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File: 1606519676740.jpg (4.95 MB, 3000x3000, image.jpg)

No. 806593

Vicky is a 35 year old tattoo scratcher from Nowhere, Ontario who has a recorded history of stealing deposits, cancelling appointments, and giving horrible mangled tattoos to her clients. One reason this thread exists is to warn people in her community in case they happen to Google her name before getting a tattoo.

Vicky is also a washed up scene queen who likes spending her free time reliving her glory days on MySpace by getting drunk and posting poorly shopped thirstpics and embarrassing videos on various social media accounts. She then posts the resulting DMs she gets from random horny old men, the sorts of DMs normal women ignore or get creeped out by, seemingly as proof of her desirability - despite, of course, being perpetually single for pretty much her entire adult life.

Victoria exhibits a plethora of curious behaviors such as pretending to be British, pretending to be wealthy, pretending to be a super-fit ninja, pretending to be the one and only woman who likes/does "X", and of course pretending to be unbothered by criticism.

> the quality of her already-shitty work has somehow deteriorated further >>>/pt/799820 >>>/pt/799789 >>>/pt/804979
> a tattoo so atrocious that it deserves its own line >>>/pt/805503
> Icky decided to tattoo her own face and has yet to do a reveal >>>/pt/799875
> a calf is born: introducing cameron “the contrarian” who gives us a coked-out 18,000 word screed at 1AM about muh 0 sugar energy bars >>>/pt/800078
> cameron goes off on some irrelevant bitch named kayla for seemingly no reason >>>/pt/800090
> to no one’s surprise, cameron looks like this >>>/pt/800296
> returns later to call us the obsessive losers after writing 20k words about how Vicky wouldn’t suck his dick >>>/pt/800376
> congratulations! it’s twins! a second calf, kayla (aka dollar store trisha paytas), is thrust upon us >>>/pt/800605
> cameron comes back yet again to complain about phone chargers, vicky’s fridge, and a lot more that i don’t care to document because fuck these guys >>>/pt/800642
> kayla can’t shut up, posts nonstop on facebook and to anyone who will listen to her >>>/pt/800822 >>>/pt/801377
> i can’t bring myself to write any more about cameron or kayla but unfortunately vicky and her botched face tat are MIA during this side show
> only fans era vicky is imminent >>>/pt/805696 >>>/pt/802843

Her past/old milk is quite lengthy soooo here is a pastebin of that: https://pastebin.com/SsvpzQy0



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial
Personal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/victoria.emma.5680
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/missvictoriamurder
Twitch: https://m.twitch.tv/videos/451633048

LAST THREAD: >>>/pt/799633

No. 806605

File: 1606524881196.jpeg (95.96 KB, 720x541, 24FE8AA2-DB2C-401D-BF43-8313B5…)

Big Vicky energy

No. 806617

>necromancer ninja warrior

No. 806632

Can an introvert be such an attention whore? This is a serious question.

No. 806633

File: 1606566970595.jpeg (240.9 KB, 1125x1897, 19E97633-A00C-422B-9E2E-5F1A41…)


No. 806644

Damn that filter is working overtime on her chin. Reminds me of moo

No. 806648

One thing I would like to add is how she claimed only fans offered her a 50000+ contract. Probably my favourite outlandish lie of hers. Shows how jealous she is of young girls making money off their looks when Vicky is a broke old hag with the body of a sac of flour. She could totally do it too you guys and make so much money! But she’s way too humble for that and posts pics of her in clothes that don’t fit for free anyway

No. 806651

File: 1606583939297.jpeg (109.48 KB, 828x609, EBD6932E-71AA-4527-BBC4-311ED6…)

Victoria with her end of the week sales again. “Please send me money Friday or Saturday so I can buy Jack Daniels” is all this says.
And girl still had openings in December but only works once a week, congrats… find a new career.

No. 806652

File: 1606583994428.jpeg (338.17 KB, 827x1421, 90420849-B06E-407D-94CC-E000FD…)

“Tattoo artist”

No. 806656

Did anyone ever call her out on that shit? It’s such a strange lie

No. 806657

File: 1606585107365.jpeg (77.92 KB, 827x503, 2B80A0E3-1DF6-4DF7-83A6-88BCEF…)

I love this so much. Real celebrities, like cardi b, don’t have contracts with only fans But Vicky they want so badly they’re willing to shell out THOUSANDS

No. 806659

No they didn’t. Icky surrounds herself with losers that just eat up anything she says. Anyone that questions her is “mentally ill”

No. 806660

File: 1606585611620.jpeg (96.38 KB, 825x605, 714F6870-4F6A-49EF-8953-2570A4…)

Look, I’m really not trying to make Kayla happen but did this bitch really say she might not survive foot surgery?

No. 806661

>>booking everyone after 6pm

Because hopefully I am sober by then.

No. 806669

File: 1606589248136.jpeg (3.51 MB, 3000x3000, 2022BF75-AE91-4558-9CF1-5C8FEB…)

Trash tattoos by Victoria Bella morte

No. 806670

File: 1606589614915.jpeg (272.86 KB, 1242x1218, D144E4B5-95DF-43EC-899F-0B8601…)

cthulhu chest tattoo done by a real artist. Love seeing the comparisons >>806669

No. 806674

I swear on my life the cthulu she did in the bottom right picture has a badly executed primordial pecker. Zoom in and kek hard. I cant be the only one who sees it. WHY do people go to her?

No. 806676

I want her to go on ink master so bad

No. 806691

>>806648 ugh i'm so sorry i can't believe i missed that! i laughed at that for like 10 minutes when i saw it lmao

No. 806705

Usually I try to wrap my head around her fables in a like "alright so xyz is what might've really happened and she just heavily exaggerated things.."
But this one is just so… Wtf lmao. I don't understand compulsive liars at all… What does she do if one of the "hawt guyzzz" she's FB courting asks about that shit? Just ghost em if they call her out? Delusion vs desperation which wins out…

No. 806707

Thanks anon now I can’t unsee it, lol. It looks like a dog crayon., wtf. It seems Ick’s mind is either on herself, KD or dick.

No. 806708

Samefag *JD

No. 806735

File: 1606625014076.png (563.13 KB, 530x448, vicky.png)

I don't keep up with Vicky very much, but when I saw this on Craigslist, just had to share.

No. 806742

Oh fuck my sides lmao

No. 806743

This has to have been inspired by Icky. It looks so much like her it's straight uncanny.

It looks kinda like a pillow, though, so it's far more useful than her by default.

No. 806751

Didn't Vic actually wear almost this exact same outfit in a picture once? I can't find it now, but I remember the shawl, gloves, gown, etc.

No. 806756

File: 1606645838953.jpeg (90.97 KB, 478x599, DD885BC7-7984-4F83-994A-F2456F…)


Fucking kek, anons.

No. 806766


I’m actually fucking dying with how much it looks like her. The mouth, nose, and ratty hair is what does it for me

No. 806770

That MySpace combover. Holy.

No. 806771

it makes me laugh so hard how different her hair color is to her extensions. Did she even try?

No. 806786

File: 1606689371359.jpeg (61.04 KB, 827x265, AAEF3684-69B8-4721-84C5-2F7FEC…)

More fat deals from highly sought after artist, Victoria Bella morte. It’s a two fer

No. 806787

File: 1606689468548.jpeg (52.54 KB, 828x214, C5FB225E-21C3-4454-BE04-2E3337…)

My favourite comment on that photo. Lol. “Synth wig “

No. 806798

She sure does have a lot of “reschedules” like every week wonder why…I just can’t believe there are still thirsty fucks that actually still believe that.

No. 806802

File: 1606700919774.png (876.42 KB, 828x1792, E1CB721E-3845-4996-932B-4B2C6A…)

“Or keeping me”
Imagine being proud of picking such shit men that you can’t stand the thought of staying with anyone even before giving them a shot. Sounds mentally sound. Her therapist she’s bragged about is doing a hot garbage job with her.

No. 806807

vic's brain can't even see the contradiction she made herself, astounding

No. 806808

It kills me how every time someone suggests she do something, she’s already been offered to do it. Like the time she got asked to be on ink master cause you know it’s not like you have to be a US resident and go through a lengthy process to be on the show or anything. If onlyfans actually offered contracts no one would turn that shit down

No. 806809

File: 1606711266921.png (4.32 MB, 828x1792, 22D48AEF-3F08-4140-B072-098D26…)

They also ask if you have a license, how long and who did you tattoo as an apprentice under. Considering this would be a drawn out answer about how good she is and never needed either of the two, she wouldn’t make it passed the application process. All they would do, which they 100% would, is google her and realize she’s an idiot. Or maybe they would take her for filler and crazy TV.
It would be fun to watch them tear apart her lack of basic skills. This line work is jacked.

No. 806814

she is so desperate for someone just to try and woo her properly
i mean i almost feel bad for her, almost everyone wants to be treated well and romanced properly but she goes about everything in totally the wrong way
"i'm sexy and loyal and smart, please love me and treat me well!! i'll show you how i'm all of these things with memes, lies, and trashy pics"
but then i remember she's impervious to suggestions and resistant to growth and also a garbo person surrounded by trash.

No. 806815

They probably would take her for the “crazy person” part every reality show nearly has, that one idiot who just knows they are going to win and of course, they don’t, ha.

No. 806824

File: 1606744875220.jpeg (89.03 KB, 575x481, 5EAD45AD-A820-45DB-B06E-C42EE2…)

That dude icky was doing his “sleeve” a few weeks ago in her robot body suit

No. 806829

Is he a realtor? Why does he have a Sutton Real Estate hat on?

No. 806830

Allegedly a realtor and party promoter.

No. 806846

File: 1606758433160.jpeg (1.56 MB, 4000x4000, ACD0BCB2-5123-4C29-810D-4D58DF…)

sorry for the bad crops

No. 806847

I'd bet good money sticky vicky has never tattooed someone's "ariroles" lmao. if she had she'd probably mangle them because she hates other women so much, especially if the woman was attractive.

No. 806873

I don’t follow this guy, but he’s a tattoo artist from Ontario. I wish he’d join the conversation.

No. 806874

The lines are so wiggly with varying thicknesses that it looks like someone's first time doing Henna, and they can't make it come evenly out of the tube. Sucks that this is forever.

No. 806900

You have your account name left in this, anon

No. 806906

File: 1606804322799.webm (943.57 KB, 640x640, 128492689_1359702101045895_506…)


No. 806908

File: 1606805859845.jpeg (458.15 KB, 1125x558, C9B867FC-6806-4EC6-B5CB-BDFFA5…)


Why does she look like a carp. Why even post this? She looks cooked out of her mind and it shows how round her moon face is. Nice plaque caked tongues too this actually makes me sick. During a pandemic too

No. 806914

she's so funny in videos, she picks an angle she thinks makes her look good and then tries to remain as still as possible lmao

No. 806918

I legit think she’s on drugs

No. 806931

File: 1606831832928.jpeg (135.98 KB, 827x1150, 380738E5-3071-4ACC-A603-C8B252…)

So this tattoo artist that has touch contact with her clients is out at midnight, high as fuck, touching inside her mouth now with the 5th new guy this month. She’s in a city / county where numbers are rising. Anyone with half a brain cell would look at this “artist page” and realize she’s a liability / a health risk / a shit tattooist.

No. 806935

File: 1606833097773.jpeg (37.6 KB, 827x233, 56A88D60-6A4D-4567-BA3B-098EC9…)

Guess she didn’t fill any of those spots for her fat dealz. Or her new tongue boyfriend above hit it and quit it.

No. 806971

Prob tongue chan left, she only complains about men.

No. 806986

I am shocked she kept this video up. Despite the obvious cringe factor, her head looks like a oversized dodgeball on a football linebackers neck… Definitely not the uWu sex goddess vibes she tries to portray

No. 807002


"I'm loyal but good luck keeping me"

hurt herself in her own confusion lol

No. 807022

File: 1606861227268.jpeg (173.9 KB, 826x1139, 8161E645-408A-4D51-AA65-E4B3E7…)

Mabye they are in a ditch, guys.

No. 807037

What does this even mean? I get it's supposed to sound like she's such a bad bitch who will fuck someone up, but why is she stealing someone's knives to leave in a ditch? She must really be drunkposting half the time.

No. 807040

File: 1606865184128.jpeg (54.17 KB, 827x374, 06739C97-9F85-422B-9ECB-C1C6AB…)

“I don’t even blame them, have you seen how sexy I am? HAVE YOU?! TELL ME! PAY ATTENTION TO ALL OF THIS” holy shit. Imagine hanging out with her

No. 807041

Lol at her fat girl arm

No. 807047

File: 1606866462638.jpeg (108.31 KB, 827x647, 11AA2C19-3DDB-4064-A7EA-A24F1B…)

“I guess Megan Fox and I just look like eachother”
“We are both beautiful women”

No. 807051

File: 1606866893233.jpeg (136.35 KB, 827x532, 224E7C81-A8B6-464B-B602-B26E29…)

Seeing double. kek.
She’s said she looks like fox before.

No. 807052

File: 1606867582539.jpeg (50.91 KB, 827x338, A672DB04-1A15-4A94-885F-D532E5…)

Holy shit. Please… is she kidding?

No. 807058



No. 807067


Except she didn’t have her hair dyed like that it was a shitty wig. I DID IT BEFORE SHE WAS EVER A STAR Jesus she is so insufferable. Her hair was brown before any one else!

No. 807070

File: 1606872864360.jpeg (138.78 KB, 827x825, 8FCCCE49-5511-4670-AD8F-7212DB…)

She dresses like a tomboy at work remember! Don’t forget that story she’s told a million times. But she has her days! Heart eyes! Don’t forget how pretty I am with and without makeup, I’m not like other girls.

No. 807076

please baby Jesus this is all I want for your birthday

No. 807115


The wavy curtains. The bed that just dips down on one side. The liquid shirt. She really doesn’t even try.

No. 807120

File: 1606897306992.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1242x1857, F40E1EEB-92F4-4C64-BAEA-208ECE…)

You forgot to mention the weird wonky liquid eye, the drawn on strand of hair, and the random black blob square on her neck.

No. 807145

Barely wears makeup what? She takes pics of herself like every single day with tons of makeup.

No. 807155

You forgot, she has "natural eyeshadow" so surely she has "natural eyeliner, lipstick, foundation, and cakey spider lashes".

No. 807179


She was literally wearing a spandex bodysuit and full makeup during her last “appointment”, but sure.

No. 807183

lmao she fucked it up THREE TIMES. Vick honey it’s ‘maybe’ and it’s spelled exactly like the words ‘may’ and ‘be’ you dumb, dumb bitch.

No. 807185

File: 1606931003982.jpeg (190.95 KB, 827x1063, C68121BC-77D2-4B7C-9326-CEBB5E…)

Treat him like a KING.

“Good luck even keeping me. I’ll always make you feel like you’re walking on eggshells”

No. 807192

She's the epitome of a pick me.

No. 807195

Lol does she not see how she's constantly contradicting herself? Anything for male attention, I guess. Embarrassing

No. 807196

Pickmes who never get picked are just the saddest sight. And the most hilarious.

No. 807231

File: 1606952364967.jpeg (178.43 KB, 622x866, 4173996C-E70F-421F-A216-DBCE87…)

This fool from buttfuck Ontario gets all his “inked” by Victoria. These aren’t even five years old?

No. 807240

why are they SO FADED already holy shit

No. 807247


Well. I mean he does smoke his nasty cigarettes to the filter it seems by this picture. Trash attracts trash

No. 807252

File: 1606955940650.jpeg (101.84 KB, 691x921, 8807456A-EDB1-4D73-9FF9-743524…)

The top one was one in 2019. Victoria Bella morte, photoshopped prison tattoos with FAT DEALZ.

No. 807274

the black neck thing killed me. wasn't sure if that is where her neck tattoo is but what was she doing, trying to create a shadow?

No. 807282

I wonder if she realizes that this photo makes her boobs look normal sized and not like giant balloons? It’s a better look for her, but I’m guessing she was too focused on fixing her face and gut to notice.

No. 807328

File: 1606979061370.webm (1.63 MB, 640x640, 129154545_413629683152587_5905…)

Oh no

No. 807333

Vicky Shingles, only woman in the world who ever wears a baggy shirt that conceals her figure.

Also, why is she wearing socks OVER her leggings??

No. 807334


I swear she's built like a fridge.

How do you even do such a thing at, what, 30 years old?

Vick, you ass is no longer in the Myspace era

No. 807335

Her videos give me so much secondhand embarrassment, I can't take it sometimes. She's really at work pulling her shirt up to show off her average body. Imagine walking in on your coworker doing this.

No. 807341

Maybe this pickme needs to learn how to spell kek.

No. 807345

Socks over leggings. The fuck

No. 807349

File: 1607002243114.jpeg (261.69 KB, 827x1510, 37F3EB11-8C4B-41A3-A5D0-01B851…)

Icky wants to keep talking about her body but I’m more concerned with the bodies she ruins with this absolute trash.
She she be more worried about her own future, go back to school, educate herself, travel, grow as a human? She’s always concentrates on the lowest denominator cause she’s about as well rounded as a turnip.

No. 807350

File: 1607002437572.jpeg (108.66 KB, 827x508, 43407136-2800-42F6-8F12-60D621…)

And you’re not hot icky. And you’re not ugly, you’re average. That’s it. You’re not fat / not skinny. You have disgusting clips full of hair attached to your head, your teeth are…. going to fall out one day. You look like Guelph trash. All these guys might hit on you, but it’s quality over quantity.

Ps. How long until she comes here to tell us we’re all whales and should kill ourselves?

No. 807351

File: 1607002590275.jpeg (182.02 KB, 826x1213, 868714D9-45C6-4497-9ED3-EED1C9…)

Her hair extensions are ratty af.
And you show those haters you’re unbothered. Kek

No. 807361

Damn, icky got that dump truck

No. 807362

File: 1607009543799.jpeg (150.5 KB, 827x819, 851F210E-0F3D-40F7-96B0-67B7B9…)

Is she’s so concerned about woman having a healthy body image why does she shop herself like this?

No. 807366

File: 1607010296752.jpg (89.09 KB, 1280x907, IMG_20201203_084358_230.jpg)

>one hell of a martial artist and therefore athletic

I am crying.

No. 807373

Jesus, what a chunkster.

No. 807376

File: 1607014193540.jpeg (765.04 KB, 750x1190, 0F0B9DCB-4088-4671-A0EB-A27814…)

How is she not embarrassed she has the exact same video in the GTA hooker outfit three separate times on her artist page?

No. 807377

This chick just lives for any opportunity to show off her body. Why, I don't even know, because aside from her fat girl tits, she's extremely average. I second the other anon who gets second hand embarassment from icky Vicky. Sometimes I can't even watch her video clips because it's so embarassing

No. 807378

Hilarious that she's trying to prove she's curvy thicc, while standing on her tippy toes to make her ass stick out more and appear taller lol face it Vic, you're built like a fridge with tits

No. 807406

File: 1607023796446.jpeg (35.15 KB, 827x276, C9B55FD5-942D-4758-AD3A-E5FBD3…)

Not strong enough to stop smoking cigarettes. Girls smoking tar thinking she’s some sort of health queen.

No. 807454

what LANGUAGE is this

also lmao
>socks over leggings

No. 807497


Wow… this is just sad. Imagine feeling the need to photoshop yourself into a crowd of people to look like you’re out having fun but in reality you don’t have any friends.
I’m starting to feel very sorry for her to be honest.

No. 807502


Don’t feel bad for her. If she wasn’t such a rotten person and a compulsive liar she wouldn’t be a lonely loser with no real friends who stick around. She’s always with randoms off the internet. She has no true close circle and that’s the bed she made

No. 807508

That’s what happens when you call everyone doing better than you are mentally ill and retarded. Talk to people like they are below you, etc. I wouldn’t feel bad for her. If she was accepting of change, she’d be living a whole other life.

No. 807509

File: 1607052353501.jpeg (81.88 KB, 511x763, 8C3B7AFA-5CC4-47B5-B3DD-B014D2…)

I couldn’t imagine being 35 and entertaining dudes that left comments on my photos like this. She’s so hard up for male attention that she’ll even accept being talked to like a useless skank. I can’t tell if this guy is 45 or 16.

No. 807511

File: 1607052654068.jpeg (39.56 KB, 497x454, 424A4910-4779-4F02-8CDD-DB739D…)

Her iPhone is such shit / she edits them so heavy you can hardly see but if this girl likes to be so comfortable and clean at work why is she clipping this old ratty hair pieces to her head? It’s so dead and dry it’s sticking up. How is this comfortable? Kek

No. 807513

That skirt hiked up to her tits always sends me. Funny how she used to not have a problem showing her stomach before she butchered it with a garbage tattoo.

No. 807517


Is that shirt shooped on? Holy shit

No. 807519

File: 1607054971985.jpg (95.3 KB, 902x1280, IMG_20201203_210742_955.jpg)

Trouble in paradise with her latest crush I guess.

No. 807535


The only thing this shallow frumpy hag cares about is looks. It’s all she ever talks about and cares about. It’s so sad that’s the little world she decides to live in and why she will never experience real connection. Must suck to see everyone her age being married and in love with families and she’s on the internet at late hours posting about totally hot guyysssss.

No. 807582

File: 1607093438088.jpeg (32.85 KB, 827x219, EEC3152D-420B-4CE3-8472-E13AA0…)

Ick : Wonders why only thirsty loser men speak to her.

Also icky: posts photos of her feeling up her tits on Facebook. Posts stupid responses like this.

No. 807654

File: 1607122234286.jpeg (153.28 KB, 827x1166, A54DF240-E4C6-48D7-818B-BFA4C3…)

How many days until she posts a huge “ I don’t even know why I have to say this, but in case your artist is injured sick or ….. blah blah…. I’m not giving you your deposit back… blah blah blah.”

Last month was her eyelashes gave her an infection or whatever.

No. 807746

I don‘t get what she‘s trying to say with this pic

No. 807754

File: 1607176234409.jpeg (27.59 KB, 828x393, 03BD3AA1-ACA6-4524-BC95-9AB71C…)

Imagine posting how unbothered you are all the time, but coming across that you are super bothered at 1am

No. 807846

I don’t either, other than she’s (obviously) upset? I feel dumb.

No. 807896

It’s not that serious. She’s getting her wrist checked and she always wears that stupid robot bodysuit cause she’s such an unfeeling INTJ. I wouldn’t feel stupid, she’s drunk and mentally challenged.

No. 807898

File: 1607265817060.jpeg (212.75 KB, 661x1558, E9D612F6-A921-4123-99E4-90DE79…)

Here’s an updated photo of the deli meat flowers Vicky did.

No. 807985

Looks exactly like the kind of person who'd get a tattoo from Victoria Bella Morte

No. 808116

File: 1607388727710.jpeg (130.3 KB, 827x906, 8E6F870C-0831-4205-B134-886C3F…)

“Old room” I guess she already got kicked out of the housing room.

No. 808136

The drawn on hip makes sense /s

No. 808144

wait a minute, what are you talki-oh my god, she did. she warped herself some hips.
This fucking outfit again.she just wears stuff til it rots off, i guess.

No. 808213

File: 1607441427988.jpeg (60.04 KB, 827x386, 56F60AF5-5767-40B1-852A-01E0B3…)

This girl need to learn how to spell.
“Hung over as fuck lol hahaha” Jesus Christ. I can’t believe this person is almost 40.

No. 808215

Is she purposefully misspelling 'maybe'? Surely at 35 or whatever age she is she knows how to spell that word?

No. 808216

Maybe she's thinking it makes her sound British?

