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File: 1517250254326.jpg (656.15 KB, 1440x2560, Snapchat-1439048539.jpg)

No. 485956

Previous thread: >>431342

Vicky is still working from home and posting badly edited potato quality pics/vids despite announcing the grand opening of "Bella Morte studios", a tattoo and photography studio (shack) located in buttfuck nowhere. She has also recently named her self timer "Frankie".

>30 year old tattoo scratcher who works out of her apartment, blames clients for poor aftercare when her inability to tattoo properly scars people's bodies

>Former myspace scene queen with a very poor grasp of Photoshop and After Effects
>Narcissistic attention whore who describes herself as a 'real life Final Fantasy character'
>Can't talk about herself without making claims so outlandish only a total idiot would believe them
>Claims to be well-versed in psychology, astronomy, quantum physics to name a few fields of study (despite never enrolling in post secondary education and/or never involving herself in groups dedicated to those fields)
>Posts videos of herself flailing around with a dollar-store katana because she is a 'sword fighter'
>(Poorly) fakes a British accent
>Known on Lolcow for selfposting hundreds of times in her own thread, pretending to be people who know her irl
>Tried to DMCA lolcow and kiwi, claimed the Attorney General of Canada had to be involved

All images property of Victoria Shingleton. All use of images constitutes copyright fair use, e.g. for purposes of critique or parody. Image sources:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/
Personal FB: https://www.facebook.com/victoria.emma.5680
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/missvictoriamurder/

No. 485959

File: 1517251027090.png (958.08 KB, 1440x2196, Screenshot_20180129-132804.png)

"Studied this disorder avidly" but can't spell the name of it, fuck me

No. 485971

She doesn't need to study NPD 'avidly'. She already has it.

No. 485974

OMG she cant even copy / paste the word "narcissistic" correctly

Such intellectual!

No. 485989

File: 1517258836956.jpg (371.64 KB, 592x548, lolnasty.jpg)

I tried to make her seem human, she shoops so much and that hair is so blurry and fried it makes it impossible

No. 486018

valiant effort, anon, but i don't know if there's any saving that pic

No. 486022

She can’t even use ellipses correctly.

No. 486029

File: 1517269885462.jpg (969.51 KB, 1080x1247, AirBrush_20180129180119.jpg)

This was my attempt lol

No. 486047

It's like uncanny valley. The more you shoop the shoop the weirder it gets.

No. 486077

The fucking lashed get me everytime. It is really like she got herself a lash brush on gimp and called it a day. We know she uses gimp, there is no way she could figure out how into photoshop.

No. 486198

No cowtipping obvs but I wonder what would happen if one of her followers told her they really liked "Frankie's" photography and asked for Frankie's contact info/ social media so they could get some headshots taken. When she won't give out Frankie's insta or whatever because her camera isn't fucking sentient, that would be complete bs if she's really claiming this is an actual person because I'm sure small time guelph photographers are advertising themselves online like anywhere else. It's time for Frankie to get the credit it deserves for all of these ethereal portraits of the only model in Canada tbh.


No. 486211

File: 1517399994172.png (367.75 KB, 1440x1385, Screenshot_20180131-065459.png)

Speaking of modelling, check out this load of crap bahaha. Oooookkkaaaayyyy Vic

No. 486212

Who needs a $2000 modeling gig when you have Frankie the Photographer?

No. 486214

File: 1517400235697.png (2 MB, 1440x1922, Screenshot_20180131-070250.png)

And of course, some more Frankie photography

No. 486240

She has been lurking again.
Definetly sounds like what she would come up with to deflect the haterzzzz. That came just "coincidentally" as farmers make fun out of her having to photograph herself as no one else will put up with her photoshopping.

No. 486249

File: 1517426484880.png (1.12 MB, 1440x1940, 20180131_142038.png)

I agree, she posted this as well, definitely directed at us hahah watch out for incoming "I'm not bothered" meme

No. 486255

F at
R eprehensible
A rtificial
N eckbeard-fishing
K atana-wielding
I ncel-baiting
E mbarrasement

No. 486256

File: 1517430358777.png (10.16 KB, 480x149, vickys no fuks.png)

DING DONG! You are the winner!

No. 486260

It is quite amazing that Frankie never watermarks his work or requests a tag for credit when it is posted online.

No. 486264

File: 1517433134807.jpg (103.99 KB, 501x800, Vickynavel.jpg)

Time to celebrate Vicky with my favourite Vicky pictures!

I call this one,
1#Vicky's Navel
I love this photo because she forgot where the human navel is located and photoshopped it about an inch too high.
She forgot to photoshop her hands, so her finger is the width of her eye.

No. 486265

File: 1517433321372.jpg (81.66 KB, 478x720, VickyWaist.jpg)

2#Vicky's Waist
I love this photo, because her waist is so small, it has created a vortex all around sucking everything towards it.
Vicky accidentally photoshopped her forearm thicker than her neck.

No. 486266

File: 1517433552405.jpg (266.31 KB, 1024x662, VickyCurtain.jpg)

3#Vicky and the Curtain
I love this photo, because Vicky has no shoulders or collarbones in this. She got lazy and just airbrushed everything, yet still is chubby.
She is dressed in a cheap curtain.

No. 486267

File: 1517433981948.jpg (117.44 KB, 580x1000, VickyAnatomy.jpg)

4#Vicky's Anatomy
I love this photo, because Vicky's forearm is at the height of her ass and she has no ears.

This is one of my favourite vicky's of all time. The gargantuan left arm, the waist as thick as the thigh, the collarbone boobs AND no neck really make it a masterpiece. It brings together everything that make Victoria Bella-Morte who she is today as a con-artist.

Cons. She photoshopped herself a vagina tattoo.

No. 486273

What is this even supposed to be? A mons/vulva tattoo? A g-string with the straps shooped out? Some goth origami to cover her snatch? Wonder if she knows it looks like 70s bush at first glance… didn't know she models bottomless for Frankie

No. 486278

How could you not include that perfect little freckle, I actually ran a fingernail over the screen to try to remove it before I realised it was part of the image, but to her credit it's a pretty impressive birthmark, it moves when you tilt your device.

No. 486336

Dear farmer,
Can you not see? That is a piercing by the famous piercer, Photoshop™ -kun. He is a cousin of Frankie Photographt.

No. 486344

those eyebrows. How could she think those are ok.
She photoshops herself and yet she leaves those two hideous things that look straight from my shitty animu doodles?

No. 486370

Her brows and the over exaggerated lip line always make me want to punch her.

No. 486371

All of these are amazing anon ty!

No. 486491

File: 1517573673305.jpg (77.59 KB, 514x800, Vickycalves.jpg)

5# Vicky's Calves
She does not have so many trash tattoos and has less Photoshop

Her calves are thicker than her thighs and you can really see how dirty and ratty her hair is.

No. 486517

Her real hair is gone. That head is 80% really bad looking extensions.

No. 486529

File: 1517596158917.png (1.56 MB, 1440x2214, 20180202_132839.png)

This is my fav Vic shoop. Accidentally blew up one tit bigger than the other. Also pulled in waist but forgot to get rid of the gut bump. Derp.

No. 486665

File: 1517684258535.jpg (252.12 KB, 621x927, vickydeshop.jpg)

How could I forget! I tried to deshop it based on candids of her.

No. 486742

File: 1517709807957.png (104.28 KB, 640x964, IMG_7569.PNG)

literally anything and everything is a way to her to brag about her delusions of being oh so special it's wild

this was on an instagram video of a bleeding cut lmao

No. 486887

File: 1517806070038.jpg (152.7 KB, 720x987, IMG_20180204_234609.jpg)

Don't even know what to say about this one

No. 486906

This figure is way better.

No. 486920

People with genius IQs often get their scientific data from thrilllist.com. Of course Vic loves to rant based off of pop science.

No. 486945


I saw this the other day and thought the same thing. She could literally brag about taking a shit better than anyone else. The most mundane things can be exaggerated into tales of grandeur. That's some serious shit she has going on in her head.

No. 486963

File: 1517897680662.jpeg (121.53 KB, 640x812, 03194E2B-49CF-4516-8F12-17B65C…)

Vicky reminding everyone that she’s so desirable even married men are always after her. I swear every time she posts something it’s about her super high IQ and intelligence or how beautiful she is. Always blowing smoke up her fugly insecure ass

No. 487144

File: 1517978685553.jpeg (181.46 KB, 627x1040, AFACA702-D3BE-4AB4-B029-68CAC6…)

An awkward bad shoop ~photo shoot~ by the self timer known as Frankie photography. No credits or links to “Frankie” because he’s obviously imaginary. I wish someone would ask her for his photography page or his Instagram to look at his other work. I’d love to see vic scramble to spew out a lie about that one. She keeps taking pictures in the same shitty dress. Go buy yourself some new clothes girl. Makes her look even more broke and bummy always wearing the same shit

No. 487146

File: 1517979007649.png (1.41 MB, 640x1136, 9E5FAC1A-68F1-4ACB-ACDB-B4D26D…)

Samefagging but this is seriously such a disaster she shooped one hip smaller than the other and there are so many things that just look way off. Fuck her life

No. 487210

She needs to cut it out with the sequined dresses, the shopped parts (like the bloat tool tits) are super obvious. Speaking of the bloat tool tits, natural tits do not sit like that, Vic. I know you like to brag about having no plastic surgery (that you would get if you could afford it) but if you're going to shoop your saggy tits like that, it would be more believable if you said you did get them done js

No. 487212

File: 1518022179113.png (220.53 KB, 1440x853, Screenshot_20180207-114924.png)

Looks like you got your wish, anon

No. 487237

The funny part is, her shoulder is positioned so that in reality it would be dislocated. She also has no scapula, funny that a tattoo "artist" does not even know basic anatomy.

No. 487245

She either forgot to shoop her nose or she only did half of it.

No. 487252

Bless this person. I wonder what vic is going to reply with. Probably going to say some shit like “Frankie is a very busy guy and is always booked months and months in advanced it’s really hard to get a hold of him and he just got off of social media” kek

No. 487261

she always takes a bunch of pix in the same outfit to try and make it look like an actual shoot. that hair color started out tragic and is so patchy it's like she randomly saturated areas during he shooping spree.

No. 487264

Is it just me or does she really have a dragon Ball just chilling at the side..
Since a FEMALE is asking she most likely will delete the comment or block and pretend nothing happened

No. 487305

Eagerly awaiting her response to this haha

No. 487315

File: 1518103348016.png (595.22 KB, 1417x1880, Screenshot_20180208-101505.png)

Don't think it's happening lol. She ignored that comment while replying to other ones on that photo. Also changed her profile to some really old photo of her. If Frankie was a real person, this would be insanely rude of her to refuse to give his contact info to potential clients. Are you a liar or just an asshole, Icky? Either way, makes you look bad girl.

No. 487360

She forgets if Frankie were real at all and with the amount of times "he" Has worked with her so far…being her ONLY "photographer" ever named..he'd be following her, commenting or at LEAST dropping a like, what active photographer abstains from social media??

No. 487392

File: 1518144063822.png (183.71 KB, 935x448, hbgr.png)


No. 487397

she can't even change the way she types

No. 487399

sigh girls with much more followers than her, and a lot more modelling experience aren't being paid to party. That's celebrity status type shit. She also doesn't do much tattoo work, and constantly has cancellations and then has to beg people on fb to book her for a discounted price. She needs to stop acting like she's constantly working and has a huge fanbase. You're not even D list, girl.

No. 487401

Sounds exactly like what they send young women before kidnapping them. Who the fuck on earth would think this is legit??

No. 487407


hahaha, she gets a phishing message (or some guy in india who wants hernumber) and she posts it as a brag

"nah, it's legit, but i'm a hermit so i passed"


No. 487408


Lmfao you can instantly tell it’s her with the way it’s typed out she’s so fucking pathetic. Has to brag about an imaginary thing to make herself seem like she’s “famous” wtf is wrong with this bitch she’s in her 30’s this is some shit a 14 year old would do! I cringed so hard at this

No. 487409

most ppl go to an event, take pix and post them afterwards. she sends herself a message trying to make it seem like she's so wanted but can't even show who it's from.

No. 487425

Only Ick would brag about a phishing message

No. 487432

The dragon ball is there for neckbeard points and she also probably put it there, because paired with her cyaaaaaannn hair, she's probably waiting for comments comparing her to Bulma. She WISHES she was Bulma.

No. 487433

Funny how this 'person' types exactly like Vic. I'm sure this one's about as real as Frankie.

No. 487444

File: 1518190115305.png (525.14 KB, 1411x2268, Screenshot_20180209-102638.png)

The comments on this are so cringey

No. 487449


>"i'm vicious enough as is"

i almost did a spit-take on this because she spelled vicious right.

No. 487539

File: 1518260942230.png (424.77 KB, 496x692, ISISvicky.png)

Holy shit, now she is claiming she is communicating in secret with terrorists.

My sides have erupted.

No. 487540

File: 1518261124042.png (45.78 KB, 478x528, ISIScab.png)

Hey guys, she totally was deemed worthy enough to become the TOP ISIS dog.

Someone called her out and she somehow tried to deflect it, looking even dumber.

No. 487542

Well of course, she’s a sword-fighting lethal weapon with wolverine healing and an IQ of 200… So it totally doesn’t matter to ISIS that she’s a woman!

No. 487573

File: 1518300767035.jpg (71.97 KB, 680x671, e2e.jpg)

Her online biography that she wrote about herself sounds like an online role player. I wonder if she used to role play on the internet as this character that she created, then she decided it was appropriate to make that her identity for irl and online.

No. 487574

File: 1518300782804.jpg (52.76 KB, 500x500, 14wfvb.jpg)

No. 487587

She seems to have deleted it. This was too embarrassing for even the cringe queen herself.

No. 487588

Can you post the bio?

No. 487589

she made a post 2 days ago that she got a new phone, what are the odds her new selfies wont be potato quality anymore?

yeah, nah

No. 487590


so she was talking to an ISIS member (a group that's only been around a few years) but it was when she was too young.

pick one, vick

No. 487619

File: 1518362689411.png (331.8 KB, 877x1400, 151380940466624-16.png)

No. 487621

No. 487643

Her head is so far up her own ass it's hilarious.

No. 487651


I feel so much second hand embarrassment after reading this. She sounds like an edgy teenager

No. 487690



lol,we do, you utter nutbag

I love Vicky, she's absolute gold <3

No. 487698

what in fuck is she actually saying in her "quotes" section? Lord, this is cringey.

No. 487707

File: 1518415293878.jpg (774.55 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180212_005845.jpg)

Someone please save this video before Vicky notices how sad her tits look

No. 487710

File: 1518415472013.jpg (897.71 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180212_010453.jpg)

I can't

No. 487715


"natural face"

only lips done, eyeliner, mascara, and cheeks done

to her "natural" is just not wearing halloween lashes

No. 487732


I agree! Someone has to screen record this and make it a gif

No. 487734

File: 1518423261348.jpg (893.97 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180212_031412.jpg)

Holy heffer! Is she fucking drunk right now?! Fucking WOOOF

No. 487769


>V ¡ c T o R ¡ A M u r Ð e R

>a k a

>Victoria Bella-Morte

>.I am the deepest ocean, the most treacherous ϟea.

>.I am the ϟixth, i am the Ʃighth.
>.The most ominous of any abyss.

>.Nice to meet you, i'm Victoria.

>.I'm British, loyal, sharp tongued, creative and far more intellectual than my physical age and appearance will ever denote.

>.Anything brutal…anything beautiful….from opera to death metal, i adore it all.

>.I speak my mind, and i'm honest to the point of getting myself into trouble. I can admit my own faults….and i can also tell you not only of an enemies idiocies, but of their strengths…balance is key, there is no right or wrong…..evil is a point of view, and if you cannot discern the truth from all sides, don't assume you have any clue what the fuck is going on.

>.I'm sweet tempered until provoked, then watch as i tear the poor sod who illicited such behaviour in two…it will take alot for me to get to that point. My hair is a wreck half the time, i practically live in fuzzy robes or boys clothing. You'll find me at either extreme, geek glasses and a tomboyish appearance, or looking like something that walked out of final fantasy. Both suit my personality perfectly, and both feel equally as comfortable.

>.Behind these pale green eyes of mine lurks a delusory intellect that apon first notice, you'd most likely wouldn't identify is there, especially if our first meeting is in a party situation, when my accent becomes thick and i'm boistrous and loud and cheerfull….until i wind up rambling on about psychology, philosophy or science. In either of those subjects, which i have studied and questioned since adolescence, as much as i do know….you'll find one thing about me….the more i know, the more i feel i know nothing. This world is incredible intricate in so many ways… we are infinitesmial…humans do not have the capacity to comprehend absolutely everything, and i will never be arrogant enough to assume i can ascertain the answer to every puzzle this world has to offer. My lust for knowledge will never be satiated none the less.

>A few things i've done over the years include:

>Local paper for comics at the age of 13

>Owning an international clothing line at the age of 19 - To be revamped
>Graphic Design
>Digital Painting
>Anger Management Radio 88.3 (Metal Radio station…Broadcasts on T.V, Radio, and Stickam)
>Promotion for bands
>Management of various salons, beauty distributors ect.
>Head Cook
>Gore specialist and Make-up for mini movies
>Karate, Kickboxing and Dance, won medals
>Painting and Drawing
>Ongoing writing
>Various Modelling (Pure Imagination Clothing, Toxic Vision, ect- Incredible designers btw)
>Graced Magazines with my tattoo work, or likeness and even done a few covers for Britian's Elite Magazine, Tattoo Lifestyle magazine, Inked Magazine, Tattooed Girls Magazine

>.I've turned down far more than i've done, but my reasons for that are my own.

>.I'm currently writing 2 books on and off which i plan on finishing when much older, and when my vocabulary, knowledge of human psychology and imagination will surpass that of my younger self.

>.All my ink was done by myself, some were done in a mirror, like my neck, if you would like to set up an appointment, let me know and i can put you in contact with my booker.

>.If there was ever something to say to would-be enemies, it's this : "I don't care what you think about me, i don't think about you at all" oh….and….underestimate me, please.

>…this is but an infinitesimal piece of information about me, a glimpse. For i am so much more than words, we all are. A phantasmagory of thoughts, images..memories…for that is all we really have in the end don't we? Memories.

>.Pleased to make your acquaintance darrrling…


She's sick.

No. 487771

File: 1518457562413.jpeg (46 KB, 511x512, 3BE5B66E-73DD-46F0-A7C7-785B4B…)

>Behind these pale green eyes of mine lurks a delusory intellect that apon first notice, you'd most likely wouldn't identify is there

somebody’s deluded alright

No. 487775

File: 1518461288617.jpg (81.6 KB, 640x960, ee8.jpg)

The fact that she brags about her katana skills gives me a chuckle!

No. 487776

> Published on Jun 19, 2016Turn on your volumeee This is not a fake sword..it is a real katana..a two handed sword.. and its heavier than I make it look. Do not try this at home kids. You could lose your head. I wasn't going too nuts..I was in a ball gown. Thanks Scott Penfold For taking this video. My friend Nik Wanted to see more sword stuff so here you go man. :) next time I want to take a video without a dress on…and someone swinging at their pace near me to show a good comparison of how fast I get with this thing.

No. 487777

I love how she credits her photographer here but there’s still no sign of “Frankie”

No. 487778

File: 1518462183096.png (219.69 KB, 373x327, 544.png)

"Here is a pretty simple thing that will help you learn alot about me. I am what i am, i like what i like, from geeky, nerdy, silly looking…to oldschool shit your parents probably like far more than you…i don't live up to preconceived notions or "fads"…i dress down like a tomboy most of the time to see who is actually real and who is false.

Also, i'm probably not what you would ever expect intellectually.
But then again, if you really knew me, you would already be aware of this.

I am nothing more than a being with insatiable curiosity in many fields…


"I am death, the destroyer of worlds."

You watch me like a predator,
Your eyes show that you are prey

There is no right nor wrong, that is perception that is an illusion of the mind, there is only vibration … energy of which you yourself, in this world, are combined.

They say that ignorance is bliss and knowledge is misery….knowledge is only misery when ignorance of knowledge seems everlasting.

Every person i meet that believes in me makes me want to be a better person, not just for me, but for them.

Oh the things i could show…oh the breath i would waste.

I have two modes

1. Do a badass job
2. Don't do it.

I’ll watch the stars like immortal specters and see them fall to dust…i’ll play in crystal constellations, and hope it holds my infinitesimal heart in it’s intricate web of glowing beauty, like luminescent fireflies in it’s inverted heartcrushing paroxysmal complexity.

.I am the deepest ocean, the most treacherous ϟea.
.I am the ϟixth, i am the Ʃighth.
.The most ominous of any abyss.
- https://m.facebook.com/victoria.emma.5680

No. 487781

File: 1518462952147.jpeg (68.01 KB, 572x652, 6BC19604-8995-461A-8B68-86814D…)

Final fantasy gurl

No. 487782

Lol she looks like a man

No. 487797


A really unfortunate hairline

No. 487798

File: 1518465845177.jpg (29.81 KB, 926x152, vick gets one right.JPG)

she had to get one right eventually.

No. 487811

okay that’s even funnier somehow. i am indeed surprised by her delusory intellect

>pssssh . . . nothing personnel kid

No. 487817

File: 1518475919075.png (205.25 KB, 504x697, 151380940466624-5.png)

Kelly and her have a FF obsession. >>>/snow/466706

No. 487898

this reminds me of how onision would talk about himself on his old sites.

No. 487909

File: 1518583539335.jpg (21.48 KB, 320x224, Kuja.jpg)

Final fantasy man, perhaps?

No. 487910

File: 1518584848211.jpeg (76.95 KB, 639x503, 598DC4CA-36F4-4157-B850-350651…)


She looks more like the giant moog that cait sith rides on

No. 488039

File: 1518710191651.png (384.93 KB, 1440x1771, 20180215_105220.png)

Vicky posts all positively about Valentine's and after 2 hours of being on social media and seeing that everyone but her is out , decides to post an angry status about how everyone's boyfriends are hitting on her hahaha. Aw, Vic, hope you didn't drown your sorrows in cheap whiskey last night.

No. 488044

She's so full of shit.

No. 488045

the projection of delusion, holy fuck. she really trying to flatter herself with 30 dudes, who are already dating someone, just can't resist the final fantasy goddess and all decide to hit her up on a day most couples are focused on each other. shit, she might get some toned arms with this reaching.

No. 488047

Even if this was true, that would imply she visits the profile of every guy who messages her and tallies how many have gfs. Girls who actually have that many dudes privately message them just ignore it, they don't obsess over which ones have gfs and post about it. She makes one of these dumb posts like once a month.

No. 488120


not to mention, that she has time to do all that background research on all these randoms would imply she has absolutely nothing to do on valentines

No. 488374

Report her to the fbi for communicating with terrorists and possibly having ties in terrorism

No. 488440

File: 1518961712818.jpg (698.05 KB, 1077x2003, Screenshot_20180218-134614.jpg)

Yes Vicky. But the model in this photo is actually toned and not a fat piece of lard like you. Keep believing you are on the same level when in fact you look like her sitting down when you are stood up!

No. 488483


She always posts things like this to try and justify her chunky lard ass. Vicky grow the fuck up already you’re not a model a self timer and shitty photoshop doesn’t count as being a model. Lose some weight you lazy cow

No. 488511

She's super fit from all the swording, though? You guys remember when she claimed the cops wanted to recruit her because of her awesome sword skills? I member.

No. 488656

File: 1519004812665.jpg (181.39 KB, 768x1024, PicsArt_02-18-08.41.01.jpg)

she posted a video like a week ago and this happened in the comments when someone points out she filmed it herself.

see her get super mad and miss that they were replying to the other person's claim they were jealous, as well as call them reetarded and tell them to play in traffic. don't cut yourself on all that edge vicky.

her hair looks like toothpaste, the random chunk of flower just hanging there makes no sense and the outfit is classic forever stuck in my space fashion. so where are the results of this ~shoot~ to show us how amazing you are?

No. 488661

File: 1519005077095.png (140.75 KB, 1080x759, 20180218_202224.png)

samefag, here she is pretty much encouraging someone to kill themselves for commenting on her post.

