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File: 1442864887048.jpg (57.68 KB, 454x604, x_94f9ddb1.jpg)

No. 218886

Fallen Myspace scene-queen turned scratcher.



Photoshops (er sorry, DIGITALLY PAINTS) herself to hell and back, photoshops her tattoo portfolio, plenty of legal drama concerning stolen tattoo deposits. Lies about most, if not all of her life & accomplishments. Self identified 'intellectual' who deletes & blocks anyone engaging her in actual discussion. Vicious narcissist, and don't be surprised if she DMCA's everything if she finds this thread.

All images property of Victoria Shingleton. All use of images constitutes copyright fair use, e.g. for purposes of critique or parody.

Image sources:


No. 218887

File: 1442865147488.png (1.04 MB, 672x903, FASHIONSHOW.png)

I'll post some of my favorite comments, but scrolling back on her Facebook will give you plenty of gold.

No. 218888

File: 1442865810850.png (843.36 KB, 960x686, surrealcg.png)

No. 218889


this looks like someone shooped a her face onto some drawing

No. 218890

File: 1442866062043.jpg (222.48 KB, 514x537, cleftchin.jpg)

And of course, some candid photos featuring a cleft chin you'd never know about otherwise.

No. 218891

File: 1442866209774.jpg (48.6 KB, 733x595, bestshoop.jpg)

Some of my personal favorite & disastrous shoops that she has done of herself. She has gotten better, but there are still many flaws.

No. 218892

Pretty sure most boys dont wear that unless they're in a glam rock band.

No. 218893

You'd think with all the effort she put into pretty much transforming every other part of the picture into something totally fake and different, that she'd have tried to make those extensions not look so ratty.

No. 218894

wow she's so special, she's not like those other girl tattooists who only care about hair and makeup and glitter, she dresses like a boy! she is so totally not doing it for attention

No. 218895

File: 1442889972492.png (39.6 KB, 732x202, signposts.png)

Another favorite of mine.

No. 218896

I used to hangout with Victoria and Bunny Alexander years ago. Funny how Bunny ended up..

No. 218897


~so beautiful, it's a curse~

No. 218898

this is just insanity

No. 218899

File: 1449874428528.jpg (20.24 KB, 221x376, lol.JPG)

She's huge now

No. 218900

File: 1449876343556.jpg (32.85 KB, 392x571, lol.JPG)

This one is my personal favourite and pretty lulzy.

No. 218901

whats the deets? what happened to bunny?

No. 218902

Damn. She fell harder then Kiki. Any pictures of her sctratch tats? I'm a sucker for shitty tattoos because I've got a few of my own.

No. 218903

Last I heard, Bunny had shacked up with one of the bouncers of the strip club where she worked, and got preggo.

Anyone know more?

No. 218904

Oh, I thought she went into hiding after the Muslim charade gig went bust

No. 218905

File: 1450478181000.jpg (247.75 KB, 658x339, BUNN.jpg)

Forgot the pic
But to elaborate too: all the videos she posted about converting to Islam and how she joined because the book was beautifully written was apparently because her hair was fried to kingdom come. As soon as it got healthy, all the videos about Islam were deleted, all pics gone (except those that were saved) and she's no longer a Moslima. Pretty scummy honestly.

No. 218906

File: 1472663322786.jpg (134.33 KB, 680x1024, 8hEl4v-Blio.jpg)

I am back with more, many moons later.

As far as I can tell, she has desperately tried to have this specific photoset eliminated off the net. Presumably the photographer wouldn't let her shop them to hell and back. I can see why, her tits look so sad.

No. 218907

She looks so pretty on the left photo!!

It's really sad that she joined just to cover her fried hair though. She could have worn a wig, right? Are you sure that was her reason, because you also have to cover arms/legs and seems she was previously interested in very skimpy wear.

No. 218908

File: 1472850252113.png (615.97 KB, 389x600, jesus.PNG)

Bunny still strips, she looks haggard as hell now though.

No. 218909

Dat perfectly central nose pimple

No. 218910

Is Bunny a Mommy Stripper now?

No. 218911

pretty sure it's a mole. she's had it for years.

also kek of course she's dressing like HQ for stripping.

No. 218912

File: 1473390722488.jpg (134.74 KB, 870x595, ps.jpg)

How does someone get this deep in the photoshop pit?

No. 218913

File: 1473413073122.png (858.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-09-09-05-22-33…)

Her work isn't actually that bad but her denial is amazing. (Also bonus fedora in the comments)

No. 218914

Holy crap, she looks NOTHING like the porn star she shoops herself to be, she's average as fuck.

No. 218915

Looked up @therussianblonde to see what this woman considers beautiful. Yikes…Those lips and fillers…

No. 218916

File: 1473534801980.jpg (42.51 KB, 604x414, x_4b2c9f93.jpg)

She still a scratcher tho, I don't think she even works in a shop now. AFAIK the last "shop" (hair salon) she worked at, she owed them a bunch of money for rent/her spot before disappearing.

No. 218917

File: 1473535009130.png (1.28 MB, 988x948, ps.png)

Oh, and no Vic discussion would be complete without a before and after Photoshop of her tattoo work. She is JUST bringing out the HIGHLIGHTS!! GOD!!

No. 218918

Holyshit, this is such terrible work…

No. 218919

Dutchess is misspelled.

No. 218920

Uh… while it's an awful tattoo, Duchess is spelled correctly. Just Google it anon.

No. 218921

That shoop job is so bad that I didn't even have to magnify it to see where she went wrong. If you're going to fuck with your pics, then do it right.

No. 218922

File: 1473596299469.png (511.54 KB, 563x544, ohdear....png)

anon from earlier that said her work wasnt too bad. I officially retract that statement because what the actual fuck. Oh well good thing it comes off with soap and water right guys? … guys?

No. 218923

She had made a YouTube video stating she had converted to Islam before she deleted all of her headdress videos in favour of a dreadlock video and removed all traces of her Muslima photos from her accounts.
She previously spoke of how beautifully written the Quran was and went right into it in a video but all of the videos of her in the headdress and mentioning the Quran have since been deleted.
Some Muslims questioned what happened in the comments section at the time it had happened but it seems she just deleted/blocked them.
There was actually a website hosting her image I linked that mentions goth Muslims but handy enough, that's gone too (but there's a Pinterest link; https://www.pinterest.com/pin/487162884663423853/ so that's the only proof of this there is now).

She could have just worn a wig but she had to be super edgy instead and pretend to be Muslim for a couple months.

No. 218924

File: 1473785027028.png (713.8 KB, 478x597, sfdsfds.PNG)

I think the worst part is that there is no hope in hell for a coverup because of how rough and dark she goes with her tattooing. Maybe in 10 year after the ink has lightened up? What a mess.

Anyways, another classic Vic shoop, everything looks so.. wrong.

No. 218925

Her waist doesnt look that much bigger then her arms. Did she really think people would fall for this? kek.

No. 218926

In 10 years that tattoo is likely to be a blown out black blob that looks like necrosis. I hope that person can save up laser removal.

No. 218927

File: 1473791321869.jpg (101.25 KB, 604x404, lol7.jpg)

No. 218928

File: 1473812224931.jpg (37.33 KB, 633x355, y_5b5c821f.jpg)

Oh man, I have some pictures from this "fashion show", although i will say i'm pretty sure Vic has lost weight since then… she was getting up there tho.

No. 218929

File: 1473812294456.jpg (71.35 KB, 453x604, x_f782ea61.jpg)

No. 218930

"I've always been the kind of girl to make guys hit sign posts"

Are you sure.

No. 218931

I really like the wobbly lines around her silhouette that she failed miserably at trying to re-straighten.

No. 218932

File: 1473860094016.jpg (64.18 KB, 604x401, lol2.jpg)

photos that weren`t edited by her

No. 218933

File: 1473860543168.jpg (216.26 KB, 892x1080, jesus christ.jpg)

this is by far the cringiest shoop ive ever seen in my life

No. 218934

Her hair is utterly destroyed. It's past time for her to grow out her natural hair.

No. 218935

File: 1473873793191.jpg (80.7 KB, 478x720, y_f861153f.jpg)

No. 218936

I legitimately don`t understand how she expects people to fall for this crap. Human people dont look like this and neither does she. I remember hearing that she would literally spend 4 straight hours photoshopping a picture, and she actually believes thats what she looks like. its kind of sad actually. Oh, and she would photoshop everything under the guise of `

oh the camera adds weight, the lighting is bad so im just making it look more like me


No. 218937

File: 1473900259041.jpg (229.44 KB, 1280x860, 19UwOnJt4v8.jpg)

>that whole spiel on photoshopping

ho boy

No. 218938

File: 1473900370279.jpg (281.94 KB, 1280x864, 6hAG4aBJalw.jpg)

The whole thing is a great read, her narcissism is a sight to see. "What do you do other than modelling?" "Comics for a local paper at age 13" like what are you doing gurl, you're nearly 30 years old.

No. 218939

that entire article is so cringe, and is like 99% compulsive lies.

No. 218940

File: 1474347759148.jpg (44.67 KB, 542x800, 14390766_1112140435544741_6668…)

How are people this easily fooled by shoopin'? Her chest is a mess.

No. 218941

ugh wtf i feel like i need to shower after looking at this.

No. 218942

File: 1474401377292.jpg (140.27 KB, 680x1024, lolomg.jpg)

she photoshops her boobs like those but fake plastic halloween boobs you can get but they in ~reality~ look like this. Constantly bragging about how everyone always asks her if shes had work done and of course shes like "no I just naturally look like a listless second life CGI sex doll".

No. 218943

File: 1474407410578.jpg (67.85 KB, 453x604, x_07dee1bd.jpg)


No. 218944

that legitimately looks like an IMVU character.

No. 218945

It is so hard to find unedited pics of her out there idk how you guys have mananged to come up with more than one. Poor thing is so blatantly insecure and she tries so hard to be something else on the internet

No. 218946

File: 1474514850801.jpg (116.31 KB, 882x1024, vfiScc6xwmY.jpg)

It's not too hard if you know where to look.

Here is one photo that is, effectively, erased from the net from earlier this year. I wonder if someone called her out on her bimbo-level shoop?

No. 218947

videos of her work https://www.instagram.com/missvictoriamurder/?hl=en

its not edited.
videos of her fahttps://www.instagram.com/p/BH6Ej_qgjb0/






https://www.instagram.com/p/BEsxrpUjdur/ her work.

(there are many on instagram)

She left her old shop because someone smashed her tattoo machine…and noone replacesher.they kept hundreds of dollars work of her things from her after the split…and never once offered to help pay for her smashed machine.she has judged tattoo conventions as far as Argentina for major magazines there…she isnt a scratcher.

OP you should jealous. if you actually knew her at all you would know that she was a nerd in school who got cute over summer and is nothing but nice to everyone she meets.

fins something better to do with your time than slam people on the internet for the fact that their weight has changed over the years or make up stories and edit pics of her to make her look bad in them.

i feel sorry for you that you feel so much pain inside that you need to take it out on other people who you clearly dont know.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 218948

Lmao, ~editing her pics to make them look worse~

im dead.

No. 218949

File: 1474556576869.jpg (42.06 KB, 600x450, x_f110f634.jpg)

… Anyways.

No. 218950

Scratcher is just a word for "someone too ignorant to get a proper apprenticeship under an established tattoo artist." She has been rejected from shops because instead of sitting down and listening to someone, she has to do things her way.

Which leads to absolute fucking messes like this (which looks like it would have been hell to go through, so heavy in the darks) which are now in the process of being removed.

No. 218951

File: 1474557339226.png (1.7 MB, 1318x980, lolll.png)

Dropped my pic lol

No. 218952

oh my god that heal tho.

ive talked to so many tattoo artists in the area that have fixed her work, its almost an eyeroll when another poor soul walks in with some mush on them from her.

No. 218953

i know that girl with the parrot...Victoria refuses to tattoo her as well as other big artists because she picks and tears at the tattoos when healing ...the girl has begged Victoria to ink her many times since after talking smack about her.... also, cover ups take more than one go to take leaving residue on the underside.Victoria has never been rejected by a shop in her life...she has left some...and is asked by many shops from all over to come work for them, and rejected tv show roles... Again...uninformed and jealous. If you looked at her instagram...you can see the mannnyyy healed tattoos come back for round two and see how they have healed in comparison to the new work, which is sometimes hard to tell apart. Her work heals very dark and very bright. I know...i have some of it on me.I truly feel sorry for you...having to spend your days on the internet bashing someone...it reflects your character...if you spent half the energy you do hating on people perhaps you would actually accomplish something. if you knew the first thing about her you would know she is kind to everyone she meets by default and stands up for people who cant stand up for themselves......and you...well you just seem bitter, obsessed and jealous.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 218954

https://scontent-yyz1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/12472772_648070082007632_3243392512248979385_n.jpg?oh=93363c51ce51a527538851c542d314ff&oe=586B8794So they let soratohers judge tattoo conventions? i highly doubt that.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 218955

everyones just jealous guys. Nothing to do with the fact that shes ripped people off and as soon as her mushed tattoos go sour on healing she immeditely blames the client and if they disagree then theyre just jealous peasants. i've seen artists that have fixed her work commenting on the amount of scar tissue, blow out and wonky lines. People who have tonnes of other beautifully healed pieces and somehow her's is the only one that looks like shit. yeah, obviously everyones just jealous.

No. 218956

That tattoo isn't fucked up from picking, the artist straight up hamburgered that skin, can't pack color for shit, blew out her lines, has no idea about color theory, and should never pick up another tattoo machine again.

The only good thing about that tattoo is the victim won't have to do too many laser sessions before getting a coverup, if she even can through all that scar tissue and skin damage.

No. 218957

Keep making stuff up..posting multiple times...like everything else you have posted so far...noone in their right mind is going to believe you...youre just making yourself look silly and sad...and people can see through your lies and motivation for them, you are jealous so you want to destroy her...the proof is in the links up there. Tons of beautifully healed pieces.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 218958

This post is considered slander and libel and is illegal as it pertains to business. It can be reported to the authorities. When charged, cases can be hundreds of thousands in damage depending on what the person makes.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 218959

ok Internet lawyer, where'd you get your law degree? The same place that taught Victoria to tattoo?

P.S. Slander has to be verbal in form. If it's in writing it's no longer slander but libel.

No. 218960

Vic, at least TRY to change your typing style if you're going to try and defend yourself.

No. 218961

Victoria, sweetie, get help. You always talk about not caring about your looks and wearing not clothes but youre too scared to simply upload unedited pictures or let yourself be tagged on pictures. You always have makeup in even in your "no makeup" pictures. Don't pretend to be something you're not on the internet because then all of this happens. Learn to love yourself and be yourself tho internet is an easy place to see through people. Use less Photoshop. You try to look like someone from final fantasy and end up looking artificial, I'm sure your actual body and fave arm way cuter than your Photoshop nightmare. It literally looks like an alien is about to burst through your stomach and/or boobs in every picture

No. 218962

Also your instagram videos are heavily filtered and edited. The only people you fool are illiterate men. As a man studying film & directing, this shopped video is my fave. So fake…so fake.


No. 218963

No. 218964

File: 1474610011114.png (21.74 KB, 425x249, surejan.png)

It's only libel if it's untrue, lol!

No. 218965

>she was a nerd in school who got cute over summer and is nothing but nice to everyone she meets
What kind of high school fantasy lmao

No. 218966

That girl flipped at her when Victoria had an allergic reaction and couldnt tattoo,for cancelling on her...after she had cancelled on Victoria many times before.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 218967


at least learn how to hide your self posts effectively, holy shit

No. 218968

loool that baby arm

No. 218969

Victoria was live on webcam for years on stickam for the radio show she did. We know what she looks like and there are tons of videos her on instagram of both her and her tattoos. The majority of people wouldnt be so gullible as to believe your fantasy. Do you honestly have nothing better to do with your life than sit on the internet wasting your life bashing someone you "don't like"? Lookin them up obsessively to say bad things about someone you dont know? Seems like an a lot of energy, time and emotion to use up on someone that could be used for things that benefit you as a person and make you happier in the long run.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 218970

>>2731>she was a nerd in school who got cute over summer and is nothing but nice to everyone she meetsWhat kind of high school fantasy lmaoShe wasnt always "pretty" she was super nerdy and awkward...she knows what its like to be the underdog...the girl that wasnt pretty or liked very well...or that guys paid attention to. Which is why she isnt stuck up like some girls who are...shes very sweet, as intimidating as she can look in person..and takes people for who they are.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 218971

you're obviously the same anon that's been the only one defending her can you pls just quit while you're ahead

No. 218972

It's just Victoria white knighting herself

No. 218973

Oh my god these self posted defences are actually getting pathetically cringey. Like do you believe everything you're saying? And you're asking people to believe the pictures and videos that you put out as the truth as opposed to candids that you desperately scramble to obliterate off the internet. This isn't even shit talking it's a public service announcement in hopes that you won't screw over another person and hamburger their skin, take their money and then call them jealous stalkers when they're disappointed with the blown out awful scabby foggy crap left on their body.

