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No. 897829

The Basics:

>Vicky is a middle aged scratcher from Buttfuck Nowhere, Hicksville, Canada with an exhaustive recorded history of stealing deposits, cancelling appointments, and giving disastrous mangled tattoos to her clients. One of the reasons why this thread exists is to warn anyone who happens to Google her name prior to getting a tattoo from her.

>She is also a washed up “scene queen” who likes spending her free time reliving her glory days on MySpace by getting hammered and posting poorly shopped thirstpics and embarrassing videos on her various personal and “professional” social media accounts. She then posts the resulting DMs she gets from random horny old men and neckbeards, the sorts of DMs normal women ignore or are repulsed by, seemingly as proof of her desirability - despite, of course, being perpetually single for pretty much her entire adult life.
>Vicky exhibits a plethora of curious behaviours such as pretending to be British, pretending to be wealthy, pretending to be a super-fit ninja, pretending to be educated, pretending to be a model and pretending to be the one and only woman who likes/does "X", and of course, pretending to be unbothered by criticism.

Historical Milk:

>Jackie came with the MILK (tl;dr Victoria’s cat pissed all over her couch and Victoria was too broke to pay for it, she begged Jackie to stay at her place cause she can’t pay her bills, etc.) >>829023

>Vicky creates a new Instagram account for her tattoos, has hardly any followers and ends up making it private >>820656
>Continues to post egregiously shooped pics that are looking more and more like an overinflated sex doll with less and less resemblance to her actual self >>820676
>Despite being an award-winning Michelin star chef who has cooked for celebrities as far off as Timbuktu the only thing she seems capable of cooking are Yorkshire puddings (which would explain why she’s so fucking huge) >>820908
>Joins TikTok, looks fatter than ever >>821095
>Posts a video to “prove” her fake Versace bra is real >>821108
>Spergs incessantly about how she doesn’t want to be skinny, hard fucking cope for being a ham planet >>821012
>Is so ~ not bovverrrred ~ by lolcow that age continues to post about us on her social media, claims she fucked her ex after he left her for her former friend >>821407
>Still making up r/thathappened tier tales about how other girls’ boyfriends want to bang her and how everyone is jealous and crazy (the fucking irony) >>822051
>Still claiming that everything posted on lolcow is lies and that we edit her photos to make her look worse because we’re “intimated” by her beauty (my fucking sides, I cannot with this delusional fat retard) >>823263
>Insists the only people who post here are the same group of four girls who she’s had a falling out with in real life >>823270
>Bunny is true to her promise that if Shingles mentioned her again she’d return to the farm to share more anecdotes, such as Vicky getting kicked out of houses for being dirty >>823340 , texting Bunny begging to hang out >>823358 , and most hilarious of all, how she threw a shit fit over not being able to make pasta on a fucking camping trip >>823482
>Her shoops are becoming progressively more insane, indicating that she must have a lot of spare time on her hands >>823740
>Claims she looks ~ soooo young ~ despite looking like a 50 year old lot lizard >>823999
>Vicky gets called out for being a catfish on TikTok >>824095
>Another Ontariofag who has had the displeasure of meeting Shingles comes forward confirming everything said about her her >>824770
>More bullshit about how every man wants her, every woman is jealous and scared Vicky will steal their man and how she’s an ~ untouchable ice queeeen ~ >>825345
>Another person Vicky has mangled with her scratching pays us a visit to share the extent of Vicky’s butchery to her skin >>825779
>Some scrote posts her nonsense to a body building page, Vicky uses the opportunity to screech ad nauseam about how she doesn’t edit her body, which is an insult to anyone with functioning retinas >>827243
>People on social media point out that Shingles is a retard for bashing sex workers when she does pretty much the same thing as them but for free >>827341

>Her past milk is approaching Tolstoy levels of documentation so here is a pastebin of that: https://pastebin.com/SsvpzQy0

Cameron Saga:

>A calf is born: introducing Cameron “the contrarian” who gives us a coked-out 18,000 word screed at 1am about muh zero sugar energy bars >>800078

> Cameron goes off on some other irrelevant bitch named kayla for seemingly no reason >>800090
>To the surprise of precisely no one, Cameron looks like this >>800296
>He returns later to call us the obsessive losers after writing an entire novel about how Vicky wouldn’t suck his dick >>800376
>Congratulations, it’s twins! a second calf, Kayla (when you order Trisha Paytas on Wish), is thrust upon us >>800605
>Cameron comes back yet again to sperg about phone chargers, Vicky’s fridge, and a tonne of other retarded shit >>800642
>Kayla also has a sperg for the ages, posting nonstop on Facebook and to anyone who will listen to her >>800822

Latest milk:

>Vicky has bestowed her impeccable taste and eye for design upon us by opening an online “couture” shop that’s really just drop shipping for fugly as fuck plastic landfill slave labour produced trash from China >>864470