No. 488663

Never realized it before, but our Vicky is the Walmart version of Ryan Ashley Malarkey from her outer appearance, posing preferences, and tattoo style. lmao yikes

No. 488696

If you don't think Vic is the shit, she'll slap you with her 20 inch long knockers. PITIFUL FOOLS!!!!

No. 488714


“Next they’ll say omgzzz you edited this before posting omggzz you’re actually 3000 pounds”

Too bad you did edit that with horrible filters and you are a fat whale in real life. Nice flap jack titties and line backer shoulders there Vicky

No. 488766

What is that pose as well? I did that sort of thing as an awkward teen. Is she trying to be sexy? Or just reminding people where her teeth are?

No. 488784


this is muh tit
these are muh teeth

No. 488816


oh my shit yes, vicky thinks or wishes she looks like this girl.

No. 488818

definitely 'wishes'. she goes full retard trying to sound awesome because she's well aware of the reality of what she is.

No. 488830

Someone should report her to Instagram for encouraging someone to kill themselves. What a scumbag

No. 488860

Wow…she definitely copies this girl. The amount of similarities is uncanny but of course Vic would never admit to being influenced by her. She would probably claim Ryan copied her hahaha. Ryan makes Vic look even worse and I wasn't sure that was possible. Poor baby can't do anything right.

No. 488873

File: 1519074216183.png (302.1 KB, 1440x1992, 20180219_160401.png)

Cringe queen is fawning over some cringe king. This guy could have his own thread in snow.

No. 488874

File: 1519074245472.png (396.46 KB, 1430x1797, Screenshot_20180219-160159.png)

No. 488876

File: 1519074383728.png (451.77 KB, 1434x2336, 20180219_160735.png)

No. 488877

are we sure he isn't a Vicky sock account? jesus the cringe

No. 488880

He has way more followers and they're fairly interactive with him, otherwise, I would assume it is.

No. 488927

what the actual fuck. this can't be real.

No. 488961

File: 1519096302859.jpg (620.37 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20180219_221031.jpg)

Some more Frankie photography posted. How is it that her tits are saggy af in a bra and then ballooned to high heavens without one. Giiiiirrrllll

No. 488968


I don't see the mega cringe. His posts are shitty, dated jokes but theyre clearly satire, unlike ol vic whose serious about everything

It also looks like he's just interacting with her as he probably would most followers for attention/popularity but she's straight up lusting after him lmao

Maybe I just need to see more of him but what's been posted doesn't seem very milky, unless I'm missing something? Like these posts all just look like he's taking the piss out of stuff

No. 488992

Yeah he's not necessarily milky, just cringey. Some of his posts are similar to Vics with the whole "all these girls with bfs hitting on me". The whole sad boy with face tats thing is off putting, as well. Also, I guess he just seemed cringier than he is for interacting with Vicky. Bit of a stretch to say he deserves a thread , though.

No. 489056

File: 1519128361951.png (38.89 KB, 501x403, thejokeandVicky'shead.png)

I love it when jokes go way over Vicky's head.

No. 489058

There was a comment on her facebook page asking what her going rates for modelling were and she said $2000 and that shewas really picky and wasn't looking for a new photographer right now…ok honey. A lot of actual PROFESSIONAL models don't get paid that much.she just doesn't want some random person taking photos of what she ACTUALLY looks like without editing. Yikes.

No. 489059

Wow, that shows just how out of touch she really is. She really thinks she's a supermodel on par with Gisele, doesn't she?

No. 489062

Has she ever actually gotten a joke? I've never seen someone so void of social/humor clues as her. She makes mega autists look like comedy detection Gods in contrast…

No. 489139

File: 1519139527039.jpg (363.3 KB, 1440x1388, Screenshot_20180220-013524.jpg)

More rambling about how every guy desires to marry her on her cupid post.

No. 489158

File: 1519143117183.png (203.89 KB, 1440x843, Screenshot_20180220-111140.png)

Ten bucks says she eventually makes an obvious fake account if people keep asking about Frankie. This is on her newest profile pic.

No. 489164

LaKeisha lowkey throwing shade. "I can't get over how UNREAL your photos are!"

No. 489170

She's asked Vick a few times and Vick has totally ignored her. If she's not a troll, no wonder she's starting to get annoyed. Vicky likes everyone comments and responds, but not hers.

No. 489216

File: 1519157447464.jpeg (167.61 KB, 640x781, 04C43B79-38B2-40A5-AA29-0DD4D5…)

The newest butchery. It’s really sad how she hasn’t improved over the years at all. She uses waaaay too much white she doesn’t know how to grey wash at all this is going to look like garbage as it ages.

No. 489224

Why does she always say everything is 'in progress'?

No. 489226

Commonly said to save face bc if someone sees something wrong with your art or criticises it you can be like "well duh it's not finished"

No. 489238

It's so poorly placed, too, the spike thing right on his elbow is gonna get saggier and saggier and blow out in like half a second.
Looking at it again its like she tried to tattoo on what seems like an armored gauntlet but failed to account for the arm twisting.

No. 489243


The line work is also horrendous.

No. 489289


Her tattoos age just about as well as her.

No. 489321

Oh god the lines and shading look painful from here. She's got no idea of how to shade other then "grind needle deep, yeah that's it! Now add white!"

No. 489348

Isn't this what tattoo anons have said? As well as that previous drama about a local tattoo artist who fixed several of Vicky's tattoos?

No. 489349

I mean that she does heavy scarring on people from not learning technique. I know nothing about tattoos so I'm honestly curious about how bad her work actually is. It looks bad, but I wonder how hard this shit would be to laser off considering the heavy tissue damage.

No. 489353


The white will yellow over time depending on the person's skin tone and sun exposure and then fade to create a checkerboard effect. All grayscale wash without white is much better for the longevity of a design like this.

No. 489407

File: 1519227382892.png (160.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-02-21-16-35-38…)


>>weight: 10 lbs

No. 489424

A friend of mine who met her IRL said she was like 5'-5' 2" hahah. I think she avoids putting her weight and measurements because she's too afraid to be honest but doesn't want to get called out for lying if she does actually land a gig. I'm going to guess she's at least like 150 which is hefty for someone so short. Her waist is likely at least 30 inches. Not exactly model measurements. Doesn't matter though, she won't let anyone shoot her unless she can shoop the photos.

No. 489426

File: 1519232059712.png (1.06 MB, 1437x1756, Screenshot_20180221-115428.png)

Glass houses , Vic

No. 489463

more like
>me when I see my own work

No. 489481

File: 1519246653413.png (635.27 KB, 1024x636, tumblr_msth90cBZT1qf4pl0o1_128…)


also is it just me or is size 8 big for a person as short as she is. dainty fantasy Princess got some bigass feet!

No. 489482

I'm 5'7 and that's my size. So yeah, I'd say it's big. Need big feet to support all that chub, I guess.

No. 489484

Imagine one day she woke up with total sudden self awareness and looked at her social media.

No. 489485

fucking lel, she tries to claim 100 lbs but gave up one number short.

Vicky: you clearly weigh like 140 at least, why not run with it and go BBW with curves and whatnot? It would be better than trying to hide the fact that you're clearly much heavier than you pretend to be. If you accepted being heavier, you could focus all of your photoshop efforts into making your face alterations look real.

No. 489611

right, especially when she puts her own altered face/features in and tries to deny it. when was the last time she even posted a potrtait tattoo?

No. 489627

File: 1519276306814.jpeg (129.04 KB, 640x899, 00D77AC4-238F-4850-A795-1E3DCA…)

I find this especially funny because i Know a guy who had a gf and he cheated on her with Vick about 3 years ago. And she would continue to hit on him fully knowing he was dating someone (he’s an ugly scumbag too)

No. 489631

Classic insecure girl move
>flirt relentlessly with taken man
>send him unasked for nudes
>sext him with no prompting
>consider it a win when he gets turned on

I hope that dudes ex gf got a good laugh at Vicki instead of being heart broken

No. 489638

File: 1519278146767.jpeg (35.26 KB, 540x262, CF1AD072-2B03-41C5-9A4A-3BB28E…)

Dropping a gem screen cap of a status from May 2017. Talking about being ~so smart~ and then spells painful wrong.

No. 489642

Oh this one was great. She insisted it was on purpose after multiple people pointed it out. "I just like to add extra lettersss sometimess". Has been occasionally adding extra letters to shit ever since then. It's been nearly a year hahaha. Still can't live it down, huh? Much content. Many secure. Such smart.

No. 489662

What ugly guy did she date 3 years ago?

No. 489683


She's notorious in the toronto music scene for knowingly sleeping with people's partners. She slept with my friends boyfriend ( a guy in a local band ) even though it was really apparent from his social media he was in a relationship ( she found him via instagram ). she's a really insecure star fucker. thats why you rarely see her in the city she's on a lot of peoples shit lists, which makes it kind of hilarious when she complains about how she doesn't have a lot of female friends. Its not that girls don't want to be her friend because she's so smart and special and no one other then boys can truly understand her its because she literally can't keep her legs closed and has slept with everyone, she doesn't care about a guys relationship status.

I think she likes feeling like she's wanted even by people with partners because she gets to "one up" a usually way hotter girl, but really she's just a easy slob.

No. 489692

Got in a spat with her, first thing she did was involve my bf and insist that I'm mad because he's into her and refused to accept the fact that he isn't, even when he straight up told her. Was bizarre.

No. 489705

Her life revolves around being desirable to men. It's actually really, really sad.

No. 489769


It’s sad because everyone around Vicki is probably getting engaged, having kids, and starting a family and she will just be alone forever she will be 40 and still act the way she does. She’s in too deep of all the lies she creates about herself weaving a web that she’s way too tangled in. She should seriously just drop the ~ethereal tiny waist intelligent British sword weilder~ act and just grow up already. The clocks are ticking Vicky! Who wants to start placing bets that she will still be alone and acting like this 9 years from now?

No. 489850

File: 1519355310935.jpeg (67.13 KB, 640x872, 1E9D1E3A-F8D8-4C08-BFD4-F36D4B…)

She sounds like a 14 year old on 9gag

No. 489890

What guy in which band did she sleep with? When did this happen and how did you verify this?

No. 489929

Yeah, which band?
I'm fairly active in the Toronto metal scene and I've never seen her at a show… not to mention we don't have any mutual friends on FB. To whom in TO is she notorious to??

No. 489943

Yeah I gotta say, I only know of her because of mutual friends. She barely ever goes to shows, or out in general. She's not really notorious, let alone well known. She's just a sad MySpace has-been. She used to have a spot on that site that exposed chicks for sleeping with band members but I can't find it now. Supposedly she slept with Dusty Boles but who cares, honestly.

No. 489951

It's kind of strange that someone requesting sauce for gossip is being brushed off with a "who cares" in a thread on a gossip site.

No. 489971

Oh stfu I was saying who cares which band members she slept with because I don't find it as interesting as the other shit in this thread why are you nitpicking my insignificant af comment anyway

No. 489978

Ntayrt but I remember years ago she dated some dude from a local band slow motion victory. Not sure if they’re popular, but I remember seeing her pop up on the guys Instagram of her doing some wired knife shit on their walk in the woods and I recognized her as a tattoo artist I almost booked with before she got fired from her parlour. I then creeped her fb and saw the glory that is Victoria….. I’m forever glad for these threads to know I don’t have to be alone in thinking she’s nuts hahaha

No. 490077

File: 1519451464053.png (1.29 MB, 1440x2045, Screenshot_20180223-232536.png)

Vic, you have already threatened a couple people with the "say it to my face" shit and then back down. Last person was willing and you started messaging their friends with idiotic things like "she thinks you're fat" instead.

No. 490086

Do you know why Vic got fired from her parlour? Or did she leave like she claims?

No. 490101

File: 1519469013364.png (661.94 KB, 1440x1873, Screenshot_20180224-054311.png)

Why change 350lbs to 400lbs and add a random comma at the end of this post? What a random edit.

No. 490116

File: 1519488090899.png (437.58 KB, 1531x544, fjukfnk.png)

No. 490123

so i don't have screenshots, i searched my old hard drive and everything so i apologize and i get its hard to believe me without them,… but there was actually a status the shop made before the one anon shared, where they claimed that she had stolen from other people working at the shop and never showed up to her appointments… she was unreliable and unable to be trusted apparently.
kicking myself for not taking a screenshot!!

No. 490124

samefag to mention that obviously that status was deleted and was replaced with the more civil/professional one you see

No. 490167

What's amazing is that only her of all people could make a post less grammatically correct post-edit.

No. 490384

File: 1519590676077.jpeg (125.15 KB, 640x923, 6B91C47C-4915-4492-96D4-540A0F…)

Vic showing off her dart board with the darts she totally threw and didn’t just stick there and take a video. I would love to see her make a video of her playing and see how she actually does. Notice how she spelled board as bored because she’s so super intelligent with such a high IQ that she can’t even spell most simple words correctly or use the proper ones. Such a goddess

No. 490389

Vicky you idiot you can see all the holes from all the actual throws

No. 490411

those are obviously from someone else who isn't as skilled as she is. Our Vic gets the bullseye every time!

No. 490438

File: 1519610598235.jpg (435.87 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180225_210342.jpg)

This fucking mongoloid is telling people her drinking problem is because of her ~~~high IQ~~~~ I can't

No. 490455

That isn't even a coherent sentence much less one that conveys intelligence. Vicky lives a really sad life doesn't she? She not only day dreams, but pretends to live it out on social media. I'm sure even neckbeards know what a retard she is, but go along with it because they might have a chance with a mildly overweight smelly woman.

No. 490456

I died at "mildly overweight smelly woman" hahahaha. I sincerely wonder what she does with her day besides post on fb, read this thread then cry and drink herself to sleep.

No. 490462


She honestly sounds absolutely retarded here. Has to throw that “iq” in everyone’s face any chance she can get. The smartest people I know don’t even brag about their intelligence and for someone as stupid as her to always bring it up makes me cringe to maximum overload

No. 490475

File: 1519625918849.jpg (373.72 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180226_011935.jpg)

Why is she like this

No. 490477

I want to see if she's actually this autistic in person. I live in her city, too, and I just want to see the cow in action. Best places for Vickyviewing?
I don't understand how she actually has real life friends her age when she hasn't matured past 12.

No. 490491

Just book for a tattoo planning session. Visit her studio

No. 490533

File: 1519680381987.png (541.99 KB, 1440x2062, Screenshot_20180226-145100.png)

No. 490546


girl, you're single because when guys meet you in real life they are probably like "wtf is this false advertisement" and the way you blow smoke up your own ass constantly is really unattractive. Men your age don't want someone who acts like they are a junior in high school. And every thing about you is fiction so sit the fuck down. You will never get married.

No. 490550

I’m an acquaintance of her ex and I asked him about Vicky and how bad her accent was and he said she was really dedicated with it and that nobody in her family had an accent so he found that kind of odd. I’m trying to dig for the screen shot I took of him saying that but I can’t find it for the life of me

No. 490575

oh man anon that sounds like a potential goldmine. any chance you could reach out to him? i am so thirsty for this milk

No. 490602


Last time I tried to dig up some milk he seemed annoyed and said “I don’t know what to tell you we don’t even speak anymore and it’s not really my business” so I feel as if he’s salty as fuck about her

No. 490604

Samefagging but he’s also way younger than her being like an 8 year age gap so you can tell she can’t even get guys her own age because they probably all think she’s nuts and immature

No. 490634

Which ex was this? You mean her parents don't have an accent either? lol I thought they were from England and she moved here from there at a young age? I know her brother doesn't have one. I also know hers occasionally drifts into Irish sounding (meaning it's likely fake). I was at her house a few years ago. The stories I could tell you. >>490550

No. 490635

For how much she tries to paint herself as a scene queen, I’ve only seen her at two shows down here and both were higher profile metal bands.

No. 490639


This is lolcow. Tell the stories or quit blogging.

No. 490645

They're from Northern Ireland but she does a crappy fake English accent.

No. 490671

This is so obviously fast fowarded. Look at how fast are the camera oscilations and how the sheath bounces too fast when she drops it. Dress flutters too fast as well.

No. 490680

File: 1519761435259.jpeg (105.24 KB, 640x789, 701CAECB-4780-4C03-B087-D280F5…)

She wears this fake supreme hoodie a lot and every time I see it I get annoyed.

No. 490685

File: 1519770758750.jpg (698 KB, 1440x2374, Screenshot_20180227-173027.jpg)

"I'm a trendsetter"
"I bought this cause I saw someone else wearing it"
Vicky, you absolute moron, no one copies anything you do. You're a walking "how to fail at life" manual.

No. 490708


She dresses in 2005 MySpace fashions and wears fake knock off sweaters. Such a trendsetting fashionista

No. 490778

her comment about Klondike bars makes no sense, it's not mentioned in the list of food in the sc. also this is the dude who allegedly took photos of her like 2 weeks ago we haven't seen, who is staying in her guest room. she's tagged him in a few posts but he has no recent pix of them actually hanging out.

>buys an item of clothing b/c she sees a hot guy wearing it

>claims to be a trendsetter

No. 490789


She did a shitty tattoo on him recently seen in this post >>489216

And I guess he hasn’t posted any pictures of them hanging out because Vicky won’t let him. She doesn’t want any candids posted that she can’t photoshop to death or edit with 50 filters and brightness turned way the fuck up.

No. 490793


Her super high IQ strikes again spelling bullies as bullys. What a smart amazing woman

No. 490803


Ah yes, love it when someone who claims bullying is wrong acts like an aggressive internet tough girl. Kind of like something…a bully would do, hm? The irony of the meme is lost on her.

No. 490825

How do you guys can tell that the sweater is fake? I want to be able to recognize bootleg Supreme crap too

No. 490829

yea i'm wondering if it was a trade, pix for ~ink~ even though vic gets to control how both are viewed. also i'm sure that's why there's no photos of them but it's just funny b/c i see plenty of people hanging out with friends where they don't care what they look like, but they're also not morphing themselves into fantasy characters and pretending that's how they really look.

No. 490865


You can tell it’s fake by the flimsy supreme print logo and in one picture she posted it had metal clasps on the drawstrings which supreme hoodies don’t have

No. 490925

I was just looking at my friends professional model photos and they look so damn good the photography and everything is just on point and then I look at Vickie’s shooped “photoshoot” horrors and it’s just so goddamn embarrassing how she tries to pass them off as a ~professional photoshoot~ It’s honestly like comparing designer to knock off bootlegs from china (Vickie is the knock off version, obv)

No. 490927

Vicky wears knock off clothes, has knock off "photoshoots", a knock off accent and in general she's a Ryan Malarkey knock off. Everything about this bitch is fake.

No. 490933

File: 1519883340169.png (1.88 MB, 1440x2464, Screenshot_20180301-004442.png)

Vicky you retarded piece of shit. Bullying someone isn't even on the same level as shooting up a school. Gun violence in America is mainly a result of unstable people being able to easily access guns, not bullying. I know you want to violently act out because you feel you're being bullied, but justifying murder as a response to bullying is beyond fucked up. Ps: you are being "bullied" because you're a ridiculous retard with delusions of grandeur. You're a failure and you will be "bullied" for the rest of your life unless you get some fucking therapy and start acting like a fucking adult.

No. 490934

File: 1519883479357.png (500.76 KB, 1433x1568, Screenshot_20180301-005119.png)

And speaking of acting like an adult… you haven't grown up at all. That's why we make fun of you, you fat, smelly child.

No. 490962

I just still can't get over her accent. Im English and the Northern Irish accent is SO different. Its such a strong accent that I sometimes have trouble understanding it. I don't know what planet she's on putting on that English accent and thinking people believe it's real, which by the way, it's so easy to tell it's fake. It's just really sad that she doesn't find herself interesting enough on her own that she has to put on her hoity toity English Rose accent THAT DOESN'T EVEN SOUND REAL. Get a grip Icky Vicky

No. 490965

Where did she justify murder? She shared a post that says bullying is a contributor to school shootings. Which it is, along with gun control. Even if Vicker is posting that for selfish reasons, its probably not a smart idea to say that being anti-bullying is the same as being pro-murder.

No. 490966

is she australian or canadian?

No. 490975


Anon, the recent shooting was by a 19 year old fuck up. He was murdering kids, not lashing out at his peers for bullying. Also, on her fan page, someone commented on the post saying bullies deserve to be punched and she agreed. It's clear that she thinks violently lashing out is an appropriate response to bullying. No, she didn't directly justify murder but you can see what she's getting at. Also, the wording of the post is pretty callous, it's almost mocking and blaming the victims and students protesting.

No. 491130


nothing says more "i don't give a fuck" than constantly talking about how you REALLY don't give a fuck. very convincing

No. 491141

Born in Northern Ireland but raised in Canada I believe.

No. 491170

she's in her 30s, no? You can't talk about "growing up" when you're a goddamn adult.

No. 491171

Seriously can't get over the fact that she's in her 30s…with the mind of a 16 year old. How pathetic.

No. 491374

File: 1520107571598.png (400.86 KB, 815x597, vic1.png)

watch out. vicky getting into self promoted digital magazines. moving on up there girl! (1-2)

No. 491375

File: 1520107589177.png (28.1 KB, 816x380, vic2.png)

No. 491387

so…"Frankie" the self timer finally took a high res pic and sent it to a self promotion e-zine so she could basically post a selfie with a "cool" watermark on it

No. 491389

Those eyebrows are disturbing.

No. 491398

File: 1520117560235.jpg (572.34 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180303_175010.jpg)

Frankie is amazing

No. 491401

File: 1520119496680.png (150.67 KB, 1418x723, Screenshot_20180303-181926.png)

Much intelligence. I always cringe so hard when I see the comment section on her posts. Also, she's the only girl on that page who doesn't have a link to a photographer and who has such a badly shopped photo. Sticks out like a sore thumb. You really shouldn't have submitted , Vic. You look stupid next to the other girls.

No. 491403

File: 1520121370569.jpg (402.01 KB, 1316x1453, 2018-03-03-18-51-54.jpg)

Today is a bad day. First I find out elfatale the Megan fox lookalike looks like a drag queen irk and now my other woman crush Victoria Bella Morte also looks like a drag queen. Am I into drag queens? Do I need counseling or do these women?

Sage for irrelevance but man did I Dodge a bullet not getting a tattoo from vbm. I almost got a PORTRAIT(derailing)

No. 491404

>>491398 those are two different people and you can't tell me otherwise

No. 491409

There’s no way these are from two different shoots or days like…. did she photoshop someone else’s hairline? Different eyes? Boobs? Lips? I’m so shocked, and angry

No. 491415

notice how that dude she keeps mentioning went from being the one behind the camera to "set direction" credit.

nope, that's just a lot of investment hours into photo shopping herself.

it looks like she took the head/face from an older photo and replaced what was present. the magical boob lift is hilarious.

No. 491443

File: 1520143654375.jpg (83.1 KB, 500x373, 25532758630_0105fe1411.jpg)

i think you nailed it, she looks like she photoshopped the top from a shot from one of these photos where she looked like a completely different person. the difference in the hair alone kills me

No. 491445

I think it's more likely that she restyled her hair, used the same outfit and redid the shoot with her self timer. Probably told Tyler that she redid the shoot with "Frankie" after he left but would give him "set direction" credit.

No. 491491


Her hairline in this picture looks really off. She has a massive forehead

No. 491493

File: 1520191691400.png (443.53 KB, 1440x2080, Screenshot_20180304-141605.png)

Someone made a dumb joke about Victoria's breasts on her profile pic on FB and she has completely lost it. There's about 8-10 paragraphs like this and a status. I'm honestly shocked I don't think I've ever seen her so angry.

No. 491495

Idk what the comment was, but the majority of people would just delete it and maybe block the person, but this…whew, her insecurity really is showing.

No. 491499

>I’m your drug and you can’t let me go
Bitch grow up. This isn’t MySpace anymore. No one is obsessed with you. Plus telling people to kill themselves over a FB comment, like chill out fam.

No. 491500

For a second I though this was Ravens thread, and yet they wonder why they're cows?.

