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File: 1588620464981.jpg (404.56 KB, 743x1000, victoria bella morte.jpg)

No. 772841


>Kicked out of her latest flop house for stealing from her roommates and using too much TP, was meme'd and shamed on facebook >>770314

>Hooked up (or started something) with one of her roommates and mistook it for relationship by posting about him meeting her family and updating her status to "happily taken" .. it was over within a day

>Stopped by lolcow to drunkpost in the AM while dropping some knowledge bombs about how bullying is wrong and also about how to kill yourself >>769627

>Shamelessly and publicly leads on depressed man with substance abuse issues, he calls her out, she drops him, and then vagueposts about how to ~treat a lady right~

>encourages people to get a note from their therapist to come get a tattoo from her

>still maintaining the lie that she has a British accent despite moving to Canada at age 2

>still posting screencaps from thirsty old men showcasing her perceived desirability


>Met sugar daddy Ulises, who owns Jet Set Global, a sketchy event planning company

>Ulises is as delusional as Vicky, match made in heaven

>No more Ulises posts

>Now constantly thirst posting all over Instagram and Facebook

>Vicky now apparently is a fire eater as well


>Livestreams just to take selfies and to eye-fuck herself into oblivion

>More thirst posting, desperately needs to get laid

>Gets posted on r/instagramreality, 18k upvotes, 341 comments

>“Online stalkers are generally mentally ill people with issues upstairs. its pretty widely known in the psych industry.“

>Inks a whole-ass phoenix back piece on a customer, shaky af and disproportionate

>Posts video of her home, reveals liquor stash and blames it on her friend Jackie

>Shakes her photoshopped ass in her Instagram stories, just wants to show off her Tesla leggings though

>Constantly posting screenshots of random DM conversations. Usually random thirsty men that most women would ignore, but ol Vic will take any attention she can get.

>Still claiming to be fully booked for a year, while also offering last minute slots for “got inked”.

>Has to remind men that she’s turned down many billionaires and rockstar’s proposals, so you don’t have a chance. She’s sooooo picky you guys.

>Did a shitty editing job on a recent photo which gave herself 2 retinas in each eye. Someone commented on it saying “the editing on the eyes is crazy” and Vic chimped out, reminded everyone her eyes reflect AMAZINGLY. It’s called sunlight, you jealous cunts.

>Trading ink for car rides, shack renovations, anything that Vic can’t afford because she’s a broke bitch.

>Muh INTJ personality~

>Took a bath in Oxiclean and then tried to claim that it wasn't "labeled properly" after she apparently poisoned herself. Farmers have speculated it was a lie to cover up missed appointments, or that she just got so drunk and made a fool of herself and needed something to blame it on.

>Has been caught stealing other artists work. Traced off of her laptop and then (poorly) tattooed on her victims. " High-end, custom tattoos"

>Despite charging $3000 per hour for modelling, decided to volunteer as a self-proclaimed "hot merch girl" at a show that hosted less than 100 people. Wore the same crusty outfit that she always does.

>Her been attempting to stir up drama with random women from her past to justify her bad reviews

>Claims to be booked solid until the end of next year, while simultaniously e-begging for clients/appointments on Facebook every other day.

>Claims to be wealthy and a person who "has lived in many mansions" and has also been caught begging clients for deposits early through facebook messenger.

>Is constantly sharing screenshots of guys "hitting on her" trying to prove that shes "wifey material" and not like other girls.

>May have created sock instagram accounts to DM compliments to herself and then post them.

>Is still single and can't even hold down a man 10 years younger than her.

>Her younger sister is getting married and Vicky claimed she wouldn't be going to the wedding as she doesn't want to "steal all the attention away" from her sister on her big day.

>Is the proud owner of the lowest rated tattoo shop in a 50 mile radius. Was nominated for exactly zero awards in her local readers choice.


>Started dating someone nearly 10 years younger than her after being painfully single for a long time and thinks this is something to brag about.

>Frankie the self timer photographer has gone MIA since boyfriend appeared.
>The Google page for her scratch shack blew up with a slew of bad reviews from previous customers. This included the couple who had their deposit stolen after Vicky ditched an appointment, claiming to have been kidnapped.
>Shingles has responded to almost every single review in a predictably unprofessional manner, accusing the customer of being a lying stalker
>30-something year old scratcher who works in an unlicensed ‘tattoo salon’ comparable to a shack, blames clients for poor aftercare when her inability to tattoo competently results in permanent damage
>Former MySpace ‘scene queen’ with a very poor grasp of Photoshop and After Effects
>Narcissistic attention whore and self-proclaimed international cover model and ‘real life Final Fantasy character’
>Incapable of talking about herself without making claims so outlandish only a total idiot would believe them
>Claims to be not only well-versed but Ivy League educated in psychology, astronomy and quantum physics despite never enrolling in post secondary education and/or never involving herself in groups dedicated to those fields
>Posts embarrassing videos of herself flailing around with a dollar-store katana because she is a ‘sword fighter’
>Fakes an atrocious British accent
>Outed by admin for selfposting and samefagging hundreds of times in her own thread, pretending to be people who know her/dated her in real life
>Tried to DMCA lolcow and Kiwi Farms, claimed the Attorney General of Canada had to be involved

All images property of Victoria Shingleton. All use of images constitutes copyright fair use, e.g. for purposes of critique or parody.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial
Personal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/victoria.emma.5680
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/missvictoriamurder



No. 772842

fist time posting a thread, sorry if it sucks!

No. 772844

File: 1588621306192.jpeg (136.89 KB, 784x1061, EBA37A83-46C3-46A6-BCBB-678EED…)

I think it’s perfect. Straight to the point. And I’ll start by posting Victoria being rude as hell to her followers and them being lame ass thirsty dudes with no self respect!
This is from her “congrats on not getting deleted from my friends list post” even though all the people “thanking her” are old and not even from Canada. Who does she delete if this is who she keeps?

No. 772845

File: 1588621879831.jpeg (128.1 KB, 828x882, 81A96CD9-9C71-449A-8498-FCC12F…)

Here’s the screenshot. It’s a song about wanting to kick people’s asses because of course Victoria shingles isn’t a bully. “Slit your wrists, I’m going to kick your ass” but says she all about mental health awareness.

No. 772865

I agree, I love thats it’s straight to the point. This post made me realize that she gets more and more embarrassing as she ages.

No. 772868

File: 1588635877924.jpeg (77.07 KB, 828x610, 2FB798E9-FDF7-4771-8008-E73401…)

The only thing cringier than a congratulatory “you’re still my friend on Facebook “ is Vicky’s using this opportunity to bait her next young boyfriend.
And absolutely. What a shit, tattoo artist she is.
And how terrible of a person she is.

No. 772881

File: 1588641872001.jpeg (1.33 MB, 3072x3072, 2BABE930-4261-4B67-9127-CDB92C…)

Does she have MySpace hair because she’s balding or is she balding because she has MySpace hair?

Also went back to the first thread to see how many times she said she was someone else (lost track at 18 posts) and found this one of her arguing with herself over what she smells like. WHO EVEN DOES THAT.

Saged for old milk, but this gold was hidden within her sperging.

No. 772884

This is funny because if someone gave a half compliment to her like this, she'd get so defensive and rude. Like if someone was like 'I normally hate tattoos or blonde women but you are hot' she'd flip out like TOO BAD YOU'LL NEVER TOUCH THESE TATTOOS or something like that. If a woman said something to that effect to her, she'd be even worse and cuss them out before blocking.

No. 772889

File: 1588644153908.jpeg (98.16 KB, 828x1269, 09B92911-4D7D-4A30-84B3-E8E3BC…)

First of all shingles, nobody in their right mind is going to marry you in your current state. So unless you marry someone you can manipulate…. like drugs addicts or young boys( you seem to like both) you won’t have the chance to get people high against their will.
This would just be a meme in any other instance, but I wouldn’t even put it past her. She so unstable, it’s ridiculous. Getting people high against their will is actually a crime, but her white trash wedding I wouldn’t expect anything less.
Again, she’ll be alone forever, but she’s an idiot. YOURE 33 YEARS OLD.

No. 772981

This meme is so dull, it ALMOST seems like a nitpick. I don’t even think she smokes weed, she’s probably just trying to impress her greasy, jobless white knight following. & I mean…33 years old isn’t a crazy age to be unwed. She’s not going to end up alone because she’s in her mid 30s, she’s going to end up alone because she thinks and acts like a teenager when she’s literally close to being middle aged.

No. 773125

File: 1588726781994.png (925.39 KB, 1577x1280, JcdAmO2ESJ.png)

It's always so cringey when she posts these convos to her insta story. "Haha look how funny I am guys"

No. 773130

File: 1588728360949.jpg (76.82 KB, 1280x960, IMG_20200505_182526_170.jpg)

Victoria has a crush and wants to let us know about it in the grossest way possible

No. 773146

Didn’t she learn from the last guy that she shouldn’t announce these things right out of the gate? I wonder how long this one will last. For a girl that says it takes a lot for her to like a guy, she sure guy hops.
And this is the most disgusting, childish post I have ever seen. I don’t want to think about Vicky’s mush mouth and rotted teeth but here we are.

No. 773147

File: 1588733398299.jpeg (91.72 KB, 802x445, 3C53977F-9425-4227-8479-7AC55A…)

How can one person be this stupid? I don’t even know where to start with this one.

No. 773148

File: 1588733627789.jpeg (50.42 KB, 828x344, 1B3F4885-E530-4FEF-B57A-C45DD3…)

I’ll put money on it’s this guy. He’s a “woe is me” poster from Ontario and looks like a walking meth line.

No. 773151

the cringe of posting these hashtags in a fb status. she really is a drunk aunt trying to be 'cool'.

No. 773152

Wtf is she actually saying here? Is this some sex thing or did she really not understand the comment?

No. 773153

I thought the same thing, anon. And got the same impression from his Facebook.

No. 773167

I was friends with her on Facebook for a bit. I was only ever super nice and complimentary. She messaged me once to say I was “soooo pretty!!” Of course I replied “omg thank you, ur gorgeous!” because we all know that is the response she was fishing for. I might have posted a link once showing that a clickbait article she posted was fake, and I got blocked without a word.

No. 773191


I know this little twerp. He’s like 22 or something Vicky is a decade older than him lmao she sure loves them young and stupid huh

No. 773205

stupid question (don't have tattoos): why do the smaller flower and the placement of the ornaments look completely different in the right pic? Was this altered in another session?

No. 773215

I was wondering that as well. They obviously added on to it in the 2nd photo but the little flower looks completely different

No. 773223

Actually I think it might be the other side of the tattoo and reversed maybe, but still the same tat. dammit sorry guys I pulled these from the last thread in kind of a rush to get a new thread up lol.

No. 773226

May hav even altered in a session or it’s photoshopped in the first photo.
I’m the one that posted this photo in the other thread and it’s definitely the same tattoo. I got it from the girls page.
What icky did to make it look better, you’d have to ask her. She is known to photoshop her work.

No. 773227

File: 1588776603653.jpeg (142.33 KB, 828x1077, 3573EFB9-72F6-4C0B-A710-026526…)

I get this, but why is it always someone else responsibility in Vicky’s eyes to deal with her mood swings?
She made a whole post about “ if I hurt your feelings it’s you that needs to move on, and if I hurt you you’re the one that needs to tell me ahead of time”

Now learn how to talk to me when I’m angry. Instead of “maybe I sure learn how to react better when I’m angry”
This is why icky can’t keep a dude.

No. 773270

That’s ok, you can tell from the little piece of vignette under the rose that it’s flipped but still the same tattoo, still healed like crap. The two flowers are different but that just means there’s a total of three hideous flowers on the poor victim. One of the flowers straight up looks like a preschoolers doodle.

No. 773274

File: 1588795180156.jpeg (296.14 KB, 828x1106, 805BAE05-8CDF-4FB9-B83D-B68E10…)

Here’s another tattoo of ickys. It’s about two years old and healed like this. Looks like a prison tattoo done in the early 90s. You get what you pay for and when a tattoo artist is constantly and consistently giving out 50% deals you should be weary. If they are a beginner, sure. If they’ve been in the game for 10+ years this is NEVER a good sign. Of course artists will do this once in awhile. (Friday the 13th etc) but every month?

Also, thought I’d leave up the captain. Tattoos are not for mental health relief, please seek a proper therapist. IF tattoos really do help your mental health in some capacity, do not give your money to someone to puts down women.
Do not give your money to someone that tells people that if they slit their wrists and killed themselves their loved ones will not miss them.
Do not support Victoria Bella morte tattoos.
Miss Victoria tattoos or whatever name she is going under.

No. 773275


No. 773276

File: 1588795623942.jpeg (209.02 KB, 886x833, 58E7F02D-A384-42B9-AD7A-3B7CA5…)


I found the same side of the tattoo. When Vic took the photo vs the tattoo now.
It’s photoshopped and it healed awful.

No. 773283

"Someone who respects you in all mind states" so what mind state is package stealing alcoholic?

No. 773295


“Accept me in all mind states.” But she doesn’t accept people In their minds states? She’s so quick to call people mentally unstable.
Her last boyfriend she stole from his friends. Do you accept that “mind state” as well?
It’s called boundaries and not settling for toxic behaviour.
Icky is mentally 16

No. 773298

I wonder what ever happened to Frankie? Did her make believe photographer ditch her as well? It’s been along time

No. 773312

It’s worded strangely, but the image is saying find somone who respects you when THEY are angry, not when Vick is angry.

Not that that changes much. It still means she’s expecting people to always control themselves without reflecting on her own behavior at all.

No. 773317

File: 1588806198877.jpeg (73.23 KB, 816x415, 92B12779-B4B5-44A2-B69E-2E6F93…)

Victoria answering questions on quota about relationships is hilarious! I love how her go to is to blame the woman first. She’s been answering these questions all day.

No. 773320

Please post more, anon. This is gold.

No. 773321

File: 1588806762540.jpeg (40.07 KB, 828x346, 94A563C4-7A65-42E1-83B2-CD2091…)

Well she would know. The dude she already wanted to introduce to her family is laughing at her online.

No. 773322

Thanks anon! Yes this is atrocious..

No. 773323

File: 1588806981601.jpeg (56.72 KB, 736x345, 6C08EEC0-EADD-40DE-9E71-71CA28…)

I’m not a doctor, and I can’t diagnosis someone that Vicky claims to be able to do. Over time and the collection of data that’s in these posts about her, if I was going to I would say borderline personality disorder. This girl is all over the map.
Being in love shouldn’t be “dreadful” and if she was a mentally sound person she probably wouldn’t describe it as such.

This sounds like an answer of a drama filled 15 year old girl.
We all know she’s full of drama, lies and she’s a stage 5.

No. 773324

“Ask him with kindness” from Vicky. lol that’s golden.

No. 773328

yeah only someone with a shit ton of drama (that mysteriously follows them everywhere) would describe being in love as ~beautiful and dreadful~

it also highlights the fact she has probably never been in a stable adult relationship

No. 773362

File: 1588818011595.jpeg (107.97 KB, 828x430, 487428E4-7139-4C03-8AAA-D88FE4…)

Healed hand “tattoo” by icky.

No. 773364

File: 1588818328186.jpeg (286.53 KB, 828x1300, DE02A297-A5B1-4A4A-94E1-44C3A1…)

I know she did this on her exes wife and blamed everything on her. Publicly shames clients. So professional. I’d love to know the whole story here

No. 773366

File: 1588819178735.jpg (98.7 KB, 1213x1279, IMG_20200506_193859_277.jpg)

Victoria is tiny and deadly like the murder hornets

No. 773374

the way the smaller flower on the left healed, just wow. and it looks like she may have added a bunch of other shit to fill out the arm and you can't really tell what most of it is.

this looks like henna art you get on the boardwalk in the summer. not sure how long ago she did it, but seeing all those faded spots shows she has no idea how to put ink into a hand.

huh, she has quite a few anemic clients. out of all the things asked on a consent form, i've never seen one that says 'are you anemic'. assuming that's true, do they just tell her beforehand or after she's done?

No. 773386

She really can't seem to decide if she wants to be 'tiny' or 'thicc'.

No. 773439

She likes to think she's both.
The woman practically thinks she has a Jessica rabbit body.
She thinks she has a big ass and tits with a cinched waist.
Her jump from tiny to thicc is the same logic she applies when she describes herself as being super athletic and fit, but associates strong abdominal muscles with 'being manly'

In reality:
tiny= her being a stumpy short midget
thicc=chubby and bloated
Athletic/fit=likes to film videos of herself flailing around with a sword like a neckbeard cosplaying John Wicke.

No. 773440

She manages to turn his comment about insects into complimenting and talking about herself. Amazing.

No. 773441

If she knows that being anemic is an issue, due to bleeding and fainting issues, why doesn’t she ask before hand? She’s apparently had so many people have this issue and it doesn’t come up on a consent form or in conversation?
The thing that makes it worse is this was done on her so-called friend and this friend ended up marrying Adrien, Vicky’s ex.
So she clearly knows nothing about her friends; doesn’t bother having a conversation with her clients about health concerns and makes it an issue online.
Some clients wouldn’t even know to bring this up.

No. 773442

I think she just wants to be "desirable" in a generic way that appeals to the most men. If you read any discussion where men talk about the ideal woman's looks, it's always the most basic shit like "curvy, petite, works out but nOt tOo BuFf."

She stresses that her body is totally not manish even though she's so in shape. This really seems like she read a bunch of /r/AskMen-type discussions and just applied them to herself.

No. 773446

Oh definitely. I also think this is the reason she won't let go of the damaged blonde hair. Men will generally try to hook up with blondes because there's that stereotype that they are easier or some prefer them to show off as a trophy. (I'm talking about the type of men who drag knuckles and read penthouse)
Vick likes to think she looks like a blonde playboy centerfold, when she looks like an alcoholic groupie of an 80's glam rock band with her fried Jareth scene mullet with bad extensions.

No. 773447

File: 1588864565434.jpeg (339.19 KB, 1250x899, 66E5215C-C79E-4A01-8880-891FC8…)

This doesn’t seem like just a “client” issue. This seems like a tattoo artist that doesn’t know what they are doing. Why would a client purposely do this to themselves.
Granted there are some clients that are not inclined to listen and blame the artist, but it seems to happen to Vicky a lot. This tattoo was done on a girl named Sam.and she is covered in tattoos, but all the sudden she treats them like shit for just this one?

No. 773448

File: 1588864756134.png (1.7 MB, 1318x980, 3DAF3FC8-2732-4D02-BC52-20E85C…)

More old milk, but to bring her tattoos to the surface. Hers a photoshopped tattoo and the healing. Victoria Bella morte tattoos states that this was also a client issue and the client did this to themselves on purpose by picking themselves

No. 773455

File: 1588865799254.jpeg (229.94 KB, 827x1412, 55F17E96-A009-4113-B0F6-518AD2…)

I wonder what ever happened to this poor guy. It was the last posting from he told shop before it got shut down and she started working out of a spa.
The tattoo where the lines “didn’t have to be perfect” because working with a fucked up foundation is always the way to go when you’re tattooing.
Poor guy probably put down some money for his next session and she knew full well she was closing down. Like many before him he’ll never finish this / never see that money again.

No. 773456

No milk but myself and 2 guys who I worked with at my old tattoo studio both had her on Facebook for the laughs. On her last deleting spree she removed me but kept the 2 guys, even though I post my tattoo work every day and they’re barely ever on it. Safe to say she’s just trying to hold on to and make room for more thirsty guys.

No. 773459

Well she probably doesn’t want real artists on there because she knows she can’t tattoo worth shit.

No. 773461

File: 1588866489246.jpeg (76.08 KB, 762x636, 0C0340D6-EBC6-478D-A638-E267D8…)

I find it hilarious that Vick would share this. This is literally her anytime people take a photo of her and they don’t let her edit the hell out of it.

No. 773462

Can anyone fluent in tattoos explain wtf happened here? It looks pretty shit in the first picture but that second pic is beyond the pale

No. 773467

File: 1588871419292.jpeg (393.03 KB, 1536x2048, B78F8A77-13D0-4DE9-8D9B-A39243…)

This is a tattoo she did on another artist. (At the shop razors edge she stole from) on the artist rod. There’s no finished product… because there probably isn’t any. Either she got canned before she could finish it, or he realized it was trash.

No. 773468

This client actually got laser removal and then a cover-up. The after picture was after laser, and Victoria decided to publically bash the client and accuse her of picking and claims she's notorious in the tattoo community for it, which makes no sense, cause then why would you tattoo her in the first place, and why did the cover up end up looking totally fine when it healed. Icky logic.

No. 773470

The client got laser of Vick’s work?

No. 773471

wth is with all the black around the parrot on the left? yeesh i wonder how much that cost to get lasered off (plus the money she is out on the tattoo itself..)

No. 773474


>>773468 and icky has no concept of colour theory or how shadow and light work. she seems to do an awful lot of highlighting with white ink to try and fix her lack of knowledge.

i guess she hacked in something that looked like a children's colouring book and after realizing in her iq 9000 brain that it looks crap, she decided to hammer in more ink in hopes that it'd actually look better. then she probably suggested they'd come in and get it fixed later, because none of her work is actually finished.

No. 773492

Nitpicking but I just feel the need to point out they’re just engaged, and have been for several years. Not married yet, maybe why Vicky feels the need to talk about him still lol

No. 773494

Did Vicky have a drunk rant here saying “I forgot what he kissed like until recently”
If they’re not married yet she probably thinks she still has a chance

No. 773550

File: 1588898952899.jpeg (305.73 KB, 828x1489, E0032365-10A1-4B19-BCC8-2ED80D…)

She is so delusional

No. 773552

Im almost positive anyone anemic would disclose that to the tattoo artist so Vicky would have to know beforehand. Consent forms you sign also ask if you’re anemic, on blood thinners etc etc..at least every one that I’ve signed at various shops. I do wonder how vickys consent forms would be like lol

No. 773558

She’s kept one of my thirsty male friends on there that likes (but never comments) on every photo of every girl he sees while he has zero intention of getting a tattoo from her and lives on the other side of the world.

But sure, she makes room for her clients.

No. 773562

File: 1588902879006.jpeg (123.28 KB, 828x763, 124C34BC-83E7-40F5-B905-667AF5…)

She’s been with someone for months, but was posting all over Instagram and Facebook that the relationship she was in for a day ended? So she lies to her followers for fun? Or to make sure her thirsty followers still send her dick pics. This girl can’t even keep her lies straight. She one of the fucking dumbest people and needs a real hobby.

No. 773563

And the meth head was telling her to pick a guy like a month ago and she kept leading him on. This girl is on drugs.

And if she does have a boyfriend is she sneaking them into her moms basement through the aide door or the window? 33 year old child.

No. 773564

File: 1588903538030.png (867.83 KB, 828x1792, 6DB6E558-63C1-418F-9B1B-9A1724…)

She was seeing someone for over half a year guys. Very serious business. The older she gets the shorter her relationships get. Who gives a fuck who he was, he got far away from you Vick. So he’s obviously better off. I love how she’s saying “I’m very private” as she blasts this guy with all her personal info.
And she goes on about being in long term relationships last over three years. All being when she was a child / in her early 20s. No MAN in his right mind is going to stay with her. And she knows it.

Also, this dude is sending her a message saying “I know you don’t mess with relationships…” and says don’t believe everything losers wrote online. When she’s the one that says that shit. “Unattainable”

No. 773579

She didn't tell anyone his name because he likes his privacy. That Frankie is an elusive genius.

No. 773584

look how derpy the bird on the top right is and that scratchy as fuck black background. but she can totally nail realism lol.

No. 773631

File: 1588940946673.png (796.66 KB, 1280x2295, nKhYCvsKMhpei3RM.png)

She can't not talk about herself.

No. 773637

She can’t not talk about herself and knock other women.
Of course other women are weird because they go against what Vicky believes. She’s such a loser narc.
How about women that tell people to slit their wrists, hate women and destroy other people’s body and rip them off are weird?

No. 773640

Kek She's just mad her old, saggy ass can't get a sugar daddy. Seems only meth heads want her. How's that living situation coming along, Vick?

No. 773641

If she’s been with someone for months, why is she then posting “if you’re trying to hit on me online…” and then splurge about how you would go about it? No wonder she can’t keep a man.

No. 773645

>thinks a random meme is about her

No. 773668

File: 1588951078989.jpeg (198.73 KB, 828x1515, 94DF5F42-21C9-49E2-92F6-D755C5…)


Vick: people don’t know who I was seeing last year, I like my damn privacy.

Also Vick; posts him everytime they leave the house together, makes highlights of him and holds onto them forever and writes statues about giving him massages.

No. 773677

File: 1588955260115.jpeg (150.24 KB, 828x825, 74D27583-B784-434F-82B1-36A8F6…)

Finding out who her next fuck is that’s going to toss her faster than last weeks leftovers is one thing.
Most of the stuff we post here is screenshots of shit she says that has no validity in the real world and it’s good for a laugh.
What I’m more concerned about is why she puts this garbage on people, thinks it’s okay and then attacks the people she puts it on.

No. 773707

lowkey love the fact we bother her so much lol, seems like she is always making these statements about herself (like she's private ha!) to self-assure/validate herself, despite all evidence to the contrary. It's kind of like when Tywin said "Any man who says I am the king is no king."

Vick if you actually valued your privacy, you wouldn't be so fucking active on social media and this thread probably wouldn't exist.

No. 773708

Any 33 years old woman that will put “I like my crush like I like my sushi, in and around my mouth” as a public status is not a private person. Is she slow?

No. 773709

File: 1588963792576.jpeg (202.79 KB, 767x1469, 180EEB7F-33D3-49A8-824C-0A42E0…)

She’s so private she has two facebooks to flash her titties ones a “artist account” but posts mostly selfies and memes?

No. 773710

That just goes to show that her narc tendencies overpower any actual ambition to be a contributing member to society. If she actually wanted to take her tattoo business seriously she would not be posting selfies and memes.

No. 773712

The only thing she cares about is how many men she can get to drool over her. She’ll live off of her parents money until there’s none left.
If she’s actually entitled to any

No. 773772

File: 1588986850218.jpg (653.66 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200508-220902_Ins…)

Sage for nitpick, but I find it funny how she feels the need to post the saddest looking nails ever to brag about them growing (even though they are still short). And of course she calls them claws, because it makes them sound more badass.

No. 773778

lol what kind of 'tarded shit is this, next time she will post "my pubes are growing" or something? Wtf is supposed to be interesting about nails growing, like it's some achievement? This is some over 9000level narcissism.

No. 773813

Jfc she has no idea how to do line work and should be banned from ever doing this for money

No. 773852

Wow. Nails grow? Thanks for that informative info Vicky! Considering this is her biggest achievement as an adult, I guess we should all applaud?