>The Terms & Conditions are fucking hysterical, if I didn’t know better I’d think this was satire >>864486
>Still bashing OnlyFats degenerates and making herself look like a compete clown by posting softcore porn edits of herself for free >>864554
>Continues to be the internet’s preeminent pickme by defending disgusting moids >>864657
>She has to be the only person in history whose art has actually gotten worse with time, Jesus Christ Icky STOP BUTCHERING INNOCENT PEOPLE >>864694
>Shares client DMs informing her that they need to cancel for medical reasons, you can’t make this shit up >>864734
>Her “couture” business is going so well that’s she’s giving garments away (totally not because no one wants to buy that literal trash) >>865189
>Reverse image searching confirms our suspicions that she’s re-selling aliexpress landfill at an outrageous markup >>865201
>Presented without comment >>865395
>Don’t worry ladies, you can rest easy knowing that she won’t steal your man… >>865421
>…Unless you’re “disrespectful”, then all bets are off >>865422
>Is apparently “in recovery”, for what (if anything) is anyone’s guess >>865442
>This is what a 3000-dollar-an-hour model looks like, nonitas >>865663
>In case anyone has forgotten what her true form is >>865686
>Wow, so luxury, much designer >>865764
>Because her lies aren’t egregious enough, claims she designed this herself and also invented filigree… >>865915
>…and that she’ll totally be down to collab with Donatella Versace (like that’s something in the realm of possibility, she is completely fucking insane holy shit) >>865974
>More deteriorating tattoo quality >>866088
>Apparently she’s “part Buddhist” now >>866341
>More evidence to support the belief that she is genuinely intellectually handicapped >>866349
>Please Icky, continue to tell us how you’re so far above onlyfans whores >>866558
>There is no way this stinky fat loser isn’t an actual sped >>866646
>Expanding her “couture” range to include aliexpress Buddhist “shrines”, this is all time peak of cringe, even for Vicky’s standards >>866700
>Announces that she has to give up her cats due to an alleged “sensitivity”, press x to doubt >>867323
>More lies, though admittedly her “love” must have no sense of smell whatsoever if he can stand being in her unwashed proximity >>867407
>Just when you think her sloppy shooping can’t get any worse >>867424
>Attempting to sell a white tank top with a stock image on it for 1000 bucks, she has fucking lost it >>867890
>Thank you so much for enlightening us as to what is happening in Ukraine, Icky >>868572
>Victoria Bella-Morte aka missvictoriamurder aka Viper aka Victoria Emma Shingleton of Ontario, Canada will hereby be known as “Vee Venum” >>868663
>She has totally stopped drinking, smoking and has lost 25 pounds y’all! The alcoholic hamoid chimney doth protest too much methinks >>869285
>Just gonna leave Icky’s quora profile here, there’s a lot to unpack >>871617
>Back at it with middle school tier responses to criticism on Google, never change Ick >>873090
>BUHBYE! >>873127
>Allegedly has a long term illness, doesn’t say what it is but it’s totally not contagious u guise (cue extensive speculation as to what is wrong with her, my money’s on something alcohol-related) >>873146
>New “Viper Model” pic, same old crusty cumrag clothes, ratty polyester extensions, abysmal editing and shitty plastic backdrop >>875718
>Vicky to the rescue, how generous of her to offer up time out of her hectic schedule to replace Amber Heard in Aquaman >>876397
>Another one of her tattoo victims stops by, 10/10 delicious, absolute flavourtown >>876506
>Clearly back on the booze, immediately after the surgery she had that definitely wasn’t fabricated >>877404
>Icky Vicky now available in HD wallpaper, praise the lord >>878142
>Imagine being proud that you’re a misogynistic piece of shit, at the brown age of almost 40 >>878496
>Nobody, especially surgeons, thinks you’ve had surgery >>879918
>More excuses for not working, just give it up Vicky >>880301
>Claims she dumped her boyfriend of 1.5 years, immediately starts fishing for scrote attention on Facebook but is totally happy being single >>881791
>You don’t have any clients or close friends, Vicky >>884157
>The projection, my fucking sides >>884977
>Icky’s new hobby while “recovering” seems to be leaving rambling, grammatically incorrect and ultimately pointless reviews of doctors and restaurants on Google >>887268
>Makes some random old dude’s death all about her >>887606
>Announces taking a break from social media to “heal up”, we’ll see how long this lasts >>889047
>Returns as soon as she has a new boyfriend to show off… >>892030
>…only to post about how much she loves being single five minutes later >>893163
>Muh “sometime mabye good, sometimes mabye shit” Mensa IQ >>893699
>Showing her true misogynist colours yet again, at least e-whores make money from showing their crusty holes on the internet, Vicky. Keep posting your catastrophically shooped unwashed pussy lips and pancake tits for free >>894622
>LARPing as Megan Fox (but remember Vicky did it first!) while telling cringey boomer “jokes”>>895783
>I don’t even know where to start with this >>896669
>Reveals yet another boyfriend, file under “images you can smell” >>896946
>Tags a picture of him as Ronnie Radke, her followers are so fucking retarded that they think it is actually Ronnie Radke >>896971
>Vicky, how is this Halloween outfit any different to what you wear every damn day? >>897174
>Yet more sperging about OnlyFans, stay mad Icky >>897491
>Her assistant was kind enough to let all her adoring fans know that she’ll be taking another break from social media >>897761


Professional Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/717Viper717
Personal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/victoria.emma.5680
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/modelviper
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@717viper717


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No. 897834

was this really necessary

No. 897839

Not that anon but theres only one post left in the old thread, so

No. 897851

kek thanks for the thread anon, her thread moves so slowly I forgot it was about to lock

No. 897975

File: 1668530699770.jpeg (199.08 KB, 1282x836, C68790FA-0EA4-4F72-84D5-87C620…)

She’s too busy to respond to clients about her stealing their deposits with nowhere to work but she sure has time to make up dead baby stories on Quora.