No. 491506

File: 1520196472300.jpg (145.23 KB, 852x1136, IMG_1168.JPG)

Dug up this portrait of a kid she's done. He looks ill haha.

No. 491508

Can you post the original comment and her other paragraphs?

No. 491511

File: 1520200318038.png (714.79 KB, 1440x2446, 20180304_164816.png)

No. 491512

File: 1520200343117.png (843.36 KB, 1440x2443, Screenshot_20180304-164449.png)

No. 491513

File: 1520200365260.png (562.06 KB, 1440x2438, 20180304_165025.png)

No. 491514

File: 1520200386480.png (213.38 KB, 1440x936, Screenshot_20180304-164527.png)

No. 491515

File: 1520200425708.png (250.16 KB, 1440x1279, 20180304_164139.png)

And then this was the status which seems to be deleted now.

No. 491522

>>no…one is lower lighting […]other[is…]low lighting

>>super fair people lose shadows on their skin in higher lighting due to reflection

>>I love seeing that they went to the extent of photoshopping any shadow out to crush the dimension

First she attempts to bullshit her way through explaining why the two look different (apparently the lighting is supposed to be different but that's not what she wrote!), then she berates that person for not knowing a "fact" she clearly made up (as a fellow pale person, this reflection is absolute bullshit unless flash and non-flashback makeup is used - reach harder, Vick!) to suit the point she wasn't close to making about higher lighting and then she says they photoshopped the shadows out even though eariler she was harping on about lighting. She can't even keep her story straight for 10 minutes.

No. 491525

Wow she is losing her mind lmao. “Even if I had small breasts i’d still be a knockout” sorry, but you have the body of a keg. Also lmao @ “how I look when people meet me in real life and know you’re wrong” too bad when I seen you at a party briefly you were a chunker with the worst extensions I’ve ever seen in my life. I like how much she calls herself hot/gorgeous in these little rants she’s really delusional and a huge narcissist. I just picture her moving her sausage thumbs across her phone keyboard frantically being like NO YOU ARE ALL WRONG IM A BEAUTIFUL KNOCKOUT GODDESS AND YOU SHOULD JUST KILL YOURSELVES with a cigarette in her mouth that has a long ash on it

No. 491529

File: 1520204329722.gif (70.58 KB, 275x155, 1510959804487.gif)

>Also I'm hot as fuck

Clearly she hasn't seen herself with and without photoshop. Girl who are you fooling with those triangular eyebrows?

No. 491539

File: 1520205292059.jpeg (63.01 KB, 566x518, 807816E1-FF54-4E6F-8104-BCEB17…)

I turned up the brightness and you can tell all the parts she poorly shooped. She blew up the right tit bigger than the left and the shadow she drew around them at the top doesn’t make any sense

No. 491543

Her “accent” in her latest Instagram video sounds hilarious


No. 491545

File: 1520206199785.jpg (235.79 KB, 1304x902, Screenshot_20180304-182331.jpg)

"Get help"
"You wish!"
I mean, I know she probably meant that the person wishes she was mentally ill, but only a lunatic would have this reaction to some mild trolling. On top of that, she deleted the status posted in >>491515 and the comment posted in >>491493 so clearly she knows she overdid it. She's sexy crazy and she knows it.

No. 491554

Most obviously fake accent ever. The fact that her dipshit orbiters fall for it says a lot about them.

No. 491556

I love how she included the video as proof that the photo the troll posted as photoshopped. Honey, the ONLY difference is the black and white filter. Ur boobs still lol saggy, ur torso short, ur hair completely fried and your face an entirely different persons face kek

No. 491559

The perfect reply to that tirade

Thank you for providing, anon

No. 491564

It's obviously because she considers England cooler. Look at how when anyone brings up N. Ireland she's quick to state "BRITAIN!!!". She wants to be seen as English.

No. 491577

oh sorry anon i deleted my comment because i felt it was usless input kek

for context - her "northern ireland" accent sounds too hoity toity proper than any northern ireland accent ive heard no matter how weak.

No. 491585

File: 1520210329179.png (1.06 MB, 1440x2317, 20180304_193904.png)

Miss Knockout realized she sounded stupid and started deleting comments but tried to cover it up by claiming she is being reported. She then deleted the whole comment thread along with this video, otherwise I would have posted it. The accent on it was hilarious. Don't cry and drink yourself to sleep now, hot stuff.

No. 491599

File: 1520211810405.jpg (650.56 KB, 1440x2283, Screenshot_20180304-195759.jpg)

Sorry for double post but this is just sad. I sent the screencap to a friend laughing about how she deleted it and then I posted the screencap on here. Friend replied saying it's still up. I looked again thinking I'm too tired and was seeing things but the caption is different and the comments are gone. I compared the time of my post and message to the time of the upload and she re uploaded only a few minutes after I posted the screencap on here. Girl how obsessively do you check this thread??

Anyway, here's the link: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bf6-6rhh46S/

No. 491601


“They cried and got their knickers in a twist”

Yea we are over here crying and totally not having a nice laugh about how hard you are snapping about being caught in your shitty lies. And she always uses the same insults “stupid bitch kill yourself” she sounds like an edgy teenager. Her making multiple posts about this shows how much it’s bothering her. She’s the one crying.

No. 491603

She's such a tard. She thinks its more believable that ~muh haters went through the trouble to photoshop SHADOWS OFF OF HER TITS for apparently no reason than it is that she photoshopped them on herself? While the rest of the photo looks 100% edited? I'm pretty sure there's no hope for people who are believing this. Though from the reactions on the comments that have been up for 5 hours, there aren't many.

No. 491625


and with that, she made her entire facebook friends only


No. 491626

File: 1520217243275.png (1.8 MB, 2490x1199, omgeye.PNG)

more "i woke up like dis" rhetoric, claiming she has natural permanent eyeshadow because she's pale, or something

No. 491628


What the hell is this dumbass talking about? I’m really pale (hate it btw) and I don’t have ~natural eyeshadow~ she’s retarded.

No. 491629


if we can keep tally, so far she has "icy" eyes, perfect porcelain skin, natural eyeshadow, natural lips (only needs "light lipstain"), natural super long eyelashes…

No. 491634

I reported her. Telling people to commit suicide online is a super disgusting thing to do. Shame on her.

No. 491635

don't forget her eyebrows naturally grow in that shape.

No. 491649


She won’t have it on friends only for long. She is attention starved and needs those neck beard comments and likes praising her. It’s just like when she makes her Instagram private for under a week and changes it back to public when she has a fresh shoop to post or shitty Snapchat

No. 491651

File: 1520235157542.jpg (182.42 KB, 1062x1543, _20180305_102711.JPG)

I was checking out her (completely public) Instagram and this made me burst a seam. Dumbass took a cropped photo and tattooed it on a larger area as is. Of course it's still "not finished". Wouldn't a tattoo artist as good as she claims to be complete the top of the head by referencing other photos of Alice Cooper?

No. 491674

Is that overlined trumpet mouth natural as well?

No. 491681

She puts on the English accent cos in her head it's classier than the NI accent and fits in with her whole elegant, ethereal goddess from the heavens. I wonder what her parents think. Surely they don't really have the accent anymore after living in Canada for 30 years. I bet they're used to her shit it doesn't even faze them lol.

No. 491741

File: 1520264058421.png (788.94 KB, 1080x1859, PicsArt_03-05-10.32.14.png)

the sharing on the nose makes it look warped and the eyes are killing me. maybe she didn't want to put in the effort of all that hair, gotta have time to pack a ton of white in it.

her flipping out and telling people to off themselves is nothing new. it was funny to see her go from saying it was one person to multiple individuals who have been ~stalking and harassing~ her.

here she is pretending that she is all about #girlcode after calling someone a cunt and telling them to kill themselves.

No. 491744

"Us girls need to look out for one another!" "Kill yourself cunt!"

This bitch has multiple personalities.

No. 491747


Translation: "girls should be kissing my ass and idolizing me and if they don't they're bullies and i'll tell them to kill themselves with my ~sharp british tongue~!"


"my boobs are real and the only thing that brings me any joy or self worth is being considered attractive! that's why i have a tantrum like a fucking child every time someone implies that i'm not! kill yourself!"

i do not envy the psychiatrist that has to eventually unpack these issues.

No. 491796

“Roight so let meh get this straigh-it. Little bitch troys to bully meh, I fucking tongue lash thim, I get Repohted”

Wow in awe of this sharp tongued British goddess samurai lmao

No. 491848

She seriously sounds like a fucking cartoon she sounds hilarious in her sad attempts. Here is what a real Northern Ireland accent sounds like. It’s nothing like this sad attempt Vicky tries to pull off


No. 491869

Hahaaaa, remember when she said nobody from Northern Ireland calls themselves Northern Irish, just British? Somebody better tell this girl. Even the posh Northern Irish accent is very different to the posh English Vic is attempting, she sounds like an idiot to people of all nations and I can't believe she's so invested in it.

No. 491895

How drunk is she here?? She sounds absolutely shit-faced, a day in the life read mean comment, drink, upload drunken pics/ramblings cry yourself to sleep.. good plan vikkums, good plan.

No. 491909


uhhhg I know the dude she's talking to he's equally punishing, the emo equivalent of a fedora.

No. 491913


strange how she sounds Irish and not quasi-posh-English

No. 491914

She also had a family member (one actually living in N. Ireland) say she would find her 'a nice Irish boy' and Vick replied something like, "You mean a BRITISH boy!" so clearly Vick is big on distancing herself from the fact that she's fucking Irish.

No. 491915

Except she doesn't sound Irish, she sounds freakish. There is no traces of an Irish accent but you can hear a Canadian one sometimes when the awful fake accent slips. No person on Earth naturally speaks the way she does.

No. 491919

File: 1520361338504.png (548.6 KB, 1080x2000, PicsArt_03-06-01.32.09.png)

this is the only photo from that e-zine where she didn't have her hand in her face, and it was flipped so i fixed that. the composition of the fake cleavage and bra is hilarious, especially compared to the other women in the same issue.

No. 491931

you can tell she's liquified her waist by the mesh leggings lol

No. 491944

File: 1520368754558.jpeg (196.11 KB, 750x1130, 15283D5A-A265-4AAF-BC14-4251D6…)

Clone tool mishaps. Nice reverberating tattoo.

No. 492026

"Its clearly that I pulled the top up higher"
It's ~~~clearly~~~ that you're bad at Photoshop and a liar, Jan Icky

No. 492031


I swear she has the saddest life. All she does it lie and try so hard to look like a goddess to randoms on the internet to give herself some kind of validation and self worth. And she constantly calls herself hot and will call girls way more beautiful and in another league than her ugly bitches. I swear she’s just jealous as hell and feels threatened by any other girl so puts out this bullshit about being a master at any subject that’s brought up under the sun and being super duper intelligent while sounding like a damn neanderthal. All she does is work on shitty photoshops and spew bullshit and when she refers to herself as “famous” I cringe so hard my neck almost breaks. I feel bad for her sometimes but then I remember how much a disgusting person she is and wish she would just disappear already. Still can’t believe someone that age acts like that it’s pretty unreal

No. 492033

HAH I just realized the necklace disappears into the tattoo. Vicky, you tard.

No. 492068

File: 1520395867356.jpg (874.44 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180306_231229.jpg)

Never forget what you really look like, Shingles

No. 492072


also her earring is just floating in the air, not attached to any ear - more #fakejewelry

No. 492082

File: 1520398495785.jpeg (438.07 KB, 2048x2048, 3F0A431A-4EFE-4AD1-8B51-CF0A9A…)

Comparing all of her edits feels like a spot the difference game, one doesn’t even have the earring - one her waist is significantly smaller - you also see her neck bones, the boobs are all different shapes and sizes which is fun considering her pose itself doesn’t change much at all

No. 492083

File: 1520398881939.jpg (42.33 KB, 600x900, earcuff.jpg)

It's probably one of these.

No. 492086

>I pierce mens hearts
>proceeds to squeal like a pig

More like you pierce their eardrums

No. 492145

File: 1520413421269.jpeg (194.26 KB, 640x884, 3AF661E6-2496-4D2C-AFBF-B52549…)

Another shitty tattooo. The caption kills me “In progress..needs a bit of white”
Of course it’s in progress still all your tats are! And it really doesn’t need more white you need to chill on that and learn how to grey wash. Every time she is showing a tattoo it’s always a shitty video that is shakey. I never see other artists doing that if it’s a large piece that can’t fit in one photo it’s usually 3 photos they took at different angles to show the work they did properly and you can take everything in. Not a shitty shaken cam video. I wonder why Vicky never shows her healed work? I will see artists posting their work after it’s healed often. We all know Vicky’s poor victims tattoos age like gum on a sidewalk. That poor guys shoulder is going to look so bad as it ages and a black mess


I bet she had to get him to repeat that so she could record it and put it on IG.

No. 492147

File: 1520414410053.gif (4.3 MB, 517x1422, manyfacesofViccky.gif)

Thank you! You inspired and made it a lot easier for the many faces of Vicky.

No. 492149

File: 1520414871630.jpeg (134.51 KB, 1016x762, 536046C7-40C2-4EA7-B978-470962…)


I think Vicky is attempting to do armoured shoulder piece tattoos. When I compare her work to actual professionals (like this work) hers looks like a dumpster fire in comparison

No. 492156

File: 1520416688591.png (227.51 KB, 605x346, 628CF422-C1C0-492D-9B70-D67E95…)

The goddess diet

No. 492292

did you read the comment you replied to? they weren't talking about vic

tbh she probably doesn't even get to see the healed tattoos herself, as most of them are probably soon fixed by other artists

No. 492614

File: 1520524911385.png (292.82 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180308-160003.png)

Nice one to whoever reported her! I wish he ban was more permanent! Was this because she told someone to kill themselves?? And now she's saying it was because someone got butt hurt? This bitch is so damn deluded

No. 492615

Does she think she's cool when she says tongue lash?

No. 492616

I think that she thinks it's brit slang but "tongue-lashing" is used in a lot of English-speaking countries. I don't know many people that use it as a verb though

No. 492624


in second one from the left her boobs are an entirely different shape than the other three, much closer to her actual breasts. presumably because she couldn't edit that narrow are without fucking up the strands of hair.

No. 492631

She really thinks that “do I get flowers on our anniversary?” Iine is terribly clever, she’s repeated it, what, four times now? I hate it so much when she tries to be funny. I would put so much money on her lifting that from a meme somewhere, and on her believing that anyone who thinks she’s not standup comedian level hilarious just doesn’t have the IQ to appreciate her humor.

No. 492639

File: 1520531201545.jpg (894.59 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180308_124626.jpg)

The edit history… did she really need to edit this like 5 times? And she didn't catch "must of" after all that. Dat high iq.

No. 492641

File: 1520531371401.png (453.92 KB, 1440x2461, 20180308_125051.png)

Also, the comments on this are just gold. Here's her calling herself famous.

No. 492642

Lol she keeps using that sweet "Do I get flowers on our anniversary?" burn. Stop trying to make it happen, Vick. It's not going to happen.

No. 492643

File: 1520531597135.png (349.36 KB, 1440x1980, 20180308_125344.png)

Here is her taking about how she doesn't care and how we're all mentally ill and lack self awareness (glass houses, Vic)

No. 492644

Don't flatter yourself, bitch. I spend about 5 minutes after work every couple to days to check up and see what horrible shoops you've done. Nobody is 'obsessed' with your fat ass.

No. 492646

LOL who uses 'tongue lash' as a verb?

No. 492647

"I don't care"
proceeds to go on crazy rants about the trollz whenever one insults her directly

No. 492696

The thing is, she is getting attention online. She equates this with popularity, when in reality a large part of her “fan base” are critics having a good laugh. She’s not even embarrassed because she sees all of this through a heavy photoshop filter. Calling us “Crazy stalkers” when she’s the nutbar who got caught white knighting herself and calling her tits huge. Who’s the tit now???

No. 492698

And yes. I reported her because she was telling people to commit suicide on Facebook. A tongue lashing is a burn, Victoria, not a child’s outburst saying the worst thing a five year old can think of.

No. 492704

Why are all her tattoos always 'in progress'? I don't think I've ever seen her post one that was declared finished.

No. 492727


i'd really like vicki to be befriended by a group of actually clever and learned people who would be perfectly nice to her and constantly get her exposed to things that will go way over head, not fight or bicker with her, just going "Oh…" and carrying on when she doesn't get a witty remark or when she tries to interject a complex conversation about things she's supposedly knowledgeable about. she'd be so pissed about not being able to find a fault, start a fight and insult their intelligence or social status that she'd either be forced to open her eyes or throw a spergout to end all spergouts. either way, we would win.

No. 492731


lol calm down chubs. no matter how many times you trot out that tired old joke, nobody is ever gonna buy you flowers

No. 492765

File: 1520559962647.png (72.84 KB, 481x980, IMG_0487.PNG)

I bet by the end of this night, someone wanted to hit her in the face with a bouquet of flowers. But that's it.

No. 492768


i remember mssging vic last year and telling her I would be more than happy to meet up and settle things in person and she called me a stupid bitch and blocked me and then later made a status like “if you want to say something say it to my face” lmao

No. 492801

Where is this from ??????

No. 492828

File: 1520591522501.png (114.29 KB, 1440x497, Screenshot_20180309-053155.png)

Please Vicky

No. 492829

File: 1520592628485.jpg (253.57 KB, 2136x1852, hv4Mgdz.jpg)



No. 492830

File: 1520592783931.png (353.85 KB, 341x484, 95TisFO.png)

this is forever one of my fav candids of vicky

No. 492833

She looks like the 40 y/o cashier with uncut fake nails who smokes at the frontdoor and is offended she has to haul her ass back cause you want to buy something. How dare you disturb her flirting with construction workers!

No. 492835

Hahaha oh Vicky please. Most children's sections go up to pretty large sizes, this is the most pathetic thing to brag about. I can just imagine her feeling her oats stuffed into a boyfriend cut top for teens. Another sartorial hit from a woman who has unwittingly worn a corset backwards.

No. 492839

>don't dish it if you can't take it
listen to your own advice. how many times have you threatened legal action against those who posted pix of you to discuss how shooped you are?

put up or shut up vic. every time she tags this tyler dude it's like she's trying to prove her lies b/c someone else was there. his ~sleeve~ is a tragedy and i dont care if someone offered a free full body suit, i wouldn't let them draw on me with a pen if it looked like that.

No. 492841

Ive seen this moo cow in person and she looks like she can barely stuff herself into a woman large.

children section my ass.

No. 492852

I wish someone who sees her in person would get a candid shot of her and post it here…I want to see just how delusional she is.

No. 492854

I find it pretty weird that she has this good friend of hers (Tyler) staying over with her, yet they take absolutely no pictures together. I wonder why that is.

No. 492864

File: 1520611751640.png (571.52 KB, 804x581, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 11.0…)


poor Ty with the grossest of sleeves

No. 492865

File: 1520611889558.png (716.4 KB, 889x593, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 11.1…)

they are actually in several on her insta and fb

No. 492878

File: 1520618171187.png (53.33 KB, 179x201, Hiding.png)

No. 492889

I mean more recent ones from his trip right now. Also lol at her covering almost her entire face in the pic.

No. 492900

File: 1520625082793.jpeg (146.95 KB, 789x640, DF20EB63-A40D-440E-A74B-6E4A9D…)

Th caption on this is “when ur so tiny u can find clothes u can wear in the kids section of a store lmfao”

First off those shorts are being suffocated in your tree trunk thighs and really don’t fit. Secondly, those type of shorts were popular in the early 2000’s so I’m pretty sure she just found them in her closet from when she was younger. She took a shitty video and turned it on a side angle to make herself look skinnier (fat chick tactics)

No. 492908


The way she’s standing is really awkward. She’s standing with her legs apart to give the illusion of a thigh gap but it’s not really working out for her

No. 492909

File: 1520627668345.jpg (83.85 KB, 850x486, b_160605020.jpg)

>kids clothing comes in all sizes.

No. 492911

File: 1520627945814.jpeg (40.82 KB, 728x376, 152061894213105093.jpeg)

No. 492913

She's like Lainey, when Lainey claimed to use children's shoes and it turned out the size was the equivalent of an EU 38 adult shoe. In the same spirit, Vicky uses children's L, which ironically has less bust and hip space and a bigger waist as children obviously haven't matured yet into a female shapes. Basically, she's admitting she has in reality a fat gut, small tits and a flat ass.

Oh the irony.

No. 492914

Anyone know what brand the shorts are? I want to look them up and see just how large the children's sizes go.

No. 492923

File: 1520632803485.jpg (106.78 KB, 1195x611, JVphR8i.jpg)

I imagine that she's standing in this pose.

No. 492924

File: 1520634060399.jpeg (124.46 KB, 640x992, 1C10B004-FA82-4E48-8B27-E83606…)

She liked her own post of her fat legs lmao

No. 492928

Gee, I wonder why she didn't have her buddy Tyler just take a video of her in the shorts for her. Surely that would've been easier, right?

Gotta get them fat girl angles in!

No. 492936

that scratchy as fuck 'shading' around it, the blotches in the blue, whoever said "perfect one" should go get their eyes lasered b/c all of that ink and it still looks fucking flat.

kek, thanks for pointing this out, will get an extra chuckle any time she mentions it in the future.

No. 493038

File: 1520702006908.jpg (83.42 KB, 720x901, 29104226_2053707221325360_4621…)

Slick Vic started her usual rant against immigrants (hypocrite much?) and then tried to tell a girl actually living in N. Ireland she was wrong.

No. 493039

File: 1520702030276.jpg (79.59 KB, 720x903, 29067276_2053707224658693_1456…)

No. 493040

File: 1520702054033.jpg (101.78 KB, 720x923, 29027384_2053707237992025_1711…)

No. 493043

File: 1520702549631.png (351.17 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180310-172131.png)

Found vickys tiny shorts. Lmao of course they're from Walmart. And they go up to an xl size which is probably the size she got

No. 493044


Damn, Patrick can consider himself blocked. I love when people call Vic out especially on her accent.

No. 493053

File: 1520703881777.gif (46.22 KB, 463x655, 93VvCnv.gif)


Britain and United Kingdom are two separate things you insufferable bint- also the first thing you should know about Northern Ireland is people have the right to describe themselves as Irish if they want to, he'll, I'm from there, raised Protestant and I still refer to myself as Irish as it's factual and I am not hung up about it. In fact only the most sectarian Orange Order fucks would get hung up about it. None of Vickys tantrums will ever be able to detach the North from the South culturally.

No. 493055

Fucking owned. Suck a dick, Vic

No. 493061

Of fucking course they're Wal-Mart shorts! I bet the kids' sizes run gigantic.

No. 493062

I've been waiting so long to see Vic get owned about her 'British' fuckery. Very pleased.

No. 493098

File: 1520712822427.png (61.98 KB, 968x342, underweightVicky.png)

Is she really claiming to weigh 90lbs here, with my understanding of English grammar I decipher that she is claiming so. Then again, the brilliant Vickster is too smart to understand conjunctions.

She also is going on about being super famous.

No. 493118

I think she's saying that she's 10-15 lbs above the cut-off to be considered underweight, which is also bullshit.

I'd guess she's somewhere in the 150s based on candid shots.

No. 493123

Shut the actual fuck up Vicky. You didn't kick anyone's ass, you wish you did. And people only "bully" you because you're a histrionic infant who refuses to stop making outlandish claims about yourself.

No. 493146

Not to defend Lame, but some stores in the U.K. sell EU size 38 in the children’s section. So idk if it’s the same in the US? (Source: me, because that’s my shoe size.)

>hospitalised at 5’3” and 80lbs
Fucking kek no you wouldn’t. Why is she so dramatic all the time?

No. 493158


There’s no way in hell shes 90lbs I’m 5’2 and I weigh 106 and I’m way smaller than that land whale(no one cares)

No. 493173

File: 1520725607894.png (320.52 KB, 1440x1322, Screenshot_20180310-184546.png)

This is a lot more accurate than "I'm so tiny" bahahah

No. 493185

File: 1520731596597.png (837.04 KB, 640x1136, D95E60BE-5438-4DC4-B273-39ECD7…)

my favorite thing about this picture is that her forearm is bigger than her upper arm

No. 493215

File: 1520742345125.png (259.62 KB, 1336x1307, Screenshot_20180310-232356.png)

Glad to know she has an ant problem on top of tattooing people without washing her hands… or herself in general. Vicky, you nasty.