No. 218974

File: 1474641112403.jpg (75.16 KB, 720x720, 13061992_525312791010974_55767…)

Some more horror stories, like the chest "tattoo" she did here, years after 'healing'.

I legitimately feel bad for the dude, he's going to need a miracle worker to make his chest look normal again.

No. 218975

File: 1474641604097.jpg (240.49 KB, 650x891, dominatrix_fairy_by_delphinear…)

Oh yeah.. and this isn't even her image? lol

No. 218976

You cant even see the tattoo clearly, he has a ton of hair on his chest and its shiny.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 218977

Anyone with eyes can see that patchy ass shading and scarring from over working the skin because she can't pack color. That's honestly one of the worst tattoos I've ever seen. And

No. 218978

Ew. She totally fucked him up.

No. 218979

File: 1474645557058.jpg (73.71 KB, 640x640, 10559740_10152399304248347_803…)

i've seen this shared a few times. the before is victorias healed tattoo and the after is when she got it fixed by someone else.

No. 218980

Girl who got the elvis tattoo was her doppelganger for a while and dressed just like her. carli anne vickery...victoria never finished the tattoo on her and she went around claiming that an outline was finished work...any trained artist in realism can see that is just an outline.she never completed her past boyfriends best friends chest either, but it looks way cooler in person than it does in that pic with all the hair on it.some people really have nothing better to do with their lives.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 218981

https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1042163902542395/?type=2&theaterthats alot of movement...very hard to "edit"...she isnt big like some of the images posted above are edited or warped to make her look that are like 5-7 years old of her.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 218982

oh look what i found!its funny the girls bashing her seem to want to look just like her....https://lolcow.farm/snow/thumb/1466149652148.jpglike the broads from this thread that got them banned.https://lolcow.farm/snow/res/140699.htmland if you look up the other girl carli...she pretended to be her for a long time right down to the makeup. no wonder you are on the internet posting warped photos of her and her work....youre obsessed.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 218983

i see victoria found the thread lmao

No. 218984

File: 1474653353613.jpg (48.39 KB, 604x453, x_84a0b3d4.jpg)


Your narcissism really shows with how you defend yourself anonymously. It's really pathetic! Not very INTJ of you.

No. 218985

Sadly I don't think you can laseraway this monstrosity. Laser removal hasn't been perfected yet.

I would just cut my skin off and graft new skin on it. That's how bad your tats are Victoria.

No. 218986

"I'm not terrible at my job despite having no professional training and all these blatant examples of people's bodies I've ruined, everyone's just so obsessed with me and wants to be me"


No. 218987

Bitch in what alien world is that before picture "just an outline"?? And even if it was its faded to near fuck like its been on a tanning bed addict for 20 years.

No. 218988

Holy shit what is up with those teeth?? Does she chew tobacco or something?

No. 218989

She's gorgeous in herbunphotoshopped pics. She needs to take better care of her teeth but other than that, she actually looks like a human and not a Photoshop nightmare. She'd be so cool if sho didn't pretend to not be insecure and be a tomboy if sho actually was. And didn't only upload pics of herself photoshopped af. I have faith in her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 218990


No. 218991

Lol Good Job on changing up the typing styles Victoria but it's still obvious.

No. 218992

File: 1474676848407.jpg (95.1 KB, 1189x585, jesuswhy.jpg)

Holy FUCK this is unfortunate.

No. 218993

The tattoo looks alarmed by how shitty it is

No. 218994

Girls wanted to look like her, but little did they know that even she doesn't look like her…

No. 218995


Top kek

No. 218996

Honestly, she's very attractive woman in her natural state. She has a lovely smile (although she should look into whitening treatments) and pretty eyes and no one would be ridiculing her if she just presented herself as she is. But trying to convince the world she's this impossibly perfect, sultry siren is just pathetic.

Just accept yourself as you are, Vic, and get on with your life. You'll be a whole lot happier and Lolcow will forget all about you.

No. 218997

Very attractive? She's average looking at best if you dressed her normally and took all that awful makeup off her face. She's okay looking, not hideous, but nowhere near "very attractive".

No. 218998

File: 1474758614355.jpg (47.99 KB, 604x453, x_10c88489.jpg)

I'd say average, but what really makes her ugly is her attitude. I really do think she has some kind of narcissistic personality disorder. I don't think this person has ever taken blame for anything she has done wrong (like butchering tons of people's tattoos- look at her defenses in this thread even- there is an excuse as to why she wasn't in the wrong every time), or if someone informs her that she is wrong about something factual, she deletes everything and pretends it never happened.

I have no doubt therapy would be really helpful for her, but narcissistic traits are pretty hard to untangle and can take years, AFAIR.

No. 218999

Okay, so I overreached somewhat; I should have just said "attractive". But she does have blonde hair and big hooters and guys are drawn to that like flies to garbage so I gave her a few more points for that.

But I do think she has a lovely smile, it's tons more attractive than the stupid pouty bombshell shit. Plus it's real – no Photoshop required!

No. 219000

Shut the fuck up Victoria

You are fat and ugly and greasy looking.

No. 219001

He'r newest video on fb is even more edited than the last. Why can't this girl stay away from photoshop lmfao

No. 219002

she had her teeth whitened a while back and posted it on facebook and is way more toned in person nowsome of the people on this thread are delusional you cannott edit a video where a sword is being moved around that fast around her body it would blur her body to fuck
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219003

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219004

No. 176680from what i can tell alot of these images of her are from 10-7 years, that one itself is at least 7 years ago, as ive followed Victoria for that long. people change and their body changes in that time. i dont see one recent photo of her on here, just old pics, some edited to make her look bad. it is jokes that the people posting badly about her dress as her, lol!
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219005

She came into my store the other day, she is prettier in person than her photos are now. She was a bit bigger years ago. She needs to lay off the photoshop, she doesnt need it.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219006

No. 219007

No. 219008


(3) Every person who contravenes this section is guilty of

an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years; or
an offence punishable on summary conviction.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219009


Yeeeep, Victoria is DEFINITIELY HERE, HI CRAZY!!

No. 219010

You are obsessed with the idea that everyone on here is Victoria, huh?
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219011

File: 1474985203096.png (73.24 KB, 638x428, tjTaEno.png)

Hi. This lady is sending me complaints to the https://lolcow.email contact form.

She apparently doesn't understand we're different sites and I have no idea how she got to my site from this one.

Attached is email #1.

No. 219012

File: 1474985235605.png (273.14 KB, 638x1533, HuKxizo.png)

And email #2.

Both sent from legal.report@outlook.com


No. 219013

Fuckin lul. Sorry Josh.

Victoria there's nothing you can really do other than stop bumping your damn thread. Please leave Josh alone!!

No. 219014

A group of random people critiquing a crappy tattooist on a bunch of comically photoshopped photos distributed by the owner of those photos herself attempts to file a lolsuit.


No. 219015

tell dynastia to dox her

No. 219016

oh my fucking god lmao i'm so sorry

No. 219017

Hi Victoria! Quick question, why do you think someone in the US would give a shit about Canadian law?

No. 219018


wow that sure does sound like an account name that a real team of legal support would come up with gosh guys i dunno

No. 219019

lol aren't there laws in Canada against impersonating a lawyer?

No. 219020

File: 1474992770637.jpg (55.1 KB, 345x600, x_d16d2a88.jpg)

Anyways, no need to feed Vic's delusions further. No "JADE" needed for people with severe PD's.

I wonder why she no longer takes actual photos of her tattoo "work"? It's all potato quality videos which makes me think she really just hasn't improved at all and is still just as dirty of a scratcher as she has always been.

Still doesn't work at a shop, still doesn't have any respect in the community, still disrespects her clients and peers for having standards.

No. 219021

Damn Vic, put the sharpen tool down.

No. 219022

>tfw your law firm can't afford their own domain

No. 219023

criminal harassment is prosecuted by the crown attorney, she does not need a lawyer or law firm.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219024

>implying this is criminal harassment

No. 219025

I think these posts are hilariously delusional. Victoria was a shop artist for years...judged conventions which is the most prestigious thing a tattoo artist can do... and has been offered guest spots as far as Vegas ...but keep living in your dream world, where she is a "scratcher" who doesnt know what she is doing.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219026

>tfw the crown attorney's office can't afford their own domain

No. 219027

>judged conventions which is the most prestigious thing
>has been offered guest spots as far as Vegas


No. 219028

Actual outside evidence (something that didn't come from her) of that would probably make it easier to believe.

No. 219029

Victoria is hilariously delusional if she thinks her art is any good.

No. 219030

Ok but th3se pictures of her from "years ago" look nothing like the pictures SHE uploads years ago and she photoshops way more now than she down before so I'm assuming she looks worse in person even though Victoria pretending to be someone else says that she looks better in person lmfao

No. 219031

How embarrassing is it to be known on the internet as the photoshopped girl. She's only mysterious bc no one knows what she ACTUALLY looks like lol lol

No. 219032

It's no mystery, under all that makeup and photoshopping she'd looks mediocre at best.

No. 219033

Didn't adrien leave her for her friend? Lol and then tori tattooed a butchered version of edward scissorhands ion the poor girl? Lolol wonder why he left her

No. 219034

To quote the officers "people don't like pretty people"Have a good time spreading lies ;)
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219035

>To quote the officers "people don't like pretty people"

If that were true then we'd all love you.

No. 219036

Please ignore this poster, we're dealing with it currently.

Thanks for the info, Josh.

No. 219037

File: 1475020071856.jpg (84.21 KB, 1000x440, 1483651_281623745318936_150311…)

I'd be inclined to believe she was getting better at tattooing if she got an apprenticeship under someone who was well established, and if she started posting clear photographs of her current tattoo work. There hasn't been a clear shot of anything in months, just blurry and filtered video.

More "work" from the past.

No. 219038

That doesn't look so bad from the thumbn-OH GOD
That horse body is so fucked I can't even.

No. 219039

That's one pointy horse butt

No. 219040

When saving face with the fedoras that come to your fb to fap to your photoshop boobs is more important than the real life people's bodies you've ruined.

No. 219041

File: 1475031450197.png (459.86 KB, 501x499, lmfao.PNG)

her fake-ass legal threats fell apart immediately and now she's losing her mind lmfaoooo

milk milk milk

No. 219042

Lmao after years of preaching "body positivity" she's literally collapsing in on herself and losing followers bragging about how "thin she is". Obviously wearing a corset/body shaper.

No. 219043

The fake accent is precious too, how do you live with yourself when you're so fake, holy shit.

Old video her ex posted, she doesn't talk a whole lot but you get a feel for what her actual voice is like when she's not shitting out of her mouth for her fanz~~~

No. 219044

You do know that any Joe Schmoe can throw a convention and open a shop right? Being offered a guest spot at dirty shop infected with the hep isn't impressive and judging a convention in bum fuck Arkansas isn't prestigious lol

No. 219045

File: 1475034965912.jpg (159.89 KB, 1200x1012, 9a7oqa0wwjI.jpg)

Yep, here is a pic of them together. Gotta love that blurry waist.

No. 219046

Tits so floppy gotta wear a bra under your swimsuit

No. 219047

she looks so fake//awkward standing next to actual qt girl

No. 219048

Yeah, being right next to an actual person with a normal cute face/body just makes the horrible photoshop look even worse

No. 219049

She looks like a literal clown.

>people who say "OMG photoshop she is so fat"

Is she really this stupid? We're not mocking her (just) for being a fatty. She's TERRIBLE at editing and makes herself look more like a computer-generated blow-up doll than a human, her tattoo skills are shit, she's a delusional, self-obsessed crybaby, and she irl looks like a 40 year old who lives in a trailer park, works at a run-down strip club that caters to bikers, has 4 kids that all have FAS, and blows dudes for meth.

Gotta love her hair bending around her boob, like her tits warp space-time.

No. 219050

lmfao because she just got dragged so hard but she doesn't even know what she can be angry about so I guess she landed on that. Easier than trying to explain the shitty tattoos, pathological lying and fake lawsuit threats.

No. 219051

THAT. FUCKING. BLUR. who does she think shes fooling?!

No. 219052

File: 1475105461079.jpg (77.22 KB, 581x960, 6NrOSQQpBbE.jpg)

That time she photoshopped all of her features out and her bellybutton nearly vanished.

No. 219053

Im seriously worried about the mental health of some of the people on this post.https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/your-online-secrets/201409/internet-trolls-are-narcissists-psychopaths-and-sadistsYou do realize your behavior shows you have a mental disorder right?
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219054

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219055

http://www.livescience.com/48128-internet-trolls-sadistic-personalities.htmlliterally a forum full of crazy people showing how weak they are by continuing to degrade someone else else so they can feel whole...proven by science at that....how sad!Please form an orderly line for your straight jackets.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219056

The site owner is so fucked if this goes to court.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219057

Damn, girl, you really can't stay out of your own thread lmao

No. 219058

If by fucked you mean no lawyer would touch this with a ten foot pole/DMCA fair use clause is in use under the right to repost property for comment and criticism/technically no laws have been broken/Canada's laws have no standing on an American based site… Then you are correct.

No. 219060

Perhaps look up the "streisand effect"? lol

No. 219061

File: 1475132201025.jpg (31.56 KB, 600x450, original.jpg)

No. 219062

That pic is like 7 years old...
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219063

clearly....people misseed the memo..the more you post the more you affirm that you are a narcissistic, sadistic psychopath...a cowardly one at that who has to hide their name when talking shit bout someone. your weakness IS showing by the need to feed on bringing other people down because your ego and self esteem is so fragile you need to see someone else fall to feel complete. i feel sorry for you. it must be terrible to be so weak that you need to degrade others. go seek therapy or something.https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/your-online-secrets/201409/internet-trolls-are-narcissists-psychopaths-and-sadists
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219064

holyfuck...as someone who studies psychology... there are some really obsessive and mentally unstable people in this forum.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219065

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219066

They cant even drop it either they arent strong enough to do so because their mental disorder has them addicted to it and they cant control themselves anymore its like narcissist crack
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219067

Some of these people on here are creepy, do you guys stalk this girl to talk about her on the regular or is it a part time thing?
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219068

Wow....alot of people in here have some nasty personality disorders to be doing this. Drop the bullshit, weve all seen recent videos of her and old photos from when she was dating a guy almost 7-6 years ago isnt relevant.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219069

No. 219070

every time someone disagrees with you you say that. its your go to to distract from your obvious mental disorder.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219071

imo this thread was kind of boring until vic discovered it and started samefagging nonstop in desperate attempts to make herself look better, which is particularly funny in the ironic sense because if she had left it alone/ stopped bumping her own thread (and maybe cooled it with the bad photoshop), this thread would be long dead and she wouldn't have any of us "mentally insane troll stalkers" "cyberbullying" her. like that anon mentioned before, striesand effect, and it's even more entertaining how much self-awareness she lacks that she basically outs herself in all of her obvious self posts

No. 219072

because pointing out someone's already blatant shooping and their lack of care when it comes to ruining other people's skin forever is SO bad, but there's nothing problematic at all with labelling an entire anonymous forum as having mental disorders!!!

No. 219073

you always think its victoria whether or not it is which is funny even science says your mentally unstable and judging by the fact that you are so weak that you keep posting and replying even after that is pointed out makes it even more obvious that you have a mental disorder. all you are doing is proving to everyone here that you are unstable and have a serious personality disorder get therapyhttp://www.livescience.com/48128-internet-trolls-sadistic-personalities.html
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219074

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219075

File: 1475143313678.gif (218.14 KB, 300x181, giphy.gif)

No. 219076

"Anyone who doesn't think I'm the prettiest girl in the word who does the best tattoos is obviously insane and should get therapy"

How is someone SO conceited.

No. 219077


And delusional. Waaaaaay delusional.

No. 219078

File: 1475158899526.jpg (47.44 KB, 621x925, v-ioYrQxogo.jpg)

The breakdown you're having in this thread is so raw.

More fun blow-up doll shoopin, weirdly stretched and liquified sequins everywhere. Also what's the deal with the sharpen tool all the damn time?

No. 219079

File: 1475162234340.gif (458.46 KB, 356x200, 200.gif)

Okay, even VICTORIA doesn't expect us to buy this one – does she??

No. 219080

File: 1475177556361.jpg (40.64 KB, 600x400, 1472269529270.jpg)

No. 219082

classic "look what you made me do" "its the victims fault im doing this" make your narcissistic sadistic mental illness even more obvious why dont you. too weak to drop it...you feed on it, it controls you. you have no power over yourself other than to feed into your narcissistic tendencies, showing your mental illness and obvious personality disorder more clearly with each post.https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/your-online-secrets/201409/internet-trolls-are-narcissists-psychopaths-and-sadists
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219083

Wow...its a NPA meeting in here...Narcissistic Psychopaths Anonymous...do you guys have like meetings in here? Do you stand up and say "hi, my name is --- and im a narcissistic sadist?" and go around the circle?
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219084

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219085

She's so desperate to get people to stop posting lmao.