What the fuck icky. This is fucking gross even for you.

No. 897977

File: 1668531106584.jpeg (166.35 KB, 1282x693, 9358FA69-37AD-415D-9E91-136E10…)

“Unless it’s for a really good reason” kek

No. 897978

File: 1668531436362.png (2.39 MB, 1284x2778, C9BCC7FC-1FC4-483D-A3D8-C63175…)

She made a new folder on fb called “my fav”
A photo of her and her new bf.
A bunch of videos of her eye fucking herself and this. Cause she has to keep up that she superior.

No. 897981

>They're anon, but everyone makes fun of them behind their backs
Ah, logistics have never been her strong suit I guess

No. 897989


Honestly, this is a true story although vicky altered it. It wasn't her ex's girlfriend it was her ex that beat and murdered a child. Her ex boyfriend she dated in summer 2017 is currently serving time in prison for it. But vicky changed it to be the girl because she hates women of course and doesn't want to admit she dated an absolute monster. Here is the article


No. 897991

He’s been charged, I’m looking for more information. This is disgusting. She’s blaming the MOM for killing her baby when it was the dad?! This is WORSE than lying about the whole story. Icky. Get some fucking mental help.

No. 897994

So she covered for her brother when it was found out he’s a pedo and now for a child murderer. Victoria Bella morte / Victoria shingleton. You’re really a pos

No. 897995

File: 1668543879560.jpg (59.68 KB, 565x817, Capture.JPG)


This is his instagram. You can hear fat Vicky slip in and out of her fake accent in this video.

No. 897996

File: 1668544873126.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 119.29 KB, 640x909, CA98C7CC-B41E-4CDE-A41A-84AB04…)

His profile is private. But I remember him from this. When he was posting their conversations. Weird that she was calling him a coke head but now he’s the perfect parent

No. 897997

File: 1668545041642.jpeg (23.52 KB, 199x275, 980EADB7-F37A-45E4-88CE-454143…)

Sorry didn’t mean to spoiler the last post

No. 897999

File: 1668545177352.jpeg (224.52 KB, 1282x1296, CDD8B24E-027A-4B97-9C0E-609197…)

Also attached to his Instagram profile is his contracting business. People are commenting on the murder. Victoria hates women so much she places the blame of a child’s murder on the mom just cause. Holy

No. 898000

File: 1668545251437.jpeg (214.72 KB, 1284x1320, 3766FC9D-52D1-426D-A65F-FCB03C…)

She also posted this. People are giving their sympathy to icky. She tattooed this girl once 7 years ago. This girl also died over two weeks ago.. how many times is she going to use peoples death for attention

No. 898003

File: 1668546767381.jpeg (180.17 KB, 1282x1360, 12EBA7CF-B833-4BCB-9B1F-8C43C6…)

Thisnis the baby killers brother. Icky likes to keep it in the family

No. 898008

File: 1668548731116.jpeg (213.74 KB, 1284x1396, 47986883-9D05-4302-8FA0-402D63…)

Found him on Facebook. He doesn’t post anymore cause he’s in jail.
Rodrigo Romero. Hopefully the family of the victim don’t have to deal with Victoria bella morte.

No. 898012

File: 1668551057463.jpeg (92.02 KB, 986x1024, 8BD31775-CA80-4028-8F69-260D62…)

So she fucked a baby murderer and then his brother? What in the world

No. 898013

Just when you think Vicky’s milk has dried up she hits us with an entire farm. She’s picky and gets asked out by millionaires though.

No. 898028

File: 1668560206279.jpeg (83.84 KB, 1284x376, 8FD76ACE-0AB7-4E28-97B3-17F339…)

Yeah this is a guy Vicky would date. Checks out. Keep those standard high Victoria

No. 898029

My god, not just “nigga” but “nigger” with the hard r. You can bet racist, white nationalist anti-vaxxer Victoria Emma Shingleton/Victoria Bella Morte/Vee Venum/Viper bandies it about too
>the only man I kissed happens to be your girl
I don’t think he realises the implications of this…

No. 898034

File: 1668563202920.jpeg (162.32 KB, 1282x959, 5507B6E5-3DB5-4890-AF12-D834B6…)

No milk, just ironic. Yeah let the baby killer give you tips. Kek.

No. 898036

>My god, not just “nigga” but “nigger” with the hard r
Kek is this really the thing that makes you gasp and not the murder of an infant?