No. 773875

File: 1589049059530.jpeg (194.63 KB, 828x1318, AC31AB50-6B27-47D8-BA18-143357…)

Says the woman that calls other females whales.
Says women that have sugar daddies are weird and sex workers are all mentally ill. Keep that illusion that you like women alive, Vicky.

No. 773877

File: 1589049256623.jpeg (29.05 KB, 570x190, 920D7D8D-DE46-416F-87C1-72F28E…)

Victoria: women should embrace their bodies!

Also Victoria two weeks ago…:

No. 773890

“As if, I’m hot”
Does she not realize that you have to bring more to a relationship(and the world) then your looks?
Even if she did look like her photoshopped pictures, it wouldn’t matter because she’s an awful person. If you’re ugly on the inside, you’re ugly.
She has the fucking depth of a pencil.

No. 773893

File: 1589055508862.jpeg (105.49 KB, 828x699, D3318DB9-8DB6-4B09-B084-EE3141…)

Been seeing someone for months but keeps herself “single” on Facebook so all her thirsty followers still tell her she’s pretty.

No. 773896

It blows my mind how she's well into her 30s and still has such a high school mentality. She never grew up.

No. 773906

File: 1589061888627.jpeg (221.68 KB, 828x1150, 1576444397532.jpeg)

Old milk, but the memes she posts crack me up. It's usually some cringey relationship or iamverybadass shit that only a teenager from 2007 would think is cool. She even uses words like "ghey."

I bet she's one of those "high school was the best time of my life" people.

No. 773910

File: 1589066880877.jpeg (287.02 KB, 828x1021, 39CD4AB8-53F3-47FC-9F23-DE94E3…)

This is old, but to drive home how sketchy and how much a liar this girl is.
She made up a contest, tattoo tour and secretary a few years ago and told people they could win a free tattoo. There’s no vbm tour and if you search these dates in her social media bushes at home with her cat.

No. 773912

You might give yourself away anon since you liked it

No. 773914

I didn’t, she just screen grabbed it after liking it and put it on Instagram. I definitely wouldn’t like something she put up that’s this contradictory to what she actually believes.

No. 773919

File: 1589075176259.jpg (80.76 KB, 1038x1280, IMG_20200509_183057_018.jpg)

No. 773920

File: 1589075406763.jpg (119.42 KB, 782x1280, IMG_20200509_184222_330.jpg)

I like how she adds this clarifier about being drunk lol

No. 773925

File: 1589079536863.jpeg (42.21 KB, 828x317, 5C5E81F7-20F8-4925-B5F7-21AA31…)

Icky thirsting over men online is so cringey.

No. 773927

File: 1589082203649.jpg (78.03 KB, 1280x898, IMG_20200509_204156_379.jpg)

This is from a self absorbed question she posted on Facebook asking what 3 items you'd place in a circle in order to summon her.

So now she's accusing her ex roommates of stealing toilet paper. I wish they'd come to lolcow and give the full story.

No. 773929

“I lived with” she means she used for a place to stay when she had no where else to go.
I really wish they would come tell the story. I want to know what packages she stole lol

No. 773930

File: 1589083432728.jpeg (70.06 KB, 828x399, 3D73C513-ED48-4B33-A20B-A9DDAE…)

This girl is on something. Now she’s comparing herself to Nikki sixx?

No. 773931

File: 1589083519109.jpeg (85.41 KB, 828x552, 7DEB7459-2B45-4474-B69A-8D7F91…)

“I’m not like other girlllllzzzzz, please pay attention to me”

No. 773934

File: 1589086026923.png (275.44 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200510-004540.png)

I'm fucking dying. She literally just used her "sharp tongued wit" to give a geography lesson about Northern Ireland to someone who currently lives there. fucking kek

No. 773936

Do people from Northern Ireland usually use the Irish flag emoji? That part threw me off.

No. 773940

As far as I’m aware a lot of people will identify as both British and Irish. Source : I’m an actual British person with a best friend who is from and currently lives in NI.

No. 773945

3 items to summon Vicky? How about a mirror, a camera, and another mirror

Doesn't "British" refer to the United Kingdom? England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

No. 773946

Yes. For example I’m welsh so I would use them interchangeably depending on who I’m speaking to. So another Brit I’d say I’m welsh, and if I were on holiday I’d say British because it’s easier than explaining where wales is.

No. 773958

Victoria deleted this status. No more summoning Victoria with 3 items in a circle.

No. 773962

File: 1589120482547.jpeg (216.92 KB, 828x1401, 8328361B-1CEF-408E-84ED-F3B6CC…)

Why Vicky can’t keep or get real men to date her. Imagine she had to date a full grown man with a job that couldn’t blow smoke up her ass everytime she spends 10 hours doing her make up and gluing fake hair to her head?

No. 773966

Agree. I’m Welsh and my friends from Northern Ireland tend to say they’re Irish rather than British. She also does a piss poor job on her South London accent she wishes she had. At best, she’d have a wee bit of a Northern Irish accent, which is very distinct and hard to fake.

No. 773973

From what I understand it's a bit of an identity conflict in Northern Ireland. Particularly the Protestant descendants view themselves as British. Others Irish or Northern Irish.

So basically she has an opinion and everyone who doesn't follow it is "cleahly uneducated"

No. 773976

eh, it's not as if she made this. the person who did probably doesn't take 50 selfies a day though.

No. 773978

File: 1589134671246.jpg (220.11 KB, 1571x974, PicsArt_05-10-01.06.17.jpg)

Sorry for the double post in the thread requests, didn't see there was a new Vicky thread.

As you can see, Vicky is clearly not bothered, and her and Kayla (dollar tree trisha Paytas) have been buddying up to fight da haterz!

Sage for random Vicky spotting.

No. 773979

Vicky brings up her “haterz” at least 4 times a week. How is she still trying to claim she doesn’t care? She always goes off about psych papers she reads online, you think she’d read about her own obsession with hating other women and this thread.
“Slit your wrists, were all waiting”
But you don’t care. Okay; ick.

No. 774009

File: 1589144863707.jpeg (219.64 KB, 912x814, DE0E3826-F2DD-4D66-B0A4-287644…)

Photoshopped tattoo at Vicky’s shop and when the client leaves and take their own photo.

Victoria Bella morte / miss Victoria murder photoshops her tattoos. In the not photoshopped photo, where the hella is the other ear?

No. 774010

Oh my god it drives me fucking insane how much she constantly feels the need to remind everyone of her so0o0 rare personality type. Who does that? I’ve never in my life seen anyone get this hyped up over results from a google personality test

No. 774011

That being very true, you’re giving her too much credit for depth. She’s just a Canadian girl who thinks being British and putting on an accent makes her more desirable and speshul.

No. 774030

File: 1589149282078.jpeg (99.7 KB, 828x607, 9D318087-F03A-4342-B2E5-DF1A73…)

Victoria made the Monroe piercing cool…. considering ick thinks she is Marilyn, that makes sense she would believe that is her pea sized brain.
Also this “let’s talk about meeeee” status are pathetic.

No. 774057

File: 1589157212925.jpeg (118.04 KB, 375x1137, DB320641-9BC0-495C-8572-8AB7BA…)

Without photoshop / with photoshop.
Tiger eyes Victoria Bella morte did at her shop that is closed down. Specifically because she has no training. She should get a job using photoshop. She sure loves it

No. 774058

File: 1589158084789.jpeg (131.62 KB, 600x1016, 53C5A233-A567-4A9A-946B-C7F503…)

Three years later this girls tattoo became a blowout mess. Miss Victoria murder tattoos don’t last very long. This is why you NEED an apprenticeship. It’s not just how nice it looks day one.

No. 774059

File: 1589162925780.png (1.51 MB, 1934x1280, BikerChickVic.png)

Victoria always seems to change up her personality a little bit for whichever guy she's chasing after. Like recently when she made videos badly lip syncing to rap music that she's never listened to in the past when she was trying to attract the Canadian Fred Durst guy.

I think her current crush must be a motorcycle rider. Expect more motorcycle awareness/enthusiast posts from Victoria.

No. 774060

Also there’s been some posts and comments about smoking pot, which I never really noticed before.
She has no real personality of her own, so it makes sense. She just wants to be the the most desirable.

No. 774066

So she keeps weeding her list, yet she insists she has a team of a couple of girls who post on here?

Newsflash Vic, nobody respects you and anyone you meet figures out what a train wreck you are rather quickly.

No. 774070

Her Dad races motorcycles and she used to spew on about her mad skills on a bike. I would bet serious money that she’s never rode one on her own before.

No. 774071

She can’t stay sober enough or off of Facebook long enough to learn how to drive a motorcycle. She’s needs her licence to drive a bike.

No. 774087

She’s not wrong here, Northern Ireland is it’s own country. & feeding on who you are, your political and/or religious beliefs, & often familial roots, locals will say either British or Irish.

The problem is she refuses to even mention the words Northern Ireland. She also only lived there until she was two so she really has no ties like she wishes she does. Her sole purpose for overusing “British” is apparent that she wishes she could say she’s from England. Like it’s painfully obvious. Not sure why being from Northern Ireland isn’t unique enough for her persona lol. She has always attempted Victorian looks & tattoos tho. I think she also used to be a groupie from some metal band from England, so maybe that’s another factor why she wishes she were English instead.

No. 774088


No. 774091

All of the comparisons break my heart. These poor people spent so much money eager to get a beautiful tattoo that ends up a monstrosity. I cannot fathom what they’re probably going through. I’d buy clothes to cover my body regardless of weather and stress over saving up for expensive laser or a cover up. The tiger one is especially sad. There is absolutely no definition. The way obsesses over suing people, it’s as if she is taking her guilt out on concerned people who post here to have a voice knowing damn well SHE needs to be sued.

Photoshopping self times photos and calling yourself a model is one thing, but HOW is it legal to photoshop your work?

No. 774114

File: 1589194138160.png (433.19 KB, 750x1334, E9F40B22-0C72-45CE-BA0C-AE509A…)

Oh my god Georgia you are SO JEALOUS of the dainty anas. The venom just spews around, I can imagine her huffing and puffing with anger and envy as she looks at actually skinny anas.

No. 774124

Wrong thread mate

No. 774128

Mb, reported myself

No. 774227

File: 1589225492526.jpeg (186.67 KB, 828x1224, 34901AD1-4EEB-4776-AC0E-7A68AF…)

I know lots of people that use self tanner and don’t have nasty finger nails. The fact that there’s a tattoo artist using her “professional” page to tell people she’s proud of herself for keeping her hands clean, is disgusting. She should be shut down just for that.

No. 774239

Self tanner? I thought she was pale like porcelain?? /s

No. 774242

These tattoos make me question all tattoo artists work online now. Is photoshopping work common practise or is she special? I wonder how Vick feels lurking this thread( as we all know she is) seeing her work not photoshopped ripped from people’s Facebook pages.

No. 774243

File: 1589230351015.jpeg (174.56 KB, 973x1258, 22729E77-5512-43B0-BD68-7FCC4C…)

Photoshop (for dimension) vs no photoshop.

No. 774245

Every artist I've ever worked with just makes sure there's good lighting and the angle isn't making the tattoo look warped then snaps a pic or a vid. Some have turned them gray-scale if the tattoo itself is gray-scale, or perhaps sharpened the image, but no one has ever made it look significantly different from what it looks like in real life. Same with all my friends and the artists they've worked with. It's definitely not standard to take shakey low quality vids with a bunch of filters on them like Vic does.

No. 774250

File: 1589234200863.jpeg (814.89 KB, 2048x2048, 55397F0A-FE44-4015-8ABC-4E75F6…)

This one has been posted before. Left is what Vicky shows the world she did, right is after another (more talented artist) fixed it. The tattoo lost all definition, the line work was non existent and a lot of the colour faded.

No. 774252

Damn. none of the pink is left. I wonder how much icky charged for that.

No. 774254

File: 1589235248418.jpeg (55.18 KB, 398x425, 23CBE55A-A9B4-4035-A065-054CBD…)

More up to date version of this mess she put on some guys arm a few years ago. The line work is atrocious and it looks like a prison tattoo
Victoria Bella morte tattoos
For those searching for a tattoo artist. This ain’t it, sis.

No. 774259

File: 1589236791174.png (3.86 MB, 828x1792, 39BED565-F314-4040-BAF3-4CA70C…)

Besides being a terrible scratcher, the placement is always weird with her tattoos. Thats what happens when you trace your art off of a laptop screen and just stick it where the client asks without customizing it to their size or anything else. This is a mess. Another client photo. Glad these are coming out.
Hopefully ick gets a apprenticeship after seeing these.

No. 774260

I wish she would go on Ink Master. That would be good television. Vic with her fake British accent flirting with every male tattoo artist on the show, Dave Navarro + the other two judges, butchering every human canvas she worked on and getting defensive over her sloppy work.

Victoria, you do not have what it takes to be Ink Master.

No. 774263

She was invited to go to ink master, allegedly. She was too busy in life to go. You know full well if they emailed her, she would have posted it online. I think she could have postponed her pool games at the dive bars in butt fuck nowhere Ontario if she really thought her art was good enough. She knows she terrible, deep down, she’s just too proud and too much of a narc to admit it.

No. 774264

File: 1589239031038.jpg (468.22 KB, 1428x2020, PicsArt_05-12-12.14.07__01.jpg)

So Irish anon here. Just to clarify on the whole Northern Ireland thing. So from 1801-1922 and after centuries of Britains colonialism the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was in place. After many uprisings and wars Ireland gained part independence, partitioning the island to form the Irish Free State (which would later become the republic of Ireland) a free and independent country and the Northern Ireland (a region within the UK, but not in Britain). After decades of catholics fighting for equal rights & awful sectarian violence where many civilians died the Good Friday Agreement/peace process came into place. This resulted in a ceasefire, peace & citizens of Northern Ireland to gain special treatment that nobody else in Ireland or Britain could do. To solve the problem they gave NI people the choice to decide if they wanted to be a citizen of Ireland, Britain or both.
Based on the fact Vicky says she's British it's presumed that her & her family are unionists/loyalists and are British (which is their right to be). I did a little digging and had a look at some groups she's in on FB and found some posts. She's in Unionist groups and it's safe to say her and her family support the DUP (political party) who are renowned for attempting to deny the rights of catholics/nationalists, believe in creationism, anti abortion, anti gay marriage equality, think climate change is a hoax.. which based on some of the shit Vicky spews.. is not surprising.
Also apologies for the long ass post, I've been a long time lurker and this this is my first post, please don't absolutely roast me if I fucked up. I just couldn't sit back and stay silent anymore cos this bitch does my fucking head in. Also, her accent is fake as fuck like everything else she posts online.
I attached a screenshot of some of her comments on the posts including defending Katie Hopkins (British journalist described as the most hated woman in Britain & outright trash person).

No. 774266

File: 1589239310150.jpeg (194.43 KB, 948x973, 475F5A51-65EF-4536-9170-04C12D…)

Her tattoos always end up looking like prison tattoos. It’s like a year later .

No. 774267

File: 1589239482087.gif (705.72 KB, 275x181, 1552454223020.gif)

Sage your autism, this isn't a history lesson thread.

No. 774268

The only thing I know about Katie Hopkins is she did an interview saying she wouldn’t let her kids play with poor kids. Or with kids that have names that are locations. Even though Hopkins has a kid named “India” the interviewer called her out on that and Hopkins said India wasn’t a place.

So… yeah… I can see why icky would back her. Ignorance supports ignorance.

No. 774273

File: 1589242102226.png (1.19 MB, 828x1792, F8DC8A2A-2346-4C99-B7DD-926217…)

Victoria Bella morte tattoos
Client review I’ve never seen before. I wonder what what this is?

No. 774275

Thank God someone said it.. enough with the Ireland stuff already people

No. 774276

File: 1589243419623.jpeg (32.27 KB, 275x275, 31779A01-8C0A-4C81-9B18-3EA970…)

>>774273 That review had to do with the infamous “Elvis” that another artist had to fix

No. 774281

File: 1589243555497.jpeg (49.16 KB, 828x202, 70F46AE4-9E51-40BA-94A6-212C1F…)

How Victoria Bella morte deals with clients if they aren’t satisfied with her work
Stay classy

No. 774282

Lol as hilarious as it would be Vicky would never go on national television cause she can’t photoshop herself. She was never asked to be on ink master let’s be real you don’t get asked to appear, you have to fill out an application, live in the states and work at a reputable tattoo shop just one of her many outlandish lies

No. 774286

Sorry for not saging & bumping the thread, I thought I did before I posted & also the massive history sperg. I was just trying to clarify the posts from earlier anons going back and forth on the matter. Won't happen again.

No. 774288

So she's racist bitch too, lol. Figures.

The screenshots were good (thank you for sharing) but the wall of text history lesson was not needed.

No. 774289

I know that she thinks she's British,and it doesn't surprise me that she is a racist piece of shit, but for some reason the thing that bothered me the most is the Katie Hopkins thing, like has this bitch even been to London?? She lives on the other side of the world, why does she even care about our mayor? Wtf

No. 774290

File: 1589246880577.jpeg (214.78 KB, 796x1022, BDC839D9-A41B-47AA-BB24-9E6916…)

I feel like she could be a decent artist if she cared enough to learn.

No. 774291

File: 1589247522190.jpeg (176.34 KB, 790x1065, DB461337-6F8E-4E44-9716-896D90…)

So …. there’s been a few posts about Victoria being a thief and I thought I would just add to that.
A few years ago Victoria stole this fur shawl from a party in Toronto from a place called cherry colas.

No. 774296

This almost looked like the double pupil picture lol

No. 774315

File: 1589260828113.jpg (65.24 KB, 650x528, zFaux-Sheepskin-FF-05689.jpg)


AYRT, no hard feelings anon we were all newfags at one point.

That looks like one of those tacky ass fake fur rugs. How suiting for the qween of ~billionaire suitors and many mansions~ I can't recall if this has been posted before, do you have receipts? That's hilarious lmao. Also loving the hardcore blur on the waistline and arms, totally not hiding a shitty photoshop job!

No. 774318


If you actually read it and looked at the picture you'd see that there's some interesting milk about her family and her racism.

No. 774325

I appreciated your post anon. There’s been a lot of questions about why (even if she didn’t move to Canada at 2) She’d claim to be British not Irish so thanks for the clarification. Also thanks for the caps of her comments on her dads posts. I see now where her racism comes from. Definitely all milk in your post

No. 774341

Hohoho as an irishfag my disdain for Vic has reached new levels knowing she's in these groups and seeing these caps. Thanks for the pic anon, not sure why I'm surprised as this completely fucking suits her.

No. 774343

So she thinks that being from Northey land makes her exotic? She's lucky she lives in Canada because nobody would out up with her shite here.

No. 774344

She’s even more racist than I imagined. This goes beyond her posting anti Muslim things on her Facebook. She likely doesn’t post this garbage on her own page so she doesn’t offend the neck beards who may be Irish immigrants.

No. 774356

Absolutely. She's always had white trash white nationalist vibes tbh. Seems like the type who loves to chat shit like this with men and makes her extra not like the other girls. Boomer brain

No. 774358

Sectarian BNP Vic is ridiculous. It'd be like someone from the UK deciding to be a huge southern Confederate weirdo for a country they have nothing to do with. She has no idea how much this makes her seem like a trashy redneck and its glorious.

No. 774362

File: 1589291353284.jpeg (156.25 KB, 828x790, 1FBFB7E7-821D-4F8B-8699-F4D170…)

This girl is really up at 7am(stayed up drunk again) posting this crap to her ARTIST page.

Honestly, there was a part of me that felt sorry for her before, but at this point she’s so unlikable and rude I don’t think she deserves happiness.

The day she dropped by attacking past clients because they didn’t feed her ego when she ruined their bodies. Calling one woman’s husband a blob fish and stating he had JUST hit on Vicky.
Saying people should slit their wrists.
Lying about being kidnapped.
Telling all women that they are jealous of her. Being a racist, a thief, a scam artist. Publicly shaming sex workers.

What is there to be jealous of? She is the epitome of what all women should aspire not to be.

Vicky, you live in buttfuck no where with your parents. Your career is a sham, you’re 33 years old and have nothing to show for it besides a shitty reputation that you will take no responsibility for. Your hair is fried, teeth are going to shit. Women your age are into their careers, families and have moved on. You haven’t. People arent jealous of you, you’re a spectacle.

No. 774363

File: 1589291430694.jpeg (154.19 KB, 1080x674, 237ED71A-C51F-4769-AA7C-8AAE3E…)

“It almost looks like I know what I’m doing”

Does it?

No. 774364

Didn’t she just admit that lolcow anons weren’t just a couple girls from Icks past? I thought we all know her, are jealous of her beauty, brains, talent and that our men secretly all want Victoria?

No. 774365

File: 1589292061014.jpeg (55.64 KB, 249x425, FADC648D-DBF6-4B79-A6A9-E65228…)

More scratching tattoo work from Victoria Bella morte tattoos! I wonder how Vicky blames this girl for how this turned out.

No. 774367

File: 1589292465231.jpeg (266.81 KB, 1440x1424, 2BCAD6AC-40EA-4CAE-8376-2FEE77…)

Victoria Bella mortes photo vs healed client photo.
This is terrible. How is anyone going to be jealous of a girl that thinks it’s okay to
Do this to people bodies?

No. 774373

these are the objects i'd use to summon a neckbeard lmao

No. 774420

File: 1589309100935.jpeg (324.29 KB, 1219x1114, 9A3815C6-B7CC-4E5C-90B9-B9ABE9…)

The pic Victoria has with it is in summer of 2017.
The girl with the blue hair is in a band from small town Canada that has done pretty okay for themselves.
The guy wearing it( same night as the blue hair / Vicky photo) is the blue haired girls boyfriend.

This was 2017 at cherry colas in Toronto. It’s a small venue downtown. Vicky took it from the venue.

No. 774423


This an oddly specific unreported thing to sperg about if you aren't related to it in some way. Got proof?

No. 774436

bitch are you stupid? OP said she was from toronto.

No. 774448

Nta, but they didn’t say they’re from Toronto in either post. Just that she stole it from a party in Toronto..

No. 774449

Haa, the arm is really stubby and it looks like the wings don't match … but of course she made sure the photograph was too blurry for you to actually discern anything. Wow.

No. 774451

I’m from Toronto

No. 774457

File: 1589316882522.jpeg (182.71 KB, 828x1035, B97E4862-1A8D-4C18-BCF0-50002F…)


Here’s the caption icky put for these roses. On a girl named Laura that’s a medic and “amazing person” so I’m assuming it was still the clients fault?

No. 774458

That was pretty defensive, u ok anon

I'm asking because the anon with the allegation clearly hasn't integrated and comes with news that hasn't been documented before. So, they might be someone directly involved or by association. You can relax now.

No. 774459

File: 1589317885623.jpeg (231.89 KB, 657x997, 5C705F9E-DDE3-43F8-8CE4-831600…)

I know Victoria likes to say that she started / perfected the diamond tattoo thing.
She clearly always photoshops her, so here’s some from a girl I know of that got two from her.
Victoria Bella morte tattoos. Photoshopping strikes again.

No. 774462

File: 1589318381292.jpeg (166.88 KB, 1059x703, A0B23B8D-6CD0-470E-BFA1-999865…)

Photoshop vs not photoshopped tattoos at Victoria Bella morte studio

No. 774463


They didn‘t integrate how exactly?

No. 774464

Did some of this get lasered off? This looks like an attempted recreation of this tattoo. So much is off about it that I don't think its the same one. There is a lot in the fresh one that no way it could've been covered up.

No. 774465

^ it’s the same tattoo of you look at this.
& I took it straight from the girls Facebook.

No. 774478

File: 1589323794190.jpeg (124.36 KB, 792x672, 3B80A5AD-98F3-4279-9043-FDF757…)

This girl doesn’t know how to take a joke. And I’d like names of anyone she’s ever beat up and that’s why “bullies do it online” now.
I bet money she wouldn’t say “slit your wrists” to anyone if she wasn’t behind a keyboard.
All someone would have to do is pull or blow on her nasty extensions. She cares too much about how she looks to start a fight, first of all.
Secondly, she’s going to say something to the wrong person one day. Unlike Vicky I don’t condone violence, but she better be careful of her mouth.

There’s a reason she doesn’t leave her house anymore and come to show in Toronto. She’s stepped on too many people’s toes.

No. 774481

File: 1589325127577.jpeg (93.68 KB, 635x792, FFEC9BBA-CC35-4D77-A7AC-6329E0…)

I love find old Vicky milk that goes against the person she’s pretending to be today.
So now she’s making fun of people’s looks and saying they look like burn victims? She’s such a soft precious angelic being.

Oh Vicky.

No. 774484

Who is that blue haired girl next to Vicky? She’s so gorgeous, I wanna lurk. Sage for retarded girl crush

No. 774485

Singer of sumo cyco

No. 774486

File: 1589326480938.jpeg (109.35 KB, 600x471, ADBB9E61-8919-485D-BB11-B8B1E7…)

No. 774488

Oh snap! Go Leo! But we all know she will delete. Because it's SPOT ON.

No. 774491

I’m curious about her Toronto days and who she pissed off lol

No. 774492

Well I’m from Toronto and use to hangout at the bovine, cherry colas, the opera house etc. Places Vicky has been. She’s a groupie. She’s slept with at least two guys that I’ve heard that had girlfriends. I guess they play instruments so her “moral compass” was thrown out the window.
She would bum smokes off of people all the time, get people to buy her drinks, always say she going to pay people back.
She was an energy sick and would get wasted and would need a babysitter.
She hit on every dude, she would walk into the room like she was the queen of everyone. It really rubbed people the wrong way. Her whole “ I would never steal another woman’s man” is definitely more of guilt because she’s skanky when she drinks at least. I’ve never heard of her coming out sober, so maybe she’s a whole other person. Who knows.
I don’t know her, so I want to be clear about that. Being in the scene and seeing on of her exes play a show I’ve seen her. And people talk.

No. 774494

And to add to that, as someone that has been in the same room as her… nobody is jealous. It was actually more annoyance than anything.

No. 774514

Wow thank you for confirming my suspicions anon. When I used to follow her tumblr back in the day I always got the vibe from her pictures that she was a band slut. I can’t find them for the life of me but there were pictures of her front row at some local show and she’s like trying to shake the vocalists hand/dancing on him while he’s performing..who does that? I feel bad for these guys she’s been with imagine her sweaty, sloppy drunk, BO smelling ass barf

No. 774524

You can tell she thinks a lot of herself and that all the men want her when in reality people seemed to be trying to get away from her. Definitely very intoxicated. I’ve only seen her a couple of times.
She most certainly does not look like her photos. She looks like she’s 5 feet tall. I wouldn’t say she’s fat but she’s wide if that makes sense.