No. 219086

Victoria coming in with her "fans" to defend herself is the best thing that has happened to this thread.

Vic, at least choose which link you want to use for us narcissistic sadist to read.

No. 219087

HAHAHA....SAYS THE PERSON WHO IS SO DESPERATE TO POST cus they have a personality disorder they cant controlhttps://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/your-online-secrets/201409/internet-trolls-are-narcissists-psychopaths
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219088

i think its funny that they think every post on here is from victoria
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219089

She definitely wants to get the thread deleted. When you google Miss Victoria Murder, this thread is on page one.

No. 219090

No. 219092


The article itself, which she holds in such high regard that she needs to spam it here, says that the best response to an Internet troll is to ignore them. Yet here we are.

No. 219093

File: 1475194583712.jpg (32.86 KB, 800x610, qX-iYh3JuKs.jpg)

hahaha holy shit

For real, if you're that concerned, stop posting in this thread and let it die! It was barely moving until you flipped the fuck out.

More pro shoopz to pass the time.

No. 219094

victim blaming....classic narcissist /sadist/ psychopath behavior...and refusal to accept responsibility for your actions so you pin them on someone else.keep showing us how mentally unstable you are by continuing to post...you are incapable of taking yourself away from it due to your mental illness..it has more power over you than you do over yourself. you are not in control, it is. Your weakness is showing.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219095

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219096

Lmao just like you victim blame all of your clients when their tattoos go to shit.

No. 219097


Victim blaming, hmm? You mean the way you blame all of your tattoo clients when you fuck up the job so miserably it can barely be repaired?


You truly are a delusional narcissist. I care about the people you mangle and then shit all over because you cannot claim responsibility for your fuckups. "No one in their right mind is going to believe you" which is why you make fake legal threats?

"Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of ultraconfidence lies a fragile self-esteem that's vulnerable to the slightest criticism." Get help and keep your nasty hands away from others for your own gain. :^)

No. 219098

https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/your-online-secrets/201409/internet-trolls-are-narcissists-psychopaths i study psychology...and this link is accurate...these people are mentally ill and you cant reason with that level of delusional. they live in a fantasy world and berate and attack people to gain their own sense of self esteem.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219099

Provide actual proof. Seriously, your word means nothing at this point.

No. 219100

File: 1475196403282.gif (1.94 MB, 450x259, 837592p1.gif)

This is some Sperg-chan level shit.

No. 219101

What exactly are you gaining by arguing with people who you believe are mentally ill? What are your expectations here? We get it, you ~study psychology~ and are able to search Google for "trolls are narcissists" to find an article that backs up your claims.

You're just bumping your thread and it's the only thing even keeping it alive.

No. 219102

To save face with the illiterate edge-lords that actually buy her bullshit.

No. 219103

Just helping you realize how mentally unstable you look bashing a girl for days on end to gain what is missing from your self esteem ...and that your personality disorder is so far gone you cant even walk away from it. Do even you realize how creepy it is that you look someone up on the internet and hide behind anon to bash them like a coward? its obsessive...and if you cant see anything wrong with that behavior then it just really reaffirms how delusional and unstable you are.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219104

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219105

coo coo's nest
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219106

If that's how you feel then why the fuck are you still here? It should be pretty easy to dismiss a bunch of "mentally unstable trolls".

Or maybe there's truth in this and that's the reason you're scrambling to discredit everyone here.

No. 219107

ive never seen more crazies in one place in my life.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219108

Lmfao these self posts are actually sad. DO BETTER.

No. 219109

Okay thanks, we're all mentally ill and creepy for posting on this thread anonymously. Please tell us how we can be like you, completely normal, mentally stable, and continually posting on this thread to anonymously argue with "crazy people".

No. 219110

~casually glosses over providing any actual proof to her claims of studying psychology~

No. 219111



uhhh her linkedin says she studied at Stanford, UCLA, AND Yale! Other prestigious achievements include "2 Golds, 1 Silver Medal" at "Dance Competition" and "Limited working proficiency" in Japanese language!

No. 219112

yes LinkedIn is completely trustworthy considering she wrote it all herself. I mean maybe ANYTHING outside of her own creation stating that she did in fact do these things? Certificate, graduation picture, any one classmate that isn't her that can testify to it?

Jesus Christ.

No. 219113

Lmfao omg that resume

No. 219114

if you're gonna use photoshop aren't you supposed to enhance your traits and not like….. make one boob way bigger than the other?

No. 219115

it's gotten so bad that I legitimately can't tell whether this is someone rightfully making fun of her faux achievements ORRR victoria making her rounds again thinking anyone would buy this for a second

No. 219116

File: 1475200260128.gif (659.99 KB, 356x272, x83784923hf.gif)

Don't worry, friend.

No. 219117

Supposedly has studied for 7 years at Stanford in Astrophysics and a year at Yale for psychology. Yet her only working experiences are online bullshit, kitchen work, and a tattoo artist. Hmm…

No. 219118

i doubt shes been studying astro for 7 years straight...but you can tell she is educated in psychology.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219119

You can definitely tell. Her ability to look up psychology articles on the internet is clearly indicative of an ivy-league level education.

No. 219120

If by studying you mean suffering from severe delusions

No. 219121

you dont know who posted that do you? as the poster said you are still here doing the same shit proving them right
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219122

hahahahahahaha looks like they got your personality type nailed.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219123

I really want to know what you even meant by this

No. 219124

i just watched this on her fb page and oh my GOD so cringey i'm screaming i almost feel kinda bad for her?????

also why does her accent sound so unnatural, she's canadian but it sounds slightly faux-british

No. 219125

Because she constantly fakes a British accent in all of her videos to seem more elegant and mysterious but in reality it just sounds super fake and annoying. Anyone who has actually talked to her in real life knows that she doesn't actually talk like that. Just basic ass Canadian accent tbh. Shes pretty much just pandering to the lowest common denominator because they're the only people who will buy it.

No. 219126

File: 1475781284878.png (55.7 KB, 750x414, IMG_6525.PNG)

No. 219127

File: 1475782498114.png (96.54 KB, 750x1116, IMG_6527.PNG)

No. 219128

Wow, this is like a 40 year old smoker bar fly.

No. 219129

I can`t get over her teeth i feel like they look fuzzy in person.

No. 219130

that last photo is her underage or at least 10 years old...people keep posting shit from 10-7 years saying its relevant...sorry its not. She took many videos of herself and spoke to people live, and also did so for years on radio. we arent buying your shit op. i saw her british passport is on her facebook...i agree with what people have been posting in here about the personality disorders, it shows by the fact that they cant drop it and keep posting ancient photos of this broad...its creepy af
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219131

HOlY FUcK crazies are bbbbackkkkk posting shit that is 10 years old trying to pass it off a her now
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219132

She had her teeth laser whitened a while back
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219133

Hey Victoria. Don't forget to post the link to the psychologytoday article about trolls.

No. 219134

Oh look, the narcissists are back to post more irrelevant old ass photos nobody gives a fuck about, not sure if she is 16 here or not...but that atreyu shirt style is really old, i have one and this looks like a bad shot of a pretty girl
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219135

Did i say i was Victoria? oh yeah, no, i didn't...but this is totally true...your personality disorder got the best of you and you came crawling back to get your drug i see.https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/your-online-secrets/201409/internet-trolls-are-narcissists-psychopaths
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219136

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219137

someone find these trolls a straight jacket...they clearly cant leave it alone due to their debilitating mental disorders its pathetic to watch their weakness and need to feed on it....so sad
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219138

uh..in those photos she is underage im pretty sure...she doesnt even have tattoos and she used to draw them on herself when she was 16 even in school
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219139

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219140

you arent kidding anyone by posting photos of a girl who posted live videos and answered live questions to her followers...you just come off like you have a mental disorder and are obsessed with this girl.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219141

pathetic psychopathic sadistic narcissists it must be sad that you need to try and bring someone down to feel whole it shows how weak and out of control you are of your own self esteem and self.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219142

someone get these people straight jackets and a restraining order for victoria...they found photos of her underage if that aint stalkerish i dont know what is.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219143

I know her...these shots look nothing like her now..she was a big bigger at a few points and she stopped posting photos of herself around those times. Her nowhttps://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1118887498203368/?type=2&theater
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219144

Hopefully she gets a nose job and fixes her john flynt chin too. She looks like a witch.

No. 219145

Well the thing is, those are literally the only photos that show what she (probably you) ACTUALLY looks like. There is not even one recent photo on the internet of her that ISNT photoshopped to hell and back. Therefore, the old ones are great references for gauging just how much of a fake she is. So if she (again, probably you) has a problem with people posting really old photos of her, why doesn't she just show what she really looks like for once?

No. 219146

Her waist is so tiny now how the fuck is this girl fat? even in her "bigger" photos she still looks pretty yall are just mentally unstable
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219147

https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1111408388951279/?type=2&theateryeah....that looks totally fake....yall are fuked this girl isnt fake youre just mentally unstable and have to try to find a flaw in her to make yourself feel better...its sad.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219148

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219149

https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1118887498203368/?type=2&theatei think she looks more like her profile photos than any of these old ass or doctored photos of her in all her recent videos...i smell some bullshit and its coming from trolls with obvious mental problems.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219150

I saw her answering through video to her fans online and she is pretty, its on a shared post on her page these edited or old photos look nothing like her.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219151

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219152

File: 1475825458006.png (342.91 KB, 409x539, 14522896_1124242944334490_4293…)

implying this isn't doctored

No. 219153

"https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1118887498203368/?type=2&theate"Tiny waist...she looks nothing like the photos posted in this thread ,they look edited to make her look bad.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219154

She looks like her irl, anyone with half a brain knows model photos are edited, she doesnt need it.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219155

she looks like jeffrey star but fatter she should go on a diet tbh

No. 219156

https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1118887498203368/?type=2&theaterSHE THIN AF
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219157

wow anyone who thinks this is fat needs some serious body image counselling...and mabye mental counselling too...https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1118887498203368/?type=2&theater
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219158

File: 1475826128337.jpg (60.82 KB, 732x960, dumb retard whore.jpg)

yo look at this goofy pignosed faggot i hope she dies of aids tbh
is she jewish btw?

No. 219159

Does anyone spam their own threads as much as Victoria does? This is getting ridiculous, she posts in her own thread more than actual anons do at this point…

No. 219160

you has some serious body image issues if that is fat to you, her waist is two hands wide
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219161

always thinking its victoria...narcissistic paranoia at its finest
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219162

hoping someone you dont know dies of aids...that sounds really mentally stable......and what does her religion have anything to do with shit? take your anti-jew shit elsewhere, nobody wants your prejudice, nutbar ass here.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219163

so she's jewish? ew gross

No. 219164

anti-semetism on thread.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219165

I dont think Victoria has ever mentioned what her religion is or isnt.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219166

https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1118887498203368/?type=2&theatethis girl looks nothing like the pics posted in this thread, she is very skinny... the photos in this thread look old or edited to fuck.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219167

I bet she fucks mad black dudes.

No. 219168

Hahahahahah i was at that prom with her friend Nikki, that photo is at least 7 years old
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219169

(https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1118887498203368/?type=2&theat)SHES REAL!!!smallll waistnice tits
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219170

You are fucked up if you're anti-semetic...
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219171

Nothing against hebrews but there's a reason they all get rhinoplasty. If she is gonna shoop anyways she should do something about that shnozzola.

No. 219172

Victoria doesnt do alot of dudes in general, shes had mostly had long relationships and spaces in between where she barely went near a guy. I know her well, and its messed up to see people bashing her on here due to their lack of self esteem and mental issues,vbecause she is really kind person,
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219173

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219174

"https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1118887498203368/?type=2&theate"Agreed these old photos arent relevant. She is skinny.Some people on here are sadistic narcissistic psychos.Also, fuck the anti- semitism on this thread.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219175

I've seen her once in RL and she definitly doesn't look like in her photoshooped pics. Pretty, but very average. And very tiny

No. 219176

So she's confirmed a filthy jew?

No. 219177

her face makes me think she takes it in the butt alot

No. 219178

person above needs their eyes tested, she looks like her videos like the link below, which look like her pics, you clearly haven't seen her irl...i've partied with her, shes tiny, but not with heels on and really nice.https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1118887498203368/?type=2&theat
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219179

File: 1475830060207.jpg (3.73 KB, 200x192, samuel.jpg)

when did sam hyde transition? he looks great!

No. 219180

Who the is Sam Hyde?
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219181

File: 1475830526498.jpg (6.26 KB, 240x210, sammy.jpg)

Fuck the transphobia on this thread. He looks stunning here. Glad to see him finding himself.

No. 219182

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUQ47jp7vsAFound a vid of him.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219183

Lol...they arent the same person...he's still doing comedy im watching his shit now.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219184

No. 219185

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219186

Run along and get some meds for your mental disorder.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219187

https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1118887498203368/?type=2&theatThis vid def looks like her in person can confirm.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219188

you can tell she is tiny but not fat at all i want to know if the sword is real thoughhttps://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1034678649957587/?type=2&theater
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219189

She seems like she fucks a lot of black guys. Fat white girls usually do.

No. 219190

https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1118887498203368/?type=2&theaterYeah....sorry she doesn't look fat, but you sound mentally unstable being on here bashing a girl for weeks, shows how weak you are against your mental disorder, it controls you.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219191


>wants people to stop "bullying" her

>posts more than anyone else in this thread
>can't even keep herself from making multiple posts in a row

Vic, you're a retard.

No. 219192

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219193

https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/your-online-secrets/201409/internet-trolls-are-narcissists-psychopathsThis link that was posted sums up the people who are still on this thread bashing Victoria. Every time you post it looks to us all that you are nuts. Do you even realize how crazy you look posting shit about her? Mad lurkin someone you "hate"? Tryin to pretend everyone on here is her? How warped are you? Get some meds for that or something
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219194

when you have no actual real life proof and can't back up your claims so you just say everyone needs meds

No. 219195

("https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1118887498203368/?type=2&theate")!!!! wow, she actually looks like she does in her photos, and she aint fat
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219196

File: 1475839033232.jpg (36.95 KB, 321x537, 1474556576869.jpg)

This fat bitch should do lesbian porn because her nose is basically a strap-on.

No. 219197

https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/your-online-secrets/201608/why-internet-trolls-enjoy-making-you-feel-bad" New research, which will be published in the November 2016 issue of Personality and Individual Differences, probed deeper and found more.1 The researchers confirmed that trolls are psychopathic and sadistic. They also made a new finding: Trolls are strongly characterized by the trait of "negative social potency." This is a measure of a person's cruelty and willingness to use others for their own gain. Questions asked on this survey include things like, "I enjoy embarrassing others." In other words, it's a measure of how terrible someone is."-Jennifer Golbeck Ph.D.Oh, you know...just a PHD doctor in psychology says your behavior means you should be medicated...and judging by the fact that you cant stop, your personality disorder is pretty sever. Get some help.Also....you did it anonymously, so not only are you a psycho who needs medication but you are also a coward.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219198

"This fat bitch should do lesbian porn because her nose is basically a strap-on"her nose is beautiful in all the pics and videos, post a pic of your you, i bet you cant hahaha
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219199

File: 1475839503314.png (93.14 KB, 315x207, chin.png)

>Wears a corset underclothes to pretend she's skinny
Can't hide it in your face though

No. 219200

https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1118887498203368/?type=2&theatethat vid says different whoever thinks she is fat has some serious body image issues and probably needs therapy....i don't see any fat on her.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219201

File: 1475839651088.png (147.53 KB, 403x206, backwards.png)

>Stands with legs apart and hand over backwards corset.
Can't show without corset? Obviously, corsets give the appearance of a waist.

No. 219202

File: 1475839819944.jpg (73.09 KB, 1280x720, me_213534w6436.jpg)

Ok this is me but there was some bad lighting lol

No. 219203

corsets don't make people that skinny...or there would be alot more people wearing them.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219204

File: 1475839857042.gif (993.18 KB, 440x332, gtfo.gif)

You aren't foolin' anybody with the corset vic pls.

No. 219205

There are a lot of people wearing them. They're as mainstream as they can get. Are you pretending to be stupid to change our minds? Idgi

No. 219206

right i'm fat and have like half a foot height on victoria and have children sized hands yet i can still do the two hand thing?? i'm not sure it indicates that much

No. 219207

ive seen her in a bikini without a corset and there are videos of that too...shes still as tiny as the videos posted....i have partied with vic, she doesnt even lace them up all the way and can usually put her fist up underneath them.a corset isnt going to make you that skinny i dont know what planet you are on.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219208

File: 1475840270725.gif (1.49 MB, 350x466, heilfam.gif)

This girl is cuter and it's a one hand thing

No. 219209

sure you have. Pics or stfu

No. 219210

sure whatever vic. Go somewhere and stop bupbing the thread.