This is uncomfortably ironic. I hope this faggot rots in prison.

No. 898037

File: 1668565625338.jpeg (263.98 KB, 1284x1060, CFD1C3D9-959D-4EF5-AE1F-E00929…)

Sorry guys I’ve went down the rabbit hole. This is the guy Vicky dated and is backing cause she hates women so much. Like I’m sure this isn’t true.. but - holy shit.. only the best for Victoria.

No. 898039

this is actually the male Vicky, right down to the autistic “jokes” he makes. holy shit, she may have found her soulmate.

No. 898040

Wait, is this guy the baby killer? I thought it was his brother

No. 898041

Nah it’s this guy using the hard r. The brother is the one above in the photo with icky.

No. 898045

i knew that guy, from 16 until 24ish. was on coke most of the time i seen him at parties or anywhere i ran into. never would have known him to do something like that

No. 898048

I know some of this information but I don’t want to further victimize the family with names. He wasn’t the father, he was a friend / maybe boyfriend of the mom. The baby was about to turn 3. Not sure exactly the details of what he did, but it wasn’t the mother. And he wasn’t the dad. He murdered that child.

No. 898049

Oh also. The family is indigenous and seeing how easily the throws around the N word, that’s concerning.(learn2sage)

No. 898050

Do you anything about Victoria and him? Wouldn’t he be pretty pissed off she also fucked his brother lol

No. 898051

That's super fucked she switched the story around wtf.

No. 898052

What. The. Fuck. How fucking sick and twisted can a person be? Victoria Shingleton, Victoria Murder, Victoria Bella Morte, Viper, V, whatever you call yourself, you're a narcissist and a psychopath. You must hate other women to make something like that up, to do that to the mother of that child. This is insane.

No. 898053

>n word
This isn’t twitter, you don’t need to censor words. And what does him being indigenous have to do with anything? The doesn’t stop him from being a racist piece of shit

No. 898056

I’ve honestly never encountered any woman who is as much of a misogynistic pickme subhuman waste of oxygen as this fat retard, I hate her so fucking much. Trying real hard not to a-log

No. 898062

She's the enemy of women. Selling out her own gender so some scrote will agree with her. Truly a vile human.

No. 898067

I don’t have to censor my words, but coming in lolcow doesn’t automatically make me racist? I don’t say that word anywhere. If you do have a field day. And killing an indigenous baby + hurling around the n word as an insult.., yes that would probably make him super racist.
Shouldnt have had to spell that all out for you.

No. 898088

This whole situation is so warped and backwoods I am disgusted by it all. Icky vicky never changes. No wonder she drinks so much her body is fucked; imagine keeping the cesspool of idiots active in your life and justifying it?

No. 898102

You focused on that as 'concerning' right after mentioning he killed a baby. Now you're putting a + between them like it's an equation and it just makes you look even more retarded.

No. 898103

It’s concerning that he killed a baby of colour while now also seeing he has no problem using the N word. ( yes, still saying the “n word”. Please don’t get too triggered)
I don’t know the details on why he killed this baby, but if it had anything to do with race, would be an even more disgusting detail. Maybe not more concerning, as the murder of a toddler is bad no matter the reason.

I hope you’re okay now. Considering the subject matter, this should be the least of your worries. But alas.

No. 898104

Don't bother arguing with twitterfags there's no reasoning with them. They're more concerned about the skin colour of those involved than the fact a horrendous murder took place.

No. 898107

Okay but next time someone uses + instead of writing “and” don’t have a panic attack totally different anon and not the same one from above. Kek
Keep seething that people won’t join you in using racial slurs cause you want them too(sage your shit)

No. 898123

Learn2sage and we're not all the same person.

No. 898124

Not that anon, you realise there’s more than one person talking to you, right? Learn to integrate, or better yet, go back to whence you came and never return
iirc her relationship with this moid ended badly but I can’t be bothered going back through the threads to dig up the caps. I hope her latest relationship proves to be a milky dumpster fire

No. 898126

All two of you just happened to come back at the same time? At least spread it out to make it somewhat believable. You’re upset cause I wouldn’t use the N word with the hard R. That’s literally how this got started. Kek.
Mighty sensitive for someone that’s trying to be so edgy.

No. 898127

Btw the screen grabs are a few posts up. Don’t have to go too far

No. 898128

There were more than those, Vicky had a massive chimp out

No. 898136

You're literally retarded if you think they want you to say the ooky-spooky n word. It's just annoying as hell that you're sperging this hard when all the anons have been saying is that murdering a fucking child is worse than saying nigger. Nobody wants you to say it. I don't even want to say it. But you're twisted if you care more about words than baby murder. Try staying off of Twitter for a while, it'd be good for you.