No. 808222

File: 1607446397390.jpg (92.24 KB, 948x1279, IMG_20201208_095258_466.jpg)

Lol Vic feeling insecure about her weight gain

No. 808224

File: 1607446687562.jpg (109.15 KB, 794x1279, IMG_20201208_095741_147.jpg)

Victoria also posted this in the middle of the night last night but I forgot to post it.

No. 808265

File: 1607458374944.jpeg (230.19 KB, 827x1207, 6AD9088D-D477-405C-B5A2-D2F8B1…)

After “partying too long”
Is this scene Mia thinks she’s doing coke and blows a line of heroin.
I honestly think ick is on drugs.

No. 808270

> ever not take a bad video

am I retarded or is he saying every video of her is bad??

No. 808272

That’s what he’s saying. Either he’s a moron or he’s asking why her quality is so shit. Kek

No. 808282

I read it that way too. Of course she thought he meant it like all her videos are soooo good, can’t she take one bad one? Kek

No. 808284

File: 1607463903124.jpg (83.39 KB, 993x1279, IMG_20201208_144414_194.jpg)

New work from Victoria Bella Morte

No. 808295


If you can’t draw a simple circular eyeball, maybe you shouldn’t be a tattoo artist

No. 808421

File: 1607496500446.jpg (53.47 KB, 500x538, 303re5.jpg)

All I can see, if it had squintier eyes

No. 808504

File: 1607542051710.jpeg (290.78 KB, 827x1254, 58594D14-126E-4B02-B8A2-CC922B…)

So rare. Girls that physically assault people and are adventurous.
This girl is a crackhead.

No. 808515

No woman like this exists, except in maybe Final Fantasy XIII.

No. 808607

In her delusional world, men don't stick around because she's a STRONG woman… The cognitive dissonance ride never ends

No. 808623

Well lucky for us Vicky is a unicorn tier real life FF character! I mean we've all seen her awsome sword flailing skills.

No. 808636

File: 1607607932223.png (1.15 MB, 828x1792, EC4C512E-1233-463B-AFA6-33867B…)

Victoria put up this whole conversation with this guy on her Facebook. Just casually up at 1am letting random dudes add you and answering them. Imagine having this little going on

No. 808637

File: 1607608243504.jpeg (1.75 MB, 3000x3000, ED82B135-BB34-4631-B142-23E922…)

“Hot chicks and models don’t respond to people cause they get stalked”

“I love talking to people because they are stupid”

You’re really selling yourself, icky.

No. 808638

File: 1607608489019.jpeg (155.72 KB, 827x797, D575F99B-38BD-4CB0-B287-B2A900…)

This guy is very clearly trolling her and she’s too stupid to see it. Vicky gives me big boomer energy.

No. 808639

regardless of this being a cow the convo makes me cringe because it's just another guy harassing a woman and refusing to respect her boundaries. this isn't funny to me.

No. 808640

There’s a block button. At one point he says she’s harassing him and tells her
To leave HIM alone. He’s a troll. This isn’t harassment on any end.
This is what happens when you let people troll you.
Oh and welcome to LOLCOW.

No. 808641


who replies to a compliment that she "likes someone" already???

this is just her long-winded way of announcing she has another dude in her sights (like always)

No. 808642

It really is. She always has to announce “I like someone” and post “I’m so desirable” messages. When a normal 35 year old woman wouldn’t have added this stranger to begin with, and if they did they definitely wouldn’t have a 10 minute back and forth with him.
It really shows her lack of awareness and how much she craves male attention.

No. 808647

They’re both pathetic. He looks like he lives in a field of mustard greens, and he seems to have the mentality of an 8 year old boy who is retarded enough to bully a girl he likes.

No. 808650

File: 1607617878488.jpeg (56.76 KB, 479x480, 59990F1F-CA39-4E8D-B681-2F3A7B…)

Agreed. They’re both sad.
He’s looking like a trailer park boys extra, and likes to troll people.
She entertains this people and is so “unbothered INTJ” that she posts it on her page like a 15 year old.

No. 808668


Me and every girl on the internet gets messages like this. Normal people ignore them but Vicky has to answer every single damn one. I guess she thinks she’s the only one out here getting nasties in the DMs then feels it’s brag worthy. She always posts screenshots of crap that she thinks makes her look special. She is so disconnected from reality

No. 808758

File: 1607658299870.jpeg (73.18 KB, 353x640, 541424F4-B374-4B3B-9B5C-9FBDF8…)

Ah yes, the classic relaxed drunk talking to hot guys accent

No. 808760

File: 1607658908178.jpeg (94.3 KB, 827x544, EDC05157-385E-4AE7-A022-D3CFCF…)

“Like a normal person”
There’s been plenty of videos of her drinking during the week and not just once. And drinking every week isn’t “normal people” if she was as busy as she claims to be at 35 years old, drinking every weekend wouldn’t really be a thing. I stopped that shit in my 20s
And drinking once a week for an adult could be normal, but like a glass of wine or a beer. Not drinking until you’re wasted. Moron.
She also said she’s relaxed drunk in this video…. it’s Thursday. Kek

No. 808761

File: 1607659022216.jpeg (51.2 KB, 827x260, 3D5729C8-C386-491C-926D-B56884…)

…. well she’s talking to her phone camera … so relaxed drunk on a Thursday.

No. 808780

Embarrassing. This is something I would expect a 16 year old to type out. Not a grown. Ass. Woman. Jfc.
>my accent can shift
More like you get drunk and you can’t manage your pretend accent anymore.

No. 808783

You could have commented without having to add the whole "stopped that shit in my 20's lol so I'm much better than Vic" you moron. If it takes posting comparison of yourself to LCF, esp in Icky's thread to feel good, kys.

No. 808788

You’d think at her age she’d have some goals and ambitions like improving her art, opening her own studio (for real this time), investing and maybe owning her own flat or house … But no, all she cares about is hot guys.
All she does is for the sake of looking cool and hot for dudes. Even her sword hobby is just for the sake of looking desirable, she has no interest in joining a dojo and learning how to get better at something, she just wanna look cool on camera and that’s it.

I hope she keeps posting on social media just to see if she’s still doing the whole “sorry i have someone i like thoooo” by the time she’s in her forties.

Accents do come and go but it’s usually when people move back to their country or state, and it happens gradually. But anyway I bet none of her friends believe her either.

No. 808789


Isn't this the weird old Boomer she worked for? Lmao is he outing her as a drunkard?

No. 808795

NTA but chill the fuck out, what the fuck

No. 808799

Lmao yes that's the dude with the champagne bottle from a year ago. What a weirdass comment. Dude might need to put the drinking on the side himself.

No. 808814

Strike a nerve did I? I meant overall people stop that shit in their 20s, getting smashed weekly because you’re more productive, get your career established, have real hobbies that don’t involve only having a fucked up time. Yet, she has nothing else but the cycle of drunk, hungover and her body healing from alcohol bingeing on the weekend.

If you are this high key stressed and need things spelled out for you or you’ll pop off this may not be the space for you.

No. 808822

File: 1607696428775.jpeg (121.75 KB, 827x682, 83FA2C64-B82E-4713-9C90-B5362D…)

“More of my interests are masculine” is this girl stuck in the 1950s? Wearing a slipknot sweater does not make you a tomboy.

No. 808826

>>I just like makeup and clothes
Sounds pretty girly

No. 808832

"i'M nOt LiKe tHe OtHeR GiRlS!!1"

No. 808856

File: 1607707248418.jpeg (125.85 KB, 750x193, CF1275EE-973E-4CA1-A9BE-04B169…)

1-2 drinks a day isn’t what normal people drink but ok

No. 808858

Jeez she is soooo annoying. She can’t even just say thank you and move on. Always has to take every opportunity to explain herself.

No. 808865

I've listened to this video like 5 times now and have no fucking clue what she's saying, can someone translate for me? I don't speak "relaxed drunk, faux Brit, boomer" kek

No. 808867

He probably doesn't drink. He doesn't even open that champagne bottle. Probably drove Vic crazy they couldn't drink it with all those photo ops he did. Still pretty hilarious this old guy is telling her she looks good when she isn't drunk.

No. 808875

Victoria Smella-Farte

No. 808886

File: 1607724257905.jpeg (150.58 KB, 827x1006, 1EA6C624-A0AC-423A-AB4B-5D8C6E…)

Victoria: “I’m an INJT intellect. Not like other girls.”

Also victoria: this caption.

No. 808893

This is so stupid and I can’t stop laughing

No. 808898

Oh my god, that’s embarrassing.

No. 808899

Imagine being her father seeing this on a public status with her ass up in frame.
You prepare you kids for life( or at least try to) and this is how your ALMOST 40 year old daughter posts herself. I can not.

No. 808900

I can't imagine being 25 and using this caption let alone 35.

No. 808902

File: 1607731696968.jpg (418.73 KB, 1080x1850, Screenshot_20201211_190754.jpg)

Can you expect anything less from someone who has THIS as the pinned post on their own FB fan page?? She's seriously mentally ill

No. 808904

I love how she’s so upset about someone messing with her photo when this is the photo. That 14.99 shake and go wig, photoshopped tits and she ms painted on eyelashes. She did a good job fucking this photo herself.

No. 808907


A terrible rap song from 2007 is so on brand for Vicky

No. 808913

File: 1607737001262.jpeg (124.48 KB, 827x757, 139B29B6-C170-4385-8648-FB195B…)

Ive noticed every few days her follow count has been going down by the hundreds. I wonder if people are over her shit, the followers she bought are fake profiles and are being deleted or both.

No. 808917

File: 1607741692375.jpg (72.72 KB, 788x1280, IMG_20201211_195312_645.jpg)

Why does she keep posting stuff about getting mad in relationships and how cute she is when this happens? It's so weird. Her relationship fantasies are always about how her hot bf gets her out of an upset mood. What type of guy would find that appealing? Lol.

Also I can't imagine being 35 and describing myself as a "brat".

No. 808921

Exactly why she keeps dating crackheads or dudes 10 years younger than her. Nobody wants to play these games. She had all the time in the world, she only works once a week.

No. 808923

File: 1607742603082.jpeg (204.79 KB, 828x1090, A8472623-8E73-4E86-8FB7-7A8C4B…)

Yeah she must be a hoot to date. This girl should take her own advice and get a therapist. She’s clearly “mentally ill”

No. 808926

It may be fake followers, bots always seem to get deleted en masse at the end of the year.

>What type of guy would find that appealing? Lol.

She really shows that she’s still stuck in this 2000’s phase, that whole thing about “tee hee cute guy makes me feel better” was such a meme back then.

No. 808960

Underrated post

No. 808988

Well considering that her relationships don't last over a week not even crackheads are willing to put up with her shit.

No. 809017

It fucks with me how she keeps calling herself a tomboy. There’s literally nothing tomboyish about her at all. Like I get that the image you cultivate online is not necessarily representative of who you are in real life, but you’d think there would be at least a hint of this tomboy side she keeps fucking going on about. Putting on a bandana and sunglasses doesn’t count if you’re wearing a full face of makeup with your hair done, with extensions.

It’s sad how her fake personality is solely to cater to men. Gross.

No. 809040

File: 1607811992884.jpeg (338.41 KB, 1131x827, EF06DD57-93C9-4EE0-BCB3-CFEB62…)

More black blobs by Vicky

No. 809071


That bird literally looks like a burnt chicken wing

No. 809093

This looks like it was done by a blind person with Parkinson's. It's so bad and will be a giant black blob in no time.

No. 809132

The poor bird looks like a deformed bear's ass-end. How does she consistently fail so hard at everydamnthing ever?

No. 809164

File: 1607871572947.jpeg (127.42 KB, 827x852, CF6D25AD-9F2E-4C2D-A41F-20EF27…)

The 35 year old smoker. This is such boomer drunk aunt energy.
She’s a shit tattoo artist with a terrible reputation professionally (and personally) lives in a room, doesn’t own a vehicle, has never went on a proper vacation and had cultural experiences in that way.
I honestly would love for icky to let the class know what’s so good about her.

No. 809217

File: 1607889199897.jpeg (100.2 KB, 827x1206, 8315CB5C-AB3F-4D0C-907D-1F248E…)

Imagine not taking any courses, living in your moms couch and stealing peoples money and thinking you earned anything.

No. 809266

File: 1607910708827.jpeg (132.52 KB, 827x1302, ACCF94E8-8C97-44C8-9B5E-8479C0…)

She’s feeling herself up in her room and calling it modelling. She’s a free onlyfans girl.

No. 809267

File: 1607910895618.jpeg (101.99 KB, 827x993, 5372EA98-F58F-4D60-B770-5FEEF1…)

Everytime she takes a video she’s picking / rubbing at her nose. This girl is so high.
Also, how can you be having a “photoshoot” in a pandemic? Oh right. Self timer on your iPhone.

No. 809271

Of course she’d be listening to G-Eazy. The most cornball white boy rap ever

No. 809276

Not only a photoshoot in a pandemic, but a super serious modeling job that's somehow taking place in her own messy bedroom that she just moved in to?? Sounds real legit vicky

No. 809278

That Harvard (or was it Yale?) education showing through with another blatant usage of 2 L's when there should just be one lmao

No. 809279

File: 1607914086893.jpg (131.66 KB, 1080x1007, Screenshot_20201213_214647.jpg)

I get so much second hand embarassment from her exchanges with people in the comments. You can tell she's ready to go Super Saiyan on anyone who isn't immediately and obviously kissing her ass. I'm surprised she even replied back to this because as soon as they prove they're being non threatening she doesn't engage

No. 809280

Imagine lowering the quality on your videos that much cause you can’t stand the look of your own real face.

No. 809285

That's not even her real face, don't kid yourself. There's enough candids floating around, even in her own IG posts, that it's quite clear she's using some kind of video filter here.

No. 809289

Yale, Stanford, and UCLA, I believe.

No. 809292

File: 1607917826738.jpeg (257.97 KB, 828x833, EFDCE2FD-C5F8-4B87-86DD-6A16E6…)

Actually she backed tracked and said she finds her sources online cause free courses is exactly like sitting in on a course at Harvard that probably costs THOUSANDS. They just give that out for free.

No. 809298


>not sure where everyone’s getting this

You literally wrote it on your linked in page under the “education” section, you poor, sad idiot. Watching free lecture material on YouTube doesn’t count as education, just like swigging Jack Daniels and sucking band boy dick doesn’t count as brushing your teeth. This bitch couldn’t clear the lowest bar in any capacity and thinks she’s untouchable. This delusion is so hilarious.

No. 809299

File: 1607921384449.jpeg (101.23 KB, 750x1238, B6171BA8-FE7E-4ED8-998E-37DE48…)

No. 809301

File: 1607921706483.jpeg (55.67 KB, 825x274, F66C3C73-DC68-4475-8FC1-FE4AC6…)

I remember this. Someone called her out for saying she had all these degrees, and she said it’s a joke cause she’s self employed ( which she’s not)

No. 809315

lol didnt she freak out on someone not too long ago for joking about kidnapping, because she'd totally been kidnapped forreal?

No. 809318

>claims an observatory wanted to fly her out to work there because she read shit online
>no apostrophes
>I read all the time I am so nerdy haha aforementioned
How is she not embarrassed by this crap? I wonder if Vic herself believes any random tall tale she reads and doesn't understand how obvious her lies are.

No. 809351

It's because she's a narcissist with delusions of grandeur. She probably believes she deserves recognition for her self proclaimed genius level intellect, and the fact that she doesn't actually have an education is a minor detail. Same with the fact that she spells it mabye.

No. 809359

She uses the term model so loosely, I don’t think she knows what that word means.
What is she modelling? Her own stinky clothing she’s already displayed countless times? Guelph is in a red zone, nobody is modelling right now.

No. 809376

She thinks it makes her seem more desirable than she actually is, and there are men stupid enough to fall for this kind of crap. But then you see the room she is in with shit piled up in the corner…

No. 809423


Does this aged lard think she’s going to get G-eazys attention from constantly tagging him? She tagged him numerous times in this pathetic video where she’s just eye fucking herself the whole time. She’s so dusty

No. 809426

File: 1608050810511.jpeg (40.28 KB, 827x433, C4C6D1DC-CC79-4EE1-92D7-9188CD…)

Even on Facebook. Leaving little hearts on his wall. This is a woman in her 30s.

No. 809475

Never mind the fact that G-easy himself is kinda dusty. How embarrassing.

No. 809480

Like attracts like!

No. 809584

Kek she acts like that literal fedora wearing neck beard wanted to fly her out to his observatory because she watched a lecture and she’s sooooper smart. What an insult on the fat neck beard who probably worked hard to get his job. All she had to do was watch a couple YouTube videos posted by Yale and she’s practically an astrophysicist.

No. 809595

More like she got drunk up at the poolhall, yammering on about her education and knowledge, (because you know, she's beautiful AND a genius), and he probably agreed to take her to the planetarium if she gives him an angry handy in the bathroom.

No. 809599

She's probably waiting for him to mistake her for Megan Fox

No. 809664

He then had to use his astrophysics degree to navigate the stars to find her house, as his mom did not pack a phone charger, and he awoke in a fit of rage unable to find any protein bars in her household. She wouldn't even give him a single telescopic, and he stayed well into the next lunar cycle searching for one in her cupboards. Legend says if you follow the constellations on a Jack Daniels ridden night, you'll come across him still waiting for Ick's expert knowledge to be passed on; for the planets to align and the secrets of the stars to be revealed..

Memes aside I vaguely remember the astro guy calling her out for being a rude bitch or something and spilling the deets on it not being all she made it out to be. Like they got in a lil lovers quarrel on FB about it. Might be remembering wrong though I know some gracious anon spoonfed the thread their investigatory deets on the matter.

No. 809671

It seems a reoccurring theme where she'll fuck or blow an orbiter and then get pissed when he tries to get in as a boyfriend on her social media because she wants to keep her options open.

No. 809686

I’ve noticed the opposite pattern - she thinks fucking/sucking off a guy would make him fall for her but they all just use her as an easy target and move on, while she is salty and starts an offensive meme posting spree about how men are trash and how unbothered she is and “oh you thought because I was obsessing over you and sucking you off right away meant I liked you? Haha no way I am way too icy INTJ Queen who likes no man”.

No. 809688

I second this. Remember the crackhead from Guelph she was fucking and he started talking to other girls? She’s at the age that people don’t want to play her games anymore. She has nothing to offer a stable relationship (or even with trash) and she can’t admit she’s wrong so she acts like a 15 year old brat

No. 809692

I mean, isn’t that a bit of everything?
She gets insanely jealous over the tiniest thing and has the most fragile ego. At the same time, she keeps racking in on attention from pervs online when no self respecting girl, single or in a relationship, would accept dudes commenting stuff like “you make me hard”

She has 0 empathy so she can’t comprehend that her flings are not ok with these kind of things, and the ones who are are simply not interested in a serious relationship so they fuck off the moment she starts being toxic to make them prove their love.

I’m pretty sure her ideal bf is someone who’d be ok with dudes jerking over her pics while having 0 female friends, and constantly fighting for her attention to serve her ego. Too bad, normal dudes her age aren’t interested in those kind of things, and the ones who are, are just meatheads that will be equally as toxic and messaging other girls.
She’s a wannabe Jessica Rabbit.

No. 809696

Yeah I've noticed this too but she does do the top one to the extra uglies. Like the ones that are wayyy bottom shelf she 'leads on' and will try to silence them on her pages when they get too comfy or she has her eye on a hotter meth head.

No. 809697

But she claimed old champagne wielding Ulysses is just a mate on her social.
Anyone think she fucked him? I wouldn't doubt it myself.

No. 809707

She claimed to have a ~crush~ on someone who was like 65. I don’t think they porked but no doubt she wanted to.

No. 809709

I’m crying.

No. 809966

File: 1608302910466.jpeg (92.65 KB, 828x550, BA64B459-D0F4-45B1-AAB2-808B8C…)

On the 8th day of the week.
Metal dudes so she can listen to g-easy and pretend she likes metal cause not like other girls

No. 810109

I know it is old but it just humors me how she is constantly casting nets to catch men and all she brings up are a bunch of barnacles.

No. 810183

So she hasn’t posted really since this “photoshoot” she’s probably obsessively photoshopping it to hell and back.

No. 810233

File: 1608422943601.jpeg (171.62 KB, 827x785, B9394E0E-325E-4C69-BFD8-789456…)

Glow & co in fergus Ontario should really speak to their employees or contractors about wearing masks in their establishment.Guelph / fergus is in the red zone and is going into lockdown because of idiots like Victoria Bella morte.
She’s a liability, and the fact that they let her work there is disgusting.
I almost feel bad for them because they’re going to get a complaint filed because this photos are posted public on his and her page.
Good luck victoria and your cousin at Glow & Co in fergus.

No. 810234

Samefag: but not wearing masks and her as a tattoo artist putting fingers in and around her mouth during a pandemic. Slick Hick Vick.

No. 810246

File: 1608434323601.jpeg (147.44 KB, 827x1191, 97346DB3-36D2-4831-9CD5-7ED80B…)

Those shorts don’t fit, Vick.
What flip house is she living in now? This girl, during the pandemic, has lived in 4 separate addresses.

No. 810249

0 curves apart from her fat rolls. cant believe she posted this

No. 810255

I am surprised she has even been able to find even a box to sleep in, with how things are everywhere.

No. 810265

is the cross new? i don't remember it being there from other images showing off her stupid stomach tattoo. even through the quality it looks wonky.

No. 810280


Why does she always pull up her fat when she shows her lumpy stomach? She always has her hand there holding it up. Classic fat girl trick

No. 810293


This looks like a tacky temporary tattoo you’d get at a Halloween store. If my tattoo artist told me this was their favourite tattoo id be out the door immediately.

The compression shorts in -15 degree weather, the trashy bandana and shirt combo, the barely there, unblended hair extensions. The trashy junkie aesthetic is alive and well.

Also, I’m pretty sure the g spot is in elora. Vickys mom lives in Fergus and has an in home spa room in the basement that she runs her own business out of. So there is a good chance that Vicky is tattooing out her her moms basement atm.

No. 810300

File: 1608483001864.jpeg (71.71 KB, 827x311, F61B055F-C7F4-4A35-B373-D7340E…)

Unbothered queen and her hashtags. We can all tell this isn’t photoshopped.

No. 810337

Pretty sure this dude is perfect for her considering he has a dollar sign, Louis Vuitton and Gucci logos tattooed on him, but he’s getting an unhygienic scratcher to “ink” him.

No. 810436

File: 1608584772813.jpeg (68.08 KB, 819x573, A5899615-3831-4B86-B949-244EE6…)

So… Victoria is being disgusting again.
This is the guy on all her videos, always telling her to shut the fuck up.
He also has a photo up of him and his girlfriend. Victoria doesn’t sleep with other guys girlfriends though… she’s just aggressively sexual with them.

No. 810437

File: 1608584989318.jpeg (205.34 KB, 759x590, CA830FA9-5089-4CA4-ADAE-628BF3…)

Ass down in leaves in a back alley during a pandemic with some ransoms.
How’s that tattooing business from your moms basement going, ick?

No. 810440

File: 1608586182923.jpeg (110.88 KB, 828x968, 6E5E47A5-55FE-4067-BB0F-EDFA96…)

Yeah this dude. He’s also 19/20 years old.

No. 810445

Good to see she finally got a fresh pair of thigh highs.
I wonder if these ones will last as long as her black ones.

No. 810457

Not a chance. They started white but will be black soon enough with jack and ashes

No. 810459

The pic on the right made me see she had a penis nose

No. 810479

She will insist it is not in fact, penis shaped, but a sign of her "breetush" heritage or whatever it is she is constantly harping on about.