No. 219211

https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1118887498203368/?type=2&theatershes really skinny, if she was wearing a corset you would see it bend in the fabric when she sad down, i know because i wear them if pulled that tight you would never be able to bend like that
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219212


No. 219213

File: 1475840435544.gif (54.21 KB, 273x343, victoria.gif)

You can lose weight but you'll never lose that chin…I feel bad for her tbh

No. 219214

Stop reposting no-one is stupid enough to believe you. you can't show with out corset, can you?

No. 219215

implying that teeth whitening is a good substitute for basic oral health

No. 219216

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219217

File: 1475840900585.jpg (76.78 KB, 580x580, m_560b4ff97e7ef6299502109b.jpg)

LOL yes they do. Show without a corset and we may believe you.

No. 219218

There are videos of her all over without a corset and she is still skinny, plus if you had seen her in person like i did you would know that.Whoever is on here bashing vicky has a mental disorder and is very obviously obsessed with her. I wanna know what they look like...probably really nasty considering they wont post a pic of themselves on here.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219219

https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1118887498203368/?type=2&theaterBeautiful face, and she is really skinny, you can tell.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219220

File: 1475841332090.png (Spoiler Image,816.76 KB, 1228x751, 3RbfaFY.png)

Just wearing a corset doesnt make you lose weight….fat doesn't come out by being squished, it can get semi permanently rearranged but if you eat the same you will stay at the the same weight.

No. 219221

No there isn't And you're clearly too obsessed with yourself to let the thread die.
You're wearing a corset (even though it's backwards) here >>219201
doing the same thing. I'm not entertaining your insecurity any longer. Stop googling yourself narcissist.

No. 219222

You can tell in this video she isnt wearing a corset...her flesh bends when she puts her hands on it, corset have bones in them that hold the flesh down and tight...if she was wearing one, she wouldnt be able to indent the flesh as it would already be sucked in and pulled tighthttps://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1118887498203368/?type=2&theater
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219223

Wow why is she sucking in her gut? That can't be healthy.

No. 219224

">>180518Just wearing a corset doesnt make you lose weight….fat doesn't come out by being squished, it can get semi permanently rearranged but if you eat the same you will stay at the the same weight."agreed.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219225

File: 1475842528100.jpg (79.51 KB, 750x414, tasty boiga.jpg)

No. 219226

how many old ass pics are you going to throw up/ edit to fuck to try and convince like she looks like that right now? Post a pic of your cowardly narcissistic troll self, i wanna see your face but you are too scared to.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219227

https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1118887498203368/?type=2&theateri saw her last week, this video looks like her, those photos are edited to make her look like shit, you can tell. some people spend a fuckload of time trying to bring down people they "hate" seems more like obsession
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219228

I can't say I've ever kept up to date with this thread but holy shit the samefagging self posting is a wild ride.

No. 219229

File: 1475842976556.jpg (161.31 KB, 2000x1000, me_chillin_235093475987.jpg)

Ok I will post another pic. Tell me what you think lol

No. 219230

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219231

that isnt you, youre too much of a coward to show the real you
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219232

lets see pics of the people posting this shit, im interested now.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219233

Anyone could say the same for you, photoshop corset wearing queen. When will you show that picture without you wearing a corset?

No. 219234

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219235

awww, look they think they are only talking to Victoria...there there little mentally unstable narcissistic troll, itll be okay if someone doesnt agree with you.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219236

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219237

https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1118887498203368/?type=2&theatershe is so skinny, how is that fatpeople must of edited those pics or they are reallllllly old
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219238

lol, pretty sure no one else would spend hours reposting links unless it was you or a beta. Anyway, no one here is as big a narcissist as you to post a photo of themselves on an anonymous board. But since you are already here can you post those bikini pics? Or are you too busy photoshopping them?

No. 219239

Also, you aren't english why the fake brit accent?

No. 219240

We played beach volleyball together on a date, she is skinny and short with big tits
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219241

Cool, post pics or it didn't happen.

No. 219242

Show me the trolllss!!!show me the trolls!!! :D Its not narcissistic to post pics of yourself on here you are just afraid you pussy hahahahaah
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219243

Lmao shut up Victoria. Despite lurking this thread constantly you still don't seem to understand how it works.

No. 219244

It's narcissistic and borderline schizophrenic that you keep bumping a dead thread pretending to be different people. Also, trying to convince us anonymous users you aren't a photoshopped mess. Go brush your teeth and find something better to do.

No. 219245

https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1118887498203368/?type=2&theaterHAHAHA well this blows those really old and doctored pics people keep posting of her to bits. You actually convinced me for a while that she was fat..im not usually that gullible.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219246

Apparently you are lmao

No. 219247

im just going to repost my earlier post here https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/your-online-secrets/201608/why-internet-trolls-enjoy-making-you-feel-bad[Archived Copy]" New research, which will be published in the November 2016 issue of Personality and Individual Differences, probed deeper and found more.1 The researchers confirmed that trolls are psychopathic and sadistic. They also made a new finding: Trolls are strongly characterized by the trait of "negative social potency." This is a measure of a person's cruelty and willingness to use others for their own gain. Questions asked on this survey include things like, "I enjoy embarrassing others." In other words, it's a measure of how terrible someone is."-Jennifer Golbeck Ph.D. Psyhttps://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/your-online-secrets/201608/why-internet-trolls-enjoy-making-you-feel-bad[Archived Copy]" New research, which will be published in the November 2016 issue of Personality and Individual Differences, probed deeper and found more.1 The researchers confirmed that trolls are psychopathic and sadistic. They also made a new finding: Trolls are strongly characterized by the trait of "negative social potency." This is a measure of a person's cruelty and willingness to use others for their own gain. Questions asked on this survey include things like, "I enjoy embarrassing others." In other words, it's a measure of how terrible someone is."-Jennifer Golbeck Ph.D.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219248

File: 1475844501099.jpg (9.89 KB, 236x177, 2cf89639334912b87167fd85fb0a4c…)

I'll post one too for your mental health


The Ohio State study also found that editing photos of oneself was associated with higher levels of self-objectification.

No. 219249

https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1118887498203368/?type=2&theaterI went on a date with her, and this is what she wore too. Very beatiful but it didnt work out. She doesnt look anything like the photos in this post, they look either really old ,edited or warped.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219250

I dont know why you think you are talking her her.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219251

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219252

Because you keep coming back reposting the same garbage. And it takes you 2 min between each post you nut.

No. 219253

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219254

Somebody cant leave the thread and stop trolling...their narcissism is showing. I wonder if they know how stalkerish and bonkers they seem to us all?
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219255

The fact that yall are still here bashing this girl is enough to diagnose that you have a badddd mental disorder.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219256

Lmao you`re boring and nobody cares.

Next topic.

No. 219257


I have dated her she is realy cool she is a great person and i dont even care that she is chubby.
you guys are mean just because a girl weighs a little more doesnt mean she isnt worth your time trust me i dated her and she was great

No. 219258

If you think your past girlfriend is "chubby" with a waist that small you need help.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219259

Duuuuuuddde, how did you get a girl like that to date you? Tips?
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219260

She may have been then, but she aint now.... got any advice on how to get her attention?
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219261

wow thats a coincidence i went out with her too. didn't work out though seemed liike she slept around alot :/ not nice ppl r badmouthing her tho

No. 219262

Cool, pics or it didn`t happen

No. 219263

so like she really likes when you buy her fast food she is like really hungry
also if your black thats a plus
she will talk nonstop about her facebook just pretend to listen

hey just so you know i got myself checked and i have a mild case of herpes so you might want to go to the doctors just in case

No. 219264

we didnt take any pic together she seemed nervos around camera idk why
we didn't fuck jsut blowjob so im ok lol

No. 219265

I actually know people who worked with her, they used to make fun of her for being a "nun" and turning down guys all the time for over a year and a half, some were celebs too... so i doubt she slept around, people do like to say shit though, but really the only people who would legitimately know would be her and the other person, the rest is speculation.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219266


Sure, so elliot, how's it been in hell? I mean, you killed yourself, so…

OK vic, come clear, we're not stupid y'know. It's a fucking shooter. And Isla Vista only happened in 2014. His pictures are fresh and you are clearly an idiot

No. 219267

that poster is clearly trolling... they either didnt date her or doesnt want anyone to date her because he cant have her.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219268

LMAO do you actually believe your own bullshit? like yes all of your ex boyfriends are crawling out of the woodwork to defend your pathetic ass.

No. 219269

How do i get her to legit date me, not from the troll claiming they got herps....anyone know?
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219270

was it her disgusting hygiene that killed it for all of you too?

No. 219271

you can trust me i know her irl. why would i lie on the internet lol you seem paranoid and mentally ill

yeah her breath was pretty bad

No. 219272


She came to a party I was at once and she was wearing a crusty leather jacket i think because she thought it sealed in her smell. Her BO was so bad it was actually spicy. It hurt my nose, like inhaling over a bottle of nail polish remover.

No. 219273

I dated her, shes all clear, no herps, but shes really distant and not very affectionate, and she doesnt seem to put effort into herself when she is losing interest.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219274

I met her at a party and she smelled amazing, looked great but she looked bitchy.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219275


Lucky, I guess you met her on a showering week. I unfortunately will never be able to un-smell her.

No. 219276

I dated her, she is beautiful, clean and usually smells great ... until shes giving up on the relationship and then she stops doing her hair or makeup or caring about her appearance in general.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219277

yea she put on alot of weight when we were going out…kinda ruined it for me not to be mean but i like thinner girls

No. 219278


Ah well then it was just mere coincidence that she smelled and looked like she hadn`t cleaned herself in a month. Because whenever I lose interest in a relationship I try to become a stinky renaissance fair wench as well.

No. 219279

Apparently at that fashion show the other models would spray her with body spray and perfume when her back was turned. Justified, I can imagine being in a tiny sweaty packed room with her would be torture.

No. 219280

Didnt she have glass stuck in her gum that was infected that she had removed?How did you get her to say yes to dating you?
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219281

I was at that fashion show that isnt even remotely true but she couldnt even walk in the heels and she was the finally model... she had to learn right before.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219282

I wondered why her teeth looked weird. What happened?

No. 219283

no but food would get stuck for a long time cuz i think she didnt brush. it was pretty easy if you hit on her she will date you

No. 219284

File: 1475849880347.jpg (29.78 KB, 604x434, lol10.jpg)

Lmfao. Fuck oral health.

No. 219285

https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1118887498203368/?type=2&theaterShe had her teeth lasered, she showed me and they are really white, you can tell in the video... i dont know what happened but i know it was bothering her and now she is "obsessed with her teeth"
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219286

"it was pretty easy if you hit on her she will date you"i tried that already in person :(
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219287


Lazering does not equal actual oral health.

No. 219288


Another helpful tip: you may want to burn out your sense of smell. Or have a closet filled with deodorant that you can apply while she is asleep, as she apparently has some kind of aversion to it when she`s conscious.

No. 219289

she always smelled like Chanel and tasted like spearmint gum, she chews it alot.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219290

Nah, more like Vanilla and Jack Daniels.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219291

Nah, more like a dead dog covered in franks red hot

No. 219292

https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1118887498203368/?type=2&theater <<< that is one tiny waist holy eff
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219293

File: 1475853901989.jpg (51.25 KB, 368x604, lololol.jpg)

No. 219294

nice hat
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219295

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219296

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219297

shes actually a beautiful jewman being and her boyfriend would beat you up

No. 219298

File: 1475855194764.jpg (36.05 KB, 604x395, lol11.jpg)

No. 219299

That photo is in bad lighting and like 8 years old.....
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219300

she looks cute and happy, not the best pic of her though :D
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219301

How many old / warped and old photos of her are you going to post?We all know she looks like this :https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1118887498203368/?type=2&theaterYoure really scraping the bottom of the barrel on this one huh?
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219302

File: 1475857336243.png (184.53 KB, 400x350, 1465895120676.png)

what the flying fuck is going on in this thread. Fucking hell, she's totally lost it. Could mods please clear this up?

No. 219303

lmao at that profile pic

No. 219304

Victoria you and your friends need to realize that everytime you post in this thread just to call farmers narcissists it keeps it at the top of the page therefore brings more attention to it.

Also what do you like constantly monitor this thread for new posts because yall jump in here with psychology today link spam almost immediately every time

No. 219305


oh vic you poor stupid thing did you really try to html greentext? on a post where you link to the same exact video your other badly disguised posts link to when they aren't linking the same exact psychologytoday article, or talking about how they totally went on a date with you and you looked and smelled totally amazing? the lack of self awareness in this self-posting fiasco is TRULY something else. the 2-3 different typing styles do not throw anyone off, learn how to reply to posts or maybe like stop bumping your own thread for your own sake

No. 219306

also, inb4 vic's next sperg session where several of these start showing up within minutes of each other:
> that pic is 7 years old…..
> wow that's really sad you trolls are such narcissists that you all think vic is the same person, anyway here's a link to a very credible psychologytoday article def has not been posted before
> i know victoria personally and she is amazing tattoo artist with 23 inch waist
> I dated her and contrary to these fake haters she smells like sunshine and cupcakes, does NOT have herpes and wore a bikini on our date and ALSO i have no idea what the concept of baiting is

No. 219307

its still funny that this person attacking her with a mental disorder is obsessed with the idea that everyone on here is Victoria
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219308

Yes a grainy webcam video of her wearing a waist trainer and two million tons of contour. That sure proves us wrong

No. 219309

show your face lol it would be funny to see who is this mentally unstable.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219310

unlike you, there's more than one of us on here. also do you understand the definition of an anonymous forum?

No. 219311

i understand that only cowards need to wear masks when insulting someone, because they are afraid.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219312

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219313

In all seriousness, Victoria, nobody actually cares that much about you. The reason this thread keeps getting bumped is because you keep posting in it and pushing it back onto the first page. People are making comments to bait you into replying and you respond every single time. Do you really not realise what's happening?

No. 219314

Lol @ thinking erryone is her
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219315

Lol @ thinking anyone is fooled by your sperging out on your own thread

No. 219316

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219317

I would say you guys should learn to sage but that green text attempt says it all

No. 219318

all of her `proof` videos are shart quality

No. 219319

Omg the same fagging in this thread was funny at first but now it's just kinda sad. home girl needs to get off the internet and learn how to tattoo people properly if she's so dead set on ruining people's skin with her scratchy tattoo work. but I guess if you stick with a lie long enough you actually believe it yourself lmao

No. 219320

>shart quality
please elaborate on this rating system that includes sharts

No. 219321


So basically

-HD movie
-TV drama
-TV sitcom
-Car commercial
-Shopping channel
-That one blender commercial that comes on at 3am
-Public access tv
-home videos from the 90s
- bigfoot video
-tv static

No. 219322


The self-posting has been sad for a while now. She`s literally run through her arsenal of the usual threats when people oppose her, not much left to do other than samefag and self-post until it gets too cringey to watch

No. 219323

File: 1475868306334.jpg (604.71 KB, 2048x2048, BAE90973-9465-4369-8014-1594BB…)

Sorry, but you don't go from looking like the first picture to looking like the second without either MAJOR photoshop or MAJOR plastic surgery. Vic has denied both accusations but little does she know, we're not fucking idiots. We all know she photoshops her photos to oblivion and that she is nothing but a complete fake with a severe case of narcissistic personality disorder.

No. 219324

File: 1475870318633.jpg (614.7 KB, 2048x2048, CEFBD883-642A-4CB0-B80F-BE5BAA…)

Another great example

No. 219325

Lol that dress is so ill fitting. She probably lied to the designer about her measurements.

No. 219326

bringing up images that have been warped or are old isnt fooling anyone.https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1118887498203368/?type=2&theaterthis video looks like her...and no amount of old ass images is going to make people believe otherwise. Stop same fagging your narcissistic bullshit nobody is dumb enough to believe you
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219327

reposting the same old images of her that are warped beside one she stated she purposefully edited to look like a cgi final fantasy character doesnt prove much
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219328

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219329

photos that are warped and old < new videos and live feed of her looking like her actual photossorry, but this thread is garbage, this girl is skinny as hell and pretty and these people look obsessed taking pics of her that are 10 years old and warping some of them to make her look bad.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219330

File: 1475874170356.gif (2.23 MB, 373x210, faeb016.gif)

In this thread like
>where is mods
>why is she still here
>she has nothing better to do

No. 219331

Poor thing. See, Victoria used to be young and pretty -and that was all she had. Emphasis on "had".

She got older and fatter, which is normal, happens to plenty of people, but it's apparently kinda hard to deal with when you don't have anything else except your looks. Whoops, had your looks. Thus, shooping so extreme her pictures look like intentionally exaggerated digital drawings, not photos. Also, going on and on about how she's skinny, so pitifully desperate I can picture her crying and rage-typing.