No. 898138

I’m >>898124 I don’t know why this retard thinks we’re all the same person, I wish all the twitterfags would get off the board. No one is using the word “nigger” in any context other than to reference the exact words of the baby killer, hence the quotation marks, but apparently that’s 3edgy5me. Anyway, moving on, we know Vicky lurks so I hope she sees that this piece of shit scrote has been brought up and uses it as an excuse to come back from her alleged social media break

No. 898147

>you're twisted if you care more about words than baby murder
Stop pearl clutching over nothing, nobody said racism is worse than murder. Anon gave information about the scrote Vicky used to date, in Vicky's thread, so anons could have more context. I'm sorry your reading comprehension is so bad that you can't understand normal people anymore, the anon said he killed a non-white baby and given his internet history that's concerning over 2 posts. You're retarded if you read her posts and thought that she said racism is more concerning than baby murder.

You're a retard too "different anon". 90% of the milk in these threads comes from Guelph anons who aren't permanently online, stop trying to language police them before you scare them off. They'll "go back" to gossiping about Vicky privately. They're not twitterfags kek, who the fuck on twitter even knows who Vicky is? She was a MySpace kween 15 years ago, she doesn't even have a twitter account. All of her fans are 40 year old men on Facebook, the overlap with twitterfags is 0.

No. 898148

shingles lying to cover up the truth of a man murdering a toddler is a new low that was NOT on my bingo card holy shit

No. 898150

I know right, it’s far beyond the realm of expected pickme fuckery. She’s a truly rotten excuse for a human being

No. 898164

The guy killed a baby, wtf does the skin colour or heritage have to do with it? Is killing an indigenous baby somehow worse than killing any other baby? I swear, SJWs try so hard to be politically correct, they just end up sounding insensitive themselves.

No. 898168

Ignore the retard nona, they’ve been banned so let’s not shit up the thread any more. I really want to know more about Icky’s current moid, I bet she’s made him delete all his social media because she knows we’ll make fun of him like we did with that pound town loser who kept deleting/changing his handles

No. 898177

>doesn’t check vicky thread for a bit because milk is dry
>come back
>vicky tells a story about her ex murdering a baby but pins the murder on the mother

What in the actual fuck. I knew she was Queen pick-me but Jesus fucking Christ. The urge to a-log…..

No. 898179

Donno if you guys are aware but victoria was also on the infamous "isanyoneup" site.

That's why she "hates sex workers" so much. Because she was in there with them but didn't get the positive attention she wanted. Instead they just ripped her apart

No. 898184

Lmao saying a word doesnt make you racist. Despite what you may think most black people dont care

No. 898217

I don’t care about racism because thats a burger problem and we don’t have that in my country kek but I think anon is trying to tell that maybe the reason he killed the baby was because it was black. does any of you really know the circumstances? it kinda makes sense.

No. 898231

It’s been posted about several times (caps of her being roasted) and was mentioned in the last thread just before it locked too, pity the site pages weren’t archived because iirc the caps were low quality

No. 898357

File: 1668826660161.jpeg (102.5 KB, 1282x585, 7E8AF049-8AD3-44C1-A3DE-D99DEC…)

No . You just steal peoples money, fake illnesses and date / defended baby killers.
Maybe a psych ward wouldn’t be a bad choice.

No. 898362

Aw, why didn't she do it in third person? It's funnier when the "assistant" does the lying.

No. 898375

The fat retard doth protest too much methinks, how often does she feel the need to announce this obvious bullshit? And so much for the social media break. I hope she’s lurking here and references the recent posts about dating someone who literally murdered a baby and retconning the incident to blame the mother. Evil cunt.

No. 898377

File: 1668829837126.jpeg (79.06 KB, 1282x487, 95B5BC7B-79F8-4362-8DCD-72852F…)

She goes on to say she doesn’t eat carbs or go on tiktok.
What about posting your vagina on Facebook for your dad and clients to see? Kek

No. 898380

File: 1668830096694.jpeg (208.4 KB, 1284x1251, 6FD053CB-7F8E-408C-89A2-121E3F…)

First of all this conversation is weird. Secondly, if someone offers you a place in a psych ward..? That sounds like a direct response to lolcow but ok.

No. 898381

My God NLOG Vicky, you're so disciplined and talented.

No. 898383

File: 1668830991979.jpeg (77.95 KB, 1284x510, 8D82872D-63EF-40CC-BC45-44F746…)

NLOG… Mabye

No. 898385

She’s literally 35. Who TF is just offering any of this shit? Get a job Vick, then you won’t have time to worry about being offered drugs. Tim’s in Fergus is always hiring.

No. 898387

Isn’t she 37? I could have sworn she was born in 1985

No. 898395

You should be in a psych ward.

What a weird thing to announce while claiming it’s not a response to haters. Her behavior and reviews of various hospitals and EMS services would suggest she needs to be medicated and placed in a psychiatric hospital.

I wonder if there’s a rumor going around town that she’s a fucking nutso kek

No. 898399

I think we're at the point where we've just accepted this as mental illness. The photoshops, the lies about herself, and the constant need to be a pick me pretty much says it all to me.