No. 810503

The midlife crisis is strong in this one

No. 810611

File: 1608681537700.jpeg (128.78 KB, 1440x1440, 4179A440-162A-4ACF-A884-2B42C7…)

So Vicky’s friend is claiming people are trying to kill her and she was assaulted. Again. But enough about that, looks like this chick and icky share a sword for fake photoshoots

No. 810612

Please tell me if I'm being a retard, but am I interpreting this conversation correctly?

Dudebro: (makes joke about … suffocating her cat)(?)
Vick: I am turned on; fuck me (?)

No. 810613

You got that correct. And the dude has a girlfriend which is posted on his profile. She’s so gross and desperate.

No. 810617

File: 1608684741519.jpeg (110.98 KB, 827x728, E885858C-D953-453A-A629-D707AA…)

Speaking of fake followers, looks like that end of year clean up is hitting vick

No. 810679

Someone needs to shop these two sword weilding fatties and Cameron into some kind of movie poster.

No. 810708

I miss Cameron. That was the most entertaining this thread has ever been.

No. 810734

Me too. But then again it was almost too much, ha.

No. 810736

Same. I wish he'd just have one or two blog posts on here once in awhile.

No. 810806

File: 1608833774540.jpg (717.4 KB, 2268x2896, 20201224_131448.jpg)


Hope this will do

No. 810808

Holy shit anon I love you. Merry Christmas. This is hilarious.

No. 810818

what a masterpiece

No. 810845

File: 1608851006139.gif (932.82 KB, 320x240, 9EBD36D0-0103-4D93-A3F1-426427…)

No. 810854

This … is gold.

No. 810861

Bless you anon this is perfect

No. 810870

The greatest Christmas gift we could ask for here. Bless u, anon

No. 810909

Kektastic omg anon!

No. 810927

Amazing work anon! This is the movie everyone wants, but no one needs.

No. 810951

I love this

No. 811015

god damn im glad i checked this thread today. merry christmas anon lmao

No. 811045

File: 1608996451816.jpeg (93.42 KB, 827x517, F3FB6062-9C1D-4DE5-B935-4C29DA…)

Wouldn’t be the holiday season without ick going on about jealous stalker women and being natural but having 70 filters on.

No. 811083


She looks…… hefty

No. 811100

Never fails to amaze me how much Vic hates other women but in the same sentence will act like she's some girl power feminist

No. 811114

Wonder where she goes when she puts on that weird beige ensemble.

No. 811256

File: 1609173687077.jpeg (112.34 KB, 827x673, 01B7085F-8FDF-4BB4-BCFC-FBE5E9…)

The only thing dustier than these old couches victoria lugs around from apartment to apartment everytime she gets kicked out, is her weave.
She needs to steam clean these ugly things at least.

No. 811258

All I can think of is poor Cameron trying to get comfortable on that couch and complaining about his hunger pangs.

No. 811259

Lol or crawling around under them inventorying the lack of energy bars and signal, inventorying the dust bunnies.

No. 811265

>I found myself crawling under her furniture, counting the dust bunnies as my hunger pains became increasingly unbearable. It’s 5am and Victoria is snoring loudly. Her apartment filth is starting to bother me more than my hunger for low sugar Powerbars. After rummaging through her apartment, I finally found a broom. It’s brand new and clearly never used. This, along with lack of snoo snoo, solidified my suspicions of her laziness. My hunger increases tenfold. I am horny, and alone.

No. 811279

Took me until the end to realize it wasn’t just a direct quote from that darling incel.

Cameron! Come back!

No. 811280

Maybe if we make a Powerbarz shrine, light some candles, and do a couple of widdershins, he will appear!

No. 811289


make a summoning circle with a charging cable and some protein bars

No. 811331

File: 1609208786585.jpeg (176.75 KB, 827x841, 54772CA9-8B5F-48C0-9819-97806B…)

Holy shit. Just when you think her edits can’t get any worse.

No. 811333

File: 1609208814057.jpeg (133.15 KB, 675x1200, A6703FB4-2F68-453E-BA05-9F9BAA…)

She’s starting to look like Bret Michaels

No. 811340

I hate when something bites a huge chunk out of my neck for no reason.

No. 811342

File: 1609210581626.jpeg (55.37 KB, 415x463, 9EAA176D-856F-4F5F-8565-683779…)

The only thing thirstier than that weave is her teeth for a dentist.

No. 811344

File: 1609210795222.jpeg (987.24 KB, 1242x1285, 52A520AF-39B6-48CB-AC4D-31E634…)

What. The. Fuck. Is this.

No. 811346

Burn a bunch of printed maps to summon him

No. 811347

File: 1609211361879.jpeg (351.01 KB, 1125x996, 1E06FA8B-841E-47EF-B685-67A730…)

No. 811349

I can't believe she posted that! The color of her face doesn't match her body. Her head is floating. Her hair is warped so much that it doesn't even look like hair any more. This is hilarious.

No. 811350

Where can I buy a necklace that defies gravity?

No. 811352

yikes, her head looks like it was pasted on. the wonky uneven eyes, crispy warping extensions and disappearing strap, all this time and her shoops just get worse

No. 811353

No weave - she’s actually wearing a wig here. I clocked it in this pic from her “modeling shoot” >>809266, you can tell from the part.

No. 811355

She looks like a Madame Tussaud’s wax figure.

No. 811360


This looks like one of those pictures of fake randomly generated people, "this person does not exist"

No. 811368

File: 1609217766958.jpg (574.63 KB, 971x1632, Screenshot_20201229-154433_Gal…)

Now she's posted a throwback picture from her MySpace days. I know she was younger/different aesthetic/can't edit photos to save her life, but holy hell this photo and whatever the hell >>811331 is look like they show two completely different people. I wish she could edit her more recent photos to look like the same person at the very least. I also wish she could go see a dentist - those front teeth are one meal away from popping straight out.

No. 811370

File: 1609218074598.png (3.19 MB, 828x1792, 6FB28B64-F8B8-4A7A-AD2F-DFE355…)

DAMN! She’s getting sloppy I didn’t even notice the necklace

No. 811374


No. 811383

File: 1609227186756.png (609.34 KB, 680x510, 091.png)

sometimes i genuinely want to believe she does this on purpose

No. 811400


All that shoop and she still left those flaming red gums untouched. Her mouth looks like someones put lipstick on a rotting corpse. Why do they look so inflamed yet dead?

No. 811403

"Not much has changed" sure thing vic..

No. 811426

The neck wider than head.
The rotten teeth.
The floating/melting accessories.
The 60 years old flabby pancake boobs that look like melted plastic.

The tragedy.

No. 811429

File: 1609258915022.jpeg (134.64 KB, 827x1009, 612226E4-FA35-4CD9-84C0-E2CC5C…)

“If I saw a girl like that”

It’s on her photo. That’s such a weird comment. Like is she admitting “that girl” is just a vision of how she sees herself? I’m so confused.

No. 811432

I think it could be something she does subconsciously, I.e. refers to the person in her shops in the third person because she (obviously) doesn't see that when she looks in the mirror. Also, she is so fucking annoying, both because of her delusional self-image and also larping as a bisexual woman (for the scrotes attention). I would get so wet if someone called her out on her shops and ridiculous behaviour in the comments. Unfortunately, it's all thirsty scrotes. Pathetic.

No. 811450


she's right in a way, but not the way she thinks. she's still bad at photoshop, still shooping herself into a different person, still acting like a thirsty, insecure, superficial teenager and still a high school graduate with no discernible skills or financial independence. basically frozen in time.

No. 811471

Her gums are legit almost black, ewwwww. She probably singes paper when she breathes.

No. 811476


The audacity this bitch has to say she totally looks like she’s 21 when she looks like a 40 year old smoked ham. The concealer just slathered all over her cheeks and above her brows is actually sending me. It looks horrendous. That cheap lingerie doesn’t fit her pancake tits either

No. 811477

File: 1609282864939.jpeg (31.89 KB, 827x203, E765F4E0-D8AE-4223-B48D-FD4364…)

A comment left under this monstrosity she calls a photo.

No. 811479

File: 1609282972100.jpeg (160.58 KB, 827x871, FDCEEB3C-7F8E-49B1-A792-1FA8AD…)

Attacking a girl for calling her end instead of scene. Cause emo girls had hair like men. Always intelligent, highbrow conversations with our INTJ queen.

No. 811480

File: 1609283098458.jpeg (45.64 KB, 825x264, BB5F4FDD-FF94-4A1C-B1DF-4ACE45…)

And never taking a compliment without bashing women. This girl wouldn’t know growth and maturity if it slapped her right in the rotten tooth

No. 811497

Imagine being in your 30’s and having scene hair and defending it lmao

No. 811498


It’s wild that she thinks anyone cares about her enough to be “psycho” in regards to her. Lolcow barely even gives a shit about her anymore and she’s going on like she’s Jeffrey Star always in some drama with the “haturzzzzz”. Literally nobody cares about this washed up scene hag, the only thing that brought life to this thread in the last year was her autistic sleeping partner.

Vic, you’re boring as hell, aging like warm milk and your decline was predictable and inevitable. Yawn.

No. 811502

She should take her bloated ego and tooth decay over to TikTok, tbh. They love that shit over there. She could probably get a decent following considering she would post eyefucking cringe 40 times a day. Too bad she can’t afford a smartphone.

No. 811553

She should stop shopping on Wish and get a damn dentist. Also, how is she getting worse at everything with time? Her photoshop and tattoo skills have been on a steady decline for ages.

No. 811561

File: 1609305136039.jpg (12.21 KB, 170x264, 170px-Attempted_restoration_of…)

What this photo reminds me of. How fucked up was Vicky to think that picture looks human, let alone good enough for Instagram?

No. 811588

I've only seen gums that dark on people who have deeply cracked teeth and the still attached bits cause the gum to irritate and infect the whole alveolar structure.

Ick ya nasty.

No. 811609

Agree. I'm actually getting pretty bored with the same ol' narc antics from Icky. The thread is still good for a laugh every now and then, but it's mostly just pathetic these days.

I follow a few cows always with the hope of an epic redemption arc. For her, that might include a serious self assessment of how she has hurt others in her community and how she debases herself. This would be followed by therapy, at least a year off social media, and when she is ready.. a serious apprenticeship on tattoo or another trade. Then if she still wants a relationship, get with a decent/responsible man.

I know the chance is so infinitesimal, she would be transforming major parts of her character, but if she could ever manage to be self critical or self aware to the extent required for the above.. well it would be a miracle. It would be like seeing a shooting star during a total solar eclipse or some shit.

No. 811644

That, or she’ll reveal herself to be the Troll of all Trolls who has been stringing us along for years. Either would be good.

No. 811684

I think the only reason Vicky’s thread is still active this year is because we’re all bored as shit and she continues a steady decline in personal, emotional and in her career. It’s truly the end of an era. Unfortunately for Vick the MySpace era ended a decade ago.

No. 811686

File: 1609345736888.jpeg (140.39 KB, 827x1052, 0CACB555-2886-4564-9A00-DB10A2…)

Hey Vicky. Know you’re popping on here once in awhile. When this thread isn’t active anymore, and you’re still pretending to be something you’re not what then? You won’t have this thread to show how famous you are. You’ll just be a 36 year old woman living in buttfuck nowhere with no education. Should really reflect on that.

Check out Alec baldwins wife and how pathetic it looks when you fake an accent your whole life.

No. 811764

File: 1609358625231.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 128.21 KB, 749x879, EF2CD6E7-E9C7-4876-91F0-C3D420…)


The way she does her makeup/ eyebrows gives me Emmett Kelly vibes

No. 811776

File: 1609360895798.png (605.09 KB, 864x1390, pleasefuckingpickmebeforeimfor…)

This needs to be incorporated in the new thread image. It is literally eldritch levels of awful, like someone took a Toddlers in Tiara's face and pasted it onto a retired 90's porn star with gingivitis. Her pickmeism is at the critical limit

No. 811781

Isn’t this also her “professional” page? Where she gets clients…? I couldn’t imagine looking for a respectable artist and seeing things like this. “Oh yeah I’ll give this person my money. She seems levelheaded”
Fucking hell. She’s so desperate for male attention it’s actually getting sad.

Since Vicky always wants to diagnose people with mental illnesses, I’m going to say she’s probably got some borderline personality or Histrionic personality disorder. Cause the amount of attention and “love” she needs from men is not normal. The fake accent is not normal. It’s all fucking weird. And she’s 36.

No. 811792

Stop trying to armchair everyone with bpd etc, she’s just a classic narcissist.

No. 811805

While “armchairing” as a narcissist.

No. 811806

You‘re armchairing too, anon

No. 811808

File: 1609365754219.png (2.45 MB, 828x1792, 4417C519-FC8E-44A1-8E0E-6849E9…)

Unbothered queen. Hey icky.
Seems like she’s posting these super bothered memes again. How fast until she comes back drunk in Jack Daniels and tells people to kill themselves again?

No. 811816

Twitter tards making up fake stories to go viral and bigger tards like vicky use it as boyfriend bait
>unlimited blowjobs
No guy wants your rotting mouth around his gross balls anyways vic. Except I guess 21 year olds who want hep c looking tattoos.

No. 811833

File: 1609369882468.jpeg (49.22 KB, 827x282, CDF29C88-DDE3-4925-9CAC-2EA4C0…)

Damn. At least ALL of her followers aren’t completely blind

No. 811887

I bet the majority of her followers are just there for the comedy clicks. She’s so hyperfocused on lolcow that she doesn’t realize there are way more people laughing at her than she knows.

No. 812078

File: 1609455939521.png (859.1 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201231-150427.png)

Be sexy = eat plant

No. 812080

Whole video

Hopefully this link works


No. 812081

File: 1609456781329.jpeg (207.17 KB, 827x1475, 91F3E3C0-68C7-418A-9AA9-466845…)

No photoshop, but there’s filters all up and down this video.
I love how she always says “body positive”, but calls people whale when they don’t agree with her.
She’s getting quite large.
And this isn’t a “photoshoot” you’re in your bedroom with your iPhone set up on your window sill.

No. 812082

File: 1609457250891.jpeg (47.62 KB, 480x612, C57FF623-B971-4D54-9999-D4BE2D…)

The random mf belt, the crummy “Versace” sports bra we’ve seen a million times, the fat gal arm, I cannot

No. 812085

Loool she literally cut off her entore right hip! And her stomach is clearly sticking out like a bowl full of jelly - Jesus she's fat as fuck. Also, nice job standing with your legs as far apart as you can manage and still needing to erase a bunch of thigh. See, it's a real thigh gap, guise

No. 812087

She realizes that this clearly shows she doesn't have an hourglass shape, right?

No. 812088

File: 1609459207371.jpeg (162.76 KB, 827x625, 5839B958-C8BA-4411-A5E9-5BE1E4…)

So unbothered she made this post.
And she dated someone for awhile
That fucked her selfworth? She also got left for her friend Samantha, she claims Quentin beat her, she dated the 20 year old dishwasher. This list goes on. Weird that this self made, intelligent, beautiful warrior princess can only get young toxic guys to date her.
And imagine how sad you’re life is that everytime you walk into a room you have to assess if you like everyone before you actually meet them.

No. 812089

Samefag, but just because you don’t photoshop doesn’t mean there isn’t filters which changes your appearance. This girl is more delusional than ever. Anyone with half a brain cell can see how much this girl hates herself.

No. 812092

Personally I feel like this is a step to the right direction. In this it’s obvious she’s not the tiny badass fitness queen she’s claimed to be for the last how many years, but is sort of embracing her physique.

She’s still insufferable and self-absorbed, but even one lie less to keep up with is better than nothing. Not that I have high hopes that this’ll last.

No. 812094

Considering just two months ago she was saying she has the perfect BMI and she’s a fitness sword babe I don’t know. I think she’s just New Years drunk and doesn’t realize how fat she is in this. Just like she didn’t realize how much her necklace was floating in her last crap. M

No. 812095

Kinda agree, those I miss the absolute silly photoshops. They were hilarious. I would guess she's put on 30-35 lbs this year and she's trying to make peace with it but she's still quite deluded.

No. 812104

So the… only thing she accomplished this year was putting filter on her photos instead of photoshop?

No. 812106

It could be being drunk too, and she’ll delete all those posts come morning. But the ”body positive” tag and not covering her face with her hand/hair is really a breath of fresh air. (Un?)fortunately she’s pathological so she’s probably gonna go back to her delusional antics in less than a week.

No. 812124

No photoshop, but she used a shitty photo editing program on her phone to shrink her hips.

No. 812128

There’s also facetune for videos. There’s body ones out there as well, but to be honest it doesn’t look like she did anything to her body. She ain’t looking healthy.

No. 812131

File: 1609473306515.jpeg (457.42 KB, 2048x2048, 4344B13D-51C6-4BC4-A3A5-6D5DE4…)

Yea she constantly bragged about how women get surgery to look like her and she’s “insanely curvy”. It was quoted in a thread OP. Shes too drunk to realize how large she looks here. And she has several filters on. She’s not accepting shit.

No. 812133

File: 1609473704595.jpeg (64.48 KB, 827x360, F4552721-016A-4947-AF67-E9053A…)

Changing her entire body shape, face and colour of her eyes is just polishing don’t you know.
This girl is as spaced out as ever.

No. 812135

My god, seeing her real face next to her over edited one is fucking jarring. What the fuck is going on with her mouth? And that eye make up, holy kek

No. 812138

File: 1609475332968.jpeg (90.25 KB, 775x589, A5EADF63-FDA0-4FD0-B6CD-566A16…)

And just for an updated one. The video of her “unedited body” on the left is from the 19th, not even two weeks ago.
Weight fluctuates, but this is all over the map. She can say body positive all she wants but she’s still heavily editing her videos.

No. 812140

She's wearing TWO bras and her tits are still hanging over the band of her fake versace sports bra, poor attempt to hide her fridge body with hair extensions, and a random belt to attempt to disguise her gut. How could she look in the mirror and think "yep, that looks good"

No. 812146


That fucking belt, lmao. Even with the filter on that pic you can still see her fupa struggling to be the star of the show. It’s not even a fupa, it’s more of a gunt. I’m chortling.

No. 812153


I don’t think she even has a “fake Versace” anything. I think it’s a crusty, (fake) Versace band that she keeps wearing.

Also, we see your 3 bras, giant 2003 waist belt. Wild how shes “in love with her body” but won’t show her stomach unless she’s pulling it up with her hands or covering it with huge gaudy belts and corsets. Be body positive or don’t, just stop pretending. Christ.

No. 812184

Vick is a big fan of posting about epiphanies where she basically realizes that nothing is wrong with her and she's perfect. Girl that's not what growth looks like. Perhaps it's time to focus on something other than making lingerie selfies now that you're in your mid 30s. Whether you choose to photoshop yourself into a weird sex bimbo doll is only half the problem unfortunately

No. 812276

Real self growth is actually the opposite of what she thinks it is its recognizing your flaws and embracing and or evolving from them not realizing your perfect or whatever…

No. 812277

File: 1609507448693.jpeg (136.76 KB, 827x824, B18E424E-0487-4E96-A6B1-939628…)

This dude is clearly joking and she’s rambling on about how many clothes she has and how she can make clothes from scratch. This girl has the sense of humour of a chewed up piece of gum.
And she’s delusional as fuck

No. 812280

I’ll believe this girl likes herself when she takes REAL pride in the work, takes up a real hobby or posts a photo with no filters.

No. 812284


My fucking sides, she is genuinely autistic, on top of being a delusional narc she has no comprehension of tone or humour, this is so embarrassing

No. 812290

File: 1609511604371.jpeg (61.01 KB, 827x363, F6566354-F8A2-43F8-9427-BB2EC6…)

This happens so often when someone says something complimentary to her. “What don you mean”
Either she’s really this stupid or just does it so people will continue to talk about and compliment her. It’s weird

No. 812296

she's missing her perfect opportunity to flirt here and then post about dumb boys, but it's gone over her head.

No. 812306

She always has to find a way to brag about herself. If she’s so good at sewing, make some clothes so she isn’t wearing the same two things?

She’s literally an autistic scrote in reverse.

No. 812330

Soooo….this guy runs around in three bras and some crappy spanx all the time? Cause that’s pretty much all I ever have seen Vic here wear.

No. 812332

She's drastically shortened and shrank her torso, too. Either that or enlarged her entire head.

No. 812337

File: 1609523962741.jpeg (39.29 KB, 827x203, A93CF3CF-9E12-4A4D-83B4-44AEB3…)

He really put this on her “unphotoshopped” photo.

No. 812345


I actually don’t think she photoshopped out her hips she doesn’t really have wide hips and if she did trust and believe curvy final fantasy sword queen would want to keep them in the photo as to not ruin her own grandiose delusions. Girl has the body of hank hill.

No. 812347

File: 1609527896585.jpeg (88.83 KB, 827x678, F41FC6A9-0782-467A-AFD6-A8B15F…)

I agree. I don’t think she photoshopped her body in the latest video. But she definitely did on the right one here >>812138

But her saying “I love myself, I didn’t photoshop” is bullshit. Photoshop and filters are different but they serve the same purpose.
In her recent video girl doesn’t have one pore, line. She’s airbrushed to shit. It’s easy to claim “body positive” as a hashtag, but this girl hates how she looks irl.

No. 812407

File: 1609544644972.jpeg (54 KB, 827x281, 8EC999D4-5ACB-4908-8E2F-693872…)

According to icky everyone around her is narcissistic and crazy. The only thing she had to improve going into the new year was not altering her photos as much. Kek. Good ol ick

No. 812413

sage because its not milk but does anyone thing that Vic could actually be reasonably pretty for her age if she gave up on trying to be some sorta myspace model?

i dont think she'll ever make a good artist mind you

No. 812418

Well I feel like anyone could be reasonably pretty if they put effort in. She’d need to go to a dentist, quit smoking, lose weight, go to a therapist, shave her head and start over, take a lot of her tattoos off( the crap she did herself) change her makeup. The list goes on. It’s never going to happen, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.

No. 812430

File: 1609550240019.jpeg (1.72 MB, 4000x4000, 6BF37A70-1B13-41AE-96ED-3869BF…)

Her last unfiltered in the wild photos. I’m going to say no

No. 812432

File: 1609550318221.jpeg (200.61 KB, 828x1319, A51E1DB8-9B16-4684-AD0F-798B52…)

I wonder if the bf she’s talking about was her fb love interest that would publicly shame her and she’s just giggle about it.
You teach people how to treat you, sticky.

No. 812445


Holy mother of jowls and gingivitis

No. 812455

File: 1609555400344.jpeg (133.48 KB, 827x1244, 4909C478-CC83-4598-883D-4D1D50…)

Victoria Bella mortes photoshoots. Dear lord. So many filters her nose has completely disappeared off her face.

No. 812456

File: 1609555512594.jpeg (69.59 KB, 825x434, 9BB09A5C-7E63-4E9F-9FDF-A4B1FB…)

I think she should be less worried about photoshopped and more about how unhealthy she’s getting.

No. 812470

File: 1609559409578.jpeg (186.65 KB, 757x602, 7B32EE28-36F7-4332-9A68-75ADBF…)

Holy shit..

No. 812475


in a way, this is her biggest "Not Like Other Girls" declaration. It's not the pseudo-intellectual 'muh tomboy clothes drinkin jack outta the bottle' nonsense. It's this.

Aside from the obvious lie of "Some people asked about this" (Who, Victoria? Who?) there's the actual content of the it. You don't like it when potential partners act disinterested in you or "entertain multiple bitches"? You don'like it when potential partners don't care about you?? Like…. you and everyone else in the universe? Basically everything on this list is such a no-brainer for actual relationships. It reminds me of those "relatable teen" pages on Instagram that are full of cringe posts for farming likes.