She's bad at tattooing, and this thread makes her go apeshit because, well, she's afraid it hurts her livelihood, but I guess it's even more about how deeply insecure she is. And she really doesn't seem to be very smart based on this desperate, frantic samefagging. The lady doth protest too much.

No. 219332

*posts old photos that are 10 years old...8 years old or even from prom and some that are warped and photoshopped photos to make her look bad**Victoria posts live new videos and responds to people saying their name withing minutes that look identical to her and posts video of her showing a waist so tiny she can fit both her hands around it**mentally ill person says she "lost her looks"*...yeahhh
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219333

Implying all candids ever are warped. kek.

Anyone can slap on a corset and squish their waist. Is she assuming that nobody knows how corsets work. I've seen 300 pound girls squish their waist down to that size.

No. 219334

How is it that you spend enough time here arguing that you pick up on and use words such as "samefag" and learned to use italics but you still can't sage or greentext

No. 219335

File: 1475878063288.gif (499.66 KB, 500x206, thumbs.gif)

>she stated she purposefully edited to look like a cgi final fantasy character

No. 219336

Victoria, you need to seek help. Posting obsessively for hours on end isn’t normal behavior. I hope you can find a good therapist to help you handle your mental issues.

No. 219337

Sorry, but you're not fooling ANYONE. I do believe those pictures are from 2011 and 2012, which would make them only 4 or 5 years old. Not 10. Someone needs to go back to elementary school and learn some basic math skills. Just face it hun, you've lost all credibility on this thread and you just keep digging yourself even further every time you post. Oh, and let's not forget the fact that you haven't explained why it is your hair warps beside your waist in those "new" photos. Could it be because you photoshop your damn waist in all of your photos? Hmmm….
And before you post that damn video again for the hundredth time, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that you're either wearing a corset or you're editing your videos. I would go with either one considering you've edited your videos before. It's no secret and it is possible to do.

No. 219338

That awkward moment when I don't spend hours a day bumping my own thread…

No. 219339


That ivy league education

No. 219340


Your attempts to hide your self-posts are as terrible as your PS skills. You can't even form a complete sentence without adding "…", typing in all caps, or posting a link. And you keep saying that these pics are old but you still look like a tragic mess.

No. 219341

Suggesting that someone would take the time to photoshop her tits into pancakes to spite her.

No. 219342

i think you have a problem if you think everyone correcting you is the person being talked about….
sometimes you are just wrong and people correct you.

No. 219343

??? It doesn't matter????
I didn't need to be corrected why are you responding to that now after all the time passed?
I wasn't referring to a corset "literally" making one "loose weight" I meant it gives the appearance to a lessor weight. I just misunderstood the post. No need to go back to it chill out.

No. 219344

Why is it so hard for people to understand that there are some females on the internet that gasp don't feel the need to post selfies all over their shit when they're online solely for the sake of discussion.

It may be hard to grasp for someone who spends hours painstakingly editing the shit out of their photos for the validation of a bunch of randoms on the internet, but not everyone on the wants/needs every bit of attention they can get, all the time.

No. 219345

>you and your friends

There are no friends. It's only Vic.

Her sperging has been focused entirely on her appearance. She hasn't defended her tattooing skills, shooping skills, or intelligence, because those things don't really matter to her. The only thing she cares about is being physically attractive.

That's why she keeps demanding that we post pictures of ourselves; she truly doesn't understand that people can have any sense of self-worth that isn't directly tied to their appearance, or that there are people who don't need to constantly beg for attention by plastering the internet with (horribly edited) selfies.

She's shallow, dumb as a rock, artistically talentless, very emotionally unstable, and obsessed with herself. She's bordering on horrorcow status imo.

No. 219346

File: 1475910285028.jpg (34.5 KB, 413x395, 1310483412100.jpg)

haha holy fuck i don't check on this thread for ONE fucking day, ONE day!!!

No. 219347

File: 1475910630714.png (498.34 KB, 489x704, yikes.PNG)

Another dump taken on an unsuspecting customer.

Not a scratcher apparently, but doesn't work at a shop? B-but I thought she was the best tattoo artist ever who has judged conventions!!!!

No. 219348

File: 1475928324495.png (117.7 KB, 597x634, IMG_4276.PNG)

Pls explain since you know what you're doing

No. 219349

File: 1475928798413.png (75.75 KB, 640x678, IMG_4278.PNG)

The fact that people are willingly paying her to let her fuck them up is beyond me. yikes

No. 219350

File: 1475929589113.png (173.98 KB, 640x802, IMG_4281.PNG)

Imagine what her portfolio would look like if they were pictures from the client themselves

No. 219351

This is such a flat image. I would be ashamed of myself if I had that on me.

No. 219352

It's sad because she overcharges and makes people think they're going to get an awesome piece (via the photoshop album) because they're paying more. Then they're left with this blown out scabby crap.

No. 219353

She looks hot in the 2nd pic. Guessing someone else shopped her here tho.

What is happening here….?

No. 219354

this looks straight out of the exorcist :(

No. 219355

Thoae tattoos are unfinished lmfao. anyone can tell that, they look good, and as a tattoo artist you can tell someone fucked up that edward on their own, as the originals skin doesnt loook hashed blown out nor compromised.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219356

that cross tattoo is beautiful, and freehand too, wow!
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219357

holy shit that cover up cross tattoo is amazing, and freehanded?
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219358

File: 1475940487937.gif (841.12 KB, 450x254, IMG_4283.GIF)

sure vicky

No. 219359

Those are clearly unfinished tattoos and they look great so far. What the fuck did that guy do to that edward tattoo? It looks like they didnt wash it for a week. No sign of line blow out or tissue damage, just scabby af, clear indication of mistreatment.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219360

Lmao yeah that scratchy ass collar in the Edward tattoo was totally ther fault. Fucking victim blaming idiot.

No. 219361

i want something like that cross tattoo she did.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219362

File: 1475940848692.jpg (47.08 KB, 604x453, x_2b219c9c.jpg)

More candids, holy eyebags batman.

No. 219363

hahaha whatever dude got that edward tattoo looks like they fucked it up hard... if it was the artist going heavy his face would have a blowout to fuck and there would be obvious mashing of the skin in the before photo. Im a tattoo artist by profession of 7 years, and ive only ever seen stuff come back like that meaning some idiot didnt take care of it.Judging by her other work, she knows what she is doing.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219364

File: 1475941057574.jpg (47.12 KB, 604x453, x_0d3fc9c3.jpg)

I think the funniest thing about Vic losing her mind in this thread about us 'stalking' her by 'collecting' all of these photos is that I'm getting all of these photos from a fan group of hers. It's quite meticulously organized.

You've plastered your mug all over the internet for over 10 years now, you shouldn't be surprised people save and reupload archives of this shit.

No. 219365

clearly Darcie is on this post....those photos are from literally 10-8 years ago ...again scraping the bottom of the barrel to try and make her look bad....
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219366

Hello this is the internet so obviously everyone is who they say they are and I happen to be the top ranked tattoo artist on the whole world and also a doctor and Olympic gold medalist and I say her tattoo work is garbage and she has no idea what she's doing.

No. 219367

>self proclaimed tattoo artist comes to white knight herself

No. 219368

>knows intimate details about their life


No. 219369

im pretty sure Victoria has some terrible ones of her, i used to hang with them, she just has more class than to post ancient photos trying to make someone look bad
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219370

i know those girls, they havent hung out in like 8 years....and they used to post videos together
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219371

File: 1475941407485.png (638.71 KB, 910x590, themoreyouknow.png)

What other work? Because she hasn't taken a clear photo of anything she has done in years. Neither have the clients who've had it done (curious!!)

And for reference, on the left, a clear photo of a tattoo. No retarded color filters or shitty phone cameras allowed, sorry!

>tfw never met Vic in my life and her sheer retardation is going to drive her to attack people who aren't involved

how exciting!!!

No. 219372

Its a camera phone video still, its not as high res as a photo. Victoria is planning on releasing high res vids soon, she was talking to me about it at our last session. Her work is awesome.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219373

https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1118887498203368/?type=2&theaterShe looks like her video...not some old ass 10 year old photos of her. How is a 10 year old photo in bad lighting even relevant?
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219374

You would think that will all the money she's ripping people off for and deposits she's stealing she could afford a camera from this century at this point. And maybe some decent hair extensions.

No. 219375

man, i wish that there were artists around here who could do shit like that cross that on me.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219376

just go to your local scratcher's basement

No. 219377

WOW, PEOPLE LOVE THESE OLD ASS PHOTOS HUH? GUESS IT PISSES THEM OFF THAT SHE REALLY LOOKS LIKE THIS>>https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1118887498203368/?type=2&theater
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219378

I almost feel bad for her. Not because of this OMG PSYCHO TROLL CYBERBULLY THREAD!!!11! but because her self-esteem is so horribly low. I suppose that happens when you shoop your photos to Hell and back, fish for compliments and probably pretend that's real. False facade, bitch knows she has nothing behind it. She doesn't realize the facade isn't very good either, tho. Tryhard. If she loved herself, she wouldn't need to overcompensate by being so fucking smug and unpleasant either.

No. 219379

scratcher is the name for noobs with scratchy line work because they dont know what they are doing....this isnt a scratcher, her ink and lines is smooothhhi want a ram skull on my chest with wings like that around it
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219380

Lmao actually shut up Victoria you look so stupid. Nobody wants tattoos like this.

No. 219381

Agreed, saw her last night at my restaurant with friends, she looks nothing like those 10 year old photos and she is really nicehttps://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1118887498203368/?type=2&theatere
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219382

Yo id let her ink me, any broad that can freehand that as a cover up knows whats up
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219383

that cross tattoo is insanely good, i dont believe she inked that
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219384

Lmao everyone whose seen her in person in the last 8 years ends up on this thread to defend a crusty stinky stranger

Sure jan.

No. 219385

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219386

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219387

File: 1475942850243.jpg (79.69 KB, 540x720, 198028_10150135447026517_31124…)

I wonder if she'll get dinged by mods for spamming the shit out of the thread & "calling the police" to take the site down and have it revealed that she has been samefagging for 90% of this thread.

More tattoos she did early on, I really feel bad for all of the people she has fucked up.

No. 219388

thats a really pretty tattoo of the tree, bad place to put words though, they blow out over time with weight gain and loss.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219389

That's a picture of a freshly inked tattoo you fucking retard.

No. 219390

i got words on my side and they stretched to fuck on me when i gained 60 lbs..i should of went bigger with the words like my friend who got the same thing from our artist, hers is still perfect
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219391

that doesnt look like Victorias design work, it looks taken from something else
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219392

i want something like that cross tattoo she did but with a big ass dragon on it.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219393

Or just don't get fat lol

No. 219394

Jesus Christ shes retarded. All these self posts are so humiliating yet satisfying. I hope she grows into a fat lolcow to provide plenty of milk in the future because it's heading that way for sure.
Just keep raging with your sperg comments, I feel like shes going to blow up anytime soon lol

No. 219395

some people have health problems which makes them gain weight and cant help it...
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219396

Wow, its not my fault i gained weight and my ink stretched, i have a thyroid problem, fuck you.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219397

No one gains 60 pounds from health conditions. That's called eating to much.

No. 219398

That cross is too clean and centered to be freehanded....
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219399

yeah, you can gain 60 lbs from health conditions, you're just an idiot who doesnt know anything about thyroid problems.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219400

Victoria BellaMorte: taker of all things bait

No. 219401

I actually have a thyroid problem and maintain my weight. No condition causes you to gain 60 pounds. You should try some self control.

No. 219402

No. 219403


Snoozy thread is this way my friend.

No. 219404

File: 1475946662630.jpg (36.99 KB, 600x528, kek.jpg)

Holy shit, this whole thread is hilarious. Keep taking the bait, Vic!

No. 219405

Did you happen to miss the fact that I've already said YOU EITHER EDITED THAT VIDEO, YOU'RE WEARING A CORSET, OR ITS BOTH??? Or are you just so fucking dumb that you don't know how to read?
No one is falling for your shit Victoria! And the fact that you keep samefagging yourself on here pretending to be other people, saying things like "SHE FINE AS FUcKKK NOWWW" and " SHES REAL!!! smallll waist nice tits" shows exactly how pathetic and delusional you really are. It's so damn sad that I almost feel sorry for you. ALMOST.

No. 219406

I work in film, that video isnt edited, lmfao.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219407

when she took this videohttps://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/vb.178839198874874/1118887498203368/?type=2&theatereshe replied live to people, kinda hard to "edit" live...lmfao
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219408

File: 1475949885722.jpg (116.31 KB, 730x960, NbhJCOg4WTM.jpg)

This one looks like she literally 'painted' on cleavage lmao

No. 219409

Was she a lot younger in the OP picture or something?

No. 219410

Most of the photos people are posting on this thread are 10-7 years....really old. But the one of her inking is alot newer.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219411

some are even older, from prom and when she was underage.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219412

Please – there is so much blur on this video you can't tell what the hell you "really" look like.

To paraphrase Chocolate Puddin': "Miss Victoria I've got to know, why are you so motherfucking blurry? You're glowing like some kind of spooky ghost or angel from Heaven or some shit!"

No. 219413

really white skin is glowy in photos and video, and has to be powdered down, i know because mine does the same thing when i model if they dont contour me.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219414

File: 1475951517252.jpg (55.15 KB, 600x450, 1444666665070.jpg)

that is the wonkiest cross I've ever seen

No. 219415

What the fuck are you talking about? That sounds made up as hell lol. Also

>my super speshul snowflake white skin glows when I ~model~ bc I am such a pale goffick princess

way to basically confirm you're Victoria, can't go one post without blowing smoke up your own ass can you?

No. 219416

File: 1475952226602.png (38.48 KB, 561x423, r6383jd.png)

Her narcissism knows no bounds my guy.

No. 219417

Holy shit, that self-delusion

No. 219418

time to update you LinkedIn resume with another self proclaimed title

No. 219419

Any respect I have ever had for her is now gone because of her outrageous delusions on this thread. Keep digging that hole Vic!

No. 219420

thats probably a fake linkedin
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219421


Vic, do you EVER leave this thread?

No. 219422

She's acts like the same delusional superknob in person. Constantly fishing for compliments in theost obvious way, it makes everyone else uncomfortable. And then when she doesn't receive the compliments she so desperately requires to survive she just starts complimenting herself and waiting for people to agree with her. SO UNCOMFORTABLE because it's so obvious. If she can't understand how fucking pathetic that is in a room full of people who are rolling their eyes at her every word she'll never understand it on here.

No. 219423

oh god, you've met her in person anon? I'd love to hear more awful stories

No. 219424

File: 1475975804907.png (100.43 KB, 503x746, IMG_6555.PNG)

This is relevant. Although it doesn't just apply to just her personality, it applies to everything about her.

No. 219425

File: 1476009821503.jpg (22.5 KB, 320x240, fsaaf da f.jpg)

Vic, you're the most pathetic samefagger I've ever seen. It's pitiful.

No. 219426

File: 1476027403495.png (115.83 KB, 640x799, IMG_4279.PNG)

No. 219427


No. 219428

File: 1476033172086.jpg (3.4 MB, 2556x1666, peacock.jpg)

It looks like somebody tied to strangle it and broke its neck

No. 219429

File: 1476036318100.png (286.39 KB, 446x588, disasteralright.png)

holy shit, nothing could be worse than what's being put on their skin now

No. 219430

Jesus Christ lmfao what the hell. Why do all of her tattoos look like giant blobs.

No. 219431

>Honour roll
> Back when I paid attention :P

I see why she can't get a job

No. 219432

I feel like she low key works as a dishwasher or cashier so she can still buy cigarettes and eyeliner.

No. 219433

I heard she's a huge kleptomaniac.

No. 219434


No. 219435

Does Victoria have any family/friends who care about her enough to get her off the internet and into the hands of a mental health specialist? I have never seen someone shit up their own thread in such a humiliating way. Her narcissistic delusions and mania need to be treated asap before she self destructs entirely. She obviously can't handle being on the internet unsupervised, please get help. Medication and long term cognitive therapy will improve your quality of life ten fold. It's so unfortunate to witness someone become so unravelled…

No. 219436

File: 1476063854414.png (117.26 KB, 640x631, IMG_4289.PNG)

>dat ~*realism*~

No. 219437

i've known about victoria since myspace and i think she actually has a younger sister? unless she lied about that too lmao. either way if she does i wouldn't be surprised if their relationship is shit bc all victoria does is lie smh

No. 219438

>I got tattoos from her
>I dated her
>no way I dated her too!
>I saw her at a restaurant
>I'm her friend
>I knew her and her friends

…so you're telling me…people who kinda sort of know her are just sitting around googling her name? That they all type the same, don't know how to use an image board? And some of these very same people 'studied psychology', one is a 'tattoo artist' (that thinks her tattoos are GOOD after they themselves have apparently worked in the industry for 7 years LOL) and someone who works in film (which proves the videos can't be edited u guize)?!?