No. 898400

She’s very clearly mentally ill and intellectually handicapped, in addition what she posts herself we’ve got first hand accounts of how fucked in the head she is from Bunny and Jackie. It’s well beyond being a rumour

No. 898432

File: 1668863792492.jpeg (457.86 KB, 1283x2236, E1ABC50E-9B07-4514-B835-A20F2E…)

One of her many edits saying “ I don’t take drugs that interact with any of my meds”
10/10 believe Vicky is a pill popper. Going to so many different doctors on google reviews and taking more meds than needed

No. 898451

You're spot on. She specificed street drugs for a reason. Much like TND saying she was "sober from heroin". She's doing drugs, just not one exclusively found on the streets.

No. 898460

File: 1668876378205.jpeg (264.67 KB, 1282x1270, 2B51C521-ABFE-4281-8940-741027…)

These are all within a two month span and that’s just the ones she reviewed.

No. 898461

Samefag, but some of these walk ins that are good reviews were done in the same month in different cities. If you like it so much, why not go back? Cause you need the same prescription most likely.

No. 898490

You’re probably right- mid to late 30s for sure and should be mature enough to not post about randoms offering her street drugs. More time on her hands since she can’t go back to butchering skin and swiping deposits.

No. 898517

File: 1668902283769.jpg (61.07 KB, 720x862, IMG_20221119_165318_560.jpg)

From the comments on this post. Victoria's inability to decipher humor of any kind (even awful humor) is one of my top 10 fav things about her.

No. 898521

I'm starting to wonder if she understands what a "vice" is

it must be boring to be so perfect kek

No. 898522

>fat cunt claims she doesn’t eat carbs
Oh I’m sure you don’t, shingles

No. 898553

File: 1668967507577.jpeg (125.48 KB, 1282x514, 0AC1BF70-EE14-4803-BE25-641301…)

Remember when Vicky said she was invited to be on ink master but was too busy? Then started telling everyone she was going to for sure be travelling the states doing guest spots as a celebrity tattoo artist? Kek.

No. 898555

File: 1668967728767.jpeg (384.47 KB, 1283x2267, 758D8D5E-46F7-4DF6-B033-BAC40F…)

Victoria shingleton aka Victoria murder aka Victoria Bella morte aka viper model would know.

No. 898560

Then what the fuck are those grease puddings you make?

No. 898594

The way this bitch has to stress that it's a non-communicable is so bizarre. Does only std's exist in her world?

No. 898597

STDs and a myriad of alcohol or hard drug-related internal issues. But it's totally a mystery because she has no vices and would never do any of that stuff.

No. 898611

File: 1669049628272.jpeg (61.62 KB, 1282x339, 71B06E2D-B865-4136-8676-5482A3…)

Some guy in some shitty band stopped a show cause someone was having a seizure. So Manly.
Anyways, she was posting on her stories on Instagram about seizers a few times as well.
Still think she’s going through intense withdrawal from alcohol

No. 898694


she's either going through some kind of withdrawals or lying about seizures. i've noticed seizures are one of the more common things people with munchausen or otherwise looking for attention will lie about having, since they're something extreme but not generally directly observed by doctors.

No. 898699

File: 1669129851592.jpeg (323.67 KB, 1283x1604, 9A84E67F-B519-4234-90F3-514775…)

She changed her pfp at 2am. Forgot about these gems

No. 898700

why is Keanu Reeves so tiny? looool

No. 898702

Kek this is why I come to this thread

No. 898704

File: 1669133422401.jpeg (100.58 KB, 1282x576, 3FFCFB55-F763-4F4B-A27C-1D6EF2…)

She threw a sword around 3 times drunk 5 years ago.

No. 898759

Alcohol withdrawal isn't really a drawn out process. She's being saying she's sick for over a year. If it's alcohol related more likely she's saying she's sick to cover up and active addiction. Or just malingering

No. 898777

File: 1669215349472.jpeg (259.56 KB, 1282x1032, 60BF38F1-C2E8-409A-8911-D01A2D…)

They’re drawn out if she keeps drinking and then keeps trying to quit at home on her own. Would explain the review on the ambulance.

It’s all tinfoil at this point. It would be odd if she left reviews for these places she never used / been to.. but it’s icky.

No. 898786

File: 1669220994360.png (634.84 KB, 1440x2442, Screenshot_20221123-102849.png)

Haven't seen her twitter posted yet
Surely there's some untapped cringe to be found. She's not very active as of recently but figured it could be fun for some farmers to dig through. https://twitter.com/VictoriaMurder

No. 898795

File: 1669232892391.jpeg (80.1 KB, 1284x365, B6558B60-C95D-47D1-9066-CD11C3…)

It’s pretty boring. just reposts from Facebook, tattoo deals and vague posting.
But this? Kek. I wish Jackie would come back

No. 898796

File: 1669232932819.jpeg (106.89 KB, 1284x461, 05D6F30A-999D-455B-90E8-C03AC4…)

And I TOTALLY forgot when she did a deep cleanse of her hair with Clorox and poisoned herself kek

No. 898799

File: 1669234857714.jpeg (161.83 KB, 1282x535, 4E34635C-1419-4382-B17A-BAD5C0…)

Sounds like an alcoholic

No. 898800


No. 898832

What does she mean by a 40 of jack daniels? Like a $40 bottle? Sorry I’m not familiar with whatever slang she’s using as I’m not from Canada.

