hell of a blast from the past. Good ol C Lounge. Of course it’s condos now

Not saying this to be shitty, but I don’t think her look is unique enough for Icky Vicky to be considered to be ripping her off, imo

No. 913359

No I genuinely appreciate your input it was the "Viper" (Heather's real last name is Van Riper) and Vicky's favourite era more than anything but maybe women living in the 00 with this aesthetic just arrive at the same sort of edgy identity a lot.

I really liked the cabanas at C Lounge but I think I saw that rich old sex offender there a bunch of times. He might have bought my group a drink but nasty rich/old Toronto men all look the same so who knows. I bet every place I used to like is condos now

No. 913512

File: 1682113087152.jpg (239.62 KB, 1080x2091, Screenshot_20230421_173743_Ins…)

I know this ties I to how weird she's been but I'm too dumb to put it all together

No. 913513

idk which dude this was, but she is blasting his alleged mental health issues out to all her followers, which include bpd and did. not only did he lose glorious ice queen vicky, i mean viper, i mean vee vee, the badass mensa iq youtube college course watching, ninja chef motorcycle riding model, but she fucked up his arm taking weapons from him. weh weh, leave him alone even though i put his full name in this post.

No. 913528

File: 1682132609008.jpeg (13.57 KB, 275x259, 8C28F2E5-B14C-474F-8BB4-674260…)

This guy. Her ex “fiancé” from 2021-2023. He’s a drug user from Ontario, so I’m sure he lost the use of his arm from shooting up not from her disarming him. He whooped her ass and she put the paperwork online about the charges she filed but then dropped. I bet she posted this so she won’t look like such a moron when they get back together

No. 913529

File: 1682132729035.jpeg (216.2 KB, 1283x1842, AE8B4AEF-83ED-4BE9-BDA0-B3E158…)

So jump from one relationship to another, don’t get therapy and expect your new partner to deal with your trauma cause you can’t be comfortable being alone. Got it.

No. 913548

She’s saying she made this guys disabled by fucking up his arm? LMAOO

No. 913552

File: 1682200930541.jpeg (128.93 KB, 1283x1056, 9DB9074D-ACC5-4017-90A0-EABAD8…)

This dude. I find it funny that the ems kicked her ass and they caught it on security, but so did her ex around the same time? This girl lost touch with reality a long long time ago.

No. 913553

File: 1682200831432.jpeg (128.93 KB, 1283x1056, 8612EF75-2BA9-44C6-A278-298680…)

This dude. I find it funny that the ems kicked her ass and they caught it on security, but so did her ex around the same time? This girl lost touch with reality a long long time ago.

No. 913554

File: 1682200896587.jpeg (128.93 KB, 1283x1056, 8612EF75-2BA9-44C6-A278-298680…)

This dude. I find it funny that the ems kicked her ass and they caught it on security, but so did her ex around the same time? This girl lost touch with reality a long long time ago.

No. 913555

File: 1682200995907.jpeg (128.93 KB, 1283x1056, 9DB9074D-ACC5-4017-90A0-EABAD8…)

This dude. I find it funny that the ems kicked her ass and they caught it on security, but so did her ex around the same time? This girl lost touch with reality a long long time ago.

No. 913571

File: 1682217009792.jpeg (174.83 KB, 1283x930, 7DE04AE4-D389-44B4-BAC2-D9F2D1…)

So she dated Gabriel Hodges, a known drug user. A 27 year old that has been to jail, most of his friends are in jail. He has multiple personalities, a bunch of women warned her not to date him cause he constantly cheats. Keep those standards high.

No. 913573

For a “super hot ninja sword wielding martial arts” girl who impressed the cops so much that they offered her a job on the spot, she really gets her ass whooped a lot. Almost like she is a liar.

No. 913628

sage for obvious non-contribution but wow. just wow.

i remember watching the wild inception of the Vicky threads all those years ago and thinking she was good for a quick laugh after the selfposting fiasco, but to catch up and see how truly fucking deep the hole goes for her has been something else. i cannot imagine being in the grips of this level of mental illness. like this bitch is certified. i cannot envision a single positive outcome for this sad sack and it's horrifying in a Discovery Channel kind of way.

No. 913636

File: 1682430288053.jpeg (211.97 KB, 1283x2012, IMG_3141.jpeg)

Unedited. She’s looking older than usual. Maybe it’s the weight loss or the lack of filter in her face. The state of her shower, using dove and dollar store shampoo. Her head is 90% of her body. I wonder if she’s living in a rooming house or back with her mom cause she’s only taking photos in this grimey bathroom recently.