No. 774533

File: 1589337632810.jpeg (167.08 KB, 640x724, C8C6EF8D-310A-4623-AC3E-1DCAE4…)

While all these tattoo posts are being posted of updates and how Victoria’s tattoos “heal” I thought I’d bring this milk back to the forefront.
Miranda smith is a tattoo artist and tattoo shop owner in Ontario. Her shop has a perfect 5 star rating and her work is phenomenal. Vicky tried to attack her online saying she was a garbage artist and because she has a black out sleeve Miranda can’t know what she’s talking about.
So Miranda left this message on the status Vicky made about her.

Miranda has fixed a lot of Vicky’s work and I think it’s a good idea that if you’ve found this thread and are looking for a CREDIBLE artist in that area, Miranda would be a better choice.

No. 774535

File: 1589337902122.jpeg (68.16 KB, 720x960, A581EF74-55E6-441F-834F-528A52…)

Bella morte exclusive

No. 774550

Wait Vicky made a status attacking an ACTUAL artist who has fixed her fuck ups? My sides

No. 774554

I’m from the same toronto scene and can confirm this. She slept with a friends boyfriend (lead singer in a band, not the first person this has happened too) and I’ve also heard story’s about her fucking a few Local Married dudes (All guys in Bands) just a really easy lay who doesn’t care who’s boyfriend anyone is, very much a Groupie. Doesn’t win you a lot of friends in such a tight knit music scene.

Also can back up that she is super Loud and annoying to be around, dress’s like a pirate, stinks of cigarettes and thinks the Whole room is hers, constantly going out of that phoney accent. Few redeeming qualities, no ones impressed Lol.

No. 774572

LMAO I legit thought this was some kind of tranny drag queen on a strip pole before I read the tags oh my fucking god how do you create this mess and then take a picture and post it… PROUDLY…

No. 774586

File: 1589375405119.png (171.89 KB, 904x770, Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-13 um 1…)

Vicky and some dude discussing who's more powerful, Zeus or Odin.

>"Marvel is a fiction fantasy world"

>"It is however very much a favourite series of mine"

No. 774588

I am cringing so hard I can’t cope. She is so fucking dumb.

No. 774610

File: 1589380279470.jpeg (303.5 KB, 828x822, D0B8995E-5CAD-4C05-88A7-181913…)

This is Miranda’s art! So where icky ever thought she had a place criticizing her, I don’t know. Artists sometimes get blackout sleeves to messes they make to themselves cause they’ll use their own skin to practise during apprenticeship. Vick wouldn’t know what because she’s never had any training.

No. 774611

File: 1589380487103.jpeg (59.41 KB, 828x446, 6FCADE87-D0F2-42B1-A03A-B3B347…)

Wow victoria. Too bad you also tell women they are mental ill if they don’t agree with you, to slit their wrists and die, call them whales and cryptkeeper face. OH and sleeps with married men. But keep pretending to play that role.
The fact that this is a status of a 33 year old grown woman is sad. She obviously feels like she has something to prove. All those years of being a shit human is catching up with her in karma and guilt maybe?
Or she just has to remind her neck beards that she’s a good person at like 8am… instead of making art?

No. 774614

We probably know eachother then! I feel like everyone knows of eachother, at least, in that scene so the fact that Vicky hasn’t made any friends shouldn’t be a shock to anyone.
She is a thief, her hair looks rotten, her accent is fake and she drops it a lot if she has it at all when she’s drunk.
If anyone has ever seen rock of love bus, imagine the drunkest stripper on that show dressed like a 17 year old trying to drunkenly fuck Bret micheals cause he’s in the band.

No. 774620

File: 1589382767854.jpeg (141.38 KB, 820x753, 14FD9A20-8A5D-45B2-9598-6B892C…)

The fact that Victoria found this funny and that she keeps these losers on her friends list says a lot about her. So this dude is an internet troll to the point that his family won’t use their real names?
That’s awesome. Full adulting over here.
I truly believe Victoria loves this thread because she’s also a shit stirrer. What she doesn’t understand is fully functioning adults don’t like drama. And that her name is now attached to this drama page with her awful tattoos. I wonder how much work she’s lost from people that googled her.

No. 774639

She always tries to post shit like this. I also find a lot of these type of posts to be like wannabe queer bait. Like she's straight as an arrow and says that, but she's always calling other women hot babes and putting thirst emojis when she talks about them.
It reeks of trying to impress the boys.

No. 774646

>sunglasses in pfp
>says "lol" as a grown man

No. 774649

I love how she immediately went defensive to explain why she’s on social media to cover up the fact that social media is her whole life and she could never give it up because likes and comments is all the attention she could have. I guess that means she has some self awareness, she’s embarrassed of herself.

No. 774650

This is so depressing… her shop closed down, she’s not producing any art while lockdown is happening, she got kicked out of her flop house and is probably living back with her mom… so liking a bunch of photos a girl out up is… her biggest accomplishment is awhile…?

No. 774689

I just had a depressing thought too… She thinks she can fuck anyone's husband because she has fucked some women's husbands. That's so sad. It's funny that someone like that would look down on sex workers. At least they're smart enough to get paid…

No. 774690

File: 1589405025620.png (911.67 KB, 696x673, strippertranny.png)

that is so unfortuante. I was so sure it was a drag queen/tranny stripper.
This is how my eyes interpreted this …uh… work of art Vicky graced us with

No. 774705

File: 1589412716696.jpeg (111.08 KB, 640x661, 7FD9B4F4-16F7-459F-8741-8F6845…)


Are you talking about this photo? She claims she was singing with the lead singer yet everyone looks horrified.
Just icky being drunk trying to touch up on dudes.

No. 774707

That hair is tragic

No. 774709

Of her hair looked like that then imagine how dead it is now without the photoshop, filters and weave

No. 774722

File: 1589418004292.jpg (80.7 KB, 421x552, Screenshot_20200513-175940_Chr…)


Girl me too

No. 774728

File: 1589419279372.jpeg (26.5 KB, 828x218, B8A1DFC5-78C8-42EE-A6AC-53796B…)

Remember when victoria told everyone she was a professional photographer and bought a photography studio? I wonder what guy she was saying to make her wanna pretend that.

No. 774730

File: 1589419480184.jpeg (96.3 KB, 397x771, 93D7B4BE-4151-4C3D-9F52-4E50B1…)

Remember the site : “isanyoneup” ? Vicky was out on it as a band whore. At least one of these guys had a girlfriend but she didn’t care, cause well… as much as Vicky says she unattainable and wouldn’t fuck another girls man…

No. 774731

Maybe these are the millionaires who were so desperate to marry her!

No. 774746

File: 1589424262338.png (904.46 KB, 1090x662, trophies.png)

I had to google who these dudes were and now I'm just laughing.

No. 774747

File: 1589424672899.jpeg (80.83 KB, 481x980, 85B27631-259C-4940-A50F-F5905B…)

This doesn’t look like someone that is singing with the band.
It seems like someone that is harassing the band.
This sums her up in the Toronto scene perfectly.

No. 774748

These look like the young kids / neckbeards icky fucks around with on Facebook…
Make sense.

No. 774749

File: 1589424806900.jpeg (108.1 KB, 1068x465, F8526285-B4B7-42CA-8BB2-B80C57…)

When her brother doesn’t even take her shit

No. 774751

btfo by your own pedo brother

No. 774753

File: 1589425101635.jpeg (181.96 KB, 640x781, 84B8F165-3608-420F-9FF6-EC9D66…)

What you get when you get a tattoo at Victoria Bella morte tattoos.
I love how her profile on Instagram says “I don’t care what you think about me, as long as you’re thinking about me”

You should sort of care if people are thinking and saying you’re a shit artist. No wonder you’re a broke ass bitch. Good luck getting a job that isn’t tattooing out of a spa in butt fuck no where.

No. 774755

OMG thank you anon! Yesss that was the one! There was another like that where she’s like trying to dance on him. Damn she looks like such a drunk groupie ruining the performance

No. 774757

I mean those bands are decently big so she probably got with them when they were just starting up. Either way still fucked up she’s such a home wrecking band slut. Also if she did actually sleep with Danny from Asking Alexandria that’s quite laughable considering they’re a British band I would’ve loved to see her in and out of that phoney accent around rockstars actually from the UK

No. 774758

What is that even supposed to be? Armor? Scales? It's a blotchy mess.

No. 774761

File: 1589426080693.jpeg (115 KB, 828x681, 93E398A6-20BC-4FA4-8CF6-EEEB72…)


She interviewed asking Alexandria when she did the fully loaded radio station and partied with them after.
I would put money on she slept with them both that night. ~unattainable~

No. 774764

Danny was also dating a girlfriend when Vicky slept with him. Her name was Myca Gardner.

No. 774765

File: 1589426658762.jpeg (125.63 KB, 785x660, DE6D1AEF-9EFB-4F1D-AB5B-27C0F9…)

It’s public knowledge Danny cheated on his girlfriend with ick.

No. 774774

Oh my god, that video is so cringy. Victoria Bowel-Movement just jamming and pumping her fist while sitting on the sofa or whatever on the intro kills me every time. She goes out of her way to look like a party animal, but she looks so out of place. The whole video is a mess and you can almost smell it.

No. 774808

Out of all the guys in that video, she managed to hook up with the ugliest ones.

No. 774809

File: 1589461001371.jpeg (176.6 KB, 828x1277, B46C787C-5673-4C9A-96CB-48B83D…)

“Not that it bothered me”

This is high level bothered, Victoria. You don’t verbally attacked people if you’re not bothered. What about that Yale psych knowledge? Put it to work

No. 774811

File: 1589461698773.jpeg (172.6 KB, 828x1262, 5ED60250-5750-4D87-939C-E342EE…)

The fact that she smokes at all is disgusting enough. She cares so much about her looks, but I guess she can just photoshop her teeth white until they all fall out.

But to actually post this. At two am? Does she just stay up all night drinking, trying to convince people how desirable she is? a 33 year old woman posted this…

No. 774813

She’s all over like four separate dudes in this video. We were all young at one point, I get it, but it doesn’t seem like she’s grown up past this point and everyone else has.

No. 774817

File: 1589462862003.jpeg (187.94 KB, 828x1184, 9D40B287-CD44-47E4-B622-A1E0D7…)


“Not like other girls, emotionally I am male but have lady parts… please date me”

No. 774819

Jesus my sides. Her sense of humor is non existent on the level of an autist.

No. 774823

File: 1589466290851.jpg (84.7 KB, 775x1280, IMG_20200514_072411_919.jpg)

Lol she posted this as a follow-up

No. 774824

Cause she went to a slipknot show two years ago and fucked some guys from a screamo band when she was like 25, she knows what all metal guys are like.

No. 774825

She finds the most mundane things chivalrous such as random dudes lighting her cigs at a concert or a bunch of guys catcalling her in a pool hall.
What a low self esteem.

People offering lighters is like a normal thing when out clubbing or at a festival. It's not a 'metal' thing. Men and women and crackheads alike will let you use their lighter if you ask. She acts like she waltzed in and a bunch of guys just pulled out their lighters at once. Always exaggerating. I'm surprised she didn't try to say that she was walking down the road on a rainy day and a bunch of guys threw their jackets down to save her getting wet shoes.

No. 774829

Even if she wasn’t exaggerating and all of these things were true. Dudes gave her flowers, proposed to her, hit street posts. Even if she is the prettiest girl in all of Guelph… then what? That isn’t an accomplishment. Can she not be humble, have some humility? Can she admit when she’s made an error? Can she be proud of herself without these CGI edits, have a stable friendship or relationship where she doesn’t act like an entitled brat that acts better than everyone involved? Can she stop being a thief? I doubt any of these things. She’s getting up there in age and I swear she’s getting worse.

No. 774831

Notice how icky hasn’t posted any selfies since dyeing her hair? This must be a new record for her. She may have really fucked it up, or maybe it’s finally fallen out after years of abuse and oxyclean.

No. 774833

She’s posted this same pic like 3 times now saying she’s had this happen to her. Life isn’t a movie doesn’t matter how attractive you are men aren’t gonna flock to you like seagulls with lighters what a dumb twat

No. 774834

What the fuck is she doing with her hands?? Lmfao she looks like a cat swatting at yarn and trying to grab the JD bottle at the end like a drunken idiot L O L. I’m also curious what they thought of her accent ha

No. 774837

Ah but anon that's where you are wrong. She's not just beauty, she's brains too. Also don't forget about her amaaaaazing John Wicke Kill Bill samurai skills.
She just has to boast about EVERYTHING. That's why her bio always has a list of a million exaggerated achievements.
Tattoo artist, model, covergirl, sword fighter…it goes on.

No. 774840

Right she also stated she speaks some Japanese, she does hair, she’s a chef and bought a photography studio.

But lives at home with her mom and is broke.

No. 774853

Imaging hating yourself so much that you cling to being a groupie in your early 20s and equate ANY male attention as good male attention. She clearly has no self worth or values and craves contact. It’s really quite sad. Shame she’s such a cunt otherwise perhaps she could get her shit together.

No. 774928

It's not even the obsession with male validation that gets me. Like, that's unfortunate but super common. It's more how she's desperate for other people to know about any scrap of male attention she gets. The constant fishing for compliments and bragging about herself even if she has to awkwardly shoehorn it into unrelated convos makes her so much more pathetic and embarrassing than any other cow imo. At least try to humble brag instead of straight up brag.

No. 774934

File: 1589508407571.jpg (105.25 KB, 797x1280, IMG_20200514_190544_374.jpg)

"Please hit on me, metalhead men. I am single!"

No. 774938

LMFAO at how clueless she Really is. This has nothing to do with “metal men” it’s called concert etiquette. When anyone falls in a mosh pit, people are gonna pick you up and make sure you’re okay and the whole lighter thing, guaranteed she probably hit on some dudes outside, bummed smokes off them and then they asked if she needed a lighter if that’s the case then every female who goes to a metal show must be desirable

No. 774946

Most metal shows are such a sausage fest, any not disfigured broad is gonna get some attention.

No. 774951

I just don't understand her joke.jpg personality

she's the RIGHT AGE to get this joke
he attached a video

and yet she still manages to miss the joke every. damn. time.

No. 774953

Agreed. Screenshotting thirsty sms from neckbeards and Indians and posting them is cringe.
Who's even proud of that?

No. 774959

File: 1589525324470.jpg (158.16 KB, 885x1280, IMG_20200514_234751_390.jpg)

Says the person who calls other women whales.

No. 774996

File: 1589538465073.webm (1.23 MB, 720x1280, missvictoriamurder_2020.5.15_8…)

New Victoria video!!!1

No. 775017

so weird. why is she holding her belly like that?

No. 775019

File: 1589543165214.jpeg (132.92 KB, 828x1440, 061C9C0E-6911-4B9F-9299-7C9D2F…)

How is this savage? She’s a 33 year old taking photos of her hog body at her moms house to impress neckbeards. … and she posted this at 5 am. So I’m assuming she’s drunk again, or just just stays up at night and sleeps all day. Considering she acts like a 16 year old dropout, probably both.
And that tattoo on her stomach is exactly why people shouldn’t get tattoos by Victoria Bella morte.
Funny how she “called out” an actual artist for having a black out tattoo when that’s what she has all over her torso?

No. 775021

File: 1589543952066.jpeg (44.43 KB, 823x227, 95215E5E-42ED-4CC8-82D7-F11FD9…)

Vicky: embrace your body type

Also Vicky:

No. 775022

File: 1589544098659.jpeg (54.62 KB, 828x225, 57938393-E907-493E-AE99-EE9181…)

She dated another guy in the Toronto music scene, she left her and started dating someone 10000x prettier than her with a real job so she blasted him online about abusing her.

No. 775024

This sounds like she’s trying to convince herself more than anything. Considering she’s been drinking everyday and sitting on her ass trying to find another neckbeards to validate her, she’s gained some weight. (The new video she put up, confirms that)
While I agree with what she’s saying, drinking jack Daniels all day and eating those nasty meals she makes is not healthy.

No. 775036


So her FUPA doesn't look droopy.

No. 775044

She also was friends with his ex girlfriend and stole him from her. Her name was Megan. So much for that “I don’t sleep with other women’s men”

No. 775045

File: 1589556748169.jpeg (31.28 KB, 422x261, B52B2B40-DDE5-4C24-808E-6D671E…)

Oh lord…. now she’s a master of motorcycles… even though she doesn’t have her licence, has never had a photo with one( cause you know she would) doesn’t even own a car and takes cabs everywhere. The delusion is real.

No. 775046

File: 1589556827242.jpeg (232.2 KB, 1005x1048, 51D49DD2-D179-4D8C-B8F3-5B58AC…)

Never forget.
This doesn’t exactly scream “unattainable” or “self esteem”

No. 775048

File: 1589557032576.jpg (80.7 KB, 773x1280, IMG_20200515_083611_409.jpg)

Haha what

No. 775053

She's serving Dahvie Vanity looks here

No. 775054

She doesn’t even look human there’s so many filters on this.
And seeing the background, that looks like too much of an adults house to be any of Vicky’s flop friends houses ( if she even has friends left) so she’s living back with her mom for sure.

No. 775055

I guess all you would do is eat and eat and eat all lockdown when you’re lazy and have no really hobbies.

No. 775060

I think she's trying to say in poorly worded English 'I don't know how I look like this when all I do is eat' or something of that variation implying she eats like a horse but still looks amaziiiing.

Serious Jennifer Lawrence energy.

No. 775061

I agree that’s what she’s trying to say, she’s probably just too hungover to make the English.

And I brightened up her photo from 5 am and I would say this looks exactly like a white bread carbs kinda body.

No. 775062

File: 1589561749438.jpeg (195.45 KB, 828x1792, 60E6FE1D-90F3-416C-8571-EC8C75…)

Forgot to drop the photo.

No. 775064

Slut shames other women who post pictures of their body, thirst posts bikini pic calling herself savage

No. 775072

That red "beyond sexy" brand Victorias secret bra that adds 2 cups needs to go in the washer

No. 775084

Imagine criticizing anyone for anything when you don't even change your underwear. Nasty.

No. 775091


Her left boob has so many folds on the side Lmao a sign of saggy ass tits being lifted to the heavens with that bra. If she took it off those puppies would drop lower than her IQ

No. 775099

File: 1589573636134.jpeg (129.92 KB, 828x1148, C6A9CD0D-64D4-4587-BAB4-0957F0…)

She posted this crap on her front page.
There’s a reason she didn’t turn the lights on for this photo. And for someone that doesn’t have a professional website, you’d think she’d take her social media more seriously and not put up an up close video of her tits and vagina. She also has spoken badly about girls that have fansonly, yet she puts this shit up for free? It’s seriously confusing.
“Zero editing” but there is a filter and she’s in a room with no lights.
She’s lucky most of her followers are as dumb as her.

No. 775100

File: 1589573755979.jpeg (58.76 KB, 828x336, 87916D77-7483-4D65-BE6E-08EA77…)


But here’s my tits up close while I stand in a closet at my moms house. I’m free, not like these other girls.

No. 775101

File: 1589574132697.jpeg (40.38 KB, 828x297, CA72200A-9471-47C6-BEF4-71A2D3…)

Vicky has never exercised, as much as she talks about it. There’s no way.
She’s chain smoking, drinking, sitting on Facebook looking for a new boyfriend and disappointing her parents.
We’re literally in lockdown and this girl can’t even pretend she’s working out.
She also wants to pretend she’s so perfect she doesn’t need to workout cause her body is just naturally perfect.
She’s a ham sandwich that smells like cigarettes.

No. 775108

File: 1589574857188.jpeg (37.06 KB, 828x262, 3DE43C92-E551-4925-A00C-915DBC…)

She’s seriously one of the dumbest people

No. 775109

File: 1589574976988.jpeg (78.63 KB, 828x535, DF94E952-956A-48B6-BF72-34EA3F…)

Why on earth would you post crap? You’re an artist but can’t even post something worthy of looking at. It’s just a black blob like all of your tattoos. Had nothing to do with being needy, it’s just some people can see through your bullshit. You’re a hog body at best.

No. 775113

File: 1589576278337.jpeg (83.22 KB, 828x558, C5143955-2D7F-4BF1-B562-627E7A…)

Victoria is drunk again! Nobody “wishes” it was photoshop. People maybe wish you wouldn’t photoshop your tattoos and rip people off.
This video you took isnt photoshopped, you look hammy and you’re in the pitch black. Wonder why that is.

No. 775114

File: 1589576414125.jpeg (78.62 KB, 473x700, 70C1B07A-1BC1-40DD-A2CE-6EEA5F…)

No way does she photoshop

No. 775117

File: 1589578468599.jpeg (115.31 KB, 827x761, 0D17C3D2-D6CB-4208-991B-DD5F53…)

“This app that we share photos, you sound entitled when you ask to be able to SEE the photo.” Is that what she says to her clients when they ask to be able to make out what their tattoo is even though they pay?

No. 775118

I subscribe to onlyfans profiles and shit like that to support people I like who are predominantly making their money online, as do tons of other folks. I'm not even a porn consumer really but I like to support small artists who are making a good effort. Clearly, Vic doesn't realize that if you're gonna essentially live online, you're gonna have to be at least somewhat likeable. Stop being jealous of people who are good at what they do and make money of it and get some training for your craft or a fucking hobby, Vic. You WISH you could run one of those pages and actually get paid. Stop crying and drinking over how sad and useless you are and do something about it.

No. 775119

I have a friend that has a fansonly and she’s naked but she makes art and paints her body etc. It’s actually amazing.
Vicky wouldn’t understand that. She just flashes her nasty saggy tits for free and puts herself in a pedestal because she’s not asking for coin. Good lucky living at home Victoria.

No. 775133

Home girl put this hammy video on her artist page! Where her clients are and boom their appointments. Top professional!

No. 775135

Not to stick up for Icky, but that does look really dry and maybe mildly infected. Being covered in tattoos doesn't mean anything really, maybe she chances it with all of them and this one went particularly badly. Blog but I'm heavily tattooed, some went crusty and some healed perfectly all with the same aftercare. The fading however is 100% Sticky's shit tattooing.

No. 775136

Of course, not saying that Vicky is ALWAYS wrong. People fuck up their tattoos themselves sometimes.
It happens more often than not with her. This was also done on her one time “friend” and the artist that redid it pretty much said the og artist mangled it.

No. 775142

File: 1589589660796.jpeg (84.37 KB, 828x420, 70E04B2F-C70F-4F85-81A3-CF9EFA…)

Vicky’s everyday life. Just eating and not paying attention.

No. 775152


It does look like that because it probably is- it happens so much with Vicky because she seems to absolutely hammer ink too deep and tears the shit out of people skin. When you brutalise layers of skin like that, it freaks out, scabs, way easier to become infected, it's a whole mess. I'm not surprised given she's incredibly arrogant and what, self taught I assume? Super common for scratchers

Love how it's flown over her head that this person can't even tell the difference lmao

No. 775154

And cause riding a bike with one hand makes you safe, responsible and credible. Take the other bar and shove it Ick. You are pathetic.

No. 775161

it looks like she pasted her head and tattoos onto someone else's body. that uh, dagger or whatever on her leg is very off center.

she sure loves to shit on women who do any form of sex work but thirst posts edited or obscured pix which she could probably make some money from, and since thankfully she's not currently fucking up ppl's skin, that's something she could likely use.

No. 775162

The anatomy in this is hilarious! Love it so much. Her right arm lol.. the shoulder width with her head so far extended. There's so much going on here.

No. 775173

Is she…. Sitting on a plastic sheet?
Look at her right leg, looks like there's been plastic put down before she sat on whatever furniture that is kek.

No. 775175

File: 1589627140256.jpg (131.82 KB, 1222x1280, IMG_20200516_040522_856.jpg)

I am very excited! We haven't seen Victoria poetry in a long time!

No. 775176

Wait a second (same anon here), she went through many edits of this, which she posted to her other account. Give me a minute while I compile all 7…

No. 775178

File: 1589627910208.png (3.48 MB, 1204x9445, Crystalline_Steel_Kaleidoscope…)

No. 775184

There are so many mistakes and inaccuracies in there. I just can’t.

No. 775185

Wow. Something like this has never been written before. Be put under pressure to become a diamond? Wow. A true pioneer.
I swear this girl just copies and pastes poems together she found on live journal in 2007 and kept in a notebook this whole time.

No. 775186

File: 1589633853392.jpeg (74.16 KB, 828x486, 415BC368-D1D4-427C-A713-3EC1BB…)

“It is what I have learned in life”
There’s so much wrong with this poem I will argue that you haven’t learned much.

No. 775188

File: 1589634299147.jpeg (161.68 KB, 828x1121, D210FF7B-6645-4863-8E64-2FCC29…)

Icky socks are cutting into her legs cause she’s a chunk(not just the thighs) and she posted this on Instagram but deleted it from Facebook?

No. 775191

File: 1589637911696.jpeg (36.54 KB, 788x231, 9F8294A5-B9C3-4DDE-82F4-CBE859…)

So Victoria said the tattoo artist Miranda smith was a shit artist and had no place telling Vicky how to tattoo( even though Miranda fixed a bunch of Vicky’s scratcher work) because Miranda has a black out sleeve. Yet people think Victoria Bella mortes work is a blackout cause her work is so pounded into people’s skin it turns into a black blob. The real reason she did turn the lights on. She’s a trash artist that brings down other women artists.

No. 775192


My poems probably aren't what you'd expect intellectually-wise

I'll marvel at the paryoxismal luminescence as I gaze into my cell phone screen

I'll play with the immortal settings until it takes potato quality images

If you find me in a party situation, where I'm cheerfull and very, very British, you may not notice the delusory intellect hiding behind my ice green eyes

But my sharp tongue will remind you

As I get inked a malformed liger into your unsuspecting skin

While dressed like a tomboy

To see if you're true or fake

Kill yourselves stalkers

You look like jealous uneducated whales

Your husbands are mine

Once I can get a ride to your house from one of my many mansions

No. 775195

Anon, you deserve a book deal

No. 775197

Jesus Christ I busted up laughing HARD 3 separate times while reading this. "Your husbands are mine" sent me. God I love this board. The anons in this Vicky thread are some of the funniest, most creative people I've come across on the internet in a long time. I love that you accidentally linked to an Ashley Isaacs thread from 2015. I just love everyone who participates in this thread so much. Sorry for off topic.

No. 775198

Every fucking line is a separate cliche. Even the "are not born, they are forged" bit is all over google for different things (men, sailors, heroes, strong women…)
She just put together pieces of inspirational facebook memes and called it a poem. I guess this truly is what life has taught her, as she also pieces together her tattoos from random google images.

No. 775199

I feel like she may plagiarize a poem, put it in bing translator to French and then back to English.
Good enough.

No. 775201

ALL of these are facebook memes/standard inspirational quotes with weird Vic twists lmao

I feel like her stained glass metaphor wasn't good enough for Vic, so she tacked on all that nonsensical bs at the end.
>Shattered to become a stained glass masterpiece
would have been enough

>For the sun always rises after the moon and tomorrow is a new day

has me howling

No. 775238

Wait just a fucking minute!!! Did Victoria Attention-Whore just call someone else NEEDY??