No. 493228

I’m 5’3” and 125lbs, I’m smaller than her also.(no one cares)

No. 493229

lol what did she reply to this? If that map is correct, she's not even British, she's Irish. Northern Ireland is part of the UK, not Britain.

No. 493237

File: 1520761642292.jpeg (40.1 KB, 532x349, D9E6454D-C440-4B84-954D-2DC29D…)

Hottie Alert

No. 493239

which Final Fantasy game is this a screenshot from?

No. 493251

omg. those bangs are so 2007. is this bitch stuck in a time warp? I physically wanna punch her in the gut.

No. 493252

Nah Northern Irish people are British and can have British passports.

No. 493269

not that i believe vic has ever kicked the crap out of anyone, I feel like people were calling her out on bs and she was the bully, much like now, and made threats to anyone who didn't live her delusions.

my sides

No. 493284

As a northern Irish anon the amount of misinformation in this thread about NI annoys me

Britain does refer to northern Ireland, Great Britain only refers to the mainland i.e Scotland, England and Wales. The United Kingdom compromised of NI, Great Britain and the Isles like Isle of Man and the Shetlands etc.

Anyone born in Northern Ireland can apply for a British or Irish passport as part of the Good Friday Agreement. Vicki family hails from Broughshane which is a majority unionist area, some people there will be die hard 'British' (see sectarianism) and deny that you can be Irish born in NI.

Anyway she hasn't lived her for decades or has an accent from here. She's not special and I doubt she's even aware of how continental Belfast has been since the end of the troubles in the 90s. She really is ignorant.

No. 493293

I think the main point we should be focusing on is that last part. The bitch hasn't lived there since she was a young child and has no right to try and tell ANY part of the UK what to do.

She's clearly very fucking racist as well (and I'm not the type to throw that word around freely).

No. 493295

I'm shocked she hasn't deleted this comment. She got absolutely rekt.

No. 493304

>England is our mother country
She's so desperate to be a posh Londoner with her accent and her bullshit

>telling an NI person they're not Irish because they're British

How does she work this out? Most Brits lay claim to two identities - Britain and their actual country - and I think the majority of them probably just go by their country.

>we don't put up with terrorism in belfast!

Think you've missed out on a massive part of history there lass

No. 493396

File: 1520817851601.jpeg (145.91 KB, 640x839, F1AACD04-8AF3-4F98-B181-FE9521…)

No. 493402


new phone, still turning down the resolution manually to make it blurry as hell

No. 493416


You hit the nail on the head - calling herself Irish or Canadian doesn't sound as exotic to her as calling herself British because she's a teaboo who wants to pretend she's posh and English.

No. 493423

Baby, that’s a quote from the show Archer.

No. 493435

I realized after it was too late to delete hahah I dumb

No. 493437

She is ripping off an older Archer (cartoon) reference. If you haven't seen the show do try because it's funny, but she is years late with her joke. She tries so hard…

No. 493438

File: 1520835600487.jpg (183.06 KB, 619x486, IMG_0227.JPG)

For reference

No. 493439

Ugh, sorry, I didn't see someone else said it….

No. 493458

File: 1520854991228.jpg (572.17 KB, 1317x2056, Screenshot_20180312-074009.jpg)

She finally deleted it. So quick to tell others to "educate themselves" and yet can't bother to do any research herself. Just acts like she knows what she's talking about and deletes any comments proving her wrong. So stupid and insecure.

No. 493472

File: 1520876810430.png (77.92 KB, 1440x438, Screenshot_20180312-133744.png)

Kek Vicky posted a video of lady gaga talking about how we need to be kind to each other and stop dividing ourselves. Someone commented this and she liked it. Didn't notice the misspelling. And doesn't Vicky preach that we should all be nice to each other and stop "bullying" and judging people? Also, she doesn't know jackshit about history, she just pretends she does.

No. 493553

File: 1520907185910.jpeg (124.18 KB, 639x784, 968C1C96-D5C4-45CE-95B4-58B01E…)

“Want inked up?”
Why does she sound like someone that is still learning English? Also kek at “some are unfinished” yea, all your work is. Because people go to a different artist to fix your catastrophe

No. 493554

File: 1520907574863.jpeg (450.82 KB, 1770x1440, 5A2895F2-52BB-4343-924E-292FC3…)


All of these tattoos in that video are aweful and didn’t her Edward scissor hands one heal to look like mush? I know there’s a picture of the healed result floating around I just can’t find it

No. 493557


>want inked up?

sounds like an Aly-ism

No. 493560

File: 1520912039197.jpeg (110.39 KB, 612x612, 61D92594-2A37-494B-8181-41BEF8…)

Stole this from the 2nd thread on her, I’m thinking this is the one you’re thinking of….

No. 493561

File: 1520912141745.jpeg (100.55 KB, 720x960, F0828A70-5114-4FF4-B127-84D27E…)

Also found this hilarious Wonder Woman self insert
Look at the measly old hand in the corner all decrepit

No. 493567


That’s the one! In that shitty video she posted that Edward was in it and in the description she said those were one of the unfinished ones lel

No. 493568

why does her work heal so poorly? like I do think the fresh result looks pretty darn good, but the healed one…I know black spreads out a lot but it's so mushy.

No. 493573

I've noticed that too. A lot of the photos of her fresh work actually looks pretty decent (minus anatomy). I suspect she's photoshopping them to look cleaner or more highly contrasted?

Either that or they just heal poorly cause she's a scratcher.

No. 493574

File: 1520930046174.jpg (964.01 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180313_043220.jpg)

Tattoo from 8 months ago vs 2 weeks ago. Seems like the only improvement is the filter.

No. 493575


I never knew that Wonder Woman had such severe scoliosis.

No. 493576


I would love to see what kind of mess that ship tattoo on the left looks like today

No. 493580

File: 1520940570147.jpeg (178.09 KB, 640x816, A7A8C2CB-9497-4114-8A89-FBC7AF…)

An explanation as to why they look so shit by an artist who’s actually had to fix some of her work. She also uses no actual definition, like no line work at all? It’s all just shading and highlight. Which anyone who’s had white in a tattoo knows that an excess amount of white is just gonna turn yellow. Her shading is a blend of light grey, medium gray and dark grey - when healed and the dark lightens, it just looks like one hot mess.
I suspect she turns up the contrast on her tattoos and photoshops them - she photoshops herself so there’s no doubt in my mind her work is edited. Also a fresh tattoo always looks more vibrant and raw right after

No. 493584

File: 1520941683276.jpeg (86.94 KB, 640x640, BA48FA4B-458E-4F2D-A8AF-CD13AA…)

The evils being referenced is this btw. The one that looks good is the retouched version done by the new artist. The grey blur is Vicky’s work that she was sperging was “unfinished”

Everyone who enjoys Vicky needs to reread the first thread it’s such a treat when you see all her self posts defending herself pretending to be other people. I love going back there every once in a while kek

No. 493589


even more serious and worrying, she has vicki's face.

No. 493604


Why won't she just draw/paint on paper or canvas. She could be pretty good. But no, she has to do it on skin to be ~EdGy RoCkEr ChiCk~ and she has no idea how skin works or how to improve her results.

No. 493612

Is it just the angle it was taken at, or why is the faded one's face so different? I guess this person also could've gained weight or something but it's completely believable that she shooped the tattoo's face in her photo.

No. 493662

I got a tattoo from her and the first time all the colour ran out. She tried blaming me for not caring for it properly, but after some back and forth she hammered it again and it turned into a mushy mess. I had it fixed by a talented person in Guelph who said she has fixed tons of Vicky’s work.

No. 493666


Do you have any pictures of her butchered mess she did to you? I’m sorry you fell victim to her trash

No. 493679

File: 1520984478355.png (2.24 MB, 750x1334, 0249CF94-DE4D-44DE-8078-97D904…)

I would but then she will know and I’d prefer to avoid that drama lol what I do have is an example of a tattoo she did that was fixed by someone local

No. 493682

File: 1520984909245.jpeg (102.36 KB, 576x654, 8F3D79A8-6072-4C99-8ED6-E81EAF…)

This is the original Vicky has posted on her page

No. 493697


Wasn't the left one done by a different artist? Vicky was shit talking her, if I remember correctly, but I can't recall her name.

No. 493699

Which left one? The Instagram one I posted was the artist who had fixed Vicky’s tattoo which was the second photo I posted. I grabbed that photo from Vicky’s page

No. 493703


>>493697 is referring to the Edward Scissorhands tattoo.

No. 493713

My bad, I’m new here

No. 493755

Do we have any other examples of before and afters for Vicks tattoos that have been covered/fixed? This is hilarious to me

No. 493765

File: 1520999731244.jpg (677.3 KB, 1440x2240, Screenshot_20180313-235213.jpg)

Oh dear. First of all, it's artfaktors, not arkfaktors. Second, that's the shop, not the artist. Third, why didn't you credit the artist and even go so far as to crop out their handle because someone tagged you in the photo posted on the artists page which is Dave Paulo, so you knew full well who to credit. Lastly, this was posted over a year ago with no credit to your photo so the person either had no clue who you were and just stumbled across a random image or was just too embarrassed to admit who you were so maybe you shouldn't flatter yourself.

No. 493766


this scares me, because that means tons of people are actually getting tattoos from her in that rusty ol' shed

No. 493767


wow…Dave Paulo is a legend, I can't believe someone used vicky as a reference. Gross. Probably would be embarrassed that he put so much effort into drawing a scratcher.

Kind of a universal irony there…

No. 493769


it's crazy how much better it is now that a professional took over the job. Day and night difference. I can only imagine how "formless" the long healed original was when she went into the shop…

No. 493826

there's something going on there, I feel like this is more of an after -> before
god help him if the right is an after with touch-ups

No. 493868

It's easier to understand if you look at it as a 'likely photoshopped and flattering angle of fresh work taken by Vic' and 'weird angle of healed work taken by client'

No. 493924

File: 1521079912062.png (295.66 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180315-021151.png)

Jason…you are outwhitted

No. 493925

Also can I just say how extremely fucking stupid she is in that whole discussion. Her point of befriending mentally ill people before it gets to the point where they will kill anyone - she's off her nut

No. 493926


she thinks she's the expert of being outwhitted now or something

No. 493943

when she was white knighting herself on here she kept ranting “victim blaming” as a narcissistic tactic. Hmmm. I guess blaming innocent children for school shootings doesn’t count? Learn to spell half “whit”

No. 493977

She's wrong though? The majority of mass shooting cases weren't the result of bullying, even if you are specifically talking about school shootings, that's a misconception. As for being an "outcast", if she means sociopaths and psychopaths, then sure. Also, outwitting someone isn't the same as disagreeing with or even simply proving someone wrong, Vick, but you can't even spell it so why do I expect you to know what it means…

No. 494101

>school shooters are outcasts and bullied

Not really, Vick.
People said that about the Columbine shooters Eric and Dylan, but in reality Dylan had friends and even went to prom. Both of them came from middle class backgrounds with families who cared about them.
Nikolas Cruz may have been regarded as weird by his peers but he was able to get a girlfriend. He had friends in high school. And despite his parents passing away, he was adopted into a generous family and was set to inherit wealth from his biological parents.
These are boys who created a narrative that society was cheating them in some way, and used it as an excuse to hurt others because they demanded more for nothing. They were coddled, and the answer isn't to coddle men some more by saying society made them pull the trigger.

People like Vick just victim blame because it's easier to guilt people that they should just accept being murdered than hold these shooters accountable.

Agreed, but what can we expect of Vick's bigly "outwhitting"?

No. 494103


not to mention Cruz went to shoot not his classmates or kids who bullied him, but children younger than him he didnt know

had nothing to do with vickys "bullying" narrative

it's not surprise that she's parroting the same shit seen on far right or gun nut pages, seems its all she subscribes to

No. 494121

A little OT but i commented on the picture that magazine posted of Icky saying "That bad photoshop tho" and then within an hour the page blocked me. I mostly did it to see if Icky would rage since she actively checks that picture.

No. 494162


I bet you she seen that comment and mssgd that page reporting you kek saying you were a jealous bully stalker

No. 494189

Her problem is she is weak at shading, so she compensates with white ink to highlight her shadowing and create a contrast, white fades and leaves behind the truth of her tattoos - shitty shading.

She is a terrible tattoo artist and doesn't know how to properly ink without compensating with white ink.

No. 494190

File: 1521196809774.jpeg (85.7 KB, 640x639, ADC94844-12B5-4317-8C04-1144EC…)

I’m having a good laugh at “be authentic”
Vicky is the fakest shit I know from her personality/“IQ” to her shitty shoops to even the way she speaks.

No. 494192

File: 1521199488239.jpeg (97.89 KB, 750x570, 8FF39088-BB07-4A32-9730-15BBF5…)

Just gonna leave this here…

No. 494232


Lol >>494162 is probably right. We're going to see a lot more blocking and deleting comments since she realized she can't tell people to kill themselves without risking getting reported and being deprived of that sweet neckbeard attention.

No. 494297

File: 1521367568464.jpeg (108.97 KB, 639x837, 1E753DD0-9E55-4732-A240-885B5B…)

Such an amazing sword master! For someone who’s never taken classes or actually studied the art and wields a replica she makes all the men look slow and inferior in comparison to herself!

No. 494309


she just can't answer questions normally, she has to throw in some praise for herself every time

No. 494338

Vic we know you fucking speed up the footage on top of looking absolutely ridiculous.

you really should stop being so impressed with yourself

No. 494349

I highly doubt she can even play a chord, otherwise she would have bragged about it. I wouldn't be surprised if she claims to play electric guitar, since it's often a popular instrument with men.

No. 494365

File: 1521405362228.png (275.16 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180318-203203.png)

I wish i had the confidence/delusion this bitch has! However with Icky it comes off as narcissism and self-absorption. Basically she's saying "yo I'm the hottest fucking girl in the room. I'm totally badass and like to do shit on my own. Don't approach me" when in reality it's "I'm too fucking annoying to have any friends therefor I am always on my own because no one can stand me"

No. 494367

A real authentic katana will run for at least 3,000$ which I highly doubt Vicky has or could even afford. Of course she always has to bring up how aaaaamazing she is she compliments herself more than others do. I’ve never seen someone at that age act the way she does. She’s really insecure and wishes to be viewed as a perfect goddess. It’s really sad but entertaining at the same time which makes her a perfect cow. When will reality kick in for this washed up hag?

No. 494368

File: 1521405904825.jpeg (186.16 KB, 640x913, 2F9A25EA-3927-4D07-97D5-D2465B…)

This shoop is hilarious. I turned up the brightness a bit on it. What’s with the weird shadow she drew around her waist? Her tits look so edited to shit and really off. For fuck sakes Vicky, get off your fat ass and hit them gym because anyone with a brain isn’t buying this shit

No. 494371

What’s the shit in her hair

No. 494374


Looks like those tacky plastic fake vines you can buy from Walmart that she has draped all over the railings and in her shop. Maybe she thought putting one in her hair for that elf warrior fantasy goddess aesthetic

No. 494381

File: 1521408746231.png (134.91 KB, 800x450, 1521409447554087.png)

No. 494382

Wtf what’s with the shakira turned chola look?

No. 494383

File: 1521409585303.jpg (116.34 KB, 768x768, kTmTQrbqvgUHysm0pIfund2KOX2pk9…)

expectation vs reality

No. 494384

File: 1521409876558.jpg (151.47 KB, 1280x720, cats.jpg)

Maybe they just really liked the play. lol.

No. 494386

What I don’t understand is the amount of idiots who absorb this and praise this woman on her narcissism. Are people really this stupid?

No. 494387

File: 1521410070259.gif (680.83 KB, 480x268, yes.gif)

>Are people really this stupid?

No. 494389

>I hope this helps skip some questions I get when I go out alone.

Implying she's so famous that the average person recognizes her and checks her social media.

I'm just imagining her out alone , playing pool in the middle of a busy bar while people are annoyed waiting to play with their friends. No one approaching her to ask her to join their game. Vicky goes home alone, upset, and posts some horseshit about how men just won't leave her alone when she goes out.

No. 494390

I stumbled across this site after seeing a comment calling her out on the fake accent. It’s very reassuring to see I’m not the only one who sees through this. I wonder what her parents think.

No. 494395

File: 1521411674987.jpg (727.57 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180318_181245.jpg)

Lol girl the reason you wouldn't go to a strip club is because you would be surrounded by women who are far more attractive than you and men who have no interest in you. Also, love that she's acting like she's better than strippers and shitting on sex workers in general when she's supposed to be supporting all women. Vic, the average stripper is cleaner than you, you smelly old bag. Plus, they get paid to be slutty, you're just a sad internet hoe. Lastly, the fuck is up with her fans? The girl claiming a stripper groped her KEK yeah right. And the basement dweller who wishes a girl would touch him.

No. 494399

Still giggling about the fact icky gave the "secsy tigerrr laydee self portrait" a combover, fitting though as she's one hair dye away from being that actual image. Those poor people who parted with actual cash for these abominations.

No. 494400

File: 1521414176961.jpg (59.36 KB, 450x637, XYoBR.jpg)

She talks so much shit. It's funny because she can dish it out but can't take it. lol.

No. 494401

I'd sage this shit, but I don't get the magazine image you posted in relationship to Vikki?

No. 494402

File: 1521414775825.png (13.31 KB, 312x198, sedatives.png)

No. 494403

Raquel reed is a myspace burlesque scene queen. She's from the same time period as vicky. I felt it was an appropriate bump. Vick would probably call her a hoe.

No. 494404

Why does she need to lie constantly and about the stupidest things? Does anyone actually believe this? Sure it's possible but extremely rare and the way she describes it doesn't make sense or sound like what actually happens when a sedative causes someone to get violent. The only thing worse then a liar is a bad liar.

No. 494405

The delusion is honestly concerning

No. 494412

File: 1521416990874.png (224.27 KB, 1424x2152, Screenshot_20180318-194651.png)

She specifically said allergy. This is a list of symptoms of an allergic reaction to a sedative. Plus anaphylactic shock can kill you. She can't be fucked to Google before she makes these ridiculous claims.

No. 494454

I'm retarded. I meant sage my own question, not your post. Sage isn't an option so I can't sage my useless questions.

She's such a neckbeard. But a lot of neckbeards aren't as stupid as her. If she was just a bimbo, at least it would be endearing. She's stupid, vile and a lying braggart. I kinda wish I knew her in real life just to see this freakishness in person.

No. 494465

File: 1521436275466.png (940.29 KB, 1440x1560, Screenshot_20180319-010939.png)

That's rich coming from a scratcher.

No. 494466


*Pollock, you retard

>Implying she knows who Rembrandt, Bierstadt, etc are

No. 494468

>All that white

Woof can't wait to see how that ages

No. 494471

i swear to god every asshole who says "a child could do this" deserves to be punched in the face and bleed over a canvas, because that is what the artist was doing spiritually and with paint. it's a history of expressive mark making if you want it in the simplest terms. i'm not mad most people don't know how to read a painting, and that you have to honestly sit with it in person for sometimes an hour for all of the emotional textures to be perceived, but if you simply can't be assed to read a little about the history of modern art and its progression then fuck you for real. especially with her being an "artist", she doesn't know what that means.

i bet her opinions on performance art would be a fucking riot.

No. 494488

You know what really annoys me? Her useless opinions on art when she's never had any formal art training. I think if she knew a little bit about art theory and the history of these artists and the conditions in which their ideas were conceived. "I could do better" Yeah. But you didn't did you? Why does she have to have such a strong opinion on every fucking thing?

No. 494511


She thinks art is just pretty girls/basic ass animal pictures, when it reality there's a whole history of techniques, cultures, etc behind each movement and painter. Ask this bitch about any artist that isn't Van Gogh, Da Vinci or Michelangelo and she won't be able to answer.

No. 494519

File: 1521462809517.png (770.13 KB, 976x1480, 20180319_082547.png)

>a five year old could replicate that

funny you bring this up. here's a tattoo by a 7 y/o that is better than pretty much everything you've ever done.

>people masquerading as artists

talking about yourself again vic. interesting how you've never posted a single sketch, drawing, painting or stencil of the tattoos you've done, something even an apprentice has plenty of to show how they've improved over time. i don't think there is a single medium she has been able to enter even at a mediocre level except for photoshop.

No. 494521

im always disturbed by her obvious self-obsession when she tattoos her own face on other people

No. 494523

What's so sad about it is that it's not even her real face that she tattoos onto other people. It's the face she wishes she had and photoshops onto herself.

No. 494524

The thing is that Pollock's art looks like it does BY CHOICE. Her work looks like shit because she is shit.

She's probably just mad because he has a legacy and, despite her narc rants and self-obsessed essays, the only legacy she has is lolcow.

No. 494525

The main difference is…
Strippers are honest about living a risky life and at work selling a fantasy to men.

Vicky is in denial about living WITHIN a risky fantasy and selling a lie to men.

I can see how she could get these things confused. Most strippers have moved on and paid their tuition by 30, and are now working white collar jobs. Vicky is over 30 and still hasn't moved on AND she's doing all this salty posting for free. Strippers have more integrity and situational awareness than Vicky could ever have. The only way that Vicky can seem superior to others is by putting down other women. Just a week ago she was posting about female unity and now she's trashing a female dominated field and claiming they all want her pussy and give her an STD. Nice.

If she was truly superior, she wouldn't need to say a word. But she isn't, she's afraid to acknowledge that even crack addicted street walkers are more lucid than her.

No. 494526

Add suffers from internalized misogyny to the list.
Why be just a racist when you can be sexist against your own gender as well.
Anything for attention.

No. 494529

I wouldn't be surprised if that's the only way she knew how to draw a woman's face, since she spends all that time photoshopping her own face to look like that. It might not even be an intentional self portrait, but the only way she knows how to draw a female face.

No. 494530

File: 1521470460995.gif (496.11 KB, 300x200, you keep using that word.gif)


Talking about art, proves she has no idea what the words she's using actually mean.
A conceptualist is an artist of conceptualism. Conceptualism is concerned with conceptual art, "A genre of art in which the transmission of ideas is more important than the creation of an art object".

Conceptualism is not a statement, it's institutional critique.

She has no idea that a conceptualist is a word for an artist doing conceptual art. What she's saying does not make any sense.

>you're not an artist, you're an artist making a statement

…What does she think art is?

No. 494531

Wouldn't be surprised if you're dead on. Always the same arched high brows, almond shaped eyes, same shape of full lips, same facial structure. There are only subtle differences but there are also subtle differences with her shooping and that's probably just because she's inconsistent due to her being crap at it.

No. 494534

She liquified the waist band INTO her self trying to make her waist smaller. holy shit you have to be warp speed stupid to believe this shop.

No. 494546

Wait a second, wasn't one of her best friends Bunny Alexander a stripper? There is no way she hasn't been to a club.

No. 494549

Iirc she became a stripper after the friendship already ended

No. 494567

File: 1521494118354.png (661.28 KB, 1124x1000, funhouse.PNG)


it's some funhouse mirror shit

No. 494578

Why not both? As long as it has to do with Vicky, it's fine.

No. 494581

It's my first time reading up on this lady; her makeup looks like those oil puddles you see after it rains.

No. 494650


Where she put the whiskers on this triggers the shit out of me

No. 494656

File: 1521523262104.png (583.26 KB, 1399x2119, 20180320_011802.png)

Didn't know whether or not to post this since it's the usual boring "you're all obsessed with me" shit but she deleted it so posting just to bother her

No. 494713

That looks like a quote from the narcissism 101 textbook. All attention is good attention. I believe it.

No. 494714

File: 1521557291241.png (19.02 KB, 500x212, thingsthatdidnthappen.png)

Queen Vicky can't even go play some pool innocently without getting swamped by men!

No. 494716

I love how instead of just 'when you see a girl out alone' it's 'when you see a BEAUTIFUL girl out alone' like she just has to add how hot she (thinks she) is into everything.