No. 913648

Is that bottle of dove skincare for men another of her "wash your hair with oxiclean" things or is she living with a another man again? Girl bosses always bed hop instead of affording their own place.

No. 913661

Still shaped like a curve-less refrigerator, but has the confidence to take the cellophane off of her camera after dropping those alcohol withdrawal pounds. I wonder if she has brain damage/a pickled brain from the alcohol abuse.

No. 913673


Filter still warping her body and she has to hold those saggy fried egg tits up.

No. 913678


the edge of the tub, the shower curtain, and the bottle of water are all warped. who is she trying to fool

No. 913752

I'm sure in her next mirror selfie she will explain that she uses men's soap because it's so much better and that men and women stop and smell her on the street.

No. 913840

File: 1682832059912.jpg (461.42 KB, 4096x2585, GridArt_20230429_221812073~2.j…)

Pound Town recently posted that video of him and Victoria in a bathroom from a few months ago. Here are some comments from Victoria and Dylan's Facebooks.

No. 913852

File: 1682859085493.jpeg (114 KB, 1283x1412, IMG_3370.jpeg)


“People tell us we’d be a beautiful couple, but we’re just friends” - Vicky trying to cope. So embarrassing

No. 913888

Dylan is too conventionally attractive (not to my dyke ass, but in a white trash chad kind of way) to go for Shingles. Even if she has lost weight and waited until she did before she met him in person just to prove the haydurzzz wrong he was probably still repelled by her fish market in summer stench, happy merchant honker and rotten teeth. There’s no way she’d turn him down if he tried it on with her

No. 913889

He totally friendzoned her, she must be seething that she can’t “flex” that she’s his slam piece like she has with all the other goblins

No. 913915

Keeping up with Vicky is just sad now. I miss the pseudo-intelligent Facebook IQ pandering. She at least seemed to have a sense of personal pride (narccism or not). She has completely degraded herself, her entire identity and her self-worth into being “fuckable”, despite the fact that most men would fuck a microwaved cantaloupe.

Her posts are meth-head tier cringe or miming dick sucking with her crusty fingers that not even OF moids would pay for. At this point I hope it’s drugs because it’s hard to watch this trainwreck.

No. 913917

File: 1682992959949.jpeg (186.24 KB, 1283x1124, IMG_3435.jpeg)

I believe it’s drugs. Or she’s just going through some sort of mental health psychosis. She just posted this. She was told isis secrets in a taxi, almost trafficked by another taxi, kidnapped, beat up by a fiancé, beat up by EMS, the list goes on.
She either has the worst luck or this bitch is nuts.

No. 913918

File: 1682993212257.jpeg (63.28 KB, 647x733, IMG_3438.jpeg)

This place has amazing reviews but of course Vicky deals with them and they are druggie stalkers. What item does this girl own that costs $10,000? Wouldn’t this be defamation if it isn’t true? Cause she has reviews up that were posted here before but she decided to make a new profile to post this from. Kek. She’s insane.

No. 913919

Pretty rich from someone who threatens people who write her poor reviews for wrecking their bodies with shitty tattoos and steals peoples deposits.

No. 913920

File: 1682993824736.png (112.52 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_3439.png)

This is all her reviews from the past 10 years. If you’re telling the truth why do it from a fake name with no photo.

No. 913931

Who would seriously take into consideration a “review” penned by someone calling themselves Viper Venum? Much professional there, Vic.

No. 913936

File: 1683038071237.jpeg (189.19 KB, 1272x1275, IMG_3444.jpeg)

OF COURSE. Kek. She turned one of them down a decade ago and he “still hasn’t moved on from our queen sticky

No. 913937

File: 1683038240093.jpeg (145.84 KB, 1146x2117, IMG_3446.jpeg)

Victoria found the video editor squeeze in option.

No. 913938

File: 1683038344470.jpeg (29.62 KB, 798x803, IMG_3448.jpeg)


No. 913944

Someone should make a gofundme so she can finally wear a different outfit and retire the tape kek

No. 913945

File: 1683043999247.jpeg (38.32 KB, 505x910, 899E99F1-4975-4F1D-A823-D12606…)


Kek the fucking door bending space and time behind her. Also her waist warping inwards and outwards during the video. She’s so bad at editing

No. 913951

File: 1683047151157.jpeg (149.26 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_3455.jpeg)

She also needs to get new pillows. The amount of sweat stains on this thing. At least get a case. Nasty

No. 913952

File: 1683049338033.jpeg (84.12 KB, 1283x645, IMG_3463.jpeg)

Wonder why she was in such a rush to get out of her place. Probably not paying rent again. Hope this company responds to her review

No. 913953

File: 1683049427714.jpeg (116.3 KB, 1283x1878, IMG_3464.jpeg)

Since when did sticky speak Spanish?