It's just such a pathetic scream into the void… She must be feeling extra low tonight and wants pity-pats from fans asking whi could ever ignore such a beautiful and mystical ethereal being.

No. 812477

>too alpha for that shit
>calls women “bitches”
>not looking for a man

Jesus Christ the delusion. The only thing she hates more than other women is herself, imagine being this much of a miserable cunt trying to gas yourself up on the internet because you can’t bear to look in a mirror

No. 812486

Lmao number 8 had me going for a minute.
This is so specific that I feel like it really happened at some point.
>me wanting salt for my stupid French fries might not seem like a big deal to you but it is for me, so I’m going to be pissed if you’re rude about it
Kek. She probably poured the salt on her fries and her date probably made a comment about it.
>this is what I’m looking for in a guy. But I’m not interested in dating. But maybe.

No one asked for this Vicky.

No. 812496

sure, why not? attention whoring on social media is a bit different/easier than irl

No. 812540


“Men were meant to compete with men for a ladies hand”
This isn’t 1807. No wonder she still single.

“Okay it cool with get your feelings hurt and I’ll talk to someone else”
So it’s a turn off if guys talk to “multiple bitches” but as soon as a guy doesn’t act the way she wants, she can fuck around. Got it.

“No sense of style” style can be subjective and I would go on a limb and say a 35 year old woman wearing a costume kilt, a robot bodysuit is not style. It’s embarrassing.

“Being demeaning to me” we she was talking to that drug user from Guelph that came in her and said she was just that and would call him names.. which she did publicly on her Facebook.
So name calling / leading people on… demeaning.

“Can’t open up emotionally, I’m bad at it so it’s your responsibility”
Making guys go in with a job, instead of having a friendship and romance. Yeah this sounds fun. If this is something you require in a relationship you don’t need a boyfriend, you need a therapist. Nobody with a job, life and self respect is never going to accept this “I give 99%, she give 1%”

“Lying” girl has been larping as a tattoo artist with a British accent that loves herself for years.

“Something about salt” maybe homeboy is trying to help you live a healthier life style and cares about your well-being.

Oh well look at that “cares about my well-being”
How is anyone else suppose to, when you don’t? You’re an uneducated, smoker that’s 35, drinks and stays up on Facebook shit posting until 3 am.

“Assuming something about you is true that isn’t.” Or how about someone doesn’t believe your lies? You’ve already confessed here and many of other times that’ll you’ll mess with other guys if you feel disrespected instead of talking to a person. You’re already untrustworthy a liar and childish. You’ve been caught in so many lies of the years, it’s wild.

No. 812541

File: 1609595892070.jpeg (114.55 KB, 827x1052, D8885B31-B34E-4168-B1C3-CD3C4B…)

Oh. Makes sense. Another one of her internet boyfriends left her again.

No. 812542

File: 1609597674344.jpeg (238.25 KB, 826x1248, D22B30C3-96AC-4F10-B5A7-B9BD4C…)

“A hot guy made this”
Why do I feel like Victoria made this.

No. 812543

File: 1609597760238.jpeg (103.41 KB, 827x463, A8D144E8-AEE4-4133-9E4F-96FEE0…)

“Fan fic”
“Getting to know me is hard”

She posts her whole life online.

No. 812544

She has so much to do. I guess when you get kicked out and have to move four times a year, it really eats up all your time. That and doing your own photoshoots in some flophouse.

No. 812565

File: 1609604463694.jpeg (106.54 KB, 825x704, 8A9A680A-DB07-4DC7-B2E5-4AF664…)

She made it there’s a reason she didn’t tag anyone. This is pathetic

No. 812569

“If someone lurked…”
Aka if someone read my lolcow thread..kek

We all know what you read here is more accurate than what she posts on her fb and insta. You can get to know her a lot better here than if you actually knew Ickster

No. 812575

Oh my fucking god this is one of the funniest things she's ever posted

No. 812579

She made this. If a dude made this of a normal girl they’d block them. Kek

No. 812593

Ah, yes. Victoria's checklist manifesto of how to get a coupon for her "unlimited blowjobs." I'm sure this will help her secure an authentic connection with a man.

It's actually really sad and telling that she thinks it's a romantic partner's job to meet her weird list of demands, like some kind of sex butler. Let people be themselves.

No. 812597

File: 1609613173618.jpeg (130.34 KB, 828x608, 912A3741-CC9A-4BD5-9B47-251D1E…)

So Guelph has been shutdown for a week now and instead of emailing her clients she’s online making a rule book for her potential boyfriends and taking thirst trap photos. Lol. I couldn’t imagine why her business is closed now.

No. 812610

I’m betting some hot guy DID make this - but some other girl (or something) was in the final panel. Then Vick appropriated and altered it to flatter herself - note she did not name the author, nor say he did it for HER. Oh, that is implied - but not specifically stated. Hence, she can say she did not lie. Technically.

That’s just the vibe I get.

No. 812622

File: 1609620327758.jpeg (66.43 KB, 640x788, 95C1388E-58EC-46C5-BC15-F2751E…)

Found this on a meme page. There’s tons of memes just like this one. If someone did make it for her, which I doubt, they put her face on an ass

No. 812623

File: 1609620579464.jpeg (46.9 KB, 827x289, 47BE9BC2-8250-4487-AECB-884F03…)

Comment on the shitty meme she made for herself.

No. 812640


Pack it in you old hag. No one wants to know how thirsty your crusty, unwashed vagina is.

Vicky wouldn’t be able to lock down a boyfriend if she had a gun to his head. But it’s hilarious to watch her throw the line out and get absolutely nothing, constantly.

No. 812641


I hate how she always hashtags her shitty MySpace name it’s so embarrassing. #hotgirlmeme this bitch really is full of herself. She doesn’t realize normal people look at this and cringe into the great beyond

No. 812660

File: 1609629236542.jpeg (54.59 KB, 827x376, D14817C2-70F0-4801-82F9-0B9C65…)

A graphic artist made it himself for her guys! It’s a fucking meme that has been done hundreds of times. Is this girl on crack? So a hot make believe graphic artist made it for her. Got it KEK

No. 812662

File: 1609629706357.jpeg (64.35 KB, 827x346, 3241C56C-E824-4BB1-AC88-2CA99F…)

Also victoria with another girls boyfriend a couple weeks before lockdown.
Apparently socially distancing and not being a hoe only applies when we’re in lockdown. She does know how we all got back into lockdown again, right? Cause idiots like her. This guy has a photo on his profile of him kissing another girl right before this? So how many people could that infect? She’s such a moron it’s actually painful.

No. 812666

Not surprising that the only people who are still around her are crack addled hillbilly trash who would fuck anything with a pulse. Most of her real life friends seem to have (rightfully) cut her out, apparently. If I saw anyone i knew post this kind of delusional, egomaniac nonsense I would assume they need psychiatric intervention.

No. 812672

File: 1609633523451.jpeg (114.03 KB, 827x612, 8CAE6BD2-F126-4232-B0A0-D18EA8…)

As a tattoo artist, someone that pierces peoples skin for living… maybe don’t admit that you’re going to protest a pandemic? Not like this messy drunk would ever scrap herself up off the couch to do anything, but still.

And didn’t she say “act right” and now she’s joining the protests? Kek. Keep contradicting yourself, sticky. Money must really be tight

No. 812675

Fuck this bootlicking selfish cunt, she is pure trash

LMAO r/thathappened

No. 812677

She truly believes that her problem is the people in her life daring not to meet her needs. No wonder she can't improve or get any self awareness, and is chronically alone. She's spent decades defending herself against ever feeling bad or responsible for anything. Now she's stuck with a dead end "career" scraping the bottom of the barrel for tattoo clients and men. Let this be a lesson to anyone who gets a bit of attention online as a teenager.

No. 812686

Wait. Wasn’t this girl earlier this year talking about the BLM protests and how she didn’t understand why they would take down statues of racist people “cUz ThEy Is HiStOry” but she’s willing to put peoples lives at risk cause she’s “over being in lockdown”
This bitch is stupid as she is racist.

No. 812687

File: 1609638576083.jpeg (64.58 KB, 827x322, D2D12118-E656-4477-BD2D-B03937…)

Cross contamination:
inadvertent transfer of bacteria or other contaminants from one surface, substance, etc.
Victoria Bella morte tattoos, making her failing business look worse and worse everyday.

No. 812690

>a bit of attention

This is one of the things that’s most hilarious about Victoria, she acts like she was/is famous. It’s not like she was ever as well known as any of the “scene queens” like Audrey Kitching et al, even Keeks was more popular than her, and never forget her forays in jewellery, music, acting, &c. Victoria literally does nothing besides disfigure people with horrific unsanitary tattoos. And it’s not like she’s even attractive, say what you will about Kiki personality but she’s still conventionally pretty. Victoria is just one big fat, ugly, dirty, unhygienic, racist, misogynist, uneducated, intellectually impaired embarrassment.

She’s a fucking MAGA (despite not even living in the US) pick me handmaiden, I’m honestly surprised people don’t call her out on her fuckery in the replies

No. 812691

People don’t call her out on Facebook cause they just sit back for the laugh, or they’re just as stupid as her. She has 94,000 followers on Facebook and gets like 200 likes.
They’re likely bots. So the 200 people that interact with her are probably the hillbillies that wanna fuck or get tattoos. Both not the smartest of people.

No. 812695

File: 1609640065893.jpeg (130.53 KB, 828x1210, 6E827372-B194-46E9-AF67-34ABDB…)

Speaking of racism, she’s currently posting black stereotypes on Instagram. Like you’re white and you hate black people. We get it victoria.

No. 812696

this dumb, vapid bitch doesn't give a fuck about history. pretty sure she just wants to be edgy and attract other edgy losers on fb.

No. 812698

Yeah that makes sense, only boomers use Facebook as a social platform, I assume that the people who don’t just follow her for shits and giggles (ergo don’t interact because they’ll get blocked) are middle aged losers who share the same bigoted, ignorant views as her

No. 812699

What a repulsive racist bitch, she’s as ugly inside as she is out

No. 812708

She flexing the cultivated ignorance of a polished turd from Where the Fuck Am I? Ville.

No. 812711

Flexing that business acumen, Vic. Posting derogatory and racist memes on profiles tied to your ' business '

No. 812716

She’s fighting on her page with some dude cause he said covid is a conspiracy and she’s saying it’s very real. But still wants to protest. It’s like she’s trying to prove she’s a selfish moron. We all read know Victoria. Put the JD down and go to sleep.

No. 812748

Shes obv looking for a guy posting her list of weird little "rules" or whatever.

No. 812749

Likely looking for a neck beard, sugar daddy to pay her bills since COVID has drastically reduced her income. Not that it was much before.

No. 812765

File: 1609672383723.jpeg (837.38 KB, 828x1406, A3A5D014-820F-4157-91DE-9C8F69…)

LMAO has she intentionally worded this to make it sound like Versace actually sent her the fake Versace she is wearing?

No. 812766

File: 1609673908930.jpg (28.38 KB, 640x360, 1471396573_image.jpg)

No. 812767

Fucking kek, right down to the asschin

No. 812781

Who the fuck wears a belt on their naked body?
I guess the answer is: people who want to pretend they have a waist.

No. 812798

Even with her ass sticking out and suckling in, you can see the projection her beer gut. And no photoshop? So the soft blur that surrounds her is natural

No. 812809

> And no photoshop? So the soft blur that surrounds her is natural

Once again, the Devil is in the details: She’s using filters and effects, just in a different program. Not Photoshop. So she’s not technically lying.

She’s so transparent.

No. 812814

File: 1609693918888.jpg (527.44 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210103_121004.jpg)

A pic of hers someone commented on and this is her reply…. The ego on this one. Lmao

No. 812830

File: 1609699773460.jpeg (65.08 KB, 828x1202, 5A702E94-A695-4C04-A77F-A084DA…)

It astounds me that she is 35 and still thinks everyone else is the issue and she’s perfect.

No. 812881


Oh come on it’s so obviously a fake anyone with eyes can see that. She’s really going to claim a designer sent her it? Her lies get more and more outlandish holy fuck.

No. 812887

File: 1609715535660.jpeg (167.18 KB, 827x1050, 9FD85593-46EA-418A-94D7-CCA267…)

Some guy put up a gif of a leopard for no reason and Victoria goes into a weird ramble about how she’s pretty much a big cat.
Any reason to talk about herself

No. 812888

Double post; but how desperate she is for a man, even more so recently, is awkward.

No. 812890

>Big suck

No. 812897

File: 1609716345280.jpeg (67.52 KB, 455x573, 8616D4FB-1091-4387-9773-9B39C1…)

Sticky and her white trash father should just move to Arkansas already.

No. 812904

Laird is her brother, the one who was accused of sexual assault iirc.

No. 812906

I don’t even think it’s a garment, I think it’s just a band with the Greek key and Medusa on it that she attaches to her bra or knickers whenever she wants to flex muh designer (as if her trailer trash ass knows anything about couture or fashion in general, much less actually owning any pieces. No luxury brand makes anything in her size. And never forget her “clothing line”, kek)

No. 812908

File: 1609718459075.jpeg (87.49 KB, 500x500, E440CF4A-A7A1-454A-A82E-F2B06A…)

That’s her dad. They have the same name. Unless the stress of being a pedo aged him about 45 years.

No. 812910


That's the root of her problem, though. She peaked at age 18 and can't understand why the same tactics she used then aren't serving her as a 35 year old. The delusion is beyond embarrassing to even a bystander, so I can't imagine how painful it would be for her to look in the mirror and recognize it herself. Unfortunately this won't get better as she continues to age. It's hard to watch.

No. 812925

File: 1609723259991.jpeg (536.96 KB, 828x1476, 4ADAC22A-9005-409E-B655-3F1807…)

I can’t deal with her, she’s such an idiot. You have commitment issues showing men what you look like in real life, icky.

No. 812932

File: 1609724055987.png (1.24 MB, 828x1792, E0D87BAE-0417-4958-9091-3E3474…)

Nobody is begging this fucking 35 year old loser to date.
She’s about as deep as a puddle.
Like what could she possible have to take about besides her “haters”, shitty tattoos, that handful of times she took a go train to toronto and how much she like to eye fuck herself.

No. 812936

Holy shit. I could just imagine. “Where’s your favourite place to travel. - oh I went to north Ireland when I was 2. “What college did you go to? -Oh I didn’t do that. What are your interests?- I like to do photoshoots in whatever flip house I’m living in that day”

Like this girl has nothing going for her and she’s admitting she’s damaged goods and can’t commit. On top of it, she’s posts stupid shit like this in her stories.
She gives me crackhead boomer energy.

No. 812956


I love how she has no skills, hobbies, interests, talent, wit or charm (ergo completely devoid of personality) but she’s still so fascinating to us. She is heading towards 40 and the only people on earth who find her remotely interesting are a bunch of oldfags on an anonymous imageboard who follow her antics purely for shits and gigs. Never change, Victoria.

No. 812958

she'll never know that pain; her brain seems to protect her from seeing anything she doesn't want to. Why else would she post pics where anons can spot floating jewelry, bloat, gum rot, and all the other signs of aging badly?

No. 812990

File: 1609732914062.jpg (610.2 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210103_230108.jpg)

Shes such a hot blonde and everyone has a soft spot for her guys…

No. 812993

The fucking necklace. Kek.

No. 813001

How can you have both commitment issues and be the "loyal af type" at the same time? Seems awful contradictory

No. 813002

She is baisically saying she will even go for fuck boys if they are "smooth" enough and lets face it she has like no standards or any self respect.

No. 813004

File: 1609733825653.png (1017.41 KB, 1059x800, 0E92F8EE-4E4D-4268-8A93-1925EF…)

Vicky is this old ass stripper from rock of love.

No. 813005

File: 1609734014301.jpeg (59.96 KB, 827x408, D1A8D314-F59B-4CAA-86E3-80E943…)

When you use so much filter it takes your tattoos off

No. 813021

I hope she never does tbh. Her antics will only get funnier the older she gets.

No. 813025

Put the idea of being in a relationship on a pedestal, fantasize constantly, then question why reality disappoints

No. 813036

File: 1609737019968.jpeg (18.46 KB, 572x380, 2FE0FF97-2561-47C4-B6A5-F59C3A…)

>your sweet personality
>is a raging cunt
>your smile
>teeth literally rotting out of her head

No. 813146

She is sweet to males, gotta give her credit for that.

No. 813172

Wel the ones that don’t call her out on her bullshit / tell her she’s wrong.

No. 813184

File: 1609778235522.jpeg (46.75 KB, 827x378, 43E6D9E5-1B24-463D-80BD-2C4E0E…)

I love how she talks down about “Instagram models” buying their followers when her bots have been dropping like flies. Like a couple weeks. End of year clean up isn’t looking so good for your argument

No. 813300

This made me laugh so hard. "This hot guy made this" I've seen 13 year olds act less cringe than this

No. 813307

I laughed at the fact she needed to mention it was a 'hot' guy.
I'm almost 100 percent it was her but in the off chance it isn't, we only have to look at dudes like Cameron and Ulysses to know what her orbiters look like and they aren't hot by any stretch.

No. 813330

"Hot guy" a.k.a Victor Boner Shart

No. 813389

File: 1609812798301.jpeg (104.67 KB, 827x519, E5E3534F-912C-469C-922D-5E557F…)

“It was my choice” or nobody in the toronto music scene would fuck you cause youre an embarrassment.

No. 813395

Posting publicly about my record for how long I've spent without a dick inside me… Not on my bucket list personally.

No. 813396

File: 1609813945380.jpeg (64.14 KB, 500x329, 6AB2CD49-57A1-4DFB-8B61-956A21…)

TOPKEK. Fucking legbeard femcel

No. 813399

Anyone remeber the pics of when she would photoshop fake nails on lmao

No. 813400

Or fangs and she said they were her real teeth?

No. 813418

File: 1609821355009.jpeg (176.58 KB, 827x1480, 3CBD4879-9175-4390-B63C-9D48DA…)

That was top fucking kek. Even more so than muh icy eyes and muh natural eyeshadow and lipstick and THE FUCKING TOWEL SHE SHOOPED ONTO HER HAND AFTER GIVING HERSELF THE BACKGROUND OF A POOL.

Anyway, Ariana Grande’s brother seems like an odd choice of person for her to post about

No. 813499

It is completely odd for her to post this but she's probably trying to get woke points or something, meanwhile we all know she hates everyone except for neckbeard incels

No. 813541

why would it be “woke” to fawn over a pop star’s brother?

No. 813545

File: 1609878314983.jpg (196.35 KB, 1080x1606, The most dumb.jpg)

She thought this was real? Probably imagining Elon Muskrat had something to do with it.

No. 813548

File: 1609878469052.jpg (117.44 KB, 580x1000, 1517433981948.jpg)

Lmao "Frankie" reminded me of my favorite Icky era.

No. 813559

Because the video she reposted was him dancing in pride gear and about gay pride. For how Trump-like she comes across in many of her posts, this is different for her

No. 813564

As soon as I saw I thought it was virtue signalling in an attempt seem less like a bigoted MAGAfag. Possibly because she has seen all the posts here calling her an ignorant, hateful, white trash bitch

No. 813565

>Would of

Muh mensa tier intellect

No. 813567

I think she took it down fairly quick too. I'm almost positive she shared it after the story she still has up currently.
Couldn't let her neckbeard followers think she had any progressive or inclusive brain cells in her head

No. 813580

Probably because we posted here about her racist bigoted father and his MAGA version of LGBT. So she’s gotta prove how she loves the gays.

No. 813735

File: 1609944875399.jpeg (159.57 KB, 826x1219, 0ADA7417-041A-4DED-807D-08332A…)

Victoria is going down the road of conspiracy theorist cause she’s lonely and can’t get any dick. Also, this girl just asks her a question. “Does it matter?” Is she able to be nice to a woman, or?

No. 813736

File: 1609945160929.jpeg (63.95 KB, 827x411, A1282C3E-C605-4B40-B186-2C8C7F…)

Girl went from “stay home and listen” to “this is all a control tactic” really quick.

No. 813737

File: 1609945380637.png (1.05 MB, 828x1792, 00AD370D-D6DF-42B0-83F2-E6A119…)

I won’t what a woman of low quality would be too icky? She doesn’t expect much from herself. She’s completely out of shape, is borderline illiterate, gets all her information from YouTube cause going to college or getting trining would be too hard.
Like being a 4/10 will only get you so far.
Maybe dudes talk to other women cause you’re 35 with nothing going for you?

No. 813738

File: 1609945773445.jpeg (52.3 KB, 827x384, 9D904E5F-741F-435A-9387-1D05C0…)

So just four days ago, she’s telling people to stay home to get this shit over with, and now she’s not following the rules of stayin in late at night. Cause she wants to go drinking with other girls boyfriends. Looks late at night in this posted photo before where she’s mouthing some dude down

No. 813743

Ontario isn’t in a nightly curfew, though? This literally doesn’t affect her. And if they do, it’s because of people like her. Taking their monthly money from the government to go out a drink at their friends house/ garage/ parents basement at nighttime.

No. 813749

In Vicky's defense tons of politicians and people in power in Canada are being outed for vacationing over Christmas. News just broke yesterday about how a doctor and the CEO of the Niagara Health System and Joseph Brant Hospital, as well as a member of the covid 19 advisory committee went to the Dominican Republic over Christmas. It was one thing when it was just CEOs and shit but now it's an actual fucking doctor doing it.

Normal Canadian citizens are starting to lose their shit over this. We keep getting more restrictions while those in power keep disregarding the rules.

No. 813755

As a Canadian, I completely agree. What I don’t agree with is here criticizing people, calling people idiots, cause they won’t stay home. Then four days later saying “actually you know what, scratch that… I’m going to do whatever I want.
Being responsible while you’re out is one thing. In Vicky’s case, that isn’t the thing. It’s getting fucked up and acting like a tard

No. 813763

You're right absolutely. Coming from her it means shit and she's really one to talk. Even while she was telling everyone to stay home she was posting videos and stories of her clearly out and about with random dudes. I just wanted to give a little bit of context as to perhaps why her tone has changed. But I agree with you.

No. 813774


She’s pissed because the bars are closed and that’s the only place she goes out to. What an exciting fulfilling life she has. Just wants to constantly drink and give out her dusty pussy

No. 813851

File: 1609981692325.png (985.45 KB, 828x1792, 2A208A27-794E-4555-8E7E-77C428…)

Her latest post about online stalking, expect all the examples for this don’t apply to her.
And she’s a threat to society, claiming she’s going to protest a pandemic. She’s lucky someone doesn’t see she’s threatening that and reports her since her page is public? If she was so worried she’s be private. She doesn’t, cause she loves that anyone remembers who she is.

Maybe stop stealing and people wouldn’t dislike you.

No. 813859

who is harrassing and attacking her? i haven't seen anyone do it.

No. 813870

That’s because it didn’t happen, it’s just her being an attention seeker. Y’know, for a change.

No. 813873

Anyone who's left her a bad review or criticized her in any way, is a jealous stalker

No. 813877

File: 1609989264695.jpeg (127.18 KB, 825x497, AA77AB87-C55E-41BA-96EC-696149…)

“I have the coolest fans in the world” bitch couldn’t say friends, she had to say “fans” I think I just threw up in my mouth.

No. 813887

>cool content
Your milk is old and your content is laughable and tacky. You have zero hobbies.

No. 813892


> Yours truly with gratitude , V

I have no words for this lmao.

No. 813900


Tinfoil, but this sounds like some onlyfans talk

No. 813905

She would be more interesting as a whore selling herself monthly.