This woman has less than zero capacity for introspection.

No. 775239

File: 1589656231871.png (3.77 MB, 828x1792, 178A375D-4E63-4D25-9386-F7375D…)

You can have any eye color you want with the right filter.
And this girls teeth… no amount of filter is covering the gingivitis

No. 775262

The filters on her latest Instagram videos are horrifying and make her look like a demon eyed mannequin.

No. 775266

man, what do you guys think the future will hold for icks? like it won't be long til she's too old to be hitting on early 20s kids or hanging with the younger crowds who predominate her of-the-second hang outs (honestly I personally think she's already too old for either of those things, but I'm talking old enough they start being like 'what the hell, creepy bitch')

i assume she'll go into full denial mode about any ageing etc and do more open brags/IM BEAUTIFUL IM NOT BOTHERED's, but past that I'm gonna guess she'll be one of those people who constantly talk about their 'glory days' and make it sound like they were the most amazing, talented, loved by all creature at that time and deserve respect for it now

not that she doesn't already do that to some extent… but really, what will be left in her life when she can't even mega filter/photoshop a selfie to look acceptable by her own standards? what the fuck will she do? most people would likely develop new hobbies or interests, but she literally has nothing that isn't just surface level pseudo shit for the sake of attempting to impress others. I actually can't imagine her doing anything just because she sincerely enjoys it. Truly empty life.

No. 775275

File: 1589666100397.jpeg (110.54 KB, 750x875, 9B3C84BB-A2FB-49A9-9B19-9F0E85…)


Oh she’s way past gingivitis. The next stage (after you ignore it for so long) is full blown periodontal disease, which is when your gums are so enflamed that you start losing teeth. Smoking only speeds up the process. It’s going to be hard for her to take thirsty, finger-sucking Instagram videos when she has no teeth left.

Also, she is wearing circle lenses. “Dark eye day”. This girl can’t stop lying.

No. 775278

Good to know her government assistance during covid is going towards good use. Contacts, cigarettes and a bunch of booze.

No. 775328

File: 1589674476778.jpeg (148.44 KB, 762x1436, F34327B5-14B3-48D1-80A5-971C04…)

“Do you know who’s to blame for corona ? Carole baskin.” Dear lord. She really is like a drunk aunt trying to be cool at functions. Like yes, you’re about three months late on the joke.
I can’t roll my eyes any harder when she tries to be funny. The sticking her tongue out, licking her her infected gums makes me wanna drop dead.

No. 775349

File: 1589679885645.png (1.48 MB, 828x1792, 54FA2D82-CEE8-450F-BB67-C0E873…)

This girl is pushing 40 and thinks it’s a great achievement when dudes ask her out over Instagram. Why would you even post this online… for the who knows how many times she’s said the same damn thing.
And didn’t she just say she’s been seeing someone for months and post it in her stories, now she has losers asking her out through her DMs and that’s respectful? This girl has a few screws loose and her self esteem has flat lined.

No. 775351

spot the differences lol. she could've typed this up anywhere first, read it over, made changes and then posted but instead chooses to allow everyone to see the edit history.

No. 775356

Vic's endless Facebook status edits is one of my favorite things about her. As soon as I saw the Vic poem on her artist page with no edit history I knew it would be on her personal page with at least 4 edits. Sure enough, lol.

No. 775357

And it’s between 11:15 - midnight. So she was probably sitting there googling her feelings.

No. 775358

File: 1589683280975.jpg (123.73 KB, 1240x1280, IMG_20200516_193842_558.jpg)

She also tends to edit any comment she makes that is longer than a couple of sentences. This is a recent funny one. She just had to make an edit to slip in how unbothered she is!

No. 775359


>Googling her feelings

Kek love this description anon!

No. 775360

Probably a nitpick but can this absolute fucking dumbass spell maybe correctly once in her pathetic life? Fuck.

No. 775361

The one I hate the most for some reason is when she goes "ouuu" to mean "ooh". It makes me think of her fake accent and I just hate it.

No. 775381

Detected a new fake accent, and coming from an Australian, hers is pretty convincing.
Still a shit cunt though.

No. 775426

File: 1589729156556.png (4.1 MB, 828x1792, 9B9965A2-5739-4C7D-AD81-B44E1A…)

New Instagram video on instagram. “Video games are for kids grow up they say. No”

I don’t think anyone is putting money on you ever growing up. How about move out of your parents house and take responsibility for your shitty actions? I’d be more impressed, and I think your parents would be too. Adults play video games. But when you don’t “contribute” anything else it’s sort of sad.
Also, stop showing off your black gums. Fix that shit

No. 775427

I hope she saved some money for a dentist and didn’t spend it all on those brand new circle lenses she’s been showing off, because no one will be looking at her eyes when her teeth start falling out!

No. 775433

File: 1589731085100.jpeg (58.64 KB, 828x294, 04B9DA20-1C90-4D88-B02D-75CE25…)

“Mabye” nitpicking here but it drives me crazy that she has to make a new highlight for every fucking photo she puts in her stories. Like she can’t have her face disappear in 24 hours. And what’s “renovatio” is she saying shes making renovations to her body or is she trying to insinuate she’s renovating one of her many mansions aka her moms house?

No. 775434

File: 1589731607689.jpg (67.65 KB, 640x961, 1uibyc.jpg)

First thing I thought of when I looked at that screencap

No. 775440

The anon who said she's looking like Dahvie Vanity was spot on, wow.

No. 775445

Those extensions are so thin and cheap you can see her real hair more than usual lately. And she’s in the back seat of a car it looks like. Taking an Uber to get booze or her mom is driving her around. Yeah we’re jealous. She’s really turning up those filters lately too… her nose is almost completely disappeared

No. 775446

I think "renovatio" is the Latin word for renewal.

Victoria is making big changes, you guys. Circle lenses and a new $20 weave.

Monumental. But she's still gonna highlight her weird tongue in every video while trying to be seductive @ 35 years old.

Gotta work hard to make those old senile men, drug addicts and naive 20 year olds slide into your DMs I guess

No. 775447

File: 1589736531128.jpeg (96.83 KB, 827x770, 3B13ACAB-37B2-4422-8D98-6081EE…)

Didn’t drop the photo.

No. 775448

Renewal of….? Living in guelph, too many filters and attacking people online pretending she’s unbothered.
She’s the exact same.

No. 775454

File: 1589740478052.jpeg (22.12 KB, 828x270, FB00DBCE-D1AF-4404-AC14-65E972…)

She wants to talk about how respectful guys are when they are nice when she turns them down but keeps guys on her list that publicly post this shit under her photos.
Most women with self esteem would delete these guys( especially in your mid 30s) but I bet icky will keep it, eat it up and probably private message him. I’m second hand embarrassed for this grown woman. Cleaning out her list isn’t for “new clients” she just wants guys to thirst over her. And the fact that she books clients through this Facebook and this type of behaviour happens is atrocious.

No. 775455

Well he has tattoos and lives in Ontario. It’s a potential loser suitor…. he’s getting a thirsty drunk message from her in next 30 mins

No. 775456


Stefan Skywolf aka Stefan Perras is the exact kind of loser orbiter who thirsts at Vicky's photos. He's a dumb muscle jock with no money who cheated on his last girlfriend with a personal training client.

He's the type of guy who would have sex with a catfish, even if he was disappointed.

No. 775457

HES a personal trainer? If I was looking for someone to train me and saw this is how he “spoke” to women online he would be the last person I would choose. They’re perfect for eachother.

No. 775459


Yeah except he'd meet her and realize that she looks like a bag of half melted marshmallows with gingivitis

No. 775460

yea this what i'd be doing at five in the morning in my early 30's lol.

the fried hair chunk sticking out of the extensions, and where are her super thick natural lashes, it looks like she has barely any at all.

No. 775465

File: 1589744573425.jpeg (149.69 KB, 828x667, FCDCE2D0-0E13-47F7-B50D-B37CE2…)

Looks like someone maybe changed their review. Sounds like Victoria Bella mortes professionalism right here.

No. 775468

Could be an allergic reaction to the cheap ass ink she buys. I swear she needs to be permanently shutdown because she is fucking people up. Also, Vicky and professional don’t belong in the same sentence. She is a bitter old hag whose only looking for neckbeards, not to actually be a professional, contributing member of society. The more I read this forum the more angry I get because she clearly hasn’t had a much needed reality check.

No. 775469

I don’t know what her rock bottom is. If she was just hurting herself, that’s one thing, but she’s stealing money from people knowing full well she has no idea what she’s doing.
It’s disgusting. What makes me more angry is this person is going to be attack and belittled for the next 17 years for speaking the truth.

No. 775470

File: 1589746616721.jpeg (39.67 KB, 828x402, 91FBED62-9112-4A65-A7AD-AEE1B3…)

Much respect. This girls self esteem is in the garbage right next to her non-existent talent. Doesn’t she realize how disgustingly vile this is? She really doesn’t care about anything but being “desired” she’ll blow this up in her tiny little brain that he called her a model and they had a great laugh over his brilliant emoji he crafted for her.

No. 775472

File: 1589748497285.jpeg (181.52 KB, 725x1570, EF8A9837-07CB-4998-9335-8E6110…)

How this 35 year old woman has been spending her entire day. Trying to be funny, but instead looking like a damn fucking moron.
Guys are hitting on her, I guess. So life is good.

No. 775473

File: 1589749101648.jpeg (167.57 KB, 733x1504, 01ED5A22-A1C7-4CF8-97E4-4DC2A5…)

teeth are looking fucked, ick.

No. 775482

File: 1589755225604.png (2.11 MB, 828x1792, 1145332F-9A54-4459-95F0-47312B…)

An Internet personality test once told me I’m INTJ so that means I don’t express my feelings but tell me exactly how you feel or I’ll walk away. Does she know anyone with half a brain cell looks at this shit and laughs at her?

No. 775484

of course 'fuck us well' is the first thing, followed by giving her attention

very INTJ of you, Vicky

No. 775494

File: 1589759500928.jpeg (143.25 KB, 560x696, 85EF2D34-7D6C-4BDF-97D7-D799B4…)

The type of dudes Vicky is really getting asked to hang out by.

No. 775515

She sounds like the most exhausting douchebag holy shit

No. 775518

Further proving that people who take the MTBI test seriously are insufferable.

No. 775540

I wouldn't even blame the test, at this point I'm surprised she isn't one of those "don't blame me it's just my horoscope" types, too

>mercury is in retrograde so all the creeps will be out to try to kidnap me. they better watch out, it wont end well for them

>edit: all i do is eat and i never work out lollllll leos
>unrelated comment reply: i majored in astrology at Harvard
>sperg out #48390483948: jealous fat bitch pisces slit your wrists
>new status: we leos are so loyal and loved and devoted partners but we are slow to get close….. like i'll claw you with my GROWING NAILS (edit history: CLAWS) if you try to ask me out while i'm wrecking your skin (edit add: cuz im such a tomboy lollll…)

No. 775553

does she mention the new lenses? I mean they are obviously lenses but it woupd be so like her to try to pass them off as her real eyes.

No. 775562

She doesn’t say they are, and someone commented that they like her lenses so I think she’s just ignoring it and letting her neckbeards believe whatever they want. Like most of her fake life.

No. 775568

File: 1589814429057.jpeg (45.68 KB, 827x189, 05EB2D4E-534C-468E-9B97-A58817…)

Vicky posting in the “red hand rising” Facebook group again.
This girl is next level stupid.

No. 775573


She’s like a caricature of a thick racist fucking hell.

No. 775580

Vic, you scratch people in basements and salons. You're doing more to spread hepatitis than most so I'd stfu if I were you.

No. 775583

Some people are born with HIV, so is their life less valuable or sick people in general?
I’m confused about her racist, uneducated comment.
As many times Vicky says she isn’t a bully or racist, I will never believe her.
These are the kind of comments people should not support, and should not be giving their money to her to ruin their bodies . Her inflated ego had gotten so out of control she thinks she can get away with saying shit like this with no consequence.
Victoria Bella morte; “fuck your aids”

No. 775586

the only rock bottom for vicky, that i can even imagine, would be if her selfie camera stopped working and/or she lost her social media accounts

so it'll probably never happen

No. 775590

File: 1589821594579.jpeg (168.88 KB, 828x633, 7559EE58-FFE4-49CF-80DC-4C7552…)


No. 775592

File: 1589821721821.jpeg (189.89 KB, 799x1227, 905B1DA1-F7A6-4BA7-8F6E-7ABE17…)

This page is also pro trump / hating on Obama.

No. 775593

File: 1589821800374.jpeg (22.33 KB, 645x156, D25A5CF9-2D65-418D-8953-4E288B…)

Vicky: I’m not a bully and I don’t believe in violence.

People out in the street….
Also Vicky…..

No. 775601

"Oulala" this made me wince. She must be stopped.

No. 775606

File: 1589825291058.png (125.34 KB, 1080x1267, Screenshot_20200518-140540~2.p…)

Looks like she's an anti-vaxxer too!

No. 775614

Great. This is the person I want to get tattooed by. Fucking moron.

No. 775618

Sadly, this doesn’t surprise me. She is less intelligent than a toddler and she buys into anything she reads on the net. She is the exact reason why people need to go to post secondary as she has developed no critical thinking skills and stokes the racist fire. She is redneck trash and is an embarrassment to Canada and “Britain”.

No. 775619

This needs to be shared more broadly. She is supposed to be somewhat medically savvy as a tattoo artist and if she refuses to get the vaccine, that is a public health concern. She shouldn’t be able to tattoo people without having all of her immunizations up to date.

No. 775622

But anon, Victoria is skilled at cross contam!

No. 775624

I’ve never had a tattoo by Victoria before (thankfully) but if tattoos are not healing properly, bleeding after and Victoria is just blocking people when they are trying to ask her questions I would be complaining to the “body safe” program.
She’s complaining about being people into a country she doesn’t even live in with hep and AIDS, but I’m nervous she’s really going to hurt someone or spread disease.
Not to cow tip and I wouldnt want anyone to complain just for the sake of it. It’s getting ridiculous. hearing people say she’s stealing from them and her salon was dirty is really starting to bother me.

No. 775626

>Wuhan Virus

No. 775627

File: 1589834224122.jpeg (103.04 KB, 828x825, FE9C3F8F-9455-47F5-9BA7-0D42B2…)

Like this can’t be normal.

No. 775629

I reccommend any other Northern Irish anons to check out this Red Hand Rising page, it's fascinating. Laird Shingles is this number one poster and you can see where Vic has got her weird, warped sectarianism from (though at least Laird can bring himself to say "Northern Ireland" and seems to have some actual memories of living there)

No. 775632

My god she's thick.

No. 775636

Since icky wants to take her facts from the internet… here we go…

“”In the Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey, it found that

36% wouldn’t accept an Eastern European as a close friend (rising to 38% for 18-24 year olds);
52% wouldn’t accept an Irish Traveller as a close friend;
47% wouldn’t accept a Muslim as a close friend (beyond the over 65s, it again is the 1824 year olds who are found to be most intolerant);
A third of 18-24 year olds won’t even accept a Muslim as a neighbour in their local area – again, this is higher than the other age groups, aside from the over 65s.””

Seems like what the article was saying is there is a growing problem in Northern Ireland with racism. It also seems like Victoria’s values fit in line here. “Just send them immigrants and their aids back. PRO TRUMP”

No. 775637

File: 1589839515413.jpeg (164.8 KB, 828x1193, D83B629C-69D7-493D-BB14-0E59FA…)

Um? Did she not notice before posting this that you can see her whole weave track? She just threw it over to make it bangs.

And that eyebrow looks like a drunk person drew it on with sharpie…. cause well I guess that what happened.

No. 775638

File: 1589839658394.jpeg (93.27 KB, 828x917, F68486E5-9F06-408C-A3B5-B8C807…)

Keep those standards high, girl.

No. 775643

File: 1589841737495.jpeg (69.46 KB, 1200x680, 21BF5A16-38D0-4165-BE4D-9F859D…)


Saged for no milk… but this is Vicky’s future.
“Baby girl”

Less hair though

No. 775652

File: 1589844786902.jpeg (143.99 KB, 740x905, 1552B54E-DA49-46E9-8EA4-565A91…)

Girl is such a fucking narc! Holy shit! Dude said he was embarrassed to ask her a question. Clearly uncomfortable talking about his skin issues in public and of COURSE she thought he was hitting on her.
Not everyone wants you victoria. You look dumb as fuck.
Everyone knows you’re filtered to fuck anyways. Doesn’t matter how much water you drink when you drink equal parts alcohol.
And never wash off your makeup, hag.

No. 775660

Lmao anon this is hilarious

No. 775661

Wasn’t she just saying a week or two ago she’s been seeing someone for months? Now she likes someone… this girl can’t keep track of her lies or her men. Goddamn. Put down the whiskey and pull up your knickers.

No. 775663

File: 1589850931267.jpeg (36.29 KB, 827x147, 2AACB944-9D33-49E1-816A-8062DE…)

Vicky; I’ve watched many of Yale lectures on YouTube, my iq is higher than Stephen Hawking.

Also Vicky: “air born”

No. 775664

File: 1589851084884.jpeg (36.79 KB, 828x202, 804F95B9-0D9B-4831-B5B3-93AE41…)

Victoria, stop pretending your midget ass has knocked anyone out.
And stop pretending that you aren’t an online bully with this language. You’re almost middle fucking aged.

No. 775680

sorry ive just started reading her threads (read first 3 and this one) but i havent seen anything about her real education level. did she graduate high school? i KNOW she didnt attend college or uni lmfao.

No. 775720

File: 1589885982512.jpg (134.82 KB, 920x1280, IMG_20200519_035753_940.jpg)

Posted around 5 am.

No. 775728

File: 1589890863716.jpeg (699.82 KB, 1125x1815, 99D4A194-4FA2-4B6A-8FDC-2CA266…)

Congratulations, you’re as smart as Trump

No. 775729

File: 1589891142333.jpg (121.59 KB, 1171x1280, IMG_20200519_052245_592.jpg)

So now two people have asked about Victoria's skin care routine because she used a filter on this video to smooth out her face to the point of looking unnatural. I don't know what's with this dumbass answer but I hope she does reveal her skincare secrets.

No. 775748

File: 1589896094660.jpg (71.79 KB, 1280x805, IMG_20200519_064606_902.jpg)

This is a reply to the post I quoted. It's crazy that she thinks we are all jealous ex customers of hers. I live on the other end of the continent from her.

No. 775761

Um? Does she mean stalk her online here or in general?
If she means just online, asking for your money back or trying to ask why your tattoo is infected isn’t stalking.

If she mean on here, i don’t think anyone is stalking her. She’s someone that hurts people and she’s an idiot. That being said, I’ve never had a tattoo from her. Nor would I. she’s a trash artist and trash person. I don’t associate with racists and / or woman haters. I don’t know many people that are looking to get a tattoo out of the same place you can get you nails done.

No. 775762

Because Vic fucks every guy she meets she probably has a high chance of getting aids.

No. 775780

File: 1589907834285.jpeg (159.25 KB, 828x1301, D5D13838-BC01-4742-AFB1-F54DAD…)

Victoria hasn’t been making any new friends it looks like.

No. 775784

File: 1589909053863.png (673.23 KB, 872x3046, whyisshelikethis.png)

She's really afraid of people thinking she's a tranny but also wants to be one of the guys so badly

No. 775799

File: 1589910846534.jpeg (167.03 KB, 747x735, 8BF005BC-9ED7-4C5B-BAEB-530E70…)

As someone from the Ontario area and hearing the horror stories from people about Victoria I would advise anyone looking for a tattoo artist to really do your research. There is a reason drama follows her everywhere. She doesn’t care, it just elevates her celebrity status ( so she believes) this is a person that doesn’t care about anyone but herself and how she looks. She truly believes her shops of her tattoos and herself are true.
She’s mentally ill and should not be allowed to tattoo. The more I read about her blatant racism, spewing hate against anyone that goes against her beliefs the more irritated I get.

Please do your research. She is someone that does not clean her shop. she is too drunk and lazy to do it herself. Or broke to get someone to do it for her. Thankfully her shop has closed down due to her own immaturity. I feel for the spa that took her in, because they are guilty by association.

Please do not believe Victoria Bella mortes lies.

No. 775801

I don’t know why I have this feeling… but maybe her old roommates saw what she posted about them stealing TP from her … and they made a fake account? I hope so

No. 775804

File: 1589911259022.jpeg (214.81 KB, 828x1182, BC3DE092-3299-42BE-BDA1-40FCD6…)

Don’t forget to mention yourself Vicky!
Can’t thank the essential workers without bringing up your own shit.

People treat you the way they do because you’re an idiot and call everyone mentally ill as soon as they call you out.

No. 775810

File: 1589913686136.jpeg (123.62 KB, 828x857, AC6F0448-709B-47D4-9534-8D866D…)

“Important stuff”

Like contact lenses to fool the neckbeards into thinking she has “icy blues”

And how else would she steal other people’s packages?

No. 775811

File: 1589914521994.jpg (137.69 KB, 837x1280, IMG_20200519_115444_024.jpg)

It's time to play everybody's favorite game of spot the difference!

No. 775813

File: 1589914786034.jpeg (104.32 KB, 828x735, 8060F9D8-88E6-4F42-A57D-151723…)

“Some people”
I couldn’t imagine being tattooed by this mess of a human. Keep smoking, drinking and washing your hair with Clorox. I’m sure you’re going to look even “younger” in two years.

No. 775814

Kek. She hasn’t even noticed this comment calling her out yet..

No. 775834

Wtf? As if when people aren't grocery shopping they are permanently getting tattoos and tattooists are taking all the pain? I literally don't know one other artist who would keep saying some bizarre shit like this as if tattooists exclusively line the streets clad in armour fighting people

No. 775838

Anytime she can bring up her “haterz” that she has disfigured and have called her out, she will.

No. 775891

File: 1589939358451.jpeg (29.39 KB, 828x202, 8CB57CCD-292C-44AB-BC94-81EAAA…)

Anytime Vicky is losing an argument. Keep digging that hole girl. She wants to attack people by saying they are mentally ill or drug addicts.
I really hope she leaves this pandemic with nothing. Or I guess less than she has and loses the last clients she has left.

No. 775892

File: 1589939826640.jpeg (102.16 KB, 760x633, 2A19DCAC-11E3-4F54-97C7-EE9D57…)

Never forget…. the time I’ve photoshopped herself terribly into a google image and tried to convince people she was in Spain…

No. 775893


Well, she's trying to convince people to buy gift certificates when she's a non existent business.

You know… kind of like how she tries to convince people to buy that she's a Playboy model when she's a sack of rotten potatoes come to life

No. 775899

File: 1589941759109.jpeg (100.51 KB, 652x577, 2AD31786-99B4-4582-9FE3-2A3B2C…)

I think Victoria should shut the fuck up and not talk about things she knows nothing about.

No. 775901

then she'd never be able to talk.

No. 775902

I think she's a tard who can sense another tard who equally requires therapy kek.

No. 775926

Are you implying there's something incorrect about her response…? Even a broken clock etc

No. 775936

Victoria said "chap." She must be British for real.

No. 775938

File: 1589962490986.png (1.1 MB, 1280x2073, KingSizeKowalski.png)

These are the men calling out the other men on Victoria's Facebook.

No. 775940

Even more pathetic than vic herself lol.

No. 775978

but she is trans-age too. Shes mid 30's but still believes she's a 18 year old myspace scene queen

No. 775980

She also went out of her way to call this person “chap” when they clearly identify as female. Think what you want about trans gendered people, but I don’t think Vicky has ever educated herself of the subject… like anything else. Knowing her and her trump supporting ass she’s probably against all the LGBTQ community. She’s always on the wrong side of history. She’s a racist and she’s not winning any brownie points being a bigot.

That being said Vicky is trans aged.

No. 775981

Vic is a monster of a human. Racist, sexist, transphobic. She is a bully - and a weak one at that as she hides behind her computer and asks her “friends” to taunt former clients online.

No. 775982

Trans- British accent?

No. 776010



Don't forget trans-employed

No. 776058

After spending a decade fixated on nothing but getting ego strokes online, this is your net gain. Attention from middle aged men who take selfies in their little underpants.

No. 776061

File: 1590007702221.jpeg (179.16 KB, 828x1035, AD97B11D-F99D-4907-B4F3-892D35…)

Ick posted this on her stories on Instagram. All of these words describe her perfectly. Competitive? She literally tells people she had looks before lady gaga and Megan fox.

Angry? She told people to slit their wrists and that their friends and family wouldn’t miss them.

Jealous? Every girl is trying to look like her and sex workers are mentally ill trash.

Lonely? Sitting online all day finding new men to validate her.

Insecure? See above

Bored? See above. And she’s 34 living at home without a real job and makes up hobbies.

No. 776062

File: 1590007796973.png (1.47 MB, 828x1792, F700105F-C221-41D8-9B1F-0FC41F…)

This is mostly definitely not you. If anything you’ve gotten worse cause you’re an ungrateful thief.

No. 776070

I mean it's technically true. She is different. She's fatter,sadder, more drunk,more broke,less aware and lost her whole following, all her friends and her scratch shack.

No. 776074

File: 1590012302120.jpeg (77.14 KB, 828x350, 1E287E79-A595-48C2-9BD2-87A22C…)

Imagine constantly telling people how many times you’ve used violence to solve problems, and then say you’re a good person.

All while comparing yourself to Bruce Lee.

This girl has never been in a physical fight in her life. Even if she were to start one, all you’d have to do is run. She’s got smokers cough and she’s a heavy drinker.
Unfortunately for you Vick, some of us have seen you out almost passed out drunk hacking up a lung.

No. 776085

She’d be a bitch about it and press charges. She would never fight someone.

No. 776092

I really can't believe this is an adult posting these things. It reminds me of a middle school kid who fought a bigger kid one time on the playground and brags about it constantly because they think it's cool to fight people.

And how is Bruce Lee tiny? Kek. He was around average height, completely ripped, and an actual martial arts expert.

No. 776104

She is correct. Size doesn’t matter. What matters is strength and stamina. She has none of those things and she knows it. She’s been smoking for at LEAST ten years.
Her YouTube classes aren’t paying off well if she thinks anyone would intimidate anyone. She’s a chihuahua. All bark.

No. 776110

It wasn’t that Bruce Lee was the strongest man alive Ick, he learned an art and knew how to use it. If you actually ever trained you would know that.

No. 776123


Bruce Lee had low body fat and a ton of lean muscle. The man ran with weighted vests, lifted low weight/high rep to improve stamina and endurance. How he treated his body and the foods he put into his body helped his training. Her form is garbage. She looks like some VH1’s Rock Of Love reject twirling a baton, who has the ability to edit the speed of the video for visual effect.