No. 913954


From “many mansions” to a basement apartment

No. 913960


Girl is constantly moving she obviously gets evicted from not paying rent she has no income whatsoever since she’s not scratching anymore she’s probably living off of welfare. She has no skills to get any other job and all she can put on her resume is her scratching “career”. She’s almost 40 and is a complete failure. All she does is sit on her ass all day taking horribly edited selfies looking like a lot lizard wearing the same musty clothes

No. 913968

File: 1683070469079.jpeg (14.81 KB, 532x521, 27F4FB9B-CD17-41A1-A639-CADD8B…)


The phone warped to shit
The chicken feet hands
The face looking like a melted wax figure

No. 913970

there are Bigfoot sightings in clearer resolution than this

No. 913982

File: 1683087944979.jpeg (78.4 KB, 828x871, A9BA218C-8EF2-40FD-B318-A52CA5…)

megan fox basically copied miss Victoria murders look from MySpace in 2008, everybody just wants to be vee vee okay

No. 913986

My god how is she this fucking retarded

No. 913992

File: 1683115506015.jpeg (17.59 KB, 275x213, 8220FE3E-4A41-4736-BF21-645709…)

No. 913993

File: 1683124552723.jpeg (227.55 KB, 1283x978, IMG_3521.jpeg)

And while the “twins” Megan fox and Victoria Bella morte were in the age of MySpace.. Victoria was doing this and Megan fox was starting an actual career.
Pretend to fly topless in the Notre Dame de Paris will always be one of my fav VBM lies

No. 913997

I am so obsessed with her she has no idea how great her influence on satire is

No. 914016

can she not just say thank you and keep it moving?

No. 914132

File: 1683413482012.png (1.05 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_3651.png)

So my posted this. It’s not that hard to be healthier than your pedo, child porn collecting brother that’s for sure. Or your run away alcoholic dad.

No. 914135

Absolutely untrue. Knowing plenty of fucked up families, there's usually one of them that either nopes out completely or they stay and play mediator. Just shows that Vicky is the fucking problem and thinks she's just calling people out. The family member that causes the most friction is the dumb entitled fuck.

No. 914142

File: 1683461686391.jpeg (Spoiler Image,519.72 KB, 1284x2778, 6BE7F4D1-BA16-46E6-9245-191A6B…)

Sage as no new milk, just an analysis of this train wreck of an image. The level of narcissism she displays despite her looking this crusty/basic is astounding. I’m curious as to why she seems to wear the same socks, skirt, jacket and see through shawl looking thing.. day in, day out.
She looks so cheap, dressing up as a school girl to gain attention from the thirsty af, borderline pedos that for some reason she prides herself on obtaining.
Spoiler as there’s a close up of her pancake tits.

No. 914144

no more of these, please

No. 914145

File: 1683489805077.jpeg (52.15 KB, 1289x491, IMG_3658.jpeg)

Wasn’t she just giving her “mental health is serious chat” leave him alone speech a week ago? Now she’s fighting with herself on Facebook about how he’s a problem?

No. 914146

File: 1683489968705.jpeg (110.99 KB, 1289x1312, IMG_3659.jpeg)

Also… this you guys have an exes group chat or something?
icky always talk about her crazy exes and how she always leaves people. Then I’m the same breath says she get along with all her exes.
And all her ex female friends. And her mom. And her moving company/m. And the ems.

No. 914149

File: 1683504249211.jpeg (119.96 KB, 1290x877, IMG_3666.jpeg)

She’s talking about her ex that beat her ass and she still got engaged to him. Girl.. look inwards on why your standard are so low.

No. 914180

File: 1683584229043.png (27.77 KB, 1080x765, Screenshot_20230508-181041~2.p…)

kek. some inbred coomer from Louisiana commented this on one of her desperate videos and she came back with this astute reply 2 months later.

No. 914244

File: 1683762392112.png (49.69 KB, 1080x812, Screenshot_20230510-164231-126…)

I doubt this happened but this makes her look super trashy bragging about this. The comments are great too. I'm gathering those up right now.