No. 813934

This is almost exactly verbatim moomookun speak right here.

No. 813942

Ah yes, her "fans". The people who are fans of Vicky's achievements in the tattoo and modelling world. Those fans. Paragons of taste and class. Kek

No. 813991


she's already taking those degrading photos, might as well make some booze money off of them. that way she can drop the pretense of being a "tattoo artist" and stop giving people horrible tattoos too.

No. 814020

File: 1610048064904.jpeg (55.77 KB, 827x355, 28F49CC0-DF5F-4AFF-A8AB-DDC856…)

She really thinks she still looks the same.
She’s aged terribly. That’s what happens when you continue to smoke and drink when you’re almost 40. I wonder is she’s so deluded she believes she looks like her filtered photos or she desperately wants everyone else to believe it.

No. 814063

File: 1610067441727.jpg (323.62 KB, 1080x1700, Screenshot_20210107_195655.jpg)

Uhhh who tf puts this on their business page? Oh right, icky vicky. It's actual a video if someone else wants to record it

No. 814064

Ah, so she's adding KiNkY to her warrior princess goddess persona now?

No. 814065

File: 1610067672809.jpg (318.13 KB, 1065x1773, Screenshot_20210107_195930.jpg)

Samefag, more on IG it's "photoshoot" time guyzzz. Speaking of, wheres the photos (aside from hers) from the last one???

And speaking of professional, nice puka shell necklace kek

No. 814067

This is fucking horrendous. She's using her finger like a toothbrush in this vid. Bitch is horny af and not even trying to hide it

No. 814068

File: 1610067870725.jpg (155.16 KB, 1080x1359, Screenshot_20210107_200433.jpg)

Some of the comments already lol

No. 814069

You know… when tattoo artists say they’re going to create new content for their fans it’s usually art. Like does this girl draw, paint anything of that nature in her spare time or just make softcore porn alone in her bedroom?

No. 814070

File: 1610068027678.jpeg (117.78 KB, 827x663, 22C0ADFF-9594-44F7-9B6F-6184AA…)

“I know it was a joke” you think her followers would know she doesn’t understand any language unless you’re blowing smoke up her ass. I’ve never seen someone take themselves so seriously. It’s embarrassing.

No. 814072

I find it really funny that this girl went on for weeks about the BML groups and how they should respect police and not rip down statues, but sad he has nothing bad to say about the white trashiery going on in the states now. Shocked.

No. 814073

It’s why she’s protesting the pandemic, she hasn’t seen a dick in like three whole weeks I’m sure and it’s killing her.

That song she’s singing is “egirls are ruining my life” she’s 16 trapped in a 45 year olds body

No. 814075

File: 1610068753311.jpeg (36.05 KB, 828x203, 21ABE8E3-1259-49D6-9052-0D26D4…)

And then have your clients see you practise fellatio on your fingers. This guy is married with kids btw. She should honestly just become an only fans girl and get it over with. She clearly doesn’t care to bring anything of value to the table.

No. 814079

She'd probably do very well on OF too. Most of the neckbeards who fawn over her clearly don't understand Photoshop and filters. She's practically there anyway with these latest vids. If you're gonna whore yourself out to your "fans" might as well get some money from it

No. 814083

File: 1610070673112.jpeg (196.96 KB, 827x1721, D2E00330-0042-4852-9CF0-2F0894…)

LMAO stop sending messages to yourself Victoria, we all know that no one wants anything to do with your fat, broke, crusty, unwashed, stinking, stupid, embarrassing white trash ass

No. 814085

She can’t think this makes her look more appealing? Like congrats on having losers from Instagram hit on you, like every other girl in the universe.

No. 814087

File: 1610070842195.jpeg (80.81 KB, 828x330, E6F7D90E-7D3B-460C-AC03-F7FBD1…)

But she’s been doing it for longer u guise! This inbred, illiterate hambeast is so fucking retarded and socially inept that she can’t even accept a compliment

No. 814089

This made me want to throw up, no exaggeration, I can smell her through the screen. Her greasy overlined lips look like a baboon’s ass, she is putrid

No. 814090

File: 1610071038215.jpeg (18.52 KB, 827x203, 72F3FFDE-52C0-4153-8008-195987…)

I wonder if this guy is laughing at her work or the work she put on herself

No. 814091

File: 1610071139442.jpeg (58.86 KB, 633x434, B8316B3A-90AE-4007-A417-A0A844…)

It’s the streaky, cheap, orange tan in her infected mouth for me.

No. 814092

I think she is deliberately showing off her heavily filtered rotten gob because we’ve been dragging that festering hole of doom on here for a while now.

No. 814093

File: 1610071708615.jpeg (31.49 KB, 574x236, D7F8DEB3-7149-453D-8A0B-718F14…)

She shouldn’t have cause even with the filter …

No. 814094

Receding gums

No. 814096

The plaque buildup is giving her a singular bottom toof.
Get your fingers out of your mouth girl!!! You’re in your mid-30’s! You know what’s attractive on a mid-30’s woman?? A career! A mortgage!
Man she is so mind-numbingly narcissistic, but also so stupid that she just thinks everyone buys into her delusions.

No. 814097

You’d think at this age she’d want “fans” of her actual art, not whatever these videos are. She’s has no depth whatsoever.

No. 814098

you can actually see the discoloration that she couldn't filter where her teeth meet the lips. There's no point dragging her teeth; they're rotting, she knows it, we know it. whatever. But yea, this is a page tied to her business and this is what you go with?

No. 814113

Does anybody else have an ass cracked between their tits?

No. 814114

File: 1610076873343.png (3.62 MB, 2048x1536, 3179C175-590E-4768-86B0-170B6C…)

Samefag. Or indented iris’s?

No. 814122

Isn’t Christina 40 now and grew the fuck up, unlike our dearly beloved Vicky?

No. 814129

File: 1610082470362.gif (15.5 MB, 600x738, 12803221-5538-45D7-9030-B35C58…)

This is so fucking sloppy, even for icky

No. 814140

Jesus Christ anon, spoiler this rancid shit

No. 814145

looks like she's scraping plaque off her moldy teeth kek

No. 814147

File: 1610089253884.jpeg (233.33 KB, 828x1337, 74535494-EC5D-4D33-8F78-420FD6…)

Holy fuck this mildewed old oven mitt is an embarrassment and her followers are spectacularly impaired if they believe it

No. 814149

Kek I love watching her hair bend to the movements of her jaw. This is so unsexy. I’m crying. Vicky has killed all of her brain cells.

No. 814152

How can she look at this and think it‘s sexy? It‘s like she lives in an entirely different universe.

No. 814155

File: 1610094041541.jpeg (359.29 KB, 828x1420, FECA1F7E-D41F-4823-A9AD-61DBBE…)

Because her “fans” are fucking retards who encourage her. The comments are wild

No. 814156

File: 1610094383796.jpeg (20.25 KB, 145x275, B993E623-9249-4B13-8FF4-92CCFE…)

A reminder of what her teeth look like without five hundred layers of filter

No. 814163

What in the everloving christ is this shit. How is this at all sexy? It looks like she's scraping the 2 day old plaque off her teeth with her nails.

No. 814164

Samefag, whoops, didn't see this before I posted.
Imagine the cocktail of assorted bacteria that resides under Vick's nails.

No. 814182

She is so stiff and robotic with her movements likely so she can edit it easier. It gives me weird life-like sex doll vibes. It sorta looks human, but not really and it always looks surprised.

No. 814183

Why is isn’t she blinking or moving AT ALL outside her mouth/hand region?? She literally looks like a corpse someone’s prodding at why does she think that’s sexy? Does she think it’ll make her look like more of an “ice queen” if she looks like a cold dead body?

No. 814191

I think the anon above you nailed it. With her extreme use of Photoshop and filters, ceasing all natural movements makes it easier to edit. If you notice, pretty much all of her videos are her not blinking, staring directly at the camera and only moving the things she is concious of - in this case, her gross finger in her equally gross mouth

No. 814197

>Choke me like you hate me but you love me.

She would be a Corpsehusband fan.

No. 814201

Just when you think she can’t get anymore embarrassing. This is so disgusting. I don’t know is rubbing your self tanned hands all up in your mouth is the safest / smartest thing to do.

No. 814212

Girl, get. Ya fingers. Out. Ya mouth.

No. 814232

Correction, anon. These photos are from well over a decade ago. Her dental rot has progressed far past this point.

No. 814233

File: 1610131062770.jpeg (78.12 KB, 825x491, 82531600-3748-43EF-93F1-41F74F…)

Aka learn how to say thank you and move on instead of riding your own dick this hard.

No. 814238

It's physically impossible for her to ever just say thanks or not reply at all. Can you imagine actual celebrities doing this? It's part of their cow charm. Literally any comment, good or bad, has to met with over explanations. I love when some of her "fans" end up replying again after the fact with something like "lol ok"… You can feel the insecurity and need for validation through the screen

No. 814240

It’s funny though because she’s bragging about looking the exact same for 15+ years. Bar her horrible ageing, looking like you’re from 2005 isn’t a compliment babe.

No. 814247

Right? Kek
As if looking like the Dirty era Xtina is a compliment. It is fitting though because Vicky quite literally, is dirty

No. 814249

I love that she hangs on to this so hard. Like bitch you didn't invite this look. Literally every broad at the bar in the early 2000s looked like this. What would be more impressive is if you actually changed your look. Hanging on to a 20 year old aesthetic isn't something to be proud of

No. 814252

File: 1610141163117.jpeg (104.6 KB, 827x657, 0C01F689-E275-40D1-B0AE-1481DA…)

Update. Stinky tooth lurks here hourly.

No. 814267

Robotic response because she has to prove her "haters" are wrong and yes she can accept a compliment, but she can't actually display humility.

No. 814276

Sexually provocative or autistic sensory processing disorder? I think it's the latter. Also, jesus fuck. It's a pandemic. Touching your lips like they are your labia isn't just viscerally unattractive, it's also unsanitary.

No. 814296

File: 1610152707616.jpeg (68.88 KB, 827x343, 450F2CAE-DD43-49C1-B624-063F84…)

This didn’t age well. Just cause you don’t have an onlyfans broadcasted, finger fucking your mouth is fetish porn. Sorry about it.

No. 814298

File: 1610152763709.jpeg (88.61 KB, 827x352, C5162D98-5580-4572-BC39-148E50…)

And don’t forget ladies, you’re all whores that sleep with anything that walks.

No. 814299

What about the men we are all supposedly fucking

No. 814303

File: 1610153262366.jpeg (59.44 KB, 827x346, 4FB90688-EB82-4841-AB33-6D85D1…)

When you hate other women as much as she does, all the blame goes on them. And she has to prove she’s not like other girls.

So much so that she learned about AI when she was like fucking 6.. so. Also it was cute.

No. 814311

You'd think that someone who knew how to program wouldn't be dumb enough to use redundancy like that by saying artificial AI.

No. 814318

Damn, programming AI at age 6? On a home computer? In 1990? What an absolute genius goddess kek

No. 814324

Perhaps the biggest pick-me cow around. Woman needs therapy

No. 814331

Artificial artificial intelligence. Oh, sweaty…

No. 814337

>I wish I remembered more

She's just adding this so if anyone calls her out on her bullshit, she can say it was so long ago she doesn't remember how to.
Go on Vick, show us how you can program a robot. I'm sure you are a regular everyday Sarah Connor.

No. 814338

Don’t give her ideas or we’ll hear how they modeled Sarah Conner after her

No. 814342

She could totally call herself a hacker for the stunt she pulled years ago. But that would be admitting to a lot of embarrassing things.
Not that she’s a “hacker “ by any means but it wouldn’t be a complete lie kek

No. 814344

File: 1610164204832.jpg (572.73 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210109-114818_Chr…)

This girl left a bad review last Sunday. I wonder if the centaur on her arm was done by vick

No. 814345

File: 1610164271977.jpg (594.04 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210109-114706_Chr…)

No. 814347

File: 1610165146747.jpg (328.18 KB, 1080x1853, Screenshot_20210108_230407.jpg)

Creeped her page from the icon in the review left after this post and I'd say it's Vicky's by how poor this looks. She's got a few other pics that are public in her album and it's got Vicky's standard "self portrait" face

No. 814348

File: 1610165260871.jpg (378.3 KB, 1078x1956, Screenshot_20210108_230735.jpg)

No. 814349

File: 1610165644614.png (1.52 MB, 1599x1080, sketch-1610165638887.png)

No. 814350

wouldn’t trust this dumb bird to set the time on a microwave. A lot to ask from her one active brain cell that’s drowning in JD and oxyclean as we speak.

No. 814351

Beauty filters glitch if you move too much.

No. 814354

the “le sigh” is worse than anything else she wrote. is this still 2010?

No. 814366

File: 1610177876442.jpeg (27.61 KB, 828x133, 8FA54CDD-9B15-418B-BDAB-F00BD7…)

lmao and this too, either she is commenting as a sock or her followers are so fucking retarded they cant tell that this is filtered to buggery. Even with the filter her bottom teeth and gums look rank as fuck, I need a shower after looking at them

No. 814373

Not that Vicky ever really makes sense, but the wording of this whole post is strange. Artificial ai? , programming ai on acomputer in 1990? Playing shareware versions of Doom doesn't equate to programing ai, you vapid cunt. "I was a weird kid when it came to learning fast." What does that even mean? In what way were you weird about learning fast? In that you made it all up?

Lay of the Jack Daniel's Vic.

No. 814385

File: 1610199321208.jpeg (192.38 KB, 826x827, 698BDBE9-CBD4-434D-8951-2B362B…)

Yep that’s Victoria’s. I remembering seeing this crap

No. 814389

It's honestly a nice idea for a tattoo, in theory, except we all know Victoria can't actually tattoo. Everything she does blows out and looks 20 years old as soon as it's healed. This poor girl now just has a giant blue/green looking bruise on her arm, with the vague half assed drawing a centaur that looks like a brunette Vicky (in her dreams).
I'm honestly surprised no one has taken her to court yet.

No. 814394

File: 1610202063720.jpeg (120.44 KB, 827x628, 8EB88872-C9F5-4E68-8155-968B75…)

It’s a nice idea, cause she just stole it from astrology and the Sagittarius sign. There’s nothing unique about this.
Also, why are the front legs so short? Woman up top, horse in the back and post in the front.

No. 814397

… Oh no. I actually feel really sorry for the poor woman who has to walk around with "Drunk Deformed Retarded Centaur Jessica-Rabbit-But-Also-Vicky" abomination on her arm. She needs her money back and then some to pay for a real professional to fix this. I am not even a tattoo or art fag at all and I can tell this is … just awful. It could be her worst one.

No. 814398

This tattoo was done over 3 years ago so the fact that this woman just wrote a review now tells you how fucking pissed she is.

No. 814399

>I'm honestly surprised no one has taken her to court yet.
Too much time and money out of the victim's pocket and there's no pay off. Vic is dirt poor, no wages to garnish, no assets to seize.
Stealing deposits is petty theft and unless the victim has a signed contract, good luck proving you were robbed. I hope, eventually, she pisses off someone who will beat her ass but not counting on it.

No. 814400

>why are the front legs so short?
I was about to ask the same question, along with why is it humping a tree (??) lmao
I think she realized she fucked up and just put a tree there, it's so weird

No. 814430

Since her last "bf" disappeared after 2 minutes, should we start assuming she's a startish in bed?

No. 814434

You trained them they get the reward? Jesus Christ. Imagine being her boyfriend and being treated like a slave dog. I couldn’t imagine why she’s single.

No. 814526

my fucking sides lmfao underrated post

No. 814539

It looks like a Gini coming out of a headless deformed horse. So many questions, like where are the other two legs? Why is the women's torso the same length as the horses? Why did she make the front leg so short? Why is it colliding into a tree?

No. 814631

It looks like a baby t-rex that’s wearing a human torso on its head.

No. 814768

Holy fuck I haven't laughed this hard since that one anon who made the twin towers joke in snow…

No. 814783

File: 1610360029052.jpeg (321.78 KB, 828x767, 3A34F888-ECA8-40A4-8079-B2AD3F…)

My fucking sides, she is pushing 40 and wearing the samus costume she got on Wish in fucking public. She drops her fake British accent in this clip, lmao she’s a tragedy

No. 814784

She’s in the backseat so is Mummy getting her special “liddle” girl a Happy Meal?

No. 814785

It sounds like she’s in the car with two guys

No. 814787

ESL, does she say cell or soul?

No. 814790

File: 1610363811785.webm (2.38 MB, 720x844, hickvick.webm)

I'm fairly sure she says "you should've asked for her soul". Apparently this was a funny, totally not cringey joke in Vic's mind.
I will never stop cringing at her egotistic recordings eyefucking herself, licking her lips and sucking her crusty fingernails.

No. 814807

File: 1610369583263.png (198.15 KB, 619x391, Screenshot_20210111-075020.png)

The placement of the blush, bronzer ,and highlight. I can not fucking understand.

No. 814822

It would have been so much easier to understand her without the fake shitty accent.

No. 814823

You can tell she's feeling herself and probably thinks everyone is thinking she's some hot gamer gurl when in reality without the filters, she's a cringey 30 something with fried hair. I bet she hasn't even washed that suit since she got it.

No. 814828

File: 1610377348653.jpeg (99.17 KB, 827x420, 8652B86D-414E-4869-9CAC-C496E9…)

She’s in the back seat so it seems like maybe she’s in a taxi or Uber? It’s a man talking to a drive thru lady and I wouldn’t put it past this narc to get in an Uber for fast food without a mask on.

She has two accents don’t you know, even though she hasn’t left the country in 33 years and nobody in her family that lives in Canada has an accent.

No. 814847

Damn I’m actually surprised she didn’t insult her while simustaionly complimenting herself in some way.

No. 814857

I thought I heard her say "you should've asked for salt" in reference to that post she made about what she wants from a potential boyfriend.

No. 814952

Just another boring NLOG pick me.

No. 814953

Wearing her dirty old Halloween costume in dead winter. Its a giggle. Guess she is running out of handouts for clothes and can't make much scamming people anymore because people are realizing her tattos are shit. Everything this bitch does is CRUSTY

No. 814955

Its funny because she is posting the most meaningless shit oh just at the drive through lmao what's next posting the shit in her toilet?

No. 814957

Everything she does is gross.

No. 814959

Because she did everything first. Didn't you know she invented every look ever and everyone in the world is just copying her she said the same thing about Megan fox and her hair color even though she wore a dark wig for just a picture claimed she did it first because icky is God and has invented every single trend and hair color.

No. 814988

>duel accented
is her real accent fighting the fake british one lol.

No. 814999

Swordfighting accents kek

No. 815015

File: 1610421172776.png (24.97 KB, 273x343, chrome_kJg1qnlORc.png)

saging for old milk but i don't remember if this was ever talked about? she's claiming she was kidnapped before replying to someones comment on an insta post of her ~british passport~ kek

No. 815030

Anyone with at least one parent born in the UK can get a British passport, but of course that fetid fat fuck thinks she is special. Plus a British passport has lost a lot of its value what with Brexit. She is such a moron.

No. 815041

File: 1610426211986.jpg (100.23 KB, 1003x1280, IMG_20210111_210605_684.jpg)

Another Vic shoop face self portrait tattoo and denial

No. 815050


Old mouldymouth really needs to expand her vocabulary

No. 815059

One eye vastly bigger than the other, and wtf cyberpunk? Nothing about this seems Cyberpunk and it just looks like shit

No. 815060

“literally identical” oh so was the model cross eyed as fuck lmao

No. 815071

Can’t wait for all that black to bleed into each other and not have any of the lines visible anymore. The face is so jacked up. She really got worse. I wonder if this is recent and the caption is just covering her ass saying “before lockdown” because this smelly Bitch was still tattooing in a lockdown before

No. 815099

Looks like she just copied Jennifer Lopez' face. Also
>"before everything shut down"
Are we supposed to believe that?

No. 815121

I don't know shit about tattoos but holy fuck this looks awful, what's with the different sized eyes. and what's with the ghosting? is there a white face near the black face?? is it a stencil that she did not use? what's going on

No. 815181

File: 1610465389516.jpeg (109.81 KB, 827x449, 060CC72C-1F33-4FFD-9B70-8CBD60…)

She’s been closed for 2.5 weeks now due to covid and she’s just calling people now to rebook? She’s the laziest person ever. I guess she didn’t have any clients for almost 3 weeks and didn’t have to. She’s fully booked for a year, allegedly

No. 815182

File: 1610465540379.jpeg (166.47 KB, 827x1042, 49C95848-4D39-4EF6-83AE-495DD0…)

She posted yet another video from her high production photoshoot.
One thing, you’re almost 40 Vicky. Start wearing a bra, gravity is hitting hard

No. 815183

File: 1610465830808.jpeg (55.36 KB, 827x351, DDC22E6F-56BB-4464-97A3-AE69E1…)

“I like it black and white”
Leave it up to icky to talk about herself and what she wants, and not mentioning the client. No wonder her reviews are trash

No. 815184

Tattoofag here, not sure what the fuck that white thing is, but it is definitely not a tattoo stencil. Those are generally purple/dark blue. This is just a clusterfuck and she needs to be stopped. Immediately. She is the laughing stock of the industry.

No. 815187

File: 1610466498900.jpeg (130.81 KB, 744x674, 355C84B4-9828-42DE-A7A7-BE5E6A…)

Victoria Bella morte tattoos vs real, trained artist.
He’s been tattooing for around the same time as icky.

No. 815190

File: 1610466650002.jpeg (102.15 KB, 727x994, 7918D5B5-AFA5-4C67-B454-6817FE…)

600 views, 40 likes.

No. 815201

File: 1610467424794.jpeg (62.53 KB, 494x695, 90F3ABF7-10C7-4BD0-A149-965909…)

Holy shit the eyes!
How did I miss that?! I hope this guy got his
Money back. Jesus christ

No. 815202

She looks like the coolest girl in Miller's Outpost in '92

No. 815247

It's supposed to be a glass visor i think

No. 815252

File: 1610473637329.jpeg (80.21 KB, 827x447, 70EF6F36-7FE1-413B-9B68-24BEBB…)

Like…. I don’t do tattoos. But …. this person just has to walk around with this for god knows how long. This is awful

No. 815270

It's very hard to believe this nightmare of a tattoo was done before December 24th considering the game didn't even come out until the 10th. If not, she must really have no bookings or wait times whatsoever.

No. 815276

she's talking about the time her uber driver kidnapped her to become an isis bride and she managed to intimidate him into releasing her with her ice cold intelligence.

No. 815284

File: 1610476777795.jpeg (134.08 KB, 826x888, 7B419AD1-819B-42BD-8C15-F4AFC0…)

It’s not in good taste unless she’s making them and she gets to talk about how desirable she is. She’s so full of shit and drunk she can’t even keep what she’s triggered by straight.

No. 815285

File: 1610477028331.jpeg (121.2 KB, 828x604, 8AA80404-B036-4F4C-9225-22330C…)

She’s so intimidating, she intimidated an isis cab driver into letting her go.
She made this lie up because she no showed a client, someone who she no showed / showed up 1hr+ late before.
She ended up saying she dropped the case because she didn’t want to cause a stroke and scare the pubic and that’s why she couldn’t give the client paperwork saying this was true.

There’s a lot of reasons why this girl only has 11 clients she takes money from.

No. 815286

File: 1610477327187.jpeg (57.56 KB, 827x444, 2A531B6B-CEEC-4DBB-BB30-ED9018…)

“Kidnap me”
“Coming baq”

No. 815395

Her gums look so swollen, and I could smell this picture. she should floss more

No. 815406

Kek that filter is warping her teeth and gums so badly. Not sure why she thinks having horse teeth is attractive.