No. 898835

40oz, for some reason she's using the wrong measurement. Never heard someone talk about a 40 of jack before but it's a common phrase in hip-hop when talking about malt liquor.

No. 898840

>40 oz
Ok besides what the other anon said, lets do some math. Diet sperg here.
40oz of jd a day is about 2600 calories.
Consume that for “weeks on end” and that is 18,200 a week OR 5.2 pounds GAINED.
We all see she eats outside of that, so easily in a month she gained 20 lbs.

No. 898842

That’s a common things teenagers say in Canada. They call everything big a 40.
Ontario fag that did the samething at 17.

No. 898845

File: 1669303383087.jpeg (271.24 KB, 1283x1351, DC5C35CB-D2CF-418E-8DAB-107000…)

So glad I found this again. This is my favourite lie.

No. 898862

This is probably my favorite lie she's ever told. I love how she doubled down in the comments section. I miss old Vic milk. I hope she heals so she's able to post crazy shit again. I am thankful for cows.

No. 898963

File: 1669347740627.jpeg (195.26 KB, 940x1226, 29114120-DAB8-4775-9BFE-BB3354…)

Covered her body in oil to put her tits up on Instagram? Tell us again how you’re better than of girls

No. 898975


Those cheap synthetic mismatched extensions are painful to look at

No. 898978

I can smell the fat bitch BO, polyester hair, hotdog water, stale cigarette smoke, cheap liquor, shit stench breath and cat piss through the screen and I want to barf

No. 898979

This fat retard is so fucking ugly even with excessive filtering, she looks like she has literal shit on her face and the skin is rotting off, how fucked in the head is she to think that this looks good?

No. 899006

File: 1669386361808.jpeg (464.97 KB, 1125x1259, 697B11D7-725C-407B-8DAA-B0BCCD…)

It gets worse when you turn up the exposure . Bitch is built like a fridge. No waistline just a shapeless blob with a set of floppy flapjacks attached.

And for someone who claims to be shaped like an hourglass it’s even more tragic to see her in person.

No. 899030

File: 1669398930977.jpeg (787.08 KB, 1164x1989, FC20876A-9B4F-4246-A4D4-69EE81…)


The warped background where she pushed her love handles way inwards

No. 899048

Does anyone have the other picture in this Cyberpunk 'series' of hers where she's positioned on the bike the wrong way? This lady makes me kek so hard.

No. 899061

Looks like a lot of alcohol and mental instability. What was she thinking with the makeup? And I love how she alludes to it as a "shoot". Yeah, "shoot" means you were drinking and all of a sudden "Frankie" appeared with a bad idea.

No. 899123

File: 1669477473595.jpg (144.41 KB, 960x960, 1614231316186.jpg)

Here you go anon.

No. 899126


No. 899131

Such a masterpiece.

No. 899138

Thank you Nonna!!! I cannot stop laughing.

No. 899139

I was watching whatever happened to baby Jane the other day… and all I could see was vick.

No. 899151

honestly a WHtBJ? update with the sisters being elderly rockers would be amazing

No. 899153

Good god what a mess. She’s so fucking ugly, those disgusting greasy butthole lips are so punchable

No. 899159

File: 1669507336015.jpeg (311.38 KB, 1283x1544, DF78CAF4-8E55-424B-9400-B44198…)

That’s so icky.

The age of consent is 16, ickster

No. 899160

Still clinging to the mbti label shit. It means nothing, the reality is she's a loser.

No. 899162

'watch mark Darcy from pride and prejudice or Bridgette jones diary' is my new favorite Vicky-ism.

No. 899164

she definitely is darcy. awkward as fuck and considers herself better than everyone else.

No. 899172

Jfc she’s a literal retard

No. 899174

File: 1669519682954.jpg (225.27 KB, 1080x1791, Screenshot_20221126-202642_Ins…)

New insta post, 1/2

No. 899176

File: 1669519705417.jpg (232.92 KB, 1080x669, Screenshot_20221126-202634_Ins…)

No. 899181

Why the fuck does she keep reiterating that she’s not infectious? As if her retard neckbeard followers even care. And fucking kek, “what did I do deserve this?” Being a lying, thieving, abusive, racist, misogynistic sack of shit is what you did to deserve it. Sowing and reaping, you useless fat fuck

No. 899182

More importantly why did she list "the police"? Tf does the police have to do with her ER visit?

No. 899183

Probably arrested for being drunk and disorderly

No. 899185

These wrist bands are so fucking old looking

No. 899214

Is her middle name Emma?

No. 899221

her atrocious photoshop and abysmal makeup skills never cease to amaze me, what a mess.

No. 899222

The gunky build up on her arm from the adhesive is unreal.

No. 899225

Gunky buildup tinfoil: it's an old band from an ER visit earlier this year (we can only see the /22). She's brought it out of its special hiding place in her nasty house, slapped it on her wrist, and taken a pic for attention.
She won't say anything about the "illness". She could have walked into an ER at any time and gotten the shiny bracelet because she fakes seizures. Her silent battle is Munchausen's.