No. 914245

>business years
I get what she's trying to do here but this makes no sense kek. Vicky would be a nightmare in a white collar job

No. 914248

File: 1683763437915.png (365.33 KB, 1080x6098, pretend_cheating_comments.png)

Don't worry, some scrote praised her for that line so she'll probably use it again.

Dropped pic.

No. 914254


>My nickname is ice queen for a reason

That’s not a flex when you’re almost 40, and I’m pretty sure she gave herself that nickname

No. 914283

File: 1683834411636.png (40.69 KB, 1080x916, Screenshot_20230510-173653-144…)

She removed these, lol. Glad I capped it. Anyway, I have been wanting Victoria and Jamie Whiteman to date for like 3 years. She's been reposting his stuff lately.

No. 914295

her run on sentences hurt my brain, but I like how she just casually mentions having to call the cops on an ex lol.

No. 914320

“I turn into a brick wall” holy shit she’s a fucking moron, kek.
The way she goes on and on about herself, the irony in her trying to talk about how other people are narcissistic when she’s clearly one herself… talk about arrested development.

No. 914336

File: 1684080099682.jpeg (251.84 KB, 1289x1867, IMG_4231.jpeg)

Gonna be lit, yo. This 40 year old woman promoting raves in a field on nowhere Ontario. Jfc. I hope she goes.. need to see those candids of her rolling on e at 3 am.

No. 914337

File: 1684080165211.jpeg (251.84 KB, 1289x1867, IMG_4231.jpeg)

Gonna be lit, yo. This 40 year old woman promoting raves in a field on nowhere Ontario. Jfc. I hope she goes.. need to see those candids of her rolling on e at 3 am.

No. 914418

File: 1684260212002.jpeg (64.89 KB, 1290x620, IMG_4333.jpeg)

“just get tail end of healing this damn neck.” It’s been 2 years, just say you’re never going back to working and be done with it. Jfc

No. 914443

Sage for no new milk, but it’s interesting how she promotes a rave in a field, yet cannot work or travel the 6 hours to Quebec to see a friend. Willing to bet she’s collecting welfare and disability, which explains the multiple clinics and doctors she is constantly shopping around for.(sage your shit)

No. 914453

Anon. It's not possible to travel to everyone. She has like 90,000,000,000,000 facebook friends.

No. 914509

File: 1684464188026.jpg (946.75 KB, 1440x8363, icky(1).jpg)

I'm just going to leave this here.

No. 914510

Embarrassing narcissism aside, what the actual fuck is this word salad, you cannot convince me that this woman isn’t legitimately intellectually handicapped

No. 914512


This busted hag thinks she looks young?

>one of our biggest scene queens like I was was a trans named Jeffree Star

She’s really trying to compare her “popularity” with Jeffree. Girl needs to get a grip on reality. She just can’t let go of MySpace shit from almost 17 years ago it’s so pathetic. Brain rot at its peak

No. 914519

Coherence aside or, rather, lack thereof..
All those edits and STILL couldn't get the proper "you're".

No. 914520

Funny, that's what one of her younger exes said about her when I met him a decade ago. He said that she is great at repeating sound bites, but struggles to put together an original thought, demands that her partners take pictures together, and then sat around for hours editing. He said that she was socially awkward and combative in private.

As far as Asking Alexandria goes, she and Danny were in a perfection group called VIP. He was 16-17yo and she was 4-5 years older and dating Kalevi back then, old shit. When their guitarist's rich family bank rolled their "American tour" with a thrifted RV, they eventually went to Canada and met her. Word was she was a catfish, but not super ugly back then, just sloppy, tryhard, and dtf. Can't confirm if they hooked up but they were all manwhores.

God, I can't believe she's still out there acting exactly the same after all these years.

No. 914522

Lmao, she really thinks Jeffree Star is trans. She seems to have missed the fact that he has a whole influencer career and makeup business and whatnot?

No. 914524

File: 1684498352676.jpeg (115.7 KB, 1289x1083, IMG_4500.jpeg)

She’s retarded. Straight the fuck up.

No. 914525

am i retarded for finding him kind of hot

No. 914527

How old are you?

No. 914540

File: 1684534925471.webm (1.46 MB, 1080x1920, 121171953_1319594528595708_123…)

Another video where Victoria sucks her nasty fingers.

No. 914542

Ew. I clicked to see who you're talking about and now I am holding back vomiting to the best of my ability. His photo should be spoilered. My fucking eyes. You bitch.