No. 815416

This is topkek, I love how she has been going out of her way to show her teeth, her followers are completely fucking brain dead if they can’t tell she is filtered to hell and back. Even with the filter her mouth looks positively putrid, it couldn’t disguise the gingivitis. Her inability to never filter or edit her photos consistently to the extent that each shot looks like a completely different person fucking kills me. What a delusional, dirty, dusty, dumpy dunce.

No. 815417

If she tries to floss she’ll probably pull her teeth out, with gum rot that bad they’d all be loose as fuck. Fucking nasty.

That’s what I heard too. She thinks she’s being funny. Victoria, because we know you read here, you’re not funny. You’re a stinky lardass with an IQ lower than your shoe size and an astonishing absence of intellect, talent and personality. Keep deluding yourself though!

No. 815579

File: 1610560943268.jpeg (113.4 KB, 827x726, DC7CE005-3B9C-4124-AABD-74A32D…)

Can’t wait to see this weirdo company with 100 followers post her over filtered photos.

No. 815598


At this point it looks like a lost cause. Once all that swelling goes down the gum recession will cause her a lot of problems. With that level of discoloration even with a filter shows that she's gonna have some killer oral health issues soon.

All the sugars in the booze may have quite literally given her mouth rot fucking gross.

No. 815631

It says he has almost 14k followers?

No. 815642

Kek, all the women look like plastic middle-aged women. Icky will fit right in ( minus the plastic part )

No. 815644

I was looking at his actual model agency page and I missed a zero. Homie has like 5 pages. I bet it’s totally legit.

No. 815645

File: 1610578665736.jpeg (126.98 KB, 827x1072, 794D7ECA-4D0E-4B12-B6B9-43E074…)

This guy makes straight up softcore porn she’ll fit right in. She’ll probably get to do it for free, so she won’t feel too bad about it. Kek

No. 815647

Has she deleted the comment?

No. 815661


This is hilarious, I sense the potential for a lot of milk here

No. 815662

DUEL ACCENTED. Put down the Jack Daniels and pick up a book, icky.

No. 815666

File: 1610586067031.jpeg (75.06 KB, 827x584, 2995C283-62E1-41A9-9AB7-D8DD04…)

Another before and after by Victoria Bella morte tattoos.
After is on the top, clearly.

No. 815676

Ah yes, but is Mr. Dteflon aware our Vic charges $3k per hour for her modeling services? And insists on choosing her own wardrobe? I wonder if he’ll still be interested after hearing those terms, kek.

No. 815677

Imagine his reaction after seeing (and smelling) her in the flesh when she bears no resemblance to her astronomical shoops

No. 815685

File: 1610596809106.jpg (467.05 KB, 1440x1943, PicsArt_01-13-10.55.56.jpg)

I sincerely miss Kayla and Cameron's antics. Here's a little number I made today in light of the new season, and in light of this abhorrent photo she posted

Sage for Kayla sperg

No. 815717

sage for typosperg, it would have been so easy for her to fix the kerning, how stupid looks P ain
But then again, everything she does looks stupid and wonky

No. 815721

I don't think he'd care tbh.
Half his models look like trannys. There's something sketch about his agency. It really gives off Ulysses sketchy company vibes.

No. 815722

Despite being old and having masculine faces, a lot of these 'models' actually have crazy abs and muscles.
Not to mention their portfolio photos look like they actually paid a proper photographer.
Can you imagine Vick turning up with her low-res photoshopped phone quality shoops and flabby irl body?
It honestly seems like some sketch dude trying to find 'jobs' for mediocre hopefuls. Like I said, a lot have impressive bodies, but they are a bunch of prawns with ugly faces.

No. 815727

Yeah what was the deal with that guy? I don’t understand what was going on there beyond him walking around and posing with an unopened bottle of cheap sparkling plonk, the whole thing was fucking odd.

No. 815746

File: 1610634193246.jpeg (117.04 KB, 827x893, 80C8A937-EEC7-40DF-A66B-292CF9…)

She posted this at 4am.
When your business is failing so hard you’re letting randoms add you even though you totes had to delete people to make space for clients. I guess those “clients” realize your a scratcher.

And of course, wanna make ick smile? Talk to her about 10-15 years ago and a platform that doesn’t exist.

No. 815753

Oh silly anon, she's so British her schedule is hard wired to Greenwich's.

No. 815797

File: 1610650441626.jpeg (75.4 KB, 827x543, 78A3884C-44D3-46C8-B1B6-F66645…)

Kitchener? How many places has this girl lived in this past year?

No. 815842

File: 1610664738410.jpeg (172.14 KB, 814x1121, 5D4AC958-62D5-47C0-B078-809638…)

Looks like she came here and saw the post someone made about her tattooing during lockdown.

No. 815844


So then I guess going out for fast food and taking videos of it is absolutely essential and "needed." Ok Vic.

No. 815856

So doing alittle investigation here.
Victoria is sitting in the back of a car with a man, his voice is audible in the video. If you’re with someone you know you’re probably going to sit in the front.
Unless someone else is sitting in the front.

So either this girl is in an Uber with no mask going through a drive through cause McDonald’s is essential, or she’s hanging out with two friends. Or she’s a 35 year old living with two people because she has nowhere to stay / has roommates cause she can’t afford rent.

Either option is sad as fuck.

No. 815861

File: 1610666731708.jpeg (29.73 KB, 827x223, 5CE725D0-F5D8-409A-9B89-E63E48…)

Yep. She’s creeping here. Her profile is private. I’ll give it 20 minutes before she’s not getting enough attention.

No. 815923

File: 1610686175844.jpeg (660.91 KB, 828x1442, B4B6E668-2202-4B16-A1B5-26D3DF…)

LMAO and right on cue. The plastic background and that caption
>right before the beach

Yes, in the middle of Canadian winter, okay Victoria. How is it possible to be this fucking delusional?

No. 815924

File: 1610686304878.jpeg (175.32 KB, 828x587, 294D8AF9-DCD0-48E9-8D17-F17F8A…)

And the comments, my sides. The only reason why she has any discernible ass is because she is fucking huge, holy fuck. This middle aged ham planet will never stop being my favorite cow

No. 815925


What the fuck is that pink thing hanging out of her ass cheeks?

getting real luna toilet paper stuffed in undies vibe here

No. 815926

Her and Frankie, getting delusional again.

No. 815927

File: 1610687324085.jpeg (73.76 KB, 828x351, 7B5ADC70-CCC2-4E57-B047-43527A…)


KEK Icky, you are build like a fridge. An old fridge that’s so overstuffed the contents are all mouldy

No. 815929

I'll still never get over her posting photos like this (and with captions like that) then claiming to be hard to get in bed.

No. 815940

Yea, the metal framing maybe.

She’s just mad we can spot her photoshopping/filtering (altering) from a mile away. And the orange glow all her photos and videos have had lately hurts my eyes.

No. 815947

File: 1610705438038.jpeg (1 MB, 1125x1945, 7D599097-6BC4-4CA1-BD6F-1A1D72…)


Did this fat retard buy a cheap paper back drop and claim it was totally the beach in the background of a window?? I fuckin can’t right now

No. 815948

File: 1610705778435.jpeg (567.13 KB, 1054x955, 0F327990-425C-48D6-A51F-F7AACF…)


She shoops her chin to look like a dorito chip. Too bad you can’t shoop reality

No. 815950

Yep- like party city tier plastic backdrop. For a second…maybe half a second, I felt bad for her - like that kid that is too poor to get the good toys for Christmas and gets the knockoffs and gets made fun of. Then I squashed that shit cause this is Vick and she’s a true idiot. This is your effort trying to be a sex goddess? Just wow.

No. 815954

It actually looks like plastic, the porky slapper really does put in less than minimum effort. It’s negative effort. Her followers are fucking speds.

Bitch where?

No. 815955

File: 1610707913484.jpeg (105.06 KB, 827x1704, 71530FB0-84F3-41A4-B95A-6A327B…)

lmao she is definitely lurking

No. 815957

It's no wonder she only has male friends for a week. No woman would deal with her for more than 5 minutes.

No. 815961

Wtf is that thing sticking up her butt?

No. 815965


Typical pathetic posting at 5am


She can’t even wear a bikini right. She just hiked the bottoms way up over her gut and I don’t understand the top piece. The blurred skin that looks like it’s made of plastic is a nice touch

No. 815969


Lemme guess - the beach is in Spain. Amirite?

No. 815982

She went to the Kitchener beach in December / January? But I thought she didn’t leave the house unless it was essential? Not that her drunk ass went to the beach in the winter, but this girl is so dumb. I can’t.

No. 815983


My first guess was the 'bikini' or bodysuit was too small/right and she couldn't fasten the strip that runs through the crotch. Looking at it again, not really sure.

No. 815984

What in the period soaked piece of fabric is sticking out of her ass?! This is so gross.
She’s covering her stomach and fat arm with those flowers.
You can tell when someone has a nice ass from working out or just a dumper. This is a fat girl dumper.
On her work page none the less.

No. 815985

I honestly cannot get over how fucking fat she is now. I know the angle isn’t helping but that doesn’t just look like a big ass, she looks morbidly obese. The moids licking her greasy ass in the comments are beyond desperate thirsting after this fat mong

No. 815986

She's dispensing strawberry milkshake

No. 815987

File: 1610719243232.jpeg (35.38 KB, 827x365, DF67665A-AF1D-4033-84A5-366795…)

Hopefully when this cow gets up she’ll Answer this guy cause I’m puking in my mouth.

Also she posted this 9hrs ago to 94,000 people on her page and only got under 200 likes. Thirst trap has failed icky.

No. 815989

If I had a professional page and at any point a client or potential client asked “do you have something in your butt” publicly, I would run away and start a new life. Not Vicky.

No. 815990

File: 1610719911862.jpeg (21.76 KB, 452x290, 150FC1D1-894D-4B8C-B89C-D9D946…)

Imagine trying to convince people there was no filter or photoshop on the face. Or that was a real beach… in buttfuck Ontario.

No. 816035

File: 1610725074688.jpeg (153.87 KB, 827x1067, 3C859E6D-0660-45D7-A7CC-3AEA46…)

Skinny waist, fat ass? I mean, eat. Be chunky. Don’t claim to be body positive and then cover your gut and pretend it doesn’t exist.

No. 816044

Yea, sure she has a small waist but not in the terms she thinks. Her torso looks so short in the pic her ass and tits look like they could touch. She also shooped her nose right off her face.


No. 816048

There’s that red vine she lost a week ago!

No. 816054

File: 1610727663376.jpeg (948.78 KB, 1242x1321, 0B981013-08DC-4BA6-A25A-9991AD…)

The weird butt-object looks like a string coming from her back or hair.

I don’t blame her. She’s got that massive Leno chin. I’d hide that shit too if I were her.

No. 816055

Did she cover her legs in bacon grease?

No. 816056

I was just going to point this out too. It's clearly some kind of ribbon tied around her waist that's hanging down. She's cringe enough on her own without people saying she's got toilet paper hanging out of her ass

No. 816057

File: 1610728118530.jpeg (587.95 KB, 1242x2029, F9E410F6-86EB-4D5F-A49E-D75AFC…)

Imagine being this far up your own delusional narc ass.

Not even real actual successful and attractive models talk like this.

No. 816059

she keeps saying the same thing like a broken record

No. 816063

Honest to god why has noone called out this hog already? This many men can't be this stupid can they? Her photoshopping and filtering and posing is as clear as day. I feel like if anyone else on the planet did the shit she does, they'd be roasted to hell and back but not Vicky. I don't get it.

No. 816067

File: 1610728926206.jpeg (367.42 KB, 828x831, 5BB18C2C-EAE1-4528-BEC8-CE3853…)

Hourglass? Where?

No. 816074

File: 1610730611588.jpeg (148.93 KB, 825x793, 610CFEDE-0D61-4992-9FC0-605CA5…)

On the status of her telling people not to ask who she is after they add her on social media.
And icky calling herself a model. You take photos in your bedroom.

No. 816081

File: 1610732008727.jpeg (83.49 KB, 827x614, 1613FBEE-4E1A-47A4-B086-AED9BB…)

Throw this down cause I know icky comes here. She probably could, but she’s have to work for it. As much as she’d like to believe her waist is not defined at all.
She’s more of a rectangle at this point. Body positivity ick clearly hates her body.

No. 816084

File: 1610732832298.jpg (77.3 KB, 1080x601, Screenshot_20210115_124641.jpg)

Lol someone else just replied. Saving this because it'll definitely get deleted once lard ass wakes up from her drunken slumber and sees this

No. 816086

File: 1610733591719.jpg (131.04 KB, 636x620, IMG_20210115_125926.jpg)

>hourglass af

Sure Jan

No. 816090

She's always been barrel shaped, built like a fridge comes up here a lot. i know a lot of people gained with the quarantine shit going on but it is really noticeable with her.She isn't a proper chonk but sure as shit heading that way.

No. 816093

File: 1610736164171.jpeg (77.28 KB, 827x554, 9F6DE2DE-00F4-4841-BA24-568A95…)

Her own neckbeards are turning against her.

No. 816094

THIS IS HER PROFESSIONAL PAGE. Imagine looking for an artist, finding her reviews online then checking out her Facebook work page and seeing these comments.
And her ass eating string.

No. 816097

It’s pretty clear that it’s strings from whatever tie-back ugly ass top she’s wearing. Why she didn’t move them out of her ass crack, we will never know

No. 816101

I really don’t like whatever it is she’s doing to her photos that make her hair/skin/teeth all the same shade of yellow/orange.

I can’t pinpoint when it started or why, but it’s not a good look at all.

No. 816117

It's whatever stupid filter she's using. Probably thinks it makes her look sunkissed but instead she looks like she could be Trumps daughter

No. 816144

File: 1610753226833.jpg (369.64 KB, 1440x2446, 20210115_150615.jpg)

I encountered Icky in the wild on the comments section on some viral meme video. Here she is giving her dumbass opinion to the world. What guy is touching you vic.

No. 816145

Holy where is this? I need to read the comments

No. 816146

I can go try and find it. I follow a bunch of meme accounts tho so no promises. It was on a video of a dude using a super strong massager on his girl.

No. 816147

I love that her photo is a grab from her tooth-picking video. Fucking kek

No. 816148

Found it. Its on an account called todayyearsold and its a video that starts with " she will never be the same after this"

No. 816155

kek anon, I was just about to say the exact same thing. She has the wildest ideas about what constitutes “sexy”, even with shooping and filters she still looks like a musty middle aged lot lizard who subsists on cheap whiskey and gas station hot dogs

No. 816156

I honestly feel like she just writes all this thirst trap comments on pages so thirsty dudes will see it and follow her. Imagine how many are just out there in the wild

No. 816157

File: 1610761590189.jpeg (88.26 KB, 827x939, F724C67E-E451-40C2-9CFA-B76775…)

Says the girl that hates strippers/ sex workers but does softcore porn for free.
Says the girl that calls other females whale, but takes an Uber through the McDonald drive thru.
Says the girl that tells people racism isn’t acceptable but calls black people monkeys. Okay girl.

No. 816158

File: 1610761729081.jpeg (48.58 KB, 827x451, E335CE60-19CC-4067-8CC8-F70C91…)

She would follow mike pence, the man that rejects systemically racism and hates gay people. Shocker.

No. 816159

I don’t quite understand what she means with this, is she trying to say that we drag her for being a delusional, illiterate, uneducated, narcissistic, attention seeking, dirty, stinky, fat retard because we are… functioning adults with lives and careers and the ability to practise basic hygiene? She is almost 40 and purportedly doesn’t even have towels or a toothbrush in her bathroom, that’s setting the bar for standards pretty fucking low

kek, she deleted these

No. 816160

Oh, so now it’s a pre-beach THEMED photoshoot. Okay Victoria. Keep obsessively refreshing the thread and proving all us hayturrrrzzzz wrong

No. 816161

File: 1610764068297.jpeg (41.29 KB, 827x267, D2CA1F8A-7ECA-4F59-8EDD-B9D864…)

So her old photographer was from a … pub?

No. 816162

File: 1610764486304.jpeg (153.7 KB, 803x953, 2BC92262-D96C-4FB6-BCBF-81E192…)

This is Frankie from Tony’s in Guelph. The place that Victoria plays pool. He was getting married in 2015, so it makes sense he doesn’t take her porn photoshoots for her anymore. He is also not a photographer.

No. 816163

File: 1610765356219.jpeg (61.44 KB, 827x330, 8D78F02A-03E1-4D4E-809D-2CF876…)

…. I suppose this are the type of men she was bragging about catcalling her while she was playing pool. She only hangs out with the best.

No. 816165

File: 1610765837572.jpeg (535.43 KB, 828x1476, 166303CD-EE9F-4520-BB32-ECABC3…)

She is in such high demand u guise!
>I get it I look young

Bitch, you look every bit the fetid old ham hock that your age would suggest, but keep deluding yourself

No. 816166

File: 1610765933207.jpeg (571.15 KB, 828x1457, 05E90C28-69FC-455B-88B0-17F512…)

LMAO dream on Victoria, no one wants to wife up a middle aged NEET who doesn’t even know how to bathe or brush her teeth

No. 816179

File: 1610770327436.jpeg (126.6 KB, 827x792, E6AD8B0E-92A2-454E-B43F-A3B771…)

Not only is Victoria lurking here but she also invented kilts.
Every girl in a uniform school wore them? Scottish people? No! Victoria did it first!

No. 816180

File: 1610770387637.jpeg (129.8 KB, 827x795, 92B00934-4925-4321-B064-2A0472…)

And even mr burns would wanna fuck Vicky. Jesus Christ. This clear mental breakdown is a doozy.

No. 816189

I have a sneaking suspicion that Icky's got a nasty VD and that's why she pretends to be "untouchable", while also thirsty af, while also unable to get laid since her 20's. Hasnt she said it's been over two years, "her choice"?

No. 816194

File: 1610772074092.jpeg (69.99 KB, 827x451, F1712AA9-8491-4269-B4BD-309CE6…)

I was an Irish dancer when I was 8, so like I’m the queen of kilts. Moron

No. 816203

Female Irish dancers wear many things, kilts are not one of them.

>calling women who wear skirts bitches
I love how miserable and salty you are vicky. You’re so pathetic that you think you started a trend of wearing plaid skirts.

Seek help.

No. 816209

This is so embarrassing, she can’t even do a quick google search to validate her fabricated life story. Pitiful.

No. 816212

Given that she doesn’t bathe, she’d have the mother of all yeast infections at the very least, fuck knows what else is going on behind her rancid meat flaps, and frankly I don’t want to know.

No. 816222

Vic you don't have a waist, honey. You exhaust me.

No. 816223

Holy fuck, this is embarrassing

No. 816228



This hag clinging to her 15 minutes of “fame” 15 years ago is so pathetic. Nobody knows or gives a fuck about you.

No. 816237

File: 1610806225923.jpeg (68.46 KB, 827x457, 061C9F2A-9F4B-4A81-B293-381A58…)

Riverdance… google it victoria. Riverdance girls don’t wear kilts. It’s dresses white socks and black shoes.
This girls so dumb

No. 816238

File: 1610806957744.jpeg (72.18 KB, 294x790, 6EF36D25-FD71-4155-A0FC-D982B2…)

Tattoo update. This girls whole arm is done by Victoria Bella morte tattoos. Woof

No. 816239

File: 1610807114107.gif (198.9 KB, 400x300, 441C2402-4ABA-44FD-92FC-2B987C…)

>I won medals actually
>but I don’t know what Irish folk dancers wear

This dumpy dipshit is so fucking retarded, I am physically cringing from second hand embarrassment

No. 816240

My god, I would fucking sue

No. 816244

File: 1610808810861.jpeg (1.12 MB, 3414x2281, 51F13CCC-2134-4932-B255-EA8141…)

Excuse me ladies from clueless in 1995, I know you love kilts but Victoria started this trend.
They clearly saw her Irish step dancing and stole this look from Vicky.
How many girls in media, fashion and everyday women have emulated this look? Thousands. I’m not sure why Vicky thinks it hasn’t been done?

No. 816253

File: 1610810944882.jpeg (64.92 KB, 548x343, 24FF7F88-989C-48E7-9945-CAE4D1…)

Her eyes probably River danced through the pattern.

No. 816254

File: 1610810979230.jpeg (148.33 KB, 828x1198, 74B05E16-775D-4AFE-873E-0A2126…)

Victoria Bella morte tattoos. She didn’t post this and I can see why.

No. 816256

File: 1610811144325.jpeg (107.47 KB, 828x687, 6EEDFC79-E1B2-4670-94ED-93E989…)

Her sense of humour is a 0/10. She can’t just laugh things off like a normal person. She need to bring up her “haters” at every moment. No wonder she followers are unfollowing. Jesus

No. 816260

File: 1610811683465.jpeg (86.86 KB, 827x403, C8921F3E-742B-4CF1-8D84-3E7402…)

The “hot guy” that made this meme. I can’t

No. 816273

Sage because no milk and sadly no screencaps because I'm dumb, but I interacted with her once a long time ago and complimented her on her outfit, and she replied with ''I know''. No thanks or whatever. I thought she was just another vain person which too much air inside her own ass, but wow, never thought she would get a thread here haha

No. 816275

File: 1610819708815.jpeg (46.24 KB, 827x316, B225CEFC-0AEB-40B9-B109-0509DE…)

She really thinks she started the trend of a kilt and I hope this guy is ribbing her

No. 816281

>yet another talent discovered?
Is this guy trolling her? Kek

>I won medals actually
No you didn’t omfgawdddd vicky get help. I am screaming.

No. 816294

File: 1610830990543.jpeg (41.75 KB, 827x214, 7374D650-B4B7-402B-8887-89B79C…)

Take your own advice girl

No. 816296

I'm 50/50 on these two being facetious. Most of her followers are there for the laughs.

No. 816300

File: 1610836035413.png (799.81 KB, 828x1792, CA35D320-A634-4E8A-9773-8E38B8…)

No one cares Victoria

No. 816301

It’s actually just hilarious that she thinks she so attainable but the only guys she dates are crackheads. And she’s been through like 4 guys in lockdown. We don’t care icky, you’re just a train wreck

No. 816308

File: 1610844249275.jpeg (58.68 KB, 827x286, 30836793-06D0-44A6-B80A-D46B2F…)

Kilts. A stripper must have. Vicky. You’re a Facebook stripper. Congrats. Nothing wrong with strippers, but you’re doing it for free. It’s sad.

No. 816316

I honestly think Vicky is too sloppy to be a stripper. Imagine getting a lap dance from a hefty woman with her weave hanging down, a 3 inch plastic belt around her waist and is wearing three plastic rosaries. I'll pass

No. 816320

Strip clubs irl are usually not like in the Hollywood movies, you know

No. 816322

She wouldn’t be a stripper cause deep down she knows she’s a hog and looks nothing like her photos. Everytime she goes out in public she gets dragged. Example the “fashion show” or her birthday recently.
She’s too comfortable being a stripper in her bedroom for free for her neckbeards so she can heavily edit her face

No. 816323

I think it would be more her complete lack of hygiene what would prevent her from being a stripper, no punters would want to throw their hard earned shekels at a greasy, moldy sack of lard that smells like a fish market dumpster on a hot day

No. 816324

I don’t know anyone older than 20 that reposts so many damn cringey relationship memes.

No. 816327

She vague posts so much relationship shit. Most of it is probably because she’s in dire need of therapy, can’t communicate and like to play games with men.