No. 494814

File: 1521594489797.png (2.24 MB, 1618x1182, lolll.PNG)

Google maps finally updated the streetview, now the shack can be seen in current form: pukingly ugly maroon with a bright red door.

Kids, stay out.

No. 494823

No matter how much she tries to dress it up, it's still a shack in a horrible location. Now it just looks even more suspicious.

No. 494831


Wow I would never want a tattoo from there I would get bad vibes just looking at that shit hole from the outside she doesn’t even have a sign or anything. Has the health board even inspected this “shop”

No. 494834

File: 1521603271044.jpeg (156.52 KB, 640x887, 60287FDE-CFAA-45C3-AAC3-8B507E…)

I guess this lady doesn’t know anything about tattoos because this looks like absolute garbage no outlines or anything it just looks so blurry and aged already

No. 494850

Fucked up the shading ? That's ok! You can just blur it all out with white ink. Won't heal all smudged and yellow at all!

Fucking Vicky jfc

No. 495949

>2 letters in a basic frame

No. 495973

literal representation of shady shop that looks like you can catch something from just walking in the door.

not sure if she did the letters as they look healed, but that frame is just going to be blobby mush.

No. 496010


it's hilarious that this 'person' had to not only wax poetic about the shitty tattoo, but add in that she is: "smart, funny, and ~~beautiful~~"

like really?

"you were able to take my ideas and incorporated your own"

> I want my initials and maybe put some flowers around it

> a'right govna, how 'bouts I put yow initials in the middol and put some perdy flowers round it right proper?

> amazing!

No. 496013

File: 1521646135808.png (1.96 MB, 1419x2425, Screenshot_20180321-111403.png)

Her body is already saggy and lumpy, I can't imagine what she's going to look like at 40. Nauseating. Also, she really needs to accept the fact that she will never get married.

No. 496023

I'm sure one of her neckbeards would support her, she just refuses to believe that it will come to that

No. 496024

File: 1521648382004.jpeg (405.65 KB, 1419x2425, B2A4056B-85E7-4E8D-BC6E-E77B15…)

Fixed it for you

No. 496064

This is amazing

No. 496100


much less marry rich while doing some Benjamin Button reverse aging

No. 496258

File: 1521699852321.jpg (387.41 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180322_022115.jpg)

Girl calls you out on something or makes fun of something, "kill yourself". Guy is a total creep and "he's cute!". Vicky, you desperate hoebag. You probably actually wish he did date you.

No. 496324

File: 1521736832413.jpg (1005.7 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180322_115929.jpg)

Kek Vicky got called out for the stripper comments. The thread is way too long to post all the screencaps but good old Icky just kept repeating that sex work is mentally damaging while copying and pasting random articles and continuously repeating "I will trust PhD doctors" when told that she has no clue what sex work is actually like.

No. 496326

File: 1521737009212.jpg (849.93 KB, 1436x2467, Screenshot_20180322-120134.jpg)

I'll post this one though.. "i care too much about women" girl please don't make me laugh. Also, they're fine, they're getting paid. Not just uploading photoshopped tit pics for neckbeard validation. You're the "mentally damaged" one, Icky.

No. 496327

That is Bunny Alexander she is arguing with about strippers

No. 496335

The phrase "PhD doctors" is so cringey. I am an academic and I can't bear to read that phrase - you would just say doctors or psychiatrists or medical research. Also, out of boredom, I did a small literature review on the topic and now I am resisting all urges to comment back

No. 496342

What, don't you want to have the ultimate title of Doctor of Philosophy Doctor too??? Or better yet, philosophiae doctor doctor!

No. 496350

No. 496359

Including her classic line, "Want inked?" !!!

No. 496381

Oh anon, I love it! You should tag the location where the shop is more.

No. 496459

File: 1521758166780.jpeg (143.06 KB, 750x1092, E2CC534D-5822-4198-B6E7-629FF8…)

Lmao ok

No. 496462

Radfems are doing exactly the same tho in regards to sex work and porn, except they don't sound like idiots

No. 496503

File: 1521767761743.jpg (66.01 KB, 1023x653, ouch.JPG)

I guess her client claims Vick gave her an infection from their session together
Odd that

No. 496552

>I think it gives it character.
>infection I caused so of course it isn't bad

wew Vick

No. 496563

i would love to see one of her pieces on snake__pit, especially if it had her face.

wonder if vic was trying to shade her with the initial comment considering they have history.

No. 496569

Except she's actually attractive and Ick is a sad land whale

No. 496629

File: 1521791911811.jpeg (54.47 KB, 640x982, 287D0B55-F469-4841-80CA-9423E5…)

I was looking at her joke of a website and what the fuck kind of hours are these?? 4:30-9:00 and only on weekends by appointment? So she is only open in her shack for 4.5 hours during Monday-Friday and weekends (when most shops make the most money) her lazy ass can’t be bothered to work on the weekends unless someone made an appointment. I think the cherry on top is that this site is made off a free web page builder. Every thing about her is so dodgy. I am so convinced she mostly lives off of mommy and daddy there’s no way she makes any money. Maybe that’s why she’s always wearing the same clothes and buys fake supreme kek

No. 496651


>"infection was client's FAULT, not mine"

if i caught someone i hired to provide me a service talking like this about me i'd bitchslap them into the next week. i hope the owner of this tattoo sees this and fucks her shit up.

No. 496652

I'm pretty sure this is a parody account. It's convincing but it needs more white, lol.

How long before ick spergs about insta meanies? #badtats #drinkcrysleep

No. 496661


guys it's a parody account.

No. 496673


props to the maker then. had me 100%

No. 496678

Wasn't sure of it myself but it gave me a hearty chuckle then in either case

No. 496679

File: 1521816815471.png (1.12 MB, 1447x1010, Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 10.5…)

more "no filter" "i woke up like this" insanity

No. 496686

The way she's constantly sticking her nasty fingers in her mouth…ugh.

No. 496699


Always wearing that fake supreme hoodie #justbrokegirlthings

No. 496712


"I just bought it because I saw it and liked it, I had no idea it was trendyyyy, I'm such a nonconformistttt"

No. 496817


she's more orange than Donald Trump. If that's no filter, she should see a specialist…

I love the comment someone left about how healthy her hair looks - fucking really? That aint real hair.

No. 496819

Unfiltered? How? Inches of makeup, fucking dollar store gems, an obvious wig/extensions, fake lashes, overlined lips, and so much photoshop it makes my brain hurt.

No. 496843

File: 1521858491055.png (358.81 KB, 1440x1664, 20180323_222720.png)

The fucking irony of posting a status calling other people narcissists then posting another right after talking about how unattainable she is. And lol at "I'm not a kid anymore". You're right, you're fucking 30. Stop talking like a self obsessed teenager.

No. 496967

Why the specification of “mentally ill”? Sociopathy and narcissism ARE mental illnesses. That’s like saying “physically ill cancer patients”. Super ~intellectual~

No. 497014


i just saw the ss here without seeing the whole account and just assumed it's hers. gj and apologies for not being able to sage my shit

No. 497031

So I was watching friends and there was an episode guest starring Jennifer Coolidge. She plays this irritating character who badly fakes an English accent and constantly compliments herself and shows off and it reminded me of Vicky instantly. I couldn't stop laughing.

No. 497070


jfc the quotes are identical to her

> touch my abs! i dont exercise at all!

> can you believe it, i've never had any professional dance training

*emphasis on the bad british accent

No. 497125

File: 1521955955131.png (190.42 KB, 1440x771, Screenshot_20180325-012228.png)

Most artists/shops won't refund deposits under certain circumstances where the client is inconveniencing them, but when it's the artists personal shit (especially when it's unclear when/if the artist can reschedule), that's when you get your deposit back. She's got this all backwards.

No. 497130

God YES I wanted to post this daaays ago.

“Smell my neck! It’s not perfume…it’s ME! It’s my natural scent”

I don’t know what’s more pathetic…the obvious skin smoothing filter or the fact she even has to announce “no filter”.

No. 497134


well, her pinned post on her page is "0% photoshop" under heavy, HEAVY, filters; so it's to be expected

No. 497164

Yup. This bitch has it backwards. In the studio I worked at, if an artist had to reschedule, whether it be due to illness or whatever, the client was given a full refund and depending on how much of an inconvenience it was for them, their final total would be reduced by a small amount as an act of goodwill.

No. 497165

Considering she cancels all the time on people, I’m sure she’s doing this for some guaranteed income. She usually sends you a message at 3am saying she can’t make the appointment and needs you to reschedule

No. 497167

I figure it goes without saying that if you're offering a service that you cannot provide, the person who paid you gets their money back.
This goes in any field and includes the tattoo industry. You get your deposit back.
I look forward to future small claims court cases over this sort of act

No. 497178

She lives in an alternate reality dream world where she makes up all the logic. No wonder nobody sticks around long

No. 497182

File: 1521989809945.jpg (882.24 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180325-105225_Ins…)

couldn't make myself suffer through her ig live replay, but there was plenty of cringey face and hair touching. also that nose contour and gross lip ~natural beauty~.

No. 497190

File: 1521993247249.jpeg (304.73 KB, 1920x846, 101A22E2-7A9D-411A-BCC1-C79A1D…)

The resemblance is uncanny

No. 497192

Please! Vicky could only wish to have the class, charm, and beauty of Jennifer Coolidge.

No. 497196

File: 1521993641319.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180325-115125.png)


She was pushing the hair hiding to new limits

No. 497198


Seems she's deleted the refunds post after getting called out

No. 497228


I could only watch 2 minutes of her ig live video. You can tell how insecure she is the way she’s constantly moving her hair and touching her face. Those super close up camera angles too kek. I can still see your wide shoulders, Ick.

No. 497229

Her 'accent' kept slipping as well. I wonder if she'd been drinking.

No. 497231


Those lines she draws on her face to look super edgy makes me cringe. Reminds me of that pedo dahvie vanity blood on the dance floor shit. I’ve only seen little tweens who worship them draw that shit on their face. I always see that shit in those emo kid cringe comps

No. 497269

That's another thing that irks me. Her profile states that you have to reschedule 48 hours in advance or she'll keep your deposit and cancel entirely. So if you have an unexpected emergency, you can fuck yourself, you're not getting a tattoo or your money back. Yet if she feels free to cancel last minute because she was unprofessional and got wasted the night before an appointment, you have to be understanding and let her keep your money and wait until she feels like tattooing. If all does work out and the appointment does happen, you end up with a shitty tattoo that you have to get fixed elsewhere. Whatever happens, you're screwed.

No. 497284

this makes her hands look extra huge, like a dude is standing behind her and being her arms. her movements with them are so clunky, no wonder her ~ink~ is so shitty.

No. 497296

File: 1522014705043.jpeg (143.26 KB, 640x888, EEB711E3-9417-481B-B6F7-FCCFD4…)

I was looking at a video on her IG where she is flailing around her shitty “practice katana” and the hashtags are killing me. Pretty embarrassing.

~tagged for fellow swordsman to find~


No. 497321

Misspelled ninjutsu. And kek at "thematrix". Neo was dodging bullets, not his own fucking weapon.

No. 497345

File: 1522029781602.jpeg (122.11 KB, 639x659, 3E8C97EF-8517-4CE4-9D90-224EC3…)


Her comment on this video hahaha

No. 497355

sorry for showing my powerlevel, but i would tsuki this bitch so hard for pretending to be a ~fencer~

No. 497374

Oh for fucks sake how can someone be so histrionic

No. 497631

File: 1522096195918.jpeg (126.88 KB, 630x822, 3F487CBF-7250-484A-AFF8-BC4C5E…)

She looks really masculine here with a mix of 40 year old rocker mom. Age hasn’t been kind to her

No. 497643

She looks like a cross between washed up biker whore and a late transitioning mtf

No. 497651

File: 1522099602652.png (4.85 MB, 3423x1291, obvious.PNG)


She's getting very sloppy with the photoshop

No. 497652

File: 1522099748722.png (560.54 KB, 967x594, Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 5.25…)

I noticed that too, the shadows are all fucked up and there's an obvious "halo" outlining certain areas. In other places (pic is related) it looks like she just painted on a shadow. Also, her face is just awful. Where'd your eyes go girl? Is she high?

No. 497673

Tfw you buy stockings that are far too small for your treetrunks thighs and they rip as you're pulling them up eh vic?

No. 497910

Oh goody, more overly shooped self submissions. Being an "international model" doesn't mean self submitting your self timer pics to every e-magazine in the world while you sit on your ass in your shitty buttfuck nowhere town. Also, the neck tattoo looks really different due to the attempt to Photoshop herself a decent jawline and adding that cross in the middle of her neck only draws attention to it. What a dumbass.

No. 497919

File: 1522141783123.jpeg (57.23 KB, 640x915, 0AF8768A-A0F3-434E-B628-FC364E…)

Speaking of sloppy shoops her eyes here are killing me. It’s like she doesn’t even try to hide it

No. 497943

File: 1522160500133.png (208.49 KB, 369x378, Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 9.55…)


her drawn on eyes are always comical

No. 497968

File: 1522167107162.png (95.67 KB, 525x469, professional tattoo artist.png)

She can't even keep track of her appointments, Run Jason Run!

This is a sign from the universe, don't let her ruin your skin.

She has no idea what thin women look like, so her photoshops are fat thighs that are just… shrunk down horizontally. They still have the fat girl shape, so it's pretty obvious that she's in reality quite fat by now.

No. 497988

File: 1522169530613.png (866.54 KB, 535x1082, Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 12.5…)

The fuck is she talking about? She get her statistics from youtube again?

No. 497990


how does she keep track of her shit?

take the guys name down, and deposit, but delete the emails? did she start a sketch, and if she did, does she have no info from the guy on file?

like how does this happen multiple times

No. 498157

right, that ~magazine~ has a six site and i couldn't find the issue she's supposed to be in.

maybe the clients are made up and she makes these posts to seem like she's so busy. or just stupid.

No. 498164

File: 1522201958149.png (728.6 KB, 1440x1611, Screenshot_20180327-204108.png)

Of course Vicky believes some bullshit conspiracy theory that can be disproved with a simple Google search. She's seen the videos!


Gun regulation causes more shootings! It's all because of bullies who want to take away your guns! There's no victims, only bullies and crisis actors!!!

No. 498166


I, for one, am glad she's embracing the alt-right and their tinfoil legions. Makes for more milky luls.

No. 498168


i could see her making fake posts about fake clients - who posts on facebook hoping someone sees it? HOW DID SHE MAKE THE BOOKING?

like her whole system is "write "WANT INKED" to me on facebook messenger", so why not check her messages for this guys name??

yeah, he's totally not a real person.

No. 498174

Once again, superior intellect Vicky posts a source from some garbage click-bait site.

There are a lot of things about Vicky that baffle me, but her disdain for this movement is one that's crystal clear. She's a fucking idiot who handles sharp objects like she's having a seizure and pretends to be some mater swordsman. Just like most gun nut retards, they want to pretend they're a military trained swat specialist. So she can clearly understand an adult taking away a weapon from her for her own safety and the safety of others. I'm not even trying to debate this shit, her animosity is clearly because she's a fucking idiot who should not own any kind of weapon.

No. 498180

You're just jealous of her, anon. Vicky is a master swordsman and a rl Final Fantasy character. Gun violence is no problem in her world because she is a ninja with many phoenix downs.

No. 498197

That, plus her constant posting about how this is more about bullying your peers rather than gun control, despite a few people proving her wrong already. Plus the posts about how she used to beat up bullies. She is desperately hanging on to the idea that violence is an appropriate reaction to bullying because she feels like she's being bullied and wishes she could slice us all up with her ~~swordssmaannn skillss~~

No. 498240

File: 1522220246688.jpg (570.75 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180328_025531.jpg)

Jeepers…. good thing I don't fact check anything so I can use any crap article to randomly pat myself on the back…. for something that realistically isn't an accomplishment at all… am I for real?

No. 498285

>>498197 I saw something on twitter saying if it really was about bullying then most school shootings would be carried out by lgbt people as they are some of the biggest targets of bullying. So many people get bullied but its always the deranged white gut who WOULDN'T KILL IF HE DIDN'T HAVE ACCESS TO A GUN.

No. 498297

are you new or what? vic made up a photographer to credit her self-timer shoots to, lies about her sword skills, edits herself into a different person and is terrible at tattoos yet has been plastering the internet with bullshit for years, but her making up a client to seem like she's actually getting bookings is a reach? yea, ok.

actual tattoo artists don't post the way she does, and they certainly wouldn't wait til the day of a booking to announce they have "no records attached to the file".

No. 498330

I don't think anon was saying it's a reach… they literally said that they could see her making up fake clients.

No. 498338


I literally was agreeing that it's something she would do.


> yeah, he's totally not a real person.

No. 498361

File: 1522253927557.png (335.04 KB, 1398x1686, Screenshot_20180328-121843.png)

Hahaha her own sister is calling her out now..

No. 498368

Hahaha Vicky is gonna be PISSED when she sees that.

No. 498380

File: 1522256039234.png (302.38 KB, 1183x626, Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 12.5…)

she's losing her mind at this point

box cutters killed 3000 people on 9/11? linking to a terrorist attack in china that involved 10 attackers?

No. 498390

Daily Mail Online is probably the closest she's gotten to Britain in at least 25 years or so.

No. 498463

File: 1522268755276.png (64.17 KB, 425x344, Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 4.25…)


lol she deleted her sister's comment, wow

No. 498491

File: 1522272030491.png (68.24 KB, 1020x386, Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 5.20…)


it was too uneducated for her

No. 498492

File: 1522272102322.png (1.61 MB, 1080x1492, Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 5.21…)

ripping on underage massacre victims, classy vic

No. 498494

Laird is her brother - I know a girl who dated him

No. 498510

No that's Laird Shingleton. Laird Wt is a girl, look at the profiles. Her brother is just as retarded as she is though, his profile is full of altright cringe as well.

No. 498514


His argument with Laird WT about how AI driven cars is especially mind numbing

this family has mental problems

No. 498518


pardon my stupid for reading it wrong.

No. 498544

Laird WT is her brother. His profile picture is that Mel Rose girl and him who he's dating who took those shitty bridal shower pictures that she let Vick shoop to death. I just think of the wood panel warping in the background of one of those pics and laugh.

Maybe he has 2 facebook profiles? but that's 100% her brother.

No. 498546

Why is he talking to himself on his other profile then ?

No. 498548

It's her brother, 100%. It's his newer Facebook account, he abandoned the other one. The girl in the icon is his girlfriend, Mel Rose, and he's right behind her.

Who knows? Who cares?

No. 498568

File: 1522283267131.png (501.03 KB, 1440x2443, Screenshot_20180328-202829.png)

K I don't wanna derail the thread too much but seriously wtf like if these are both his profiles then retardation runs in the family

No. 498574

Oh, jesus. My bad.
Laird Shingleton is Laird WT's and Icky Vicky's father. Vic's brother used to have a 'Laird Shingleton' facebook account, too. They share the same name.

No. 498575


I think Laird shingleton is her father…. look at the profile pictures

No. 498580

Ohhhh okay derp! Well I guess Vicky takes after her father. Same thinning hair, body type and overall lack of common sense or decency.

No. 498712

Oh shit! I know icky's dad, my brother races (rr) I've heard his name in the paddock but I had no idea of the connection until now. Last I heard he was building a bike, my life would be complete if icky became a road racer.
Imaginary sage for biker ick.

No. 498727

File: 1522329112316.png (232.78 KB, 472x1196, Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 9.11…)


No. 498731

One fat neckbeard playing along.

It's funny how Vick was doxxed here and accused of photoshop so she tries to do it to others.

God she sounds like she hasn't graduated high school. "Pissed off their man likes me." No guy under 40 is going to buy that cheap biker trash with hideous eye brows, smelly and fat.

No. 498734

Exactly. It never fails to amaze me how childish this woman in her 30s is.

No. 498785

File: 1522345098463.jpeg (66.54 KB, 640x430, 1F3E893D-59F8-43F0-803A-BB007B…)


The fact she always compares herself to celebrities kills me. And obviously shit like this bothers her if she constantly posts about it. A lot of “non anon” people call her out too and she snaps thinking she’s just a ~famous model celebrity~ that everyone is jealous of. Get a grip you pathetic cow

No. 498787


That girl doesn’t even look like she shoops herself uses filters, yes. But I think vic is jealous of that and actually has tits that she doesn’t need to shoop on unlike Vic’s sad flapjack titties.

No. 498841


vic thinks megan fox copied her, she's out of her mind

No. 498913

Why is she hellbent on defending guns? Is it cause “muh katana” or is she also trained kgb assassin with master degree in kalashnikov

No. 498927


i really think shes just adopted the whole american right-wing nutjob thing as her new aesthetic, which is amazing considering the lengths she goes to to emphasize her britishness

No. 498943

She probably realizes that the majority of what's left of her dwindling "fan base" are idiot neckbeards , and they tend to be conservative.

No. 498944

She probably realizes that the majority of what's left of her dwindling "fan base" are idiot neckbeards , and they tend to be conservative.

No. 499038

File: 1522426328445.png (564.25 KB, 750x1334, 6FD07917-596C-43D3-A459-B51875…)

She posted an old shoop from five years ago on Instagram and is now saying Christina copied her?!?

No. 499039

She's fucking incapable of simply accepting a compliment. What a rude bitch.

No. 499040

Christina was born in 1980, does this mean Vic is 37 or just stupid?

No. 499041

File: 1522426599878.png (36.4 KB, 478x174, 152242750158103933.png)


No. 499042


No. 499059

File: 1522430265854.jpg (726.89 KB, 1080x1689, 20180330_131630.jpg)

>have looked this way longer

brown haired vic would strongly disagree.

No. 499072

File: 1522432881842.jpg (41.64 KB, 400x300, christina-aguilera.jpg)

Christina has transformed herself a few times.

No. 499073


????? laird is her brother. its a boys name

No. 499079

Delusion. It's what makes an lolcow epic. I remember spending a weekend in the rabbit hole reading Vicky garbage. It seems like every other thing she posts is delusion about herself. I wonder how she looks in the mirror without photoshop?

No. 499099

File: 1522438237379.png (48.62 KB, 318x348, Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 3.27…)

saw this comment. Vic is such a retard

No. 499173

File: 1522444817410.jpeg (278.75 KB, 624x1111, 218CF808-C78E-4FEB-8237-F1C19A…)

Heaven forbid someone calls her out

No. 499175

Christina broke out in 1998 so Vic has been rocking this look for 20 years? Lol

No. 499185

I can't with this women. I just fucking can't. What's she trying to prove? Does she think Christina Aguilera saw her and decides to "copy" her look? Does she want to be known as the first to do the skanky whore look? She's got a hipster complex and is undoubtedly a fucking liar.

No. 499195

true, but vic is claiming to have the look before xtina, and idk when she did the dark hair but i doubt it was the same time vic did.

omf, is she really trying to say that she was drawing xtina's style as a sixth grader? damn, she's hitting the delusional juice hard.

No. 499219

File: 1522451310109.jpeg (106.66 KB, 750x961, 0F886C27-4675-4B5E-9095-47857A…)

The only photo she’s ever posted without a lie. Amazing

No. 499228

This is truly incredible, she's the gift that keeps on giving. Xtina only had the look Vicky has now in the early 2000s when it was trendy to have thin angular brows, stripperiffic outfits and way too many crappy accessories. The world has moved on and Vicky is still clinging to her heyday convincing herself she invented the look. Nobody wants to look like that anymore, she looks like a post on blunderyears.

No. 499233

Something should be done about this bitch. The fact that this is the second time she has doxxed this girl on her Facebook is absolutely pathetic. The first time she did it, she also included photos of another girl who she did that fucked up Elvis tattoo on. I'm sure they were both harassed by Vicky's neck beard army and honestly, it's not right. She loves to talk about how shameful bullying is, but that's exactly what she's doing to these girls by putting their usernames and faces on full display for her followers to see. And what's so fucking sad is the reason why she's doing it. It's because she thinks they're "obsessed with her" and "trying to copy her", even though both of those girls are much more beautiful than she could ever hope to be and without photoshopping their photos to hell and back. Seriously, go suck a dick and leave these people alone. Oh, and news flash honey! No one wants to be you and any man that shows even the slightest interest in you will never see you as anything other than an air-headed bimbo, no matter how "intelligent" you pretend to be. All of the men who have ever come into your life have left as soon as they saw you for what you really were: a fake ass bitch who is just as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside, and no amount of photoshop can ever change that.