Oh, this is too much. The way this person talks shows they are mentally stunted because they can't change up their sentence structure. It's the same word vomit over and over again.

Maybe we are all narcissistic sociopathic borderline schizophrenic stalkers, but we will never reach the level of crazy as this OBVIOUS self poster.

No. 219439

Don’t forget the store owner who met her, somehow got her full name and just happened to find this thread. And the person who was at her prom. And the multiple people who went to her high school!

Somehow all of these people not only looked her up and came to this thread, but they all just happened to do at the same time. Amazing! She must be so famous and cool because literally her whole town is searching her name and posting at the exact same time.

What a nut.

No. 219440

I came here from the kiwifar.ms and holy shit what a ride.

Thanks for spreading the word, Vic!

No. 219441

Lmao she's lost over 200 followers since she posted that "IM REALLY SKINNY GUYS" video. Dat self destruction.

No. 219442

Dat narcissism. I can't wait til she comes back to this thread to dig herself deeper. What a fool.

No. 219443

Lmfao she just posted another terrible fucking boob photoshop on her Instagram. Jesus Christ. I wonder how she copes getting ready for bed at night and having to see what she actually looks like. Probably reads all the comments from all the red bull sucking, guillable edgelords to help her sleep.

No. 219444

File: 1476145229587.png (978.99 KB, 720x726, 20161010_201811.png)

She must really hate herself. She looks like a cartoon character!!

No. 219445

she also posted a video right afterwards and it's like playing spot the difference

No. 219446

My question is does she try to pass this off as what she really looks like? Because they're so obviously over shooped to the point that literally nothing about it looks real. Maybe she's trying to do digital paintings or whatever it was called that kooter said she was doing for their knd phase?

Even so, it's bad. Whatever it is, it's bad. Very poor use of photoshop skills, and she might even be visibly impaired since she looks at the finished product and thinks enough of it to put it online for thousands to see.

No. 219447

Visually impaired, whatever. Saged

No. 219448

AND she tries to say she's 5'4" -_-
Yeah, maybe with heels on but without, she's 5'2" at the most. It's obvious.

No. 219449

Lmao shes literally a square without a corset on. A flabby square.

No. 219450

File: 1476151871456.jpg (8.72 KB, 225x225, dfsfds.jpg)

the fucking sword shooped behind her, holy shit

No. 219451

She has some serious insecurities about herself and her appearance. She gains validation from the internet- she is this perfect, small waist-ed, gorgeous goddess on photoshop. It must be very disheartening to her everyday to know that if she doesn't have pounds of makeup, extensions, body shapers, and photoshop, she will never even come close to looking like that. It must suck to truly know that all her admirers on the internet admire something that isn't real, and they she can never honestly live up to. I can't imagine she meets up with people that she's met on the internet, because she doesn't look a thing like her shops, and all would be disappointed and/or angry at being deceived (even tho it's obvious but some people are retarded and easily fooled). It must be a very lonely life.

No. 219452

File: 1476206106350.png (1.75 MB, 1908x1102, Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 11.1…)

Yep, all natural, all right.

No. 219453

This is fucking terrible even from an aesthetic standpoint.
Gaudy, tacky colors and shitty editing.
Can't she at least make nice shoops like Dakota used to?

No. 219454

File: 1476209965700.png (101.41 KB, 640x743, IMG_4294.PNG)

I'm pretty sure she also tattooed a self portrait…on her thigh…facing her.

No. 219455

pretty sure that is her reflection as medusa on athenas shield...athenas shield was a mirror...
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219456

File: 1476215216572.jpg (52.2 KB, 750x555, fake-eyes.jpg)

Im dying at this thread lmfao like how. Shes literally this chick 2.0.

No. 219457

>says it's a self portrait
>no it's her reflection as medusa

…so like a self portrait.

No. 219458

I saw this in the recent images and totally called that it was in Victoria's thread

No. 219459

to be Athensas shield it would need be a mirror, showing the lookers reflection, but with medusas head on it.. Victoria has eyeballs and doesnt walk around with snakes in her hair
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219460

What are you trying to say?

On another note I checked out her instagram and it's pretty lulzy how she's been jumping through so many hoops to prove anonymous ~narcissistic crazies~ on the internet wrong. And why doesn't someone tell her she's got that damn corset on backwards

No. 219461

File: 1476224587673.gif (949.3 KB, 314x500, tattoo2.gif)

Hi Vic.

Also, here is the image she used as 'reference' for her tattoo, which she also shooped when it first went online as a 'finished' piece.

No. 219462

File: 1476228317627.jpg (215.46 KB, 700x900, pablo-picasso-self-portraits-c…)

It doesn't have to be realistic to be a self portrait

No. 219463

Haha wow.

No. 219464

Lmao the original is killing me

No. 219465


this video makes me feel claustrophobic, like i'm in a stuffy hot topic overcrowded with old post scene girls

No. 219466

you're gunna love this then

in side shots her head is bigger than her waist lmao

No. 219467

there….. are no words.

in related news i have a migraine now

No. 219468

I laughed way too hard at that hahah Jfc girl get a grip! Therapy, NOW!

No. 219469

I was at the fashion show and I'm 99% sure she was wearing at least 3 push up bras. I'm not kidding. Like, she layered them. She was definitely wearing more than one. Trying so hard to make her boobs look photoshopped irl but it wasn't happening for her haha.

No. 219470

oh god this thread has gotten so out of hand that I thought this was another selfpost because it started with "i saw her at the fashion show"
sorry u had to see that tho

No. 219471


Lmao it's ok, I'm also pretty sure she had makeup on her back that was covering some kind of back acne. Horrifying.

No. 219472

File: 1476242087210.jpg (44.81 KB, 1280x720, GWrolysj7jw.jpg)

did she honestly shoop extra eyelashes into this potato picture lmao??

No. 219473


Lmao I wouldn't doubt it. I wonder if she still lives with her parents. Her income on shitty tattoos must be really inconsistent so paying rent is out of the question.

No. 219474

File: 1476245048269.jpg (25.68 KB, 519x800, FB_IMG_1476244551563.jpg)

Omfgggg. This is on her Page as new, wtf one tit is like lopsided. If you are going to take so much time making yourself look like a cartoon jessica rabbit knock of fucking make sure your tits are the same size!!!!

No. 219475

Woah, she looks huuuge here.

No. 219476

I heard her on a local radio months ago, I think she co hosts or something, but that accent. Man, it's so unfortunate lmao

No. 219477

File: 1476286303271.jpg (55.27 KB, 1240x910, karen-meangirls.jpg)

Hmmm as soon as Victoria left all of her èx boyfriends`and `people that have seen her in real life and think she really does look like her videos` and `psychology professors`left too. So strange…

No. 219478

im pretty sure its because we are all watching how creepy and pathetic it is that you are STILLLLLL stalking this girl, lmfao
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219479


Hey Vic, still losing followers I see. All you lolcows use the word `stalking` instead of `not being gullible enough to buy your hilarious photoshops`. Its like a universal thing I guess.

No. 219480

Hey Vic. Please sign off and get help for your NPD (and hey, you can exploit having that illness too, it's a win-win!)

No. 219481

Way to keep bumping your own thread. Are you starved for attention now that you're losing followers?

No. 219482


So you all just met up on a room and decided to sit back and watch? Fucking idiot. The only person you're fooling is yourself. Any person with actual eyeballs and half a brain can see the bullshit yore pulling. But keep making gross, tacky shoops and lying to yourself. Everyone who isn't a half bald thirsty ass dirtbro commenting "so gorgeous wow" is following you for the lulz.

No. 219483

I like the reasoning that you are only always fucking here ready for the next post in this thread, all to "sit back and watch" other people watch her. But it's only creepy and psycho when they do it! Not creepy when you do it to them!

No. 219484

so it's creepy and pathetic when strangers on the internet keep up with a thread about a lol-worthy stranger… doesnt that make you creepy and pathetic too, by your logic of course

No. 219485

>> 182511

If you're here too you can't even say anything. Like hey guess what you're creeping the creepers creeping this thread. Get off this website of you have a problem with it.

No. 219486

Lmao can someone tell Victoria to stop sperging on her own thread? Maybe?

No. 219487

yikes, u mad?

No. 219488

File: 1476327838235.png (190.55 KB, 413x411, 20161012_230155.png)

No. 219489

File: 1476328104387.jpg (86.68 KB, 600x475, original.jpg)


No. 219490

File: 1476328522876.jpg (22.5 KB, 300x300, img-thing.jpg)

One more for now. She's not inherently awful looking, just very average

No. 219491

Those glasses remind me of the one's Eminem used to wear. Perfectly completes the trashy look. Also her brows in these pics are tragic

No. 219492

Hahah yes! I'd say she should let them grow out, but I'm positive years of over plucking has ruined the follicles and her brows will be sparse until she's left with nothing. That's happened to a few women I know (In their 40's) and they all pass on the life lesson to NEVER over pluck. Tragic.

No. 219493

i actually think she looks okay in these last pics??? maybe it's because i'm so used to her with hellish photoshop over caked makeup and fried scene hair, but it's kind of refreshing to see her looking like a normal, non-narcissistic girl with actual human features. idk it's a much better look on her

No. 219494

I agree. It's disheartening to see the great lengths she goes through to disguise her natural beauty. She looks so much better. I just wish she could see what we see. She's ruining herself.

No. 219495

She has such dead eyes.

Is this edited? One of her boobs is significantly larger than the other.

No. 219496

I posted that image, and did not edit at all. If it was, it was done before posted to the site I got it from. Though she could just be lop-sided. It happens.

No. 219497

Agreed, she looks waay better when she's not photoshopping herself into some cgi. Those last two photos look like they were taken before she fell into the photoshop pit, no tattoos anywahere.

No. 219498

Everyone has narcissistic traits. In fact, it's healthy to be a bit selfish. That's where self-preservation and self-care come from.

Narcissistic personality disorder comes from when a person exhibits too many selfish traits to the point where the preservation of their ego takes precedence over all else.

This is the saddest part of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The person is effectively unable to "recover" because that would mean tearing down the grand illusion they've so carefully crafted, the mask they've worn so long they now believe to be their true self.

I've followed this girl for a while out of psychological interest. I've been haunted by narcissists most of my life and she struck me as a glaring example.

It's okay to have imperfections. You don't owe anyone thinness, for example. Personally, though, I do believe you owe people honesty. At least, if you want their respect.

It's sad to see the logical fallacies that lead to no accountability. "I know you are but what am I?" Deflecting. "I'm a total sweetheart!" Maybe you're polite to strangers… But that does not negate being a liar, or a person who misrepresents both themselves and their work.

Unfortunately, a person so deeply rooted in their narcissism and their illusion of grandiosity won't likely change their stripes. What will inevitably happen, if it hasn't already, is the person will become a "broken down" narcissist. They will be lonely and feel hard done by- like nothing was their fault and the world was just out to get them (ex. They're just jealous!)

They'll retreat into a private world (gaming or something) where their ego can safely continue existing and the pain is numb.

It's sad and I don't wish it on anyone. Life has so much more to offer than attention and narcissistic supply. You miss out on all sorts of beauty and love when your existence is the equivalent of an attention drug addict.

I wish her well.

No. 219499

Wow did you learn all of this in your intro to psychology class Vic?

No. 219500

Lmao, I'm definitely not Victoria nor was that post very complimentary. You are the dumb. Proceed…(you are the dumb.)

No. 219501


Aside from all of the obvious super self-absorbed into her own looks thing, she keeps claiming to be a super sweetheart and shes so nice to everyone but shes such an asshole to her clients. Constantly bailing on long standing appointments last minute, claiming they just want to be her when they`re (rightfully) disappointed with their tattoo. She goes straight to their character as if shes trying to create some underlying motive of that person to save her reputation. I`ve never met a tattoo artist who has made more enemies with her work because it`s just plain terrible.

Also, one of the most blatantly NPD things that i`ve noticed reoccurring here is that she actually thinks that people are taking the time to photoshop her and make her look worse. They`re just un edited pictures but shes so detached from reality that she thinks that she looks like her shoops and not real photos.

No. 219502

>You are the dumb
K Vic

No. 219503

Also, of course it isn't complimentary. Your trying really hard to be self-critical to get sympathy asspats. Just leave

No. 219504

Okay, chicken dumb-dumb, if you realllllly think a person who won't even admit she has a belly button would be self critical you have a few things to learn before you move out of mommy's house. Do you have a chaperone when crossing the street?

No. 219505

Vic please learn how to use this forum before you sperg. Thanks

No. 219506

what does this even mean

No. 219507

I don't give a shit about this chick but every time I come to this thread everything's just going to hell and it's incredible.

No. 219508

File: 1476407353796.png (86.42 KB, 640x810, IMG_4311.PNG)

No. 219509

File: 1476409206598.jpg (177.13 KB, 1024x1024, HsKusxZOm9U.jpg)

Holy SHIT that looks really bad

>Sadness Lilly

Anyways, here is another terribad Vic shoop. She is 29 but she looks like she's a washed up 40 year old.
~she is wise beyond her yearz~

No. 219510

Wait, samefagging here, but.. what happened to her NECK? What kind of shooping body horror!

No. 219511


She got that Paris Hilton lazy eye going on.

No. 219512

Omg the door is so warped especially under her boob. natural waist feckoff.

No. 219513

SAME, she's so fucking irrelevant and boring but i've started reading this thread regularly now that it's so messy and full of her sperging

No. 219514


HAHAHAHA she looks like a 45+ year old cougar prowling for young, naive meat. Too bad no one wants to stick their dick in crazy. If she keeps living in denial, and wronging everyone she comes in contact with, she is going to die alone. Small turn up to her funeral too. Pretty sad, but some people just don't 'get it' til it's too late.

No. 219515


She's only 29? Oh wow. Homegirl has not aged well.

No. 219516

*people post photos of her from 7-10 year ago of her on this thread, with people still thinking its her now*Not aged well? bitch doesnt seem to age much at all.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219517

Nice attempt at trying to fit in, but you’re the only one who posts about the photos being 7-10 years old.

No. 219518

pretty sure anyone with a brain can tell some of those are her prom photos they are that old and the fact that alot of them have no tattoos in them when she drew them on herself since she was 17 also makes it obvious
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219519

Aside from those awful eyebrows I think she looks good here. It' sad she doesn't realize that, her shoops are OTT ridiculous.

It also helps that her thirsty hair is damp in this pic.

No. 219520

She's 29? And still clings to the facade that those shoops are what she actually looks like??? Woo boy.

No. 219521

But what's your point? if anything she looks BETTER in those photos from 7-10 years ago, not this *~magical sparkling pale ff character~* you shoop yourself to be.

No. 219522

"shoops" ...samefag post much? you pretend everyone you talk to on here is Victoria and are clearly mentally unsound and obsessed with her.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219523


Lmao jeez, how do you STILL not know how to use this board.

No. 219524

LMAO I just noticed. How are you gonna sit here and tell people that you`re not victoria when you`re literally having an aneurysm and talking about hoe she used to draw tattoos on herself when she was younger.

So ethier you`re vic or you for some reason stored the knowledge that this crusty wench used to draw tattoos on with permanent marker OVER 10 YEARS AGO? You`re giving yourself away every time you post haha.

No. 219525

its still funny how you think its all her, lol.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219526


Victoria, please sign off and get help. The purpose of this website is to laugh at idiots who make complete asses of themselves online, and we've been doing this for years. Do you really think you're the only cow to find their own thread? You cannot fool us, we've seen all this exact sperging many, many times. Your terrible, narcissistic personality is a bonus, though. Because even though you did your research on how to use an image board, your posts are SO easily identifiable. So keep bumping your own thread and trying to prove whatever it is you're trying to prove. We'll still be here, laughing at what an insecure, clueless bitch you are.

No. 219527


Unless you actually want to provide some proof of that nobody gives a shit or believes you so just stop.

No. 219528


Can we please get a farmhand in here to trace her IP address and mark all posts coming from her?

No. 219529

Reading through this thread makes me feel so bad for the victims of her scratching. I have an awful tattoo given by a "professional" (total scratcher) and know how painful it is having such an ugly thing on your body. How does she sleep at night knowing she's doing this?

No. 219530

Doesn't realize "shoops" is universal image board slang. kek

No. 219531


Lmao I was dying at that. How can you be literally watching this thread like a hawk for a month and not pick up on the language and terms? For such a self-proclaimed intellectual she sure has a hard fucking time trying to

A: Hide her self posts effectively

B: Pick up on any vocabulary whatsoever

C: learn how to use an image board

No. 219532

>`samefag post much?`

You sounds like an embarassing dad trying to fit in with the kids hip new lingo.