No. 816340

File: 1610855612283.jpeg (134.92 KB, 827x545, B96A285C-6930-43C3-A2B2-ECDF01…)

She’s so unbothered she lurks here every minute, makes posts about it.
You watch us, you care.

No. 816343

Loool she HAD to include the riverdance shoes because she's tOtAlly aN aWaRd wINnInG dAnCeR gUiSe!

No. 816345

She put this on her work page and personal. Not bothered in the slightest.

No. 816348

Yup Vicky you're so morally superior to the people who make fun of you online; that's why you can't go 6 days without bashing other women and/or posting the same pick me bitch statuses for incels and men with old musty ball sacks to comment on

No. 816349

>river dance shoes
KEK. Vicky, they’re called ghillies. But you would totally know because you won lots of medals for your river-dance dancing in your kilts.

No. 816350

People watch this page for one of two reasons.

1. She’s a delusional idiot and it’s akin to watching jerry springer out of boredom.

2. People she’s acted superior and been a cunt to, fucked over with tattoos, deposits, rides ect watching her crash and burn is like watching karma in action.

No. 816354

This thread is honestly my favorite on all of lolcow, even though Vic basically does the same predictable stuff over and over. It’s like she’s mentally stuck as a cringey, boy-obsessed 17 year old who thinks she can lie/exaggerate every story and nobody will question it.

No. 816357

Mine too. What makes it even more hilarious is that it probably would never have got this much traction if she hadn’t blessed us with batshit spergery and pretending to be multiple people who knew her/dated her for the purpose of white knighting herself. The toppest of keks.

No. 816359


Even more funny when she obsessively watches us.

No. 816369

Yknow vic, you could follow your own advice and you'd probably be a whole lot happier. If she blocked this page and tuned us out, she wouldn't have to deal with us at all. It's not like we're actively trolling her or anything, we're just old men from the muppet-sing her entire life, which she puts on the internet for free!! The click of one button and we're entirely gone from her life.

But no. Gotta stay up on our chatter and obsess over everything we post.

No. 816372

"Riverdance" is the name of a fucking musical, not a style of dance

No. 816376

File: 1610873420096.jpeg (115.24 KB, 828x400, 2F3003FE-9362-4660-A8F3-F1D1DD…)

>old men from the muppets-ing
I audibly chuckled

After deleting these comments >>816084 she finally responded to a question about what was hanging out of her arse, which is sooooo big y’all! Victoria, seeing as you’re probably lurking as we speak, it’s not just your arse that’s big, it’s all of you. You’re not curvy or “hourglass af”, you’re just fat. Cope harder.

No. 816378

kek at her calling anyone a thot while her pfp is her ass hanging out in a skirt 2 sizes too small

No. 816380

File: 1610878532024.jpg (198.48 KB, 1080x1234, Screenshot_20210117-034538_Ins…)

Old but gold.. haha this fucking edit job is my favourite. She literally posts shit like this and probably thinks that's what she looks like for some reason.

No. 816381

File: 1610879717019.jpeg (9.18 KB, 225x225, images (2).jpeg)

that pic looks like an imvu avatar

No. 816385

My favorite edit is the one with 4 pupils that she tried to blame on them being SOOO reflective. Alright so now she’s a world famous Ivy League buncha stuff, model, lived in many mansions and time traveling “Riverdancer”? Wow. Vick you’re a failed washed up never was that lost your pathetic shop and now lives in a fantasy world nobody wants to visit. Give up all that shoop and maybe develop some connections that are real? Lol nvm that will never happen.

No. 816391

She probably did ballet too and has some Swan Lake shoes somewhere in her hoard.

No. 816398

File: 1610895291506.jpeg (53.67 KB, 328x500, 8F1A7822-FD39-4DA9-A2A5-688118…)

This ones my fav. Like in what world? Is this when she travelled to Europe and took topless photos at Notre-Dame?

No. 816401

Lmfaooo this looks like the same quality as those cringy "fuck me my lord" porn game ads where its all stolen art mashed together

No. 816402

No. 816403

File: 1610896845176.jpeg (43.02 KB, 371x318, 64169666-7F34-401F-8193-830726…)

Victoria Bella morte tattoo update.

No. 816406

File: 1610897273609.jpeg (189.14 KB, 827x1164, C1CF3A2E-2214-4259-AF23-FB7F73…)

Yikes m. No wonder the old champagne daddy called her a drunk on Instagram.

No. 816415

oh my god the Notre Dame window edit was a fucking treasure
>luckily I managed to get a picture with the Rose window before the fire xxx
>badly photoshopped, not rose window, not Notre Dame

I'm not familiar with that one though, it looks like she's planning on stabbing herself but got distracted by a lens flare lmao

No. 816418

File: 1610901426094.jpeg (272.64 KB, 764x1389, 1587436855576.jpeg)

it's not notre dame and if it was, there's no way she could pose like that in front of the rose window because it was high up and fairly inaccessible. that the idea a church would let a thot take implied topless photos on the premises

No. 816419

File: 1610902054107.jpeg (197.04 KB, 1024x768, 21FD9B03-4410-4E18-8E4C-DD0D7C…)

Imagine trying to convince people you could levitate?
Victoria we know you come here, no matter how much you say you don’t care.
No stable human being would lie about something like this. This may have been along time ago, but you’ve continued to lie.
Being an award winning dancer, photographer, successful tattoo artist, someone with a “duel accent” etc.

It’s wild.

No. 816420

File: 1610902667530.jpeg (191.4 KB, 827x1207, C4F3DEF4-A738-4564-8997-8DFF8E…)

So unbothered. She should take the advice of a therapist or… just about anyone at this point.

No. 816421

File: 1610903565756.jpeg (74.76 KB, 388x483, DCDB3CF5-AF01-4280-BB1F-87CB71…)

Speaking of favorite Vic shoops, here’s mine. I love how in the caption she is going on about how AH-MAZING her body is, so that everyone accuses her of plastic surgery but she’s “all real”, and the only altering to the photo is the lighting. But the lying cow totally forgot the reflection in the mirror, which reveals Vic just shopped her face, hair and tats onto a photo of another woman (who has shorter, blunt cut, darker hair.) And the non-cropped version of this photo (which I can’t locate ATM) shows the curtains and furniture behind “Vic” are totally different than what shows in the mirror.

Never change, Vic.

No. 816424

all the snark and bitching aside, farmers often do provide good advice for cows. It would help Vicky to follow some of it.

No. 816427

yesss that's the one, magical levitating Vicki
one of her weirder, dumber lies

No. 816428

It cracks me up how she goes on about how she’s never had surgery and she’s all natural and shit, but then edits her photos to oblivion. It’s like saying “no makeup” when you’re using a filter. It doesn’t matter how ~real~ you are when you’ve digitally altered every aspect of your picture.

No. 816429

God damn the clothes she wears even for “modeling” all look like they were pulled out of an 80’s cover band trailer park costume rack. What a fucking flop.

No. 816430

tell us everything becky

No. 816431

File: 1610907554921.jpeg (36.19 KB, 418x604, E34C24E1-15FB-40F2-BDAE-C45FCE…)

My favourite edit is this one. I’m not even sure what lie she was going for here.

No. 816432

What did the post say

No. 816433

File: 1610908201243.png (19.05 KB, 556x68, Screen Shot 2021-01-17 at 1.28…)

No. 816438

A lot of anons have posted this and just regurgitated what is all ready generally known about Vic. would need to hear something on the level of a protein bar sperg to generate any interest these days.

No. 816443

Considering how obsessively she’s been vague posting about lolcow, I wouldn’t be surprised if she comes back here soon to tell us all to kill ourselves.
Or that post was her and she was going to blow smoke up her own ass but deleted it when she realized that we were going to call her out per usual. Aka she wasn’t drunk enough.

No. 816447

Girl has a roach on her face. Cute.

No. 816449

Kek she was probably going to say I know her IRL and she’s super pretty and totally not fat. Just like all the other times Vic came here to WK herself.

>we were classmates in river dancing and I personally watched her win several medals for her amazing talents.

No. 816450

File: 1610912144345.jpeg (67.46 KB, 827x501, 943742B1-178C-4B63-852D-B226D4…)

Vicky: “I never let anyone touch me anymore”

Also Vicky” constantly talks about sex and needing it”

No. 816451

File: 1610912380394.jpeg (113.56 KB, 793x607, 413EAFBF-7D2D-436B-BC70-0C04F6…)

Victoria playing games with little boys online again.

No. 816452

The thing is, the people who do know her or have dealt with her (like me) really have nothing else to say because these threads pretty much sum her up. The only thing we can add are candids and personally stories, but she is the terrible human you all think she is.

No. 816453

So how is she practically a nun but also fucks dudes in the comment section that SOMETIMES because boyfriends? This girl is a THOT

No. 816454

Why does she insist on trying to talk in AAVE in these comments?

No. 816459

Love yourself more, Vicky.

No. 816463

Victoria in her bio: I am the deepest ocean. The most treacherous sea. I am the Sixth. I am the Eighth. The most ominous of any abyss.
Victoria in her comment sections: sOmeTiMe he Do be CLappiN cHeeKs

No. 816464

I’m just so confused and let down. I was really hoping to see the alleged face tattoo. But alas, more lies.

No. 816465

KEK. This threw me

No. 816466

File: 1610915869395.jpeg (98.35 KB, 827x481, A564E00A-AE1E-46B1-8738-164D8D…)

On her sex and taco post. On your professional work page. Classy Vicky.

No. 816486

File: 1610922333317.jpeg (162.49 KB, 827x781, 112516E3-FDAC-4890-AF9E-D63970…)

“I don’t have the kind of ass girls go to the gym for, I’m just a fat ass”

No. 816489

The fact that she claims to have single-handedly started the trend of wearing plaid skirts is maybe the funniest delusion she's had yet. That being said why does nobody call her out on her shit? Does she just delete any comments that do? If you won numerous awards in "riverdancing" (ok Michael Flatley) show some proof, like your medals or pictures from that time. The Notre dame thing is also a contender for funniest lie because she said she managed to get a pic with it before it burned down so she was definitely saying she was there and nobody questions this shit beyond one weird defensive answer from her? Maybe if she got called out on the grandiose lies more she'd learn to stop doing it and love herself for who she is instead of who she pretends to be because nobody is buying it like she thinks they are.

No. 816490

File: 1610922893387.jpeg (89.41 KB, 709x488, BFCE5D5C-BDE4-4F2F-965F-FEA634…)

The dude that’s always yelling at icky in her videos. In one of these videos he’s at her shop … you guessed it.. yelling at her after getting a tattoo. Don’t know if these are all done by her…. but most of them are for sure

No. 816491

Someone did call her out on the Notre same thing and she deleted it. She’s been called out on her accent too.
The problem is anyone that calls her out she deletes it or blasts them online for YEARS. She’s a twat and doesn’t want anyone to make her realize reality. That’s why she hates lolcow so much.

No. 816492

File: 1610923475803.jpeg (88.97 KB, 824x345, 70527B4E-6404-4C14-B4FF-BBD4D2…)

Her ex called her out after they broke up about her lies, accent and lack of skill in tattooing. 6 years after they broke up she starting saying he beat her.

No. 816514

File: 1610937872812.jpeg (68.13 KB, 827x303, 549FBFD8-0E48-4A71-956E-2457AF…)

You’re basic and mentally unstable.
Fitting in or not should be the least of your worries tbh

No. 816516

yeah but whenever you feel weird, you immediately start coping and it's embarrassing as fuck. ppl started asking why you're wearing school skirts at like 30 and all of a sudden you're an irish dancer who started the kilt/plaid skirt trend. and oh if your picture looks weird, that's because your ass is sooo fat, it's not bc you took a weird photo.

you're the most basic, boring person on earth and you fucking hate it. just admit it.

No. 816518

I mean that's sad if he really did beat her but isn't she some super ninja who fights terrorists in ubers and intimidates kidnappers into letting her go? Surely she would make quick work of a pesky ex with a swish of her blade.

No. 816519

plaid skirts =/= school skirts retard

No. 816520

Imagine walking around telling people you're a trendsetter, all while posting photos of what looks like a lightly rinsed tampon string hanging down between your ass cheeks.

No. 816521

>people are used to the optical illusions that most girls use to make their ass look bigger

>those personal trainer chicks

Christ what a fucking pick me.
Yeah a lot of girls on Insta pose certain ways to make their asses more flattering, but she has even posted herself those memes about how bloating and posing is nOrMaL and pretends to be body positive. She is just a jealous stumpy chubster who I bet browses fitness instas and deludes herself into thinking it's all angles and Photoshop and thinks she's just as fit.

No. 816523

The inaccurate river dance kilt shit talk reminds me of when she was going on about her 'double tang' sword and literally there's no such thing. The tang of the sword wasn't even the correct part she was referring to.
She's an absolute spastic to think anyone believes her shit whatsoever.

No. 816524

that's the funniest shoop i've seen in a while. the bra just pasted on. the hair looking like a waterfall of melting cheese. the boobs and right rib shining like 3 light bulbs. and the mysterious blur all around the waist. truly ethereal beauty

No. 816526

He didn’t beat her. He’s getting married and has a normal life. He dumped her and she’s petty. The broke up like 5-6 years ago and she can’t let it go.
She also said that she’s friends with all her exes besides Quentin? I think adrien would say different, but okay.

No. 816527

He beat her in the same way her house has been broken into 5 times or she was kidnapped. Fuck off vicky

No. 816528

This is fucking hilarious, I’m legit chuckling.
>goth rocker

And when has this decomposing ham hock ever been “doll like” or “classy”? Dolls are pretty and delicate, Shingles is a fat, stumpy, waddling grease factory in poorly applied drag make up, and I’m pretty sure “classy” people don’t post soft core trailer trash fetish porn on their business accounts. Top fucking kek.

No. 816532

oh like it’s such a big fucking difference. point is that whenever she does out of the ordinary, she acts like it’s a huge trend she invented.

No. 816537

File: 1610950418174.jpeg (408.97 KB, 828x633, 29EB3694-952E-4B05-B325-2EFD8F…)

No. 816540

Her reflection is a completely different person

No. 816541

File: 1610958676010.jpeg (557.21 KB, 777x960, 8D9EE309-E188-4AE8-9644-B93503…)

That’s the point, she’s so sloppy. I love how she can never be consistent with her edits, each shoop is an entirely different face. It really is a shame that there aren’t more pics of her in the wild floating around

No. 816561

File: 1610978412559.jpeg (462.24 KB, 2048x2048, 9988DC73-C8DC-4763-ACE3-7C44AF…)

First date with vic expectations vs reality

No. 816562

File: 1610979508698.jpeg (325.23 KB, 764x596, FA83B41E-8E98-4187-89DD-8C0E6E…)

And then she opens her mouth

No. 816568


Not to mention the sheers/drapes.

No. 816581

File: 1610988245666.jpeg (123.88 KB, 827x678, F8C1A6D7-FE1E-4EAC-B39F-0B8C62…)

Every time victoria goes on a ramble about uplifting women it reminds me of that time she started publicly shaming every woman that talked to the crackhead she was flirting with. Never even met him in person.

No. 816584


All these years and she still can’t blend her extensions. How lazy can you be?

No. 816606

File: 1611000642546.jpeg (177.83 KB, 826x910, D868D83D-8329-4A52-B32E-D4051C…)

“Do yo agree? Please? Someone date me”
If it’s the same “hot guy” that made her the last one, she’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Goes without saying.

No. 816607

File: 1611000763986.jpeg (224.2 KB, 1946x933, 61C783BE-AECB-4184-8A9F-C75B47…)

Oh yep. Same guy. How drunk is she

No. 816611

File: 1611003155945.jpeg (159.71 KB, 827x866, C1FA69FC-7A69-4A43-8B20-D5873D…)

Holy shit.

No. 816613


Haven't been following as closely but is this Jeremy guy real or does her alcohol rot brain think she's gonna make "hot guy" jealous by making herself seem so desirable? Seems like a meme she'd make herself.

No. 816615

File: 1611008862016.jpeg (67.76 KB, 827x314, 592571C5-BD3E-475D-9416-63D237…)

Or maybe people are laughing cause it’s so pathetic that a 35 year old would be so desperate on her work page

No. 816616

Well I, for one, am totes jelly that Vic attracts the attention of guys clever enough to recycle ancient memes to show their adoration. Wish I could find a guy that original!

No. 816618

File: 1611010484538.jpeg (103.87 KB, 397x771, 505D9934-A273-4D66-BEFE-3E02B1…)

My wifey goals is also to be a 40 year old home wrecking washed up band slut that constantly horny posts on her “work” page lol.

No. 816619

File: 1611012365950.jpeg (87.75 KB, 827x662, 635405FA-01F3-44E3-81B9-2D5DDD…)

Imagine dating this psycho?

No. 816622


if anyone genuinely thought this festering ham was wifey material she would be with somebody by now. 20 year old line cooks at kelseys and Facebook crackheads dont count. making crusty memes (that I’m not totally convinced she didn’t make herself) is a low bar, but I’m not surprised. I doubt vic has actually ever had flowers sent to her, ect. she would post about it endlessly. It’s really sad tbh.

No. 816633

File: 1611016306330.jpeg (889.09 KB, 2106x3264, 28DA6CBE-DAD0-4905-A9E9-AA6E45…)

Considering she has a sex/masturbation obsessed father and a pedo brother, her NLOG complex and cringe inducing need to appeal to men makes sense (photos are pulled from the most recent, his Facebook is a festering shitpile of Neanderthal brain boob/sex jokes, autist tier trump bootlicking and constant, daily references to masturbation).

No. 816637

I couldn’t imagine having my parent on social media and posting what she does. Then you see this.
I wonder what her relationship is with her dad, cause she screams daddy issues.

No. 816641

This makes my brain hurt.

No. 816643

File: 1611018962279.jpeg (111.45 KB, 566x685, 6DE7B4FA-9235-4D11-B97E-58DA10…)

Ugh google it. The virus was spread by Chinese people and they stole it from Canada. Duh

No. 816646

Kek I’m pretty sure she’s mixing Hong Kong and China together.

No. 816648

This girl hasn’t left Canada since she was 2 and I’d be surprised if she knew what Hong Kong was

No. 816653

She probably tells him she's a celeb

No. 816655

Didn’t she just recently post some pickme status saying that women shouldn’t be jealous if their boyfriend likes someone else’s pictures? Kek.

No. 816657

She always posts pick me shit about she is not jealous like other girls

No. 816678

Pardon me, I’ve only read the last few threads after Cameron’s amazing protein bar-jonesing meltdown but is this true? She’s been with that many band dudes? Not asking to be spoonfed but is there more info in previous threads?

No. 816680

There is. And she’s slept with some of these guys while they had girlfriends. Toronto metal scene is small, people talk and that’s why she doesn’t come out anymore. She’s burned a lot of bridges.

No. 816681

I'm honestly surprised she's ever had sex because it would require someone seeing her unphotoshopped, naked body. But seems like most of her hoe days were when she was significantly thinner.

No. 816682

She used to come to small venues in Toronto, and she wasn’t liked. She talks about herself, gets wasted, hits on every guy / thinks every guy wants her. Doesn’t matter if a guy has a girlfriend. She really thinks she looks like her photos and everyone worships her when in fact people are usually trying to avoid her.
She stopped coming out and people sort of forgot about her.
She has to know deep down she doesn’t look like her photos and she’s not as loved as she wants to be. It’s sort of sad. So I guess she’s just a recluse living in small town Canada trying to relive her “glory days” online.

No. 816688

She wasn't bad looking a few decades ago, I wouldn't even say she is now for her age but she definitely can't get by on that alone anymore, so she's repulsive to anyone to who isn't desperate

No. 816722

>two scrotes from the same band
Even by band slag standards this is trashy as fuck. With the exception of Ben Bruce they’re all an assortment of neckbeard, fat, fat with neckbeard, etc, so just Icky’s type, kek. She must be so salty over not only being incapable of holding on to the one cute boy who was willing to tolerate her but losing him to her friend.

No. 816754

File: 1611067221499.jpeg (780.92 KB, 2048x2048, 857AB23C-2105-49BB-9BCB-E6C49C…)

Dang decided to look these fellas up and yep, they all look like crusty twats. (Ok Ben Bruce is kinda cute but he still looks crusty)

No. 816756

what is the source of the information?
NGL, I'm surprised she banged guys from bands that are somewhat known around the world (well, at least BMTH and Asking Alexandria, as shit as they are). I expected her to band noname Canadian bands.
I think the bottom guys are okay, but certainely not to the standard of a lady that is supposedly rejecting marriage proposals from billionaires.
They are still better looking than Vicky though.

No. 816760

Fucking kek anon, I was just about to do this, great minds, lmao.

Ben Bruce is bottom left, bottom right is Dusten Bowls, he looks better without the cringey white boy dreads and chin pubes. Shingles was punching above her weight (at least figuratively, kek) with these two. I was surprised that these were relatively well known bands too, I also expected them to be some Ontario nobodies. I’m surprised she doesn’t boast about this shit, but then I guess it doesn’t fit in with her ~untouchable celibate ice queen~ persona

No. 816766

She interviewed some of these guys with her friend Scott on that terrible radio show they use to do. She’s also partied with them when they were just up and coming. This is super old, back when she wasn’t a complete mess.

No. 816770

If I recall correctly, this was from that gossip site The Dirty that was around in the early 2000s

No. 816786

Yeah it was called “are you up” about groupies and sharing peoples nudes. It was trash.

No. 816790

File: 1611076276043.jpeg (54.51 KB, 827x409, 0C85871C-E788-45B3-8472-08017B…)

“ In 2010, Shapiro argued that homosexuality should not have been removed as a mental illness from the DSM”
“ he does not feel same-sex marriage should be taught to students in schools”
“Ben Shapiro argued that abortion should be illegal”
“ Shapiro believes transgender people suffer from mental illness”
“ Shapiro declared that "One American soldier is worth far more than an Afghan civilian",
“ Shapiro has argued that African-Americans were historically victims of injustice in the United States, but that they are not victims of widespread systemic injustice today.”
“ 2019, he said, "I believe Western civilization is superior to other civilizations."

The list goes on. I wonder which she doesn’t agree with. Cause it’s only one thing. Probably abortion.

No. 816792

File: 1611076985012.jpeg (65.68 KB, 827x489, 8A536290-661C-4034-B1C3-973B27…)

Either she’s in a right with her online boyfriend and looking for attention. Or she’s realizing she needs help. Hopefully the latter and she gets her life together.

Ick. Stay off the internet, stop ruining peoples bodies. Get some education and move on.

No. 816793

this is so cringe, ben shapiro would hate her loser ass

No. 816797

File: 1611077908186.jpeg (203.82 KB, 827x1190, AAC842FF-E724-4E3D-9F0A-A62806…)

Maybe she got kicked out of the shop due to covid, money or her rants about protesting

No. 816822

Is anyone up*

No. 816825

She interview Nikki Sixx as well. I can just imagine her throwing herself at him and him wanting nothing to do with her.

No. 816828

I didn’t hear that but they’ve taken it off their website, the link goes nowhere so it must have been a mess.
Everything else is up.

No. 816848

File: 1611095638251.jpeg (125.25 KB, 828x1087, 81F64B3D-139F-42A8-A1AA-3F9678…)

LMAO Victoria, all that lot lizard clothing and terrible shooping that gives you a new face every day isn’t for you, it’s for the geriatric fat neckbeards in your replies and DMs who are the only people thirsty enough and retarded enough to believe that you look like an irl final fantasy character. Cope harder, you fetid pig

No. 816854

What even happened to her and that radio show

No. 816861

I wonder about that too. She still interacts with Scott on Facebook sometimes. They usually post stuff like "miss you!" and shit like that on Victoria's posts sometimes.