No. 499241

File: 1522455138518.jpeg (2.33 MB, 4096x3386, 90BCFFA1-3DB4-4F1D-B480-E3CB4A…)

I know it’s been mentioned before, but I honestly love how she tattoos her face on people claiming it’s not her. Although it’s not “her” it’s still how she sees herself. That’s why the tattoos and her photoshopped photos always look the same. Its the girl she wishes to be. Over the years she’s become so delusional she actually believes this is her.

No. 499253



No. 499255

File: 1522460515105.png (121.81 KB, 750x865, 1511036058591.png)


this is just a rehash of her "I had this look before Megan Fox and I'mmmm olderrr"

No. 499289

Aaaand it's deleted. Probably realized that's how all her exes feel about her and got self conscious.

No. 499367

File: 1522493438125.png (226.42 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2018-03-31-18-43-45…)

You guys are all just jealous because she looks like 'Marilyn Minroe' and you don't
And Christina copied her look. Don't you know? Megan Fox actually got surgery to look like Vick.
I heard that Marilyn Monroe actually travelled in a time machine to the future and saw Vicky and went back in time and she got really depressed because she couldn't be just like Vick so she killes herself. She was so jealous that she'd never be beautiful or as smart or have cool swords like Vick, so she wanted to leave this world.

No. 499368

She looks nothing like Megan Fox, even when she wears a dark wig, but I do think it looks loads better than the blonde fried shit.

No. 499370

File: 1522495525578.png (11.54 KB, 521x142, dicks.png)

Why is she bragging about getting dickpics? This woman, smh. I think she's been lurking here again and has to prove that she's totally desirable.

No. 499374

you caught me anon, i am just so obsessed and jealous of vic that i wish she could tattoo the shopped version of her face on mine.

as usual, she's making claims without proof and and we know how much she likes to show off, but she can't take/post a ss of her inbox, we're just supposed to take her word for it b/c she's just so desirable.

No. 499403

This woman needs help she sounds like a fucking child. The “I did everything first and I’m better” attitude is so ugly.

No. 499419

I agree. She's next level narc. I have never seen anything like it. She seems to think her narcissism equals confidence and observations about her made here equals narcissism (for some weird reason)
Does she not know that people like it when people are humble?

No. 499420

Yeah that comment made me rage. Just accept the fucking compliment! And does she not realise that someone saying 'Very so-and-so' usually MEANS they are saying you look a like? I mean sometimes they might be referring to your outfit, but if someone comments on your picture 'very chistina' it means that they are saying you look alike. Why does she feel the need to say that is inaccurate, we look alike is a better statement? Your 'fans' give you a compliment and you just correct them for retarded things that make no sense! Even if you didn't like the comparison they made, there are more polite ways to say you don't agree. Like 'haha oh really? I personally can't see it myself, but she's really pretty, thanks!' But no, she has to be an uppity bitch and not only correct everyone but let them know that she did it first and better.

No. 499425


1-Every woman on Facebook or snapchat or most social media platforms receive various dick pics day to day,you aren't desirable and you aren't special.

2-Not liking Magic Mike does not make you special or different or 'not like the other girls' a lot of women (including myself) don't like or enjoy the M.M movies.

I bet she's one of those cunts who mock women constantly about liking twilight and 50 shades of grey like she's the only girl that hates those franchises because she's one of the boys. Newsflash Vick, a lot of women here probably hate those movies too. You aren't special and it's not going to get you neckbeard points.

No. 499439

She is so cringey like that, she is so desperate for make aporoval. On her last live a guy was in there acting like a fucking creep and she lavished attention on him. She was lapping it up. Any woman on the internet deals with creeps, she's so gross for trying to turn it into yet another way to compliment herself. Its so pathetic she flirts with the kind of men any other sane woman would block and forget about and posts MRA friendly content to pander to them.

No. 499467

Legit. It's like she thinks 'show bobs and vegana' tier comments in her inbox is actually real guys fawning over her and losing sleep over not being able to date her.
No Vick, it's thirsty indians and dropkicks who send these messages out by the dozens to any woman who will react.

No. 499477

She's such a retard. I wish she wasn't so insecure and would do youtube, because I would love to hear her say the narc shit she does in her comments because it's fucking HILARIOUS. I want to see that shit in action. It would also be interesting to see the difference in her appearance on video and in her shoops. I tried watching a live stream only once on instagram but it was just a close up of her face, only face on, blurry as hell, and she barely said anything, just answered to compliments saying things like 'awww thanks' and answered boring questions…and of course did her usual poking tongue out, stoned/retarded expression thing and constantly pushed her hair into her face.

Come on Vick, make a youtube and tell us your amazing opinions on how every female celeb is copying you and how the terrorists told you their isis plans!
If she made a Raven level youtube and overshared, I'd never be bored on the toilet ever again I shit you not (pun intended)
I imagine it would be like a cross between Raven and Kiki. Raven's negativity and constant bashing of other people and women, and Kiki's humble bragging and narcissism.
I also imagine it would be filmed on a potato.

Sorry for my youtube sperging, I just think it would be amazing.

No. 499482


STORYTIME:Marilyn Monroe stole my look!

No. 499598

File: 1522548661080.png (92.11 KB, 1076x704, convoluted.PNG)

holy convoluted, batman

No. 499625

"External stimuli" and the illegal status of making knives

Whew lad

No. 499671

File: 1522562987924.png (276.1 KB, 1417x1322, 20180401_021030.png)

Or you can just do everyone a favour and delete your profile

No. 499776

Vic's raging Islamophobia is manifesting itself through multiple posts on her FB quoting murder statistics in London "thanks to Mayor Sadiq Khan". Firstly, why is this bitch so preoccupied with policing UK politics when shes not even living there, and secondly I feel she is only doing this because she is disgusted by a brown person in any position of power, particuarly in the UK because she's such a fucking tea-aboo.

No. 499844

Lol the article was also from Breitbart. Says everything.

No. 499936

File: 1522631813416.png (1.15 MB, 1453x1649, shank.PNG)

Because nothing says safety like a prison

No. 499941

depends on which prison
I've been in jail before and it was crazy, no pens, even if you used a pencil they'd keep a close eye on it, no makeup was allowed, no one was allowed to bring you snacks or blankets or any type of beauty or bath product, no bobby pins, most you can do is two pony tails, you have to take off your bra so they can remove the wire, etc etc

the most someone can bring you and was allowed in was books, they had to check it and open it and whatnot, they'd even give you extra days if you snuck in peppermints

No. 499943

File: 1522632267202.png (215.44 KB, 1425x1122, Screenshot_20180401-212256.png)

Is there ANYTHING Victoria won't respond to with bragging.

And because dangerous people will always look for a way to hurt someone, we shouldn't bother trying to minimize their chances? Makes sense.

No. 499965

That backhanded insult, what the fuck. She's incapable of responding normally to any comments. What's so hard in saying "I get that, but I still think it's important to respond in a timely fashion" THE END.

No. 500001

File: 1522641466601.png (1015.14 KB, 1440x1751, Screenshot_20180401-235502.png)

Literally always salty though. But seriously, "smother me with attention all the time unless I'm being a pissy cunt" and she wonders why her last boyfriend dumped her and no one wants to date her other than desperate neckbeards.

No. 500004



How the fuck did she graduate high school.

No. 500024


y i i i i k e s

Jared has a family, works full-time as a tattoo artist, owns his own award-winning shop, and has clients on a waiting list. He does really, really big and beautifully detailed work, so it doesn't surprise me if he's unable to text anybody back when he's with clients for 5-10 hour sessions a day.

But Vic? The most we've seen her do lately is take self-timer photoshoots and write Facebook posts about fake clients that she forgot to get contact info for in order to look busy.

… thinking about it, how does she even make money for anything? There's no way she's getting steady income from tattooing, we'd be flooded with "unfinished" "needs more white" portfolio work then.

No. 500075

File: 1522667147345.png (211.9 KB, 460x807, Vickybennlurking.png)

Notion, only one of the people there seems to be considerate of peoples effort and time, has a loving family, a thriving business and tattoos beautiful work on people.

The other one is Vicky. No wonder she's so fucking bad at "tattooing", she can't even stay concentrated on a service that people PAY HER FOR.

>When Vicky assumes people in their mid 40's are "texting back if they really like someone"

>Vicky assumes that people in their mid 40's are still hitting up girls DM's

Yikes, she really is unaware of how juvenile she still is. The man has a kid and seems to be married, he really doesn't need to worry about hitting up girls.

I think she lives at home, and that her dad pays her a tugboat. She just posted that she's getting a new piece inked, can't wait to see her tattoo another picture of herself on herself!

On other news, she's been lurking again and now posted some dank proof of all the dick in her DM's. To no one's surprise, it's some middle aged chav sending her shit.

Just like everyone was speculating here, give yourself a pat on the back girls!

No. 500161


Does she realize every female gets this kind of shit on all platforms of social media? It’s really not something to brag about. But of course she does and paints it as ~it’s hard being a beautiful goddess~

No. 500175


i love how she was joking but his response is 100% not joking

the guy asking "wanna see my cock?" is to be taken seriously, here.

No. 500178


> I'm a tattoo artist

* part-time
* couldnt get hired anywhere

> model

* part-time / unpaid
* online only, unpublished
* self photographed, self submitted

> radio dj

* part-time / unpaid
* internet radio

surprised she didnt list swordsman ninja, since she was listing hobbies and not things that actually require responsibilities

No. 500365

she posted a video of a new piece on ig recently that is "in progress" and i don't know if she can make it even more obvious that she's lurking here.

No. 500403

I question whether those are "healed" as they are a) super shiny, b) the pores are visible meaning they've been irritated or touched up and c) I think it's a dude who has no hair on his legs.

No. 500404

Oh my bad, I read this before coffee and thought you meant the video she just shared on Facebook rather than the instagram one that is blown the fuck out and will look like garbage when it's healed

No. 500406


gotta love her Parkinson's cam so she can try and hide any details

literally the only tattoo artist on instagram who tries to hide her work

No. 500408

I can't wait until she turns 40 and she has literally nothing - not that she has much going for her now.

No. 500455


i can't wait to see her new tummy tattoo shooping

No. 500463


it's on her stomach???

oh wow, when she shoops her waistline that thing is gonna be hilariously warped

No. 500474

File: 1522776599922.png (664.29 KB, 1082x1288, Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 1.28…)

Holy shit she's so dumb. So, so dumb.

No. 500476

File: 1522776838986.jpeg (17.86 KB, 262x263, 14181126-9486-4718-B13B-F2F88C…)

>Parkinson’s cam

No. 500504

File: 1522779712030.jpeg (133.69 KB, 640x882, 7C277CB9-9C64-43BE-8BE8-AF3756…)

What a damn mess. That line work makes me feel sick.

No. 500525

The lines are literally coming out of the chickens ass wtf
The whole damn thing just looks bad and like it was painful

No. 500529


And more of her shit photography. The doorknob is more in focus than the tattoo.

No. 500535

File: 1522786053072.png (1.21 MB, 790x1116, Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 4.07…)


from a video

here's the half second where it was actually in focus

No. 500538

this is such a fucking mess. look at how the center drop beading is on an angle, that lack of symmetry, the weird composition of the swirls between this and the bird on the neck. yea, we can tell this was ~freehaannndddd~.

No. 500563

What is this voodoo garbage? Those beats are floating like hex.

No. 500569


No. 500578

File: 1522790699378.png (378.13 KB, 481x469, Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 5.20…)

this picture truly encapsulates how much of a tard she is.

No. 500583


this makes me weep for this poor girl—- i don't even care if she's the one who knowingly sought vic out and walked into her shack of a shop.

no artist within their right mind is going to cover that mess up.

No. 500619

File: 1522796275281.png (434.16 KB, 1440x2207, 20180403_183718.png)

Holy fuck no one asked your hipbones or whether or not plasma came out why can't you just answer questions normally

No. 500621

File: 1522796430918.png (199.61 KB, 1440x973, 20180403_183646.png)

It wasn't bad , it's only bad if you do it all in one sitting, which is what I did but I'm a warrior goddess, I can handle anything except for mean people on the internet.

No. 500649


Bitch, we’ve all seen that waistline. You’re not boney. T H I C C

No. 500656


…8 hours on herself? Did she do another self scratch?

No. 500669

File: 1522803788640.png (142.11 KB, 1451x1108, Capture.PNG)

> goes away in 1-2 days

> 2 hours pass

> all gone, not even any redness or ANYTHING, because am special

> but still wont take a pic

No. 500679

I think she’s somehow gotten worse at tattooing because that is one hot mess of illogical garbage

No. 500742

File: 1522812980487.png (2.16 MB, 1440x2025, Screenshot_20180403-233653.png)

Honey the only things you're liberal with are the Photoshop and the bullshit.

No. 500744

File: 1522813213731.png (331.32 KB, 806x456, Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 11.3…)

No, Vic, this looks nothing like you. You look like a dumpster fire, this is a pretty good drawing YOU DIDN'T EVEN DO! Didn't even credit the artist. God, she's got such an ugly personality that no amount of photoshop or makeup can make her passable.

No. 500746

samefag but I just looked thru the comments on the artist's post, no mention of vic anywhere.

No. 500751


should contact the artist, she's not only re-posting without credit/permission, but also using it as her display pic, and her insta doubles as her commercial "artist" page.

for an "artist" she sure doesnt respect them (oh wait)

No. 500758

She doesn't care or understand because art theft isn't something she has ever had to be concerned about. No one would ever want to claim to have done any of her tattoos and she doesn't even post original art. She's like the only tattoo artist who never posts flash, drawings, not even a doodle.

No. 500767


very true and it never dawned on me…she's never posted ANY artwork, unless her painting a red carpet on her floor counts as art

No. 500808

She used to post a few in the days of MySpace and from what I recall they weren’t bad. Definitely better than any attempt at a tattoo I’ve seen from her at any rate.

No. 500818


she missed the opportunity to take a picture of her tummy and blame the chubbiness on the "ridic" swelling

yeah I can imagine her drawings being decent, she should really stick to paper/digital and not skin

No. 500834

I've come across a few people now that are half decent artists who rushed into tattooing and stopped practising on paper. What most of them have in common is that they Photoshop together designs and then attempt to tattoo them without practising drawing them. Vicky strikes me as the kind of person who does that and doesn't bother actually drawing anymore.

No. 500874

File: 1522853712361.png (74.92 KB, 925x236, Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 10.5…)

bitch changed her Instagram profile pic to the drawing she didn't do and no one said looked like her. I think she finally gave in and tried to credit the artist but just slapped the artist's name in the description, didn't say "this was done by…." nope, just randomly mentioned the artist. Also, there was a comment saying she should credit the artist, that's gone too now.

No. 500875

File: 1522853815380.png (335.25 KB, 804x465, Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 10.5…)

Vic's sad attempt to credit the artist

No. 500879


Can confirm that she draws nothing and just uses images from Google and pieces them together in photoshop to make her "designs".

No. 500883

wow, this is the same bitch who harasses people for reposting her public ps fails but has the nerve to take someone else's art that doesn't even reference her and use it for an avatar b/c she thinks it looks like her. would love to see her draw anything remotely close to this without tracing or digitally manipulating it like she with her 'tattoos'.

No. 500887


the way she wrote it, she made it sound like it was fan art by the artist

> "I'm complimented @graphicartery"

No. 500890

File: 1522856976710.jpg (427.21 KB, 1437x1463, Screenshot_20180404-084709.jpg)

I went to go look at the artist and saw her in the comments and jesus christ learn to chill out, Vic. So friendly and professional!

No. 500893

File: 1522857395719.jpg (208.61 KB, 822x598, Untitled.jpg)

I love this, thank you @thatxo

No. 500909

>>I have them captioned as the original artist

Uh huh, sure… then you just smacked their name in the description with no other information


And that was only after she got shit for not crediting the original artist.
By the way what the fuck does "poodle haired nation" mean? Your autism is showing Vic

No. 500913


i think she had a stroke waffle blue hobbit america

No. 500914

HAHA thank you to whoever called her out!

No. 500916

File: 1522861672021.png (26.91 KB, 285x147, Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 1.07…)

I want to know how she went from "wearing children's clothes" with hipbones & all that to also being "thicc"

Like, pick a lane.

No. 500919

It’s her massive muscles that are thick from the 500 sit-ups she did in one set when she only planned to do 300.

No. 500922

Ryan Malarkey gots nuthin on meeee

No. 500934


it's crazy to compare the two, vick is the ultimate wannabe hack

No. 501021

File: 1522881578667.png (29.58 KB, 310x143, Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 6.38…)

everything about this comment. everything.

No. 501022

File: 1522881713315.png (20.47 KB, 310x88, Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 6.41…)

oh, now she can draw, and draw this style, and always has

of course

No. 501025

She's thick all right. But not in the way she wishes she was.

No. 501026

I can't wait for the photoshop mess that will come when she "recreates" the picture

No. 501053

File: 1522887892986.png (1.2 MB, 1770x1206, 846F34AE-923F-451A-869F-B1C2A4…)

Nope. Just more saggy and sad. Honesty she can’t even take a compliment “but my x y and z is so much better” fuck off. And of course she would say something like “I drew that style too when I was younger I did it first and know how to do that style” like holy shit dude. I guess she’s salty because that artist actually has talent and more followers for her art than vile vic will ever have

No. 501070

File: 1522891415095.jpeg (173.08 KB, 749x866, 12142875-388D-4E95-A60C-27BD3F…)

Straight from frankie photography himself.

No. 501081

This bitch is a case study, I swear.

No. 501119

File: 1522901348251.jpg (910.04 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180405_000709.jpg)

Like really, Vic? You really think you should be a spokeswoman for English national socialists? Fucking hell. Go ahead, then.

No. 501123

Her waist is gonna snap in half from the weight of those 'photoshop circle tool' boobs.

No. 501126

File: 1522902275090.jpg (1.01 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180405_002425.jpg)


Sadly all too close to her actual shops

No. 501127

wtf the one on the left is so bad. like the neck is so off center especially from the necklace.

No. 501129

She looks like a blowup doll made in a sweatshop by a Chinese kid who's seconds away from killing themselves.

No. 501141

She always shoops one tit bigger than the other and when you bloat them that much, it's super noticable. Also, in her saggy tit video from her "shoot with tyler" , she seems to have like big c's to small d's at most but she shoops them to like a size fucking f. Does she really think people are gonna fall for the "I'm just wearing the bra higher and the lighting is different" excuse?

No. 501151


Oh man that mic she shooped into the one on the right is killing me

No. 501155

She always makes herself look like imvu models. It's super creepy.

No. 501174

File: 1522910049819.jpg (719.23 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180405_023533.jpg)

Kek she found the parody insta

No. 501181

wow vic you are so not bothered

hopefully you'll be even less bothered that some people genuinely thought it was you ;) ;) ;)

No. 501184

File: 1522913366271.jpeg (26.72 KB, 236x283, 1BA27DF3-FCA7-4302-B0B1-65ACD0…)


“Next time come in so I can beat the shit out of you”

She sounds so hurt. She’s so stupid that she didn’t even notice the google maps ping in the picture. And I’m sure she wouldn’t be acting tough in real life. This wench is such a keyboard warrior. When she’s done running her tantrums she smashes that block button after.

Here is a non shooped Vicky fat face with no glamour snap chat face filters. So plump

No. 501186

File: 1522913664074.jpg (141.88 KB, 404x345, SecondLifeMarketplaceGenya.jpg)


The right one looks like those Second Life recreations that were hip in the late noughties… Or one of the badly animated girls you'd see in advertisements for malware sites barely disguised as virtual porn.

No. 501189

File: 1522914352057.jpg (353.57 KB, 1440x949, Screenshot_20180405-033923.jpg)

Second time in like a week that she's trying to dox a chick for no reason. First the girl she blasted on fb, now she's obsessing over the Mel chick from a while back thinking it MUST be her. I mean, if you're not bothered then why do you remember the names of these girls and how come it never crosses your mind that the numerous dudes who have called you out/made fun of you might be doing this?

No. 501192

Jesus. Just go full neo Nazi already Vic, you clearly want to. Gobsmacked that she can't help herself from reposting Brietbart articles and propping up every any rightwing neckbeard who will talk to her on the same platform she seems to do most of her business from.

No. 501197

File: 1522916615994.png (617.82 KB, 1398x1834, Screenshot_20180405-041455.png)

Okay so we got "poodle haired nation" and "spongebob teeth". I'm at a loss for words. A 30 year old genius, everyone. Is she drunk?

No. 501201


She is losing her shit and I love watching this dumpster fire. She will probably make a post about it later and I hope that girl sees it somehow kek and calls her out for being a whack job

No. 501208

File: 1522920222017.jpg (502.06 KB, 1440x1029, AirBrush_20180405052143.jpg)

Dumpster fire indeed. This is posted on the pic of the parrot tattoo. Hopefully this girl calls her out too, especially cause she just defended her meanwhile Ick smack talked her.

No. 501243


I know the woman with that awful blue ankle tattoo. Her name is Michelle Nicole on Facebook. Reaching out to her would doxx me but someone should pm and ask her how it healed. Should be milky af

No. 501246


for reference, per vick on here:

> i know that girl with the parrot…Victoria refuses to tattoo her as well as other big artists because she picks and tears at the tattoos when healing …the girl has begged Victoria to ink her many times since after talking smack about her….

No. 501267

File: 1522941585046.jpeg (907.53 KB, 2048x1536, CD011D30-2F2B-4D0D-B887-311D88…)

This is the tattoo Michelle got from her (her husband also went there) and I’m sure she’d answer your questions

No. 501282

What is even going on with the refraction on the large gem? What a mess.

No. 501290

File: 1522948158041.jpeg (1.93 MB, 4096x4096, 9668BBAA-640B-4BFD-A168-E045C9…)

Some examples of the wonky boobs

No. 501291

why doesn't she just buy fucking costume jewelry instead of hastily pasting it on?

No. 501293

File: 1522948391006.jpeg (251.63 KB, 750x1093, ECA2DCEC-645F-4D74-B5D7-6E02D5…)

While going through her photos I found this gem.
What the hell is going on, how did 240 people like this train wreck?

No. 501295

Because, obviously, that would make too much sense to do. She’d much rather look like a model from a cheap online stripper store.

No. 501299

Vic needs to go to art school and learn THIS ISN'T HOW HUMAN BODIES/BOOBS WORK! She looks about 5% human, 20% fake hair and 75% photoshop. It's even funnier when you see candid photos or her in public

No. 501305

File: 1522949463487.jpg (423.34 KB, 750x1093, vickletsWedding.jpg)

This picture always gets me, shopped the picture towards the original proportions using the leftmost wood seam, the only one that had been left untouched by Vicklet.

No. 501311

The comparison between Vic and the woman on the left is just great. The woman on the left looks pretty, nice body, healthy shiny hair, gorgeous smile and seems like a naturally beautiful young woman. Then there's Vic…. her face looks like she just shat herself, hair looks 100% fake and covers most of the dress, the pose is the classic "trying to look thin" fat girl pose, and she just all around a mess.
Props to photoshop anon, you did a great job bringing out Vic's natural hamminess.

No. 501312

File: 1522950429601.png (566.95 KB, 750x1334, 8AAF1AE2-B1DC-40A5-A75A-A64E7B…)

Vic is losing it on Instagram about the parody account

No. 501313


I know the girl who she thinks made that account. I called vic out on it and she blocked me yet is still responding to my comments what a tough girl.

No. 501315

HA! She did the same thing to me! Blocked me then commented to me again, 3 times. She's pathetic.

No. 501316

Good luck with getting a restraining order Vic. Did some research for you and getting a restraining order in Ontario isn't as easy as you think.