No. 219533


lmao and her whole "lol you guise r dumb, I'm not her, u can't catch meeeee" shtick really makes me hope her self-posts get marked for all to see. The milk would be pouring!

No. 219534

File: 1476467074673.jpg (86.76 KB, 700x524, Futurevictoria.jpg)

"It's just digital painting, guys! It's just photoshop, it's still me!!"

No. 219535

lmao it's hard to switch up your writing style when you've spent most of your life fabricating a fake personality
kek "I just upped the brightness/contrast! Im all natural"

No. 219536

File: 1476468047767.png (16.77 KB, 510x147, jfc.PNG)

Who the fuck after the age of 17 says this shit? My god.

No. 219537

File: 1476468354884.png (639.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20161014-140125.png)

classic Sadness Lilly

No. 219538


> attack the issue up for debate… not the person

Okay so just like how whenever one of your clients hates the garbage you leave on their body you immediately go for their character and try to publicly make them look terrible to discredit their opinions.

Literally so hypocritical. Fucking airhead.

No. 219539

File: 1476468817126.jpg (80.72 KB, 490x720, 391638_185257971566330_7356601…)

My favorite shoop. Check out the difference in hand size, one got squished from inflating her booobs and the other got stretched from sucking her waist in. Not to mention the other trashy shit going on in here.

No. 219540

File: 1476469219029.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20161014-141751.png)

Hey Vicky, abusing a thesaurus ≠ well-educated.

No. 219541


MY. FUCKING. SIDES!!!!!!! She doesn't understand the meaning of those words. Lets hear you via livestream. She literally is dumber than a box of rocks. "sharp tongue" ie; using a thesaurus to sound intelligent. News flash, Vic: YOU NEED TO BE SELF-AWARE TO HAVE AN OUNCE OF INTELLIGENCE. Good lord, this brainless chimp. kek

No. 219542

File: 1476471749162.png (73.07 KB, 640x489, IMG_4319.PNG)

omg I'm dying this is a gem.

No. 219543

File: 1476472318950.png (97.01 KB, 640x661, IMG_4323.PNG)

here's some candids I came across, her hair tho

No. 219544

Her and the singer of ligeia were singing together.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219545

this is too fucking much i can't breathe
is her better-looking scene friend in the front supposed to be riding a SHARK?

No. 219546

File: 1476473503522.jpeg (88.86 KB, 750x888, image.jpeg)

When u smell ur own fart

No. 219547

I wish I could make a pie chart of vbm posts

25% omg I look like a boy when I tatt
25% a severely edited staged video about how I'm not fat you jealous peasants
25% a tortured sentence where I cause English lit majors to spin in their graves. Can't understand peasant? : that's because you're dumb. And jealous.
10% book now for your permanently disfiguring blown out ink
10% pro-gun posts
5% hating on islam

No. 219548


You forgot about the 80% extremely gratuitous shoops and half bald autistic men kissing her fictionally recreated ass

No. 219549

File: 1476481072326.jpg (60.35 KB, 500x282, 5198823857_ff68748aef.jpg)

the left boob looks like Wilson from Castawat

No. 219550

irl lol, ty anon

No. 219551

She can't even formulate a sentence without adding "…"

No. 219552

File: 1476487158273.png (178.09 KB, 332x323, Victorianails.png)

Nobody gonna talk about how dirty her nails are??? wtf

No. 219553


I told you her hygiene is fucking deplorable. She smells worse than her nails look.

No. 219554

>i saw victoria when she climbed into my bedroom window…and she smelled like flowers and candy…you're all mentally unstable…

No. 219555

looks like makeup or dye caught under her nails...you do realize you are on the internet ... talking shit about someone elses nails right? Do you seriously have nothing better to do?
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219556

This is lolcow.farm. The entire purpose of this website is to gossip about Internet people. You sound stupid.

No. 219557

shut up and go wash your filthy mitts, Victoria.

No. 219558

Sounds like a pretty pathetic pastime, and sorry, not Victoria but nice try.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219559

Still making me kek
Victoria you're really boring compared to most cows and to be honest the only thing that keeps this negative attention on you is you continuing to come here to defend yourself. It's feeding the trolls. Its clear that you only keep this tab open on your browser to monitor your own thread but consider lurking moar around the site. See the countless pages of threads that have died over the years, their subjects once again lost in Internet obscurity? That could be you. But you playin.

No. 219560


Washing your hands/nails is always an option you garbage bag. This isn't the only photo with gross ass hands in them ethier. Most of her pictures her hands/feet look like hasn't washed in weeks. barf

No. 219561


Holy Fuck, if my tattoo artist came at me with these nails, I would RUN

…and also contact the health department

No. 219562

Im sure she isnt the first person to get dye stuck in her nails...
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219563

Ive had my hands do that from self bronser, and she looks way more tanned here.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219564


Vic, fuck off.

No. 219565

Hahaha everyone is "Vic" to youTodays pressing topic of discussion "is there dye under Victorias fingernails? Was it makeup? Read all about it"If that doesnt sound obsessed to you and sad that you even come here to talk about such "important topics" such as another human beings fingernails shows how pathetic you are. Grow up and get a hobby or life or something, damn.Its actually sad and kinda entertainin' watching how creepily fixated you are
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219566

No one here said that except you. Go take a shower Vic

No. 219567

That is what this website is for and you're not even relevant enough to be on the /pt/ board here.

You're not victoria, but out of all of the threads here about the all of other cows we pay the same amount if not more attention to, you only choose this thread to stick around and bitch about it in. We never see you bitching about it when it comes to anyone else.

Ok, "not victoria." You're totally convincing us. Especially with your sad Lilly post, with almost the exact content as your sharp tongue fb post that you shared everywhere around the same time.

No. 219568

Can someone please get a farmhand to tag her self posts?

No. 219569

>Todays pressing topic of discussion "is there dye under Victorias fingernails? Was it makeup? Read all about it"

LOL Vicky, you're literally the only one worried about whether it's dirt or dye.

No. 219570

Her posts are pretty obvious tbh

No. 219571


I really more or less just want the whole "I'm not Victoria" thing shoved back up her ass where it came from.

No. 219572

Lmfaooo you think its all Victoria.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219573

Why does she think anyone gives a shit what she wears when she inks? My tattoo artist could be dressed in a garbage bag as long as they do good work, but I guess her work is shit so makes sense to talk about herself some more to distract from the maiming and disfigurement.

No. 219574

File: 1476577787399.png (519.19 KB, 495x800, 1545221_570658579692932_148505…)

Man who cares, time to post moar ridiculous shoops and "photoshoots"!

No. 219575

I actually like the look of this shoot. I think it was a pretty cool idea. And it's not so shooped to the point where she looks like a 3d cartoon. The watermark on it would suggest that she didn't do the shooping though since it's someone else's art. But also that's assuming she respects other artists by not fucking up their shit and leaving their watermark on it to make them look like they suck at photoshop instead of her.

No. 219576

File: 1476581314049.png (44.1 KB, 589x431, IMG_4354.PNG)

just gonna dump this shoopjob here lmao

No. 219577

File: 1476581597188.png (11.7 KB, 355x130, tgfred.png)

One of my favorite Vic "You're the Mentally Ill Ones!!" Shingleton.

"Properly trained artist bitches" huh? Obviously you wouldn't be in the position to do that huh, scratcher?

No. 219578

omgomgomg too much delusion for one facebook post. a proper tattoo artist needs to bitch slap some sense into her. Too bad that's not likely to happen since she can't book any conventions with her scratchy ass tattoos.

No. 219579

Farmhands, I am BEGGING you to mark her self posts. Think of the lulz!!!

No. 219580

If her post do get exposed I can just imagine her coming back to the thread trying to dig her way out of the hole
>lmfaooo, you think it's all Victoria

No. 219581

She felt the need to blast off on her fb about how she got her teeth professionally whitened and how they're the whitest teeth in the world but she's NOT lurking this thread constantly. Kek.

No. 219582


Exactly. I can't even express how excited I am for that to happen (please let it happen). She deserves the dragging, tbh. Also link this thread to her scratcher victims.

Also, Victoria, do you know what an IP address is? If not, you're in for a real treat

No. 219583

Since she's been evading bans, she is probably using proxies and thinks she's brilliant for totally outsmarting everyone.

No. 219584

It's so fucking obvious, though. Could they still be marked? I know everyone ITT knows exactly which posts are hers, but I want her to be outed so bad.

No. 219585


That's probably why she keeps going off so confidently about "you all think it's Victoria blah blah" and thinks she outsmarted everyone like proxies have never happened before.

No. 219586


Ya, because it is pretťy obvious.

No. 219587

File: 1476588795173.png (45.63 KB, 640x464, IMG_4356.PNG)

You think she'd take her own advice and maybe tie her hair back. pic related, a still from her tattooing her victim

No. 219588

OH GOD what the fuck, is she supposed to be Aerith in this?

No. 219589

That is from a Video of her tattooing her first colour portrait, which was featured in many magazines. But sure she's a "victim"
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219590

i saw it in person at a convention, the colors and the tattoo on that girl is beautiful and people kept taking tons of photos of it.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219591

shes covered that girl in beautiful ink for years, ive seen it in person, calling her a victim sounds pretty stupid
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219592

File: 1476622931279.jpg (455.89 KB, 2048x2048, A1EE2170-8FFC-4C62-9ABB-EAFC1B…)

Looks like she's been shooping her photos to oblivion since 2007.

No. 219593

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8toM5gYNFoFound the video of where that still was taken, tattoo looks good.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219594

In the photo with the teddy bear she was around 16 years old, i remember it from myspace.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219595

File: 1476623239863.png (15.97 KB, 640x137, IMG_4360.PNG)


sup Vicky this pic is for u

No. 219596

File: 1476623452023.jpg (574.24 KB, 2048x2048, 2114D1BA-DCAB-4C68-82CD-F2ABF2…)

And let's not forget that time when she took the image of a necklace from google and photoshopped it onto her torso

No. 219597

I like how anyone that disagrees with you is "Vic" or, now that youve been caught samefagging calling her the same name the whole time you say "Vicky"
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219598

As if she is the first model to have something photoshopped into a pic with her. Go get a magazine, every model and celebrity in it is photoshopped.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219599

I like how you think only one person posts in the thread…Vic, Vicky, Victoria, V, Victora, sadness lilly, w.e you go by these days

Yass good catch kek

No. 219600


> still doesn't understand what samefagging means

This is the longest mental breakdown. Still her trying to prove herself to us mentally ill trolls.

No. 219601

File: 1476624954902.jpg (540 KB, 2048x2048, BAF90600-3749-438F-907E-758330…)

Proof that her hair is extremely short without the massive amounts of extensions she usually wears.

No. 219602

File: 1476625183140.jpg (397.58 KB, 2048x2048, F41E69BF-C908-4D6F-B3CD-44ED1D…)

Seriously, wtf was she thinking when she cut her hair like this???

No. 219603

If she is posting videos and pics of it i highly doubt she cares that people know she has shorter hair...https://www.instagram.com/p/BDB5E4qDdjF/?taken-by=missvictoriamurderthat is the video those stills are from, holy shit sword skills.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219604

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219605

who needs a nice haircut when you've got ratty extensions amirite

No. 219606

https://www.instagram.com/p/BGpgeSJDdkv/?taken-by=missvictoriamurderDoes look ratty to mem, here is another one of her i found with her sword girl would slice a bitch up fasttt.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219607

https://www.instagram.com/p/BDB5E4qDdjF/?taken-by=missvictoriamurderHer hair looks kinda like a final fantasy character here i dig it.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219608

File: 1476626194833.jpg (25.63 KB, 493x333, IMG_4361.JPG)

Of course you "dig it", it's your hair

No. 219609

i like her hair better shorter.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219610

Victoria please keep posting, I'm over here fucking cry laughing watching you. So pathetic.

No. 219611

Yes because everyone in the world is Victoria right?
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219612

Oh really? Because I do remember her denying the fact that her hair was short when someone asked about it on her Formspring account. Trying to convince people that it's "just her hair tied back". Like anyone believes that bullshit.

No. 219613

Maaan,what a wild ride this thread is! She rivals sperg-chan in pure, unadulturated autism. Getting some crazy margo vibes as well (magic numbers, countless repetition of nonsense posts) but thats probably the NPD. It's eerie how much her mannerisms mirror Margots

No. 219614


No not everyone, just you. You've already been banned, exposed and embarrassed on this thread several times but you're still going and it's incredible. Good on you for trying. Fucking kek.

No. 219615

Yeah....everyone on this thread is clearly her, lmfao, how funny
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219616

i say that with sarcasm.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219617

Im definitely not her, lol!
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219618

Victoria, stop adding "…" into every fucking sentence and maybe you won't be such a dead giveaway. Every post you sound more and more pathetic

No. 219619


Well shit my bad I guess you proved me wrong. Idiot.

Arguing with this level of autism feels wrong.

No. 219620

my favourite vic post is when she put the url in the name field. fucking kek

No. 219621

My favourite thing is that she still doesn't understand what samefagging means but she's still trying to use it. Also that green text attempt. 110% pathetic.

No. 219622

I love that she still hasn't learned how to reply to posts and doesn't realise how obvious that makes her samefagging.

No. 219623

>tries to spam to kill the thread
>doesn't realise it actually bumps the thread

No. 219624

File: 1476629665210.jpg (482.79 KB, 2048x2048, 6C498D39-F6E3-4070-81D0-0E8DF7…)

She can't even keep her photoshopping consistent. Her eyebrows in the first picture are way up there compared to the second. And on top of that, she claims she's wearing no makeup in these. ?

No. 219625

She's reached maximum desperation lmao

No. 219626

>continues to keep thread on the first page
>doesn't know that spam will be deleted but thread will stay bumped
>doesn't think this will just make it easier for everybody to read the thread


No. 219627

File: 1476629917379.png (88.08 KB, 750x817, IMG_6644.PNG)

And here's this gem. And just for you Vic, it's from 2012 and it has NOT been edited. This shows exactly what you really look like so take a long hard look at it in case you've forgotten.

No. 219628

Lmao I'm imagining her just bawling over a bag of beef jerkey and spamming this thread whimpering "don't worry Victoria you ARE the prettiest girl"

stuffs face.

No. 219629

There have been so many posts on this thread talking about how she's the one that keeps bumping it and she hasn't taken any of them onboard or even TRIED to learn how to post without bumping. How do you stalk a thread and still not learn anything about how it works? She's either incredibly thick or just wants attention.

I kind of hope this isn't really her because it's hard to believe somebody could actually be this stupid.

No. 219630

This is what real mental instability looks like. So pathetically desperate to keep these pictures from the Internet hahahaha.

No. 219631

I kind of feel sorry for her. She's going to a lot of effort right now, but the posts will just be deleted and her thread will still be here. She's making all of her pictures easier to find.

No. 219632

Such a sharp tongue lmao. Raising some good points

No. 219633

Every time you post you put this thread on the top of the first page. Why do you always come into this thread and deny everything that is said and call everybody crazy but then promote the entire thread to anybody who clicks onto snow?

No. 219634

God vic, you're such a train wreck. Honestly you know you're helping people find this thread when they search you up on Google right? You're helping them see how autistic you are.
Inb4 "I'm not vic" no one gives a rat's ass about you to white knight this thread and post every hour. No one, even your delusional fans would spend this amount of time on you.

No. 219635

My god she's so pathetic….

No. 219636

This is all time that could have been spent showering, Vic.

No. 219637

The desperation is reaching a peak lmao

No. 219638

Victoria, I'm sure your childlike brain thinks that spamming this thread is a brilliant idea, but you're just bumping your own thread so more and more people will see it. Keep going though.

No. 219639

File: 1476636337730.png (1.05 MB, 1214x1213, victor everyman.png)

I have been Victorias friend for many years now and I have nothing but good things to say regarding business practices, physique, and overall character. Truly she is a gem.

No. 219640

i would do this dried up old hoe but i think it might be illegal to fuck a retard

No. 219641

File: 1476636530966.png (799.16 KB, 1270x923, baron victor von mur dear.png)

Victoria and I were classmates during her time at Yale. I fondly remember the night I was up until 5 studying for the big psychology exam. She stayed up with me all night helping me with flash cards and keeping my morale up. If it hadn't been for her I wouldnt have gone on to be one of the most well known psychologists in my field. I owe my entire career to her

No. 219642

File: 1476636619876.jpg (21.31 KB, 450x450, autism_speaks_blue_beveled__ta…)

No. 219643

File: 1476636725662.png (1.12 MB, 1181x1581, jose victor muerte.png)

Hola! Soy un cliente de victoria.
Cuando my mama se murió quería un tattoo para su memoria. La única persona que hizo justicia a la belleza de madre linda fue victoria.
Es un ángel esa señora.

No. 219644

File: 1476636915091.png (705.37 KB, 1322x1140, patches the clown.png)

Before I became a well loved clown I was a loser . Victoria lifted me up when I was down. My life was going nowhere but she gave my life direction.
She is the best.