No. 816907

She has nothing of value to add. One of the guys that worked with them came on her before and said she ghosted them once, barely ever said anything / had no idea what she was talking about when she did.

No. 816919

File: 1611102643698.jpeg (167.01 KB, 825x870, 3CE2C88E-55FE-4C3C-859D-431E02…)

How she interviews Nikki sixx. I understand it’s rock / hair metal, but like get it together alittle bit.

No. 816940

Ah. The tresses of a balding sea witch.

No. 816943

Wasn't there some site that had recordings of the old shows? I remember how drunk and cringeworthy she sounded on them.

No. 816945

You can still find them when you google her name and Loaded Radio

No. 816946

Samefag and it's her with her fake British accent glory just saying "oh really!" "Omg!" And "yeah!" Repeatedly for the most part

No. 816971

Well this is concerning.
If she helped herself more, instead of looking for self confidence from men online and actually built a life for herself maybe she’d be happy. Living a fan fic of yourself on Facebook can’t be rewarding.

No. 816984

I really don't understand this hair. The blonde and purple is actually nice but would have looked much nicer with the bottom 5feet removed. It's actually not the worst candid of her out there

No. 816985

It’s blurry, just like all of her other photos. And to be honest it looks like her clip in extensions fell out and they’re hanging. Her pupils are also insane. She looks high as fuck

No. 816987

File: 1611111609039.jpeg (44.53 KB, 826x232, 526CEE7B-E8AA-4D16-9B9E-CEFE5F…)

LOL. Okay girl.

No. 817004

I showed my husband her pics and he howled with laughter. Maybe she dumped him for being stupid enough to believe they weren't heavily edited.

I swear to God this woman regurgitates the same shit over and over to stroke her ego. Her brain is like three golf balls bumping around in an old sock.

No. 817025

File: 1611119105109.jpeg (426.8 KB, 1170x1240, 3AF3C9C5-CCC7-45CC-8401-D8C006…)

No. 817036

I believe her - would you want to stay in a relationship with someone with such bad taste?

No. 817043

Vicky gives me the worst secondhand embarrassment. I actually felt a wave of heat hit me after reading that.

35 years old you guys. I wish vicky was more milky because she is definitely my favorite cow.

No. 817067

File: 1611138985265.jpg (85.15 KB, 1280x770, IMG_20210120_033448_062.jpg)

Lmao I want to get a fan pic with Victoria. Goals. Also bonus Vic talking about how she treats people poorly if they give her a reason to. Why does she always brag about this?

No. 817078

“Fans” - just the fact that she refers to people this way is cringe inducing. Vic is beyond redemption.

No. 817092

File: 1611150841007.jpeg (133.3 KB, 827x1101, 5BE89130-6CB7-4244-8270-6DDBE1…)

“She’s so fat and photoshopped. It doesn’t really matter when I meet him darling” or something. I can’t tell over that fake accent.

How about the fact that you’re dressed up like a pirate dollar store hooker at 2am posting this trash. And you’re not photoshopped, you’re heavily filtered. Most people your age are dating or married with children. Kek. You can have the neckbeards, or losers at the pool hall, “darling” nobody is worried. Any man with self esteem doesnt wanna fight with you publicly on Facebook, wants a woman with a job, interests over than flashing their ass cheeks on Facebook. Do better victoria. Even your “fans” are dropping off.

No. 817093

File: 1611151400608.png (1.98 MB, 828x1792, 6D3B79BE-5CEE-4076-8A10-67F81D…)

You know she’s at home bothered as fuck. This is pathetic even by Victoria standards. This is again on her work page, telling people she wants to “fuck your bitch” and “your men want me” yes. This is who I want to stick me with needles.
Anyone with any sense can see how Insecure you are. You’re 35 with… pretty much nothing to show for it. You did an online radio show 5 years ago. Online magazine you had to edit yourself. And a failed tattoo career. Never left the country and never left small town Canada.
Ratty weave, terrible teeth. And you buy your followers or they couldn’t care less about you anymore with that “like” count.

We’re all super jealous. Please tell us again how the men all want you

No. 817096

File: 1611151925237.jpeg (32.39 KB, 827x203, 92CD3C39-4D76-405C-983B-8A3D3D…)

When it sounds so fake, your neckbeards gotta ask.

No. 817100

How is anyone suppose to believe she can take anyone’s man, when she can’t even keep her own? Adrien left her for her friend, the crackhead said he was done playing her games, the guy with the eyeezzz dumped her and him and his friends publicly dragged her for stealing toilet paper kek.

No. 817103

I think she’s saying “ she’s so photoshopped. She’s so fat and ugly in person. That doesn’t really work when I’ve already met him darling.”
And the caption says I win. So she’s probably doing her own fan fic of her stealing peoples boyfriends.

No. 817106

File: 1611153459795.jpeg (101.96 KB, 825x649, 5E301E71-F543-43C5-8EA8-584137…)

When you’re entire self worth is dependent on how many men like you and you’re an alcoholic. That’s this.

No. 817107

File: 1611153605776.jpeg (144.89 KB, 828x860, 308FEC51-64EA-4193-B84D-9E29B5…)

So her followers really are starting to see through her bullshit. Damn. Under 200 likes from 94,000 followers and people calling her shit OUT

No. 817113

Go Zach!! Kek lol it's still there too but probably not for long.
I've been noticing more and more subtle shade on her posts but this one takes the cake. It really says something when the neckbeards even start to turn on you.

No. 817114

File: 1611156162523.jpeg (95.61 KB, 827x582, 67C99C2A-BD18-4789-AD6A-D38452…)

This guy is from Toronto. And it looks like Victoria and him are chatting. Looks like a typical Vicky type.

No. 817115


You have no “fans”. Fuck she is so delusional this made my eyes invert after reading it from the overwhelming cringe. I can’t believe she speaks like this. She seriously thinks she’s famous and people recognize her on the street???? Fuck off. You wish, hammy.

No. 817118

File: 1611156846377.jpeg (40.41 KB, 827x203, 19E3584C-5408-44E9-BE80-D2D158…)

Never forget

No. 817119


No. 817120


Nitpick but the way she talks about romantic relationships is so cringey…Vicky, you’re in your 30s and going on about “liking” people like you’re still in high school. Jfc.

None of my adult friends use the term “like” to express romantic attraction because we aren’t 14 and going on about how we “LIKE like” guys. She really is fucking pathetic and the older she gets while still stuck in her glory days, the more unpickable the pickme gets.

No. 817122

Kek. Married/attached men are the #1 clients of sex workers. Pretty much every woman has had some gross dude attempt to make them a side piece. Only Vick would find that flattering and not charge an hourly rate to entertain them. Then again, her idea of a shirt is cramming her sausage rolls into a backwards plastic corset from Wish, so I shouldn't be surprised

No. 817123

File: 1611157565331.jpeg (56.56 KB, 376x694, 4D379F20-AA7A-4004-A3D3-6A6D65…)

The comments on her “professional” work page and the guys were suppose to be jealous of her “taking” youre ALMOST 40 kek

No. 817129

File: 1611159669758.jpeg (121.05 KB, 826x914, 9E1C1A71-1316-4CC2-AD11-C85EF2…)

Victoria. Lay off the spray tan. Holy shit. Looking like stiflers mom and tan mom had a love child.

No. 817130

Oh my god if you are there PLEASE let Vicky and this guy hang out and film a super ninja sword fight flailing video! I promise I’ll forgive 2020 if we could just see lightsabers vs katanas!

No. 817135

File: 1611160121481.jpeg (144.33 KB, 826x1278, B2FE801D-30C6-48B8-B41D-18D2AC…)

When thot is life. Yes. A cheap Halloween costume corset on backwards. And she forgot to tan her tits. This is a fucking mess

No. 817136

File: 1611160590722.jpeg (66.05 KB, 479x655, 2E45BE36-702D-43B0-9C73-8C3C13…)

She’s broke broke, wearing this little bo peep Halloween costume. She’s holding it on with her arm. Kek

No. 817148

Omg hahahahaha I thought this "top" looked weird as fuck, even for Vicky. Wearing a corset backwards, now that's truly a Vicky original, unlike plaid skirts and one no one is sure to copy

No. 817149

This looks like some deep south shit down here in 'merica. Mothers! Lock up your banjos.

No. 817150

even if it’s not on backwards, fucking tie it correctly. what kind of haphazard knot off to the side is that?

No. 817153

She was posting this at like 3 am. Girl is drunk and sloppy.

No. 817156


Well at least she's catching on that her gum rot is noticeable. Peep that unnatural "i have a crooked smile" attempt.


No. 817158

I showed my husband this video, and he said she looks like a sweaty hooker high on amphetamines.
So Vicky, not everyone’s men want you. Just the low class ones.

No. 817160

She legitimately makes me miss Bret Michael’s VH1 show Rock of Love.

No. 817162

File: 1611169620777.png (46.44 KB, 300x223, FB663138-8FCE-4A6E-A34B-37222C…)

Spot the Vicky.

No. 817163


It’s a filter that makes her skin orange. You can tell with the eyebrow on top of her hair on the right. You think Vicky could afford to go get a spray tan or products when she can’t even afford decent clothes?

No. 817165


Why are her fingernails black with dirt? Can’t even be bothered to wash her hands in a pandemic

No. 817167

File: 1611170353217.jpeg (44.92 KB, 398x531, 809AA442-FE3F-43AB-9936-5955A4…)


Hey Vick nice gut. These shorts are so far up her twat they look like they are going to burst. Legs spread as far as possible

No. 817173

I am not friends with Vick on Facebook, but I can't seem to find this profile. Has she blocked me?

Sage for retard question

No. 817174

File: 1611174030315.jpeg (60.84 KB, 827x290, 4DF514F7-6B36-429C-9E9E-785642…)

What….. social media is being shut down? What does that have to do with her bookings and client information? Even if she keeps it online why doesn’t she just get it? There’s so many things wrong with this.

No. 817175

File: 1611174214248.jpeg (82.21 KB, 825x508, 86F629C1-F62C-4A40-B03D-B7B34D…)

“It’s not my real accent, I just copy my grandfathers”
Fixed it for you icky.

No. 817177

File: 1611174726744.jpg (69.69 KB, 828x1280, IMG_20210120_133103_203.jpg)

Lol the edits on the video she posted. How embarrassing.

No. 817178

File: 1611175029914.jpeg (383.47 KB, 750x1109, 07461974-4307-4781-B164-9C1CB0…)

I just wanna know.. is she illiterate or just an idiot?

No. 817179

File: 1611175042693.jpg (253.35 KB, 1080x1755, Screenshot_20210120_153441.jpg)

I don't think this has been posted yet. From her IG stories. Wonder which "hot guy" made this meme. The fact that she thinks she's any better than an "IG model" is fucking hilarious too. Girl you're one corset string snap away from Only Fans.

No. 817180

From the “positive babe”, lift up females kinda girl she tries to portray online sometimes she sure does like to put down females and steal their men. Or try to.

No. 817181

File: 1611175251243.jpeg (82.73 KB, 575x598, AAB36B18-140E-4D1A-A340-6ACA76…)

That’s the guy that made that meme, from the name in her stories. So weirdos are making them.

No. 817182

Sage for retardation. I noticed the name after I posted. Of course it doesn't actually link directly to his profile so I missed it.

No. 817184

File: 1611175808231.jpeg (139.58 KB, 616x1025, 6A908CF9-9A87-41EC-8638-CB2A15…)

This guy gets his tattoos done by Victoria. His judgment on what “beauty” is may be skewed.
The worst part of Vicky is how much emphasis she puts on how she looks and nothing else. I wonder what it’s like to live with this little depth or personality. It’s scary.

No. 817186

File: 1611176110066.jpeg (87.54 KB, 514x753, 32AAB52F-41EF-42AC-AB8E-AE08ED…)

This guy is from fergus… so chances are … she did those face tattoos.

No. 817188

So let’s just say Victoria is the most beautiful creature in the world and every single man wants her. Now what? Like what have you actually accompanied? Vicky… if you were humble in anyway, had any class or believed what you were saying wouldn’t have to post about it every day and try to convince everyone else. It’s sad.

No. 817192

what does this mean? is it lyrics?

No. 817195

“Mabye” it’s one of Victoria’s poems she likes to bless us with

No. 817196

She reminds me of Kellyanne Conway, tbh. Except Kellyanne is thin, had a job, and a family. Without the filters, the Crypt keeper look is spot-on tho.

No. 817198

This woman is 35 years old and behaves like this, it’s embarrassing.

She needs to learn to humble herself and stop making “unattainable maneater” her entire personality. Not going to lie, I can see what she’s going for compared to other Insta-thots, but the big difference here are they’re at least 10 years younger and have a bit of growing up to do and most of the time are saying this stuff to be edgy.

Used to talk with her on MySpace a bit and she actually seemed funny, now it’s just sad and desperate.

Can confirm I’m not jealous or concerned she’ll steal my man - he doesn’t like blondes and isn’t into bimbofication.

No. 817207

File: 1611179992840.jpeg (50.07 KB, 827x435, 45C32C81-CDCC-441D-A455-8B8087…)

The fact that she made this video of her saying she’ll still a man as her bookmarked, top of the page on her professional page is all I need to know about icky.

No. 817212

You're not wrong but this is the second time you mention your husband and his reactions to Icky. It's kind of cringe

No. 817213

That was someone else, sorry. I only said it once. It was another anon that said it previously. Hold your cringe.

No. 817278

Yup I'm the other anon who mentioned a husband previously. It's funny because Vick acts like we are all pathetic. In reality she has to focus on other women's partners because she can't get one of her own. She has to basically bare her tits for free on social media to get any attention, and then it's from losers at the bottom of the barrel. How sad is that?

No. 817279

File: 1611194010402.jpeg (44.71 KB, 828x293, DB7548DB-410E-425E-BB7F-B2DE91…)

Didn’t say you were trying, ick. You’re clearly not. In an aspect of your life. You are going hard. Going hard on being a desperate hag.

No. 817285

File: 1611194326892.jpeg (56.42 KB, 828x279, B5772010-AAE5-4F32-B882-8F9E6D…)

She literally wrote this over a year ago and is still talking about other peoples men. She’s even wrote a status once about how she won’t steal men unless she doesn’t like a girl.
So any girl.

No. 817286

File: 1611195379330.jpg (156.49 KB, 1080x1498, Screenshot_20210120-210436_Fac…)

No. 817287

this is one of the stupidest things she’s ever said.

honestly if icky vicky was more popular and had more milk, she’d probably be canceled by now for being so fucking dumb as a conservative. she has no clue what she’s saying, why she’s saying it and if any of her brainless friends/clients tried to initiate a conversation about it, she’d have a meltdown and spout talking points from some alex jones web page she googled in the moment.

No. 817289

File: 1611195783614.jpg (176.85 KB, 1080x2056, Screenshot_20210120-211957_Fac…)

No. 817291

She’s already been cancelled, but the people that still follow her and get tattoos by her can’t read

No. 817292

File: 1611196008787.jpeg (27.74 KB, 390x234, 5D482B6E-0B06-4316-9089-174F97…)

Here it is. She’ll steal a woman’s man if she doesn’t like them. Clearly has really high self esteem.

No. 817294

Wow, great to know, Vick. But these are the things that women 18 - 22 (ish) typically care about and talk about online. To be constantly talking in circles about your "relationship style" and "girl code" and what-have-you well into your 30s? Stunted development. By now, there should be sooooooo much more to a personality.

No. 817297

File: 1611196871387.jpeg (634.09 KB, 1007x1247, 9E7E28C6-D1B1-47F7-B4DC-FBF78A…)

That filter is working extraaaaa hard on the whole chin area

No. 817298

What about the code you should have with yourself not to be used by men? Chances are if he’s sleeping with you, he’s not leaving his girlfriend. And if he does, you want to be some girl sloppy seconds and date a cheater.
Aim high, girl.

No. 817299


Your not stealing anyone’s man Vicky, you would actually need to retain/keep them around for that . We all know that your just a easy warm hole for these losers to put their dirty dicks into lol.

No. 817301

I guess we better be scared that our well adjusted, mature, loving partners might want to seriously downgrade and humor Vic /sarcasm

No. 817312

I love a good Vicky roast as much as the next anon but please saaaaage

No. 817314

Now we're getting a tiny bit closer to the real Vic.

No. 817352

Mmmmm - chunky!

No. 817387

File: 1611238764244.jpeg (59.24 KB, 827x332, C674DB4D-1B5D-4919-9350-1B9AD2…)

Sticky wouldn’t be able to keep a child alive let alone keep them off of a floor.

No. 817390

File: 1611239804223.jpeg (66.82 KB, 827x335, 2D02D47C-3CD0-40CC-A0A9-147614…)

“Ignorant response” actually yeah Vicky. You might want to sit anything about parenting out. Youre not a parent, probably never will be. You can’t even keep your teeth alive, let alone another person.
And of course it’s the “broad” not the dad. Men are perfect according to Vicky. Anything to rag on a woman.

No. 817394

File: 1611240131143.jpeg (34.73 KB, 235x663, 48A1738E-51E1-47C1-AE1A-92E01E…)

Imagine this hog Karen coming up to you in public telling you how to raise your kids. Kek.
Vicky is so desperate for a husband and kids it’s pathetic. That’s why Matt, the 22 year old broke up with her. She wanted to get engaged and dude booed out of there.

No. 817397

if you morphed Steve-ree and Lurch

No. 817404

God damn it is always so apparent in her language how much she hates women. It legitimately creeps me out

No. 817405

File: 1611241418848.jpeg (81.29 KB, 535x584, E60349D3-1736-4F7F-9C1C-80265C…)

“That mouth is so unhygienic I wanted to gag

No. 817407


i wonder if it's vick seething that her sister is like the best child out of the three of the Shingleton brat

jealous much?

No. 817414

File: 1611243638484.jpeg (68.34 KB, 828x309, 268EF4F4-FB6D-4FD1-9ADD-223ED0…)

Remember when she went off about toxic moms for no reason? Pepperidge farm remembers.

No. 817416

File: 1611243932493.jpeg (75.27 KB, 827x495, 5BA18761-95BB-4683-9E31-F77D55…)

No wonder why y’all getting sick. Victoria Bella morte during a pandemic outside with her fingers in her mouth up on a guy that has his girlfriend plastered all over his Instagram profile. Sit this one out, darling.

No. 817419

Notice she never uses the word 'woman'. It's always 'broad', 'chick', or her favorite: 'bitch'.

No. 817435


Her tongue color matches her foundation. Fucking gag. That's some raging thrush going on.

No. 817447

don't forget "total babe" (usually about women she thinks are copying her, like aguilera "i had that style first but she's a total babee)

No. 817452

File: 1611255010648.jpeg (43.91 KB, 827x263, BC504A1A-5A9F-4C05-BD83-399590…)

Well she took down her mom shaming post to put up … whatever this is. Not desperate at all.

No. 817455

File: 1611256050167.jpeg (202.63 KB, 827x1424, 1C380CA7-0D61-48B5-BA51-8343B2…)

Stop dating crackheads and children Vicky

No. 817463

File: 1611260432920.jpeg (169.66 KB, 828x850, DE671495-FF8C-4352-AA9D-C762C2…)

She needs a hobby

No. 817489

I don’t cheat! Pick me! I am 35 and so lonely! PLEASE!

No. 817491

Gold star for not wanting to cheat on your partner, I guess? This whole "loyal af" mood she tries to ship is so weird. Especially considering she would gladly fuck an attached man if she didn't like his partner. Ironically these status are half the reason she can't find a male partner who isn't a turd. There's only room for one misogynistic turd in her relationships and that seat is taken

No. 817493

File: 1611267863560.jpeg (162.61 KB, 818x1009, 2B727B8B-31BD-4147-B2FF-CD5D63…)

I see shit like this and it makes me sad for her. She puts up photos and 40 guys leave disgusting comments like “ you make the tip of my Peter stick to my underpants” then she puts up something about tattooing and literally nobody gives a shit.
Then I remember how many people she’s fucked over with bad tattoos and no shows. She does this shit to herself. Good luck with your four bookings, girl.

No. 817516

File: 1611277971090.jpg (204.22 KB, 1080x888, Screenshot_20210121_200845.jpg)

Not sure if this has been posted yet but this is a recent picture of that Edward Scissorhands tattoo. It's worse than I remember.

No. 817521

File: 1611278972580.jpeg (110.31 KB, 827x616, 56AEC9AA-3C3D-4F47-A048-F73207…)

What you asked for vs what you got at Victoria Bella morte studio.

Isn’t this that chick Victoria’s boyfriend left her for that was also her friend?
Vicky blamed her for not taking care of it, like always. Even though this girl has a bunch of tattoos this never happened to.

No. 817627

Damn, didn’t another artist have to fix this? I’m pretty sure they did. That should be a huge warning to potential clients too, that even trained tattoo artists can’t fix Vic’s butchering.

No. 817628

File: 1611328825731.jpeg (96.31 KB, 827x565, D791AEF6-D2D5-4729-88D4-70CFA5…)

Vicky’s client

No. 817633

Obviously made up and unsurprisingly unprofessional, also high key sexual harrassment. Imagine if a male tattoo artist said this about 'drawing on a girls back' - totally skeezy.

No. 817756

File: 1611355954381.jpg (1.91 MB, 1920x3413, PhotoCollage_20210122_17514540…)

She's definitely testing the waters for an OF account lol this is like every SW account I've seen on IG, teases something on her stories but only Vick posts it for free

And what in the Paris Hilton filter fuck is this photo

No. 817757

File: 1611355988800.png (1.66 MB, 1915x2048, Screenshot_20210122-175228.png)

New Vick post! She looks… Alot skinnier here.

No. 817766

She's not any slimmer anon; her balloon of a thigh is just blending in with her nasty couch. She's also using her extensions and arm to cover up her stomach. She's just as rotund as the last time we saw her.

No. 817767

File: 1611356953885.jpeg (100.18 KB, 670x597, 728A41D8-E407-47FB-A28A-DBB5E2…)

She knows that she just posted a video in the same outfit looking nothing like the photo? Anyone that believes this tool is as dumb as her.

No. 817769

File: 1611357379937.jpeg (34.4 KB, 287x322, 43C0AEB0-F1D6-4E50-9A6F-96D300…)

The amount she photoshops those tits. Jesus Christ. No wonder she never leaves the house. they’d see she has deflated saggy bags instead of beach balls

No. 817771

File: 1611357602610.jpeg (133.02 KB, 827x1250, 48F238CA-DD31-4095-BE73-9B24DA…)

Two weeks ago. Nice try ickster

No. 817774

File: 1611358988942.jpeg (324.66 KB, 558x900, 72D05834-B9E2-4254-8ACF-CD0872…)

What the fuck is happening

No. 817777

Why is there a fleece blanket on the couch? I mean, I’m sure it’s because it a gross mess, but it looks awkward af. Also, what is she doing with her legs? Everything about this is very cringe.

No. 817790

File: 1611362789474.jpeg (78.59 KB, 827x592, 8F2B8193-9687-4381-AE4E-7E58AE…)

“What are you going to do about it” the thirst is real.

And other dude is laughing because he’s not blind and can spot your photoshop

No. 817791


Why do I feel like this was posted here by vicky

No. 817792

File: 1611363210874.jpeg (46.03 KB, 480x501, F239E6FC-6777-4A48-9007-B4CA2C…)

uh what is happening over here?

No. 817794

File: 1611363798559.jpeg (436.08 KB, 1334x750, E1D492BF-127F-47F4-8DC6-99F53C…)


try harder vic, maybe time to throw those crusty socks in the wash.

No. 817811

Gross what the hell is happening here

No. 817812</