No. 776124

File: 1590026280367.jpeg (63.7 KB, 762x462, 3C90BA86-504F-4AF1-AEB0-659A69…)

If this swamp creature came at me trying to pick a fight I would probably think she was high on pcp and gun it anyways.

No. 776127

Didn’t you know anon she’s trained in 14 martial arts, was raised in a dojo and has been a stunt double in Kung fu films duhh.

No. 776128

people tell her she's skilled like Bruce Lee but she was doing it first BUT Bruce Lee is still a total babe

No. 776130

I'm cackling anon

No. 776132

If she actually managed to land some form of hit I think the real pain would come from being touched by this grease beast that looks like she reeks of old cheese, stale sweat and cigarettes… I can just picture the shell shocked, thousand yard stare the taken men she tries to cling to at party's must harbor.
Imagine scrubbing yourself raw after, tears mixed in with the long cold shower water as you try desperately to feel clean once more. Clean – a trigger word of its own - ironically because each time you pass through the cleaning products isle you're reminded of that patchy haired, chemically burnt scalp. Nightmares plagued with flashbacks of plaque coated teeth and gingivitis gums. You're at work one day and your coworker does their best impression of a British accent to compliment the water cooler joke, and you break. There's no escape. It's the Ick that just keeps on giving.

No. 776167

File: 1590058345102.jpeg (6.35 KB, 267x189, download.jpeg)

"Swamp creature" made me think of Old Gregg and if she keeps this up, she really will be drinking Bailey's from a shoe.

No. 776179

“Do you love me? Could you learn to love me?” The desperation of old Gregg is very Vick as well. Kek

No. 776193

She never leaves her house. It’s really rich of her to say anons sit behind there keyboards like cowards, when she does the same damn thing.
“Slit your wrists, we’re all waiting”

I guarantee her dumbass wouldn’t say that to me out in public. Too bad she’s fucked too many people’s boyfriends to ever show her face in any other town of Ontario besides buttfuck nowhere population 75.

No. 776199

I can't remember if Guelph's a college town, but Cambridge is, and it's super close. No matter how gross, catfishy and legally - in all but name - retarded she really is, there'll always be a yearly crop of perpetually drunk guys willing to fuck anything with an actual vagina.


No. 776200

File: 1590081577199.jpeg (136.14 KB, 828x882, 6A4BD4D2-4F19-4905-B60E-6E2494…)

The fact that this person let Vicky tattoo his knuckles… I wonder how long he waited to get them lasers off? These already look blown out. And those are just tattooed, she’s not wearing gloves with her nasty finger nails next to his hand?

No. 776202

Knuckle tattoos are hard to do right so this is not something she should be doing. She messed up Mitch's neck tattoo, lots of reviews say the ink literally fell out of the tattoos she has done. She has no idea how deep to go - either too deep or not deep enough. This poor dude will have to get these lasered off.

No. 776203

Wait, Mitch ? Is there photos?

No. 776205

File: 1590082948572.jpeg (135.74 KB, 598x582, 1B5D2843-EC4E-4E64-B867-286EE2…)

This guy.
She messed up his chest too.
Whatever happened, did he just lazed it all off?

No. 776220

wow, dude has a dumpster fire on his chest. i mean, he looks like the type to want cheap tattoos anyway but it's still so bad.

No. 776231

Oh my lord the fingernail has black crap stuck in it and she's holding it next to a fresh tattoo. Holy hell, good thing she's wasting all her money on booze and won't be able to open another shack.

No. 776237


these are really bad. her use of white to compensate for poor black and grey work is really obvious and makes her work heal badly

im so glad i wait til i was older than most people and got decent tats, at 18 i probably woulda gone to vicki and regretted it forever

No. 776241

File: 1590099001341.jpeg (57.9 KB, 658x404, 9126F628-6CA5-4E90-B670-7B8E90…)

She developed it all by herself. …
She can’t get any ink to stick, let alone developed her own method. This girl is such a lying sack of shit. Jesus Christ.

No. 776251

She developed such a great method that none of her tattoos have any shape or color, especially white, after 6 months

No. 776256

File: 1590107611633.jpeg (174.33 KB, 827x1025, 7F0C952A-9B78-4601-A49A-FCADFC…)

Wait…. didn’t she say the person that got this didn’t take care of her ink and that’s why it got infected? Didn’t she say this girl had anemia and didn’t tell Vicky, but all the sudden when Vicky gets a good shot she took care of it. Whatever fits Victoria Bella morte and her narrative at the time

No. 776282

a lot went wrong in that one session eh…


No. 776316

File: 1590155670140.jpeg (108.44 KB, 1107x1015, E2BADB8F-363D-49BC-92F8-E82B17…)

Love finding old stuff that shows pattern on Victoria’s work ethic. Taking deposits and no showing. But she’s “grown so much” seems like she’s been doing the same stuff for her whole career.

No. 776318

File: 1590156923250.jpeg (164.29 KB, 828x1366, 2F907A40-D181-4520-96EB-2E58D9…)

There’s a website you can see the “popularity” of someone’s Instagram. It would be nitpicking if Victoria hadn’t shamed other Instagram “models” on the platform saying they buy followers for clout. Saying how pathetic and desperate it is and you can tell by how many followers per like. Well… she had a 33%, 267 average to 7000 followers.

Such a celebrity though.

No. 776398

File: 1590178177166.jpeg (124.82 KB, 828x1055, 5ADF6122-96A5-48EB-BCF2-1388BD…)

Icky posting about how unbothered she is again.

No. 776400

File: 1590178462059.png (4.4 MB, 828x1792, F8D3B77B-6889-4DFE-B305-F22973…)

Considering this “tattoo artist” has lived in two separate homes, hung out with a bunch of different people during lockdown it taking it seriously at all she should probably not be giving any masks to the hospitals. I’m assuming “someone awesome” means her new crush, if that’s the case she now has a new person in her parents house. Unless her desperate ass is already moving a loser in with her to her moms basement.

I mean good for her for putting down the booze(maybe) and helping out. Or trying to.

No. 776410

Wouldn’t be surprised if her mom is the one making them and she just snapped a photo

No. 776411

Lol maybe if she ate a bowl of water once in a while she wouldn't be such a chunky hambeast

No. 776412

Sorry for the double post, but her Mom recently went to college for health administration or something like that so it would make sense for her to be making masks.

No. 776416

That’s true, she does live back with her mom…. at 34 years old…. pretending she’s a highly sought after tattoo artist that’s lived in many of mansions.

No. 776419

K baby. Just get better.

No. 776502

She means she is watching somebody awesome make masks and taking the credit. There’s no way Ick can sew.

No. 776508

File: 1590243726792.jpeg (20.7 KB, 828x158, 9CEDFC95-5ABA-4D60-AF2F-EF4015…)

A comment made in a post about people patrolling an area in Northern Ireland. Surprised that our INTJ Queen always wants to use violence to solve any problem. Even if the “problem” doesn’t effect her at all… since you know. She’s a Canadian citizen.

So far victoria Bella morte has said “ blow people up, shoot people, I own a sword don’t bother me, I beat up so many people even if they are bigger than me and find me in public and we will see what happens”

I’m not sure if her mental health has gotten worse, but it seems that way. Seems like she really wants to harm people and if her parents are reading her social media I think they should get her help for her violent tendencies. This is not normal.

No. 776510

File: 1590244301994.jpeg (27.67 KB, 822x200, 6E4296D5-086E-4E54-8037-049C7A…)

As much as I don’t believe she would hurt anyone, you gotta wonder sometimes if she’s going to just have a mental break and attack someone because she has this idea in her head all females are jealous anon

No. 776524

Agree. This doesn’t make her sound “bad ass” it makes her sound mentally unstable.

No. 776525

This sounds like the making of a killer. Like the beginning of the documentary ..”we should have seen the signs” it’s creepy as fuck.

No. 776530

She isn't dangerously violent, stop feeding into her lies. She is stuck in arrested development, not a killer. This is someone who never left their edgy MySpace phase. She would never pop a glock in your mouth to make a brain slushy.

No. 776531

File: 1590252165732.jpeg (69.08 KB, 828x278, 7A53E9D9-5B14-4825-A91D-4859DB…)

This has probably been posted … but… it seems like she’s been threatening people’s life’s for awhile now but also saying people are threatening her yet there’s never any proof on her end ever..
Just like her being kidnapped… seems like she’s a recluse making up stories in her head while sitting behind a key road threading others.. it’s actually quite concerning

No. 776536

Do I think she is physically capable of hurting someone? Maybe not.
Do I think she’s paranoid enough to hurt someone, possibly. This is a mentally unsound person. All I’m saying is I wouldn’t want to be left in the same room as this, probably unmedicated, delusional person. For various reasons.
I don’t know if I would want to be left alone with a person that talks in circles about her stalkers breaking into her home, makes up stories about being selected in a cab to be a part of isis etc. Do I think she’s a violent person? No. Do I think she’s so unsound that she would think she’d have to defend herself against things she has made up in her head? Yeah.

No. 776537

File: 1590254199595.jpeg (176.98 KB, 828x1341, 210B1555-BD27-46CE-ABD2-AF459C…)

New Vicky filtered videos. She put this on her artist page. “Thinking of someone” cause the “unattainable” queen has yet another crush.
She’s so orange, looking like tan mom.

No. 776538

She looks like she's 45 years old.

No. 776539

Those colored contacts again, fucking kek. Natural eye color not icy blue enough, I guess.

Someone will mention it and she'll call them stupid because her eyes just magically change color so ~brilliantly~ and they're just jealous.

No. 776540

File: 1590255918041.webm (3 MB, 1280x720, 100401807_2679046255660962_706…)

This is hilarious. She's trying to act day dreamy like a fairytale princess or something. This is so funny.

No. 776542

File: 1590256899931.jpeg (101.71 KB, 754x623, B21BA179-C062-4A38-A52D-879B0C…)

Totally not a narc

No. 776545


The color difference between her hand and her face is hysterical

No. 776557

File: 1590259852872.jpeg (39.69 KB, 311x421, 1AA95DFC-9800-4DED-ABC4-284927…)

She’s giving me Donatello Versace vibes. But the white trash version.

No. 776559

Is my sound messed up or is there no music playing? Sounds like you can hear the spit in her mouth moving around and a shopping cart clanging. What is she mouthing?

No. 776560

She’s not saying anything, she’s just moving her mouth around or mouthing something but no sound is coming out. She’s just drunk , trying to be cute

No. 776565

File: 1590261256444.jpeg (225.75 KB, 828x1327, BC30D800-AF84-4E18-B305-204DDA…)

Pardon my ignorance, but can face slimming filters really slim your face this much? That looks like a female orange face up against a mans white hand and arm?!

No. 776568

File: 1590262390443.jpeg (36.93 KB, 251x316, 7978BDE9-9287-45C2-99B1-DAA36C…)

Another instalment of Victoria Bella morte tattoos where are they now.
A wolf tattoo she did on another tattoo artist in Canada.

No. 776571

they must be cheap b/c they have no dimension to them at all and look like something you wear at halloween or for a costume. also idk why she likes drawing such a high arch, you can see where her natural brow is and it looks dumb.

embarrassing, it's so dull and flat.

No. 776572

File: 1590263332767.jpeg (141.6 KB, 828x605, 51C6C396-D2D3-4EC7-8A32-870150…)

Victoria Bella morte studio jerky video vs healed a couple years later. Adding more white DOESNT solve all problems.

No. 776580

It looks like a prison tattoo from the 1990s

No. 776583

File: 1590268811882.png (2.18 MB, 750x1334, DEB78B5C-93F1-4E56-B5C8-728933…)

Another healed piece that looks muddy as fuck

No. 776585

File: 1590269740786.png (3.42 MB, 750x1334, 90B83E9E-3E05-43F4-9BA4-701763…)

And one more that faded into nothing

No. 776587

h-how does this even happen?
d……did she fake tan only her face/neck?
is it her make up?

how the fuck

quick tip for any pale anons who can't seem to un-orange with fake tan and don't wanna end up looking like icks: you need one with a more violet base. some brands sell color-additives you to customize your color, too.

No. 776588


idk how someone can simultaneously be so insecure yet so completely in love with herself

No. 776589

I think she’s not tanning but she’s still wearing the same makeup from when she did and covering her face in bronzer. It’s a shitshow. This is what happens when you’re pale but too broke to buy multiple foundations for the seasons.

No. 776590

I don’t even think she likes herself. If she did she wouldn’t lie about her accomplishments and talents all the time. She won’t even spend time on herself to go out and do the things she lies about. Like an apprenticeship or teacher for sword.
She just loves the attention her filtered / shopped photos gets because she’s so hard up for male attention. Even when dudes send her dick emojis she eats it up. That’s not self love.

No. 776591

I think one anon described it perfectly as Vicky "eye fucking herself" with these little clips.

It's so creepy lol. Imagine going out to get groceries, walking by and seeing this clown alone in her car doing this.

No. 776602

Agreed. She is literally the
>teleports behind you nothing personnel, kid
type of neckbeard. That said, she absolutely seems trashy enough to have been in booze fueled, hair pulling sort of catfights, but she's never gonna have some sort of actual sword fight.

No. 776604

I agree. She’s probably thrown booze filled glass at a girl for looking at her boyfriend or something. She’s the least intimidating person. That being said, I feel like she doesn’t have control over her emotions which is unsettling

No. 776612

Guys, she's like 5ft tall, in bad shape, drunk and probably has respiratory issues from smoking so so wouldn't worry about her attacking anyone. Whoever she attacks could probably just shove her and she'd keel over like a sack of potatoes.

No. 776620

File: 1590279268796.jpeg (322.38 KB, 1243x1569, 6F217829-C717-4496-8641-61042E…)

My favourite Vicky milk is her photoshopped pictures of herself. The amount of filter on photos with the hashtag no filter on all of them is insane. She’s always saying nobody takes a good photo all the time, but when has she taken a photo out in public that looked anything like her ‘shopped photos? How she believes in her brain that the girl on the left looks like the one on the right I have no idea.
I used the cheap wine guy photos cause that’s the last time she was spotted out in the wild, in 2020

No. 776622

adding so much white only really makes them look okish brand new. that white wont hold especially if the artist doesnt know how to pack ink properly

another think about her work, disregard the quality of the art itself, but is how badly it seems to 'sit' on the body part its on. Its a really important but underatted aspect of tattoos

No. 776623

sage cos its not new milk but has it ever been concretely address why she touches her damn face in every damn photo? It's really really weird

No. 776624

Generally accepted that she’s hiding her horse teeth and hammy af chin

No. 776628

I think she does it to look more "casual" and aloof. She's clearly hyper aware of her angles and spends a lot of time posing for selfies, but also wants it to look ~super natural and chill~ because she's such a cool girl.

There is a video on one of the older threads (at a bar, I think?) where she realizes someone is recording and hurriedly pushes her hair in front of her face. She definitely doesn't want to be seen with her hair back or not flowing around her face.

No. 776657


Man she looks so fucking old in the two pictures on the right. Someone come get their drunk aunt

No. 776662

This. I get the vibe she's mouthy online but if she saw confrontation in real life she'd coward off then go online and screech about sleeping with your boyfriend to get even.

No. 776697

File: 1590329763599.jpeg (144.27 KB, 1064x1629, 944D4E36-89EE-4A09-82F2-E8095C…)

This is a victoria Bella morte update tattoo that was featured in a magazine called “tattoo’d lifestyle” I wonder how the magazine would feel knowing that they feature “tattoo artists” that have no training and heal like this.

This guy is a bodybuilder and commented on her photo saying “this is my tattoo” so as much as this mess doesn’t even look like the same thing, it most definitely is. He is also friend with her ex, adrien, so I’m assuming she’ll just say this guy didn’t take care of it.

No. 776715

I was trying to figure out forever what was wrong with the second image and your reply made me realize it’s like wrapping into the armpit or something cause it’s so warped it also looks tilted and idk the tattoo itself is awful on its own but the placement is so awkward and unnatural I just want to scoot it over and rotate it with the transform tool

No. 776719

Wow I gasped. It wasn't even that nice to begin with, so I cant even understand why it was featured.

Vick if youre reading this, I seriously wish youd explain why virtually all your 'high end' tattoos end up a blurred mess. Can you really say its because the canvas didnt take care of it if it's happened to basically all your clients?

No. 776738

when you can't even read the lettering to begin with. the anatomy of the skull is all fucked up and you can always she how sketchy her black is when it should have a nice smooth fade. the healed result looks like it was hit with shovel several times.

No. 776741

This woman would blame the paper for her doodle being shitty. Nothing is ever her fault. She's one of those people who thinks everyone and everything except for her is the problem, everyone else is always the asshole in every situation.

No. 776771

She definitely composited the magazine photo with somebody else's work. The right eye socket on her scribble has a side view of the temple that isn't even present on the magazine photo. What a fraud.

No. 776790

File: 1590359055587.webm (1.17 MB, 720x1280, 100839795_334306344202268_7706…)

"Glistening from the warmth" lmao

No. 776811

Barf. Imagine taking auto erotic selfies like this and then actually posting them publicly. And then on top of that, not having anyone in your life who is able and willing to stage an intervention. It's hilarious that she thinks anyone would be jealous of this. Victoria, it looks like you're stroking your dick off screen.

No. 776831

My friends would drag me for posting stuff like this, but she has none. Or anyone that gives a damn. Just thirsty meth heads

No. 776840

Glistening from the warmth=sweating. Imagine trying to glamorize being sweaty.

No. 776850

Vic is my favorite Mary Sue

She doesn't sweat
She ~*glistens from the warmth*~

No. 776878

I guess if you're just "glistening from the warmth" you dont have to shower or change your crusty shorts… Right?

No. 776891

File: 1590417326573.png (983.33 KB, 1125x2436, 16E1D18B-CC43-472E-B561-3A294A…)

I’m the “crackhead” lady who used to follow Victoria and no not a crack head well not anymore. Anyway I tried to be nice to that girl I thought she was beautiful and wanted to get a tat from her since I have friends in the area. She got pissed and blocked me just because I disagreed on a link she shared about photo shop. Then I found a meme about her and shared it and this guy wrote me.(subjectfag)

No. 776893

File: 1590417441485.png (687.05 KB, 1125x2436, 54884567-0C27-4FDF-9E47-4B1519…)

No. 776894

That Adam guy blocked me right after I asked why she was a cunt.

No. 776914

Oh man I hope Adam and/or his girlfriend Nicole come to lolcow with Vic stories.

No. 776934

I hope more people come out with stories. I had the displeasure of being at a lame ass birthday party with her and I've shared my story. Hope others do the same.

No. 776935

Well I’m sorry if anyone called you a crackhead. It’s uncalled for but sometimes we all just get a little confused by anyone that would converse with icky. I’m actually sorry that we got on ickys level and said anything about that.
Was she leading you on?

No. 776937

File: 1590427301861.jpeg (333.99 KB, 828x1410, 33B2B1AD-3000-4078-9B44-50BC42…)

I think these icky stories and updates on her terrible tattoos are really starting to get to her.
Maybe it is some people’s business when you treat them like garbage, fuck other girls boyfriends, disfigure people and steal money.

No. 776947

If that kind of action happened outside her house she would be posting about how she helped the police with the incident and was given a job offer. But she turned it down because she's too busy. She also caused the car crash by looking so beautiful while mowing the lawn.

No. 776948

This lawn mowing during a car crash meme is a good analogy for Vicky. Kicked out of your home for stealing packages and using too much TP? Why not let others do the work while you post 3000 filtered selfies to impress incels?

No. 776949

It sounds like he just doesn't want to be involved in the drama. Vic would probably accuse him of stalking just for telling the truth about her stealing packages.

No. 776950

That’s what I think. Considering she blasts people for years for saying they didn’t like her work after she stole their money promising them a tattoo of quality she photoshops for the internet, I wouldn’t want to be involved either. She’s an online bully and she knows it.

No. 776972

File: 1590439402709.jpeg (292.67 KB, 1459x1901, F7C6B585-5CC9-4538-A6DA-DE7162…)

Another blown out lifeless tattoo done by (and photoshopped by) victoria Bella morte studio

No. 776982

Vic: mind ur own business!!!1
Also Vic: >>775590

No. 776987

Vic: mind your business

Also Vic: if you’re a stripper or work in the sex indeustry you’re mentally ill and need a therapist.

No. 776988

File: 1590445773803.jpeg (82.83 KB, 711x371, A93FBE92-0EA6-46E2-9171-417D20…)

“Mind your business……”
Considering she has 96,000 followers on her artist page on Facebook and has under 200 likes on her last selfie.
And 8000 followers on Instagram and 20 comments on her last photo.

No. 777003

Mind your business= don't say or do anything that isn't involved with validating me or praising me

No. 777012

File: 1590455089367.jpeg (167.06 KB, 828x1006, 0DCCC620-DB0F-4237-8C50-6D1EE1…)

One more to beat the horse dead.
“Mind your business”

Next time you get drunk and jump on Victoria, can you tell us why it’s okay for you to put your ass online for free but women that charge are worthless? Could you also let us know why you hate women?

No. 777018

She’s just jealous that she can’t make money that way because that is more photoshop/filters than she can handle. No one would pay for grainy, doctored images and videos.

No. 777023

File: 1590459105131.jpeg (298.68 KB, 828x1109, 4997CAE2-BDC5-4923-9D20-651674…)

Imagine paying $30 a month for sexy photos and getting this?

Vicky, you look like an old Russian hooker on some backpage site and you want to judge women for charging? Okay.

No. 777025

She fucks married men purely for the honor and achievement. Can't you see that's better than being compensated fairly?

No. 777026

that's a fairly fucking accurate description kek

No. 777027

File: 1590461224703.jpeg (92.95 KB, 741x396, B9171DAC-6AED-4198-A4DC-81E651…)

But didn’t you know all women in sex work are mentally unstable? And anyone that doesn’t agree with her is clearly an idiot.
Living off your parents, disfiguring people and spreading your legs online for free is completely mentally sound.

No. 777030

File: 1590461643500.jpeg (187.95 KB, 828x1090, 2B4551CA-ADC3-46B8-BB78-8BAE98…)

Don’t worry, Vicky. Nobody is ever going to have children with you.
And we all know you hate the LGBTQ community.

No. 777031

File: 1590461807731.jpeg (84.04 KB, 828x803, 0E98593B-2A64-4B09-9379-FBB940…)

Does anyone know ickys family? Are they all crazy racist, bigots? I’m actually curious

No. 777047

wtf are these nosense libfem takes, are you new?

She's right to criticize sex work and teaching kids to twerk, apparently she's not completely hopeless

No. 777051

I have a feeling some of the anons capping her fb are probably from her area and not lolcow natives. Which is fine, happy for the milk, but yeah.. you aren't going to find many ppl on this board who will support tranny hour at the library just fyi.

Then again.. the fact Vicky opposes it does make me question my own opposition for a minute lol.

No. 777059

Seriously? Local here, only here for Vic and I’m disappointed as I thought many of the anons here were more left/liberal in their thinking.

No. 777061

File: 1590488301747.gif (707.85 KB, 191x191, 1559985173179.gif)

Lolcow hates trannies

No. 777062

lol if one must support a man dressed as a heavily sexualized woman hanging out with children just because it’s “left/liberal” no wonder why the left is in shambles, I am a leftist but I don’t support that shit.

No. 777064


Drag queen performances are barely a step above sex work, it doesn't take any shred of intelligence to realize having them twerking to children isn't appropriate. Vicky's pretty crazy but a broken clock is right twice a day.

No. 777067

With you anon. Also pretty sure there's just the one person on here who keeps turning the thread to "trannies" and needs to get back on topic. We don't care.

I have some serious critiques of the SW industry but I think it's fucking rich that Victoria thinks she has any place condescending on people who are paid for effectively doing what she fails at so hard. My theory is that she's threatened by other women, particularly ones who look good in decent lighting without 36 filters. She just wants to feel superior to other women and thinks sex workers are an easy target. Must be rough being so mean and stupid at the same time.

As for drag queen storytime, this is just yet another dumb Vicky moment. Libraries across Canada offer drag queen story time and it's completely G-rated. They read kids picture books and sing nursery rhymes lmao. Victoria is just too fucking stupid to research. She's like one of those old people who reads a sensationalist headline and gets all worked up because they don't understand the internet or how to check the accuracy of something.

It's the same reason she shares bunk articles about Muslims and Sharia law. She's an idiot but she thinks she's as smart as an ivy league educated doctor.

No. 777073

There’s never been one mention of “trannies”
And I think by throwing those words around you lose credibility.
If you’d like to stay on topic, I think trying to keep people away from getting tattooed by Victoria is number one priority. Her being a bigot, a liar and a shitty artist would help that. Throwing around “tranny” makes you look as bad as her, just my opinion.

No. 777074


She right to critique sex workers? Jeez. And we’re using the word tranny now? Well, I just hope we can get back on track and stop being derogatory. I thought this page was also to get people see how victoria was and keep her away from new potential clients. But damn.

No. 777079

I seriously think it's just the one person. I love these threads and I'm pretty sure most of us aren't asshole bigots, transphobes and women haters.

No. 777080

Technically, anyone can critique anyone. Just like you’re allowed to critique their opinions. Don’t be so bothered.

No. 777081

File: 1590500830034.jpeg (37.45 KB, 374x550, 788E0C6B-8DF2-4BE3-AD20-A12EF5…)

“AINT no trannies allowed on my board”

No. 777084

muh optics, look at where you are ffs lol

No. 777090

See, this is what happens if you chase rfs away

No. 777094

kek anon, if we let you guys run amok here you'd infight yourselves a permaban. you girls love to constantly fight amongst yourselves about who is the biggest tranny/man hater and look psychotic to the rest of us

No. 777096

If we're gonna have this whole discussion, can it be focused on Victoria and how she seems super paranoid about people thinking she's a man lmao

No. 777098

This board is/was notoriously full of radical feminists. There was a huge debate over it last year actually and several of their /ot/ threads are now banned topics. Radfem and liberal/leftist ideology are not mutually exclusive.

But Vicky ain't no radfem, she's just a plain racist with internalized misogyny.

But she's a man on the inside!

No. 777100

not really. i'll give you that the board is largely gendercrit but radfems are a vocal minority we keep having to try and contain

No. 777102

File: 1590504271279.jpeg (116.02 KB, 740x840, BFCB1760-21B5-4E03-A6A1-F7E3D3…)

Vicky uploaded a “throwback”

No. 777137

i wonder if the dude is a misfits fan or vicki has just copied the fiend skull, they dont look like mifits lyrics

No. 777140

Sage your shitty trans stan. I'm not sure why so many newfags think we are an army set out to act as an internet rehab center. We are not here to help, our purpose isn't to spread the word or make people aware of anything. Our purpose is being a drama website where people go to talk shit about other people. End of story, your moralfagging is cringy and no one gives a shit.