No. 914543

can she not tie a corset correctly?

No. 914551

there’s usually one very obvious grammatical error that never gets fixed through her variety of edits, it’s both frustrating and hilarious.

No. 914570

File: 1684633609178.png (441.46 KB, 1080x2064, Screenshot_20230520-184724-483…)

Lol k

No. 914571

File: 1684634343027.png (451.25 KB, 1440x2515, Screenshot_20230520-205828.png)

If she wants to have some of his children, I'm sure he'd ablidge because he's trying to repopulate the earth. I don't care how broke I am and whatever. For myself personally NO THANK YOU!

No. 914572

he looks like the jack in the box

No. 914575

You’re as illiterate as Shingles
>she looks like me
Is it just me or is she becoming more retarded and delusional? Is she experiencing a psychotic break?

No. 914578

calling Vicki dying her hair red and trying to become elons ~uwu robot perfect waifu~ while posting increasingly psychotic photoshopped catfish nightmares in a pathetic attempt to get his attention via social media.

No. 914583

File: 1684644000278.png (506.19 KB, 1080x6770, Greg_McGinnis.png)

Looks like Victoria has another psycho ex. It's Greg McGinnis, the guy with the face tattoos Victoria did. She sure knows how to pick them!

No. 914584

File: 1684644200776.jpg (1.13 MB, 4096x4096, GridArt_20230520_214355684.jpg)

Here's the text screenshots Victoria posted.

No. 914586

Ok but why is she covering up the diagnoses which is " ____ head injury"

No. 914596


If I had to guess, it was classified as "Minor Head Injury" on diagnosis, aka mild concussion with no loss of consciousness. Not dramatic enough for the Brick Wall Ice Queen.

No. 914604

File: 1684698417127.png (114.92 KB, 1440x1599, Screenshot_20230521-144542.png)

No. 914608


No. 914610

File: 1684707095994.jpeg (Spoiler Image,76.92 KB, 958x960, IMG_4550.jpeg)

This is Greg McGinnis btw he has a bunch of kids

No. 914617

File: 1684713291913.jpeg (122.88 KB, 1290x2373, IMG_4551.jpeg)

She was just on his shit 3 days ago commenting. And now he’s crazy and she blocked him. Sounds like another dude that’s sick of her bs and she can’t handle it

No. 914618


Not sure why has more baggage, Vic or this guy's under eyes.

No. 914619


she's been wearing this corset backwards for at least 3 years now >>>/pt/755222

No. 914620


these are so clearly ai images. she's so retarded

No. 914624

That AI abomination looks nothing like Vic… tall, healthy hair, expensive taste in clothing, slim, makeup that doesn’t look like it was applied in the dark.
Elon Musk might be crusty af, but he still wouldn’t notice Vic in a crowd of people as she looks so basic and haggard, let alone consider dating her. The fact that she’s implying she’s hot enough to attract the attention of a billionaire is laughable.
She’s lazy and narcissistic if it were possible, she’d have tried it. Rich men aren’t interested in funding her lifestyle nor reproducing with a grotty chain smoker with zero ambition or redeeming features. She’s painfully boring and poorly spoken, she’s generally off putting.
The men (or man children) she dates are a far cry from the kind of man she thinks she’s entitled to.

No. 914625

File: 1684759023517.jpeg (159.61 KB, 1289x1793, IMG_4557.jpeg)

“Call it a viper or a v shot” she’s so fucking embarrassing

No. 914626

File: 1684759376092.jpeg (81.13 KB, 1289x544, IMG_4558.jpeg)

She dated that guy that killed someone’s else’s kid. What long term relationship did she have that they grew apart because they wanted marriage and kids. Girl hasn’t been in a long term relationship since
She was in her early 20s

No. 914630

I feel such rage when cows have to start all their sentences and captions with "when". "When your friend does this/when your boyfriend ____" etc. Amanda Brett does it too, god, just write normally lmao

No. 914633

I don't believe that Vicky turned down marriage. She's too desperate for men and also a handmaiden.

No. 914635

File: 1684772730984.jpeg (171.2 KB, 1289x1077, IMG_4571.jpeg)

She’s acting like she’s been crippled her entire life. Kek. You had a minor head injury now all the sudden you date drug addicts with no jobs? Okay Jan.

No. 914636

File: 1684772850946.jpeg (188.23 KB, 1290x1570, IMG_4572.jpeg)