No. 219645


lmfao anon! these are hilarious! thank you!

No. 219646

K, I love Victoria Murder, but those painted photos are funny af
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219647

Victoria is awesome, but the monocle one made me laugh pretty hard.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219648

This isn't even funny anymore. I feel kind of bad for how long we've been fucking with someone who apparently has legitimate mental health issues. Get help victoria.

No. 219649

File: 1476638109223.png (548.86 KB, 1177x926, murderer the assassin.png)

I too, I skilled ninja, think she's a swell gal

No. 219650

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Victoria is a really nice person, but im sorry the ninja and monocle one made me laugh so loud my neighbor probably heard me.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219651

I think she is super beautiful but that sombrero and the stache pic tho, LMFAO im dying
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219652

I'm seriously considering contacting Victoria's local police department to conduct a wellness Check. She's clearly having a mental breakdown and could pose a threat to herself or others.

No. 219653

Omg i think victoria is beautiful and smart and courageous and inspirational but hehehe I love the attention I'm getting from you guys ms painting my photos! Also I'm only taking breaks from spamming to post comments like this within minutes of each other, without actually replying to anything! But it's totally different people with similar posts! Totally not victoria samefagging!

No. 219654


Yeah, I reported every post she's made. These all need to be marked. Please, sweet farmhands?

No. 219655

Do it, Anon.

No. 219656

File: 1476638922321.png (727.25 KB, 1336x1642, donatoria trump.png)

Victoria is definitely a wonderful woman, she is! She's absolutely phenomenal and she's got a great pair of ya know gestures towards chests
Do I think she'd win miss universe? I do! I really do! I think she'd be a great role model for young girls out there.

No. 219657

K, I think Victoria is a gross idiot and a terrible tattoo artist but I just screamed those are so fantastic thank you anon.

No. 219658


Holy fucking top kek, what fucking fresh hell have I just stepped into?

Did she just spam this entire thread to kill it, not realizing it bumps it?
Victoria, you desperate sadsack.

No. 219659

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Shes a babe but that was golden lmfao Is she gonna build a wall tho?
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219660

Would contacting law enforcement be too far? A cousin of mine got dragged (on tumblr of all places) and after not hearing from her for hours after sperging, a wellness check was conducted and she was passed out, heavily intoxicated after an apparent overdose (she has NPD as well). She ended up ok, but wtf?

No. 219661

These paints are killin' me bahahaha
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219662

She thinks she's safe because this is an "anonymous" image board and shes probably hiding behind proxies.

Victoria you obviously enjoy spending time here, you should lurk moar. You could learn from the cows that came here before you. Just take a look at what happened to spoony. Oh and let's not forget keeks. She was spergchan, she pulled the exact same shit trying to spam this board to get it shut down and she thought she was super smart too with her proxies. Newsflash, admin can still see through all that shit. She was exposed, dragged, and now she lives in shame. It's hard to actually be anonymous online.

No. 219663

Durr hurr, totally not Victoria

No. 219664

i doubt it but if anyone on here is ACTUALLY her friend they should probably check up on her because holy fuck she's been on here spamming on here and having one hell of an episode. Like literally heaving on the floor mental breakdown.

No. 219665

lol @ thinking we are all her
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219666


Vic, do you ever do anything else besides spamming your own thread?

No. 219667


Just wait til your posts get tagged, hoo boy.

No. 219668

This is probably why she hasn't put out any horrendously over shooped new material lately. She's too busy here

No. 219669

File: 1476640099560.png (225.6 KB, 1167x1126, victrio.png)

Geez guys, you're being a little too harsh here…. I mean… Victrio! Vic!

No. 219670

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219671

Either she's spamming the thread or she got some white knights to help.

This is just sad.

No. 219672

omg im dying over this paint photosbahahahahaha
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219673

She's pretty but im sorry, those paint edits are too much, i cant breathe im laughing that hard.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219674

No. 219675

Anyone know her full name/town to report for the wellness check?

No. 219676

No. 219677

I'm most def not Victoria ;)
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219678

File: 1476640847203.png (32.47 KB, 720x141, logo.png)

No. 219679

This thread is a wild ride. Will she ever learn that bumping her thread with useless spam is counterproductive as hell? Good lord.

No. 219680


I am draw anon who posted
>>219649 etc

No. 219681

Draw anon = skills
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219682

File: 1476641210850.jpeg (11.48 KB, 299x201, Victoria.jpeg)

No. 219683

Draw anon is best anon
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219684

File: 1476641339327.jpeg (9.74 KB, 299x211, Vicky.jpeg)

No. 219685

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219686

File: 1476641444039.jpeg (22.77 KB, 299x216, vicc.jpeg)

Learn from this, Vic.

No. 219687

Draw anon teach ways pls.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219688

File: 1476641553469.jpeg (11.46 KB, 226x187, Vic.jpeg)

Last one, but since you're eating this shit up; UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE AND GET HELP!

No. 219689


No. 219690

File: 1476642703373.png (245.25 KB, 312x584, Imnother.png)

I really don't see where ya'll are comin from, I'm not her but she spent many summers on my ranch ranglin' the cattle better than anyone on this side of Texas, she's also pretty as a peach! I reckon ya'll are jealous, just leave puddin' alone!

No. 219691

I'm fucking dead. ily anon u da best

No. 219692

Draw anon you are genius
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219693

File: 1476643271412.jpg (38.44 KB, 390x470, dfjdk.jpg)

Holy fuck anon!!!

No. 219694

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219695

Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219696

File: 1476643393988.png (731.9 KB, 936x597, lmfao.PNG)

Pictured: Vic looking at pics of herself ITT

No. 219697

Draw anon is legend.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219698

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA the mustache and sombrero!
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219699

>those comments

I dieded

No. 219700

Draw anon is the hero we all deserve

No. 219701

File: 1476644773962.png (908.33 KB, 1440x1221, vicky mays.png)



No. 219702



No. 219703

Lol. Whether it's the whiteknights, trolls or if vic spams this thread or not, the only person facing repercussions is vic. Her identity is the one in danger here, and it's relevant enough to pop up whenever someone wants to search her. If anything the sperg posts along with the troll posts became counterintuitive and gave us more of a reason to discuss her. If anything I want to see more autistic posts cause I think she hasn't reach her potential yet

No. 219704

Seriously! When you look up her name this thread is literally the very first thing that comes up. Top kek!

No. 219705

Aight, drawnon is going to bed. Hopefully admin Chan cleans up this thread soon.

No. 219706

File: 1476656679911.jpg (559.96 KB, 2048x2048, 4CFE6541-CD5E-4E8A-91E6-3CE8F9…)

This is what her body looks like without the photoshop

No. 219707

she looks cute but that pic is sooooo old, that is her past boyfriends place...meaning over 5 years ago.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219708

File: 1476656946988.jpg (103.22 KB, 900x698, IMG_6667.JPG)

This shoop is fucking hilarious.

No. 219709

>but I'm not victoria or anything

No. 219710

she posted an updated videohttps://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/videos/1118887498203368/?video_source=pages_finch_main_videosorry, but she is skinny af now
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219711


Her arms are so stubby lol. Jesus Christ what a train wreck.

No. 219712

It really doesn't matter how old it is considering you look the exact same now as you did back then. You haven't lost any weight and it's extremely easy to tell in your recent photoshop attempts.

No. 219713

Inb4 another "they think victoria is the only one posting" comment.

If there's more than one of you, you and your whiteknight friends are all equally stupid since none of you guys know how to reply or sage

No. 219714

Vic, you're so damn pathetic. I love how you still don't understand the fact that you're bumping your own fucking thread back up to the first page. How mentally challenged can you be?

No. 219715

Whatever, let her blow up the thread. She's only boosting the thread for the world to see. The spam will get deleted and it'll still be up there.

No. 219716

She's really beautiful with photoshop, but in RL -just chubby and plain. She should definitely get a nose job, would help much

No. 219717

She's making shit worse for herself lol. Her thread was never even that active and now she's bringing more attention to it.

To anyone new to vic drama who is being drawn to this thread because of the walls of text spam happening, the girl this thread is about has been samefagging here to defend herself for weeks and is currently losing her shit and bumping her own thread. It's a very entertaining shitshow. Welcome.

No. 219718

File: 1476657789816.jpg (55.91 KB, 627x758, image.jpg)

Dirty ass hand again

No. 219719

GIRL learn how to fucking reply lmfao

No. 219720

Oh lawd

No. 219721

>those chubby arms
>those stumpy legs

Isn't it funny how her hair doesn't ~magically~ warp into her waist on a photo where she has none? So strange!

No. 219722

File: 1476658904226.jpg (40.77 KB, 609x678, image.jpg)

thin with natural muscle tone

No. 219723

that photo with the flowers is like 7 years old...noone gives a shit...post new stuff
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219724

Clearly you give a shit, Vic.

No. 219725

She needs to get in contact with dakota for some lessons. Sure koots shops herself into a monstrosity compared to her real face but at least she's legitimately skilled in photo editing. No sloppy blurring or warps unlike this bitch's half-assed efforts.

No. 219726

Ursula IRL?!

Hai Vaca!

No. 219727

File: 1476660333903.jpg (66.58 KB, 640x565, image.jpg)

Dirty hands part 2

No. 219728


Bonus keks for that stretched ass belt

No. 219729

File: 1476662081218.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6652.PNG)

What a fucking bimbo

No. 219730

lol what a fat, chunky, cellulite queen of lard

No. 219731

She looks like she smells really bad

No. 219732

Ugly fat hamcow stop giving such a gigantic shit about what people on the internet think of your ugly old dried up ass. I actually thought you were pretty based on the OP pic and ignored this thread until you started spamming it, now I see your true, hideous face.

No. 219733

File: 1476663869131.jpg (17.75 KB, 295x218, image.jpg)

Fcking ew

No. 219734

ahahahah oh my god, is this her lastest masterpiece?

No. 219735

Holy shit. Imagine being this obsessed with yourself.

No. 219736

File: 1476666598523.jpg (84.84 KB, 564x706, image.jpg)

Yikes imagine being 30 and doing this.

No. 219737


lollll imagine wanting to visit a place, but your life is so pathetic that instead of actually traveling, or saving up the money to travel, you just 'shop yourself into a picture of said place and call it a day.

No. 219738

File: 1476668524394.jpg (98.72 KB, 720x898, mdIxuiGSxpo.jpg)

What I don't get is how she isn't better at shooping? She's been at it for over a decade now and everything still looks like overprocessed shit.

No. 219739


Love that severe and gravity defying coat warp.

No. 219740

I think it's hilarious how every single one of her pictures makes it look like her waist has its own gravitational pull that attracts her hair to it, even though at the same time we're supposed to believe that her balloon tits are so big that her hair would technically have to be draped over them away from her body. It kind of makes sense. These shoops take place in an alternate universe.

In the victoria murder universe, physics don't work the same as in the real world.

No. 219741

I was just thinking the same thing for >>219736 how on the right side it looks sorta like her hair is draped over her titty and then the left side it's like what's goin' over there lmao

No. 219742

File: 1476670481766.jpg (78.32 KB, 750x750, CUdRW5wHZNA.jpg)

I wonder if she has cancelled any tattoo appointments to sit in the thread day and night and spam/bump dumb shit.

If so, thank you thread posters, we're doing a public service.

More retarded shoops in the meantime! There is really no need to sharpen that much, come on.

No. 219743

You can tell her calendar is booked solid with tattoo appointments based on how much time she spends posting here lol

No. 219744

All the random swords in her pictures are hilarious

No. 219745

File: 1476671109114.jpg (91.11 KB, 580x659, image.jpg)


my favourite hair warp

No. 219746

Her… HEAD looks shooped INTO this pic??? Am I nuts? Like, it just looks off compared to the rest of the picture.

The hair warp is great, but also the fat fucking thighs in that pic holy moley.

No. 219747

File: 1476671467734.jpg (73.82 KB, 640x910, image.jpg)

Lmao there's an actual track falling out of her hair

No. 219748

i anon.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219749

LOL I know what you mean. Plus it looks like she has linebacker shoulders? I just can't

No. 219750

where are the goddam mods? HELLO? fucking ban these retards. Stop being useless

No. 219751

girl you still spammin???
vic why girl?

No. 219752

i think its a bot....not a human spamming
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219753

this poor fucking thread

No. 219754

File: 1476707582216.jpg (96.16 KB, 720x709, 2016-10-17-06-16-58-530.jpg)

The master troll really showed us :(

No. 219755


No. 219756


I just choked omg

No. 219757

THIS IS AN OLD PIC!!!! she lost 30 pounds since then

No. 219758

I think at this point it's safe to say that the mods don't care about this thread. Probably because this bitch has no milk apart from suffering from npd and body dysmorphia. Her shoops are funny because they're so bad but she's mostly boring. Her sperging out on here like a schitzo is really the most drama she has.

No. 219759


At the very least this thread provides a resource for people who want a tattoo from her to do their research and see what her real tattoos look like. Other than that shes just a sad hambeast with an over inflated ago. Not uncommon.

No. 219760

Ehhh It's actually better that some spam stays. Let her autism be an obvious mark in this thread. It just shows how much of a fuckwit she really is. She was just your average flake on the web but nope she gotta sperg spam like a reeettaaard. She def isn't seen in the same light anymore

No. 219761

I find that this thread serves more purpose more than ever. She shows a newcomer how truly narcissistic and desperate she is over her image. She truly, truly has an issue. The spamming isn't clever, it makes her look like a jobless asshat with too much free time, and a bit of lunatic

No. 219762

i am anon bot.
Copyright (c) 2016, Victoria Shingleton

No. 219763


suuuuuure you are, not obvious that you're saying that so it doesn't look like you're sitting on here sperging out 24 hours a day. Kek. Get a life. Take a shower. Get actual training for tattoos.

No. 219764

So Vicky is spamming this thread all day/night why?

To show she's not a cow? To " prove the haters wrong?"

No. 219765


If anything she's just proving that she doesn't want people to see the stuff posted here cause shes a big old faker and doesnt want her ~internet reputation~ ruined.

No. 219766

You guys made the cow malfunction. LOL What the hlll happened here?

No. 219767


Victoria found the thread and has been sending fake legal threats, sperging out and pretending to be other people and complementing herself for about a month now. Shes reached peak desperation and is now just spamming

No. 219768

Super busy tattooing schedule this week eh vic? Must be since you are such a wonderful tattoo artist who has "judged competitions in bumfuck alabama". Oh wait no that can't be right, you've been here for about 48 hours now having a breakdown and getting dragged.

No. 219769

File: 1476715692096.jpg (31.88 KB, 300x386, fattymagoo.jpg)

No. 219770

File: 1476715736860.jpg (54.42 KB, 414x604, fattymagoo2.jpg)

The REAL Victoria

No. 219771

File: 1476715773927.jpg (34.85 KB, 500x358, fattymagoo3.jpg)

Scratcher on the streets

No. 219772

File: 1476716024617.png (47.3 KB, 731x302, 2016-10-17.png)

She has an all-around bad rep, and should face legal trouble/reimburse her scratcher victims

No. 219773

I mean do we let her just wear herself out until she inevitably passes out from exhaustion?
I can't imagine the mental stress this is causing.

Navigating this on mobile is actual hell also

No. 219774

I really hope farmhands/mods are monitoring this situation to correct it.

No. 219775

If this is your definition of haggard then you're a very fucked up individual. She has poorly applied make up at the most.

No. 219776

File: 1476717657426.jpg (140.39 KB, 1280x979, shitclothes.jpg)

Does anyone remember when she tried to pass off that she had a clothing line and put this crap out? All those designs are obviously photoshopped on and theY'RE FUCKING TERRIBLE DESIGNS. Literally was going on and on about her clothing line and i don't think she even made one piece of clothing. Kek. Such a basic internet hambeast. Not to mention that hilarious photoshopped car she puts in her photos all the time.

No. 219777

Not to be rude, but does she suffer from autism? It's clear she's mentally impaired and I feel terrible having a laugh at a potentially disabled person. Anyone know?

No. 219778

I would pay money to see the original pic(s)

No. 219779

File: 1476719588431.jpg (104.76 KB, 409x599, datnose.jpg)

No. 219780

File: 1476720137893.jpg (42.47 KB, 709x475, eyebags.jpg)


Those eyebags

No. 219781

File: 1476720366224.jpg (76.07 KB, 634x670, article-2050981-0E720DB5000005…)


new thread!

No. 219782

Victoria Emma Shingleton
Ontario, Canada

Just leaving this here to make sure it shows up when future employers Google her real name.

No. 219783

Please stop reporting the spam posts for now, as we're aware of the situation and keeping an eye on the thread. We can't ban her right now since she's using a different IP for each spam post, but there will be an update soon, hopefully later today.

No. 219785

Thread has been locked due to now-deleted spam (see >>184591 and >>184598).

Please use >>184248

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