No. 777144


it seems so, they're active in the Red Hand Rising group. the Red Hand of Ulster is associated with nationalism, racism and oppression her in the UK and Ireland. A lot of white power bands used to use its iconography, as did football hooligans that also used SS and Nazi iconography. It represents right wing politics and far right populism usually.

No. 777155

We’ve all moved on. Try doing the same. And a lot of people here are trying to spread the word of how shitty of a person she is. So speak for yourself. Nobody cares.

No. 777159

You must be fun at parties

No. 777167

Sage for no receipts because this was way back in her MySpace Scene Queen™️ era, but I remember she was dating some scene guy from Durham who was 16 while she was around 22/23 years old. No surprise that she publicly supports her pedo fucking brother.

No. 777169

Seems about right. She’s dating guys way younger than her. She’s lucky, she of consent is 16 in Ontario. Still disgusting. She’s has so many dudes in her life, I don’t know who this could be

No. 777176

Damn, you guys are practically lining up to announce that you're newfags, aren't you? No sage, and you're sperging about people saying "tranny." This is an imageboard, not Twitter. Learn 2 integrate.

No. 777177

pipe down, just because you learned to sage doesn't mean you've earned the right to call others newfags. we can tell

No. 777184

Apparently not, because you've been letting them shit up this thread.

No. 777203

Who cares …. who’s “newfag” do you you get points for how long you’ve been here? I’m legit curious because you seem very concerned about how long people have been here. You’re clearly the same person going off on everyone over and over while the rest of us have moved on.

I came here as a “newfag” because I’ve actually been in the same room as icky. And I didn’t know I had to be here and know all the rules seven years in before doing so?

No. 777204

shut up newfag

No. 777209

Brilliant! Fascinating! You always bring the life to the parties I’m sure of it.

No. 777211

why did you delete your comment anon? don't you like americans? or are you scared to upset lolcow even more

No. 777212

Nobody cares newfag.

No. 777214

alright newfag, it's so funny when you pretend to know what you're talking about. you asked me where i'm from, why are you getting so upset?

No. 777215

Who’s upset? I just asked a simple question as I am a newfag. Do you have to simply observe for a number of years before posting.(derailing)

No. 777217

you get banned for saying you're a newfag btw so delete your posts now

No. 777226

File: 1590547870831.jpg (93.54 KB, 960x631, IMG_20200526_214412.jpg)

Let's all please just get back on topic.

Remember that time Vicky said her farts don't smell? Remember?? Let's all come back together for what really matters here..!

No. 777229

Anon, dont you know? Vickys farts smell like infinitely paradoxal cosmic ambrosia?

No. 777245

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed Vick uses a different “British” accent in every video..?

No. 777252

It’s because she doesn’t have one. It’s been discussed extensively.

No. 777261

Yes anon..I’m aware. It was a simple observation. It’s still comical nonetheless. If you faked an accent for 10 plus years you’d keep it the same would you not?

No. 777266

>someone makes a dumb fart joke
>better give them a description of my farts somehow intended to be flattering
Her fucking thought processes, my god. I cannot imagine being this self obsessed and delusional enough to think there's any possible way to brag about how you fart.

No. 777295

The fake accent is less than ten years old as I interacted with her around five years ago. No accent.

No. 777366

File: 1590619503288.jpg (359.91 KB, 1080x1470, 20200527_194237.jpg)

She posted this on her insta feed, and pic related is the comment section

No. 777368

Has she ever explained why the fuck she doesn't open her eyes all the way?

No. 777370


That's weird? I had the displeasure of being at a house with her ten some years ago and she was definitely trying her damndest to have an accent then. She kept bragging how it "gets thicker the drunker she gets" but when she got sloppy she was full on Canadian.

Maybe she picks and chooses who to use it around like the drunk dumbass she is.

No. 777373

Anon, please. Opening them all the way would obviously be dangerous to anyone around her. She would end up blinding people with her stunningly beautiful eyes.

It's a public service, really.

No. 777378

A lot of people have droopy eyes when drinking heavily so she's basically trying to make alcoholism sexy.

No. 777379

File: 1590626170553.jpg (74.58 KB, 1280x1217, IMG_20200527_173643_485.jpg)

Rofl is she for real

No. 777380

Who is them?

No. 777388

>wears cheap circle lenses
>writes paragraph about her ~natural~ icy green grey coloring changing eyes
Anon, my sides

No. 777454

File: 1590652909265.jpg (80.32 KB, 807x1280, IMG_20200528_010025_983.jpg)

Vic is my fav cow. I'm so happy I get to experience these moments. We got icy eyes Mary Sue Vic and ninja sword martial artist Vic in a 24 hour period.

No. 777455

File: 1590652941218.jpg (37.77 KB, 690x460, shia-labeouf-all-my-movies.jpg)

You're making him proud

No. 777457


This is a completely average heart rate. Pro athletes have heart rates closer to 40.

No. 777460

I have scouted the previous threads and found nothing, but is there a video of Vicky doing her sword training? I am really dubious that it is as strenuous as she makes it sound.

No. 777461

THATS NOT EVEN LOW, ICK my sides oml. Of all things to brag about. I guess all of my senior patients who have HRs in the 50s must be martial arts masters, I'll make sure to watch my back next time I'm at the hospital.

No. 777463

File: 1590663346886.gif (2.31 MB, 301x199, b yikes.gif)

>robbing them of light

No. 777467

60 is average. Indeed very low. Careful not to die in your sleep Vick.

No. 777470


I love that she scribbled out the daily BPMs because she doesn't want us to see how lazy her day is. Whatever happened to her claiming that her quarantine was spent eating and playing video games and doing zero exercises.

No. 777478

she posts this yet also loves spewing her far right and bigoted rhetoric in her ulster group

used to think she was kinda just a silly ex scene girl but she's actually a fucking nasty person

No. 777515

She talks about herself like an incel would describe his dream woman in a cringey porn fanfic

No. 777556

File: 1590712935223.jpeg (126.51 KB, 827x676, D9355486-8B7B-4B7E-AC64-3C13E7…)

“Calm of mind focused and pissed off”


No. 777560

58 bpm isn’t that low. Normal is 60-100. And if she’s just been shoving her face all day like she says, then I highly doubt she’s in peak condition. Also, if she says her heart rate is 58 she may wanna check for bradycardia more than being so totes healthy. She’s a drinker and a smoker, so no matter how many time’s she spins her little sword around at 34 years old she’s not internally healthy no matter what her little at home app lets her believe.

No. 777561

File: 1590714132629.jpeg (48.25 KB, 828x221, E316AC89-EAEA-4BB7-91C6-BE09C5…)

I honestly love how victoria has made the George Lloyd situation about herself and her dangerous martial arts skillllz. She seriously can’t help herself.

No. 777564

File: 1590714679006.png (16.87 KB, 370x512, ninja-013-512.png)

Look at how calm she is guys. She is practically a zen master:


No. 777707

File: 1590810450160.jpeg (237.53 KB, 816x1632, 6F809C73-51FD-46B1-A7D9-FD8920…)

I went back and re-read vicks mental breakdown in the last thread and checked out a few of the girls she pulled out of her ass to bully on here. The fabrications are pretty easy to spot if you do 0.1 seconds of digging on almost anything she said.

No. 777709

Yes anon! Like even if she got the URL wrong no such website exists. Where did she come up with such a ridiculous claim

No. 777741

"I never once insulted your weight, you fucking whale"

Kek. Beyond delusional.

I also noticed she made her IG private for like 3 hours yesterday.

Would be sad to miss out on the milk, but it's the right choice after all the embrassment she's subjected herself to. I would want to hide under a rock.

I knew it wouldn't last, though. She doesn't "care" what type of attention she gets as long as she's getting it. Her whole life is built around it. Says that right on her bio as though it isn't a hallmark of narc personality disorder.

It's too bad that most narcs get more and more miserable with age, ignoring all the wake up calls and doing mental gymnastics to keep it all about them. This hasn't gone well and it will continue to get worse. Get your popcorn ready folks, this dumpster fire is just getting started

No. 777743

wait she just invented a website called catfish.com in order to "get back at the mean, ugly bullies"?? and it's actually just an innocuous commercial website that sells literal catfish? i'm dying over here, that's really above and beyond. I love this cow.

No. 777750


So she understands the concept of projection in general, but doesn’t understand that making up a completely fake website (the most thinly veiled and easily disprovable story/website at that) to try and “expose” and bully a “stalker” (again, a past client who spoke out against her years ago and likely isn’t even on this thread). All because she’s accusing them of doing that exact thing to her? And then to be so absolutely out of her mind to say

>sounds like you’re projecting your bullshit onto me

I’m no Ivy League psychology major, but this is A1, classic narcissistic projection/deflection, and she’s not even good at it. Sad.

No. 777753

File: 1590863908045.jpg (92.44 KB, 854x1280, IMG_20200530_113721_926.jpg)

I noticed Vic took the "single" out of her bio between yesterday and today. It used to be either above or below the "From Broughshane" part. She also said she wasn't going to be on insta/fb for awhile and posted a meme about someone you love being far away so maybe she traveled to meet a dude.

No. 777754

File: 1590864140181.png (1000.66 KB, 2365x1280, NinjaVicAtHotmail.png)

No. 777780

“Healthy af” have another cigarette dumbass.

No. 777876

File: 1590948846488.jpeg (167.21 KB, 827x1402, 3FF1CF75-632C-4CA3-8FB6-7D0A01…)

Nobody ever said angles and poses didn’t matter? I love how she posts shit like this to argue the fact that all her candid photos look like shit.

No. 777888

File: 1590951478659.jpeg (178.32 KB, 755x900, 71886622-7EE8-4349-AEBB-8F4A12…)

“Angles and poses. Definitely no photoshop.”

No. 777910

File: 1590961033367.jpeg (247.19 KB, 827x1261, 1068A708-3724-49EB-A9BE-6D0BDD…)

New icky photo. She’s thinking of making swim wear and bodysuits. This is so ill fitting and just a bunch of strips stapled together. Girl is looking wide. She’s only about 5’2 I couldn’t imagine how she looks in real life.

No. 777911

File: 1590961146696.jpeg (47.55 KB, 828x202, 723A5565-32A9-4A27-9F97-6A01D9…)


“Less editing “ Her tits look painted on. I hope her new boyfriend that loves so far away isn’t too disappointed when he meets her in real life

No. 777912

Looking pretty chunky, and this is AFTER all that editing…

No. 777913

>significantly less editing
>those tits

>I'll make a body suit / swimwear line
I'm cackling, her fucking suit has garters?? wow so modern

No. 777914

File: 1590962224394.jpeg (177.18 KB, 666x979, 4944F3C3-2F4C-4BC5-BB4C-1A4808…)


It shocks me that well into her 30s she’s trying to pass this off as the same person

No. 777923

File: 1590964424848.jpeg (Spoiler Image,687.25 KB, 1242x963, 4580816C-6389-4BFE-A3A8-7E858D…)

She forgot to shoop out the inner sides of her gut. I think that’s actually a first. She always put so much effort into the illusion of an hourglass figure. Also please don’t be a seamstress, Vik. You obviously had to photoshop it due to a lack of a hem line lol

No. 777925

I can’t wait for her to sell a couple of these. You know she’s going to overcharge, take a year to send it out(if she even does) and even if they do receive it everyone’s going to ask for their money back. Which isn’t going to happen. She’s a scam artist and this bodysuit looks like shit.

No. 777926


I am so confused. Wheres is the bodysuit exactly

No. 777930

File: 1590965154474.png (4.98 MB, 828x1792, 8D7FE920-1A18-45CA-876A-02AC39…)

The boobs are so photoshopped! Holy hell. And this is so poorly made and doesn’t fit her it’s not even on her boobs? This looks like a wish ad outfit.

No. 777931

Imagine being 34 years old living with your mom taking self timer photos with your coochie out on your moms nice duvet. Lol

No. 777950

File: 1590968654656.jpeg (90.3 KB, 827x461, 85D53793-41D0-4967-A67C-BF270B…)

Custom to their body.
The one she is wearing isn’t even custom to her body. It’s literally hanging off in spots.
And of course it’ll be more expensive. Here’s another one of Victoria’s scams. She’s never made custom fitting clothes in her life but now she thinks she can charge people up the ass because she’s broke and photoshopped an “outfit”
She’s so stupid and thinks making clothes is easy. She already has a terrible reputation so here goes another venture she can take to piss people off and steal their money.

No. 777961

File: 1590972252638.jpeg (186.25 KB, 828x1355, 5C8AA542-D4ED-4DB3-8F51-C0F8D8…)

For someone that isn’t bothered by “haters” she sure seems to hangout reading our comments a lot.

No. 777963


Was she not in here calling another woman a whale not even two weeks ago? Only someone borderline brain dead could be this hypocritical.

No. 777969

She looooves to make women feel beautiful dont you know.
All while calling them mentally ill, cryptkeeper face, whales, saying shell steal their boyfriends if they piss her off and telling them to slit theirs wrists cause nobody would miss them.

No. 777990

File: 1590981723304.jpg (96.55 KB, 804x1279, IMG_20200531_201849_753.jpg)

She answered this post lol

No. 777993


What about the overhang fupa you forgot to edit off your midsection? Funny how it hasn't shown in any of your other photos. Funny how you call women fat and tell them to kill themselves, like you're any better.

No. 778020

LOL like that time she had Bella Morte clothing and didn’t make a single thing just photoshopped picture on T-shirt’s?

No. 778022

File: 1590987542847.png (1.04 MB, 1078x2777, 33467899.png)

This is hilarious. There's so much going on here. Victoria saying she's in magazines, threatening men who try to buy her by force (???), saying she slays on cam and doesn't use it as a crutch like those other girls (what), bragging about how nice her ass looks, there's so much here to process.

No. 778036

Isn’t Kayla Arsenault the cow who fake tried to neck herself and Vic come here accusing us of causing it?

No. 778039


Vics never shows booty from the back because her ass looks like a cardboard box someone stepped on. Shooping it would require a lot just like Momokun does. That’s what happens when your have a poor diet and sit on your lumpy ass all day

No. 778068

Well she attempted to at least. I don’t think she realized she blurred out the outer edges of her stomach line, but not the inner. It’s not the thighs I’m talking about, Vic. It’s your gut. Quit photoshopping drunk. Your drawn on boobs are more obvious than ever. Also it’s not other people that photoshop your pictures, it’s literally only you. Everyone knows this. Pls stop.

No. 778070

File: 1591014736329.jpeg (84.54 KB, 828x470, A43CE09E-CFAD-477A-8274-95D448…)

Vicky has turned down 100 000 to show her ass though guys.

No. 778072

File: 1591015034548.jpeg (33.15 KB, 828x202, 9ABB5CC0-E98A-4B43-A907-549DB9…)

So she put this selfie up on her artist page and dudes are leaving comments like this. I wonder if she’s ever embarrassed by this stuff? She can’t keep anything professional by leaving her vagina off of any page

No. 778074

File: 1591015374690.jpeg (244.03 KB, 827x1440, 06C3378B-A819-4EF9-B476-0C1952…)

Victoria is pretending like she cares about non white people now. Just two weeks ago she was saying immigrants are bringing their aids over the Ireland. And now she’s telling African Americans how to protest. This won’t age well. I’m sure.

No. 778077

File: 1591015816608.jpeg (48.13 KB, 828x401, 9F91D639-18D3-4967-87CC-374253…)

mic drop
Thanks for saving the planet by making your half ass Facebook posts and flashing your pussy. Definitely drop the mic cause you’re “brilliantly worded “ Facebook post.

No. 778079

File: 1591016698677.jpeg (146.27 KB, 827x962, A0E692AA-C8CD-40F5-B684-1DB143…)

Victoria Bella morte agreeing with a radical and a bigot. I guess that’s what happens when you are active on pages like “red hand”

No. 778080


No. 778081

File: 1591016891931.jpeg (25.72 KB, 828x202, A893FFA1-2451-48B7-94E6-FECB3B…)

Victoria Bella morte talking about migrants to Northern Ireland. Somewhere she hasn’t lived since she was two. Seems like a weird thing to say about a place you don’t live when all people are equal.

No. 778082

File: 1591016971201.jpeg (188.14 KB, 828x1245, 21DEBB42-86BC-4D52-A9C5-FAA05A…)

“Poison darts”

No. 778083

File: 1591017119596.jpeg (37.89 KB, 828x202, 4D94FDAC-839B-48D1-A70A-14C2B0…)

No. 778087

File: 1591017845471.jpeg (155.68 KB, 828x666, 2D08513A-3566-4075-8DE0-360EF0…)

Victoria is also a supporter of trump

No. 778090

If you put the pieces together, you can see black fabric hanging down over her ass. But the sides are so high that it would have to have a thong back. So it probably looks like a ridiculous loose jock strap from behind.

Also I find it hilarious that she thinks five elastics cobbled together would be expensive custom work. If this crazy thing doesn't stretch, you fail.

No. 778095

I legit spit out my water reading this. Cue vickys naruto story arc.

No. 778097

Vicky needs to make a chart to keep her stories straight. Vic, you’re a racist.

No. 778098

Kayla asks what magazines and claims to have been in two. Vick totally ignores the question because the only 'magazines' she's been in are the online self submitted ones haha

No. 778104

File: 1591024574848.jpeg (171.6 KB, 600x600, DBE5E657-FBAC-4C48-9C51-B872DE…)

Looks like the was photoshopped to hell and back.

No. 778105

File: 1591024784236.jpeg (109.12 KB, 828x699, ECEDFDCA-8989-4671-BF37-BAFF2B…)

No. 778106

File: 1591024932395.jpeg (37.38 KB, 828x203, 45E3A976-5A3D-4233-BD1F-969CDF…)

No. 778113

>disrespects soldiers
>POSSIBLE racism
Shut the fuck up Vick

No. 778116

Oh my god. Why is she even pretending she's not a white supremacist at this stage?

No. 778120

I'm still keking at the knife throwing. Someone needs to post that on reddit under surejan

No. 778121

I laughed at that too. Like boasting at the length she can throw is cringey but easy to lie about. But lying about being able to throw it in shape formations is so stupid, it's like the motorcycle handstand lie.
Im suprised noone calls her out at all on lies like this. Go on Vick throw the knives in a star or heart shape. Or spell your name, fucking liar.

No. 778124

She's just a "cool" anti-sjw
I don't think she cares enough about politics to form opinions of her own

No. 778125

This looks like those cheap strappy one pieces you could buy off Aliexpress. The bondage strappy band style swimsuits were popular in like 2013/2014 so I don't know what she means by 'modern'

No. 778132

Disrespects soldiers? Is this bitch for real? Clearly she doesn’t know the story behind the knee. Vick stop pretending to care about BLM we all see right through your attention whore mechanisms. And don’t you dare use MLK as an example of peaceful protests when he got assassinated and guess what happened after? Riots.

No. 778133

I love how she thinks she’s so brilliant spewing bullshit when it’s actually problematic as fuck. Making statements like I don’t see colour or there’s only one race the human race is actually racist believe it or not.

No. 778137

File: 1591035399542.jpeg (55.01 KB, 828x251, 6417CBE5-DE99-4600-AE5E-5A0D4A…)

So the girl that says she won’t do makeup tutorials cause women just wanna be her. Also keeps bringing up 15 years ago when scene people all dressed the same and “dragging” females for wanting to dress like her and she’ll post people so everyone can laugh? But she wants to dress women cause she wants the to look beautiful?

Keep your stories straight.

No. 778139

File: 1591036894577.jpeg (478.08 KB, 828x1638, CBD86D8C-7672-4276-A763-06A4E3…)

Another cringe half assed attempt at showing how much she empowers women.

No. 778141

File: 1591037882528.jpeg (43.58 KB, 746x218, 016649E9-43D5-4452-BB9A-01E3EE…)

“I looove to make women feel beautiful”

No. 778142

File: 1591038448928.jpeg (39.37 KB, 828x219, AB3F78BF-893A-428E-AF02-9E7B60…)

She is totally problematic. She has a bunch of uneducated neckbeards following her that listen to her words. While people do cross illegally to just lump everyone together and say migrants bring their aids and it’s not a personal thing…. well…

No. 778147

She only "empowers" women who are pretty in her opinion. Women that she decides are ugly don't count as women.

No. 778158


Wow this racist hook nosed bitch needs to be exposed

No. 778164

"Possible racism?"- what would it take for Vic to conclude it was racially motivated, a KKK robe on the cop? Doesn't matter though, the only thing she's taking away from this situation is she'd know the exact amount of force to apply to kneel on someone's neck to not kill them and this could have been avoided if the police had come to her for her expert advice. Respect for this neck kneeling, poison dart flinging, katana swinging INTJ Jynx.

No. 778166


I suppose she's forgotten that she herself is an immigrant. I guess she doesn't think she counts because she's white.

No. 778167

she's canadian, right? why can't she mind her own business

No. 778181

She's a walking identity crisis. She's been in Canada since age 2 but has a British accent. Drinks and smokes all day but is super healthy. Couch crashes but is super successful with no job. Turns down millionaires but can't hold down a relationship beyone a month or two.

Her 40s will be great….. for us to laugh at her.

No. 778225

File: 1591054079711.jpeg (179.71 KB, 1312x986, 7C75B25D-995A-4214-8820-C8EE41…)

If she’s posting photos like this, speaking in a “British” accent and going on rants about being able to throw poisonous darts 8 at a time at 40 I’m finding her parents on Facebook and telling them to call a psychologist.

No. 778229

Holy projection, Batman!

No. 778238

Sage for sewing sperg but there's no way she made this or has the ability to make them custom fit to others. These types of bodysuits are usually made of various width bands of specialized elastic and you need to use the right type of stitch so that it can still stretch and the stitches won't just pop. Where is she getting the materials during a pandemic? Fabric and elastic shops have been running crazy behind even shipping orders because of the demand from people making masks. Supplies I've ordered are taking up to a month to arrive and in-person shops are closed. And how is she going to "custom fit" these to people without being able to fit them in person?

She's never even mentioned having sewing skills and she brags about every single thing she thinks she's good at. I wonder if there's a girl she's jealous of who is a seamstress and she's trying to one-up her. She'll usually brag about how good she is at some specific thing when she's trying to make herself seem better than another girl.

No. 778241

On the contrary, Vic hates pretty women. She can't stand not being the most attractive and desirable person in existence. Looks are the only thing she really values, so calling people who dislike her ugly is the worst insult she can come up with. Sucking up to other girls and saying how beautiful they are and that she wants to "empower" them is just her saving face, but she only ever does it to women she thinks are less attractive than her.

No. 778242

She probably bought it off of wish for 12$. That looks about the quality.

No. 778244

File: 1591056698556.jpeg (64.17 KB, 1000x1000, 8E98705D-5D06-45D4-A03A-78F10D…)

Sage for no real milk. If you just google “bandage bodysuit” there’s so many things that come up. This is actually nice and is only 34$
You know ickys would fall apart( if she even made it) and she would charge $200. Cause it’s “custom”

No. 778273

but anon that's not where near Vic's quality of work! it doesn't even have garters!!

No. 778296

When you put it that way, I wonder if she took the materials from whoever was making masks that she was trying to claim credit for up thread …

Just because these suits require skill to be made doesn't mean she didn't make it and it isn't ready to fall apart or a total mess off camera… I mean, it looks like a total mess on camera. I'd expect more quality from something bought off Wish lmao

No. 778314

File: 1591101090143.jpeg (63.09 KB, 828x1402, DE9A43CB-76BA-40F3-9C7A-EADCEF…)

I’d put down money that she didn’t do any research on this and will be posting throughout the day.

No. 778316

Well she posted this at 4 am? She’s drunk so probably forgot about it by now.

No. 778334

File: 1591117741060.jpg (54.56 KB, 750x723, 78197327_242605207069709_83910…)

Vicky, please post videos of you throwing 4 poison darts with stunning accuracy into different shapes. Also post yourself doing a handstand on a motorcycle, do it at 60 kph and we will all look so dumb for questioning your talent!

No. 778506


she will go back to her vitriolic hate in her racist Red Hand Rising group in no time. She's a piece of shit

No. 778525

File: 1591214244223.jpeg (99.21 KB, 827x569, 1F1020D4-6007-4517-90DD-724065…)

“Y’all can have this mess” I guess that’s all you have to say when you’re uneducated and have a racist father.
I thought she was rich? If she donated anywhere for everything going on in the world, you know she’d be posting all about it.
This girl talks so much shit. Telling people to slit their wrists and people immigrating bringing “their aids” over. She needs to shut her fucking mouth and read a book.

No. 778532

File: 1591215801674.jpeg (153.45 KB, 723x776, 8260A718-69F3-4641-A8AB-652BC8…)


Considering Victoria follows and likes Tomi Lahren(a lady that compared BLM to the KKK), trump, has made countless ignorant comments about race and has been called out for being a racist in her community( like the dirty) she should probably sit this one out and go be a racist bigot along with her father.

No. 778542

Condescending, uninformed bitch. This isn't an equally matched fight between two sides. It's an organized police force against black people. One is a chosen profession that has lost all credibility and trustworthiness through its own actions. The other is a group of humans who are being punished for the act of existing. You have no idea what you're talking about.

You have never once posted a picture with a black friend. You don't know any black people. You have done nothing to support or help black people. Come to think of it, your entire clientele was white trash too. Have you even met a black person, you fucking hoe? Shut your stupid mouth.

No. 778552

File: 1591222149045.jpeg (44.24 KB, 828x218, 0FEBAE1D-08FD-4888-BF9E-797F65…)

Sorry for the double posting of this, but just a reminder that three weeks ago before all the news coming out of the USA and riots girl was saying shit about migrants and their aids and hep. She only ever speaks up about issues if they’ll get her views cause she’s a narcissist. She doesn’t care about anything but herself and keeping Northern ireland( somewhere she hasn’t been in 32 years) “clean” of any people of colour. Get out of here. Victoria Bella morte is a plain racist.

No. 778554

File: 1591222513992.png (166.38 KB, 828x1792, 9B843D17-E3C6-47E7-B334-0E08E0…)

iM hELpInG

The only thing this girl has done for any cause, covid or racism is post a photo of her mom sewing masks and said she denounces violence on both sides. I guess all that money she got selling all her many of mansions is going towards smokes and booze. She’s really showing her true colours and it’s great. She’s got a big mouth but nothing to ever show for it. That goes for ever aspect of her life.

No. 778556

File: 1591223840891.jpeg (63.73 KB, 828x278, FF602EB5-D71E-411B-AA8A-111A8C…)

She’s sad guys. Victoria is going to stop racism by going on racist rants and then use her plastic sword to walk her block in buttfuck nowhere Guelph to combat the riots, give up after realizing she’s an idiot and get snacks.