No. 501318


I just reported the post. She’s making herself look really bad and we have a lot of mutual friends so I can’t wait until she’s off work and catches wind of this. She seriously thinks that she drove to her shop all the way from Toronto. With a clear google pin on a earth maps image. Her intelligence is really showing

No. 501320


she still looks like a really bad drag queen

No. 501331

Shocking that the 'British' girl doesn't know that Scotland is part of Britain…

No. 501332


am I the only one perturbed that Ms. Genius of Britain over here spelled laser "lazer"

No. 501334


I feel bad for whomever this Mel girl is, because it was me.

The google images pic with the google pin turning into "see, she took a pic of my shop irl" is worth it, though.

No. 501338

File: 1522953909831.jpg (73.46 KB, 521x491, vic.jpg)

The goddamn irony in this

(had to repost to remove my picture)

No. 501341

File: 1522954126321.jpg (37.8 KB, 520x206, vic.jpg)

Reported this one too

No. 501343

lol more delusions, I'd love to see this scene of her plastering someone's blood all over the walls - did she bring her #fakesword? Watching too much Kill Bill?

No. 501348

File: 1522954358439.png (37.27 KB, 301x194, Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 2.52…)

the voices in her head…

No. 501350

She really can't comprehend that more than one person finds her ridiculous, can she?

No. 501351

File: 1522954457886.png (26.23 KB, 288x121, Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 2.53…)

> the cyber police

> consequences will never be the same

No. 501352

Ok this guy has to be shading her. I'm actually amazed that she didn't assume this was a stealth insult and flip out. She's that dumb.

No. 501353

I wouldn't even call it stealthy. She's just that stupid.

No. 501354

According to the guy's profile, he's British himself so he can no doubt see Vicky's stupid fake accent for what it is. Definitely some subtle (authentic) British shade.

No. 501366

Why does she have to exaggerate absolutely fucking everything?! No, it can't just a be a parody account, it has to be a jealous obsessive stalker who's been at it for years and drove to her shop because they're sooo obsessed with her… Also, isn't that picture from google maps?

No. 501367


best part is "moonchild" even says #whatisgooglemaps and vicky still posted the screencap

No. 501370

Yup, it is. It's the place she works at, dunno why she's butthurt over that. When people get tattoos or go to check out a place, they kinda need to know where the location is. It's not like anyone doxxed her, she should just see this as free promotion.
My theory is she just doesn't want people coming down to the shop to get candid pics of her fat photoshopped ass.

No. 501372

samefag *unphotoshopped sorry.

No. 501375

'One sounds tin like the other more full' - wtf?

No. 501407

File: 1522961771929.jpg (82.48 KB, 505x541, vic.jpg)

How has she left this on for two hours? This is amazing!

No. 501414

Where are there vids of her talking in a fake accent?

No. 501416

Just go through her videos on her Insta, she speaks in those frequently. Sounds like she rehearses what she says but the accent is always toe curling. Fair warning, prepare yourself for face covering, tongue lolling, overfiltered buffoonery.

No. 501421

they are on youtube

https://www. youtube. com/user/ VictoriaMurder /videos

look for the asking alexandria one where she's at a party and the emo birthday one both
where you can clearly hear her talking with no accent

No. 501423

she's probably frantically flicking through a thesaurus to try and find some big words to use in a decent comeback

No. 501439



Here is a link to a video of her speaking normally it’s a compilation and the last video is her speaking in her bad fake accent when she first starting doing it

No. 501452

holy shit it's like a compilation of how fucking ugly she is

every time she opens her mouth too. despite previously knowing she's at best Canadian, I'm now willing to believe she's authentically British thanks to that winning British Book of Smiles tier teeth. I mean, I'd seen pictures of it, but fuck it's even worse in person

How can she even put up these little video clips and have people believe the shoops? Like do the majority of her neckbeard followers just not watch the vids what the fuck. No amount of hair covering can hide how nasty her face is

No. 501453

The weirdest part is she knows about lolcow and tried to sue us… D-does she currently think we're all this mel girl, too?

No. 501458

Wow. Just wow. That's the first time I have ever seen speak in her old videos. Why would you fake an accent?? Especially when everyone knows what you used to sound like on myspace ect. That's SO fucking cringey!!!

No. 501463

Some of them don't look entirely bad because she seems a lot younger in them and has aged worse since then, but they still look entirely different from her shoops. Also I don't know if it's just me, but she seems wayyy more stuck up and mentally ill now. In the clips she just seems like an attention whorey run of the mill teenage myspace chick but still laughing with her mate and being normal. These days she just has blurry videos, one angle, a million filters and just sticks out her tongue or makes a retard face and pushes her hair in her face. There's usually noone in her pictures or videos except her 'bromigo' neckbeard friends who probably just hang around to get free ink (even though it's fucking awful) and I wouldn't put it past her to be fucking them on the side.

No. 501483

Kind of sounds like she had a confused fake Aussie accent at the end.

No. 501486


I thought so too!

No. 501489

the last one to me sounded a like it had a little more of an irish flair, they should've added her current accent which is like ~posh~ brittish, cause yknow in northern ireland they sound like they come from england and speak super clearly kekek…

honestly the whole video her voice just got more and more fake and try hard, also the dudes she hangs out with…. yikes.

No. 501506

File: 1522981477903.png (200.85 KB, 1484x967, irish.PNG)


no no, according to vicky in Northern Ireland NOBODY calls their accent Northern Irish, just British.

No. 501567

Sad thing is that the only reason she even knows of this Mel chick is cause she confronted her on her personal profile, meanwhile the accounts messing with her are anon, like everyone in this thread. I think she knows it's likely farmers and not the chicks that she's picking on (because she's likely jealous of them, note her constantly talking about how skinny Mel is). Not like she's going to post about this thread and direct her fans over here to read up on all her embarrassing shit and just not posting about this shit and ignoring it isn't an option cause she's fucking retarded.

No. 501619

>I ruined my fav white jacket last time that happened

is she implying she has "plastered the walls" with someone's blood before hahaha what? oh Icky

>le sigh

She's literally a legbeard

No. 501620

She's actually broken. An NI accent might not be referred to as Northern Irish but it'll certainly be called an Irish accent. What it definitely won't fucking be called would be a British accent.

No. 501639

I'm English and have always thought of it as just an Irish accent. I'm sure she'd be heartbroken since she so desperately wanted to be seen as some posh southern English girl.

No. 501645


She is a tard.

People definitely say they have a Northern Irish accent here. Obviously she wouldn't know that though.

No. 501711

No. 501725

IMPOSSIBLE! Don't you know EVERYONE calls it a British accent?! These articles must all be written by trolls! /s

No. 501729

This. She's always trying to get people to assume she's English because that's what she wants to be. She's trying to twist a weak connection to Northern Ireland, an incredibly idiosyncratic part of the UK, into basically being Kiera Knightley and I wonder if her own family side eye her for that. Do we know exactly when she started doing the accent?

No. 501730

We will never have another cow like Vicky, this is so good. It fascinated me that she continues to do this regardless of how many times people call her out on being embarrassing and retarded. She never ceases, never purges her online accounts, just continues to supply us with this sweet goodness. God I love it.
>plastering your blood all over the walls
She’s literally a fat neckbeard with a katana

No. 501732

Had a mate from Ireland describe the Northern Irish accent sounding more Scottish than anything. Also said only Loyalists say they're British with most Northerners saying they're Irish. Vicky is very "thic"…in the head.

No. 501747

File: 1523030703357.png (289.54 KB, 342x779, Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 12.0…)

So Tiny right?

No. 501749

LOL wtf is that facial expression. She looks constipated.

No. 501750

File: 1523030901043.png (169.49 KB, 318x481, Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 12.0…)

take a look at that ham hock leg

No. 501754

File: 1523031298322.png (139.63 KB, 229x518, Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 12.1…)

Silly bitch, part of her leg look like they were terrible cut down in photoshop. Also that boob shoop, Vic if you insist to shop your boobs so much at least TRY to make them look realistic, these look like the cross-eyed version of boobs.

No. 501765

Her right boob looks like a fucking tumor growing from her armpit kek

No. 501766

File: 1523032499593.jpeg (1.75 MB, 3485x4096, 15AF2B73-6DBE-466B-98A2-6E08B7…)

I tried to unphotoshop this photo. I pulled the legs out from the squished tattoos on her legs so the hearts are now the same size. Then I tried to make the details on the jacket the same size again, and fixed her broken arms. It’s not perfect, but at least she looks somewhat proportional now.

No. 501767

Wait, it seems like she was a "radio personality" before the shitty accent. I wonder what her coworkers and listeners think?

No. 501768

Nicely done anon. She almost looks normal, minus the face of course. I fucking hate her eyebrows, they literally look like these: ~ which gives her perpetual stink face

No. 501772

I'm friends with the guy she co-hosted with on Anger Management and he can confirm she doesn't have an accent. They also used to live together, but they no longer talk because she is legit crazy

No. 501781

what the fuck kind of body horror is this lol

No. 501797

File: 1523036523455.jpeg (290.53 KB, 1770x1109, 6EFD7BB4-E1C5-4470-85F1-F5AC06…)

Uh oh, Vicky is calling the cyber police on me for an account I didn’t even make and is creeping my Facebook from another account and mssging my friends

No. 501798

lmao "friend of 14 years" oh vicky

No. 501858

File: 1523043978097.jpg (463.3 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180406_145906.jpg)

Mad lolcow disease

No. 501889

This woman is almost 30 and the human hamholk talks in circles about herself like she’s a Mary Sue in fanfiction. I hope she never changes.

No. 501895

File: 1523050662984.png (474.32 KB, 400x594, Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 5.35…)


always around her tits and waist its pathetic

No. 501916

File: 1523052565189.jpeg (44.59 KB, 640x393, 10803B03-BF20-4D26-A9CB-6E2338…)

Her fucking calf is bigger than her thigh. Classic bad shingle shoop

No. 501929

File: 1523052899029.jpg (44.83 KB, 401x604, original.jpg)

lest we never forget

No. 501952

The sand kills me. How can she post this thinking no one will notice?

No. 501960

No offense anon, I'm not disagreeing that her shoops are terrible, but from this angle it's perfectly normal for any healthy human that isn't severely underweight to have their calf look bigger than their thigh…it's called perspective. She's sticking her leg out. The calf is closer to the camera. It's going to look large because you know, science, so :^/ maybe graduate high school

No. 501964

it should be lest we forget.

lest we never forget implies that we should forget it.

No. 501966

nta but the camera angle wouldn't have the kind of perspective you're talking about. also it's art, not science.

No. 501968

Yes, the angle would have that kind of perspective, but I'm not going to waste my time arguing with someone who's so autistic that they had to make two posts "correcting" people in a row
when they clearly don't leave the house or see human beings in person.

No. 501980

The thing is, no offense anon, she isn’t a healthy weight.

No. 501987

File: 1523056743939.png (1.28 MB, 988x948, 1473535009130.png)

Never forgotten vikkums.
Not ever.

No. 501989

lol you think that's the same person? kys

No. 502001

That wasn't even the point, never said she was a healthy weight, just pointing out that your nitpick was retarded and baseless.
Man I can't believe people willingly do this to themselves.

No. 502008

You implied she’s a healthy weight.

Anyways I think the anon who pointed out the leg might of been referring to the photoshopped thigh, and how she slimmed it down so much that they are the same size. With a person the size of vic even with perspective her thigh would be larger.

No. 502021

File: 1523061359490.jpg (223.14 KB, 750x1050, THEEDGE.jpg)

Hm I did not, I was saying it was perfectly normal for anybody's calf to look bigger than their thigh from that angle unless they were malnourished, which I shouldn't even have to explain but I know the 'tism makes you guys look way too hard into things and you have a hard time recognizing spacial perspective and shapes.

She's clearly an oinker and talks in a weird hybrid accent like a wannabe bush pig, as has been established this entire thread. Don't worry, I'm not trying to threaten that status by pointing out logic. There's more than enough milk, no need to nitpick when there's plenty.

No. 502027

File: 1523062091363.jpeg (1.62 MB, 4096x3048, A0C2AE9A-5D64-45CA-AA73-AABE9F…)

You’re still missing the point. She photoshopped her thigh thinner and forgot her calf. From this perspective it wouldn’t be larger than her thigh but her calf would be larger looking than normal.

No. 502034

I think shes aware of lolcow and thinks its all coming from one person.. or is just blaming this Melanie person because that way she can feel like shes controlling it somehow

No. 502048

File: 1523063277161.jpeg (179.53 KB, 750x1139, F3F41FF1-4A8C-4A30-80EB-626378…)

She also squishes her videos to make herself appear skinny. She took a 16:9 video and made it 4:3. That’s why it has black bars but other parts of the video don’t. I stretched it back to a 16:9 ratio showing how the original video looked.

No. 502058


No. 502062

you know its true, cuz she went out of her way to hashtag it. faxx

No. 502122


technically it's true, since it's a video, so she used a different program to squish it

just like her "0% photoshop 100% sass" video on her official page - no photoshop, just heavy instagram filter and low resolution

No. 502124

File: 1523071420028.png (88.22 KB, 1724x519, immune.PNG)

dat immunity

is there anything shes NOT the best at?

No. 502128

Yeah it’s easy to heal from a tattoo that’s 80% watered down black shading and white

No. 502140

Some versions of photoshop you can edit video. These days people use photoshop as a broad term for altering photos or videos which is what I think she was referring to. But yeah, technically she might not be lying about using no photoshop considering she only knows how to warp her tits gigantic. I don’t even know what kind of shitty editing apps you can get on a phone like hers. Surprised she figured out how to smush it like that.

No. 502164

She's refusing to post a pic after a supposed 8 hour session on herself on a very painful spot. Knowing Vic, she would post pics and tons of comments ass patting herself for it. It's likely she did start but can't finish and is making excuses.

No. 502300

File: 1523119454040.png (481.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180407-124239.png)

Probably reading the thread

> no snapchat filters

> uses a heavy Instagram one

No. 502301

I wonder how long it takes her to slap on all that makeup every day.

No. 502305

I mean assuming she ever washes it off

No. 502312

Every time I see her I wonder how she opens her eyes with those wings attached to them. She looks like a man in drag with all that makeup on.

No. 502314

Heavy filter, five pounds of makeup, angle, and covering face with hair. Good job Vic, you showed us.

No. 502379

If she hasn’t used a filter on that “porcelain” skin of hers she needs to go see a doctor because she’s in kidney failure. Also what kind of phone is she using in 2018 to her such potato quality images?

No. 502390

File: 1523135522003.jpeg (60.73 KB, 622x514, 61DCE6D3-EF30-4B85-8783-5B6B89…)

She uses this dirty ass phone I believe. This was from last november so she probably has the same one. Looks like she put it through a blender.

No. 502397


She has videos of other people on her IG and the quality is that of a totally modern up-to-date phone. She just can’t post a genuine video or photo of herself. Her excuse of an old phone is a straight lie.

No. 502406

File: 1523137012570.jpeg (2.25 MB, 4096x4096, DA9EF828-51BC-4941-BF5D-CD3A76…)

How does the quality go from this to this? Both posted on her story the same day, has to be the same phone.

No. 502434

File: 1523143708884.jpg (1005.42 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180407_192812.jpg)

Same person?

No. 502447

File: 1523147278119.png (59.44 KB, 974x294, Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 8.27…)

I'm sure you hear that a lot.

No. 502448

hahah in the one on the right, she photoshopped a lash over her damn hair. For someone who photoshops as much as she does, she fucking sucks at it.

No. 502491

omf there is nothing she won't humble brag about, like who even cares about fast tattoo healing ability besides her.

my sides

you know it's bad when she's not hyping up her ~iiink skillsss~ but i want to see how shitty it is.

No. 502495


not to mention, why does she think the immune system has anything to do with skin healing?

No. 502909

Wow. Her smile is quite gummy.

No. 503154

File: 1523271609798.png (384.67 KB, 573x730, VickyHistory.png)

Vicky is on a roll, she shared a post depicting events from 1775 thinking they happened just now. Governor Thomas Gage should have been the giveaway, he was born in 1721.

The best part? This was the event that triggered the War for American independency. lmao

No. 503155

File: 1523272091429.png (429.58 KB, 547x710, Vicky being relevant.png)

Then, Vicky also had posted a picture from 2014.

She didn't even bother reading up on the event, had nothing to do with patriotism.

The flagpole was installed as such, that the line where you pull up the flag through, was flapping against the metal of the pole, and the flag was so disproportionately big that it would bang against the flagpole and make noise all throughout the night. It created so much noise that 7 neighbors complained about it after the first night.

No. 503156

So is this her new alt-right phase then? Absolutely hilarious.

No. 503163

It actually says at the end of the post that it's talking about how the American Revolution began in 1775. Goes to show how much our intellectual queen actually reads.

No. 503164

LMAO what a crybaby she is. If you put something large and obnoxious on the exterior of you house, people are going to complain, not because they're scared of patriotism but because you've created a fucking eyesore that everyone has to look at. If you paint your house a bright colour you get the same thing. Also because she's NOT ACTUALLY BRITISH she doesn't realise how bad taste having a house decked out in Union Jacks or St George crosses is over here. If you're going to pretend to be British try and get some British sensibilities instead of acting like some redneck. Just wait until she discovers This is England and misses the point entirely.

No. 503180

I love how she says her IQ is so high but she’s stupid enough think everything on facebook that fits her agenda is true.

No. 503455

File: 1523334394928.jpeg (97.6 KB, 640x626, 36F47EBB-7453-47EE-916A-0C5C60…)

She’s so edgy with her blood on the dance floor make up and halloween vampire teeth. I could see someone who’s a teen pulling this shit. Someone in their 30’s tho? Kind of sad.

No. 503513

File: 1523348840048.png (191.69 KB, 996x1436, Vicky_ Ben Shapiro HIGH IQ.png)

Don't worry, today she sperged about Ben Shapiro having a genius level IQ.

Ben Shapiro has a high verbal IQ, but his actual IQ is between 125-140. Genius at the lowest is 145+, so again she has no idea what the fuck she's saying means.

No. 503515

File: 1523349049921.png (51.42 KB, 675x616, Silverback Gorilkla.png)

To add to this, her silverback gorilla comparison is taken out of context from the actual study. With a single google search it was proven wrong from the first result onwards.

She really has no idea what she's talking about 99% of the time.

No. 503528

>I don’t accept made up words like edgelord cringey and cis
You doesn’t accept made up words, we don’t accept made up people you dumb narcissistic horsefaced cow

No. 503564

File: 1523369530376.png (231.32 KB, 290x464, Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 10.3…)

an oldie but goodie

No. 503574

File: 1523371967929.jpg (695.59 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180410_104942.jpg)

Hates sex workers but posts slutty pictures for likes. At least they get paid, unlike her bummy ass. Pfft. I wonder if this is stemming from her being jealous af of Bunny.

No. 503576

It's total jealousy. 'Girl power' my ass.

No. 503637

Anyone else think she likes her own comments?

No. 503638

File: 1523382693627.jpeg (28.64 KB, 545x116, 39D15FF5-D824-4C54-BE27-E0A37A…)

I’m howling

No. 503641

If she hates hookers so much, why does she try so hard to look like one?
Yes, yes she does.

No. 503642



No. 503650

File: 1523385576801.jpg (19.2 KB, 620x460, You-Dont-Say.jpg)

>> I failed art twice

No. 503653

File: 1523385860124.jpeg (124.8 KB, 750x873, 0EEF16E6-1A53-44AB-AFAD-DBEE23…)


No. 503667

Honey your parents probably had you tested for learning disabilities and just told you that it was "special mensa genius testing" because they know you're retarded enough to believe it.

No. 503703

You forgot ISIS leader, British nationalistic red-pilled goddess and International Cover girl!

No. 503708

>muh mensa
>used to recruit for nasa
>very smart

Hooo my god lollllll

No. 503722

Also forgot master chef, psychologist and she holds the world record for most proposed to woman of all time.

No. 503751

File: 1523397658544.jpeg (204.04 KB, 750x846, 06256D1B-7B25-4134-AEE7-6A9591…)

Why can’t she just take a picture and smile like the rest of them? No, she has to show she’s a total “badass.”

No. 503755

it's to cover her nasty face, gotta cover that face if ya can't edit it!

No. 503761

File: 1523398949246.jpg (84.21 KB, 1000x440, 1475020071856.jpg)

This is EXACTLY what
>"failing art TWICE"
looks like. Good on her for being honest about how shit she is. Kek.

No. 503792

Drinking whiskey from the bottle is trashy and disgusting. Gives you the grossest breath imaginable but she's badass~ and needs something to cover her face with in pics.

No. 503796


Another tattoo of a female where it has Vic’s shooped face on it. Hilarious!

No. 503834

Wtf is going on here? Is this a women on a horse with a weird jacket, a female centaur, a female centaur on a horse, or Vic in half of a horse costume?

No. 503863

Also is that a skin disorder in the background, a multi-coloured vagina, or a shitty galaxy?
Seriously tho, what I think are supposed to be stars look like pimples.

No. 503874

File: 1523415983275.png (693.5 KB, 536x806, Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 11.0…)


it's also a 3 legged horse

and why does the torso just randomly cut off?

No. 503878

because our dear vick's torso also cuts off in photos

No. 503891

File: 1523418162909.png (1.32 MB, 640x1136, BE85874D-8C40-4E4D-BF3B-57E417…)

That awkward short stubby leg.

No. 503905

Sorry to nitpick but that’s not even how that works. NASA Pathways has a min 3.0 college GPA requirement for junior positions. For senior positions, it’s a branch of the US federal government and they use the US civil service pay scale where your position is earned, either through grad school or years of work experience. Either way intelligence really has fuck-all to do with it.

It’s like she sits there and thinks “MENSA is for smart people… NASA is for smart people…” and assumes the two are even remotely connected. Does she really believe no one can fact check that? It takes like two seconds.

No. 503915

She doesn't fact check shit and just posts random garbage. Some morons give her asspats, some folks politely disagree and let her act like a condescending know-it-all and that's enough to make her feel good about herself cause anyone who calls her out can just be deleted and blocked.

No. 503925

File: 1523427148819.png (84.04 KB, 932x168, Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 2.11…)


i want to know more about The Laws of Logic she's referring to

No. 503985

Dumb bitch is just quoting Shapiro like christfags quote jesus. Such a rebel, such a leader, such original thought.

No. 504014

I'd like to genuinely thank the people who cap her antics and post here, I don't have her on social media but every single time I see a new post of hers on the pt homepage I literally laugh. She's too much.

No. 504071

File: 1523475525828.png (57.97 KB, 872x428, Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 3.28…)

Since I was curious I tried reaching out to MENSA, initially I wanted to see if they had any record of Sticky Vicky but sadly they weren't able to give me any information about whether or not she has ever completed the test and has been deemed gifted and a MENSA member.
Obviously, we all know Sticky has roughly the same IQ as a cumrag (and that's being generous) but I still thought it was worth a shot to get hard proof of yet another lie.
However, I did ask if MENSA has any ties to NASA as far as recruitment, screening, whatever (as Sticky claims they do). And as anon here >>503905 mentioned they have nothing to do with NASA as far as recruitment, testing, screening, nothing.
I'll include a screen cap if anyone is interested in posting it on her facebook, I would but I said one thing to her on Instagram and she blocked me on Facebook, Instagram, etc…

No. 504101

Seconded anon. Of course she's more of a /snow/ candidate than a /cow/, but her level of delusion keeps her status her planted.

No. 504114

File: 1523481976430.png (2.09 MB, 1440x2465, Screenshot_20180411-172335.png)

Speaking of delusion

No. 504115

She is like a living, breathing parody

No. 504117

All my Mensa level friends post which princess they're most likely and it is also Mulan.

No. 504136


NASA has no recruitment through Mensa, Mensa mostly deals with interest groups; you can get invitations for local Mensa activities. Mensa costs money to join, and you get a magazine subscription basically. You can also apply for scholarships through Mensa, but that's about it. Occasionally there will be a seminar or something along the lines. Mensa might hold a seminar with a NASA guest speaker, but that's as far as their co-operation goes.

NASA recruits as >>503905 stated and I'm willing to put money on Vicklet going "Smart = Smart… NASA = Smart, Mensa = smart, so NASA = Mensa….!"