No. 899228

Oh but Nona, she's such a victim and soooo sick of it! The EMTs should stop being struck by her amazing beauty and getting into accidents hitting sign posts. (In total agreement with you btw haha)

No. 899241

It might be adhesive from the iv tape. The bottom one looks like the bands you get for entering a venue or bar

No. 899249

Yes, lurk more

No. 899271

It's like she thinks people with infectious diseases don't deserve pity or brought it on themselves? It's weird and every time it just Streisand effects me into thinking it's antibiotic-resistant syphillis.

No. 899274

Those look old as fuck. The one closest to her hand isn’t even attached, it’s just loosely wrapped around her wrist. The blank paper one looks like anything you get at a ticketed event, and the middle one looks like a newer version of the one on top of it. Literally a dupe. One is upside down the other is right side up. This is all staged. Anyone can walk into an ER for any reason.

I’m convinced she’s a munchie. She lives off of attention.

No. 899281

As someone who works with the hospitals all across Ontario. I can tell you first hand, no hospital puts 3 id bands. It's 1 band with all info on it. They also don't generally look like whatever the fuck those are.

Also the last time I checked hospitals did not have dark light ers with Christmas lights in them

No. 899286

I think she is too, and I think it’s glaringly obvious. The fact that none of her followers have cottoned on to the fact that she’s clearly full of shit is testament to them either being as intellectually handicapped as she is or just not giving a fuck.

No. 899290

File: 1669644788422.jpeg (77.15 KB, 1200x900, 3A26A404-FB27-41CA-8BE2-A0AE33…)

That one band is from a venue or bar. The numbers on the side don’t line with with an Ontario hospital. So either these are old bracelets looking for attention or she went out drinking / using drugs and ended up in the hospital

No. 899294

Here in the states you will get a registration band and possibly another color coded band that may say “allergy, fall risk or elopement risk” for the psych ward patients. But those are super old. She is wearing them like tuna does.

No. 899337

youre a communist. lets all just move to china, and you should bend over for president Xi, displaying your gaping assholes.

this is all an excuse/MK Ultra experiment in enforcing specific social norms randomly on people to see what kind of exercise of authority can be enacted on people. Like what if it was the fault of employees or clients and shes perfectly innocent, but instead for some odd reason here we are personally trashing a hooker, I dont get it, are you a fuckin loser(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 899338

Since Canada does day/month/year dating system you can clearly make out the /02/22 so this bracelet is from February lol

She's my fave cringe cow

No. 899342

Wrong thread?

No. 899345

Red one could be an allergy, I’ve gotten those before and I wouldn’t expect anything less than cheap paper at the Fergus hospital. That being said, she likely kept these from a previous visit and put them back on and tried to hide details by layering them.

No. 899349

It looks like the bracelets have a code that ends in "/22" but doesn't have a date before it. One is "EF014260/22".
But then again one is upside down compared to the other and they look pretty crusty so I still wouldn't be surprised if they're old.

No. 899355

No. 899367

File: 1669748712395.jpeg (814.67 KB, 1170x1144, 31A027FF-EFD3-470D-A312-9B234A…)

New Vic profile. The slimming tool abuse on her face and neck is criminal.

No. 899369

The craziest part of Vick’s “image” (aside from her obscene filter abuse) is the totally stunted fashion sense. She is so obsessed with looking like a hair metal band groupie from the late 80’s that it ages her more than the fucking liquor and drugs do.

No. 899378

the chola lipliner and lipstick that don't match always get me

No. 899391

It's the orange filter that makes the photo look like it was taken under cheap yellow bulbs 10 years ago for me.

No. 899488

This comment.

I almost spit out my Cabernet Sauvignon.

No. 899560

Imo it's really the pointed eyebrows that ages her up the most. Like I'm 37 myself and I've never remember any of my peers, even in high school, do that style.. you only see it in like old 80s stuff.

I think in a old thread there was a random instagram of hers posted where she had very light makeup and straight normal brows and I even said she looked cute.

No. 899565

samefag but just wanted to add that I wonder if she styles herself this way because of the age cohort she attracts. Like it's a self reinforced cycle. Men in their 60s probably knew women who looked like this in their party years lol

No. 899660

The 3 hospital bands make sense. One when you’re being registered, another when you’re admitted, the shitty looking one is for being at risk of falls (related to seizures I guess in her case). What I don’t understand is the part people are thinking is the date (02/22) has 44 before it with no slash so what does that even mean

No. 899675

It's the number of times she made men hit sign posts

No. 899744

File: 1670012233650.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1162x1147, DB5B09FC-9524-45D7-92B4-CE453E…)

She keeps changing her profile to older pictures. She tries so fucking hard to look like a classy ~rich girl~ but ends up looking dusty and cheap. The shitty fake rose, the costume party city gloves, and the fake red bottoms really reach levels of tacky I never thought was possible. That’s the dress Jackie gave her. God she looks so extra fat here. It’s the man arms for me. Just throw away that ugly cat piss soaked couch already

No. 899748

it's the one glove for me

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