No. 778557

File: 1591224545407.jpeg (86.24 KB, 828x640, 27A091B8-4919-446F-BE53-BCD10C…)


Isn’t it funny that when people of colour are under attack using violence isn’t the answer because that’s what Martin Luther king said, but when she’s ever under attack she pulls out her sword and attacks people with it. (Not like this ever happened)
There’s been so many accounts of her saying she’ll kick people’s asses. So…. where’s that same energy for yourself, moron?

No. 778559

>the cops were not impressed

Um I'm not from the same country as Vick but I'm fairly certain any cop in most places would arrest or at least detain someone with a weapon trying to go all vigilante.
Not only that but if she could so called 'handle it herself' then why the fuck did she call the police?

She's such a fucking liar lol

No. 778564


I'm in the same area as Icky and this is the funniest thing I've heard from her yet. What's the context? Because you can't even carry a pocket knife in public, let alone a fucking sword.

No. 778569

File: 1591228875948.jpeg (147.43 KB, 828x606, 0ECA0201-9B8E-42B6-B2BB-947101…)

She’s back in her red hand Irish racist group liking posts again. Including this one.
No violence tho

No. 778571


No. 778588

File: 1591236850856.jpeg (132.17 KB, 828x1056, ED20D5EE-FE4A-40CE-BBB3-FFA568…)

This is so embarrassing. Lol. You’re 33 years old making posts like this. Enough said.

And I’ve seen you in public and you were the laughingstock, nobody was fighting over you. You were a drunk embarrassment. Exactly why you don’t leave Guelph and come to shows in Toronto anymore.

No. 778590

File: 1591237083672.jpeg (93.71 KB, 828x582, A9B65AC7-1CF0-4526-99BB-49F7E3…)

From the girl that was just posting about BLM to more important information. Vicky, Miss unattainable, has another crush on a guy she found on Facebook.
“Ladies I don’t want your man” YOURE ALMOST 40. And nobody is worried about you around their man. Promise

No. 778591

and you're writing letters to her on an anonymous hate website. some women are always going to be self-confident despite being retarded and dumb but it's coming across how personally upset you are in your posts and it's funny

No. 778592

File: 1591237586095.jpeg (81.16 KB, 828x495, 6ECD622F-18EB-45DC-9C25-844DCA…)

The racist apple doesn’t fall far from the racist tree

No. 778595

Good catch. She either hid this or deleted it.

No. 778596

Imagine being such an embarrassing human and actually thinking anyone else is jealous.

This may come as a huge shock, but we, too, could bathe in OxiClean, fuck people's husbands and fail at tattooing in order to end up in our mother's guest room.

You were also "high school yearbook" age literally half of your lifetime ago, so there's that….

No. 778597

Sage your bullshit, nobody cares about how much you hate her and none of what you're saying is funny or original.

No. 778598

Don't know how to sage. Not a regular, just another person who knew her irl

And definitely wasn't trying to impress you but good luck with your raging yeast infection(newfag)

No. 778600

Is Vicky back? She seemed really quick to delete her status and talk about anon on Facebook.

No. 778601

just hide the thread sis.

just type "sage" in the email field when you post and it won't bump the thread

No. 778602

Stop shitting up the thread, no one commenting in this thread particularly likes her.

No. 778603

I'm NTA of the first post, I'm actually interested in this woman from a milk perspective but I can barely read it due to the newfaggotry

No. 778604

>Stop shitting up the thread

No. 778672

File: 1591273492272.jpeg (138.23 KB, 828x1317, 98DB3106-882D-413B-B2C4-7FDE06…)

Imagine being 33 years old posting stuff like this at 3am. “Flattered none the less” that some dude said he wanted to fuck her in her DMs.
Every chick gets nasty, disrespectful messages in their dms.
I guess it’s not disrespectful when She eats that shit up. It’s actually gross.

No. 778674

is this deffo a relative of Victoria's? I know her brother is called Laird, but this is an old dude. Dad? Uncle?

that group is a cesspit

No. 778679

Her fathers name is also Laird and her mom is Helen.

No. 778680

That is her father. He posts it that group all day, everyday. He’s a trump supporter and you can tell where she gets all her ideas from. I think she has daddy issues and he’s seeking his approval hard.

No. 778681

imagine being so much of a bootlicker that you devote your time to stanning the president of a country you don’t even live in

No. 778702

File: 1591288028080.jpeg (45.75 KB, 780x190, 28F069AC-E095-44AD-B991-A62CF5…)

Yeah… to answer the question her bro was named after the dad and they’re all known to be racists in small town Ontario.
At least her, her pedo brother and her dad. I don’t know much about her mom and sister.

No. 778729


I mean, years ago when I had met her sister a few times, she seemed like a decent person. Her pedo brother was insufferable as fuck and thought he had a galaxy brain. It was exhausting. Her dad seemed normal when I met him but yeah, no, he's a fucking loser it turns out. Never met the mother.

No. 778733

File: 1591297942921.png (104.15 KB, 275x271, 91F35407-457E-48A6-8524-C0B95C…)

OH GOD lol vick never change, to this day she delivers classic dingles milk

No. 778774


I’m actually really impressed that ol Vic said something semi negative about herself by saying the cops weren’t impressed even if this is all a lie kek. I would think she’d say something more along the lines of “the cops thanked me for helping them then offered me a job but once they realized who I am they booked appointments to get tatted”

No. 778813

Didn't she say something similar to that - minus them commenting on her being a totes famous 'inker' - back when she was really really kidnapped? Or am I misremembering?

I'd swear she said the cops were impressed by her badass ninja stylez, or that they wished more women were stronk and capable like her.

No. 778821


I remember this now, somewhat. Didn't she claim they offered her a position on the police force / advocated for her getting a job with them?

No. 778828

How could they not? Her elite sword and throwing star skills, her multiple degrees from the top tier Ivy League universities. She even thwarted an Islamic State terrorist attack! Shit, I'm suprised they didn't make her Trudeau's bodyguard. Oh, wait his wife might get jealous of Vicky's petete curvy body that makes men hit stop signs.

No. 778863

No, not when she was “kidnapped”, it was way before that. If I recall correctly, Vic spun some bullshit tale about someone trying to break into her home. The police were supposedly called but of course she didn’t need ‘em because she had her trusty sword in hand. And of course When the cops arrived they were so impressed, queue job offer. Typical Vic imagine.

No. 778882

File: 1591385328932.jpeg (53.4 KB, 524x174, C92E9B87-FBFA-45BA-9260-77B972…)

No. 778888

File: 1591386285013.jpeg (83.5 KB, 670x432, 2B177E86-3E28-44DB-ABBD-A7AE3A…)

When the cop offered her a job cause she was throwing around her katana. “I don’t know if he was serious or not”

Things that never happened.

And she denounces violence guys.

No. 778892

Nice try, slick vick.


No. 778930

File: 1591403185919.jpg (66.73 KB, 1280x939, IMG_20200605_172546_027.jpg)

This is a Facebook group for Pokemon Go players who live in Northern Ireland. Lol just why?

No. 778934

It literally says on the page “show your photos from all over Northern Ireland” has she drank herself so stupid she forgot she’s in Canada?

No. 778935

File: 1591405647277.jpeg (174.85 KB, 828x1240, F11207BD-476B-4C38-BA38-E63C17…)

Icky is still crying over the “good ole days” when she was a scene kid on MySpace

No. 778937

She hasn’t been to Northern Ireland since she came to Canada as a toddler, what the hell is she going to post in that group? I hope the admins boot her when they realize she isn’t a local player.

No. 778954

good god she's an absolute moron

Vic I'm sure there's a Pokemon Go page for your area, why the hell would you join a group for a country you're not even in? you can't participate in any local events??

No. 778961

Well, since it's pretty unlikely she'd be welcome at any local events, I can see the ick logic, here.

No. 779026

Funny how she calls the riots happening right now a zoo and freely called African Americans apes. Cause she totes calls everyone that.

No. 779136

File: 1591513367810.jpg (96.38 KB, 1247x1279, IMG_20200607_000105_917.jpg)

I dunno if it's because I'm as drunk as Vic on a Tuesday night but she looks cute in these new heavily filtered 2 second videos she posted on Facebook.

No. 779139

File: 1591515386656.jpg (145.92 KB, 1008x706, vick pokemon.jpg)


sorry, not milky but -
i believe she has taken over as owner of that page and made the group a couple of days ago. the last time the page was active was back in nov 2018, the first post since vicky resurrected it has a womans ugly black handbag that i assume is hers in the background.
there's only two profiles in the group, one of which is the fucking page lol so i assume the other is her own fb profile.

No. 779148


How would you know, you are literally looking at a blur?

No. 779150

Who cares when your insides are literally poison

No. 779152

File: 1591534581420.jpeg (108.86 KB, 828x849, D368DB98-451E-4B1B-A2F0-2056E2…)

She posted it close up in her other page. When you sober up let me know how you feel. All I see is a Donald trump combover, so many filters her nose has disappeared(she’s almost 40, so makes sense she’s want to buff some stuff out), and some weird side smile showing off her huge horse teeth.

No. 779161

Anon, you drunk. Her nose literally disappears into her upper lip in that photo. Of course she looks better when she shoops a whole new face on.

No. 779162

File: 1591542540380.jpeg (43.07 KB, 464x339, 0BC98F15-5CA8-4968-BFDD-75B353…)

If someone told me this was ick was she was younger, I wouldn’t even question it.

No. 779163

File: 1591542953774.jpeg (69.2 KB, 828x563, 0A296A86-2B30-4566-A5C1-FFE8CD…)

How many times has this girl purged her friends list on Facebook to make room for “clients”
Yet she always gets comments like this from weird guys that don’t even live in the same country. Worse, she’s 33 years old and responds to them.

No. 779170

File: 1591558596049.jpeg (80.45 KB, 828x666, 527604C3-8261-4E41-A9EF-6BB140…)

Vicky: “Instagram models buy their followers how pathetic. They have like a million followers and 400 likes”

Also Vick:

No. 779176

Those 97000 are 3/4 bots and the other 1/4 is neckbeards, racists, junkies, people who love train wrecks, and lolcow farmers.

No. 779186

File: 1591567112875.jpeg (56.42 KB, 579x800, F1585C29-8B2D-4D08-B751-38E090…)

Oh …. no. The amount of airbrush. Her nose is almost gone. But at least there’s a couple things real about this shot.
Her weight and she can’t even photoshop that blob of a black tattoo on her leg her did into anything.

No. 779187

File: 1591567398825.jpeg (11.02 KB, 276x149, 6AB7DD98-1932-44D8-A90D-058339…)

Victoria Bella morte tattoos. That healing process. I wonder if she’ll blame the client. Kek.

No. 779188

File: 1591567897880.jpeg (103.68 KB, 828x380, 144A5583-2EBC-433B-8ED7-66F259…)

“Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to believe everything you read online”

Says the girl that has countless articles she’s shared on Facebook that are now blanked out from not being factual.
From the girl that spews crap about a place she reads about online about a place she hasn’t been to since she was 2 years old.
We all know she’s talking about this thread, and too bad for her there’s receipts because she’s posts so much nonsense.

Hi Vick!

No. 779191

File: 1591568487280.jpeg (100.6 KB, 828x918, A2D5A92D-69F7-466F-B0BF-C5D163…)


“Don’t believe everything you read online”

Posts whatever crap fits her agenda without even reading the article.

No. 779193

File: 1591569507886.jpeg (169.1 KB, 828x722, C80DA8DC-1F13-4243-84A1-6D004A…)

Didn’t your parents ever teach you not to be a racist and kind your own business Vicky? Oh wait…..he runs a pro trump page(even though he doesn’t live in the states, calls blm the kkk and hates immigrants.

Yeah nvm

No. 779194

File: 1591570383189.jpg (92.54 KB, 1280x1179, IMG_20200607_155102_575.jpg)

I love when she pretends like she just woke up like this and isn't trying super hard to be seductive. You're sitting on a bed in a t-shirt and no pants, Victoria.

No. 779196

I know she’s trying to come off as humble, but suggesting this photo can only be “sexy” if her tits or vag are hanging out, says a lot.

Also, I think she’s incapable of saying “thank you”.

No. 779198

I’m not trying to be sexy you can’t see anything!

Spreads her legs open on her moms new bed spread with the bottom part of her ass hanging out and side crease vag so you know she’s not wearing underwear.

That “all I’ve been doing is eating and not working out during quarantine” is starting to show Vick. How’s that super healthy heart rate and bmi?

No. 779199

File: 1591571058265.jpeg (126.48 KB, 827x734, 48286917-6FE5-4C7F-8FAA-748518…)

Literally everything goes over this girls head

No. 779200

Where does she get this idea that every guy who likes some random thirst trap pic has a crush? Men will hit the like button on a curvaceous piece of driftwood, it's not that serious.

No. 779203

Girl exaggerates everything in her life cause she insecure and boring.
Like being proposed to how many times? By billionaires?

She’s a 3000 per hour cover model?

If a guy likes two or more of her photos of course he’s gotta crush.

No. 779204

File: 1591573420453.jpeg (57.11 KB, 726x386, 1EFAAB93-0436-47B7-BBBB-2DF124…)

Commenting on her own status. Looks like she’s concerned about being cancelled further than she already is.

No. 779208

File: 1591574869301.jpeg (59.3 KB, 828x399, 7FA082E8-AA6B-4DAA-BFD8-50B348…)

Vague booking at 33 just sounds like “please pay attention to me”

And everyone keeps commenting like she’s talking about the state of the world right now and she keeps saying “that’s not what I’m talking about”
The only thing the girl talks about is herself, not sure why anyone’s bringing up the government like she’s ever looked at anything but her own photos.

No. 779210

File: 1591575612499.jpeg (194.23 KB, 828x1568, E0D6AF75-0A94-48D3-80B4-B6C91D…)

Anyone looking to support Victoria Bella morte (studios? She got shut down. Figure that) tattoos. She’s in a red hand rising USA group reacting and liking posts stating “we have a limited time before the British traditions are lost” because of a black lives matter protest. Keeping that British tradition white.
Bitch you don’t even live there and haven’t left Canada since you were 2

No. 779211

File: 1591575690544.png (5.13 MB, 1829x2622, kellyj.png)

Just a reminder that Victoria does mass Facebook deletions of female accounts and says it's "to make room for new clients" but these are the dudes she keeps.

No. 779215

File: 1591577920267.png (424.77 KB, 496x692, 3BF605B2-06E7-4929-A139-D45ADB…)

Nobody has to make up “conspiracy theories” about you victoria. You literally told the internet once that isis tried to convert a white Canadian woman in a cab.


No. 779216

Big oof. Dude looks like a massive dweeb. Probably lives with his mom. I’m sure vicky will count this as a true proposal for the count.

Yes I’m sure an isis member told you, a woman, their diabolical plans.
Too young to know what you were seeing? So are you admitting to being a retard? Like…isis and terrorism doesn’t make you think “hm. Perhaps I should tell someone”?

Every time she tells these isis stories, they just show how stupid she truly is.

No. 779218

>I’m sure vicky will count this as a true proposal for the count.

Anon I am laughing.

Also in the comment section of that ISIS post someone called her out on them not revealing their plans to a woman and she got all huffy and said there was another person in the limo or taxi with her.

No. 779226

File: 1591580355461.png (45.78 KB, 478x528, F61F0FD4-58A6-4493-9C14-B5CA47…)


So because the isis cab driver was talking to a man sitting beside a woman, which he would also be sharing this information with just from proximity you know BEING IN THE SAME VEHICLE, he shared top secret isis information? And she says the cab driver was trying to convert THEM meaning he was speaking with them both. Is she dumb? Oh wait…

And of course there’s video that no one has ever seen but Vicky in her imagination. It’s totes real guyz.

No. 779228

File: 1591581505684.jpeg (99.96 KB, 567x966, 92598690-B5D9-420D-B397-D09017…)

Another instalment of Victoria Bella morte tattoos, where are they now.
If she’s willing to disfigure her best friend like this…. that line work…

No. 779229

Is this Jackie? Damn anon, you're good at finding the tattoo victims. There's a few accounts I lurk to see if they'll post any pics showing Vic tats but I haven't been as successful as you (assuming you're the same anon who has been posting all these tattoo pics lately).

No. 779230

File: 1591582329803.jpg (43.99 KB, 1280x784, IMG_20200607_191203_261.jpg)

Victoria's delusional levels of self confidence have always been fascinating to me. How does one become this self obsessed?

No. 779237

Is it me or is that watch just edited onto her arm?

No. 779239

File: 1591591414955.png (189.15 KB, 500x480, KTmDthf.png)


Um… what are you talking about? Watches don't need to wrap around a wrist. Are you fat and dumb? Watches can absolutely float in front of the start of a forearm. If you think you're seeing sloppy use of the warp tool at the bottom of this watch, you are a jealous hater! This is the way expensive watches look on THIN, fit babes (who are thicc in the right places tho!!!) like Vicky!

No. 779244

Im sorry anon I know Vic is has lived in literal mansions her entire life and can easily photosh- I mean, afford lavish gold watches I swear Im not fat and dumb

No. 779265

File: 1591620899823.jpg (89.8 KB, 784x1280, IMG_20200608_054253_377.jpg)

Why is she so desirable?!

No. 779271

File: 1591624271364.png (275.81 KB, 828x1792, 9DA711DE-AB67-4C89-8656-D9F380…)

The next post after that one. The fact that she thanks creepy dudes for slipping into the dms cause it’s “super sweet” is pathetic and shows how hard up she is for male attention.

No. 779272

File: 1591624484174.jpeg (92.43 KB, 828x499, D3AE3235-E4D3-4201-AEA6-E700B2…)

All she has is time. And nothing else. That’s why we’re only seeing filtered photos of her face over and over ….. and over. She has no hobbies and in her owns words has just been eating the whole time.

No. 779278

There’s a pandemic, a human rights movement and everything else happening in the world and she literally just posts pictures of her face kek and her crush and her “haterz” cause she has nothing else to contribute. That’s a narc if I ever saw

No. 779281

She's not talking because she sides with the racists. Vickie has a clear history of responding to nationalist posts and anti-immigration propaganda including making her own with that awful Isis story.

No. 779286

File: 1591630082351.jpeg (255.09 KB, 828x1056, 52CBA898-D3DE-4816-8492-FCEB68…)


This is victoria in Mexico, a country she’s never been to.
“ From 2016 to 2019, the number of foreign tourist arrivals to Mexico registered a steady increase. In 2019, the Latin American country welcomed around 45 million international tourists, nearly 3.7 million more than in the previous year.Apr 24, 2020”

She’s literally the dumbest person. This is what happens when you never leave Guelph and hangout with children all the time. Is the violence in Mexico? SURE. But she really needs to research before spewing her racist hate against anyone not white.

No. 779292

File: 1591631694918.jpeg (400.09 KB, 828x1519, 2359310B-2E52-4BA7-9F63-AA87AB…)

Considering. She’s openly called someone of colour an ape, called the black lives matter protests a zoo, goes on many rants about immigrants and her and her father shit post in that racist british page… she may not want to post the “N” word on her personal / professional page as well.

No. 779311

I love when Vic tries to single-handedly solve global issues by completely oversimplifying them with zero understanding.

Crime in Mexico? "Just completely abolish your current government and police force, duh!"

No. 779312

“Having your tourists robbed isnt a good look… duh” Jesus Christ.

No. 779316

File: 1591639149867.jpeg (119.13 KB, 828x748, 340C1054-7BAD-43C1-8C8D-5BA013…)

Vicky bought an Apple Watch so she can see who stresses her out. Dear lord she is too much

No. 779334

lol @ the irony of her posting memes about "keeping your business private" while whoring out 24/7 on multiple social media platforms. you can tell that vicky can not even conceive of what an actual private life would be.

she would wither and die without her fb/ig/snap/etc and the attention she receives from all her posts. it is literally the only thing keeping her going lol.

No. 779341

She's not special. Random men message random women on facebook all the time, with lame unwanted compliments, and to ask them out. It's perhaps happening to her a bit more than most because of her constant and aggregious over-sexualization of herself. It makes her seem an easy target. But "so desirable"? I would not go that far.

No. 779346

With tattoo shops reopening, I wonder which local salon basement vicky will pop up in, seeing as she has no shop to reopen.

Hilarious that she can’t even pay to rent a space in a local tattoo shop because no self respecting shop in the area would be caught dead with her. When is this going to dawn on her?

No. 779353

Anon I was being sarcastic with the "so desirable" comment. I was making fun of Victoria always talking about how hot she is and bragging about turning down guys left and right when what she really means is that internet dudes send her desperate messages.

No. 779356

Lol I thought she said she was some ninja badass with the lowest heart rate ever. Why does she need an apple watch?

No. 779362

Every tattoo artist I know is posting videos and info about Ontario opening up restrictions and Vic is posting images of herself on her moms bed. She’s soooooo sought after though.

No. 779364

File: 1591670162624.webm (1.26 MB, 400x400, 103392985_327786138212114_3187…)

New sexy lingerie video of Victoria!

No. 779368

damn shes really looking chunky. like overweight bmi range. must be so exhausting trying so hard to hide or shoop her gunt out.

No. 779372

File: 1591674016568.jpg (111.31 KB, 1178x1279, IMG_20200608_203759_585.jpg)

On this video she captioned it "no editing or filters obviously," Then this exchange happened. Wtf is she talking about? Sometimes ppl who post pics and videos that are edited say "no editing" ok I get that. But then she says that sometimes photos and videos without any edits are labeled as having edits? I've never seen that. Ever. Nobody has ever posted an unedited pic and then said "edited with Adobe whatever." What is she talking about?

No. 779373

I don’t think that’s what she’s saying, anon, and I really don’t want to be sticking up for her but..

I think she means all the ones that everyone thinks are edited, are not.
And all the ones that are edited, people say they’re not edited.

No. 779375

Here’s Vick for you ladies and gents. The woman who puts down sex workers is the same woman who posts photoshopped half naked and lingerie photos. At least a sex worker is smart enough to make money off her looks. Imagine Vick having an onlyfans with her unedited hammy body on camera

No. 779376

Oh ok that makes more sense if she's talking about other people discussing the pics/videos, thanks. I didn't see it as you defending her either. Just clarifying her poorly worded statements.

No. 779385

File: 1591680010031.jpg (102.95 KB, 1243x1280, IMG_20200608_222021_115.jpg)

Uh oh. Did her long distance internet boyfriend ghost her?

No. 779419

File: 1591709115799.jpeg (116.42 KB, 827x903, BFFBC914-482F-4B70-9506-72121D…)

She “made” part of the outfit. And in the comments she said she made the dress. Okay ick.
Her face is getting really round. I believe this isn’t edited for once, she looks awful..

No. 779420

File: 1591709628784.jpeg (29.78 KB, 718x222, E871F3D8-E5FE-468F-B18E-2EC680…)

She literally has a crush on a new dude every 15 seconds. There’s been at least two this year, it’s only June and we’ve been in lockdown 3 of those six months….
Her last public boyfriend was a guy Lakota younger than her the washed dishes for a living.

No. 779422

Am I crazy or does the middle of her torso look super blurry? Her necklace disappears around the cleavage and her hand gets blurry when she moves it over. It looks like a filter to me.

Either way, her "posing" videos crack me up because she always stands still like a statue. It's so unnatural. You can tell she's hyper aware of her appearance and doesn't want to risk a bad angle (or the filter coming off).

No. 779427

Vic wishes she was like Jessica Nigri who works out a ton to look the way she does, but also can embrace being silly and making stupid faces.

No. 779432

At least Nigri makes bank off of her pictures. I don't get why Vic wants to keep up this lie of being a human Final Fantasy character when she gets nothing for it besides thirsty DMs from fuckboys and middle aged men. It's weird how that hasn't gotten old to her yet.

No. 779440

Her feeling the need to say no edit no filter~~~ on a shit low quality pic of herself in the mirror looking like an inside out twinkie is just… alright sis

No. 779446

Do you guys think she gets sexually aroused from these kinds of videos of herself? I just keep wondering why they exist.

No. 779448

Maybe not sexually aroused but I think she loves staring at herself in the mirror and in photos. She probably spends a lot of her time just admiring herself. She has delusional levels of self confidence so I think she spends a lot of her time checking herself out and feeling hot.

No. 779449

Ugh I don’t hate her contact lenses, but I don’t like how they make her look like she has a lazy eye.

No. 779457

Most colored contacts give that lazy eye effect. They're never exactly centered with the iris, and they need to allow enough space for the pupil. I thought she was so proud of her natural icy eyes that reflect light amazingly?

No. 779466

she made that dress my ass. if she 'made' anything it's the stupid thing around her waist. looks like she grabbed a curtain and tied it on lol.

No. 779484

File: 1591755256795.jpeg (156.76 KB, 828x707, CC082CEA-0CF7-4FF0-86AF-3B6537…)

I hate to be the one but being a scantily clad blonde girl that only talks about herself online isn’t “setting trends”

And who ever said that “ I bet you want to look like all the other girl”? Nobody?
Another page from the book of things that never happened. She could go to a cougar bar and see 50 of her.
And tattoos? I bet she wants people to believe she’s the first girl to ever be covered in tattoos and everyone else copier her.

No. 779485

File: 1591755442075.jpeg (79.01 KB, 828x534, 992EBA13-29AD-4D21-B35A-8B7C5F…)


Oh and tattoo shops in Ontario opened! Expect to see more white trash tattoos on morons that don’t google artists first.
If you’re looking for a tattoo and are smart enough to google her first victoria Bella morte is racist, rips off her clients, hates women that have any different of opinion of her and you’ll be lucky if she shows up on time if at all.

No. 779486

File: 1591755509457.jpeg (51.24 KB, 828x278, B9F355D0-7A15-42F1-B943-D5B884…)

“If you don’t love me, you’re just a jealous hater and you should slit your wrists”

No. 779488

She really thinks people are too dumb to notice the low-effort sarcasm that she had to clarify that, yes, it was sarcasm.

No. 779489

File: 1591757280287.jpg (146.88 KB, 1000x1280, IMG_20200609_194703_262.jpg)

Oh man what is wrong with her? This guy replies to her status agreeing and sharing a personal anecdote and her response is, "Yes but let's focus on me." She is my favorite cow.

No. 779490

That was so rude.

No. 779491


this is a horrible chop job. trying to push her fat face upward to give herself definition made her neck stretched beyond belief. also, her neck looks insanely wide. also, bitch is hella fat, even with mad photoshopping. GROSS

No. 779496

File: 1591761269443.jpeg (45.49 KB, 795x216, F3864CE6-A8A8-4B81-A89D-F61FF0…)


I can’t tell if this guy is just speaking about the status she put up or slyly dragging Vick. Either way. She should read this guys comment. And then read it again.

No. 779497

Looks like ick took her response down. Probably because she’s in here reading the comments and realizing she’s a rude bitch. She doesn’t even have that many people that interact with her anymore, so she probably should be taking advise from anyone else.