NASA has lots of experts, ranging from their potato cultivation experts to mechanical engineering. NASA had 17,211 employees in 2016, which includes sanitation fyi. Now, I don't know does Vicky mean that even NASA sanitation crews are genius IQ tested…

No. 504156

Is she implying she's a member of Mensa? My sides.

No. 504171

File: 1523491086328.jpeg (110.3 KB, 750x874, 112378BC-3F7A-4AFF-8DCC-A9E77C…)

Sry I had to
gave her a nice lil’ neckbeard aswell

No. 504196

I don't know if I've asked this before, but as long as I've been reading her threads, I've never seen her around some girlfriends. Now I know that's probably because of her obsession with thinking every man wants her, but I'm curious.

No. 504198

It’s not a common occurrence but it happens. She’s hard to spot in group photos because she literally hides her face behind a bottle or her hands. She’s like a Where’s Waldo.

No. 504236


the most modest there is

who are we kidding, she picked her cuz of the ~swords~ and ~justoneoftheboys~

No. 504240

No. 504243

Strange, you never seem to see her with the same "friend" more than once. Probably cause no one can stand being around her more than once.
Also the wedding dress one wasn't with friends, it was for a bridal shop or something

No. 504294

All of her “friends” seem somewhat normal as well. Wonder how she got them to hang out with her at all. I imagine her saying something like “Don’t worry, no guys will hit on you when you’re around me. I’m just so beautiful they’ll all be on their knees begging me to marry them. They won’t even notice you. You’re so lucky! Le sigh”

No. 504334

I’m honestly really impressed that there aren’t many candids out there of her. I’m sure she’s really careful when she goes out.

No. 504430

File: 1523543341090.jpg (462.77 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180412_103022.jpg)

Okay Vicky

No. 504431

You know its true anon, I mean she's single, hasn't been in a long-term relationship, hasn't gotten an actual modelling job ever, and constantly has to prove how great she is. All signs point to "hot as fuck".
God, I threw up in my mouth a bit just typing that.

No. 504447

uh you missed the point. those are 2 caps spliced together, where vick tells people not to tell others kys but clearly does it herself.

No. 504450

I got the point, I just got stuck on the "I'm hot as fuck" part. But yeah, big surprise, Sticky isn't just a liar but a hypocrite too.

No. 504451

File: 1523547128905.jpg (328.02 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180412-112819.jpg)

hahaha omg. I don't even have commentary for this. Stands for itself.

No. 504461


> and would realize she has super strength (stronger than you)

she's typing like Donald Trump now

also, for Ms English nationalist, why doesnt she use British spelling?

No. 504477

"Probably smarter" and yet not smart enough. Watch out, Vicky, the camarilla is coming for you.

No. 504834

File: 1523597989461.jpeg (80.24 KB, 603x620, CD36E338-4CBD-4F51-857E-16DD63…)

That double chin and man hand

No. 504842

this is awesome

what post were the top comments on?

ah yes, the up nostril open-mouthed pose, complete with tilting head back and hand-on-face to try and hide what it really looks like.

No. 504845

I hate it when people post that just and just write whatever they are under it. You think people are gonna look that up and be like "oh, Barbara really IS Elsa, those personality traits match up beautifully!"
No1curr you heifer, sit your ass down and stop showing off memeworthy behaviour.
(OT but some of my friends do that and it's so fucking annoying to watch them post "Oh I'm X :))" one after another under those things.)

No. 504851

Why does she shop her lips into looking like razor blade scabs?

No. 504859


It’s not a shopped picture just a snap chat face filter (one that makes your face thinner she tried to crop it out but in the original video you can still see the star crown filter thing) and a shit load of Instagram filters packed on top. I turned the brightness down on this screenshot a bit. I like how even with a thinning face filter and a billion Instagram ones she still has a double chin. Her face is so fucking round and fat lol. I remember her calling herself boney last week kek

No. 504911

On her post about Nora Loreto

No. 505115

File: 1523661710559.png (1.93 MB, 750x1334, 031CD86A-6DF5-4238-960C-0696C9…)

What the hell does she do to her lips? They look awful and she isn’t fooling anyone

No. 505117

File: 1523662468392.jpg (67.67 KB, 480x552, Chola-chick.jpg)

It's chola make-up fam!

No. 505122

Lmao wow the eyeliner is the same , lipliner, eyebrows are also pencil thin…just arched and blonde. Damn girl, you a scene chola. Even wears the bandanas. It's not working for you, why you keep doing it , Vic?

No. 505129


her aesthetic values always kill me. she's a stereotype of the out of touch 30 y/o that wants to do a youthful and trendy look, but instead looks gaudy and dated.

it's really funny how she copies characteristics of chola make up and photoshops herself to look like a lebanese popstar too, because it's so inconsistent with the british nationalist red pill goddess brand that she's pushing.

No. 505185


wamt milked?

No. 505186

File: 1523681412162.png (428.01 KB, 1440x2403, Screenshot_20180414-004701.png)

Want do inked?
Want get inked?
Want some inked?
Like "want ink?" would make most sense and be closest to "want milk?" but still…
Vicky, you dumb. You real dumb.

No. 505187

Sorry anon, deleted and reuploaded.

No. 505188

No. 505189

The stupidity hurts.

No. 505191

lmao is she huffing glue or something?

No. 505192

so her "OCD" not perfectionism, is making her say something without the adverb BUT ALSO is trying to use the verb as a noun? okay.

No. 505256

File: 1523710804451.jpg (89.9 KB, 601x459, Screenshot_20170716-154504.jpg)

Kinda like "got milk".. always vicky, always.
20 says she panicked thinking it was a farmer

No. 505260

File: 1523713556770.jpg (261.1 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180414-093736.jpg)

What the fuck does this explanation even mean? She's shortening it from "Do want inked??" Jesus Christ. Slang also refers to words, not scrambled basic words in a sentence.

No. 505307


i would normally side with anyone saying anything against vicky but cee is retarded.
inked isn't past tense in this sentence. like vicky is trying to shorten down "do you want to get inked?", the same way someone might say "do you want to get baked?" or "do you want to get punched?". it's called future perfect tense.
vicky is trying to shorten it down kind of like "do you want some?" can be shortened to "want some?" but vicky is stupid bceause she thinks "do you want inked?" sounds like an okay sentence instead of a neanderthal grunting out it's first attempt at a full sentence. "want ink?" doesn't sound retarded and still makes sense in her line of work.
also cee is racist lol. "i'm not black so i don't spell like an ignorant asshole" OKAY

No. 505369


it's also not slang if you're the only person saying it

No. 505462

Same. Wtf was up with that response? Not surprised that the few people who still interact with her are retarded bigots though.

No. 505570

File: 1523784020006.png (26.31 KB, 578x307, vickyforeingpolitics¨'.png)

Vicky is now adding foreign politics to her long list of achievements. She is convinced war refugees are a planned invasion. Draws out katana her typing style is still stuck in 2008.

>wouldn't of

It's insane that english is supposedly her mothertongue.

No. 505572


*We're on the edge
*I'd like to thank
*wouldn't have been there
*hope your need for ratings WAS worth it

No. 505591

She should see the videos of innocent Syrian children being killed by chemical attacks. Maybe then she wouldn't be so stupidly racist. Heartless cunt.

No. 505625

they do it to themselves, it's not racist to not want to be involved with backwards, incestuous muslim countries. you dont see any of them in Syria crying about the western children they rape and murder.

No. 505636

I find it so hilarious that she pretends to be such an intellectual, and yet, has the spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills of a 5 year old. How do people actually buy into her bullshit when she can't even write a Facebook post without those kinds of errors?

No. 505641

doesn't she live in canada? canada isn't on the edge of fucking shit.

No. 505730


she can't even get her Syrians straight

like, does she think the ones who were refugees fleeing Assad will attack Canada because the US attacked Assad? If anything they would be happy

also, her entire rip about "Russian collusion stoking the fire" is just word salad.

> wouldn't of been there

> Ms. English 2018

No. 505732


only a matter of time before she says those children were paid actors part of a false flag operation, so that Arabs could invade the west and make it racialy impure (or something)

No. 506078

File: 1523881455458.png (2.29 MB, 1440x2295, Screenshot_20180416-082013.png)

"At least they were unique"
How? They were a dime a dozen and all had the same hair, a band shirt and tight jeans. And the line about the hair…

No. 506084

She really is stuck in the scene era.
I think the problem with people like her and Greg is that they achieved their success in a certain era and instead of changing or adapting to fit the times like Audrey Kitching or Shane Dawson, they try the same shit over and over again, thinking people dig it. That's why their only fans are weirdo children who didn't grow up with that shit so it's fresh to them, or losers like themselves that are also stunted and stuck in that time period.
Bizarre though, you'd think because of all the kids that Greg hangs out with, he'd have more of an idea of what's cool.
Vicky on the other hand has too many neckbeards that prop up her ego so she thinks she's still hip and happening and will probably be 'scene' or 'a blonde goth' or whatever she identifies as till she is 90

No. 506090


got ALL the girls with their COOL HAIR?

No. 506096

File: 1523886780293.jpg (58.77 KB, 500x706, coolhair.jpg)

No. 506138

File: 1523900148831.png (212.78 KB, 494x527, Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 1.32…)


> no ew emo is totally different

No. 506140

lol, as someone born in 1990 and NI so therefore Vicky should mirror exactly what I think

I thought it was Goth > Emo > Scene. Isn't scene like Leda Muir

Vicky's asthetic is chubby alt girl.

No. 506144

emo and scene are practically the same thing. scene just appropriated the word that punks and goths would call posers. the only difference is that emo tends to align with being sad/only wearing black, but scene tries to be more positive i guess? they existed simultaneously when i was in HS.

No. 506145

Scene is just a colourful version of emo.
All these retarded alt subcultures are the fucking same anyway and both emo and scene are dead.
Also born in 1990, last time I ever saw someone get a scene haircut was 2010 and the girl that got it was a tryhard, had no idea what scene was, and all didn't realise that hairstyle was dated as fuck by 2006. At my school anyway.

No. 506153

I find it so fucking funny whenever I see people who are "scene" or "emo" these days. Even the Kings and Queen's of the myspace emo and scene days no longer dress or style themselves that way (look at the Ostrenga sisters, Hannah Beth, Cameron Ugh, etc..) they all grew out of that phase and changed. I was a scene/emo fag when I was young and like everyone else, I grew up and realize how much of a retard I used to look like. Vic is like an old hag desperately trying to hold on to her myspace "fame" and youth. Sorry, Vic, you're old, fat, ugly and your style reeks of desperation and has been dead since 2010. Grow up

No. 506205

File: 1523915378017.jpg (642.9 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180416_175126.jpg)

I'm Vicky , nothing can kill me, I can tame a komodo dragon. I can do anything!!!!!

No. 506209

>I woke up to a bear a few meters from me

She just has to pretend to be the *~best~* at everything

No. 506238

Bears don't like to eat bloated corpses, Vic. And alligators and boa's can be tamed and domesticated, just need duct tape and a firm grip.

No. 506242

Apparently Vick is the crocodile hunter now and all animals just LOVE her.

I hope she gets fucking bitten by a spider or angry dog or something.
It's annoying because even when they mention it's poisonous she just keeps going on about how it wouldn't bite her.

Okay Vick…I dare you to go touch one. Because you are clearly Dr doo little, snow white queen of animals.

Next thing, this crazy bitch will claim she swims cageless with great white sharks and not only did they not bite her, but they also told her that she looks like a final fantasy character and swam her to shore on their backs.

The fucking delusion.

No. 506269

File: 1523939884867.png (262.18 KB, 1440x1360, Screenshot_20180417-003512.png)

Ugh I've had many reptiles and first and foremost, monitors generally aren't very social pets. She likely wouldn't deal with a pet rejecting affection/handling very well. Second, they aren't cheap to house. Third, they generally require live feeding. They aren't a beginner pet at all. I pray she isn't serious and is just trying to be edgy.

No. 506273

She is definitely trying to be edgy. She likes to pretend she already knows everything.
I bet if some random said some bulshit to her like- 'you should adopt a Malaysian striped water monitor, they are IDENTICAL to komodo dragons but not poisonous'
She would type something back like 'oh yes I know all about them, I wanted to buy one but my cats/they were all sold out' or some bullshit excuse, all the while not realizing that I literally just made up that reptile and it doesn't exist. She can't ever admit she's wrong or doesn't know anything. Drives me crazy.

No. 506384

she sounds like those idiots on that fatal attractions show who take on exotic animals to fuel their ego of being able to tame and relate to it. there was a dude who had several large lizards, including a komodo, and it bit him without being pissed off. never seeking medical treatment, he eventually succumbs to the poison in it's saliva - even though he was on a rigorous workout routine and in good shape - and his beloved 'pets' fucking eat him.

every asshole in this series had the same attitude of having a ~special bond~ with their animals and it didn't spare them or others from being harmed or killed.

oh, you held a snake once that was probably less than 3 ft long and with someone else supporting it but yea, pretend to be cool and claim it was around your neck which no one with even the lowest amount of common sense would do.

No. 506389

Yeah definitely.
I live in Australia, home to some of the deadliest animals on earth and my general rule is 'leave it alone and it won't fuck you up' but honestly, animals like snakes and reptiles and exotic types can bite you for no reason. They are not the same as a dog. Hell, I treat my own cat like a king and spoil it so much, but if he's grumpy he will bite me once in a blue moon.
People with this attitude are fucking idiots.
Look at what happened to that guy that got mauled one day by his tiger for no reason. Or that lady who had her face ripped off by a chimp. (Mind you the chimp was on drugs) Even the crocodile hunter, an experienced wildlife man was killed by a stingray, which honestly is not a common death by that animal.
Wild animals can flip randomly one day, even the domesticated ones and Vicky seems to think she'd be fine with raising a Komodo dragon? Really?

No. 506391

The young alligator that she claimed sat on her lap and the boa constrictor were probably instances of one of those travelling reptile shows. I've seen them visit shopping centres and schools.

The bear thing was either a lie or she went camping and spotted one from a distance. Also she doesn't specify what bear it was, so it could have been a less aggressive species or a baby.

No. 506561

As an owner of many reptiles and other exotics i really hope she stays out of this hobby. She will 100% get bit and most likely refuse to treat the wound because because o f the weird "superhuman" complex she has. Shes gunna end up with an infection from the bacteria in a monitors mouth

No. 506828

File: 1524013401424.jpeg (681.33 KB, 750x1334, 020EF7D9-733D-4894-92A5-9D1364…)

Don’t know what pub she was at, but it would have been funny seeing some random girl taking videos like this while I was having a pint

No. 506863

Jesus Vic, easy on that blur. I'd hate to see the unedited version.

No. 506910

File: 1524018651077.jpeg (140.37 KB, 640x1136, B565E6FB-E6D6-4523-943D-0B34C5…)

No. 506994

File: 1524027596675.jpg (759.79 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180418_005657.jpg)

"So ugly and photoshopped" k but it's extremely low res and filtered and you can STILL see significant differences. Nose is twice the size of the Photoshop one , face is fatter and differently shaped, looks heavier in general, tits are long and saggy looking instead of the ridiculous balloons she keeps accidentally shooping different sizes. How does she not see that even in her potato quality filtered vids, she doesn't look like her photos.

No. 507000

File: 1524028353733.png (829.11 KB, 955x781, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 1.10…)

everything about this and the comment thread, dear god

No. 507002


She couldn't just be the other character from the show, he had to be a super warrior time traveller with swords. She had to be.

No. 507007

Cat "demanded to be held" but looks annoyed af and clearly wants out.
And because of said cat, she couldn't pull the usual Photoshop shenanigans on her body and you can see how boxy it is. Also, the way she shooped her nose just bothers me…

No. 507062

The cat is clearly trying to escape her sausagey clutches. Poor guy.

No. 507077

File: 1524039822620.jpg (83.76 KB, 610x610, 10-21-16-nik3rs-l-610x610-hat-…)

6 years ago, Lana wore the hat better. It does not fit Icky's clothes at all. What is she even going for? But she's such a trendsetter keck.
Also lol at her Saiyan Mary Sue alter ego.

No. 507101

She keeps putting that stupid fucking plastic flower vine in her hair. It bothers me every time I see it. She’s so huge in this photo her face is shooped and her eyes looks off. Them sad tiddies. Ooou an ~exclusive outtake~ from a “set”. Incoming shooped self timer pics known as Frankie photography

No. 507112

It's always incredible how she doesn't have one ounce of humbleness in her …

Plus she's clearly stupid as a rock because Bulma is a really cool character, she's extremely smart, brave and helpful despite being human. You'd think she'd take some inspiration off of her.

No. 507113

She clearly was using a self timer because she is perfectly posed and the cat wants to get the hell out of there

No. 507123

>mensa tested

it doesn't go with the outfits at all and probably lives on the floor collecting cat hair

No. 507127

File: 1524053136955.jpeg (454.76 KB, 732x1301, DF37BAB3-384B-40F1-8000-34412F…)

I love that her “fanzzz” are calling out her potato quality images

No. 507148


6 megapixels is 3032x2008, so 60% higher than HD

No. 507149

File: 1524060355898.png (237.44 KB, 499x229, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.0…)

Anyone else remember when she was saying "look at these child-sized shorts I got, I'm so smol"?
Bitch has a front butt. Also, there's snow outside, why is she wearing summer clothes when it's snowing and freezing rain in Ottawa?

No. 507154

She must have some fat legs to not have any knee definition in that photo

No. 507157

Someone commented on her hair looking amazing and I just can't. Are these people blind?

No. 507160

Blind, trolls or dumb neckbeards that only have in-person contact with females in the form of anime body pillows.

No. 507171

File: 1524066154631.png (237.64 KB, 311x588, knees.png)

No. 507213

File: 1524072829286.jpg (129.75 KB, 1300x956, boy-eating-donuts-BFH1W6.jpg)

>Child sized-shorts!

No. 507252

File: 1524077667251.png (251.68 KB, 1440x1213, Screenshot_20180418-144543.png)

Vicky just rudely flipped at a fan who politely suggested a smart phone with a decent camera. The video that was commented on is her reacting (for the millionth time) to lolcow making fun of her phoroshop. Then she recently accused and doxxed two chicks over an Instagram parody account (that she angrily commented on like 50 times). Before that, told someone who was mildly trolling her to kill themselves numerous times. So calm abd collected and totally not emotional at all (like those OTHER girls).

No. 507254

File: 1524078417178.png (213.24 KB, 1440x1380, Screenshot_20180418-150234.png)

Why does this bother her so much?

No. 507257

And yet that guy she was dating briefly left because she's an emotional basketcase and demanded he tell her he loves her. I can smell crazy clingy girl on her a mile away, she's so histrionic about everyday things and its honestly abnormal to have an innocent comment about photo quality trigger someone like that. Such an unbothered INTJ warrior ice queen.

No. 507274

No wonder she has no friends, no social life and hasn't been in a relationship in god knows how long. Its obvious no one wants to be around her cause of how vile and delusional she is, just look thru her facebook photos/videos, all just heavily edited photos of her by herself. Even the fucking cat doesn't want anything to do with her >>507000

No. 507277

File: 1524083053761.png (229.58 KB, 1440x1125, 20180418_162013.png)

Oh no anon, she dates plenty and all her boyfriends are hot af.

Seriously though, Vicky needs to accept that she's average as hell and aging like shit on top of that. Stop waiting for a guy out of your league and settle with one of your neckbeards bros, Ick, or you'll die single.

No. 507279

Or she should just buy a body pillow with her overly photoshopped self on it.
She's the type that preaches "I don't need a man! I'm too good for any man! I like being single" yet cries everytime a high school friend announces being engaged.
Hope ya enjoy cats Vic cause your headed straight for crazy old cat hag and fast.

No. 507322

File: 1524086911834.jpeg (518.61 KB, 2048x2048, 8274F1F2-D798-4FA8-9996-F3F403…)

She is super naive about relationships and dudes in general

No. 507421

"Future Hubby Problems" kek the only future hubby problem she's going to have is a lack of one. The only dudes who would be willing to settle down with that mess are the kind of dudes that she thinks she's too good for.

No. 507427

Imagine being such a pick me ass bitch that you resort to "I'm so emotionless" as a trait you think men will go for. I'd imagine her desperation seeps out of every pore in person.

No. 507437

Only Vic can make sex boring. Also 3 years? That's not long at all (also I don't believe it for a second cuz no one has been around Vic that long) so seems like Vic outed herself as being terrible in bed. Bravo.

No. 507616

File: 1524115043649.png (169.91 KB, 1404x656, Screenshot_20180419-011507.png)

She puts people on blast over nothing. If this actually happened , this dude would be doxxed. Way to make it obvious that you're reading the thread and feeling insecure about no one wanting to date you.

No. 507730

this doesn't even make any sense. if they only "flirted for 5 minutes" why does she know his "boys"?

No. 507749

I'll take things that never happened for 200 Alex

No. 507764

Don’t forget these so called totally real guys are her age (30 ish) not 16 which is constantly how she claims they towards her. But other people’s inappropriate/immature behaviour towards her is totally not a reflection of her maturity or intellect or judgement for constantly choosing to even speak to said people…all that’s assuming they’re real in the first place. If they’re not real, she most likely basing this shit off of shit that happened years ago. Either way it just shows how pathetic she is.

No. 507879

File: 1524164555687.png (124.89 KB, 541x1326, apevicky.png)

The conversation below this is another classic Vicky excerpt.
>I had to remind them that no race was excused from me using that as a term for an idiot..it applies to any (as there are apes of all colours) It simply means they are acting primitive in my eyes..which isn't a good thing

>they are acting primitive in my eyes

Is she trying to say that they are acting like primates?

No. 507891

Every single time Vicky tries to be pompous and condescending, she ends up making it obvious she's an uneducated dumbass with delusions of grandeur. Dat Stanford education. I wonder if this bitch even graduated high school?

No. 507899

Even elementary students know what level of respect and power silver back gorillas hold within their groups Vic! Also, I'd bet money that most great apes could outscore her on an intelligence test.

No. 507929

>I use the words Silver back or apes to describe any human of any culture or background with particularly low intelligence..


>low intelligence

god that sentence was hard to write

No. 507974

File: 1524170161598.jpeg (161.17 KB, 750x924, 3B39E117-E26A-462D-8819-CB5E6D…)


No. 507983


Vicky is the complete opposite of calm. She let’s absolutely everything get to her and she makes multiple posts about something that annoys her on all her social media platforms

No. 508280

File: 1524191537140.jpeg (417.53 KB, 1770x1483, 69FBC99E-138F-47E2-BD69-CD6B66…)

New hilarious shoop on her Instagram. The window in the background is warped and a blurred mess she also accidentally cut off some of her shoulder when editing them smaller than they are.


In this photo the window is more clear. It’s like she turned the lighting down so she could shoop her hammy body more easily without it being so noticeable. Too bad she failed miserably

No. 508282

File: 1524191654264.jpeg (54.03 KB, 591x309, C4E46401-DD43-4B2B-9348-FE791E…)


Looks really off and just pitch black. Damn is she ever sloppy

No. 508320

Those shorts do not fit. No amount of shoop could hide that they are riding up her cooch. Fucking nasty.

No. 508325

The way she shooped it makes it look like she has to squeeze her legs together to keep her labia from slipping out.

No. 508327

Probably was squeezing her legs together to hide camel toe

No. 508354

Jesus she left her shoulders so wide compared to her hips. That’s awful

No. 508372

File: 1524203838543.png (166.17 KB, 1440x827, Screenshot_20180420-015221.png)

She's got linebacker shoulders cause she was totally bulking but no fear, it's cutting season soon hahahah.

Vick, you're shaped like a damn keg, you're not "curvy". And the only thing you need to "cut" is the bullshit cause you've been out of shape forever and no one believes that you work out.

No. 508426

>>508280 And she is still saying it's Frankie Photography when this picture is clearly from inside her house (look at that awful faux marble shit she painted on the wall). Vic, just say you're taking the photos with a timer

No. 508437

File: 1524234398203.jpg (83.02 KB, 916x715, hi_vic.jpg)

>>508280 I hope she reads this thread as I have a message for dear old Vic.