No. 779498

It's still up. I think you're just reading the status on her artist page (the Miss Victoria Murder one). She posted this status to both her Facebook accounts.

No. 779500

File: 1591764008949.png (1.73 MB, 1280x3173, Fly.png)

This status used to say "all badass and shit but I still freeze when I dig someone."

Then she changed it to how her ex-bf blindfolded her to see if she could… Idk flail a sword around blindfolded?

Then she brags about hitting and killing a fly with her sword but she was too inexperienced to split it in half.

Keep the milk flowing, Victoria.

No. 779501

It looks like one of my great grandmother’s old dining room table doilies, folded in half.

No. 779508

Thanks for capping this stuff anon. It doesn't matter how many times she regurgitates this same sentiment, every time it astonishes me it is coming from someone well over the age of 14.

No. 779512

“I can decapotate flys while my icey eyes are blindfoldeddd… ISIS saw my skillss and wanted to recrute me but I said no,” she typed with one dirt-stained mitt, the other plunging into an open bag of Cheetos and rummaging furiously. No more left; she would have to call her mom to drive her to the store. She reached for the bottle of cheap whiskey she always had on standby and swigged the last of the dregs down. Furiously punching her mother’s phone number into the phone, the smell of her ancient black booty shorts wafted up to greet her, a complex mixture of yeast and mature cheddar.

Finally, her mom picked up the phone. “Vicky, it’s four in the morning,” she said wearily.

“I don’t care mom, I need Cheetos and Jack Daniels,” replied Vicky, furiously gnashing her grey-tinged teeth.

“This is the last straw Vicky, I’m not coming to drive you around again while you take selfies. It takes days to get the smell out of my car.”

Vicky foamed at the mouth, her Jay Leno chin quivering with rage. “Fuck you, jealous bitch,” she snarled. “Slit your wrists. I have an IQ of 260 and a billionaire proposed to me yesterday so you’re lucky I’m even still talking to you-“

She stopped, realising her mother had long put the phone down. In a rage, Vicky, threw her phone across the room and tore the Cheeto’s bag apart, fervently licking the scraps of flavoring from the packet. She would have to cook for herself.

"Time to make some Brittish yorkeyss…" she typed into the void.

No. 779518

File: 1591797633916.jpeg (14.01 KB, 411x249, E560B57A-64F4-498F-B848-F77B9D…)

So she can swing around an object blindfolded in an open space? She’s not even very steady with whatever she is holding. Does this look like a sword to anyone?

No. 779527

File: 1591806833849.jpeg (145.82 KB, 828x601, F9B3DB34-B6EF-4347-893D-C3AF6B…)

Red hand rising USA group that Victoria Bella morte and her father shit posting that black lives matter is a terrorist group. Kek. She’s not racist guys.

No. 779528

File: 1591807011542.jpeg (198.75 KB, 828x1133, 640658A8-7E23-4EDF-AA69-870632…)

“Must be nice they are that salty” sorry am I missing something or is she just attacking her haterz again out of the blue cause she’s drunk?

No. 779529

File: 1591807493953.gif (1.05 MB, 320x180, 601F22BB-EACF-43E8-8E51-BF6B65…)

Her flailing that sword around blindfolded, like it’s some grand achievement, reminds me of the scene in Tombstone with doc holiday. Where he swings his shot glass around like a gun.
Of course Doc Holiday and Vic are apples and oranges. Only comparing the hilarity of swinging around an inanimate object while drunk.

No. 779532

Why did the Shingletons even immigrate in the first place? What a wild ride to be an immigrant yourself and spend your days online sperging about ~your homeland~ and its racial purity. I sort of see why Vic tries to keep up this ridiculous charade of being British. Her dad probably drummed it into her and now she's convinced herself her fake accent is real.

No. 779534

File: 1591809287259.jpeg (165.24 KB, 959x958, 8C02977F-3E2C-4DD7-AE07-DF75C8…)

They’ll say it’s photoshop.

No. 779535

File: 1591809483541.jpeg (234.8 KB, 770x1079, 7E7BB628-13F9-40F8-BE90-942BA0…)

So tattoo shops in Ontario can open this Friday and this is what’s she’s doing?!
“Very little editing on me at all”
girl stop.

No. 779536

File: 1591810267859.jpeg (54.75 KB, 828x268, BED49744-4773-4A14-B8B0-C0EFF4…)

Reminder…. This is a 33 year old

No. 779542

Anon my fucking sides. Her edits have become literally out of this world.

No. 779543

File: 1591813410873.jpeg (112.06 KB, 828x770, 16CB1C82-BEEB-4665-9F28-D86BE6…)

How many more years is this girl going to say she’s going to Vegas? She literally never leaves Ontario.

No. 779550

OMG. Clearly she’s been shopping on Wish a lot lately. I just don’t even have words - this is hilarious!

No. 779551

The “hero” nobody needs.

No. 779552

File: 1591815990693.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1125x2089, B2340802-8053-48E5-9B83-AE7136…)


What the fuck am I looking at??

No. 779556

File: 1591817214511.jpeg (21.22 KB, 828x202, 0624D7F4-B146-4792-86E0-7F4F56…)

Someone on her shitty photoshopped space photo asked her to “fight”
And she said this.

Story of ickys life. The only thing she has time for is photoshopping herself for neckbeards and putting extra letters in words.

No. 779559

What in the actual fuck? What grown ass adult does this? She looks like she shooped her head on a robots body very sloppy job might I add. I can just imagine the stories she’ll come up with. Photo shoot in one of NASA’s spaceships. They were sooo impressed by my sword skills and astrophysics knowledge they offered me a job on the spot but I turned it down because I’m just so busy. I also turned down a marriage proposal from an astronaut

No. 779560

This bitch is the epitome of passive racism. Being more concerned about destruction of property than black lives and posting black lives matter on social media while simultaneously making xenophobic remarks about immigrants. Give it a rest Vick you don’t even have any POC friends and you probably don’t know any black people

No. 779561

Has anyone else noticed that she never shows her arms in any videos? She always has either her smelly pleather jacket on, this wool coat (in the middle of summer) or a long sleeve shirt of some sort? Guess she can't edit her hammy arms well enough in her videos.

No. 779563

File: 1591819342479.jpeg (223.72 KB, 1080x1350, 48A895B5-BCE6-41B2-BBB0-036882…)

It’s a knockoff zero suit. It’s on Ali express for $75. Good to know her government handout during covid is going to good use.

No. 779576

it's not a knockoff, just a cheap suit.

No. 779578

File: 1591824644735.jpeg (147.53 KB, 828x617, 334D43B3-FBB8-497E-826B-A7370D…)

It still baffles me that there’s people that dick ride her so hard and comment “ you’re so creative” when she just googles space ship and glues herself wearing Ali express into the photo

No. 779588

This model looks so much better. The suit might be cheap, but she's actually posing and not just standing there like a befuddled mannequin. She also has an appropriate prop and not a ridiculous katana.

No. 779606

Pretty sure this is her being paranoid. Because this guy’s comment is similar to things said here

This is what happens when you lurk. you have no idea if your followers/friends are legitimate, or if they’re farmers.

No. 779623

File: 1591843314215.png (1.86 MB, 750x1334, D28B5F5D-3590-492C-939C-45775A…)

Likely where she got it.

No. 779627

Wow, she’s not even trying to hide how fat And blocky she is any more. Body like a bag of potato’s.

No. 779630

File: 1591849387266.jpeg (180.76 KB, 828x586, 84CB4994-E2C8-49FA-9C1A-80AD58…)

Damn Vick is so fast she can kill kung fu assassins now

No. 779636

Anyone have the gif of this?

No. 779646

File: 1591856500234.png (483.08 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-06-11-16-22-08…)

No. 779650

Lmao that lady posts on almost every single status of Vic's. I am somewhat fascinated by her ability to have this small handful of dedicated fans that keep returning to her for their tattoos. Maybe it has to do with the sunk cost fallacy, idk.

No. 779684

She likely has no other tattoos or knows of anyone with tattoos. Vic is a basement scratcher at best with the artistic flare of a limp noodle.

No. 779703

Vicky captioning a selfie

I'm often asked how is it possible I'm so hot while being 100% surgery free and with such minimal editing?

Angel/devil emoticon

People ask me that all the time. More than once in my life by someone other than myself. :)

Don't worry if you forget this, I'll post the exact same thing again in a day or two

Oh and FYI my eyes are naturally ice grey, I know that's exciting news to you and impacts your day so I'm just going to put that out there for you

Love this picture of moi. Who knew I could look so sexually appealing despite owning at least four xl t shirts?

No. 779718

File: 1591895350930.jpeg (22.95 KB, 207x318, 4A4054E0-2B6B-4BD9-8A6E-AEE212…)

This girl has the personality of a wet napkin. Why’re you going to take all this time to photoshop yourself into a spaceship with a katana and spend $50 on a bodysuit just to stand there like a fucking blowup doll. Making this face?
She should have spent that time and money at a hair salon, cause her mop is a hot mess. Unless she intended on having blonde, brown, yellow and orange hair?
Hair salons in your butt fuck town open tomorrow, ick

No. 779729

I truly can't get over how sloppy her edits are. Her left iris is spilling out of her lower lash line. I hope we get a whole set of Space Vic pics.

No. 779731

It also looks like she has white powder all over the right side of her mouth? Sloppy editing or makeup job.

No. 779732

File: 1591905631818.jpeg (96.87 KB, 828x481, 1A4EF187-2A1C-408C-950F-BC158C…)

So icky keeps referring to herself as “salty” and put a salt emoji in her Instagram bio.

Definition of a alty is “the act of being upset, angry, or bitter as result of being made fun of or embarrassed. Also a characteristic of a person who feels out of place or is feeling attacked.

Doesn’t sound like some is unbothered. Seems like someone that frequently lurks here. And probably lost her new internet crush for being a drunk mess.
Or doesn’t have somewhere to scratch out of because of her terrible reputation. Only time will tell!

No. 779733

This is embarrassing and she should legit feel embarrassed. Nothing wrong with cosplay or digital editing, but the commentary underneath, the comments and the overall photo, I'm convinced she is on the spectrum. What the hell is this.

No. 779734

I noticed how she's put the arm carrying the katana slightly forward as to cover the edge of her body. Surprised she didn't try to nip the waist in more with Photoshop.

No. 779736

Agreed. Apparently a sought after model who gets paid thousands an hour to simply wear her own outfits, yet only knows two poses.
Standing rigid like an imvu character or pushing her hair onto her cheek to disguise her fat face.

Also I think she's picked up the term salty from internet lingo and doesn't quite understand the usage yet. She should go back to saying things like 'epic' and 'spicy memez'

No. 779737

I don't understand it either. She'll spend ages photoshopping weird details onto her body like clothes, wings or weapons, but then is super sloppy about other things like making the tits the same size or making the lashes/irises line up. And for someone who's been known to badly Photoshop her hair longer and with curls, you'd think she'd try and Photoshop the overall colour and shop out the horrible regrowth, or blend her obvious extensions.

No. 779773

File: 1591919294531.jpeg (160.49 KB, 655x819, 8F4FE5C8-C881-4CE0-97E7-BA3B8A…)

What you order on wish.
What arrives.

No. 779798

the left is what arrives tho, because in the right one she is less fat

No. 779799

lmfao i got the right and left wrong. ignore that.

No. 779800


Either way, theyre both awful

No. 779808

This is a masterpiece, thank you anon

No. 779819

File: 1591941591226.jpg (72.25 KB, 817x1280, IMG_20200611_225847_166.jpg)

Is she tattooing out of her mom's spare bedroom?

No. 779835

File: 1591966518588.jpeg (39.19 KB, 828x343, 1C231BAA-1FAB-4754-9FB5-94DDE6…)

If you don’t know where your tattoo artist is tattooing from, that’s already a bad sign.

No. 779836

File: 1591966943784.jpeg (248.88 KB, 723x1135, D46C9FAB-300C-4298-9D13-7821AF…)

She posted this at 3 am. Reminiscing about the good old days of MySpace again. Almost 40 and can’t move on. I wouldn’t even be surprised if she still hung out at high school parties with children talking about all the bullies she use to beat up with her sweet martial arts moves.

No. 779847

How does she not find this concerning? You don’t know where you’re getting tattooed because your “artist” lost her shop and had been couch hopping for months. yeesh.

No. 779850

Holy fucking shit I’m actually dying laughing right now, I thought this was just a sloppy edit by someone on here just making fun of her, then I saw it was literally her new profile photo. Amazing

No. 779856

This lady named one of her sons "Huxson" so she's obviously not very good at making decisions.

No. 779868

File: 1591995628084.jpg (35.41 KB, 348x500, 427226_135839899892001_2754146…)

These older photos of her, while super edited, actually show how much she has fattened up and aged since 2012. The brunette hair looks way better than her bleached blonde shit she has. Her thigh tattoos also look a lot smaller her showing how much she has beefed up.

No. 779869

She looks so much better with dark hair! Why is she burning her hair off with at home bleach and Clorox? Damn.

No. 779870

This photo is from when she was younger, slimmer, likely not as messed up by alcoholism etc. So she likely just looks better in general and that's throwing you off, IMO her features and skin tone aren't suitable for extremes like full on black or platinum blonde. She'd look a lot better if she stuck to a more neutral colour for her hair, softer brows etc. She just can't have that image because in her mind, she's super special and different and her looks need to reflect that. It's hard to be humble, isn't it, Vic? Too bad you're doing yourself a disservice.

No. 779871


anon i…

No. 779874

Victoria admitted to dyeing her hair with OxiClean. She made a post on Facebook about how she "was poisoned" and when pressed about it, said that it happened when using OxiClean to dye her hair. Check maybe 3-4 threads ago?

No. 779881

File: 1592007959883.jpeg (136.23 KB, 828x803, 8A36D31B-A688-42EB-990F-67CB65…)


To catch anyone up. Sorry for the double post as this has been posted before.

It literally says on oxyclean: “ Inhalation of dust may cause irritation to gastro intestinal or respiratory tract.”

She’s so stupid she thought clarifying her hair with it would strip colour…. even though you can go to the store and use a color remover or get a CLARIFYING shampoo. Cause you know tons of those exist. Considering this girl tattoos people and can’t read labels, and use to work in a hair salon or whatever she claims, she’s dumb as a rock.

No. 779882

File: 1592008218633.jpeg (39.92 KB, 828x219, DD753C9E-4469-4EED-9418-1EE733…)

I imagine her sitting around bringing up memes from three months ago with a bottle of Jack Daniels hoping her neck beards are stupid enough to forget someone else wrote these.
And 100s of people have copied and pasted it.

No. 779885

File: 1592008673679.png (2.25 MB, 828x1792, 09C09A1B-ADD1-4BA0-82A6-754211…)


KEK. It literally says right in the back “avoid prolonged contact with skin. Wear gloves”

She tattoos people.

No. 779887

This is still one of my favorite Victoria posts that ever happened. "as women do from time to time" lol I can't believe she posted this on Facebook.

No. 779898

File: 1592019296226.jpg (78.63 KB, 844x1279, IMG_20200612_203345_465.jpg)

These people really don't Google their potential tattoo artists?

No. 779900


>highly sought after famous tattoo artist

But she has to throw herself at random strangers on Facebook to get clients. Kek.

No. 779902

File: 1592020046785.png (1.8 MB, 1280x2264, InnerDemons.png)

This guy constantly tags Victoria when he posts these art pics. Again, this is a reply from a 33 year old woman lol.

No. 779903

File: 1592021314544.png (1.84 MB, 1280x4168, DifferentShops.png)

There's a lot going on here in this screenshot but Victoria apparently works at "different shops" now.

No. 779904

Anon, she took the salt shaker emoji out of her bio a day after you mentioned it. Such an unbothered queen.

No. 779935

Considering tattoo shops were legally allowed to open yesterday in Guelph, I’m going to assume she has no clients and nowhere to work out of.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense that she said she didn’t want to sign a new lease at her shop, yet she has all these clients some that fly in to see her and now she has nowhere to tattoo from?
Sounds like you tattoo shop got shutdown.

No. 779936

File: 1592047604436.jpeg (156.26 KB, 827x1171, B297AD87-F160-4110-9B3C-EE6876…)

This loser 33 year old is really posting emojis she made of herself on memes of Ariana grande at 5:30am because she stayed up all night drinking again.
Vicky, we all know you come on here, you’re not a celebrity. And put only repost the stupid shit you post.
You don’t really leave anything up to the imagination.

No. 779937

>you don't know me!1
I hate anyone who does this shit.

No. 779938

Obviously she has been using this time in lockdown to secure jobs with multiple tattoo shops in her area. You're probably just jealous that Victoria is such a boss babe who is sought after by many shops and clients!

No. 779939

Does her emoji have dreadlocks?

No. 779947

“I prefer my time spent with them over them working” sounds like the most controlling thing I have ever heard.
So she’s rather her boyfriend quit their job? Or be a completely low life loser and work so little so she can have all of their attention?

She’s the type of girl that doesn’t let her man hang with their friends for sure.

No. 779954

File: 1592062795555.jpeg (82.47 KB, 790x467, B42A6BCE-7FB1-4190-94B2-24C54A…)

Stumbled across this and I’ve never seen it before. This is from that fashion show ick did. Not making friends, i see

No. 779957

File: 1592064156311.jpeg (186.28 KB, 715x665, 43BCCD03-467C-42D8-9507-4A91D2…)

It confuses me so much, how much she hates in sugar babies, strippers, only fans when she posts photos like this?
Her legs spread wide open and her vagina right at the camera, her making out with and being felt up by other women(even though she’s straight) and being hit from the back by the men in her life.
He page is a soft core only fans page but for free.

No. 779960

File: 1592065225798.jpeg (128.81 KB, 738x1219, 0D7F974D-6A2A-4C88-A932-22B701…)

This is her hair unedited. Probably before she used cleaning products to get the purple out.
She’s not going to have any hair left by the time she’s 35

No. 779964

"Is that lady Gaga?" Fucking lmaooooo

No. 779987

Ew…looks like a trump combover with Claire’s extensions. Is this a recent photo? Is she sleeping? A little creepy but I don’t doubt she flips when people take photos of her.

No. 779994

Where did this pic come from, anon?

No. 780004

She looks blackout drunk there

No. 780007

File: 1592096857020.jpeg (73.41 KB, 828x405, D901CFA7-725B-4DA6-8417-91D705…)

I love that Vicky gets on quora to answer questions strictly so she can talk about herself some more.

No. 780053

What does she mean about the second one "said something out of context they overheard"? Is this Vic actually admitting someone left her due to her behaviour?

No. 780056

She probably either shit talked him or got caught talking to another dude and when she got called out and dumped blamed it on him 'overhearing something out of context' like he was irrational and it wasn't her fault.

No. 780057

Same goes for 'mental illness'
Probably just dumped her or she moved on to someone else and then used this excuse. We all know how Vick likes to call others mentally ill.

No. 780084

File: 1592146768962.jpeg (69.93 KB, 609x647, 81427C33-A02E-4613-BE08-8839C0…)

Victoria Bella morte and her dad in the red hand rising group calling it “only black lies matter” these two are white trash. Her pedo brother too

No. 780100

File: 1592155605671.jpg (88.55 KB, 974x1280, IMG_20200614_102545_978.jpg)

No. 780102

She uses self tanner all the time, but she pale. Depends on her mood and filter I guess.

And how many times is she going to tell her followers she has “natural eyeshadow” how could anyone not know? So much interesting info Vicky! Really learning so much.

She’s so dense it actually hurts my brain. Guess she has nowhere to work out of this weekend.

No. 780106

File: 1592157605501.png (408.9 KB, 828x1792, FD66D658-1DA1-4174-8880-6476AB…)


She drinks a lot of Jack Daniels to the point that she barely gets drunk( or so she says) and she’s up shit posting on social media until 6am. She’s been smoking for at least ten years and bought an Apple Watch cause people stress her out.

It could also be genetics or a medical issue. This bitch is really cheering for herself because her eyelids are brown?

No. 780111

Someone call the local news to give them this breaking update.

My god. those tattoos look like something you'd see on a 2000 year old mummy.

No. 780113

is she trolling us

No. 780120

She’s either trolling or has this little going on in her life.

No. 780123

File: 1592163422634.jpg (19.75 KB, 852x480, 1.jpg)

I remember looking this up years ago and found it was pretty common. The skin around your eyes is a lot thinner than the rest of your face, so eyelids/undereyes tend to look darker for a variety of reasons. Allergies or lack of sleep are common causes.

Vic reminds me of a conceited teenager who thinks all of her features are super rare and unique.

No. 780124

Yeah, she's pretty milky as well, her profile is public. She licks Vic's ass constantly, (they're around the same IQ so it makes sense), is obsessed with Trisha Paytas and is a deathfat bpdfag so I love seeing the two collide. Sage for calf

No. 780152

She’s also clearly wearing makeup. Over lined lips, eye liner, likely a pile of foundation, and eye shadow or highlighter because nobodies eyelids glitter naturally lol

No. 780153

God it must be so painful for her to wake up, knowing she’s painfully average. She’s in so much pain over this fact, she has to act like having eyelids that are a different color than her face, something to announce as if it’s special.

Congrats on your thin hooded eyelids Vic. A rare trait to brag about indeed.

Also lol I love how she filters her face so heavily, her nose disappears. And how literally her hair and skin are the same orange color.

No. 780176

check what text was cut off! "is that lady gaga? … or adele?" KEK

No. 780265

File: 1592231010502.jpeg (76.85 KB, 960x936, 298222E6-69B0-4ADA-BBA4-5688AE…)

Saged for no milk, but I found a new meme of Vicky. Kek

No. 780330

she looks like such a nasty whore in the top left, the top right she looks 45+.

No. 780332

File: 1592259992137.jpeg (124.99 KB, 750x844, 3E8FD3D3-AC00-49C1-AB67-803623…)

Sage for tinfoil, but I was looking at her cousins (or whatever family member of her) spa. The one she was tattooing out of very briefly before covid. I’m about 80% sure this is vicky, unless it’s someone else’s puffy alcoholic face. Also, most lash and brow before and afters on their Instagram show more of the clients face (I’m positive vicky would have objected). Anyways, if these are really her ~naturally long and black as fuck eyelashes~ im in hysterics.

No. 780344

Why do these look like a collage from a shitty low budget porno? I guess that girl she’s macking on must be one of Vickys stalkers who she claimed was in love with her

No. 780360

Probably unlikely as she has brown eyes that she likes to hide.

No. 780362

File: 1592270287649.jpeg (26.1 KB, 275x183, 81EC1649-DE0F-4F0F-B1F1-6C142C…)

I brightened this unedited photo of her and it does look like her eyes are brown.

No. 780364

File: 1592271181083.jpg (189.51 KB, 1273x1280, IMG_20200615_183137_063.jpg)

This has been edited 11 times and she's still going. Every time I hit "edit history" there's a new edit.

No. 780367

Lol she's replying in the comments with screenshots of her Google searches for "heart surgeon black groundbreaking" and showing us the results instead of just posting about the man.

No. 780375

Haha! You can tell she’s just googling “outstanding Black people”
I can smell the Jack Daniels on this post. It doesn’t come across as sincere at all. It’s actually a weird jumbled mess.

No. 780378

File: 1592273844961.jpeg (154 KB, 828x645, 19BB9A8F-491A-4A11-B36B-FA98CA…)


Last time I checked Victoria Bella morte has said that using violence against protesters in 2020 was a good thing to do?
And in 2016 she was calling protesters apes because she’s a trump dick rider.

No. 780379

Good luck victoria. I’m sure youre about to go viral.

No. 780381

File: 1592274665233.jpeg (149.1 KB, 828x718, 539CBC2C-697F-4920-A037-0F89A8…)

Her and her white trashy father are still shit posting about China ins there racist red hand rising group as well. There’s also promoting hate and violence on posts. She might wanna sit this one out

No. 780384

File: 1592275177416.jpg (72.52 KB, 949x1279, IMG_20200615_193824_945.jpg)

You are spot on lmao.

No. 780428

I'm sure MLK, Rosa Parks and all would be honoured that Vic thinks they're "one of the good ones".
Her trying to pretend she's not a massive racist is hilarious when she runs to her little FB group and spews hate with her daddy.

No. 780439

>thinking that UK is still relevant in 2020
>thinking that China would not destroy UK in any kind of armed conflict

My sides are in orbit, Vicky is my favourite cow.

No. 780446

File: 1592303579961.gif (849.83 KB, 276x277, unnamed.gif)

>fuckin' apes

No. 780450

File: 1592314582357.jpeg (225.21 KB, 828x845, 22CB0BD9-12E3-40FE-955A-3680A4…)

POC are stereotyped but they are scary because of the media and black on black violence.
Oh man Vicky. Really. Sit this one out.

No. 780452

Vic needs a lesson on systemic racism.

No. 780453

File: 1592315317203.jpeg (114.76 KB, 828x731, F781E289-010A-4618-BEB6-4EC9BC…)

Remember when kneeling for BLM bothered Vicky as much as the murder of a black man? You’re not fooling anyone ick

No. 780455

File: 1592315875824.jpg (136.58 KB, 1031x1280, IMG_20200616_065554_291.jpg)

She just woke up and is arguing with someone about monuments now.

No. 780457

File: 1592316527367.jpeg (192.6 KB, 828x860, 4527548C-DF4F-43AD-9DA3-02D569…)

Yeah guys. Even whites were slaves. You might even say “all lives matter” and of course! All the POC need are statues that’ll make them feel better! This really goes to show how little Vicky knows about issues she talk about.

And in her and her dads little british racist group, hes posting this. And we all know the racist Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

No. 780459

“Fuckin apes” … damn…. didn’t she just call the protests a zoo …

No. 780461

Fuck me. You’re really going to bring up Lincoln? While he thought slavery was morally wrong, he did believe in racial inequality. Vic, stick to things you actually know about; being an alcoholic, racist, poor, washed up scene queen.

No. 780464

File: 1592317504530.jpeg (128.42 KB, 783x690, 91E2B437-293D-4D2D-ACD3-C161A8…)

This has nothing to do with putting up statues, this has to do with the defacing then in Britain. She is commenting a bunch in her dads racist Irish Facebook group about people of color and their defacing and thoughts on the statues there

No. 780465

Also, what does she think about the US, Spain, Portugal and her previous “Britain” building their wealth and power on the backs of millions of slaves? The industrial revolution wouldn’t have been possible in England without sugar from the Caribbean, cotton from the US, the opium wars against the Chinese, the subjugation of India, and the famines in India and Ireland.

No. 780467

She only knows what she reads online and what her dad tells her. This girl has never looked deep into any history. The only thing she cares about is keeping ireland, a place she hasn’t been to in 20 years, “clean”

No. 780474

holy fucking oof batman

how is he a personal favorite vick? you can't even name a successful black person without google, don't you see how shitty that is?? can't believe she posted this.